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.EQ if l -1-i-. , Ue Amen. COPYRIGHT 1929 GEORGE H. JAMES Editor ARTHUR BIRCHARD Busin ess Manager - , 1 x CHAMPLAIN E'en fhe szznsefs golden glow, Given back from Mansjield's brow Makes lily face still fairer now, Ever fair Champlain. 7 och RQIQI.. DK JK zls elf P L1 B L I S H E D B Y THE JUNIOR CLASS OF TI-IE UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT BURLINGTON, VERMONT 10728 4' DEDICATIQ Y Y U TO GECRGE HENRY PERKINS Scientist, teacher, administrator, true Christian Gentleman: As a token of tile universal appreciation of his Hfty-eight years of continuous and clevoteci service to time university of Vermont, the class of IQQQ respectfully deciicates this book. 4' OREWQRD ,L W 1 , X Y A ,, 4 UT of regret at the passing of this, our thircl year together at Vermont, ancl a realization that college days must finish all too soon, the Class of IQQCQ has compiled this loooli, in the hope that it may one clay serve to renew foncl memories of fellowship ancl common effort here in the Hcollege on the Hill." N14 co TETS .+A UNIVERSITY CLASSES MEDICS ATHLETICS ORGANIZATION WOMEN FEATURES -1- CHAMPLAIN C 'T TRETCHING away from north to south, in abroad sweep of one hundred and twenty miles, lies Champlain. Upon her shores and waters have been enacted great events, Here the native red man urged his birch canoe upon his own pursuits of peace and strife. Here the intrepid Frenchman, Champlain, camped upon the explorations which gave his name to her fair waters. The gray goose winged his way above these open reaches, or, evening falling, settled upon the sheltered inlets. Majestic stag drank deep along the shore. A country teeming with vigorous untamed life. V Here bloody wars were fought, this was the highway of an hundred desperate sorties of white man and dusky ally. The stirring war-cry and the crack of flintlock rifle echoed above peace- ful waters. Brave men died upon these shores or sank beneath these clear waters. Called by the Iriquois, "Caniaderi-Guaruntef' or, "The Door of the Country," Champlain proved truly a natural gateway into a land of mighty promise. To these pioneer families her shores presented far-flung as- pect of rugged hill country, forest covered. Along her banks arose the log cabin of the settler. The ring of his axe resounded here as he cleared his fields. Un the broad slopes overlooking Champlain the forests gave Way to ever spreading clearings whence circled the smoke of rude stone hearths. y So arose, beside Champlain, a ,X my ix Z S l A .. 'V 1, . 1 ' .,,, if' ' A .N "' 'Q f . 1"1,f nf o l EW Qu XA QI' I strong and hardy people, God-fearing, , N Q 4 4 V7 , , : hi h-thinkin men and Women un- ff 4, .g g . ' dismayed at the rigors of the forest, , p 'X Q,-l ,,., striving in common effort toward the T domination of the Wilderness-toward the founding of a race! , -1.. ,v,.,,, 'Mi 'f:. -af" , m Here lay inspiration for patriot hearts. For these glories of Wind-swept Wave and rock-strewn shore the Green Mountain Boys fought with purpose unyielding. Here, under cover of blackest night, ferried Ethan Allen and his hardy troop upon their daring mission. Their success in capturing Fort Ticon- deroga marked the first surrender of the British Flag to the American States. This frontier people, self reliant, purposeful, now found them- selves involved in a War for independence. Invading armies, red- coated, with painted allies of the wilderness, swept down the great Waterway to give battle. Champlain's Waves, now turbulent, were breasted by soldierfladen batteaux, and schooners hewn from green timber. A At once arose the sound of the adz and the caulker's mallet. A fleet emerged, inadequate, un- gainly, poorly armed, but manned with strong hearts dauntless in spirit. This rude fleet engaged the enemy against great odds in a hard fought A battle which was the first naval engagement of the Revolution. With the closing of the War of Independence, com- merce thrived and shipping multiplied. Champlain bore the products ofa region of growing industry. Rafts of pine logs, barges, sloops, and schooners, deep-loaded, plied her Waters in ever increasing number. The people of her eastern shore became a State, thriving and prosperous. Through all this development-the primordial Wilderness, the native redmang the explorer, the colonistg the Vermonter-Cham- plain has been inseparably linked with the rise of Vermont. Ser- ving man constantly, floating the savages and the explorers in their 03110653 providing a pathway for the boats of the settlers, a battlefield for ships of War, and finally, transportation for the de- velopment of a State. Such is the story of Champlain! Beside this magnificent expanse of crystal Waters, Ira Allen fmmded 3 U11iVe1'SifV, set upon a hill. Overlooking Champlain at her widest point-the mightiest of her strength-this institution has, for . one hundred and forty years, sur- vived and prospered. Through these years, this University has profited in absorbing-We believe, something of that steadfast quiet beauty of tradi- tion-of that undying 1 permanence of place'-enjoyed by our lake Champlain! gig- .,.,. , 'M I WW Irvffff X if 52 rf' Q' ? 94 Wake Away W1 ,Qff'f!W"L"-4 I lffdfx "I L4'A I- . ' gf V ff V fic?-49a.',:,",', fr 7 " 'M 1 4 MV ,', K 7 P 4 MM' l '44-4111" " '. . ., ' x ,, 1 f QA dx ,,., ,L Jw r n , '55 1, 4- , , I- Q ,W Vg fM2?X'i?. M Mala ' , ' f figbwf N ,Aw ' -'4-""'fr'iZ,4? Q we n, f V fa 3,0 I ,- r 5 Q f H f' f' 'gd 8 I . ? 9, 5- h 1-A ,. M gre' F, ' x 'HY fy 5 4 fr 1-'A .xg -5+ 6,13 if F A 1 "rf--.41 Q lv '-6 ii ,qw J R yn-mx:-sxarnmszr .'4 15? ggi-aim .4 I gqjf' -.,.-' V .lim . . X , 3?-ff, - :xg ,,,5,, ,x Y 5 " ' D. l' 4 1 ,. ,fp nf, P 5,7-J J' Q .21 P. 9? A+'- Q, ,L nf? we 'nz .,,,,, U .u,.Q,,,' v mv- ' N' v F 1 'N lffkiflif ' ' . ...MQ - - wx f Q3 w ef wQw,, X Y . M f , ,- f. Wi ' ' 1-1 K f .- 5 '. 1 ' ' '7 '. nh!" X .f W A54 if .w?,5 4 4, M, 1, W ?v Y- :YV T 1 A ,Q yin, ,D ifwgsy. V U., -Z I fu ,sw f -f if ,A 1 Q - if . , 5, 17' , 4 My y : w ,H W , WW? Va 1 4 'gh' I Q2 il L ' J-I 5'1M,f4' Q ' ' ' U, V 5 ., , Q Q VK 'Iii gf Z 4.1 . 70 .gl ,I- K F' X 90,4 Lf H ,, ,f' ' ' Q ' Z? 3 A 1 , ,Qi fi M- ' Tai'-Mffx ' 1 an 41 .fx 1 Q. 12 ,.. f A ' f 5 I 2 , ,, .,, I f 'I I Illll' f oh.. 5 .IL ' 1 s i ' , . v UVMINIBTKDHON PRESIDENT GUY WINERED BAILEY E221 The Board of Trustees Guy Winfred Bailey, A. B., LL. D., President His Excellency John Eliakim Weeks, LL. D., Governor of Vermont On the part of the UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT Robert Roberts, A. B., LL. D. ....................... .... B urlington, Vt Darwin Pearl Kingsley, A. M., LL. D. .. .... New York City Eugene Noble Foss, A. B., LL. D. ........ Boston, Mass George McClellan Powers, A. M., LL. D. Morrisville, Vt Newman Keyes Chaiiee, A. B. ............. .... R utland, Vt John Martin Wheeler, A. B., M. D., M. S. .............. New York City Carroll Warren Doten, A. M. ........................ Cambridge, Mass Thomas Waterman Huntington, A. B., M. D., LL. D. San Francisco. Calf Charles Francis Blair, A. B. ................ ............. B uifalo, N Y On the part of the STATE AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE Clayton John Wright, C. E. ............................ . Edward Harrington Deavitt, Ph. B. .. James Benjamin Wilbur, LL. D. Edwin Winship Lawrence, A. B. .. Henry Moses McFarland, A. B. . .. Martin Samuel Vilas, A. M. ...... . Warren Robinson Austin, Ph. B. . .. . . . . Merton Covey Robbins, B. S. .. Roy Leonard Patrick, Ph. B. .. l23l . Williston, Montpelier, Manchester, . . . Rutland Hyde Park Burlington, Burlington, Brattleboro, Burlington College of Arts and Sciences George Henry Perkins, ANP, B9II, QJBK A. B. Yale '67, Ph. D. Yale '69, LL. D Vermont, Litt. D Knox '12 Vice-President of the University, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Howard Professor of Natural History and Custodian of the Museum. Samuel Franklin Emerson, AXP A. B. Yale '72, Ph. D. Amherst '85, L. H. D. Vermont. Professor Emeritus of History. Frederick Tupper. ATQ, QIJBK A, B. Charleston '90, A. M. Charleston '92, Ph. D. Hopkins '93. Professor of the English Language and Literature. '3'Al1ison Wing Slocum, A. B. Haverford '88, M. A. Haverford '89, A. M. Haverford '90 Professor of Physics Elbridge Churchill Jacobs, ATQ B .S. Mass. Inst. Tech. '97, A. M. Columbia '13, Professor of Geology and Mineralogy. Samuel Eliot Bassett, AAIID, AAP, HECIJ, CDBK A. B. Yale '98, Ph. D. Yale '05, Professor of the Greek Languages and Literature. Arthur Beckwith Myrick, EAX, QUBK A. B. Harvard '00, M. A. Harvard '01, Ph. D. Harvard '04, Professor of the Romance Languages and Literatures. 'FAbsent on Leave E241 "Asa Russell Gifford, IIJNGD, CDBK A. B. Wesleyan '04, A. M. Yale '07. Professor of Intellectual and Iltoral Philosohy, Assistant. Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. "Henry Farnham Perkins, Ailf, CIPBK A. B. Vermont '98, Ph. D. John Hopkins '02. Professor of Zoology. George Gorham Groat, AY, fIJBK A. B. Syracuse '95, Pd. M. New York Teachers' College '97, A. M. Cornell '01, Ph. D. Columbia '05. Professor of Economics. George Howard Burrows, CDBK B. S. Vermont '99, Ph. D. Mass. Inst. Pomeroy Professor of Chemistry. Elijah Swift, AY, CIJBK A. B. Harvard '03, A. M. Harvard '04, Williams Professor of Mathematics and and Sciences. Setphen Goodyear Barnes, KIJMA, HIHBK A. B. Lafayette '73, Ph. D. Lafayette '78, College '96. Tech. '12. Ph. D. Gottingen '07. Assistant Dean of the College of Arts Litt. D. Lafayette '90, D. D. Iowa State Professor Emeritus of Bibical Literature. George Plumer Burns, QIDAQD, EE, flJBK B. S. Ohio Wesleyan '97, A. M. Ohio Wesleyan '98, Ph. D. Munich '00. Professor of Botany Fred Donald Carpenter, f1v1'A, CDBK A. B. Trinity '10, A. M. Trinity '15, Ph. D. Yale '18. Professor of the German Language and Literature. Bennett Cooper Douglass, KE, QDBK Ph. B, Vermont '08, A. M. Columbia '20. Professor of Education. "Edmund Curtis Mower, AQ9, CIDBK A. B. Vermont '92, A. M. Vermont '04, LL. B. New York University '96 Professor of International Law. Howard Gordon Bennett, flDBK A. B. Harvard '17, A. M. Harvard '24. Professor of Music. Albert Kurwin Aldinger, AKK M. D. Vermont '99. Professor of Physical Education. Lester Marsh Prindle, CDMA, QIDBK, TKA A. B. Vermont '15, A. M. Harvard '16, Ph. D. Harvard '21. Professor of the Latin Language and Literature. Marion Patterson A. B. Wellesley '01. Dean of Women Arthur Irving Andrews, AY A. B. Brown '01, Ph. D. Harvard '05, Professor of History. Wellington Estey Aiken, EN, CDBK Ph. B, Vermont '01, A. M. Vermont '03, Associate Professor of English and Secretary of the University Senate. John Bellows DeForest, fl5BK A. B. Yale '05, M. A. Yale '12, Ph. D. Yale '15. Associate Professor of the Romance Languages. 'tAbsent on Leave. . l25l John Trumbull Metcalf A, B. Yale '10, M. A. Yale '11, Ph, D. Yale '13, Associate Professor of Philosophy. Charles Allen Kern, KDACQ B. S, Vermont '01, Associate Professor of Chemistry, James Edward Donahue, ATQ, QPBIQ Ph. B. Vermont '02, A. M. Harvard '10, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Bertrand Holmes Wallace A. B. Rochester '01, Associate Professor of Secondary Education, Ralph Maynard Holmes A. B. Maine '11, M. A. Wesleyan '13, Ph. D. Cornell '23, Associate Professor of Physics. Paul Chatham Squires, AY A. B. Hamilton '17, A. M. Hamilton '22, A. M, Princeton '24, Ph. D. Princeton '25 Associate Professor of Psychology. Julian Ira Lindsay A. B. Clark '08, A. M. Harvard '10, Assistant Professor of English, Gennette Claire Davis B. A. Carleton '15, B. S. Minnesota '22, Assistant Professor of Economics. Catherine Francis Nulty, fI1BK Ph. B. Brown '11, Assistant Professor of Economics fSecretarialj, Eleazer Johnson Dole, CIDBK A. B. Vermont '12, M. A. Vermont '17, M. S. Vermont '21, Ph. D. Vermont '23 Assistant Professor of Botany. Mrs. Ruth Jane Ball Bigger, KA8 B. S, Vermont '21, M, S. Vermont '23, Assistant Professor of Zoology. Daniel Bernard Carroll, 21122 A. B, Illinois, '15 Assistant Professor of Government and Law. Eleanor Stetson Cummings A. B. Boston University '08, Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Women. Fred Walter Householder A. B. Texas '06, LL, B, Texas '09, A. M. Texas '10, Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Alfred Grether Buehler, KDKA, HFM A. B. Heidelberg '22, A. M. Yale '23, Assistant Professor of Economics. Kathrina Habberton Storms A. B. Wellesley '00, Assistant Professor of English. Frank Russell Harnblin A. B, Bucknell '14, A. M. Bucknell '15, Ph. D, Chicago '22, Assistant Professor of Greek and Latin, Philip Barrows Whitehead B, Beloit '96, A. M. Yale '08, B. D. Yale '10, Ph. D. Yale '14, Assistant Professor of Latin Sara Moulthrop Holbrook Pd,,B, Hartford Ped, School '20, A, M, Yale '22 Assistant Professor of Education. l26l Raymond Norris Evans B. S. Penn State '20, Ph. D. Yale '26, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. Benjamin Franklin Ladd B. A. New York University '10, M. A. Penn State. Assistant Professor of the German Language and Literature. Absent on leave. George Dykuizen A. B. Indiana '21, A. M. Chicago '24, Assistant Professor of Philosophy. George Vincent Kidder, KS., CDBK A. B. Vermont '22, A. B. Oxford '26, Assistant Professor of Greek and Latin. Lewis Douglas Meredith, AEP, KIDK, XHE, fI1KfIJ, CIHBK A. B. Syracuse '26, A. M. Syracuse '27. Assistant Professor of Economics. Joseph Wiliam Savage, HAS, A. B. Clark '14, Assistant Professor of French and Spanish. Charles William Stillwell, FBII Ph. D. Cornell '26, Assistant Professor of Analytical and Industrial Chemistry. Leland Lawrence Briggs, AEH, BA111, IIFM A. B. Univ. So. Dak. '23, A. M. Univ. So. Dak, '24, M. B. A.NorLl1western '27 Assistant Professor of Economics. Elmo Carlyle Dopkins A. B. Wisconsin '20, A. M. Wisconsin '21, Assitant Professor of Political Science. Percy Austin Fraleigh, CIJBK A. M. Cornell '18, Ph. D. Cornell, '27. Assistant Professor of Matlzematics. Paul Amos Moody, FA, EE, CDE A. B. Morningside '24, Ph. D. Michigan '27, Assistant Professor of Zoology. Benjamin Booth Wainwright A. B. Williams '20, A. M. Illinois '25. Instuctor in English. Henry Owen Dresser B. S. Kansas State '14. Instructor in Physical Education. Lyman Smith Rowell, AI B. S. Vermont. Instructor in Zoology. Alice Nielson Blanchard, AAA A. B. Middlebury '25. ' Instructor in Physicial Education. 'K Roland Freeman Doane B. S. Harvard '17. Instructor in French. Mrs. Rhoda Alice Hartwell, Van Dyke, IIACIJ, EE, BAE A. B. Mount Holyoke '22, M. S. Yale '23. Instructor in Zoology. Clara Mabel Wheeler B. S. Columbia '14, M. A. Columbia '25. Supervisor of Student Training. Edgar Elwyn Lineken, CIJKE, AXE, KCIDK B. S. Maine '23, M. S. Maine '25. Instructor in Chemistry. tFAbsent on Leave. l27l Edmund Barber Towne A. B. Clark '24, A. M. Instructor in Chemistry. Nelle S. Alexander B. S. Ohio State '23. Instructor in Elementary Education. Mme. Elizabeth Bradish Instructor in Music. James Collopy Instructor in Physical Education. Arthur Mosher Cloudman B. S. Maine '24, M. S. Maine '26. Instructor in Zoology. Florence May Woodward, AK9 Ph. B. Vermont '22, A. M. Assistant Professor of Economics. Isaac Chipman Smart, AAQIJ, KIJBK Clark '25. A. B. Amherst '91, D. D. Middlebury 07 D D Vermont 20 Lecturer on Biblical History. Walter Hill Crockett Mount Hermon School. Lecturer on Journalism. Lloyd Abram Woodward, CDMA, TKA Ph. D. Vermont '18, M. S. Vermont '24 Instructor in Physics. Elizabeth Vanderpoel Colburn B. S. Columbia, A. M. Columbia '16. Instructor in Art. Mary Maud Patrick B. S. Columbia '08. Instructor in Elementary Education. Alban Bennett Rooney B. S. Vermont '22. Instructor in Physics. Leon W. Dean, fIJBK, TKA A. B. Vermont '15. Instructor in English. Raymond Avery Hall, CDN9, QJBK B. A. Wesleyan '14, M. A. Columbia Instructor in English. Elvin Remus Latty, EN, CIDBK A. B. Bowdoin '23, Instructor in French and Spanish. George Herbert Nicholson B. A. Mt. Allison '22, A. M. Harvard 23 Instructor in Mathematics. Horace Alpheus Giddings B. S. New Hampshire '23. Instructor in Mathematics Nelson Lee Walbridge, EAX B. S. Vermont '24, Instructor in Physics. Melvin Henry Laatsch, KIDBK A. B. Gettsburg '26. Instructor in Political Science. E28 Miriam N. Marston A. B. Boston University '12. Instructor in Music. William James McAvy, 1110.9 C. E. Lafayette '08. Instructor in Physical Education. Lawton Moore A. B. Haverford '15 Instructor in Public Speaking Phillips Dean Carleton A. B. Brown '20 Instructor in English Charles George Doll, EXP Ph.B. Brown '24, A. M. Brown '26 Instructor in Geology Morris Augustus Dolliver B. S. Maine '24, A. M. Columbia '27 Instructor in Chemistry Edward Alison Flood, EXP A. B. Mt. Allison '25, Sc. M. Brown '27 Instructor in Chemistry Lester Frank Groth, CIJK, EB2 A. B. Wisconsin '26 Instructor in German Edith Cordelia Hopkins A. B. Russel Sage '24 Instructor in Arr Raymond Eldred Lyon, AI Assistant in Zoology Mary Louise Morgan, AEA, KDBK B. S. Vermont '25 Instructor in Economics Blanchard Livingstone Rideout, flJBK A. B. Harvard '27 Instructor in French and Spanish Walter Harvey Sears, Jr. A. B. Harvard '27 Instructor in Mathematics Pauline Gleason Ayres, IIBLILKIDBK B. S. Vermont '22 Instructor in Botany James Michael Doyle B. S. Harvard '27 Instructor in French Laura Jackson Parker Ph. B. Vermont '17 Research Instructor in English Dorothea Baker, KAC9, f1vBK A. B. Vermont '27 Research Instructor in English James Moore Kelly, fIJBK B. A. Wesleyan University '27 Research Instructor in French Francis White Weitzrnann B. S. Niagara '27 Research Instructor in English Ruth Ettie Wright A. B. Middlebury '23 Research Instructor in Political Science IZ9 . f' X"", College of Engineering Josiah William Votey, CIJBK C. E. Vermont '84, Sc. D. Vermont '11, Sc. D. Maine '22 Dean of the College of Engineering, Flint Professor of Civil Engineering and Professor of Sanitary Engineering Edward Robinson, CDMA B. S. Mass. Inst. Tech, '90 I I Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Secretary of the College of Engineering. Evan Thomas, CDMA, CIJBK B. S. Denison '76, B .D. Yale '80. Professor of Mathematics and Mechanics George Frederick Eckhard, EAX, EZ B. S. Iowa '05, C. E. Iowa '10 Professor of Structural Engineering Leonard Perley Dickinson, AXP B. S. Mass. Inst. Tech. '96 Professor of Electrical Engineering Arthur Dexter Butterfield, ATO, EE B. S. Worcester Poly. Inst. '98, A, M. Columbia '04 Professor of Mathematics Roy Orville Buchanan, CIDBK B. S. Vermont '05 Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering E301 Vollie Richard Yates, CDMA, QIDBK B. S. Vermont '15 Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Howard Guy lVIi11ington C. E. Rens. Poly. Inst. '08 Assistant Professor of Mathematics Edmund Louis Sussdorff Ph.B. Sheitield '14, M. E, Sheffield '17 Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Geno Blaise Lucarini, QBK B. S. Vermont '24 Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Frank Aubrey Dresser Instructor in Shop Work Edmund Farnum Little Mechanician and Instructor in Shop Work Albert Eugene Batchelder Instructor in Shop Work Lawrence Forrest Shorey B. S. Vermont 'ZS Instructor in Electrical Engineering Howard Frank Morse, 'LIJAG B. S. Vermont '25 Instructor in Mechanical Engineering Reginald Annis I-Iovey B. S. Vermont '27 Instructor in Civil Engineering PROPOSED ENGINEERING COLLEGE BUILDING l31l College of Agriculture Joseph Lawrence Hills, KE, AZ, QJKCIJ Sc. B. Mass. Agri. Col. '81 Boston University '81, Sc. D. Rutgers '03 Dean of the College of Agriculture and Professor of Agronomy Frank Abiram Rich, AZ B. S. Ontario Veterinary Col. '89, M. D. Vermont, '93 Professor of Veterinary Science Bertha Mary Terrill, fI1BK B. S. Mount Holyoke, '95, A. B. Mount Holyoke, '96, M. A. Chicago '08 Professor of Home Economics Marshall Baxter Cummings, EE, FA, AZ B. S. Vermont '01, M. S. Maine '04, Ph.D. Cornell '09 Professor of Horticulture Benjamin Franklin Lutman, AZ A. B. Ivlissouri '06, A. M. Wisconsin '07, Ph. D. Wisconsin, '09 Professor of Plant Pathology George Plummer Burns, IPAQ, EE, LIDBK B. S. Ohio Wesleyan '97, A. M. Ohio Wesleyan '98, Ph. D. Munich '00 Professor of Botany Floyd B. Jenks, AZ B. S. Purdue '98 Assistant Dean of the College of Agriculture and Professor of Agricultural Education Howard Bowman Ellenberger, AZ B. S. Iowa State '05, M. S. Cornell '15, Ph. D. Cornell '17 Professor of Animal and Dairy Husbandry E321 Ernest Van Alstine, CIDAY, AZ B. S. Mich. State '07, M. S. Illinois '17, Ph. D. New Jersey '20 Professor of Agronomy Richard Watson Smith, Jr., CIDKCIJ B. S. Mass. Agri. Col. '21, M. S. Univ. of Illinois '26 Professor of Dairy Manufacturing Mason Herbert Campbell, AZ, FEA, EXP B. S. Illinois '17, M. S. Wisconsin '18 Professor of Dairy Production Alice Emma Blundell, AFA, ON, CIDECIJ, QDKCIJ B. S. Iowa State '18 Assistant Professor of Home Economics Eleazer Johnson Dole, fIHBK A. B. Vermont '12, A. M. Vermont '17, M. S. Assistant Professor of Botany Alfred Holley Gilbert S. Vermont '04, M. S. Wisconsin '13 Assistant Professor of Botany Amos Bush Willmarth, QIJBK A. B. Middlebury '00, A. M. Harvard '01, B Assistant Professor of Chemistry Florence Emily Bailey B. S. Simmons '18 Assistant Professor of Home Economics Grace Burwash B. A. Illinois '19, M. A. Columbia '24 Assistant Professor of Home Economics Alida Beatrice Fairbanks B. S. Vermont '21, M. A. Columbia Assistant Professor of Home Economies Alfred William Lohman, IIDKE B. S. West Virginia '22, M. S. Cornell '25 Assistant Professor of Poultry Husbandry John Alvin Newlander B. S. Cornell '14, M. S. Vermont '21 Instructor in Dairy Husbandry Ronald Barnford, QIDMA B. S. Conn. Agr. Col. '24, M. S. Vermont '26 Instructor in Botany William Ritchie Adams, Jr. B. S. Syracuse '26 Instructor in Botany and Forestry Martha Haines A. B. Wilmington '23, M. A. Columbia '26 Instructor in Home Economics Alexander Gevshoy, EE B. S. Cornell '18 Instructor in Botany l33l Vermont '21, Ph. D. Vermont '23 S. Vermont '18 Alumni Council James D, Brennan, '03 Pfesldenf Margaret A. Patten, '19 . - . Secfefafy 1878 1879 1880 1881 1895 1896 1897 1898 1882 1883 1884 1885 1886 1887 1888 1889 1890 1891 1892 1893 1894 1898 1900 1901 1902 REPRESENTATIVES AT LARGE Term Edward F. Crane, '18 Laura J. Parker, '17 Term Dr, D. C. Jarvis, '04 Mrs. Elizabeth H. Ross, Term Dr. E. H. Johnson, '88 Mrs. Lucia B. Downing, Term Mrs. Mary G. Wyman, William W. Murray, '97 Term Carey P. Williams, '02 Carl H. White, '05 Expires 1928 Mrs. Mary M. Deyett, '85 Dr. Albert K. Aldinger, '99 Expires 1929 Ralph W. Simonds, '13 '06 Mildred E. Powell, '20 Expires 1930 Mary Jean Simpson, '13 '89 Paul W. Waterman, '12 Expires 1931 '94 James D. Brennan, '03 Mrs. Nina S. Merrill, '14 Expires 1932 Mrs. Ruth B. Gray, '06 Mrs. Mabel W. Mayforth, '15 Class Representatives Don A. Stone Charles R. Palmer Dr. Martin L. Porter Walter B. Gates George Z. Thompson Joseph T. Stearns Albert E. Lewis William T. Whalen Roger W. Hulburd Mason S. Stone Henry H. Cushman Rev. William H.Hopkins Dr. Frank H. Clapp Frank M. Button C. L. Woodbury Edward S. Isham Dr. George I. Forbes Fred W. Mould Dr. John S. Horner Eugene N. Sanctuary Edward D. Strictland Edward P. Hendrick James H. Wheldon Samuel S. Dennis John N. Harvey l34l 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 Walter A. Dane Elmer E. Gove Dr. B. J. A. Bombard Ray B. Skinner Hanson J. Pattridge Dana H. Ferrin Raymond L. Soule Arthur W. Dow Clarence R. White John O. Baxendale George N. Harman James H. Moore Louis F. Dow Wesley T. Abell Edward W. Mudgett Raymond A. Briggs Phillips M. Bell William L. Hammond James R. Jennings John C. Wriston John H. Patrick John F. Casey Edward N. Brush Carl A. Ottley William M. Lockwood X -I E351 Lieut. Frederick, Sergt. Lindsey, Sergt. Conner Lieut-Col. Black, Maj. Stanley, Capt. Rattan, Capt. Lauer Military Science and Tactics OFFICERS WITH THE FACULTY Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick F. Black, Infantry, U. S. A., Medical Corps QD. O. L.j. Professor of Military Science and Tactics and Commandant of Cadets U Major Oramel H. Stanley, Medical Corps, U. S. A., M. C., M. D. QD. O. LQ Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics Captain William V. Rattan, Infantry, U. S. A. QD. O. LQ Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics Captain Walter E. Lauer, Infantry, U. S. A. QD. O. L.j Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics First Lieutenant John D. Frederick, Infantry, U. S. A. QD. O. LJ 1 Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics Staff Sergeant Raymond T. Conner, U. S. A., QD. E. M. LJ Instructor in Military Science and Tactics Sergeant Elmer C. Lindsey, U. S. A. QD. E. M. LQ Instructor in Military Science and Tactics l36l Leary, Greene, Schoppe, Prentice, Sherwin, Castle, Whitcomb, Cogswell Capt. Rattan, McLauglzlin, Marvin, Conway, Stevens, Holden, Lieut. Frederzck Scabbarcl and Blade Senior Military Honorary Society John Thomas Conway Clarence Francis Castle Robert Morton Whitcomb Lawrence Harland Marvin Lewis Gaston Leary Charles Hiram Stevens Established 1922 Members Robert Thayer Holden William Norman Cogswell Porter Claude Greene Howard Anderson Prentice Francis Anthony McLaughlin Rolfe Weston Schoppe Herbert Charles Sherwin l37l Porter C. Greene Lawrence H. Marvin Clarence F. Castle Cadet Officers Majors Howard A. Prentice John T. Conway Captains Robert M. Whitcomb First Lieufenants William C. Chadbourne William N. Cogswell Ralph B. Gile Lewis G. Leary Elliot E. London Second Lieutenanfs Francis A. MCL aughlin l3Sl Rolphe W. Schoppe Charles H. Stevens Robert T. Holden John M. Leavens Abel A. Valenti James F. Mitchell Wendell P. Roy Herbert C. Sherwin Cedric Wolfe l r Company A Porter C. Greene, Commanding F. F. O'Keefe, First Sergeant First Platoon W. W. Cogswell, Platoon Leader E. H. Powell, Right Guide P. D. Hammond, Platoon Sergeant E. G. Ball, Left Guide First Squad: Aronson, Corporal, Blair Burr, Blanchard, Bolles, Connell, Allerton, Bolton, Second' Squad: Wallace, Corporal, Sternberg, Bachman, Cook, Donaldson, Bullock. Agel, Boynton. Third Squad: Mills, Corporal, Saia, St. Dennis, R. Adams, Cartnick, Aiken, Allan, Bartlett, Bigwood. Fourth Squad: A. E. Woodward, Corporal, Bacon, Carrigan, Blodgett, Conner, Crocket, Cross, Amsden. Fifth Squad: Tryon, Corporal, Chamberlin, Eaton, Basilicato, Brooks, Butterfield, Buxton, Caldwell. Section Guides: Burstein, Corporal, Lawrence, Corporal. File Closers: Durfey, Davis, Stone, Corporal, Dugan. Second Platoon C. C. Chadbourne, Platoon Leader H. M. Macomber, Right Guide F. R. Robbins, Platoon Sergeant F. E. Beckley, Left Guide Sixth Squad: Donahue, Corporal, Sugden, Wendt, Bond, Brasor, Cusson, Dailey, DeWitt Seventh Squad: Arnold, Corporal, Musgrove, Rogel, Dinniman, Baldwin, Basralian, Berry Blanchet. Eighth Squad: Knight, Corporal, Roche, Dowhan, Block, Corburn, Cogland, Craig, Curtis. Nznth Squad: Bundy, Corporal, Stuart, P. G. Baker, H. Baker, Beaupre, Cambria, Clark, Buglino. Section Guides: Menard, Corporal: Towne, Corporal. File Closers: DeMund, Dalryrnple, Bragg, Blakely. E391 1 Company B Charles H. Stevens, Commanding R. W. Stewart, First Sergeant First Platoon C. F. Castle, Platoon Leader F. J. Reed, Right Guide R. R. Curtis, Platoon Sergeant J. Chilson, Left Guide First Squad: Borkland, Corporal, Krogh, Bigelow, Hall, Flagg, Kent, Mudgett, Oatley. Second Squad: Slavin, Corporal, Lynde, Jeffery, Fuller, Garfield, Huey, Kelley, McAllister. Third Squad: F. Woodward, Corporal, Schechtman, Smead, McHugh, Nason, J. Jackson, Loudon. Fourth Squad: Manning, Corporal, Gooch, Harasimowicz, Nelson, Hillegas, Howard Jastremski, Grant. Fifth Squad: Mace, Corporal, H. G. Adams, Hirshberg, Hanson, Heaton, Hyde, Joslin McLean. Section Guide: Andrews. Corporal. File Closers: Knapp, Edson. Second Platoon John M. Leavens, Platoon Leader C.' N. DeRose, Right Guide R. W. Dodge, Platoon Sergeant A. G. Sirois, Left Guide , Sixth Squad: Steele, Corporal, Armstrong, Berenson, McQuestion, Martin, Lang, Livings- ton, Meissner. Seventh Squad: Hawley, Corporal, Barbato, Bassow, Minott, Germain, Goyette, Jones Lisman. Eighth Squad: Meehan, Corporal, Bertrand, Donnelly, Luck, Maynes, Graves, Hoxie Limauro. Nzntig Squad: Stewart, Corporal, Martinetti, Gioria, Mascola, Massey, Merriam, Kendall ates. Section Guides: Levine, Capron. File Closers: Elowitch, Beane, McGee. E401 k Company C Lawrence H. Marvirx, Commanding B. Gustafson, First Sergeant First Platoon R. T. Holden, Platoon Leader N. B. Gray, Right Guide R. H. Lockwood, Platoon Sergeant A. L. Knapp, Left Guide First Squad: Wardwell, Corporal, Crandall, Goddard, Park, Sargent, Thomas, Percival, Pierce. Second Squad: Allen, Corporal, Bloomenthal, Halligan, Spear, Stewart, Stroh, Wilcox, Persons. d S ith Valleau, Walker. Third Squad: Conlin, Corporal, Bernstein, Bird, Rice, Sammon , m , Fourth' Squad: Peach, Corporal, Franceschi, Lucarini, P. Willetts, Philips, Quinn, Reedy, Schurrnan. Fifth Squad: Dorey, Corporal, Mazel, Merrill, Segal, Skinner, Tarleton, Webster, Wheeler. Section Guides: Stearns, Corporal, Olson, Corporal. File Closer: F. Smith. Second Platoon A. A. Valenti, Platoon Leader A. L. Frechette, Right Guide K. H. MacGibbon, Platoon Sergeant P M Perry Left Guide l SixthASquad: Clayton, Corporal, Duval, Gage, Wilhelm, Perelman, Pitman, Sharp es, Simpson. Seventh Squad: Bullock, Corporal, Patton, Rothman, Tomasi, Sparhawk, Stevens, Stratton, Vander. Eighth Squad: Bradish, Corporal, Beck, Beer, Whalen, Worrell, Peters, Rosenfeldt, Rowand. Ninth Squad: Freedman, Corporal, Bicknell, Levine, Scutakes, Searles, Shattuck, Tellier W. Willetts. Tenth Squad: Vignone, Corporal, Nathanson, I-Ieimbach, Piche, Pierce, Riani, Wheeler Romanos. Section Guides: Morse, Corporal: Robbins, Corporal. ' File Closers: Poust, Roller. Ull v Wardwell, Wilhelm, Vander, Sfraffon, Joslin, Speare, Wheeler, Blakely Percival, Donaldson, Buxton, Aiken, Brown, Capt. Lauer, Morse, Ball, Rianz Brown Rifle Team ' Members C. . Brown '28, Capi R. MCC-ee 30 E. Ball 30 A. Wardwell 30 J. . Vander '31 J. O. Percival '31 E C. L. Morse '30, Mgr. E. ' C. ' W. ' B H C.. Stratton '31 l42l A. Wilhelm '31 J. Riani '31 B. Wheeler '31 Spear '31 B. Aiken '31 G. Rowland '31 M. Blakely '31 Joseph F. Lechnyr Joseph F. Merola Benjamin F. Clark Paul Van Dyke CORNETS J. F. Merola I. D. Stanhope H. M. Strauss C. M. Adams R. S. Derby R. E. To-bin J. G. Pekala J. A. Maynard D. F. Barter TROMBONES P. Van Dyke A. L. Howard C. E. Hesseltine A. C. Johnson W. E. Judd A. V. King P. W. Kinney BARITONES C. C. Harwood E. T. Beyor M. B. Jenks J. B. Kendrick C. E. Reynolds F. A. Sears R. O. T. C. Band OFFICERS PERSONNEL BASSES C. H. Rarnm C. S. Paine T. A. Clilford CLARINETS F. B. Maynard W. B. Clapp E. W. Davis T. B. Peck A. J. Perrotta L. E. Samson T. M. Moore G. W. Colby F. V. Rich FLUTES S. G. Hanson R. H. Cowles . . . Director . Assistant Director Second' Assistant Director . . Drum Major ALTOS R. H. Curtiss G. C. Gross H. M. Chatterton SAXAPHONES B. F. Clark R. E. Buckley R. C, Bostwick A A. Solomon A. R. Madden T. F. Lynch T. O. Belknap FRENCH CLARION C. M. DeRose A. W. Claim T. A. Eliot E. G. Fagen S. S. Corbin TYMPANI T. S. Goldfarb OBOE A. Backus B. Baker C. C. Kaufman DRUMS H. W. Adams H, P. Dow M. A. Bisson H31 T. S. Goldfarb R. W. Handrick F. A. McBride F fs 44 1 -. 4 1' -Q n 4 46 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 E473 ml CLASS OFFICERS Sabin C. Abell . . President Eleanor T. Lockwood Vice-President Elizabeth Billings Secretary Harold Collins Treasurer Senior Week Committees Clarence F. Castle, Chairman of Senior Week CLASS DAY Lewis G. Leary, Chairman Walter F. Reagan William N. Cogswell Elizabeth A. Billings Jeannette L. Hays Pauline F. Lynch CLASS WALK Kellogg W. Kyle, Chairman Francis A. McLaughlin Muriel F. Cleveland Beatrice E. Farman PIPE Porter C. Greene, Chairman Harold H. Fogg GOWNING STATUES William C. Chadbourne, Chairman Gordon J. Baldwin SENIOR PROM Charles H. Stevens, Chairman Abel A. Valenti Alan E. Ashcraft, Jr. Dorothy M. Dearing Eileen F. Goodwin Alma E. Batten l49l BOAT RIDE Harold C. Collins, Chairman Kenneth H. Gurney Lawrence H. Marvin Irene M. Bates Della E. Martin Eleanor Taft QUESTIONNAIRE Robert N. Whitcomb, Chairman Rolphe W. Schoppe Julian O. Phelps Evelyn M. Anderson Mildred E. Roberts INVITATIONS Herbert D. Crandall, Chairman Merton C. Robbins, Jr. John A. Miller Eleanor M. Davison Dorothy M. Hall Helen M. Lynch Eleanor T. Lockwood Merta E. Munro Helen E. Stevens BANNER Gloria I. Young, Chairman Delbert J. Merrill Clifton W. Price Marion L. Cleveland Senior Men SABIN CLARK ABELL, c. sc E. sf. Albans, Vermont Kappa Sigma, St. Albans High Scholl, Boulder, Key and Serpent, Wig and Buskin, Secretary and Treasurer, Class President Q45, Class Baseball Q15, Class Football Q25, Manager Baseball Q45, Assistant Manager 135, Press Club f1,25, Advertising Manager Ariel C35, Cast, "Milestones" 115, Chairman Junior Week Q35, Chairman Kake Walk Committee C3, 45 , Glee Club Q15, Band fl, 25, Student Senate Q45, Faculty Council QZ5, Corporal CRAWFORD MCGINNIS ADAIVIS, E. E. Groton, Vermont Phi Mu Delta, Groton High School, Honor Scholarship, Sergeant. ALLAN E1vLERsoN ASHCRAFT, JR., M. E. sf. Johnsbury, vermont Sigma Phi, Deerfield Academy, Kappa Beta Phi, Hockey Q45, Sophomore Hop Com- mittee, Senior Prom Committee, Student A. S. M. E., Corporal CZ5. GEORGE EDWARD BALDWIN, JR., E.E. Plainfield, New Jersey Lambda Iota, Plainfield N. J. High School, Tennis f2, 3, 45, Captain 145, Senior Week Committee, Corporal JAMES GORDON BALDWIN, C. E. St. Johnsbury, Vermont Delta Psi, St. Johnsbury Academy, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Track C1, 2, 35, Class Track tl, 2?- HAROLD EDWARD BARNES, C. E. Pittsford Mills, Vermont Sigma Delta, Gold Key, Glee Club fl, 2, 35, Honor Scholarship, Choir CHARLES PHILLIPS BORIGI-IT, Ed. Newport, Vermont Derby Academy, Glee Club C35. CLAYTON EUGENE BROWN, E. E. North Williston, Vermont Sigma Delta, Essex Junction High School, Ritie Team C2, 35, Assistant Manager C35, Sergeant Q, 35. CLARENCE FRANCIS CASTLE, C. E. Springfield, Massachusetts Sigma Alpha Chi, Springfield Technical High School, Scabbard and Blade, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Manager Basketball Q45, Junior Week Committee, Chairman Senior Week Committee, Chairman Basketball Hop, Kake Walk Committee C3, 45, Gold Key, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Corporal C25, Sergeant f35, Lieutenant WILLIAM CONRAD CI-IADBOURNE, E. E. Cornish, New Hampshire Sigma Alpha Chi, Elko County High School, Elko, Nevada, Gold Key, Manager Class Football C25, Football Hop Committee QZ5, Kake Walk Committee C2, 3, 45, Senior Week Committee, Student Senate Q3, 45, Color Sergeant C35, Lieutenant C45. WILLIAM NORMAN COGSWELL, E. E. Warner, New Hampshire Sigma Nu, Simonds High School, Gold Key, Scabbard and Blade, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Class Treasurer C25, Baseball Q, 3, 45, Class Football Q15, Class Baseball Q15, Foot- ball Hop Committee Q15, Junior Week Committee, Kake Walk Committee CS, 45, Senior Week Committee, Corporal QZ5, Sergeant C35, Lieutenant HAROLD CAMPBELL COLLINS, C. Sc E. Greensboro Bend, Vermont Phi'Mu Delta, Lyndon Institute, Boulder, Key and Serpent, Class Treasurer 145, Assistant Manager Football f35, Manager Freshman Football f45, Assistant Director Kake Walk C35, Director Q45, Kake Walk Committee C25, Junior Week Committee, Senior Week Committee. JOHN THOMAS CONWAY, Jr., Ed. New Bedford, Massachusetts Sigma Phi, Cushing Academy, Key and Serpent, President, Boulder, Scabbard and Blade, President, Kappa Phi Kappa, President, Class President QZ5, Football fl, 2, 3, 45 5 B9-Seball fl, 2, 3, 45, Captain f45, Class Basketball fl, 25, Captain f25 : Junior Week Committees Student Senate Cl, 2, 3, 45, Vice President C35, Corporal C25, First Sergeant f35, Major HERBERT DANIEL CRANDALL, Cl, Burlington, Vermont Lambda Iota, Burlington High School, Boulder, Pi Delta Rho, Eta Sigma Phi, President t45, Wig and Buskin, Cvnic. Editor, Ariel Board, Press Club, Cast, "Captain Apple- JP1C1s", Hlphigenia in Tauris", Kake Walk Committee f2, 3, 45, Junior Week Committee, Chairman, Senior Week Invitation Committee, Glee Club C2, 35, Freshman Debating Team, Business Manager Frosh Handbook, Corporal, l50l JOHN JOSEPH CURRAN, G. S. Florence, Massachusetts Alpha Tau Omega, Northampton CMass.D High School, Gold Key, Key and Serpent, Assistant Manager Track C3D, Junior Week Committee, Newman Club. JACK NELSON CURRIER, C. E. Danville, Vermont Phi Mu Delta, Danville High School, Honor Scholarship, Corporal CZD. EDWARD ORRIN DALYRYMPLE, C. E. Orange, New Jersey Sigma Delta Orange High School, Stevens Institute of Technology, A. S. M. E., Glee Club 449. RAYMOND DAVIES, E. E. Hampton, New York Troy Conference Academy, Class Football CD, Radio Club. EDWIN WILLARD DAVIS, G. S. Ellington, Connecticut Fargo CN. Dakotal High School, Band C1, 2, 35. JOHN PASCAL DETORE, C. 85 E. Burlington, Vermont Winooski High School. PAUL SOULE DOANE, C. 8:1 E. Fairfield, Vermont Sigma Nu, Lyndon Institute. WHITNEY RANDALL DOANE, G. S. Springfield, Vermont Sigma Nu, Springfield High School, Class Football CD, Assistant Manager Baseball, Pi Delta Rho, Cast, "The Pirates of Penzance", Kake Walk Committee C3J, Junior Week Committee, Corporal CZJ. ELMER WESLEY DODGE, E. E. Barre, Vermont Sigma Nu, Spaulding High School, Corporal C2J. RICHARD PHILLIP DUELL, L. S. Burlington, Vermont Burlington High School. FREDERICK WINTHROP ELY, E. E. Northampton, Massachusetts Lambda Iota, The Choate School, Football CLD, Class Football C1, 25, Glee Club CD. ABRAHAM FABER, C. 8c E. Roxbury, Massachusetts Tau Epsilon Phi, University Preparatory School CBoston Massj, Glee Club CD, Band C1, 25, Corporal C21 HAROLD HILL FOGG, L. S. West Hartford, Vermont Sigma Delta, Randolph High School, Kappa Phi Kappa, Assistant Eligibility Manager CZJ, Manager CED, Cynic Board C3D, Ariel Board C3j, Editor Freshman Handbook C3D, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C3D, Senior Week Committee, Honor Scholarship. MYLES ROBERT FRECHETTE, C. E. Hardwick, Vermont Hardwick Academy, Cynic Board RALPH BARTLETT GILE, C. E. Jericho Center, Vermont Jericho High School, Corporal CZD, Sergeant C3Q, Lieutenant CLD. ARTHUR GLADSTONE, G. S. . Burlington, Vermont Burlington High School, Corporal CZD. JACK HARRIS GLADSTONE, C. 86 E. Burlington, Vermont Tau Epsilon Phi, Burlington High School, Gold Key, Sergeant C3D. GEORGE VAUGHN GOODWIN, G. S. Montpelier, Vermont Phi Mu Delta, Montpelier High School, Class Track CD, Sophomore Hop Comrnittee, Junior Week Committee, Band CZD, Corporal GEORGE ALPHONSUS GOULD, JR., G. S. Cambridge, Massachusetts Zeta Chi, Leominster CMass.D High School, Class Baseball CD, Grey Friars, Ariel Board, Cast "13th Chair" CD, Cast, "It Pays to Advertise" C2j, Junior Week Com- mittee, Chairman Senior Cane Committee, Interfraternity Council, Newman Club, Kappa Phi Kappa, Band C1, 2, 3, Q, Corporal CZD, Graduate U. S. Infantry School, Ft. Benning, Ga., 1927. MAURICE IRWIN GOULD, Chem. Burlington, Vermont Sigxam Alpha Chi, Burlington High School, Assistant Manager Hockey C3D, Assistant Manager Tennis C3D, Manager CLD, Business Manager Freshman Handbook CZD, Kake Walk Committee C3D, Junior Week Committee, Chemistry Club, Corporal rm GEORGE GRAVES, JR., L.S. Hartford, Connecticut Lambda Iota, Holderness School, Williams College 115, Tennis 13, 45, Ariel Board 135, Faculty-Student Council 145, John Dewey Club, Vice President 145, Glee Club 12,45. PORTER CLAUDE GREENE, M.E. Morrisville, Vermont Delta Psi, Peoples Academy, Gold Key, Scabbard and Blade, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Senior Week Committee, Kake Walk Committee 145, Junior Prom Committee, Faculty- Student Council 13, 45, Press Club 11, 25, Corporal 125, Sergeant 135, Captain 145. KENNETH HOWLAND GURNEY, Ed. Burlington, Vermont Phi Delta Theta, Burlington High School, Football, 1923 and 1924, Class Football 115, Sophomore Hop Committee, Junior Week Committee, Senior Week Committee. RAYMOND KEITH HASTINGS, M.E. Morrisville, Vermont Peoples Academy, Track 11, 2, 35, Class Track 115, Honor Scholarship, Corporal 125. DONALD ARTHUR HEMENWAY, C. 86 E. Sheldon, Vermont Phi Mu Delta, Enosburg Falls High School. FRANCIS LEACH HERRTCK, G. S. Pawlet, Vermont Mount Hermon School, University of Pennsylvania 11, 25. CARLYLE TYSON HEWES, G.S. Groton, Connecticut Phi Delta Theta, Buckley School, Treasurer 115, Junior Week Committee 135, Student Senate 12, 35. ROBERT THAYER HOLDEN, Ag. Bennington, Vermont Sigma Phi, Bennington High School, Boulder, Scabbard and Blade, Key and Serpent, Gold Key, Alpha Zeta, Class Treasurer 135 , Assistant Manager Baseball 135, Assistant Manager Cynic 135, Advertising Manager 145, Circulation Manager 1928 Ariel, Junior Week Committee, Senior Week Committee, Assistant Director Kake Walk 135 , Director Kake Walk 145, Sergeant 12, 35, Lieutenant GARRISON HOUSEHOLDER, Chem. Burlington, Vermont Lambda Iota, Essex Junction High School, Chemistry Club, Band 11, 25. LAURENCE PRESCOTT HOWE, Special Burlington, Vermont Burlington High School, Oberlin College 11, 25. IRWIN HOLDEN HOXIE, M.E. Peacham, Vermont Sigma Delta, Peacham Academy, Class Baseball 115, Band 11, 2, 35, Glee Club 11, 45, Honor Scholarship, Corporal FAYETTE MONROE HUBBELL, JR., Ag. North Ferrisburg, Vermont Phi Mu Delta, Troy Conference Academy, Class Football LLEWELLYN M. HUMPHREY, G.S. Cabin John, Maryland Western High School 1Washington, D. C.5, Palo Alto High School 1California5. RICHARD MILTON IRELAND, G.S. Burlington, Vermont Sigma Nu, Cathedral High School. DAN MARSHALL JOHNSON, Jr., C.E. Essex Junction, Vermont Phi. Delta Theta, New York Military Academy, Gold Key, Class Football 11, 25, Kake Walk Committee 12, 35, Newman Club, Sergeant 115, Lieutenant 125. KELLOGG WARRTNER KYLE, C.E. Troy, New York Sigma Phi, Lansingburgh High, Kappa Beta Phi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Manager Class Basketball 115, Class Football 115, Class Basketball 125, Assistant Manager Football 135, Assistant Manager Tennis 135, Kake Walk Committee 12, 3, 45, Chairman 145, Junior Week Committee, Senior Week Committee, Corporal 125. PAUL BANCROFT LANE, M.E. Barre, Vermont Spaulding High School. LEWIS GASTON LEARY, JR., G.S. Pelham Manor, New York Kappa Sigma, Pelham High School, Gold Key, Scabbard and Blade, Football 12, 3, 45, Y Track 11, 2, 3, 45, Class Football 115, Class Track 11, 25, Assistant Editor Ariel, Sophomore Hop Committee, Senior Week Committee, Chairman Class Day Committee, President John Dewey Club, Student Senate, Grey Friars, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 135, Corporal 125, Sergeant 135, Lieutenant l52l JOHN MacDONALD LEAVENS, C. 81: E. Maplewood, New Jersey Delta Psi5 Newark Academy5 Tau Kappa Alpha5 Debating Team C3, 45 5 Sophomore Hop Committee C255 Glee Club C155 Cherleading C1, 255 Corporal C25 5 Sergeant C355 Lieutenant C45. GOODWIN LEE, C. SL E. Hongkong, China Mount Hermon School5 Cosmopolitan Club ISAAC LEVIN, C. Sc E. Burlington, Vermont Burlington High School. ' WILLIAM DOUGLAS LINDSAY, G.S. Montpelier, Vermont Phi Delta Thetag Wilbraham Academy5 Sophomore Hop Committee5 Corporal C25. ELLIOT ELIAS LONDON, C. 85 E. Burlington, Vermont Class Track C255 Class Football C255 Sergeant EVO ALEXANDER LUCCHINA, L.S. Barre, Vermont Sigma Alpha Chi5 Spaulding High School5 Wig and Buskin, Vice President C455 Pi Delta Rho, President C455 Grey Friars, Clerk C455 Press Culb C1, 255 Cynic Board C1, 2, 3, 455 News Editor C355 Managing Editor C455 1928 Ariel Board, Grind Editor5 Cast "The Goose Hangs High" C255 Cast "Captain Applejack" C355 Kake Walk Committee C455 Class Debating C155 Kingsley Prize Speaking C15, Second Prize5 Founderis Day Speaker C35. FRANCIS ANTHONY MCLAUGHLIN, M.E. West Rutland, Vermont Alpha Tau Omega5 West Rutland High School5 Class Baseball C155 Junior Week Com- mittee5 Newman Club5 A. S. M. E.5 Honor Scholarship5 Sergeant C355 Lieutenant LAWRENCE HARLAND MARVIN, Ag. Essex Junction, Vermont Delta Psi5 Burlington High School5 Key and Serpentg Boulder5 Scabbard and Bladeg Basketball C1, 2, 3, 45 5 Manager Baseball C35 5 Junior Banquet Committeeg Senior Week Committee5 Corporal C255 lst Sergeant C355 Captain A FRED BIRCHARD MAYNARD, Chem. Burlington, Vermont Palmerton CPa.5 High School5 Chemistry Club5 Radio Club C1, 2, 355 Corporal C1, 255 Band C1, 2, 35. DELBERT JOHN MERRILL, Ag. Wallingford, Vermont Sigma Alpha Chi5 Wallingford High School5 Rutland Business College5 Gold Key5 1928 Ariel Board, Art Edi'or5 Agricultural Club5 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C2, 355 Class Base- ball C155 Corporal JOSEPH ARTHUR MCGEE, Ed. Milton, Vermont Zeta Chi5 Natick CMass.5 High School5 Track5 U. S. A. Navy. FRITZ RUDOLPH METZGER, E.E. Rutland, Vermont Kappa Sigma5 Rutland High School5 Basketball C155 Class Basketball C155 Sergeant C255 Lieutenant JOHN ARKLEY MILLER, C. 8c. E. Palisade, New Jersey Sigma Nug Englewood High School5 Assistant Manager Track C355 Wig and Buskin Society5 Senior Week Invitation Committee5 Cheer Leader C455 Manager of Wig and Buskin. JAMES FULLER MITCHELL, C. 86 E. Hardwick, Vermont Delta Psi5 Hardwick Academy5 Press Club5 Outing Club5 Corporal C155 Sergeant C355 Lieulenant HARRY NICHOLS MONTAGUE, Ag. Underhill, Vermont Zeta Chi5 Jericho High School5 Alpha Zeta5 Agricultural Club. EUGENE FLANDERS MOORE, C. 86 E. LOS Angeles, California Lambda Iota5 Manual Arts High School5 Los Angeles5 University of Southern Cali- fornia C355 Gold Keyg Class Baseball C15. REX WALTER MORSE, M.E. Waterbury, Vermont Alpha Tau Omega5 Waterbury High School5 Interfraternity Councilg Lieutenant LYNWOOD BYRON PECK, L.S. Essex Junction, Vermont Essex Junction High School5 Honor Scholarship5 Band C1, 2, 355 Corporal C25, LEMUEL JAMES PEET, Ag. Middlebury, Vermont Phi Mu Delta5 Middlebury High School5 Alpha Zeta5 Honor Scholarship. Corporal C25. I53l GEORGE RICHARDSON PERRY, L.S. Springfield, Vermont Zeta Chi, Springfield High School, Gold Key, Tennis 121, Cynic Board 12, 31, Inter- collegiate Editor 121, Editor in-Chief Freshman Handbook 121, Photographic Editor 1928 Ariel, Kake Walk Committee 141, Pi Delta Rho, Press Club, Kappa Phi Kappa, Band 11, 21 , Honor Scholarship, Corporal 121. JULIAN ORVILLE PHELPS, L.S. MIIIUH1 V9I'm0nt Sigma Alpha Chi, Milton High School, Pi Delta Rho, Editor-in-Chief 1928 Ariel, Cynic Board 11, 21, News Editor 121, Junior Week Committee, Senior Week Committee, Kake Walk Committee 12, 31, Faculty-Student Council 13, 41, International Relations Club, Secretary 141, Latin Entrance Examination Prize, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 141, Honor Scholarship, Kingsley Prize Speaking 121. PERCY DONINGTON PIERCE, C. Bc E. Burlington, Vermont Burlington High School, Corporal 121. ALBERT DAVID PINGREE, C. 8c, E. White River Junction, Vermont Zeta Chi, Kimball Union Academy, Tennis 12, 41, Grey Friars 141, Junior Week 131, Assistant Editor Freshman Handbook 121, Assistant Eligibility Manager 131. HOWARD ANDERSON PRENTICE, C. 81: E. Burlington, Vermont Delta Psi, Burlington High School, Gold Key, Boulder, Scabbard and Blade, Baseball 12, 3, 41, Basketball 11, 2, 3, 41, Track 11, 21, Class Track 111, Class Baseball 111, Assistant Manager Freshman Football, Corporal 121 , Sergeant 131 , Battalion Major 141. CLIFTON WILLIAM PRICE, E.E. Burlington, Vermont, Delta Psi, Burlington High School, Gold Key, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Basket- ball 12, 3, 41, Baseball 131, Freshman Football, Senior Week Committee, Student Sen- ate 141, Corporal WALTER FARLEY REAGAN, L.S. Pittstield, Massachusetts Pittsfield High School, Boulder, Gold Key, Assistant Manager Baseball 131, Business Manager 1928 Ariel, Junior Week Committee, Kake Walk Committee, Senior Week Commitfee, Pi Delta Rho, Kappa Phi Kappa, Glee Club 111, Band 121, Student Senate THEODORE FREELING RICH, Cl. Burlington, Vermont Burlington High School, Fencing 131, Track 111, Mathematics Entrance Examination Prize, Junior Latin Scholarship, Honor Scholarship. I NORBERT ALBERT RIVERS, C. 8.5 E. Vergennes, Vermont Vergennes High School, Class Baseball 111, Newman Club, Honor Scholarship, Corporal 121. IVIERTON COVEY ROBBINS, JR., C. 86 E. Pelham, New York Kappa Sigma, Pawling High School, Class President 111, Track 111, Class Track 111, Assistant Eligibility Manager, Manager Basketball 131, Wig and Buskin, Inter- Fraternity Council 13, 41 , Football Hop Committee 111 , Junior Week Committee, Senior Week Committee, Lafayette Pageant 111, Advertising Manager "Bab"' and "Lady Windermere's Fan" 141, Corporal 121, Color Sergeant 121. WENDELL PADDLEFORD ROY, E.E. East Barnet, Vermont Sigma Delta, Mclndoes Academy, Radio Club 111, Honor Scholarship, Sergeant 131, Lieutenant WHITNEY DOANE SAFFORD, L.S. Burlington, Vermont Burlington High School, Wig and Buskin, Grey Friars, Cynic Board 12, 3, 41, Feature Ed1torl131, Assistant Editor Freshman Handbook 121, Cast "The Goose Hangs High," Captain Applejackf' "Bah," "Lady Windermere's Fan" Kake Walk Committee 131, Senigb Week Committee 141, Glee Club 141, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 131, Class Debat- mg . ROMEO SANTOIRE, C. 86 E. Montreal, Quebec College of Valleyfield of Montreal. GEORGE EDMUND SAUNDERS, C. 85 E. Burlington, Vermont Phillips Exeter Academy, Outing Club 11, 2, 31, Vice President 131. RALPH WESTON SCHOPPE, Ed. St. Johnsbury, Vermont Phi Mu Delta, St. Johnsbury Academy, Kappa Phi Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, Base- ball 12, 3. 413 Band 11, 2, 31, Sergeant 131, Lieutenant 141. II54l DONALD FISK SCRIBNER, M. E. Hyde Park, Vermont Delta Psi5 Lamoille Central Academy5 A. S. M. E.5 Corporal 125. ARTHUR WYMAN SHAW, C.E. New York City Phi Mu Delta5 Stuyvesant High School5 Gold Key5 Key and Serpent5 Track 11, 2, 355 Football 1355 Class Track 11, 255 Class Football 11, 255 Glee Club 1155 Sergeant 135. GILBERT BLAIR SHAW, Chem. So. Peacham, Vermont Sigma Delta5 Peacham Academy: Band 11, 255 Chemistry Club. HERBERT CARPENTER SHERWIN, Ed. Wells River, ,Vermont Lambda Iota5 Wells River High School5 Scabbard and Blade5 Class Baseball 1155 Cynic Board 12,35 5Press Club 11, 255 1928 Ariel Board5 Chairman Freshman Mixer 1455 Glee Club 1155 Sergeant 1355 Lieutenant 145. AXEL GERUND SJOSTROM, E.E. Rutland, Vermont Zeta Chi5 Rutland High School. ERROL CARLETON SLACK, L.S. Randolph, Vermont Randolph High School5 Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 455 President French Club 1455 Chapel choir 13, 45. BRADLEY DAVID SMITH, C.E. Sheflield, Vermont Lambda Iota5 Lyndon Institute5 Class Football 115. Sergeant 1355 Lieutenant 145. JOHN ARCHER SMITH, Ed. Dedham, Massachusetts Kappa Sigma, Hebron Academyg Key and Serpent5 Boulder5 Kappa Phi Kappa5 Base- ball 11, 2, 3, 455 Football 11, 2, 3, 455 Captain Football 1455 Basketball 1255 Newman Club. KENNETH RUBLEY STEPHENS, G.S. White River JCt., Vermont Sigma Phi5 Hartford High School5 Assistant Manager Track 135, Manager 1455 As- sistant Editor Vt. Literary Magazine 1455 1928 Ariel Board 135. CHARLES HIRAM STEVENS, C. 86 E. Winooski, Vermont Phi Delta Theta5 Burlington High School5 Phillips Exeter Academy5 Boulderg Key and Serpentg Pi Delta Rho5 Scabbard and Blade5 Class President 1355 Assistant Manager Football 1355 Manager Football 1455 Assistant Manager Hockey 1355 Manager Class Basketball 1255 Assistant Business Manager Cynic 135 Business Manager Cynic 1455 Chairman Senior Prom 1455 Financial Manager Junior Week 1355 Chairman Sopho- more Hop Committee 1255 Kake Walk Committee 12, 3, 455 Student Senate 13, 455 President Student Senate 1455 Corporal 1255 Sergeant 1355 Lieutenant RALPH CHESLEY STEVENS. L.S. Stowe, Vermont Stowe High School5 Wig and Buskin5 Fencing 12, 3, 455 Manager Fencing 1455 Cast "The First Year"5 French Clubg Honor Scholarship5 Corporal ROBERT LAWRENCE STEVENS, G.S. ' Claremont, New Hampshire Stevens High School. GEORGE STUART TALCOTT, Ag. Williston, Vermont Sigma Nug Burlington High School5 Boulder5 Key and Serpent5 Scabbard and Blade' Alpha Zeta5 Student Senate5 Baseball 13, 455 Freshman Baseball 1455 Kake Walk Com: mittee 1455 Junior Week Committee 1355 Sergeant 1255 Lieutenant 135. CLAUDE H. TATE, Ag. Brattleboro, Vermont Zeta Chi5 Brattleboro High School5 Alpha Zeta. MAHLON VINCENT TAYLOR, JR., L.S. Richford, Vermont Lambda Iota5 Phillips Exeter Academy5 Gold Key5 Key and Serpent5 Pi Delta Rho, Secretary 1355 Tennis 12, 3, 455 Freshman Footballg Cynic 1255 Athletic Editor 1355 Athletic Editor 1928 Ariel5 Football Hop Committee 1255 Deutsche Verein 1155 Schatz- meister 1255 Corporal 125. JOHN RICH VAIL, C. 8a E. West Roxbury, Massachusetts Phi Delta Theta5 English High School. ABEL ACACIO VALENTI, C.E. New Bedford, Massachusetts Sigma Alpha Chig New Bedford High School5 Kappa Mu Epsilon5 Baseball 1255 Fresh- man Football5 Senior Prom Committeeg Sergeant 1355 Lieutenant 145. PHILLIP ROOD WHEELER, E.E. Jonesville, Vermont Sigma Deltag Jericho High School5 Honor Scholarship. E551 ROBERT MORTON WHITCOMB, E.E. Essex Junction, Vermont Sigma Nu5 Essex Junction High School5 Phillips Exeter Academy5 Gold Keyg Key and ' Serpent5 Scabbard and Blade5 Football C25 5 Baseball C35 5 Basketball C1, 2, 3, 45 5 Junior Week Committee, Chairman of Junior Promg Chairman Military Ball5 Kake Walk Com- mittee5 Senior Week Committee5 Student Senate C2, 3, 455 Corporal C255 Sergeant C355 Captain, Battalion Adjutant PAUL COLBY WILLARD, G.S. Passumpsic, Vermont ' St. Johnsbury Academyg Sergeant CEDRIC WOLFE, C. 86 E. Burli11gl0T11 Vermont Burlington High School5 Sergeant ORVILLE TUNSTALL WOOD, E.E. Everett, Massachusetts Zeta Chi5 Springfield Technical High School5 Kappa Mu Epsilong Track C1, 35, Captain C455 Grey Friars5 Springfield Club5 Glee Club C155 Band C2, 35. Senior Women EVELYN MARGARET ANDERSON, Sec. Hartford, Connecticut Alpha Chi Omega5 Hartford Public High School5 Hockey C2, 3, 455 Rifle C2, 45, Cap- tain C45 5 Class Hockey C2, 3, 455 Class Soccer C2, 355 Archery C35 5 Manager Soccer C355 Dramatic Club C355 Health Council C455 Gowning Statues Committee C45. FAITH PRINDLE BALDWIN, Cl. Hinesburg, Vermont Alpha Chi Omegag Hinesburg High Schoolg Greek Club C155 Eta Sigma Phi C255 Fresh- man Debating Team C155 First Honor Group C155 Second Honor Group C255 Honor Scholarship. ELOISE IRENE BALLARD, Sec. Barre, Vermont Sigma Gamma5 Spaulding High School5 Blue Stockings C1, 2, 355 Dramatic Club C1, 2, 355 Freshman Rules Committee C255 Robinson Hall House Committee C455 Glee Club 42, 45. IRENE MARTHA BATES, L.S. Springiield, Vermont Pi Beta Phi5 Springfield High School5 Class Volley Ball C1, 2 ,355 Cynic Board5 1928 Ariel Board5 Bluestockingsg Press Club, President C455 Dramatic Club5 Junior Week Committeeg Senior Week Committee5 Football Hop Committee C255 Freshman Rules Committee C155 House Committee C355 Student Union Council C455 Chief Justice C45. ALMA ELIZABETH BATTEN, Sec. Morrisville, Vermont Alpha Xi Delta5 Lyndon Instituteg Mortar Board5 Class Hockey C1, 2, 355 Class Soccer C2, 355 Class Baseball C255 Dramatic Club C1, 2, 355 Freshman Rules Committee C255 Junior Week Committee C355 Senior Week Committee C455 Panhellenic Council C355 Secretary Panhellenic C455 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet C2, 355 Business Manager Freshman Handbook C255 Vice-President Women's Student Union C355 President Women's Stu- dent Union C455 Honor Group C1, 2, 35. ELIZABETH ALDEN BILLINGS, Sec. Hartford, Connecticut P1 Beta'Phi5 Whitcomb High School5 Class Nominating Committee C255 Womens Editor 1928 Arielg Junior Week Committeeg Honor Scholarship. LAURA PHILBRICK BLISS, L.S. Burlington, Vermont Kappa Alprha Theta5 Abbot Acaderny5 1928 Ariel Board, Grind Editor5 Cynic Board, Humor Editor C2, 3, 45 5 Freshman Rules Committee C15 5 Freshman Debating Team C15 5 Panhellenic Council C3, 455 Blue Stockings C1, 2, 3, 45, President C455 John Dewey Club C3, 45, Secretary-Treasurer C455 Second Honor Group C1, 25. MARY ANNA BURBANK, H.E. Chelsea, Vermont Chelsea High School5 Honor Scholarship. MARY ELIZABETH BURKE, Sec. Essex Junction, Vermont Pi Beta Phi5 Burlington High School5 Class Basketball C1, 25, Manager C355 Class Baseball fl, 25: Soccer C255 Women's Athletic Association, Secretary l56l ANNETTE ELIZABETH BURNS, L.S.. Burlington, Vermont Kappa Alpha Theta5 Edmunds High School5 Class Basketball C2, 3, 41, Captain C315 Class Hockey C2, 315 Rifle C415 Campus Manager Basketball C415 Junior Week Com- mittee DOROTHY CARPENTER, G.S. Passumpsic, Vermont St. Johnsbury Academy5 Rifle Teamg Class Baseball C2, 315 Archery C315 Volley Ball C115 Honor Scholarship. MARION LOUISE CLEVELAND, L. S. Coventry, Vermont Kappa Alpha Theta5 St. Johnsbury Academy5 Class Baseball C215 Class Hockey C415 Dramatic Club5 Sophomore Hop Committee5 Junior Prom Committee5 Class Banner Committee C415 Chapel Choir C3, 415 Glee Club Cl, 21. MURIEL FRANCES CLEVELAND, Cl. Springfield, Massachusetts Alpha Xi Delta5 Central High School, Masque and Sandal5 Class Basketball5 Class Baseball5 Class Tennis5 Class Hockey5 Class Soccer5 Class Volley Ball5 Manager Ten- nis C415 Cast "The Saving Grace," "Captain Applejackf' "Bab"5 Senior Class Walk Committee5 Junior Representative to Women's Athletic Association Council C315 Chair- man of Social Calendar Committee of Student Union. DOROTHY ADELAIDE CRANDALL, H.E. Essex Junction, Vermont Essex Junction High School5 Class Basketball C215 Class Volley Ball C315 Dramatic Club5 Newman Club5 Women's Athletic Association5 Home Economics Club5 Vermont- ers Club5 Press Club. PEARL EVELYN DARLING, G.S. Hardwick, Vermont Hardwick Academy5 Class Archery C315 Class Volley Ball C415 President of the Town Girls' C41. ELEANOR MAE DAVISON, Cl. Burlington, Vermont Sigma G-ammag Vermont Academy5 Dramatic Club C2, 3, 415 Masque and Sandal C3, 41 5 Judgment Day Committee C21 5 Glee Club C2, 31 5 Sextette C21 5 Eta Sigma Phi C3, 415 John Dewey Club C3, 415 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet C31, President DOROTHY MAE DEARING, L.S. So. Royalton, Vermont Kappa Alpha Theta5 So. Royalton High School5 Blue Stockings C3, 415 Cynic Board C3, 415 Sophomore Hop Committee5 Junior Week Committee5 Senior Week Committee5 Press Club C3, 415 Lilac Day C315 House President C415 Student Union Council C415 Honor Scholarship. LAURA ELIZABETH DEMERITT, H.E. Waterbury, Vermont AlphaDXi Delta5 Waterbury High School5 Glee Club C115 Home Economics Club C1, 2, 3. 