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5171, IBRIS ., Uv :N . V , gi . ' , 2' , 'W ,- ff , TIHIEfIlQ4j ARIEL IDUIBLISHED BY THE IUNIQIQS QE THE UNIVERSITY CDE VEIQMQIXIT AT BUIQEIINIGTQN 'TAT s '49 79 ',ulluuu.,. 4'.. I S Q.. 4 L' no .O 0 1 e Q O 0 2 1 g sruous Z g I I g 1 5, ET neaus - 0: 9 9 Honesns QQ' Zi O J fc., 1' Q Y 5 Q 4 .5 0 5 a f' OV U' O.. .0 o 1 g o' .."lllnnlaso9".' K x v , .f f I -fy 'Y' ,..A-Q 54535 - A -. , .. fffffgifgegy A xva -w in nf , Ai as 5:1 nr' ... 'f' 8f" X if I' 1 cc ,vi X' , w Q I fx Q X S ,. A 5.54 .4 . V: Sw, -Ziff ' 'V' -1 52 411, ii? if iff DEDICATIDN We, the Class of 1943, are proud to dedicate this book to our President, Iohn S. Millis. Through his own courage and 1oya1ty,,he brings to us a new and enduring iaith in the University ot Vermont. To the rnan and to the institution, we pledge the best we have ettort coopera- tion trust. John Schoff Millis it FOREWORD This is our Ariel--1943. We hope you like it. We will be content it our etiorts portray tor you ---Vermont as you know it and love it. DUDLEY H. DAVIS Editor E. BERTRAM MOTT Business Manager OLL GE -gnlullq. 0 6 o .0 lf, .sf " 'E 2 O f I E svunus Z I - ET REBUS - 0 E 22 Hmmzsrus Qi' 25 1 A 'ex T 3 Nl Q Q Q0 X!! of -bi K, QUE pgc' Q ,. ,S AE O.: ""., wax ,.-" "llnllIIl" Administration Faculty Classes WN 7 fam ef I rn WK ak. J., ., 252' ' mf!! 3' .z,,..,a..1wL.Q-24,9 1 f Q.. . W-- ..- ,ws-:A ,M---M ---1 Y-.1 Administration Dean Eckharcl George Frederick Eckhard, Dean of the College of Engineering, received his education at the University of Iowa and at Iowa State Teachers' College. I-Ie obtained his B.S. in the class of l905 and his C.E. five years later. Dean Eckhard, who is also professor of structural engineering, is a member of Sigma Xi, and the American Society of Civil Engineers. Dean Swift In the year nineteen hundred and thirty-one Elijah Swift, a professor of mathematics was appointed Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Dean Swift received his A.B. degree from I-Iarvard in the class of l903 and his INIA. from the same institution one year later. In 1907 he received his Ph.D. from Gottengen. Dean Swift is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Dean Hills Joseph Lawrence Hills, a member of Kappa Sigrna, studied at Boston Univer- sity, from which place he received his B.S. in the class of 1881. In the class of 1903, Dean Hills Was awarded his Doctor of Science degree at Rutgers University. At the present time he is director of the State Experiment Station and pro- fessor of agronomy, as Well as being Dean of the Agricultural School. Dean Beecher ln September, 1941, Dr. Clarence H. Beecher became Dean of the University of Vermont Nledical School. Dean Beecher, who received his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1900, is a member of Nu Sigma Nu. In addition to being Dean of the Medical College, Dean Beecher is pro- fessor of medicine. THE UNIVERSITY COUNCIL Prof. Frederick Tupper I Dean Nlary Jean Simpson Dean George Eckhard Dean Joseph L. Hills Dean Clarence H. Beecher Dean Elijah Swift Forrest W. Kehoe Registrar OFFICERS or THE john s. Mains, Ms., Bs., Ph.D .............. Proctor H. Page, LL.D .......................... Mary Jean Simpson, Ph.B., CIJBK ............. Clarence H. Beecher, M.D ................. George F. Eckhard, BS., GE ............. Seth Thomas Bruce Cashier ADMINISTRATION ..............A55i5I3arzt to the Prnficient Acting Trcarurer Burirzcrr Marzager' .............Decz1z of Women ..............Dcan of Jllcciicinc ...........Dm1z of Engineering Joseph L. Hills, BS ....,.............................................. ........................ D can of Agriculture Elijah Swift, AB., lXfI.A., Ph.D., fDBK ........... .....,....... D can of Arif and Scierzccr Heath K. Riggs, BS ....................................................................................................... Director of Aldmirriorzr William M. Tully ........................, .............. S uperirzzferzdcrzt of Gro rzrz dr and Buildirzgr NN. Larry Gardner, B.S .............. ................ ...................................... D i rector of Athletics Helen B. Shattuck, AB .............. - 14 - ...............................Lil?rariarz THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES Second Row-Kehoe, Farmer, Smith, Shepardson, Boardman, Manahan, Kelley, Perkins Front Row-Dane, Johnson, Fay, Millis, Reynolds, Macomber, Bloomer, Hemenway THE UNIVERSITY OE VERMONT AND STATE AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE JOHN SCHOFF MILLIS, Ph.D., 204 South Willard Street, Burlington, Vermont, President His Excellency, William Henry Wills, LL.D., Governor of Verinont SEx'Ol7iCi0 On the Part of the University of Vermont FRANK EMERSON FARMER, lVl.D., St. Johnsbury, Vermont JOSEPH BLAINE JOHNSON, B.S., Springfield, Vermont ARTHUR HENRY KEHOE, B.S., 4 Irving Place, New York, New York I-IORACE HENRY POVVERS, Ph.B., St. Albans, Vermont FREDERICK WAYNE SHEPARDSON, B.S., Burlington, Vermont LEVI PEASE SMITH, A.B., Burlington, Vermont IXVALTER ALDEN DANE, A.B., 73 Tremont Street, Boston, Nlassachusetts IRA IVIUNN BOARDMAN, 139 St. Paul Street, Burlington, Vermont On the Part ofthe State Agricultural College , ASA SCHOONIVIACKER BLOOMER, Ph.B., Rutland County National Bank Building, Rutland, Vermont JAMES HERVEY MACOLIBER, JR., A.B., Burlington, Vermont SIVIITH SEELEY REYNOLDS, lVIiddlebury, Vermont DONALD ARTHUR PIEINIENXVAY, B.S., 131 Brace Road, IVeSt Hartford Connecticut VVALLACE MACFIE PAY, Proctor, Vermont CLEON ARTHUR PERKINS, B.S., Rutland, Vermont THOMAS CHARLES CHENEY, A.B., Nlorrisville, Vermont WVILLIAM CHESTER VVALKER, Ph.B., Cabot, Vermont JAMES E. lVIANAI-IAN, St. Albans, Vermont RIAURICE S. IQELLEY, Barre, Vermont -15- STANDING COMMITTEES Admissions: Public Relations: J. T. hletcalf, Chairman R. O. Buchanan Dr. E. Buttles Wi. H. Martin The Deans H. K. Riggs H. Jordan, Chairman J. FI. Carrigan D. B. Carroll L. W. Dean H. A. Prentice Director of Admissions - R l' ' L' : Ceremonies: ezgwus Zfe H. G. Nlillington, Chairman A. Nl. K. Blume E. D. McSweeney lNfIrs. Isabel Nlills I. Pappoutsakis H. F. Perkins J. E. Pooley L. F. Shorey Library : J. L Lindsay. Chairman Florence Bailey A. Bullard G. Dykhuizen A. Gershoy A. G. lhiackay P. A. Moody L. M. Prindle Publications: L. YV. Dean. Chairman Xl. H. Aldrich E. L. Amidon E. T. hlerrick P. R. hliller G. Dykhuizen, Chairman Constance Brown I. B. DeForest A. Gladstone R. A. Hall F.. C. Jacobs Catherine Nulty NT. D. Powers Student A ctivities: E. R. McKee, Chairman Grace Burwash F. D. Carpenter P. A. Fraleigh R. H. Granger P. P. Lawlor A. F. Nuquist Florence Woodard Student Aid: The President, Chairman G. V. Kidder Gennette Davis The Deans The Director of Admissions The Treasurer - 16 - Student Conference: D. B. Carroll, Chairman YV. E. Aiken P. D. Carleton Eleanor Cummings R. F. Doane W. L. Gardner Helen LeBaron J. H. Perry hflary Jean Simpson Student Health : A. B. Soule, Chairman Florance King H. A. Prentice Student Personnel A. R. Gilford, Chairman B. C. Douglass I. W. Marvin C. A. Newhall L. B. Pulgfer L. S. Rowell The Deans ALUMNI COUNCIL 1892 1893 1894 1895 1896 1897 1898 1899 1900 1901 1902 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1898 1922 1931 1925 1895 1906 1917 1911 Frank R. Wells M. Shaler Allen Albert E. Lewis Helen G. Hendee Carl B. Brownell Samuel S. Dennis Harry P. Hudson Hollis E. Gray Elmer E. Gove Louis C. Dodd Lyman S. Rowell H. Morton Hill OFFICERS OF THE ALUMNI COUNCIL Prerident ....................................... . ............................................. .. . .............. 1VIaurice S. Kelley, '17 Secretary ......................................... ............................... I sabelle Y. Gallup Chairman of Finance ...................... .............. W illiam NI. Lockwood, 727 Chairman of Publicity ........................ ............................. L eon VV. Dean, 315 Chairman of Commencement ........... ................. P hillips hd. Bell, '10 Chairman of Homecoming ..................................... ........... H oward A. Prentice, '28 Chairman of Undergraduate Actifaitier .......... ................. D avid VV. Howe, '14 MEMBERS OF THE ALUMNI COUNCIL Dr. George S. Shattuck 1909 VVilliam L. Gardner 1926 Olney XV. Hill 1910 Albert V. Kieslich 1927 William M. Lockwood Arthur C. Crombie 1911 Dr. Robert L. Maynard 1928 Kenneth H. Gurney 1912 Albert L. Gutterson 1929 Constans M. Holden joseph Benjamin Kidder 1915 Everette I. Soule 1930 Mary E. Waddell 1914 Seth P. Johnson 1931 Frederick Reed 1915 Harold A. Niayforth 1932 Allen O. Eaton 1916 Morris K. VVilcox 1933 .Iames E. Bigelow Dr. Julius E. Dewey 1917 Henry T. XVay 1934 Donald J. Tobin 1918 George C. Stanley 1935 Richard Wloodard 1919 Phillips M. Bell 1936 Mrs. Mary W. Rowe 1920 Jesse E. Squires 1937 Mrs. Sally C. Matthews 1921 Mrs. Ruth Harrington Lane 1938 Donald B. Carpenter 'Walter H. Washburn 1922 I. Munn Boardman 1939 Priscilla Savage Robert S. I,Vhipple 1923 Bartholomew F. Garrity 1940 Mary C. Nelson Charles H. Covey 1924 Richard D. Aplin 1941 lane Allen VVilliam L. Blanchard 1925 Thomas D. Cook REPRESENTATIVES-AT-LARGE Term Expires 1942 Term Expires 1944 Term Expires 1945 1894 lNIary R. Bates 1895 Philip J. Ross Mrs. Lois B. Horsford 1915 Mrs. Mable W. Mayforth 1913 Mary Jean Simpson 1VIrs. G. Hubert Kiphuth 1908 Harold F. French 1914 David W. Howe 1919 Willis R. Buck 1924 I. Hervey Macomber, Ir. Term Expires 1943 Term Expires 1946 Harry G. Shurtleif 1905 Fred B. 'Wright 1910 John C. Orcutt Mrs. M. M. Loudon 1914 James H. Moore 1928 Howard A. Prentice Arthur H. Kehoe ALUMNI CLUBS REPRESENTATIVES 1898 Louis C. Dodd 1924 VVestern New York Alumni Club 1915 Ralph E. Minckler 1926 XVorcester County, Mass., Alumni Association 1917 hflrs. Blanche Montgomery Corley 1929 Southern California Alumni Association 1920 Dr. Peter P. Lawlor 1930 Vermont Medical Alumni Association 1922 Frederick S. Harris 1931 Hartford, Conn., Alumni Association 1924 Henry Simons 1931 Boston Alumni Association -17- Erminie S. Pollard Hartford, Conn., Alumnae Club Nlrs. Allene B. Hill Burlington Alumnae Association Myron I. Samuelson Burlington Alumni Association Mary Spargo Washington. D. C.. Alumni Association Eleanor K. Koeing New York Alumnae Association Clinton J. Szunmond New Yorl-: Alumni Association STUDENT UNION Second Row-Pike, Welsh, Witham, Abell, Davis, M. Metcalf, Wilson, Hackwell, Hoffman Front Row-Tuckerman, Gallagher, J. Metcalf, Agard, Abel OFFICERS Prericlenl ........... Chief filrtice ......................... ........... Firflf Vice-Prefident ........ Seconcl Vice-Prericlenzf ....... Secretary .................................. Treasurer ., ............. Home Chairman .............. Scholarrhip Chairman ..,...... Social Chairman ............. ..........Ioanna Metcalf .Barbara Gallagher .........lVlarjorie Abell ...........June Hoffman ..........lVfary E. Metcalf ........Priscilla Young ..lVlary Tuckerman ..........Joene Agard ...............Frances Abell judiciary lldfemherr ...........,................................. Marjorie Witham, Louise Davis, Janet Hackwell Town Reprerenlatiwe ............................ ......... P atricia Pike Health Council Rejnrerentatioe ............ ........... N atalie Spear -1g- Student Union, the Womenls student government association, functions on our campus as an organiza- tion to see that all rules and regulations for women students are kept. These rules have been established for the sole purpose of guiding and helping the girls throughout their college years. At the beginning of each school year these rules are given out to the freshmen who are required to pass an examination on them. Student Union consists of the council which is the officers of the association, the judiciary committee which is the chief justice, one senior and two juniorsg and the joint conference committee which is made up of members of the faculty to advise the Student Union Council. This organization sponsors mass meetings at desig- nated times during the year to which all resident Women are required to attend. lt also has charge of the Big Sister movement, through which all freshmen are given an upperclass girl who will help them through the more difficult days of their first few Weeks of school, Mary Jean Simpson Ph.B. Vermont '13 KA9, QBK Dean of Women HOUSE Allen House ................ Dresser Cottage ........ Grassrnount.. ............... Prospect House ............ Redstone ........................ Roberts House ........,.. ROb1HSOH Hall ............... Sanders Hall ............. Slade Hall ............... Freda Marie Harris A.B. Mt. Holyoke '19 A.M. Radcliffe H24 Assistant Dean of Women D I R E C T O R S ..19- ...............lXflrs. W. C. Johnson ...........Mrs. E. C. Dresser rs. Anna VVilla rd ...............lWrs. George Graves ................lVlrs. P. Nl. Pilcher Nlrs. C. VV. Richmond F. H. Towne Anna Bosworth .......,...Mrs. A. C. Loudon FACULTY- STUDENT COUNCIL Second Row-Boyarsky, Needham, Pike, Ingram, Witham, Prof. Carroll, Savage, Carlson, Metcalf, Miss Holbrook, Corliss, Keighley Front Row-Smith, McKee, Harvey, Cummings, Stockwell, Aiken, Paterson FACULTY Prof. M. B. Cummin Prof. G. G. Groat gS Miss Sara Holbrook Prof. D. B. Carroll Prof. W. E. Aiken Prof. E. R. lWcKee STUDENTS Saul Boyarsky Robert Carlson John Corliss lfVendell Harvey T. Ronald lngram Thomas Keighley Joanna Nletcalf Alice Needham Robert Paterson Janet Pike Phyllis Savage Florence Smith Robert Stockwell Helen Wvitham The Faculty-Student Council exists for the purpose of establishing cordial relations between faculty and students of the University, as well as cooperation in regulating and controlling all student activities. This organization is composed of eight faculty mem- bers and a number of students. Two of the faculty members are to be women and are chosen by the presi- dent, while the student membership is made up by election of twelve student members, four of whom are women, two from each of the junior and senior classes. The men are chosen on the basis of colleges, with one senior and one junior member from each of the three Academic Colleges, of Arts and Sciences, Engi- neering, and Agriculture, and two members chosen at large by the sophomore class. So, in-a really success- ful and efficient Faculty-Student Council, all levels of opinion in the University are represented. PUBLICATIONS BOARD ' Second Row-Hunting, Davis, Bardossi FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. Leon Dean, Chairman Dr. Howard Prentice Prof. George Kidder STUDENT MEMBERS Fulvio Bardossi Dudley Davis Roger Hunting Front Row-Prof. Kidder, Prof. Dean The Publications Board was founded six years ago as an advisory board to advise the two major campus publications, the ARIEL and the Cynic. It was felt that since the ARIEL staff in particular was inexperienced at the time when its contracts had to be made, that good advice would be needed in this matter. To this end the board was set up and consists of the editor of the ARIEL and his immediate predecessors, the editor of the Cynic and three faculty members. Their function is to advise and approve of the election of the ARIEL staff, and then to assist the newly elected editor in making his contracts with photographer, printer and engraver. At any other time when the editor or staff feels the need of advice the Publications Board stands ready to give it. The Board also assists and advises the business manager in anything which he undertakes which requires experienced advice. The effect of the Board is to always provide the official means for the outgoing editors and experienced faculty members to assist the less experienced incoming editors. PAN-I-IELLENIC Second Row-Badger, Hoffman, Blume, Wishart, Hackwell, Benoit, Smith ' Front Row-Marvin, Fiske, Frank, Welsh, Woolley OFFICERS Pmidm ............. .............. Q .................. ......... G 1 oria 0. Frank Vice-Prerident ......... ,............. D oris Welsh Secretary .................. .......... M ariam Fiske TTYLZIHTE7' ............ .......... A leanne VVoolley AXQ KAG V Miriam Fiske Margaret Wisha1't Jean Hall Doris Welsh AEA HBCIF 'lane Badger Marguerite Benoit Jeanne Vlfoolley Janet Hackwell ACIPE Elf' Gloria O. Frank Jean Blume Marjorie Smith Pearl Marvin -23- INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Robert Thayer Hazen Wood Allen White Clarence Alcley Fred Logan Second Row-Katzew, Joseph, Thurber, Benoit, Blakely, Little, Parker, Dudley Front Row--Sawyer, Thayer, White, Prof. Carroll, Logan, Hunting, Itzkowitz OFFICERS Faculty Adfvzfor ..................................................... Prefident ................................... Secretary-Treez5u1'er .............. ATQ Wayne Dudley AWP George Little AI Harris Thurber KE Robert Hennessy IPAQ Wilfred Benoit Allen White Logan Charles Katzew Roger Hunting David Sawyer Myers Reynolds, IH Charles Itzkowitz Prof. D. B. Carroll rpm BAE EN 211- TEQP Robert Steinman Michael Cozzolino Harry Parker Edwin Blakely Clifford Joseph U. V. M. STUDENT GOVERNMENT Second Row-Corliss, Page, Casey, Brown, A. Needham, S. Needham, Pearl Front Row-Dudley, Hoffman, Eimer, Corbett, Dike, Fletcher, Killick On February 9, 1942, the constitution for the Uni- versity of Vermont Student Government was fully ratified. This constitution consisted of ten articles, which were created by the students themselves for the purpose of the carrying out of a better and more enduring self-government upon the University of Ver- mont campus. The preamble of the constitution reads as follows: "ln order to bring about a systematic administration of student alfairs on this campus, to codify existing customs and traditions of the University of Vermont, and to provide for an organized student control of campus activities, we, the students of U. V. M., adopt this constitution? All students shall be voting members of this organi- zation on payment of the Student Activity Fee. Meet- -24- ings shall be held once a month during the college year and may be called anytime by the President of the University, President of Student Government, five or more members of the Executive Committee, or by the petition of fifty or more members presented to the Executive Committee at least ten days prior to the proposed date of the meeting. A U. V. M. Student Court has been organized by each undergraduate college having two representatives plus one additional for each 200 students over the first 300. The court shall elect its own presiding officer. It shall be the duty of the U. V. NI. Student Court to try such problems of discipline and social conduct as shall be designated to it by an Executive Commit- tee composed of four juniors, four sophomores and two freshmen elected by the entire student body. OFFICERS Preficlent ............... ..,............................. .......... 5 l oseph E. Corbett, '43 Vice-Preficlent ............ ................. I anet S. Dike, '43 Trearnrei '.............. ......,..... I ulia Fletcher, '44 Secretary .............. .............. M arilyn Eimer, '44 Class of 43: Patricia Page Alice Needham Finance: Julia Fletcher, '44 Howard Vreeland, '43 Religious Life: Wendell Harvey, '43 lVlary Germain, '43 Fay Lipman, '43 John Corliss, '44 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE June Hollman Wayne Dudley Class of '45: Shirley Needham Class of 44: lta Casey Lawrence Killick Houghton Pearl COMMITTEES Robert White, '44 hflarjorie Witham, '43 -lacob Katz, '44 Janet Pike, '45 Freshman Orientation: Dudley Davis, '43 hlargaret Vllishart, '43 Phyllis Savage, '43 Representative on Publications Board: Wlayne Dudley, '43 Social: June Hoffman, '43 lVlarguerite Benoit, '43 William Roeder, '43 Pep: Carolyn Brown, '44 Thomas Keighley, '44 jack Vllilliams, '43 Priscilla Clark, '45 Daan Zwick, '43 hlalcolm Eddy, '45 Carolyn Brown John Corliss Priscilla Perkins, '44 George Little, '43 Alison Carr, '44 Robert Lockwood, '44 Philip Robinson, '45 Representative on Athletic Committee: Lawrence liillick, '44 Pres. Millis Gov. Wills Shepardson A ,, .. , We ,,,..fz " b' vvm . . V i. ..,,,,, N. , .J- SECURITY Buy U. S. A. For U. V. M. TOP LEADERSHIP President John S. Millis, Chairman I. Munn Boardman, Burlington Thomas C. Cheney, Morrisville George A. Ellis, New York City Nlaurice L. Kelley, Montpelier James Howard Nloore, New York City Proctor H. Page, Burlington Frederick VV. Shepardson, Burlington VVilliam C. Walker, Cabot SPONSORING COMMITTEE The Rev. Chauncey A. Adams, Burlington Harold J. Adams, Buffalo, N. Y. George W. Alger, New York City Sen. VVarren R. Austin, 'Washington, D. C. George W. Benedict, Providence, R. I. The Rev. Homer C. Bryant, Burlington Earle 'W. Brailey, Cleveland, Ohio Most Rev. Matthew F. Brady, Burlington Elroy N. Clark, Denver, Colo. Henry W1 Clark, New York City Herbert C. Comings, Richford Judge Stephen S. Cushing, St. Albans Dr. John Dewey, New York City Louis C. Dodd, Depew, N. Y. Mrs. Maud F. Englesby, Burlington A. Pearley Feen, Burlington Dr. Alan D. Finlayson, Cleveland, Ohio Dr. Jessie Gladys Fiske, New Brunswick, Ralph E. Flanders, Springfield Donald A. Gannon, Park Ridge, N. J. Leon S. Gay, Cavendish David W. Howe, Burlington Paul C. Howe, Bennington Fred H. Howland, Montpelier judge Orrin B. Hughes, Brattleboro -25- N. 1. Walter IV. Husband, St. ,lohnsbury Edward H. Jones, lVaitsf1eld John E. Lovely, Springfield Fred C. Martin, Bennington John McGrath, Milton Ralph E. Noble, Montpelier Arthur H. Packard, Jericho Roy L. Patrick, Burlington Dr. Charles H. Pennoyer, Rutland . Hon. Charles A. Plumley, Washington, D. C. Dr. Thomas Reed Powell, Cambridge, Mass. Mortimer Proctor, Proctor judge John C. Sherburne, Randolph Ralph W. Simonds, Detroit, Mich. G. E. P. Smith, Tucson, Ariz. VVesley Alba Sturges, New Haven, Conn. hdrs. Sophie Kerr Underwood, New York Ci Rt. Rev. Vedder Van Dyck, Burlington Chester M. Way, Middlebury Henry T. Way, Burlington Ernest H. VVest, Dorset Dr. Caroline S. Woodruff, Castleton Dr. George Grafton Wilson, Cambridge, Mass John S. VVright, New York City DRIVE Forward Together ! TOWN The Burlington-Chittenden County Campaign for the Univer- sity got under way on the evening of March 23rd. Three hundred and fifty volunteer workers are calling upon more than 3,000 alumni and friends. This organization is headed by I. Munn Boardman as Chairman, Mrs. Paul K. French and William M. Lockwood as Vice-Chairmen, Roy S. Patrick, Chairman on Special Gifts "A", Dr. Peter P. Lawlor, Chairman on Special Gifts "BU, Charles P. Smith, Jr. and O. D. Paddock, Co-Chairmen Chain Stores and National Funds, David W. Howe and Levi P. Smith, Co-Chairmen Evaluation, Mrs. Ben B. Lane, Colonel Women's Army, and Lawrence F. Killick, Colonel of Men's Army. CAMPUS In January the Campus Campaign program was presented to a group of more than sixty faculty and student members. Plans for student participation were left in the hands of the Faculty- Student Council, while plans for the Faculty-Staff participation were left to committees for each of the four colleges. Committees were composed by the various college representatives on the Public Relations Committee. Every student at the University will have an opportunity to participate in the Security Fund program. Student gifts are principally made in Defense Stamps, thus carry- ing out the motto, "Buy U. S. A. for U. V. Mf, STATE AND NATIONAL Campaign Co-Chairman Maurice S. Kelley has accepted the Chairmanship of the Area Campaign. This program is divided into six Regions. Region 2, northern Vermont, is headed by Nlr. Walter Belding. Regions 4 through 6 are make up of the New England and lVIiddle Atlantic States. Region 7 includes all other alumni centers. Rally meetings are being held between now and .lune 1 throughout the State and Nation. Four thousand two hun- dred and sixty-three alumni are within the State of Vermont and 6,243 are scattered over the United States. It is felt that each friend and alumnus of the University is interested in this Cam- paign and its message will be equally effective on the Campus, in Burlington, within the State and throughout the Nation. -27- Page Brammer Boardman QM. Af Faculty ARTS AND SCIENCES PROFESSORS HOWARD GORDON BENNETT, KIHBK A.B., Harvard '17, NLA., '24 Profcssoi' of Music GEORGE PLUMER BURNS, fI1BK, 4156, EE, AZ B.S., Ohio 'Wesleyan '97, 1Xf1.A., '98, Ph.D., 1V1unich '00 Profcssor of Botany 'GEORGE HOWARD BURROWS, 'PBK BS., Vermont '99, Ph.D., hiassacliusetts Institute of Technology '14 Proffssor of Chemistry FRED DONALD CARPENTER, TFA, QJBK A.B., Trinity '10, M.A.. '15, Ph.D., Yale '18 Professor of German Lzmguagc' and Litcrazfun' DANIEL BERNARD CARROLL, 21112, UTM AB., Illinois '15, Ph.D., Wisconsin '30 Proffssor of Political Science BENNETT COOPER DOUGLASS, KE, CIHBK, Kflbli Ph.B., Vermont '08, M.A., Columbia '20, Ph.D., '24 Profcssor of Education Dirzctor of Summer Session - PAUL DEMUND EVANS A.B., Cornell '13, A.1V1., '14, Ph.D., '23 Professor of History ASA TUSSELL GIFFORD, fI'N9, 'PBK A.B., VVesleyan '04, NLA., Yale '07 Profcssoi' of Philosophy GEORGE GORHAM GROAT, AT, KIUBK, TIFM A.B., Syracuse '95, Ph.B.. New York State Teachers' College '97, A.M., Cornell '02, Ph.D., Columbia '05 Profcssor of Economics it On leave of absence RALPH MAYNARD HOLMES, 33. 'I'BK, EX A.B., 1NTaine '11, A.M., XYesleyan '13, Ph.D., Cornell 773 Profcssoi' of Physics ELBRIDGE CHURCHILL JACOBS. ATU B.S., Massachusetts Tnstitute of Technology '96, M.A., Columbia '13 Profcssor of Geology and Miizcrczlogy JOHN TRUMBULL METCALF, H241 EX, KPBK A.B., Yale '10, M.A., '11, Ph.D., '13 Professor of Psychology ARTHUR BECKWITH MYRIC K, E-AE, 'PBK A.B., Harvard '00, A.M., '01, Ph.D., '04 Professor of Roizzanzrc Languages HENRY FARNHAM PERKINS, AXP, 'PBK A.B,, Vermont '98, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins '02 Profcssor of Zoology Dircctor of thc Flcming ll-luscuin HOWARD A. PRENTICE, AXP, 41515, BNI' I B.S., Vermont '28, ANI., New York University '35, Ed.D., Columbia '40 Proffssor of Physical Education Dircctor' of ,dtlilctics LESTER MARSH PRTNDLE, KDMAF fI2BK7 TKA A.B., Vermont '15, A.M., Harvard '16, Ph.D., '21 Profcssor of Classical Lcmgimgcs and LiN'1'czZ'm'c' FREDERICK TUPPER, ATU, 'PBK A.B., Charleston '90, A.M., '92, Ph.D., Johns Hop- kins '93, L.H.D.. Vermont '06 ' Profcssoi' of English Laizgimgc and Lilcraturc' Prof. Bennett Prof. Carpenter .. - Prof. Burrows ARTS AND SCIENCES ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS WELLINGTON ESTEY AIKEN, EN, 'PBK Ph.B., Vermont '01, A.M., '03 ,Jssocintc Profrssor of English CHARLES ERNEST BRAUN, KIIAT, EX, AXP B.S., Polytechnic Institute Brooklyn '22, A.M Columbia '23, Ph.D., '25 .flssofiatr Proffssor of Organic Cltrmistry flrting ltllcltl' of ClLf1nis1!'ry Dfpartmmzt LELAND LAWRENCE BRIGGS, ASU, BMI' A.B., South Dakota '23, IVI.A., '24, lXfI.B.A., North- western '27 Associate Professor of Economics ELEANOR STETSON CUMMINGS A.B., Boston University '08 4 A .flssociatf Proffssor of Physical Erlzlmtzofz for Womfn JOHN BELLOWS DEFOREST, TBK AB., Yale '05, M.A. '12, Ph.D., '15 Assozfiatc Professor of Romcz1zc.c' Langzmgfs ELEAZER JOHNSON DOLE, 'PBK AB., Vermont '12, lVI.A., '17, M.S., '21, Pl1.D., '23 flssofialt' Proffssor of Botany GEORGE DYKHUIZEN, 'I-'BKI fIFAK, ZAXI' A.B., Indiana '21, A.M., Chicago '24, Ph.D., '34 flssoriate Profrssor of Philosophy PERCY AUSTIN FRALEIGH, IIHBK, EE, fI1KfIf A.B., Cornell '17, M.A., '18, Ph.D., '27 flssofintr Professor of lllotlzmnatics TCHARLES ALLEN KERN, 'PJ39 B.S., Vermont '01 - Afssociatz Professor of Chcm1sZ'ry T Deceased. -1 GEORGE VINCENT KIDDER. KE, 'PNK A.B., Vermont '22, A.B., Oxford '26, Ph.D., Chicago '37 Associate Professor of Classical Longzzogrs mul .LZZ'6'7'fIZ'1l7'L' ,IULIAN IRA LINDSAY, 'PBK A.B., Clark '08, NIA., I'I2ll'VZ1I'd '10 flssociatc Profrssor of English PAUL AMOS MOODY, TA, EE, 'PEE A.B., Mornirigside '24, Ph.D., Michigan '27 .flssociatz Professor of Zoology CATHERINE FRANCES NULTY, BfIvK, I3-A115 niio, nur, AKF Ph.D.. Brown '11, Ed.M., Harvard '25 ,Jssociatf Profrssor of Secretarial Erouomias HERBERT EVERET T PUTNAM, 'PKKP AB., Minnesota '25, M.A., '27, Pli.D., Cornell '30 Assoriatc Profrssor of History PARKER BROWN IVILLIS, AKXP B.S., New York University '30, M.S,, Columbia '31, Ph.D., '37 flssociatf Professor of Economics FLORENCE MAY XVOODWARD, KA9, fI1BK, 11 PM Ph.B., Vermont '22, M.E., Columbia '27, Pl1.D., '36 fissociatc Profcssor of Economics ASSISTANT PROFESSORS NELLE .ALEXANDER ADAMS, EK, Kill, Nfl' B.S., Ohio State '23, NLA., Columbia '29 Assistant Proffssor of Erlucation PHILLIPS DEAN CARLETON AB., Brown '20, A.M., '35 ,Jssistmzt Proffssor of' English 4 Prof. Evans Prof. Douglass - 31 - Prof. Carroll ARTS AND SCIENCES ELIZABETH VANDERPOOL COLBURN B.S.. Columbia '12, M.A., '16 flssistmzt Professor of Education fflrtj REX MADISON COLLIER, EE, UTM B.A., Iowa State '27, M.A., Northwestern '29, Pli.D., '34 .flssistant Professor of Psyrhology GENNETTE CLAIRE DAVIS, AXQ, UTM A.B.. Carleton '15, B.S., NIinnesota '22, NIA., Columbia '27 .flssistant Proffssor of Sz'c1'ctarial Eronomics LEON VV. DEAN. IIJBK, TKA A.B., Vermont '15 Assistant Professor of English ROLAND GREEMAN DOANE. XA B.S., Harvard '17, M.A.. Middlebury '28 flssistavzt Professor of Frwzch and Spanish CHARLES GEORGE DOLL, E5 Pl1.B.. Brown '24, M.A., '26, M.A., Harvard '31 Assistant Proffssor of Gzology and Mivwmlogy WILLIAM LAURENCE GARDNER, EAX1' B.S., Vermont '09 fissistmit' Proffssor of Physical Edutation Coarh of Baseball RAYMOND AVERY HALL, TN9. 'PBK A.B., Wesleyan '14, B.D., Drew '22, M.A., Columbia .73 Asgstmrt Professor of English SARA MOULTHROP HOLBROOK Pli.B., Hartford Ped. School '12, 1VI.A., Yale '22 '22 dssistcmt Professor of Ezfzzcntioaz 'FRED IVALTER HOUSEHOLDER A.B..'Texas '06, LL.B.. '09, M.A., '09 ,Jssistamf Professor of Matlzemntirs A On leave of absence. 'SMELVIN HENRY LAATSCH, KTK, 'I'BK. UTM A.B., Gettysburg '26, M.A., Vermont '28, M.A., Princeton '34 Jssistaut Professor of Politiral Scimzfr BENJAMIN FRANKLIN LADD A.B.. New York University '10, M.A., Pennsylvania State '12 zlssistam' Profzssof' of German EDGAR ELWYN LINEKEN. fPKE. AXE, K'l'K B.S., Maine '23, MS.. '25, Ph.D., Iowa State '39 Assistant Professor of Chrmistry GEORGE HUBERT NICI-IOLSON B.A., Mount Allison '22, MA.. Harvard '24 flssistzmt Proffssor of lwatlzrmatics ANDREW EDGERTON NUQUIST A.B., Doane '27, A.M., XVisconsin '26, Ph.D., '40 Assistant Professor of Politifal Srifuce HERBERT DEAN PEARL, AT9 B.S., Vermont '19, A.M., '35 Assistant Profcssor of .Ea'1Lcati01z JAMES EUGENE POOLEY B.A.. Yale '22, M.A., '26 Assistant Proffssor of Classical Laazgimgzs and Litfmfurf WILLARD BISSELL POPE, XXI' A.B., Hamilton '25, A.M., Harvard '26, Pl1.D., '32 flssistmzt Professor of English ARCHIBALD THOMPSON POST, EN, EAXI' B.S., Vermont '27 . l Assistant Professor of Physical Iiriuratzon Coach of Track and C1'0ss-rozmtry ALBAN BENNETT ROONEY B.S., Vermont '22, IVI.S., '27 zlssistant Professor of Physzcs M' On leave of absence. Prof. Gifford Prof. Groat - 32 - Prof. Holmes ARTS AND SCIENCES RANDOLPH SHEPARDSON TOWNE, 'PBK A.B., IVillia1ns '22g A.lVI., Princeton '23 xlssistorzt Proffssor of Frmclz zmfl Sporzislz GEORGE NIAYNARD TRAFTON, K-SH B.S., Nlaine '21 flssistarzt Proffssor of Irzrlustrial Ezlumtiorz BENJAMIN BOOTH WAINWRIGHT, 114315 A.B., Williams '20, M.A., Illinois '25 flssistmzt Professor of English NELSON LEE XVALBRIDGE B.S., Vermont '24g MS., '26 flssistmzt Professor of Plzysifs MYRON ELLIS WITHAM BS., Dartmouth 'O-lg GE., '06 .dssistont Professor of llddfllfwldflfj LLOYD ABRAM WOODWARD, TMA, THA Pl1,B,, Vermont '185 M.S., '24 flssistant Profrssor of Pllysifs INSTRUCTORS MICHAEL ANSELMO Florence Conservatoryg Solo Violinist and Concert Nlaster, WOR '30 Instructor in Violin COLEIVIAN HAMILTON BENEDICT A.B., Princeton '3-lg A.M., '3Sg Pli.D., '39 Instructor in Classical Longzmgfs HOLDEN B. BICKFORD, AKE AB., Wesleyan '32 Instructor in German ALBERT NI. K. BLUME, KPBK A.B., Yale '28, B.Mus., '29g M.A., '36, Pl1.D., '40 Instruotor in Gorman ELIZABETH BRADISH Ivzstrzzrtor in Voiu' CONSTANCE LORRAINE BROWN A.B., XVells '23g MS., Cornell '26 Instructor in CIIFTILIJIVLY SHERMAN P. FOGG B.S., IVisconsin '33 flssistant Football and Basketball Coorlz Instructor in Pliysicol Ezlumtion WILLIAM HALLER. IR., AT B.A., Amherst '36g M.A., Columbia '38 Instruftor in Economics STUART LYNDE JOHNSTON, BSU A.B., Wesleyan '31g A.M.. Harvard '33g Pli.D., '40 Instructor in Frcnclz, owl Spanish GEORGE EIDT LENT B.S., Rensselaer Institute of Technology 'Hg N.B.A.. '35 Iustrurtor in .Erorzomics IIARRY PHILLIP LEVINE, 'TBK B.S., Vermont '36g M.S., '38 Instructor in Zoology ROBERT ELI LONG, fIPBK, Berielius Society B.A., Yale '36, M.A., '38 Instructor in Political Scimzcz' ANTOINETTE HUBBARD LOUDON, UWT' Pli.B., Vermont '33g M.S., '34- Iustrurtor in Zoology CARL LUCARINL 'PBK B.S., Vermont '25g M.A., Princeton '26 Instructor in Clzmmstry MIRIAM NATILEE MARSTON, fPBK, IXKT, AAU A.B., Boston University '12, M.A., Columbia-'35 111,Yl'7'1,lCl'07' in Piano, Organ, oml Stllool lllusit ml Prof, Jacobs Pl'0f. Metcalf .. - Z E 5 2 e 1 l Prof. Myrick ARTS AND SCIENCES JAMES WALLACE MARVIN, AXP, EE! B.S., Vermont '32, M.S., '33, Ph.D., Columbia '39 Instructor in Botany DOUGLAS T. McCLAY, CPBK, American hlathe- matical Society A.B., Harvard '36, A.M., '37, Ph.D., '40 Instructor in Matlzcmatics GEORGE LEE MILLIKAN A.B., Southern California '34, M.A., Yale '38 Instructor in Political Scicncc ISABEL CLARK MILLS B.S., Skidmore '29, A.M., Vermont '35 Instructor in Education fflrtj MARY LOUISE MORGAN, 'PBK B.S., Vermont '25 Instructor in Economics ELIZABETH WARNER MORRILL, AAA, AKI' Ph.B., Vermont '28, A.M., '38 Instructor in .Education ROBERT COLLIER NEWTON, 11113157 EX, XXI' B.A., XVesleyan University '34, BIA., '35, Ph.D.. Princeton University '39 ' Instructor in Chcniistry SAMUEL HARDINC1 NICHOLS, KA, EE, TA A.B., Centre College '34, M.S., Ohio State '37, Ph.D., '39 Instructor in Clzcniistry IPPOCRATES PAPPOUTSAKIS, KPXP, TIKA B.Mus., New England Conservatory of Music '39 Instructor in Music 'PVERNA ELIZABETH PARKER, AAA, AK? Ph.B., Vermont '31, A.M., '36 Instructor in Education A On leave of absence. JOHN HAROLD PERRY B.S., Acadia '35 Instructor in Zoology MERRILL DUSTIN POWERS, TKA B.S.. Vermont 'IS Instructor in English Dircctor of Dcbating WILLIAM COURTNEY HAMILTON PRENTICE IIBK B.A., Swarthmore '37, M.A., I'Iarvard '-l-1, Ph.D. Harvard '4Z. Instructor in Psychology XLORRIN A. RIGGS, EE A.B., Dartmouth '33, A.M., Clark '34, Ph.D., '36 Instructor in Psychology HENRY CLAY SMITH, 'IJBK A.B., St. Johns '34, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins '39 Instructor in Psychology MARY BURKE SULLIVAN B.S. in Ed., Rhode Island '09, B.S. in Ed., New York University '34, lVI.A. in Ed., '35 Instructor in .English ana' Eflucation VANCE TARTAR, fIfBK, 412, E5 B.S., University of XVashington '33, M.S., '34, Ph.D., Yale '38 Instructor in Zoology BETTY F. THOMSON A.B., Mount Holyoke College '35, A.lVI., '38 Instructor in Botany ROY J. WIETZ, fPAK, AGE B.S., Illinois '30, MA., Columbia '38 Instructor in Physical Education flssistant Coach BETTY-LOU VVITTERS . B.S., University of Micliigari '41 Instructor in Physical Eclucation for Womrn l f- . Prof. Perkins Prof. Prindle - 34 - Prof. Tupper 1 a ENGINEERING---AGRICULTURE PROFESSORS JAMES ATKINS BULLARD, TBK, 53, 'PAQ A.B., lVillian1s '08g Ph.D., Clark '14- Profmsor of Alfztlzefzzofirs ami Mfclmnifs ARTHUR DEXTER BUTTERFIELD, ATI? BS., lVorcester Polytechnic Institute '93g M.S., '98: A.M., Columbia '04 Profmxor of Matfzmzzzticr llillli Georlfxy HARRY L. DAASCH, TBIT, AEP, E5 BS., Iowa State '26g E.Mer., Colorado School Mines '27g M.E., Iowa State '30g IVI.S., '33 Professor of IWz'clzcmical Evzginfning EDD RUTHVEN NIQKEE, EAX B.S. in E.E., Iowa State '20g M.S., 'ZSQ E.E., '26 Proffxsor of Electrical E1Lgz'1zferi1'zg ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS ROY ORVILLE BUCHANAN, TBK B.S. in E.E., Vermont '05 flmociate P1'0fe'.f50r of Elfrtricnl Eazgi7u'frz1z EDMUND LOUIS SUSSDORF ' Ph.B., Yale 'I4g M.E., '17 . .flsforiatf Profcsfor of lweclzfmicfzl E1zgmffr11z ASSISTANT PROPESSORS MILTON HARRIS ALDRICH, EAE, EE, TBIT B.S., XVorcester Polytechnic Institute f28g M.S.E., Michigan '37 Ax5iJz711zt Proffssor' of Meclzanicczl Engi1zfcri11f' HOWARD GUY MILLINGTON, EE, TBH CE., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute '08 .fI5xi.vta1zt Proffxyor of Mzzthmnalfics LAURENCE FORREST SHOREY. 