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X X fXX ZFX lfdfvdxxkffxh Y .Z X 'vi .. I X fx-if XX Q X A A 9,Q,n,Q X X A, Q f- ,lt ,, 'Q f X' if .sf 501 5435 W W If Qsnfw Q 'Lv 3155574 13,7 ff, xgeygff 8:2 xl-tk, JC:X"+" ff-9' I1 zf' mf- WEEE 9?WZf2ff m. fr ',:Y F.1f'2i1's734Q " 1 gfyfffxfqk Mg f uf' f x'wsQQQw5 Qs?-'Sh gg J kg X M f-ffyiif VPN?-Xgw ,.fff'w X x Rf NX if X q XX Lm? nqlfigf'-A 'Q K Qlrgfixfg 1 X VK CU! 2 A --ikg - A F',:'f',5xsfd"7X'-QQ' 3 -XT, 5-X f fr C X I' . Qx iff L ff-2, f V7- LD E I X -......f A QNX X lug? I , if ' Z-, fff ,, 1 ,K V ,,Zf"l! I X 1' A K Nw, ff 1: '."t-RER f 236 R ff ffhcxivfx QW' W 53 XWQQQQ CL 'bm QQ "7 K Wifi .1 fi ,A ff ZR , A A.f-:ft n'.vvm'.i'ivfK21'bQv1-wrfggf? f f x ' ' Xxx ' Tieusromi BANK f ww xf M X UVM fy' ' ' W i wx Q X L fi 9 1 mgfk A"2'fNfN'f ,2,Qk2Z X Editor-in-Chief DOROTHY ROSS Business Manager RALPH CONANT PRESENT NUGGETS OF UVM LIFE IN D TRAIL BLAZER We, The Forty-Niners, dre proud To dedicdfe our ARIEL 'ro Deon ELIJAH J. SWIFT, who for Twenty-Three yedrs hos served The Universiry of Vermonf, respecred by dll ds cn True scholar, ddminisfrofor, gentlemen ond friend. li, GreeTings To The Closs of N491 I hope your sToy here, morred Though iT hos been by The od- iusTmenTs oinol Troubles of The vvor ond posT-wor yeors, hos been hobby ond ThoT you, like me, hoiye leorneol To love VermonT oinol oll Tor which she sTonols. Among my hoppiesT memories will be Those oT my mony Trienols from The UniyersiTy circle. sorve or T1-us s y FORTY-NINERS Come, lisTen awhile To a miner's song, The 49'ers where we belong, OT many who leTT each liTTle Town To Tlock TogeTher, 'spiTe many a Trown, In a mighTy rush Tor The gold worTh all, WiTh shovels and pick-axes aT The call. We iourneyed Tar o'er The rugged Trail, Our Tools were heavy, our backs were Trail. The sign-loosTs were few along The way, And every auarTer we Tried To sTay, "Keep up wiTh us oThers and geT your claim," Was The shouT ThaT puT The lazy To shame. So we cheered each oTher along The loaTh And sTruggled Through hisTory, French, and maTh, For our Tools, you see, weren'T iusT The kind WiTh which all lorosloecTors once had mined, BuT were sTronger Than shovels and axes and picks, The Tough old sloiriT ThaT really sTicks, And The lusT Tor advenTure and beTTer Things Which an acTive body or mind sTill brings. Come, lisTen awhile To a miner's song, The 49'ers where we belong, We Tound ThaT gold aTTer Tour rich years ' OT Tellowship, searching, and work, and Tears- ThaT Treasure much richer Than pure gold 'dusT, Gems oT knowledge we always can TrusT. Gur ground is claimed and our Triends now won, BuT never Think ThaT our Trail is done, For iT winds ever onward inTo The WesT, Always To riches, The home oT The blessed. ' -ELLA CHAMER, '49 P n lihix QQ, is N'1.Qf4 4 In ,Q 0 ""' Q- Jlilrfd M i' I of my sg w Af- itjf. fo ' f gil? 7, 5.'e, z E C ' . , .V - s : --1 'ff' . - I L57 r - N YT f I r ., Q . 4 1:5 , Vg-'xx , A by S5 Qxa"'?'?i Q 7 'vi . " 21, 1 up 94 A 3 f . ,,. .b gf """"-- P fA',1,,1 5 22152 """"" 3 ' 'V QQ sm 5, W: ?- -Pav. .3 .Wx 'H W' ' 'ww mr - 1 wgg, 'f gy, f - 'A' fa ' x ., H 2 THE TRAILQF THE FDRTY-NINERS i Page ADMINISTRATION . . . 9 GOVERNMENT. . . 39 CLASSES .... . . 45 ORGANIZATIONS . . . 153 HONORARIES . . . 154 CLUBS ....... . . 167 SORORITIES AND FRATERNITIES . . . 185 ATHLETICS ....... . . 211 MEN'S . . . 212 WOMEN'S . . . .235 FEATURE SECTION . . . . 245 KAKE WALK . . . 246 R.O.T.C. . . . . . 250 JUNIOR WEEK . . . . 252 FOUNDER'S DAY . . . . 254 MODERN DANCE . . . . 255 SENIOR WEEK . . . . 256 COMMENCEMENT . . . 257 TRAILER CAMP . . . 258 MARSHALL PLAN . . . 259 INFORMALS . . . . 260 ADVERTISEMENTS . . . . 263 UV M Or BvS"' BLAZERS OHHETRAIL A r"S2X .-g,i---xfafxxq 0 gqma'-P! HE! W BOARD OF The University of Vermont and Stote Agricultural College LYMAN ALLEN, Burlington, Vt. CHARLES FREDERICK BRANCH, Boston, Mass. RAY WILLISTON COLLINS, Colchester, Vt. ROBERT FRANCIS JOYCE, Rutland, Vt. WILLIAM IVIURRAY LOCKWOOD, Burlington, Vt. JOHN EMERSON LOVELY, Springfield, Vt. ELIAS LYMAN, Bristol, Vt. HENRY TRUMAN WAY, PI-LB. Burlington, Vt. JOHN STRATTON WRIGHT, A.B. University Club, New York City OFFICERS OF THE JOHN SCHOFF IVIILLIS, PI-LID., LL.D. President of the University ELIJAI-I SWIFT, FH.D. Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences EDD RUTHVEN IVICKEE, Dean, College of Technology WILLIAM EUSTIS BROWN, Dean of the College of Medicine JOSEPH EDWARD CARRIGAN, A.NI., Dean of the College of Agriculture: Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station: Director of the Agricultural Extension Service PAUL ROBERT IVIILLER, IVLS. Associate Dean of the College of Agriculture: Asso- ciate Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station: Associate Director of the Agricultural Extension Service MARY .IEAN SIMPSON, Pl-I.B. Dean of Women ORVILLE DAHL, Dean of Administration BENNETT COOPER DOUGLASS, PH.D. Director of School of Education and Nursing: Director of the Summer Session FROCTOR HULL PAGE, LL.B. Treasurer and Business Manager GEORGE VINCENT KIDDER, FH.D. Administrative Secretary OFFICERS OF THE FREDERICK S. HARRIS '22 President IVIRS. ISABELLE Y. GALLUP Alumni Secretary WILLIAM IVI. LOCKWOOD '27 Chairman of Finance LAWRENCE F. KILLICK '22 Chairman of Publicity TEN TRUSTEES On Ihe Port of the State Agricultural College NORTON BARBER, A.B. Bennington, Vt. FRANCIS WILLIAM BILLADO Rutland, Vt. ASA SCI-IOONMACKER BLOOMER, West Rutland, Vt. CARROLL LEANDER COBURN, East Montpelier, Vt. WALLACE IVIACFIE FAY Proctor, Vt. CARLETON GIBSON I'IOWE, Dorset, Vt. CLEON ARTHUR PERKINS, B.S. Rutland, Vt. SIVIITH SEELEY REYNOLDS Middlebury, Vt. FREDERICK FLIMFTON SMITH, Burlington, Vt. WILLIAM IVI. Locxwoon Secretary of the Board ADMINISTRATION SIDNEY BUTLER SMITH, Director of University Libraries FORREST WILKINS KEHOE, FH.D. Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds HAROLD CAMPBELL COLLINS, B.S. Director of Admissions NORMAN EDGAR LANGE, ED.D. Director of Student Personnel PAUL AMOS IVIOODY, Director of Graduate Study HORACE BYRON ELDRED Acting Director, Fleming Museum ARTHUR DEXTER BUTTERFIELD, D.ENG. Director, Veterans' Education ELBRIDGE CHURCHILL JACOBS. Curator of Geological and Mineralogical Collections EDWIN BARTLETT ABBOTT Chief Accountant RUTH LORETTA CODFREY, IVI.S. Director of Food Services LOREN ARCHIBALD IVIACLEAN, Director of Student Health Service NELL JEFFERSON, Director of Dormitories LYNN LESLIE GROW, Director of Housing ALUMNI COUNCIL OLNEY W. HILL '26 Chairman of Commencement JOHN H. SUITOR '38 Co-chairman of Commencement LYMAN S. ROWELL '25 Chairman of Undergraduate Activities GEORGE V. KIDDER '22 Treasurer of Alumni Fund LLB. PRESIDENT MILLIS . Tall, eflicient, with the air of a business man and the shoulders of a fullback, forty-live year old John Schoff Millis is serving his seventh year as President of the University of Vermont. A specialist in physics, President Millis has Written a Laboratory outline of Physics and Articles on Atomic and Molecular Spectra. He is a member of Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Sigma, American Physical Society and served four years as industrial physicist at the 'Institute of Paper Chemistry in Wisconsin. Originally slated for the ministry, Millis turned to science, served as football coach, and as a licensed lay reader and preacher of the Episcopal Church. Popularly known in student vernacular as "Happy Jack," Millis took over the reins of the University of Vermont at one of the most critical periods in its history and is currently guiding it through its greatest expansion. LEVEN COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES DEAN SWIFT There is probably no better known figure on the campus than Dean Elijah Swift, now serving his twenty-third year at U.V.M. Calm, imperturbable, he has been at all times ready to provide counsel and a helping hand to any student. Winner of a traveling fellowship in Germany, Dean Swift earned his Ph.D. at Gottingen, taught seven years at Princeton before coming to Vermont in 1914. This is Dean Swift's last year of active duty at the University' of Vermont as he will retire in July, 1948. It is with great pleasure that the students dedicate the 1949 ARIEL to Dean Elijah Swift. ' "1 ,779 J 'A 'I if' T1 -.Q ' A .Q A, 2 CHEMISTRY I-AB WILLIAMS SCIENCE HALL T W E L V E PROFESSORS HOWARD GORDON BENNETT-Phi Beta Kappa A.B., Harvard 'l7i M.A., '24 Professor of Music FRED DONALD CARPENTER-Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Beta Kappa A.B., Trinity 'IOC M.A.,'15: Ph.D., Yale '18 Professor of German Language and Literature DANIEL BERNARD CARROLL A.B., Illinois 'l5: Ph.D., Wisconsin '30 Professor of Political Science MALCOLM DANIEL DAGGETT A.B., Bowdoin '29: A.M., Harvard '32: Ph.D. '39 Professor of Romance Languages JOHN BELLows DEPOREST-Phi Beta Kappa 'A.B., Yale '05: M.A., 'l2: Ph.D., '15 Professor of Romance Languages GEORGE DYKHUIZEN-Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Kappa, Sigma Alpha Psi A.B., Indiana '2l: A.M., Chicago '25: Ph.D., '34 Professor of Philosophy PAUL DEMUND EVANS A.B., Cornell '13s A.M., '14g Ph.D., '23 Professor of History RALPH MAYNARD HOLMES-Sigma Xi, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Chi A.B., Maine 'll: A.M., Wesleyan 'l3: Ph.D., Cor- nell '23 Professor of Physics GEORGE VINCENT KIDDER-Kappa Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa A.B., Vermont '22: A.B., Oxford '26: Ph.D., Chicago '37 Professor of Classical Languages and Literature JULIAN IRA LINDSAY-Phi Beta Kappa A.B., Clark '08: M.A., Harvard '10 Professor of English JOHN TRUMBULL lVIETCALFlPi Sigma Phi, Sigma Chi, Phi Beta Kappa A.B., Yale 'lOl M.A.,'l1: Ph.D., '13 Professor of Psychology PAUL AMos MOODY-Gamma Alpha, Sigma Xi, Phi Xi Sigma A.B., Morningside '24: Ph.D., Michigan '27 Professor of Zoology WILLARD BISSELL POPE-Chi Psi A.B., Hamilton '25: A.M., Harvard '26g Ph.D., '32 Professor of English LESTER MARSH PRINDLE-Phi Mu Delta, Phi Beta Kappa, Tau Kappa Alpha A.B., Vermont 'l5: A.M., Harvard 'l6: Ph.D., '21 Professor of Classical Languages and Literatures ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS HEINZ LUDWIG ANSBACHER-Sigma Xi B,A.. Frankfort '23: Ph.D., Columbia '37 Associate Professor of Psychology ROLAND FREEMAN DOANE-Chi Delta B.S., Harvard 'l7: M.A., Middlebury '28: Ph,D., Sorbonne '46 Associate Professor of French and Spanish ROBERT BRUCE HUBER-Tau Kappa Alpha A.B., Manchester College '30: M.A., Michigan '34: Ph.D., Wisconsin '42 Associate Professor of Speech and Dramatics ANDREW EDGERTON NUQUIST A.B., Doane '27: A.M., Wisconsin '36: Ph.D., '40 Associate Professor of Political Science HERBERT EVERETT PUTNAM-Phi Kappa Phi A.B., Minnesota '25: M.A., '27g Ph.D., Cornell '30 Associate Professor of History LYMAN SMITH ROWELL B.S., Vermont '25: M.S., '30 Associate Professor of Zoology COLBU RN DAGGETT DOLL THIRTEEN NELSON LEE WALBRIDGE B.S., Vermont '24g M,S., '26: Ph.D., Chicago '42 Associate Professor of Physics ASSISTANT PROFESSORS ROBERT SHELLINGPORD BABCOCK-Phi Beta Kappa, Rhodes Scholar A.B., University of Rochester '37g B.A., Oxford University '39, M.A., Northwestern University '43 Assistant Professor of Political Science SAMUEL NATHANIEL BOGORAD-Phi Beta Kappa A.B., Brown University '39: A.M., '4l3 Ph.D,, Northwestern University '46 Assistant Professor of English JAMES PATRICK CHAPLIN-Sigma B.A,, University of New Mexico '4O: M.S., '4l: Ph.D., University of Illinois '47 Assistant Professor of Psychology LEON W. DEAN-Phi Beta Kappa A.B., Vermont '15 Assistant Professor of English CHARLES GEORGE DOLL1Slgm3 Ph.B., Brown University '24g M.A., '26 Assistant Professor of Geology RAYMOND AVERY HALL-Phi Nu Theta, Phi Beta Kappa A.B., Wesleyan 'l4: B.D., Drew '22: M.A., Co- lumbia '23 Assistant Professor of Religion ERNEST WILLIAM HARTUNG, JR.-Sigma A.B., Dartmouth '38: A.M., Harvard '4Og Ph.D., '42 Assistant Professor of Zoology ROLF N. B. HAUGEN-Phi Beta Kappa B.A., Minnesota '37: M.A., Harvard '43 Assistant Professor of Political Science MURIEL JOY HUGHES-Phi Delta Gamma A.B., Morningside '25g A.M., Columbia '26g Ph.D., '42 Assistant Professor of English STUART LYNDE JOHNSTON A.B., Wesleyan '3lg Ph.D., Harvard '40 Assistant Professor of Romance Languages BENJAMIN FRANKLIN LADD A.B., New York University '10, M,A., Pennsyl- vania State '12 Assistant Professor of German IHOR ALEXANDER LEVITSKY-Pi Gamma M11 A.B., Rochester '36g M.A., Buffalo '38: B.S., '403 Ph.D',, Duke '48 Assistant Professor of Philosophy JOHN HUTCHISON LOCKHEAD B.A., Cambridge University, England, '32g M.A., St. Andrew's University, Scotland, '3O: Ph.D., Cambridge '37 Assistant Professor of Zoology ROBERT ELI LONG-Phi Beta Kappa, Berzeluis Society B.A., Yale '36: M.A. '38 Assistant Professor of Political Science ELEANOR MERRIFIELD LUSE-Delta Sigma Rho, Zeta Phi Eta B.S., Northwestern '28: M.S., '34 Assistant Professor of Speech MIRIAM NATILEE MARSTON-Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Kappa Gamma, Alpha Delta Phi A.B., Boston University '12: M.A., Columbia '35 Assistant Professor of Piano, Organ and School Music ROBERT BRUCE MILLER-Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi B.A., Missouri '42: Ph.D., Yale '47 Assistant Professor of Psychology IPPOCRATES PAPPOUTSAKIS-Kappa Gamma Psi, Pi Kappa Delta B.Music, New England Conservatory of, Music '39 Assistant Professor of Music JAMES EUGENE POOLEY B.S., Yale '22: M.A. '26 Assistant Professor of Classical Languages and Literature BENNETT CARPENTER CARROLL FOURTEEN ALBAN BENNETT ROONEY B.S., Vermont '22: M.S., '27 Assistant Professor of Physics HAROLD SEESEL SCHULTZ-Phi Beta Kappa A.B., Columbia '38: M.A., Duke '4-0: Ph.D., '43 Assistant Professor of History RANDOLPH SHEPARDSON TOWNE-Phi Beta Kappa A.B., Williams '22: A.M., Princeton '23 Assistant Professor of French and Spanish JACK TREVITHICK B.A., Trinity '3l: M.A., Harvard '32: Ph.D., Yale '39 Assistant Professor of English BENJAMIN BOOTH WAINWRIGHT-Phi Beta Kappa A.B., Williams '20: M.A., Illinois '25 Assistant Professor of English SUMNER WILLARD-Phi Beta Kappa AB., Harvard '37s A.M., '38s Ph.D., '43 Assistant Professor of Romance Languages LLOYD ABRAM WOODWARD-Phi Mu Delta, Tau Kappa Alpha Ph.B., Vermont 'l8: M.S., '24 Assistant Professor of Physics INSTRUCTORS BETTY BANDEL-Phi Kappa Phi B.Music, University of Arizona '33: M.A,, Columbia '47 Instructor in English LAWRENCE WHITNEY BURGESS B.S., Vermont '42: M,S., '45 Instructor in Physics FRANCIS PEABODY COLBURN-Delta Psi Ph.B., Vermont '34 Instructor in Art RUTH JORDAN EVANS-Phi Beta Kappa, Tau Kappa Alpha B.S., Vermont '45: M.A., Columbia '46 Instructor in English CARLETON LESLIE HOLMES B.S., Vermont '43 Instructor in English GEORGE RICHARD HOPWOOD B. of Ed.. Keene Teachers College '39 Instructor in English RONALD HUGH HUMPHREY-Phi Delta Kappa A.B., Western Michigan College '4l: M.A., Columbia '44 Instructor in Drama EILEEN CALVIN MCGINLEY-Theta Sigma Phi B.A., University of Iowa '20: M.Ed., St. Michael's College '45 Instructor in English ISABEL CLARK MILLS B.S., Skidmore '29: A.M., Vermont '35 Instructor in Education CArtj ELIZABETH PAULSEN A.B., Skidmore College '44g M.S., Vermont '46 Instructor in Zoology .IULIAN ROBERT ROONEY B.S., Ohio State '35 Instructor in Speech and Dramatics RALPH POWERS RUTH-Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi B.S., Case Institute of Technology '46 Instructor in Physics AMBROSE ALFRED SAINDON A.B., Bowdoin College '46 Instructor in Romance Languages r , L Y 7, DYKHUIZEN EVANS HOLMES FIFTEEN HUBER METCALF JANICE SHIVELY JOSE EMILIO VARGAS B.Music, Yale Music School '45 B.A., Furman University '43 Instructor in Music Instructor in Romance Languages SADAH SHUCHIXRI START TRUMAN MARION WEBSTER-Epsilon Sigma Phi Instructor in Music BA. Vermont 131 ROBERT FREDERICK STOEL Insffuffof in German University of Michigan '42: M.A., Harvard ALBERT WA WURTHMANN Instructor in English B-S-1 Courflbra 37 Instructor in German JAMES HILTON TURNER B.A., University of Toronto '4O: Ph.D., Univer- DONALD CHARLES YELTON-Phi Beta Kappa sity of Cincinnati '44 A.B., Hamilton College '35 Instructor in Classics Instructor in English MOODY POPE PRINDLE S I X T E E N COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY V . , Q2 ig A? , 1 il -5 ' lv , 2 , J i l 'Qi X ,.: , ,., ,H .ll ' DEAN McKEE Edd Ruthven McKee is Dean of the College of Technology and Professor of Electrical Engineering. I-le studied at Iowa State and was on the electrical engineering staff there for thirteen years. During summer months he has served on the engineering staffs of many large corporations. Dean McKee is a member of Adelante, Sigma Delta Chi, journalistic society, and National Collegiate Players. SECRETARIAL NORTH COLLEGE s E v E N 1 E E N PROFESSORS CHARLES ERNEST BRAUN-Phi Lambda Upsilon, Sigma Chi, Alpha Chi Rho B.S., Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute '22: A,M., Columbia '23g Ph.D., '25 Professor of Chemistry JAMES ATKINS BULLARD-Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi. Phi Delta Theta A.B., Williams 'O8: Ph.D., Clark 'l4 Professor of Mathematics and Mechanics ROBERT GORI-IAM CHAPIVIAN A B.S., Case Institute of Technology '35: M.M.E., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute '36 Professor of Mechanical Engineering PERCY AUSTIN FRALEIGH-Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi A.B., Cornell 'l7: M.A., 'l8: Ph.D,, '27 Professor of Mathematics PHILIPP HANS LOHMAN-Phi Beta Kappa B.A., George Washington University '33: M.A., South Carolina '342 Ph.D., '36 Professor of Economics LOUIS BLACKMER PUPFER-Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi C.E., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute '09 Professor of Civil Engineering ASSOCIATE PROFESSO RS LELAND LAWRENCE BRIGGS-Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi A.B., South Dakota '23: M.A., '24: M.B.A., Northwestern '27 Associate Professor of Economics JOHN ELLIS DEAN-Phi Lambda Tau, Pi Mu Ep- silon B.S., Michigan State '3O: M.S., Iowa State '46 Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering CATHERINE FRANCES NULTY-Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Delta Phi, Pi Gamma Theta, Pi Gamma Mu, Alpha Kappa Gamma Ph.B., Brown 'll: Ed.M., Harvard '25 Associate Professor of'Economics QSecretarialD ROBERT GOODFELLOW SIDLE1Slg1'1'l3 B.S., Pennsylvania '34 Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering DONALD Foss SMITH-Sigma Psi B.S., Chattanooga '34: M.S., Tennessee '36: Ph.D., Virginia '39 Associate Professor of Chemistry FLORENCE MAY WOODARD-Kapoa Alpha Theta Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu . Ph.B., Vermont '22: M.A., Columbia '27: Ph.D., '36 Associate Professor of Economics ASSISTANT PROFESSORS PHILLIP SCHAFFNER BAKER-Sigma Xi, Phi Lambda Upsilon A.B., DePauw University '38L M.A., University of Arkansas '39, Ph.D., University of Illinois '43 Assistant Professor of Chemistry GEORGE CHAPMAN CROOKS A.B., Amherst '28g M.Sc., Massachusetts State '30: Ph.D., '37 Assistant Professor of Chemistry BRAUN EIGHHEN I BULLARD DONALD CROWTHER GREGCv:SigIT121 Xi, Alpha Chi Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon B.S., Vermont '35: M.S., University of New Hampshire '37: Ph.D., Columbia '4l Assistant Professor of Chemistry GEORGE CHARLES GROSSCUP, JR. A.B,, Beloit College '37: M.A.. Miami University '4O: Ph.D.. University of Vwlisconsin '46 Assistant Professor of Economics LEWIS EDWARD KNOLLMEYER B.A., Yale '30: M.A., University of NVisconsin '39 Assistant Professor of Economics .IULES ALPHONSE LARRIVEE S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology '30s M.A., George Washington University '35: Ph.D Catholic University of America '42 Assistant Professor of Mathematics EMILE LIBRESCO B.S., College of the City of New York '42: M.A Columbia '47 Assistant Professor of Economics DOUGLAS TILLMAN MCCLAY-Phi Bm Kappa, Sig- ma Xi A.B., Harvard '36: M.A., '37: Ph.D., '40 Assistant Professor of Mathematics SALLY BERRY MAYBURY-Delta Pi Epsilon B.S., Simmons '29: M.Ed., Boston '42 Assistant Professor in Economics REGINALD VENN IVIILBANK B.S., Washington and Lee '27 Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering HOWARD GUY MILLINGTON-Sigma Xi, Tau Beta P1 CE., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute '08 Assistant Professor of Mathematics GEORGE HUBERT NICHOLSON B.A.. Mount Allison '22s M.A,, Harvard '24 Assistant Professor of Mathematics CARL CI-IAPIN OSGOOD B.S., Maine '38: M.S.. '43 Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering LAURENCE FORREST SI'IOREl'tPhl Beta Kappa B.S. in E.E., Vermont '25: M.S., '30 Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering HOWARD IVIARSHALI, SMITH, JR.-EpSilOI'l Chi B.S., Columbia '39: M.S. '39 Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering ARTHUR FREDERICK TUTHILL-Pi Tau Sigma. Sig- ma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi B.S., Carnegie Institute of Technology '38: M.S. University of Wisconsin '39 Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering INSTRUCTORS CONSTANCE LORAINE BROWN A.B., Wells '23s M.S.. Cornell '26 Instructor in Chemistry HOWARD JULIAN CARPENTER B.S., Vermont '43 Instructor in Mechanical Engineering CHAPMAN LOHMAN NINETEEN I I HENRY I-IASLEHURST CARSE-Phi Beta Kappa M.B.A., Harvard '47 Instructor in Economics CLINTON DANA COOK S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology '42 Instructor in Chemistry EDMOND LEON ESCOLAS A.B., Assumption College '43: M.A., Clark '47 Instructor in Economics DAVID BRADFORD HOPKINSON B.S., University of Maine '42 Instructor in Mechanical Engineering DAVID EMANUEI. JOHNSON, JR. B,S., Vermont '40 Instructor in Civil Engineering FLOYD ROBERT JOI-lNSON1Tau Nu Tau B.S., Michigan College of Mining and Technology '41 Instructor in Mechanical Engineering MORRIS WELLESLEY KENEIELD B.S., Vermont '43 Instructor in Mechanical Engineering CARL LUCARINI-Phi Beta Kappa B.S., Vermont '25: M.A., Princeton '26 Instructor in Chemistry GILBERT ADAMS MARSHALL B.S., Northeastern University '43 Instructor in Mechanical Engineering RAYMOND JOHN MEAD-Rho Epsilon B.S., Illinois Institute of Technology '45 Instructor in Electrical Engineering CHARLES IVIERRITT, JR. A.B., Dartmouth '41 Instructor in Chemistry MERRILL DUSTIN POWERS1Tau Kappa Alpha B.S., Vermont '15 Instructor in Mathematics ERANC IVIARIO RICCIARDI B.A., Rutgers '46 Instructor in Economics AMORY DAVISON SEAVERfPhi Beta Kappa B.S., Vermont 'l63 Ed.M., Harvard '29 Instructor in Mathematics BERNARD SHERMAN-Sigma Xi A.B., Brooklyn College '4O: M.A., Princeton '46 Instructor in Mathematics ROBERT BENNING WENTWORTH B.S., Northeastern '35: Ed.M., Boston University '36 Instructor in Economics PUFFER TWENTY ENGINEERING BUILDING C0 LLEGE OF AGRICULTURE DEAN CARRIGAN Joseph Edward Carrigan, Dean of the Agricultural College and Director of the Vermont Experiment Station since 1942, received his B,S. degree from the University of Vermont in 1914. For seventeen years he was engaged in ex- tension work in the field. during which time he obtained his 1Vl.S. and in 1931 was appointed Director of the Vermont Extension Service. In 1942 he was appointed Director of the Experiment Station and Dean of the College of Agri- culture. He is a member of Alpha Zeta and Grand Director of Epsilon Sigma Phi. AGGIE AT WORK MORRILL HALL , 1 w E N 1 Y - o N 5 PROFESSORS THURSTON MADISON ADAMS-Alpha Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi B.S., Iowa State '32g M.S., Vermont '35g Ph.D., Cornell '43 Professor of Agricultural Economics HOWARD BOWMAN ELLENBERGER-Alpha Zeta, Sig- ma Xi B.S., Iowa State 'O5: M.S., Cornell 'l5: Ph.D., '17 Professor of Animal and Dairy Husbandry PLORANCE BEESON KING-Kappa Alpha Theta, Sig- ma Xi, Iota Sigma, Omicron Nu B.S., Illinois 'l43 M.A., California '26: Ph.D., Indiana '29 Professor of Home Economics ERNEST FREDERICK WALLER D.V.M., Iowa State '3l: M.S., '38 Professor of Animal Pathology ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS WILLIAM RITCHIE ADAMS-Theta Chi B.S., Syracuse '26: M.S., Vermont '28 Associate Professor of Forestry and Botany FLORENCE EMILY BAILEY-OITllCIOI1 Nu B.S., Simmons '18g M.S., Vermont '30 Associate Professor of Home Economics HELEN ELIZABETH BERESFORD-Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Omicron Nu B.S., Iowa State '23: M.A., University of Iowa '42 Associate Professor of Home Economics CHARLES HUGH BLASBERG-Alpha Zeta, Sigma Xi B.S., M.S., Rutgers Associate Professor of Horticulture ROBERT .IVICCRELLIS CARTER, JR. A.B., Wisconsin '25: M.S., Vermont '38g Ph.D,, Cornell '43 Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics ELEAZER JOHNSON DOLE-Phi Beta Kappa A.B., Vermont 'l2: M.A., 'l7: M.S., '21: Ph.D., '23 Associate Professor of Botany ALEXANDER CERSHOY-Sigma Xi B.S., Cornell 'ISJ Ph.D., Columbia '34 Associate Professor of Botany RUTH LORETTA GODEREY B.S., Ohio State '295 M.S., '35 Associate Professor of Home Economics DONALD CEDRIC HENDERSON-Alpha Zeta, Alpha Tau Alpha B.S.,'24: M.S., '26, Illinois Associate Professor of Poultry Husbandry JAMES WALLACE MARVIN-Delta Psi, Sigma Xi B.S., Vermont '32g M.S., '33g Ph.D., Columbia '39 Associate Professor of Botany JOHN ALVIN NEWLANDERfSigm3 B.S., Cornell 'l9: M.S., Vermont '2l: Ph.D., Cornell Associate Professor of Dairy Husbandry ASSISTANT PROFESSORS ALEC BRADFIELD B.S., Ontario '35: M.S., Vermont '36 Assistant Professor in Dairy Manufactures T. M. ADAMS W. R. ADAMS BLASBERG TWENTY-TWO 4? ELLENBERGER HENDERSON JOSEPH BURN1-IAM KELL1'iPh1 Eta Sigma B.S., Mississippi State: M.S., Iowa State Assistant Professor of Agronomy EDWIN CALVIN SCHNEIDER ESTHER LUCILLE KNOWLES B.S., Syracuse '37: M.S., '40 Assistant Professor of Home Economics JOHN ERNEST LITTLE-Sigma Xi, Phi Lambda Epsilon B.S., Rutgers '37: Ph.D., Columbia '41 Assistant Professor of Biochemistry FRED HERBERT TAYLOR Ph.D., '39 Assistant Professor of Botany MARJORIE ELLENWOOD LUCE-Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Nu B.S., Vermont '15 Assistant Professor of Agricultural Education B.S.. Cornell '39: M.S.. Cornell '46 Assistant Professor of Agricultural Engineering THOMAS SPROSTON, JR.-Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi B.S., Syracuse '33: Ph.D., Cornell '41 Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology B.S., Massachusetts State '33: A.M., Harvard '34: KENNETH EVERSON VARNEY-Alpha Zeta, Phi Sigma B.S., Maine '33: M.S., Vermont '42 Assistant Professor of Agronomy KING LITTLE TWENTY-THREE MARVIN MIDGLEY INSTRUCTORS MARION HUNTINGTON BROWN LOUISE ADELE RAYNOR B.S., Vermont '28: M.S., Syracuse '42 B.A., Mount Holyoke '36: Ph.D., Cornell '45 Instructor in Home Economics Instructor in Botany MURRAY W. FOOTE B.S., Vermont '38 Instructor in Agricultural Biochemistry RALPH REED B.S., Vermont Instructor in Dairy Manufactures RICHARD JOHN HOPP-Phi Sigma Bs., University of Reading, England, '39g Ms., ROBERT PRINDI-E,5T0RY-A1Ph2 Zeta New Hampshire '47 B-5,1 Vermont 4.3 , Instructor in Horticulture Instructor in Agricultural Economics IVIARYALICE KELLY JAMES EARL WHEELER B.A., Iowa '42 D.V.M., Michigan State '43 Instructor in Home Economics ' Instructor in Animal Pathology SCHNEIDER WALLER 1 w E N 1 Y - F o u R COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AND NURSING I DOCTOR DOUGLASS Bennett Cooper Douglass is Professor of Education and Director of the School of Education and Nursing. Professor Douglass has been serving in the field of education at the University of Vermont for twenty-seven years: for the State, forty years. A graduate of the University of Vermont in l908, he did graduate work at Columbia and rapidly progressed up the promotion ladder in the State Department of Education. Professor Douglass is a member of Phi Beta Kappa Society and Phi Delta Kappa. STUDENT TEACHING WATERMAN BUILDING 'I' W E N T Y - F I V E CRABBE REUTER ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS Assistant Professor and Assistant Director, Depart- PAYE CRABBE-Phi Gamma Beta mem of Nufsmg B.S., Teachers College V301 143 HERBERT DEAN PEARL Associate Professor and Director of Department of B.S. Edq Vermont 120: M.A., 136 Nursing Assistant Professor of Education WILLIAM LEO REUTER-Kappa Delta Pi BS., Millersville State Teachers College '3l 3 M.Ed., MARY BURKE SULLIVAN , I 1 Y Duke ,361 ECLDUI Temple University '40 B.S'. Ed., New Yorl-r University 335 M.A:, 34 Associate professor of Education Assistant Professor in English and Education ASSISTANT Pnorzssolzs 'NSTRUCTORS NELLE ALEXANDER ADAMS-Sigma Kappa, Kappa ODILE M' MORNEXWLT Alpha Theta, Delta Kappa Gamma BS" Columbia 45 Bs., ohio state '23, ME., Columbia '29 Instructor In Nufsmg Assistant Professor of Education ANNA CAROLYN SCHOLL LENA RAUB OAKLEY B.A., Goucher College '37: M.N., Yale School of l3.S., Columbia University Teachers College '4O: Nursing '40 M-A-, '47 Instructor in Nursing IRA ALLEN CHAPEL AND BILLING-S LIBRARY TWENTY-SIX CQLLEGE QF 'Cf' sq X ,X J DEAN BROWN White-haired, vigorous William Eustis Brown came to Vermont in the fall of l945 to serve as Dean of the College of Medicine. Behind him were many years in the practical appli- cation and the teaching of medicine. A graduate of the Harvard Medical School, he interned at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston, spent three years in private practice in New Jersey, and was appointed surgeon-in-chief of the hospital of the New Jersey Zinc Company. For twenty-one years he served on the faculty of the College of Medicine at the University of Cin- cinnati, leaving there to serve in the Army Medical Corps from August, l943, to May, 1945, with Iifteen months service in North Africa and Europe. Upon being relieved from active duty, Dr. Brown returned to the University of Cincinnati for a few months and then accepted the offer to further the interests of medicine in Vermont. NUTRITION LAB. MEDICAL BUILDING ' TWENTY-sEvEN PROFESSORS ELLSWORTH LYMAN AMIDON-Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma Xi B.S., Tufts '27: M.D., Vermont '32 Professor of Medicine RUPERT ADDISON CHITTICK B.S,, Nebraska '23: M.A., '24: M.D., Harvard '29 Professor of Psychiatry NICHOLAS BERNARD DREYER B.S., Victoria '14g B.A., Oxford '22g M.A., '25: M.R.C.S.: I.R.C.P. Professor of Pharmacology HERBERT ASHLEY DUR1:'1EE1Ph1 Delta Theta, Alpha Kappa Kappa A.B., Vermont '173 M.D. '20 Professor of Obstetrics OLIVER NEWELL EASTMAN-P.A.C.S. M.D., Vermont '08 Professor of Gynecology PAUL KENDRICK FRENCH-Delta Psi, Nu Sigma Nu. P.A.C.P. Ph.B., Vermont '2O: M.D., '23 Professor of Clinical Medicine PRED GALLAGHER A.B., Western Reserve '29: M.S., Ohio State '36g Ph.D., '39 Professor of Bacteriology and Clinical Pathology HovEY JORDAN-Alpha Tau Omega Ph.B., Vermont '13: M.S., '24: A.M., Harvard '16 Professor of Histology and Embryology ALBERT GEORGE IVIACKAY B.S., Vermont '29g M.D., '32 Professor of Surgery BJARNE PEARSON BS., Minnesota '27: M.13., '29: M.S,, '30: M.S., '32 Professor of Pathology HAROLD BARNARD PIERCE-Sigma B.S., Massachusetts State '1 75 M.S., Penn State '2l: Ph.D., Rochester '28 Professor of Biochemistry WILHELM RAAB M.D., University of Vienna '2O: M.D., German University at Prague '26 Professor of Clinical Medicine WALFORD TUPPER REESQKappa Sigma, Nu Sigma Nu M.D., Vermont '24 Professor of Surgery EERDINAND JACOBS SICHEL B.S., McGill '28g Sc.M., New York University '305 Ph,D., '34 Professor of Physiology ,ARTHUR BRADLEY SOULE, JR.-Delta Psi A.B., Vermont '25: M.D., '28 Professor of Radiology VISITING PROFESSORS DAVID MARSH BOSWORTH A.B., Vermont '18: M.D., '21 Visiting Professor of Orthopedic Surgery THOMAS WRIGHT MOIR CAMERON M.A., Edinburgh '22: D.Sc., '22: Ph.D., London '24 Visiting Professor of Tropical Medicine RICHARD HOLLIS OVERHOLT A.B., Nebraska State Teachers College '2O: M.D,, Nebraska '26 Consultant in Thoracic Surgery ADOLPHUS DUNCAN ROOD M.D., Vermont '08 Visiting Professor of Bronchoscopy EUGENE FREDERICK TRAUB B.S., Michigan '16: M.D., '18 Visiting Professor of Dermatology AMIDON CUNNINGHAM DREYER TWENTY-EIGHT L- DURFEE ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS JOHN ABAJIAN, JR. M.D., New York Medical College '37 Associate Professor of Anesthesia JOHN ERYE BELL-Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi A.B., Yale '3l: M.D., Harvard '35 Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery RAY EDWARD CORLEY A.B., Holy Cross '2l: M.D., Vermont '25 Associate Professor of Pediatrics THOMAS PATRICK CUNNINGHANI M.D., Tufts 'l8 Associate Professor of Ophthalmology GALLAGHER RAYMOND MADIEORD PEARDON DONAGHX'-Tau Kappa Alpha B.S., Vermont '33: lVl.D., '36 Associate Professor of Neurosurgery PRED WILLIANI DUNIHUE-Sigma Xi, Phi Delta Epsi- lon, Phi Tau Alpha A.B., Wabash '29: M.S., New York University '31 3 Ph.D., '34 Associate Professor of Histology and Embryology WINTHROP MAILLOT FLAGC--Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Nu Sigma Nu lVl.D., Vermont '34 Associate Professor of Urology CHARLES ALBERT NEWHALL-Nu Sigma Nu A.B., Northwestern '24-3 M.D., Vermont '28 Associate Professor of Anatomy MACKAY NEWHALL PEARSON TWENTY-NINE WALTER ALVA STULZ-Sigma Xi A.B., Acadia '27: Ph.D., Yale '32 Associate Professor of Anatomy ASSISTANT PROFESSORS PIERCE RAAB PAUL DENNISON CLARK-Sigma Phi M.D., Vermont '26 Assistant Professor of Pediatrics STUART STARNES CORBIN B.S., Vermont '3l: M.D., '36 Assistant Professor of Pediatrics ROBERT BAscoM AIKEN-Sigma Nu, Phi Beta Kappa Ph.B., Vermont '3l: M.S., '33: M.D., '37 Assistant Professor of Industrial Hygiene JESSE OGLIVEE ARNOLD B.S., Penn State: M.D., Temple University '32 Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology LOUIS BENSON B.E.E., Northeastern University School of Engi- neering '24: M.D., Tufts '32 Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine EDWARD PERRY DISBROW M.D., Maryland '08 Assistant Professor of Clinical Dermatology LESTER MAHAN FELTON B.S., Dartmouth 'l9: M.D., Cornell '22 Assistant Professor in Clinical Urology ARTHUR GLADSTONE B.S., Vermont '28: M.D., '31 Assistant Professor in Clinical Surgery THIRTY SICHEL SOULE THEODORE HENRY HARWOOD A.B., Hamilton '32: M.D., Vermont '36 Assistant Professor of Medicine ARTHUR RUSH I'IOGAN1l:.A.C.S, A.B., Vermont 'l9: M.D., '22 Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery BURTON I-IOLM A.B., Augustana College '27: M.D., Northwestern '33 Assistant Professor of Research Surgery JOHN WEAVER KING-Sigma Xi, Gamma Sigma Delta B.S., Penn State '36s M.S., '37: Ph.D., Yale '-H: M.D., '44 Assistant Professor of Bacteriology and Clinical Pathology NORMAN KRETCHMER-Sigma Xi. Gamma Alpha B.S., Cornell '44: M.S.. University of Minnesota '45Z Ph.D., '47 Assistant Professor of Pathology and Biochemistry MERTON PHILIP LAMDEN-Sigma Xi. Phi Kappa Phi B.S., University of Massachusetts '4l: Ph.D., Mas- sachusetts Institute of Technology '47 Assistant Professor of Biochemistry PETER PAUL LAWLOR M.D., Vermont '20 Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology and Rhinology PAUL GREEN LEEEVRE A.B., Johns Hopkins '40: Ph.D.. Pennsylvania '45 Assistant Professor of Physiology EUGENE LEPESCHKIN M.D., University of Vienna '39 Assistant Professor of Experimental Medicine LORNE ARCHIBALD IVIACLEAN B.A., McGill '27: M.D., '32 Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine KARL CORNELIUS MCMAHON-Nu Sigma Nu B.S., Vermont 'l9: M.D., '22 Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology and Rhinology EDWARD DOUGLAS NICSWEENEY A.B., Vermont 'l9: M.D., '22 Assistant Professor of Gynecology JOHN PORTER MARBARGER-Sigma Xi, Gamma Alpha B.S., Lebanon Valley College '38g Ph.D., Johns Hopkins '4l I Assistant Professor of Physiology ROBERT LELAND MAYNARD--Alpha Kappa Kappa, F.A,C.S. M.D., Vermont 'll Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery 'THOMAS GAETANO IVIORRIONE B.S., Columbia '37: M.D., Long Island '41 Assistant Professor of Pathology ALFRED SMITH 0'CONNOR A.B., Holy Cross 'I4: M.S., Tufts '18 Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics OSCAR SYLVANDER PETERSON, JR. Vermont '36 Assistant Professor of Radiology WILLIAM VAN BOGAERT ROBERTSON M.E., Stevens Institute of Technology '34: Ph.D., University of Freiburg '37 Assistant Professorrof Experimental Medicine and Biochemistry ARNOLD HAROLD SCHEIN-Sigma Xi B.S., College of the City of New York '36: Ph.D., University of Iowa '43 Assistant Professor of Biochemistry VJILLIAM JOSEPH SLAVIN B.S., Vermont '33: M.D., Vermont '35 Assistant Professor of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology ERNEST STARK B.S., Columbia '33: M.D., Long Island '36 Assistant Professor of Pathology FREDERICK CHARLES THORNE A.B.. Columbia '3O: A.M., '3l: Ph.D.. '34Z M.D., Cornell '38 Assistant Professor of Psychiatry KEITH FRANK TRUAX-Phi Chi, Zeta Chi B.S., Vermont '28: M,D., '31 Assistant Professor of Surgery MARSHALL COLEMAN TWITCHELL, JR. A.B.. Williams '34: M.D., Harvard '38 Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology HIRAM EUGENE UPTON-Nu Sigma Nu B.S., St. Johns '24: M.D., University of Mary- land '27 Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine FREDERICK VAN BUSKIRK 1 A.B., University of Pennsylvania '30: M.D., '33 Assistant Professor of Radiology POSTER LANE VIBBER M.D., Tufts '29 Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology INSTRUCTORS GEORGE DOUGLAS CANATSEY-Sigma XI B.S., Purdue '37: M.S., '39 Instructor in Bacteriology and Clinical Pathology JEROME JOSEPH COHEN-Alpha Omega Alpha A.B., Tufts '27: M.D., '31 Instructor in Clinical Pediatrics ROBERT DOWNING Cox A.B., Amherst '34: M.D., Tufts '38 Instructor in Clinical- Medicine ALBERT JAMES CRANDALL ' B.S., Vermont '3O: M.D., '33 Instructor in Clinical Surgery THOMAS PATRICK CUNNINGHAM M.D., Tufts '18 Instructor in Clinical Pediatrics I-IARRIET PEARSON DUSTAN-Phi Beta Kappa B.S., Vermont '42: M.D., '44 Instructor LOUIS WILLIAM ESPOSITO B.S., University of Notre Dame '3l: M.D., Johns Hopkins '35 Instructor in Urology TI-IIRTY-ONE JOHN SEELEY ESTABROOK B.S., Vermont '29: M.D., '33 Instructor in Clinical Pediatrics .I. LOUIS PI-IILIPPE FOREST A.B., University of Montreal '20: M.D,, '25 Instructor in Clinical Psychiatry IVIERVIN IZOSSNER M.D., Long Island '21 Instructor in Clinical Pediatrics ERALD EAIRBANKS POSTER M.D., Vermont '27 Instructor in Public Health ALDO GINO ERANCESCHI M.D., Vermont '33 Instructor in Urology DONALD HOLDEN HARWOOD B.S., Vermont '42s M.D., '44 Instructor in Pharmacology ERANCIS WILLIAM KELLY B.S., St. Johns '35: M.D., Long Island '39 Instructor in Psychiatry IVIARGUERITE KINGSBURY A.B., Cornell '26: M.D., '30 Instructor in Medicine ELIZABETH KUNDERT I3.S., University of Wisconsin '20g M.S., '24: M.D., Women's Medical College of Pennsylva- nia '26 Instructor in Psychiatry .IOHN FREDERICK LYNCH B.S., Vermont '3l: M.D., '34 Instructor in Clinical Surgery KATHERINE ELLA MCSWEENEY A.B., Vermont '22: A.M., Columbia Vermont '30 Instructor in Clinical Medicine .IAMES PATRICK IVIAHONEY M.D., Vermont '32 Instructor in Clinical Medicine THIRTY-TWO '24: M.D., INA MAXSON B.S., Battle Creek College '26: M.S., Michigan State '34 Instructor in Medical Technology and Assistant in Clinical Pathology HAROLD EDWARD IVIEDIVITSKY B.S., Vermont '29: M.D., '32 Instructor in Clinical Medicine HENRY LEE MILLS ' D.V.M., Grand Rapids Veterinary College 'll Instructor in Public Health SISTER CORONA PARENTEAU, R.N. Instructor in Clinical Pathology ELAVIA LUCILLE RICHARDSON A.B., University of Maine '20: A.M-, '271 Sc.D., Johns Hopkins '34 Instructor in Histology NICHOLAS SALVATORE SCARCELLO M.D., Tufts '30 Instructor in Clinical Urology RALPH DANIEL SUSSMAN B.S,, Vermont '35: M.D., '38 Instructor in Pediatrics CHARLES IVES TAGGART D.M.D., Tufts '21 Instructor in Oral Hygiene and Dental Medicine CHRISTOPHER IVIARLOWE TERRIEN M.D., Vermont '36 Instructor in Clinical Medicine Louis GEORGE THABAULT-Nu Sigma Nu M.D., Vermont '30 Instructor in Surgery EDWARD LAWRENCE TRACY B.S., Vermont '26 Instructor in Public Health GEORGE CHANDLER TULLY B.S., Dartmouth '27: M.D., Vermont '31 Instructor in Clinical Urology UBALDO EDWARD ZAMBARANO B.S., Georgetown College '20: M.D., Georgetow University '24 Instructor in Clinical Medicine I1 , PHYSICAL EDUCATION ff .- X. Pink!! grit?-. ., ' I " i,'Jef?,,,ei.f"Qt-fi ' Q-T ,t, - ' - ' -12 ' -. I- fu , Y ' ggi'-if QU :,- ,-1s-ft ge--'Mfr .' 1 .M I : I ' if 222 tw 1 all c l is 1!!!