4 - FRANCES MARIA DIIVIICK, G. S. Richmond, Vermont Alpha Chi Omegag Richmond High School5 Philosophy Club5 Varsity Women's De- bating Team C415 House Vice President C315 Honor Group C1, 21. VERA EVELYN DOYLE, L.S. St. Johnsbury, Vermont Delta Delta Delta5 St. Johnsbury Academy5 Blue Stockings C2, 31. MARGARET URSULA DWYER, Cl. Burlington, Vermont Kappa Delta5 Mt. St. Mary Academy5 Eta Sigma Phi5 Newman Club. KATHERINE MARY ECKLEY, Cl. Proctor, Vermont Sigma Gamma5 Proctor High School5 Eta Sigma Phi C2, 3, 415 Greek Eranos C1, 215 Secretary C215 Glee Club C2, 3, 415 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet C3, 41. BEATRICE ELIZABETH FARMAN, L.S. Newport, Vermont Delta Delta Delta5 Newport High School5 Senior Week Committee5 Judgment Day Committee5 Lilac Day C1, 215 House President C415 Student Union Council C415 Panhel- lenic C3, 41. MAY ZOE FISKE, L.S. New Haven, Vermont Beeman Academyg Le Cercle Francaisg Honor Scholarship. l57l MARION SYLVIA FOSTER, L.S. Chester, Vermont Chester High School, Honor Scholarship. MONETTA OLIVE FOSTER, L.S. Chester Depot, Vermont Chester High School. EDITH LILIAN GALE, L. S. Plattsburg, New York Delta Delta Delta, St. Agnes School, House Committee C11. LUCY EVA GALLI, Cl. Stapleton, Staten Island, New York Kappa Delta, Spaulding High School, Soccer C11, Second Honor Group C21. EILEEN FRENCH GOODWIN, L.S. Burlington, Vermont Delta, Delta, Delta, Burlington High School, Class Vice President, Rifle Team C1, 215 Hockey Team C1, 31, Soccer C2, 31, Basketball C21, Baseball C11, Volley Ball C2, 315 Dramatic Club C1, 2, 3, 41, Chairman Freshman Rules Committee C21, Y. W. C. A. Bazaar Committee C1, 2, 31, Judgment Day Committee C21, Sophomore Hop Commit- tee, Junior Week Committee, Senior Week Committee, Student Union Council C21 5 Glee Club C1, 2, 315 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet C41, Business Manager Freshman Handbook C31. KATHERINE STARK GRIFFITH, Sec. Manchester, Vermont Kappa Alpha Theta, Kirnball Union, Burr and Burton Seminary, Class Secretary C11, Manager Winter Carnival C21, 1928 Ariel Board, Glee Club C1, 2, 31. DOROTHY MAY HALL, H.E. Burlington, Vermont Kappa Alpha Theta, Burlington High School, Mortar Board, Class Secretary C21, Vice President C31, Basketball C11, Baseball C11, Soccer C11, Dramatic Club C1, 2, 3, 41, Secretary C21, Football Hop Committee C21, Y. W. C. A. Bazaar Committee C2, 31, Nominating Committee C2, 31, Senior Week Committee C41, Glee Club C11, W. A. A. Council C11, Student Union Council C3, 41, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet C41, Home Economics Club. DORIS ADELLA HART, H.E. North Bennington, Vermont Alpha Chi Omega, N. Bennington High School, Volley Ball C2, 3, 41, Rifle C2, 41, Volley Ball C2, 3, 41, Captain Volley Ball C21, Junior Prom Committee, Football Hop tee, Dramatic Club, Home Economics Club, Honor Scholarship. JEANNETTE LAURA HAYS, Sec. Burlington, Vermont Alpha Chi Omega, Burlington High School, Mortar Board, Hockey C1, 2, 41, Captain C11, Basketball C1, 41, Manager C1, 21, Tennis C1, 21, Coach C1, 21, Manager Class Tennis Tournament C11, Baseball C11, Football Hop Committee C21, 1928 Ariel Board C31, Maqua Club C1, 2, 3, 41, Chairman Fall Field Day Rally C31, W. A. A. Council C21, President C41, Mortar Board C31, Women's Student Union Council C41, Senior Week Committee PAULINE NORTON HILL, Cl. Bristol, Vermont Bristol High School, Honor Scholarship, House President, C41. MILDVRED HARRIET HUNTLEY, L.S. Fairfax, Vermont Bellows Free Academy, Honor Scholarship, Masque and Sandal, Cast "Lady Winder- mere's Fan", John Dewey Club. CAROLYN HUESTIS HYDE, H.E. Benson, Vermont Pi Beta Phi, Leland and Gray Seminary, Omicron Nu, Basketball C1, 24 31, Captain C21, Student Faculty Council, Honor Scholarship. DEBORAH JOHNSON, LS- Beverly, Massachusetts Kappa Alpha Theta, Miss Madeira's School, Radclitfe C11. ELISE RUTH JONES, Ed- Burlington, Vermont Alpha Chi Omega, Burlington High School. FRANCES CHADBOURNE KNIGHT, Sec. Burlington, Vermont Pi Beta Phi, Burlington High School, Class Vice- President C11. l5Sl MIRIAM ELLEN LAWRENCE, H.E. Bristol, Vermont Kappa Alpha Theta, Bristol High School, Glee Club 11, 2, 35, Home Economics Club 11, 2, 35, President Glee Club ELEANOR TOBY LOCKWOOD, H. E. Kappa Alpha Theta, Burlington High School, Soccer 125, Baseball 115, Volley Ball, Manager 115, Dramatic Club 12, 35, Football Hop Committee, Junior Week Commit- tee, Home Economics Club 11, 2, 35, Vice-President 135, Vermonters' Club, Secretary and Treasurer 125. RUTH ELIZABETH LOVELL, L. S. Springfield, Vermont Pi Beta Phi, Springfield High School, Cushing Academy, Wheaton, Oberlin, Glee Club 12, 35, Town Committee 125. HELEN MARIE LYNCH, Sec. St. Albans, Vermont Kappa Delta, St. Mary's Institute, Hockey 115, Basketball 115, Newman Club, Senior Week Committee. PAULINE FRANCES LYNCH, Cl. Burlington, Vermont Kappa Delta, Mount Saint Mary's Academy, Football Hop Committee 125, Riiie Team 125, Manager 135, 1928 Ariel Board, Junior Week Committee, Newman Club. ELQISE GRACE MCGLAFLIN, Cl. Barre, Vermont Alpha Xi Delta, Spaulding High School, House President LILLIAN LOUISE MARSH, L. S. Rochester, Vermont Rochester High School, Volley Ball 11, 2, 35, Varsity 135, Manager 135, Baseball 125, House Committee 125, Y. W. C. A. Bazaar Committee 12, 35, Glee Club 135, Honor Scholarship. DELLA ELIZABETH MARTIN, L. S. North Ferrisburgh, Vermont Pi Beta Phi, Troy Conference Academy, Campus Tennis Champion 125, Hockey 11, 2, 35, Manager 11, 25 , Soccer 135, Baseball 11, 25 , Basketball 125 , Class Tennis 11, 2, 35, Manager Spring Tennis Tournament 125, Tennis Coach 11, 25, W. A. A. Coun- cil 12, 35, Vice-President 135, Dramatic Club 11, 2, 35, Glee Club 11, 2, 35, Assistant Business Manager 125, Sextette 11, 2, 35, Double Quartette, Freshman Rules Com- mittee 125, House Committee 125, President of Student Union, Junior Week Commit- tee, Second Honor Group 125, Honor Scholarship. Champion THEODORA CONSTANCE MASCOTT, Sec. Burlington, Vermont Kappa Delta, Burlington High School, Hockey 125. HELEN AMANDA MERRITT, Sec. Burlington, Vermont Alpha Xi Delta, Burlington High School, Hockey 115, Football Hop Corrmiittee, Class Nominating Comlnittee 125, Student Union Program Committee 125, Junior Week Committee, Panhellenic Council 135. MARGUERITE MERRILL, L. S. Winchester, Massachusetts Alpha Xi Delta, Winchester High School, Wheaton College 11, 25, Lilac Day Pageant 135, House President. ELIZABETH ALMA MILDON, L. S. Burlington, Vermont Pi Beta Phi, Burlington High School, Ride Team 11, 45, Basketball 11, 2, 35, Base- ball 125, Hockey 11, 2, '35, Soccer 11, 25, Press Club, Panhellenic 13, 45, Nominating Committee 12, 35, Sophomore Hop Committee, Junior Week Committee. IRENE GENA MOLINARI, H. E. Williamstown High School. MERTA ELIZABETH MUNRO, Ed. Williamstown, Burlington, Kappa Delta, Kimball Union Academy, Press Club 12, 35, Dramatic Club Junior Week Committee. ELIZABETH LINDSAY MUTCH, L. S. Montpelier High School, Volley Ball REBECCA ROBBINS NORTON, H. E Proctor, Vermont, Proctor High School, H Union Council 145, House President 145. l59l Montpelier, . Proctor, ome Economics Club 11, 2, 3, 45 Vermont Vermont 11. 2. 35 7 Vermont Vermont , Student ANNA KEYSER PERKINS, L. S. Burlington, Vermont Kappa Alpha Theta, Burlington High School, Soccer 11, 21, Hockey 11, 21, Baseball 11, 21, Blue Stockings 12, 41, Cast "Milestones,' 111, "Her Husbands Wife" 121, "The "Goose Hangs High" 121, "The Saving Grace" 121, "Masque and Sandal" 11, 2, 3, 41, Treasurer MARJORIE RUTH POTTER, L. S. Middlebury, Vermont Alpha Chi Omega, Beeman Academy. THERESA HANNAH ELIZA PRINGLE, G. S. Lebanon, New Hampshire Lebanon High School, Volley Ball 111, Varsity 111. . MARJORY ALICE PURINTON, L. S. South Easton, Massachusetts Pi Beta Phi, Burlington High School, Secretary Health Council 131, Honor Group 11, 21, Fire Captain 131. MURIEL EMELINE RICHARDSON, Cl. Vergennes, Vermont Cobleskill High School, Eta Sigma Phi, Volley Ball 131, First Honor Group 111, Second Honor Group 121, Cast "Iphigenia", Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 12, 3, 41. CLARA EMILY RICHMOND, H. E. Newport, Vermont Delta Delta Delta, Newport High School, Omicron Nu, Soccer 131, Hockey 141, 1928 Ariel Board, Home Economics Club. MILDRED ELIZABETH ROBERTS, Sec. Troy, New York Pi Beta Phi, Troy High School, Dramatic Club 11, 2, 31, Sophomore Hop Committee, Junior Week Committee. ALBERTA MARION ROONEY, Ed. Burlington, Vermont Burlington High School, Home Economics Club, Newman Club. THERESA MARY ROSSI, Cl. Waterbury, Vermont Kappa Delta, Waterbury High School. , MARION EVELYN SARGENT, L. S. Burlington, Vermont Pi Beta Phi, Burlington High School, Hockey 111, Freshman Rules Committee, Y. W. C. A. Bazaar Committee 11, 31, Glee Club 11, 2, 31, Sextette 131. RACHEL LOUISE SKINNER, L. S. Derby Line. Vermont Kappa Alpha Theta, Bingham High School, Derby Academy, Hockey 141, Blue Stockings 13, 41, Vermont Literary Magazine, Editor 141, Junior Week Committee, Press Club 13, 41, W. A. A. 12, 3, 41. HEATHER MARY SMITH, L. S. Rutland, Vermont Rutland High School, Smith College. MABEL ELINOR STEARNS, Sec. Rutland, Vermont Sigma Gamma, Ruthland High School, Blue Stockings. HELEN ERMA STEVENS, L. S. Richmond, Vermont Delta Delta Delta, Richmond High School, Mortar Board, Hockey 12, 3, 41, Soccer 12, 31, Baseball 131, Manager Hockey 131, Manager Soccer 121, Cynic Board 13, 41, Associate Womens Editor 141, Blue Stockings 13, 41, Secretary 141, Lilac Day 131, Senior Questionair Committee 141, Press Club 13, 41, Outing Club Board 131, Glee Club 12, 31, House President 121, Student Union Council 141, Honor Scholarship. CHARLOTTE WILSON STONE, H. E. Hardwick, Vermont Kappa Alpha Theta, Hardwick Academy, Omicron Nu, Dramatic Club 13, 41, Press Club 13, 41, Home Economics Club 11, 2, 3, 41, President Vermonters Club 141, Honor Scholarship. BEATRICE ELIZABETH STURTEVANT, H. E. Brandon, Vermont Alpha Xi Delta, Brandon High School, Volley Ball 121, Home Economics Club, House Committee 12, 31. ELEANOR TAFT, L. S. Wallingford, Vermont Delta Delta Delta, Wallingford High School, Ride 12, 41, Soccer 111, Hockey 13, 41, Baseball 131, Blue Stockings, Cynic Board 13, 41, Dramatic Club Treasurer 131 , Presi- dent 141, Cast "Captain Applejack", Masque and Sandal, House President 13, 41, Student Union Council 13, 41, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 13, 41, Honor Scholarship. MARJORIE DOUGLAS TEWKSBURY, G. S. South Ryegate, Vermont Delta Delta Delta, Wells River High School, Junior Week Program Committee, Senior Week Committee, Vice-President Vermonters' Club 121, Dramatic Club 12, 3, 41, W. A. A. Honor Scholarship. I60l MARION LAMB TUCKER, L. S. Warren, Vermont Delta Delta Delta5 Waitsfield High School5 Football Hop Committee C255 Honor Scholarship. MARGARET CROSS WALLACE, L. S. Burlington, Vermont Kappa Alpha Theta5 Edmunds High School5 Class Secretary C355 Freshman Rules Committee C255 Editor Women's Handbook C355 Glee Club C2, 3, 45. RUTH ELEANOR WESTIN, L. S. Proctor, Vermont Alpha Chi Omega5 Proctor High School5 Basketball C355 Baseball C2, 355 Volley Ball C2, 355 Hockey C455 Soccer C2, 355 Tennis Coach C355 Press Club C2, 355 Editor of Freshman Handbook C455 Dramatic Club C2, 3, 455 House Committee C355 Y. W. C. A. Bazaar Committee C2, 355 Second Honor Group Ci, 255 Honor Scholarship. ELIZABETH SOPHIA WHITE, Cl. Barre, Vermont Kappa Alpha Theta5 Spaulding High School5 Eta Sigma Phi, Secretary C35, President C455 Hockey C2, 3, 455 Soccer C2, 355 Baseball C2, 355 Class Manager Hockey C455 Dramatic Club C3, 455 Coach of Class Play C455 Discussion Group Leader C255 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet C3, 45, Secretary C35, Chairman Meetings Committee C455 Sweater Club5 Honor Scholarship. CHARLOTTE SLOCUM WILDER, L. S. Petersham, Massachusetts Petershaln High School5 Deutscher Verein C2, 3, 45. JUANITA WITTERS, G. S. St. Albans, Vermont Delta Delta Delta5 St. Albans High School5 Hockey Cl, 2, 3, 455 Soccer Cl, 355 Base- ball C2, 355 Campus Manager Hockey C455 Honor Scholarship. MARGARET MAE WOOD, H. E. Flushing, New York Pi Beta Phi5 Flushing High School5 Volley Ball C1, 2, 355 Masque and Sandal, Vice- President C455 Junior Week Committee5 Faculty Student Council C3, 45. KATHRYN BERNICE WRIGHT, Cl. Burlington, Vermont Kappa Delta5 Mt. St. Mary Academy5 Eta Sigma Phi5 Rifle Team C455 Newman Club5 Honor Scholarship. GLORIA ISABELLE YOUNG, H. E. Barre, Vermont Alpha Xi Delta5 Spaulding High School5 1928 Ariel Boardg Senior Week Cornmittee5 Home Economics Club. ROBINSON HALL l61l LAFAYETTE E621 JUN 5 H193 Class Ofhcers John Seeley Estabrook ......... President Marion W. Backus ..... .... V ice-President Florence A. Scott .. ..... Secretary John P. Hyland ................ Treasurer JUNIOR WEEK COMMITTEE John P. Hyland, Chairman of Junior Week Bertel W. Gustafson, Financial Manager JUNIOR PROM Corbin C. Lyman, Chairman PROGRAMS AND FAVORS Woodhull S. Hall, Chairman Robert M. Averill Fred E. Robbins A. Elzada Fiske - Dorothy Cottrell Charlotte E. Cleveland DECORATIONS Catherine B. Bassett, Chairman Eugene W. Knapp Frank S. Sulloway Reuel E. Young Miriam J. Idleman Margaret E. Mahoney Margaret E. Miller Lucy E. Morgan Florence A. Scott Mildred E. Whitney PUBLICITY Arthur R. Birchard, Chairmen George H. James Anthony A. Luciani W I6 PROM REFRESHMENTS John S. Estabrook, Chairman Watson F. Rogers George H. Poole Bertha A. Hazen Marion A. Everest PEERADE Franklin J. O,Neill, Chairman Daniel E. Damon, Jr. Franklin B. F. O'Keefe Marion Baldwin Mary C. Freeman BANQUET Kenneth L. Price, Chairman Edwin G. Fiske Paul B. Hopson Gerald B. R. Van Name Marion W. Backus Helen E. Prentiss JUNIOR WEEK PROGRAM Albert G. Mackay, Chairman Edwin M. Goyette Lee C. Morgan Annette F. Middleton GLENN AIKEN, E. E. Burlington, Vermont Sigma Nu, Burlington High School: Kake Walk Lighting Committee CSM Radio Club 11, 2, 315 Vice-President C3J. Introducing Glenn Aiken, as Hashed over station WCAX. Four years ago, Burlington High gave our class a man destined not to be an English Instructor as one might expect, but rather a mighty Electrical Engineer. Some have been mystiiied by seeing two men running back and forth on the roof of the Radio Shack. Don't worry, its only Glenn and his fellow-Edison trying to remedy the misbehav- ior of the transmitter. Glenn spends by far the greater part of his time in the Shack. Trying for a Phi Bete key in radio engineering, we suspect. But taken all in all, we expect quite a lot from this "sparkling" young man. ROBERT JASON ALPERT, C. 84 E. Burlington, Vermont Tau Epsilon Phi: Burlington High Schoolg Assistant Manage: Football C335 Sophomore Hop Committee 123. Clap hands, here comes Bob! Behold, the oflicial spokesman of the Commerce and Eccerse Sure- ly this year's Junior Class owes much to this smooth chap-what an enormous amount of oil he has poured on troubled students and profs-what luck to have such a guy around when you're Hy- ing the distress signal in class. Bob is cheating the debating team out of a lot of easy vic- tories by not joining the squad. Perhaps Moore hasn't heard his line. However, Bob doesn't de- pend on his line alone to pull him through. He mixes in a little grey matter once in a while. E661 ROBERT M. AVERILL, C. E. South Orange, N. J. Sigma Nug Barringer High School, Newark, N. J.g Colum- bia High School, South Orange, N . J. g Assistant Manager Basketball Q35g Basketball Hop Committee 125, Junior Prom Favor Committee C355 Band Cl, 25, Corporal C255 Sergeant C35. When Bob came to Vermont he went into the same category with all of the rest of the lads from the Skeeter State. He has risen from that group, however, because he is a real man. It takes a man to be a Civil En- gineer, all but the Civils may snicker, to be a Junior Militer- ist, and to boss the Frosh around when the lowly are putting up bleachers. "Sparrow" will go far and if he isnit Supervisor of the Broad Street Sewers in Newark before long, he will be a track- walker on the first Trans-Atlan- tic Air Line. HAROLD E. BARTER, E. E. Essex Junction, Vermont Sigma Delta: Essex Junction High School, Honor Scholar- ship, Corporal C255 Sergeant C35- The Essex Junctionite, he of the skin you love to touch, the high forehead, the sophisticated expression, portrayer of women characters, though lacking the limbs of a Venus, and believer in himself as the answer to the Maiden's Prayer-with reserva- tions. This limb of the Iniquituous One came to Vermont some three autumns ago with the intention of socking the old University for a row of A's in the engineering department and his form and features have since become famil- iar to the professors of that in- stitution. l67l I f if ai qrq., yr, ,M , , , . ., if pw,N,.k, .,w....,.,,s .... a. ,., . il ltffi ---r ef V 'I' 'W' I 'V' r r f f-1 ,T 5' :'1..1r aw' C ' 'ffl 'fa--N df '-- Y if---' Y F .4 . ,, w - b .Q-f. I - ,V i. . 5 ll 'Q i 'iff ARTHUR R. BIRCHARD, C. 8L E. Kelsey City, Florida S i g m a N ug Springfield CMass.1 Technical High Schoolg Gold Keyg Key and Serpentg Assistant Manager Track C315 Business Manager 1929 Ariel C313 Assistant Business Man- ager Cynic C21 5 Circulaton Manager C313 Kake Walk Com- mittee C31g Junior Week Com- mitteeg Pi Delta Rhog Treas- urer C31g Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C2, 31: Treasurer C313 Spring- field Club, Vice-President C315 Glee Club C115 Corporal C21. It was a great day for Ver- mont when Art came, but a sorry one for Kelsey City, which lost a valuable "boom agent", and Springfield Mass., an able debater. His freshman year he "hit the books", but the second year became all business. Now he is one of the busiest and most popular men of the class. If you want a good "bad-debt collector" or treasurer, go to "Art", 'cause he's a wiz. He used to like "tive-foot two" and Cadillacs, but he may have changed. They sometimes do. LoUIs MARTIN BJORN, C. E. Barre, Vermont Alpha Tau Omega: Spaulding High Schoolg Gold Keyg Corpor- al C21. A hard worker and a great friend to have is "Louie", His untiring and never-ending pur- suit of knowledge has brought him into the leading ranks. If you ever ask a favor of Louis he will always do his best in helping you out. We wonder why he waits until the last minute before leaving Barre after soending a visit or vacation there. Maybe its his love for the old town, but more likely it is something else. If he won't tell you, consult Mabel. 1 r ,, " at H S. 1 I, . . ug, ,qt A.. -1. A: 3 A E.. aft ' L. E681 g is www l 4 l ' a- f -..gZ'.., ,.- if if 5 , M, - 1... .. .i 1 l nn. A tl +5 'U I tl : ! 'E fp if .l Qi all l 1 ii Qi LE 4 42 1 1 J L .gl 1, 41 Q. -Qi fi 4 i l til dl T 4 E A . uw., .J I GEORGE ERNEST BOND, Ag. Thetford, Vermont Phi Mu Delta, Thetford Acad- cmyg Alpha Zetag Fculty-Student Councilg Agricultural Club, Sec- retary C335 Honor Scholarshipg Corporal CZJ. George is undoubtedly one of the greatest potential farmers ever to pass through the doors of Morrill Hall. He can plow, chop wood, milk the cows and chickens, pitch hay and whatever else farmers pitch, like a man "to the manner bom". If only George had stayed on the farm, his future would have been unlimited. But we are told on good authority that his sopho- more year he postponed his reg- ular rising hour to Five-thirty. Still worse, in his junior year he has been known to slumber until six-thirty. Another good farmer ruined in the supposedly cultural and beneficial atmosphere of our campus! RICHARD M. BRAGG, C. E. Bellows Falls, Vermont Bellows Falls High Schoolg Outing Club: Chairman of Exec- utive Board CZDQ Treasurer CSD. Here is "Dixie'l Bragg, who, several years ago, left his dear home in Bellows Falls to come to college. He had two pur- poses: one to become an "Elec- trical", the other to get acquain- ted with the fair co-eds. He soon found that to uphold the honor of Bellows Falls one must be something tougher than an "Electrical", so he promptly be- came a "Civil", As for his other aim, well, if he hadn't realized it so fully, he might now be on the road to that fraternity which has such a hard time getting pledges, the Phi Beta Kappa. Now he is getting acquainted and getting the marks at the same time. l69l MARK E. BRANON, Pre. Med. Burlington, Vermont Cathedral High School 8: St. -Michea.l's. During our second year here Doc sickened of St. Michea1's and decided to transfer to a good school, and has been with us since. We are unable to decide as yet whether he is an asset or a detriment. If he were any- thing but a Pre-Mad. we might be prejudiced in favor of the former. If he could throw a baseball as he does chalk, he would make a great reputation as a pitcher as he can throw equally well with either hand. He says that he is only practicing now for the time when he can throw pills instead of chalk. PETER BRIKIATIS, Pre. Med. Saco, Maine Sigma Delta, Thornton Acad- emyg Member of Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg C26 8: '27jg Deputa- tion Committeeg Cosmopolitan Clubg Kingsly Prize Speaking Contestg First Prize 19265 Sophomore debating team 1927. Socrates the second now stands before you in all his glory. Only thirty seconds to go said Cue- ball, and the noble Peter saw his duty and did it. "Shall the Eighteenth Amendment be Abolished?" Yes, said Peter, and how? Upon which Cueball poured the poison, a C. into one of the numerous record books he carried and chuckled to himself. First to acquire an M.D., and then to cure the ills of my native country. Why should such an eloquent tongue be wasted in the silent labors of pill peddling? E701 JEROME Q. BULLIS, Ed. Oelwein, Iowa Oelwein High Schoolg Gold Keyg Agricultural Club C115 Baptist Student Council CZJ. We are depending on Jerry to become the next Dean of the College of Agriculture. For three long years he has been Dean Hi1l's yes-man, running ex- periments in feeding calves, counting bacteria, and running the University Ford. Some of the great unsolved questions ol the day, says Jerome, are, "How long is it possible to go with one Co-ed without tiring of her," and "Does Grassmount rate with Redstone?" That all depends, says Jerome, for while statistics may prove one thing there are exceptions to all rules! LEVIO CALCAGNI, E. E. Hardwick, Vermont Sigma Deltag Hardwick Acad- emy, Fencing CZ, 355 Class Basketball Cljg Honor Scholar- ship: Corporal C2Dg Sergeant C33 Cal has been at swords' points more times in the last two years than at any other period in his varied career. If he would, he might tell weird tales of foreign lands, exotic seas, moonlit ro- mance on Placid lakes, and more under Placid skies. But as it happens, he prefers to apply himself to the problem in handy enjoying life as thoroughly as possible, while retaining more than a modicum of knowledge to warrant his application for a B. S. degree. l71l JOHN F. CHADWICK, c. at E. Randolph, Vermont Kappa Sigmag Randolph High School, Baseball CZM Freshman Basketball: Corporal CZJ. U. V. M. didn't realize how it was being honored when J. Fisher First climbed the Old Mill stairs. Even now, When he blossoms forth, cool collegiate, there are those who fail to appreciate him. Among these dehnqumts are two orr, three backward Ec profs who are un- willing to testify to his thor- ough knowledge of economics, -little do they realize that they are looking upon the orig- inal Joe College. However, Randolph's pride sure has his place in school,-a good mixer, well versed in athletics, and, and,-er, er, a good stu- dent, Chad takes a back seat to no one. DANIEL CHAMBERLAIN, E. E. Springfield, Vermont Stevens High School, Clare- mont N. H.: Class Football CID, In the southeastern part of the state there is a little town called Springheld. This ham- let has immense natural resourses and has contributed to our num- bers chemists, medics, and a various assortment of other would-be students. Last but not least, it has sent Don, noted to us through his efforts in making the Dean work overtime counting up his cuts. Like all Junior men, he has had the itch to grow a moustache, and in spite of his tender years has succeeded remarkably well. Fortified by this, he intends to return to his native town after graduation and form a company for installing tram cars to aid the people in making the rounds of the town. U21 M in A ii BENJAMIN F. CLARK, E. E. Groton, Vermont Sigma Alpha Chig Groton High Schoolg Band Cl, 2, 335 Honor Scholarship 5 Corporal C215 Sergeant C3J, The premier sufferer from Saxophobia, who was stricken when he was a child through being bitten by a cross between a laughing hyena and a jackass. Since then he has been incurably afflicted with the above mention- ed disease. When not suffering acutely from the malady he is distinguished by the peculiar dry humor which originated in the town of Groton. The effect of his Grotonian fund of jokes is further heightened by the able way in which he handles the original rural dialect in which these scintilating gems of agri- cultural repartee were originally given. LYLE A. COLLINS, C. E. St. Alb ans, Vermont Sigma Alpha Chip St. Albans High Schoolg Wig and Busking Cross Country CSM Honor Scholarshipg Corporal CZJ. Silent Cal! Here we have the mute sage of the north, a true prototype of the president! If anyone can worm a word from this austere and dignified engin- eer, he will have accomplished a mighty feat. Yet no one can say Cal is silent because of lack of mental capacity. He just doesn't care to be guilty of the sin of persiflage and gossip. When he does talk, everyone listens, for his wisdom is terse and epigramatic. While Cal does not run, he does choose to swim in the coldest of streams in the Spring, and for that if for noth- ing else, we admire him. l73l LAWRENCE G. COWLES, E. E. Burlington, Vermont Sigma Deltag Burlington High Schoolg Radio Club Ll, 2, 319 Secretary C333 Outing Clubg Secretary CZ, 31. Disgusted Prof in quest of right answer, "Well, Mr. Cowles, what is the correct answer?" The funny part of it is that "Mr. Cowles" invariably gives the required information.. Natur- ally the prof doesn't always agree with him, so the "judge" pro- ceeds to argue with him until he does. He nearly slipped and barely escaped being pledged to a certain sorority last winter. However we have his wires all straightened out again, and in a few years when Lawrence pulls something big with the atoms and other small bits of infinity that he plays around with, we hope to get our names in the paper as the ones who kept the famous Mr. Cowles straight while he was in' college. CLAYTON M. CROTHERS, Ed. Randolph, Vermont Randolph High School: Glee Clubg Chapel Choirg Honor Scholarship. Clayton at the time of this writing is the possessor of one moustache and one Chevrolet. This car being a Vermonter and therefore a Republican has adopted "Cal's" phrase of" I do not choose to run." But in other respects it is not like the president since it is not at all silent when running. Clayt aspires to be school superinten- dent, and in preparation for that dignified position he spends all his spare time praying for an increase in the hirstute adom- rnent on his upper lip. This member of the class has one enviable quality Cat leastj,-he has a pull with the faculty and so is still in college. Em RICHMOND H. CURTISS, G. S. New Haven, Connecticut Deerfield Academyg Band C1, 2, 315 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C333 Corporal C235 Sergeant 3 . "Say boys, have you heard the latest?", says Rich, and he al- ways seems well informed on the latest juicy morsel. Rich, or Richmond, as he insists on being called, Cand don't forget the double "s" in Curtissj, hails from New London, where he is afhliated with a firm of money-lenders. Why he chose to Wander way up here in the cold and dreary world, when there are such marvelous institutions of higher learning near home, we have yet to discover. Rich gave up the comet to become the leading altoist in Joels Band, and threatens to become a per- manent Fixture unless a diploma or Colonel Black see Fit to place him elsewhere. DANIEL E. DAMON, Jr., C. E. Fort Edward, New York Zeta Chig Fort Edward High Schoolg Wrestling C2, 333 Foot- ball CZ. Sig Track Squad: Junior Week Committeeg New- man Clubg Corporal C213 Ser- geant C3J. With the Class of '29 came Daniel Edmund Damon Junior, CDemon Danj. Although his physical prowess was felt in class fights, it was not until his sophomore year that Dan de- cided to help out the football team. Although followed per- sistently by ill luck in the form of broken ankles, he played var- sitv this year until a broken ankle cut his career short. Next year ought to see him back in top form, and we hope that his traditional luck will not pre- vent his playing the whole season. E751 ISRAEL E. Davis, c. E. Revere, Massachusetts Pi Clubg Revere High Schoolg Band Cl, 253 Honor Scholarship. In the back row of the band, playing a weird braying hom called the French Clarion, one can find a short, stocky, would- be musican called Israel. Isaac or Abraham would do just as well for a name, but he is known in the Engineering Col- lege as Israel. Coming from a town named after the most famous jockey in the history of our country, we hope to see him accomplish some heroic deed. As yet we are disappointed, but we have not given up hope. Perhaps in time he will build a bridge accross Champiain to aid the bootleggers, or become a Jimmy Cashman the second, we patiently await the event. RALPH T. DAVIS, M. E. Morrisville, Vermont Delta Psig Peoples Academy: A. S. M. E.g Honor Scholar- shipg Corporal 125. This rosyacheeked, curly-headed mechanical engineer looks en- tirely too young and unspoiled for the course he is persuing. When we think of engineers, we imagine grease, grime, freckles, skinned knuckles, and cuss-words. Instead of the oily overall garb of his genus, this engineer is always dressed in the latest creation of the weavers' and tailors' art. He is as careful with his studies as with his dress, and is another potential candidate for one of the little brass keys. l 2 P ,A . l76I WARREN A. DODGE, Ag. Johnson, Vermont Sigma Alpha Chig johnson High Schoolg Agricultural Clubg Honor Scholarship 3 Corporal C215 Sergeant CSD. About five-thirty every morn'- ing including Sunday, Dick's alarm clock shatters the slumbers of the house and he arises,- the result of a habit acquired on a farm in Johnson. And once up, he takes it upon himself to get all his fraternity brothers to Military on time, even the re- doubtable Chadbourne. Dick pre- tends to be an athlete, parlor as well as gym. At t'rassling" he is mediocre, but at boxing he takes the part of a punching bag and takes a beating. His knowledge of the ways of the farm and hard Work certainly stood him in good stead at the Duprey farm and at Waterbury. where he completely outclassed the rest of us. JOHN E. DONNELLY, C. E. Atlantic City, New Jersey Alpha Tau Omegag Atlantic City High Schoolg Football C2, 3Dg Class Basketball C115 Class Football C155 Sergeant C3j. Atlantic City mourned over the loss of its smallest life guard when Shorty Donnelly left for the Far North, but that does not keep Shorty out of the limelight. Every fall he is out kicking the pigskin with the big fellows and making them step to hold their positions in the backtield. During the winter he spends his time at the gym keeping in condition so the little Ford will not throw him when the roads .are passable. Every now and then he thinks nothing of dashing down country for a few days. Shorty doesn't seem to find much time to give the girls here at Vermont on account of patching tires and attending his books. ah. , faiths- Y 152. chpamif qfgili HL 4 1 E771 ROBINSON H. DORION, Pre. Med. Rutland, Vermont Alpha Tau Omegag Rutland High Shcoolg Sophomore Hop Committeeg Newman Club. An ardent student of medicine, he is credited with passing the first two year's work on the other side before completing the preliminary work on this side. And if his mixing ability as applies to the Co-eds, Eds and Medics could be transformed in- to compounding drugs, this pro- fessional brilliance should contin- ue indefinitely. Speaking of the future, Robbo keeps accurately posted on all events that are due to take place at any time within a month to come, which information he sup- plies to all comers free of charge, satisfaction guaranteed. CLARENCE J. DOUGLAS, C. E. Malone, New York Kappa Sigmag Franklin Acad- cmy, Malone N. Y.g Track K1, Zjg Assistant Manager Eligibil- ity C3Jg Assistant Manager Hockey C355 Newman Clubg Corporal C2Jg Sergeant QBJ. This cheerful looking boy is perhaps one of the smoothest of the smooth Civil Engineers. One always finds him about the Old Mill and to a stranger he would appear to be a collegian rather than a C. E. "Red" as his curly fiery hair has nick-named him is not to be forgotten among our versatile stars of the cinder path. He has a good supplv of abilitv and without doubt will yet render a good account of himself in this sport. As his address shows he is one of the men from the north and it has been said that that direction is taken by him often even during his busy college career. WSJ 4 JOHN S. ESTABROOK, G. S. Brandon, Vermont Phi Delta Thetag Brandon High Schoolg Gold Keyg Key and Serpentg Class President 1335 Football Q2, 3Jg Basketball CZ, 335 Junior Week Committeeg Student Senateg Student Faculty Councilg Sergeant QZJ. If Brandon heaved a sigh of regret at the parting of the most promising son for Vermont, surely it's sacrifice has been amply repaid. Seely is known by all for his exploits on the court and gridiron where his ,N flaming hair is always in the 1 midst of the action. His smile extended to one mostly and all ' chiefly, and his hearty greetings are known to every one. EDWIN G. FISKE, C. E. i ,- Greenfield, Mass. Alpha Tau Omegag Severn Prep Schoolg Gold Keyg Foot- ball. Pink may be differentiated from the rest of the civils by his brick top. He may be found any morning at the engineering 3 building, helping Prof. Butter- field find some new constellation. In the afternoon however, he , gives the city-engineer an op- portunity to get his forty winks. Pinky tells us that soon he will , have the Winooski bridge com- pleted. A great catastrophy has how- ever overtaken Pink. During his H First two years at Vermont he was a hard boiled woman-hater. Q But since he was introduced into ' the triple "AH league his atti- tude toward the weaker sex has 9 shovmm a marked improvement. 1. Ir U' 1. '1- .1 x A . f - 9 'f ' L..- ..,.-,,,..,,,,..,.,,- un... .,,, ,, ,..,,-1. . .,., ,. . - V l79l CLARENCE B. FOSTER, Pre. Med. Underhill, Vermont Phi Delta Theta: Montpelier Sem.g Football Squad C255 Wrestling CZ, 353 Freshman Footballg Honor Scholarship. Another man gone wrong! No, not by falling into the snares of some fair damsel, altho there are plenty who would grasp him in their talons, but by his honest intentions of becoming a medic. But he can't understand why even a pre. med. should have to take Physics. BENJAMIN C-OLDFARB, Pre. Med. Revere, Massachusetts Revere High Schoolg Spring Footballg Burlington Symphony O rchestrag Corporal. Fats a good skate but the rustle of feminine apparel arouses his interest and causes "Fat" to neglect his studies. Nevertheless, his studies have not been neglected very often. Every one knows "Fat" is quite an accomplished violinist and have often wondered what the Burlington Symphony Orchestra would do without his services. Girls, beware, or "Fat'l will surely enchant you with his oriental music. "Fat" struts around the school with a dignilied step. Who knows but what this may be due to a Suoeriority Complex built up by defense mechanics. We are all proud to have "Fat" as a classmate and are sure that he will make a suc- cess of his future as he has with his studies and other school activities. r E301 MORRIS GOLDMAN, Pre. Med. Q3 yrj 734 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn, New York Tau Epsilon Phig Boy's High High Schoolg Gold Keyg Honor- able Mention in Prize Entrance lzliath. Exam. 19255 Corporal 2 . just why the region around New York chooses to send all their castaways to Vermont to become doctors is more than can be ascertained by casual inspection. But such is the case, and all that now remains for us to do is to make a man out of Morris. By the way, isn't that name connected with finance somewhere in the dim past? Morris has started cultivating his cute little mustachio now so that it will surely be ready when the time comes to go over to the other side. EDWIN M. GOYETTE, Pre. Med. Burlington, Vermont Kappa Sigma: Cathedral High Schoolg Football CU: Asst. Mgr. Track C313 Chairman Football Hop Qljg Junior Week Committeefi-D9 Newman Clubg Honor Scholarship Societyg Cor- poral CZJQ Sergeant CZD. Ed has been pushing himself into the lime-light the past few years in every possible way. A Chairman of Dance committees, slinging hash at the Delmonico Restaurant of Burlington, Cdown on the Bank Streetb, selling ladies magazines to passerbys while away the good old sum- mer timeg all this and more has done to show you that he has the goods and will sell them to you with half a chance. Ed already shows evidence of attaining the physical propor- tions of such men as James Cashman and ex-president Taft. l81l WAYNE GRIFFITH, G. S. Springfield, Vermont Alpha Tau Omega: Spring- field High Schoolg Class Fr-r' ball C115 Corporal C21. Wayne is one of Springfield's best trying to give the old town a reputation and he is succed- ing. Griff had visions of being a great chemist, but after two years, with a Prof., known as Chaney, Wayne changed his mind. During spare mo- ments in the forenoon and aftemoon Wayne may be found reading Zoology books and the like. In the evenings he is a hard man for a stranger to find. A few know his hangout, but he is a sly fellow and plays the nicer winter sports with only one partner. BERTEL W. GUSTAFSON, L. S. Proctor, Vermont V Delta Psi, Proctor Highg- Schoolg Key and Serpent, Treas-' urerg Assistant Manager Basket- ball C31g Assistant Business Manager Cynic C215 Manager C315 Press Club, Assistant Edi- tor C31g Assistant Business Manager Ariel, Pi Delta Rho, Cast "Lady Windermere's Fan"g Wig and Busking President C313 Sophomore Hop Committeeg Kake Walk Committee C2, 313 Football Hop Committee C215 Deutsche Vereing Secretary and Treasurer C21g Student Senate C2, 3g Vice President C315 Junior Week Finance Manager, Corporal C213 Sergeant C319 First Sergeant C31. In the fall of 1925 the Swed- ish Fairy brushed the marble out of his hair and journeyed to Vermont. He was then sup- posed to be 99 94!lO0 percent pure. 'Even though Gus will have to wait five years before he can vote or shave, he has achieved results as his campus record will show. Y e V 1, F- r,-: l r I ' ,..,f .df A 'Q P' V i: ' Uv' , 1 ,' .' K 1 f v . , f In .4 V I u . 1 W I , i l ' I 1 . - J V K ik - -. Q. A 4 P- is A at A I 1 E321 WOODHULL S. HALL, Pre. Med. Bennington, Vermont Sigma Phi, Bennington High Schoolg Gold Key, Key and Serpent 3 Assistant Manager Hockey C325 "Lady Windemere's Fan" C315 Sophomore Hop Com- mitteeg Junior Week Commit- tee, Kake Walk Committeeg Corporal QZJ. When his good natured baby face is seen, watch out, for things are going to happen. Many a good man and woman too has been deceived by this apparently innocent and cheru- bic countenance, as can be as- certained by asking anyone who really knows him. Many are the profs, yea even the most hard-boiled, who have been mis- led and taken into camp by this artful dodger. We certainly have to give him credit for having he brass to present the most ivial excuses, but the funny ring about it is that it is that he invariable gets away with them. ROGER A. HAMILTON, C. Sc E. Rugherford, N. J. Delta Sigma Phig Rutherford High School. "Mr. Hamilton absent," and the professor makes the usual notation in his deadly little book after which he begins the daily line. Five minutes later, to the second, the door opens and Hamilton enters. slipping unob- trusively into his back seat, where he is not heard from again until the period closes. This is the regular every-day routine in every Ec. class in college, and if Hamilton should by some freak of nature, ever appear in class on time, some- thing dramatic would certainly be done-such as declaring a half-holiday. , ,. . v I I 5 1 I , 1 1 ' 1 I . 4 . 'H-- R - -, , , G iN41,,.....1i :' . 5 . . ',a , Y D A . . L i -1+ Q 4. es f in is 3- 4. 1: ,s 1 A . w .4 l83l gt If F 1' A13 -, 'V' 1 . + ' fi HV i f 1 , Y 'sl , , V .S ,f I y r l J PHILIP S. HAMMOND, Chemistry 121 No. Union St. Burlington, Vermont Burlington High School, Cross-country C3j 5 Corporal 1213 Sergeant CZJ, 133. Philip Hammond, yes Sir,! Here he is, a citizen of Burling- ton and proud of it. But then, we do not blame him we sort of like the Queen City and Lake Champlain ourselves. "Phil" is a man with no bad habits, possible the only one to- day, so if you not know him you should get acquainted. However, all great minds have their eccentric moments and Phil spends his stretching his weary limbs over a cross-country course with Latty's State-famous blood-hounds. SIMON G. HANSON, C. Sc E. Winooski, Vt. Winooske High School, Band Cl, 2, 313 Second Honor Group Q1, 21, Honor Scholarship. Note the high forehead, the classic profile the deep set in- telligent eyes-truly Zipper Hanson, the pride of Winooski shows his Phi Bete potentiall- ties in every line of a noble cast of countenance. When this boy sleeps is a mystery. His typewritten notes alone would keep any three of us busy night and dav. Incidentally, S. G. knows his "stuff" and deserves all the credit we Kappa Beta Phi's can hand him., He gets his marks and he earns them! 1 A .1 , -n , 5 '- 5. lt .U ,z,, ,na .o Q, .- , ., A, B I . . 1 i , ,. 1- 'af we fl. sd nr - w L "I I .I Y v , v r . , l , VF ' i L ffl ef H we ' c J 1+ "rs-e"',."r-Q 'iicigfs 1. 1 Q 3 7 , "-Q-xrlfewf , 3 'fl9""xl1 ..-Vis-wf'.15f! ,fl A 1 "X fl ,..,, e' L-.swf F I Adress is .-..+s.f..",.J.,,t-3-L,m4,e..AI l84l CHARLES E. HARWOOD, G. S. D ors et, Vermont Sigma Alpha Chig Burr and Burton Seminaryg Gold Keyg Pi Delta Rhog Cynic Board Cl, 2, 313 News Editor C315 Ariel Boardg Grind Editorg Assistant Editor Freshman Handbook C239 Band C1, 2, 353 Y, M. C. A. Cabinet C255 Honor Scholrashipg Corporal CZJ. This would-be doctor is as elusive as the words to describe him. He is so busy that you can't catch up to him until mid- night when he begins to burn the old sperm oil. About three in the morning he flings aside the books oi knowledge and ascends into the ram pasture to put a few baritone notes into the great Wagnerian chorus. His knowledge of French is prodi- gious and we are told that he acted as an interpreter up North. He has considerable skill in dialectics and his contributions to the held of bull-session thought are subjects of amazement. HERBERT A. HAZEN, C E. Burlington, Vermont Zeta Chip Burlington High Schoolg Corporal CZDg Sergeant CBJ. What a sleek, high-hat gentle- man Herbie was when we First knew him! He strolled about the campus and hardly deigned a glance at his erstwhile class- mates. However, Herb became a C. E. and thereby began training as a regular fellow. At first Herb was always dressed just so-the extent of the change in his makeup may be seen by contrasting this with what he wore in Camp last June. A bathing suit would have made at least three or four com- plete outiits for him then as perhaps one may see elsewhere in this book. ""' ' g"la X4 .g1'. 1 ,4 I ' N! X , , i .f V ' .1 4 - 2, .Cwzsv 1 'i' 'V l a- 2 t , I -an ' -l' X -1 ' J x a .J 1 E851 .H . MARK WILBUR HILL, G. S. Waterbury Center, Vt. Cabot High Schoolg Corpor- al 125. Mark was in his early youth, dating from the day 1, an ex- ponent of Cabot. After spend- a few years here and a few years there moving here and moving there, now and then, with ministers' sons, if and and when the ministers move, then he made his nest in Waterbury Some of the things this minister's son never did, were and areg-submit to feminine frivolity, take less than B, waste time foolishly, and neglect his studies. With such a model life our bird may leave his nest and we may watch him head for success, as the crow Hies from here to there and mostly there. STANLEY A. HOLMES, Pre. Med. Worcestor, Massachusetts Sigma Phig Milford Scnoolg Assistant Manager Track. The lad who "Couldn't hand the co-eds a thing!" Such has been said of the handsome boy from the Bay State. For was not this his view when he first arrived on this fair campus? However, something evidently happened to change his mind, for we find him spending much of his time over on University Terrace. He does find time, though, to work for the interest of the college, and much of his time is spent in the gym and at Centennial Field helping Coach Latty whip the track team into shape. Also from the hours spent on study we may safely predict another great pill-roller in a few years. 'A 9' 'U 4 M .4 l -, te-e el-wwi f. - "- -e- .-.. .' I A K - 1 'P , '.-, .Y ',Jf ' . ' ' ' " f.. ae l 4 i V lr V l A ., fi , I 1 1 . 5 N l36l PAUL B. HoPsoN, c. at E. Brooklyn, New York Sigma Phig Polytechnic Pre- paratory Country Day School: Track Squadg Wrestlingg Ariel Boardg Junior Week Committeeg Band Cl, 25g Corporal CZD. The great Metropolis groaned, and angry tremors shook the earth when Paul decided to leave for the fair and verdant north. But she was broadminded in allowing her fair son to go elsewhere in search of higher learning, and the disturbance ceased. So Paul became a fix- ture here, - and at Bishop Hop- kins Hall, until the Hall decided that certain of its inmates must also ascend higher in the realms of knowledge. Economics sounded like an easy course so Paul took it. But since he has been heard to bewail the fact that he deserted the classics. Never- theless, when the roll is called we know Paul will be there to snatch his sheepskin. .TOHN P. HYLAND, C. 84 E. Worcestor, Massachusetts Sigma Nug Burlington High Schoolg Treasurer C333 Assis- tant Manager Football C355 Manager-Elect Freshman Foot- ballg Ariel Board: Sophomore Hop Committeeg Chairman Juni- or Week Committeeg Football Hop Committee gStudent Senate E23 315 Corporal CZDQ Sergeant 3 . Here we have, without ques- tion, the class' candidate for the "bearded wonder". In addition to this the lad holds the record among t h e course-crabbing "Commercaneckers', for hitting his stuff without doing any work. He is another model "Fresh" who stepped out in his sopho- more year and is now one of our real collegians. ...-1..-..,.,. ' I . l., t 'I' Q , , i O . ,- ff' 1 4 A .1 A .1 ,4 A 4 .1 A' 'L ' Q 4 E371 CORNELIUS W. IRONS, G. S. Middlebury, Vermont Phi Mu Deltag Middlebury High Schoolg Assistant Manager Trackg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Corporal 121. If you were to count the number of times that "Corn" places himself in front of the mirror daily in critical pose, you might be inclined to sus- pect that he is vain. Such is not the case. He is only trying to persuade himself that one more hair has reappeared on his rapidly depopulating cranium. Having passed the age of friv- olity Corn has settled down to the grind of Medical Curriculum. But sedate though he is, Corn has been known to break down and enjoy himself. So we know he must not be judged as se:- ious as he looks. GEORGE H. JAMES, C. 84 E. Hardwick, Vermont Delta Psig Hardwick Acad- cmyg Cynic Board fl, 255 Ed- itor-in-Chief 1929 Arielg junior Week Committee: Corporal QZJ. A revealing insight into the personality of this direct de- scendant of the famous highway- man Jesse James, is carried by the knowledge that he went to see Clara Bow's latest picture three times in succession Re- cently our editor has taken up the art of hair-restoring through the extensive use of a vibrator which keeps the Delts awake long into the early hours of the morning. .At all times he and his numerous hacks are in great demand to carry the brothers to various destinations. .His is a busy existence, but a carefree one! .4 K' A 1 . nl ' I I: .1 N v l 1 5 Q. A V 4 ,Q .. ',.!,,- s ,Y ,Q-f if- I l i i 2 I u up ,M .- -t a- t 4 4' 5 Q 4. A 45 1' -. --W A -.. ., - ,.. .. :7,,-.-,..........--,. . , clggqwc- ARNOLD JOHNSON, E. E. Chester Vermont Chester High Schoolg Treas. of Vt, Independents C215 Radio Club C355 Honor Scholarshipg Sergeant 135. This young man has one un- dying ambition, namely, to show Sabin Carr and: Charlie Hoff how to pole vault. All through the fall and winter one may find Johnny diligently toiling with the -other electrics but when spring comes the call for track candidates can not be resisted and pole in hand Arnold at- tempts to elude the cross bar. So far his efforts have met with indifferent success but we have no doubt that this quiet unpre- suming chap will by persist- ence someday vault to fame. Go to it Johnny. ALLAN C. JOHNSON, C. 84 E. North Grafton, Mass. Phi Mu Deltag Worcester Academyg Glee Clubg Band 1. 2. Presenting Maestoso Pizzicato, the eminent virtuoso from North Grafton. For him life is but a series of toots with inter- spersed dates and classes, with the well known desert fruit the favorite by long odds. .. .. .. Yes, we play them all from the Greek bazooky to the Swinet and the Savage African Saxa- phone. And if We had arms enough we would be an en- tire orchestra, to say nothing of a small band. Pleasure and business seem to be running a race with him, the former somewhat in the lead. But aside from wielding the di- rector's stick in the "Catan-iount Collegiansf' Jack plays the books unmercifullv, though we can scarcely call him "Ruthless',-on the contrary, figure it out for yourself. f L' I . .,k-Y ' ' ' v a --.. I 5 1 , L ..,,. 3 A A " A ,L f 4. v A ff f 9 .as a. - 13 s .A A E391 A ,Ii - ,zu E.. ,. . ,W 1 ,, , ,-N ' -4 - if sf '- re J . Q., -5, -. Q., AV - 5 .. . ,, ,I .,'- I, ' n: f v. -y-1 - I I HARLAN EUGENE KARR, G. S. Montp elier, Vermont Delta Psig Richards High School, Newport, N. H,g Pre- Medic Clubg Corporal CZJ. Paging Manager Karr, of the Algonquin Night-Club Orchestra! CAdv.-out of state papers please copy.D Attsa fact neighbor!"- and Hot-Number Karr has cinched another of his deeply in- volved, highly colored, and bril- liantly extemporaneous argu- ments. Besides playing excel- lent jazz on any piano sturdy enough of construction to stand up under his eiforts, "Neigh- bor" Karr manages to be an enthusiastic participant in any and all arguments within hear- ing distance. He aspires toward the medical profession and can already prescribe for any ail- ment of man or beast. War- ranted kill or cure! JAMES M. KENDRICK, Education Brookline, Mass. Alpha Tau Omegag Goddard Seminary 3 B rookline High Schoolg Baseball 13 Band 1, 2, 3g Newman Club. "Jimmy" With a Ha ha ha and a boom boom boom comes Jimmy, the former sound present at all times and occasions, and the lat- ter only when his head is seen peering over the big bass drum in Joe's pet band. Jimmy main- tains that it isn't fair because while the others can rest on the march, he has to play all the time. That is easily explained by saying that these big posi- tions have their disadvantages and responsibilities. He certain- ly has taught that drum how to roar, and to show you his ability as a teacher will sav Uyesland no" in response to questions. 1 i' ' ii 'Ji f ' IP' fr' , l r .1 gfit' ' ' 3 7 if 'i" - .mtl K X .Iva V HQ if ,gli 'fa ., A 1, 3 f x we L li' iffy" Fifi- .el 1, 2 Hz t, ,I 'Q -y .1 if ,V K F. " -' 'f i' ' fi" .YF gf .l - 'H ' t.-'iz' fi 1 Il' ,Af , f-1, 2 'f ,A, F rf-'f" 4 if sir" -f . J Q. il is If-rf' 'rr' ' V , ,. ,, " ,Qi-1 fi, sm-Y f .f ' L' . -1" -r - f--..ZZ ,' ",. 4 ' 'hr TL. a I 1-fs-., , , r , t W .1 r l . ,I - ' ,A V, .. x ,N , , .- ,. ,. . .--. V-.-. ' l J 5, . -.1 - 1 . , ij ,J '11 fi" 5" ll Q f - 1 Q 5 i W-'ff-Q..--i":1e-J f .lr 1551. 4, -snag,-f,,-,.g,l A , rf: Mi. -,R . . LV.. , -A..- -- '?-g,iq.jf 'E 'Q w fmjfla iwifs T v'?aqr1' 9 U ' J I ' i-'.,.--.WMI C A- L. Q' L am. a. A 5, 1 t A, A. it 1 l90l u 1 3, P v 5, bv w P ? ,P pr l 's Q si lr l E, Y :v I l pl l if VY ,sr is l it 3' 1 Q' P X fl 3 P n. ? Q 4- J- .nl - -, J- 1 4. LM. .M -.,.,..,. SHIRLEY S. KILBY, M. E. Wethersfield, Conn. Sigma Delta 3 Wethersiield High Schoolg Corporal CZD. This stalwart young son of old Connecticut tossed his trousers, high school diploma, and high ideals into his trunk and set out for old Vermont some three years ago with the :mowed intention of crashing the gates of higher learning. The opposite sex has few at- tractions for Shirley. Perhaps, as is often the case, the old home town shelters a rose of purer colors than any at Ver- mont. .So be it.. A manis past is his own but may the future be kind to this quiet youth and lead him through a prosperous life-and at the end: May he blessf each one of his forty- three grandchildren and prevail upon them to attend his be- loved Alma Mater. Good luck, Shirley. M. M. KINNEY G. S. Grand Isle, Vermont Montpelier Seminary. In the fall of 1925 Mel- bourne packed his bag and joumeyed from Grand Isle to Maple St., where he became a member of the Three Mus- keteers, and has remained with us ever since, and will be for some time as he is on the other side. Mel's tow head and sunny smile play havoc among the Co-eds, as frequenters of the Campus House can testify. But some of the Co-eds impress him but little, for he was known to lose a dollar betting on the identity of a certain lady in a fur coat, and that after he had been in class with her for a se- mester. t f- 1 . x v . 1 . .I , A -. 1 . 4. . ' '12 t I 1 v 1 . r n , A I -1.1 ' ' x ,- . I! . .. . ' t I , ' , 1 HM l I L . t , - f F, ,, K' " so ' 4-fi? . A ' 1 ' "-.-.ah F H' 2 V Ju. A V -i ., i911 l r EUGENE W. KNAPP, c. at E. Quincy, Mass. Phi Delta Thetag Deerfield Academy 5 Dorchester High Schoolg Member Sophomore Hop Committee C213 Member Junior Week Dance Committeeg And who is that good look- ing fellow? After preparing for the Tom- toms of Dartmouth, this mass of complexion and curly hair changed its course to Vermont -coeducational. And we have him now ac- tively engaged in pulling down good marks and at the same time, making very much of a success with a certain one of the opposite sex. Gene says his favorite in- structor is one G. G. G., mean that what it may. At any rate, we predict that some day this stalwart youth will be a big man in the field of large corpora- tions. HERMAN J. KROPPER, M. E. Milford, Conn. Phi Delta Thetag Bridgeport High School, Football 26-275 Track Z6-273 Fresh Football 25g American Society of Me- chanical Eng.3 A. S. M. E.g Corporalg Color Sergeant. In the fall of 1925 Milford, Conn. sent about half of its population in the person of "Herm" Kropper a boy 190 pound tackle. In Shop Z, Cforg- ingj "Krop" uses brute force to gain his end, one blow from his hammer flattens a piece of white hot iron into a irreconcilable condition. Well we prophesy that "Kropi' will be a hard working engineer after June 1929-hard working to escape exertion! w in '4 l' 1'l A 1 3 Q 9' 2 5 A 4 ig 5 1 5' - G- 4 .9-.t - 'it I ' ,... l92l, MARTIN LANG, G. S. Cambridge, Vt. Lambda Iotag Cambridge High Schoolg Gold Keyg Assistant lVl:Smager Tennis C359 Corporal 2 . We here present Mary and also what have you. He jour- neys South every summer how- ever to Nantucket where he di- vides his time night clerking at a hostelry and observing the waves, perhaps Marcelle ones, for Marty although short in height is long in looks. Marty is clever at most sports and at checkers he is always on the move. We might even pre- dict a checkered career. At scrubbing tennis he had the best record, having lost more balls than any one else. His favorite pastimes are reading the Satur- day Evening Post and walking Taylor's dogg at least that offers an adequate excuse for going Robinson Hallwards. FREEMAN LESPERANCE M WW V M. E. .Mm Barre, Vermont Spaulding High Schoolg New- man Club. "Who's that fellow over there?,' , "Oh, you mean the black- haired man with glasses? Well that is no other than the illus- trious "Fritzl' Lesperance, named after the great violinist he de- throned after taking the I. C. S. Course in "How to play the Violin" in three lessons. But since he came to college he has decided that violins are not as important as books so now we Find him trying hard to dethrone some of his profs. Upon entering colllege "Fritz" decided to study Mechanical En- gineering and some day we ex- pect to see him at the head oi some big concern, then he hopes to sell his "Red- bird" and use the money to buy an airplane. f I it N. S 1 ' f ' QP- i E931 '-'tg 1 -'n f 3 r i Y . RALPH H. LOCKWOOD L. S. Brookline, Massachusetts Alpha Tau Omega: Berkley Preparatory Schoolg Class Trackg Class Footballg Corporal C213 Sergeant CSJ. Early in our freshman year we suspected Ralph of being more than he cracked himself up to be. "Have you studied the lesson? Gee, I haven't even looked at the stuff." But we have always noticed that the marks on his papers do not up- hold this statement. Why is anyone afraid to admit that he studies occasionally? It is per- fectly proper. Ralph takes lit- tle interest in co-eds. He says they distract a man's attention from his studies, cause a lot of wasted money, and in general are a nuisance. ANTHONY A. LUCIANI L. S. Proctor, Vermont Zeta Chi 3 Proctor High Schoolg Cynic Board C1, 25: Junior Week Committeeg New- man Club: Interfraternity Con- ference C3jg Honor Scholarshipg Corporal C255 Sergeant C3D. When this rotund gentleman decided to honor our institution with his presence, great was the consternation in his native tovsm. The town has now partially re- covered from its loss ,and Tony has become a potential Phi Bete. Although he is an ardent rooter and is present at all ath- letic contests, he complains loudly to his brothers on Ver- mont's lack of spirit. Tonv is not noted as a great socializer, but rumors from home seem to indicate that he is ho-lding out on us. Won't someone give us the hot dope? Oh Charley! if' ET H if 5 ff' M ."-. rv' V "1 'i X I r Al ' 4 ll ik . . 0, If C , .. . - I. 1,. -,Q 5 1 . . . ,. x H 1 ' n .1 'ii li' J I -L is ' M' .. J I ' .. . ' , 1.5 ' -' .F ' 1 'ik' -7 ' I i..",., - ' , 1 ffm: ,f 1 2 1-"mr .- ,Q .., V . it 1 . ..- .1 ... f- 4 - .t VV , . , N. , I 1 U, , -- -' - fmiiijif ""'.' Aa , X 'A 5 I F M . , .- - l-.,' Qjj ' -U . ... .7-it' 'N I A AA' -v .1 ' .1 jf ,W ' 5 1 N . , . r , 4 1- ,ff , 'Q I " '- 'E ' i 1' 'uv i I . .Hi , , . if M ' 1 " 'M' -,L i . .1021 .1 ' -' A it 4 v I x .1-. 9, 'i A A. A., A. AL A A A A. A A i .,.L,.,,-,-,-t!H..,.. .,.., - . W e "1 1 . l ., CORBIN C. LYMAN C. E. Middleton Springs, Vt. Sigma Phig South Haven Qliansasj High Schoolg Lansing- burgh High School, Troy, NYg Gold Keyg Basketball Squad 125g Track Q25 'Class Football Qljg Class Basketball Qljg Class Track U33 Ariel Board, Advertising Managerg Assistant Manager Cynic CSD, Advertising Manager C435 Chairman Junior Promg Kake Walk Committee Q3Jg haculty-Student Council Q23 315 Corporal QZJQ Sergeant 3 . KNO one knows how many co-ed hearts have beat a trifle faster because he cast his eyes their way, or how many tears have been shed when sorrowing maidens realized that there were many maidens, but only one "Ccrb." And in the midst of all this havoc, our hero goes calmly about his business, little realizing what a state of affairs he is responsible for. KENNETH MacGIBBON E. E. Riverside, Vermont Sigma Deltag Jericho High Schoolg Radio Club QSM Honor Scholarshipg Sergeant CSD. This fierce looking bulge on the tire of progress is on of our sunniest individuals. 1-le views his fellow electricals as a stimulus to his perpetual cheer- fulness. After wiping the agri- culture clods from his pedular extremities, Mac clumped his way into college life. Just last month he learned to feel com- fortable without a straw in his mouth. The serious side of this he-man lies in enjoying life thoroughly and making others enjoy it too. His ability to make friends will stand him in good stead when he attempts to string the world as its great- est engineer. xt! Niyh ,ff - , rft W2 M A lr? u .6 QV! .3 A-L, "i -V' , " at? . J: -3 -5. 1 , -2 I ' 'C " swf. e fy ' ,- . - Life 1-1 ,, A. v 7 J? ff' ' . L ,-" F -V , .i , ,M , - . ., 1 .- . Y- ' 3 3 72 3 3 F lt 3 .',"as2.'3' i q'. gl" 7 .f' 5.-'-4.e-s...,+""f'f' ' 'C haf' .lf f' : ,,.z',C:'l "Y ' 1, ' in ' f ' " Y j ' -.. ' . ,-1' ,.Qm5J..,, ,:' nan x H", -i -- A- V - . W Q 2 .11 ,, ,,. U, "-., ,gm ,J 1 ' ' 'I t. Q X 4 Q , ,E - 1 ' -"rf - 1 .