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 - Class of 1928

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r ( i5 I ' i H ¥% ' m Copprigf)t EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER 1928 «» ' 1928 ■V, is y: i y:! s I S ' VERMONT Touched by a light that hath no name, A glory never sung. Aloft on sky and mountain Jvall, Are God ' s great pictures hung. — Whittier i i: i :k j yj j j Tf ' ' r i ;:s Nr ;:: n:. t y Kv w j vv vv Kv ii 2:i}i A .r :r p tSTfje riel of tate S tiht 1928 ubH«f)cl» tip tfjc 3fun(or Cla«g of tf)C ©nibctsitp of Vermont S urHngton, Vermont 1927 I I fV y u VA . v v y . I vVsX ,.v N[ vkvs( ;;cg : T =i iri: i ri yi s:r,:s iiiyz Jforetoorb T has been the aim of this book to present the Story of a year of college life, tvith its times of " tvork and play, and above all its record of friendships and happy hours, that the turning of these pages in the future may bring to mind a succession of pleasant thoughts, and cause the four years spent at Vermont to become a memory cher- ished forever. ' . j ' . ' a;vJ :yvgCT yy v: sl g s r :; N:ji : Mi i k K S. KSsVfVSS. KSSiJ V i K A - A v j j vv- T ? : Belricatton p ■ iii 1 If 1 Mai -i ■ ■ . ' ' «I ' iL ' U ' Vll ' ll. . . ■ Vermont, a land yphich has taught its people by hardship to understand the true values of life, and yvhich has inspired tvithin them something of its own ruggedness and sim- plicity, but yvithal a beautiful state, upon which Nature has showered foreSls and Streams, lakes and hills, yvith a generous hand,— to Vermont the State, in acknowl- edgment of our debt to you, this book is dedicated. ■y y y . v j. y? . . .■ .y .«.»w . v .- - v ys K? : ' y : ; n f ! N N inK :t ; v i v i Contents VERMONT UNIVERSITY CLASSES MEDICS ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS WOMEN FEATURES ' S IK J Y J J: V: .. Vermont im-. PICTURESQUE VERMONT IN PICTURES Hoincspiiii .itid Imck kiii jackets. Flintlocks. Tall, lean iiitii. hiti honed. Connecticut and Massachusetts horn. Filterina; northward through primeval forests. Eni])ire huilders. Cleariiitfs among the trees. .Stuiii)) filled clear- ings. Clearings with log houses. Smoke rising. ' (»nien. Children. Frosts that eree|) out of the deep swam])s. ]?liglited. meager crops. Scanty stock. Sickness. Accident. Hostile man. Hostile heast. The Green Mountain hoys. Ira .Allen. Ethan Allen. Sctli AVarner. Remem- ber Baker. War. Vermont. It coui- prises 10,000 square miles. It is hounded on the cast hy the Connecticut River, on the north hy Canada, on the west hy Lake Champlain. and on the soutli by Massachusetts. Within these boundaries, in a mountain land, dwell a mountain people. Their watchword, sprung of those virtues that gave the land birth, is Freedom and Unity. The little clearings, with their lonely cabins, have given place to fertile fields, over wliose green acres white farmhouses preside. Where once a struggling ham- let reared itself from out tlie wilder- ness, perchance at the falls of the Big Otter or back upon the elevated moun- tain slopes, attractive villages now lie nestled in the cool embrace of watered valleys, or perched high, with com- manding vision, on wooded hillsides. Woodstock. IManchester. Bristol. Pros- perous cities, Burlington, Rutland. St. Albans, not yet grown so large as to be inimical to the pioneer spirit of their builders, overlook Champlain and the Connecticut and the inland waterways. It is a land of a thousand colorful mountain ] eaks ; of mossy dells and wild gorges; ot tiiikliiiir watiit.ills, hidden from the sight of nun, and turesque fences, and pasture land and slow-moving, rushing rivers, that turn the wheels of enter))rise: of seeluded mountain trails and panoramic maca- dam; of lakes and i)onds ; of old, i)ic- meadow ; of sunnner skies and winter snows. The state is 150 milis long, PO miles wide on its northern honhr, and Id on its southern. Its jiopnlation numl)rrs . ' J50.000. Its largest city is Turlington, residential. tree-grown, facing I.. -ike ( ' liam|)lain. liacke l hy the Green Mountain ranges, n city of 25.000 inhabitants, the lumii- of the University of Vermont, which was founded hy Ira Allen, jiioneer, soldier and statesman, land liolder. industrial- ist, scholar. In the stum])y fiilds. where the early settlers so lahoriousl v drove their furrows beneath the sli.idow of .Mansfiild. Camel ' s Hum)) and Kil- lington and along the banks of the Winooski. Lamoille and Passumpsic, contending for daily subsistence against the ever-threatening encroacliment of the forest, a grudging soil, long win- ters and early and late frosts, are now grown waving crops of hay and shocks of yellow grain that have placed Ver- mont among the leading states of that Union which once would have kept her out. The value of her crops, such as corn, buckwheat, oats, potatoes, bar- lev and wheat and hay, in which her yield per acre is one of the heaviest in the country, now amounts annually to nearly . " fsO.OOO.OOO. Hotels, shops, factories, all the opportunities for rec- reation and entertainment