-F-f g ' ,. .,,.. - Y I. , MISS CUMMINGS, Director of Women SOUTHWICK ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS Assistant Professor and Director of Physical Edu- ELEANOR STENSON Cummmos Canon A.B,, Boston University '08 I Associate Professor of Physical Education for Women NSTRUCTORS .IEANNE MARGARET EULER ASSISTANT PROFESSORS BS., Tufts '43 JOHN C. EVANS Instructor in Physical Education for Women BS., University of Illinois '32 ETHEL PAULINE HOFFMAN Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.S., George Washington '4l: lVl.S., Wellesley '42 WILLIAM LAWRENCE GARDNERiSigma Delta Psi Instructor in Physical Education for Women B.S., Vermont '09 DONAT GERARD MAYNARD Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Di- Ph.B., I-loly Cross '33 rector of Athletics Instructor in Physical Education ARCHIBALD THOMPSON POST-Sigma Nu, Sigma NORNIAN KENNETH STRAssBURo Delta Psi B.S., Vermont '41 B.S., Vermont '27 Instructor in Physical Education MR. POST, Director of Men MR. GARDNER, Director of Athletics THIRTY-THREE MILITARY SCIENCE AND TACTICS PROFESSORS COLONEL GILLFILLAN JAY EDWARD GILLFILLAN, Major Infantry Professor of Military Science and Tactics ASSISTANT PROFESSORS WILLARD FERGUSON ANGEN, Lt. Col., M.C., U.S.A. B.S., Rutgers '333 M.D., Rochester '37 Assistant Professor of Military EARLE ALBIE JOHNSON, Captain BS., West Point '43 Assistant Professor of Military WILLIAM GSCAR WITHERSPOON, B.A., University of California Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics Science and Tactics Major '36 Science and Tactics INSTRUCTORS HARRY JUNIOR BANAN, First Sergeant Instructor in Military Science and Tactics JOHN BACHELDER COLLINS, Master Sergeant Instructor in Military Science and Tactics MAX LAYTON DELP, Master Sergeant Instructor in Military Science and Tactics ANDREW JOHN LANDA, Sergeant D.E.M.L., United States Army Instructor of Military Science and Tactics CHESTER FRANK SENTENEY, First Sergeant Instructor in Military Science and Tactics EMIL ZYCHOWSKI, Master Sergeant Instructor in Military Science and Tactics MILITARY MANEUVERS GYMNASIUM THIRTY-FOUR 1 DEAN SIMPSON Gracious and efficient, Mary Jean Simpson has served as Dean of Women at the University of Vermont since 1937. Between 1913, when she was graduated from the Liberal Arts College of the University of Vermont, and 1937, Miss Simpson taught in Vermont and New York City high schools, served in the Vermont Legislature and also on the National Staff of the Works Progress Ad- ministration. The experience she gained during that time has Well fitted her for the varied tasks which a Dean of Women must perform, not only in her admin- istrative duties hut also in counseling the girls at the University. Miss Simpson is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the American Association of University Women, Delta Kappa Gamma, and Kappa Alpha Theta. THIRTY-SIX MISS WING Trim, attractive Margaret M. Wing came to the University of Vermont in October, l947, immediately after fin- ishing Work for her Master's degree at Teachers College, Columbia University. In addition to her efficiency and interest in the college as Assistant Dean of Women, Miss Wing recently took over the position of house director at Grace Coolidge Hall on Redstone Campus. Miss Wing's presence at the University of Vermont provides many girls the opportunity to find guidance and expert help with their campus problems. DEANS IN CONSULTATION COOLIDGE COUNCIL THIRTY-SEVEN MRS. MAYBELLE BLAKE .... MRS. CORA KIMBALL. . . MRS. JANE FRANCE ..,.... MISS KATHERINE GUTCHELL. . . MRS. ANN UNDERWOOD .,.. MISS MARGARET WING .... MISS MARY C. SMITH. . , MRS. TRAVIS HARRIS .,.., MRS. NELLE LAWRENCE .... THIRTY-EIGHT MISS JEFFERSON Receiving her B.S. from the University of Texas and her M,S, from the Massachusetts In- stitute of Technology, Nell Jefferson, Director of Dormitories, came to the University of Ver- mont in July, I9-45, from Ohio State Univers- ity Where she had held a similar position. Miss JefIerson's slight figure and Texas accent are a regular part of the life of each girl on the campus of the University of Vermont. HOUSE DIRECTORS , . .Adsit House . . . . . .Allen House ,Alpha Chi Omega . ,Delta Delta Delta ...Elmwood Grace Coolidge Hall . . . . . .Grassmount Kappa Alpha Theta ......Lyman Hall MRS. R. C. MCCORMICK. . . . . .McCormick House MRS. ALLEN MOORE, . . ..... Pi Beta Phi MRS. SAMUEL FOSTER. . . ..... .Redstone MRS. C. W. RICHMOND .... .... R oberts House MRS. CONSTANCE COLE . . . ..., Robinson MRS. E. C. DRESSER .,.. , . . Sanders Hall .........Slade MISS CARRIE POWER. . . MRS. R. J. Goss .... ,... W arner House F 0 I R FLUNKNNG QXAM ...J Y , lAW AND ORDER on THE TRAIL 1' XX 'J fo :J-'s-:R Lug-'L " '- WOMEN'S STUDENT UNION Second row: Molmquisf, Andrew, Eofon, Traynor, Reynolds, Hillman, Gregory First row: Powers, Bristol, Grier, Hoyt, Church, Howard, Breckenridge Pres. Margaret W. Hoyt President Margaret Hoyt ' Chief Justice Rosemary Bristol Vice-President Beverley Grier' Second Vice-President Janet Brackenridge Senior Member on Judiciary Cynthia Wriston Social Chairman Patricia Malmquist House Chairman Joanne Howard Scholarship Chairman Polly Powers Assistant House Chairman Sylvia Reynolds Assistant Scholarship Chairman -Harriet Gregory Secretary Mary Elizabeth Andrew Treasurer Rose Mary Traynor Town Representative Louise Carroll Judiciary Committee Members Cynthia Wriston Kathryn Eaton Beverly Hillmann FORTY Each woman student enrolled in the Univer- sity of Vermont becomes a member of the Women's Student Government Association, known as the Women's Student Union. To it has been delegated the responsibility for the man- agement of nearly all non-academic matters per- taining to the conduct of the women students. The Work of running this organization is done by its President and Council. Its Judiciary Committee tries cases involving breaches of Stu- dent Union rules. Each year an examination on house and college rules is given to juniors, fresh- men and members of house committees. At least three mass meetings are held each year which all women students are required to attend. The Freshman Orientation program of Big-Little Sisters is sponsored by Women's Student Union. By signing the constitution and taking the fol- lowing oath, each woman accepts the responsi- bility of governing herself on her honor accord- ing to Student Union Rules: "We will never, by any selzish or other un- worthy act, dishonor this, our collegeg individ- ually and collectively we will foster her ideals and do our utmost to instill a like respect in those among us who fail in their responsibility: unceasingly we will strive to quicken a general realization of our common duties and obliga- tions to our college. And thus in manifold service we will render our Alma Mater greater, worthier, and more beautiful." Cfldapted from Athenian Oath.j MEMBERS Faculty Miss Woodard. chairman Dean Simpson Miss Euler Miss Wing Miss Knowles Student Representatives Janet Brackenridge Rosemary Bristol Nancy Lee Church Mary Jane Farnham June Felix Beverley Grier Joanne Howard Joyce Marx Mary McBratney Claire Muldoon Polly Powers Sylvia Reynolds Betty Simms Margaret Hoyt JOINT CONFERENCE Joint Conference is an organization which serves as a consultation group between women students and the administration of the Univer- sity. As a branch of Student Union the con- ference serves as a recommending body, and has no legislative power within itself. Member- ship is comprised of representatives from the faculty, from Student Union and other campus groups. Meetings are open to all women that they might have a better understanding of Student Union. Second row: Hillman, McBratney, Reynolds, Howard, Eaton, Brackenriclge, Farnham First row: Felix, Grier, Hoyt, Miss Woodard, Church, Bristol, Powers FORTY-ONE i STUDENT GOVERNMENT I9-47-T948 Second row: Pierce, Conrad, Condon, Toll First row: Atwood, Hogan, Smith, Harrington, Wetherby Pres. Robert Smith OFFICERS President Robert R. Smith Vice-President Douglas L. Liston Secretary William E. Hogan Treasurer Margaret B. Larrabee Sub-Treasurer Jane N. Atwood EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Class of T948 Richard Conrad James Shapland John Pelopulos Alan Weess Class of 1949 Robert Harrington Kenneth Pierce William Towle Lucille Wetherby Closs of 1950 Robert Condon Thomas Hayes FORTY-TWO Stormy but fruitful might best describe the year l947 for Student Government. Acquiring more powers than had previously been theirs, UVM Students also gained numerous new head- aches. The two main programs which Student Gov- ernment carried on were Clj an enlarged intra- mural sports program and C25 handling of cam- pus social activities. A social calendar was publishedg freshman ori- entation was conducted, which includes hand- book, banquet, picnic, and pep rallies. Student Government's Religious Life Committee pro- vided for campus religious activities, climaxed by a two-clay parley. Student Government purchased a new station wagon in 1947, attempted a faculty evaluation poll, furnished the East Hall student lounge, and inaugurated a new scholarship policy for deserv- ing students. As guardian of student activity fee appropria- tions, Student Government allocates funds to the various campus organizations and generally supervises their finances. At a mass meeting a one dollar raise in the ac- tivity fee was voted and a new plan for Student Government elections adopted. The pep committee was active in enlarging the drum majorette and cheering squads. STUDENT GOVERNMENT T948-l949 g Second row: Haslam, Webster, Mosher, Perkins First row: Hayes, Smith, Miele, Wetherby, Atwood By continuing some policies of the former council and invoking many new ones the Gov- ernment of the UVM Students elected during the winter quarter of 1948 has dealt with a host of campus problems and functions. A plan for the refurnishing of the Waterman student lounge was pushed, the soda fountain was reopened at night, a daily bulletin of events was published-all as a result of Student Gov- ernment iniluence or direction. An exchange student program was also in the initial stages of development. Student Government was instrumental in a Cynic reorganization. Three Student Govern- ment Sl00 scholarships were awarded for the academic year 1948-49, and six such scholar- ships are being offered for the 1949-50 year. A further raise in the activity fee was voted down at a mass meeting, but a revision of Stu- dent Court jurisdiction was approved. Efforts have been made by Student Govern- ment to publicize the aid given students by Dr. Lange's counselling and placement office. Attempts have been made by the new Council to bring about closer harmony between students, administration, and faculty through the mutual cooperation of their respective representative groups. , Election procedures have been redefined. A post oflice sub-station for the campus, a project begun by the former Council, is one of the goals of the current Student Government. Pres. Harry Miele EXECUTIVE COUNCIL President Harry Miele Vice-President Thomas L. Hayes Secretary Jane Smith Treasurer Jane N. Atwood Sub-Treasurer Norman F. Dennis COUNCIL MEMBERS Class of 1949 Sherman Sprague Karl Webster Class of T950 Daniel Burke Franklin Peabody Robert Perkins Class of T951 Mary Babbitt Edward Costello Peter Haslam Lucille Wetherby Alan Pratt Stanley Ursprung Curtis Mosher Peter Palmisano FORTY-THREE STUDENT COURT MEMBERS Chief Justice Norman Vercoe Assistant Chief Justice Richard Evans Justices: George Brigham Leona Felix Ed Goelz Rich Harper Warren Jones Dean Milligan Norm O'Grady Martha Wood Cynthia Wriston Prosecuting Attorney Guy Page Assistant Prosecutor Mitch Hunt Defense Attorney John Felopulos Secretaries Mildred Norrie Gwen Stiles Since its establishment in the fall of 1946 as a branch of Student Government, Student Court has rapidly become an organization with "roots" Based on the idea of student jurisdic- tion on the UVM campus, the Court has the power of decision over cases involving viola- tions of Student Government rules, academic honesty and other similar laws and codes of the University. Judges of Student Court are elected by the student body and serve for the remainder of their undergraduate careers. Student Court pos- sesses both original and appellate jurisdiction. As punishments the Court may recommend ac- tion ranging from Warning to dismissal from the University. An aim of the Student Court is to gain a posi- tion in campus affairs similar to that held by the United States Supreme Court in national life. Second row: Wrisfon, Milligan, Jones, Hunt First row: Vercoe,Goelz, Wood, Felix, Brigham, Harper FORTY-FOUR - A LONG, LONG TRAIL .Q X , 5' Xl V.'. fx, KWW' 1. il .I I M'VifW WW 00 xwqjl XV of X x ,fam X n x 4 r' "WN 2-5 ,gd Q., 1,3 lu-fag: -Tcaggk - ..k Is! .525.i2,bx.4 -.Y N W lfigf, U ,H .1 i'ifQ'l'Jf. 'W' f ' ff N 2? 413-2225! 'Kg-Vx, li., at-. ',4,54,geL- - rlvifj ,f 1 , 4.V.,,,,-., Xxx Lf u5,,d,. 2 ,lr :Jw ' 5 k, 'f " , 41: ,f.. 1-f 5, mfs- . " A , , ,jg '-- Q X I . K-we :QQ 1 Pt ' 59155 I H X ,W ,352 ,, Q M 5 4, f- , ' Li V, flu. ,, , F 4 -gy, qw. 3' .45 34 E vi! U2 Wi www'-2 . ? ,g , 5-.Q ,. , .s Z9 "1,al. , Af: xjf4i?gf",:7 M33 1. ..,, . , , " 'WS4fEiZiiw 4 as rv --sigh wf.-15, K . , -- Rn- ,rg if www m X T? , GMM v- W Q, L SS -awk : R H wiv, u - 241:39 55:23. ju. X. iw , x 'xxk Q Nz, . X L.,. 5 . .1 if -s wwfaww W , 'mi'-, fd? WM E - .Q Q.. 2 ' ' ' , 4. u . . f S4 ,wfmw . 111-.1 2 V--- -- --W -- 7 --W --Y- THE FCRTY- NINERS AARON, HOWARD S. Brooklyn, N. Y. Business Administration Tau Epsilon Phi. AARON, MARVIN Bridgeport, Conn. Pre-medical Phi Sigma Delta: Cynic, Business Staff 1, Art Editor 2: ROTC Band 1,22 Uni- versity Orchestra l,2: Kake Walker 1: Military Honors, Sergeant 29 Dean's List 1. ADAMS, JOHN D. Bennington Liberal Arts Delta Kappa Epsilon: Cgnic, Acting Editor 3, Columnist '33 Student Government, P r e s s Representative 3: Scribes 2,35 Windfall, Poet- ry Editor 3: Young Repub- lican Club, Publicity Direc- tor 3g Dean's List 2,3. 4 ADLER, PHILIP New Britain, Conn. Pre-medical Tau Epsilon Phi: University Orchestra, IRC 1: Dean's List 1,2. ALDRICH, ARTHUR D. Lyndonville Civil Engineering Student Government 3: Dean's List 1.2. ANDERSON, EUNICE B, Proctor Elementarg Education Bowling 1,23 YWCA 32 VCA Cabinet 3: Indepen- dents, Council Member 3: House Fellow 43 Congrega- tional Student Club 1,2,3,4Z Square Dance 3. ANDERSON, GEORGE R. West Rutland Mechanical Engineering ANDREW, MARY E. Watertown, Mass. Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega: WAA Council at Large: Campus Manager 3: Badminton 1.2. 3: Bowling 1,2,3: Hike Bike 1,23 Riding 1: Health Council 1: Cgnic, Reporter 1,2,3g Student Union 2.3. fonrv-saver-1 ASTONE, ROBERT A. Beacon, N. Y. Pre-medical ATWOOD, JANE N. Delmar, N. Y. Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi: Stall and San- dal 3: Sophomore Aides, President 23 WAA Council 2: Fencing l: Ski Club l: RiHe Club 1: Modern Dance l,2: ARIEL, Scrub l,2: Stu- dent Government Sub-treas- urer 2.3, Treasurer 3,4-: So- cial Action Committee 2,3: Dramatic Club l,2: SCA l, 3: IRC 2,3: John Dewey Club, Secretary 3: Outing Club 2,3: Dean's List l,2: Lilac Day l,2. AUGER, FRANCIS D. Windsor Business Administration Basketball l: ROTC Band 1.2: Newman Club l,2: Military Honors, Sergeant. BABIC, GEORGE M. Montpelier Electrical Engineering Newman Club: Dean's List: Electrical Engineers. FORTY-EIGHT famvf' BAIRD, .IANICE C. Moretown Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega: Badmin- ton l.2: Tennis 1: Volley- ball 1: YWCA l. BALDWIN H. BROWN Essex Junction Mechanical Engineering ROTC Band l,2,3: 'Basket- ball l,2: Advanced Military, Staff Sergeant: Dean's List 2. BALICI-I, GERALDINE R. - Barre Elementary Education Delta Delta Delta: Bowling 2: Swimming Club 2: Dean's List 2. BALLOU, CAROLYN S. Chester Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi: Basketball ll Bowling 2: Swimming Club 1: University Choir l: Out- ing Club 3: Lilac Day 2. ,,. BALTRUCK1, HENRY C. Gardner, Mass. Pre-medical Newman Club 1,2,3: Dean's List 1,21 Fleming Museum Association. BANGI-IART, THOMAS S. Douglaston, N. Y. Electrical Engineering Sigma Phi: Interfraternity Athletics 1,2,3: Interfrater- nity Council 3: Electrical En- gineers 1,2,3. BARBER. EDWARD E. North Bennington Business Administration BARWOOD, WENDELL A. Norwich Business Administration Lambda Iota: Interfraternity Athletics 1,2,3: Ice Hockey 33 Interfraternity Council 2. BASQUE, WILLIAM D Pittsford Pre-medical Transfer from Canal Zone Junior College, Balboa, Canal Zone: Football 1 3 Intramural Athletics 1: Athletic Coun- cil 1: Dramatic Club 1: IRC 1: Newman Club 2,3. BEACH, BEVERLY T. Litchield, Conn. Liberal Arts Independent: University Or- chestra 2,3: Outing Club 1.2. BEATTIE, CARLENE Guildhall Liberal Arts ARIEL, Business Captain 3: I-louse President 3: YWCA 1,23 VCA 3: Independents 2: Dean's List 12 WAA. Badminton 1, Swimming 1. BEAUREGARD, LAWRENCE G. St. Albans Chemistry FORTY-NINE BECKER, RALPH S. Freeport, Ill. Chemistry Phi Delta Theta: Football l: Basketball l: Baseball l: ln- terfraternity Athletics l,Z: Dean's List 2: UVM Chapter ROA Vice-President 3. BEHRENS, RUTH M. Secaucus, N. J. Secretarial BELIVEAU, ARMAND J. Vergennes Electrical Engineering Rifle Team 23 Electrical En- gineers l,2,3: Newman Club 3: Dean's List 2: Advanced Military 3. BENNETT, ALEXAN- DER W. North Pomfret Agricultural Engineering Sigma Nu: Alpha Zeta: Cross-country 2.3: Agricul- tural Engineers 3g Aggie Club l,2,3: Outing Club 2. FIFTY BENSON, WALLACE H. Bethel Electrical Engineering ing Club 2.3. BISSON. BERTRAND P. Montpelier Pre-medical Rifle Team 2.3: ROTC Band l,2.3g Newman Club l,2,35 Military Honors, Staff Ser- geant. BLACK LOIS M. Lexington, Mass. Liberal Arts Independent. BLECHMAN, BURTON M. New York, N. Y. Pre-medical Phi Sigma Delta: Outing Club: Dean's List l,2,3. Electrical Engineers 2 . 3: Outing Club Council 3: Out- , BLOOMBERG. SANFORD Burlington Liberal Arts Phi Sigma Delta: Tennis 2: lnterfraternity Athletics 1.2. 3: Hillel l,2,3: Dean's List 1.2. B-oLoc3NAN1, RITA H. Readsboro Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega: Health Council 3: Bowling l: Swimming Club l : Dramatic Club 1,2,3: YWCA 1.2: Newman Club l,2.3: Col- lege 4-H Club l,2,3. BOLWELL, HARRY J. North Arlington, N. J. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Key and Serpent: Football 2,33 Basketball l: lnterfraternity Athletics l,2,3: Cynic, Re- porter: Mechanical Engineers. BONNETTE, RENE W. Burlington Technology Independent: Mechanical En- gineers: Newman Club. BOSTOCK, ANDREW M. Burlington Liberal Arts BOWMAN, HARRY K. Johnson Electrical Engineer Electrical Engineers: Dean's List, BOYARSKY, ROBERT M. Burlington Pre-dental Phi Sigma Delta. BRACKENRIDGE, JANET P. South Orange, N. J. Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega: Stall and Sandal 3: Sophomore Aides 2: Campus Manager Hike Bike 2: Badminton 1,2,32 Hike Bike 1.2: Student Union 2,35 YWCA Z. FIFTY-ONE BRADWAY, BARBARA A. South Newbury Liberal Arts BRASHEAR, JR.. RICHARD H. Albany, N. Y. Electrical Engineering Transfer from Rutgers Uni- versity: Electrical Engineers 2,33 Outing Club 2.3: Ser- geant, Advanced Military. BRESSETTE. DELBERT M. Swanton Mechanical Engineering Lambda Iota, President 3 1 Mechanical Engineers 3 3 Newman Club 1,2,3, Treas- urer 3. BRIGHAM, ROBERT H. Jericho Agriculture Independentg Aggie Club. FIFTY-TWO BRONK, HAROLD V. Bellows Falls Business Administration Lambda Iota: lnterfraternity Athletics 1.2.35 Dramatic Club 2: Advanced Military 3.4. BROOKS, JANET M. Barton Elementary Education BROTHERS, DONALD N. Waitsfield Pre-medical BROWN, JR., CULVER S, Granville, N. Y. Electrical Engineering - BRUSH, ARLINE C. West Hartford, Conn. Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Theta: Sopho- more Aides: University Play- ers 3: ARIEL, Scrub 2, As- sistant Business Manager 3: Intersorority Handbook 3: Pan-Hellenic Council 2.3: Student Government, Pep Committee 2: ROTC Band Twirler l,2,3: Dramatic Club l.2.3: YKVCA l.3: Cheerleader l,2: Kake Walk, Program Committee 2,31 Junior Week Play 2: Group Plays'3. BUCKINGHAM, DONNA M. Tidioute, Pa. Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Theta: WAA Council 3: Campus Man- ager, Basketball 2. Swim- ming 3: Basketball l,2,3: Badminton 3: Rifle Team l: Swimming Club 2.3. BULL, JACQUELINE Newport, R. I. Liberal Arts ARIEL, Scrub 3: Outing Club 3. BULLIS, BERNARD G. Burlington Business BURKE, HAROLD E. Burlington Business BURNINGHAM, ELAINE M. Bristol, Conn. Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta: WAA Council 3: Basketball 3: Cynic, Scrub: Outing Club l.Z: Spanish Club 3. BURNINGHAM. LAWRENCE E. Berlin, N. I-I. Liberal Arts Lambda Iota: Gold Key: Interfraternity Council: RO TC Band: Outing Club 1.2: Dean's List 2. BURRINGTON, NEIL I. St. Johnsbury Electrical Engineering Lambda Iota: ROTC Band l,2: Electrical Engineers 3: Dean's List l,2. FIFTY-THREE BUTTRICK, PAUL A. Burlington Liberal Arts BUZZELL, ELIZABETH R. Bennington Home Economics Transfer from Wesleyan Col- lege, Macon, Ga.: Alpha Chi Omega: Omicron Nu 3: Bad- minton 2: Debating Team 3: Home Economics Club 2,35 Dean's List l,2,3: Can- terbury Club 2.3. CADORET, IRENE M. West Rupert Liberal Arts Sigma Gamma: Spanish Club 2,3. CALDWELL, REBECCA Salem, Mass. Nursing Education Kappa Alpha Theta: Bad- minton l,2: Bowling 2: Modern Dance l,2: Swim- ming Club I: YWCA 1,2: Dramatic Club 1.2: Outing Club 2: Nursing Education Club, Secretary-Treasurer 2: Pall Play 2: Lilac Day l,2. FIFTY-FOUR CALLAHAN, WILLIAM A. Queens Village, L. I., N. Y. MUSIIC Education University Choir l,2,3: Op- eras 2. CAMPBELL, JR., HAROLD Highgate Springs Business Administration Transfer from Norwich. CANTWELL. BARBARA E. Vergennes Nursing Education CAREY, MITCHELL B. Ludlow Pre-med ical Sigma Phi: Interfraternity Athletics: Athletic Council 2: Newman Club. CARMICHAEL, NORMA E. Verona. N. J. Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Theta: Bowl- ing lg Modern Dance Z: Cynic, Reporter 2.3: ARIEL 2, Business Captain 3: Kake Walk, Advertising Scrub 2: Dramatic Club l.Z.3, Secre- tary 4: Group Plays 3: Junior Week Play 2: Dean's List 2,3. CARROLL, LOUISE N. Burlington Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Theta: Bowl- ing 3: Ski Team 32 Cynic, Reporter 2.33 ARIEL, Scrub 23 Student Union: Kake Walk Secretary l,Z,3. CARTER, CATHERINE B. Burlington Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega: Hike Bike lg Home Economics l.2,3: College 4-H Club lg Dean's List l,2,3, CARYL, MARY D. Brandon Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega: Social Action Committee 3: Outing Club 3: Canterbury Club l,2,3, Secretary 3. CARYL, WARREN H, Brandon Liberal Arts Cynic, News Editor: ARIEL, Men's Editor: IRC: Le Cercle Francais: Outing Club: Wlndfall, Business Managerg Dean's List l,2,3. CASSISTA, JOAN Chester Liberal Arts Basketball li Badminton ll Swimming Club l,3: Y W C A 1: ARIEL, Co- Managing Editor, Co-Art Editor 3. CAVANAUGH, TRUMAN R. Fort Ethan Allen Agriculture Aggie Club l,2,3,4. CAYO, GEORGE A. Burlington Pre-law Sigma Nug Football 3: In- terfraternity Athletics 23 Newman Club l. FIFTY-FIVE CENTYBEAR: RAYMOND R. Burlington Business Administration Newman Club. CHAMER, ELLA E. Union, N. J. Liberal Arts Goodrich Classical Club 1.2. 3, Secretary 3: Riding 1: Bluestockings Club 2,3: Ire dependents 2,3: Scribes 2.3: Dean's List 1,22 Kirby Flower Smith Latin Prize: Howard Freshman Prize: ln- termediate French Prize. CHEESEMAN, LOREN A. Burlington Business Administration CHENEY, ARTHUR H. Rutland Secondary Education Kappa Sigma: transfer from Dartmouth. FIFTY-SIX CHERRY, JOHN W. Burlington Liberal Arts Outing Club l,2,3,4: Span- ish Club l,2,3,4: Dean's List l,2. CHIOLINO, JAMES B. Ludlow Mechanical Engineering CHRISTIAN, DAVID G. North Clarendon Business Administration CICHON, ALBERT J. West Rutland Secondary Education Kappa Phi Kappa? House Fellow 3: Newman Club l,2,3: Spanish Club l,2,33 Dean's List l,2. CLAPP. NATALIE Baldwinsville. N. Y. Liberal Arts Independent: Badminton l: Cynic, Feature Writer 2: University Choir 2: ROTC Band 1.2: University Orches- tra 2: Outing Club 1.3. CLARK. GLADYS A. Morrisville, N. Y. Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi: Health Council 2: Bowling 1.2: Ski Club 1.2: University Choir 1.2.33 YWCA 1 : SCA Council 1.3: Operas 1.2. CLOSSEY, WILLIAM F. Montpelier Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta: Interfra- ternity Athletics 2: Newman Club 1,2: Outing Club 2: Spanish Club 2: Scribes. 'Windfall 2,3: Kake Walk Tickets 2: Dean's List 1, COBB, LAWRENCE R. Brattleboro Electrical Engineering Ski Team 1,23 Dean's List. COLBY, NORMA R. St. Johnsbury Civil Engineering Independent: Modern Dance l.2,3. COLE. THELMA Wilmington Liberal Arts Transfer from Mt. Ida Junior C o l l e g e : Independent 3: Swimming Club 2: Modern Dance 2: Ping Pong 2: Vol- leyball 2.3: Outing Club. COLLIER, ARTHUR B. Great Neck, L. I., N. Y. Secondary Education Kappa Sigma: Football 2,3, 4: Baseball 1.2,3.4, Captain 4: Basketball 1,2,3,4: Vol- leyball 1.2: Bowling 1,21 Athletic Council 2.3: Kake Walk King 1946: Summer Session 1947: Recreation Committee. COLLIER, CLAYTON S. North Tarrytown, N. Y. Electrical Engineering Dean's List 2. FIFTY-SEVEN COLLINS, GEORGE H. Burlington Pre-medical Newman Club l,2,33 Dean's List 2. COLLINS, WALTER B. West Berkshire Civil Engineering Sigma Nu: Interfraternity Athletics 1,23 House Presi- dent l : Interfraternity Coun- cil I,2,3, President 3: Civil Engineers 2,33 ROA 2,3, Treasurer 2: Vets Club, EX- ecutive Secretary 2. COMSTOCK, BETTY G. Barton Liberal Arts Independent: Swimming Club lg Volleyball 3: Outing Club 3. CONANT, RALPH W. Portland, Me. Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma: Track lp Cross-country 23 Cynic 1, Business Manager 2,3 3 ARIEL Business Manager 3: SCA l,2: IRC 1, Treasurer 2, President 3: Le Cercle Eran- cais 1.2: Dean's List l.2: Sergeant: Advanced Military. FIFTY-EIGHT COOK, BERTHA L. Norwich Junior High School Educa- tion Transfer from Keene Teach ers College: Independent 3 WAA Council at large 3 Square Dancing 3: Congre gational Student Club 3,4 VCA Cabinet 3. COOK, WAYNE W. Burlington Agriculture Q COOPER, WILLIAM D. Pittsfield, Mass. Mechanical Engineering COREY, CHARLES E. West Rutland Electrical Engineering CORLISS, HARRIS E. Jericho Agriculture Independent: Aggie Club 3. CORMAN, HARVEY O. Burlington Business Administration CORRON, DOUGLAS R. Burlington Electrical Engineering Rifle Team 2,3 : Electrical Engineers 1.2.3 : Newman Club: Dean's List l,2. COSTANTINO, CHARLES V. Bennington Pre-medical Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Bas- ketball I : Interfraternity Athletics l,2,3,4: Athletic Council lg Cynic l, Sports E d i t o r 2: Interfraternity Council 2: Student Govern- ment l: SAE House Presi- dent 3: Kake Walk Skits, Chairman 2: Sergeant l,2: Advanced Military 3.4: ROTC Band l, COUTU, THERESE S. Westtield Elementary Education Sigma Gamma: Bowling 2: Volleyball 2: Le Cercle Eran- cais 1,23 Newman Club l,2,3,4. COX, ELIZABETH Short Hills, N. J. Liberal Arts Independent: Hockey l: Bas- ketball l.2,3: Badminton 1: Bowling 2,3: Swimming Club l,2,3: Baseball l,2: Social Action Committee 2,37 IRC 2,3: Spanish Club l,2,3. CRANDALL, MARILLA A. Springfield Elementary Education Independent: University Or- chestra l,3: Newman Club l,2,3. CROCKER, KATHERINE Ashfield, Mass. Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega: Staff and Sandal 3: WAA Council? Basketball l : Badminton l,2: Modern Dance l: Hike Bike l: Cynic, Feature News Editor: ARIEL, Managing Editor: House President 3: Bluestockings Club: Dra- matic Clubi Lilac Day: Jun- ior Week Play 2,3. FIFTY-NINE CROOM, YVONNE Atlanta, Ga. Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega: Fencing 3: Tennis 2: Cynic, Scrub: ARIEL, Assistant Art Editor: Secretary of Dorm: Baton Twirlers. CROWLEY, JR., JAMES J. New Haven, Conn. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Inter- fraternity Athletics l,2,3. CUMMINGS, CROETER E. Windsor Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineers: Le Cer- cle Francais: Dean's List. CUMMINGS. GLADYS B. Burlington Liberal Arts Transfer from Temple Uni- versity: Alpha Sigma Alpha: YWCA 2: Dean's List l,2,3. SIXTY CUMMINGS, JAMES W Burlington Business Administration Kappa Sigma: Track 2. CUMMINGS, JONATHAN W. Bennington Liberal Arts CUREAU, DORIS J. Tarrytown, N. Y. Liberal Arts DAGUE, EDMUND J. - Burlington Liberal Arts DALE, LAWRENCE P. Montpelier Liberal Arts Mechanical Engineers: Out- ing Club 1,z. DAMON, RUTH A. Brandon Elementary Education DANIELS, I-IORACE J, Burlington Pre-medical DARBY, PAUL L. Derby Line Liberal Arts Transfer from Green Moun- tain Junior College. Cata- mounts 3. I DAVIS, MARILYN Bridgewater Secondary Education Alpha Chi Omega: Staff and Sandal: Sophomore Aides: WAA Council at Large 2: Health Council 2: Basketball 1.25 Badminton 1: Bowling 2.3: Swimming Club 2: ARIEL, Photography Editor: House President 23 YWCA 1.2.33 Spanish Club 2,32 Lilac Day 2: Junior Week Play 3: Group Plays 2: Dean's List 1. D'ELIA, RONALD J. Bridgeport, Conn. Liberal Arts Kappa Sigmag Interfraternity Athletics l,2,3: Dramatic Club lg Newman Club l. DEMARINIS, ALFRED E. St. Albans Liberal Arts DENEVE, ROBERT T. Bristol Business Administration SIXTY-ONE DILLBACK, MILDRED J. Brattleboro Secondary Education Independent: Ping Pong l: YWCA 1.2,3: Spanish Club 2,3. DOHENY, DANIEL F. St. Albans A Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Cgnic 2,3: Newman Club l,2,3. DOI-IERTY, ANN M. Burlington Liberal Arts Transfer from Plattsburg State Teachers College. DONAHUE, BERKLEY A. Lyndonville Liberal Arts SIXTY-TWO DONELAN, n DONA Dedham, Mass. Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta: Council at Large 1,2: Badminton l,3: Tennis l: University Orches- tra l.2: Newman Club l,2, 3: Outing Club l: Kake Walk Scrub 3: Dean's List l. DORR, WILLIAM C. Essex Junction llffechanical Engineering Independent: .IV Basketball l: Mechanical Engineers 1, 2,3. D-RAGOON, ANNE M. Witherbee, N. Y. Medical Technology Badminton li ARIEL, Scrub 3: YWCA l,2,3: Newman Club l.Z,3: Outing Club 3: Dean's List l. DUPE, ANNABELLE M, Plymouth, Conn. Nursing Education Independent. DUREEE. PRISCILLA A. Bethel Liberal Arts Basketball 1.2.33 Bowling 2.3: Rifle Team l: Swim- ming Club 1.3: Tennis l: House President 3: Indepen- dents 2.3: Spanish Club 2.3: Dean's List 3. DURKEE. BARBARA CSAYRED Burlington Secondary Education Transfer from Middlebury College: Phi Mu: Operas. Stage Crew. DURKEE, DOUGLAS W. Burlington Secondary Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Inter- fraternity Athletics 1.2: Uni- versity Choir 2: Outing Club Council 2. DZEWALTOWSKI, HARRY J . Springlield Business Administration EARLEY, JOHN E. Burlington Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega: Cross- country l: Newman Club 1: Outing Club 1: Dean's List 2. EARLEY, RICHARD K. Burlington ' Business Administration EATON, KATHRYN Rutland Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega: Staff and Sandal: Sophomore Aides 2: Badminton 2: Modern Dance 1.2.33 Student Union 2.3: Dramatic Club 2: YWCA l: Dean's List 1: Lilac Day 1.2. EATON, MAXWELL E. Proctor Mechan1'caI Engineering KappaSigma. SIXTY-THREE EDDINGTON, WILLIAM T. Burlington Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon. EDDY, WILLIAM A. Hartford, Conn. Pre-medical Phi Sigma Delta: Tennis 2: Interfraternity Athletics 1,2,3: Intramural Handball 2: Hillel l,2,3: Dean's List l,2,3. EDWARDS, HAROLD F, Burlington Business Administration EKLUND, FRANK O. Rutland Mechanical Engineering SIXTY-FOUR ELMER, DOROTHY A. North Bennington Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omegagy Good- rich Classical Club: Health Council 2: Campus Manager, Fencing 2,35 Basketball 3: Fencing l,2,3: Swimming Club 3: Ping Pong lg Vol- leyball 3: Cynic, Scrub I, Reporter 2: ARIEL, Co-Fac- ulty Editor 3: House Presi- dent 31 ROTC Band l,2. EMERSON, JR., JOHN C. Coventry Secondary Education Transfer from Holy 'Crossi Delta Psi: University Choir 3. ERVIN, DOUGLAS S. Essex Junction Liberal Arts ESTEY, BERNARD B. Springiield Pre-medical PAGAN, JR., EMMETT L. Rutland Pre-medical Delta Psi: Track 1: Varsity Cross-country 2,32 Varsity Ski Team 1: Interfraternity Athletics 2.3: Newman Club 1,2,3: Outing Club 1,2,3. FARNI-IAM, MARY J, Burlington Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Theta: Staff and Sandal: Health Council 1: Modern Dance l,2,3, Workshop 3: Cgnic, Report- er 1: Student Government 2.3: University Choir 1: Newman Club l,2,3: Kake Walk, Chairman Program Committee 3: Dean's List 3: Chairman of Debate Tour- nament Joint Conference. PARRINGTON, HELEN E. Burlington Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta: Volley- ball 3: Outing Club Council 2.3: Outing Club l,2,3: Junior Week Play. Usher 2. PERRITER, ROBERT P. West Springfield, Mass. Business Administration FITTS, H. WENDELL Barre Business Administration FITZGERALD, WILLIAM S. Pittsfield, Mass. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Nu. FLANDERS, ROGER M. . St. Johnsbury Civil Engineering Sigma Nu: Interfraternity Athletics 1,2,3. FLETCHER, JOHN G. Burlington Business Administration Delta Psi. SIXTY-FIVE FLETCHER, JR., WILLARD A. Burlington Liberal Arts IRC 2,35 Le Cercle Francais 2,35 Dean's List 2. FOSS, RICHARD W. Burlington Liberal Arts FOX, ROY W, Morris Plains, N. J. llflechanical Engineering Kappa Sigma: Interfraternity Council l: Student Govern- ment l: Mechanical Engi- neers 2: Dean's List l,Z,3. FRAM, STANLEY Worcester, Mass. lVIecl7anical Engineering Tau Epsilon Phi: Mechanical Engineers l,2. SIXTY-SIX FRANK, MYER Burlington Business Administration Phi Sigma Delta: Football l,2.3: Bowling l,2,3: Bas- ketball l,2,3: Softball 2.3: Dean's List 2. FRASER, JOHN W. Burlington Electrical Engineering Alpha Tau Omega: 'Cross- country: Dean's List. FRECHETTE, BERENICE E. Burlington Nursing Education Independent: Newman Club: Nursing Education Club. FREEMAN, ROBERT W. Rutherford, N. J. Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta: Tennis l: Interfraternity Athletics l,2, 3: Hockey l,3: Kake Walk Committee 2. FRENCH. ROBERT D. West Springfield, Mass. Business Administration Kappa Sigma: Key and Ser- pent: Football l,2: Baseball 23 Basketball 1.2.31 Athletic Council 1: Student Govern- ment 1. PRENETTE, CHARLES Barre B usiness Aa'ministration FUSCO, LOUIS S. Rutland Secondary Education Kappa Sigma: lnterfraternity Athletics l,2,3,4: Newman Club l,2,3,4p Dean's List 3. GAHAN, EDWARD J. Seymour, Conn, Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineers l,2,3g Dean's List 1.2.3. GALE. LENA M. Stowe Transfer from Green Moun- tain Junior Collegep Alpha Chi Omega: Ski Team 2.3: Hike Bike 2: Outing Club Council 2.3: Outing Club 2.3: House President 23 Ski Club 1: Science Club 13 Dramatic Club 1. GALLOWAY, DoRis s. Newburgh. N. Y. Pre-medical Badminton 1.2: Fencing 1: Dramatic Club l,2,3: Dean's List l: Campus Manager Badminton 2: WAA Coun- cil 2: Health Council l. GARDNER, JOHN L. Burlington Chemistry Delta Psi: Cross-country 2: Baseball, Scrub l,2g Outing Club. GAREIELD, ALAN K. Springiield. Mass. Liberal Arts Hockey. SIXTY-SEVEN GARINGER, HAROLD R Springiield, Mass. Business Administration Dean's List l,2. GARWOOD, JAMES A. Glens Falls, N. Y. Secondary Education GATES, STEPHEN Wellesley Hills, Mass. Chemistry Transfer from Harvard: Sig- ma Phi. GATES, THOMAS E. White River Junction Electrical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Ac celerated Program: Interfra ternity Athletics 23,43 Elec- trical Engineers: Dean's Lis: SIXTY-EIGHT GAY, OLIN B. Cavendish Business Administration GAYLORD, BRUCE A. East Randolph Agriculture Alpha Tau Omega: Aggie Club. GEARHART, JOAN A. Stroudsburg, Pa. Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Theta: WAA Council 2: Basketball l,2: Ski Team 3: Ping Pong 22 Outing Club l: Co-manager Ski Team 3. GERDON, MARIE I. Rutland Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta: WAA Council at Large l: Hockey 1: Basketball 1,22 Badmin- ton l,2: Bowling 1,23 Ski Club Z: Rifle Club l: Swim- ming Club 2: Baseball 2: Tennis l,2: Ping Pong lg Volleyball l 3 Square Dancing 3: Spanish Club 2. GILMAN, RITA I. Rye, N. Y. Liberal Arts Indeoendent 2,3-: Bowling 1: Ping Pong 11 Cynic, Re- porter 1, Secretary 2,3: ARIEL, Scrub 1, Oflice Man- ager 3: Hillel 1,2,3: YWCA 1,2,3: Social Action Com- mittee 1,2: Scribes 2: Span- ish Club 3: Dean's List 1.2. GILMORE, JR., JOHN G. Worcester, Mass. Liberal Arts IRC 1: Advanced Military 3. GLYSSON, EUGENE A. Fair Haven Civil Engineering GOELZ, EDWARD F. Hollis, N. Y. Secondary Education President, Kappa Phi Kappa: Student Court Justice: Good- rich Classical Club 3: Cynic Sports Staff 1,2, Summer Co- Editor '47: ARIEL, Formal Photography Co-Editor 3g Scribes 2.3: Outing Club 1,23 Spanish Club 2: Inde- pendent 2: Intramural Ath- letics 25 Fall Play House and Program Committee 1 : Flem- ing Museum Association 2.3: Cum Laude 1, Magna Cum Laude 2. GOLDEN, STANLEY L. Stamford, Conn. Liberal Arts Phi Sigma Delta: Tau Kappa Alpha: Cynic, Reporter 1, News Editor 2: Interfrater- nity Council 2: Social Ac- tion Committee 2: Debating Club 1.2: Dramatic Club 1: IRC 2: Junior Week Play 3: Group Plays 23 Dean's List: Cum Laude Average: First Prize, Robert A. Law- rence Debating Prize 1,2. GOODELL, JOHN W. Wells River Liberal Arts GOODMAN, MARTIN Haverhill, Mass. Pre-medical Tau Epsilon Phi: Interfra- ternity Athletics 1,2,3: ARIEL, Fraternity Represent- ative 31 Outing Club 2: Dean's List 1,23 House Presi- dent 3. GOODRICH, ELLEN E. Vergennes Liberal Arts SIXTY-NINE GOSS, MILDRED C. St. Johnsbury Elementary Education Independent: Bowling 3 Modern Dance 3: ARIEL 3 University Orchestra 3: Stu- dent Christian Association 3 IRC 3. GOULET, JOHN J. Island Pond Civil Engineering Sigma Phi: Varsity Baseball 2: Interfraternity Athletics, Track and Basketball 2. GRANDPIELD, STANLEY M. Barre Business Administration Kappa Sigma. GRANT, JR., DORWIN F. Burlington Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega. SEVENTY - GRAVES, JR., ERIC R. Waterbury Secondary Education GRAY, BERNICE O. St. Johnsbury Center Secondary Education GREENBERG, JERALD P. Bennington Business Administration Phi Sigma Delta: lnterfrater- nity Athletics l: ROTC Band lg Dean's List 2. GREENSLET, ROGER F. Bennington Pre-medical GREER, JEAN E. Bayside, L. I., N. Y. Nursing Education Independent. GRIEEITH, ELEANOR T. .Ionesville Secretarial Delta Delta Delta: Modern Dance 3: Cynic 1,2: ARIEL Faculty Editor 3: House Eel- low 3: IRC 3: Newman Club l,2,3: Twirler l. GROW, ELIZABETH W, Burlington Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi: Swimming Club 1: Cynic, Business Assistant 2, Business Manager 3: ARIEL, Scrub 2, Head of Business Captains 3: YWCA 1,2: IRC 1,23 Canterbury Club l,2,3: Dean's List 3. GUINNESS, JOHN B. Rutland Business Administration Newman Club 2,3,4: College 4-H Club l: Outing Club l. - 4 F me f " 'X--. f r " 4 I-IADWEN, DORCAS E. Bennington Elementary Education Sigma Gamma: WAA Coun- cil 2,3: Campus Manager Volleyball 2,33 Badminton 21 Bowling 3: Fencing 3: Baseball 2: Volleyball l,2,3. HAEELY, NANCY Brooklyn, N. Y. Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Theta: Sopho- more Aides: Goodrich Classi- cal Club: Cynic, News Editor l,2: Dramatic Club: Cheer- leaders: Pep Committee 2. HAGAR, DAVID J. Burlington Pre-Medical Outing Club l,2,3. HALE, FREDERICK A. Burlington Business Administration Lambda Iota: Dean's List l,2. SEVENTY-ONE HALE, WARREN K. East Ryegate Civil Engineering HALL, ROBERT A. Burlington ' Mechanical Engineering Cynic, Photography 1,2,3. HARRINGTON, JOHN B. Burlington Liberal Arts Alpha Tau Omega: Debating Team 3: Dramatic Club lc Outing Club l,2,3: Spanish Club l,2: Dean's List l,2,3. HARRINGTON, ROBERT N. Cold-Spring-on-Hudson, N. Y. Liberal Arts Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Cynic, Feature 2: ARIEL, Scrub 2. Feature Editor 3: Freshman Handbook, Editor 2: Fresh- man Orientation Committee Chairman 3: Kake Walk Scrub 2, Chairman of Walk- ing Committee 3: Student Government 2: University Choir 2. SEVENTY-TWO HARRIS, MARGARET J. Bristol, Conn. Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi: Goodrich Classi- cal Club 2.3: Health Coun- cil lg Golf 2: Badminton 2: Fencing 2: Swimming Club 3: Modern Dance 3: Ping Pong 2: Volleyball 2: YW CA 1,25 Newman Club 1,23 Fall Play 3: University Choir l: Tennis 2. HARTIGAN, EARL J. Burlington Commerce and Economics Newman Club: Dean's'List 1,23 Pianist in Catamounts. HARTLEY, LEONARD H. Brattleboro Liberal Arts Kappa Phi Kappa: Dean's List. HATCH, REGINALD A. Chester Liberal Arts Sigma Nu : Interfraternity Athletics l : Interfraternity Council l . HAVEN, STUART F. Vergennes Mechanical Engineering HAVENS, CLIFTON D. Burlington Industrial Education Outing Club Council 2.3: Outing Club l.2,3: ROTC Sergeant 2. HAVENS, EVERETT W. Burlington MEChdHl4CGl Engineering Track l,2: Dean's List 1.2: ROTC Sergeant 2. HAWKINS, PAY L. Tupper Lake, N. Y. Liberal Arts Independent 2,31 Canterbury Club l,2,3g Dean's List l. HAZELTON, ELIZABETH K. Rutherford, N. J. Nursing Education Pi Beta Phi: Basketball l,2: Baseball l,2: Tennis 1.2: Volleyball l,2p Cynic, Re- porter l,2: University Choir 2: YWCA l,2: Nursing Education C l u b l,2,3: Dean's List 1,2. HEALD, ARTHUR A. St. Albans Pre-law Kappa Sigma: Goodrich Clas- sical Club 2.3: Interfraternity Athletics 2.3: Cynic, Sports Reporter 2.3: ARIEL, Men's Sports Editor 3: Outing Club 2: Kake Walk Publicity Scrub 3: Cynic Editor 4. HENDERSON, MARY .I. Birmingham, Mich. Home Economics Kappa Alpha Theta: Campus Manager Badminton 3: Bad- minton l,2,3g Bowling 23 Fencing 2: Tennis lg Dra- matic Club 2,3: Outing Club 1.2: Pall Play 2: Junior Week Play 2: Group Plays 3. HENNESSEY, WILLIAM P. Bridgeport, Conn. Pre-medical Kappa Sigma: Interfraternity Athletics l,2,3: Newman Club l,2p Swimming Club l SEVENTY-THREE HENRY, PAUL W. Eayston Secondary Education Kappa Phi Kappa 3: Outing Club 1: Dean's List 3. HERBOSO, PALMIRA Barre Secondary Education Independent: Basketball 3: Bowling 2: Swimming Club 1: Tennis 2: Ping Pong 1: Square Dancing 3: Spanish Club 2.3: Junior Week Make-up Committee 2: Dean's List 1. I-IIGUERA, AQUILINO B. Montpelier Liberal Arts Lambda Iota: University Choir 1,21 IRC 1: Le Cercle Francais 1.2: Spanish Club 1,2,3, President 2. HILLMANN. BEVERLY M. Liberal' Arts Pi Beta Phi: Staff and San- dal: ARIEL, Scrub 2.3: Stu- dent Union Judiciary 3: Re- ligious Life Committee 3: University Choir l : Dramatic Club 2.3: YWCA 1.2: IRC 2: Joint Conference 3: Kake YVEIIE Usher 2: Dean's List SEVENTY-FOUR HOAG, JOHN W. Rutland Electrical Engineering HOPENAGLE, DORIS L. New Haven Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta: Basket- ball 3: ARIEL, Scrub 3: House President 3: YWCA Cabinet 1.2: IRC 1.2.3. HOGEL, ARTHUR Bennington Electrical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Elec- t ri c al Engineers: Dean's List 1. HOLDEN, FLORENCE C. Burlington Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta: Bowling 1.2: Swimming Club 2: Tennis l : Cynic, Reporter 2: YWCA 1: Outing Club 1: Canterbury Club 1,2: Co-ed Major Candidate 2: Kake Walk Queen 1943. HOLME. ROBERT B. Bethlehem, Conn. Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta: Advanced Military 3,41 University Or- chestra 2,3,4: Sergeant 21 Opera Stage Staif 1. HOPWOOD, BEVERLY E. Burlington Liberal Arts Transfer from Vermont Jun- ior College: Bowling 31 Swimming Club 31 Riding 3. HOTCHKISS, RICHARD E. Burlington Chemistry HOUSTON, NEAL J. Barre Secondary Education Kappa Sigma: Basketball 1, 2,31 lnterfraternity Athletics 2.31 Athletic Council 3: Cynic, Sports Writer 3: In- terfraternity Council 2,31 Student Government, Finance Committee 3: Sergeant 2. HOWARD, JOHN W, Bellows Falls Liberal Arts Dean's List 1,21 Director of WAA Recreation Ski Pro- gram 2,3. HOWE, LUKE A. Tunbridge Pre-medical Delta Psi: University Choir 1.3: Cross-country 31 RO TC Band 2,31 VCA 1: Col- lege 4-H Club 1. HOWES, HAROLD R. Waterbury Center Mechanical Engineering HOWES, MAURICE H. Windsor, Conn. Civil Engineering Kappa Sigma: Civil Engi- neers 3: Outing Club Z: Dean's List 1,2. SEVENTY-FIVE HOWRIGAN, ROSE H. Fairfield Elementary Education Dramatic Club 1,2: Outing Club 1,2,3: IRC 1: New- man Club 1,2,3g Cynic 1, ARIEL, Scrub 2, Business Captain 3: House Commit- tee 1,2: Ski Club 1.2: Swimming Club lp Tennis 1.2: Green Captain Basket- ball 1: Rifle Club 2. HOYT, ROBERT J. Cambridge Liberal Arts HUNT, MITCHELL J. Burlington Liberal Arts Sigma Phi: Key and Serpent 3: Interfraternity Athletics: Cynic, News Editor 2,3: ARIEL, Feature Writer 3: Assistant Prosecuting Attor- ney, Student Court 3: Out- ing Club l,2: Scribes 2,3: Windfall, Managing Editor 2,3: UVM Representative. NSO 2: UVM Chapter, Re- serve Oflicers' Association 2, 3, Vice-President 2, President 3: Dean's List 1.2.3. HUNTER. DAVID B. Dover, N. H. Pre-medical Rifle Team 1: Le Cercle Francais 3: Dean's List 1.2. SEVENTY-SIX HUTCHINS. BARBARA A. Reading, Mass. Liberal Arts Swimming Club 1: YWCA 1: Outing Club 1. ILLINGSWORTH, ANNE C. Bellows Falls Musi'c Education ' INGALLS, MARGUERITE Watertown, Mass. Secondary Education INGRAM. THOMAS R. Barre Liberal Arts Delta Psi: Varsity Football 1,2,3g Varsity Basketball 1: Key and Serpent 3. IRISH, WILMOT W. Shelburne Agricultural Engineering Alpha Zeta: Aggie Club l,2, 3: Advanced Military 3. JACKSON, MADELAINE A. Great Neck, L. I.. N. Y. Liberal Arts JACOBS, WINSTON R. Brattleboro Liberal Arts Sigma Phi: Track l: Rifle Team 1,31 Interfraternity Athletics 1,2 Q Advanced Military 3: Dean's List. JAMES, MILLICENT E. Middlebury Liberal Arts JARECKIE, DAVID S. Ely Liberal Arts Social Action Committee 2, IRC 2,31 Advanced Military. JENKIN, LOIS J. Ryegate Commercial Teaching JENKINS, JOAN M. Burlington Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Theta: Ski Team 1,33 Swimming Club 35 Cgnzc, Scrub 1: Univer- sity Choir 31 ROTC Band l: VCA 33 Le Cercle Fran- cais l: Outing Club l,2,3: Kake Walk, Program Com- mittee 3. JETTE, ROGER T. Swanton Mechanical Engineering Newman Club l,2,3: Me- chanical Engineers 1. SEVENTY-SEVEN JOHNSON, A. PATRICIA Springfield Business Administration Transfer from College of William and Mary: Kappa Delta: University Orchestra 3: Newman Club 3. JOHNSON, PRISCILLA S. South Attleboro, Mass. Liberal Arts Swimming Club 1: Campus Manager, Riding 3: Riding l,2,31 Archery l,2: ROTC Band 1' YWCA l' Dea ' , , ns List l,3. JONES, CHARLES W. Burlington Forestry ROTC Sergeant 2. JONES, HOWARD G. .Swanton Electrical Engineering Sigma Nu: Interfraternity Athletics l,2,3g House Presi- dent 3: Interfraternity Coun- cil 2,3: VCA l: Electrical Engineers l,2,3: Spanish Club 3. SEVENTY-EIGHT JONES, WARREN L. North Bennington Economics Delta Psi: Spanish Club 2, 3,45 Young Republican Club 3,4: UVM Flying Club 3,42 Student Court Justice 3,43 Class Treasurer 4: Dean's List l,2,3. JOY, ANN E. Waterbury, Conn. Liberal Arts Health Council 3: Rifle Club Z: Newman Club 1,2,3: Outing Club l. JURRAS, JR., MARK I. Burlington Business Administration Spanish Club 3,43 Dean's List lg Advanced Military 3,4. KANE, DONALD E. West Haven, Conn. M echanical Engineering Debating Club l. KAYE, ADELE S. Newton Center, Mass. Home Economics Alpha Epsilon Phi: Modern Dance 1,23 Pan-Hellenic Council 4: Home Economics l,2,3: Hillel 1,25 Lilac Day l. KEBREK. MARGUERITE E. Bristol, R. 1. Nursing Education Basketball 1.2: Badminton 1,2: Hockey 1: Baseball 1: Modern Dance l,2: Volley- ball l: University Choir 2: Dramatic Club 1: YWCA 1: Nursing Education Club 1, 2,3, President 2: Dean's List 1,2: Lilac Day 1,2. KEMPTER, CHARLES P. Burlington Chemistry Sigma Phi: lnterfraternity Athletics 1: Assistant Man- ager Varsity Pootball 1 : Out- ing Club 1. KENDALL. DONALD R. South Woodstock Agricultural Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Inter- fraternity Athletics 2,3.4: Mechanical Engineers Z: Ag- ricultural Engineers 3.4. KENNEY, JOAN M, Chestnut Hill, Mass. Elementary Education KETCHAM, ALBERT R. Greenwich, Conn. Liberal Arts KETCHAM, CHARLES E. Wallingford Civil Engineering Transfer from New York University: Civil Engineers 3: Dean's List 1,2: Inde- pendents 2.3. KETCHAM, RUSSELL P. Brandon Business Administration SEVENTY-NINE KIELY, LOUISE B. Union City, Conn. Liberal Arts Modern Dance 39 Cynic, Scrub lp Canterbury Club: Dean's List 3. KILLARY, JANET M. Burlington Pre-medical KING, JANE E. Montpelier Liberal Arts Sigma Gamma: Cynic, Scrub 2, Reporter 3: ARIEL, Stalf Photographer 3: Outing Club 3: Dean's List 2. KING, STANLEY A. Burlington Technology Lambda Iota: Cynic, Staff Photographer 2, Senior Staff Photographer 3 3 ARIEL Pho- tographer 3. EIGHTY KINNE, RACHEL E. Newport Center Home Economics H o m e Economics Club: House Scholarship Chairman 2: House President 3. KINSLEY, JR., PERRY J. Jericho Secondary Education Dean's List l,2. KLIMASZEWSKI, FRANCIS A. Ansonia, Conn. Pre-med ical Kappa Sigma: Interfraternity Athletics 2: Newman Club l,2g Dean's List l,2. KNEEN, ELIZABETH A. Burlington Pre-medical Swimming Club 3: ROTC Band: YWCA 2,3,4: New- man Club 2,3,4. KNOUSE, DONALD L. Lancaster, Pa. Liberal Arts Delta Psi: Dean's List l,2. KREWET, LOUIS M. Barton Liberal Arts Goodrich Classical Club: Dean's List 3. KRUG, FRANKLIN P. Westmount, Quebec Mechanical Engineering Phi Delta Theta: lnterfrater- nity Athletics 2: Interfrater- nity Council 2,33 Mechanical Engineers 33 Kake Walk, As- sistant Director 2,3: Dean's List 1. LAFLAMME, LAWRENCE E. Bennington Electrical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LAHAYE, PAUL G. Montreal, Quebec Mechanical Engineering Kappa Sigmag Mechanical Engineers 2: Newman Club l,2,3: Spanish Club 3: Kake Walk 2. LALIBERTE, LEOPOLD Burlington Electrical Engineering Sigma Nu: Electrical Engi- neers ll Freshman Hand- book l. LANOUETTE, LORRAINE North Hollywood, Calif. Liberal Arts LAWLOR, PEGGY A, Burlington Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi: Bowling 2,32 Swimming Club 2: Riding l,2,3: Cynic, Scrub 1: Span- ish Club 2,3: Newman Club l,2,33 Lilac Day l. EIGHTY-ONE LEAK, JOHN C. Baltimore, Md. Liberal Arts Military Honors, Corporal. LEDERMAN, WILLIAM J. Everett, Mass. Pre-dental Tau Epsilon Phi: Interfra- ternity Athletics l,2,3. LESUEUR, R. MARGARIDA South Portland, Me. Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi: Goodrich Clas- sical Club 1,2,3: Badminton 2: Swimming Club lg Mod- ern Dance l,2,3: Hike Bike 1 : ARIEL 3: YWCA l: IRC 2,33 John Dewey Club 3: Spanish Club 2,3: Lilac Day l,2,3: Dean's List' 2: Cam- pus Manager, Badminton 2: ARIEL, Circulation Manager 3. LEVINE, CAROL L. Burlington Liberal Arts Bowling I: Cynic, News Editor: ARIEL, Scrub: Social Action Committee 1,25 IRC 1,2, Vice-President 35 Out- ing Club I: Hillel 1,23 Dean's List l,2,3. EIGHTY-TWO LEWIS, LIONEL Par Rockaway, N. Y. Pre-medical LEWIS, RUTH V. Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi: Badminton .l,2: Campus Manager 23 ARIEL Scrub 2: Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil 2,31 SCA 3: Kake Walk Committee 3. LIGGETT, KENNETH J. Lyndonville Agricultural Education Sigma Nu: Alpha Zeta: Ag- gie Club l,2,3. LINES. GEORGE H. Burlington Mechanical Engineering Alpha Tau Omega: Interfra- ternity Athletics. LISTON, RONALD A. South Burlington M echanical Engineering Kappa Sigma. LITSTER, THERESA P. North Pownal Liberal Arts Independent: Goodrich Clas- sical Club 2,35 ROTC Band l,Z,3: Newman Club 1,31 Dean's List. LITTLE, EARNHAM Forest Hills, N. Y. Liberal Arts Alpha Tau Omega. LONG, RICHARD S. Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Buszrzess Administration LOPARDO, YOLANDA North Adams, Mass. Liberal Arts LUCE, FREDERICK L. Waterbury Pre-medical Lambda Iota: Interfraternity Athletics l,Z,3: Social Ac- tion Committee 2. LUMBRA, LAWRENCE P. St. Johnsbury Technology LUNNA, ROBERT P. Newport Center Liberal Arts EIGHTY-THREE LYERLY, LAURENCE' Bridgeport, Conn. Business Administration LYON, JR., HOWARD H. Morrisville Agriculture Delta Psi: Alpha Zeta Track, Assistant Manager 2 Manager 3: Cross-country Assistant Manager 2, Man: ager 3: Athletic Council 3: ROTC Band 1,2. MCBRATNEY, MARY D. Verona, N. J. Medica! Technology MCCARTY, VIRGIL L. Shelburne Economics Social Action Committee: Dean's List 1,2,3. EIGHTY-FOUR v MCCORMICK GERALD J. St. Johnsbury Chemistry Sigma Nu: Interfraternity Athletics 1,23 University Choir 1,23 Dean's List l: Operas 2. MCDONALD, JANET K. Estherville, Iowa Home Economics Transfer from Carleton Col- lege: Kappa Alpha Theta: House President 3. MACDOUGAL. BURTON New York, N. Y. Economics Dean's List. MCGEOCH, NORMAN J. Brighton, Mass. Liberal Arts MCGINNIS. PATRICIA A. Brattleboro C hernistrg MCLAREN, DUNCAN Barnet Agricultural Economics Sigma Nu: Track 2: Cross- country 2: Interfraternity Athletics 2: Aggie Club: Outing Club. MACK, ELIZABETH A. Chappaqua, N. Y. Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta: Basketball I: Badminton 3: IRC l,2,3. MAGEE, FRANCES E. Richmond Nursing Education L. : 1. ,W r ui' 'ffm MAGILL, GLORIA I. St. .lohnsbury Secondary Education MAGNANT, LEON R. Franklin Civil Engineering Civil Engineers: Newman Clubg Dean's List 1,25 Ad- vanced Military 3,4, Ser- geant 2. MALLOY, DONALD W. Burlington Business Administration Newman Club l,2,3. MALMQUIST, PATRICIA F. Post Mills Business Administration Pi Beta Phi: Staff and San- dal: WAA Council 2: Health Council, President Z: Rifle Team lg Student Union 3: Freshman Handbook 2: Pac- ulty Student Council 2: RO TC Band 1,2.3: Outing Club l,2,3: Kake Walk Pro- gram 2: Freshman Orienta- tion 2: Kake Walk Stunts. Co-chairman 3: Dean's List 2. EIGHTY-FIVE MARKER, JOAN S. Upper Montclair, N. J. Liberal Arts Outing Club 2,31 Classical Club 3. MARTEL, CATHERINE J. Burlington Junior High Education MARTIN, BREWSTER D. Pittslield Pre-medical Dean's List l,2. MARTIN, RUSSELL K. Springfield Business Administration EIGHTY-SIX MASCOLO, RICHARD P. St. Albans, L. I., N. Y, Secondary Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Bas- ketball l 2 Interfraternity Athletics: Newman Club 1, 25 Kake Walk Walker l,Z,3. MASON, RUTH C. Lyndon Center Home Economics MASON, WALTER E. Brooklyn, N. Y. Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineers: Newman Club: Dean's List l. MATTHEWS, MARIE C. Great Neck, N. Y. Home Economics Delta Delta Delta: Hockey l 5 Badminton l: Bowling l,2: Swimming Club l,2g Modern Dance 3: Tennis l,2,3Z Sail- ing lg Home Economics l,2, 3, Secretary 3. MATTHEWS, WILLIAM R. Rutland Liberal Arts Cross-country 1: Rifle Team 12 ROTC Band 1.2. MAZAN, WALTER L. Rutland Business Administration Newman Club 1.2.33 Span- ish Club l,2,3: Dean's List 1. MELLIN, JOHN E. Schenectady, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering Kappa Sigma: Hockey li Interfraternity Athletics 3: ROTC Band 1,25 Kake Walk Program Committee 3. MENKENS, EDWARD G. Jersey City, N. J. Industrial Education Kappa Phi Kappa 3. MERRILL, RICHARD P. Burlington Electrical Engineering Lambda Iota: Interfraternity Athletics 1,2,3: ROTC Band 1,25 Newman Club 1,2,3. MERRIAM, CAROLYN N. Rochester Secondary Education MEYN, JOAN C. Pleasantville, N. Y. Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega: Basket- ball 2: Bowling 2,35 Swim- ming Club 1: Tennis 2: ARIEL, Scrub 2, Business Captain 3: House President 3g Dramatic Club l,2,3: Kake Walk Usher 13 Junior Week Committee Chairman 3: Junior Week Play, Usher l,2,3g Dean's List 1. MICHAUD, LEON E. Old Town, Me. Pre-medical EIGHTY-SEVEN MICHAUD, RAYMOND J. Burlington Industrial Management Alpha Tau Omega: Interfra- ternity Athletics 2,3: ROTC Band 1: Newman Club 1: Interfraternity Council 3. MICKLER, MALCOLM A. Providence, R. I. Business Administration Phi Sigma Delta: Football 1 : Hockey l,2,3,4: IRC l,2: Interfraternity Council, Sec- retary-Treasurer 2. MIELE, HARRY Randolph Liberal Arts Sigma Nu: Key and Serpent: Goodrich Classical Club: Dramatic Club 1,2,3: Pall Play 2: Junior Week Play 2: Group Plays: Le Cercle Fran- cais l,2,3: Spanish Club l, 2,35 Student Government, President 3: Dean's List l,2. MILLER, IAN P. Hanover, N. H. Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta: Kake Walk, Tickets 2. EIGHTY-EIGHT MILLIGAN, DEANE L. Windsor Mechanical Engineering Delta Psi: Cross-country 1, 2,33 ASME 3,4: Student Court 3,4. MILLIGAN, JOHN R. Ludlow llflechanical Engineering Sigma Nu: ROTC Band' 1: Mechanical Engineers l,2. MITCHELL, HARRY V. Burlington Electrical Engineering Basketball lg Electrical En- gineers 3: Newman Club 3. MONIESON, DAVID D. Montreal, Quebec Business Administration Sigma Nu: Interfraternity Athletics 2.3: Hockey 2,32 Dramatic Club 3: Dean's List 2. MOONEY, FRANCES E. Wilder Nursing Education MOORE, DEAN R. Franklin Business Administration Spanish Club 1,2,3: Dean's List 1,2. MORRILL, MARY E. Augusta, Me. Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta: Outing Club 3 9 Canterbury Club Z,3. MORRIS, ROBERT E. Bennington Liberal Arts MURPHY, WILLIAM F. Burlington Civil Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Civil Engineers 35 Newman Club 3. MURPHY, WILMA H. Burlington Elementary Education Pi Beta Phi: Newman Club l,Z,3, Recording Secretary 3: Dean's List 2: Ski Club 2: Basketball 1: ARIEL Scrub 3. NEIBURG, ROBERT I. St. Albans Electrical Engineering Phi Sigma Delta: Football l,Z,3: Interfraternity Ath- letics 1,21 Electrical Engi- neers 1,2,3: Dean's List l,2: Advanced Military. NEIBURG, GLADYS E. St. Albans Liberal Arts EIGHTY-NINE NELSON, ROBERT W. Cromwell, Conn. Business Administration NEWTON, JR.. CLARENCE Burlington Agriculture Alpha Zeta: Aggie Club 2,3. NIMS, RICHARD P. Springfield, Mass. Business Administration Sigma Nu: Basketball 2: ln- terfraternity Athletics l,2,3. NORTON, BARBARA M. Winsted, Conn. Medical Technician Alpha Chi Omega: Swim- ming 3: Cynic Advertising 3: YWCA 3: Outing Club 3. NINETY NUSSBAUM, MURRAY Brooklyn, N. Y. Pre-medical Transfer from Syracuse Uni- versity, Tau Epsilon Phi: Football 3 5 Interfraternity Athletics 3,41 Dean's List 2,33 Cum Laude 2. NYE, DOROTHY A. Burlington Elementary Education O'BRlEN, JANE T. North Walpole, N. H. Music Education Delta Delta Delta: Univer- sity Choir 2,31 University Orchestra 1: YWCA li Newman Club l,2,3Q Operas 2,3. O'CONNELL, JUNE Underhill Center Liberal Arts Cynic Reporter 2: Social Ac- tion Committee li Scribes 2. 3: Dramatic Club 2: IRC 22 Outing Club 2: Spanish Club 39 Dean's List l,2,3. O'DONNELL, ANNE E. St. Albans Secondary Education OLIE, JUNE M. Bristol, Conn. Illedical Technology OLSON, ANNA M. Wollaston, Mass. Secondary Education Badminton 2,35 S q u a r e Dancing 3: House Fellow 2, 3: Newman Club l,Z,3: Dean's List l,2,3: German Literary Prize 2: Highest Women's Average 2,3. OSGOOD, FREDERICK W. Rutland Pre-medical PACETTI, ROLAND A. Barre Pre-medical PAGE, ELLEN F. Burlington Liberal Arts Transfer from Agnes Scott College. PAIKOWSKY, HERMAN M. Burlington Liberal Arts Phi Sigma Delta: Baseball Manager 37 JV Basketball 1 1 Interfraternity Athletics l,2, 3 1 Athletic Council 3: Dean's List 2: Military Honors, Ser- geant Z. PALIN, LYNDOL H. Burlington Secondary Education NINETY-ONE PALMER, EUGENE M. Washington Electrical Engineering Rifle Team l: VCA 1: Elec- trical Engineers 2,35 Inde- pendents 2: Dean's List 1,25 Academic Tutor 3. PAPANDREA, JOSEPH Barre Secondary Education PAPPAS, JOHN G. Burlington Business Administration Independents 2,33 Outing Club 1,23 Social Action Committee l,2. PARKER, CHARLES W. Norwich Liberal Arts Transfer from Green Moun- tain Junior College: Alpha Tau Omega: Hockey 2,3: Dramatic Club 2,3. NINETY-TWO PARKER, JR., JAMES W Burlington Pre-medical Lambda Iota: Cynic Photog- rapher: ROTC Band l,2,3: VCA 2,33 Outing Club 2,3. PARROW, BARBARA J. Jericho Secondary Education Basketball 3: IRC 3: Span- ish Club 2. PARROW, CALVIN W. Winooski Secondary Education Kappa Sigma, Basketball l: Baseball l: lnterfraternity Athletics 3. PAYNE, EVERETT P. Winooski Liberal Arts PERELMAN, PHYLLIS J. Burlington Secretarial PERREAULT, ALBERT J. Burlington Liberal Arts Alpha Tau Omega: Hockey. PERRY. CHARLES H. Plainheld Pre-medical PERRY, IVIARDEN L. Jamaica Secondary Education Kappa Sigma: University Choir 1,35 VCA 1. PETERS, 'JOSEPH S. South Amboy, N. J. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Inter- fraternity Athletics 2,35 Bas- ketball l: Newman Club 1, 2: Spanish Club 2: Dean's List 2. PETERSON, JAMES E. Salisbury Liberal Arts Le Cercle Francais 1: New- man Club 1: Independents 2: Dean's List. PICARD, BARBARA C. Beacon, N. Y. Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi: Health Council 2: Golf 32 Bowling 2,32 Cynic Scrub 1: House Presi- dent 2: Spanish Club 2,3. PIERCE, CLAYTON C. Brattleboro Electrical Engineering Interfraternity A t h 1 e t i c si Track 2: Electrical Engineers 1,25 Independents 1,2. NINETY-THREE PIERCE, KENNETH W. Montpelier Electrical Engineering Delta Psi: Basketball l,2,3: Interfraternity Athletics 2,31 Student Government 2: VCA l,2: Electrical Engineers 2, 3: Dean's List lg Sergeant 2: Advanced Military 33 Key and Serpent 3. PIKE, MORRIS D, Stowe Liberal Arts University Choir 2,31 Dra- matic Club 2,33 VCA 1,23 Independents 2,35 Sergeant 1,25 Opera 25 ARIEL 3. PLANKEY, WILLIAM J. Springfield, Mass. Mechanz'cal Engineering PLANTE, ALBERT J. Hinesburg Agriculture NINETY-FOUR PLANTE, MARY C. Hinesburg Commercial Teaching IRC 15 Newman Club 1,25 Dean's List l,3. PLUMB, CHARLOTTE E. Springfield Home Economics PLUMRIDGE, ALICE M. Mount Hermon, Mass. Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Theta: Spanish Club. POULIOT, GERALD L. Richford M8CbHHl'CGf Engineering Sigma Nu. POXVELL, JOHN Montpelier Business Administration POWERS, MARIE J. North Bennington Liberal Arts ARIEL 3, Organizing Man- ager: Cynic 2.3, News Re- porter: Dramatic Club 1,21 Independents 2,3, Secretary 3: Newman Club 2.3. PRATT, MATILDA J. Gaysville Elementary Education Sigma Sigma: Badminton 1: Modern Dance l : College 4-H Club l 3 Spanish Club 3. PRESCOTT, JOYCE E. Randolph Center Elementary Education PROCTOR, HOWARD W. Williamsville Secondary Education Sigma Nu: Kappa Phi Kap- pa: John Dewey Club 2,3: Spanish 3: Dean's List 1,2,3. PROPER, CARL L. Pittsfield, Mass. Electrical Engineering PURDY, BARBARA L. Washington, D. C. Liberal Arts Transfer from Chevy Chase Junior College: Scholarship Chairman 3. PUSHEE, J R., EDWARD D. Pair Haven Electrical Engineering NINETY-FIVE RANDALL, MARY E. Waterbury Liberal Arts REDWAY, ALBERT S. New Haven, Conn. Secondary Education Key and Serpent: Indepen- dents: Student Government, Finance Committee 3: Social Action Committee 1,2,3: IRC 1,2,3: World Student Service Eund Campaign, Co- chairman 2, Chairman 3. REED, LUTON R. Burlington Medical Technology Rifle Team 3: Outing Club Council 2,33 Newman Club 2,3: Cheerleaders 2: Ad- vanced Military. RES1, LOUIS A. Yonkers, N. Y. Agriculture Delta Psi: lnterfraternity Athletics l,2,3: Interfrater- nity Council 2: Aggie Club. NINETY-SIX REVILLA, RICHARD E. Rosemead, Calif. Liberal Arts Spanish Club 1,2,3. REYNOLDS, SYLVIA Longmeadow, Mass. Home Economics Pi Beta Phi: Staff and San- dal, Treasurer 3: Sophomore Aides 2: Badminton 1,22 Bowling 1: Student Union 2,3: University Orchestra 1, 2,3: YWCA 2: Horne Eco- nomics Club l,2,39 Joint Conference 3. RICE, RODERICK C. Burlington Mechanical Engineering Outing Club l,2,3: Outing Club Council 1,2,3. RIDDEL, DOUGLAS A. Barre Business Administration Delta Psi: Football 1,3: ln- terfraternity Athletics l,2,32 Athletic Council: House President: Advanced Mili- tary: Kake Walk King 3. RIEKIN, IVERS M. Brockton, Mass. Liberal Arts Tau Epsilon Phi: Interfrater- fraternity Athletics 3: ROTC Band 1 : University Orchestra 2: Dean's List 1,2. RILEY, JOHN W. Burlington Commerce and Economics Interfraternity Athletics 1: Dean's List 1,2. RIXEORD, OSCAR T. Highgate Business Administration ROBINSON, KENNETH T. Burlington Electrical Engineering RODGER, BARBARA A. West Danville Junior High Education RODGER, EARL Q. West Danville Mechanical Engineering Lambda Iota: Gold Key: Mechanical Engineers: Dean's List 1. ROME, NEWMAN Rutland Business Administration Phi Sigma Delta: Tennis 2: Interfraternity Athletics 1,2, 3: Hillel, Executive Council 1, Vice-President 2, President 3: Religious Life Parley 3: Religious Life Committee 32 Class Numerals 2: Brother- hood Week 3: Military Hon- ors, Sergeant 1,2: Advanced Military 3: ROTC Band 1,2. ROSS, DOROTHY M. Barre Liberal Arts Independents 2,3, Secretary 2: Goodrich Classical Club 2,3: Fencing 1: Archery 1, 2: Cynic, Reporter 1, News Editor 2: ARIEL, Scrub 2, Editor-in-Chief 3: House Fellow 3: IRC 1: Newman Club 1.2, Corresponding Sec- retary 3: Delegate to New- man Club Federation 3: Stu- dent Publications Board 3. NINETY-SEVEN ROYER, L. THELMA Island Pond Nursing Education Pi Beta Phi: Basketball 3 House Fellow 3: Indepen dents 2: Newman Club 2,3 Nursing Education Club 2.3. RUGGIERO, NOVELLO E. Waterbury, Conn. Pre-medical RUTKOWSKI, MICHAEL J. Rutland C iuil Engineering Civil Engineers 3. ST. MARY, ELIZABETH R. Springfield Secretarial Delta Delta Delta: Badmin- ton 2.3: Bowling l,2,3: Dramatic Club 2,35 YWCA lg Outing Club 1: Social Action Committee 23 ARIEL Scrub 3. NINETY-EIGHT SALMON, WILLIAM North Bennington Business Administration Sigma Phi: Interfraternity Athletics l,2.3: University Choir l: Dean's List 23 Ad- vanced Military 3,4. SANBORN, FRANCIS E. Burlington Business Administration Newman Club l,2,31 Dean's List l,2. SCHAVER, HELEN L. Ely Nursing Education SCHINOSKI, MARY A. Ludlow Nursing Education SCHWEYER. BENJAMIN E. Burlington Business Administration Phi Delta Theta: Kake Walk Committee 2. SCRIBNER. FRANKLIN C. Calais Ciuil Engineering Civil Engineers: Advanced Military 3. SCUTAKES. ANGELINE Burlington Secretarial SEAGER, MARY H. Brandon Nursing Education SETIEN, MANUEL Barre Business Administratiorl Kappa Sigma: Baseball 1: Interfraternity Athletics. SEVERANCE, MALCOLM E. Colchester B usiness Administration University Choir 2,33 IRC 2,35 Independents 3: Outing Club 3: Junior Week Co- Director, Opera Publicity Chairman 3. SHEA, HARTLEY S. Wilton, Me. Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineers 3 1 Hike Bike 1,2,3: ROA Z,3, Chap- ter President 2. SHEPARD, BURTON M. Hartford Ciuil Engineering Interfraternity Athletics 2: University Choir 1. NINETY-NINE A""W l l P i X , i l i I i l l l l i SHURBERG, GLADYS I. New Britain, Conn. Liberal Arts Fencing l3 IRC 2,33 House President 33 Social Action Committee l,2. SIEGRIST, HOWARD B. Glen Rock, N. J. Pre-medical Phi Delta Theta: Interfra- ternity Athletics l,2,33 Out- ing Club 1,23 Football 1. SMITH, AVERY J. St. Albans Secondary Education SMITH, E. JANE Hackettstown, N. J. Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta: Campus Manager, Ping Pong 25 Mod- ern Dance l,2,33 Archery l3 Ping Pong 1,23 ARIEL, Por- mal Photography Co-Editor 33 University Choir 2,33 Dramatic Club l,23 YWCA 1: Religious Life Committee 33 Dean's List 13 Lilac Day 1,23 Catamount Trio 2,33 Staff and Sandal 3. ONE HUNDRED SMITH, STUART J. Burlington Pre-medical Independents 2,33 Newman Club l,2,33 Dean's List l3 Sergeant 23 Advanced Mili- tary 3. SMITH, WENDELL M. Hardwick Civil Engineering Civil Engineers 3. ' SNELL, ELIZABETH A. Cambridge Home Economics Education Cynic, Assistant Oliice Man- ager l,2,33 Home Economics Club l,2,33 Newman Club l,2,33 College 4-H Club l, 2,33 Dean's List 2. SORKIN, STANLEY S. Boston, Mass. Business Phi Sigma Delta3 Interfrater- nity Athletics l: Dean's List 23 Group Plays l. SPEAR, CALVIN O. South Burlington Mechanical Engineering Delta Psi: Rifle Team 3. SPRAGUE, RUTH M. Winooski Agriculture Basketball 1: Badminton lg Fencing 1: Tennis l: Blue- stockings Club 1.2: Aggie Club 1,2,3. SPRAGUE, SHERMAN K. Barre Agricultural Engineering Sigma Nu: Alpha Zeta 2,3, 4: Student Government 3: Aggie Club 2,3,4. SQUIRE, HORACE H. Waterbury Business Administration Football 3: Track l,2,3: Debating Team 3: Dean's List. -Ml., STAFFORD, ROBERT B. Burlington Industrial Management Alpha Tau Omega: Basket- ball: Interfraternity Athletics. STAFFORD, JR., THEODORE W. Burlington Business Administraiion STAMATIADES, MARY H. Brushton, N. Y. Liberal Arts Independents: ROTC Band 1: Newman Club l,3. STEBBINS, RUPERT M. Burlington Mechanical Engineering ONE HUNDRED ONE STEELE, CORNELIA Waterbury Liberal Arts STEENBURN, DONALD H. Southbridge, Mass. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Nu: Rifle Team l,2, 3: Mechanical Engineers li Dean's List 1,25 Advanced Military. STEPHENSON, NORMA Lowell Home Economics STERLING, EDWARD W. Burlington , Liberal Arts Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ONE HUNDRED TWO STEWART, CHARLES E. Shelburne Agricultural Engineering Aggie Club l,2,3: Advanced Military 3. STINE, MILDRED K. Saratoga, N. Y. Liberal Arts STOLLER, DAVID Morrisville Liberal Arts Phi Sigma Delta. STORY, EDGAR P. Middletown Springs Agricultural Engineering Aggie Engineering Club: Ag- ricultural Club. SUMMER, JR., GEORGE W. Rutland Agriculture Alpha Tau Omega: Alpha Zeta: University Orchestra 2, 3,41 Aggie Club: Dean's List 2. SUMMER, ROBERT S. Wilder Business Administration Phi Delta Theta. SUNDEEN, LOIS N. Manchester, N. H. Liberal Arts Transfer from North Park College: Cynic, Campus Edi- tor 3: Outing Club 3. SUSSLIN, ALFRED G. St. Albans Pre-medical SWEET, MARY LOU Champlain, N. Y. Secondary Education SWYER, REGINALD D. Rutland Business Administration Phi Sigma Delta: Spanish Club 3: Hillel 3. SYKES, JAMES G. Brownsville Agriculture Lambda Iota: Aggie Club: Newman Club. TAYLOR, DONALD S. Plainfield Civil Engineering ONE HUNDRED THREE THIBAULT, PAUL C. Waterbury Civil Engineering THOMAS, GEORGE A. Burlington Business Administration Phi Sigma Delta: Basketball 1: Interfraternity Athletics 3: ROTC Band 1: Hillel 1,2,3: Dean's List 1,2. TOBEY, NANCY C. Brandon Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Theta: Staff and Sandal: Sophomore Aides: WAA Council 2,35 Fencing 1, 2: Swimming Club 1,2,3: Modern Dance 2,3: House Fellow 3: Fresh- man Handbook 2: Social Ac- tion Committee 2: University Choir 1,23 SCA 2: Le Cercle Francais 1,2.3: Dean's List 1,2,3: Theta Scholarship Pin 2: Lilac Day 2,3: Operas 1, 2. TOOMIN, LILA Newark, N. J. Liberal Arts Health Council 1: Badmin- ton 1: Social Action Com- mittee 2,3, Treasurer 3: Uni- versity Choir 1,23 IRC 2.3, Secretary 3: Independents 2, 3: Dean's List l,2,3: Magna Cum Laude 1: Cum Laude 2,31 ONE HUNDRED FOUR TORRI, RAYMOND P. Proctor Electrical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Elec- trical Engineers 1,2,3, TOWLE, WILLIAM H. Newport Pre-dental Sigma Nu: Interfraternity Athletics 1,2,3 : Student Government 2.3: Newman Club 1,2,3: Outing Club 1. TUCKER, LILLIAN E. Alexandria, Va. Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi: Bowling 2: Fencing 1: ARIEL, Art Edi- tor 3: University Choir 1,2: SCA Cabinet 2,3: IRC 3: Operas 1.2: Wz'ndfall Art Editor 3. VALENTE, SILVIO T. Rutland Pre-medical Sigma Alpha Epsilon. VAN HYNING, JEAN Port Chester, N. Y. Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Theta: Health Council 3: Swimming Club 3: Tennis 2: Ping Pong 1: Social Action Committee 1, 2,31 Dramatic Club 1: IRC lg Spanish Club 33 Cynic 2, Senior Staff 3. VAUGHN. MILLICENT Arlington Home Economics VIERTEL, THOMAS Santa Monica, Calif. Liberal Arts Cynic 3: Social Action Com- mittee 2g Scribes 2,3. VILLEMAIRE, BERNARD Burlington Pre-medical VITAGLIANO, JOHN J. Rutland Electrical Engineering VIVENTI, JOYCE A. East Orange, N. J. Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi: Staff and San- dal 3: Sophomore Aides 23 Campus Manager, Sports 33 Fencing 2.3: Archery 2: Modern Dance l,2,3: Base- ball 3: Cynic, Feature Edi- tor 3: IRC l,2,33 Spanish Club 1,23 Wz'ndfalI, Editor 3: Dean's List lg Lilac Day l,2,3. VOLLMERS, JOAN B. Rutherford, N. J. Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi: Swimming Club 1: ARIEL Scrub 25 House Fellow 3, Social Ac- tion Committee 2,3p YWCA 1: Social Committee Summer Session, 1946. WALLACE, JOHN P. Alburg Secondary Education Kappa Sigma: Electrical En- gineers: Outing Club 2. ONE HUNDRED FIVE WARDEN, JOHN A. Bluefield, W. Va. Pre-medical Delta Psi: Football l: In- terfraternity l: lnterfrater- nity Athletics l,2,3: Dean's List: Interfraternity Council: Key and Serpent. WARNER, JR., CHARLES D. Fitchburg, Mass. Economics Sigma Phi: Hockey l,2, Manager 3 : Interfraternity Council 2. WATERMAN, JOSEPH W. Newton Center, Mass. Business Administration Tau Epsilon Phi: Key and Serpent, Secretary-Treasurer: Gold Key: Football, Man- ager-elect 3: Tennis Manager 2: Interfraternity Athletics l,2,3: lnterfraternity Counf cil 2,3: Dean's List 2. WEBSTER, JR., KARL S. Orleans Mechanical Engineering Transfer f r o m Norwich: Delta Psi: Cynic Scrub 2,3: ROTC Band 2,3: University Orchestra 2,32 Mechanical Engineers, Vice-President 3: Student Court, Justice 3,43 Outing Club 2,3: Operas 2. ONE HUNDRED SIX WESLEY, JOHN W. St. Johnsbury Secondary Education WETHERBY, LUCILLE E. Wallingford Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Theta: Staff and Sandal: Sophomore Aides: Swimming Club 3: Cynic Scrub l, Reporter l,2, News Editor 2: Student Gov- ernment Z,3: Chairman Re- ligious Life Committee 2: Social Action Committee l: Dramatic Club l: SCA l,2. Cabinet 3: Kake Walk Pro- gram Committee Chairman 2: Dean's List l,3. WETZELL, DONALD E. Brockton, Mass. Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineers 2: Out- ing Club l. WHALON, JAMES D. East Dorset Mechanical Engineering Lambda Iota: Gold Key: ln- terfraternity Athletics: RO TC Band 1,23 Mechanical Engineers 2,3: Newman Club 3: Corporal. WHEATLEY. REBECCA J. East Brookfield Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega: Bowling 1,2: Rifle Team 1: Swim- ming Club 1: Archery 1: ARIEL 3: Social Action Committee 1: College 4-H Club 1.2. WHITE, JACK C. West Chester, Pa. Pre-medical Sigma Phi: Interfraternity Athletics 3: University Or- chestra l.2,3: Cheerleader 1.2: Advanced Military 3,45 Interfraternity Council 3: Dean's List 1.3. WHITMAN, RODMAN H. Richford Business Administration ROTC Band l,2. WIEDER, GRACE M. Long Beach. N. Y. Liberal Arts WIEDMAN, MELVIN L. Burlington Liberal Arts I Phi Sigma Delta: Debating Team 1.3: Dramatic Club l,2. WILLIAMS, CYNTHIA M. Riverdale, N. Y. Home Economics Home Economics Club 1,2,3: Outing Club 2. WILLIS, SILAS L, Arlington Commerce and Economics WOOD, MARTHA Brooklyn, N. Y. Nursing Education Kappa Alpha Theta: Staff and S a n d al: Sophomore Aides: Campus Manager. Swimming 3: Swimming Club 1,2,3: Fencing l,2,3: Cynic, Reporter 1, News Edi- tor 2: ARIEL, Business Cap- tain 2, Advertising Manager 3: Student Court 3: Dean's List 3. ONE HUNDRED SEVEN WOODS, FRANCIS P, West Rutland Business Administration WORTHEN, WILLIAM W. Springfield, Mass. Agriculture Delta Psi: Ski Team 1: In- terfraternity Athletics 1,2,3: Outing Club 1. WRIGHT, JOYCE A. Saxtons River Home Economics WRIGHT, MARJORIE A. Bennington Elementary Education ' Basketball 1,23 Swimming Club 1,35 Volleyball 1: RO TC Band 1,2.33 Indepen- dents 2,3. ONE HUNDRED EIGHT WRIGHT, WENDELL P. St. Johnsbury Mechanical Engineering Lambda Iota: Interfraternity Athletics 2,32 Mechanical Engineers: Advanced Mili- tary. WRIGHT, WILLIAM L. Burlington Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega. ' YANDOW, DONALD R. Burlington Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega: Newman Club 1,2,3. YANDOW, KENNETH B. Burlington Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega. YOUCIS, PAULINE M. Plainfield. Conn. Liberal Arts ZAGROBA, JOHN A. West Rutland Pre-medical Kappa Sigma. BRIGI-IAM, GEORGE H. Springfield, Mass. Business Administration Sigma Phi. ZWICK, FRANK New Britain, Conn. Pre-medical Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Kake Walk. Assistant Director 3: Interfraternity Athletics 3. MORGAN, ROBERT G. Burlington Liberal Arts Transfer from Green Moun- tain Junior College: Kappa Sigma. ONE HUNDRED NINE ALLEN, GEORGE W. Essex Junction Agriculture ALLEN, LILLIAN H. Burlington Liberal Arts ANDERSON, ELEANOR M. Naugatuck, Conn. Liberal Arts BURKE, CLARENCE F. Burlington Electrical Engineering BURRITT, DWIGHT C. Burlington Electrical Engineering CI-IICOINE, ERVIN L. Burlington Electrical Engineering CLARKE, JAMES E White Plains, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering CODDING, LEWIS B. West Hartford, Conn. Liberal Arts COLLINS, WARREN B. Burlington Agriculture COMBS, RAYMOND M. Wallingford, Conn. Chemistry ONE HUNDRED TEN Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Baseball lg Interfraternity Ath- letics l,2.3,4: Interfraternity Council 3: Kake Walk Scrub 3: Intramural Athletic Council 2. COMSTOCK, CHARLES F. Burlington Secondary Education ROTC Band lg University Orchestra 1: Dean's List 2. DAVIS, SIDNEY E. Burlington Liberal Arts DAY, KAREN K. Burlington Liberal Arts Basketball 1,23 Outing Club Council 2: Outing Club 2: Dean's List 1. DEVARNEY, DONALD R. Winooski Civil Engineering DEVER, JAMES G. Barre Electrical Engineering DIXON, GERALD E. Sr. Albans Civil Engineering DOCKEY, MERRITT E. Burlington Electrical Engineering DRURY, DONALD B. Essex Junction Civil Engineering Delta Psi. DUBIE, NORMAN E. Barre Liberal Arts DYKE, ELEANOR M. Barre Nursing Education FLANDERS. JR.. WILLIAM D. Island Pond Secondary Education Sigma Phi: Gold Key 2: Basketball, JV and Varsity 1: Baseball l,Z,3: Varsity Football 1: Interfraternity Athletics: Football 2.3: Basketball 2.3: Interfraternity Council lg Dean's List l,2, FLOOD, FRANCIS R. Burlington Electrical Engineering FLOOD, JOHN J. Brattleboro Liberal Arts FOX. GRACE R. Paterson, N. J. Nursing Education Independent: House President 33 Dean's List 2. GONYOW. MARY E. Essex Junction Nursing Education GOULD, WILLIAM J. Brooklyn, N. Y, Liberal Arts GREEMORE, GERALD H. Winooski Secondary Education GUARINO, ARTHUR C. White River Junction Pre-medical HALL, EDWARD O. Buffalo, N. Y. Engineering HAWLEY, ROBERT B. Keene, N. H. Business Administration HOLMES, ROGER W. Johnson Electrical Engineering HUNZIKER, CONSTANCE K. Burlington Nursing Education ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN HUNTINGTON, CARROLL P. Burlington Electrical Engineering JACKSON, CRYSTAL Richmond Elementary Education JONES, HENRY G. Poultney Mechanical Engineering KAPLAN, LOIS New York, N. Y. Liberal Arts KIERSTEAD, REGINALD J. Lebanon, N. H. Business Administration KIRK, HOWARD W. Bloomfield, N. J. Business Administration LAREAU, DANIEL G. Winooski Liberal Arts Hockey 2,3: Le Cercle Francais 2.3: Newman Club 3: Dean's List 2. LEONARD, ROBERT S. Brandon Business Administration LIVINGSTON, HAMMOND L. St. Albans Secondary Education LUCAS, RICHARD A. Springlield, Mass. Business Administration MCGILL, RICHARD C. St. Johnsbury Liberal Arts MAYNES, JAMES H. Woodstock Ciuil Engineering MEDLAR, RAEBURN H. Burlington Civil Engineering MERRITT, STANLEY R. Rutland . Pre-medical MILLER, PATRICIA C. Quebec, Canada Elementary Education MOORE, HAROLD L. Derby Line Ciuil Engineering Independents: University Choir 1: University Orches- tra 1. ONE HUNDRED TWELVE MOSI-IER, MAURICE D. Newport Secondary Education PARADIS. WILLIAM C. St. Johnsbury Business Administration PARKS, WILLIS H. South Burlington Liberal Arts PHILLIPS, J. DAVID New York, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering Gold Key: Track l: Cross-country l: Outing Club Council l: Class Treasurer l. PIERCE, FREDERICK G. Vergennes Pre-medical POPLAWSKI, FRANK J. Burlington Electrical Engineering POTOCKO, WILLIAM F. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Electrical Engineering POWERS, WALLACE G. Brattleboro University Choir 3. Liberal Arts PROVOST, RALPH S. Burlington Liberal Arts REASONER, RONALD W. Boston, Mass. REED, WENDELL G Liberal Arts Bakersfield Secondary Education RIVERA, MARIO E. Rincon, Puerto Rico Pre-medical SANGSTER, JAMES P. Burlington llflecbanical Engineering SENECAL. ALFRED H. Worcester, Mass. Pre-medical SI-IADYAC, JAMES C. Brattleboro Pre-medical STANTIAL, WILLARD C. Beverly, Mass. Mechanical Engineering ONE HUNDRED Tl-IIRTEEN STEARNS, PRESCOTT W. St. Johnsbury Liberal Arts STEINECKE, ALAN Q. Londonderry Secondary Education STIMSON, GERALD E. Burlington Mechanz'ral Engineering SYLVIES, CRAETON C. Honolulu, Hawaii Business Administration Kappa Sigma. TI-IIESS, KENNETH C. Burlington Nlechanical Engineering TRACY, PRIEDA E. Enosburg Unclassified VACHON, ROBERT J. Bennington Business Administration Delta Psi. VALADE, CHARLES N. Burlington Electrical Engineering VALENTINE, EVELYN D. Richmond Hill, N. Y. Liberal Arts VITTUM, SHIRLEY P. Chicago, Ill. Liberal Arts WALKER, RICHMOND C. Benson Secondary Education WHALEN, RICHARD R. Burlington Agriculture WIEDER, GRACE M. Long Beach, L. I., N. Y. Liberal Arts Alpha Phi Epsilon: Badminton: Bowling: Pan-Hel- lenic Council: Dean's List l,3. WILLIAMS, DOUGLAS Forty Forte, Pa. Civil Engineering ONE HUNDRED FOURTEEN ZAETZ, LARRY G. Burlington Liberal Arts SENIOR CLASS ABELL, JUNE B. Burlington Elementary Education Pi Beta Phi: Golf 3: Basketball l,4: Ski Team 2: Swimming Club 2.3: Riding l: Baseball l,2: Tennis 2,3: ARIEL, Formal Photograph Editor: University Choir l,2: ROTC Band l: YWCA l,2,3: Newman Club 4: Outing Club l,2: Kake Walk Usher 3: Opera 2. AHRENS, LAWRENCE B. Burlington Liberal Arts ALBERICO, ANTHONY M. Burlington Liberal Arts ANNAND, ALICE M. Darien, Conn. Liberal Arts ARCHAMBAULT, HAROLD R. Fort Ann, N. Y. Liberal Arts ARLISS. CHARLES J. Newark, N. J. Liberal Arts ASELTINE, JR., DEAL T. Essex Junction Liberal Arts ASTONE, VINCENT J. Beacon, N. Y, Liberal Arts SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS w Hogan fund Minniej, Young, Evans, Ker ALEXANDER, BETSEY C. . St. Albans Liberal Arts Badminton 3: Bowling 3: Independents. ALLEN, ELIZABETH L. Mineola, L. I., N. Y. Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi: transfer from Greenbrier Junior College: Health Council 4: Basketball 3: Badminton 3: Modern Dance 3,43 Tennis 3: Volleyball 33 Dean's List 3: Lilac Day 3. AMBROSE, LAWRENCE A. Woodstock Mechanz'caI Engineering Ski Team 2,33 R.O.T.C. Band 1.2: Mechanical Engi- neers 3,4: Outing Club 2.3: Dean's List 4: ROTC Platoon Leader: Independents. ATHERTON, HENRY V. Barton Agriculture Alpha Zeta: Independents l,2: Interfraternity Athletics l,2: University Choir 2,3,4: Aggie Club l,2,3,43 Dean's List l,2,3,4: Alpha Zeta Proficiency Award, AUDETTE, RICHARD R. St. Albans Mechanical Engineering BADGER, JEANETTE B. Hardwick Junior High School Education Health Council 3.4: House President 3,4: YWCA 1. BAGBY, MARJORIE E. Concord, N. H. Liberal Arts ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN BANGHART, CHARLES E. Burlington M8ChGUl'CGl Engineering BARBER, ELIZABETH H. Patchogue, N. Y. Medi'cal Technology Delta Delta Delta: Swimming Club l: Riding 2: Hike Bike 1,25 Cynic Scrub 2: ARIEL Scrub 2: YWCA 2: IRC 1: Outing Club 1,2,3,4. BARKER, JOHN D. Burlington Liberal Arts BARRETT, JOAN C1. Burlington Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Theta: University Players: Modern Dance 1.2: Hike Bike 1: Cynic, Scrub l, Reporter 2, News Editor 3, Rewrite Editor 4: ARIEL, Scrub 1, Business Captain 2, Head Business Captain 3: Dramatic Club l,2.3: Dramatic Club Vice-President 3: Fall Play l.2,3: Opera, Makeup 2: Junior Week Play, Make- up 2,3. BARRY, ROSE M. Bellows Falls Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega: Press Club l: Dramatic Club 3: Newman Club l,2,3,4: Outing Club 3: Dean's List 2,3, BARTLETT, F. LEWIS Burlington Liberal Arts BATTLES, THEODORE E. Millington, N. J. Liberal Arts BEATTIE, BARBARA Silver Bay, N. Y. Liberal Arts Badminton 3: Hike Bike l: Volleyball 1,43 Spanish Club 1,3,4: Dean's List 2,3,4: House Fellow 2. BECKER, IRWIN W. Burlington Liberal Arts BEECHER, BARBARA J. Bennington U Elementary Education BELVILLE, MARION E. Barre Elementary Education Council at Large 2, Health Council 2: Campus Sport Manager, Volleyball 2: Ping Pong 2: Volleyball 1,22 Student Union l,2,3,4: House Fellow 3,4: Dean's List l,2,3,4. BENWAY, ERNEST E. Burlington Mechanical Engineering ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN BERRY. CARROLL T. Burlington Agriculture Sigma Nu: Aggie Club 3.4: Newman Club l,2,3,4. BIDWELL, AUDREY I. Wells River Liberal Arts Health Council 4: Bowling 2: Riding 1: Tennis 3: House President 3: Social Action Committee 1,33 University Choir 2,3,4: YWCA l,2,3: Le Cercle Francais l,4. BINGHAM, JOYCE E. St. Albans Liberal Arts BLAKELY, EDWIN H. Essex Junction Business Administration BLOOMENTHAL, HOWARD P. Burlington Liberal Arts Phi Sigma Delta: Interfraternity Athletics l,2.3: Cynif I,2,3, Campus and Feature Editor 3: Student Govern- ment 3: Social Action Committee l,2,3: IRC l,2,3. BOSWORTH, FREDERICK A. Middlebury Electrical Engineering BOYD, HELEN E. Woodbury' Conn. Home Economics Sigma Ciamma: Health Council 3: Bowling 3: Base- ball l: House President 3: YWCA 1,23 HOHQC ECO' nomics Club l,2,3,4: Outing Club 2: Dean's List 1.3. BRISTOL, ROSEMARY Montpelier Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Theta: Mortar Board: Staff and Sandal: Sophomore Aides: Student Union 2.3.41 House PYQSQ' dent 2i3: Pan-Hellenic Council 4: Lilac Day, Queen s Court 2: Junior Beauty. BROWER, MARILYN E. Keyport, N. J. Liberal Arts BROWN, WALTER G. Wardsboro Mechanical Engineering BRYDEN, STANTON H. Vineyard Haven, Mass. Liberal Arts Delta Psi: Track 2,3,4: Cross-country 1,2: Interfra- ternity Athletics 2,3,4. BELIVEAU, MAURICE COATES, GLADYS M. DIEZ, MARCELINE EDMINSTER, YUECUHQS A Brandon ' Barre HOWARD W. Mechanical Engineering Elementary Education Mechanical Engineering Poultney University Choir 3.4: Transfer from Castleton Kappa Sigma. MeChamCaIEn9'neC"m57 Mechanical Engineers 3: Normal School, IRC 4: Newman Club 3: American Society of Me- chanical Engineers. Treas- urer 4. BURKE, JAMES P. Barre Liberal Arts BURNHAM, ANN V. Waterbury Liberal Arts Le Cercle Francais 2.3: Independents 3,43 Newman Club l,2,3,4. BUTTLES, WILLARD H. Burlington Electrical Engineering BUTTRICK, MARTHA I. Burlington Liberal Arts University Choir 3: YWCA 3. BYINGTON, LAURA M. Charlotte Home Economics Delta Delta Delta: Badminton l,2: Hike Bike 1: Cynic, Scrub l, Business Assistant 2, Advertising Manager 3, Business Manager, Summer 2: YWCA 1: Home Eco- nomics 1,2,3,4: Kake Walk Usher l. BURSTEN, BEN Stamford, Conn. Liberal Arts Phi Sigma Delta: Key and Serpent: Cynic Editor 3: Dramatic Club 3: Scribes 3: John Dewey Club 4: Hillel l,2,3,4g Deanzs List l,2.3: Operas l,2. Football 1.2: Basketball 2: Tennis l,2,4: Univer- sity Orchestra l,23 Dra- matic Club 1.2: Mechani- cal Engineers 4. CADORETTE, LUCIENNE V. Barre Liberal Arts Badminton l,2: Ping Pong l: Softball 2: House President 4: Le Cercle Francais 1.2: Newman Club l.2.3,4: Spanish Club l,2.3,4: Dean's List l.2,3. CAMIRE, ARTHUR W. Barre Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega: lnterfraternity Athletics 2,3,4: House President 4: Cgnic 2. CAREY, PAUL W. Ludlow Liberal Arts CARPENTER, TORREY C. Burlington Business Administration Phi Delta Theta: Varsity Football 1.2.35 Baseball Manager 3: Interfraternity Athletics l,2,3: Athletic Council 3: Kake Walk, Tickets l,2,4. CARTER, JOHN W. Burlington Mechani'cal Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Mechanical Engineers l.2,3,4: ROTC Sergeant: Dean's List l,2,3,4. CASWELL, NANCY L. Burlington Nursing Education ONE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN CAYEY, H. ELIZABETH St. Paul, Minn. Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta: Women's Athletic Association, Coun- cil at Large 1: Health Council 2: Manager, Women's Ski Team 4, Ski Team 4: Hike Bike 1: House President 1,3: University Choir l,3,4: IRC 2: New- man Club 1,2,3,4: Outing Club 1,2,3,4: Dean's List 3. CHURCH, NANCY LEE Westlield, N. J. Home Economics Kappa Alpha Theta: Mortar Board 4: Staff and Sandal 3: Sophomore Aides 2: Omicron Nu: Swimming Club l: Modern Dance l,2.3,4: Tennis 2: Student Union 2.3,4: House President 2: Pan-Hellenic Council 3: University Choir 1: YWCA 1,2: Home Economics Club l,2,3,4: Outing Club 1,2: Junior Week. Co- chairman Decorations for Prom 3: Dean's List 1,2,3. CLAIRMONT, THOMAS P. Burlington Commercial Teaching CLARK, CAROL M. Glover Elementary Education Hike Bike l: Skating Club 2: Cynic, Scrub 1, Re- porter 2,3, News Editor 3,41 YWCA l,2,3,4: Stu- dent Christian Association 4: Dean's List 1,2,3. CLARK, DALE W. Glover Secondary Education Transfer from Vermont Junior College 3: Kappa Phi Kappa. CLARK, DOROTHY East Dover Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta: Basketball 1: Volleyball l: House President 2. CLARK, JEAN L. Burlington Secretarial Modern Dance 2,3: Volleyball 1: ARIEL, Business Captain 3. CLARK, MARJORIE P. Barre Liberal Arts Goodrich Classical Club 3,4: Health Council 4: Bad- minton 2: House President 3: Independents 3,4: Span- ish Club 3,4: Outing Club 4: Fall Play 4: Dean's List 1,2,3. CLOUATRE, ROLLANDE L. St. Johnsbury Nursing Education Alpha Xi Delta: Swimming Club 2: Tennis 1.2: University Choir 2,5: Newman Club l,2,3,4,5: Le Cercle Francais 5: Nursing Education Club 1,2,3,4,5: Bowling l,2. COBB, DEBORAH E. N2WlJ11rY Music Education Alpha Chi Omega: Staff and Sandal: Sophomore Aides: Health Council l : Swimming Club 2: University Choir l,2,3,4: ROTC Band l,2,3: YWCA 1: Dean's List 2. ONE HUNDRED EIGHTEEN COCHRAN, GORDON S. Quincy, Mass. Nleclzanical Engineering COLETTI, LORETTA A. Barre Liberal Arts Ping Pong 1: Cynic, Reporter 3, Feature Writer 4: Le Cercle Francais 2,3,4: Newman Club 1,2,3,4: Spanish Club 1,2,3,4: Dean's List 2,3,4: Cum Laude 3. COLODNY. ARNOLD H. Burlington Liberal Arts CONLEY, DALE M. Windsor Agriculture Education Boulder 4: Key and Serpent, President 3: Baseball l: Interfraternity Athletics 2,3: Cynic, Sports Editor: House Fellow at Phi Delta Theta House Dorm 2: Fac- ulty Student Council 3: Interfraternity Council 1: Student Government, President 2: VCA l : Aggie Club, President: Kake Walk Director, Chairman Dance Com- mittee 3: Junior Week 3. CONRAD, RICHARD R. Morrisville Secondary Education CONTI, RENO J. Barre Secondary Education COOK, MARY J. Burlington Home Economics Delta Delta Delta: Home Economics l,2,3,4: Outing Club Council 2,3: Outing Club 1,2,3,4: Dean's List l,3. CORLISS, HARRIS E. Jericho Agriculture Independents: Aggie Club 3. CORWIN, FREDA South Royalton Liberal Arts Badminton 2: Bowling 2: Cynic Scrub 1: YWCA l,2,3: College 4-H Club 3,41 Spanish Club 3,4: Dean's List 2,3. DANA, MALCOLM N. North Pomfret Agriculture DANYOW, LEROY H. Enogburg Falls Civil Engineering COX, DAVID M. Kew Gardens, N. Y. Liberal Arts Sigma Phi: Junior Week Play. DAVIS, FLORENCE L. Hardwick Home Economics CUNAVELIS. GEORGE P. St. Johnsbury Business Administration Kappa Sigma. DAVIS, ANN T. Rutland Nursing Education WAA Council 2: Independents 5: Newman Club l,2, 3,4,5: Nursing Education Club l,2,3,4,5: Archery 2. DAVIS, JEAN N0rIhH9ld Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi: House President 4: University Choir 2,3,4: Kake Walk Usher 3,4: Junior Beauty 3: Operas 2,3, Business Manager 3. DAY, LLEWELLEN B. West Rutland Liberal Arts DELANO, MARY L. Shoreham Liberal Arts Modern Dance 2: Hike Bike l: Cynic, Scrub l, Re- porter, News Editor 2: Choir 3. DERRICK, MARILYN E. West Hartford, Conn. Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi: Basketball 4: Modern Dance 4: Student Christian Association, President 4: All Sports Club. President 4: Stall' and Sandal: Sophomore Aides: Dean's List. DEXTER, DOROTHY M. Pearl River, N. Y. Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega: Hike Bike l: Home Economics Club l,2,3.4: Newman Club l,2,3,4: Dean's List 1,33 President, Home Economics Club 4. DOLLOPF, RICHARD H. Peabody, Mass. Liberal Arts LAREAU, DANIEL G. MULLINS, ROGER B St. Albans Danbury, Conn. Pre-medical Business Administration DOWNEY, MARY M. Nashua, N. H. Liberal Arts Independents: Basketball 2: Riding l,2: Cynic Scrub 1,3: House President 4: Dramatic Club 4: Newman Club l,2,3,4: Executive Council 2.3: Kake Walk Decorations 3: Dean's List Z. DRURY, HARRIS K. Essex Junction Business Administration DUBRULE, VIVIAN S. Burlington Elementary Education YWCA l: Dean's List 3. DUREEE, JOHN B. Bethel Mechanical Engineering DWYER, DORIS I. Norwich, Conn. Pre-Medical EHRENBARD, ROBERT New York City, N. Y. Liberal Arts Independents: Student Government 4: Social Action Committee 3,4: IRC 3,4: Dean's List l,3,4. ELLSWORTH, RUBY M. Lyndonville Liberal Arts Independents: YWCA l,2: Le Cercle Francais 4: Spanish Club Z,4: Dean's List l,2,3. PAGE, ALEX R. Cleveland Heights, Ohio Liberal Arts Goodrich Classical Club 3,4: Cynic, Reporter 3, Feature Writer 4, Editor- in-Chief CSummer Ses- sionj 3: Scribes, Secretary 3, President 4: IRC'4: John Dewey Club 3.4: Outing Club 3,4: Dean's List 3,4: Cum Laude 3,4. STACY, JOHN T. Charlotte Liberal Arts ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN EMERY. JOYCE E. Burlington Elementary Education ERHARDT, DANIEL D. Burlington Liberal Arts ERWIN. RUTH E. Burlington Home Economics ESSER. RUTH J. Washington. D. C. Agricultural Engineering Women's Athletic Association Council at Large 2: Health Council 2: Baseball 1.2: Bluestockings Club 2,3.4: Agricultural Engineers 4: Aggie Club 1.2,3.4: Dean's List 1. EVANS. RICHARD M. , Burlington Liberal Arts FARNHAM, JR.. ROSWELL Buffalo. N. Y. Mechanical Engineering FARNSWORTH. AUDREY J. Barton Liberal Arts FARRAND. CLIFTON D. Hardwick Secondary Education FARROW. L. MARIE Groton Agriculture Sigma Gamma: Omicron Nu. Secretary 3.4: Health Council, Vice-President 3. Treasurer 4: Basketball 1: Badminton 2: Cynic Scrub 1: Student Union. Scho- lastic Chairman 1.2,3: House Fellow 4: YWCA 1. Publicity Chairman 4: Home Economics 1.2.3. Treas- yrer 4: College 4-H Club 2.3.4, Secretary 2.3: Dean's ist 1.2.3. FELIX. JUNE E. Plainfield Liberal Arts Independents: Badminton 2.3: Swimming Club 1: Archery 1: Modern Dance 2.3: Hike Bike 1: Student Union Joint Conference 4: House President 2: House Fellow 3: YWCA 1.2.3: Independents Executive Council 3.4: Spanish Club Treasurer 2.3: Dean's List 1.2: Lilac Day 2.3. FELIX, LEONA C. Brooklyn. N. Y. Liberal Arts Alpha Epsilon Phi: Tau Kappa Alpha 2,3,4: Student Government 3.4: Debating Team 1,2,3.4: Dramatic Club 1.2: IRC 2: House Scholarship Chairman 3: Health Council 2: Dean's List l.2.3: Butler Prize 1.2: Lawrence Prize 1.2: National Intercollegiate De- bate Tournament 3: President. Tau Kappa Alpha 2. 3.4: Spring Play l. ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FELOPULOS. JOHN P. Bennington Liberal Arts Independents: Student Government: Debating Team: Dean's List 2.3: Winner Bailey Cup 2: Winner Kings- ley Prize Speaking Contest 2: Defense Council. Student Court 3: Publications Board 4. FERGUSON. ALTA J. Poultney Nursing Education FINBERG, RENEE W. Burlington Liberal Arts Alpha Epsilon Phi: Interfraternity Handbook: Pan- Hellenic Council: Dramatic Club: Kake Walk, FLEMING. MARY J. Stroudsburg. Pa. Liberal Arts Staff and Sandal: Sophomore Aides: Modern Dance 1.2: Cynic Reporter 2: Student Union 1.2.33 Social Action Committee 2.3: University Choir 3: Dramatic Club 1.2: IRC 4: Independents 3.4: Outing Club 1.2.33 Lilac Day 1.2: Fall Play 1.2. FLOWER, ILOENE Hartland Four Corners Liberal Arts House President 3: Independents 3.4. FLYNN. RICHARD H. North Adams. Mass. Liberal Arts FRANK, ALBERT S. Burlington Business Administration FRANK, HOWARD D. Boston. Mass. FRENCH. DOROTHY E. Landonville Medical Technology FRENCH. JR.. SEWARD Burlington Education Kappa Sigma: Kappa Phi Kappa: Dean's List 2. GAGE. WALTER A. Burlington Unclassified GALBRAITH. RODNEY G. Enfield. N. H. Business Administration GARDNER, SYBIL B. Patchogue. L. I., N. Y. Liberal Arts GAREY, MARTIN F. St. Albans Agriculture GAY CGUZONVSKIJ, THERESA J. Northampton, Mass. Liberal Arts VIP: All Sports Club, Secretary 4: 'NVAA Council l,2,3.4: Council at Large 2: Health Council 4: Cam- pus Manager Sport 3,4: Basketball l,2,3: Fencing 3: Skiing 1: Swimming Club 2.3. Manager 3: Archery 3: Baseball l: Modern Dance l,2,3,4, Manager 4: Tennis 2,3: Cgnic 2.3, Summer School News Editor 3: House President 4: Outing Club 2: Dean's List l,2, Summer School 2: Lilac Day l,2,3,4. GILLMAN. ARTHUR E. New York City Liberal Arts GLASS, CLAIRE S. Burlington Business Administration GOLDMAN, STANLEY Brooklyn, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering GOODRICH. JOHN W. Montpelier Mechanical Engineering GOULART. JOANNE L. New Bedford, Mass. Liberal Arts WAA Council 1: Badminton l: Swimming Club 1,22 Hike Bike I: House President 3: Social Action Com- mittee 2: YWCA 2,3: Outing Club 3. GOWDEY, RICHARD F. Montpelier Agriculture GREEN, RICHARD H. Jericho Liberal Arts GREENE. IRVING D. Ellenville, N. Y, Business Administration Tau Epsilon Phi: Basketball I: Track l: Cross-coun- try l: Tennis l,2,3: Interfraternity Athletics 1,2,3,4: Dean's List 3: Kake Walker 3. GRIER, BEVERLY Birmingham, Mich. Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi: Mortar Board: Staff and Sandal: Sopho- more Aides: University Players: Bowling League 2: ARIEL, Scrub l,2, Managing Editor 3: Student Union 2,3,4: Dramatic Club l,2.3,4: YWCA I: Kake Walk Tickets 2,3.4: Kake Walk Usher 2: Lilac Day Court l,2: Junior Beauty: Fall Play 2: Spring Play l. GRIFPIS, DIANA L. Vergennes Elementary Education Modern Dance I,2: Student Union l,2,3,4: Dramatic Club 3: YWCA l,2: Scholarship Chairman 4: Lilac Day I,2. GRISWOLD, PEARLEY J. Johnson Secondary Education GRODY, MARION J. West Hartford, Conn. Business Administration Alpha Epsilon Phi: Health Council l,2: Cynic Adver- tising 1,2.3: University Orchestra I: Hillel l,2,3. GUTTERSON, AUDREY E. Ryegate Elementary Education Alpha Xi Delta: Swimming Club l: Hike Bike I: Spanish Club 2,3. HACKETT. SARAH A. Goucester, Mass. Liberal Arts HAGEMAN. MARY E. Verona. N. J. Home Economics Kappa Alpha Theta: Womens Athletic Association Council 3,4: Health Council 2,32 Badminton l.2,3: Bowling 3: Swimming Club 2: Bike Hike 4: House Fellow l,2: Home Economics Club l,2: Cheerleaders 2: All Sports Club. HAIGH, RUTH A. Burlington Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi: Hike Bike l: ARIEI.. Scrub 1.2, Business Captain 3: Cynic 1,21 Freshman Handbook 2: YW CA 2: IRC 3: Kake Walk Scrub 2. HALL, BEVERLY M. Burlington Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta: Basketball 2.4. Green Captain l: Bowling 2.4: Swimming Club 4: University Choir lp YWCA 1. HAMEL, VIRGINIA L. South Ryegate Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega. HARDGROVE, JACQUELINE J. Amityville, N. Y. Home Economics Basketball 1: Bowling 3: Archery 2: Riding 2: Home Economics l,2,3,4: Cheerleaders 2,3: Junior Week, Decorations Committee. HARLOW, DAVID S. South Royalton Liberal Arts Delta Psi: Track 2,3,4: Cross-country 3,4: Interfra- ternity Athletics 3,4: VCA 1: Outing Club l,2,3,4: Dean's List 4. HARPER, RICHARD D. Albany, N, Y. Liberal Arts Delta Kappa Epsilon: Key and Serpent 3: University Players 3,4: Cynic, Feature Writer 4: ARIEL, Men's Editor 3: Freshman Handbook 3: Student Govern- ment 3: University Choir 2: Debating Team 4: Dra- matic Club: Dean's List 2,3: Administrative Tutor, Buckham Hall 4: Fall Play: Group Plays. HARRINGTON, FRED Rutland Pre-medical HAYES, WALTER H. Rutland Liberal Arts LHECKER, ROSLYN Springiield, Mass. Liberal Arts Alpha Epsilon Phi: Health Council 4: Cynic, Business Captain l,2,3,4: Dramatic Club l,2,3: IRC l,2: Dean's List l,2,3: Hillel l,2,3,4. ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-ONE HENDEE, FRANK W. Burlington Mechanical Engineering HENDERSON, GEORGE A. Pittsfield, Mass. Business Administration HERSEY, PHILIP H. Burlington Business Administration HILL, GLENNON B. Great Neck, L. I., N. Y. Unclassihed HILL, WILFRED G. Woodstock Mechanical Engineering HINCKS. PHILIP J. Middlebury Pre-medical HOAG, DOROTHY J. Burlington Nursing Education HOGAN, WILLIAM E. Woburn, Mass. Liberal Arts Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Interfraternity Athletics 1.2, 3.4: Interfraternity Council 2.3: Student Government 3.4. Secretary 3: Newman Club l,2,3.4: Outing Club l,2,3.4: Kake Walk Scrub l,2,3.4: Class Secretary 4: University Choir 4: Social Committee, Chairman 4. HOLMBERG, DORIS L. New Rochelle, N. Y. Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Theta: Mortar Board 4: Council at Large 3: Riding 2: Modern Dance l,2,3.4: Cgnic, Scrub 1, Reporter 2, News Editor 3, Personnel Editor 4: ARIEL, Art Editor 3: Student Government, Mem- ber of Executive Council 3: YWCA 1.2: Dean's List 1: Lilac Day 1.2.3. HOPWOOD, GARDNER B. Middletown Springs Mechanical Engineering HOWARD, JOANNE Williamsville, N. Y. Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi: Mortar Board: Staff and Sandal: Sopho- more Aides: Golf l,2,3.4: Hockey 2: Basketball 1.2. 3.4: Badminton 3: Ski Team 2.3: Swimming Club 1.2.33 Baseball 1.2: Modern Dance l,2,3.4: Tennis 2.3: Volleyball 3: Student Union 4: House President 3: Student Government 3: Social Action Committee 2.3: Dramatic Club 2.3: IRC 2.4: Outing Club Coun- cil 3: Outing Club l,2,3.4: Dean's List 1. HOWES, FLORENCE M. Great Neck, N. Y. Home Economics Health Council 1.2: Home Economics l,2,3.4: Out' ing Club Council 2.3: Outing Club 2.3: Dean's List 3: University Choir 1. ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-TWO HOWLAND. JEANNE L. Brandon Secondary Education Alpha Chi Omega: Softball 1: YWCA l.2,3: Spanish Club 2.3: Dean's List 1. HOYT, MARGARET W. St. Albans Secondary Education Alpha Chi Omega: Mortar Board: Sophomore Aides: Goodrich Classical Club: Cgnic. Reporter 2: Student Union President 4: House President 3: Pan-Hellenic Council 3: Dean's List 2.3. HUMPHREY, ROBERT A. Needham, Mass. llflechanical Engineering HUNZIKER, ROBERT J. Poultney Pre-medical Key and Serpent: Boulder: Football 3.4: Dean's List. HUNZIKER. ROBERT N. Stratford. Conn. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Basketball 2: Interfraternity Athletics 2.3,4: Interfraternity Council 4: Dean's List 3.4. HURLEY, JULIA L. Spring Valley, N. Y. Liberal Arts Badminton 2.3: Modern Dance 3.4: Volleyball 4: Cynic, News Editor 2: ROTC Band l.2,3: Newman Club l,2,3.4: Outing Club 2.3: Scribes 4: Dean's List l.2,3: Lilac Day 3: Goodrich Classical Club. HURWITZ. ELEANOR Chelsea, Mass. Liberal Arts HUTCHINS. AUDREY J. Malone, Y. Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega. HUTCHINS. BARBARA Union, Me. Home Economics ICHTER, JEAN A. Burlington Nursing Education JACKMAN. JOAN B. Bristol Liberal Arts YWCA 1: Beauty Contest l,2,3.4: Dean's List 4. JAQUES, LORRAINE Huntington Home Economics JENKINS, EDWARD W. Burlington Pre-medical JENKINS, NANCY C. Burlington Elementary Education JENKINS, STEARNS R. Burlington Civil Engineering JONES, PATRICIA M, Winchendon. Mass. Elementary Education Alpha Xi Delta: Cireen Captain l: Basketball 1.2: Bowling 2: Baseball 1.2: Ping Pong 2.3: Ski Club 1: Cynic Reporter 1,23 ARIEL Advertising 3: ROTC Band l.2.3,4: Dramatic Club l,2.3.4: YMCA 1.2: Outing Club Council 3: Outing Club 1.2.3. JOSLYN, MARY H. Orleans Liberal Arts KAUFMAN, STANL EY L. Burlington Economics Phi Sigma Delta: Tennis 4: Ski Team 4: lnterfrater- nity Athletics 4. KELLEY, CAROLINE E. Wallingford Secondary Education Cynic, Scrub 1, Reporter 2. News Editor 3: House President 3.4: House Fellow 1: Le Cercle Francais 2.3: College 4-H Club 3: Spanish Club 3: Dean's List l.2,3. KEEFE, RITA C. Barre Elementary Education Sigma Gamma: WAA Council 2: Council at Large 2: Volleyball 1.2: Skating l,2: House President 3: RO TC Band l,2.3,4: Newman Club l,2,3,4: House Secretary 1: Dean's List 1: Sergeant 3, 4 in Band. KER, JR., ROBERT W. Waterbury, Conn. Liberal Arts Sigma Phi: Track: Cross-country: Interfraternity Ath- letics: Rugby l: Cynic Reporter 1: Mixed Glee Club 1: Junior Week Peerade Chairman 3: Class Treasurer 4: Dean's List 4. KILBORN, BARBARA L. Derby Nursing Education Alpha Chi Omega: WAA Council at Large 2: Health Council 4: Basketball 2: Bowling 2: Rifle Team 2: Baseball 2: YWCA 2: Nursing Education Club l,2, 3.4: Dean's List l,2. KLAIN, PRISCILLA A. Stelton, N. J. Elementary Education WAA Council: Basketball: Bowling: Fencing: Swim- ming Club: Hike Bike: YNVCA: Newman Club: Out- ing Club: Riding Club. KOHL, MARY B. Closter, N. J. Nursing Education KOTUBY, JOHN L. Rutland Mechanical Engineering KURUC, MARY E. Bridgeport. Conn. Liberal Arts LABATE, JOHN B. Poultney Liberal Arts LANTMAN, JOHN C. Hincsburg Pre-medical LARRABEE, MARGARET B. Hardwick Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega: Staff and Sandal: Sophomore Aides: Badminton 2: Ping Pong 2: Cynic, Rewrite Editor: Student Union Treasurer: Kake YValk Usher 2: Deans List l,2,3,4: Student Union Scholarship Award. L ATHAM, CHRISTOBEL E. Milton Liberal Arts LAWLOR, MARIE E. Burlington Liberal Arts LEATHERS, MARILYN A. Nashua, N. H. Liberal Arts LEVENSON, HARRIET L. Stamford, Conn. Commercial Teaching Alpha Epsilon Phi: Cynic l,2,3,4, Ofice Manager 3.4: Dramatic Club 2,3,4: Hillel l.2,3,4: Kake Walk 2. LEVINE, JULIAN Burlington Pre-medical LEVY, BETTY-ROSE New York, N. Y. Liberal Arts Delta Phi Epsilon: Cynic, Campus Editor: Pan-Hel- lenic Council: IRC: John Dewey Club: Outing Club: Hillel: Dean's List. LIGENZOWSKI, FRANK L. Passaic, N. J. Prefmedical ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE I LIPPMAN, BERNARD R. Plainfield, N, J. Business Administration LISTON, DOUGLAS L. South Burlington Electrical Engineering Kappa Sigma: Basketball, JV Manager 3: ARIEL, Cir- culating Manager 3: Student Government 35 Electrical Engineers, Chairman 3,4: Kake Walk, Masquerade Co- chairman 4: Dean's List 2,3. LIVAK, FRANK W. Rutland Business Administration LOWELL, DOROTHY A. Berlin, Conn. Liberal Arts Basketball 1: Fencing 1,25 Archery 2. MCCLELLAND, MARY B. Amherst, Mass. Nursing Education MACDONALD, DORIS C. Barre Liberal Arts Dean's List 3,4: Independents 3,4. MACDONALD, MURDO G. South Ryegate Pre-medical MCDONOUGH, JOHN W. Rutland Secondary Education MCGARRY, THOMAS M. Rutland Pre-medical MCHUGO, JOHN W. Burlington Industrial Management Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MCKEE, BERNICE Education MCNAMARA, ALICE N. Springfield, Mass. Liberal A,-15 MAGEE, BARBARA T. Sagaponack, N. Y. Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega: Cynic 2,3: ARIEL, Photography Editor 3: Bluestockings Club: Newman Club 2,3,4: Dean's List 2. oN: HUNDRED TWENTY-roun MARBURY, DONALD Montclair, N. J. Business Administration MARSH, RICHARD H. Rockland, Me. Secondary Education Kappa Phi Kappa 3,4-. President 45 Dean's List 2.3. MARSHALL, LELAND S. Burlington Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineers, President 45 Independents 15 Dean's List 2,3: Drill Squad l. MARTIN, KATHERINE S. Hinesburg Education MARX, JOYCE M. Burlington Pre-medical MERRIAM,' RICHARD S. Rochester Liberal Arts MICKLER. CLARE U. Jackson Heights, N. Y. Liberal Arts MILLER, AUDREY E. Burlington Liberal Arts Fencing 2: Hike Bike 1: ARIEL l.2,3, Business Cap- tain: Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4: Independents 1: Outing Club 1,25 Canterbury Club 1,2,3,4. MILLIGAN, BRUCE A. Windsor Business Administration MILLINGTON, RUTH W. Burlington IVIecl'1anical Engineering Delta Delta Delta: Hockey 1 5 Swimming Club 2: Mod- ern Dance 2,3,4: University Choir 1,3: ROTC Band 1,2,3,4: University Orchestra 3,45 IRC 45 Outing Club 2,3,4: Mechanical Engineers 3,4: American So- ciety of Mechanical Engineers, Secretary 3,4: Corporal. Band 3,4: Swimming Club Manager 1: Lilac Day 2,3. MILLS, MARILYN West Hartford, Conn. Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi: Mortar Board 4: Staff and Sandal, Presi- dent 3: Sophomore Aides, Vice-President 2: Bowling l,2,3: Badminton 1: Cynic, Co-managing Editor: Student Union, Judiciary 3: House President 2: Pan- Hellenic Council 2,35 Student Government, Finance Committee 2: University Choir 1: Dramatic Club l,2,3: YWCA 1.2: IRC Secretary 2: Outing Club 1: Dean's List 1. . MOULTON. MERLE J. Shelburne Secondarg Education MULDOON, CLAIRE R. St. Albans Business Administration NELSON. FORREST A. Hamden. Conn. Technology Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Interfraternity Athletics l. Man- ager 2: ROTC Band 1.2.3. NEWLANDER. BARBARA J. Burlington Home Economics NICHOLS, AILEEN M. Averill Park, N. Y. Home Economics Kappa Alpha Theta: University Players l.2.3.4: Bowl- ing 1: Tennis 2.3: Cynic Scrub 1: ARIEL 3: Dra- matic Club YWCA 1: Home Economics l.2.3,4: Outing Club 1: Kake XValk 1.2.31 Junior Week 1.2.31 Eall Play l,2.3: Junior Week Play 2. O'GRADY. HAROLD Essex Junction Mechanical Engineering O'GRADY, NORMAN J. Essex Junction Business Administration OHNO. ROY Branford, Conn. Liberal Arts OLSEN, EVELYN L. Burlington Nursing Education Alpha Chi Omega: Health Council 3: Modern Dance 1.2: Tennis 1.2: Hike Bike 2: Volleyball 2: Hockey 1.2: ROTC Band 1.2: YWCA 1.2: Newman Club 1.2.4: Outing Club 1.2.41 Spanish Club 2: Dean's List 2.3: Nursing Education Club,5, President 2,3,5: Lilac Day 1.2. OLSON, IRMA N. Rutland Nursing Education PAGE. JR.. GUY M. Burlington Liberal Arts Delta Psi: Goodrich Classical Club: Tau Kappa Alpha: Cross-country 3.4: Debating Team 3.4: Lawrence Prize 3: National Intercollegiate Debating Tourna- ment: Dean's List 3.4. PAGE, PHYLLIS Burlington Liberal Arts PARKER. BLANCHE L. Norwich Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega: Sophomore Aides 2: Health Coun- cil 3: Student Union, Scholastic Chairman 3: YWCA l.2.3,4: Commission Chairman 2: Home Economics l.2.3.4: College 4-H Club 4: Dean's List 4. PARKER. GILBERT H. Burlington Agriculture Lambda Iota: Alpha Zeta: VCA 1: Aggie Club 1.2. 3.4: Kake Walk, Chairman Dance Committee 3. PARKS. GRACE B. Burlington L,l'l76t'Gl Arts PASCAL. PAUL Brooklyn, N, Y, Liberal Arts PATTON. MILLIS P. Washington. D. C. Llibefal Aff-9 Softball 3: Square Dancing 4: 'Independents 3.4: President John Dewey Club 4: Outing Club 3: Dean s List 3. PAUL. LEONARD Hamden. Conn. Pre-medical Phi Sigma Delta: Basketball 1: Track 1.2.33 Inter- fratcrnity Athletics l,2,3,4: Interfraternity Council 3.4: Cross-country 1. PAULSEN. MARTIN B. Danville Mechanical Engineering PEARL. HARRIET D. Burlington Secretarial PERRoN, MARIE T. ' Holyoke, Mass. Pre-medical PETERSON. JUNE M. Binghamton, N. Y. Secondary Education PIERSON. BETTY J. Bradford Elementary Education University Orchestra 1.2: University Choir 1: Dean's List 1.2.3. PIXLEY, ESCHOL G. South Strafford Liberal Arts Le Cercle Francais 4: Spanish Club 4: Dean's List 3. ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE PLUMLEY, ELAINE Massena, N. Y. Home Economics POWERS, POLLY W. St. Albans Elementary Education Delta Delta Delta: Student Union 4: House Committee 3.4: House President 4: Dcan's List 3. PRATT, CONSTANCE M. Proctor Nursing Education PRATT, ROBERT E. Swanton Secondary Education PRENDERGRAST, KENNETH F. Valley Stream, L, I., N. Y. Pre-Medical PRESCOTT, PHYLLIS A. Randolph Center Elementary Education PRIOR, BARBARA P. Essex Junction Home Economics Sigma Gamma: Bowling 2.3.41 Ski Team l,2.3,4, Manager 3: Hike Bike 2: ROTC Band l,2,3,4: Out- ing Club l,2,3,4: Home Economics Club l.2,3.4. Secretary 3: President of Sigma Gamma: Pan Hellenic Council 3. PRIOR, PAUL ALLAN St. Albans Pre-medical Football 3: Basketball l,2,3,4: Track 3: Newman Club l,2: Kake Walker l. PUECHL, KARL H. South Londonderry Liberal Arts University Choir 3: Dean's List 3: Operas 3. PYNN, GEORGE R. Eau Claire, Wis. Secondary Education RAPPAPORT, LITA Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Liberal Ar,-5 RASELL, PATIENCE E. Vergennes Elementary Education Transfer from University of Chicago and Castleton Normal School: Dean's List. REAGAN, JOHN E. Medford, Mass. Chemistry Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Interfraternity Athletics l,2, 3.4: Interfraternity Council 3: Newman Club l,2, 3.4: Kake Walk Director 4: Kake Walk Assistant Director 3: Chairman Walking Committee 2. ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SIX REYNOLDS, RUTH H. Alburg Nursing Education RICHARDSON, GWENDOLYN M. Montreal, P. Q., Canada Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega: Sophomore Aides: University Play- ers: WAA Council at Large l: Skating Manager 2: Dramatic Club l,2,3: Home Economics l,2,3,4: Out- ing Club l,2: Kake Walk Queen 2: Beauty Contest 2: Eall Play l,2: Junior Week Play 2.3: Group Plays 1,2. ROBBINS, JANE W. Schenectady, N. Y. Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega: House President 2: House Fellow 3: University Choir 2: YWCA. ROBINSON, PHILIP E. Burlington Liberal Arts Sigma Phi: Tau Kappa Alpha: Interfraternity Ath- letics l,2,3.4: Athletic Council: Cynic, Sports Editor 2: Interfraternity Council 3,4. Vice-President 3: Stu- dent Government: Debating Team l,2: Dean's List 4: Alumni Council Representative, Class of '48: Kake Walk Director 4: Junior Week Publicity Chairman 3: Senior Week Publicity Chairman 4. ROSOPE, KATHLEEN G. Morristown, N. J. Liberal Arts Basketball l,4: Tennis 2,3,4, Manager 3: Volleyball 4: Canterbury Club l.2,3: IRC 2. ROWELL, MARGARET A. Newport Liberal Arts Sigma Gamma: WAA Council 4: Health Council 3: Campus Manager, Sport 4: Swimming Club l,2.3.4: Hike Bike 1: Volleyball l: University Choir 2: Le Cercle Francais 2.3,4: Outing Club 3: Spanish Club 2,3: Dean's List l,2,3. RUBLE, GEORGE B. Burlington Electrical Engineering RYAN, JEAN M. Brattleboro Medical Technology RYAN, MARGARET M. Eairneld Secondary Education Bowling 2.3: Swimming Club 3: Square Dancing 14: Independents 3,4: Newman Club l,2,3,4: Outing Club 3. RYAN, WENDELL J. Manchester, Conn. Secondary Education SCHWENKER, JOHN A. Oradell, N. J. Business Administration VCA: Scribes. SCOTT, DOROTHY F. Birmingham, Mich. Liberal Args Pi Beta Phi: Volleyball 1: Cynic, Business Scrub 1: ARIEL 1, Business Captain 2,3: Dramatic Club 1.2, 3.4: Le Cercle Francais 2.3: Kake Walk Scrub 1: Kake Walk Business 2,3,4: Opera l. SCOTT, WILLIAM Barton Pre-medical SENNETT, MARY B. Education SHAPLAND, JR.. CECIL J. St. Albans Secondary Education Tau Kappa Epsilon: Boulder 4: Student Government 4: SCA 3,42 Eall Play 3. SHAW, MARTHA C. Verona, N. J. Liberal Arts SHEEHEY, JOHN N. Burlington Nursing Education SHEEEERT, PATRICIA E. Englewood, N. J. Education SHEPARD, HARLEY G. Burlington Pre-medical SHEPARDSON, DENNISON W. Fairfax Secondary Education Outing Club 3,4: Spanish Club 4. SHERMAN, SYDELL R. Brooklyn, N. Y. Liberal Arts SHOPIS, LOUISE I. Nichols, Conn. Liberal Arts SIKORA, ARTHUR C. Burlington Business Administration SMITH, BARBARA Westfield, N. J. Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi: Modern Dance l,2,3,4: YWCA 1: Hike Bike 1: Pan-Hellenic Council 3.4: Student Govern- ment 3: Outing Club l,2,3,4: Junior 'Week Dance Co-chairman 3. SMITH, MARY A. Hackettstown, N. J. Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta: Mortar Board 4: WAA Council 3.4, Treasurer 4, Council at Large 2: Health Council 3: Basketball 2: Badminton 3: Bowling 2,3,4: Eenc- ing 2: Archery 2: Ping Pong 2: Hike Bike 1,2: Cynic, Advertising Manager 2,3,41 ARIEL, C0-biography Edi- tor 3: University Choir 2: YWCA I: Kake Walk Queen 3: Dean's List 1: Catamount Trio 3,41 Lilac Day Court 3. SMITH. ROBERT R. Springneld Liberal Arts SOCINSKI, IRENE F. West Rutland Horne Economics Alpha Chi Omega: Bowling 2: Home Economics 2. 3.4: Newman Club 1.2,3,4, Vice-President 4: Outing Club 2. SORN, JEANNETTE E. Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. Liberal Arts SOULE, ROBERT W. Burlington Electrical Engineering SPALDING, JEAN M. Wetherslield, Conn. Liberal Arts Cynic, Reporter 1, News Editor 2: IRC 3: Outing Club Council I,2,3,4: Spanish Club 3: Dean's List 2 3 SPAULDING, ARTHUR E, Poultney Secondary Education SPEAR, LEO B. Essex Junction Civil Engineering Sigma Nu: Football l,2,3,4: Interfraternity Athletics: Newman Club 2.3.4: Civil Engineers. SPRAGUE, CARLETON W. East Middlebury Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Dartmouth: Kappa Sigma: Interfrater- nity Council, President 3: Mechanical Engineers 3: Dean's List 2,3. STANLEY, JR., GEORGE C. Burlington Civil Engineering STEAD, ALISON C. Burlington Liberal Arts STEELE, JR., EDWARD W. Burlington Liberal Arts ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN STEENBURN, JANET H. Southbridge, Mass. Liberal Arts STILES, GWENDOLYN M. Burlington Secretarial Sigma Gamma: Badminton 2: Bowling 2: Square Dance 4: YWCA 2,3: Outing Club 1,3: Student Christian Association 4: Dean's List l,2,3: Junior Week Play Usher 3. STIMETS, WENDELL A. Highgate Center Liberal Arts Baseball 2,3,4: Newman Club 2,3,4. STOCKWELL, ERNEST R. Hartford Secondary Education SUNDBY, NORMAN H. Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering SWITZER, JR., KARL W. Waban, Mass. Business Administration SZABOLINSKI, SATURNINA Springfield Business Administration TADEJEWSKI, EDWARD J. Trenton, N. J. Liberal Arts TATRO, PATRICIA E. Worcester, Mass. Liberal Arts Cynic, Junior Staff l,2,3: University Choir l,2,3,4: Dramatic Club 3,4: YWCA 3: Independents 3,41 New- man Club 1,2,3,4: Fall Play 4: Operas 1,2: Junior Week Play 3: Junior Week 2: Debating Team 3. THOMPSON, JR., CHARLES M. N. Andover, Mass. Engineering TOWNE, IDA M. Morrisville Secondary Education University Players 2,3,4: Hike Bike 1: Cynic, Scrub 2. Reporter 3, Managing Editor 4: House Fellow 4: Freshman Handbook 4: University Choir lg Dramatic Club 2.3,4: YWCA 2.3: VCA 4: Spanish Club 3,4: Dean's List l. TUCKER, BARBARA M. Melrose, Mass. Liberglf-hrs ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-EIGHT TUTTLE, ANN H. New Rochelle, N. Y. Home Economics VAN ARSDALE, MARGARET New York. N. Y. Liberal Arts VERBER, CAROLYN Forest Hills, N. Y. Liberal Arts VERRALL, EDRIS R. Saco, Me. Liberal Arts VIRGONA, CONCETTA N. Beacon, N. Y. Chemistry Alpha Chi Omega: Newman Club l,2.3: Spanish Club 1.2, President 2: Dean's List 1. WARD, ROBERT K. Sr, Albans Pre-medical WARSAW, ROBERT S. Scarsdale, N. Y. Business Administration WATSON, FRANCES R. Sguth Barre Libefdl Arts WEBSTER, FRED C. Randolph Agriculture Alpha Zeta: Gold Key: Rifle Team 1,2: University Choir 1,2,3: Aggie Club l,2.3,4: Independents 1,23 4-H Club 2.3: Dean's List 1,2,3,4. WEESS, ALAN C. Shelburne Business Administration Phi Delta Theta: Key and Serpent: Football 3,43 Bas- ketball 1,2: Interfraternity Athletics l,2,3,4: Hockey 3,4: Athletic Council 3.4: Student Government 3: Kake Walk 2,3, Director' 4: Co-chairman Junior Week 3: Co-chairman Senior Week 4. WEESS, NANCY I. Shelburne Secretarial Kappa Alpha Theta: Basketball 1,2: Bowling 1: Rid- ing 1: Modern Dance 1,2: ARIEL Business Captain: University Choir 1: Kake Walk Secretary 3. WEINBERG, MYRA J. Springfield, Mass. Liberal Arts WEISSMAN, SEYMOUR P. Budd Lake, N. Y. Pre-medical WELCH, EDWARD K. Winooski WELLS, CATHERINE L. Jamaica. N. Y. Home Economics WESTCOTT. PHEBE-JANE Franklin Secondary Education WESTWOOD, K, JOAN Elmira, N. Y. Liberal Arts WHEELER, DAVID B. Morrisville Secondary Education Tau Kappa Alpha: Debating Team l,2,3,4: VCA l,2: IRC l,2,3,4: Dean's List: Advanced Military 3.4. WHITNEY, BETTY M, Stanford Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega: Staff and Sandal 3: WAA Council 2: Health Council 3: Badminton 1.2: Bowling 3: Hike Bike l,2,3: Pan-Hellenic Council 3, President 4: House President 2,4: Dramatic Club l,2,3,4: YWCA Council 2: VCA 3.4: Home Economics 1,2,3.4: Col- lege 4-H Club l,2,3,4, President 3: Ingalls' Scholar- ship 4: Dean's List 3: Campus Manager Badminton 2: VCA Council 3. WILLIAMS, MILDRED N. Landgrove WILLIAMS, NELSON Poultney Secondary Education WINSHIP, ROBERT B. Wells River Liberal Arts WINSTON, JOHN New York City Liberal Arts WOODCOCK, RUDOLPH O. Paliniield Pre-medical WRISTON, CYNTHIA Highgate Springs Agriculture Delta Delta Delta: Mortar Board 4: Staff and Sandal 3: WAA Council 3.4: Basketball 1,2,3,4: Badminton l,2: Riding: Ping Pong 2: ARIEL Scrub 3: House President 3: Student Government Court 3,4: Aggie Club l,2,3,4: Outing Club 1,2,4: Dean's List l,2,3. WRISTON, JR., JOHN C. Highgate Springs Chemistry Sigma Nu: Gold Key: Interfraternity Athletics 1: University Choir 1: House Fellow l: Interfraternity Council I: Kake Walk CWalkingJ 1: Dean's List l,3. YOUNG, MARY E. Rutland Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega: Mortar Board President: Staff and Sandal: Cynic, Feature Editor 2: ARIEL, Editor-in- Chief 3: Junior Week, Co-chairman of Peerade 3: Class Vice-President 4: Dean's List 2. ZUCKER, ALEXANDER New York City Liberal Arts ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE SOPHOMORE CLASS ABBIATI, ROBERT P., Barre. Civil Engineering. ABBOTT, ROBERT B., Auburn, Me. Agriculture. Kap- pa Sigma. ADAMS, BEVERLY J., Rutland. Liberal Arts. ADAMS, JR., JOHN G., Salem, Mass. Pre-medical. AIKENS, NATALIE E., Bethel. Liberal Arts. AINES, RONALD O., Middlebury. Agriculture. ALLPORT, JOHN D., Waterford. Mechanical Engi- neering. AMADON, STANLEY J., Lyndon Center. Secondary Education. ANDERSON, ANTHONY J., Morristown, N. J. Busi- ness Administration. Kappa Sigma. ANDERSON, ROBERT J., Rutland. Pre-medical. Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon. ANDERSON, WALTER O., Barre. Civil Engineering. ANTONIVICH, FRANK I., Springiield. Civil Engineer- ing. ARCIDIACONO, JOSEPH M., Lawrence, Mass. Liberal Arts. ARMSTRONG, DONALD, Syracuse, N. Y. Liberal Arts. Phi Delta Theta. ARONSON, ROBERT M., Proctor. Civil Engineering. ARTHUR, ROBERT W., Rutland, Liberal Arts. ASELTINE, HAROLD E., Williston. Electrical Engi- neering. ATKINSON, JOHN C., West Brattleboro. Agriculture. ATKINSON, MARGARITE E., Malden, Mass. Medical Technology. Kappa Alpha Theta. AUDY, RACHEL M., Danby. Secondary Education. AVERILL, CHARLES J., Richmond. Pre-dental. AYERS, LORRAINE B., Essex Junction. Home Eco- nomics. Alpha Chi Omega. BABIC, GEORGE M., Montpelier. Electrical Engineer- ing. BACHMAN, NANCY A., Buffalo, N. Y. Liberal Arts. BADGER, JR., CLYDE C., Vergennes. Liberal Arts. BAILEY, JR., GEORGE A., Burlington. Electrical En- gineering. BAKER, ANN K., Old Bennington. Liberal Arts. Sig- ma Gamma. BALDWIN, FRANCIS D., Middlebury. Electrical En- gineering. Alpha Tau Omega. BALDWIN, WILLIAM W., Essex Junction. Mechanical Engineering. BALLANTYNE, CHARLES J., Wolcott. Liberal Arts. BALLARD, JOHN L., Milton. Secondary Education. Delta Psi. BALLARD, REBA S., Milton. Liberal Arts. Kappa Alpha Theta. ONE HUNDRED THIRTY BALLARD,, THOMAS R., Rutland. Business Adminis- tration. BALLOU, GEORGE R., Rutland. Mechanical Engi- neering. Phi Delta Theta. BARBER, DALE L., St. Johnsbury. Electrical Engi- neering. BARBER, EDWARD E., North Bennington. Business Administration. BARBERI, MARIO C., Barre. Agricultural Education. BARCOMB, WILFRED J., Barre. Agriculture. BARKER, BEVERLY J., Rutland. Liberal Arts. Pi Beta Phi. BARNARD, AUDRY L., Pittsford. Secondary Education. BARNEY, FRANK L., St. Johnsbury. Liberal Arts. BARRETT, EARL R., Pairlee. Electrical Engineering. BARRIE, ROBERT E., Ridgewood, N. J. Mechanical Engineering. BARRON, PHYLLIS R.. Roxbury, Mass. Home Eco- nomics. Alpha Epsilon Phi. BARRON, WILLIAM L., Manchester, Conn. Pre-medical. BARRY, ROBERT A., Burlington. Business Adminis- tration. BASIL, JOSEPH J., Island Pond. Mechanical Engi- neering. BASQUE. JAMES E., Pedro Miguel, Canal Zone. Lib- eral Arts. BAUSCH, KENNETH C., Baldwin, N. Y. Liberal Arts. BAYER, MILTON B., New Britain, Conn. Business Administration. BAYLEY, LUTHER P., Burlington. Liberal Arts. Kap- pa Sigma. BEAL, BARBARA N., Burlington. Liberal Arts. BEALS, BARBARA A., Burlington. Secondary Edu- cation. BEANE, EILEEN E., Middlebury. Elementary Edu- cation. BEARD, JEAN M., Jeffersonville. Liberal Arts. BEAULAC, ANNA E., Randolph. Secondary Education. BECKER, WILLIAM J., Bridgewater, N. Y. Liberal Arts. BEDARD, BEKUIT J., Barre. Business Administration. BEGIN, NORMAN R., Burlington. Business Adminis- tration. BELAIR, ERNEST J.. Alburg. Pre-medical. BELDING, KENNETH W., Northfield. Liberal Arts. Alpha Tau Omega. BELL, DAVID M., Alburg. Pre-medical. BELLOWS, JOHN P., Springfield. Agriculture. BEMIS, EVELYN G., Jacksonville. Elementary Edu- cation. Alpha Chi Omega. BERG, WILLIAM H., Brooklyn, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering. Kappa Sigma. BERENSON, HELAINE L., Newton. Mass. Liberal Arts. BERTUCIO, MARY L., Springtield, Mass. Pre-medical. BEUCLER, WILLIAM J., Burlington. Agriculture. BICKFORD, EDWIN H., Glover. Agriculture. BICKPORD, GORDON H.. Springield. Liberal Arts. Sigma Nu. BICKNELL, ROBERTA L., Chelsea. Liberal Arts. BIGELOW, BETSY A., Londonderry. Liberal Arts. Pi Beta Phi. BIGWOOD, BURKE W., West Hartford, Conn. Tech- nology. BILLHARDT, ROBERT A., Somerville, N. J. Agri- culture. BIRGE, RICHARD H., West Hartford, Conn. Pre- medical. BISHOP, ROBERT C., West Rutland. Engineering. BIXBY, JR., DONALD E., Essex. C.C. BLACK, SOLOMON, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Liberal Arts. BLACKMER, GAIUS H., Gaysville. Liberal Arts. BLANCHARD, HARRY S., Orleans. Chemistry. BLOOD, JR., CHARLES A., White River Junction. Pre-medical, BLUTO, EUGENE J., Grand Isle. Pre-medical. BOARDMAN, BERNARD A., New York, N. Y. Second- ary Education. Kappa Sigma. BOHLIN, RICHARD N., Tenafly. N. J. Civil Engi- neering. Lambda Iota. BOROF-SKY, GEORGE, Brattleboro. Business Adminis- tration. BORT, EDWARD H., Batavia, N. Y. Liberal Arts. BOSWORTH, LORRAINE L., Englewood, N. J. Liberal Arts. Kappa Alpha Theta. BOUCHER. LUCILLE M., Highgate Center. Home Economics. BOUTON, 3RD, EDWARD L., Elizabeth, N. J. Pre- Veterinary. Phi Delta Theta. BOWEN, THANE E., Passaic, N. J. Agriculture. BOWLES, ELBRIDGE R.. St. Albans. Agriculture. BOYD, BENZIL E., Wilmington. Electrical Engineering. BRAU, DOROTHY E., Jackson Heights, N. Y. Liberal Arts. Kappa Alpha Theta. BRECKER, NICOLAS L., Bridgeport, Conn. Electrical Engineering. BREITBACH, JR., EDWARD, Maplewood, N. J. Me- chanical Engineering. BRENNER, CHESTER H., Somerville, Mass. Pre- medical. Phi Sigma Delta. BRIGGS, GARDNER P., St. Albans. Business Adminis- tration. BRIGGS, MARVIN E., New Haven. Liberal Arts. BROWN, JR., HAROLD P., Richmond. Pre-veterinary. BROWN, LORRAINE E., St. Albans. Liberal Arts. BROWN, ROBERT V., Burlington. Civil Engineering. Alpha Tau Omega. BROWN, WALTON A., Brooklyn, N. Y. Secondary Education. BROWNE, ROBERT W., Wardsboro. Liberal Arts. BROWNELL, EDWARD E., Lincoln. Business Adminis- tration. Sigma Nu. BRUCE, DONALD C., Fort Ethan Allen. Agriculture. BUCHANAN, ANDREW R., Burlington. Civil Engi- neering. BUCKLAND, HOLLIS E., Fairfax. Business Adminis- tration. BURGESS, HILDA R., Hartford, Conn. Nursing. BURKE, DANIEL B., Wellesley, Mass. Pre-law. Phi Delta Theta. BURNS, ALTI-IEA W.. West Hartford, Conn. Nursing. BURNS, CHAUNCEY E., Burlington. Business Admin- isrrarion. BURNS, ROBERT J., Springfield. Mass. Liberal Arts. BURROWS, JOHN L., Brattleboro. Pre-medical. Sig- ma Phi. BUZZELL, WILLIAM J., Bennington. Business Ad- ministration. CALCAGNI, ALFRED A., Barre. Civil Engineering. CAMPBELL, ROBERT J., South Burlington. Civil Engineering. CAMPBELL, ROY E., St. Johnsbury. Agriculture. CAREY, STANLEY G., Burlington. Business Adminis- tration, Sigma Phi. CARGILL, NORMA E., Alburg. Elementary Education. CARLSON, EDITH J., Essex Junction. Elementary Education. CARLSON, HAROLD L., Burlington. Mechanical En- gineering. CARLTON, CHARLES M., Burlington. Liberal Arts. CARPENTER, IRVING E., Auburndale, Mass. Liberal Arts. CARPENTER, JOHN L., Concord. Agriculture. Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon. CARPENTER, WILLIAM J., Barre. Business Adminis- tration. Kappa Sigma. CASAVANT, RICHARD V., Burlington. Civil Engi- neering. CARTER, ROLAND E., Montpelier. Mechanical Engi- neering. CHALMERS, NANCY N., Williamsville, N. Y. Home Economics. CI-IAPIN, WILLIAM A., Springfield, Mass. Liberal Arts. Sigma Phi. CHAPMAN, CAROLYN M., Vergennes. Secondary Edu- cation, Alpha Chi Omega. CHASE, POSTER H., Bellows Falls. Liberal Arts. CHESTER, STEPHEN D., Old Bennington. Pre-medical. ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE CI-IIARADIA, EUGENIO D., South Ryegate. Business Administration. CHILD, JOHN A., Middlebury. Agriculture. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CHITTENDEN, HEMAN A., Hartford. Civil Engineer- ing. CHITTICK, ROBERT J., Waterbury. Liberal Arts. CHUSID, PAUL G., Barre. Pre-medical. CLAPP, STANLEY H., Brattleboro. Medical Technician. CLAREY, JOHN R., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Pre-medical. CLARK, GRANT E., Chittenden. Business Adminis- tration. CLARK, LAWRENCE B., New Haven. Civil Engineer- ing. CLARK, JR., RALPH M., Stowe. Liberal Arts. CLEVELAND, RITA A., Huntington Center. Nursing. COADY, JR., JAMES J., Quincy, Mass. Mechanical Engineering. CoATEs, ROBERT V., Brandon. Business Adminis- tration. COHEN, SARA H., Burlington. Secretarial. COLE, JR., ALBERT A., Wilmington. Mechanical Engineering. COLE, ALBERT E., Northfield. Secondary Education. COLLINGS, VERNON V., Worcester, Mass. Mechani- cal Engineering. COLLINS, JULIAN L., St. Johnsbury. Mechanical Engineering. Sigma Nu. COLLOPY, JAMES S., Winooski. Pre-law. COLLOPY, ROBERT E., Winooski. Business Admin- istration. COLTON, ARTHUR S., White River Junction. Busi- ness Administration. COMOLLI, CARL R., Barre. Mechanical Engineering. COMOLLI, EDWARD J., Barre. Business Administra- tion. Phi Delta Theta. COMOLLI, RAYMOND A., Barre. Mechanical Engi- neering. Phi Delta Theta. COMSTOCK, CHARLES P., Bristol. Secondary Educa- tion. CONDON, ROBERT B., Rutland. Mechanical Engi- neering. COOK, JR., HOBART W., Auburn, Me. Liberal Arts. Kappa Sigma. CooKsoN, CHARLES H., Fairlee. Business Adminis- tration. COOLEY, CHESTER R., Barnet. Agriculture. CORLISS, HARRIS E., Jericho. Agriculture. CORSONNES, GEORGE G., Rutland. Business Adminis- tration. Lambda Iota. CORWIN, LEWIS A., South Royalton. Liberal Arts. COTNOIR, LILLIAN M., Lowell. Liberal Arts. COURTNEY, CARLTON J., St. Albans. Electrical En- gineering. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CRAIGIE, ELIZABETH A., Burlington. Liberal Arts. Alpha Chi Omega. ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-TWO CRAM, VERNON M., Bridgewater. Business Adminis- tration. CRAMTON, WILLIAM M., Enosburg Falls. Business Administration. CRAMTON, JOHN M., Rutland. Liberal Arts. CRANDALL, C. PAMELA, Hardwick. Secondary Edu- cation. Alpha Chi Omega. CUMMINGS, LAUREN H., Windsor. Business Admin- istration. CURTIS, JR., JAY A., Brattleboro. Agricultural En- gineering. Sigma Chi. CURTIS, JR., NEWELL H., Montpelier. Secondary Education. Delta Psi. CUTTING, ALLAN R., Fort Ethan Allen. Liberal Arts. DALZELL, JR., DAVID R., Pittsfield, Mass. Electrical Engineering. DATNOFF, JOSEPH B., Burlington. Business Admin- istration. DAVIES, ROBERT I., Poutney. Pre-medical. DAVIS, ANDREW J., Lyndon Center. Electrical En- gineering. DAVIS, JUSTIN C., Ludlow. Electrical Engineering. DAVIS, PHILIP H., Burlington. Pre-medical. DAVIS, VIRGINIA A., Brownsville. Liberal Arts. DAY, PAULINE E., Springfield. Elementary Educa- tion. DEFOREST, MARY K., Burlington. Liberal Arts. DELANO, CAROLYN P., Burlington. Agriculture. DELANO, WALTER H., Burlington. Secondary Edu- cation. DEMPSEY, WILLIAM A., Dorchester, Mass. Secondary Education. DENEVE, ROBERT T., Bristol. Business Administra- tion. DENNIS, JR., NORMAN P., St. Albans. Pre-medical. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. DENNIS, WILPRED A., Burlington. Business Admin- istration. DESORCIE, CLARENCE M., East Highgate. Liberal Arts. Sigma Nu. DESORMEAUX, GIRARD G., Winoosl-ti. Business Ad- ministration. DEVENMAN, STANLEY A., Arlington. Electrical En- gineering. DEWAR, HARRY B., Burlington. Business Adminis- tration. DI MATTEO, JOSEPH T., Teaneck, N. J. Mechanical Engineering. DINGERSON, WILLIAM A., Burlington. Liberal Arts. Delta Psi. DOWNING, GEORGE E., Topsham. Civil Engineering. DOWNE, JACK P., Morrisville. Business Administra- tion. DRURY, NOEL W., Essex Junction. Electrical Engi- neering. DUDLEY, RICHARD B., Orleans. Business Adminis- tration. DUFRESNE, ROBERT J., Barre. Civil Engineering. DUNN, CARLOS R., Windsor. Liberal Arts. DURKEE, MARJORIE A., South Royalton. Home Economics. DUSENBERRY, EDWARD W., White Plains. N. Y. Liberal Arts. Kappa Sigma. DUSSAULT, ANDRE J., St. Albans. Electrical Engi- neering. DWINELL, BERTON W., Bradford. Mechanical En- gineering. DYKHUIZEN, PHYLLIS J., Burlington. Elementary Education. EASTMAN, LORRAINE R., Waterbury. Secondary Edu- cation. EASTWOOD, JOYCE E., Danvers, Mass. Liberal Arts. EDDY, JOHN R., Burlington. Pre-medical. Delta Psi. EDDY, PAUL F., Hinesburg. Agriculture. EDIEF, JOAN, New York, N. Y. Liberal Arts. EDMINSTER, ROBERT E., Poultney. Mechanical En- gineering. EHRLICH, RUTH A., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Liberal Arts. Alpha Epsilon Phi. ELESPURU, HENRY, Great Falls, Mont. Secondary Education. ELGOOD, WILLIAM R., Island Pond. Liberal Arts. ELLIS, EDWARD L., Castleton. Agricultural Engi- n:ering. Sigma Nu. ELLIS, GEORGE W., South Royalton. Liberal Arts. ELLIS, LEO E., Essex Junction. Business Adminis- tlation. ELLISON, MURRY J., Rutland. Pre-law. EMERSON, WILLIAM E., Northfield. Business Ad- ministration. Alpha Tau Omega. ENGLAND, GEORGE M., Burlington. Agriculture. ERICSON, ARTHUR W., Swanton. Liberal Arts. FARMA, PATRICK A., Fairfield, Conn. Pre-medical. FARMER, CAROL J., Stillwater, N. Y. Liberal Arts. FARR, GORDON V., Morrisville. Agricultural Edu- cation. FARRAR, WILLIAM P., Craftsbury Common. Agri- culture. FARRELL, MARY T., Rutland. Elementary Educa- tion. Alpha Chi Omega. FARRINGTON, DONALD S., St. Johnsbury. Pre-medi- cal. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FAY, GLENN M., Ipswich, Mass. Liberal Arts. Sig- ma Nu. g FERBER, GEORGE B., Ridgewood, N. J. Business Administration. Kappa Sigma. FERWERDA, JOHN A., Whitinsville, Mass. Agricul- tural Engineering. FIEBER, NORMAN A., Brooklyn. N. Y. Pre-medical. FIENBERG, MARILYN R., Bennington. Technology. FIMIAN, JR., WALTER J., Brattleboro. Pre-medical. FINDIESEN, WILLIAM H., North Hero. Agriculture. FINGERIT, IRWIN K., New York, N. Y. Liberal Arts. FISHER, CAROLYN E., Grafton. Elementary Educa- tion. FITZGERALD, JAMES L., Winooski. Technology. FITZGERALD, PAUL J., Bellows Falls. Business Ad- ministration. FITZSIMMONS, JOHN C., Jericho. Business Admin- istration. Kappa Sigma. FLAGG, WAYNE G., Brandon. Electrical Engineering. FLETCHER, JR., WILLARD A., Burlington. Liberal rts. FLOWER, GRACILE, Hartland. Secondary Education. FOGG, ALAN C.. St. Albans. Mechanical Engineering. Lambda Iota. FORD, MARGARET B., West Charleston. Nursing Edu- cation. FORDHAM, ROBERT A., Saxtons River. Secondary Education. FORMATO, JOSEPH S., Rutland, Pre-dental. FRADENBURGH, BARBARA A., Bennington. Educa- tion and Nursing. FRANCO, JOHN L., Barre. Business Administration. FRANK, INA P., Brookline, Mass. Liberal Arts. Alpha Epsilon Phi. FRASER, PHYLLIS E., Montpelier. Pre-medical. FRASER, ROBERT W., Barre. Civil Engineering. FRENCH, RUSSELL M., Windsor. Business Adminis- tration. Sigma Nu. FRENCH, WILLIAM P. Wells River. Secondary Edu- cation. Kappa Sigma. FRIEDLANDER, JOSEPH R., Long ISl31'ld City, N. Y. Agriculture. FROST, JR., WALTER S., Littleton, Mass. Business Administration. FULLAM, MARJORIE A., Randolph Center. Second- ary Education. FULLER, ALWARD H., Derby. Electrical Engineering. FULLER, ROBERT W., Portland, Me. Mechanical En- gineering. PULLERTON, LAURENCE W., Tilton, N. H. Tech- nology. PYLES, LYNDON S., Orwell. Mechanical Engineering. GABRANSKI, FRANK B., Cavendish. Technology. GAGE, SHERMAN J., Waterbury. Secondary Educa- tion. GALLUP, GILBERT J., Montpelier. Agriculture. GALLUP, JOHN Y., Burlington. Liberal Arts. Phi Delta Theta. GARCIA, ADOLPH, Newark, N. J. Technology. GARROW, DAVID F., Burlington. Agriculture. ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-THREE GATES, CHARLES W., Proctor. Civil Engineering. Delta Psi. GATES, ELEANOR J., Burlington. Home Economics. GATES, THOMAS E., White River Junction. Electrical Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GAULKE, RUDOLPH E., New Bedford, Mass. Pre- medical. GEE, EMMA L., Bennington. Secondary Education. Alpha Chi Omega. GEE, GLENNA M., Monkton. Elementary Education. Delta Delta Delta. GELINEAU, ROBERT L., Burlington. Electrical Engi- neering. GENDRON, MAURICE G., Barre. Business Adminis- tration. GEORGE, ARNOLD C., Windsor. Liberal Arts. GILBERTSON, WILLIAM S., Manchester, Conn. Pre- law. Kappa Sigma. GILLAM, MARJORIE E., Burlington. Medical Tech- nology. GIROUX, ALICE M., Burlington. Liberal Arts. GLYSSON, EUGENE A., Pair Haven. Civil Engineering. GOELTZ, MARJORIE G., Verona, N. Y. Liberal Arts. Kappa Alpha Theta. GOLDBERG, ALFRED S., Ludlow. Pre-medical. Tau Epsilon Phi. GOLDBERG, BAILEY H., Burlington. Pre-medical. Phi Sigma Delta. GOLDBERG, GERALD R., St. Johnsbury. Business Administration. GOODRICH, PAUL C., Wilder. Liberal Arts. GOODRIDGE, DONLEY C., Plainfield. Civil Engineer- ing. GORDON, CHARLES E., Manchester, N. H. Business Administration. Phi Delta Theta. Engineering. GORTON, HUGH W., Sheldon Springs. Mechanical Engineering. GOTTHELF, PAUL E., Norwich, Conn. Pre-veterinary. GOYETTE, RODERICK M., Barre. Agriculture. Delta Psi. GRANT, ARNOLD E., Bronx, N. Y. Liberal Arts. GRANT, DAVID P., Bryantville, Mass. Business Ad- ministration. GREEN, RICHARD G., Pittsfield, Mass. Liberal Arts. GREENE, BARBARA, Burlington. Liberal Arts. GREENOUGH, ALLEN J., Sheldon Springs. Business Administration. GREGORY, HARRIET B., Morrisville. Technology. GREGORY, HOWARD F., Springfield. Business Admin- istration. GREGORY, JEAN T., Ripton. Nursing Education. GRIFFIN, GEORGE R., Bellows Palls. Business Ad- ministration. ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-FOUR GRIFEITH, DELBERT D., Bristol. Liberal Arts. GROUT, IRVING H., East Arlington. Civil Engineering. GUINN, ROBERT S., Northfield. Liberal Arts. GURDAK, PELIX J., Ludlow. Electrical Engineering. HAIKARA, ALFRED A., Bethel. Secondary Education. HALE, PRISCILLA S., Montpelier. Liberal Arts. HALL, MARSHALL H., Canaan. Business Adminis- tration. HAMEL, ROBERT B., South Ryegate. Mechanical En- gineering. HANDEL, CAROL R., South Orange, N. J. Liberal Arts. Delta Phi Epsilon. HANNON, JAMES W., Morrisville. Technology. HARMON, CLAYTON J., St. Albans. Liberal Arts. HARRIS, JAMES R., Brooklyn, N. Y. ,Secondary Edu- cation. HARTE, CHARLES G., Bennington. Liberal Arts. HASTINGS, JR., RAYMOND K., North Springfield. Mechanical Engineering. HAVENS, ESTHER L., Burlington. Home Economics. HAWLEY, JR., ROBERT P., Swanton. Mechanical En- gineering. HAYES, CORNELIUS G., St. Johnsbury. Technology. HAYES, THOMAS L., Bellows Palls. Pre-law. HAYSLIP, ELLWYN P., Flushing, N. Y. Secondary Education. HAZELTON, KNOX, Rutherford, N. J. Liberal Arts. HEATH, RAYMOND G., Windsor. Electrical Engineer- ing. HEMPSTEAD, ELWOOD W., Jamaica, N. Y. Agricul- ture. HERBERG, GEORGE N., Burlington. Business Admin- istration. Phi Delta Theta. HIGGINS, HUBERT L., Newfane. Business Adminis- tration. HILL, JR., DAVID B., Teaneck, N. J. Liberal Arts. HILL, JANE C., Dumont, N. J. Liberal Arts. HINMAN, JACK K., Bangor, N. Y. Liberal Arts. HOGAN, EDWARD J., Worcester, Mass. Pre-medical. HOOPER, ALICE J., Burlington. Technology. HOSKIEWICZ, JOHN M., Springlield. Secondary Edu- cation. Kappa Sigma. HOUGH, JOHN W., Danville. Agricultural Education. HOUGHTON, JAMES E., East Arlington. Civil En- gineering. HOWD, WENDELL C., Northfield. Liberal Arts. HOWELLS, F. CAROLYN, Great Neck, N. Y. Liberal Arts. HOWLAND, EHRICK D., Woodstock. Business Ad- ministration. HOWRIGAN, LORETTA A., Fairfield. Liberal Arts. HRABSKY, NELLIE, Terryville, Conn. Nursing Edu- cation. HRUBY, ALBERT W., Wellesley, Mass., Business Ad- ministration. HRYCKIEWICZ, EDWIN J., Springfield. Mechanical Engineering. HUBBELL, ROBERT H., Enosburg Falls. Agriculture. HUDSON, JOHN H., Montpelier. Liberal Arts. Delta Psi. HUNSINGER, WALTER W., Burlington. Electrical En- gineering. HUNT, PAUL H.. Burlington. Business Administra- tion. Sigma Phi. HUNT, RAY F., Wells River. Secondary Education. HUNT, STUART W., Brattleboro. Liberal Arts. HUNTER, CLAYTON W., Burlington. Electrical En- gineering. HUNTINGTON, CARROLL F., Burlington. Electrical Engineering. HURLBERT, JEAN A., New Haven. Music Education. Delta Delta Delta, HURLEY, JOHN P.. Morristown, N. J. Education. Kappa Sigma. HUTCHINSON, CLINTON C., Burlington. Secondary Education. IANNI, ROBERT C., Rutland. Liberal Arts. IRWIN, THEODORE, New London, Conn. Liberal Arts. Tau Epsilon Phi. ISHAM, ELBERT H., Burlington. Civil Engineering. JACOBS, BURTON E., Bristol. Liberal Arts. JACOBS, LOU D., White River Junction. Liberal Arts. JACOBS, MAXWELL G., Winchester, Mass. Agricul- ture. JAQUES, BURTON E., Burlington. Business Admin- istration. JARVIS, CLINTON E., Isle La Motte. Liberal Arts. JENKINS, FRIEND H., Bennington. Agriculture. Sig- ma Nu. JENNE, MARGARET P., Richford. Elementary Edu- cation. JENNINGS, ALFRED, Norwich. Mechanical Engineer- ing. JENSEN, BARBARA A., West Hartford, Conn. Liberal Arts. Kappa Alpha Theta. JOHNSON, BERNARD S., Hamden, Conn. Civil Engi- neering. JOHNSON, MILDRED E., Verona, N. J. Liberal Arts. Alpha Chi Omega. JOHNSON, JR., OSCAR B., Brattleboro. Agriculture. JOHNSON, WALTER M., North Easton, Mass. Elec- trical Engineering. JOHNSTON, HAZEL R., Ludlow. Liberal Arts. JOLIVETTE, KENNETH C., Bennington. Pre-medical. JONES, DORIS E., North Bennington. Liberal Arts. JONES, JR., GLENHAM, Brattleboro. Business Ad- ministration. JOSLYN, MILDRED L., Waitsfield. Liberal Arts. KAITXTZ, EDWARD M., Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Liberal rts. KALKIN, EUGENE W.. Forest Hills, N. Y. Pre-medical. KAUEMAN, MORTON I., Nantucket, Mass. Liberal Arts. KEEZER, GERALD W., St. Albans. Business Adminis- tration. KEHOE, CHARLES W., Rutherford, N. J. Electrical Engineering. Phi Delta Theta. KEHOE, RALPH P., Rutland. Secondary Education. Delta Psi. KEITH, JAMES P., Pittsford. Secondary Education. Delta Psi. KELLEY, RICHARD R.. Burlington. Pre-medical. KELLOGG, CAROL A., Richmond. Commercial. KELLY, PAUL V., Montclair, N. J. Civil Engineer- ing. KERIN, WILLIAM C., Hartford, Conn. Business Ad- ministration. KETCHAM, CHARLES E., MOHLCIBII, Civil Erl- gineering. KIDDER, KATHERINE A., Burlington. Home Eco- nomics. KIMBALL, PAUL R., Barton. Liberal Arts. KING, JR., ATKINS H., Brattleboro. Electrical Engi- neering. KING, FREDERICK W., Fairfax. Secondary Education. KINIRY, THOMAS J., Bellows Falls. Liberal Arts. KINSLER, RICHARD G., Springfield. Mass. Liberal Arts. Tau Epsilon Phi. KLEIN, PAULINE, Newton, Mass. Elementary Edu- cation. KNAPP, STANLEY A., Newfane. Liberal Arts. KNIGHT, WILLIAM B., Burlington. Business Admin- istration. KORPI, MIRIAM L., Jamaica. Liberal Arts. KRIVIT, I-IARRIET J., Jersey City, N. J. Liberal Arts. Alpha Epsilon Phi. KRULEELD, JACOB M., Morrisville. Liberal Arts. Tau Epsilon Phi. KUBIN, JOHN G., Fair Haven. Liberal Arts. Delta Psi. KUEHDORE, HILDEGARDE E., Holyoke, Mass. Nurs- ing Education. LADD, PARKER B., Hardwick. Liberal Arts. LAFKO, EDMUND P., Springfield. Electrical Engi- neering. LAGUE, ANTHONY C., Newport. Business Adminis- tration. LAMBERT, LUCIEN E., Orleans. Secondary Education. LANDRY, FRANK G., St. Johnsbury. Pre-medical. LANDRY, JOHN G., Burlington. Business Adminis- tration. ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-FIVE LA PENNA, THOMAS E., Rutland. Electrical Engi- LANE, EDWARD J., South Burlington. Mechanical Engineering. LANE, JOYCE H., Barre. Commercial. LANGER, ARTHUR, Brooklyn, N. Y. Pre-medical. Tau Epsilon Phi. LUCAS, PAUL R., Island Pond. Education. Lambda Iota. LUNDGREN, ROBERT E., Port Jefferson, N. Y. Liberal Arts. ' LYNCH, THOMAS W., Burlington. Liberal Arts. LYNDES, HILDA G., P1ainHe1d. Agriculture. neering. LA ROSA, ALFRED I., Brattleboro. Liberal Arts. LARRABEE, BARBARA L., Shoreham. Agriculture. Kappa Alpha Theta. LARRABEE, JANICE E., Shoreham. Liberal Arts. LASH, WALLACE D., Burlington. Business Adminis tration. Phi Sigma Delta. LAVIN, LOUIS, Websterville. Pre-law. LAWRENCE, LAWRENCE LAWRENCE, ALLAN K., Morrisville. Agriculture. ALVAN J., Morrisville. Agriculture. RODGER H., Montpelier. Civil Engineer- MACDONALD, DANIEL A., Bellows Falls. Electrical Engineering. MACDONALD, GEORGE A., South Ryegate. Liberal Arts. Kappa Sigma. MACDONALD, ROY G., Barre. Liberal Arts. MACEDO, ADELINE L., Burlington. Technology. MACKEY, ROBERT S., Plattsburg, N. Y. Business Administration. Delta Psi. MACLAUGHLIN, HELEN J., Burlington. Music Edu- cation. Kappa Alpha Theta. MACMINN, THOMAS W., Montpelier. Business Ad- ministration. Phi Delta Theta. ing. LAWRENCE, WILLIAM J., Burlington. Pre-medical. LEAVITT, BERNARD W., Bradford. Mechanical Engi- neering. LEDUC, ROGER E., Barre. Electrical Engineering. Alpha Tau Omega. LEO, JOHN, Winooski. Liberal Arts. LEPINE, ANDRE O., Morrisville. Agriculture. LESSNER, LOIS G., Hillside, N. J. Liberal Arts. LEVIN, MORRIS J.. Burlington. Electrical Engineer- MACNEIL, IAN R., West Brattleboro. Pre-law. MACOMBER, RICHARD W., Grand Isle. Civil Engi- neering. MACTIERNAN, MARION R., Burlington. Liberal Arts. Kappa Alpha Theta. MAGUIRE, ROBERT V., Malone, N. Y. Liberal Arts. MAHONEY, WILLIAM S., Burlington. Liberal Arts. MALLEA, LUIS N., Nampa, Ida. Technology. MANSFIELD, SERGE H., Winooski. Business Admin- istration. ing. Phi Sigma Delta. LEVINE, HENRY D. New London, Conn. Pre-medi cal. LEVINE, HERBERT J., Newton, Mass. Pre-medical. LEVINE, RUTH E., Palisades Park, N. J. Liberal Arts. Delta Phi Epsilon. LEVINE, SIDNEY, Port Chester. N. Y. Electrical En gineering. LEWKOWICZ, CHARLES E., Bellows Falls. Secondary Education. Kappa Sigma. MANSOLFP, THOMAS E., Stowe. Agriculture. MAPES, FRANK B., Somerset, Pa. Mechanical Engi- neering. MARONEY, ROBERT J., Winooski. Secondary Edu- cation. MARSA, WILLIAM, Bradley Beach, N. J. Liberal Arts. Phi Sigma Delta. MARSH, ABBIE A., Rahway. N. J. Business Ad- ministration. LIMOGE, DAMAs J., Milton. Business Administration. LINKE, OSCAR, Shushan, N. Y. Business Adminis- tration. LINSENMEIR, FRANCIS R., Burlington. Business Ad- ministration. Phi Delta Theta. LOBDELL, STEPHEN L., Hartland. Agriculture. LOGAN, MAURICE E., St. Johnsbury. Pre-medical. LONEY, HAROLD L., Boston, Mass. Civil Engineering. Theta Chi. LOOBY, ROBERT W., Vergennes. Liberal Arts. LOVEJOY, LUCILLE O., Springfield. Home Eco- nomics. LOVELL, JOHN E., Woodstock. Agriculture. LOVERING, CLIFFORD E., St. Johnsbury. Electrical Engineering. LOYZELLE, JR., HARRY E., Eryeburg, Me. Pre- medical. ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-SIX MARTIN, BETTY J., Louisville, Ky. Liberal Arts. ' MARTIN, ELMER C., Johnson. Mechanical Engineer- ing, MARTIN, HOLLISTER E., Pittsfield. Business Ad- ministration. MATTHEWS, ROBERT E., Burlington. Business Ad- ministration. MAXHAM, DAVID L., Woodstock. Pre-medical. MAYO, EDGAR H., Northfield. Liberal Arts. MAYO, GLENDON R., Springiield, Mass. Civil Engi- I neering. ' MCCANN, JR., ARTHUR J., Lyndonville. Business Administration. MCCORMICK, THOMAS A., sf. Albans. Pre-medical. tl MCCRACKEN, STEWART C., Springfield, Mass. Pre- i - medical. Phi Delta Theta. I NORTH, MAYNARD J., Port Huron, Mich. Liberal MCGAREYLWALTER A., St. Albans. Business Ad- ministration. Kappa Sigma. MCGEE, FREDERICK J., Burlington. Civil Engineer- ing. MCGINNIIS, EDWARD H., Springfield, Mass. Business Administration. Kappa Sigma. MCGRATH, MARY E., Burlington. Secondary Educa- tion. MCINTYRE, WILLIAM J., North Bennington. Liberal Arts. MCKEE. EDWIN R., Burlington. Business Adminis- tration. MCKENNA, EDWARD T., Brattleboro. Business Ad- ministration. MCKNIGHT, HOWARD G.. Barre. Pre-medical. MCLEOD, DARROW R., Barre. Mechanical Engineer- ing. MCNEILLY, MILDRED N., Bennington. Liberal Arts. MCNULTY, JAMES C., Proctorsville. Mechanical En- gineering. MCPHETRES, FLOYD O., Randolph Center. Liberal Arts. MCSWEENEY, JR., EDWARD D., Burlington. Pre- medical. Sigma Nu. MEARS, KATHRYN A., Marshfield. Medical Tech- nology. MEEGAN, DANIEL J., Burlington. Secondary Edu- cation. IVIELAVEN, EMERSON J., Milton. Liberal Arts. MENARD, CORINNE A., Springlield. Liberal Arts. MERCIA, LEONARD S., Morrisville. Agriculture. MERRILL, ARTHUR E., Norwich. Business Adminis- tration. MERRIMAN, FLOYD D., Plantsville, Conn. Liberal Arts. MERZ, JOHN C., Woodmont, Conn. Civil Engineer- ing. METZ, JR., JOSEPH E., Elizabeth, N. J. Agriculture. MEURLIN, NEIL F., Essex Center. Business Adminis- tration. MILES, LORRAINE, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Medical MOORE, NORMAN, New York, N. Y. Pre-law. MORAN, CHARLES C., Keeseville, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering. MORGAN, MERVYN T., Burlington. Business Admin- istration. Alpha Tau Omega. MORIIARTY, JAMES E., Bellows Falls, Business Ad- ministration. MODRIN, ROBERT M., Springfield. Pre-medical. D.lta si. MORRISON, ROBERT E.. Milford, Conn. Civil Engi- neering. Lambda Iota. MORRISON, SYLVIA C., Burlington. Commercial Teaching. Delta Phi Epsilon. MORTON, JOHN H., Portland, Me. Liberal Arts. MORWOOD. GEORGE A., Winooski. Mechanical En- gineering. MUELLER, ALFRED, Newport, R. I. Liberal Arts. MULHERON, JR., WILLIAM M., Yarmouthport, Mass. Liberal Arts. MULLIGAN, ROBERT J., Burlington. Mechanical En- gineering. MURDOCK, VICTOR C., Schenectady, N. Y. Business Administration. MURPHY, BERNARD P., Burlington. Civil Engineer- ing. MURPHY, DANIEL J., Montpelier. Liberal Arts. MYERS, REGINALD E., Winooski. Business Adminis- tration. NADEAU, JOHN P., St. Johnsbury. Pre-medical. NEEDLEMAN, JERRY N., Bennington. Pre-medical. Phi Sigma Delta. NELLIGAN, ROBERT H., Williamsett, Mass. Pre- medical. NELSON, HARRY D., Hanover, N. H. Pre-medical. Alpha Tau Omega. NEWTON, WYMOND S., St. Albans. Electrical' Engi- neering. NIEMANN, ALFRED P., Queens Village, N. Y. Busi- ness Administration. Kappa Sigma. NILES, CHARLES A., Williston. Liberal Arts. IVIOLLOY, Technology. Pi Beta Phi. MILLER, MARILYN A., Bloomlield, N. J. Music Edu- cation. MILLS, SAMUEL D., Littleton. N. H. Liberal Arts. MITCHELL, HARRY V., Burlington. Electrical Engi- neering. MOFFITT, JR., STUART R., Fayetteville, N. C. Liberal Arts. MOLLICA JOANNE, St. Johnsbury. Medical Tech- nology. MOLLICA, JOHN R., Newport. Liberal Arts. MOLLICA NANCY R., St. Johnsbury. Liberal Arts. EILEEN T., South Dorset. Elementary Education. Mooona, BETTY A., Hunririgron, N. Y. Agriculture. MOORE, EDWARD E., Plymouth Union. Liberal Arts. Arts. NORTHROP, GEORGE H., St, Albans. cation. NOSTRAND, ELBERT D., Burlington. O'BRIEN, THOMAS H., Huntington, Arts. O'CONNELL, RICHARD T., Newark, Arts. O'I-IARE, ROBERT R., North Adams, Engineering. OLSEN, VIVIENNE E., Burlington. O'NEILL, MARY J., Lowell, Mass. Secondary Edu- Liberal Arts. N. Y. Liberal N. J. Liberal Mass., Electrical Nursing. Pre-medical. ORMSBEE, MARILYN A., Montpelier. Home Eco- nomics. Sigma Gamma. O'ROURKE, WILLIAM F., Rutland. gineering. Mechanical En- ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-SEVEN ORR, THEDA E., Vershire. Agriculture Education. O'SHEA, MARK L., Orwell. Agriculture. OSHER, MARCIA, Bellows Falls. Secondary Educa- tion. Delta Phi Epsilon. PAGE, DALE S., Derby. Liberal Arts. PAGE, JOHN C., Middlesex. Agriculture. PAGE, RONALD M., Burlington. Mechanical Engi- neering. Sigma Phi. PALERMO, DARIA T., Waterbury. Liberal Arts. PALIN, LYNDOL H., Burlington. Secondary Educa- tion. PALMISANO, ANTHONY F., Barre. Liberal Arts. PAPPAS, ANGELO G., Burlington. Pre-medical. PARADIS, EDMUND W., Island Pond. Electrical En- gineering. PARKER, THOMAS H., Larchmont, N. Y. Liberal Arts. PARRIS, MARY E., Bellows Falls. Business Adminis- tration. PAUL, DOMINIC R., Rutland. Pre-medical. PEABODY, FRANKLIN M., St. Albans. Pre-law. Delta Psi. PEARSON, NANCY J., Burlington. Liberal Arts. Kappa Alpha Theta. PEASE, ETHEL I., Bethel. Elementary Education. Alpha Chi Omega. PEASE, JONATHAN A., Bethel. Electrical Engineering. PECK, JR., MICHAEL, Burlington. Business Adminis- tration. Alpha Tau Omega. PEDUZZI, RENO J., Barre. Business Administration. PELOQUIN, GLADYS M., North Adams, Mass. Nursing Education. PELLON, JOSEPH J., Barre. Liberal Arts. PERKINS, BRUCE G., Allendale, N. J. Agriculture. PERKINS, DONALD A., Rutland. Business Adminis- tration. Lambda Iota. PERKINS, ROBERT, Rutland. Electrical Engineering. PERKINS, WARREN J., Meredith, N. H. Pre-medical. PERRAS, ARMAND E., North Troy, N. Y. Electrical Engineering. PERRY, BARBARA A., St. Johnsbury. Business Ad- ministration. PERRY, HAROLD A.. Swanton. Business Administra- tion. PERRY, JR., RALPH F., Morristown, N. J. Pre- medical. Phi Delta Theta. PERSICO, ALFRED M., Rutland. Mechanical Engi- neering. PERVIER, WILLIAM R., Northfield. Liberal Arts. Alpha Tau Omega. PETERSEN, JAMES E., Salisbury. Liberal Arts. PETERSON, MIRIAM R., Northfield. Liberal Arts. ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-EIGHT PHILLIPS, JOHN L., Rutland. Electrical Engineering. Delta Psi. PICHE, ARNOLD C., Slatersville, R. I. Business Ad- ministrationf PIERCE, JR., CEDRIC E., Barton. Liberal Arts. PIERCE, CLAYTON C., Brattleboro. Electrical Engi- neering. PIERCE, DOUGLAS F., Hinsdale, Mass. Business Ad- ministration. Phi Delta Theta. PIRO, MANUEL A., Montpelier. Pre-veterinarian. PITTS, PAUL E., Waterbury, Conn. Electrical Engi- neering. PLANTE, LAURENCE T., Hinesburg. Liberal Arts. PLANTE, SIMON J., Barre. Business Administration. PLOOF, HAMILTON J., Burlington. Electrical Engi- neering. PI-UMLEY, FRANK E., Massena, N. Y. Pre-medical. POMPONIO, JOSEPH G., Rutland. Pre-medical. POQUETTE, REGINALD I., Alburg. Industrial Educa- tlOI'l. PORTER, JOHN H., Winooski. Liberal Arts. POST, FARRINGTON E., St. Albans. Business Ad- ministration. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. POST, HELEN M., Burlington. Liberal Arts. POWERS, 'RICHARD J., North Bennington. Secondary Education. PRATT, ALAN, Proctor. Liberal Arts. Delta Psi. PRATT, CLINTON E., San Francisco, Calif. Civil En- gineering. PRATT, FREDERICK E., Rutland. Liberal Arts. PRESTON, JEAN A., Salisbury. Music Education. PREWITT, JR., JOHN C., East Orange, N. J. Pre-law. PRICE, JOHN R., Bethel. Agriculture. PROCTOR, CHARLES A., Weston. Agriculture. PULLING, AUBREY E., Rutland. Agriculture. PURICELLI, JR., MARIO, Barre. Civil Engineering. QUINTANA, DANTE B., Barre. Liberal Arts. RAFFILE, EDWIN F., West Haven, Conn. Pre-law. RALEIGH, JAMES L., Rutland. Liberal Arts. Phi Delta Theta. RALPH, NEIL, Barre. Agriculture. Alpha Tau Omega. RANDALL, EARLE D., Barton. Agriculture Education. RASINES, RICARDO J., Barre. Secondary Education. RAY, ROBERT H., South Burlington. Liberal Arts. Phi Delta Theta. RAYMOND, CHARLOTTE D., Rutland. Home Eco- nomics. REED, PATRICIA M., Pittsford Mills. Home Eco- nomics. Alpha Sigma Alpha QTemple UQ. REID, WILLIAM D., Glen Ridge, N. J. Agriculture. REILLY, JAMES F., Barre. Business Administration. REILLY, RICHARD J., Brattleboro. Business Adminis- tration. REMILY, BERNARD P., Burlington. Business Admin- istration. RHEIN, ROBERTJ., Hinesburg. Secondary Education. RICHARDS, VINCENT E., New York, N. Y. Agri- culture. RICHARDSON, FREDERICK W., Springfield. Mechani- cal Engineering. RIGGIE, BRIAN M., Island Pond. Forestry. RILEY, JR., JAMES M., Swanton. Liberal Arts. RITCHIE, JEAN A., Bellerose. N. Y. Liberal Arts. Pi Beta Phi. ROBERTSON, WILLARD, Manchester Depot. Liberal Arts. Phi Delta Theta. ROBIE, JOHN A.. Lyndonville. Secondary Education. RODGERS, ELEANOR M., Ogdensburg, N. Y. Nursing. ROGERSON, CAROLYN J., Richford. Elementary Edu- cation. Alpha Chi Omega. ROGERSON, JOHN W., Richford. Electrical Engineer- ing. ROLPE, HUGH E., Burlington. Business Administra- tion. ROMANO, ALBERT A., White River Junction. Pre- medical. RONDEAU, ALBERT E., North Adams, Mass. Elec- trical Engineering. ROONEY, ALICE T., St. Albans. Commercial Teach- ing. Alpha Chi Omega. ROONEY, JAMES R., Hartford, Conn. Business Ad- ministration. Sigma Phi. ROSA, DOMENIC F., Waterbury, Conn. Pre-law. Kap- pa Sigma. ROSS, HARRY R., Rutland. Business Administration. Delta Psi. ROST, FRANCIS G., Westfield, Mass. Secondary Edu- cation. ROUBA, HENRY J., Burlington. Agriculture. ROUND, FRANKLIN P., East Wallingford. Civil En- gineering. Lambda Iota. ROWDEN, DEAN T., Wells River. Agriculture. ROWE, THELMA H., Bourne, Mass. Home Economics. ROY, JR., ROBERT L., Newman, Ga, Mechanical En- gineering. RUROEDE, III, CARL, Montclair, N. J. Business Ad- ministration. Phi Delta Theta. RUROEDE, WALTER O.. Montclair, N. J. Agriculture. Phi Delta Theta. RUSSELL, MRs. PATRICIA R., Maplewood, N, J. Lib- eral Arts. RUSSELL, ROBERT A., Niagara Falls, N. Y. Liberal Arts. RYAN, BARBARA H., Fairfield. Liberal Arts. RYAN, EDWARD T., Burlington. Music Education. RYAN, THOMAS M., Bennington. Liberal Arts. RYAN, JR., WILLIAM P., Holyoke, Mass. Pre-medical Phi Delta Theta. SABENS, MARSHALL T., Essex Junction. Liberal Arts, ST. GELAIS, ROBERT A., Burlington. Liberal Arts. SALTZMAN, MARVIN, Brooklyn, N. Y. Pre-Medical. Phi Sigma Delta. SAN MIGUEL, LOUIS, Barre. Business Administration. SARTORELLI, UGO J., Barre. Business Administration. SAVOY. RICHARD, Montreal, P. Q., Canada. Business Administration. SAWYER, ALLEN W., Morrisville. Liberal Arts. SCQALDACH, ROBERT D., West Hartford. Liberal ILS. SCHMITT, DAVID T., Norwalk, Conn. Agriculture SCHNITNIKOFF, HELEN A., New York. N. Y. Agri- culture. SCHWEYER, MARY P., Burlington. Liberal Arts. SCRIBNER, ELEANOR J., Johnson. Secondary Edu- cation. SEGALE, MARY J., Rutland. Secondary Education. SEMONITE, XVILLIAM G., Cranford, N. J. Pre-medi- cal. SHEA, MAROLYN A., Montpelier. Secretarial. Alpha Chi Omega. SHERIDAN, JR., FRANCIS T., Montpelier. Business Administration. SIGMAN, FRED M., Flushing, N. Y. Liberal Arts. SIMMONS, ALLEN N., North Bennington. Mechani- cal Engineering. SIMMONS, ARTHUR C., North Bennington. Mechani- cal Engineering. SIMMONS, FREDERICK W., North Bennington. Me- chanical Engineering. SIMMS, LORETTA E., Fords, N. J. Business Adminis- tration. Kappa Alpha Theta. SIMONDS, JR., RALPH W., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Busi- ness Administration. Phi Delta Theta. SISCO, BURTON A., Windsor. Secondary Education. SLEEPER, FLOYD E., Essex Junction. Business Ad- ministration. SMART, JOSEPH J., Camden, N. J. Liberal Arts. SMITH, JR., CHARLES A., Hackettstown, N. J, Civil Engineering. SMITH, CLEMENT E., Hardwick. Liberal Arts. SMITH, DONALD W., Middlebury. Electrical Engi- neering. Sigma Nu. SMITH, JOHN F., Rosedale, N. Y. Liberal Arts. SMITH, KATHLEEN F., Burlington. Medical Tech- nology. Alpha Chi Omega. SMITH, LEROY S., Springfield. Liberal Arts. SMITH, JR., ONEY P., Troy, N. Y. Pre-medical. SMITH, JR., ROBERT E., Arlington. Mechanical En- gineering. ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-NINE SMITH, RODERICK W., Scarsdale, N. Y. Pre-law. Phi Delta Theta. SMITH, WENDELL E., Springfield. Liberal Arts. SMYRSKI, JOHN A., West Rutland. Civil Engineering. SODERGREN, ARVID L., Rutland. Electrical Engi- neering. SOULE, ANDREW J., Sheldon. Secondary Education. SOUTHWICK, RICHARD A., South Deerlield, Mass. Agriculture. SOUTIERE, LEONARD O., Winooski. Liberal Arts. SPARHAWK, JR., GEORGE H.. Maxwell Field, Ala. Technology. SPAULDING, BARBARA J., Rutland. Secondary Edu- cation. Pi Beta Phi. SPAULDING, WILLIS A., Proctorsville. Mechanical Engineering. STANTON, RODNEY S., St. Johnsbury. Liberal Arts. STARK, OLGA L., Burlington. Liberal Arts. STEAD, DOROTHY L., Burlington. Home Economics. Kappa Alpha Theta. STEARNS, BURDETT K., Orleans. Civil Engineering. STEINMETZ, JOHN C., Scarsdale, N. Y. Pre-law. STEVENS, PAUL C., East Charleston. Mechanical Engineering. STEWART, DONALD N., Jeffersonville. Business Ad- ministration. STEWART, KENNETH C., Burlington. Electrical En- gineering. STODDARD, LAWRENCE T., Malba, N. Y. Liberal Arts. STODDARD, MARK M., East Bethel. Liberal Arts. STOEHR, HEDI S., Winooski. Elementary Education. Alpha Chi Omega. STONE, MARVIN L., Hartford. Conn. Pre-medical. STOUGHTON, THEODORE, Poultney. Business Ad- ministration. STOWE, HAROLD W., Burlington. Liberal Arts. STOWELL, ROBERT C., Bellows Falls. Secondary Education. STRATTON, BEVERLY S., Barre. Pre-medical. STREETER, ALICE L., Dorset. Elementary Educa- tion. Delta Delta Delta. STROUT, ELEANOR, Arlington. Secondary Education. STRUHL, EDWARD S., Jersey City, N. Y. Technology. SULLIVAN, ROBERT W., New York, N. Y. Pre- medical. SUTHERLAND, ROBERT P., Burlington. Liberal Arts. SWEETSER, PHILIP B., Morrisville. Liberal Arts. SYKES, GORDON D., Brownsville. Business Adminis- tration. Lambda Iota. SYLVESTER, ROGER A., Essex Junction. Pre-forestry. TAISEY, ROBERT D., North Troy. Pre-law. Sigma Phi. ONE HUNDRED FORTY TASETANO, LOUIS J., Burlington. Liberal Arts. TAYLOR, DONALD S., Manchester Depot. Electrical Engineering. TAYLOR, DONALD S., Plainfield. Civil Engineering. Sigma Nu. TAYLOR, NANCY H., Barre. Junior High Education. TAYLOR, NELSON W., Groton. Mass. Agriculture. TAYLOR, WILLIAM W., Fresno, Calif. Business Ad- ministration. THOREN, ROBERT J., New Britain, Conn. Pre- medical. TIDD, LAWRENCE P., Bennington. Civil Engineering. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. TIEDEMANN, JOHN L., Brandon. Civil Engineering. TIMMONS, LOIS L., White River Junction. Pre-law. TOBIAS, CHARLES G., Montpelier. Liberal Arts. TOMASI, THERESA L., Burlington. Liberal Arts. TOMAT, LEONARD R., Barre. Liberal Arts. TOWLE, JOHN E., Burlington. Electrical Engineering. TOWNE, HARRIET L., Burlington. Liberal Arts. Kap- pa Alpha Theta. TOWNE, WILLIAM H., Morrisville. Liberal Arts. Sigma Nu. TRASK, WINSLOW T., Rochester. Liberal Arts. TRAVERSE, JR., CHARLES P., Newark, N. J. Busi- ness Administration. Kappa Sigma. TRAYNOR, ROSE-MARY, St. Johnsbury. Elementary Education. Alpha Chi Omega. TRONO, ANTHONY, Burlington. Junior High Edu- cation. TRUDELL, BERNARD J., Burlington. Electrical En- gineering. TUCKER, GEORGE R., Bellows Falls. Liberal Arts. TUCKER, PEARLE A., Waitslield. Elementary Edu- cation. TUDHOPE, DOUGLAS I., North Hero. Business Ad- ministration. Sigma Phi. TURNBULL, JAMES G., Orleans. Technology. Kappa Sigma. TWISS, ALDEN R., White River Junction. Secondary Education. TWITCHELL, JOHN C., Burlington. Liberal Arts. Delta Psi. TYRRELL, HOWARD C., Burlington. Electrical En- gineering. UNDERHILL, JAY L., North Attleboro, Mass. Elec- trical Engineering. Phi Delta Theta. URSPRUNG, STANLEY F., New London, Conn. Lib- eral Arts. Phi Delta Theta. USLE, LEWIS A., Barre. Electrical Engineering. VALENTE, JOHN R., Rutland. Electrical Engineering. VANAT, PATRICIA A., Jeffersonville. Elementary Education. Kappa Alpha Theta. VAN BUREN, HENRY C., Burlington. Pre-medical. VAN SCOIK, WILLIAM S., Poultney. Agriculture. Sigma Nu. VAN' WYCK, JOHN T., Wilmington. Business Ad- ministration. VARN, PATRICIA A., Elmira, N. Y. Liberal Arts. VAUGHAN, CHARLES R., Burlington. Business Ad- ministration. VAUGHAN, DONALD S., Westport, N. Y. Pre-medical. VIETS, WILLIAM H., Elmhurst, N. Y. Civil Engi- neering. VIZE, JAMES F., Reading, Pa. Electrical Engineering. VOSBURGH, CHARLES V., Bellows Falls. Liberal Arts. Kappa Sigma. WAITE, JEAN E., Middlebury. Liberal Arts. Delta Delta Delta. WALKER, JR., JOSEPH E., Barre. Civil Engineering. Sigma Phi. WALKER, ROBERT J., Windsor, Conn. Liberal Arts. WALLACE, KENNETH A., Alburg. Electrical Engi- neering. WARD, JOHN R., Interlaken, N. J. Agriculture. WARREN, JR., BRYAN E., Brattleboro. Mechanical Engineering. WARREN, PATRICIA A.. Chester Depot. Liberal Arts. Pi Beta Phi. WASHINGTON, WILLIAM A., Rock Tavern, N. Y. Business Administration. WEAVER, RICHMAN G., Absecon, N. J. Pre-medical. WEBER, ELEANOR J., Newton, Mass. Liberal Arts. WEBSTER, DAVID D., Irasburg. Liberal Arts. WEBSTER, HAZEL R., Randolph. Home Economics. WEED, JR., DYER D., Springfield. Pre-medical. WEISS, THEODORE D., Ridgefield, Conn. Business Administration. Phi Sigma Delta. WEMMELMANN, ELWIN O., St. Johnsbury. Second- ary Education. WENNING, ROBERT J., Longmeadow, Mass. Business Administration. WENNING, WILLIAM H., Longmeadow, Mass. Busi- ness Administration. WHEELER, ALFRED G., Hardwick. Pre-law. WHEELER, DAVID H., Bridgeport, Conn. Music Edu- cation. WHEELER, PHYLLIS V., North Bennington. Second- ary Education. V WHEELOCK, RAYMOND H., Barre. Pre-medical. WHITE, BETTY J., Ryegate. Elementary Education. WHITE, EDMOND C., Freehold, N. J. Civil Engi- neering. WHITE, LESLIE S., Barnet. Business Administration. WHITE, MARILYN J., Hamden, Conn. Home Eco- nomics. WHITE, WILLIAM B., Hinsdale, N. H. Pre-law. WILCOX, CHARLES J., Shelburne. Agriculture. WILCOX, JOHN A., Shelton. Conn. Pre-medical. WILLEY, MERVYN E., Littleton, N. H. Agricultural Education. WILLIAMS, EDGAR A., Poultney. Electrical Engi- neering. WILLIAMS, KENNETH O., New York, N. Y. Pre- medical. WILLIAMS, RAY E., Poultney. Business Administra- tion. WISNER, JR., JACKSON W., Rockville, Md. Liberal Arts. WOOD, DONALD M., Rutland, Electrical Engineering. WOOD, MARY P., Brooklyn, N. Y. Liberal Arts. Kappa Alpha Theta. WOOD, ROBERT Y., Pair Haven. Agriculture. Sig- ma Nu. WOODS, JR., GLENN H., Bridgewater. Business Ad- ministration. WOODWARD, RICHARD G., Burlington. Electrical En- gineering. WRIGHT, KENNETH A., Burlington. Business Ad- ministration. XAPHES, JOHN F., Biddeford, Me. Liberal Arts. YANDOW, HARRIS A., North Eerrisburg. Pre-medical. YORK, EUGENE A., Morristown, N. J. Mechanical Engineering. Kappa Sigma. YOUNG, EMILY M., West Glover. Liberal Arts. ZABARSKY, SIDNEY J., St. Johnsbury. Liberal Arts. ZIENOWICZ, GEORGE E., Ludlow. Business Adminis- tration. ONE HUNDRED FORTY-ONE FRESHMAN CLASS AARTOLA, VALMA I., East Setauket, N. Y. Liberal Arts. ABBEY, PAUL L., Burlington. Engineering. ABERDEEN, JOYCE A., Woonsocket. R. I. Pre-medi- cal. ADAMS, JR., CHARLES G., Lewiston, Me. Pre-medical. ADAMS, JOHN F., Putney. Agriculture. ADAMS, JR., SAFEORD, Essex Junction. Commerce and Economics. AINLEY, GEORGE H., Manchester, N. H. Liberal Arts. ALEXANDER, JANET D., Irasburg. Liberal Arts. ALLAIRE, ALBERT M., Wolcott. Agricultural Eco- nomics. ALLARD, EMILY R., Jacksonville. Home Economics. ALLARD, MARJORIE A., Rutland. Home Economics. ALLEN, HOWARD M., Chelsea. Agriculture. ALLEN, JAMES H., Vergennes. Business Administra- tion. ALTROCK, BARBARA J., Schenectady, N. Y. Liberal Arts. ANDREWS, GEORGE N., Rowley, Mass. Civil Engi- neering. ANGELL, BYRON H., Millbury, Mass., Pre-medical. ANOE, ROBERT J., Rutland. Civil Engineering. ANZALONE, JOHN C.. Rutland. Electrical Engineering. APLIN, RICHARD D., Waban, Mass. Agriculture. ARMS, CHADWICK C., Burlington. Agriculture. ASELTINE, MARY E., Williston. Elementary Educa- tion. ASE-LTINE, ROBERT R., Williston. Mechanical En- gineering. ARTHUR, STANLEY S., Waterbury. Liberal Arts. ATKINSON, JR., GORDON D., Malden, Mass. Pre- medical. ATWOOD, MARTHA L., Delmar, N. Y. Liberal Arts. AUSTIN, JEAN B., Brattleboro. Liberal Arts. AYER, GORDON A., Barre. Secondary Education. BABBITT, MARY F., Birmingham, Mich. Liberal Arts. BAGDIKIAN, ANITA, Bath, Me. Secondary Education. BAILEY, JACOB J., Burlington. Business Adminis- tration. BARER, CHARLES O., Brandon. Secondary Educa- tion. ONE HUNDRED FORTY-TWO BAKER, ELAINE B., River Edge, N. J. Pre-veterinary. BALLARD, GORDON J., Rutland. Civil Engineering. BANGHART, JOAN, Douglaston, N. Y. Secretarial. BANTA, DAVID R., Riverside, Conn. Agriculture. BARKER, LAWRENCE A., Thetford. Pre-forestry. BARRETT, EDWIN C., Burlington. Liberal Arts. BARROWS, ROBERT C., Vergennes. Mechanical En- gineering. BARRY, JOHN P., Bellows Falls. Secondary Education. BATELLONI, PETER J., Franklin, Mass. Economics. BASSETT, JR., EARL D., Barre. Liberal Arts. BATCHELDER, CHARLES C., Williston. Liberal Arts. BATCHELDER, HAROLD E., Montpelier. Agriculture. BATTLES, HENRY J., Rutland. Liberal Arts. BEASLEY, JOAN Y., Flushing, N. Y. Liberal Arts. BENEDICT, LUCILLE M., St. Johnsbury. Liberal Arts. BENNETT, JR., RALPH R., Bennington. Secondary Education. BENOIT, CLARENCE G., Burlington. Electrical En- gineering. X BENSON, MARCEL, St. Albans. Liberal Arts. BERMAN, STEPHEN A., New Britain, Conn. Liberal Arts. BERRY, NICHOLAS, Bristol. Liberal Arts. BERUBE, DONALD F., Essex Junction. Secondary Education. BERWIND, JR., CHARLES G., Paoli, Pa. Liberal Arts. BESSETTE, ALINE M., Hardwick. Liberal Arts. BESSO, MARY E., New York, N. Y. Business Admin- istration. BICKNELL, RUTH, Milton. Liberal Arts. BILODEAU, RAYMOND L., Cambridge. Mechanical Engineering. BINGHAM, JR., ALBERT R., Middlebury. Secondary Education. BISHOP, NORMAN A., Montpelier. Civil Engineering. BISSON, EUGENE M., Barre. Pre-veterinary. BLACKMORE, ROBERT A., Montpelier. Pre-law. BLAD, ARNOLD I., Barre. Civil Engineering. BLAKEMAN, ROBERT K., Ridgewood, N. J. Agricul- ture. BLISS, ARTHUR R., Blue Hill. Me. Pre-law. BLISS, JAMES A., Bellingham, Mass. Agriculture. BLISS, JR., MAX D., Bellows Falls. Business Ad- ministration. BLODGETT, HOLLIS F., Vergennes. Pre-dental. BLODGIETT, THERON H., St. Johnsbury. Electrical Engineering. BLOOMBERG, SAMUEL S., Burlington. Business Ad- ministration. BLOW, KENNETH C., South Burlington. Engineering. BODINE, DORIS E., Bellows Falls. Elementary Edu- cation. BOHANNON, GERTRUDE J.. Montpelier. Home Eco- nomics. BOOSIN, LUCILLE C., Woodmere, N. J. Liberal Arts. BORDEAU, ELIZABETH A., Canaan. Elementary Edu- cation. BOSTWICK, CHARLOTTE R., New Milford, Conn. Mu- sic Education. BOTTOMLEY, JR., JOHN, Wollaston, Mass, Pre- medical. BOURGEOIS, LEO P., Alburg. Secondary Education. BOWMAN, BRUCE B., Orleans. Business Administra- tion. BOWMAN, JR., GEORGE L., Philadelphia, Pa. Dairy Husbandry. BOYCE, JAMES E., Barre. Pre-medical. BOYCE, PAUL B., Poultney. Liberal Arts. BOYD, DAVID D., Jamaica Plain. Mass. Business Ad- ministration. BROCUKWAY, JOHN W., Montpelier. Secondary Edu- cation. V, BROCIQWAY, RICHARD W., Quechee. Business Ad- ministration. BROWN, FREDERICK A., St. Johnsbury. Liberal Arts. BROWN, JOHN, Orange. Liberal Arts. BROWN, STANLEY L., Burlington. Pre-medical. BRUNT, NORMAN F., Dedham, Mass. Engineering. BRYANT, LARRY W., Manchester Center. Dairy Hus- bandry. BRYANT, LAWRENCE E., Putney. Horticulture. BUCK, JOSEPHINE, Burlington. Home Economics. BURBANK, CHARLES L., Waitsfield. Liberal Arts. BURCHSTEAD, JR., HERBERT R., Saxtons River. Sec- ondary Education, BURMAN, EUGENE, Hyannis, Mass. Liberal Arts. BURROUGHS, ANN L., Pittsford. Home Economics. BURROUGHS, FRANCIS, Vergennes. Liberal Arts. BURROUGHS, HESTER M., Hancock. Home Economics. BUSHEY, LORRAINE E., Milton. Liberal Arts. BUTTERPIELD, DAVID W., North Troy. Secondary Education. BUTTRICK, POLLY W., Burlington. Liberal Arts. BYERS, NANCY E., Rouses Point, N. Y. Nursing Education. CAGGIGE, FRANK J., Rutland. Business Administra- tion. CALL, FREDERICK R., Colrain, Mass. Civil Engi- neering. CAMP, HESTER T., Newport. Secondary Education. CAMPBELL, RICHARD C., Montpelier. Pre-medical. CARPENTER, FOWLER W., South Royalton. Agricul- tural Engineering. CARROUGHER, JOHN A., Rutherford, N. J. Civil Engineering. CARTER, JR., HAROLD C., Park Ridge, Ill. Liberal Arts. CARTER, JAMES E., Great Neck, N. Y. Pre-medical. CARTER, JAMES E., Brattleboro. Pre-medical. CARTER, ROBERT M., Burlington. Agriculture. CASWELL, MAURICE D., Burlington. Mechanical En- gineering. CATTO, VINCENT P., Barre. Mechanical Engineering. CAVALIERI, WALTER C., Arlington, Mass. Agricul- ture. CHALMERS, NANCY L., Williamsville, N. Y. Home Economics. CI-IAMBERLIN, JR., STANLEY L., Randolph. Agricul- ture. CHAMPAGNE, MARY T., South Hero. Elementary Education. CHAPMAN, JOAN A.. Springfield. Medical Technology. CHASE, JR., HAROLD B., Ashburnham, Mass. Liberal Arts. CHATPIELD, EMMA M., South Lincoln. Secondary Education. CHRISTMAS, BERTRAM J., Pittsford. Secondary Edu- cation. CHRISTMAS, RAYMOND F., Proctor. Civil Engineering. CHUTTER, JOCELYN E., Pittsford. Nursing Educa- tion. CIUFO, ALEXANDER A., Ludlow. Business Adminis- tration. CIUFO, ROGER J., Ludlow. Pre-medical. CLANCY, MARGARET P., Shelburne. Secondary Edu- cation. CLOUTIER, RICHARD F., Lawrence, Mass. Electrical Engineering. CLOWSE, CONVERSE D., Richmond. Liberal Arts. COBURN, RUSSELL D., West Fairlee. Liberal Arts. COBURN, RUTH C., West Fairlee. Secondary Educa- tion. COFEIN, MARGARET A., Essex Junction, Nursing Education. COFPMAN, JOAN P., Burlington. Home Economics. COGSWELL, DAVID W., West Springield, Mass. Elec- trical Engineering. COLBERT, CHARLES L., Barre. Mechanical Engineer- ing. ONE HUNDRED FORTY-THREE COLBURN, ROBERT E., Montpelier. Liberal Arts. COLE, HENRIETTA J., Paterson, N. J. Liberal Arts. COMAR, ROBERT F., Bennington. Agriculture. CONLEY, ROBERT, Bennington. Pre-medical. COOK, FREDERICK N., Cuttingsville. Liberal Arts. COOK, JUNE M., Underhill Center. Secretarial. CooLEY, JOHN H., Randolph Center. Pre-forestry. COOLIDGE, WARREN J., Plymouth Union. Business Administration. CORRIGAN, ROBERT H., St. Albans. Business Ad- ministration. COSTELLO, EDWARD J., Rutland. Pre-law. COTE, DOMINIC G., Rochester, N. H. Secondary Edu- cation. COTE, LUCIEN J., Lyndonville. Pre-medical. COTELLA, RICHARD C., Rumford, R. I. Agriculture. COUNOS, GEORGE, Burlington. Liberal Arts. CRAIGE, DONALD J., Graniteville. Civil Engineering. CRAIGE, KELMAN D., Graniteville. Mechanical Engi- neering. CRAM, JR., GEORGE D., New Bedford, Mass. Liberal Arts. CREASEY, JR., FREEMAN K., Forestville, Conn. Busi- ness Administration. CROSS, CAROLYN M., Upper Montclair, N. J. Lib- eral Arts. CROUTER, JUNE Y., Oradell, N. J. Liberal Arts. CROWE, JOHN R., Sheldon Springs. Mechanical En- gineering. CUMMINGS, SELMA R., Bath, Me. Elementary Edu- cation. CURRIER, ROBERT H., Groton. Medical Technology. CURTIS, JOHN R., Burlington. Engineering. DANA, DONALD B., North Pomfret. Agricultural Engineering. DANIELS, ROGER A.. Burlington. Liberal Arts. DANOLDS, DAVID A., Wallingford. Secondary Edu- cation. DANTON, GEORGE J., Burlington. Secondary Edu- cation. DANYEW, JOYCE E., Hinesburg. Elementary Educa- UOI1. DARLING, HAROLD F., Groton. Agriculture. DATTILIO, LILY E., Burlington. Elementary Educa- tion. DAVENPORT, III, GEORGE W., San Gabriel, Calif. Business Administration. DAVIS, ELVIN N., Barre. Pre-medical. DAVIS, J. CAROL, Rahway, N. J. Liberal Arts. DAVIS, RICHARD D., St. Albans. Agriculture. ONE HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR DAVIS, WILLIAM E., Jericho. Pre-veterinary. DAVISON, ELIZABETH A., Morrisville, Home Eco- nomics. DAWSON, DALE R., Lyndonville. Agricultural Edu- cation. DEL BIANCO, HENRY P., Rutland Center. Civil En- gineering. DENICORE, JANE A., Burlington. Commerce and Economics. DENNIS, SHIRLEY A., St. Albans. Liberal Arts. DEROEHN, DONALD E., Derby. Mechanical Engi- neering. DESAUTELS, WILLIAM A., Burlington. Chemistry. DEVINO, WILLIAM S., Burlington. Business Admin- istration. DIMICK, RAYMOND O., St. Johnsbury. Mechanical Engineering. DIMOCK, MILTON M., Londonderry. Liberal Arts. DINWIDDIE, RAY, Bennington. Mechanical Engineer- ing. DIX, JERROLD S., Brattleboro. Mechanical Engineer- ing. DONOVAN, GEORGE A., North Springiield. Secondary Education. DORN, FRANCIS R., Burlington. Pre-medical. DORWARD, DONALD A., Worcester, Mass. Business Administration. DOWLING, FRANCIS W., St. Albans. Liberal Arts. DRECHSLER, ALBERT B., Stow, Mass. Agriculture. DUBIE, RICHARD H., Barre. Business Administration. DUCLOS, DONALD A., Burlington. Engineering. DUNHAM, WALTER E., Bennington. Electrical En- gineering. DUNN, JAMES J., Rutland. Pre-medical. DUPONT, JR., GILBERT J., Springfield. Business Ad- ministration. DURKEE, ROBERT E., Stockbridge. Secondary Edu- cation. DZIKIELEWSKI, ALEXANDRA C., Mineola, N. Y. Home Economics. EATON, CLIFFORD A., South Royalton. Civil Engi- neering. EDSON, ALVIN W., Rutland. Electrical Engineering. EGGLESTON, FREDERICK O., Island Pond. Business Administration. EHRENEREUND, HERBERT A., Cambridge, Ag- ricultural Engineering. EISMAN, HELENE M., Jersey City, N. J. Agriculture. ELLIOTT, ANITA B., Schenectady, N. Y. Home Eco- nomics. ELRICK, ALAN R., St. Albans. Business Administra- tion. FERLAND, JOSEPH C., Montpelier. Business Admin- FRIZZELL, BARBARA E., Woodstock. Home Eco- EPSTEIN, SANFORD J., Burlington. Engineering. ERICSON, JOAN K.. Champlain, N. Y. Liberal Arts. ERRETT, WILLIAM R.. Chatham, Pa. Liberal Arts. ESDXEN. SIBLEY R., White River Junction. Liberal ITS. EUBER, DOLORES M., Burlington. Elementary Edu- cation. FAIRMAN. MARILYN D., Springfield. Liberal Arts. FARNSWORTH, ELOUIE, East Brookfield. Elementary Education. FARNSWORTH, HARLAN R., Burlington. Secondary Education. FARR. JEANNE L., Westminster Station. Elementary Education. FARRELL, FRANK L., Irvington. N. J. Liberal Arts. FARRELL, WILLIAM C., Westminster. Liberal Arts. FARROW, HUGH E.. Groton. Chemistry. FAULKNER, DONALD H., South Barre. Mechanical Engineering. FERGUSON, OLIVE G., Poultney. Nursing Education. istration. FIELD, FLORENCE P., East Arlington. Liberal Arts. FILIPPO, ELIO J., Rutland. Electrical Engineering. FINK, RICHARD A., Hasbrouck Heights, N. J. Busi- ness Administration. FISH, GLADYS M., Wallingford. Liberal Arts. FISHER, MARGARET A., Moodus, Conn. Home Eco- nomics. FITTS, STANLEY, Barre. Business Administration. FITZGERALD, LOIS E., Fairfax. Junior High School Education. FITZGIBBONS, PAUL J., Port Jervis, N. Y. Business Administration. FLANDERS, JOHN W., St. Johnsbury. Mechanical Engineering. FLINT, ANNA M., Randolph. Home Economics. FOGG, CHESTER A., White River Junction. Business Administration. Foss, ROBERT E., Island Pond. Liberal Arts. FREDERICK, ROBERT E., Morrisville. Music. FRENCH, DOUGLAS J., Groton. Agriculture. FRENCH, JOHN C., Burlington. Secondary Education. FRENIER, JACK D., Andover, Ohio. Secondary Edu- cation. FRINK, JAMES P., North Haverhill, N. H., Secondary Education. FRINK, NEIL T., Burlington. Agriculture. nomics. FROST, EMERSON L., Pittsford. Liberal Arts. FULLER, ALICE I., Saxtons River. Medical Tech- nology. FULLER, MARY E., Burlington. Home Economics. FULLER, MYRON F., Springfield. Mechanical Engi- neering. GAIN, JULIA A., Milton. Elementary Education. GAXLI, KEITH E., Great Kills, L. I., N. Y. Liberal TIS. GANOW, JOAN L.. Caldwell, N. J. Liberal Arts. GARDNER, JR., WILLIAM L., Burlington. Liberal Arts. GIROUX, NORMAN F., St. Albans. Business Admin- istration. GLEIM, JR.. RAYMOND C., Glen Rock, N. J. Agri- culture. GLYSSON, EVELYN A., Fair Haven. Home Economics. GOLD, STANLEY W., Montreal, Que. Business Ad- ministration. GOODELL, PERRY A., East Thetford. Civil Engineer- ing. GOODMAN, LAWRENCE W., Manhasset, N. Y. Agri- culture. GOODMAN, SARITA, Brooklyn, N. Y. Pre-medical. GOODRICH, PAULINE W., Chester Depot. Medical Technology. GORDON, MELVIN G., Midland Park, N. J. Mechani- cal Engineering. GOSS, CYNTHIA B., St. Johnsbury. GOUCHOE, BERNARD A., Rutland. GOUGER, CHARLES P., Brattleboro istration. GOULD, NANCY J., Aurora, N. Y. Liberal Arts. Pre-medical. Business Admin- Liberal Arts. GOULET, PAUL E., Island Pond. Liberal Arts. GOVER, ANDREW L., Cambridge. Junior High School Education. GRANGER, ROBERT A., Orwell. Liberal Arts. GRANT, WILLIAM E., Meriden, Conn. Business Ad- ministration. GRAY, NANCY, Syosset, L. I., N. Y. Liberal Arts. GRAY, VERDA L., Canaan. Liberal Arts. GREENE, ROBERT H., East Providence, R. I. Second- ary Education. GREENUP, PATRICIA A., Barrington, R. I. Elemen- tary Education. GREENWOOD. CAROL E., St. Albans. Liberal Arts. GRODY, LORRAINE, West Hartford, Conn. Elemen- tary Education. GUIDOBONI, DONALD W., Middleboro, Mass. Civil Engineering. GUILD, SHIRLEY M., Burlington. Music Education. ONE HUNDRED FORTY-FIVE GUILIANI, EDWARD R., Mansfield, Mass. Engineering. GUYETT, JEANNE M., Eerrisburg. Liberal Arts. HACKEL, PAUL L., Rutland. Liberal Arts. HADDIGAN, HOWARD G., St. Albans, N. Y. Business Administration. HAGEMAN, JEAN W., Verona, N. J. Home Eco- nomics. HALE, JOHN D., St. Johnsbury. Electrical Engi- neering. HALE, NORMA C., Elmwood, Conn. Liberal Arts. HALL, BARBARA L., Bradford. Liberal Arts. HALL, GEORGE B., Isle La Motte. Pre-medical. HALL, LUCY E., Hardwick. Agriculture. HALL, WILMER B., Burlington. Business Administra- tion. HAMEL, RONALD J.. Windsor. Business Administra- tion. HAMELMAN, ROBERT F., Hempstead, N. Y. Busi- ness Administration. HAMILTON, HOWARD C., West Brattleboro. Electrical Engineering. HANCI-IETT, EUGENE C., Thetford Center. Agricul- ture. HARD, JEAN S., Burlington. Home Economics. HAEDGROVE, BETTY A., Douglaston, N. Y. Liberal rts. HARDY, RICHARD W., Burlington. Agriculture. HARPER, ANN L., South Royalton. Liberal Arts. HARRIS, DONALD G., Middlebury. Agriculture. HARRIS, JR., HOMER B., Middlebury. Agriculture. HARTE, CHARLES G., Bennington. Liberal Arts. HARTWELL, LINDLEY S., Burlington. Liberal Arts. HARVEY, DoLoREs, New York, N. Y. Liberal Arts. HARVEY, FRANCIS M., Winthrop, Mass. Civil Engi- neering. HARWOOD, JOHN F., Manchester Center. Agriculture. HASLAM, PETER M., Barre. Pre-veterinary. HATCH, MARJORIE R., Windsor. Liberal Arts. HAUPT, ROY C., Essex Junction. Secondary Educa- tion. HAVELL, ALLEN, Meriden, Conn. Liberal Arts. HAVENS, FREDERICK D., Burlington. Mechanical En- gineering. HAWKINS, ROGER M., Morris Plains, N. J. Electrical Engineering. ONE HUNDRED FORTY-SIX HAY, ALDEN J., Longmeadow, Mass. Education. HAYDEN, PHILIP M., Westiield, N. J. Agriculture. HAYS, ROBERT iV., Morris Plains, N. J. Mechanical Engineering. HEALD, BEVERLY M., St. Albans. Secondary Edu- cation. HEARN, BARBARA J., Hempstead, N. Y. Liberal Arts. HEBSCH, DONALD E., Lawrence, Mass. Business Ad- ministration. HEININGER, CALEP E., Barre. Liberal Arts, HEININGER, SYLVIA E., Burlington. Liberal Arts. HERBERG, JOAN L., Burlington. Secretarial. HERBERT, THOMAS L., Waterbury. Agriculture. HERRIOTT, ROBERT E., Tiverton, R. l. Engineering. HERTZ, PHILIP R., Pawlet.' Civil Engineering. HICKS, DONALD A., Wilmington. Secondary Educa- tion. HIGGINS, ROBERT M., Rutland. Business Adminis- tration. HILL, JR., ARTHUR R., East Brookheld. Mechanical Engineering. HINDS, JOHN E., Springfield. Business Administra- tion. HINKLEY, DAVID R., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Mechani- cal Engineering. HISLOP, DOROTHY J., Cambridge. Secretarial. HITCHCOCK, ALLEN M., Burlington. Agricultural Engineering. HODGKINS, JOHN ROBERT, Gaysville. Civil Engi- neering. HOESTADTER, JANET, New Rochelle, N. Y. Liberal Arts. HOISINGTON, SYLVIA R., Springfield. Liberal Arts. HOLLY, JOHN A., Schenectady, N. Y. Liberal Arts. HOUSTON, DORIS M., Rock Point. Elementary Edu- cation. HOWARD, HOLLIS S., Charlotte. Civil Engineering. HRYDZIUSKO, STANLEY J., Windsor. Business Ad- ministration. HUBBARD, ELVY M., St. Albans. Home Economics, HUGHES, JOSEPH J., Springfield. Secondary Educa- tion. HUNGERFORD, RICHARD S., St. Albans. Business Administration. HUNT, NORMAN A., South Barre. Mechanical Engi- neering. HURLEY, AALFRED W., Newport. Secondary Educa- tion. HUTCHINSON, RICHARD H., Detroit, Mich. Business Administration. HYDE, MARY E., Windsor. Liberal Arts. HYZER, ADA H., South Royalton. Liberal Arts. ICHTER, JOHN T., Nanticoke, Pa. Civil Engineering. INGLESON, JAMES E., Shelburne. Electrical Engi- neering. ISHAM, JOANNE W., Burlington. Junior High School Education. JAMES, JR., STANLEY K., Middlebury. Agricultural Engineering. JAMISON, HOWARD R., Burlington. Engineering. JEFFREY, WALLACE H., Chester. Agriculture. JEFTS, RALPH W., Chester. Agriculture. JENGO, JAMES B., New London, Conn. Mechanical Engineering. JENNINGS, DAVID B., Riverside, Conn. Pre-medical. JERGER, MOLLY A., Ferrisburg. Music Education. JIMMO, RICHARD A., Milton. Mechanical Engineering. JOHNSON, DUDLEY C., Meriden, Conn. Pre-medical. JOHNSON KENNETH M., Baltimore, Md. Agricul- ture. JOHNSON LEO F., White River Junction. Liberal Arts. JOHNSON SVEN G., Brooklyn, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering. JOHNSON, WILLIAM R., Lyndonville. Secondary Education. JONES, BARBARA A., Arlington. Elementary Educa- tion. JORDAN, URSULA E., Burlington. Secretarial. JUNG, KENNETH E., Douglaston, N. J. Liberal Arts. KANOUSE, WILLIAM H., Mendham, N. J. Electrical Engineering. KAUFMANN, EDWIN D., Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Pre- medical. KEELER, WARREN C., New London, Conn. Busi- ness Administration. KEITH, LEROY L., Underhill. Liberal Arts. KEITH, STEPHEN W., Newport. Civil Engineering. KELLEY, WILLIAM T., Lawrence, Mass. Liberal Arts. KENNER, RUTH H., Burlington. Elementary Educa- tion. KENRICK, FRANCES A.. Randolph. Home Economics. KENT, THOMAS H., North Bennington. Liberal Arts. KEOUGH, EDWARD B., North Bennington. Pre-medi- cal. KEOUGH, MARY F., North Bennington. Secondary Education. KERIN, ELIZABETH A., Burlington. Home Economics. KETCHAM, CHESTER S., Brandon. Liberal Arts. KEYES, ROLLIN G., St. Johns, Que. Mechanical, En- gineering. KILLARY, ROBERT J., South Burlington. Education. KILTY, PAUL A., Stratford, Conn. Mechanical En- gineering. KIMBALL, LAWRENCE E., St. Johnsbury. Liberal Arts. KING, BERT R., St. Albans. Pre-veterinary. KINGSTON, ANN M., Northfield. Elementary Edu- cation. KINNEY, ROBERT L.. Burlington. Electrical Engi- neering. KLIMM, PAUL J., Teaneck. N. J. Mechanical Engi- neering. KNAB, DOUGLAS R., Ellenville, N. Y. Liberal Arts. KNIGHT, SHIRLEY E., Shelburne. Mechanical Engi- neering. KOVACH, JAMES H., Seymour, Conn. Agricultural Engineering. KRAUT, ROBERT C., Jamaica Plain, Mass. Mechani- cal Engineering. LACKEY, FRANK H., Montpelier. Business Adminis- tration. LACLAIR, ALBERT D., St. Johnsbury. Agriculture. LADD, ROBERT E., Norwich. Agriculture. LAHEY, THOMAS E., Fall River, Mass. Mechanical Engineering. LAING, FREDERICK M., Barre. Medical Technology. LAMBERT, JOHN