'FBK BS. in EE., Vermont 'ZSQ ALS., '30 zf.VJ1'.Vl'll7lf Proffsxor of Electrical Ellgillffllll HAROLD IRVING WILLIAMS, EN B.S. in E.E., Vermont '12 flsrishzvzt Projnsxor of Elfrtriczll lfnginffzzzz INSTRUCTORS A. E. BATCHELDER Iwxtrlfftor -in lll6'CfIlI7I.IL'!l! E11gI7I!ff17I PROFESSORS MARSHALL BAXTER CUMMINGS. EE, TA, AZ BS.. Vermont '01g M.S., IVIainc '04g I'h.D., Cornell '09 Profexsor of Hortifultzm' HOWARD BOWMAN ELLENBERGER, AZ, EE' B.S.. Iowa State '0Sg M.S., Cornell '1Sg Ph.D., 'IS Profcsror of flnimal and Dairy Hfzubaizrlry FLORANCE BEESON KING, KA9, EE, IEH, ON, AN, mn B.S., Illinois '14-5 M.A., California 'ZGQ Ph.D., Indiana '29 Profzxxor of Home .Efonomiff BENJAMIN FRANKLIN LUTMAN, AZ, EE AB., Missouri '06g A.M., Wisconsin '07g Ph.D., '09 Profwsor of Plant Pathology PAUL ROBERT MILLER, TE, AKA, AZ B.S., Iowa State 'ZZQ M.A., Michigan State '24 P1'off55or of flgrouomy Prof Cummings Prof. Elleflbergel' -35- Prof. King AGRICULTURE BERTHA MAY TERRILL, fI1BK B.S., lVIount Holyoke '9Sg A.B., '96, M.A., Chicago '08 Proffssor Emeritus of Home Efonomicf ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS WILLIAM RITCHIE ADAMS, IR., OX, EE, TA BS., Syracuse '26, NLS., Vermont '28, Ph.D., Yale '35 fisyorinfe Profefsor of Botany and Form-try ALEXANDER GERSHOY, EE BS., Cornell '18, M.S., Columbia '34 flfsocintf Profmsor of Botany ERNEST OLIVER I-IERREID, EE, TA, TEA, AZ, ATP B.S., South Dakota State '27g NLS., Minnesota '28g Ph.D., '33 flsxoriatr Proffxxor of Dairy Marzufzzcturirzg JOHN ALVIN NEWLANDER, EE' BS., Cornell 719, M.S., Vermont '21, Ph.D., Cornell flxrocizztf Professor of Dairy Husbandry ASSISTANT PROFESSORS FLORENCE EMILY BAILEY, ON BS., Simmons '18g lVI.S., Vermont ,3O. flisirtarzt Professor of Home Ecorzomzos GRACE BURWASH, AX9, TTA B.A.. Illinois '19, M.A., Columbia 324 flxsirtarzt Profrssor of Home Eoonomics MARGARET B. DOUGHTY, AX9, EAE B.S., Michigan State 331, M.S., Iowa State College 741 Asxixtarzt Profmxor of Home li'c01zomi6.v WILLIAM HOWARD MARTIN, AZ, KCIHK, CIJBK, CIJAK ' ' BS.. Vermontg M.S., Cornell Jlfsutzzrzt Profexyor of ,4griculZ'uml Erlumtion AMOS BUSH WILLMARTI-I, KIIBK, AT AB., Middlebury '00, A.lVI., Harvard '01, BS., Vermont '08'f11zt Proffssor of Chemistry INSTRUCTORS LESLIE A. EVANS V.S., Ontario Veterinary College '03 Iristructor in lfrtfrirrary Srimzrf RALPH HAWTHORNE GRANGER, ATP BS., Massachusetts State '38, M.S. Irutrurtor in Poultry Hu.vb1m1171'y and Ag7'lL'1lIf1l7'IIZ Eizgi-mfcririg MRS. GERALDINE MAURER OWENS, EE, IEU BA., University of Illinois '38, M.S., Syracuse '42 Instructor in Home ,ECOTLOWLZICJ CHARLES LEONARD PARK, JR. BS., Vermont '32 Imtrurtor in Agricultural Ifdumtion RANSOM ORCUTT SLACK, AXP, K'I'K BS. in Agr., Vermont '41 Irzstrurtor in Dairy llflarzufncturing SHELDON WARD WILLIAMS, 'DHCP BS., Cornell 332g M.S., Vermont '34 Imtruftor in Agricultural Economicx Prof LUUTIHTI Prof. Bullard -36- Prof. Butterfield MEDICINE PROFESSORS LYMAN ALLEN, 342, NEN, KPBK A.B., Vermont '93, M.D., '96 Profcssor of Surgery CLARENCE HENRY BEECHER, NEN M.D., Vermont '00 Dron, Profzssor of lllczlicirzc THOMAS STEPHEN BROVVN, NEN NI.D., Vermont '04 Profcssor of Mcclicrzl Ethics orzrl Jlrlrzlicnl Rfloliovz- sliips ERNEST HIRANI BUTTLES, KE, 'PBK A.B., Vermont '01, M.D., '08 Profrssor of Poclzology and Bactcriology CHARLES FRANCIS DALTON, NEN M.D., Vermont '03 Profrssor Ernrrirus of Public Health HERBERT ASHLEY DURFEE, KPA9, :KKK A.B., Vermont '17, NI.D., '20 Professor of Obstetrics OLIVER NEWELL EASTMAN, F.A.C.S. M.D., Vermont '08 Profcssor of Gynecology . FRED KINNEY JACKSON, fPA9, NEN A.B., Vermont '973 NLD., '99 Profrssor Emeritus of Physiology HOVEY JORDAN, ATU Ph.B., Vermont '13, M.S., '14, A.NI., Harvard '16 Professor of Histology and Embryology DAVID MARVIN, NEN M.D., Vermont '00 Profcssor Emcrizfus of Pharmacology ,IANIES CHARLES O'NEIL, NSN B.S., Vermont '06, M.D., '17 Profrssor of Psychiatry HAROLD BARNARD PIERCE, EE B.S., Massachusetts State '17, NI.S., Peiiiisylwinia State '21, Ph.D., University of Rochester '28 Professor of Physiological Chemistry GEORGE MILLAR SABIN B.S., Vermont '96, NLD., '00 Profcssor Emeritus of Clinical Surgery ARTHUR BRADLEY SOULE, JR., ANI' A.B., Vermont '25, NLD., '28 Alssistavzt Dcan, Professor of Radiology WILLIAM GRAVES TOWNSEND, AKK B.S., Dartmouth '19, M.D., Vermont '24 Professor of Urology EMNIUS GEORGE TWITCHELL A.B., Queen's University, Canada '02, M.D., C.NI., '06 Professor of Ophtlzalmology, Otolaryngology and Rliinology JOHN BROOKS WHEELER, 2119, 'IPX A.B., Vermont '75, M.D., I'Iarvz1rd '70, Sc.D., '21 Profrssor Emzrifzrs of Surgcry CHARLES FLAGG WHITNEY B.S., Vermont '97g NI.D., '03, M.S., '04 Profcssor .Emfritus of Physiological Clzcrzzistry om! Toxicology HARRY GEORGE WYER, Major, U.S.A. fRet.J A.B., Harvard '96, M.D., '00 Profrssor of Mrrlico-Military Science Prof. Daasch Pr0f- McKee ... - Prof. Puffer , F.A.C.S. MEDICINE ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS ELLSWORTH LYMAN AMIDON, ATQ, EE B.S., Tufts '27, NLD., Vermont '32 Alssociatf Profcssor of Mcflicinc BIRD ,IOSEPH ARTHUR BONIBARD NLD., Vermont '05 Associate' Profcssor of Clinicczl Surgery 'TRAY GILBERT DAGGS B.S., Bucknell '26, Ph.D., Rochester '30 Alssocicitc Professor of Physiology PAUL KENDRICK FRENCH, AXP, NEN, F.A.C.P. Ph.B., Vermont '20, NI.D., '23 dssociatc Professor of Clinical Mczlicinc ALBERT GEORGE NIACKAY, EAE, NEN B.S., Vermont '29, NI.D., '32 Alssociatc Proffssor of Snrgcry Train Physician ASSISTANT PROFESSORS BENJAMIN DYER ADAMS, AKK, F.A.C.S. NLD., Vermont '08 Assistant Professor of Snrgnry WILLIAM BRADFORD ADAMS NI.D., I'Iarvard '18 flssistant Professor of Clinical Pcrliarrics MAURICE NORBERT BELLEROSE B.S., Norwich '25, M.D., Vermont '29 Assistant Profcssor of Ortliopcclic Siirgfry LOUIS BENSON B.E.E., Northeastern University School of Engineer- ing '24, M.D., Tufts '32 Assistant Professor of Pr'c'-vcritiw lwcrlicinc I On leave of absence. Doctor Allen Doctor Brown -38- WALTER DANIEL BIEBERBACH NLD., Southern Tennessee '04 Alssistaizt Proffssor of Clinical Urology PAUL WILLIAM BUTTERFIELD, KIJBK A.B., Bowdoin '30, NLD., Boston University '34 Assistant Proffssor of Pclclzology PAUL DENNISON CLARK, 541' NI.D., Vermont '26 flssistcznt Profcssor of Peclicztrics GARDNER NATHAN COBB AB., Dartmouth '01, M.D., '04 .flssistanr Professor of Clinical Pczlicltrics ROY EDWARD CORLEY A.B., I-Ioly Cross '21, M.D., Vermont '25 .flssistant Profcssor of Pediatrics IRALPH LESLIE CUDLIPP, Lieut. Col. Medical Corps, U.S.A., I7'.A.C.S. Nl.D., New York NIedical College '15 Assistant Professor of Clinical Snrgcry UCI-IN ENIERSON DAVIS, EE A.B., Oberlin '30, NLS., NIichigan '31, Ph.D., Chicago '36 - Alssisfcint Profcssor of Plzarrnacology EDWARD PERRY DISBROW NLD., Nlarylancl '08 flssisfrznt Professor of Clinical Dcrrnatology FRED WILLIAMS DUNIHUE, EE, IDAEI 1I1TA A.B., Wabash '29, NLS., New York University '3Ig Ph.D., '34 flssistant Profcssor of Histology anzl Embryology ARTHUR FORD GEDDES EDGELOVV A.B., Trinity '14, NI.D., Harvard '18 flssistcznt Profcssor of Clinical Obstetrics 4' On leave of absence. Doctor Dalton MEDICINE JOHN ARCHIBALD FERGUSON NLD., University of VVestern Ontario '25, NLS., Assistant Professor of Pathology WINTHROP NIAILLOT FLAGG, BAE, NEN NLD., Vermont '34 Assistant Professor of Urology THEODORE HENRY HARWOOD A.B., Hamilton '32, NLD., Vermont '36 Assistant Professor of llrleclicine AYMER SETH COLUMBUS HILL M.D., Vermont '09 Assistant Professor of Clinical Merlicine MILFORD LEROY HOBBS M.D., 'Washington '31 Assistant Professor of Pathology ARTHUR RUSH HOGAN, F.A.C.S. A.B., Vermont '19, M.D., '22 Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery DAVID WILLIAM JAMES B.S., Denison '30, M.D., Ohio State '33, NLS., XVayne '40 Assistant Professor of Ol7stetrics and Gynecology WENDELL EVERETT JAMES EE A.B., Brown '17, NI.S., '34, NLD., Vermont '38 Assistant Professor of Clinical Patlzology anal CLIFFORD SHATTUCK LEONARD, EE Ph.B., Yale '15, NI.S., '17, Ph.D., Wiscon Assistant Professor of Pharmacology sin '20 ROBERT LELAND MAYNARD, AKK, 1T,A,C,S, NLD., Vermont '11 Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery KARL CORNELIUS MCNIAHON, NEN B.S., Vermont '19, NLD.. '22 Assistant Professor of Oplitlialniology anzl Clinical Instructor in Otolaryngology ana' Rliinology EDWARD DOUGLAS McSWEENEY A.B., Vermont '19, M.D., '22 Assistant Professor of Gynecology CHARLES PERKINS MOAT B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology '96 Assistant Professor of Public Health CHARLES ALBERT NEWHALL, NZN A.B., Northwestern '24, M.D., Vermont '28 Assistant Professor of Anatomy WILHELM RAAB M.D., University of Vienna '20, NI.D., G versity of Prague '26 Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine WALFORD TUPPER REES, KE, N-EN NI.D., Vermont '24 Assistant Professor of Surgery ermon Uni Bacteriology 'EEDWARD JAMES ROGERS ARTHUR LEO LARNER, AKK Bs., The Citadel '96, M.D., south Carolina 'os NI.D., Vermont '04 COlu1DlDia '12 Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology anal Rhinology Asfiftarlt Professor of Clinical ll'l6'lllCl71-L' ancl Clinical Instructor in Oplztlialrnology WILLIAM H. SHEHADI PETER PAUL LAVVLOR D.D.S., American University, Beirut, Syria '27, NLD., Vermont '20 M.D., '31 Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology and Rlrinology 1l55f5l7Wlf PT0l"f-V507 Ol Rl1flf0l0.S'y ancl Clinical Instructor in Oplztlzalrnology A' On leave of absence. Doctor Whitney Doctor Jackson Col- Dailey -39- MEDICINE WALTER ALVA STULZ, Z5 A.B., Acadia '27, Ph.D., Yale '32 fIssistant Profcssor of flnatovny KEITH FRANK TRUAX, GPX, ZX BS., Vermont '28g M.D.. '31 flssistant Profcssor of Surgrry HIRAM EUGENE UPTON, NEN BS., St. Iohn's '24, M.D., University of Maryland '27 flssistant Profrssor of Clinical Mecticinc FOSTER LANE VIBBER M.D., Tufts '29 Assistant Professor of Clinical Ncurology VISITING PROFESSORS ADOLPHUS DUNCAN ROOD NLD., Vermont '08 l'isiting Profcssor of Bronclzoscopy EUGENE FREDERICK TRAUB B.S., University of Michigan '16g M.D., ,18 Visiting Professor of Dermatology D INSTRUCTORS Joi-IN ABAIIAN, JR. M.D., New York Medical College '37 Instructor in .fincsthcsia ROBERT BASCOM AIKEN, EN, 11113K Ph.B., Vermont '31, M.S., '33g M.D., '37 Instructor in Inrlustrial Hygicnc HARRY JOSEPH ANTONIEWICZ, EE BS.. Vermont '37g NLD., '40 Ilfcrlical Instructor in Surgcry ancl rlnatonzy PAUL MILLNER ASHTON A.B., Amherst '2Sg AM., '26g M.D., ,lohns Hopkins '30 Instructor in Clinical Obstrtrics AZEL PACKARD BARNEY A.B., University of Pennsylvania 'ISQ MD.. '22 Instructor in Clinical Obstctrics NATHAN RENWICK CALDWELL IVLD., Vermont '14 Instructor in Clinical Radiology DOROTHY BLACK CORBIN BS., Simmons '32g M.D., Tufts '37 Instructor in Prdiatrics STUART STARNES CORBIN BS., Vermont '31g IVLD., '36 Instructor in Pccliatrics ALBERT JAMES CRANDALL BS., Vermont '30g M.D., '33 Instructor in Clinical Surgcry THOMAS PATRICK CUNNINGHAM M.D., Tufts '18 Instructor in Clinical Pccliatrics RICHARD BARRE DAVIS B.S., Vermont '36g M.D., '39 Instructor in Mcclicinc JOHN SEELEY ESTABROOK BS., Vermont '29g M.D., '33 I Illccliccil Instructor in Clinical Prcliatrzcs MHENRY MAURICE FARMER B.S., Vermont '33g M.D., '37 Instructor in Prc'urnti'oc' Illcrlicinr anrl Public Hcaltlz ' 4' On leave of absence. Coach Evans - .. Coach Gardner MEDICINE LESTER MAHAN FELTON BS., Dartmouth '19, 1VI.D., Cornell '22 Initrncror in Clinical Urology PAUL FREDERICK FENTON B.S.. University of Rochester '38, M.S., Vermont '40 In.rtrnctor in Physiological Chemistry ERALD FAIRBANKS FOSTER M.D.. Vermont '27 Instructor in Prcwiztioc lllczlzciiic ARTHUR GLADSTONE B.S.. Vermont '28g M.D,, '31 Inrtrnctor in Clinical Snrgcry ALFRED MYRON GLICKMAN M.D., Tufts '21 lnxtrnctor in Clinical Obstctrics HELEN HEINO BS.. University of Minnesota '36g 1Xfl.A.. '41 Inxtrnctor in Clinical Pathology and Bactcriology TFRED SCOTT KENT M.D., Vermont '19 Inxtrnctor in Clinical Mcclicinc ELIZABETH KUNDERT B.S., University of VVisconsin '20g MS., '2-lg M.D., Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania '26 Jllcclical Instructor in Psychiatry HYMAN BERNARD LEVINE BS., Vermont '30g M.D., '39 Instructor in Clinical Mcclicinc ROBERT EDWARD LEE LORING M.D., Harvard '22 Instructor in Clinical Olrstctricy if On leave of absence. JOHN FREDERICK LYNCH B.S.. Vermont '31, MD., '34 Instructor in Clinical Snrgcry NAMES PATRICK MA HON EY M.D., Vermont '32 Inxtrnctor in Clinical Ilflcclfcinc KATHERINE ELLA IV1cSWEENEY A.B., Vermont '22g A.M., Columbia '24, MD., Vermont '30 Ltctnrcr in Hygicizcg Instructor in Clinical Illcclicinc HAROLD EDWARD MEDIVETSKY B.S., Vermont '29g M.D., '32 Instructor in Clinical Mcolicinc DANIEL JOHN MORIARTY, Lieutenant, Medical Corps, U.S.A. 1VI.D., Vermont '37 Inxtrnctor in Clinical Illcclicinc NELSON NEXVIVIARK BS., New York University '27g M.D., Yule '31 Instructor in Clinical Pccliatrics ALFRED SNIITH O'CONNER A.B., Holy Cross '14g M.D., Tufts '18 Inxtrnctor in Clinical Pca'iatric.r ORLO CHARLES PACIULLI, Captain, Medical Corps, U.S.A. BS., University of Buffalo '18g NLD., '2-l- Inxtrnctor in Clinical IlIcclici1ic OLNEY DRAPER PHELPS AB., Dartmouth '04g M.D., '07 Instructor in Clinical Urology ELMER WATERS PIKE NLD., Vermont '19 Instructor in Clinical Mczlicinc Coach Post - - Coach Weitz MEDICINE NORMAN ANTHONY POKORNY A.B., lVIarquette '25, lVI.D., Johns Hopkins '29 Instructor in Clinical Pczliatrics CHARLES ARTHUR RAVEY M.D., Vermont '18 Instructor in Clinical Mcclicinc ttWATSON FRANK ROGERS BS., Vermont '29, lVI.D., '33 Instructor in Clinical Mcrlicinc XJESSE ALBERT RUST, JR, M.D., Vermont '36 Instructor in Clinical Obstctrics tNICI-IOLAS SALVATORE SCARCELLO MD., Tufts '30 Instructor in Clinical Urology FRANK ALPHONSE SLESINSKI BS.. Massachusetts State '38, M.S., '40 Instructor in Pliysiological Clzcmistry MILITARY SCIENCE AND TACTICS GEORGE F. N. DAILEY, Colonel, Infantry, United States Army BS., United States 1X4ilitary Academy '07 Profcssor of Military Scicncc and Tactics HARRY G. VVYER, Major, Medical Corps, United States Army fRet.J A.B., Harvard '96, M.D., Harvard '00 .flssistant Professor of Military Scicncc aufl Tactics FRANCIS P. SIMPSON, Captain, Infantry, United States Army fRet.J BS.. United States Military Academy '17 Assistant Profcssor of Military Scicncc ancl Tactics ROBERT J. IVI. FYFE, JR., First Lieutenant, In- fantry, Army of the United States BS.. Vermont '38 glssistant Profcssor of Illilitary Scicncc anal Tactics -42- CLARENCE JESS SPEAS D.D.S., IVIarquette '35 Instructor in Oral Hygicnc and Dcntal illcclicinc STANLEY STEVEN STUSICK M.D., Tufts '24 Instructor in Clinical Obstctrics CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE TERRIEN lNI.D., Vermont '36 Instructor in Clinical Illcaliciizc JOSEPH GEORGE TI-IABAULT M.D., Vermont '30 Instructor in Surgcry FREDERICK CHARLES THORNE A.B., Columbia '30, A.M., '31, Ph.D., '3-1-, M.D.. Cornell '38 Instructor in Psychiatry GEORGE CHANDLER TULLY B.S., Dartmouth '27, IXID., Vermont '31 Instructor in Clinical Urology rr On leave of absence. CARL H. SCHOFIELD, First Lieutenant, Infantry, Army of the United States Pli.B., Vermont '40 Assistant Profcssor of Military Scicncc and Tactics RAYMOND T. CONNER, Master Sergeant, United States Army CRet.J Instructor of lllilitary Scicncc ana' Tactics JAMES A. PICKETT, Staff Sergeant, D.E.M.L., United States Army Instructor of Military Scicncc and Tactics RUDOLPH P. PAPPAS, Sergeant, D.E.M.L., United States Army Instructor of Military Scicncc ana' Tactics ANDREW J. LANDA, Sergeant D.E.M.L., United States Army Instructor of lllilitary Scicncc anrl Tactics LJX Classes 1 4 2 John Spasyk President Jeanne Woolley Vice-President SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEES Clmiiamavz of PTOLZ7ZLCfiO7'Z .... . Financial C hairman ........... Senior Prom Committee: Allen Moore I Nancy Goodwin?C0-Cfza'z1'me1z Decorations Committee: Gratia Pearl Klargaret Sandall Sanforcl Savin Stanley Sirkin Lighting Committee: Donald lXrloran Sigmunt Sysko .............b-IHHICS Sudbay ..........Clarli G. Nlillcr Floor Committee: Robert Carlson Barbara Gallagher Ioene Agarcl Chaperones Committee: Robert Paterson Charles ltzkowitz Sally Rome Class Marshal.' F. Pomeroy Logan OFFICERS Harriet Woods Clarence Akley Secretary Treasurer SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEES Program and Printing Committee: Jean Young David Neill Wanda Cobb Norman Boyclen Chester Pam-idg Paul Pullinen C Banner and Pipe C Harriet VVoods Ray Kallrnan hilary Deyoe Roger Hunting Betty Roche James Stephen ommittee: Ivy Committee: Barbara Butternelcl Mary Tuclcerrnan Jean Hall Joanna Metcalf Class Day Committee: Sarah lllilson, Cliairmazz John lllhite Clarence Akley Class Walk Committee: Jerry Ditore, ClZ,dl7'77ZCZ7L Louise Davis W'aino Suojanen Abbot, Martin Collamer. VVilder. Literary Scientific. Good- rich Classical Club, Latin Play CZ1, john Dewey Club, Dean's List Cl, Z1, Abel, Frances Elizabeth. KA9. Montclair, N. J. General Science. Mortar Board, Staii and Sandal, Sophomore Aides, Secre- tary, W. A. A, Council-at-Large C41, Rifle Club C41, Student Union CZ, 3, 41, Y. VV. C. A., Photography Club Cl1, Outing Club Council, Secretary CZ, 31, Vice-President C41, Outing Club Cl, Z, 3, 41, Junior VVeek, Refreshment Chairman, Dean's List CZ, 31, Lilac Day Cl, Z, 31, W. A. A. Cl, Z1, Adler, Yudel Lester. Burlington. Pre-Medical. Intramural Athletics CZ1, Rugby Cl, Z1, Pre-Medical Society C31. Agard, Norma Joene. AAA. Jamaica, N. Y. Classical. Mortar Board, Staff and Sandal, Sophomore Aides, Goodrich Classical CZ, 3, 41, Student Union C3, 41, Pan-Hellenic Council C3, 41, Kake Vifalk, VVomen's Stunts, Joint Conference, Dean's List C3, 41. Akley, Clarence Vernon. KE. Lyndonville. Secondary Educa- tion. Boulder, Key and Serpent, President, Gold Key, President, Football C11, Baseball Cl, Z. 31, Track Cl, Z, 31, Basketball C.l1, Interfraternity Athletics Cl, Z1, Interfraternity Council C-31, Editor of Football Program C31, I. R. C. CZ, 31, Class President Dean's List Cl, Z1, Corporal Cl1, Sergeant Cl, Z, 31, Fraternity Drill Squad Cl, Z1, Advanced Military C31. Allen, Verna Margaret. EF. Burlington. Home Economics. Bowling C3, 41, Home Economics Club Cl, Z, 3, 41, Dean's List Cl, Z, 41. Amidon, Virginia Elizabeth. VVorcester, Mass. Social Science. VV. A. A. Cl, Z, 31, Campus Manager Swimming C31, Swimming Club, Cynic Cl, 2, 31, Feature Editor C31, Women's Glee Club Cl1, University Orchestra C11, Y. W. C. A. Cl, Z, 31, Outing Club Cl, Z, 31. Annis, Geraldine Pearle. Barton. Classical. Goodrich Classical Club CZ, 3, 41, Health Council C41, 'Women's Glee Club CZ, 41, Bluestockings Club C3, 41, Y. VV. C. A. Cl, Z, 3, 411, John Dewey Club CZ1, Le Cercle Francais C11, Dean's List, Classical Schola1'- ship CZ1. Aronson, Lillian Elsie. AXQ. Proctor. Secretarial. VV. A. A., Y. WV. C. A., Photography Club Cl1, Dean's List Cl, Z1, Lilac Day Cl1. Badger, Jane. AEA. Burlington. Secretarial. Pan-Hellenic Council CZ, 3, 41, Y. VV. C. A., I. R. C. CZ, 3, 41, Junior Week, Peerade. Bardossi, Fulvio. Barre. Literary Scientific. Goodrich Classical Club, Tau Kappa Alpha, Cyuir, Editor-in-Chief C31, Sports Editor CZ1, Men's Debating Team, I. R. C. CZ1, John Dewey Club, Dean7s List, Publication Board. Barney, Shirley Isabel. Swanton. Elementary Education. Y. XV. C. A. CZ1, Dean's List Cl1. Baseh, Herbert. TE'P. Hartford, Conn. Pre-Medical. Basket- ball Cl1, Interfraternity Athletics Cl, Z, 31, Intramural Athletics Cl, Z, 31, Cynir, Reporter CZ1, News Editor C31, I. R. C. C31, Pre-Medical Society CZ1, Dean's List C113 Handball Doubles Cham- pionship Cl1, Intramural Council CZ, 31, Fraternity Drill Squad Cl, 21- Belleville, Mildred Edna. Independents. Barre. Elementary Education. Dean's List. Bennett, Adelaide Phillips. Bennington. Secretarial. Health Council C3, 41, House President Cl, Z, 31, Y. WV. C. A. Cl, Z, 31, John Dewey Club CZ, 3, 41, President C41, Outing Club Cl, Z, 3, 41. Berman, Anna Ruth. AWE. Nantasket, Mass. General Science. House President C41, I. R. C. CZ1, Le Cercle Francais CZ1. Berman, Barbara Ruth. AX9. Springfield. Secretarial. Y. YV. C. A. Cl, Z1, I. R. C. C31, Le Cercle Francais C11, John Dewey Club CZ1, Dean's List Cl, Z, 31. Bishop, Barbara Ruth. AXQ. Springfield. Secretarial. Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu, Health Council CZ1, Y. VV. C. A. Cl, Z1, joint Conference Committee, Secretary C41, Scholarship Committee. Secretary C41, John Dewey Club CZ1, I. R. C. C3, 41, Le Cercle Francais Cl1, Dean's List Cl, Z, 3, 41. Bissell, Mary Spear. AEA. Saxtons River. Elementary Edu- cation. Basketball Cl. Z1, Badminton Club Cl, 31, 'W. A. A. Council-at-Large CZ1, Bowling Club C3, 41. Black, Leicia Annette. Burlington. Secretarial. Pi Gamma l?'Iu,2Rgfge Team C31, Archery C41, John Dewey Club, Dean's List ,46- Boelsen, Ruth Marie. AAA. lllestbury, L. I., N. Y. Social Science. IV. A. A. Cl, Z, 31, Hockey Cl1, Bowling Cl. Z, 31, Riiie Team C41, Riding Cl1, Honorary Team, Baseball Cl1, Wi1m0rvi11g.v from the Mill CZ1, Y. IV. C. A. Cl, Z, 31. Bottomley, Anne Hale. KA9. Burlington. Social Science. University Players C31, ARIEL, Faculty Editor C31, Xlfomenls Glee Club Cl, Z1, I. R. C. CZ1, Secretary C31, President C41, Outing Club Cl1, Junior 1Veek Play CZ1. Bourdeau, Wilfred Henry. Middlebury. Agriculture. Intra- mural Athletics CZ1, Aggie Club Cl, Z, 3, 41, F. F. A. Cl, Z, 3, 41. Boyden, Norman J., Jr. EN. Burlington. Business. Football, Nlanager C41, Interfraternity Athletics C3, 41, Intramural Athletics CZ, 3, 41, Athletic Council C41, R. O. T. C. Band Cl1, Military Ball C41, Fraternity Drill Squad CZ1, Champlain Sabres C41, Advanced lVIilitary C3, 41. Brawn, Orrin Marnald. Portland, Me. Music Education. Kappa Phi Kappa, University Choir Cl, Z, 3, 41, Men's Glee Club Cl, Z, 31, President C41, Dean's List Cl, Z, 31, Operas Cl, 31, Military Honors, Sergeant CZ1. Brewster, Barbara Ruth. Cambridge. Elementary Education. Health Council C41, Basketball Cl, 31, Bowling C3, 41, House President C31, 'Womenis Glee Club C41, Y. VV. C. A. Cl, 31, Independents C3, 41, Dean's List C31. Bronson, William Moffett, Jr. Lancaster, N. H. Business. Burgess, Lawrence W. AI. Chelsea. General Science. Inter- fraternity Athletics C3, 41. Butterfield, Barbara. HBfP. lVIanchester. Social Science. Staff and Sandal C31, Treasurer, University Players CZ, 31, Secretary C31, Cynic CZ, 31, Reporter CZ1, News Editor C31, ARIEL C31. VVomen7s Editor, House President CZ1, Faculty-Student Council C31, Dramatic Club CZ, 31, Y. Wi. C. A. Cl, Z, 3, 41, Social Chairman C31, President C41, Lilac Day Cl, Z1, Beauty Contest Cl1, Co-ed Major Candidate Cl, Z1, Junior VVeek Play CZ1, Group Plays CZ1, House Fellow C41. Campbell, Floyd Walter. AXP. Straiiord. Agriculture. Alpha Zeta, Aggie Club, Future Farmers of America, Dean's List. Carlson, Robert Lackie. AXP. South Ryegate. Agriculture. Boulder, Key and Serpent, Gold Key, Champlain Sabres, Alpha Zeta, Baseball CZ, 3, 41, Basketball Cl, 41, Interfraternity Athletics C3, 41, Faculty-Student Council C3, 41, Aggie Club Cl, Z, 3, 41, F. F. A. C31, Dean's List Cl, Z, 31, Junior VVeek, Chairman Floor Committee, Military Ball, Treasurer C41, Military Honors, Corporal CZ1, Advanced Military C3, 41. Chaffee, Elizabeth Ball. ET. Enosburg Falls. Literary Scien- tilic. XV. A. A. Cl, Z, 31, Badminton C41, Bluestockings Club CZ, 3, 41, Secretary-Treasurer C31, Treasurer C41, John Dewey Club CZ, 3, 41, Secretary C41, Scribes Cl, Z, 3, 41, Outing Club Cl, 31, Dean's List C1,31. Chaffee, Ethelyn Lois. ET. Enosburg Falls. Social Science. Pi Gamma Mu, Secretary, VV. A. A. Cl, Z, 31, Bowling Club C41, House Fellow C31, Press Club C41, Y. W. C. A. Cl1, I. R. C. CZ, 3. 41, Le Cercle Francais Cl, Z1, John Dewey Club CZ, 3, 41, Outing Club C31, Dean's List CZ, 31. Clark, Janet. BBT, Norwell, Mass. Social Science. Miami University Cl1, Tau Kappa Alpha, VV. A. A. CZ, 31, Archery CZ1, YVomen's Debating Team C3, 41, Y. W. C. A. CZ, 3, 41, I. R. C. C3, 41. Clark, Russell Leland. North Springfield. Chemistry. Cham- plain Sabres, R. O. T. C. Band Cl, Z, 3, 41, V. C. A. C3, 41, Independents C31, Chemistry Club Cl, Z, 3, 41, Outing Club Cl, Z, 3, 41, Military Honors, Sergeant CZ1, Advanced Military C3, 41, Freshman Drill Squad, Sons American Revolution Medal CZ1. Clausing, Challis Irvin. Essex. Electrical Engineering. Base- ball CZ1, Interfraternity Cl1, Electrical Engineers C31. Clough, Millicent Edmunds. UBKP. Rutherford, N. 1. Social Science. Swimming Club CZ1, I. R. C. C31, Outing Club Council C3, 41, Le Cercle Francais Cl, Z1, John Dewey Club CZ1, Outing Club Cl, Z, 3, 41, Lilac Day Cl1. Cobb, Wanda Emma. KA9. Rutland. Home Economics. Field Hockey CZ1, Basketball Cl, Z1, Pan-Hellenic Council CZ1, Y. XV. C. A. CZ1, Home Economics Cl1, Outing Club Cl1, Kake Walk Usher C31. Coffin, Corinne Pratt. Burlington. Commercial Teaching. Pi Gamma Nlu, Axuizr. Scrub CZ1, john Dewey Club CZ. 31, Vice- President C41, Dean's List Cl, Z, 31, Scribes Cl, Z, 31, Canterbury Club C41, Lilac Day Cl1. Cohen, Julius George. Burlington. Pre-1XfIedical. Tau Kappa Alpha C213 Interfraternity Athletics3 Cynic, Radio Editor C213 Menls Debating Team Cl, 2, 313 john Dewey Club3 Pre-Medical Society. Cohn, Anne B. Larchmont, N. Y. General Science. Cynir Cl, 21, Business Manager C41. Ofiice Manager C313 Frfrliman Hand- book, Business Manager C313 Y. XV. C. A. Cl, 2. 31, Social Chair- man C413 I. R. C. Cl, 2, 3,413 Outing Club Cl, 21. Conrad, Wilbert Leon, Jr. Nlorrisville. Secondary Education. Basketball Cl, 313 Baseball Cl, 213 Independents Cl, 2, 313 Corporal C213 Advanced Military. Cooley, Ruth Hilda. Randolph Center. Music Education. Green Mt. Jr. College Cl, 21g XVomen's Glee Club C3, 413 Chapel Orchestra C3, 413 University Orchestra C3, 413 Operas C31. Cooper, Elizabeth Turnstall. KA9. 1VIerchantville. N. J. Social Science. XV. A. A. Council-at-Large C213 House President C113 Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet C2, 3, 41, Vice-President C413 Outing Club Cl, 2, 3, 41. Corliss, Clark Edward. AXP. St. Albans. General Science. Track C2, 313 Cross-Country C313 Interfraternity Athletics C2, 313 ARIEL, Co-Biography Editor3 V. C. A. C3, 413 I. R. C. C313 -lohn Dewey Club C313 Outing Club C213 Corporal C213 Fraternity Drill Squad C113 Advanced Military C3, 41. Corsonnes, George Demosthenes. Rutland. Secondary Educa-. tion. Football, Freshman. Varsity C2, 3, 413 TYZICRQ Basketball C113 Interfraternity Athletics C213 Intramural Athletics C213 Independ- ents3 Corporal. Coutu, Alexandrina Georgette. XVestiield. Elementary Educa- tion. Y. W. C. A.3 Le Cercle Francais3 Independents3 Newman Club. Czachor, Peter Stanley. XVest Rutland. General Science. Track, Manager C413 Athletic COUI1CllQ R. O. T. C. Band Cl, 213 Dean's List C313 Corporal C213 Advanced Military. Dana, Douglas Putnam. North Pomfret. Agricultural. Aggie Club Cl, 2, 3, 41, President C413 Dean's List Cl, 2. 3, 413 Honor Scholarshipg Hood Scholarship Cl, 2, 3, 413 Military Honors3 Corporal. Davis, Louise Alethe. HELP. Northfield. Literary Scientific. Staff and Sandal C313 Sophomore Aidesg Student Union C2, 3, 413 House Fellow C413 Chapel Orchestra C413 University Orchestra Cl. 413 Y. XV. C. A. Cl, 213 Outing Club Cl. 2. 3, 413 Junior XVeek3 Lilac Day C2, 313 Chairman of Registration Committee for Student Union Convention C41. Dewart, Catherine-Jean. St. Albans. Classical. Goodrich Clas- sical Club3 Health Council C213 John Dewey Club3 Deanls List Cl, 313 House President C413 Classical Language Scholarship. Deyoe, Mary Randall. Paterson. N. I. Literary Scientific. Hickey Cl, 213 Y. XV. C. A. C313 Outing Club Cl, 2, 313 Lilac Day C2 . Dickinson, Dorothy Ruth. Bellows Falls. Elementary Educa- tion. House Fellow C413 XVomen's Glee Club C213 University Choir C213 Dean's List C2, 31. Ditore, Jerolemon Carmaine. EAE. Brooklyn, N. Y. Social Science. Intramural Athletics C2, 31. Doheny, Marguerite Julia. Richmond. Commercial Teaching. Pi Gamma Mu3 Archery C213 Le Cercle Francais C113 John Dewey Club C3, 413 Newman Club Cl, 2, 3, 413 Dean's List Cl, 2, 3, 41. Farrar, Reginald George. AXA. XVorcestcr. Nlass. Social Science. Transfer from Clark University Cl, 213 1Vlen,s Glee Club C3, 413 University Choir C413 Outing Club C3, 413 Deanis List C313 Operas C31. Farrell, Catherine Helena. Shelburne. Home Economics. Bad- minton3 Archery3 Y. XV. C. A. C313 Home Economics Club Cl, 2, 313 Photography Club C313 I. R. C. C313 Newman Club Cl. 2. 313 Outing Club C2, 313 Dean's List C113 Good Pilgrimage Club C31. Fifield, Flora. Independents. Randolph. Classical. Goodrich Classical Club C2, 313 Wimzotviizgs from tht' Mill C213 Bluestockings Cl, 2. 313 Dean's List Cl, Z, 313 Group Plays C11. Forssell, Jeanne Adele. UBfIf. Queens Village, N. Y. Social Science. Riding Club C11. Foster, Robert Goodwin. 'I'A9. Cleveland, Shaker Heights, Ohio. Business. Interfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 313 Junior XX'eek Publicity3 Fraternity Drill Squad Cl, 21. Foti, Samuel Joseph. EN. Rutland. Pre-Medical. Tennis, Captain Cl1, Varsity C213 Intramural Athletics C2, 313 Newman Club3 Pre-Medical Society. Frank, Gloria Oling. AWE. Rutland. Literary Scientific. Mortar Board3 XV. A. A. Council-at-Large3 Riding Club C113 Amer. Assistant Business 1VIanager3 House President C3, 413 Pan-Hellenic Council C3, 41, President C413 Le Cercle Francais C2, 3, 41, Secre- tary C21, President C313 John Dewey Club3 Y. XV. C. A. Cl, 2, 3, 413 Outing Club C113 Deanis List Cl, 2, 313 Representative to National Pan-Hellenic Convention3 Chairman of Housing Committee for Student Union Convention. French, Myrna Gertrude. Burlington. Classical. Mortar Board3 Goodrich Classical Club3 Cynif, Reporter C21, News Editor C31, Managing Editor C413 Wimzowiizgr from tht' Mill, Contributions Editor C213 Bluestockings Club, Treasurer C21, President C413 Dramatic Club, Secretary-Treasurer C213 Y. XV. C. A.3 Iohn Dewey Club3 Kake Walk, Publicity C2, 31, Co-Chairman C413 Dean's List Cl, 2, 313 Group Plays C113 Class Plays C213 XVomenfs Prize Read- ing Contest, lst Prize C213 Public Relations Board C413 Publicity Chairman, XVomen7s Student Government Convention C41. Gallagher, Barbara Marion. AXQ. St. Albans. Home Eco- nomics. Mortar Board3 Staff and Sandalg Sophomore Aides3 XV. A. A. C2, 31, Vice-President C313 Green Captain C213 Bas- ketball C1, 2, 313 Baseball C213 Student Union C31, Chief Justice C413 House President C213 Home Economics C2, 3, 41, Vice- President C313 Newman Club C3, 413 All Sports Club C3, 413 Lilac Day C313 Kake XVa1k C41. Goodell, Doris Elaine. Pompanoosuc. Elementary Education. XV. A. A. Council-at-Large Cl, 213 I. R. C. Cl, 213 Y. XV. C. A. Cl, 2, 31- Goodwin, Nancy Guild. HRT. Tewskbury, Mass. Classical. Mortar Board3 Staff and Sandal3 Goodrich Classical Club3 Bad- minton C213 XV. A. A. Council C2, 3, 41. Council-at-Large C113 Modern Dance Cl, 213 Outing Club Cl, 2, 313 Cynic Reporter C21, News Editor C31, XVomen's Editor C413 ARIEL, Photography Editor3 House Fellowg Y. XV. C. A. Cl, 2, 313 Deanis List Cl, 2, 313 Lilac Day Cl, 2, 31. Gorton, Gladys Mae. South Wallingford. Secondary Education. Riding Club C213 john Dewey Club C213 House Committee C413 Deanis List Cl, 2, 3, 41. Greene, Georgina Frances. Morrisville. Social Science. Inde- pendents C313 Outing Club C113 Scholarship Chairman C313 House Committee C413 Scribes Cl, 2, 3, 41, Treasurer C41. Grier, Cathryn Van R. KA9. Hamden, Conn. Social Science. XV. A. A. Council C3, 41? Campus Manager C313 Hockey C3, 413 House President C413 Freshman Handboofe C413 Y. XV. C. A. C413 All Sports Club3 Kake XValk Usher C413 Junior XVeek Decorations3 Student Union Convention3 Faculty-Student Committee C41. Hall, Jean French. KA9. Charlotte. Music Education. ARIEL C213 House President C313 XVomen's Glee Club C313 Outing Club Cl, 2, 313 Lilac Day C21. Hall, Ida. Saxtons River. Elementary Education. Modern Dance C213 Women's Glee Club3 Y. W. C. A.3 Independents. Harwood, Donald Holden. ATA. Dorset. Medicine. Amherst COllCgCQ Football C113 Ski Team C113 Interiraternity Athletics C113 Pre-1X!Iedical Society C2, 313 Dean's List C2, 313 Military Honors, Expert Rillenian C21. Hawes, Melvin Herbert. EAE. Fitchburg, Mass. Classical. Goodrich Classical Club C31, Treasurerg C. A. A. C213 John Dewey Club C213 Deanls List C113 Corporal C213 Advanced Military. Heath, Charlotte Elisabeth. AEA. XX'est Haven, Conn. Home Economics. XVomen's Glee Club C213 Y. XV. C. A. C313 Home Economics Club Cl, 2, 31g I. R. C. C413 John Dewey Club C413 Outing Club Cl, 21. Hill, Nor Eunice. Lyndon Center. Music Education. Council- at-Large C213 Hockey C213 Modern Dance C213 House President C3. 413 XX'omen's Glee Club Cl. 2, 3, 41, Accompanist Cl, 2, 31, Manager C31. President C-1-13 University Choir C2, 3, 413 Y. XV. C. A. Cl, 2, 313 John Dewey Club C213 Dean's List Cl, 2, 313 joint Conference C313 Lilac Day C213 Operas Cl, 31. Holden, Katharine Clement. K-19. Burlington. Civil Engi- neering. Sophomore Aides: XX'. A. A. COLlflCllQ Gold Captain3 Campus Sport B.'IZll1ZlgCI'Q Basketballg Y. XX'. C. A.3 Civil Engineering3 Outing Club. Holtzman, Milton. 'I'EA. Brooklyn. N. Y. General Science. Tennis, Sophomore B'.lZ1ll?lgCI'Q Interfraternity Athletics: Intramural Athletics: Menis Glee Club: ,lohn Dewey Club C213 Pre-Medical Society C313 Outing Club3 Dean's List C31. -47- Howe, Alice Newton. AX9. Toronto, Canada. Literary Scientific. Campus Manager Badminton C313 Badminton C2, 313 Bowling Cl, 413 Cynir, Reporter C213 Y. W. C. A. Cl, 2, 313 Photography Club Cl, 2, 313 Le Cercle Francais C31, Hubbard, Harvey Hart. AXP. St. Albans. Electrical Engineer- ing. Electrical Engineers, Vice-Chairman C31, Chairman C413 Deanis List Cl, 2, 413 Champlain Sabres3 Baseball C113 Kake XValk Lighting Committee C413 Outing Club C3, 413 Corporal C213 Ad- vanced Military3 Expert Rifleman. Hunting, Roger Bryant. EAE. Springfield. Social Science. Boulder3 Key and SCFDCHIQ Pi Gamma Mug University Players Cl, 2, 3, 413 Basketball, Frosh Manager C413 lnterfraternity Ath- letics Cl, 2, 3, 413 Publications Board C3, 413 Cynic Cl, 2, 3, 413 ARIEL, Editor-in-Chief3 House President C3, 413 lnterfraternity Council C3, 413 John Dewey Club C213 Outing Club C413 Kake Walk Cl, 3, 413 Junior XVCCRQ Dean's List Cl, 213 Class Oilicer. Treasurer C313 Fall Play Cl, 2, 3, 413 Junior XVeek Play Cl, 2, 313 Group Plays Cl, 2, 413 Whois Who in American Universities and Colleges C3, 41. Hyde, Charlotte Louise. EF. East Bethel. Elementary Educa- tion. Castleton Normal School Cl, 213 XV. A. A. Council-at-Large C413 Hockey C3, 413 Basketball C313 Badminton C413 XV. A. A. C3, 413 All Sports Club C3, 413 House President C41. Ingalls, Betty Ailsa. AAA. Fulton, N. Y. Commercial Teach- ing. Badminton Cl, 213 Y. W. C. A. Cl, 2, 3, 413 John Dewey Club C213 Deanis List C21. lsham, Ellen Agnes. AX9. South Burlington. Home Eco- nomics. XV. A. A. C2, 313 Y. W. C. A. Cl, 2, 313 Home Economics Club Cl, 2, 31. ltzkowitz, Charles. T?-719. New London, Conn. Pre-Medical. Track Cl, 213 lnterfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 313 Cynic, Reporter Cl13 News Editor C2, 313 lnterfraternity Council C313 l. R. C. C313 Dean's List Cl, 2, 313 Fraternity Drill Squad C213 Walked for Kake Cl, 2, 31. Kallman, M. Raymond. XVoodmere, N. Y. Mechanical Engineer- ing. Football Cl13 Track Cl, 2, 313 lntramural Athletics Cl, 213 C. A. C313 Outing Club Cl, 2, 413 Kake VValk C41. Karren, Victor Yonkers, N. Y. Pre-Medical. Boxing3 Rugbyg John Dewey Club3 Cheerleaderg Pre-Medical Society. Katzew, Charles TEA. Brockton, lVlass. Social Science. Tennis C313 lnterfraternity Athletics3 Cynir, Reporter C31, News Editor C31, Photography Editor C413 ARIEL, Organization Editor3 lnterfraternity Council C3, 413 R. O. T. C. Band Cl13 Men's De- bating Team C313 C. A. A. C413 l. R. C. C31, Vice-President C413 Kake Walk, Program Committee. Kenyon, Joyce. Richmond. Home Economics. Omicron Nug Health Council C413 Home Economics Club Cl, 2, 3, 413 Dean's List Cl, 2, 3, 41. Kipp, Richard Foster. AI. Orleans. Secondary Education. Basketball C413 lnterfraternity Athletics C413 lntramural Athletics C31, Dean's List C3, 41. Klinger, Gail Ferguson. AAA. Cornwallville, N. Y. Home Economics. HOCRCYQ B3.dH1l11tOI1, Bowling3 Modern Danceg Cjynic3 ARIELQ Winnowingr from the Mill, Business Manager3 French Play and Cl1OI'USQ VVomen's Glee Club3 Y. XV. C. A.3 Home Economics Club3 Le Cercle Frangaisg Outing Club3 Deanis List Cl, 2, 313 Co-ed Major Candidateg Operas. Kyle, Katharine Terese. Brandon. Home Economies. Campus Managerg Badminton C313 Badminton Club C2, 313 House Com- mittee C313 Y. XV. C, A. Cl, 2, 3, 413 Home Economics Club Cl, 21, Secretary C313 Newman Club Cl, 21, Executive Board C313 Outing Club Cl, 21. Lambert, Mitchell Franz. Barre. Electrical Engineering. Track3 Rugby Club3 Cross-Country3 Tennis3 Photography Club3 lgflectrical Engineersg Dean's List Cl13 Sergeant Freshman Drill quad. Leamy, William Patrick. Fair Haven. Agriculture. Aggie Club C2, 313 Future Farmers of America C21. Lionti, Joseph Nicholas. Proctor. Pre-Medical. Rifle Team Cl13 l. R. C. C313 Newman Club C2, 313 Pre-lX4edical Society C21. Lippe, Harvey Turner. EA. Burlington. General Science. Rugby Cl, 213 Track C2, 313 lnterfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 313 lntramural Athletics Cl, 2, 313 l. R. C.3 Pre-Medical Society3 Outing Club. Livingston, Erva Ruth. Burlington. Home Economics. Bas- ketball Cl, 2, 313 Home Economics Club Cl, 2, 313 l. R. C. C413 Press Club C213 Y. XV. C. A. Cl, 2, 313 Outing Club Cl, 21' XVomen's Glee Club C21. Logan, Frederick Pomeroy. 'PAQ Springfield, Mass. General Science. Key and Serpent3 Gold Key3 Baseball Manager C413 Track Cl13 lnterfraternity Athletics C1, 2, 3, 413 lntramural Ath- letics Cl, 213 Athletic Council C413 ARIEL, Managing Editor C313 Outing Club C413 C. A. A. C313 Kake Walk. Co-Director C413 junior XVeek, Assistant Finance Committee C313 Deanis List C1. 313 Chairman lnterfraternity Sing C313 House President Cdl-13 lnter- fraternity Council C3, 41. Secretary-Treasurer3 Who's Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities C41. Long, Herbert John. EN. Holley, N. Y. Agriculture. Gold KCYQ Footballg Track3 lnterfraternity Athletics3 lntramural Ath- letics3 Future Farmers of America3 Dean's List. Lovell, Anne Stockwell. Bellows Falls. Home Economics. Home Economics Club Cl, 313 Press Club C213 Y. W. C. A. Cl, 213 Lilac Day, Costume Committee C31. .Ly0n, Katherine Weinmann. Morrisville. Elementary Educa- tion. Magee, Fern A. H1541 Providence, R. l. General Science. Transfer from R. l. State College3 Badminton Club C3, 413 Outing Club C3, 41. Magnant, Robert Arthur. Franklin. Electrical Engineering. Cross-Country C113 Electrical Engineers3 Deanls List C113 Corporal C213 Advanced Military C31, Malonson, Janet Taylor. Burlington. Home Economics. Golf C213 Basketball Cl, 2, 313 Riding Club Cl, 213 Home Economics Club Cl, 213 Y. W. C. A. Cl, 2, 31. Mann, Jean Storer. AAA. Hempstead, N. Y. Home Eco- nomics. Y. XV. C. A. Cl, 2, 3, 413 Home Economics Club Cl, 2, 31, Vice-President C413 House Committee Cl, 21. Marks, Copeland Harris. Burlington. Agriculture. University Players Cl, 2, 3, 413 Cross-Country, Frosh Manager C413 Cynir Cl, 2, 3, 41, News Editor C413 Aggie Club3 Future Farmers of America3 Fall Play Cl, 413 Junior Week Play C213 Group Plays, Director C213 Dramatic Club. Marshia, Gwendolyn Esther. Cambridge. Home Economics. XV. A. A. C2, 313 Bowling C313 Rifle Team C413 Cynic, Scrub C2, 313 Y. W. C. A. C213 Press Club C2, 313 Home Economics Club Cl, 2, 3, 413 Independents C3, 413 Dean's List Cl1. Y Martin, Christine Shirley. Bakersfield. Social Science. Press Club C21. Marvin, Pearl Towne. EF. Fairfax. Home Economics. Omi- cron Nu. Rifle Team C413 Archery Cl, 213 Home Economics Club Cl, 2, 3, 413 House President3 Pan-Hellenic Council3 Dean's List Cl, 2. 31- McCormick, Dorothy Frances. AEA. Burlington. Elementary Education. Y. XV. C. A. C3, 413 lnternational Relations C3, 413 .lohn Dewey Club C213 Deanis List C313 Y. W. C. A. Council C413 Sorority President C41. McMahon, Jean Louise. Barre. Elementary Education. McNamara, Harry Cyril. AT. Valatie, N. Y. General Science. Hamilton College C213 Men's Debating Team C413 l. R. C. C413 lndependents C213 Newman Club Cl, 213 Pre-Medical Society C213 Scribes C3, 413 Freshman Drill Squad. McPherson, Frank Eugene. EN. Boston, Mass. Electrical En- gineering. Football C1, 213 Baseball C113 lnterfraternity Athletics3 lntramural Athletics3 Electrical Engineers. McRae, Mildred Arlene. St. johnsbury. Elementary Educa- tion. House President C313 Outing Club Cl1. Metcalf, Joanna Jeanne. lTBfIP. XVaterbury. General Science. Mortar Boardg Staff and Sandal3 Sophomore Aides3 W. A. A. Coun- cil C2, 313 Health Council C113 Hockey Cl, 213 Baseball Cl, 213 Kake XValk Committee C413 junior Week Comrnittee3 Secretary Class C2, 313 Deanis List C213 Lilac Day C2, 31. Miller, Clark Gillette. fIfA9. West Springfield, Mass. General Science. University Playersg ARIEL, Business lVl2lHElgCI'Q Corporal C213 Fraternity Drill Squad3 Advanced Military3 Champlain Sabres3 Kake Walk, Masquerade3 Junior Week, Prom Committee. Miller, Ruth Arms. AAA. Dummerston. Secretarial. Bad- minton C213 ,lohn Dewey Club C213 Press Club C213 Y. XV. C. A. Cl, 213 Dean's List C21. Mongeon, Ruth Madeline. XVinooski. Elementary Education. Bowling C3, 413 Volleyball C313 Le Cercle Francais C313 john Dewey Club C2, 313 Newman Club C3, 413 Dean List Cl, 31. Moody, George Wilmot. Burlington. Social Science. Vermont Junior College Cl9391, l. R. C.3 Outing Club Cl, 2, 3, 41. -4g- Moore, Allen Chandler. Eff. Burlington. Mechanical Engi- neering. Champlain Sabres: Gold Key, Football CI5, Tennis CI5, Ski Team CI, 25, Interfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 35, Intramural Athletics Cl, 2, 35, Cyizir, Columnist Cl, 2, 35, ARIEL, Assistant Business Manager, Mechanical Engineers C2, 35, Dean's List CI5, Corporal CI5, Sergeant C25, Fraternity Drill Squad Cl, 25, Advanced Military C3, 45. Moran, Donald Lincoln. EN. Jericho. Electrical Engineering. Assistant Manager Basketball C35, Track Cl, 25, Cross-Country Cl, 25, Interfraternity Athletics CI5, Intramural Athletics CI5, C. A. A. C25, Electrical Engineers CI, 2, 35, Newman Club Cl, 2, 35, Dean's List CI5, Sergeant C25, Fraternity Drill Squad C25, Advanced Military, Freshman Drill Squad. Moseley, Dorothy. Northfield. Music Education. XV. A. A., Golf, Women's Glee Club, Chapel Orchestra, University Orchestra, Outing Club. Murphy, Dorothy Hannah. EF. Burlington. Elementary Edu- cation. VV. A. A. Cl, 2, 3, 45, Bowling Cl, 2, 3, 45, Rifle Team C35, Archery Cl, 35, XVomen's Glee Club C45, Y. W. C. A. CI, 2, 35, Newman Club Cl. 2, 3, 45. Musicant, William Wolfe. 'P-EA. Burlington. Pre-Medical. Interfraternity Athletics CI, 2, 35, R. O. T. C. Band Cl, 25, Men's Debating Team CI, 2, 35, Pre-Medical Society C25, Dean's List Cl, 25. Neill, James David. EN. Randolph. Elementary Education. Baseball Cl, 25, Interfraternity Athletics C2, 35, Intramural Ath- letics Cl, 25, Corporal CI5, Sergeant C25, Advanced Military C35, Freshman Drill Squad. Orr, Ruth Evelyn. Vershire. Home Economics. IV. A. A. Health Council, Y. W. C. A., Home Economics Club, Lilac Day CI5. Otis, Richard Taber. AXP. Burlington. Electrical Engineering. Track Cl, 25, Cross-Country C25, Interfraternity Athletics, Men's Glee Club Cl. 2. 