now abound. Cottages nestle among the trees that stretch down from the mountains to enfold the mirroring waters of translu- cent lakes. Dunmore. Bomoseen. I ' .iirKc. Trains shuttle liack aiui forth upon their iron rails, busy with the traffic of tlie markets of the world. Steamers ply the one lunidrcd and twenty uiili- Iciijith of historic Lake Chanipiain, waterway of tiie nations, whose storni-tossed waves, beatinu; a ;ainst nipged mountain cliffs, lav- injj the ffentle sliores of ))eaeeful farms, liave seen the passini; of In- dian. I ' reiiehman. Knglislnnan. col- onist. iistfiKcl !o the scream of the war eafjle and the jiuns of Ticon- dcrofta and Cumberland Head. Mont- calm, Amherst .and Ijurgoyne; Put- nam and .Macdoiu)uj);h. Ever chang- ing. like a Vermont landscape, the pic- ture unfolds. The scanty herds of the early d. ' iys, wintered in the open, the ])rey of tlu- wolf ;md e.itamouiit. have niulti|)lied until sleek aniui;ils raise tlieir heads in ruiuin;itin«; wonder from every stream-fed ))asture and ' ermont .it varyinir times been the leading sheep state, tlie leading horse state, and, per capita, the leading cow state of the nation. Her past glory was her Merino sheep, with whicii she stocked the ranges of the world. Her present glory is her lorgan horses, famous for tlieir beauty and endurance, heroes of Sheridan s ride, models of painters and sculptors. The treasures of the earth are Vermont ' s, Her public buildings are constructed of her own marble and granite. In her quarries of slate and talc she ranks second among the states. Her factories produce more scales, pipe organs and window screens than any others in the world. Green Mountain forests, tliat once stretched from bor- der to border of the state, still yield more maple sugar and syrup than any other section of the country. Vermont men and women remain of the best. Leon W. Dean. ' ■■ ' •■ ■■ .■ ' ' j ;i .;• Mnihtviit i:t:j I ' M! ■ 1 i m 15 lei i n: PRESIDENT GUY WINFKED BAII.KY 16 [j hi (lOXKHNOli JOIIV KLIAKI.M WKF.KS 17 TRUSTEES .Ex-Officio Guy Wini ' red Bailey, A. B.. LL. D.. President H is Excellency John Eliakim Weeks, Governor of T ' ermovt ON THE PART OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT RouERT Roberts, A. B., LL. U Burlington, Vt. Darwin Pearl Kingsley, A. M., LL. D New York City EroFNE Noble Foss, A. B., LL. D Boston, Mass. Ralhh Aldace Stewart, Ph. 15.. LL. D Boston, Mass. George Powers, A. M.. LL. D Morrisvillt-, t. Joseph Dana Allen, A. M.. Litt. D Binoklvn. N. Y. John Martin Wheeler, A. B., L D.. M. S New York, N. Y. Carroll Warren Doten, A. M Cambridge, Mass. Thomas Waterman Hintington, A. B.. M. D., LL. D San Francisco, Calif. on the part of the STATE AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE Newman Keyes Chaffee, A. B Rutland. ' t. ' arren Robinson Ai ' stin, Ph. B Burlington, Vt. ?iIerton Covey Robhins, B. S Bratthhoro. Vt. Clayton John Wright, C. E Willistoii. Vt. Edward H rrington Deayitt, Ph. B., LL. B Moiit]H ' licr. Vt. .James Ben.iamin Wilhir, LL. ]) Manchester, Vt. Edwi.n Winship Lawrence, A. B Rutland. Vt. Henry Moses McFarland, A. B Hyde Park. Vt. Iartin Samuel Vilas, . . M. . . . Burlinnton. Vt. •Deceased .lune IK, 19:?6. 18 COLLEGE OE ARTS AND SCIENCES C,Kou(;y. Hkn-uy Perkins, A , liwll. ' I 1!K A. B. ' ' •ilc ' 67, Ph. D. Yale ' (ill. I.l . I). .niuiiil 11. l.itl. I). Kiui ' l- ' I ' irr-I ' ri.iidiiif if llic I ' nivirnil ii. Ihau of tin- ( ' iillnii ' of Jrl.i (iiiil Scifiicex. Ilinciinl I ' rofis.ior nf Xntural llixlonj imd Vustodiaii of the Miisriiiii I ' kI ' DKuicK TrppF.R, ATU. ' hHK A. I?. Charleston " 90, A. M. Cliarlcstim ' 9-2, Ph. D. .Toliiis Iliinkiiis ' )3 Professor of the Enr llsh Lanijuniic diid Lilerafiirc Ai.MsoN ' I •f; Si.ociM A. n. Havi-rford " SK. M. A. I hiv.rtorcl ■sil, A. M. Ih.iv.inl " !I0 Proft.-ssor of Phifsirs F.I.HHIIXiK C ' llfRCIIILL JacoIIS, . ' ' ' .1 15. .S. Inst. Tech. ' !)T, A. .M. ((ihiiiihia " i:! I ' roft ' s tor of Gcoloffi and liiU ' raJoiiij SaMFEL Ki.IOT B.4SSETT, . A ' 1 . A»l ' . I ' RK A. B. Yale ' 98, Ph. D. Yale ' O.) Professor of the Oreek LaniitKun ' mid Lili ml iire .• i!Tini{ Bkckwitii fvRirK, i;. X, ' MiK A. H. Il.irvard ' 00, M. A. Harvard " 01, I ' h. D. Harv.ird ' 01 Professor of the liomonre hmit itnifrs itiid Lit riot urrs Asa RrssEr.t, Gikford, tNH. I HK A. B. Wcsleyan ' Ol.. A. M. Yale OT Professor of Intellectual and Moral Pli ' dosojdiii. Assislaiit limn IIknuv Perkins, A . I ' I!K A. B. ' crmont ' 98, I ' h. I). .Johns IIoi)kins ' 0. ' Professor of Zoology 19 i ! f -i I George Gorham Groat, AY, i BK • . A. B. Syracuse ' 9.5, I ' d. M. Now York Tcaclicr.s ' College " 97, A. .M. t ' linu-ll ' 111, I ' li. IJ. C ' i)luiiil)ia ' 05 ' , Prof f uxor of EcniKDiiirx ' George Howard Bt ' rrows, 1 BK B. S. ' ermo t " 99, Ph. D. Mass. Inst. ■I ' lcli. ' 1. ' P nn( roll Profr.fsor of Chcnnsl rif I ' lj El.IJAH SuiFT, AY, t BK |pU A. B. Harvard " 03, A. M. Harvard " 0 1, Ph. IX (:ottinj;eii ' 07 I ! ,! }Villia)us Profensor of Mafhetnitlii-s Stephen Goodyear Barnes, (I MA, I)15K A. B. Lafayette ' 73, Ph. D. Lafavette " 7.S. litt. D. I.if.ivcltc ' 91), I). 