P., Burlington. Agriculture. LAMBERTON, RICHARD C., Springfield. Mechanical Engineering. LANE, LOUIS J., Roxbury, Mass. Liberal Arts. LAPERLE, LOUIS A., Beecher Falls. Civil Engineering. LAREAU, EUGENE M., St. Albans. Agriculture. LAREAU, GERMAINE G., St. Albans. Nursing. LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH A., Burlington. Home Eco- nomics. LAWRENCE, KENDRICK R., Moscow. Pre-medical. LAY, NELSON R., Island Pond. Agriculture. LAZAR, MELVIN E., Brooklyn, N. Y. Secondary Education. LEACH, EDWARD J., St. Albans. Mechanical Engi- neering. LEACH, SONYA J., Riverton, N. J. Liberal Arts. LEAVITT, ARTHUR W., Lynn, Mass. Liberal Arts. LEBOW, RACHEL, Burlington. Secondary Education. LEE, JOHN H., Rutland. Agriculture. ONE HUNDRED FORTY-SEVEN MCCLAY, ROBERT J., Windsor. Business Adminis- LEFKOWITZ, ROBERT J., Brooklyn, N. Y. Agricul- ture. LEI-INERT, JR., HOWARD E., Lawrence, Mass. Agri- culture, LETOURNEAU, EDWARD H., Turners Ealls, Mass. Liberal Arts. LEVINE, DONALD M., Ayer, Mass. Pre-medical. LEVINE, SUZETTE, Rockville Centre, N. Y., Liberal Arts. LEWIS, JOHN P., Townshend. Pre-medical. L'I-IOMMEDIEU, JOANNE E., East Wallingford. Sec- ondary Education. LINDSEY, MAYNARD K., Wallingford. Liberal Arts. LOCKE, LILAH I., Fair Haven. Secondary Education. LONDON, MARSHALL G., Hartford, Conn. Liberal Arts. LOUKES, LORRAINE E., Newport. Home Economics. LOVELETTE, NEAL T., Richford. Liberal Arts. Low, ALVAH H., Johnson. Liberal Arts. LOWREY, GEORGE W., St. Johnsbury. Agriculture. LOZON, WILLIAM H., Burlington. Mechanical Engi- neering. LUCE, ALLAN L., Waterbury. Liberal Arts. LURVEY, WENDELL E., Island Pond. Agriculture. LYMAN, CONSTANCE M., Hinesburg. Secretarial. . . LYON, RICHARD W., Burlington. Pre-medical. LYONS, HENRY B., Bennington. Agriculture. MCBRIDE, DALTON H., Island Pond. Liberal Arts. M?ARTI-IY, JR., WILLIAM H., Burlington. Liberal tts. tration. MCCLINTOCK, RUSSELL H., XVells River. Engineer- mg. MCCOLL, JAMES W., Newport. Liberal Arts. MCCREEDY, WALTER C., Randolph Center. Mechani- cal Engineering. MCCUIN, DARE M., Richford. Liberal Arts. MCCUIN, DONALD E., Waterville. Agriculture. MCDERMOTT, JOHN T., Concord, N. H. Liberal Arts. MACDONALD, JOHN A., Island Pond. Liberal Arts. MCENRUE, NORMAN P., Burlington. Liberal Arts. MCEADDEN, RICHARD E., Reading. Electrical Engi- neering. MCGINNIS, ROBERT P., Springfield, Mass. Business Administration. MCGINTY, THOMAS E., Willimansett, Mass. Second- ary Education. MCKEE, NANCY A., Montpelier. Liberal Arts. ONE HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHT MCMAHON, EDMUND B., Burlington. Liberal Arts. MCMASTER, JANET M., Burlington. Business Ad- ministration. ' MCMORROW, JACK R., Poultney. Secondary Educa- tion. MCMURDO, POLLY, Jamaica, N. Y. Secondary Edu- cation. MCQUEEN, JOSEPH F., Groton. Business Adminis- tration. MACE, SAM V., Ferrisburg. Business Administration. MACKAY, JAMES, Windsor. Secondary Education. MACOMBER, DOUGLAS W., XVest Springfield, Mass. Civil Engineering. MAGALSKY, KEITH A., Tunbridge. Mechanical En- gineering. MAGNANT, CLAUDE H., Franklin. Secondary Edu- cation. MAHERAS, GEORGE, Woburn. Mass. Engineering. MAHONEY, ELEANOR W., Burlington. Junior High School Education. MAHONEY, ROBERT R., North Adams, Mass. Pre- medical. MANLEY, JANE R., Milton. Elementary Education. MARSETT, BARBARA H., Montpelier. Liberal Arts. MARSHIA, MARTINA M., Burlington. Elementary Education. MARTIN, ARTHUR M., Lenox, Mass. Agriculture. MARTIN, BETTY V., New York, N. Y. Liberal Arts. MARTIN, GEORGE A., Saxtons River. Liberal Arts. MARTIN, HAROLD A., Poultney. Business Adminis- tration. MARTIN, HOWARD W., Montpelier. Engineering. MASON, MAUD L., Highland Park, N. J. Liberal rts. MATHEWS, EDWARD K., Wellesley, Mass. Liberal Arts. MEAKER, SHELDON C., Barre. Chemistry. MEDLAR, SHERMAN W., Burlington. Business Ad- ministration. MELENDY, IRVING C., Burlington. Liberal Arts. MERRILL, ANNA C., Ludlow. Pre-medical. MERRILL, EDWARD E., Boltonville, Medical Tech- nology. METCALF, LUCILE M., East Corinth. Elementary Education. METRAUX, ERIC, Philadelphia, Pa. Pre-medical. MEYER, VALERIE J., Manhasset, N. Y. Home Eco- nomics. MILLER, LEONARD, Burlington. Business Adminis- tration. MILLER, PATRICIA C., Beebe, Quebec. Elementary Education. MILLINGTON, DAVID C., Burlington. Liberal Arts. MINDICK, LAURA, Worcester, Mass. Liberal Arts. MONGEON, LAWRENCE V., Williston. Mechanical Engineering. MONTAC-UE, HARRY R., Manchester, N. H. Pre- medical. MOORE, JOHN P., Woodstock. Liberal Arts. MOORE, ROBERT W., Burlington. Civil Engineering. MORRILL, PETREA A., Morrisville. Liberal Arts, MORRISON, JOHN H., Toronto, Ontario. Liberal Arts. MORRISON, WILLIAM H., Burlington. Engineering. MOSELEY, ROBERT E., Braintree. Mass. Agriculture. MOSHER, JR., CURTIS H., Newtonville, Mass. Liberal Arts. MOSKOWITZ, BEATRICE, Rockville Centre. N. Y. Lib- eral Arts. MUDGETT, HESTER M., Essex Junction. Home Eco- nomics. MUELLER, EVELYN T., Norwalk, Conn. Secondary Education. MURPHY, THOMAS J., Old Bennington. Animal Husbandry. MURRAY, JR., WILLIAM T.. Montpelier. Liberal Arts. NASTRI, JOSEPH R., Waterbury, Conn. Pre-medical. NAYLOR, HOWARD B., Waterbury. Liberal Arts. NELBACH, CAROLYN L., Yonkers. N. Y. Secondary Education. NELSON, NORMA A., Burlington. Liberal Arts. NEWHALL, DAVID S., Burlington. Liberal Arts. NEWTON, ELEANOR F., North Ferrisburg. Liberal Arts. NICHOLS, MOLLY E., Randolph Center. Liberal Arts. NOYES, GERALDINE H., Noroton, Conn. Liberal Arts. O'DAY, MARGARET E., Hydeville. Liberal Arts. OLSEN, FRANK P., East Barnet. Electrical Engineer- ing. ORSON, CLAIRE M., Yonkers, N. Y. Secretarial. ORTON, GEOEFREY D., New York, N. Y. Secondary Education. OSGOOD, RICHARD H., Saxtons River. Mechanical Engineering. PAGE, HOWARD L., Burlington. Mechanical Engi- neering. PALMER, BARBARA, Rochester. Elementary Educa- tion. PALMISANO, PETER J. Barre. Pre-medical. PANDOLFE, FRANK C., Waterbury, Conn. Chemistry. PARENT, ADELAIDE R., Richmond. Nursing Educa- tion. PARENT, JR., ALEXIS J., Richmond. Pre-medical. PARKER, RALPH H., Springfield. Pre-medical. PARNES, LEO R., Brookline, Mass. Liberal Arts. PARTRIDGE, RICHARD, Worcester, Mass. Business Administration. PATCH, EDWIN L., Taftsville. Agriculture. PATRICK, DAVID K., Burlington. Business Adminis- tration. PATTEN, LEON I., Burlington. Business Administra- tion. PEAKE, FIELD P., Bristol. Business Administration PEIRCE, JR., KENNETH S., Fairhaven, Mass. Second- ary Education. PENFIELD, BARBARA L., Orange, N. J. Liberal Arts. PERRY, JOHN R., Barre. Mechanical Engineering. PERRY, JULIAN B., St. Albans. Liberal Arts. PETTY, ALAN R., Ballardvale, Mass. Agriculture. PHILLIPS, JOHN W., Poultney. Liberal Arts. PICKER, FRED, New York, N. Y. Liberal Arts. PIERCE, DUANE I.. Lyndonville. Civil Engineering. PIERCE, SAMUEL W., Hinsdale. Mass. Business Ad- ministration. PIKE, DIANE L., Burlington. Home Economics. PITKIN, PRISCILLA H., Randolph. Home Economics. PLUMB, DONALD H., Springfield. Agriculture. POIRIER, RAYMOND E., St. Albans. Electrical Engi- neering. POITRAS, DONALD L., Barre. Liberal Arts. POOLEY, SUZANNE, Burlington. Liberal Arts. PORTER, JAMES B., Colchester. Liberal Arts. PORTER, JOSEPH J., West Rutland. Liberal Arts. POST, DOROTHY L., Burlington. Junior High School Education. POWERS, DOROTHY F., Pittsford. Secretarial. POWERS, ROBERT A., Fredonia N. Y. Business Ad- ministration. POWERS, ROBERT T., Bound Brook, N. J. Business Administration. PRATICO, MARIO B., Rutland. Business Administra- tion. PRATT, HARRIET E., Bradford. Home Economics. PRATT, LEIGHTON C., Montpelier. Agriculture. PRATT, OLIVE E., Gaysville. Home Economics. PREMO, ARMAND P., Burlington. Secondary Educa- tion. ONE HUNDRED FORTY-NINE PRESTON, BARBARA R., Burlington. Liberal Arts. PRESTON, JR., HARRY A., Burlington. Electrical En- gineering. PRESTON, RALPH W., Lowell. Mechanical Engineer- ing. PREVO, JR., ALBERT A., Windsor. Business Admin- istration. PRICE, HELEN V., Baltimore, Md. Secondary Edu- cation. PRIME, GEORGANNA, Lake Placid, N. Y. Agriculture. PUCHER, GEORGE E., Hamden, Conn. Business Ad- ministration. PULSIFER, JR., IRVING E., Southbridge, Mass. Civil Engineering. PULVER, JR., RAYMOND W., West Hartford, Conn. Civil Engineering. PUTNAM, JANET R., Bridgewater. Home Economics. RABIDOU, WINSTON P., Northneld. Engineering. RABINOWITZ, JUDITH, Brooklyn, N. Y. Liberal Arts. RAIM, ROBERT J., Summit, N. J. Pre-medical. RANSOM, RICHARD C., Bennington. Business Admin- istration. RATTI, ROBERT J., Brattleboro. Business Adminis- tration. RAYMOND, ROY V., Elsmere, N. Y. Secondary Edu- cation. RAYNOR, MARJORIE H., Ridgewood, N. J. Second- ary Education. REASONER, GERALD M., Middlebury. Elementary Education. REIDY, FRANCIS P., Worcester. Mass. Business Ad- ministration. REMILLARD, DONALD V., Burlington. Liberal Arts. REUTHER, JOAN A., Glendale, N. Y. Liberal Arts. RICE, DOROTHY I., Derby. Liberal Arts. RICHARDS, WILLARD Q., Fair Haven. Secondary Edu- cation. RICHARDSON, GORDON M., Greensboro. Mechanical Engineering. RICHARDSON, WALTER G., Springfield. Business Ad- ministration. RIDER, REGINALD C., Portland, Me. Business Ad- ministration. RIGGS, JEAN A., Richmond. Home Economics. RISINGER, ELIZABETH E., Swanton. Pre-medical. ROACH, JOHN W., Rutland. Business Administration. ROBINSON, MARILYN V., Montpelier, Pre-medical. ROGERS, MARGARET J., Brandon. Secondary Educa- tion. ROLEE, JOYCE A., Burlington. Elementary Education. ROOD, JOHN H., East Craftsbury. Mechanical Engi- neering. ONE HUNDRE-D FIFTY ROSE, FORREST S., Harrisville. Liberal Arts. ROSE, JANICE L., Ludlow. Liberal Arts, ROSENBERG, JOYCE E., Burlington. Liberal Arts. ROSENBERG, PAULA, Brooklyn, N. Y. Liberal Arts. ROTHCHILD, HOWARD L., Burlington. Business Ad- rninistration. ROUGHTON, THOMAS T., Staten Island, N. Y. Agri- culture. ROUSE, WOODBURY E., Highgate Center. Electrical Engineering. RUTSTEIN, LOIS B., Burlington. Liberal Arts. SALM, MARGERY L., Westfield. N. J. Secretarial. SALVAGE, MAXINE J., Springfield, Mass. Secondary Education. SAMSON, MARTHA R., Eranklin. Nursing. SANBORN, NADA M., Bellows Ealls. Elementary Edu- cation. SANBORN, SHIRLEY D., Royal Oak, Mich. Elemen- tary Education. SARGENT, RONALD B., Woodsville, N. H. Pre-medical. SASSONE, ROBERT L., Barre. Liberal Arts. SAUL, MARGARET N., Braintree, Mass. Nursing. SAWYER, JEAN A., Burlington. Liberal Arts. SCANDORE, JOSEPH M., North Hero. Agriculture. SCHACHT, WILLIAM E., Eanwood, N. J. Mechanical Engineering. SCHAFEER, EDITH, Freeport, N. Y. Liberal Arts. SCHENKMAN, MARJORY L., Brooklyn, N. Y. Ele- mentary Education. SCHMIDT, ELAINE J., Manchester, N. H. Elementary Education. SCHOENFELD, SAMUEL R., Hewlett, N. Y. Liberal Arts. SCHOEIELD, GEORGE H., South Orange, N. J. Lib- eral Arts. SCHRYER, ROBERT K., Burlington. Civil Engineering. SCHULMAN, BERNARD L., Brooklyn, N. Y. Electri- cal Engineering. SCHURMAN, JR., CHARLES G., Newport. Liberal Arts. SCOTT JR., ROBERT K., Putney. Pre-medical. SEVERY, SHIRLEY M., Brandon. Nursing Education. SHAND, HOWARD W., Burlington. Business Admin- istration. SHAPIRO, BERNARD H., Springiield, Mass. Secondary Education. SHAPIRO, HELENE M., Newark, N. J. Nursing. SHAW, DOUGLAS P., Manchester Center. Liberal Arts. SHAW, EDWARD W., Brooklyn. N. Y. Electrical En- gineering. STRONG. SHIRLEY J., Craftsbury Common. Second- SHELDON, MERRITT W., Pawlet. Secondary Educa- tion. SHERWOOD, WILLIAM M., Northfield. Mechanical En- gineering. SHIMMIN, BARBARA J., Melrose, Mass. Liberal Arts. SHIPMAN, HERBERT F., Waterville. Agriculture. SHUFELDT, JEAN A.. Bellows Falls. Liberal Arts. SIKORA, KENNETH R., Burlington. Business Admin- istration. SILVEIRA, MILTON A., Mattapoisett, Mass. Mechani- cal Engineering. SIMONDS, JOHN S., White River Junction. Liberal Arts. SIMPSON, BERNARD, Underhill. Electrical Engineer- ing. SKINGER. RICHARD T., Worcester, Mass. Business Administration. SLAYTON, JOAN A., Burlington. Liberal Arts. SMITH ALAN H., Burlington. Business Administra- tion SMITH, ARTHUR L., Hardwick. Liberal Arts. SMITH CHARLOTTE J., Rutland. Liberal Arts. SMITH HOWARD W., South Vernon, Mass. Mechani- cal Engineering. SMITH, NORMA A., Windsor. Mechanical Engineering. SMITH, RUSSELL W., Cuttingsville. Agriculture. SNELSON, JR., THOMAS H., South Norwalk, Conn. Pre-medical. SNOW, RICHARD F., Somerville, Mass. Agriculture. SPAULDING, CHRISTINE I., Huntington. Home Eco- nomics. SPOONER, DONALD M., North Ferrisburg. Agricul- ture. SPOONER, MURIEL C., Highgate. Home Economics. SPREEN, WILLIAM F., Hawthorne, N. J. Business Administration. SPRINGSTED, DRUSILLA A., IVIOIIYICHI, Q., Canada. Liberal Arts. SPRUYT, HENRY N., DeerHeld, Mass. Liberal Arts. SQUIRES, DOROTHY A., East Arlington. Liberal Arts. STANGER, MARY A., Montreal, P. Q., Canada. Sec- ondary Education. STARBUCK, GARY T., West Hartford. Liberal Arts. STARGATT, BRUCE M., New Rochelle, N. Y. Liberal Arts. STEBBINS, RONALD H., Burlington. Liberal Arts. STEELE, RUTH C., New Bedford, Mass. Home Eco- nomics. STELL, NANCY R., Newark, N. Y. Nursing. STEPHENSON, JOHN F., Lowell. Agriculture. STEVENS, PAUL G., Rutland. Liberal Arts. STEWART, JR., CLAYTON J., Cuttingsville. Business Administration. STONE, CONSTANCE A., Burlington. Home Eco- nomics. STRADER, RUTH H., Newton, N. J. Liberal Arts. STREETER, ALPHEUS R., Wilmington. Secondary Education. STREETER, EDWARD F., Wilmington. Secondary Edu- cation. STRONG. DAVID J.. Elmsford. N. Y. Civil Engineer- ing. STRONG, HORACE W., Craftsbury Common. Agri- culture. ary Education. STYLES. MARTHA L., Northfield. Home Economics. SULLIVAN, JOHN F., Providence, R. I. Secondary Education. SULLIVAN, MABEL H., Bloomfield, N. J. Liberal Arts. SUSSKIND, M. STANLEY, Bayonne, N. J. Liberal Arts. SUSSMAN, PETER, New York, N. Y. Agriculture. SUTHERLAND, DAVID A., Essex Junction. Secondary Education. SWASEY, ANITA M., Batavia, N. Y. Liberal Arts. SWETT, DOUGLAS M., West Hartford, Conn. Agri- culture. SYLVESTER. DAVID N., St. Johnsbury. Liberal Arts. SYSKO, STEVENS J., Bellows Falls. Liberal Arts. TAMPAS, JOHN P., Burlington. Liberal Arts. TAVARES, JR., AFONS M., Lowell, Mass. Liberal Arts. TAYLOR, CHARLES W., Montreal, P. Q., Canada. Mechanical Engineering. TAYLOR, HARMIE N., Plainield. Liberal Arts. TAYLOR, MARY L., Burlington. Liberal Arts. TERRILL, KENNETH M., Cranford, N. J. Engineer- ing. THOMAS, ESTHER H., Burlington. Liberal Arts. THOMPSON, BARBARA M., East Corinth. Liberal Arts. THOMPSON, DOUGLAS L., Lyndonville. Liberal Arts. THOMPSON, FRANK N., Winooski. Mechanical En- gineering. THOMSON, FRANCIS A., Ancram, N. Y. Agriculture. THORELL, CAROLYN L., Cranston, R. I. Liberal Arts. TILLOTSON, CHESTER B., Fort Edward, N. Y. Lib- eral Arts. TITCOMB, FORREST C., Keene, N. H. Electrical En- gineering. TOMASI, JR., JOHN D., Barre. Liberal Arts. TOSCANO, FRANK R., Union City, N. J. Liberal Arts. ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-ONE VARRILL, JAMES W., Barre. Business Administra- TOWLE, CHESTER W., Westminster, Mass. Liberal Arts. TRERICE, ROBERT J., Windsor. Secondary Education. TRUE, JEAN, Lyndon Center. Liberal Arts. TRUE, MARCIA E., Windsor. Secondary Education. TURNER, BURTON H., Bennington. Liberal Arts. TURQUE, RONALD W., Brooklyn, N. Y. Liberal Arts. ULRICH, BARBARA A., Birmingham, Mich. Liberal Arts. UNDERWOOD, EDWIN R., Chester Depot. Civil En- gineering. URIE, DEAN H., Craftsbury Common. Agriculture. VACCARO, JOSEPH C., Stamford, Conn. Pre-medical. VALENCIA, WILLIAM N., Holyoke, Mass. Civil En- gineering. VANCE, PATRICIA A., New York, N. Y. Secondary Education. VAN NOSTRAND, ELIZABETH J., Nanuet, N. Y. Sec- ondary Education. tion. VESCOVI, RAYMOND B., New London. Conn. Busi- ness Administration. VIENS, JOSEPH A., Northfield. Civil Engineering. VIENS, PAUL K., Burlington. Industrial Engineering. VIETS, JR., JOHN B., Hyde Park. Pre-medical. voN PENTZ, JR., GROVER C., Amityville, N. Y. Ag- riculture. VUORI, CATHERINE I., Proctor. Junior High School Education. WALCOTT, ALDEN D., Glover. Liberal Arts. WALLETT, FRANCIS S., Rutland. Engineering. WALTHER, TED, New York, N. Y. Civil Engineering. WARRELL, ALMA L., East Barnet. Liberal Arts. WARRELL, RUTH A., East Barnet. Elementary Edu- cation. WASHBURN, STEWART P., Windsor. Business Admin- istration. WEINBERG, FREDERIC, Springfield, Mass. Liberal Arts. WELCH, GORDON C., Island Pond. Secondary Edu- cation. WELCH, ROBERT R., Springfield. Engineering. WELLS, MARILYN K., Burlington. Secondary Edu- cation. WENTWORTH, MALCOLM H., Brattleboro. Pre-medi- cal. ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-TWO WESCOTT, PAULINE J., East Poultney. Home Eco- nomics. WHALEY, ELIZABETH P., St. Johnsbury. Elementary Education. WHEELER, CAROLYN A., Glen Ridge, N. J. Elemen- tary Education. WHEELER, MARILYN L., Bellows Falls. Liberal Arts. WHEELER, RICHARD C., Kingston, Mass. Engineer- ing. WHEELOCK, GLENN A., Springfield. Mechanical En- gineering. WHITE, HAROLD C., New London, Conn. Liberal Arts. WHITE, LEE W., Bradford. Secondary Education. WHITE, STANLEY W., St. Johnsbury. Secondary Edu- cation. WHITNEY, BARBARA J., Williamstown. Music Edu- cation. WIEDMAN, MICHAEL S., Burlington. Pre-medical. WILBER, ADA, Cranston, R. I. Secondary Education. WILCOX, LANCE C., Grand Isle. Engineering. WILEY,.CHARLES E., Cuttingsville. Business Admin- istration. WILKINS, HELENE E., Brooklyn, N. Y. Liberal Arts. WILLIAMS, JANET M., Brandon. Pre-medical. WILLIAMS, JOANNE R., Londonderry. Liberal Arts. WILLIAMS, LLOYD W., Schenectady, N. Y. Pre- medical. WILLIAMS, PATRICIA, Putney. Liberal Arts. i WINGATE, JR., EARLE F., Essex Junction. Liberal Arts. WOLCOTT, ELWYN A., Colchester. Agriculture. WOOD, MARILYN E., Windsor. Liberal Arts. WOOD, WILLIAM P., Parkersburg, W. Va. Secondary Education. WOODCOCK, FRANK E., Plainfield. Pre-medical. WORTH, VALERY S., Nutley. N. J. Pre-medical. WRIGHT, SHERMAN B., Shefiield. Agriculture. YAHNER, DOROTHY E., Freeport, N. Y. Business Administration. YOUNG, KATHERINE E., Starksboro. Nursing Edu- cation. ZABARSKY, MELVIN D., St. Johnsbury, Business Ad- ministration. ZILE, ROBERT B., Montpelier. Mechanical Engineer- ing. TEANIWORK QNTHETRAIL ,ffm -f1i3i""N QI!! 8 ! UM: 91 MMU , X 1, WM . -'N--x NW TT xVW'LN . QT. gt MORTAR BOARD Second row: Smith, Wrision, Bristol, Holmberg, Church First row: Hoyt, Grier, Young, Howard, Mills MEMBERS Mary E. Young President Rosemary Bristol Nancy L. Church Beverley Grier Doris Holmberg Joanne Howard Marilyn Mills Mary Ann Smith Margaret W. Hoyt Cynthia Wriston HONORARY MEMBERS Nelle A. Adams Eleanor Cummings Catherine Nulty Mary Jean Simpson ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-FOUR Mortar Board is the senior Women's honorary. Its members are selected on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, and unseliish service to the school. Mortar Board works in conjunction with the Dean of Women in supervising various campus activities and improving campus life for Women. This year Mortar Board has concen- trated its activities on a tutoring bureau to improve the scholarship of the school. It has also put on its two traditional formal dances. The money raised by these dances has gone into a fund for the improvement of Redstone Campus. BOULDER SOCIE- Second row: Conrad, Smith, Shoplond First row: Hunziker, Deon Swift, Morburg, Conley A round stone in front of the Old Mill is responsible for the name of UVlVl's foremost Honorary Society for men. Founded in January, 1905 by the men of the Senior Class, Boulder So- ciety has made a lasting and important contribution to university life. Besides acting as an effective link between the student body and the administration, Boulder also supervises the traditional freshman and sophomore fights that take place annually on the campus. MEMBERS Robert Hunziker President Dale Conley Richard Conrad John Durkin Donald Marburg James Shapland Robert Smith HONORARY MEMBER Dean Elijah Swift ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-Fl STAFF AND SAN DAL Second row: Wetherby, Eaton, Atwood, Tobey, Farnham, Brackenridge, Crocker First row: Hillman, Davis, Reynolds, Smith, Malmquisf, Vivenii, Wood MEMBERS Jane Atwood Janet Brackenridge Katherine Crocker Marilyn Davis Kathryn Eaton Mary Jane Farnham Beverly Hillman Patricia Malmquist Sylvia Reynolds E. Jane Smith Nancy Tobey Joyce Viventi Lucille Wetherby Martha Wood 2745157 y ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-SIX Staff and Sandal, junior women's honorary society, was founded in 1935 by Dean Simpson and Mortar Board, with the primary purpose of sponsoring Lilac Day. The girls are chosen on the basis of character, scholastic ability and leadership. This year the fourteen girls selected the redecoration of the Science Hall Lounge as their main .projert and have also cooperated with the News Bu- reau by sending the college biographies of Seniors to their local papers. Staff and Sandal sponsored a dance in Decem- ber and helped with Freshman Camp. KEY AND SERPENT Second row: Eklund, Bolwell, Redway First row: Warden, Miele, Ingram, Waterman, Hunt Key and Serpent is the honorary so- ciety for junior men. The members are chosen for their character, scholastic standing, leadership ability, and extra- curricular activities by the outgoing so- ciety With the approval of the Deans and the President. The duties of Key and Serpent are numerous and essential to the campus and its activities. The men assist Boulder in their activities of executive powers in college functions, such as Kake Walk, athletic contests, pep rallies and campus policies. MEMBERS Thomas R. Ingram President Harry J, Bolwell Frank O. Eklund Robert D. French Mitchell J. Hunt Harry Miele Kenneth S. Peirce, Jr. Albert S. Redway John A. Warden Joseph W. Waterman ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-SEVEN Lillian Cotnoir SOPHOMORE AIDES Second row: Gregory, Hurlburf, Rogerson, Havens, Traynor, Bruu, Johnson First row: Lorrcabee, Martin, Barron, Kidder, Bigelow, Ritchie, Simms MEMBERS Phyllis Barron Betsy Bigelow Dorothy Brau Seated: Cotnoir, Jones Founded in 1938 by the Dean of Women, Sophomore Aides has cooper- ated With the other honor societies on campus to foster a greater college spirit Haffief GYQEOYY through an active social life. Members Esther Havens Jean Hurlburt are selected for their promise of out- Mildred Johnson standing scholarship, leadership, and KaI?Eer:?neJx:lier character shown in their Freshman year. Barbara Larrabee This year Sophomore Aides helped with Freshman Camp andiin the dedication Joyce Rogerson of Coolidge Hall. In November they Betty Simms sponsored Sophomore Day climaxed by Rose-Mary Traynor a "Wishbone Hop." ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-EIGHT GOLD KEY Second row: Dempsey, Hudson First row: McCracken, Ursprung, Phillips, Dingerson The members of Gold Key, sopho- more men's honorary society, are selected because they are outstanding individuals among their fellow classmates in leader- ship, scholarship and athletic ability. They are chosen by the outgoing society with the approval of the Deans of the various colleges. Gold Key men have varied duties. They assist the Freshmen in their orien- tation, conduct the Basketball Hop, and play a prominent part in the pep rallies. Perhaps the most important job they have is meeting visiting teams. They must contact them the moment they ar- rive and provide for every .convenience possible. MEMBERS Hobart W. Cook, Jr. President John L. Ballard William J. Carpenter Thomas L. Hayes John M. Hoskiewicz John H. Hudson Edward A. Stewart C. John L. Robert A. James G. Stanley F. Kotlarczyk McCracken Phillips St. Gelais Turnbull Ursprung ONE HUNDRED FIFTY NINE PHI BETA KAPPA Second row: Pascal, Lowenfels, Frank, Fitzsimmons First row: Leathers, Muldoon, Hurley, Lcrrubee MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY AND THE ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Robert B. Aiken W. E. Aiken Lyman Allen Robert S. Babcock Mary R. Bates Cornelia J. Baylies John F. Bell Howard G. Bennett Samuel N. Bogorad Charlotte P. Brooks R. O. Buchanan James A. Bullard G. P. Burns Ernest H. Buttles Fred D. Carpenter Henry H. Carse Leon W. Dean John B. DeForest Marguerite J. Doheny Eleazer J. Dole Bennett C. Douglass .... g f I our HUNDRED SIXTY Harriet P. Dustan George Dykhuizen Ruth J. Evans Percy A. Fraleigh Asa R. Gifford G. G. Groat Raymond A. Hall Rolf N. B. Haugen Ralph M. Holmes F. W. Kehoe George V. Kidder Paul G. LeFevre Julian I. Lindsay Philipp H. Lohman Robert E. Long Carl Lucarini Marjorie E. Luce Anna S. Lutman Miriam N. Marston James W. Marvin Douglas T. McClay INITIATES, CLASS OF 1948 John T. Metcalf Robert B. Miller Arthur B. Myrick Catherine F. Nulty Harold B. Pierce Lester M. Prindle Louis B. Puffer Harold S. Schultz Amory D. Seaver Laurence F. Shorey Ferdinand J. Sichel Mary Jean Simpson Elijah Swift Bertha M. Terrill Ralph S. Towne Marshall C. Twitchell Benjamin B. Wainright M. Arline Watkins Sumner Willard Florence M. Woodward Donald C. Yelton Julia L. Hurley Albert Lowenfels Margaret B. Larrabee Claire R. Muldoon Marilyn A. Leathers Paul Pascal KAPPA PHI KAPPA J LX. Second row: Gage, French, Walbridge, Redway First row: Proctor, Greemore, Goelz, Dr. Douglass, Marsh, Norton Alpha Gamma Chapter is a national pro- ings, forums, and other school and commun- fessional education fraternity. On campus ity projects related to the field of education. Kappa Phi Kappa has sponsored open meet- President: Edward Goelz. UNIVERSITY PLAYERS Harper, Barrett, Neiburg, Miele -The University Players, honorary group active participation in all phases of stage pro- Within the Dramatic Club, was organized in duction. 1935. Members are chosen on the basis of President: Aileen Nichols. ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-ONE oMucRoN NU L Vermont Phi, established in l925, is the national honor society for Home Economics students. The requirements for membership are scholarship, leadership and promise of fu' ture achievement. Farrow, Church, Newlander GOODRICH CLASSICAL CLUB Third row: White, Goelz, G. Page, Frink, Heald, Miele Second row: Pooiey, Hafely, Lifsier, Treasurer Pascal, President Hurley, Vice-President Page, Program Chairman Professor Prindle First row: Baker, LeSueur, Nichols Goodrich Classical Club, named after Pro- purpose is to foster appreciation and study of fessor John E. Goodrich, is an honorary so- the classics. A traditional Roman Banquet ciety for students Who are enrolled in the highlights each year's activities. study of the classics or related subjects. Its Secretary: Ella Chamber, ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-TWO ALPHA ZETA Second row: Sumner, Sprague, Irish, Bennett, Parker First row: Cook, Dana, Liggett, Webster, Atherton, Tremblay Alpha Zeta is the men's honorary agricul- It is a professional fraternity founded on tural society which is dedicated to promote scholarship, leadership, and potentialities in better feeling among the Agricultural students. the field of Agriculture. TAU KAPPA ALPHA Second row: G. Page, Vercoe, Golden, Professor Huber First row: Felix, Clark, P. Page The purpose of the honorary society, Tau cnsic attainments merit honor and to inspire Kappa Alpha, is to reward those Whose for- in its members a higher civilization of the art. ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-THREE ARIEL THE FORTY-NINERS' EDITION Managing Editors Katherine Crocker Joan Cassista Photog raphy Editors Jane Smith Edward Goelz Organization Editor Marie Powers Men's Editor Warren Caryl EDITORIAL STAFF Faculty Editors Dorothy Elmer Eleanor Griflith Feature Editor Robert Harrington Men's Sports Editor Arthur Heald Informal Photography Editor Marilyn Davis DOROTHY M. ROSS Editor-in-Chief RALPH W. CONANT Business Manager Staff Photography Editors James Bliss Stanley King Jane King Art Editors Lillian Tucker Joan Cassista Women's Sports Editor Mary McBratney Special Photography James Bliss Editorial Scrubs: Nancy Ann Bachman, Rose Howrigan, Elizabeth Cox, Robert Taisey, Mildred Stine Mildred Goss, Carolyn Chapman, Mitchell Hunt, Jacqueline Bull, Barbara Jensen, Yvonne Croom, Michael S Wiedman Newell Curtis, Pamela Crandall, Richard O'Connell, Morris Pike, Alan Eogg, Doris Holfnagle, Robert Morris Millicent James, Martin Goodman, Jean Ritchie, Rebecca Wheatley, Thomas Kent, Frank Peabody, Vic Murdock Glenn Faye, Bob Herriott. UNE HUNDRED SIXTY-FOUR BUSINESS STAFF Assistant Business Manager Arline Brush Circulation Manager Margarida LeSueur Head of Business Captains Elizabeth Grow Advertising Manager Martha XVood Office Manager Rita Gilman Business Captains Norma Carmichael Eleanor Weber Carlene Beattie Joan Meyn Charles Carlton Business Scrubs: Miriam Korpi, Warren Coolidge, Barbara Larrabee, Millicent James, Audrey Barnard, Paul Hunt, Rose Howrigan, Lorraine Miles, Thomas Lynch. Back row: Gilman, King, Tucker, Harringon, LeSueur, Griftith First row: Caryl, Brush, Powers, Crocker, Ross, Conant, Smith, Goelz Sitting: Elmer, McBratney, Davis ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE CYN I C I EDITORIAL STAFF Co-Managing Editors Marilyn Mills and Ida Mae Towne ' Feature Editor Rewrite Editors Personnel Editor Alex Page Margaret Larrabee Doris Holmberg Joan Barrett Campus Editor Faculty Advisor Sports Editor Betty-Rose Levy Leon Dean Ted Battles Photography Editor Art Arms Editor-in-Chief, BEN BURSTEN Feature Writers: Katherine Crocker, Loretta Coletti, Gladys Neiburg, Bob Harrington, Chris Latham, Bob Burns. Sports Reporters: Ed Goelz, Art I-leald. Stan Burns. Photography Department: Bob Bogie, Bob Hall, Phil Hastings. Art: Paul Chusid, Marvin Aaron. News Editors: Mildred Trachtenberg, Terry Cuuzowski, Edith Robbins, Pat Tatro, Lucille Wetherby, Joyce Viventi, Carol Clark, Dot Ross, Martha Wood, Mitch Hunt, Joyce Wright, Warren Caryl, Carol Leavitt. Reporters: Betty Hazelton, Lillian Cotnoir, Marie Powers, Barbara Beals, Dorothy Elmer, Lorraine Brown, Eleanor Grifhth, Mary Andrew, Joan Curtis, Louise Carroll, Jean Van Hyning, Charles Carlton, Emerson Melaven, Vivian Levine, Katherine Kidder. BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager Ralph Conant Office Manager Advertising Managers Circulation Manager Harriet Levinson Mary Ann Smith Claire Muldoon Willard Robertson Assistant Office Manager Secretary Assistant Circulation Manager Elizabeth Snell Rita Gilman Leah Keever Business Captains: Zola Shipman. Roddie Hecker, Betty Rublee, Jeanne Ayers, Alison Stead, Louise Shopis. Business Assistants: Ed McKee, Betty Grow, Jean Beard, Norma Carmichael, Eugene Kalkin. Second row: Barrett, Levy, Viventi First row: Towne, Muldoon, Bursten, Conant, Levenson, Mills ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-SIX SCRIBES A4 Second row: Goelz, O'ConneII, Tucker, Korpi, Schwenker First row: Hurley, Hunt, Verrall, Page, Chamer, Caryl Latest addition to UVIVl's extra-curricular activities is the literary club, The Scribes, Which was revived in the spring of 1947. The Scribes has two main functions: to encourage the practical aspects of creative Writing, and to publish Wz'ndfaII, its literary magazine. A general meeting is held once a month. The three sub-groups of poetry, short story and articles meet more frequently and concentrate on the Writing both of their own members and of contemporary Writers Well-established in the field. Malmquisf, Harrington, chairman, Towne FRESHMAN ORIENTATION COMMITTEE The Freshman Orientation Committee, a subsidiary com- mittee of Student Government, serves to aid the Freshmen in acquainting themselves With one another and With the Univer- sity. The Committees func- tions are to sponsor Freshman Week and to publish the Fresh- man Handbook. ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-SEVEN NEWMAN CLUB Second row: Olson, Grimfh, Farnham, Verrall First row: Bresseffe, Treasurer, Socinski, vice-presidenr, Ryan, presicleni, Ross, corresponding secretary I-iii.i.Ei. Murphy, secrefa ry Second row: Goldman, Hecker First row: Osher, freasurer, Rome, presidenf, Lash, vice-presidenf, Ehrlich, secretary ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-EIGHT CANTERBURY CLUB nf-T ,.,. V77 hr E K fy, uw 45' Second row: Putnam, Coolidge, MacDonald, Howard, Morrill First row: Byers, Caryl, secretary, Williams, vice-president, Eaton, vice-president, Grow, Van Hyning, publicity President, Robert Sutherland, treasurer, Philip Davis STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Second row: Wetherby, Clark, Robbins, Redway, Gorton, Mahoney, Sobens, Atwood, Mason First row: Cook, Brown, treasurer, Benedict, recording secretary, Ursprung, Derrick, president, Hurlburt, vice- president, Buttrick, corresponding secretary, Gregory ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-NINE SOCIAL ACTION CCMMITTEE , EL-f'1. eil' , .Q '94 , ala I 'Eg 'fav 47,1 yz Y CONGREGATIONAL STUDENTS CLUB Third row: Burton, Strong, Parker, Bryant, Doane Second row: White, Benedict, Bemis, Whitney, Havens, Gates, R. Warrell, Pratt First row: Shen, Anderson, Felix, Pike, Stiles, Parker, A. Worrell, Cook, Wheatley ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY DEBATING CLUB Third row: Page, Pulling, Harper, Harrington, Lane Second row: Levin, Weiss, Cavalieri, R. B. Huber lDirectorJ, Moore, Coburn, Frost First row: True, Fuller, Farnham, Vercoe, Felix, Clark, Wescott DRAMATIC CLUB Second row: Berman, Tomat, Ladd, Harper, Condon, Curtis, Miele First row: Bolognani, Tatro, Barrett, vice-president, Neiburg, secretary, Brush, Barnard President, Aileen Nichols, treasurer, Richard Harper, historian, Alan Steinecke ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-ONE UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA PROP. IPPOCRATES PAPPOUTSAKIS, Violas Conductor Vlollns Jean Haylett, Concertmaster Arthur Arms Beverly Beach Boyd Cooley Mary Presn Jean Hurlburt Molly Jerger Saul Lecker Patricia Reed Sylvia Reynolds Edward Ryan Rose Schildhaus Janice Shively George Sumner Thallis Suvorolf ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-TWO Margaret Ryan Margaret Stibitz Violoncellos Phyllis Atherton Mrs. Allan Carter Cynthia Goss , Howard Millington Dorothea Stibitz Confrcbasses Marilla Crandall June Crouter Alvin Edson Flutes Mildred Goss Patricia Johnson Jean Pappoutsakis Theresa Williams Oboe John Holly Clurinefs Jack White Dorothy Yahner French Horns Jean MacLaughl1n C. Brooks Tillotson Euphonium Wendy Millington Trumpet David Dalzell ,V I I I CHOIR C , ., nf1fiOff'f?'T?Qf'?f1sa,cive,m. Third row: Nelboch, Wheeler, Beliveou, Emerson, Severance, Van Buren, Pulver, Lone, Pike, Greenslet, Taisey, Atherton, Farnsworth, Whitney Second row: Miller, Chutter, McBrotney, Cobb, Newha I, Stockwell, Covolieri, Howe, Peabody, Hogan, North, Cavallori, Clapp, Maclaughfin, Jenkins, Sloyton, Reed First row: Schnitnikofi, Fairman, Aikens, Chapman, Crandall, Wheeler, Puffer, Lone, O'Brien, Beol, Rolfe, Williams, Kidder, Hale, Davis, Professor Bennett U.V.M. CHAPTER RESERVE OFFICERS -of-r 9 'Q '7 - Second row: Cleveland, Wheelock, Wilmot, O'Grady, Rodgers First row: O'ConneII, Becker, Greer, Hunt, Duff ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-THREE ROTC BAN! Emily R. Allard Harold P. Aseltine Mary E. Aseltine Robert R. Aseltine Brown A. Baldwin William W. Baldwin Ann E. Beaulac Evelyn C. Bemis Bertrand P. Bisson Robert A. Blackmore Donald Boyd Walter E. Carpenter Harold C. Carter Heman A. Chittenden Robert E. Colburn Lewis A. Corwin George D. Cram Robert H. Currier Richard Davis Clifford A. Eaton ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-FOUR Herbert Ehrenfreund George W. Ellis Sanford J. Epstein Elouie Farnsworth Harlan P. Farnsworth Shirley M. Guild Peter Haslam Raymond K. Hastings Joan L. Herberg Luke A. Howe Ray Hunt . Ralph W. Jefts Patricia M. Jones Rita Keefe Beth Kneen Mary Kudiesy Marshall G. Landon Maynard K. Lindsay Theresa Litster Keith A. Magalsky Edward E. Merrill Leonard Miller Robert Moore Thomas J. Murphy David S. Newhall Barbara Newlander Molly E. Nichols Dorothy A. Nye James Parker Dorothy Post Harriet E. Pratt Edward l. Ryan Martha R. Samson Alan H. Smith Constance A. Stone C. Brooks Tillotson Karl S. Webster Raymond H. Wheelock Nancy Wilcox Richard G. Woodward Marjory A. Wright 4-H CLUB Z-'- Second row: Walker, D. Harris, Adams, Lawrence, H. B. Harris First row: Lyndes, S. Strong, Snell, H. W. Strong, Foirmon, Flint, Bolognani Q HOME ECONOMICS CLUB l k 1 it -I lily wg: 2 4, 2 G - 4 Keg Third row: Wescott, Loveioy, Durkee, Orr, Gates, Fisher, Webster, Hard Second row: Pike, Kerin, Coffman, Ormsbee, Fuller, Rowe, Boucher, Steele First row: Vaughn, Reynolds, Snell, Socinski, Dexter, Matthews, Prior, Ayers ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-FIVE ,..-.-1- llXllERNAllQNAl. RHAWQNS CWB Second row: Moore, Sabens, Rosselot, Beliveau, Millington First row: Worth, Ballantyne, treasurer, Conant, president, Stoehr, Cox OUT NG CLUB CQU QEI. Second row: lsham, R. Perkins, Havens, Reed, Benson, Rice, Stowe , :tw 1 ,,1-,.,m . mv? mf ,,:ig,., f 11,1fW,. ,N ,V .,, 5, ,,,k,:,,.,,: .. ,W Qi nd 'QT A .. ,.Xq,, 'fs First row: Galbraith, Carlton, acting secretary, Davis, secretary, Hagar, president, Spaulding, vice-president, Farrington, J. Perkins ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-SIX I n I ,' x A L .fs f 1- " ' Q, A X-f' 2, 1 LA. .,,.. an ,.,. g ..,,, ,M r ,, , , .d YV-unzip' , INDEPENDENTS -,rm- Lone, MocNeiI, Anderson, Ediff, Condon, Richards, Perkins, Powers, Jones, Preston The need for a representative body of the independent students on campus was an- swered in February, l947 with the organiza- tion of the Vermont Independents, under the leadership of Robert Norton and John P. Pelopulos. A similar group had been active on campus before the War. The Vermont Independents has been active in the past year in bringing about a strong independent representation on Student Gov- ernment. The group has also sponsored dis- cussions of vital campus problems, such as the activity fee and the cut system. Dances have been given by the Independ- ents and the group has also participated in sports on campus. Robert Norton was the first president of the Independents. In the fall quarter of 1947 Robert Ehrenbard took over the leadership of the group. The present officers are: President Robert Condon Secretary Marie Powers Treasurer June Felix ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-SEVEN M E H H Q L E N G l E E li S Second row: Wheelock, Bonnetfe, Edminister, Martin, Silveira, Goldman, Mongean, Fyles First row: O'Grady, D. Millington, R. Millington, Marshall, Webster, Beliveou, Carter Second row: Milbank, Magnant, Smith, Ketchem, Rutkowski, Glysson, Flanders First row: Shepard, Smyrski, Shattuck, Collins, Stanley, Spear, Jenkins, Aldrich ,fig xx, Hi 'FI-.R 'Q qiwjjg Q- V UL El N ll LLJKQ li . . - X X 5 , :H ' io ' " S, ,:. Ai , .I ,A , . , 5: , 4 x .L 4- 1 . 1 X, 1' ix -L. -S +55 -mf! W. -L .Z 3. -I wg l V i J:-1 3. Third row: Irish, Dana, Wilmot, Curtis, Kendall, Carpenter, Carter Second row: Ehrenfreund, Lawrence, Story, Bennett, Esser, Strong, James First row: lobdell, Lovell, Arms, Hardy - Q 4 Third row: Cummings, Duclos, Corron, Dalzell, Burrington, Proper, Burritt, Morrison, Hogel Second row: Holmes, Gates, Brashear, Pease, Benson, Pushee, Beliveau, Palmer, Neiburg First row: Smith, Bowman, Jones, Liston, Laliberte, Torri, Banghart ,rn hh, ,,,,,.-, A QTRU L E G E E CATAMOUNTS The Catamounts, newly organized last year under Robert Goss and Ken- neth Belding, had a highly successful year, and this year they are even better with fifteen members in the regular band, a vocalist, trio and quartet. They are becoming widely known throughout ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY Vermont, and now have a book of their own special arrangements. The Cata- mounts seem certain to take their place among the finest collegiate bands in the country and UVM is justly proud of them. The trumpet section includes Richard Pervier, William Emerson, and Robert Stanley: trombones, Glen Erwin, John Eddy, and John Robie: saxophones, Marvin Aaron, Paul Chusid, Jim How- ley, Win Ellis, and Donald Hayden: rhythm, piano, Earl Hardigan, bass, Red Dower, drums, Kenneth Belding. Phil Robinson, "The Prank Sinatra of Vermontug Deborah Cobb, Jane and Mary Ann Smith, the trio, and the quartet of Jeanne Guyett, Kenneth Beld- ing, John Eddy and Red Dower take care of the vocal honors for the band. 1 fi iffQ' 72' ' TT' fl 'Cb' ' CQ 1, fl fee ii i iz e r iraq il ll -. E had Lzllll. lr. L. VJ 'xfgh 'K rwizij JA' Q? l 52, if OFFICERS President Willard A. Fletcher, Jr. Vice-President VJarren H. Caryl Secretary Lucien E. Lambert Miele, Fletcher, Mr. Saindon Treasurer Nancy C. Tobey D N' 'kewl ll ,fll Sl All ri Sm Cleleler Third row: LeSueur, Coolidge, Procfor, Jones, Cherry, Cabrera, Pratf Second row: Gilman, Barnard, Herboso, White, Cadoref, Buffrick First row: Leathers, Towne, Miele, Mazan, Professor Daggeft, Amor, Cadorefie ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-ONE fi .fee ffsb :F m ii fp, ffl-, fi ty in 4 I vi LQ, fat llwgll E LLM 42 lrfb LJ Third row: Russell, Dana, Bryant, Reid, Ellis, Van Scoik Second row: Walker, Adams, Sprague, Lawrence, Metz, Hardy, Berry, Tremblay First row: McLaren, Wood, Bennett, Lawrence, Liggett, Atherton, Webster, Findiesen, Farr, Page gg pflxgrge. We tilt if i feta B Loretta Simms, Torrey Carpenter, Douglas Riddel ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-TWO Under the sponsorship of the Department of Economics and Commerce a Marketing Club Was formed this year on campus. This group composed entirely of business students was started by students and faculty in order to give additional opportunity, through monthly meetings, to the students to hear business ex- ecutives and hold informal dis- cussions. The new Marketing Club is one of the few profes- sional clubs Working actively on campus. lil' A '73 llflnfii' KF' ' 2 LLU 6 l'Z'f?' Xe' 3' Second row: Abboff, Byers, Sfell, Kebrek, V. Olsen, Samson First row: Clouofre, Kilborn, Davis, E. Olsen, Royer, Caswell -, - ,I .M , .2 -X A are , w, .- D-in if-:I ri Q 1, r if PJ vi All , f 'lm 1 l H fl nj Q. gfwl 's-sl l L, lss, Will l MQ Y l NJ 1 ..-..,A ,,4,....1l,i,.,,, v Second row: Pierce, Ketchem, Malleci, Gould First row: Conrad, Smith, Harper, Mr. Grow, Palmer ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-THREE ft f 'YA 'ii i lg WEQVV7. X fig fini i ,ri WlEllQ'ff1l S H. if llwl E3 Founded, October 31, 1947 M. Silveira, K. Webster, secretary-treasurer, W. Hill, A. Hurley, D. Kendall, D. Partridge fat propl vice-president President, E. Rodger ,CPN ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-FOUR ,fi-or --,,a ,x, 'Xa-534'-!p"""" fl KMVN ff AAR f' FRIENDSHIPS ALQNGTHETRAIL V 1- GZ 9 43 'L if? W1 1 HP- CHX ONXEGP PL? XCP-VV P P-X.?X'NPx THEY P- 2, So , ..,.,,, , DEG P' DEG P' DEG P' , ,X, VX BET P- V In Pan-Hellenic Association all the Greek-letter sororities on this campus are blended together into one organiza- tion. Representatives from each soror- ity meet to discuss, draw up, and en- PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL force rules for the rushing period. Pan- Hellenic aims to develop a liner type of college woman through maintenance of scholarship, good health and social standards. 