35, University Choir CI, 2, 35, R. O. T. C. Band CI5, Electrical Engineers, Outing Club, Dean's List CI5. Paquette, Hilda Leona. Craftsbury. Home Economics. Omi- cron Nu C3, 45, Secretary, Health Council C45, Bowling Club C2, 35, Home Economics Club Cl, 2, 35, President C45, Independents C35, Social Chairman, Newman Club Cl, 2, 3, 45, Y. XV. C. A. Cl, 2, 35, Dean's List Cl, 2, 35. Parker, Harriet Ann. AAA. Springfield. Social Science. Y. Wi. C. A., John Dewey Club, Outing Club, Deanis List Cl, 25, Lilac Day CI5, Scholarship Committee. Parker, Rollin James. Essex Junction. Electrical Engineering. Partridge, Chester William Hutchinson. KE. Burlington. Chemistry. Phi Beta Kappa, Rilie Team Cl, 35, Frzzvlzman Hana'- boole, Business Manager C25, Editor C35, Men's Glee Club C451 V. C. A. C2, 3, 45, I. R. C. C35, Outing Club Council C2, 3, 45, Chemistry Club Cl, 2. 35, Outing Club CI, 2, 3, 45, Deanis List Cl, 2, 35, Howard Freshman Scholarship Prize, Military Honors, Color Guard CI5. Partridge, Lawrence John. Barre. Agriculture. Intramural Athletics C25, Men's Glee Club CI5, Aggie Club CI, 2, 3, 45, F F A C3 45 Paterson, Robert Douglas. AXP. Barre. Civil Engineering. Champlain Sabres, Football Cl, 2, 3, 45, Track C25, Interfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 3, 45, Intramural Athletics Cl, 2, 3, 45, Faculty- Student Council C3, 45, Civil Engineers C2, 3, 45, Outing Club C25, Military Honors. Corporal CI5, Sergeant C25, Fraternity Drill Squad C25, Advanced Military C3, 45, Dean's List CI5, Freshman Drill Squad: Engineers, Banquet, Committee, President A. S. C. E. C45, First Lieutenant, Champlain Sabres C45, Expert Rifle- man C35, War Relief Committee C3, 45, Manager Freshman Base- ball C45: Assistant Manager Baseball C35, Hockey C45, Rugby C45, Chairman Fa-So-Mo-Da Banquet, Military Ball, Chairman Dance Committee. Pearl, Gratia Houghton. KA9. Burlington. Home Economics Staff and Sandal, Sophomore Aides, IV. A. A. Council C25, Modern Dance C25, Student Union, Faculty-Student Council, Dramatic Club C155 Y. XV. C. A. CI. 2. 35, Home Economics Club Cl. 2, 35, Outing Club Council C35, Outing Club Cl. 2, 35, Ira's Folly C25, Class Plays CI5, Kake Walk Usher C25, Mortar Board. Pekala, Stanley John. ATQ. Amherst. Mass. Pre-Medical. lnterfraternity Athletics, Pre-Medical Society, Sergeant, Freshman Drill Squad. Perry, John Madison. Plainheld. Pre-Medical. Intramural Athletics: Boxing, John Dewey Club, Cheerleader, Pre-Medical Society, Dean's List Cl, 2, 35, Honorary Member S. S. V. Perry, Judith. AXQ. Barre. Literary Scientilic. Staff and Sandal, Sophomore Aides, Goodrich Classical Club, Council-at- Large C25, Iyinnowings from ffm lllill C25, Bluestockings Club C2, 3, 45, Dramatic Club, Y. 'W. C. A. Cl, 25, John Dewey Club, Dean's List CI, 2, 35, Lilac Day C25, Kirby Smith Latin Prize. Peterson, Catherine Marie. AAA. Amherst, Mass. Literary Scientihc. XV. A. A. Council C2, 3, 45, Council-at-Large CI5, W. A. A., President C45, Campus Manager Basketball C35, Basket- ball Cl, 2, 3, 45, Baseball Cl, 25, Dramatic Club C35, Y. W. C. A. Cl, 25, Group Plays Cl, 25, All Sports Club, Assistant Chairman of Junior Prom. Pike, Merton Sabin. KZ. Stowe. Agriculture. Aggie Club Cl, 2, 3, 45, Future Farmers of America CI, 2, 35, Honor Scholar- ship CI5. ' Pike, Stanley Raymond, Jr. AXP. Burlington. Literary Scien- tiiic. Baseball, Scrub Manager, ARIEL, Co-Photographic Editor, Men's Glee Club CI, 2, 35, Le Cercle Francais Cl, 2, 35, John Dewey Club C25, Kake Walk, Dean's List Cl, 25, Opera CI5, Requiem C25, Judas IVIaccabaeus C35. Powers, Marilyn Elizabeth. Vergennes. Literary Scientific. Green Mt. Junior College CI5, Wimzofzvivigs from th: Mill C25, Womenis Glee Club C2, 3, 45, Scribes C2, 35, Bluestockings Club C3, 45, Vice-President. Pratt, John Holden, Jr. North Clarendon. Agriculture. Cham- plain Sabres, Alpha Zeta, Tennis CI5, Rifle Team Cl, 2, 3, 45, Captain, Aggie Club CI, 2, 3, 45, Military Ball C45, Decoration Committee, Deanis List CI, 25, Corporal C25, Advanced Military, Freshman Drill Squad. Preston, Norma Marjorie. Burlington. Secretarial. Cyvzif CI5, Chapel Orchestra CI5, University Orchestra CI5, C. A. A. C35, I. R. C. CI, 25, Newman Club CI, 2, 35. Prior, Donald Homer. Burlington. Electrical Engineering. Intramural Athletics, Electrical Engineers, Corporal C25, Advanced IVIilitary Prybylo, John Anthony. North Vifalpole, N. H. Pre-Medical. Newman Club, Pre-Medical Society, Deanls List C15, Corporal. Pullinen, Paul Peter. EAE, Ludlow. Secondary Education. Football C2, 35, Basketball C2, 35, Interfraternity Athletics C2, 35, Intramural Athletics C2, 35. Ransom, Olive Ella. Jericho. Elementary Education. Inde- pendents C3, 45, Dean's List CI, 2, 35. Raymond, Myrtle Edith AAA. Bridgewater. Elementary Edu- cation. W. A. A. Council-at-Large Cl, 3, 45, Y. W. C. A. CI, 45, Outing Club Cl, 2, 35. Reichman, Alice Beatrice. A'I'E. New York, N. Y. Home Economics. Cynir, Reporter C2, 35, House Committee C2, 35, Home Economics Club Cl, 35, I. R. C. C35, Outing Club C35, Reiser, Milton Paul. LPEA. Roxbury, Mass. General Science. Football CI5, Interfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 35, I. R. C. C45, John Dewey Club C25, Pre-Medical Society, Dean's List CI, 2, 35, Fraternity Drill Squad CI5, Freshman Drill Squad CI5, Military Honors, Sergeant C25. Reynolds, Merle Congdon. KE. West Dennis, Mass. Mc- chanical Engineering. Football CI5, Varsity Ri'de Team C25, Intra- mural Athletics CI5, lVlechanical Engineers C35, Newman Club Cl, 25, Treasurer C3, 45, Corporal C25. Reynolds, Myers Jay, III. 242 Malone, N. Y. Social Science. Interfraternity Athletics, Cynir, Columnist C35, Interfraternity Council, R. O. T. C. Band CI5, C. A. A. C25, I. R. C. C25, John Dewey Club C35, Irais Folly Cl, 25, Kake Walk, Assistant Director C35, Director C45, Deanls List C35, Fraternity Drill Squad, Advanced Military. Rice, Harold Edward. KE. North Haven, Conn. Business. Football Cl, 2, 35, Captain-elect C45, Class President C25, Inter- fraternity Athletics Cl. 35. Rice, Hester Doris. Derby Line. Home Economics. Omicron Nu, Cyizir, Reporter C25, News Editor C35, Recording Editor C45-, House President C45, Press Club C25. Secretary-Treasurer C35, Y. W. C. A. C2, 3. 45, Home Economics Club Cl. 2, 35, Publicity Chairman C-l-5, I. R. C. C45, Winner Omicron Nu Freshman llonor Cup, Dean's List Cl. 2, 3, 45. Riddell, June E. AAA. Granitcyille. Elementary Education. Y. W. C. A. C35, Photography Club C35, I. R. C. C35, Secretary C45, Dean's List C2, 35. Roche, Elisabeth Helyna. New Britain, Conn. Social Science. Cyllll' CI5, Newman Club -49... Rockwell, Dorothy Norma. Alburg. hdusic Education. House President C415 VVomen's Glee Club CZ, 3, 415 University Choir CZ, 415 Outing Club CZ15 1Vomen's Double Quartet C41. Rome, Sally Elizabeth. AAA. Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. Social Science. Staff and Sandal5 Sophomore Aidesg NV. A. A. C3, 415 Campus Manager Tennis C215 House President C415 Y. XV. C. A. Cl, Z, 315 John Dewey Club C215 Newman Club C1, Z, 3, 415 Kake Walk C41, King and Queen Committee5 Vice-President C315 Dean's List C315 Lilac Day C315 Beauty Contest Cl, 315 Co-ed Major Candidate CZ, 31. Rousseau, David George. AT9. Grand Isle. Pre-hiedical. Interfraternity Athletics5 R. O. T. C. Band5 Pre-Medical Societyg Sergeant5 Expert Riflemang Fraternity Drill Squad5 Freshman Drill Squad. Roy, Marion E. Malden, Mass. Secretarial. Badminton C315 Cynic, Reporter CZ, 31, News Editor C415 ARIEL C315 Y. XV. C. A. Cl, Z, 3, 415 Independents C3, 41. Rozek, Louis Michael. ATU. Berlin, N. H. Pre-Medical. Cross-Country C115 Pre-lVIedical Society5 Sergeant5 Freshman Drill Squad. Rugg, Louise Mary. HBCP. Essex Junction. Elementary Edu- cation. W. A. A. CZ, 315 Riding Team CZ15 Y. XV. C. A. C1, 3, 415 Home Economics Club C1, 215 Outing Club C3, 415 Lilac Day C11. Rust, Janet Elizabeth. KA9. Burlington. Home Economics. University Players C315 VV. A. A. Council C115 Modern Dance CZ15 Faculty-Student Council5 Dramatics Club C1, Z, 3, 415 Home Eco- nomics Club5 Kake 1Valk Usher CZ, 315 Fall Play Cl, 31, Junior Week Play C215 Group Plays C11. Rynowecer, Bernard. 41525. New York, N. Y. Social Science. Cross-Country C115 Tennis, Assistant Manager5 Interfraternity Athleticsg I. R. C.5 John Dewey Club5 Outing Club. Salvator, Antoinette Josephine. AXQ. Barton. Pre-Medical. I. R. C. C315 John Dewey Club CZ, 315 Newman Club C315 Pre- Medical Society CZ1. Sandall, Margaret Joy. Burlington. Elementary Education. WV. A. A. CZ, 315 Bowling C315 Rifle Team C315 Y. VV. C. A. CZ, 315 Photography Club C315 Scribes C31. Sargent, Virginia. Montpelier. Elementary Education. Savin, Sanford. TE? Bridgeport, Conn. Pre-Medical. Gold Keyg Football C115 Track C115 Interfraternity Athletics C1, Z, 315 Cynic, Reporter CZ1, News Edlitor C315 I. R. C. C315 John Dewey Club CZ, 315 Pre-1VIedical Society C215 Deanis List Cl, Z, 315 Corporal C315 Fraternity Drill Squad C215 Assistant Manager of Tennis C315 Intramural Council CZ1. Sayre, Robert Clayton. AT9. Wadhams, N. Y. Commerce and Economics. Interfraternity Athleticsg I. R. C. Cl, Z, 3, 415 Outing Club C115 Economics Club C415 Fraternity Drill Squad C1, 21- Scott, Charlotte Louise. Burlington. Elementary Education. W. A. A. C1, Z, 3, 415 Rifle Team C315 Women's Glee Club C415 Y. W. C. A. C1, Z, 3, 415 Dean's List C31. Searl, S. Clyde. EAE. Ludlow. Business. Champlain Sabresg Military Ball C415 Economics Club5 Advanced Military. Shaw, Albert L. EAE. Arlington, N. J. Business. Football C1, Z, 3, 415 Baseball C1, 3, 415 Basketball C115 Interfraternity Athletics C1, Z, 3, 415 Intramural Athletics C1, Z, 3, 415 Economics Club, President C415 Nlilitary Honors, Corporalg Freshman Drill Squad. Sheldon, Donald Milburn. ZAE. 1Vest Springfield, hdass. Mechanical Engineering. Tennis C115 Rifle Team C115 Interfrater- nity Athletics CZ15 Intramural Athletics C115 lVlen's Glee Club CZ, 315 R. O. T. C. Band C115 Mechanical Engineersg Independents C115 Advanced Military, Sergeant5 Freshman Drill Squad. Shippee, Ethel Bartlett. AX9. 1Vest Dover. Elementary Education. XV. A. A. C1, Z, 315 Council-at-Large CZ15 House President CZ15 Press Club C315 Y. NV. C. A. CZ, 315 Junior 1Veek, Refreshments. Shores, Lorin Wendell. Barre. Classical. Goodrich Classical Club5 Photography Club5 John Dewey Club5 Deanas List5 Corporal, Classical Scholarship. Shuman, Max Michael. TECP. Fitchburg, lVlass. General Science. Tennis, Scrubg Interfraternity Athletics C1, Z, 3, 415 Intra- mural Athletics C1, 215 R. O. T. C. Band C1, Z, 3, 415 lVlilitary Ball C215 Military Honors, Corporal. Sirkin, Stanton. TEA. New Britain, Conn. General Science. Intramural Athletics5 University Players5 I. R. C.5 John Dewey Club5 Pre-lVIedical Societyg Outing Club5 Dean's List C1, Z, 315 Fall Play C415 Junior VVeek Play C315 Group Play C11. Sisselman, Sidney Herbert. TEA. Pittsfield, hflass. Business. Baseball C115 Track C1, Z15 Cross-Country C1, Z15 Tennis C115 Interfraternity Athletics5 Intramural Athleticsg Cyrnic, Reporterg Faculty-Student Council5 Nlenls Debating Tea1n5 I. R. C.5 Outing Club5 Ira's Folly5 Corporalg Fraternity Drill Squad. Small, Melvin Herbert. AXP. Burlington. General Science. Interfraternity Athletics Cl, Z, 3, 415 Intramural Athletics C1, Z. 3, 415 I. R. C. CZ15 Pre-Medical Society C315 Intramural Council C3, 415 Corporal C215 Fraternity Drill Squad C215 Track C41. Smith, Arnold Chauncey. Barton. Agriculture. Alpha Zeta, Censor C415 Track C115 Cross-Country C115 Interfraternity Ath- letics C115 Aggie Club C1, Z, 3, 41, Vice-President C31, President C415 Independents C115 F. F. A. C1, Z, 3, 415 Dean's List C1, Z, 3, 415 Alpha Zeta Proficiency Award CZ15 Hood Scholarship CZ, 3,1-,415 Cattle Judging Team C415 Dairy Products Judging Team Smith, Charles Bingham, Jr. Independents. Craftsbury Com- mon. Secondary Education. Transfer from Vermont Junior College5 Ski Tea1n5 Intramural Athletics. Smith, Roderick Lee. ZN. Richford. Electrical Engineering. Interfraternity Athletics C1, Z1. Smith, Roger Frederick. 1Vaitsfield. General Science. Snow, Werner Neumann. Burlington. Business. Spasyk, John J. 1149. Pittsfield, Mass. Secondary Education. Key and Serpentg Gold Keyg Boulder Societyg Champlain Sabres5 Football C1, Z, 3, 415 Baseball C1, Z, 3, 415 Basketball C115 Inter- fraternity Athletics C1, Z, 315 Intramural Athletics C1, Z15 Faculty- Student Council CZ15 Newman Club C1, Z, 315 Outing Club C1, Z, 315 Sophomore Hop5 Military Ball5 Corporal5 Sergeant5 Advanced Military. Spiwak, Ruth Sidney. AWE. Forest Hills, N. Y. Secretarial. VV. A. A. Council-at-Large5 Basketball C215 Bowling CZ15 House Committee C315 Y. VV. C. A.5 I. R. C. C31. Steinman, Robert Charles. 'PEA Brooklyn, N. Y. General Science. Cross-Country C3, 415 Rifle Team CZ15 Interfraternity Athletics CZ, 3, 415 House President C315 Men's Glee Club C3, 415 University Choir C415 Outing Club CZ, 315 Kake Walk C415 Dean's List CZ, 3, 415 Group Plays CZ, 41. Stephen, James Humphrey. 259. Copper Cliff, Ontario. Civil Engineering. Track C115 Cross-Country C11, Varsity Manager5 Cynic C115 C. A. A. CZ15 Civil Engineers CZ, 315 Outing Club Council C315 Outing Club C1, 315 Ira's Folly C1, 215 Corporal CZ15 Advanced Military C315 Fraternity Drill Squad C1, 21. Stickney, George Hazen. East Thetford. Electrical Engineering. Rifle Team5 Electrical Engineers5 Independentsg Engineers VVeek Committee C315 Sergeantg Fraternity Drill Squad, Advanced Military5 Freshman Drill Squad. Stoddard, Norman Renwick. Peacham. Agriculture. Baseball C115 Track CZ15 Cross-Country C315 Aggie Club, Independents5 Future Farmers of Arnerica5 Dean's List C31. Streeter, Glenn Clayton. Independents. Concord. Agriculture. Alpha Zeta5 Aggie Club C1, Z, 315 Future Farmers of America CZ, 315 Dean's List C1, 215 Advanced lVlilitary. Sudbay, James Albert, Jr. 'PAQ Gloucester, Mass. Pre- Medical. Interfraternity Athletics CZ, 315 Newman Club C1, Z, 315 Pre-Medical Society C215 Sergeant C115 Advanced Military CZ, 31. Suojanen, Waino Miljo. EAE. Ludlow. Business. Baseball Scrub CZ15 Interfraternity Athletics C1, Z15 Intramural Athletics C1, Z15 Cynir, News Editor5 I. R. C. CZ, 315 Deanis List C1, Z15 Honor Scholarship. Swanson, June Nathalie. KA9. Schenectady, N. Y. Secre- tarial. YV. A. A. CZ, 315 Health Council C115 ARIEL, Organization Editor5 Y. W. C. A. C1, Z, 315 Lilac Day5 Class Plays. Swartz, Abraham. Independents. Boston, Mass. Pre-Medical. Intramural Athletics C1, 215 Men's Debating Team C1, Z, 315 Dean's List C315 Kingsley Prize Winner C1, Z15 VVrestling Champion CZ1. Sysko, Sigmunt Joseph. Independents. Bellows Falls. Elec- trical Engineering. Baseball C1, Z, 3, 415 Interfraternity Athletics C1, Z, 315 Electrical Engineers. Talbert, William Winston. Waterbury. General Science. Track CZ15 Intramural Athletics C1, Z15 Dean's List C115 Corporal CZ15 Advanced Military C315 Freshman Drill Squad. Thayer, Robert Dwight. ATU. Burlington. Commercial Teach- ing. Gold Key5 Kappa Phi Kappa C315 Rifle Team C1, Z15 Inter- fraternity Council C315 Men's Glee Club CZ15 Chapel Orchestra -50- C25, Newman Club, Fraternity Drill Squad Cl, 25, Opera C15, Winner Sophomore Drill Down. Trefren, Elmer Leonard. ATU. Lyndonville. General Science. Dean's List Cl, 2, 35, Military Honors, Sergeant C25, Advanced Military C3, 45, Freshman Drill Squad Cl5. Tucker, Norman Douglas. EQIP. Fitchburg, Mass. Social Science. Interfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 35, I. R. C. C2, 35, Iizterfmteraity Hcmdboole C25, Outing Club, Interfraternity Council C35, Ira's Folly C25, Fraternity Drill Squad C25, Group Plays Cl5. Tuckerman, Mary Elizabeth. KA9. New Haven, Conn. Home Economics. Mortar Board, Sophomore Aides, XV. A. A. Cl, 35, Cynif, Y. VV. C. A. Cl, 35, Home Economics Club Cl, 35, Outing Club C35, Deanls List C15, Lilac Day Cl5. Villemaire, Cecile Rita. lVinooski. Elementary Education. Bowling, Y. VV. C. A., Newman Club. Wakefield, Robert Donald. EN. Burlington. Pre-lVIedical. Football, Assistant Manager C35, Interfraternity Athletics Cl, 25, Newman Club Cl, 35, Pre-Medical Society, Fraternity Drill Squad C15- Walker, William Chester, II. Cabot. Agriculture. Intramural Athletics C2, 35, V. C. A. C35, Aggie Club Cl, 2, 35, Independents C15, Future Farmers of America C2, 35. Ward, Margaret. North Danville. Commercial Teaching. Deanls List Cl, 25, Lilac Day Cl5. Way, Harry Abel, II. Burlington. Nlechanical Engineering. Webster, Charles Alymer. Orleans. Agriculture. Gold Key, Track Cl, 25, Cross-Country Cl, 2, 35, Aggie Club Cl, 2, 35, In- dependents Cl, 2, 35, Secretary C35, Future Farmers of America Cl, 2, 35, Corporal, Honorary Captain Freshman Cross-Country, Co-Captain Cross-Country C45. Webster, Frederick Henry. Orleans. Agriculture. Alpha Zeta, Track Cl, 2, 35, Cross-Country Cl, 2, 35, Interfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 35, Intramural Athletics Cl, 2, 35, Aggie Club Cl, 2, 35, Independents Cl, 2, 35, Future Farmers of America, Vice-President, Treasurer, Co-Captain Cross-Country C45. Wheeler, Dean Herbert. Marshfield. Pre-Medical. White, John Joseph. KE. Needham, Mass. Business. Key and Serpent, President C35, Football Cl, 2, 3, 45, Baseball C1, 2, 35, Interfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 3, 45, Intramural Athletics Cl, 2, 35, Hockey C3, 45, Economics Club Cl, 2, 3, 45, Newman Club Cl, 2, 3, 45, Dean's List C35, Kake 'Walk, Programs C35, Assistant Finan- cial Committee C45, -lunior Week, Financial Chairman, Chairman Football Hop C35, Sophomore Hop Committee, Fraternity Drill Squad Cl, 25, Military Honors, Corporal C25. White, Joseph Allen, Jr. AI. Essex Fells, N. Social Science. Gold Key, Secretary C25, Football Cl, 25, Baseball Cl5, Track C15, Basketball C1, 2, 35, Captain-elect C35, Interfraternity Athletics, Intramural Athletics, lnterfrazfernity Handbook, Editor-in-Chief C35, Interfraternity Council, President C35, Sophomore Hop, Floor Chairman, Corporal, Fraternity Drill Squad, Freshman Drill Squad. Wilbur, Norma Elizabeth. Glover. Commercial Teaching. House President, Y. W. C. A., Outing Club Cl, 25. Wilmuth, Roxana D. Ludlow. General Science. Wilson, Sarah Adelaide. AAA. Gray, Me. Social Science. W. A. A. Council-at-Large C35, Health Council C35, Y. W. C. A. Cl, 2, 35, Le Cercle Francais Cl, 25, John Dewey Club C2, 35, Outing Club, Deanls List Cl, 2, 35. .Wilson, William Edward. Lyndonville. Elementary Educa- tion. University Choir. Wlitham, Helen Marie. Burlington. Commercial Teaching. Mortar Board, President, Staff and Sandal, Secretary, Bowling C25, Archery C25, Faculty-Student Council, Newman Club Cl, 2, 3, 45' Junior Week, Dean's List Cl, 35, Lilac Day, Chairman C35. Wolfe, Robert. Burlington. Social Science. Track C15, Interfra- ternity Athletics C15, Cynir C3, 45, Men's Debating Team C15, Iaealogs List Cl, 2, 35, Corporal C25, Sergeant C35, Advanced Military Wood, Hazen Francis. AXP. Randolph. Elementary Education. Key and Serpent, Gold Key, Vice-President, Kappa Phi Kappa, President C45, Baseball Cl, 2, 3, 45, Captain C15, Interfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 3, 45, Basketball Cl, 2, 35, ARIEL, Circulation Man- ager, Interfraternity Council C3, 45, I. R. C. Cl, 2, 35, Outing Club C3, 45, Sophomore Hop, Football Hop C35, Corporal C15, Sergeant C25, Fraternity Drill Squad Cl, 25, Advanced Military C3, 45, Expert Rifleman, Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges C45, Boulder Society, Champlain Sabres, Lieutenant, Chairman Publicity Committee, Military Ball C45, Committee Fa- So-Nlo-Da Banquet C45, Junior Prom Decorations Committee, Student Representative on Committee for Adjustment of Physical Education and Extra Curricular Activities to the Accelerated Aca- demic Program, 1942. Woodruff, A. Joyce. Jericho. Commercial Teaching. Pi Gamma Mu, Bowling C25, VVomen's Glee Club C15, Y. W. C. A. Cl, 25, Le Cercle Francais Cl, 25, John Dewey Club C3, 45, Dean's List Cl, 2, 3, 45. Woods, Harriet. AX9. Waterbury. Home Economics. IV.A.A., Archery, Home Economics Club, Y. NV. C. A., Class Secretary, Lilac Day. 1 Woolley, Mary Jeanne. HB'I'. Glen Cove, N. Y. Social Science. Sophomore Aides, University Players Cl, 2, 3, 45, President C45, W. A. A. Council C25, Council-at-Large C35, Campus Sport Man- ager C25, Hockey C1, 25, ARIEL, Biography Editor, House President C45, Y. VV. C. A. C3, 45, Class Otlicer, Vice-President C45, Lilac Day C15, Beauty Contest Cl, 35, Co-ed Major Candidate, Fall Play Cl, 45, Junior XVeek Play, Group Plays C15, Kake Vllalk Queen C35, Co-Chairman Masquerade Junior Prom Committee. Wright, Beatrice Cecelia. XVindsor. Home Economics. Omi- cron Nu, Bowling Team C3, 45, Cynir, Reporter C2, 35, News Editor C45, House President C15, Press Club C2, 3, 45, Y. VV. C. A. Cl, 2, 3, 45, Home Economics Cl, 2, 3, 45, Dean's List Cl, 2. 3, 45- Young, Jean Gertrude. AAA. Elmhurst, L. I., N. Y. Social Science. Sophomore Aides, Cynic, Winnowingr from the Mill, Women's Glee Club, Bluestockings Club, Y. W. C. A., I. R. C., Outing Club, Operas. Academic Seniors ---Freshman Medios Lawrence Martin Agan. Bennington. Medicine. Intramural Athletics Cl, 25, Independents, Deanls List Cl, 25, Intramural Man- ager C25. Robert William Agan. Bennington. Medicine. Gold Key, In- tramural Athletics Cl, 25, Manager C25, Independents. John Loring Costello. KE. Rutland. Nledicine. Interfrater- nity Athletics Cl. 2, 35, Intramural Athletics Cl, 2, 35, Newman Club Cl, 2. 35, Fraternity Drill Squad C25, Basketball C15, Co- Director of Kake Walk C-l-5. Joseph Charles Creed. Rutland. Medicine. R. O. T. C. Band, Newman Club, Outing Club. Harriet Pearson Dustan. UBT. Craltsbury Common. Nledi- cine. XV. A. A. Council, Health Council: House President, Univer- sity Choir, Dean's List Cl, 25, 'Women's Glee Club. Mary Lorraine Gannon. Fairfield. Medicine. Dean's List Cl, 25. Robert Seamon Goldberg. TEA. Burlington. hledicine. Bas- ketball Cl5, Interfraternity Athletics, Intramural Athletics, Bas- ketball Champion CI5, Corporal. Gerald Leon Haines. Barre. Nledicine. Independents, Glee Club C25, Orchestra Cl, 2, 35, R. O. T. C. Band Cl, 25, I. R. C. C35, Dean's List Cl, 25, Corporal C25, Expert Rifleman C25. Donald Holden Harwood. Dorset. Nledicine. Dean's List C25, Expert Rifleman. Edward Allen Keenan, Jr. Burlington. Medicine. Independ- ents, Intramural Athletics Cl, 2, 35, Dean's List C15, Corporal C25. John Madison Perry. Plainfield. Medicine. Intramural Ath- letics, john Dewey Club, Cheerleader, Dean's List Cl, 2, 35. James David Sawyer. EN. St. Albans. Medicine. Key and Serpent, Boulder C45, Football C15, Basketball C15, lnterfraternity Athletics, ARIEL, Nlen's Editor: Faculty'-Student Council, Inter- fraternity Council, C. A. A., I. R. C., Newman Club, Class Presi- dent C35, Dean's List C15, Corporal. Roger Frederick Smith. Waitslield. General Science. Robert Donald Wakefield. EN. Burlington. Medicine. Fool- ball. Manager C45, Intcrfraternity Athletics, Newman Club, Frater- nity Drill Squad Cl5. John Joseph Zellinger. KE. St. Albans. Medicine. Baseball Cl. 25, Interfraternity Athletics Cl. 2, 35, Faculty-Student C35, Men's Glee Club Cl. 25, Newman Club: l. R. C., Deans List Cl, 2, 35, Corporal, Fraternity Drill Squad Cl. 25. -51- 1 4 Marjorie Abell President JUNIOR WEEK COMMITTEES C hairmaiz of Prodiictioiz ........... ............ H oward Vreelancl financial Cizairmcm ............ . ............. lVilfrecl Benoit Decoration Committee: Frances Lynch, Clzaimmzii Edwin Blakely Elizabeth Deming James Dykens ,loan Eldredge Helaine Goldberg Richard Grosvenor Patricia Page -52- Paul Sutton Harris Thurber Floor Committee: Edwin O'Connell, hlary Germain Janet Hackwell Oliver Swift Chairmcm OFFICERS Janet Hackwell Secretary Robert Henessey Treasurer IUNIOR WEEK COMMITTEES Publicity Committee: Donald Nutter, Chairman Janet Dike Patricia Pike VVilliam Roeder Prom Committee: George Little Corinne Hollowell Program Co m mittee : Joseph Corbett Nlarjorie Southworth Electrical Committee: Russell Nlarshall Ronald Bielli lVIurray Riggs Refreshments Committee: June Hoffman, Clzairnzan lXflarguerite Benoit Alice Needham Assistant Financial Committee E. Bert Nlott Russell Wlest Alpert, Joseph. Pre-Medical Newton, lVlass. TE? Football CZ, 315 Baseball Cl15 lndependents Cl, Z15 lnter- fraternity Athletics Cl, 215 Uni- versity Players CZ, 31, Business Mariager C315 Dean's List C1, Z1. Anderson, Helena Home Economics Vllest Glover Staff and Sandal, Secretaryffreas- urer C315 Y. VV. C. A. Cl, Z, 315 VV. A. A., Health Council CZ1, Bowling C315 House Fellow C315 Press Club Cl15 Home Econom- ics Club Cl, 2, 31, Program Chairman C31: Newman Club Cl, Z. 31, President C315 Student Union Convention Committee C315 House Committee Cl, Z, 315 Dean's List Cl1. Abbott, Emma M. Literary Scientihc Dorset EF. NV. A. A. Council-at-Large C315 Health Council C315 Ride Team C315 Le Cercle Francais CZ15 Y. W. C. A. CZ, 315 Dean's List Cl, 215 Goodrich Classical Club CZ1. Abell, Marjorie Esther Home Economics Burlington UB? Sophomore Aidesg Stafl and Sandal5 W. A. A. Council C31, Health Council C21, Hockey C1, Z1, Nlodern Dance Cl, 215 Cynir, Reporter CZ1, News Editor C315 ARIEL, Faculty Editorg Stu- dent Union C315 Y. W. C. A. Cl, Z, 315 Womenls Glee Club C115 Dramatic Club CZ15 Home Eco- nomics Club Cl, Z1, President C315 Lilac Day Cl, Z15 Who's Who in American Colleges C31. Amee, Alfred Franklin Elementary Education Randolph Kappa Phi Kappa CZ, 31, Secre- tary-Treasurer C315 University Players CZ, 315 Cynic, Staff Secre- tary CZ1, News Editor C315 Freshman Camp C315 V. C. A. CZ1, Historian C315 L R. C. CZ, 315 Outing Club C315 Junior lVeek Play CZ15 Kingsley Prize Speaking CZ15 Co-Sponsor of Campus Sing C315 Nlid-term Christian Conference, Director CZ1. Anderson, Mildred Charlotte Home Economics Wlest Rutland AEA. VV. A. A., Bowling C315 Home Economics Club Cl, 2, 315 Yi C. A. C315 Deanls List C , - -54- Abbott, Leigh Gates Pre-Medical VVeston, Mass. KZ. Baseball C115 lnterfrater- nity Athletics Cl, Z, 315 Dean's List Cl1. Alberghini, Roy Edward Secondary Education Orleans KE. Baseball Cl, 215 lnterfrater- nity Athletics CZ, 315 lntramural Athletics CZ15 R. O. T. C. Band Cl, Z, 315 lndependents C115 New- man Club Cl, Z15 Dean's List CZ15 Sergeant CZ1. -5 . an Beatty, Martha Lillian I Secretarial Burlington W. A. A., Bowling C21, Archery C21, Le Cercle Francais C2, 31, Home Economics John Dewey Club, Women's Glee I Essex Junction Bailey, Cynthia Glenna Club Cl, 21, Dean's List C21. AX9. VV. A. A., Modern Dance CZ, 31, Tennis Cl, 21, Home Eco- nomics Club C1, 2, 31, WVomen's Glee Club C31, Kake Walk Usher C21, Lilac Day C1, 21. Benoit, Wilfred Joseph Business New London, Conn. TAG. Football Cl, 2, 31, Co- Captain-elect C41, lnterfraternity Benoit, Marguerite Constance Athletics Cl, 2, 31, Kake Walk Social Science C31, Treasurer Cl1. Leominster, Mass. AEA. VV. A. A., Basketball C11, Badminton Cl1, Rifle C31, Mod- ern Dance Cl, 21, Pan-Hellenic Council C31, Le Cercle Francais Cl, 2, 31, Secretary C21, President C31, Housing Committee Student Union Convention C31, Kake Walk, Usher C21, Y. W. C. A. Cl, 2, 31, Lilac Day Cl, 21. Benson, Kathleen Elementary Education Springfield, lvlass. EF. VV. A. A., Rifle Team C2, 31, Y. XV. C. A. C21, Quting Club C21. Bevins, Florence Miriam Home Economics Burlington AXQ. XY. A. A., Bowling C31, Ride Team C31, Dramatic Club C113 Y. W. C. A. Cl. 2. 31, Home Economics Club Cl, 2, 31, Dean's List Cl, 21, Lilac Day C21. -55- Berig, Eleanor Ruth Social Science Brockton, Mass. ATE. W. A. A., Golf Cl, 21, Bowling C21, I. R. C., Y. VV. C. A. Cl, 31, House Committee C31- Bickford, Robert Lee, Jr. Agriculture Newport Gold Key, Alpha Zeta, lnterlra- ternity Athletics C2. 31, lntra- mural Athletics C2, 31, Aggie Club Cl, 2, 31, Independents Cl, 31, Future Farmers of America Cl, 2, 31. Treasurer C21, Hoodis Scholar- ship Cl. 2, 31, Senatorial Scholar- ship Cl1, Manager-elect Fresh- man Cross-Country, Dean's List Cl, 31- Blume, Jean Helen General Science Ansonia, Conn. ATE. Bowling 1213 House Presi- dent 1315 Pan-Hellenic Council 131, Y. W. C. A. 11, 31g 1. R. C. 131g John Dewey Clubg Dean's List 111g Committee for Student Union Convention 1313 House Committee 121g Co-Chairman ln- tersorority Dance 131. Briggs, Martha A. Literary Scientific Brattleboro Bottiglieri, Nick Pre-Medical Burlington KE. Green Mountain Jr. College 11, 21g Football 11, 215 Basket- ball 11, 213 Track 11, 215 House President 121g University Choir 11. 21g Chemistry Club 11, 213 President Varsity Club, President Student Council. Brooks, Ethel Lucille Elementary Education Nliddlebury YV. A. A.g Bowling: Rille Teamg Y. W. C. A.g 1. R. C. -55.. Bielli, Ronald R. Electrical Engineering Barre KE. lnterfraternity Athletics 131g Dean's List 111, Electrical Engineers 1313 Corporal 1215 Advanced Military 131. Blakely, Edwin Harmar Business Burlington 247. lnterfraternity Athletics 11, 2, 315 C. A. A., Key and Serpent 131, Cynic, Assistant Business Manager 121, Circulation Man- ager 131g ARIEL, Managing Editor Faculty-Student Council 1213 lnterfraternity Council 131, Kake Walk, Program Committee 121, Scrub 131g Corporal 121, Frater- nity Drill Squad 111. Black, Warner John Social Science Burlington KE. Tennis 11, 215 Interfrater- nity Athletics 11, 2, 313 Intra- mural Athletics 11, 2, 31, Cynir, News Editorg ARIEL, Scrubg R. O. T. C. Band 11, 2, 315 Men's Glce Club 1315 1. R. C. 131g John Dewey Club 1215 Newman Club 11, 2, 31g Corporal 121. Bloomer, Robert Asa Social Science VVest Rutland EN. Basketball 111. Brown, Alice E. Elementary Education ' Marshfield W. A. A., Bowling CZ, 31. Burnell, Ruth Sherwood Social Science St. Albans Cynir, Reporter Cl, 215 Y. W. C. A. Cl, 21, Cabinet C31g Press Club CZ, 31, Independents CZ1. Browne, H. Nelson h General Science Burlington AT. Tnterfraternity Athletics C315 Dean's List Cl, Z1. Burns, Barbara Elaine Secretarial Rutland HBfI'. Sophomore Aides, Staff and Sandal, W. A. A. Council CZ, 31, Campus Manager Skiing C31, Ski Team Cl, Z, 31, Captain C31g Joint Conference C215 President of Women's Intercollegiate Ski Union, Cynif, Business Stalfg ARIEL, Biography Editorg House President CZ1, Outing Club Coun- eil CZ, 31, Secretary C31g Outing Club Cl, Z, 31, Dean's List Cl, 21, Lilac Day CZ1. Burns, Barbara Merrill Home Economics Montpelier W. A. A., Basketball Cl, Z1, Bad- minton C31, Bowling CZ, 31, Riding CZ, 31, Cyvzir, Scrub C215 Home Economics Club CZ, 31g Le Cercle Francais C31g VVomen's Glee Club CZ, 315 Outing Club Cl, Z, 31, Newman Club Cl, Z, 31, Y. W. C. A. Cl, Z, 31. Butler, Mary Phyllis Classical Taunton, Mass. iii. Goodrich Classical Club: Newman Clubg Le Cerelc Fran- cais. -57- Butler, Charles Kimball Business Montpelier AI. Transfer Vermont junior Col- lege, Football Cl, 21, Basketball Cl, 21: Interfraternity Athletics C31g Intramural Athletics C315 Dean's List Cl, 21. Butterfield, Hazel Edna Home licononucs Middlebury ET. Home Economics Club CZ, 31: Y. W. C. A. Cl, Z1g llouse Committee, Dcan's List. Carbino, Marjorie Elaine Elementary Education West Bridgewater W. A. A., Health Council C31, Assistant Campus Manager Arch- ery C21, Archery Cl, 213 lnde- pencgents C1, 2, 31, Dean's List Cl, 1- Carr, Beverly May Home Economics Burlington ET. Home Economics Club Cl, 2, 315 Dean's List Cl1. Cargill, Dorothy Ethel Elementary Education Island Pond AEA. W. A. A., Bowling C21, Baseball C21g VVomen's Glee Club, Y. W. C. A. Carter, Suzanne .lane Elementary Education Barre XV. A. A., Bowling C2, 31g Y. VV. C. A. Cl1, Outing Club Cl1. Buttles, Beatrice Viola Social Science Brandon XV. A. A., Rilie Team C31, Swim- ming Club Cl, 21g Y. Wf C. A. Cl, 2, 313 Outing Club Cl1g l. R. C. Cl, 31, Lilac Day C21. Cain, Robert Nolan Pre-Medical Burlington KE. Football C113 Baseball C1, 21g Dean's List C215 lnterfrater- nity Athletics Cl, 2, 31, New- man Club Cl, 21, Fraternity Drill Squad Cl1. Byrnes, Marion M. Secretarial Bu rhngton Bowling C213 Archery C31g Y. XV. C. A. C31g l. R. C. C31g Newman Club Cl, 2, 315 Kal-ie VValk, Usher C21- Cannon, Martin John Pre-Medical Rutland KE. Le Cercle Francais C213 John Dewey Club C21g Newman Club C11g Pre-Medical Society Ci1Q JCorporal C215 Dean,s List C ,2 . -53- if li W. A. A.. Rifle Team C31, Le l Cassidy, Margaret Lorretta Elementary Education ' Burlington AX9. VV. A. A., Bowling, Press Club CZ, 315 Cynic CZ, 31, Busi- ness Stalfg Newman Club Cl, Z, 31, Executive Board C31. Chapin, William Tyler Electrical Engineering Essex ATU. Electrical Engineers Cl, 215 Deanis List Cl, Z1. Cerutti, Silvio Anthony Nlechanical Engineering Plainfield Baseball C11, Rifle Team CZ, 313 Meclianical Engineers CZ, 313 Corporal CZ1. Charles, Margaret Ann Social Science Locust Valley, N. Y. XV. A. A., Modern Dance Cl, Z1, Tennis C215 Le Cercle Francais CZ, 315 Canterbury Club C315 Ses- quicentennial Celebration, Danc- ing C313 Lilac Day C1, 21, Y. W. C. A. C315 L R. C. C31. Chesarone, Philip James Civil Engineering 1Vaban, Mass. ATU. Football Cl, Z, 31, Captain Cl1, Co-Captain-elect C313 Inter- fraternity Athletics CZ, 31g Intra- mural Athletics Cl, Z, 31, Basket- ball Cl1g Newman Club Cl, Z, 313 Civil Engineers Cl, Z, 31. Close, Virginia Lee Literary Scientific 1Vlrite River Junction ET. XV. A. A.. Hockey C115 House President C311 Press Club C31, Y. XV. C. A., Deanls List. -59- Cioiii, Celia Marion Elementary Education St. Albans Cerce Francais Cl1g I. R. C. C115 John Dewey Club C213 Newman Club Cl, Z, 31. Coderre, Theresa Music Education Swanton Y . f ' 11. A. A.. lienms Cl. Z, 31. Cam- pus Nlanager CZ, 31. Basketball Cl1, Badminton CZ1, Bowling C212 Newman Club Cl Z 31' University Choir Cl. Z, 313 Women's Glee Club Cl, Z, 315 House Committee CZ, 315 Dennis List Cl1. v"'1sv Corbett, Joseph Edward Mechanical Engineering North Tonowanda, N. Y. KE. Gold Keyg Key and Scr- pentg Football. Manager-elect C31g Baseball Cl. 2, 31. Captain C113 Basketball CI. 213 Interfraternity Athletics Cl. 2. 313 Newman Club 1, 2, 313 lVIecl1anical Engineers Cl, 2, 315 Kake 'Wall-1, Scrub CZ, 31- Cotton, Lois V. Secondary Education Granby, Conn. AEA. Transfer Hartford Junior College: Outing Club C31g Glee Clubg Skiing Club Coutu, Jeanne Cecille Elementary Education lVestf1eld Independents C31g Y. VV. C. A. C21g Newman Club C31. Crown, Merle Wesson Agriculture Groton Independents Cl, 2, 31, Vice-Presi- dent C2, 31g Track Cl, 213 Cross- Country Cl, 2, 31g Intramural Athletics Cl. 2, 313 Aggie Club Cl. 2. 31. Secretary C215 Future Farmers of America Cl, 2, 31, Reporter C31. Cozzolino, Michael A. Pre-Medical Hamden, Conn. ZAE. Football C115 Track CI1g Interfraternity Athletics C1, 2, 315 Interfraternity Council C315 Kalce VVallt, Scrub C215 Fraternity Drill Squad Cycleman, Monroe Albert Pre-Medical Cedarliurst, N. Y. 'PEL Tennis Cl, 21g john Dewey Club C215 Men's Glee Club C31. -60- Corliss, Duncan Simmons Chemistry VVells River EN. Track Cl, 213 Cross-Country CI, 2, 31g Independents C115 IVIen's Glee Club C315 Deanis List C1, 21, Counos, Sophia Marjory Elementary Education St. Albans W. A. A., Rifle Team C31. Daly, George Forrest Meclianical En ineerin . . g f g 4 Hyde Park Track C215 Rifle Team Cl, 21g Mechanical Engineers, Color Ser- geant C213 Advanced Military, Freshman Drill Squad. Darling, Robert Carlton Civil Engineering Campello, Mass. ATU. Rifle Team Cl1g Civil En- gineers C2, 31, Secretary and Treasurer. .' pamgmm Darling, Raymond Frederick Social Science Bloomfield, N. 1. AI. lnterfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 313 Cheerleader Cl, 21, Fresh- man Drill Squad, Sophomore Drill Squad, Sergeant, Advanced hlili- tary. Davis, Dudley Hale Social Science Burlington AXP. Cross-Country Cl1g Inter- fraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 315 Intramural Athletics Cl, 31, Pub- lications Board C31g Cynic Cl1g ARIEL, Editor-in-Chiefg Men's Glce Club C115 V. C. A. C315 l. R. C. C215 Outing Club C31g Canter- bury Club C31g Fraternity Drill Squad C115 Sophomore Drill Squadg Kalce Wall: C315 Fresh- man Camp C31. Davis, Mary Elizabeth General Science Arlington, Va. IIBfIP, W. A. A. Cl, 2, 31, Golf C21g Badminton C21g Rifle Team C31g Riding Cl, 215 Chapel Or- chestra Cl. 2, 31, University Orchestra Cl, 2, 31, Y. W. C. A. Cl, 2, 31, Lilac Day C11g Group Plays C31. Delano, Arthur Brookins, Jr. Civil Engineering Shoreham EN. Civil Engineers C2, 31g Cor- poral C21. -61- Davis, Wilfred Hassan Secondary Education Vergennes lntramural Athletics C21, l. R. C. C31g Corporal C21. Deming, Elizabeth Lewis Social Science New Haven, Conn. 15:19. University Players: XV. A. A. Council C21. Baseball C21g Dramatic Club Cl, 2. 313 Y. XY. C. A. Cl. 2. 31: Outing Club Council C311 Outing Club Cl. 2, 31: Lilac Day C1.21gFrf.vl1- nmn. flzlzlrfboofe, Business hlan- ager C21. Dudley, Wayne Goodro Secondary Education Shoreham ATU. Gold Key3 Interfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 313 lnterfrater- nity Council C2, 313 Fraternity Drill Squad C11. Duncan, James Kelman Mechanical Engineering Montpelier AXP. R. O. T. C. Band. Dike, Janet Literary Scientific Stamford, Conn. KA9. Stall and Sandal, Sopho- more Aidesg University Playersg W. A. A. Council Cl, 21, Gold Captain C21, Campus Manager Swimming C21, Ski Team C11, Swimming Club CI1, Nlodern Dance C213 Cynic, Reporter Cl, 213 ARIEL, Art Editor C313 VVomen's Glee Club C113 Y. W. C. A. Cl, 2, 31, Treasurer C313 Lilac Day Cl, 213 Outing Club Council Cl, 2, 31, Publicity Man- ager C213 Outing Club Cl, 2, 313 Dean's List Dowling, Hubert A., Jr. Social Science St. Albans KE. Interfraternity Athletics C2, 313 L R. C. C313 John Dewey Club C2, 313 Newman Club C2, 313 Scribes Dunbar, Barbara M. Wesley Elementary Education St. Albans AEA. VV. A. A., Badminton C213 Press Club C313 Cynic, Reporter C211 ARIEL, Editorial Scrub C213 Y. W. C. A. Cl, 313 Outing Club C313 Scribes C31. Dykens, James Warren Pre-Medical lVorcester, Mass. KE. Interfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 313 Men's Glee Club C1, 2, 313 University Choir C113 Pre-Medical Socict 1 Ovcras 2 Frater- ,'Y,C1:rfC1s' nity Drill Squad C113 Corporal. -62- Doherty, Robert Charles General Science Meriden, Conn. AI. Baseball Cl, 213 Basketball Cl, 2, 31, Captain C113 Interfra- ternity Athletics C213 Intramural Athletics C213 Newman Club C1, 2, 313 Corporal C213 Advanced Military C31. Duckworth, James Field Agriculture Springfield, Mass. Vermont Hockey Club CZ, 313 Intramural Athletics Cl, 21, Aggie Club Cl, 2, 313 lndependents3 Corporal C213 Deanls List C11. Earley, Robert William Electrical Engineering ' Burlington ATU. Track Cl, 215 Interfrater- nity Athletics C315 R. O. T. C. Band Cl, 215 Electrical Engineers Cl, 2, 315 Newman Club Cl, 215 Outing Club C315 Corporal C215 Dean's List C21. Ebare, Hilda Verne Home Economics Fairfax EF. Home Economics Club Cl, 2, 315 Y. VV. C. A. C315 Le Cercle Francais C115 Newman Club Cl, 2, 315 W. A. A. C2, 315 Dean's List C11. Easton, Kathleen Eleanor Home Economics Shoreham WC. A. A., Archery C215 Home Economics Club Cl, 2, 315 Dean's List Cl1. Eddy, Winston Milo Pre-Medical Burlington AXP. Gold Key5 Tennis, Assistant Manager C31 5 Interfraternity Athletics C115 Cynif, Businessg Faculty-Student Council C215 Men's Glce Club C115 Photogra- phy Club C21, President C215 Corporal C215 Fraternity Drill Squad C11. Eldredge, Joan Emma Secretarial VV a terbu ry Women's Glee Club C11g Co-ed Nlajor Candidate C215 Press Club C215 Y. W. C. A. C2, 315 Lilac Day C11. Facteau, Henrietta Ita Commercial Teaching Castle Point, N. Y. House President C311 Le Cercle Francais C2. 