1). Icwa .St.afe College ' " 9(1 Profensor Emeriliis of BIbJIcal Lilcnitiiri- Fred Donald Carpenter, I rA, ' I ' HK A. B. Trinity ' 10, A. M. Trinity " l.j, Ph. D. Yale ' IH ! ' , Proffiiiior of the German Laiir uafic and Litrritl nrc Bennett Cooper Dor(ii,Ass, K . " fHK Ph. B. ' ermont " OS, A. M. CoUiiid)ia ' 20 Profcsfior of Ednritfion 1 ' " dmund Curtis [ower, I A0, IiBK A. B. Vermont ' 9 ' , A. M. Vcrinoid ' 01, 1,!,. I!. New " N ' ork L ' iii ersi ty ' 91) ) Profemsor of Inf emotional Law f- ' lj Clarence Ri ' ssell M ' pj A. B. Penn.sylvania ' 9. ' . M. A. Princeton " 9.-,, Ph, D. Yale " !. ' H Profcxsor of Ilix ori II()« KD Gordon Bennett, ' M ' I A. B. Harvard " 17, A. M. Harvard ' . ' 1 Profennor of Mnsir Albert Kfrwin Aldinger, AKK M. D. ■e nont " 99 Professor of I ' tii sicol I ' Jdnea ion Lester ' M rsh Prindle, fMA, ' I ' liK, ' I ' K.V A. 15. Vermont " 1,5, . . M. Harvard ' Hi. I ' ll. 1). Harvard " . ' 1 Professor of Latin jMarion Patterson A. B. Wellesley " 01 Dean of Women Wellington Estey Aiken, 2N. F I!K Ph. B. ■erIIlont ' 01, A. M. Vermont ' 03 Assoeial e Professor of Entdish (nid Si-enhinj of Hie Vniversil ii Senate . oiiN Bellows DeFohest, f BK A. B. Y;ile ' 0,5. M. . . Yale ' 12, Ph. 1). Yale ' 1.5 Associate Professor of the Romanee Latujiarles Jgiin Tri ' miu ' ll [etcale A. B Yale " 10, M. A. Yale ' 11, Ph. I). Yale ' 13 Assoeiate Professor of Philosoidiji Charles Allen Kern. ' hAC " ) B. S. Vermont ' 01 Associate Professor of f ' hemisi rii .James Edward Donahue, ATH, ' I ' HK Ph. B. Vermont ' 02, A, M. Harvaid ' 10 yt ssoeiale Professor of Mafhenailies P.ertrand Holmes Wallace A. B. Rochester ' 01 Associate l rofessor of Secondo ri i ' .tl ncitt ion Ab.sent on leave. 20 H.M.l ' II Maanaui) Hoi.mks A. B. .Maiiu- Jl, .M. A. W ' esU-yan ' IS, Ph. I). Corni-ll ' 23 Associate Professor of Physirs Paj-l Chatham Sqi ihes, AY A. B. Hamilton " IT. A. M. Maniiltoii ' 2i, A. M. I ' liiu-itcin ' .M. I ' ll, I). I ' liiici-ton ' 5 Associate Professor of Psi cfioI(fiiif Jri,iAX Ira I.ixdsay A. B. Clark ' 08, A. M. Harvard ' lO |,vi Assistant Professor of Kmilish !i I ' l Joseph Ralph I.mhikv B. S. Dartiiioiitli " (Ih, M. C. S. nartiiioiitli " Hi Assistant Professor of Economics Genxettk Ci-ahie Davis B. A. Carlcton ' 15, B. S. Miimosotn ' 22 Assistant Professor of Economics Catherine Frances fLTV, ' I ' RK Ph. B. Brown ' II Assistant Professor of Econt.mics Ei.eazer Johnson- Dole, ' I ' BK A. B. W-rniont ' !- ' , M. A. N ' cniiniit ' IT. M. S. Wimkui) ' . ' 1. Ph. I). WtiikimI ' 23 Assistant Professor of Holnnii Ruth Jane Ball, K.- W B. S. ' enn( nt ' 21. M. -S. Vermont ' 33 Assistant Professor of ZooJotjtj DWIKI. 15kI1XAI!D CAHltOM., i ' l ' i A. B. Illinois " 1,5 Assistant Professor of Oovernmi nl mut Law Eleanor Stetson Cummings A. B. Boston University " 08 A. ' :sistant Professor of Physical Education for Women i Fred Walter Householder ' ' I A. B. Texas ' 06, M.. B. Texas ' OS), A. M. 1. xas ' Hi Assistant Professor of Mathematics Alfred Orether Buehler, I KA, IirM A. B. Heidelherp ' 22, A. M. Yale ' 23 Assistant Professor of Economics Kathrina IIahherton Storms A. B. Wellesley ' 00 Assistant Professor of Enr lish Frank Russell Hamhli.v A. B. Bucknell ' li, A. M. Bucknell ' U, Ph. D. Chieap) ' 22 Assistant Professor of Greek and Latin Philip Barrows Whitehead B. A. Beloit ' ()( , A. M. Y ' ale " 08, B. D. Yale ' 10, Pii. 1). Yale ' H A ssistant Professor of Latin Sara Moulthrop IIolhrook Pd. B. Hartford Ped. School ' 30, A. M. Yale ' 32 Assistant Professor of Education Raymond Xorris F.vans B. S. Penn State ' 20, Ph. U. Yale ' 26 Assistant Professor of Chemistry Benjamin Franklin I-add B. A. New York Tniversity ' 10, M. A. Penn State Assistant Professor of the German Lanyuarje and Literature George Dykhuizen A. B. Indiana ' - ' 1, A. M. Chicago ' 2i Assistant Professor of Philosophy 21 t IP IN; m t te Robert Willis Harbeson, i BK A. B. Western Reserve ' -25, A. M. Harvard ' 26 Assistant Professor of Economics George Vincent Kidder |j A. B. Vermont ' 22, A. B. Oxford ' 2G ' ' ' Assistant Professor of Greek and Latin CoLLis A. Stocking A. B. Columbia ' 24,, A. M. Columbia ' 26 | Assistant Professor of Economics p Reverend Isaac Chipman Smart, BK t- A. B. Amherst ' 91, D. D. Middlebury " 07, D. D. Vermont ' 20 !