-,., 0- L 5 4. A ,le A. .x A.. A gr.. 1 ws, at 'r' ' ,i '- A 9 l95l ALBERT G. MACKAY G. S. Peacham, Vermont Sigma Aloha Chig Peacham Academyg Gold Key, President C255 Key and Serpentg Basket- ball CZ, 35, Baseball C253 Track Cl, 255 Class Football C15g Class Basketball C153 Assistant Man- ager Footballg Junior Week Committeeg Kake Walk Com- mittee: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C255 Vice-President C353 Band Cl, 253 Honor Scholarshipg Corporal C253 Sergeant C35. Years ago, A1 read Gray's "Elegy" and forthwith decided that he would be no mere Hamp- den. He decided that he would be no Hower that blossoms only to wither in the desert air. Con- sequently he hied himself to the State University for a pill-dolerls license. It is Al's innate dig- nity which commands the re- spect of his fellow classmen. CARL COBB MACOMBER, Ag. Westford, Vermont Delta Psig Bellows Free Academyg Lyndon Institute: Gold Key: Alpha Zetag Ver- mont Seconds, Baseball C155 Baseball CZ, 353 Football C351 Honor Scholarship g Corporal C2 . .,Known to the Delts as the "S1ashing, Dashing Half-Back", "Cal" came to Vermont to be- come at once an outstanding athlete. Not only do we End. him tending ch.icks over in the Aggie College. but also he takes care of the garden plot on our baseball team. Cal is known among us for his witty humor, and in the future we are apt to find him head constable. iustice of the peace, head of the volunteer tire deoartrnent, and grand past master of the cracker- -box brigade in the Westford General Store and Pust-Office! v - Q 'v 5 'H I ,,.., -ff-.,-Q., l I' ',- 1, Jug 5,3 . ., .,, 711, ,Va ,mvfjpfu , . if - .sa-" av '7 ,ff 3 4 A ,mix F' . A 44 , , B JC A A A Dol' C B , Q l JAMES P. MAHCNEY G. S. Burlington Vermont Alpha Tau Omegag Saint Michaels Preparatory School, Winooski, Vermont. .. Sure, there is none at Ver- mont so dumb that he doesn't know what Ireland looks like, for the map of the Emerald Isle is written all over Jim's face. A very familiar Figure in our halls and at our social functions, Jim- my captivates many by his sun- ny smile and the twinkle in his eye. The medics are going to claim jim and we feel that he will blossom among them be- cause he has the qualities for a good M. D., coupled with a personality that ean't be beaten. SIEGFRIED MARTINETTI C. dc E. Barre, Vermont Phi Mu Deltag Spaulding High School, Barre, Vermontg Gold Keyg Track QU, Ariel Board CEU. Ladies and gentlemen please do not push in line, you will all have a chance to see him. And behold Siegfreid, one more speci- men of that ubiquitus and ever increasing tribe of common- neckers. Marty holds the mara- thon record for snoring sixty minutes out of every fifty min- ute period Ec. Class and for keeping Sap awake for fifteen consecutive minutes in Money and Banking. Having read that there was a University in Vermont, in a paper that strayed into the back- woods, Marty left his granite marbles in his granite sandpile and came down to civilization to seek an education. Whether or not he has succeeded in making good may be told by his cheer- ful attitude and the cherubic ex- pression of his docile counten- ance, shovsm above for your special benefit, dear reader, -f e X. Fw Jil I , - --- ' . "Y 'l ' 1 " ' - -' -t - if i M, 3 . 4 ,. -Z ' r n A v Q. A A. " Je ', 4 ,L i k l97l ,-:iv 4 .-an . :QA .. 1 A fill-1 A.. ci' ,- W , 'm'NqZii'i7Owf37Nq4?N IN"i2fAk2i"1r ' wwf lu ' U HAROLD DUHHVETSKY Pre. Med. Burlington, Vermont Burlington High School. In connection with such a name one would expect to find an individual with a beard three feet long, holding a bombski in one hand and a red Hag in the other. The opposite is true, for although he shaves but once a month, no noticeable change oc- curs in the down that adorns his physiognofmy. Meddy believes in being concise, even to the point of reciting in mono-sy1- Iables. When the professor asked him if he was Enished we cou1dn't understand whether or not he said "I'm done", or some- thing that sounds the same. The professor knew, however. JOHN GEORGE MEDLAR Burlington, Vermont Sigma Deltag Burlington High School 5 Honor Scholarship g Cynic Boardg Corporal 122. Rara avis! Indeed, for John- nie is one of that diminishing race of students who believe that courses are more than rest-hours. Among his manifold interests he has a hobby of snaring all the biggest words in the Eng- lish, German, Latin, and Greek languages. Once after a particu- larly bad case of literary indi- gestion caused from over-reading, he swallowed a medical diction- ary which straightened things out quite nicely. Lately he has ap- plied himself toward becoming a social devil, with his usual good results. il. 1 -n p . - KA 'l 9 i I l sl JJ, ll' 7' ii' 3 X 'X ' V - 4 n - J" e" . i 1 f it 1 1 if ., . , 1, '5 v 4 I ' I A W, ,e, N. ff zu ,Rt 4 if 'fu ji I-lx 4. fn i ,X 'lil f' id: 'k 3' -53' - '. ,Q ff ff 'J fr.--' N' -v " ' it if A 4 :H if ' A 4 f 'X .Q ' g F' '--.iljjglj 1- M1 'Q 8 Q 4 , if sas,-...L -M ,, , -L. f ,- 1 - H, ,. 3 ... . .1-. .yn--.-4-J' ., , . 0,4 -- ..-.-'ji ,-...qs ,VL wg-fgf :' 1 I VJAVVQ ,- nf i ,s - K t . -1 Q. 1 ' '1 rt th- H P' Y +-IHA, , I n i rv Vg .4 2 W li mm f, if I1 M H 5, ' . , r P -, 1 ----, . W.. lb, - ' . Mr K as -Q .1 I Q ' yogi, 'Nxt q,,-qgqyii,-.gk el ,. 1 ' if 4 lv 4 ' 5 '4i'.,- ' .--a,5s",,,.--'-:"',,"'-AN Q l + 'f V ll 'f I v L 9- ll-K 4,,"'Ik,g Lf!!--j ..-54,14-I-:f,,..-'ffif-xl -., As-1 4 ' sg, Q' lff Q ig 4-1 ., 1' ,"1-,.-01,11 lf' E35 W, ,, . , , ,, -1 ,, '-. i N 5 A-an ,,.- F", ' .' 'X , .- ,, -.,W3. r. -m..:af1's,a.,nA.nAal,:ri-.AA E981 LEE C. MORGAN C. E. Passaic, New Jersey Delta Psig Edmunds High Schoolg Basketball C2, 35 g Class Basketball Cljg Assistant Manager Baseballg Ariel Boardg Kal-re Walk Committee C355 Junior Week Committeeg Cor- poral C2jg Sergeant CBJ. As a man, Hick has excel- led many, and asacard player, he excells all. Lofty, blond, and a good sport, he has cap- tured the hearts of all. With his six-feet-two he enjoys the cooling breezes of the upper air and he also employs the said altitude to good atvantage in basketball. Playing cards is one of his favorite pastimes at the Delt House. As a matter of fact he'll bid four spades with only one honor and three smaller ones in his hand, and make Eve. BURTON R. MORSE, M. E. Burlington, Vermont Sigma Phig Burlington High Schoolg Gold Key, President C233 Class Treasurer C213 Class Basketball Cljg Kake Walk Committe C355 A. S. M. E. Here we have the Mechanical Engineers' gift to the Class of 1929! Out of the Grease and grime of that course comes this good-looking, smiling, en- gineer. He may be iittingly described by just one word- cagey. He is one of our most popular men but he gets away with murderg hence cagey. We have never seen him angryg he is always the same good-natured Burt even under the most try- ing conditions. . Good-natured, doing more than his share of activities in a quiet manner, always willing to lend a hand where it is needed, he is a true son of Vermont. l99l 1 I ,, l THOMAS H, MORTON G. S. Plymouth, Mass. Lambda Iotag Plymouth High Schoolg Corporal CZJ. Tommy comes from Plymouth but is otherwise not so bad. This Puritan CPD is so expert on a Harmonica, tha the Co- ed are just wild to hear him. CIs that the reason?J. The Owls all enjoy the reinforced steaks for which Tommy is re- ponsible as steward. At a Microscope Morton is the most presistent ever. He is in perfect ecstacy when after observing for four hours over a 'Mike' the Monoaptis actu- ally moved! Tommy is always vexed at the Faculty for they seem to have a grudge against him and sometimes flatly re- fuse to give him all Als. RONALD W. MOSES, G. S, Groveton, N. H. Phi Mu Deltag Groveton High School. "Goody! Goody! Here comes a ride! Such is the substance of the babel that arises from Mose's fair admirers when he rolls along in his new bus. He is the co-respondent in the case of Venus vs. Adonis. You would expect Mose to be a meek little cuss but after having seen several demonstrations we reserve our decision and refuse an appeal. We didn't think you had it in you as the Swordfish said to the whale when Jonah made the return trip. Above all other things Mose just loves to study-but not his books. He took Jakey's Geology course this year to add to his store of knowlecle and ever since he has been using the astronomy acquired therein to good advantage on moonlit nights. H1001 ERNEST F. MUZZEY, C. 'E. Burlington, Vermont. Bradford Academyg Basket- ball Squadg Sergeant CSD. "Say, have you seen Hick"? "No':. ."1-Iuh"? ."Bayside,'? You should have been out there! .I went out with the boys and-"That is our own dear Ernest at any time of day and any place. Day in and clay out he looks not in vain for Hick and always has what may be called the "hot Shot" on the latest. ' There is but One Muz in the world and, fspeaking from an engineering point of viewj we wouldn't know what to do with- out him. Perhaps you have heard of Muzzleface, the boy with the ear to ear smile? If not allow us to present him to you. HANS NILSEN, C. E. Marhiers Harbor, S. I., N. Y. Kappa Sigmag Curtis High Schoolg Football CZ, 315 Class Football fljg Ariel Board. A Norwegian three masted schooner dropping anchor in a far eastern port-the skipper a light curly haired, burly Nor- dic, with iron hand and gentle heart ruling over all-this is Tex who having finished his college work is following the rainbow trail of his dreams. Aside from being the most in- dustrious man in the class Tex can boast of having command of more foreign languages than the average diplomat. His air of good will and his ever smiling countenance are as stimulating as the first breath of spring. As well as being the world's cham- ion lover and being enlivenez by hot Scandinavian blood. Tex is-a normal fun loving College man. H011 FRANCIS F. O'KEEFE G. S. Staten Island, New York Sigma Nug Yonkers High School, Yonkers, N. Y.g Curtis High School, Staten Island. N. Y.g Key and Serpent, Class President C215 Football C2, 31, Baseball Cl, 21, Class Football C113 Ariel Board, Junior Week Committee, Student Senate CZ, 31, Secretary-Treasurer C315 As- sistant Director of Kake Walk C315 CorporalC21g Sergeant C31. There isa smooth Irish faced td in our class who hails from Staten Island, where or what- ever that may be. He is a leader in all forms of campus activities, a man who excells in scholarship, athletics, politics, and who is rapidly advancing along social lines although he keeps that in the dark. He has the Irish temper and stubborn- ness, and on the other hand is a good friend. FRANCIS JOHN O'NEILL, Pre-Med St. Albans, Vermont Kappa Sigma, Saint Albans High School, Gold Key Key and Serpent, Basketball, As- sistant Manager C31g Junior Week Committee, Kake Walk Committee C2, 315 Newman Club, Corporal C215 Sergeant C21. One beautiful day last sum- mer one of the laborers of the C. V.'s railroad gang sauntered down the street of Randolph. He swaggered and chewed and spat and trod on air, for he had reached the pinnacle of his ambition. He, Frank J. OlNeill, looked tough-and then above the din of the traflic of that bustling city came a call, "Hey Baby Face!". He was mighty wroth but the wolf's clothing had been tom from the sheep. 51021 FRANCIS O. OSTERHUS Pre-Med. Brooklyn, N. Y. Phi Mu Deltag Manual Train- ing High Schoolg Freshman Football. As honorary president of the Intercollegiate Wall Paper Sales- marfs League, Ostey confesses that he doesn't know how he does it. Any way he works hard and long over the ponder- ous volumes of his chosen pro- fession. Odd nights he tears away to play pat-a-cake or something with somebody-we wonder who! And Sundays he manages to .get out into the country to pick Flowers. There are a great, great many flowers this year and Ostey has picked no end of real beauties. Again we must say We don't see how he does it. Gracious! FRANKLIN R. OTTO C. 84 E. Maplewood, New Jersey Kappa Sigznag Columbia High School, South Orange, N. 1.5 Freshman Footballg Assistant Manager Football C31 gManager- elect, Footballg Assistant Man- ager Tennis C3Jg Chairman Sopomore Hop Committe CZDQ Kake Walk Committee CZ, 355 Y. M. G. A. 4295 Athletic Council C315 Corporal C253 Col- or Sergeant QZJQ First Ser- geant CSD. Here we have a well rounded man, broad minded and well travelled. He has been a sea- man, a waiter, a football scrub and many other things too numerous to mention. He has been so broad minded that he took an Aggie course in addi- tion to Commerce and Eco- nomics. Indeed were he any more broad minded one would notice the flatness of his head, but Frank falls short of this distinction. fiom 1 r CHARLES H. OVERLY L. S. Burlington, Vermont. Sigma Delta, Burlington High School, Burlington, Vt., Cynic Board Cl, 2, 315 News Editor C2, Sjg Ariel Board C355 Grind Editor C315 Vermont Literary Magazine, Business Manager C325 1931 Freshman Handbook, Assistant Business Manager C215 Class Debating Team CZJQ Kingsley Prize Speaking QI, 21, Second prize C235 Second Honor Group Cl, 21, Band Cl, Zjg Corporal CZJ. Over the straight and nar- row road that leads to fame, Charlie may be seen treading daily. Aye, men, here we have he who has virtues and no vices. The "YU would give a mighty cry of joy if he joined its ranks, but it is not to be. Verily, men, we have never seen the likes of him. NOBLE L. PAGE, C. 8: E. Hinesburg, Vermont. Phi Mu Deltag Hinesburg High School, Hinesburg, Ver- mont: Press Club Cljg Honor Scholarship C13 g Band Cl, 2jg Corporal CZJ. Noble of lineage as well as of name. inis dashing young man from Hinesburg, preceded in the rolls of the University by his father and his father's rather adds another Page to the History of Vermont. To those who know him, he is a most interesting individual. His keen witticism and his spi- cy retorts brighten many a dull moment and makes this sturdy individual everywhere wel- COXIIC. Noble is an artist, par excel- lence, with -the banjo. His domineering personality and ex- ceptional abilities will some day win him a place of prominence in America's 'Who's Who'. Ii104:l -L r r i CHARLES S. PAINE, G. S. South Royalton, Vermont. South Royalton High Schoolg Gold Keyg Band Cl, 2, 313 Honor Scholarship 5 Corporal Q2 . Three years ago Charlie left his happy home on the other side of the street on South Royalton to contract an educa- tion. And in one year more he looks forward to returning amid the cheers and congratulations ot tlhe lolcaal fpopuliatlon-but not to stay for long as his ca- pacities will brook no bounds nor limitations. Beingwithal an ambitious and jolly lad Charlie chose as his recreation, 7:39 rehearsal in the band. There you may find him hidden be- hind fold on fold of silvery- coiled tubes sending one puff of air after another and emitting thereby his grutt messlage through the bass horn. Among his many feats this general scientist boasts of having met and over-throvlm a bull. BRUCE EDSON PALMER C. SL E. Waterbury, Vermont. Waterbur Hi h School Y E - Here is lad who has come to Vermont with a definite purpose in mindg something which few of us have found even in our Junior Year. His purpose is to obtain the utmost possible knowledge from his course and maintain a record high standard in everything. Bruce can always be depended upon to answer the most hal-fling questions that the Profs. can devise and even now he can see the outline of the Hat brass key dangling from his watch chain. Seriousness is one of the prominent characteristics of this youth who may be found at almost any time of day in a corner of the library eamestly studying. W. V H051 LOREN PALMER, C. 8: E. Burlington, Vermont. Delta Psig Burlington High Schoolg Football CZ, 35, Cap- tain-electg Basketball Q2, 3Jg Class Football fljg Class Bas- ketball Qlj. Gee, doesn't he look just like a football player? This is a common remark as Sap goes by. But don't let his looks deceive you. That second day growth is not a constant featureg it is merely designed to shock the opposing teams. It certainly doesn't shock everybody as any one will admit who has seen him with his best. As he glides along the dance floor he is a perfect example of what the well dressed man will wear. Sap is a hard man to phase whether it is a 200 pound linesman opposing him or a hour test. He always comes through. WILMOND W. PARKER, L. S. Bethel, Vermont. Whitcomb High School, Bethel, Vermontg Cynic Board 11, 239 Glee Club Cl, 2, 31, Assistant Manager CSD, Choir QZJQ Honor Scholarshipg Corporal CZJ. When Wilmond first came to Vermont he was known as Willie, but since he has been nobnobbmg with the upper classmen he merits the name of Bill. Bill regularly hears his lec- tures and never misses his quizzes nor his dates. As a living worllzl almanac he has proved indispensable in many classes and was largely appre- ciated by Miss Wright in Polly Sei last term. Spring had its effect on Billg he started cautiously but was soon securely roped and bound by the only Co-ed. His room mate wonders how he is looking lately. 51061 DONALD ALLEN PAUL, C. 84 E. Burlington, Vermont Sigma Nug St. Jotmsbury Academyg Assit Mgr. Eligi- bilityg 1 8: 2 Corporal. "Scratch" hails from the maple sugar center of the world. He is quite by nature but has a host of friends on the hill. He is sincere in all his un- dertakings especially in an eco- nomics course called accountingg he has certainly earned his spurs in this profession. Here is another fashion plate of which Vermont can point with pride. It has been said that he is an advanced agent of style for many of the big clothing houses. LYLE FRANK PETERSON, M. E. Stowe, Vermont Zeta Chi Fraternityg Stowe High Schoolg Honor Scholar- ship Cljg Corporal C255 Ser- geant C3Jg Color Sergeant 131. Lyle came to college with the firm ambition to hit every- thing for a Phi Bete average including the social set. How he managed to hit one thing right on the head is a famili- ar story. Lately our versatile Pete has been taking a correspondence course. He writes and writes and writes. To what school we do not know. How he does it is a mystery to his roomies. How- ever, he seems to enjoy it so he is not bothered-not much. Pete expects to be a bach- elor so as a sideline to his regular course with the Mechan- icals he has lately taken up digestion-ology and a study of the culinary art. His experi- mental meals keep his friends in awe of the heroic system that successfully consumes them. L1o7J AUSTIN W. PHELON JR. C. E. Springfield, Massachusetts. Zeta Chig Central High School, Springfield, Mass.g Gold Keyg Wrestling 12, 313 Eligi- bility Manager C31g Newman Club: Sergeant 131. What: an innocent bashful boy was Bill when entered col- lege, in the class of ,29! But, armed an aided by his red hair and his name Bill, he soon became brave and famous. He claims that it is a mile from the fraternity house to Nash Place-he ought to know he holds the record for the time spent consecutively at the tel- ephone. Bill believes in sports and has proved his ability in both class and fraternities such as Marathon dances. He is very fond of waltzes and claims that it is the moonshine that makes the dance. ARMAND ARTHUR PICHE E. E. Winooski, Vermont. Zeta Chig Winooski High School, Wrestling C215 Radio Club. "What is that gibberish in there?" "Sh, that's French-Armand's here." He isamost dextrous gentle- man, having chased his tongue through more convulutions than any other living creature-in his fraternity. Armand's hobby is radio but he also believes in mental telepathy as we hawe observed by his continued ef- forts to get a messsage across to a certain little Miss. One question that Armand can answer without hesitation nor mistake is relative to the time of the last car for Win- ooski. v 11021 JOHN ROBERT PIKE, C. E. St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Sigma Nug St. Johnsbury Academy, Gold Keyg Class Treasurer C115 Track C1,2,3Jg Basketball Cl, 2, 3Dg Freshman Basketballg Corporal C2jg Ser- geant CZJ. Working harder every year For hoped for career, As a civil engineer- Thatls Johnnie. Full of mirth and full of fun, Nearly aways on the run, Friend to each and every one, That's Johnnie. A strong body and a smiling face, Setting forth a steady pace, In life's long and weary race, That's Johnnie. GEORGE H. POOLE, M. E. Lynn, Mass. Phi Mu Deltag Lynn Class- ical High Schoolg Cynic Board QZ, 335 I-eature Editor glijg Ariel Board C3jg Junior Prom Committee 1355 American Soci- ety of Mechanical Engineers. Two large, mild blue eyes behind enormous shell-rimmed double-compound-bi-focals. And that is George. llihls blonde handsome thing is one of our most serious minded classmates, as one might judge. Much of his time is spent in the Billings Library or the Alumni Offices, delving deep among the dusty archives for material for the really excellent feature articles with which he adorns the last page of our esteemed contem- porary the "Sinic". H091 LESLIE O, POUCH, M. E. Staten Island, New York. Phi Delta Thetag New York Military Academyg Cascadilla School. One of Staten Island's most illustrious sons, who has added lustre to that now famous sub- urb of New York, by his ten- nis playing and "affairs du coeur". He is one of those constructionists - i. e. an Engineer-and like the rest of that clan-is proud of the fact. With his personality Les is bound to go far in his chosen profession, and when he leaves Vermont he will leave behind a host of friends and take with him the good wishes of all who know him-for to lmow Les is to like him. DAVID A. POVERMAN, G. S., Pre-Med. Hartford, Conn. Tau Epsilon Phi: Franklin Academy, New Britain, Conn.g Freshman Football Qljg Cor- poral CZD. Dave Poverman, the man with the reputation of having seen ten movies during the mid-year exam week, had to live up to his standard, Besides hitting his courses, hard, he manages to do extra-curicula work down at the Majestic- Ahem! There's a reason. We can see where he got his famous Adolphe Menjou mustache. He is starting early to be- come a successful medic. He believes that the ladies will fall for that shadow above the lip. Dave does use his head to advantage. Dave says, "One good turn deserves another,', asdhe curls his mustache at one en . 51103. KENNETH LEON PRICE, C. 8a E. Burlington, Vermont. Phi Mu Delta5 Burlington, High Schoolg Gold Key5 Key and Serpentg Freshman Bas- ketballg Assistant Manager Bas- ketball C335 Football Hop com- mittee C235 Sophmore Hop Committee C235 Basketball Hop Committee C235 Junior Week Committee C235 Kake Walk Committee C335 Interfraternity Council C335 Student Senate C335 1928 Ariel Board, Circu- lation Managerg Corporal C23. Here is a master of his fate and a captain of his soul. Skinny-flashing forward looping endless baskets for the Frat. , Skinny - the undignified deba- rer, with the fate of Economics in the balance. Skinny-the pride of the ball room. Skinny-of the big heart and keen wit. Skinny--nonchialant favorite of feminine smiles. Skinny- ! GEORGE S. RAND, AGR, Burlington, Vermont. Lambda I otag Burlington High Schoolg Freshman Basket- ballg Faculty Scho1arship5 Cor- poral C235 Sergeant C33. George is an 'Aggie' and is in animal and live stock society. It is said that he has lots of 'horse sense' but that alone is the only reason he is generally liked. George is afflicted with a sense of dry humor such as when asked "Why is a door not a door?" he naively replies, "Well, why not?" George has a hound Cthe beast believes he's a Police Dog but he's not3. who dogs his very foot-steps. George likes the dog because he's intelligent and the dog likes George be- cause he's not. ifiuj 1 " r l CEDRIC E. REYNOLDS E. E. Bellows Falls, Vermont. Sigma Alpha Chi: Bellows Falls High School: Band C1 Q25 CSD: Radio Club Q33 Cor- poral CZD. Imagine a heterogenenous con- glomeration of horn rimmed specs, steel rimmed drums, light hair, mathematical yearnings, manly Kaye heroicj stride, ro- mantic past, romantic present, promise of a romantic future, Joe Kollege Kilts, last weeks Post, two Sunday papers, then just whistle, and presto, appears Cedric E. Reynolds, Jr. The "Ji-R' is one of Cedric's only failings. "Ced" says that his soldierly training received in joe's troupe of strolling players is standing him in good stead his three years siege on Rand Hall is bringing results for he is now one of the few male assistant members of the Epsilon Sigma Keadin' 'ritin' 'n' 'rithmatic club. , JOSEPH D. RICHARDS ' L. S. Newton, Mass. Phi Mu Delta: Newton High School: Freshman Football Q11 Newman Club. Here you have another grad- uate from a time honored prep school. This young man possess- es a most contagious form of geniality and cordialty. His acquaintanceship ranges from the elite to the most humble and his greeting is the same in its warmth and display of good- will. Joe may not be an outstand- ing figure in the athletic world and his marks may not be up to Phi Beta standards, but anyone who is fortunate enough to have his confidence and friendship holds something more precious than worldly fame or riches. H121 FRED EUGENE ROBBINS C. 84 E. Brattleboro, Vermont. Alpha Tau Omegaz, New York Military Academy: Track C113 junior Week C355 Holder of State Intercollegiate Record 220 Ydg Hurdles Capt. Fresh- man Football: Corporal Cljg Sergeant CZJ C3J. Lo and behold Coach Latty's pride and joy, one Freddie Robbins. Freddie's activities and achievements on the cinder path are numerous and well-known as shovsm by the Fifty or so odd medals to which his A. T. O. brethern point with pride on open house nights. Athletics do not occupy all of his time for he keeps his social standing quite high by his numerous calls at Grassmount. Freddie's all around good fellowship and manly qualities are really ap- preciated by his fellow class- mates and one and all are glad to know him as a friend. LAWRENCE ROBINSON G. S. Pittsford, Vermont Sigma Deltag Pittsford High Schoolg Gold Keyg Football C2, 355 Class Football C133 Honor Scholarshipg Corporal C213 Ser- geant C3j. The whole town of Pittsford turned out one bright afternoon in 1925. The band was playing and confetti was Hying thickly through the air, The racket ceased, the crowd started yell- ing, "Speech! Speech!" The bashful bov held back but ii- rvally condescended to speak. He walked up on the platform and we got our first view of ,Tack Robinson, famous athlete and student to be. Jack did not look great then but since that time, he has made every- one step to keep up to him. fl13:I WATSON F. ROGERS, Pre-Med. Vergennes, Vermont. Kappa Sigma 5 Vergennes High Schoolg Football Squad L3jg Freshman Football Qljg Assistant Manager Baseball f3Dg Football Hop Committee Q2Jg junior Week Committee C315 Ariel Boardg Assistant Director Kake Walkg Honor Scholarship. One balmy day in June of 1925 in the out of the way and benighted city of Vergen- nes, Cwe think you can find it behind one of the boulders near the Rutland R. R. tracksj, one Watson F. Rogers, now of great renown was pre- sented with a high school diploma, amid the resounding applause of the honest burghers of said city. Although Wat has con- fessed that he was dissapointed not to see the- mayor and his band out to welcome him he overcame his grief and has made a name and a more or less permanent place for himself at his new-found Alma Mater. JACK ROSENTHAL, C. 8: E. Burlington, Vermont. Phi Sigma Deltag Burlington High Schoolg Freshman Basket- ballg Corporal C255 Sergeant CSI. Seems queer, doesn't it, that a wrestler of no mean ability should support so cute a mus- tache. We believe the out- growth of fur on Jack's upper lip will carry him further on polished dance Hoors than it will on the wrestling mat. He tells us his knowledge of the gentle art of catch-as-catch-can comes in handy when he en- gages in the various indoor sports. Aside from being a wrestler of note, Jack is a mean dan- cer. ' 1 H141 JOHN EDWARD ROTH, Pre-Med. Brooklyn, New York Tau Epsion Pl-ug Townsend High School. If course crabbers were Phi Betes Eddie would be one as a matter ,of course. "Professor how do you account for this?", and the battle is on. The prof scratches his head, and not realizing that the question is the result of hours of purpose- ful planing, supposes it to be the indication of a collosal in- tellect, and marks accordingly. Eddie is one of those few for- tunate people who can watch the pro-fessor with one eye and his paper with the other. We some- times envy his abilities, but then, what does one do with such a vast amount of know- ledge? EDWARD L. ROWE, E. E. Peacham ,Vermont Phi Mu Deltag Peacham Ac- ademyg Track Squad C25 g Cross country CZ, 31, Captain elect C403 Class Cross Country CZDQ Corporal 121. Pitter-patter down the dusty road from Peacham came this raven haired youthful Nurmi. He carved for himself a goodly place among the intellectuals and a regular bunk on the track squad. If the original Mara- thon runner who ran from Athens to Winooski, could see the sturdy Edward knocking off the miles he would fall by the wayside and eat grass for envy. Not being eligible for vices, Ed sports only virtues and short be his path to fame and fortune. 'U fusj MYRON I. SAMUELSON L. S. Burlington, Vermont Burlington nigh. 5 c h. oi o lg Sergeant CSD. Speaking of great men re- minds us naturally of Bussy. Columbus may have discovered the Baltic and Pizzarro the Great Lakes, did not Bussy the Pi Club? Myron is an ar- dent supporter of women's votes, women's improvement of beauty societies and, in short, any progressive movement, He also knew what the McFadden Bill was but as he didn't have to pay it he has probably for- gotten. Only, Bussy doesn't forget thingsg he knows why he is in college and believes that a certain amount of study is healthful. LEIGHTON A. SANDERS, Pre-Med. 31 Orchard Terrace, Burlington, Vermont Phi Mu Deltag Burlington High Schoolg Pi Delta Rho: Assistant Manager of Baseball: Ariel Board C355 Sporting Edi- tor oE Cynicg Managing Ed- itor of Cynic. Behold our local Grantland Rice, famous as the author of Srednassal's prognowtications and brilliant light within the depths of the Catamount's Lair. Not caring particularly for the nick- name Red and -being some- what sensitive about his fiery decoration, we will humor our hero and forget to mention it here. Having traveled all over Eastern United States and parts of Vermont Late still believes that the Lord was truly benev- olent to plant him in Burlington where he might in later years be pointed out by awed chil- dren as our doctor. L1161 JAMES SCUTAKES, C. 84 E. Burlington, Vermont Sigma Deltag Edmunds High Schoolg Football C2, 31. "Think of the problem in hand, decide and then proceed." All those who know Jimmie will agree that he has lived according to this motto. He is one of the cleanest and most straight fellows in the class. Although rather conservative, he is very openhearted, There is no fake about Jimmie. In spite of having been brought up in a candy kitchen Jim does not favor the expres- ion "sweets for the sweetu. But that Oakland ought to be able to tell some stories on Jimmie. PETER T. SCUTAKES C. 85 E. Burlington, Vermont , Burlington High School, Freshman ,footballg Football Sqgad QZJ. even is like unto no one elseg in fact he is very like himself, by which we wish to convey the ideal that there is no one quite like Pete. Pete is a regular guy, well known and well liked by all those who know him. His ability to ask sharp questions, his ready wit and still more ready fellow-ship have made his pres- ence felt and appreciated in spite of his unlengthy stature. Like his brother, Pete is a good athlete and enjoys play- ing a clean game no matter what it is. Also he is some- what of a philosopher so that when he finds a D or a. re- luctant C on his paper he merely says "Oh, well every- thing isn't ashes and roses in this world," and turn to something more cheerful. I 1 V in 1 'f ,.,, 51173 FRANK BARNEY SHEDD C. E. Burlington, Vermont Lambda Iota: Burlington High Schoolg Pi Delta Rhog Tennis Team Q2, 335 Cymc Board Cl, 2, 333 Ariel Board, Photographic Editor. Versatile is the only word to describe Bamey. An expert cameraman who shoots :my- thing, Snap! Snap! Cthey say he has brought down a real bulll-and raises an awful racket in local tennis circles. His serves are reminiscent of the potentg 'Lilden and he is simply here and there all at once. All seriously though, Frank is a truly conscientious athlete- seasoned with pleasing dash of literary ability, Besides totter- ing dangerously near the Phi Bete line, scholastically, it takes a pulmotor to bring the women to, he knocks them so cold. GLENN WILLIAM SKIFF C. St E. - Burlington, Vermont. Sigma Deltag Burlington High School. Economics 2, Economics 3, Economics 10, Economics 7, and then more Economics. His hopes, ambitions and laurels are all tied up in the almighty eco- nomics. Taussig, Seligrnan, Holdsworth, and Adam Smith hold no terrors for this shark although Harberson did have the Indian on him for a while. He's the right hand man with the Ec. profs and more than one of them has ducked as Skiffer launched forth on a windy discussion of money 'and banking or taxation. He's one boy who knows his stuff with a vengeance. This heavy store of brains tops off a countenance that is a pleasure to look upon. rim FRANK L. SULLAWAY, E. E. Burlington, Vermont. Alpha Tau Omega, Bur- lington High School, Kake Walk Committee 12, 3jg Junior Week Committee fi-U3 Radio Club, President 135. The gentle man whose picture appears above is none other than Frank Sulloway. In this un- assuming young man we have no doubt the beginnings of a second Steinrnetz. As radio fan he is not to be excelled, being one of the first into the flooded area with a radio transmitter. Anything that has the ear-marks of being electricity isa in his line. One night during our first year at Vermont he demon- strated this by being the only one to stand up under the shock of a party that the A. T. O.'s threw for their future brothers. A. ROGER THOMPSON, Chem. Bennington, Vermont, Bennington High School. One lovely August afternoon while collecting dusty minnie balls amid the daisies oi old Bennington Battlefield, little Roger was struck by a fever for higher learning. So hurrying with palsied haste through the grades, and finally high school, he found himself in long trousers amid the campus walks and the inevitable rolled stockings of the dear old college on the hill. . A11 hail the zest for the good things of life, says Roger. In- cidentally he holds the world's record for puffing smoke through knotholes and sleeping in classes. We expect great things of you Roger, keep up the good work. 'gt 'X P i 'Q l 4 E. i I- if l , . A rc r N. it 1 1 . . , 1- .. ,N D191 EDWIN C. THORN, G. S. Deerfield, Massachusetts Phi Delta Thetag Deerfield Academyg Class President U55 Eiojotball C235 Class Football 1 . valled only by "Billycan's," the god of things as they ought to be. With a "Hey Hot Shot!" and an "O Kay Babe!" we lmow that "Doc" approaches from afarg then it is that we realize we are about to get the low down. Doc has always been popular in the class hav- ing made a Hying start with the presidency in his first year. We are always greeted with a lusty hello and a cheery smile when we meet the "Boy Who Will Never Grow Up." That smile which is ri- ROBERT M. TRACY, C. 84 E. Rutland, Vermont Phi Mu Deltag Burlington High Schoolg Rutland High Schoolg Gold Keyg Pi Delta Rhog Cynic fl, 2, 355 News Editor QZJ, Editor-in-Chief 135. Shades of the moustache that was! 'Tis Trazzy, and behind those hom rimmed double bi- focals lurks the progressive spirit of modernity in thought and literature. This young, bud- ding colleague of the Literati, has paddled about in ink for years and years, no end. We often see him lashing some undergraduate rival with his potent editorial pen, a Cynical smile across his sinister coun- tenance but Eureka!-dig deeper and you will find a true heart of gold and a spirit fond of the better things of life-such as a cigarette in bed. mol LLOYD S. TURNER, Cl, Hyde Park, Vermont Phi Delta Thetag Lamoille Central Academyg Cast, "Lady Windemere's Fan"g Cast "Iphi- geniaug Latin Entrance Exam- ination, Second Prizeg Eta Sig- ma Phig Honor Scholarshipg Corporal C21. Here we have a rare speci- men, one of the few of its kind at the University-a classical man, or rather, a man taking the classical course. Greek and Latin slaughters he with as much ease as one falls asleep in English Lit. A polished gentle- man, a student, a shiek, and a player on that hybrid instru- ment, the saxophone. The class of '29 should feel flattered to include him in its lists, but we doubt if it realizes the honor that is being conferred upon it. GERALD BARTON ROBINSON VAN NAME C. E. Staten Island, New York Phi Delta Thetag Curtis High Schoolg Gold Keyg Football 111g Cast, "Lady Windemiere's Fan" C315 Sophomore Hop Commit- tee C21g Student Senate Q31g Corporal C215 Sergeant C31. We are told that the sorrow- ful crowd kept at a respect- ful distance as Gerald B. R. V. N., last of a long line of Dutch nobility, slowly turned his face northward and boarded a Staten Island ferry, Since then many things have come to pass: among them our Gerald, consistently, at examination time. Jerry: is the song and dance man par excellence, radiating an unfailing good nature and ready wit. A few of us know the inner Jerry, for we have often heard him in deep slumber, murmur glowing tributes to a certain red-haired girl and unique but charming plans for building roads forever-somewhere-. Lizij i EARNEST B. WALSTON Ed. Milton, Vermont. Milton High Schoolg Kappa Phi Kappag Honor Scholarship: Military Q13 123. Red Hair! And such Red Hair! You have to look twice to assure yourself that it is real. We, to tell the awful truth, are quite potty about it. The fe- male branch of the University must lose several heart-beats at the sight of it. Need there be anything more said? When Wally reached the maze of Burlington he was a shy, re- tiring lad and modest, but with- al a very likable chap. Today we Find him still modest, likable and ever retiring. That is a true sign of greatness. It brings to mind deeds of valor and Flashes of true brilliance. And, why not? Can you think of a better combination of virtues? SAMUEL M. WATERMAN Pre-Med. Burlington, Vermont. Tau Epsilon Phig Burlington Highg Freshman basketball. "Say, who is that man out there on the Hoor?'l "Why, don't you know, that is Sammy Waterman the local boy, and he sure is some boy!" Sam can make any one step whether it is on the Gym Floor or in cracking his books. He's already pledged Phi Bete and if you don't believe it ask anyone who is in B. W.'s English Two Class. Benny had a tough job on his hands trying to give him less than an A last half. Is there any doubt left in your minds now as to why Sam is planning on going into Medicine. He is always rushng here and there letting off happy remarks to every one, and yet tending to his own business. some of the time. lf- :min ,fi . 4 ' 1 I l 1 + l -A fizzjl i GEORGE M. WATSON, C. 845 E. Waban, Mass. Sigma Phig Stone School, Boston, Mass.g Asst. Manager of Tennis C313 Band Qlj. "Really books are such a nuisance. Now if I had a mil- lion dollars-and so on into tlie night. This is friend Wat who chose Commerce and Econom- ics. Undoubtedly it will be Commerce since Economics are such a bore. If George were only as interested in the Mal- thusian Theory as he is in writ- ing verses to some fair maiden he would be writing text books 'ere long. Having had wide experiences at Wellesly, Skidmore, Vassar, and other womenis colleges of repute, George is now our lead- ing authority on how to make out a perfect dance program. And such an authority is in- deed priceless here. JQHN W. WENDT, E. E. Union City, N. J. Zeta Chig Union Hill High School, N. 1.5 Gold Key C24, '25jg Freshman Basketball '23, Class, '24, '25g Newman Club: Corporal CZD. After many false starts Jack finally decided to cast his lot with the class of '29 and there- by showed that he has much more intelligence than many En- gineering Professors are willing to admit. Jack has many good charac- teristics that make him liked wherever he goes. But there is one place where he is not appreciated. He just can't seem to get along with the army. l 1 n 1 jf 5 5 " n i D231 HARVEY B. WHITING, G. S., Pre-Med. Burlington Alpha Kappa Kappa CPI:-zdgel 3 Burlington High Schoolg Fenc- ing Squad KZJQ Asst. Photo- graphic Editor Arielg Corporal t2jg Gridiron CZJ. In the above pictured man you see a combination of pho- tographer, embryo chemist, flower fancier, and general sci- entist who aspires to write pre- scriptions and do the other more or less spectacular things that doctors do. Being such a many sided creature, Harv has little timef left. 'hor lonaiing- on the hill. When there, his brow is furrowed with pressing affairs and his shoulders bent with weighty problems. NELSON C. WOOD, G. S. Lyndonville, Vermont Kappa Sigmag Lyndon Insti- tuteg Track, Hockey, Baseball C213 Freshman Basketball. Into this tall broad shouldered descendant of the Green Moun- tain Boys has crept the thrill of modern invention and sci- ence. In snort he has tumeo his heart from the primitive characteristics of his ancestors to the realm of modern air travel. Because of the rules preventing students from owning airplanes, Nellie has been forced to seek a substitute in the form of a motorcycle. Nel is often seen about the campus astride this fiery steed. In future years we except to see his name in glaring head- lines, in the press of the day, announcing that the impossible stunt of a non-stop flight to Mars or better still, to Venus, Cfor Nellie is no misogynistb has been accomplished in the Spirit of Lyndonvillef' L12-ij ' WALTER E. WOODS, Chemistry Everett, Mas s. Everett High School. This budding young Chemist is a fine example of the sur- vival ofthe iittest. Other would- be test tube smashers fall by the wayside, but not Walter. Perhaps it is the radiant light of "Pips" example which keeps him stumbling onward. Any- way, "Pip" says Woodie is an excellent shot with the wash bottle and that is half the bat- tle, "y'know that?" Walter hails from the land of baked beans but otherwise is apparently normal. During the past year however he has ex- perienced a slight heart trouble and is hardly the same carefree lad of Freshman days in Con- verse Hall. At present he is doing as well as can be ex- pected being busy "Early an' late." LYLE WELBY WRIGHT, Chemistry Richford, Vermont Zeta Chig Arlington CNebras- kab High School: Richford High Schoolg Rifle Team CU, fZJg Track Squad C215 Class Foot- ball C153 Corporal CZJ. Lefty started before most of us but "busted out" so that he might be one of us when we all graduate next year, thereby showing his discernment. His masculine shoulders and utterly masculine features have made more than one Co-ed's' heart flutter. But it does them no good because somewhere there is one-! His Fraternity brothers have often made inquiry but Lefty is pretty closed mouthed and they have never succeeded in starting even the faintest whisper of a rumor in this re- gard. 51253 REUEL EDWARD YCUNG, C. 84 E. Belows Falls, Vermont Sigma Nug Bellows Falls High School, Gold Key, Treasurerg Baseball C1, Z, 353 Football Squad C355 Classs Football C153 Assistant Manager Hockey C355 Football Hop Committee C253 Sophomore Hop Committee 5 Junior Week Committeeg 1929 Ariel Board: Newman Clubg Corporal C25. It was early fall of 1925. A big, raw boned comely Frosh adorned with a petite cap green- er than the lawn about him strode into Converse Hall.. He came unheralded-as he has so often done throughout his life in college. He is quiet, unas- suming, always worried over his studies, but always coming through. A handy man in vase- ball and football, Reul is sure of a varsity berth before he grabs oFf his diploma. His quiet mas- terfulness has won the hearts of the Co-eds. LENORE ALDINGER, G. S. Burlington, Vermont Alpha Chi Omegag Wadleigh High School, New York Cityg Soccer C15, C255 Baseball C15, C255 Hockey C153 Rifle C353 Tennis C355 Archery C253 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C253 Fresh- man Rules Committee C25. In the distance a figure is dancing in the woods, the Spir- it of Grace personified. It comes nearer, whirling and leaping, just from pure joy of living--and we recognize Lenore. Again she is out on the back Campus, dashing madly about, making goal after goal for her team. After the game she starts off down South Prospect Street, her head bared to the wind, and her fascinating eyes looking at things beyond our vision. 4 Y 1, ... , X ,. Wg ,- J, .I ,., " fs' fn - 3 U ,tx J, ', .'. Ay- rf - V .CW ity.,-If fir, . K. :gi L 7 t 'Lf' iv-,,'. .- wn. f.. X t r .14 ,ttf- ,V ..- 1 .,, i of -' ,lf mai 1 'F' F "1 C , Vg. --f--f-- ' ' mu... C1261 I NEVA GRACE AMADON AGR. Hyde Park, Vermont Lamoille Central Academy: Agricultural Club. Behold our fair farmerette! For three years she has wrestled with the many and varied prob- lems which confront the student at Morrill Hall, but never has she been downed. She has yet to reveal any of the weaknesses that the rest of us have, but perhaps, some day when she rises to face her first class-room, she will show that she, too, is but human. MARJORY BETSEY AYER ED. Brandon, Vermont Brandon High Schoolg Epsilon Tau Alpha. Do you, by any chance, eat at Grassrnount? If you do, any words that we may put down here will be superfluous ,for Mar- ory is well-known to you. If you don't nothing that we can say will be of much value, for one must reallly know her to ap- preciate her. We 'may as well admit right now that Marjory is partially re- sponsible for the cracks fthe wise ones includedj in the walls at Grassmount-if it isn't her own laugh, echoing and re-echo- ing, it is that of one of the other inmates of Hayhil.l, raised in response to some remark of Marjory's. 51271 MARION W. BACKUS, H. E. West Hartford, Connecticut Pi Beta Phig William Hall High Schoolg Class Vice-Presi- dent C3jg Hockey C1, 2, 333 Soccer C155 Basketball C1, 255 Dramatic Ciub, Viceu-resident C333 Masque and Sandal C3Jg Cast, "Lady Windermere's Fan"g Class Nominating Committee C215 Pan-hellenic C315 Junior Week Committeeg W. A. A. Council C313 Student Union Council C353 Lilac Day Chair- man C3j 3 Home Economics Club. A small gray car comes to a stop in front of Morrill Hall, and out steps a diminutive per- son. Fifty minutes later, she hurries over to the gym to land a few points toward her letters. Backy is one of the most versatile ladies on the campus. and not the least of her accom- plishments is bicycling. MARION BALDWIN G. S? Barton, Vermont Alpha Chi Omegag Barton Academyg Hockey C333 Ride C335 Tennis C353 Baseball CZDQ Archery C253 Soccer C255 Dra- matic Club C1, 2, 333 Junior Week Committeeg Nominating Committeeg Glee Club C1, 2, 33: Choir CZ, 3jg Honor Schol- arship. St. Peter sat behind the gate, and hemmed and hawed in hesi- tation. "You'd like to know if you shall make High Heav'n or not your habitation? It seems you went to U. V. M. and won deserved commenda- tion. But now I see! You're an M. D., and what we need is medication. The angels droop, they have croup and I feel like the blank damnation. Oh please don't lag, but bring your bag, and settle in this new loca- tion." H281 CATHARINE B. BASSETT CL. Burlington, Vermont Kappa Alpha Thetag Burling- ton High Schoolg Hockey C1, 355 Soccer C255 Volley Ball C35 Basketball C255 Manager C155 Panhellenic C353 Blue- stockings CZ, 353 Ariel Boardg Literary Magazine C35 Dramatic Club Cl, 2, 353 Cast, "Dido and Aeneas" C255 Sophomore Hop Committeeg Junior Week Com- mitteeg Glee Club Cl, 25g Man- ager C25, Sextet C1, 25g Eta Sigma Phig Y. W. C. A. Cabinet C35g W.. A, A. Coxuncil C35 5 ,vice- President Student Union C353 Faculty Student Council C35. When Kitty sings in the choir she wears the expression of a young cherub. Her thoughts are miles away, for she is wondering when her hair will grow out. It is a lucky thing for most of us that Kitty does sing in the choir. Otherwise we would never catch more than passing glimpses of her. ALICE BELLMORE L. S. New Bedford, Mass. New Bedford High Schoolg Tennis Coach C155 Dramatic Club C2, 355 Bluestockingsg Newman Club. No, Alice is not twins. She is the bigj sister-big to the extent of four feet ten inches. She fooled us at first by her name. for she is neither tall. nor blonde, but tiny and dark, like a Marguerite or a Jeanne. We would expect to see her gracefully languishing on a chaise lounge-faint incense- luxury-but there is no use visioning. Here comes Alice, as brisk and as trig as you please, without as much as a rose in her hair, going to play tennis. 51291 1 ' " l LAURA MARY BIN GHAM H. E. Middlebury, Vermont Alpha Chi Omegag Middle- bury High Schoolg Honor Group C213 Home Economics Club, Vice President QSJ. Laura Bingham, B. B., signs this slender, curly-haired maid- en. And we assure you that this does not mean Bachelor of Baking, or Basketball, although either would apply. This, my children, is the Big Bear ui the incomparable trio, the Three Bears, Junior. Any bedtime story of ours, however, would never do justice to the famous character of Campus House his- tory, and those who visited The Den, our Sophomore year, will bear us witness. LYDIA E. BLODGETT L. S. Burlington, Vermont Alpha Xi Delta, Woodsville High School, N. H.g Burling- ton High Schoolgf Soccer C115 Basketball CU. Lydia is one of those lucky co-eds who live in Burlington -free from the horrors of a house committee or of the Chief justice. She, luckily, does not have to count her "nights out" as we less fortunate mortals do. Although Lydia maintains a subtle interest in sports from the beginning of the football season, the climax comes when she watches the baseball games -a most enthusiastic fan! 'Lydia is always -ready to do her share of the' work, whether called upon to prepare a feed, wash the dishes, or help with an entertainmentq Although she is always ready to give assistance to the needy, her ovsm marks are enviable, and she never has to answer "unprepared" in any class. ' 'e -1, 1- H301 LUCY BRACKEN L. S. Woodside, New York Pi Beta Phig Newton High School, Elmhurst, N. Y.g Arch- efry Q2jg iennts Coaich Lljg Ariel Boardg Freshman Rules Committee QZJQ House Commit- tee C335 Newman Club. Crisp, Copper-colored hair, wistful yet roguish blue eyes, and a smile that would coax a hum- ming-bird from a honey-suckle vine-all that is needed to com' plete the picture is a crinoline dress and a rose garden. Lucy is the modernized version of the Old World heroine of romance, the charming little Irish colleen, yet how easily can we visualize her in New World surround- ings gracefuly accepting a nose- gay from a gallant suitor, or daintily drinking tea from a small, transparent cup. Any attempt to analyze Lucy is futile, for her character is so elusive that description of it is impossible. And perhaps therein lies the secret of her charm. MAE THELMA BROCK H. E. Haverhill, New Hampshire Kappa Deltag Newberry High Schoolg Home Economics Club. If you are hungry, don't read this, for you will only become more so. You see, Mae is a wonderful cook, and we can not help talking about it. We guess by that rapt expression of hers that she is either inventing a new Brovnmie recipe or figuring the cost ofasponge cake. Those people are lucky who are at the Practice House when Mae is cook. Whether it is a tender juicy steak, or a flaky-crusted pie, you always long for more and more. At this point we feel faint from hunger, and dash to the Coffee Corner for a ham sandwich. 51311 MARY E. BROWN H. E. Burlington, Vermont Sigma Gamma 3 Burlington High Schoolg Home Economics Clubg Y. W. C. A. Where does she get it, and how does she keep it? Is it due to heredity, environment, Home Econoinics, or Kismet? But why bother about that? Betty's practical good sense and judgment are to be sworn by and accepted as the best wayg for then your omelette will never fall Hat, nor will your dress be out of tune with your com- pexion. LUCILLE BRUNELLE CL. St. Johnsbury, Vermont Alpha Chi Omegag St. Johns- bury Academy, Eta Sigma Phig Football Hop Committee 4235 Newman Club, Secretary and Treasurer 12, 31, Honor Schol- arship. A short, dark-haired girl with brown, favsm-like eyes, sprints across the campus, burdened with an armfull of ponderous text books. Latin, Greek, or what have you, are as mere trifles to her-she dismisses them with scarcely a glance. But when it is a. question of marcels-ah, that is a different matter. Here Lucille is in her element. With painstaking care each wave is put in, each hair in its proper place, the iron at the proper tempera- ture-and the result is worthy of the effort. It is a much discussed ques- tion as to whether or not Lu- cille intends tvo become a teacher or a hair-dresser. She has the necesssary qualifications for ei- ther, but imagine her wearing horn-rimmed spectacles, trying to pound Latin declensions into the minds of the future generation! H321 GENEVIEVE M. BURKE CL. Burlington, Vermont Cathedral High Schoolg New- man Club. 'tIsn't that just terrible? A test tomorrow, and I had plan- ned to go to the movies this afternoon. That's another good show that I won't be able to seef' If you can read between the lines, you have discovered Genevieve, faithful at all times to her work, no matter what the temptation. When it comes to manipulat- ing and twisting figures, she is in her proper sphere. As a proof of this, she has not only been victorious in battling with "Trig" and "Analyt," but also has been successful in conquering that dragon of Math. namely, Cal- culus, and she is now far beg yond the mathematical limits that most of us ever reach. ELIZABETH E. BUZZELL E. C. Burlington, Vermont Burlington High School. Once there was a cunning lit- tle girl with two long shiny black pigtails, big brown eyes, and a little turned-up nose. She wore a gingham pinafore and loved to jump rope. QHeavens! says the Grind Editor, who can that be?j So I will hasten to add that this grind is going to be about Betty Buzzell. Once there was a Coffee Cor- nerer par excellence. She had the sleekest of black shingles, and big dark eyes, Cwere they black?J. She was good. you know-could manage a lettuce sandwich, all filling and a yard wide, as if it were the merest crumb-and car- rv on a vivid conversation with the masculine gallery as well. But what self-control! When the bell rang. Betty would stoical- lv say, "Come on. Qotf' and they would go oi? secretarying. 51331 DOROTHY CLAFLIN, G. S. Burlington, Vermont Sigma Gammag Burlington High Schoolg Women's Rii-le Team C31. If only she had not cut oFE her hairg if only she had wound her hair in its two golden braids about her head and donned a white kerchief and Puritan cap: it only her name were Priscilla. For Dorothy is "the type of Puritan maidens." Modest, sim- ple, and sweet, the very type of Priscilla, Stately and serene, she does efficiently all manner of tasks with no fuss or confu- sion. Still, would Priscilla go off hiking on windy days, or would Priscilla leave her spin- ning wheel to study Chemistry? CHARLOTTE CLEVELAND L. S. Glendale, California Pi Beta Phi: Glendale High Schoolg Basketball C213 Archery C213 Tennis Coach C215 Wom- en's Editor of Arielg Class Play C21 gFreslu'nan Rules Committee C215 Football Hop Committee C413 Junior Week Comrnitte. C313 Dramatic Club Cl, 2, 313 Secretary C315 Treasurer Stu- dent Union C31g Secretary-Treas- urer Vermonters Club C31. And this, our editor, fair as sunny Califomia from which she came, is as true and sincere as any born Vermonter. Small and demure as she is, who would guess her efficiency in literary projects, dramatics, and in count- ing the pennies of Student Gov- ernment? Char1otte's even dis- position is not spoiled even by late honor lists, grinds or snap- shots that "must be in right away" and aren't,--a supreme test of temper. We could go on and on, but there's no need. Everybody knows Charlotte. 1 "1 + 'Vi 5 T Til A .. 5 4 ill "iii 1 . i wtf- fs-f.Y.,f-if 1 J Q, f' Y ' ', Q 'iff ,, at 'L .d lf' , -' 1 , If ng 5 gr .L .5 if134j ELIZABETH M. COLLINS L. S. Burlington, Vermont Burlington High School, New- man Club. One day, in French class, we heard a rich low voice in back of us, reciting Huently and well. It was not what she said, for then French was Greek to us, but it was the low comfortable voice which attracted us. And now we like the owner of that voice, be- cause like itself, Martha is com- fortable, serene, and good-natured. ing person a ride to school. Many are the times she has stopped to give some late, hurry- Like the first Martha she is bountiful in her hospitality, MARGARET B. CORBIN H. E. Burlington, Vermont Kappa Alpha Theta, Burling- ton High Schoolg Basketball C1, 2, 35, Manager C2, 355 Hockey C355 Volley Ball C2, 355 Tennis C355 Baseball C25, Captain C253 Bluestockings CZ, 355 Glee Club C1, 2, 35, Accompanist Cl, 2, 353 Health Council C353 Choir C2, 35. "Peg, listen. Do you l-mow that thing that goes tum-tum- te-tum? Can you play it?" "Well, I don't know," says Peg. and sits down at the piano. Whereupon the original tum- tum-te-tum emerges with a rip- ple of chords, as a glorified ex- pression of its former self. She can do that with other things too. Give her the merest germ of an anecdote andshe can transform it into an excruciat- ingly funny Made. When the point is reached and her hearers double up with laughter, she always looks mildly surprised, a sort of Buster Keatonish expression, which sends her audience into fresh gusts of mirth. F r 5- l 51353 DOROTHY COTTRELL CL. Brookline, Massachsuetts Kappa Alpha Theta5 Brookline High Schoolg Hockey 11, 2, 355 Volley Ball 11, 2, 355 Blue- stockings 12, 355 Vermont Lit- erary Magazine 135, Assistant Editor5 Masque and Sandal 11, 2, 35, Treasurer 1355 Junior Week Committee 1355 Chairman Indoor Meet 1255 Glee Club 11, 2, 355 Press Club 11, 2, 353 Cynic Board 12, 355 W. A. A. Council 12, 355 John Dewey Club 12, 355 Debating 1255 Cast, "The Goose Hangs Highf, "Captain Applejackf' "Bah," "Lady Windermere's Fan"5 Eta Sigma Phi. What more can we say, when you have read the honor list above? And what words are adequate? With brown cape fly- nig, Dot breezes across Campus to her hundredth appointment. With brown hair well marcelled and powdered, she portrays her usual matron's part in the col- lege play- She combines versa- tility with efficiency. Don't be alarmed, that noise was only Dot laughing at us. MARY DOROTHY DAVIS G S. Ellington, Connecticut Alpha Chi Omega5 Rockville High School, Rockville, Conn.5 Dramatic Club 1355 Glee Club 11, 2, 355 Choir 135. Mary's voice just can't be over-rated. It got for her the favor of the Music House in toto her freshman year and now another has been added to the list. Have you ever tried getting a phone call through to Red- stone and found your attempt frustrated? "Line is busy"- "Sorry the line is still busy"- You know who is carrying on the telephone date that might be an education to anyone. 5 f136:I HELEN URANA DEAN L. S. North Ferrisburg, Vermont Sigma Gamma, Beeman Acad- emy, Baseball Cl, Zig Volley Ball C155 Honor Scholarship. Snapshots of the chapel, snap- shots of the campus, snapshots of the lake, and snapshots of everything-wherever Helen is, there also is her camera. It is a mania with her, and if ever the time comes when she ceases to take pictures, then you may expect something drastic to hap- pen. At some future date, He1en's name may be emblazoned across the country as the first woman to play baseball in a big league game, and then will Vermont re- joice, for here under the tute- lage of Miss Cummings she got her start. Furthermore, her friends also have hopes for her ultimate success on skis, but at present the diamond has far greater attraction than the slip- pery hills. VIVIAN CLEORA DOD GE ED. Barre, Vermont Spaulding High Schoolg Glee Club C2, 315 Educational Club, Treasurer CZD. If you should say to me, "Who is that rather tallish, rather slenderish girl in our Eng- lish c1ass?",. I would say, "I really don't know." If you should say, "And she has bob- bed hair-light, and blue eyes," I would humbly say, "I think-" And you would interrupt. "And she has a pleasant voice and an awfully nice smile. Then I would say, "Oh, I know! You must mean Vivian Dodge. f137:1 K MARGARET DURICK CL. Fair Haven, Vermont Alpha Xi Deltag Fair Haven High Schoolg Cynic C1, 2, 353 Women's Editor CBJQ Blue- stockings Cl, 2, 3jg Vice-Presi- dent C215 Eta Sigma Phi, Vice- President C253 Secretary CBJ: Reporter C313 House Committee C1, 355 Kirby-Flower-Smith Jun- ior Latin Scholarshipg Howard Latin Prize Cljg First Honor Group C135 Second Honor Group C235 Newman Clubg Panhellenic C3J. Margie gets A's in Math, Latin, Greek, and everything else, but she is the most irresponsible soul imaginable. However she is so lovable and sweet about it that it ceases to be a fault and becomes instead a virtue. She bustles about her myriad duties with such an air oi absorption that we hesitate to interrupt her. When we do Finally muster enough courage, we discover that no matter how many editorials must be written for the Cynic, she still has 'time to help us with our own petty worries. CORA LOUISE EASTMAN L, S, Bradford, Vermont Kappa Alpha Thetag Arling- ton Massachusetts High School: Intemational Relations Club. If one could iind the key to unlock Cora's reserve, one might hear about the wonders of Rome, the skies of Naples, the excitement of Paris, but Cora would never tell you of her experiences because they are about herself. Egotism is not one of Cora's strong points. We wonder if she deliberately chose London as the most fitting place in which to have typhoid fever. At any rate, we gained by it, because that is Why Cora became a member of our class. z , , x t I .