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 - Class of 1935

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f' I . 1 ,L 3 H ,I " is X 1 N V, ll . I av if 51? 1 :g+ IH 1 Y , 1 :t 5 3 li i 1 if hu 215 Si l W We L W1 li mg . ,H if WI EW 11 M i' W .1,. M l if! :I '1 i W 5 EAS gh ,E 5 w, ff u fl M Lin ga wg p, ,--againmxmimmw ..: an nf? 25 1. . ,A,H,.1l. jf "Ai , ,, ., ' . F X- LIBRIS- WWQQQ---Q--Elf" 32537 THE 1935 ARIEL VQLUNE XLVIII C QPYRIGHT1Q34 EDITORIN CHIEF BUSINESS MANAGER I I I I I fqjj YEAR BCDOIS OE THE UNIVERSITY GE VERMQNE PEBIISHED BY , THE CLASS QE I C7 5 5 II IN ITS JUNIORYEAR MI II I Ig f,..,:,.,.....,.-,....,.1,,.Q.,,.,-,...,, . ,mffv.-...-,Tv,,f,.,,Y,,. yy N :-:,t7.if,...,,.L,,f,.,AZ ,..., .WW ,.... E ,,-,,, .,-,,7.. .,,,,f- . ,, I il I Q 1. ::.-.,::1ig,,': . .I TZ, -.,,,, , Mx X -,---,-...,,.,,. ..,, .WWW W! X - ,.,. ,.... , K v.-.x 3xq'Y Qfy f i .V T11 sw W , ,,,-,.,, I, -X x xy if j i X 11 -. Vvrlxixxixx , xg 37-J I SX :glam Aj fl! Q72 4 if I If if fi I EQ3I5j I .I 2111 22 Hifi! Ia Skgfff flizvf' SEQ' 5? If 4 Y.. , rid., . ., , . .,,,,, , , ,'4.f,..'- .f uizfgl-11-1l::.:1:,1-4: ,....:z:.1:,1:y---f.,,.,-,,---, mm., , To SAMUEL, ELIOT BASSIQTT, wlwo for twenty-nine years has served on klle faculty of this ljniversfky, loved :incl respected by all as il true suluolur, teuelwer, gentlunun and llrlelwd, we, the class of nineteen luunclrecl and 'tlafrty-ihve, Clediezrlte dns vo,l,ume. DEDI ATIQN . - gig. ,,-, L-S: -L-,1. .: r I p 1 1 1 Q 11 I w W. 3 ' A 5 Vw . U Q lv: ' eg ,iz M Y I W ' t It ix To the best of our ability we have triecl to make this 1935 ARIEL an accurate, interesting, and artistic book. We hope you like it. 1 H si X lk 5 V K 11 t t3 at Q R E W Q R D E fit? ' V f ,,x-1 .L -1,,L,,,,i.:f.-,V-Ar.-zaafafem -.,,,,-jv.a:.,,,-..:.,,..-....,71.,:.- 'fl 1 e a ' at ' t"' A TfZgj1i'fQ1'fg tee.1e g A Ld 3 5- ADMINISTRATICDN CLASSES MEDICS ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETIC S CAMPUS QNTENTS GEORGE HENRY PERKINS, AB., PEB., LED.. EMD. Septemlyer 25. 1844---Septemluer 12, 1933 Xfice-Presiclent of tl1e Llniversity, Dean Emeritus oi: tl1e College of ixrts anal Sciences, l'lowarcl Professor oi Nlatural l'listory H. . .a personality clistinguisleiecl ivy a generous love of life ancl ivy a gracious liiie ol love. . . lfiis lzeen cieliglit in tlue life oi nature. . . for liis quiclz eyes reacl everywlu-:re :sermons in stones, laoolzs in running luroolzsf ami luis eager brain was ever striving. seel1ing.l-imling and never yielding in time quest for 'tlae secrets of Nlotlmer Eartlu. . . l'iis reacly sympatliy in the lilfe o man in all its fulness. . . llis aloiciing laitli in youtli. . . luis simple lrientlliness xvitlx liis colleagues. . . l lis liumlale Lletlic-ation to tlue lite ol tlie spirit. . . l lis tuitlu xvluieli looleetl ever lorxvartl to access to tlie universal minel anal to communion xvitll that Soul wl1icl'1 ever lives :incl loves. . .57 , .-.www1,-.,f1.':g11:.::f:LE: :em ,-.-gmymmm-J.wfL:-'1f:.wagzge. nrq- N.IE1 ORIAJI ALLISON NVING SLOCUN, AB., D zxpril QQ. 1866---December' 15, 1933 Professor of Physics 6. . . clistinguisheci lor the character of his seholarshilu and teaching. for lurilliant qualities ol mimi and thought, for unwavering Lievotion in his research to the taslz of malzing ever more plain and open the secrets ol Physical science. he communicateci the same interest ancl, enthusiasm to the stuclents with whom he worhecl. . . colleagues ancl stuclents respectecl and lovecl their teacher and l-rieml. afrpreciatetl his sincere ilrienciliness anal syrnpathy. his reacliness with counsel in many sorts of problems. anti the lranhness, luirness. :incl jucliciul temper he constantly ulisplayecl in his relations. . ::,,.f .19 , .-. IE fS 5'-E W--g-Y V-.-W,,.A-1 ,YJ . ,. , , .. , V T HQ Q ill gi P E L ,, ,. ,., V , .-,.,,- HYW- - - 1----4--W'-A'A""A""'-"HJ" C3 Y M NA 5 1 UM 'AML ffgiffi' f V CCDLQQEGE QP MEDICINE MORRILL HALL 1 1 11 1 1 1, ,1 11 .111 111. 1 4 11 1 11 11 ,. 11 i1 11 ,1 1 11 1.. 1 1 1.1 1 11 131 1. 112 1111 111 111 1'11 Q'-1 1.., 11 1-1 11 1IN'f 11111 1 1'. 1 1 11111 W , 1111 11 11' 11' 1 1 1, 1 '1 ,111 1 1111 11111 1 11111 1.. 1'1: 1 11-1 111 11 1.1 13 111 1111 1111 11 111 11' 11 1 11 '11: 3114 1-1 111 1111 1: 11, 111 1111" 11 '21 1111! '111 111' 111, 1,1111 111, Q1 11 1111 1111. 1 1 11 '1111 X111 R1 ' 1 1. W 1 T11 U1 ,. 1131 111 QfT1Qm.TgL.f5 1 ,,..,,..J 1 W 9 252. Xi , 'if' hfvlfg 1 gr fx Y "sk ,gwIf- ' 5 j ,ff gxfx- I 'f' 0 Wg V it--...-,-,,,,,,.:, ,Ty , , 4 FLEMINC MUSEUM ' fl- ,111 1 Y, 1-1-J .1-:Y .v-.:1:::.:.-.-:L-sf.-:.1-arxmifzmxi. 1,1 3.4. 1 CCDLLEGE RQNV 5- 25 -.-E-,a ,... ..,,.,. YQ- -,..T:f:.--A-AZ-,--.L-,,-Y -----, , -, .V , Q., 1 - - V . f , ., NGRTH CAMPUS ADMINISTRATIQN ffm.: -...:-Lv-:zz-:1.:mu.11-1 1--. --,-- . 1-11-mf,-Qgifz-,Lr:.:',iff:.-. ,:,.,..,,,L, 4717- 5140: -: GUY WINFRED BAILEY, ATQ Hardwick, Vermont. A.B., Vermont, 'oog LL.D., Vermont Presizlenf of tba University I K f 'T' ::,.x, 5? ' THE BGARD CDF TRUSTEES GUY WINFRED BAILEY, A.B., LL.D., ATQ ....,,...,,.,.......,.....,...... ........., P resident and Comptroller His Excellency STANLEY CALEF WILSON, A.B., LL.D. ,....w.... ,..,. I ,..., G overnor of Vermont O11 the part of the UNIVERSITY OF VERNIQNT ROBERT ROBERTS, A.B., LL.D., AQ? .....Y..,...Y... ............. B urlington, Vermont EUGENE NOBLE Foss, A.B., LL.D., ECP ,...., ..,.......,....,.,. ..Y....... B o ston, Massachusetts GEORGE MCCLELLAN POWERS, A.M., LL.D., ANI! ........., ....,..... . .,Morrisville, Vermont NEWMAN KEYES CHAFFEE, A.B., ANP .YY,..Y....4..........,. ............... R utland, Vermont CLAYTON JOHN WRIGHT, C.E., AI ..I.........,,....,....., ............ W illiston, Vermont MASON SERENO STONE, A.M., LL.D., AAP .I........,.. ......,..... M ontpelier, Vermont ARTHUR DAY WELCH, B.S ..,..................,.,.......I............,.. .,...I......... N ew York City JOSEPH TUTTLE STEARNS, A.B., LL.B., 242 ...,....,.... .,.......,.,........ N ew York City ARTHUR EDWARD POPE, B.S., E.E., Eflv ........... .........I B oston, Massachusetts O11 the part of the STATE AGRICULTURAL CCDLLEGE EDWARD I-IARRINGTON DEAVITT, Ph.B., LL.B., AI .,....,.., .,.,..,..,.,. M ontpelier, Vermont THOMAS CHARLES CHENEY, A.B., QPAGJ ...,...II.I.....,........... ..,.,....... M orrisville, Vermont WARREN ROBINSON AUSTIN, Ph.B., LL.D., KE ........... ....,....,... B urlington, Vermont BIIERTON COVEY ROBBINS, B.S., K2 ..........,,...I.......,..... ...,...,.,.. B rattleboro, Vermont ROY LEONARD PATRICK, Ph.B., HIJAGD I...,........ ...,........, B urlington, Vermont EDWIN WINSHIP LAWRENCE, A.B., Asif ,.......,... .............. R utland, Vermont I'IENRY MOSES MCFARLAND, A.B., A111 ....,.,... .....,....,.,..,....... I-I yde Park, Vermont EDWARD AMASA DUTTON ...............................,... ,..,..,.,. N orth Craftsbury, Vermont -. GUY MILTON PAGE, A.B., LL.B., ATQ ,..., I.... ...,.,..........I...... B u rlington, Vermont THE UNIVERSITY CGUNCIIE PRESIDENT BAILEY, Chairman PROFESSOR TUPPER DEAN ECKHARD DEAN HILLS ,gy-rA'r1S svucus 0 HDNES1 s 0 1 Q 01 1755 DEAN PATTERSON DEAN JENNE DEAN SWIFT Q 0' I 9 '- f -5 -.919 f n 5 Q 53 'S 3 i 5 U Rzaus . 3 9 Q I' If v J, ex 'V S L i H E me ' ...H U O. ADMINISTRATIVE QFFICERS ...,..,,...........................,....Vice-P1'esicz'e1zt GEORGE HENRY PERKINS,T AXP, BCBII, fIJBK ..,.,..,I.............,.,....... FORREST WILKINS KEHOE, B.S., IPAQ ............4..... ...,........ A ssistfmt Co11zp1f1'olle1f and Rcgistrm' ...........Casbier SETH THOMAS BRUCE .,..,....,.......,..,.,...... .,....., 49 Deceased, September 12. 1933. Eiiiifgv i lj 3 ADMINISTRATION QF WQMEN STUDENTS MARIAN PATTERSON Jamestown, New York. A.B., Wellesley, ,OI Dean of Wo11ze1z FREDA MARIE HARRIS Skowhegan, Maine. A.B., Mount Holyoke, ,l9Q A.M., Radcliife, ,24 Assistmzt Dean of Wfomen DORNIITORY DIRECTCDRS Redstone ..,......,....,.... .......,......,..,.,,.......,.,..,.......,....,........,,....,..........,...,..,.., Robinson Hall ...,...... -1 blade Hall ........... Grassmount .........,.. .MRs. HERBERT H. WILLIAMS ...........MRs. LAURA BAMFORTH HERBERT HAND MRS. ANNA P. WILLARD Campus House ...,,.,,. ,.,....,.... M Rs. ANNA N. BOSWORTH XVHFHCI' HOUSE .......... .,.,......... M ISS JESSICA SHERMAN Rand House .........., ........MISS MARGARET I. LISTON l 3 II QIED 5, pf!! A . , ,. ....u,.X .J no CQLLEGE QF ARTS AND SCIENCES ELIJAH SWIFT, M, QBK Buffalo, New York. A.B., Harvard, ,035 A.M., Harvard, ,045 Ph.D., Gotringen, ,O7 Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences YViIIianzs Professor of Mzzfhmzaiics SAMUEL FRANKLIN EMERSON, AXP Norwich, Vermont. A.B., Yale, 772g Ph.D., Amherst, '85g L.H.D., Vermont, 'IS Profrssor Emerihzs of Hisiory S.Y..QfQ,. fi FREDERICK TUPPER, ATQ, QPBK Charleston, South Carolina. A.B., Charleston, ,905 A.M., Charleston ,925 Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, '93, L.H.D., Vermont, '06 Professor of the English Language and Literature ALLISON WING SLOCUMQ' Dartmouth, Massachusetts. A.B., Haverford, '88g M.A., Haverford '89, A.M., Harvard, ,QO Professor of Physics ELBRIDGE CHURCHILL JACOBS, ATQ Ogunquit, Maine. B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ,975 A.M., Columbia, '13 Professor of Geology and Mineralogy Curator of the Geological aml Miueralogifal Collections In charge of the Seismograpb Station SAMUEL ELIOT BASSETT, AACD, AXP, I-IEKID, QJBK Wilton, Connecticut. A.B., Yale, '98, Ph.D., Yale, '05 Professor of the Greek Language and Literature ARTHUR BECKXVITH MYRICK, EAE, QIPBK New York City. A.B., Harvard, 'oog M.A., Harvard, 'org Ph.D. Harvard, ,O4 Professor of the Romance Languages aful Literature 'P Deceased, December 15, 1933. 4 tg, ri, r ..,. ,LLL ,inf .Ufl .,,L.ll"L"'lv 'S 'Z' L., .,..,L.,f.,.3 2 ASA RUSSELL GIFFORD, IIJNQ, QBK Cottage City, Massachusetts. A.B., Wesleyan, 'o4g A.M., Yale, ,O7 Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy HENRY PARNHAM PERKINS, Asif, QBK Burlington, Vermont. A.B., Vermont, ,985 Ph.B., Johns Hopkins, oz Professor of Zoology Director of the Fleming Museum Direcfor of ihc Eugenie: Survey GEORGE GORHAM GROAT, AY, QBK Green Island, New York. A.B., Syracuse, 395g Pd.M., New York State Teachers' College, ,975 A.M., Cornell, 'org Ph.D., Columbia, 'og Professor of EC0110l7ZiCS GEORGE HOWARD BURROWS, fIDBK NVyoming, Ohio. B.S., Vermont, ,992 Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ,I2 Pomeroy Professor of Chemistry FREDERICK DONALD CARPENTER, CDFA, CIPBK Hartford, Connecticut. A.B., Trinity, ,105 A.M., Trinity, '15, Ph.D., Yale, '18 Professor of the Gernzfnz Language and Literrzture EDMUND CURTIS MOWER, LIJAQD, KDBK Morristown, Vermont. A.B,, Vermont, ,QZQ LLB., New York Univer sity, '96, A.M., Vermont, '04 Professor of Politirnl Sfience Lecfzwei' in Medical Iurisj7ruzfe11re Serrcfary of the Faculty BENNETT COOPER DOUGLASS, KE, QJBK Reading, Vermont. Ph.B., Vermont, '08, A.M., Columbia, zo Ph.D., Columbia, ,24 Professor of Eflucnfion HOWARD GORDON BENNETT, QBK New York City. A.B., Harvard, ,I7Q A.M., Harvard, ,Z4 Professor of Music LESTER MARSH PRINDLEF KIDMA, CIDBK, TKA, E241 Charlotte, Vermont. A.B., Vermont, '15, A.M., Harvard, '16, Ph.D., Harvard, ,ll Professor of Ihr' Latin Langzzage and Literafure PAUL DEMUND EVANS Canaseraga, New York. A.B., Cornell, '13, A.M., Cornell, ,145 Ph.D., Cornell, ,23 Professor of History Absent on leave. - ,eee ,L Q 32 59 !-I J 1'lT?"""'-""'i"""'D ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS WELLINGTON ESTEY AIKEN, EN, CPBK. Benson, Vermont. Ph.B., Vermont, '01, A.M., Vermont, '03, Associate Professor of English ami Sercretary of the Uviiversity Senate. JOHN TRUMBULL METCALF, HECIJ. New Haven, Connecticut. A.B., Yale, '10, M.A., Yale, '11 Ph.D., Yale, '13. Associate Professor of Psychology. JOHN BELT-OXVS DEFOREST, CPBK. Bridgeport, Connecticut. A.B., Yale, 'ogg M.A., Yale, '12, Ph.D., Yale, '15. Associate Professor of the Roimznce Laiigizages. BERTRAND HOLMES WALLACE, EK, fI'BK, Rochester, New York. A.B., Rochester, '01, A.M., Vermont, '24. Associate Professor of Secoinlary Erlizcatioli. RALPH MAYNARD HOLMES, ZX, EE, TBK. Ellsworth, Maine. A.B., Maine, '11g M.A., Wesleyan, '13, Ph.D., Cornell, IZ3. Associate Professor of Physics. DANIEL BERNARD CARROLL, ECI'-E, HTH. Hadley, Illinois. A.B., Illinois, '15, Ph.D., Wisconsin, '30, Associate Professor of Political Science. GEORGE DYKHUIZEN, 'PBIL Lafayette, Indiana. A.B., Indiana, 21, A.M., Chicago, '24. Associate Professor of Philosophy. JULIAN IRA LINDSAY. New Bedford, Massachusetts. A.B., Clark, 'o8g A.M., Harvard, '1o. Asso- ciate Professor of English. PETER HARRY EWERT. Mountain Lake, Minnesota. A.B., Southwestern Teachers' College, '22 M.A., Kansas, '24, Ph.D., Clark, '29. Associate Professor of Psychology. GEORGE VINCENT KIDDER, KE, QBK. Johnson, Vernont. A.B., Vermont, '22, A.B., Oxford, '26. Associate Professor of Greek anzl Latin. ALFRED GRETHER BUEHLER, HKA, UTM. Swanton, Ohio. A.B., Heidelberg, '22, A.M., Yale, '23, Ph.D., Yale, '3o. Associate Professor of Ecoizomics. LELAND LAWRENCE BRIGGS, ABU, RAW, UTM. Byron, Minnesota. A.B., South Dakota, '23, A.M., South Dakota, '24, M.B.A., Northwestern, '27. Associate Professor of Economics. ELEANOR STETSON CUMMINGS. North Thetford, Vermont. A.B., Boston University, '08, Asso- ciate Professor of Physical Ezlzzcatioiz for Women. CHARLES ALLEN KERN, 449. Burlington, Vermont. B.S., Vermont, IOI. Associate Professor of Chenzistry. PAUL AMQS MQODY, FA, EE, TE. Randolph Center, Vermont. A.B., Morningside, '25, Ph.D., Michigan, '27. Associate Professor of Zoology. CHARLES ERNEST BRAUN, QIJAT, AI, EE. Brooklyn, New York. B.S., Polytechnical Institute of Brooklyn, '22, A.M., Columbia, '23g Ph.D., Columbia, '25. Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry. PERCY AUSTIN FRALEIGH, KPBK. Hyde Park, New York. A.M., Cornell, 'I8g Pl1.D., Cornell, ,275 Associate Professor of Matbewaties. EDNVIN HEWETT REEDER, CPAK, KAH. Normal, Illinois. A.B., Columbia, 'x3g A.M., Columbia, '24, Ph.D., Columbia, 'z6. Assoeiate Professor of Education. ASSISTANT PROFESSORS CATHERINE FRANCES NULTY, KPBK. Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Pli.B., Brown, 'ug Ed.M. Harvard, 'z5. Assistant Professor of Serretarial Studies. GENNETTE CLAIRE DAVIS, AXQ. Minneapolis, Minnesota. A.B., Carlton, '15, B.S., Minnesota, '22 A.M., Columbia, ,27. Assistant Professor of Economies QSeeretarialj. FREDERICK WALTER HOUSEHOLDER. jackson, Tennessee. A.B., Texas, '06, LL.B., Texas, '09, A.M., Texas, '1o. Assistant Professor of Matheuzaties. KATHRINA HABBERTON STORMS. Carmi, Illinois. A.B., Wellesley, '00, Assistant Professor of English. FLORENCE MAY WOODARD, KA9. Kingsbury, Quebec. Ph.B,, Vermont, 'zzg A.M., Columbia, '27 Assistant Professor of Economies. SARA MOULTHROP HOLBROOK. New Haven, Connecticut. Pd.B., Hartford Ped. School, '29Q A.M., Yale, 'zz. Assistant Professor of Edneation. EDWARD YAGER LINDSAY, CIJBK. Covington, Kentucky. A.B., Indiana, '15, A.M., Indiana, '25 Assistant Professor of Latin. JAMES EUGENE POOLEY. Meriden, Connecticut. A.B., Yale, '21, M.A., Yale, 'z6. Assistant Pro- fessor of Greek anzl Latin. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN LADD. Providence, Rhode Island. A.B., New York, 'log M.A., Penn State, ,I2. Assistant Professor of the German Language and Literature. LEWIS DOUGLAS MEREDITH, mmm, AEP, KQK, YIYITKIP, fI1BK, IIFM. sermon, Pennsylvania. A.B., Syracuse, 5.6, A.M., Syracuse, '27. Assistant Professor of Economies. LLOYD ABRAM WOODWARD, TMA, fPBK. Enosburg Falls, Vermont. PILB., Vermont, '18, M.S. Vermont, ,24. Assistant Professor of Phwjfg, LEON W. DEAN, CPBK, TKA. Bristol, Vermont. A.B., Vermont, '15. Assistant Professor of English RAYMOND AVERY HALL, CIJNS, fI'BK. Auburn, New York. A.B., Wesleyan, ,I4Q M.A., Columbia IZ3. Assistant Professor of English. GEORGE HERBERT NICHOLSON. Prince Edward Island, Canada. A.B., Mount Allison, '12, A.M. Harvard, 'z3. Assistant Professor of Matbeuzaties. 3 ,. .t -5-X y,. ,x l 1 fr ' 1 IW H41 -fn-'-2--7-2-2'-S21 L-1--Q --v-T CJ -if .,. 1, V Y ALICE NIELSON BLANCHARD, AAA. Montpelier, Vermont. A.B., Middlebury, '25. Assistant Pro- fessor of Physical Education. HOWARD ANDERSON PRENTICE, AXP, ZAXP. Manchester, Vermont. B.S., Vermont, 'z8. Assistant Professor and Director of Physical Erlufution for Men. ROLAND FREEMAN DOANE. North Brookfield, Massachusetts. B.S., Harvard, '17, M.A. Middle- bury, 'z8. Assistant Professor of the Romance Languages. BENJAMIN BOOTH WAINWRIGHT, CPBK. Lawrence, Massachusetts. A.B., Williams, '20, A.M., Illinois, '25, Assistant Professor of English. LYMAN SMITH ROWELL, AI. Colebrook, New Hampshire. B.S., Vermont, '25, M.S., Vermont, '3o. Assistant Professor of Zoology. HOWARD LEWIS BRIGGS, LPFA. Wilmington, Delaware. A.B.,. Johns Hopkins, '24, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, '29. Assistant Professor of History. HERBERT EVERETT PUTNAM, fPKq', 'PM-5. Babble Lake, Minnesota. A.B., Minnesota, '25, M.A., Minnesota, ,27Q Ph.D., Cornell, '3o. Assistant Professor of History. MYRON ELLIS WITHAM. Pigeon Cove, Massachusetts. B.S., Dartmouth, '04, C.E., Thayer School of Civil Engineering, 'o6. Assistant Professor of Matbematies. INSTRUCTORS ELIZABETH VANDERPOEL COLBURN. New Baltimore, New York. B.S., Columbia, ,IZQ A.M.g Columbia, '16, Instruetor in Art. ALBON BENNETT ROONEY. East Fairfield, Vermont. B.S., Vermont, ,22.Q A.M., Vermont, '28. Instructor in Physics. NELSON LEE XVALBRIDGE, ZAE. Montpelier, Vermont. BS., Vermont, 'z4. Ilzstruetor in Pbysies. CLARA MABEL WHEELER. Eufaula, Alabama. B.S., Columbia, 'I4g M.A., Columbia, '25, Super- visor of Student Teacloiug. EDGAR ELWYN LINEKEN, CPKE, AXE, 101215. Thomaston, Maine. B.S., University of Maine, '23, M.S., University of Maine, '25. Instrurtor in Chemistry. NELLE ALEXANDER ADAMS. Antiquity, Ohio. B.S., Ohio State, '23, M.A., Columbia, 'z9. In- structor in Elementary Erluc.1tiou. MADAME ELIZABETH BRADISH. Burlington, Vermont. Instrurtor in Music. MIRIAM NATILEE MARSTON, AAII, 'PBIL Hardford, Vermont. A.B., Boston University, 'sz. Iu- structor iu Music. PHILLIPS DEAN CARLETON. Hartford, Connecticut. A.B., Brown, '2o. Instructor in English. CHARLES GEORGE DOLL, EXP. Providence, Rhode Island. Ph.B., Brown, '24, A.M., Brown, 'z6. Ifzstrucfor in Geology. MARY LOUISE MORGAN, AE-5, QBK. Cambridge, Vermont. B.S., Vermont, '15, Iilsfructor in Economies. XVILLIAM HUDSON BEI-INEY. Lebanon, Pennsylvania. B.S., Lebanon Valley College, '25, M.S., Vermont, '3o. Imtrurfor in Zoology. CONSTANCE LORRAINE BROXVN. Newark, New Jersey. A.B., Wells, ,235 M.S., Cornell, '26. I115t1'11cfo1' in Cbcuzixfry. CARL LUCARINI, ZX, KPBK. Pietrasanta, Italy. B.S., Vermont, '25, M.A., Princeton, '26. I7ZXfl'1lCf0l' in Clvenzixtry. MERRILL DUSTIN POWERS, TKA. Athens, Vermont. B.S., Vermont, '15. I11.vir11cz'o1' of English alzrl Secr'c1fm'y of foe V. C. A. RANDOLPH SHEPARDSON TOVVNE, CPBK. Wfilliamstown, Massachusetts. A.B., Williams, ,225 A.M., Princeton, '23. Izzxirzzffol' in French nml Sprzllixb. CHARLOTTE DEVOLT. Iowa City, Iowa. Inslrzlrlor in llfuxie. GEORGE CHAPMAN CROOKS, EAP. North Brookfield, Massachusetts. A.B., Amherst, '28, M.Sc., Massachusetts Agricultural College, '3o. II7,Yfl'7lf'f01' in Cbewixtry. ARCHIBALD THOMSON POST, EN. I-Iinesburg, Vermont. B.S., Vermont, 'l7. Insirzzrfor in Physical Ezl71Cr11'io11. ERROL CARLETON SLACK. Randolph, Vermont. Ph.B., Vermont, '2S. Il1Sl'I'7lEZ'01' in Frentb amz' Spanish. HERMANN BENNIN KIPHUTH, AXP. Tonawanda, New York. A.B., Yale, '29, Berlin, '29, Yale Graduate School, '29. I11xf1'z1Cz'or in Grrlilrlfz. CORNELIA I-IARDESBROOK COLLIER. Corning, New York. B.S., Elmira, '29, M.A., Mount Holyoke, '51. I1zsz'rzzctor in Zoology. IQHN HOMER BURKE, CPAG. Wfcst Orange, New Jersey. Colby, '23. I1zs1f1'1fcfor in Physical Eflu- cation. HYMAN BERNARD LEVINE, TEA, Burlington, Vermont. B.S., Vermont, '3o. Izzstrucior in Physical Edurafio1z. ISABEL CLARK MILLS. Burlington, Vermont. B.S., Skidmore, '29. I71Sf7'1lFl'0I' in Aff. LAURA JACKSON PARKER, HBCP. Wfilliston, Vermont. Ph.B., Vermont, '17, A.M., Vermont, '28, Instrurfor in English. RALPH HUMPHREYS STIMSON, AGT, LPBK. Columbus, Ohio. A.B., Ohio State, ,ZIQ M.A., Har- vard, '24, Ph.D., Illinois, '31. Instrurfor in Poliiiral Science. CQLLEGE CDF AGRICULTURE JOSEPH LAWRENCE HILLS, KE, AZ, CIDKIP Boston, Massachusetts. Sc.B., Mass. Agricultural College, '81, Sc.B., Boston University, 'S Sc.D., Rutgers, '03 Dean of the College of Agrivulture Professor of Agronomy mul Dircrtor of the Stale Expe1'ime11t Station FRANK ABIRANE RICH Avon, New York. V.S., Ontario Veterinary College, '89, M.D., Vermont, ,93 Professor of Veterinary Science BERTHA MARY TERRILL, QJBK Morristown, Vermont. B.S., Mount Holyoke, '95, A.B., Mount Holyoke, '96g M.A., Chicago, '08 Professor of Home Economics MARSHALL BAXTER CUMMINGS, EE, FA, AZ North Thetford, Vermont. B.S., Vermont, 'org M.S., Maine, 'o4g Ph.D., Cornell, ,O9 Professor of Hortirulture Sewetury of fbe Faculty BENJAMIN FRANKLIN LUTMAN,:i AZ, EE Joplin, Missouri. A.B., Missouri, 'o6g A.M., Wisconsin, ,07Q Ph.D., Wisconsin, '09 PT'0fE'.YS01' of Plant Pathology GEORGE PLUMER BURNS, mo, EE, onli, AZ Maroa, Illinois. B.S., Ohio NVesleyan, ,97g A.M., Ohio Wesleyan, '98, Ph.D., Munich, 'oo Professor of Botany in fbe Fnczzlfies of the College of Agricult1zre and the College of Arts and Sciences Assistant Dean of the College of Agrimzllure :iAbsent on leave. 'f--V J , C, -if wif- sv f fi X -..Q- HOWARD BOWMAN ELLENBERGER, AZ Dallas, Iowa. B.S., Iowa State, 'ogg M.S., Cornell, '15, Ph.D., Cornell, ,I7 Professor of Avzimal and Dairy Husbandry RICHARD WATSON SMITH, JR., fIJKfIv, CIJBK Manchester, Vermont. B.S., Massachusetts Agricultural College, '21 M.S., Illinois, '26 Professor of Dairy Mnnzzfacturivfg MASON HERBERT CAMPBELL, AZ, FEA, EAI' Genoa, Illinois. B.S., Illinois, ,I7Q M.S., Wisconsin, '18, Ph.D., Wis- Consin, '32 Professor of Dairy Prorlnctiou PAUL ROBERT MILLER, AKA, AZ, 4132 Burlington, Iowa. B.S., Iowa State College, ,225 M.S., Michigan State College, ,24 Professor of Agronomy ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS KENNETH JOSEPH SI-IELDON, EA, APE, AZ, KCPK. Fair Haven, Vermont. B.S., Vermont, ,15 A.M., Teachers' College, Columbia, 'z4. Associafe Professor of Agrirzzllurul En'1zcufion. ELEAZER JOHNSON DOLE, TDK. Danville, Vermont. A.B., Vermont, 'rzg M.A., Vermont, ,I7 M.S., Vermont, ,215 Ph.D., Vermont, 53. Associnfe Professor of Botany. ASSISTANT PROFESSORS ALICE EMMA BLUNDELL, fIPKsI1, ATA, 'P2'P. Ottumwa, Iowa. B.S., Iowa State, '18, M.S., Columbia, ,z8. Assistant Professor of Home Economics. AMOS BUSH WILLMARTH, 'PBK. Addison, Vermont. A.B., Middlebury, loo, A.M., Harvard, ,OI B.S., Vermont, '18, M.S., Vermont, '31. Assistant Professor of Chemistry. FLORENCE EMILY BAILEY. Portland, Maine. B.S., Simmons, '18, M.S., Vermont, ,3o. Assistant Professor of Home Economics. GRACE BURWASH. Plainview, Illinois. B.A., Illinois, ,IQQ M.A., Columbia, ,2.4. Assistant Professor of Home Economics. ALIDA BEATRICE FAIRBANKS. Lisbon, North Dakota. B.S., Vermont, ,215 M.A., Columbia, '14, Assistruzt Professor of Home Economics. WILLIAM RITCHIE ADAMS, -IRQ? GX. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. B.S., Syracuse, '26, M.S., Vermont, '28. Assistant Professor of Botany 111111 Forestry. JOHN ALVIN NEXVLANDER. Penn Yan, New York. B.S., Cornell, ,I4, M.S., Vermont, '21, Assistant Professor of Dairy Huslmndry. INSTIQUCTORS ALEXANDER GERSHOY, EE. Russia, Gov't of Kherson. B.S., Cornell, '18. Instructor in Botany. LESTER MAXWELL GREENE. Aulander, North Carolina. B.S., North Carolina, 'z6g M.S., North Carolina, ,z8. Instrzzctor in Poultry I'lusl7a11rlry. WINONA EMYLE STONE, CPBK. Westford, Vermont. Ph.B., Vermont, ,235 M.S., Vermont, '31. Instructor in Botany, LYDIA TARRANT. Durand, Wiscoiisin. B.S., Oregon State College, 'z8g M.S., Oregon State College, '3o. I11Sf1'1lff0f in Home Economics. XVILBUR PARKER PIERCE. Melrose, Massachusetts. A.B., Dartmouth, '31. Iustrurtor in Botany. as Absent on leave M. , -,.1. ...L rr,a.,. X- 4 ..:.-... rg-.. ...,-,EXC CCDLLEGE QF ENGIN EERING GEGRGE FREDERICK ECKHARD, EAX, EE Waverly, Iowa. B.S., Iowa, 'ogg C.E., Iowa, 'Io Dean of the College of Efzgi 11eer ing Professor of Sf z'zz ctural Engineering -i..:..L..,,,,m,,,,,J,,,,,, 1,7 ,J EVAN THOMAS, TMA, QBK Cardiganshire, South Wales. B.S., Denison, '76g B.D., Yale, 'So Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Mechanics LEONARD PERLEY DICKINSON Hill, New Hampshire. B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology '96, A.M., Leland Stanford University, '26 Professor of Electrical E7Zgi1Z661'f1Zg ARTHUR DEXTER BUTTERFIELD, ATQ, EE Dunstable, Massachusetts. B.S., Wforcester Polytechnic Institute, '98 Columbia, ,O4 Professor of Maibmmfirs ami' Geodesy JAMES ATKINS BULLARD, QIPAG, CIDBK, EE' Parsippany, New Jersey. A.B., Williams, '08, Ph.D., Clark, ,I4 Professor of Mathematics and Mefbmzirs HARRY BARKER, EN Rutland, Vermont. B.S., Vermont, ,04 LC'C'f1ll'E1' on ifoe Pwrclice of Engizzeeriug r i"1ilfZ'lT... ASSOCIATE PROEESSORS ROY ORVILLE BUCHANAN, QBK. NVest Glover, Vermont. B.S., Vermont, 'o5. Associate Professoi of Electrical Eizgineering. LOUIS BLACKMER PUFFER, EA. Bennington, Vermont. OE., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ,O9 , . Associate Professor of Civil Eiigiizeering. WADSWORTH THOMPSON FULTON, AI, TKA. Astoria, New York. B.S., Vermont, '23, M.S. Columbia, '31, Assoriate Professor of Mechanical Ezzgiaeeriizg. ASSISTANT PROFESSORS HAROLD IRVING XVILLIAMS. Dalton, Massachusetts. B.S., Vermont, ,I2. Assistant Professor of Electrical E71fgi7lE'61'il1g. ' HOWARD GUY MILLINGTON, ZX. Troy, New York. C.E., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 'o8. Assistant Professor of Matbematirs. EDMUND LOUIS SUSSDORF. Woodside, New York. Ph.B., Sheffield, '14, M.E., Sheffield, ,I7. Assistant Professor of Merhaizical Eizginccriizg. GENO BLAISE LUCARINI, ZX, TBK. Pietrasanta, Italy. B.S., Vermont, '14. Assistant Professor of Mechanical E1zginceri1zg. INSTRUCTORS FRANK AUBREY DRESSER. Groveton, New Hampshire. Instructor in Shop Woi'kg Superiiztriulerzt of the Evigincwiiig Sbops. ALBERT EUGENE BATCHELDER. Stowe, Vermont. Irzstrnftor in Shop Work. LAURENCE FORREST SHOREY, SEEK. Lyndonville, Vermont. B.S., Vermont, lzjg M.S., Vermont, '3o. lizstructor in Civil Eiigiiiccring. MILTON HARRIS ALDRICI-I, BAE. Granby, Massachusetts. B.S., Worcester Polytechnic Institute, '18. Instructor in Civil Engiizeerirzg. EVERETT WALTER ALLEN, ZX, Xliforcester, Massachusetts. BS., Vermont, '3o. Instructor in Merlaaiiical Ezzgiiieering. a MILITARY SCIENCE AND TACTICS Capt. Craig, Col. Haig, Col. Black, Capt. Colby, Sergt. Conner FREDERICK FRASER BLACK, D.O.L., ATQ Searsport, Maine. University of Maine. United States Military Academy, ,oz Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army Professor of Military Science and Tactics CHESTER RAYMOND HAIG, ABNFO, 'PBK, AQA. Riverton, New Jersey. A.B,, Haverford, 'o4g M.D., Pennsylvania, ,O9. Lieutenant Colonel, Medical Corps, United States Army. Assistant Pro- fessor of Military Science and Tactics. ELBRIDGE COLBY, AXP, QBK. New York City. A.B., Columbia, ,123 Pl1.D., Columbia, ' 1 Captain, United States Army. Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics. MALCOLM EVERETT CRAIG, AXP. Lewiston, Missouri. B.S., State Teachers' College of Missouri '15. Captain, United States Army. Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics. RAYMOND THOMAS CONNER, D.E.L, Fairmount, Tennessee. Staff Sergeant, United States Army Instructor in Military Science and Tactics. ' It I- fa- .WD left- G Q . . s rg! C- N.. Y .4 , ,. A...-.,.5.-A W.. J...-..g.-.+f,.....l O Q STANDING COMMITTEES Athletics-BUTTEREIELD, T. S. BROWN, CARPENTER, R. W. SMITH, JR? Buildings and G1'0Zl77EllS-THE PRESIDENT, THE COMPTROLLER, THE DEANS Chapel C3VE77Z071l6S-JACOBS, BENNETT, WALLACE CZt1'1'iC'ZLl!liBASSETT, JENNE, LUTMAN, MYRICR, BURROWS, ECKHARD Degrees-BURNS, BASSETT, ECKHARD, GROAT, CUINIMINGS, BUTTLES, MOWER, DOUGLASS Extension-DOUGLASS, DEAN, BENNETT, JENNE, ECKHARD, BURNS, CARRIGAN, KEPIOE Freshman P1'81l77Zl7Zdl'iES-'GIFFORD, CUMMINGS, GROAT, KEHOE, PUFFER Library-TUPPER, SWIFT, MISS SHATTUCK, MOXVER Military D61'7dYf17Z671f-THE COMMANDANT AND THE DEANS Personnel W01'lz-GIEFORD, EVANS, CUMMINGS, KIDDER, MILLINCTON, MEREDITH, PRENTICE, PATTERSON, TERRILL, I-IOLBROOK, NULTY, MISS CUMMINGS Public Ceremonies-H. F. PERKINS, GIFE'ORD, MARVIN, MISS COLBURN, MILLINGTON, THE COMMANDANT, THE REGISTRAR P1LbIiCdfi011S-TUPPER, DEAN, MOWER, KEHOE Regulations and DiSCiPli716-THE PRESIDENT AND THE DEANS Schedule, Entrance Examinations and C1'661lifS-THE REGISTRAR AND THE DEANS Scholarships-THE COMPTROLLER, THOMAS, HILLS, CARPENTER Student Activities Qnon-atbleticj-BURNS, ECKHARD, EVANS Student Conference-CUMMINGS, GROAT, MOW'ER, SWIFT, CARROLL, BULLARD, MISS PATTERSON, MISS CUMMINGS Student Finances-GROAT, SLOCUMT, MYRICK, PRINDLE, THE COMPTROLLER Suinvner S2SSl071-DOUGLASS, JACOBS, WALLACE, BURNS, GROAT if For W. R. Adams, absent on leave. T Deceased, December 15, 1933. TI-IE ALUIVINI CQUNCIL HENRY B. OATLEY, '00, President LEON W. DEAN, '15, Editor The Aluzmzi Weekly fPublishcd by the Alumni Councilj REPRESENTATIVES FROM ALUMNI CLUBS DON M. RICE, '02, New York Alumni Association MISS LINDA F. CLARK, '12, New York Alumnae Club FREDERICK O. FRENCH, '77, Chicago Alumni Association HAROLD J. ADAMS, '03, Western New York Alumni Association JOHN M. DOXVNER, '00, Eastern New York Alumni Association DR. FRANK C. BUcKMIL1.ER, ,I4, Connecticut State Alumni Association DR. GEORGE L. SHATTUCK, '92, Rhode Island Alumni Association Miss ERMINIE POLLARD, '24, Hartford Alumnae Club DR. PETER P. LAWLOR, '20, Vermont Medical Alumni Association DR. ROGER M. BLAKE, '18, Northern New Jersey Medical Alumni Association FREDERICK S. I'lARRIS, '22, Hartford QConnecticutj Alumni Association MEMBERS - AT- LAR GE Dr. Edwin A. Herr, '09 Miss Mary R. Bates, '94 Mrs. Helen C. Merrill, '17 Dr. James H. Naylor, '95 Paul W. Waterman, '12 Miss Mary J. Simpson, '13 Mrs. Lucia B. Downing, '8 Dr. Stephen W. Page, '84 Rev. Williaila H. Hopkins, Dr. Frank H. Clapp, '86 Frank M. Button, '87 Charles L. Woodbury, '88 Max L. Powell, '89 Dr. George I. Forbes, '90 Mrs. Hattie A. Forbes, '91 George XV. Alger, '92 Frank R. Wells, '93 Edward D. Strickland, '94 M. Shaler Allen, ,QS Henry B. Shaw, '96 Albert E. Lewis, '97 Col. Julius S. Turrill, '98 Edward P. Hendrick, '99 Clifton M. Heaton, 'oo " Resigned, 1933. 9 S5 Edward F. Crane, '16 Mrs. Jennie R. Bradlee, '09 Miss Marjorie E. Luce, '16 William W. Murray, '97 Levi P. Smith, '08 Henry B. Oatley, '00 Mrs. Hazel M. Powers, '15 Mrs. Elizabeth H. Ross, '06 Dr. John H. Woodruff, 'og Mrs. Mary M. Deyett, '85 H. Morton Hill, '06 Miss Laura J. Parker, '17 Philip Ross", '95 ASS REPRESENTATIVES Samuel S. Dennis, '01 Forrest M. Larchar, '02 Hollis E. Gray, '03 Elmer E. Gove, '04 William L. Chatfield, '05 Ray B. Skinner, '06 Arthur C. Eaton, '07 Harold F. French, '08 Raymond L. Soule, '09 Arthur W. Dow, 'ro Clarence R. White, ,II Harold L Williams, 'I2 Nathaniel C. Peterson, '13 Joseph E. Carrigan, 'I4 Louis F. Dow, 'Ig Wesley' T. Abell, 'I6 Henry T. Way, '17 George C. Stanley, '18 Phillips M. Bell, '19 William L. Hammond, '20 James R. Jennings, '21 I. Munn Boardman, '22 Hugh E. Sinclair, '23 J. Hervey Macomber, Jr., ,24 Robert T. Platka, '25 Raymond S. Gates, '26 William M. Lockwood, '27 Lawrence H. Marvin, '28 Lee C. Morgan, '29 Herrick M. Macomber, '30 Ernest M. Codding, '31 Allen O. Eaton, '32 James E. Bigelow, '33 wi .fn rw IE.--aware N2 V C, me I:--...Eg-L-. ' . "lf, ii'Qf.Il"fITjif"'Tf,1?."n',,i' 1 FACULTY-STUDENT CCDUNCIL Miller, Cogsufell Dmfick, Morris, Harris, Mount, Borighlf Ross, Adams, Abbott, Gray, Howe, Everest FACULTY MEMBERS Professor James A. Bullard Professor Daniel B. Carroll Miss Eleanor S. Cummings Professor Marshall B. Cummings Professor George G Groat Professor Edmund C Mower Miss Marian Patterson Professor Elijah Swift STUDENT MEMBERS Class of 1934 Wfalter M. Adams, Jr. Grace E. Harris Ellwyn E. Miller Class of 1935 Howard H. Abbott Betty R. Boriglit Class of 1936 Allan S. Everest P1'esi1le1zt Stmlezzt Senaic: T. G. Cogswell Claribel Morris Arnold A. Ross Charles J. Howe Helen T. Mount Harrison L. Gray Presirlent Wo11zc1z's Sturlcfnt Union: Catherine E. Duriek STUDENT SENATE Muffin, Cook, Reeves, Palmer, Si'lll071!1S, Mahoney Libby, Brislin, Lmzalaalf, Cogswell, Tobin, Eaton Thomas G. Cogswell, Presi:l'c1zt john L. Beckley XVilliam W. Brislin Thomas G. Cogswell William Cohen Joseph J. Delfausse Howard H. Abbott George H. Cook Fred Lanahan Raymond E. Palmer Clifford D. Howe H. Esmond Mahoney John T. Webster OFFICERS Class of 193 4 Class of 1935 Class of 1936 Class of 1937 Fred J. Lanahan, Secretary and Treasurer Clarence F. Dobson Chester B. Eaton Charles J. Libby Donald Tobin Marshall A. Patch Thomas M. Reeves John R. Simonds Howard L. Martin Robert G. Warren Ex-officio Members: Cap and Skull, Senior Medical Honorary Society iewseog D 1 1 XJ -C 44 - . STUDENT UNIQN CATHERINE DURICK, '34 ......... MARGARET KANE, '35 ,.....,...... GRACE HARRIS, '34 ........................ MADELINI: AINSBORO, '35 ,.,,........ CLARIBEL MORRIS, '34 ,......,,.. ELIZABETH BROWN, '36 ..........,. BARBARA WHITNEY, '34 ........,.. ELIZABETH WASI-IBURN ..,...... Stella Brown, '34 Ruth Dawson, '34 Eleanor Dorsey, '35 Eola Goodrich, '34 Ruby Jenness, '34 VVasbbzzrn, Mo1'1'i.v, E. Brown lvhffwey, Kane, Durirlz, Harris, Ainsboro OFFICERS THE COUNCIL Prcsirlmt Vicc-President justice .........,..Sc'fo11fl Vice-President Secreta ry ..,.......,.........,..,Treasurer .. ......,............,., Sofzal Cbuzrman Two-year Rep resentufi ue Ruth Johnstone, '34 Jean Kinloch, '34 Ellen Lyman, '34 Mary Poling, 134 Helen Rockwell, '34 Q L "AA H 5? SENIQRS-Class of 1934 Erztonf Hoyi, Reynolds, Myers CLASS OFFICERS DONALD JOSEPH TOBIN1' .A......, ...,....,..... P RESIDENT ALICE DEBAKER I-IOYT ,......,,. .,..,... V ICE-PRESIDENT RUTH MARY REYNOLDS ..,.,,,. ,.,....,..,. S ECRETARY NORINIAN I-IIGBEE MYERS ...... ...,,.,.. T REASURER D011 Tobin, Presia'e1115 of the Class of 1934 Resigrxed. January, 1934. 'i'E1ected, February, 1934. Senior Class Group SENIOR MEN WALTER MACEWAN ADAMS, JR., Civil Engineering, Kappa Sigma, Burlington High School, V Club, Track 11, 2, 3, 41, Assistant Manager Baseball 131, Corporal 121, Faculty-Student Council 141, Dean's List. 132 North Prospect Street, Burlington, Vermont. SIMON ARKIN, Teacher Training, Newport High School, Freshman Track. Hill Street, Newport, Vermont. JOHN CHARLES ARNOLD, Electrical Engineering, Burlington High School, Band 11, 21, Corporal 121. 416 South Winooski Avenue, Burlington, Vermont. CLARENCE GARDNER BAILEY, General Science, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Cushing Academy, Corporal 121. 9 Winne Road, Delmar, New York. RODERICK ROYCE BALDWIN, Agriculture, Sigma Delta, Bristol High School, Alpha Zeta, Freshman Cross-country, Band 11, 21, Glee Club 11, 2, 31. North Ferrisburg, Vermont. ,IOHN LUTHER BECKLEY, Literary Scientific, Delta Psi, Great Neck High School, Gold Key, Key and Serpent, Boulder, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Delta Psi, Class Treasurer 111, Football 13, 41, Basketball 12, 3, 41, Captain 141, Baseball 12, 3, 41, Captain 141, Corporal, Howard Entrance Prize Latin. 175 Overlook Avenue, Great Neck, Long Island, New York. DAYTON ERNEST BENNETT, Social Science, Lambda Iota, Burlington High School, Class Basketball 11, 2, 3, 41, Assistant Business Manager Freshman Handbook 121, French Club 121, Orchestra 111, Assistant Director Freshman Camp 121, Band 11, 21, Corporal 121, Sergeant 131, Lieutenant 141, Military Ball Committee 141, Dean's List 13, 41. 145 Lyman Avenue, Burlington, Vermont. LESTER HERBERT BERRY, General Science, Plainville High School, Trinity College, Football 131. 80 East Main Street, Plainville, Connecticut. RONALD HOLLIS BINGHAM, General Science, Enosburg Falls High School, 1 15-pound Class Wrestling Champion 121, Cynic 11, 21, Assistant Grind Editor 1934 ARXEL, John Dewey Club 12, 31, Treas- urer 141, Cast: "Iolanthc' 131, "The Gondoliersl' 141, International Relations Club 11, 2, 31, Public Affairs 141, V. C. A. Cabinet 13, 41, Choir 13, 41, Glee Club 13, 41, Howard Entrance Prize Mathematics, Dean's List 11, 2, 3, 41, Honor Scholarship. Enosburg Falls, Vermont. ARTHUR BRETAGNE BLAKEY, Electrical Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega, Great Neck High School. zoo Westshore Road, Great Neck, New York. CLARENCE EDVVARD BOMBARD, Medicine, St. Michael's High School, Holy Cross College 11, 21, 24 Orchard Terrace, Burlington, Vermont. LAWRENCE LENVIS BOWERS, Education, Allentown Preparatary School, Basketball 111, Baseball 11, 2, 3, 41, Football 11, 2, 3, 41, Co-captain 131, Lieutenant 141, Scabbard and Blade. Southing- ton, Connecticut. WILLIAM WALSH BRISLIN, Pre-Medical, Alpha Tau Omega, Rutland High School, Gold Key, Presi- dent, Key and Serpent, Boulder, Class President 131, Class Basketball 12, 3, 41, Assistant Manager Basketball 131, Cynic 11, 2, 3, 41, News Editor 131, Sports Editor 141, Circulation Manager 1934 ARIEL, Kake Walk Committee 121, Assistant Director 131, Director 141, Football Hop Committee 121, Key and Serpent Dance Chairman 131, Interfraternity Council 13, 41, President 141, Student .,L -rf f- . - w -" 1 12.212 - -W --24.3.1 Y, 1 up NJ ,. Y-:mv '-::unK?:wsm-:-e-J- so - Senate 11, 3, 41, Faculty Student Council 121, Newman Club 11, 2, 3, 41, President 141, Razz- Dazz Commlttee 1419 Honor Scholarship. 134 Oak Street, Rutland, Vermont. ALBEIRT ANATOLE BROSSEAU, Pre-Medical, Highgate High School, Honor Scholarship. Highgate, ermont. ONSLOW LEVI BROWN, General Science, Kappa Sigma, Vergennes High School, John Dewey Club, Sigma Delta Psi. Vergennes, Vermont. SANFORD BRIGHAM BURNELL, Education, Phi Mu Delta, Essex Junction High School, Baseball 11, 21. Essex Junction, Vermont. GEORGE I-IONWARD BURROXWS, 1Nn, General Science, Sigma Phi, Phillips Exeter Academy, Beta Gamma, Assistant Manager Freshman Basketball 111, Assistant Manager Baseball 131, Bailey Cup Debate 121, Cyuir 11, 1, 3, 41, Advertising Manager 131, Business Manager 141, Photographic Editor 1934 ARIELQ Assistant Kake Walk Director 131, Kake NValk Director 141, Choir 11, 2, 3, 41, Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41: Corporal 111, Founder's Day Speaker 141, Varsity Debating 13, 41, Public Affairs Club, Tau Kappa Alpha, Boulder. Exeter, New Hampshire. EVERETT ERNEST CARLSON, Chemistry, Sigma Nu, Cushing Academy, Class Basketball 111, Hockey 121, Assistant Manager Track 131, Assistant Grind Editor 1934 ARIELQ Kake Walk Com- mittee 13, 41, Manager Cross-Country 141. IS XVater Street, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. ALBERT HUDSON CASS, Civil Engineering, Essex Junction High School, Gold Key, Freshman Base- ball 111, Sergeant 1315 Lieutenant 141. Essex Junction, Vermont. JOSEPH ANTHONY CHIOTA, Medicine, Sigma Nu, Central High School, Class Basketball 111, Newman Club 121, Corporal 121. 147 Terry Place, Bridgeport, Connecticut. XVINSTON NEWELL COBURN, Electrical Engineering, Sigma Nu, Montpelier High School, Corporal 121, Sergeant 131, Lieutenant 141, Scabbard and Blade 141, Honor Scholarship. 62 North Winooski Avenue, Burlington, Vermont. THOMAS GEORGE COGSWELL, General Science, Sigma Nu, Simonds High School, Gold Key, Key and Serpent, President, Boulder, Freshman Baseball, Baseball 12, 31, Class Basketball 11, 1, 3, 41, Assistant Manager Football 131, Manager Freshman Football 141, Managing Editor 1934 ARIEL, Chairman Junior Prom, Kake 'XValk Committee 131, Chairman Masquerade Ball 141, Corporal 111, Interfraternity Council 13, 41, Student Senate 13, 41, President 141, Faculty-Student Council 141. Wfarner, New Hampshire. WIILLIAM COHEN, Social Science, Phi Sigma Delta, Burlington High School, Gold Key, John Dewey Club, Treasurer International Relations Club, Student Senate 141, Business Manager Freshman Haml- bookg Cynic News Editor 121, Managing Editor 1313 ARILL Board 131, Chairman Junior Week Committee, Chairman Kake Walk Publicity, Dean's List. 27 Loomis Street, Burlington, Vermont. FRANCIS PEABODY COLBURN, Social Science, Delta Psi, Burlington High School, Grey Friars, W'in1z01ui1zg1 from the Mill, ARI121. 131, Junior Prom 131, Drum Major R. O. T. C. Band 111, Sergeant 121, Student Leader, Men's Glee Club 13, 41. 118 South Willard Street, Burlington, Vermont. WIALTER EDWARD CONCANNON, Education, Phi Mu Delta, Milton High School, Freshman Base- ball, Baseball 121, Football 11, 41, Hockey 121, Assistant Grind Editor I934 AR1EL. 22 Kahler Avenue, Milton, Massachusetts. CHARLES RICHARD CONGDON, Civil Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Burlington High School, Band 11, 2, 31, Corporal 121. 119 Buell Street, Burlington, Vermont. JOHN JOSEPH CONNELLY, SIR., Civil Engineering, Underhill High School, Advanced Military, Lieutenant 141, Scabbard and Blade, Honor Scholarship. Cambridge, Vermont. MERRILL MILES CROSS, Medicine, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lawrence Academy, Freshman Football, Band 11, 11, Corporal. South Lancaster, Massachusetts. PRESTON CURTIS CUMMINGS, Social Science, Lambda Iota, Burlington High School, Beacon School, Class Treasurer 131, Assistant Manager Tennis 131, Sophomore Hop Committee 131, Junior Prom Committee 131, Kake Walk Committee 131, Corporal 121, Color Sergeant 121, International Re- lations Club 11, 1, 31, Secretary 131, Interfraternity Council 131, Vice-President 141. 230 Loomis Street, Burlington, Vermont. GORDON LESLIE DAVIS, Chemistry, Lambda Iota, Beta Gamma, Springfield 1Vermont1 High School, Gold Key, Scabbard and Blade, Band 11, 21, Corporal 111, Sergeant 131, Lieutenant 141, Battalion Major 141, Chairman Sophomore Hop 121, t'Pirates of Penzance" 111, "Cosi Fan Tutti" 121, Glee Club 11, 1, 3, 41, Choir 12, 3, 41, Rifle Team 131, International Relations Club 11, 11, Secre- tary 111, Assistant Manager Frrfslvnzan Hmmlbook 121, Military Ball Committee 141, Honor Scholarship. 69 Bass Avenue, Gloucester, Massachusetts. LESLIE ELMER DAVIS, Agriculture, Lambda Iota, Burlington High School, Freshman Cross-country, Track 11, 21, Cross-country 121, Corporal 121, Sergeant 131, Lieutenant 141. 143 Colchester Avenue, Burlington, Vermont. JOSEPH JAMES DELFAUSSE, Mechanical Engineering, South Side High School, Football 11, 2, 3, 41, Freshman Basketball, Class Basketball 12, 3, 41, Track 11, 1, 3, 41, Captain 141, V Club, Sigma .AI,,,-,.- ,, 2 Delta Psi, XVinter Sports 141, Chairman A. S. M. E. 21 Yale Place, Rockville Center, Long Island, New York. CLARENCE FREDERICK DOBSON, Medicine, Phi Mu Delta, Templeton High School, Gold Key, Key and Serpent, Boulder, Freshman Cross-country, Assistant Manager Freshman Baseball, Football 12, 31, Managing Editor 1934 ARIELQ Kake Walk Committee 12, 31, Corporal 121, Student Senate 12, 31, Dean's List 121, Chairman Junior XVeek 131, Boulder Oration 141. East Templeton, Massa- chusetts. RICHARD MICHAEL DONAHUE, Mechanical Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega, Jericho High School, Rifle Team 11, 2, 3, 41, Corporal 121, Sergeant 131, Lieutenant 141, Scabbard and Blade. Jericho, Vermont. CLARENCE HERBERT DROWN, Civil Engineering, Barton Academy, Gold Key, Freshman Basketball, Freshman Track, V. C. A. Cabinet 13, 41, Corporal 121, Sergeant 131, Captain 141, Scabbard and Blade. 16 Mansfield Avenue, Burlington, Vermont. STEPHEN ALONZO DUTTON, Agriculture, Leland Gray Seminary, Honor Scholarship. Windham, Vermont. CHESTER BARSTOW EATON, Commerce and Economics, Sigma Phi, Classical High School, Gold Key, Key and Serpent, Boulder, Student Senate 13, 41, Basketball Hop Committee 121, Kake W'alk Committee 12, 31, Interfraternity Council 13, 41, V. C. A. Cabinet 131, Director Freshman Camp 131, Assistant Manager Freshman Football 111, Assistant Manager Football 131, Manager 141, Editor-in-Chief 1934 ARIEL 131, Pi Gamma Mu, President 141, Public Affairs Club, President 141: Class of 1934, President 141, Deanys List 11, 2, 31, Corporal 121. 18 Nevada Street, Worcester, Massachusetts. 1Ill health forced withdrawal from college December II, 1933. Will complete re- quirements for degree With the class of 193g.J WILBERT SIMON FARRELL, General Science, Cathedral High School, Vermont Rifles, Newman Club 11, 2, 3, 41, John Dewey Club, Honor Scholarship. Shelburne, Vermont. HENRY FINKS, Medicine, Portland High School. 67 Quebec Street, Portland, Maine. SAMUEL WILLIAM FISHMAN, Medicine, Phi Sigma Delta, Vergennes High School, Cynic' 11, 21, Sophomore Hop Committee 121, Class Basketball 111, Honor Scholarship. Vergennes, Vermont. JOHN ELVART FOSTER, Civil Engineering, Sigma Nu, New Bedford Textile, Sophomore Hop Com- mittee 121, Kake Walk Committee 131, Band 111, Corporal 121. 287 Palmer Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts. WILLIAM HENRY GALVIN, JR., Medicine, Phi Mu Delta, Central High School, Football Enfield, Massachusetts. DONALD PITT GERMANN, General Science, Lambda Iota, Rutherford High School, Beta Gamma, Vermont Rifles 111, Corporal 121, Sergeant 131, Lieutenant 141, Scabbard and Blade, Junior Prom Committee 131. 1 St. Clair Avenue, Rutherford, New Jersey. ROBERT GLADSTONE, Medicine, Tau Epsilon Phi, Burlington High School, Football Hop Committee 121. 85 Oak Street, Burlington, Vermont. PHILIP DEXTER GOULD, General Science, Tau Epsilon Phi, Malden High School, Huntington School, Football 121, Sophomore Hop Committee 121, Junior Week Committee 131, Corporal 121. 585 Highland Avenue, Malden, Massachusetts. DOUGLAS FRANCIS GREEN, General Science, Kappa Sigma, Burlington High School, Albany High School, Gold Key, Class Basketball 121, Kake Walk Committee 131, Band 11, 21. 116 Main Street, Burlington, Vermont. JOHN CARL GREENAN, Medicine, Sigma Nu, St. Anselm's College. 610 Third Avenue, Berlin, New Hampshire. CLIFFORD BURR HARVVOOD, Medicine, Granville 1New York1 High School, Freshman Cross- country 12, 3, 41, Captain 131, Track 12, 31, Cast: "Pirates of Penzance", V. C. A. Cabinet 131, Choir 11, 2, 3, 41, Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41. Rupert, Vermont. HAROLD FRANCIS HOWARD, Teacher Training, Phi Mu Delta, Hartford High School, Freshman Football, Football 121, Freshman Baseball, Kappa Phi Kappa, Corporal 121, Sergeant 131, Senatorial Scholarship. Wllite River Junction, Vermont. MARSHALL DURFEE HOWE, Mechanical Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Adams High School, Beta Gammai C0fPOral 121, Sergeant 131, Lieutenant 141, Scabbard and Blade. 1 Summer Street, Adams, Massachusetts. DAVID XVILSON JENKS, Electrical Engineering, Delta Psi, Burlington High School, Chairman, Vermont Branch A. I. E. E. 131, Tau Kappa Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa, Assistant Manager Football 131, Stage Manager Wig and Buskin 13, 41, Opera Cast 12, 3, 41, Kake Walk Committee 13, 41, Faculty- Student Council 131, Manager Men's Glee Club 131, Corporal 111, Sergeant 121, Battalion Sergeant MHJO1' C313 CQPUHH C413 Clwif CI, 2, 3, 41, Varsity Debating Team 141, Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41, Honor Scholarship. 88 North Prospect Street, Burlington, Vermont. FLEIQICHER BAIRD JOSLIN, Social Science, Waitsfield High School, Honor Scholarship. Waitsfield, ermont. . -. ,.,, ' V 44,-,H , 1-.i. CARL JAMES KILBURN, JR., Commerce and Economics, Sigma Nu, Hartford Public High School, Collinsville High School, Gold Key, Track CI, 21, Assistant Manager C31, Manager C41, Cynir: CI, 21, IHfCl'COllegiate Editor C21, Wig and Buskin, Co-Business Manager C31, Kake Walk Com- mittee C21, President Public Affairs Club C41. South and Center Streets, Collinsville, Connecticut. MORRIS KRAMER, General Science, Tau Epsilon Phi, Wfinthrop High School, Cynic, Assistant Editor CI1. 33 Cutler Street, Winthrop, Massachusetts. PAUL ERNEST LANOU, Mechanical Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Burlington High School, Student A. S. M. E., Sophomore Hop Committee C21, Corporal C21, Sergeant C31, Lieutenant C41, Sgalgbard and Blade. 48 Brookes Avenue, Burlington, Vermont. ROBERT LEVIN, General Science, Tau Epsilon Phi, Winooski High School, Corporal C21, Wrestling. 103 Shelburne Street, Burlington, Vermont. CHARLES JACKSON LIBBY, Electrical Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Richmond Hill High School, Gold Key, President, Key and Serpent, Boulder, Scabbard and Blade, Tau Kappa Alpha, Wig and Buskin, Class President C21, Student Senate C2, 3, 41, Cross-country CI1, Assistant Manager Fresh- man Baseball CI1, Assistant Manager Freshman Basketball C11, Assistant Manager Varsity Basketball C31, Manager Freshman Basketball C41, Business Manager 1934 ARIELQ Cyzzic, News Editor C31, Editor-in Chief C41, Assistant Business Manager C31, Advertising Manager C41, Editor F1'esb11m11 Hnlldbook C31, Cast: "Quecn's Husband," 'iShe Stoops to Conquern, Kake Walk Committee C31, Chairman Basketball Hop Cz1, Razz-Dazz Committee C41, Corporal C21, Sergeant C31, Lieutenant C41, Debating CI, 21, Dean's List C1, z, 3, 41. 9529 118th Street, Richmond Hill, New York. RICHARD RENFREW LOWELL., Chemistry, Alpha Tau Omega, Fitchburg High School, Assistant Manager Track C31, Assistant Photographic Editor 1934 ARIEL. S2 Hartwell Street, Fitchburg, Massachusetts. HENRY LUNNA, Agriculture, Sigma Delta, Newport Center High School, Cross-country CI1, Track CI, 21, Football CSDQ Aggie Club, Judging Team-Dairy Products and Dairy Cattle, Honor Scholar- ship. Newport Center, Vermont. JOHN HENRY MCCREA, Medicine, Alpha Tau Omega, Burlington High School, Winter Sports Team C41, IS4 Park Street, Burlington, Vermont. REALTUS EDWARDS MCCUIN, Commerce and Economics, Phi Mu Delta, Highgate High School, Tau Kappa Alpha, Cynic CI, 2, 3, 41, News Editor C31, Managing Editor C41, Founder's Day Speaker C31, V. C. A. Cabinet C3, 41, International Relations Club, Debating C2, 3, 41, Kingsley Prize Speaking Contest CI, 21, Second Prize C21, Bailey Cup Debate C21, Captain-Manager Varsity De- bating C41, Oratorical Scholarship. Highgate Center, Vermont. JOHN JOSEPH MCGRATH, Pre-Medical, Adams Senior High School, Wrestling, Corporal Cz1. 88 Summer Street, Adams, Massachusetts. RAYMOND ALFRED MARTIN, Medicine, Alpha Tau Omega, Rutland High School, Freshman Cross- country, Assistant Manager Freshman Baseball CI1, Grind Editor 1934 ARIEL, Kake Walk Com- mittee C-31, Faculty-Student Council C31. 54 Edgerton Street, Rutland. Vermont. ELLWYN EDXVARD MILLER, Agriculture, Sigma Delta, Mount Hermon Prep, Alpha Zeta, Vice- President C31, President C41, Football C31, Chairman Junior XVeek Peerade CSD, Faculty-Student Council C3, 41, President Aggie Club C3, 41, Champion of Dairy Products at Eastern States Ex- position, Judging Team of Dairy Products and Dairy Cattle C41, Hood Scholarship. Vernon, Vermont. WILFRED JACQUES MILLET, Pre-Medical, Pittsfield High School, Track CI, 2, 3, 41, Glee Club C1, 31, choir CI1, Corporal Cz1. 131 Bradford Street, Pittsield, Massachusetts. JOSE MARIA MONTE, Commerce and Economies, Lambda Iota, Montplier High School, Corporal Cz1, Pi Gamma Mu, Vice-President C41, Honor Scholarship. 15 River Street, Montpelier, Vermont. JACKSON LORNE MORGAN, Civil Engineering, Delta Psi, Burlington High School, Passaic CNew Jersey1 High School, Student Council CI1, Class President CI1, Freshman Football, Football Cz, 3, 41, Captain C41, Freshman Basketball, Basketball C2, 3, 41, Corporal C21, Sergeant C31, Lieu- tenant C41, Scabbard ancl Blade. 83 South Champlain Street, Burlington, Vermont. DANIEL JOHN MORIARTY, Medicine, VVaitsfIeld High School, Newman Club, Valedictorian Honor Scholarship. Wfaitsfield, Vermont. STANLEY FREDERICK MORRIS, Medicine, Phi Sigma Delta, Alexander Hamilton High School. 920 St. Marks Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. EARLE CARLETON MORSE, JR,, Social Science, Phi Mu Delta, North High School, Freshman Cross- country, Freshman Basketball, Class Basketball CI, 2, 3, 41, Assistant Grind Editor 1934 ARIEL, Manager Tennis Team C41. 91 Malden Street, Worcester, Massachusetts. BERNARD JOSEPH MULCAHY, Medicine, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Spaulding High School, Gold Key, Faculty-Student Council C21, Freshman Basketball, Class Basketball C2, 31, Tennis C2, 31, Football Hop Committee C11, Dean's List Cz, 31. 340 Tremont Street, Barre, Vermont. NORMAN HIGBEE MYERS, Social Science, Kappa Sigma, Burlington High School, Northwood Prep School, Gold Key, Treasurer C21, Interfraternity Council C31, Class Treasurer C41, Freshrnan Tennis, Varsity Tennis C2, 3, 41, Captain C41, Class Basketball CI, 2, 3, 41, State Tennis Champion 13, 41, Grey Friars 12, 3, 41, Treasurer 131, Cynic 11, 21, Business Manager, Wi111zowi11gs from the Mill 141, Associate Editor 1934 ARIEL, Sophomore Hop Committee 121, Football Hop Committee 121, Basketball Hop Committee 121, Corporal 121. 200 Howard Street, Burlington, Vermont. CARL GRANDY OTIS, Medicine, Phi Mu Delta, Albany 1New York1 High School, Freshman Cross- country, Cross-country 121, Freshman Track, Track 121, Assistant Manager Hockey 121, Vermont Rifles, Corporal 121. 149 Ferguson Avenue, Burlington, Vermont. GEORGE WILLIAM PATTERSON, 3RD, Electrical Engineering, Kappa Sigma, Randolph High School, Vergennes High School, Antioch College, John Dewey Club, Secretary 131, Vice-President 141, Grey Friars 13, 41, Assistant Manager Track 131, Manager 141, Athletic Counicl 141, Cynic, Contribut- ing Editor 13, 41, 1934 ARIEL, Assistant Athletic Editor, Assistant Grind Editor, Assistant Editor 1936 Fresbman Hmzrlbook, XVig and Buskin 141, Kake Walk Committee 131, Junior Week Com- mittee, Bailey Cup Debate 121, Debating 12, 31, Tau Kappa Alpha, A. I. E. E., Vice-Chairman 131, Chairman 141, International Relations Club 121, Secretary 131, Delegate, Model League of Nations Assembly, Brown University 121, Interfraternity Council 141, Dean's List 12, 3, 41, High Standing List 121. Vergennes, Vermont. ' SAMUEL PIERCE, JR., Commerce and Economics, Delta Psi, Roselle Park High Scl1ool, Wig and Buskin, President 141, Grey Friars, Cast: "She Stoops to Conquer," "To the Ladies," 'lThe Torchbearersu, Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41, Choir 11, 2, 3, 41, Corporal 121, Sergeant 131, Captain 134 Avon Street, Roselle Park, New Jersey. ADDISON CRAMTON POND, Commerce and Economics, Richford High School, Wrestling Tournament 121, Corporal 121, Sergeant 131, Captain 141, Public Affairs Club, Dean's List 11, 21, Honor Scholarship. Richford, Vermont. MAX LEON POWELL, Social Science, Delta Psi, Culver Military Academy, Football 11, 21, Baseball Manager 14.1, Corporal 111, Sergeant 121, Captain 131. Hotel Van Ness, Burlington, Vermont. GLENN ORSON RICKER, Electrical Engineering, Phi Mu Delta, Burlington High School, Football 121, Hockey 121, Glee Club 11, 2, 31, President, Winter Sports Club 141, Winter Sports Team 141. S19 North Street, Burlington, Vermont. JOSEPH RISMAN, Medicine, Tau Epsilon Phi, Lynn Classical High School. 437 XVestern Avenue, Lynn, Massachusetts. ARNOLD ALEXANDER ROSS, Literary Scientific, Delta Psi, St. Albans High School: Boulder, John Dewey Club, Grey Friars, Vice-President 13, 41, Faculty-Student Council 141, Sports Editor 1934 ARIEL, Cyizic, Contributing Editor 13, 41, Assistant Editor 1936 F1't'sb1:1.111 HH1Zl1l700k, Editor 131, Wi111zo1ui1zgs from the Mill, XVig and Buskin, Co-Business Manager 13, 41, Razz-Dazz Committee 141, Kake XValk Committee 141, Junior Prom Committee 131, Corporal 121, Dean's List 11, 2, 31. 69 Messenger Street, St. Albans, Vermont. BERNARD CHESTER RUBINO, Medicine, Phi Mu Delta, Templeton High School, Freshman Baseball, Baseball 12, 3, 41, Sophomore Hop Committee 121, Corporal 121. 4 Maple Street, Baldwinville, Massachusetts. 'XVILLIAM JOSEPH RYAN, Pre-Medical, Alpha Tau Omega, Montpelier High School, Newman Club, Treasurer 121, Corporal 121, Sergeant 131, Lieutenant 141. 20 Winter Street, Montpelier, Vermont. THEODORE DEARBORN SARGENT, Teacher Training, Sigma Delta, Kappa Phi Kappa, Secretary 131, Vice-President 141, Freshman Baseball, Cast: "Pirates of Penzance", Glec Club 11, 41. Chelsea, Vermont. LEO JAMES SCHILDHAUS,:' Medicine, James Monroe High School, New York University 11, 21, Cast: "To the Ladies" 131. Shelburne, Vermont. HERBERT JOSEPH SELIB, Social Science, Tau Epsilon Phi, Boston English High School, Pond School, Gold Key, Football 12, 3, 41, Cynir, Assistant Editor 11, 21, Junior Week Committee, Corporal 121, Vermont Rifles 11, 21. 69 Robeson Street, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. HYMAN SILVERSTEIN, General Science, Tau Epsilon Phi, Brookline High Scl1ool, Football 12, 31, Corporal 121. 40 Babcock Street, Brookline, Massachusetts. EDWARD CHARLES SOXVKA, Social Science, Kappa Sigma, New Britain High School, Vermont Academy, V Club, Freshman Football, Football 13, 41, Basketball 13, 41. 93 Dwight Street, New Britain, Connecticut. KENNETH DAVID SPAULDING, Commerce and Economics, Kappa Sigma, Newport High School, Pi Gamma Mu, John Dewey Club, Treasurer, XVinter Sports Club 141, Assistant Business Manager I934 A131EL, Chairman Interfraternity Pledge Dance 141, Junior Prom Committee, Kake Walk Com- mittee, Interfraternity Council 141, Dennis List 11, 31, Honor Scholarship. If Bayview Avenue, Newport, Vermont. FREDERICK HAROLD SPEAR, Mechanical Engineering, Burlington High School, Student A. S. M. E., Rif19Teams COFPOFHI 121, Sergeant 131, Lieutenant 141, Scabbard and Blade.. 18 Russell Street, Burlington, Vermont. ALDEN JOSEPH SPICER, Education, Phi Mu Delta, Essex Junction High School, Freshman Baseball, Baseball 12, 3, 41. Essex Junction, Vermont. 'X Out of college. WILLIAM PAUL STETSON, General Science, Sigma Delta, New Haven High School, Gold Key, John Dewey Club, Assistant Grind Editor 1934 ARIE1., Kake Walk Committee 13, 41, Secretary, V. C. A. Cabinet 131, Chairman 141, Assistant Director Freshman Camp 121, Director 141. 6,46 Dixwell Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut. HENRY GRINNELL STONE, Civil Engineering, Essex Junction High School, Corporal 121, Sergeant 131, Lieutenant 141, Scabbard and Blade. Essex Junction, Vermont. CLIFFORD WELLS TILLEY, Agriculture, Sigma Delta, Essex Junction High School, Gold Key, Alpha Zeta, Football 12, 31, Basketball 121, Kake Walk Committee 131, Corporal 121, Band 11, 21. South Burlington, Vermont. DONALD JOSEPH TOBIN, General Science, Kappa Sigma, Cathedral High School, Fair Haven High School, Key and Serpent, Treasurer 131, Boulder, Class President 141, Manager Basketball 141, Associate Editor 1934 ARIELj Co-Business Manager, NVig and Buskin 141, Financial Manager Junior Week, Kake Walk Committee 13, 41, Student Senate 13, 41, President Newman Club 131. 1 North C Street, Taftville, Connecticut. MICHAEL ALBERT VALERIO, Education, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Amsterdam High School, Kappa Phi KHPP3, President 141, Scabbard and Blade, Basketball 11, 2, 31, Sergeant 121, Lieutenant 131. 47 Lincoln Avenue, Amsterdam, New York, FRANK ORSON WALTER, Civil Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Burlington High School, Holder- ness School, Track 11, 21, Corporal 121, Sergeant 131. 21 Lafayette Place, Burlington, Vermont. YVILLIAM MANSFIELD WATERMAN, Pre-Medical, Kappa Sigma, Vergennes High School, Tennis 121, Corporal 111. Vergennes, Vermont. ALDEN MARSH XVEBSTER, Agriculture, Sigma Delta, Danville High School, Alpha Zeta, Aggie Club, Honor Scholarship. Danville, Vermont. FREDERICK EDWARD WEGNER, Civil Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Plainville High School, Football 11, 2, 31, Corporal 121, V Club, Dean's List. New Britain Avenue, Plainville, Connecticut. ROBERT JULIUS XVEISSMAN, Medicine, South Side High School, Grey Friars, President 13, 41, Cyfzic, Humor Editor, Columnist 12, 31, Founder of HEI Picadorf' Soo South Iltll Street, Newark, New Jersey. NATHANIEL OAKES WELLS, Civil Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tilton School, Freshman Cross- country, Hockey 121, Cast: "Cosi Fan Tutti", Kake XValk Committee 12, 41, Junior XVeek Com- mittee, Assistant Business Manager 1934 ARIEL, Band 11, 2, 3, 41, Assistant Director 13, 41, Sergeant 121. 25 Fairview Terrace, Malden, Massachusetts. ANDREW' STANLEY WESOLY, Medicine, Independent, New Britain High School, Football 11, 11, Baseball 111, Track 131, Corporal 121, V Club. 23 Smith Street, New Britain, Connecticut. Boston, Massachusetts. EDWARD PHILIP WHITE, Ph.G., Medicine, Kappa Psi 1Pharmaceutical1, Boston English High School, Graduate of Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Corporal 121, Newman Club. 7 Craft Place, DONALD CLINTON WHITNEY, Electrical Engineering, Burlington High School. 20 Decatur Street, Burlington, Vermont. PAUL BROOKINGS WILLIAMS, Commerce and Economics, Alpha Tau Omega, Montpelier High School, Montpelier Seminary, Band 11, 21. 2 Emmons Street, Montpelier, Vermont. HUGH CHASE WILSON, Classical, Delta Psi, Vlindsor High School, Eta Sigma Phi, Tennis 12, 3, 41, Captain 131, Basketball 12, 31, Kake W'alk Committee 131, Dean's List 11, 2, 3, 41, Honor Scholarship. St. Paul's Rectory, Windsor, Vermont. DONALD CLARK XVORCESTER, Social Science, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Manchester 1New I-Iampshire1 High School, ARIEL Board 131, Cynic, Sports Editor 141, Junior Week Committee, Interfraternity Council 13, 41. 42 Barnard Avenue, Watertown, Massachusetts. I J SENIOR XVOMEN LOUISE ARMSTRONG, Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Bennington High School, Hockey 141. IOS Congress Street, Bennington, Vermont. ELIZABETH MARCIA BAKER, Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Troy Conference Academy, W. A. A., Dramatic Club, House Committees 12, 3, 41. North Ferrisburg, Vermont. ELLEN MERCEDES BARRETT, Social Science, St. Johnsbury Academy, John Dewey Club, Hockey 11, 2, 31, Captain 141, Basketball 111, Baseball 11, 31, Numerals, U. V. M. Emblem, Glee Club 131, Special Chorus 131. St. Johnsbury, Vermont. ELLINOR FRANCES BEAN, Social Science, Kappa Delta, Girls, High School, Vermont Academy, Hockey 131, VV. A. A., Y. NV. C. A., Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41, French Club, Press Club 131. Hotel Randall, Morrisville,Vermont. HATTIE ELIZABETH BEERS, Education, Bennington High School, French Club, John Dewey Club, Volleyball C15, W. A. A., Y. W. C. A., Deanls List C1, 2, 45. Bennington, Vermont. BARBARA BELCHER, Social Science, Pi Beta Phi, Columbia High School, Maplewood, New Jersey, 1934 ARIEL Board, Assistant Photograph Editor, Dean's List C35, House Committee C35. 46 Salter Place, Maplewood, New Jersey. MARY NVARBURTON BENNETT, Literary Scientific, Pi Beta Phi, Springfield High School, Mortar Board, Dean's List C1, 2, 3, 45, XV. A. A., Lilac Day C15, Dramatic Club, Property Manager Fresh- man Play C15, Music Committee Junior XVeek C35, Joint Council C35, Pan-Hellenic C3, 45, Secre- tary-Treasurer C45, Judiciary Council C3, 45, Y. W. C. A., Glee Club C1, 25, Assistant Editor 1934 AR1151., House Committee C1, 25, Honor Scholarship. 4 Hillcrest Road, Springfield, Vermont ALIDA MAE BIXBY, Social Science, Essex High School, Honor Scholarship. Essex Center, Vermont. STELLA BROWN, Literary Scientific, Spaulding High School, Barre, Vermont, Glee Club C2, 3, 45, President C35, Choir C45, Special Chorus C35, Dean's List C1, 15, Honor Scholarship. Berlin East Road, Montpelier, Vermont. - DOROTHY CHAPIN BURT, Secretarial, Delta Delta Delta, Stowe High School, W. A. A., Press Club C2, 3, 45. Stowe, Vermont. DOROTHY VERNA BUZZELL, Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Burlington High School. Burlington, Vermont. REBECCA JANE CAMP, Social Science, Alpha Chi Omega, People's Academy and Northfield Seminary, Debating C15, Honor Scholarship. Morrisville, Vermont. ALICE HOLLAND CHALMERS, Commerce and Economics, Delta Delta Delta, Rutland High School, Decoration Committee Junior Prom C35, Faculty-Student Council C35, Assistant Grind Editor 1934 AR1131.. 13 Burnham Avenue, Rutland, Vermont. RACHEL HASKELL CLOSSON, Commerce and Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Quincy High School and Colby School for Girls and Wellesley. 141 Wintlirop Avenue, Wollaston, Massachusetts. AUGUSTA COHEN, Literary Scientific, K. E. L., Burlington High School, Deutsche Verein, Treasurer C35, John Dewey Club, International Relations Club, W. A. A., Cynic Board C1, 2, 35, Committee for Abolition of Freshman Rules C15, Dean's List C1, 1, 3, 45, Assistant Manager Debate C25, Assistant Grind Editor 1934 ARILL. 27 Loomis Street, Burlington, Vermont. MARJORIE MACFARLAND COLLINS, Secretarial, Delta Delta Delta, Burlington High School, W. A. A., Y. W. C. A., Dramatic Club. Colchester, Vermont. LYDIA ELLEN CURLER, Classical, Sigma Gamma, Richmond High School, Press Club Cz, 35, Cynic Cz5, Honor Scholarship. Richmond, Vermont. HILDA XVRIGHT DAVIS, Home Economics, Alpha Xi Delta, Burlington High School, Volleyball C15, Glee Club C15, Home Economics Club C1, 2, 3, 45. South Hero, Vermont. RUTH HARRIET DAWSON, Literary Scientific, Pi Beta Phi, Needham High School, Deanls List C45, W. A. A., Basketball C15, Outing Club Committee C15, Glee Club C15, House Committee C15, House President C45, Y. XV. C. A. 314 Wfebster Street, Needham Heights, Massachusetts. JANET HAZEN DODDS, Home Economics, Kappa Alpha Theta, Burlington High School, Rifle C3, 45, Glee Club C1, 2, 35. S9 South W'inooski. Avenue, Burlington, Vermont. CATHERINE ELIZABETH DURICK, Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Fair Haven High School, Mortar Board, John Dewey Club, Vice-President Cz5, W1 A. A., Womenis Photography Editor 1934 ARIELQ Lilac Day C25, Football Hop Committee Cz5, Sophomore Hop Committee CZ5, Junior Prom Com- mittee C35, Faculty-Student Council C3, 45, Student Union Council C2, 3, 45, First Vice-President C35, President C45, Dean's List C1, 2, 35, Honor Scholarship. Fair Haven, Vermont. ELVIRA MARY FARMAN, Social Science, Delta Delta Delta, Newport High School, Tau Kappa Alpha C3, 45, Dramatic Club C25, Masque and Sandal C3, 45, Basketball C15, Women's Editor 1934 ARIEL, Manager Class Play C25, Costume Manager Junior Vfeek Play C35, Refreshment Committee Junior Week C353 House Committee C25, Lilac Day C1, 25, Health Council Cz, 35, Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., Class Debating Team C1, 25, Varsity Debating Team C3, 45, Philagon C3, 45, President C45, Manager and Captain Varsity Debate C45, Public Affairs C45, Program Committee C45. 3 Greene Place, Newport, Vermont. ELIZABETH LOUISE FAY, Secretarial, Jericho High School, House President C35, Honor Scholarship. Jericho, Vermont. HELEN RUTH FOGG, Social Science, Burlington High School, XV. A. A., Volleyball Manager C15, CQPUUH Lili Hockey CI, z, 3, 45, Basketball C1, 2, 3, 45, Captain C1, 25, Baseball C15. 4I Clarke Street, Burlington, Vermont. DORIS ESTHER FOLSOM,, Home Economics, Sigma Gamma, Waitsfield High School, Volleyball C35, Home Economics Club, Honor Scholarship. Waitsfield, Vermont. ELEANOR MARGARET GOODRICH, Education, Hinesburg High School, W. A. A., Newman Club, Basketball CI, 2, 35, Baseball C1, 25: Hinesburg, Vermont. M Q FN ,,.-...nE.,U.......E .,......1 1. QD -15 -31 ?:g.f:::.L'...:.Qga J - il. ,. L f. I ..,. ., ME., EOLA GOODRICH, Literary Scientiic5 Alpha Xi Delta5 People's Academyg Baseball C115 Make-up Man- ager- Class Play C315 Dramatic Club C315 Assistant Grind Editor 1934. ARIEL5 Lilac Day C115 House President C415 Honor Scholarship. Morrisville, Vermont. ANNA THATCI-IER GREENE, Educationg Kappa Deltag Woodstock High School5 French Club CI, 2, 315 Upsilon Tau Alpha C1, 215 Pan-Hellenic C3, 41, Secretary C315 Baseball C215 Volleyball C315 Hockey C315 Basketball C315 Press Club5 Assistant Grind Editor 1934 ARIEL5 Junior Week Banquet5 Sophomore Hop Committee C215 House Committee C21, House President C415 W. A. A.5 Y. XV. C. A.5 Honor Scholarship. North Pomfret, Vermont. GRACE ELLEN HARRIS, Literary Scientific5 Delta Delta Deltag Stowe High School5 Phi Beta Kappa5 Mortar Board5 Faculty-Student Council C415 W. A. A.5 Basketball C1, 315 Hockey C315 Volleyball, Captain C315 Press Club C2, 315 Dramatic Club C3, 415 Junior Week Committee C315 Student Union Council C415 Joint Council C41. Stowe, Vermont. NORMA ELIZABETH HATHORN, Education5 Alpha Chi Omegag Hartford High School5 John Dewey 'Club5 Baseball C2, 315 Basketball C2, 315 Volleyball C2, 3, 415 Hockey C3, 415 W. A. A.5 Press Club5 Dean's List C315 Honor Scholarship. NVhite River Junction, Vermont. MARJORIE HAYDEN, Literary Scientific5 Kappa Alpha Thetag Winchester High Schoolg Choir C31. Mt. Pleasant Street, Winchester, Massachusetts. VIRGINIA IRVING I-IERR, Social Scienceg Kappa Alpha Thetag St. Margaret's School5 Tennis Team C315 Student Union5 House President C31. 153 Fiske Street, Waterbury, Connecticut. EVELYN CORNELIA HOLDEN, Classical5 Cambridge High School5 Glee Club C1, 2, 3, 415 House President C41. 9 St. Luke's Place, Cambridge, New York. MARY CLARA HORAK, Home Economics5 Kappa Delta5 Lynn Classical High School5 Volleyball C1, 2, 3, 415 Basketball C1, 2, 315 Archery C1, 2, 315 Baseball C1, 2, 3, 415 Hockey C1, 2, 3, 41, Man- ager C31, Captain C415 Press Club5 Home Economics Club5 Dramatic Club, Costume Manager C115 Publication Manager C31, Secretary C315 Frosh Mixer Cz, 315 'Thanksgiving Dance C315 U. V. M. Representative at Silver Bay 193 2. 154 Marianna Street, Lynn, Massachusetts. ALICE DEBAKER HOYT, Social Science5 Pi Beta Phi5 Abbott Academy, Andover, Massachusetts5 Class Vice-President C415 XV. A. A. Council C1, 2, 3, 41, Vice-President C415 Volleyball CI, 353 Blue- stockings, President C415 Hiking Chairman C215 Representative W. A. A. CI, 415 Health Council C215 House Committee C215 Outing Club Committee C2, 315 Decoration Committee Junior Prom C315 Assistant Grind Editor 1934 ARIEL. I2 Loring Avenue, Salem, Massachusetts. HELEN HUBBARD, Education5 Alpha Chi Omega5 Rochester High School: W. A. A. Council C415 Basketball C1, 2, 315 Tennis C2, 3, 415 Archery C215 Press Club C2, 3, 41, President C315 House Committee C2, 3, 415 Y. W. C. A.5 Honor Scholarship. Rochester, Vermont. ADA MARGARET INGALLS, Education5 Sigma Gamma5 Orleans High School5 Pan-Hellenic Council C3, 41, President C415 Assistant Grind Editor 1934 ARIELQ Junior Week Program Committee5 Y. WY C. A.5 Dean's List C115 Mortar Board Scholarship Cup C31. Orleans, Vermont. HELEN BEYER JENKINS, Educationg Alpha Xi Delta5 Orleans High School5 Mortar Boardg John Dewey Club5 Junior Prom Co1nmittee5 Mass Meetingg President Health Council C415 Assistant Business Manager 1934 ARIEL5 Business Manager WOl7ZU71,S Handbook C315 Glee Club C1, 215 Cast, 'Tirates of Penzance' C115 Second Vice-President Student Union C315 Y. XV. C. A. Cz, 315 W. A. A.5 Dean's List C1, 2, 41. 66 1Y'ater Street, Orleans, Vermont. RUBY CORA JENNESS, Literary Scientific5 Sigma Gammag Barton Academy5 Volleyball C115 Glee Club C2, 3,'415 Choir C215 Press Club C2, 3, 415 XV. A. A.5 John Dewey Club5 House President C415 Honor Scholarship. Barton, Vermont. HELEN LILLIAN JOHNSON, Social Scienceg Brighton High School5 W. A. A.5 Lilac Day C115 Y. NV. C. A.5 Honor Scholarship. Island Pond, Vermont. RUTH JOHNSON, Classical, Alpha Xi Deltag Medford High School5 Y. W. C. A.. 32 Summit Road, Medford, Massachusetts. THEODORA JOHNSON, Educationg Sigma Gamma5 Springfield High School. 198 Summer Street, Springfield, Vermont. RUTH AVIS JOHNSTONE, Home Economics5 Delta Delta Deltaq Peoplc's Academy5 John Dewey Club5 Omicron Nu5 Basketball C1, 2, 31, Manager C31, XV. A.. A.5 Hockey C315 Volleyball C315 Baseball C315 Press Club5 House Committee C2, 31, House President C415 Home Economics Club5 Dean's List C1, 2, 31. Morrisville, Vermont. JEAN CALBICK KINLOCH, Home Economicsg Alpha Xi Deltag Central High School5 Student Union Council C415 XV. A. A.5 Y. XV. C. A.5 Pan-Hellenic C3, 415 Home Economics Club C1, 2, 3, 41. 28 Stratford Terrace, Springfield, Massachusetts. MARGARET RUSSELL KINSMAN, Educationg Thetford Academy5 Glee Club5 Honor Scholarship. North Thetford, Vermont. RUTH AUGUSTA KOBEL, Literary Scientific5 K. E. L. Societyg Port Henry High Schoolg Student Union C333 W, A, A.5 Cyfzic C1, 2, 3, 415 Press Club C1, 2, 31. Port Henry, Nev: York. BETTY JANICE LANE, Literary Scientific, Kappa Alpha Theta, Spaulding High School, Basketball 121, Assistant Women's Editor 1934 ARIEL. 38 Highland Avenue, Barre, Vermont. MARY AGNES LEDDY, Education, Cathedral High School. 20 North Avenue, Burlington, Vermont. ELLEN LONA LYMAN, Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Hinesburg High School, John Dewey Club, Volleyball 131, Press Club 12, 3, 41, Glee Club 12, 31, Opera 131, House President 141, W. A. A., Honor Scholarship. Hinesburg, Vermont. ALICE LEE MCCONNELL, Literary Scientiic, Kappa Alpha Theta, Berkeley Institute and Wfellesley College, VV. A. A., Tennis 12, 31, Bluestockings, Masque and Sandal, President 141, Cast, 'iMarch Haresn and "Torchbearers',, Women's Property Manager Fall Play 131, Chairman Decoration Com- mittee Junior Week 131, Chairman Usher Committee Kake Walk 141, Pan-Hellenic 13, 41. 776 Carroll Street, Brooklyn, New York. MURIEL LOUISA MAGEE, Literary Scientific, Delta Delta Delta, Wfatertown High School, Philagon, John Dewey Club, Volleyball 11, 2, 41, Archery 121, Glee Club 131. Watertown, Connecticut. DOROTHA WILMA MEADER, Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana, and Oakwood School, Poughkeepsie, New York, Bluestockings 13, 41, Exchange Editor Wi71770M'iI?gS from ibc Mill, John Dewey Club 131, Dean's List 13, 41. North Ferrisburg, Vermont. MARION PEARL MITCHELL, Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Classical High School and IWellesley College. 119 Mansfield Avenue, Burlington, Vermont. CLARIBEL REED MORRIS, Social Science, Kappa Alpha Theta, Burlington High School and Vermont Academy, Mortar Board, President 141, Rifle 121, XV. A. A., Women's Business Manager 1934 ARI111., Student-Faculty Council 141, Student Union Council 13, 41, Secretary New England ,Association Student Governments, Y. W. C. A. Council 12, 31. 282 South Prospect Street, Burlington, Vermont. FLORENCE ELIZABETH MORSE, Literary Scientific, Kappa Alpha Theta, Dana Hall, Wellesley, Massa- chusetts. 49 Lexington Street, Framingham, Massachusetts. SHIRLEY CHRISTINE MORSE, Literary Scientific, Delta Delta Deltag, People's Academy: Basketball 11, 2, 31, W. A. A., Press Club. Morrisville, Vermont. RUTH MARY MULLIN, Literary Scientific, Alpha Xi Delta, Proctor High School, Volleyball 11, 21, Deutsche Verein 13, 41, Honor Scholarship. Proctor, Vermont. FRANCES LOUISE OSGOOD, Home Economics, Alpha Xi Delta, Vermont Academy, Home Economics Club, Glee Club 121, Honor Scholarship. Saxtons River, Vermont. ELLEN ANNIE PEARL, Commerce and Economics, Delta Delta Delta, Burlington High School, W. A. A., Press Club, Assistant Business Manager 1934 ARIEL, Dean's List 12, 3, 41. Grand Isle, Vermont. EMMALINE LILLIAN PERRAULT, General Science, Bellows Free Academy, House Committee, Singing Recital, Newman Club. 235 Lake Street, St. Albans, Vermont. GRETA PETERSON, Literary Scientincg Montpelier Seminary, Honor Scholarship. Worcester, Vermont. MARY SAVILLA POLING, Social Science, Kappa Alpha Theta, Northfield Seminary, Rifle 12, 3, 41, President of Club 141, Assistant Grind Editor 1934 ARIEL, Student Union Joint Council 131. Hillsboro, New Hampshire. EUGENIA STELLA POXVERS, Education, St. Johnsbury Acadmey, Bluestocl-Lings 13, 41, John Dewey Club 141, Basketball 11, 2, 3, 41, Hockey 11, 3, 41, Archery 131, W. A. A., Wiizfzowings from the Mill Board 141, ARIEL Board 131, Dean's List 131. Lower Waterford, Vermont. EULALIE JULIA POXVERS, Education, St. Johnsbury Academy, Hockey 12, 41, XV. A. A., Basketball 121, Dean's List 11, 3, 41. Lower Waterford, Vermont. VELMA ADELINE PURINTON, Home Economics, Sigma Gamma, Bristol High School, Glee Club 12, 3, 41, Business Manager 131, Women's Double Quartet 12, 31, Special Chorus 131, Cast, "Cosi Fan Tutti" 121, Choir 12, 3, 41, Lilac Day 111, Press Club 12, 31, Home Economics Club, Hockey 11, 2, 319 W. A. A., Y. W. C. A., Daen's List 11, 21, Russell-Miller Scholarship 121. Bristol, Vermont. DAISY MAY PUTNAM, Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Springfield High School, Mortar Board, W. A. A. Council, Class Representative 12, 31, President 141, Rifie Team 11, 2, 3, 41, Manager 141, Bowling 11, 21, Manager 131, Baseball 11, 2, 31, Hockey 11, 2, 31, Manager 131, Varsity Hockey 12, 41, Basketball Class Manager 11, 21, House Committee 11, 2, 31, Associate Women's Athletic Editor 1934 ARIELQ Student Union Council 111, Y. W. C. A. Freshman Representative, Secretary 121, President 131, Business Manager Frosh Camp 141, Senior Representative on Joint Council, Junior Week Peerade Committee 131. Springfield, Vermont, MARY LOUISE RANSOM, Social Science, Fair Haven High School, Syracuse University 11, 21, Debat- ing Club 131, House Committee. Castleton, Vermont. RUTH MARY REYNOLDS, Classical, Alpha Chi Omega, Bellows Falls High School, Eta Sigma Phi, Secretary 131, W. A. A., Vice-President, Hockey 13, 41, Volleyball 11, 3, 41, Varsity 141, Base- ball 11, 215 T'-?Ur1iS 141, Sophomore Hop Committee 121, Junior XVeek Committee 131, Pan-Hellenic 1 - L, . ,H ,- S 8 .Q ff .QQ 13, 41, House Committee 12, 31, Assistant Grind Editor 1934 Alum., Y. W. C. A., Dean's List 11, 2, 31. Brattleboro, Vermont. HELEN ROCKXVELL, Social Science, Alpha Xi Delta, Proctor High School, john Dewey Club, Volley- ball 11, 21, Health Council 131, House President. Proctor, Vermont. EDITH ROGERS, Education, Fairhaven High School, Hockey 11, 2, 3, 41, Volleyball 11, 21, Varsity 131, Basketball 11, 21, Baseball 11, 21, Class Numerals, Emblem, XV. A. A., Y. XV. C. A. Council. 126 Bridge Street, Fairhaven, Massachusetts. ELSIE MAY ROOSA, Education, Meriden High School, Choir 11, 2, 31, Glee Club 111, Double Quartet 111, Sextet 111, Vocal Recital 111, Chorus "Orpheusl', Cast, "Trial by Juryn, House Committee. 83 Harvard Avenue, Meriden, Connecticut. KATHERINE FANNY RYAN, Economics, Vergennes High School, Deanis List 13, 41, House President 141, Newman Club. Vergennes, Vermont. IDA SAIGER, Classical, K. E. L. Society, Burlington High School, Phi Beta Kappa, Eta Sigma Phi, Kirby Flower Smith Scholarship 121. T78 Intervale Avenue, Burlington, Vermont. ROSE ALMA SAUSVILLE, Classical, Bennington High School, Volleyball 111, Baseball 111, W. A. A. 107 Gage Street, Bennington, Vermont. JENNY SCUTAKES, Secretarial, Burlington High School, W. A. A., Hockey 11, 21, Volleyball 11, 21, Captain 111, Basketball 11, 2, 3, 41. 