|i Lecturer on Biblical Histori Walter Hill Crockett Jlount Hermon School Lecturer on Journalism Lloyd Abram Woodward, $MA, TKA Ph. U. Vermont ' IH, M. S. Vermont ' 31 Instructor in Phi sirs Elizabeth Vanderpoel Colburn B. S. Columbia ' 12, A. M. Columbia " 16 Lnstructor in Art Mary Maud Patrick B. S. Columbia " 08 Instructor in Elementary Education Ai.BAN Bennett Rooney B. S. Vermont ' 22 Instructor in Physics Florence May Woodard, KA© ip:i Ph. B. Vermont ' 22 |i Insl ructor in Economics ' I,EON W. Dean, i BK, TKA ) ' ; ' A. B. Vermont ' 15 Instructor in English Alida Beatrice Fairbanks B. S. Vermont ' 21, A. M. Columbia " 24 Instructor in Home Economics RiVYMOND Avery Hall, $N0, E BK B. A. Wesleyan " U, M. A. Columbia ' 23 Instructor in Enylish 1 1 i ; Elvin Remus Latty, 2N, 4 BK l|-1 A. B. Bowdoin " 23 ;,| Instructor in French and Spanish ■ 1 George Herbert Nicholson I :] B. A. Mt. Allison ' 22, A. M. Harvard ' 2! ' i Instructor in Mathematics Horace Alpheus Giddings B. S. New Hampshire ' 23 Instructor in Mathematics Nelson I,ee AA ' albridge, 2AX B. S. Vermont ' 21 Instructor in Physics Elmo Carlyle Dopkins : ' i. A. B. Wisconsin ' 20, A. M. Wisconsin ' 21 I ;,|1 Harold Leslie Chandler iifil B. S. Vermont ' 25 I I t- ' i I Instructor in Chemistry l BK-NJAMIX HooTII Al.WVKUniT A. 1$. WiUijiiiis -. ' (I. A. M. Illinois ' s 5 Innlructor in Kiiijlish Hen ' ry Owen Dresser B. S. Kansas State " U Jn»tructiir in I ' hi .ilcal Kd urn I ion LvMAX Smith Howell, AI B. S. ViTniont " - ' j Innlrvctor in ZoiiUxjii Alice Xiklsox Hlaxchauu, AAA A. 15. .Middl.liiiry ' 2: Innlnictnr in I ' lit .tirnl EiJucatiun Roland Fueemax Doane B. S. Hiinurd ' 17 Instructor in French RnoDA Alice Hahtwell, TIA ' ! . iH. 1 V. A. B. Mduiit lloly.ikf ■- ' . ' , M. S. Vale " . ' :} h fl nitliir in Zuuloyii Claua -Mauel AVheeler B. S. foluinliii ' ll-, y . A. Columbia ' 55 SaperviKur of Student Training Edgar Ei.wyn Lineken B. S. Maine ' 23, M. A. Maine ' 25 Inntruclor in Chemi.itri Charles He.vkv Stevexs, ,Iu., ' A ' A. B. Dartnionth ' M J n.ft rttrlnr in Fnnr}) and Siitini.- li EuMixi) Bakhei! Towxi: A. B. (lark " . ' I-. A. M. (bnk ' . ' o Instructor in C hem in try Nelle S. Alexander B. S. Ohio State ' - ' 3 I nstructor in Ktcwcntanj Kdttrfttion !Mrs. Elizabeth Bradish Instructor in Music Dexter Day BrTTEHFiEMi, SN. ' I ' BK Ph. B. Vennoiit ' . ' (i Instructor in Mtilln niatics James Coi.loi ' v Instructor in I ' hiisiral Educittion Arthur Mosher Clocdman B. S. Maine ' ii, M. S. Maine ' 26 Instructor in Zoologij Haymon-d Evans B. S. I ' enn State ' - ' 11. I ' h. 1). Y.ilo ' 26 lust rurtor in Chemist ry M ahtiia IImxes A. B. Wilininpton " JS, .M. A. Coluinhia ' 20 Instructor in Home Economics Melvix Henry T.aatsch A. B. Gettyslnirp ' 2(i I ityl nirfnr in l ntiticfil Science Miriam N. Mauston A. B. Boston I ' niversity ' 12 Instructor in Music 23 1 1 m III 1I-I.IA I Jamex McAvoy, I A0 C. E. Lafayette " 08 Inntriictor in Phi ilrnl Efhicatioii Lawtox Moore A. B. Havert ' ord ' 15 In.itriirtiir in Piililir Speakina Jesse Matheu Watkins A. B. Amherst ' 34. Ins ' trurtor in Enjiliah Pauline G. Ayres, I BK B. S. Vermont ' ' ii Research Instructor in Botany Evelyn Rosa Metcalf, KA0 Ph. B. Vermont ' i5 Hcsettrch I nsf rnctor in Ent lish I. AURA J. Parker Ph. B. ' e nont ' 17 Eesearch Instructor in Enqtish COLLEGE OE ENGINEERING JosiAH William ' otey, I BK C. E. A ' ermont ' Si, So. D. Vermont ' 11, Sc. D. Maine ' 32 Dean of the Collci e of Eni ineerinr . Flint Professor of Civil Eni ineerin; and Professor of Sanilani En ineerin[ Edward Robinson, i MA B. S. Mass. Inst. Tech. ' 90 Professor of Mechanical Eni ineerinii ami Sccrelari of the VoJleife of Eni ineerini 2t Evan Tjiomas, I ,MA. MiK K; 1$. S. Dciiisim ' " (), IJ. D. uh- si) Professor of Mathematics and Mechanics Geoi!oe Fukderick Eckhakd, i; W. H 15. S. lowji " (1.5, C. E. I(i v:i " 111 I ' rfifcusiir iif Slnirtiirul Eiiii ' mi rimi • ■ Leon ni) I ' kkj.icv Dickinson, A. P H. S. Mass. Inst. Tecli. " fl() Professor of Electrical Kiujinei riiKj AuTIiri! DlCXTKH I?ITTEUKIKI.I), . T(). iH 15. S. Womstor I ' oly. Inst. ' OS. A. M. Ci)lunil)ia " 01 Professor of Mathematics Hov Oiivii.i.K Br ii. N. N, MiK f 15. S. ' cnn(int ' (1.5 Associate Professor of Electrical Eii;iiiirrrinr Louis Blackmer Puffer C. E. Rens. Poly. Inst. ' 09 .tssorlate Professor of Civil i:iniliii iriin H.Mfoi.i) Irving AA ' illiams, 2iN 15. S. Nirinont ' 12 Jsslslaiil Professor of Elerfrical Etxjitieeriiui Ruiiari) Yates, IA. ' M5K 15. .S. ' cnii()nt " 1.) .Issisloiil Professor of M( cliniiical E iii iiieeriii(j Ho« iiii (n -Mir.LINGTON C. K. Hi-ns. Poly. Inst. ' OS Assistant Professor of Mathematics Frank Auhrkv Dresser Instruchir In Shop Work Clyde Wai.hridge Horton, .VVU. I BK 15. S. ■erInont ' 1!) Instructor in Civil En(iineerin i Edmund Faunum Little Mechanician and Inslnirlnr in SIki i W ' .irk Aliiert Eugene Batcheluer Instructor in Sluiji H ' o ,- Geno Blaise Lucarini, ' I ' liK 15. S. ■ermont ' 2i Instructor in Mechanical hliii inn riini Lawrence Forrest Siiorev, I 15K 15. 