-f---,--.cfs W P Q' .1 F1331 Wil-fi . .. ,Q V 1, 'ilf , . , va .Gs L, I-, .L , .LS A MARIAN A. EVEREST G. S. Plattsburg, New York Delta Delta Deltag Plattsburg High School: Volley Ball fl, 2, 315 Rifle Team C113 Hockey Cl, 2. 31: Manager Cl1g Tennis 131, Baseball Cl, 215 Basketball CZ, 313 Soccer Cl, 215 Bluestock- ings, Dramatic Clubg Class Play Cl, 315 Football Hop Committee, Junior Week Committeeg W. A. A. Council 12, 31, Vice-Presi- dent C313 Vermonters Club, Vice-President C21g Ariel Boardg Chairman Fall Field Day C315 Clgairman Basketball Banquet C2 . Glance at the above list of honors, and you'll realize that here we have one of the most mercurial women on campus. It s quite impossible to locate her, for if she isn't playing tennis, she may be at committee meet- ing, or you might find her help- ing Professor Squires. Then again the chances are that she is dashing around in "Justinia" with a dozen other cheerful. souls crowded into the back seat. LOIS ELIZABETH FISKE H. E. Vergennes, Vermont Alpha Chi 'Omegag Vergen- nes High Schoolg Volley Ball Cl, 31, House Committee 1115 Honor Scholarship. Once there was a little girl who ran away from home and come to a house in the woods. She knocked at the door. Then her big brown eyes saw a sign marked "Grassmount". So she walked into the parlor and sat in the mst chair, but that was marked "reserved," So she sat in the next chair but that bore a sign, "saved for 7:30." So she sat in a little tiny chair, which was too small for two, wondering. Then home came the three bears, with three Lions, social lions, they were. But Lois soon learned the se- 9l'Et,'Ql.'ld you- know the rest, J we ' D391 ALICE ELZADA FISKE EC. Lancaster, New Hampshire Alpha Xi Deltag Lancaster Academy: Class Vice President C255 Freshman Rules Committee C253 Football Hop Commtitee C25g Sophomore Hop Committee C255 Junior Week Committee C25g Glee Club C15: Press Club C255 Student Union Council ' Treasurer C25. eryone knows '7Zack" Fiske. Full of vim, verve, and vigor, it is not surprising she is popular, not only with the men, but also with the members of her ovsm sex. "Zack" is a keen enthusiast of football, basketball, and A. T. O.'s, and she is a living ex- ample of efficiency. Ask her any- thing as to how or when to send a telegram, and promptly you will have the necessary informa- tion, First hand-"or at least, it was that way when I worked for Westem Union." C25 ,. Ev MARY C. FREEMAN EC. Essex Junction, Vermont Delta Delta Delta, Essex Junction High School: Bluestock- ings CZ, 353 Junior Week Com- mittee C35g Honor Scholarship. "I'll hurry to my Blue Heaven." Blue Heaven goes wonderfully with Mary, even to her pretty red hair. When you hear her laugh, you can just imagine the sun peeping over the rim of a con- venient mountain and see a little white house tucked away in the hills. Mary trys to fool us too. most imposing looking books,- and she talks about laws of sup- ply and demand as if they were directions for a gingham apron, but the minute she smiles her camouflage is gone, and there she stands revealed in all her unbusinesslike winsomeness. . . Y I l 1 Q , t. A, A at I e lf14i0j'lM or GRACE E. FRISBIE, ED. Burlington, Vermont Vergennes High School. "Where is Grace?" "Home, ill,-you know she got so worked up over her French hour test that she cou1dn't take it. Some people are conscientious!" and Grace is one of them. But then we must admit that she has a cer- tain very special incentive to- ward high marks-her friends have set the pace. Grace is pleasant and sincere, -a real Vermonter. HOPE GRANT, L, S. East St. Johnsbury, Vt. Kappa Deltag St. ,Tohnsbury Academyg Glee Club CBD. Hope comes into English 14 class as though her only pur- pose in life were to absorb everything there is to know about the modem drama. Then she goes into French class with such an interested air that one is certain that she really cares only for languages. And the chances are ten to one in both cases her thoughts are miles away. It seems as though her head must be weighted down by that mass of brown hair, but while the rest of us struggle with half-lengths, she moves about, secure in her possession of hair that d0esn't need to be "grown out". 'L 1 x 1 . .1 1 ,. ,lilglolo THERESA F. GREY L. S. Burlington, Vermont Cathedral High Schoolg New- man Club. Theresa is that honest-to-good- ness Pollyanna who has learned the art of talking little and smil- ing much. .The only defect in her character is that she seems to enjoy studying. At almost any time of the day, she can be found in the library or some other equally learned retreat, pouring over her work, but the former is apparently her favorite haunt, and means more to her than just books! She is the sort of a person whose happiness lies in whatever task she is called upon to perform, and be assured that it will be pertormed with a smile. ELIZABETH B. HAGAR CL. Clinton, Massachusetts Alpha Xi Deltag Clinton High Schoolg Eta Sigma Phig Soc- cer CZJQ Hockey C353 Cynic Board CZ, 3Jg Bluestockingsg Dramatic Club fl, 2, 315 Health Council 12, 315 House Com- mittee C2Jg House President 435. "One club." "One diamond." "One no-," and Betty pro- ceeds to add score upon score to her long list of winnings. Her record at college is comparable to her record at bridge. Her one regret is that Santa Claus won't leave a Buick for her on the Christmas tree. Betty radiates pep, vivacity. and go. Between typing a news story in the Cynic office, danc- ing every available minute, recit- ing nobly in six or seven classes, and officiating as King Tut of Allen House, we wonder how Betty gets along with only twenty-four hours in the day. Ny' . ,l H421 BERTHA AGNES I-IAZEN L. S. East Berlin, Connecticut Alpha Xi Deltag Middletown High School: Hockey fl, 354 Junior Week Committee C353 Class Nominating Committee SU: Deutschen Verein Cl, 2, Kindly refrain from pushing. This really is Bert. Never yet has test been invented that could bring a wrinkle of care to her browg and as for the Eds-she takes them with several grains of salt, knowing that none of them could fool her one wink, although she has a cynical sister love for a dis- tracted half-dozen. If the college dances attended were listed as honors, then this poor little page would be entirely Filled, for Bert hasn't missed one. Just because she ence dropped a letter into a trash can instead of a mail box, don't think that she is absent- minded-she was merely decid- ing what dress to wear for her date that night. GLADYS E. HOGABOOM ED. New Britain, Connecticut New Britain High Schoolg Masque and Sandal: Cast "Babs"g House Committee C253 House Vice-President CSD. See that funny face with crossed eyes and fish-like mouth. Well that's Glad but don't get alarmed. She doesn't always look like that. That is just one of her many ways of entertaining the girls. Glad has as many expressions as she has moods to express. Her hobby is studying of any kind-altho' she really prefers "The Lives of Famous Ac- tresses". "Oh well" answers Glad saucily "The world you know is a stage"-and she sure- ly plays her part. 3f,u. 1 V ' A fl43ji CONSTANS M. HOLDEN L. S. Burlington, Vermont Alpha Xi Deltag Burlington High Schoolg Bluestockings CZ. 35, Assistant Editor Vermont Literary Magazine C355 Assis- tant Editor Cynic CZ, 35g Press Club C2, 351 Y, M. C. A. Cabinet C353 International Rele- tions Clubg Secretary C255 Vice- President C353 Le Cercle Fran- cais. Executive Committee. "May I visit your class?'l asks Constans. "I have a free hour I just don't know what to do with." But how can that be? There's the Cynic. and Bluestockings, and the Inter- national Club meetings, all be- fore Monday. "I guess I'l1 just have to let the campus dope slip this week," she decides, "al- though I would like to know who 'F 'F 'W' is taking to her fraternity dance." And with this she tears around for a minute to get 25 more subscriptions to the Vermont Literary Magazine. C-ENEVIEVE P, HO OK CL. Burlington, Vermont Delta Delta Deltag Burlington High Schoolg Eta Sigma Phi: Glee Club C353 First Honor ListC15g Second Honor List C253 Kirby Flower Smith Latin Schol- arship C253 Honor Scholarship. As a marksman, Genevieve excels as skirmisher in the lang- uage of the Caesars. This done, she vanquishes the lines of the French, and advances with Flags Flying through the hogs ,of bot- any. to scale the rocky heights of Geology. Out of the fray it is certain that Genevieve will emerge the overwhelming victor. Like the best of war heroines, Genevieve refuses to be heroic about it, but her merit will be rewarded. After the final battle we lmow that among the spoils will be a Phi Beta Kappa Key. D v I 1441 l I BEATRICE A. HOSKINS ED. Longmeadow, Mass. Technical High School, Hoc- key C1, 2, 31, Tennis Team CSB: Class Champion C255 Volleyball C3Jg Dramatic Club. Bees and apple blossoms go well together, donft they? Now, that's a terrible pun to put in this Ariel, but honestly, we saw Bee one time with her arms full of apple blossoms and ever since then, we associate her with them. You see she is little and shy and sweet with an adorable lisp, and a passion for work. Why don't all people have appropriate nicknames? It would simplify matters so much. Now in this case, all we have to do is remove the sting. FRANCES E. .HOWLEY L. S. Rutland, Vermont Delta Delta Deltag Rutland High School, Volley Ball CZ, 35g Hockey CZ, 31g Basketball C2, 35, Soccer C1, 213 Drama- tic Clubg Class Play C355 Stu- dent Union Council C3j. "O-o-oh, do you?" and. a pair of big blue eyes open wide with surprise and interest. Per- haps it is because she looks so innocent and sympathetic that people confide in her, but at any rate she somehow manages to know all the "dirt" on campus. She is never seen wandering about with the rapt expression of the love-lom, or the hurried steps of one late to class Ca few minutes either way mean nothing to herj. Sometime you are con- vinced that she's just a. tiny girl meeting the world and its wonders for the Hrst time, but in the next minute, when you are being told in snappy language just where to get oE, you doubt the validily of snap judgements. 'za 1 Ji. 51451 ELEANOR HUBERT ED. H artford, Connecticut Kappa Alpha Theta, Mary Baldwin Seminary, Hockey QI, 233 Soccer C233 Student Union Council C213 Glee Club Cl, 2, 315 Manager C333 Assistant Manager QZJ. From the third floor of the Theta house issue melodious sounds of jazz, ground out by the Efty cent Victrola so cher- ished by the Bats in the Belfry. Above the laughter comes Elean- or's voice "No kidding, I ought not to go, but if you two are going, I will. I'1l be darned if I'll stay up here alone", And the three set out. Eleanor is the original Absent- minded Abigail. She forgets Glee Club, classes, and dentists' appointments with tne utmost ease: but it never seems to make any difference, No matter what her worries -- and they are many and varied-things always come out right in response to her dis- tracted "I mean, what'll I do?" MIRIAM J. IDLEMAN L. S. New York City, New York Pi Beta Phig Ethical Cul- ture Schoolg Junior Week Com- mittee: Glee Club. Yes she hails from New York as anyone knows once they hear her throaty New York voice. And we're told she's a Minis- ter's daughter- how interesting Minister's daughters can be is proven by Miriam's three years of friends and scholastic stand- ing at this, our University! Miriam's sense of humor can't be beaten, its always right on top, but when she does decide to be serious it behooves every one else to get down to business - because really that's the thing to do! In short, Miriam knows just what it's all about. N J Z H461 THELMA J. KINDER ED. Burlington, Vermont Alpha Xi Deltag Killingly High Schoolg Connecticut Col- lege for Women C11. From the realms of Colonial Hall in Connecticut College for Women came Thelma C5ft. 2in.,1 to add her bit to the chatter in the Old Mill corridors. She thrives on excitement, and her favorite pastime seems to be squeezing an eleven-foot Buick through a ten-foot trafhc slot. How she manages to have such a drag with the cops is a mys- tery, but it must be that cherry "Hello, Iacku that does the trick. Don't plan to mope when Thel is around, for she is always eager "to go places, do things, and meet people". BERTHA KLEIN CL. Windsor, Vermont K. E. L.g Windsor High Schoolg Eta Sigma Phi, Volley Ball Cl, 2, 315 Captain C1, 313 Class Manager C315 Basketball Cl, 215 Soccer C115 Tennis C313 Health Council C215 Greek Clubg Varsity Debating Team C2, 31: Tennis Coach C21g Volley Ball Coach C219 Fire Captain C213 Honor Scholarship. 1. Take a lump of sugar. Put it in a cup-That's Bert. 2. Pour over it some hot coffee-effect on Bert's sympa- thetic nature when it is the victim of some scalding tale, 3. Add some cream. Result-Bert's aroma of charm. 4. Stir it. Result -- Good distribution and commingling of contents. Bert's distribution of qualities range from debating to athletics, from Greek to skeletons. Result-a good all-round girl. 51471 . l w GLADYS RUTH KONE CL. Hartford, Connecticut William Hall High School, Eta Sigma Phi Cl, 2, 315 Tennis i315 Class play C113 Greek Play C315 Manager Class Plays C213 Chairman Greek Play 131: Glee Club Q1, 215 Varsity De- bating f2, 31, K. E. L. Presi- dent C315 Secretary 121. "Mr. Chairman, Honorable Judges, Worthy Opponents. Friends-that means Gladys is on the war path-and the tro- phies she brings home with her! Middlebury's scalp, last year, and a whole lot of others, this year Cwe hope1. That is, if Gladys hasn't become too inter- ested in Greek plays and hour exams. She is one of those few young people who have a very deep appreciation for all that is beautiful, whether it is a paint- ing, a poem, or an organ reci- tal. JACQUELINE M. LANOU H. E. Burlington, Vermont Alpha Xi Delta: Burlington High School: Hockey Cl, 2, 313 Soccer Cl, 213 Basketball Cl, 2, 31: Home Economics Club. Colors are no bugaboo to Jac. Red, yellow green, orange, rose. singly or all together,--and Jacqueline is simply stunning! Jac is another member of that Lucky Co-ed Fraternity-girls who live in tovwm and drive huge cars. Various Affairs of Town and Gown interest her, nor is College her one and only pursuit. She is a connoisseur of the culinary art. But let a whistle blow from the gym, and fudge cakes may bum to a frazzle. For Jac is devoted to sports. Ability, loyality, dependability. sportmanship always! And the grind is ended. E E V 51421 I ESPERANCE LAMPHER G.S. Sutton, Vermont Lyndon Institute. "Esperance, will you help me with this Math?" wails some long-suffering student. Immedi- ately, Esperance has set the poor person on the right track, and has returned to her work, calmly and efficiently. Esperance is al- always calm and efficient. Not even a stickler in Physics can dis- turb her nor erase the smile from her face. When there's any to be done, be it pleasant or un- pleasant, Esperance is always ready to put her shoulder to the wheel, and she'l1 push until the task is Finished. . MOLLIE SILVER LEVIN CL. Burlington, Vermont Burlington High Schoolg Eta Sigma Phig Deutsche Verem Cl, 2, 333 Women's Varsity Debate Manager 133. Another student of the classics, Mollie walks through the corri- dors of the Old Mill with a rapt expression on her face, probably deep in some phase of Pytha- gorian philosophy, or some bit of Latin syntaxg for what else could cause that fixed concen- tration? By some occult power, or it may be from burning the mid- night oil, Mollie seems to know the right thing to say to the right professor at the right timeg how- ever, her disposition remains ever cheerful, in spite of her numer- ous Latin courses. 51491 l 1 1 ALMA E. LIN DER L. S. Champlain, New York Alpha Xi Deltag Champlain High School. Hi, Al, what's all the news? And does she ever disappoint you by saying, "I don't known? Well, no! She just seems to ab- sorb, in some mysterious way, all "campus comments" long be- fore they come out in the Cynic. But what a help this is for those who haven't time to read their Cynics. But there is only one regret. We are sure A1 missed her calling. You should just see her take care of her room- mate when she is ill.. She goes at it with the same efficiency that she attacks all problems and and you would insist that she must be a trained nurse. LUCINE L, LITTLE H. E. Burlington, Vermont Sigma Gamma, Burlington High School, Home Economics Clubg Philosophy Club, Glee Club Czyg Pan-Hellenic gay. "Pretty to walk with, and witty to talk with," Winsome Lucene signs up for a Home Ec book at the library desk, after Enally managing to say good-bye to the lingering Figure on the steps outside. She bears her- book stealthily over to a con- venient table, preparing to be very industrious, but she is not quick enough. Already we know that she is there, and soon some other admiring fellow comes over to sit on the table and talk. His. tory repeats itself, for the charm is infalliable. w x I . 4. 11501 MARGARET MAHONEY CL. Burlington, Vermont Alpha Xi Deltag Troy Confer- ence Academyg Eta Sigma Phi, Junior Week Committee, New- man Club, Vice-President 133. Girl in the blue gown-Margaret brings visions of the lovely Snow White of fairy lore, of the lily maid of Astolot, and of silvery castle turrets in the age of knight-hood. It was fortunate that a golden-haired princess was spared to us. Otherwise, who would be smiling so adorably and contagiously, whatever the time or weather? Otherwise, who would have starred at the trial of Socrates, or who would have cheerfully cut those million and one grapefruit? Princesses are said to have a corps of good fairies who pave with roses ,the paths of the future. And, it would not sur- prise us any day to know that Margaret had fled to the land where castles are realities. Nor is that Spain! OREANA A. MERRIAM H. E. Lyndonville, Vermont Lyndon Instituteg Home Ec- onomics Club. "I don't understand why that is," complains Oreana, and pains- takingly Miss Bailey explains the reason for using yeast in bread. "Yes, but I wish that you'd go over it just once more," and so on, far into the after-noon.. In spite of it all, Billie is one of the prize cooks in the Home Wreck- ing department-Care all girls who take Home Ec, good cooks?J -and is the pride and joy of the cooking class.. With every wave of her smooth hair exactly right, Billie good-naturedly walks about the lab, making brownies that would melt in your mouth. H'1'S'Ijr ANNETTE MIDDLETON EC. Burlington, Vermont Kappa Alpha Theta: Edmonds High Schoolg Volley Bail Cl, 259 Baseball Cl, 253 Basketball Cl, 25, Captain C255 Bluestockingsg Social Calendar CommitteeC35g junior Week Committee C353 Glee Club Cl, 25. "Going to Government class?" asks Annette frantically from her strategic position in the front rank of the Coffee Corner- "We11, save a seat for me, won't you-way back, please. I'm go- ing to eat a tuna Fish sandwich if some nice stout person sits in front of me!" And sure enough -in walks Annette with her hat on the back of her head and the promised sandwich in hand! And if you ask her if she is going back to Loon Lake, nothing loath she answers, "Well, ye-es"! ALICE R. MILLER AGR. Morrisville, Vermont Alpha Chi Omega: Lamoille Central Academyg Baseball C153 Hockey Cl, 2, 35! Soccer Cl, 253 Cosmopolitan Club C255 Agri- cultural Clubg Y. W. C. A. Cabinet C353 Honor Scholarhip. She shines in studying: she shines in doing things: she's fung but Alice merits more than the average attention in grinding. She is One of the Two Co-ed Aggies in College. And we predict great things. Peering into- the crystal ball of the future, we see Alice, the mistress of miles and miles of green Fields and what- ever else farms are made of. Alice rushes out of the big white farm house in consternation. The pedigreed poultry are making short work of the prize vegetable garden. Alice shoos them out and shuts them up. "Try that again" we hear her admonish- ing, "and I'll take away every blue ribbon you ever got." 11521 MARGARET E. MILLER, ' EC. , Burlington, Vermont Kappa Alpha Thetag Edmonds High Schoolg Baseball C255 Class Play C235 Football Hop Committee CZDQ Junior Week Committee C313 Press Club C3Dg Dramatic Club C2, 33. It seems a shame to attempt to put Peg's character down in black and white-it is so much easier to describe her outward appearance. Curly, kinky, black hair, big blue eyes framed with long dark lashes, a tender sensi- tive little mouth, and the softest drawl imaginable. But who cares about all that. Vlhat we are interested in is Peg's disposition, which is usual- ly pretty good until she tries to study for her Ec. exams, then those soulful blue eyes Hash, her drawl disappears, and vehement- ly Peg tells the World exactly what she thinks of everything. DOROTHY E. MOORBY H. E. Vergennes, Vermont Alpha Chi Omegag Vergennes High Schoolg Press Club C2, 353 Home Economics Club. "Heavens, yes,!" shrieks Dot- tie, and goes tearing down the hall, yelling, "Lets go, Vermont." Dot is pep plus-a diminutive dynamo of enthusiasm and spirit. There just isn't anything to quote about Dottie except a never ending list of keen ejacu- lations that give light and color to Robinson Hall but which might shock the general public. Don't worry if she bawls you out for stepping on her toes or playfully jabbing your elbow in- to her eye during one of the big rushes at the ,Coffee Corner, -if Dot thought that you were getting any pleasure out of it, she'd stand there all day, just to amuse you. lf1531 RUTH PERRY MORE L. S. Barre, Vermont Alpha Xi Deltag Spaulding High School. There are a few things in life that we'can't get over, and one of them is Ruth, when she suc- ceeds in being almost a perpetual stumbling block on the hall stairs at Campus House. One can slide down the bannisters, but going upstairs is getting to be more and more of a problem on nights when the parlor proves inade- quate. Ruth's Haxen hair is ob- vious proof of what gentlemen prefer, but Ruth, unlike her predesessor, believes in quality not quantity. LUCY E, MORGAN EC. Burlington, Vermont Alpha Chi Omegag Burlington High School: Faculty student Councilg Baseball 11, 215 Hockey Cl, Zjg Soccer C235 Basketball Qljg Captain KID: Ariel Board: Assistant Business Manager Women's Handbook C2Jg Judgment Day C213 junior Prom Committeeg' Pan-Hellenic Council QSM Press Clubg Dram- atic Club Cl, 2, 35. "Oh Mama", look at the fun- ny man"-the precocious child may exclaim some day, and his mother will say: "That's not a funny man, dear,-that's a lady clown, and she gradu- ated from U. V. M. with me in '29." I see that she still has her boyish bob! Will you see her walk that pole! Well, she got her start in athletics at college. What she couldn't do there wasn't worth doing-baseball, basketball, everything. She must have studied diligently and con- scientiouslv every day, for Lucy was no bluff." H541 KATHERINE MUDGETT ED. Jetfersonville, Vermont Sigma Gammag Cambridge High School. Katherine is a girl whom we are glad to welcome as an addi- tional classmate. She is just what she looks,-well poised, and quiet, -pretty and sweet. She always creates the impression of being as crisply neat as a trained nurse, and as quietly eflicient, yet pro- fessional is a term too severe to apply to Katherine, whose wavy dark hair framing her demure face gives her a charming, fem- inine air. ESTHER M. NELSON L. S. Stanford, Connecticut Stanford High School: Blue- stockings QSM Dramatic Club 12, 353 Class Play C215 Health Council C313 Baseball Cl, 259 Hockey Cl, 2, 31, Manager C3j5 Soccer Clj. Bang bang bang! Seven o'c1ock, and time for breakfast! just tive more minutes, there's plenty of time. And Esther turns over for another snooze. As usual she had been meditating far into the night behind a locked door or writing that short story that should have been in two weeks or two months ago. As a. Fire captain at Robinson, Esther has a marvelous time, taking light cuts so that she may pleasantly surprise her sleeping friends. There is something strangely fascinating about this small, dark eyed, dark haired creature, a for- eign mysteriousness that smacks of cold Russia crossed with Ro- mance lands. ' iQ1ssj VIRGINIA H. NOYES H. E. Burlington, Vermont Kappa Alpha Theta: Franklin High Schoolg Columbia Univer- sity Cljg Home Economics Clubg Glee Clubg Honor Group CZJ. A quiet little voice, a quiet little car-our mistake, its a Ford-and a quiet little Noyes. To ride with her is an experi- ence in itself-serenely she drives on the left side of the road, sending all of the pedestrians running for safety to the side- walksg and she eventully reaches her destination without serious mishap. And she is just as serene at the cook-stove as she is at the steering wheel, but here she gives more heed to the rules. With meticiilous care each grain of salt is measured, each drop of milk counted, and the resultant concoction is enough to tempt even the most jaded palate. LORRAINE OWENS H. E. Poultney, Vermont Troy Conference Academy: Soccer C295 Home Economics Club: Vermonter's Club. The young lady who is gazing so pleasantly from this picture cannot hide her nature, nor can her long lashes hide the smile in her blue eyes. Now and then she tries to be dignified and se- rious but inevitably she breaks into laughter and the secret is out-one might as well ask the sun not to shine as to ask Lor- raine not to laugh. And if, any time when you are in the library, you hear more than the usual commotion at the desk, vou are fairly safe in as- suming that Lorraine is impart- ing some important information to one of the young lady assist- ants. H561 GERTRUDE PENNINGTON L. S. Burlington, Vermont Mount Saint Mary. Gertrude is another of these tall, blue-eyed. girls with a smileg but there's a difference, a big difference, in her brown hair. She has a gorgeous wave which is both the pride and despair of all her friends. With envy in their eyes they gaze at her, and with hope in their souls they try to coax a similar one into their own straight locks, but it is useless-Gert's is the one and only. Besides having a natural wave, Gert is also the possessor of a squeal that is known all over Campus and she has no respect for the time or place-if she wantsto laugh during class, she does, even-if it happens to be English History in which she is the guiding genius, 1 MARION B. POTTER ED. Middlebury, Vermont Alpha Xi Deltag Beeman Academyg Burlington High Schoolg Dramatic Club C335 House Committee C2Jg Treasurer Y. W. C. A. C335 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet C253 Fire Captain CSJ. The midnight oil was burning, and we were surprised to Find jo serenely working on, oblivious to the time. Not a text book was in sightg Jo was not cram- ming for tests. Notebooks and sheets of paper littered the table, and scribbled bits adorned the Hoor, but Jo was not writing a novel. She was adding and sub- tracting and doing all sorts of mental stunts with rows and col- umns of figures. "More for So- cial Scrvice this year," she mur- mured, "and possibly some speak- ers, like Dr. Hart, for example." The mystery was laid bare. Io was making out the Y. W. C. A. budget. S Wh I1571 HELEN PRENTISS ' L, S. St. Albans, Vermont Delta Delta Deltag St. Albans High School, Hockey fljg Vol- ley Ball C135 Sophomore Hop Committee CZJQ Junior Week Committee C315 Deutsche Vereing Le Cercle Francais. Clickety-click, click, click, down Williston Road comes Helen, with blond locks blowing, scold- ing at the world in general. But by the time she reaches the Old Mill, she has completely forgot- ten her grievances, and her usual giggle is ready to greet the scholarly multitude. "Want part of my sandwich?" she says, wlien you can fairly see the hunger staring out of her eyes, and so insistent is she that you finally realize that she actually means it. So, rather than hurt her feelings, you ac- cept, and by that time you are enjoying yourself so much that you buy another one to share with Helen so that she will hang around a few minutes longer. THELMA E. PRICE L. S. Tolland, Connecticut Alpha Chi Omega: Rockville High School, Rockville, Conn.g Volley Ball C355 Dramatic Club Cl, 2, 35, Treasurer CSD. The Information Bureau of the dorm! Thelma always has the latest time-tables, maps, diction- aries, directories, and so on, ad iniinitum. Furthermore, she keeps on the tip of her tongue the time and place of every meeting, on the campus and off. On the nights before tests, the entire dormitory flocks to Thel- ma's room, to bombard her with questions, ranging from logarithms to differential equations. Thelma is Ye Oflicial Encour- ager to the Freshman class. To her they take their troubles, and come away feeling at peace with the world. ?l153l ELIZABETH M. READY EC. Burlington, Vermont Burlington High School. Yes, she went and did it! Bobbed it and broke our hearts! When we aren'1: with her, we curse and rail against the Fate that permitted her to do such a thing, but when we actually look at her, our anger suddenly dies down. Why shouldn't anyone bob their hair, if it looks as well as her's does? And those eyes, when they glisten and shine with mirth, are enough to inspire the most prosaic soul to poetry. But there is one question that we would like to ask-what under the sun inspired her to get up at four-thirty in the morning to play golf? MINERVA E. RISDON L. S. Danby, Vermont Danby High Schoolg Troy Conference Academyg French Club. Minerva is one of our shining lights when it comes to getting down. past the Hinty exterior into the very heart of a course. She is the pride and joy of the French department, for not even the ltlrickest subjunctives can disturb er. Nor is French her only forte. It is rumored that Minerva's stock of stories is unlimited, and it is certain that her laugh is irresistible. ,l. G. U .tx I W E. + K ., 4. 51591 DOROTHY M. ROBERTS L. S. Burlington, Vermont Alpha Chi Omegag Burlington High School. The first of Dot's attributes is her permanent wave. Unlike most permanents, it really "took." But this is not all, for she is one of those convenient and blessed individuals who are al- ways willing to make a fourth hand at bridge, regardless of all of those French comps that sim- ply must be done before first hour to-morrow morning. Once Dot is settled at a bridge-table, nothing can move her until she has made at least three grand slams.. Canit you just hear her saying, "I demand a redeal."? THERESA SCHNELLER C. Bronx, New York Burlington High School. The scene is the Zoology office, the time is any Monday after- noon at four o'clock, the main character is Miss Theresa Schnel- ler, and there are also a few lesser characters, such as Dr. Perkins, Mrs. Biggar, etc.. The title of this gripping drama is "The Zoology Seminar" or "The Private Life of Lumbricus ter- restis." No one would think that Theresa would be interested in such a prosaic thing as an amoeba or a planaria. Small, slender, with such a gentle face, she is the type that should write poetry, or play soft, sad tunes upon a violin. But the very fact that she is so petite and demure makes her zoological in- clinations so much more attrac- tive. , -4 u H601 FLORENCE ADAH SCOTT L. S. Barre, Vermont Alpha Xi Delta: Spaulding High Schoolg Class Secretary QSJQ Tennis Coach 1255 Skating Coach C213 Ariel Boardg Junior Week Committeeq Glee Club C315 Press Club f3j. From the wilds of Barre came Florence, with no other inten- tion than to gain all the knowl- edge from the University of Ver- mont that she could. But after she had been here a little while, lo! she suddenly changed her mind. She realized that a com- plete education cannot be ac- quired from books alone-and then ,what a transformation! Now she is a fullfledged mem- ber of the Coffee Corner fraterni- ty, attends all the gymnasium and Phi Mu Delt dances and cheerfully goes to Glee Club twice a week. What price meta- morphosis! ESTHER HOLLY SEAVER EC. Burlington, Vermont Edmunds High Schoolg Hock- ey C29- "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"- Oh dear, that beginning has probably been used for a grind for every blonde in the class- but here we are with a pair of cerulean blue eyes and golden hair on our hands again, and it islso hard for us to be or- iginal. Not so with Esther. Her smile is a Madamoiselle Seaver Creation in itself and then there is the careless way and antipa- thy for A's in her courses which just makes Esther, Esther-and worthy of being the namesake of a Queen. 11611 EDNA A. SHAW EC. Amherst, Massachusetts Kappa Deltag Amherst High Schoolg Rifle Team C355 Base- ball C1, 255 Basketball CU, Volley Ball C155 Freshman Rules Committee C255 House Commit- tee Cl, 255 House President C253 Student Union Council C255 Pan- hellenic C355 Glee Club C1, 2, 355 Double Quartet C25. Allen House ceased humming so vibrantly this fall. It drew a sigh, first of restful relief, then of faint lonesomeness. In the meantime, Eddie was hold- ing forth up at Robinson Hall, setting a live example for the Freshmen girls, and cordializing the general atmosphere. When- ever the spirit moves, and study hours are over, Eddie works overtime for the Glee Club by exercising her flute-like alto in the higher registers,-not an un- pleasing sound. But Eddie does not confine her activities to the dorm alone, she is known well on Campus as a vigorous and loyal supporter of many activi- ties. MARY AXA SHAW ED. Burlington, Vermont Jericho High School. First we see some ponderous government and history books moving mysteriouly across the campus. As they come nearer, we catch a glimpse of their owner and guiding power. Above them appears a small pale face, with a turned up nose and big shell-rimmed glasses through which Mary smiles at us in amusement at our bewilderment. She may give us a little time, and in this case we try to re- lieve her of one of those big- gest tomes. But no, Mary is very independent and as always insists on shouldering her own burdens. u lf1o2JY it in C EARLYAN D. SIMO NDS H. E. Brandon, Vermont Alpha Xi Deltag Plymouth High School, N. H.g Castleton Normal Sch'oolg Home Economics Club. How grateful she is that she enrolled in that "cinch course" her freshman year! There is always such a great deal of read- ing to do at the Lib.-that ad- vantageous place of rendez-vous. Chemists, too, gather here to dis- cuss the mysteries oe chemical compounds. But tho we love to chide her about such things as this, with a knowledge of what will appear we nominate her unanimously to a position where she can exer- cise the powers of that "cinch course," while we sit back in perfect satisfaction, knowing that shelll produce for us an abound- ing number of calories. ELEANOR F. SMITH L. S. Port Jefferson, New York Pi Beta Phig Port Jefferson High School, House Committee Q2, 313 Glee Club Cl, 2, 35. Eleanor once lived at Allen House, we remember, but she was so quiet that we never would have guessed it. Now don't jump at the conclusion that she isn't full of fun! Sometimes you can almost see the little imp of mischief pulling at the corners of her eyes, so intriguing because of the slightly oriental slant. Another one of the Smith Fam- ily? Yes, but a very special member whose trade mark is a dainty femininity. H631 LAURA M. SMITH H. E. Walling ford, Vermont Wallingford High Schoolg Vol- ley Ball C2, 313 Baseball Cl, 215 Hockey C315 Soccer C21g Home Economics Club. There is many a girl in the Junior class who remembers Laura as a friend in need. At Red- stone, our Freshman year, she was the Good Samaritan who made the fudge for every one on the first Hoor. "No, you take it all, because I have a whole dishful in my room." And every Sunday night when the fuses blew out all over the dormitory, Laura was the one who sent out the S. 0. S. over the trick telephone downstairs. And how often did we rejoice because Laura was a light sleeper! DOROTHY H. STRONG L. S. Hyde Park, Vermont Kappa Alpha Thetag Lamoile Central Academy: Class Secre- tary C215 Bluestockings CZ, 315 Ariel Board, Grind Editorg Dra- matic Club C1, 2, 315 Masque and Sandal CZ, 31, Cast, "Babs," C21, "Lady Windermere's Fan" C313 Vermonters Club Treasurer C21. The Coffee Comer at nine- thirty and Dot, breakfasting off a lettuce sandwich. Any class-room at ten-thirty and Dot, looking oh, so bright and interested. The Libe at eleven-thirty and Dot, occupying an alcove with a fratemity cap and several heavy tomes. The Theta living-room at five- thirty and Dot, scurrying through a German assignment. Any fratemity house at ten- thirty and Dot, enchanting yet a third fratemity cap. The Theta porch at awee sma' hour and Dot saying good-night for the third time. just a day in the life of Dot, the golden-haired. l 4 w D641 MARY TURNER L. S. Montague City, Mass. Pi Beta Phig Turner's Falls High School, Soccer C255 Bas- ketball C2Jg Hockey C335 Arch- ery C255 Cynic Board, Class Play C235 Dramatic Club C2, 315 House Committee C313 Blue- stockings, Vice-Pres. C3D. If it should happen on some not too distant day that there were held an Inter-State Dis- position Contest, Vermont would promptly send Mary without even waiting for the students to vote on the question. Perhaps her name being Mary has something to do about it, but honestly, this Mary is the sweetest in the whole wide world, we'll wager. Not a Miss Contrary, but an "oh- what- a- Pal-l' Mary wth a love- ly soft voice and a quiet, pa- tient, smiling friendliness-that is irresistible. She writes well and humorously and plays bridge like a professional, and surely no one could ask for more. MARY TYNAN CL. Arlington, Vermont Arlington High Schoolg New- man Club. While we have to be content with looking inside the covers of a real authoress' books, Mary steps within the real authoress' house, and tells us the most fas- cinating details about celebrities at home. Mary is one of the Very Few who aspire to a Bachelor of Arts Degree. The remarkable fact about that is this: never in the innumerable Greek and Latin classes which such an honor en- tails ,did Mary's blessed gift of humor, her appreciation of things and people, and her smile waver. Nor could a veritable Son of a Gambolier hate Union more lustily and cheer for R. P. I. with greater earnestness than this young lady. H651 RUTH BETTIE UPTON L. S. Shelburne Falls, Mass. Kappa Deltag Arms Academyg Wheaton College fljg Bluestock- ings C333 Basketball Q2, 315 Nominating Committee CZJ. If you are ever in a hurry to find Betty, save time by going straight to the gym, for there, we promise, she will be either passing, cutting, or shooting- ah! a swish of the net, and she has scored at a basketball game -or, later, besieged by the plead- ing horde of men who want the next-how about the fourth? No, the next and the next and even the one after that are taken. And here you have Betty, always in a rush, dashing from one place to the next, her destination al- ways the gymg once there, suc- cess, whether with the fans on the sidelines or the males in the stag line. TERESA DAILEY WALSH L. S. North Bennington, Vermont North Bennington nigh School, Newman Clubg Glee Club fl, 213 Honor Scholarship. Teddy's greatest cross in life is getting up at the crack of dawn to do the studying which should have been the night be- fore, but wasn't, and the funny part of it is that she invariably gets up when the alarm goes off, instead of peacefully continuing her beauty sleep, as most poor mortals do. Without doubt, it is due to the fact that she is a member of that almost extinct group of college students who take their work seriously. D661 DOROTHY E. WHEATLEY G. S. Brooklyn, New York Pi Beta Phig Bay Ridge High Schoolg Volley Ball Cl, 2, 315 Baseball Cl, 21g Basketball C2, 313 President Outing Club C215 W. A. A. Council C315 House Committee C215 Judiciary Com- mittee C31. "May I please have some oi1?', asked the girl, standing at the door of the So. Burlington Ga- rage. "For my roller skates," she added. Dith is the innovator of that popular sport, roller-skat- ing. But this is only one phase of Dith's versatility. Any Out- ing Club Hike led by its presi- dent is sure to- possess both di- version and originality. How she can wander up and down the country and still be the Phi Bete that she is, is a cause of admiration. Dith de- nies it but that's just her mod- esty. . AGNES G. WHEELER G. S. Wilmington, Vermont Pi Beta Phig Wilmington High Schoolg Volley Ball C315 Arch- ery C31g Dramatic Club, Gen- eral Manager C31g Class Nom- inating Committee C21g Judg- ment Day Committeeg Newman Club Cl, 2, 313 Press Club! Honor Scholarship. In the fall of nineteen twenty- five, the town of Wilmington sent to us a fair representative known as Aggie. She entered the portals of Redstone. estab- lished herself in the suite, and started out on her college ca- reer. Aggie! The telephonel, and we wonder which one is calling for our diminutive Aggie this time. Aggie is a Scientist, but one who is never discouraged and laughingly narrates to us the ad- ventures oi the day. C1671 MILD RED E. WHITNEY L. S. Unionville, Connecticut Kappa Alpha Thetag Farming- ton High Schoolg Baseball C135 Captain C135 Hockey Cl, 2, 335 Soccer C135 Football Hop Com- mittee C135 Junior Week Com- mittee C335 John Dewey Club: W. A. A. Council C335 Vice President Vemionters' Club. The Man in the Moon had to punish the starbeam for dancing all night, so he plucked it out of the Milky Way, and threw it down to Earth to repent. A bit dashed, but undaunted, the banished one decided to lead a life of disguise: so, masked as a nickname, it twinkled as it pleased. One day the Moon looked down and saw a pretty little girl, all gold, and rose, and blue. Her golden hair twinkled, her cheeks glowed, her eyes sparkled, and her feet danced. "Oh Twink," they called. The Man in the Moon almost eclipsed at the name, and cried, "Oh my stars, there it is!" IRENE O. WITKUS L. S. Newport, New Hampshire Kappa Deltag Richards High Schoolg Archery C235 Ariel Board, Woman's Art Editorg House Committee C335 Press Club. Irene is something like a poem, you would never know that she was there until you stumble on to her and then she just natural- ly holds you until you want to read more and more. Her ap- preciation of the fine arts is u.n- usually acute, and her critical powers in that sense have not been wholly neglected. First, Irene is a friend-a quiet, trust- ing, little friend, and secondly, she is the artist. She gives all to her creative art, but we can't blame her. t- I1681 DOROTHY E. YOUNG EC. Burlington, Vermont Mount Saint Mary Academyg Masque and Sandal, Cast "The First Yearug Newman Club. Eyes right! And the male ele- ment at the Coffee Counter, in the corridors, in the stag line, anywhere, with one accord focus their attention on the door way. Dot makes her entrance, slowly, nonchalantly, with, not a swag- ger shall we say, but with a certain air. We unconsciously feel that she should be wearing a slinky satin dress with a train, and carrying a jade green ostrich fan. And the mad scramble be- gins. If all the dates that Dot is compelled to refuse were notch- ed in a tree there would be plenty of kindling wood, and if all the men who want dates with Dot were placed side by side, well, what would it matter? EMILIA ZIELONKO L. S. Newport, New Hampshire Springfield High School. The Grind Editor was on the verge of a nervous break-down. Franticaly she had searched through all of the dictionaries and encyclopedias in the library, recklessly she had spent her last nickle telephoning the learned people qf the city, and all to no avail-she simply could not find the right word. It surely was not "exotic" nor "alluring" nor "mysterious," although all of them applied. As she was about to give up in despair, a little word came creeping into her brain. Lorelei-that was it! Emilia, the Lorelei girl, born of Psyche and Eros, and bred in the halls of quiet, reserved al- lurement. 51691 Class of ICQQQ Elizabeth L. Adams .. Henry H. Ballou .. Converse L. Barnes ..... Gordon Batchelder, Axp Rosemond Belknap, AEA .. Edward T. Berry ......... Frederick A. Birchard .... Raymond D. Brough .... Herbert W. Brown Lois I. Brown ...... ..... Samuel Butman ........... George N. Butterfield, :DAQ Elizabeth M. Canning, AEA Thomas W. Carrigan, Jr. Donald H. Chalmers ..... Charles W. Chapin ...... Donald M. Chapman ...... Albert M. Church, K2 Mary Comstock ......... Herbert S. Davis ..,........ Cl. L. ....C. Ec. T. Ec Ec SP Ec H. H. H. M. Ec M M. E. Ec E. Tr. E. E. E. Ch. .. Daniel C. DeW'olfe, c1339 .... .... G . Ruth Dillingham HBQJ .. William T. Duncan .... Mildred Dwyer, ,AAA Margaret L. Edmonds ..... Viola F. Edmunds, KAQ .. Wallace F. Eichell ...... Francis D. Eisenwinter Gertrude A. Eldridge Harold D. Elmer ...... Florence B. Esty, AAA .... Elbert J. Ferguson, QJMA .. Ellen M. Fiske ........... Percy M. Fitch, Q59 Arthur M. Foy, ZX ........ Wallace M. Greene, gill Gillio Guanzini ............ Reginald H, Hamel ..... Reginald G. Hamilton Roy P. Hardy ....... Patience Harrington .. Harry C. Hartwell ....... Stanley A. Holmes, QCD Velesta L. Holmes, AXQ Laurence R. Holton ...... Norman M. Howe, Wales C. Irish ..... Everett K. Isaacs . . , . Cecile F. Jackson ....EC L. H. L. G. M. L. G. L. E. L. G. E. G. Ch. G. Ec. T. Ec H. G. H. M. G. Ag. G. T. ---EX-IT19l'Tll3SI'S Montpelier, Vt. Springfield, Mass. Essex Junction Bethel, Vt. South Royalston, Vt Jeffersonville, Vt. Kelsey City, Fla. Poultney, Vt. Swanton, Vt. Union Village, Vt. Lynn, Mass. Burlington, Vt. Port Henry, N. Y. Pittsford Mills, Vt Danville, Vt. Stowe, Vt. Essex Junction, Vt. Chicago, Ill. Housatoniac, Mass. Marshfield, Vt. Monroe, Conn. Montpelier, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Proctor, Vt. Richmond, Vt. Morrisville, Vt. Burlington, Vt. E. .. .... Barre, Vt. S. ... .... Cambridge, Mass. S. . . . .... Claremont, N. H. S. .. .... Richford, Vt. Tr. E. Tr. mol Bristol, Vt. Greenfield, Mass. St. Johnsbury, Vt. Peru, N. Y. Burlington, Vt. Barre, Vt. Waterbury, Vt. Newport, Vt. Essex Junction, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Newbury, Vt. Westville, Conn. Plymouth, Mass. Hardwick, Vt. Brattleboro, Vt. Cambridge, Vt. Newton, Mass. Bennington, Vt. Henry K. Jarvis Arnold Johnson ......... Helen E. Kelley, AEA Paul G. Kelly, ATQ. .... Thomas L. Kelly ..... Arthur C. Kerr ........ Gertrude E. Kilgallen David M. King ..... John C. Leahy .... Marjorie B, Lein Jack I. Levin ..... Charles Levine .......... Marjorie J. Long, AAA Vernon J. Loveland ..... Wendell C. Lumbard Cecilia A. McGarghan ..,. Doris M. McKenzie .... Mildred McLeod, AAA Rudolph R. Mainini, EN ..., Richard Martin, Axlf .... . Hugh R. Mattison, EAX Bertha H. Metcalf, AAA .... Norman H.' Miles, K2 .... . Francis H. Montbriand, ATQ Edward A. Morton, EAX Elsie J. Mutch ........,.... Esther R. Nelson ......... Herbert E. Noon, QJAQ Thomas M. O'Brien ...... Carleton B. Orton, QJAQ Ira H. Ours ............. Mary E. Parkhurst .... Maurice J. Peladeau .... Neil H. Pelsue ........ Doris E. Peterson Allison C. Pike .... Louis Pizer ........ Martin E. Powell .. Jack C. Powers .... . Charles L. Preston Milo H. Reynolds .... Rietha G. Richardson Lawrence B. Roarke .... Mary M. Roberts ........ Ruth E. Robinson, AEA .... Cosmo W. Romano ...... Roger C. Rugg .... Allen E. Sargent Clyde A. Seale ..... Patrick A. Seretto ...... Eric R. Shand, SAX .... William Shaw, Jr., :DAQ .. G.S I-LE Ec. .... EC. .. G. S L. S T. Tr. G. S Ec. Cl. . Ec. .. G. S L. S. L. S... G.S Ec. .. Cl. G. S Ch. Ec. L. S. EC. .. Ec. .. G. S L. S. L. S. L. S. L. S. G.S G.S L. S. EC. Ch. L. S. L. S. Ec. Ec. Ec. EC. Ec. Ec. Cl. Ec. G. S G. S Vergennes, Vt. Chester, Vt. Lebanon, N. H. West Rutland, Vt. Burlington, Vt. New Orleans, La. Barton, Vt. New York, N. Y. Allston, Mass. Burlington, Vt. Burlington, Vt. New Britain, Conn. Allston, Mass. Center Rutland, Vt. Richmond, Vt. Windsor, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Hatfield, Mass. Milford, Mass. Essex Junction, Vt. Bennington, Vt. . .,.. Burlington, Vt. Berlin, N. H. Ticonderoga, N. Y. St. Albans, Vt. Barre, Vt. West Pawlet, Vt. Newark, N. J. Fairhaven, Vt. Athol, Mass. Smithville, Tenn. North Troy, Vt. ....Windsor, Vt. Belmont, Vt. Lunenburg, Mass. Stowe, Vt. . .... New Britain, Conn. .. . .JeHersonville, Vt. . . . Pittsford, Vt. . . . .Burlington, Vt. . . . Burlington, Vt. . . . Burlington, Vt. .. . Barre, Vt. . . . Philadelphia, Pa. Brandon, Vt. . .... South Portland, Me . . .. .... Fairfax, Vt. L. S. EC. . . EC. . . Ec. . . Ec. . . I 1711 . .... Jeffersonville, Vt. Springfield, Vt. .. . Fitchburg, Mass. Richmond, Mass. Springfield, Mass. George D. Slayton ...... Dorothy M. Small, HBQJ Milford K. Smith, CDACD Philip H. Smith ......... Ralph H. Smith, IIDACD .. Alfred R. Steines, AI .... Hilda Stevens ......... John F. Stone ............ John E. Sullivan, ATQ Harold D. Tenney, KE, .. Edith E. Thomas, A-KQ .. Ralph P. Thomas ...... . Lillian B. Tomlinson ..... Lois U. Tompkins, 1'1Bc1n . Frank L. Tucker ........ George B. Valade .,... Dorothy Van Keuren ..... Gerald C. Waller .......... .... George M. Waterson, 2119 Dorothy M. Weller, AEA Rosalie E. White ........ Giles H. Willey ....,......,... .... Harold G. Williamson, CDMA Charles H. Wilson, SAX ...... .... Beryl V. Wing ......... George P. Wisell .. Thomas Wood . . . Nobel L. Wyman .. Danville, Vt. Brooklyn, N. Y. Rutland, Vt. Lower Cabot, Vt. Whitinsville, Blass Cresskill, N. J. Hyde Park, Vt. Montpelier, Vt. Dorchester, Mass. Island Pond, Vt. Bradford, Vt. Poultney, Vt. Madison, Conn. Salem, Mass. East Barre, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Albany, Vt. n Burlington, Vt. Brookline, Mass. Brandon, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Essex Junction, Vt Ashland, Mass. Long Lake, N. Y. Rochester, Vt. Nliddlebury, Vt. Drurndoo, Ireland Ec. .. .... Starksboro, Vt. N731 H411 Alfred G. Sirois Janice Goodrich . Beverly Householder Lester W. Meehan Harry G. Adams, KE C. Elizabeth Allen .... Everett W. Allen .......... Rosena Allen ....... Foscolo M. A.n1brosini, clhltlg Philip G. Andrews, EAX . .. Marshall J. Armstrong .... Reginald Arnold .......... Arnold O. Aronson, ANP .... Lorraine E. Asselin ...... Madeline F . Atkins ..... Arthur J. Bachman .... Paul T. Bacon ...... Phillip G. Baker Edward C. Ball .... Doris P. Barrett Esther Barton ...... Carleton F. Bassow Leila Bates ......... Carl W. Beane .... RoyS.Beck ...... Frank E. Beckley, Jr., Axlf . Jeanette R. Beecher, KAQD.. Francis E. Beer, EcI9 ....... Inez M. Bellmore ........ William Berenson .......... Dwight J. Bernstein, TEQ. . . George J. Bertrand ....... Edward J. Beyor ........ William K. Bicknell .... Edson P. Bigelow, KE Robert P. Billings, EQID Frederick S. Bird, KE Charles F. Blair, QIJAGD Aleck I. Bloomenthal ...... Herbert K. Borkland, CIJAQ . Louise C. Bosley, AXQ Georgia I. Bostwick, AEA . John A. Bradish, AQ: ,,..,,, Henry T. Bray, EN ..... Edna H. Brown .......... Joyce H. Brown, AXQ ..... Robert E. Buckley, ARI! Benjamin L. Bullock, Ecln . Everett O. Bundy .......... SOpl'lOH1Ol'Q Cl8SS . Pxesident Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer E. S. .... G.S.... S.... S. Tr. . L. S. S. L. Tr.. S. L. S.. Ag Ag E S. S. S. S. S. ....Sp. S. .. ....L. S. .. ....L.S. .. ....Sp. .. S. S. ....c1. .. 11753 Burlington, Vt. Bethel, Vt. St. Albans, Vt. Barnard, Vt. Hardwick, Vt. Cambridge, Mass. New Haven, Vt. 'White River Jct., Vt Proctor, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Bridgeport, Conn. Burlington, Vt. . . . Burlington, Vt. Barre, Vt. Montpelier, Vt. Vergennes, Vt. Athol, Mass. Richmond, Vt. Middlebury, Vt. Chelsea, Vi. Great Neck, N. Y. Burlington, Vt. Fitchburg, Mass. New Bedford, Mass. Burlington, Vt. Hartford, Conn. Barre, Vt. - Vergennes, Vt. Haydensville, Mass. Shrewsbury, Mass. New Haven, Conn. Bristol, Conn. Buifalo, N. Y. Burlington, Vt, Longmeadow, Ivlass. Newport, Vt. Hinesburg, Vt. Burlington, Vt. New Britain, Conn. Baltimore, Md. East Hampton, Conn Burlington, Vt. Manchester, Mass. Sutton, Vt. Warren H. Burr, ,SAX .... Pauline E. Burridge ....... Harold M. Burstein, TEc1J . Elizabeth P. Butler, AEA . Alfred D. Butterfield. ZX . Priscilla T. Campbell ...... Charles W. Capron, ECI: . .. John R. Carrigan ......... Newman K. Chaffee, Jr. .. Perley H. Chamberlin, QA James W. Chilson ........ Belle L. Church, AAA Edith M. R. Church .... Ruth Churchill .......... Angus W. Clain, GMA .... Elizabeth Clark, AXQ .... Lawrence O. Clayton, 2AX Florence E. Cochran, El' . Lillian S. Cohen ...... .... Dorothy M. Colton, HBCIJ . Augustus S. Conlin ....... Bernard J. Connell ...... Margaret M. Cooney . . Albert J. Crandall Theron C. Crawford .... Grace E. Crofton, 21' Clayton M. Crothers .... Margaret P. Cullinon .... Ella M. Cummings ........ Dorothy M. Dailey. AXQ .. Robert A. Dailey, EN ..... Henry C. Dalrymple Alice W. Dean .......... Elma J. DeBrune, KA .... Robert A. DeBund ...... Roger S. Derby .......... Charles N. DeRose, CIJAQJ .. Kenneth C. Dimick, EA .. Ruth Doherty, AXQ ..... Helena E. Donahue .... Leonard M. Donahue .. William A. Donnelly Gerald T. Dorey .... Emlnett E. Douglas .. R. J. Dowhan ........ Bernice E. Downs ..... Doris Y. Dupart, KA Merle A. Duval .......... Anna J. Edmunds, KACB .. Gregory J. Edson, AI ..... John A. Eliot, K2 ...,.... Benjamin J. Elowitch, TEQJ James E. Emmons, EN .. Alma S. Farr, HBQJ ..,.,. Louise H. Farr, 21' .... Amelia M. Farrell ........ Edith E. Fishman ....,... Phoebe H. M. Flint, KAQD James C. Foster, ZX ..... Aldo G. Franceschi ....... Soloman Freedman, TEQD Mabel L. Freeman, KAQ Russell C. Gage, ZX ..... S. s. E. S. S. S. S. S. S. S. Tr. . S. Ch. .. T I'. S. E. E. S. Tr.. Tr... E. S. E. S. S. S. S. S. S. S. S. E. E. S. E S. S. S. S. D761 Barre, Vt. Randolph, Vt. Bridgeport, Conn. Danvers, Mass. North Troy, Vt. Peterboro, N. H. Bellows Falls, Vt. Pittsford Mills, Vt. Rutland, Vt. East Ryegate, Vt. Franklin, Mass. Richmond, Vt. Bradford Center, Vt White Plains, N. Y. Worcester, Mass. Providence, R. I. Bennington, Vt. Stowe, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Orleans, Vt. Windsor, Vt. Proctorsville, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Essex Junction, Vt. Port Jervis, N. Y. Concord, Vt. Randolph, Vt. Arlington, Vt. Chester Depot, Vt. Plattsburg, N. Y. Derby, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Greensboro, Vt. Rumford, Me. Burlington, Vt. Northampton, Mass. Windsor, Vt. Waterbury, Conn. Hinesburg, Vt. Richmond, Vt. Atlantic City, N. J. Middlebury, Vt. Essex Junction, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Williamstown, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Burke, Vt. Poultney, Vt. Dedham, Mass. Manchester, Vt. Bayonne, N. J. Bridgeport, Conn. Bristol, Vt. Marshfield, Vt. Shelburne, Vt. Hartford, Conn. Crofton, Pa. Stowe, Vt. Rutland, Vt. Mattapan, Mass. Norristown, Pa. Manchester, N. H. Olive G. Gorrell ...... Americo Gioria, EAX .... Harrison E. Goddard .... Hazel C. Goodhue .......... ..... Janice M. Goodrich .......... ..... Narcissa E. Goodsell, IIBQIJ Nelson B. Gray, CIJAQ ..... ..... Elia A. Green ........... Geraldine M. Grenier .... Dorothy Gurney, HBQ Martha R. Hall .......... Thomas J. Halligan Paul P. Harasimowicz Marion R. Harran .... Iva M. Harris, A,AA ...... Rollin G. Hawley, :DAQ Frances M. Hazen, KAQJ Bert H. Heimbach .....,... Ethel B. Heller ....... Hyman Hershberg . . . Gunover Holton ..... ..... Keith J. Hooker .. .......... ..... Beverly Householder, 1'1Bc1J Harriet Howard ........... Susan Howard ............. Marjorie Huntley, AEA .... Russell H. Jeffrey, EA ..... Major B. Jenks, AWP .... Clara M. Kellogg ......... Doris E. Kibbe, HB-:ID . .... . .... . Dorothy M. Kimball, AMAA Irene A. Kimball ..... . ..... . . . . . Albert V. King, ZX Paul W. Kinney, EA .... Albert L. Knapp, EA .... R. T. Krogh, QJAQJ ..... Hazel B. Ladd, EF ......... Wendell W. Lang, ECI? ..... Robert E. Lawrence, ATQ Frances Laythe . ..... ...... l . Carmelita A. LeClair ...... Ruth I. Leonard, EI' .. Hyman Levine ....... Max Levine, TECIJ Bruno Lucarini ...... Ralph H. Lockwood ..... Gerald A. Lynde ..... ...... ..... Charles H. Mace, Jr., E413 .... ..... Florence A. McKenzie, AXQ M. Anne McLaughlin, HBQJ Herrick M. Macomber, AxI1 Philip E. Manning, :DMA ... ..... Irene L. Marcotte, KA ..... Genevieve N. Martel .... Alfred M. Martin, Axlf .... Helen Martin, 1'IBcIb ........ ..... Odino A. Martinetti, :DMA .... ..... T. Ec L. G. Ec H. Cl. L. Cl. H. T. EC G. G. Cl. Ec L. EC Cl. Tr. S. S E S. E Tr.... S. EC. EC. Ag Ec Cl. Cl. H. E. G. E.. Ch. L. . . . .... .C1. T. L. EC. E. L. CI. EC Ec H. Ec G. Ec G. G. L. E. EC L. L. Cl. EC L. H. S. Tr.... S. S. E S S.. E.. S.. S.. S.. E Ch. EC Ec Evangeline R. Masse ....... ..... , Cl. Frank Mazel, TEQJ ........ Lester W. Meehan, KE Arthur E. Merrill, EAX .. Elizabeth M. Miller, EF .. Marion G. Miller, EP .... EC M. E. Cl. H. E. H771 Waterbury, Vt. Barre, Vt. Cohoes, N. Y. Craftsbury, Vt. Richmond, Vt. Alburgh, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Craftsbury, Vt. Northampton, Mass. Burlington, Vt. Enosburg Falls, Vt. Montpelier, Vt. Gardner, Mass. Burlington, Vt. Stowe, Vt. Essex Junction, Vt. Richmond, Vt. Palmerton, Pa. Claremont, N. H. Burlington, Vt. Brooklyn, N. Y. Brandon, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Leicester Junction, Vt Chester, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Bristol, Vt. Rockville, Conn. Providence, R. I. Essex Center, Vt. Essex Junction, Vt. White River Junction Vt Wethersiield, Conn. Omaha, Neb. Richmond, L. I., N. Y Cambridge, Vt. Clinton, Mass. Derby Line, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Plainneld, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Bayonne, N. J. Center Rutland, Vt. Brookline, Mass. Burlington, Vt. Mitteneague, Mass. Hinesburg, Vt. Worcester, Mass. Burlington, Vt. Worcester, Mass. Winooski, Vt. Essex Junction, Vt. Brattleboro, Vt. Essex Junction, Vt. Barre, Vt. St. Johnsbury, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Fitchburg, Mass. Wallingford, Vt. West Newberry, Vt Wallingford, Vt. Malcom E. Mills ....... John M. Moore, EAX .... Clifford L. Morse, QCD .... Cornelia S. Mould, AEA .. James T. Musgrove ...... Seymour I. Nathanson, TE Zelta M. Norcross, 21" William G. Olmstead . . . Thor Olson ............ Mabel H. Owen .......... Myrtle A. Owen .......... Natalie W. Owsley, AEA .. Margaret D. Parry ........ Wilbert J. Patton ........ Helen T. Peabody, AXQ . F. Bingham Peach, AN11 Barbara Pease ........... Joseph G. Pekala ,..... Philip M. Perry, A111 ...,, Clarissa A. Peters, AEA .. Evelyn C. Pierce ...,.... E. Henry Powell, Awlf ,..... Harriett E. Puifer, HBQJ .. James C. Puffer, KE, ..... Carl H. Ramm, EAX ,... Elizabeth M. Ready . .. Frank V. Rich ...... Joyce R. Richardson Fred Robbins ....... Philip S. Robbins .... Evelyn B. Robinson .,.. Redmond J. Roche . .. L. F. Rogell ........,.. Margaret I. Rooney .... Annette M. Rosenberg Samuel H. Rothman ...... Laura C. Rounds, AAA John L. Saia ............. Francis J. St. Dennis Cora M. Sargeant, EI' Rena M. Sawyer ...... Harold F. Schectman ..... Franklin A. Sears, EAX .. Christine L. Shaw, AEA Alfred G. Sirois, EN ..... William J. Slavin, Jr. EN' . George H. Smead ....... Aleck Solomon ............ Helen S .Spaulding, EI' .. Norman F. Sparhawk, ATQ Arthur D. Stearns, Jr., K2 Charles A. Sternberg ...... Robert L. Stewart, EAX .. Ralph J. Stone ......,.... Ruth M. J. Strong, AEA .. Joseph H. Sugden ....... Lois E. Taylor, HBLID ...... CID Elizabeth B. Templeton, IIBQIJ .. . . . . . . Beatrice E. Thabault .......... . . . Edward C. Thorne, QIQAQ ..., Marion E. Tiftt, AEA .... John T. Tomasi ............... . . . Clarence L. Topping, EAX E. E. ,L. s G L.S G L. G.S... S. .. G.S.. .G.S... .T.Tr.... T. Tr.... T.Tr.... S L. S Cl..... G.S.. Ec. L. S G.S.. iM. E. L. S L. S Cl..... Ec. Ec. G.S.. Ec. Ch. L. S EC. L. S G.S.. L. S L. S EC. Cl.. G.S.. Ec. G.S.. Cl..... G.S.. Ec. T. Tr. Ec. G.S.. L. S G.S.. L. S.. Sp. Ec. ,G.S.. L.S.. Ec. L.C.. EC. G.S.. L.S... EC. G. S. L.S G. S. G. S. H781 Richmond, Vt. East Peacham, Vt. Wethersfield, Conn. Morrisville, Vt. Pittsfield, Mass. Fitchburg, Mass. Waterbury Center, Vt Bernside, Conn. Brattleboro, Vt. Huntington, Vt. Huntington, Vt. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. West Pawlet, Vt. Richford, Vt. Brandon, Vt. Wells River, Vt. Hartford, Conn. Amherst, Mass. Newton, Mass. Bradford, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Burlington, Vt. St. Johnsbury, Vt. St. Johnsbury, Vt. New Britain, Conn. Burlington, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Springvale, Me. Brattleboro, Vt. Keene, N. H. Stowe, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Brooklyn, N. Y. St. Albans, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Richford, Vt. Barre, Vt. Owlshead, N. Y. East Thetford, Vt. Torrington, Conn. New Britain, Conn. Brattleboro, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Andover, Mass. Horseheads, N. Y. Rochester, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Poultney, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Rutherford, N. J. Cleveland, Ohio. Hardwick, Vt. White River Junction, Vt Burlington, Vt. Worcester, Mass. Earleville, Ill. Irasburg, Vt. Winooski, Vt. Deereneld, Mass. Bennington, Vt. Barre, Vt. North Creek, N. Y. Evelyn W. Trask, 211 .. Raymond H. Tryon, Jr, Ida J. Ubertalli ....... Max D. Valuguette, ZX Daniel J. Vignone, EN . Mary E. Waddell, 1113411 Hugh M. Wallace ..... Arthur L. Wardwell Helen H. Warmuth . .. Julia Waterman .... William C. Watson Elsie M. Waters ....... Ruth A. Wedell, AXQ . Esther Wells ........ . Elizabeth H. Westwood Mary L. Wheeler ...... Florence M. Whitcomb Catherine A. Wilcox .... Pauline C. Willis ...... S. ... S. .... Ec. West Boylston, Mass. Winchendon, Mass. Northampton, Mass. Rutland, Vt. Franklin, Mass. Burlington, Vt. Port Henry, N. Y. Chittenden, Vt. -A - - EC- - -- -.--Brooklyn, N. Y. . - - ACI- ------ ..... V ergennes, Vt. . . . . G. S. . . .. ..Bridgeport, Conn. . . . . , .. .. . . .West Paulet, VL S. S. . .. .... Lynn, Mass. . - - .... Shelburne Falls, Mass Tr. .. Y0fk,N,Y, S. S. St. Albans, Vt. H I A :Springtield, Vt. - - ' ----. Hudson, Mass. Tr... .. ..Waterbury, Vt. Addison E. Woodward, K2 ...... .... L . S. . . . ..,.. Fitchburg, Mass, Frederick H. Woodward, K2 .... .... L . S. , .. ..... Fitchburg, Mags, Evelyn Wright, AEA ......... .... L . S. ..... Montpelier, Vt. Julia F. Wright, HBQIJ .... . .... G. S. .. ..... Williston, Vt. Dorothy E. Young ...... Burlington, Vt. GROUNDS AT 'ROBINSON HALL Um ON THE CAMPUS 11301 'ZRESQMQN lzsll Harvey D. Butterfield Caroline Z. Whitney Janice E. Davis Morton D. Bolton . Edith S. Abbot .......... Harold W. Adams, A111 .... Roger B. Adams, K2 .. Irwin A. Agel, TEIIJ .... Robert B. Aiken ........ David M. Allen, EQ Helen L. Allbee ....... R. Wade Allerton, K2 C. F. Arnsden ............ Lillian Andrews, AAA .. Elizabeth H. Angell ....... Phylis Arbuthnot, HBCIJ ..... Richard A. Backus, Jr., K2 B. Baker ....,.....,..,...... H. W. Baker ......... ... A. J. Baldwin .... E. F. Barter, EA A. L Bartlett ..,... G. Basilicato .... J. B. Basralian ..... B. T. Beaupre ....... Elizabeth E. Belcher .... Jeanne Belden, AEA ...... J. Orlando Belknap, K2 .... Antoinette M. Bernal , Alberta G. Berry, AXQ . .. L. M. Berry .................. R. F. Bigwood, CIDAG Gertrude I. Bingham, Amy Birchard ................. A. M. Bisson .... R. M. Blakely ...... F. E. Blanchard W. X. Blanchette .... A. B. Block ............ B. B. Blodgett, cIJMA Doris A. Boardman .... F. A. Bolles, Axlf ........ Morton D. Bolton, CIJAG .. Ruth A. Bombard ....... R. E. Bond, ATQ .,..... .... FI'eSl'1l'1'18H Class ...C1. . S President Vice-President ...G. .. s.. S. ...G. S. ...L. S. ...G. S. ...L. S. ...C. E. ...G. S. ...G. S. ...G. S. ...G. S. ...G. S. ...G. S. S. ...L. S. ...L. S. ...G. S. E S. ...G. S. E C .....Ag.. .....G.S. ...L. S. ...G. S. ,,,,,Ec.. ...Cl.. ...C. E. . P 1331 Secretary Treasurer Franklin, Mass. Rutland, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Fitchburg, Mass. Springfield, Vt. South Orange, N. J. Greensboro Bend, Vt. Richmond, Vt. Bflanville, R. I. Burlington, Vt. South Orange, N. J. Roxbury, Mass. Rochester, Vt. Middlebury, Vt. Essex Junction, Vt. Underhill Center, Vt. Brooklyn, N. Y. Burlington, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Proctor, Vt. Bradstreet, Mass. South Royalton, Vt. Rochester, Vt. Livermore, Me. Plainville, Conn. Winooski, Vt. Middlebury, Vt. West Hartford, Conn Barre, Vt. Ticonderoga, N. Y. Reedsboro, Vt. South Burlington, Vt. Haverhill, Mass. Pittsford, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Bellows Falls, Vt. Delham, N. Y. Burlington, Vt. Union Village, Vt. R. C. Bostwick, Axlf ...... R. M. Boynton ............. Marjorie A. Bracken, HBqn . Caroline E. Brandle ....... W. C. Brasor, Axll .. Marie E. Brigham .. J. R. Brooks ........ Anna R. Brosseau Dorothy Brown, 21" G. R. Brush, A1 ....... Helen G. buck AAA Jetta E. Buckley ..... J. F. Buglino ........ R. G. Bullock ........... Helen H. Burns, KAC9 Ruth Burrows ........,... H. D. Butterfield, cIJAt9 .. C. S. Buxton ........,.... A. Caldwell ..,.. ..... W. J. Cambria .... D. S. Carrington ..... L. C. Cartnick ....... Vera I. Chadbourne ..,.... C. E. Chagnon ............. Margaret L. Chandler, ,AXQ H. M. Chatterton, AI ..... H. W. Clark, rIJMA .... J. E. Clark ........... T. A. Clifford, QPAGD .... D. E. Coburn, SAX .... Lena E. Cochran, EI' .. . E. M. Codding ....... J. L. Cogland, AXLI .... Ruth B. Cohoe .,......... Dorothy A. Collins, AAA .. Mary E. Colpitts ..,...... E. W. Connell ......... W. M. Conner .... H. L. Cook ............. S. S. Corbin, AXII ....... Catherine C .Corcoran Jane Corwin, HBKIJ ........ Elizabeth M. Cory, KAQ . M. R. Covert, EN ........ R. H. Cowles ........ W. E. Craig, KE ,...... F. N. Cramer, cDMA C. M. Crockett, EAX C. B, Cross ............. E. C. Curtis ......... C. J. Cusson. ATS! .. Elizabeth Czerna ..... Anna M. Darling, HBQJ ... K. E. Dauphin ......... Dorothy J. Davis ....... Janice E. Davis, AEA Lester E. Davis, AI M. F. Davis, Jr, .... . Angela DeSalvo ...... R. G. Deshaw, QAGJ M. E. L. S. .. L. S. G. S. Ec. .... G.S.... H. E. Cl. .... Cl. ..... .... . G. S. Cl. ..... G. S... it Tiff.. ff. s Burlington, Vt. Lisbon, N. H. Woodside, L. I., N. Y. Northampton, Mass. Brattleboro, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Fitchburg, Mass. Rutland, Vt. Montpelier, Vt. Arlington, Vt. White River Junction, Wilmington, Vt. Brooklyn, N. Y. Manchester, Mass. Burlington, Vt. Charlotte, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Plainfield, Vt. St. Johnsbury, Vt. New York, N. Y. Richmond, Va. Garfield, N. J. Barton, Vt. West Warwick, R. I. St. Johnsbury, Vt. Rutland, Vt. Conway, Mass. Richforcl, Vt. Bethel, Vt. 1 - - ---- Hardwick, Vt. fStowe, Vt. Bellows Falls, Vt. - -- ---- Burke, N. Y. L. S L. S L. S Cl. ... C. E. .. Ch. . G. S Ch. G. S G. S G. Ec. G. S Ec. ... C. E G. S Cl. G. L. S H.E L. S. . G. S. . EC. Ec. G. S. . Ch. . G. S. . L. S. . Ec. L. S. . Ec. G. S. . Ec. G. S Ag. G. S Cl. H. E. Ec. G. S H. E. Ag. .. Ec. Cl. M. E. f1841 - -- 4--- Montclair, N. J. Burlington, Vt. Wallingford, Vt. Scranton, Pa. Bogota, N. J. Barton, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Bennington, Vt. Brooklyn, N. Y. Montclair, N. J. New Britain, Conn. Burlington, Vt. Chicopee, Mass. West Pawlet, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Moodus, Conn. Burlington, Vt. - -- ---' Lyndonville, Vt. Middletown, Conn. Port Jefferson, N. Y. Chester, Mass. . .. ---- Burlington, Vt. . . . .... Wallingford, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Cornwall-on-Hudson N. Y. Springfield, Mass. . . . .... Burlington, Vt. V J. V. Detore ..... , Ada F. Devell R. F. DeWitt, Ag- H. Dinniman .. . Faire J. Divoll, KA G. M. Donaldson .... Helen E. Don Leavy Barbara H. Douglas H. P. Dow, AYP .... Helen Drugg ...... K. S. Dugan ........... Pearl Duguid ............ Lyman R. Durfee, K2 J. W. Eaton, AI ......... Marjorie Eisenwinter ..,.. Dorothy Emery, AEA ....... Edward G. Fagan, Jr., K2 .... Ruth E. Field, HBCD ......... Lucille E. Fine ............ W. M. Flagg ....... L. M. Foster ....... Dorothy E. Fowler Aline Fraser ........ J. F. Frazier, Jr ..... C. A. French, HBCJJ Frances French ..... H. S. Fuller, Erin .... Helen P. Gahagen J. F. Garfield ...... P. A. Gates ........ E. A. R. Germaine ..... Charlotte E. Gilmore ...... Patricia H. Gleason, KA .. J. S. Goldfarb ................ ..... C. A. Goodell .................. ..... Virginia A. Goodenough, AAA H. B. Goyette ................. E. J. Grant, cI:vAQ ..... ....... ..... A. E. Graves ........... Charlotta Grimm, KA .... G. C. Gross, cIJM,A .......... Lorraine A. Guilett, AEA . .. G. R. Hall, Jr. ........... . G. B. Hanson ............ Ruth J. Hasseltine ..... Natalie Hawley, AAA E. T. Haynes .......... W. S. Heaton ECIJ Lydia R. Hendricks R. W. Hendricks, AI .... C. E. Hesseltine .......... Thelma M. Higgins, EI' .. A. B. Hillegas .... Alice E. Hines .... Ruth M. Hoag .... K. C. Hough, Erin .... Ruth M. Houghton .... A. L. Howard ........... W. W. Howard, LPMA N. C. Hoxie, EA ....... G. L. G. Ag. H. C. H. L. Ec Cl. G. H. Ec G. L. H. G. Cl. L. G. Ec L. Ec Ec S. .. . ..... Burlington, Vt. S. .. ..... Greenwich, N. Y. S- -- ..,. Shoreham, Vt. Ef' E. .... E. ..... New Haven, Conn. Bellows Falls, Vt. , Burlington, -Vt. .. . . .. .Rutland, Vt. . .Winchester, N. H. Cambridge, Mass. .... .....Winchest5r, N. H. S. E. S.. S. E. S S... Newport Center, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Grassrnere, N. H. Barre, Vt. Rutherford, N. J. Bridgeport, Conn. Northeastern, Mass. Burlington, Vt. North Attleboro, Mass. Evansville, Vt. Hartford, Conn. Lake Placid Club, N. Worcester, Mass. AE- ------ .-... J ohnson, Vt. H- E- . - - ..... Proctor, Vt. - EC- .-.- --.- N ewton, Mass. Cl- - -- --- -Oxford, Mass. Cl- ----- ----- M iddleboro, Mass. G- S- -- ---- Springfield, Mass. Y SP- ---- ----- B urlington, Vt. H. E. Bristol, Vt. Cl- ---- ----- B urlington, Vt. G- 5- ----- Revere, Mass. T- Tr- ----- Shelburne, Vt. Cl- ----- ----- J ewett City, Conn. E- E- -- ----- Middlebury, Vt. E- E- -- ---- Stamford, Conn. Ec. Waterbury, Vt. L- S- -- ---- Windsor, Conn. Ag- Orleans, Vt. EC- ----- ---- W inooski, Vt. E- E- ---- West Hartford, Conn. C- E- -- ---- North Craftsbury, Vt. L- S- - - - - - Bristol, Vt. E- Jetfersonville, Vt. G- S- -- -- Bradford, Vt. G- S- -- -- Montpelier, Vt. H. S- . ----. St. Albans, Vt. G. S. .. - Newton, Mass. G- S- ----- lVlanchester, N. H. L. S. .. Richmond Hills, L. I. N. Y. Ch ..... New York, N. Y. L. S. .. .... Hardwick, Vt. L. S. .. ..... Burlington, Vt. EC ,, , ,,,,, Hingham, Mass. L, S, , , . . . Burlington, Vt. E. E. Montpelier, Vt. Ag. .... ..... W hite River Junc. Vt. G. S. ..... Proctorsville, Vt. H351 Y Byrle E. Hoyt ........... Eleanor Hubbard, AEA .... .... Georgianna Hubert, KAQ R. M. Huey, EN ........ D. A. Huggett ........... M. F. Hurvitz ........... Yvonne A. Hutchins, KA . R. W. Hyde ............ J. J. Ireland, EN ...... H. N. Jackson, QAM .... J. A. Jackson, QJAGJ ..... B. B. Jestremski ......... Harriet I. Johnstone, AA L. L. Jones, Jr. .......... . M. L. Joslin ........ .... G. E. Joyce .......... F. J. Kane ............... C. C. Kaufman, TE-:CID .... Helen W. Kaukonen Waver S. Keeler ......... Dorothy B. Keith, AAA .. A. L. Kelley ............. M. T. Kendall, QJMA M. S. Kent .............. Geraldine Kibby, KA .... Margaret U. Kiley ..... Mary I. Kiley ........... Irene A. Kizirbohosian .. C. W. Knapp, Jr. ....... . P. H. Knight, QJAGJ .... . Eleanor K. Koenig, AEA , C. E. LaMonte ..,....... Edith M. Lamson ...... Ruth Lamson .......... Thelma Lamson, KA .. D. A. Laury. EN ........ Barbara E. LeBaron, EF . .. .... Gertrude R. Levine ...... U. D. Limauro, EN L. Lisman ............. R. J. Livingston, AI W. M. Loudon, 'AI ..... E. H. Luck ............. Cynthia W. Lynch, HB9 J. F. Lynch, Jr., KE ..... O. E. McAllister ......... R. E. McGee .......... Caroline S. McGinnis Margaret E. Maclntire . . . E. E. Mack ............. Frances McKean, HB9 .. T. S. McLean, Jr., EN .. Christie E. McLeod, EI' . S. F. McQueston, EN A. R. Madden, cIvMA .... Esther C. Mandigo ..... H. E. Manning ...... Lorraine K. Martin W. H. Martin ...... R. F. Mascola .... Cl. L. G. Ch G. Cl. 'sffff ffff T. Tr. .. G. S G.S Ec. .. EC. G .S H. E. C.E E.E EC. .... G.S G. L. H G. G. S S. .... E. S. S.... .. L. Ch H E. G.S G.S.... L. S. Cl. Ec L. S. .. Sp .. L. S. .. L. H. S Morrisville, Vt. Rutland, Vt. Hartford, Conn. Saylesville, R. I. Thetford, Vt. Roxbury, Mass. Benson, Vt. Bakersfield, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Brooklyn, N. Y. ' ' '. '. -,',',',Morrisville, vt. Poultney, Vt. . . .. .... Waitestield, Vt. Ludlow, Vt. Bridgeport, Conn. Plainville, Conn. Chester, Vt. Orleans, Vt. Auburn, N. Y. Bennington, Vt. Newport, Vt. Barre, Vt. Randolph Center, Vt Adams, Mass. Adams, Mass. Whitensville, Mass. Freeport, N. Y. Burlington, Vt. Rutherford, N. J. Sherwood Peak, N. Williamson, Vt. Brooklyn, N. Y. Randolph, Vt. Ch. . .. .... Philadelphia, Pa. H. T. G. L. G. G. G. L. G. EC G. L. G. Cl. H. Tr... S S S S S S sflf If xg. ..... G. G. S Ag G. Cl. . G. S H. E G. S H861 Morrisville, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Lynn, Mass. . . .. .,,. Burlington, Vt. Richford, Vt. Burlington, Vt. . .. . .... Burlington, Vt. Brookline, Mass. Burlington, Vt. Barre, Vt. Natick, Mass. Lyndonville, Vt. Danby, Vt. Orleans, Vt. Upper Montclair, N. Bridgeport, Conn. South Barre, Vt. Lawrence, Mass. Arlington, Vt. Richford, Vt. Hyde Park, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Wolcott, Vt. Howard Beach, L. I. N. Y. O. S. Massey, AI .... Marjorie F. Masslich Nellie R. Maxham ..... J . A. Maynard ....... R. J. Maynes, EN J. N. Meissner .,... J. F. Merola ..... A. L. Merriam .... Rena H. Merrill .... G. L. Minott, Jr. .. C. S. Mudgett .... F. E. Munsey .... Emily Murray ...... Dorothy Myette ..... Dorothy Nash, AXQ B. A. Nason ......... G. R. Nelson ........ D. B. Oatley. A111 ..... Catheryena F. O'Brien Claire H. O,N61l ........ ..... Dorothy M. Park, AEA N. P. Park, ,Axlr ......... .... Verna E. Parker, AAA Lucille W. Paul, AAA R. S. Pease ........... J. O. Percival, AI ,... J. S. Perelman .... A. J. Perrotta D. W. Persons ....... J. A. Peters ............. ..... Doris E. Phelps, AXQ ... ..... Stuart E. Phillips ..... T. L. Piche ......... D. C. Pierce ........... G. W. Pierce ............. ..... Alice E. Pindar, KAQD ... ..... D. B. Pitman, TES .,.. Dorothy C. Pottle Gladys J. Press ..... Edith J. Pritchard Helen M. Prouty .... Mailla R. Putnam T. A. Quinn ......... Mary P. Raymond .. F. J. Reed, cIJAC9 W. I. Reed, IIJAGJ .... J. J. Reedy ........... Flora M. Remillard .... L. J. Riani ........... D. D. Rice, K2 ....... Margaret Rice, KAQD .... ..... Laura M. Rivers ....... Clara L. Robinson . .. A. B. Roller ........... R. D. Romanos ........... ..... A. P. Rosenfeldt, ETrIh ... ..... G. Luella Ross, ET ...... ..... P. G. Rowland ........ H . J. Rugg, K2 ......... ..... Susan Rutldege, HKQJ ... ..... Ch. . S. .... .... . E. S S S. . S. . S. . S. . S. . S. . Tr S. ffif Tr Tr Ec. S.. E. S. S... St. Johnsbury, Vt. New York, N. Y. .Montpelier, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Woodstock, Vt. Wabam, Mass. Burlington, Vt. Lyndonville, Vt. Corinth, Vt. Gardner, Mass. Jetfersonville, Vt. New Bedford, Mass. West Hartford, Conn. Burlington, Vt. Concord, N. H. Brockton, Mass. Stamford, Conn. Great Neck, L. I., N. Y Waterbury, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Barre, Vt. South Ryegate, Vt. Springfield, Vt. . . . ..... Burlington, Vt. . . . . .Burlington, Vt. . . . ..... Burlington, Vt. . . . . .Burlir1gton, Vt. Burlington, Vt. S. . . -.--. Hudson, Mass. .. . . . .Bradford, Vt. Mf EI ' s.. sf. . . . . . .Milton, Vt. Vergennes, Vt. Burlington, Vt. . ..... Lyndon, Vt. Cuttingsville, Vt. Woodcliff-on-Hudson, N. J. New York, N. Y. JeiTersonHighland, N.H S. .... ...,. S t. Albans, Vt. E. E. Pawlett, Vt. Marshtield, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Rochester, Vt. Cranford, N. J. Burlington, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Rutland, Vt. S. .. ..... Lynwood, Mass. Ec. S. H871 Keyesville, N. Y. Rochester, Vt. Brattleboro, Vt. Charlotte, Vt. Milton, Vt. Jersey City, N. J. Barre, Vt. Bristol, Conn. Wallingford, Vt. New Cannon, Conn. St. Albans, Vt. Baltimore, Md. Bertha A. Safford, AEA Elsie E. Salter ............ C. J. Sammond, K2 .... Elizabeth C. Samson Marion L. Samson ..... VV. M. Sargent, cIJ,,-XG ..... B. P. Schurman, QJMA .... J. Schwartz .,........... A. T. Scutakes . ....... . K. F. Searles ................ .... Rebecca R. Seaver, KAQ ... .... L. Segal .................. S. Segal ................ A. Sharples, Jr., ,SAX .... Agnes R. Shaw ......... S. Shindler, Tlicb ..... Annie L. Shipman Euretta C. Shonio H. N. Simpson ....... Evelyn I. Slayton .... E. W. Smith ...... Eleanor E. Smith .... F. S. Smith, PQCIJ ..... H. C. Smith, FN ...., Hilda F.. Smith, KA .. L. Y. Spear .......... Ruth L. Spear, EI' Wincna R. Spencer .. D. D. Stafford ............. .... I. D. Stanhope, E511 .......... .... Margaret G. Stanley, IIBCID C. A. Steele, EN ............ .... K. M. Stevens, cDMA ........ ,... D. L. Stewart, QJMA .... Constance E. Stone, EF Mildred N. Stone, KAQJ .... .... Winifred A. Stone, KA C. H. Stratton .......... H. M. Strauss ......... C. Stroh .................. G. W. Tarleton, Jr., AI Helen F. Taylor, KAGJ .... T. H. Tellier, Atl! ....... Edith M. Thomas ..... Kathryn M. Thomas ...... P. H. Thomas .............. .... Frances F. Timpson, KAQ . May A. Tinkham, 21" ...... R. E. Tobin, KE, ...... Florence E. Towne '. . . Katherine R. Tracy Elsie T. Tryon ....... Alice E. Tyndall ...... Martha W. Tyndall A. S. Valleau ........ Catherine E. Valleau . .. J. B. Vander ......... Evelyn E. Vigneault Anita L. Vila ......... Janice F. Wagner Margaret H. Waite . .. G. S. .. .... Jeiersonville, Vt. Cl. .... .... A rlington, Vt. L. S. .. .... Brooklyn, N. Y. T. Tr. Burlington, Vt. T. Tr. Burlington, Vt. L. S. .. .... Morrisville, Vt. G. S. .. Linden, N. Y. Ec. .. Bridgeport, Conn. G. S. .. .... Burlington, Vt. G. S. .. .... St. Johnsbury, Vt. Ec. .... .,.. B urlington, Vt. G. S. .. .... Dorchester, Mass. G. S. .. .... Gardner, Mass. G. S. New Bedford, Mass. H. E. South Peacham. Vt. Ee. .... .... B rookline, Mass. L. S. .. .... Winooski, Vt. H. E. Waterbury, Vt. G. S. .. .... Springfield, Mass. L, S. . . . .. Rochester, Vt. EC. .. Burlington, Vt. G. S. .. .... Suffield, Conn. Ec. .. Adams, Mass. Ag. .... .... S tockbridge, Mass. L, S. .. Easthampton, Mass. E. E. Jericho, Vt. H. E. Hartland, Vt. L. S. .. .... Barre, Vt. G. S. .. Berlin, N. H. C. E. .. .... Winooski, Vt. Ec. .. Waterbury, Vt. G. S. .. .... Gloucester, Mass. Ag. .. .... West Glover, Vt. Ec. .. Bennington, Vt. L. S. .. Essex Junction, Vt. H. E. Hardwick, Vt. L. S. .... Winooski, Vt. E- E- -. .--- West Townshend, Vt. G. S. . . . . . . West Hartford, Conn West Hartford, Conn. Ec. .... C. H. C. Cl. G. E. H. T. E. .... E. sff. fff E. .... Tr.... Cl. . H. L. L. G. G. M. H. Ch H. Ec S. .... E Cl. .. Cl. Lissj Arlington, Mass. Montclair, N. J. Cambridge, N. Y. Ludlow, Va. Thetford, Vt. St. Albans, Vt. Orange, N. J. North Bennington, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Stafford Springs, Conn Vergennes, Vt. Proctor, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Morrisville, Vt. Morrisville, Vt. East Longmeadow, Mass Burlington. Vt. . . . .Barre, Vt. Bristol, Pa. ....Crown Point, N. Y. C. W. Walker, QJAGJ Gladys E. Walker ..... W. A. Walker, ATQ Jean Wappler, KAQD Isabelle R. Warhurst, A Helen H. Warrnuth .... T. S. Webster, CIJAQ . .. Mary E. Weed, AAA .. Alta B. Welch ........, Sara L. Wescott, KAQ , Eleanor J. Weston ..., J. J. Whalen, A1 ..... J. J. Whlen, AI ..... A. B. Wheeler, Axlf .... C. H. Wheeler ...... Esther D.. Wheeler ,... Carolyn Z. Whitney Anna H. Wilder ........ F. A. Wilhelm ......... Helen H. Willard, HB9 D. G. Wilcox ....... P. G. Willetts, Jr., EN W. J. Wi1lettS, Atl' .... Majel E. Williams ..... Eleanor M. Wood, AEA Harriett E. Woodruff , Mary H. Woolson, AEA R. W. Worrell, All! .... Harriet E. Wright, HBQD ..L. S. ..Ec. .. ..Cl. ..Ec. . ..Cl. .... .. . .... ..G.S.... ..L. S. ..L. S. ..Ec. .... ..L. S. ..L. S. ..L. S. ..L. S. .,L. S. ..L. S. ..G.S.... ..Cl. .. Belmont, Mass. Barnet, Vt. West Rutland, Vt. Rutherford, N. J. Peekskill, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. Shelburne, Vt. .Essex Center, Vt. Marr Hill, Me. Burlington, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Danvers, Mass. Healdville, Vt. Holyoke, Mass. Haydensville, Mass. Waterbudy, Vt. Essex Junction, Vt. Sterling, Mass. Bronx, N. Y. Hartford, Conn. Randolph Center, Vt. West Hartford, Conn West Hartford, Conn Unionville, Conn. Waitsiield, Vt. Illingwood, N. J. Springfield, Vt. Providence, R. I. Essex Junction, Vt. GRASSMOUNT H891 UNIVERSITY ROW mol EVKIYDTION CFO EUUOR STETSON CUTHMIHCQS In appreciation of her sqmpathq, earnestness, and enerqeiic spirit that ever encourages and helps us, we dedicate this section of the Jlriei I1921 RUTH ANDREWS Richmond, Vermont Richmond High Schoolg Upsilon Tau Alpha C1121 I , ,i Ruth may never seem to rush ' But she always gets her busy But I ask you whatyou know Of lost rubbers at the show? THELMA ARBUCKLE f Morrisville, Vermont People's Academy. ' T-truthful H-happy E-earnest L-learned M+meek A-able DORIS ARNOLD Burlington, Vermont ' Burlington High Schoolg Upsilon Tau Alpha Cl, 215 Newman Clubg Lilac Day Here is a girl who all the while Is cheering some one with her smile, In the city 'she abicles, and yet-f We know she'll be a farmerette. DOROTHY ARNOLD Burlington, Vermont Burlington High Schoolg Upsilon Tau Alpha Cl, 255 Newman Club Lilac Day flj. When half of a pair Is equal to ten It's Dorothy doing the work of ten men. Her heart is so big And she is so small We marvel to think how she can do it all. 51953 MAUDE BEMIS Chester, Vermont Chester High School, Epsilon Sigma, Vice president, Upsilon Tau Alpha, Social Com- mittee. From the little town of Chester Bemis came to join our class. Friends she gathered by her sweetness For she's such a friendly lass. We will miss her sunny manner When in June we have to part, But we wish her every good thing Bemis-of the cheery heart. LOUISE ANN BENNETT Burlington, Vermont Burlington High Schoolg Epsilon Sigma Q25 g Upsilon Tau Alpha fl, 215 Social Committee CZX "Success in the highest." This is Louise's motto, and she will live up to it. Her sweetness and kindness to every- one makes her one of the most popular girls on the campus. Here's to your luck in what- ever you attempt, Louise! WINIFRED BLONDIN Burlington, Vermont Burlington High School, Upsilon Tau Alpha, Newman Club, Basketball QD. Winnie is always to be found where there is fun to be had. However, sometimes We notice a dreamy look in her eyes, and then we know her thoughts have been spirited away from us. Is it near Boston or in Essex Junction? JEAN BROCK Wells River, Vermont Wells River High School, Upsilon Tau Al- phag Lilac Day CD. With words so slow and stately too And speed that's just the same Comes Jean, to college and gets through But Slow is her middle name. A youth down in Columbia Sends letters that she likes Too bad he is11't nearer her To teach her speed on hikes. 1941 I w 1 BARBARA JULIA BROWN Williston, Vermont Montpelier Seminaryg Upsilon Tau Alpha E15 2D g Social Committee QD g Epsilon Sigma 2 . Barbara had an elephant He was all made of holes And everywhere that Barbara went Came elephant on his "toes". She showed him once to Theodore And once again to Teddy Which one of these I ask of you Is really Barbara's "steady"? ELINOR BULLIS Grand Isle, Vermont Burlington High Schoolg Epsilon Sigmag Up- silon Tau Alpha. "Bones', taught readin', 'ritin', and 'rithmetic up in the Islands before she returned to the campus to complete her studies. Her nick- name is short for "lazybones", but in truth she is anything but lazy. No oneg not even the most languid person could resist her ener- getic "Come on, let's get to work." It is rumored that "Bones" recently spent a "large" evening calling. Her visits were many but brief. Why not make your visits longer, "Bones"? GERTRUDE MARY BUMP Clarendon, Vermont Wallingford High Schoolg Honor Scholar- shipg Epsilon Sigma, Upsilon Tau Alphag Newman Club. We wonder where you found that charm- ing smile? W. H. S. must have regretted losing you. We are proud of you and wish you luck as a teacher. Smile at them, Ger- trude! You'11 win! DOROTHEA M. CAMERON Winooski, Vermont Winooski High School, Upsilon Tau Alphag Newman Club. Her hair is not done in a nob She always says she likes a Bob And how she primps for music study You'd think her teacher was her buddy. When going home she starts to stride, But always ends up with a ride. 1195 GRACE CANNON Burlington, Vermont Burlington High School, Upsilon Tau Aaphag Social Committee, Lilac Dayg Basketball. Full of willingness and cheer, Grace will always volunteer At a dance or basketball She is there to lead 'em all. Always she's a sunny smile, Yes'm we'll say we "like her style". MARY CASEY Underhill, Vermont Mount Saint Marys, Epsilon Sigma fl, 255 Upsilon Tau Alpha. Mary is one of our quiet and calm class- mates, but under her reserve she has a joyful manner which is fun for all of us. We con- gratulate you, 'Mary, upon your ability to carry on a class when the teacher is absent, From the effort and faithful work which you have shown, we are sure that you will reach the goal. TI-IELMA CILLEY Colchester, Vermont Burlington High School, Glee Club CD5 Upsilon Tau Alpha. There was a little girl And she had a lot of curls, That clustered all over her forehead- And when she had "Art" ' She said Life was good And when she had not, it was horrid. CATHERINE ALICE COLLINS Shelburne, Vermont Essex High Schoolg Upsilon Tau Alpha fl, 215 Newman Club fl, ZJ. The honk, honk of a car, Sounds of laughter and of joy. Don't be alarmed, it's only Catherine and her car. And in the midst of all her fun, Could be heard, "The car won't run." We should worry-"I don't run it For I always let George do it!" 1961 MARGARET COLLINS Richmond, Vermont Burlington High School, Upsilon Tau Alpha Q1, Zlg Newman Club. An open-minded girl is this On Bobs or Dicks or florists. Sometimes she is a long haired miss Or bobbed she's serving tourists. ILENE CURLER Richmond, Vermont Richmond High School, Upsilon Tau Alpha fl, 25. When she came back to U. V. M. Ilene soon found her place With Compton's "cyc" to back her up She soon had set a pace. In scholarship or sandwiches ' Cr trolley rides she's a winner, We think there is a reason why She lunch counters to dinner. ANNA DUBANEVICH Springfield, Vermont Springfield High School, Upsilon Tau Alpha 1213 Epsilon Sigma QZDQ Newman Club. Anna is bothered in class by the instruc- tors failing .to pronounce or to spell her name correctly. To her classmates it's very simple, for we identify her as the famous producer of puppet shows. The picture of an Indian will always bring back to us the memory of Anna staggering up from the Medical Build- ing with her arms full of Indian dolls. CONSTANCE ELLSWORTI-I Burlington, Vermont Burlington High Schoolg Epsilon Sigmag Up- silon Tau Alpha, Presidentg Newman Club. "Connie" is usually at all our dances, enter- tainments, and' teas, or, in other words, wherever there is fun to be had. But this is only half of it, she is equally proficient in her studies. However, we have reason to be- lieve that she won't teach long. Just look at her honors and see if she hasn't been busy and if she doesn't deserve our praise. 51973 URA FARNSWORTH Essex Junction, Vermont Essex Junction High School, Upsilon Tau Alpha V Back to college once again Is Betty dear, with her smile, And scores of admirers scattered, For many and many a rnile. She's the vim and happiness of our crowd, Seeking pleasure in every way, Making each one bright and happy, Throughout the livelong day. KATHERINE LUCILE FISKE Middlebury, Vermont Middlebury High School, Middlebury Teacher Training, Upsilon Tau Alpha. Blue eyes, permanent wave, a broad smile, and a "Hi, there" introduce the young miss from Middlebury. The sound of an automo- bile in front of the house means that "Kap" won't be in this evening. We hope that her "Ray" will keep her path well lighted and never fail her. At present her hair is the peak of her trails and tribulations, but in a voice of de- termination she is often heard to remark, "I am going to let it grow." DELIA M. FLINT Randolph, Vermont Randolph High School, Upsilon Tau Alpha. If, on your way to classes, you should hear someone say in a horrified voice, "Well for Pete's sake, girls, can you feature' that!", you may be pretty sure that "Dee" is not far away. She is ordinarily a gentle, good-na- tured girl, but has a particular aversion to silent policemen. Is it because the wheel of a Whippet is too big for you to handle, "Dee"? Delia is always right there when it comes to intercollegiate contests, but is still wonder- ing why she spent a dollar to see the Norwich game. GRACE GILMAN Chelsea, Vermont Chelsea High School, Upsilon Tau Alpha. Grace is always falling down Not a cause is known, Seldom is she seen to frown Good cheer is all her own, Likes "Alice in Wonderland" Quotes it by the mile, Always likes to lend a hand And has a jolly smile. 51981 HAZEL CLEMENTINE GOODHUE Craftsbury, Vermont Craftsbury Academy, Volley Ball, Honor Scholarship. " 'Tis well in every case, you know To have two strings unto your bow." Hazel, with the shining black tresses and laughing blue eyes, heartily believes in this old saying. Hazel started in college taking the General Science Course, but fate had ordained that she be one of the many to hurl education at the heads of the coming generation. We have been proud to have her with us, especially since she has kept up our reputa- tion in managment all the year. BEATRICE ADELL GROW Westford, Vermont Essex Junction High School, Upsilon Tau Alpha. Whenever one hears a burst of laughter issuing ,from a group, you may be sure our "Bee" is there, and, as usual, the cause of the outburst. However, there is also a seri- ous side to her nature, and we are sure she will make a success of her teaching. We have warned "Bee" against going west, as she might get T. B., but she seems perfectly resigned to her fate. PAULINE HARLOW Brattleboro, Vermont Brattleboro High School, Epsilon Sigma fl, 21, Secretary, Upsilon Tau Alpha. In ,buying English books she leads This Polly pedagogic, Sometimes up head, or way down Foote She goes without much logic. IRENE HEYWOOD Middlebury, Vermont Middlebury High School, Upsilon Tau Al- pha. 'Renew is our living example of the old adage, "Silence is golden." Most of us look up to her, maybe it is because she is one of the tallest members of our class. Who needs to ask what ails "Rene's" Norwich sheik when he constantly sings under his breath, "Marvelous." How glad we are that Irene goes to church to develop fsupposedlyj the religious side of her life as well as the intellectual. E199 l HELEN M. KENYON Vergennes, Vermont Vergennes High School, Upsilon Tau Alpha, House Committee CD. rsHoney1v Here's to Honey, a star in music and chief entertainer in art. She is usually good in making a suggestion, especially about color schemes, except when advised to use some quiet colors, she always says, "I do soloveRed." We wonder why. We're sure Honey must spend some time studying as she always has something worthwhile to say in every class. FLORENCE ALIDA KEYES Bellows Falls, Vermont Bellows Falls High School, Epsilon Sigma, President, Upsilon Tau Alpha, Volley Ball f2Dg Fire Captain A maiden tall, serene, and shy A quiet force is she? Oh my! An athlete, artist, Captain, too. There's heaps o' things that she can do. WINIFRED KILLORAN Essex Junction, Vermont Essex Junction High School. "Winnie" If you feel in the mood for a little cheerful giggling, you have only to make some ex- tremely casual remark about the White Mountains, Winnie will instantly cry, "Oh, that reminds me-I" and we are off. The mention of Pittsburgh sometimes has that eifect, too. When calling the roll an instructor begins, 'Miss K-K-K," and we know whose name is coming. After about four unsuccessful at- tempts have been made Winnie remarks, "Yes, that's right," and leans back satisfied. Never mind, Winnie, we are living in hopes that sometime you will acquire a name that everyone can successfully pronounce at the first try. HAZEL KNIGHT North Hero, Vermont Burlington High School, Upsilon Tau Alpha. Hazel is one of these Blondes, which gentle- men prefer. Her latest plan is to purchase a tobacco plantation in Kentucky. Therefore, we don't expect to see much of her after June, but may add that she has been great fun these past two years. I2001 CECELIA MCGARGHAN Waterbury Vermont Windsor High Schoolg' Baseballg Soccerg Epsilon Sigrnag Newman Club. What's a party without Ceil Have you seen her at the wheel? Fun of all sorts she can make When she has or hasn't Jake Wants to teach in New York State Wonder why? Investigate. GRACE EDITH McKEE ' .Passumpsic, Vermont Essex Junction High Schoolg Epsilon Sigma fl, 2,5 Upsilon Tau Alpha Cl, 225 -Class Basketball Qjg Honor Scholarship. Our Grace who always wears a smile And dimples sweetly all the while Athletic is, more than you'd think In basketball, quick as a wink. ' We've heard she's quite domestic too But that's not done for me or you Some lucky youth will get a prize In Grace of smiling big blue eyes. HELEN WRIGHT lVlcKENZIE Underhill, Vermont Bellows Falls Academyg Syracuse Univers- ity. ' Now Helen of Troywas a lady of parts But Helen McKenzie's a lady of art She rides all the' way to Underhill town. And if she's not cafefu1,.we're afraid she'll be Drown. SYLVIA RUTH MACKINNEY Burlington, Vermont Middlebury High Schoolg Potsdam Normal Schoolg Epsilon Sigma. In love with Art is Sylvia Now who is Art, you say. Just watch her when she,s at her work "Where's Sylvia?" the girls all cry, "Please help us with our art." She helps until she,s almost dead, Then takes another start. 5201 , l 1 MILDRED MANOR Charlotte, Vermont Burlington High Schoolg Upsilon Tau Alpha. Though she may not know she's sunny There is a "Ray" that's hers, it's funny- That Charlotte draws her attention For more reasons than she'll mention. RAMONA MUNN Fairlee, Vermont Montpelier Seminaryg Upsilon Tau Alpha CD5 Epsilon Sigma Gly Class basketball 121. Ramona should have entered in The Arts and Science class She has a drag up there we hear This pedagogic lass. CONSTANCE PALMER Burlington, Vermont Burlington High Schoolg Upsilon Tau Alphag Glee Club CID. - A casual observer might Not see how quick is Connie But she can do a job up right And help us earn the money In Hood relief or other things She is some organizer Ask R. A. H, what cheer she brings He seems to rather prize her. LAUREL IRENE PEARL Grand Isle, Vermont Burlington High Schoolg Epsilon Sigma fl, Zjg Upsilon Tau Alpha Now "Shrimp" 's a name to make one giggle It makes one think of salmon wiggle Our Shrimp's a shy and modest girl "Who cares for dat?" says Laurel Pearl She's happy, sunny, full o' pep She's never really out o' step. 2021 EVELYN PECOR Winooski, Vermont Essex High Schoolg Upsilon Tau Alpha fl, 21. Before the Hood and after Came Evelyn on time, By Pontoon bridge or busses To English class she'd climb. Then up would go the windows She "gave us all the air" And laughed with carefree vigor. As if she knew no care. ELIZABETH CATHERINE PETERSON Montpelier, Vermont Montpelier Seminary. Sometimes we don't know what to say to folks so educated, Who've taught and studied every day Ere we matriculated. They aren't high hat, but yet we can't Get any jokes on such And so we have to just salute Because they know so much. ARLENE JESSIE PIERCE Burlington, Vermont Jeffersonville High School. ilBi11y1i Billy's cheerful smile is sunshine on a dark day. It ripples in audible waves even tho Billy herself be invisible, which isn't usual. Though Very conservative in her use of color, Billy is. known to be partial to "Red", FLORENCE POOLE Shelburne, Vermont Burlington High School, Upsilon Tau Alpha. Here's an eminent rival of Happy Hooligan. Her perpetual smile sends rays to all corners of our campus, penetrating even to the dark recesses of the "1ibe" and museum. Who says blushing is a "lost art?" Flossie's hand is always frantically waved if in- structors want extra outside reading clone. Straightway to the "libe" her path leads. Any- way, she seems to have the key to the situa- tion and brings back some "inside dope." f203 HELEN FRANCES REDMOND Burlington, Vermont Cathedral High School, Upsilon Tau Alpha, Newman Club. "Oh thou maiden sweet and shy Why are your eyes ,blue as the sky?" Looks and actions sometimes deceive us. Like Helen of Troy this Helen came near wrecking the town of Shelburne in one night. I've heard that in her ruinous path there lies many a broken heart. ADA K. ROSS Colchester, Vermont Essex Junction High School. Ada Ross of Colchester Earnest, quiet Miss We can't get a joke on her All we know is this Church and school are her pet fads She's an eddicator. ALBA SOMAINI Burlington, Vermont Burlington High Schoolg Upsilon Tau Alpha Q1, 29. Says Alba, "Is that so?" And found it worth repeating, And Maurice said he found her gay "Is that so?" came her greeting. ' With dance and smile and work and play She goes upon her sunny way. MAUD SOMERVILLE Waitsfield, Vermant Waitsfleld High Schoolg Upsilon Tau Alpha Ci, 25. Maud returned to the University this year after some successful teaching, to graduate with our class. Her school community must miss her wholesome vivacity because we de- light so much in having her with us. Danc- ing and strumming a ukelele keeps gloom away. For a steady diet she prefers the nut and for a color she prefers brown. H2041 DOROTI-IA PAULINE STAUTY South Londonderry, Vermont Brattleboro High Schoolg. Epsilon Sigma, Upsilon Tau Alpha. Although she is only a Dot She's always right there on the spot As she goes up the hill like a Hash She's not just a Dot, she's a dash. '1Little Miss Stauty" does not neglect her extra-curricular activities, namely: that course in correspondence, the movies, and bridge. GEORGIANNA SWAN Essex Center, Vermont Essex Center High Schoolg Upsilon Tau Alpha. "Georgie" Not a duckling, but a Swan, Georgie's one we're betting on. Making plans is her long suit- Some of them she's learned to shoot. She's a whiz at selling candy She's a hustler tine and dandy. DORIS PAULINE TERRY ' South Ryegate, Vermont Wells River High Schoolg Epsilon Sigma. Corresponding Secretary C2jg'Upsilon Tau Alpha, Glee Club, Stop a moment, listen! Oh! That is not a strange bird, it's Dodo. She has just per- fected her canary bird whistle. No, you can't see her but just watch a moment. From out of the crowd she trudges. Once we thought her hat had fringes but now she has real tresses. We all wish Doris heaps of happiness and advise her always to be "Frank" ARDELIA TRICELL Middlebury, Vermont Middlebury High Schoolg Upsilon Tau Alpha. ' '4Never do today what can be done tomorrow." When we look at Tillie and see her mass cf golden hair we do not wonder that "gentle- men prefer blondes." Lately Tillie has been perfectly contented in spending her evenings at home, we wonder why? Tillie has often spoken of "Mac" and "Andy" but we notice that they are soon for- gotten when a Chrysler appears. fzosj MARY VANCOR Hinesburg, Vermont Burlington High School, Upsilon Tau Alpha. Mary believes in the old adage, anything worth doing at all is worth doing well, and as testimony there are her charts, booklets and outside reading. It is hard to realize where she Ends the time when so many of us are behind. We should try to follow her example. MYRTLE WATSON Peaseleville, N. Y. Burlington High School, Upsilon Tau Alpha, Secretary CD, Lilac Day Pageant . Wesley Warner sat in the corner, Sleepily talking to Myrt, He woke with a start And said, "Have a heart," And she said-"Yes, I will, Let's not part." WINNIFRED GRACE WHITE Westminster, Vermont Walpole High Schoolg Springfield High Schoolg Upsilon Tau Alpha fVice-presidentl. "Winnie", the good sport, the tempera- mental, the gigglerg she's always on hand if there is anything going on. Did anyone ever hear of a party which wasn't a grand success if Winnie was there? What say, Winnie, what about the burdocks? CDid someone ask what that funny noise was?-it was only Winnie gigglingj. MARJORIE WILLARD Richford, Vermont Richford High School, Epsilon Sigma f2Dg Upsilon Tau Alpha. "Five foot two, eyes of blue-" here comes Marge. Whether she's studying or dancing or merely dating-she sure knows her "gro- ceries !" But it isn't only groceries with which she's familiar-she's big hearted and worked for the dity also-"And that ain't all!" 'Nuff said. 52061 BERNICE WILLEY Montpelier, Vermont Montpelier, High Schoolg Epsilon Sigma fl, 255 Chairman of Membership Committee CD5 Upsilon Tau Alpha. In Epsilon and Upsilon Our Bernice holds her own, Announcements with her perfect drawl Are all we've ever known. But Willy-nilly, she's a peach And always does her bit. In Womenys clubs when she gets big We bet she'll make a hit. DOROTHY MAY WRIGHT Burlington, Vermont Burlington High Schoolg Epsilon Sigma QD g Upsilon Tau Alpha. Dot's a reg'lar movie fan And a .ball fan too Though I think she never ran She'll beat me or you Where a freshman or a game Is the thing that's done Dot will get there just the same But she' wouldn't run. ' CATHERINE ZWICKER Bradford, Vermont Bradford Academyg Epsilon Sigma Q15 Upsilon Tau Alpha. Kay's first year of learning how to become a good teacher was spent in Bradford. It was a very delightful surprise to the class of '28, that after two years experience in a "little red school house" Kay should join our ranks for her last year of training. Kay excells in all winter sports, but, oh! my no! Sports aren't her special hobby. Her pet hobby is cooking. Just accept Catherine's invitation for a real home dinner and you'll never regret it. fem Mary H. Angier Wealtha L. Baker Mary M. Blaise Gertrude P. Blake Isabel Briziski . Louise M. Brown Ruth K. Chandler Edith M. Church Mary Coffey . Doris Cootware Ruth DeCourcy Elizabeth I. Demers Georgia Flint . Florence Frechette Ruth C. Hamel Marion Higley Aleda Hinsdale Dorothy Hudson Frances Illingworth Lillian Jacobs . Alyce Johnson . Virginia Jordan Lois Kelsey . Marietta King . Doris J. LaDue Mildred Lauzon Ivis A. McAllister Helen McKenzie Marjorie McNall Sylvia R. McKinney Dorothy McNamara Charlene Machia Frances Machia Roseline Manor Ruth Marcy . Salome K. Martin Doris C. Meade Dorothy Millham Maude C, Moore Mary E. Moran Elizabeth Morgan Gertrude Nicholson Florence M. Nelson Marjorie O'Sullivan Elizabeth Anne Page Doris E. Robbins Irma Robbins . Madeline N. Roberts Lucile Robinson Alba Rosa . Pl'eSl'llTIe1"l fzosj Walpole, N. H. Middlebury, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Marshfield, Vt. Greenfield, Mass. St. Johnsbury, Vt. St. Johnsbury, Vt. Bradford Center, Vt Newington, Conn. Grand Isle, Vt. Vergennes, Vt. Bristol, Vt. Randolph, Vt. Richmond, Vt. Waterbury, Vt. Richmond, Vt. Essex Junction, Vt. Marshfield, Vt. Bartonsville, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Brandon, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Jericho, Vt. Windham, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Underhill, Vt. Essex Center, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Northtield, Vt. Essex Center, Vt. Essex Center, Vt. Charlotte Vt. East Berkshire, Vt. Hinesburg, Vt. Waterbury, Vt. Hinesburg, Vt. Williamsville, Vt. Jericho, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Newport, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Middlebury, Vt. Hinesburg, Vt. Brattleboro, Vt. Chester Depot, Vt. Alburg, Vt. Newport, Vt. South Ryegate, Vt. Gertrude Rosen Elizabeth Sampson Marion Sampson Doris Shaw . Anne Sprout . Catherine Sullivan Daisie Mae Swinyer Dorothy M. Taylor Martha Thiemel Margaret E. Tillotston Edna Trombley Catherine Wilcox Ina Wolfe . Helen Wood . Dorothy Hudson Louise Brown . Frances Illingsworth Mary Angier . Madeline Roberts upsilon Tau Alpha OFFICERS f209,I New Britain, C Newport, Vt. Newport, Vt. Ol'l1'l. Amherst, Mass. Winooski, Vt. Barre, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Shelburne, Vt. Rochester, Vt. Sheldon, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Hudson, Mass. Burlington, Vt. Cheshire, Mass. First Vice Second Vice President President President Secretary Treasurer Bump, Willey, Biown, Kimball, Bennett, Zwicker, Pearl ' Siauty, Casey, Prunier, McKee, McGarghan, Keyes, Bullis, Dubane, Willard W1 ighf, Harlow, Bemis, McKinney, Hall, Terry, Ellsworth Maude Bemis Louise Bennett Barbara Brown Elinor Bullis Gertrude Bump Mary Casey Anna Dubanevich Isabell Briziski Louise Brown Dorothy Hudson Epsilon Sigma Sorores in Universitate SOPHOMORES Constance Ellsworth Pauline Harlow Florence Keyes Cecilia McGarghan Grace McKee Sylvia McKinney FRESHMEN Virginia Jordan Ruth Marcy Maude Moore Gertrude Nicholson KZIOII Laurle Pearl Dorotha Stauty Doris Terry Marjorie Willard Bernice Willey Dorothy Wright Catherine Zwicker Doris Robbins Madeline Roberts Alba Rosa , ' r , r , . 1 V To ERNEST I-IIRAM BUTTLES scholar and esteemed teacher, whose character inspires in his students the deepest respect for him and for his chosen profession, we dedicate this Medic section of time Ariel. I211j . ' V I Zin illlemnriani W. W. TOWNSEND, A.B., lVl.D. Born at Elizabeth, N. J., April, 8, 1870. Died at Burlington, Vt., February 20, 1928. Dr. Townsend was graduated from the University of Ver- mont Medical College in 1893. Since that time he has become one of the leading Genito-Urinary Specialists in the country, serving in many important capacities. In his more intimate connection with the University he was professor of Genito- Urinary Diseases and attending Genito-Urinary surgeon at the Mary Fletcher Hospital. In his passing the college and students have lost an inspir- ing teacher, wise counselor and devoted friend. 52123 Faculty JAMES NATHANIEL JENNE, NEN M.D. Vermont '81, M.S. Vermont '25 Dean of the College of Medicine and Professor of Therpeutics and Clin- ical Medicine JOHN BROOKS WHEELER, Efb, CIDX A.B. Vermont '75, M.D. Harvard '79, Sc.D. Vermont '21 Professor Emeritus of Surgery CLARENCE HENRY BEECHER, NEN M.D. Vermont '00 Professor of Medicine THOMAS STEPHEN BROWN, NEN M.D. Vermont '04 Thayer Professor of Anatomy FRED KINNEY JACKSON, QPAGD, NEN, CAMD A.B. Vermont '97, M.D. Vermont '99 Professor of Physiology DAVID MARVIN, NSN M.D. Vermont '00 Professor of Materia Medica and Pharmacology PATRICK EUGENE MCSWEENEY, NSN M. D. Vermont '86, M. S. Vermont '22 Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women FREDERICK WILLIAM SEARS, NEN A. B. Amherst '81, M. D. Vermont '88 Professor of Diseases of the Nervous System CHARLES MALLORY WILLIAMS, AY, GPX, GJNE A. B. Brooklyn Poly. Inst. '90, Ph. B. Yale '92, M. D. Columbia '98 Professor of Diseases of the Skin CHARLES FLAGG WHITNEY, NEN B. S, Vermont '97, M. D. Vermont '03 Professor of Physiological Chemistry and Toxicology EDMUND TOWLE BROVVN, NEN M. D. Vermont '97 Professor of Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat CHARLES FRANCES DALTON, NEN M. D. Vermont '03 Professor of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine CHARLES KIMBALL JOHNSON, CDX M. D. Vermont '99 Professor of Diseases of Children ERNEST HIRA.M BUTTLES, NSN, FDBK A. B. Vermont '01, M. D. Vermont '08 Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology and Secretary of the Faculty of the College of Medicine . LYMAN ALLEN, 2112, NEN, QDBK A. B. Vermont '93 M. D. Vermont '96, M. S. Norwich '17 Professor of Surgery ' H131 JAMES CHARLES O'NEIL, NEN QAMJ B. S. Vermont '06, M. D. Vermont '17 Professor of Mental Diseases BRAINBERD HUNT WHITBECK A. B. Harvard '99, M. D. Columbia '03 Professor of Orthopedic Surgery MAYOR ORMEL H. STANLEY A. B. Bowdoin '09, M. D. Bowdoin '12 Professor of Medico-Military Science and Tropical Medicine OLIVER NEWELL EASTMAN, AKK M. D. Vermont '08 Associate Profesor of Obstetrics FREDERICK ELLSWORTH CLARK, f1hX M. D. Vermont '94 Associate Professor of Pathology HOVEY JORDAN, ATQ Ph. B. Vermont '13, M. S, Vermont '14 Assistant Professor of Biology, Histology and Embryology ROBERT LELAND MAYNARD, AKK M. D. Vermont '11 Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery GEORGE MILLAR SABIN, QIJAGJ, NEN B. S. Vermont '96, M. D. Vermont '00 Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery CLIFFORD ATHERTON PEASE, NEN QAMj M. D. Vermont '99 Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery HAROLD FRANCIS TAYLOR, AKK B. S. Dartmouth '14, M. D. Vermont '17 Assistant Professor of Medicine and Instructor in Clinical Medicine HARRY CADWALLADER FORTNER A. B. Michigan '17 A. M. Michigan '17 Assistant Professor of Histology and Biology JOHN ABRAHAM JENNY B. S. Notre Dame University '20, M.D., St. Louis Medical School '24 Assistant Professor of Anatomy EMBREE RECTOR ROSE B. A. University of Indiana '19, M. A. Harvard '22 Assistant Professor of Physiological Chemistry WENDELL EVERETT JAMES A. B. Brown University '17 Assistant Professor of Bacteriology WARREN ROBINSON AUSTIN, KE Ph, B. Vermont '99 Lecturer in Medical Jurisprudenee CHARLES ARTHUR RAVEY, AKK M. D. Vermont '18 Instructor in Medicine 12141 NATHAN RENWICK CALDWELL, NZN, QAMJ M. D. Vermont '14 Instructor in Roentgeno-logy JOHN HAZEN DODDS, AKK M. D. Vermont '98 Instructor in Anesthetization EMMUS GEORGE TWITCHELL, IDX A. B. Queen's University '02, M. D. Queen's University '06, C. M Queen's University '06 Instructor in Diseases of the Eye, Ear. Nose and Throat BENJAMIN DYER ADAMS, AKK M. D. Vermont '08 Instructor in Surgery CHARLES PERKINS MOAT B. S. Mass. Inst. Tech. '96 Instructor in Sanitary Chemistry SETH HUSTIS MARTIN, fIJX, ONE M. D. Maryland '00 Instructor in Dermatology and Venereal Diseases HERBERT ASHLEY DURFEE, GJAQ, AKK A. B. Vermont '17, M. D. Vermont '20 Instructor in Obstetrics PAUL KENDRICK FRENCH, ANP, NEN Ph. B. Vermont '20, M. D. Vermont '23 Instructor in Medicine EDWARD DOUGLAS MCSWEENEY, NEN, GJNE A. B. Vermont '19, M. D. Vermont '22 Instructor in Gynecology WILLIAM GRAVES TOWNSEND, AKK B. S. Dartmouth '20, M. D. Vermont '24 Instructor in Genito-Urinary Diseases WALFORD TUPPER REES, KE, NEN, QAMD M. D. Vermount '24 Instructor in Anatomy DOUGLAS ARMOUR THOM M.D. Vermont '12 Instructor in Mental Diseases KARL CORNELIUS MCMAHON, AI, NEN B.S, Vermont '19, M.D. Vermont '22 Clinical Instructor in Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat MYRTELLE MAY CANAVAN M.D. Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania '05 Instructor in Neuropathology ANTHONY ALONGE, KIDX B.A. Syracuse '26, M.A. Columbia '27 Instructor in Physiology and Pharmacology THOMAS BRANSON PARKS A.B. University of North Carolina '20 Instructor in Physiological Chemistry 12151 Senior Class, IQ28 g ASA CHARLES ADAMS, B.S. Linneus, Maine Pre-medical, Colby, Nu Sigma Nu, Pi Kappa Delta, Ricker Classical Institute, Class Treasurer Q1, 4j, Class Football fl, 45, Varsity Debating Q3, 4j, Prize Speaking Q1, 4j, Senior Class Play, Commencement Com- mittee Qflj. JOHN J. BAKER, A.B. Oakland, California Pre-medical, University of Nevada, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Oakland Tech- nical High School, University of California Q1, 21. FREDERICK MICHAEL BANNON - Glens Falls, New York Pre-medical, Vermont, Nu Sigma Nu, St. Mary's Academy QGlens Fallsj , Newman Club. JAMES GRAHAM BRUCE Burlington, Vermont Pre-medical, Vermont, Sigma Alpha Chi, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Burling- ton High School, Pre-Medic Club, Deutscher Verein, University Band Q1, 2j, Glee Club, Corporal Q2j. GARFIELD GIRARD DEFOE , Peru, New York Pre-medical, Vermont, Phi Chi, Cap and Skull, Peru High School, New- man Club, Zoology Medal. WILLIAM LOUIS DIEGNAN, B.S. Orange, New Jersey Pre-medical, Vermont, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Theta Nu Epsilon, Seton Hall, Fordham University Qlj, Editor Bohemian Meow CM-U, Medic Ariel Board QM-35. MERTRUDE BELLE DENNIS, B. S. Stratford, New Hampshire Pre-medical, Vermont, Kappa Delta, Middlebury High School, Honor Scholarship Society, Y. W. C. A. 52161 FREDERICK JAMES FANNING Swampscott, Massachusetts Pre-medical, Vermont, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Swampscott High School, Corporal EVEYLN BERNICE FISK Vergennes, Vermont Sigma Gamma, Vergennes High School, Rifle Team Q1, 2j, House Com- mittee QZD. LEWIS DESMOND FOOTE Malone, New York Pre-medical, Vermont, Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Frank- lin Academy, Newman Club, President QM-Sj. STANLEY LOUIS VINCENT GARIPAY White River Junction, Vermont Pre-medical, Vermont, Alpha Kappa appa, Hartford High Schood, Honor Scholarship Society, Class Football tl, Zj , Class Basketball Cl, Zj. RALPH AUGUSTUS GETCHELL Portland, Maine Pre-medical, Vermont, Sigma Nu, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Cap and Skull, Portland High School, Scabbard and Blade. GLENDON BOYCE GODDARD Morrisville, Vermont Pre-medical, Vermont, Phi Chi, Craftsbury Academy, Pre-medic Club, University Band Q1, 21, Glee Club Q1, 25, College Orchestra Q2, Sj. LEONARD ROBERT GOODRICH Essex Junction, Vermont Pre-medical, Vermont, Phi Chi, Essex Junction High School, Pre-medic Club. WAYNE PEARSON HARRISON, A.B. Barryton, Michigan Pre-medical, University of Michigan, Nu Sigma Nu, Barryton High School, Medic Ariel Board CM-3D , Johns Hopkins University QM-lj. RAYMOND SIDNEY HOLTZ Hartford, Connecticut Pre-medical, Vermont, Hartford Public High School, Connecticut Agri- cultural College Qlj, Varsity Football Squad C2j, University Band Q2j, Medic Ariel Board QM-35, Varsity Wrestling Coach QM-3j, ALBERT THOMAS LEMAY Manchester, New Hampshire Pre-medical, Vermont, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Manchester High School, Varsity Football tl, Zj. FREDERICK VVILLIAM MCFARLAND, A.B. West Burke, Vermont Pre-medical, Vermont, Nu Sigma Nu, Lydon Institute, Newman Club, Deutscher Verein, Le Cercle Francaise, Honor Scholarship Society. GEORGE MICHAEL MALOUF Yonkers, New York Pre-medical, Vermont, Ashland LN. H., High School, University of New Hampshire Qlj. CHARLES SCOTT MUDGETT Burlington, Vermont Pre-medical, Vermont, Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Essex Junction High School, Class Tresurer Q2j, Pre-medic Club, Honor Scholarship Society, Corporal CHESTER ALBERT NEWHALL, A.B. Burlington, Vermont Pre-medical, North Central College, Nu Sigma Nu, Phi Alpha Tau, Phi Kappa Delta, Stoneham QMass.j High School, Editor The College Chron- icle UIQ, Scabbard and Blade, Varsity Debating Team Q2, 33, Y. M. C, A. Cabinet QD, Medic Ariel Board QM-3j, Student Volunteer. ROGER GAYLORD PRENTISS, JR., B. S. Johnson, Vermont Pre-medical, Vermont, Nu Sigma Nu, Cap and Skull, St. Johnsbury Academy, Varsity Football Squad 015, Class Football C1, 25, Class Base- ball il, 25, Corporal 4,2j, Pre-medic Club. D171 LAUREL ERCELDENE SAMSON, B.S. Burlington, Vermont Pre-medical, Vermont, Nu Sigma Nu, Phi Beta Kappa, Enosbury Falls High School, Gold Key, Honor Scholarship Society, Assistant Eligibility Manager QSQ, Manager Q4j, Band Q1, 2, 3j, Sergeant Q3j. ARTHUR SCHNELLER New York, New York Pre-medical, Vermont, Tau Epsilon Phi, Tau Kappa Alpha, Burlington High School, Gold Key, Varsity Debating Team CM-Zj, Medic Student Senate QM-35. ARTHUR BRADLEY SOULE, JR., A.B. St. Albans, Vermont Pre-medical, Vermont, Delta Psi, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Tau Kappa Alpha, Cap and Skull, St, Albans High School, Gold Key, Key and Ser- pen, Assistant Business Manager Cynic Q3j, Ariel Board QED, Class Debating Team CID, Varsity Debating Team t3j, Faculty-Student Coun- cil 425, Kingsley Prize Speaking tl, 2j, Founders Day Speaker Q3j, Medic Editor Ariel CM-3j, Medical Student Senate Q3j. HAROLD FRANCIS SULLIVAN St. Albans, Vermont Pre-medical, Vermont, Phi Chi, St. Micheal's High School, Newman Club, Pre-medic Club, Medic Ariel Board QM-3j. YVONNE MARION TURK, B.S. Burlington, Vermont Pre-medical, Vermont, Alpha Gamma Sigma, Mt. St. Mary Academy, Hockey Q1, 2j, Basketball, Captain Q2j, Baseball, Captain Q2j, Girl's Gymnasium Exhibition Committee t2j, Football Hop Committee f2j, Medic Ariel Board CM-35, Newman Club. LEO EARLE WILSON Fitchburg, Massachusetts Pre-medical, Vermont, Nu Sigma Nu, Cap and Skull, Fitchburg High School, Newman Club, University Band Q1, Zj, Deutscher Verein, Cast, "Under Cover", Corporal 625, Medic Ariel Board QM-35. JUNIOR CLASS, 1929 52181 ALBERT R. AMARANTES Pre-medical, Vermont New Bedford, Massachusetts Pl1i Chi, New Bedford High School, Pre-medic Club, Class Basketball Cl, 25. Small in stature but mighty in mind is our little "Al"- picked as the most liable to suc- ceed of the class. "Al" is surely well started. He and "Gill" are forever boasting the good qualities of New Bedford, but "Al" does ad- mit that Burlington is noted for something besides its Medical School-and .that . something seems to be claiming most of his attention, when he is not doing that "study thingn. Number Please! "Al" is one of the few who has greatly changed within the last few years-though still pos- sessed of a happy disposition and a jovial countenance, his sincer- ity in his studies and his facility of overcoming obstacles argues well for the success of New Bedford's pride. MAXWELL, J. ANTEL, B.S. Pre-medical, Middlebury Bridgeport, Connecticut Tau Epsilon Phi, Bridgeport High School. When asked on the Junior questionnaire whether he was an introspectionist or a behaviorist, Max answered, "I follow the happy medium", probably mean- ing that he meant to play safe and not commit himself. Through- out his Medical career Max has always thus played safe, much to the consternation of the fac- ulty, and to the enjoyment of his classmates. But if you really want to know what Max's strong point is, just ask most any woman about town, for Max has proved his ability not only as a medical student. but also as a lecturer, and several times to our knowledge he has been requested to address the local woman's club. just what he talked on, he refuses to divulge, but we'll wager that it had something to do with the proper wav to bring up young ladies-and who should know, better than Max. l:2l9l EDWARD D. ASSELIN Pre-medical, Vermont Burlington, Vermont St. Johnsbury Academy, U. V. M. Bandg French Clubg New- man Club. "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", Don is unquestionably a gentle- man, and claims that he prefers neither blonds nor brunettes, but those of us who are on the in- side know that our own Donald regularily receives sweet scented billy-doos from "somewhere", and how! Don left the wilds of St, Johns- bury and came to our fair city in order that the natives might have a chance to see what Napol- eon looked like when he was the big noise, and anyone who has seen Don riding down the street in the big LaSalle, with his chauffeur, know why Cleo was so thrilled. ELZEAR F. ASSELIN Pre-medical, Vermont St. Johnsbury, Vermont Pi Chi, St. Johnsbury Acad- emyg Newman Club. When you enter our old marbled halls Where rebel rnodemity oft' holds sway, Falsetto notes ring through these ancient walls When this wild medic deems it time to play. I "What does it matter" rolls in steamboat tones, That crak and rattle his mus- ical bones. He adds a touch of drama as encore, With eyes upturned and arms outstretched afar, He murmers the last of his re- pertoireg "Chico-Dianne-Ciel," and then adds "Harrrrr". He then dodges the chalk and goosing hands, Vilhich is the rule with this bar- barious band. .1 " g' ,Q A 5 A 4 12201 , 1 ALBERT E. BARCOMB Pre-medical, Vermont Barre, Vermont Nu Sigma Nug Hardwick Academyg Newman Club. "Everybody duck, here comes Barcomb with an armful of chalk, snow, and erasersf' This is nothing but a daily warning be- cause the favorite pastime of this sharp shooter is to continu- ally bounce something off the head of some unsuspecting class mate. They say that when "Al" isn't down to meet the "girl friend" that he does find a few minutes to look over the books. It sure has been some change from his Freshman year, but as he says, "It has its advantages." Success is bound to be his if he shoots as straight on his di- agnoses as he does with the chalk. HERBERT A. BARTHOLOMEW, JR. Pre-medical, Syracuse University Whitehall, New York Alpha Kappa Kappag Kappa Sigmag Whithall High School. As the sea is calm when un- leashed by the winds and as furious as it may be when beat by the storms, so is our Barth- olomew. A calm, peaceful, silent gentleman until someone steps on his toes, then beware-little but "Oh my!" A man must be a man when Fighting for his own rights. "Bart tells us he was "fetched up" on the farm and that he can pitch a load with the best of them." We do not wish to doubt his word, but surely he has the make-up of a true man of the white lights, rather than the broad meadows. t'Bart's" persistant nature and fighting spirit foretell true suc- cess. IZZII MAURICE N. BELLEROSE Pre-medical, Vermont Rutland, Vermont Alpha Kappa Kappag Alpha Tau Omegag Norwich Univer- sity: Tufts College: Worcester Academy, Newman Club. The lights went out, trees crashed, lightening flashed, Fords climbed telephone poles, horses dropped dead-Rut1and's favorite son was going to be a doctor. "Bell" tried all the colleges this side of the Mississippi and then decided that Vermont was the place to leam medicine. Dances, parties, auto rides and movies all fell by the wayside while Maurice labored industri- ously on, soon becoming one of the most illustrous members of our class, But we understand that all the hard work was more than com- pensated for by the summers at Lake Bomoseen, where "Bell" reigns supreme. "Bell" is one of the most pop- ular members of the class and we all wish him the very best that this little old world has to offer. JOHN L. BERRY, B.S. Pre-medical, Colby Burlington, Vermont Nu Sigma Nu: Alpha Tau Omega Q Goddard Seminary 3 Football Cl, 23, Baseball 11, 2, 3, 455 Track Cl, 2, 3, 455 Hockey Cl, 2, Captain 3jg New- man Club, President CM-3j. "Just a minute Doctor, I was just going to say that', and Jack has made another brilliant recit- ation,-at least in his opinion. In fact, one Doctor was heard to remark that, "Jack could an- swer any question if he was only given time and help enough." What are words to Jack, they Flow as freely from him as the water did in our Vermont Hood. Any time that the class wants entertainment the call goes up for Berry and he is more than willing to go down in front, do his stunts, and repeat his oft heard stories. After all, Jack is always will- ing to help anyone out of trouble, He is sure of many friends and great success wherever he may go. f222l JOHN JOSEPH BUSCH Pre-medical Burlington, Vermont Alpha Kappa Kappag Mt. Hermon Boy's School. There is no other member of our class who has gold lined cheeks, but the expense must be horrible. Watch Jack some day in Dr. Brown's class in Surgical Anatomy and you will see a pic- ture of abject despair, who chews the inside of his cheek in fero- cious fear. Scared? Oh no! Just on his uppers for fear he will say the wrong thing at the right time and so bring upon his head the furry and hiliarious joy which is usually accorded to Bellerose. Jack has quite a family which includes two Bushes and a little sprout named Betty. We feel for him when in the wee small hours of the morning the voice from the crib wakes him from his reveries, and there Hashes across his mindg "Him- mel, pain-Pain-PAIN!" CLAIRE G. CAYWARD, B.S. Pre-medical, Vermont Seneca Castle, New York Alpha Kappa Kappag Sigma Phi 3 Canandaigua Academy 9 Boulderg Key and Serpentg Basketball Cl, 2, Captain 3, 415 Baseball C353 Track C253 Med- ical Student Council CM-ZH. "Who is that tall, good look- ing man?" That is the ques- tion on the lips of every nurse at the DeGoesbiand Hospital as they see the manly "Kay" come hurrying to class from a half hour, or more, at Campus House. We do not know the special line of medicine that Claire is going to follow but we have heard that on certain nights he does practical work in Pediatrics. Practice makes perfect, they say. Observe the man closely and you will see that he has a smile for everyone. Another year and there will be a change, for the cause and inspiration of the smile will have graduated and left our Claire to the wiles of the Teacher Training girls. Lzzsl , 4- 'lfl l Nw 'll H H FRANK FRED CZAJA Pre-medical, Vermont Burlington, Vermont Valparaise Union High School. Really it isn't necessary to say anything about "Peaches"g he's strong enough to talk for him- self, and besides we might rue the day we said it. However his great shyness makes it neces- sary that we write his eulogy. He is a man that knows not when to laugh, and this is fur- ther complicated by the fact that he knows not how to laugh. It reminds one of a southern hen- roost on a dark night, or a wingless albatross on a hot stove. No one has yet been able to vanquish that formidable name, and we have seen hundreds cringe at its very sight.. That name has scorched the lips of many who have even dared. Success to you wherever you may go, "Peaches". WALTER S. DENNING Pre-medical, Vermont Brookline, Mass. Alpha Kappa Kappag Alpha Tau Omegag Brookline High Schoolg Football Cl, 2, M-1, Captain M-23: Hockey Cl, Cap- tain M-1, M-Zjg Newman Club Minstrel M-23 Newman Club: Athletic Council KM-21. "To a wild Irish Rose". Wild is a tame word in this caseg at least it is to those of us who are intimately associated with "Speed". He enters into every- thing with a wild fighting spirit, even to his laugh. They say that "He who laughs last, laughs longest," but in this case "Speed" laughs first, last, longest and loudest. In athletics he has been our main support and has proved himself a worthy member of the class on the football field, dia- mond and ice, and is deserving of great credit for his untiring efforts in football during his first year in medicine. "Speed" is sure of success be- cause he will go more than half way, and when he does meet it, it must be his or there will be trouble. 