31 Elmwood Avenue, Burlington, Vermont. KATHERINE JEAN SHAXV, General Science, Delta Delta Delta, Peacham Academy, Baseball 11, 2, 31, Dramatic Club, President 141, XV, A. A., Press Club, Honor Scholarship. South Peacham, Vermont. ALICE MARGUERITE STEARNS, Education, People's Academy, XV. A. A. 20 School Street, Burling- ton, Vermont. ELINOR ELLEN STEVENS, Social Science, Essex Junction High School. Essex Iunction, Vermont. EDITH TEDFORD, Literary Scientific, Albany Academy for Girls. 310 State Street, Albany, New York. DOROTHY CYNTHIA THOMAS, Home Economics, Sigma Gamma, Cambridge High School, Home Economics Club, W. A. A., Glee Club 111, Hono14 Scholarship. Jeffersonville, Vermont. LAURA WOOSTER TRACY, Literary Scientific, Kappa Alpha Theta, Burlington High School, W. A, A., Tennis 121, Press Club 11, 2, 31, Cynic 11, 21, Lilac Day 111. Shelburne, Vermont. SHIRLEY M. TRIPP, Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Springfield High School, John Dewey Club, Base- ball 121, Press Club, Social Chairman, Dean's List 13, 41, W. A. A. 141 Wall Street, Springfield, Vermont. MILDRED PIERCE VOSBURGH, Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Burlington High School, VV. A. A., Rifle 12, 3, 41, Rifle Club, Vice-President 141. South Burlington, Vermont. MARRION ELIZABETH WAITE, Literary Scientific, Delta Delta Delta, Middlebury High School, john Dewey Club, Baseball 11, 2, 31, W. A. A., House Committee 13, 41. Shoreham, Vermont. LEONA MARTHA XVARREN, Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, People's Academy, John Dewey Club 13, 41, Press Club, Home Economics Club, XV. A. A., Oratorical Scholarship. Morrisville, Vermont. RUTH MARGERY WEST, Education, Burlington High School and Emerson College, Phi Mu Gamma, Emerson College. Shelburne, Vermont. -IEANNE PEARSON XVESTMORELAND, General Science, Dunbar High School. XVashington, District of Columbia. BARBARA GAGE WHITNEY, Classical, Delta Delta Delta, Central High and Northheld Seminary, Grind Editor 1934 ARIELQ Class Play 131, Dramatic Club 13, 41, House Committee 121, XX7omen's Student Union 141. 32 Spencer Street, Springfield, Massachusetts. GENEVA EDITH XVILCOX, Home Economics, Kappa Delta, Williamstown High School, Baseball 121, Volleyball 13, 4.1, Hockey 131, Home Economics Club, Y. XV. C. A., W. A. A. East Brookfield, Vermont. GERTRUDE LOUISE WILDER, Home Economics, Alpha Chi Omega, Petersham High School and Dean Academy, Hockey 12, 41. Petersham, Massachusetts. MARY ELIZABETH XVOODXXVARD, Home Economics, Alpha Xi Delta, Middletown High School, Class Secretary 111, Hockey 11, 21, Varsity 141, Volleyball 11, 41, Varsity 141, Baseball 11, 2, 31, Basketball 131, Bowling 13, 41, Varsity 151, Press Club 11, 21, Dramatic Club, Decoration Com- mittee Sophomore Hop. Rocky Hill, Connecticut. MARY JOYCE YOUNG, Classical, Alpha Chi Omega, Vergennes High School, Eta Sigma Phi, John Dewey Club, Basketball 12, 41, Volleyball 141, VV. A. A., Press Club 12, 3, 41, Junior Week Com- mittee 131, French Club 141, Dean's List 11, 2, 3, 41. Vergennes, Vermont. 1.--.- .. , - . T SENIOR XVEEK CCDMMITTEES WILLIAM W. BRISLIN ,......, THOMAS G. COGSXVELL ...,,,...... Senior Prom: W. E. Concannon C0- N. H. Myers S. Pierce, Jr. P. C. Cummings Alice L. McConnell ,Muxift R. S. Grant, Cb6Zil'7ll!171 M. A. Valerio Mary W. Bennett Favors and P rogrzzmr: Rrffrex M. D. Howe, Chair-1111111 E. C. Morse S. Pierce, Jr. Mary S. Poling Ellen L. Lyman h7I1611IfSJ W. P. Stetson, Cbairvuruz XV. N. Coburn T. D. Sergeant A. H. Cass Velma A. Purinton Grace E. Harris DL'6orntio11s: Class C. H. Drown, Chair1m11z W. S. Farrell H. C. Wilson H. Selib Ada M. Ingalls Ellinor F. Bean Day: A. A. Ross, ChfIiI'7lZlIIl C. Kilburn D. W. Jenks Gertrude L. Wilder Ruth H. Dawson Cb!Iil'lllC'7Z Chairman .............Fi77lI1ZCitll Manager' Class 1VnIk: D. E. Bennett, Chairuzan E. E. Miller J. M. Monte Joyce M. Young Anna T. Greene Borztrizle: G. W. Patterson, HI, Cbairmrzzz G. O. Ricker Alice H. Chalmers Elizabeth M. Woodward R. M. Donahue Q7lL'Sfi0l171UiI'CI W. Cohen, CZZ7dil'1lZd7Z W. J. Ryan K. D. Spaulding R. H. Bingham Claribel R. Morris I1z11it1ztio11s: Bll7Z1IL'l' Cane: Pipe: J. J. Delfausse, Chairman W. M. Adams Barbara G. Wfhitney Helen L. Johnson P. D. Gould, Cl7Hi1'7I7l11Z C. G. Bailey H. Silverstein Helen B. jenkins P. B. Williams, Cbzrirmalz A. B. Blakey Alice D. Hoyt E. E. Carlson, Cbuirzlmfz R. R. Lowell Eola Goodrich , . ,- g-a 5: if"'f-S':L" 'L Sill gn Q7 2,517- .,......,,...l..,-.-,7,,,,,J HL' 7 ' f7':'k'L " no wykil JUNIQRSMCRSS of 1935 N Lamzfamz, Tujwpwr, Casey, Pnlmcz' CLASS OFFICERS RAYMOND ELI PALMER .,A....... ..,..,...,,... P RESIDENT MARY KAY TUPPER ......... ....4.... V ICE-PRESIDENT MARY HELEN CASEY ........,..,....... .,........., S ECRETARY FREDERICK JOHN LANAHAN ,......... .Y,..Y....... T REASURER N.-,..,,:...TY-, XV , JUNIOR junior Class Group NVEEK CCDMMITTEES FREDERICK J. LANAHAN .... ...,... GEORGE E. RANSLONV ..,......,, GEORGE H. COOK, JR. M. HAMILTON CARLSON Progm Deco ra ms: Eric Denhoff Charles I. Keelan Roland Delfausse Joseph S. Wool Helen Mount Margaret Kane fiom: Carolyn Cook XVinona Oatley Mary Kay Tupper Anita Kittell Marjorie Jenks Cbairmazz ....,.................Fimzllrinl Manager . ,........ CO-CZ7dil'7llFli of flu' Profil Refrexhlzefztsr Pzzbliri Natalie Richardson Robert M. Bent Madeleine Poole Barbara Wears Robert B. Hart Ray W. Collins, Jr. fy: John H. Twohcy Howard I-I, Abbott Arlington R. Wilcox Thomas M. Reeves Samuel T. Hubbard, Jr. Charles H. Patnode George W. Starbuck Mary Casey Richard XV. Hurley, Jr. Pffradei ' Robert J. DuPlessis John R' Simmonds W. Dustin White, Jr. George W- FIYUU Mildred Bartlett Samuel T. Hubbard, -Ir. Katherine O'Brien i H 5 5, Q 62 -7- V' C K WMMW- b""mv"-Dm-i .l'l,Q'.-1,..,..f" N' L. , .Y ..., ,,.f HOWARD HANSCOM ABBOTT, "HoWie,', Was born in Roslindale, Massachusetts, on March 21, 1912. His mother is a graduate of Boston University. Howard started school in Boston and prepped at Dean Academy in Franklin, Massachusetts. At U. V. M. he is taking the Commerce and Economics course. His fraternity is Lambda Iota. Among his activities are: Gold Key, Vice-President, Wig and Busking Assistant Manager Tennis C315 Managing Editor 1935 ARIELQ Cynir Qi, 2, 31, News Editor 121, Sports Editor U15 Group Playsg Cast, RTO the Ladies" and 'QTorchbearers"g Kake Walk Committee Qz, 31, Chairman Sophomore Hop, Corporal Qi, 21, Interfraternity Council U15 Razz-Dazz Committee f31g Faculty-Student Council 131. His home ad- dress is 22 Halford Road, Wrest Roxbury, Massa- chusetts. AMOS ALLISON AUSTIN, HAI," was born in Delhi, New York, on October 1, 1912. He started school in Margaretville, New York, and attended Margaretville High School, DeSoto County QFlorida1 High School, and Middlebury QVermont1 High School, where he took an active part in debating. His college course is Agriculture and A1 majors in Dairy Manufactures. Al considers college a 'lgood place to learn the art of graft" from which he is getting only 'thard work and a long string of C's.,' Al confesses a fondness for the Sntmfrlay E1JE71i11g Post and states that he hasn't 'tmissed an issue since October 8, 19I2." His ambition is "to put a Bowery kid through college." More mature and experienced than most of us, Al is definitely O. K. His present home address is Middlebury, Vermont. GEORGE HONVARD BEARDSLEY, "Kiyi," was born in Rutland, Vermont, on February 22, 1913. He attended Rutland public schools, Rutland High School, and Vermont Academy. His course at U. V. M. is Education with History as a major. He is a member of Alpha Tau Omega. Personal: He says he likes turnips and that his favorite game is bridge, he reads Dante and Sinclair Lewis, and he prefers the song, "Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning!" Kiyi is a big, powerful, easy-going, playful, man-mountain and is also one of the few men in college who dares to swap swats with Red Cook. He played football his first two years and was a member of Student Senate his Sophomore year. Kiyi lives at 46 Willianis Street in Rutland, Vermont. DAVID EMIL BEHRINGER, "Dave," was born in Brooklyn, New York, on March 14, 1913. He re- ceived his early schooling in Brooklyn and attended the Richmond Hill CNew York1 High School. At U. V. M. Dave's course is Mechanical Engineering. He is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Dave calls college a "Strange Interlude," which is as good an answer as we have received. He has played football three years and received notoriety when he broke his leg during Vermont's game iight against Dart- mouth two seasons ago. Dave's ambition is to get plenty of sleep. Among his activities are: Scabbard and Bladeg Assistant Manager of Tennis Q15 Sales Manager 1935 ARIELQ Corporal CI, 21, Sergeant 131, A. S. M. E., Rifle Team 131. Dave's present home address is 118-04 91st Avenue, Richmond Hill, New York. ROBERT MERRILL BENT was born in Gardner, Massachusetts, July 27, 1912. His father, Harold Bent, is a Harvard graduate, and among his ancestors Bob lists John and Samuel Adams. He prepared for college, after preliminary schooling in Gardner, at XVilliston Academy. He is now majoring in Zoology in the General Science course. His fraternity is Sigma Phi. Bob is quiet, unassuming, and essentially and inherently a gentleman. He confesses a liking for Montclair, New Jersey. QA family named Rich- ardson lives in Montclair,1 Activities: Class Basket- ball Q31g lnterfraternity Dance Committee C513 Sophomore Hop Committeeg Program Committee Kake Walk C315 Corporal Qz1, Sergeant 131, Win- ner Sophomore Drill Down 121, Student Senate Q31. Address: 21 Kendall Street, Gardner, Massachusetts. JAMES SALVATORE BRESCIA, "Jim," was born September 7, 1911, in Montgomery, New York. He has two brothers and five sisters and his family's chief occupation just now, he says, is "surviving the depression." He went to Montgomery Grammar School and Montgomery High School, where he played basketball and baseball. He is a Pre-Med and he avers that he isn't getting quite as much out of college "as they get out of me!" His ambition is "M.D. or bust Qout1!H Jim's favorite actors are Bop-Eye, the Sailor, and Betty Boop. He likes the Police Guzefie and he likes Winooski fincluding the Brunswick Hotel and the Corporation Hall1, he writes with a decided back-slant, was a Corporal in our army, and is a good egg. His home address is Montgomery, New York. I we li ll I Q ,iifg1,,flf. Q 5 ED x 1 ,- .-- N-J N. X iz-4 Q:-fi LAXVRENCE ALSON BRISTOL, "Larry" to us, was born January 13, 1913, in Bristol, Vermont, which may, and again may not, be named after him. In any case, Larry completed his schooling in Bristol and eventually undertook the Commerce and Eco- nomics course, Economics major, at U. V. M. His fraternity is Phi Delta Theta. Concerning college, he says, "it's O. K." and as for what he's getting out of it, he coyly adds, "You guess!" Like a true Glen-Gray-Casa-Loma addict land we can sym- pathize with himj, he favors "Smoke Ringsn and Camels. But he canlt decide whether it is Montreal or Bristol he prefers. Larry was a member of the R. O. T. C. Band his Freshman and Sophomore years and a Corporal. His home address is still Bristol, Vermont. RIDGLEY STANIFORD BROWN, l'Konk,', Was born in Melrose, Massachusetts, February 19, 1913. His father, Paul Bridgen Brown, graduated from Boston University. Konk commenced his education at Mrs. Clifford's School, and prepped at Browne and Nichols in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His college course is Commerce and Economics, his fraternity, Sigma Phi. Konk is intolerant of humbug, thinks Ernie Jones and the Police Department have done a lot for U. V. M., is a swell dancer, and though sophisticated, has worked a summer in a gravel pit. Konk was a member of Gold Key and the Kake Walk committeee 121, was a Corporal CI, 21, and a Sergeant 132, and is Assistant Sports Editor of the 1935 ARIEL. His home is at 187 Ash Street, Man- chester, New Hampshire. ROBERT DONALD BURNS, "Bobby," was born in Templeton, Massachusetts, on February 8, 1912. His father, James NV. Burns, is a grocer. Bobby started school in Woburn, Massachusetts, and prepped at St. Iohn's. His college course is Commerce and Eco- nomics. He is a member of Kappa Sigma. Bobby calls college a "fine place to be during a depression" and his ambition is "to see America first." He plays hockey, too, but baseball is his sport and he is now star second-sacker on the varsity and captained his freshman team. Bobbie is possibly the shortest man in our class and with no reservations whatsoever we say that he is the most likeable boy in college. He was a corporal his irst two years in college. His home is at 6 Church Avenue, Woburn, Massachusetts. n THEODORE JOSEPH BUSHEY, uTed,,' Was born in XVilder, Vermont, on July 4, 1908, which is a date famous in American History for several reasons. His father is a contractor. Ted attended Wilder graded school and Hartford QVermontj High School, where he played baseball, football, and basketball. At the University his course is Commerce and Eco- nomics. Ted is a member of Phi Mu Delta. He avers that the most he is getting from college is "a college debt" and he claims that he has practically no ambition. Ted is more mature than most of us and is somewhat more reticent about his personal opinions. But we like and respect him all the more for this. He is taking Advance Military and is a Sergeant. His present home address is White River Junction, Vermont. PASQUALE RICHARD CARACCIOLO,:i "Patsy," was born in Brooklyn, New York, on June 9, 1913. His parents are in the grocery business in Hartford, Connecticut. Patsy completed all of his schooling in Hartford. At U. V. M. his course is General Science. Patsy, or 'KBeowulf,', as we used to call him last year when he played football, is, in our estimation, one of the best guys in college. He is a good student, a hard-fighting athlete, and is sincere and earnest in everything that he does-and that, after all, is what matters. Patsy has played football and run on the track team for three years, and when a Freshman, helped the Frosh cross-country team to a win over Middlebury. His home is at IIS Bedford Street, Hartford, Connecticut. MARTIN HAMILTON CARLSON, "I-Iam," was born in Reading, Massachusetts, on March 15, 1911. His father is in the Wholesale furniture business. Ham attended school in Brookline, Massachusetts, and prepped at Monson Academy and New Prep in Cam- bridge, Massachusetts. His college course is Pre- Medical and his fraternity is Phi Delta Theta. Ham in both background and experience is cosmopolitan in his tastes and gentlemanly in his manners. He talks softly, as becomes a gentleman, plays a fast game of hockey, and likes that esoteric new magazine, Foriulzcf. Ham was a member of Gold Key Society and Scabbard and Blade and a Corporal C1, 21 and a Sergeant 132. His present address is 1795 Beacon Street, Brookline, Massachusetts. W Out of college January, 1934. . I f t J L, ll QD 57 "t -'Q WILLIAM EMERSON CASS, "Bill," was born in Richford, Vermont, March 5, 1914, from Canadian ancestry. He started school in Richford, attended the Burlington schools for a while, and prepped at St. Pete High School in St. Petersburg, Florida. At U. V. M. his course is Literary Scientific with Chem- istry as a major. He is a member of Delta Psi. Per- sonal stuff: He likes track, literary work, Kipling, and Emerson, thinks college is best as a postpone- ment of the stern realities, and his ambition is to be a sailor or a Writer. In college: Class Treasurer Qrjg Cross-country Qljg Track Qzjg Wi111101Uil1gS from :he'Mfll 12, 31, Grey Friarsg S. A. R. Medal fab, Faculty-Student Council 121, Editor 1935 ARIEL. His present address is 505 South XVill:Lrd Street, Burlington, Vermont. FRANK TOBEY CHURCHILL, "Tobe," was born in Burlington, Vermont, March 31, 1913. He re- ceived his early schooling in Burlington and prepped at' Phillips Exeter Academy. His college course is Commerce and Economics. He is a member of Phi Delta Theta. Tobe has at home a Hle on old Motor Boatiugs three feet high and he can design you a sweet-looking runabout in less time than it takes us to write this. He has an iceboat, also an out- board speedster, and, incidentally, one of the most likeable and gentlemanly personalities in school. Activities: Scabbard and Bladeg Faculty-Student Council fab, Manager Intramural Sports 131, Win- ner Freshman Drill Down C113 Corporal Qzj, Sergeant Qgjg Rifle Team 4375 Kake Walker, Honor- able Mention UQ. Address: 136 South Winooski Avenue, Burlington, Vermont. WILSON PAUL COBURN, "Buster," was born in Passaic, New Jersey, on November 29, 1911. His father, Nelson Coburn, is a granite manufacturer. Buster received his early schooling, he says, 'isome- where on the east side" and he attended Hardwick CVermontQ Academy. His course at U. V. M. is Education with History as a major. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is his fraternity. Buster says of college, "Where is it?", of ambition, "None, the drinks are on the house," and of cigarettes, "I smoke only buttsf, Buster is fond of redheads, the Country Club, and a Tom Collins, and he thinks this school needs more apple-tossers. He is a member of Kappa Phi Kappa and the Newman Club, was a Corporal 121, and has an honor scholarship. Address: Hard- wick, Vermont. RAY XVILLISTON COLLINS, JR., Was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, on june 20, 1914. His father, Ray Senior, attended U. V. M. and pitched on the World's Champions Boston Red Sox when they were world's champions. Ray is descended from Mary, Queen of Scots, as he says, "No kiddin'." Ray started school in Colchester, Ver- mont, and attended Burlington High School. His college course is Pre-Medical and he is a member of Delta Psi. Ray is a naturally good student, as a parlor athlete he has a pace that kills, and he fol- lows in the footsteps of his famous father as a base- ball pitcher-but he prefers apples. Activities: Base- ball Q1, 25, Hockey Cry, Track Czjg Class Basket- ball ffjg Corporal C255 Dean's List C1, 35. Ad- dress: Colchester, Vermont. HARRY LIVINGSTON COLOMBO was born in Montpelier, Vermont, on November 12, 1912. His father, Harry Colombo, is in the restaurant business. Harry is descended from Christopher Columbus and willingly mentions this fact. He received all his schooling in Montpelier. His course at U. V. M. is Pre-Medical. Harry is a member of Alpha Tau Omega. According to his personal confession Harry is interested chiefly in sleeping, but he scarcely acts it. Harry plays the fastest touch-football in the league and is our nomination for class jester. His humor is funny and not merely sarcastic. Harry prides himself on his ability as a laboratory techni- cian and regrets at great length Ralph Sussman's lack of it. Address: 21 Vine Street, Montpelier, Vermont. GEORGE HAMILTON COOK, JR., "Red,', was born in Leominster, Massachusetts, on June 16, 1911. He preppecl at Cushing Academy. His college course is Commerce and Economics. He is a member of Kappa Sigma. In Red we have one of the most popular and biggest Cin more ways than onej men in our class. Not only the best and hardest foot- ball player We've seen in this state, but also a mighty swell gent, Red. In college: Gold Key, Secretary and President, Key and Serpent, Presidentg Class President Q2jg Football fi, 2, gj, Captain-elect C415 Track Q1, 2, 32, Hockey Q1, 2, 3,5 Circulation Manager 1935 ARIEL, Gold Key Dance QQ, Sophomore Hop Cal, Basketball Hop fzjg Football Hop 1333 Kake Walk Q2, 35, Student Senate 12, gjg Interfraternity Council QQ, Football Committee 131. Address: Leominster, Massachusetts. EIQ3Q55DE.r' 9 L N, ,..., A ,..,..,, ......S..,......,....:E.J - . -W .T,a..L..1 JAMES BERNARD CRANDALL, "Jimmy," Was born in Richmond, Vermont, December 18, 1912. He has four brothers and two sisters, and his father, Arthur James Crandall attended Burlington Business College. Jimmy got his preliminary schooling in Essex Junction and he graduated from the Essex junction High School, where he played baseball and basketball. At U. V. M. his course is Commerce and Economics. He is a member of Sigma Nu. Personal stuff: He likes Philosophy, Mae West, Shakespeare, and nuts. On the campus hc is known as -a wrestler, and at the intramural tournament last year he earned for himself the title of "Iron-Man." Jimmy was a Corporal his Sophomore year. His present home address is Essex Junction, Vermont. ARTHUR STANLEY COBERT DARDEN is dis- tinguished by the fact that he is, we believe, the only member of our class with a triple given name. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, December 8, 1913. He claims to have started school in kindergarten. He prepared for college at the Leland Gray Seminary. He is an Electrical Engineer, and his favorite pro- fessor, he says, is Hone that cuts and gives all A's." His fraternity is Sigma Delta. He smokes a pipe, has lots of pep, and favors baseball, Plato, Noel Coward, and bologna. Art has been a mainstay of the Varsity rifle team for three years, in his Sopho- more year he was Treasurer of the Vermont Rifle Club, he was Corporal C23 and Sergeant 133, and he has received an honor scholarship. His home address is Townshend, Vermont. ROBERT POXVERS DAVISON, alias "Dave" or "R, P.," was born in Wallingford, Vermont, on May 4, 1913. He received all his schooling in Walling- ford. His college course is Agriculture and he majors in Dairy Manufacturing. Dave is a member of Kappa Sigma. In a manner that has been thoroughly quiet and thoroughly modest, Dave has steadily worked himself up to a position of power on the campus. His is Manager-elect of Football C4J, was Assistant Manager QD, is a member of Alpha Zeta and the Aggie Club, was Assistant Man- ager of College Plays 135, Assistant Kake NValk Man- ager Cgj, Corporal Qzj, and a member of the Ath- letic Council Q3, 41, and has made the Dean's List Czj and received a Senatorial Scholarship Q1, aj and the Hood Scholarship Cz, 31. His home address is Wfallingford, Vermont. ROLAND JOHN JAMES DELFAUSSE, "Rolly," was born in NVoodhaven, Long Island, on May 16, I9I3. He has a couple of brothers, one of whom is Joe, prominent member of the senior class. He started school at the Morris School and prepped at the South Side High School in Rockville Center, New York. He is taking the Social Science course, majoring in Economics. Rolly plays good football and baseball and is one of the most sportsmanlike men we have ever watched. He is modest and un- affected, an excellent student, and, we sincerely main- tain, one of the finest men in our class. We like Rolly. In college: Football QI, 2, 315 Basketball fry, Baseball Qi, zjg Track CID, 1935 ARIEL Board. Address: 2I Yale Place, Rockville Center, New York. ERIC DENHOFF, uSpike," was born in Brooklyn, New York, June 15, 1913. His father, Joseph Denhoff, is a merchant. He completed his early schooling in Brooklyn and Taunton, Massachusetts, and he prepped at Taunton High School. His college course is Pre-Medical with Botany as a major. He is a member of Phi Sigma Delta, Data: His am- bition is "to serve humanity through the medium of the humble profession of medicine," his favorite classic author is Gaius Petronius, and the only song he likes is "My Wild Irish Rosef' Spike is a mem- ber of the John Dewey Club, played Football fi, 3j, was Wrestling Assistant Q3j, Wrestled Cz, 3j, was a Sergeant Q11 and in the Band fr, aj. His home is at IO Prospect Street, Taunton, Massachusetts. RAYMOND WARREN DUNHAM, "Gramp,,' was born in South Shaftsbury, Vermont, October 8, 1913. He is of Yankee ancestry and he has three brothers and one sister. He prepared for college at North Bennington High School, milking cows, he naively confesses, in his free hours. His course at U. V. M. is Electrical Engineering. He is a member of Sigma Delta. He considers college a "matrimonial agency" fwhich is one of the best answers we rc- ceived to the questionj and he says that he is getting an inferiority Complex out of it. His present am- bition is to pass Chemistry. He likes E. E. Lab and thinks football is a good sport to watch. Ray was on the Lighting Committee for Kake Walk Cap and a Corporal Qzj. His home address is North Ben- nington, Vermont. I ' 'V' f F, , .. ii til ,lf -CD lwfgiejfz-'-H V, -Q ,T,..1.fL,. ...v-.,au......agg,...4d Btn - .W Y Vg--M...---. 1-. -......,.....J 'A "Y,-'MC 'VfffT7"'-'f""""""'fY . ,,,..f ROBERT JOSEPH DUPLESSIS, "Bob," was born in Meriden, Connecticut, on December 5, 1911. His father, joseph L. DuPlessis, is a burnisher. He Hnished all his preliminary schooling in Meriden and was editor on his high school year book. His course at U. V. M. is Civil Engineering. He is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Personally, he likes Graphics, baseball, and Will Rogers. Bob is somewhat self- effacing, but we know few more likeable guys on the campus. He practically never stops smiling, which is probably the greatest reason for his popularity. His 'home address is 38 Hubbard Street in Meriden, Connecticut. OLIVER ROLFE EASTMAN, "Ollie," was born in Burlington, Vermont, on November zo, I9I2. His father, Dr. O. N. Eastman is a prominent Burling- ton physician and Professor in the College of Medi- cine. Both of his parents attended the University of Vermont. Ollie is descended from Daniel XVebster and is a second cousin of B. A. Rolfe, of radio fame. Ollie received all of his schooling in Burlington and took a European tour before entering college. His course is Pre-Medical and his fraternity, Delta Psi. Ollie for a hobby Cand he makes money tool keeps birds, fishes-and pets. His prize-winning pigeons are a feature of the metropolitan shows. Ollie was on the 1935 AIUEL Board and a Corporal in the Band. His address is 170 Spruce Street in Burling- ton, Vermont. ROBERT RUSSELL ESDEN, "Bob," was born in Peacham, Vermont, on February 5, 1913. He at- tended graded school in Peacham and he prepared for college at Peacham Academy and Lyndon Institute in Lyndonville, Vermont. At U. V. M. he is enrolled in the Chemistry course. His fraternity is Alpha Tau Omega. Bob is a quiet and straightforward boy and a very good chemist. We are personally very fond of him and we respect him not a little since he got a hundred on one of Doc Braun's tough Organic hour tests. In fact, we are a trifle awed by this last feat. Bob was Assistant Manager of Freshman Base- ball, entered the Wrestling Tournament Qzj, and re- ceived the Lyndon Institute Scholarship Qz, 3Q. His address is the Bascom House, Bethel, Vermont GEORGE WILLIAM FLYNN, "call me LPeaky'," was born in Williston, Vermont, May 6, 1909. His early schooling was completed at the Cathedral School in Burlington and he graduated from Cathe- dral High School. He majors in Economics at U. V. M. in the Commerce and Economics curricu- lum. He is head cheerleader for the college and his ambition is "to hear real cheering from the student bocly.', Peaky has a rather ancient horseless carriage which he uses in his profession of Kas he calls itj "the poor sandwich manf' speaks three dialects flu- cntly, and says he is getting "a headache and lots of debts" from college. He forgot to mention that he also has got 'more friends than any other guy in school. His address is I4 johnson Street in Bur- lington, Vermont. JOHN JAY GILMORE, alias Ujayl' or "Jasper," was born in Tinmouth, Vermont, on May 7, 1912. He has four brothers. John started school in Tinmouth and went to high school in Wallingford, Vermont, where he played baseball and worked on the news- paper. His course at U. V. M. is Agriculture. John says he is getting from college "information I hope to use later." He has worked his way through col- lege and he styles himself the "Official WOfkl10fSE,, of the University. John is a six-footer, looks like a hero out of the Zane Grey novel, and is married. We have a lot of respect for a guy like that. His home address is still Tinmouth, Vermont. BARNEY GOLDBERG was born in Burlington, Vermont, July 21, 1913. His father, Sam Goldberg, is a baker. He received all his preliminary schooling in Burlington, and was quite a star on the Burlington High School basketball team. He is enrolled in the General Science QPre-Medicalj curriculum. Barney still can play a good game of basketball, has a good sense of humor and is an easy guy to like, and is usually seen with Sam Goldman. Barney, if he had his way, would have better lights and perhaps maga- zine racks installed in certain sections of the college buildings. QGood idea.j Barney was a member of Gold Key, belongs to the John Dewey Club, and played Basketball C11 and Class Basketball f3j. His home is at 669 Riverside Avenue in Burlington, Vermont. , ,M - -...,. Y. -,-.,,--nf' ,f SAMUEL GOLDMAN, l'Sam," was born in Burling- ton, Vermont, on August 9, 1913. His father, Morris Goldman, is a cattle dealer. Sam completed all his preliminary schooling in Burlington. His course at U. V. M. is General Science. He is a mem- ber of Phi Sigma Delta. Personal stuff: Sam says college is principally "a place to spend four years," and adds Qoverlooking all those voluminous Organic notesj that he is getting nothing from it, he isn't quite decided whether his greatest ambition is to re- tire or not, prefers Milton as a writer, and likes to play basketball. Sam's home address is 25 Hyde Street, Burlington, Vermont. DONALD CROWTHER GREGG, alias l'Don" or "Westy," was born in Marlborough, New Hamp- shire, June 25, 1913. His father, Arthur E. Gregg. attended Harvard University and, according to Don, his principal occupation is "to keep me in college." He has one sister and one brothr. His Hrst school- ing was in Barnet, Vermont, and he prepared for college at Leland and Gray Seminary and St. Johns- bury Academy. He is a Chemist and his favorite course was Chem 2, which, as we remember, is Quali- tative CProf. Kernj and in which, as we again re- member, D. C. "starred." He likes Grape-Nuts, has the best sense of humor in school, and is a good pal. Don was a Corporal his Sophomore year. His home address is Westminster Wlest, Vermont. CROSBY VANDERVEER HALE, "Cubby,', was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on April 15, 1911. His father attended Dartmouth College. Cubby at- tended grammar school in Boston and prepped at Roxbury Latin and New Preparatory School. His course at Vermont is Social Science and he majors in Political Science. Cubby is something of a cosmo- polite, appreciates good food C'not to be found in Burlingtonnj, likes cigars, reads the magazine Esquire, and says college is giving him an "under- standing of how little scholastic attainment indicates teaching ability" and that English II is the Worst thing at U. V. M. Cubby was a Corporal Qzj, Member of Glee Club Ci, aj and Choir Ci, 25, and Assistant Business Manager of Cynir Qzj. Address: 7 Everett Street, jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. J l , . ATWOOD IRVIN HARDIN, "At" would be suffi- cient fand please pardon us the pun, A. LU, was born in Northfield, Vermont, November 14, I9I3. He attended the Northfield Graded School and Northfield High School. He wisely abstained from Norwich, however, and as a result, is majoring in Political Science in the Social Science curriculum at U. V. M. His fraternity is Sigma Alpha Epsilon. He thinks college is "pretty fair" and his ambition is the most laudable we have come upon, although it is perhaps a trifle too far-flung and incapable of fulillmentz he wants to be a Democratic Governor of Vermont. A. I. is a member of the John Dewey Club and Was' Assistant Grind Editor of the I93S ARIEL and a member of the Glee Club Qrj. His home is in Northfield, Vermont. GEORGE XVOLCOTT HARDING was born in Hanover, New Hampshire, on December 14, 1911. He is of English descent. Oscar A. Harding, his father, is a district highway engineer. George com- menced school in Woodstock, Vermont, attended Wfoodstock High School, and went for a while to Worcester Tech from where he transferred to U. V. M. In high school he was on the track team and was active in debating. At U. V. M. his course is Electrical Engineering. George is a member of Phi Mu Delta. His ambition is to be a successful engi- neer, for which reason he says he came to college. George is well-mannered, drives a sport touring car, has a good mind, and never seems to lose his dignity. He was a member of Gold Key and with Win Hebb was a self-appointed Kake XValk Masquerade oflicial. His home address is Woodstock, Vermont. ROBERT BERNARD HART, "Bob,n Was born in Hinesburg, Vermont, on September 8, 1912. His father, John Hart, is an insurance agent. Bob re- ceived his early schooling at St. Michael's School in Montpelier, Vermont, and he attended Montpelier High School. His course at U. V. M. is Commerce and Economics. He is a member of Alpha Tau Omega. Bob has a brother Jack who is a year be- hind him in college and both of the Hart boys are darn good guys. Bob's ambition is "to teach and maybe study law." '1Clean-cut" would be a good descriptive adjective to apply to Bob. He was As- sistant Grind Editor of the 1935 ARIEL, takes Ad- vanced Military and is a Sergeant CU, and has played Class Basketball QI, 2, 35. His home address is 128 Maple Street in Burlington, Vermont. -P it - -' n , 1 to fe ,,lE1.,-..-LP,E.,ED...2..E'.'2....s '. 'fflflfli 'A - . -. -,. .Def NVILLIAM RUDOLPH HAUKE, "Bill," was born in Burlington, Vermont, on July 10, I9I3. He is descended, he claims, from Frederick the Great. Bill attended grammar school in Brooklyn, New York, and l1igh school in Burlington. His college course is Civil Engineering. Bill is a member of Sigma Delta. Bill says that instead of asking him what he is get- ting out of college, we should say "when." His am- bition is "to dig a ditch." Bill is a natural comedian, and it is, therefore, easy to overlook his really great natural talents. Among other things he has designed, contracted, and built several houses entirely through his own efforts. CThat is something.1 Activities: Gold Key, Kake Walk Seating Committee Q13 Busi- ness Manager Fresloman Hancfbook 131. His home is at 127 North Avenue, Burlington, Vermont. WINSTON PHILIP HEBB, "Win," was born in Johnson, Vermont, on December 31, 1911. His father is a lumber dealer and manufacturer. Win received all his schooling in Johnson. His college course is Civil Engineering and his major subject, Mathematics. Win is a member of Kappa Sigma. That Win has a clever and brilliant mind is well known, even though he has somewhat of an aversion to study. He is a humorist and claims he is a graduate of the "South Hero Institute of Technology" and a mem- ber of the Society of St. John, that college is a "four-year loaf," that military is terrible, and that he wants to be a hero. Win ran Cross-country Cz, 31, is Assistant Manager of Track, and received an Honor Scholarship. His home address is still John- son, Vermont. LEON NATHAN HILL, "Deals," was born in West Lebanon, Vermont, June 8, IQI3. His ancestors are English and one, Sir Arthur Hill, was Lord Mayor of London in 1532. He commenced his education in Chelsea, Vermont, and graduated from the Chelsea High School. His course is Education with Mathe- matics incidentally his favorite subject, as his major. He is a member of Sigma Delta. To depart from the usual scheme in these write-ups, we can truth- fully say that Leon is one of the better guys in our class, honest, hard-working and sincere. Leon is Secretary and Treasurer of the Interfraternity Coun- cil C31, Assistant Manager of Track 131, Secretary of the Vermont Christian Association Cz, 31, and Secretary of Kappa Phi Kappa 131. His home address is Chelsea, Vermont. ...M ,lv--ir wr JOHN WILLIAM HOPKINSON was born in Derby, Vermont, on July 6, 1911. He is of English descent. He received his early schooling in Derby and he prepped at Derby Academy. His course at Vermont is Electrical Engineering. John is one of the crack shots on the Varsity Rifle Team and has won his R. V. T. He is essentially a rather reserved person and does not willingly set forth his personal ideas. However, we, who have known him since we were freshmen, can say that John is a distinctly O. K. fellow. He is a member of Scabbard and Blade and the Rifle Team Qz, 3j,,ran Cross-country his Fresh- man year, and has been the recipient of an Honor Scholarship. Johnls home is in Derby, Vermont. CHARLIE JAMES HOWE, "Chas,', was born in Tunbridge, Vermont, on May 4, 1912. He has three brothers and Eve sisters and he claims George Wash- ington as an ancestor. He received his early school- ing in Tunbridge and attended high school in South Royalton, Vermont. His college course is Agricul- ture with Dairy Production as major. He is a mem- ber of Kappa Sigma. Charlie says college is "a great place for social lions." Personal: Charlie prefers IE.schylus as a classic writer and Ten Story Book as a magazine and his ambition is "to be a scientific agriculturistf' Activities: Track 11, zjg Cross- country fa, 333 Wig and Busking Faculty-Student Council 135, Assistant Sports Editor of the 1935 AR1ELg Corporal CI, aj, Assistant Manager of Basketball QQ. Charlie lives in Tunbridge, Vermont. PRENTISS MELLEN HOWE, l'Prent," was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, on August zo, 1912. His father, Marshall Howe, is a Botanist and graduated from U. V. M. His mother, Edith Packard Howe, attended both Syracuse and Mt. Holyoke. Prent ob- tained all his schooling in Pleasantville, New York. His college course is General Science and he majors in Zoology. Prent is a member of Phi Delta Theta. One of the truly gifted members of our class, Prent is a line actor, an artistic photographer, and an in- spiring lecturer-his Kake Walk travelogue being one of the humor highlights of the year. He ap- proaches everything with great enthusiasm. In col- lege: "To the Ladies," "March Hares," One Act Plays, Kake Walk 13, 415 Corporal Czj, Sergeant C315 Glee Club 41, zjg Choir fzj. Address: 2.14 Edgewood Avenue, Pleasantville, New York. L " Q 32 59 ly A sizesfs M-f SANIUEL TI'IATCI'IER HUBBARD, JR., alias "Thatch," alias "The Fourth," alias "King," was born in Edgewater, New Jersey, on March 14, 1911. His father, Dr. S. T. Hubbard, a surgeon, attended the University of Vermont, and his mother graduated from Bryn Mawr. Thatch is related to Elbert Hub- bard, of scrapbook fame. He attended the Mac- Callie School in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and prepped at Roosevelt Military Academy and Irving Prep. His college course is now Social Science. Thatch is a member of Delta Psi. Undoubtedly one of the cleverest guys on the campus, Thatch is a politician, humorist, cake-sitter, erstwhile rival of Ernie Jones, privy Councilor, candidate for mayor of St. Albans, nasty French General, good guy, and general nuisance. "Under warning three years-no qualifications!" says Thatch. Address: 294 State Street, Hackensack, New jersey. RICHARD WILLIAM HURLEY, JR., "Dick," was born in Gardner, Massachusetts, on July 31, 1910. He received his early schooling in Gardner, attended Gardner High School, and prepped at Vermont Academy, where he starred on the track team in the mile. Dick also was on the swimming team and played soccer and basketball. His course at U. V. M. is Social Science and he majors in Political Science. Dick is a member of Phi Mu Delta. His ambition is to be "a good teacher of Political Science." Dick has a-big deep voice, blue Irish eyes, and a gruff, friendly manner which makes everyone like him. Dick was Captain of Freshman Cross-country, ran Cross-country Czj, and takes Advanced Military, being a Corporal Q21 and a Sergeant 131. His home is at 181 Peabody Street, Gardner, Massachusetts. ALMANZO ALPHEUS HUTCHINS, l'Al," was born in Duane, New York, September 23, 1909. His father, Floyd A. Hutchins, is a civil engineer and forest engineer for the Litchield Park Corporation, and graduated from New York University. Al re- ceived all his schooling in Tupper Lake, New York, and attended Clarkson Tech and Coyne Electrical School of Chicago. His course at U. V. M. is Civil Engineering and he majors in Mathematics. Al is crisp and to-the-point and edicient, but still friendly. He is married and Cwe hope he does not mind our mentioning thisj he has a very Cute little daughter. He has done machine shop and maintenance work. Al takes Advance Military, was a Corporal CI, 25 and is a Sergeant f3j, is a member of Scabbard and Blade, and was one the Rifle Team Cr, 35. His home address is Tupper Lake, New York. 7 .X 3. . ORSEN PIERRE JOLY, 'KPete,,' was born in Nor- folk, Virginia, on August 10, 1913. His father, O. P. Joly, attended Trinity College. He received his early schooling in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rut- land, Vermont, and Burlington. He prepped at Cathedral High School in Burlington. At Vermont he majors in English in the Education curriculum. He is a member of Alpha Tau Omega. He says college "ain't badv and he confesses that his ambition is to "pass Mathf' Pete is absolutely a good egg and that slow grin of his is infectious! Pete is a member of the French Club, played Baseball his Freshman year, and has played Class Basketball for three years, being Captain this year of the Championship Junior Team. His home address is 254 South Union Street in Burlington, Vermont. CHARLES IRVIN KEELAN, alias "Red" or "Flash,,' was born in Montgomery, Vermont, on January 23, 1915. His father, D. J. Keelan, is a physician and graduated from U. V. M. Charlie is a descendant of T. P. O'Connor, Irish statesman and journalist. He received his early schooling in Montgomery and he prepped at St. Michaells High School in Winooski, Vermont. He is now enrolled in the Classical cur- riculum and majors in French. His fraternity is Phi Mu Delta. Activities: Eta Sigma Phig Associate Editor of the 1935 ARIELQ Cynic 1115 Seating Com- mittee Kake Walkg Scabbard and Blade, Corporal 121, Sergeant 131g Interfraternity Council 13, 41, President 1413 Honor Scholarshipg Assistant Manager Freshman Basketball 1113 Class Basketball 1213 Dean's List 11, 2, 313 Wrestling 11, 21 , 135-Pound Champion 121g Newman Club. Address: Mont- gomery, Vermont. JAMES LYONS KINGSLAND, JR., "Jimmy," Was born in Brooklyn, New York, March 26, 1912. He received his early schooling in Brooklyn, Buffalo, and New York City, and prepped at Mount Hermon Academy in Massachusetts. 1immy's college course is General Science and he majors in Zoology, but his ambition is to be a doctor. He is a member of Omega Psi Phi. College, he says, is "just a big prep schoolf, Jimmy is one of the swellest guys we have ever known-pleasant, agreeable, a good sport, and a hard worker. In college: Frosh Football 1115 Football 1215 Frosh Basketball 111g Basketball 131g Interfraternity Basketball 12, 31, Baseball 11, 2, SDQ Class Basketball 11, 213 Boxing Tournament 11, 215 Sports Editor 1935 ARIELQ Corporal 121. Address: 468 West 148th Street, New York City. I 'iiiggfriiw-all Q1 5 5 - 3 IWJAIJ 'T--S-:i'7 FLOYD GUY KINSLEY Was born in Lowell, Ver- mont, June 14, 1913. His early schooling was ob- tained in Lowell and he prepared for college at Peoples Academy in Morrisville, Vermont. At U. V. M. he takes the Classical course, majoring in Philosophy. He is interested in public speaking and is connected with debating at the University. He says college is excellent "training for enjoyment now and later." His ambition is, 'LTO live noblyf' That is absolutely the jinvesf statement we have received from any one in our class. And it is completely typical of Floyd: earnest, simple, and truthful. Floycl's present home address is If Liberty Street, Montpelier, Vermont. HARRY KLAVAN, "Hershel," was born in Lithu- ania on July 14, 1913. His father attended the Rab- binical College of Konno. Harry received his early schooling in Russia and Lithuania, but prepared for college at the Burlington QVermontj High School. In high school he ran on the track team and was a member of the French and Latin Clubs. His course at U. V. M. is Social Science with Political Science as a major. Harry says one of the principal things he is getting from college is a degree and his ambition is to study law. Harry is one of the hardest-work- ing boys in college, has a really good mind, and made the Dean's List this year with a ninety average. He played Football Q15 and is a member of the German, Public Affairs and John Dewey Clubs. Address: 411 North Street, Burlington, Vermont. FREDERICK JOHN LANAHAN, "Fred,,' was born in Rutland, Vermont, on January 30, 1911. He at- tended the Longfellow School in Rutland, Rutland High School, and Worcester Academy. At Vermont his course is Education with Science as a major. His fraternity is Alpha Tau Omega. Freddie is one of the most admirable guys in our class. He deserves every bit of his popularity. He is clean and hard- working, keeps well above the average in his studies, and can run like a rabbit on the gridiron. Activi- ties: Gold Key, Vice-Presidentg Key and Serpent, Secretary and Treasurer, Class Treasurer 153, Foot- ball Cl, 2, 3jg Baseball Q1gj Track Q1, zjg Kake Walk Qzjg Corporal Czjg Mass Meeting Committee C3jg Chairman junior Week Qgjg Dean's List 41, zj. Address: SI Chestnut Avenue, Rutland, Vermont. F ig , JAMES MILLER LIBBY, "Jim," was born in New York City on january 2, 1915. His parents attended the University of Vermont. jim prepped at Rich- mond Hill QNew Yorkb High School. His college course is Mechanical Engineering. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is his fraternity. Jim besides being the youngest member of our class is also the I'l10St intelli- gent. His average is almost perfect. But this is not all. He has an appreciation of the best music and no little literary ability, writing vivid impressionistic essays. Jim was a member of Gold Key and Scab- bard and Blade, Class Treasurer fzj, Assistant Direc- tor of Kake Xwalk QD, and a member of A. S. M. E., is a Contributing Editor of Wi111zo1ui11gs from the Mill, and played Football KID. His home is at 9529 118th Street, Richmond Hill, New York. BERNARD JOHN LUDWIG, "Bernie," was born in Burlington, Vermont, November 2, 1912, but he has traveled extensively, particularly in California as he would tell you if you were to ask him. His father, Otto A. Ludwig, is a contractor. Bernie completed all his preliminary schooling in Burlington. At U. V. M. he is enrolled in the Chemistry curriculum. He thinks college is "O. K., except for its athletic teams." Bernie is a good chemist, although D. C. Gregg has opinions on the subject, and a good guy, although the state motor vehicle board thinks he has a dangerous tendency to drive too fast. Bernie was in the Wrestling Tournament Qzj and a Corporal Qzj. His home address is 47 Adams Court, Bur- lington, Vermont. HORACE MARTIN MCMULLEN, l'MaC,', is an CX- Canadian, being born in Montreal on April 5, 1913. He completed his early schooling in Burlington, however, and prepped at Phillips Exeter Academy. He attended Cornell University, of which his father is an alumnus, during his freshman and sophomore years. At U. V. M. he is enrolled in the Social Science course. His fraternity fat Cornellj is Phi Sigma Kappa. Mac is fond of Philosophy Qhis majorj, likes to play golf, doesri't smoke, enjoys books by John Galsworthy, isn't musical, has tramped the Green Mountain Trail, has worked as a filling-station attendant and an automobile salesman, and, inci- dentally, is one of the jilzesf guys We know. Mac has an honor scholarship. He made the Dean's List Cgj. His home is at 497 South Wfillard Street in Burlington, Vermont. - 4 1-' 1 'L1igiii, H Q 27 CP i'- f""'.....1"",....1f -' , ff ffl? 43'-f f " ,ff f JOHN EDWARD MAHONEY, "-Iiggsf' was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts, on March 7, 1914. His father, Daniel B. Mahoney, is a bookbinder. He started school in Springfield, Massachusetts, and graduated from Springfield Technical High School. He is enrolled in the Chemistry curriculum at U. V. M. His fraternity is Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Jiggs considers college a 'lmoney-making scheme." His ambition is to be 'tChairman of the Democratic National Committee? Statistics: He likes tripe, tiddly-winks, home-rolled cigarettes, Burt L. Standish, and the magazine, Babies, just Babies. jiggs was As- sistant Business Manager of the ARIEL, worked on the Cynic, and is a member of the Chemistry and Newman Clubs. Address: rio Draper Street, Spring- field, Massachusetts. CHRIS WILLIAM MELIGONIS, "BooBoo," was born in New Britain, Connecticut, on August 29, 1909, a descendant, he states, of Alexander the Great, Aristotle, Solon, and Cleopatra. Chris got his early schooling on the K'East Side," attended New Britain High School, and prepped at Vermont Academy. His college course is Pre-Medical. Chris is a member of Delta Chi. A comedian, Chris says his favorite spectator sport is Sally Rand's Fan Dance, his am- bition is ufrom thar to thar,,' his song, "Only a Bootlegger's Daughter but I Love Her Still." He smokes "anything I can chiseln and was unofficial King's bodyguard at Kake Walk. Chris has been on the Track Team QI, aj, Co-Captain CU, and played Basketball 11, aj. His address is I4 Pine Street, New Britain, Connecticut. LAUREN PERCY MERRIHEW, l'Larry," was born in Burlington, Vermont, on August 19, 1910. His mother, Helen C. Merrihew, attended Burlington Business College. Larry commenced school at the graded school on Shelburne Street in Burlington and attended Burlington High School, where he was 2 member of the Photoplay Club. His course at U. V. M. is Electrical Engineering. Electricity is his chief interest, his ambition being to become an elec- Larry is interested in all college favorite courses, likes Kipling and and reads Popular Mechanics. Es- sentially, he is, however, a guy who gets his work his own business. His home is at trical engineer. sports, has no S. S. Van Dine, done and minds 115 Maple Street in Burlington, Vermont. LM,,.,,, ' 4 ' C'-'KW 81 ROBERT CECIL MILDRAM, "Bob," Was born in Burlington, Vermont, july 31, 1913. His father is a graduate of Bates College. Bob attended the Bur- lington schools. His freshman year was spent at Middlebury. One year was enough, however, and he changed his mind and wisely decided to return to the fold and U. V. M. He is now enrolled in the Social Science curriculum, majoring in Political Science. Personal stuff: He likes onions, swimming, Zazu Pitts, and "Barcarolle." Bob is a member of Kappa Phi Kappa, was Assistant Grind Editor of the 1935 ARIEL. and has been in Group Plays Q11, Orchestra 11, 21, Band ,Q1, 2, 31, and the Men's Glee Club Cx, 31. His home address is 167 South Union Street, Burlington, Vermont. WILLIAM BRUCE MORGAN, to Whom is attached the rather sinister nickname, "Morg," was born in Barre, Vermont, on March 25, 1913. The "Bruce" is for the famous Robert Bruce, King of Scotland, whom Morg lists among his ancestors. He started school in Williamstown, Vermont, and he prepared for college at Northfield High School. His course is Commerce and Economics, with Economics as major. He thinks college is fine and he hopes he is getting an education. He likes tennis, Chaucer, "Minuet in G,', and chocolate pie. Like ninety-nine out of every hundred of the rest of us, Morg's ambition is to be a millionaire. He was a Corporal C11 and an Assistant Manager of Basketball 131. His address is Roxbury, Vermont. ALEXANDER ADRIAN MORRISSETTE, "Bi11,', was born in Shelburne, Vermont, February 3, 1913. He received his early schooling in Shelburne and prepped at Cathedral High School in Burlington. At U, V. M. he is enrolled in the Literary Scientific curriculum and majors in French. His fraternity is Phi Mu Delta. Personal: Bill's chief extra-curricu- lar interest is dramatics Qwe liked his acting in the Group Plays last fall1, he is ambitious to become a lawyer, and he prefers Terence and Octavus Roy Cohen to other writers. Bill was on the 1935 ARIEL Staff, acted in Group Plays Q2, 31, was a Corporal C11 and a Sergeant Q31, played in the Band C1, 1, 31, and has twice received an Honor Scholarship. His home address is now Burlington, Vermont. "KX fy!--Z Y WILLIAM HAROLD MYERS, K'Bill," was born in Burlington, Vermont, on February 25, 1914. His father, W. A. Myers, is connected with an advertis- ing agency. Bill obtained all of his preliminary schooling in Burlington. His college course is Chem- istry. He is a member of Phi Mu Delta. Of col- lege, he says, "Too much time wasted." And this is typical of Bill. He cannot tolerate indolence and his Own energy and activity is tremendous. In his tastes he is epicurean and his musical ability is not insig- nificant. His hobby is mountain climbing. Bill is a member of Tau Kappa Alpha, was on the Debating Team QI, 2, 32 and Captain of Freshman Debating, and has been a Corporal C21 and a Sergeant QQ. His home is at 200 Howard Street in Burlington, Vermont. ANTHONY VICTOR NEVULIS, 'lTony," was born in New Britain, Connecticut, on May 14, 1909. His father is a factory foreman. Tony received his early schooling in New Britain and prepared for college at Vermont Academy. His course at U. V. M. is Pre- Medical and his ambition is "to be a famous sur- geon." W'e consider Tony one of the best guys we know. He is a hard worker, has brains, and is friendly and sincere. He confesses 'KI have done a variety of work-carpenter, plumber, pick and shovel, interior decorator, carver, gardener, automo- bile mechanic, at present, hash slinger at Carl's Dinette." His song is "O, Mamie Riley." Tony played Football 11, zb, Track C1, 21, and was a Corporal. Address, 248 Chestnut Street, New Britain, Connecticut. RAYJVIOND. ELI PALMER, "XVhitey," was born in Shelburne, Vermont, on March 13, 1913. His brother attended this University not so many years ago and was prominent along the athletic front. Wfhitey attended Burlington High School and for his last two years was rated the best basketball player in the state. At U. V. M. his course is Commerce and Economics. He is a member of Delta Psi. Whitey is one of the finest guys in school as well as the finest player in the Green Mountain basketball con- ference. He deserves all of his popularity. Whitey was a member of Gold Key and Key and Serpent, Class President QQ, and Corporal, and has played Basketball QI, 2, 31, and Baseball Qi, lj. Address: 34 School Street, Burlington, Vermont. CRAIGIE ALEXANDER PARK, "Sandy," was born in South Ryegate, Vermont, July 28, 1913. His father is retired. Nelson Paul QuPete"j Park, Ver- mont football and track star of a few seasons past, is Sandy's brother. Sandy started school in South Ryegate, Went to high school in Woodsville, New Hampshire, and attended St. Johnsbury CVcrmontJ Academy. His college course is Civil Engineering. Sandy is a member of Delta Psi. A husky guy any- way, Sandy comes back to college each fall with a few new muscles he has developed working all sum- mer in a hayfield. Sometimes he varies the system by working on the railroad. CSO don't say that he is lazy.j Aside from a present desire to pass free- hand drawing, Sandyls ambition is to be a civil engi- neer. His home is in South Ryegate, Vermont. MARTIN HOLMES PARKERQF uMarty," was born in NVindsor, Vermont, on February 15, 1912. His father, Daniel H. Parker, has been for many years a Mechanical Engineer and Machine Designer. His mother attended Fitchburg Normal School. Marty started school in Windsor and attended high school in XVest Hartford, Connecticut, and Essex Junction, Vermont. Marty commenced college with the Class of 1934 and attended Burlington Business College during the year in which he was absent from U. V. M. His college course is Education. Marty is an npstanding fellow with a quiet and sincere manner. He has worked at everything from keeping poultry to a job in a canning factory. We certainly hope Marty can return to us next year. His present home address is Essex Junction, Vermont. MARSHALL ARTHUR PATCH, 'tMarsh," Was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on May 19, 1913. His father, who is a physician, attended Brown Univer- sity. He has four brothers, He graduated from Wfindsor High School in Windsor, Vermont. His course at U. V. M. is Civil Engineering. He belongs to Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Marsh is one of the really big men in our class. He is quiet, almost taciturn, but he has what it takes. Marsh is going places in this world. Activities: Key and Serpent, Class Basketball Qz, 35, Assistant Manager Cynic Qzj, Business Manager C333 Football Hop Committee QD, Student Senate Czjg Corporal Qzj, Sergeant 131g Assistant Manager Basketball UD, Honor Scholar- ship. Address: 145 State Street, Windsor, Vermont. Out of college January, 1934. M flue- g ll QD Zu SD 2 1 Q 84 ,f 1...- . fs' ,147 nf ,fx-1 ' CHARLES HUNT PATNODE, uPete', or "Pat" or "Charley," was born in Burlington, Vermont, on October IO, I9I3. His father, Fred L. Patnode, is in the insurance business. Pete is descended from Roger Williams. He received all his schooling in Brandon. Pete is enrolled in the Literary Scientific course and majors in either Mathematics or French. His ambition is Uto get advanced degrees and teach." Charley played Class Basketball C3D, Spring Football CID, and got his numerals as an Assistant Manager of Frosh Basketball CID. Other activities: Grey Friarsg Stage Crew, "Hay Fever" CID, "She Stoops to Conquer" CID, "To the Ladies" CzDg Cast, "Julius C:esar" CID, Corporal CzDg Bailey Cup Debate CIDg Kingsley Prize Speaking Contest C2Dg Glee Club CzDg Le Cercle Francais C3D. Address: 42 Carver Street, Brandon, Vermont. LESTER VERNON PECK was born in Essex Junc- tion, Vermont, on May 19, 1911. His brother, Lyn- wood, graduated from U. V. M. in the class of I928. Lester received all his schooling in Essex Junction. His course at Vermont is Civil Engineering. Les is ambitious to go into surveying Work. He started college with the Class of I933 and at the end of his Sophomore year was forced to drop out. After two years out of college, during which time he worked, as he modestly puts it, "at just about every- thing." Les returned to school last fall as a member of the Class of 1935. A guy who can do that has real guts, and we deeply respect Les for this reason and wish him luck. He was a Corporal in the Band CzD. Address: Essex Junction, Vermont. JOHN POGAR, "Wiggie," was born in West Paw- let, Vermont, on June 4, 1913. He completed his early schooling in Vlest Pawlet and he attended the West Pawlet High School, where he played baseball. His course here at U. V. M. is Civil Engineering and he majors in Mathematics. He is a member of Phi Mu Delta. Personal stuff: His favorite professor is Professor Butterfield, he likes to play baseball and watch boxing, he prefers a Chesterfield, and thinks the magazine Hoocfy is kind of funny. Wiggie is always happy and good natured. l'Women" he is alleged to have once stated, "are the worst thing at U. V. M." Wiggie played Baseball CID, was a Corporal CzD, and has received an Honor Scholarship. His home address is Vfest Pawlet, Vermont. -Y' ll 1 SAMUEL BURNHAM POND, "Sam,i' was born in Rutland, Vermont, on October 31, 1912. His father is a dentist and graduated from the University of Maryland and his mother, Mary Burnham Pond, attended Smith College. Sam obtained all of his pre- liminary schooling in Rutland. His course at U. V. M. is Commerce and Economics, Economics major. "O. K." is Sam's verdict on college. Basket- ball and baseball interest him particularly. Sam's ambition is to be "a successful business man" and he says he is getting "what I came here for" from college. Sam is a quiet, good natured, Well-appearing boy with sandy hair and a friendly manner, who minds his own business and doesn't bother about any- one elseis. His home is at 239 Grove Street, in Rut- land, Vermont. EDXVARD RAMON, l'Enos,', to you, was born in Spain, Santander to be exact, the date being Novem- ber 17, 1910. He has one brother and two sisters and he claims relation to the Spanish royal family. He prepared for college at Spaulding High School in Barre and at Montpelier Seminary. His college course is Education and he is majoring in History, Spanish, and Education. He belongs to Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Enos is one of the best athletes of our class, having three major varsity letters. He thinks college is "the bunkf' says he absolutely never smokes, likes Sinclair Lewis and Whiz-Bn11g, and his favorite movie actress is Minnie Mouse. In college: Football QI, 2, 3DQ Basketball fr, 2, 323 Baseball Address: 36 Granite Street, Barre, Vermont. GEORGE EUGENE RANSLOXV, "Ransy," was born in Portland, Maine, November 17, 1911. His father, George H. Ranslow, attended Middlebury College. His early schooling was in Burlington, but he gradu- ated from Montpelier High School. At U. V. M. he is taking the Social Science Course and majors in Political Science. His fraternity is Sigma Phi. His present ambition is to pass Spanish. Personal: He is strongly and continuously attracted by something about the Middlebury campus. Among his activities are: Track frjg Cross-country Qajg Winter Sports CQ, Grind Editor 1935 ARIELQ Business Manager Junior Week C3jg Nominating Committee 131g Cor- poral fzjg Sergeant 131, Honor Scholarship. Ad- dress: 171 Main Street, Montpelier, Vermont. .,.. -..ll..,.Q.Z..5L.t5'D......:ii W 'i as ffzlzffmrmimm-Q KENNETH LEON RAYMOND, "Ken," was born in Burlington, Vermont, on May 18, I9I3. He at- tended the Burlington grammar schools and Burling- ton High School, where he was active in the lan- guage clubs, drarnatics, and publications. At U. V. M. he takes the Classical course, majoring in Latin and History. He considers college "a suitable method of vocational preparation"-and that statement im- plies more than it first seems. However, he adds he is receiving ugeneral cultural broadening." He claims that he is not interesting and we would like to argue that point with him. Personally we know him to be ia rather intellectual boy who epicureanly cares little about most things. Ken fenced his Junior year. His home is at 56 Marble Avenue in Burling- ton, Vermont. NORMAN LAWRENCE RAYMOND, "Ray,', Was born in Highgate Center, Vermont, on August ro, IQI4. He has four brothers and four sisters. He received his preliminary education at Highgate Center, and was editor of the high school paper. His college course is Commerce and Economics. Ray says col- lege is 'La great life, if you don't weaken? His ambition is to be a business man. Personal stuff: He likes cake, baseball, Shakespeare, Accounting, Shubert's K'Souvenir," the Free Press, and Highgate, Vermont. He adds that he has "worked on a farm most of the time." A large number of great men started life just that way. From what we have seen of Ray, we like him. Ray was a Corporal C21 and has received an Honor Scholarship. His present home address is Highgate Center, Vermont. THOMAS MARTIN REEVES, "Tommy," was born in Burlington, Vermont, August 18, 1913. His early schooling was completed in Burlington and he pre- pared for college at Cathedral High School in Bur- lington. Electricity is his course in Engineering College. He is a member of Sigma Nu. His am- bition, he confesses, is "to get enough sleep and enough to eat." Tommy likes Chesterfields-or any other kind you happen to have. He is originator of that coy Statement: "Wliat's the use of being a mil- lionaire if you have to work?" In college: Gold Key, Key and Serpent, Student Senate: Assistant Manager Football UD: Manager-elect Freshman Foot- ball C4jg Football Hop Committee Qz, Q3 Assistant Director Kake Walk 135, Band CI, zjg Private CI, zjg Newman Club fr, 2, 31. Address: 148 Col- chester Avenue, in Burlington, Vermont. DWIGHT MAYNARD RENFREW, who was born in Groton, Vermont, on June 19, 1913, states that he has "hundreds" of famous ancestorsf His im- mediate ones were Yankees. He started his schooling in Groton, Vermont, and graduated from Groton High School, where he played on the basketball team. His college course is Mechanical Engineering. He be- longs to Sigma Delta. He says college is chiefly a "great place to spend your money," and he says it is giving him an inferiority complex. CEither he or Ray Dunham plagiarized that crack.1 He still thinks basketball is the only sport to play or watch and says he is Msatisfiedn with a Chesterfield. Dwight has been a member of the A. S. M. E. C2, 31 and received an honor scholarship. His home is in Groton, Vermont. CARL ADEN ROGERS was born in South Walling- ford, Vermont, on june 7, IQI4. He completed his early schooling there and he graduated from Wall- ingford High School. His college course is Agri- culture and he majors in Dairy Production and Teaching. He is a member of Phi Mu Delta. He doesnlt smoke, has a very friendly, earnest personal- ity, and is a refreshing chap to know. Activities: Key and Serpentg Tau Kappa Alpha, Cross-country fx, 2, 315 Track Cr, 2, 315 Debate fr, 2, 31g Co- Director of Key and Serpent Pep Rally 131, Kake Wfalk Refreshment Committee 131, Band KI, 21g Corporal U19 Orchestra Q1, 2, 31, Assistant Libra- rain C21, President 431g Aggie Club Q1, 2, 31, Secretary C115 Debate and Oratorical Scholarship. Address: South W'alli.ngford, Vermont. SAMUEL ROGERS, or as he prefers, "Sam," was born in Vergennes, Vermont, on November 5, 1913. His father, Frank M. Rogers, a physician, graduated from the Medical College of the University of Ver- mont. Sain attended the Vergennes schools and prepped at UV. A."-Vermont Academy to you. At U. V. M. he is a Pre-Med, majoring in Chemistry. His fraternity is Kappa Sigma. Sam is out for track, was quite a star his Freshman year, but once threatened "to hang up his shoes" as a Sophomore. And his reasons were scarcely logical. He shows a sense of humor in his fondness for Rabelais. Sam's activities include: Track QI, 21, Assistant Grind Editor of 1935 ARIEL. His home is at 62 School Street, in Burlington, Vermont. .,f. ,LEA-i Q9 QD ED I ss N mini? ,S ..lf--.,T:":7-'tg'-'-1 ,, f .1 f .' V-ee JOSEPH ROME, alias "Joe," was born in Burling- ton, Vermont, on March 7, 1914. His father is a grocer, Joe attended the H, O. Wheeler School in Burlington and Burlington High School, His college course is Commerce and Economics. College, Joe avers, is "not bad, if you haven't anything else to dof' He says he likes to watch boxing and play football, but he adds "maybe these should be switched to be true to lifef' Joe likes Bing Crosby, saying "just my type," but he states that business reasons forbid his naming his favorite paper and magazine. Joe works much harder than the rest of us, and has a broad sense of humor and peculiar tastes in sorori- ties. joe played Football iz, 31. His home is at 68 Archibald Street, Burlington, Vermont. WINFRED ALBAN ROSS, "Win," was born in Duluth, Minnesota, on July 8, 1913. His father, the Reverend Merton W. Ross, is an Episcopal clergyman. He attended graded school in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan and he prepped at Bellows Free Academy in St. Albans, Vermont. At U. V. M. he is enrolled in the Electrical Engineering curriculum Win is essentially a rnilitarist, being in his Junior year an ofiicer, a rider, having ridden for several years at the Post School at Fort Ethan Allen, and an electrician. Among his activities are: Scabbard and Bladeg Kake Walk Lighting Committee C315 Wig and Busking Stage Manager Q15 Corporal 121, First Sergeant Q21, Captain i313 Rifle Team Q2, 31, Deanls List Q1, 2, 31. His present home address is Sechlerville, Wisconsin. GEORGE MILLAR SABIN, JR., was born in Bur- lington, Vermont, on November 14, 1911. His father, George Millar Sabin, is a graduate of U. V. M. and Professor of Clinical Surgery in the Medical College. His mother, Mary Hickok Sabin, attended Smith College. George is a descendant of KlWild Bill" Hickok. He started school in Burlington and prepped at Deerfield Academy. George is enrolled in the Pre-Medical course. Aviation and medicine are his twin ambitions and skiing his favorite sport. There is no denying the fact that George is one of the smoothest guys in the class. Nevertheless, he spent one summer working in a filling station. Activities: Track U15 Winter Sports 11, 1, 315 Scabbard and Bladeg Corporal QI, 11, Sergeant Q31. Address: 217 South Union Street, Burlington, Vermont. nigga A 'ML -V1 HAROLD ROBERT SANDERSON, who from his name and his hair is just naturally "Sandy,,' was born in Brandon, Vermont, September 26, IQOS, and is one of the few members of our class to have five brothers. He also has a sister. He commenced school in Brandon and graduated from Brandon High School. He takes Civil- Engineering and his fra- ternity is Sigma Delta. He says college is 'Kas neces- sary as clothingf, which is putting it quite strongly. As to where he has ever worked, he curtly and crypti- cally avers: UV. M. Co .... C. V. P. S. Corp. . . . S. H. D." Which could mean anything, and prob- ably does. We like the way he goes around smoking that corn-cob pipe of his and minding his own busi- ness. His home is still in Brandon, Vermont. CARLISLE REED SAXTON, called "Popeye,D was born on April 19, 1913, in New London, Connecti- cut. He commenced school in New London, prepped in New London, and incidentally New London is his favorite city. At U. V. M. he is a Mechanical Engi- neer and a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. He labels college "a racketj, says his favorite course is dessert, and concerning professors, remarks, "I like them all." He Wants to be "a general in the army" and he rolls his own from Bull Durham. The song he likes is "Bessie Couldn,t Help It.', Activities: Scabbard and Bladeg Football Cz, 3jg Assistant Man- ager Baseball fgjg Business Manager 1935 ARIELQ Corporal Czj, Sergeant Q15 Interfraternity Council QQ, A. S. M. E., Secretary-Treasurer 1315 V Club Qzj. Address: 73 Oneco Avenue, New London, Connecticut. KENNETH NASH SCOTT, alias "KenK' or "Dred," was born in Amesbury, Massachusetts, on June 21, IQIO. He attended Amesbury schools and prepped at Phillips Andover. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a year and became a member of Phi Gamma Delta. His course at U. V. M. is Commerce and Economics. He finds college "sometimes boring, sometimes O. K." His ambition has to do with l'Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." He is sophisticated, in a nice way, and his tastes are cosmopolitan. He likes pro hockey, Tiffany Thayer fthe uh-uh modern novelistj, and "Rhapsody in Blue." Also, as a frosh, he once tweaked the nose of an officious upperclassman. Ken was a Corporal CI, zj. His home is at 254 South Main Street, Andover, Massachusetts. 5 V ..,. U Q - .,::'i-t-.I-1L-m. 9 i'j?e,:TgT3'-its T' WILLARD WARREN SEGUR, "Bill," was born in Enfield, Massachusetts, on the 3151 of March, 1912. His father is a physician and a graduate of Dart- mouth College. Bill started school in Enfield and prepped at the Clark School in Hanover, New Hamp. shire. His course at U. V. M. is Pre-Medical. Bill is a very intense individual. Wliatever he does, he does it to the best of his ability. A good student, he is also the most skillful wrestler in school, having Won his Weight class in every match since he entered collee. As a public speaker, Bill is forceful and convincing. His talk on "Pollution" was one of the classics of English VIII. His home address is Enheld, Massachusetts. GORDON HENRY SHEEHE, "Gordie," was born in Berlin, New Hampshire, on August 8, 1911. He is of Irish descent. Gordie received his early train- ing in a parochial school and prepared for college in Newport fVermontj High School, where he was active in athletics, dramatics, and glee club. Educa- tion is his course at U. V. M., with Mathematics as a major subject. Gordie is a member of Kappa Sigma. He is particularly interested in athletics, football and basketball being his favorite sports. Gordie is an admirable and likeable guy. He played Football fr, zj, Baseball CI, zj, Basketball QIJ, and Interfraternity Basketball QD, and he was a Corporal fr, zj. His present home address is Second Street, Newport, Vermont. EVAN MAURICE SHUFELT, "Shuie," was born in Frelighsburg, Quebec, on January 15, 1913, of Eng- lish ancestry. His father, Merton Shufelt, is a crcamery manager. Shuie received his early school- ing in East Berkshire, Vermont, and attended Bur- lington and Hinesburg CVermontj High Schools, where he played basketball and baseball. His course at U. V. M. is Mechanical Engineering. College, he says, is "a good place to spend money" aid his am- bition is "to make college easier for students." Drawing is his favorite subject and he likes baseball. Personally, we know Shuie quite well and the more we know him the better we like him. He is a mem- ber of the A. S. M. E.. His home is now in Enos- burg Falls, Vermont. JOHN ROLF SIMONDS, l'Sym," was born in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, April 19, 1913. His father, Robert W. Simonds, is a lawyer in Gardner, Massa- chusetts. All his schooling was completed in Gard- ner. At U. V. M. Sym is a Pre-Med and a member of Delta Psi. Of college, he says, "Some fun, eh, kid!', His favorite course is Argument fund we know the reason whyj. His hobby is collecting old alarm clocks, but he also likes a Dolly. Sym is good natured, good looking, and one of the best-liked guys in our class. In college: Gold Key, Key and Serpent, Hockey CU: Track Qzj, Interfraternity Council QQ, Student Senate UD, Chairman Football Hop Cal, Corporal Qzjg Assistant Photographic Editor 1935 Annex., Kake Walk Refreshment Committee UQ. Address: 69 Edgell Street, Gardner, Massa- chusetts. EDWARD RICHARD SKODINSKI, 'tEd," Was born in Amsterdam, New York, on August 28, 1911. His father, joseph Skodinski, is a machinist. Ed re- ceived all of his schooling in Amsterdam, and in high school played football, baseball, and basketball. His course at U. V. M. is General Science with Mathematics a major, but it is really Pre-Dental, for Ed plans to transfer to Tufts Dental College next year. Ed is particularly interested in college athletics and is out for baseball. College, he says, is Nall right." And we say the-same about Ed. A hand- some guy, he is one of the best appearing members of our class. He has very good manners and presence. Ed played Basketball during his Freshman year and as a Sophomore was a Corporal. His present home address is 35 Van Derveer Street, Amsterdam, New York. FRANKLIN WARDWELL SQUIRES, alias "Bengy', or "Buttercup," was born in Richmond, Vermont, on October 14, 1914. He started school in Char- lotte, Vermont, and prepped at Montpelier Seminary. His college course is Civil Engineering. Bengy is a member of Delta Psi. Although he once looked yearningly towards West Point, Bengy's present am- bition is 'Knot to die in the poor house" or perhaps to get better than a "C" in Economics. For except for the blot of Economics on his escutcheon, Bengy's record is perfect. He works sixteen hours a day all summer and we can state confidently that Bengy will make his mark in this world. Activities: Basketball Cry: Assistant Manager Baseball QQ: Or- ganizations Editor 1935 ARIELI Corporal Cl, ll, Sergeant C315 Faculty-Student Council QSJQ Honor Scholarship. Address: Charlotte, Vermont. " Ill I J if Q 35 gn 5 Q Q v. I Af -f. "' '... .wax ,- if so-'Qt' D , -T GEORGE XVILLIAM STARBUCK, "Bill," was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, February 23, 1914. He commenced his education in Turners Falls, Massa- chusetts, and prepped at Springield Central High School. His course is General Science and he is a Pre-Medic. He is a member of Phi Delta Theta. He used to play football in high school and he still likes the game. Concerning what he's getting out of college, he merely says, "I wonder." He has a cer- tain fondness for Cab Calloway and as a natural consequence, he likes "Minnie the Moocherf' He also says he likes the daily Free Press, although he added some short, muffled expletive to that statement. George was a member of Gold Key Society. His present home address is 40 High Street, Springfield, Massachusetts. RALPH DANIEL SUSSMAN Was born in Burling- ton, Vermont, on January 5, 1914. He received all his preliminary schooling in Rutland, Vermont. At U. V. M. his course is Pre-Medical. He is a member of Phi Sigma Delta. Ralph is the schoolis official Wincliell. He has the low-down on everything and everybody. And he can pump your most intimate secrets from you, and since you canit help liking the guy, you don't mind. His ambition, he states, is to 'Kbreak par on rr good golf course" and as a special bit of information he adds that he Uwears rubbers in the Winter time." Ralph was an Assistant Grind Editor on the 1935 AR1121. and is an Assistant Man- ager of Tennis QQ. His home is at 199 State Street, in Rutland, Vermont. JAMES FRANK SYME, JR., 1'Bi11,', Was born in Framingham, Massachusetts, on July 27, 1912. His father is in the textile business and attended Lowell Textile. His mother is a graduate of Rogers Hall. Frank is a descendant of General Gates of the Revo- lution. He received his early schooling at the Moses Brown School and he attended New Prep in Cam- bridge, Massachusetts. His course in college is Literary Scientific and he majors in Chemistry. Phi Delta Theta is his fraternity. Frank has been a standby on the Track Team Qi, 1, 31 as a hurdler, but his sport is sailing. In fact, he states his am- bition "to be a good sailorf' He has sailed since he was seven and has been a member of four yacht clubs. He's modest and a good egg. His address is 27 Linnaean Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts. w. V - -.