8. Vcnnont ' 2j Instructor in Electrical Emiini i rinij Edward Lawrence Tracy, . I. I BK R. S. A ' crniont ' 2lt Instructor In Civil Enj ineerin; m COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE ij iHni m IN! Joseph Lawrence Hills, K5. AZ, i K$ Sc. B. Mass. Agri. Col. ' 81, Boston University ' 81. Sc. D. Rutgers " 03 Dcfin of the Collef e of Ai rirulture and Profesuvr of Afironomi Fr. ' VNk Anin. iM Rich, AZ B. S. Ontario Veterinary Coll. " 89, M. D. Vermont ' 93 Professor of V eterinary Science Bertha Mary Terrill, t BK B. S. Jlount Holyoke ' 95, A. B. Mount Holyoke ' 9(). M. A. Chicago ' 08 Professor of Uome Economics Marshall Baxter Cummings, 2H, FA, AZ B. S. Vei-mont ' 01, M. S. Maine ' 04, Ph. D. Cornell " 09 Professor of Horticvlfure Benjamin Franklin Lvtman, AZ A. B. Missouri ' Oa, A. M. Wisconsin " 07, Pli. D. Wisconsin " 09 Professor of Plant Patholoijij George Plumer Burns, $A0. S. ' liBK B. S. Ohio Wesleyan " 97, A. M. Ohio Wesleyan ' 98. Pii. D. Munich ' 00 Professor of Bnlanji Floyd B. Jenks, . Z B. S. Purdue ' 98 Assistant Dean of the CnUege nf A r ririiltKri ' ami Professor of Ai rirnil nral Education Howard Bowman Ellenberger, AZ B. S. Iowa State ' 0.5, M. S. Cornell " 15, Ph. D. Cornell " 17 Professor of Animal and Dniri Hushandrji Ernest Van Alstine, J AY, AZ B. S. Mich. State ' 07, M. S. Illinois ' 17, Ph. D. New Jersey ' 20 Associate Professor of Agronomy H 26 ALitE Emma BuNnFLL, ATA. OX, P)S f , K I B. S. IdWii StiiU- " IH Ansislntit I ' rtifeaiior of Hodk Krotiomirs Harold A. D. I.eggett, Ar l B. S. Conicll " II- .luxhtaiit Prnfc.i.ior of I ' liidtrii II iinhaiKlni ALFI!En HOLLEY GiLBERT B. S. Vermont ' 04, M. S. Wisconsin ' V.i Assinlaiit Profcsunr of Botanij Amos Brsii Willmarth, " ( " HK A. B. Micldlchun- " 00, A. M. Harvard " Ul, B. S. Vi-niiuiit ' IH .l.i.ilxlaiit I ' rofensor of Chemislr; Florence Emily Bailey B. S. Sininions ' 18 .Ix.iiifdiit Profi ' ssnr of IIoiiic Eroiiiimira Grace Bimuvash B. A. Illinois " li), M. A. Colunil)ia " J+ Anshtntil Professor of Home Economics Fred Clayton Fiske, X7.. I T!K B. S. Vermont " 13 Instructor in Form Merlionics JojiN " Alvin Newlander B. S. Cornell " 19, M. S. Vermont ' 21 Instructor in Diiiri Huslmnilr;) Ronald Bami-oud, I ! IA B. S. Conn. Ajrri. Coll. ' . ' 1. M. .S. N ' eriiiiint " 26 Ucsiarcii Instructor in liottinif Alida Beatrice Fairbanks B. S. Vermont " Jl, M. A. Colnnihia ' 2i Instructor In Home ICatnumirs ' ALTEU Bui ' CE SiLCOX B. S. Ontario ' - :i, M. S. Iowa State ' - ' 5 Instructor in Dairi Ilushavdri William Ritchie Adams B. S. Syracuse ' 26 1 n :l nirtor in Ihilinni irnit Forcstrti Martha IIai.nks A. B. Wilminfrton " - ' :i Instructor in Ilotni- Efuntmiirs u L ALUMNI COUNCIL Charles F. Bhir. ' 99 Chnirman John O. Baxexdale, ' 13 Secretary REPRESEXT.ITIFES AT LARGE " Jack ' TERM EXPIRES 1927 HuUis S. Wilson, " 81 Portland, Ore. Eliza C. Isham, ' 86 Burlington, Vt. Elizabeth I. Howe, ' 96 Stamford, Conn. Henry H. Hagar, ' 97 Burlington, Vt. TERM EXPIRES 1!j28 Mary M. Deyett, ' 85 Slielburne, Vt. Dr. A. K. Aldinger, ' 99 Burlington, Vt. E. F. Crane, ' 16 Burlington. Vt. Laura J. Parker, ' 17 Williston, ' t. TERM EXPIRES 1929 Dr. D. C. Jarvis, ' 04 Barre, A ' t. Mrs. Elizabeth H. Ro.s.s, ' 06 Middlelniry, ' t. Ralph W. Simonds, ' 13 Detroit, Mich. Mildred Powell, ' 20 Weehawken, N. J. TERil EXPIRES 1930 Dr. E. H. Johnson, ' 88 Xaugatuck, Conn. Mrs. Lucia Barney Downing, ' 89 Essex Junction, Vt. Paul W. Waterman, ' 12 Milwaukee, Wis. Slary .lean Simpson, " 13 AVashington, D. C. lERil EXPIRES 1931 Irs. Mary Goodrich Wyman, ' 94 ' Starksboro, ' t. James D. Brennan, ' 03 Boston, Mass. Mrs. Xina Shepardson Merrill, ' 14 Burlington, Vt. William Wallace Murray, ' 97 Chicago, 111. I! 1877 Dr. Rufus W. Bishop 1878 Don A. Stone 1879 Charles R. Palmer 1880 Dr. M. L. Porter 1881 Walter B. Gates 1882 Henry L. Ward 1883 Mason S. Stone 1884 Henrv H. Cushman 1885 Rev. Wm . H. Hopkins 1886 Dr. Frank H. Clapp 1887 Willard A. Mitcliell 1888 C. L. Woodbury 1889 Edward S. Isham 1890 Dr. George I. Forbes 1891 Fred W. Mould 1892 George W. Alger 1893 Eugene N. Sanctuary .ASS REPRESENT A TIVES 1894 E. D. Strickland 1911 1895 George ' . Thompson 1912 1896 Joseph T. Stearns 1913 1897 Capt. I,. S. Doten 1914 1898 William T. Wlielan 1915 1899 Charles F. Blair 1916 1900 .Tames H. Wbelden 1917 1901 Samuel S. Dennis 1918 1902 Irvins I.. Rich 1919 190S Walter A. Dane 1920 1904 Elmer E. Gove 1921 1905 Dr. B. J. A. Bombard 1922 1906 Rav B. Skinner 1923 1907 John J. Murphv 1924 1908 Dana H. Ferrin 1925 1909 R. L. Souk- 1926 1910 Arthur W. Dow Clarence R. White Dr. ¥. D. Streeter George N. Haniian J. H. Moore Louis F. Dow Wesley T. A bell Henry T. Way Raymond A. Briggs P. " M. Bell William L. Hammond .Tames R. Jennings Richard H. Holdstock John H. Patrick John F. Casey Edward X. iVrush Carl A. Ottlev 28 m i. ,. ,.r,.A ..A,2. ., ..Z- ;,-! W q I ll l (L r« cyllien 30 • Ilff 7Be ' ' Old .Mill 31 College ' T p 32 i if] Cedical Building I I llll ikJI de Qampus m ' liobinson ' fiall IN! d ? life Qhapel ■ ' v nM ' 1 M «i- ■ : wi 36 C I a g g e s i N I I J I -; w 37 I W 3S 1 1 CLASS OFFICERS Caul G. Simpson I ' rcsidiut Mahiox M. Parker ficc-President Hahriktte L. :Metcalf Secretary H.I AI.MAH A. Aronsox Treasurer SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEES OviUE I ' . 1 ' aH(iI)V, ( ' hnirman of Senior 1 ctl; CLASS DAY SENIOR I ' liOM { ' li.-irlcs H, lil.ukall. ChairmdU I ' ' r;uui . -M(( ■iiiliy, Chainnan Floyd M. .l.iiM.s Arcllil.aia T. Post Biiiflliain .1. Humphrey Leonard F. Houser Eleanor A. Cliai)man Helen I. Stoddard F ' liniee V.. Cook Pauline V,. Perkins Anna P. Ward CLASS WALK F.llis J. Moodie. Chairmen, BOAT RIDE F.dniund L. 15ovce i- t ru ■ . „ , ,, ,. • George K. Learv. ( liairiinni ii» Kntli h. I ' .avres t tj at t " j [ ; ... , ,. ,.