31: Y. VV. C. A. C215 John Dewey Club C215 Newman Club Cl, 2, 315 Dean's List C21. ..63.. Estey, Rufus O., Jr. Agriculture Springfield AXP. Alpha Zetag Baseball, Assist- ant Manager C315 Interfraternity Athletics C115 Aggie Club C315 Dcanls List C1, 215 Corporal C21. Fellows, Patricia Jean Secondary Education Springfield XV. A. A.. Riding C215 Cynir, Re- porter C21, News Editor C31. Flint, Margaret Home Economics Presidio, San Francisco, Calif. AAA. Transfer Lindenwood Col- legeg Outing Club C2, 31g Canter- bury Club C31g Home Economics Club C2. 313 House President C313 House Committee C21g Y. W. C. A. C213 l. R. C. C31. Frabotta, Palmina Nancy General Science North Uxbridge, lvlass. AEA. VV. A. A., Bowling C21. Rifle Team C313 Cynif, News Re- porter Cl, 215 House President C311 lVome11's Glee Club C111 l. R. C. Cl. 21: Le Cercle Fran- cais Cl1g -lohn Dewey Club C213 Newman Club Cl. 2. 3111 Pre- Medical Society C115 Dean's List Cl, 21. Fowler, Franklin John Agriculture Manchester Depot EN. University Players C31g ln- terfraternity Athletics C2, 31g ln- terfraternity Council C31g Men's Glee Club Cl, 2, 31, V. C. A. C2, 31g Aggie Club Cl. 2, 31, Future Farmers of America Cl, 2, 315 Fall Play C31. Franklin, Dorothy Viola Elementary Education East Ryegate EF. W. A. A., Bowling C31. Rifle Team C31. Baseball C2, 31g Women's Glee Club C31g Kake Walk. Usher C215 Y, W. C. A. Cl, 2, 31. -64- Fenix, Robert E. Agriculture Burlington ie Club Cl, 2, 31, C. A. A. Ass C21. Fisher, Priscilla Ellie Elementary Education Bartonsville Fisher, Murray I. Business New York, N. Y. TECIP. lnterfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 31, I. R. C. C2, 31. Fisk, E. Owen Chemistry Barton Independents, Cross-Country C11 g Rille Team Cl1g Chemistry Club. . J Fritche, Abbie Ann Literary Scientific I Ardsley, N. Y. W. A. A. Council C31, Campus Manager Nlodern Dance C31, Modern Dance Cl, 2, 313 Lilac Day C1, 2, 31. Galipeau, Robert Homer Secondary Education Troy Kappa Phi Kappag Independents. Gage, Terence F. Pre-Nleclical Vergennes Independentsg Dean's List C1, Gardner, Beryle Emily Elementary Education Cabot Y. W1 C. A. C315 Independents Germain, Evroul Samuel Business Burlington AT9. Interfraternity Athletics C2, 313 Newman Club C2, 31g Cheerleader C113 Freshman Drill Squad C11g Corporal C215 Ad- vanced Military C31. Gibson, Sarah Elizabeth General Sciencc Sharon mittee C31g Press Club C315 Y. W. C. A. C21. -65- Basketball Club C215 House Com- Germain, Mary Elizabeth General Science Glens Falls, N. Y. AX9. Sophomore Aidesg Staff and Santlalg House President C213 Y. W. C. A. Cl, 213 Newman Club Cl, 2, 31g Lilac Day C113 Class Secretary C21g Dean's List Cl1. Gilbert, Alfred G. Business South Acton, Mass. KE, Football Cl, 21: lnterlrater- nity Athletics Cl, 2, 31. Goldman, Jack J. Pre-Medical Burlington TE? Cross-Country C255 Intra- mural Athletics C353 Tnterfrater- nity Athletics C353 Cynic, Re- porter C15, News Editor C253 1. R. C.3 Pre-Medical Society3 Dean's List Cl5. Gorney, Sophie Social Science Attleboro, Mass, AX9. XV. A. A., Council-at-Large C25, Hockey C153 Basketball, ln- terdorm Tournament Cl, 2, 35, Modern Dance C25, Tennis C253 Cyuic, Reporter C15. News Edi- tor C2, 353 House President C353 lVomen's Glee Club C153 Brahmls Requiem C153 Lilac Day C25. Goldstein, Lucille N. Literary Scientihc Flushing, N. Y. ATE. Transfer Mary VVashing- ton COllCgCQ 1. R. C. C35. , Goss, John Philip Secondary Education Wilder Tnde endents Track l 2 rv s 3 C , Ds Cross-Country C353 Operas C253 Tnterfra ternity Athletics C 1, 2, 353 Intramural Athletics Cl, 2, 353 Chapel Orchestra Cl, 2, 35 University Choir C353 Dean's List C253 University Orchestra Cl, 2, 353 Male Octet3 String Quartet3 Color Ser eant 2 ' Freshman 3 is C J, Drill Squad Cl5. Ginsburg, Hyman Classical New Britain, Conn. Goodrich Classical Club C2, 353 Deanls List Goldberg, Helaine P. T. Literary Scientific Port Chester, N. Y. NPE. University Players C2, 353 Outing Club C153 VV. A. A., Rid- ing C25, Modern Dance C253 L R. C. Cl, 353 Le Cercle Fran- cais C2, 355 Cynir, Reporter C25, News Editor C353 House Commit- tee C253 Rifle Team C353 Fall Play C353 Junior VVeek Play C25. Gold, Paul Morton Pre-Medical Brooklyn, N. Y. 4553. Tennis, Assistant Manager C353 Interfraternity Athletics Cl, 2. 353 Intramural Athletics Cl, 2, 353 Pre-Medical Society. Goldblatt, Jacob Pre-Medical Brooklyn, N. Y. 'PEL lnterfraternity Athletics C1, 2, 353 Intramural Athletics Cl, 2, 353 Photography Club C153 Track C153 Menis Glee Club C353 Fraternity Drill Squad C153 Sophomore Drill Squadg Outing Club Cl, 253 lra's Folly C153 Group Plays. -66- Gravel, Claire Fleurette Social Science . 1Vinooski Chapel Orchestra Cl15 Cynic, Business Scrub Cl15 Newman Club Cl, 2, 315 University Orches- tra C115 Le Cercle Francais C2, 315 John Dewey Club C315 Women's Glee Club C31. Grover, Robert Morris Agriculture York Village, Me. KE. R. O. T. C. Band Cl, 2, 315 Aggie Club C315 Outing Club C315 Corporal Grosvenor, Richard Pollard General Science lVinchester, Mass. EAE. Basketball Cl, 215 Track Cl, 215 lnterfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 315 Freshman Drill Squad C115 Sergeant C215 Advanced Nlilitary Hackwell, Janet Agnes Social Science lVlontpelier H342 Stall and Sandal, Presi- dent C315 Sophomore Aides5 University Players Cl, 2, 315 l. R. C. Cl, 215 Le Cercle Fran- cais Cl, 215 ARIEL, Women's Eclitor5 Lilac Day C215 Stu- dent Union, Treasurer, -ludiciary5 Pan-Hellenic Council C315 Dra- matic Club Cl, 2, 31, President C315 Kake VValk, Publicity Com- mittee C215 Class Secretary C315 Fall Play C315 Junior VVeek Play Cl, 215 Group Plays Cl, 2, 315 Dean's List C21. Hall, Shirley Anne Horne Economics East Randolph AX9. XV. A. A., Health Council C31, Archery Cl1: Cynic, Reporter Cl, 215 Home Economics Club Cl. 2. 315 Y. W. C. A. Cl, 215 Outing Club C215 Dean's List Cl1. Harrington, Leonard Social Science North Wilbraham, Nlass. AXP. Track Cl1: Cross-Country C2. 31: Outing Club C315 Dean's List Cl. 215 Corporal C215 Ad- vanced hlilitary -67- Hamilton, Roy Gordon, Jr. Nlechanical Engineering Williamstown KE. Baseball Cl1: Basketball C115 lnterfraternity Athletics C315 hlechanical Engineers. Harris, Irwin Lee Pre-Medical Winsted, Conn. TEA. lntcriraternity Athletics Cl, 2. 315 lntralnural Athletics Cl, 215 intramural Council C2. 315 Pre-Medical Society C21: Outing Club Cl, 21: Kakc Walk C215 Fraternity Drill Squad C115 Cum Laude Cl, 21. Higgins, Mary Jane Elementary Education Burlington VV. A. A., Bowling, Rifle Team, Y. WL C. A., Le Cercle Francais, I. R. C. Hollowell, Marie Corinne Literary Scientific Cranford, N, -I. KA9. YV. A. A., Council-at-Large Cl, Z1, Riding CZ, 31, Outing Club Cl, Z. 31, Co-ed Major Candidate C11. Hoffman, June Winifred Classical New York, N. Y. AAA. Goodrich Classical Club Cl, Z, 31, Secretary C31, Sopho- more Aides, Staff and Sandal, House President C31, Student Union, Secretary C21, Vice-Presi- dent C31, Pan-Hellenic Council C31, Faculty-Student Council CZ, 31, Le Ccrcle Francais, Vice- President CZ1, Chairman Student Union Convention C31, Y. XV. C. A. Cl, Z1, Lilac Day Cl, Z1, lVho's Who in American Colleges, Howard Prize for Freshman, VVar Relief Committee CZ, 31, Class Secretary C115 Dean's List Cl, Z1. Holmes, Carleton Leslie Secondary Education Bristol Dean's List Cl, Z, 31. Hart, Mary Louise Education East Patchogue, L. I., N. Y. AAA. VV. A. A., Bowling, Tennis, Rifle, Softball Club, Press Club CZ, 31, Social Chairman C31, Outing Club C31, Y. XV. C. A. Cl, 2, 31, I. R. C. Cl, 31. Hay, Richard Carman General Science Burlington ET. Football, hdanager of Fresh- man, Interfraternity Athletics, Intramural Athletics, Menls Glee Club Cl. 21, Corporal CZ1, Fra- ternity Drill Squad Cl, Z1, Ad- vanced Military C31, Sophomore Drill Squad CZ1. Harvey, Wendell Neil Secondary Education Burlington KE. University Players CZ, 31, V. C. A. C31, Interfraternity Ath- letics CZ, 31, Intramural Athletics Cl, Z, 31, ARIEL, Biography Editor C31, Faculty-Student Council C315 Kake Walk, Scrub C31, Junior Week Play C21, Group Plays Cl, 31, Fall Play C315 Freshman Drill Squad C11g Dramatic Club C31, Freshman Camp C31, Kappa Phi Kappa. Hennessey, Robert E. Business Bridgeport, Conn. KE. Football Cl1, Interfraternity Athletics Cl, Z, 31, Athletic Council C21g Interfraternity Coun- cil CZ, 31, Newman Club Cl, Z1, Class Treasurer C31. I-ef ..i-tf' -5g- Howe, Harry Elwin General Science . Tunbridge AI. Cross-Country C11g Interfra- ternity Athletics C1, 2, 31g Intra- mural Athletics C1, 2, 31g Fresh- man Drill Squadg Sophomore Drill Squadg Advanced Military C31. Hutcheson, Beatrice Main Elementary Education Atkinson, N. H. Hoyt, John Prescott, Jr. Mechanical I Engineering Milton EN. Track C213 Cross-Country C1, 2, 31, Captain-elect C315 In- terfraternity Athletics CZ, 31g Men's Glee Club C31g Mechanical Engineers CZ, 315 Independents, President C11g Outing Club C1, 2, 313 C. A. A. C215 Corporal C21. Iby, Richard Henry Agriculture Burlington Football C21g Baseball C11g Aggie Clubg Newman Club CZ1. Jarow, Richard General Science New York, N. Y. IDEA, Jenness, Earlene Marian Elementary Education Barton House President C313 Womexfs Glee Club C1. 313 Y. W. C. A. C113 University Choir C1, 2, 31g Soloist Easter Concert C21g Operas C215 Dean's List C1, 21. -59- Jenks, Elizabeth I Secondary Education Burlington HRT. 1V. A. A., Bowling Archery C21g Lilac Day C11g Uni- versity Choir C1, 2. 315 Womerfs Glee Club C1, 215 Y. W. C. A. CZ, 31g Le Cercle Francais C21. Jones, Allen Tewksbury Secondary Education Morrisville EN. lntcrfratcrnity Athletics CZ, 315 Cyvzic, Reporter C1, 215 V. C. A. Cl, 2. 315 Pre-Medical Society C113 Corporal C211 l"ra- temity Drill Squadg Freshman Drill Squad. Kaufman, Milton R. Pre-Medical lVlountaindale, N. Y. Key and Serpent C353 Baseball C15g Basketball Cl, 2, 35, Track C255 Cross-Country C255 lntra- mural Athletics Cl5g Dean's List Cl, 25. Kelley, Mary Elizabeth Secondary Education Bennington YV. A. A., Health Council C35, Bowlin 3 ' llouse President 8 l 5, ' ' S Y. XV. C. A. C352 Newman Club Cl, 2, 355 Group Plays C35. Keelan, Agatha Corrinne Home Economics lylontgomery W. A. A., Bowling C255 Y. VV. C. A. C1, 25, Home Economics Club C2, 353 Le Cercle Francais C25g Newman Club Cl, 2, 353 Outing Club Cl, 25g Lilac Day C15- Kenfield, Morris Wellesley Mechanical Engineering Rutland Rifle Team Cl5g R. O. T. C. Band Cl, 2, 35, C. A. A. C353 Sergeant C255 Advanced Military C35 Freshman Drill Squadg Sophomore Drill Squad. Jones, Llewellyn Martin General Science Swanton EN. Cyuit, Scrub C155 V. C. A. C1, 2, 35, Secretary C2, 35, Frerfz- mau Handbook C359 Photography Clubg Le Cercle Francais, I. R. C., Freshman Camp Director C255 S. C. M. Regional Delegateg Cor- poral, Dean's List Cl, 25. Joseph, Clifford General Science New York, N. Y. TEfP. Gold Keyg Track C253 ln- terfraternity Athletics Cl, 25g lnterfraternity Councilg I. R. C., Pre-Medical Societyg Outing Club, Kake Vlfalkerg lntramural Man- ager, Corporal. Jones, Nan M. Secretarial Burlington Outing Club C25, Dean's List Karelitz, Martin H. Business Haverhill, Mass. TE'T'. Freshman Baseball Cl5g lnterfratcrnity Athletics C1, 25. ..'7O... Kilburn, Ralph Morton Business Collinsville, Conn. ATQ. Interfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 355 R. O. T. C. C1, 2, 353 Sergeant CZ, 355 Fraternity Drill Squad C15. LaFray, Claire Marie Classical Leominster, Mass. AX9. XV. A. A., Swimming Club C25, Modern Dance C2, 355 Cynic, Reporterg Newman Club C1, 2,'35g Outing Club Cl, 25g Lilac Day Cl, 25. Kinney, Albert Clark, Jr. Pre-Medical Hardwick R. O. T. C. Band. Landry, John R. Mechanical Engineering Rutland EN. Rifle Team C153 R. O. T. C. Band Cl, 253 C. A. A. C25 Mechanical Engineers Cl, 2, 35 Sergeant C15, Staff Sergeant C25 Freshman Drill Squad. Lang, Morna Elizabeth Elementary Education Stowe AXQ. XV. A. A.. Archeryg Y. YV. C. A. C2. 35: John Dewey Club CZ, 35g Lilac Day C1, 25. Lavelle, Malcolm Frederic Mechanical Engineerim, Burlington R. O. T. C. Band Cl. 25g Mechan- ical Engineers C355 Electrical En- gineers C251 Newman Club Cl. 2, 1 353 Freshman Drill Squad Cl5. -71- Langeway, Eleanor Marie Elementary Education Vergennes University Choir Cl, 2, 35g Womenis Glee Club Cl, 253 New- man Club Cl, 2, 353 Girls! Double Quartet C25. Lawrence, Mary J. Literary Scientific Hacldonlieltl, N. LeVens, Alma S. Literary Scientific Saugerties, N. Y. Pi Gamma Mug Health Council C21g Cynif, Reporter Cl, 2, 313 Bluestockings Clubg Dramatic Club, Y. XV. C. A.g Student Porumg Secretary l. R. C., Le Cercle Frangaisg lndependentsg john Dewey Clubg Outing Clubg Dean's List Cl, 2, 31. Little, George Edward, Jr. Social Science Burlington AXP. Key and Serpentg Track C1, 21g Cross-Country C113 ln- terfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 31g intramural Athletics Cl, 315 Cyviif, News Editor, Assistant Sports Editorg ARIEL, Sports Edi- tor: Intrfrfmffrzzity Handboofeg ln- terfraternity Councilg Men's Glee Club Cl1g l. R. C.q Canterbury Clubg Fraternity Drill Squad C113 Kake XValk C315 Freshman Camp C31- hu 3 Lipman, Faye R. Social Science West Hartford, Conn. Bowling C213 Baseball C11g Press Club C313 Wo1nen's Debating Team Cl, 2, 313 Y. YV. C. A. Cl, 2, 315 I. R. C. Cl, 2, 313 Edward Page Butler Debating Prize C213 Julia Spear Prize Speaking Con- test CZ1. Lund, Beth Inez Home Economics Hartford, Conn. W. A. A., Health Council C31, Bowling CZ, 31g Home Economics Cl, 2, 313 Y. W. C. A. C313 Inde- pendents C21g Dean's List C11g Group Plays CI1. -72- Leach, Robert Marden Social Science Burlington AXP. Dean's List C1, 21g Sergeant C21g Advanced Nlilitary C31. Leonard, Margaret Louise Social Science Nashua, N. H. Transfer Penn Hall junior Collegeg Outing Club C31. Leduc, Elizabeth Hortense Secondary Education Newport Photography Club Cl1g I. R. C. CZ, 31g Newman Club C2, 315 Outing Club Council Cl, 2, 315 Outing Club Cl, 2, 315 Lilac Day C11. Lessor, Mary Music Burlington AAA. lV, A. A., Tennis Cl, 2, 315 Chapel Orchestra Cl, Z, 313 Uni- versity Orchestra C1, 2, 31. Lyle, Mary M. Social Science Fairlee McCormick, Thomas Alwin Meclianical Engineering Burlington ATU. Interfraternity Athletics 11, 2, 313 Mechanical Engineers 12, 315 Fraternity Drill Squad 111g Corporal Lynch, Joan Frances Secretarial Burlington H1341 VV. A. A., Modern Dance 11, 213 Home Economics Club 11, 21g Newman Club 11, 2, 31g Lilac Day 111g Co-ed Major Can- didate 121g Beauty Contest 11, 213 Group Plays 111g Class Vice- President 111. McDonald, Janet Social Science New York, N. Y. Transfer Barnard Collegeg Outing Club 131. McGarry, John Francis Pre-hfledical Proctor KE. 1nterfraternity Athletics 1315 Newman Club 11, 215 Pre- Medical Society 11, 215 Corporal 1215 Freshman Drill Squad 111. Mack, Mildred I. General Science White Plains. N. Y. W. A. A.. Badminton 11, 2. 31, Riding 121: Y. W. C. A. 11. 21g Photography Club 11, 2, 31. Secre- tary 121, President 131: Outing Club 11. 2. 311 Dramatic Club 11. 215 Kake Walk Usher 121. -73- McGauley, Kathleen Ann Literary Scientific Schenectady, N. Y. Golf 121g Bowling 121g Baseball 1113 Y. NV. C. A. 131g Newman Club 11, 2, 31. McLean, Helen Commercial Teaching Jamaica AXQ. YY. A. A. Council. Campus Manager Volleyball 131, Assist- ant Carnpus Manager Basketball 131. Hockey 121. Baseball 121, Basketball 11. 2. 31: Press Club 121: Le Cercle Francais 1215 Deans List 11, 21. Mayville, Frances Helen Home Economics Milton W. A. A. CZ1, Y. VV. C. A. CZ, 315 Home Economics Club Cl, Z, 315 Lilac Day CZ15 Independents C2, 31. Milne, William Henry Secondary Education Barre KE. Track C115 Deanis List C1721- Maurer, Walter Harding Classical St. Albans, L. T., N. Y. EAE. Goodrich Classical Clubg Le Cercle Francaisg Deanls List, Kirby Flower Smith Latin Prizeg Classical Scholarship. Mitchell, Virginia Hutson Home Economics 1Vorcester, Mass. AX9. W. A. A.. Health Council CZ1, Campus Manager CZ, 31, Golf CZ1. Bowling C31. Nlodern Dance C11g Cynir Cl, 21, News Editor C31g Home Economics Club Cl, Z. 31, Y. W. C. A. CZ, 31, Lilac Day C11. McRell, Donald Social Science Pittsfield, lVIass. EN. lnterfraternity Athletics CZ, 31, R. O. T. C. Band. Mallon, Jacqueline Francine Literary Scientific Brooklyn, N. Y. W. A. A., Bowling CZ, 31, Rifle Team C31, Swimming Club C31. Riding Cl, 213 Y. W. C. A. Cl, Z, 31, Le Cercle Francais CZ, 315 Newman Club Cl1. McWain, Margaret Pre-Nleclical Batavia, N. Y. Y. W. C. A. C11. Marshall, Russell Electrical Engineering North Adams, Mass. Electrical Engineers, Secretary- Treasurer CZ1, Vice-President C31g Corporal, Dean's List Cl, Z, 31. -74- Mott, Elias Bertram Business Morristown, N. 1. 11159. Football CZ1g Track C1,21, Captain-elect C31g Key ancl Ser- pent C31g Hexathlon C21, fourth place, lnterfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 31, Intramural Athletics Cl, 2, 31, ARIEL, Business Nlanagerg Dean's List Cl1g Corporal, Era- ternity Drill Squaclg Advanced Military. Murray, William John Business Bridgeport, Conn. QPA9. lnterfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 31, ARIEL Advertising Man- ager. Murphy, Jean Alice Elementary Education Burlington EF. VV. A. A. Council Cl, 2, 31, Bowling C2, 31, Baseball C213 lVomen's Glee Club C313 New- man Club Cl, 2, 31. Naylor, June Shirley Home Economics Alburg AAA. XV. A. A. Health Council, Bowling C31g Home Economics Clubg Y. VV. C. A. C313 Outing Club Cl, 31. Neal, William C. Business Larchmont. N. Y. lnterfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 31. Newell, Ruth Marie Home Economics Stamford, Conn. All Health Councilg Golf C115 Y. W. C. A. Cl, 2. 31g Home Eco- nomics Cl. 2. 31: l. R. C. C31g Outing Club Cl, 21. -75- Needham, Alice Marie Classical Boston, Mass. AX9. Sophomore Aidesg Stall and Sandal, Goodrich Classical Club: W. A. A. Council. Treasurer C31. l-lealth Council C21. Campus Manager Bowling C21, Tennis Cl, 21: Cynic, Reporter C21, News Editor C31: Anim., Organization Editor: House President C31, li'aculty-Student Council C2. 31g Bluestoclcings Club C31g Y. XV. C. A. C313 Le Cercle Francais Cl, 2. 31. Secretary C311 .lohn Dewey Club C21g Outing Club C212 Lilac Day C115 Dcan's List Cl, 21. Newton, Ross Buchanan Mechanical Engineering I-lyclc Park lnterfraternity Athletics Cl. 2. 313 Independents: Corporal C213 Ser- ,fzeant C211 Aclvancecl Military C31: Freshman Drill Squad C113 Sophomore Drill Squad C21. 4559. Football C1, 2, 313 1nter- O'Connell, Edwin Joseph lVlechanical Engineering 1Vest Springfield, Mass. EAE. Sigma Delta Psi3 Football C313 Track C1, 2, 313 Hexathlon C2, 313 Interfraternity Athleticsg lntramural Athleticsg Nlechanical Engineers C31 , Vice-Chairmang Corporal C21. Page, Patricia Smith Social Science Burlington HB9 University Playersg Annzt, Photography Editor3 Dramatic Club Cl, 2, 313 Y. W. C. A. Cl, 213 1. R. C. C23 313 Dean's List Cl, 213 Secretary-Treasurer of Dramatic Club C313 Junior VVcck Play C113 Group Play C11. Niemi, John William Chemistry Hyannis, Mass. KE. Chemistry Club C213 Fresh- man Drill Squad3 Student Affili- ate of American Chemical So- ciety3 Sergeant C213 Sons Ameri- can Revolution Nledal C113 Sophomore Drill Squadg Ad- vanced Military C313 Expert Rifle- man C113 Dean's List Cl, 21. Norris, Jean Anne General Science Summit, N. 1. AEA. XV. A. A. Council-at-Large C21, Health Council C2, 31, Hockey Cl, 21, Bowling C2, 313 House President C313 Pre-Medical Society C1, 21. Osgood, Hazel Elizabeth Elementary Education Concord ET. House President C213 Lilac Day C21. Palinkos, Bertha Helen Pre-lVIedical Norwalk, Conn. Badminton Tournament C113 Bowling C213 House Committee C113 Y. WV. C. A. C1, 213 New- man Club Cl, 2, 313 Pre-Medical Society C11. -76- Noble, John S. Business Orange, Conn. EAE. Football C113 Basketball, Scrub C213 Interfraternity Ath- letics C1, 2, 313 lntramural Ath- letics C213 Menis Glee Club C113 Fraternity Drill Squad C213 lzgeslnnan Drill Squadg Corporal Nutter, Donald Joseph Social Science New York, N. Y. fraternity Athletics C1, 2, 313 ln- tramural Athletics Cl, 2, 313 Cynic, Scrub C213 Kake Walk C313 Fraternity Drill Squad Cl, 213 Class Treasurer C11. Gold Key, Secretary C215 Le Cer- Parker, Harry Agriculture johnson Key- and Serpent C31, Treasurerg Gold Key CZ1, President5 Foot- ball Cl, 215 Track Cl, Z15 Inter- fraternity Athletics Cl, Z, 315 House President C315 lnterfra- ternity Council C315 Advanced Military C315 Sophomore Drill Squad. 7 Pease, Harold Arthur Mechanical Engineering Forestville, Conn, Track C215 lnterfraternity Ath- letics CZ15 Independents Cl, Z1g Outing Club Council CZ, 315 Out- ing Club Cl, Z, 315 Corporal5 Meclianical Engineers Cl, Z, 31. Pease, Clifford Atherton Pre-Medical Burlington ET. Tennis CZ15 Interfraternity Athletics Cl, Z, 315 Ski Team, lVlanager C315 Cyfnif, Business Stalfg Outing Club C115 lra's Folly C115 Fraternity Drill Squad C115 Sophomore Drill Squad. Pestle, R. I., Jr. Agriculture VVaitsf1eld Assistant hlanager Cross-Country C3 1 - Pierce, Phyllis Mae Home Economics Swanton AXQ. VV. A. A. Council CZ1, Hockey Cl, Z1, Basketball CZ1, Bowling CZ. 315 Home Economics Club CZ, 315 Photography Club C115 Press Club CZ, 315 Y. VV. C. A. Cl, Z, 315 XVOIIICIFS Glee Club CZ, 31. Pierce, Winston Wilder Agriculture Franklin Alpha Zetag R. O. T. C. Band Cl, Z, 315 Aggie Club Cl, Z, 315 Future Farmers of America, Reporter Cl, Z, 31, Vice-President CZ15 lnde- pendents Cl15 Corporal. ..77- Pierce, William Augustus Literary Scientific Lyndonville cle Francais Cl, Z, 31, Treasurer C315 Cyuic, Business Stafl' CZ1, Advertising Manager C315 John Dewey Club CZ. 31, Treasurer C315 Howard Freshman First Prize5 Dean's List Cl, Z1. Pike, Lucie Grace Home Economics lrasburg AXQ. Womcxfs Glee Club C315 Y. XV. C. A. C115 Home Econom- ics Club Cl, Z, 315 Outing Club C31- Pike, Patricia Helen . Literary Scientific Burlington HBT, more Stall and Sandal5 Sopho- Aidesg University Players Cl, 2, 31, Secretary C315 XV. A. A. Council-at-Large, Golf Team Cl, 21, Riile Team C31, Modern Dance Cl, 21, Advance Group C215 Cynic Cl, 2, 31, Oilice Man- ager C315 ARIEL, Scrub C215 Dra- matic Club Cl, 2, 315 Student Union, Town Representative C315 Y. W. C. A. Cl, 2, 31, Vice-Presi- dent C315 Lilac Day Cl, 215 Fall Play C115 Junior Vx7eek Play C215 Group Plays C115 Joint Confer- ence C2, 315 Class Vice-President C21- Preston, Betty Marie Elementary Education Salisbury W. A. A., Rifle Team C31, Arch- ery Cl, 2, 315 Y. XV. C. A. C315 Dramatic Club Cl, 315 VVomen's Glee Club Cl, 2, 315 Group Play- Prior, Roger Williams Secondary Education Middletown, Conn. Transfer from Green Mountaiii Junior College5 Football Cl, 315 Outing Club Cl, 21. Quimby, Irene M. Home Economics Barnet Basketball Cl. 2, 315 Rifle Team w w l Pulling, Harold Mosher Agriculture Rutland EAE. Cross-Country C115 Aggie Club Cl, 2, 315 Cynir, Business C115 Future Farmers of America Cl, 215 Outing Club Cl, 215 Sophomore Drill Squad5 Group Plays C11. 431s Golf C27:,BHdmiHwH C219 Rice, Louise F. C. A. A. C215 Y. W. C. A. Cl, 2 315 Home Economics Club Cl, 22 315 Outing Club Cl, 315 Deanls List Cl, 2, 315 Omicron Nu Fresh- man Cup C21. Elementary Education Arlington -7g- 5 .. -2. ers Cl, 31. Pratt, Elizabeth M. Elementary Education Clarendon AAA. Cyuic, Reporter C215 VV. A. A., Archery C215 House Fellow C315 Student Union Joint Conference C315 John Dewey Club C315 Dean's List Cl, 21. Prior, Faith Kenyon Home Economics Vergennes AX9. Transfer Pratt lnstitute5 Bluestockings Club C315 Newman Club C2, 315 Home Economics Club C2, 315 Dean's List C2, 31. L ,....3,4. Rice, Mary S. Commercial Teaching ' Essex junction Bowling 131, Baseball 111, Ten- nis 12, 31, Women's Glee Club 12, 31, Le Cercle Francais 11, 2, 31, Dean's List 11, 21. Robinson, Barbara Isabel Home Economics 1Vinooski AEA. W. A. A., Campus Man- ager Archery 131, Archery 12, 31, Bowling 131, Home Econom- ics Club 11, 2, 31, Y. VV. C. A. ll, 31- Riggs, Murray L. Electrical Engineering Richmond ATQ. 1 Track 121, lnterfraternity Athletics 131, Electrical Engi- neers, Dean's List 11, 2, 31, Corporal 121. Robinson, Herbert Sumner Business Brockton, Mass. TECIJ. lnterfraternity Athletics 11, 2, 31, l. R. C. 11, 2, 31, In- tramural Athletics 11, 2, 31. fr-- -79- EI' Roeder, William Alexander Classical Queens Village, L. I., N. Y. 215-E. Gold Key, Cynic, Sports Editor, Class Treasurer 121, Clas- sical Scliolarsliip, Dean's List. Schoeneman, Thelma Geraldine Elementary Education Burlington W. A. A. Council-at-Large Bowling 121. Rilie Team Press Club, 121, Newman 1l. 2. 31, Womerfs Glec 131, Dean's List 121. Savage, Phyllis Literary Scientific Burlington HRT. W. A. A. Council 12, 31, Vice-President 131, Green Cap- tain 121, Basketball 11, 2, 31, Bowling 12, 31, Rifle Team 131, Modern Dance 11, 21, Stall and Sandal 131, Sophomore Aides, Lilac Day 11, 21, ARIEL, lVomen,s Sports Editor, Y. W'. C. A. 1l.2.31, Cabinet 12,31, Faculty- Student Council 131, Class Vice- President 111. Scutakes, Marie Secretarial Burlington Transfer Arlinda Pierce College, Athens. Greece: W. A. A.. Basket- ball 1l. 2. 31: Canterbury Club 131, Y. W. C. A. 131: l. R. C. 131: Smmy Days, News Editor 111: Student Government Moni- tor 111. Southworth, Marjorie E. Music Education Bethel AX9. VV. A. A., Bowling Cl, Z1, Archery C1, Z, 3, University Choir C1, Z, 31, Women's Glee Club Cl, Z, 31, Opera CZ1. Spear, L. Natalie Home Economics St. Albans AEA. Sophomore Aides, Staff and Sandal, Lilac Day CZ1, VV. A. A. Council C31, Council-at- Large CZ1, Health Council CZ, 31, Basketball Cl, Z, 31, Hockey CZ1, Baseball Cl, 21, Chapel Orches- tra Cl, Z, 31, University Orches- tra Cl. 31, Le Cercle Francais Cl1, Home Economics Club Cl, 21, House President C31, Joint Conference C31, Dean's List Cl1. Snow, Claradella Home Economics Barre W. A. A., Modern Dance CZ1, Home Economics Club Cl, Z, 31, Women's Glee Club Cl, 31, ln- dependents Cl1, Y. VV. C. A. Cl, Z, 31, Brahm's Requiem Cl1, Lilac Day CZ1. Sprague, Jean Margaret Home Economics Shrewsbury, Nlass. TIBCIJ. Bowling, Cynic, Reporter CZ, 31, House President C31, Y. VV. C. A., Home Economics Club CZ, 31, Deanis List CZ1. Shea, William Bernard, Jr. Pre-Medical Bennington Intramural Athletics C1, Z1, Pre- Medical Society CZ1, Newman Club Cl, Z1, Outing Club Cl1, Dean,s List Cl, Z, 31, Freshman Drill Squad, Corporal CZ1. Smith, Florence Adelaide Home Economics Treadwell, N. Y. ET. W. A. A. Council-at-Large C31, Bowling CZ1, Archery CZ1, University Choir CZ, 31, Women's Glee Club Cl1, Y. VV. C. A. Cl, Z, 31, Home Economics Club Cl1. Sisson, William Hempstead Pre-Medical Burlington AXP. Denison College Cl1, Inter- fraternity Athletics CZ, 31, V. C. A. C31, Pre-Medical Society CZ1, Alum., Circulation Manager. Smith, Marjorie Louise Home Economics Plainfield ET. W. A. A., Badminton C31, Home Economics Club Cl, 2, 31, Pan-Hellenic Council CZ, 31, Women's Glee Club Cl, Z, 31. wa...-1-f..-L -80- Squire, Doris Gordon lVlusic Education Waterbury W. A. A. Council-at-Large C31, Hockey Cl1, Basketball C215 Uni- versity Choir Cl, 2, 31, YVomen's Glee Club Cl, 2, 31, Soloist Christmas Concert C31g lVomen's Double Quartet C31g Operas C213 Tennis Club Cl, 21. Stevens, Mead F. Mechanical Engineering Island Pond Baseball C115 lnterfraternity Ath- letics, Mechanical Engineers Clubg Outing Club C31g Corporal, Ser- geant, Advanced Military. Stetson, William James Civil Engineering Colchester Rugby C21g C. A. A. C315 Civil Engineers C1, 2, 315 Corporal C21 Advanced Military C313 Freshi man Drill Squad, Sophomore Drill Squad. Stickney, Palla Lois Elementar Education A Y East Thetford VV. A. A., Square Dance Club C21, Independents C21. Stockwell, Robert Sylvanus Civil Engineering Hartford AXP. Rugby C215 Sl-ri Team Cl, 21, lnterfraternity Athletics Cl, 215 Faculty-Student Council C31g R. O. T. C. Band Cl, 213 C. A. A. Civil Engineers Cl, 2, 31, Outing Club Council Cl, 2, 315 Outing Club Cl, 2, 313 Corporal C21. Story, Robert P. Agriculture Rutland EN. lnterfratcrnity Athletics Cl, 2, 31, Aggie Club. -31- Stoddard, Dorothy Geraldine Secondary Education Morrisville Press Club C21g Y. XV. C. A. C2, 31, Newman Club Cl, 2, 31. Stoughton, Marion Clarissa Home Economics Keeseville, N. Y. UB'f'. W. A. A., Bowling C31, Rifle Team C31. Riding Cl1, Modern Dance Cl1g Y. XV. C. A. C2, 313 Home Economics Club Cl, 2. 31: Lilac Day C21g Fall Play C113 Junior VVeek Play C115 University Players Cl, 2, 31. i Swift, Frank Robinson, Jr. Chemistry Buffalo ANP. Football Cl, 315 Basketball, Assistant Maiiager C315 Rille Team CZ, 315 I-Iexathlon C115 In- terlraternity Athletics Cl, Z15 lVIen's Glee Club Cl, Z, 315 Chem- istry Club Cl, Z, 315 American Chemical Society, Student Allili- ate C315 Cheerleader CZ15 Dean's List Cl, Z15 Corporal C215 Ad- vanced Military C315 Sophomore Drill Squadg Operas CZ1. Swift, Richard Leslie lVIechanical Engineering Fair Haven Ki. Rifle Team Cl, Z15 Inter- fraternity Athletics Cl, Z, 315 Tennis Cl, Z15 lVIechanical En- gineers Cl, Z, 315 Outing Club Cl, Z, 315 Kake lValk C315 Ser- geant C215 Fraternity Drill Squad C112 Advanced lvlilitazy C315 Sophomore Drill Squad. Swift, Oliver Franklin General Science Burlington AXP. Track Assistant Mana er 1 8 C315 Chapel Orchestra C115 R. O. T. C. Band Cl, Z, 31, Staff Ser- geant CZ, 315 University Orches- tra Cl, Z15 Le Cercle Francais CZ, 315 Dean's List Cl, Z, 315 Band Charm C315 Requiem Cl15 Fresh- man Drill Squad. Tennien, James H. Mecliaziical Engineering Pittsford KE. Cross-Country C315 Rifle Team CZ, 315 Interfraternity Ath- letics C315 Meclianical Engineers CZ15 Newman Club CZ15 Dean's List Cl, Z15 Corporal CZ15 Fresh- man Drill Squad5 Sophomore Drill Squadg Advanced Military C315 Sons American Revolution lvledal C21- Strong, Julia Blanche Elementary Education Johnson House President CZ15 Le Cercle Francais CZ15 Independents CZ, 315 Y. IV. C. A. CZ15 Deanls List Cl, 21. Sundberg, Paul V. 5 General Science Windsor EAE. University Players C315 Interfraternity Athletics5 Man- ager Intramural Athletics CZ15 Photo Editor of ARIEL5 Corporal C21- Sumner, Mary E. General Science Ludlow Sutton, Paul Nelson Business Burlington Eff. Gold Key CZ15 Cross-Coun- Ski In- terfraternity Athletics Cl, Z, 315 Intramural Athletics Cl, Z, 315 Outing Club Council Cl, Z, 31, President C315 Outing Club Cl, Z, 315 Fraternity Drill Squad C115 Freshman Drill Squad. try Cl, Z15 Tennis Cl, Z15 Team Cl, Z, 31, Captain C315 l l -g2- Thornton, Dorothy Golden Secondary Education ' Petersburg, Va. EF. Bergen Junior College K11g Council-at-Large K31g Campus Manager KZ, 31, Bluestockings Club KZ, 315 Scribes KZ, 31g Out- ing Club KZ1. Tuholski, David Chase Social Science Brockton, Mass. TAG. Transfer Vermont Junior College, Interfraternity Athletics C31- Thurber, Harris E. Social Science Newport AI. Gold Keyg Football Kl, Z, 315 Baseball Kl1g Track KZ1g In- terfraternity Athletics Kl, Z, 31, Intramural Athletics Kl, Z, 31, lnterfraternity Council, V. C. A.g Corporal: Fraternity Drill Squadg Biiiketball, Assistant Manager K . Twitchell, Harry Gilhespie Social Science London, England AW. Rifle Team Kl, Z, 31g Rugby Club Kl1, President KZ, 31, I. R, C. K31g Le Cercle Francais KZ, 315 Outing Club K31g Cor- poral KZ1, Fraternity Drill Squad Kl15 Advanced Military K31g Sophomore Drill Squad, Expert Rineman. Upson, Lucy Miller Elementary Education Dundee, N. Y. AAA. Y. XV. C. A. K31, Outing Club Kl, 31, l. R. C. K31. Wade, C. E. Electrical Engineering St. Albans Electrical Engineers. -83- Vreeland, Howard C. Mechanical Engineering Rutherford, N. EAE. Gold Key, Track Kl, Z1g Hexathlon KZ1g Interfraternity Athletics Kl, Z, 31g Fraternity Drill Squad K11g Sophomore Drill Squad, Advanced Military. Walker, Ruth Catherine Home Economics Cabot EF. House President KZ, 31. West, Russell C. Business Bridgewater EN. Tnterfraternity Athletics C1, 2, 315 Basketball Cl, 215 Baseball C1, 215 Football C315 Gold Key. White, Reginald Stewart Agriculture Ryegate AI. Alpha Zeta5 Track C15 215 Cross-Country Cl, 2, 315 Intra- mural Athletics C215 V. C. A. C2, 315 F7'l'51L17'LlZ1Z Handbook, Business Manager C215 Aggie Club C1, 2, 31, Vice-President C315 Future Farmers of America C1, 2, 31, Secretary C31. Walston, Gladys Eleanor Classical VVatertoWn, Metss. Press Club C315 Y. VV. C. A. C315 Le Cercle Francais C115 Newman Club Cl, 2, 31. Welsh, Doris Anne Home Economics Albany, N. Y. KA9. W. A. A., Council-at-Large C21, Hockey C1, 21, Basketball C115 Baseballg Cynic, Reporter C21, News Editor C315 Student Union C315 Pan-Hellenic Council C315 Y. W. C. A.5 Home Eco- nomics Club5 Newman Club C1, 2, 315 Outing Club C2, 31. Weaver, Lelon Ashley, Jr. Social Science Starksboro Independentsg Interfraternity Ath- letics C315 Rifle Team Cl, 215 Corporal C215 Sophomore Drill Squadg Advanced Military West, George Ernest Social Science Dorset WIDE. Middlebury College C115 Ski Team C115 Interfraternity Athletics C115 Golf Team C115 Dean's List C1, 21. West, William Alvin Chemistry Essex Junction 4959. Tennis C1, 215 Interfrater- nity Athletics Cl, 2, 315 Intra- mural Athletics C115 R. O. T. C. Band C115 Chemistry Club C2, 315 Corporal C215 Marksman Medal5 Freshman Drill Squad. Wicker, William Whiting Social Science Burlington AXP. Transfer University of Vir- ginia C11, Rollins College C215 Boxing C115 Junior Varsity Crew C215 Interfraternity Athletics C1, 2, 315 Sports Editor C215 College Choir C215 Dean's List C215 Beta Theta Pi5 Tennis C31. -84- Wiedman, Gerald Philip Pre-Medical ' Danby Baseball C115 Intramural Ath- letics Cl, 2, 31, Pre-Medical Society, Photography Club, Dean's List C21. Wills, Anne Kimball Social Science Old Bennington HB4-'. Transfer Bradford Junior College, W. A. A., Health Coun- cil C313 Outing Club C315 Le Cercle Francais C31. Williams, John Wheeler Mechanical Engineering Northampton, Nlass. 4559. Gold Key, Track C115 R. O. T. C. Band Cl1g C. A. A. C21g Mechanical Engineers Cl, 31g Outing Club Council C2, 31, Cheerleader C313 Outing Club Cl, 2, 31, Corporal C21g Advanced Military C315 Freshman Drill Squad C11. Winchell, Harry Jones Secondary Education South Royalton Track, Assistant Manager C31g Deanis List Cl, 215 l. R. C. C31. 3 Wishart, Margaret Eleanor Home Economics Burlington AXQ. Sophomore Aidesg Staff and Sandalg XV. A. A., Basketball Cl, 21, Archery C2, 313 Y. XV. C. A. Cl, 2, 315 Dramatic Club C115 University Orchestra Cl, 2, 31g Chapel Orchestra C1, 2, 31g Nlixed Glee Club Cl, 2, 31g Home Economics Club Cl, 2, 31g Lilac Day Cl, 215 Pan-Hellenic Council C313 Vlfomenis Glee Club Cl, 2, 31. Wolverton, Ruth Estelle Social Science Bloomsbury, N. Transfer Penn Hall junior Col- legeg Outing Club C31. 85- Witham, Marjorie Joan Commercial Teaching Burlington Stall and Sandalg Badminton C113 Student Union, judiciary Com- mittee C31g Newman Club Cl, 2, 31, Vice-President C21, Executive Committee C31, Kake Walk C11, Usher, Dean's List C315 Lilac Day C115 Beauty Contest C21. Woodard, Rose Margaret Elementary Education Bennington llbmcnis Glee Club C311 John Dewey Club C215 l. R. C. Cl. 215 Dean's List Cl. 21. Cum Laurie Cl. 21g Fanreis Requiem C319 Christmas Concert C31. Moody, G. W. Social Science Schaefer, Charles H. EAR. Transfer Norwich Univer- Burlington Rising, Harold Seth Secondary Education VVhite River Junction sity. Rising, Mary Elizabeth Elementary Education VVhite River Junction Transfer Goddard junior College. Wysolmerski, S. S. Pre-Medical VVest Rutland ATU. Interfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 31, Intramural Athletics C1, 2, 31, Fraternity Drill Squad C113 Corporal CZ1. Ziskind, Samuel Classical Brockton, Mass. TET. Goodrich Classical Club C2, 31g Tennis, Assistant Manager C31g Interfraternity Athletics Cl, 2, 31, Cynir, Scrub C115 Le Cercle Francais C21g Classical Scholar- ship C21g Dean's List Yett, Temaly Secretarial Burlington ATE. YV. A. A., Bowling C21g I. R. C. C315 Junior Week Pee- rade Cl, 21. Zwick, Daan Marsh Chemistry ' Burlington Tau Kappa Alpha, Track Cl, 21, Cross-Country C1, 2, 315 Interfra- ternity Athletics C2, 31, Cynic News Editor, Men's Glee Club C315 Men's Debating Team Cl, 2, 31, L R. C. C113 Outing Club Council CZ, 313 Independents Cl, 2, 31, Chemistry Club C31g Out- ing Club C1, 2, 31g Dean's List C1, 21, Student Forum C313 Scribes Cl, Z, 31. Pre-Medical Cristobal, Canal Zone ATQ, Scutakes, Ann L. Pre-Medical Burlington Transfer Arlinda Pierce College, Athens, Greeceg Canterbury Club 86- C31, Y. W. C. A. C315 I. R. C. Whittier, Robert H. Secondary Education Cleveland Ohio Transfer Miami Universityg Foot- ball C1, 215 Baseball C1, 21. COMMENCEMENT 1942 P I I PERMANENT CLASS OFFICERS Preridevzt ..................... .............. I ohn Spasyk Vice-Prfricievzt .........................................,........................ Jeanne VVoolley Womenu Se'c1'etcz1'y and Alumni Council Repvmevzlfaziizxe ........................................,............. Joanna Nletcall T1'fczJu1'e7' .......................... ............... R obert Carlson CLASS DAY PROGRAM Presidentls Address ........... ............. I eanne lrVoolley Boulder Oration ............... .........................,........,....... R oger Hunting Class Poem .......................................... lX'lyrna French, Jean Young Address to Undergraduates .............................. Fulvio Bardossi Pipe Oration ....................................... ............... H azen Vllood Lafayette Oration ........... Ira Allen Gration ...... Ivy Oration ......... .................Loren Shores .............Alary Tuckermzxn Barbara Butterneld CLASS OF 1944 Adams, Evelyn Dorothy ' Elementary Education Stowe Allen, Monroe Barnes Efl' Meclianical Engineering Burlington Anderson, Elaine Scott Literary Scientific Craitsbury Anderson, Janet Blaine AXE? Home Economics East Craftsbury Arnault, Dorothy Lyle AAA General Science Bound Brook, N. Aseltine, James Merrill Mechanical Engineering Williston Baldwin, Rhoda Marsh Chemistry lrlinesburg Ballou, Laurence H. Pre-Medical ' Chester Barry, Bartholomew David, Jr. K2 Civil Engineering Nlethuen, Mass. Baxendale, John Willard Atl' Agriculture Burlington Beal, Natalie Brooks Secretarial Burlington Beebe, Wilson Hollister Agriculture East Dorset Benner, Blanche Evelyn Secretarial Burlington Bennett, Priscilla Ann Elementary Education Bennington Bennett, Robert William AT9 Mechanical Engineering Orleans Berg, Elaine Suzanne Social Science New York, N. Y. Berkson, Estelle Muriel MBE Home Economics Mattapan, Mass. Berman, Anita Lilliam Home Economics Brooklyn, N. Y. Berry, Janice Somers AXQ Elementary Education Brattleboro Bialkowski, H. A. Pre-hdedical New Britain, Conn. Bianchi, Louise AX9 Secondary Education Woodstock Bicoules, Christo Fred ATU Pre-Medical Fitchburg, Blass. Binns, Nancy Hills Literary Scientific Leominster, Mass. Bister, William Charles Social Science Essex Junction Blake, Barbara Bradford AEA Elementary Education lVinchester, Mass. Hathorn, Boardman, Smith, Kempter Boardman, Frederick Milton Atl' Civil Engineering St. Albans Bourne, Dorothy Mason H1341 Home Economics Cleveland, Ohio Boyarsky, Saul TEA Pre-Medical Burlington Boyden, Edward Stuart EN Mechanical Engineering Burlington Bray, Constance Anne Elementary Education Springfield, Mass. Brooks, Doris Lillian A4113 Social Science New Haven, Conn. Brown, Carolyn DeNike KA9 Social Science Enosburg Falls Buckingham, Shirley Ann KA9 Social Science White Plains, N. Y. Bullard, Dorothy Jane AX9 Home Economics West Springfield, Mass. Bundy, Fred Cullen 'PA9 Social Science Southington, Conn. Burns, Carol Persis Elementary Education Randolph Butterfield, Ruth Emmogene Secondary Education Springfield Buttles, Ruth Helen Secretarial Burlington Calkins, Keith Warren Eq' Nlusic Education Barton Campbell, Geraldine Frances Home Economics Stratford Carpenter, Howard Julian Meclianical Engineering South Royalton Carpenter, Russell Flanders Agriculture Burlington Carr, Allison Mary KA9 Literary Scientific Ossining, N. Y. Carter, Dorothy Effie AAA Nlusic Education St. glohnsbury Carver, Charles Ellsworth, Jr. 