- CT.. . FRANKLIN ROGERS TOLMAN, "Frank,', Was born in Flushing, New York, on June 27, 1912. His father, Frank Stevens Tolman, is an engineer and is employed in the Steam Division of the Interna- tional Paper and Power Company. Frank received all his schooling in Flushing. His course at U. V. M. is Electrical Engineering. Frank is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Dark and handsome, Frank is the answer to many a co-ed's prayer. And a manis man, he gets along with the fellows. A dominant trait in his make-up is perseverance. Once he has made up his mind on a certain point he follows his course with no swervings whatsoever. His favorite sport is football. Frank's present home address is 39-15 154th Street, in Flushing, Long Island, New York. ROBERT FIYDE TREADWAY, "Bob," Was born in Detroit, Michigan, on September 16, 1912. His father is a sales engineer and a graduate of the Uni- versity of Michigan. Bob received his early school- ing in Detroit, in Alameda, California, and in Port Wasliington, Long Island. He prepped at the Man- lius School and attended Cornell for one and one-half years. At U. V. M. his course is Mechanical Engi- neering. Bob is a member of Phi Delta Theta. His ambition is 'Ito get into a business that interests me.', Bob is soft-voiced, modest and likeable. He has worked as a runner in the insurance business. Activities: A. S. M. E. QQ, Glee Club C3Jg Sergeant fzj, Lieutenant UD, Rifle Team Q2, 3jg Rifle Club C2, 3J, President 151. Address: 37 North Prospect Street, Burlington, Vermont. JOHN HENRI TWOHEY, Q'Ickie,', was born De- cember a, 1912, in St. Albans, Vermont, where were blessed-evented seven other young Twoheys, includ- ing Brother Ed, big man at Norwich, and Sister Naomi, as good-looking a girl as we have ever seen. He is of Irish-French ancestry and he claims descend- ance from Louis XIV, XV, and XVI of France. He attended the St. Albans public schools and prepped at Bellows Academy. John is taking the Social Science course, majoring in Political Science. He prefers "Liebestraum" by Liszt, which shows good taste. John also likes Phillipsburg, Quebec. To the Manoir born, as 't'were! John was Assistant Manager of Track and Cross-country 131, a Corporal fzl, and a member of the Kake Walk Masquerade Com- mittee C3j. His home address is 88 High Street, St. Albans, Vermont. ,f ui it as 31 ED ZWEE- fig? 0 I ,,,. g55,L7' KEMENER JAMES WHALEN, "Kemmy," was born in Burlington, Vermont, on April 1, 1913. His father, Frank Whalen, is a hardware dealer. Kemmy received his schooling at Cathedral Grade School and Cathedral High School in Burlington. In college he is a Civil Engineer and majors in Mathematics. Sigma Nu is his fraternity. Kemmy is popular with everybody in our class and was Class President his Freshman year. He lists N?" as his ambition and says his favorite cigarette is UO. P."-"Other People's.,' For special personal data he adds that he doesn't Work-'ibut I like 'Babies'.,' Kemmy was a member of Student Senate during his Freshman and Sophomore years, was a Corporal 121, and was on the Kake Walk Decoration Committee Q31. His home is at 394 Pearl Street, in Burlington, Vermont. FLETCHER HOWARD WHITE, who is 'KButch" to the Sigma Nus and the Chemists, was born in Hardwick, Vermont, June 19, 1912. His father, Howard H. White, attended the University of Ver- mont and Newton Theological Seminary. His early schooling was obtained in Laconia and Lebanon, New Hampshire, and he prepared for college at Colby Academy and Lyndon Institute. Butch started out as a Chemist, but this year he switched his course to Pre-Medical. He is a member of Sigma Nu. Butch smokes a lot-Chesternelds, is self-suiiicient, likes Joe Penner's program, and can do two Organic ex- periments while the rest of the lab tries to hnish one. Butch was a Corporal his Sophomore year. His address is Lyndon Center, Vermont. WILLIAM DUSTIN WHITE, JR., "Dusty," was born in Ryegate, Vermont, on August 9, 1912. He is of Scotch descent, and his father is known as a writer and authority on winter sports and outdoor life, Dusty started school in Ryegate and later at- tended the Woodsville High School. His course is Education with Mathematics as a major. His fra- ternity is Lambda Iota. He has letters in Cross- country and Track Cwon the half at the State Meet1, has guts, is a good student, is modest, and is one of the cleanest and swellest men in our class. Activities: Gold Key, Key and Serpentg Cross- Country CI, 2, 31, Captain C413 Track QI, 21, Co- Captain 411, Cynir, Reporter 111, News Editor 01, Editor 431, Kake Walk Committee C213 Corporal 1213 V. C. A., Director of Publicity Qz1, Vice- Chairman 131g John Dewey Club Cz, 315 Deanls List Q1, 31. Address: Ryegate, Vermont. .,.-l..Q,,j .gi 'TTI ,JSSLLLDA MY- " ARLINGTON REID WILCOX, "Pete," Was born in Orleans, Vermont, January 18, 1912. He com- menced his education at the Orleans County Gram- mar School and he preppecl at Derby Academy in Derby, Vermont. At U. V. M. he majors in French in the Classical curriculum. He is a member of Lambda Iota. His ambition is to teach and do re- search work in the Classics. And he has an excellent tenor voice, which may go far. In college: John Dewey Clubg Cynic QI, 21, News Editor Q215 Cast, "Cosi Fan Tutti" Q11, "Iolanthe" Q11, "The Gon- doliers" Q315 Kake Walk Committee Q315 Band QI, 215 Sergeant Q215 Glee Club CI, 2, 31, Manager C315 Director .of Entertainment V. C. A. f31Q Choir CI, 2, 315 Deanis List fr, 2, 315 Honor Scholarshipg Editorial Scholarship. Address: Derby, Vermont. ARTHUR LEWIS WILLIANIS, alias raft," -KAI," or "Bill," was born in Williamstown, Vermont, on May 9, 1913. He completed all his early schooling in Williamstown and in high school was editor of the school paper and manager of basketball among other things. His college course is Civil Engineering. With few exceptions we say that Art is busier than any man in college. His fraternity is Sigma Delta. Of college, he characteristically thinks "not much, if you are there for pleasure." Activi- ties: Scabbard and Blade c31Q Rifle Team QI, 2, 31g Corporal QI, 215 Sergeant Q315 Photographic Editor 1935 1ARIELg Glee Club QI, 215 Choir QI, 2, 315 Double Quartet Q115 Honor Scholarship. Address: Williamstown, Vermont. SIDNEY MARKS WOLK, "Sid," was born in Rut- land, Vermont, on March 12, 1914. His father, Hyman H. Wolk, is a merchant. He received all his schooling in Rutland and in high school was editor-in-chief of the school paper. His college course is Social Science and he majors in History. He is a member of Phi Sigma Delta. Sid con- siders college "the ideal place for social and cul- tural contacts of a higher typef, His ambition is to "become a counsellor at law and enter the Foreign Service." Incidentally, Sid is one of the best-dressed men in college. He was a member of the Kake Walk Committee 131, belongs to the Public Affairs Club and was a member of the old International Relations Club. His home is at 23 Melrose Avenue, in Rut- land, Vermont. J ll Q ED 57 1 95 . f J fx IN!! I W, I , Mx 1,41-,0.l........ RICHARD WOODARD, 'nDick,', was born in Lei:- noxville, Quebec, on September 23, 1914. He is descended from, as he puts it, "several of the May- flower Tribe." His sister, Florence May Woodard, is Assistant Professor of Economics here at the Uni- versity. Dick received all of his preliminary school- ing in Hyde Park, Vermont. His college course is Commerce and Economics. He is a member of Delta Psi. Dick is as broad-minded and tolerant a person as we know in college. In our estimation, "admirable" is the best word to describe him. In college Dick was a Corporal Qzj, Sergeant QD, and Assistant Manager of Basketball Q3j, and received an Honor Scholarship. His home address is Hyde Park, Vermont. JOHN HANIILTON WOODRUFF, JR., ujohnnyf' was born in Barre, Vermont, on the 14th of Decem- ber, 1911. His father, Dr. john H. Woodruff, is a graduate of Bowdoin and U. V. M. and is Repre- sentative for the Classlof 1905 on the Alumni Coun- cil. johnny received his early schooling in Barre and graduated from Spaulding High School. Gen- eral Science is his course at U. V. M. He is a mem- ber of Delta Psi. Johnny is a natural athlete, a champion, having equalled the state record in the mile last year. Johnny is also a good guy. But more, Johnny is married and the father of young Johnny-John Hamilton Woodruff Ill. In college: Cross-country 11, aj, Basketball C1jg Track Q1, aj, Class Basketball 12, 35, Winter Sports Qgj. His home address is I3 East Street, Barre, Vermont. JOSEPH SAMUEL WOOL, ujoef, was born in Bur- lington, Vermont, on May 18, 1914. His father, Frank Wool, is a roofing contractor in Burlington. Joe received his early schooling in Burlington and Springfield, Massachusetts, and he prepared for col- lege at Edmunds High School in Burlington. His college course is Social Science and he majors in Political Science. He is a member of Tau Epsilon Phi. Joe's ambition is "to go to Harvard Law School." Which means that he will go there, for Joe has that winning type of personality which suc- ceeds. joe played Class Basketball 431, was on the Kake Walk Committee 131, and was a Corporal Qzj. His home address is 136 North Willard Street, in Burlington, Vermont. RAYMOND EMMETT WRIGHT, "Deac," Was born in Ausable Forks, New York, November 3, 1913. He is of Scotch-English descent. He com- menced school in Stowe, Vermont, and he graduated from Stowe High School, where he was manager of basketball. Hej majors in Mathematics in the Me- chanical Engineering course. His fraternity is Sigma Nu. Personal stuff: He thinks college is O. K., likes Professor Bullard and Mechanics Cwhich he teachesj, favorite food is steak, and he enjoys stories by C. B. Kelland. And incidentally, from what we have seen of him Che sticks pretty close to the engi- neering schoolj, We like Deac a lot. "Spirit" he says is the worst thing at Vermont and "Spirit Csj" the greatest need. Address: 153 Loomis Street, Burling- ton, Vermont. ROBERT STUART WRIGHT, "Stu," was born in New York City, on January 31, 1913. His father graduated from Union College and his mother at- tended Columbia. Stu received his early schooling in New Jersey and Massachusetts, and attended Bur- lington High School. Literary Scientific is his course at U. V. M. and his major subject is English or Psychology. His ambition is well thought-out: "To do right by my hrats .... to live fully .... to have a host of real friendsf, Stu is essentially a hard worker, a serious liver, and a deep thinker. In college: Gold Key, Cynic, Reporter C1, aj, News Editor Cz, jjj, Managing Editor C315 Main Plays, Fall CID, Spring CID, Fall Czjg Group Plays, Coach Cz, 3,5 V. C. A., Student Service Director Czj, Deputations Director C3J. Address: 29 Wilson Street, Burlington, Vermont. WILLIAM JOSEPH ZAKEVICH, l'Zakie,', was born in Gardner, Massachusetts, October II, 1913. His early schooling was completed at the Lowell School and Humphrey and Edwards, and he prepped at New Haven CConnecticutJ High School. In high school he played baseball and basketball. At U. V. M. he majors in Economics in the Commerce and Economics curriculum. His fraternity is Sigma Nu. Personal: He calls college "a great racket," likes Business Law, Professor Aiken, basketball, Byron, Sinclair Lewis, "The Post" C"I can lean against it!"j, and "Winoo- ski and all points Northf' "One co-ed is as bad as another," is his sentiment. Activities: Basketball C114 Assistant Grind Editor 1935 ARIELQ Corporal CI, zj. His home is at 195 Humphrey Street, in New Haven, Connecticut. 1 - X Q11 it ui QP Z3 is V1 C, it ...ic ' 1 1 J N11-,QQ4fC.f4-f MADELINE WEYMOUTH AINSBORO, who is sometimes "Mad," was born in Derby, Vermont, July zo, 1914. All her preliminary schooling was com- pleted in Derby. She is enrolled in the Home Eco- nomics course at Vermont. Her sorority is Alpha Chi Omega. If only two adjectives were to be applied to Madeline, we should choose ucapablel' and upleasantf, Activities: John Dewey Club, Choir fr, gjg Volleyball Qzjg W. A. A., W0lHCH,S Glee Club QI, 2, 3J: Orchestra Cr, 2, gjg Opera UD, Student Union, Second Vice-President QQ, Assistant Director of Women's Freshman Camp fzjg Vice- President of Y. W. C. A. QQ, Vice-President Home Economics Club QD 3 Assistant Women's Photographic Editor of 1935 ARI12Lg Honor Scholarship, Deanls List Q2, 35. Address: Derby, Vermont. MILDRED FARRAND BALDWIN, usually called "Millie," was born August 5, 1915, in Monkton, Vermont. Her ancestry is Irish-English. She at- tended both primary and secondary schools in Bristol. At U. V. M. she is majoring in French in the Classi- cal course. She is a member of Sigma Gamma, Millie is very fond of music. Incidentally, she is petite and red-haired. She thinks college is an "ex- cellent institutionu and she says she is getting fun as Well as an education at the University. Millie is a member of the Women's Glee Club, has received an honor scholarship, and has made the Dean's List her Freshman and Junior years. Her present home address is North Ferrisburg, Vermont. MILDRED LOUISE BARTLETT, "Billie" to you, was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts, july io, 1911. She completed her early schooling at the Smiley School and went to high school in Haverhill. Her Course here has been Social Science with Government as a major. Her sorority is Kappa Alpha Theta. Marion, Q'Dolly," Bartlett of the Class of 1937 is a sister. She says she is now interested in udances, plays, athletics, and classes"-she might have added Sigma Phis. Or is that all Dunn? Billie is gen- erally conceded to be the best-looking girl in our class. 1See picture for conHrmation.j Personal data: She likes lobster, loves to sail, scorns us, and her ambition is to be self-sudicient. Billie's home address is 3 Fernwoocl Avenue in Bradford, Massachusetts. ELIZABETH OLINE BECKVOLD, whom all of us call 'KBetty" and who was born in Concord, Massa- chusetts, on October 2, 1914, is descended from Vik- ings. Her father is in the builders' supply business. She completed all of her preliminary schooling in Concord. At present she takes English for her major in the Literary Scientific curriculum. Her sorority is Kappa Alpha Theta. She is quite athletic, having class numerals and the U. V. M. Betty says college is great and plans to get a job when she graduates. Activities: W. A. A., Basketball QI, 213 Hockey CI, 2, 355 Bowling QI, :jg Pliilagong Dramatic Club, Kake Walk Committee 1315 Lilac Day QU, House Committee QIJ. She lives at 27 Monument Street, Concord, Massachusetts. HELEN FRANCES BELLOVVS was born in Spring- Held, Massachusetts, on November 17, 1912. Her father, Forest H. Bellows, is descendant of Oliver H. Perry, U. S. Commander of Fleet at the battle of Lake Erie. Her early schooling was completed in Richford and Newport, Vermont. She is taking the Classical course at U. V. M., with Greek as major subject, and she is ambitious to become an archae- ologist. Her sorority is Alpha Xi Delta. She thinks college "grows better the longer you stay." Helen received an honor scholarship and won the Howard Entrance Prize in Latin and the Kirby Flower Smith Latin Prize. She is a member of Eta Sigma Phi and John Dewey Club. Other activities include: Choir Qgjg Glee Club CI, 2, gjg House Committee Q3J. Address: Newport, Vermont. BETTY BORIGI-IT, 'lBoopie,U was born in Richfotd, Vermont, on May IS, 1915. A11 of her preliminary education was completed in Richford. At Vermont she majors in Psychology in the Literary Scientiic curriculum. Her sorority is Pi Beta Phi. Of college she simply says, UI like it." Betty is a very nice little girl-we say little because she is only five feet one inch call and barely weighs a century. She is warm and friendly, but at the same time dignified and ladylike. Betty received an honor scholarship and her activities include: Faculty-Student Council UD, Dean's List CI, 3jg Dramatic Clubg Glee Club CI, aj, Debate CID. Her home is in Richford, Vermont. ' E5.-L..L!.Q 33 5? 100 f"'7c-7 ,.., JW' BARBARA LOUISE BRYAN, alias "Bobbie" or "Barbs,', was born in Montpelier on May 31, 1913. She has one sister and four brothers, some of whom attended U. V. M. before eventually Winding up as Yale smoothies. She received all her preparatory schooling in Montpelier. I-Iistory, incidentally her favorite course, is her major in the Social Science curriculum. Personal data: Her ambition is to be a newspaper reporter and she like polo, riding, the Marx Brothers, Claudette Colbert, R. L. Stevenson, A. E. Houseman, and Time. Barbara,s home address is 34 Liberty Street in Montpelier, Vermont. TI-IERESA MARIE BURNS, whom all the school calls "Tessie," was born in Burlington, Vermont, on September 24, 1912. She received her early school- ing at Mount Saint Mary's Academy. At the Uni- versity she is enrolled in the Teacher Training course, majoring in elementary work. Her sorority is Epsilon Sigma, of which she is vice-president. Tessie is one of the more popular girls of our class, having been class secretary her sophomore year. She was also vice-president of the Newman Club and Teacher Training editor of the 1935 ARIE1.. She confesses that her ambition is to become an aviatrix. Tessie lives at 577 South Prospect Street in Burlington, Vermont. CONSTANCE MARIE CALKINS, "Connie," was born November 3, 1913, in Morrisville, Vermont. Her early schooling was completed in Milton and W'estford, but she returned to Morrisville and People's Academy for her college preparation. At U. V. M. she has Latin for a major in the Classical course. In college she is interested in Y. W. C. A. work as Well as basketball and archery, in which she is expert. Although she has clone part-time work While attending the University, her marks are among the highest in the class. And although she will not admit it, she did some very creditable literary work in Professor Dean's Sophomore Comp class. She is a member of Eta Sigma Phi and the French Club. Her present address is Westford, Vermont. if.fQT.2l IOI MARY HELEN CASEY was born in Burlington, Vermont, on May 29, 1914. She started school at Cathedral School in Burlington and prepared for college at Mount Saint Mary's Academy. Her col- lege course is Education in which her major is Eng- lish. She is a member of Alpha Xi Delta. She is now secretary of the Class of 1935. Although a most popular member of our class, she is very modest and unassuming, and we privately consider Mary one of the sweetest girls in college. Her activities include: John Dewey Club, Pan-Hellenic f3Q Masque and Sandal Cz, 3,5 Dramatic Club Q1, zjg VV. A. A.g Class Play 111, zjg Group Plays Ca, 31, Junior Play fzjg Press Club, Public Affairs Club. Address: 84 North Xvillard Street, Burlington, Vermont. PAULINE MARIE COACHE, "Polly,H was born in Scotsville, Canada, on August 14, 1912. She is of French descent, and has two brothers. Pauline re- ceived her early schooling and high school education in Burlington. In high school she was active in dramatics and prize speaking and was Class Day Speaker. Her course at the University is Home Eco- nomics. For sports she has gone out for volleyball and has received both her class numerals and XV. A. A., but still she prefers skating to any other athletic endeavor. More or less personal: She likes vegetables, B. S. Aldrich, l'To a Wild Rose," and the magazine, "Good Housekeeping," and her favorite course is Clothing. Her present home address is I4 University Terrace in Burlington, Vermont. MURIEL HARRIET CONANT, whom everyone calls either "Mike" or "Mickey," was born in Bur- lington, Vermont, on August 16, 1913. She is a descendant of Roger Conant. She attended the Converse School and Edmunds High School in Bur- lington. In high school she was a member of the French, Latin, and Dramatic Clubs and Business Manager of the Year Book, and received an honor scholarship. Mike majors in History in the Social Science course. Her sorority is Delta Delta Delta. Mike thinks college "could be better," but we, and we have known her since grammar school days, think Mike could scarcely be improved upon, Activities: Press Club Cx, 2, 35, Secretary-Treasurer Cz, 31g Y. W. C. A. Council 43,5 W. A. A. CI, 2, 3j. Address: 195 St. Paul Street, Burlington, Vermont. tsisiu., MQZJEDV - . , , ..T:L,.L- Q-.A fl EILEEN CATHRYN CONNELLY, was born in Underhill, Vermont, August 16, 1913. She attended graded school in Underhill and Underhill and Bur- lington High Schools. At U. V. M. English is her major subject in the Education curriculum. She says of college: "It,s an institution where you can learn an awful lot about everything, an awful lot about something, or nothing about anythingf' and she adds that it's preparing her to face "this cruel world they tell about." She plans to be a teacher and, as far as we know, she is the only member of our class to proclaim a fondness for spinach. Eileen is ai Very straightforward person and we like her smile. She has been a member of the Womenis Ath- letic Association. Her present home address is Under- hill, Vermont. CAROLYN CLAYTON COOK, "Cookie,3' was born in Brooklyn, New York, on January IZ, 1915. Her father, Warren Foster Cook, is superintendent of a Boston Hospital. Cookie received her early school- ing in Newijersey, and prepped at the Edgewood School in Greenwich, Connecticut. At U. V. M. Psychology is her major in the Social Science course. Cookie is a member of Pi Beta Phi. She is also prac- tically a member of Phi Delta Theta. fWe finally Doug the information from her that the Phi Delts Suitor O. KU Cookie is a remarkable girl--brains, looks, personality, she's got everything. Honor list: John Dewey Club: House Committeeg ARIEL Board: Bluestockingsg Tennis Coach Q3Jg W. A. A. Repre- sentative QQ, Outing Clubg Dean's List QI, z, 31. Present address: 180 Pilgrim Road, Boston. Massa- chusetts. ETPIEL BELLE COOK, "Cookie," was born in Eng- lish Settlement, Vermont, August io, IQI3. She re- ceived all her early education in Jericho, being class president and active in dramatics in high school. Her college course is Education with English as a major. Her sorority is Sigma Gamma. She thinks college is "quite a worthwhile experiencen and her ambition is 'lto be the 'boss' of a husband, school, or what have you?', Personal: She says she is "not much on sports" and she doesn't smoke. In 1928 she was State Spelling Champion and fourth rank in the National Spelling Championship. She is a mem- ber of the john Dewey Club, received an honor scholarship, and has made the Dean's List. Her home address is Jericho, Vermont. IO3 BIRDIE SOLINGER CREAGH, 'lOiseausie," was born in Yonkers, New York, on November 8, 1913. Her father, John Creagh, is a real estate broker. She is descended from General Artemas XVard of the American Revolution. She completed all her pre- liminary schooling in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. At Vermont she majors in History in the Literary Scientific curriculum. Her sorority is Delta Delta Delta. Personal: She likes riding, biography by Ludwig, and the "Dance of the Skeletonsf, and she possesses an active temperament which is wholly individual and Wholly charming. Among her activi- ties arc: Masque and Sandal, Dramatic Club, Base- ball C135 "Torchbearers" C315 Group Plays Czjg Publicity Committee Kake Walk: Glee Club 111. Address: 119 Washington Avenue, Hastings-on-Hud- son, New York. ELIZABETH CROCKETT, "Betty," was born in Montpelier, Vermont, on May 30, 1913. Her father, the late Walter Hill Crockett, was Professor of Jour- nalism here at U. V. M. for many years and was one of the most universally loved professors the col- lege has ever known. Betty received all her early schooling in Burlington. Her college course is Home Economics. She is a member of Phi Beta Phi. Betty, with more candor than most of the feminine mem- bers of our class, succinctly states her ambition as follows: "To be a teacher for three years-then be married." Activities: Press Club 11, z, 3,3 Home Economics Club Qz, 325 W. A. A.: Pan-Hellenic Representative, Faculty-Student Council. Her home is at 179 Loomis Street in Burlington, Vermont. MARY VIRGINIA CUNNINGHAM, "Jin," was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts, December 7, 1913. She received her early schooling at Wollaston, Massa- chusetts, and prepared for college at Richmond, Ver- mont. jack Cunningham, Medic '35, is her brother. Her course at U. V. M. is Secretarial and she majors in Economics. She is a member of Delta Delta Delta. Mary's ambition is "to appreciate and gain the higher ideals of life." Mary is another girl about whom We should like to say something especially nice. Be- cause she really it nice-and very pretty, too! Activi- ties: XV. A. A.: Archery fab, Dramatic Club: Class Plays Czjg Group Plays fab, Women's Business Man- ager of 1935 ARIELg Newman Club, Dearfs List QI, 3jg Press Club C3j. Her home is in Richmond, Vermont. :I Q1 Za En lie- I I O .ffjlitfzzv-f 3 mfg ff! XA," ELIZABETH HARRIET DAVIS, "Betty," Was born November 13, 1910, in Ellington, Connecticut. Her father, Edwin Taylor Davis, a physician, graduated from the University of Vermont Medical College. She is a descendant of Dr. Fuller of the Mayflower, She completed her early schooling in Ellington and in Fargo, North Dakota. She attended Rockville High School in Rockville, Connecticut, Dean Academy in Franklin, Massachusetts, and Colby Junior College. At Vermont, she majors in Chemis- try in the Home Economics course. Betty's ambition is to be a dietitian and she says she has already done tearoom work. She is a member of the Glee Club and the Dramatic and Home Economics Clubs. Her home address is Ellington, Connecticut. ELEANOR ELIZABETH DORSEYQS l'El,,' was born in Ludlow, Vermont, April 3, I9I3. She at- tended Ludlow graded school and Black River Academy, where she debated, acted in school plays, and edited the school paper. She now majors in His- tory in the Social Science curriculum. She says college is "a good place to become disillusioned"- and we agree with her. Personal: She prefers "Harpers Bazaar," Blazac, uThe Rosary," swimming, and chocolate pie, and her favorite cities are Wash- ington and St. Petersburg, Florida. She has been active in: Student Government CQ, House Presi- dent C3jg House Committee C113 Newman Club, and the Women's Athletic Association fz, 35. Her home address is 104 Main Street, Ludlow, Vermont. VIOLA PHOEBE DRAGON,x' KiVi," was born in Bristol, Vermont, May 5, 1914. Her father, George Dragon, is supervisor for the Vermont Highway De- partment. She attended Bristol and Ripton graded schools and Middlebury High School. At U. V. M. her course is Education, English and History majors. Sports, especially basketball, and dramatics interest her, she thinks college is "very finef' and her ambi- tion is to be an English teacher. Personal: She likes poems by the Vermonter, Robert Frost, and-apple pie ai la mode. fAnd it is alleged by those in the know that Vi has got married!j Her home aCldr0SS is Ripton, Vermont. S Out of college. Felmruary, 1934. IO IO SUSAN FRANCE, "Sue," was born in New York City on April 15, 1914. Her father, Sanford D. France, a Harvard graduate, is a teacher of Mathe- matics. Her mother, Jane Miller France, graduated from Ohio Wfesleyan. She attended grammar school in Brooklyn and she prepped at Brooklyn Friends' School. Her college course is Literary Scientific with Psychology as a major. Sue is a member of Alpha Chi Omega. Activities: John Dewey Club, Basketball 125, Class Manager fzjg Bowling Qzjg Baseball Qzjg Campus Manager Tennis Cz, 3j, Ten- nis Team C1, 2, 31, Hockey Team Cr, 2, 3jg Volley- ball C315 Campus Manager Bowling QQ, Press Club C3Jg Women's Athletic Editor, ARIEL 1335 House Committee Qi, 2, 33, VV. A. A., Representative Cry, Corresponding Secretary fzjg Y. W. C. A., Secretary fzj, President 132. Address: 732 St. Mark's Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. SARAH ADELE GARFIELD, "Del" or 'tPeg," was born in Chester, Vermont, March 6, 1913. Her father, James A. Garfield, is a descendant of Presi- dent Garfield. She attended grammar school in Bel- lows Falls, Vermont, and graduated from Chester High School in Chester. At Vermont she is major- ing in Physics in the General Science curriculum. Personal: Her ambition is to enter medicine some day, she likes Eskimo pies, archery, and the rather formidable sounding magazine, "Clinical Medicine and Surgery," and she says she once "explained Einstein's Theory in a contest, but I did not Win the contestf' Del considers the Medics the worst thing at Vermont. She has received an honor scholarship and made the Dean's List. Her home is in Chester, Vermont. LOUISE LEAETTA GOODELL, 'lLou," was born February zo, 1913, in South Woodbury, Vermont. She is of English ancestry, but she has American Indian blood. Her father, Lee Goodell, is a car- penter. She received her preliminary education in the South Woodbury Grammar School and Wood- bury High School, where she played basketball, was interested in dramatics, and edited the school paper. At U. V. M. she takes the Education course and majors in History and English. Her sorority is Sigma Gamma. She says college is udimcult, es- sential, and above all a delightful experiencef' She confesses she has done "nearly everything in the line of work except teaching or getting marriedf, Lou has received an honor scholarship. Her home address is South Woodbury, Vermont. ' .L ll' QQ 35 LID 'me' r, HELEN ESTHER HEININGER, "Lon," was born in Burlington, Vermont, May 13, 1913. Her father, Oscar Heininger, is a dentist and graduated from the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. Lon re- ceived all of her preliminary schooling in Burlington. Her college course is Social Science with History as a major. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. Helen is a small and fastidious person, an accom- plished musician, and, it is said, she is more than ordinarily interested in the doings at Dartmouth College. Among her activities are: Bowling Team Qijg W. A. A.g Press Club Q1, 2, 353 Assistant Grind Editor 1935 ARIELQ Orchestra 11, 2, 35, Secretary- Treasurer f3jg Lilac Day CID. Her home is at 308 College Street in Burlington, Vermont. HILDA CURRY HOAG Was born in South Burling- ton, Vermont, on May 14, 1913. Her parents are of English, Irish, and Scotch descent. The scene of her early schooling was the Adams School in Bur- lington and she attended Edmunds High in Burling- ton. At the University Hilda is enrolled in the Social Science course and majors in Political Science. Her sorority is Delta Delta Delta. Hilda is inter- ested in dramatics and literary clubs. We knew Hilda way back in the fifth grade. We liked and admired her then and, incidentally time has not changed our opinion of her. Hilda's activities in- clude: 1935 ARIEL Board, Orchestra C215 Philagon QD, Public Affairs Club Cgj. Her present address is South Burlington, Vermont. FRANCES JOSEPHINE HOSLEY, l'Fanny," was born in Manchester, Vermont, January 5, 1913. Her early schooling was in Manchester and she prepared for college at Burr and Burton Seminary. At U. V. M. she is majoring in French in the Education curriculum. She is a member of Alpha Chi Omega. She thinks that college "adds to social life as well as to mental growth" and gives one ua broader outlook on life." She is athletic and has her class numerals and U. V. M. Personal: She likes ice cream, George Arliss, "To a Wild Rosef, and the Dclirzeufor, Fanny has been active in: Basketball 11, zjg Volleyball C1, 1, 31, Manager C3jg Hockey Qgjg Y. W. C. A.g W. A. A., House Committee Qgjg Newman Club. Her home is in Manchester, Vermont. L, ----5 -.- ., IO MAR-IORIE ROSE HOWARD, "Marge,i' was born March z, 1913, in Burlington, Vermont. She re- ceived her preliminary schooling in Burlington and attended Tufts College Gacksonj during her fresh- man and sophomore years, At U. V. M. she is majoring in English in the Social Science curriculum. Personal: She likes lobster, the song, "I Love You Truly," and books by Galsworthy, and she is a very accomplished horsewoman Qshe has ridden ever since she was in grammar schoolj. Marjorie is one of the nicest looking girls in our class and we, hav- ing known her ever since We were kids, can vouch for the fact 'that she is just as sweet as she looks. fAsk a certain Phi Delt.Q Her home is at 275 South Winooski Avenue in Burlington, Vermont. KATHERINE ELIZABETH HUTCHINS, "Kay,n Was born on July 29, IQI3, in South Burlington, Vermont. She is a descendant of Williain Bradford of the Mayflower. She attended South Burlington Grammar School and Burlington High School. Mathematics is her major in the Education course. She is a member of Epsilon Sigma. College, she says, is "indispensable to a Well-rounded life" and her ambition is to "be a mathematics teacher in a small high school." Personal: She likes tennis, Eugene O'Neill, programs by Little jack Little, and choco- late cake. Her nomination for Vermont's ugreatest neecll' is a Student Entertainment Building. Kay's home is in South Burlington, Vermont. RUTH LUCIA ISHAM, "Ruthie,i' was born in South Burlington, Vermont, on March 18, 1914. Ruth attended the rural school in South Burlington and later Essex Junction High School in Essex junc- tion, Vermont. She is taking the Education course with English, incidentally her favorite subject, as a major. She believes that college is "a place Where one may learn to live-and make many acquaint- ances." She has been a lecturer for two years of Champlain Valley Grange 4oo and she has also been active in 4-H Club work. Her ambition, she says, is "to teach small ehildrenn-and We should rather like to be young again ourselves! Argumentation fEng1ish VIID is her Bete Noir. Ruth lives near Burlington, Vermont. 1,1mia.HQJE'p5nf- , el 10 -X frvi, ,----- 'CJ "C .lf ,sf nfl' MARJORIE JENKS, "Mardy," was born on Octo- ber zz, 1914, in Burlington, Vermont. Her father, who was a popular teacher here at the University, attended Purdue. She attended the Ira Allen School and Edmunds High School in Burlington. At U. V. M. her course is Social Science, with History as a major. She is a member of Pi Beta Phi. Marjorie is the fourth member of a long and illus- trious line of Jenkses. Hers is really a remarkable family and Marjorie is no exception. She is talented, friendly, straightforward, and unaffected. Marjorie has been active in: W. A. A., Bluestockings Qi, 1, 31, Double Quartet fa, 31, Sextet C31, Special Chorus 12, 31, Choir Ca, 31, Glee Club 11, 2, 31, Cast of "Iolanthe." Her home address is 88 North Prospect Street in Burlington, Vermont. EVELYN LEONA JONES, who is 'ljonesyn to her pals, was born in Lisbon, New York, on October 11, 1910. One of her ancestors is Dr. Ira Otis Tracy. All her early education was received in Lisbon, but she prepared for college at Canton High School in Canton, New York. Her favorite subject is Chemis- try, which is her major in the Home Economics c11rriculum. She is a member of Alpha Chi Omicron. Her ambition is to be a "dietitian in a private school" and she says college, which, to her, is "a great place to be for four years," is giving her the training she needs. Personal: She likes angel food cake, archery, and books by Sir XValter Scott. Evelyn belongs to the Home Economics Club. Her home address is Lisbon, New York. MARGARET MARY KANE, "Marg," was born May 14, 1913, in Bennington, Vermont. Her early schooling was completed at St. Frances de Sales Academy and she prepared for college at Bennington High School. At U. V. M. her course is Education, her major, French. She is a member of Alpha Chi Omega, Personal: Likes music and journalism, plays tennis with enthusiasm, and reads Thomas Mann. And, in our humble judgment, Margaret is one of the most gracious girls in our class. Activi- ties: XV. A. A., Tennis Team Q31, Bluestockings CI, 2, 31, Secretary Q31, Press Club Q1, 21, ASSiSf2lf1f Women's Business Manager of ARIELQ Student Mass Meeting 131, Kake XValk Dance Committee C313 Chairman Big Sister Organization, Lilac Day C119 Vice-President Student Union 131, D011lDl2 Quartet Q11, Glee Club Q1, 21, Choir C31. Address: Ben- nington, Vermont. IO DOROTHY ELIZABETH KENNEDY, "Dot," Was born june 28, IQIS, in North Duxbury, Vermont, of Scotch-English ancestry. Her early schooling was in North Duxbury and she prepared for college in Waterbury' High School in Waterbury, Vermont. Her course at U. V. M. is Literary Scientific with English as a major. She is a member of Sigma Gamma. Dot has a poetic temperament, arresting blue eyes, and a strangely unaccountable Weakness for scarlet fingernail polish. Activities: XV. A. A.: Basketball CID, Hockey Cz, 31, Press Club, Cynir, Reporter Crj, News Editor Cz, 3Jg V7i111zou1ings from fhe Miill, Poetry Editor Czj, Editor-in-Chief C323 Bluestockings Cz, 31, Dean's List CU: Honor Scholarship: Second Prize Poetry, Tri-State Literary Contest CLD. Address: VC'aterbury, Vermont. ANITA LILLIAN KITTELL, "Hans," Was born in East Fairfield, Vermont, on January 9, 1914. She attended the public schools of Burlington and gradu- ated from Edmunds High School in Burlington, where she took part in debating and in literary ac- tivities. At U. V. M. she is enrolled in the Secre- tarial course and majors in Economics. Her sorority is Delta Delta Delta. She is getting from college, she says, "an education, I hope, and a darned good time." Her main campus interest is debating, but she can also lead football cheers very well. Her am- bition is "to Work in a bank." Activities: Volley- ball C1, zjg Debating Ci, 2, 315 Dramatics Club Cz, jj: Public Affairs Club C315 Glee Club C1, aj: Honor Scholarship. Her home address is Jefferson- ville, Vermont. CECELIA JANE KREMSKI, "Cale," was born in New Britain, Connecticut, on May 8, 1914. She re- ceived all of her preliminary schooling in New Britain. At Vermont she is taking Economics as a major in the Commercial Teacher Training and Secretarial course. She is particularly interested in debating, dramatics, and sports, especially tennis and baseball. She says college is "a means of teaching one how to make the best out of life,', which is a well-thought-out statement. Her ambition is 'tto become a business executive." Among Cecelia's ac- tivities are: Baseball C1, 25, Philagong Press Club: and the ,Public Affairs Club. Her home address is 175 Clinton Street, New Britain, Connecticut. W, , x x , CI If I Cl, xl I I O -- h---- W--H-.-f-S'---1-+ . , ., ..-...-D7....f 'mis ,...j -.. E If IRENE GRACE LAFOUNTAIN, 'iRennie," was born in Springfield, Vermont, on April 13, 1913. She completed all her preliminary schooling in Springfield. At U. V. M. she is enrolled in the Edu- cation curriculum, majoring in French. Her sorority is Alpha Chi Omega. She is very fond of athletics, and has her class numerals, U. V. M. insignia and blazer. Rennie likes Richard Halliburton, reads the "Golden Book Magazine," and can talk faster than most of us can think. Activities: Baseball Q1, z, 31, Varsity Manager Qz1, Basketball Cr, 2, 31, Varsity C21, Volleyball QI, 2, 31, Manager C215 Hockey CI, iz, 31, Manager 631g French Club, John Dewey Club, Dramatic Club QI, 2, 31, Treasurer Cz, 31, Freshman Play, XV. A. A., Junior Representative Qz1, Y. W. C. A., Honor Scholarship, Dean's List C31. Address: 73 Clinton Street, Springfield, Vermont. GAIL MARGARET LAMSON was born in Brook- iield, Vermont, August 22, 1913. She has three brothers and six sisters. She received her early schooling in Brookfield and attended Williamstown High School in Williamstown, Vermont. She also attended for a while Albany Business College in Albany, New York. At Vermont she is enrolled in the Commerce and Economics course and majors in Economics. She is a member of Sigma Gamma. She thinks college is "a good place if one knows how to take it." Gail is very humanitarian in her am- bition, preferring "to help others realize theirsf, She was the recipient of an honor scholarship. Her home address is Vfilliamstown, Vermont. MARGARET ANN LEVARN, "I-'eggyf' was born in Bristol, Vermont, December 18, 1913. She at- tended Bristol Grammar School and prepared for col- lege at Mount St. Mary's Academy in Burlington, Vermont, and while there was president of her class. She takes the Secretarial course at U. V. M. and majors in Economics. Her sorority is Alpha Chi Omega. She thinks college is "a grand experiencef, but she confesses that she finds it rather disillusion- ing at times. Her ambition is to be a corporation lawyer. Peggy is a member of the John Dewey Club, the Public Affairs Club CSecretary1, W. A. A., the Newman Club, and the Press Club, and received an honor scholarship. Her home address is IO Bald- win Street in Montpelier, Vermont. ,mal ' ' III II2 NORMA FRANCES LITTLEFIELD, 'lOr-manay," Was born in Northampton, Massachusetts, on January 24, 1913. Her father, Ambrose E. Littlefield, is the manufacturer of Derby Made Baseball Bats. Her mother, Frances B. Littlefield, attended Northampton Commercial College. She is related to Abraham Lincoln. She obtained her early schooling in Northampton and Andover, Massachusetts, and in Richford, Vermont, and she attended Waterbury CVermontj High School. Mathematics is her major in the Education course. Norma has been a member of the Press Club during her Junior year. Her home address is If Main Street in Waterbury, Vermont. CLARA ADELAIDE LOCKWOOD, "Jackie," Was born in Stamford, Connecticut, March 11, 1914. She attended the Willard School and later Stamford High School. At U. V. M. her course is Commerce and Economics. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. Jackie is a right cute girl, who wears her good clothes well, who cannot stand conceit, who likes oysters and sailing, and whose ambition is to be on her own. This we know is true: she is an independent little so-and- so and broke our heart once and still steps on it occa- sionally With smart and sarcastic remarks. But still we wish to state here solemnly and publicly, ujackie, 'You're O, K.!' " Jackie's home address is Old North Street Road in Stamford, Connecticut. GRACE ELIZABETH LUTMAN, "Peter," was born in Burlington, Vermont, on December 5, 1914. Her father, Benjamin Franklin Lutman, a graduate of the Universities of Missouri and Wisconsin, is Professor of Plant Pathology at the University of Vermont and has a national reputation. Her mother, Anna Shepard Lutrnan, is a U. V. M. graduate. Grace completed all her preliminary schooling in Burlington. Her college course is Pre-Medical. She is a member of Delta Delta Delta. Of college, she says, 'KSome parts are rather silly-such as women's mass meet- ings." Grace is a good student and a mighty fine girl to know. She is a member of John Dewey Club, Press Club, Deutsche Verein, and Pan-Hellenic Council. Her home is at 111 North Prospect Street in Burlington, Vermont. lgmllgm H QQ Eb in li' 5' ' ' ev " 'Q VAL... rf MARGARET LEWIS MCCRACKEN, "Pegg, was born in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, ,February 14, 1913. Her father, George McCracken, teaches mathematics and graduated from Cornell. Her mother, Nellie B. McCracken, attended Goucher Col- lege. She completed all her preliminary schooling in Swarthmore. At Vermont Peg is enrolled in the Social Science curriculum and majors in Psychology. Her sorority is Pi Beta Phi. Peg confesses that "glee club and footballl' are her particular campus inter- ests, but there are those who say she is interested in becoming the oflicial mascot for the band. Peg has been a member of W. A. A., Y. W. C. A., Glee Club, and Health Council, and was Vice-President of Health Council her junior year. Her home is at 108 Vassar Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. EUNICE MANN, who is "Sandi" to everyone in school, was born in Walpole, Massachusetts, February ZI, 1913. ,Her father is a mechanical engineer and her mother, Gertrude M. Mann, attended Bridge- water Normal School. Sandi went to the Walpole public schools and prepped at Howard Seminary in Bridegwater, Massachusetts. At Vermont she is en- rolled in the Commerce and Economics CSecretarialj course. Her sorority is Alpha Chi Omega. Sandi is one of the few girls we are able to call "cute" with- out a twinge of conscience. Really she is a darling! Activities: Hockey 131, Baseball fr, aj, Basketball Czjg Tetherball QU, Manager Czjg John Dewey Club, Press Club, W. A. A., Y. W. C. A., House Committee QQ. Address: 47 Massachusetts Avenue, Walpole, Massachusetts. CHARITY LEIGH MARTIN was born in Seattle, Washington, April 10, 1912. Her father, Luce F. Martin, is a bridge engineer and graduated from the University of Vermont. Her mother, Winifred L' ll C lle e in Iowa Leigh is Martin, attended Grinne o g - descended from Wfilliam Brewster and Doctor Fuller of the Mayflower. She received her early schooling in Seattle and in lylissoula, Montana, and she atteniei Missoula High School. At Vermont she is enro e in the Social Science course and Mat present" majors in History. She has rather cosmopolitan tastes, pre- ferring mushrooms with her steak, bull ights and dog races, and Melachrinos Quwhen I can get 7em"j. Leigh's home address is 618 South gth Street, West Missoula, Montana. II II HELEN AUGUSTA MILLER, "Bunny,H Was born in Danvers, Massachusetts, April 15, IQI4. Her father is an ice-cream manufacturer and Bunny is also cool and sweet. All her preliminary schooling was received in Danvers. She has a French major in the Literary Scientific course. Kappa Alpha Theta is her sorority. Bunny has both her class numerals and U. V. M. Emblem-and Bunny is definitely O. K.! Activities: Class Secretary Qxjg Rifle Q1, 2, 31, Basketball C215 French Clubg Glee Club Q2, 315 Lilac Day CID, Health Council Qzjg Dance Committee 121, President of Women's Outing Club QQ, KV. A., A. Council CQ, Hiking Chairman W. A. A. fjhg Kake Walk Committee C323 Y. W. C. A. Council f3Jg Dean's List 135. Address: 39 Cherry Street, Danvers, Massachusetts. NIARGUERITE THERESE MILLET, "Meg,', was born in Pittsheld, Massachusetts, on December 5, 1913. Her father, a physician, attended McGill and the Medical College of the University of Vermont. She is a descendant of the famous French painter, Millet Cof "L'Angelus"j. She completed her early schooling in Pittsfield. At U. V. M. she majors in Political Science in the Social Science curriculum. She is a member of Alpha Xi Delta. Lanky and popular Bill Millet of the Senior class is her brother. Marguerite has been active in most women's athletics including Soccer, Basketball, Baseball and Tennis, and she is a member of the Outing and French Clubs. She was highly praised as one of the first women Kake Walkers at the February show. Address: I3I Bradford Street, Pittsfield, Massachusetts. TERESA AGNES MIMEAU, "Tessie,', was born in Burlington, Vermont, January 29, r913. Her father, William Mimeau, is shipping department manager at Wells River, Vermont. She attended Cathedral Grammar and Cathedral High School in Burlington. At Vermont she is enrolled in the Literary Scientific curriculum and majors in Mathematics. She says she is getting "all I cann from college life. She is inter- ested particularly in music and dramatics and is a good student. She thinks showers for girls, locker rooms is about the greatest need at U. V. M. Tessie has been the recipient of an Honor Scholarship. Her present home address is 71 King Street in Burlington, Vermont. - ,QT ,'., 4 1 '-Q . 1 I --- - ' , KATHLEEN SYLVIA MINER, who is either "Kay', or "Syl', as you prefer, was born in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, on June 13, 1913. Her father, Harold Miner, is engaged in advertising and buying. She is related to Dr. Frank Miner, the first white doctor in the Hawaiian Islands and personal physician to Queen Liluokalani. She received her early schooling in New Jersey but prepared for college in Burlington High School. At U. V. M. her course is Home Economics. She is a member of Pi Beta Phi. Personal: She is a good- student, also a swell rider, likes polo and frogs' legs, and is partial to Sigma Nus. Kay is a member of the Press Club, the Home Economics Club, and the Women's Athletic Association. Her address is 146 Mansfield Avenue, in Burlington, Vermont. MARY ELIZABETH MOORE, who is descended from Irish kings, was born in Fair Haven, Vermont, on August 30, 1913. Her father, Fred Moore, is a grocer. She attended graded and high school in Fair Haven. At Vermont she is enrolled in the Literary Scientific curriculum and majors in Mathematics. She is a member of Alpha Xi Delta. As she says herself, she is getting "fun, friends, and experience" from college. She should have underscored the "friends" For Mary is one of the most popular girls in our class, as was shown when she was elected vice-presi- dent of the class her sophomore year. Her activities include: Baseball Czj Dramatic Club, Kake Walk Committee C315 John Dewey Club, Honor Scholar- ship. Address: Fair Haven, Vermont. HELEN THELMA MOUNT, "Twink," was born in Penacock, New Hampshire, October 4, I9Ij. She re- ceived all of her preliminary schooling in Burlington, Vermont. Her major is Political Science in the Social Science curriculum. She is a member of Alpha Chi Omega. Twink is just full of boundless enthusiasm. And never have we seen a more truly friemlly per- son. Activities: Hockey C1, 2, 31, Manager C213 Volleyball C1, 1, 32, Captain CID, Campus Manager Cal, Baseball C1, aj, Captain CID, Basketball C1, 2, 31, Captain CIQ, Campus Manager C3jg Chairman, Spring Field Day Cij, Fall Field Day CH, Winter Carnival C3,Q W. A. A. Council, Sophomore Repre- sentative Czj, Treasurer C3jg Numerals, U. V. M., Blazer, Lilac Day C155 Cynic, News Editor C153 Dean's List Czjg Faculty-Student Council C3jg Presi- dent Press Club C3Jg President Le Cercle Francais C3Jg Women's Editor of 1935 ARIEL. Address: 26 Grove Street, Burlington, Vermont. II II 1. 1... fx- rs K" it, fr . PP" I MARIE BISSEL NAYLOR, 'KFuzzy," was born in Hartford, Connecticut, on August 9, I908. Her father, James H. Naylor, is a physician and attended the University of Vermont. Marie's early schooling came from the Knox School at Cooperstown, New York, and she prepped at the Northampton School for Girls in Northampton, Massachusetts. At U. V. M. she majors in Psychology in the Social Science course. She says she is getting from college "a general idea of how people react due to their heredity and environment" and her ambition is to give Psychological tests. She is fond of listening to court trials and writes in a very neat hand. Her Junior year 'Marie has played baseball and volleyball. Her home address is 1 Vifethersfield Avenue, Hart- ford, Connecticut. MARIE ARLINE NICHOLSON Was born in Suffield, Connecticut, March 21, 1915. She is related to Gen- eral Pershing and Howard Chandler Christie, the artist. All her preliminary schooling was completed in Suffield. She is majoring in German in the Classi- cal curriculum at U. V. M. Her sorority is Alpha Chi Omega. Personal: She is very fond of outdoor sports, hockey in particular, although she is out for basketball and baseball also. She likes ice cream, Mary R. Rinehart, Clark Gable, Springfield, Massa- chusetts, and "The Rosary." Her ambition is to teach German. Marie made the Dean's List QU, played Hockey 12, 31, Varsity QQ, Baseball Qzj, Basketball fa, 3j, Manager UQ, and is a member of XV. A. A. and Y. W. C. A. Her home address is Sufheld, Connecticut. ALENE DOROTHY NORSE, "Lelee," was born in Winhall, Vermont, on May 19, 1913. She has five brothers and four sisters. She attended Slade School in W'inha1l and she prepared for college at Black River Academy, where she was editor of the Black River' Banner. At Vermont she is majoring in Eng- lish in the Literary Scientiic curriculum. She con- siders college "an excellent opportunity for intel- lectual and personality development" and her ambi- tion is "to acquire poise and to cope successfully with others in the business world." Personal: She likes tomatoes and considers girls' athletic facilities Ver- montis greatest need. Alene received a state honor scholarship when a Freshman. Her home address is now South Londonderry, Vermont. A is zniieiu, ligybibffe - Dm a T-UQ, . ,rf MARGARET ESTHER NUGENT, l'Peg,,' was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts, on September 11, I9 13. She received all her preliminary schooling in Glouces- ter. Her course at Vermont is Classical. She is un- decided as to whether her major will be German or English. She is a member of Delta Delta Delta. Personal: She likes English Qexcept taking the roll in English 143, prefers to Watch polo and play ping- pong and, she claims, smokes a corn cob, and reads Aristotle and Eugene O,Neill. Activities: Eta Sigma Phig. Deutsche Vereing Publicity Chairman of Y. XV. C. A., Choir Czjg Baseball Qajg Varsity Volleyball 131, W. A. A., Assistant Women's Editor of ARIELQ Dean's List QI, 2, 3j. Address: I4 Marble Street, East Gloucester, Massachusetts. WINONA MARION OATLEY, 'lNona," was born in Flushing, New York, on March 4, 1914. Her father, Henry B. Oatley, attended the University in the class of 1900 and is President of the Vermont Alumni Council. Her early schooling was in Flush- ing and she prepared for college at Great Neck High School on Long Island. She is enrolled in the Edu- cation curriculum and majors in History. Her sorority is Kappa Alpha Theta. Winona is one of the best sports and most likeable girls we know. Activities: Cheerleader Qz, jj, Y. W. C. A., Volley- ball Q1, lj, Varsity QQ, W. A. A.g Grind Editor 1935 ARIEL, Dramatic Club, Masque and Sandal, NVomen's Property Manager, "Torchbearers,' 43,5 Decorations Committee, Winter Carnival f3DQ Kake Walk Usher fx, 35. Address: 33 Arleigh Road, Great Neck, New York. KATHRYN MARY O'BRIEN, "Kay," Was born in XVinooski, Vermont, on October 10, 1914. She attended Winooski graded schools and Winooski High School. At U. V. M. she majors in English in the Literary Scientific curriculum. She is a member of Alpha Xi Delta. She believes college is a "valuable asset." Kay is a petite and almost delicate girl, with wavy hair, a sweet, ,childlike face, and the loveliest, smilingest, Irish blue eyes you ever saw. She is friendly to everyone, is a perfect lady, and, in gen- eral, is the kind of girl about whom stories are Written. In college Kay played Volleyball QU, iS 3 member of W. A. A., Y. W. C. A., and the Newman Club, and has received an honor scholarship. Her home is at 67 Leclair Street in Winooski, Vermont. filif II MARION PRISCILLA PARKER was born in Wind- sor, Vermont, February 12, 1913. Her father, Daniel H. Parker, is a mechanical engineer. Marty Parker, ex-'35, is her brother. She is descended from Miles Standish and Hopkins of the Mayflower, Daniel C. Saunders, Hrst president of the University of Ver- mont, and Captain Parker of Revolutionary War fame. She received her early schooling in XVindsor and attended the Alfred Chant School in West Hart- ford, Connecticut, and the Essex Junction High School. History is her major in the Education course. Her ambition is "to become a successful teacher." Among her activities are: Volleyball fa, 31, Rifle Team C315 Press Club Qzjg Glee Club Qz, 353 Choir C3J. Her present home address is Essex Junction, Vermont. MARY JANE PARSONS was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, November 30, 1913. Both her father, William W. Parsons, and her mother, Helen Camp- bell, attended Kalamazoo College. jane completed her early schooling in Dearborn and Kalamazoo, Michigan, and she prepared for college at Dearborn and Essex Junction, Vermont. At U. V. M. she takes the Education course, majoring in Mathematics. She seems to us to be efficient, self-suflicient, and very Well poised. Still she likes to Reed. Jane has played Hockey 131, acted in Group Plays C3D, and been active on the Cynic fr, 2, 3j, News Editor 132, and XVomen's Editor f3j. Her home address is I23 Mansfield Avenue in Burlington, Vermont. DOROTHY ISABELLE PATERSON, "Dot," Was born in East Craftsbury, Vermont, on March 8, 1913. Samuel F. B. Morse, famous inventor of the telegraph, is one of her ancestors. Her early school- ing was received in East Craftsbury and she prepared for college at Craftsbury Academy. French is her major in the Literary Scientific course. Her sorority is Delta Delta Delta. Personal: She loves college but hates eight o'clock classes. Her ambition is to travel, her favorite dish is pie at la mode, and her favorite sport is horseback riding. Dot has been a member of the Women's Athletic Association and has received an honor scholarship. Her home address is East Craftsbury, Vermont. I I " 1'I1?ZI"fT,TT":,,f'3d"'Am"'q"i""T2' PHYLLIS MAE PEACOCK, "Phyl" or "Fifi," Was born in North Bennington, Vermont, on December 16, 1912. She received all her preliminary schooling in North Bennington and in high school was active in the glee club and basketball. Her college course is Home Economics and she majors in the Chemistry of Nutrition. Phyl is a member of Kappa Delta. Her ambition is to become a dietitian. Phyl has been an active member of our class. Among her honors areg Dean's List Cljg Volleyball CI, z, gjg Hockey 1315 Baseball C255 Rifle Teamg 1935 ARIEL Boardg German Club, Home Economics Club, XVinter Carni- val Czj. In addition she has been the recipient of an honor scholarship and active in Girl Scout work. Her home address is South Shaftsbury, Vermont. MARY LILLIAN PEARL was born in Grand Isle, Vermont, on December 28, I9I3. She is of Scotch descent. She received her early schooling in Grand Isle and prepared for college at Essex Junction High School. Her college course is Education and she majors in History, her favorite instructor being Pro- fessor Evans. Personal: College, to her, is "a grand place." 1-Ier ambition is to teach school, she loves strawberry shortcake with whipped cream, thinks the Rudy Vallee hour is pretty smooth, prefers McCalIs Magazine, and for specific personal data adds that she is "white, nineteen, and free." Mary's present home address is Grand Isle, Vermont. MARY PAULINE PEET was born in Cornwall, Ver- mont, on July 6, 1915. Her father, Edward Hamil- ton Peet, a graduate of Middlebury College, is presi- dent of the Farmers' Cooperative Fire Insurance Com- pany. She completed her early schooling in Corn- wall and prepared for college at Middlebury High School, where she was editor of the school paper. English is her major in the Literary Scientific course. She thinks college is a place 'taifording Wonderful opportunities for growth" and her ambition is to "excel in teaching." Mary is a friendly girl who smiles easily and we are fond of her. She was a member of the Freshman Women's Debating Team and received an honor scholarship. Mary's home ad- dress is Middlebury, Vermont. II EVELYN LUCILLE PERRY, who just naturally could not escape the nickname, 'gRed," was born on February 24, 1914, at West Brattleboro, Vermont. Her parents are Manita Morgan Perry and Harold Perry, who are clerk and civil engineer, respectively. Red is a descendant of James Monroe, fifth president of the United States. She received all her prelimi- nary schooling in Brattleboro, Vermont. Red is en- rolled in the Literary Scientific curriculum and majors in English. She has gone on record as pre- ferring the Nu Sigma Nus to any academic fraternity and she is alleged once to have stated that what this school needs 'is "more and better men." Activities: John Dewey Club, Hockey fzj, Baseball C215 Choir CU, Glee Club CI, zj. Present address: Brattleboro, Vermont. WINIFRED SARAH PERRY, "Winnie," was born at Wfestford, Vermont, March zo, 1913. Her mother, Grace Rice Perry, attended Albany Business College. She is a descendant of Ethan Allen. All her pre- liminary schooling was completed at Essex Junction, Vermont. She is taking the Home Economics course at U. V. M. Her sorority is Alpha Chi Omega. College, she thinks, is the "best part of life." Her ambition is to be a commercial demonstrator in Home Economics. Personal: She likes Washington, D. C., bowling, Keats, the song, i'Narcissus," and butter- scotch pie. Winifredis activities include: Press Club CI, 2, 35, Philagon Cz, 31, Home Economics Club fr, 2, 335 Cynic fry, W. A. A. iz, 313 Y. W. C. A., Honor Scholarship. Address: Essex Junction, Vermont. FRANCES EDITH PITCHER, i'Fran," was born in Burlington, Vermont, on May 19, 1913. Her father is a hotel manager. Fran completed all her early schooling in Burlington. She is enrolled in the Social Science curriculum and majors in Psychology. She says she is getting "a broader aspect of lifen from college and thinks college is uinterestingf' Personal: Her favorite course is Psychology, she likes Sinclair Lewis, Lionel Barrymore, the song, "Toujours L'Amour," the Seth Parker broadcasts, and Burling- ton and the worst thing about Vermont in her esti- mation is the Old Mill. Frances now lives at 1062 Church Street in Burlington, Vermont. ' I' 1. H... ll QD 5 53 T af P.- . 120 a 1,,z--+1.-..---.sep--r---5 ., ,. -------...I f C. ff MADELEINE POOLE was born in Taunton, Massa- chusetts, on October 2, 1912. Her father, Howard Poole, is a silver manufacturer-"Pewter by Poole" Brothers. Madeleine received her early schooling at "The Hedges" in Norton, Massachusetts, and later at- tended Taunton High School. At U, V. M. she is enrolled in the Social Science course and majors in History. Her sorority is Pi Beta Phi. Personal: She likes riding, lobster a la Newberg, and Shelly, and her ambition is to travel. Madeleine, as we see her, is the most nicely sophisticated girl in our class. She has that instinctive courtesy of good breeding. Madeleine is a member of W. A. A. and has made the Dean's List consistently for three years. Her address is 322 Somerset Avenue, Taunton, Massa- chusetts. OLIVE LOUISE PUFFER was born in Troy, New York, on September 26, IQIS. Her father, Louis B. Puffer, is Professor of Civil Engineering at the Uni- versity of Vermont and a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Her mother, Ruth R. Puffer, attended Wheaton College. Her early schooling was received in Troy and in Burlington, Vermont, and she attended Edmunds High School in Burlington. At U. V. M. Psychology is her major in the Literary Scientific curriculum. Delta Delta Delta is her sorority. She is interested in music and has in- structed dancing. One of her chief characteristics is absolute and careful honesty of statement. Olive was a member of the Glee Club frj, belongs to the Press and John Dewey Clubs, and took part in Lilac Day 111. Her home address is 176 Loomis Street in Burlington, Vermont. ELIZABETH ELDRIDGE RICH, "Betty," was born November 4, IQI3, in Manchester, Connecticut. Her father, Richard A. Rich, an insurance agent, attended Norwich University. Doctor Fuller of the May- flower is an ancestor. She received all of her pre- liminary schooling in Manchester. Psychology is her major in the Social Science curriculum. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. Betty is absolutely the most sincere person we have ever met. Activities: W. A. A. Council, Class Basketball CI, lj, Baseball CID, Hockey QQ, Editor Women's Freshman Haml- boole, Circulation Manager Wimzozuings from the Mill, Assistant XVomen's Athletic Editor 1935 Anim., Glee Club Qzjg Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, House Com- mittee C3j, John Dewey Club, Judiciary Committee, Dean's List, House Fellowship. Address: 2.57 East Center Street, Manchester, Connecticut. IZI FLORENCE NATALIE RICHARDSON, "Nat," was born on November 13, 1913, in Brooklyn, New York. Her parents are of British descent and her father, A. E. Richardson, prints year books for high schools in the metropolitan district. Montclair, New Jersey, was the scene of her pre-college education. At U. V. M. Nat is majoring in History in the Social Science course. Her sorority is Kappa Alpha Theta. She is an aristocratic person, with very well-bred tastes, and she will never forgive us when we say that she follows her natural Bent towards the Sigs and seems very well suited for the Place. Her activities include: W. A. A. fx, 2, 354 House Com- mittee fzjg Deutsche Verein Cz, 3j. Her home is at 155 North Mountain Avenue, Montclair, New Jersey. ALTA NATALIE ROCK, "Alf was born in East Barre, Vermont, on August 3, 1910. Her father, George Rock, is in the granite business. She re- ceived hcr early schooling in Barre and attended Spaulding High School in Barre. At U. V. M. she majors in Mathematics in the Education curriculum. Kappa Delta is her sorority. Al is an accomplished equestrienne, riding the jumps at Norwich. A1 says characteristically: "I think that everyone should get a big kick out of life. It's exciting. There's some- thing new every rninute." Activities: John Dewey Club, Le Cercle Francais, Treasurer QQ, W. A. A.g Health Council 1323 Pan-Hellenic Councilg Sopho- more Playg Dramatic Clubg Y. W. C. A., Upsilon Tau Alphag Public Affairs Club, Winter Sports Clubg House Committee f3JQ Dean's List Q1, 21. Address: East Barre, Vermont. THELMA ROSENBERG, "Tem," was born in Bur- lington, Vermont, on December 12, IQI3. She at- tended the Pomeroy School in Burlington and the Burlington junior and Senior High Schools. At U. V. M. she majors in History, incidentally her favorite course, in the Social Science curriculum. She is a member of K. E. L. Society. Tem is an ac- complished actress, we especially liked her in the group plays last fall, and she is one of the best dressed girls in school. Fastidious is a good word. Thelma acted also in the Group Plays her Sophomure year and has been a member of the Dramatic Club since she acted in the Class Plays her Freshman year. Her present home address is 116 North Winooski Avenue in Burlington, Vermont. Q. LL. ll -E? Z3 5 'fi--'tt I 27- 'S fjuiim-' -T3 ""':-1'-'rf BARBARA HALL RUSSELLf 'lBarbs," was born in Swanton, Vermont, July 15, I9II, She attended public school in St. Albans, Vermont, and graduated from St. Albans High School. At Vermont Eco- nomics is her major in the Social Science course. Of college she says, "A means to an end towards your goal." Her ambition is to do "personal work in a department storef, She plays a driving game of tennis, and her tennis is typical of Barbs. She plays life hard, but straight. She assumes no poses. Among Barbs' activities were: Class Tennis fl, 3j, Varsity 131, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Qzjg W. A. A. Her home address is 35 Prospect Street in St. Albans, Vermont. BARBARA SPRAGUE RUSSELL, "Bobbie," was born in Shelburne, Vermont, july 25, 1914. She attended graded schools in St. Albans and also Monk- ton Ridge, Vermont, and high school in Bristol, Vermont. At U. V. M. she majors in English in the Literary Scientific curriculum. Delta Delta Delta is her sorority. Personal: She is interested in dra- matics, prefers George Eliot and Sara Teasdale, and is ambitious to become a librarian. She has already had some experience in the Billings Library. Bobbie is a good student, is somewhat reserved, and we like her for the quiet and capable and ladylike way in which she goes about the everyday business of college life. Barbara's present home address is North Ferris- burg, Vermont. SUSIE BELLE SANBORN, 'iSue," was born in Stowe, Vermont, October 18, 1913. She is a de- scendant of Priscilla Alden of "Courtship of Miles Standishi' fame. Sue received her early schooling and high school education in Stowe. Her college course is Commerce and Economics. Sue is :L mem- ber of Kappa Delta. She especially enjoys athletics and dramatics, and thinks college offers a larger, fuller life and gives cultural background. Her am- bition is to be a secretary. Among Sue's activities are: John Dewey Clubg Basketball C213 Volleyball Q3jg Press Club QD, Deutsche Verein fzbg Public Affairs Club UD, W. A. A., Y. W. C. A. Sue was also the recipient of the honor scholarship from her high school. Her home address is Stowe, Vermont. it Out of college, january, 1934. I2 RUTH ELECTA SCHAEFER,:5 "Lex," was born in Liverpool, New York, July 30, IQI3. Her father, Joseph H. Schaefer, is an electrical engineer and at- tended Cornell. She is descended from Roger Wil- liams. Syracuse, Albany, and East Greenbush, New York, were scenes of her early schooling and she attended high school in Rensselaer, New York. At U. V. M. she majors in English in the Literary Scien- tific curriculum. Lex is one of the few distinct per- sonalties of our class. If reincarnation is fact, then surely her spiritual forbear is Sir John Falstaff. Bluff, hearty, expansive-no one could help liking her. Activities: Archery Qzjg Hockey fi, aj: Bluestockingsg Deutsche Vereing Cynic fi, zj. Ad- dress: East Greenbush, New York. GRACE IONA SMITH, "Gracie," was born in Montana, near Butte, on December 18, 1913. As for famous ancestors she says, 'KMaybe, there are a lot of Smiths!" She received her early schooling in Jericho, Vermont, and she attended high school in Jericho Center, Vermont. Her course at Vermont is Education and she majors in French. She thinks college is "interesting" and her ambition is "to re- tire." Personal data: She is fond of vegetables, tennis is her favorite sport, "if any," she reads stories by Walpole, and she prefers Jericho, which is her present home address. GRACE LOUISE SPELMAN, "Gracie,', was born in Brooklyn, New York, January 6, 1914. Her father, William A. Spelman, a civil engineer, is a Cornell graduate and her mother, Grace M. Spelman, attended Syracuse University. Her early schooling was in Brooklyn and she attended Hackensack High School. At U. V. M. she is enrolled in the Commerce and Economics Csecretarialj curriculum. Her sorority is Alpha Chi Omega. Her ambition is to be a "private secretary"-and she shyly adds-"to a doctor." Uh-uh! Grace seems to be immune to the blues, is a one-Mann woman, and likes every city and town except New York. Activities: Volleyball 11, 1, 313 Archery fij, Manager fzjg Press Club: Y. W. C. A.: Public Affairs Club. Address: 26 St. Ann Place, Rochelle Park, New Jersey. 'f' Out of college, Januarv. 1934. . f'.':g Hit' if .eeececgl J 49 ill 124 I ,f ,.il,,.,c...f ' ID 3,21 1171! x0-f EDITH MARION SPILLER was born in Boston, Massachusetts, October 17, 1913. She attended schools in Winthrop, Massachusetts, Bangor, Maine, Burlington, Vermont, and Miami, Florida, and Hnally graduated from Spaulding High School in Barre, Vermont. She now majors in History in the Social Science curriculum. She is a member of K. E. L. She says college is ua good place to lose one's way" and, as for ambition, she avers, "That is gone too.', Etlith's sarcasm is as tremendous as it is clever and she detests sham in anything. We admire her and like her very much, but still we cannot understand her. She has been a member of Bluestockings and Deutsche Verein. Her present home address is 4 Warren Street, Barre, Vermont. DOROTHY STROBRIDGE, "Dottie," was born in Barnet, Vermont, July 28, 1913. Her father, F. Edwin Strobridge, attended Bryant and Stratton Commercial College in Boston and her mother graduated from Johnson Normal School. She is a descendant of Ethan Allen, founder of Vermont, and J. F. Strow- bridge, the poet. She attended the Four Corners School in Barnet and Peacham Academy in Peacham, Vermont. Her college course is Home Economics with Chemistry as a major. Her ambition is to have a tea room and she has "picked strawberries in janu- ary" Qin Kissimmee, Floriclaj. Activities: House Committee Qijg Health Council Czjg Special Posture Committee C3Jg Glee Club C213 Fire Lieutenant Cz, 31, Home Economics Club Q2, 3jg Dean's List Qzjg Honor Scholarship fi, 2, 35. Home address: Barnet, Vermont. BARBARA HASTINGS TAYLOR, "Bobbie,', was born in Newport, Vermont, on September 30, IQI3. She attended Newport graded and high schools. At U. V. M. her course is Home Economics. She is a member of Pi Beta Phi. Bobbie has a rather scien- tific turn of mind: she thinks that college is a "good experiment" and her ambition is "to work in a food research laboratory." She is a hard worker and had the distinction this year of being one of the few girls to be picked by the Dean for a dormitory scholarship. Activities: W. A. A. Q2, 3jg Sp6Ci2ll Chorus Qzjg Home Economics Club C2, 3lS Glas Club QI, :jg Health Council Cz, 3,5 Judiciary CHS Faculty-Student Council 4315 Student Fellowship. Address: 3 Prospect Street, Newport, Vermont- I I2 LIZZIE ELLA TORREY, "Toots," was born in Addison, Vermont, May 3, 1910. She received her early schooling in Addison and prepared for college at Middlebury High School. At Vermont she is en- rolled in the Home Economics curriculum. Personal: Her favorite course is Chemistry, her favorite town, Randolph Center, and she likes Coleridge, the song, l'The Old Refrain," and Goan' Housekeeping Maga- zine. She intends to do dietetic work, and probably somewhere sometime, will be planning delicious meals with Evelyn-the "two inseparables with the one am- bition." Toots is a member of the Home Economics Club and her present home address is Vergennes, Vermont. MARY KAY TUPPER, 'iM.K.," was born in Bur- lington, Vermont, on October 9, 1914. Her father is the well-known and popular Professor Frederick Tupper, head of the English Department at this University. She received her early schooling in Bur- lington and prepared for college at the Madeira School in Washington. Mary Kay also had the ad- vantage of a European tour before entering college. Her course is Literary Scientific with English a major. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. Mary Kay, both in breeding and temperament, is a lady. Activi- ties: John Dewey Clubg Class Vice-President C3jg W. A. A.g Varsity Hockey Qt, gjg Bowling Qrjg Tennis CI, aj, Nurneralsg U. V. M.g Pan-Hellenic Council 135. Address: 179 North Prospect Street, Burlington, Vermont. ZILPHA MARGUERITE WATSON, the petite blond known to all as 'KPeggy," was born at North Troy, Vermont, on October zz, 1913. She is of Scotch-English ancestry. She attended graded school in North Troy, but Went to high school in Newport Center, Vermont, where she played on the girls' basketball team. Peggy's course at Vermont is Edu- cation and she majors in French. Her sorority is Kappa Delta. Statistics: Peggy likes rifle, basketball, dramatics and dancing, and she confesses, she also has a "passion for eight o'clock classes." Uh-uh! She also once stated that the WDrSt thing about Vermont is the weather. Peggy has a talent for getting along with people. She made the baseball team her fresh- man year. Address: North Troy, Vermont. gr ft: it H QD 3, 51 5 ' 5 ' AAQQQ' LR ,,giT:: W . . , ...- ...L 'fr' WEL Qmf ' Qtr! S-.QM BARBARA NYE XVEARS, Who is better known as "Barbs," was born in Burlington, Vermont, July 3, 1913. flt is said that the following day was widely celebratedj She completed all her preliminary schooling in Burlington, Vermont. Her course at U. V. M. is Home Economics. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. It is possible that she may leave Vermont next year to go to the Prince School in Boston, incidentally her favorite city. Barbs is ambitious to be a buyer or a designer for a big store. And, by the way, we like Barbs. Activities: XV. A. A., Class Tennis Q1jg Women's Photographic Editor of 1935 ARIELQ Home Economics Club, Dean's List f3j. Barbs lives at the Theta House at 115 South .Prospect Street in Burlington, Vermont. ANITA LLOYD NVEIR, 'lNita," was born in Rock- ville, Connecticut, March 14, 1914. She attended Rockville graded schools and Rockville High School. Her college course is Classical, with Latin and French as majors. Her only regret about college is uthat there isn't more time so that I could go out for more things" and she adds that college is teaching her "how to live-and combine work and pleasure." She is a member of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority. Nita is somewhat of an enigma, at least, to usg she can be most uncommonly brilliant when she wishes, but she seems at times to check her talents with a certain cynicism. Anita has been a member of XV. A. A. fr, 2, 32, Press Club 11, 2, gj, French Club fr, 31, and the Cynic Board CI, 21. Her home is at 133 High Street in Rockville, Connecticut. FRANCES MARIE XVHALEN, "Fran," Was born in Burlington, Vermont, February 17, 1912. Her father, Frank J. W'halen, who graduated from Ottawa University, is president of the Hagar Hardware and Paint Company in Burlington. She received her early schooling at Mount St. Mary's Academy and attended Cathedral High School in Burlington. She is now enrolled in the Secretarial curriculum. Her sorority is Delta Delta Delta. Personal: Professional hockey is her favorite spectator sport, Ottawa, Canada, her favorite city, and her ambition is "to live in a large city." Fran was on the Refreshment Committee at Kake Walk and is a member of Phila- gon and the Public Affairs Club. Her home adClr2SS is 394 Pearl Street in Burlington, Vermont. :g,yu,,L7Y , I2 LOIS MARIAN WHITCOMB, Who calls herself 'RLoie,,' but, like a good sport, doesn't object to "Loith," was born in Burlington, Vermont, Septem- ber 18, 1913. Her father, Fred W. Whitcomb, is a banker CI-Ioward Nationalj. Lois attended Burling- ton schools. Political Science is her major in the Social Science course. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. Lois plays a hard-driving game of tennis, is ambitious to do dress designing, has the most gorgeous hair in our class, and can murmur, "Oh Sammy!" in such a Way that We don't blame Mr. Pierce at all, at all. Among her activities are: Wh A. A., Tennis QU, Bowling QI, zj, Bluestockings C1, 2, 3j, Secretary QQ, Masque and Sandal fgj, Lilac Day CID, Dean's List QD. Lois lives at 443 South XVillard Street in Burlington, Vermont. RUTH MADELINE WILKINS, "Ruthie," was born in Rutland, Vermont, January 10, 1913, of Irish- English ancestry. She attended the Rutland schools and graduated from Rutland High School. She is enrolled in the Literary Scientific course, majoring in French. Her sorority is Alpha Chi Omega. She has a very friendly eifervescent personality, likes riding, and Seattle, Washington, thinks college "offers all the Opportunities and drawbacks afforded by any special- ized intellectual environmentf' and her ambition is to travel. Activities: Basketball C1, zj, Hockey QIJ, Baseball Czj, W. A. A., Y. W. C. A., Press Club Q1, 31, French Club, Assistant Grind Editor of 1935 ARIELQ Lilac Day Cij, Choir Czj, Glee Club Qz, 35, Honor Scholarship. Address: Rutland, Vermont. ALICE MARY WIMETT, "Al," Was born in Pitts- ford, Vermont, on August 24, 1914. Her father, Alfred J. Wimett, is town cleck for Pittsford and is in the insurance business. She attended the Pitts- ford graded schools and high school. At U. V. M. she is majoring in Mathematics in the Literary Scien- tific curriculum. Personal: She thinks college is "great," likes apples, Mathematics, the novelist, Willa Cather, and the Ruflrmd Herald, and though a truly intellectual person, she is by no means divorced from campus activities. Alice has played Hockey Cz, 31, Volleyball QQ, and Basketball fab, is a member of the Newman Club, XV. A. A., and Winter Sports Club, was Fire Captain Qzj, and has an honor scholarship. Her home is in Pittsford, Vermont. 1 113. it H Q En Eu jf'T-TS--S' ' K 3 T28 .f "'1 .K , .