55 A I f ah ' 7' 1 :Lariat A1..s.eA.AA-t-All f224:I HERBERT L. FLYNN Pre-medical, Vermont Berlin, New Hampshire Phi Chi, Berlin High School, Newman Club. Behold a modem Piersol, the pride of our class as a medical information bureau. How often have we been held spellbound while Herbie, after asking, "Did you say Flynn, Doctor?" would start quoting Piersol, word for word. Herbie has furnished us with much amusement between classes as he always seems hypersensi- tive, when he senses,-by touch alone- the approach of anyone: and then his wild war whoop can be heard throughout the Medical building. and we chalk up another for Herb. Dame Rumor says that Herbie travels South CUnion St.j quite often, but not so far that he does not return in time to straighten his tie and rush the door just as his name is being called. GILBERT V. FOSTER Pre-medical, Vermont New Bedford, Massachusetts Phi Chi, New Bedford High School, Newman Club, Varsity Baseball Seconds Cl, Zj. This handsome physiogmy be- belongs to one youth, the baby of the Junior Medios. His youth merely foretells you of his pre- cosity of mind, as well as his conspicious degree of innocence which is pecular to only those of tender years. In spite of the handicap of youth, "Gil", has marked ability for leadership. While sojourning with the Army at Carlisle he recruited a triumvirate, repre- sentative of the nationalities of the U. S. The organization, un- der "Gils" leadership, won many victories both in Carlisle ana Harrisburg. Thus we have three essentials of success, youth, leadership, and a logical mind, which together with his other qualities are om- nious of a happy future. .L I A A .r a. 4 -x ' at V is .' F 4 A. A w a 52251 REGINALD E. GILLSON Pre-medical, McGill University Burlington, Vermont Nu Sigma Nug Montreal High School. McGill lost another to Ver- mont when Reggie came into our midst. Reggie started out to be an engineer, and as such did much to beautify Burlington's street, over which he is often seen riding with the class sweet- heart. He is beginning to prove a disappointment to the rest of his class, in one respect, as he has not yet fulhlled a mission which was assigned him several months ago. Knowing the nature of the mission, and his ability along that line, we are still in hopes of seeing that mission fulfilled, for although Reggie is of a slow type, when once started on a thing he usually sees it through -time will tell. EDWARD TREEN HARE Pre-medical, Vermont Springfield, Massachusetts Alpha Kappa Kappa, Kappa Sigma, Central High Schoolg Gold Key: Class Treasurer C2j. Soon after Treen entered upon the arduous duties of a Fresh- man medic, he decided that the task was a Little too hard to be done alone, so he joined the ranks of the benedicts, and now is the proud Daddy to a little "Bun- ny". Treen's favorite indoor sport, next to seeing wh0's the best "pilot", is bridge, and we'd bank on his talent against anyone. If you don't believe he knows his cards come to some of the "c1inics,'. Treen can dance, kick, play golf, sing, hunt, Fish, tell fish stories, "bare" stories, bed-time stories, and any old time Dr. Twitchell gets stuck, Treenis "stories" of how it should be done are sure to win the plaud- its of the class. Lzzq EDWIN G. HEBB, A.B. Pre-medical, Bodwin Bridgton, Maine Alpha Kappa Kappag Theta Delta Chi g Bridgton High Schoolg Phillips Andover. When we returned in the fall of '27 we heard two strange voices answering the roll call- Hebb, E. G. and Busch, J. J. Our Gordon decided that John Harvard cou.dn't claim him as one of it's future bright lights so he transferred to Vermont Where he could quickly grow that hirsute appendage on his upper lip, and to enjoy the marital state in peace and quite away from the bright lights of the bean town. Gordon s buoyant disposition is balanced by his earnestness and consistency in applying his mind to the books when not doing that "radio thing"-or telling the boys about a real obstetrical service with "clinic" attached down in Boston. THOMAS I-IORSEFIELD Pre-medical, Vermont and Tufts Readville, Massachusetts Phi Chig Dean Academy: Hyde Park High School. The Beau Brummel of the Class of '291 And is he smooth? Why the women even call him out of class to make dates with him, but Tom is set in his ways, and most of his pennies are donated to the Rutland Railroad which takes him often back to the girl of his dreams. It hs been said that he who laughs last is English but even though Tom has many of the pleasing traits of that naive race, he is one of the wittiest in the class and his pleasing humor is always in place. "Duke" is a gentleman of the First water and when he hangs out the shingle we dare say it won't be long before his sterling personality will make itself felt. f2Z71 EVERETT S. KINLOCH, JR. Pre-medical, Vermont and Middlebury College, Troy, New York Phi Chi, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Troy High School. "Goin' down town Doc?" '4Sure, but Mitiguy's already in the car, and it's only a Chevy coup." Burlingtonian's listen! Doc is not a taxi driver but be- ing Scotch, he delights in rush- ing the boys back and forth from Sally's-especially "the gang from the barracks". Medicine may be his goal, but there is something besides medicine that attracts hisgattention so often at the DeGoesbriand Hospital. "When does she graduate, Doc?" Blessed with a remarkable memory, he has headed the list in many an exam-no sir, Doc doesn't keep the result to him self either. Occasionally, after the Dean's recitation hour, Doc may be heard to repeat to us all individually, "He called on me for everything I didn't study- but I knew the rest cold." JASPER NEWMAN KNOX Pre-medical, Vermont Burlington, Vermont Phi Chi, University School of Bridgeport, Connecticut. "When I was in the Navy it used to be done this way", so "Jap" takes advantage of his past experience to show the rest of his friends, that lack practical experience, the proper technic. Any day that Jap leaves the class without stopping to ask questions we know that he is either needed to carry home the bundles or to drive that classy Lincoln. His future we cannot predict -he may be a surgeon or he may be a Pathologist. Whichever it may be we are sure that he will succeed because real effort and presistance must win. Lzzsl WILLIAM J, MCNAMARA, A.B. Pre-medical, Holy Cross College Fair Haven, Vermont Alpha Kappa Kappag Fair Haven High School, Newman Club: Cast Newman Club Min- strelg Ariel Board CM-35. Rutland, Worcester, New York, Albany, Troy, Fair Haven and Winooski-these are only a few of the ports in the domain of the indefatigable "Mac", where his irresistible smile has Won the hearts of the fair sex. When he does that telephone thing, sticks out his ears, and puts on his derby, Oh, Boy!, it means an evening well spent. He maintains that a divan is his favorite piece of furniture- not from a movers standpoint, however. Bill does that "study thing" quite consistently, and above all is one of the best liked members of '29. His sterling character will carry him far in his chosen work. EDMUND R. MITIGUY Pre-medical, Vermont Burlington, Vermont Phi Chig Cathedral High Schoolg St. Michael's Collegeg Newman Club, Cast Newman Club Minstrel, Hockey fl, M-U3 Football CM-219 Ariel Board QM-31. Superlatives alone sufiice in giving an adequate appreciation of "Red", and even these oftimes prove anaemic. Primarily we all claim him as a real friend. Red hasn't an enemy unless it be jim Burke, because we under- stand from good authority that he and Red had some hot argu- ments concerning the new City Hall. Red possesses an infectious geniality, a metaphorical pair of horn rimmed glasses ana a lux- uriant crop of faded red hair, all of which combine to make his beaming countenance a tonic for the blues. His cheerful disposition coupled with his easiness in making friends will make him one of Ve'r- mont's most popular M.D.'s. 52291 ARTHUR L. MORE, B.P.E. Pre-medical, Springfield College Holyoke, Massachusetts Phi Rho Sigma, McGill Uni- versity, Holyoke High Schoolg Football CZ, 315 Baseball C3, 413 Gym CZ, 31, This sturdy medico comes to us from McGill where he ac- quired an insatiable desire for physiological research. . "Art" uses his susceptible classmates in experiments on "Reactions to Olfactory Stimuli," his old be- loved pipe is but one of his in- glorious means for producing re- sults. Oratorical ability is another of Arthurls assets. When called upon to recite we all prepare for a display of learned rhetoric and argument, which is only sur- passed by our Dean.. Unless you wish to face this mighty argu- mentative force don't forget to mention Springfield when speak- ing of athletics. DONALD C. MORIARTY Pre-medical, Vermont Waitsiield, Vermont Alpha Kappa Kappag Phi Mu Deltag Waitsiield High Schoolg Varsity Baseball M-1, M-2, M- 35 Class Baseball, 1, 2. All the way from Waitsfield comes this ripping, roaring, spitting, scratching, snarling, speeding, curly haired Cata- mount, to prove to the world that baseball pitchers and doc- tors are bom, not made. And that's not the half of it, for We can also prove by numerous trips over wintry roads to Lancaster, that Don is somewhat of an au- tomobile mechanic, and Don Juan. Morey enjoys life to the ut- most and helps everyone else to do the same with his good na- tured and ready wit. However, when his lusty "Tseee" is heard everyone backs to a comer for things are bound to happen, and he hopes they will. Good luck, Don boy, and welll all miss you. L23oji B EMELIE M. PERKINS, A.B., R.N. Pre-medical, Smith College Rutland, Vermont Alpha Gamma Sigmag Rutland High School g Ariel Board CM-33. Emelie comes to us from the realm of public health. Having won high distinction in this field, together with a wide experience and professional attitude, which most of us have yet to culti- vate, she decided to work out her destiny in medicine. She, too, appears to have pre- served those womanly qualities which are prone to be trans- formed by medical associations- but we see little of Emilie out- side of the white walls of learn- ing. We must not slight the credit due her for the bravery and valor with which she takes the "hard knocks" and the sturdi- ness with which she stands the "aerial attacks" which are pe- culiar to our own kind. ALTON B. SKELTON Pre-medical, Vermont Canastota, New York Nu Sigma Nug Canastota High School, Ariel Board, M-3. Cool, calm and always there with the details on any subject that we may care to ask extra advice about just before entering the exam, that's Skelton. He is one of these smooth boys from whom little is heard except when it is requested, but it is always there. Where he spends his spare time we are not sure but it is rumored that he used to go to the hospital but has now changed his field of endeavor to the other side of the pontoon bridge. At camp he made a soldier that Uncle Sam could well be proud of, and the boys say that there are several Harrisburg girl's that are wondering where their wandering boy is tonight. l231:l RAYMOND J. TURLEY Berlin, New Hampshire Pre-medical, Vermont Phi Chig Berlin High School, Newman Club. There will be weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth when that fatal day comes when "Ray" has to leave our fair city, for not only has this quiet chap won his way into the hearts of class- mates, BUT-he has also cap- tured the hopes and desires of many of our fair sex, who, we dare say won't give him up with- out a struggle. Last fall the city fathers asked Ray to put out the street lights on Colchester Avenue, and so every moming about four A. M. when Ray had finished his anatomy lesson Cpractical not theoreticalj he would trod slowly down the avenue, seeing that all the lamps were out, and that everyone was asleep at the Phi Chi house. HAR OLD H. TWITCHELL B.S. Pre-medical, Vermont Lancaster, New Hampshire Nu Sigma Nug Lambda Iota, Lancaster Academy, Pi Delta Rho: Business Manager ARIEL C353 Corporal Q25 Sergeant C35 Lieutenant Q41 Medical Student Senate KM-255 Medic Ariel Ed- itor CM-33. The Prince of Wales came over, made a few rear platform speeches, received his ovations, and passed quietly from the pic- ture. The "Duke of Lancaster" CN. I-LJ entered Medical College, has propounded continuously for the past three years until now he is considered the official C?j repre- sentative to the faculty,-minus the ovations! But Hanson's interests are not only in medicine. He was en- dowed by the powers that be, with that coveted afhnity for the fairer sex. He may be a friend to them all, but, we are told that there is but one to whom he credits his source of inspira- tion. H321 JEAN M. VILLEMAIRE Pre-medical, Vermont Winooski, Vermont Phi Chig Winooski High School, Newman Club. This tall, dark, unassuming lad with the confident air, is from Winooski. We have our own opinion of people from Wi- nooski, but if they raise other men like "Willie" we want them with us. Maurice, determined to be a true soldier of Vermont, endured the pangs of homesickness, in- vaded Carlisle and took it by storm. We are proud of him. Medicine has produced a great change for the better in this young man. From a sober faced bashful lad. he has become smil- ingly confident and the class comedian. Whenever you need help call on "Willie" and you will be sure to meet with his ready smile and hearty support. IRVING WERNER Pre-medical, Vermont New York City Tau Epsilon Phi, Stuyvesant High Schoolg Football CM-33. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Step right up close and see the mar- vel of the present day. The one and only 'strong man' now in the college of Medicine that is capable of bending iron bars in hoops and circles." For all his great strength Irving can handle a hypo needle with skill and tenderness. Talk about energy-this boy is always ready to take on just a little more, be it playing foot- ball, selling A. M. A. Journals, or boxing with "Joe" in the halls between classes. It makes no difference, he can do them al. "Irv" is one of the most pop- ular fellows in the class and we predict that he will be equally popular and successful in the practice of Medicine. L2331 SOpi'lOll'1OI'9 Class, N930 Arthur Andrew Allen Burlington, Vt. Richard Robbins Barber, Awlf, NEN Montpelier, Vt. Charles Emanuel Brady Burlington, Vt. Michael Emanuel Cerasoli, B. S., cDX Barre, Vt. Danford Orin Chamberlin, L. S., f11X Springfield, Vt. Frank E. Cormia, B. S., AI, AKK Milton, Vt. Robert Alexander Costine, Jr., B. S. CIJAQ, CIDX North Adams, Mass. Arthur Augustine Coyne, ATQ, NEN Providence, R. I- Philip Brock Daniels, B.S., ATQ, AKK Lyndonvilie, Vt. Cyrus Darling Eastman, B. S., NEN Groton, Vt. Frank Flanagan Flagg, B. S., LIDAG, cIJX Bellows Falls, Vt. Allston Hazen Fogg, B. S., NEN Burlington, Vt. Angelo Mario Gnassi, AKK Newark, N. J. Aaron Goldbaum, A.B. New York, N. Y. George Alvin Holland, B. S., TEGJ Morristown, N. J. Lester Ernest Judd, EN, AKK Enosburg Falls, Vt. Louis Charles Kingston, AKK Newcastle, N. B. Kendrick McCullough Burlington, Vt. Katherine Ella McSWeeney, A.M., 119113, APE Burlington, Vt. Mildred Elizabeth Merkle, A.B. Peoria, Ill. Richard William Morris, QJX Poultney, Vt. Robert Cronley Noble, B.S., QJMA, Northampton, Mass. Carl Albert Ottley, B. S., 2113, AKK Seneca Castle, N. Y. Marden Grant Platt, B.S., 2:11, c1uX Riverside, R. I. Rolfe Spaulding Russell, CDMA, cIJX sf. Albans, Vt. Winston Arthur Young Sargent, M.S., Brattleboro, Vt. Betty Small, Ph.G. New York, N. Y. Charles Eugene Stafford, AI, QX Manila, P. I. Louis George Thabault, NEN Winooski, Vt. Royal Aaron Whitney, B.S., NEN Chelsea, Vt. Paul Berry Van Dyke, Xqz, QBH, NEN Burlington, Vt. I 2341 CIDX EAX Pl'QSl'll'1'I'ii1'1 Class, H931 Roger Hubbard Allbee, EN Springfield, Vt. Armand Charles Archambault Barre, Vt. Roland Sigurd Aronson, ATQ, AKK Rutland, Vt. Clyde Lynwood Chaffee, QJX Richford, Vt. William Bailey Clapp, QJAGJ, AKK North Grafton, Mass. Adele Beyle Cohn Rochester, N. Y. Frederick Milton Crump, GAG, AKK Gloversville, N. Y. John Joseph Curran, ATQ, NEN Florence Mass. Michael Angelo D'Andrea Newark, N. J. Lyman Chandler Duryea, CIJX Burlington, Vt. Stanton Seelv Eddy, Jr., BS., X111, NEN Middlebury, vt. Merrill Frank Gardner, CIJX New Bedford, Mass. Arthur Gladstone Burlington, Vt. Philip Anthony Goddard, NEN Morrisville, Vt. George Vaughn Goodwin, QDMA, NEN Montpelier, Vt. Francis Leach Herrick, ATQ, NEN Pawlet, Vt. Carlisle Tyson Hewes. QJAGJ, NEN Gruton. Conn. Samuel William Howard, AKK Rutland, Vt. Richard Milton Ireland, EN, NEN Burlington, Vt. Leo James Kennedy, AB, NEN Burlington, Vt. Paul Joseph Lawrence, c11X Burlington, Vt. Urho Robert Merikangas, :PX Arlington, Vt. Willard Jackson Morse, ECI: Middletovsm, Conn. John Richard Pavia, CEX Newark, N. J. Elizabeth Gertrude Pingree, ET White River Jet., Vt. Louise Foster Prevost, EI' Springfield, Vt. Clifford Winfield Quad West Orange, N. J. Joseph Charles Quotrano, :IDX New Haven, Conn. Edward Joseph Roy, ZX, LIJX Indian Orchard, Mass. Irving Rudolph, AXCIJ New York, N. Y. Charles Joel Sage, NLA. New Yo-rk, N. Y. Harry Clark Schurman, CDMA, QX Linden, N. Y. Richard Henry Taft, AKK Ticonderoga, N. Y. Nehemiah Alvarado Towne, CIJAQ, c1JX Swanton, Vt. Keith Frank Truax, ZX, :LX Burlington, Vt. Arthur Charles Unsworth, KE, NEN Burlington, Vhx Philip Harold 'Waldman New York, N. Y. Harry MacKay Wilson, KE, NEN Berlin, N. H. Francis Alton Winchenbach, ATQ, NEN Framingham, Mass. l2351 Soule, Preniiss, Defoe Wilson, Geichell Cap and Senior Honorary Medical Society FRATRES IN FACULTATE C. H. Beecher, M. D. D. E. McSweeney, M. D. H. A. Durfee, M. D. W. T. Rees, M. D. O. N. Eastman, M. D. W. G. Townsend, M. D. S. H. Martin, M. D. FRATRES IN URBE B. J. A. Bombard, M. D. E. W. Pike, M. D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Gariield Girard Defoe Roger Gaylord Prentiss, Jr Ralph Augustus Getchell Arthur Bradley Soule, Jr. Leo Earle Wilson, Pres. Lzsej McNamara, Mifiguy, Skelton Twifchell, Perkins Medic Ariel Board Editor H arold H anson Twitchell Assistant Editors William Joseph McNamara Emelie Munson Perkins Edmund Reeves Mitiguy Alton Beecher Skelton l2371 A5i5g1isQg,Q ,.r5 14 152 Q .,153 2?E2,h Eddy, Goddard, Winchenbach, Hewes, Unsworfh, Wilson, Curran Herrick, Coyne, Barber, Whitney, Easfman, Thabaulf, Goodwin, Kennedy Gillson, Skelton, Newhall, Adams, Harrison, Samson, Barcomb, Twitchell, Berry 52381 BETA PHI, QDELTA MUQ CHAPTER OF Nu Sigma Nu FRATRES IN F Lyman Allen, A. B., M. D., '96 C. H. Beecher, M. D., '00 E. T. Brown, M. D. '97 T. S. Brown, M. D., '04 H. Buttles, A. B., M. D., '08 R. Caldwell, M. D., '14 QAMD F. Dalton, M. D., '03 P. K. French, Ph.B., M. D., '23 K. Jackson, A. B., M. D., 94 QAMQ N. Jenne, M. S., M. D., '81 E. N. C. F. J. M. C. Twitchell, M. D., '93 QAMQ c. F. whitney, M. ACULTATE F. S. Kent, M. D., '19 K. C. McMahon, B. S., M. D., '22 E. D. McSWeeney, A. B., M. D., '23 MMD P. E. McSweeney, M. S., M. D., '86 David Marvin, M. D., '00 J. C. O'Neil, B. S., M. D., '17 QAMD C. A. Pease, M. D., '99 QAMJ W. T. Rees, M. D., '24 QAMD G. M. Sabin, B. S., M. D., '96 F. W. Sears, A. B., M. D., '88 S., M. D., '03 FRATRES IN URBE R. E. Corley, A. B., M. D., '25 QAMD W. H. Englesby, A. B., M. D., '97 QAMQ G. I. Forbes, Ph.B., M. D., '93 A. R. Hogan, A. B., M. D., '22 I-I. N. Jackson, M. D., 93 CAM? P. P. Lawlor, M. D., '20 W. A. Lyman, M. D., '94 C. F. Robinson, M. D., '16 R. G. Streeter, M. D., '27 K. J. Tillotson, M. D., '21 W. J. Upton, M. D., '98 FRATRES IN UN IVERS ITATE Seniors Asa C. Adams, B. S. Chester A. Newhall, A. B. Frederick M. Bannon Roger G. Prentiss, Jr., B. S. Wayne P. Harrison, A. B. Laurel E. Samson, B. S. Frederick W. McFarland, A. B. Leo E. Wilson. Juniors Albert E. Barcomb Reginald E. Gillson John L. Berry, B. S. Alton B. Skelton Harold H. Twitchell, B. S. Sophomores Richard R. Barber Allston H. Fogg, B.S. Arthur A, Coyne LO11lS G. Thabault Cyrus D. Eastman, B.S. Royal A. Whitney, B.S. Freshmen John J. Curran Stanton S. Eddy, Jr., B. S. Phillip A. Goddard George V. Goodwin Francis L. Herrick C. Tyson Hewes Richard M. Ireland Leo J. Kennedy Arthur C. Unsworth Harry M. Wilson Francis A. Winchenbach H391 Q ,Q or 1 VS? AQQ , , -M Q' Merikangas, Morriss, No-ble, Cosfine, Truax, Flagg, Stafford, Russell, Towne Cerasoli, Platt, Chamberlain, Villemaire, Asseline, Mitiguy, Pavia, Flynn, Turley, Knox Kinloch, Horsefield, Alonge, Goodrich, Goddard, Defoe, Foster, Amaranfes Roy, Lawrence, Gardner, Quairano, Chaffee M401 ALPHA CHAPTER OF Phi Chi Founded af University of Vermont 1889 FRATRES IN FACULTATE F. E, Clark, M. D. F. A. Rich, M. D. J. B. Wheeler, A. B., C. K. Johnson, M. D. E. G. Twitchell, A. B., M. D., Sc. D. S. H. Martin, M. D M. D. C. M. Williams, A. B. M. D. FRATRES IN URBE J. H. Bean, M. D. W. H. Clancy, M. D. A. B. Lawrence, M. D. B. J. A. Bornbard, M. D. C. F. Fallon, M. D. C. N. Perkins, M. D. J. M. Caisse, M. D. R. W. Johnson, M. D. J. D. Tanner, M. D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Gariield G. Defoe Leonard R. Goodrich V Glendon B. Goddard , Harold F. Sullivan A Juniors Albert R. Amarantes Gilbert V. Foster Raymond J. Turley Elzear F. Asselin Thomas E. Horsefield Edmund R. Mitiguy Herbert L. Flynn Everett S. Kinloch, B. S. J. Maurice Villemaire Sophornores Anthony Alonge, M. A. Robert A. Costine Jr., Charles E, Stafford Micheal F. Gerasoli, B. S. B. S. Robert C. Noble, B. S. Danford O. Chamberlain, Frank F. Flagg, B. S. Marden G. Platt, B. S. L. S. Richard W. Morris Rolfe S. Russell Freshmen Clyde L. Chaffee Urho R. Merikangas Harry C. Schurman Lyman C. Duryea John R. Pavia Nehemiah A. Towne Merrill F. Gardner Joseph C. Quatrano Kenneth F. Truax Paul J. Lawrence Edward J. Roy L2+1j .fax +4 X 1- inf' ai QJQCQOXN 0, v '-fa ,Pgsgi o"7 .---96' ., M.: fjzfgk 3 P, ,V . LQIQQ f.b""il .. Q 4 ,. ,N if kf"l'31g'f , ., 1 M 3,2 Taft, Howard, Crump, Clapp, Kingston, Aronson, Cormia, Daniels, Ottley Fanning, Bartholomew, Bellerose, Judd, Moriarty, Denning, Cayward, Hare, McNamara Foofe, Lemay, Deignan, Garipay, Mudgefi, Bruce, Gefchell, Baker L24z1 DELTA CHAPTER OF Alpha Kappa Kappa Founded az' Dartmouth College 1888 B. D. Adams, M.D. J. H. Dodds, M.D. H. A. Durfee, A.B., M.D. 0. N, Eastman, M.D. T. E. Hayes, M.D. A. K. Aldinger, M.D. J. A. Archambault, M.D. F. J. Arnold, M.D. E. F. Foster, M.D. FRATRES IN FACULTATE M. D. FRATRES IN URBE A C G H R. L. Maynard, M.D. E. W. Pike, M.D. C. A. Ravey, M.D. H. F. Taylor, B.S., M.D. W. G. Townsend, B. S., Larner, M.D. Reusse Rist. M.D. Wilder, M.D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE John J. Baker, A.B. J. Graham Bruce W. L. Deignan, B.S. H. A. Bartholomew, Jr. Maurice N. Bellerose Claire G. Cayward, B.S. Frank E. Cormia, B.S. Philip B. Daniels, B.S. Roland S. Aronson William B. Clapp Seniors Fredrick J. Fanning Lewis D. Foote Stanley L. Garipay Ralph A. Getchell Juniors Walter S. Denning E. Treen Hare Sophomores Angelo M. Gnassi Lester E. Judd Freshmen Fredrick M. Crump l243l Albert T. Lemay Charles S. Mudgett A. Bradley Soule, Jr., A.B William J. McNamara A.B. Donald C. Moriarty Louis E. Kingston Carl A. Ottley, B.S. Samuel W. Howard Richard H. Taft i Alpha Gamma Sigma Founded at University of Vermont 1924 SORER IN URBE Doris M. Sidwell, B. S. M. D. S O RORES IN UN IVERSITATE Seniors Junior Eloise B. Peterson Emilie M. Perkins, A.B., Yvonne M. Turk, B.S. R.N. 'sophomores Freshmen ' Katherine lVIcSweeney, Adele B. Cohn 1VI.A. Elizabeth G. Pingree Betty Small, Ph.G. Louise F. Prevost What have we here in ghostly frame And prayeth thee, what is thy name? With stotic smile upon thy face, That time nor wear cannot erase. With care-free poise you sit and grin, As some kind neighbor just dropped in. At night you haunt us in our dreams- You'd spoil our every day it seems. But stronger hopes burn in us all, Than lie within your marble wall. Sometimes I wonder why you're hereg What filled your life from year to year- What hopes, desires, ideals you had, And were you good, or were you bad? What thoughts came from that cavern hold And were you quiet, meek or bold? Sometimes I wonder why this strife- Sometimes I wonder,-"What is life?" For stripped ofall our clothing fair, We are as you-but naked, bare. Our life's ambitions now are past- I wonder if this is the last, Or -if beyond this mortal frame We'll see the light of day again? Grin on thou spectre, you who knowsg We'll share your secret at life's close. l 1"'.. 1. ll " ' X' L A.. .st a as I I f .X .Q L 1.1 K , m E244-J 4 N E J 1 5 W P' ,r N FL w 1 Wk. 3 :r ,, N ,' 'ip I, io w lp E 1 R, ,N X? H , wa- R .r Q , ul' fm f Kb li . r w, lv N , E, I L I .P N w wg, 1 L is N w in I7 X! L Wr S , 1 up 1 vb -H V V ,r fy M, , . , ig--AA.nA.1.AA.n.a,L.iP.Af.4lz.11. I2-P51 246 KZ47 , ' X. sl m 1 5 W w IVIARRIA GE QXSS ,A REP USED WQSAQ my Yi "Pow H8161 K . f --fu --.- M91-.-M, ...,. ..,, ,,,, U .,.. W X HISTFH pm Wm IWW! ,, - ,W ' - - :N EIMWW rwn rms' F459 ' ' Swec-Ihr ifff , ,- fwli -. ' 'mf h ""':' ' Docl: - tar' "f Nnieu' : SW". .U ll. qwpd f. . lem: I N""' Sving fur 1,,, gjghun fyrjsblrig . F -f I X " wa-'?47N5f1'-f d' . -W . 'N PJQAGV1 UBEL ' ' . UN! A MP- U2 1,5-A iff'- ' , , A X3 v U K gg' I 91 uf 2 COME NU . 'His . R W1 L ,214 .IX ., HBA vlPATN me W - ' W1--H wb 1 '7 L . X ' J Q0 I cu C-ooxxkmo ' gown L0 L AWGN 1 M- f -1x- M . 1, w ' 7 - XX Q22 fab, H 4 si- Q '49 fs ll! 5 UWB WY S35 of' 2 'W N- ' OIL w 0 Affvw-snblcrhirs ol: nlffhmlq r,f linnleinlr Vp 'thy U h em mm A nd. xwwi M WI xx- x 6W66'f wwwggg mmg wh x H 5 ammmms gmmwjyw mmmmggwwwaz Fanglcs ui' Dr. Slmicm of Mzmy Qfdshgnz nies ,Top Z0 Ebeqg- . " 'Wieljn Dfqpjh . YQ Rv Abiliiy nl mm' . are BWI Rm n, In en' WW Nga' A 341 V elfm ,ffl . , E0 ' 'e'W'5 ' '5'xm. 'Manx L' hz , ,A in Hxnb. cg , N WL 'www' 'fr 'Z' X QWYQQYZL . 'qillfff X' 1. WS' u"2v c X 1,2 "fn, U0 fr .fr 10 4:01, I I - 4 , .- .' v : ' +A- sz xiii?- I I2481 TURLEY'S FINISHING SCHOOL CSuccessors to Sweetheart Academyj Ideally located on the banks of the beautiful Winooski River. Only five minutes walk to the Woolen Mills, where there are several acres of floor space for demonstration. All degrees embraced. J. Raymond Turley, Pres. NOTICE, SHORT MEN! Are you too short? Does brevity of stature impair your success? Do women call you "Cutey" or "Baby"? O-MIN GROWING GLANDS will add feet to your height! See us for proof. AMARANTES 81: ANTELL GROWTH SPECIALISTS. EEEE EHEE CZAJA'S DEPARTMENT STORE WANTED - Experienced Artist's We cater to the Phi Chi's Model wants position. Preferably F' F Czaja 239 Colchester Ave with E. D. Asselin. Write Box 44, I City. EFI!-E 55' GOLFERS! MARRIED MEN'S CLUB New Members Welcome Success Guaranteed KNOX, HEBB, HARE, BUSCH 8a CZAJA Eligibles to the above club are: Mitiguy, Kinloch, Denning, Cay- ward, Moriarty, Barcomb, Amaran- tes, Twitchell, Bartholomew, QMC- Namara with reservations! ':E':E GIRLS! TOO FAT? Try my famous reducing exercise. "Red" Mitiguy, M. D. 52491 Boys let us give you expert advice on how to work out on the greens. Hare 8a Bellerose Experts ':E':E HETHERLAND TAXI CO. We cater to all. Cheap rates to Medics. Parking spaces a specialty. EVERETT KINLOCH, Prop. ':Fl':F CAN YOU TALK? Is some unseen hand keeping you dumb? I can teach you the art of a real "line," J. L. BERRY unior Questionnaire Daring the wrath of the Gods and the fury of the Class of '29, We the editors of this section, herewith print for the edification of all who may come after us, the results of the questionnaire recently submitted to our classmates, together with our little criticisms and wise cracks. We hope you like it, but if you don't, please don't direct your wrath this way, for they are not our choices, God forbid! Of course our own Claire easily won the coveted place of most popular, but We're inclined to think that the women had something to do with it, for "Kay" is hard and he rates ace high with them. Just why Red Mitiguy should be picked for the most all-round member We can't decide, but it's his with no arguments. There was close competition for the best looking sheik, but Bill lVlac's ears came to his rescue and he won by three inches. Doctor Bellrose should be complimented on the way he dresses his off- spring, for Maurice won first prize as the best dressed. Reggie fought his way through to the position of the class's hardest worker, which we feel he rightly deserves. When it came to the "most apt to succeed" everyone showed their modesty by voting for themselves, except little Al, and so by his generosity we unanimously accord him the position, and we'll gamble on it too! This same trait again came to the front when we asked who had the most brains, everyone voted for himself, so we put it up to the doctors with the result that Skelton took it in a walk. Claire took another blue ribbon as the best athlete, while Berry and Villemaire tied as the class comedian-they're both about as funny as Doctor Canavan's jokes. lVlcNamara's ability to laugh when Dr. French hands him a 72, won him the place as optimist, but Twitchell says that an optimist is an ass who thinks his ears don't show-so what the heck? Doc Kinlock raced his Chevy right up to 17 miles an hour and came in first as the class pessimist, with Bartholomew close behind. In the next race however, Bart turned the tables on Doc and took first money as the most conceited. Just why our gentle Cayward was elected the hardest man in the class is well known to most of us, but we won't give away your secret Claire. Tom Horsefield or "I-Ierschfeld" as he prefers to be called, displayed the smooth line to win him the coveted position of the smoothest of the smooth-and if you never heard it, you should, it's good. Bill Mac with his forty sweet- hearts in as many places tincluding Winooskij duly received the white spats and cane for being the most fickle, while Elzear Asselin marathoned his way home as the best dancer. Speed Denning came in for his share of the riding and won the hon- ored position as the class plumber, while the honors for being the crabbiest went to-well, he's not the biggest in the class, and we're afraid he couldn't stand the extra burden. Evidently many of the boys think they're good, for they put themselves down as the best parlor athlete, but when it came to the final count Turley had the honor cinched. More with his old duodeen is the smokestack while Knox reigns supreme as the snootiest. Bellrose is the tightest, and Treen Hare is the best "daddy," Gilbert Vincent, who ran McNamara a close second as the best looking, took his rightful place as the biggest prohibitionist--we don't know why. Lzsoi R. I I ,L 5 -6 ...z L. x. 9 251 most honored Dean Here is our into your calcified bean f H' -'N Who can pound f drugs I ' - wfffi gtk ' f -NQQ W -:Xp An array o f QQ--fall at K3 ,af vs If I 'J SW!! From plants and from bugs X ' , J,-' ,Lfjf As impossible as it may seem X X ,f QW!-xfffi XY.- 'Au Ji?-Xrmxxxv' , This great, strong boy we call Bobby ix Ufaxlv "lm His grip is an aid to his hobby , REX For in the setting of fractures - With muscle contractures R X wt. mi He can do up the job, quite nobby. W ff lk J 5 'Ere is a mon, fancy lydies, .W-'Q W 'Ho knows all there is about bybies ,QNX Q37 NU 'E gives them barley JK sywvihjl ,L xxvwlmf , The health giving whey KM xx-Nixff . I I, . 7 A , , . . ' nd e knows ow to put on their dydies J -. X fr , Here, there can plainly be seen X 1- ---' N- ' "' man rig as a moon earn ,MUW7 A b ' ht -b . st? S- wif lk His topic, "The germ Is our greatest concern." Cd , mv' ff X It is in one word, plain hygiene QTL ,X l1A axii Xfff-QQX, XFX X This man may be quite wee L VVVP His wit keeps the class in high glee Z! When you meet Dr. Clark 701 Be prepared for a lark ll C5 , ' it For no other te11's jokes just like he. r X!!! 52521 V R 4 4 i 4 5 4 G H P! 2 Q1 S ' 'l f I 8 a The Athletic Council Dr. Albert K. Aldinger Harold A. Mayforth Chairman Graduate Manager Faculty Representatives Alumni Representatives Arthur D. Butterfield John O. Baxendale Dr. Ernest H. Buttles Royal E, Bingham Fred D. Carpenter, Secretary Dr. E. Douglas McSweeney James E. Donahue John H. Patrick Floyd B. Jenks I Student Managers Charles H. Stevens, Football Clarence F. Castle, Basketball Sabin C. Abell, Baseball . at Kenneth R. Stevens, Track 'f 140, ' s. flfyf l. ,ln 2, 3 ,.., , ,f We if ' fig fr: LQ '33 Y f 7 fi , , fi D1' Aldinger HHal" Mayforth f2S3j Wearers of tlwe W. J. Burstein, '30 C. G. Cayward, M., '29 J. T. Conway, '28 D. E. Damon, '29 S. Denning, M., '29 J. S. Estabrook, '29 H. J. Kropper, '29 Leary, '28 C. H. Mace, '30 C. C. Macomber, '29 W. J. Morse, M., '30 W. L. G. Castle, '28, Mgr. C. F. C. G. Cayward, M., '29 Estabrook, '29 T. J. Halligan, '30 P. E. Manning, '30 L. H. Marvin, '28 J. S. Football Basketball IZS4-1 HV!! T. Nilsen, '29 F. O'Keefe, '29 F. Palmer, '29 R. Robinson, '29 Scutakes, '29 G. Sirois, '30 A. Smith, '28, Capt. C. H. Stevens, '28, Mgr C. Thorn, '29 Werner, '28 A. Winchenbach, '28 C. Morgan, '29 F. Palmer, '29 R. Pike, '29 . A. Prentice, '28, Capt. W. Price, '28 H. M. Wallace, '29 S. C. Abell, '28 R. S. Aronson, M., Baseball '30 C. G. Cayward, M., '29 W. N. Cogswell, '28 J. T. Conway, '28, Capt. A. H. Fogg, M., 130 D. C. Moriarty, M., '29 W. J. Morse, M., '30 H. A. Prentice, '28 C. W. Price, '28 R. W. Schoppe, '28 J. A. Smith, '28 C. C. Macomber, '29 G. S. Talcott, '28 L. H. Marvin, '28 A. A. Valenti, '28 F. A. Winchenbach, '28 Track C. G. Cayward, M., '29 C. H. Mace, '30 R. A. Costine, M., '29 H. A. Prentice, '28 R. K. Hastings, '28 F. E. Robbins, '29 S. Howard, M., '31 A. W. Shaw, '28 H. J. Kropper, '29 K. R. Stephens, '28, Mgr. L. G. Leary, '28 F. A. Winchenbach, '28 C. C. Lyman, '29 N. C. Wood, '29 O. T, Wood, '28, Capt. Cross-Country R. H. Arnold, '30 E. S. Rowe, '29 S. M. Martiuetti. '29 O. T. Wood, '28, Capt. Hockey A. E. Ashcraft, '28 H. C. Schurman, '28 C. F. Bassow, '30 L. Segal, '31 W. S. Denning, M., '29 A. C. Unsworth, '28, Mgr. E. R. Mitiguy, M., '29 F. A. Winchenbach, '28, Capt P. M. Perry, '30 N. C. Wood, '29 O. T. Wood, '28 Tennis G. E. Baldwin, Jr., '28, Capt. M. I. Gould, '28, Mgr. H. K. Borkland, '30 G. Graves, Jr., '28 P. Goddard, M., '31 F. G. Shedd, '28 M. V. Taylor, Jr., '28 Rifle E. G. Ball, '30 R. E. McGee, '31 C. E. Brown, '30, Capt. C. W. Morse, '30, Mgr. A. V. A. H. C. Collins, '28 K. W. Kyle, '28 R. T. Holden, '28 J. A. Miller '28 .... Cheer Leader H. H. Fogg, '28 ...... Eligibility Manager I2551 M an ager F o gg Eligibility During the last year the work of the eligibility department has been under the direction of Harold H. Fogg, '28, manager, and D. A. Paul, C. J. Douglas, and A. W. Phelon, Jr., of the class of 1929. Grades have been kept available at all times in the graduate manager's office. The cooperation of the men's fratern- ities was again enlisted through the eiforfs of the department and due to the praiseworthy teamwork thus obtained, Vermont athletics have been little hindered by ineligibility during the season. Cheer Leading To Jack Miller and his assistants is due much of the credit for 1 ,A 'ry peppy send-offs and the creditable backing which the athletic teams have received this year. Although they have oftentimes I been handicapped by the lack of support from the student body, N and some occasions the students have 'been conspicuous by their ggi: 1: absence, Miller and his assistants have made up for lack of num- .. Q V bers by volumes of noise. I Q. ff' With the assistance of the Freshman class a huge "V" was , M . . t formed on the grandstand at the Middlebury game and the glan "Bury Middlebury" banner again appeared on the long to be re- membered twelfth of November. kl Frost '30 together .Tack Miller '28, head cheerleader, and Oa ey with "Bunk" Bolles '31, his assistants are all products of the cheer leading school which has become a permanent institution on the hill. l256l I Jack Miller. - " t ,Q -' - , '- 112, ,,z: N r 5 I' .4,..-1 .-:Air " NX: Mflgf. 'sqaf ' jj! Q. ggi.,--ff-'ill'-f'-5-'1-if? , i R. QQ- IZS7 1 Mace, Donnelly, Bray, Mgr., Stevens, Sirois, Gourson, Macomber, Kersey Coach Dresser, Rogers, Nilsen, Ely, Scutakes, Burstein, Palmer, Young, Coach McAvoy Levine, Werner, Kropper, Winchenbach, Capf. Smith, Leary, O'Keefe, Robinson, Esfabrook Football IC927 1 I 1 Y I Coach MCAv0y Line Coach Dresser John A. Smith Charles H. Stevens John P. Hyland Albert G. Mackay Franklin R. Otto William J. lVlcAvoy Henry O. Dresser OFFICERS fzsoj Capfain . Manager Assistant Manager Assisfanf Manager Assisfanf Manager . Head Coach Assistant Coach The Team Left End Left Tackle Left Guard Palmer Damon Levine Robinson Burstein Nilsen Right Guard Right Tackle Right End Kropper Winchenbach Sirois Werner Leary Left Halfback Fullback Estabrook Smith Mace Gourson Manager Stevens Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Center O'Keef e Quarterback Estabrook Conway Right Halfback Macomber Scutakes Summary 1927 Vt Opp Columbia at New York ........ 0 Harvard at Cambridge .. 3 Williams at Williamstown .,... 0 Providence at Burlington ...... 40 22 Tufts at Burlington ..... .... 0 29 Norwich at Northfield ......... 0 22 5 Amherst at Amherst Cancelled 12 Middlebury ................... 13 7 25 Springtield .. .... 0 24 f260l JOHN ARCHER SMITH All-Eastern Small College Fullback Captain 1927 For four years a star on gridiron and diamond. Named by Arn Coach, as one of the best defensive backs ever appearing in the Harvard Stadium. old Horween, Head- 12611 M, W elk' - , . ,W n- '-44, , .W 1 ,MJ mam Palmer recovering fumble in Columbia Game Early in September, Coach McAvoy issued his first call for football candidates and although the opening of college was nearly two weeks away about twenty men reported for practice. Of these, ten or eleven were varsity letter men last year. The two end positions and one halfback position were left open by the graduation of Simpson, Morse and Candon. VVith such men as Palmer, Robinson and Sirois out for the wings Coach McAvoy had little trouble in tilling these vacancies. There was also a large group of men who had won their letter the previous year in the backfleld. From the large number of stars on last lears undefeated Frosh team, only six men of any merit were able to report. These were Sirois at end, Levine at center, Gourson a halfback, Mace, fullback, Knapp and Burstein, tackles. All of these men made their letter this season and helped Coach Mc- Avoy solve the problem of substitutes which has been an absent factor for the past two years. "Harm" Kropper "fl1ClC" COHWCW f262:l raaa aa f'6?aZasi?aEE3?aaae'-Wav faf'5Mt'faaaa?a5ti2??255t3a fava5?afaaaaiQ?a?a?aSe2eassaaaaasaaaa fswfua--. -vw: 5 . R. - , Q .. J, v Nm-:.i,' " -qi I.. f- . 4 1 fag M ff - .. - -' .4 -, ,A - 4. " , U 1 . " ""' 1 . ' 5, ' " .. , W ' i m ma? . ,mr,,,. +"'Ek .,w f Ag, ,X - 5, .. - .l g 45.45 .55 , ' A an y .7 gg Q4 ,WM '1 .y as-A 1 fr. -, . 1-1-lf g. fswg,,.:i w i: -f r 239 .1 -I 4- . . ff. -Ag, J- .W '-'wf isz -, .- 3 1 e s., "-- 'ff' ' . .,,. .. .. Q.., , .,., ,, - ., , ., ,., ,, , . f' at ff'-vt' .i - , Mr? Q. ' , m a ff xi .ef ,W if fit., ,, 'W.z'.. ,..U..'2', P -, -- ' ' -' ' -.f-. , .fc ,,-'.- , ,. -wi" H 3 g fy' -V -.L ,v ,, y M3. fv as,gf gfi - . 31" , . i - -.. , f. '. ,. ' 2 - -, - as ., ,,., f ,' .J w ' 1: A -' awaaaawmaazwaemaavatggaaaawanwMwmwaajausawaivwwayfmseffamswi 'WGN' 'ii-' '25 rf-5' ' ,?w"a' g. '-XS-5 .1 ,-. , . .Af",s1:-if 1 . ' ,,.v-.3 K 1 Wi- sf' fm? :,.,e,-:i?:fx?,1,fM,.f,'5,s -:dj1fat1Zif4.5:,.gv.j,11gxg, .f y - Ja f.I3gJx 5,,:1,..: M293 -- ,fegff-.lg-,.M.,'::-. - we were Q Q, 4, ' ' A-.,v," g ,-gf-ag., was A.. fi ' ,ww-,4.m'4L4z's.n '4 -5. , V f gf-: ft , ,,,., V-1-'msg L- . ..,. 4 .W ,..V. .. . . . 'iw w. .at.a.rzff.'-ire! .1 'tif-91257- L, +6 4eh.'3f.f?.,,w - f ,. .i ma A uf NZ , i lsr., W5 1. f .. 91 't '. F Conway Scores Field Goal Against Harvard But with all'these prospects Vermont turned in a rather bad showing on the gridiron. Out of the eight games played, only twice was Vermont on the winning side. She put away both Providence and Middlebury in iine shape, but she was forced to bow to Columbia, Harvard, Williams, Tufts, Norwich and Springfield. It was expected that the Catamounts would lose to such teams as Columbia and Harvard but with the rest the Green and Gold had an even chance. Probably the most outstanding game on the schedule was their de- feat at the hands of Harvard. Although defeated the Vermonters were praised to the skies for their fine showing against the Crimson. Captain "Jack" Smith was given special mention several times for his excellent showing against this much superior eleven. Ver- mont's victory' over Middlebury came as a surprise, as the Green and Gold had been steadily on the decline for the past two years, However the slogan t'Beat Middlebury and the Season is a Success", must have instilled ight in the Catamounts for they left the field that day with thelbacon under their arms and a smile on their faces. "Wink" Winchenbach "Cal" Macomber Lzesj .. .1 ...4.,1,fnA as Vermont Scores on Providence Capt. Smith was undoubtedly the most outstanding rnan on the varsity squad this year and probably one of the best punters that Vermont will ever have. No matter whether Vermont won or lost Smith always stood head and shoulders above the rest of the team. During the latter part of the season Coach McAvoy shifted Estabrook to quarter and put Conway in at halfback. With the signal duties off his hands Conway was fifty per cent better than he had been in his old position. Estabrook also took to his new job like a duck to water and we should not wonder if he turned out to be one of the best signal callers Vermont has had since the days of Gooch. The versatile Winchenbach continued to play his usual stellar game at tackle through- out the entire schedule. His loss to the team this year will leave a gap in the line which will be hard to ill. "Sap" Palmer, who played both end and tackle during the past season was far better than last year and it is not hard to see why he was chosen leader for next years varsity. Vermont opened her season with Columbia again this year and although she went to New York with a much stronger team than last years varsity which gave the Lions a scare, she failed to make a very favorable showing. The Moringside eleven piled up 32 points and held the Catamounts scoreless. However, as Columia had a veteran team, Vermont fans were far from disappointed. "Seeley" Esfabrook "Sap" Palmer f264QI w . 4, A A . ,. Tufts Secondary Stops Vermont On the following Saturday, the Catamounts took on the Harvard eleven at Cambridge and although defeated 21-3, they showed a complete reversal of form. Conway scored the first points of the year for Vermont, when he booted the ball between the cross bars for three points. However Captain Smith was the outstanding star of the day, showing up much better than any of the Crimson eleven. His defensive play drew favorable com- ment from all eastern newspapers and the punting was the best of his career. Being only the second game for the Green and Gold, fumbles were rather frequent and these proved costly for Harvard scored all of her points as the result of Vermont miscues. Next came Williams and here the varsity again suffered from bad breaks. During the first period Vermont was within scoring distance of the goal several times but penalties spoiled their chances every time. Lawder of Williams scored both touchdowns for his team and as he played the guard position this is a very remarkable feat. One score came as the result of a pass and the other from a blocked punt. Captain Smith again featured the Vermont attack with his wonderful defensive work and his excellent punts. Levine and Wirichenbach also played a stellar game for the Green and Gold. "Jack" Robinson "Jimmy" Scufakes f26S1 The Norwich Line Holding Vermont Providence opened the home season for Vermont and also opened the way for the Catamounts first victory. Six times Vermont crossed the Dominicans' goal line and four times Conway booted the extra point. The Vermont goal line was never in danger, in fact the visitors never got nearer than the twenty-two yard line throughout the galne. Scutakes and Levine were the stars for the locals while Allen starred for the visitors. The undefeated Tufts eleven came next on the Catamounts schedule and they left Centennial Field with their record still untouched for the Green and Gold were unable to show any kind of offense whatever. Vermont's worst break of the season came in,the second period when Capt. Smith was forced to leave the game with injuries which hand- icapped him for the remainder of the season. Up to the time of Smith's removal, Vermont played Tufts on even terms but when he left the game the Green and Gold spirit was broken and Ellis, the Jumbo quarter ran through Vermont almost at will. Ellis was easily the best man seen at Centennial Field for a number of years. The final score was 22 to 0 in favor of the Blue and White. "Dan" Damon "Frank" O'Keefe 52663 . . Q m,.-..,.aE . FQ Macomber Goes Around MiddZebury's End On the 22nd of October, Vermont took on Norwich at Northfield for the first game of the State Series. Vermont started the game without the services of their Captain but it was not long before the Catamount star took the field. With his return to the lineup, the Cats marched down the field to the three yard line only to have the whistle blow and save the soldiers from being scored upon. Norwich scored twice, once in the first half and again in the second on an illegal forward pass. Winchenbach and O'Keefe were the stars for Vermont while Kane, Ellis and Sherman played a great game for the Maroon and Gold. The game with Amherst was called off on account of Flood conditions. This gave Vermont an extra week in which to practice for the second state series game with Middle- bury. - "Al" Sirois "Ed" Gourson L267:l Vermont at Springfield On November 12th, the Blue and White came to Burlington confident that they would return home with a victory but the Cats also held the same opinion. Early in the first half Macomber, making his first start as a regular, intercepted a Middlebury pass and with fine interference by Burstein, crossed the goal line for Vermont's first score' of the game. In this game Coach McAvoy shifted Conway to half and Estabrook to quarter where both players played an excellent game. Late in the second half Middlebury' put across her first score but it was not enough to win as Vermont also scored again in'theL second half on a lateral pass Estabrook to Conway. Macomber and Conway were' the most outstanding players for Vermont while Palmer of Middlebury played a great game for the visitors. Vermont played her annual game with Springfield on Thanksgiving Day although they were forced to take a roundabout route to Springfield. On a mud covered field they Cata- mounts bowed to the undefeated Red and White eleven by a 24-0 score. Sirois and Mace played a fine defensive game for Vermont while Steves and Williams starred for the win- ners. The punting of Captain Smith again featured this game. NTGIN Nilsen "Bump" Levine L26241 Football IQ28 The Schedule " Sept. 29 Columbia at New York Oct. 6 Princeton at Princeton Oct. 13 Boston University at Burlington Oct. 20 Union at Schenectady Oct. 27 Connecticut Aggies at Burling- aaa aaa Nov. 3 Norwich at Burlington Nov. 10 Rensselaer at Troy . . Nov. 17 Middlebury at Middlebury Mwwiiifiw Nov. 25 Spnngudd at Spnnghud Captain-Elect Palmer Manager-Elect Otto Prospects With only three regulars graduating, Vermont's chances for a successful season next year look particularly bright. The loss of Captain Smith will hit Coach McAvoy's eleven the hardest as this leaves Vermont without a reliable punter. However either Gourson or Mace may improve enough to fill i.n this gap. The freshman squad also has two men in Allen and Watkins who may be able to fill in this vacancy. Conway's place at quarter will be ably filled by Estabrook who saw service at this position twice during the past season. On the line Winchenbach will be lost and although he has played a wonder- ful game during the last three years his place can be iilled with either Nilsen or Burstein who r f d ' ' ' ' ' a e ast eveloplng into great linesmen. All of the other positions on the elevexi can be filledin by the same men who played this year and Coach McAvoy has a wealth of substitute material in the present Freshman Team, both in the line and in the backfield, Werner, r. g. Burstein, l. t. Mace, 1, h, f2691 P- I in 4 G L liiol f?:f':'1- Wu - 1 ll. , , s 'x'si.Zi-if.: 111- -" 'Win Pr 2121. 1 -f455g1,g. ,psy t f -1 W: 45475 93: ff' X .03 ,K 53: I , , ff! I x,,,,,,,., " X . - . ' .115 ", "JW, 1 L1-J, fig- -7, lg x "V Q f- '. 2315 ,I ,fag 1'1??2 ' ,, 'X ' ' Q- , i ,, IQ711 Manning, Pike, Morgan, Wallace, Palmer Esiabrook, Marvin, Capt. Prentice, Price, Halligan Basketball 1927-28 Summary Vt Montreal A. A. A. ... ... . . . .32 3'Dartmouth ........ .... 2 1 Montreal Y ..... .... 3 6 kYale ........ .... 3 0 'kHoly Cross ... . . . .32 Xilresent A. C. .. ....52 R. P. Institute ... ....ZS St. Michaels .... .... 3 0 Norwich ........ .... 4 0 St. Michaels .... .... 3 0 New Hampshire .. .... 30 Middlebury ........ .... 3 9 Connecticut Aggies . . . . . . .45 ,l'Springfleld ........ .... 2 6 i'Holy Cross ...... .... 3 4 3'Springfield .... .... 2 7 "'Middlebury . . . . . . .33 Norwich .... .... 4 3 Holy Cross .... ..... 2 7 654 Coach McAvoy YDefeats L2721 OPP 20 35 21 34 44 28 20 24 15 24 24 23 28 28 40 40 44 20 35 565 Clarence F. Castle Bobert M. Averill Bertel W. Gustafson Kenneth L. Price Franklin S. O'Neill William J. McAvoy .Manager Castle Officers Howard A. Prentice . . Captain . Manager Assistant Manager Assistant Manager Assistant Manager Assistant Manager . . . Coach The Season .,Wl7A1w ' ' I K 1: x ' .A h Q ' . Ii., Q2 3' ,Lim " If ' za x - X, ' - -' -:lf ' 512' . -if 1' 2 E21 ff' ' al? gz, , if ' 2' H x s.. 7 , 'Sl' wt - mmm. ' Captain Prentice z ww' Coach McAvoy opened his 1926 Basketball seascn with only two men missing from the regular varsity of the 1927 squad. Beside four regulars there were a large number of very promising candidates from the 1927 Freshman Team. The most promising of these were Halligan, Wallace and Manning, all of whom were excellent hoopsters in their prep school days. After a great battle, Halligan beat Wallace out for the forward position left vacant -by the graduation of Captain Post. Opening against Montreal A. A., Vermont played in early season form with the evi- dence of team work missing, However the final score found Vermont leading 32 to 20. Coach McAvoy used ten men against the invaders and the seconds looked almost as good as the regulars. Vermont's next game was with Dartmouth at Hanover and the Green and Gold was forced to bow to the Big Green by a 35-21 score. Dartmouth tried their best to stop Capt. Prentice but was not very successful as Prentice scored nine points against the boys from Hanover. The Montreal Y. M. C. A. came to Burlington with a very good record but were not good enough to withstand the Green and Gold attack and Vermont had little trouble in sending the visitors back to Montreal on the short end of a 36-21 score. Coach McAvoy again used his entire second team and their game was much more interesting to watch than the varsity's. Prentice and Price looked particularly good in this game with Halligan running a close second. During the Christmas Recess, Vermont attended the Yale Tournament for the second time and although expected to come out on top, the Green and Gold put up a tough game and lost to Yale the first night by a 34-30 score and to Holy Cross the second night 44 to 32. Capt. Prentice was the tournament's leading light, easily being the best man on the floor and did most of the scoring for Vermont on both nights. l273l tiffa , jg-t5,:Y A -f a, . 1, ,. , A Q . 2, an - I - W- ' :tif .-4 ' V: 'Ge tx ,. .f 1 - aa' . was . , -2' X' X 'Iwi N Q C ,.-it tys.':..':':?' D M , --1-me 5 3- ,-f?T.rll'V - f aw.- Q 3 X All S X 2. ,. ,X t. Q e Y' . x..