'IIA-9 Civil Engineering South Hero Casey, Ita Margaret AAA Elementary Education Burlington Charest, Norma Irene Home Economics Barre Cheney, Ruth Hubbell Literary Scientific New Haven Clairmont, Thomas Paul KE Elementary Education Burlington -g3- Clark, Barbara Mary AXQ Elementary Education St. Albans Clark, Donald Lyndon Electrical Engineer VVaitsf1eld Clilford, Helen Elizabeth Elementary Education South Royalton Cognetta, Armand Bennett 'PA9 Pre-Medical Stamford, Conn. Collins, Dorothy Jean AAA Home Economics Colchester Colodny, Constance Dorothy A4213 Social Science Burlington Conti, Reno Joseph KE Secondary Education Barre Corey, William Michael Agriculture West Rutland Corliss, John Ozro Atl' General Science V St. Albans Coughlin, Edward Joseph Pre-Medical Graniteville Craige, Edmon Nelson Atl' Business Graniteville Crocker, Virginia AX9 Home Economics North Hyde Park Cronk, Jay Stanley KE Agriculture Granby, Mass. Crossley, Harry Eastwood, Jr. 'PA9 Meclianical Engineering Burlington Crowley, Eleanor Patricia HB4' Home Economics Hastings-on-lrludson, N. Y. Curtis, Robert McBurton Mechanical Engineering Middlebury Dana, Malcolm Agriculture North Pomfret Davidoff, Seymour Joyce TEfP Business Brookline, Mass. Davis, Priscilla Elementary Education Brookfield Davison, Jean Margaret AX9 Classical Providence, R. l. Decker, Rosemary Constance Literary Scientific Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Delano, Margaret Elizabeth AAA Literary Scientific Shoreham Del Guidice, Era Literary Scientific Waterbury Delorme, Bedell Pre-Medical PCFU, N- Y- Denton, Cleveland Ray Chemistry Burlington Desso, Richard Everette Agriculture Essex Junction Didinsky, Gerald CIPZA Secondary Education South Fallsburg, N. Y. Doane, Kathryn Margaret El' General Science Bakersfield Durfee, Margaret Ann 1113112 Home Economics Burlington Dyer, Alice Home Economics Richford Easton, Penelope Standish Home Economics Craftsbury Common Eddy, Dwight Kimball EN Agriculture Hinesburg Eimer, Marilyn Louise HBfI1 Classical Jackson Heights, N. Y. Elliott, Mrs. Mary E. Home Economics St. glohnsbury Ells, Helen Patricia Secondary Education Essex Junction Evans, Walter Stuart Atl' Business Montreal, Canada Fake, Margaret Newcomb Classical Pittsfield, Mass. Fawcett, Nancy Maxwell KA9 Social Science Plainfield, N. Feerick, Kathryn Houghton Social Science Brooklyn, N. Y. Fein, Phyllis Gloria Social Science Springfield, Mass. Feldman, Stanley David TEA Business New York, N. Y. Felopulos, John Pete Social Science Bennington Felsenfeld, Stanley Charles TEQ Pre-Medical Brooklyn, N. Y. Fieber, Stanley Samuel 'PEA General Science Brooklyn, N. Y. Fienberg, Selma ATE Secretarial Bennington Finn, Emma Marion Home Economics St. Albans Fitzsimmons, Robert Agriculture West Rutland Fletcher, Julia Bancroft HBfI' Elementary Education XVoodstock Flower, Zelva Classical Hartland Four Corners Fortuna, Peter Anthony KE Pre-Medical St. Albans Foster, Herbert Gilman Agriculture VVindsor Fowell, Edith Patricia KA9 Literary Scientific Burlington Frank, Lester CPEA Pre-Niedical Burlington Fuchs, Eugene M. TINY Agriculture Bronx, N. Y. Gallagher, Evelyn Catherine Literary Scientific West Hartford, Conn. Gates, Edna Louise Elementary Education South Royalton Gates, Marjorie Cloma Pre-Medical Franklin Gaylord, Alma Louise UWT' Home Economics Northfield Geer, Diantha Smith AAA Business Bridgeport, Conn. George, Frederick Harold AT9 Agriculture VVclls River Gilmore, Robert Creighton EAE Literary Scientific Proctor Gipstein, Melvin Milton TE'P General Science Hartford, Conn. Glazin, Allan Ira TWP General Science Malden, Mass. Goeller, William Joseph EAE Business Scarsdale, N. Y. Goldberg, Julius Louis TECT' Business Burlington Goldstein, George Jason Chemistry Newburyport, Nlass. Goodman, Carl TE? Pre-Medical South Boston, Mass. Goodrich, John Winston Mechanical Engineering hdontpelier Gorham, Ruth Mary AXO Home Economics Brandon Goss, Robert Patterson Musical Education VVilder Gowdey, Richard Francis AI Pre-Medical Nlontpelier Gravel, Frances Aline Home Economics Winooski Gray, Myra Davis AAA Home Economics Waban, Mass. Gustafson, Esther Margaret HBfP Secretarial Vlforcester, Mass. Hall, Barbara Mae AXQ Elementary Education East Randolph Hallock, Gertrude Marie Elementary Education Rock Pt., Burlington Hammond, Charlotte Elementary Education Windsor Hanrahan, John D. IPAQ Pre-Medical Rlltlillld Harrington, Eleanor ,Lois , Elementary Education Bennington Hashim, George Joseph Pre-Medical Pittsfield, Mass. Hathorn, Ramona Dorothy AXQ Home Economics White River Junction Hawkinson, Betty AAA General Science St. Johnsbury Hayes, W. H., Jr. Social Science Rutland Hazen, Arlington Oscar ATS? Agriculture North Hero Hazen, Lloyd Norman Pre-Medical Riclnnond Heininger, Erika Natalie AX52 Home Economics Burlington Hendrick, Joseph Richard lPA9 Pre-Medical Rutland Herrmann, Nellie Alberta XAQ Music Education Rutland Hess, Clyde Gardner ANI' Pre-Medical Burlington Hoag, Mary Frances Elementary Education Burlington Hodesh, Norma Cecile Literary Scientific Northampton, Mass. Hogaboom, Verle Randall Agriculture Williston Holden, George Jean, Jr. EN Electrical Engineering Burlington Holman, Griswold Bruce Business Rutherford, N. J. Honsinger, Jackson Evans ATU Pre-Medical Alburg Hooks, John M. fPA9 Commercial Teaching West Englewood, N. Huard, Stedman George Pre-Medical Winooski Hughes, Rosamond Ella AXQ Home Economics Brattleboro Hull, Stanley Parker Business Wforcester, Mass. Humphreys, Roderick Julius Chemistry Bennington Hurst, John Walter EAE Literary Scientific Orange, N. Irish, James Philo Agriculture Essex Junction Isaacs, Judith Patricia A4145 Home Economics Far Rockaway, N. Y. Jacobson, Mrs. Sara B. Elementary Education Salisbury Jasper, Geraldine Muriel ACPE Social Science Brooklyn, N. Y. Johnson, Dorothy Linnea AAA General Science Brooklyn, N. Y. -89- V 'Kgs x "N Johnson, Louise Marie HBCII Lund, Hilda Arlene Elementary Education Burlington Home Economics Hartford, Conn. Jones, Hilton Walter Lunna, Richard Carlton Electrical Engineering Burlington Agriculture Newport Center Joseph, Jeremiah Peter Lyon, Ruth Marie Pre-Nledical Burlington, Vt. Classical Newport Juliano, Frances Dolores McAuliHe, Jane Louise KA9 Secondary Education Brooklyn, N. Y. Home Economics Burlington Katz, Jacob TEA McCabe, Chester Charles ATU Agriculture New York, N. Y. Secondary Education Shoreham Kehoe, Arthur Henry, Jr. McCormack, Irene Patricia Business Rutherford, N. I. Classical West Rutland Keighley, Thomas Joseph KE McElfish, Margaret C. HB4' Pre-Nledical Burlingwrl Literary Scientific Pittsburgh, Pa. Kemler, Stanley Marshal McGarry, John Francis K2 Pre-Nledical BurliI1gtOH Pre-Medical Proctor Kempter, Rudolph Harbison, Jr. Eff' McGill, James Bishop KE Mechanical Engineering Burlington Electrical Engineering St. Johnsbury Killick, Lawrence Findlay, Jr. KZ Machanic, Harmon Jack fT'2A Secondary Education Burlington Pre-Medical Burlington Knickerbocker, Jeanne Arlene EF McLaren, Martin Wakefield Social Science Burlington Electrical Engineering East Ryegate Knight, Nathan Zenas McLean, Mark Linwood Agriculture Post Mills Mechanical Engineering Jamaica Krupp, Webster Oscar Maidenbaum, Eva Dorothea Mechanical Engineering Burlington Literary Scientific New York, N. Y. Kunken, Leonard Yale Manheim, Gilbert TEA Business Lynbrook, N. Y. Pre-Medical Rutland Lacy, Ione Ethel EF Manjoney, Vincent August KE Home Economics Burlington Pre-MediCg,1 Bridgeport, Conn, Lane, Barbara Lillian IIBfIP Margolis, Joseph Gotman TEA Elementary Education Burlington Speqigil . Vtfaterbury, Conn, Lane, William Taylor AXI' Martin, Laura Marion Musical Education Hardwick Business Newark, N. Langeway, Marie Eleanore Mayforth, Harold Albert TAG Elementary Education Vergennes Business Barre Lanou, Frances Marie AXS2 Mayo, Jean Abbott Home Economics Burlington Home Economics Essex Junction Larson, George Howard Mayville, Frances H. Pre-Medical Proctor Home Economics Milton Levesque, Helene Ann KA9 Metcalf, Mary Elizabeth HBKP Classical Northampton, Mass.. Secretarial VVaterbury Levin, Florence Theodore ATE Miller, Frederick Wells KE General Science Brooklyn, N. Y. Agriculture Long Meadow, hdass. Lewkowicz, Anthony Joseph KE Mongeon, Andrew Clement Elementary Education Bellows Falls Mechanical Engineering VVinooski Liese, Clara Marie Moore, Deane Barbara Home Economics Chelsea Social Science Newport Lilley, Annette A. Moran, T. S. ATS! Elementary Education Enosburg Falls Pre-lVIedical Bristol, Conn. Lillie, Margaret Elizabeth Theresa Morgan, Donald William EAE Social Science Bennington Pre-Medical Burlington Little, Kathleen Laura Mulholland, Agnes June AAA Elementary Education Chelsea Social Science hdalone, N. Y. Lockwood, Robert Chase IPAQ Neal, Ronald Howard KE Pre-hdedical Sparta, N. J. Pre-Medical Laconia, N. H. if ,fy ,wi Nelson, Marion Fairbanks AEA Mechanical Engineering Nlontpelier Nolan, Claire Elinor AAA Literary Scientiiic North Bennington Norton, Robert Lee Social Science Pleasantville, N. Y. O'Brien, Ellen Ann Music Education O'Grady, Robert Francis Waterbury Electrical Engineering Essex Junction AXP Otis, Robert Samuel Agriculture Burlington Owens, George Everette EN Civil Engineering Ludlow, Mass. Page, Wayne Harold Electrical Engineering Hyde Park Palermo, Biagio K2 Social Science Waterbury Palmer, Margaret Helen AAA Social Science Malone, N. Y. Pangburn, Edward Jameson Business Upper Montclair, N. Parker, Marjorie Waite Social Science Goiistown, N. H. Parkhurst, Gerald Francis Pre-Medical Bennington Paterson, William Arthur AK1' Agriculture Barre Perkins, Bradford Marr Civil Engineering Montpelier Perkins, Priscilla Read H1343 General Science Augusta, Me. Perry, Mary AX9 Literary Scientific Barre Peterson, Dana Andrew AI Business Methuen, Mass. Phelps, Carolyn Ayers Music Education lVlilton Phillips, Evelyn Bertha Elementary Education Williamstown Phillips, Velma B. Elementary Education Burlington Pierce, Beverly Mae ' Elementary Education Barre Pierce, Franklin Kelley EAE Civil Engineering Montpelier Pond, Robert Ralston 24" Nlechanical Engineering Burlington Potter, Helen Davis Elementary Education Middlebury Powell, Thomas Reed, Jr. Atl' Social Science Cambridge, Mass. Pratt, Robert Ellsworth Literary Scientific Swanton Price, Shirley Geraldine AX9 Pre-Medical Springfield -90- Provost, Carolyn Emma 1'lBfb Elementary Education Burlington Pulleyn, Samuel Robert LIJAG Business New York, N. Y. Quinn, Mary Helen HBIIP Home Economics Burlington Reed, John Walter EN Mechanical Engineering Oakfield, N. Y. Reed, Lois N. 'Elementary Education Fair Haven Remington, Ann AAA Elementary Education Bennington Rhoades, Marion Barrett Literary Scientific Pittsfield, Mass. Richards, Elizabeth Ann Social Science Vlfoodstoclc Riddel, Douglas Alexander AXI' Business Graniteville Riggie, Marie Cleone Secondary Education Island Pond Roberts, Betsy KA9 Secretarial Hamburg, N. Y. Rosen, Cecile Shirley AfIfE Home Economics Hartford, Conn. Rowe, Alice Annette AX9 Literary Scientific Manchester Center Runnals, Sylvia Maria AXQ Business Montpelier Ryan, Alice Louise Home Economics Vergennes Ryan, Wendell James Pre-Medical Graniteville Saiger, George Lewis TE4' Pre-Medical Burlington Salmon, William 241 'Mechanical Engineering North Bennington Schoenberg, Paul Leonard 'PEA General Science New York, N. Y. Sedlis, Herbert Dexter TEfIJ Social Science Brookline, Mass. Segel, I. G. 'PEA Business Schenectady, N. Y. Shapiro, Robert Leonard TEX? Pre-Medical Springfield, Mass. AEA Shea, Rita Marie Elementary Education Nashua, N. H. Sherman, Gertrude Helene Classical Bristol Simmons, Nelson Elliott 2111 Social Science Ithaca, N. Y. Sinclair, Robert Orville Agriculture Johnson L., , V ,Y ' , su Smith, Betty Eldridge AX52 Walgren, Paul Robert 'FAQ Mechanical Engineering Business West Hartford, Conn. Jackson Heights, N. Y, Warren, Rosemary King Soule, Ralph Pollister KE Classical Wrentham, Mass, Agriculture South Portland, Me. Warsaw, Robert Stewart 'PEA Starkey, Florence Bertha Social Science Port Chester, N. Y. Home Economics Arlington, Mass. Watts, Eunice Adelaide AX9 Stevens, Dorothy Mae Home Economics Jamaica Literary Scientific Guildhall Webb, Barbara, Mae AAA Stewart, Ellen Reid Home Economics St. Albans Elementary Education New York, N. Y. Webster, Curtis Cleveland St, Mary, Ernest Francis, Jr, Atl' General Science Roxbury General Science Springfield Wellwood, Sylvia E. AEA Stockwell, Ernest Raymgnd AXP Social SClCI1CC SpI'll1gl'lClLl Music Education Hartford Whalen, Cornelia Justine HB'l' Strauch, Mary L, AEA Elementary Education Burlington Social Science St. Iohnsbury Whitcomb, Merrill Ray ANI' Swinyer, Juna Ruth Agriculture Springfield Literary Scientific Burlington White, Elizabeth Ann AXQ Tarshig, Robert Paul KIPEA WclEl2lSSlC21l PlttSiOI'Cl Mechanical En ineerin ite, Lallfa Lucille g Vgestmouma Colm, Elementary Education Ryegatc Taylor, Phyllis Marguerite AAA White, Robert Francis Music Education Bellows F3113 Social Science I Needham, Massx Templeton, Robert Glenn Whltef Sarah Allda ABQ Secondary Education Northfleld Falls Home ECOUOIPICS , East Ryefimew Thomas, Leonard Hendry EN Whitney' Harrlef Louise . Ax" PFC-Medical Burlington Home Economics Sprmgfleld-'A Thomas, Richard William K2 Wlittemgre' Nallcy W M I 'Z' Agriculture Rutland W. gmevfopcfmfcs Orcestcrf ass' Thompson, Noah lg F' lrgmla Agriculture Colchester Social Science Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. . . Willard, Corinne Blanche Thompson' Richard Winter KE Elementar Education Richmond T.iigfiCU,1,iufC, L . BfO0k1YHfN'Y- Williams, Jian Sibbald KE 1 ton, yrt e o1s - .- Elementary. Education Randolph Wiiigiiliilifuliiary Elizabeth Builmgtigig T00le,Sf Calym Waffen . Secretarial Springfield TC1vglEHsEffef1f1s d H Bufmgtoll Wilson, Margaret Elizabeth AAA fem aYf aYm0U efman Secretarial ' i -l v Agriculture Highgate Center Wimett, Dorothy Rita ra r I a en True, Ruth Secretarial Pittsford ClHSSlCHl R5111fl0lPl1 Winship, Robert Bradley Tulip, Henry Thomas EN Secondary Education VVells River Pre-Medical SEllC1D, Wgol, Marian Turner, Robert Gideon, Jr. Elementary Education Burlington Mechanical Engineering Wright, Seaver David, Jr. EN Torrington, COUI1- Agriculture 'White River Junction Urie, Earl Carl Alexander Wrisley, Winifred Mary Agriculture Craftsbury Common Music Education Wlaterbury Vogler, Florence Jean AAA Ziegra, Sumner Root ATU Music Education Burlington Pre-Medical Deep River, Conn. Waldo, Robert Everett Zimmerman, Barbara Pearl Nlechanical Engineering Burlington Social Science Hartford, Conn. 'if' e m..J,..f,w3fM - YY, I Q . . 7 vi '. hs i f" .ef . . f 7 , 0 " -,, . ., -,ggi 4 .-.eff , -f 3932. ifffetee-sw i""- ' 'e 4 - .I 1,3,1'g:E-Eff,-QQ's - , X ' ' ' 1 3.5851 r, -fr. v., , , 4, ri.pq'Fi1lii"' . N in .53 52-Q. S' H4-g , '- LL- ' ""'1.., CLASS ' OF 1945 Aiken, Neill Carlton EN lVlechanical Engineering Georgetown, Mass. Allen, Virginia Mae Home Economics Essex Junction Anderson, Betty Cornelia AAA Social Science Cromwell, Conn. Andrews, Everett Bertrand Agriculture Richmond Anthony, Margery Stuart KA9 General Science Englewood, N. Ashe, Mary Elizabeth AXQ Secretarial Nashua, N. H. Astone, Vincent John , P1'e-Medical Beacon, N. Y. Atherton Henry Vernon Agriculture Barton Austin, Gertrude Barbara KA9 Pre-Medical Brattleboro Austin, Malcolm Patrick General Science Long Lake, N. Y. Bailey, Elaine Delia Secondary Education lllaterbury Bailey, Joyce Edna Home Economics lWclndoe Falls Ballard, Esther Mae Classical lXflilton Banghart, Charles Edgar Eff? Nlechanical Engineering Douglaston, L. l., N. Y. Barash, Ernest Stanley TEKD Pre-Medical Brooklyn, N. Y. Barber, Catherine Patricia Elementary Education Bellows Falls Barrows, Robert Floyd Agriculture Milton Ingram, Pike, Phillips, Simonson Batchelder, Margaret Isabelle Elementary Education Nlontpelier Bayer, Alexander Eli TET Pre-Medical New Britain, Conn. Beaulieu, Norman Hubert EN Elementary Education Barre Berger, Paula Suzanne Social Science Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Beriau, Eileen Jeanette I Elementary Education East Pittsford Berman, Adelle Libby ATE Social Science Burlington Bernstein, Harold Paul TIM' Business Brooklyn, N. Y. Bernstein, Russell "PEA Pre-Nledical Holyoke, Mass. Bingham, Virginia Lois Literary Scientific St. Albans Bingle, Virginia Dorothy Business Lynn, Mass. Bissell, Peter Doelger Chemistry Suffolk, Conn. Bisson, Rosaire Wilfrid Pre-lVledical Barre Bliss, Dorris Evelyn Social Science Plymouth, Mass. Blodgett, Melvin Carl Nlechanical Engineering St. Johnsbury Blumberg, Lilla Claire Secretarial New Rochelle, N. Y. Bluto, Eugene Julius Pre-Nledical Grand Isle Bothfield, Richard Agriculture Cabot Boutin, Marie Antoinette Secondary Education Bennington -9g- Boyer-Hamilton, Jean Atl' Elementary Education Barre Broutsas, Esta Elementary Education Brattleboro Brown, Lois Sylvia Home Economics Richmond Brown, Scott William ' l General Science Richmond Bryden, Howard Stanton Atl' Social Science Vineyard Haven, Mass, Buley, Yvonne Ann Elementary Education Richmond Bull, Velma Jeanne AAA Home Economics Westfield, N. J. Bulmer, Elsie Elizabeth Social Science Glen Cove, N. Y. Burak, Leopold Michael Agriculture Winooski Burnham, Barbara Amy UB'l' Secretarial South Vlfindsor, Conn. Burningham, Lawrence Elliott AI Pre-Medical Berlin, N. H. Buswell, Richard Grant Pre-Medical Newton, Mass, Byington, Joyce Elizabeth AAA Elementary Education Charlotte Capen, Anna R. Classical Brandon Carlson, Ruth Anne KA9 Secretarial Burlington Carpenter, Torrey Case 'PAQ Business Burlington Chamberlain, Kathleen O'Neill Social Science Burlington Chapin, Shirley Elaine Elementary Education Colchester Chapin, Wallace Everett Craven, Emma Adelaide KM? Social Science South Londonderry Social Service Philadelphia, Pa. Cheney, Beryl Irene HBKIP Crocker, Ann Elementary Education Randolph General Science lioxboro, Mass. Christian, David Gordon Cudworth, Florence Elizabeth Pre-Medical North Clarendon Literary Scientific Brattleboro Christiansen, Roland Wilson Cutler, Lael Thelma ACIPE 'Agriculture East hflontpelier Social Science Quincy, Mass. Clark, Priscilla Dahlgren, Elizabeth Mae KA9 Home Economies Burlington Social Science Bristol, Conn. Clarke, James Fred, III AXP Danyow, LaRoy Harrison A-XI' Civil Engineering Rensselaer, N. Y. Civil Engineering Enosburg Falls Clarke, Pauline Elizabeth Davis, Donald Ivan Pre-Medical Fairfield, C01111. Mechanical Engineering Concord Cochran, Gordon Sullivan CIHAQ Diez, Marcelino Mechanical Engineering Nlechanical Engineering Barre Cl l f - . . ie ms Ord, Mass Dillon, Dorothy Clark Colfax, Jane Adelia Classical Burlington 'Vl 'cl Ed . ' P , , , , 1 usica uceition aterson, N J Dwmey Ralph Dettmer Combs, Raymond Mark EAE Chemistry Waterbury P --Vl d' l if 1 ' . mi 6 ma Vlumgfofd' Conn Donahue, Frances Ferguson Comen, Seymour Milton TEfIf Social Science Pearl River, N. Y. B ' ' N l-L . usiness ew wen, Conn Donahue, Margaret Clarke Comings, Herbert Bowen, Jr. 'PAO Secondary Education Business Richford Pearl River, N. Y. Conlan, Adele Pierce Doremus, Sally Anne Home Economics Seaclirf, L. l., N. Y. Music Ed1lC21'EiOl1 Rochcstel' Connor, Francelia Mae Douton, David Francis K2 Home Economics hliddlegex Civil Engineering VVest Hartford, Conn. Connor, Frederick Bernard, Jr. KE Drury, Harris Kenneth All' Business Burlington Chemistry Essex Junction Conrad, Richard Reuben ANI' Earle, Wendell George Secondary Education Morrisville Agriculture East Hardwick Cook, Basil Jay Eflf Earley, Richard Kay ATU Secondary Education Poultney Mechanical Engineering Burlington Corbosiero, Guy Rudolph EN Eddy, Malcolm Lockwood ' ANI' Pre-Medical Fitchburg, Nlags, hdechanical Engineering Burlington Corner, Suzanne Elizabeth Edwards, Alice Gloria Ll-AA Secretarial Brooklyn, N, Y, Elementary Education Brooklyn, N. Y. Corwin, Alan Russell Eisman, Rose Sophie ' -TPR Agriculture Chelsea General Science Jersey City, N. J. Crandall, Paul Herbert Eklund, Frank Oscar 'P-59 Pre-Medical Essex Junction Pre-Medical Rutland Ellis, Richard Whitcomb All Civil Engineering South Royalton Evans, Richard McNair 34' Social Science Burlington Fabiano, James John KI Elementary Education Somersworth, N. ll. Fagan, William Thomas, Jr. Pre-Medical Rutland Falby, Phyllis-Anne Elementary Education Windsor Farnham, Alta Muriel Home Economics North Troy Farnsworth, Betty Doris Illifl' Social Science Morristown, N. J. Favreau, Florence Elizabeth Secondary Education West Townshend Fifield, Mary Lyons Elementary Education Fisher, Lewis Richard Electrical Engineering Fishman, Louis Chemistry Fiske, Barbara Muriel Home Economics Fitch, Pauline Hazelton Home Economics Flemming, Alice Secretarial Flournoy, Sarah-Jo General Science Burlington IDEA Hardwick Burlington Burlington KAO St. Johnsbu ry KA9 Lonsdale, R. l. Kenmore, N. Y. Flynn, Richard Harold 'PAQ Social Science North Adams, Mass. Frank, Howard David 'PEA Social Science Burlington Fraser, Paul Victor Civil Engineering Montpelier Gershaw, Gerald Civil Engineering Brooklyn, N. Y. Gilbert, Judith Lee Classical Dorset Goldbloom, Joan Social Science Brooklyn, N. Y. Xl Goldman, Newton Selig 'PEA Social Science Brookline, Mass. Goldman, Stanley Harold 7 Civil Engineering Brooklyn, N. X. Goldstein, Irving TEA Business Mountaindale, N. Y. Goodman, Martin U TES' Pre-Medical Haverhill, Mass. Goodsell, Norton Henry Axl' PrC-Mcdiqg1l South Hero Grant, Carol Lee I Home Economics Winchester, Mass. Greem ore, Gerald Henry Social Science Wiuooski Guild, Loraine Somerville . HB9 Elementary Education Burlington Hall, Marjorie Anne - Home Economics Hardwick Hamlin, Guy Andrews Ed' Pre-Medical Brushton, N. Y. Hammond, Marie Alice I Elementary Education Burlington Hardy, Phyllis Marie Home Economics Brattleboro Harmon, Mary Elizabeth ' Elementary Education Bennington Harrington, Fred Arthur Pre-Medical Rutland Harrington, Robert Patrick EAE Pre-Medical Springfield Harvey, Sylvester Thomas Agriculture Cabot Haven, Stuart Foster Atl' Mechanical Engineering Vergennes Haynes, Bettie Lorraine Elementary Education Burlington Hecht, Florence ACIPE Literary Scientihc Brooklyn, N. Y. Heilbroner, Peter R. Social Science New York, N. Y. Hendershot, Sylvia Jane Literary Scientific Wlhite Plains, N. Y. Hennessey, Katherine Ann Elementary Education Bellows Falls Hewitt, Francis Gaonico Eflf Business Montclair, N. gl. Hibbard, Shirley Tucker KA9 Classical New Britain, Conn. Hinman, Hope Secondary Education Haverhill, Mass. Holden, Arthur Clement Electrical Engineering Burlington Holland, Lawrence Carroll PTC-lVICCllC2ll Bglffc Holmes, Ruth Anne Home Economics Burlington Hotchkiss,. Jeanne Trowbridge HBKP Social Science New Preston, Conn. Howard, Robert Burnham, Jr. Social Science Kansas City, Mo. Howlett, Joan Marie Pre-Medical Little Neck, L. I., N. Y. Hughes, Christine Ruth AX!! Home Economics Brattleboro Humphrey, Robert Arthur EAE Electrical Engineering Needham, Mass. Humphreys, Donald Walter Pre-Medical Bennington Hunt, Virginia Mary AEA General Science Rutherford, N. Ingalls, Frances KA9 Pre-Medical Pelham Manor, N. Y. Ingram, Thomas Ronald AAI' Elementary Education Berlin Jacobs, Thelma Adria ACIHE Home Economics St. Albans Jacobs, Winston Richmond 24' Mechanical Engineering Brattleboro Jenkins, Eleanor Dawley I1B'P Home Economics Maplewood, N. ,l. Jepson, Ruth Dorothy Secretarial Wlalpole, Nlass. Jordan, Ruth Kimball KA9 Secondary Education Burlington Kantor, Beatrice Arleen Business Rutland Katz, 'Sherman Joseph TEIIH Business West Hartford, Conn. Kaufman, Richard KIPEA Business Pittsfield, Mass. Kaye, Bernard Marvin QDZIA Pre-Medical Brandon Kellogg, David Sherwood Eflt Pre-Medical Newtonville, Mass. Kennon, Barbara Louise 11139 Home Economics Fort Sam Ilouston, Tex. Ker, Robert Walker Business Waterbury, Conn. King, Barbara Ann Home Economics Alburg Kirby, Barbara Elizabeth All Home Economics Brooklyn, N. Y. Kirby, Helen Blakey Elementary Education Underhill Knight, Phyllis Elizabeth Elementary Education Bellows Falls Knight, Ray Fordham -SAE Business Fort Benning, Ga. Koble, Freda ATE General Science Witherbee, N. Y. Kudiesy, Mary Ann Elementary Education Burlington LaCroix, Gideon Aime Civil Engineering Bennington LaCross, Thelma Marie Social Science Chester'Depot Lampman, Shirley Mae Nlusical Education St. Albans LaPointe, Ralph Robert Elementary Education lVinooski LaTaille, Frederick Henry ATI? Agriculture Salisbury Lawson, Marion Crystal Pre-lVIedical Stony Point, N. Y. Leavy, Jack Mathew 'PSA Business Brooklyn, N. Y. Lederman, William Jack TINY Pre-Medical Revere, Mass. Levine, Irving Pre-Medical Burlington Lieberman, Bernice Literary Scientific Medford, Mass. Lippman, Bernhard Rutherford TE'l' ' Business Plainfield, N. nl. Liston, Douglas Lyle Elementary Education Burlington Little, Winona Dorothy Home Economics Plainfield Lobdell, James Oliver Pre-Medical Fairfield, Conn. . Loufhery, Dorothy Margaret AXQ Pre-Medical New Haven. Conn. Lowe, Phyllis Elmira K.-X9 Secretarial Milton, Nlass. Lucas, Peggy Marie General Science Washington, D. C. Luce, Lorraine Winifred Home Economics Waterbury Lyerly, Laurence 'FAQ Business Bridgeport, Conn. McKee, Marie Gloria Home Economics St. Johnsbury MacKenzie, Helen Alene Elementary Education South Ryegate MacKenzie, Jean Marie Elementary Education South Ryegate McLaughlin, John Andrew Social Science Florence Magnus, Seymour Ralph TE4' Pre-Medical Chelsea, Nlass. Mahar, William Matthew Pre-lVledical Fair Haven Maher, Donald Karl Secondary Education Newfane Manahan, Mary Constance Secondary Education St. Albans Manson, Gordon EAN Pre-Medical Burlington .auf Marcott, Kathryn Inez Elementary Education Burlington Marquis, Judith Baird General Science Flushing, N. Y. Martin, Albert William ATQ Elementary Education Rutland Marzari, Robert Edward EN Agriculture Yonkers, N. Y. Maw, Mildred Ann Irene Home Economics Island Pond Maxfield, Patricia Shannon AEA Pre-Medical New Hartford, Conn. Melby, Marian Lucy AAA Home Economics Andover, N. sl. Merriam, Richard Sheldon Pre-Medical Rochester Mershon, William Randal Atl' Pre-Medical Stamford, Conn Michaud, Robert Blondin ATS? Business Burlington Mickler, Malcolm Arnold 'PEA Business Providence, R. l. Miller, Marcia Alger KM? Social Science Claveraclc, N. Y. Moore, Dorothy Jane Elementary Education Riverside, Conn. Moore, Stephen Gates 211' Social Science Burlington Morrison, Charles Alexander Agriculture West Barnet Munroe, Esther Helen KAU Secondary Education Montpelier Murray, Helen May Home Economics Richmond Needham, Shirley Ellen AXQ Home Economics Boston, Nlass. Neill, Paul Vernon EN Elementary Education Randolph Nelson, Forrest Alan EAE Mechanical Engineering Hamden, Conn. Nelson, Janette Mitchell AAA Elementary Educat1on Ryegatc Nelson, Marion Hilda Social Science Burlington Niles, Lois Holyoke Elementary Education Bennington Noble, Bethia Brown Home Economics Benson Noble, Dorothy Elizabeth Home Economics Poultney Nutting, Marjorie Jane Home Economics Woodstock 0'Connor, James Raymond KI Agriculture New York, N. Y. O'G rady, Norman John Electrical Engineering Essex klunction O'Hearn, Robert John Business North Adams, Mass. Oling, Elaine Annette JDE Secretarial Brooklyn. N. Y. Page, Richard Wallace E41 Social Science Burlington Palmer, Peter Robinson KE Agriculture New Haven, Conn. Parker, June Shirley Hlkllf Secretarial Fanwood, N. bl. Patten, John Cochrane Pre-Medical Claremont, N. H. Paul, Leonard 'IDEA General Science Hamden, Conn. Pearl, Harriet Dean KA9 Elementary Education Burlington Pearl, Houghton Dean Atl' Pre-Medical Burlington Pearl, Sydel Rosalyn NIYE Home Economics Swanton Perry, Katherine Shedd Social Science East Greenwich, R. I. Perry-Hooker, John Hollister Pre-Medical Pestle, Eva Lois Home ILCOIIOIHICS Pfeiffer, Jane, Elizabeth Social Science Perth -M... ,. .1 Wells River Wa itslicld AEA Amboy, N. A I l r I r l Jw. ., -it 5,405 , suse. tt ,l:...fqz'frZeu't r M, 2,-'Vx V ' wr?K"5ifii:g'95'i'i .ff " ii,-P , E i .. N-. f'-iii Z a 'Eff A 2. f X Q l x ififexii . Q 1 . K 4 . ,ql -95- -r-sg' 7 ia' Phillips, David John KE Mechanical Engineering Rye, N. Y. Phillips, Jeanne KA9 Business Nlilford, PEL Pike, Janet Alice I UB4' Pre-Medical Burlington Plumley, Charles Arthur Mechanical Engineering Ludlow Pope, Richard Warren 24' Mechanical Engineering lVellesley Hills, Mass. Powers, John Frederick ATU Business Btlrlillgton Pratt, Constance Miriam HBH' Elementary Education Proctor Pratt, Robert James KE Agriculture North Clarendon Preston, Janice Elaine v K-N9 Secretarial Burlington Prior, Francis Xavier Chemistry Springfleld, Mass. Prouty, Rayelen Bruce Home Economics XVest Hartford, Conn. Quesnel, Aline Marie Elementary Education Salisbury Rasines, Armonie Monica Secretarial Barre Rickert, John Earle Secondary Education North Caldwell, N. Rindler, Doris Jeanne 'PA-E Social Science New York, N. Y. Ritchie, Betty Manning Secretarial Glen Rock, N. J. Robinson, Charlotte Esther MPR Pre-Medical Accord, N. Y. Robinson, Phillip Edwin 24' Social Science Burlington Robinson, William Egbert AT General Science Bellows Falls Rolleri, Marie Josephine Classical Bridgeport, Conn. Rose, Virginia Elizabeth UBC? Social Science Bellows Falls Rosen, Malcolm TET Business New Haven, Conn. Rubin, Marjorie Ruth ATE Social Science Brockton, Nlass. Ruble, George Besett Mechanical Engineering Burlington Ruroede, Carl, III 'PAQ Mechanical Engineering Port lVasl1ington, N. Y. Russell, Beatrice Warren Elementary Education Burlington Saladino, Frances Elaine Home Economics Ely Sample, Harold Alanson Secondary Education Bethel Samuelson, Glendeen Marie Elementary Education South Ryegate Sanderson, Ruby Alice AEA Literary Scientihc Winsted, Conn. Scheu, Edna Urania Pre-Medical Sea Cliff, N. Y. Scribner, Phyllis Ellen AEA Elementary Education Cannondale, Conn. Scutakes, Calleen Secretarial Burlington Seltzer, Norman Lewis WEA General Science Brookline, lVlass. Sena, Norman Sidney TIN' Business lvaterbury, Conn. Setien, Anita Elementary Education Barre Severance, Dean Charles ATF? Nlechanical Engineering Chester Sheldon, Anita Ruth Secretarial Rochester, N. Y. Sillman, Gerard Isaac TEKD General Science New Haven, Conn. Simonson, Margaret Devare KA9 Social Science Rock Island, Ill. Small, Beatrice Hazel KA6 Business Burlington Smart, Wayne Douglas ATU Pre-Medical Laconia, N. H. Smith, Charles Plympton, III Atl' Business Burlington Smith, Jean Elizabeth KA9 Home Economics Forest Hills, N. Y. Smith, Margaret Lucy Elementary Education Barton Smith, Robert Raymond Atl' Social Science Springfield Sohn, Jack Social Science Bloomfield, N. Soule, Robert William Atl' Mechanical Engineering Burlington Spear, Leo Bernard Business Essex Junction Spylios, Michael Aristotle ATU Pre-Medical Fitchburg, Mass. Steinecke, Alan Quentin Elementary Education South Londonderry Steinecke, William, Jr. Elementary Education South Londonderry Stevens, Jean Ethel Elementary Education Burlington Stevens, Vesta May ' Classical Mystic, Conn. Stevenson, Robert Louis KE Social Science Lynn, Mass. Stewart, Doris Elizabeth Pre-Medical Schenectady, N. Y. Stimpson, Janet Eva AXQ Social Science Cape Cottage, Me. -334' 'cc ,,.c4it,?owAP-D of ff www' 'M-f"" 41 vistas? pt.f.Wo,rs. 1945 IE 28. FRMQGD CLQQ15 Y . un'g!.,M 1?..1fLfl.., .. .. Stokes, Konrad Howard General Science Waitsiield Story, Edgar Prescott EN Agriculture Rutland Stromberg, Violet Mae Elementary Education Putney Stroyman, Harold ' Social Science Chelsea, Mass. Switzer, Karl Whitman, Jr. TAG Business Vifaban, hfiass. Szabolinski, Saturnina Helena Secretarial Springfield Tadejewski, Edward Joseph KE Agriculture Trenton, N. tl. Tenopyr, Joseph, Jr. Pre-Medical Brooklyn, N. Y. Thomas, Herman Selig T313 Mechanical Engineering Burlington Thompson, Beatrice Marjorie Literary Scientific YVest Hartford Thompson, Gail AXQ Secretarial Vx-'orcester, hfiass. Thornton, Mary Jane EI' Literary Scientific Petersburg, Va. Vail, Benjamin Underhill General Science St. Albans Vail, Samuel Underhill Civil Engineering St. Albans Von Paulsen, Annette Phoebe Pre-Medical Cambridge, Mass. Waldman, Philip Abraham TIN' Chemistry Newton Center, Blass. Walker, Betty Irene 31" Home Economics Cabot Wallach, Dorothy Isabelle NPE Home Economics New York, N. Y. Wallshein, Melvin TEfT' Pre-hfieclical Brooklyn, N. Y. Waters, Richard Morris Social Science Brookline, Mass. Watson, Jean Maclver Literary Scientific South Barre Webber, Earlene Barbara Home Economics East Barre Webster, Fred Clarence Agriculture Randolph Wedge, Shirley Emily Home Economics Lakeside, Conn. Weess, Alan Cruett 'PA9 Business South Braintree, Mass. Welch, Vincent Paul KZ lviechanical Engineering Burlington Wellman, Kenneth James Pre-Medical Ludlow Westney, Marjorie Lucille Pre-Medical Ascutncy Whalon, James Donald A1 Mechanical Engineering East Dorset Wheeler, David Bayley EN Social Science Morrisville White, Clara Elizabeth Home Economies Greensboro Whitham, Hugh Derwood Pre-Medical South Royalton Willard, Ruth Pearl Elementary Education Richmond Williams, John Keen Business Landgrovc Woods, Beverly Margaret HBKD Secondary Education Burlington Workman, Christopher Lovell General Science Essex junction Yates, Persis Elizabeth Elementary Education Sheldon Zander, Howard L. TEA Pre-Medical Brooklyn, N. Y. ..97- ..-nl CTI ITIE ,1i" "lu ' O., V S . 5. 0 Q, x, I 'Q :Q 2 I Q x l x 6 2 , P 'I 5155115 E I - ET Fuasus - I 2 C5 HUNESTIS ff Z 1 J QQ 1' 3 xl s A Q, V' J 5 'O ,Q QUE x00 I' O.. ,S AEQ Q Oo "'-. ' l79t - .-"' ."lllllIll", Honoraries Organizations Athletics H o 11 o r arl e s MORTAR BOARD Second Row-Tuckerman, Abel, Fiske, Pearl, Frank Front Row-French, Metcalf, Goodwin, Witham, Gallagher, Agard SENIOR WOMEN'S HONORARY SOCIETY Established at Vermont, 1924 HONORARY MEMBERS Eleanor Cummings Catherine Nulty Nlary Jean Simpson Frances Elizabeth Abel Norma Joene Agard Gloria Oling Frank Barbara Nlarion Gallagher Nancy Guild Goodwin Joanna Jeanne hletcalf Gratia Houghton Pearl hlary Elizabeth Tuckerman Helen hlarie Vlilitham This national senior vvomen's honorary society is composed of women who have been recognized for outstanding service, scholarship and leadership, The Mortar Board sponsors two dances yearly and super- vises student elections, and assists the Dean of Vlfomen whenever possible. - 102 - BOULDER SOCIETY Second Row-Sawyer, Akley, Wood Front Row-Spasyk, Dean Swift, Carlson, Hunting , .,n, ff? - Thirty-seven years ago nine senior men, through the desire of closer contact with the faculty, organized what is known today as Boulder. Since its founding the society has more than justified its existence through the solving of weighty problems of student leadership and will always remain as monumental to those mem- bers of the class of 1905. -103- SENIOR MEN'S HONORARY SOCIETY Founded 1905 HONORARY MEMBER Dean Elijah Swift Clarence Vernon Akley Robert Lackie Carlson Roger Bryant Hunting James David Sawyer John Joseph Spasyk Hazen Francis Wlood STAFF AND SANDAL Second Row-Burns, Witham, Savage, Wishart, Germain, Spear Front Row-Abell, Hoffman, Anderson, Hackwell, Dike, Needham, Pike JUNIOR WOMENS HONORARY SOCIETY Founded 1938 Marjorie Esther Abell Helena Anderson Barbara Elaine Burns Janet Dike Mary Elizabeth Germain Janet Agnes Hackvvell June Winifred Holfman Alice Marie Needham Patricia Helen Pike Phyllis Savage Lavinia Natalie Spear Nlargaret Eleanor Wishart Marjorie Joan Witham -104 In 1935 Dean Simpson and the Mortar Board founded the junior Womenis honorary, Staff and Sandal. The chief duty delegated to this society is the manage- ment of the annual Lilac Day Pageant, introduced by the first Dean of Women at the University. The membership is restricted to those of high scholar- ship, character and executive ability. KEY AND SERPENT Second Row-Little, Doherty, Kaufman Front Row-Blakely, Corbett, Mott, Parker :'- f. ffl' - 37-1-1-527 The bases on which members of this society are elected, that which denotes the highest type of college man, are: pleasing personality, executive ability and high scholastic standing. The members assist Boulder in their delegated powers is such highlighted affairs as Kake Vifalk, Junior Vlfeek and various campus policies. Professor Tupper who is retiring this year after having been Faculty Advisor since the founding of the society in 1908. -105- JUNIOR MEN'S HONORARY SOCIETY Founded 1908 HGNORARY MEMBERS Frederick Tupper Lyman Smith Rowell Edwin Harmond Blakely Joseph Edward Corbett Robert Charles Doherty Milton Reuben Kaufman George Edward Little, Jr. Elias Bertram Mott Harry Chandler Parker, Jr. SOPHOMORE AIDES Second Row-Runnals, Brown, Gaylord, Metcalf, Casey, Wilson Front Row-Perkins, Crowley, Whalen, Carr, Buckingham, Eimer SOPI-IOMORE WOMEN'S HONORARY SOCIETY Founded 1938 HONORARY MEMBER Mrs. Janet A. Bickford Carolyn DeNike Brown Shirley Ann Buckingham Allison Nlary Carr Ita hlargaret Casey Elinor Patricia Crowley Nlarilyn Louise Eirner Alma Lucia Gaylord Mary Elizabeth Nletcalf Priscilla Read Perkins Sylvia Marie Runnals Cornelia Justine 'Whalen hlargaret Elizabeth lVilson ln 1938 there was felt the need for a new honorary to ably assist the junior and senior women's society in underclass activities. The members act as hostesses at coffee hours and informals held at Southwick. lt has been through the outstanding assistance of hdrs. Bickford that the Women have become active hostesses at the Southwick building. Scholastic standing, leadership, and character are the qualities necessary for membership, -106- GOLD KEY Second Row-Burningham, Kunken, Manheim, Calkins, Kempter, McCabe I Front Row-Keighley, White, Killick, Urie Nine years ago the Gold Key, sophomore society, was founded and membership is sought by those out- standing underclassmen who are leaders, scholars, possess athletic ability and have high morals. The members are assistants to the upper two societies and do a great deal in helping the freshmen acclimate themselves. SOPHOMORE MEN'S HONORARY SOCIETY Founded 1933 HONORARY MEMBER Benjamin Ladd Frederick Boardman Edward Boyden Lawrence Burningham Keith Calkins Robert Goss Thomas Keighley Rudolph Kempter Lawrence Killick Leonard Kunken Robert Lockwood Gilman hlanheim Chester hIcCabe Franklin Pierce Carl Erie Paul Yvalgren Robert Ylfhite 107 - P1-11 BETA KAPPA HONORARY SCHOLASTIC FRATERNITY 'l-'4 7 Founded at William and Mary College, 1776 . Alpha of Vermont, Established 1848 " i OFFICERS Prcndrnr ....................... ..,........ D r. B. C. Douglass Cofwrpovzzlivzg Sl'El'L'l'll7'j' ............. .............. A fliss Irene B. Allen lzcc Prfsirlfnt ............... .,............, D r. H. F. Perkins Trcar-zzrw' ..,...... .,.... ..... ...,.. ............... D 1 ' . J. A. Bullard TNITIATBS G. H. Bailey, Jr. Nlartha L. Baker B. B. Barney Margaret Beattie Pulitzer Prize winner F. Barclossi Barbara Bishop YV. B. Aiken Irene B. Allen Lyman Allen Mary R. Bates Cornelia J. Baylies H. G. Bennett A. M. K. Blume Jennie L. Bradlee Jean B. Brehmer Charlotte P. Brooks R. O. Buchanan J. A. Bullard G. P. Bn 1'1i s G. ll. Burrows P. W. Butterfield lL. II. Buttles R. K. Caldwell D. F. D. Carpenter L. XY. Dean MEMBERS A. H. Becker H. G. Carlson T. F. Crimnnn G. B. Dunn fum, 1941 Dnccmbrr, 1941 C. W. Partridge J. B. DeForest Jeanne B. Dodd E. J. Dole B. C. Douglass G. Dykhuizen P. A. Fraleigh A. R. Gifford Gertrude F. Goldberg Ruth H. Gregory G. G. Groat R. A. Hall R. M. Holmes W. li. James F. W. Kehoe G. V. Kidder Constanee L. Knight M. ll. laaatseli llelen R. LeBaron ll. P. Levine K. J. Bstey S. B. Heath? Harriet Kieslieh W. R. Lyman G. H. Stiekney OF THE FACULTY AND THE ADMINISTRATIV - 108 - J. I. Lindsay C. Luearini G. B. Lucarini Marjorie E. Luce Anna S. Lutinan D. T. MeClay Miriam N. Marston YY. H. Martin J. T. Metcalf G. L. Millikan Louise M. Morgan lllizalmeth XV. Morrill A. B. Myriek Catherine F. Nulty L. D. Paqnette l'l. F. Perkins W. C. H. Prentice L. M. Prindle I2 STAFF A. lVIaltbie G. S. Palmer Helen Sault W. W. Suojanen H. K. Riggs L. F. Shorcy lVIary Jean Simpson H. C. Smith Winona B. Stone E. Swift Vance Tartar Bertha M. Terrill E. Thomas R. S. To iwfx ie F. Tupper Mary E. Waddell B. B. Wainwright M. Arline Watkins D. W. Wlntrnzm A. B. Willmarth lithyle R. Bolle Florence M. Woodard Kathleen LeBaron Strasshurg CHAMPLAIN SABERS 4 Second Row-Pratt, Boyden, Akley, Hubbard, Searl Front Row-Moran, Wood, Moore, Paterson, Carlson HONORARY MILITARY SOCIETY Founded 1937 OFFICERS Captain .....,.............,.....,,........ ............ A . C. Moore Second Limztmzant-Sfcrffary ............, ..............., I 'l. F. Wfood First Lieutenant ................. ........... R . D. Paterson Second LiczcZ'mant-Trmrnrer ....... ................. R . L. Carlson FACULTY MEMBER Lieutenant Carl H. Schofleld C. V. Akley R. L. Clark A. C. Moore H. Pratt, Ir. N. J. Boyden H. H. Hubbard D. L. hloran S. C. Scarl R. L. Carlson C. G. Miller R. D. Paterson H. F. Wood S IGIVIA DELTA PSI ., Qi 3 , Q , I-IONORARY ATHLETIC FRATERNITY HONORARY MEMBERS Nl. H. Aldrich F. S. Kent A. T. Post H. A. Prentice D. B. Carroll GRADUATE MEMBERS John L. Beckley '34 joseph L. Delfausse '34 Austin H. Ross '37 Frederick Tuppcr. lr. '32 Onslow S. Brown '34 Elmer L. Nicholson '39 john lol. Suitor '38 Loyal S. Wright '33 Theodore P. Budzyna '38 STUDENT hlEAlBERS Edward O'Connell '43 John Spasyk '42 -109- PI GAMMA MU ' "3f"'... i'.4 I A . V , ".,f' '- .Q I kv ' -w.,.,Sy , Second Row-Ward, Woodruff, Doheny Front Row-Black, Bishop, Coffin HONORARY SOCIAL SCIENCE SOCIETY Established at Vermont, 1932 I FACULTY MEMBERS STUDENT MEMBERS Prof. L. L. Briggs Prof. M. H. Laatsch Lillian E. Aronson Ethelyn L. Chaffee Margaret Vllard Prof. D. A. Carroll Prof. Catherine Nulty Barbara R. Bishop Corrine P. Collin Sarah Wilson Miss Gennette C. Davis Prof. H. E. Putnam Leicia A. Bishop Marguerite I. Doheny A. Joyce Woodruff Prof. G. G. Groat Miss Florence Woodard Waino W. Suojaneu OFFICERS President ...................... ................ H azen Wloocl Faculty Advisors ......... .................................................................. P rof. B. C. Douglass Vife-President' .................... ........... M elvin Hawes Prof. lVl. Laatsch Mr. W. H. Martin S -T .............................................................................,.................. Alf cl A Unitary Tmmnlr re mee Collamer Abbott Robert Galipeau Loren Shores Clarence Akley Heath Riggs Robert Thayer HONORARY EDUCATION SOCIETY Founded at-University of New Hampshire, 1922 Alpha Gamma Chapter, Established 1927 PHI KAPPA Second Row-Brawn, Shores, Abbott Front Row-Hawes, Wood, Prof. Douglass, Amee, Galipeau -110- GOODRICH CLASSICAL CLUB Second Row-M. Perry, Eimer, Warren, Maurer, Davison, True Front Row-J. Perry, Fiske, Prof. Kidder, Prof. Prindle, Ginsburg, Goodwin, Annis HONORARY CLASSICAL SOCIETY Organized 1926 Piwszdrizt ...................,...,,,...............,..................,....,............. Vic Prf f-Iirrszdmt, ....,.....,........... ........ . Collamer Abbott Emma Abbott Joene Agard Geraldine Annis Fulvio Bardossi Mary Butler Flora Fifield Nliriam Fiske Zelva Flower Jean Davison OFFICERS ................MelV1n Hawes Serretary.......,..... Miriam Fiske Trmmrer ..........,..... Myrna French Hyman Ginsburg Nancy Goodwin lVIelvin Hawes Niarilyn Eimcr Ju ne Hoifman Margaret False szdrnt ............................,. ....,.... Fulvio Bardossi M4 QT IN jfrfm - Q! a t M . Yfff' QQ 5 .uf .-'7f.'.1 115' 14145-' xii: J.. I Janet Clark - OFFICERS Dorothy johnson 'Walter Maurer Alice Needham Judith Perry Mary Perry Hoffman Hyman Cvinsbui 53 Gertrude Sherman Loren Shores Ruth True Rosemary VVarrcn Samuel Zislcind .luhus G. Cohen Secretary .....,.................,..............................,.....,.. ............................ Julius Cohen Faye Lipman Daan Zwick HONORARY FORENSIC SOCIETY Founded at the University of Indiana, 1908 Vermont Chapter, Established, 1912 TAU KAPPA ALPHA Second Row-Zwick, Prof. Dean, Cohen Front Row-Lipman, Mr. Powers, Clark -111- .Faye R. Lipman ALPHA ZETA Second Row-Campbell, F. Webster, Streeter, White, Dana, Stoddard, Pierce Front Row-Bickford, Smith, Cummings, Carlson, Pestle HONORARY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY Q FACULTY MEMBERS Founded at Ohio State, 1897 M- B- CUIH1Hi11gS Dff2L1iJCLi HillSd . . D.E,D kl D.'. .J ' Green Mountazn Chapter, Established 1905 un ee F mel I -Robert Bickford Rufus Estey John Pratt Robert Story Floyd VV. Campbell Roy Pestle Arnold Smith Glenn Streeter Robert Carlson Winston Pierce Norman Stoddard Frederick Webster Douglas Dana Reginald White OFFICERS Przsidmt .........,... ,.......... I oyce Kenyon Secretary ..............,. ................ I 'Iilda Paquette Treasurer ............ .................... .....................,.....................,.................,...... I 'Ielen LeBaron FACULTY MEMBERS Ioyce Kenyon Hester Rice Dr. Florance King Prof. Florence Bailey Pwfl Marvin MHFY TUCkC1'maH Hilda Paquette Beatrice Wright HONORARY HOME ECONOMICS SOCIETY Vermont Phi, Established 1925 E G M IC R C N N U Second Row-Rice, Paquette, Wright Front Row-Tuckerman, Kenyon, Marvin -112- UNIVERSITY PLAYERS Prexidenl' ..................... Secretary ........................... Second Row-Goldberg, Wellwood, Steinecke, Ballou, ButterHeld, Page Front Row-Harvey, Hackwell, Pike, Woolley, Marks, Deming, Amee U OFFICERS Bzzsirzer Manager ..,... Property lllzmezger Stage Manager ...,............................. Arrirtaazt Business' Alfred Amee Larry Ballou Anne Bottomley Katherine Brown Barbara Butterfield Elizabeth Deming Gerald Didinsky janet Dike Franklin Fowler janet Hackwell Wendell Harvey Roger Hunting Manager ........ . Jeanne Wooley Patricia H. Pike .........,..........Copeland Marks ..,.....,......F.lizabeth L. Deming ......................Clark G. Nliller Alpert Bernice Lieberman Copeland Marks Clark Nliller Donald Morgan Patricia Page Patricia Pike Janet Rust Alan Steinecke Marian Stoughton Paul Sundberg Phyllis Taylor Sylvia lVellwood The University Players, honorary dramatic society, was founded in 1935, the result of the merger of the separate menls and vvomen's dramatic organizations, Nlask and Sandal, and Wig and Buskin. The mem- bership of the society is made up of those who have taken part in one of the major plays sponsored by the Players. The fall presentation of the University Players was "Death Takes a Holiday," a most successful performance. Although the shortened schedule inter- fered with Junior VVeek, the Players presented "Out of the Frying Pan" in the spring, and the proceeds were given to the University Security Fund. Mrs. YVilnetta Sproul Taggart directed both plays with her customary ability. The Players have also tried to encourage latent talent on the campus by sponsoring one-act plays, coached by members of the society. -113- Crganizations THE VERMONT CYNIC Third Row-Goldberg, Cassidy, Needham, Mitchell, Delano, Casey, Whalen, Abell, Burns Second Row-Wright, Amee, Felsenfeld, Katzew, Blakely, Basch, Pike, Little, Katz, Roy - Front Row-Marks, Goodwin, Wolfe, French, Bardossi, Cohen, Butterfield, ltzkowitz, Pierce THE BOARD NEWS EDITORS Editor-in-Chief .......... ......,.....................,.......................... ............ F u lvio Bardossi Marlon ROY Alice Needham Managing Editor ......,... ............... M yrna French Alice Relcllman ll Goldman Wommfs Editor ............. .........,....... .........,.. N ei ncy Goodwin Beatrice lyrlglll Sopllle Gomes, Sporzfr Editor ...........................,...........,............. ............. C liarles Itzkowitz 1.1. Llppe Pamela Fellows Feature and Extlmugt Editor ........,.. ........... C opeland Marks Vlrglnla Nlltcllell VV. Black Retordivzg Editor ...................,.....,.......... ........................... I -lester Rice Thelma Packard G. Llttle Campus Editor .................... Barbara Butterfield D' Zwlcli A- Amee Photographic Editor .,..... .......,.,....... C harles Katzew lvlmlorle Abell S. Felsenlelcl Staf Sfcretary ........... ............................... A lfred Amee Dolls lyelsll A. Glazln Columuirt ................................... -Roger B. Hunting Helalne Goldberg Ll Kllllcli Editorial flsrirtaizt .......,...,..... zlrsirtaizt Sport: Editor ..,..... Faculty Aidfuzror ............,,.......... ................Robert VVolfe ...........,..Herbert Basch ...............Leon XV. Dean NEWS REPORTERS Alma LeVens Claire LaFray Julia Fletcher Margaret Lillie S. Boyarsky L. Frank Cecile S. Rosen K. Calkins Mary Perry Nlrirgaret Delano L. Kunlcen Barbara Hall Margaret Fake Justine 'Whalen J. Corliss I. Katz G. Didinsky Phyllis Fein Ita Casey Ruth True C. Elinor Nolan Sylvia Runnals Margaret Palmer BUSINESS STAFF Bzzsinfrs Manager .......... . ...................................................... ............ A nne B. Colm f11Z'verti5i1ig Mcmagrr Cirfulatimz Maizagrr .............William Pierce ............Edwin Blakely UMM ilrlmzagfr ....... ........,........ ........... ........... ................ P a t r icia Pike ' f ......,................. ' ' l Fulvlo Bardossi Anne B. Cohn Stfzj' Member: ........ ............................................. 1 .. Lillal lliugiberg Editor-in-Chief Business Managel. Nlargaret Cassidy Barbara . urns Stanley Feldman Margaret lVilson Julius Goldberg Bob Vlfhite -116- ARIEL Second Row-Harvey, Burns, Abell, Savage, Page, Deming, Benoit Front Row-Blakely, Hackwell, Davis, Mott, Needham, Little EDITORIAL BOARD BUSINESS BOARD Editor-in-Chief ........,....,.......,.........,.......,........................................................ Dudley H. Davis B'z4rz1zt'r.r Ilflaiiagfr ................................................,............................................... E. Bert Nlott Illamzging Editor ...... ..,............. E dwin Blakely Jrristavzt Biirinrrs lllcmager ....... ............,. E lizabeth Deming, lllmzys Editor ............ ...........,. X Villiam Benoit Adwrtising Mmzagev '......... ,......... ............ I V illiam Murray Wommfr Editor ................. ............. I anet Hackwell Cirrulation lllzznrzgfr ............. . ,. .... .. ,... .. ...,............ Wlilliam Sisson Organization Editor ....... .............. A lice Needham Merfs Sports- Editor .......... ........... ......,.................. G e orge Little Womenhr Sport: Editor ......... .........,.................................,................. P hyllis Savage EDITORIAL SCRUBS Photographic Editor: ......,.. ,.,...................... P atricia Page, Paul Sundberg Alfred Amee Thomas Keighley Biography Editors ....... ................ X Vendell Harvey, Barbara E. Burns SH'-ll B0Y2lFSkY Rudelllh Kemlltef Faculty Editor .......... ...........................................,..................... N Iarjorie Abell Carolyn Brown B9-fllflfil Lime flrt Editoz '... ............ .........................,...,....................................... J' a net Dike Shirley BUCkiI1gham .lime Meflulllfe , l , i Q i l i WW, l Dudley H. Davis E. Bert Mott Editor-in-Chief Business Manager -117- ,lohn Corliss Edmon Craige Patricia Crowley William Fagan Robert Gilmore VVilliam Goeller Julius Goldberg Esther Gustafson john Hooks Louise Johnson Robert Otis Richard Page Janet Pike lVIary Quinn Douglas Riddell Betsy Roberts Paul lValgren Justine VVhalen Robert White Margaret Wilson INTERFRATERNITY HANDBOOK Reynolds, Little Editor ,........ .....,................. M yers Reynolds, lll V Busimus Managfr .... ...........,.......... G eorge E. Little, Jr. Editors ..... ...................... C athryn Grier Burinzvr Ma1zagc1'5.. ..................... Elizabeth Deming Chester Partridge Reginald White FRESI-IIVIAN HANDBOOK White, Deming, Grier, Partridge - 118 - THE SCRIBES Second Row-D. Thornton, Chaffee, Bardossi, Greene Front Row-Hodesh, Lieberman, McNamara, Prof. Merrick, Dunbar, M. Thornton HONORARY MEMBER Elliott Merrielc F. Bardossi Georgina Greene hflarolyn Powers Jean Young Elizabeth Chaffee I. Katz Margaret Sanclall D. Zwicl: H. Dowling H. McNamara Dorothy Thornton OFFICERS Presirlmt ................... ................ N Iyrna French Trmxurer ...................... ....,......... E lizabeth Chaffee Vice-President ............ ............ N laroyn Powers Social Clmirmmz ........ ,............. G craldine Annis Secretary ....................,........................... ........................... D orothy Thornton Geraldine Annis Virginia Close Myrna French lVlary Perry Jean Brooks Margaret Delano Alma LeVens Nlarolyn Powers . Alison Carr Penelope Easton Nlargaret Palmer Faith Kenyon Pr1or Elizabeth Chaffee Flora Fifield Judith Perry Jean Young BLUESTOCKINGS Chalice, M. Perry, LeVens, J. Perry, Thornton, French - 119 - NEWMAN CLUB Third Row-Keelan, Stoddard, Facteau, Hennessey, Szabolinski, Coutu, Clark, Palinkos, Shea, Walston Second Row-Riggie, Yates, O'Brien, Ells, Rose, H. Witham, D. Murphy, Schoeneman, J. Murphy, Boutin Front Row-Whalen, McCormack, Wimett, Casey, Father Sullivan, Anderson, McAuliffe, M. Witham, Germaine Presidmzt ........,........... Vice-Prexidevzl ............ Secretary .............. Tn'a5ure'r .... ,. ....,........... .. Virgina Allen Helena Anderson Mary Ashe Gertrude Austin Catherine Barber Marguerite Benoit Virginia Bingle hdarie Boutin Yvonne Buley Barbara M. Burns Adele Conlan Cecile Coutu Georgette Coutu Patricia Crowley Margaret Doheny Frances Donahue Margaret Donahue Hilda Ebare Helen Ells Henrietta Facteau OFFICERS ...........Helena Anderson Casey ..........Dorothy Wimett Patricia McCor1nacl4 Janet Hackwell Ida Hall Marie Hammond Katherine Hennessey joan Howlett Frances jvuliano Agatha Keelan Mary E. Kelley Barbara Kennon Mary Kudiesy Social Clzairmavz .,.......,......... .....................,,.............. I ane iVlcAuliflie Nczv: Reporter ............,.............. ..................................,................,....... P atricia Crowley Exrrictive Comnzittee ................................................ Marjorie VVithan1, Chairman Margaret Cassidy Georgette Coutu Justine Whalen Marie Lanou Hortense Leduc Marguerite Leonard Mary Lessor Helene Levesque Nlargaret Lillie Dorothy Loughery Peggy Lucas Joan F . Lynch .lane NIcAuliffe Dorothy Mugford Dorothy Murphy .lean Murphy Ellen Ann O'Brien Bertha Palinkos Hilda Paquette Faith Kenyon Prior Aline Quesnel, . lVIary Helen Quinn Nlonica Rasines Alice Ryan Thelma Schoeneman Anita Setien Rita Shea Betty Smith Dorothy Stevens Dorothy Stoddard Saturnina Szabolinski Gladys Walston Doris Welch Mary Butler Catherine Farrell Katherine Kyle Patricia lVIcCormack NI. Cleone Riggie Justine lVhalen Marion Byrnes E. Marion Fenn Thelma LaCross Janet NlcDonald Elizabeth Roche Dorothy Wimett Ita Casey Palmina Frabotta Claire LaFray Kathleen McGauley Niarie Rolleri Helen XVitham Margaret Cassidy Barbara Gallagher Shirley Lampman Jean iVIcMahon Sally Rome Nlarjorie Witliani Celia Ciolh Evelyn Gallagher Eleanor Langeway Constance Manahan Virginia Rose Beverly 'Woods Barbara Clark Mary Germain Nlarie Langeway Ruth Nlongeon Sylvia Runnals Persis Yates Theresa Coderre Aline Gravel A new activity on our campus, these campus sings have done Niarjorie Abell, two prominent student leaders, have promoted much to promote friendship and school spirit. Alfred Amee and very successfully this new idea in the student body. CAMPUS SING SPONSORS Front Row-Amee, Prof. Millikan, Abell, Prof. Ladd - 120 - R. O. T. C. BAND OFFICERS Director ...................... .,............ I osepli F. Lcclinyr Drillmezytfr ........ Stag? Sergeant ............. ...................... O liver Swift ddjufmzt' .............. Sngczznt ...............,...... ............ R oy Alberghini CORNETS AND TRUMPETS BELL LYRE SAXOPHONES R. Bennett K. Calkins F. Eklund L. E. Burningham W. lVlZlHlOI1CY H. Carpenter N- Sllilef H. Comings P. V. Fraser R. Kaufman F. Nelson R. Stevenson S. Ziegra HORNS E. Fuchs W. Lane B. Vail N. lVl1itComb CLARINETS S. Boyarsky R. Clark R. Ellis D. Frank L. Frank R. Kilburn D. Morgan B. Perkins XV. Pierce D. Severance bl. Xlihalon D RUM MAJOR R. Smith -121- R. Sinclair PIANO ACCORDION -I. Hurst BARITON ES R. Allwcrgliini lkl. Eddy BASS D. llnmpllreys James A. Pickett ...........Lieut. Carl Schofield E. R. R. H . M T W ll. R. W E. O. S. P R . DRUMS Erwin Humphreys Marzari Pearl Sliunian ROMBONES Black Foster Grover R. Nlcrslion Stockwell Swift Vail lyilldlililll Waldo UNIVERSITY CHOIR Third Row-Langeway, Smith, Jenness, Squire, Southworth, Ruble, Levine, Farrar Second Row-Rockwell, Hill, Cheney, Needham, True, Steinman, Norton, Brown Front Row-E. Jenks, Doremus, Coderre, Lampman, P. Jenks, Goss SOPRANOS ALTOS Beryl Cheney Theresa Coderre Sally Doremus Earlene .lenness Shirley Lampman Eleanor Langeway Barbara Clark Judith Gilbert Shirley Needham Clark, Gilbert, Johnstone, Robinson, i Nora Hill Dorothy Rockwell Marjorie Southworth Elizabeth Jenks Florence Smith Doris Squire Ruth True VIOLINS CLARINETS Ruth Cooley Natalie Spear Nlargaret NleEl1C1sh Louise Davis il?Sally Brigham Nellie Herrmann iglxflrs. R. Buchanan VIQLA Mary Lessor kbflrs. Nlary Rowe Dorothy Moseley kMrs. Eva Sehwenger Eleanor Jenkins TENORS S. Bassett R. Johnstone R. Norton R. Steinman E. Stockwell CELLOS ,lohn Goss Robert Goss Phyllis Hardy Charlotte Robinson lVlargaret lVishart BASSES O. Brawn K. Calkins R. Farrar I. Goss R. Goss C. Haines P. Jenks lGMiss Freda Harris liProf. H. G. Nlillington FLUTES Jean Vogler Nlary Elizabeth Davis UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA IV. Lane l. Levine G. Millikan P. Robinson G. Ruble C. Stevens TRUMPF F XRobcrt Norton xNon-student members Second Row-R. Goss, Jenkins, Pierce, Lessor, Cooley, Moseley, Herrmann, McElHsh, Davis, Vogler, Norton Front Row-Robinson, Hardy, Mr. Anselmo, Prof. Bennett, Mr. Pappoutsakis, J. Goss, Wishart - 122 MEN'S GLEE CLUB Henry Atherton 'Warner Black Orrin Brawn Keith Calkins Charles Carver Duncan Corliss Beverly Alexander Virginia Amidon Cynthia Bailey Dorothy Carter Beryl Cheney Ruth Cheney Theresa Coderre ,lane Colfax Ruth Cooley Sally Doremus Florence Favreau ,lean Hall Sylvia Hendershot Third Row-Wheeler, Atherton, Farrar, Norton, Carver Second Row-Lane, Katz, Maher, Zwick, Ruble, Perry-Hooker, R. Goss Front Row-Corliss, Partridge, J. Goss, Brown, Steinman, Stockwell, Webster BASSES TENORS blames Dykens VV. S. Evans Reginald Farrar john Goss Robert Goss Prescott Hoyt SOPRANOS Nora Hill Ruth Holmes Earlene -lenness Shirley Lampman Kathryn Mareott Mildred Maw lklarion Melby Louise hliller Dorothy Moseley Ellen O'Brien Marjorie Parker Carolyn Phelps lVilliam Lane lrving Levine Don K. Maher D. R. McRell Chester Partridge john Perry-Hooker George Ruble Frank Swift William lVilson Daan Zwick L Phyllis Pierce Lucie Pike Hester Rice lVlary Rice llflarie Rolleri Edna Scheu Anita Sheldon Marjorie Smith Claradella Snow Phyllis Taylor Beatrice Thompson Rose Vlfoodard Betty Anderson Geraldine Annis Joyce Bailey Ma rga ret Batch elder Barbara Brewster Dorothy Cargill Barbara Clark Nlargaret Delano Dorothy Franklin Marjorie Gates WOMEN'S GLEE CLUB Eugene Bluto lVlonroe Cyclcman Franklin Fowler jacob Goldblatt Milton Holtzman ALTOS -ludith Gilbert Nlary Harmon Louise johnson Gail Klingcr Barbara Lane Helene Levcsque Dorothy Nlurphy .lean Murphy Shirley Needham Marolyn Powers Sherman Katz Robert Norton Robert Steinman Ernest Stockwell Fred lVebster Thelma Sehoeneman Marjorie Southworth Doris Squire lXflary Straueh Ruth True Rosemary VVarren Virginia Wight Dorothy lVimett Nlargaret Wishart VVinifred Wrisley 4 Third Row-Cheney, Cooley, Moseley, Brewster, Squire, Jenness, Wishart, Batchelder, Preston, Johnson, Colfax Second Row-Rice, Wimett, Smith, Snow, Klinger, B. Cheney, Delano, Rockwell, Southworth, Harmon, True, Schoeneman Frou! Row-Lane, Needham, Wrisley, Coderre, Lampman, Gilbert, Hill, Hall, O'Brien, Phelps, E. Murphy, J. Murphy, Guild MEN'S DEBATING TEAM 'M Second Row-Norton, McNamara, Felopulos, Swartz Front Row-Zwick, Mr. Powers, Cohen Jacob' Katz Harry lVlcNamara Fulvio Bardossi Julius Cohen, l1l'ftZ7ldgL'7' Stanley Feldman Robert Norton john Felopulos Irving Segel - Lilla Blumberg Penelope Faston Carolyn Brown Margaret Lillie Janercnfk WOMEN'S DEBATING Abraham Swartz Robert VVolfe Daan Zwick Faye Lipman, Illamzgm' Barbara Zimmerman TEAM Second R ow-Mr. Powers Front Row-Brown, Zimmerman, Lipman, Blumberg, Clark -124- INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Third Row-McCormick, Blake, Shea, Parker, Blume, Byrnes, Charles, Higgins, Brooks, Scutakes Second Row-Peterson, Berig, Livingston, Newell, Mulholland, Hart, Lyle, Casey, Whalen, Clark, Hall, Lieberman, Joseph Front Row-Leduc, Dunbar, Badger, Lipman, Bottomley, Prof. Millikan, Riddell, Chaffee, Starkey, Prcridrnt ..................... Vin'-Prcridrvzt ............. Secretary .................... TTZLIJIITK7' ................... .... . . Councilvnan-at-Larg Alfred Amee Jane Badger Eleanor Berig Barbara Blake Jean Blume Beatrice Buttles Nlarion Byrnes Ita Casey Margaret Charles XVilfred Davis Hubert Dowling Barbara Dunbar Helaine Goldberg Lucille Goldstein Esther Gustafson Marjorie Hall Mary Louise Hart Elizabeth Heath Llewellyn Jones OFFICERS Webb, Rice Anne Bottomley .......,...Charles Katzew ..............,Tune Riddell ...............John Corliss Lipman Hortense LeDuc Bernice Lieberman Eva Livingstone Dorothy McCormick Harry McNamara Malcolm Miekler George Moody Agnes Mulholland Ruth Newell Patty Page Dana Peterson Hester Rice lkflarie Scutakes Rita Shea Florence Starkey Lucy Upson ,lustine Whalen l-larry lliinchell Temaly Yett It is significant that the International Relations Club at the University of Vermont has seen fit to increase the scope of its activities in these troubled times more and more, students are looking for a club where the important international, national, and local problems of the day can be classiried and the l. R. C. adequately fills the need for a place Where these vital problems can be brought before interested members of the stu- dent body. Several years ago the club approved a new constitu- tion and the active chapter has since constantly en- larged on this lirst document. At least two regular meetings are held each month, and the club holds at least three open meetings a year to which the entire student body and the general public are invited. The only requirements for entrance into the I. R. C. at Vermont are membership in good standing in the Uni- versity and payment of a small membership fee, half of which is payable at the beginning of each semester. -125- PRESS CLUB Third Row-Wimett, Walston, Williams, Perry, B. Fiske Second Row-Berry, Whitney, Rowe, Gibson, Arnault, Eisman, Shea Front Row-Cassidy, Dunbar, Hart, M. Fiske, Chaffee, Burnell, Close Prcrzdmzt ....................................,..........,... ....................................... M mam Fiske Soczczl Clzmrmnn ................. Dorothy Arnault Janice Berry Ruth Burnell Dorothy Cargill Nlargaret Cassidy Ethelyn Chaffee Prfszrlmzt ..................... . .................. Secretary-Trcamrfr ................... Marjorie Abell Margaret Batchelder Barbara Butterfield Mary Beth Davis Elizabeth Deming Janet Dike Virginia Close Barbara Dunbar Rose Eisman Mary Hart Mary Perry Alice Rowe Barbara Fiske Rita Shea Sarah Gibson Gladys Walston Hackwell Publzczty Patricia Pike Myrna French Helaine Goldberg Janet Hackwell Vlfenclell Harvey Roger Hunting Ruth Jordan DRAMATIC CLUB Mildred Mack Patricia Page Gratia Pearl Judith Perry Katherine Peter Patricia Pike SOI1 Mary Hart Alida VVhite Harriet Whitney Niary llfilliams Dorothy VVimett Beatrice VVright Elizabeth Deming janet Rust Abraham Schwartz A. G. Steinecke Robert Steinman Phyllis Taylor Jeanne Woolley Second Row-Amee, Woolley, Steinecke, Ballou, Harvey, French, Marks Front Row-Goldberg, Pike, Page, Abell, Hackwell, Deming, Butterfield, Wellwood Y. VV. C. A. COUNCIL Second Row-Burnell, Brown, McCormick Front Row-Cohen, Arnault, Pike, Grier, Butterfield, Dike, Savage PI'Z'5i!fl'7Ll' ,.... ............. ,...... I'ife-Prnidcizt ....,....... Sf'c1'ftary ........,........... .......................... Traffzmrnr ............. ,.... .........................................................., ........ . . ..... . . Director of lq7'l'.Yll77LCI'll Camp ...............................,....... .. , 1 flsszxtnizt Dzreftof of frfsfii Frcshmmz Hrzmibook .................. Prrsizifizt ......................................... Alfred Amee Edwin Blakely Keith Calkins Russell Clark john Corliss Allan Corwin V. ...............Barbara Butterlield Asrixtaizt Social Sfrwict' C11airmfz1z............... Lang Pike Rode Point C11air111zz11................................,.,...... ..............,Dorothy NlcCormick .......,........Carolyn Brown Publifity Chairinaiz....................................,...... ....................Dorothy Arnault Janet Dike Rffrcsfinieiztx .,...,......................................................................................................... Ruth Burnell ....................Gratia Pearl Social Cohn mn Comp .....,...... .............. P hyllis Savage Rcprosciitatiw of Studmit Christian Mow1nz'nt ......... Elizabeth Cooper .............Cathry'n Grier OFFICERS Edward Corliss Szffrftzzry ..................................Llcwellyn jones Dudley Davis Allen Iones Charles Smith Wendell Earle Donald Morgan Harris Thurber Malcolm Eddy Chester Partridge William Walker Franklin Fowler John H. Perry-Hooker Reginald White XVendell Harvey Nlerton Pike Hazen Wood Edward Irwin Loren Shores N Second Row-Mr. Powers, Earle, White, Eddy, Partridge, Harvey, Davis Front Row-Shores, Morgan, Corliss, Jones, Amee - 127 CIVIL ENGINEERS Second Row-Tooles, Danyou, Stetson, Stockwell, Boardman, Gershaw, Delano, Pierce, Carver Front Row-Stephen, K. Holden, Prof. Puffer, Paterson, Dean Eckhard, Darling, A. Holden OFFICERS President ...,.....,......,.. ..,... .................,........... R o bert Paterson Sfcretary-Trrarurfr ........... ............................. R obert Darling Vice-Preridmt .....,...................... ............................................. K ay Holden Adfviror ..................................................... .................................. P rofessor Puller Fred Boardman Bradford Perkins William Stetson Calvin Tooles Brookins Delano James Stephen Robert Stockwell OFFICERS Pr4'sidrnt..,i ...........,... ............. M argo Benoit Trnzrurcr' ....,........... .............. W illiam Pierce Vice-Prfsidmzt ........... ........... P atricia Fowell Refrerlzvnevlt ........... ...................................... ........................ L o ulse Bianchi Sefratary ..............,......... .,.........,........................................... .............. A l ice Needham Faculty fldvisor ...................,................................ ..................... P rofessor Johnston Emma Abbott Catherine Barber Margo Benoit Louise Bianchi Nancy Binns Carolyn Brown Mary Butler Margaret Charles hdillicent Clough Jean Davidson Margaret Delano Henrietta Facteau Julia Fletcher Patricia Fowell Gloria Frank Hyman Ginsburg Helaine Goldberg Aline Gravel Claire Gravel Marjorie Hall G. Holman L. ,Tones Agatha Keelan Florence Levin Helen McLean Ruth Mongeon Alice Needham Marjorie Parker Readington Pease LE CERCLE FRANCAIS William Pierce Mary Rice Oliver Swift Ruth True Harry Twitchell Third Row-Needham, Charles, True, Fowell Second Row-Facteau, Rice, Benoit, Pierce Front Row-Sherman, Hall -128- MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Second Row-Kempter, Newton, Hamilton, Lavelle, Vreeland, Corbett, McLean Ilonorary Chairman ............... Clzozrman .................... . ................ 1710:-Chairmavz ......... , ........ ......... . .. Joseph Corbett Roy G. Hamilton Ray Kallman Prz'.vz'de1zt ....................................... Leonard Berman William Chapin Front Row-Williams, O'Connell, Potter, Moore, Callman OFFICERS L. Daasch Sfrn'tary............... ...............John XV. Williams ........................William Potter Trmxurzr.....,... C. Moore ................EdWin O'Connell Malcolm Lavelle Robert R. Pond Richard L. Swift T. Alwin lVlcCormick Donald M. Sheldon Robert P. Tarshis Harold A. Pease Nlead F. Stevens Harry A. Way OFFICERS ...................Harvey H. Hubbard Sfcrntnry-Trezz.fufz'r........... .......................George H. Stickney C. Clausing Rollin Parker Robert Williams VV. H. Page Lawrence Riggs ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Second Row-Holden, Jones, Clark, Page, Wade, Marshall Front Row-Magnant, Burman, McPherson, Hubbard, Stickney, Moran, Sysko -129- l INDEPENDENT MEN ,. A Third Row-Crown, Atherton, Morrissey, Sinclair, Severance, Tremblay Second Row-Thompson, Ryan, Fitzsimmons, Earle, Knight, Bothiield, Irish Front Row-Lunna, McLean, F. Webster, C. Webster, Turner, Zwick, Dana OFFICERS Prfridrnt ................ ............. F . H. VVebster Presiding fustice ......... ............., M . Dana Sfrrftary ............... ...................,.........,....,.... .......................... R . Turner Reportrr .............,....... ........................... ...... ............................. M . IV IcLean Treasurer ................ .........................,........................ ................... C . A. Webster n V. Astone M. Crown F. Greenmore M. McLaren D. Severance C. A. Webster H. Atherton R. Curtis C. Holden M. McLean N. Stoddard C. C. Webster F. Bardossi M. Dana D. Humphreys H. McNamara E. Story F. C. Webster H. Beaucoulski D. Davis E. Levine Richard G. Streeter F. H. NVebster M. Bloclgett W. Earle D. Liston G. Ruble R. Turner R. Winship F.. Bluto R. Galipeau R. Lunna W. Ryan C. Urie D. Zwick OFFICERS President .......................... ................ B arbara Brewster Y'rmrurfr ........................ Marjorie Carbonneau Vire-President .................... ...................................... ......................... I u lia Strong Publicity Cfmimzzzrz. ...................................... ............. G Wenclolyn Marshia Srrrftary ..........................,............................................................. ...................... IV Iarion Roy Barbara Brewster Mary Filield Annette Lilley Kathleen McFeeters Louise Rice julia Strong Marjorie Carbino Ida Hall Gwendolyn Marshia Lillian Orne Marion Roy Marion VVool Cecile Coutu Alina LeVens Frances Mayville Olive Ransom Jane Stevens Persis Yates Dorothy Dillon INDEPENDENT WOMEN Third Row-Mayville, Lilley, Yates, Fifield, Dillon Second Row-Hall, Ransom, Wool, Carter, Stevens, Marcott Front Row-Carbino, Strong, Roy, Brewster, Rice, Marshia -130- AGGIE CLUB v 4 Pike Dr. J. A. Newlander R. Story G. Streeter R. Tremblay C. Urie C. Webster F. Webster F. H. Webster R. White Charles lVebster Fred C. Webster Frederick H. Webster Reginald White Fourth Row-Crown, Atherton, Thompson, Pestle, Lunna, Tremblay, Knight, Morrison Third Row-Iby, Duckworth, Fitzsimmons, Wright, Corwin, Pulling, Beebe, Earle, Carpenter, M. Dana Second Row-D. Dana, Carlson, Leamy, Drown, Bourdeau, Smith, White, Walker, Foster, C. Webster, Pratt Front Row-Partridge, Pierce, Bickforcl, F. Webster, Irish, Fenix, Sinclair, Bothfield OFFICERS Prrridmzt ..............,............ .................... D . Dana Yrmsurfr .............. Vire-Prfrirlmt .....,........ .......,......., .,...........,....... 'X ll 7. Pierce Rfportfr ................... ...................... ........... Sfffftary ..................... ............................ .........,....,....... R . Bickford .Farulty fldoiror ...... .........................,.,..,.. ........... H. Atherton M. Crown H. Foster C. lVIarks M. Pike VV. Beebe D. Dana F. George R. Marzari I. Pratt R. Biclcford IVI. Dana V. Hogaboorn F. Miller R. Pratt VV. Bordeaux C. Drown R. Iby C. Morrison H. Pulling F. Campbell J. Duckworth N. Knight H. Parker R. Sinclair R. Carlson XV. Earle VV. Leamy L. Partridge A. Smith R. Carpenter D. Eddy H. Long R. Pestle R. Soule XV. Corey R. Fenix R. Lunna VV. Pierce N. Stoddard A. Corwin R. Fitzsimmons Henri Atherton Wendell Earle Richard Lunna Robert Pratt Norman Stoddard Robert Bickford Rufus Estey Charles Morrison Harold Pulling Glen Streeter XVilfred Bordeau Robert Fitzsimmonds Lawrence Partridge Robert Sinclair Raymond Tremblay Alan Corwin Nathan Knight Winston Pierce Arnold Smith 'William Walker Merle Crown Herbert Long FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Third Row-Atherton, Morrison, Earle, Sinclair, Bothfield Second Row-Walker, Bickford, Smith, Corwin, Pulling, Fitzsimmons, Lunna, F. Webster Front Row-Partridge, Knight, Crown, Bourdeau, Pierce, White, C. Webster -131- OUTING CLUB COUNCIL Third Row-LeDuc, Waldo, Lockwood, Zwick, Partridge, Boardman, Stevens, Carr Second Row-Burns, Abel, Sutton, Williams Front Row-Deming, Dike, Clough, Fletcher GOVERNING BOARD President ................,..... ................ F rances Abel Secretary ............. Vice-President ............. ............. P aul Sutton Treasurer ........ COUNCIL-AT-LARGE Margery Anthony Janet Dike Hortense LeDuc F, Boardman Frances Donahue R. Lockwood Alison Carr Julia Fletcher S, Moore Pauline Clarke Jeanne Hotchkiss P. Palmer Millicent Clough Hurst Shirley Parker Elizabeth Deming Frances Ingalls C. W. Partridge HEAD CHEERLEADER I. Williams SQUAD M. Allen C. Carver G. Holman CHEERLEADERS .............Barbara Burns ................Iohn NV1ll1ams H. D. Pearl D. Phillips J. Stephen R. Waldo D. Zwiclc R. Lockwood Second Row-Holman, Carver Front Row-Lockwood, Allen, Williams -132- ,, Avlis y L 1 1, lu'-at X 'A' ir ,,,kki+i'ii11 Ykgiytzkki xkfiriiix nigkkt, . ,i, f. 'Q I , , l ri. This page is dedicated to those students who have joined our armed forces before the completion ot their George Babits .lack Burgess college course. CLASS OF 1942 CLASS OF 1943 Gideon S. Burnham, I Paul Dicke Edward Flynn Charles Harmon Harold Kennedy Edward Kodys Dwight H. hflarshall Page Maurice Richard T. Otis William Potter Harold Rice Richard Salmon Charles Shortle, Ir. Harry Sievwright Charles Smith Vlohn Spasyk Frank Utley CLASS OF 1944 Jack Barrett Arthur Chamberlain Maurice Chartotf Warren Collins Ralph Goss lack Hamilton Martin Karelitz Cecil Kimball Richard Ladd Donald iN'1CRell Fred Bundy Edo Conedera joseph Hendrick Donald Marbnrg Harold Mayforth Donald Morgan Richard Page Thomas Powell, Jr. Hamilton Rogers Urson Otto Salmon Putnam, IV Judd Richardson Carl Shore Randall Sullivan ,lohn Tooles Norman Tucker David 'l'ul'1olski William Wood Athletics ATHLETIC COUNCIL OFFICERS .4tlLleZ1c Director .......... . .......... .................................... ............... H . E. Prentice drrociate Athletic Director '......... . Secretary .....................,........ .......... Football .Mcmager '............. Barleetball lllcznager '.......... . Bareball Manage1 '............ Track Mariager ........ . W. R. Adams, lr. Dr. T. S. Brown Dr. P. P. Lawlor Prof. E. R. McKee P. lvl. Bell W. P. Buck, Ir. J. A. Macomber, Jr. L. Gardner ...........Prof. F. D. Carpenter J. Boyden L. Moran P. Logan S. Czachor The Athletic Council, a body made up of the under- graduate varsity managers of the major sports, the graduate manager, members of the faculty, and alumni, is the group which forms the athletic policy of the University of Vermont, and generally oversees the athletic program. Under the direction of Doctor Prentice, athletic director, and through the Work of Larry Gardner, associate director of athletics, the schedules are made up, tips planned, games booked, and the athletic life of the school in general is Worked out in order to give the best possible sports experience to both players and spectators. The undergraduate managers give the Council a student viewpoint which keeps the interest of the stu- dent body in general in mind, While the alumni and faculty members also contribute the ideas of the groups they represent, in a constant effort to make our athletic policy satisfy all those interested in it. -136- PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT f W. L. Gardner J. C. Evans A. T. Post Baseball Coach and Varsity Basketball, Football and Cross Country and Assistant Director of Athletics Assistant Baseball Coach Track Coach Dr. H. A. Prentice Director of Athletics Prof. F. D. Carpenter R. J. Wietz S. P. Fogg Tennis Coach Assistant Football Coach Freshman Football and Basketball and Freshman Track Coach and Assistant Track Coach -. 137 - VARSITY FOOTBALL Fourth Row-Dorion, Eddy, Baxendale, Parker, Rice, Barry, Shaw, Chesarone Third Row-Mgr. Boyden, Thurber, Paterson, Prior, Walgren, Pulleyn, McGill, Kehoe, Benoit, Evans Second Row-Pullinen, Mayforth, Parris, Kunken, West, Lewkowicz, Wietz Front Row-O'Connell, Williams, Reed, White, Alpert, Swift, Spasyk Head Coach Fuzzy Evans and Assistant Coach Roy VVeitz faced a most unenviable task this past fall when they called out the gridders. No coach asks for the return of a number of stars, but most of them find that along with one or two stars are a goodly number of capable, experienced men in reserve who can be called upon to give a starting eleven a well-earned rest when most needed. No such situation presented itself to the coaches this year as graduation took such players as Taylor, Lawrence, Carlson and others, leaving some men to take their place, but practically no re- serves. The coaches took the returning seniors, Cap- tain Misty Rice, Johnny Spasyk, Al Shaw, Whiz VVhite and Bob Paterson and around them built a team which should be given much credit for the way in which it carried the game to enemy and had pretty much its own way in the nrst half of every game with possibly one exception. The exception was Norwich, a state series rival with an excellent team. This lack of reserves, coupled with a heavy toll- taking injury jinx, proved to be the undoing of Ver- niont's success on the gridiron this past fall. hflany argue that sophomores are gaining valuable experience. All well and good, they have to gain experience some time, but why should green men gain experience year after year at the expense of what could be, with capable reserves, a winning team year after year? A running resume of the season points this rather gloomy picture: The first week of practice was rather discouraging to Coach Fuzzy Evans as hardly enough material re- ported to make scrimmage. However, with the addition of many green, inexperienced men the squad was swollen to thirty-two men before the opener with Northeastern and prospects appeared slightly better at the end of the first week. The squad was dressed in green and gold uniforms and also in green as far as experience and plentiful ability were concerned. The first game of the year found the Catamounts inaugurating their season against Northeastern in a game played in the Beantown. Advance notices warned of Captain Foe Dias in the backfield and snapperback Sheridan and these two proved their mettle. North- eastern started the ball rolling by capitalizing on a recovered fumble and then shortly after making the best of a penalty. Spasyk to Paterson in a Vermont forward which led to Spasyk around end for the Cata- mount tally followed by a long Northeastern run of an intercepted forward pass to score the hnal points of the game. It was evident from this game that Ver- mont had a fighting, scrapping team, but one which was lacking greatly in reserve strength. This lack of reserve strength you will notice crops up again and again and eventually proves to be one of the main -138- gsfsr K, rig JZX, V 43:54 . . '. i' f 1. g, 1 3E.J.' - V fi.-1. 3 Jay, ,J av V-,amp e aa ' ,xhfr-mf nf .,Q"f9s :Q ,, ,- v X f V r , "' ' , X l mf'-. ,, 1 . .I J , . - if .,: 5 f' fi. L V ff ff ' ig: 9-,flf ' 7-, H ..., A 'Ez13,-ff"1"fa "1 1' - 'lff"'7f ff.-31.5-L 21-- ttf' - .i,. . ...Y A N ,Q 1 I , 4 B lea if .-,lil-SLQLAQ i ,.,,'- f.:... . f 4ww-,- 'f .0 va av ian. fa- -- at . 'Qf f . ? Q. f it 5.5 gifs? RWM ' V- - -new - ,!,ff?j:f:,.9,,f, X a ., 'G 'f-"'l51- n.j,,' qplpjnlvll-if ....,-.