-J f . ,ALL-" CHRISTINE ELEANOR YULE, "Chris,,' was born in Ludlow, Massachusetts, on September 18, 1913. Her mother attended the New England Conservatory and her father, who is a physician in Palmer, Massa- chusetts, attended Dartmouth and the University of Vermont. She received her early schooling in the Monson School and she prepped at Palmer High School. She is now taking the Secretarial course and majors in Economics. Her sorority is Pi Beta Phi. "Great While it lasts," is her verdict on college, from which she is getting a "brief smattering of learning- and a lot of fun." Chris is a member of W. A. A. and the Press Club, played Basketball lx, zj, and took part in Lilac Day her Freshman year. Her present home address is 46 Walnut Street, Palmer, Massachusetts. I2 130 'IUNICDR QUESTIONNAIRE MOST POPULAR: Men Women MOST ALL-ROUND: Men Women PIARDEST WORKER! Men Women MOST APT TO SUccEED: Men Women DONE MOST EOR U. V. M.: Men Women DONE MOST EOR 1935: Men Wfomen MOST PEP! Men Women BEST LOOKING? Men Women BEST ATHLETE: Men Women PARLOR ATHLETE: Men Women MOST BRAINS! Men Women First Cook Mount Palmer Mount Cass Yule Delfausse Ainsboro Cook Mount Cass Mount Flynn Oatley Simonds Bartlett Palmer Mount Waterman Cook Cass Bellows Second Third Palmer Lanahan Cook i Miller Panahan Cook Kane France White Lanahan Mount Calkins Cass Churchill Mount Miner Cass Patch Kane Rich Cook Palmer France Rich Sabin Lanahan Cook LaFountain Skodinski Scott Cunningham Poole Delfausse Ramon France Millet Hubbard Collins Millet Wilkins Libby Squires Tupper Calkins il 5 y , -, ,J , ,., -,,,... .,.....,.5 we. ,IUNIQR QUESTICDNNAIRE Fi7'Sf Second Third COMEDIAN: MCH Hubbard Flynn Keelan Women Nugent Moore Boright SMOOTHEST LINE: MCH Hubbard Scott Sabin Women Cook Kane Poole OPTIMIST: Men Whalen Brown Bristol XVOmen Hosley Crockett McCracken PESSIMIST: Men Wright Swartz Keelan Women Wier Jenks Boright MOST CONCEITED: Men Starbuck Sabin Wright Women Mount Boright Poole MOST SARCASTIC: Men Wfright Ramon Myers Women Kittell Nugent Millet BEST DANCER: Men Brown 'W'OOl Meligonis Wfomen Yule Kane Wfhitcomb MOST SOPHISTICATED: Men Carlson Sabin Brown Women Poole Bartlett Lockwood LAZIEST: Men Sussman Scott Park Wgmen Wier Millet Naylor FAVORITE INSTRUCTOR: FAVORITE SORORITY: FAVORITE FRATERNITY: Evans Pi Beta Phi Delta Psi Tuppef Kappa Alpha Theta Phi Delta Theta L, L, Briggs Alpha Chi Omega gKappa Sigma 2Sigma Alpha Epsilon I32 FQRCED LANDINGS EX-MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1935 ROY CARROLL ABBOTT, EN, Mechanical Engineering ......... JEAN COLLINS AINSWORTH, Literary Sclenfzjlc ...........,......................,. Irv HARRY WILLIAM ALBEE, JR., XQ, Mechanical Engineering .4..,... ..........,......WoodStock, Vermont ..... South Royalton, Vermont ............,..........ESSex, New York Montpelier, Vermont FREDERICK WELLS BANCROET, JR., AXP, Cornnzerce anrl Economics ...,.... ILLEANOR BARKER, Home Economics. ......... ....., , . ,...... . .,,.....,.. .,..,...I..............,... . RUTH BARRETT, Lzierary Scientific ..,....I..4..,.........,.,..,..,.... RALPH RAYMOND BARRON, KE, General Science ..,..... GEORGE HOWARD BECKLEMAN, Pre-Mezlical .,.,,.......... LEONARD JEEEORDS BINGHAM, Cbeznixtry .,...,..,,..,...,.,.,.. SN CHARLES ALFRED BOWRER, -fl , General Science.. ,... ..,. , LESTER JESSE BOYCE, 'Pix-9, Pre-Medical ,,......,,.............. FORREST COLSTON BRALEY, TMA, Pre-Medical ......... Tl'IERESA SIDONIE BROSSEAU, Secretarial ................... LAWRENCE PAUL BRUSH, AI, Agriculture .... MAE FRANCES BUCK, Home Economics ....,. .. .I,.,...,.....,.. .. CALVIN PENFIELD BULLARD, Civil Engineering ......... IVIARGUERITE PEARL BURNAP, Home Economics ......... ALVAH GEORGE BUXTON, BAE, Civil Engineering ....... JEAN MOSHER CADY, KA, General Science ...,,... RICHARD ROXVELL CALDWELL, Chemistry .....,.....,....,......................... NICHOLAS CHARLES CAMERON, Coininerce and Economics ...,... DONALD FISHER CAMPBELL, AXP, Agriculture ,..,...... .,.,..,,,....,...., RUTH VICTORIA CANNON, Social Science ..,....................,,...........,.., ,. VA WILLIAM BURR CARLETON, 1-f , Mechanical Engineering .. JOHN DAVID CARSON, AI, Mechanical Engineering. .,............ . RAYMOND JAIMES CHARLAND, ATQ, Pre-Merlical .,,.....,........ IRAH JUSTIN CHASE, TAG, Conunerce anzl Economics ....... PRISCILLA MAXXVELL COLTON, AX9, General Science ..... ,,.. GEORGE JOHN CUMMINGS, General Science ,......, .........,,,.......,. NORMAN EUGENE DAIGLE, THOMAS CTI-IARLES DAMERY, HOMER GREENWOOD DAVIS AT9, Pre-Merlical ......,,,......................... AI, Cornvnerce anrl Economics ...... COIILTIICVCL' anzl Economics ..,....... , ALICE ELIZABETH DAVISON, Home Economics ..,.......,....,........ VICTOR WILLIAM DEBELLIS, Social Science ...,...,,.,.....,.........,... HARRY FRANCIS ROBY DOLAN, JR., General Science, ........ . HELEN DOROTHY DONNELLY, AEA, Home Economics .,,... FRANCIS ERNEST DOUGLAS, ZX, Civil Engineering ............ EDXVARD MYRON ELDREDGE, KE, General Science .......,.. LILLIAN MARGUERITE EMERSON, Eclzication HELEN LILLIAN FINE, K.E.L., Classical .......... CECIIL ERNEST FISK, TA9, General Science ...,..,......, ,. .,............,........,.,...,..... XWILLIAM XVOODBURY FRASER, WMA, Conizne THEMA BERNICE FR UMRIN, Social Science, ..,,.,,..................,.....,............,.,..., ,. JOSEPH HENRY GANNON, Pre-Mezlical ..,....., VYARETH ECTUS GARRETT, Agriczzltnre, .,... . rce anrl Economics .,,...... ........New York, New York ................,,.,,Bradford, Vermont ......,.WinClIester, Massachusetts ..............,.,......,,,,Portland, Maine .......Enosburg Falls, Vermont ..,...,,.Saranac Lake, New York Alburg, Vermont Hartford, Vermont Highgate, Vermont ...,..,....,,...Arlington, Vermont . ,..........,.... ....,... E ast Aurora, New York ..........White River Junction, Vermont ...........,........,.Enosburg Falls, Vermont . ..,..... Saxtons River, Vermont Plainfield, New Jersey ........,.West Barnet, Vermont .......,..........,..,....Mnrshfield, Vermont ,....,,.New Brunswick, New Jersey Burlington, Vermont Richmond Hill, New York ...................Orange, New Jersey ........LyndOr1ville, Vermont Bolton, Vermont East Northfield, Massachusetts Johnstown, New York ..,,........LyndonVille, Vermont Somerville, Massachusetts .......Burlington, Vermont ,...,..,.Craftsbury, Vermont Orange, New Jersey ..........Dunstable, Massachusetts ..,....,,AtlantiC City, New Jersey ,,.,..,..,PittsfIeld, Massachusetts ......,.Middlehury, Vermont Bridport, Vermont ..............,.........Hartford, Connecticut ..... Charlestown, New Hampshire ........Manchester, New Hampshire ,.,........,.....,...Summit, New Jersey Burlington, Vermont Enosburg Falls, Vermont If Hough' J SD EE: 1 -A Q...---Q .X Y..--.L..,6J J f I ROBERT HIBBARD GAY, 5xI', Coniinerce anil Economics ,.., ANTHONY WILLIE GIROUX, Z'-AE, Pre-Meilical ....,..... . ..,,.,.... HELEN MAX' GOODRICH, Eilncaiion .,.,,,....,..,........,......,,.........,.., ELISHA ROBERT GOODSELL, 'P59', Civil Engineering ..,..... FRANCES LONA GRIGGS, Home Economics .... ..,..................... BKIARSHALL BRADLEY HALL, JR., 4759, Coinznerce and Economics ......... JOSEPH HAMILTON, KE, Social Science ..,..... .... VIRGINIA FURLONG HANSCOM, Social Science ....... ,.,... ..,....... ,.......,.............. FRANCIS IRVIN HARDY, JR., 1559, Cornnierce anal Economics HA,RRIETTE CHALMERS HAYES, Clasxical ..... .. ...................,,.,.,....,..,...,....., .. GERTRUDE HIMMELSTEIN, General Science ...,. FRANCES EVANS HISCOX, Horne Economics ,.,....,.............................,.. HERBERT JOSEPH HOLLEY, EN, Commerce anil Ecoaoznicx ......., MERIDEN LUCIUS I'IOXVD, 2513, Education ........ .............. ....... XVILMA LoIs HURD, K5, Education, ....,,....,...,.....,.,...,,..,........,,..............,............. . GEORGE VINCENT HUTCHINS, ZX, Coninierce anil Economics .,....... IIOWARD LEROY HUTCHINS, Eelncaiion ............................................., ............., CHARLES WILSON JACKSON, 25, Agriculture ,,...... LOIS LAVINIA JACQUITH, Home Economics ..,, CLARA ELEANOR JAY, Social Science ..,.............. .,.,.... ,..... ......,,...,..., KINGSLAND EDWARD JOHNSON, CP59, General Science ........ ROBERT DAVID JOHNSON, Pre-Mezlical .,.,.,,......,.....,,.......,... ..4..... NORMA SINCLAIR JONES, Social Science ...,., VVILBERT FELIX KEARNEY, 5XI', Coninzerce and Economics ...... MORRIS STANLEY KEENAN, Agricnltnre .....,.. .....,,....,....,,,.............,...... PAUL HUBBARD KNIGHT, ET, Coinnzerce tll1ll',EL'0i10Il1lL'X ...... ELPHEGE JOSEPH LALUMIERE, General Science ,..... LLOYD EMERY LAMERE, AI, Literary Scientinc ,....... MEYER EUGENE LAZARUS, 4125, Social Science ....... THOMAS BACON LESSOR, TM5, Pre-Medical .,,,............. WILLIAM JOSEPH LINNEY, EN, Civil Engineering ..... ANNA ELIZABETH LOCRE, Eilncation ...,.,...,....,.........,, ..,.... ANNA FRANCES LUNNAH, Eilncaiion ............. HARRY ANDREW LYEORD, 25, Eilncafion ..,.,. . EDWIDGE VIRGINIA NICDONALD, Social Science ,,..... GEORGE ALAN MACDONALD, KE, Erlncaiion ,....... HELEN URSULA NICGREGGS, Home Economics .,..... BRENDA WOODBURY MCMULLEN, Special ............. KA'fHRYN MCSHANE, Erlncafion ....,,.,.,.....,,..,.... lVlARIE LOUISE MAGUIRE, Classical ...........,,,.....,.......,........,...,..,. ROBERT RICHARDS MAGUNE, EAE, General Science .,,.... JOHN PAUL MAHONEY, ATU, Literary Scienfijic .,,..,... ALMA LOUISE MARTENSON, Social Science ......,........,.,., Bethel, Vermont Northfield, Vermont Salisbury, Vermont .....,Burlington, Vermont ..,.,..,Newport, Vermont .........Newton, Massachusetts Lawrence, Massachusetts ..,,,,..,,.Waban, Massachusetts Marblehead, Massachusetts Barton, Vermont New York City Tyringham, Massachusetts Hartford, Connecticut Northiield, Vermont ........,Arlington, Vermont Alburg, Vermont ........YOrlt Beach, Maine ................Burlington, Vermont South Woodstock, Vermont St. Albans, Vermont .,.......I-iishkill, New York .........,Craftsbury, Vermont ....,..,.Princeton, New Jersey .......Norwallc, Connecticut Groton, Vermont Burlington, Vermont Milton, Vermont Ludlow, Vermont .....,..Middlebury, Vermont Charlotte, Vermont Lyon Mountain, New York XVhite River Junction, Vermont Enosburg Falls, Vermont ..,.............,,,,.Wilder, Vermont Lynn, Massachusetts .....,Burlington, Vermont ,,.....St. Albans, Vermont ..,....Burlington, Vermont Poultney, Vermont ,...,...,Bennington, Vermont Worcester, Mas Burlington, Sachusetts Vermont Great Kills, New York 1'IELEN FRANCES MARTIN, Eclncaiion .....,,.,,.......,,,.....,...... ...,....,.... W olcott, Vermont DOROTHY WINFRED MILES, AEA, Social Science ,,.. . .,.,.,......,...,,...,,.,.,...,..... Berlin, New Hampshire JANE SPARROXV MOLLOY, Social Science ...........,........... ..,.,... H aStinSS'0n'the'Hud50nf New York ALMER FRANKLYN MONTAGUE, Agriculture ,...,...,,.. .,., .....,...,..........................,,. B u rlington, Vermont FRANK BAKER MOORE, EN, Mechanical Engineering ......... ........ M icldleburyi Vffmom GERTRUDE MAE MORGAN, Social Science ...,..,.................,...... ..,.... B urlingwni Vefmfmf DANTE FRANCESCO lVlORI, EAE, Education .,...... ---444--'---- B Mrs, Vermont I MYRON HILLSON MORSE, General Science ..,..... RUTH ISABEL MUNSON, Ezlncation ........,,......,, DONALD ALAN NEWTON, AI, General Science ...,..,.,...,... HARRY MARSHALL NORRIS, Electrical Engineering ........ ADA MILDRED NUNN, Social Science ,.,..,,..... .... ,..... .... , .4........ . GLEN PARK OSGOOD, Eleczfrical Engineering .....,.,. JOHN BROOKS PARMALEE, AI, Pre-Medical ,........ JAMES PASSERINI, Pre-Medical ..,..,.....,.........,,........,,.,,,....,.............. SAMUEL HENRY PEARSON, ATQ, Civil Engineering ..44.... VIRGINIA ATHERTON PEASE, Secretarial ..,.,...,....,,,...,....,,...,. JOHN IMMANUEL PETERSON, SEMA, Chemistry .......... MILDRED HELEN PHELES, Home Economics ....... . .,.. , ...,... LESLIE DEAN PIERCE, JR., Cofnnzerce and Econoinics .,... WILLIAM MAURICE PIETTE, KE, General Science ,,.....,.... DOROTHY ELIZABETH PRITCHARD, Secrefarial .....,. PRESTON PENFIELD PURPLE, EA, Eclncafion, .,.,,. , PEARL XVASSON RANDALL, Horne Economics ......., ELVA ROBERTA RAY, Social Science .........,............ PRISCILLA LOUISA RAY, Classical.. ....,......,..,.,........,. ,. JOHN JOSEPH REYNOLDS, EN, General Science ....... PASCAL LOUIS RICCI, General Science .,...........................,,,..... DONALD JOSEPH ROCK, Coininerce anrl Economics ...,, ALFRED ROGERS, JR., ECP, General Science ............,,....,.. WILLIAM JOSEPH RONIANOS, Pre-Medical ,,...... LILLYAN ROSENFIELD, Literary Scientific ......... ARTHUR RAYMOND SADLER, AXP, General Science ......... REBECCA SAMUELSON, Pre-Medical ......., hLEANOR SAXIE, Horne Economics, ,....,...,..... .,.,...,,.............,,............................... PV NORMAN JOSEPH SCHAEFFER, 1-fl ,Coinnzerce and Economics FRANK EDGAR SESSIONS, KE, Conznzerce and Econoinics .............. JAMES XVILLIS SILLEY, KE, General Science ......................,......,... XVILLIAM RICHMOND SRINNER, KE, Education .,..... BIRDENE ELLA SMITH, Social Science ............. ......,.......,.,....,,.....,.......,... KENNETH BEMIS SMITH, KE, Commerce anil Economics .......... fOHN ALLEN SOULE, AXP, Social Science. ..,,..........,,.......... , .....,,., JOHN GORDON SOUTHNVORTH, Mecloanical Engineering ........ RAYMOND HARRIS STEADMAN, Commerce and Economics ......... ROLLASTON GEORGE STILES, ZX, Electrical Engineering ........ PHYLLIS ELLA STOCKXVELL, v ' GEORGE LYMAN STRATTON, 'P59, Colninerce anrl Economics ........ KA, Ef17!C!lf10Tl,... ...,.... ...,............,,..,, ,.......Brookline, Massachusetts . ..,,,.... Burlington, St. Albans, ...,...,...Burlington, Vermont Vermont Vermont ........Medford, Massachusetts Bethel, Vermont Auburn, Maine Barre, Burlington, Burlington, ,...,..Burlington, Burlington, Rutland, Newport, ,....,.,.POultney, ....,.,.,Chelsea, .............,....Waterhury, Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont . ..... Leominster, Massachusetts Ashland, Massachlsetts Branford, Connecticut Claremont, New Hampshire ...,...,..........South Barre, Vermont .. .,...., Milton, Massachusetts Barre, Vermont .......,Mattapan, Massachusetts Hopedale, Massachusetts ....,.,,,..Burlington, ....,..,.,..........Windsor, Vermont Vermont ..,..,,..Naugatuck, Connecticut Worcester, Massachusetts ...Newtonville, Massachusetts Bethel, .....,..,....,..Lyndonville, Vermont Vermont Southington, Connecticut ....,..,..,.......,..FairfIeld, Post Mills, ..............,LIncoln, Middlebury, ............NVaterville, Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont .....,..,Reacling, Massachusetts w"1LLIAM LESLIE TOOMEY, EN, Chemistry .... ,...... Royalton, Vermont ALBERT MICHAEL WEITZMANN, Al, Social Science.. .................,,,.. .,,... N iaara Falls, New York ROBERT HAYES WESCOTT, JR., EN, Electricel Engineering ....,... .,.,,.......,, B urlington, Vermont HERVEY BENNETT WHIPPLE, Social Science ..,...... .....,.,...,.,...,.....,...,. . .....,...... Springtield, Vermont KATHERINE WORTHEN, Social Science.. .,,,.......,.,..,. .,.. ,.... ...,......... S p r ingfield, Massachusetts FRANKLIN TREDT WRIGHT, TAG, General Science .,.,.,. ......... C harlestown, New Hampshire . - "-fn' W J fl 'l ll Q53 Q5 EJ lm T 'TT' ' I L I 34 , 4 --W--A-ef-f ,L ,L 1 1 L. Y L,,, LL, .-........,..-.-.- j TWC-YEAR TEACHER TRAINING Cola, Tourfzelfe, Sourclijf UPSILON TAU ALPHA En'z1rniio11al Socieiy Founded rpzq OFFICERS LAURA DUNBAR FLEMING ...,... KATHRYN LEILA TOUCHETT1' VELMA IRENE SOURDIFF MARGARET V1v1AN COTA.. -- -, ,,. . .....,.. Prexizlcfzt Vice-P rexizfezzt Se crc'fr1m'y Treasurcfr 15 UPSILQN TAU ALPHA FACULTY MEMBERS CLARA MABEL XVHEELER, Advisor NELLE ALEXANDER ADAMS SARAH IYIOULTHROP HOLBROOK Ethel E. Barber Doris C. Berry Louise Brown Theresa M. Burns Augusta -I. Caravatti Lina J. Caravatti Jennie M. Cichonowicz Eileen E. Connelly M. Vivian Cota Mary Curtin Herma M. Davis Thelma E. Day Lillian M. Dubuque Agnes J. Falzarano Rita H. Finnegan LA URA JACKSON PARKER MEMBERS Laura D. Fleming Mary L. Fresn Daphne A. L. Gill Gladys C. Gokey Katherine E. Harte Clara B. Henry Phoebe-Marie Hooker Nettie M. Humphreys Kathleen M. Kehoe Olga C. Lorenzini Letha H. MacLaughlin Edith E. McCreedy Marjorie M. McGrath Marguerite M. Moreau Marian P. Parker Ethel L. Perrotta Laura M. Poquette Dorothy P. Putnam Bernice I. Robinson Dorothy M. Root Dantina E. Rosa Pearl M. Savage Dorothy C. Simpson Charlotte M. Smith Velma I. Sourcliif Evelyn A. Stygles Kathryn L. Touchet Marion F. Towers Helen E. Vaughn Pauline E. Weis Helen Young L6 Q1 fb 51 li?"Ee 1 J I 5 " ii:5t1jgiL47M""""""'D ETHEL EUNICE BARBER Was born in Brattleboro, Vermont, on May zz, IQII. She completed all her preliminary schooling in Brattleboro and in high school was active on the school paper and in dra- matics and orchestra. Her course is Teacher Train- ing and she has already taught school for a few years. Statistics: She likes chicken chow mein with almonds, the New Yorker, and the song, "Don't Be a Cry Baby," prints in a very neat hand, and her am- bition is to teach the deaf. Her present address is Brattleboro, Vermont. DORIS CAROLYN BERRY was born in Lancaster, New Hampshire, on March zz, I9I4. She attended the Lancaster public schools and Lancaster Academy, Where she was a member of the glee club and or- chestra. Her course is Teacher Training. She is very much interested in music and dramatics. She is a member of Upsilon Tau Alpha. She says that she is trying to get the "ability to earn a living wage" out of college. Doris now lives at 143 Howard Street, Burlington, Vermont. MARGARET VIVIAN COTA, "Vive," was born in Grand Isle, Vermont, on June 3, 1914. She com- pleted her early schooling in Grand Isle and attended Burlington High School. Her college course is Teacher Training. She is a member of Epsilon Sigma. Her favorite sports are basketball and soccer. She has been elected treasurer of Upsilon Tau Alpha, the education club. Her home address is Grand Isle, Vermont. 'mliffllj 1-A .1 I RITA HARRIET FINNEGAN, "Finnie," was born in Lowell, Vermont, on August 19, 1914. She at- tended Lowell Grammar School and Cathedral High School in Burlington. At U. V. M. she is a Teacher Training student. Her sorority is Epsilon Sigma of which she is secretary. She is getting "ideals, friends, and experiences" from college. Rita's favorite author is Charles Dickens and her ambition is to become a successful teacher. She is a member of Upsilon Tau Alpha. Rita lives in Lowell, Vermont. LAURA DUNBAR FLEMING, "Laudie," was born in Swanton, Vermont, on January 26, 1915. Her father, Jasper John Dunbar, is a merchant. She is descended from Sir Robert Borden, famous Canadian statesman. She received all her schooling in Swanton. Her college course is Teacher Training. Laura is a popular member of her class, being president of Up- silon Tau Alpha, the education club. Personal: She c.1n't stand sweet potatoes. Laurais home address is 73 Grand Avenue, Swanton, Vermont. MARY LELA FRESN, "Tommy," was born in South Hero, Vermont, on April zo, 1914. Her father, Leland Fresn, is a carpenter, and her mother, who is a teacher, attended Maple Lawn Academy. Tommy is descended from General John Starke, who won the Battle of Bennington in the Revolution. She received all her schooling in Plattsburg, New York. Her course is Teacher Training. Her ambition is "to be a teacher-and eventually go to a conservatory of music." Mary's present address is South Hero, Vermont. V- 5 ir .Q 7, fx, fl,-?:LYWW Q ,W -AL J .- Q- I J elf .42 l,,,,,w, ,,,,,,,,J,n, 7 vtviaijazlafisn..-..,.. ..,... ,7, - ,,f DAPHNE ANNE LOUISE GILL was born in Ellen- burg Depot, New York, on August 23, 1913. She received her early schooling at the Turnpike School in Middlebury, Vermont, and attended Middlebury High School. Her course is Teacher Training. She is a member of Upsilon Tau Alpha. Of college she says, "I like it and it has done a lot for me." She is interested in music, lectures, and sports. She is out for soccer and likes volleyball. Daphne now lives in Middlebury, Vermont. GLADYS CAROLYN GOKEY, "Glad,,' was born in Wfest Bolton, Vermont, March 23, 1914. She is of American ancestry and has seven bothers and one sister. She completed her early schooling in Bolton and prepared for college at Essex High School, Where she was active in elocution, dramatics, and glee club. Her course is Teacher Training. She is particularly interested in volleyball and soccer and she is a mem- ber of Upsilon Tau Alpha. Her permanent address is Jericho, Vermont. KATHERINE ELIZABETH HARTE, "Kay,', was born in Underhill, Vermont, on February 19, 1912. Kay completed her early schooling in Jericho and at- tended Essex High School, Where she was active in l ution clramatics and glee club. She is enrolled eoc , , in the Teacher Training curriculum. Her sorority is Epsilon Sigma. In college she is particularly mter- ested in volleyball. Kay's home address is Jericho, Vermont. :fQQif'f,, . l-- -74:5-A-lv-'K-4' V Y I CLARA BERDINA HENRY, "Henry," was born in La Verne, Iowa, on October 15, 1910. Her father, G. Earl Henry, is a caretaker. She received her early schooling in La Verne, and prepared for college at Brattleboro High School and Brattleboro Teacher Training School in Brattleboro, Vermont. Her col- lege course is Teacher Training. She is a member of Epsilon Sigma. She is out for soccer and she con- siders college "a good place to make the best of one's opportunitiesf, Clara's present address is Green River, Vermont. PI-IOEBE MARIE HOOKER, uH0okie," was born on April zo, 1914, in South Ryegate, Vermont. Her father, Burnside Hooker, is a railroad oflicial. Her mother, Grace Darling Hooker, attended the Boston Conservatory of Music. She is descended from Mary, Queen of Scots, and the Reverend Thomas Hooker, one of the founders of Connecticut. Phoebe re- ceived her early schooling in Bradford, Vermont, and Lowell, Massachusetts, and she prepared for college at Bradford Academy. Her course is Teacher Training and she is particularly interested in music. Activi- ties: Secretary of Upsilon Tau Alpha CID, Volleyball Qzj. Address: Bradford, Vermont. KATHLEEN MARIE KEHOE, "Kay," was born in Enosburg Falls, Vermont, on May 15, 1914. Her father is a business man. She attended grade and high schools in Enosburg Falls. In high school she was editor of the school paper and active in dra- matics, and glee club. Her Course is Teacher Train- ing. She likes sports and we agree with her in her fondness for O. Henry. Incidentally, she has a pleas- ing personality. Kay still lives in Enosburg Falls, "f ' 1 - A' . iv. 1 1 I ' Le-, gig., , QQ, gli 'ME-.1 L' I Vermont. IQ?3DfDYl'I, J '-Q I 40 ' ' -' 'iT 'ififw fffpf'--7'M"' W "Til 'V--'NWXI fi' V5.1 elf' VIRGINIA ANN MCGLYNN, "Peggie,', was born on January 30, 1913, in Williamstown, Vermont. Her father, Edward McGlynn, is a granite manufac- turer. She received all her schooling in Williains- town. Her course at U. V. M. is Teacher Training. Virginia is a member of Epsilon Sigma. She is out for soccer and considers college "very enjoyable." She has worked three summers at Old Orchard, Maine, and one winter at Daytona Beach, Florida. Her home address is Williamstown, Vermont. MARJORIE MARY MCGRATH, 'lMarge," was born in Northboro, Massachusetts, on October 7, 1914. Her father, William McGrath, is a merchant and graduated from Burlington Business College. Marge attended Northboro Grammar and High School. At U. V. M. she is enrolled in the Teacher Training curriculum. She is treasurer of her sorority, Epsilon Sigma. Personal: She likes hot clogs, of college, she says, "It,s O. KJ," and her amibition is to become a successful teacher. Her present address is 526 South Union Street, Burlington, Vermont. LETHA HAYNVARD MACLAUGHLIN, "Mac," was born in East Corinth, Vermont, on March 3, 1897. Her father, George Hayward, is a manager of the Sheflield Milk Company. Mac is a newcomer to Ver- mont this year. She previously attended Middlebury High School in Middlebury, Vermont, and Oneonta Normal School in Oneonta, New York. She is re- ceiving her degree from the Teacher Training course. Mac is very interested in music, is a member of the University choir, and is very anxious to continue in this field. She is married and now resides in Middle- bury, Vermont. I4I I42 MARGUERITE NIARIE MOREAU Was born in Bed- ford, Quebec, on August 5, 1901. Her father, Henri N. Moreau, is a grain dealer. She received her school- ing at St. Anne's Academy in Swanton, Vermont. She is enrolled in the Teacher Training curriculum. Marguerite has already taught for three years in Swanton and St. Albans and she has come to the University for more speciic knowledge in the edu- cational field. She belongs to Upsilon Tau Alpha and her ambition is to go back to teaching. Her home is at 5,4 Canada Street, Swanton, Vermont. ETHEL LILLIAN PERROTTA Was born in Bur- lington, Vermont, on March 17, 1915. Her father, Alfred Perrotta, is a cement block contractor. She attended Cathedral Grammar and Cathedral High School in Burlington. Her course is Teacher Train- ing. Her sorority is Epsilon Sigma, of which she is corresponding secretary. Although we have never really met Ethel, she has always spoken and smiled and we like her a great deal for her friendly per- sonality. She is a member of Upsilon Tau Alpha. Ethel lives at IZ Perrotta Place in Burlington, Vermont. LAURA MARGARET POQUETTE Was born in Grand Isle, Vermont, on January 18, 1915. She at- tended the Grand Isle public schools and Winooski High School, where she was secretary-treasurer of her senior class. She is enrolled in the Teacher Training curriculum at U. V. M. Her sorority is Epsilon Sigma. l..aura's ambition is teaching and she says she is getting from college a "broader View of lifef' She prefers George Eliot and Mendelssohn, particu- larly his 'lSpring Song." She belongs to Upsilon Tau Alpha. Laura now lives at 37 Grant Street in Bur- lington, Vermont. - - . . fo . . ,..............a.'.3... 4- J ED G, .3 In MM, f. ,,- """TT"'T7 J BERNICE IRENE ROBINSON, "Bunny,', Was born in Waterbury Center, Vermont, on October 11, 1914. She received her early schooling in Waterbury Center and prepared for college at Waterbury High School, Where she was a member ol the band, orchestra, and glee club. Her course at U. V. M. is Teacher Train- ing. She is a member of Epsilon Sigma. Personal: She likes waiiles, tennis, the song, "Melody in F" four own personal favoritej, and the Burlington Free Press, and is a member of Upsilon Tau Alpha. Bernice still lives in Vfaterbury Center, Vermont. PEARL MARY SAVAGE was born in Grand Isle, Vermont, on February 5, 1914. She received her early schooling in Grand Isle and graduated from Burlington High School. She is now enrolled in the Teacher Training curriculum. Her sorority is Epsilon Sigma, of which she is vice-president. Per- sonal: She likes beefsteak and basketball, stories by Temple Bailey, the Rudy Vallee program, and the Avnericzzn. Pearl is a member of Upsilon Tau Alpha. Her home is in Grand Isle, Vermont. CATHERINE DOROTHY SIMPSON, "Dot," was born in Barre, Vermont, on September 30, 1910. Her father, Alfred Simpson, is a granite manufacturer. She received her early schooling in Barre and at- tended Spaulding High School and Goddard Semi- nary. Her course is Teacher Training. She is a member of Epsilon Sigma. Dot has received some experience Working in the oHice of a granite quarry. Her home address is 118 Orange Street, Barre, Vermont. -Ll.:+..aa..,- , W, ,.,,, I oucl it or Kat, was born 1n St. Albans, Ver- IRENE VELMA SOURDIFF, "Vel," was born in Burlington, Vermont, on June 6, 1914. Her father, Nelson Sourdiif, is a contractor. She attended Cathe- d l G ' ' ra rammar and Cathedral High School in Bur- lington. She is enrolled in the Teacher Trainin 8 curriculum. Her sorority is Epsilon Sigma. She is I aso secretary of Upsilon Tau Alpha, the education club. Vel doesn't smoke and her ambition is uto specialize in teaching." Her home is at 141 North Ch l ' ' ' amp am Street in Burlington, Vermont. EVELYN ADELE STYGLES was born in jerich o Vermont, on November 10, I9I3. Her father, R. C St 1 ' - ' yg es, is a merchant. She received her early school- ing in Underhill, Jericho, Colchester, and Burlington, Vermont, and she attended Burlington High School, wl l mere s 19 was a member of the glee club. Her col- lege course is Teacher Training. She is out for soccer, but in general she confesses she is not very . d . intereste in collegiate activities. Evelyn now lives in Colchester, Vermont. a KATHRYN LEILA TOUCHETTE, who is called KT I -' H lr I1 ' ' mont, on May 12, 1915. She received all her school- ing in St. Albans, preparing for college at Bellows Free Academy, where she was a member of the glee club and also student librarian. She is now taking the Teacher Training curriculum. Her sorority is Epsilon Sigma. She is a member of the Press Club, and W. A. A., is vice-president of Upsilon Tau Alpha, the education club, and has made the Dean's Lists. Her home is in St. Albans, Vermont. . . iii- if Q9 Zin EJ 'g-2-14-Li C2 I J f-t"'.'.'-'ii+'...f ' -. 4 X 0 ,-f 5,0 "' ELIZABETH VREELAND WASHBURN, 'KBetty," was born in Cranford, New Jersey, on March 21, 1913. Her parents are Ethel Wood and Walter H. Washburn, who also attended the University of Ver- mont. Betty completed all her schooling in Wind- sor, Vermont. Her course is Teacher Training. She is president of her sorority, Epsilon Sigma, and is really one of the outstanding members of her class. Her activities are: Upsilon Tau Alpha, W. A. A.g Dcan's List, and Student Union Council. Her pres- ent address is North Main Street, Windsor, Vermont. HERMA MILDRED DAVIS, "Hermy," was born on March 16, 1913, in East Highgate, Vermont. Her father, Herman Davis, attended Albany Business College. She received her preliminary schooling in East Highgate, Vermont, Oakland, Maine, and Morrisville, Franklin, and Essex Junc- tion, Vermont. In high school one of her activi- ties was debating. Personal: She likes music, but doesn't care for movie actors or actresses. Her home address is Williston, Vermont. EDITH ELIZABETH MCCREEDY was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on September 4, 1914. She received her early schooling in Brookfield, Vermont, and attended high school in Randolph, Vermont. Her Course is Teacher Training. She is interested in sports and is out for basketball. Personal: She likes horses and riding, her favorite course is Art II, and she prefers Milwaukee and the magazine, Grit. Edith's home address is Randolph Center, Vermont. I F R E S H M E N- AUGUSTA JOSEPHINE CARAVATTI.. .,..... ., LINA JOSEPHINE CARAVATTI ............ JENNIE MARY CICI-IONOXVICZ ..,........ MARY CURTIN ...........,...,............................ ARZA LOUIS DEAN .............,.,.........,. MARION LOUISE DE LARY ,...,,..,.... LILLIAN MAE DUBUQUE ,.,..... . AGNES JOAN FALZARANO ......... NETTIE MARYL HUMPHREYS .......,,. ALGA CATHERINE LORENZINI ........... VIRGINIA JESSIE PELSUE .,,.......... ......... DOROTHY PAULINE PUTNAMW ,........ . DOROTHY MAE ROOT ...,..,.,. DANTINA EMMA ROSA .....,,....... CHARLOTTE MARY SMITH ........,... MARION FRANCES TOWERS .,.... HELEN ELEANOR VAUGHN .,,......... PAULINE WEISS .,....,...........,.,............,... HELEN YOUNG ...,......... I Out of college. November 27, 1933. Txxfcn-Year' Teacher Flqrainlng '1-5, Il LL VL South Ryegate, Vermont South Ryegate, Vermont .......4.4.,.,Springfield, Vermont Farnams, Massachusetts Hinesburg Vermont Northfield Vermont .......,..Grz1ncl Isle Vermont Northfield Vermont Burlington, Vermont ,,...........Barre Vermont Arlington Vermont .,.,..........Groton Vermont .,.......,...,,,SWanton, Vermont South Ryegate Vermont ............,....Vergennes, Vermont Essex Center, Vermont Shelburne Vermont St. Albans Vermont Wnllizmgford Vermont ll :U in L-were Ct , C MQ - - 7 .rm ,W ,-..- ..., ,,.,,,.,YA,+,--,lt-li-1 ,--,J ,,.-.1 146 "1'efe11T'Xfifer5rff2-"-74 :yew I'-J of M936 Mahoney, Cahill, Mahoney, Szzitor CLASS OFFICERS HOWARD ESMONDE MAHONEY .,.,....,. ,..,.A,.,,. .... P R ESIDEN1' CATHERINE ANNE MAHONEY .....4...,.. ....,.4...... V ICE-PRESIDENT ROSEMARY JOAN CAHILL ..4,. ,. .....,,.,...,... SECRETARY DOUGLAS GILMAN SUITOR ......,..,.. ,....,..A T REASURER I I Sophomore Class Group CLASS MEMBERSHIP JAMES HENRY AINSWORTH, ATU, General Science .....,,.. EDWARD GERALD ALLEN, AT9, General Science ........ l'IOWARD HUNTINGTON AI.LEN,z' Pre-Medical .,.. , .,.,...,,.......,, , PHILIP MORTON ANDRESS, AI, Mechanical Engineering ,........ NIADELINE ANNA ARCHAMBAULT, Erlncaiion ............,.,....,...,..... FRANCES REBA ATWOOD, Pre-Medical ,..... . ...... . MARY AUGUSTENOVICH, Education ,,... . ........,... ,. .... ,..,., . ..,... . LYMAN DENSMORE AUSTIN,:l 252 Civil Engineering ..4..,.. NIAX ARTHUR BAILEY, Agricnlinrc.. ,.,...... ,... , ,,.. . RUTH MADELINE BARRON, AXQ, Social Science. ....,, . RALPH GOODALL BARTLETT, EA, Erlncafion. ...........,... ,,,....,, , .... ILLIZABETH HARRIETT BEACH, HBSP, Literary Scieniifc. ,..... . JOHN CHARLES BELLINO, fPMA, Pre-Medical .,........,.....,.. JOHN MORTON BELLOWS, JR., AI, Agricnllnre ....., ,. SHIRLEY LUCILLE BENNETT, Ecincaiion ....... . .... .,,..... ..,... . SARAH LUDELL BENWARE, AX9, Horne Economics ........ ERNEST COMES BERRY, KZ, Pre-Medical... .....,...,,......... RICHARD BUELL BILLINGS, TA9, Economics ........ B'lARIE THERESE BLACK, AAA, Ezlncaiion .......,...,.....,. ........ ROBERT FRANKLIN BLATCHLEY, fIPA9, Pre-Medical ....,.... MARGARET ANNA BLODGETT, UBSP, Home Econoinicx. JOSEPH THOMAS BOTTAMINI, ATU, Pre-Meilical .....,,,.,......, RUTH AGNES BRIGI-IAM, Horne Economics ,..,.......,,,........ ROBERT CLARK BRISTOL, AXP, Civil Engineering ...,...,...,.....,... ELIZABETH VVHITTEMORE BROWN,:l Home Economics... FLORENCE MARY BROWN, AX9, Social Science .... .,,....... ..... CHESTER HOWARD BUCHANAN, Eleclrical Engineering ...,,,.. ROLAND JOSEPH BULEY, Civil Engineering ....,,,...... ..,...,,.,... JAMES BRYANT BURDETT, Pre-Medical ,......... .,... 9 Out of college. Hardwick, Brattleboro, Greensboro, Vermont Vermont Vermont Newtonville, Massachusetts .. Richford, East Middlebury, Springfield, . .,..,.. Burlington, . ....... Waterbury, Barton, ,,.....,NeWport Center, ..........,....Burlington, Burlington, Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont , .....,. Maynard, Massachusetts .,.....WoodstoCk, ....,,..Burlington, ............,........Rutland, Vermont Vermont Vermont .,,,...SpringHeld, Massachusetts Burlington, .........I-Iinesburg, ,....,,,.NeWport, Brandon, ........Burlington, .........,.BurlingtOn, Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont .........Concord, Massachusetts ,.,.....,Fitchburg, Massachusetts Burlington, .,.......R1chmond, Vermont Vermont ..,,,...Whitehall, New York I , I ,. 1:Q13JEnff 48 , --WE -A-Haw' vi ' MARION CATHERINE BURROUGI-IS, EF, Erlncaiion .,....,. GRACE ADELLA BUSHEY, KA, Erlncaiion., .,.,..,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, , XVILLARD HIRAM BUTTLES, Electrical Engineering ,.., .,.., CAROLYN MARTHA CABOT, AEA, Home Econoinicx. ,..... FRANK AUGUSTUS CADWELL, Civil Engineering .......,,... ROSEMARY JOAN CAHILL, UBT, Classical .,,.... ..... .,....,.. Charlotte, Monkton, Burlington, ...............WOodstOck, Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont ..,..,Farmington, Connecticut Richmond Hill, New York HELEN AGNES CARPENTER, HRT, Home Economies ........ ,................. B urlington, Vermont JOI-IN HARLAN CASS, Civil Engineering ........,............, ........ Essex Junction, Vermont LUCIA EDNA CHAPNIAN, AAA, Erlncalzon ....,..4.,..... .,........... 4,..,.... . , .,...., N orth XVilliston, Vermont CLARENCE BROCKWAY CLARKE,:5 TAG, Civil Engineering ..,...., .,... S outhbriwe, Massachusetts DOROTHY MAE CLEMENT, Economics ,....,,. ..,,....,...,,.. ......,. ...,..., ..,,.. .............. B u r 1 i ngton, Vermont ALFRED ALONZO CLOUGH, Agriculture ...... ..............,... ..,.. C l Iarlotte, Vermont DEAN FREDERICK COBURN, AT, Civil Engineering ..,..... ,. .... ..,..,,...., ,..., N e wport, Vermont xVILLARD'HARVEY CONNOR, ET, Mechanical Engineering MARGERY FLORENCE COOK, AAA, Home Economics .....,,......., BARTLEY JOSEPH COSTELLO, KE, Education., ,,..,,. . ..,,,,.............. LLOYD SWANN COUGHTRY, TA9, Electrical Engineering ,......, , PAUL CRAIG, AI, Eiliicafion ...........,,.........,. ,...,......,........,.......,...... ......... JAMES EVERETT CRANE, 2111, Pre-Medical ....,.......,.... JOHN DONALD CROKER, TMA, General Science., FRANK ALVIN CUMMINGS, EAE, Eilncation ....,..,. ,. NIADELEINE HUDSON DAvIDSON, HRT, Clnssical ......... CHARLOTTE ESTELLA DAVIS, Erlzlcation ,.............. ......,. DONALD DODGE DAVIS, AXP, Chemistry ,..,. . RICHARD BARRE DAVIS, Pre-Medical ...,.,... HELEN RUTH DEBRUNE, Classical ROBERT TAFT DEGREE, Economics .... . AMORE DEL GIUDICE, Pre-Medical .,,.. .,...,................., I .. RAYMOND CARL DENSMORE, AT, Pre-Merlical ....... JOHN JOSEPH DERVEN, EN, Pre-Meilical ......,,. ....,..,......,......... LEON ARCHIBALD DICKINSON, JR., EN, Social Science ...... . KENNETH WILCOX DIKE, Agricnlfnre ,.... ...... ..,,.,.........,........ JOHN ALLEN DODDS, JR., Agriculture ........,.....,,.. VIVIAN MAY DONALDSON, AXQ, General Science l"lARRY PAUL DORION, Social Science ,.,,.......,,..... ..,.,..... LUCILE ESTHER DOUGLAS, Home Economics ......,,.......,..,... ELIZABETH NANCY DOXVNER, AXQ, Social Science ...,...,. ROBERT BURNAP EATON, TAG, General Science ........ NORMAN SIDNEY EDDY, General Science ..,..... JAMES BERT ERIT, Electrical Engineering ......,...,,..,. ALLAN SEYMOUR EVEREST, AT, Social Science ........ JOHN FAILLA, Pre-Meelical .,...,,,,..,., .. .... .. TERESA MARY FAYETTE, Eclncation ,.........,.. . ......,.......,,... . WILLIAM BERNARD FERRITER, ATU, Pre-Merlical ..,...... BERNARD LEONARD FIENBERG, TEA, Social Science ...,.,,. GERTRUDE LEYA FISI-IMAN, K.E.L., Economics .......... . HERBERT EDWARD FITCH, JR., TMA, Pre-Medical .,..... . THOMAS GLEASON FITZGERALD, Pre-Meilical .,........,. NLARY TERESA FLEBLING, AEA, Eillicalioli. .... . SAUL FRAINT, TEA, Mechanical Engineering .,...... LUCY ELEANOR FROST, HBT, Economics .. ..,,,.,.,,.... . ,.,..., EDWARD ALBERT FUNK, ET, Mechanical Engineering ........ Out of college. ,.., , Hudson Falls, New York Brooklyn, New York Rutland, Vermont ....,,...Nutley, New Jersey . ,,.... Newport, Vermont Stamford, Connecticut ,.,...,.Burlington, Vermont Bradford, Vermont ....................Ansonizi, Connecticut North Springfield, Vermont Morrisville, Vermont .........Wilmington, Vermont .............,.Greensboro, Vermont Essex Junction, Vermont .........,..XVaterbury, Vermont Burlington, Vermont .. Poultney, Vermont ,.,,..,.,New Britain, Connecticut .,,.............,.........Bristol, Vermont ...,.,..Waits6eld, Vermont Poughkeepsie, New York . .,..............,.,. Rutland, Vermont Essex Junction, Vermont ...,.....................Stowe, Vermont Chicago, Illinois ...,...,Hartford, Connecticut ..,,....Westport, New York .,,......New Haven, Vermont ,.....,.GreenHeld, Massachusetts Burlington, Brattleboro, Bennington, Vergennes, Burlington, Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Albany, New York .......,Wcst Rutland, Burlington, ...., Burlington. Vermont Vermont Vermont Baltimore, Maryland I ISO LOUISA REBECCA GALLUP, AEA, General Scieizczi, .... . MOSES PHILIP GARDNER, Erlncatioiz .,.......,........ ................ THEODORE ALBERT GEORGE, QTJMA, Education ,.., LIBERO ANDREW GIARDI, Mechanical Engineering ......,. WYINSTON GARFIELD GIBSON, EA, Civil Engineering ..,,,... IYIARION ETTA GIDDINGS, ET, Eclucation ......,,,.,.,.,.,...,....,..... ERNEST ROY GIEBIN, Agriculture ....... HARRIET ISABEL GILE, Social Science ........ ............ l,I?ONE GLEE GOULD, KA, Literary Scientific ......,.. ALBERTA LOTTIE GOVE, KA, Home Econonzics ........ ELIZABETH IRENE GRAY,:5 Eilncation ......,. , ..,...... I'lARRIET RAUDGETT GRAY, KA9, Social Science ....,,.,.,.,,.......,, V 113 1 HARRISON LANDON GRAY, A , Mecyanical Enginecringv.. EUGENE RAYMOND GREEMORE, AI, Ezlncafiofz ,.,......,..,..........,. FAYTHE ELIZABETH HAIG, K-39, Literary Scientific ..,..,, FRANK XVAITE HALE, E-AE, Mechanical Engineering ,...,,. , CARL BOWEN HENNING,:P Electrical Engineering .,.,........ IVIARION GERTRUDE HERBERG, HB'I', Classical ............ CAROLYN FRANCES HILL, KA9, Eilncation .... ...... . ..,,........... . . TJATALIE CHRISTINE HILLIKER, HRT, Social Science ........ EDGAR SAYLES HOUSEHOLDER, KZ, Social Science ...........,. CLIFTON DEXTER HOWE, 'PAQ Pre-Merlical, ....,,,.. .. l'IPl'.EN ELIZABETH EILEEN HUCRINS, Education .....,. WENDALI. CORLISS HULL, Agricziltzire ...,........,.. .,.....,.,....... ....,......... FRANK BOUGHTON HUNT, ATU, Electrical Engineering .....,.. GENEVIEVE VIRGINIA HUTCHINS, Cit-il Engineering ....,........ SYLVIA ABBIE JARVIS, KA9, Literary Scientific .,..,. ELvA-MAE JENKINS, AEA, Social Science .,..... . AGNES SARA JENNINGS, Home Economics ..........,. RU'FH ALICE JEWETT, KA, Home Economics ...... JULIUS JOHN JEZURAWICZ, EAE, Pre-Meilical ..., .. ELIZABETH ELLEN JOHNSON, Literary Scientific ..... .. MILTON CHILDS JONES, ECP, Pre-Metlical... ..,......... REBEKAH PERRY JOSLIN, Econoinics.. EDWARD DANIEL BERNARD KANE, KE, Economics ,.,..,.. HYMAN KAPLAN, TEA, Social Science ...... ............,.... ,,,...... LRPLE MERLE KEENEY, EAE, Electrical Engineering .,,... CLINTON JEREMIAH KEW, Eilzzcation ,,..... . ...,..,, .....,.......,.... . KATHLEEN ELSIE KIESLICH, AX9, Economics ......,..,......,,,...... MARION ELFRIEDA KIESLICI-I, AXQ, Home Economics ,.., FRANCIS KIRLEY, KE, Pre-Medical ....... . NIARK ANTHONY LASALA, Pre-Metlical ............ ....... ..,..,. . . RUTH CHATFIELD LATTIMER, AEA, Literary Scientific ..,..... ORISON WILLIAM LAXVSON, AI, Social Science ...,..... , .... .. EDNA MAY LEACI-I, KA, Home Econoinics ..,,........ THELMA HAWLEY LEACH, Home Economics ......... LINUS JAMES LEAVENS, Pre-Meilical ,........,...,.... ,..... ......,..,,.......... , . .. IQATHERINE MARION LEBARON, KA, Literary Scientific.. ABRAHAM SIMON LEVIN, TE'1', Economics ...,........,,.,.. ............ ,ARTHUR JESSE LEVIN, TEFP, Econoinics ....,...... JULIUS RICHARD LEVIN, TECP, Pre-Medical ...,., ERIANUEL LEVINE, TEA, Pre-Medical .........., Out of college. Brattleboro, Burlington, Springfield, Vermont Vermont Vermont ......Hartford, Connecticut ........XVellS River, Vermont .,..,.......LudlOw, Vermont Richmond, Vermont Burlington, Vermont Morrisville, Vermont Burlington, Vermont Burlington, Vermont .......Burlington, Vermont Lakeville, Connecticut ,,.,.....WinooSki, Vermont .......Burlington, Vermont ....,.........,.......,,.Windsor, Vermont South Shaftsbury, Vermont Burlington, Vermont .............Shrewsbury, Vermont .......Essex Junction, Vermont ...,.......Burlington, Vermont Adams, Massachusetts ..........No1'th Troy, Vermont ........EnOsbI.Irg Falls, Vermont Fairfax, Vermont Tupper Lake, New York .,.,....,.Barre, Vermont .. .,........ Orleans, Vermont Albans, Vermont ,..,......Middlebury, Vermont ..............Gardner, Massachusetts ..,.....Hinsdale, New Hampshire Montpelier, Vermont ,......YVaitsfield, Vermont Montpelier, Vermont ..,...................Burlington, Vermont Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont .......,.,.,....,....WaitsHeld, Vermont Burlington, Vermont ..Burlington, Vermont Holyoke, Massachusetts SGD Eb ...........Brooklyn, New York ......Lake Placid, New York Newport, Vermont .,.....,.Enosburg Falls, Vermont ,.,....,EsSex Junction, Vermont Albans, Vermont Morrisville, Vermont ..,.........,.Burlington, Vermont ..........BroOkline, Massachusetts ,..,,.,..,.....Burlington, Vermont .,........West Rutland, Vermont 5 lifcfgizg 1, T O ' ,J H!.RRY PI-IILIP LEVINE, TET, Pre-Meriical ....... JAMES EUGENE LIGHTFOOT, Education ..,......, JEAN LOWELL, AXQ, Social Science ................ ,....... ALBERT HAROLD LUNNA, EA, Agriculfnre ,,,,.,.,, NIILLARD DONNELLAN MCCARTHY, AI, Civil Evzghzeering, ........ ..... . . .North Brookfield, Mas ......,.POrt Chester, New York , ...,..,.............. Jamaica, Vermont .........Pitchburg, Massachusetts .,..,...Newport Center, NEIL ADAMS MCNAI.L, Eclzicazhon.. .... .4,..4,,...,...,...........,.,..,,.....,,.,..,........ ..,.......,..,,......,...,,... W a terbury, CATHERINE HELEN MCPI-IERSON, KA, Liferai-31 Scientific ....... EDITH WILLARD MADDOCR, Social Science ......,4....,.. . ,..... . JOHN VAN SICKLEN MAECK, AJP, Pre-Mcrlical ..... CATHARINE ANN NlAHONEY, AEA, Econonzics ,.,..... EIOVVARD ESMONDE MAHOPTEY, AI, Social Science ..,,..,.. MARIETTA MARSHALL, AEA, Social Science ..,........,..,... l'lESTER MARTIN, HBSP, Literary Scicnfijic ..,.,.,. HOWARD LUCIUS MARTIN, Efif, Social Science .,...,......,.. RICHARD JOSEPH MARTIN, Electrical Engineering ,...,,.. ROGER COURTNEY MARTIN, Agricnlfnrc ,.............,,..,.... CLYDE ANDREW NIAXFIELD, Ei, Eflzicatiozz ....,..... .,..,..,,.. . .. MYLON EUGENE MERCHANT, Mechanical Engineering .......,. JOHN JOSEPH MILLETT, Eff, Mechanical Engineering ..,.,... JOHN HOWARD lVlILLINGTON, Electrical Engineering ,...... DOROTHY ALICE MINTZER, Social Science.. ............... .... . JOHN ANTHONY MORAN, Pre-Medical ,..,.......... ABRAHAM JACK MOSKOVITZ, Pvc-Meziical.. ...,.,.......... ,... . . BELMONT STANLEY MUSICANT, TEA, Pre-Medical ..,...... RAYMOND ANTHONY NEGUS, KE, Economics .,,....... YVEILMA JANETTE NELSON, Eilncalion .,....,.............., ROBERT XVILLISTON NEVIN, AXP, Pre-Merlical .....,.... CHRISTINE ELIZABETH NOBLE, AEA, Eilziraiion ,,........,..,,. ELIZABETH PHEBE NORTON, ET, Home Economics ,..,.,,... FREDERICK JACOB NUISSL, Agriculinrc ...,..........,...,...,.......,..... STANTON ALBERT PARSONS, Eclucaiion ...,.........,,,.......,..................... MARGARET GRANT PATERSON, AAA, Liicrary Scientific ...,.,. LILLAND NIEREDITH PAUL, EN, Economics '.,.........,...., ..,.. .,,,... W1LI.IAM ANDREW PETERS, Agricnltnrem, ......,..,... EDITH ISABEL PETRIE, KA9, Literary Scientifc ....,,.. BARBARA CHEESEMAN Pl-IELPS,:? UB'P, Education ..,. WILLIAM MAURICE PIETTE, KE, Pre-Merlical .....,...... MARION EDYTHE PIPER, Eilzicazfion, .......,..,,...........,..,........,........ . NORMA ELIZABETH PIPER, KA9, Literary Scientific ..,.... JOHN STEPHEN POCZABUT, TMA, Pre-Medical ,,...........,, PLATT RUGAR POXVELL, AXP, Pre-Medical ...,........... VVTILLIAM JOSEPH POWERS, Pre-Medical .....,, ELEANOR lYlADELINE PRUNIER, Erizication ,.,,............ ROBERTA COZIER PUCKRIDGE, URW, Economics ...,..,. lVlARY ELIZABETH REEVES, AX9, Home Economics .......... GEORGE MAYNARD RICE,:l Civil Efzgilzreririg... ...,. MARJORIE ELIZA RICHARDSON, Eilncafion ....,.... l'lAROLD EUGENE RICKETSON, Agriculinrc ........ 4A.LBERT IRA ROBBINS, TECP, General Science ....... VINCENT GABRIEL RONCA, EAE, Pre-Mcilical ........ JOSEPH HALLOWELL RONZONE, Pre-Medical ...,..,... FRANCES ELLEN ROWE, KA9, Pre-Medical. ,....,. . E Out of college. ........,GraniteVille, Burlington, ......,SlIelburne, ,.,.......................Burlington, Vermont sachusetts Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont .,,,....,NOrth Adams, Massachusetts .............Eitchburg, Massachusetts .......,Essex Junction, Missoula, Vermont Montana rooklyn, New York .,.,....,..,.......,......Wo1cott, ....,...,North Thetford, Essex Junction, Vermont Vermont Vermont ,........Cranford, New Jersey ..,....,Burlington, .,......Burlington, ..,,..,COnway, Mas ...,....Burlington, Burlington, ...,...Pez1body, Mas Ryegate, , ..... Edgartown, Mas Middletown Springs, Montpelier, ........,EzIst Craftsbury, Middlebury, Bradford, .....,.DanverS, Mas Milton, .,............,,.Newport, ,..,...NVest Rutland, ....,......,..Windsor, Florence, ...,....Milton, . .,........ Rutland, .........Burlington, ........Rutland, Burlington, Burlington, ........,Greensboro, ......,..................Stowe, Vermont Vermont sachusetts Vermont Vermont sachusetts Vermont sachusetts Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Sachusetts Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont ...,....,RoXbury, Massachusetts ..........,..Newark, New Jersey ........,,New York, New York ,.......Port Myer, Virginia ISI IS2 IHIARRY MORRISON ROWE, Agricziltzirn., ...,,.. ......,............ . . HOWARD ERNEST RUHMSHOTTEL, Al, Agriczilturc ELIZABETH BERNADETTE ROWLEY, Eilucaiiozi ,....,........ ..... IXNDREW IRVING EPHRIAM SCHIISDHAUS, Pro-Meilical 4... . KATHRYN SCDTAKES, Home Economics .. ,.......... ........... ..... . . JOSEPI-I PETER SHELC, ATQ, Pro-Mcrlical .,,,....,. ESTHER LILLIAN SINCLAIR, UB42 Home Economics ......, Max SINGER, Pre-Mcilical .,......... .....,..... . ,, ,....,..... .,................ . HELEN MARY SRERRY, AAA, Eclzicaiion, .,....,. .. GEORGE ALBERT SMITH, 1149, Econonzicx ,........ WILLIAM SOKOL, TECP, General Science .,..... CARLETON PARKER SOULE, fDA9, Economic.: ......., LORAINE SPAULDING, KA9, Civil lifiginearifig ...... SAMUEL LEWIS STEIIDINS, TMA, Classical ..... ,, ABRAHAM MOSES STEIRN, TEA, Pvc-Merlical ....,..., PAUL REVERE STEVENS, QA9, Social Science .. ROLLASTON GEORGE STILES, Electrical Engiiirering ,....,.,.,.....,... CARROLL XVILDER STILL, SJR., ZAE, Electrical ,Engineering ......,. BARBARA EDITH STIMETS, Pri'-Mazlical ...... . ........ ...............,...,.,,... . VIRGINIA AMY STONE, Home Economics ....., LEE BOURLAND STORM5, EAE, Chemistry ,........... DOUGLAS GILMAN SUITOR, CIHAG, Pvc-Medical ..., ........ .,,. . GLADYS CAROLYN SUSSDORIIE, AXQ, Literary Scir'f1i1j9c...... JOHN STEXVART SWIFT, AXP, Literary Scieuiigic ...... ,.,.. . . IKENE PHOEBE SXVINYER, Erlzicafiou .. ,........ .... . . . PAUL EBERHART TAFT, KE, Meclaanical Engificcriifg ,.., JOHN ARTHUR TASKER, ATQ, Electrical F11gizzcr'v'i11g ......, .,,,. CHARLES DANIEL HARRISON THIBAULT, Civil Eiiginecriug JANET ELIZABETH THOMPSON, EF, Social Science ......,.. ISOBERTA CLARA THOMPSON, KA, Home Economics ...,,..,......., WVINFIELD CHESTER TWITCHELI., EAR, Mccbanical Engin ec ring .... . EDWARD LEWIS VERVOORT, AXP, Mecbanical Elzgizzcwing .....,. BJAURICE JAMES WALSH, fPMA, Pre-Mcfliral.. ...,,...,,........ ..,..., . .. ROBERT GEORGE WARREN, BAE, Elecirical Ezzgiiiecriizg .,.,.... GEORGE EDWARD WEBSTER, THA, Agriciiliiirct .,...,.... .,,............. . DORIS RUTH WEHRLE, KA9, Home Economics ...... BERNARD WEISS, TEA, Pre-Medical ..,...,....,, .,.. . HELEN RITA WELCH, AEA, Eflncafion ......,...... ANDREW CHESTER WERNER, EN, Eflncalioiz ........ PHILIP FLETCHER WHITE, Pre-Mcilical .,.,.. RUTH MITCHELL WHITE, HBCP, Prc-Mcilical ,....,. lVlARY RUBY WHITNEY, AX9, Clasxical .. DOROTHY MAE WILLEY, Eclucaiiozz .. ...............,.... JOHN CLOSS XVILLIAMS, 2-AE, Civil Enginccring ..,.... RUTH LUCILLE XVOODWARD, Social Science ,..,... ..,..,. JANET SEARS WOOLEY, U-WP, Social Science ......... ,... ,............ XWILLIAM EZRA WORCESTER, JR., BAE, General .Scir'1Ice,.- .... WILLIAM XVELLINGTON WORKMAN, JR., Economics .......,... GERTRUDE MARGARET WVRICHT, AXQ, Economics ..,, . RUTH SHATTUCK WIRIGHT, HBKIP, Social Science ....,,,.. ERNEST GEORGE YOUNG, ATP, Elucfrical Engiueerizzg. ....,. , Barnet, Vermont ..,,,,..Amityville, Long Island, New York Milton, Shelburne, Burlington, , .........,. Bellows Falls, Essex Junction, Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Bridgeport, Connecticut St. Johnsbury, Hyde Park, Mas Vermont Sachusetts New Britain, Connecticut ........,,.........Fairfield, Vermont Burlington, Vermont Poultney, Vermont . .....,. Burlington, Vermont Hartford, Vermont Middlebury, Vermont Haverhill, Massachusetts Burlington, Vermont Essex Junction, Vermont Evansville, Indiana South Deerfield, Massachusetts .,..,....,...,,........Burlington, Vermont .,......,Burlington, Vermont Burlington, Vermont ...,......XVallingfOrd, Vermont Brattleboro, Vermont ,.......,.Waterbury, Vermont .......,.Burlington, Vermont Colchester, Vermont .. Shnftsbury, Vermont ........,.Rockville Center, New York Burlington, Bennington, ...,,....,........,.Danville, Vermont Vermont Vermont Schenectady, New York ..,.....Brooklyn, New York Burlington, Vermont Torrington, Connecticut .,.,....,CraftSbury Common, Vermont ..........................Brattleboro, Vermont Northield, Vermont Montpelier, Vermont .,,,.....WeSt Pawlet, Vermont ,,...,..............,,.,Salisbury, Connecticut ,.,......Upper Montclair, New Jersey .West Newton, Massachusetts Essex Junction, Vermont .............,Burlington, Vermont Enosburg Falls, Vermont ....,....,CraftSbury Common, Vermont L21 H-42? in in ii----A " .-.f , ..-. 77, FRESI4IPfIEN'C1ass of 1Q3f' J Noonan, C.f1r1', I.c'm'y, Websfm' CLASS OFFICERS JOHNATHAN TALCOTT WEBSTER ,,..,...... .,.,...,..A,..,,,,. P RESIDENT HELEN MARY LEARY ............,.....,,.....,....., ..,....,.. V ICE-PRESIDENT SALLY MACBLAINE CARR ...,..,..... ...........A. S ECRETARY WILLIAM POTTER NOONAN .,4......,.. ..,.......... T REASURER 'lliigwmlii V 153 F reslnnan Class Grou 17 CLASS MEMBERSHIP CONRAD PHILLIP ADAMS, TAS, Pre-Merlicalw... LURA GERTRUDE ALLEN, Literary Scientific ......... SIDNEY ALIJERT, TEfI', Pre-Medical ...,.,... .....,..........,......... ROLLIN MARcELLUs AMSDEN, Civil Engineering .......,. CARL WILLIAM ANDERSON, Classical ............. ....,... JOSEPH ALOYSIUS ASTONE, Pre-Medical ........ KATHERINE MAIDA BABBITT, KA9, Classical ...,.,.. ROBERT EVANS BAILEY, Economics ,.... , ..,,....., .. ,..., GERALD WELLS BAKER, Electrical Engineering ........... , LEON HENRY BAKER, KE, Mechanical Engineering .,.... . WIALLACE JAMES BAKER, TET, Chemistry ,.....,.. . .,... . BERTHA MAE BAPP, Education, ....,,..............,,...,... . SHIRLEY RUTH BARAW, AXQ, Classical ,...., .. ..... .. PHILLIP THEODORE BARBER, 2111, Economics.. WILLIAM MICHAEL BARBIERI, Pre-Mezlical ,.........,. HERBERT LEO BARON,:E TET, Social Science ...... JOHN JOSEPH BARSALOW, EN, Economics ..,....,.,..........,...... MARION LUELLA BARTLETT, KA9, Home Economics ..,..,.,. NEIL RILEY BARTLETT, Education ........,,.....,,...,,....,.....,,.. .. ....... ,. LEWIS WILLARD BARTON, EN, Pre-Mazlicnl., .,... ., MARION WINONA BAXENDALE, Econofnics ...,..... ..,..... ......,. MARJORIE CECILE BEACH, HBCP, ,Uovne Economics., MARGUERITE ROZETTE BEAN, HBfI2, Eflncation ,.......,..... DAVID PAIGE BEATTIE, EN, General Science .... JACK THOMAS BEDELL, EN, Economics .......,..,,.........,.......... STEPHEN PATERSON BELCHER, CPA9, Social Science... CHARLES EDWARD BELLMARE, Pre-Medical ..,......,............. HAROLD TROTH BICKEORD, AI, Economics .......... ARTHUR AARON BLOOMBERG, Pre-Medical ,...,.. il Out of college. 'll " ll ll ........West Brattleboro, Vermont ,..............South Hero, Vermont .,.,.,,,.Lakewoocl, New -Jersey .,............,....,.,..,....Bethel, Vermont ...........Petersham, Massachusetts Beacon, New York .,..,..........,....,Hartford, Connecticut Manchester, New Hampshire Milton, Vermont .,....,....Newport, Vermont .........PlattSburg, New York .........Underhill, Vermont ,...,..Lynclonville, Vermont ...Montpelier, Vermont .,...........,.Bellows Falls, Vermont ......,...EaSt Boston, Massachusetts ...............Fair Haven, Vermont ..,...........Bradford, Massachusetts ,.,.,....Underhill Center, Vermont .,,.,.,Lexington, Massachusetts .,,,......Burlington, Vermont .....,,,..Burlington, Vermont Vermont ..........,..Glover, ....,.,...Gu1ldhall, Vermont ..,...........Flushing, New York .,.....,.Maplewood, New Jersey ,..........,,.Burlington, Vermont .,........Ridgew00Cl, New Jersey ..,.,..,.,Burlington, Vermont eanngil.. 'L 154 T 1-f,f3??'T""'T"T'0 SANFORD BLOOMENTHAL, Pre-Meilicala, ..,. DONALD IRA BOOSKA,::' TMA, Pre-Meilical ,,... 4...... DONALD ROBERT BOUCHARD, KE, Economics ,,,,,,, MARY AGNES BOURGET, Classical ................,.......,..,,.. NIARION LUELLA BRIGGS, AEA, Etlucatiou ...,... NEWELL ALTON BRIGGS, KE, Economics.. ELLEN LOUISE BRIGHAM, Home Economics .........,,..., .,.. PAULINE LOUISE BRISTOL, KA9, Home EC0l70711lCS .,...,.., C1-IRISTINE PUTNAM BROWN, Home Economics ..,..... . 'THEODORE PETER BUDZYNA,:i Pre-Medical ,.,,.... . ROBERT XVESTON BURGHART, Pre-Merlical ..... . ELIZABETH LYDIA BURN, Pre-Merlical .....,... .. DOROTHY ELLEN BURROUGHS, Ezlzicatiori ..44..,. WILLIAM MEAD BURROWS, EXP, Economics ........ LENA MAY BUSSEY, KA, Erlucatiozz ....... ELLIS OLMSTED BUTLER, Social Science ..,.... , ROY VEDDER BUTTLES, AXP, Pre-Metlical ..,..... GEORGE HERBERT BUXTON,:? Pre-Medical... ..., PAUL XVILLIAMS BUZZELL, EN, Pre-Meilical .....,... CLARENCE HERBERT CALDXVELL, EA, Electrical Engineering l'iERBERT JACKSON CANNON, TECP, Agriculture ,.... ..,..., ,... ...,...,....I , , , .. SALLY MACBLAINE CARR, KA9, Economics ..,..................,....... BERNARD DONALD CASHMAN, TMA, Civil E7lgl11t'Ci1ffl'lg, ,,...., . RUSSELL DRAKE CHASE, Eilucatiou ...,......,..,..,,...,....,....... ..,,...,......, CLARENCE LUCIAN CHESTER, Pre-Meclical .....,.. DOROTHY MARIE CHILDS, Home Economics .....,.. PAUL MERRILL CHOATE, Pre-Medical ......... GENE CLARK, Home Economics ...,.........,,.,....,..........,...........,.. RAYMOND GEORGE CLAUSEN,:5 4159, Pre-Merlical ,....... ELIZABETH LOUISE COLLINS, Home Economics ,.....,,.,,..,...,. WILLIAM MELICK COI.LINS,:? EAE, General Science... HELEN CONVERSE, Literary Scientiyic .,,,......,,....,,................,.. RUTH EVELYN COOLEY, Classical ......,,......,,......,, .,.. RAYNALD THOMAS COONEY, Pre-Medical ,,,....... DORIS ELAINE COREY, Literary Scieatijic .,.,.... ,...........,..,......... . FREDERICK MARVIN COURTNEY, Electrical Engineering .,...,,.. EVELYN lVlAE COUTWARE, Education .,.......,.......,...,...............,,..,...,. ALVAN LEONARD COVITZ, TECP, Economic: ,,,,..... ALFRED BURT CRAM,:P General Scieuce ,,.....,... , ARTHUR ROBERT CRANDALL, Social Science ......,,........ LAWRENCE FRANCIS CUSICK, ERE, Social Science .....,. f'1ERBERT CARROLL DAIGNEALVLT, -'55, Education ........ ,NLILDRED FLORENCE DENNY, Social Science ........,..,..... CHARLES FRANCIS DERVEN, EN, Social Scie1ice,.,..,... LAWRENCE HOWARD DESHAW, 4959, EC07707l7lC-V -.-,---.4 ETHELYN CAROLYN DIKE, Education ,.,.............,............,...,,... ..,,.....,.,.......,,... HARRY ANTHONY DONAHUE, TA9, Mechanical Engineering .,..,... . RAYMOND DOUGLAS DOPP, Erlucatioa ..,,..,.,...,.,...,......,,..,,..,.............,........, ELEANOR BARBARA DOUGLAS, AEA, Eilucatiofz ....,. DONALD JOHN DOYLE, Agriculture... ,,...................,.... ..,,. . EUGENE CAMPBELL DRESSER, AI, Geueral Science. JOAN CONNERS DRISCOLL, Literary Scieatiyic ....,.... DORIS MARION DUFRESNE,i? Eilucatiori .........,...... Out of college. ........Burlington, Charlotte, ........Burlington, ..,...............,.VergenrIes, ,,.,....Newport Center, Burlington, Bu rlington, .,...,..Burlington, . .,.,..,..,.... Putnamville, Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont East Douglas, Massachusetts , ,.......,... Stamford, Connecticut .,,.......jeffersonville, Charlotte, Vermont Vermont ,.,, Exeter, New Hampshire Bellows Falls, Vermont Flushing, New York ,...,...Burlington, Vermont ...,.......ProctOrSville, Vermont ....,..,PittSford Mills, Vermont ,........,.XVest Barnet, Vermont Burlington, Vermont ....,...Burlington, Vermont ,.......Burlington, Vermont Essex Center, Vermont ,........Marsh1'ield, Vermont ...,.......Brooklyn, New York .........,.NVest Barnet, Vermont .,.....,BurlingtOn, Vermont ,,.........Brooklyn, New York ,.......,.......,Brandon, Vermont ,.,.......Bellows Falls, Vermont Briclport, Vermont ,..........,..Barnet, Vermont .,.............Burlington, Vermont ,,,...,Proviclence, Rhode Island Albans, Vermont ,...........,South Hero, Vermont ....,,..,..Brookline, Massachusetts ............,.......,,,.Chelsen, Vermont .....,..EsseX Junction, Vermont ...,...,NahzInt, Massachusetts ,.........ToWnShend, ....,....NorthfIeld, Poultney, Burlington, Bristol, ....,...Essex Junction, ....,.......Burlington, Burlington, ...Thetford Center, ,...............Burlington, Albans, ........Shelburne, Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont I I DONALD KAY DULEY, ESP, Economics ......,.... ...... ......,.....,.............., RICHARD JOHNSON DUNCAN, KZ, Electrical Engineering ..,... EVELYN ALICE EATON, Literary Scientific ,.......,...,....,.,....................,. DAYTON XVILLIS EDDY, EAE, Electrical Engineering .4...... RUTH JANETTE ENo,:i Social Science .,..,............,.............,....., . MARJOILIE CATRINA ESMATI, Classical ......., ..,...,. ,.,.........,,.......,,. ALBERT RICHARD EVANS, EN, Elecfrical Engineering .,.,... JOHN RALPH EVANS, JR., KE, Pre-Medical .......,......,.,...... COLLINS JACOB FARR, AXP, Economics I..... ,......................, EVELYN CHRISTINA PARRELL, Liferary Scieniific ....,.. RAYMOND TURNER FENN, Elecfrical Engineering, .,4,... , NATALIE FERRIN, Home Economics .....,...........,..............,....... EDWARD JOSEPH FLEMING, Liferary Scientific ........,. CLIFFORD WARREN FLINT, KE, Economics ..,,,...,,....,.,I..,........,...,..., ABRANI WILLIAM FOOTE, JR., AXP, Electrical Engineering ......... FLORA LUCILLE Foss, General Science ...,.., ..,, ........., ...,,........,.,, . . . GORDON JOHNSON FULLER,:l Economics ..,... JEAN MCCORMACK FULLER, Social Science .....,.. DORA ELODA GAGETTA, Eclncafion ...........,.,,.,.,.,.,....,..........,. MARION ALBEE GALBRAITH, AX9, Pre-Medical ..,....., CORNELIA GALE,:5 Home Econonzics ..,................................,....,.,..,,. ELIZABETH EGBERT GALLUP, KA9, Liferary Scientific .,,............... GEORGE BOARDMAN GARDINER, JR., CIPMA, General Science ........,. 'THELMA R'lAE GARDNER, AXQ, Literary Scienlijic ..,.....,...,,,.......,,.. LILLIAN ELIZABETH GARLAND, EF, Eclncafion ...,,..... JONATHAN EDSON GATES,:l AXP, Pre-Mealical ,..... .. HAROLD JOSEPH GEROW, ATQ, Erlncafion .......,................... JOHN RAYMOND GHIRARDINI, 4559, Social Science ........ ROBINSON PIERCE GILCHRIST, 'Fil-9, General Science ......,,. ERNEST GEORGE GILE, Education ................. ...,.........,............... JAMES WILLIAM GILLESPIE, EAE, Social Science ..,..... HUGH REDLAND GILMORE, Social Science ......,. DORIS lVlAE GOLDMAN, Erlncaiion I.,............ ,.,,...,. ,... JOHN FREDERIC GOWDEY, AI, Pre-Meflical ,..,..,,..., GERALD XVOODROXV GRAY, EN, Social Science ..,.... NlERRILL MEAD GREEN, EAR, Pre-Medical .,.... RUTH LUCILLE GREENEIELD, Pre-Medical ...... SARAH GREENXVOOD, Home Economics ...........,.........,,,...... JAMES GARFIELD GRIMES, JR., ATQ, Pre-Mezlical .,..., . RUTH ELIZABETH GROAT, Social Science ..,..........,....... HOXVARD JOHN GUGANIG, KE, Economics ,..... FREDERIC JOSEPH GUILMETTE, Eilncafion ......, ELLEN GRACE HALL, Social Science ,..... ........ .....,.......................... lVlARION TOMLINSON HALL, AEA, Home Economics ...... . HENRY NVALTER HALLINAN, Lilcrary Scientific .,,.,.,...... GERTRUDE ALICE HALLOCK, Eilncafion ,,.....,,,.,.,,......,. ALICE XVOOD HAMILTON, Social Science... .....,,... LOIS MIRIAM HAMMOND, AX9, General Science ,...... IXLETA ABBIE HANRS, Erlncation,,,............................ CLARENCE ALEXANDER HANSON, Pre-Mezlical .,.,.,. hllAX HARRIS, TET, Pre-Meclical ..,........I,.,...,......,......... JOHN THOMAS HART, ATU, Pre-Merlical, ,... . Out of college. ..,..,..WakefIeld, Massachusetts ...,,...Mclndoe Falls, Vermont .........,,,.......,.,,.,..,,.Waitsf1eld, Vermont Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts ,......,,.,......,.......XVooclside, New York ..........Gloucester, Massachusetts Essex Junction, Vermont .......,South Orange, New Jersey Johnsbury, Vermont Shelburne, Vermont Middlebury, Vermont Haverhill, Massachusetts .........West Rutland, Vermont .....,,Port Chester, New York Pawlet, Vermont Hyde Park, Vermont Huntmgton, Vermont ...,....Chester Depot, Vermont Hardwxclt, Vermont Johnsbury, Vermont , ,,,.....,..,,.,..... Proctor, Vermont ..,....,Saylesville, Rhode Island Lynn, Massachusetts Quechee, Vermont ...,.....Brattlel'zoro, Vermont Cambridge, Vermont Middlebury, Vermont .....,...Wincl1ester, Massachusetts ........,.,....,Arlington, Vermont ..,,,..,Jericho Center, Vermont Meriden, Connecticut ..,,,........BriStol, Vermont ,,.,...Burlington, Vermont Montpelier, Vermont Lyndon, Vermont Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts Albans, Vermont .........Be1lows Falls, Vermont Nutley, New Jersey ,.,.,..BurlingtOn, Vermont .,.....Enst Barnet, Vermont Rochester, Vermont Haworth, New Jersey Morrisville, Vermont Peabody, Massachusetts Starksboro, Vermont ,Newton Center, Massachusetts , ..,......, , .....,...... Burlington, Vermont .,,.,..Websterville, Vermont Berlin, New Hampshire .......St. Albans, Vermont .......Burlington, Vermont WJI1H!?fMJEw-- li, QD 55 A5 jjjw 'T 0 56 Yi f , ,,...-' CARL WIINFIELD HATHAWAY, Erlzicaiion.. .....,. . ,... WILLIAM CHRISTIAN HAUG, EN, Cizfil Engineer-ing ,,,,,, .. 1 . CUTHER DAVID HAWLEY, Pre-Medical .........,.....,., ...,.,....,.. .,..,,.,, NORMAN RICHARDSON HEALD, Electrical Engineering .,....... W'ILLIAM HENRY HEININGER, KE, Pre-Meilicirl ....,....,... ANNA MADELYN HENNESSEY, Lifemry Scienfijic ......... EDWARD ALBERT HERR, JR., 4149, Social Science .......,. DORIS ALLIE HERRICK, H1351 Social Science ..,..... . HELENE PIIGGINS, Erliicaiiorz, .......,..... ..................... . SYLVIA AUGUSTA HILI., Eilzicfzfion ..,..,............ CHARLES EZRA HOAG, Civil Eizgifieering .......,, LOUIS HOBERMAN,:J CbU1I7lSli1'jl .,,... ..., .... .... . MILTON HORN,:5 TEKP, Pre-Meilicnl ..,...,4,..,..,...,,,.....,. RAYMOND HOSKING, Mechanical Engiizcering ......... BARBARA ANNETTE HOWD, iii, Clfissicizl ,,,,,, ABBIE CLARA HOWE, AXQ, General Science .,..,,. I'lALE ARNOLD HOWE, Economics. ...., . ...,,.., ...... ............... . . XVENDELL ALLEN HUMPHREY, Civil Engineering .. ...,.,. HAROLD HOMER HUNT, AXP, Pre-Medical.. ....,.. RUSSELL CHARLES IRISH, AXP, Economics ...... FRANKLIN HAROLD JACOBSON, TE45, General Science ,..,..., SARGENT JEALOUS, Socirzl Science. .,,.....44,..,.,4........,....... , .,...... .. WILLIAM LEE JENKS, AXP, Agriczilhzrc ..... ........,...., PIOWARD LOOMIS JOHNSON, ATU, Pre-Meflical ..,. GWYNNETH ELIZABETH JONES, Economics ,,.. JOE KATAOIRI, Economics ......4..,...... I ..., .. JULIA ANN KEAVENEY, Ezlzicnfioiz .... DOROTHY LOUISE KEELER, Eiliicaiion .,.... EDWIN HUSTED KEITH, ET, Economics .. ,....,......... .. WILLIARI JAMES KELTY, JR.,:J KE, Pre-Merliczil ...,. ,. NIARCELLA ALICE KENDALL, Erlzicaiion ..,...........,...., ROBERT FARRELL KENNEDY, Pre-Merliciii ..,..,............. ...,.. ROGER ARTHUR KENNVORTHY, ATQ, Pre-Meilical ,,....... MORRIS IRVING KERSHNER, TEfP, Pre-Meilicizl ....,... XVILLIAM GARRETT KIDD, Economics ,.....,,....,. .........,,.. RJYRON NORMAN KING, TECD, Geizernl Science ..... .. LYEBA ELLA KINSLEY, Literary Scieniijic .,.,.,.... . ....,, . GERALDINE CLARA KIPP, Social Science ,...............,....,........,,...,,....... ALEXANDER EDWARD IQOPETSCI-INY,il KZ, Social Science ....,.... 4RAYlvIOND JOHN LABELLE, Social Science .,,., B1:sSIE MATILDA LAMBERT, Ezliicnfioiz ..,.....,.,. VELMA MAE LAMONDA, AFA, Social Science ,,,.........,,,....,. EDWARD KENDALL LANCTOT, Electrical Erigiizeering ..,...... QARL REINHOLD LANGER, CIPAQ, Civil EIlgil7L'C'l'll7g ,....,... JOSEPH RICHARD LANOU, Pre-Medicrzl ..............,.,........, ...... RAYMOND FREDERICK LANTHIER, Chemistry .....,. . ARLTON ERNEST LAPIERRE, Civil Erzgineerivig ......... OSCAR JOSEPH LARIVIERE, THA, Pl'0-Mffliml --------- FOREST SULHAM LAVALLEY, Agrirziliure ........ ROBERT PIERCE LAWTON, 449, EUOIIONUFS- '---- - Out ot' college. YVashington, Vermont ............Bridgeport, Connecticut ......New Rochelle, New York .,.....Chester Depot, Vermont Burlington, Vermont Pittsford Mills, Vermont .........Waterbury, Connecticut Essex Junction, Vermont ...... ...... N ewfane, Vermont Shelburne, Vermont ...South Burlington, Vermont Meriden, Connecticut St. Albans, Vermont Moretown, Vermont Northfield, Vermont ..,..,.Tunbridge, Vermont .....Tunbridge, Vermont Newbury, Vermont St. Albans, Vermont Burlington, Vermont Revere, Massachusetts Lebanon, New Hampshire Burlington,VermOnt Rutland, Vermont ..,.,,.New Rochelle, New York ...,..,,New York, New York Rutland, Vermont Milton, Vermont Poughkeepsie, New York Ridgewood, New Jersey Chelsea, Vermont .....,....Waterbury, Vermont ........Middlebury, Vermont Burlington, Vermont Northfield, Vermont ........DorcheSter, Massachusetts Montpelier, Vermont ,,...,.........Tenafly, New Jersey ........,.RidgeWood, New Jersey .......,,....BurlIngton, Vermont ..,,......XWilliamstown, Vermont Enosburg Falls, Vermont ,....,EnoSburg Falls, Vermont ,,......Meriden, Connecticut ' Vermont Burlington, .....,...NVest Rutland, Vermont .....,.,..Greensboro, Vermont .,,....Burlington, Vermont Richford, Vermont Port Waslmington, New York I l'lELEN MARY LEARY, Literary Scientific ...... ALICE KATHARINE LECHNYR,:? Special .............,....,,,,,,.,.. ISADORE ALBERT LEHRER, TEKP Social Science ...,..... BENJAMIN RICHIE LEVIN, Social Science.. .. .,,.,., FRANCIS LOUIS LIGOURI, Pre-Medical ..,,,...... ADELINE SARAH l..ITTLE,:i Social Science ,... . FRANCIS EMERSON LITTLE, Chemistry .......,,..,........ ANNA LILLIAN LIVAK, KA, General Science ........... MARGARET LOCKWOOD, KA9, Home Econoniics ..,,,....,.. MINOLA GEORGANNA LOCKWOOD, Literary Scientific ,,...,. . VIOLA EVELYN LONG, Literary Scientific ................... .....,. CHARLES CURTISS LORD,:? ATU, Literaiy Scientific .... EINAR ALBIN LUNDBERG, ET, Pre-Medical ,,............,.... EFFIE ROSETTA MCALLISTER, Home Economics ........ MARY PATRICIA MCAULIEEE, Home Economics ,.,,..... CHARLES ASHTON MCCUIN, 'PMA, Agriculture. ARTHUR SIPLE lVlCDONOUGH, KIFMA, Pre-M'e:liCal NIARTHA ANN MCGILLICUDDY, HB'T', Social Science .,..,..... FREDERICK POWERS MCINTYIKE, TMA, General Science .,..... EMILY EDNA MCINVER, Home Econoinics ,.............. .,..........,....,,. ITLSIE PERRIN MCKEE, AAA, Literary SCi671Iiij,iC ..., .,.. JEAN LOUISE MCLAM, Eclucation ...,.........,,....... ,.....,.........,. ELEANORE LOUISE MCMAHON, Literary Scientijic.. ,... .. GLENN FREDERICK MCPHEE, Agriculture ,..... ........ .,.. PHYLLIS ALETHA MCREA, ZF, Eilucation ,....................,....,............... VY WILLIAM DONALD NIACDONALD, Ha , Civil Engineering ..... . HARRY ALTON MACNIILLAN, KE, Agriculture .... , .,......,... .... . THOMAS BERNARD MAGNER, Pre-Merlical ..,,,,.4,..,..... WILLIAM BRADLEY MAGNER, Pre-Merlical .,.,.... LONA JEANETTE MAIN, HBCP, Erlncafion.. RAYMOND GEORGE MAINER, Pre-Medical ..... ..........,. ..........,.,.,.,... . . ROBERT FARWELL MANLEY, EAR, Mechanical Engiueeri: SYLVIA MARGULIS, K.E.L., Erlucation .....,.....,.,..,,,.,....,...,......,,.................... DAVE IAN MARLOXV, Pre-Merlical ............. .4.... , .44..,.. . DANIEL WAITE MARSHALL, Literary Scientijic ......., GERTRUDE ALICE MARTIN, KA, Education... ,.... GORDON MARTIN, 'PA-9, Electrical Engineering ,...... PAUL ROLAND MARVIN, AAP, Pre-Merlical .,............,.. LAWRENCE PHILIP MASSUCCO, BAE, Pre-Medical ...... RUTH CATHERINE MAURICE, AAA, Social Science ..,... , FRANK ARTHUR MAYVILLE, AI, Social Science ...,....,.......,..,,. ELMER BENSON MESERVEY, ATQ, Civil Engineering ......., GEORGE NORTH MILLETT, ET, Special .,,,,................... ,, .,,..,.,. .. VJINSTON STUART MOORE,'? Mechanical Engineering ,,,...... . DOROTHY NIARY MORAN, Education ,..,...,.......,............,,....,.,... . ELINOR ADELINE MORAN, H3112 Horne Econoinics ,.4,.,.. CLARABELLE MOYER, Erlucation ,..,.....,...... FRANK HENRY MUDGETT, Economics ..,........ BERNARD WILLIAM MULLEN, Economics ..... ,......,... .,..,,Burlington, Vermont , Burlington, Vermont ....,....West Hartford, Connecticut .,......,.....,,....Burlington, Vermont .,......New Rochelle, New York Graniteville, Vermont ...,,...,Vergennes, Vermont .....,.,.Rutlz1ncl, Vermont Sparta, New Jersey ,.,....,.ManClIester Depot, Vermont ...,,..Winooslci, Vermont ......Burlington, Vermont Proctor, Vermont Saxtons River, Vermont Burlington, Vermont .,........Higl1gate Center, Vermont Burlington, Vermont ...,......Turners Falls, Massachusetts ..BrandoI1, Vermont ......,,Newport, Vermont Montpelier, Vermont ,...........East Ryegate, Vermont ,.......M3fbl6hC2d, Massachusetts ......,..Soutl1 Peacham, Vermont Jolmsbury, Vermont ,,....,,,.,Bridgeport, Connecticut Plainfield, Vermont .........West Rutland, Vermont ......,.,WeSt Rutland, Vermont Groton, Vermont .........New Britain, Connecticut Dorset, Vermont .,...,,...Burlington, Vermont ...,...,.,,........Glens Falls, New York ...,..,..Waterbury Center, Vermont ..........Wolcott, Vermont Massacliusetts .,,,...Lyon Mountain, New York .,..........Bellows Falls, Vermont Burlington, Vermont ....,.....MiltOn, Vermont ...,,..,Montpelier, Vermont ........CranfOrcl, New Jersey ,...,..Websterville, Vermont Vermont ..,......West Springfield, Massachusetts .......,.MiddletOwn Springs, Vermont .............,.,........,.,.Wjolmson, Vermont ...,..,,.,Saranac Lake, New York ROY POLLARD MUNGER, ATU, Social Science ...,,.... .........., ,-,-.,-- P C acham, Vefmfmf JOHN GREGORY MURPHY, QPMA, Eilucation ..... ------ B UfliI'18'50H, VC1'ff10Uf JAMES HENRY NAYLOR,:5 SFAS, Economics ..... -...,..44- H211'If01'd, C0f1HeCfiCUf FRANCIS HENRY NEAGLE, Classical ...... , ...,. ...... , .--- . -.I-YHFl0f1VillC, Vermont 'X Out of college. 8 .-,,.L,-. L,.,,..iL,,.,A -,L,,,,.......L3 GEORGE NECKOS, General Scicncc ..... . ..., .,.,...., , CATHERINE NIARY NEWCOMB, Ecoaoniicx ,,..,........ IRYCHARD VAUGI-IAN NEWCONIBE, TMA, Genera HOWARD PRESTON NILES, BAE, Economics .......,, l Science ...,,.. .,..,,...KingSton, New York .........Burlington, Vermont Burlington, Vermont Bennington, Vermont NWILLIAM POTTER NOONAN, YP, Pre-Mcilical .... ESTHER KATHLEEN NORRIS, Literary Sciciilific... HARRY ALBERT NOYES, JR., A'1', Social Science ...,.... PHILIP WARREN NOYES, Social Sciczzcu .... .,..... 4 DOROTHY ALICE OLDEIELD, KA9, General Science ........, .. 51N . WILLIAM O,NEIL," -1 , Agric1ili1z1'c.. ......,.. ......,....,.......... . . HOWARD EASTMAN PAGE, EA, Eilzicaiion. ALICE LORRAINE PALMER, Eiliicaiimz ,........................ .,... LEONEL PAUL NELSON PAQUETTE, Pre-Mmlical ....,., DONALD SKEELS CLARA BARBARA VIRGINIA JESSIE ARLENE THEDA CLEMENT FELIX PARKER, ECP, Ecoizonzicx ..... ..,...,. PEARL, Eflncafioii, .,..... PELSUE, Ecliicatioii .4..,.,..... .........,..,,,,. PERKINS, IIBfI', Lilcrary Scieiztifc .,..,,.. PICARD, Pre-Mcalical ..,. ,...... ........, ...,.,,....... HOWARD XVI-IEELER PIERCE, AXP, Pre-Meilical, ..... VERNICE CONSTANCE PIETTE, Hoiizc Economics ,...., .. EDGAR HAMILTON PINNIX,::A AXP, Social Science ......., . JOHN FRANK PISANO, Social Science ....,........ ....... ...,. WILLIAM CLARENCE POLLAND, Pri'-Medical ......... PHELIIS FREDERIC POND, E'-P, Economics ,................. EDWARD MITCHELL POULIN, AI, Pre-Mcilic.1l ....,..... LUTHER ARTHUR PRESCOTT,:F E.1'zication,...... JACK HORATIO PRESS, Social Science. .........,.. . ROBERT SHERMAN QUIMBY, Cbcniisfry ......... RUTH LILLIAN QUINN, AAA, Economics .,.... BURNETT SHELDON RAWSON, Gcfzwal Scicucc ..,.... ,,....North Ferrisburg, Vermont .......,,XVooelSville, New Hampshire Park, Vermont ...,.....,Burlington, Vermont .....,,.,,....Burlington, Vermont .......,West Rutland, Vermont Groton, Vermont ......,Springfield, Vermont ,......,..Craftsbury, Vermont ..........Nortl1 Hero, Vermont ...,.,,..Grancl Isle, Vermont Arlington, Vermont Wlmite River Junction, Vermont ..........,.....,.........HolyOke, Massachusetts St. Johnsbury, Vermont .....,...,,..,,,..Newport, Vermont Johnsbury, Vermont .,...,.AmSterdam, New York ..,,..,...New Haven, Vermont .,.......,BurlingtOn, Vermont .....,,...New Haven, Vermont , ..,.. .,.Essex Junction, Vermont ...,,..,..,.,,Burlington, Vermont ....,.,St. Albans, Vermont .........Burlington, Vermont .........,..,..,.,..,.Williston, Vermont BARBARA MAE REDDING, AAA, Social Scicizce .,,,...., Lois ADA REDMOND, Eiliicaiion ...........,....................,,.. ALBERT TRACY REED, EA, Civil Eiiginceriizg ..,..... WIILMOT LOOP REED, ZA, Eilucafioii ......,,,., ., ....... .. New Haven, Connecticut Hinesburg, Vermont Chatham, New Jersey Essex Junction, Vermont BERNARD CAMPBELL REILLY, ATQ, Cbc1Iiisi1'y,.,.,.. EVERETT CARLYLE RICE, AXP, Agricziltzire.. ..... EDMUND ROUHAN RICKER, Civil Engineering ..,,.... VIRGINIA MARY RILEY, Economics ..............,,..,,.......... JOAN MARY RIPPER, Classical .,...............,, . ,.....,.... .. GILBERT WELLER RIST, AXP, Pre-Mcilical .......,.. LEONA MARY RIVERS Eiliicafiofi ,..,,,..,.. NIORFUDD ELUNED ROBERTS, Classical ....... IVA ELLEN ROBERTSON, Clasaical .....,,..,..., .....,.ISland Poncl, Vermont ...,.....RanClolph, Vermont ......,..Groton, Vermont ............,........Barre, Vermont ...,,......Burlington, Vermont ,,...,,......Burlington, Vermont Essex Junction, Vermont Fair Haven, Vermont .........,..........XVaitSfield, Vermont ...........EnoSburg Falls, Vermont MIRIAM JUNE ROBIE, Eiliicafioa ..,,..,......,...... ......., LESTER HENRY ROME, TE41, Social Science ........, RUTH ROME, K.E.L., Class ical ,, .........,.....,,.,...,,. URESTE ROMANO ROSA, EN, Eflncaliozz ,... ..,... .... . . . ITZEL MARK ROSENBLATT, AUSTIN I'IOI.MES ROSS, EN, TEKID, Social Sciezzcc Civil Eiiginccriiig .,.. CHARLES BRUSH RUST, AXP, Pl'F-Ml'lllfHl ...,...,....,, if Out of college. , .,..., Fitchburg, Massachusetts Hartford, Connecticut .South Ryegate, Vermont ........New Britain, Connecticut Middlebury, Vermont ......Burlington, Vermont I liINlBALL CHARLES RUTLEDGE, Electrical Engineering ...,.... RICHMOND BORDEN RYDER, ET, Pre-Medical ...,,.... .... ...,. IIORATIO HICKOK SABIN, fl!-9, Pre-Medical ....... MOSES SAIOER, TEfl', Edzzcfzfiou ........,....................... ESTELLE LILLIAN SAMUELSON, Eilurafiou ...,.,...... . RUTHOLA FRANCES SANBORN, Literary Scimzlifc .,,....,. ROBERT NEWTON SAXBY, AXP, P1'r-Mwlical ..............,. FLORENCE ELNORA SCHOFF, Home Erormmirs .,... l'lAROLD ALLEN SCHOFF, Elrfrfriml Eizgimwizzg.. ...,.... ., FREDERICK NIORDACAI SHAINE, TWP, Social Science ,,4..,... BARBARA SHALUCHA, Literary Scientific ...........,.,,.,., . .. GEORGE GLOECKNER SHANV, EN, Ecofiouiics ....,.,,. LAURA EMMA SHERMAN, Liierary Srifiitijirw.. ROY LATIMER SHERMAN, Ecmzrmzzrfx ., ,.....,,,,, . ..... ,............. . VUILLIANI FORBES SHUTTLENVORTI-I, EXE, Civil Eligiizecriizg ..,.,.. l'lOYT VVAKEFIELD SISCO, Electrical Ezzgizwm-i11g.., ,..., DULCENA ADAIR SMITH, EF, Ezlzzmliozz ......,..,.......,, 'WENDALL ARTHUR SMITH, Cloemisfry. ,,,,... ,...., DARWVIN INGALLS SOMERS, Civil Enginfcriizg ......,..,,, GORDON EVERETT SOMERS, Electrical Ez1gi1zr'f'ring .,..,. DONALD CHARLES STAFFORD, Agrimzllzzrc ,.........,........, l'lOXVARD WHITCOMB STANLEY, Pic'-Mcrlinzl ................ PATRICIA MILDRED STANLEV, AXQ, Sorinl Science ..,....... CATHARINE ANDREWS STARBIRD, Lilemmf Scic11fiJ5c....... EDWARD WILLIAM STARR, 'PML Lih'rar3' Sciezzlific ..... ELIZABETH ROBERTSON STEARNS, Classical. ....,.. DAVID DONALD STERNDERCH, Chmiziilryom... BIARTHA PEARL STEVENS, Gfizfzvzl Science ELSIE ROWENA STREETER, Ezlnrrzfiou ......,.,.,, ALEXIS CORNELIUS SVIGOON, Cbnzizixiry ...., .......,.. ....,.....,... l'lENRY ROBINSON SWIFT, AXP, Litf'rm'3I Sciwzfijic ...... . GEORGE WILLIAM TAFT, Civil E7ZglIIl'f'1'lllg .T,,... JASON KENNETH TANGLEY, Al, Economics .,,....,. l'lLI.EN CUMING TAYLOR, 1TBfIP, Pri'-Merliml ,............, DONALD HARRISON TETZLAFF, ATQ, Ecozzomicx ...,.... NELSON LOUIS THIDAULT, Civil Erigincrriizg ,......... ANGUS PETER THORNE, JR., Social Science ......,.....,.,......... FREDERICK WHITING TIMMERNIAN, Gerzerifl Science ...,..... ALFRED ROBERT TOMASSETTI, EAE, Social Scimzrv .. ,. WRIGHT LOOMIS TOWERS, Erlucafion. ...,..............,. ....,..,., . NELLIE ELIZABETH TOWNSEND, AAA, Eilzmzliozz ,....,.....,.,....,. JOHN PLATT TREADXVAY, 4139, Mrrhfziiiml Eiigiimeriizg .,..... EVERETT LAWE TROMBLY, Pri'-Mcfliml ......... ,,... .,,.....,,,........,,..... NESTOR HONORE TROTTIER, TMA, E1l1icntio.'i .....,. FENO HILTON TRUAX, Elccfricnl Engiizerriizg .,..... HUBEIKT FRANCIS TRUDEAU, ATFZ, EIl1iCr1iimz ...... . BENJAMIN RODNEY TucRER, Civil Evzgiizcwizig., iVlARY VERONICA TUOHY, AEA, Erliicaiioiz .,.,...,. BflEREDITH RAMSAY TURNER, ECOIZ07l1fll'.Y...... XVAYNE GEORGE TWOMBLY, Agrirulfure ,..... XVALTER HAROLD VAN WYCK, Ei, Eclzimtioir ,......,.,,...............Barnet, Vermont .......Fall River, Massachusetts Burlington, Vermont Burlington, Vermont ..........,,Burlington, Vermont ......East Thetford, Vermont Morrisville, Vermont Essex Junction, Vermont Essex Junction, Vermont Cambridge, Massachusetts Springfield, Vermont .......,Arlington, New Jersey Bakersfield, Vermont Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont Burlington, Vermont ..........Braclford, Vermont .,.....,.,......Wilmington, Vermont Lancaster, New Hampshire ..,,....,.,.,...Passumpsic, Vermont ...,,...,....Barr1et, Vermont .........WaitsHeld, Vermont Colchester, Vermont Enosburg Falls, Vermont ............Burlington, Vermont ..........,Brockton, Massachusetts Hinsdale, New Hampshire ......,,,,.,..,......,,.Montreal, Canada St. Johnsbury, Vermont Essex Junction, Vermont ....,.,SpringfIeld, Vermont ..,...,..Burlington, Vermont Essex Junction, Vermont North Adams, Massachusetts ......,Newport, Vermont .,....Burlington, Vermont , ,,,XVaterbury. Vermont .......,Bridgeport, Connecticut ,.....,..,Morrisville, Vermont Meriden, Connecticut ,.....,EsseX Center, Vermont Saxtons River, Vermont ..........,..................Burlington, Vermont .......lndian Orchard, Massachusetts . .. ..... ..... ...,,. W i lder, Vermont Franklin, Vermont Middlebury, Vermont ...........Tunbridge, Vermont .,.....,West Rutland, Vermont .......l-lainden, Connecticut ..........,..Derby, Vermont ....,,.VVilmington, Vermont WILLIAM VILARDO, Pre-Mezlifal ....... ,,.,.,. ................... ..,...... G a r Held, New Jersey . -I -I - qs -7 5-' UTYVYYYYYY Y xl 1- . ut. Il CD QD PTTLLL, J 160 ' f H, 7,1 LOI5 ELLEN WAGNER,:l Literary Scientific, ,.,.. , ......,,............. ROGER KIMBALL WAITE, AI, Mcchaniaal Efzgizzuering ....... WENDELL STEWART FRANCES WAKEFIELD, Pvc-Mczlical .,..... SIODDARD ROY WARDEN, ATU, Social Science ..........,,....,.,,.,.,., ......... CLARENCE JAY WATTERS, JR., TMA, Electrical Engineering .4,... LULA MAY WATTS, Social Science.. ......... ..., ...,.... ............. . . . ..,.,,.,.,.. . JONATHAN TALCOTT WEBSTER, AXP, Eronomirx ...,.,... LUELLA ALICE NVEBSTER, Home Ecouonzirx ...,..,............ GENEVIEVE VICTORIA WESOLOWSKA, Pre-Merliral .,.,..... MORTON XVI-IEELER, EN, Pre-Mrrliual ,...., . .,,.... . ,........ ...............,.... . . EDXVARD RICHARD WHIPPLE, EN, Mecbazziral E1zgi1fer'riz1g ..,.... EDITH MARY WI-IITCOMB, Literary Srirzztijic, .,,, . ...... ...... . . PHILIP TAIQLIN XVHITE, AXP, Civil Ezzginerrizzg .,....... DANA WALLIS WHITMAN, EA, Agrirzzlture, .,., I ROBERT CHARLES WILBUR, Agriculture ...,.,., ..,.,.,, .... . . . EUGENE LORENZO WILLARD, 449, Pre-Murlical ....,..... FLoRENcE HUGHEY WILLIAMS ' , ElIllL'llfl01l ,................ T... . 1'lAROLD EUGENE WILLIAMSON, AXP, Pre-Merlical ..,.... RICHARD TRAVIS XY'ILLIAMSoN,:i' AXP, Pre-Mealiral ,..., . PAUL WALKER WILLSON, Agl'lL'7llf1Ll'I,' ., ,.,..,..., ,,...,..,.4.,.,.,,.......,. . .. ALFRED JOSEPH WIMETT, JR., KE, Lifcrary Scirwilific ....... FREDERICK KERMIT WISEMAN, Merlmuical Erigifzccrifzg .,...,.,. lNEZ WOLF, Llf!'1'!I1'jl SCl67ZflflC ....,,,,....,,.........,. ,.,..............,............,....,., ISADORE IRVING WOLFE, TEQP, Pre-Merliral ......., GORDON MARSHALL WOOD, CbC'l11lSfl'jl ,.,,....... JAMES EDWARD WOODHULL, Agriczzltnre . HELEN VERA WORKMAN, Ezlncaiion ..... MARION ACHSA WoRTIIEN,:t .Special .,........ ...,..,.,........... ............. ELIZABETH HELEN WRIGHT, IIBQP, Home Economics ......... GLENNA RAE WRIGHT, AXQ, Efluratioa .... ,... ,.... ,...... ,..... . . . . .JEAN BUCHANAN YouNG, KAQ, Erozzomirx ..,..... STANLEY FRANCIS ZUKOVUSKI, CDMA, Pre-Medical ..I.,,... ll Out of college. ,... ....... N lilton, Vermont Bennington, Vermont Hardwick, Vermont XVest Barnet, Vermont H XVest Pnwlet, Vermont Chesterfield, New Hampshire , ..,.,,.. ,..,,,.,. Burlington, Vermont . ..,,,,.... Danville, Vermont Shirley, Massnch usetts Plymouth, New Hampshire Montpelier, Vermont , .,., Ashland. New Hampshire . ....,... ,...... G roton, ..... Colchester, .,..,..,..Wallingford, Vermont Vermont Vermont Schenectady, New York ., Alburgh, Bristol, Vermont Vermont Peekskill, New York Pittsfield, .....,,.Pittsford, Burlington, Vermont Vermont Vermont New York, New York Burlington, ..........XVolcott, .,. ..........,,. Pittsfield, Essex Junction, White River Junction, ,. ......., ..,...,............. W aterbury, Burlington, Burlington, Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont .........Bridgeport, Connecticut I6I .iq . . , 951 E DICS To PAUL KENDRICK FRENCH. energetic JCC2lL'l1C"l'. S5'lNID2ltllCt'iC advisor. 126611 scluolzlr, plqym-iam of promise as well as of ZICCOIUPIiSl'lI'l16I1Jf. fmitlwful in his devotion to flue liealing :11'E.xve Clecliczltv this section of the 11933 gxricl. I I IN MEMCDRIAM FREDERICK XVILLIAN SEARS. AB., N.D Nu Sigma Nu, Beta Theta Pi V June 30. 1859----lanuarx -1. IQ34 Professor of Neurology vii fl if Qu 39 Eb .. , ,-,,,,,-,E......-.... ,...-,..1..?..,..A.J . ,- E, ,.,-L,,,..,.. .W ...,.v,,.,,w,.,..,..X ,. , ,..E,:Y--y:.f -AN .1 W .,- if CQLLEGE CDF MEDICINE JAMES NATHANIEL JENNE, NEN Berkshire, Vermont. M.D., Vermont, ,8IQ M.S., Vermont, '25 Dean of the College of Mezlicim' I I JOHN BROOKS WHEELER, fpx, 2111 Stowe, Vermont. A.B., Vermont, '75g M.D., Harvard, '79, V Vermont, ,ZIQ F.A.C.S. Profexxor Enferizflzs of SIll'gL'7'jV CLARENCE HENRY BEECHER, NEN Granville, New York. M.D., Vermont, 'oog F.A.C.P. Professor of Jvffflffmf THOMAS STEPHEN BROWN, NEN Deerfield, New Hampshire. M.D., Vermont, '04 Thayer Profexsor of Amzfofny FRED KINNEY JACKSON, NEN, CDAG3 Barre, Vermont. A.B., Vermont, ,97Q M.D., Vermont, ,99 Professor of Physiology DAVID MARVIN, NEN Alburgh, Vermont. M.D., Vermont, 'oo Professor' of Pharmacology ami Thernpc1ztic.v Sc.D .,, v . . . , -wing 7 . . I , 1 li-ri lj .. E , 68 f --me-uf-A-M-W---W-U U. .' ,-.---- fY....,...........f t . -' -,,- Ji..-..-f wa :za-f-v-Af PATRICK EUGENE MCSWEENEY, NSN Glens Falls, New York. M.D., Vermont, '86g M.S., Vermont F.A.C.S. Proufcsxor of Obsfelrirs mul Gynrrologgf CHARLES FLAGG XVHITNEY, NEN, ATQ South Burlington, Vermont. B.S., Vermont, ,97Q M.D., Vermont, M.S., Vermont, 704 Professor of Pbysiologiml Cb67lliSIf!'j' and Toxirology CHARLES FRANCIS DALTON, NSN Springfield, Massachusetts. M.D., Vermont, '03 Professor' of Hygiene and Pl'6'Z!617fiUE Merlirinc CHARLES KIMBALL JOHNSON, QIDX Lincoln, Vermont. M.D., Vermont, ,99Q F.A.A.P. Professor of Pediafrirs ERNEST HIRAM BUTTLES, NEN, IIJBK, KE Brandon, Vermont. A.B., Vermont, 'org M.D., Vermont, '08 Profexsor of Pathology amz' Bacteriology an , -.. I I7O LYMAN ALLEN, NEN, fIJBK, 241 Burlington, Vermont. A.B., Vermont, ,933 M.D., Vermont, '96g F.A.C.S.g M.S., Norwich, ,I7 Professor of Surgery GEORGE MILLAR SABIN, NEN, CDACB Malone, New York. B.S., Vermont, '96, M.D., Vermont, '00, F.A.C.S. Professor of Clinical Surgery CHESTER RAYMOND I-IAIG, AMLIDO, CDBK, AQA Riverton, New Jersey. S.B., Haverford, '04, M.D., University of Pennsylvania, '09, Lieutenant Colonel Medical Corps, United States Army Professor of Tropical Medicine amz' Merlico-Miliirzry Science EDMUND CURTIS MOWER, fIJBK, into Morristown, Vermont. A.B., Vermont, ,923 LL.B., New York, '96, A.M., Vermont, '04 Lecturer in Medical Izirisprzizlevzce FREDERICK WILLIAM SEARSF NEN, BQII Morristown, New Jersey. A.B., Amherst, '81, M.D., Vermont, '88 Deceased, January 2, 1934. Professor of Neurology U E! ZD an '1 -...4..........f.,,....-.............-, - -HA - 1-21.4" M1 -,,.,,J JAMES CHARLES O'NEIL, NEN Burlington, Vermont. PLS., Vermont, '06, M.D., Vermont, ,I7 Profussor of Psychiatry BRATNERD HUNT WHITBECK Rochester, New York. A.B., Harvard, ,995 M.D., Columbia, 'o3 Profcssor of Orfbojvezlic Surgery EUGENE FREDERICK TRAUB, AKK Dubuque, Iowa. BS., Michigan, '15, M.D., Miclyigan, '13 Professor of Drrnzafology ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS OLIVER NEWELL EASTMAN, AKK. W'oodsville, New Hampshire. M.D., Vermont, ,085 F.A.C.S. Associafe Professor of Obsiez'riz's. HOVEY JORDAN, ATQ. Jericho Center, Vermont. Ph.B., Vermont, ,135 M.S., Vermont, ,I4. Asso- ciate Professor of Biology, I-Iisfology, ami Euzifryology. PAUL KENDRICK FRENCH, NEN, AXP. Orleans, Vermont. Ph.B., Vermont, '20, M.D., Vermont, '23, F.A.C.P. Associate Professor of Clilziazl Mvfliriuc' EMMUS GEORGE TWITCHELL, TX. Kingston, Ontario, Canada. A.B., Queen's, ,025 M.D., Queen's 'o6g C.M., Queen's, '06, Assoriatc Professor of Opbibzrlmology and Oiolnryugology. ASSISTANT PROFESSORS ROBERT LELAND MAYNARD, AKK. Poughkeepsie, New York. M.D., Vermont, 'ug F.A.C.S. Assistnui Professor of Oriboprciir Surgery. XVENDELL EVERETT JAMES, EE. Central Falls, New York. A.B., Brown, 317. Assistant Pro- fessor of Bafieriology anri Clinical Pathology. XVALFORD TUPPER REES, NEN, KE. Nashua, New Hampshire. M.D., Vermont, ,24Q F.A.C.S. Assisizzut Professor of Surgery. EMBREE RECTOR ROSE. Linton, Indiana. A.B., lndinna, lI9Q A.M., Harvard, ,22. Assislrmi Pro fessor of Physiological Chemisiry. TRUMAN JANIES ALLEN, AKK, Royalton, Vermont. M.D., Vermont, ,I2. Assisinnl Professor of Neurology. BENJAMIN DYER ADAMS, ix-KK. Panton, Vermont. M.D., Vermont, '08, F.A.C.S. Assisfant Pro- fessor of Surgery. 17r CHARLES PERKINS MOAT. Portsmouth, New Hampshire. B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology, ,96. Assisfzmz' Professor of Sfmilary Cbemisfry. HERBERT ASHLEY DURFEE, AKK, 'PAQ Poultney, Vermont. A.B,, Vermont, '17, M.D., Vermont '2o. Assisfurzl Profrxsor of Ob5f0fl'lL'S mul Gy11c'C0logjf. XVILLIAM GRAVES TOXVNSEND, AKK. Rutland, Vermont. BS., Dartmouth, '20, M.D., Vermont, ,24Q F.A.C.S. Assistant Profmxor of Urology. CLARENCE ALDEN BONNER, AKK. Lynn, Massachusetts. M.D., Vermont, ,13. Assistant Professor of Psychiatry. I ARTHUR BRADLEY SOULE, AXP. St. Albans, Vermont. A.B., Vermont, '25, M.D., Vermont, '28. Assithmf Professor of Patbology mm' Bacteriology, Insfruffor in Rocfztgcnology. CHESTER ALBERT NEWHALL, NEN. Stoneham, Massachusetts. A.B., Northwestern, '24, M.D., Vermont, '28. Axsisfani Professor of Anafonzy. INSTRUCTORS CHARLES ARTHUR RAVEY, AKK. Burlington, Vermont. M.D., Vermont, '18. Ifzszfrurfoi' in Mczlicizze. EDWARD DOUGLAS MCSNVEENEY, NSN, SNR. Burlington, Vermont. A.B., Vermont, '19, M.D., Vermont, ,223 F.A.C.S. Instructor in Gy11evology. ELMER XVATERS PIKE, AKK, 939. Ellenburg, New York. M.D., Vermont, ,I9. Ifzsfrfzcfor irz Mezlirilzc. MYRTELLE MAY CANAVAN. St. Johns, Michigan. M.D., Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania, 'o5. Instructor in Ne1z1'op.1tbology. ANTHONY ALONGE, TX. Mersfi, Italy. A.B., Syracuse, '26, A.M., Columbia, ,27. Iuxtrnrlor in Physiology and Pharmacology. DAVID MANSON, XPQ. Thurso, Scotland. D.D.S., Philadelphia Dental College, 'oo. Instrfzcfor in Oral Hygiene. KENDRICK MCCULLOUGH, Burlington, Vermont. M.D., Vermont, '3o. Iizslructor in Pathology. KEITH FRANK TRUAX, TX, ZX. Franklin, Vermont. B.S., Vermont, '28, M.D., Vermont, '31. Inslrzzrior in Analomy. EDWARD JAMES ROGERS, TX. Ninety Six, South Carolina. B.S., South Carolina Military Academy, ,96, M.D., Medical College of South Carolina, '08, M.D., Columbia, '12. Inxtrucfor in Tzflrerculoxis. PZTT.. . M . ' 4 " l tj Q U.- ll QD .jv 53 Egfr-mmm 172 HIRAM EUGENE UPTON, NEN. Waterbury, Vermont. M.D.,Mary1and, ,27. IlZ5lt1'llL'f0l' in Clinical Merlirine. ADOLPHUS DUNCAN ROOD. Haverhill, Massachusetts. M.D., Vermont, 'o8. Irzxirurlor in Brom-hoscojzy. ALBERT GEORGE MACKAY, NSN, EAE. Peucham, Vermont. B.S., Vermont, ,l9Q M.D., Vermont, '3z. I11Sf1'1LCf01' in Histology and A1zesfbetizn.iio1z. ELLSWORTH LYMAN AMIDON, TX, ATQ. W'est Barnet, Vermont. B.S., Tufts, ,Z7Q M.D., Vermont, '3 2. Izzsirzmfoi' in Pnlbology. CLINICAL INSTRUCTORS THOMAS EMBLETON HAYS, AKK. Hudson, Pennsylvania. M.D., Vermont, '1 1. Clirzitnl I1zxz'r1Lc- tor nl tbc Dispensrzry. KARL CORNELIUS MCMAHON, NEON, -AI. Burlington, Vermont. B.S., Vermont, ,IQQ M.D., Ver- mont, '1z. Clinical Insfrucfor in Ophthalmology mul Ololmyzzgology. SAM SPARHAWK, JR., AKK. Burlington, Vermont. A.B., Dartmouth, 'zzg M.D., Vermont, '26. Cliuirul Ilzsfrzzcfor in Merlicim' mul Obsz'wf1'irs. ERALD FAIRBANKS FOSTER, AKK. Coventry, Vermont. M.D., Vermont, ,27. Clinical Inxiruffor in Hygiene and Prevmzliw Mezlirinc. PAUL DENNISON CLARK, AKK, 2411 Wbodstock, Vermont. M.D., Vermont, '26. Clinical IlZXfl'1lC- for in Pezlirzzfricx. ARTHUR LEO LARNER, AKK. St. Albans, Vermont. M.D., Vermont, 'o4. Clinical ll15f1'ZLL'lL01' in Ololuryngology. I I CAP AND SKULL Senior l-lonorary lxqecllcal Society Ready, Luck, Flflggx Coglnml FACULTY MEMBERS C. H. Beecher, M.D. S. H. Martin, M.D. P. D. Clark, M.D. H. A. Durfee, A.B., M.D. O. N. Eastman, A.B., M.D. E. D. McSweeney, A.B., M.D. P. T. Bacon, B.S., M.D. B. J. A. Bombard, M.D. Donald E. Coburn, B.S. MEMBERS IN THE E. W. Pike, M.D. XV. T. Rees, M.D. A. B. Soule, A.B., M. D. XV. G. Townsend, B.S., M.D CITY B. F. Clark, M.D. W R. Doane, M.D. STUDENT MEMBERS Clays of 1934 Eugene H. Luck, B.S. John L. Cogland, B.S. Duncan W. Persons Winthrop M. Flagg John L. Sain, B.S. James J. Reedy, B.S. fflll llQ75EUl? fi 1 - - ..... , ,, ,A...-........i....T,...-:.......J ,.. .,,.... . -........-h.,. ...v.Y...., .LQ ,.,..,.f Lf . ,-..., ..-J SE,NilORS1Class Ol 1Q34 Medic Senior Class Group RICHARD ALLISON BAcIcUs, JR., B.S., AKK, KE, LEONARD MACY BERRY, B.S., QIDAE, TEA ...,...,....,.......... . EDWARD SUMNER BREXVSTER, A.B. ,,.........,,,,..,......,.,.,...,.....,,,.... . DONALD ELLSWORTI-I COBURN, B.S., NEN, EAE .,........... . JOHN LEE COGLAND, B.S., NSN, ANT' .....,......,,,... ..,,............, . REGINALD FULLER DEWITT, B.S., NEN, AXP' ,....,......., . WILLIAM ALLEN DONNELLY, B.S., AKK, ATQ.. BURTON LAWTON EMERSON, JR., NEN, ZAX .,.... WIINTHROP MAILLOT FLAGG, NEN, EAE ,.,....,,...... ALFRED LEO FRECHETTE, NEN .............., ....,, ..... EMILIO GIANNARELLI, NEN .....,...,............. ....,...... ...... . HOWARD THEODORE GUARE, AKK, ATU .....,............. THOMAS JOSEPH HALLIGAN, B.S., AKK, ATQ ,... HARLAN EUGENE KARR, B.S., 5-XP ........,...... . ...... .. ALDO LEANI, AKK ........,....,................ ....,..., RUTH IRENE LEONARD, B.S., ET.. ,... ...,...... .... . . EUGENE HARVEY LUCK, B.S., AKK, ZX .,...,........,,., JOHN FREDERIC LYNCH, JR., B.S., AKK, KE ,.... . THOMAS SMITH MCLEAN, JR., B.S., EN .....,....... .. CHRISTIE ELLEN MCLEOD, B.S., ATE, EF ...,....... . THOR OLSON, B.S., 'PX .....,..........,.,...... ...,,... ..,....,.,,., . . . PHILIP REYNOLDS RANSOM, B.S., TK ...,,... JAMES JOSEPH REEDY, B.S., TX, ZX ..,........ FLORA MARIE REMILLARD, B.S., ATE ........ . PAUL GREENE ROWAND, TX ,..,. .....,,...........,... JOHN LOUIS SATA, B.S., A-KK ....,,,..,,.....,.,,,....,,. ANTHONY THEODORE SCUTAKES, EA. ....,.......,....,,. .. KARL FADER SEARLES, B.S., TX ....... .....,...,.. .,,,.................. A BS WEN 2 RTHUR BRADFORD SI-IARPLES, JR., . ., + - I ' BENJAMIN SINGERMAN, B.S., 'PAE .,... .4.....- ,--------. 4---- PAUL COLBY WILLARD, B.S., 'FX ..... AE ,,,.,., .. ......,, .. South Orange, New Jersey Plainville, Connecticut New York, New York Hardwick, Vermont Burke, New York Shoreham, Vermont Atlantic City, New Jersey Burlington, Vermont North Attleboro, Massachusetts Burlington Barre ,.,,,......Montpelier, Montpelier, ..,,....,,..Nortl'Ifield, Barre, .. ,....,, Plainfield, .....,,.,..Burlington, Burlington, ..,........,Bridgeport, Co .......,.,..Soutl1 Barre, ..,,.....Brattleboro, , ,...,.... Castleton, , Vermont , Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont nnecticut Vermont Vermont Vermont Rutland, Vermont Maine ..,,,,,.,...NeW Canaan, Connecticut Vermont ....,.......,....,,.Burlington, Vermont Johnsbury, Vermont New Bedford, Massachusetts ..........,.....,....Burlington. Passumpsic, Vermont Vermont I I fN MEMQRIAM EDVHXRD JQSEPI-l NIAHQNEY fxlplia Tau Omega, Nu Sigma Nu Burlington, Vermont, July Q6, 1919.---Wlay Qi, 193Q Tile suclclen anal untimely cleatli ol' our promising liriencl ancl classmate,HE,ClH Nlalloney, cast a pall of gloom over tlme linisl1 of our l:lACSl1ITl31'1 year. Quiclz to note tlle luumorous inciclents :luring many trying l1Ou1's of our lirst year, lie more tl'1an llis sluare to malze tliat year a pleasant one. followecl tlue rules of tlxe game of lile as lie clial tluose of luis favorite sport ---lzxaslzetlaall, always playing in a clean, sportsmanlilze manner. Xxfhen tl'1E Final xxlliistle sounded, was liigll scorer in the liearts of luis classmates. fx true liriencl, a sincere sclnolar---we luave missecl luim mucli, laut tl'1e memory ol: liis spirit goes on wifll us. Hl'lis smiling lace gone from our miclst-H fx voice we lovecl is stillecl, fx place macle vacant in our luearts Fl-l'1at never can loc lilleclfi P7 'if' i gg .gw,l:HH.fgggialygyggil QQZQ En 75 i Y, ,, ..-, 7 ff ,......-... N'-J i'-. Xf' ,--v Q f-Cjs'pJfi.f s V1 JUNIQRS-cts. Oi1Q35 HAROLD XVILSON ADAMS, B.S., was born Janu- ary 5, 1909, in Rutland, Vermont. He was edu- cated at Rutland High School, Silver Bay School on Lake George, and at the University of Vermont. He is a member of Delta Psi and Nu Sigma Nu. Don't put too much stock in the line that Babe hands you--you may come to a week later and realize that he was just kidding you all the time. His seriousness lasts only as long as he can keep from laughing. For proof of this you have only to look at the works of art in his notebook. It appears that since his operation at Christmas time, Babe's trips to the hospital have been more frequent than before but no doubt they have been for a serious purpose. Undecided at first as to what branch of medicine he might follow Babe has recently become inspired by the fact that Doctor Rees always stands on a stool while operating. His address is 97 Gibson Avenue, Rutland, Vermont. SANIUEL RIGHTER BERENBERG, A.B., was born August 1, I9IO, in Boston, Massachusetts. He at- tended Boston English High School, Amherst College, and Harvard University Medical School. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Sam still asks the cops where the downtown section of Burlington is when he makes his monthly visits to the post office for stamps. The spirit which for two years had been lacking in the class of ,35 was supplied by Sam and his quotations from the latest literature. A believer in more psychiatry in medicine, a greater interest in world politics, a broader outlook on our fellow man, less roll calling, faster lectures, and better pronunciation of much abused names, he brings the breath of Amherst to the frigid hills of Vermont. His address is 275 Walnut Avenue, Boston, Massa- chusetts. PEARY BENN BERGER was born February 16, 1909, in Brooklyn, New York. He attended Bur- lington. High School and the University of Vermont. He is a member of Phi Sigma Delta Fraternity. For three years he has lived in constant dread lest an athetotic professorial hand might mistake him for his namesake of lesser proportions. He is always happy when sitting in the last seat of the last row with his feet on someone else's coat, inconspicuously awaiting his turn at recitation. The mysteries of entropy are still to him a mystery, yet arthropodic pain he knows full well. Wfe trust that eventually he will learn to state instead of interrogate. His address is 110 Archibald Street, Burlington, Vermont. I I FRANK WILLIAM BOYD3 was born April 27, 1905, in Peru, New York. He attended Peru High School and the University of Vermont. He is a member of Phi Chi. Last fall our class was aug- mented by this tall, quiet, studious gentleman from the class ahead of us. Frank is a member of that revered group of men who have already plighted their troth, yet in other ways the hand of fate has seemed to be against him. In spite of his gritty ight he was compelled, just before midyears, to drop out of the third year class for the second time and check up on his health. We wish him a re- freshing rest and may it bring renewed strength for further effort. We hope that ultimate success may be the reward for persistent eifort. His address is Peru, New York. JOHN FRANK BUGLINO was born March 10, 1907, in Brooklyn, New York. He attended Brook- lyn Technical High School and the University of Vermont. He is a member of Phi Chi. Bulingo- Buggalino-Buggy-heill answer to anything but he likes "john" best. His diminutive stature is more than outweighed by the accuracy with which he tosses the dice, much to the sorrow of his playmates. He was willing to accept a little prompting now and then until he finally realized that some of the boys were intentionally leading him astray. Since then his motto has been "Don't trust nobody-not even my pal, Kelly." It is Buggy's idea that if one keeps his eyes and ears open and his mouth closed, he will learn more and be less apt to show his ignorance. His address is 188 North Eighth Street, Brooklyn, New York. IVIORTIMER DANIEL BURGER, A.B., was born December 25, 1908, in New York City. He at- tended Mount Vernon High School, Mount Vernon, New York, and Brown University. He is a member of Phi Delta Epsilon. Morty looks at microbes with both his eagle eyes, through his binocular scope and rare is the little bacterium which escapes his observa- tion. One of his pet diversions is to sit in the back row and amuse himself with his own wise cracks. Imagine Joe threatening seriously to flatten this harm- less fellow for throwing a snowball! Morty must believe the old axiom, "nobody loves a fat man," at least his devastating assaults on Keil and Roller have telling effect on the good nature of these exponents of adipose tissue. They say that a bald man loses his hair because he thinks so hard. "Iss dat so?" His address is, ISI Park Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York. 1' Out of College, January, 1934. 3l-,f3.i---1 Q 78 j f -.-. ,.-a.,,-uf o 1 . FRANCIS VINCENT BURKE, B.S., was born July 7, 1908, in New York, New York. He attended Saint Ann's Academy, Manhattan College, and Co- lumbia Medical College. He is a member of Phi RI-10 Sigma. Presenting Brooklyn's gift to the Freshman Medic Women of Vermont. He typiiies the self- assurance, smoothness and preciseness of dress of that metropolitan district. It has been a matter of con- jecture with many people as to whether the advent of spring will give him the opportunity to have his spats cleaned. It was noted that the night Work of this Beau Brummel was somewhat curtailed when Boyd left school-since that time he has had to Walk, that is, except when Doctor Ttaub is in town--they all grab a cab then, and take in the current show at the Flynn. His address is 426 Fifty-fifth Street, Brooklyn, New York. LOUIS ALFRED CIBELLI, B.S., Was born July 29, 1909, in New York, New York. He attended De- Witt Clinton High School, New York, and Manhat- tan College. He is a member of Phi Chi Fraternity. Red hadn't been in town long before he could be heard accompanying any orchestra he could make in strains of "Somebody Stole My Galf' Since then we have never been at a loss to recognize this plaintive voice on any occasion. To what other purpose than picking his teeth he can put his claw fingernail is a mystery, but its career is doomed as soon as he dons rubber gloves to make examinations. We understand it is the secret ambition of the Nu Sigs to run a dance without Cibelli's help-even the cops can't phase him. His address is 650 East 18znd Street, New York, New York. JOHN CHARLES CUNNINGHAM, A.B., was born March 5, 1909, in Dorchester, Massachusetts. He attended Richmond High School, Holy Cross, and University of Vermont. He is a member of Sigma Nu and Nu Sigma Nu. Jack is deliberate of word and action but his deliberation leads to paucity of errors. The "maestro,s" chief weakness is baseball, and added to his own ability he has more than a speaking acquaintance with some of the big shots. He has rubbed elbows and celebrated with Lefty O,Doul, Blondie Ryan, Rogers Hornsby, Bill Cun- ningham, Carl Hubbell, Jimmy Fox, John McGraw and the rest of the World Series outfit. Since Chap- man left Jack holds the honor of knowing more people, and telling of more lucky breaks than any- one else in the class. Doctor Whitney once said that there was no doubt that Cunningham would be one of the highest in the class and We believe him. His address is Box 352, Richmond, Vermont. I I8O HERMAN BERG DATTNER, B.S., Was born March 13, 1909, in Luzerne, Pennsylvania. He at- tended Luzerne High School, Wyoming Seminary in Kingston, Pennsylvania, and Saint Thomas College in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He is a member of Phi Delta Epsilon. Seriousness of purpose so dominates Herm's existence that he is Apt to be unnecessarily worried if he forgets one or two symptoms or makes a slight error. In his odd moments of rest from studies, Herrn spends his time in complicated discus- sions with Nathanson. His avowed purpose is to be I1 competent surgeon and if his technical skill matches his theoretical information, he should be that at least! Don't take life too hard Herm-faih ures and disappointments are to come to the best. Don't whimper when you're down-it's much more fun laughing it off. His address is 59 Main Street, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. MURRAY KATTELLE DUNSMORE was born October 21, 1910, in St. Albans, Vermont. He attended St. Albans High School and the University of Vermont. He is a member of Delta Psi and Nu Sigma Nu. "Dynamite" is not exactly a philosopher but hc takes life philosophically-ups and downs alike. Might as well live for the present for to- morrow we die. Murray will try anything once and is a believer in the value of experience as a teacher. "XVhy live a life of contemplation?" says he. As an exponent of rural life, he is an authority on every- thing from the present milk situation to dermatology of cows. Murray is susceptible to the soporific effect of Doctor Allen's Neurology lectures, and although he is not lazy, when his heart quits it will not be in systole. His address is R. F. D., Swanton, Vermont. RICHARD CARL FULLER, B.S., was born Febru- ary 6, I907, in Saxtons River, Vermont. He at- tended Pasadena High Schol in Pasadena, California, Vermont Academy in Saxtons River, Norwich Uni- versity and the University of Vermont. He is a member of Phi Kappa Delta and Phi Chi. The staff telephone rings-"Fuller speaking-O. K.," and Dick is off to another task for one of the nurses, whether it is exerting his Herculean strength in lifting some obese old lady into her bed or passing the rubber hose on some unsuspecting patient. Still slightly bow-legged from his Norwich days, Dick has been quietly and persistently mastering the medical sciences. He claims that he never works but report has it that, were it not for the fact that he can never tell when Goldberg will run off with his type- writer, he would have all his notes typed. He says he doesn't believe in going out with the nurses- after all, why should he? His address is Saxtons River, Vermont. "PJ fi I ll II QD 31 -Quie- "Wil ' 'I.L"",. ,ffi1L-N.-,,,,-,., i""""Q .. -. ,- -,,- ..,,...f ffiffsfe-f EVA ROSE GOLDBERG, A.B., was born November 21, 1909, in Parma, Ohio. She attended Grand River Institute in Austinburg, Ohio, and Ohio State University. She is a member of Omega Alpha Alpha and Alpha Gamma Sigma. Rosie started with the disadvantage of being the only girl in the class, but even so she let the boys get ahead of her right at the start. Since then she has had life made miserable for her on several occasions-not that she doesn't dc- serve it sometimes. One of the numerous plaques pinned on her stated in part, "I can take it," and she sure has to. She combines her concern in the Welfare of the class with her shrewd economic sense and puts out various and sundry outlines of courses- for a price. She aspires to be a pediatrician-and who knows but what the babies might take to her. Her address is Jefferson, Ohio. DENNIS LEO HALLISEY, Ph.G., was born August 31, 1899, in Nashua, New Hampshire. He attend Nashua High School, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, New Hampshire University, and Boston University Medical School. He is a member of Phi Delta Chi and Phi Chi. Our guess is that Leo was the Keeper of the Log in the navy during the XVorld War, Where he had the opportunity to develop his penmanship to a point surpassing even that of the meticulous McIntyre. In addition, he has seriously threatened Kelly's high ranking in Doctor Marvin's prescription writing exercises. The grandfather of the class, the father of neat graphic expression, and a true son of New Hampshire, he aspires to even greater heights than that of champion pill-roller of Nashua. His address is 125 Palm Street, Nashua, New Hampshire. EDWARD GLENS HURLBURT was born Decem- ber 13, 1907, in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He at- tended Loomis Academy in Windsor, Connecticut, Ridgefield School in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and the University of Vermont. He is a member of Delta Psi and Nu Sigma Nu. Some boys like to play cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, street-car conductor or chauffeur, but Ned always preferred to play doctor. As a freshman pre-med he bought a medical dictionary so he could tell the curious fresh- men what all the big long medical words meant. He was orderly for a summer at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital and when he got back you couldn't hold him-he knew Harvey Cushing, had given ether, and had a surgeon's wardrobe-he even used to sleep in ir. Now medicine is a reality and his dream of many years will soon reach its consummation. His address is 1061 Iranistan Avenue, Bridgeport, COHHCCYICUC- ISI ROBERT WELLS HYDE, B.S., was born January 29, 1910, in Bakersheld, Vermont. He attended Brigham Academy in Bakersfield and the University of Vermont. He is a member of Phi Chi. Here is a fellow who has seen life from many angles and has experienced adventures which do not come to many men in a life time. As farmer, salesman, sea- man, carnival pitchman, and painter, to say nothing of a summer in the army, Red has had his share of hard work and rough life. Careless about details, Rcci keeps his eye on the bigger results. Remember thc time he rinsed his mouth out with concentrated NaOH-a little Copenhagen fixed it up all right. Red says that on the academic side he could flunk any course they offered, but he doesn't seem to have much trouble in medicine. He says he doesn't know what his ambition is, but why bother about that? His address is Bakersfield, Vermont. ROBERT STEPHEN JENKS, Ph.B., Was born Sep- tember Io, 1911, in Amherst, Massachusetts. He at- tended Burlington High School in Burlington, Ver- mont, and the University of Vermont. He is a member of Delta Psi and Nu Sigma Nu. Bob is just another one of those fellows who was born on his birthday. He was a bouncing baby and has been on the go ever since. Among his many pastimes are camping at Carlisle, ranching in Wyoming, checking up on XVorld's Fairs, okaying World Series, and crab- bing Tropical Medicine and Military by going around with the colonel's daughter. In fact the only tricks that he misses are those pulled in class as he slumbers. Bob ranks well up in the class and shows promise of holding the same high position in his chosen pro- fession. His address is 88 North Prospect Street, Burlington, Vermont. SIGMUND SIDNEY KEIL, B.S., was born May 22, 1908, in New York, New York. He attended South Side High School, Newark, New Jersey, and New York University Heights. He is a member of Beta Lambda Sigma and Phi Delta Epsilon. "Steamship" rolled into Burlington with a pile of dough, a Gar- gantuan chest, and a heart of gold. And leaving, he will take these with him still intact, but unto them adding a fair maiden. God's gift to Hollywood-an eternal pass to the Flynn would be his idea of heaven- on-earth. Being a very staunch believer in equality for all and in everything he maintains that there should be one less B? in the class roster. His address is 349 Hawthorne Avenue, Newark. New Jersey. ll. 953 QD -ED fig gg., -H 1 Q' I 2 rf '.,'.i,,-7i...a:gl1:.ig:Q JOHN FREDRICK KELLY, Ph.G., A.B., Was born March 25, 1903, in Elmira, New York. He attended Elmira Academy, Syracuse, and Buffalo College of Pharmacy. He is a member of Phi Kappa Psi, Beta Phi Sigma, Sigma Alpha Phi and Nu Sigma Nu. Fred believes that the best things in life are free and he is certainly satisfied with nothing but the best. His gray hair' is undoubtedly due to his many Worries, among which are, 'KHOW many oats in a i ?" and whether or not Doctor Beecher can "elicit" "dypsnea" in one patient or another. Since Doctor Marvin told him that he had the high- est mark of anyone to pass his course Fred has had visions of some day supervising the Pharmacology department. Who knows? He may surprise us at that. He is a hard worker and has Worked everyone he could so far. His address is 53 Prospect Street, Rutland, Vermont. GEORGE ARTHUR MCINTYRE, B.S., Was born May 3, 1910, in Burlington, Vermont. He attended Burlington High School and the University of Ver- mont. He is a member of Nu Sigma Nu. Behold the second Davy Marvin! This soft-spoken, mild mannered gentleman has among his characteristics, neatness and conscientiousness about all he does. George occasionally lacks the courage of his convic- tions and is flustered by a sudden problem. Maybe some day on these occasions he too will be able to say nonchalantly, "Is that in your Blue Book?" When the rest of us have become too old or lazy to work, George will be going out at 3 A.M. to help some poor Woman have her baby or to relieve some sufferer from his pain. His address is 115 King Street, Burlington, Vermont. THOMAS ROYCE MARVIN, B.S., Was born July 14, 1910, in Lyon Mountain, New York. He at- tended Lyon Mountain High School and the Uni- versity of Vermont. He is a member of Delta Psi and Nu Sigma Nu. Moe is a comparatively silent party in the daytime-usually. We are not pre- pared to say to what ends some of his sinister night voyages carry him but we warn you not to interfere -he might be a bit obstinate. In the summer Tom used to play baseball with Lyon Mountain but when they benched him he went to Army Camp just to spite them. There his adventures with Halligan and Cogland were Wonderful to relate. He is a man of mystery-we cannot prophesy his future any more than we can guess his next adventure. His address is Lyon Mountain, New York. I 184 SEYMOUR ISAAC NATHANSON, B.S., was born October 14, I909, in Boston, Massachusetts. He at- tended Fitchburg High School in Fitchburg, Massa- chusetts, Harvard Law School, and the University of Vermont. I-Ie is a member of Tau Epsilon Phi and Phi Delta Epsilon. Outstanding exponent of the value of forensic medicine, guardian angel of the Burbank Hospital, and bane of Dattner's monotonous existence, "Cy" is doubtless the most argumentative member of a large Massachusetts delegation. As the first '35 man really to appreciate the advantage of full lithotomy in a bimanual, he alone can readily appreciate the emotional duress suffered by the great Doctor McSweeney on the occasion of his renowned Cfesarian section. Wlmo shall say that Cy is not en- titled to recopy a Homan's or a Musser or a Piersol verbatim, just as a "brief outlinev for pre-exam cramming? His address is 134 Summer Street, Fitchburg, Massachusetts. LEIGHTON HELMUTH NOYES was born June zo, 1903, in Burke, Vermont, He attended Brattle- boro High School, Mount Pleasant Military Academy in Ossining, New York, Troy Conference Academy, Boston University, St. Lawrence University in Can- ton, New York, and Lowell Tech. He is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Phi Chi. "Doc" is one of those old married men who had to get into medi- cine to support his family. Has he been around- ask him sometime about those rhumbas down in Cuba! Doc likes his sleep pretty well and sometimes he can hardly find time for classes. Next to sleep Doc enjoys beer the most of anything and says that 3.1 is the greatest blessing of the country. We don't know as yet whether he will choose to be a heart specialist or superintendent of a Cuban sugar planta- tion, but Whatever it is, don't let it hurry you, Doc. His address is 263 Pearl Street, Burlington, Vermont. JULIUS SAMUEL PERELMAN, B.S., was born Feb- ruary 17, 1910, in Wfilmington, Delaware. He at- tended Burlington High School and the University of Vermont. He is a member of Phi Sigma Delta Fraternity. "You will never appreciate post-opera- tive complications until you yourselves have been operated upon.' Such is the dictum of surgery, so Jules, in his ever pragmatic way, hied himself to a balanced anesthesia and low right rectus. We shall never forget the day when he called Davy Marvin's bluff and actually Worked up an ether jag to over- come his inhibitions. Gasoline and tumbling are next to his Canadian carousals as his avocations. His address is 3:8 North Winooski Avenue, Burlington, Vermont. . J ft 4..- Ei sua :ii CD lf- ---- -- X Y lfiirvmfm A 'Md-5 GEORGE OLIN PRATT was born june 5, 1910, in Enosburg Falls, Vermont. He attended Franklin High School, Franklin, Vermont, and the University of Vermont. He is a member of Phi Chi Fraternity. George thinks he's a big shot but he can't fool us- we know that he's just a cap pistol. At the same time we should do him the honor of admitting that he was the commander of good old Company UCD at Carlisle for a week. George has had some prac- tical insight into the results of mortal ails but so far the patients he has seen have been other peoples' mistakes. He does his best to convince the Dean that he knows his stuff and has the courage to deny the value of typing pneumococci and to recommend turpentine as a remedy for laryngitis. George acts as house mother for Spooner and Hallisey and says it's the trial of his existence to get them to class on time. His address is 49 North Wfinooski Avenue, Burlington, Vermont. HOWARD LAKE REED, B.S., was born February 2I, 1908, in Jacksonville, Vermont. He attended Arms Academy, Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, Dean Academy in Franklin, Massachusetts, and the Univer- sity of Vermont. He is a member of Sigma Nu and Nu Sigma Nu. For many years 'iDoc" cherished the hope that he might join that select group of medics who have the distinction of wearing mus- taches. But once his dream had been fulilled and his ability proven, he wisely decided to dispense with that honor. Doc is the Isaac Walton of the class and his ability in hunting and fishing is exceeded only by his enthusiasm. Between seasons Doc spends his spare moments polishing his gun, putting on a recoil pad, or scraping down and refinishing one of his many trout rods. Hunter, angler, mechanic, plumber, carpenter, Nu Sigma Nu janitor, answer to the nurse,s prayer-that's Doc. His address is Jack- sonville, Vermont. ABRAHAM HARRY ROLLER, B.S., was born November Io, 1909, in jersey City, New Jersey. He attended Lincoln High School in Jersey City, and the University of Vermont. He is a member of Phi Sigma Delta. Abe says the height of his ambition is to be Chief of Police and judging from the amount of time he spends playing pinochle with the cops, and the gun he carries-he's well on the way. It is admitted that his most enjoyed pastime is bum- ming rides with anyone, and his greatSSf h0P'3-V0 get one from XVally Rees. Abe won't get to be an obstetrician-the baby would arrive ahead of him every time. It is rumored that he missed his calling -he should be running a shop for ladies' lingerie. His address is 371 Communipaw Avenue, Jersey CNY, New Jersey. . I,,..i...,.-. ..-Y..,., 'Q I I CHESTER RUTKOWSKI, B.S., was born November 6, 1908, in Kempiste, Borowe, Poland. He attended Rutland High School in Rutland, Vermont and the University of Vermont. He is a member of Zeta Chi and Phi Chi. The "Sphinx" is another star of that Lyon Mountain baseball team and incidentally, as a pitcher for Vermont, has among other victories, one over the Marines and three over Dartmouth. "Chet', serves the nurses their meals and keeps a pretty good line on the girls, not that he is interested himself, but he is a good flxer. W'e are always skeptical of Chet's trips "home" as it is known that he has for- saken Rutland for Lyon Mountain or Plattsburg more than once. However, when he is in Burlington he has little to divert his attention from his studies and sleep, and leads a placid life. His address is 164 South Street, Rutland, Vermont. LEO SEGAL, B.S., was born January 19, 1909, in Dorchester, Massachusetts. He attended Dorchester High School and the University of Vermont. He is a member of Phi Sigma Delta. Believe it or not, this former Vermont football captain, who never flinched on the football field, says that when he is taking a blood pressure the inaccuracy is due to his nervous- ness and not to that of the patient. In spite of his apparent timidity Leo knows his stuff and can de- liver the goods when such is demanded of him. We were disappointed to find at Camp Carlisle a man who deposed Leo as Schnozzle Durante's double. His favorite diversions are poker and Goldberg and his biggest diiiiculty lies in preventing Doctor Mc- Sweeney from confusing him with Solam. His ad- dress is Wayne Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts. SOLAM SEGEL, B.S., was born May zz, 1907, in Worcester, Massachusetts. He attended Gardner High School, Gardner, Massachusetts, Cushing Academy, Ashburnham, Massachusetts, and the University of Vermont. He is a member of Phi Sigma Delta Fra- ternity. He is one of the choice sober men of the class in every way. We congratulate him for show- ing insuperable judgment by leaving his former class- mates to become a member of the already famous class of '35. He has the jump on many of us by Way of a professional appearance behind those Well- known shell-rimmed spectacles. Between Segel and Segal they both manage to compound good recita- tions for unsuspecting professors, each begrudging the other any benefit he may derive from this sys- tem. His address is 23g Pine Street, Gardner, Massa- chusetts. IV 4L-D ff, rv Q- i. C, La , 77-5- 8 6 M ,, .-,,,.,,,ML:,,ol ' .. ......-.....1 .... .. .-.......,.-.,.,...-...,, .W ,,....,f tj A I HYMAN SHUMAN, B.S., was born July 12, 1910, in Russia. He attended Fitchburg High School, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and the University of Ver- mont. He is a member of Tau Epsilon Phi Fra- ternity. He has spent as much time feeding hungry stomachs and slinging hash as he has spent feeding his Napoleonic stature with knowledge. The course in gynecology might well be dispensed with since the class has such carefully drawn notes of former years and such a capable publisher as Hy. The two books that still remain on the shelves of the medical library are old editions which he left so that the librarian would not lose her job. His address is 57 jerry Street, Fitchburg, Massachusetts. WILLIAM JOSEPH SLAVIN, JR., B.S., was born August 31, 1905, in Horseheads, New York. He attended Horseheads High School, St. Bonaventure High School, and the University of Vermont. He is a member of Sigma Nu and Nu Sigma Nu. Behold the campus landmark-his head is even beginning to look like the boulder. Bill is the sole remaining member of the old guard. Among the many high- lights of his college career are included-helping Lafayette lay the corner stone of the Old Mill, be- coming a second lieutenant in the U. S. Reserve, and acting as guiding saint over the destinies of Nu Sigma Nu. Since his arrival in Burlington he has grown in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and man. He knows more about Burlington than Mayor Burke, more about the University than Presi- dent Bailey, and more about ulcers than Sippy. His prognosis must necessarily be a good one. His ad- dress is 4o4 Main Street, Horseheads, New York. JACOB SMITH, B.S., was born October 2z,' IQOQ, in Brunswick, Maine. He attended Brunswick High School and Bowdoin College. He is a member of Phi Delta Epsilon Fraternity. XVhen jack returned from his premature honeymoon trip to Chicago he looked wearisome but satisied. He shows the spirit of a true philanthropist, for, though he pays his rent, his beaming countenance rarely graces his own room and bed. But his faithful roommate keeps eternal vigil, hoping that sometime his wandering boy will see the lighted lamp. However, at the end of a per- fect day Jack has the laugh on the rest of us, for is not the way to a man's heart through his St0mHCl1? His address is 103 Union Street, Brunswick, Maine. 187 I ll Q9 Z9 t5LlM 1 1 RAYMOND HILDRETH SPOONER, B.S., was born September zo, I9Of, in Brimfield, Massachusetts. He attended Hitchcock Free Academy in Brimfield, Massachusetts State College, and McGill University. He is a member of Phi Chi. Ray brought with him to Vermont the best of McGill's clinical information as well as two years of work ahead of us. XVhether he did this as a favor to our class or because he was so fond of Medicine that he wanted to continue as a student, we have not been able to determine. How Clinical Conference was able to get along without him and his indictment of persons in charge of the case-only the seniors know. He has had no trouble in convincing Doctor Beecher that he knows how to take a blood pressure and, though sometimes no one but Berenberg knows what he is talking about, he is still unable to convince Doctor Adams that pro- lapse in infancy is not a surgical indication. His ad- dress is Brimiield, Massachusetts. HEWITT IRVING VARNEY, B.S., was born Febru- ary 13, 1912, in Starksboro, Vermont. He attended Bristol High School in Bristol, Vermont, and the University of Vermont. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Nu Sigma Nu. Hewitt is one of those fellows who can accomplish a lot in a short space of time, and perhaps this explains his ability to maintain his high position in the class with such apparent ease. He is an expert at passing a catheter and says he can keep the nurses under control most of the time. According to his statement Hewitt thinks he is headed for a country practice and we can say with confidence that the people he serves will be well cared for. He certainly is used to calls in the middle of the night now-but we hope they won't be for the same purpose then. His address is R. F. D. No. 3, Bristol, Vermont. GERARD FREDERICK WEST was born July 8, 1910, in Troy, New York. He was educated at LaSalle Institute in Troy and at the University of Vermont. Meet the jester, the play boy, the fellow who keeps things lively! Gerry can give and take it and is ready for anything from a babe to a crap game any time. He apparently should wear a guard for his glasses on occasions, but perhaps he makes enough on the side to cover the breakage fee. Even if he didn't study at all he would still be "Gerry" to the doctors. Down at the medical center, in class, or at the hospital he,s just a big pal to all of them. Not only that, but he has them so well buffaloed that they think he brought that chalk just for them, never suspecting that it's just part of his arsenal. His address is 36 Lafayette Street, Burlington, Vermont. '-':-W """"- w"Lx"4"'Q . ,X . f'7"'! .X,,,,.- RALPH EDMUND WILLIAMS, A.B., was born june 17, I908, in Sidney, Maine. He attended Oak Grove Seminary in Vassalboro, Maine, and Bowdoin College. He is a member of Delta Upsilon and Phi Chi. From the Maine woods this stalwart son of old Bowdoin, after having tried the art of Pedagogy, came to Vermont to carry out the family tradition and to become another eminent Doctor Williams. Wfork to Ralph is a religion, Pass his room at any hour of the day or night and, if he is there, he will be putting the blast on the old books. To hear him recite we know he misses not a word in the text, and only by shorthand Could he more nearly ap- proximate a complete record of class proceedings. Gish's marks are mute evidence of the results of his efforts. His address is 369 Water Street, Oakland, Maine. GOAT OF ARMS 5 2- , N W l .. .ML X gl X VX I A NX X X . I A I X Ns 5 a , I I Pr-muh 6 ss Ml S . XXVI A , Ng N s XS s 'roses M X 1 lglkfi2?dgw9ffigg? 'W' 0 413604 60156 s f f S GLX' ie . V is L 1 ' 51, f, 55 . oi1Q36 Fred Ashley Almquist, Ph.B., A2415 Burlington, Vermont Mark Drew Archambault, B.S., QM-A Essex ,Tunction, Vermont John Arthur Bannon, AT52, NEN Glens Falls, New York Max Leonard Bergman, B.S., TECI' Burlington, Vermont Blaney Beverly Blodgett, B.S., ATQ Long Lake, New York Madison Baldwin Brown, B.S., 2419, NSN Burlington, Vermont Oscar Henry Calcagni, B.S., EAR, NEN Hardwick, Vermont Maurice Raymond Caron, A.B. South Hero, Vermont Sidney Hopkins Carsley, B.S., 9AX, AKK Palmer, Massachusetts James John Cognetta, B.S., NEN Stamford. Connecticut Matthew Cohen, QPAE Bridgeport, Connecticut Stuart Starnes Corbin, B.S., Axl' Burlington, Vermont Nelson John Dente, 91012 Barre, Vermont Raymond Madiford Peardon Donaghy, B.S., EAE, NZN, TKA Northfield, Vermont Merton Newcomb Flanders, A.B., AXA Portland, Maine Medic Sophomore Class Group Edwin Burns Gammell, ATQ, NEN East Barre, Vermont Abraham Gardner, B.S. Burlington, Vermont Frederick Kellogg Gifford, EAE VVhitesboro, New York Milton Jack Greenberg Bennington, Vermont Harold Joseph Greenblatt, B.S., TECT' New Britain, Connecticut Theodore Henry Harwood, A.B., NZN Dorset, Vermont Samuel Emil Haskel, B.S., 4M-E Scarsdale, New York Havilah Edward Hinman, A.B. Barre. Vermont James Harold Howard, ATQ, AKK Rutland, Vermont Elbridge Eugene Johnston, A TQ, NEN New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada W'illiarn Gordon MacDonald, B.S., AAI' Wilmington, Vermont Frederick Davis Mclver, B.S., I1-IK, NZN Newport, Vermont Arthur Abraham Maislen, A.B., TEfD Weston, Massachusetts Mary Elisabeth Mandigo, A.B.,2Il, 'PBX ATE Barton, Vermont Francis james Massucco, EAE, NEN Bellows Falls, Vermont Abraham Jacob Meister, Ph.B., CM-E Lawrence, Massachusetts Edo Pasetto, B.S., KAH Barre, Vermont Francis John Pellegrino Castleton, Vermont Oscar Sylvander Peterson, jr. Burlington, Vermont Francis Joseph Powers, B.S., NEN Gardner, Massachusetts James Albert Rust, jr., Atl' Burlington, Vermont Oscar Schneller, TECP Woodside, Long Island, New X ork Arthur Michael Sullivan, B.S., EN, NZN Burlington, Vermont Emory James Swinyer, B.S., NZN Burlington, Vermont Christopher Marlowe Terrien, ATQ, NEN Burlington, Vermont Raymond Duane Towne, 5959, AKK Richmond, Vermont Max Danver Valiquette, LFM-A, AKK Rutland, Vermont Edward Wilton Vfinant, B.S., KE Larchmont, New York vi at to il is ED ELET! 0 I 9 o 1 ., ,X 'gi1fg9515,-or-1,,f"'W" -"MAJ Ay fwv, Class Oli1Q37 Robert Bascom Aiken, Ph.B., M.S., EN, d5BK Burlington, Vermont Charles Brickett Bailey, B.S., ETA Montpelier, Vermont Charles Richard Barber Glens Falls, New York Richard Henry Barrett, A.B., ATQ, TA, AKK Norwich, Vermont Alan Bartholomew, B.S., NEN Benson, Vermont Clara Ada Benson, B.S., R.N., UTM North Bennington, Vermont Julius Blier, B.S., 'I'-AE New York City, New York Clarence Edward Bombard, CPX Burlington, Vermont Thomas Clifford Burnes, KE, PX Ludlow, Vermont Nancy Philanda Campbell, KA9 Manchester, Vermont James Michael Cardone, EN, 'PX Bridgeport, Connecticut Joseph Anthony Chiota, EN, 'PX Bridgeport, Connecticut Harris Cohen, TEA, TAE- Burlington, Vermont Russell Fitch Colburn, B.S., EAE, QBK Burlington, Vermont Paul Joseph Crehan, A.B., B91-I Boston, Massachusetts Merrill Miles Cross, EAE, NE-N South Lancaster, Massachusetts Clarence Frederick Dobson, TMA East Templeton. Massachusetts Herman Ehrlich, B.S., Ph.G., PHKIP Mount Vernon. New York Medic Freslamnn Class Group Henry Maurice Farmer, B.S., KE Sherman Station, Maine Howard Jenkins Farmer, A.B., ZW, NEN St. Johnsbury, Vermont Laurence Otto Fasoldt, A.B., EX, TX Troy, New York Henry Finks, TAE Portland, Maine George Francis Fox, A.B., TX VVallingford, Connecticut William Henry Galvin, Jr., f1'MA, TX Enfield, Massachusetts Robert Warren Gladstone, TEfP Burlington, Vermont Nathaniel Gould, TAR Barre, Vermont John Carl Greenan, EN Berlin, New Hampshire Clifford Burr Harwood, NEN Rupert. Vermont Henry Simpson Hebb, EAE Bridgeton, Maine Reginald Kimball House, B.S., AKE, NEN VVilliamstown, Massachusetts Janith Stewart Kice, A.B., A35 Garden City, Long Island, New York Morris Kramer, TIN' YVinthrop, Massachusetts Edward Joseph Layden, KE, NEN Rutland, Vermont William Douglas Lindsay, TAG, AKK Barre, Vermont Raymond Alfred Martin, ATQ, NEN Rutland, Vermont Rufus Henry McVetty, 'PX Guildhall, Vermont John Louis Meunier, Kal' St. Albans. Vermont Frank William Miller, TX Pittsfield, Massachusetts Daniel John Moriarty, IPX Waitsneld, Massachusetts Bernard Joseph Mulcahy, ZAE Barre, Vermont Carlos Grandy Otis, CIPMA, 'PX Burlington, Vermont Andrew Joseph Panettieri, EN, 'PX Bridgeport, Connecticut Donald Willard Preston, 'DX Burlington, Vermont Eber Resnick, A.B. Portland, Maine Joseph Risman, TELIH Lynn, Massachusetts Laurence Lamson Robbins, TAG, 'PX Burlington, Vermont Bernard Chester Rubino, WMA Baldwinville. Massachusetts Henry Adolf Schlesinger, AME Seagate. New York John Eldrid Smith, AXA, KPE Calais. Maine Edmund Benedict Sutton, A.B., fini' XVaterhury, Connecticut Thomas Bartholomew Tomasi, D.M.D., W9 Barre, Vermont Robert Julius Weissman Newark, New Jersey Andrew Stanley Wesoly, 'PX New Britain, Connecticut Harmon Parker Wctherbee, SAE Burlington, Vermont Edward Philip Wliite, Ph.G., Kal' Boston, Massachusetts 191 191 MEDIC ARIEL BGARD Aflams, Varney, Ienks, Willia11zs, Nathanson Editor ROBERT S. JENKS Assistant Ezz'it01's "'c'D HAROLD W. ADAMS, Art HENVITT I. VARNEY, Photographic SEYMOUR I. NATHANSON RALPH E. WILLIAMS A A li is iv Eiifii? fiim W flff ' flf f1f1QL1'7""'s-' '-"' 'rn' ,V MW ,J '- !.. , 1 ' ,+ uw 1, J Q J Y Q Q1 h 1 N 51 a . ,w MEDIC FRATERNITIES I ALPHA B. D. Adams, M.D. T.1 AHmy.ABU MJ C. A. Bonner, M.D. P. D. Clark, M.D. J. H. Dodds, M.D. J. A. Arcllambault, M.D. F. Arnold, M.D. P. C. T. Bacon, B.S., M.D. Richard A. Backus, A.B. William A. Donnelly, A.B. luelta Clmjbtel' ol Q Founded at Dartmouth College, 1888 D 9 A'-Q 44" ia.. 51.5.4 egg 0 A ,. az,--M, .:"1g?:0nn9X' I 'fbi-Ttrrf ,rf '1Pvervs FRATRES IN FACULTATE H. A. Durfee, M.D. O. N. Eastman, M.D. T. E. Hays, M.D. A. L. Larner, M.D. R. L. Maynard, M.D. FRATRES IN URBE E. F. Foster, M.D. C. A. Reusse, M.D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Howard T. Guare Thomas Halligan, B.S. Aldo Leani Inlzior Gerard F. XVest Sophomore Max D. Valiquetce 4 in El QD KAP PA I AP PA E. W. Pike, M.D. C. A. Ravey, M.D. S. Sparhawk, A.B., M.D W. G. Townsend, M.D. E. F. Traub, B.S., M.D. G. F. Rist, M.D. L. S. Walker, M.D. H. L. Wilder, M.D. Eugene H. Luck, B.S. John F. Lynch, B.S. L, L .. - . ..,..,,,.,..., -, ....f....,-,-L--J ... . . . .. .. ...,....,,..,.-.. .,.,. .- ,..,. A. .1 Beta Pi CDel'ca Rlul Cliapter ol NU SIGMA NU Founded at Michigan, 1882 VH7'776jf, Fr11'11zcr, C. Harwoorl, Rust, SLUIIZQIFV, Cogzzcfhl, Arlamr Powers, Gnmmell, Terrien, Mclver, H1z1'lburt, Donagby, Mcliztyre, Mc'ssucro, Jenks, Calragizi Czmnivlgbzzm, T. Hd1'1U00!I, Coburn, Slrwilz, Coglmzcl, Dzzlirzlforr, Mn1'vi1z Lyman Allen, A.B., M.D. C. H. Beecher, M.D. T. S. Brown, M.D. E. H. Buttles, M.D. C. F. Dalton, M.D. P. K. French, M.D. F. K. Jackson, A.B., M.D. N. R. Caldwell, M.D. B. F. Clark, M.D. R. E. Corley, A.B., M.D. XV. R. Doane, B.S., M.D. G. I. Forbes, Ph.B., M.D. Donald E. Coburn, B.S. John L. Cogland, B.S. Reginald F. DeWitt, B.S. Harold W. Adams, B.S. John C. Cunningham, A.B. Murray K. Dunsmore Edward G. Hurlburt James A. Bannon Madison B. Brown, B.S. Oscar H. Calcagni, B.S. James J. Cognetta, B.S. R. M. Peardon Donaghy, B-5- Alan Bartholomew, B.S. Merrill M. Cross FRATRES IN FACULTATE J. N. Jenne, M.S., M.D. A. G. Mackay, B.S., M.D. D. Marvin, M.D. K. McCullough, M.D. K. C. McMahon, B.S., M.D. E. D. McSweeney, A.B., M.D. FRATRES IN URBE A. R. Hogan, A.B., M.D. H. N. Jackson, M.D. F. S. Kent, M.D. P. P. Lawlor, M.D. XV. A. Lyman, M.D. J. P. Mahoney, M.D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Burton L. Emerson Wfintlirop M. Flagg Juniors Robert S. Jenks, Ph.B. J. Frederick Kelley, Ph.G. Thomas R. Marvin, B.S. S0!7170IIl0l'!'X Edwin B. Gammel Theodore H. Harwood, A.B. Elbridge E. Johnston Francis Massucco, B.S. Fl'l'Sb1l1t'l1 Howard Farmer Clifford B. Harwood Reginald K. House, B.S. P. E. McSweeney, M.S., M.D. C. A. Newllall, A.B., M.D. J. C. O,Neill, B.S., M.D. W. T. Rees, M.D. G. M. Sabin, B.S., M.D. H. E. Upton, M.D. C. F. Whitney, B.S., M.D. C. F. Robinson, M.D. J. M. Thomas, Jr., B.S., M.D. M. C. Twitchell, M.D. W. J. Upton, M.D. S. A. Wilson, M.D. Alfred L. Frecherre Emilio Giannarelli Arthur B. Sharples, B.S. George A. McIntyre, B.S. Howard L. Reed, B.S. William J. Slavin, B.S. Hewitt I. Varney, B.S. Frederick D. Mclver, B.S. Francis J. Powers, B.S. Jesse A. Rust Emory Swinyer, B.S. Christopher M. Terrien Edward Layden Raymond A. Martin I I Alplaa Chaptei' oi ID I-I I C H I Founded at Vermont, 1889 Pratt, Wesolgf, CZ'iOf0, Presfon, Otis, Pmzetticri, CZZVIIIOIIU, Fasolrlf Bovzzlrurcl, Spooner, Galvin, Fox, Hnllisey, Vyilliuuzs, Miller, Robbins, Hyde Boyd, Cibelli, Rufkowski, Rowlaml, Fuller, Noyes, Buglizzo A. Alonge, A.B., A.M. E. A. Amiclon, B.S., M.D. C. H. Goyette, M.D. E. F. Asselin, A.B., M.D. J. H. Bean, M.D. B. A. Bombard, M.D F.A.C.S. J. M. Caisse, M.D. Thor Olson, B.S. Philip R. Ransom, A.B John F. Buglino Louis A. Cibelli, B.S. Richard C. Fuller, B.S. Clarence E. Bombard Thomas C. Burnes Michael J. Carclone Joseph A. Chiota Laurence O. Fasoldt, A .B. FRATRES IN FACULTATE C. K. Johnson, M.D. E. J. Rogers, B.S., M.D. A. D. Rood, M.D. FRATR ES IN URBE W. H. Clancy, M.D. L. C. Duryea, B.S., M.D. A. S. C. Hill, M.D. R. NV. Johnson, M.D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors James J. Reedy, B.S. Paul G. Rowand junio rs D. Leo Hallisey Robert W. Hyde, B.S. Leighton H. Noyes George O. Pratt F resk men George F. Fox, A.B. William H. Galvin, Jr. Rufus H. McVetty Frank W. Miller Daniel J. Moriarty ICQ U.. H ,-. id? K. F. Truax, B.S., M.D. E. G. Twitchell, A.B., M.D. J. B. Wheeler, A.B., ScD., M.D. A. B. Lawrence, B.S., M.D. S. H. Martin, M.D. W. F. McKenzie, M.D. C. A. Perkins, M.D. F. A. Rich, M.D. Karl F. Searles, B.S. Paul C. Willard, B.S. Chester Rutkowski, B.S. Raymond H. Spooner, B.S. Ralph E. Williams, A.B. Carlos G. Otis Andrew J. Panettieri Donald W. Preston Laurence L. Robbins Andrew S. Wesoly QD an lfmlfff e1----f '-A---'W 9 K' 'A ""'7"M'k3","C'I :-9 g f .,. .. nfmca .. Y...C..:2..,:....,..-.x,1-.......' . Beta I.,amhda Chapter of PHI DELTA EPSILGN Founded at Cornell, 1903 Weisx11za1z, Schlesinger, Blicr, Meister, Gould, Cohen, Fi-nks Huskel, Keil, Dnihzer, Sirzgervmzn, Smith, Natbrnzson, Burger Arthur Gladstone, M.D. Leonard M. Berry, B.S. Mortimer D. Burger, A.B. Herman B. Datrner, B.S. Matthew Cohen, B.S. Julius S. Blier, B.S. ,,,l,, 1, FRATRES IN URBE ' Harold M. Levin, M.D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Benjamin Singerman, B.S. juniors Sigmund S. Keil, B.S. Seymour I. Nathanson, B,S. Jacob Smith, B.S. Sopbomores Samuel E. Haskel Abraham Meister, Ph.B. Fresbnzen Harris Cohen HenrY Finks I I9 ALPHA GAMMA SIGMA Founded at Vermont, 1924 SORORES IN URBE Katherine E. McSweeney, A.B., M.D. Yvonne M. Turk, B.S., M.D. Eloise B. Peterson, M.D SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Christie E. McLeod Imzior E. Rose Goldberg, A.B. Sojzbomore M. Elizabeth Mandigo ' ,' .," ' MVA" -H' Flora M. Remillard, B.S. ED I '1 'J gtg LAEM-rgntgl,-in ll Q 3, 8 A A -- A J QCLQSHSCCY MEMOIRS FROM A MEDIC DIARY The Sophomores gave us the razz this P.M. when we went down the Medical College steps with our boxes of bones. It must be wonderful to be a Sopho- more and know all the Anatomy and Osteology that they know. 1 We had Dr. Brown in Anatomy this P.M. He sure did cover a lot of ground. Quite a few of the boys didn't know their stuff very well Cself includedj and he gave us a little lecture. It was brief but to the point. He's a Hne man, 1 This A.M. Prof. Parks barked at us again from the beginning to the end of Chem. Lab. Whenever he Wants to say something to anyone he always gets down to the opposite end of the laboratory and then hollers it. 1 Another test from Dr. Jordan tomorrow. That makes the third one from him in almost as many classes. I think he has a grudge against our class. 1 I.a Monte was reciting to Dr. Wfhitney this morn- ing. He thought he had his textbook completely hidden behind his notebook. 'iXVhat page is that on in your book?" asked Dr. Whitney. "Well-a it's on-a page l32,,' answered La Monte. "You must have an old edition. It's on page 143 in my book," said the doctor. 'f We got our Histology practicals back today. My book was plastered with check marks and crosses. Chapman received a UIOOH on his. He says he knew the slide on cardiac muscle because it looked like the bark of a tree-he knew the lymph node from all those dark colored areas out in center field. I guess he meant the nodules. 1 Jenks fell asleep this morning during Dr. Jordan's lecture. Hovey pegged a piece of chalk at him. It was a perfect shot. Bob stayed awake for the rest of the class. 1 Our first practical test in Anatomy tomorrow, What a grind! Some of the boys got sort of play- ful tonight up in Anatomy lab. Dr. Brown walked in and caught them. He didn't say a word-he didn't have to, but his look said plenty. 1 I sneaked out tonight and went down to the State to the movies-just my luck to run into three of the faculty members! Boy, what a break! I'11 probably flunk out now. I came home via all the dark streets and alleys I could find so no ORC else could see me. I'm staying in from now on!! Gosh, I haven't made a decent recitation in three weeks. I don't think I have a chance of getting by-exams just If days off. Oh well, I guess I'm not the only one who feels that way. 1 Midyears are here and tomorrow I rake my first exam. I never studied so hard before in all my life and it seems as though I never knew less. Boy, will I be glad when they're over! 1 We took our last exam today and what a relief! Most of the boys are "hitting it up" tonight. You can't blame them for that. 1 About fifteen of the boys were called into Dean Jenne's oflice today which means that they are down in one or more subjects I can't understand how I ever happened to be missed. 1 NVQ got our Chem exams back today. Nearly everyone passed Dr. Whitney's part and almost everybody flunked the lab part of the exam. Parks has gone abroad-better luck in June. 1 The worse part of this Physiology course is that a fellow canit figure out just what Dr. Jackson wants when he asks a question. He asked me this A.M. if I'd ever had "Rigor Mortis." I didnit know whether he was trying to insult me or wanted me to describe it. Anyway I said "Nou and he put down a little dot in his record book. Maybe I should have described it. 1 This semester is quite a bit easier than last. I think though it's mostly because we're all letting down after last semester. 1 "Jigger" James put the "blast" on us today when he gave back our first Bacteriology rest papers. There were some tough marks and mine was one of them. What got my goat was the fact that he read off a lot of the answers that were given him and the whole class joined in the fun. I thought they were funny too until I found a couple of them on my own paper. 1 "Edu Mahoney has gone from our midst. HC was a fine fellow, well liked and respected by all who knew him. XVe shall miss him. 1 Too bad Embryology has to come along this time of year when we all ought to be outside enjoying the spring weather. I ZOO Section A played Section B today in baseball. It was a pitching battle between Blanchet and Morgan on one side and "Hymie" Schumann on the other. K'Rosie', umpired but nobody paid any attention to any decision she made. The game was called by mutual agreement in the nfth inning on account of rain. As far as I could make out the score was tied, ir-Ir. 1 Exams start a week from tomorrow. I was scared in January but that canit compare with the way I feel now. Everyone seems to be under tension. I heard today that Hovey Jordan flunked eighteen in Histology a few years ago. Gosh! 1 This afternoon we had our written exam covering the work done in Physiology Lab. I was one of the last ones to finish. Five or six were sitting there writing. You could have heard a pin drop when all of a sudden there was a terrific racket up at the other end of the lab. We looked up and there was Dr. Jackson standing on a stool. He had the latest edition of Howell's in his hands and was banging against the window, woodwork, and wall at a little fly. 1 Exams are over. I suppose I should be happy about it but I'm not-I'm sure I flunked out. Gosh, all that grinding and hard work for nothing! 1 Horray! I never felt happier in my life! Gee, I hated to go into the Medical Building this P.M. to get my marks. I'm glad I did though. Boy! What a grand and glorious feeling it was to find my name on the list with those who have "successfully com- pleted the year's studies." I shall never forget this day as long as I live. 1 School reopened today and it's "back to the booksi' again. It seems good to see all the fellows back again, I mean, most of them-our class has been reduced from 43 to 34 members. Welre right in the real stuff now-Surgery, Pathology, Physical Diagnosis, Pharmacology, etc. 1 After reading over the Pathology assignment last night. I didn't feel that I knew a thing about it. Dr. Buttles lectured on the assignment today and made it seem quite simple. I-Ie's a wonderful teacher. 1 They've started the chalk throwing again. Any man who goes to class five minutes early is taking his life in his own hands. That room sure is a mess by the time class starts. Dr. Marvin started lecturing on prescription writ- ing this P.M. Now I feel as though I'm getting somewhere. 1 In Pathology lab this afternoon "Mac" walked to the west window 23 times between 2.00 and 1.50 o'clock. I counted them. 1 This P.M. up in room No. 28 "Abe" Roller threw an eraser at West. Jerry ducked and the missle went through one of Dr. Marvin's show-case win- dows. 'fAbe" wants West to chip in and help pay for the damages. 1 Dr. Rees gave us a lecture today on "Prompting Your Neighbor." He isn't so old that he's forgot- ten all about what goes on during recitation. 1 Dr. French gave us a written test this morning in Physical Diagnosis. We corrected each other's papers. There were some pretty good marks-what I mean is that some of the boys were darn generous. A mark below "9o" was virtually a flunk. It's too bad that Dr. French is going to check over the papers and remark them. 1 XVe're having a lot more lab work this year and fewer recitations which makes it a lot easier on the evenings. This looking through a microscope every afternoon is what gets me. All I've heard for the last two weeks has been "Sarcoma, Adenoma, Epithelioma, Hemangioma, Carcinoma, etc.', I hope they mean more to me some day than they do now. 1 Chapman is down in Albany studying law. 1 Midyears are drawing near. I was worried last year with only three courses to study for. This year we have eight exams coming. Did I ever say that this year was easier than last? The freshmen don't know what they have coming to them. 1 Midyears are over. All the boys are celebrating. I'm glad tomorrow's Sunday. 1 We're taking up plaster casting now in Practical Surgery. A bunch of kids come in and get plastered -in casts. The worst part of that job lies in tak- ing the casts off. The boy I worked on walked away with a half dollar of my money. They get a dime reward every time we accidentally cut them. They act as if they wanted to be cut. W'ell, that kid will be going to the movies this week instead of me. , V. F,-, w , . .l -gf - .Ll X. It.-3-:wr.:r,a1m.w..:.. -r 5 fy f. 6-f Lbrtgwgu . Y, V . A , W., Yana? A219 'We're having Pharmacology lab up on the third floor now. Perelman demonstrated how to go on an ether jag. Some of the fellows caught on rather quickly. It got to be quite a brawl. 1 Dr. Marvin lectured today on "Nicotine and Ing Harmful Eifectsf' I'm giving up smoking, starting tomorrow. 1 I haven't smoked for a week. Guess I'll start in again and smoke my cigarettes only about a third of the way down. Y I'm glad I've saved up all of those long butts for the last couple of weeks. They come in handy when a guy's broke. 1 The boys are getting up an All-Medic baseball team. Everyone was out for practice tonight. We have a game scheduled with the Vt. Frosh team for next week. 1 Wfe had our baseball game this P.M. Mulholland coached third. We lost by the score of II to 1. I donit think we'll be finishing the schedule. 1 We'vc been going over National Board questions in Pharmacology. This A.M. during recitation Mulholland got up, went over to the window, spat out onto the lawn and then calmly took his seat- just one of the many things he does. 1 Finals are just a few days away. Too bad it can't rain until they're over. This weather makes a guy want to get out and do things. 1 It always seems good to be back at school again. We've been going just a week now. We've lost three of our members, Scharbius, Saskin and Mul- holland, who have transferred to other schools. We've also been joined by six others which brings our number up to 37. if W'e're having courses now from 23 different doc- tors. They don't seem to have any difficulty at all in finding work for us to do. This is a hard year. It gets more and more interesting though as we progress. That lightens the burden a little. 1 Chapman is now a politician down in Hudson Falls. I-Iurlburt informed the class today that the classical name for rumbling, gurgling, etc., in the stomach or intestines is K'Borborygmus." 1 We were scheduled to have ten midyear exams in nine days. Doctor Whitney, however, has finally agreed to postpone our Toxicology exam until Feb- ruary gth. 'lYou boys always get me," he said. 1 We're all beginning to realize that if we'd studied more during the semester we might find cramming for midyears a lot easier. 1 Exams didn't turn out to be as tough as had been expected. Of course that didnit make studying for them any easier. Anyway, they're all over now and I havenit met a soul who is sorry. 1 This morning Dr. Johnson asked for a common name for Mycotic Stomatitis. One voice offered "Sprue" and another suggested l'Thrush" both of which were correct synonyms but not common enough. Finally Hurlburt, who had been seriously combing his brain, brightened and came to the rescue. He shouted his answer lest it go by un- heard. "Hoof and mouth disease," he hollered. 1 In clinic today We had for a patient a little girl, aged If years. We took her history, following which she left the room. She was barely out of sight when "Abe" Roller raised his hand. He wanted to know what the girl's name Was. 1 This afternoon Dr. Traube was discussing some dermatosis that is occasionally seen among cattle. The class suggested that Dunsmore might know something about it, whereupon the latter was asked for any information he might be able to offer. :'Well," Murray said, "up where I come from I think they call it the 'Barn Itch.' " . ff 1 f -r l jj... I g F DUN smears 'XBMLN ITCHZ ZOI 202 Descripfion and diagnosis "I saw u jmiien! ihis 11zor1zi11g. . . ." "Heb! Heb! Heh!" LD o PM-V J .Q 279 ' ff ff , s o -f V . . . ., ,,,, A . L T . ' , .V V VV,V ' ' F I f 5? " M .V . , L' -V . V 4' " 2 4 I -. f' , A 5 V ' - fa 132 . Professor Trzmx zzrrzves "" -- V- , 'V "" V T' How it should be done "Mac" bas one of bis strong 1110111611155 I H E FA C U L I Y - X. ..,:. , -. I- 5:3577 'ng Jo of, V L, LL H QD 'H ,, - , . ,. -,,-..-,., ..-...-,,.u, ,,..,4 o Ak a,5"'r",-..i.-'i....,k'7'n 'Sox 'HZ z V. J I f-'-lf , - ,V-.x,vR,f'-X '- .wxvff - .,..,...-..,7.TL.f,,,-- ,Y .m..,,,fv:: 31. . mx ,.,. ,HW "Tbere's a rli1j5:'1'e1zcc"' Nu Sig: 571010671 in Tlac reffsofz why Home EC szfzzrlcnls go in fbe back door "Woe mzfo him- that gifueib bis neighbor rlri1zk!" The whole dumn family, inclzzfling the rat Rflnrrlfivll EN FAMILLE G'i'T'k'-'---K ---if---J '-f- .-.. ..,.,, Y , Lf 77 - .i--,un----iQq I, . .1 A ...- ,.. 20 Dijfmlt flissc'ctio1z "There 'fix' Sec' lf? Vf7illiu1nx hmzdx out the bot 410110 S1f1Lrlyi11g in fonzforf Sfinmlpzterl to rescarrb The Stmleni MEN XVQRKING V, I. Vv., . H 204 ,. , .--- Fw 7-' - Jy,niDE- - fy J : in , ,agua 4, 4 viii igfip i ,WE-1 y fo 4, , A 1- 1 1 , U'-'-QV, V f :fp f- -M., Q 1. ,, , , Hizmv, '5E'3i,?i'Zl ,. . ,, W ,'4".""' ' . ,"lg',i:Q5 3' - f43Nf-'92, -S19 "? "LZ-'25 W" ' ' 1- ff ' -1-5: 'Lf I lffr.-,M ff W f' f , mi, fam? A Aw., 453, W W if - , ' 'W Q Y 4 2 .15, ry I 2 1 N12 .w. 1,h lv- .1 -fy ' 1 f, 4 + 64 1-ww , ,mf , .,.f ,. , ,-,, , ff .. fr GM Q 'yy,w- f if ,- gm ,ff , , f f y X , , f M gzf fvfi 2 gi 4 M ' 4 f f f I 1:1 , f -f f L f, 'wr' " 4 ,, if flffff' ' ' 4 4 i 41 C K E' 5, f , 4 ff? " 432 ' 4 4 35 f ' A V V J 5 fl' z " ' fifu ffif- Wg pf" I X 'Q ff? 'f V 973' My 1 Z v fi ' as ' 5 " , ,3?,,,5z.fb-fp Q1 -5'tg1.:5f -vw f 4 f ? f -I-M, 1 1 IZ, 'if x Q in .. ,, I 4. 3 A: Q gf! , U 1 "' 5 it , if , 7 4 je I , aj! , 1 x , 5 Y Y 'C y 1 Q ,Za fi?" ,V ,I R -- , J- f"" " 2 . TL. I"f."?'-"I' -, 'z NH! 5 "B qw' ' " ,, U " - ' v '1 53312 . ,fy 5- 1-Av, sg 1 1 ,325 755gg:55- ',,,,. z' - ,,.. ,wh -. , ,, . n ., .-.,...M,, .HMI -,..4,m,,M-f ,gi-. " "'f- ",'f-,,.-- e,.,'w ff' f-Hewr fwiug' ' ' . -w,4'1'6i P7 'MW' ' i:',v:" , V13-' "qf':Z.f- W1-, 3,-WALL, , EV:2f9LKf,'Q,.?gg:. Wg-3,166-.5"f ,fzyg 14311. " -,12--g'l'vDQEV Tbe Boys Mae Wexf O11 Gmzrr! Our Hero Toni 2, Co. C Are we bo!! VERMCM AT CARLIS E law:-.. 14 i 20 20 THE HQNCDR RQLL 'fA6l,d71lS,,, "Here," starts the class, And Babe gets flushed and wonders. Does this mean he'll call the roll, Or must I start the blunders? Bc'1'c11l9c1'g finds time to deliberate Upon the condition of the state, Yet knows that Coli, Strep, and Staph Precede a patient's epitaph. Bcfrgcfr, boy scout of the north, Whether talking back and forth In minor D or major C Makes little difference to you or me. Bugliuo is handy with the chalk, But still he always fails to talk. While sitting with his little sweety The conversation is all but meaty. B1L1'g67',5 shiny, glassy pate Simply makes you hate To figure and recapitulate Our evolutionary rate. Bz'L1'fze's abbreviations would save a lot of time, If they were taught to students they really would be fine. C. P. C. and E. K. G. and other such con- tractions, And beautiful women on the street to Frank are such attractions. Cibelli is right in his sphere When reciting from Shakespeare. Round and square, big and small, He bums cigarettes from us all. Cu1111i11gha111, the old Crusader, A finer fellow ne'er was known. We hope that several years later He'll be as good an operator. DdffI761' knows his book so cold That it is very bold Asking him to hold An idea not centuries old. Dzmsmore is our specialist In barn itch, corn, and hay. But we expect this dermat'ist To fool us all some day. Fuller is another specialist, But this time as an orderly. Has always been the staunchest pacifist, Behaving very properly. Goldberg has that certain thing That makes the summer birdies sing, That makes the cows to drop their milk. And why not! Aren't they both of the very same ilk? Hallisejfs ability with the pen Almost got him a hundred and ten. Not the least of all his tricks Are pharmacy and politics. HZL1'1!7Zl1'f goes to med school, Hurlburt has a girly Hurlburt likes to climb the stairs To see his little pearl. Hyde has chronic constipation, Scurvy, rickets, malformation. Psychic trauma he can't suffer, Just a good old country rougher. fenks, a man of might is heg Flutes and sings with dignity. Yet gets good grades throughout the term, And makes the grinds just gnash and squirm. Keil, the night owl of the town, Was captured by a little clown. And now he studies, two to sixg You see, the both, they just donit mix. Kelly had a little lamb Whose soul was white as snow. And everywhere that Kelly went The lamb was sure to go. 3 ,:.j.j 75 is '-"M"'fiQf Mclntyre for president, The leader of our class. We hope before We graduate That We can hear him sass. Nlarvin is conservative In stating that 'ipreservativen Prolongs the doleful life YVhich is so replete with strife. NdfAJd11S01Z is a master wiz With the football and baseball biz. Yet for Marvin he writes the right prescrip- tion Before the patient gets his last inscription. Noyes' spouse is far away, Makes him dream the livelong day. Works pots and pans and kitchen sinks, Yet a goodly roommate Williams thinks. Perelman is the master gymnast Whose hair is very fair and fast. He also owns just half the lake, Versatile in give and take. Praff would dislike this verse Unless it spoke of the very fine And holy virtue of turpentine For the hoarse or for the hearse. Reed would rather seek the lion And the bear In their lair Than have Rosie pull his hair. R0llc'r's simple, naive l'Teacher," Flung at Allen, Pike, or Beecher, Makes the bright-eyed classroom wince, For he never will learn to take those hints. Rutkowski knows babes are born bare, ,Tis why he likes such frigid air Streaking down his classmates' hair As they cuss and send him "there.', a..iT,zs,g.iz:gsrg4 e Segal, football wonder of the class, Exhibits much of Osler's "Aequanimitas. Orthopedics for his life career, For those ubonesv he sure can steer. Scgel from the past returneth, Now his chores he daily churneth. An exponent of Wrigley's for the gums, XVhile a dirge he aptly hums. Sb'lL'l716l77 likes to drag his heels in spasm Into a slumbering session of Raveyg Like concrete falling down a chasm Or Water sizzling beneath hot gravy. Slzwin knows the chronic ill Of slaving with a bicarb pill, His diet is usually quite sedate ln his attempt to palliate. Smith, of Bowdoin, with a Weary look, Left his Piersol, and then took Unto himself a fair-eyed maiden, And now he finds he's right well laden. Sl7007161' now does take the floor, Hear the crowd just shout and roar, He will start to expostulate On the basal metabolic rate. Varney learned to use an 18 French, Sitting on the front row bench, So he gets his laundry, room, and board For gathering his daily golden hoard. Wesf, on all great men has the hot dope, All except the revered Pope. "Gerard,,' say Beecher, Upton, Adams, Mar- vin, Therefore he fears not ever starvin'. Willia11zs writes a very neat hand, But he doesn't seem to have the sand To omit the jokes When he,s taking notes. 