2 F l Q.. Ye' . l l' 1 , f A I ik I , 1 L fn -we-4 , in i 2 X . - f 'Kihei' Second row: Nye, Levy, Lewis First row: Sfyles, Finberg, Bristol, Smith, Barron Alpha Chi Omega Janet Killary Betty Whitney Alpha Epsilon Phi Gladys Neiburg Renee Pinberg President Betty Whitney Pi Beta Phi Barbara Smith Ruth Lewis Delta Delia Delia Clare Mickler Ann O'Donnell Delia Phi Epsilon Sigma Gamma Gwen Styles Betty-Rose Levy Dorothy Nye Grace Wieder Kappa Alpha Theta Arline Brush Rosemary Bristol ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-SEVEN Ci I -1 1 l G. syilflle If TF, nil -6-VC' f-Wish ALPHA CHI OMEGA Fifth row: J. Brackenridge, K. Eaton, Y. Croom, R. Bolognani, E. Havens, M. Segale, E. Craigie, J. Ganou J. Gates, M. Fisher, E. Schmidt, R. Traynor, J. Rogerson Fourth row: B. Moodie, K. Crocker, B. Heald, M. James, A. Rooney, J. Meyn, E. Bemis, E. Davison, E. Farnsworth, M. Caryl, E. Pease, H. Stoehr, E. Whaley, K. Smith Third row: D. Elmer, H. Gregory, C. Chapman, J. A. Shuteldt, C. Smiih, H. Taylor, D. Yahner, J. Killary, J. Baird, P. McGinnis, M. Andrew, C. Carter, V. Olsen, J. Austin, S. Dennis, J. Putnam Second row: C. Virgona, V. Hamel, J. Howland, D. Cobb, M. Larrabee, J. Robbins, M. Young, M. Hoyt, A. Hufchins, I. Socinski, D. Dexter, G. Richardson, B. Kilborn, E. Olsen First row: N. Aikens, M. Farrell, L. Ayers, J. Hill, M. Shea, R. Wheatley, L. Gee, M. Davis Alpha Iota Chapter Class of T947 Barbara L. Kilborn Evelyn L. Olsen Class of T948 Rosemary Barry Deborah E. Cobb Dorothy M. Dexter Virginia L. Hamel Jeanne L. Howland Margaret W. Hoyt Audrey J. Hutchins Margaret B. Larrabee Blanche L. Parker Gwendolyn M. Richardson Jane W. Robbins Irene E. Socinski Concetta N. Virgona Betty M. Whitney Mary E. Young Class of 1949 Mary E. Andrew Janice C. Baird Rita Bolognani Janet P. Brackenridge ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-EIGHT Elizabeth R. Buzzell Catherine B. Carter Mary D. Caryl Katherine Crocker J. Yvonne Croom Marilyn Davis Kathryn Eaton Dorothy A. Elmer Patricia A. McGinnis Millicent E. James Janet M. Killary Joan C. Meyn Rebecca J. XVheatley Class of 1950 Natalie E. Aikens Lorraine B. Ayers Evelyn G. Bemis Carolyn Nl. Chapman Elizabeth A. Craigie Mary T. Earrell E. Jane Gates Emma L. Gee Harriet B. Gregory Esther L. Havens Jane C. Hill Betty A. Moodie Vivienne E. Olsen Ethel I. Pease Carolyn J. Rogerson Alice T. Rooney Mary J. Segale Marolyn A. Shea Kathleen E. Smith R. Traynor Hedi S. Stoehr Class of 1951 Jean B. Austin Elizabeth A. Davison Shirley A. Dennis Elouie Farnsworth Margaret A. Fisher Joan L. Ganow Beverly M. Heald Janet R. Putnam Elaine J. Schmidt Jean A. Shufeldt Charlotte J. Smith Harmie N. Taylor Elizabeth P. Whaley Dorothy E. Yahner Aj 'gilxlf -, jim 'f-1 . T ALPHA EPSILON PHI J X' -,,. I I E ff Third row: Ehrlich, Levine, Thomas, Barron, Levenson, Rufsfein Second row: Schenkman, L. Grody, Goodman, Schaller, Orson, Berenson, Kaye First row: Perelman, J. Grody, Finberg, Glass, Weinberg, Hecker, Felix Class of 1948 Leona Felix Renee Finberg Claire Glass June Grody Roslyn Hecker Harriet Levenson Myra Weinberg Class of 1949 Adele Kaye Gladys Neiberg Phyllis Perelman Class of 1950 Phyllis Barron Sara Cohen Ruth Ehrlich Class of 1951-Pledges Helaine Berenson Lois Rutstein Alpha Omicron Chapter Class of 1951 Sarita Goodman Lorraine Grody Suzette Levine Claire Orson Edith Schaifer Marjory Schenlcman Esther Thomas ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-NINE 5?A.5,- 5 xv X "jr--.ww DELTA DELTA DELTA Fourth row: Fradenburgh, True, Mack, Joslyn, Balich, O'Brien, Wheeler, Greenwood, Ericson, Fairman, Morrill Third row: Millington, Matthews, Donelan, Gerdon, Stevenson, Fullam, Hurlburt, Powers, Griffith, Farrington Second row: Kerin, Warrell, Hoffnagle, Squires, Leach, Preston, Burningham, Lawrence, P. Tucker, Gee, St. Mary First row: J. Smith, Cureau, O'Donnell, B. Tucker, Cayey, Wriston, M. Smith, Barber, Salls, Hall, Cook, Eta Chapter Class of T948 Elizabeth Barber Laura Byington Elizabeth Cayey Mary Jean Cook Beverly Hall Barbara Hutchins Clare Mickler Ruth Millington Pauline Powers Natalie Salls Mary Ann Smith Barbara Tucker Cynthia Wriston Class of T949 Geraldine Balich Hutchins Helen Farrington Eleanor Grifhth Doris Hoffnagle Marguerite Ingalls Elizabeth Mack Marie Matthews Mary Morrill Jane O'Brien Anne O'Donnell June Olie Elizabeth St. Mary E. Jane Smith Norma Stephenson Class of T950 Barbara Eradenburgh Elaine Burmingham Marjorie Fullam Doris Cureau Dona Donelan ONE HUNDRED NINETY Glenna Gee Jean Hu rlburt Mildred Joslyn Alice Streeter Pearl Tucker Class of 1951 Joan Ericson Marilyn Eairman Charlotte Greenwood Janice Hallock Elizabeth Kerin Elizabeth Lawrence Marjorie Leach Dorothy Powers Barbara Preston Dorothy Rice Dorothy Squires Jean True Alma Warrell Marilyn Wheeler Janet Williams DELTA PHI EPSILON ,fx I . .l I ,' Ma. 1 I K . Second row: Lessner, Klein, Kenner, Boosin, Hofsfadter, Mindick, Moskowitz First row: Morrison, Osher, Hurwitz, Levy, Ruppoport, Fienberg, Levine, Handel Class of 1948 Eleanor Hurwitz Betty-Rose Levy Lita Rappaport Class of 1950 Marilyn Rita Fienberg Carol Rosalie Handel Pauline Klein Defra Alpha Chapter Lois Gloria Lessner Ruth Evelyn Levine Sylvia Morrison Marcia Osher Class of 1951 Lucille C. Boosin Janet Hofstadter Ruth Helen Kenner Helene Shapiro ONE HUNDRED NINETY-ONE 5 9 Y awb i .Zi Q- , ', 5 x. ,, - .L -. - I 'vga' . .!. . fy f f lk : 'L l KAPPA ALPHA THETA Fourih row: H. Towne, P. Schweyer, M. J. Crouter, J. Farr, B. Penfield, N. McKee, M. P. Wood Third row: J. Jenkins, F. M. Wood, L. J. Hageman, M. Salm, J. Maclaughlin, Second row: J. Bangharf, C. Wheeler, B. J. McDonald, L. E. Simms, Goeltz, D. Sfead, M. Miller, N. Tobey, V. Meyer, L. Bosworth, Lunoueite, A. Brush, D. Buckingham, B. Jenson, M. Babbitt, M. White, D. Brau, L. Wetherby, N. Pearson, R. S. Ballard Larabee, J. J. Gearharf, N. Hafely, R. Caldwell, N. Nelson, S. Pooley, A. Swasey, J. Buck, J. Van Hyning First row: M. J. Farnham, M. J. Henderson, L. Carroll, A. Tuttle, J. Barrett, R. Bisol, M. E. Hageman, D. Holmberg, N. L. Church, J. Westwood, A. Stead, J. Sorn, N. Carmichael, C. Plumb Lambda Chapter Class of 1948 Joan Barrett Rosemary Bristol Nancy Lee Church Mary E. Hageman Doris Holmberg Aileen Nichols Jeannette Sorn Alison Stead Ann Tuttle Joan Westwood Class of 1949 Patricia Brush Donna Buckingham Rebecca Caldwell Norma Carmichael Louise Carroll Mary Jane Farnham Joan Gearhart Nancy Hafely ONE HUNDRED NINETY-TWO Mary Jean Henderson Joan Jenkins .Janet McDonald Charlotte Plumb Nancy Tobey Jean Van Hyning Lucille E. Wetherby Martha Wood Class of 1950 Margaret Atkinson Reba S. Ballard Lorraine Bosworth Dorothy Brau Marjorie Goeltz Barbara Jensen A. Jane Hooper Lorraine Lanouette Jean MacLaughlin Rae MacTiernan Marilyn Miller Barbara Patterson Nancy Pearson Betty Simms Dorothy Stead Mary P. Wood Class of 1951 Mary Babbitt Joan Banghart Josephine Buck June Crouter Jeanne Farr Jean Hageman Nancy McKee Valerie Myers Norma Nelson Barbara Penfleld Suzanne Pooley Margery Salm Anita Swasey Carolyn Wheeler W7"T .,v, - Q3 Pl BETA PHI Rlkwjf ....-:E 2 l 3 Flf row: L. to R. J. Davis, P. Hole, M. LeSueur, B. Shimmin, C. Ballou, G. Prime, L. Tucker, J. Foster, P. Lawlor, E. Page, M. Atwood, B. Purdy, C. Thorell, K. Kidder Fourth row: A. Sfanger, M. McBratney, S. Leach, T. Royer, B. Bigelow, P. Harris, W. Murphy, J. Rolfe, J Ritchie, G. Clark, S. Reynolds, E. Grow, B. Hillmann, R. Lewis, J. Wright, G. Peloquin, P. Warren Third row: B. Picard, B. Hazelton, A. Elliot, P. Malmquist, N. Bachman, P. McMurdo, L. Miles, M. Fuller, J Hard, B. Barker, P. Greenup, J. Noyes, M. Johnson, B. Spaulding, J. Herberg, J. Coffman, A. lllingworth Second row: M. Mills, J. Hardgrove, R. Haigh, D. Scoff, B. Grier, J. Howard, M. Shaw, M. Lawlor, M. Derrick, J. Atwood, E. Allen, B. Smith, J. Abell, E. Verrall First row: J. Slayton, J. Vollmers, J. Vivenfi, S. Guild, N. Hale, P. Mason, A. Dzikielewski Class of T948 June Abell Elizabeth Allen Marjory Bagby Jean Davis Marilyn Derrick Beverley Grier Ruth Haigh Jacqueline Hardgrove Joanne Howard Marie Lawlor Marilyn Mills Dorothy Scott Martha Shaw Barbara Smith Edris Verrall Class of 1949 Jane Atwood Carol Ballou Gladys Clark Joyce Foster Elizabeth Grow Margaret Harris Elizabeth Hazelton Beverly Hillmann Anne Illingworth Margaret Lawlor Ruth Lewis Margarida LeSueur Patricia Malmquist Mary McBratney Wilma Murphy Ellen Page Barbara Picard Sylvia Reynolds Barbara Purdy Thelma Royer Lillian Tucker Joyce Viventi Joan Vollmers Joyce Wright Class of 1950 Nancy Bachman Beverly Barker Betsy Bigelow Priscilla Hale Katherine Kidder Lorraine Miles Gladys Peloquin Beta Chapter Jean Ritchie Barbara Spaulding Patricia Warren Class of T951 Martha Atwood Joan Coffman Alexandra Dzikielewski Anita Elliott Mary Ellen Fuller Patricia Greenup Shirley Guild Norma Hale Jean Hard Joan Herberg Sonya Leach Maud Mason Polly McMurdo Geraldine Noyes Georganna Prime Joyce Rolfe Barbara Shimmin Joan Slayton Ann Stanger Carolyn Thorell ONE HUNDRED NINETY-THREE 'N' I' f- 14 ' f,.,2. SIGMA GAMMA Third row: E. Baker, M. Pratt, A. Baker, Flint, Nye, Haclwen, King Second row: Preston, Vuori, O. Pratt, Coffin, Ormsbee, Coutu, McNeilly Firsf row: Rowell, Moulton, Cadoref, Prior, Keefe, Stiles, Davis Class of 1948 Helen Boyd Florence Davis Inez Farrow Class of 1949 Irene Cadoret Therese Coutu Dorcas Hadwen Jane King Dorothy Nye Matilda Pratt Angeline Scutakes Marie Farrow Rita Keefe Merle Moulton Elaine Plumley Barbara Prior Class of 1950 Margaret Rowell Arm Baker Gwendolyn Stiles Mildred McNei1ly ONE HUNDRED NINETY-FOUR Marilyn Ormsbee Jean Preston Class of 1951 Emily Allard Elaine Baker Margaret Collin Anna Flint Olive Pratt Elizabeth Van Nostrand Catherine Vuori f f f " ' ,,- , - Q , ,Q , P ,, , -,W 1 'Q , . .Ir ,. , 3 at 'N A Q f ' v. ,A R C' if 'M 'Sf vf 1 A jasgafg ar Q xr! , ,,.,..,, ' X, :f'1Liif'fiiWf -f A W X .4 I ' Q ?Q ' M C T. Y I M sig iff' 94+ ,su k 9 ,L ,mf f, - C . .V V 5 "a we , ' mi . I V f t vf gig , fl Er YH , I 52. .. , u a, My 45 .mga-mzvy,1,fga 42,64 ,tfydf ' ' " wxfif X' , UWT'-10420, "ffm iif' ea ' 2135.15 jig: :w..f1fb::- 6 f nf Q24 .s,1-. 4232'- '-Vv .45 us-E92. P pw PA SIGMA QE ONXEGF GP? FRATERNITY A A Nm wfwo PHI DELTA IHCIA 4- HOUSES A I PH' Sl GMA DEL TA SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA N 1 l I? TAU tra INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The governing body of all men's Greek Letter Societies on the hill, the Interfraternity Council has been estab- lished for almost as long as fraternities have been on the campus. With two representatives from each fraternity, one from the Junior and one from the Senior Class, its primary purpose is to establish fair and just rules concerning "rushing" and other fraternity activities. Third row: Garwood, Hale, Jones, Houston, Gates Second row: Brown, Morrison, Krug, Warclen, Burke, Ohno Froni row: Michaud, Salfzman, Paul, Collins, Robinson, Kinsler, White President Raymond Michaud Robert Brown John Warden Charles Gates Kappa Sigma Neal Houston William Carpenter Tau Epsilon Phi Alpha Tau Omega Lambda loia Frederick Hale Robert Morrison Delia Psi Phi Delia Theta Frank Krug John Gallup Phi Sigma Delia Sigma Phi Leonard Paul Malcolm Mickler Walter Collins Sigma Alpha Epsilon James Garwood Roy Ohno Sigma Nu Howard Jones Walter Collins John Burrows Philip Robinson Joseph Waterman Richard Kinsler ONE HUNDRED NINETY-EIGHT ALPHA TAU OMEGA . QAQ' , ", A712 -" 'v'v'1""1 '51-,f'r1xjA1 .n .': . 'Hx Fourth row: A. McCann, A. Kefcham, J. Wisner, H. Nelson, Jr., B. Donahue, W. Johnson, N. Brecker, R. Fordham, J. Fraser, D. Yandow, G. Sumner, K. Belding, R. Pervier ' Third row: R. Medlar, G. Lines, R. Brashear, J. Pease, F. Yandow, J. Harringfon, P. Stearns, F. Cook - P. Kelly, D. Divine, R. Brown, A. Perreaulf, J. Earley Second row: G. Hill, W. Emerson, F. Little, C. Parker, R. Chiffick, A. Camire, W. Field, R. McGill, N. Ralph A. Sikora, H. Dzewalfowski 1 1 Firsf row: G. Wood, B. Gaylord, E. McMahon, R. Foss, R. Earley, C. Ferland Class of 1948 Donald K. Yandow Arthur Camire, President Kenneth B- Yandow John W. Fraser Arthur Sikora George 'Stanley Class of 1949 Loren A. Cheeseman Harry Dzewaltowski John Earley Warren Field Richard Foss Dorwin F. Grant, Jr Farnham Little Richard McGill Raymond Michaud Charles Parker Albert Perreault Robert B. Stafford Prescott Stearns Class of 1949-Pledges Richard H. Brashear Berkley Donahue Richard Earley Bruce Gaylord John Harrington Albert K. Ketcham George Lines Theodore Stafford George Sumner Gerald Wood Class of 1950 Kenneth Belding Robert V. Brown Robert Chittick William Emerson Harry D. Nelson, Jr. Vermont Beta Zeta Richard Pervier Neil Ralph Robert Stanley Class of 1950-Pledges Nicholas L. Brecker Robert Fordham V Walter Johnson Paul V. Kelly Arthur J. McCann Alfred G. Mueller Jackson W. Wisner Class of 1951-Pledges ON Frederick N. Cook Joseph C. Ferland Roger Daniels Edmund B. McMahon Ralph D. Devine, B.S. Glennor Hill, B.S. Philip Hincks, Medical School E HUNDRED NINETY-NINE 2 5 a DELTA PSI Local Fourth row: Gates, Ross, K. Craige, White, Mosher, Curtis, Eddy, Pratt, Worthen, Mackey, Hudson, Kehoe Resi, Abbiati, Emerson Third row: Bailey, Howe, Webster, Morin, McKee, Twitchell, Dingerson, Frink, Cooper, Jones, Richardson Spear, Mulheron, Murray, Ballard, Rasines, Keith Second row: Page, Haven, Boardman, Ingram, Kubin, Ryan, Warden, Fagan, Smith, Bryden, Harlow, Stockwell, Knouse First row: Milligan, Ricker, Lackey, Gardner, Phillips, O'Brien, Plumb, Goyette, E. Craige, Fletcher Class of 1948 Frederick M. Boardman Howard S. Bryden James F. Clark, IH Richard R. Conrad Harris K. Drury David S. Harlow Stuart F. Haven Guy M. Page, Jr. Donald C. Ryan Robert R. Smith Ernest A. Stockwell Class of 1949 TWO H Warren B. Collins William D. Cooper Edmon N. Craige Donald B. Drury Emmett L. Fagan, Jr. John G. Fletcher John L. Gardner George H. Henderson Luke A. Howe Thomas R. Ingram Warren L. Jones Donald L. Knouse John G. Kubin UNDRED Howard H. Lyons Deane L. Milligan Kenneth W. Pierce Louis A. Resi Douglas A. Riddel Calvin O. Spear Robert J. Vachon John A. Warden Karl S. Webster William W. Worthen Class of 1950 John L. Ballard Newell H. Curtis, Jr. William A. Dingerson John R. Eddy Charles W. Gates John H. Hudson Ralph P. Kehoe Robert M. Morin David Partridge Franklin M. Peabody John L. Phillips Alan Pratt Henry R. Ross Merton E. Ricker John C. Twitchell Class of 1950-Pledges Robert P. Abbiati John C. Emerson, Jr. Roderick M. Goyette James P. Keith Robert S. Mackey Edwin R. McKee William M. Mulheron, Ricardo J. Rasines Class of 1951 Neil T. Frink Frank H. Lackey Class of 195 1 -Pledges Jacob J. Bailey Donald J. Craige Kelman D. Craige Robert E. Herriott Curtis H. Mosher, Jr. William T. Murray, J Thomas H. O'Brien Donald H. Plumb Walter G. Richardson John B. Viets, Jr. Stanley W. White I'. J KAPPA SIGMA .ai 5"- 'J' 4- .K "iLj?-'13 fre ee saab! MX-37, hai... .- , . sw.. , Fourth row: LaHaye, Sylvies, Dixon, Galli, Berg, Hruby, Klimaszewski, St. Gelais, Farrell, FitzGibbons Third row: Wallace, Findiesen, Vosburgh, McGinnis, Mellin, Burritt, White, Sassane, Cummings, Lewkowicz, Houston, Grandfield Second row: Setien, Howland, D'Elia, McGarey, Hennessey, Fifts, W. Wenning, Cheney, Perkins, Grant, Abbott, Rosa, Gilbertson Flrst row: S. French, Williams, Liston, Fusco, Turnbull, Hoskiewicz, Heald, Anderson, Boardman, Sprague, Cunavelis, Conti, Breen, W. French Seated: Morgan, Dusenberry, R. Wenning, Conant, Bruno, Fox, Graves, Kimball, Perry Class of 1948 Dwight Burritt Richard Breen Reno Conti George Cunavelis Seward French Douglas Liston Richard Moulton Carleton Sprague Nelson Williams Class of 1949 Arthur Arms Arthur Cheney Arthur Collier Ralph Conant James Cummings Ronald D'Elia , Gerald Dixon Robert Ferriter Robert French Roy Fox Louis Fusco Arthur Heald William Hennesse Neal Houston Maurice Howes ' Y Francis Klimazewski Paul LaHaye Ronald Liston Hammond Livingston John E. Mellin Ronald A. Pacetti Marden Perry Crafton Sylvies John Wallace Class of 'I949-Pledges Stanley Grandfield Eric Graves Class of i950 Robert Abbott Anthony Anderson, President William Berg Bernard Boardman William Carpenter Hobart Cook George B. Ferber John Fitzsimmons William French William Gilbertson John Hoskiewicz John Hurley Edward Kotlarczyk Charles Lewkowicz Walter A. McGarey Edward H. McGinnis Alpha Lambda Chapter Alfred P. Niemann Ralph Provost Manuel Setien Charles Traverse James Turnbull Charles Vosburgh Eugene York Class of 1950-Pledges William Findiesen Ehrick Howland George MacDonald Bruce Perkins Domenic Rosa Robert St. Gelais Robert Wenning William H. Wenning Class of 1951-Pledges John Durkin Frank Farrell Stanley Fitts Paul FitzGibbons Keith Galli William Grant Albert H. Hruby Lawrence Kimball Robert Morgan Robert Sassone Joseph Viens TWO HUNDRED ONE I ,ZR xx ix fQ'g,w?.2g l IIE-if I 1 'R' i '1 N A ,e ,ag 1' LAMBDA 'OTA Third row: Burton, Russell, Burwood, King, Bronk, Parker, Carter, Stearns, Higueru Second row: Lozon, Brothers, Chiarcidio, Clcxpp, Clcirey, Bohlen, Luce, G. Sykes, Lovin, Dussuuli' First row: R. Merrill, Baker, Morrison, Plonkey, Whalon, Hale, Rounds, Perkins, J. Sykes, E. Merrill Class of 1948 Roger Baker Everett Merrill Class of 1949 Wendell Barwood Harold Bronk Donald Brothers Fred Hale Aquilino Higuera Stanley King Fred Luce Richard Merrill James W. Parker, Jr. TWO HUNDRED TWO William Plankey Earl Rodgers James Sykes James Whalon Class of i950 Richard Bohlen Schyler Burton John Clarey Louis Lavin Paul Lucas Bill Lozon Robert Morrison, Don Perkins Prank Rounds Edwin Russell Burdett Stearns Gordon Sykes Engenio Chiaradia Class of 1951 Stanley Clapp George Corsones Andre Dussault Alan Pogg John Carrougher Harold Carter John Holly i Kenneth Peirce President Ai Class of 1947 RJ .1 Raith? nil? 5 iw Fourth row: Clossey, Robertson, Fink, Miller, Burchstead, Becker, E. Comolli, Sumner, Hutchinson, Simonds, Taylor Third row: W. Ruroede, Perry, Bigwood, D. Pierce, Dempsey, McGinnis, S. Pierce, C. Ruroede, Fimian, Linsenmeir, Ryan, Burke Second row: McCracken, Piche, Raleigh, Kehoe, Banta, Patrick, Smith, Holmes, Gallup, Gordon, Ballou, Bouton First row: Kirk, Armstrong, Ursprung, Krug, Reid, VVeess, Switzer, Carpenter, Cochran, Marburg, Seigrist, Charles Arliss Class of 1948 Torrey Carpenter Gordon V. Cochran Lewis Codding Richard Flynn Donald Marburg Howard Reid, President Karl Switzer Alan Weess Class of 1949 Ralph Becker Clarence Burke William Clossey Frank Eklund Robert Freeman Robert Holme Howard Kirk Prank Krug Richard Long Lawrence Lyerly Ian Miller Ben Schweyer Howard Siegrist Freeman, Eklund Seated: Lyerly, Gleim, Dorward Willard D. Stantial Gerald Stimson Class of 1949-Pledges Robert Sumner Class of ,1950 Donald Armstrong George Ballou Daniel Burke Edward Comolli Raymond Comolli John Gallup Charles Gordon Charles Kehoe Thomas lVlacMinn Stewart McCracken Ralph Perry Douglas Pierce James Raleigh Robert Ray Willard Robertson Carl Ruroede Walter Ruroede William Ryan Roderick Smith Stanley Ursprung Vermont Alpha Class of 1950-Pleclges William Bigwood William Dempsey Walter Pimian Charles Link Francis R. Linsenmeir Arnold Piche Ralph Simonds Jay Underhill Class of 1951-Pledges David Banta Max Bliss Herbert Burchstead Donald Dorwood Donald Duclos Richard Fink Raymond Gleim Richard Hutchinson Robert P. McGinnis Ralph Parker David Patrick Sam Pierce William Spreen Charles Taylor TWO HUNDRED THREE , zp k 0 l OX!! Z? Aa 1 QS M a-. PHI SIGMA DELTA Fifth row: Goldman, Marsa, Greenberg, Kaufman, Golden, Struhl, Schulman, Thomas, Bloomenfhal, Miller Fourth row: Turque, M. S. Weidman, Gold, Epstein, Lasl1,, Frank, Lazar, Schoenfeld, Sorkin, Grant, Swyer, Bloomberg Third row: Salfzman, Dolgin, Hackel, Borofsky, Stargatf, Smifh, Corman, Kaufman, Brenner, Dafnoll, Stoller Goldberg Second row: Weiss, M. L. Weidman, Rome, Becker, Eddy, Pascal, Paikowsky, Aaron, S. Levine, Brown, Nieburg Levin Phi Chapter Class of 1948 Irwin Becker Firsi row: Chusid, Ro1hchild,.Blechman, D. Levine, Fieber Howard Bloomenthal Ben Bursten Stanley Goldman Stanley Kaufman Paul Pascal Leonard Paul Class of 1949 Marvin Aaron Burton Blechman Sanford Bloomberg Harvey Gorman Byron Dolgin William Eddy Stan Golden Jerald Greenberg - Malcolm Mickler, Master Prater Robert Neiburg Herman Paikowsky Newman Rome TWO HUNDRED FOUR Stanley Sorkin David Stoller Reginald Swyer George Thomas Melvin Wiedman Class of 1950 George Borofsky Charles Brenner Paul Chusid Joseph Datnoff Norman Eieber Mickey Frank Bailey Goldberg Arnold Grant Morton Kaufman Wallace Lash Joe Levin Sidney Levine William Marsa Jerry Needleman Marvin Saltzman Edward Struhl Theodore Weiss Class of 1951 Samuel Bloomberg Stanley Brown Sanford Epstein Stanley Gold Paul Hackel Melvin Lazar Donald Levine Leonard Nliller Howard Rothchild Roger Schoenfeld Bernard Schulman Alan Smith Bruce Stargatt Stanley Susskind Peter Sussman Ronald Turque Michael Wiedman r 1 First row: Durkee, Hinman let '49' XAE Ni SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON pa-me Fifth row: Hazelton, Macomber, Goulke, Crowley, Farrell, Child, Terrill, Post, R. Fourth row: Dimock, Schofield, Zwick, Eddington, Sterling, Murphy, Sabens, Gates, Costantino Third row: Hagel, Grout, Comar, Tidd, Murdock, Boyce, J. Carter, Vaughn, Susslin, Mascolo, Prewitt Second row: Eastman, Hogan, J. Carter, Hunziker, Dennis, Harrington, Bolwell, Class of 1948 Theodore E. Battles John W. Carter Burns R. Eastman Wilfred G. Hill William E. Hogan Robert N. Hunziker F. Alan Nelson John P. Reagan Class of 1949 Robert A. Astone Harry J. Bolwell Raymond M. Combs Charles V. Costantino James J. Crowley Daniel F. Doheny Douglas W. Durkee William T. Eddington James A. Garwood Thomas E. Gates Robert N. Harrington Arthur Hogel Donald R. Kendall Lawrence E. Lal-Tlamme Reagan, Hill , Mace, Combs, Carpenter, Courtney, Farrington, Atkinson, Schacht, Valente Richard P. Mascolo Gander McLeod William P. Murphy Robert W. Nelson Joseph S. Peters Boris M. Piastro Edward W. Sterling Alfred G. Susslin Raymond P. Torri Silvio T. Valente Frank Zwick Class of 1950 Robert J. Anderson Kenneth C. Bausch Robert A. Billhardt John A. Child Carlton J. Courtney Norman F. Dennis Donald S. Farrington Rudolf E. Gaulke Irving H. Grout Knox Hazelton Jack K. Hinman Hunt, Peters, Billhardt, Kendall Garwood, Nelson, Anderson, N. Hunt, Haddigan, Leavitt, Torri, Doheny, Astone, Ohno, Vermont: Beta Ray F. Hunt Victor C. Murdock Farrington P. Post John C. Prewitt Marshall T. Sabens Laurence P. Tidd Charles R. Vaughan Class of 1951 Gordon D. Atkinson Paul B. Boyce James E. Carter Robert F. Comar Milton M. Dimock William C. Farrell Howard G. Haddigan Norman A. Hunt Arthur W. Leavitt Sam V. Mace Douglas W. Macomber Armand P. Premo William F. Schacht George H. Schofield Kenneth M. Terrill TWO HUNDRED FIVE 'iff Q95 ...S -af-ef" U' 1 813" x,3a'EfQ.,' A '15 -if," 5' fi' SIGMA NU Beta Class of 1947 Lewis R. Fisher Class of 1948 Carroll T. Berry Stearns R. Jenkins Harold T. O'Grady Robert O'Grady Clos Leo B. Spear Class of 1949 Alexander W. Bennett George A. Cayo Walter B. Collins Harold F. Edwards Roger M. Flanders William S. Fitzgerald Olin B. Gay Reginald A. Hatch Howard G. Jones Leopold Laliberte Kenneth J. Liggett Gerald J. McCormick Duncan M. McLaren Harry Miele Danny D. Monieson TWO HUNDRED SIX Sigma Chapter Sixth row: S. Johnson, W. Fitzgerald, R. Duiresne, P. Haslam, A. Hill, D. Taylor, R. Moore, W. Towne Fifth row: O. Gay, R. French, E. Ellis, R. Hamel, L. Williams, A. Wheeler, A. Schoff, D. Barber, G. McCormick, G. Cayo, E. Brownell, B. Bowman Fourth row: L. Laliberte, K. Liggett, A. Lawrence, S. Chester, W. Van Scoilc, W. Reid, K. Mathews, J. Milligan, R. Fisher, D. McSweeney, J. Steinmetz, J. Collins Third row: R. Looby, F. Jenkins, D. Jennings, D. Boyd, E. Randall, M. Gendron, R. Flanders, G. Bowman, H. O'Grady, T. Snelson, D. Smith, R. Aplin Second row: J. Kovac, G. Faye, G. Farr, C. Berry, S. Sprague, H. Preston, W. Knight, N. O'Gracly, T. Ballard, C. DeSorcie First row: R. O'Grady, R. Kraut, L. Spear, G. Pouliot, A. Bennett, H. Jones, W. Towle, W. Proctor, D. Monieson, R. Wood Richard F. Nims Norman J. O'Grady Gerald L. Pouliot Sherman K. Sprague Donald H. Steenburn William H. Towle s of 1949-Pledges John R. Milligan Warren H. Proctor Class of 1950 Edward E. Brownell Julian L. Collins Clarence M. Desorcie Edward L. Ellis Russell M. French E. Douglas McSweeney, Donald W. Smith Donald S. Taylor William H. B. Towne William S. Van Scoic Robert Y. Wood Alson C. Schoff, Spec. Raymond H. Tremblay, Class of 1950-Pledges William W. Baldwin Thomas R. Ballard Edwin H. Bickford Gordon K. Bickford Charles M. Carlton Stephen D. Chester David R. Dalzell, Jr. Robert J. Dufresne Gordon V. Farr Glen M. Fay Maurice G. Gendron Robert B. Hamel Edwin J. Hryckiewicz Friend H. Jenkins William B. Knight Alvan J. Lawrence Robert W. Looby Earle D. Randall William D. Reid William G. Semonite John C. Steinmetz Alfred G. Wheeler Charles J. Wilcox Class of 1951 -Pledges Richard D. Aplin Gordon J. Ballard Bruce B. Bowman George L. Bowman, Jr David D. Boyd Alexander A. Ciufo John C. French, Ill Peter M., Haslam Arthur R. Hill, Jr. David B. Jennings Wayne M. Juckett Sven G. Johnson James H. Kovach Robert C. Kraut Edward K. Mathews Robert W. Moore Harry A. Preston, Jr. Howard W. Shand Merritt W. Sheldon Thomas H. Snelson, Jr James W. Varrill Raymond B. Vescovi Lloyd W. Williams Earle F. Wingate, Jr. SIGMA PHI ewl Cal I it fam? .ggi :Q ' 'I X 1.. , - - - ' .' . .31 "'17'fe1a' X 'A -:lt v. wx tim .wi . . .. , .t --f .native , - vagal lf, -Q" . n 'f .seam 33. . N' nu .Q fax,-' e 1 l V- 'rF37'6i13,f7: , Mbluifl ul.: I Third row: P. Goulet, G. Davenport, S. Gates, R. Arthur, E. Nostrand, W. Elgood, D. Weed, H. Perry, R. Birge, E. Hayslip Second row: M. Hunt, D. Tudhope, C. Kempter, H. Page, W. Chapin, J. Burrows, G. Brigham, J. Rooney, J. Goulet, T. Banghart First raw: M. Carey, W. Flanders, W. Vercoe, D. Cox, W. Salmon, R. Evans, R. Ker, P. Robinson, R. Page, Class of 1948 David M. Cox. President Richard M. Evans Robert W. Ker, Jr. Philip E. Robinson W. Norman Vercoe Class of 1949 T. Schuyler Banghart George H. Brigham, Jr. Mitchell B. Carey William D. Flanders Stephen Gates John J. Goulet Mitchell J. Hunt J. White Charles P. Kempter William Salmon Jack C. White Class of 1950 Robert W. Arthur Richard U. Birge John L, Burrows William A. R. Chapin, William R. Elgood Paul H. Hunt Elbert D. Nostrand Ronald M. Page James R. Rooney Alpha of Vermont: Robert D. Taisey Douglas l. Tudhope Class of 1950-Pledges Harold Perry Elwyn Hayslip Dyer D. Weed Class of 1951 Howard L. Page Class of 1951-Pledges George W. Davenport Paul E. Goulet TWO HUNDRED SEVEN :Q I' x P9 0 G' 8310 TAU EPSILON PHI Third row: Nussbaum, London, Sigman, Levine, M. Zabarsky, Greene, Weinberg, Fram Second row: S. Zabarsky, Moore, Fingerif, Kalkin, Aaron, Berman, Stone, Lefkowitz First row: lrwin, Kinsler, Adler, Waterman, Goodman, Lippman, Rifkin, Bayer, Langer Kappa Chapter Class of 1948 Irving Greene Bernard Lippman Class of 1949 Howard Aaron Phillip Adler Stanley Pram Martin Goodman, Chancellor Ivers Rifkin Joseph Waterman Class of 1950 Milton Bayer Alfred Goldberg Theodore Irwin Richard Kinsler Arthur Langer Marvin Stone Herbert Levine Class of 1951 Murray Nussbaum Stephen Berman TWO HUNDRED EIGHT Eugene Burman Irwin Fingerit Eugene Kalkin Robert Lefkowitz Marshall London Norman Moore George Rudes Fred Sigman Fred Wineberg Melvin Zabarsky Sidney Zabarsky K 1 I- 1 .xx f SKIRNIISHES oNmfTRAIl 'ZXZQX X f, THE BRAVEST OF THE BRAVE While The maioriTy of The sTudenTs in The UniversiTy of VermonT were sTill buried in vvinTer Tinals, a auinTeT of exciTed classmaTes, vvho had comioleTed Their exams early, vvas lvlonTreal-bound To celebraTe The gala occasion. Un- TorTunaTely, Their'auTomobile crashed againsT a Tree en rouTe, inTlicTing severe damages on The ill-TaTed occupanTs. Today, seven monThs laTer, Neil J. "Simmy" Ralph is TighTing hard in his baTTle To vvalk again aT The VVhiTe River JuncTion VeTerans' l-lospiTal. The brave lad, who capTained The UVM ski Team during The disasTrous i947-48 campaign and vvho was unanimously re-elecTed by his colleagues, is deTermined noT only To reTurn To This campus buT also To hello The barrelsTavers resTore The Green and Gold To Class A ski compeTiTion. "Simmy" characTerizes The scores and scores oT aThleTes, vvho every day give Their all Tor This school on The gridiron, The courTs, The cinderpaThs, and The diamond. These Tellovvs, come vvhaT may, never relinquish Their sTruggle To bring beTTer aThleTics To UVM. As long as The UniversiTy of VermonT can boasT of such courageous and energeTic 1oarTiciloanTs as Russ Sunderland, Pie Traynor and our own Simmy Ralph, This insTiTuTion shall sTand perennially as a living symbol of TorTiTude, scholarship and comradeship, Three virTues so dear To The hearTs and souls of all aThleTes in The U. S. A. xy WP I . s ' I CAPTAIN COACH MICKEY COCHRAN "FUZZY" EVANS TWO HUNDRED Tl-IIRTEEN "The Saint" Reels Off cx Big Guin Against Mass. The highlights of a colorful football year at Vermont shone bright for Captain Mick Cochran and the boys as they hung up the uniforms for '47. It wasn't all cake and ice cream for the Green-Gold squad, which dropped four out of the eight games on the schedule, but it was clean, hard football all the way through, and the Cats showed they could take it and come back scratching. As inspiring as Stan Ursprung's soaring point-after-touchdown boots were the plays when the fighting Vermont line, bolstered by such boys as Bob French, Leo Spear, and "Wild Bill" Carpenter, piled up an enemy offense when things were beginning to look bad. Jack Hurley's stratosphere punts kept the Green and Gold out of trouble time and Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. 1 Oct. , Nov Nov JACK HURLEY Nov. TWO HUNDRED FOURTEEN I again and his four touchdowns showed. he could be depended upon to cover some ground. Although the loss of Ralph Kehoe was a sore spot, the hard charging of fullback Domenic Rosa and some brilliant runs by St. Gelais, Ballard, Hunziker and Collier kept opponents in hot water. Gordon Cochran and big Leo Spear will be leaving this year, but with most of the squad coming back for '48 the Middmen had better hold tight to that Vermont title. The '47 season at Vermont provided Green and Gold supporters with plenty of tense moments as the Cats' fare rose and fell on the gridiron. The first two games found the UVM squad holding down Centennial Field with only a smattering of student sup- port, as late enrollment left the campus bare until the fourth game on the slate. Vermont students got a big welcome home October 18, as the Evansmen, with two wins and a loss on the books, rolled over Norwich with a THE SCOREBOARD St. Michael's . . Vermont Colby ..,.... Vermont Union College. Vermont Norwich ...., Vermont New Hampshire Vermont Mass. State .. Vermont Rochester . . . Vermont Middlebury , . Vermont 33-0 tally. Losing to a tough New Hamp- shire outfit, the Green and Gold returned to the home field the following week for a 7-7 thriller with Mass. State that kept fans on their feet through most of the game. The boys ran into tough luck at Rochester, losing by one point, and ended the season with a three-touchdown loss to Midd. despite some determined goal-line stands. Those first two home games without the familiar old "Steamroller" from the stands were a test for Vermont football men, and they showed plenty of spirit in chalking up two victories in decisive fashion. The touch- down drum rolled for the first time before a small crowd of 2,000 local students and fans, as fullback Dom Rosa carried the leather across a St. Michael's goal. Weeks of pre- season hard work paid off, as a well-knit UVM team held the field to administer a 28-6 trimming to the Purple. Maine's Colby College, long-time winner over the Green and Gold, went home October 4 with something to think about, namely the short end of a 27-3 score. Colby backs got away from time to time with sizable gains, but Hobie Cook '65 Co. on the line bot- tled up the Mule attacks before they really got started. After repeated attempts to crack the UVM wall, Colby settled for a 3-point boot to get into the scoring column, and Ver- mont Hnished the day with George MacDon- ald's fourth quarter touchdown. With two decisive wins to their credit, the game with Union found Vermonters confident of another scalp, but a scrappy Garnet eleven turned the tables on the Green and Gold. Playing their first out-of-towner, the Cats went down under Union's aerial offensive, but showed their claws in the fourth period. Trail- ing by three touchdowns, the UVM eleven drove to the Union thirty, and St, Gelais took the ball around end to score for Ver- mont, Although the game was a goner, the Catamounts' determined drive gave them the last word and foretold a sunny day to come for the Green and Gold. A sunny day it was when the Norwich Horsemen hit Burlington. The game with the Cadets gave most of the students their first chance to see the team in action, and a capacity crowd turned out to see the old rivals battle it out as a hot sun smiled down on the carnage. The team was really back on its feet after the setback by Union and played a bang-up game, the best of the season. The Horsemen seemed to have their lassoes tangled and couldn't keep the UVM backs in check as Vermont piled up 347 yards on the ground behind some beautiful blocking by the line. It was old-time, rough-and-ready football, as the Cadets sent UVM casualties streaming to the sidelines, and the Cats clawed right back. The first quarter saw three of our first-stringers out of action and ended in a 0-0 deadlock, reminiscent of last year's final score. The outlook changed as Hobie Cook went down under a punt and nabbed the Cadet receiver with a tackle that probably showed up on the seismograph in Washing- ton. Hobie promptly scooped up the leather and it was a UVM touchdown march as Rosa i-.1 I B - :EYES - . ,. .MQ ., - V, E- ' ' I ., A ,ww if HOBIE COOK TWO H-UNDRED FIFTEEN Fourth row: Comolli, Vercoe, Gallup, Hawley, Collier Third row: Barrie, Eklund, DiMaHeo, Elespuru, Spear, Herberg, Dempsey, French, Mackay, Goyefte, Riddel, Rasines, Ingram, Ass'1. Mgr. Waterman Second row: Coaches Maynard and Lancla, Nussbaum, Sf. Gelais, Jenkins, Sugrue, Capt. Cochran, Cook, Kehoe, Hoskiewicz, Hudson, Carpenter, Coaches Evans and Sfrassburg First row: Hunziker, Cayo, Ballard, Mclntyre, Rosa, Hurley, Turnbull, Ryan, Ursprung, Traverse hit pay dirt. Art Collier shook off tacklers for another score, and the half ended with Vermont two in front and Norwich two be- hind. A gory victory by the freshmen over the Class of '50 in the Cane Rush provided a colorful halftime, and the Cats returned to take over again. Spectators saw the Green and Gold cross the goal three more times, with John Ballard scoring on a brilliant 64- yard sprint. Mid-week scrimmaging resulted in a brok- en leg for Ralph Kehoe, one of our most for- midable ball toters, and with injuries from the Norwich game, the outlook was dark as UVM faced rugged New Hampshire. The Cats returned from Durham on the low end of a 28-6 tally, pointing for the last home game of the season. A large turnout at Centennial Field wit- nessed the hectic 7-7 battle with Mass. State, as Vermont pitted its passing attack and strong defense against the Bay State power- house. Sporting a heavy line and a battery of hard-charging backlield men, the Mass. TWO HUNDRED SIXTEEN Staters pushed Cat defenses to the limit. An early TD on a long Hurley-to-Hunziker aerial gave Vermont the lead, but the visitors staged a series of quick runs that ate up yardage fast and put them in position to tie the score. The Massachusetts team was a continual threat, pushing several times within the Vermont ten-yard stripe. With their backs to the wall, UVM linemen repeatedly piled up further scoring attempts and tension ran high as Ver- mont nearly connected on a long touchdown pass in the closing moments of the game. After taking the lead in the first half, the Catamounts lost by a point in Rochester as the lightning-fast Yellowjackets collected on a 25-yard run in the third period, coupled with that all-important point-after-touch- down. Facing the last game of the season, spirit in the squad ran high, as players expressed con- fidence of victory over the highly-touted Middmen. The Blue were too much for the University team, though, as Middlebury copped the Vermont "title in the 50th Anni- versary fracas between the two old rivals. Rosa Hiis Pay Dirt As UVM Rolls Over the Mikemcn 28-6 FROSH FOCDTBALL Severely hampered by the very late enroll- ment of the freshman class, Coach Don May- nard was pressed for time in preparing his charges for the opening clash with the St. Michael's yearlings. The frosh mentor at the first call was surrounded with a wealth of material but the popular coach had only a fortnight to weld the prospects into a starting eleven. Strenuous daily workouts finally rounded the squad into a spirited 53- man ensemble, all of whom were fighting ex- ceptionally hard for the coveted posts. The formidable Purple array played host to the Maynardmen October 3 in the initial encounter for the Green and Ciold. Paced by Wee Willie Hart, a great all-around com- petitor, the Junior Mikemen smothered the Kittens 20-0. In their debut, however, the frosh showed plenty of promise for the fu- ture. Centennial Field opened wide its gates to the potent Middlebury freshmen the follow- ing weekend. The Panther cubs lived up to their press clippings as they pinned back the ears of the Kittens 36-6. Outstanding line performances were rendered by Steve Keith, Stan White and Chuck Smith while Capt. Don Hebsch and Frank Farrell were the big cogs in Maynard's offensive machine. The curtain fell on the abbreviated frosh schedule November 14 in Northfield as the Kittens by virtue of a third period plunge by Hebsch, whitewashed the Cadets 7-0. Jim Keith's accurate boot netted the point-after- touchdown. The victory was a iitting tribute to the hard work Coach Don Maynard and his cohorts had packed within the realm of only live weeks, With an eye to joining the Evansmen in '48, the yearlings gave a sterling exhibition of pigskin tactics. TWO HUNDRED SEVENTEEN V M A052 My A-1 ,. sa A J' - - ., 1 , - ' ,X 2' W-" 4, 44 -i 4. Q9 , A 5 ss N For Coach Bob Hawley and his sextet of hard-working barrelstavers, the University of Vermont ski team results were rather dis- couraging since the Green and Gold not only failed to cop any laurels during the winter campaigns but also was dropped from Class A competition by the New England Inter- collegiate Ski Commission for next year. This is indeed a mortal blow to the young skiers of UVM who, riddled by injuries and ad- verse weather conditions, were unable to vie successfully with the extraordinary squads at Middlebury and Dartmouth. The first test for the Vermont skiers came on January I0 when the I-Iawleymen jour- neyed to the 'AMarble City" for the Rutland Junior College Invitational Ski Meet. The Middlebury outfit, fresh from their Sun Val- ley conquest, nosed out Dartmouth to gain top honors. UVM, paced by Ken Belding and Captain Sim Ralph Hnished fourth out of the seven combines on the Pico Peak run. The skiing Indians from Dartmouth Col- lege, sparked by a Norwegian exchange stu- dent, Tor Arneburg, and stocky Wilbur Bull, came through with marvelous cross-country and jumping performances to edge out a favored Middlebury College ski team in the first post-war renewal of the University of Vermont Outing Club Invitational Collegi- TWO HUNDRED EIGHTEEN XQX s Www ate Ski Meet. The completely outclassed UVM host squad tried valiantly but finished far behind the third place University of New Hampshire Wildcats. In a battle-to-the-finish ski meet, which was not decided until the official scorers had checked and rechecked their final calculations, the University of Vermont ski team bowed to Norwich University 390.25 to 388.41 in a dual meet held February 9 at Northfield. Su- premacy in the cross-country racing and the jumping enabled the Cadets to ring up the margin of victory. . Ken Belding, in winning the slalom for Vermont, gave a spectacular performance be- fore the throng of bystanders. I-Ie zoomed through the tricky course with such daring speed that his time was full four seconds faster than that of his second place teammate, Sim- my Ralph. Vermont took the first four posi- tions in this event to duplicate a similar achievement by Norwich in the cross-country. Dave Sylvester sped down the steep slope in the downhill two seconds faster than his nearest competitor, Jack Pinney of Norwich. Sylvester was timed at l:29.3 as the terrific head wind on a flat section slowed down most of the contestants. Sim Ralph and Ken Beld- ing came in third and fourth respectively to give the Cmreen and Caold almost a clean sweep 4 , X Standing: Belding, Perry, Sylvester, Pierce, lshcm Kneeling: Knight, Ralph, Couch Hawley of the event but the failure to capitalize in the jumping and cross country cost UVM the meet. Although Coach Bobo Sheehan's charges had very little to spare, the Middlebury Col- lege skiers copped the championship honors in the annual Dartmouth Winter Sports Carnival by squeezing by the host club 563 to 562.8 on February 13-14. The Uni- versity of Vermont barrelstavers, without the services of the injured Ken Belding, finished seventh, ahead of Harvard, Amherst and Wil- liams. Duane Pierce captured tenth place in the slalom, the best showing of any Vermont skier in the meet. While the rest of the university populace was celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Kake Walk, the Hawleymen journeyed to the Lau- rentians for the McGill Ice Carnival. The rampaging Middmen once again outpointed Dartmouth to record top honors. Vermont, paced by Pierce, finished behind McGill, St. Lawrence and Laval but managed to best both Yale and the University of Montreal. Middlebury College's exceptionally fine ski team captured its second consecutive Intercol- legiate Ski Union championship on Bread Loaf Mountain March l, squeezing by the victory-hungry Indians from Dartmouth. Colorado Western State, touted highly before the meet as the outfit to beat, failed to live up to expectations and pulled down eighth place. The Green and Gold skiers finished only twenty-one points behind Western State, in tenth spot. Dave Sylvester sparked the Ver- mont attack by copping l8th in the jumping and 22nd in the slalom, a very impressive feat considering the quality of the contestants. In view of the nearness of finals and the riddled status of the squad, UVM did not accept the bid to compete in I-Iarvard's Invi- tational Ski Meet. So, the Middlebury finale lowered the curtain on a very unsuccessful sea- son for the I-Iawleymen. Unfortunately, the Green and Gold skiers were eliminated from the limelight by the great combines at both Middlebury and Dartmouth. However, the University of Vermont can be mighty proud of their representatives, all of whom, with the exception of kthe critically-injured Captain Simmy Ralph, will return to form the nucleus of next year's squad. Every single one of the boys will be gunning for the re-elevation of the University of Vermont's ski team into the charmed Class A circle. TWO HUNDRED NINETEEN RIFLE Under the new tutelage of Captain Earle A. Johnson, Jr., U. S. Army, the University of Vermont rifle squad rang up an impressive 16-ll record during 1947-48. Paced by Donald Steenburn, who won the Craig Tro- phy for the highest seasonal average, the vars- ity not only rolled over such adversaries as Western Kentucky, Louisiana and Hawaii, but also finished second in competition with all ROTC units inhthe First Army Area. For their fine marksmanship, five members of the squad received William Randolph Hearst Trophy Medals. The University of Vermont also copped sixth place in the First Army ROTC match, ten man team. In spite of the fact that Vermont sharp- shooters had notched a fine record, the Green and Gold riflemen were unable to compete in the New England Regional Rifle Matches at Amherst, Mass. Quarter finals happened to fall on the same day, so the plans had to be cancelled. However, needless to say, Captain Johnson, Jr. was very pleased with the final tabulation of the season's scoring. With the entire squad unaffected by graduation, the UVM rifle mentor looks forward to next year with even greater anticipation. Second row: Spear, Hazelton, Jacobs First row: Stevens, Capt. Johnson, Burritt, Corron TWO HUNDRED TWENTY xxx Wei' , . 4 X QXK 1 44k X 'gy BASKETBALL THE RECORD Vermont ,...,, 72 Vermont ,..... 41 Vermont ,..... 47 Vermont ....,. 39 Vermont ....., 66 Vermont ...,., 60 Vermont ,..... 5 1 Vermont ....., 40 Vermont ...... 54 Vermont ...... 63 Vermont ,..... 3 9 Vermont .,.... 61 Vermont ...... 76 Vermont ,..,.. 5 8 Vermont ,..... 47 Vermont ,.,.., 70 Vermont .,.r,. 63 Vermont ..,.,. 47 Vermont ...... 54 Vermont .,.... 73 McGill ...., Dartmouth . . Siena ,.,. .... Union ..,.... American lnterna Norwichi .... Clarkson ..... Dartmouth . . . New Hampshire'I' Middleburyi , , Connecticut? .. Norwich? . , Massachusettslf St. lVlichael's9t . St. Lawrence . Middleburytk . Springfield . , . Coast Guard . . Williams ..... St. Michael'st . t'1 4' Vermont State Conference game-Won 6, Lost 0. 'I'New England CYankeeD Conference game-Won 2, Lost 1. CAPTAIN EDDIE KOTLARCZYK TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-TWO THE INDIVIDUAL SCORING Floor Foul Games Goals Goals Points Livingston ..... 20 80 45 205 Pierce .,.. ... 20 82 40 204 Kotlarczyk ..,,, 16 70 2 6 166 Niemann . ... 20 53 45 151 Henderson . . . 20 55 28 138 Collier ,. .., 19 37 13 87 Parma . , . . 19 19 14 52 Durkin . . , . 7 14 9 37 York 19 10 12 32 Moflitt . . . , . 11 5 0 10 Conrad . , . . . 14 3 3 9 Cook . . . . 6 3 0 6 French . . . . 6' 3 0 6 Houston . . . . . 4 3 0 6 Rosa . . . . . 4 2 1 5 Stafford . , . . . 3 2 0 4 Hunziker . . . . 