- - ,...,... -. A.. .,.Y - - 1 A factors in the downfall of the Cats this season. Captain Nlisty Rice, Bart Barry and Johnny Spasyk looked good as U. V. hi. fell before Northeastern. Then Trinity College came to Burlington to take the game 9-7 by means of a last quarter field goal. The home club was content to let Trinity try to produce the offensive fireworks which failed to materialize as Misty Rice, Bob Paterson and Phil Chesarone had a great defensive day. Right after the second half opened Al Shaw heaved a fifty-yard touchdown pass to Spasykg with the conversion attempt good it stood 7-O, but not for long as Foster of Trinity came right back with a long punt return and in the final period Trinity sewed up the game with a field goal. Whiz White was lost for the balance of the season as Vermont repelled all Trinity had to offer in the first half and their injuries, bad luck, and lack of reserves took their toll. A trip to Waterville served only to introduce the Cats to a powerhouse Colby eleven and their third successive defeat of the season. The game was excel- lent proof of the contention that rare are the starting teams that can play sixty minutes every Saturday as Colby's team rolled to a 13-O win. Little Johnny Spasyk outplayed and outkicked the opponents, but the Cats were worn down by sheer power as Colby, posed by an all-sophomore backfield, pounded and drove their way to victory. The headline read "Cats Claw Bulldogsl' and a most fitting headline it was as the combined varsity and freshman squads took on Montreal in an R. A. F. benefit game at Montreal Stadium. Posed by Spasyk, lVlay- forth, and freshman LaPointe, the Vermont team put on a well diversified air and ground attack as they swept to a 28-13 win. LaPointe and Mayforth each got off on long gallops as the frosh were given a look at stiffer competitors. The first half of the home game against Union was evidence of' what U. V. hi. can produce and should be doing all season. The Cats took off to score in the hrst four minutes and then dominated the play through- out the half. The second half was the same old story as Union came back on a muddy, wet, miserable field to win 7-6. Benoit and 'Walgren were in the mood as they kept their part of the Catamount line intact all afternoon. This game should have been a turning point for the better, but it turned the team instead to a new low in futility, making Fuzzy,s difficult job appear almost impossible. The total is now four in a row for U. V. lX'l., but they are all losses. A sadly crippled squad journeyed to New Hamp- shire to face a club led by Captain Gordon. The whole N. H. team was out for revenge and they pro- ceeded to gain sweet revenge as they administered a -139- 4O-l9 drubbing to the Cats. The first half was a see- saw affair, but lack of reserves took its toll in the second half. Paterson snagged a pass and loped eighty yards to score and Spasyk tallied on an end run while the third marker was hung up by Pullinen as he went sixty yards with an intercepted pass. The tallies were futile, however, as Gordon and his cohorts bulled along their merry way. The engineers of Rensselaer invaded Burlington, seek- ing an easy win on a rain-soaked field, but an underdog club boomeranged as the Cats took the game 16-O to hang up their first victory. Not the result alone but the ease with which it was achieved surprised the few spectators. Pullinen scored the first points followed by a Spasyk place kick after Walgren recovered a fumble deep in enemy territory. Then Rice and Barry caught passes to set up a touchdown as the day's scor- ing ended. The well-played game was an encourage- ment to the players and coaches. Domina led the way as Norwich tacked up a mas- sacre of 59-O in a state series game. Courageous de- scribes the Catamounts as they fell before the onslaught of one of the mightiest football teams ever welded at Norwich University. All due credit to them as they rubbed defeat into the Catamounts. They had an excellent football team. lvliddlebury was the game to win despite the previous record and the Cats hung up a 7-6 victory as seniors Captain Rice, Spasyk, Shaw, White and Paterson bowed out of the game. These seniors were the mainstay of the team all season. The Cats had their hands full all the game as indicated by the score, but the stuff was there and they rose to the occasion to make it two wins in a very lean year. Congratulations to a club and its coaches that had the guts to stick it out and come back every time. Let's hope next year's club, to be led by Chesarone and Benoit, will not need an obituary written at the end of the season. . The Four Horsemen and the Seven Blocks of Granite are well known, but only because they are rarities and were fortunate enough to be unmolested by the injury jinx. Yet here at U. V. M. the coaches are every year faced with the problem of producing some- thing comparable or facing another year of famine. The seven-year cycle should be over and it is about time for athletics to cease their decline and start the other way. Every game played this year revealed the same thing, namely, that through the lack of reserves and an un- fortunate injury jinx which claimed White, Dorian, Shaw and Swift, U. V. M. had a poor season. Vermont is no different than any other college or university and there is little to prevent it from matching athletic teams with other schools. VVe here at U. V. M. look forward to better years in athletics because of an increased intercollegiate Physical Education program and especially through the efforts of our new President, Doctor Millis, and the school spirit he is attempting to infuse into the student body. The students are in need of better athletic guidance and they are confident that in President hffillis they have a leader who will produce along that line. -140- FROSH FOOTBALL gr W ' a- .. .. 1 Fourth Row-Corbett, Lyerly, Ingram, Wellman, Fabiano, Hay Third Row-Fogg, Mahar, Cochran, Powers, Haven, Spear, Lippman, Ruroede, Martin, Sgt. Landa Second Row-Whittier, N. Goldman, Lataille, Eklund, Lapointe, Waldman, Bernstein, S. Goldman Front Row-Astone, Bothfield The U. V. hi. frosh this fall walked of with the Freshman State Title as they defeated, among others, the Middlebury and Norwich freshman teams. The frosh opened their season in 1V1ontpelier where they proceeded to demonstrate how a classy backfield and a fast charging line work by defeating an outclassed Vermont Junior College team ZS-6. The backfleld was made up of LaPointe, Cochrane, Fabiano and Monk Martin. Outstanding in the line were Eklund, Ruroede and Ingram. It was an alert, aggressive outfit playing heads-up ball throughout the game. LaPointe and Martin did the scoring for the frosh. Then came a home game with Green Nlountain Junior College. Here the fast charging forward wall pro- duced as they broke through repeatedly, Eklund stop- ping the Poultney tailback in the end zone after he had received a bad pass from center. The frosh remained on the right side of a 2-O score only after Nfickey Cochrane kept the visitors at bay with his educated toe. In an R. A. F. benefit game at hlontreal the frosh combined with the varsity to give an excellent account of themselves as the combined squad Won, 28-13. LaPointe and Fabiano looked especially good as they made the step up into stiffer competition. The only sour note to this game was the loss of Fabiano. The next encounter against Wfentworth Institute proved to be the only unsuccessful match of the year for the frosh as they were forced to succumb 14-6 after a great display of defensive playing. Bill hffahar scored on an end run behind stellar blocking. Eklund, LaTaille and LaPointe played an outstanding game while going down to defeat. The Norwich Plebes chanced to be in the way as the frosh bounced back from their only loss of the season. It was strictly LaPointe day as he ran, threw passes and caught passes in ringing up a total of 13 points, the total made by the Vermont first-year men. This win left the Vermont '45 one step away from the state title as Ingram, LaTaille and Eklund shone in the line, while hiahar and hffartin were outstanding in the backheld. The last contest of the season found Eklund inter- cepting a Nfidd forward and running it back for a touchdown early in the game. Then Lafjointe and Fabiano proceeded to account for three more touch- downs as the Kittens triumphed to apply the final touches to the acquisition of the state title. Nfuch credit goes to Sherry Fogg for having fashioned a good ball club from such raw material. The back- fleld of LaPointe, hlahar, Cochrane, Fabiano and hfartin. along with such standout linemen as Hklund, Haven, and Lippman all will do Fuzzy's heart good next fall when they come up to the varsity. -141- VARSITY BASKETBALL Third Row-Mgr. Moran, Bennett, Goodrich, Conrad, Evans Second Row-Conti, Manheim, Didinsky, Gipstein, Pullinen, Carlson Front Row-Killick, Kipp, White, Doherty, Kaufman Captain .......... ......... K T. A. White, Jr. Manager' ...4................................ ,......... D . L. Nloran Afrifzfaizzf Ilfmzagerr ............ .......... E . R. Swift, Mir. H. E. Thurber Coach ......... ....................... ............. J . C. Evans VVon 11 Lost 5 State Champions The U. V. hl. court club of 1941-42 have passed in review and left a dazzling record of eleven victories and five defeats, annexing their fourth consecutive state title. lVhat was predicted to be a poor season for Fuzzy Evans and his boys ended well. The live losses were to teams out of their class, like Rochester and Dartmouth. hlany factors account for this winning combination. Fuzzy Evans deserves credit for working his short team along to victories. The boys displayed great team- work on the court. Larry Killickls great playing, the fine work of Bob Doherty and Captain Red 'White in the back court, the smart playing of Dick Kipp who improved with every game, the scrap and hght of Klilt Kaufman and the relief duty of Bob Carlson and Paul Pullinen who carried the brunt for the reserves all contributed to a hne season. The success of the season would have been impossible without the fine supporting work of Conrad, Cripstein, Bennett, Conti, Didinsky, Goodrich and hflanheim. Playing before a crowd of almost 1,400, the Cata- mounts got off to a flying start by whipping an out-- classed but veteran Hartwick outfit by a score of SO-27. The starting five of Larry Killick and Bob Doherty at forwards, Dick Kipp at center and Captain Red White and Paul Pullinen at guards was yanked by Fuzzy Evans after only eight minutes of the first half for the remainder of the half. Dick Kipp and Bob Doherty paced the Vermont attack, each nipping the nets for eleven points, Larry Killick threw nine points, and Captain Red White threw eight. Paul Pullinen starred on the defense. Dartmouth's altitudinous cagers, cramped by a com- paratively tiny 'Vermont five for the hrst twenty minutes, found elbow room in the second half of the second game of the season to bury the Catamounts under a 47-18 score, Vermont just couldnlt connect that night. Only six of sixty-six shots went through the net. 'Nuff said about a bad evening for the Ver- monters. Dick Kipp managed to get six points to top our scoring list. ln the next game of the season, U. lX"i.'s quintet was again disposed of by a hawk-eyed, scientihc quintet from Vlfilliams College to the tune of 56-29. A trio of -142- VVilliams sha moved too fast and too Larry Killick was Vermont's only competition, he put in eleven points and figured in almost every Vermont score. But he wa rpshooters, Quintana, Harter and VVallace often for the Catamounts. sn't enough. The opponents' awe- some marksmanship was too much. Despite the heroic efforts of Larry Killick who grabbed off scoring honors with sixteen counters, the Vermonters went down to a 48-38 defeat at the hands of 1Xf1assachusetts Institute of Technology. The score was deadlocked 17-17 at the half spurt by NL I. T. gave them the victory margin. With f t our een seconds of play remaining, Red VVhite, captain of the Verm shot from way out into the hoo , but a second half ont team, dropped a one-handed p to give the Catamounts a SO-48 victory over a Tufts College quintet. This second triumph of the season ended a three game losin ' 3 streak for Vermont. The Vermont forward line was led by Killick, who deposited twelve points through the rim and was unstoppable by one of the best small college teams in New England. Never separated by more than four points durinv 71 the entire game and tying the score ten times in a thrill-laden court game Vermont finally overcame 1 Norwich in the closing minutes, forging ahead by 45-42. Bob Doherty was the eveningls high scorer with six- teen, Killick was next with fourteen. This was the first game to count towards state championship. Playing a smooth floor-game all the way, the Uni- versity of Vermont Catamounts halted the thrust of bt. bT1Cl13CliS College 48-32 with a crowd of about 1,500 watching. The win left the Catamounts at the head of the four-team state playdowns. Big Dick Kipp found his stride, while Larry Killicli Dob Dohert I d , 5 an Red W7hite assisted ably in ball-handling and feeding. sfqelilwfll - 143 Ve1'mont's Catamounts, with Larry Killick setting a sizzling pace, buried the hapless Nfiddlebury College Panthers under a 56-31 score. That the score did not run higher was due to the fact that the Catamounts missed many more easy shots than they made. Kipp, Doherty and VVhite also starred. The Catamounts took time out from their collegiate schedule to defeat a team representing the 71st Brigade Headquarters Battalion from Fort Ethan Allen 58-42. This 100-point scoring spree was part of a "Smokes Fund" program. Doherty got eighteen points and Killick fourteen in the eveningfs contest. Another step towards the fourth consecutive state basketball crown was the lacing administered by the Catamount five to a scrappy St. Michael's aggregation 45-36. Bob Doherty was high scorer with sixteen points sparkplugging the team to victory. A Springfield College group demonstrated to an overawed Vermont five that acrobatics and gymnastics could be successfully combined and utilized in winning basketball games as they shelled the Vermont Cata- mounts 54-23. Vermont wilted before the attack of the fast, sharp-shooting team whose subs were of first- string caliber. A valiant, fighting little Green and Gold basketball quintet, spurred by the roar of nearly 2,500 yelling spectators drubbed the oversized Norwich Horsemen 49-29 to retain the state championship title for the fourth consecutive year. Dick Kipp couldn't be stopped, his eighteen points showed it. Doherty got ten. Wvhite got seven and with lVfilt Kaufman starred on the defense. With Larry Killick and Nfilt Kaufman leading the attack with sixteen and twelve points, the Green and Gold opened their New York trip with a 50-44 victory over Hamilton College. Jumping into the lead early in the game, the Cats led all the way except for a few minutes. After dominating play through a large share of the game, the University of Vermont five finally succumbed to the University of Rochester 57-47. Killick, Doherty and Kipp gave a fancy exhibition of shooting, but Fuzzy's charges were handicapped by injuries and leaving the game on fouls. Turning back the hliddlebury Panthers 51-38, the Catamounts won their sixth straight and final state series game with a scoring splurge in the last nine minutes which brought the team from behind. Killick had a field night with eighteen points, Kaufman made eleven and VVhite made nine. The Vermont quintet concluded its most successful season in twenty years in a sleepy Kake Walk game by taking a 39-23 win from a ragged Trinity outfit, Killick was high scorer with fourteen points. Captain Red White playing his last game turned in a sparkling, yet sampling of his whole season, performance to lead his team to victory. -144- FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Second Row-Mgr. Hunting, Palmer, El-clund, Haven, Weess, Ingram, Fogg Front Row-Welch, Lapointe, Beaulieu, Cochran, Spylios Coach .........................,........ .............. S herry Fogg .Manager ............................... ............. R og Hunting Honorary Captain ......................... ............ lV like Spylios Won 4 Lost 5 The 1945 edition of the freshman basketball team ended up their season by Winning three out of the last four games, after losing four of their first five contests for a season's total of four Wins and five losses. ln the first game With Cathedral High School the frosh, led by Jim Fabiano and Ralph Lalnointe eked out a 22-19 victory. ln the next encounter, with -14 r D Burlington High School, Coach Sherry Fogg's quintet came out on the short end of a 23-21 score. The frosh lost both contests to the undefeated Green Nlountain Junior College basketeers by scores of 58-40 and 30-13. St. Micl1ael's Junior Varsity wallopecl the frosh 40-13 in the first meeting of the two clubs, but the freshmen, greatly strengthened by the addition of Norm Beaulieu after the mid-year examination period, revenged the flrst defeat by downing the hflikemen 37-22. Led by Nlike Spylios, Frank Eklund and Ralph Lalgointe the freshmen trounced Vermont Junior Col- lege in both games, 42-35 and 54-49. Previous to the first victory the frosh lost a 65-33 game to the powerful Dartmouth freshmen at Hanover. VARSITY BASEBALL Second Row-Paterson, Akley, Shaw, Cain, Corbett, West, White, Conrad, Caldwell, Taylor, Spasyk, Mgr. Slack, Abell Front Row-Logan, Alberghini, Sysko, Coach Gardner, Doherty, Sullivan, Carlson, Beauchemin, Wood, S. Abell, Jr., Sonny Gardner Vermont started out on the Southern trip with the absence of Frankie Taylor, their captain and an in- valuable man to the team. Vermont lost a tough one in the opener to the University of Pennsylvania 5-4. Akley went the whole distance of ten innings pitching fine ball. GEORGE WASHINGTON The Cats won their initial game of the season behind the pitching of ambidextrous Al Shaw. They cleaned out George Washington University 10-3 with the aid of Doherty and Beauchemin, who had three-baggers. VIRGINIA Vermont lost a close one to Virginia behind Bob Carlson. The hnal score was 3-Z. Spasyk,s home run driving in Carlson accounted for our tallies. Carlson was injured in this game and was laid up until the end of the trip. MARYLAND The Yermonters were driven to lllaterloo at the hands of the hlaryland L'niversity drivers, the last pitch whistling an ll-O shellacking. Coach Gardner was looking for his two veterans, Healy and Taylor, who were out of the line-up with injuries. NAVY Gwing to weak pitching and batting, Larry Gardner's charges met with another debacle in their tilt with the Middies of Navy. The final score was 12-3, which is ample proof of the brand of ball displayed on both sides. VI LLANOVA Villanova scored a victory over the Catamounts with an 8-2 score. John Spasyk accounted for our two runs by knocking out a home run and driving in Sig Sysko. Al Shaw was on the mound and gave nine hits. Vermont had three hits. Villanova gathered three errors to Vermont's two. YALE Vermont took over Yale by a score of 4-2. Bob Carl- son pitched and gave nine scattered hits. Vermont -146- gained six hits and five errors, while Yale had three errors. Spasyk got a double and Smith and Sysko each got two singles. WESLEYAN Behind Al Shaw, Vermont trimmed Wesleyan 7-4. Shaw gave eight hits, while the opposing pitcher gave nine hits. Wesleyan gave some breaks to Vermont by committing nine errors, most of which our boys made good use of. TRINITY Clarence Akley pitched a neat three-hit game against Trinity down at Hartford and deserved a much better fate than the 3-O defeat. Although Vermont outhit Trinity by batting out seven, they couldn't produce a tally. WILLIAMS The Cats suffered a 6-3 defeat at the hands of the Williams nine. Spaulding was the hurler for the victors and held Vermont to seven hits. Williams took olf with thirteen hits and four errors. Vermont had seven hits and also four errors. . AMHERST Slingerland, Amherst pitcher, slung a 4-O shutout against Vermont, allowing six scattered hits. Shaw for Vermont, also pitched a six-hitter, but had a back- ground of seven errors as compared with one error for Amherst. PRINCETON Vermont overtook Princeton with a 6-2 victory be- hind Clarence Akley. Akley held Princeton to six hits. Palmer, on the other hand, allowed Vermont nine hits but did not have as fine fielding behind him as Akley. 7 MIDDLEBURY The Catamounts, behind Clarence Akley, took over Middlebury College by a score of 6-O. Akley pitched stellar ball that day in allowing Middlebury but two hits. Middlebury had two hits and two errors, Ver- mont ten hits and two errors. - 147 CGLBY Vermont beat the Colby lXfIules with Roy Alberghini on the mound. Alberghini gave five hits, while Cross, the opposing pitcher, was battled around for eleven hits. Colby had three errors, Vermont one. MIDDLEBURY The Cats, in the person of one Clarence Akley, chalked up their third straight victory in the state series with a score of 6-3. Middlebury had four hits and some poor fielding, showing six errors. Vermont belted out eleven safeties and had three errors. Randy Sullivan clouted a triple. NORWICH The Cats swamped Norwich in an ll-5 slugfest. Vermont played line errorless ball to back up Roy Alberghini, who gave ten hits to the Maroon and Gold. Sawyer, pitcher for the Cadets, gave Vermont twelve hits. Norwich had three errors. NORWICH The Catamounts walloped the Cadets of Norwich by a score of 12-2 behind Bob Carlson. Carlson pitched eight-hit ball, all of which were well spaced. Eight official errors were committed as Norwich allowed eight unearned runs cross the plate. Vermont had eleven hits with Frank Taylor and Randy Sullivan each poking two-baggers. BOWDOIN Bowdoin College set back the Cat ball chasers by a score of 11-8. Al Shaw pitched the Hrst eight innings and was relieved by Akley in the ninthj Sysko, Spasyk and Beauchemin led the Cat batters, garnering two hits apiece. . ST. MICHAEDS Vermont beat St. IXIichael's again and this time, too, it was a shutout, 4-O. Carlson went the distance of nine innings, pitching fine ball and allowing eleven scattered hits. Vermont had only seven hits, but made good use of them and of St. lVIichael's errors, of which there were three. VIRGINIA Virginia eked out a IO-8 victory over Vermont despite the fact that each team had ten hits and Virginia had five errors as compared to Vermont's none. Akley started off on the mound and was relieved by Alberghini in the sixth. Doherty clouted a beautiful home run in this game. VIRGINIA Vermont came back to beat Virginia in the two-day siege by a score of 473. Carlson pitched for the Cata- mounts and gave nine hits. The errors were divided evenly, one apiece. Vermont was on the short end of the batting with six hits to Virginiais nine. Doherty had another one of those days and knocked out two doubles and a single out of four tries. ' BATES The University of Vermont ball team went down to a bitter thirteen-inning defeat at the hands of Bates, 6-5. Akley toed the slab for five innings and was then forced to leave the game due to an injury. Roy Alberghini was the replacement and, as a result of no warm-up, got batted around a little in his first inning, but then went on to pitch seven innings of no-hit ball. Vermont outhit Bates twelve to nine. Doherty got three for five, while Sysko, Taylor and Alberghini got two apiece. ST. MICI-lAEL'S Vermont beat St. Michael's 3-O in eleven innings behind Bob Carlson who went the whole stretch. At the end of the ninth and tenth it was a scoreless tie and Vermont, in the eleventh, knocked out four hits to give three runs. Carlson gave five scattered hits to the I-Iilltop boys, while Vermont had ten. DARTMOUTI-I Dartmouth shaded Vermont by the close score of 10-9. Akley started off for Vermont and was relieved by Alberghini in the second inning due to an injury. Dartmouth had nine hits and no errors, while Vermont had eight hits and four errors. Taylor got a triple that day. Vermont finished up the season with a pretty fair record, having twelve wins and twelve losses for a .500 average. Under the superb guidance of Larry Gardner, the coach who puts to fine advantage his years of expe- rience in the major leagues, the group grew from a mere nuclear skeleton to a well-coordinated team. The group had many potentialities which his unexcelled coaching brought to the fore. Among his outstanding proteges are such prominent stars as Captain Frank Taylor, Hank Beauchemin, Bob Doherty, Charlie Smith and Johnnie Spasyk, as well as such mound champs as big Clarence Akley and Bob Carlson. Graduation and the call to arms took their toll of such valuable members as Taylor, Smith, Sullivan, Healy, Beauchemin, whose names will go down in the U. V. M. f'Hall of Fame." -148- FROSH BASEBALL Second Row-Evans, Desso, Goodrich, Wright, Lunna, Bister, Durfee Front Row-Urie, Craige, Hazen, Eddy, Conti, Thomas, Killick BURLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL The Vermont frosh started the season off with a bang by taking Burlington High School 6-4. Carl Urie took the mound for the frosh and gave four hits for eight innings, when he was relieved by Delorme, who gave one in the ninth. The frosh got six hits. DARTMOUTH '44 The Dartmouth frosh trounced the Kittens 14-2, wielding the ash to fifteen hits. Craige was the pitcher for Vermont. Vermont gained six hits from Hughes, opposing pitcher. The attack was led by Levine, Conti and Killick with three, two and one hits respectively. CLARK SCHOOL The frosh retaliated to take Clark School 16-ll behind Carl Urie and Ed Craige. Craige relieved Urie in the second. The errors were divided evenly, four apiece. Julie Levine led the hitting attack with three hits followed by Ed Craige and Johnnie Goodrich with two apiece. GREEN MOUNTAIN JUNIOR COLLEGE Green hflountain took the Vermont freshmen 7-1. Craige pitched for the losers giving nine hits. Vermont had three hits and three errors, while Green hiountain Junior had two errors. GREEN MOUNTAIN JUNIOR COLLEGE In a return engagement Green Motintain again took the frosh, and this time by a wider margin, 17-7. Green Nlountain had a like number of hits as did frosh, but the frosh led in errors, seven to four. DARTMOUTH ,44 The Dartmouth yearlings eked out a 15-O shutout against the freshmen. The freshmen had three hits, two slammed out by Eddy and the other one by Conti. Dartmouth had I3 hits. VERMONT JUNIOR COLLEGE The Kittens were vanquished by Vermont Junior College by a score of 14-8. Killick, Levine, Goodrich, Urie and Lunna, all having two hits apiece, except Urie, who had one. Vermont led in errors hve to one. VERMONT JUNIOR COLLEGE Vermont Junior College came back to beat the frosh again by a score of 8-2. Vermont had Ed Craige on the mound, who gave eleven hits. Vermont gained five hits and had two errors, Vermont Junior College had three errors. The freshmen had a poor season this year, winning only two out of eight games, being a little weak on the hurling side of the roster. Conti, Craige, Killick and Levine were standout men. -149- VARSITY TRACK Third Row-Post, D. Corliss, Thurber, Mott, Grosvenor J Goss Savrn Squire Daly Zwlck Fogg Second Row-Bailey, O'Connell, E. Corliss, Eaton Long Warden Gage NlCh0lS Crown Czachor Front Row-St. Mary Kaufman Earley The harriers Won two out of five in dual competition and placed fourth in the E. I. A. A. meet at Worcester, in which Bert Mott, captain-elect of the 742 track team, defeated Ed Duggar, Tuftls 220-yard dash star. April 19, Vermont 492, Williams 852, at Centen- nial Field. Vermont gave Williams its toughest battle in the field events, as was expected. Taylor Won the javelin throw, Nlott got a first in the 120-yard high hurdles and 220-yard dash. April 26, Vermont 52, Union 74, at Schenectady, N. Y. lVlott starred again in this meet by placing in five events. May 3, Vermont 67, Colby 68, at Centennial Field. Although Vermont held the edge in first places, 8-7, it failed to pick up the necessary second and third place points to win. hflay 10, Vermont 742, Nliddlebury 602, at Cen- tennial Field. Vermont came through to Win over one of Middlebury's greatest track teams and also to Win its first meet of the year. hflott broke the state record in the 120 hugh hurdles with a time of 15.8. May 17, Eastern Intercollegiate Nleet, at Worcester, Mass. Vermont fourth with 17 points, 11 of them gotten by our Weight men. Tufts nrst with 432 points. hlay 24, Vermont 762, Trinity 492, at Centennial Field. Vermont closed the season with a win over Trinity. Mott starred with 21 points, a grand seasonal total of 82. s FRESHIVIAN TRACK ' '-M1 ,sg x, Second Row-Mgr. Hunt, Kunken, Goodenough, Goss, Goodrich, McLaren, Walgren, Helberg, Pulleyn, Corey, Sedlis, Weitz ' - ' 1' , b R d T bl y, Turner, Paterson We ster Fiont Row Lockwood, Barry, McGill, Goriss, ee , rem a 1 f Xl' vi liars . 1 V1 V . X11 Y V. is-11. :ng 1 A 1 .3 1? 14.21, 4 . .1 aj 0 '03, lf...-'MV ii .K Y I . ,A-. 5 V E.. Ai ' 3514. E Q Ivbk , ,.,,-.. .,,, Y 5 ,,V, . 5 x NV V 1 X Vu., 5 . , 1 ' - r x '.o - -o1- f . 1 ' 'V A l -4' 7 A' fb, . ' ' 1 ' ' esflf-' " 'Yffif . ., - , , g .. . Coach ..................................,...................................................,........,... Roy Wietz Honorary C0-Captain! ............ Bart Barry and John Reed Ma1zage1' ............................,.......................................................... Lyman Hunt lVlay 1, U. V. NI. '44 83, Burlington High School 34. The untried frosh experienced little difficulty in trim- ming the high schoolers. Several Winners were uncov- ered in persons of John Reed, in the 100- and 220-yard dashes, Bart Barry, in both hurdles, Bob Pulleyn, who easily Won the 440- and S80-yard runs, and Paul Wal- gren, who took four seconds. lVIay 10, U. V. NI. '44 74, Green Mountain junior College 69, Vermont Junior College 3. Reed, Pulleyn and Barry continued their excellent performance of the previous Week and captured Hrsts in 100- and 220-yard dashes, 440-yard dash, 880-yard run, broad jump and 120-yard high hurdles. May 16, U. V. Nl. '44 652, Bellows Falls High School and Brattleboro High School Slh. Sparked by stalwarts John Reed and Bart Barry, who annexed two hrst places each, the frosh trackmen glided along com- fortably garnering points in every event. Nlay 23, St. Iohnsbury High School and Lyndon Institute 66, U. V. Nl. 744 51. Barry, Reed and Pulleyn continued their fine work, but the visitors' combine, led by Glenn Nlacllonald, a great performer in the shot put and hurdles, was too strong for the freshmen. Pulleyn reeled off a 52.5 second 440-yard clash, to tie the frosh record. VARSITY CROSS - COUNTRY Second Row-Post, Bennett, Zwick, McLaren, R Goss, Wright White Tennlen, Stephen Front Row-Harrington, Hoyt, C. Webster F Webster, J COYIISS, Steinman Coach Archie Post did it again, this time taking a returning nucleus of the Co-Captain Webster brothers and Bud Hoyt, he added the other returning members, namely, Harrington, Crown, Corliss, McLaren, Stod- dard, Zwick, D. Corliss and Reg White and turned out a cross-country team which faced one of the toughest schedules in recent years. The season opened with a sweeping win over Union 5-4. Fred Webster led the pack home followed by Hoyt, C. Webster, Stoddard, McLaren and Crown as Vermont took the first six places. The long legged Indians of Dartmouth took the measure of the Catamounts for their only defeat of the season by a 21-36 score. VVebster and Hoyt were the first Vermonters to finish. Again the VVebster brothers, this time showing their heels to Bowdoin as Vermont piled up a 19-36 win. Hoyt, lVIcLaren and VVright also gathered points for the Green and Gold. A first place tie was the way chosen to bring home the bacon as the Webster brothers led their cohorts to a 23-32 win over Williams as hffcldaren, Hoyt and Stoddard finished in that order for Vermont. In the hff. E. I. C. A. A. meet at Boston the Vermont harriers did well as they garnered fourth place in a classy field The seasonal climax came as a clean slate victory over Middlebury as U. V. hl. took the first six places. FRESHMAN CROSS - COUNTRY Second Row-Post, Stokes, Aiken, Bryden, Mershon, Goldstein, Andrews, Bickford Front Row-Phillips, Greemore, Patton, Bluto, Devine A ..4.. l -153 Coach Post turned out a frosh cross-country team which, with the possible exception of Aiken, had no individual stars as in past years. The turnout was very short on numbers and also experience, but potentially it may be an outstanding team because of the great amount of flght, drive and determination shown. The boys won four and lost two meets as they downed Mid- dlebury frosh and took the state title. The first test was against a superior Dartmouth team which ran the Green and Gold down by a 19-42 score. The first Vermont finishers over a tough course were Aiken and Andrews. Vermont School of Agriculture had just enough to win a 25-30 victory over the home boys. Again Aiken and Andrews were the first frosh to cross the line. On a cold rainy day the frosh hung up their first win over Williamstown High by a score of 17-38. The first three places went to the frosh as Aiken, Andrews and Nlershon finished in that order. A sweeping win was registered in a triangular meet against VVaterbury High School and Burlington High School, the scores being Vermont 24, VV. H. S. 33, and Vermont 18, B. H. S. 45. Aiken led the pack home closely followed by Patten, Andrews, Bryden, Mershon, ln the final meet of the year the frosh triumphed over the arch-rival hfliddlebury frosh by a 17-40 score as Aiken, Patten and Andrews took the first three places. MEN'S SKI TEAM Goss, Paterson, Pierce, Hurst, Holden, St. Mary Largely due to the lack of cross-country skiers and jumpers, the U. V. M. ski team had a comparatively unsuccessful season. Paul Sutton was elected captain of the team last year, but was unable to participate in the events. Approxi- mately ten men turned out for practice at the begin- ning ofthe year, but by the time of the first event, this number had shrunk to three. Johnny Hurst, Art Paterson and Bud Pierce formed the trio which was the nucleus of the team. They participated in all of the three meets. Bob Goss, Ernie St. hlary, Chas. Smith and Harry VVay took part in one or two of the meets. George Holden was the manager. Vermont placed last in the New Hampshire meet. That meet was won by New Hampshire, who eventually placed second in the I. S. U. The second meet Qthe I. S. U. competitionj was held at Middlebury. Here Vermont was sixth in downhill and slalom, but cross-country skiing dragged them clown to ninth place in the T. S. U. when St. Lawrence took them over by one point. This eliminated U. V. hi. from the A division. This was the only meet that the "Big Green Teamw of Dartmouth won during this season, placing them first in the I. S. U. Norwich was the scene of the third contest. Here New Hampshire again took top honors. Vermont was third in downhill and slalom. Here, the lack of cross- country skiers was felt, as it was in that branch of the competition that Vermont lost out again. - 154 The team had to train without any coach, as Ev Bailey was called into the service soon after the begin- ning of the season. ' Providing all the active skiers of the past season return next year, prospects look fairly bright. HOCKEY -. V Second Row-McGill, Duckworth, Evans, Switzer, Lockwood Front Row-O'Connell, Bundy, Stephen, Tuholski, White Coach ................................ ................................ D octor lVlarvin Captain ...................,....,......................................,........ lim Stephen Prefialent of Hockey Club ........................ Jim Stephen Secrezfa1'y of Hockey Club .................. Bob Lockwood .Mcmager ............,..................................... ...........,.. J im Stephen After many years hockey was brought again to the campus of U. V. M. lnstigated by Jim Stephen and coached by Doctor lVlarvin, of the faculty, the team played three games, two with Middlebtiry and one with St. lVlichael's. The first game with hdiddlebury was a close battle, ending with hfliddlebury ahead by one goal. The second game with Nliddlebury proved more disastrous for Vermont, the Blue and White pucksters piling up a total of eight goals to Vermontls two. The final game with St. lVlichael's looked more cheer- ful for Vermont, the team scoring three goals to St. lNfIichael's two. Jim Stephen, Fred Bundy and Bob Lockwood fur- nished the nucleus for the team, and others who had played hockey were encouraged to report. These three, plus Dave Tuholski, star goalie, and VVhit Switzer, fast freshman wing, formed the starting sextet in most cases, ably assisted by Sig Sysko at center, Bob White and Ed O'Connell at wings, and Bishop McGill and Stu Evans at defense. lt is hoped that hockey will continue to be a winter sport on the campus. VARSITY TENNIS FRESI-IMAN TENNIS Second Row-Pratt, Wolk, Lynch, L. Simpson, Mgr. Thayer Front Row-Coach Carpenter, E. Simpson, Foti, West Coach ............. .......... P rof. F. D. Carpenter Captain ............. ......................... I . E. Simpson Illanager .......... .....,....., D . W. Thayer In a complete reversal of their form displayed in previous years, the varsity tennis team completed a very successful season by Winning seven of their twelve matches. April 24 Amherst 9. Vermont U April 25 Vermont 8, Connecticut 1 April 26 Vermont 9, Massachusetts State 0 May 2 May 3 May 6 May 9 May 12 May 15 May 20 May 22 May 24 Vermont S. Clarkson 2 St. Lawrence 6. Vermont 3 Union 6, Vermont 3 Vermont 7, St, Michaels 1 Vermont 6. Colby 3 Middlebury 6, Vermont 3 Vermont S. Norwich 1 Middlebury 7. Vermont 2 Vermont 7, Trinity 2 Wion 7 Lost 5 Led by Captain Ed Simpson and Sam Foti the Vermont racquet wielders took their opponents in three of their five matches on the road ventures into Klassachusetts, Connecticut and New York. In the state series the Green and Gold ended up in second -15 place after losing tvvo close battles to a strong Adid- dlebury team. Vermont wound up a fine season by swamping Trinity 7-2. The team Was composed of Captain E. Simp- son, A. D. Wolk, L. A. Simpson, R. G. Lynch, S. Foti and W. A. West. .- Coachef ............. ........... N . L. Walb1'idge A. Nl. K. Blume Illavzager ............................ ................. h fl. AI. Levin Ho1zora1'y Captain ........... ........... I 7. A. hflanjoney May Bellows Free Academy 6. Vermont '44 0 May Green Mountain junior College, rained out Afiay lVlontpelier I-Iigh School 5, Vermont '44 I May Vermont '44 3, Green Mountain junior College May Bellows Free Academy 5. Vermont '44 l Afla y Montpelier High School 5. Vermont 744 1 The freshmen Went through their short schedule very unsuccessfully by losing four straight matches and tying another. Freshman numerals Went to V. A. hlanjoney, C. R. Denton, VV. Hurst, T. Keighley, S. NI. Kemler and R. L. Norton. 6- VARSITY RIFLE TEAM Q Second Row-Manson, Crossley, Waldo, Miller, Swift, Holden, Story Front Row-Leamy, Pratt, Sgt. Pickett, Coach ........ ......... L ieut. R. Fyfe Captain ...,......... ................. 5 lohn H. Pratt l'l176Z7Z6lgE7' .......... ............ ul ames H. Tennien The 1941-42 rifle team called it quits after hang- ing up a record of twenty wins in twenty-six matches including the capturing of first place in the Randolph Hearst intercollegiate competition and a second in the First Corps Area intercollegiate matches. In four matches, shoulder-to-shoulder, U. V. Nl. dropped the one at Boston against Boston Univer- sity, won over Harvard at Cambridge, over Norwich at Burlington and took third place in the New Eng- land Rifle League match at New London, Conn. LE'1v1'ERlVlEN John H. Pratt '42 james ll. Tennien '43 William P. Leamy '42 Lelon A. Weaver '43 Richard L. Swift '43 Robert P. Story '43 Robert E. Waldo '44 George gl. Holden '44 Harry E. Crossley '44 1i'retl NY. Miller '44 Gordon JK. Manson '45 - 157 Tennien, Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont 7 Weaver 1322, Boston University 1326 1366, Yale 1382 1378, U. S. Coast Guard 1389 1381, Pittsburgh 1387 1348, Harvard 1329 1396, XVest Virginia 1408 1371, Montana State 1387 1367, 1Ventworth 1343 1367, Northeastern 1339 1389, Tufts 1347 1381, New Hampshire 1365 1371, Connecticut 1306 1367, Bowdoin 1331 1376, Rhode lslantl 1341 1386. Lowell Tech. 1363 1399, VV. P. 1. 