■ ,, James H. AIcLeod Ml Joiiii .1. ( andon Wh u- Elizalutii I.. .lolinson |i I 1, 1. Naomi Tlioriie Harriette L. Mrt.-alf Ijii H.dph H. 151odf;ett. Chairman .Idlin 1 ' . MeGaughan QUFSTIONNAIRF, ifi: (;() VNIN " G STATUES Haven V. Greene, Chairman ,,..,,. ,, T I 1 r ' l ■ Theodore M. F ' gan William . l. l.oekwoon. ( nairman ■,-, t- o ii ii „, , , , Ti Ar - Haven E. Southwortli Stoddard H. Martin -»r t i t ,,.. r 1 -r 1 . L Loretta .(ennings Winitrid 1 eaeliout ... t -■ i • Arline J. Cushing " ur. B. Rugg iwrrvTioNS L.iwrriur H. A trill. Chairman ]?ANNFI{ ' H ,1. Henhain IMielps ' ' Marion M. P.irker Emory ( . Mov :er, Chairman Lois L Burbank Howard T. Aplin I : , ' U i9 SENIOR MEN George Jay Alfred, C. E. Burlington. Vermont Tau Epsilon Phi; Burlington Higli School; Gold Key; Junior Week Committee. HowAKD Thomas Aplin, C. E. Putney, Vermont Phi Mu Delta; ISrattleboro High School; Ci nic Board (:. ' , 3), News Editor (3); 19:J7 Ariel Board, Grind Editor; Kake Walk (. ' (.niniittee (4); Second Honor Grou]) (1, 2) ; Honor Scholarsliip. Charles Armand Archambault, CI. Barre. Vermont Delta Mu (Pledge); St. Mary ' s College; Loyola College. Hjalmar Alfred Aronson, Ag. Proctor, Vermont Delta Psi; Proctor High School; Gold Key; .Mjiha Zeta; Scabhard and Blade; Class Treasurer ( t) ; Football (i, 3); Class Football (1); Assistant Manager 15aseball (3); Junior Week Committee; Glee Club (1, -2), . ssistant Manager (J); Agricultural Club, Vice-President (3), President (l) ; Student Senate (■!•); Sergeant (3); Lieutenant (4). Roland Sigurd Aronson, G. S. Rutland, Vermont Alpha Tau Omega; Rutland High School; Ciold Key; Kev and Serpent; Boulder; Baseball (1, 2, 3, +) ; Class Baseball (1. 2); Assistant .Manager Footliall (3), .Man- ager (4); Football Hop Committee {2); Kake Walk Committee (. ' , 3, t) ; Honor Scholarship; Corporal (2). Lawrence Herman Averill, Ed. Lilone. New York Sigma Xu; Franklin Academy; Boulder; Scabbard and Blade; Manager Basketball (I); Wig and Buskin, Advertising Manager (3); Kake Walk Committee (3, 4); Chairman Junior Week Committee; Chairman Basketball Hop Committee (3); Cor- poral (- ' ); Sergeant (3); Captain (I). DeForest Bartoo, Ag. Essex .Junction. Vermont Harrison ' alley High School (Penn.); Pennsylvania State College; tu-ove City Ci l- lege. Donald ] Iorton Bashaw, Ag. Burlington, Vermont Richmond High School; Agricultural Club; Sergeant (3); Lieutenant (4). Adelarde Beailieu, M. E. Burlington, Vermont Burlington High School; Class Football (1, - ' ) ; Sergeant (3); Lieutenant (4). August Joseph Bisson, E. E. East Barre. Vermont Goddard Seminary; St. Michael ' s College; Manager RiHe Team (4); Newman Club; Radio Club (1, 3); Sergeant (3); Lieutenant (4). Charles Henrv Blackall, C. E. Bristol, Connecticut Kappa Sigma; Bristol High School; Wig and Buskin, Secretary (2); Cast, " Tweedles " , " Jlilestones " , " Her Husband ' s Wife " ; JIanager, " The First Year " ; Student Senate (3, 4.); Class Treasurer (2); Junior Week Conunittee (3); Kake Walk Committee (3, 4); Corporal {2); Sergeant (3); Captain (4). Ralph Hamilton Blodgett, C. E. Bristol, Vermont Sigma . lpha Chi; Bristol High School; Manager Class Basketball (3); Junior Week Committee; Band (1, 2, 3); Second Honor Group (1, 2); Dean ' s List (3); Honor Scholarship. Robert Hoffman Blodgett, Ed. St. .loluisbury. ' ermont St. Johnsbury . cademy; CJold Key; Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Sergeant (3); Lieutenant (4); Honor Scholarship. Edmund Levi Boyce, G. S. ' aitstield, ' ermont Alpha Tau Omega; Waitsfield High School; Scalibard and Blade; l ake Walk Com- mittee (4); Sergeant (3); Lieutenant ( 4). John Jacob Bresee, Ag. Pittsford, Vermont Pittsford High School ; " Agricultural Club; Bissell Prize (3); Football Squad (4.). r 40 Stiaht Rom.vsoN I5iiva.v, I.. S. Montpelit-r. W-riuont I) -lt:i I ' si; MimtpclitT Ilijrli .Sclmol; Pi Deltii Rlio; Press Club (1, - ' , .i, 1), Ni-ws Kditiir {;!), Pri-sid.-nt (i) ; Hand (- ' ); Corporal {2). Ohkn Ahi.iah ]5initANK, Ai;. Clulsia. Wrniont Si ' tna Delta: Chelsea Ilifrli Seliool : Al|.lia Zeta; A ' Cluli: V. M. C. A. Caliiiut: CcisiiiDiiolitan Clul). • IdiiN .Iiim:imi C ' animin, Afi. I ' ittstord MIIK. N i-niiniit Kappji. Sitriiia; Pittsford Ilijrli School; Football (-2, 3, ♦) ; Class Kootball (1); Class Basketball (1. . ' ) : Ajrrieiiltiiral Club; Newman Club; Corporal (2) ; Serjreant (3): I ii-uli-iiant ( 1-). ii.i.iAM Uaii.kv C ' l.Ai ' i ' , (i. S. North Orattoii, Massaclmsetts Phi Delta Thcta; Urafluii lliirli Sehool ; Band (1. 