- ., ,.,t,. if ? , "Kiki" Price The third game of the Christmas Recess was played in New York against the Crescent A. A. who had little trouble in turning back the Catamounts. The score at the end of the game was 52-28 in favor of the New York Team. Capt. Prentice played a stellar game for Vermont scoring 14 of his teams points. Vermont turned in her first college win over R. P. a 25-20 score. The Green and Gold was far from being impressive and played a very slow game. Vermont started off like a million dol- lars the first half which ended with the Cats leading by a 20-8 score. They were unable to get going the second half and came very near losing the game. Robbins was the star for R, P. I. with 15 counters to his credit while Halligan was the star for Vermont. St. Mikes came to Burlington for the first game of the state series and the Cats had little trouble in defeating the visitors. The Hnal score was 45 to 21. Until Coach McAvoy put in his scond team, the game was very uninteresting but with the en- trance of the seconds, the game pepped up and developed into a hard battle with Vermont holding the lead gained by the first team. On Feb. 6, the Cats journeyed to Northfield for the second game of the state series and again they had little trouble in turn- ing back the Cadets. The score was one of the highest that Vermont ever ran up against the Horsemen. Vermont was leading 45-15 when the final whistle blew. Marvin and Price starred for V ermont. , Q In one of the roughest games of the season Vermont defeated St. Michaels for the second time. The score was even bigger than f"" t N'- the one which they run up the Cadets. Vermont was forced to play with-only four men during the last tive minutes of play but this made no diiference for the Cats were on the warpath. The final score was 62-21. New Hampshire was the next opponent to face the Green and Gold on the home court and again Vermont was victorious, this time by a 30-24 score. Prentice had a wonderful eye for the basket that night and shot seven twin counters and one foul for a total of fifteen points. Patch and Clement were the stars for the visitors with seven points apiece. ' In the fourth game of the State Series, Vermont beat Middle- bury 39 to 23 in a very slow and uninteresting game. Halligan and Prentice both had a great night with the former scoring 14 points and the latter 13. Johnson was the big gun for the Blue and White with 12 points. . The highly touted Conn. Aggies came next on the Green and Gold schedule and the Cats sent them back to the showers to the A tune of a 45 to 28 score. Prentice and Halligan again starred on "DOC" Marvin lZ74l the offense for Vermont with 15 and 10 points respectively. Price also played a great game for Vermont with 8 points to his credit :besides holding his man to one foul all evening. Ryan and Eddy were the whole works for the Aggies both on the offensive and defense. This brought Vermont's winning streak up to seven straight games and sad to say, here it ended. In the best and fastest game of the year Vermont lost to Springfield by two points, the final score being 28-26. The Red and White quintet was the best team which has appeared on the Vermont floor for some time. They came to Burlington to play basketball and they sure played basketball for the full forty minutes. Vermcnt played rather ragged during the first half but came to life in the second half and played Springfield on more than even terms. Had the game lasted two minutes longer Ver- mont would surely have won for they were going like a house aflre. Estabrook played a great game for Vermont and kept James, the Red and White flash well under cover. "Tim" Halligan played a wonderful offensive game for the Green and Gold, while Wagner was the most outstanding player for the visitors. On Feb. 22 and 23, Vermont took a disasterous trip into Mass. and dropped two games. The first was to Holy Cross by a 40 to 34 score after a five minute over time period. Price with 16 points to his credit was the star for the Vermont team while Reilly was 'C ' z vm , Z w, v f 2 .. .... ' ' . fy ...,. - 'final ' ,, , . az f i 212 2 x 255 V X W f t fe, ...wt H- 7: "Tim" Halligan gf :t k '- 25' if :,' r am t I .gag a- 'Q ---- -e.,-s.,.., V... S2535 Seri " --r' iffsi K 'G Seeley Esfabrook n u the most outstanding player for the Purple. The next night, Ver mont took on Springfield for the second game and this time the Red and White had little trouble in turning back the Green and Gold. The final score was 40 to 27. In the biggest up-set of the year Vermont lost to Middlebury by a 44-33 score. At the half time the Green and Gold was leading by the slim margin of one point but during the second half the Blue and White let loose and Vermont was helpless before their attack. This left the state title in balance as both Middlebury and Vermont had defeated Norwich and St. Mikes twice. A third game was proposed but Middlebury refused to play and thus the state title was left undecided for the first time in the history of basketball at Vermont. In the final game of the season Vermont played Holy Cross for the third time this year and for the third time Holy Cross came out on the long end of the score, The game was played before the largest crowd of the year, a crowd of fans who came out to see Prentice, Price and Marvin play their last game of basketball for Vermont. Vermont played by far the poorest game that has been seen on the home fioor this year and as a result Holy Cross took the game by a 35-27 score. Reilly, the Holy Cross center was the individual star of the game with 26 points to his credit besides being a Whirlwind on the defense. H751 'W . w ,,1. " ' " 1 ,S N X we Q T S, 1' ye 'Fl l SN ' T f 1 E? Q X. A Xa 9 'YN t -a. L7 ff' xel xx v Q ,li ,l x A M Q,., 'Hick" Morgan Prospects Prospects for next year are far from bright with the graduation of three regulars. How- ever, the outlook is not as bad as it seems for Coach McAvoy will have such men as Estabrook, Captain-Elect, Halligan, Manning, Wallace, Palmer, Morgan and Pike to pick from. The freshman squad also offers many possibilities as Allen, Sargent, Durfee and Tobin all players who should make things lively for the letter men next year. THE INDIVIDUAL RECCRD Prentice f ' 76 63 Price g 53 32 24 Marvin c . 25 12 62 Estabrook l , M12 9 33 Wallace f ... .... - 5 27 11 Manning g 10 4 24 5 215 138 134 Halligan f Morgan c . 3 13 Pike f .... 4 11 Palmer g L Mackay g 0 0 , .,.. 3 . ..1 1 3 0 0 Whitcombc... ..0 0 n .4 2, ,,,,.,, 1 . V3 V, ' ' ii 2 .1 I ' li -R . -9' "Johnny" Pike ,A H, " pl' Palmer l276l I RE? -li' '. wifes' R 5 . X lx i MX 3 X N fs N Nb, ..,, s 1 M1 X .az- rsr P sf PTY? as 3 -5--f' V l' 1 "Hugh" Wallace , 1 G 'gi Z, 4 I A X f 3 ff 4 1 my wwf f'- Y ,ll fl X 54 'W f' 7' I J-I Z f I A I w,1f,:4: ws'.' we ' 1 ffl? f ' Jw , ,M W ,, , W , ,'7g2,Q,.v:-will in L' 'A "Phil" Manning ww' A x ., y i wr K .P Q5 X ,X -A ' 2. Q- -2' M 3 N Q s 'Qs gi Q I 1 A - ' .ef ph! . if f 2 S 'v . H, 4, - I l H 5 K 253,125 W I 1 " . MQW: ' . ' ' 3 ' I ' was " ,E'1 x 1, js. xg, Mfg .1 "fa: - . ii L'-.?y.L.f:'5 A Q Q 'jg'- . ' 1" M :13lf', .Wa .V.,'.' . , 3.1 , I -1 'Aff , : ' 'E , D ' 'IJ :LW ff' . L' ' WI. .".-J ' ,655 1, , . H ,swift Jin ' f f . 1-11 N , ' SN ,HPI YS-ea:-' Y ' 'Y '-- -.,,, ' -5 2- ' 1- 1 - , 5- nl 1 -,,:'-: f E . .au , - rj, xl-, fi 'K 1" ,. , I , Q , ,, M 1 - 12771 O'Keefe, Prentice, Aronson, Moriarty, Coach Dresser, Macomber, Price, Capt. Fogg. Smith M gr, Marvin W-ww wwe Manager Marvin Schzzrman, Cogswell, Roark, Coach Collopy, Schoppe, Talcott, Winchenbaclz, Conway Baseball 1927 Hazen A. Lawrence Sabin C. Robert T. Walter F. Henry O. James B. Fogg ..... H. Marvin Abell ..... Holden .. Reagan . . . Dresser ... Collopy . . . 52783 OFFICERS . . . .Captain ..........Manager Assistant Manager Assistant Manager Assistant Manager .......Head Coach . . .Assistant Coach Schoppe, p. .. Fogg, p. .... . Prentice, lb. .. , Cogswell, 3b. .... Macomber, c. f. .. Smith, 2b. p. .... . Batting Averages Aronson, c, .. Conway, s. s. .. Roarke, 1. f. p. ........... . Wincbenbach, c., lb., r., f. Moriarty, p. . Talcott, p. . . .. Schurman, u. . .. O'Keefe, u. . . .. . , fffajff , ig ' 3, ,wrfizj ffl' , ,N Captain Fogg April April April April April April April April April April April April May May May May May May May May May May May J une June .T une June May ab h r Ave. 3.... 1.... 1.....333 ....45....14....14.....311 ....59....17....15.....288 ....91....26....11.....286 ....91....2S.... 6.....27S ....83....22....15.....265 ....81....20.... 3.....247 ....84....20....13....,228 ....90....20....18.....222 ....43.... 9.... 6.....209 ..,.12..., 2.... 2,...,167 ....17....1,...2.....059 . . . 1 .... 0 .... 1 .... .000 .. 1 .... 0 .... 0 .... .000 Summary Catholic University at U, S. Marines at U. S. Marines at Navy at Universtiy of Delaware at Drexel Institute at Princeton at Fordham at New York University at Army at Springfield at Holy Cross at St. Lawrence at Clarkson Tech. at Middlebury at St. Michaels at Northeastern at Connecticut Aggies at Norwich at Dartmouth at Springfield at Massachusetts Aggies at Dartmouth at Holy Cross at Middlebury at Norwich at St. Lawrence at Alumni at Won I5 Lost 9 Called on 52791 W . 1 ,. 2 1 .. QWMCU -as A't M g! wwf A I t ? .7- y b' V. ,I iw -' '- ,, :-1 We K ,..,r ., . Coach Dresser Vt. Opp Washington rain Quantico rain Quantico rain Annapolis 1 3 Newark, Del. 4 0 Philadelphia 13 8 Princeton 3 0 New York 3 0 New York 3 5 West Point 4 2 Springfield 8 3 Worcester 0 9 Canton 4 7 Potsdam 2 1 Middlebury 2 1 Burlington 11 1 Burlington rain Burlington 6 1 Northfield 1 4 Hanover 1 9 Burlington 4 3 Burlington 2 1 Burlington 4 2 Burlington 1 4 Burlington 9 4 Burlington 5 2 Burlington 4 5 Burlington 7 1 account of rain 4 . .saw , . The Springfield Game L THE SEASON With the advent of the 1927 baseball season, the fans saw a change in the coaching staff, The new mentor was none other than "Hank" Dresser, line coach on the varsity football team. Coach Dresser was far from new at this game, having previously turned out several successful nines in diiferent parts of the country. With nine letter men and a large group of aspirants he started work early in March. By the end of the month he had a nine ready for the southern trip. At iirst, Prentice beat out O'Keefe in a close race. Smith and Conway had little trouble in retaining their old positions at second and shortstop respectively. For third there was quite a battle, but when the smoke had cleared away, "Bill" Cogswell had the position hands down. In the outfield, Roark, Price and Macomber reigned supreme. Although the schedule called for games on the 2nd, 4th, and Sth, Vermont did not start of the season until April 6th. On the three days mentioned it rained continually and Vermont struck her first hard luck of the season in having to open the schedule against Navy without a single day's outdoor practice. Both teams showed early season form and the pitching was erratic at times. The iinal , 1 , - 'fv-1- ' ' a score was 3 to 1 in favor of the seamen. G" A ' The following day the Green and Gold j ',,- ff QQSWWTUNQWT broke into the win column by defeating the 21' .' -' 5 ,je V..i , K- . . ,zfgi-' University of Delaware 4 to 0. Talcott start- ji? .ML ing his first varsity game was given great sup- port and this coupled with his steady work A' ' on the mound gave Vermont her first win. if 5' Drexel Institute came next on the sched- i f ule and Vermont finally won 13 to 8. Schoppe A,-, and Morairty did the hurling for the home I it team. "Bill" Cogswell got hold of a fast one .,'fv ,"t in this game and drove out a homer scoring 1 fy T Prentice ahead of him in the ninth inning. X Q' f On the ninth, Vermont took on Princeton . - in the most outstanding game of the southern , ' trip. Moriarty on the mound for Vermont V, held the Tigers to three scattered hits, while Vujtgilffi f ""' his team mates collected seven from four ' Princeton hurlers. Vermont scored three runs U" M to the Tigers' none, and Price was responsi- Talcof1f'28 p. ble for all three scores. Aronson '27 c. 52201 V ' A .5 V Home 2 V,, ' . ss r A . -1, . ap' of f- - , , , A V ,. iff , " V . V., . . , " : ' 2 4 -' g.gz,- -t 11: ML 4 " - " ,.' 'V ,r - 'y V f' . ' f, 2' , A1 . V . 1. - , -V .w.,,y...V V v V .1 ,. V ,. -f 7? lr ' "' as 'f.i5K4.':"'Y yt, -r - "' . " :y'i..i,:' W 9212 -I v" 4 1-, V ' f ,:. ' 'W' .' ' f I ' V ' ' Q Q . :V ff V f , f . - 2 1 -V t 'Va . . 1 , 4- if VM ,, ,ye 2, 4'--V511-7 ... --'--- . --f1--':-w1?f--- ' f .. 1 .izaeyzzif 1 E, V ' J M 4 V ' - . , f x 7 'z.bfV'.,,::,3 . 5 5- .' ' V g V- ,- - , . W", f-flew ' f.. WH- V- -f-4-A , f" ' ' W' V ' V' . vi .. vu 2, .-5-,-fe: wield . ., 7,22 'f f .-5' - "1 1 'VW' -ff 'y 'J :M r V-if , -"' V fe A .3-My f x q .,,. F'7'f'+2-'fifffigfs ' Q QQ 'L 'fl " 'V ' ,. ,V I f 1, f ,gy jg'.'g , V yr ' i ff fy' V f I . ' 4 ' 1 ' V! . 4 rewfmeeww . , ' W e? -""""' f V Q55 - V 2g ,.5p r. p- ff1."I2itVas2"J'1M"' 2222, -- " ' . af P lf 3,6?55f .ff. 4 +4659 Qaeaeafaaesafaaaeaggsee EQ2asg?'2aaassa3aQ?zffg9e???.esiewagggeaaiaaeif f 4' 6 ' - .. .H Vermont Scores on Dartmouth Going on to New York, the Catamounts found different luck and lost a brace of games. On the 11th Fordham played host to the Green and Gold and had little difficulty in hand- ing them a 20 to 7 defeat. On the following day the Vermonters lost a heart-breaker to N. Y. U. in a ten inning contest. Talcott on the mound for Vermont went well for seven frames and then suddenly went to pieces, Moriarty being forced to take the mound. With bases loadedyhe retired the first two rnen via the strike-out route and caught the third man at first. With the score tied at 3 all in the tenth, Watson got hold of a bad one and poled out a homer, scoring a rnan ahead of him. This gave the New Yorkers a 5 to 3 decision. ' Army was the last game on the southern trip, and Vermont had little trouble in handing them a 9 to 4 defeat in a six inning affair. Macomber got his second triple of the season, while both Cogswell and Smith garnered two hits apiece. On April 22 Vermont opened her regular schedule with an 8 to 3 win over Springfield College. Moriarty did the hurling for the Green and Gold. The following day the Catamounts were snowed under by the ever powerful Holy Cross nine. The final score was 9 to 0. Vermont made six errors and allowed four passed. , iv . Mo t,.t, T . V it'g . V,f.f?i 12V'fi 1lV t-ti Q' .Y .A,. li p 'T f 'Kg ,... Roarke '29 p. at lf. On May 6th Vermont again left Burlington and took on St. Lawrence and Clarkson Tech. In the first game with St. Lawrence Vermont lost. At the beginning of the 8th inning Ver- mont was leading 4 to 3. However Fogg blew up and allowed the northerners to score four times before the side was retired, On the following day the Catamounts took a 2 to 1 decision from Clarkson Tech. in a close battle. It was a pitchers' battle, with Talcott of Vermont having the better of the argument. Although he allowed one more hit than did his opponent, his team mates bunched theirs in the sixth and eighth innings to win. Macomber and Cogswell were the big stickers for Vermont with two hits apiece. On May 13 Vermont journeyed to Middle- bury for the first game of the state series. Hingston pitching for Middlebury allowed only three hits but it was enough to give the Catamounts a 2 to 1 victory. Talcott on the mound for the Green and Gold, was touched up for nine hits, but they were well scattered and with fine support he managed to turn in a victory. fzsij gf 'Q' ttitli iiil XV gg ,F . . 222, V ,,, gf 4. V V ,, if ',V"."MV2, I illygit.. if R2 ' I' 3 A F121 , ,N W I 5, 4.-.-2-'l'f!!J4j1-'I' ' ff: XVI- Price '28 rf. Returning to Burlington, Vermont took on A-,V Vq.. 5,3 ,,,,. 1 -Vql I St. Michaels's College for the second game of the state series, and again turned in a win, ij, the final score standing 11 to 1 in favor of Vermont. Captain Fogg did not allow a man to reach first after the first frame. Vermont, 95 . on the other hand, collected 16 bingles, Roarke , , 7, being the leader, with a single, a double, and 3 : S a triple, out of four times at bat. ff On the 20th Vermont took on the Con- yis i necticut Aggies and Fogg again took the ','A ' -ffi mound for Vermont and allowed the visitors , only three scattered hits. Vermont only got ' four hits but scored six times, winning the ' f, , game 6 to 1. tf,.e2 Lx,1g- On the 23rd Vermont went to Northfield U I to play off the game which was scheduled for ", Ki "4'i' ":' J the 18th but which had been postponed on J account of rain. Norwich was on a batting , Conway 128 SS rampage and slammed out the best efforts Prentice '28 Ist ' of four Green and Gold hurlers. Talcott, Schoppe, Roarke and Smith were all hit freely. Due to excellent support, the final score was held down to a 4 to 1 loss. The next day Vermont took on Dartmouth at Hanover and gave the Big Green a great battle until the eighth inning when Fogg blew up and they scored eight runs. Vermont was able to nick Gibson for only a lone tally and the nineth inning found the Green and Gold trailing 9 to 1. Springfield came to Burlington for their return game. Going into the ninth inning, with the score tied, with two out and two strikes, Smith singled and stole second a miunte later. Bill Cogswell came through with a fine wallop, and the game ended with Vermont leading 4 to 3. The next day Talcott pitched for Vermont against the Mass. Aggies and held them to five hits while his team mates were nicking Bowie for seven counters. Prentice saved the bacon for the Green and Gold when he stopped Ni1eiwicz's hard drive in the fourth, ff , mf! ,f"fvffg'- ,, fu' ff3f'l'i,:' ' f Y ff . wg, , JZ,-54, ,,, ff , ,. f. -f wow 4 fa, ' -. ggw ,.f'gww,z'w E' , V. ,, 1' ' Qi gf 2 ,az-fx n- gf if ' . ,V 1 V57 , .W gm! s fl 38,42 v JJ- - ff ,W ' 'Y' uf M9 u s ' 'n eey1ageewaQQ2QL , ,,,.,,,,. , - for had the ball gotten away from him the Aggies would have added two more scores to their side. On May 30th Dartmouth came to Centen- nial Field for the annual Memorial Day game. Dartmouth scored once in the first inning, Then Vermont proceeded to knock Van Riper, one of the best college pitchers in the east, out of the box. On two singles, a walk and an error, Vermont annexed two scores. The Big Green tied the count in the fourth but Vermont came right back in the fifth. Con- way grounded out, Prentice tripled along the right foul line, Smith flied out, Roarke singled scoring Prentice, and for the third time in as many games, Cogswell came to the rescue and put the game on ice with a beautiful triple scoring Roarke. In this game Captain Fogg 34 .X ,s'fi. ii" 7'iJ'?BiiDN 351 tw. H i Q ., i Q in Y V, ' ii allowed Dartmouth only four hits and struck out five men. This was the first win over , nw, Dartmouth in ten games. ,.,. Smiffl '28 2nd Cogswell '28 3rd. 52321 The first of June saw Holy Cross in a rip roaring game of baseball at Centennial field. The Purple caught Vermont unaware in the first inning and scored two runs before the game was five minutes old. Going into the ninth inning Holy Cross was leading 4 to O and hope for Vermont looked rather slim. However there was a thrill yet in store for the crowd. The first three men up for Vermont filled the bases. Macomber struck out, "Big Chief" Fogg struck out also. Aronson, the next man up, lined a hot one down the second base line and the men on the bags came tearing in, only to be sent back because the ball was declared foul. This took the pep out of the situation, and Aronson struck out. The mighty Fons was saved from defeat only by his own sterling pitching. The two inal games in the state series came next on the schedule and Vermont turned back both Middlebury and Norwich in free slugging contests. Middlebury, the first opponent, was set back by a 9 to 4 score. Fogg took the mound for the fourth consecutive time against Norwich and let the soldiers down with only six bingles. He also fanned eight of the horsemen. Vermont scored two runs in the third and three more in the fifth on some pretty bunting which Cusson, the Norwich catcher, was unable to handle. A second game was scheduled with the undefeated St. Lawrence nine for Commence- ment Week and again Vermont was forced to bow to the boys from northern New York. This time the score was 5 to 4 with the game going to 13 innings. With the score tied going into the twelfth inning, St. Lawrence put one run across. The Green and Gold, in her half, scored to match, on Conway's single, Burkman's error, and Prentice's hit. St. Lawrence put another run across in the thirteenth inning and this time Vermont was unable to put one across and the game went to the visitors 5 to 4. Doc. Beecher's alumni nine appeared the following day and the varsity had little trouble in winning 7 to 1. Moriarty and Talcott handled the mound duty for Vermont and held the old timers at their mercy throughout the game. "Red" Taylor hurled for the alumni and the varsity had little trouble solving his delivery. Winchenbach was the star of the day with a single, a double, and a triple out of three times at bat. The line-up for the alumni was Taylor and Mayforth battery, McGinnis first base, Cayward second, Duba shortstop, and Conlin at third. Thompson, Randall, Bell and Patrick made up the outfield. With the alumni game over the Catamounts put away their baseball togs for another year. Everything considered it was not a bad season, with 15 wins and 9 defeats it might easily be called a successful season. Captain Fogg brought his varsity baseball days to a close with the wind up of the season. During the past season he has chalked up seven wins and a like number of defeats. Probably the biggest success of his 1927 baseball career was his 4 to 2 victory over Dartmouth. ..: - . fl -xx ,. ,' -'TN T eliowi ' .ssi 1' H Y. .N 5-Hf.3,Q?:?',9'f.ws4i.lgX 2 'Z' , an trsr at I A gy- f ,M " V. if Eg? ga. ' J E. X- J 'x Winchenbach c. '28 MaC0mbef Cf- '29 52331 i284 TRACK xXx SSS. L ' 5:...., xxgi 11 Na ,la I HP' ' 'lx , 4, v . 'ax :Will " I ,f If If 4 ff 'iii , I K I L Q Q3 ' 1,7 " Q! Vu '45 2-f ' 1 an L2ss1 Ass'i Mgr. Curran, Ass'f. Mgr. Sfephens, Hasfings, Mgr. James, Coach Laffy, Mackay Robinson, Wrighf, O. Marfineifi, Ass'f. Mgr. Miller N. Wood, Kropper, Costine, Rowe, Capt. Simpson, Post, Leary, Williamson Willard, Mace, O, Wood, Burbank, Arnold, Howard Track 1927 5 25 2555 Zrfff A! ,,. V-fQvZzL5 .,,.,,- Q ,V ,rg ilva 1 in OFFICERS ve- f Carl G. Slrnpson Captain ,M ' . qw: :',,34f,ywW ru L1 ' 0. " Floyd M. J ames . . Manager X 7 , , J ohn J. Curran . Asszstant Manager jl ff Kenneth R. Stephens Asszsfanf Manager 50 , V -' f Y"".g John A. Mlller . Asszsianf Manager Qi an ' 23225522 Elvm R. Latty . . Coach . rsf'iH4a?a? 'y4LPYM5M4Qf5 Coach Laffy Managerpjarrzes 52863 W.:-,,1,,, :if .g V ,J r ,K , ' 'i--.Qui Q... 1 if ' I Q tif? :V fel., -'-' , M .. M, 4, ,, . ,,, . M-ta 4' ' it- 1 lim b, 'S .1 5:95 lil' . yay' f. . if ' ilk ' 'rl 1- Ll?" . w, Wk f Mft, za it . it tziilfve i Captain Simpson three counter to nose out Track M927 With the material for track a little better than usual a rather heavy schedule was prepared by Manager James, The Green and Gold opened against Montreal A, A. A. on Centen- nial Field and although they were defeated the Catamounts were able to get a line on what the prospects for the season would be. As the boys from across the line are all star athletes, many having made the Olympics, Coach Latty did not take the defeat to heart but as a sign of good omen. For the ,Mon- trealers Montabone starred in the hurdles, Deveraux in the mile run, Carruthers in the hurdles, Consiglio in the pole vault and McKechnie in the sprints. For Vermont Captain' Simpson was the star of the meet with Mace showing up well in the weights and broad jump and Hastings in the pole vault. Woody also gave the Canadians a run for their money in the two mile run. With the Montreal meet under their belts the Catamounts went to Worcestor on May 14 to do or die. Although the Green and Gold did not come out on top they were able to place fourth out of fifteen or twenty of the best colleges in New England. Northeastern and Union tied for first place with thirty two points apiece, Rhode Island took a second place with twenty eight points while Vermont came in fourth with twenty Worcestor Tech. who came in fifth with twenty one points. Norwich, Tufts and Massachusetts Aggies followed with twelve, ten and seven points respectively. Again Sonny ,Simpson was the outstanding man for Vermont if not one of the best men of the entire meet. He broke his own record of 163 feet 4 inches for the javelin throw with a heave of 175 feet 6 inches. For the second time in two years Simpson was high points man of the meet. Two weeks later Vermont took part in two meets at the same time. Coach Latty, Sonny Simpson and Hastings went to Bowdoin to attend the Eastern Intercollegiates. Simpson was the only man to place and he was forced to take second place in the javelin throw. Hastings failed to place. While these men were doing their stuff at the Eastern Intercollegiates the rest of the team were showing their wares to the fans in Canton against St, Lawrence. The Catamounts had little trouble in bringing home the bacon to the tune of seventy-six and one-third to fifty-eight and two-thirds. Al- though the meet was far from a run away many of the Green and Gold track men were able to make their letters among these were N. D. Rowe in the distance runs, Leary in the half mile, Mace in the weights and Lyman in the high jump. The Vermonters were much faster than their opponents in the run- ning events and took many first places. Lzzwj P 2355 , . ia , . Kg ,Q ff . , . , ., .I 3 2 .fe ttf 5- Q, I ' 2 . if 2 f 1 ' 2 ga l Fa' gt wif Deane Rowe Montreal Takes First in Low Hurdles In the final meet of the year which took place on May 23 at Northfield Vermont came out on the bottom of the heap. This was the meet to decide the championship of the state and Middlebury had little trouble in defeating all comers for the first time in years. Although Vermont had little trouble in capturing the meet the year before the absence of many star athletes because of ineligibilty was a severe blow to Coach Latty's hopes of another state championship. The final scores were Middlebury sixty-three Norwich thirty-seven and Vermont thirty- five. Although Vermont did not take first place in the meet Captain Simpson was the star of the meet. He had little trouble in taking first place in the. javelin, shot put, discus and hammer of the Green Hastings, besides a third place in the broad jump. He scored twenty-one points out and Golds total points. Kropper, Wood and Lyman also garnered points for the Catamounts. Although Vermont took first place in only one meet the season was far from being unsuccessful. With Shaw in the hurdles, Robbins in the sprints and Martinetti in the half mile missing from i the team because of ineligibility Ver- ' 1 mont was not given much of a chance QAAP 1 k." -1 in any of the meets. But even with these 1' ' diiiiculties to .face the Catamounts gave a good showing in every meet in which they took part. Sonny Simpson, captain of X, 1 , the 1927 track team was easily the most 2 .V , , outstanding man Vermont has had in this 's -gj V branch of sports in years. Besides scoring fl V . the greater share of the points throughout f' V' .l the season he held the New England record f for the javelin throw with a heave of one in ' hundred and seventy-five feet and six f inches. Many times he has been referred l'A' to as the "one man track team." During jk ' the interfraternity meet Coach Latty made ..:1 gr V,.,,,,,.g several good finds .who should add to Ver- f 3, m.onts scoring ability this year. Among Vvldlzq, VVIIV., 11: -' these are Burbank a hurdler, Osterhus a "1'lZ i N. C. Wood broad jumper, and Bond a broad jumper and sprinter. LZSSII "Herm" Kropper in M . - .nn ' Finish of 100-yd Dash, Montreal A. A. Meet Track Prospects 1928 ' Coach Latty's prospects for having a first class track team this season look very bright after the outcome of the interfraternity indoor meet. Robbins and Martinetti, two valu, able men, have succeeded in raising their marks sufficiently to be able to complete this spring. After the indoor preliminary work, in which Latty has been able to give the boys a pretty thorough scrutiny, he. has uncovered some mighty time material. Among those are Woodward in the 440, Eaton in the 440 and 880, Arnold in the mile, Beaupre in the dashes, Davis in the distances, Bond and Osterhus in the broad jump and Parks and Loudon in the weights. Besides these new men "Jack" has Wood in the-distances, Morse and Costine in the dashes, Hastings, q Willard and Lyman in the pole-vault, and Howard and Lyman in the high jump, Mace, Kropper and Mackay in the weightsg E. Rowe in the dis- Y b tance runs, Winchenbach in the javeling Douglas and Howard for ','-i, X the hurdlesg Hastings and Mace in 4, f" W the broad jumpg Leary in the mid- dle distance runs. With this array "" of stars along with the new material ' was if l that will be on hand we should see W in iff, ' "" ' D one of the best track teams that has i ..,1, lkbn , i"' -at I ever represented Vermont on the .,.,Av' . ..,.. Cinder Path- ifniiiuzzul The schedule of contests calls 'jjifj for four meets this year all coming ..,-. Howard in the month of May, The iirst one Winchenbach 52891 ,W Q 1 -QXL Q- A it - ..--1-av' . 3 it 2 Capt,-Elect O. T. Wood Captain Manager . Asst. Manager Asst. Manager Asst. Manager if ,U "Corby Lyman will probably be the hardest. It takes place at Schenectady, May 5, and is a triangular meet with Ro- chester and Union Colleges. The next at Burlington with one of our ancient track rivals, St. Lawrenceg this being held on May 12. During Junior Week we entertain another old rival in Montreal A. A. A. The Canadians have always sent a fine bunch of athletes to represent them and we are proud to be one of their rivals. The following week the Catamounts journey to Middlebury to take part in the Green Mountain Conference Track Meet where they meet with their state rivals Norwich and Mid dlebury for the state bunting. This terminates the schedule of Manager K. R. Stephens as the team is not going to take part in Eastern Inter- collegiates this year. TRACK 1928 OFFICERS , Q T- I s aa ,. "Charley" Mace f2901 Mgr.-Elecf Stephens Orville T. Wood Kenneth R. Stephens Arthur R. Birchard, Jr. Edwin M. Goyette Cornelius Irons 'sghf t k - ., f P Z.: Yi ff, I 2 if y 2 62 1 1 . "Bob" Cosfine X. Alu 23' 49 9 I NOR Ja 7 4 I ,Jr 'A 4 vfg -"' 1 .3 fi I' mf AV 4 r -aryl ,I mf PN Ki? Y , 5.1. 14 , ,- - -,-. -V 1 I' . " H J' zz - I 1 , 14, - 44- ' , f " 'u 1 . "l'J4'. .V -L .ill 4 . f -' !7g'1..f':fz1-,ii ,' E' Q' " . ix 5' ,.-' Q " '54 'u , , I , J f 14. J 'gp , Q4 v X xi M ,4 A 1, 5,-,. ,I gl , A , .,g, 35? ,xl ' -' " - - aifll Q9 A "Lay '23 -. 4' '15, ' , pg. 1 4:21, 1 51 ffi, ' 1-Eiiizv., ,g +- - -f'.Ff1 X .Ie IW, Q -,,, qfw. nj A X, x f ,, QQ , ' ,ff Q I A ' .f J 'rl 'I ., 1.5439 ,ZW ze x . ,f 1 ' - c..z - V1 -. ,. in - f pi , gf" I I -, 2 ' 'E " w 1, -fl: at -L . 3. I. .ZW ig?-M? 3, A A ' ww I- f"" if ffl , jf: ' 4 5 if 5. f' ' 5 ' , I " Q V ' 4 ' 1 'aff' ',,' Q A I any 52911 Coach Laffy, Morse, O. Martineifi, Hammond, Collins, Rowe, Capt. Wood, Mgr. Stephens Cross Country IQ27 Vermont's Cross Country season ended very well for the Green and Gold harriers, both varsity and frosh teams. The annual meet with Middlebury, resulted in a win for the varsity, 28 to 27, and a loss for the Freshmen, 26 to 29. The course was wet and muddy, but in spite of this the time was fast. The finish of both races was exciting as the runners were not very widely scattered at the finish. Capt. O. T. Wood of Vermont had little trouble in clinching first place for the varsity, his nearest competitor being Capt. Donald of Middlebury who finished several yards be- hind him. The leaders were closely followed by Rowe and Arnold, both wearing Vermont J colors. The others finished in the following . 'A order: Dolton, Midd.g Butler, Midd.g Sheldon, Midd.g Cleveland, Midd.5 Hammond, Vermont, Morse, Vermont, Collins, Vermont. This was the iirst time that Vermont has ever defeated the boys in blue in this sport and it came as V . . , 1 Ffa- - 3 somewhat of a surprise. The winners time for X1 ' - the three mile course was fifteen minutes and r1,' sixteen and two-fifths seconds. Ab' fl Rowe has been elected to captain next W 7 'i gt M season's harriers and the tea.m will be intact ex- V VL, WWW cept for this year's captain, who will be sorely 1 'vlvv f A missed. ' . ,, , I v',. 'Y .M Capt. Wood Capt.-Elect Rowe 12921 Robbins, Tucker, Chafee, Thomas, Brooks, Calcagni Basilicafo, Safford, Chamberlain, Capf. Rich, Mgr. Stevens, Musgrove, Goyette. Fencing 10727-28 Because of lack of funds, Vermont was not able to have a fencing coach but this did not stop the fighting Catamount fencers. Under Captain Rich the Green and Gold representatives made up a schedule consisting of four matches, two with Norwich and two with Montreal A. A. A. In the Hrst match with the Cadets, Vermont was not very success- ful. The Catamounts were able to win only three matches out of twelve. Rich and Cal- cagni starred for Vermont while Chos showed up well for Norwich. In the return match at Burlington, Vermont was more successful, winning four of the twelve tilts. On March 17th Montreal A, A. A. came to Burlington for their Hrst match. This was the Montrealers' first appearance here as fenc- ers, although they have ben here before in ,Q basketball and track. Vermont again failed to -A K ,gif turn in a win, although they put up a great 5 3. match, Rich and Basilicato showing up well. ' A ,A The latter though but a freshman, had little X ' "" + trouble in defeating his man. The return match , 'gg E Q, with Montreal is pending. ' , During the last three years, fencing has come ,- to play a more prominent part in minor sports ' ' , :,, 'ii' at Vermont and indications point toward the H 3 , future advancement of this sport. 1 Egg , X elf! V' , ' il fx , i' ' ' fi xx , '21,-1' ' - - X i"" T ' c Q Manager Stevens Captain Rich 52931 Manager Egan, Graves, Coach Carpenter Borkland, Baldwin, Capt. Nye, Goddard, Shedd Tennis IQ27 A large schedule was prepared by Manager Egan in this sport for the 1927 season but the weather was very unfavorable for playing. Two matches had to be cancelled and three had to be postponed until a later date. Of the six matches played Vermont won two, tied one, and lost three. Norwich was defeated twice by the scores of 5 to 1 and 6 to 0, respectively, once on their home courts, and once on our own surface Boston Univer J, ,S4::'5Qi'f--. ,v- ,its A . sity was held to a3-3 tie at Burlington. Dart- .mouth beat us 7 to Og Worcestor Polytechnic Institute sent the Green and Gold net men down to defeat by a 4 to 1 score. Our last defeat came at the hands of Middlebury . 5 ' ' after a hard-fought battle by a 4 to 1 score. W A'l' - 2' "Ozzie" Nye was the captain and star of ' the team, and it was because of his stellar N work on the court that Vermont was able to come out as well as she did. Other members ' 1 A iw, ,,.f of the team were: Graves, Baldwin, Shedd, Borkland, and Goddard. Graves and Baldwin showed up exceptionally well in the doubles. Coach Carpenter has a bright outlook for this year with good veteran material on hand. ,,:, The schedule this season includes games with Dartmouth, Boston University, Norwich, St. Stevens, Worcestor Tech., Tufts and Middle- bury. L ' .t,.. , ' Captain Nye Coach Carpenter H941 K l'P ,? ?. 1 tr X it 2 H- I jl 21 M . V .. .Q ,Q 1, 'U si. F. 52951 Ass't. Mgr. Gioria, Ass't. Mgr. Woodward, Howard, Walker, Bassow, Coach Dresser, Lawrence, Douglas, Ass'f. Mgr. Hall, Mgr. Unsworfh Schurman, Ashcraft, Capt. Winchenbach, Wood, Seigle, Perry Hockey 1928 Hockey this year was handicapped by lack of funds and equipment. However, Mana- ger Unsworth succeeded in obtaining a few games at late dates, and "Hank" Dresser was kind enough to assume the duties of coach. After only a few days of practice, the team met Norwich and held them to a 0-0 tie. This was much better than was expected, count- ing almost as much as a win. The sextette next faced the fast Middlebury pucksters, who boasted one of the fastest college teams in the East. The Cats were on the short end of a 9-0 score, but put up a better battle than the score indicates. Norwich was again met on their home rink, and again the Green and Gold pucksters held the Horsemen to a 2-2 tie. The next and final fray took place at Middlebury. Here the Catamounts sur- prised the dopesters by nearly upsetting the boys in blue, in making them go an overtime period to win 2-1. With a little more prac- tice, Vermont would have won. Prospects indicate a fine team for next year, though much veteran material will be lost. There are several new recruits who will look much better next year, having been a little green at the game this past season. Captain Winchenbach Manager Unsworth l296j 2971 !'. -s42 'k'- 35:55 lv 5' - I: 5 - 'A - 5-W L 'F 1 il l? " 1.' kl'5 ll ' - f-- 'l Y .-. V : - ' ' ' lil . gs 1525 ...WTA - V ' fi' -, tif? 5115 3 51 ' 33 1, ,M 1-" 1 Ea- .til sa- -y is we was f :ss,st.1saf...f fg .. was C- it 1 2 ' 4'2'11 a s -. 'g -: M .-we as -1 's , -. w- W- .1 , V- -1. - .- saw . " M . ba.. 1 ' " A a -.wiv 4 1: ti ' my ., -. 2 , .. N 5,1 1 ws X xy- .W - -Q .f .safesfst -YZ, a ' 4- s -1 . Et hel. 5 at li . . f' as ., 2 - . v ": 1 J if ' 'V-Sn I ' rf'-'i""ffQ .2 1:51- -4- 'I is ' ' '- '- if ' we AF gr 4 , 'M .va-.--w .vffsggsw-vs . V- 1-Q H... as 7 .t . .- -v w 1 ra , , of .M ,pdf .va we- s 4, .gr -E fyw.-Q . ww- -fr - 1 , ,gash-s -I :yr . .t - .Qs - n' s. ..t.:-1 1. - . 4 Q-,s f sis N. - .et . fi- 2.5 amz as 'ss ass -.Si 5.3.12 . -A-wveswfiwfigaw X rs. my -, i f f A ' fi. ,af . 22- , 1. Nb.-f 1' ze - fa1:1:QCX -"' w e 553 5 ., - -- - - -535 - , ' -m,,,5?:s s' 1. Q94 omg- . gn ' I 5? fr + li ft. .. . Q . - . gm , . ' JN . -' A . '- . , . , ,,,, M . . Q ., ,,,,,.. .. .. N M . at W -. - Missa . 1 as 1 'X " . all g 5 52232 a ll V ifs tggs 1' N . f a v ' -. ' wt' 1'3: s,.xaZ?2??':Mw.,n.- T' f' 2,rtZ.f.. - 55.51 15 1 2 2s .. ,1xes s.-- 'exam s '- asa - 1 gt-51, 4r , ,.m..' 1 s f 4- 3 rs:-- : S - 1 ' 2'-135-g f ff .: ' A -g. ry. V16-my .... ,I -: en ,,1, 21:1 - . 5 iw. ' v EY, .sb "f 'ISSN 'Y t . :f Freshman Football IQ27 OFFICERS David M. Allen Harold C. Collins William V. Rattan ' Captain Allen Continuing the excellent work of the preceding Freshman Class, the 1931 Year- lings completed the most successful season in the history of Freshman Football at the University, under the competent coach- ing of Captain Rattan of the lVlilitary'De- partment. The real strength of the team was shown at the T. C. A. Game on October 1 when they let that eleven down in a 39-0 contest. The Freshmen made most of their gains on straight football and gathered 23 first downs to 4 for T. C. A. The second team was sent in in the third quarter, which also showed up well. On the following Saturday, the Kittens again played at Centennial Field against the powerful Plattsburgh Normal School eleven, sending them down to a 25-0 de- feat. On October twenty-second, the Yearlings journeyed to Fort Ethan Allen, where the soldiers were tied 6-6 in a slow, L298l Capiain Manager . Coach Coach Rattan .Q mn":f'rfrr'f'ff5aff.,,,i,,,,,,,,,,,g,, H ' ' ,L 4,A, Mg, ,mA,, , ,A,.,,, , .,,, r W, ,. 1 ,gh v2ff"iL' V. . .... . , , ,, , A . - , f ,. ---af 6 ' ISU! M f -. " Q 1' " ' --A'- 1 f ' A 99: ga ,' 'FAT' ' 'Q,.Q V:' . 1 f Iii? A Q' icwawvztfa 'warg-21' 1,15-2,5V" , --W ' . 'V fv . ' T f "f 1 2- Q U ,,, eva ...,,,,, ,M f X , ,r :gg .yu . r 'fi -- " 1 . . f .1 M., " , ,1f""M'L .H+ 'z , L ' a ,gpg , ..t- - f,W,.,,-.-., fV . W , ,Y,,Y., I , I . M YYY, Q V W., , .,., ',,,,,a,,. ,.,, ., , W, H, g ,, V, ,,,,g,,g, , W , N , M I , "ai-,m '. 'V':,W zf- ,r' " -' 21 ' " ' w-M--'-14 -Q WM-1-M-ff' ' " 'f- QQ? V -' A ' "Z ww ' ,W-,p,f,, -mf, , ,..,,.,n- : , ,, - --,. ,. , f'-1' .- wa .v -- -- ' . V- V -V , v , -f fa,,,a,e.4 ' ' - V 1 fwff- .. . 1 - 5 ,V :" , S a ,. 1- ,. -.iv , 0 H, . .- ', +- 1 !'- .: fs' f.V , ' .. " I . ' 3 ., - v 1 , -1. ' - "":. -4-'fb A 0' ?"4 l.'v,"' 3 '-P ' Lf. 7 if .. 7 . A 5 T ' .. .V ' ,f?'fiff :V' - V gg ' .,., H ,go-,V-7, d x? "" 'Jiz-.2-.g..:5,,.e12f:.f"f '-1 ap" ":ma+f'.,,ff:p6',g' . ,Af-r . - "M , -A, . fff . f ,f rf 'VC Watkins Around Right End, T. C. A. Game uninteresting game, Watkins' brilliant play being the only redeeming feature of the contest. The following Saturday the Kittens met the Middlebury Frosh at Middlebury, and after a close, hard, game, annexed the state Frosh title by beating the Blue team 13-6. Watkins of Vermont and Paul of Middlebury were the stars of the game. The Frosh wound up the season by administering a 13-0 defeat to a team from Clarkson Tech. The Techites had a fair defense but were unable to hold the Kittens when they once got started. Captain Allen, Watkins, Tellier and Heaton starred in the backtield, while Park, Scutakes, DeChicco, Howard, Hough, Segal, Tobin, Rugg, and Allerton, gave Coach Rattan a strong line. Watkins was the outstanding star of the team, being the Kittens' mainstay both in the defense and in carrying the pigskin. Tellier and Allen were the other con- sistent ground-gainers. With the exception of two or three of these men, the entire squad will be available for next year's varsity. SUMMARY Vt. Opp. Troy Conference Academy at Burlington .. 39 0 Plattsburgh Normal at Burlington ..... .. 25 O Plattsburgh Barracks at Plattsburgh... .. 26 6 Fort Ethan Allen at the Fort ......... .. 6 6 Middlebury at Middlebury 13 6 Clarkson Freshmen at Burlington 13 122 18 Manager Collins H991 Dinniman, Talcoff, Maynes Bolion, Sargent, Tobin, Allen Freshman Basketball Lyman Durfee . . Captain George Talcott . . Manager Henry O. Dresser .......... Coach The records show six victories, four defeats, and one tie game, the tie being with the DeMolays, who left at the end of the regular time period with the impression that they were winners by one point, but later it was found that the oihcial score was 24-24. The Kittens won one and lost one from both the Community Boys and the K. of C.'s, f .'f. losing to these teams in overtime periods and f, then taking the return matches. The quintet , was handicapped after mid-years by the loss .A,, I of Durfee and Jackson, who filled the for- V ward positions. Sargent, at the pivot po- "'i sition, was high scorer and star for the sea- A son. Dave Allen was also well up in the scoring column. The other members of the V Vrtr- team will be good varsity material next year. yt SUMMARY ,..-, , F1-Osh Qppl 29 gr i" Company K at Burlington. . . . . 42 Community Boys at Burlington.. 29 30 Waterbury at Burlington ..... . 49 45 12727 Community Boys at Burlington.. 23 19 lil DeMolay at Burlington ........ 24 24 ,QW f Q 4595 'Q Q f .af . W fu 1-fa N if , . 1 if? F ag , Af Plattsburgh at Plattsburgh .... 29 35 Q23 Company K at Burlington ...... 28 9 ,W K. of C. at Burlington .. 24 19 K. of c. at Burlington ........ 19 zo V " Clark School at Hanover ...... 35 28 ? 7'- Capfqin Dm-fee Dartmouth Frosh at Hanover .. 19 43 Coach Dresser 53001 f 1 QKDTEKNITIES H011 Patten, Hendrick, Chatterton, Brush, Percival, Loudon, Blomstrom, Whalen, Tarleton, Eaton Lang, Davis, Allen, Shedd, Rand, Morton Edson, Sieben-Morgen, Livingston, Massey Smith, Sherwin, Graves, Ely, Moore, Baldwin, Crandall, Taylor, Householder H021- Lambda lota LOCAL Founded 1836 'ijlxai L i ,M aa . l Eli ' 1 91 e 3 ' J 5 4 2 . " FRATRES IN FACULTATE Karl C. McMahon M. '22 Lyman S. Rowell '25 Elihu B. Taft '71 Louis Shaw '74 Ernest A. Brodie '86 ' Daniel L. Cady '86 James H. Middlebrook '87 Herbert H. McIntosh '90 George Edward Baldwin, Jr. Herbert Daniel Crandall Frederick Winthrop Ely John Richardson Allen Charles Martin Lang Joseph Withington Eaton George Edward Brush, Jr. Harley Mead Chatterton, Jr. Leslie Elmer D avis FRATRES IN URBE Ernest J. Spaulding '92 William H. Englesby '94 Walter O. Lane '95 James O. Walker '02 Roy I. Reynolds '10 Paul Chamberlain '13 I. Munn Boardman '22 Dion O. Beckwith '23 Robert W. Miller '26 H. Hanson Twitchell M. Frank E. Corinia M. '30 Charles E. Stafford M. '30 '29 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors George Graves, Jr. 1 Garrison Householder Eugene Fl'andersVMoore Herbert Carpenter Sherwin Juniors Donald Gates McLaughlin Thomas Harlow Morton Sophomores Gregory Jordan Edson Freshmen Robert Woods Hendrick Robert John Livingston William McKillip Loudon Orum Stevens Massey 13031 Robert Joseph Sieben-Morgen Bradley David Smith Mahlon Vincent Taylor, Jr. George Sedgewick Rand Frank Granville Shedd Wilbert John Patton John Orson Percival Grafton Wendon Tarleton John Lewis Whalen Fuller, Heaton, Allen, Hough, Smyth, Smith Beer,,Bullock, Lang, Stanhope, Billings, Mace, Morse, Capron Lyman, Hopson, Hall, Holmes, Watson, B. Morse Holden, Stephens, Ashcraft, Kyle, Conway 53041 Alpha of Vermont of Sigma Phi Founded at Union College 1827 r-i. ??i?9.3f!29!Pf but 19 ig-ff' z - ' 'izwiiigi' 3-- Bumuw -aw FRATRES IN FACULTATE John B. Wheeler '75 Lyman Allen '93 Hamilton S. Peck '79 Walter B. Gates '81 Henry L. Ward '82 Charles L. Woodbury '88 Frank R. Wells '93 Henry B. Shaw '96 George J. Holden '99 Alan Emerson Ashcraft John Thomas Conway Woodhull Stanton Hall Stanley Albert Holmes Francis Edward Beer Robert Penfield Billings Benjamin Lewis Bullock, David Muir Allan William Stearns Heaton J FRATRES IN URBE Arthur E. Rohrer '00 Charles F. Black '06 Royal E. Bingham '09 Henry D. Hendee '09 Arthur W. Dow '10 John W. Goss '10 David W. Howe '14 William J. Humphrey '14 Louis F. Dow '15 Urban A. Woodbury '16 Willis R. Buck '19 Claire G. Cayward M. '29 Carl A. Ottley M. '30 Marden G. Platt M. '30 Willard J. Morse M. '31 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Robert Thayer Holden Kellog Warriner Kyle Juniors Paul Butterworth Hopson Corbin Conway Lyman Sophomores Charles Williams Capron Wendell William Lang Charles Herbert Mace, J Freshmen Karl Clifford Hough Horace Shepard Fuller l3OSj I'. Kenneth Rubley Stephens Burton Roosevelt Morse George Marcus Watson, Jr Clifford Leota Morse Ivan Duane Stanhope Frederick Stanley Smith William Nelson Smyth Aronson, Park, Morgan, Powell, Bolles Peach, Oatley, Perry, Willetts, Tellier, Bradish, Brasor, Valleau, Karr, Buckley James, Davis, Palmer, Martin, H. Macomber, Gustafson, Beckley, Dow, Jenks Leavens, Miichell, Greene, Price, Marvin, Prenlice, Baldwin, Scribner, C. Macomber Bostwick, Wheeler, Cogland, Worrell, Corbin, Adams, DeWitt 13061 George H. Perkins, '67 Robert Roberts, '69 Chauncey W. Brownell, 70 Merton E. Shedd, '83 J. Lindley Hall, '89 Edward S. Isham, '89 Max L. Powell, '89 James H. Macomber, '90 Wallace G. Derby, '91 Ezra M. Horton, '92 James Gordon Baldwin Porter Claude Greene John MacDonald Leavens Ralph Thomas Davis Bertel William Gustafson George Herbert James, Jr. Arnold Cscar Aronson Frank Ernest Beckley, Jr. John Alonzo Bradish Harold Wilson Adams Francis Almon Bolles Raymond Charles Bostwick Winston Crosby Brasor John Lee Cogland Delta Psi LOCAL Founded 1850 M L 6, 4. W - 1,15 .5 I FRATRES IN FACULTATE Samuel E. Bassett, '98 Henry F. Perkins, '98 FRATRES IN URBE John H. Colburn, '96 Elwin L. Ingalls, '96 Chauncey S. Brownell, '04 Levi P. Smith, '08 Ray W. Collins,-'09 -- Raymond 'L. Soule, '09 Albert G. Whittemore, Jr., '09 John O. Baxendale, '12 Charles P. Smith, Jr., '13 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Lawrence Harland Marvin James Fuller Mitchell Howard Anderson ,Prentice Juniors Harlan Eugene Karr Carl Cobb Macomber Lee Campbell Morgan Sophomores Robert Edward Buckley Major B. Jenks Herrick Mower Macomber Freshmen Stuart Starnes Corbin Reginald Fuller De Witt Harold Parcher Dow Nelson Paul Park Thomas Harmon Tellier H071 Paul K. French, '20 Everett I. Soule, '13 Emerson W. Shedd, '16 Harley A. Leland, '20 Harry M, Blodgett, '22 Irving M. Derby, '22 Natt B. Burbank, '25 Robert T. Platka, '25 A. Bradley Soule, M., '28 Richard M. Barber, M., '30 Clifton William Price Donald Fisk Scribner Loren Frederick Palmer Francis Bingham Peach Philip Metcalf Perry Edward Henry Powell Donald Bigelow Oatley Allen Barnes Wheeler William Johnston Willetts Roy Westcott Worrell F. Reed, N. Jackson, Frost, Gray, Krogh, Sargent, Borkland, Blair, Davis, Beaman, Deshaw Knight, Van Name, Foster, Estabrook, Kropper, Knapp, Pouch, Thorn, De Rose Shufeldt, Turner, Johnson, Lindsay, Vail, Gurney, Stevens, Towne, Hawley Kinsley, Bigwood, Butterfield, Grant, Bolton, A. Jackson, Clifford, Webster, Walker Lsosq Vermont Alpha of Phi Delta Theta Founded at Miami University 1848 Edmund C, Mower '92 George M. Sabin '96 Fred K. Jackson '97 George P. Burns, .Ohio George I. Forbes '90 Clark C. Briggs '94 ' Roy L. Patrick '98 Hollis E. Gray '03 John E. Booth, New Hampshire Alpha Jesse H. Sinclair '11 Edward W. Mudgett '17 Harry R. Gallup '18 Kenneth Howland Gurney Dan Marshall Johnson, Jr. John Seeley Estabrook Clarence Batchelder Foster Eugene William Knapp Charles Francis Blair, Jr, Herbert Kennington Borkland Charles Nathan De Rose Robert Frank Bigwood Morton De Myse Bolton Harvey Dean Butterfield Beta '98 F 36 F 49 rlf' 5 U QIP Q Gai? 5 .. . 0 V' QQ. gig., T 2- L ,2v"ag4 'f,v all I Y- 1, . ,. FRATRES IN FACULTATE Charles A. Kern '01 William J. McAvoy, Pennsyl- vania Alpha 'OS Forrest W1 Kehoe '09 Harold A. Mayforth '15 FRATRES IN URBE Phillips M. Bell ex '19 Leon I. Patten '19 Lee S. Ramsey"22 Lawrence F. Killick ex '22 John H. Patrick '23 John M. Miles ex '23 Kenneth K. Newton '24 Paul D. Raine ex '24 Robert F. Patrick '25 Charles S. Mudgett M. '28 David. M. Bosw-vorllx '18 Elmer W. Pike M. '19 Herbert A. Duriee Howard F. Morse '25 Robert A. Costine M. '30 Frank F. Flagg M. '30 William B. Clapp M. '31 Frederick M. Crump M. '31 William M. Lockwood '27 Emory 'C. Mower '27 Philip A. Goddard M. '31 Carlisle T. Hewes M. '31 Nehemiah A. Towne M. '31 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors William Douglas Lindsay Charles Hiram Stevens U Juniors Herman Julius Kropper Gerald Barton R. Van Name Leslie Oswald Pouch Sophomores Roy Gilbert Deshaw Nelson Bond Gray Rollin Galusha Hawley Freshmen Theodore Alexander Clifford Edward Jackson Grant Joseph Addison Jackson Walter Merrill Sargent, Jr. N091 John Rich Vail Edwin Charles Thorn Smith Carpenter Towne Lloyd Shattuck Turner Horatio Nelson Jackson Philip Hill Knight Frederick Johonnot Reed R. Thorwald Krogh Calvin Willard Walker Truman Smith Webster Bond, Coyne, Dorian, Gooch, Robbins, Denning, Bjorn, Lawrence, Donnelly Herrick, Curran, Morse, MacLaughlin, Grififh, Fiske, Sulloway, Berry H101 Vermont Beta Zeta of Alpha Tau Omega Founded at Virginia Military Institute 1865 ' H - W .1 .. r 4 4 - , ta 52 , 5111 ,T x FRATRES IN FACULTATE Guy W. Bailey, '00 Arthur D. Butterfield, Gamma Sigma '93 Charles H. Hagar, '96 Henry H. Hagar, '97 Harry W. Smith, '99 Durrell C. Simonds, '03 Ralph L. Butler, '04 Elmer E. Gove, '04 Guy M. Page, '07 Samuel F. White, '07 George R. Stimets, '08 Frederick Tupper, Beta Xi Elbridge C. Jacob, '96 Charles F. Whitney, '97 FRATRES URBE Ralph E. Thayer, '16 Virge F. Bab'coc4k,v'16 Robert A. Spear, Gamma, Delta -'17 George C. Stanley, '18' Burchard E. Greene, '21 Herman L. Eniidy, "Gamma Delta ' Bartholomew F. Garity, '23 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors '93 James E. Donahue, '02 Hovey Jordan, '13 Lieut. Col. F. F. Black Lewis D. Foote, M, '28 John L. Berry, M, '29 Maurice N. Bellerose, M, '28 Walter S. Denning, M, '29 Roland S. Aronson, M, '31 Philip B. Daniels, M, '30 Arthur A. Coyne, M, '30 John J. Curran, M, '31 Frances L. Herrick, M, '31 Francis Anthony McLaughlin Rex Walter Morse John Earl Donnelly Robinson Dorian Ralph Himes Lockwood William Allan Donnelly Charles Cusson Juniors Edwin Gould Fiske Wayne Griiiith James Patrick Mahoney Fred Eugene Robbins Sophomores Malcolm Everette Mills Norman Fiske Sparhawk Freshmen Edward Bond Edward Smith H111 Frank Lorenzo Sulloway Carroll Francis Gooch Louis Martin Bjorn Robert Allison Lawrence Francis Arthur McBride Backus, H. Woodward, Eliof, Bird, H. Adams, Bigelow, Stearns, Puffer, A. Woodward, Goyetie, Ofio, Wood, Rogers, Nilsen, Cannon, Meehan, Forth Craig, Douglas, Smith, Robbins, Abell, Leary, Metzger, Chadwick, O'Neill Fagan, Belknap, Rice, Darfey, Allerton, Rugg, R. Adams, Lynch, Tobin, Sammond H121 Alpha Lambda of Kappa Sigma Founded at the University of Virginia 1869 Joseph L. Hills, Gamma Delta '81 Wesley T. Abell, '16 Warren H. Austin Sr., '02 Warren H. Austin Jr., '24 Arthur H. Buckley, '22 Willard B. Arms, '19 Herbert A. Bartholomew, Jr. M. '29 Edward T. Hare, M. '28 O'0' is s"i2531':5i 1. I Jr1'6"' I 1 5 v 37 ,I-9: ., FRATRES IN FACULTATE Ernest H. Buttles, '01 Bennett C. Douglass, '08 FRATRES IN URBE Dr. Louis P. Hastings, '23 Richard H. Holstock, '22 Theodore E. Hopkins, '25 Lyman C. Hunt, '12 Francis G. McDonnell, ex '23 Stanley M. Provost, '18 Dr. George E. Partridge, '02 Arthur J. Stevens, '22 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Sabin Clark Abell Lewis Gaston Leary, Jr. John Fisher Chadwick Clarence Joseph Douglas Edward Matthew Goyette Harry George Adams Edson Paine Bigelow Frederick Stanford Bird Rogers Brown Adams Robert Wade Allerton Richard Allison Backus Julius Orlando Belknap Seniors Fritz Rudolph Metzger Merton Covey Robbins, Jr. Juniors Hans Texar Nilsen Francis John O'Neill Franklin Randolph Otto Sophomores John Alden Elliot Lester Warner Meehan Arthur Duane Stearns, Jr. Freshmen William Emerson Craig Edward Golden Fagen, Jr. Clinton Joseph Sammond Lyman Durfey I313l Walford T. Rees, '24 George V. Kidder, '22 Henry T, Way, '17 Chester M. Way, '22 Clarence R. White, '11 Aaron H. Grout, '01 Reginald E. Stancliff, '25 Harry M. Wilson, M. '31 Arthur C. Unsworth, M. '31 Charles E. Noyes, '98 John Archer Smith Watson Frank Rogers Nelson Chester Wood Addison Ely Woodward Frederick Howland Woodward James Chadborn Puffer Robert Edward Tobin John Frederick Lynch Dennison Dudley Rice Bray, Dailey, Kersey, Covert, Slavin, Emmons, McLean, Sirois Paul, Averill, Aiken, Pike, Hyland, O'Keefe, Young, Birchard, McQuesfon P. Doane, R. Ireland, Dodge, Wlzifcomb, Talcofi, Cogswell, W. Doane, Miller Huey, Limauro, Maynes, Srnifh, Willeifs, J. Ireland, Laury I3141 Beta Sigma of Sigma Nu Founded at the Virginia Military Institute 1869 Wellington E. Aiken, '01 Floyd J. Arkley '22 Lorenzo W. Howe '22 Arthur J. Barry '23 William Norman Cogswell Paul Soule Doane Glenn Aiken Robert Mahlon Averill Arthur Ramage Birchard, Jr. Henry Thomas Bray Robert Alexander Dailey James Elmer Emmons Mortimer Ruel Covert Robert Marshall Huey Ullyses David Limauro 'QSM .Y 4 , ' 1 ff m ,V Wttllmiiiga irfr ' , .Val k WA' - IM E-n' FRATRES IN FACULTATE Harold I. Williams, '12 n FRATRES IN URBE, Ralph VGetchell, Delta Mu 128 . . Q Lester Ernest Judd, M. '30 if Alpha Kappa Kappa Roger Hubbard Allbee, M. '31 FRATRESA IN .UNIVERSITATE Seniors Elmer Wesley Dodge John Arkley Miller Juniors John Phillip Hyland Francis B. Franklin O'Keefe Donald Allen Paul Sophomores Walter Robert Kersey Thomas Smith McLean Alfred George Sirois Freshmen Roderick John Maynes Solon Franklin McQueston Henry Crostry Smith H151 Elvin R. Latty, Delta Psi '23 Richard Milton Ireland, M. '31 Nu Sigma Nu. Arthur Knox Tuclhope George Stewart Talcott Robert Morton Whitcomb John Robert Pike Reuel Edward Young William Joseph Slavin, Jr. Charles Albert Steele, Jr. Daniel Joseph Vignone Paul Gladstone Willetts, Jr. Daniel Joseph Laury John Joseph Ireland Page, Rowe, Poole, Bond, Tracy, Martinetti, S. Johnson, Osierlzus, Sanders Jones, Richards, Arnold, Manning, Clain, Bacon, O. Martinefti, Irons, Moses Currier, Sclzoppe, Shaw, Peel, Collins, Reagan, Hemenway, Cramer Kendall, Sfevens, Schurman, Howard, Stewart, Madden, Gross, Blodgett, Blakely H161 Nu Gamma of Phi Lester M. Prindle, '15 Vollie R. Yates, '15 H. Albion Bailey, '14 Jesse E. Squires, '20 Thomas Cook, '25 Crawford McGinnis Adams Harold Campbell Collins John Nelson Currier Kenneth Leon Price Francis Olaf Osterhus Noble Page Cornelius Wood Irons Philip Emerson Manning Theron Clay Crawford Lewis Jones Willis Howard Richard Blakely Founded 1918 I' , L , ...a Q . Viv . ig FRATRES IN FACULTATE Lloyd A. Woodard, '18 Ronald Bamford, Nu Alpha FRATRES IN URBE Rosaire I-I. -Bisson, M. '24 Laurel E. Samson, M. '28 Donald Moriarity, M.- '29 Robert T. Noble, M. '30 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors N Donald Arthur Hemenway Lemuel James Peet Rolfe Weston Schoppe Juniors Robert Morton Tracy George Ernest Bond Edward Lincoln Rowe, Jr. Siegfried Max Martinetti Ronald William Moses Sophomores Reginald Hooper Arnold Angus Willard Clain Freshmen Maxwell Kendall Douglas Stewart Kenneth Stevens Gilman Gross H171 lVlu Delta Edward Robinson Evan Thomas Rolfe S. Russell, M. '30 George Vaugh Goodwin, M. '31 Harry Clark Schurman, M. '31 Arthur Wyman Shaw Walter Farley Reagan George Howard Poole Leighton Albert Sanders Alan Clifford Johnson Joseph Donald Richards Odino Ario Martinetti Paul Charles Bacon Alfred Madden Blanen Blodgett Boyd Schurman Elowitch, Nathanson, Levine, Pousf Levine, Schecfman, Gourson, Glassfone, Burnsfein, Mazel, Waferman Holland, Poverman, Alpert, Werner, Faber, Goldman, Anfell 13121 Kappa of Tau Epsilon Plwi Founded at Columbia University 1900 1 fs QT 5 if Q is s , y glib Q -.-- Y' i FRATRES IN URBE Jack Levin Mordecai Frank Max I. Hanson David London Daniel Rothchild Meyer Hanson Samuel Saiger FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Academic Abraham Faber Robert Alpert Jack Glasston Morris Goldman Owright Bernstein Edward Gourson Seniors Medic Arthur Schneller Juniors' . David Poverman Q J ack Poust Samuel Waterman Sophomores Max Levine Frank Mezel Seymour Nathanson H3191 Irving Werner Maxwell Antell H arold Schectman Benjamin Elowitch Gage, Steward, Valiqueffe, Bufferfield, Robbins, King Luciani, Peferson, Damon, Hazen, Phelan, Wrighf, Wendi Wood, McGee, Gould, Sjosfrom, Pirzgree, Perry, Sanioire Gaies, Canopa, Joyce, Clark, Defore Lszoj Zeta Chi LOCAL Founded 1920 mf nm uh- .. . . . ..'A FRATRES IN FACULTATE H. G. Millington FRATRES IN URBE Frederick M. Bannon, M., '28 Erland F. Foster, M., '27 Harry F. Densrnore, ex- '28 Erwin T. Lavery '24 J. P. McDonough, ex- '27 George Alphonsus Gould Joseph A. McGee Harry Nichols Montague Daniel Edmund Damon, Jr. Herbert Allen Hazen Anthony Armando Luciani Alfred D. Butterneld Russell Clifton Gage Bernard Canapa J. Edward Clark Pzful TL' Newtong ex- '27 FRATRES IN ,UNIVERSITATE Seniors George Richardson Perry Albert David Pingree Axel Gerund Sjostrom Juniors Lyle Frank Peterson Austin William Phelon-, Jr. Armand Arthur Piche Sophomores Albert Vernon King Phillip Senter Robbins Freshmen John V. Detore Phillip A. Gates 53213 Edward J. Roy, M., '31 Gordon W. Southall '26 Keith F. Traux, M., '31 Claude H. Tate Orville Tunstall Wood William Francis Stuart 'John William Wendt Lyle Welby Wright Max D. Valiquette George E. Joyce Stewart, Moore, A. Merrill, Ramzn, Ball, Clayton, Colby Topping, Clark, Collins, A. Mackay, Burr, Dodge, Harwood, Reynolds Lucchina, E. Mackay, Phelps, Valenti, Castle, D, Merrill, Gould, Chadbourne Flagg, Slzarples, Coburn, Andrews, Gioria, Sears, Kent 13221 George F. Eckhard Charles E. Case, '23 Clarence Francis Castle William Conrad Chadbourne Maurice Irwin Gould Benjamin Franklin Clark Lyle Adelbert Collins Phillip Geoffery Andrews Edward Charles Ball Warren Holden Burr Lawrence Osro Clayton Donald Ellsworth Coburn Charles Newton Crockett Sigma Alpha Chi LOCAL Founded 1922 a 1:5134 fl .4 EAXJQ ff """ A 'haf'-'Q-., FRATRES IN FACULTATE Arthur B. Myrick Nelson L. Walbridge, '24 FRATRESIN- URBE J V BernargLQ. YL6MQiQ1iX, .'5'25 Winston A. Sargent, M, '30 Jgfciraltani -jngacggam, y 129' FRATREAS IN UCNIVEIRSITATE - , fSengqrs tg. 1 -Evo Alexander Lucchinaq Robert Farrow Moore Julian Orville Phelps Ab el Acacio Valenti Qliidwardy 'Russell Mackay' 3 elb ertilohn Merrill 51 .- '- 'gfllliziors' ' Wagfenqjtlb erty-'D oidge Albert George Mackay Cedric Ericson Reynolds, Jr Charles: Elnier Harwood Sophomores George Woodman Colby Carl Henry Ramm Americo Gioria Arthur Ernest Merrill John Millyn Moore Franklin Armington Sears Robert Lee Stewart Clarence Lee Topping Freshmen Winthrop Maillot Flagg Malcolm Smith Kent Arthur Sharples, Jr. 53231 Burbank, Beck, Knapp, Jejery, Chamberlain, Kinney, Beane, Medlar Fogg, J. Scufakes, Cowles, MacGibbon, Kilby, Overly, Robinson, H. Barter, Skiff, Calcagni Wheeler, I. Hoxie, Gile, Barnes, Brown, Dalrymple, Roy, Shaw, Barnett A. Scufakes, Howard, Baker, N. Hoxie, E. Barter 53241 Harold Edward Barnes Clayton Eugene Brown Henry L, G., Burnett Harold Edward Barter Peter Vasilios Brikiatis Levio Calcagni Roy Stanley Beck Carl Winfield Bean Elson Francis Barter! Harry William Baker Sigma Delta LOCAL Founded 1923 AQEQE EQQQI FRATRES IN FACULTATE Louis B. Puffer FRATRES IN URBE Frederick H. Lawrence, '25 FRATRES IN 'UNIVERSITATE Seniors A Harold ,Hill Fogg Ralph Bartlett Gile Irwin-Lee Hoxie Wendell Paddleford Roy Juniors Lawrence Golden Cowles Shirley Stanton Kilby Kenneth Hugh MacGibbon Charles Hayes Overly Sophomores Perly Horace Chamberlin Russel Howard Jeffery Freshmen Alva L. Bartlett Norman Colter I-Ioxie gszsj Gilbert Blair Shaw Philip Rood Wheeler Edward Orrin Dalrymple Lawrence Ralph Robinson Glenn William Skiff James Scutakes Paul William Kinney Albert Lawrence Knapp Austin L. Howard Antonio T. Scutakes Phi Beta Kappa Alpha of Vermont Founded 1848 l .X 'E - I -. 