4 1 1 3 After a bad pre-Christmas slump, in which they dropped three out of four encounters, the 1947-48 Catamount basketball team rallied to win thirteen out of the remaining sixteen games, copped its sixth straight Ver- mont Conference title and turned in a season bettered only by the 1946-47 combination of Killick, Jake E5 Co. The Cats opened their 1947-48 campaign on December 6, by playing host to McGill University of Montreal, and soundly whipped the visitors 72-41. Later that same week, the Dartmouth Indians roared into town and reversed the picture by rolling over the Evans- men 63-41. Their first New York State game pitted the Catamounts against Siena, a team picked as a dark horse for the pOSt-Season tourna- ment bid. The Albany quintet, living up to their press clippings, emerged victoriously 69-47. In the Union tilt, the Cats came from behind only to lose 40-39 in the closing min- Second row: Mgr. Drury, Forma, Moffiff, York, Collier, Conrad, Coach Evons First row: Pierce, Niemonn, Koflurczyk, Henderson, Livingston utes. This made three straight losses, but the vacation that followed, plus the return of captain-elect Eddie Kotlarczyk, proved to be all the Green and Gold needed as they went on to win their next three clashes. American International College of Spring- field, Mass., offering the first post-vacation opposition, bowed out 66-48. Vermont then squelched Norwich 60-44 in the Cats' first defense of their state title. In the middle of January, the potent Clarkson Engineers, who last year knocked our great five out of a possi- ble tournament invitation, were downed in a closely played game 5l-47, as A1 Niemann and Eddie Kotlarczyk starred, This victory removed some of the sting out of the '47 set- back for Coach John C. "Fuzzy" Evans. The victory string was finally snapped when the "Big Green" of Dartmouth again tamed the Cats, this time 87-40 at Hanover, In the initial Yankee Conference clash, the Evansmen outsmarted a visiting New Hamp- shire five 54-43 in spite of the great play of little Dicky Dart. This victory partly made up for the slaughter the Cats took on the gridiron from the Wildcats earlier in the sea- son. Vermont followed through by smoth- ering Middlebury 63-38 to ring up its second stare tilt. The Catamounts dropped their fifth de- cision of the season to a strong University of Connecticut quintet 54-39 in another Yankee Conference classic. The Green and Gold con- tinued their mastery over the Cadets, ringing up a 61-44 margin. In their last Yankee Conference court match, the Cats, after a beautifully played first half, in which they built up a 36-I5 lead, coasted to a 76-44 victory over the University of Massachusetts. The Evansmen captured the first game of their "Across the River" series by defeating St, Michael's 58-36, as I-Iammy Livingston hooped I8 counters. During the Kake Walk festivities, St. Lawrence squeezed by the sur- prised Catamounts 52-47 in a very sloppy afternoon match. Middlebury fell before the Vermont onslaught for the second time 70- 45, as Ken Pierce, having one of his best nights, garnered 21 points. The Green and Gold then left on their final weekend tour of southern New England. First on the list was the powerful, but over- TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE confident, Springfield five. The Cats, led by the great defensive play of Al Niemann, struck fast and accurately. Before the Gymnasts quite knew what happened, the Evansmen had rung up a 63-48 verdict. Encouraged by the Springfield conquest, the Catamounts swept the remaining games of the trip, nip- ping Coast Guard in a close one, 47-43, and slipping by an underdog Williams squad, 54- 45. The Vermont record then stood at 13-6 with only St. 1Vlichael's standing in the way of another season of undefeated state play. The team was really keyed for this clash and from the opening Whistle, went all out to derail "The Big Train from Across the River" 73-56. At one time in the third quarter, the FROSH BASKETBALL Cats, through the superb play of George Hen- derson, had the Purple completely demoral- ized. Henderson, who was playing his last game for the Green and Gold, really bowed out in glory as he dropped 21 points through the net. The Mikemen conquest was a great victory not only for the team but also for the school, closing out an outstanding season of basketball here at UVM. The individual scoring leader, just as last year, was decided by a single point, as Hammy Livingston nosed out Ken Pierce 205-204. Hammy, who is the 1948-49 team's captain- elect, Pierce, Ed Kotlarczyk, Al Niemann, and a host of reserves will be back next year for another season, making the prospects for an- other stellar hoop squad look very good. Second row: Terrill, McCarthy, Farrell, Galli, McCuen, Rider, Couch Sfrclssburg First row: Loveleffe, Grant, Goulet, Rofti, Gouger The U. V. M. Kittens, keeping in step with the winning ways of Green and Gold court teams, finished their 1947-48 basketball season with an impressive record of eight vic- tories and four defeats, The Yearlings swept their home and home series with Rutland Junior College, Norwich Frosh and Middle- bury Prosh, split with Vermont Junior Col- lege and Burlington High School, but dropped both tilts with St. lVlichael's Frosh. TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-FOUR The big gun of the Strassburg-coached of- fensive was the 6 ft. 3 in. center from Staten lsland, N, Y., Keith Galli, "Stretch" not only notched 125 points during the short season but also controlled the backboards al- most continually during every fray. He was ably assisted by Bill Grant, whose one-handed push shots netted him 102 digits, and by Capt. Bob Ratti, a stellar defensive cog, Harry McCarthy and Charles Gouger. V. ..- HW, , , HOCKEY ,,, 'f' ith- U 'fx l 1 1,20 Z 41 -3 18,31 Gr Second row: Couch Maynard, Adams, Lcxreciu, Weesi, Monieson, Burwood, Turnbull, Mickler, Mgr. Wood First row: Stearns, Clark, McCracken, Plankey, Switzer Sparked by Capt. Karl Switzer, Wendy Barwood and John Adams, the 1948 Uni- versity of Vermont hockey squad rang up a respectable 4-6 record against some of the best college outfits in the northeast. Under care- ful scrutiny of Coach Don Maynard, the Green and Gold puckchasers opened the sched- ule with a hard-earned 2-O victory over Nor- wich. The strong cadets were held at bay by the UVM defense, while the Vermont forward wall, behind Switzer, dented the net twice to notch the win. ln an extremely rough and tumble affair, the Maynardmen followed through by van- quishing Paul Smith College 10-4 on the local ice. The small crowd that witnessed the fray in sub-zero weather saw the lightning Green and Gold offensive break through the New Yorkers' defense almost at will. ' The high-flying M i d d l e b u r y sextet squelched the UVM victory string 11-5 in no uncertain terms. For a while, Vermont matched scores with the Panthers but the Middmen pulled away in the latter stages of the clash. The Maynardmen recovered tem- porarily to nose out Paul Smith 9-8 at Lake Placid in another bloody engagement. After receiving a terrific 10-O shellacking from Arrny's potent rinkmen, the Green and Gold centered their wrath on Champlain Col- lege and downed the plucky youngsters 10-1. Barwood and Switzer were the big offensive guns for Vermont. The Cadets gained revenge for the season opener by eking out a 7-5 decision over the Maynardmen. Adams and Melendy proved to be the unstoppable cogs in the Cadet ma- chine. Hamilton College, always a mighty hockey center, humbled the Green and Gold 14-2 on the New York ice. The clash with the Clinton Athletic Club, scheduled for the preceding night, was cancelled because of poor ice. The Vermont puckchasers ended their long season by dropping a 5-l verdict to Middle- bury and a 5-4 heartbreaker to Norwich to close the books on a rough 10 game campaign. With the elevation of several promising frosh candidates and the expected return of Arnold Piche, the hockey squad has all the aspects of power deluxe in '49. TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE TRACK The 1947 track season was highly success- ful for Vermont as Coach Archie Post's charges copped three out of four meets, irre- spective of the New England and the Eastern classics, and emerged as state champions. The final victory over Middlebury was a fitting climax for the hard working Green and Gold runners. On a cold, clear, bright day, April 26, the Vermont team entered a triangular meet with Bates and Bowdoin at Brunswick, Maine. The result: Bowdoin 62M, Bates 51, Ver- mont ZZM, Evans and Mclntyre were the high scorers for UVM with a first each, while Nostrand captured a second and a third, and Randall and Bellows each copped a second. The following Saturday, May 3, the Ver- monters returned to Maine, this time to Wat- erville, where they downed Colby 75-59. After Jupiter Pluvius had cast his spell, the soggy track was hardly conducive for a track meet so the broad jump, high jump, pole vault, and shot put were run off in the field house. The boys in Green and Gold led easily with of the first places under their belts and several seconds and thirds to their credit. Barber paced Vermont onslaught with a first and two seconds for eleven points, fol- lowed by Evans IOM, Nostrand 10, and Mclntyre 9. Hopelessly outclassed in the Eastern Plattsburg 77-49 on May 10. Although the track was soft, the Green Mountain boys easily outclassed their hosts. Vermont's high scorers for the day were Bryden and Nostrand with two firsts or 10 points each, McLaren with 8, and Evans, Mclntyre, and Bellows with 6 apiece. Hopelessly outclassed in the Eastern ICAACA meet at Worcester Tech on May 17, the Vermont aggregation was only able to place tenth in a field of eleven. Bill Mclntyre copped third place in the javelin with 173' 5M", just five feet short of the blue ribbon throw. Of the quartet that journeyed to the New England ICAAA meet, only Dick 'Nos- trand qualified in the trials. However, the UVM star hurdler was eliminated in the semi- final heat. The Middlebury trackmen invaded Cen- tennial Eield the following Week for the State championship meet. Vermont squeezed by the hustling Panthers 7035 - 6425 With two firsts and a third, Evans paced the Green and Gold team, backed up by Nostrand 10 points, Mclntyre 8 and Randall with 6. Steb- bins of Middlebury lowered the state record for the 440 to 49.9 seconds, while Nostrand placed the UVM record for the 120-yard high hurdles at 15.7 seconds. Second row: Coach Post, McCann, Peabody, Rooney, Fagan, Randall, Bellows, Mgr. Lyons First row: Cook, Metz, Ursprung, Traverse, Paul, Sfeinmeiz, Perkins, Bix , ecker TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-SIX byB CROSS-COUNTRY Second row: Coach Posf, Benneff, Harlow, Milligan, McKee, Jareckie, Jones, Mgr. Lyons First row: Fagan, Howe, Peabody, Randall The 1947 UVM cross-country season be- gan with two unpleasant notes. ln the Hrst place, the late opening of school not only necessitated the cancelling of the Union run but also cut down the length of time our boys would have to train. Secondly, out of a trio, who had been the brightest hopes of Coach Post for this year only Earle Randall would be running. However, as a lone bright star, Randy outshone everyone including the opposition. October 18-Vermont 50, Champlain 15 The initial meet was held on the 3.1 mile flat, sandy course in Plattsburg under very hot and humid weather conditions. Cham- plain, led by Frymire in 16:23, took the lirst seven places for a perfect score. Joe Pellon copped eighth for Vermont, followed by Ran- dall, who was suffering from gas pains, the plague of distance runners. Peabody, Howe and Jareckie took the other places for Vt. October 25-Vermont 43, Williams 20 Still striving for their first win, the Green and Gold harriers faced the visiting Williams squad on the 4.1 mile orchard course. Ran- dall showed his heels to the whole field, as hue traversed the distance in 21:53, only eighteen seconds slower than the record set in 1940 by Freddy Webster. Although unable to match Randy's pace, the entire Williams team easily captured the neXt seven places. November 14-Vermont 43, Middlebury 20 A powerful Middlebury array played host to the Postmen under ideal cross-country con- ditions on their 4.5 mile course before a ban- ner crowd. The big attraction of the day was the competition between Vermont's Ran- dall and Middlebury's ace, Newman, the top harriers in the Green Mountain State. At the end of the first loop on the golf course, the two pacemakers were matching strides in a fast race. The picture did not change as the aspirints rounded the second loop, but on the home stretch, the Barton lleetfooted young- ster broke into a sprint that left Newman bewildered. Randy's time was clocked at 24:22.5, a new record for the course. Ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth places were taken by Jareckie, Pagan, Bennett, and Peabody. Despite their lack of wins in the 1947 season, the Vermont harriers were cheered by the outstanding performances of their star, Earle Randall. With a little improvement from the other Green and Gold cross-country runners, Coach Archie Post's hopes for a "crackerjack" year may materialize during the '48 outings. TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN TENNIS Sparked by the great over-all play of Bob Jake and Captain Hammy Livingston, the l947 University of Vermont tennis squad under the careful surveillance of Coach Fred Carpenter, wrapped up a hard-earned 6-3 sea- son record. Jake and Livingston, the potent one-two punch of the Green and Gold, did not lose a college match all year, notching seventeen consecutive single and six straight doubles verdicts. The season started rather unimpressively as the Vermonters dropped both ends of their New York State debut to St. Lawrence and Clarkson. Livingston and Bill Meyers, a su- perb clutchman all year, could not alone hold the Green and Gold out of the lost column without the services of Jake. Rejuvenated by the appearance of Jake, Coach Carpenter's charges swept six out of the remaining matches, tasting defeat only at the hands of RPI. In this latter tilt, Jake in a three hour matched downed "Ace" Adams 16-14, 3-6, 6-3 in one of the best college ex- hibitions ever witnessed on the local courts. The spectacular baseline play of the Vermont star, netted the margin of victory. Jake and Livingston represented Vermont in the New England Collegiate Tourament at Williams College on May 12. Although both Jake, who at one time was rated No. l in the "Big Ten" Conference, and Livingston fell in the quarter finals in the singles, the UVM pair almost copped the doubles cham- pionship. Trailing to Daniels and Keevil of Amherst 6-2, 6-O Qin the fmalsy, the Green and Gold ace netmen rallied superbly to take the next two 6-3, 6-4 only to fall 6-4 in the deciding set. The Vermont standard-bearers also entered the highly competitive Eastern Intercollegiate Tennis Championships in the latter part of June, but adverse weather conditions kept the pair out of shape so their showing was not too spectacular. Thus, the great collegiate sports career of Bob Jake came to a close. However, the football-basketball-tennis star bowed out in glory, ringing up a tennis rec- ord, of which anyone would be proud. i Second row: Gipstein, Livingston, Goldstein, Couch Carpenter First row: Mgr. Waterman, Meyers, Mallet? TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-EIGHT Pictured above are Vermont's outstanding tennis duo, Capt. Hammy Livingston and the irreplaceable Bob Jake. Combining a vast knowledge ot the game with a never-say-die spirit, the hard-working veterans established a University record by blazing their way scathless, through Cl nine game schedule. Sandwiched in among their opponents were some of the most promising netmen in the northeast. The highly touted pair blitzed through to finals at The New England Collegiate Tourney. Coach Fred Carpenter will see many net nquacls come and go before he will find u double combination equal to Jake and Livingston. TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE CHEERLEADERS Without the proper school support, an athletic team often falters during the crucial moments of a vital game. The tired bodies of the participants seem to take on added strength when the strains of Nl-lold that line" or "Block that kick" float down on the play- ing Held. The rousing cheers that stimulate football elevens, basketball quintets, and base- ball squads on to victory are very important to every college coach. This school spirit likewise is indispensable to the college athlete himself. The backbone of the student cheering sec- tion, with proper qualifications are the cheer- leaders. Cn the shoulders of these lassies and young men rest the responsibility for stirring up the school spirit Within the student ranks. The student cheering section Without a doubt can make or break a college athletic team. The University of Vermont's rank and file, during 1947-48, were led by an exceptionally Well-trained and versatile quartet of male cheerleaders Uack White is not shown in the picture abovej. Nor did this small group TWO HUNDRED THIRTY Hczyslip, Lyons, Liston Wait for the student body to arrive before be- ginning their thankless Work. At the St. Michael's pre-enrollment opener, the quartet led the segment of the university populace and alumni, from the vicinity of Burlington, in a series of tumultuous cheers as the Evansmen downed their arch-rivals 28-6. Upon the opening of UVM, the cheer- leaders continued their relentless pursuits, organizing the long snake dances, pep rallies and 'fgame time" support. With the advent of Winter, the quartet merely moved the scene of their performances from Centennial Field to the basketball court at Memorial Audito- rium. Unfortunately, the school did not rally behind the cheerleaders at all times, but this only served as an incentive to White, Lyons, 25 Co. To the unsung heroes with the loud vocal potentialities, the University of Vermont ath- letes say, "Thanks for a job Well done." Cap- tained by Jack White, the boys will be ready to lead the large student cheering section When UVM opens its portals again in the fall. 1947 DIAMOND HIGHLIGHTS IN REVIEW 1 I COACH LARRY GARDNER TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-TWO Vermont's diamond enthusiasts were alerted early in April for the 1947 season. Rugged practices were held in the cage in preparation for what Coach Larry Gardner hoped would be the best season in many years at the University. Prospects seemed good as some fine players returned from the service and the younger men were eager and had plenty of hustle. However, fate was still to be reckoned with, and after the first game of the southern trip, the Cats could do nothing but absorb loss after loss until near the end of the season, Two quick wins were registered to make the season record two won and eight lost, one of the worst in the school's history. Only one game of the southern trip was played as ad- verse weather conditions necessitated cancella- tion of the other three. SEASON'S RECORD Navy .......,., l 2 Vermont St. Michael's . . . . 7 Vermont Clarkson .,.. . . . l4 Vermont Massachusetts . . . 5 Vermont Norwich ,..., . . 3 Vermont St. Michael's . . . 4 Vermont Norwich . , , 3 Vermont Middlebury . , . Z Vermont Siena ..... , 9 Vermont Middlebury . , , 7 Vermont Y' If 311211 . . . 5 'nrt- I Q . . iw X M. . . . rx. A Wg. 4.1 .U V V L 1' ., VXA V Y fi -1 "K Daw' gi .E:Hj5L L ll ' Second row: St. Gelais, Cochran, Craige, Dempsey, Turnbull, French, Demick, Hoskiewicz, Mgr. Carpenter, Coach Gardner First row: Johnston, Hurley, Koflarczyk, Hunf, Flanders, Collier The 1947 season opened as Vermont faced Navy at Annapolis in the only game played on the annual southern trip. The UVM nine was as cold as the weather and although they showed some possibilities for the future, the Green and Gold took a l2-4 shellacking at the hands of the powerful Midshipmen. Cochran toiled on the mound for Vermont, while the hard-hitting Dan Burton served them up for the Navy. The future admirals. capitalizing on four Catamount errors, drove out seventeen resounding hits to ring up a decisive victory. After much rain and little practice, the Gardnermen traveled to Winooski Park to cross bats with a mediocre St. lVlichael's nine. Cochran again toed the slab for Vermont, hooking up in a mound duel with Passabet, only to lose in the tenth 7-6. Paul Hunt powdered a home run and John Durkin had a perfect day at the plate but fate was still not smiling. The following day, May 12, the Cata- mounts were the recipients of their worst drubbing of the season as a visiting Clarkson team slapped the ball with everything but the players' bench, driving out seventeen base hits. The Green and Gold solved the slants of Shover, who hurled the entire game for the Techmen, for twelve scattered hits good for only a brace of tallies, while the Engineers were having a track meet on the base paths, Demick Saves the Game TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-THREE INNER DEFENSE OUTER DEFENSE Sf. Gelczis, Johnston, Turnbull, Flanders pushing across fourteen markers. The Ver- mont defense was again erratic as six miscues helped the Clarkson onslaught. On May l7, the Green Mountaineers journeyed to Amherst for a clash with the University of Massachusetts nine. Six errors fostered the Cats' defeat as big L'Jawn" Hos- kiewicz allowed eight hits. In registering a 5-3 victory, Wynn gave up a slim total of five safeties. Vermont next encountered the Norwich Horsemen at Northfield. The Cats unleashed a nine hit attack but nevertheless "blew" the game 3-2. The ninth inning fourmaster by Eddie Kotlarczyk, who was nicked for only five bingles, was to no avail since his team- mates had already given the verdict to the grateful Cadets by virtue of their seven errors. UVM's bad luck was halted temporarily as every available player was mustered to hand St. Mike's a 7-4 setback on Johnny Burn's Day at Centennial Field. Hoskiewicz and Kot- larczyk gave up seven hits while the Vermont sluggers could notch but six. In spite of four errors by the usually dependable Bill Flanders, the victory-hungry Catamounts could not be denied. The big blow of the game was Goulet's grand slam home run, which more or less sewed up the game in the second frame. The following day, the Norwich Cadets TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-FOUR ' ' V V" - ' N --. K f . Hurley, Hunt, French, Dempsey roared into town only to become the victim of Vermont's second win of the season. UVM was again outhit but for the nrst time were also outerrored, as the Green and Gold chalked up a relatively easy 6-3 victory. Kot- larczyk was touched for ten hits but the Gard- nermen were able to dent the home platter six times on only ive measly safeties. Middlebury College ended the Cats' brief winning streak on Memorial Day via the 2-O shutout route. John Vetare applied the whitewash brush to the Vermonters as he rationed four scattered hits. Although Hos- kiewicz also gave up four bingles, six errors aiield allowed the brace of counters to score. Siena College, UVM's next foe, wasted little time finishing the thrashing Middlebury had started, as they pounded Kotlarczyk for thirteen hits and a 9-7 decision. In the late innings of the game, Vermont almost pulled the game out of the fire but Bogey Bogdono- wicz entered the fray and retired the last six men in order to seal tight the Siena decision. In the iinale of the season at Middlebury, the Panthers, once again behind Vetare, clawed the Cats for a 7-1 win. Hoskiewicz and Kotlarczyk shared the mound duties and gave up ten hits, one a lusty triple by Johnny Corbisiero, as the curtain fell on one of the worst seasons in the history of baseball at the University of Vermont. 5 9 ., wa, f' Wwfiwsoilf' 9 Wham 'PH I fy 1 YfinmP!"W uw Q1 ORS ws eo. NNSWU H n 00? P Miss Euier Hman. who Second row: Buchmcln, Kidder, Hageman, Hard A AWARDS WA- - Firsf row: Buckingham, Tobey, Howard, Simms, Smifh W. A. A. COUNCIL The All Sports Club is the honorary Women's Athletic So- ciety. Membership in the All Sports Club is the highest honor a woman can attain in athletics. It is based on athletic leadership and sportsmanship. Girls must prove to be out- standing in WAA clubs and varsities as well as attain good scholastic marks. Election comes at the end of the junior year when the required number of athletic clubs and honorary points have been achieved. ALL SPORTS CLUB I Hageman, Howard, Smilh MEMBERS Marilyn Derrick Theresa Guzowski Mary Hageman Joanne Howard Priscilla Klain Mary Ann Smith Cynthia Wriston WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Any girl who joins one of the womens athletic clubs is entitled to become a member of the Women's Athletic Association. This organization endeavors to maintain a high degree of physical fitness among the women students as well as to promote an interest in sports and to further the ideals of good sports- manship. The WAA Council consists of iifteen council members plus the individual sport managers. Besides offering a variety of sea- sonal sports each quarter, the Council spon- sors social affairs such as Pops Night, Play- days with other colleges, and Co-Recreational Nights throughout the year. All WAA mem- bers attend the banquet at the end of the year at which time new oliicers are installed and awards are made. A cup is given to the dorm having the highest percentage of WAA at- tendance. Honorary varsity certincates are given to those girls who have done outstand- ing work in their clubs. At this time new members are admitted into the All Sports Club. WAA COUNCIL Joanne Howard Nancy Tobey Donna Buckingham Betty Simms Mary Ann Smith Cynthia Wriston Mary McBratney Dorothy Brau E, Jane Smith Mary Hageman Katherine Kidder President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Senior Representative Junior Representative Sophomore Representative Social Chairman Publicity Chairman Scrapbook Chairman Faculty Advisors Miss Cummings, Miss Euler, Miss Hoffman TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-SEVEN -VB MANAGERS Second row: Chapman, Traynor, Bosworth, Breckenridge, Tucker Firsf row: Elmer, Brush, Cayey, Hudwen, Wood, McGill The managers of the WAA clubs formed their own club. They planned the WAA parties and Play Day with Middle- bury. At each meeting the girls talk over the individual pro- lems of each sports club. The main purpose of the Club Mana- gers is to increase the membership in the clubs and promote greater cooperation. Archery Mary Wood Badminton Pat Brush Basketball Rosemary Traynor Pat Tucker Bowling Pat McGinnis Dance Workshop Joyce Viventi Fencing Dorothy Elmer Ice Skating Ping Pong Joan Chapman Lorraine Bosworth Riding Priscilla Johnson Skiing Betsy Cayey Softball Margaret Jenne Square Dance Gloria MaGill Swimming Martha Wood Volleyball Dorcas Hadwen TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-EIGHT Health Council's purpose is two-fold. The first is the promotion of a high standard of health for women on campus: the second, a loan fund available for medical purposes. Each women's dormitory has a representative on the Council who advances the program of good health. An annual campus-wide "Tag-day" and a dance sponsored by the group help to raise money for their loan fund and for carrying on the necessary functions of the organization. OFFICERS REPRESENTATIVES President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Publicity Chairman Project Chairman Librarian Joyce Marx Barbara Shen Marjorie Clark Marie Farrow Gladys Neiburg Glenna Gee Donna Buckingham Betty Allen Audrey Barnard Audrey Bidwell Mary Champagne Ruth Coburn Lorraine Eastman Gracile Flower Marjorie Eullam Nancy Joy Barbara Kilborn Betty Martin Eileen Molloy Judith Rabinowitz Nellie Rabsky Martha Samson Barbara Shimmin Lorraine Grody Alice Streeter Priscilla Johnson Helene Wilkins . s Second row: Samson, Goodrich, Buckingham, Coburn, Shimmin, Fullam, Barnard First row: Bologncmi, Kilborn, Neiburg, Clark, Shen, Molloy, Gee, Ericson HEALTH COUNCIL MODERN DANCE Third row: Larrabee, Worth, Pooley, Kidder, Nelson, Coiiiman, Pike Second row: Tobey, Ritchie, Millington, Hurley, Johnson, Simms, Gay First row: Farnham, Barker, Viventi, Smith The main event of the club year is the ography to present their chief activity ofthe Modern Dance Recital which was given by year. Body techniques were drilled during the the members in May. The girls combined fall quarter and the Winter quarter Was spent their efforts from costume designing to chore- in dance composition. BASKETBALL CLUB Fourth row: White, Thorell, Clancy, Prime, Cox, Wilber, Colburn, Hadwen, Davison Third row: Bushey, Hard, Schaffer, Rogerson, Joslyn, Merriman, Hyzer, Elmer, Buttrick, Jenne Second row: Schenkman, Warrell, Hoisington, Traynor, Tucker, Young, Beaulac, Barnard, Dennis First row: Gray, Bagdikian, Hadwen, Bicknell The Basketball Club was very active dur- group Was divided into several teams, three of ing both the fall and winter quarters this which Were composed of freshman girls and year. Gver fifty girls attended practice Weekly two of sophomores. The club participated under the direction of Mrs. Jackie Craig. The in Play Day. TWO HUNDRED FORTY . ,Z -vi? 4-" + 5 0-fr I .4 ,, ilk ,MS G lg x '15 '11 N XII W , ,glll S ,ll 'fl lil 1 Y I -, :-72 Z .H --:I ll :Ziyi . 'Qi 'll Q . - h:?L VOLLEYBALL Third row: Elmer, Cole, Coburn, Hurley, Rogerson, Jenne, Buffrick Second row: Wilber, Clancy, Schaffer, Hadwen, Tucker, Worrell, Johnson Firsf row: Comsfock, Farringion, Boslwick BADMINTON Second row: Andrew, Greenup, Fraser, Farr, Hooper, McGinnis, Locke Firsi row: M. While, Buckingham, Brush, Breckenridge, Bemis, B. White ' FENCING Second row: Hoifely, Vivenli, Hadwen, Bosworfh, Fraser, Pooley, Mollica First row: Simms, Coffman, Wood, Hazelion, Elmer, Wilber, Flinf TWO HUNDRED FORTY-ONE SWDMMHNG CLUB Third row: Elmer, Wetherby, Clark, Cox, Tobey, Bosworth, Hyzer Second row: Brush, Buckingham, Steele, First row: Durfee, Included in the program of the Swimming Club this vear were instructions in strokes and diving, formation swimming, and Senior Life Saving. The formation swimming group gave a Christmas Water Pageant and a Water Bal- let program in Nlav. Following the Life M. Wood, Pike, Post, M. P. Wood Wright, Hcxrd Saving course conducted during the winter quarter the Water Safety Instructor course was offered by an American Red Cross Field Representative, Rav Amiro, at the Y.lVl.C.A. pool. Several girls entered the Women's ln- tercollegiate Telegraphic Swimming Meet. W. A A WATER QHRQUS f sth. , f iv?- .J 1' X I 1 0 'V xx l ,, NX ffl 5 lx -2? v . " :gf '?'-F552 5 4-1- ia ' I - .4 ,:'f :ig- Q E -4 B , I 'NN' fi Y C- I ? I- ' I X E99 I IT m 'ln XJ c....,pkJ ii? Ll ,ff J' X at BOWLING Third row: Schenkman, Durfee, Young, Cox, Coburn, Stanger, Worrell Second row: Brush, Barnard, Thorell, McGinnis, Andrew, Smith, Killory First row: Meyn, Bogdikiun, Beoulac, James ICE SKATING Er Second row: Worrell, Locke, Wilber, Nelson First row: Steele, Hard, Chapman, CoHman, Pike SKI CLUB Second row: Pike, Coffman, Hurd, Styles, Peloquin, R. Worrell, Brush, Post First row: Stell, Cuyey, Varn, Thorell, Prime, Ritchie, A. Worrell TWO HUNDRED FORTY-THREE WOMEN'S SKI TEAM Second row: Coyey, Prime, Henderson, Georhort First row: Peloquin, Thorell, Tuttle, Jenkins, Purrow, Gillam, Stell The season began successfully for the Ver- dlebury comprised the visiting teams. St. mont Women's Ski Team under the Manage- Lawrence led the meet, with Vermont placing ment of Betsy Cayey, with a meet held at third. A meet at St. Lawrence followed, in Underhill. Syracuse, St. Lawrence and Mid- which Vermont again placed third. SQUARE DANCE Second row: A. Worrell, Hyzer, Wescott, Bemis, White, Bostwick First row: Flint, Hard, R. Worrell, Steele, McGill, Cook, Anderson TWO HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR GOLDEN MOMENTS ON THE , ,I f ff rv V w K' TWO HUNDRED FORTY-SIX Kake Walk--through the capable and admirable direction of Al Weess, Bob Smith flater replaced by Phil Robinsonj, and John Reagan-can confidently chalk up another brilliant year to its well-established tradi- tion. Once again the students had the pleasure of a "long week-end," com- mencing with the Masquerade Ball on Thursday night, followed by two nights of Skits and Walkin' fo' de Kake, and climaxed on Sunday with Hopen house." Elliot Lawrence's orchestra, in demand at so many of the nation's college functions, supplied the Masqueraders with satisfying music for the well-attended Ball. Debonair King Doug Riddel and lovely Queen Carol Farmer were crowned by Mr. Lawrence to reign in regal grandeur over the gala week-end. The crowds wildly cheered Phi Delta Theta and Sigma Phi Walkers as they placed first and second, respectively, in the Walking exhibition on Friday and Saturday nights, and as Sigma 'Phi and Phi Sigma Delta won lirst and second place, respectively, for their Skits on both nights. Although the unusually warm weather discouraged most fraternity sculptors, Sigma Nu won first prize for their artistry in snow, and Phi Delta Theta placed second. Pi Beta Phi won first place cup for the wonien's sculptor. The students of UVM can look back on this year's Kake Vylalk and be satisfied with the decision that this has been certainly one of the best, if not the best, celebrations in the 51 years of its history. TWO HUNDRED FORTY-SEVEN 9 1 K HY ,Sem at ff, , f, , 4" ,, , r ' ' JC, f ' 5 Q ff , fi., gag., M Q, ef - . , are ,, fy- gs? !,vv 1 My Qiwlgflgff ily: I 1.5! - YK URL- V x " K,5,'.A. W .Ar A1 fn- 'iw f v 559 k , W, ,. ,, V ' " 4. j f MQ" ' ":'1,:, 1-- 'f , , 7 ' ff? 'Y .V I . . " fgf' '. - J - .f W "Q Ziff- .1 1 5 hs 3 ' M 'i M 775,332 yi . Sv? , . A,mp,,, J.: Cv! M' , Q , Q . .XX V. , ' ar: ylfgr ' , . f v - , , fi'-f..,- P ' f ,:,,, . .Aff Q," www 1 Qi U wi " ' ' Q , E .if W! - qu .1 1 S , E .N 1 as,,.6 -' gym. Q R if ,J I' M3 -,--gl . . Y i Q 'Q Q Q-x ua'- I vwg' ' N3 A 'N -we 4 . .41 Nm- A Z fa -U 'fi' fw 0-Sli rfvxif' 5 UN E 3-' - QR 4 . fun- fl x .1 A .- , . -.5 K "1 ,fn Q at qi is Z, , Y ,af '31 'fi , if 'I,Av iv' m.-Wflfhl , xo ' ggi!-2 hh... jg -1, I -54 Q 4 Ny, bf- 4 A Ev ,Q A , .wk an X K , I x, X . . W- , X 5 B Q Q ,xx 35 1 -v my Ni Q L ,ff- Xz 'Q 5 T X 3 Ji if in 1.14.-M44 !.il'u'f"f -1'2" 3lg3,ii.i,3.!'5'3a,?'a 3-Vt fg."k!?'2 Z Y WJ? F 5 fx ofii .' ff? W , , 5 xg Q 5 gi. A ga? fxfc A ,, ,. . wi , ,Q fmxx 9 , ,,.,.. . V 1 Q gf 4 .. .JST x ,W vw M ww " f f' V' W W 4 u aww, 'wif gd We 'X v X5 S A 1 , i Q15 A if L Ai? wa ,W vm E555 X UMA L in Wxgm-,ww I ff,f. ia 'WH-ME T Gmane: MAKING P MAR5HAll A WON UMMEW r E sg .4 1 U a 2 3 E I' 5 F ! P vs S E X Q fi E r K E ' " 'i ' -" lu' ""i' " L1 .' lf W fi' lfwmf-, WIVWHA Vs rf 7 A Q Q. Z E. 33 1, 4 Q, 2 as Q S ii ,E 1 3: s 3 S' wi fx Q 5 3 if 14 52 ii S! "'C"'7'fTC'2T"'W' 'V' ""A v ""' ' KY' 7' " 'lf ' u "V"""S'M'+5""?'51L1i1,.,,,,,,,,,,,,. In , if 2'-xp. , f ff., ,. . ' ax r 1 X mu Q ah? . , M'QEsg41X YZ . --A.-....-. mi' an ik 1- . H N x 3 ' five. f 5 H .f vw -- U.- . . . 1 S 5 V.: 5: ' if J 1, + 43 ' 2525.24 ,' L3m'f"1 f ' .L nd! ni-:ni:1JH7v-,Iwi mn .1 -rf, mn.. .4 -fm' . ,, .Mug 1.15,-di: P Q:"QiE."n 5 . 1 , 1: iv. 4 431' ,A , A 1 -lwfzm--, ' ,W .4 'ff if . 4 2 rl 'E .L bs., . vc. f .,-ff' Nv3iS .,. A .1 'Q X ff'i- !,- ..1f,1iiw- ,. H , EMP? f . ,iff 1 . 5 " " "' ' . ' ' H4 '- 13' r' ,T , 'fa ,g x ,J NK f ' , ' , 1. 1 141413 'K . I K. I 4 V, ' 52. 5 . -355 is gb ., W Lg A: pq 5 A -53? U2 1-f ' z ' ' I i G 5 Y ' 1 if k :RVN up f ' 1 Y' gy K fi: 1.1 , " "J 1 ' f . . X 5 ! - fs , nw ' A - ,,. ' i , Mamma .. X... 4 'f0 ' ,., . ' -qw.,-feiiwmsw -. ifwfxf u 'Q-ge-Q Q .Y,,5 ,n Q gf. .. ' . W .41 .f . .... .,.. . .....,. 1 .: ........ ., - . v "" ' ' ff ,. ' -' N assi...--,, 55:1 ,... ..,. f , .-.1-3--:1.1p5:y3,qz:1:'1- vs: :":j'::'g-gm-,-Iva' 'J ""' ' "'-,-,,1?g5jj5gLg:, I 1,319-,, ' Y -..-... Mm. . """ .. - -..... f -muff-:-L:::m:-e-V: .,., ""' igwyvggze f - 'I-1-' 435: "--- " Aff' :W Wu .... . Tim .. nf' . if 'fi ' 4. 1 f '4 X 5' 4 am, , , ,frf 6' ,aff , Pi , .wi x I6 ,V 'gi , .J x if - ffff? 4 -ei? 1 4, xmm .09 'X -ff H W ax ,. -- .2 43. ,, f 22- Z A 2 ? , , 2 A Dv ER TI SE ME s , 1 1 , P, N ' - wr- . UD DD ZAMPLICID TO THE ADVERTISERS.. The T949 Ariel has been made possible, in part, by the interest and support ot the individuals cmd tirms whose advertisements appear on the following pages. l know that they will be glad to serve you and will appre- ciate your patronage. JOHN S. MILLIS, President, University ot Vermont. Burlington Savings Bank BURLINGTON, VERMONT A MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK -- INCORPORATED 1847 Com plete Savings and Loan Facilities We are Pioneers in NBllII!1fI7g By Mail" MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION CHAMPLAIN VALLEY FRUIT CO., INC. BURLINGTON - RUTLAND Wholesalers FRUITS, VEGETABLES, BEVERAGES ALSO BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOODS COMMERCIAL COLD AND FREEZER STORAGE S DE PH QT FDC FITS BURLINGTON, VERMONT X N I R5 'EW wx S. S S C Om plimenfs of THOMAS Sc COMPANY 70 Church Street C-017Z15li111611fS of A FRIEND TWO HUNDRED SIXTY FIVE SARGENT STLUDTIO ,fzzfmif 0ll0? 'CZJQA 6K4 COMPLETE EEIUTOGRAEHHC SERVICE TU THE 1949 AEHEL ED SIXTY-SIX SODAS SANDNWICI-IES Exlalzlixbml 1897 COLMANS PHARMACY THE C. H. GOss COMPANY 149 Main St. Dodge-Plymouth Sales and Service 237 Nnrth Avenue PURE DRUGS STATIONERY BURLINGTON, VERMONT General Electric Appliances Radios Goodyear Tires, Tubes, Batteries C0m!,1i,m.,7f5 Sales and Service C. P. SMITH SUPPLY CO. Of Opposite Central Fire Station Tel. 55 129 SO. WINOOSKI AVE. BURLINGTON. VT. Telephone 1613 Air Conditioned R The LOTUS RESTAURANT CHINESE AND AMERICAN FOOD "Every Illeal a Pleasant Illnnzoryu FURRIER REMODELING, REPAIR AND STORAGE 144 Church Street Burlington, Vt. 179 Pearl St. Burlington, Vt. Colrzllwliuzellfs USED CARS Of 365 Riverside Ave. Tel. 4018 P A R K C A F E B R U H N ' S OFFICE EQUIPMENT UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITERS FRIDEN CALCULATORS Gwzuifze Registered K E E P S A K E DIAMOND RINGS FREMEAU BROS. BURLINGTON, VERMONT SUNDSTRAND ADDING MACHINES ,,,m..HONES MAJESTIC DINER Specializing in STEAKS AND GI-IOPS 102 Church St- Tel- 200 139 Pearl street Burlington, vt. TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-SEVEN HERBERG AUTO' SERVICE INCORPORATED Auto Specialists PARTS and ACCESSORIES Sales and Scrvifc Smith, Bell Sc Company, Inc. INSURANCE-REAL ESTATE A Call on ihe Phone Profects All You Own 217 College St. Phone 1300 204 MAIN STREET SIMPSONS T. A. HAIGH FLIR STGRE, IHC' LUMBER CO., INC. FURS and LUGGAGE 315 Pine St- BURLINGTON, VT. 7 Church St. Burlington, Vt of THE IVIERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK of BURLINGTON, VERMONT GIRARD BAKING C0., INC. PROGRESS BY SERVICE Bakers of Since 1849 ENRICHED JUMBO LOAF 164 COLLEGE ST. Tel. 970-971 TWO HUNDRED SIXTY EIGHT Dun Scuwruns GREAT Bsssr EY FATE PM Dawn Tm: Dmu TU LAK: EHAHPLAIN ' .1i1-5,21 so Bzzfflizegionk Bm . , HOTELS VERNQNT AND VAN NESS CHEADQUAIITEHS PUB ALL CLITAMUUNTS AND THEIII FAMILIES? 77M offezy Abernethy C larkson Wright I nc. A019 Ve1f11zont's F01'6"772OSf Depa1't'11ze1zt "The Liftlc' Shop A1'0Zll1!i the C0r11f'1"' Sion? MENYS FINE CLOTHES Serving Vermont for 100 Years We Solicit Your Patronage 1848 -T 1948 Cherry St. Burlington, Vt. BURLINGTON, VT. piam ands VERIVIONT CLEANTSING COL, INC. ti X., graded with modern Scientific BIl1'If77g1f0l7,S Sa71iz'011e Clcmzsers 5 ' instruments to assure quality Q - FUR STORAGE g I X - Many other fine gemstones Main Oface and Plant 'G A large may of 274 No. WINOOSKI AVE. Silver Patterns Downtown Store F. J. PRESTON 8c SON, INC. REGISTERED .IEINELER - AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY 17 Church St. Burlington, Vt. 27 CENTER ST. AT COLLEGE "We Ajnprecimfe the Stzzdemus P:zt1'01mgc TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-NINE Complimefzls of LOUIS PINE CO. ALPS CAFE Sz SEA GRILL CORNER CHURCH AND MAIN STREETS A Good Place to Eat SEA FOOD A SPECIALTY C01npli11ze11ts of MONTGOMERY WARD and COMPANY Tel. 1719 Miner's Shell Service Station Our Lubricating System Is Superior Ledge Road, Corner So. Willard St. CURRIER'S Cloflviug Store for College Wonzlezz 'C077ZZ7ll77ZE11fS of HICKOK gl BOIARDIVIAN 66 Church St. Tel, 940 BURLINGTON Comjylimevffs Hmdquarters for of MEN'S CLOTHING BURLINGTON CADILLAC Co. P. I-I. ALLEN, P1-ff. AND FURNISHINGS SHEPABR Xi IIAIVIELLE C0711!7lf77'ZE71fS Of P. T. DONOVAN ARCADIA RESTAURANT Across from the City Hall 159 Alain St. Burlington, Vt HOBBIES 85 HANDCRAFTS For Young mul Olrl H2 Ch S HOBBY HAVEN Telephone 3860 B O U T I L I E R ' S House of Gifts PICTURE FRAMING GIFTS - ARTISTS' SUPPLIES 205 College St. Burlington, Vt TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY Colzzplizlzcnts Of BURLINGTON GROCERY CO. WHOLESALE GROCERIES IGA ARE INDEPENDENT HOME-OWNED STORES C01llpIjIl2C'lIf.Y Of NX- Q X-'x ZhQVe1'i E' Cynic M. M. FARRELL S NS Xxfliolesale Beverage D1St1'1lJL1tOTS 316 Pine Street - Phones 4100-4101 BURLINGTON, VT. TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY ONE THE UNIVERSITY STORE OWNED AND OPERATED BY THE UNIVERSITY OE VERMONT AND STATE AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE has as its PRIMARY INTEREST to be of service to the students as a merchandising agency for such supplies as are required, recommended and desired for student life. THE MERCHANDISE it offers for sale includes TEXTBOOKS - required and recommended TRADE BOOKS - desired SUPPLIES - required, recommended and desired NOVELTIES - desirable to own and to give to others C0171pli7'7Z67ZfS of H4517 Fzzefs Co. TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-TWO THE RAINBOW CAFE rrWbUl'L' Fine Fowl' Alzwzys PVCUIIIISU lst and 3rd Class Licenses 175 Church St. Conzjzlinzcfufx Of L 1 Tl ' aw1'c'nt'c' Lf ..CQ,.2lII' College St. Burlington, Vt Cozzzjnlimclzts of Gow the Ffoffzkf PLANTS AND FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION STRONG I'I.-XRDWARE COMPANX' WHOLESALE 8z RETAIL 205-207 Main Street. Burlington, Vt. MCA ULIFFE1 BOOKS - STATIONERY OFFICE EQUIPMENT SCHOOL AND ARTIST SUPPLIES ENGRAVING AND PRINTING Phone 4400-4401 The Book and Sfationery C01'l167' Since 1837 TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-THREE BURLINGTON TRUST OO. BURLINGTON, VT. 'w Sears, B-ranches LJ IQ C W1No0sK1 and RICHMOND uc - 13 wc,- Comifleff Banking Sefvffff "Burli1zgi011's Most Complezfc' Dept. Store" MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Burlington, Vt. Phone S440 THE OLD BEE HIVE One of B1zrli11gt01z's Leading Dej1a1'1f11ze111f Sfores C0111 pliments GEE'S SHOE STORE 84 Church Street Cofnplimenlfs Of BISI-IOP'S DRY CLEANERS ABRAHANVS DRUGS - PRESCRIPTIONS COSMETICS - TOILETRIES BURLINGTON, VT- 111 Church St. Burlington, Vt C0111jJli11ze1zfs C0l7L!7lilll617fS Of Of T. S. BECK B Insurance fx gen Cy urhngton Drug Co 'rwo HUNDRED sEv:NrY-rouk A ermont lrzlnsit Q omlfoany "TI-IE PEOPLE NVILL I-Sli SERVED" A FOLSOM ENGRAVING makes C1 GOOD IMPRESSION COLLEGE ANNUAL SPECIALISTS FOLSOM ENGRAVING COMPANY 212 SUMMER STREET BOSTON TO, MASS. TWO UND RRINTING BEALUTIITUL PRACTICAL ORIGINAL TIRIRIFTY FREE PRESS RRINTING CGLIRANY BURLINGTQN VERMQNT COIl1plilll61ZfS of HIZNRYS DIN EIR SMART HQME-MAKERS BUY . . . ' ' ' ' ' FACTORY - TO - You . FURNITURE Comlblzmezm of and - BEDDING A Fmt-:nd fllaleers of the famous "Ix'11iglzt of Res!" 'A' 'A' 'A' i' i' VERMONT MATTRESS and FURNITURE CO. lVIAZEL'S DEPARTMENT STORE FOR AMAZING VALUES . . A COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE Tel. 4037 194 North Street C ozufzfesy of LIPPA Of CQ. CREDIT JEWELERS 38 Church Street Burlington, Vt OW Big Leezelem UNIVERSAL ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES MILL SUPPLIES PAROID ROOFING BIRDS SHINGLES ASPHALT REFRIGERATION RADIOS ARCHERY SPORTING GOODS KYANIZE VARNISH AND PAINTS Hagar Hardware and Paint Company HAYES CAIQNEY Incorporated 127 CHURCH STREET Evergfthbzg a Fellow Wears WHERE VERMONT MEN MEET D Q U Q IVlJe1fe College Stmlefzts Dine 64 Colchester Ave. TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY EIGHT C077ZlD!j77fZ67fZZL5 of Vermont Furniture Manufacturing Company, Inc. 46 Malletts Bay Ave. - Winooski, Vt S AR GE ANT' S Cla gexfa Mafaymw, Boston, ag , END OF THE TRAIL The book goes to press in a few days now- the long awaited days I-and I want to take this last opportunity to thank all those who have helped me to put out the '49 Ariel. Sincere thanks goes: TO the members of the staff who worked into the "wee hours" checking lists, names, copying dummies, arranging photo appoint- ments, cutting classes, skipping meals, and all the thousand and one jobs that are involved in yearbook production. TO Mr. Harry Blodgett of the Eree Press for his invaluable advice and helping hand. T0 all the members of the class and admin- istration who so willingly met rushed appoint- ments. TG our advisors Prof. George V. Kidder, and Prof. Leon W. Dean. TO Ralph Conant, Business Manager, for his cooperation and record-breaking advertising staff. Special appreciation goes: T0 Joan Cassista, who, though she joined the staff late, devoted much time and energy in carrying out her job as Managing Editor and Assistant Art Editor. TO Lillian Tucker our cartographist. T0 Jim Bliss for his special photography and Ngo-snap-'um" enthusiasm. Producing the 1'Ariel" was work, worry, headaches-BUT IT WAS LOTS OP FUN! THE EDITOR Wins XL Z5 f xx X X ,Fl Z"x' :xx 'X X X X Cffxx.. f X-dx gl!!-X-R XXX, Q M aww,-C' ZIQP-' ff-rl, x , an ,yfffhgxl ,599 'Q ,qs 0531, 4 4 4 fn- RQ W NIL-Q7 tlglrf-IJ 'ei' 4 I X, .1 - mf- ' Mfr-x 5 W? fAQ,,w.,, ff! J 'Zi'- -'1' f, -milf :X LH-ig x X lg, -4?vK num X ,fy .V-x E3-"af 'Dlx8'v?"cf-..N,, 4' 5 X wg ggi EUR? Lrhlwi Qxggl ,,,:-X '1 I YQ Qfigqsiww ' w11Q ' ' K, '-,VQQEM E fm M X Rf flaw X Ml. X K xl Nf fx' S fjfxhxf... gf tai L? X gi X TIS? ,Ugg NA ' x if!! F!-,'?'3-j,bf'fV,XN,.i, L ,V 7-4-flffk fd! C Q7 '-1 f-'W 'X X AXY-ig . xx 71 . N fx , NPL' fjsixx'-X X 657 ji M , pc:-Q, ,ji f ' X f ul J! N 4! ' - I 1 f Qs I lfnff-

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