2). Ross I.Yi.K Ci.AHK. Ch. Groton, ' (rnioiit Phi Mil Delta; Croton Ilifrh Seliool; Corporal (2); Sergeant (3); Lieutenant (I)- Jamks Hammond Daviks, I.. S. Mount Vernon, New York Sifinia Nu; Mount Vernon Hifrli Seliool; Kootball (3); Traek (- ' ); Basketball (3); Class Track (2, 3). I- " nAXK Staxlky Devixe, G. S. AA ' aterlnirv. ' rni(iiit Waterbury Ilifrh School; Newman Cluli; Honor Seholarsliiii. HowAiU) Alhho Dimkk, G. S. iiichiiiiiiHJ, ( nnont Sifinia All)ha Chi; Hiehmond Ilifrli School; Honor Seliolarsliip. Whitney Randam, Doani:, ( ' •. S. Si)ringficl(l. ( riimnt Sijrnia Nu: Spriajrlield llitib School; Class Football (1); Cast, " Cai)tain Ap))lejaek " ; Assistant Maiiajicr Haseball (3); 1!). ' 7 Arikt. Board; Kake Walk Committee (3); Junior Week CoiiiMiittcc; Cor])oral (2). I ' .AUi, ])«i(;nT l)nh;w, ( ' . F,. Kicliforil. irnioiit Lambda lota; Hiehford Iliirh School; Pi Delta Rho; Assistant nbility Maiiap-r (. ' , 3), .Manajrer (3); Ci iiir Board (2, 3), Sports Editor (3); lO. ' fi Ariki. Board. Athletic F.ditor; Honor Scholarshii). Edmi ' XI) M ' illiam Eijmcxds, L. S. I ' milliK y. ' riiuint Troy Conference Academy. Theodore Mathew Koax, C. E. Underhill Cc iitrr. Wrinimt Kapi a Sifrma; Jericho Hi ' h School; Boulder; Assistant LlnaL ' er Hockey (3). Maii- afrer { 4) ; Assistant Mana ' cr Tennis (3), Manager (!•); Assistant Klifribility Lin- ajrer (3), Manager (1); 92 Ahikl Board; Honor Scholarship. Chaules Behnahd;ax, Sec. Hyde I ' ark. ' iriiiont Lamoille Central . cademy; Honor Seliolarsliip: Newman Cluli. FiiKi) Hari.ik I ' isHEH, E. E. Lebanon. New ILiinpsJiire Leliannn High .School; Hifle Team (L 3); Radio Club. Mmimn Wenoai.i. ( iiiDii Mill. I ' .il. M 1 1 rri s i 1 1 1 ■ . ' criiiiiiit I ' hi Delta Theta; Peoples .Vcadciny; Glee Club. I ' nii.ii ' . srHoXY (ioDDAKD, G. S. M(irris ill( . Wrniont Phi Delta Theta; Peoiiles Academy; Tennis Squad (2); Class B.iskelball (. ' ); Deutscher X ' erein. George Alphoxsi-s Gould, G. S. Boston. NL-issadmsetts Zeta Chi; Leominster High School: 1027 .Vhu.i, Board; Cast, " 13th Chair " ; Junior Week Committee: Newman Club; Baud (l, 3, 3, 4); Lieutenant (4). Havex X ' ehxox Greexe, C. E. Bethel, Vermont Phi Mu Delta; Wlutcomli High School; Ciinic Board (2, 3); I!I27 . hjki. Board, Athletic Kditor; Press Club (2, 3). News Editor (3); Baskelliall Hop Coiiimiltee (2); Band (1). Kexxeth Howi.axd (jiRXEY, Ed. Biirliiiiiton. X ' erniont Phi Delta Theta: Burlington High School; Class Football (1); Football Hop Com- mittee (2); .lunior Week Committee; Corporal (2). n 11 Arthur Ross Hill, M. E. Lyndon Center, ' el•mont Sigma Alpha Chi; Lvndon Institute; Scahliard and Blade; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Rifle Team (1. J, 3). ' Captain (3); Class Baseliall (1); Assistant Manager Hockey (3); Chairman Student A. S. M. E. (-1); Prize Drill Squad; Honor Scholarship; Corporal (i?) ; First Sergeant (3); Lieutenant (i). Leonard Frederick Hotser, C. E. Pittsfield, lassachusetts Lamhda Iota; Pittsfield High School; Gold Key; 19 7 Ariei, Board, Circulation Manager; Faculty-Student Council (3); Newman Club. Reginald Annis Hovey, C. E. St. Jolinsbury, ' ermont St. Johnsbury Academy; Corporal (2). Bingham Johnson Himphrey, Ch. Proctor. Vermont Delta Psi; Proctor High School; Key and Serpent; Boulder; Class Treasurer (3); Class Football (1); Assistant Manager Basketball (3); 19-27 Ariel Board; Junior c -, i Week Committee; Kake Walk Committee (i) ; Glee Club (1. 2, 3), . ssistant Man- ||j| ager (3); Student Senate (3); First Sergeant (3); Lieutenant (4). ' - ' l ' Floyd Merle James, Ed. Hardwick. ' erniont Sigma Phi: Hardwick Academy; Boulder; Class Track (1); Assistant Manager Track (3), Manager (4); 1927 Ariel Board; Football Hop Committee (1); Sopho- more Hop Committee; Junior Week Committee; Kake Walk Committee (t); Student Senate (3, 4); Band (1, 2). Albert Kimball .Iohnson, G. S. Burlington. Vermont Burlington High School. Joseph Baker Killoran, E. E. Essex Junction. " ermont Sigma Delta; Junction High School; Honor Scholarship. A ' illiam Hendry Lam.son, C. E. R.indolpli. ' crmont Randolph High School. Frank Sa.mtel Lanot, Jr., M. E. Burlington, Vermont Kappa Sigma; Burlington High School; Football Squad (1); Class Football (1, 2); Track (2); Cor))oral (2); Sergeant (3); Lieutenant ( t). William Frank Frederic Lapierre, Ag. (ircensluiro. ' crinont Greensboro High School; Newman Club; Agricultural Club; Editor Aitrictillural VhroiiicJe ; Honor Scholarship. Bernard Michael Lawlor, Ed. Bellows Falls. Vermont Zeta Chi; Bellows Falls High School; Newman Club. George Knight Leary, C. E. Pelliam Manor, New York Kappa Sigma; Pelham Memorial High School; Assistant Manager Baseball (3); |i-j| . ssistant Cheer Leader (2, 3); Junior Week Connnittee; Corporal (2). ' - ' ' William Murray Lockwood, L. S. Burlington. Vermont Phi Delta Theta; Burlington High School; Philips Exeter . cademv; Boulder; Kev and Serpent. President (3); Gold Key; Pi Delta Rho. Treasurer (4); Wig and IKJ! Buskin; Scabbard and Blade; Class President (1); Football Squad (3) ; Class ' JJ} Basketball (1); Assistant Business Manager ( ' »( (3), Manager (4); Cast, " The j[ ' ' j First Tear " ; Chairman Sophomore Hop Committee; . ssistant Director Kake Walk i |, ■ 3), Director (4); Military Ball Committee (4); Junior Week Connnittee; Student , I Senate, Secretary-Treasurer (3), President (4); Interfraternity Conference (3, 4); Honor Group (3); Corporal (2); Sergeant (3); Major (4). David Charles London, E. E. Burlington, ' ermont Tau Epsilon Phi; Burlington High School; Gold Key; Corjioral (2); Sergeant (3); Lieutenant (4). Raymond Eldred Lyon, G. S. St. . lbans. ' ermont I.andida Iota; St. . lhans High School; Pi Delta Rho; Kev and Serpent; Boulder; Press Club (1, 2); Clinic (1, 2, 3), Editor-in-Chief (3); 1927 . riel Board, Photo- gra])hic Editor; Glee Club (1). William Henry McCarron, G. S. Newark, New Jersey .Sigma Nu; Newark . cademy; Class Baseball (1). 