20 BLESSED Scene: Hall A. Time: 9.28 Monday morning. Characters: All the juniors who can make it. QAS the curtain rises McIntyre enters, dodg- ing an occasional piece of chalk. Besides his note- book, he carries with him, the manikin, charts, long and short forceps ffetus peeking through the fenestra of the left lower male bladej, blunt hook, axis traction rods and cross-bar, Tarnier's cephalotribe, and Hesselbachis triangle, to say nothing of thumb tacks. By this time George has reached the table at the center of the stage. He places the manikin fondly on the table in the horizontal recumbent position. He proceeds to tack the cards up on the blackboard, taking great pains to arrange them in a neat and orderly row. All is quiet except for the rattling of dice and che jingling of pennies between the fifth and sixth rows on the West side of the hall. George finishes his task, and before taking his seat, peers up to see who is in the sinful group, at the same time pretending to ignore them. Meanwhile most of the members of the class have strolled in. Rosie is standing with her back to the radiator warming her ski pants. Enter Dr. McSweeney, senior professor of obstetrics. The jingling and rattling cease abruptly and West, Kelly, Cibelli, Buglino, Berger, and Gold- berg scamper to their seats. All is quiet as Dr. McSweeney opens his roll book.j 1 Dr. MCS.: Mr. Adams. Aelanzs: Here. Dr. MCS.: Mr. Berger. Both B.'s: Wfhich one? Dr. MCS.: Mr. Berger, P. B. Berger: Here. Dr. MCS.: Mr. Boorger, M. D. there Dr. MC- Sweeney Chnchles, as eioes the Classj. Dr. MCS.: Mr. Beranger. Berenberg: Here. Dr. MCS: Mr. Buglino. Baglino: Heah. Dr. MCS.: Mr. Chibelli. 208 EVENT Cibelli Cbutting the Cigarette he has bmnvnecl and putting in his pocket the money he has made on a borrowea' a'i1nej: Here. Dr. MCS.: Mr. Cunningham. CC'll7l7'Il7'lgh!l77Z has been delayed. He is still Cranking his Car in Riehvnonfl. Since john Cannot speak for himself, Hnrlbzzrt juvnps to his aid and answers in a Cleep 'U0tC6.D Dr. MCS.: Mr. Goldberg. Rosie Qin her delightful silver sopranoj: Here. Dr. MCS.: Oh, pardon me-Miss Goldberg. Dr. MCS.: Mr. Hurlburt. ' Hnrlburt Qassmning his natural voieej: Here. Dr. MCS.: Mr. Jinx. fenks fwalting up from Varney's nuzlgej: I didn't get the question, Doctor. Dr. MCS.: Mr. Roller Qsileneej. Roller fvnore sileneej. Mr. Roller here? Perelman: He's waiting for a ride up. Dr. MCS.: Mr. Rudluski. fllutkowslzi has not yet retnrneel from Platts- bzirg, but Hnrlburt, who has hearel that no one with a perfect attendance recorel will flztnlz, anal who is interested in keeping ap the Class average, again pinCh hits.j Dr. MCS.: Mr. Segal. Segal: Only one of um's here. Dr. MCS: Mr. Segal, L., or Mr. Segel, Solom? Segal: Me, I'm Leo. QDr. MCSweeney finishes Calling the roll and picks ap the long forceps. He hana's them to Pratt.j Dr. MCS.: Mr. Pratt, let's see you put the forceps together. QPratt starts through the fenestra but slips on the shanla, goes the length of the saeral Cnrvature and both blarles Clang to the floor. Quite by aC- Cirlent the loeks CatCh, and, nzaeh to his surprise, George pnrls the blades together. He hanals them to Dr. MCSweeney with an air of assnranCe.j Dr. MCS.: That's right, that,s very good. fStart- ing his leCtnre.j Now in breech presentations the first thing to do is to wait. Wait a long time, and then wait some more. . 1 -.- u., C AMA 7777? , . . .J .H .JD r ,,,,,, - YYQN 1 7 ,.,--.... mm.- .B..-,, -Bain ' "' 'W fffjf 75' 'Ml' '-u"""i'7J KA! fbis point Roller comes puffing into the 1'0077Z.J Abe: I'm sorry I'm so late but I ran all the way up, hee, hee. Dr. MCS.: The trouble with you is that you waited too long before you started. QCOn- finuing his lecfuraj Now! When I've made up my mind to use the forceps, what is the Hrst thing 1,11 do? I'11 take the left lower male blade in my left hand in this manner. Now, does everyone see that? Spooner: I think you're wrong. In our series of cases at McGill we found that we got better results if we did a Cephalic version. Dr. MCS.: Well, you're in Vermont now and this morning we're using forceps. Goldberg: Er-a Doctor-ah McSweeney, may-a I-ah ask a question? fDr. McSweeney nods in ber direcfi0n.j Well-ah-heh-heh-an-, I thought that-ah the first thing to-ah do was- ah-to-ah wait. Reed: If I were you I'd stick my head in the lake and wait. fTbe class boos and kisses Rosie and after kicking Reed in the slain, she consicz'ers ber ques- tion ansufereij Dr. MCS. fconfinuingj: Now some of you will be practicing in country homes where the facilities will be much more limited than in the hospital, and you must be prepared to deliver these women by making the best of what you have. Berenberg: I was reading an article in the journal the other day which suggested a solution to this problem. The proposition was that these country women be taken care of by the Rural Free Delivery service, thereby obviating the necessity of care by the unexperienced and unskilled general practitioner. Dr. MCS. Qibointing to C. P. C. and Prczflj: Now if you two young men will step up here and assist me we'll see if we can deliver this woman a nice live baby. fAna' so, with Pat pulling, Pratt pushing, and Burke sivnuimfiug the os uferi, we leave them to fieli1,'e1' the child in 5611611 minutes by the clockj Curtain r I at -' f .B ' K za A ,I - fc I tx X f J 4 fX QW' cof lr ' in gs W ,fi Q 1 I 911, . - X - V -X 4, - -1 X gf M Q' J' VAQNEY on me Aloe 20 GLIMPSES GF THE GREAT 2IO You CANT Pm' MX IN .mm -ff' NN IDOC MAIZVINS .BLLLP THEORY. AM E You A-STUDVIN Tun as A foo, S L.Dl . 9, A Q21 if gijlilff ' x? i, ......--- SELECTED SHDRT SUBJECTS A few of us will probably remember this one: Dr. Brown: Chapman, what is the action of the Platysma muscle? Monty: The Platysma muscle is a thin flat muscle which a-1 Dr. Brown: Yes, but what is the action? What is it used for? Monigomery Qtaleing of his glasses and wiping them in the usual fasfaionj: Well, Doctor, it's composed of striated muscle and connec- tive tissue and a- Dr. Brown: Well, Chapman, what does a horse use its Platysma for? The Greek cp'l'071ZPfi71g from the rear has just pe1zef1'afetlj: Expressions of surprise and horror. if It was the last class of the last day before vaca- tion. Dr. Truman Allen had come fifty miles to give his neurology lecture on poliomyelitis. It must have been disappointing to find only eight members of the class there to meet him. How- ever, Doctor Allen decided to make the best of it and, after concentrating the group down into the front row, he proceeded to lecture. It was not long before Jenks, who had been out late again the night before, dozed off under the spell of Morpheus. It was the snoring and not the sleeping that disturbed the doctor. He tapped Jenks on the knee and Bob "came to" not only surprised but embarrassed. "Don't feel badly about it," said the doctor, putting him at ease, HI appreciate your being here at all." 1 We were just sophomores. We knew but little Of the mysteries of Doctor Soule's X-rays. Wfe saw pictures now and then, and were even told something about them, but they were to us like an operation-something which interested, fas- cinated us, but the mysteries of which we were unable to fathom. Came a day in Pathology Lab-another kidney N 1 ' . .:' 'l ff" "I .f W Q 3453 4 , 5 fi? T . I f g N fly!! I ,-3 'C x I x ff 53 W! X X case, and again Doctor Soule with those weird, phantom pictures of his. Was it a case of hydro- nephrosis, polycystic kidney, visceroptosis -or what? We listened and wondered. "Are there any questions?" he said. Questions-we had not a question, it was as clear as mud to us. Our minds were a blank. we knew not where to start. Out of the silence there came a familiar voice. A question? Yes, and one which when asked, settled the case immemorably in the mind of each and every one of us. l'Aren,t his shoulders awfully close to his hips in that picture?', 1 Recall with us one day when We were having a class to diagnose the ills of another patient under Beecher's skilful guidance. After the patient had been wheeled in, someone wormed a more or less satisfactory story from the victim, and Doctor Beecher, as usual, opened the patient to general questioning by any member of the class who had any doubts in his mind. We expected a few of the usual pertinent questions from our friend, Abe Roller--"What doctor sent you in?', "Why did you go to Montreal for your operation?" or the like, but great was our surprise when he for once failed to crash through. It was too bad to let the opportunity pass so unchallenged, so Hymie Shuman raised his bright little voice in the silence to give us our second surprise--"Where did you get your Neisserian infection?" ZII 5 A 4 I 1 QRGANIZATIQNS if 3 W 1 . , E 3 1 w- w E2 2 ,, W .3 H v ' ' 1, V 51 :X H1 7' X , , J 11 l v 1 J ' J ' 1 , , 'R J, , , Y N v N , ,W I , 5 Q: 1 w x M! 3- ix fi , V ', xx , L 1.1 1 1: ,, in ,M W4 IH C w, 1 .Mi 12 H. 4 " Y E!! wx W 3 , X xi , V! ,, Wi :Qi i ff! 55 ,xH 'F l L M 1 4 W, W 1 W 1 1 'A rg xy .NN V A W. w mfg, 3 wi. g , 1 11 'L 1' 1 ,A 3 1 Nyfii lf, 21, -, 61 Yyi'j'E .-frififk-rg.-2-777 fl-gn?V--:TJ--n4-lun.:-v.1-Lin, V, ,W Y T' X' 7 11 Lflfi Qligffff 'V Qff,.fiiff!f,',ffii' iff if Wf 'L HQNCDR SGCIETIES PHI BETA KAPPA l-.lOHOl'211'Y Scholastic lrraternities GEORGE V. KIDDER .... J. HERVEY MACOLIBER HENRY F. PERKINS .....,..... - FORREST W. KEHOE. ...... . Russell Fitch Colburn Mildred Hastings james Osgood Hoag John Luther Beckley Stella Brown Edwin Rauland Carter Founded at William and Mary College, 1776 Alpha of Vermont, Established 1848 OFFICERS INITIATES June, 1933 . .....,............,. President Vim-P !'ESifIiC11f ..........,.,.........Registrar Grace Ellen Johnson Walter Edward Shelc Isobel Torrens Edward Everett Williams December, I9 33 Grace Ellen Harris David XVilson Jenks Ida Saiger ............T1'easure1' Robert B. Aiken Wellington E. Aiken Lyman Allen Guy W. Bailey Samuel E. Bassett Mary R. Bates Howard G. Bennett Roy E. Buchanan James A. Bullard George P. Burns George H. Burrows Ernest H. Buttles Frederick D. Carpenter Capt. Elbriclge Colby John E. Craps Leon W. Dean John B. DeForest Eleazer J. Dole FACULTY MEMBERS Bennett C. Douglass George B. Dykhuizen Percy A. Fraleigh Asa R. Gifford George G. Groat Major C. R. Haig Raymond A. Hall Ralph M. Holmes George V. Kidder Edward G. Lindsay Julian L Lindsay Carl B. Lucarini Geno B. Lucarini Marjorie E. Luce Miriam N. Marston L. Douglas Meredith M. Louise Morgan Edmund C. Mower Arthur B. Myrick Catherine F. Nulty Henry F. Perkins Lester M. Prindle Lawrence F. Shorey Richard W. Smith, Jr. Winona E. Stone Elijah Swift Bertha M. Terrill Evan Thomas Randolph L. Towne Frederick Tupper Benjamin B. Wainwright Lawrence C. Whitman Amos B. Willmarth Lester L. Woodward Lloyd A. Woodward li Q3 32 5 liiiiitnm 1 216 BCDULDER 5 enior l-IO11Ol'i1l'Y Society Fofmrlerz' 1905 Libby, Beckley, Burrows, Ross, Eaton Tobin, Cogswcll, Presizlrnt Bailey, Dobson, Brislizz John Luther Beckley William Walsh Brislin George Howard Burrows, ll Thomas George Cogswell 5' Class of 1937 Medical. T Out of college, December, 1933. "" P- . HONORARY MEMBER President Guy W. Bailey MEMBERS Class of 1934 Clarence Frederick Dobsonzi Chester Barstow EatonT Charles Jackson Libby Arnold Alexander Ross Donald Joseph Tobin ZI 21 MORTAR BCDARD S enior l-lonoI'zI1'y Society Founded at Syracuse University, 1918 Akraia Chapter, Established 1924 MARIA IC'7lki7ZS, Pumzzm, Harris Durick, Morris, Dean Pfztfersovi, Bemzuzff f HONORARY MEMBERS N PATTERSON ELEANOR STETSON CUMMINGS ALICE NIELSON BLANCI-IARD OFFICERS CLARIBEL MORRIS ..,,,,.... .........,,..,............,,, , ......., , .........,.... P resident MARY BENNETT ....,....... .........., V ice-Presizlent GRACE HARRIS ............ ........,,,,,...., S ecrmfary DAISY PUTNAM ..,......., .....,., T reasurer MEMBERS Mary Warburton Bennett Catherine Elizabeth Durick Grace Ellen Harris Class Of 1934. Helen Beyer Jenkins Claribel Reed Morris Daisy May Putnam H Zi: ffl? l ,, ,E ,..,.s.., ,,.:-..,,,,...1 If" - I ..,,.,V. . .,,..f:--,..,J KEY AND SERPENT Junior I-lOl'lOl'211'y Societv Fo111zz1'ed 1908 Prlffb, Rogers, Pzllmer, W'bife Reeves, Lnlzulmu, Professor Tzrjzpvr, Cook, Simumly : . ., F- ID iii-5523 E5-J' 1 if ' HONORARY MEMBER Professor Frederick Tupper lN'fEMBERS Claxs of 1935 George Hamilton Cook, Jr. Thomas Martin Reeves Frederick John Lanahan Carl Aden Rogers Raymond Eli Palmer J0l1l'l Rolf SilT1OHCl5 Marshall Arthur Patch William DUSUH Wvhim, J 21 22.0 CWCDLD KEY Sophomore l'lonora1'y Society Founded 19 23 Philip M. Andress Ralph G. Bartlett Richard B. Billings Willard H. Conner Bartley J. Costello Donald D. Davis Brzrilett, C0l1I101', Williavfzs, Billings, Dirkinson, Hunt, Poczabut, Sokol WF1'7l6l'-, Davis, Kane, Cosfello, Muxirunt MENIBERS Class of 193 6 Leon A. Dickinson, Jr. Edward A. Funk Frank B. Hunt Julius J. Jezukawicz Edward D. B. Kane Richard J. Martin Belmont S. Musicant John S. Poczabut William Sokol Andrew C. Werner John C. W'illiams Ernest G. Young H . -- ,. rj HH li ttf? li' 'J .. ,....fL.,,,. f TAU KAPPA ALPHA HOHO1'Hl'j' Forensic lT1'HlCC1'I'1l'LY Founded at the University of Indiana, 1908 Vermont Chapter, Established 1912 Rogerx, Libby, Burrows, Przttersou, Ienks, Hale Vw7bit11ey, Furman, MfC11in, Iobnxon, Barron OFFICERS REALTUS EDXVARDS McCU1N, '34... .....,,.......... .............. . . ....,....,..............,,..,,...... Presiclcni ELVIRA MARY FARMAN, '54 ,...........,..,..,. ..,......,.... S ecrefary-Tvefzsurcr FACULTY MEMBERS Professor Leon W. Dean Professor Lloyd A. Woodward Professor Lester M. Prindle Mr. Merrill D. Powers George H. Burrow Elvira M. Farman Anita L. Kittell Ruth M. Barron .ffffl Q, 1 S STUDENT MEMBERS Class of 1934 II David W. Jenks Charles J. Libby Class of 1935 Muriel L. Magee William H. Myers Class of 1956 Mary R. Whitney Realtus E. McCuin George W. Patterson HI Carl A. Rogers W'illiam W. Workman, 221 ALPHA ZETA l'lono1'a1'y Agricultural Fraternity Founded at Ohio State University, 1897 Green Mountain Chapter, Established 1905 Tilley, Dnvison BaI11'wi11, Miller, Websfer OFFICERS ELLWYN EDWARD MILLER ...... , ...... ....,........,,, CLIFFORD WELLS TILLEY, ..... RODERICK ROYCE BALDWIN, ........ . ALDEN MARSH WEBSTER .... Dean Joseph L. Hills FACULTY MEMBERS ....,....................,.P1'esia'c'11t .............,Vice-President Professor Marshall Professor Howard B. Ellenberger STUDENT MEMBERS Class of 1934 .Trcr1s1Lrer ...........,,Secreta1'y B. Cummings Roderick R. Baldwin Ellwyn E. Miller Alden M. Webster Clifford W. Tilley Class of 1935 Robert P. Davison Class of 1936 Kenneth W. Dike William A. Peters Harry M. Rowe Wendall C. Hull Harold E. Ricketson if ug it 4: QD Zi: 5: li 222 '11ggsfi'p. ,fTs""' ' " U -- 35' 1 A KAPPA Pl-ll KAPPA l-lonorary Education lrraternity Founded at the University of New Hampshire, 19:1 Alpha Gamma Chapter, Established 1927 lV6'l'71El', Milrlznzm, Spicer, Rajyuzmo Colazzwz, S1Il'gC'1Zf, Hill OFFICERS MICHAEL ALBERT VALERIO, ...,..,...,...... ............. .......,,....... . ..,,.4.4.........,......., P 1 csirlcn! THEODORE DEARBORN SARGENT .....,...,.... . ..,,...,........., Vicrf-Presiflmzt LEON NATHAN HILL ,..,... ,....,,,. .,.,... ,............ .,....,..,.........,,,,,,.............., S e c 1 -etary WILSON PAUL COBURN ,.,,..............,, ...... .,......,.... R e for:z'i1zg Secretary ALDEN JOSEPH SPICER .....,..... ...............,,...,....,......... T 1-casurer FACULTY MEMBERS Professor Bennett C. Douglass Professor Kenneth J. Sheldon Professor L. Douglas Meredith Professor B. Holmes Wallace XVilbert S. Farrell George J. Rapuano Theodore D. Sargent Wilson P. Coburn Leon N. Hill Frank A. Cummings Eugene R. Greenmore STUDENT MEMBERS Clrzsx of 195 .1 Class of 1935 Class of 1936 Richard A, Shepard Alden J. Spicer Michael A. Valerio Robert C. Mildram Edward Ramon Andrew C. W'erner 22. 22 Pl GAMMA MU Plonorary Social Science ljraternity Founded at Southwestern College, 1924 Vermont Alpha, Established 1932 CHESTER B. EATON 534 .,....,,.,. JOSE MARIA MONTE '34 .....,..., JENNY SCUTAKES '34 ......... . GENNETTE C. DAVIS .........,,... Professor Howard L. Briggs Professor Leland L. Briggs Professor Alfred G. Buehler Professor Daniel B. Carroll Miss Gennette C. Davis Eaion, Smztakes, Monfe OFFICERS ..,...................,..P1'esiden1f ,, .....,... Vice-President ..,....,............Sefre1fa1'y ...,,....,. T1'eu.mre1' FACULTY MEMBERS Professor George G. Groat Professor L. Douglas Meredith Miss Catherine F. Nulty Professor Herbert E. Putnam Professor Claude L. Stineford Miss Florence M. Woodard GRADUATE STUDENT MEMBERS Edwin R. Carter Chester B. Eaton Jose M. Monte Marshall T. Miltimore STUDENT MEMBERS Jenny Scutakes Kenneth D. Spaulding 1 3 H 5 V V, 4.-. 4 E.. 1-::2,.....,...L,E.......,.,.,J- TT' 'K 'flif1l"',.' '."',.. ""4"!'Q .X SCABBARD AND BLADE l'iono1'a1'y Rflilitary Society Founded at the University of Wisconsin, 1904 F Company, Third Regiment, Organized 1912 Libby, Ge1'17za1111, Ross, Donalaue Co1111c'lly, Drown, Stone, Davis, Lanou HONORARY MEMBER Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick F. Black FACULTY MEMBERS Captain Elbridge Colby CHPIM OFFICERS Henry G. Stone ................. Clarence H. Drown ...... Gordon L. Davis ................. Albert H. Cass ,...........,. D. E. Bennett, Jr. A. H. Cass J. J. Connelly L. C. Davis R. M. Donahue D. P. Germann D. E. Behringer M. H. Carlson F. T. Churchill STUDENT NIEMBERS Elected May, 1933 Class of 1934 C. H. Drown M. D. Howe P. E. Lanou J. L. Morgan Elected February, 1934 Class of 1934 Class of 1935 W. Hopkinson . A. Hutchins C. I. Keelan J. M. Libby J. A n Malcolm E. Craig . ....,,....,.,............. Captain ......,....First Lieutemuzt ...........Secona' Liettteuant Sergeant A. C. Pond W. A. Ross W. J. Ryan H. G. Stone F. O. Walter c. J. Libby G. M. Sabin C. R. Saxton A. L. Williams Z2 GREY FRIARS onorary l..itera1'y Society Founded I928 Professor Frederick Tupper Patnozle, Pierce, Patterson Myers, lVffSSl7IH7Z, Cass HONORARY MEMBERS OFFICERS ROBERT JULIUS WEISSMAN ...,...... ARNOLD ALEXANDER Ross WILLIAM EMERSON Class ,.......... NORMAN PIIGBEE MYERS ,....,. .. Willianu E. Cass William Cohen Francis P. Colburn 226 MEMBERS Robert W. Hyde Norman H. Myers Charles H. Patnode George W. Patterson Professor Leon W. Dean .......................President ..........Vifre-Presidenf .........,...Secrefz1ry .......,....T1'eas1u'e1 Samuel Pierce, Jr. Arnold A. Ross Robert Weissman .ll . Q 5. .54.l' '-'Q 2 Gb -""' BLUESTCDCKINCTS l-lOl'1OI'Zll'y Literary Society Founded 1 9 Z7 Wrighl, Ililliker, Gallup Cook, Kelmezly, Hoyt, Kane, Iwzlas OFFICERS ALICE DEBAKER HOYT '34 ...,......,.. ..,..........,........,....,,..... ,.., .....,.................. P 1 ' esiflezzt EDITH MARION SPILLER ,35 .........,.. ................. , -Vice-Presirleut LOIS MARIAN WH1TCOA'1B T35 ........... .......,.,. S ec1'ct.'11'y-Treas1u'e1' PROFESSOR LEON W. DEAN ....... .,,.... .............. F n culty Advixor MEMBERS Alice D. Hoyt Carolyn C. Cook Marjorie Jenks Natalie C. Hilliker Elizabeth E. Gallup Class of 1934 Alice L. McConnell Dorotha W. Meader Class of 1935 Margaret M. Kane Dorothy E. Kennedy Clan of 1956 Elva-Mae Jenkins Cluxs of 1937 Eugenia S. Powers Edith M. Spiller Lois M. Whitcomb Ruth S. Wright Alice W. Hamilton 227 22 WIC AND BUSKIN l'lono1'z11'y DI'211112ltiC' 5 ociety Founded 1 908 Belcher, Howe, Bellows Davis, Amlresx, Abbott, Ross, Derzfevz, Kane W'right, Tobin, Pierre, Professor Tupper, Jenks, Paiterson HONORARY MEMBERS Professor Frederick Tupper Professor John T. Metcalf Mrs. C. Ives Taggart, Coach OFFICERS HOWARD HANscoM ABBOTT '35 ...... .,,.. ..,,,.,.....,..............,....,, ..................... ,.,..,..... P r e s :dent PHILIP MORTON ANDRESS '36 ..,...... . ,, ......... ,............,,. , .,........ S ecretmy CHARLES JAMES Howe '35 ..,....... ..,,......... C o-business Manager DONALD DODGE Davis '36 ..,..... .. .....,....... Co-business Manager WINFRED ALBAN Ross '35 ,.,...... ...,,.,.........,......, Stage Munugev MEMBERS David W. Jenks George W. Patterson Howard H. Abbott Charles J. Howe John M. Bellows, Jr. Bartley J. Costello Class of 1954 Samuel Pierce, Jr. Class of 1935 Prentiss M. Howe Class of 1936 Donald D. Davis Charles F. Derven Arnold A. Ross Donald J. Tolain Charles H. Patnode R. Stuart Wright Edward D. B. Kane Clyde A. Maxfield 8 C " :aN""'C "CDU , . ,. , L I if-KH AW l 'frf Q1 J aligrfli MASQUE AND SANDAL l-lonorary lD1'z1matic Society Founded I9 22 Muurire, Oatley, Douglas Crzfugb, Forman, McConnell, Wflaitcomb, Casey ALICE MCCONNELL '34 .,....,,.... MARY CASEY '35 ,,........,,... ....... ,... . Elvira Farman Mary Casey Birdie Creagh Rosemary Cahill OFFICERS Prcsident .,..........Mc'mber of Executive Committee MEMBERS Class of 1934 Class of 1935 Class of 1936 Eleanor Douglas Class of 1937 Alice McConnell Winona Oatley Lois Whitcomb Marion I-Ierberg Ruth Maurice 22 230 ETA SIGMA PHI ihlonorary Classical lT1'2lfC1'1'1ltj' Founded at the University of Chicago, 1924 FRASER BRAGG DREW .......... NATALIE E. CARLETON ......... HUGH C1-1AsE WILSON .......... Professor Samuel E. Bassett Professor George Dyl-rhuizen Professor George V. Kidder Iota Chapter, Established 1926 OFFICERS P1'eside1z1f Secretary .....T1'eas1Lrer FACULTY MEMBERS Professor Edward Y. Lindsay Professor john T. Metcalf Professor James E. Pooley Professor Lester M. Prindle GRADUATE STUDENT MEMBERS Natalie E. Carleton Ruth M. Reynolds Helen F. Bellows Fraser B. Drew STUDENT MEMBERS Class of 1934 Ida Saiger Hugh C. Wilson Class of 1935 Constance M. Calkins Charles I. Keelan QMICRCDN M. Joyce Young Margaret E. Nugent NU l-lonorary l-lome Economics Society Vermont Phi, Organized IQZS OFFICERS VELMA 1AxDELINE PURINTON, ..,. ...... ..,,, ,...,.. , ..... ,...,.. ..,,....,,...,......,......... P r e s i dent RUTH Avis JO1-INSTONE ..... .. .,... ..,.,..... Secretary-T1'eusurer BERTHA IVIARY TERR111. .......,... ..,...........,,........ ....,.....,.....,.......,....,... .,,. ........ . . A I uvnni Advisor Professor Florence E. Bailey Professor Alice E. Blundell Professor Alida B. Fairbanks Ruth A. Johnstone Madeline W. Ainsboro FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Margaret I. Liston Miss Marjorie E. Luce Miss Marianne Muse Professor Bertha M. Terrill STUDENT MEMBERS Class of 1934 Class of 1935 Velma A. Purinton Winifred S. Perry k -I Z:-1 .AY QTY- is QD Q7 CD litre' 1 'L M .,. ...... ................,............1 ,. M Wa wv ,-X, f 7 w .,, 1 I- v 'A' xl J V V w , M17 ' ww , 75 X 1 X W W, ', 11 ,N X 'Nu M J U W ' W2 if 1' 3,51 1 My , My Ml 4. A, UU N 'Y NW V4 U! H 'x U Sli A ,J u , . W -A 121-1 qw 4 sf- ,gi sm hy, W Q HE XM 'EH ,FW W, QM w . .X Ke I M T 1 1 JH , K, :ig 3- . ' Xxx! 1 ,w 'QA' 'X V '-F Lxgrx-7444:-nm --Q. - ,, ', 3: -Q ' 'f'-1-'-K-A----v-'-+---:-M--A,---..4.-:,,,.,..,.,g,, I' v1':. " --, -1-, ---,.1Y,:n: ri, 7' .7 1- - - Y V -VY. ,, ,, , ' " f---,-7- ,my H Affyf l'fff',,,,g"' , fr' 'Y l 'TT' " " T 'Z DEPARTMENTAL AND SERVICE GIQQUPS PUBLIC AFFAIRS CLUB Political Science DClD81'f11l6Ht3l Grou Reorganized X933 P Lamson, Brislin, Cogszucfll, Pnlterson, Whalen johnson, Lc'1fm'1z, Iczzlzins, Fnrnzmz, S17C'I77Ztl7l OFFICERS CARL JAMES KILBURN .........,.. . ..............,....,............ . HELEN BEYER JENKINS. .,.,...... MARGARET ANNE LEVARN ..... ..... Dk. RALPH H. STIMSON .,.......... PROGRAMME COMMITTEE Elvira M. Farman, Chrzirmun H. VV. Schroeder .,....,,...,................,Presi1lc'1zt ...........Vice-Presirlent ,.,,.,,......Secrc'tury-Treasurer -Faculty Arluisor Thomas G. Cogswell Chester George H. Burrows III Thomas G. Cogswell William Cohen Elvira M. Farman Carolyn C. Cook Gale M. Lamson B. MEMBERS Class of 1934 Eaton, President, Resigned December, 1933 Helen B. Jenkins Carl J. Kilburn Realtus E. McCuin Class of 1935 Margaret A. Levarn Grace L. Spelman Barbara N. Wears Class of 1936 Sidney M. Wolk ,.v Ellen A. Pearl Addison C. Pond H. W. Schroeder Jenny Scutakes Fletcher H. White Christine E. Yule , A. . E, ,...-.....,:i....c.-....,................-.-.a...!' 23 2 ., - E Q2s2ffQL'LL253sUm"s"ff T N' ll ll QQ 5? ED lglii 'J Q' PHILAGCDN Founded I9 3 2 ELVIRA FARMAN '34 ......... FRANCES Rowe '36 ,... Elvira Farman Muriel Magee Hilda Hoag Cecelia Kremski Ruth Barron Marie Black Lucy Frost Elizabeth Haig Carolyn Hill Ruth Lattimer Thelma Leach Marietta Marshall Katherine Babbitt Phyllis McRae White, Marshall, Sinclair, Latz'i-nzer, Haig, Babbiff, McRae Hill, Piper, Frzrmrzfz, Rowe, Black OFFICERS FACULTY MEMBER Mr. Phillips D. Carleton MEMBERS Class of 1934 Class of 1935 Class of 1956 Clasx of 1937 Ruth Wfoodwarcl Winifred Perry Frances Whalen Margaret Paterson Norma Piper Frances Rowe Esther Helen Ruth Mary Ruth Helen Helen Sinclair Skerry White Whitney Wright Workman Young Prcsia'en1f Serretury 2 234 DRAMATIC CLUB Founded I9 I7 Beach, Clenzeni, Sinclair, Hilliker, White, Rowe Blade, McAuIiyfe, Woorlward, Rock, Cunningham, Paterson, Davis Parry, Horak, Shaw, Haig, Ll1FOZl1lft7i1l OFFICERS KATHERINE JEAN SHAW '54 ,,... ..... ...............,..... ......., ........ MARY CLARA HORAK ,34 ........ .........,.. ................,......... ..,,.. IRENE GRACE LAFOUNTAIN '35 ...,..,...... FAYTHE ELIZABETH HAIG '36 .............. ..,...............,.,...,........., MEMBERS Elizabeth Baker Mary Bennett Marjorie Collins Elizabeth Beckvold Mary Cunningham Elizabeth Davis Hilda Hoag Marjorie Howard Shirley Bennett Ethel Barber Marie Black Rosemary Cahill Dorothy Clement Harriet Gray Elizabeth Haig Katherine Babbitt Margaret Bean Pauline Bristol Elisabeth Burn Class of 1934 Eola Goodrich Grace Harris Marie Horak Class of 1935 Anita Kittell Irene LaFountain Mary Moore Jane Parsons Class of 1936 Marion Herberg Carolyn Hill Natalie Hilliker Sylvia Jarvis Kathleen Kieslich Ruth Lattimer Thelma Leach Margaret Paterson Class of 1937 Gene Clark Elizabeth Gallup Ellen Hall Geraldine Kipp Preszflent .............................Sec1'etary .....,...........,............,.......Treasnrm ...,..,......,P14bIicily Manager Katherine Shaw Barbara Whitney Elizabeth Woodward Evelyn Perry Alta Rock Thelma Rosenberg Mary Kay Tupper Frances Whalen Marion Piper Norma Piper Frances Rowe Esther Sinclair Gladys Sussdorff Ruth White Mary Whitney Mary McAuliffe Ruth Quinn Barbara Redding Helen Wright Q3 LU SD lag, W , , .U ,- ,,,.......,,, ,......:..C.,.,.-,...-, V PR E S S CLUB Reorganized 1923 HELEN MOUNT, ,35,., ....,.. MURIEL CONANT '35 ..,......,,....,.... Beacla, CZL1Z11ll1gl1Ll7ll, Marshall, Hillikcr, Davidson, Piper, Mann Lattimer, Spelvrzan, Jcanes, Wood'ward, Casey, Weir, Sinclair, Jenks Young, Shaw, Horale, Mount, Beau, Lezfarn, France OFFICERS PROFESSOR LEON W. DEAN ....,...,. Elizabeth Beach Eleanor Bean Ludell Benware Dorothy Burt Mary Casey Muriel Conant Elizabeth Crockett Mary Cunningham Lydia Curler Madeline Davidson Vida Dragoon Gertrude Fishman Sue France Harriet Gile Doris Goldman Elizabeth Gray Anna Greene Grace Harris Norma Hathorn Helen Heininger MEMBERS Natalie Hilliker Marie Horak Helen Hubbard Sylvia Jarvis Marjorie Jenks Ruby Jenness Ruth Johnstone Dorothy Kennedy Cecelia Kremski Ruth Lattimer Margaret Levarn Norma Littleheld Grace Lutman Ellen Lyman Eunice Mann Sylvia Margulis Marietta Marshall Hester Martin Sylvia Miner Shirley Morse , ..,...,.............. Presiilen f , .... , ...... .,............. S erretary ....,......4.Farz1lty Advisor Helen Mount Wilma Nelson Marion Parker Ellen Pearl Winifred Perry Norma Piper Olive Puifer Susie Sanborn Kay Shaw Grace Spelman Phyllis Stockwell Gladys Sussdorff Katherine Touchettc Shirley Tripp Leona Anita Ruth Ruth Joyce Warren Weir Wilkins Woodward Young Christine Yule 2 236 THE AMERICAN SGCIETY CDF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Reorganized 193 r Renfrew, Connor, Giardi, Vervoort Behringer, Hale, Milleii, Slaufelt, Funk Spear, Lanou, Dc', Saxton, T1'earlwa31 OFFICERS JOSEP1-1 J. DELFAUSSE '34 .....,......... ....,...... . ...,....,...,.,... C l3!Ii1'7l'Ifl17Z JAMES M. LIBBY ,35 ..................... . .............. ,.......,.. V ice-Chairman PAUL E. LANOU '34, ........,...... ............., S ec1'etary-Treasurer Joseph J. Dclfausse Richard M. Donahue David E. Behringer James M. Libby Philip M. Andress Willard H. Connor Saul Fraint HONORARY CHAIRMAN Edmund L. Sussdorff MEMBERS Class of 1934 Marshall D. Howe Cluss of 1935 Dwight M. Renfrew Carlisle R. Saxton Evan M. Shufelr Class of 1936 Edward A. Funk Libero A. Giardi Frank W. Hale John Millett if' U Paul E. Lanou Frederick H. Spear Robert H. Treadway R. Emmett Wfright Paul E. Taft Winfield C. Twicchell Edward L. Vervoort uelbibfnf "-"""...,,...f""""" 5""""T'.' vi-. ...f 3,1 TI-IE AMERICAN INSTITUTE CF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Student Brancli Founded 1884 Vermont Branch Organized I928 Arnold, Ienks, Libby Patterson, Wbit11c'y OFFICERS GEORGE W. PATTERSON, III ,............,,. ,... .... , ........................r...... DONALD C. WHITNEY ..,.......,......,,..... JOHN C. ARNOLD, In ...,............. FACULTY MEMBER Professor I.. P. Dickinson STUDENT MEMBERS John C. Arnold, jr., '34 David NV. Jenks, ,34 Charles J. Libby, 334 George W. Patterson, III, '34 Donald C. Whitney, ,34 il.-.i....... ,. 4 ....................,.............Chairman .,.....,.....,..............Vice-Claairman Secretury-Treasurer 2 2 VERMCDNT CHRISTIAN ASSQCIATIQN Founded 1 S 8 I W1'igbt, ZMCCYUYZ, Hill, Kinslcy, Hizrwoorl, Binghmri EL'07'fSf, Mr. Powers, Drown, XVlaitc', Wilcox MERRILL D. POWERSA. ARNOLD A. Ross ................... WILLIAM P. STETSON .............. THE CABINET CLARENCE HERBERT DROWN ............ ...,..,.....,....,,,.,.,... ....,,,.........,,.. WILLIAM DUSTIN WHITE, JR .......,. LEON NATHAN HILL .......,............. REALTUS EDWARDS MCCUIN .... ROBERT STUART WRIGHT ............. ALLAN SEYMOUR EvEREsT .......... CLIFFORD BURR HARwooD ...... FLOYD GUY KINSLEY .....,........,,.... RONALD HOLLIS BINGHAM ,... ...... Geneml Secretary Editor, Freshman Hmzrllnoolc Director, Freslmimi Crimp , .................. Chairman ...,..... Vice-chairman .,....,............,....................Serretury ...,........,,...,..Treas1irer Director of Deputations .........,......,.Directory of Publicity .....Direc!or of Stuzlefit Service Director of Cbzirrlo Relations ...,.........,DirerIor of Christian Wo1'ld Education ... ... ,... ' ' Y N' L, - V. L-..-. ....-.......,.......,....,......i:,:! 3 8 f .11 'TT""A"""0 rf Q 45 QD E,,,.LL A LL YOUNG XVCMENS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATIGN Founded 1 8 67 Conant, Nuge1zz', Barvon Rich, Whitney, Ainsboro, France, Cabot, Pnhzam, Millw- MARIAN PATTERSON .. SARA M. HOLBROOK ..... FLORENCE MADDOCK, SUSAN FRANCE ,.......,........ MADELINE AINSBORO ..........,, MARY WHITNEY ............,, MARIE HORAK .,...,....,.... CLARIBEL MORRIS .......,,... MARGARET NUGENT ....... ..... RUTH BARRON ..,.,.......,..... ELIZABETH RICH .,.,..,.. CAROLYN CABOT ........... DAISY PUTNAM ..,,...,.. HELEN MILLER ,...,..... Stare Y. XV. C. A. Committee. ........ . THE COUNCIL Faculty Advisor Faculty Advisor Advisor Presizlent , ....,....... Vice-President . ., .,.....,....,,...,.,Secretary .,......,....Cbair1nan of Conference Cloairman of Publieity ...,,.............Cbair11za1z of Social Service Ezlifor of Wonzenk- Hanrlbook ...........B11si11ess Manager of W071ZE11,S Handbook DiT8Cf0l' of Fresbvnan Camp ......,..,...ASsi5!ant Direflor of Fresbmavz Camp 2 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Reorganized 1 93 3 Noble, Wei1', LaFo1z11tni11, Nelson, Livak Hillilerfr, Davidson, Millet, Sinclair, LuMo1m'a Young, Rock, Professor Doane, Mount, Miller HELEN MOUNT '35 ,,,........ ALLEN EVEREST '36 ......... GRETA PETERSON '3 4 ............ ALTA Rocic ,3f ....,,.,............. JOYCE YOUNG ,34 ....... ..,..,......... ,,,. PROFESSOR R. F. DOANE.. .,..., .. H. Elizabeth Beers Constance M. Calkins Irene G. LaFountain Helen A. Miller Madeline A. Archambault Elizabeth H. Beach Richard B. Billings Madeline H. Davidson Robert B. Eaton Allan S. Everest Lura G. Allen Carl W. Anderson Neil R. Bartlett Helen Converse OFFICERS MEMBERS Class of 1934 Albert A. Brosseau Greta Peterson Class of 1935 Helen T. Mount Marguerite T. Millet Alta N. Rock Class of 1936 Natalie C. Hilliker O. Pierre Joly Edward D. B. Kane Edna M. Leach Hester Martin Class of 1937 Mildred F. Denny Sarah Greenwood Velma M. LaMonda Anna L. Livak ...,...............President ...,,......Vice-Presirleut Secretary , ....................,........... Treasurer ..,.......,.Program Clouirman ...............Fac1cl15y AIl"L'iSO1' M. Joyce Young Marie A. Nicholson Grace I. Smith Anita L. Weir Clyde A. Maxfreld Wilma J. Nelson Christine E. E. Noble Elizabeth B. Rowley Esther L. Sinclair Ruth S. Wright Ninola G. Lockwood Patricia M. Stanley Nellie E. Townsend Elizabeth H. Wright ,, , . .. .J F J , 1 '- ss :- . ...tern I IQ9E:CDl.- - - . W... . F L. L.f, ---N.....m., 240 15357 U - X,-ye, ... ACGIH CLUB Reorganized I 9 3 2 Lzfmm, Dikc, Nuissl Rickefson, Balflwin, LaValley, Hull, Doyle Miller, Webster, Peiers, Rowe, Twombly OFFICERS WILLIAM ANDREW PETERS '36 ........... ........ ..,. ...,,.,,,..,,.....,. P 1 - esi11'e11f HARRY MORRISON ROWE '36 ..,,...... .....,....... V ice-Presirlemf GEORGE EDWIN WEBSTER '36 ,,.,...,... ............,.... , ,Secrefary ROGER COURTNEY MARTIN '36 ...,...., ........,....,. T reas11rc'r Roderick R. Baldwin Stephen A. Dutton Amos A. Austin Max A. Bailey Kenneth W. Dil-le Ernest R. GiBin Wendall C. Hull Donald J. Doyle William L. Jenks FACULTY ADVISOR Professor Richard Wfatson Smith, Jr. STUDENT MEMBERS Class of 1934 Henry Lunna Class of 1935 Class of 1936 Albert H. Lunna Roger C. Martin Frederick J. Nuissl Class of 1937 Forrest S. LaValley Glen F. McPhee XVayne G. Twombly Ellwyn E. Miller Alden M. Webster John J. Gilmore William A. Peters Harold E. Ricketson Harry M. Rowe George E. Webster Dana W. Whitman james E. Woodhull 241 JOHN DEWEY CLUB Philosophy and Psychology lDepa1"trnental G1'oup Founded I927 OFFICERS NORLIA CARDER .....,,...., .,,,...... .,,........,.. . . . ....................,...,...., GEORGE W. PATTERSON, III ,,....... DOROTHY KENNEDY .,,.....,.,....,..,....... RONALD H. BINGHAM .........,..,. . Madeline Ainsboro Ellen Barrett John L. Beckley Elizabeth Beers Barbara Belcher Helen Bellows Betty Boright Onslow Rebecca Augusta Willianl Carolyn Fraser B. L. Brown Camp Cohen Cohen Cook Drew Catherine Durick Elizabeth Eckhard Mabel Farquhar Susan France Barney Goldberg FACULTY MEMBER Professor George Dykhuizen STUDENT MEMBERS Atwood I. Hardin Norma Hathorn Helen Jenkins Ruby. Jenness Ruth Johnstone Irene LaFountain Frederick Lanahan Margaret Levarn Grace Lutman Ellen Lyman Eunice Mann Muriel Magee Alice McConnell Ruth Mullin Evelyn Perry Greta Peterson Frances Pitcher Mary Poling Eugenia Powers ..........................PI'C'Si!l'C7Zf ..,,.,.......Vic'e-P1'eside11t .......,,,,.......,.Ser1'ez'1z1'y ..............T1'euxuref Olive Puffer Kenneth Raymond Elizabeth Rich Alta Rock Helen Rockwell Thelma Rosenberg Arnold A. Ross Barbara Russell William Ryan Kenneth D. Spaulding Shirley Tripp Mary Kay Tupper Marrion Waite Leona Wfarren W. Dustin Vfhite Arlington R. Wilcox Joseph S. Wool M. Joyce Young DEUTSCHER VEREHJ Organized 1920 FACULTY MEMBERS Cgerman lgepartm ental Cdroup F. Ladd Professor Frederick D. Carpenter Professor Benjamin STUDENT MEMBERS Class of 1934 Augusta Cohen Marion P. Mitchell Ruth Kobel Ruth M. Mullin Class of 1935 Betty R. Boright Marie A. Nicholson Virginia I. Herr Margaret E. Nugent Dorothy E. Kennedy Winona M. Oatley F. Elizabeth Haig F. Natalie Richardson Class of 1936 Ida Saiger Marion E. Waite Elsie M. Roosa Thelma W. Rosenberg Edith Spiller Ruth C. Lattimer '- if.. " HQ,,1l h f A I, ,-,TEL-m,,,..,..:., -Ll rv V 34 A-A,-,E Y E . V .Q -..7,,,..L-., . . ....,. ..,,:-,.,.... 42 VT ,A . 7- nf- 1 w Y lj 45 . r I V 1. ' 1 ll A ih I 1. ,y! E U 535 M H15 QQ! '1 ,1 .1 nr! L I! 3 4. Ep? 5' V uf KU ii w f' M 9 wl HH H 'lv f ,Q I3 NJ MP EU ll il Us Uv fl 55' P? H q h gil? 1 M1 li ,121 . irq 11 M 5 5? , ,gg , 205 JI, W- V M, X N, ,Mm 1 V 'V ml ' 1:-,T,LL,f..:..,Lf.:f4,,:-,Y fin-.- ..- , 45: MUSICAL GRCDUP5 Philip M. Andress 7-44 MENS GLEE CLUB Trearlway, Spear, Bickforff, Nuissl, Dopp, Wf. Jenks Bingham, Mild.-am, R. Jenks, Rowe, Anrlrcxs, Svigoorz, Harwood Everest, Colburvf, Wilfox, Da-vis, D. Jenks . ............,.. ................., M arzuger OFFICERS ARLINGTON REID WILCOX ......,.,.. FRANCIS PEABODY COLBURN ............ .......,.... S tmlent PI-IILI11 MORTON ANDRESS ......... . .............. Assistant ALLAN SEYMOUR EVEREST ..,.... .,... A :siufant DIRECTOR Roderick R. Baldwin Harold T. Bickford Ronald H. Bingham Francis P. Colburn Gordon L. Davis R. Douglas Dopp Allan S. Everest Clifton B. Harwood David W. Jenks Professor Howard Gordon Bennett STUDENT MEMBERS Robert S. Jenks William L. Jenks Robert C. Mildram Frederick J. Nuissl Samuel Pierce, Jr. Harry M. Rowe F. Harold Spear Alexis C. Svigoon Robert H. Treadway Arlington R. Wilcox QD 5: Direcfor Manager Manager -- .mf ' ' " I.: ' WGMENES GLEE CLUB VELMA ADELI Iobfzsovz, Hallock, Clark, Parker, Thompson, Aiusboro, Brown, Fnllcr Benn, Taylor, jvolzs, Blozlgetf, Carawztfi, W'biz'11ey, Beach, Mclver Davis, Bellows, Vvilley, Purimfon, Bnlzlwin, Bobbilf, Brixfol OFFICERS NE PURINTON .....,...... ............................. DOROTHY MAE WILLEY ...,,..... . ....... ,..,.,. . .,.. .. ...,...... .... , Katherine Babbitt Pauline Bristol Gene Clark Elizabeth Davis Gertrude Hallock Elizabeth Beach Elinor Bean Helen Bellows Madeline Ainsboro Mildred Baldwin Elizabeth Burn Margaret Blodgett Stella Brown FACULTY MEMBER Professor Howard Gordon Bennett, STUDENT MEMBERS First Soprrmos Elizabeth Johnson Thelma Leach Margaret Lockwood Virginia Pelsue Srconfl Soprzmos Charlotte Davis Marjorie Jenks Ruby Jenness Viola Long Firsl A1105 Augusta Cnravatti Helen Carpenter Srcoml Allos Jean Fuller Evelyn Holden Elva-Mae jenkins Presirlcnt Business Managcr Dirertor Velma Purinton Janet Thompson Nellie Townsend Mary Whitney Dorothy XVilley Emily Mclver Alice Palmer Florence Schoff Marion Giddings Sylvia Jarvis Helen Taylor Marion Parker Joan Ripper 2 2 UNIVERSITY CHQIR Bickford, Rowe, Nuissl, Bingham, R. Ie-nlzs, Varney, Bellows, Kane, Pnrinton, Thompson, Helen F. Bellows Marjorie Jenks Elizabeth E. Johnson Roderick R. Baldwin Ernest C. Berry Ronald H. Bingham Russell F. Colburn Madeline W. Ainsboro Stella A. Brown Harold T. Bickford Gordon L. Davis R. Douglass Dopp PROFESSOR HOWARD GORDON BENNETT MEMBERS Sopranos Letha H. MacLaugl1lin Eleanore L. McMahon Teno rs Allan S. Everest Robert S. Jenks John H. Millington Altos Norma B. Carder Margaret M. Kane M. Elisabeth Mandigo Basses Clifton B. Harwood David W. Jenks Harry M. Rowe . ,, ,. Everest, Btllilhlliill, Willia11zs, Harwood, Dopp Wilrox, Millington, Svigoon, D. jenks, Wright, Berry M. Jenks, Parker, Petrie, Ainsboro, Colburn, Davis McMahon, Johnson, Mandigo, Brown, W0odwaz'd , Director Edith I. Petrie Velma A. Purinton Janet E. Thompson Frederick Nuissl Samuel Pierce, Jr. Hewitt I. Varney Arlington R. Wilcox Marion P. Parker Ruth L. Woodward Alexis C. Svigoon Arthur L. Williams R. Stuart Wright -1 '- E' LL 'N .. , .. Q -LJ J CD g - -W ...,. ,.,,.r...,...M...t.1,.-,...t., ,tv CDRCHESTRA Brown, Whitney, Slaerman, Miss rleVolt, Ainsboro, Svigoon D. Ievzks, Heininger, R. Ienks, Professor Bcriizeft, McKee, Rogers, Miss Harris Ball, Gunlvier, Bullis, lVi771Z OFFICERS CARL ADEN Romans .,........ ...,,......,....................., ..,..,.,....., 1 I resident HELEN HEININGER ............ ,.....,,...,,, S ecrefary FACULTY MEMBERS Professor Howard G. Bennett, Director Miss Charlotte deVolt, Cofzccrtmasier Miss Freda Harris Jeannette Bullis Madeline Ainsboro Dorothy Ball Doris Brown Freda Harris Helen Heininger Elizabeth Ecklxarcl PERSONNEL First Violins Charlotte deVo1t Alice Palmer Second Violins Alfred Cram Ethelyn Dike Viola Carl Rogers 'Cellos Clarimfis Roy Sherman Flutes Piano Elsie McKee Mary Whitney Mary Fresn Thelma Gardner Effie Winn David Jenks Alexis Svigoon Robert Jenks 2 CDPERA The The Cast of Opera, "IoIaI1the,' 'i lQl..rXNTl'lE H April 27, 1933 PROFESSOR CLAIR LEONARD, Director MME. ELIZABETH BRADISH, Dranmzfic Coach ISABEL MILLS, Director of Properties THE CAST Lord Chancellor, Donald F. Campbell, Earl of Mountararat, David W. Jenks, Earl of Tolloler, Arling- ton R. Wilcox, Private Willis Qof the Grenadier Guardj, Watson E. Morgang Strephon fan Arcadian Shepherdj, Robert S. Jenks, Queen of the Fairies, Priscilla R. Perry, Iolanthe fa Fairy, Strephorfs Motherj, Mailla R. Putnam, Fairies: Celia, Elizabeth E. Johnson, Leila, Janet E. Thompsong Fleta, Marjorie Jenks, Phyllis fan Arcadian Shepherdess and XVard in Chanceryj, Charlotte A. Odell, Chorus of Dukes, Marquises, Earls, Viscounts, Barons, and Fairies. THE GGNDOLIERS " April 26, 1934 PROFESSOR HOW'ARD G, BENNETT, Direftor NVILNETTA SPROUL TAGGART, Dramatic Courb MME. ELIZABETH BRADISH, Voral Director THE CAST Duke of Plaza-Toro, R. Stuart Wright, The Duchess of Plaza-Toro, Madeline Ainsborog Casilda, their daughter, Viola Long, Luiz, attendant of the Duke, Samuel Pierce, jr., Don Alhambra del Bolero, Harold T. Bickfordg Gondoliers: Marco, Arlington R. Wilcox, Guiseppe, David W. Jenks, Antonio, Robert S. Jenks, Francesco, Frederick Nuisslg Giorgio, Robert H. Treadwayg Contadinae: Gianetta, Edith Petrie, Tessa, Margaret Kane, Fiametta, Marjorie Jenks, Vittoria, Joan Ripper, Giulia, Pauline Bristol, Second Girl, Augusta Caravatti. THE CHORUS Helen Bellows, Stella Brown, Elizabeth johnson, Janet Thompson, Lena Bussey, Gene Clark, Margaret Lockwood, Helen Taylor, Ronald H. Bingham, F. Harold Spear, Kenneth W. Dike, Harry M. Rowe, R. Douglas Dopp, Clifford B. Harwood, William L. Jenks, Donald D. Sternbergh, Alexis C. Svigoon ll QD E6 .iv Eli, 8 I ,raf551irrT5+Lf1f-"T'Te-eff.. 5 11 v X .y V Fm F , I, I, 1 6 F U 1 V 1 v W ' ll M WE LW M HH M' gf, ,213 Hui M 311 H 25+ my 111 A 1,1 4 N1 M- W f N ri lil L .U J EW M13 zu' W Tm HW HQ? M wa su! lv -L , 5 --W, if , 1 --- - ---- --L-, ---fJ,L-:L-,f, f, -f-2-L-ff, 1: V, ----1 PUBLICATIQNS 250 THE VERMCNT CYNIC Qllicisl Student Newspaper Founded I 3 8 3 Volume LII W. Dustin White, Editor Faculty Advisor Marshall A. Patch, Manager Professor Leon W. Dean THE BOARD QFebruary 1934-February 19355 W. DUSTIN XWHITE, JR. '35, ....... ......... .......,.....,.... . ...................,..... ,.,...,,, ...... , ,....,....,. E rl i t or-in-Chief MARSHALL A. PATCH '35 ..........,.. .......,..... B usiness Manager JANE PARSONS '35 ...................,...... ...,.,,... W omen's Editor HOWARD H. ABBOTT '35 ......,.. ...........,,.... S ports Editor R. STUART WRIGHT '35 ......,,.,.. ..,......... M anaging Editor DOROTHY KENNEDY '35 ,............. ..........,..,,...,.,. Rerordirzg Editor WIILLARD H. CONNOR '36 ..,,..,.. ......,... ,.................. , ..... ...... A rl 1 fertising Manager News Editors Bartley Costello '36 Belmont Musicant '36 Allan Everest '36 Frances Rowe '36 Elizabeth Haig '36 William Sokol '36 Edna Leach '36 John Williams '36 Feature Editors Assistant Business Managers Nathaniel Gould '35 Edward Kane '36 Norma Piper '36 Robert Warren '36 George Webster '36 Reporters Katherine Babbitt '37 Gene Clark '37 Elizabeth Gallup '37 Thelma Gardner '37 Doris Goldman '37 Lula Watts '37 Sylvia Margulis '37 Arlene Perkins '37 Phelps Pond '37 Donald Sternbergh '37 Frank Timmerman '37 ll Q7 LD QD ki:2,,.-,.,' - . , er A L., ,Y....J...,..A..L.,.,.:.+r,--aa..-.1 1...e.,.af J THE BOARD QFebruary 1933-February 1934, CHARLES J. LIBBY '34 ............. GEORGE H. BURROWS '34 .,,......., AUGUSTA COHEN '34 ,,.......... REALTUS MCCUIN '34 ......,.............. DONALD C. WORCESTER '34 ,... RUTH KOBEL '34 .,.,,,.,...,,.,.....,.........,. CHARLES J. LIBBY '34 .........,.. Dorothy Kennedy '35 Howard Abbott '35 Feature Editors Nathaniel Gould '35 Milton Greenberg '34 Belmont Musicant '36 Norma Piper '36 Edward Kane '36 Bartley Costello '36 News Ea'iz'ors Stuart Wfright '35 Reporters Edna Leach '36 .......,Efliz'01'-in-Chief Business Manager ...........WO77ZE7Z'S ....,....Ma1zagizzg Sports ...,.,.....,,...,Rucofiling Editor Ezfifor Editor Eflifor Affverfisizzg Manager Jane Parsons '35 Dustin NVhite '35 Assisfnnt Business Manager Marshall A. Patch '35 Elizabeth Haig '36 Allan Everest '36 Frances Rowe '36 William Sokol '36 Wviss111nn, Euercsf, Cosfello, White, Musician! Rgwc, Piper, NVright, Kerzimrly, Kane, Patterson, Leach Kobel, Worfesff,-, Libby, Burrows, Brislin, Parsons 251 Tl-IE 1935 ARIEL hfearlnoolq ol' the Llniversity OlN",C1'H1OI1t Founded 1886 Volume XLVIII Squires, Morrissette, Hauke, Rogers, Sf1IZ0l1fl7S, Howe, Zalzevieb, Kivigslavzd, Reeves, V7iIliams Wbiie, Perry, Wfears, Kane, Kemiezly, C1m1iivigbam, Burris, Casey Rich, Keclan, France, Cass, Mount, Saxton, Oatley Esflen, Cook, Hoag, XVilki11K, Peacock, Heinivzger, Spiller, Delfausse THE STAFF vyII.LIAM E. CASS, Editor-in-Chief HELEN T. MOUNT, Woazeizk Editor Managing Editor-Howard H. Abbott Associate Editors-Charles I. Keelan, Margaret E. Nugent Sports Editors-James L. Kingsland, Susan France Sports Assistants-Charles J. Howe, Ridgley S. Brown, Elizabeth E. Rich Photographic Editors-Arthur L. 'Williams, Barbara N. Wears Photographic Assistants-John R. Simonds, Madeline Ainsboro Orgafzizatiozzs Editor-Franklin W. Squires Feature Editor-James M. Libby Biography Editors-George E. Ranslow, Winona M. Oatlcy T6HCb61'-TVHi11'i77g Eflitor-Theresa Burns Biography Assistants-W. D. Wfhite, R. S. Brown, O. R. Eastman, F. T. Churchill, R. B. Hart, S. Rogers, W. Zakevich, A. A. Morrissette, R. S. Wright, A. 1. Hardin, W. R. Haukc, R. C. Milclram R. J. Delfausse, R. D. Sussman, Helen Heininger, Carolyn Cook, Mary Casey, Ruth Wilkins, Hilda Hoag, Evelyn Perry, Dorothy Kennedy Phyllis Peacock, Edith Spiller THE BUSINESS BOARD CARLISLE REED SAXTON, Business Manager DAvm E. BEHRINGER, Sales Manager Cireulatiori Manager-George H. Cook Advertising Manager'-Thomas M. Reeves ...l..l-.EF?,Lf? fr .LE--il' Q 252 .. Rfb, --ff7i?fiTf53F FFA-Fm-'U XVINNQVJINGS FRGM THE MILL Stucient LitSI'21l'5' E iaguzine Founded 1930 Myers, MacKi1111ey, Kmznerly, jenkins, Powers, Cass PROFESSOR DEAN ...,,...,,. DOROTHY KENNEDY, '3 5 ..,.., ....... AR NOLD Ross, '3 4 .........................,.,. WILLIAM CASS, '35 ..................,,,.... ELXVA-MAE JENKINS, '36 ,.....,...... SYLVIA MACKINNEY, '34 ....,...,... EDITORIAL STAFF DoRoTI-IA MEADER, '3 4 ,.,,......,.....,............, EUGENIA POWERS, '3 4 ROBERT WEISSMAN, ,37, Medical JAMES LIBBY, '3 5 NORMAN NIYERS, '3 4 ..,,.....,.........................,... ELIZABETH RICI-I, '35 ROBERT WEISSMAN, '37, ELIZABETH HAIG, '36 XVILLIAM CASS, '35 -,, H 1 Medical BUSINESS STAFF .........Fnc1zlty Advisor ..............,..,Eu'if0r-in chief . .,... Sborf Story Erliior Editor ...........Poetry Editor Editor Exchange Editor ,Contributing Editors ,.........B1lSi1lL'SS Manager Circ1zIntio1z Mmmgrzrs Arlvcrfising Mrmagers 2 2 MEMS FRESHMAN HANDBCDCDK Eclitecl for the of 1037 Volume XLIII Webster, Mzzsicmff, Ross, Hauke STAFF ARNOLD A. Ross ,,...... . .................. ..,......,,.,.....,...... E dilor-i11-chief WILLIAM R. HAUKE ............ ....B1L5i7lE'5S Manager Assistant Ezliiors BELMONT S. MUSICANT GEORGE E. WEBSTER fb gr sw- -1. Lf. 2QQQffQQL , my Q . - . I . -... -.. X-I LM 4,,,, 13 i, fl N if ,ll Ae I M 'M M Q: wi if A Q' F gf vi 5 Q if V mg! fl! H11 Wi 48 if M M v JM ghd :iw 1 JH L ,A i xx F R fx FV E R N11 W1 E 5 2 LAM B DA IO TA :The Qwlsf' LOCAL Founded 1 B36 fi w CCD 2, Uv " 6 ' iii" 1 ,T--.L.L.f.:...:L,..:'L.!:79 Q S A f Q 1 'F' Mak-ovzcfy, Coburn, IVaiie, Lawson, McCurfhy Greevizore, Taugley, Mayville, Bellows, Bickford, Amlifess, Heimiizg, Abbott, Gcfrmnvzwz, C7L77l771i7lgS, G. Davis, Wil Charles E. Braun W. Thompson Fulton J. Richardson Allen, ,29 Dion O. Beckwith, '23 I. Munn Boardman, 'zz Ernest A. Brodie, '86 Daniel L. Cadyf' ,86 Dayton Ernest Bennett Preston Curtis Cummings Howard Hanscom Abbott Philip Morton Andress John Morton Bellows Dean Frederick Coburn Paul Craig Harold Troth Bickford 'T' Deceased, April 1, 1934. -V nent: . , ..,,,. FRATRES IN FACULTATE Robert J. Livingston Karl C. McMahon FRATRES IN URBE Paul Chamberlin, '13 Fred NV. Householder, Jr., '32 Walter O. Lane, '95 Herbert H. McIntosh, ,QO James H. Middlebrook, '87 FRATRES IN UNIVER SITATE Seniors Gordon Leslie Davis Leslie Elmer Davis Donald Pitt Germann juniors Carl Bowen Henning William Dustin White, Jr. Sopboniores Eugene Campbell Dresser Eugene Raymond Greemore Orison William Lawson F reslaiiirn Edward Mitchell Poulin Jason Kenneth Tangley Craig, B6'I111C'ff cox, Monte Lyman S. Rowell Hiram Upton Martin E. Powell, '30 Louis Shaw, ,74 Frank G. Shedd, ,l9 Ernest J. Spaulding, ,92 James O. Walker, 'oz Jose Maria Monte Richard Alexander Shepard Arlington Reid Wilcox Millard Donnellan McCarthy Howard Esmond Mahoney, Jr. Frank Arthur Mayville Howard Ernest Ruhmshottel Roger Kimball Waite 2 2 S I Cf MA P HI Founclecl at Union College, 18Q'? ALPHA OF VERNIQNT Established 1845 M VU WV - ,H - 1 .sy X-'lr ,JJ L, ug , NLD ,A ., rf.. M, 7 ..,..,g:.......D......... Barber, Lzmrlberg, Daley, G. Milleft, Parker, Pond, Keith, W. Burrows Nooimfz, Austin, Connor, I. Milleft, Grey, Martizz, jones, Funk Rzmrlow, Benf, G. Burrows, Eafon, Grant, Crane, Brown Lyman Allen Royal E. Bingham, '09 Charles F. Black, '06 Madison B. Brown, M'36 Willis R. Buck, '19 Arthur W. Dow, 'IO Louis F. Dow, ,IS Walter B. Gates, '81 John W. Goss, ,IO George Howard Burrows, II Robert Merrill Bent Lyman Densmore Austin Willard Harvey Connor Phillip Theodore Barber William Meade Burrows Donald Kay Duley FRATRES IN FACULTATE Paul D. Clark FRATRES IN URBE Henry D. Hendee, '09 George Holden, '99 David XV. Howe, '14 William J. Humphrey, '14 Paul H. Knight, '35 Burton R. Morse, '30 Henry B. Shaw, '96 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Chester Barstow Eaton junio rs Ridgley Staniford Brown James Everett Crane Sopl1o1no1'c's Edward Albert Funk Harrison Landon Gray Milton Childs Jones F rrxbuzen Edward Husted Keith Einar Albin Lundberg George North Millett John B. Wheeler Fred W. Shepardson, ,IZ Ivan D. Stanhope, '50 Gillette D. Stephens, '15 Frederick Tupper, '31 Henry L. XVard, '82 Frank R. Wells, '93 Charles L. Vfoodbury, '88 Urban R. Woodbury, '16 Robert Smith Grant George Eugene Ranslow Howard Lucius Martin John joseph Millett William Potter Noonan Donald Skeels Parker Phelps Frederic Pond 2 260 D E LTA P S I LQCAL Founded 1850 W'-m""A'm4-'f"'T':""""D Denxwiore, Rice, Maerle, Wooda1'd, Noyes, H. Willia1rzso1z, Foote, Eastman H. Swift, Bottles, Everesi, Nevin, I. Swiff, Bristol, Davis, Simonals, Collinx, W. Jenks Woodrzijjf, Verafoort, Cass, Risl, W'biie, Marvin, H. Pierre, Pizznix, Gates Palmer, P. Powell, Wils01z, Collmrvz, M. Powell, Beckley, S. Pierce, D. Jenks, Morgan XVEbSfE1', Ruff, Farr, Hunt, Irish, T. Willia11zsorz, Saxby Samuel E. Bassett Paul K. French Harold W. Adams, M'35 Raymond E. Bassett, '26 John O. Baxendale, '12 Harry M. Blodgett, 'zz Chauncey S. Brownell, '04 Chauncey W. Brownell, ,7O John L. Cogland, M'34 John H. Colburn, '96 Stuart S. Corbin, M'36 A. L. Edgerton Crouter, '2 Irving M. Derby, '22 Wfallace G. Derby, '91 Reginald F. DeWitt, M'34 John Luther Beckley Francis Peabody Colburn David Wilson Jenks Wfilliam Emerson Cass Ray Williston Collins, Jr. Oliver Rolfe Eastman Samuel Thatcher Hubbard, Robert Clark Bristol Donald Dodge Davis Raymond Carl Densmore Roy Vedder Buttles Collins Jacob Farr Harold Homer Hunt Russell Charles Irish 7 Jr. FRATRES IN FACULTATE Herman B. Kiphuth Henry F. Perkins FRATRES IN URBE Murray K. Dunsmore, M'3g Bertyl W. Gustafson, '29 J. Lindley Hall, '89 Ezra M. Horton, '92 Edward G. Hurlburt, M'35 Elwin L. Ingalls, '96 Edward S. Isham, '89 Wells S. Isham, ,Z9 Robert S. Jenks, M'35 Carl M. Jennings, '21 William G. MacDonald, M'36 Carl C. Macomber, '29 James H. Macomber, '90 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Frank Carson Lutman Jackson Lorne Morgan Samuel Pierce, Jr. Juniors Raymond Eli Palmer Craig Alexander Park Platt Rugar Powell Sopbomores Allen Seymour Everest John Van Sicklen Maeck Robert Williston Nevin Freslazlzczz William Lee Jenks Harry Albert Noyes Howard Wheeler Pierce Everett Carlyle Rice Gilbert Weller Rist Howard A. Prentice A. Bradley Soule James H. Macomber, Jr., '24 Thomas R. Marvin, M'35 Loren F. Palmer, '29 Robert T. Plarka, '25 Max L. Powell, '89 Clifton L. Price, '28 Lionel E. Reed, '33 Robert Roberts, '69 Emerson W. Shedd, '16 Charles P. Smith, Jr., '13 Levi P. Smith, '08 Everett I. Soule, '13 Raymond L. Soule, '09 Max Leon Powell, Jr. Arnold Alexander Ross Hugh Chase Wilson John Rolf Simonds Franklin Wardwell Squires Richard Woodard John Hamilton Woodruff, Jr. John Stewart Swift Edward Lewis Vervoort Harold Eugene Williamson Charles Brush Rust Robert Newton Saxby Henry Robinson Swift Johnathon Talcott Webster 261 262 PHI D ELTA THETA Founded at Nliami University, 1848 VERMONT ALPHA Emhlished 1879 1 Us 5 f""1" ,-Tg-.-.Y.....- -7- ,, - Smith, Bristol, Cougbtry, P. Howe, Billings, H. Sabin, Martin, Arlams, Gbirara'i1zi Herr, Sailor, Naylor, C. Howe, Clarke, Smile, Langer, Lawton Cburclaill, Carlson, R. Treaclway, M. Howe, Syme, Starbucle, G. Sabin Clausen, Donahue, Willard, J. Trearlway David M. Boswell James A. Bullard George P. Burns Philips M. Bell, '19 John C. Booth, N. H. Alpha Clark C. Briggs, '94 William P. Clapp, M'31 Roy G. Deshaw, '30 Oscar O. Edlund, '22 Walter W. Edlund, '22 Frank F. Flagg, '30 George I. Forbes, '90 Harry R. Gallup, '18 Hollis E. Gray, '93 Marshall Durfee H Lawrence Alson Bristol Martin Hamilton Carlson Frank Tobey Churchill Richard Buell Billings Lloyd Swan Coughtry Clarence Brockway Clarke Charles Philip Adams Stephen Paterson Belcher Raymond George Clausen Harry Anthony Donahue FRATRES IN FACULTATE Herbert A. Durfee Fred K. Jackson Forrest W. Kehoe Charles A. Kern FRATRES IN URBE Kenneth H. Gurney, '18 H. Nelson Jackson, '31 J. Addison Jackson, '31 Lawrence F. Killick Harry M. Loudon, '33 Thomas D. Loudon, '32 Marshall T. Miltimore, '33 Gordon Morse, '31 James W. Madden, '30 Edward W. Mudgett, '17 Kenneth K. Newton, '24 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE OW0 Se11io rs Juniors Crosby Vanclerveer Hale Prentiss Mellen Howe Sopbomores Clifton Dexter Howe John Raymond Ghirardini James Henry Naylor II F resls men Edward Albert Herr Carl Reinhold Langer Robert Pratt Lawton Robert Edmund C. Mower Elmer W. Pike George M. Sabin John H. Patrick, '23 Robert F. Patrick, '25 Roy T. Patrick, '98 Leon I. Patten, '19 Paul D. Raine, '24 Lee S. Ramsey, '22 Jesse H. Sinclair, 'II Raymond D. Towne, M'36 Smith C. Towne, '29 David S. Webster, '33 Truman Webster, '32 Hyde Treadway George Millar Sabin, Jr. George William Starbuck James Frank Syme George Albert Smith Carlton P. Soule Paul Revere Stevens Gordon Martin Horatio Hickok Sabin John Pierce Treadway Eugene Lorenzo Willard 263 ALPHA TAU QMEGA Founclccl at Virginia Nlilitary Institute, 1865 VERMONT BETA ZETA 1 Established 1 887 " V Wil QF.. H Zi? 59 Eii: '1 1 . , . L ,V ,.--,-,....,................i.....................,,..x 264 :ff - MDT' Keuworllay, Ioly, Ferriter, Aifzsworib, J. Hart, Grimes Bofzfmnizzi, Mr. Craps, Reilly, Manger, Gerow, Trzuleau, W'arrle1z Lamzlazzvz, R. Hart, Dorian., Hzmi, Tuslzer, Allen, Merervey Blakey, Donahue, Brislin, Lowell, Ryan, McCrea, Esrlezz Guy W. Bailey Frederick F. Black James Berry, ,3I John Berry, '18 Ernest Devino, '22 Robert Edgerton, ,IZ Elmer C. Gove, ,O4 Charles H. Hagar, '96 Arthur Bretagne Blakey William Walsh Brislin Harry Livingston Columbo, Edward Gerald Allen Paul Merrill Choate Harold Joseph Gero James Garfield Grimes Clarence Alexander Hanson nj FRATRES IN FACULTATE Arthur D. Butterheld Elbridge C. Jacobs Hovey Jordan FRATRES IN URBE George S. Hicks, '04 William B. Johnson, Jr., ,IZ Edward E. Morgan, ,27 Guy M. Page, ,O7 H. Dean Pearl, '18 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Richard Martin Donahue Richard Rush Lowell Juniors Robert Russell Esden Sopbonzorer Harry P. Dorion Freshmen Howard Loomis Johnson Roger Arthur Kenworthy Elmer Benson Meservey Frederick Tupper Charles F. Whitney C. Durrell Simonds, '03 Robert A. Spear, '17 George C. Stanley, '18 Raymond Stimets, 'o8 Ralph E. Thayer, '16 Charles Worthen, ,ZI William Joseph Ryan Paul Brookings Williams Robert Bernard Hart Frank Bernard Hunt Roy Pollard Munger Bernard Campbell Reilly Donald Harrison Tetzlai-F Stoddard Roy NWarden 2 26 KAPPA SIGMA Founclecl at the University of Xfirginia, 1869 ALPHA-LAWIBDA CHAPTER Established 1 893 , H 529 QD 59 7:-mf'-" 7 .- .A --...........................,......K ...Tw .. ,,.,-:,,,, ,..,,. ,,,..,x Kane, XVaZc1'man, Tiuzvnervnan, MacMillan, Housebolrler Hebb, Davison, Cook, Sbecfbe, Negns, Evans, Hrini-zzger Ronzone, Kirley, Tuff, Howe, Rogers, Pierre, Burns Brown, Sowka, Spaulding, Patterson, Tobin, Green, Myers Bouchard, Dunrnn, Turner, Briggs, Winzett, Baker Ernest H. Buttles Bennett C. Douglass Sabin C. Abell, '28 Wesley T. Abell, '16 Harry G. Adams, '28 Rogers B. Adams, '30 Willard C. Arms, '19 Warren R. Austin, '99 Warren R. Austin, Jr, '23 Alvin G. Ball, '23 Arthur H. Buckley, ,22 W'alter MacEwan Adams Lawrence Lewis Bowers Onslow Levi Brown Robert Donald Burns George Hamilton Cook, Jr. Robert Powers Davison Edgar Sayles Householder Edward Daniel Bernard Kane Leon Henry Baker Newell Alton Briggs .....i.L....-e. p FRATRES IN FACULTATE Joseph L. Hills FRATRES IN URBE Henry Maurice Farmer, M,37 Edwin M. Goyette, '32 Aaron H. Grout, 'ol Richard H. Holdstock, '22 Theodore E. Hopkins, ,QS Lyman C. Hunt, 'iz John F. Lynch, Ir, M'34 Clarence Noyes, '98 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Sonia rs Douglas Francis Green Norman Higbee Myers George William Patterson, III Inniors Winston Philip Hebb Charlie James Howe William Maurice Piette Sopbomores Francis Kirley Freshmen John Ralph Evans, Jr. Willliam Henry Heininger George V. Kidder Walford S. Rees George E. Partridge, 'oz Stanley M. Provost, '18 Reginald E. Stancliffe, '25 Arthur Stevens, '22 Harry R. Stevens, '07 Chester M. Way, '22 Henry T. Way, ,I7 Clarence R. White, 'rl Edward M. Winant, M'36 Edward Charles Sowka Kenneth David Spaulding Donald Joseph Tobin Samuel Rogers Gordon Henry Sheehe William Mansfield Waterman Raymond Anthony Negus Paul Eberhart Taft Meredith Ramsay Turner Alfred Joseph Wimett, Jr. 267 SIGMA NU Founded at Xflirginia Nlilitary Institute, 186Q BETA SIGDYTA CHAPTER Established ISQS E 'G 5 ' Q 1-1 ,,,,.t ' Wi- U- H 9:5 -LD ni f' 26 8 . n -J im, 'U Rosa, McDonald, YVerner, Wheeler Paul, Cranrlall, Evans, Hang, Whipple, Merclaavzt, Gray Buzzell, Bedell, Shaw, Barton, Reeves, Ross, Beattie, Barsalow Znkevirb, While, Colwm, Crrrlsozz, Cogswell, Kilburn, Whalen, Twobey, Wright Wellington E. Aiken Glen Aiken, '29 Robert Aiken, M'37 Floyd J. Arkley, '22 Arthur Berry, '23 William R. Bedell, '33 Michael J. Cardone, M,37 Joseph A. Chiota, M'37 John C. Cunningham, M'35 Everett Ernest Carlson Winston Newell Coburn James Bernard Crandall Thomas Martin Reeves John Thomas Bedell John Joseph Barsalow Lewis XVillard Barton David Paige Beattie Paul Wlilliams Buzzell Albert Richard Evans FRATRES IN FACULTATE Archibald T. Post FRATRES IN URBE Robert A. Dailey, '3x Whitney R. Doane, M'32 John C. Greenan, M,37 Lorenzo W. Howe, ,22 John F. McGaughan, '27 Thomas S. McLean, Jr., M'34 Duncan W. Persons, M'34 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Thomas George Cogswell Imziors John Henri Twohey Kemener James Whalen Fletcher Howard NVhite Sopbomores Mylon Eugene Merchant E Leland Meredith Paul Freshmen Gerald Wloodrow Gray William Christian Haug William Donald MacDonald Edmund Rouhan Ricker Harold I. Williams Andrew J. Panettieri, M'37 Howard L. Reed, M'35 William Slavin, M,3y Harris W. Soule, ,22 Arthur M. Sullivan, M'36 George S. Talcott, '28 Arthur K. Tudhope, ,27 Robert M. Whitcomb, '28 John Elvart Foster Carl James Kilburn, Jr. Raymond Emment Wright William Joseph Zakevitch Andrew Chester Wlerner Oneste Romano Rosa Austin Holmes Ross George Gloeckner Shaw Morton Wheeler Edward Richard XVhipple 269 P HI M U D E L TA Founded at the Ljniversity of Xfermont, 1918 NU GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1918 -V 1 Af H 7 E3 E LJ , . x ' - .Y,Y Qlp-, ,Q 270 Q55-i ,,gji1 Ee?,?-QTY-f "MD f Liiilc, Nekos, Murphy, Rogers, Zukowslei, Hurley Booska, Grzrdiner, Pogar, Krfeltuz, George, L:1Rivicre, Wfrzlsb, Pocznlml, IVIorrissette Howe, Casbmmz, A. McCain, Newcomb, Fitch, McD011ougla, Mclntyre, Busbey, Waife1's R. McCui11, Connelly, Morse, Dutton, Colzcamzon, Ricker, Everett W. Allen Carl B. Lucarini L. Douglas Meredith Richard Aplin, '24 Reginald H. Arnold, '30 Paul Bacon, M'33 H. Albon Bailey, ,I4 Rosaire Bisson, '24 Richard Blakely, '31 Walter Edward Concannon Stephen Alonzo Dutton Wilbert Simon Farrell Amos Allison Austin Theodore Joseph Bushey John Joseph Connelly John Allen Dodds Herbert Edward Fitch Theodore Albert George Bernard Donald Cashman George Boardman Gardner Hale Arnold Howe Robert Farrell Kennedy Oscar Joseph LaRiviere FRATRES IN FACULTATE Lester M. Prindle Sherman Proctor FRATRES IN URBE William Cronin, '33 Clarence F. Dobson, M'37 Donald Hemenway, '28 Robert Larrabee, ,24 Lemuel Peet, '28 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Scfniors Realtus Edwards McCuin John Joseph McGrath I7l11i0 rs Harold Howard Richard William Hurley, Jr. Charles Irvin Keelan Alexander Adrian Morrissette Sopbomores Stanley Albert Parsons John Charles Poczabut Fresh 171011 Francis Emerson Little Charles Ashton McCuin Arthur Siple McDonough Frederick Powers McIntyre John Gregory Murphy Richard Vaughan Newcombe Farrell, McGrath Evan Thomas Lester L. Woodward Lloyd A. Woodward Armand Piche, ,29 Kenneth L. Price, '29 Laurel E. Samson, '25 Jesse Squires, 'zo Frank Varricchione, '33 George XVard, '16 Earle Carleton Morse, Jr. Addison Cramton Pond Glenn Orson Ricker Wfilliam Harold Myers John Pogar Carl Aden Rogers Harold Eugene Ricketson Samuel Lewis Stebbins Maurice Joseph Walsh Howard Whitcomb Stanley Edward William Starr Nestor Honore Trottier Clarence Jay Watters, Jr. Stanley Francis Zukowski 271 272 TAU EPSILQN PHI Founclecl at Columbia Ljniversity, 1QOO KAPPA CHAPTER Established 1Q1Q ,--in .- - ----- ,e EJ: ,, ,lf ghguzwuuhm,-A , .J A. I. Levin, A. S. Levin, Lehrer, Rome, Solzol, Iacobson Rosenblatt, Wolf, R. Levin, H. Levin, King, Barron, Harris Robbins, Bloomberg, Shame, Cozfitz, Horn, Alpert, Wool Rirmun, Glarlstone, NHflJd11S01l, Silversiein, Gould, Selib, Kramer, Greeublnit Irwin Agel, '32 Merril E. Agel, ,33 Robert Alpert, ,29 Samuel Alpert George Bergman, '20 Max Bergman, M'36 Dwight J. Bernstein, M'33 Benjamin J. Elowitch, M'33 Robert Gladstone Philip Dexter Gould Abraham Simon Levin Herbert Leo Baron Alvan Leonard Covitz FRATRES IN URBE Mordecai Frank, 'zo Edward Gourson, M'33 Harold Greenblatt, M'36 Meyer Hanson, '25 Harold M. Levin, ,27 Max Levine, '33 David London, '26 Arthur A. Maislen, M'36 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Morris Kramer Joseph Risman Innior Joseph Samuel Wool Sofzbonzor-es Arthur Jesse Levin Albert Ira Robbins Fresh men Max Harris Franklin Harold Jacobson Seymour Nathanson, M'55 Abraham P. Rosenfeld, M'34 Samuel Rothman, '30 Daniel Rothschild, Samuel Saiger, 'zz Oscar Schneller, M'36 Hyman Shuman, M'35 Samuel XVaterman, ,Z9 Herbert Joseph Selib Hyman Silverstein William Soliol Myron Norman King Itzel Mark Rosenblatt 7-73 274 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILQN Founded at the University' of A1a1Jama,31856 VERMONT BETA Established 1929. Q, YF Z9 51 Ai- A 1 'J . . -, -,..,....L..........,.W,....,....,........! , ..,,-..,..,....,....d........,, , .,2...., . ,K AJ f, Saxton, Paicb, I. M. Libby, Tolnzzm, IVebsler, Green, Lanou Behringer, Wfilliavzzson, Keeney, Twifflaell, Sleorlinslei, Warren, Ronca Sbuttlewortla, Storms, Cummhzgs, Harrlin, W. Worcesler, Still, DuPlessis, Maboncy 'Wells, Walker, D. Worcester, Wagner, C. I. Libby, Bailey, Walter Tomasselli, Trombley, Ezlrly, Gillespie, Niles, Massucco Milton H. Aldrich Oscar H. Calcagni, M'36 Charles E. Chase, '15 Benjamin F. Clark, M'33 Lawrence O. Clayton, '30 Donald E. Coburn, M'34 Russell F. Colburn, M'37 Charles N. Crockett, '31 Clarence Gardner Bailey Charles Richard Congdon Paul Ernest Lanou David Emil Behringer Wilson Paul Coburn Robert Joseph DuPlessis Atwood Irvin Hardin Frank Alvin Cummings Julius John Jezukawicz Erple Merle Keeney Lawrence Francis Cusick, Dayton William Eddy james William Gillespie Merrill Mead Green - ..i,..-,:.,,,.c, :Duty , YY, FRATRES IN FACULTATE Albert G. MacKay FRATRES IN URBE Merrill M. Cross, M'37 Raymond P. Donaghy, M'36 Winthrop M. Flagg, M,34 Frank K. Gifford, M'36 Joseph Hagar Henry S. I-Iebb, M'37 Albert C. Laird, '13 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Charles Jackson Libby Michael Albert Valerio, Jr. Andrew Gordon Walker Frank Orson Walter juniors James Miller Libby John Edward Mahoney Marshall Arthur Patch Sopbomores Vincent Gabriel Ronca Carroll Wilder Still, Jr. Lee Bourland Storms Winston Chester Twitchell F resla wen Joseph Richard Lanou Robert Farwell Manley Lawrence Philip Massucco Arthur B. Myrick Francis J. Massucco, M'56 Bernard J. Mulcahy, M'37 Leighton H. Noyes, M'35 Arthur B. Sharples, M'34 Edwin Shuttleworth, '06 David XV. Webster, ,33 Harmon P. NVetherbee, M'37 Frederick Edward Wegner Nathaniel Oakes Wells Donald Clark XVorcester Edward Aristotle Ramon Carlisle Reed Saxton Edward Richard Skodinski Franklin Rogers Tolman Robert George Warren John Closs Williams William Ezra Worcester, Jr. Howard Preston Niles William Forbes Shuttleworth Alfred Robert Tomassetti Everett Lawe Trombly 2 276 5 I G MA D E LTA LOCAL Founded IQLZS W fu ,,-+.,, , 1 'f, fx'-L uw.- Nz, ... . Burtlell. Page, Caldwell, Van Wyck, Daigneazzlt Samlerson, A. Lmma, Huzzlee, Gibson, Hill, Duzzham, Renfrew, Dn1'rz'en H. Lumza, Sargent, Stetson, Miller, Baldwin, Tilley, Wffbsiw' Louis B. Puffer Wayne R. Goss, '33 Frederick P. Kenyon, '33 Leon D. Latham, Jr., '25 Roderick Royce Baldwin Henry Chafee Lunna Arthur Stanley Darden Raymond Warren Dunham Ralph Goodall Bartlett Clarence Herbert Caldwell Herbert Carroll Daigneault FRATRES IN FACULTATE FRATRES IN URBE Franklin G. Paris, ,34 Anthony Scutakes, M'35 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Sczzio rs Ellwyn Edward Miller Theodore Dearborn Sargent Wfilliam Paul Stetson I 1c11i0 rs William Rudolph Hauke Leon Nathan Hill Dwight Maynard Renfrew SOI7b0H101'L'S Winston Garielcl Gibson F rfibnzwz Howard Eastman Page Albert Tracy Reed Kenneth J. Sheldon James Scutakes, M'33 Philip H. Thomas, '31 Alfred F. Whiting, '33 Charles Wells Tilley Alden Mark Webster Harold Robert Sanderson Arthur Lewis Williams Albert Harold I.unna Walter Harold Van Wyck Dana Wallis Whitman 2 INTERFRATERNITY CQUNCIL Saxton, Bent, Keelan, Stetson Howe, Ylvorcester, Carlson, Abbott, Coolz, Simonrls Cogxufell, Patterson, Ciimmings, Brislin, Hill, Eaton, Lanahavz WILLIAM WALSH BRISLIN .......... LEON NATHAN HILL ,,....... Lambda Iota Preston C. Cummings Howard H. Abbott Sigma Phi Chester B. Eaton Robert M. Bent Delta Psi John L. Beckley John R. Simonds Phi Delta Theta Marshall D. Howe M. Hamilton Carlson Alpha Tau Omega XVilliam W. Brislin Robert R. Esden OFFICERS MEMBERS Presitleni Secretary Kappa Sigma . .mm George W. Patterson George H. Cook Sigma Nu Thomas G. Cogswell Kemener J. Whalen Phi Mu Delta 'Walter E. Concannon Charles I. Keelan Sigma Alpha Epsilon Donald C. Worcester Carlisle R. Saxton Sigma Delta Roderick R. Baldwin Leon N. Hill YE Eb 5 2371-+9-i7 0 SQRCDRITIES 280 KAPPA ALPHA TI-IETA Founded at Depauxxf University, 1870 LAMBD A CHAPTER Established 1881 X H 61, RPI' I:-1 W l,:,.-,.,gnJ.::.,.. - iw 'w A 7- yr-W! -ww f L, 1 '--AL -.41 KN! 1 . ., ----. I'.i,,Q,.1 IZ, .L1fl.1fIl1...f,1 14 N. Piper, Topper, Beclauolcl, Vf7ebrle, C. Lockwoorl, Spfmlrling Jarvis, Gray, B. Bartlett, Miller, Young, M. Lockwood, Rowe, Wears Heifzilzgrr, Mitchell, Wfbitcomb, Ozztley, Morse, Herr, Riclmrzlsozz, Rich, Hill Poling, Hrzytlwf, McConnell, Dozlzls, Tracey, Morris, Lane M. Bartlett, Carr, Bristol, Gallup, Olzljielzl, Babbitt, Petrie Mary R. Bates Irene A. Barrett Mrs. C. A. Bennett Mrs. W. A. Biggar Mabel Brownell Helen H. Burns Nancy Campbell Mrs. P. D. Carleton Mrs. F. D. Carpenter Mrs. B. Clarke Mrs. A. L. E. Crouter, J Mrs. L. W. Dean Mrs. J. F. Downing Mrs. P. K. French Mrs. R. H. Gates Janet Hazen Dodds Marjorie Hayden Virginia Irving Herr Mildred Louise Bartlett Elizabeth Oline Beckvold Helen Esther Heininger Clara Adelaide Lockwood Harriet Mudgett Gray Faythe Elizabeth Haig Carolyn Frances Hill Katherine Maida Babbitt Marion Luella Bartlett Pauline Louise Bristol SORORES IN FACULTATE Mary A. Boynton Elizabeth Eckhard SORORES IN URBE Mrs. H. E. Gray Eleanor Grout Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs K. H. Gurney G. I. Hagar J. L. Hale R. H. Holdstock Elizabeth Hollis Isabel Holmes Harriet Howe Eliza Isham Mrs. O. S. Johnson Mrs. H. M. Jordan Mrs H. B. Kiphuth Mrs B. Lane SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Betty Janice Lane Alice Lee McConnell Marion Pearl Mitchell Claribel Reed Morris In nio rs Helen Augusta Miller Winona Marion Oatley Elizabeth Eldridge Rich S017b07I101'L'S Sylvia Abigail Jarvis Edith Isabel Petrie Norma Elsie Piper F1'c'sb11ze11 Sally MacBlaine Carr Elizabeth Gallup Florence M. Woodard Mrs. G. E. Loudon Mrs. C. A. Middlebrook Janet Miller Margaret Miller Mrs. E. W. Mudgett Mrs. C. E. Noyes Mrs. H. E. Powell Mrs. W. R. Putney Mrs. L. Robinson Mrs. H. E. Upton Dorothy Votey Margaret Wallace Mrs. G. C. Washburn Mrs. R. H. NVescott Florence Elizabeth Morse Mary Savilla Poling Laura Wooster Tracy Florence Natalie Richardson Mary Kay Tupper Barbara Nye Wears Lois Marion Nllfhitcomb Frances Ellen Rowe Loraine Spaulding Doris Ruth Wehrle Margaret Lockwood Dorothy Alice Oldfield Jean Buchanan Young 281 282 D ELTA D ELTA D ELTA Founded at Boston UHiVCfSitjV, 1888 ETA CHAPTER Established 1893 if L. as is ED LESS?-P f w"1ffA' M-T9 Creagb, Black, Cloufmzuvz, .L1Lf1l1'!l11, M. Pafersofz, Cook WbaIe1z, Burt, C1L11lZi77-gl7t17ll, Conant, Carlelou, Pujfer, Kittell, Far11za1z, Morse Wfurrcn, Wbifney, Iobnstone, Harris, Collins, Waite, Shaw Redding, Quinn, Townseml, McKee, Maurice, D. Pafersou, Russell Alice N. Blanchard Mrs. William Appleyard Mrs. W. H. Brickel Janice Byington Gladys Flint Mrs. G. I. Forbes Eleanor M. Gates Helen G. Hendee Laura A. Johnson Dorothy Chapin Burt Alice Holland Chalmers Marjorie MacFarland Collins Elvira Mary Farman Muriel Harriet Conant Birdie Solinger Creagh Mary Virginia Cunningham Hilda Curry Hoag Marie Therese Black Lucia Edna Chapman Dorothy Marie Childs Elsie Perrin McKee ,......... ... .-, ., .., -V SORORES IN FACULTATE Helen E. Nichols SORORES IN URBE Janith Kice Mrs. I. Lindsay Mrs. R. J. Livingston Marjorie E. Luce Mrs. B. F. Lutman Mrs. J. A. McNamara Mrs. Elizabeth Morrill Evelyn Orton Constance Parker SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Grace Ellen Harris Ruth Avis Johnstone Muriel Louisa Magee Shirley Christine Morse Ellen Annie Pearl Iwziors Anita Lillian Kittell Grace Elizabeth Lutman Margaret Esther Nugent Sopbomorcs Margery Florence Cook F resh men Ruth Catherine Maurice Ruth Lillian Quinn Verna E. Parker Mrs. J. H. Patrick Mrs. C. B. Platka Mrs. E. J. Seamans Mrs. L. M. Simpson Mrs. Robert Slocum Mrs. A. J. Stevens Mrs. H. C. Tinkham Mrs. Paul Willard Katherine Jean Shaw Marion Elizabeth Waite Leona Martha Warren Barbara Gage Whitney Dorothy Isabelle Paterson Olive Louise Puffer Barbara Sprague Russell Frances Marie Whalen Margaret Grant Paterson Hel:n Mary Skcrry Barbara Mae Redding Nellie Elizabeth Townsend 283 284 PI B ETA PHI It Elonnuouth College, 180 VERNQNT BETA Established 18Q8 , W ED! 1 H li QU CD f ,,..V, ....-.......,,:uf v x .--7--f Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Cahill, Hcrriclt, Martin., Sinclair, Hillilzer R. Wright, Frost, Herberg, Carpenter, Wooley, XVbite, Purkriflge, Davidson Borigbt, B. Taylor, H. Taylor, Croclzezft, Miner, Perlzins, Yule, Jenks Cook, Closson, Hoyt, Beimetf, Dawson, Belcher, Poole H. W1'igbt, Maivi, Bran, Mol'a1z, Bearb, MCCrarkr11, Blorlgett, McGillic1ulzly Jennie R. Bradlee Irene Abell Marion Arkley Florence Arms Marion Bell Mrs. Dorothy Boardman Mrs. Anna Bosworth Bertha Coventry Mrs. Merle Crane Loretta Dyke Mrs. Phyllis Edlund Norma Freeman Mrs. Margaret Gilbert Barbara Belcher Mary Warburton Bennett Betty Rutherford Boright Carolyn Clayton Cook Elizabeth Crockett Elizabeth Harriet Beach Margaret A. Blodgett Rosemary Joan Cahill Helen Agnes Carpenter Madeline H. Davidson Marjorie Cecile Beach Marguerite Rozette Bean Doris Allie Herrick SORORES IN FACULTATE Dr. Katherine McSweeney SORORES IN URBE Ruth Gregory Mrs. Elizabeth Grow Charlotte Hale Mrs. Florence Hard Mrs. Hattie Hemenway Mrs. Lois Horsford Antoinette Hubbard Barbara Hunt Mrs. Elizabeth Keese Mrs. Dorothy Kimball Bernice Lane Mrs. Marion Marvin SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Rachel H. Closson juniors Marjorie Jenks Margaret Lewis McCracken K. Sylvia Miner SOPLOVIZOTES Lucy Eleanor Frost Marion Gertrude Herberg Natalie Christine Hilliker Hester Martin Fresbzrwzz Martha Ann McGillicuddy Lona Jeanette Main Elinor Adeline Moran Laura J. Parker Amy Metcalf Ruth P. O'Sullivan Mrs. Jane Patrick Mrs. Ruth Sinclair Mrs. Helen Tuttle Mary Waddell Sylvia Warren Mrs. Bernice Webster Mrs. Katherine Wilson Ruth Wood Mrs. Gertrude Wray Julia Wright Ruth Harriet Dawson Alice DeBaker Hoyt Madeline Thomas Poole Barbara Hastings Taylor Christine Eleanor Yule Roberta Cozier Puckridge Esther Lillian Sinclair Ruth Mitchell White Janet Sears Wooley Ruth Shattuck Wright Arlene Theda Perkins Helen Cuming Taylor Elizabeth Helen Wright .v,.,...........,.-.....,, ,..,., .- A 1 1-V Q- I 2 ALPHA XI DELTA Founded at Lombard College, 1893 UPSILCDN CHAPTER Established 11915 " I Ll . IQECIQZWDLEI 923 fb 59 286 ' Howrl, Rockwell, Da-vis, Goorlricla, O'Brien Bellows, E. IL'l1kl7l5, Casey, Mulaoney, Noble, Moore Iobnsovz, Osgood, Baker, Millet, Lrzitimer, Marshall, Gallup P1lli17lZl7l, Durirk, Kinlocb, H. jevzleius, Mearler, Mullen, W001l1vui'd Briggs, Douglas, Hall, Fleming, Tuolay SORORES IN FACULTATE Alida Beatrice Fairbanks Mary Louise Morgan Annis Barney Cornelia Baylies Eunice Baylies Lydia Blodgett Mrs. L. L. Briggs Mrs. Gladys G. Brooks Dorothy Emery Constans Holden Mrs. Beatrice Hood Mrs. Evelyn Howe Elizabeth M. Baker Dorothy Verna Buzzell Hilda Wright Davis Catherine Elizabeth Durick Eola Goodrich Helen Frances Bellows Mary Helen Casey Carolyn Martha Cabot Mary Teresa Fleming Louisa Rebecca Gallup Marion Luella Briggs Eleanor Barbara Douglas SORORES IN URBE Mrs. G. V. Kidder Mrs. Ruth Kinney Esther Leary Helen LeBaron Margaret Mahoney Mrs. Ralph McKenzie Helen Merritt Mrs. Blanche Miller Mrs. Todd Porter Mrs. Hazel Powers SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Helen Beyer jenkins Ruth Johnson jean Calbick Kinloch Dorotha Wilma Meader Iuniors Marguerite Therese Millet S0.l7lJ07lI0l'l'S Elva-Mae Jenkins Ruth Chatfield Lattimer Catherine Anne Mahoney Presb men Marion Tomlinson Hall Barbara Annette I-lowd Mary L. Pratt Bertha Safford Christine Shaw Evelyn Slayton Anna Smith Madeline Taylor Mrs. Marion Vogler Marion Way Mrs. Marjorie S. W'ay Mollie Woolson Ruth Mary Mullin Frances Louise Osgood Daisy May Putnam Helen Rockwell Mary Elizabeth Woodard Mary Elizabeth Moore Katherine O'Brien Marietta Marshall Christine E. Noble Helen Rita Welch Velma Mae LaMonda Mary Veronica Tuohy 2 2 SIGMA GAMMA LOCAL Founded 1920 .Q usgvivinf- fs Q - -,,.