'fi ,f. 'is-2 wif 'hwdaj OFFICERS Evan Thomas . . . President John E. Colburn . . . . Vice-President Mrs. Helen Barton Tuttle Corresponding Secretary Henry F. Perkins . . . . . Register Forrest W. Kehoe Robert Roberts, '69 Hamilton S. Peck, '70 Mrs. Jane Wheeler, '80 Roger Hulburd, '82 Josiah W. Votey, '84 Eliza S. Isham, '86 Mrs. Lucia Barney Downing, '89 Max L. Powell, '89 George I. Forbes, '90 Mrs. Hattie Andrews Forbes, '91 Edmund C. Mower, '92 Lyman Allen, '93 Mary R. Bates, '94 Theodore E. Hopkins, '95 John E. Colburn, '96 Henry F. Perkins, '98 Max W. Andrews, '99 George H. Burrows, '99 'Guy W. Bailey, '00 Wellington E. Aiken, '01 E. Mabel Brownell, '01 Ernest H. Buttles, '01 Resident Alumni James E. Donahue, '02 Roy O. Buchanan, '05 Mrs. Ruth Bond Gray, '06 Alfred H. Heininger, '08 Mrs. Jennie Rowell Bradlee, '09 Mrs. Ethel Southwick Eastman, '09 Forrest W. Kehoe, '09 Mrs. Anna Shepard Lutman, '09 Mrs. Helen Zarton Tuttle, '09 Ruth H. Gregory, '11 Eleazer J. Dole, '12 Fred C. Fisk, '13 H. Albon Bailey, '14 David W. Howe, '14 Ruth P. O'Sul1ivan, '14 Leon W. Dean, '15 Lester M. Prindle, '15 Vollie R. Yates, '15 Loretta E. Dyke, '16 Marjorie E. Luce, '16 Mrs. Mary Frank Zwick, '17 L326l Treasurer Mrs. Rose Levin Machanic, '18 Dorothy Votey, '18 Amos B. Wilmarth, '18 Clyde W. Horton, '19 Mrs. Edith Holsted Porter, '19 Mrs. Helen Stiles French, '21 Consuelo Northrop, '21 Helen B. Thorne, '21 Mrs. Marion Killam Arkley, '22 Pauline G. Ayres, '22 Mrs. K. W. Berry, '22 Mrs. Dorothy McMahon Board- man, '22 George V. Kidder, '22 Janice Byington, '23 Mrs. Betsey Kimball Kidder, '23 Winona E. Stone, '23 Homer B. Ashland, '24 Dexter Day Butterfield, '26 Beatrice Herberg, '26 A. B. Myrick, '26 Laurel E. Samson, M. '28 Inifiafes, March, 1926 David Brewer Hall, '26 Beatrice Leone Herberg Laurel Erceldine Samson, M. '28 Irzitiafes, June, 1926 Dexter Day Butterfield, '26 Alice Bradley Crowe, '26 Miriam Laura Dailey, '26 Jennie Fibish, '26 Helen Marguerite French, '26 Charles Harmon Kimball, ' Marshall Ellis Mower, '26 Professor A. B. Myrick Lois Eleanor Robinson, '26 Edward Lawrence Tracy, '26 Cyril George Veinott, '26 Harold Fisher Wilson, '26 Inifiates, March, 1927 Claire L. Currier, '27 Dorothea F. Baker, '27 Lawrence C. Whitman, '27 Inifiales, March, 1928 Faith P. Baldwin, '28 Theodore Rich, '28 Mrs. Elizabeth Morrill Cedric Wolfe, '28 Muriel E. Richardson, '28 h Members of other chapters in the city Stephen G. Barnes, Pa. Gamma Samuel E. Bassett, Conn. Alpha Howard G. Bennett, Mass. Alpha Mrs. H. G. Bennett, Wis. Alpha George P. Burns, Ohio Eta Mrs. Albert Butler, Mass. Iota Fred D. Carpenter, Conn. Alpha Eleanor Cowen, Mass. Iota John B. DeForest, Conn. Alpha Mrs J. B. DeForest, Mass, Theta Mrs George F. Eckhard, Ohio Alpha A. Russell Gifford, Conn. Gamma George G. Groat, N. Y. Kappa Raymond A. Hall, Conn. Gamma M. H. Laatsch, Pa. Iota Elvin R. Latty, Maine Alpha Miriam N. Marston, Mass. Alpha Catherine F. Nulty, R. I. Alpha Mrs Beatrice Hellar Oxley, Ohio Gamma C. J. Oxley, Ohio Gamma George H. Perkins, Conn. Alpha George I. Richardson, Mass. Gamma Henry H. Ross, Vt. Beta I. Chipman Smart, Mass. Gamma Paul C. Squires, N. Y. Epsilon Elijah Swift, Mass, Alpha James P. Taylor, N. Y. Eta Bertha M. Terrill, Mass. Theta Evan Thomas, Ohio Theta Frederick Tupper, Jr., Md. Alpha Mrs. Frederick Tupper, Md. Beta 13271 Collins, Crandall, Prentice, Marvin, Talcoff, Smith Stevens, Abell, President Bailey, Holden, Conway, Reagan BOL1ld8I' SENIOR HONORARY SOCIETY Founded 1905 Ai12"-2 ' f blzlb Mem b ers Sabin Clark Abell Harold Campbell Collins John Thomas Conway Herbert Daniel Crandall Robert Thayer Holden George Lawrence Harland Marvin Howard Anderson Prentice Walter Farley Reagan John Archer Smith Charles Hiram Stevens Stewart Talcott fazsq Price, Birchard, Mackay, Hall O'Neill, Esfabrook, Prof. Tupper, O'Keefe, Gustafson Ke and Serpent JUNIOR HONORARY SOCIETY Founded 1908 .1 fg- Q Q-5 3 Members Arthur Ramage Birchard Francis Benjamin Franklin O'Keefe John Seeley Estabrook Albert George Mackay Bertel William Gustafson Francis John O'Neill Woodhull Stanton Hall Kenneth Leon Price 53291 DeRose, Hawley, Harasimowicz, Puyffer, Manning, Edson Knapp, Francesci, Rich, Tryan, Billings, Mace Gioria, Macomber, Beckley, Lawrence, Clayton, Colby Gold Key Sophomore Society Founded 1923 Members Frank Ernest Beckley, Jr, Robert Peniield Billings Lawrence Osro Clayton Charles NathanDeRose Gregory Jordan Edson Aldo Franceschi Americo Gioria Paul Harasimowicz Rollin Galusha Hawley Albert Lawrence Knapp 5301 Robert Allison Lawrence Charles Herbert Mace, Jr. Herrick Mower Macomber Philip Emerson Manning Seymour Nathanson James Chadborn Puifer Frank Varney Rich Philip Sennter Robbins William Joseph Slavin Raymond Henry Tryon McLaughlin, Greene, Shaw, Price, Baldwin Valenti, Kyle, Castle, Cogswell Kappa Mu Epsilon Engineering Honorary Society s W e 'A Q-1 arf, ,.., - ' -'4 xy" x Members James Gordon Baldwin Kellogg Warriner Kyle Clarence Francis Castle Francis Anthony McLaughlin William Norman Cogswell Clifton William Price Porter Claude Greene Arthur Wyman Shaw Ab el Acacio Valenti L33 ij Smifh, Talcoff, Holden, Macomber Bond, Peef, Montague Green Mountain Chapfer of Alpha Zeta Agricultural Honorary Society Robert Thayer Holden Delbert John Merrill Harry Nichols, Montague George Bond .. Y -G, ' ' 'll Members Seniors Juniors I3321 Lemuel James Peet Charles Eugene Smith George Stewart Talcott Carl Cobb Macomb er Birchard, Gusiafson, Harwood, Phelps Holden, Crandall, Shedd, Reagan Perry, Mr. Crocketf, Lzzcchina, Mr. Dean, Doane Pi Delta Rho Honorary journalistic Fraternity Founded 1924 Q2 ys X ,, lift f T 2 Honorary Members Walter Hill Crockett Leon W. Dean Members Seniors Herbert Daniel Crandall George Richardson Perry Whitney Randall Doane Julian Orville Phelps Robert Thayer Holden Walter Farley Reagan Evo Alexander Lucchina Charles Hiram Stevens Mahlon Vincent Taylor Juniors Arthur Ramage Birchard Charles Elmer Harwood Bertel Wiliam Gustafson Frank Granville Shedd H331 Borighf, Dodge, Smith, Fogg Walsfon, Bloolgeff, Perry, Merrill Schoppe, Conway, Prof. Douglas, Reagan, Monfague Kappa Phi Kappa Charles P. Boright John Thomas Conway Harold H. Fogg George A. Gould Delbert J. Merrill A. A. Luciani Educafion Society Founded 1927 5, i 1 lg' Mem bers Seniors Juniors Harry N. Montague George R. Perry Walter Farley Reagan Rolfe W. Schoppe John Archer Smith E. B. Walston Professor B. C. Douglas 53343 Klein, Brunelle, McGlaflin, Mahoney, Eckley, Dwyer, Rich, Bassett, Powell, Kone, Bundy Fishman, Baker, Darick Howard, Armstrong, Macomber, White, Crandall, Flint, Wright, Crofton Iota Chapter of Eta Sigma Phi Founded at the University of Chicago, 1924 Honorary Members Dr. Samuel E. Bassett Professor George V. Kidder Doctor Lester M. Prindle Members Faith Baldwin, '23 Catherine Bassett, '29 Dorothy Brown, '31 Lucille Brunelle, '29 George, Brush, '31 Jetta Buckley, '31 Everett Bundy, '30 Elizabeth Butler, '30 Lena Cochran, '31 Marion Cooney, '30 Dorothy Cottrell, '29 Herbert Crandall, 28 Grace Crofton, '30 Eleanor Davison, '28 Helen Drugg, '31 Margaret Durick, '29 Ursula Dwyer, '28 Katherine Eckley, '28 Edith Fishman, '30 Pheobe Flint, '30 Elizabeth Hager, '29 Marion Herran, '30 Ethel Heller, '30 Genevieve Hook, '29 Harriet Howard, '30 Susan Howard, '30 Gladys Kone, '29 53351 Bertha Klein, '29 Mollie Levin, '29 Eloise McGlaflin, '28 Herrick Macomber, '30 Margaret Mahoney, '29 Esther Mandigo, '31 John Medlar, '29 Henry Powell, '30 Theodore Rich, '28 Muriel Richardson, '28 Lloyd S. Turner, '29 Julia Waterman, '30 Katherine Wright, '28 Poole, C. Holden, Turner, Waterman, Bliss, Hagar, Churchill, Campbell, Cottrell, Munro, Richardson Clayton, Birchard, Burr, Tracy, Shedd, Overly, Saiord, Madden, Gustafson Nathanson, Dearing, C. Stevens, H. Stevens, Crandall, Durick, R. Holden, Lucchina, Bates, . Clain Macomber, Harwood, Morse, Martinetti, Lyman, Stearns, Duval, Sanders Editor-in-Chief Herbert D. Crandall, '28 Women's Editor Margaret A. Durick, '29 Charles E. Harwood, '29 Irene Bates, '28 Dorothy Dearing, '28 Eleanor Taft, '28 Dorothy Cottrell, '29 Elizabeth Hagar, '30 Herrick Macomber, '30 The Vermont cynic Founded 1883 Editorial Board Sporting Editor Feature Editor Leighton A. Sanders, '29 Mfhitney D. Salford, '28 Humor Editor Laura P. Bliss, '28 Intercollegiate Editor Frank G. Shedd, '29 News Editors Charles H. Overly, '29 Robert M. Tracy, '29 Assistant Editors Seymour Nathanson, '30 Robert L. Stewart, '30 Arthur D. Stearns, '30 Angus W. Clain, '30 Constans Holden, '29 Janice Goodrich, '30 George H. Poole, '29 Merle A. Duval, '30 Lawrence Clayton, '30 Odino Martinetti, '30 Clifford Morse, '30 Merta Monroe, '28 Managing Editor Associate Editor Evo A. Lucchina Helen E. Stevens Business Staff Business Manager Advertising Manager Charles H. Stevens Robert T. Holden Assistant Business Managers A. R. Birchard B. W. Gustafson C, C. Lyman I3361 Lyman, Gustafson, Young, Shedd, Hyland, O'Keefe, Overly, Harwood, Hopson, Thompson Strong, Bracken, Witkus, Birchard, Cleveland, James, Bassett, Morgan, Everest The IQQQ Ariel Women's Editor Editor-,in-Chief George H. James Sport Editors Robert L. Sanders Marion Everest Charlotte E. Cleveland Grind Editors Charles E. Harwood Charles H, Overly Catherine B. Bassett Dorothy H. Strong Women's Associate Editors Lucy Bracken Florence A. Scott Editorial Staff Business Manager Arthur R. Birchard, Jr Photographic Editors Frank G. Shedd Lucy Morgan Art Editors Hans T. Nilsen Irene O. Witkus Paul B. Hopson Lee C. Morgan Roger A. Thompson Noble Page George H. Poole Harvey B. Whiting John P. Hyland Reuel E. Young Advertising Manager Circulation Manager Corbin C. Lyman Kenneth L. Price Assistant Managers Bertel W. Gustafson Franklin F. O'Keefe Watson F. Rogers H371 kg Holden, Cottrell, Overly, Bassett, Goodrich Stephens, Skinner, Mr. Dean Vermont Literary Magazine Editorial Board Editor-in-Chief Rachel L. Skinner, '28 Assistant Editors Dorothy Cottrell, '29 Constans Holden, '29 Janice M. Goodrich, 30 Kenneth R, Stephens, '23 Robert L. Stewart, '30 Financial Editor Charles H. Overly, '29 Assistant Financial Editor Catherine B. Bassett, '29 Faculty Advisor Leon W. Dean 13381 McKenzie, Miller, Wheeler, Stone, Skinner Bosley, Dailey, Morgan, Stearns, Munro, Scott, Holden ' Mildon, Bates, Mr.Dean, Mr. Crockett, Cottrell, Dearing, Witkus Irene Bates Dorothy Cottrell Constans Holden Irene Bates Dorothy D earing Dorothy Cottrell Constans Holden Louise Bosley Gertrude Bingham Francis French Eleanor Koenig Barbara LeBaron Press Ofiicers . Preszdent . Vice-Presldent . Chairman of Program Commzttee Members Seniors Elizabeth Mildon Merta Munro Rachel Skinner Juniors Margaret Miller Lucy Morgan Florence Scott Sophomores Elizabeth Clark Dorothy Dailey Freshmen Doris 'Phelps Margaret Rice Agnes Shaw Margaret Stanley may Helen Stevens Charlotte Stone Agnes Wheeler Irene Witkus Florence McKenzie Mildred Stone Winifred Stone Sarah Westcott K. Price, Sirois, Burr, Butterfield, Sanders Clain, Hyland, Whifcomb, Talcoff, Esfabrook, Lawrence, Van Name Conway, Chadbourne, O'Keefe, Stevens, Gustafson, C. Price, Abell Charles Stevens Bertel Gustafson F. F. O'Keefe Sabin C. Abell William C. Chadbourne John T. Conway John S. Estabrook Bertel W. Gustafson Warren H. Burr Student Senate Oiiicers Members Seniors Lewis G. Leary Charles H. Stevens Clifton W. Price Juniors John P. Hyland Gerald B. R. Van Name Franklin F. O'Keefe Sophomores Angus W. Clain Robert A. Lawrence Freshman Harvey D. Butterfield 13401 . . President . Vice-President Secretary-Treaszzrer George S. Talcott Robert M. Whitcomb Kenneth L. Price Leighton A. Sanders Alfred G. Sirois Sabin Clark Abell Roger Hubbard Allbee Herbert Daniel Crandall Lyle A. Collins Whitney R. Doane Bertel William Gustafson Lawrence Osro Clayton Salford, Miller, Robbins Abell, Allbee, Lucchina Wig and Busliin X Honorary Dramatic Society Members Seniors Evo Alexander Lucchina John Arkley Miller Merton Covey Robbins, Jr. Juniors Woodhull Stanton Hall Lloyd Shattuck Turner Francis Franklin O'Keefe Sophomores Herrick Mower Macomb er 53411 Whitney Daniel Safford Ralph Chesley Stevens Franklin Randolph Otto Gerald Barton R. Van Name Reuben Thornwald Krogh Phelps, Irons, Castle, Holden, Curtiss, Harwood, Duval Mace, Birchard, Mr, Powers, Merrill, Mackay Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Delbert J. Merrill, '28 Albert R. Mackay, '29 Cornelius Irons, '29 . Arthur R. Birchard, '29 Julian Phelps, '28 . Clarence Castle, '28 Robert Holden, '28 . Lemuel Peet, '28 . Phillip Robbins, '30 George Bond, '29 I. Merle Duval, '30 . Charles Harwood, '29 Charles Mace, '30 . Richmond H. Curtiss, '29 Merrill D, Powers . Oiiicers Committee Chairmen f3421 . President Vice-Presidenl . Secretary Treasurer Discussion Groups . . Meetings Membership Campus Service . . Church Work Christian World Education . . . Publicity . Boy's Education Work . . Deputations . General Secretary Medlar, Overly Sanders, Fogg, Harwood Freshman I"'I81'1dlDOOk Staii Harold I-I. Fogg . Editor-in-Chief Leighton A. Sanders Business Manager Charles Harwood Assistant Editor John G. Medlar Assisfanf Editor I343I Kone, Leavens, Sears, Hince, Macomber, Klein Thomas, Dimick, Mr. Dean, Freeman, Goodrich Tau Kappa Alpha National Debating Honorary Society I F' Q i ... e Members Seniors Francis M. Dimick Lawrence A. Hince John M. Leavens Juniors Bertha Klein Gladys R, Kong Sophomores Mable Freeman Janice M. Goodrich Herrick M. Macomber Franklin A. Sears 13441 Bicknell, Lowden, Jenks, Goddard, Walker, Saffora' Baker, Goldfarb, Wood, Hoxie, Slack, Brooks, Crothers, Frost, Donovan Merikangas, Dalrymple, Beck, Allbee, Parker, Ball, Barnes, Jackson MGH,S Glee Rogers Allbee, M., '31 H. W. Baker, '31 Harold E. Barnes, '30 Roy S. Beck, '30 Kenneth Bicknell, '30 Clayton Crothers, '29 Edward O. Dalrymple, '28 Henry C. Dalrymple, '30 Leonard M. Donahue, '30 Fred Forth, '31 Oakley Frost, 30 Members Harrison Goddard, '30 J, S. Goldfarb, '31 Major Jenks, '30 William M. Lowden, '31 U. R. Merikangas, M., '31 Wilmond W. Parker, '29 Whitney D. Salford, '28 Arthur M. Shaw, '28 Errol Slack, '28 L. S. Walker, 29 Orville T. Wood, '28 Professor Howard G. Bennett, Director 53453 Newman Officers John L. Berry, M., '29 C . . . . President Margaret E. Mahoneyy '29 P . Vice-President Lucille A. Brunelle, '29 C .. Secretary-Treasurer P. G. Weitzmann Sp. . . Correspondent Reverend P. C. Brennan .... . Chaplain Entertainment Committee -A Margaret P. cullinan, ,so Helen owen, '31 Arthur Coyne, M., '30 y Ida J. Ubertalli, '30 The Catholic Club was founded at the University of Vermont in 1905. The present name of the society was adopted in 1918. Communion break- fasts are held monthly. The members present a dramatic production every year. Acquaintance with one another and closer relationship with Catholic influences is thus affected. In 1920 the Newman Club affiliated with the Federation of College Catholic Clubs. The purpose of the national organ- ization is to secure mutual helpfulness and united effort in promoting in- tellectual, moral, social and religious standards. H461 , V , , k r n u n I ' r V r GNIZQTIUNS Howley, Rice, Wright, Goodrich, Hays, Whitney Farman, Stevens, Hager, Taft, Norton, Merrill, Marsh, Martin Dearing C, Cleveland, Bassett, Batten, Dean Patterson, Bates, Lockwood, Backus Womenis Student Union OFFICERS Alma E. Batten . . . . President Catherine B. Bassett Vice President Eleanor T. Lockwood . Secretary Charlotte E. Cleveland . . . Treasurer Irene M. Bates . . . Chief Justice Muriel F. Cleveland Social Calendar Chairman Pearl E. Darling . . Town President COUNCIL Dean of Women Chairman, Chairman, Members President, President President, Class Vic 1 Program Committee Social Calendar of Mortar Board Y. W. C. A. Town Girls Vermonters' Club e-Presidents maj President, W. A. A. President, Masque and Sandal President, Dramatic Club Home Economics Club House Presidents Cynic Board Representative President, Glee Club Representative Vice-President, Newman Club Batten, Miss Storms, Miss Cummings, Stevens, Miss Blanchard Hall, Hays, Dean Patterson, Martin, Lockwood Alcraia Chapter of Mortar Board Honorary Members Marion Patterson Kathrina Habberton Storms Della Elizabeth Martin Alma Elizabeth Batten Dorothy May Hall Members 53491 Eleanor Stetson Cummings Alice Nielson Blanchard Jeannette Laura Hays Eleanor Toby Lockwood Helen Emma Stevens Miller, Marstz, Eckley, Westin, Potter Richardson, White, Davison, Goodwin, Bassett Eleanor D avison Eleanor Taft . Muriel Richardson Marion Potter Dorothy Hall Katherine Eckley Elizabeth White Elizabeth Clark Alice Miller . Lenore Aldinger Mabel Pierce . Lillian Marsh Ruth Westin . Eileen Goodwin Y. aC. Cabinet OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Committee Chairmen l:350l . Finance Publicity . Meetings . Social Service World Fellowship Conferences Deputations Candy Editor, Freshman Handbook Manager, Freshman Handbook , Davison, Huntley, Freeman, Beecher, Taft, Strong, Darling Young, Perkins, Cottrell, Cleveland, Hogaboom, Backus, Whitney Masque and Sandal A WOMEN'S HoNoRARY DRAMATIC soc1ErY Muriel .Frances Cleveland Margaret Mae Wood . Annette Rosenberg Dorothy Cottrell Muriel Frances Cleveland Eleanor May Davison Mildred Harriet Huntley Marion Wright Backus Dorothy Cottrell Jeanette Russel Beecher Mabel Longaker Freeman Anne D arling OFFICERS MEMBERS Seniors Juniors Gladys I-Iogaboom Sophomores Freshmen I'351l . President Vice President . Secretary Treasurer Anna Keyser Perkins Eleanor Taft Margaret Mae Wood Dorothy Harriet Strong Dorothy Young Beverly Householder Annette Rosenberg Carolyn Whitney Davis, Kibbe, Fishman, Boslegv, Morgan, Hager, Strong, Miller, Bassett, Everest, Woolson Crandall, Goodwin, Laythe Hart, White, Westin, Fine, Nelson, Turner, Munro, Stone, Bellfnore, Hoskins, Huntley Roberts, Hawley Hawley, Tewksbury, Wappler, Wheeler, Cleveland, Taft, Backus, Bates, Martin Cohen Eleanor Taft Marion Backus Eloise Ballard Irene Bates Alma Batten Eileen Goodwin Dorothy Hall Marion Backus Catherine Bassett Alice Bellmore Charlotte Cleveland Marian Everest Louise Bosley Lilian Cohen Janice Davis Lucille Fine Parry Dramatic Club OFFICERS . President Charlotte Cleveland . Secretary Vice President Thelma Price MEMBERS Seniors Mildred Huntley Della Martin Merta Munro Mildred Roberts Dorothy Crandall Doris Hart Juniors Elizabeth Hager Beatrice Hoskins Gladys Kone Margaret Miller Lucy Morgan Agnes Wheeler Sophomores Edith Fishman Doris Kibbe Freshmen Nathalie Hawley 53521 . Treasurer Charlotte Stone Eleanor Taft Marjorie Tewksbury Ruth Westin Elizabeth White Marion Baldwin Esther Nelson Thelma Price Dorothv Strong Mary Turner Frances Laythe Margaret Parry Jean Wappler Mary Woolson Campbell, Waterman, Wescott, Stearns, Strong, Bassett, Everest, Skinner, Freeman, Hager Richardson, Wappler, Churchill, Doyle, Holden, Taft, Munro, Upton, Partch, Dailey, Fishman Goodenough, Nelson, Cottrell, Stevens, Bliss, Turner, Bates, Deering, Bellmore Blue Stockings Literary Club Laura Bliss Mary Turner Helen Stevens Janice Goodrich Dorothy Cottrell Eloise Ballard Irene Bates Laura Bliss Dorothy Dearing Catherine Bassett Alice Bellmore Priscilla Campbell Margaret Corbin Dorothy Cottrell Ruth Churchill Dorothy Dailey Susan Howard Virginia Goodenough Hilda Smith Oyjicers MEMBERS Seniors Vera Doyle Merta Munro Anna Perkins Rachael Skinner Juniors Margaret Durick Mary Freeman Elizabeth Hager Constans Holden Sophomores Edith Fishman Janice Goodrich Freshmen Jean Wappler 53531 President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Chairman of Program Heather Smith Mable Stearns Helen Stevens Eleanor Taft Annette Middleton Esther Nelson Dorothy Strong Mary Turner Marain Everest Ruth Bettie Upton Joyce Richardson Julia Waterman Sara Wescott Lucille Fine Prof, H. G. Bennett Miriam Lawrence Eleanor Hubert Vivian Dodge Frances Hazen Georgina Hubert Margaret Rice Margaret Stanley Margaret Corbin Carlotta Grimm First Sopranos Elizabeth Cory Hazel Ladd Grace Abernethy Helen Allbee Rosena Allen WOm9H,S Glee OFFICERS . . . Director . President . . Business Managfer Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Pianist and .Accompanist . . . Accolmpanist SEXTET I Second Sopranos Altos Dorothy Nash Barbara Douglass Clarissa Peters Anna Wilder MEMBERS First Sopranos Elizabeth Butler Elizabeth Cory Mary Davis Gertrude Bingham Dorothy Fowler Cecille Boivin Eloise Ballard Margaret Corbin Dorothy Cottrell Vivian Dodge Marion Baldwin Anna Darling Barbara Douglass Lorraine Guillett Martha Hall Genevieve Hook Hazel Ladd Clarissa Peters Doris Phelps Margaret Waite Second Sopranos Hope Grant Frances Hazen Georgina Hubert Mirian Lawrence Altos Katharine Eckley Frances French Carlotta Grimm f354j Esther Mandigo Dorothy Nash Virginia Noyes Margaret Parry Eleanor Hubert Irene Kizirbohosian Emily Murry Eleanor Prunier Margaret Rice Doris Shaw Eleanor Smith Helen Taylor Margaret Stanley Margaret Wallace Florence Whitcomb Florence Scott Edna Shaw Anna Wilder Vermonters, Cluh Charlotte W. Stone , , President Marian A, Everest . . Vice President Charlotte E. Cleveland Secreiary-Treasurer Home Economics Cluh Eleanor T. Lockwood . President Laura M. Bingham . Vice President Alma S. Farr . . Secretary Marjorie Huntley Treasurer Qmicron Nu HONORARY HOME ECONOMICS SOCIETY OFFICERS Charlotte W. Stone . . , . President Clara Richmond . . Secretary-Theasurer MEMBERS Bertha M. Terrill Marianne Muse Florence Bailey Carolyn H. Hyde Alice E. Blundell Clara Richmond Alida B. Fairbanks Charlotte W. Stone 13551 A N 1 5 ' ,1 41 r si 356 xr,-sf' 'Nr' f-""""4- .fhsl f 5,9 Alike Beymvke '23 HTH LETK5 H571 l w i Hubert, Burns, Kibbe, Wheatley, Everest, Bassett, Backus Whitney, Lockwood, Cottrell, Hays, Roberts, Goodsell Jeannette Hays Marian Everest Mildred Whitney Dorothy Cottrell Mildred Roberts Doris Kibbe . Dorothy Wheatley Catherine Bassett Annette Burns Eleanor Lockwood Marion Backus Narcissa Goodsell Georgina Hubert Athletic Association OFFICERS . President . Vice President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . . Treasurer Publicity Manag-er Outing Club President . . . . . Health Council Chairman CLAS S REPRESENTATIVES 113581 Senior Executive Senior Executive . Junior Executive Sophomore Executive Freshman Executive Pritchard, O'Neil, Seaver, Arbuthnof, Corey, Hubert Baldwin, Robelen, Aldirzger, Gurney, Shaw, Claflin, Layfhe Miss Blanchard, Andersen, Mildon, Burns, Hart, Taft, Carpenter, Wright, Lynch Sergf Conner R1fle Team, 1927-28 VARSITY Evelyn Andersen, Captain Pauline Lynch, Manager Eleanor Taft Dorothy Claflin Elizabeth Mildon Edna Shaw Annette Burns Dorothy Gurney Doris Hart Elizabeth Robelen Dorothy Carpenter Helen O'Neil Kathryn Wright Georgina Hubert Frances Laythe Rebecca Seaver Marion Baldwin Elizabeth Corey Lenore Aldinger Edith Pritchard SCHEDULE University of Utah University of Cincinnati University of Indiana University of Nebraska University of Missouri Syracuse University University of Maine Depauw A Michigan State College Cornell University North Dakota State College University of Kansas Washington State College University of Michigan University of Nevada University of Delaware University of Tennessee f359l Margaret Corbin, Marion Baldwin Lenore Aldinger Helen Dean Marian Everest Lydia Blodgett Mary Freeman Doris Kibbe Laura Smith Margaret Corbin Anna Ward Wheatley, Middleton, Shaw Smith, Everest, Morgan Nelsony Corbin, Baldwin Baseball, 10927 Junior Team Captain Substitutes Varsity Team Lucy Morgan fseoj Lucy Morgan Annette Middleton Esther Nelson Laura Smith Dorothy Wheatley Margaret Miller Edna Shaw Marion Parker Elizabeth Pingree Ruth Eayers Lillian Marsh Cottrell, Turner, Hager, Hazen, Everest, Smith, Miller Baldwin, Backus, Nelson, Whitney, Hawley, Hoskins Hockey, 1927 Junior Team Esther Nelson, Captain Beatrice Hoskins Marian Everest Margaret Corbin Marion Baldwin Frances Howley Catherine Bassett Marion Backus Genevieve Martel Frances Howley Beatrice Hoskins Frances McKean Marion Baldwin Varsity Team Carlotta Grimm 53611 Elizabeth Hager Laura Smith Bertha 'Hazen .lacqueline Lanou Mildred Whitney Alice Miller Dorothy Cottrell Mary Turner Emily Murray Jean Wappler Catherine Bassett Evelyn Andersen Justine Rogers Cottrell, Wheatley, Smith, Everest Hoskins, Price, Klein, Wheeler, Fisk, Howley Valley Ball, H927 Junior Team Bertha Klein, Captain Margaret Corbin Dorothy Cottrell Marian Everest Beatrice Hoskins Margaret Corbin Dorothy Cottrell Marian Everest Lois Fisk Lois Fisk Substitutes Agnes Wheeler Varsity Team Margaret Wood 53521 Frances Howley Catherine Bassett Laura Smith Dorothy Wheatley Thelma Price Bertha. Klein Lillian Marsh Laura Smith Dorothy Wheatley Wheatley, Everest, Zielonko, Morgan Corbin, Lanozz, Upton Basket Ball, IQQS Junior Team Jacqueline Lanou, Captain Dorothy Wheatley Lucy Morgan Marian Everest M. Elizabeth Burke Jean Wappler Dorothy Gurney Varsity Team K 3 631 Margaret Corbin Emilia Zielonko Ruth Upton Harriet Wright Frances McKean Ramona Munn Minor Sports Junior Team ARCHERY, 1927 Ester Nelson Irene Witkus Marion Baldwin Agnes Wheeler Varsify Team Irene Witkus Cecile Boivin TENNIS, 1927 Genevieve Martel Junior Team Marion Everest Marion Baldwin Beatrice Hoskins Margaret Corbin 53641 365 M9327 Y" 1319 1 ,Q , M e'Ei5 E15+NQ , i 1 I V 1 iii 'IK Qt 1- , . W' ,.,., .' 'X . -,,. 4 Q, , ,. ,--1,m. -xy. 1 H 3 Q. V 4.-,I 5-2 ..- 9 I f3561 SOKORITIES M671 M. Sfone, Wescoii, Taylor, Rice Flint, Freeman, Beecher, Robelen, Edmunds, Noyes, E. Huberf, Basseff, Corbin, Strong Easfman, Woodruff, Coffrell, Skinner, Perkins, Middleton, Bliss, Miller, Hazen, Whitney A. Burns, Johnson, Lawrence, C. Stone, Dearing, Wallace, Hall, Lockwood, White, Seaver H. Burns, Cory, Timpson, G. Hubert, Pindar, Wappler 13681 LAMBDA CHAPTER OF Kappa Alpha Theta 5'-L f ' rf. O Ji' if 0 O X . ' fl -Y Q 4 3 ? M Aw 76. 5' 11:4 A65 lj Q X Founded at DePauw University 1870 ' SORORES IN FACULTATE Mrs. Ruth Ball Biggar Florence Woodard Irene Allen Irene Barrett .Mary Bates May Boynton Mabel Brownell Mrs. Katherine Carleton Mrs. F. D. Carpenter Mildred Chapin Ruth Croft Mrs. L. W. Dean Laura Philbrick Bliss Annnette Elizabeth Burns Marion Louise Cleveland Dorothy May Dearing Katherine Stark Griffith SCRORES IN URBE Doris Dodds Mrs. P. K. French Mrs. Marjorie :Grant Mrs. H. E. Gray ' ' :Mrs ' V .. Rachel Herrick, -' 1 Eliza Ishani , Mrs. O. B. lohnsonl Mrs. R. M. Johnson Mrs. Hovey Jordan Mrs. B. B. Lane Mrs. Guy Loudon Sarah Martin Martha Mathews .Mrs. H. A. Mayforth Mrs. Ivy Noyes Pauline Perkins Mrs. Clara Robinson Dorothy Votey Mrs. J, W. Votey Mrs. R. H. Wescott SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Dorothy May Hall Deborah Johnson Miriam Ellen Lawrence Eleanor Toby'Lockw.ood Juniors Catharine Brewster Bassett Cora Louise Eastman Margaret Burrows Corbin Elanor Hubert Dorothy Cottrell Jeanette Russell Beecher Anne Jayne Edmunds Helen Harriette Burns Elizabeth Mabel Cory Georgina Hubert Alice Elizabeth Pindar Annette Forrest Middleton Mildred Emma Whitney Sophomores Phoebe Helen Miller Flint Mabel Longaker Freeman Harriet Elizabeth Woodrulf Freshmen Margaret Skinner Rice Rebecca Rosette Seaver Mildred Nichols Stone 53691 Anna Keyser Perkins Rachel Louise Skinner Charlotte Willson Stone Margaret Cross Wallace Elizabeth Sophia White Margaret Earle Miller Virginia Hopkins Noyes Dorothy Harriet Strong Frances Mary Hazen Elizabeth Gibson Robelen Helen Frances Taylor Frances Flagler Timpson Jean Wappler Sarah Learoyd Westcott ' l r 1 w 1 K 5 w 1 eff? 7 l Ww e 1 , , V l ig i. eh, lg 31 Y 3 ey x ? ,ix I , 4, 1 ui W I 4-L 1 3 I 4 ? Q' mi 3 at 1 1 1 I ,V w Andrews, Prentiss, Everest, Hook, Freeman, Howley, Keith V 7 Waterman, Churchill, Goodrich, Rounds, Harris, Church, Parry Tewksbury, Tucker, Witters, Richmond, Furman, Goodwin, Stevens, Doyle, Taft, Gale Paul, Parker, Weed, Collins, Buck, Johnstone, Hawley, Goodenough H3701 Janice Byington ETA CHAPTER OF Delta Delta Delta Founded af Boston University 1888 SOROR IN FACULTATE Alice Blanchard CAlpha Iotaj SORORES IN URBE Mary Loomis Minnie Dodge fAlpha Iotab Marjorie E, Luce Gladys Flint Mrs G. I. Forbes Helen G. Hendee Mildred Kent CAlpha Iotaj Vera Evelyn Doyle Beatrice Elizabeth Farman Edith Lillian Gale Eileen French Goodwin Marian Angel Everest Mary Catherine Freeman Belle Louise Church Ruth Elizabeth Churchill Lillian Andrews Helen Gertrude Buck Dorothy Adams Collins Mrs. Benjamin Lutman Helen P. Magner Evelyn Orton Constance Parker Mrs. John Patrick Mrs. C. B. Platka Eileen Russell Mrs. L. M. Simpson Mrs. A. J. Stevens Mrs, H. C. Tinkham SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Elizabeth Warner Morrill Clara.Ernelyn Richmond Helen Emma Stevens Juniors, ' , Genevieve Perley' Hook I Sophomores Janice Meredith Goodrich Dorothy Madison Kimball Margaret Dillingham Parry Freshmen Virginia Alice Goodenough Nathalie Arlene Hawley Harriett Ida Johnstone Dorothy Beatrice Keith 13113 Eleanor Taft Marjorie Douglass Tewsbury Marion Lamb Tucker Juanita Witters Frances Elizabeth Howley Helen Elliott Prentiss Laura Carpenter Rounds Julia Waterman Verna Elizabeth Parker Lucille Winefred Paul Mary Eolia Weed iw, , f if 11 MS rr M f ' s f 1 .NF 's , gf A . . 0 , , . l I Q 0 Smith, Turner, Idleman, Wheatley, L. Bracken, Wheeler, Backus, Cleveland Goodsell, Wood, Mildon, Pujfer, Templeton, H, Martin, Waddell, Householder, Mc Laughlin, Gurney, Colton, Taylor Kibbe, Burke, Sargent, Knight, Hyde, Lovell, Roberts, Purinton, Bates, Martin, Billings Rutledge, Corwin, Lynch, French, Arbuthnot, McKean, M. Bracken, Darling, Stanley Willard, Wright, Field L3721 VERMONT BETA OF Pi Beta Phi Founded af Monlnoufh College 1867 S ORORES IN FACULTATE Laura Parker Pauline Ayers Mrs. Marion Killam Arkley Mrs. C. Arms Mrs. Marion Jackson Bell Mrs. Dorothy M. Boardman Mrs. Jennie Rowell Bradlee Mrs. Barbara S. Brown Bertha Coventry Mrs, Merle B. Crane Elizabeth Alden Billings Mary Elizabeth Burke Carolyn I-Iuestis Hyde Frances Chadbourne Knight Marion Wright Backus Lucy Bracken Charlotte Elizabeth Cleveland Dorothy Mary Colton Alma Susan Farr Narcissa Eleanor Goodsell Dorothy Gurney Phyllis Arbuthnot Marjorie Agnes Bracken Jane Corwin Anna Margurite Darling SORORES IN URBE Mildred G. Doane Mrs. Rupert Drew Loretta Dyke Ruth Gregory Charlotte Hale Mrs. Florence Farr Hard H. Barbara Hunt Grace Killam -'., Mrs. Dorothy Grow Kimball Katherine McSweeney Margaret Patten Mrs. Jane Howe Patrick Mrs. Gertrude Brodie Ray Mrs. Ruth Frost Sinclair Elsie Stephens Mrs. Helen Barton Tuttle SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE V A-Seniors, Ruth Elizabeth Lovell Della Elizabeth Martin Elizabeth AlIH3.,' Mildon Juniors Miriam Josephine Idleman Eleanor Frances Smith Sophomores Beverly Householder Doris Estella Kibbe Helen Martiri Anna McLaughlin Harriet Esty Puffer Freshmen Ruth Eldora Field Frances Eliose French Cynthia Washburn Lynch Frances McKean fam Marjorie Alice Purinton Mildred Elizabeth Roberts Marion Evelyn Sargent Margaret Mae Wood Mary Ada Turner Dorothy Edith Wheatley Agnes Gertrude Wheeler Lois Ellene Taylor Elizabeth Beauclerk Templeton Mary Elizabeth Waddell Julia Fay Wright Suzanna Rutledge Margaret Gifford Stanley Helen Haskell Willard Harriet Ellen Wright ,i,a'd iW!GWHU EW!FQHE!!U5e Jamaaif mg WgE5Z!?i:jy,'f :1lgil?!4Q1dk1 Durick, Scott, Holden, Mahoney, Lanou, Hager, Linder, Blodgett, Potter, Hazen, Simonds, Fiske, Kinder Woolson, Mould, Owsley, Wright, Strong, Peters, Butler, Wilson, Huntley, Shaw Bostwick, Richardson, Wilder McGlaflin, Sturtevant, Batten, Merritt, Cleveland, Demeritt, Young Warhurst, Park, Belden, Davis, Koenig, Emery, Hubbard, Guillett, Wood, Safford I374j Alida B. Annis O. Barney Mary Barry Eunice Baylies Gladys Gleason Brooks Constance Canning Alma Elizabeth Batten , Muriel Frances Cleveland Lydia Eleanor Blodgett Margaret Agnes Durick A, Elzadaa Fiske Elizabeth Blanchard Hager Bertha Agnes Hazen Georgia Isabel Bostwick Elizabeth Perry Butler Marjorie Huntley Cornelia Salome Mould Jean Belden Janice Evelyn Davis Dorothy Emery Lorraine Amy Guillett UPSILON CHAPTER OF Alpha Xi Delta Founded at Lombard College 1893 SORORES IN FACULTATE Fairbanks Louise Morgan SORORES IN URBE Mary Conway Mary Shorey Fallow Naomi Lanou Blanche Abbott Miller Martha O'Neil, Edith Halstead Porter Ruth Buxton Rose Hazel Rust CEtaj Marion Wright Vogler Marion Way SORO IN a UNIVERSITATE Seniors Laura Elizabeth- -D emeritt Eloise Grace' Mc-Gladin Helen Amanda Merritt Juniors Constans Marion Holden Thelma Justine Kinder Jacqueline Miriam Lanou Alma Elizabeth Linder Sophomores Natalie Williams Owsley Clarissa Arlene Peters Joyce Richardson Christine Louise Shaw Ruth Jane Strong Freshmen Eleanor Lydia Hubbard Eleanor Kay Koenig Dorothy Marie Park f375l Beatrice Elizabeth Sturtevant Gloria Isabelle Young Margaret Elizabeth Mahoney Ruth Perry More Marion Belle Potter Florence Adah Scott Earlyan Dorothy Sirnonds Marion Eugenia Tift Eunice Helen Wilder Helen Regis Wilson Evelyn Wright Bertha Ann Safford Isabelle Warhurst Eleanor May Wood Mary Helen Woolson , N. w . LEW ,. . si P' ' 217 li McKenzie, Dailey, Whifcomb, Wedell, Willis, Peabody, Clark, Cullinan, Bosely, Brown M. Baldwin, Miller, Price, L. Bingham, Aldinger, Morgan, Davis, Fisk, Brunelle Jones, Wesfin, Hari, Hays, Andersen, F. Baldwin, Dimick, Merrill Drugg, Chandler, G. Bingham, Kizirbohosian, Berry, Nash, Blake, Phelps H763 ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER OF Alpha Chi Qmega Founded at DePauw University 1885 SORGRES IN URBE Evelyn Margaret Andersen Elsie Ruth Jones Martha Leighton Marjorie Perrin Mabel Miles Doris Sidwell , SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE X Seniors 1 Frances Maria Dimick Doris. Adelle I-Hart G Faith Princlle Baldwin Dorothy Crandall Lenore Aldinger X Marion Baldwin , Laura Mary Bingham Louise Conneway Bosley Joyce Helene Brown Elizabeth Clark Margaret Patricia Cullinan Alberta Grace Berry Gertrude Irene Bingham Ethel Belle Blake Jeannette. Laura Hays A Q J unibrs ' Lucille Agnes. Brunelle Mary Dorothy Davis Alice Ross Miller Sophomores Dorothy Mildred Dailey Ruth Elizabeth Doherty Florence Anna McKenzie Freshmen Margaret Louise Chandler Helen Drugg D771 Marguerite Merrill Ruth Elizabeth Westin Lucy Elizabeth Morgan Thelma Evelyn Price Dorothy Miriam Roberts Helen Louise Peabody Ruth Althea Wedell Pauline Chase Willis Florence Maude Whitcomb Irene Kizirbohosian Dorothy Deborah Nash Doris Ella Phelps 'ii--ww-, gi-was-M nw. :L ,Y .w.,,:+ uumlh.-I 0 Y Dean, Claflin, Brown, Mudgefi, Liifle Tinkham, Trask, Sargent, M, Miller, Fair, Norcross, Miller F. Cochran, LeBaron Spalding, Ballard, Stearns, Eckley, Davison, Crofton, Orvis McLeod, Brown, Higgins, Ross, Spear, Stone, L. Cochran B781 Sigma Gamma LOCAL Founded 1920 SORORES IN URBE Evelyn Bernice Fisk Marion Augusta Little Bertha Ellen Little Consuelo Bentina Northrup SORORES 'IN UNIVERSITATE ' Seniors Eloise Irene Ballard Eleanor Mae Davison Mary Elizabeth Brown Dorothy Claflin Florence Elizabeth Cochran Grace Emma Crofton Louise Harvey Farr Harriet Howard Susan Howard Dorothy Mae Brown Lena Elmera Cochran Thelma Marie Higgins Katherine Maryi,Eckley Elizabeth Gertrude Pingree I Juniors Helen Urana' Dean Sophomores Hazel Dustin Ladd Ruth Irene Leonard Elizabeth Mary Miller Marion Gertrude Miller Freshmen Barbara Elaine Lebaron Christie Ellen McLeod Grace Luella Ross Ruth Louise Spear l,379l Louise Foster Prevost Mable Elinor Stearns Lucene Louise Little Katherine Emma Mudgett Zelta Marguerite Norcross Magdalene Lucille Orvis Cora Mabel Sargent Helen Smith Spalding Evelyn Wallis Trask Constance Elizabeth Stone Mae Adelaide Tinkham Agnes Ruth Shaw QU yi. io 52 K A 205 '96, .5 -8 if? Upfon, P. Lynch, Tracy, Dwyer, Granf, Wifkus Kibby, Duprat, Allen, DeBrurze, Huichins H. Lynch, Marcofte, Rossi, Wright, Munro, Shaw, Brock, Mascoff Grimm, Smith, Stone, Lamson, Don Leavy, Rogers, Divoll mol Katherine Courtney Alice Crowe Margaret Ursula Dwyer Lucy Eva Galli Helen Marie Lynch Mae Thelma Brock Hope Grant Rosena Marion Allen Faire Jamieson Divoll Patricia Helena Gleason Carlotta Grirnm ALPHA THETA OF Kappa Delta Founded at Virginia State Normal 1897 SORORES IN URBE Mertrude Dennis, ' Jeanne Lawrence Mabel Donahue Fannie Pierce , SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE A Q, Seniors Pauline Frances Lynch Merta Elizabeth Munro Theodora Constance Mascott Theresa Mary Rossi " Kathryn Bernice Wright Juniors Mable Myrtle Pierce Ruth Bettie Upton- Edna Adams Shaw Irene Witkus Edna Frieda Tracy Sophomores Elma Janette DeBrune Irene Louise Marcotte Doris Yvonne Duprat Freshmen Hilda Scott Smith Winefred Anna May Stone Magel Williams Yvonne Alberta Hutchins Geraldine Gustafson Kibby Thelma Lamson Hester Delight Rogers f38lI Pan-Hellenic KAPPA ALPHA THETA Laura Bliss A Catharine Bassett ' DELTA DELTA DELTA Beatrice Farman Marian Everest Pi BETA PHT A Elizabeth Mildon A Marion Backus ALPHA XI DELTA Alma Batten, Secretary A Margaret Durick ALPHA CHIBOMEGA P - Evelyn Andersen Lucy Morgan V SIGMA GAMMA Eleanor Davison Lucene Little 7 KAPPA DELTA Lucy Galli, President Edna Shaw M321 I 4 N days of yore when things col leglate were still unknown chosen land emerged from the epoch of the Great Glacier. Men looked in delight and wonder upon the beautiful mountains and lakes, and they called this Paradise, Vermont. For its mountains, its farms, its people, and as a birth- place of two Presidents, the name and fame of Vermont is borne upon the four winds of the air. 53231 ESCENDED from pioneers, there lived on a prosperous farm, below the shadow of Crouching Lion, one Silas Sugar- man. On one summer day, in 19-, father and son, Junior, came to Burlington, to attend a celebra- tion. They visited the University and Junior at four, had his first glimpse of Converse Hall and of the Boulder. He little dreamed, as he rested on it that the time would come, when he would be among those gathered around this same Boulder. 3 U84 HE years hurried by, but nev- er did Junior forget his first impressions of the University of Vermont. Father Sugarman would often find him under the trees in the Sugar orchard, dreaming of col- lege, of football games and of "Co- eds," At a family council, it was decided to send the boy to college -to Vermont, with its historic buildings and wealth of tradition. www NE fine autumn day, Junior exultantly clambered into the family Ford and sailed along "over hill, over dale" on the first lap of his journey to college. Atthe vil- lage, his father left him with many an admonition. Our hero boarded the train for the Queen City. He kept his head While all about him were losing' theirs in the hubbub of registration, and when this business was finished, he strolled leisurely around the campus Walks, taking note of many a Sophomore and of the learned but apparently unsympathetic gentle- men of the faculty. maj LTHOUGH Junior had two perfectly good hats, he dis- covered that, as an emblem of his servile station, the purchase of the Green Cap was a most sound investment. He did not partici- pate in the fountain iight as Soph- omore friends Q?j invited him out to a ride in the country and con- sequently a rest in a silo. He obeyed the Frosh rules to the let- ter, appearing at Military in in- fant regalia. He was a bulwark of defense in the Water Fight and ringleader in the grand Cane Rush. The quest for things col- legiate was proceeding apace. 53871 ORK on the farm had so developed Junior that he was good athletic material. His work with the "Kittens" prophe- sied later football glory. His fa- ther came to town to attend the Vermont-Middlebury game and was as enthusiastic as Junior over the Vermont spirit and the Uni- versity Band. About this time, he was made one of the mighty Greeks, taking all that went with if, pledge pin, and-. OVEMBER brought an inter- lude, the Vermont Flood, when shovels were more popular than books. Then back to the Old Mill, to cope with the great God, Intellect. After mid-years, winter sports, and the thirty-first Annual Kake Walk to say nothing of basket-ball games and bleachers engaged Juniors attention. Later on, he found more hours of leisure, and for intensive decorating of his room at the house. Collegiate? Of course! FRIBA Y, FEB. I HE final rites of the college year came. Junior Week, Baseball, the Senior Boatride, the Pilgrimage. Our hero thoughtful- ly watched the long academic line, his older brothers and friends in cap and gown,-commencement processional. As he turned his Ford in the direction of the Crouching Lion, he looked back once or twice while the Tower was still in sight against the sky. He sighed happily to himself, for he knew, and the vil- lage would know, and all the world,-that the quest for things collegiate was at an endf X X w fi? PZ 53911 I Rogers, Collins, Holden, O'Keefe Thirty-First 'Annual Kake Walk February 24-25, 1928 I Directors Assistant Directors H. C. Collins F. F. O'Keefe R. T. Holden W. F. Rogers COMMITTEES Ushering Advertising C. F. Castle, '28, Chairman D. M. Johnson, '28 A. G. Mackay, '29 F. J. O'Neil, '29 L. C. Morgan, '29 A. W. Clain, '30 C. W. Capron, '30 Seating K. W. Kyle, '28 P. C. Greene, '28 F. A. MacLaughlin, '28 B. R. Morse, '29 E. G. Fiske, '29 E. G. Fiske, '29 C. H. Mace, '30 A. L. Knapp, '30 Lighting W. N. Cogswell, '28, Chairman W. C. Chadbourne, '28 F. L. Sulloway, '29 G. Aiken, '29 F. E. Beckley, '30 " C. H. Stevens, '28, Chairman H. D. Crandall, '28 E. A. Lucchina, '28 A. R. Birchard, '29 C. C. Lyman, '29 H. M. Macomber, '30 Stunts S. C. Abell, '28, Chairman G. S. Talcott, '28 B. W. Gustafson, '29 W. S. Hall, '29 J. C. Puffer, '30 Peerade R. M. Whitcomb, '28, Chair- man G. R. Perry, '28, K. L. Price, '29 R. G. Hawley, '30 Kake Walking A. W. Shaw, '28, Chairman F. R. Otto, '29 P. E. Manning, '30 Announcer W. F. Reagan, '28 H921 f The Winning Couple The Prizes History of The Kalce Walk The first Kake Walk, introduced at Vermont on December 7, 1894, was held in the old Drill Hall at the Old Mill. It was a fancy dress ball though more or less what we would call today a masquerade ball. "Colored men and women, cannibals, dudes, and ballet girls mingled indiscriminately in the crowd. General good feeling existed on all sides and horse play, taken in good part by all, was the order of the hour. Even a Fresh- man might be fresh and no one cared." In the gaiety, fun, and excitement of it all, some property was destroyed which created some adverse criticism of the affair. But taken all in all it was found that the "Kake Walk" was "a legitimate diversion and as such should be perpetuated." A poem appeared in the Ariel of 1895 entitled "The Cak Walk" described in some detail, .the Kake Walk, Part of it is quoted herewith. H Now, ther upon a table stood a cak Which by the Hash-hous Mastre was y-bak, And to the mon and mayde who wakked the beste The cak was to be given for a feste. But now to telle my tale I will beginne, And how that som of him that cak did Winne. Now whanne the rakket was alle passed away And peace and joye hadde com belyk to staye, The cak was sette upon its old abode. Anon the bande strukke up the "Whyt Cokkaden In tweyes they merched in everich diferent style, - Som limped alonge, and some went smooth as oyleg Some peynted were as any ballet mayde, And som with charcole blackke as ace of spade." The first Kake Walk was characterized as "rather wild"-some called it weird, still others added "no ladies present!" In succeeding years other similar events were held, but due to a great air of mystery and suggestion of scandal about them, they were sup- pressed by the faculty. But the public was getting interested in these affairs and re- sourceful students decided to turn that interest into profit for themselves.. They secured the support of some alumni and of President Buckham, and on November 12, 1897, held a "Kullud Koons' Kake Walk." Professor Tupper and Elias Lyman were among the 13931 A Scene From "Transformatory Phantasmagorial' judges. The Armory was filled that evening by a crowd which occupied all three galleries, the seats on the east side, and several rows of chairs which had been placed on the west side. The judges were Professor Tupper, Col. E. H. Powell, C. W. Brownell, Elias Lyman, T. E. Wales, W. S. Vincent, and F. R. Wells. The Howard Opera House Orchestra fur- nished music for the walk and the dance which followed. The Hay Hill Foot Ball Team, DeWolfe Hopper Opera Co., and Rev. Ebenezer Johnson and Family won pieces of cake in the order named ..... As a financial venture the Walk was successful as in every other way, the proceeds being S225 and the expenses S60 .,.. " There were many other novelties in the Walk among which were: "The Starvation Army," and the "Jackson-Sharkey Combination." This latter combination included such characters as "Rain-in-the-Face," "Butting Sil," "Baked Apple Dumplingf' "Romeo and Juliet" and many others. The first appearance of the Kake Walk in the new gymnasium was on February 22, 1904. About 450 people attended and 55101.50 was netted for athletics. A specialty entitled "Rails and Wretchedness Co." won the cake, while "Darktown Band" and "The Last Rites of the Defunct Glee Club" received honorable mention. The winning cake walkers were Messrs. Joyner and Beach. Kake Walks were advertised at first as minstrel shows, but they resembled poor vaudeville. One of the first posters Cwhich was not for public exhibitionj read. "Dere will be a Kake Walk in de Armory T'Night. Eberybody Kum. It Won't Kust You Nuffin'. Laborate Freshments Will be Serbed Durin' the Ebenin'." The posters have always had darkey characteristics and words such as "Koonville," "Coonlet Quartettef' together with darkey pictures. This is because, when the entertainment was originated, coon-songs, coon costumes, coon-everything, was the rage, and the idea has been retained. There have been four stages in the evolution of the Kake Walk. The first was the im- promptu stage when it was a private affair. The second was in the Armory days, the third was when the fraternities began putting on stunts, which, however were staged with very little preparation. The fourth is the present era of execution, and dates from 1908. careful planning and elaborate For many years the actual Walkin'-fo-de-Cake was the chief event of the evening, and for this the best prize was awarded. A parade was ning, and any group of men who so wished, might enter a One of the first prize-winning stunts was "Varsity vs. between the men and women. The mens' team wore th team wore huge hats and flowing veils, and had wide lace held in the course of the eve- stunt. Co-eds" a mock football game eregular uniforms. The co-ed flounces on the bottoms of the trousers. Between halves they raised their veils and powdered their noses with whisk- brooms dipped in a conveniently placed bucket of corn starch. The University women who were present in the armory were so indignant that they left, many weeping copiously. Gradually these stunts became the most interesting part of the walk, and logically, the I39-ll Winning Peerade Stunt-Old Ironsides , groups putting them on came to be the fraternities. The medical fraternities have taken part only rarely. The whole affair was very informal until 1905. In 1908 Clark C. Briggs '94, offered a cup to the fraternity which should present the best stunt. This competitive spirit has been one of the most recent developments of the Kake Walk. The winning stunt gets, besides the Briggs cup, a large cake. T. B. Wright of Burlington, presents a smaller cup for the cleverest costume in the "peerade." Other prizes are given by Key and Serpent, and by Boulder. There is always an important award for the couple who best "walk-fo-de-cake." ' The Annual Kake Walk in 1912 marked the introduction of Sub-Freshman Week. The object of this new scheme was to induce the high school students to come to the University. The following year invitations were sent out to all seniors in the larger high schools of the State. Key and Serpent, Junior Honorary Society, was given the task of providing rooms for the sub-freshmen during their stay in Burlington. Until 1914 dancing concluded the Kake Walk, but with the growth of the novel enter- tainment and the increase in the number of stunts presented, dancing was omitted from the program. For a short period prior to the entrance of the United States in the World War, military drill competitions concluded the Kake Walk. The epidemic of the "flu" in 1919 nearly prevented the Walk from being presented, but happily enough, circumstances changed for the better, and the Walk was put on. On only one other occasion did events appear adverse to the continuance of the Kake Walk. This was in 1903, when, in the minds of some critics, the Walk was not considered "worth while" as a rneans of raising money for athletics. A Minstrel Show was suggested, but the originality of the Kake Walk as a mode of entertainment won out over the Minstrel Show. Thus Vermontls mid-winter Classic has been handed down, and it is here to stay! THE PRIZE AWARDS, 1928 Walkin' Fo De Kake First-Phi Delta Theta Second-Sigma Phi Nelson B. Gray '30 Corbin C, Lyman '29 Charles N. De Rose '30 Kellog. W. Kyle '28 The Stunts First-Phi Delta Theta Second-Tau Epsilon Phi "Transformatory Phantasmagoriau "There's One Born Every Minute" The Peerade First-Delta Psi Second-Sigma Delta "Old Ironsides" "Air, Land, and Water" I3951 396 I4 -'W' .. Q I S? "gy: I ' darn ff f fy K 1 If lxxgx W ,J .. f l yi E k 'E' ,- ,.,f' .1 'T W If f J .1 X WDA WW I 'I ff- f y' fb . 1, ' 1' if f ,y'5 ' T " 1 1 .- -:- ' 1 ' , X X A' ' fff 7? f .4 ' "x . , , ..A., , - ,l+Ex'7f' Z ,D ' Ng .51 'L '01 ' .f . 4 ':' A' K p v- '63 A , Q ' I '. . 'ff ' ' 1 ,314 1- if, my f? "'+A -v F' ' I , I X ,4 ,I ,' - , Y .iiv 132 f' Q ,ph - ' A 151, K3 ,,1I.:si ! , , AA ' 'fe 1,1 H94 f . M ' '- ' 5 1 I: r ,-V X ' .luv X f X t I ip! I ,- A QV A I .W " , 'N " I2 ff N -', ' ,X .' Qu 1 it 5. . ,1J.1! ' Q ' EMA 1 JQ 'J nf' , '- f A .1 4 f' YKIMX I'.:vi,f, - W uw, V ff 3,53 I- Y, fl". Tig--s.:' 1 -Y ' -f---'-A' 2" ' ' ' il, 'Hi ' , in f , ' -, 5 Q in Q ' - - 1 ' -3'---U' 4 1' ' .. l f 71' ,I 51,34 -1 I ,V Y Z 11 'H I ' xy'y,g' 'fLWf ,,f1 .1 J M' ,,,55:f'ZQ 152: 2'-Q51 L jf , a g-4-522:10 . ,. W-:fi'fi' 1: X agifwfz 1.2 , 1 " , .guy - . E397j 398 2 3991 'JK A fr A 'K , J A J, 1- L 400 v Jr A- J- f x n- .1 +. .f W 4011 N W 9 402 403 M041 'A J Tv sz A 405 14063 H071 ,WT V . A H 43 4 i- A 4 .fn Q A 408 409 14101 1 1 1 I T 1 H11 412 1 H-13 414 H15 1 . sg. 416 H171 418 4-19 IIIAGX to Name Page F. D. Abernethy .... .. E. S. Adsit: Coal Co. Allen 81 Proyost ........... The Baldwin Refrigerator Co. . C. A. Barber RQ Co. .... ...... . The Bero Co. ,......... . Bessey News Co. B. J .Boynton ........ Brooks Brothers ......... Burlington Cadillac Co. Burlington Grocery Co. .. Burlington Lunch ........ Burlington Rapid Transit Burlington Savings Bank james E. Cashman ........... The Champlain Transportation Andrew Charland ............ Cole Fur Co., Inc. .......... . 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Pine and Spruce Lumber, White and Red Cedar Shingles, Cypress, North Carolina Pine, Hardwood Flooring, West Coast Fir Also Distributors for RU-BER-OID CO. Asphalt Shingles and Roll Roofing, U. S GYPSUM CO. Sheetrock Plaster Board, Pulp, Cement and Plaster F. D. ABERNETHY BURLINGTON, VERMONT There is more pleasure in appealing to the best in folks. That thought is upper-most in our minds when selecting our merchandise. 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U A The Pep of the Party AZ? , X Worthy Hills Music Zig .23 4 When in Hd1'ff01"6i, VZ. all Dine and Dance at the I ' if J-fi is Club Worthy Hills The Green Mountain Sanitarium and Annex ANNEX .FOR SURGICAL AND OBSTETRICAL CASES. 258 Pearl Street SANITARIUM Is fully equipped for the treatment of medical cases and has a complete Phy- siotherapy Department for special treat- ment of Rheumatism, Neuritis, Ar- thritis, High Blood Pressure, Digestive Disorders, Diseases of Nervous System, Heart and Kidneys, Skin Diseases, Stiii' and Painful Joints. Thomas E. Hays, M. D. STAR RESTAURANT Chifzere and Amerimn Food 144 Church Street I BURLINGTON, VERMONT Telephone 1 61 3 I-Ioward's Cigar Store TOBACCO CIGARS CIGARETTES Conzplimenfr of My Gift shop 10 Church St. J. White Miss Mary White HERBERG AUTO SERVICE CO. Bfzltery, Elecfriml 8: Speeciomeief' Service ' THE HOUSE OE SERVICE FOR AUTOMATIC PARTS 125-133 St. Paul Street Phone 1418 Complimezzrr of the 1929 Kaleidoscope of MIDDLESBURY COLLEGE Phone 2031 The Merchants Press LEONARD JOHONNOTT, Prop. Printing 128 COLLEGE ST. BURLINGTON, Vt. Youngs Pharmacy 68 Church Street o-Q-Q Students drop in and try our Fountain Service. Complete line of Toilet Articles Confectionery and all Drugs. L16l PACKARD and HUPMOBILE SALES 86 SERVICE .4-Q The C. H. Goss Company 237 North Ave. Phone 2160 Camplimefzif of Hays and Carney Mem Clozflaizzg, Fzmzifhifzgf Tfzila ring 195-7 Bank St. Near Majestic "Where Vermont Men Meety' ROTI-IMAN'S James E. Cashman, Inc. MCVES Azzylfaifz g-A 71 ytim e-An ywbere EF EE STORAGE - MOVING - CRATING Done by Competent Men BEEF CW RW Dmgf MOTOR TRUCK TEAM SERVICE NEWS DEALERS and EE EE STATIQNERS 153 Main sf. opp. City Hall Buflmgmf Vt' Phoneg 5285 Ph0I1CS 2300, 405-R LOGNEY Real Ice Cream FURNITURE CO. General Look for Szgn of House While Shield Furnishers 76 North Winooski Avenue Phone 2500 A. PERROTTA Domeflic and I 777 ported GROCERIES Shelbourne Rd. Phone 3147-W U71 EAT REAL ICE CREAM H-TEE Real Ire Cretzm-A real food. ':El'E Granite City Co-op. Creamy Barre Burlington Lunch 146 CHURCH STREET Our pure and wholesome food when eaten in our dining room is sure to please you. HARRY LINES, Prop. BUSES EGR SPECIAL PARTIES Bzwlifzgtofz Rapid Tnzmizf C011zpmzy Fuwziybingf for Every 066452012 ' ALSO Cmtom-made Clothing s. J. O'NEIL qvf. 'zip HABERDASHER "ACROSS FROM THE SHERWOODH VERMONT CLEANSING CO. Specialists in Dry Cleaning The Burlington Securities Corporation 162 COLLEGE STREET BURLINGTON, VERMONT HIGH GRADE INVESTMENTS "A Vermwzi C0rp01zzii0f1" State Mutual Life Assur ance Company of Worcester Mass. INCORPORATED 1844 Erwin H. Olmstead, General Agent Room 6-7 150 Bank St. Bulingron, Vt Reginald E. Stancliffe Phone:-613 or 614 Special Agent lf13l STUDENTS MAGAZINES, BOOKS, PAPERS AND OTHER PERIODICALS We are at your Serzfire The Bessey News Co. COLE FUR CO., Inc. Books of All Publishers STATIONERY, SOCIAL 34 BUSINESS PRINTING 84 ENGRAVING GREETING CARDS For every occassion or purpose Loose Leaf 3: School Supplies FURRIERS ALLEN 86 PRCVUST ONLY me Ar the head of Church Sc. 12 Church sf., Burlington, Vf. BURLINGTON ATTENTION TO COLLEGE STUDENTS Andrew Charlancl For People BARBER SI-IGP Who Discriminate 185 College Street Free Press Bldg. BURLINGTON, VERMONT MONADNOCK BRAND The Bero Co., Inc. 5 5 CANNED GOODS JEWELERS EE 5 MAYONNAISE 107 Church Street BURLINGTON, VERMONT U91 TEA 8: COFFEE 575-Telephone-2617 BULLOCICS Standard Steam Laundry Office: Laundry: 142 Cherry St. 257 Pine Street Burlington, Vt. T. P. 0'HARA 170 Bank St. 8c 157 Main St. Tailoring of all Kimlf Suits Promptly Called For and Delivered TELEPOHNE: 597-W Mars Sweets and Tea Room 57 Church St. BURLINGTON, VT. P. G. ELLSWORTH The H all ozone JEWELER 71 Church St. . Burlington, Vermont THE SI-IUFIX Shoe Repairing All kinds of shoe and rubber repairing 86 CHURCH STREET Phone 1860 G. Lefmrd, Prop. E201 EAT EAT R A D Q S Home LUNCH R. F. RAND, Prop. Where College Men and Women Meet we FAIR PRICES EAT EAT HOTEL WORTHY FIRE PROOF SPRINGFIELD, MASS. 250 Rooms 200 Baths Ala Carte, Dining Room and Cafeteria JAMES T. BROWN, Prop. WORTHY INN Manchester, Vermont IUNE TO NOVEMBER Turk Says - - "Where the styles come fromi' You are always welcome at Our Store Come in and browse around. -U-Q-N TURK'S COLLEGE STREET CIVILIAN AND MILITARY TAILORS Complimezztr of Concord Candy Kitchen Here you will get quick service and the best ice cream. Give us a fair try-out. 12 CHURCH ST. BURLINGTON, VT. F. S. Lanou 86 Son Heating and Plumbing Engineers BURLINGTON, VERMONT l21I W. G. Reynolds Companv . . sf is ,X g,wW 2 4 'f y Verm0nt,s ost Progressive M Retail Institution New 18-Hole Equinox Links EQUINOX HOUSE Manchester-in-the-Mountains ' VERMONT 76th Season, june 17 to November Saddle Horfef, Temzif, Boating, Bathing MRS. GEORGE ORVIS, Owner A. E. MARTIN, Manager New York Oyjfire: HOTEL LORRAINE Fifth Avenue at 45th Street EKWANOK COUNTRY CLUB Famous for'Golf CORBIN, 86 PALMER Funeral Directors an an PRIVATE AMBULANCE SERVICE 55 as Telephone: 29-W 92 So. Winoosk Avenue E221 2 ,yum Q 6 ' gg 44 I 5 SOHETmNo-' rw X 66 CHURCH STREET COATS, SUITS DRESSES, MILLINERY HOSIERY, UNDERWEAR Reasonable Prices Dependable Footwear for All Occasions at ll J k'E2Q::fQJ.I-"".' " u "W 5 , as llrl - Jai ,,4,, ..,.i:-,W -,ul wx wg is I -,,,....1....- +,n:i,,L ix Zi ..,. h , "-.'1. ls., ' " jifiva, ua, nu, ,.,,.-:Q E. J. BOYNTON'S 65 Church St. CALL C REO CAB CO. 1090 Vermont Van Ness Garage Vermont Confectionery Co. Distributor of Schraffs Blue Banner Chocolates Packages and Bars Mfr. of GREEN MOUNTAIN CANDIES 67 King Street, Burlington, Vermont Pontiac, Oakland and Pierce-Arrow Motor Cars Sales 55' Service 145-147-153 CHERRY ST. P. T. DONOVON , D... ,J .A A s an Rc NMA Il H111 S RV "Keepf Good Feet Good" HENDEE 86 DAVIS 84 Church St. l23l C. A. Barber 86 Co. XLS-'l'Y,J! Groceries Confections kvi-""'::JJ 112 CHURCH STREET BURLINGTON, VERMONT A 'CFASI-IION PARK" Clothes for Young Men The Latest Fzzmirbingf LUGGAGE Formal Draft Clolbey Miles 86 Perry Co. "QUALITY CLOTHES" Established 1898 Ladies' Wrist Watches Diamonds Diamond jewelry, Rings of all Kinds, Ivory Goods, Silverware, Etc. FREMAU BROTHERS 74 Church St. - BURLINGTON, VERMONT A Shine W07'fb Hmfing U. V. M. SHOE SHINE 113 Church St. HATS CLEANED AND PRESSED ZZ Miley from Williafnf College 30 Miles from R. P. I. an ua HOTEL PUTNAM Bennington Vermont an an An ideal overnight stop for your Athe letic Teams. 5-159 GEO. R. BUSH, Manager HERBERG Auto Service Co. Specialists on Battery, Electrical, Speedometers and Tires on-0 125-129 St. Paul St. l24l Complimenlf of THE VERMONT CYNIC R. M. TRACY '29 Editor-in-Chief L. A. SANDERS '29 zlfhzrmgiffg Editor B. W. GUsTAFsoN Bfffifzeff Mfzzzager C. C. LYMAN AcZ1'e1'fiJi11g Mmmgez A - -' Baldwin Dry Air Refrigerators 1 50 Handsome Styles 0-pa Wliite Enamel and Seamless Porcelain Linings l Positive Circulation of Pure, Cold, Dry Air Made in Burlington for 50 years l ie The Baldwin Refrigerator i Company -V BURLINGTON, VT. The Champlain Transportation Co. The Lake George Steamboat Co. Operating Passenger and Automobile Ferry Service on Lake Champlain and Lake George. Direct connections through both lakes in either direction. Trip made by day- light. Good Highway between the lakes. Motorists are guaranteed connections. WE TAKE YOU OFF THE STATE HIGHWAY AND PUT YOU ON THE STATE HIGHWAY VIA THE NEAREST, QUICKEST AND SAFEST ROUTES BETWEEN VERMONT AND NEW YORK STATE POINTS. "Our Service at your Service" Popular low rate excursions daily during Summer Season. HAVE YOU EVER VISITED AUSABLE CHASM? Write for maps, timetables, rates and general information. D. A. LOOMIS, M. POWERS Gen. Mgr., Gen. Pass. Agt., Burlington, Vt. Albany, N. Y. E251

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