1308 1344, Brown 1329 1395, M.1.T. 1405 1386, University of Dayton 13-0 1356. Mississippi State 1340 1375 1364i Vermont 1370, Vermont 1349. Vermont 1348. Vermont 1329, 'Won 20 William Randolph lrlears First Corps Area. Senior New England Rille Lea place Gettysburg College 1300 Nlaine 1323 R. P. 1. 1356 Ohio State 1344 Stanford 1268 Norwich 1286 Lost 6 t Trophy Match-lst place Linit R. O. 'l'. C.-2nd place gue Cshoulder-to-shoulder match J -3 rd Women's Athletics W. A. A. Second Row-McLean, Fawcett, Spear, Abell, Goodwin, Rome, Burnham Front Row-Grier, Burns, Peterson, Savage, Needham W. A. A. is the Womerfs Athletic Association on ca-mpus, concerned with directing all sports activi- ties for women. lt is led by a Cabinet-a group of officers elected by the women's student body-with Catherine Peterson as president this year. The Cabinet is aided by the Campus hflanagers, the All Sports Club, and the Health Council, and is admin- istered by the heads of the VVomen's Physical Edu-- cation Department. Its main purpose is to build up the physical fitness of its members and to main- tain good fellowship and sportsmanship among the individual players. No longer is the old point system in effect-in order to give more girls a chance to become members of VV. A. A., clubs in each sport were started. lf a girl attends three-fourths of the meetings held by the clubs she is interested in, she automatically becomes a member of VV. A. A. Each club is led by a girl who was chosen by the Cabinet on the basis of her leadership ability, her interest in the sport, and her sportsman-like attitude. This new system has meant that not only the best women athletes can be members, but anyone Who is inter- ested in sports and who has the right attitude toward them. All heated competition of years past has been done away with by this system-in its place there is a new feeling of friendship and sportsmanship, and a new interest in women's sports. Girls are also - 160 given a chance to become members through attend- ing three-fourths of the classes held in any of the Red Cross First Aid Courses that are being sponsored on our campus by W. A. A. There are no varsity awards, but the managers of each club choose an honor varsity team, including girls who were chosen because of their prohciency, cooperation and attend- ance in the club. The calendar for the first semester was very full- starting off in the fall with a hockey game with the Middlebury team. We are not allowed to compete with other colleges, so the two teams were divided and each side was composed of half U. V. hd. players and half Middlebtiry players. A good game resulted. A Demonstration Night of Indoor Sports was held October 29th-to give the freshmen an idea of the different sports sponsored by W. A. A. ln December a High School Basketball Sports Day was held. Representatives from high schools around Burling- ton joined together in relay races, basketball and volleyball games, and hnished off their day with eats. An event which proved very popular was the Splash Party held at the Community "YW Every- one joined in the fun-obstacle races, comic diving and a good swim. The calendar for the last semester has been cut down immensely-due to the rushed schedule of the whole campus. HEALTH COUNCIL 3 Second Row-Hennessey, Stewart, Price, Potter, Wills, Hughes, McElF1sh, Kelley, Paquette, Grant, Hawkinson Front Row-Webber, Lund, Dunbar, Spear, Bullard, Bourne, Edwards The Health Council is a great aid to the Cabinet in keeping the women on campus physically lit. Headed by Natalie Spear this year, it is composed of one from each dormitory and sorority, who are trying to maintain a high level of health on campus. In order to do this each member discusses health habits and needs with the girls in her own dormitory, and then brings any problems to the next Health Council meeting. Here discussion is held until some means of attacking the problem are found. Then the girls begin their campus-wide campaign. Each week they put health posters on the Bulletin Board in the HYN Room-these posters picture some health hint, which U. V. hal. students have found wise to follow. They also have Health News Flashes in each of the dormitories. This Council raises all of its own money-mainly through its annual tag day and its ever popular "Poverty Dancew-to which the girls take the men. The money earned is spent in a very beneficial way-as a fund it is used to give medical care to those girls who otherwise could not afford it. Thus it can readily be seen how important this Council is to the campus. This year it has also brought to the campus some fine speakers who have encouraged the girls to keep up their health, showing them how important it is to every individual. With a wider knowledge among the students of what the Health Council is and what it does, it is hoped that it may do even more than it can now. The health angle at the University of Vermont has long been overlooked by the majority of people and the recent change in policy should be credited entirely to the Health Council which tries to do what it can on a big problem. Other schools have student infirmaries and clinics supported by a tax on the students, but here the Council, through its own efforts, does what it can to help those who need medical assistance. So now with our own knowledge of the aims and problems of the Health Council, let us all help it in its ellort to solve those problems. -161- ALL SPORTS CLUB Peterson, Kyle, Gallagher, Grier, Hyde The All Sports Club is the honor society of W. A. A. To be a member of this club is the highest honor to be obtained. The number of members is small-for it is composed of upperclass girls who have been chosen for exceptional athletic activity, and who also fulfill the requirements of good sports- manship, leadership and scholarship. This year in order to increase the interest in athletics this club is giving a cup to the dormitory or sorority who has the largest percentage of its girls participating in sports. This has proved very successful-with a growing number of members in VV. A. A. The Campus Managers are the link between the Cabinet and the W. A. A. members. They are the leaders of the individual clubs, and have the power of picking out the honor varsity team in their sport. Working closely with them is the Council-at-Large. The latter is made up of girls chosen, one from each dorm, who get the girls to go out for a sport-and then the Campus Nlanagers interest them in be- coming W. A. A. members. In their clubs these managers can produce sportsmanship and fellow- ship in the individual players, for which goal the Cabinet is working. CAMPUS MANAGERS Second Row-Hall, Thornton, Crocker, Fritchie, Runnals, Savage, Brown, Burns, Hathorn, Buttles, McLean Front Row-Robinson, Moseley, Perkins, Quinn, Arnault, Fletcher, Kyle - 162 ARCI-IERY Black, Campbell, Byington, Warren, Robinson, Preston, Davison Archery, as always, proved to be one of the most popular sports for the women. Led by the managers, Dawn Nichols and Barbara Robinson, the club was Very active-the number of bull's-eyes verifying the skill of the members. An Intercollegiate hleet by wire was held with a number of out-of-the-state college teams-scoring counting for both individuals and teams. Our club did very well in both respects, and are looking forward to an active spring season. RIFLE TEAM The Rifle Club for girls is back on our campus once again. Coached by Sergeant Connor, of the U. V. hfl. Military Department, the girls have been learning the art of the riHe. Each member goes to club twice a week for an hour of intensive training on the mechanics of the riHe. It will take a lot of patience and hard work to obtain the type of marks- men once present on campus, but if the interest in the club continues and the girls continue their improvement we will have a bigger and better Rifle Team than ever before. Second Row-Buttles, Pike, Fawcett, Brooks. Higgins, Strauch. Gray, Forssell, Benoit, Anderson Front Row-Beal, Knickerbocker, Runnals, Bevins, Quimby, Levin, Hendershot, Hart, Boelsen, -I 63 Franklin VARSITY GIRLS' SKIING Pearl, Brown, Burns, Fletcher The lVomen's Ski Team with Barbara Burns as captain has been very successful this year, even though it is practically a new organization on this campus. Each week the team, very small in number, spends about four days skiing on Nft. Nlansfield. The girls have been receiving professional instruction there and are showinggood results. Julia Fletcher took' second place in the combined slalom and down- hill in the I. S. U. Nfeet held at Nliddlebury College this winter. Barbara Burns came in in third place on the downhill. The Ski Team is required to enter any event under individual competition. Although the season was short this year the Hockey Team was most successful. After a few scrimmages to get the feel of the game, our team entertained Nliddleburyls here. The two schools exchanged some of their players with each otherQ and a good game resulted. Nlore games with nearby colleges are scheduled for next year. The team ended their season by going to Bennington for an Intercollegiate lVIeet. It was the first time we had entered this meet-and we did very well. GIRLS' HOCKEY Buttles, Hyde, Hall, Fawcett, Craven, Bullard, Taylor, Arnault, Anthony, Clark, Hughes, Parker, McElfish, Perkins -164- BADMINTON McLean, Gates, Hyde, Hall, Geer, Hoag, Smith, Palmer, Thornton, Taylor, Kyle, Bull, White The Badminton Club has drawn a larger number of players this winter than ever before. hfleeting twice a week in Southwick after the dinner hour, many girls have found it a most exciting game. A tournament was held between the dormitories and sororities with Pat Crowley '44 and Barbara Kennon '45 winning the cup for the Pi Phi's. One evening the badminton team from the "YH came up and gave exhibition games, and then competed against the college team. The latter showed that it was not lacking in ability-some of the members of the MY" team returned home badly beaten. The Dance Workshop, under the leadership of hfliss Betty Lou 'Witters, has been working with original compositions and techniques. This Winter the group went down to hfliddlebury and each work- shop gave the other new ideas for composition. This proved to be fun for all so they have planned to come up for a return engagement. In place of the been cancelled be- schedule, a dance planned. The girls Lilac Day activities, which has cause of the present war-time recital for the spring is being do their own designing, not only of their dance steps but also of their costumes. MODERN DANCE WORKSHOP Second Row-Sherman, Guild, Lanou, Cheney, Chamberlin, Hoag Front Row-Johnson, Nolan, Bullard -16 S SWIMMING CLUB Buttles, Gustafson, Potter, Perkins, Mgr. Arnault, Stewart, Pike A Swimming Club was formed for the first time this year and because of its popularity will be con- tinued. Meeting once a week in the Community "YH swimming pool the girls have increased their swim- ming and diving ability. A Senior Life Saving Course was given for those who were interested, and many. girls who act as camp councilors during the summer took advantage of the opportunity. Led by Dot Arnault, '44, the club was very active-holding a Splash Party for the college women, and meets with "Y" members. Bowling is definitely a growing sport on this campus-it proving to be the most popular this year. New alleys were opened at the Waterman Building this winter, drawing many spectators and adding to the interest of the game. The club held many matches with men bowling teams, the scores showing that women are every bit as good bowlers as men. Competition among the club members was high, but lVIary Quinn '44 ended the season with the high- est average-102.5. BOWLING CLUB Second Row-Hathorn, Heininger, Hart, Mulholland, Pierce, Anderson, Maxfield, Nutting, Hinman, Brooks, Higgins, LeDuc Front Row-Wright, Lanou, Mitchell, Hotchkiss, Bevins, Robinson, Norris, Nelson -166- BASKETBALL Second Row-Thornton, Taylor, Jacobs, Anthony, Hotchkiss, Quimby, Perkins, Savage, Easton, Roberts Front Row-Peterson, Pearl, Hennessey, Metcalf, Runnals, Johnson, White, Buttles, Lane Basketball is, undoubtedly, one of the largest and most important sports today. lt is a flourishing game in gym classes as Well as in the club. Meetings are held bi-weekly With the courts always filled to overflowing. From all evidences, the popularity of this sport more than justifies its ever increasing participation. After the girls have had an opportunity to :Climber up" and "sharpen their eye," games are held between the Green and Gold teams with plenty of exciting competition. PING-PONG Ping-pong is enjoying even more enthusiastic recog- nition than ever before. Tournaments sponsored peri- odically by the Women's Athletic Association are popularly received by the girls and enthusiastically participated in. The healthy exercise and inexpensive enjoyment has caused the popularity of this club to advance by leaps and bounds. Ping-pong is a surpris- ingly fast game and any member of the club will vouch for its physical exertion and strenuousness. Russell, Quinn, Thornton, Oling, Guild -167- M US LIFE ying... Q' Q I AQ' if Q 2 Q smmue Z , 2 5, ET REBUS . 3 26 HUNEETI? Af 5 Q 00 Nr' OV -bi Qs Us ,AQPXO Q O 1 ll l ",,., Sororities Fraternities The Beauties Iniormals r,,,,T,, ,Y .-F!!-F' ..- wah- - ,., 1 ,Mmm- ,V-4 --u 5-4 w ..- Sororities Fraternities ALPHA CHI OMEGA Fourth Row-McLean, Gebbie, Crocker, Lafray, Davison, Williams, Herrmann, Southworth Clark, Mitchell, Lanou, Bailey, M. Perry, Hall Third Row-Perry, A White, Pike, Rowe, Hughes, W.ishart, Smith, E. White, Germain A. Needham, Cassidy, Pierce, Watts, Bullard, Whitney Second Row-Bevins, Lang, S. Hall, Howe, Woods, Fiske, Bishop, Shippee, Isham, Gallagher J. Perry Front Row-C. Hughes, S. Needham, Stimpson, Runnals, Loughery, Ashe, Thompson, Hathorn Prior, Heininger 1942 Lillian Aronson Bzrrbara Gallagher Judith Perry Barbara Bishop hlirianx Fiske Cynthia Bailey Florence Bevins A-"la1'ggaret Cassidy Mary Germain Shirley Hall ,lanis Berry Dorothy Blllllllll Barbara Clark Virginia Crocker ,lean Davison Ba rhzlra llall Alilfy Ashe Erica Heininger Christine Hughes Dorothy Loughery Alice Howe Ellen Isham 1943 Claire Lal7rz1y Nlorna Lang llelen MeLezl11 Virginia Mitchell 1944 Nellie l'lCI'I'l1l?lllll Rosamond llughes Marie Lzrnou Mary Perry Shirley Price Alice Rowe 1945 Shirley Needham liiaith Prior Sylvia Runnals -172- llthel Shippee Harriet Woods Alice Needham Phyllis Pierce Lucie Pike Marwxret Wislizirt Betty Smith lfunice hxillllj Aliela llihile llarriet llillitney Mary Williams Alarjorie Southworllm Janet. Stirnpson Gail 'llrrnnlvson ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Founded at DePauw University, 1885 Established at Vermont, 1921 Sorores in Facultate Miss Grace Burwash Miss Gcnucttc Davis Miss Margaret Doughty ALPHA XI DELTA Thzrd Row-Parker, Maxfield, Blake, Turnbull, Wellwood, Whittemore, Nelson, Shea Second Row-Dunbar, Cotton, Anderson, Frabotta, Norris, Sanderson, Pfeiffer, Scribner, Hunt Strauch F1 ont Row-Spear, Benoit, Badger, Heath, McCormick, Robinson, Nichols, Abbott, Bissell Peggy-Dean Abbott Jane Badger Mildred Anderson Marguerite Benoit Dorothy Cargill Lois Cotton Barbara Blake Ma rj orie Parker Virginia Hunt Patricia hlaxfield 1942 Mary Bissell Elizabeth lrleath ' 1943 Barbara Dunbar Pahnina Frabotta hlarion Nelson 1944 Rita Shea Sylvia lllellwood 1945 -lane Pfeiffer Ruby Sanderson -174- Dorothy lN'lcCorn1ielt Dorothy Nichols Jean Norris Barbara Robinson Natalie Spear Nancy lllhitteinore Mary Slrauch UPSILON CHAPTER Founded at Lombard College, 1893 Established at Vermont, 1915 Soror in Facultate Alicia B. FZlil'b?ll1kS 5 DELTA DELTA DELTA Fourth Row-Lessor, Wedge, Palmer, Remington, Butler, Arnault, Delano, Collins, Pratt, Webb Naylor, Vogler Third Row-Hawkinson, Geer, Mulholland, Hoffman, Eldredge, Casey, Gray, Nolan, Newell Feerick Second Row-Rome, Riddell, Parker, Wilson, Klinger, Clark, Raymond, Ingalls, Agard, Miller Peterson Frout Row-Byington, Johnson, Nelson, Carter, Taylor, Boelson, Melby, Edwards, Kirby, Bull Anderson 1942 Ioene Agard Ruth Boelson Lucille Clark Betty Ingalls Gail Klinger Mary Butler hlargaret Flint Mary Louise Hart Dorothy Arnault Dorothy Carter Ita Casey Dorothy Collins Margaret Delano Kathryn Feeriek Betty Anderson .leanne Bull Joyce Byington .lean Mann Ruth Miller Ann Parker Catherine Peterson ' hlyrtle Raymond 1943 June Hoffman Mary Lessor June Naylor 1944 Diantha Geer Myra Cray Betty l'Iawkinson Dorothy johnson Agnes Mulholland 1945 Alice Edwards Barbara Kirby -176- .lune Riddell Sally Rome Sarah Wilson ,lean Young Ruth Newell Elizabeth Pratt Lucy Upson lllargaret Palmer Ann Remington Phyllis Taylor Jean Vogler Barbara Webb hlarion Klelby Marion Nelson ETA CHAPTER E" Wi? e ' 'K A Founded at Boston University, I Established at Vermont, 1893 Sorores in Foculfnfe .lean Brelmmcr Marjorie Luce lilizalnetlm Morrill Helen Nichols 888 KAPPA ALPHA TI-IETA Tlmzl Row-Munroe, Smith, Fitch, Ingalls, Austin, Hibbard, Miller, Dahlgren, Small, Preston Carlson, H. Pearl, Fawcett, Craven, Lowe Second Row-Brown, Fowell, McAuliffe, Roberts, Levesque, Carr, Welsh, Dike, Hollowell Anthony, Flemming, Phillips, Simonson, Jordan F1 ont Row-Buckingham, Tuckerman, Cobb, G. Pearl, Grier, Holden, Swanson, Rust, Bottomley Frances Abel Anne Bottomley Wanda Cobb Elizabeth Cooper Elizabeth Deming Janet Dike Carolyn Brown Shirley Buckingham Alison Carr Margery Anthony Gertrude Austin Ruth Carlson Adelaide Craven Elizabeth Dahlgren Pauline Fitch Alice Flemmin Abel, Cooper, Hall, Deming 1942 Cathryn Crier Jean Hall Katharine Holden Gratia Pearl 1943 Corinne Hollowell 1944 Nancy Fawcett Patricia Fowell Helene Levesque 1945 Shirley Hibbard Frances Ingalls Ruth Jordan Phyllis Lowe Nlarcia Miller Esther Munroe -178- Janet Rust June Swanson lvlary Tuckerman Doris lllelsh Jane McAuliffe Betsy Roberts Harriet Pearl Jeanne Phillips Janice Preston Margaret Simonson Beatrice Small .lean Smith LAMBDA CHAPTER ,f,.-,mg-.,M....,,,, WM. 1 Founded at DePauw University, 1870 Established at Vermont, 188 Sorores in Facultate Ircnc Allen Mary R. Bates Mary O. Boynton Dr. Florallce King nlnrgurct Rice Nlzrry glean Simpson Florence M. lllooclard 1 9 PI BETA PHI Fourth Row-Lane, Bourne, Eimer, M. Metcalf, Perkins, Fletcher, Gaylord, Quinn, Provost Johnson, Whalen, Crowley Third Row-Sprague, P. Pike, Stoughton, Savage, Burns, Abell, Wills, M. Davis, Hackwell Jenks, Gustafson, Page Second Row-Forssell, J. Metcalf, Magee, Woolley, Lynch, Butterfield, L. Davis, Rugg, Clough Clark, Goodwin Front Row-Jenkins, Burnham, Parker, Farnsworth, Kennon, Rose, Hotchkiss, J. Pike, Guild Cheney, Woods, Pratt 1942 Barbara Butterfield Harriet Dustan Fern Magee 7 Janet Clark Millieent Clough Louise Davis Marjorie Abell Barbara Burns Mary Beth Davis Janet Haekivell Dorothy Bourne Patricia Crowley Marilyn Elmer Julia Fletcher Barbara Burnham Beryl Cheney Bcity Parnsxvortli Lorraine Guiltl Jean lrlotehlciss Jeanne Porssell Nancy Goodwin 1943 Elizabeth Jenks Frances Lynch Patricia Page Patricia Pike 1944 Alma Gaylord Esther Gustafson Barbara Lane hlary hfletcalf 1945 Eleanor Jenkins Barbara Kennon Shirley Parker Janet Pike -180- Louise Rugg Jeanne lvoolley Phyllis Savage Jean Sprague Marion Stoughton Priscilla Perkins Carol Provost Mary Quinn Justine Whalen Constance Pratt Virginia Rose Ann Xllills Beverly Woods VERMONT BETA Founded at Iwonnzoufh, 1898 Established at Vermont, 1898 Sorores in Facultafe Mrs. Iennic R, Bmdlee Dr. Katherine NIcSweeney d n , ,,,,, N 'V Y -181- SIGMA GAMMA Third Row-Carr, Lacey, Benson, White, Knickerbocker, Walker, Doane Second Row-D. Thornton, M. Thornton, Butterfield, Close, E. Chaffee, F. Smith, M. Smith Schoeneman, Osgood Front Row-D. Murphy, J. Murphy, L. Chaffee, Marvin, Abbott, Allen, Hyde LOCAL Founded at Vermont, 1920 Sorores in Facultate Constance L. Brown Katharine Eckley Dopp Mary P. Lane Freclerika B. Northrop Mae Tinkham Rowell Verna Allen Elizabeth Chaffee Ethelyn Chalice Emma Abbott Kathleen Benson Hazel Butterfield Beverly Carr Virginia Close Hilda Ehare Dorothy Franklin ,lean Murphy Kathryn Doane Jeanne Knickerbocker Mary Thornton 1942 1943 1944 1945 Charlotte Hyde Pearl Marvin Dorothy Murphy Hazel Osgood Thelma Schoeneman Florence Smith Marjorie Smith Dorothy Thornton Catherine Walker Lucille White lone Lacy Betty Walker DELTA PHI EPSILON Third Row-Rindler, Cutler, Koble, Goldstein, Hecht, Jacobs, Eisman, Berman Second Row-Isaacs, Robinson, Oling, Pearl, Fein, Berkson, Wallach, Levin, Berg, Jasper, ' Fienberg Front Row-Berman, Berig, Yett, Frank, Spivak, Goldberg, Berman, Golodny, Rosen Anna Berman Gloria Frank Eleanor Berig ,lean Blume Helaine Goldberg Elaine Berg Estelle Berkson Anita Berman Constance Colodny Phyllis Fein Adellc Berman Lael Cutler Rose Eisman Florence Hecht Thelma Jacobs Freda Koble 1942 1943 1944 1945 Alice Reichman Ruth Spivalc Lucille Goldstein Temaly Yett Selma Feinberg Judith Isaacs Geraldine Jasper Florence Levin Cecile Rosen Elaine Oling Sydel Pearl Doris Rindler Charlotte Robinson Marjorie Rubin Dorothy Vllallach -183- DELTA ALPHA CHAPTER Founded at New York University, 1917 Established at Vermont, 1939 ALPHA TAU OMEGA Tlznd Row-Severance, LaTaille, Martin, Powers, Spylios, Moran, Bennett, Ziegra, Felopulos, George, Earley Second Row-R. W. Earley, Wellman, Germain, Wysolmerski, Chesarone, Bicoules, McCormick, Darling, Chapin, Dudley, Smart, Michaud Fzont Row-McCabe, Schaefer, Rousseau, Thayer, Warden, Dorion, Sayre, Rozek, Trefren, David G. Rousseau Louis Nl. Rozelc William T. Chapin Philip Chesarone Robert C. Darling XVzllter 1. Dorion XVZIYHC G. Dudley Robert XV. Bennett Christo F. Bicoulis Richard K. Earley Fred A. LaTaille Albert XV. hflartin Kilburn 1942 Robert C. Sayre Robert D. Thayer 1943 Robert VV. Harley E. Samuel Germain Ralph M. Kilburn Thomas A. McCormick 1944 John P. Felopulos Fred R. George 1945 Robert B. Nliehnud Fred I. Powers Dean R. Severance -184- Ea rl L. Trefren Murray L. Riggs Charles A. Schaefer Alexander L. XVZ1I'ClCU Sigismund S. Wysolmerski Thomas L. Moran Sumner R. Ziegrzl Vllzlyne L. Smart Michael A. Spylios Kenneth J. Wellman VERMONT BETA ZETA ,gli f' frm, 69. ' U .24 'AAEQQ fff. ...,, .:-i- M kk Founded at Virginia Militzzry Institute, 1865 Established at Vermont, 1887 Fratres in Facultate Arthur D. Buttcricld Iilbridge C. Jacobs Hovcy A. Jordan Frederick F. Tuppcr Clmrles E. XYlxit11cy S DELTA PSI Fomth Row-Twitchell, Soule, Estey, Otis, Wicker, O. Swift, A. Paterson, Davis, F. Swift St. Mary Thud Row-J. Corliss, Craige, Baxendale, Leach, Stockwell, Evans, Hess, Boardman, VVhitcomb Riddell, Smith Second Row-Campbell, Hubbard, Carlson, Wood, Small, Pike, R. Paterson, E. Corliss, W. Eddy Harrington lwont Row-Danyow, Drury, Goodsell, Smith, Haven, M. Eddy, Pearl, Mershon, Ingram Boyer-Hamilton 1942 Floyd Campbell Robert Carlson C. Edward Corliss Dudley Davis Winston Eddy Rufus Estey Leonard Harrington Robert Leach John Baxendale Frederick Boardman john Corliss Edmon Craige Stuart Evans .lean Boyer-Hamilton Howard Bryden Frederick Clark Richard Conrad Roy Danyow Harvey Hubbard Robert Paterson Stanley Pike 1943 George Little Ernest St. Mary VVilliam Sisson Robert Stockwell 1944 Clyde G. Hess, Ir. lVilliam Lane Robert Otis Arthur Paterson Thomas Powell, 1945 Harris Drury Malcolm Eddy Norton Goodsell Stuart Haven - 186 - Melvin Small Hazen Wood Oliver Swift Frank Swift, -lr, Harry Twitehell William Wicker Douglas Riddell Charles P. Smith, H1 Robert Soulc Ernest Stockwell Merrill Whitcomb Thomas Ingram Randal Nlershon Houghton Pearl Robert Smith LOCAL Founded at Vermont, 1850 Frnfres in Faculmte Paul K. French Fred S. Kent james W. Marvin Harry F. Perkins Howard H. Prentice Jesse A. Rust. jr. A. Bradley Soule glxkyf x 'N 2. 'f f' w,,. KAPPA SIGMA Fozuth Row-Bielli, Bottiglieri, Cain, Tennien, Barry, McGarry, McGill, Miller, Dowling Williams, Manjoney, Palmer Thud Row-Conti, Cushing, Lewkowicz, Fortuna, Thomas, Neal, Cronk, Thompson, Tadejewski Soule, Keighley, Perkins Second Row-Grover, Alberghini, Corbett, Harvey, White, Akley, Rice, Hennessey, Dykens Abbott, Black, Cannon Front Row-Pratt, Phillips, Connors, Welch, O'Connors, Douton Clarence V. Alcley Chester W. H. Partridge Leigh G. Abbott Roy F.. Alberghini Ronald R. Bielli Xllarner Black Nicholas G. Bottiglieri Nolan R. Cain Bartholomew D. Barry Thomas P. Clairmont Reno J. Conti Stanley J. Cronk Morton L. Cushing Peter A. Fortuna Thomas J. Keighley Frederick B. Connets David F. Douton blames ul. Fabiano 1942 Harold E. Rice Harry XV. Vllay 1943 Martin I. Cannon .loseph lf. Corbett Hubert A. Dowling james W. Dykens Robert M. Grover Roy G. Hamilton, hlr. 1944 ' Lawrence F. Killick Anthony J. Lewkowicz Vincent A. lVlan-ioney ,lohn F. McGarry ll. Bishop NlcGill Frederick VV. Miller Ronald H. Neal 1945 blames R. O'Connor Peter R. Palmer David Ll. Phillips -188- lohn I. White Wendell H. Harvey Robert E. Hennessy Wvllliillll H. Nlilne Richard L. Swift james ll. Tennien Bradford M. Perkins Ralph P. Soule Edward bl. Tadejewslci Richard W. Thomas Richard W. Thoinpson john S. Williams Robert ul. Pratt Robert L. Stevenson Vincent P. Welch ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER Founded at University of Virginia, Established at Vermont, 1893 Fratres in Facultate Ernest H. Buttlcs Joseph L. Hills George V. Kidder Walford F. Rccs 1869 LAMBDA IOTA SOCIETY Second Row-Whalen, Robinson, Talbert, Butler, Kipp, Cummings, Browne, Barrett, Burningham Front Row-Thurber, R. White, Darling, J. White, Doherty, Burgess, Howe 1942 L. XV. Burgess W. VV. Talbert A. XVhitc, Jr. R. F. Kipp 1943 H. N. Browne R. C. Doherty H. E. Thurber C. K. Butler H. E. Howe R. S. White R. F. Darling 1944 L. E. Burningham 1945 W1 E. Robinson J. D. Whalon -190- LOCAL Founded at Vermont, 1836 Fratres in Ffzculfate Clmrlcs D. Braun Karl C. Mcklallon Lyman S. Rowell Hiram Upton PHI DELTA THETA R. G, Foster F. P. Logan W. I. Benoit B. Mott XV. Blurrzzy P. C. Bundy T. C, Czurpcmcr C. IQ. Carver .X. B COQQIICUZI H. B. Cumings C. S, Cflfllfilll P. O. IL 'kluml 1942 G. Miller '. L. Potter 1943 . Nutter . C. Tuholski 1944 . E. Crossley . II. Flynn I. D. lIElIlI'2lll2lll R. Hcndriclc M. Iloolcs 1945 Lycrly Rumcdc -192- RI. J. bpzlsyk AI. A. Sudbzly W. A. West I. W. Willizuus R. C. Lwckxmod H. A. Mznyforlh 5. R. Pullcyn P. R. Xyillgfflli K . XY, Swilzcr A. C. Wccs PHI SIGMA DELTA Thur! Row-Fishman, Gershaw, Segel, Seltzer, Paul, Mickler, Waters, Kaye, Bernstein, Zouder Goldman, Kaufman Second Row-Goldstein, Weidman, Margolis, Leavy, Feldman, Frank, Manheim, Didinsky Feiber Schoenberg, Boyarsky, Katz Flon! Row-Gycleman, Holtzman, Reiser, Katzew, Lippe, Harris, Steinman, Sirkin, Rynowecer Robert S. Goldberg Nlilton Holtznian Charles Katzew Samuel Levine Monroe Cycleman Paul Gold Russel Bernstein Louis hishinan David lfrank Gerald Gershaw Newton Goldman Saul Boyarslcy Gerald Didinsliy Stanley Feldman Stanley Fic-ber Lester Frank Levine, Sisselman, Goldblatt, Gold 1942 llarvey T. Lippe lvilliam Nlusieant Milton P. Reiser Bernard F. Rynowecer 1943 Jacob Goldblatt lrwin L, Harris 1944 Stanley Goldman lrving Goldstein Richard Kaufman Bernard Kaye Malcolm Mickler 1945 -laeob Katz ,lack Leavy ,lack Maehanic Gilbert Mannheim -194- Stanton Sirlcin Sidney Sissleman Robert C. Steinman Richard ,la row Robert Tarshis Leonard Norman Herman Richard Paul Seltzer Thomas Waters lloward Zander ,loseph Margolis Pa ul Sehoen berg lrving Segel Robert Warsaw PHI CHAPTER Founded at Columbia, 1909 Established at Vermont, 1928 Prater in Facultnte Hyman B. Levine VERMONT ALPHA 'WF' 'VWQ' ' " .WW Founded at Mianzi University, 1848 Established at Vermont, 1879 Frafres in Facultnte David Boswell blames A. Bullard George P. Burns Herbert A. Dulrfee Frederick K. -laeksou Forrest XV. Kehoe Charles A. Kern Elmer XV. Pike George M. Sabin 193 - SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Third Row-Humphrey, Pulling, Morgan, Grosvenor, Vreeland, Roeder Second Row-Neal, Combs, Manson, Pumley, Noble, Maurer, Gilmore, Nelson Front Row-Sundberg, Goeller, Pullinen, Hunting, Searl, Harrington, Cozzolino Jerry Ditorc Roger Hunting Paul Pullinen Michael Cozzolino Richard Grosvenol Walter Maurer William Neal Robert Gilmore Williznn Goellcr Patrick llarringzton Raymond Combs Robert Humphrey Raymond Knight 1942 Sherburn Sea rl Albert Shaw 1943 john Noble Edward O'Connell Harry Parris Harold Pulling 1944 Robert Howard .lohn llurst 1945 Gordon Nlanson Alan Nelson John Patten -196- Donald Sheldon Waino Suojanen William Roeder Paul Sundberg Howard Vreeland Donald Nlorgan Franklin Pierce Charles Plumley jack Williams VERMONT BETA Founded at the University of Alabama, 1856 Established at Vermont, 1922 Frafres in Fncultate Milton H. Aldrich Albert G. Rlackay Arthur B. Myrick Proctor H. Page SIGMA NU Third Row-P. Neill, Tulip, Aiken, Landry, Corliss, McRell, West, Christian, Wheeler, Thomas Second Row-Reed, E. Boyden, Jones, Bloomer, Wade, Corbosiero, Jones, Bickford, Austin Fowler Front Row-Delano, Hoyt, Sawyer, Long, Parker, Moran, N. Boyden, McPherson, D. Neill Norman Boyden Herbert Long Duncan Corliss Brookins Delano Franklin Fowler xl. Prescott Hoyt Allan Jones Robert Bloomer Edward Boyden Guy Corbosiero George Holden Neill Aiken hlalcolm Austin 1942 Frank lVlePherson Donald Moran 1943 Llewellyn Jones John Landry Donald McRell Harry Parker 1944 Robert Nlazari George Owens hlohn Reed 1945 Norman Beaulieu David Christian -198- David I. Neill David Al. Sawyer Robert Story Clarence Vllade Russell lliest Robert Williams LeGrand Thomas Henry Tulip David Wright Paul Neill David Wheeler BETA SIGMA CHAPTER Y. If if-,A . .. 7: Jvgyf . ,, , .fy Qgzggi if, 42, , .,. I.,- Q .. - , in .3 ,if Y Q s I -f if 4 15 3 5' I If X 1 id 7 1 ,I V . fy ri' A Q33 , ' ,I 11' -. , . ,, T751 lg ,fs J., ,iigmi , A M ibn ,uf 5 , 4 sf' . l 'E f 1 J 'VM Q I 55 :y i , N if Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1869 Established at Vermont, 1898 Fraires in Faculfate Wfellixlgton E. Aiken Lt. R. J. M. Fyfe, Ir. Archibald T. Post Q '9 is 'wif Harold J. XVilliams - 199 - SIGMA PHI Third Row-Hamlin, Hewitt, Calkins, Jacobs, Cook, Evans, Simmons, S. Moore Second Row-Robinson, Banghart, Salmon, Page, Kellogg, Allen, Pope, Kempter Front Row-Hay, Pease, Blakely, Tucker, A. Moore, Stephen, Sutton, Pond Allen C. Moore Myers ul. Reynolds, Ill Edwin H. Blakely Richard C. Hay Munroc B. Allen Keith XY. Calkins David S. Kellogg Charles E. Bzinghart Basil ,l. Cook Richard MCN. Evans 1942 ,lames H. Stephen 1943 Clifford A. Pease Robert R. Pond 1944 Rudolph ll, Kempter, Richard XY. Page Richard W. Pope 1945 Guy A. Hzlmlin Francis G. llewitt Winston R. Jacobs -200- Nornian D. Tucker Paul N. Sutton William Salmon Nelson E. Simmons Stephen G. Moore Philip E. Robinson ALPHA OF VERMONT 'Q 71 3 5 Founded at Union College, 1827 Established at Vermont, 1845 Fratres in Facultate Lyman Allen Paul D. Clark Iolm B. Wheeler TAU EPSILON PHI Thud Row-Bayer, Lippman, Gomen, Sena, Lederman, Katz, Sillman, Rosen, Waldman, Bernstein Second Row-Barash, Davidoff, Stroyman, Goodman, Gipstein, Ziskind, Sedlis, Shapiro, Kunken F1 out Row-Felsenfeld, Robinson, Goldman, Basch, Savin, Itzkovvitz, Shuman, Fisher, Goldberg Herbert Baseh Leonard Berman Joseph Alpert Murray Fisher ,lack Goldman Seymour Davidoff Stanley Felsenfeld Eugene Fuchs Melvin Gipstein Ernest Barash Alexander Bayer llarold Bernstein Seymour Comen Martin Goodman 1942 Charles ltzkowitz Sanford Savin 1943 Clifford joseph Martin Karelitz 1944 Allan Glazin Jules Goldberg Carl Goodman Leonard Kunken 1945 Sherman Katz lVilliam Lederman Bernhard Lippxnan Seymour Magnus Malcolm Rosen -202- hdax Nl. Shuman Herbert Robinson Samuel Ziskind Herbert Sedlis Robert Shapiro Harold Stroyman Norman Sena Gerard Sillman Philip llialdman hflelvin XXi2lllSl1ClIl KAPPA CHAPTER Founded at Columbia University, 1906 Established at Vermont, 1919 The Beauties pfwffy ye goin 72111 ce! ZWMA .QM .5 A316efA Ho mf, bmoffey .Qi Mazfazet gbey gizfey -Qmfz !ucfz'nfAam Kagan .guftetfieff jake .gdrzctoft 7746222 jfdybtie goin MfAam getty pot!! 7-kZn5ufoZfA Advertisements Informals Freshman Camps Girls at Hochelaga With Professors Benny Ladd, George Millikan and Mr. Powers, V. C. A. Head Boys at Camp Abnaki T7 The University of Vermont Burlington, Vermont JOHN S. IVIILLIS, PH.D., Presirlent FOUNDED 1791 l. THE COLLEGE OE ARTS AND SCIENCES THE COLLEGE OE MEDICINE THE COLLEGE OE ENGINEERING THE COLLEGE OE AGRICULTURE L General and Professional Czmficzzla Arc Given in ARTS, SCIENCES, BUSINESS, SECRETARIAL STUDIES, COMMERCIAL TEACHING, ELEMENTARY, SECONDARY AND MUSIC EDUCATION, HOME ECONOMICS, AGRICULTURE, CIVIL, ELECTRICAL AND MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, AND MEDICINE . Physical Education Departments with Well Equipped Gymnasiums, Playgrounds, Tennis Courts, Athletic Fields Expenses are Moderate and Opportunities for Self-help are available. Many students are assisted by Loan and Scholarship Funds Wfrife for Catalogues, Bulletins, and Special I11f01'11zaii011 -215- A 216 Freshman-Sophomore Class Battles-The Fountain Fight and The Cane Rush Chet McCabe-Kappa Sigs at Tea Off to Classes Autumn Color-Lois Cotton 2 June and Red Excursion on S.S. Ticonderoga Air-raid Warden? Mary Lib and Jeanne Bowery Brawl Entrance 2 Che university Store in the new Waterman Building hopes steadily to perfect its IDEAL OF SERVICE which it was established by becoming a complet merchandising department for ALL STUDENT NEEDS "From F1'6'Sh71Z6l71 Cap to Cap ana' Gown" 19 Mary Quinn Entertains-Coffee and Cigarettes Senior Football Lettermen Capt. Misty Rice, Bob Paterson, Whizzer White, Moose Savin, Al Shaw, Herb Long George Corsonnes, Paul Pullinen and Norm Boyden ---2: -220- Pop Brook's New Alleys "Spot" at Breakfast Joe and Armand at Work Prof. Ai ken Relaxes After a Furiou Discussion Wonderful Thoughts s Class Alpha Xi Party Cafeteria lnformals Military Department Bayonet and Gas Mask Drill Shy, Ain't She! Early to Bed . . . - 222 Ji ,C 1 , I'I6'flE!61Zl6l1ff61'S For J ee s QS hoe 65720 MEN'S CLOTHING and P FURNISHINGS "The Foot Service Store" ' i 84 Church St. SH EPARD s HAMELLE H BVRLINGTUN' VT- 32 Church Street C0ffffff'l'QZi5'f0flea,- Te22'2f2"' Complhzzezzzfs of THE STRONG THEATRE BUILDING W A R D A M I D 0 N 192 Main Street Delivfery Service REPRESENTATIVE FOR College students find this store an excellent place to clo their shopping. Balfour J6w6l61"S FIELIYS SERVICE STATION 281 Pearl Street Burlington, Vt B U L L Q C K ' S CLEANERS and LAUNDERERS TELEPHONES 2617-575 146 Cherry Street Burlington Coznplimevzfs of INHHIHHIIHNIIY IIHUNEII Bob White in His Lab "Nut" in His Lab. Three Thetas Mortar Board Shirley in Chapel!! L. ,r x 224 Mortar Board Williams Science Hall Billings Library 225 Military Ball Coed Major-Gratia Pearl and Her Escort, Bob Paterson The Uniform Sure Gets 'Em -22 V61'77101Zlf,S Leacling Hotels I-ICDTEL VERMO and 1 .r ' ,Ai . A Your Herber A MIEN. pledge VICC INCORPO RATED .. W0 P0020 'VS ' .C ' f .fl-v ,fgpyc-H., .np Y PARTS AND ACCESSORIES X' through all the Sales mul Service years to come. 204 MAIN STREET F. .I.- PIIESTIIN S SON I . ,nc Burlington, Vt Reg'd Jeweler, American Gem Society 17 Upper Church St. Burlington Savings Bank 'W-S A MUTUAL BANK . j VT BURLINGTON, VERMQNT 1' mx j. l T "'-4 ' Memlfm' of Fezlerrll Dcpoxil IIZSIZVIIIICI' X , .!5."pgi'- n. . ' 1. , Q CPERATED SCLELY EOR THE BENEFIT OF DEPOSITCRS ,?am1IIvf1fm-Qzf .S 351' L5 2' I OFFICERS '-'Ii' . fl F 'E' I " l LEVI P. SMITPI, Pres. M. C. GRANDY, Axxl. Trerzs. GUY M. PAGE, Vice-Pres. L. M. BROWN B. E. BRISTOL, Trees. F. XV. 'Tl-IAYLR -227- Phi Delt's First Place Sculpture Queen Sis and Her Court Good Time Had by All Masquerade Winners Kappa Sig Walkers 228 - ' f , , f ,f , I ' K f f X af A s , , 11749 ,. JWQ 1' ' " n ,41,, SW ' Delta Psi's Second Place Sculpture Coat-hangers Bish, Phil, Bart Sam Donahue and Directors Logan, Costello, Reynolds Joe and His Baton 229 - ii" . l 'wx ..,., , ,AQ 4' 34-K. S W W axle! X,-VY Q Y 1 ls r.fL'1f?igB,5?? K ya A y r 1 V""'XN. Sigma Phi's Honorable Mention Sculpture Masqueraders Kappa Sig Stunt Waltz? Phone 3728 Phone 3728 Burlington Shoe Repairing Qbtar lkestaurant C PHONE 1613 OID H11 P y CHINESE AND AMERICAN FOOD SHOES SHINED - HATS BLOCKED Airy C0,1,11f10,w1 101 Church Sr, Burlington, vt, 144 Church Sr. Burlington, Vu. Up1nn's Sandwich Shoppe SODA FOUNTAIN AND NEWSSTAND The Stiielents' Choice Cor. Main and Church Sts. Burlington GREEN MOUNTAIN POWER CORPORATION Serving Seventy-two Vermont Communities with LIGHT - HEAT - POWER GAS - HOT WATER ALEX VERRET Sr SONS 112 Church Street Phones 2070 - 2071 - 2072 GROCERS Choice Wi1ze5 and Chozmpagnes PURE MAPLE SUGAR and MAPLE SYRUP Hayes Sc Carney, Inc. 127 Church Street EVERYTHING A FELLOW WEARS Where Vermont Men Meet fat CARDS me 15 Upper Church St. Burlington, Vt. CARL A. HILL, Prop. BURLINGTON TRUST COMPANY BURLINGTON, VERMONT BRANCHES: WINOOSKI AND RICHMOND Complete Banking Service Menzher of I71'1f1'1'11l Depoxzf 1115111111160 COVIJOVIIIIOIZ BAILEYIS MUSIC ROOMS 159-161 Bank Street Colmanjs Pharmacy IN THE FLYNN THEATRE BUILDING Her1i1'q21ezrters for All Things for Mum I PURE DRUGS - PRESCRIPTIONS d SODA - CANDY - CIGARS RECORDS I RADIOS 149 Main Street an Phone 785 PHONOGRAPHS BURLINGTON, VERMONT -231- is 5 5235 5 ,xg 'I 4. Kake Walk Notables-Notice How Friendly Costello Is!! King "Aka" and Queen Sis Gaiety at the Masquerade Autograph Hounds Delta Psi's Second Place Stunt TEP's Winning Walkers Reno the Mighty Kake Walk Kake to Joe and the Band Fuzzy's Dream Line 233 - w V' Fresh Air Enthusia sts SPORTS AND B O Y I1 t O I1 , S HOSIERY, BAGS DRESS WEAR Shoes of Di5'fl'ZCfi07' AND APPLIANCES BURLINGTON, VT. NORTHEAST AIRLINES o , , McAu11ffe S HOWEWCI JOIWSOH S SHELBURNE ROAD BOOKS STATIONERY 4 OFFICE EQUIPMENT FRIENDLY FQOD SCHOOL AND ARTIST MATERIAL IN A AND FRIENDLY PHONE 4400-4401 ICE CREAM The Book -and Stationery Corner Smfe 18 3 7 28 Delicious Flavors 28 Our Big Leaders . . UNIVERSAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES - MILL SUPPLIES PAROID ROOFING - BIRD'S SHINGLES - ASPHALT KYANIZE VARNISHES AND PAINTS STEWART WARNER REFRIGERATORS AND RADIOS Hagar Hardware and Paint Company 164-170 St. Paul Street 98 Church Street Wholesale Retail Meet Y021' Friends Y0UNG9S PHARMACY 184 Peefl Street -235- ,li Ira Allen Chapel Tower Three Sigs Phil Savage Waterman Building Dedication - 236 5 H Center of Campus Mctivity . . M. CAFETERI BOWLING ALLEYS POOL TABLES BANQUETS BRIDGE TEAS LUNCHEONS 7:00 a.m. - Open Each Week Day - 11:00 p.m. Ext.-363 JOHN C. WRISTON, Superintende t Ext.-326 L LJ -237- THE FACT fhai' ihis company was selec'l'ecl io design and malce 'Hue engravings for Huis bool: and many olher promineni' Annuals, is significani' 'rhai' we are New Englancl's leading Designers and Engravers of school and college publicafions. H ENGRAVING cmd ELECTROTYPE T7 20 MATHEWSON ST'PROVlDENCE'R'l' C011z'pli11ze1z1fs of JE KS STUDIO Pfoozfogmpber for the 1943 Ariel Telephone 2919 272 Pearl St -238- If COLLEGE AND COMMERCIAL PRINTING 5 Free Press Printing Co. I87 College Street II BURLINGTON,VERMONT jjtin fat! of Me I I I943 ARIEL I I l' I LETTERPRESS PRINTING AND OFFSET LITHOGRAPHY I I 239 I I I I I

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