-,,..,,...................1........1 'f'.i"T.1'lf!M"""d""""J A X- 7. J Giflcliugs, Burroughs, McRae, Ga1'la111I Norton, Baldwin, Lamson, Cook, Thompson, Goozfell Iemzes, Purizzlon, Iolansofz, Thomas, Ingalls, Curlcr, Fulxom Constance Brown Eloise Irene Ballard Mrs. Helen S. Best Norma Beatrice Carder Katherine M. Eckley Lydia Ellen Curler Doris Esther Folsom Mildred Farrand Baldwin Ethel Belle Cook Marion Catherine Burroughs SORORES IN FACULTATE Cornel SORORES IN URBE Mrs. Gladys W. Horton Mrs. Katherine Knickerbocker Mary Phillips Lane Mrs. Bertha L. Larabee SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Ada Mae Ingalls Ruby Cora Jenness Theodora johnson Irmiors Louise Leaetta Goodell Sopbomorex Marion Etta Giddings Elizabeth Phebe Norton Fl'PSb77ZC'I7 Lillian Elizabeth Garland Ruth Irene Leonard ,34 ,,-,... . , , In Mrrficine Christie Ellen McLeod '34 ia Hardesbrook Collier Marion Augusta Little Mrs. Elizabeth Newton Consuelo B. Northrop Mrs. Mae Rowell Velma Adeline Purinton Dorothy Cynthia Thomas Dorothy Elizabeth Kennedy Gail Margaret Lamson Janet Elizabeth Thompson Phyllis Aletha McRae Mary Elizabeth Mandigo ,36 2 290 ALPHA CI-H QMEGA Founclecl at Depaumf Unixfersity, 1885 ALPHA IQTA CHAPTER Established 1Q'21 WVWF .. ,. w- xl LD LYYW, U ' ' H"1Q1f"f' '1,,'I7"""'G""'yL "viii Sopbonzores Parsons, Brown, Sussdorff, Reeves, Lowell, Weir Barron, Spelnmn, Wfbiiney, K. Kieslicla, Crznzp, Kane, M. Kieslicb, Berzwure, Mount, Mann Ainsboro, Perry, Wilkins, Levarn, Vosbnrgb, Nicholson, Hosley, Benneil, G. M. Wright, fl1"l7IfXf7'01Zg, H amniomi France, Tripp, Reynolrls, Young, Lyman, XVilder, Hnbbarrl, Hniborn, Stanley Gizrriner, G. R. Wrigbi, Howe, Donaldson, Downer, Bamw, Galbraith Mrs. Alice Bassett Mrs. Lois P. Fortune Mrs Allene Hill Mrs Marion P. Hinsdale Elsie R. Jones Louise Armstrong Rebecca Jane Camp Norma Elizabeth Hathor Madeline Weymouth Ainsboro Susan France Frances Josephine Hosley Margaret Mary Kane I1 Ruth Madeline Barron Shirley Lucille Bennett Sarah Ludell Benware Florence Mary Brown Shirley Ruth Baraw Thelma Mae Gardner SORORES IN FACULTATE Gennette Claire Davis SORORES IN URBE Olufa Jones Gladys M. LaFlamme Martha Leighton Florence McKenzie SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Helen Irene Hubbard Ellen Lona Lyman Ruth Mary Reynolds Shirley Mae Tripp Juniors Margaret Ann Levarn Eunice Gertrude Mann Helen Thelma Mount Marie Arlene Nicholson Mary Jane Parsons Vivian M. Donaldson Elizabeth Nancy Downer Kathleen Elsie Kieslich Marion Elfrieda Kieslich Jean Lowell F1'esb1ne1z Marion Albee Galbraith Lois Miriam Hammond Abbie Clara Howe lla McKenzie Mable Zoay Miles Marjorie Perrin Mrs. Carlotta Raine Mrs. Jeannette Strong Mildred Pierce Vosburg Gertrude Louise Wilder Mary Joyce Young Winifred Sarah Perry Grace Louise Spelman Anita Lloyd Weir Ruth Madlyn Wilkins Mary Elizabeth Reeves Gladys Carolyn Sussdorff Mary Ruby Whitney Gertrude Margaret Wfright Patricia Mildred Stanley Glenna Rae Wright 291 EPSILON SIGMA LOCAL Founded 192 1 Savage, Sinzjzsofz, Burzzs, Cola, Hutchins Poqzzette, McGr'zz!b, Robinson, Harie, Sozzrdijf, Pcrrotta, Firzzzcgarz Lorfrnziui, Dubuque, Rosa. wlVHXbbll7'1Z, Cbiconowicz, Stygles, Toncbetfe Nelle Alexander Adams Thelma Lafayette Dorothy Burke Alice Conlin Doris Conway Marjorie Densmore Alice Douglass Helen M. Douglass Mazy Higgins Ewert Beryl Hosmer Merelyn Hosmer Louise Brown Theresa Marie Burns Margaret Vivian Cota Rita Harriet Finnegan Katherine Elizabeth Harte Jennie M. Cichonowicz Lillian M. Dubuque SORORES IN FACULTATE Elizabeth Vanclerpoel Colburn SORORES IN URBE Helen Holmes Cora Hutchins Margaret Huse Florence Keyes Mary Lampson Rosemary Lewis Florence MacKenzie Sylvia MacKinney Mary Murphy Helen Murray Marion O'Brien SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Izmiol' Katherine Hutchins Sopbouzorcs Clara B. Henry Marjorie Mary McGrath Ethel Lillian Perrotta Laura Margaret Poquette Bernice Irene Robinson Pearl Mary Savage Fl'6'Sl7lI7C1l Olga C. Lorenzini Clara Mabel Wlieeler Dorothy B. Powell Lillian Reed Mildred Reed Maxine Schmidt Margaret Sears Fern Southern Ethel Symes Elsie Tinker Martha Whitlock Vivian Shattuck Wright C. Dorothy Simpson Velma Irene Sourdiif Evelyn Adelle Stygles Kathryn Leila Touchette Elizabeth Vreeland Washburim Dantina E. Rosa Charlotte M. Smith 2 KAPPA D ELTA Founclecl at Xfirginia State Nornmal, 189i KLPH1-X THETA CHAPTER Established lQQ.6 " KT ' 7 " QYY, --.H , :H A -..ffM.Li, .g:'l,,Q2,.jf , "V 9' P gan'--A-Q-:lf Helen Allen Emma Douglas Austin Elizabeth Upton Chase Marian Cooney Catherine Courtney Eleanor Frances Bean Phyllis Mae Peacock Grace Adella Bushey Leone Glee Gould Alberta Lottie Gove Lena Mary Bussey Watson, Horuk, Bushcy, Davis, Gave, Leacb Peacock, Iewett, Rock, Wilcox, Sanborn, Greene, Beau, McPbe:'so-11 Thompson, Gould, Busscy, Liwzle., ll'I!l1'fi71, LeBaron SOR ORES IN URBE Doris Duprat Mabel Farquhar Jean Ferrier Katherine Kingston SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Anna Thatcher Greene Mary Clara Horak junior: Alta Natalie Rock Susie Belle Sanborn Sopbomorax Ruth Alice Jewett Edna Mae Leach Katherine Marion LeBaron Freshmen Anna Lillian Livak Irene Marcotte Mary Petras Fannie Peirce Winifred Stone Alice Wright Geneva Edith Wilcox Zilpha Marguerite Watson Catherine Helen MacPherson Roberta Clara Thompson Dorothy Mae Willey Gertrude Alice Martin 2 Dorothy Bergman Sylvia Bergman Pearle Cannon K. E. L. SOCIETY LOCAL liouncleci 1926 Mwgzzlis, Rome, Fishman Rosmzberg, Saigrr, Cohen, Kobcl, Sjviller 4 fb X SORORES IN URBE Gertrude Levin Mrs. Rose Mechanic Lillian Samuelson Ida Hershberg Ina Xvolfc Carrie Levin Mrs. Mary Zwick SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Augusta Cohen Ruth Kobel Ida Saiger Iznziors Thelma Rosenberg Edith Spiller Sophomore Gertrude Fishman Fl'f'.Yl7ll1C'71 Sylvia Margulis Ruth Rome 1,21 gf 5 LL e- fi Q 296 4 -. e :Ji 'nw-M n PAN-HELLENIC CQUNCIL National, Founclecl 18Q1 LOCAL CHAPTER Established 18Q3 Casey, Tapper, Rock, Kemzezly, Crockeit, Parsorzs Greene, IVICCOIMCII, B67111C'ZtIf, Ingalls, Harris, Reynolds, Kinlorh OFFICERS ADA MAE INGALLS ..... ......,...,,... . ...,.. ..... ............. ..,. . . . MARY WARBURTON BENNETT .....,..,. . MEMBERS Kappa Alpha Theta Alice McConnell Mary Kay Tupper Pi Beta Phi Mary Bennett Elizabeth Crockett Sigma Gnmvzza Ada Ingalls Dorothy Kennedy Kfzjlpa Delta Anna Greene Alta Rock Delta Delta Della Grace Harris Grace Lutman Alpha Xi Delta jean Kinloch Mary Casey Alpha Chi Omega Ruth Reynolds Jane Parsons P resirfefzl Scfrrelfzry 2. -1 T .1L.1.:..-.-Qm-1-:yy-Y-ff.--,ff--if 1 - . v- -.- '- THE ATHLETIC CCDUNCIL Tobin, Davison, Smitla, Powell, Binglaam, Patterson Brown, Carpenter, Butterjivlzl, Abell, Boarrlmarz PROFESSOR PxR'l'HUR D. BUTTERFIELD, Chairman SABIN C. ABELL, Graflnale Manager Faculty Rej7rcse1ztati1Jes Al7l77711l R6lJ7'6S611fHflU6S Arthur D. Butterield Royal E. Bingham Dr. Thomas S. Brown I. Munn Boardman Frederick D. Carpenter Louis F. Dow Richard W. Smith, Jr? Lawrence XV. Marvin Sturlent Reprrserztatives CHESTER B. EATON, Manager of Football DONALD j. TOBIN, Manager of Basketball MAX L. POWELL, JR., Manager of Baseball GEORGE XV. PATTERSON, III, Manager of Track ROBERT P. DAVISON, Manager-elect of Football CHARLIE J. HOWE, Manager'-elect of Basketball For XVilliam R. Adams, absent on leave. """'n-'Hi ., N ,A 301 VERMQNT ATHLETIC ASSCDCIATIQN Professor A. D. Butterfeld Sabin C. Abell SUB- CQb'lb'llTTEES College Year 1933-34 Fimznce Committee Professor A. D. Butterfield, Cl7!lll'1lZH1Z Dr. Thomas S. Brown Louis F. Dow I. Munn Boardman Sabin C. Abell Baseball Advisory Comwzittee Dr. Thomas S. Brown, Cbaiwzzmz L Munn Boardman Sabin C. Abell Max L. Powell, jr. John L. Beckley Tracie Arlvisory Com11Liz'fee Professor R. W. Smithf' Claairma1z Lawrence H. Marvin Sabin C. Abell George W. Patterson Joseph J. Delfausse Football Arlvixory Committee Professor A. D. Butferfield, Cbrzirmafz Lawrence H. Marvin Sabin C. Abell Chester B. Eaton Jackson L. Morgan Brzslaefbnll Advisory Comvnittce Professor F. D. Carpenter, Cbrzimzazz Lawrence H. Marvin Sabin C. Abell Donald Tobin John L. Beckley 4' For Professor VV. R. Adams, absent on leave. FU as L Il Q 3,17 5 Qi ee 01 ff......f 71 'J' DEPARTMENT CDF PHYSICAL EDUCATIQN Howard A. Prentice Archie T. Post PERSONNEL HOWARD A. PRENTICE. ......,,. ...,,..............,.. A ssixfnnt Professor ana' Director of Physical Ezlucatiozz ARCHIBALD T. POST ..........,.. ,, ...... I7lXf1'1lL'f0l' in Physical Erfuenii011 and Direefor of II7f7'617lZ'lH'!llS HYMAN B. LEVINE ..,..... . ...........,...,.....,.. . ..., ,. ..,,,.,..,,.,..,...,,,..,,,...,.......,.,... Ilzstrucfor' in Physieal ,Ef2l7lCllfi01Z PHYSICAL EDUCATICDN Recognizing that in any group of men, all grades of physical ability are represented, our aim is to construct a program which will contain some activity for each of these different grades. Therefore, intercollegiate activities for the highest type, intramurals for the next highest, instructional activities, correctives, and so forth, all the way down the line. This program is being carried out at Vermont and We can measure its success by the number of men taking part each year. This year the figure stands at 85 percent of all undergraduate men. Theoretically, the nearer we approach loo percent the better the program. "Activity of a physical nature for every man in school" is our ultimate goal. HOXVARD A. PRENTICE, Director of Physical Eelzzeaiion. 'Pl TA QI-'li il 5' K Q- if , 4 A ,i,,-RK,Y, I fT"'T" 'T""'P"' T11 TTTQ QQ, T i ' O 04 VARSITY LETTERMEN John Beckley Lawrence Bowers Patsy Caracciolo Wfalter Concannon George Cook Joseph Delfausse Roland Delfausse Eric Denhoff John Beckley Onslow Brown Robert Grant Edward Layden John Beckley Lawrence Bowers Robert Burns Wareth Garrett Roy Brooks George Cook Joseph Delfausse Foozfball, 1933 Chester Eaton, Manager Edward Funk Moses Gardner Libero Giardi Julius Jezukawicz Frederick Lanahan William McGowan Jackson Morgan Basketball, 193 3-34 Jackson Morgan Raymond Palmer Edward Ramon Edward Saba Baseball, 193 3 Edward Layden Robert Macomber Leonard McKay Raymond Palmer Frank Pires Track, 1933 Clifford Harwood Carl Kilburn, Manager Ken Smith Frank Walter Raymond Negus Leland Paul Edward Ramon George Rapuano Edward Saba Carlisle Saxton Edward Sowka Andrew Werner Edward Sowka Abraham Steirn Donald Tobin, Mamzger Andrew Werner Edward Ramon Edward Swartz Chester Taft David Webster, Manager Andrew Wesoly Dustin White John Woodruff .V -z --.V ,- 3f" Y I., Q2 fa 3 ima A A .5 . , ,-. -L Cross-coumfry, 193 3 'Everett Carlson, Manager Emanuel Levine Clifford Harwood Carl Rogers Tennis, 193 3 Bernard Mulcahy Nathan Press, Manager Norman Myers Rifle, 1934 Winston Gibson Philip Gould, Manager David Behringer Tobey Churchill Eugene Merchant Douglas Suitor Dustin White Hugh Wilson Lester Woodward Winfred Ross Robert Treadway VARSITY Cl-IEER LEADERS l 4 gunsnmfmmQ.,i, ,, ..., , Sabin, CflXh7lZ!l17, Flynn, Wool it 3 O 06 SIGMA DELTA PSI ldonorary fxthletic Fraternity Founded at Indiana University, 1912. U. V. M. Chapter, Incorporated 1930 fForty-six Chaptersj - 1 . E f E ,Q Q lil HONORARY MEMBERS President Guy NV. Bailey Professor Milton C. Aldrich Professor Howard A. Prentice Professor Daniel B. Carroll, Professor Richard W. Smith, J Faculty Pmfrovz Dr. Fred S. Kent GRADUATE MEMBERS Frederick Tupper, Ir., ,32 Loyal S. Wright, Jr., '3z. William R. Bedell, ,33 STUDENT MEMBERS John L. Beckley, ,34 Onslow L. Brown, '34 Joseph Dclfausse, ,34 ME Q ll 49 -fb 51 f , -...,...,,1....:,,..,Y,..-.- ........, ,wwf GTBALL 08 FOOTBALL Dorian, Poezabnt, Beckley, Sowka, Saba, Coafb Creloan, Manager Eaton, Coach Burke, Meligonis, jones lVerner, Giardi, Lanaban, Funk, Rapnano, Cass Garrlner, I. Delfansse, R. Delfaasse, Behringer, Saxton, George, Concarznon, Bowers, Paul, Captain Morgan Cook, Denloojf, Caraeriolo, McGowan, Frainl, Rome, Blakey, Selib, Craig, Rieker Qllicers, 1o33 John H. Burke, Head Coach Paul Crehan, Assistant Coach Jackson L. Morgan, Captain Qllicers-elect, 1034 john P. Sabo, Coach George H. Cook, Jr., Captain ASSISTANT MANAGERS Willard H. Connor John S. Swift SUMMARY Vr. Chester B. Eaton, Manager B1'jlEijZsPM.DEZLi?Q Assistant Managers Robert P. Davison, Manager OPP William E. Worcester 36 Connecticut Aggies at Burlington.. 6 6 Dartmouth at Hanover ,.................,,...... 39 8 Clarkson at Potsdam ......,.,...,...,.,.... I3 o Boston University at Boston ,.,..,.. ...,,,... 1 3 I3 New Hampshire at Burlington .......... o I9 Norwich at Northfield .......,......,,.,....... 0 o St. Micl1ael's at Burlington .........,.., I5 I3 Middlebury at Burlington ....,.,... .. I9 95 Totals 103 77 Won 3. Lost 5. Tied o. Coach Burke Manager Ealon In QD 2' 5 - fi , , M.. H-.. ,.,.,F,,, ..,.,.,,..,..,J CDN THE GRIDIRCDN THE SEASON-1933 This year's Vermont football team, from which so much was expected after its marvelous start, did not live up to early season predictions and failed to land the Green Mountain Conference championship. However, the record compiled by the current edition of the yearly elevens was the best turned in in ten years. Not since 1923, when the last of Tom Keady's dazzling collections came through with a fine record of six wins, three losses, and one tie, has a Catamount eleven had as good a year as has this one. Playing the second year under the guiding hand of John Burke, this inconsistent team won three games and lost ive, scoring 95 points to IO3 for the opposition. During the nine-year period be- tween 1923 and I933 only seventeen victories have been won, while on fifty-eight occasions the Vermonters have come out on the short end of the score. Those players who stood out in this up and down season must be given credit. The most valuable perhaps is Ed Saba, one of the greatest backs ever to wear the Green and Gold and the boy who was not stopped in one game this year. He flashed brilliantly all season and his loss from next year's team will be keenly felt. Others are Johnny Beckley, noted for his great forward pass- ing, Ed Sowka, who did some fine punting and quarterbackingg Red Cook, captain-elect and great tackle, Red Negus, brilliant sophomore end, who quickly became a regular after the beginning of the season and then proceeded to make every all-State team, Andy Werner, another sophomore star, who did yeoman service in all the later games Captain Iuck Morgan, Tackle of the season, Freddie Lanahan, an excellent broken held runner, Susie Paul and Wfill Mc- Gowan, a great pair of guards, and last but not least, Eddie Ramon and George Rapuano, who got little recognition all year, but were invaluable at backing up the line and on line plunges. The two Delfausses, Denhoff, and Captain jack Mor- gan also did valuable work. In one game only did the team come up to ad- vance expectations and that was the New Hamp- shire game, when all kinds of spirit was shown. The team played an intelligent brand of ball and had they kept this pace up, would undoubtedly have won a far greater number of games than they did. At the beginning of the new season, Saba, Bedell, Taft, Farmer, and Beardsley were absent from the squad. Saba, however, soon returned to college and things brightened up. However, a severe blow was dealt to the team when Herb v A Giarrli SCOTUS'-'.VBl'1llO7If 36, Corzncciicut Stale 6 -1-1-f.........,..,..-.... ..,. . . -, 3 O Ed Saba, Back Holley, sensational guard last year, was stricken with appendicitis and forced out of school. Paul was enlisted and retained his place for the rest of the season. Against the Connecticut State team in the opener, the Cats looked very impressive and piled up more points than they did in the whole of last season. Combining a brilliant running attack led by Lanahan, Saba, Sowka, and Funk with a wonderful passing and kicking game in which Sowka and Beckley as well as Funk starred, the Catamounts startled the opponents and the large crowd of fans with their attack. The Vermont team, clicking perfectly in every department of the game, completely outplayed and outfought the visitors. From the moment in the irst quar- ter when Freddie Lanahan made his beautiful 65-yard run for a touchdown, the issue was never in doubt. The second score came as a result of a Capiain-elect Rea' Cook, Tackle 25-yard pass, Beckley to Sowka, which brought the ball to the 5-yard line. Lanahan again carried it over on an end run. In the second quarter Beckley nad Lanahan reeled off runs of IO and zo yards to place the ball on the Connecticut 3-yard line. Giardi carried it over. Then Eddie Saba got into action, carried the ball almost unassisted on a series of plays two-thirds of the length of the field for a score, and repeated his performance a few plays later, crossing the Hnal stripe standing up after a 35-yard dash. In the second half with the regulars back in the game, Saba, Lanahan and Sowka garnered an- other six points, Lanahan doing the actual work of carrying the ball over. Then in the third quarter with the score 36 to o, the Aggies com- bined a line passing attack with one long run to the 3-yard line and with a series of line plays pushed the ball over for a touchdown. The Cats Lanabavz breaks loose and Vermont kicks of afifzr fourbflown against Da1't111oufb for first lime in fwenty years ry gm 7g F7 lv J XJ. Ft" 'f ' L ,.......J I o gli fgi 7, Tf9ZTQi'13ii'g':,7t"-"-l""'fJ - -----f Ex-capinin Lr1r1'y Bowers, Center quickly rallied, however, and prevented any further scoring. In the second game of the season, the Cats, hopelessly outclassed, went down in a 39-6 defeat before the Dartmouth Steamroller. For three quarters the Big Green had things pretty much their own, lway, the score at the half being 27-O and at the end of the third quarter 33-o. How- ever, in the Hnal period, with Dartmouth begin- ning to coast along on its laurels, Vermont as a last resort unleashed an aerial attack. With Beckley tossing and Saba and Wferner receiving, Vermont completed ive out of six passes for an impressive march of go yards which ended when Saba took a short toss and dashed over the goal line unmolested. Thus Vermont scored its first touchdown in twenty years against the Big Green. In this game although the touchdown combina- tion of Beckley, Saba, and Werner shone, perhaps Eddie Sowka, Back the outstanding Vermont player was Lanahan, who made a nice run-back and played a stellar defensive game. Outplaying Clarkson in nearly every depart- ment of the game and compiling in the first half ten first downs to Clarksonis two to lead 8-6, the Hghting Catamounts went down before a third period rally to lose a hard-fought game 13-8 against Clarkson at Potsdam. Clarkson scored in the first period on a short pass after a go-yard march down the field. The Green and Gold then drove the ball to the one-yard stripe on a series of passes from the unerring arm of Johnny Beck- ley and end runs and off-tackle slants by Eddie Saba and Fred Lanahan. On the third down Giardi plunged through the line, but questionable officiating denied the score. Again, on the fourth down, with inches to go, Saba was repulsed on the line. Clarkson took the ball on downs and the Wm'-Jzer breaks through for 20 ymvls-Lmzahzzn spears a pass for I1 15-ynrzl gain-Szzba stores fo flown the New Hampshire Wilzlrai 3 II Bidrlic McGowan, Gzuzrd Potsdam half, Mclntyre, was caught in the end zone for a safety. Swinging into stride with the aerial attack functioning perfectly, the Cats carried the ball to the 35-yard line on successive first downs. Beck- ley faded back to midheld, tossed a long pass to Rolly Delfausse, who captured the ball in stride near the Io-yard marker and raced over the crossed lines standing up for the score. However, in the third period, Clarkson on a sustained march from midfield carried the ball across for the final touchdown and the margin of victory. On October 21 in Boston once more the Cata- mounts failed to deliver in the pinches and were defeated by an inferior opponent, this time by Boston University 13-o. In this instance the classic alibi about the "breaks" really had some basis in fact, for everything certainly seemed to come the way of the Boston team. In the very first part of the game Vermont took the ball and Patsy Camcfiolo, Tackle on three plays advanced it to the opponents' three-yard line, only to fumble away a splendid opportunity for scoring. Three more times dur- ing the game the ball was advanced to within the Io-yard line and Vermont scored ten first downs to the Terriers, seven, but the Cats didn't seem to be able to deliver. Boston University scored twice, once on a fluky lateral a few seconds be- fore the close of the first half and later on a re- turn of a half-blocked Vermont goal-line punt. Cook, Lanahan, and Ramon played well, but the famed passing attack of the Catamounts was missing and the kicking also was poor. The greatest event of the year came when the confident Wildcat eleven from New Hampshire came to Centennial Field. The Wildcats, a heavy team and one of the outstanding of the smaller outfits in New England, conceded the Green and Gold little chance for a victory, but the final Saba in acliorz-left, of for u fOZll'l7lI0lL'1Z ui Northfelrfg right, one of his of-tackle slmifs against Mizlrffebury I2 , . - 7 g : ll QD fo 9 ek 1 3 , C -,. ., . ,.. ,.,..,, --,,,-,., ,.,....,,-.,.a,,J" - , fi , 13:3 e-----N--mg I e johnny Beckley, Bark whistle played the tune of a 13-o score in favor of the Cats. Everything clicked that day for Vermont and the team, with Negus, Paul, Werner, Saba and Rapuano playing even greater ball than the rest, completely outplayed the highly touted New Hampshire eleven. A bit of the irony of fate became apparent in that the Wildcat aggregation had previously beaten by a large margin Boston University, which defeated Vermont I3-O. Vermont's first score came late in the Hrst quarter after the Wildcats had been forced to ' . Libcro Gia ra' i, Back their own goal line. Werner ran their punt back to the zo-yard line and from there, Saba, carrying the ball on a beautiful oi-tackle play, shook off five New Hampshire players to score standing up. Red Cook kicked the goal with apparently little effort. Then to cinch matters, Rappy Rapuano intercepted a New Hampshire pass in the third quarter and ran 55 yards behind perfect interfer- ence for the second touchdown. Rapuano, as blocking back, had led the way for most of the Green and Gold scores in his football career at 4' . 1 , l L Q IL lLL.LxA Saba gets one away flran against fha Micbaelmen arm' brings the crowd to ils feet 3 I Vermont and it was good to see the fleet halfback come in for some of the scoring laurels himself. It is difficult to pick out any outstanding fea- ture of the game for there were several that should be commended: Negus and Cook's de- fensive play, Werner's line-bucking, Lanahan's run-backs, and Saba's off-tackle slants and kick- ing must all come in for notice. The punting of Ed Sowka was also one of the highlights. On the whole, the team played "heads-up" ball. Led by that veteran runner and kicker, Ed Saba, who shattered the Cadet defensive with his slashing off-tackle slants and submerged their of- fensive under an overwhelming succession of kicks, the revived Catamounts ran away from Norwich the next Saturday on Sabine Field to the tune of 19-o. "Team shows power and versatility in beating cadetsv was the newspaper verdict. In l l Freddie L!I17!Ih!17l, Bark Roly Delfuzzsse, End the first quarter Vermont took the ball in mid- field and on the third play John Beckley tossed a 38-yard aerial to Fred Lanahan who was brought down on Norwichis 5-yard line. Then on fourth down, having been stopped cold at the line, Ver- mont again took to the air to score, as Beckley tossed over the center of the line to Negus for a touchdown. Towards the end of the second quarter the Cats again scored, following a profitable exchange of punts between Saba and Hicks of Norwich. A pass from Rapuano to Saba resulted in the touch- down. Later in the third quarter, one of Saba's kicks again directly resulted in a score. Hicks' return boot was blocked, Jezukawicz and Saba drove the ball to the 2-yard line, and Ramon bucked across for the final tally. An underrated St. Michael's team, playing as good a brand of football as had been seen on Centennial Field this year, completely outclassed a logy Vermont club on a snow-laden field to win The Mizlrllebury game, inclmling punt by Beckley, toncbzlown by Wer11er', nm! run by Saba I4 ":fQ'..' - if 5 fp liiiii fi .. .t-,. .,.. -......:.-.2.J.-....1N -40.7 ,..f u Ioe Delfazzsse, Em! I3-O. For the first half the teams fought on fairly even terms with the ball remaining, for the most part, in Vermont territory. In the third quarter Emil Bozek, Michaelman flash, gathered in a long Saba spiral on his own 40-yard line, headed for the sidelines, got outside the Vermont end, and never stopped his spectacular dash until he had crossed the goal line. Then in the last quarter with the Cats- on a frenzied offensive drive and with Beckley throwing pass after pass, one un- lucky throw was intercepted by Peavy, who tucked it under his arm and sprinted through the whole Vermont team for the final score. For Vermont the outstanding man in the de- feat was Red Cook. He was fighting every minute and made tackle after tackle to prevent a worse rout. Negus, Ramon, Morgan, and Paul also did well, but the rest of the squad failed to come up to expectations. In a bitterly-found contest, played under severe weather conditions on snow-covered Centennial Field, the Middlebury Panthers defeated the Ver- mont Cats by a score of I9-13. Middlebury drew Hrst blood early in the first quarter with a touch- down by Zawistoski, but Vermont, with a mar- velous show of Hghting spirit, came back and with Xverner and Saba carrying drove the ball over on a number of line plays for a touchdown. Red Cook kicked the goal to tie the score at 7-7. At the beginning of the second half, Middle- bury repeated its first quarter procedure and drove down the field again for a touchdown on a series of off-tackle slants, featuring Williams and Boehm. Then the Panthers seemingly put the game on ice fconsidering the weather that state- ment is not far offj when Evans, alert blue end, intercepted a Vermont pass and ran 32 yards for Middlebury's third score. But the Cats kept on fighting in the face of such discouraging odds and in the final quarter worked the ball to the Io-yard stripe from where Beckley was able to toss a pass Enos Ramon, Back -,strive Ramon in action-Icff, scoring tbirn' foznfbrf01un as Cnfs flaw Cadets, rigbi, umrrbing through the B. U. line i i""Ll"i-A' W 3 I I Eddie Funk, Bark over the goal line into the waiting arms of Saba for the final score. Thus ended the season. ' Players lost for next year's team include: Saba, Bowers, Morgan, Beck- ley, Joe Delfausse, McGowan, Rapuano, Sowka, Blakey, Wfegner, Concannon, Ricker, Selib, and Cass. The valuable returning material includes: Cook, Ramon, Lanahan, Rolly Delfausse, Denhoff, Susie Paul, Gunrzl A116131 Werner, Bark Saxton, Behringer, Pogar, Negus, Werner, Paul, Giardi, Funk, Fraint, Gardner, and Jones. In the above list there is splendid material for the nucleus of next year's team. And in John P. Sabo, the newly appointed head coach, Vermont has a man of fine character, wide experience, and proven ability. All in all the 1934 season should usher in a New Deal in Vermont Football. 193 3 MANAGERIAL STAFF Swift, Worcester, Musirrmt Reeves, Davison, COIZIIOI' ., ,fa A f- I 1 QV 'L 737 QD QD F' 'J 6 ' , ,,,, ...M -,.,..,..--..........D FRESHMAN FGCDTBALL Martin, Bszlaer, Cranzlnll, Hung, Gerow, Ross, XVi1net!, Trzngley, Kopetsrlony, Wheelei' Manager Cogswell, Coach Wifzrznf, Flynn, Kelty, Sb1Lffl8'LU07'fb, Mt1C'D07lHl!l, Shaw, O'Neil, Niles, Beattie, MacMillan, Comb Farnzer Roxezzblrzif, Thorne, Troffier, Brz1'o1z, Lezzvion, Sbrzinc, Sfboj, Murphy, Herr Qllicers, 1933 Edward M. Winant, Coach Thomas G. Cogswcll, Manager H. Morris Farmer, Line Coarb Robert P. Lawton, Cnptuin S UNM A R Y . opp. o Spaulding High School at Barre ......... o o Fort Ethan Allen at Burlington ,.......,.... 6 Middlebury ,37 at Middlebury .........,....... 0 O Totals 6 XVon O. Lost I. Tied 1. Coach Spud Farmer Ex-varsity ,32 Manager Cogswell 1' 1.-. M, N-M--1 T' Pi ,.... ff-W----Wo n 3 1 7 I Tl-IE SEASCN-1933 Failing to score against their opponents through- out the season, but only losing one game and ty- ing two in their three-game schedule, the 1933 Kitten eleven was a decided improvement over its unsuccessful predecessor of the class of '36. Al- together it was not a bad season for the boys and much credit is due to the coaches, Ed Winant and Spud Farmer, former varsity players, for their de- velopment of the team and to the players them- selves for turning aside supposedly better op- ponents. Playing against more experienced opposition after only a few weeks of practice, the Frosh battled Spaulding High in Barre to a scoreless tie. Though forced to be on the defensive throughout the greater part of the game, the Kittens held in the line at the crucial moments and in the last quarter with a Spaulding touchdown in the ofling, the yearling secondary deflected a pass on fourth down, saving the game. Both teams played cautious football and at times the game con- sisted chiefly in a punting duel, with Thorne get- ting off some creditable boots for the frosh. Gerow with Ross and Haug shone in the back- field and the whole line played a fine game. The Kittens lost their only game on a last- minute break to the Post team from Fort Ethan Allen by a 6-o score. Stone of the Soldiers raced down the field after getting a long pass, eluding two tacklers near the sidelines, and crossed the line just as the final gun went off. It had been a closely-fought battle all the way up to that point, and it was a tough game to lose. During the first period the Frosh had the best of it, but in the second quarter they were outclassed by the Army boys, who several times came near scoring. The second half was fought on even terms, until the fatal last play of the game. The Kittens put up a good battle and, although outweighed in the line, made an excellent showing and exhibited good defensive strength, piling up many plays at the scrimmage line. The stars of the Spaulding game, however, for the most part did not come up to standard, but Beattie at center, Rosenblatt at tackle, and the ends, Shaw and MacMillan, as well as Haug in the backfield, played stellar foot- ball. Murphy was the star running and passing threat for the Army. A scoreless tie with the Panther Cubs from Middlebury closed the season. The Kittens ex- hibited a stalwart defense in this game, twice holding the enemy for downs with the ball on the I-yard line, and punting out of danger each time, but seemed lacking in offensive strength. The Midd backs forced the attack and made some nice gains on running and passing plays, but they did not have the final punch necessary to drive a score through the stout Kitten forward wall. Beattie, Haug, Shaw, and MacMillan repeated the fine performances they had made in the Army game. At the conclusion of the schedule Bob Lawton, regular right guard on the Frosh team, was elected honorary captain in recognition of his steady and dependable play throughout the season. iv Sea .iv Queries s s Q , Y, A..- ,. ,.,M,,......6.-.........J p:T2?Ti.J. ,,,, , ,ar MA , A Mt, S K E T B A L L BASKETBALL 4 Mfzfzrzger Tobin, TV6T17C1', Sowlzu, Saba, Przlwzer, Steirn, Coach Burke Layrfm, Morgan, Beckley, Grrmi, Ra11za1z John H. Burke, Comb John L. Beckley, Captain Donald Tobin, MIl71dgET Raymond E. Palmer, CHIJftZi1Z Donald D. Davis Officers, 1933-34 Charlie Howe Marshall A. Patch Assistant Managers Richard Woodard Qiiicers-elect, 1934-3 John P. Sabo, Coach Assiszfmzf Mmuzgers 5 Charlie J. Howe, Mulzagm John C. Williams T l SUBTBTARY Vf. Opp. 28 McGill at Burlington ....,..,.,......... ., 22 23 Dartmouth at Burlington .........,......... 33 27 Ithaca at Burlington .............. ,.... . , 45 28 Union at Schenectady .,,........, ...,.,. 3 8 27 Rensselaer at Troy ,..,...........,...,. , .. 28 23 Army at Vfest Point .....,.....,..,..... ....... 4 7 30 Middlebury at Burlington ........,.... 4. 20 16 Norwich at Northfield ....,,.... ., ., 25 28 St. Michael,s at Burlington ....,.... ,. 26 I9 Springfield at Burlington ..,........ ., 28 I9 McGill at Montreal ...,.,,,........... ., 20 24 Norwich at Burlington ,,,,.... ....... , . I8 ll St. Michael's at Wfinooski .,..... .. .,.. 30 18 Middlebury at Middlebury ........,...,.... 43 331 Totals 423 . XVon 4. Lost Io. Tied 0. - Coafb Burke Manager Tobm Eli. li., ll 2 0 ' i'Z'1TfLTflQIl7 A' ' "'i"" """"' A 1 GN THE CQURT THE SEfXS0NL1CQ33-34 Playing an erratic brand of basketball the Catamount quin- tet closed the current 1933-34 season with the disappointing record of four wins in fourteen starts. Failing to live up to pre- season predictions, they relin- quished the state title to the Blue and White of Middlebury and, in general, compiled the poorest record in three years. However, there were a few bright spots apparent in an otherwise dismal season. Of the redeem- Erfflie Sowka ,, j ing features are included: A ine first-half showing against Dart- mouth and a fine second-half performance against Springfieldg the guard work of Palmer, and the playing of Saba, who, while not so good as on the gridiron, johnny Berkley showed up well and had plenty of spirit and ight at all times. The loss of Taft from last year's championship club was more keenly felt than had been anticipated. The addition of Ed ft" Il f"ll 11 - 1 V ! ' f---------W --- .J Ed Lrlyden Layden after midyears helped some, but Layden alone could not boost the logy team into the winning column. Individu- ally the men did not play as con- sistently as last year, and the vital spark was conspicuous by its absence. The Cats opened the season auspiciously enough with a 28- 22 win from McGill. The open- ing lineup found Jack Morgan at the pivot, Captain Beckley and Grant in the forecourt, and Palmer and Sowka at the guard 3 21 Enos Ramon positions. In this contest the Cats led by Morgan and Sowka, forged ahead of McGill only in the second half after Coach Burke had run the Montrealers ragged with his second team and I-Ieinie Lewin, McGill's perennial hoop ace, had been removed via the personal route. Refusing to be daunted by ad- vance reports, a fighting Cata- mount team completely out- fought and outscored a ragged- appearing Dartmouth ive to lead at the half I4 to 8, before succumbing to superior condi- tioning and shooting power to drop the decision 33 to 23. It was a spectacular game through- 22 out with Vermont sweeping the Indians off their feet before suf- fering a terrific letdown in the second half. Whitey Palmer was high man for the Green and Gold with seven points, but Grant and Beckley followed him closely. The embryo coaches from lack Morgan Ithaca next invaded our court to turn back a second-string team by the decisive score of 45- 27. Coach Burke did not use any of the regulars until the second half and this might partially account for the large score. Ithaca showed great teamwork and coordination and was one of the best teams to play on the Vermont floor all season. The new year found the Green and Gold embarking on a trip to Southern New York State. They were Hrst defeated 38-28 by Union, lost a close battle 28-27 to the engineers of Rensselaer, and were swamped by the Army 47-23 to end a disastrous trip. Showing a greatly improved attack after midyears due to the addition of Ed Layden, Vermont easily conquered Middlebury to take the lead in the state series. Led by Gutsy Grant and Lay- B019 Gran! ,, no QQ 6. f,,.,... YW: , I xl -,J ,- im.-WEWL 'D den, the quintet clicked in championship form to humiliate Ben Beck and his boys 30-20. Then, in a spectacular finish when Whitey Palmer sank three consecutive charity shots to gain the lead, the Cats nosed out St. Michael's 28-26. The Vermont quintet, seem- ingly headed for a second suc- cessive conference championship, now suffered a complete reversal of form. The downfall began when the Cats traveled to Northfield to lose to the Cadets in a listless affair 25-I6. A fast Springfield College ive next took over the boys, but a splen- did comeback in the second half E11 Saba W'-" ITIQQQ if c partially atoned for the defeat. Saba,s aggressiveness in this game earned for him a starting place for the remainder of the schedule. On a visit to Mont- real the McGill five gained re- venge for the early season defeat when they won zo-19 in an overtime period. VVbifey Palmer Regaining prestige the hoop- sters subdued Norwich on the home court by a 24-18 margin. Saba again flashed to the front to score nine points. But the Cats' comeback stopped here. Completely outplayed, t h e y dropped a clean-cut 30-21 de- cision to St. Michael's. Ed Lay- Onnie Brown den was the outstanding man for Vermont and with seven points closely followed high- point man Branon of the Miehaelmen, but the rest of the team played mediocre ball. Then, in the closing game of the season, the Catamount was soundly whipped by the Middle- bury Panthers 43-I8, after Hghting on an even basis throughout the first half. Mor- gan, playing his final game, and Palmer worked hard to stem the tide, but they received little co- operation from the other Ver- mont players. The individual records are as follows: 32 Andy Wer1zer GIs. Fls. Fg. Pis. Morgan, c I4 I7 zo S7 Palmer, g I4 I9 I3 45 Layden, f 8 16 I4 44 Beckley, f, g 13 3 zo 43 Grant, f I2 1 I9 40 Saba, c, g, f I3 6 I3 32 Ramon, g, f I4 6 13 32 Sowka, g I4 II 4 I9 Wferner, g, f 7 3 2 7 Brown, f 5 o 3 6 Steirn, f 6 o 3 6 The Midd game saw six of the lettermen playing their final hoop contest for the Green and Gold: Captain Beckley, Layden, Morgan, Grant, Sowka, and Brown. This leaves Captain- elect Palmer, Ramon, and Saba, with Wferner and Steirn, as a nucleus for the coming season. In addition, this year's successful freshman team will no doubt furnish good material for the squad. However, it would be futile to try to predict anything, either good or bad, concerning the 1934-35 U. V. M. basketball season, even though Vermont expects great things from the newly-appointed Coach Sabo. Abe Steirn 1934 MANAGERIAL STAFF DE'l15IIlO7'E, lVilIifI'lllS, Vfebsfer, Rowe, Poczabut, Kane Woozlard, Libby, Tobin, Howe, Davis 'S ff? fl E U.- ll SQ? 35 ED i:::::'1 'fb f-N Xlicxf --P--f MN, L If '-+.-15,-3,1 we FRESI-IMAN BASKETBALL Coach Sbelamky, Carman, Kelz11ea'y, Parker, Baker, Manager Libby Bcutfie, Tomassetti, Dmzczzn, Shaw, XVNVIIEII Qfliccrs, 1934 E. A. Shelanslcy, Coarb Charles J. Libby, Manager S U M M A R Y Vf. Opp. I8 St. Micl1ael's V. at Winooski.. ,.... 33 40 Enoslnurg Falls H. S. at Enosburg., SI S4 Fort Ethan Allen at Burlington .,.. 32 33 St. MiCl1ael's J. V. at Burlington.. 2I 34 G. M. J. C. at Poultney. ...,.,........ ,....,,, 2 o zr Mineville H. S. nt Mineville, N. Y. 28 33 Fort Ethan Allen at Essex ,..,..,..,...,,..... zz 23,3 Totals I87 XVOI1 5. Lost 2. Tied 0. Coach Sbrlmzslzy MW14891' Libby p ,fl Ill Fu... ..,.. . ,. . 2 THE SEifkS0NZ1Q34 Winning ive games out of seven starts, the Kitten basketball team compiled the best record in recent years in its 1934 season, with the ex- ception of the powerful, phenomenal quintet which the class of 1935 produced as freshmen. In fact, this year's yearling squad has been com- pared to the championship varsity five of -I926-27 with its fast-breaking offensive: A great deal of credit is due Allie Shelansky who took over the coaching reins after the Frosh had dropped their opening game and welded the men into a finely trained, winning team. He worked throughout the season with no reimbursement whatsoever and richly deserves a rousing vote of thanks. Opening their official season in a rather in- auspicious manner, the Frosh traveled to Winooski to lose to the St. Michael's junior varsity five 33- 18. The score was knotted 12-12 at the half, but the speedy Michaelmen flashed away from the Green and Gold five in the closing minutes of play. Beattie led the Frosh in scoring with 8 points. XVith Shelansky coaching, the freshmen visibly improved and in their next game they took the Enosburg Falls High School into camp by a score of 40-31 on a trip made in frigid weather to the northern town. The boys were treated to a formal banquet after the game and so the trip was altogether quite a success. Playing for the first time in the home gym- nasium, the freshmen exhibited their power in de- feating the Fort Ethan Allen team by an over- whelming 54-32 decision. The Kittens' fast of- fensive completely baffled the Army five and they gained a ten-point lead in the first five minutes. Shaw, closely followed by Tomassetti and Beattie, led the scoring with 16 points, and Duncan and Wfarden played good defensive games to make up a well-balanced team. The Kittens made it three straight by defeat- ing the St. Michael's Junior Varsity 33-21 in their 3 6 return game, and also gained revenge for the earlier defeat they had suffered. Although three of their Michaelmen opponents later played varsity ball for the Purple, the Frosh had little trouble in dusting the St. Mike,s team off, and their lead at no time was seriously threatened. Passing and cutting with rapidity and precision throughout the entire game, the Kittens proved themselves clearly the superior team. Tomassetti with I3 points led the scorer-s, but all the yearlings played such good ball that no one of them could be called out- standing. On a two-game trip, the Kittens, minus Beattie, broke even, winning their first game 34-20 from Green Mountain Junior College at Poultney and dropping a close 21-28 decision to Mineville High School in Mineville, New York, the following night. The Poultney victory was the fourth suc- cessive one for the yearlings and they played as good basketball as they had exhibited throughout the season. In this game the play of Duncan at center was outstanding for his effective bottling up of the Green Mountain star, Ryan. The Mine- ville contest was somewhat of a tough-luck game, with rather partisan ofhciating and some raw de- cisions. In the final scheduled game of the season the freshmen won again from Fort Ethan Allen 33- 22, even though three of the star players had been added to the ineligibility list and could not play. After this game the men decided that, since they had played so completely as a unit throughout the season, they would not elect an honorary captain. The individual records are as follows: Player Gls. Fls. F.A. Pct. Pts. Shaw, g 33 5 I2 .416 71 Tomassetti, f I9 9 If .600 47 Beattie, f, g I4 5 9 .555 33 Duncan, c II 7 8 .778 29 Baker, f I3 3 7 .428 29 Warden, g 2 5 5 9 Kennedy, f 3 O 0 OOO 5 Jealous, f 2 o o ooo 4 Parker, c 1 o o ooo z G... .1 1 H 1:3 ,V 12 5 , w Hs 5 H f , N 4 UE 1 lie! 2 2 P M we ' M if :I l L 5. Q1 1' n I J I M ii H1 i gli U N1 W1 M lr 'Q Zi: 6 151' 5 M' k Ns X l 4 4 it W W, G I 4 r 121 D, 19 W . , iizfiilf I " " .X V , , ' w f , BASEBALL 1 2 BASEBALL Lawrence Gardner, Coach Leonard McKay, Captain David W'ebster, Manager John L. Beckley, Captain William B. Morgan Manager XV?b.Yf0T, Taft, Bent, Palmer, Delfausse Bzzras, Layflen, Swartz, Cogswell, Beckley, Macomber, Bowers, McKay, Coaeb GIl1'd1ZE7', Pires, Ramon, Garrett, Farmei Qiiicers, 1933 Walter M. Adams, Jr. l George H. Burrows, II i AS.YiJff11Zlf Manageis Max L. Powell, jr. i Qiiicers, 1934 Max L. Powell, Ir., Mamzger ASSISTANT MANAGERS Carlisle R. Saxton SUMlX!iARY+1Q33 Franklin W. Squires Vf. Opp. 7 Navy at Annapolis .,........,,.................,,....... 8 7 V. M. I. at Lexington ......,...,.................. 4 2 Washington and Lee at Lexington 9 2 U. of Virginia at Charlottesville 7 o William and Mary at Williamsburg 1 1 William and Mary at Williamsburg 6 6 Princeton at Princeton ....,...,......,,....... 4 3 Manhattan at New York City ....,.. I3 2 Tufts College at Medford ,..,,...,........... 1 zz Boston University at Boston .......,,.... 7 4 Middlebury at Burlington .,......... o 7 Springneld at Burlington ........,. 3 3 Middlebury at Middlebury ......,..,,....... I 7 New Hampshire at Burlington ........ 6 16 Norwich at Northfield ...,.........,..,..,.... 1 8 St. Michael's at Winooski ,.,.,.....,. 9 5 St. Lawrence at Canton ,....... 1- 1 Clarkson at Potsdam ........, 3 II Norwich at Burlington ........, 1 1 Tufts at Burlington .... ,,.. ,,..,......,,.... 9 I Dartmouth at Burlington ...,........ II 2 St. Michael's at Burlington ,........ 6 9 St. Lawrence at Burlington .....,.,. 1 4 Alumni at Burlington ,..........,,. o 123 Totals 112 Coach Gardner W'on 13. Lost II. Tied o. Manager Webster li gr U., A ll-.SQ 31 -afjnujw . Q 3 iwmlffgfififtgz-'mm '-o ,..f -X , ML! CDN THE DIAMOND THE SQUTHIQRN TRIP-1934 SUMMARY vf. opp. 3 XVilliam and Mary at Wfilliamsburg.. 6 IO Wfilliam and Mary at Willianlsburg., 8 o U. of Virginia at Charlottesville ..4.. I4 6 V. M. I. at Lexington ...,,.......,.,....,.....,,,,... I4 6 V. P. I. at Blacksburg ...,...,.........,........,..... 8 5 Wfashington and Lee at Lexington.. 7 5 Navy at Annapolis ........,.,,,.,......,.,,......,..,,.,... 6 II George Washington at Washington 9 S Princeton at Princeton ....,....,.,..,.....,......,,... 8 IO Army at Wfest Point ...,..............,.......,.....,.. II 64 Totals 91 Won 1. Lost 7. 'Tied 1. Displaying excellent early season pitching and a fine batting attack, but with rather ragged field- ing due to lack of outdoor practice, the Catamounlt nine returned from its annual spring training tour of the "South with a record much like that corn- piled by the 1933 squad. Winning only two games and tying one out of ten starts, the Cats nevertheless gained a wealth of experience and gave an exhibition of promise for a most success- ful current season. With the exception of the Virginia and Virginia Military Institute contests, all the games were decidedly close. Two games, the Navy and the Army encounters, were dropped Mumzger Powell by one run and two more, with Virginia Poly- technic Institute and Washington and Lee, by a margin of two. Of the pitchers, Captain Johnny Beckley, who pitched three games, allowing Washington and Lee just three hits, holding Princeton to two in seven innings, and defeating William and Mary for the first victory, was perhaps outstanding. But the whole mound corps, including Layden, Swartz, Brunell, and Kirley, turned in excellent performances. It was probably at bat that the Cats were most impressive. After an early period of inertia, sur- TI-IE 1934 TEAM BEFORE THE SOUTHERN TRIP Burns, Funk, Ramon, Swartz, Lr1yr1'ez1, Cnpffzifz Beckley, Bowers, Delfnussrf, Kirley, Buruell, Palnzm, Cogswell, Degree, lY7er17er Conrb Newton, Mazmger Powell, Coach G:1rdm'r W ,ff'fffQiJ -.......-.-.-,.v...,.. ....,- ...L-M-W - V VV Q .I - LLI1.'Q'fT 3 2. r prising strength in this phase of the game gave the Green and Gold a final batting percentage of .232. In fact, the Cats scored more than twice as many runs this year as on the 1933 trip. Pitchers Beckley and Kirley led the list with marks of .goo and .444, respectively. Bob Degree hit for .333 and Eddie Funk, incidentally voted the most valuable player, compiled a .309 average. Cogswell, Bowers, and Wferner also batted con- sistently. After losing the first game of the double header 6-3 to William and Mary in their series at Wil- liamsburg, the Cats came back strong to win the final Io-8. In the opener, with Layden pitching, the Cats played close baseball and on the strength of a single by Funk, a base on balls, and Bobby Burns, hot double to center, gained a three-run lead in the second, only to toss away five runs later in the game on bad judgment, an error, and a XV. and M. homer. The second game was won primarily through superior hitting power by the Vermont Club. The Cats combed the local pitchers for eleven hits, while Beckley granted nine safe blows. In the field Vermont showed up poorly, compiling a total of six errors, and the issue was in doubt, until Stretch Kirley, pinch hitting for Degree, stepped to the plate in the final inning with two men on and proceeded to break up the ball game with a single to short right. Aside from Kirley,s spectacular perform- ance, the feature of the afternoon was Bobby Burns' amazing one-hand catch of Stewart's line drive. The University of Virginia nine virtually swamped the Cats in the next game. Rogers, the local moundsman, completely baffled the Ver- monters, fanning nineteen and allowing four scat- tered hits, while the Virginia artillery combed Burnell for twelve runs in the first three innings. Swartz, who replaced Burnell, granted but three hits, but the damage had already been done. The final margin was I4-O. Vermont took it again in the next game, this time from Virginia Military Institute, to whom the Cats lost by a 14-6 decision. Starting off with a 4-1 lead, the Cats held their own behind Kirley until the seventh inning. However, Swartz, who succeeded Stretch, was batted for O seven runs. For a change U. V. M. played error- less ball in the field. Both Degree and Funk scored two-base hits, but in general the Vermont hitting staff had an off day. In an unlucky sixth inning in which two singles, a triple, and a homer netted the Virginians four runs and the margin of victory, the Cats dropped the following encounter 8-6 to the Gobblers of Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Except for the sixth inning break, and a failure to hit in the pinches, the Cats played good baseball. Layden fanned five and walked two. Beckley's good pitching was offset by passes and errors in the Washington and Lee game. Johnny allowed the locals only three hits, but five bases on balls and four errors by the Catamount third baseman offset this advantage and the Gen- erals won 7-5. In this game, which was closely contested all the way, Tommy Cogswell showed up well at bat, gaining two of Vermont's six base hits. In a comedy of errors, the Navy defeated the Catamounts 6-5. The Navy also lead Io-6 in hits and 7-4 in errors. Swartz and Layden offici- ated for Vermont and at one time the Cats held a 4-o lead. The final disaster came about on a fatal "pickle,' play instituted between third and home. The ball was fumbled and by the time it had been returned to the diamond, a Navy batter had completely circled the bases on a bunt! Ver- mont had eleven men left on bases, a too frequent occurrence with the team and indicating a lack of hitting strength in the pinches or else an ignorance of fundamental baseball strategems. The Catamounts scored a I I-9 win over George 'NVashington University in a game in which the Colonels employed four pitchers with uniform lack of success. The local moundsmen fanned ten men, but contributed eleven passes. Sandy Burnell, though wild, struck out five men and received good hitting support and Kirley, who relieved him for the final three innings, pitched shout-out ball. Trailing 5-o in the early stages, the Cats tallied four runs in the fourth and fifth innings on a single hit, added four more in the sixth on singles by Ramon, Burns, Layden, and Werner, and made still another in the seventh on hits by Burnell and Burns. Andy Wferner drove a tremendous triple 1 'wx -- ,N VND l kr .-51 .ja IL i1ZI',.TlQ"'Qf'1 I ,sf -.3 against the left field bleachers to end the Green and Gold scoring parade. Vermont weakened in the ninth, permitting Princeton to tie the score at 8-8, when the game was called because of darkness. The Cats outhit the Tigers I2 to 8 and at one time had amassed a 7-3 lead on the strength of fine hitting. Beckley started on the mound for the Catamounts and yielded just two hits until his retirement in the seventh in favor of Kirley. Vermont led 7-4 at that stage, but Stretch tossed a ground ball over first and two runners came home. Perry singled to center and the game was tied. In this contest Beckley and Funk both made doubles and Larry Bowers slashed out a beautiful triple. Vermont closed by losing to West Point 1 I-Io. The game was called in the eighth because of rain. It was a slug-fest throughout, with some twenty- five hits being driven out, and neither side held a decisive advantage for any length of time. Ed Layden drove the ball out of the park for a home run, therfeature of the afternoon, and Bowers May Williams at Wfilliamstown May St. Michael's at Wfinooski Park May Middlebury at Middlebury May Boston University at Burlington May St. Lawrence at Canton May Clarkson at Potsdam May Norwich at Burlington May Dartmouth at Hanover May St. Lawrence at Burlington May Dartmouth at Burlington June St. Michael's at Burlington June Alumni at Burlington made another triple. REMAINING SCHEDULE April I9 Boston University at Boston April zo Tufts at Medford April 2I Springield at Springfield April 28 Middlebury at Burlington May 3 Norwich at Northfield in THE SEFXSQNF-1933 After a rather unsatisfactory Southern trip, which, however, included a 6-4 win over Prince- ton, and a very encouraging Boston trip, in which Tufts College was defeated 2 to 1 and Boston University I2 to 7, the Cats entered into the shank of their 1933 baseball season. With a team strong in hitting and with several good pitchers, Vermont completed a difhcult and successful schedule to win four conference games, lose two, and place second in the Green Mountain Confer- ence standing. In the first conference game of the season the Cats played brilliant ball to snuff out Middlebury. A first inning rally which netted four runs for Vermont constituted the only scoring of the day. W 1.414 ., MifhlIFI17ld11 is safe, when Lnyrleu fries fo brat him to 111410 011 f1'6'flk IFIHQJ 33 I Jug Layden, Green and Gold ace pitcher, had a Held day, granting Midd but three hits, striking iout six men, and allowing no bases on balls. Dutch McKay gave the boys a thrill with errorless work on third sack and a long triple to right scoring Bowers and Taft. This game, a third straight win for Vermont, brought the traditionally dis- interested student body to its feet with high hopes and noisy support for the most of the season. The Cats in their next game broke an eighth inning tie to top Springfield 7-3. Beckley, in the box for his first start of the home season, held the gymnasts to six scattered hits. His wild throw to first in the second inning gave the losers two runs, but he more than made up for it by two well-placed hits. Bugs Ramon won the admira- tion of the fans by his spectacular snaring in the outfield. Fine pitching by Ed Layden, crack Rutland right-hander, timely hitting by Rolly Delfausse, making his first varsity appearance, and a star catch by Buster Garrett, which was turned into a triple play by the alertness of Captain Dutch McKay, all were ingredients in Vermont's well- earned 3-1 victory over Middlebury. It was the second triumph over the Panthers. In the hair-raiser between New Hampshire and the Cats, Vermont came from behind to defeat the Wildcats 7-6 in ten innings. Vermont started with a bang and seemed headed for an easy win, but Swartz started wobbling in the fourth and Palmer slides--St. Lawrence game completely collapsed in the eighth, making it necessary to put in Jug Layden. At the last of the ninth with two away, Rolly Delfausse drove out a long, smoking single to center, pushing in McKay and the tying run. Four straight hits in the tenth brought in the remaining tally. Heavy hitting by Vermont, coupled with er- ratic Norwich Helding and wild pitching by Comi enabled the Catamounts to take a 16-I decision from the Cadets. This was the Cats, seventh triumph in a row and their third conference vic- tory. Norwich got her lone tally in the last of the ninth when Del Vecchio hit a terrific drive into deep center field for a homer. Taft was the leading hitter for the afternoon with four singles in six times at bat. St. Michael's took the lead in the Green Moun- tain Conference by handing Vermont her first de- Cajzfain McKay fields-Vermont -us. New Hampshire 2 LL HQ?lb5Jl 4,,....g.-.Sa..?..,- -mg ,V 'f ,...7af.,.,- Q .J Taft hits-Norwich game feat in eight starts. Neither Ed Layden nor Dutch Colville, St. Michael's ace, were up to scratch. Vermont lost the game in the last of the seventh when the Michaelmen, taking ad- vantage of Ramon's fatal error, brought in their Winning runs. This slugging match and orgy of errors ended with the Purple gaining a hair-rais- ing 9-8 decision. St. Lawrence bowed to Vermont's snappy base- ball nine by a score of 5-1. Beckley, yielding but six hits, striking out six, and granting only one base on balls, was backed in great style by the team. St. Lawrence put on a threatening rally in the sixth, but Beckley bore down to fan the last two men. He also ended the game in spec- tacular fashion by whiffing three batters in the ninth. A twirlers' duel between Rohrer, star Clarkson pitcher, and Swartz of Vermont, ended in a 3-2 victory for Clarkson. The Cats knotted the score in the eighth when a single by Pires drove in Del- fausse. However, a single by Zando followed by a long three-base clout from the bat of Siedlecki enabled Clarkson to nose out Vermont in the eleventh. Combining some effective pitching by Beckley with its best batting attack of the season, Ver- mont experienced little difficulty in trouncing Nor- wich to the tune of 1 I-1. An outstanding feature of the game was 'tSpoon-Bender" Bowers' two triples. The Cats had a Held day in the eighth, chalking up five runs. Palmer and Garrett walked, Delfausse and Macomber drove singles, Pires knocked out a double, and Bowers walloped a long triple, nearly knocking the scoreboard from its foundation. Vermont, after having had a successful season up to date, disgusted the fans in the next two games by taking their lickings lying down. In the Tufts game the Cats had a I-o lead at the end of the third. Two fatal errors by Palmer and McKay gave the Jumbos four unearned runs in the first of the fourth. The temperamental Lay- den and the disheartened team then handed Tufts a 9-2 victory on a silver platter. In the poorest exhibition the Cats had since their return from the Southern trip, Vermont took an Ir-I beating from Dartmouth. The Big Green nine was far superior in the light of Vermont,s ragged showing and fully deserved to win. The The Alunzfzi gums, with thc ,fans 7lll!lC'1' the stand afier' fhc shower 333 Four Vermont scores, by Mncomber, Bowers, Tuff, and Burns, 1'especli11ely-just to prove that the boys - marie rr few! Indians not only fell upon the slants of Johnny Beckley in the first inning for six runs, but out- played the Cats at every turn throughout the game. Vermont lost the Green Mountain Conference to St. Michael's when the Michaelmen defeated the Cats 6-2. In spite of the fact that U. V. M. took a beating, she redeemed her status as a base- ball team. St. MichaeI's with a far superior team outplayed the Catamounts, but after the game she at least realized she had been in a genuine scrap. In a dazzling finish of a somewhat successful season, twelve victories in twenty-three starts, Vermont decisively beat St. Lawrence 9-1 and then in the final game took the superannuated Alumni All-Stars into camp with a 4-o decision. 1 934 MANAGERIAL STAFF Vrrvoort, Ainsworth, Bellows, Wfnrren Morgan, BIl1'1'0ll!S, Powell, Squires, Saxlon 334 ,f-. ll 33 fir,-lr1g.,J '1 , Y. , ,, --... ,... .,-,- .,.. ...,......., .J FRESHMAN BASEBALL Billings, Dodds, Manager Bnrlze, Funk, Wfcrner, Young Macck, Kirley, Hunt, Coach Newton, Snzifb, Williams, Degree, Workman Qilicers, 1933 Kenneth K. Newton, Confb William J. Burke, Manager' John C. Wfilliams, Capfain Qilicers, 1Q3a1. Kenneth K. Newton, Coach George H. Burrows, II, Manager S U M M A R Y Vf. Opp. 1 G. M. C. at Burlington ........ , ....,.. z 6 Montpelier Seminary at Montpelier II 9 G. M. C. at Poultney ....,.........,.............. I4 I3 Clark School at Burlington .,,.....,,,........, 7 0 Montpelier Seminary at Burlington II 29 Totals 45 XVon 1. Lost 4. Tied o. Coach Newton Manager Bnrrouxs -.QLZIi--gg-Ji ' L ' !'f"'u'A"' THE SEfXSQN11ij313 Losing four games in a five-game schedule, the Kitten diamond squad went through its 1933 sea- son with one of the poorest records in several years. In only one game did the freshmen come up to the fine standard set by the class of 1935 team. That was when they pounded out a sensa- tional I3-7 win over the Clark School from Han- over. In all the other contests, except for the opener with Green Mountain Junior College, the yearlings played essentially sand-lot baseball. V The Kitten baseball team dropped its first game of the season to the Green Mountain Junior Col- lege team by the close score of 2-1. The game turned out to be a pitchers' battle, with Phelps, the opposing twirler, having a slight edge over Kirley. Ten freshmen fanned, trying to reach the slants of the rival moundsman. U. V. Mfs run came in the fourth, when Williams knocked out a clean three-bagger and Wernef brought him in with a sacrifice hit to center field. The field- ing highlight of the day was the courageous, bare- handed stop of a hot grounder by Degree, frosh shortstop. For Vermont, Skippy Williams was outstanding in hitting, while Dick Billings caught a good game, making several smart decisisions. Outhitting their opponents Io-9, the Kittens nevertheless lost their first encounter with Mont- pelier Seminary by a score of II to 6. Several errors coupled with generally slipshod ball hand- ling allowed the Montpelier nine to score at will in the first and sixth inning for the margin of vic- tory. Andy Werner, Vermont third sacker, and Brouillette, center fielder for the locals, smashed out home runs in the first and third innings respectively. In a return game at Poultney, Green Mountain Junior College again defeated the frosh, this time by the decisive margin of 14-9. The game was a close one until the sixth inning when Kirley, Kitten pitcher, blew up. In the sixth the Green Mountain boys ran wild to score nine runs on six hits, two errors, a hit baseman, and two wild pitches. Degree made three singles for the losers and Williams, Werner, and Kirley each connected with two hits, one of Werner's pair being a triple. Winning their first victory after three defeats, the Kittens downed Clark School at Centennial Field by a score of I3-7. Stretch Kirley, gen- erally effective except in the first and fourth, held the invaders to seven hits, while the frosh combed three visiting pitchers for a total of I4 safe blows. Four errors by the losers also helped the Kittens in scoring. Red Negus, stationed at first base for the first time by Coach Doc Newton, proved to be the batting star of the afternoon. I-Ie poled out a long home run clout in the first inning and later on connected for a rousing double. Funk and Williams also connected for two-baggers in addition to getting a single apiece, while Degree made three singles. Experiencing a disastrous eighth inning, the freshmen dropped an 1 1-o decision to Montpelier Seminary on Centennial Field in their final game of the season. Sladovich hurled a superb game for the winners, holding the Kittens to two singles, collected by Billings and Wfilliams. The freshmen fielded poorly throughout, making six errors and committing a number of other misplays which do not show in the scorebook. The final scheduled game, with Clark School at Hanover, was cancelled. SCHEDULE May 5 Clark School at Burlington May S Montpelier Seminary at Burlington May I2 Green Mountain Junior College at Poultney May I6 Maine School of Commerce at Burlington May I9 Montpelier Seminary at Montpelier May 22 Green Mountain Junior College at Burlington May 25 Clark School at Hanover May 26 Dartmouth '37 at Hanover 6 - ,. I' , r 1, P V17 es, ...W ,,..,.,. . J I -ci' ,sf -c.. 4 , -....D.--.., -1 w x w 1 5 5 , 1 i I H. QL' 1 1 I sx I fi w I 1 ik 'T in 1' ,f f X QQ M M r" V 1 H if N J N yi Q Y! 3 X M w Y, . 0 5-iff! w M rx .5 ,mins-w 5, 1 '-14.1 K, n I! f7,:,..Q5gEL.:,.L.,A ,,,,...,,7z.7,.TcLQ,z, Y ,, I , 1 gif!-miziizzilfliff, rf -:J : -1 H4-1: RA Cf TRACK Assistant Mrz11uge1' Pafterson, Rogers, Syme, Delfausse, Sowka, Cook, Simoncls, Collins, Carafczolo Coach Posi Cass, Howe, XVhiz'e, Walter, Willis, Smith, Harwoorl, Wesoly, Grzznl, Meligonis Woodrzz Qllicers, 1933 Archibald T. Post, Coach Everett E. Carlson Amman! Mana an Roy I. Brooks, Cujztain George W. Patterson, III g Carl J. Kilburn, Jr., Maluzgm' Qllicers, 1Q3q. Joseph J. Delfausse, Czzpzfain Winston P. Hebb George W. Patterson, III, Manager Leon L. Hill Asszsfani Managers John H. Twolmey l Vf. sem 44 48 2641 183W SUMMARY Opp. St. Lawrence at Canton .... .........,. 5 R. P. I. at Burlington ,..........,.......... QI M. A. A. A. at Montreal .,....,.,.... 78 G. M. C. Meet at Norwich 41 Northfield Midd. 682g Totals 335W Won I. Lost 3. Tied o. l Conds Pos! Mmzager Przllcvsou ss! is QQ 25 Ea 1- Q 33 'i??:T:7"'f 3 ,L ,,,! ON TI-IE TRACK THE sEAs0N-1933 The Green and Gold track team got off to a good start when they journeyed to Canton, New York, to defeat the St. Lawrence Redmen. This was their only victory of the season, however, as the Cats lost to R. P. I. and Montreal by wide margins and placed third in the Green Mountain Conference meet at Northield. The St. Lawrence meet proved to be a very close contest. joe Delfausse was the individual star scoring seventeen points. Ken Smith won both dashes handily making him second high man for Vermont with ten tallies. Red Cook scored eight points in the weights and Andy Wesoly won a first in the quarter and a second in the broad jump. Johnny Wfoodruff won the mile and Dusty White placed second in a fast 880. Orson Walter easily won in the high sticks. The final verdict was Vermont 6626, St. Lawrence 5625 In the Rensselaer meet Vermont emerged on the small end of a 91-44 score. Joe Delfausse again starred for Vermont with two firsts. Smith won the 100 in the record-breaking time of IO seconds flat, and was all set to crack the 220 when he injured a leg muscle. Brooks won the mile for the only other first place in the meet for Vermont. Captain Brooks, takes flae mile against Rensselaer Vermont's weakness in the field events spelled disaster for the Cats. The Engineers from Troy garnered eleven of fifteen Hrsts with sweeps in the shot, discus and broad jump. The Cats were conceded an even chance against the Montreal winged-footers but Vermont came home on the small end of a 78-48 score. Delfausse collected I4 points in the 440, low sticks, broad Caf1h1i11-elect Ion' Dclfansxc lmnfs in Andy Wzfsoly, as Vermont finisher 1-2 in the 440 against Rmzxsclaer .ras .f i i ..,,.....a.1 AU 'W 339 ' 1 ...av 1 1012 Delffzusse about Zo take the lvurl mul win the 220 lows- Reusselaer meet jump, and high jump and Red Cook took two iirsts in the shot and discus. The loss of Ken Smith, dash man and Buster Adams, high jumper, proved disastrous to the Green and Gold chances for a victory. In the State meet held at Northfield the Cata- mounts took third as in the past four years, Mid- dlebury winning by a wide margin. Vermont's two first places were both excellent performances, Johnny Wfoodruff winning the mile in 4:37.5, ty- ing che state record. Dusty White won the 880 in 2:o4.5, this being the best time since 1924. These two individuals lacked much needed sup- port as only three seconds were taken by the Cata- mounts. McGuire of Norwich shattered the shot- put record with a heave of 43 feet, 1.5 inches. Rowley of Norwich tied the record in the 1oo- yard dash. Prospects for the I934 season seem better than they have in years. Captain Brooks and Abe Gardner were lost through graduation and Ken Smith did not return, but Captain-elect Del- fausse, all-round man, Buzz Adams, high jumper, Dusty White and Johnny Woodrud, distance men, Red Cook, weight star, and Jezukawicz, Connor. Jones, Andress and Levine from last year,s frosh team form a nucleus around which a good team should be developed. SCHEDULE April 23 St. Lawrence at Burlington May 5 Colby at Waterville May I2 Eastern Intercollegiates at Wforcester May I9 Montreal A. A. A. at Burlington May 26 Green Mountain Conference at Middlebury 1933-34 MANAGERIAL STAFF Hebb, Twolaey, Hill Carlson, Puiiersan 1 l.,- . LL, HQQDEDFDQC . . , .Mmnf Q 40 . 1'-lFL3ff'f7r-rf Q J f. ...v-www Manager Kenyan, Anrlrexs, Everest, Lcffzvenx, Caldwell, Coarb Prentice, Fraint, D07ZS1l10YU, Rouru Steiwz, Twitcbell, Fel'-r'ite1', Robbins, Levine, Nevin, jezulzawirz, Connor, jones Qllicers, 1o33 Archibald T. Post, Coacb Howard A. Prentice, Conch Gilicers, 1934 Arthur K. Tudhope, Conch Vt. 34 71 Sak solo 289 Frederic P. Kenyon, Mmzrzgcr Julius J. Jezukawicz, Capfuirz Wfalter M. Adams, jr., Manager SCHEDULE, 1Q34 May 5 Montpelier Seminary at Buvrlington May I2 St. Johnsbury Academy May I2 Lyndon Institute 5 at St' Iohnsbury May I8 Green Mountain Junior College at Burlington S U M M A R Y Opp. Lyndon Institute at Burlington 33 Burlington High at Burlington go Montpelier Sem. at Burlington 38143 G. M. J. C. at Poultney ...,........,,,... 482243 Totals I7O NVon 4. Lost o. Tied o. l Nfdllflgfl' Adams I THE SEASQN-1933 Vfinning four meets out of four starts, a powerful frosh track aggregation literally swept through all opposition in its 1933 schedule. The Kittens' record was indeed an enviable one and presaged better seasons in the future for varsity track, which has experienced several lean years. Starting with several experienced performers, Howard Prentice, who took over most of the coaching duties in the absence of Art Tudhope, developed a well-rounded and winning team. In the first meet of the season, with Lyndon Institute on Centennial Field, the Kitten squad quickly demonstrated their championship calibre, winning by the top-heavy score of 83-33. July Jezu- kawicz was easily the outstanding individual per- former of the day, garnering firsts in the cen- tury, the javelin, and the broad jump and thirds in the discus and pole vault, to score a total of I7 points. I-Iis 21 feet 6 inch mark in the broad jump exceeded the State Conference record by an inches. Other stars for the Kittens were Conner, who won both hurdle races to score IO points, Jones, who took 9 points with a second in the century and first in a fast zzo, Levine, who took first in the quarter and second in the half for 9 points, and Paul, who also won 9 points with a second in the shot and a win in the discus. And, aside from these individual stars, the re- mainder of the team placed well throughout the events, indicating a well-balanced unit. In a two-day dual meet with Burlington High School, which was primarily arranged as a practice trial for both squads, the Kittens again scored an easy win. The final score was 71 to go. Jezukawicz with ISM points was again the lead- ing scorer for the yearlings, but he had to yield first place in the totals for the meet to Kaufman, ace weight man from B. H. S., who captured 16 points. In general, the same men who starred in the Lyndon meet were outstanding against the high school boys. A half-mile relay team, com- posed of Jones, Levine, Robbins, and Jezukawicz, easily outdistanced their Burlington opponents, finishing in the admirable time of 1:38. 2 Sweeping every running event, the Kitten team easily conquered the Montpelier Seminary track team 832 to 381, in their third meet. Robbins, who displayed fine sprinting form, came to the front in this meet to win first in both the 1oo and zzo. However, as usual, July Jezukawicz was high point man with a total of I4 points, garnered in the pole vault and broad jump, in which he placed first, and in the century and the discus. Firsts were taken in the quarter, the half, the mile, and the high jump by Levine, Andress, Twitchell, and Caldwell, respectively. Connor again swept both hurdle events. Striking their first real opposition of the season but continuing their unbroken string of Cinder triumphs, the Kittens journeyed to Poultney to defeat the Green Mountain Junior College aggre- gation by the narrow margin of 50M to 48M in their concluding meet of the season. The last two events, the broad jump and the pole vault, were cancelled due to darkness. The Junior Col- lege boys took six of the eleven hrsts, but the yearlings amassed seven seconds for the margin of victory. Hoffman and Hawkes were the only double winners placing first in the weights and dashes, respectively, to share premier point honors. Jezukawicz accumulated nine points with three seconds, but was deprived from participating in his specialties, the broad jump and the pole vault. The remainder of the Frosh individual luminaries came through with flying colors, Manny Levine taking the quarter and placing second to Phil Andress in the half, Twitchell romping home to an easy victory in the mile, Jones garnering eight points in the low hurdles and the 220 and Susie Paul placing first and second in the weights. Bill Connor, who finished second in the high hurdles, sustained a stomach cramp, which pre- vented him from competing in the lows. At the close of this very successful season, July Jezukawicz, high point man for the squad, was elected captain and numerals were awarded Cald- well, Connor, Jones, Robbins, Andress, Levine. Twitchell, Paul, Steirn, and Martin. . - --- 5 ' to ii .39 52 lfQT'5i""m' ' ' , , Ttff"fILf'f.7""' "'T"IT"'-MU CRQSS-COUNTRY MH7ZHg67' Carlson, Twitclaell, Amlress, Hebb, Conch Post Lzfvizze, Rogers, Captain Harwood, W'ooelruj, Suifor Giliccrs, 1933 Archibald T. Post, Coach Everett E. Carlson, Mannger Clifford B. Harwood, Czzpfain W. Dustin White, Captai1z-elect ASSISTANT MANAGERS Winston P. Hebb Leon N. Hill Coach Post . V -'-- wi Vt. 36 40 38 136 SUNlNlARY Union at Burlington ......,,.,....,...,. Springfield at Springield ............ Connecticut State at Storrs.. ..,......., .. Middlebury at Burlington ,... 1 ..... ..... Totals Wfon 1. Lost 3. Tied o. OPP 19 33 I5 17 34 John H. Twohey Manager Carlson THE GRIND Tl-IE SEASON-1933 With only two lettermen lost by graduation from U. V. Mfs successful cross-country aggre- gation of 1932, the prospects for another good season seemed bright. However, for one reason and another, the team never hit its stride this year and finished rather poorly, winning but one meet out of four and failing to regain the State title lost in I932 to the Midd Panthers in a heart- breaking meet. The competition which the hill- and-dalers encountered this year was of the best in New England and that may partially account for the record. In the opener the Green and Gold harriers went down to an overwhelming defeat at the hands of Union 36-19. Captain Cliff Harwood finished second to brighten an otherwise poor showing made by the Cats. Suitor and Levine, who came in ninth and tenth, respectively, were the closest Vermont men to Harwood. Lape of Union ran the Converse Hall course in 18:o1.4, which was excellent time for so cold a day. Manny Levine, star sophomore harrier, running his second varsity race, led the Green and Gold cross-country team to a smashing victory over Springfield in the second meet of the schedule by a score of 22-33. Closely following him to the finish were Captain Cliff Harwood and Dusty White who finished together for second and third place. The margin of victory might well have been even greater for Doug Suitor was running well up ahead until a severe stomach cramp caused him to drop from the race. With this win and with Johnny Woodruff, star harrier on the 1931-32 squads, recovered from the bad attack of grippe which had held him from competition thus far in the season, the prospects began to brighten. Nevertheless in a grueling meet with a strong Connecticut State team over a difficult course at Storrs, the Cats lost by a perfect 40-15 score. Cliff Harwood, finishing first of the Vermont men, was followed by Carl Rogers, Johnny Woodruff, Manny Levine, and Dusty White. Captain Cliff Harwood again led in the Ver- mont harriers in their final unsuccessful meet of the season with Middlebury. Harwood in fourth place alone prevented the Blue and White from winning by a perfect score. The final results were Vermont, 38, Middlebury, 17. Doug Suitor was the only other Vermont man whose per- formance was creditable. The race was run through snow and under adverse conditions and the Cats, though in good shape physically, were rather low in morale. Next year,s outlook while not exceptional is quite favorable. Since Cliff Harwood is probably the only man to be lost, there is plenty of experi- enced and inherently good material available. It will not be at all surprising if Captain-elect Dusty White and the squad nucleus of Rogers, Woodruff, Levine, Suitor, and Twitchell come across with a good season next year. Wniti11g for the gun-The SfH1'fTQ1l6U0 weniber! 4 ll- ll Q Z? ED l 0. ....,kM --A 1 .5lf22553'QM -Maura ,. -.,,f FRESHMAN CRQSS-COUNTRY Swift, W'illif111zso1z, Manley, Vt7bif11mn, B7Ll'gl7Il1'f, Evans, Dopp, Clausen, Hun! Coach Tmlbope, Noyes, Briggs, Tbibnuli, Cbasc, MH7'l0lVB, Trenflway, Holley, Horn, Waite Alpert, jnrobson, Iezzks, Collins, Buttlrs, Gales, Daigucazzlf, Kevmezly, Bellmare, Mclnfyrc, Stanley Qllicers, 1Q33 Arthur K. Tudhope, Conch Everett E. Carlson, Manager Robert F. Kennedy, Captain Tl-IE SEASON-1o33 Although they improved throughout the season, the Kitten cross-country squad finished with the poor record of four losses in four starts. Stage fright, lame legs, and inexperience were the con- tributing factors in the yearling's mediocre show- ing. However, there were some promising run- S UMMA RY Vf. 39 Dartmouth ,37 at Burlington .......... 38 XVaterbury H. S. at Burlington .....,. 37 Randolph Aggies at Burlington ..,..... 33 Middlebury '37 at Burlington .,...,.... 147 Totals W'on o. Lost 4. Tied o. Ojzjl. 16 I7 18 22 73 ners among the pack. Lehrer was perhaps the star, finishing fifth, in spite of a painful ankle in- jury, against a strong Dartmouth frosh team, but Kennedy, Bellmare and particularly Daigneault, who had never had running experience before this year, were also outstanding. l Mrnmgfr Carlson 345 46 UNIVERSITY QF VERMCDNT TRACK 120 yard high hurdles ............ ........... 1 6.2 secs. 220-yard low hurdles ,,....... 100-yard dash .............,. 220-yard dash .......... 440-yard dash ........., 8 80-yard run ,.,...... Mile run ............,.,. Two-mile run ...,...,....,....... Running broad jump ...,..... Running high jump ....... Pole vault ...,...., , ..........,...., . Discus ..,....,..,,..,......,.... Hammer throw ....... Javelin ..,.......,........ Shot put ...,.., W. 24.6 secs W. 10.0 secs W. 22.6 secs 52.4 secs. 2:oo2 - 10:15.5 24 ft. M in. 5 ft. 11K-4 in. II ft. 9 in. 120 ft. 2 in. 149 ft. IO in. 177 ft. II in. 42 ft. 4 in. AND FIELD RECORDS Shaw, '28 Gutterson, '12 Smith, '34 Gutterson, '12 Huey, '31 Shepard, '22 Post, '27 Wfoodruff, '35 Wood, '28 Gutterson, '12 Smith, '18 Meehan, R3 2 Park, '31 Hill, '26 Simpson, '27 Park, '31 VERMGNT STATE TRACK AND FIELD RECORDS 1926 1911 1933 1912 1931 1921 1925 1933 1925 1912 1915 1932 1931 1926 1927 1931 QTbese records begin in 1921, tbe year of tbe first State f1'iLl7Zg1Llt11' meet, being tbe best lJ6'1'f01'77'ltl71C6'S in tbis 61117111111 event, as 1'ec01'zfezz' in tbe Gracluate Mrzvmgefs ojficaj 1 20-yard high 'hurdles ,. 1 5.8 secs McLean Middlebury 1 9 3 2 2 20-yard low hurdles ....., 2 5 .6 secs. McLean Middlebury 1 9 3 2 1 00-yard dash ...,........,......,. 1 0. 2 secs. Smith Middlebury 1 92 6 A Brown Middlebury 1 93 2 Rowley Norwich 1 93 3 220-yard dash , ...,..... 2 1 .0 secs. Darby Middlebury 1 92 1 440-yard dash .,.... .,..,. 5 2.4 secs. Cook Middlebury 1 9 2 6 Fallon Middlebury 1 9 3 2 8 8 0-yard run ...,..... ..., . 2.0 1.2 Shepard Vermont 1 92 1 Mile run .,....,..,.,..... ...... 4 :3 7.5 Post Vermont 1 9 25 Woodruff Vermont 1 933 Two-mile run ...........,,........ 1 o : 04.6 Dalton Middlebury 1 929 Running broad jump? 2 1 fr 3 M in. Tupper Vermont 1 93 2 Running high pump ...... 5 ft. 1 0 K, in. Bagley Middlebury 1 927 Pole vault ...,..... ...........,..,.,.. 1 1 ft. 9 in. Meehan Vermont 1 93 2 Discus ,..,,,..,.,.....,.,..... 128 ft. 6 in. Flanders Norwich 1922 Hammer throw ,......, 149 ft. IO in. Hill Vermont 1926 Javelin ,......,,,......,.. 177 ft. 1 1 in. Simpson Vermont 1927 Shot put ..........,. ,..., ...,.. 4 3 ft. 1.5 in. Maguire Norwich 1933 if This record is also claimed by Robinson, of Middlebury, with a jump of 21 ft. 4 in. in 1922. I ze also Eu 2-347557 I 'J LI. 2. . - ....-.,........4.-.4.. .-....., ef -,-9-on - - X .,LTqV,.1,.,,, ,,,,,, ,AQK ,. Y, Y.,, :wir an -A,: 1 LULWW: Lu NAA w ,:gNLf'f. 1-3,--W .I .Wim , W, .,f,Y:1.T f1iff-fx: L- ---,ff .2- 6 w T T A' NN TENNIS Fred D. Carpenter, Coach Hugh C. Wilson, Cajnfnilz Norman H. Myers, Crzpfain Howard H. Abbott Mrumger Morse, Wfilxon, Coach Carpwzter Mull-my, Cr1ptr1i1z-elect Myers, Woodward Qllicers, 1Q33 N. Henry Press, Manager Preston C. Cummings, Assisfa11t Manage! Qliicers, 1Q34 Earl C. Morse, Jr., Mufmger ASSISTANT MANAGERS David E. Behringer S U M M A I2 Y W'orcester Tech at Worcester .....,,.. Boston University at Boston ,,........ Tufts College at Medford .......... . St. Michael's at Burlington Middlebury at Middlebury ,,,,, .. St. Lawrence at Burlington .......... Middlebury at Burlington ........... St. Michael's at Winooski ..,.,. Opp. O I O O 3 I l O Ralph XV. Sussman Union at Schenectady ........,... 5 R. P. I. at Troy ....... , ........,. ,.... o Totals II 7 W 8. L . T' d . Coach Cm'1Jenter on ost I le I Md11llg3V Morse rg? fr If Q1 5 1533? I 348 I 5. " ' i?EEE:f3?ff-7 vu ON THE CGURTS THE SEASQTW-1o33 Of all varsity sports, the 1933 tennis team turned in the most enviable record for the past season with eight wins, one loss and one tie and first place in the Green Mountain Conference championship race. In fact, this was the most successful season any Catamount team had com- pleted for a number of years. Captain Hugh Wfilson and Norman Myers, playing Nos. 1 and 2, each won nine of their ten singles matches, and were undefeated as a doubles team. Les Wood- ward won eight out of ten matches and Bernie Mulcahy also played consistently good tennis. Coach Carpenter, as well as the players themselves, deserves plenty of credit for the splendid showing Vermont was able to make in one sport, at least. Wfith little outdoor practice, the team invaded Massachusetts late in April for a three-game tour and proceeded to make history by trouncing Worcester Tech 6-o, Tufts 6-o, and Boston Uni- versity 5-1. Mulcahy lost the only match of the trip to Smith of Boston University. It was the first time in about six years that Vermont had whitewashed these three teams. This was cer- tainly an auspicious beginning for the Cat net team. Returning home Vermont,s tennis team en- countered St. Michael's on the back campus courts and proceeded to win 6-o its first home match of the year, its fourth straight of the 1933 season, and its tenth in succession in two years. Phil Ruggiero was the only visitor to extend his opponent. He waged nip and tuck sets with Captain Hugh Wil- son before losing 6-3, 6-4. The other singles matches and the doubles were easily annexed by the Cats. Then on an unlucky Friday afternoon, the team journeyed to Middlebury and struck the first snag in their season. Uncorking a surprise attack in the form of their No. 3 man, Rudd, and No. 4 man, Lal-iorce, the Middlebury netmen held the Manager and Captain undefeated Vermont tennis team to a 3-3 score in their first match of the season. Wilson and Myers, in true form, cleaned up their singles and doubles matches, but Rudd and LaForce for the Panthers duplicated the act in the Nos. 3 and 4 matches. The next match, scheduled with Bos- ton University, was cancelled because of wet courts. XVinning three singles matches and one doubles lmatch, Vermont's tennis team chalked up its fifth victory of the year against the St. Lawrence net- men 4-1. The second doubles match was called a draw because of darkness. Wilson and Mulcahy won their singles encounters in straight sets while Myers gained a 2-1 decision in his and Woodward dropped his in straight sets. Wilson and Myers won easily in the doubles. In the next match the Green and Gold racket- eers both gained revenge for the tie in which the 349 En:-Cnptr1i11 Hugh Wilson May May May May May May May May May May May May first match with the Midd Panthers had ended and also won the Green Mountain Conference title for the second year. The final score was 4-1. Wfilson, Myers, and Woodward turned in well- earned victories and Bernie Mulcahy and LaForce battled for three sets before the opposing netmen took the match. For a second time in the season the final doubles match was cancelled on account of darkness, after the No. 1 doubles com- bination of XVilson and Myers had defeated Allen and Flagg in straight sets. In the final three matches of the year the U. V. M. team won another easy 6-o decision from St. Michael,s, then, on a New York State trip, ended their long winning streak with a 1-5 loss to Union at Schenectady, in a grueling series of matches played on stone courts to which the Ver- mont players were not accustomed, and Hnally came back strongly to win the season's concluding match 4-o from Rensselaer at Troy. The prospects for tennis at Vermont in I934 look almost as bright as they did at the beginning of last year's schedule, for, although Les Wood- ward has graduated, there are several men with match experience available from the class of 1936 and the team nucleus of Captain-elect Myers. Wfilson, and Mulcahy remains. SCHEDULE New York State Teachers at Rensselaer at Troy Union at Schenectady St. Michael's at Burlington Middlebury at Middlebury St. Lawrence at Burlington Albany , 15, 16 New England Tournament Springfield at Burlington Middlebury at Burlington St. Michael's at Winooski Colgate at Burlington Tufts at Burlington TZIEUZUR me-ZDZDEQL fi Q O ' 'if i.i7s,,A.fZg5'::k7 5 , ug xg 5-A x4XJ-gjjf INTRANURAL INTRAMURAL SPORTS Archie Post Director of I11irm1z1u':z1s Bumps Levine Instructor of W1'6Sfli7Zg una' Boxing Qllicers, 1933-34 Ralph G. Bartlett, Mmmger W"1iam M' Burrows E Assistant 1V.l'I!IIHgE1'.Y Alexis C. Svigoon NVINNERS-1933-34 Interfraternity Baseball: 1. Phi Mu Delta. 2. Alpha Tau Omega. Fall Tennis: 1. N. H. Myers, '34. 2. H. C. Wfilson, '34. Fall Golf. 1. R. A. Negus, '36. 2. W. G. Kidd, '37, Interfraternity Touch Football: 1. Alpha Tau Omega. 2. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Interclass Basketball: 1. Class of 1935. 2. Class of 1934. lnterfraternity Basketball: 1. Kappa Sigma. 2. Alpha Tau Omega. Ping Pong: 1. W. B. Ferriter, '36. 2. A. I. Robbins, '3 6. Badminton: 1. W. B. Morgan, '35. 2. N. H. Myers, '34. 352 Handball: 1. G. G. Shaw, '37. 2. R. D. Burns, '35, Interfraternity Winter Sports: 1. Phi Delta Theta. 2. Alpha Tau Omega. 3. Kappa Gamma. Interfraternity Relays: 1. Independents. 2. Delta Psi. 3. Sigma Nu. 4. Sigma Phi. Interfraternity Track: 1. Delta Psi. 2. Inde- pendents. 3. Sigma Nu. 4. Kappa Sigma. Donahue Trophy QHexathlonj: 1. J. Del- fausse, '34. 2. Jezukawicz, '36. 3. T. Wfebster, '37. Wfrestling: 115 lbs., J. C. Bellino, '36, 125 lbs., P. F. XVhite, '36, 135 lbs., E. Levine, '36, 145 lbs., W. W. Segur, '35, 158 lbs., E. E. Miller, '34, 175 lbs., A. A. Brosseau, '34, unlimited, L. A. Giardi, '36. - Sl-. QP ED A' 'Q' """"'7I1 INTERFRATERNITY BASEBALL Ryan, I-Iadley, Poczabut, Pl'L'L'lI'0777f, Young, Dobson Keelan, Galvin, Lyford, Rubino, La-11zoray SPRING--I 9 3 3 Lgagug A THE XVINNER-PHI MU DELTA clam :PMA ' CDMA 1 3 - 3 CEMA Independents Independents S -2 TECIJ 1 Default EQIP EN -ll EN EN j 2 8 -2 5 n-- 5'4 AI fByej League B CDEA EA EA 8 -5 ATQ ,,l-l ATQ ATQ 5'O ANI' j 7-6 KE KE ii. EAE ZX J 3 - 1 Pi- S -3 EAE fByej ..1'jg --M ge Q e .N -.., ...,l CDMA 19-3 ATQ 3-2 QDMA 5 5-4 4 INTERFRATERNITY TOUCH FQCDTBAL R. Hart, Truzlean, Ioly I. Hari, Williams, Brislin, Tzzslzer FALL-1 9 3 3 League A THE WINNER-ALPHA TAU OMEGA KE EN ' EN J I 2-6 AT-Q CDMA ATQ 37-0 ATQ 50- 1 2. ATQ mm QIJAGD X 32-12 li EQ Faculty Default l, 1 3 -6 Eff? fByej ' ATQ, League B ,ll- Axlf 1 AXP 1 45-0 ll- l TEA Default All' L l Independents TECIJ Default l TEKIJ Default BAE EA AI W 1 2-6 5 SAE AI J 28-7 6 -o SAE fByej J ,L A -' G21 7' l'...- W 7 . . .W K ll-, -J JJ Lk f' ffffizirif-'--A-""'o 'Q M .qt -f INTERFRATERNITY BASKETBALL Manager Tobin, Sowlaa, Kirley, Piette Sbevbe, IY!!lfEl'1ll!I11, Negus, Green, Myers XVINTER- I 9 3 4 THE XVINNER---KAPPA SIGNIA League A KE KE ' EAE 33-23 K2 I p- 1, Independents Independents 3 2-3 0. ' KE TDD 49-14 e sq: 1 240 3041 ,Qi ECP :DAQ 45-19 fl- 4549 Faculty QByej -li Leagzze B QJMA 1 my 1 AXP 42-9 I EN 1 EN AT9 F. , AKI J 27-25 ATQ ATQ 32-21 EA J 46-19 J K2 5- 30-2s CLASS BASKETBALL Pntizozfc, Pnizrb, Delfamse, Cnpfain Ioly, Collins, Haut 1934 1936 1934 1935 1935 1934 1934 1936 1934 1935 1935 1934 WINTER-1933-34 THE WINNER-CLASS OF 1935 FIRST HALF vs. 1935 won by ' f2I 121 Va 1937 won b C45 211 vs. 1936 won by ' f24 151 Vs. 1937 Won by ' C26 131 vs. 1936 won b f16 91 vs. 1937 won by ' f3o-261 SECOND HALF vs. 1935 won by ' fzg 131 vs. 1937 Won by Q26 231 vs. 1936 won by C43 211 VS- 1937 won by 35 C23 17? Vs. 1936 Won by ' Q23 201 vs. 1937 won by , Q30 241 6 'K LI" 1- f"'Zl'-"--E'7"""""'6'-7 W fi, -fjfnw - - ' f NVINTER SPCDRTS CLUB Libby, Poszabut, Starbnck, Gerow, Si11zo1zrlx, H. Sabin, Patterson G. Sabin, McGiIlicua'dy, Marshall, Frey, jones, P1LCk1'f0lgL', Wflaitc, Howe MfCvea, Lr1fti11zer, Rirker, Miller, Suifor Cbfficers, 1934 Glenn O. Ricker, Presia'e1zt Janet Wooley, Vice-P1'eside11t THE SEASCN-1934 The past year witnessed the inauguration of a new form of activity on the Vermont campus. This venture was in the field of winter sports and resulted in the formation of the Winter Sports Club. In fact, it was chiefly at the insti- gation of the odicers and members of this club that Vermont was represented at the various winter Carnivals held at colleges in the vicinity. It was through the efforts of the Winter Sports Club that a successful winter carnival was run off at Vermont in connection with Kake Walk. The club also sponsored an hilarious, old-fashioned sleigh ride. In its first year of intercollegiate competition, the winter sports team was entered in five meets and made a creditable showing in all five. Al- though no points were scored at Dartmouth, the team did well, considering that only five of the Douglas G. Suitor, Scc1'cfa1'y Kenneth D. Spaulding, Treaszwer fifteen competing schools placed in the events. In the meets held at Norwich, Middlebury, and St. Michael's, the members of the team scored con- sistently and made a creditable showing. Also, the skating team came off victorious in an inter- collegiate skating meet held in Burlington. Of the team members Glen Ricker, Doug Suitor, Al Cass, Steve Dutton, George Sabin, Ray Sabin, Joe Delfausse, John Wfoodruff, and John McCrea, the best all-round skater at Vermont, deserve special mention. Wfinter sport plans for the coming year are quite elaborate and two cabins, ski jump, skating rink, and ski trails are projected for the 1935 season. A great deal of credit must be given to Glenn Ricker, who was chiefly responsible for the forma- tion of the new club, and thanks are due Mr. Prentice and Mr. Pierce, who acted as winter sports coaches. 357 INTERFRATERNITY NVINTER SRORTS Twink Momzl and Glenn Ricker THE XVTN N E R S-February 7, 1934 Phi Delta Theta .............. .,........................... F irst Alpha Tau Omega .....,. K ...,.......,.. Second Kappa Sigma .............., ....,...... T hird Phi Mu Delta ......,.....................,...,............ Fourth THE SUMMARY Snowshoe Relay: Delta Psi QBeckley, Wfood- ard, Simonds, Wfoodruffj, first, Phi Delta Theta, Ski Relay: Phi Delta Theta CSyme, G. Sabin, H. Sabin, Suitor, first, Kappa Sigma, second. Time, 4 minutes, zo seconds. 880-yard Snowshoe Run: Suitor, Phi Delta Theta, firstg Green, Kappa Sigma, second: Ricker, Phi Mu Delta, third. Time, 3 minutes, 18 seconds. 220-yard Ski Dash: Suitor, Phi Delta Theta, firstg H. Sabin, Phi Delta Theta, second, Adams, Kappa Sigma, third. Time, 38.4 seconds. Cross-country Ski Run: Suitor, Phi Delta Theta, first, Dutton, Phi Mu Delta, second, H. Sabin, Phi Delta Theta, third. Time, 30 minutes, zo seconds. Cross-country Snowshoe Run: Ricker, Phi Mu Delta, first, Wfoodruff, Delta Psi, second, Simonds, Delta Psi, third. Time,'1o minutes, 4 seconds. 220-yard Snowshoe Dash: Waterman, Kappa Sigma, first, H. Sabin, Phi Delta Theta, second, Dutton, Phi Mu Delta, third. Time, 44.6 seconds. 2-mile Skating Race: McCrea, Alpha Tau Omega, Hrstg Ricker, Phi Mu Delta, second, Swift, Delta Psi, third. Time, 7 minutes. 25.8 seconds. 440-yard Skating Dash: McCrea, Alpha Tau Omega, iirstg Gerow, Alpha Tau Omega, second: Turner, Kappa Sigma, third. Time 43.8 seconds. Mile Skating Race: McCrea, Alpha Tau Omega, Hrstg Ricker, Phi Mu Delta, second, Gerow, Alpha Tau Omega, third. Time, 3 min- utes, 7 seconds. Four-man Skating Relay: Alpha Tau Omega fMcCrea, Reilly, Gerow, Trudeauj, firstg,Kappa Sigma, second: Delta Psi, third. Point Summary: Phi Delta Theta, 35. Alpha Tau Omega, 24. Kappa Sigma, 17. second, Kappa Sigma, third. Time, 4 minutes, 2.4 Phi Mu Delta, 16. seconds. Delta Psi, 15. SIM! of X80 111111 100 MCCVMZ 'lllillllillg ibe fwo-mile in Ike Kala' W'r11fe Wfi11lc'r CIll'77il'lll Mcfrf 8 . if ii- H QD Eb 5 :- -pity -57 '--D HEXATHLGN THE 103.L XVINNERS Joseph Delfausse, '54 ...,.,,..... ...,.,,,.... F irst Julius J. Jezukawicz, '36 ..,,.....,..,. ....,...,.,. S econd John T. Webster, '37 ...........,, ............... T hird Fourth Robert F. Kennedy, '37 .,......... For the second year the Physical Education De- partment sponsored the Vermont Hexathlon, which was instituted in honor of the late Professor James E. Donahue, Chairman of the Athletic Council. Although the field was more limited this year than last, the competition was keen throughout the series of six events, which were run off in two groups on different afternoons. At the conclusion of the Hexathlon, Joe Delfausse, star football end and all-round track man, was awarded first place and the James E. Donahue trophy as the outstanding individual all-round athlete of the University. The results were as follows: In the high jump Delfausse jumped 5 ft. 5 in., J. Webster, 5 ft. 1 in., R. Kennedy, 5 ft., J. Jezukawicz, 4 ft. II in., A. Ross, 4 ft. 9 in., E. Levine, 4 ft. II in., and L. Giardi, 4 ft. 7 in. In the shot put Jezukawicz placed first with a distance of 32 ft. II in., Delfausse next with 32 ft. in., Ross, 32 ft. IV! in., J. Webster, 29 ft. 1 in., R. Kennedy, 26 ft. in., E. Levine, 24 ft. II in., L. Giardi, 23 ft. 1 in. In the broad jump Delfausse jumped I9 ft. 226 in., Jezukawicz, 18 ft. UM in., Webster, I7 ft. 9 in., L. Giardi, I6 ft. II in., R. Kennedy, 16 ft. IOWQ in., A. Ross, 16 ft. in., E. Levine, 16 ft. IZ in. In the mile E. Levine was far ahead of the others with a time of 5.075 R. Kennedy, next with 5.215 J. Delfausse, 5.405163 J. Webster, 5.45, J. joe Delfaussc, W'i1z1zer Jezukawicz, 5-543 A. Ross, 5.5525 L. Giardi, 6.0435 The times in the rope climb were: L. Giardi, 523, R. Kennedy, Jezukawicz, 6255 Wfebster, 65,25 E. Levine, Delfausse, 82, A. Ross, In the 110-yard clash Joe Delfausse won with a new record for the track of 1225 Jezukawicz was second with Iggegg while E. Levine made the same time, Webster made 1352, R. Kennedy, 14, L. Giardi, 1425 and A. Ross, 142. Joe Delfausse made a total of 6,388.98 points, J. Jezukawicz had 6,3 19.01, J. Wfebster had 6,I47.83, R. Kennedy had 6,087.13, A. Ross had 5,9I9.35, E. Levine had 5,901.65g L. Giardi had 5,785.87. Two new records were made in the events. Delfausse broke the all-time record for the dash, with a time of IZJQ. Giardi broke the record for the rope climb, doing it in seconds. 359 INTERFRATERNITY TRACK Tl-IE XVINNERS-1934 Delta Psi .......,. ............ F irst Independents ...,... ............ S econd Sigma Nu .........,. ...........,.. T hird Kappa Sigma ,...... ..,.....,... F ourth THE SUIXINIAIQY 3o-yard Dash: Wfesoly, Independents, first, Cass, Delta Psi, second, Meligonis, Independents, third, and Jezukawicz, S A E, fourth.' Time, seconds. Shot Put: R. Delfausse, Independents, first, Barton, Sigma Nu, second, Bowers, Kappa Sigma, third, and Bedell, Sigma Nu, fourth. Distance, 38 feet, 7 inches. Pole Vault: Sowka, Kappa Sigma, first, Jezu- kawicz, S A E, second, Kennedy, Phi Mu Delta, third, and R. Delfausse, Independents, fourth. Height, IO feet, 9 inches. Mile Run: Harwood, Independents, first, Ken- nedy, Maclntyre, and C. Rogers, all of Phi Mu Delta, placed in order named. Time, 5 minutes, seconds. 35-pound Hammer Throw: Park, Delta Psi, first, Cook, Kappa Sigma, second, Ross, Sigma Nu, third, and J. Delfausse, fourth. Distance, 35 feet, IO inches. 30-yard High Hurdles: Trudeau, A T O, first, Syme, Phi Delt, second, Delfausse, Inde- pendents, third, and Pierce, Delta Psi, fourth. Time, Ark seconds. Broad Jump: Haug, Sigma Nu, first, Webster, Delta Psi, second, Jezukawicz, S A E, third, and Wfesoly, Independents, fourth. Distance, I9 feet, 8 inches. .M johnny Woodrujf Deli Captain 440-yard Run: Collins, Delta Psi, first, Shaw, Sigma Nu, second, Howe, Kappa Sigma, third, and Wfoodruff, Delta Psi, fourth. Time, S952 seconds. 30-yard Low Hurdles: Syme, Phi Delt, first, Foote, Delta Psi, second, Wfaterman, Kappa Sigma, third, and Trudeau, A T O, fourth. Time, 4 seconds. Two-mile: Wfoodruff, Delta Psi, Hrst, Ken- nedy, Phi Mu Delta, second, Jenks, Delta Psi, third, and Hebb and Twicchell, tie for fourth. Time, I2 minutes, second. High Jump: Trudeau, A T O, first, Del- fausse, second, Crane, Sigma Phi, third, and R. Delfausse, fourth. Height, 5 feet, 8M inches. 880-yard Run: Andress, Lambda Iota, first, Shaw, Sigma Nu, second, Levine, Independents, third, and Collins, Delta Psi, fourth. Time, z minutes, I6 seconds. The total points were: Delta Psi 29, Independ- ents 28, Sigma Nu 17, Kappa Sigma 142, Phi Mu Delta and A T O both took II points, Phi Delta Theta 8, S A E 72, Lambda Iota 5, Sigma Phi 2. .. in ,ff 71 V l' " A II X-I D 3 fl 'J ... xx x.. L ..-- Z- - - 60 a' iigjijffffifegegfff-----W--8 TI-IE RELAYS TI-IE WINNER-INDEPENDENTS ATQ QByej AW AQ EA 2:548 EN QByej 2112 QByej QMA1 QM4 .LI Q Defaultj Independents QByej K2 1 KE C1340 2 1 5 6. s l fm, A QDefaultj ANP 3- l.ll 2:51.0 2111 , ,-l-L 2:57.6 Independents , -l-.. 2151.0 Independents l , all 2:49.0 Independents 2:464 QNeW recordj INTRAMURAL INDCQR TRACK 30-yard dash .,.,....... Shot put .,.........,. Pole vault ................... Mile run ,.......,.,..,. ....,..,. . . 35'-pOU1'1d weight ....,...........,,. Running broad jump ......,.. RECCRDS :P Since 1930 3.6 secs 38 ft. 7 in. IO ft. 9 in. 4:58 35 ft. IO in. I9 ft. 8 in. 30-yard high hurdles ...,. .. .,., ,..,... 4 .2 secs. 440-yard dash . ,....,,. ............ 5 8.4 secs. 30-yard low hurdles ............ ...,.,. 4 .0 secs. Two-mile run ......, 11:04.2 High jump ..,........ 5 ft. 8.5 in. 880-yard run .......... ..,...,, 2 :16 Bond Billings Smith Wfesoly Delfausse Sowka Suitor Park Iiaug Billings Trudeau Wfesoly B4cK2y Syme Hadley Trudeau Andress ifPrior to 1930 no accurate records were kept in intramural competition 1930 1932 1933 T934 1934 1934 1933 1934 1934 1932 1934 T933 1932 1934 1930 1934 1934 I TI-IE TRAYNGR TRQPHY Axx'a1'ded fxnnually by KEY AND SERPENT SQCIETY to that fraternity which through interfraternity competition has proven itself outstanding XVON BY Kappa Sigma, 1930-31 Sigma Phi, 1931-32 Phi Delta Theta, 1932-33 The Traynor Trophy was established by the Key and Serpent Society of the Class of 1932 in memory of their classmate Edward L. fPiej Traynor, captain-elect of base- ball, who was fatally injured on December 30, I95O. The purpose of the trophy is to stimulate interest and participation in all forms of interfraternity competition and to foster more friendly contacts between the houses. At the time of publication the following fraternities are leading for the Traynor Award for 1933-34: Delta Psi, nineteen points, Alpha Tau Omega, fifteen points, Sigma Delta, eleven points, Tau Epsilon Phi, ten points, Kappa Sigma, nine points. The principal remaining events in the competition for this year are Interfraternity Base- ball, Interfraternity Drill Squad, and the Junior Week Peerade. ig ll Zn 5D if 1 'l 2 I i ':g::7"'f '---1-T-qw-3 .X XX X I X' X , X X X X X ,X ,X X. XXX, XX X XXX XX X XX X X X ' XX XX! X X 'X 'X X X XX' X XX ,X XX fy M. Xf XX X XXX, X X X XX XXX ' XX X XXX 5, XX XXX , X X X X' XX X XX X X X .X XX Wi! IX XXX XX X X XX X XXX X XX XXX X XX X FX fm :X 1,51 XX :XYX , XDGRT5 64 DEPARTMENT CDF PHYSICAL EDUCATICDN Blu1zcka1'c1, C1l1lZ771i1ZgS, Balrlwin, Frey PERSONNEL ELEANOR STETSON CUMMINGS, A.B. ..,..... Associate Professor of Physical Eduraiion for XVOIIZEI1 ALICE NIELSON BLANCHARD, A.B .... ........ . Assistant Professor of Physical Ezlucntion for Wouzen ANNIS BALDWIN ,........,....,. ..,.......,... A ssisimzt in Playsifal Ezluczztion for Wozfzevz FREDERICKA S. FREY .....,,., ..... ..... A ,vsisiant in Physiral Education for XVOIIZEJZ U fi SQ Fl? kjig 'Q' ' 'N -W Y,.,f' -.I XVQMENIS ATI-ILETIC ASSCDCIATICDN Founded I9 I 3 Lorkxwoozl, L:1Fou11fai11, Hoyt, I-Inzrris, fclzlzinx, Hubbura' Bfzwozz, Hill, Miller, Putnam, Reynolrls, M01l'l1f, Rick DAISY PUTNAM, 34 ...,.......,, RUTH REYNOLDS, ,34 ...,,,. HELEN HUBBARD, J34.. .... .. CAROLYN HILL, '36 .....,......, HELEN MOUNT, 535 ,.....,. . ,.... ., GLADYS SUSSDORFF, '36, ..,..... . HELEN JENKINS, '34.. ,... ,, HELEN MILLER, ,55 ..,...,.. ELIZABETH RICH ....,......., Grace Harris Junior Irene L:1FountairI .zgf -,-:VUL I I ALL. .L COUNCIL ........4..,......,.,Prcsi1lc1zt ,...... ,.....,.. . . ...Vice-Pz'exiJe111f ...,....,,......Rfr0rzling ScL'1'vfm'y ,..,..I....C0I'rex,lJo1zdi1zg Secrclary ....,,.,.......,,.......,,.,......,....1q1'E'll.Y7IVET Pzzblirity MHl1HgC'l' ................,........Cblli7'IllHIZ of Hcallb Cozmril Hiking Chlliflllflll A. A. Ezlifor of Fresbnzmz Hrmrllvnok REPRESENTATIVES Seniors Alice Hoyt Sophomore FITSZJIIIIIIZ Ruth Barron Margaret Lockwood 6 VZEARERS CDF XV. A. A. AWARDS Peacock, Mount, Donaldson, Hosley, Mann Rowe, Hill, Hilliker, Miller, France, Spelrnan, Sinclair Nugent, Horalz, LnFoun!ain, Piztnain, Rick, Benn, Millet Susan France, '35 Marie Horak, '34 V Ellen Barrett, '34 Elinor Bean, '34 Elizabeth Beckvold, '35 Helen Fogg, '54 Harriet Gray, '36 Norma Hathorn, '34 Ruth Barron, '36 Pauline Coache, '35 Vivian Donaldson, '36 Elizabeth Downer, '36 Teressa Fayette, '36 Eleanor Goodrich, '34 BLAZER Irene LaFountain, '35 Helen Mount, '35 U. V. M. Fanny Hosley, '35 Ruth Johnstone, '34 Eunice Mann, '35 Helen Miller, '35 Margaret Nugent, '35 Ruth Reynolds, '34 NUMERALS Elizabeth Gray, '36 Anna Greene, '34 Carolyn Hill, '36 Natalie Hilliker, '36 Alice Hoyt, '34 Marguerite Miller, '35 1. 1.-:J .D 'D Daisy Putnam, '34 Edith Rogers, '34 Elizabeth Rich, '35 Jenny Scutakes, '34 Grace Spelman, '35 Mary Kay Tupper, '35 Alice Wimett, '35 Elizabeth Woodward, '34 Marie Nicholson, '35 Margaret Patterson, '36 Helen Roberts, '34 Frances Rowe, '36 Esther Sinclair, '36 Gladys Sussdorff, '36 'ff - -.-: -..-.- , , . . , . . . . -..,.-,.A,,cY.-, a..c,f..., Spring of1Q33 Jean Cady, c. Susan France, p. Helen Mount, Mmmger, Irene LaFountain, zb. Marie Naylor, 3b. Winzetf, Millef, Mmm Nugent, LtZF0ll7l1'!1i1l, Mounl, France, Peurorlz JUNIOR TEAM Cecilia Kremski, s.s. Marguerite Millet, l.f. Phyllis Peacock, c.f. Margaret Nugent, r.f. Evelyn Perry, 31117. Mary Moore, sub. Eunice Mann, sub. Marie Nicholson, sub Alice Wfimett, sub. Due to good teamwork and cooperation, the class of 1935 won the baseball Cham pionship, completing the season by defeating the Freshmen I8-17 in a close game There is always great interest in this sport and we look forward to more successful seasons for the class of '35. HCDCKEY, Fall oi1Q33 Wimett, Miller, Rich, Mount Mann, Hosley, LzzFuu1zfain, Perzroclz, France Elizabeth Beckvold, c.f. Helen Mount, r.i. , Irene I.aFountain, Manager, l.i. Mary Kay Tupper, Vnrsiiy, r.w. Eunice Mann, l.w. Marie Horak, '34, c.f. U Harriet Gray, '36, r.i. Daisy Putnam, ,34, l.i. Mary Kay Tupper, 335, r.w. JUNIOR TEAM Susan France, c.h. Elizabeth Rich, Varsiiy, r.h. Fanny Hosley, l.h. Marie Nicholon, Varsity, r.f. Alice XVimett, 1.f. VARSITY TEAM Elizabeth Woodward, '34, l.w. Edith Rogers, '34, c.h. Elizabeth Rich, '35, r.h. Phyllis Peacock, g. Barbara Bryan, sub. Dorothy Kennedy, sub. Jane Parsons, sub. Susie Sanborn, sub. Elinor Bean, ,34, l.h. Marie Nicholson, '35, r.f. Ellen Barrett, '34, l.f. Elizabeth Downer, '36, 8 Although the Juniors did not Win the hockey tournament, the statistical results were in their favor. The team scored a total of four points to its opponents two. The Juniors, although never having won the class championship, have been runners-up for two years. There was shown good spirit and good sportsmanship during the three seasons. fill El if U. ll Q FD 5D T- ,, z...-...t...- .,,.. ,.,,.,.-.........::::u-m X 368 c VQLLEYBALL, Fall ol 1Q33 Susan France Irene LaFountain Marguerite Millet Helen Skerry, '36 Margaret Lockwood, '37 Margaret Patterson, '36 Hosley, France, Mount, Wi1nett SPEIWZHTI, Nugent, Millet, LtlF0lL7lIfl1i1Z, Pcarock JUNIOR TEAM Helen Mount, Varsity Margaret Nugent, Varsity Grace Spelman VARSITY TEAM Margaret Nugent, '35 Elizabeth Woodward, '34 Ruth Reynolds, '34 . Marion Parker Fanny Hosley, Manager Winona Oatley Helen Mount, '35 Mary Curtin, '37 Margaret Blodgert, '37 The volleyball team of the class of '35 has shown some fine teamwork during the past seasons. Every year the class has turned out a team of which '35 may well be proud. In each game whether a victory or a defeat the team showed the same good sportsmanship and cooperation which has characterized all of the contests in which the class of '35 has taken part. Ll f 11" 1- it-' 'zivlfljg E 1 F 1 4 . L fflff' f, ' 4' 5 3 BASKETBALL, NVinte1- ol 1933-34 Eunice Mann, r.f. , Irene Lafiountain, Varsity, Marguerite Millet, c.f. Mary Augustenovitch, '36 Irene LaFountain, '35 1.f. Mount, France, VC7imeft Hailey, Rich, Millet, L:zFou1z1fni1z, Mann JUNIOR 'TEAM Helen Mount, Vnrsiiy, l.g. Elizabeth Rich, r.g. Alice Wimett, c.g. VARSITY TEAM Elizabeth Collins, '37 Lois Hammond, '37 Fanny Hosley, wb. Susan France, sub. Marie Nicholson, Manager Helen Mount, '35 Eleanor Goodrich, ,34 The Junior basketball team compiled a splendid record this year, losing only one game to the Freshmen, Who finally won the championship. The Juniors defeated both the Senior and the Sophomore teams in close, exciting games. Last year the 1935 team tied with the Seniors for the championship. It has been a grand team. ' fl? is ii. ll SQJ 55 ffl? 70 3 ' fi, fifflfgfffafremc--D RIFLE TEAM Brown, Lofkwoorl, Sergeant Corzncr, Hufrhins, Collins Nelson, Sirrvlair, L6'B!Il'077, Parker, Hill, OIIIJECIIJ Dorlfls, Poling, Miller, Putrzfzvrz, Vosburgb OFFICERS SERGEANT CONNER ,...,,... DAISY PUTNAM ,,.,.... Christine Brown Carolyn Cabot Elizabeth Collins Janet Dodds Carolyn Hill Genevieve Hutchins MEMBERS Katherine LeBaron Margaret Lockwood Helen Miller Wilma Nelson Dorothy Oldfield Coach Manager Marion Parker Mary Poling Daisy Putnam Esther Sinclair Roberta Thompson Mildred Vosburgh TI-IE SEASQN-1934 Remaining undefeated throughout a schedule of sixteen matches Bred before March 18, 1934, the women's rifle team has maintained its customary high national rating in its sport field. Of twelve five-place shoots, in which Vermont was victorious over such schools as the universities of Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, Northwestern, Penn State, Washington, Nebraska, and Illinois, the team dropped only once from a perfect goo score. In the four ten-place matches with Kansas, South Dakota, Indiana, and XVichita, 997 was the lowest total. This is Cl splendid record and Sergeant Conner and his pupils are to be congratulated. MARY POLING .,............... THE RIFLE CLUB CMembers of the National Rifle Associationj OFFICERS ESTHER SINCLAIR ...,.,..,,...,, KATHERINE LEBARON HELEN MLLLER ,.,...,,,........ , .... . 'r"T,...m'fQ1fQff.Q1,1 " , , . i . ....,,,.........Prcsirlcnl ...,,......................VicL'-Presirlent Sccreta ry-Treasurer Range Oliver I MINQR SPQRTS Mann, Wbitcovfib, France Spclmavz, Babbitt ARCHERY, SPRING or 1933 Constance Calkins, Varsity Mary Cunningham, Alzfemate Grace Spelman Ruth Schaeffer, Varsity The archer team attained a score of IO in the s rin tournament and Won third I Y D 4 P g U place. ,3S 18 proud to have two of its members elected to the honorary varsitv. TENNIS, FALL or 1933 Susan France Mary Kay Tupper, Sub Barbara Russell Margaret Kane, Sub The Weather prohibited the playing off of the tennis tournament but the Juniors had a good start toward victory since they had Won their first match. There is every possibility that the class of 1935 will hold the tennis championship next season. BOWLING, WINTER or 1934 Sue France Lois Whitcomb Mary Kay Tupper, Varsity Barbara Wears, Sub The Seniors Won the tournament over the lower classes in bowling, but the Juniors placed Mary Kay Tupper on the varsity, which was chosen from those Who had made consistently high scores. The others on the varsity team were Elizabeth Woodward, '34, and Edith Rogers, '34, - FENCING, WINTER OF 1933-34 Katherine Babbitt, '37, Manager Elizabeth Beach, '36 Elizabeth Haig, '36 Eleanore McMahon, '37 Barbara Redding, '37 Dorothy Oldfield, '37 Under the coaching of G. H. Burrows, II, '34, and J. S. Perelman, M'35, an old sport was revived this year. Classes in fencing Were started in November and consid- erable interest was aroused in the sport. .. .-.I .L , Ll ,gi ws5MiL4- as Q 5 ED l fi 2 "?i?I-TUE" Afier ibe Fall Field Day I XY7omen's Sports Aclion Sbofs -f--E A QS if 55' LITA Tl-IE R. CD. T. C. EATTALICDN PERSCNNEL FREDERICK FRASER BLACK, D.O.L. Lieutenant-Colonel, Infantry, United States Army Professor of Military Science anfl Tactics anrl Coinvnanzlant of Cadets CHESTER RAYMOND I-IAIG, M.D. f Lieuten:nt-Colonel, Medical Corps, United States Army ' Colonel Blfrfk C07i77ll!17lfltl77f Assistant Professor of Military Science anrl Tactics MALCOLM EVERETT CRAIG, B.S. Captain, Infantry, United States Army Assistant Professor of Military Science ancl Tactics ELBRIDGE COLBY, A.B., Pl1.D. Captain, Infantry, United States Army Assistant Professor of Military Science anrl Tactics RAYMOND THOMAS CONNER, D.E.L. Staff Sergeant, United States Army Il1Xf1'1lC'f0l' i11 Military Science ancl Tactics CADET QFFICERS MAJOR G. L. Davis ......,.. .....,.,..,...,.....,............. .... . . ...t... . C07lZ777'dIllll7lg Battalion CAPTAINS D. NV. Jenks. .,........ ...........,........... ...... ........ . ...,..,,,. ........,......,. A fl j 1 Ltant A. C. Pond ....,... .......... COI7Z1l1t171!ll1Zg Co. A C. H. Drown ......... .......,... C o1nrzan1lingCo. B S. Pierce, Jr .......... ......... C 0lIl1l1lIl1LiiI1g Co. C W. A. Ross ....,...... .... ..... ........ . C o nunanrling Co. D F. O. Walter . .... ........................................................... ........... C o l71IIZH77di71gC0.E FIRST LIEUTIENANTS D. E. Bennett .......... ................. . ............................................ C ornnzamling First Platoon Co. A A. H. Cass .................. ........... C 0I1l71Z!I1lll'i1Zg Seconzl Platoon Co. A D. P. Germann ........... ............. C oininancling First Platoon Co. B W. N. Coburn ............. ............ C 0l1l17ltl7ZLl,lI1g Second Platoon Co. B C. J. Libby ........,........ ...... ...... . ..... C 0 nznzanzling First Platoon Co. C J. L. Morgan ............ ............. C ommanzling Second Platoon Co. C VV. J. Ryan ............ ........... C o1n1nana'ing First Platoon Co. D H. G. Stone .......... . .......... Corn1nann'ing Seconzl Platoon Co. D F. H. Spear ...... .................. C o1n1na11rling First Platoon Co. E P. E. Lanou .......... .......................................... ......... ....... .... C o 1 1 Z1lZt111!l'lI7g Second Platoon Co. E SECOND LIEUTENANTS J. Connelly .......... ...................................................... .......... C o.A M. D. Howe ......... ..........., C 0. B L. E. Davis .... . .......... ........... C 0. C R. M. Donahue ................ ........ C o.D R. H. Treadway ............. ...---... C 0- E ' :ri 1 E3 Q: 'Yr 5 fill f . L! LW, A , .,, ,.,,.., ,. AL F.--...i,.:.1a,-I 3 7 8 X jjj' t7 "" ' 0 D. E. Behringer ...,,...... .. C. I. Keelan .......,... F. T. Churchill ,,....,,, . A. A. Hutchins .....,..., J. M. Libby ..,......,..,...,. A. L. Williams .....,, M. H. Carlson. ...... . T. J. Bushey ..,,,.,,. .......,.... A. S. C. Darden .,....,,.., R. B. Hart ...........,,,........ P. M. Howe .........,.... G. E. Ranslow .....,....... XV. H. Myers ............. R. XVooClarCl .............. F. W. Squires ....... E. R. Swartz .,,..... R. M. Bent ................ R. S. Brown .........,.,....,., J. W. Hopkinson .....,.,,... R. W. Dunham ,......... H. F. Howard ............. R. W. Hurley ..... G. Martin .................... C. A. Park .................,,... C. W. Meligonis ..........., A. A. Morrissette ....,,.. M. A. Patch. ..,............. .. C. R. Saxton ...,....... G. M. Sabin ..,..,... STAFF SERGEANT FIRST SERGEANTS SERGEANTS Battalion Sergeant Major ..........Co. A .....,.....Co. B ...........Co. C .....,....Co. D ...........Co. E Firsz' Plrzioon Co. A Socoim' Platoon Co. A , ............... First Platoon Co. B Sero1z1lPInfoo1z Co. I3 ........,....Fi1'st Plzzfoon Co. C Secoml Platoon Co. C First Plafoozz Co. D SCEOITHI Plnloon Co. D ......,.....FiV5f PIIIZLOOII Co. E Second Plufoon Co. E Co. A Co. A Co. B ........,..Co. B Co. B Co. C Co. C ...... Co. C Co. D Co. D Co. E Co. E Co. E --...rsh Ienks, Libby, Donahue Tre.'1rl'1v.1y, Drown, Ross, Sione, Spear GL'l'71Z!Tl11Z, Connelly, Picrff, Lanozf, Davis O Co. A E. G. Allen P. M. Andress M. A. Bailey J. M. Bellows E. C. Berry R. B. Billings R. C. Bristol C. H. Buchanan W. H. Butrles F. A. Cadwell J. H. Cass A. A. Clough CO171pd71jf A CORPORALS Co. B D. F. Coburn W. H. Connor P. Craig J. E. Crane R. B. Davis R. T. Degree A. Delgiudice L. A. Dickinson J. A. Dodds A. S. Everest H. E. Fitch J. P. Shelc CO.'1lfIIlI1jf B , I . V., , .L MQ., ,, ,r..,,..........,------ 'D.,... Compmzy C CORPORALS Co. C CO- D T. A. George L. A. Giardi XV. G. Gibson H. L. Gray F. W. Hale E. S. Householder W. C. Hull J. J. Jezukawicz M. C. Jones E. M. Keeney L. J. Leavens M. D. McCarthy M. A. McNall H. L. Martin R. Martin M. E. Merchant J. H. Millington J. A. Moran F. Nuissl S. A. Parsons L. M. Paul. W. A. Peters A. I. Robbins J. R. Ronzone H. E. Rulimshotlel Comjmny D I 2 Comjzrzzzy E CORPORALS Co. E . W. Starbuck XV. C. Twitcllell . L. Stebbins E. L. Vervoort Stiles . G. Suitor S. Swift A. Tasker G. E. Webster A. C. Werner P, F. White J. C. Williams E. G. Young The Battalion on Purfrzle-Memorial Day, 1933 M, , L l -W ' ll eff U, THE R. CD. T. C. BAND JOSEPH F. LECHNYR ....... N. O. WELLS ............... J. C. BELLINO ..,.,.... J. J. MILLETT ...4,...., Corners and Tmmzpefs J. C. Bellino E. C. Dresser F. B. Hunt R. C. Irish B. XV. Mullen A. T. Reed H. W. Stanley N. O. Nvells Clnrifzcts J. H. Ainsworth W. J. Baker C. XV. Flin: J. E. Foster W. G. Kidd J. H. Maeck L. V. Peck A. C. Svigoon W. G. Twombly PERSONNEL Plufcs N. A. Briggs N. R. Heald M. J. Wfalsh Basses J. D. Croker A. R. Evans C. D. Thibault Saxopbonvs D. R. Bouchard R. C. Densmore E. K. Lanctot J. R. Levin E. R. Ricker H. XV. Sisco P. E. Taft Horns G. W. Baker R. G. Bartlett XV. H. Heininger D. C. Stafford .............................Dl7'L'!'f0l .............Fi1'st Assistant BIIIIUI Lcnflm .............SEC01ZEll Assistant Bam! Lfnzlm Drum Mayor Bassoon R. C. Mildram Bm'iz'o11es D. D. Davis H. M. Rowe T!'07IZb0l1C'S J. Failla G. W. Gray M. Grecnburg A. A. Morrissette D mms C. R. Congdon C. F. Derven J. F. Derven W. L. Jenks R. G. Xvarren FEDERAL INSPECTIGN-1933 XVINNERS OF ANVARDS Honor G1'lllZ,1lt1ZLC ..,...,.........,....,....,..... Lester L. Woodward Loyal Legion Sabre ......4...........,..,... Lester L. Wfoodward Senior S.A.R. Medal ,....,,.....,.......... Lester L. XVoodward junior S.A.R. Medal .........................,..... Gordon L. Davis S0ph077Z01'E' S.A.R. Medal .,...,,...........,.... YVilliam E. Cass Freshman S.A.R. Meflrll ........,,......... Philip M. Andress Sophomore Drill Cup ......... ....,.........4,. R obert M. Bent Fl'8Sb7716l71 Drill Cup .......,........,,........,...,. George A. Smith Drill Sqnczcz' .,...,...........................,....... Phi Delta Theta, First 4 Delta Psi, Second 1477201761171 Legion Trophy ,......,...,.... ,........... C ompany A Maintaining the splendid record that has become tradition at the University, the R. O. T. C. Bat- talion came through two days of federal inspection with flying colors and once again the Vermont Battalion received the highest possible rating. The inspecting ofhcers were Colonel Daniel G. Berry, the officer in charge of organized reserve activities at headquarters, First Corps Area, Bos- ton, and Captain Alfred T. Knight, executive officer of the 97th Division Organized Reserves in Burlington. The first day, May 16, was devoted to the actual inspection. In the morning all classes were ex- amined for both theoretical and practical knowl- edge of the basic and advanced courses in military science and company inspection was held. In the afternoon the battalion assembled for the working out of a tactical problem. An "enemy" approach- ing Burlington from Williston Road and attack- ing by Converse Hall provided the action. Com- panies were divided into sections and squads and sent out as guards to cover the reservoir and the Trophies XVinooski, while an assault platoon, dressed in blue fatigue suits, crept up on the enemy at Con- verse. The second day consisted in the competitive drills, the battalion parade, and the presentation of awards. In the interfraternity drill squad competition, I-I. M. Loudon led his finely-trained Phi Delta Theta squad to a clear-cut victory over the traditionally favored Delta Psi squad under the command of L. E. Reed. R. M. Bent and G. A. Smith were the winners of the sophomore and freshman Scabbard and Blade cups in the class drill downs. These cups were for individual excellence in manual of arms drill and every freshman and sophomore competed. L. L. Woodward received the Loyal Legion sabre, which is yearly presented to "the senior who is most outstanding as an officer in the battalion." H. M. Loudon again led the men under him to victory and received the American Legion award The R. O. T. C. Band 4 The 0135 cars Impcctiorz Scenes for the best drilled company for Company A, his command. Medals were presented by the Sons of the American Revolution to the students of each of the four classes who had excelled in the year's work. These were offered for the first time this Williams, and N. H. Press, manager. year. L. L. Woodward, G. L. Davis, W. E. Cass, and P. M. Andress received them for the senior, students assembled on the back campus for thi junior, sophomore, and freshman classes, re- spectively. tenant Dignan. The Phi Dell Squad The Dell Squad Rifle team awards, based on excellence in sharpshooting, were presented to W. J. Burke, Captain, H. Sheldon, R. M. Donahue, G. L. Davis, A. S. C. Darden, J. W. Hopkinson, A. L. Military activities were set aside form 10.00 to 10.30 in order that all might attend chapel. The S service which was conducted by Chaplain-Lieu- 3 IVIEN'S RIFLE TEAM Crzplain Craig, Behringer, Gibson, Mrznager Gould, Merchant HOPkllZSO7Z, Drzwlcvz, Tremlimzy, Captain Donahue, Ross, Williams, Churchill OFFICERS RICHARD M. DONAHUE ,...,...,,. . NATH1fXNIEL GOULD.. .....,......,.......,,. .. CAPTAIN MALCOLL4 E. CRA1c.., ..... MEMBERS David E. Behringer Frank T. Churchill Arthur S. C. Darden Richard M. Donahue Winston G. Gibson john W. Hopkinson M. Eugene Merchant XVinfred A. Ross Robert I-I. Trcadway Arthur I.. Williams FRESHMAN MEMBERS John R. Evans Gerald W. Gray Collins Farr Norman R. Heald Clarence Watters TI-IE SEASON-1934 Finishing first in the First Corps Area com- petition and breaking even in a long series of matches with teams from all sections of the coun- try, the men's rifle team completed a very success- ful season in 1934. The team also shot a series of three shoulder-to-shoulder matches. The Hrst 6 ........,,,,.Cap1fr1i1z .,,........Mamzger .....,......Coaclo was won from Norwich, but Vermont dropped a return contest with Norwich and lost to the Army at West Point. The First Corps Area standing is as follows: Vermont .....,,......,.,..............., 7,599 Connecticut State . ..,,.,..... 7,337 New Hampshire ,, .........,.., 7,473 Norwich ............,.......,,.... 7,236 M. I. T. ...,....,.......,............. .7,436 Yale ,.......,....,.., .... ,,..,... .......,,. 7 , 1 86 Rhode Island State ,....... 7,411 Massachusetts State ..,.. 6,936 Maine .................,...........,....... 7,407 Boston University ...,.... 6,157 For placing first in this competition, the mem- bers of the Vermont team each received a gold medal. Other matches were won from New Mexico, Columbia, Idaho, Georgetown, and Ken- tucky. Individual scores, men's rifle team, during the I934 season, are as follows: Merchant ....,......,.,. ,........... 2 ,963 Donahue ...... 2,861 Darden .,..... .....,.... z ,945 Behringer 2,352 Ross ........ ..... 2 ,899 Treadway 2,851 Gibson .,..... ..... 2 ,880 Williams .,...... ...... z ,847 Churchill ....,. ..... 2 ,872 Hopkinson 2,305 I r FT' .cj 31-5 5...-,...,.... f I E 1 1 W 115 Ui 1 94 1 1' J S1 :11 1 Wi V 11 111 51, 1 1. 11 l 1' 1 1 ,ix 1 1 P Y N 11 M 1 1 ' I 5 l ,, we 11 1 11 l, fy, IN l ' 5 1 11 , 1 'i I H 1 H V 1 1? 5 We ?1 0 V l 1 ! 1 131 151 1 1 V in ,:,,1:L4'J'Pk"Tf1ff-f , 1 fx' W, ,-Vgyg -CWI ff- Lf"-'fig,,,,. E L- H- Lf 15131131 My V95 5? U KAKE WALK AND DRfxbf1i1AT1CS KA K E XVA THE XVINNERS WALKIN, Fo' DE KAKE First, ANI' ......,,.... .............. S wift and Jenks Second, EA .... , ......, ...,.......... S tetson and Miller This year the directors of Kake Walk, in an at- tempt to revive a lagging institution, decided to remodel the traditional show. When they an- nounced their intention to omit peerade and stunts, skeptics wondered .... But at the close of Kake Wfalk, the press truthfully summed up the results of their work with the head, QQKAKE WALK CARNIVAL WEEK-END SCORES A TREMENDOUS SUCCESS." George H. Burrows, II, and NVilliam W. Brislin, directors of Kake Walk, deserve a great deal of credit for their inspired Work in creating a bigger and better show out of the 1934 Kake Walk. V K A complete program for a Kake Walk week-end, comprising a masquerade ball, a Winter sports LK-1934 meet, and a "Kake Walk Revuef' was planned and carried out with a remarkable degree of suc- cess. The addition, a campaign for "Karnival King" was instituted and the political contest, which included radio speeches over WCAX, fur- nishedthe student body a lot of entertainment. There were three main parties in this race, the Nudist Party, led by George W. Patterson, III, the Communist-Petting Party of S. Thatcher Hubbard, IIII, and the Dark Horse Party, with Peaky Flynn as candidate. The masquerade, with the Barbary Coast Orchestra, furnishing the music, officially opened the festival on Friday night and was an unqualified success. For once the Vermont students "let go,', dressed up in outlandish and often clever costumes, and had a riotously good time. Among the celebrities present were Minnie and Mickey Mouse, several Russian Grand Dukes, the Invisible Man, Peter Pan, Katherine Hepburn, and a host of bell-hops, gamblers, Mexi- The Cast 388 V we -'J - , I U. fs .. -i ,J -J: .KD El,':'g' Featizring: Beacb and Millef, Colbnwz and Howe, King Thafcb mul His Castle, Stetson :mil Miller cans, senoritas, toughs, farmers, and jailbirds. At this dance Thatch Hubbard was announced as the choice of the college for King of Kake Walk and he rolled the big dice to obtain the number of the girlivvho Was to be Karnival Queen. Kay Mahoney was this girl and she was led straightway to the Queen's Throne, where a beautifully decorated cake, which King Thatch unfortunately sat upon later in the evening, was presented to her. The snow and ice carnival held Saturday morn- ing and afternoon with both interclass and inter- collegiate competition was as successful as could be expected during the frigid Weather and after the hilarious preceding evening. Saturday night came the piece de reisisz'a11ice of the Kake Walk Karnival, the Kake Walk Revue under the skillful direction of Francis P. Colburn and the walkin' fo' de kake. The program opened with a half-hour concert by the band under Joe Lechnyr's direction. Following this was pre- sented a performance of a type altogether new in Kakc Yvalk history. With Fran Colburn acting as master of ceremonies, a varied, quickly chang- ing, and delightfully absurd program of essentially F6'!lf7l1'i17gI Baby Bill, Tarzan Powell, "Bring 'Em Bank Alive" Howe, Big Chief Crrrperzler 389 WINNING KAKE WALKERS Hen Swift collegiate humor was offered. The King of Kake Vfalk was Hrst introduced after he had been slightly delayed at a meeting with his Privy Council. Following a few words of welcome by the King, the show began. The short, unrelated skits, cleverly worked-out and filled with rapid-fire gags, scored an instantaneous and tremendous hit with the audience. The blackout sketches of Fran Colburn and his assistants were interspersed with several selections by a and the Barroom Trio sisters and Fid Barber, "Finds" of the evening. The chief episodes in laid in Fort Duquesne, O disguised double quartet made up of the Jenkins which was one of the the show were: A scene a burlesqued program of Bill Iezzkx slight-of-hand tricks, an old-reliable R.K.O. blackout, tap-dancing by four co-eds on the bar- room tables, and lastly a lecture, after the ap- proved manner, by that famed explorer of the "vast, unknown, almost impenetrable Iturri Forestf' Prentiss Howe. After a short intermission, the band struck up the grand old tune, "Cotton Babes," and to the strains of this music, eight couples, representing the various fraternities, offered a grand exhibition of kake-walkinl Against the keenest competition, Hen Swift and Bill Jenks, the Delta Psi couple, walked its way to victory and possession of the large cake and Boulder Cup. Bill Stetson and Ed ,I W ,V ,D lbw- r I ta ,t .. . xg, LJ gg . Y 7 ,- A... .....,. ,,.,,,.,....i..,,.! " " "'QIl'?" ' "" A ' 'Ai' 'W 'U Knke Walk Masqzzernrfe Miller, representing Sigma Delta, received the formance which would have given strong com- Student Senate Cup and smaller cake for second petition to their male rivals and they too were prize. presented with a cake. Another feature of this yearis Kake Wfalk was The judges were the Honorable Sherman R. the presentation for the first time in history of a Moulton, Professor Leon W. Dean, and H. Dean couple of women kake-Walkers. Marguerite Pearl, and Professor Dean announced the awards, Millet and Elizabeth Beach combined a series of which included a kake for Joe Lechnyr's R. O. specialties with straight kake-Walking in a per- T. C. band. THE KAKE WALK DIRECTORS Reeves, Libby Brixlizz, Bu1'r0u's ' ,H-gwgxmik , 1 1-......E.L.a,,.Tm.,ia,,, . t,., asv., ' 39 I KAKE XVALK CQMMITTEES DIRECTORS W. XV. BRISLIN, '34 G. H. Burmoxvs, II, '34 ASSISTANT DIRECTORS J. M. LIBBY, '35 i T. M. REEvEs, '35 COMMITTEES Kuke Walki11g Lighting D. Tobin, '34, Chairman D. XV. Jenks, '34, Ch!li1'7lll1I1 R. P. Davison, '35 XV. N. Coburn, '34 Helen Miller, '35 W. B. Ferrirer, '36 Masquerade T. G. Cogswell, '34, Cbairmavz J. H. Twohey, '35 F. Lanalaan, '35 Margaret Kane, '35 XVinona Oatley, '35 Sealing XV. P. Stetson, '34, Chdi1'7lZH1Z G. H. Cook, '35 XV. R. Hawke, '35 S. M. Walk, '35 W. Sokol, '36 E. A. Funk, '36 G. E. Webster, '36 Dfvornlions N. O. Wells, '34, Cbairlizalz J. F. Syme, '35 K. Whalen, '35 D. D. Davis, '36 J. C. Williams, '36 F. B. Hunt, '36 Ruth XVl1ite, '36 Prozlncliou A. A. Ross, Cbrziwimn Helen Jenkins, '34, Cbrzirmfz H. H. Abbott, '35 P. M. Howe, '35 J. S. XVool, '33 R. G. Bartlett, '36 Mary Casey, '35 Gladys Sussdorff, '36 Carolyn Cook, '35 Sylvia Jarvis, '36 IZ W. A. Ross, '35 R. G. Warren, '36 Usberiug Alice McConnell, '34, Cbairmmz Elizabeth Beckvold, '35, Marjorie Jenks, '35 Ruth Wright, '36 Frances Rowe, '36 Prog ram K. D. Spaulding, '34, Cloairman R. M. Bent, '35 A. R. Wilcox, '35 B. J. Costello, '36 D. F. Coburn, '36 E. B. Kane, '36 Rrf1'c'rbznenis W. E. Concannon, '34, Chairman J. R. Simonds, '35 C. A. Rogers, '35 Frances Whalen, '35 Mary Moore, '35 Marie Black, '35 Pnfalicily W. Cohen, '34, Cbairnzrzzz S. R. Wright, '35 Birdie Creagh, '35 B. S. Musicant, '36 Elva-Mae Jenkins, '36 E77f?7'fHi71I7Zl'l11' P. P. Colburn, '34, Cbrrirmrzzz G. W. Patterson, 3rd, '34 S. T. Hubbard, '35 G. W. Flynn, '35 J. S. Swift, '36 ft Q.. lfwn H s . il as , .if 51- -.-f-w- fl 9 H.. ,P Y M CGLLEGE PLAYS Abbott, Belcher, Kane, Maxjield, Beach, McConnell, Pierce, Amlrass Herharg, Manrire, Mrs. Taggart, Douglas, Creagb FALL PLAY-GTORCHBEARERS Mr. Frederick Ritter .,..,.,... jenny .............,.,.,.,.....,.. ........ Decemlnei- 12, 1933 WILNETTA SPP.oUL TAGGART, Director ARNOLD A. Rwss . k Co-Buxmuss Managers DONALD J. TOBIN DAVID W. JENKS, Slage Mmzagm' XWINONA OATLEY, xV0ll10lZ,S Properly Manager THE CAST Mrs, Paula Ritter .....,.,,.........,. Mrs. J. Duro Pampinelli ..,..,.... Mr. Spindler .....,,,..................,...,.... Mrs. Nelly Fell ..........,,.......,... Mr. Huxley I-Iossefrosse .,...., Mr. Teddy Spearing ..........,...... Miss Florence McCrickett .......,... Mr. Ralph Twiller ...........,,.,...... Mrs. Clara Sheppard .....,.,., Mr. Stage Manager ......... .,,.,Samuel Pierce, Jr. Elizabeth Beach Ruth Maurice Eleanor Douglas -Clyde A. Maxiield Birdie Creagh .Howard H. Abbott ..Stepl1en P. Belcher ......,,.Marion Herberg Edward D. B. Kane ..,...,Alice McConnell .. Philip M. Andrcss 3 Sam Pierce Birdie C reagb IUNIQR XVEEK PLAY-GREBGUNDN Dlay io, 1934 XVILNET1'A SPROUL CHARLIE J. Hows DONALD D. DAVIS TAGGART, Direcfor Co-Business M :wagers WINFRED A. Ross, Stage Manager ELVIRA FARMAN WO771B7Z7S Pro e1-tr Mmm rr , J THE CAST Lizz Crawford ,,......... ...., .........,,......... ...,...., A l i ce McConnell Lyman Patterson ........ .. ........,..... Floyd G. Kinsley Marta .........,..,........,......... ....,......,,,v.... S ylvia Miner Les Crawford .......,.. ........,...., C lifcon D. Howe Sarah Gaifrey ....,...... . ,,,..,...,....,.. Birdie Crcaglm Bill Truesdale ......,,.. ,.,....... S amuel Pierce, Jr. Johnny Cowles ..,,......... ..,....., .,,... , I olun S. Swift Evie Lowland ,.......... ....,...... T helma Rosenberg Mrs. Gaifrey .....,,...,,, ,......,....... R uth Maurice Henry Gaffrey .......,...... ...,....,... R . Stuart Wright J si 333 Eb ED iles , 3 , , A . ,. , .,,- ,,, .,,.l,.,,,,Ti ,,,,,,,,i,,.l-' 4 'QITTTP """'+""""T l M fi' ' 'Fx 1 1 r- W Wi 9 fsff iii? M lain JU Ni F ,E W We N Ma Ili if Ji 4 We Mr W wi? N 'fi E Q, .7-,ZW1,,Y,,T:V.V,,T-,ln ..4,,.,.,.m,xy-L .LZ ,mf -Km... AY Y,.,:L, - , :V ,. "-fi X ,Lz..1-1 11, 1-,V4-1:3-14.-13,.-, 11, ,,,::, ,,-, 1 L, 1 -,.,.1 , M 5 J, , N gtg,,,AN,..,Y,,,,.n.,w..,.--,S..,,:.,1..,.,MZ,,.,,,7Y,,,. - I V . E41 :fi 1 V 5' Q! eQi,LPA H R, ,J A if . -- pf xx f S., L 4.1 C QD INENCENENT CQMMENCEMENT-June 16-1Q,1Q33 CLASS OF 1933 PERMANENT CLASS OFFICERS THONIAS F. COLLINS ..., ....,.,...... . ..,................,..4..,....,.,........,.... Presi11'e11t CAROLYN TAFT .......... ,..... ..4...,. . . Vire-Presirlelzf JEROME H. FARWELL ,...,,.....,, .......... ..... M e IZIX Secrefnry SYLVIA BOYD .... .,.... . .. .,.. , ,..... lV0lIZEl7,S Secretary XWILLIANI J. BURKE ......,... . ..,,..,.,,.....,.......,.....,... .,.........., T reaxurer JAIAES E. BIGELOW ....,...,. ............ A lzmzni Counril Member Friday, June 16, Class Day, was marred by inclement weather and the Seniors were forced indoors for their exercises. In the morning President Bailey and the deans of the various col- leges gave brief counsel to the graduates in the program held in the Ira Allen Chapel, and Theo- dore I. Taylor and Lester L. Woodward paid tribute to Ira Allen and Lafayette. The speakers for the afternoon program, which was held in the gymnasium annex, were Thomas F. Collins, who gave the president's address, Dorothy Jackman, campus orationg Eleanor Gates, class essay, Gladys LaFlamme, class poem, Ara Armstrong, ivy orationg Fraser B. Drew, Boulder orationg Priscilla Perry, class history, James E. Bigelow, - ty.. f f .rs Dr. David Mezrvin, Chief Marshal, leads the Procession, fol- lowed by Presi:!'em' Bailey nllrl Judge Marzfon, C0111- vzzenrenzenl Speaker address to undergraduates, and Albert Young, pipe oration. Lionel E. Reed presided at the after- noon exercises. Later in the afternoon the weather cleared and the seniors were permitted to plant the traditional ivy in the place chosen by the Class of 1933, on the north side of the Fleming Museum just to the left of the front entrance. Following was the baseball game in which Vermont Walloped St. - CLASS DAY SPEAKERS Young, Perry, Drew, Iaclzmazz, Reed, Armsfrong, Bigelow, Gales, Collins, Ll1Fll177Z7Ilf? 6 'f '27 1.62 -3 f, Lawrence 9-1, fraternity receptions and teas, and finally in the evening the President's Reception and the Senior Prom in the Billings Library. The Alumni Day ceremonies on Saturday were as many and varied as usual. The annual alumni luncheon took place in the gymnasium annex with che special features of "Mystery Man" and com- petitive games. The Varsity-Alumni game fol- lowed immediately, the traditional parade being omitted this year from the program, and the 1933 Catamounts licked the old grads 4-o. The class of ,o8, in its gay green and gold jockey costumes, was awarded the alumni cup given annually to the reunion class having the most striking costumes. During the evening, colleges and classes held reunion dinners, sororities had June spreads, and fraternities had chapter reunions. Dr. Halford E. Luccock, head of Yale Divinity School, 'delivered the Baccalaureate Sermon in the Ira Allen Chapel on Sunday afternoon. "Escape from the singular into the plural" was the text of his address. Monday was Commencement Day itself and the University conferred in all 345 degrees. Follow- ing the academic procession to the tastefully decorated gymnasium annex, the Honorable Martin Thomas Manton, judge of the United States Circuit Court of Appeals, New York City, Dr. TV. Smit Nay, '73, Of Ufzrlerhill, Olzlesf Aluimzizs delivered the Commencement address, 'RS-igns Along Life,s Roadf' Officers of the day were: David Marvin, M.D., Chief Marshal Warren R. Austin, ,99, Marshal of Trustees Marshall B. Cummings, Ph.D., Marshal of Faculties Charles F. Black, ,O7, Marshal of Alumni James E. NVood, '33, Senior Class Marshal Watson F. Rogers, M'33, Senior Class Marshal Halford E. Luccock, Litt.D., Chaplain Clair T. Leonard, M.A., Director of Music Alunzni Day Activities fmt Ni with .1....:.,...QLA,:,,.. ,,,,..,uT,x,.,,T:T,, 1 ' 397 Following are lists of special honors and prizes awarded: SENIOR HONOR LIST MAGNA CUM LAUDE Ethel Constance Bishop Sylvia Adelaide Boyd Fraser Bragg Drew Dorothy Cooke Jackman Lester Lee Vfoodward CUM LAUDE Edwin Rauland Carter Russell Fitch Colburn Elizabeth Eckhard Mildred Abbey Hastings Grace Ellen Johnson Elizabeth Ann Page Walter Edward Shelc Isobel Torrens Edward Everett Wfilliams SPECIAL HONORS ENGLISH: Gladys Marion LaFlamme Marshall Tatro Miltimore PHYSICS: Lester Lee Wfoodward PSYCHOLOGY! Norma Beatrice Carder ZOOLOGY: Claire Antoinette Hubbard I-IONORS IN B IEDICINE CUM LAUDE Albert James Crandall, B.S. Paul Charles Thomas Bacon, B.S. Lois Ellene Taylor, B.S. Xvilliam Peter Mavraides Richard F. Mascola, Jr. CARBEE PRIZE: Albert James Crandall, B.S. XVOODBURY PRIZES: Maurice Anthony Bisson Hewitt Irving Varney SURGEON GENERiXL,S PRIZE: Philip George Baker PRIZES GEORGE H. VVALKER DAIRY' PRIZE: John Olin Buchanan james Osgood Hoag THOMAS BRADLEE PRIZE: Ethel Constance Bishop A. ATXVATER KENT PRIZE: Emerson Edgar Whitney LITTLE CUP: Edward Everett Wfilliams BENEDICT ESSAY PRIZE: Russell Fitch Colburn ALLIANCE FRANCAISE PRIZE! Sophie Levin FRENCH REPUBLIC MEDALS: .Mary Catherine Petras, Gold Medal Sophie Levin Esther Sherwood Beardsley Dorotha Margaret Edwards Thelma Mae Appell FRED T. KIDDER MEDAL: Lester Lee Woodward XVASSON ATHLETIC MEDAL: Chester Mace Taft EDWARD PAGE BUTLER DEBATING PRIZES: Sophie Levin Laura Alice Johnson Virginia Alice Goodenough ROBERT ASHTON LANVRIENCE DEEATING PRIZES: James Edward Bigelow Realtus Edwards McCui11 Vfilliam Harold Myers KIIRBY FLOWER SMITH LATIN SCHOLARSHIP: Helen Frances Bellows DEGREES ITIONORIS CAUSA DOCTOR OF DIVINITY: Halford Edward Luccock, Author and Theologian DOCTOR OF SCIENCE pox! obitmzz: Lawrie Byron Morrison, M.D., ,O2, Roentgenologist DOCTOR OF HUMANE LETTERS: Frank Albert Waugli, Author and Landscape Architect DOCTORS OF Laws: Robert Emmett Healy, Lawyer Paul Percy Harris, P1'6'Sil7'0Ilf e11zc'1'if1lx Rotary International Martin Thomas Manton, jurist C0llL77ZE77CE71Z61Zf Activities 8 fmnzr -L-:Z-Z Y A FY qu vi? 5 I 1 I . ,X F xl ! V v v, 3 uf V l' V W W f La? 1 H5 H+ ,Q 1 i H ip i V 2113 xl! mf ,ll i 1 sig f 4 f 5 z CT v, I fs S M ix wi QE H, 1' 3:91 al:- 1 '77, Qi. 3 Ll L JNIX AR s 4oo MESPER SERVICES, 1933-34 Chapel Scencx NOVEMBER I91BERNARD IDDINGS BELL, KE, A.B., D.D., S.T.D., LL.D., Wfarden of St. Stepherfs College. DECEMBER I7'LLOYD C. DOUGLASS, D.D., lecturer and author of l'The Magnificent Obsession." JANUARY 14-THE REVEREND CANON ALLEN P. S1-IATEORD, D.D., M.H., D.C.L., O.B.E., Rector of the Church of St. James, the Apostle in Montreal. FEBRUARY xr-ROBERT WILLIAA1 MCLAUGI-1L1N, D.D., Congregational Minister, Author, and Member of the American Historical Society. MARCH 11-SAMUEL Bnncocx BooTH, AT, Bishop of the Diocese of Vermont. APRIL 221CHARLES :REYNOLDS BROXVN, D.D., LL.D., L.H.D., Dean Emeritus of the Divinity School of Yale University. COMMITTEE ON CHAPEL CEREMONIES JACOBS BENNILTT WALLACE In charge of Vesper Semfires: THB COMPTROLLER .-,- 'I :Qi -ED Etftijg' '3 f 'Q' fl"ff""'4' ""' DR"'S'-'gvfl UNIVERSITY LECTURES, 1 9 3 3 - 3 4 Fleming Museum at Nighf October 25: "Democracy Versus Fascism, Hirlerism, and Communism." Sir Frederick W'hyte, K.C.S.I., LL.D., former Secretary to Wfinston Churchill, for nine years a member of the House of Commons, Hrst President of the Indian Legislative Assembly, and former political advisor to the Chinese Government at Nanking. November 14: "My Twelve Years in the Soviet Union." Anna Louise Strong, Founder of the Moscow Daily News. November 11: "Three American Shrines: Williamsburg, Valley Forge, and Old Bennington." Qlllus- tratecl.J The Reverend Vincent Ravi Booth, D.D., Minister of the First Church, Old Bennington. December 6: "The Development of French Landscape Painting." QIllustrated.j Professor Auguste V. Desclos, Assistant Director of the Office National des Universites et Ecoles Frangaisesg Legion of Honor. February 1: "Twenty-five Years of Parliamentfl The Right Honorable Wedgwood Benn, P.C., D.S.O., D.F.C., former Secretary of State for India. February zo: 'tThrougl1 Persia from the Gulf to the Caspian." Qlllustratecij The Honorable F. Bradley-Birt, Lord of the Manors of Birtsmorcton and Barrow. COMMITTEE ON UNIVERSITY LECTURES A. R. GUFFORD, Cbr1i1'1m11z G. H. Bunxows E. C. MOWER J. I. LINDSAY ELIJAH SWIFT OI MCDUNTAIN DAY, 1933 On Mountain Day, Thursday, October 12, once again Old Man Mansfield was successfully scaled according to Mountain Day tradition by a large number of University students. Approximately 125 hikers made the climb, which is about the same number as last year. In addition, three carloads of sixteen motored to Duxbury and climbed Camel's Hump for a day's outing. The Mountain Day program, this year under the direction of Cliff Harwood, was run off very smoothly. Two buses left the Old Mill at eight and nine o'clock on Thursday morning and jour- neyed to the Half Way House. From there, joined or preceded by an equal number in private cars, the students began the actual climb up the west face of the mountain. Mnmjiclzl in Wiiztez' At the Hotel and at Taft Lodge coffee was ready for the hikers when they arrived and lunches were quickly dispatched. Then the crowds scat- tered for sight-seeing. No one route was fol- lowed, for all the trails were open, and nothing Cliff' Harwoorl, Hewie Varney, 411111 Win Twitcbell was missed. Taft Lodge was popular, several visited the Lake of the Clouds, and others explored the depths of the Cave of the Winds to leave their names and the date in the glass jar at the ex- treme end, which serves as an explorers' post office. Some of the more venturesome individuals tried a little cliff scaling and one boy was almost marooned on a particularly steep and difficult ascent. One of the most arresting incidents of the noon hour at the Hotel was the appearance of Jerry Haig in a weird and almost frightening headgear, the like of which has never been seen before nor since. The weather cooperated in making the day a success. It was fairly clear and there was a wonderful view of the lake. However, it was a little too cold and a harsh wind persisted through- out the day. The winter season comes early on the mountain and it would indeed be a welcome change to shift Mountain Day to some earlier date when Mansfield is in all its autumn glory. If this were done the students should willingly cooperate by attending college on Columbus Day. Lunch hour 402 Exploring EL-E3'f,,2-..Elr e CLASS FIGHTS, 1933 If: all in good fzm! THE WINNERS FRESHMEN, CLASS or 1937 The frosh were victors 2-1 over the sophomores in this year's series of scraps. In thc Fountain Fight, the first meeting between the two classes, the sophomores conquered the freshmen by a score of 38-zo. The class of ,36 had a more experienced and better controlled group. After the festivities at the Fountain, a riotous snake-dance paralyzed the downtown section of Burlington, as theatres were stormed, signs were removed, and cars shoved around. However, after this first defeat, the frosh came back strong to deluge the sophs in the annual Hose Fight z-I and to score a one-sided 92-31 victory in the Cane Rush, which came between the halves of the Connecticut State game. The latter event the freshmen won through numbers alone, since most of the sophomores evidently did not wish to be butchered to make a U. V. M. holiday. K V i f-- ,---, -'lJ.F.ILj,d.. , ,t it ,.......,,,,,-...-. .- -,,-. NH, .ti u .-...N Y...,. Q 03 404 SQCIAL CCDMMITTEES, 1933-34 September October October November November November February February March May June Phi Del! House, Iunior Week, 1933 BOULDER DANCE: William W. Brislin, Cbai1'11za11 HEALTI-I COUNCIL DANCE: Helen B. jenkins, Cbai1'11za1z INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL DANCE: Kenneth D. Spaulding, Cbflj1'77Zd71 MORTAR BOARD DANCE: Daisy Putnam, Chairvmm MILITARY' BALL! Henry G. Stone ., Clarence H. Drown C0-Chlmmm FOOTBALL HOP: George H. Cook, Jr. . A ., Marshall A. Patch C0-CLWHHH1 SOPHOMORE HOP: Lloyd S. Coughtry, ChHi1'71ZH71 KAKE XVALK MASQUERADE: Thomas G. Cogswell, CbCli1'77lfl1Z BASKETBALL HOP: Edward D. B. Kane, Ch6li1'772617'l JUNIOR PROLI2 M. Hamilton Carlson C0 Chgmwn George H. Cook, Jr. - SENIOR PROM! Walter E. Coneannon Norman H. Myers S l C0-ClJ!li1'771E7Z 'Q A , ,.,..m....- FCDUNDERS DAY, May 1,1Q34 Dean Swift Charges the I11C?O7lIi1lg Bonlrler Men, 1933 SPEAKERS Guy Milton Page, '07, A.B., LL.B. George H. Burrows, H, '34 Charles I. Keelan, '35 INITIATES BOULDER: Wfilliam E. Cass, George H. Cook, jr., Frederick J. Lanahan, Raymond E. Palmer, Marshall A. Patch, Thomas M. Reeves, Carlisle R. Saxton. MORTAR BOARD! Madeline Ainsboro, Mary Casey, Susan France, Helen Miller, Helen Mount, Elizabeth Rich, Barbara Taylor. KEY AND SERPENT! Willard H. Connor, Bartley J. Costello, Donald D. Davis, Edward D. B. Kane, John S. Swift, Robert G. Warren. GOLD KEY: Harold T. Bickforcl, Sanford Bloomenthal, John R. Evans, James G. Grimes, jr., Robert F. Kennedy, Myron N. King, Robert P. Lawton, Raymond G. Mainer, Howard P. Niles, Donald S. Parker, Phelps P. Pond, Austin H. Ross, Frederick M. Shaine, Henry R. Swift, Everett L. Trombley, Walter H. Van Wyck, Jonathon T. Vifebster, Alfred J. Wimctt, Jr. SCABBARD AND BLADE: Theodore NI. Bushey, Arthur S. C. Darden, Robert B. Hart, Richard NV. Hurley, Cris NVilliam Mcligonis, Alexander A. Morrissette, Marshall A. Patch, George E. Ranslow, Richard Woodard. Colonel Blncle Pledges ibe New Me11zbr'1's of Smbbaril and Blade, 1933 f--ef-een' -. 1.--if JJ.. A 40 406 PARAD ES Parades furnish a splendid outlet for man's exhibitionalist tendencies and they give a lot of entertainment to the spectator as Well as the participator. In the above panel We see the student body marching, the band playing, and the Boulder men burying Old Man Depression in the great NRA demonstration which took place last fall soon after college opened. In addition, appear the Sigma Phi "King of March Hares" and the Redstone Bunnies, Winners in the Junior Week Peerade. The show, in case you have forgotten, was "March Hates." Passing in Review, Foumleriv Day, 1933 - is -'J ii:4,,:L.e A 1 ENGINEERING CAMP UNDERI-HLL CENTER, X'ERN1CDNT-'Flay-June,1933 Each year the Civils journey fo Unrlerbill fo go swimming, rio surveying, and play baseball-Above are ihe boys in a few lypicul poses ,,,,,,,,,'m-uH"'L'u'A"5 'fy -.-' " " 9'-R'--, 1 -' 'w ' ,,i-,,,-KLLTLWN--.,s-:am-:gn wil! - - 1 '..- O DEBATING Burrows, XV0rk1111111, jmzlzs, 111111 BffCClLi1l just before they left 011 the 11111171611 southern trip OFFICERS Mn. MERRILL D. Poxvlzks .,.. ...... ......,...,.....,... C 0 :zrh REALTUS E. MCCUIN ..,..........,..... .,......... ....,..,...,.. M II wager TPH7lt 1 Team 2 David W. Jenks George H. Burrows, II Realtus E. McCuin William W. Workman ALTERNATES Frank XV. Hale Wfillisim H. Myers Carl A. Rogers THE SEASON-1934 XVith little fuss and publicity, the U. V. M. de- bating team has risen in the last few years to a place of prominence in the field of intercollegiate debating. Besides competing with local and sec- tional schools, the team has completed an extended spring trip each year during Easter vacation, and in all its forensic encounters has compiled a splen- did record. This year the team has already engaged in eight local debates. Of these, two, with Bates College and Colgate University, were no-decision affairs. The others, with the University of Buffalo, St. Michael's College, Boston University, Clark Uni- versity, Hobart College, and Boston College, were all won by Vermont, with the exception of the Buffalo debate. 408 In the southern trip, on which the team traveled over 4,500 miles and through eleven states, U. V. M. won three of the four judged decisions. The team left March 24 and twelve debates were held on consecutive evenings throughout the fol- lowing two weeks. The judged decisions were won over St. Lawrence University, St. Petersburg College, and Randolph-Macon College. The one encounter was dropped to Juniata College at Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. No-decision debates were held with Penn State College, the University of West Virginia, Wake Forest College, the Uni- versity of North Carolina, and Johns Hopkins University among other schools. At the time of publication, the team had won eight of its ten encounters, this being an enviable record for any varsity sport at Vermont. '11 LJ sf? l:pi31g.g4-e ..-,.J U CAMPUS Our CHWZPIISI D1z1'i11g the Big Snow-as if appears foffay-mul lower rigbi and lc-ft, fifty years ago C P V 5 40 410 MEN 5 kf v, . V g FRATERNITY INITIATION Daniel Boom' In ibe XVOo:1s Mac' Men, including the Brolhers Milletf, Gordie Slaeebe, hardy winier sports entbuxiasfs, Cy Poufcll, Snowbozmzl and Pbil Andress, who foolz a lol of picfures for fbis book PAIRS Hook Line Ana' Silzker! "Ala, There, Misfer Bzm'ows!', Null n1m'-- Pa! and Puck Cousins , 411 I2 NVGMEN Wfonzmz, Mosfly jfmiorx MEN More men, inrlmling the Engineers, the Owls, Rerl, Iark, the Masked Marvel, I0l7l111y Simourfs, Howie Abbofi Qu lrifie crazed' afler Federal Il1SP6'Cfi0flD, and Sepzfcmber Mom 5- --H ' ,": , ne:,.n,g.L.kT-KJ 1 ' " " I 414 THE APPLE CART Tillc: "Uj7xc'fti11g fbr' Apple Cari" or RSFFIZFS from lbc Life of Collinsl'-In flac fcfzfwg is fha' iropby of the Cbuxv, flmzkml on cifbcr sirle by early Photos Of our hero. CNOIL' flac' apple in We right bazzrl f7ffflH'f'.J About is ll Xffjllffllg party srtting out nml zz mizzor slz.i1'111i5lJ. Below lH'l' rlosc'-2111 Mols of ibn' fulflirts. CTM' 1lc'gc'11rrr1r'y, uflairb ilzcwilnlvly nriscs frofzz bnlvinml Illllflll' ibrrlzuizzg, is clcrlrlv npjzarrfflf in Ihr f1L'0 012 lbe leflil WQMEN More Wfomcu, Mostly in Groups ..-.--a...J.-.""",...,,"".,..d."I"'f"f'n""'T7' Y ' I 416 FGCDTBALL 7, ,MJ , ,.. .M-My ,W 'Q Football is a game jzlayerl in the fall, bu! it ofien snows in Vermont in the fall, as ihcse pictures will lcslzfy. You may remember Ihr' above ezfeuts anal again you may noi. Tho litfle lazly in the rezztcr is none oifaer Mum flu' Cd7l7f71lX Swc'eibz'u1'1', jerry Haig. T W., V- --L- z.,,f FRATERNITY CQRNER TBAIRDS MANUALDXC The verses which follow are almighty cruel, But I writ what I wrote for the fun of the school, So read about others with joy and delight, VV hen you come to your own, grit your teeth Very tight. I admit that it's slander and no doubt quite untrue, But it,s fun for the others though tragic for you. So read about others and skip o'er your own, And laugh when the knife sinks in to the bone. When all the world looked glum and blue And needed lots of laughter, Then God made Thetas good and true And laughed forever after. For prudishness and pride I-Ie took, And cattiness and chatter, And added snooty, high-hat looks, And then mixed up His batter. But even God as well as men Can make His own mistakes, He let the fire go out just when The Thetas were half-baked. Next God took a gushing spring To pattern Pi Phi's after, And for His basis had men bring Some soft and pliant plaster. And to this day the Pi Phi's show The stuff that in them lies, They gushing come and gushing go And surely take the prize For seeking just to please the men, And clinging to their fame Of having nothing real in them, No backbone to their name. And God again made His mistake In picking out the spring, For here no real thirst can be slaked, Itls such a shallow thing! The Sigma Phi's all dramatize the role of Joseph College, And all things social enter their compendium of knowledge. To act your age and overact, to scorn all natural- ness, To fit the mould, to be reserved, spontaneity to suppress. Sophistication, worldly wisdom is what they crave to show, le Those insulted will please consult the Dean. OHice hour ..-.f'-""'m"'i""'wT'T"""'L' "T H.f-'mt Jfl'lI.'f.iLI1I'1"Q on OC The type goes on and always will till rivers cease to flow. But give them credit, ,fore we part, for brotherly affection, Their loving hugs and joyous shouts approach nigh on perfection. Oh, would I were a boy again, to be a Delta Psi, To be acclaimed on every hand as one of eight fined guys. Doorbells I'd ring and apples throw, and tease the girls all day, And ne'er grow up like a Sigma Phi, but always stay that way. From four and a half to even ten you'll find a Delta Psi, But all stop growth at the age of twelve, and will be there till they die. The Phi Doodle comes to college to play, He wines and dines and dances all day. just a gay, fluttering moth till his money is spent, Wfhat the hell! Pa's good for the bills and the rent! The woman's ideal, too good to be real, Suckers anxious to fall for the line that they spielg But after each midyears the Pi Phi's all pine, "Where, oh, where is that Phi Delt of mine?,' The Kappa Sigs sure know this town, forward, backward and upside down. No jointls too Vile, no dame too tough, these rov- ing boys can't get enough Of helling round the countryside, adventures seek- ing far and wide. The "Indees" are their kindred souls, knowing all the breaks and holds, For almost half have been their pledge and later found some way to hedge. Frosh athletes, both good and bad, and mediocre too, All find their way, we wonder why, to dear old Sigma Nu. Let virtue blush and honor hang its head in lowly shame, They enter pure, but soon they bear the deep and terrible stain. For manly vices here hold sway and virtures are taboo, Oh, bold, bad boys of college days, here is the frat for you! -J. L. B. to four. or by appointment. Satisfaction guaranteed. 417 41 UENVQI' We have now completed the final section of the 1935 ARIEL. lt is with a strangely mingled feeling of joy and sorrow that we look back over our work-joy, because the task is doneg sorrow, because no matter how hard we tried, we could never do justice to every feature and happening of the past year and to every person in a splendid class. In a sense, every yearbook is a failure-it is dedicated to the honor of an outstanding few and it neglects the vast possibilities and talents of the multitude. Wfe have tried at every turn to maintain an even balance and to be wholly fair to everyone. If we have failed at times, it has not been through lack of effort. We have done our best. Nothing else matters. But before the book goes to press, we should like to add a few words of sincere appreciation. To Mr. Russell C. Knight of Howard-Wesson Company and to Mr. George E. Little of the Free Press we can truthfully say is due the greatest credit for the new and for the good features of this book. Their counsel and encouragement throughout the work was invaluable. We should also like to thank Edward Gravel and Henry Hurtubise of the Free Press and George Ebenhek and Michael Sapig of White Studio for their work and cooperation. Finally, we should like to thank the staff, which did the work asked of it faithfully and well and which was as good a staff as any editor ever had. WILLIAM E. CASS. April zo, 1934. THE UNIVERSITY OE VERMONT and State Agricultural College GUY W. BAILEY, LL.D., PRESIDENT Founded by Ira Allen and Charted by the Legislature in 1791. f Beautiful location, overlooking the Green and Adirondack Mountains and Lake Champlain 1- 171-SZL1'1LCZLi07Z is 0'7?t?1'66l, in: THE COLLEGE OE ARTS AND SCIENCES THE COLLEGE OE MEDICINE THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING THE COLLEGE OE AGRICULTURE The University offers General and Professional Curricula for Men and Women ARTS, SCIENCES, BUSINESSg SECRETARIAL STUDIES, EDUCATION, HOME ECONOMICS, AGRICULTURE, CIVIL, ELECTRICAL AND MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, AND MEDICINE Physical Education Departments with Well Equipped Gymnasium, Playgrounds, Tennis Courts, Athletic Fields Expenses are Moderate and Opportunities for Self Help are Offered in Many Instances Catalogues, Bzillezfias, and Special Iiiformatioiz Address: The Registrar, The University of Vermont BURLINGTON, VERMONT ii... .. it -.-.---7...--.......,..,,... ' ij.. ' I1 I GIZIJB Vermont Qipnin Qpublished Semi-weeklyl CXJ BRINGS CAMPUS NEWS TO YOU AFTER GRADUATION CXN2 SUBSCRIPTION THREE D OLLARS PER YEAR C NXQ WILLIAM D. WHITE, JR. MARSHALL A. PATCH Editor-i11--Chief Business Manager R ' "g4A .Q ., ,,,.-., .......,.4L.1..--- The W. G. Reynolds Co. RAND'S Incorporated HGME LUNCH BURLINGTGN' VT' 'Where Vermont Men and ' Wvomen Meet Vermont? Largest Department Store 64 COLCHESTER AVENUE Opposite Fleming Mztseum C017'lPli7716lZfS of the Strong Ebeatre Sikora'S Shoe Shop CORRECT SHOE REPAIRING 9 CENTER ST., BURLINGTON, VT. PHONE 1097-M Compliments of Shepard cf: Morse Lumber Company Tfoe Store of Toelagfs Best PLUMBING and HEATING I4 COLLEGE ST. ' 9 ' PHONE 111 KITCHEN FURNISHINGS 0 Q 0 HERBERG AUTO LABoR SAVING DEVICES SERVICE, INC. . 0 , The 0fS6'1'ViCef01' The o. S. Blodgeft Co. Azttomothxe Parts Incorporgfed ef 190 Bank St., Phone 221, Burlington, Vt 204 MAIN STREET T,.....,,.g,-......... A, . .E Burlington Savings Bank Vermonfs Largest Bank I 8 47-Eighty-seven Years of Stability-I 9 3 4 OFFICERS C. P. SMITH, Presidenzf F. W. WARD, Vice-P1'esia'e1z1f LEVI P. SMITH, Vice-Presifievzf E. S. ISHAM, T1'eas1z1'e1' B. E. BRISTOL, Assistant T1'6dS1L1'67' ED LA - oxxp C474-'-1, 5' t 1' Q , 'gl' 741' ods, 'HRAcIT9 D. 86 H. LACKAWANNA ANTHRACITE The Szfmzrlczwl of Excellence for Over ll Cefztzwjf ORDER NOW AND BE CONVINCED Elias Lyman Coal Company 206 COLLEGE STREET TELEPHONE 37-W OR 2073 Athletic Outj51fe1fs Jzfayes cp earn ey JC07' INCORPORATED All SPOTTS 127 Church St. CORONA TYPEWRITERS L. P. WOOOI Sporzfing Goods Store 78 CHURCH ST. Cbitfcmlen County Trust Co. Bldg. BRAEBURN CLOTHES MIDDISHADE CLOTHES STETSON HATS IXRTHUR HAYES JAMES CARNEY ' KENNETH Q'DOc' NEWTON '24 CLASS POEN f1934l Come live with us and be our cook. We got our learning from a book. Out of our school life, into life,s school, Pick and shovel and milking schtool. We,ll never forget you, U. V. M. With tears in our eyes, our throats full of phlegm. Thy dear old boulder, thy Old pine tree, Thy Old equipment-Oh! pardon me. Thy clear old teachers, with ivy o'ergrew, Thy English 8 and Milking 2. We have reached the parting of the Ways, We have reached the end of our halcyon Clays. "Ornnes Gaulia divisa est," This is our motto-nuts to the rest! F. P. C. Co11zpli11ze1zts of STRONG HARDWARE COMPANY Burlington, Vermont Next to Posfojfire I1ZL1001' Sports Co11zpli11ze1z1fs of New Vermont Lunch 150 Church Street OPPOSITE CITY HALL R. M. BAGLEY '33 AND T. A. QUINN '32 14 , i Y Y Y 'T' ,mm ' f' ,.., out T T ...LAM 42 I VVX PPZOHIMWE if I Z I AAA 0 W 4 . 4L 4 4 5, Z 4 Fx Z 4 Z Z 4 ! ANL 4 I7 UPPER CHURCH STREET Diamonds 4 Silverware 'f jewelry - Trophies FINE REPAIRING AND ENGRAVING 55 r, F. J. Preston 65 Sons, Inc. IEWELERS - OPTICIANS BURLINGTON, VT. ATHLETIC OUTEITTERS EOR UNIVERSITY OE VERMONT Dixtrilmtors for DRAPER Sc MAYNARD ATHLETIC Goons AND EQUIPIVIENT BASEBALL--BASKETBALL-FOOTBALL GOLF-TRACKfTENN I S LARRY GARDNER, Head. C'O3,Ch foil' U.V.M. Baseball, in Charge of Athletic' Department We Also Fezzzffzre HARDWARE-PAINTS-VARNISHES W. E. GREENE CC. 128 CHURCH ST., BURLINGTON, VT. just Below College St. King Kong A College Store For Over 8 5 Years A I -'em I r ev' FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION CORSAGES, BOUQUETS OR CUT FLOWERS A LL E N ' S 99 Church St. Phone 96 E . Y, ,,.g..,..,,..,,,..1.q,- E., ,4,J.-m THE UNIVERSITY STORES THE UNIVERSITY STORE MEDICAL BOOK STORE COFFEE CORNER and SANDVVICI-I CELLAR These stores are equipped to supply siiicleiizfs with collegiate necessities and liixiiries "From Freslaiiiizii Cap to Cap and Gown" THE UNIVERSITY STORE specializes in textbooks and materials necessary for students taking the Arts and Science, Engineering, Agricultural, Home Economics, and Teacher Training Courses. THE MEDICAL BOOK STORE specializes in textbooks and materials necessary for the Medical Course, as well as aft materials for the Art Classes. Both these stores have an elaborate display of University and Fra- ternity Seal Novelties such as stationery, jewelry, brass and wooden novelties, banners, pennants, and pillows. THE COFFEE CORNER AND SANDWICH CELLAR serve breakfasts, "between meals," and special lunches. These are the students' stores owned and operated by the University of Ver- mont solely for the convenience and accommodation of the Uni- versity faculty and student body. PHOTOGRAPHERS TO H1935 Ariel" Equipped vviili many years experience lar making pliaragraplis ai all saris, desirable lar illusrrarina College Annuals. J M 520 Fifth Ave. New Yorlc " " 5 I1'.lf'gL"--' x. ff X OWARD ESSON New Englancfs Largest College Annual Designers and Engravers 0 Engravers for U this Book HOWARD-WESSON CO. Artists and Makers of Fine Printing Plates 44 Portland Street fPrinters Builclingl WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone 3-7266

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