42 itiil ,)(,iix I ' ltANKi.i.N .M(C()i.L, E. K. Townsluiid. iTinoiit l.t ' laml anil tirav Seminary ; Uold Key; Uifle Tram (3, I); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3, I): Vcrnidnt " Indeiiendents, Treasurer (3), Vice-President (I); IIi)n(ir Seliolar- slii]). Jdiix I ' iiAX( IS .M((;ai (;i!A.N, C. E. Burliiifrton. W riiioiil Sijrma Nil; Catlu-dral llifrli Scliodl ; Class Basketball (-2, 3); Class Haseball (1); Football Hop Conniiittee (I); Sopbomore Hop Committee; Newman Club. riiAXds William MiCmnlkv, (J. S. Adirondack. New York Sipna Nu; .St. Mieliael ' s Sebool; l- ' ootball (4); Class Football (1); Cla s Hasketball (1, 2. 3, +) ; Newman Club; Corjioral (2). Jamks Boi-twell McLeoo, C. E. Barr.-. V.niiont Pbi Delta Tbeta; Spaulding High Sebool; CJoddard Seminary. Ed« AHi) DoHSKV Marshall, Ed. Maiulicster, Ntw Hani))sliire Siunna Nu: .Manebester Higb Sebool: Footb.ill Sijuad (I): Manager Class Haseball (!); .Siigrant (3); Lieutenant (I). Stoddahi) Hammond Mahtix, C. E. Betlileheiii. riiinsylvaiiia Sigma I ' bi: Hetblebein Iligb Sebool; Pi Delta Hho; Kappa Mu F.i)silon : Manager Class Basketball (I); . ssistant Manager ( hiV- (3), . dvertising Manager ( !•) ; 19 7 Ariki, Board, .Advertising .Manager; .Assistant Editor Frishman Jlandlxxik (J); Kaki- Walk Cominitti ' e (3, I); .hinior Week Committee; Kappa Beta Pbi. I.AWHKXCK Hahla.M) .Makvix, Ae;. E.sse.x ■Junction. Vermont Delta Psi; Burlington Iligli Sebool: Key and Serpent; Basketball (2, 3), Captain (4); Assistant ManaL ' er Ba el)all (3), ianager (+) : Cor)ioral (J); First Sergeant (3). John Arkley Miller, C. E. Palisade, New .Icrsey Sigma Nu; F.nglewood Higb Sebool; .Assistant Manager Track (3); Corjioral (- ' ). Ellis Julius Moodii:, C. E. Craftshury. Vermont Pbi Mu Delta; Craftsburv .Aeademv; Boulder; Scabbard and Blade; Ciold Key; Class President (3); Ba.sketball (3, i) : Class Basketball (1, - ' ) ; Class Track (1,2,3); .Assistant .Manager Football (3); .Assistant Manager Tetuiis (3); Manager F resbman Football (+) : Ci hiV Board (- ' ) ; 1927 .Arjki. Board: Student Senate (3. 4): Football Hop Committee (2); Sopbomore Hop Conunittee; Junior Week Conunittee: Kake Walk Conunittee (3, 4); Honor Scholarship; Corporal (2); Sergeant (3); Captain (4). Charles Warren Moohe, L. S. New York, New York Emorv University .Aeademv, Oxford, Ga.; .Assistant Cbeer leader (2), Head Cbeer Leader (3); Corimral (2). " RoiiERT I ' ahhow Mooke, .M. E. Pcacliam, Vermont Sigma .Al))lia Chi; Peachain .Academy; .Assistant F.ligibility .Manager (3); .A. S. M. E., Secretary-Treasurer (4); Band (L 2, 3); Himor Sebolarsbi]). John Randolph Morton, M. E. ] Iontclair. Ni w Jersey .Allib.i Tan Omega: Montclair Higb School; White Bear Lake (.Minn.) High .School; BiHe Team (2, 3, 4), .Manager (3); Kake Walk Committee (3, 4); A. S. M. E.; Radio Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Corporal (2). Emora- Chittenden Mower, L. .S. Hurlington. Wrniont Pbi Delta Tbeta: Burlington Higb School: AVig and Buskin, Secretary (3); Tau Kajipa .Alpha; lemiis Sipiad (1, 2, 3); .Assistant Cheer Leader (3), Head Cheer Leader (4); Fresbman-Sojihomore Deb.itc (2); Cast, " Milestoius " ; Soiibomore Hop Ccmimittee; .Junior Week Committee: Class Treasurer (1); Kingsley Prize Sjjcaking (L 2), First Prize (1): Kake Walk Committee (4); Debating (3, 4). Manager (4); Corporal (2); Sergeant (3); Captain (4). Osborne Barr Nye, E. E. Hurlintrton. Vermont Delta Psi: Highgate High School: Kappa .Mu Ejisilon ; Tennis ( 1, 2, 3, 4), Caj)tain (4); Sopbomore Uop Committee (2); Kake AValk Committee (3, 4); Faculty-Student Council (4); Honor Scholarship; Sergeant (3); Lieutenant (4). Oliver Small Orton, G. S. St. Albans, Vermont Phi Delta Tbeta; St. Albans High School; Alpha Zeta; Ci mV- Board (2, 3); John Dewey Club, President (4). 43 !tt OviDE Frank Parody, C. E. Petkskill, New York Sig;ma Nu; Peekskill Hiph School; Scaliljard and lilade; Gold Kev; Wig- and Buskin; Baseliall Squad {2); Class Haseliall (1); Class Football (l); ' lflJ7 Ariki. Board, Assistant Business Manafrer; Cast, " Milestones " , " The Cioose Hanjrs Hifjli " , " Captain Applejack " ; Chairman Football Hop Committee (J); Chairman Senior Week Com- mittee; Kake Walk Committee (i) ; Student Senate (-t) ; Corporal (J); Sergeant (3); Lieutenant (4). John Benham Phelps, L. S. Milton, ' ermont Sigma Alpha Chi; Burlington High School; CJold Key; Key and Serpent; Pi Delta Rho, President (l); Wig and Buskin; Student Senate (3) ' ; Ci nic Board (J, 3, +), News Editor (3), Managing Editor (3), Editor-in-Chief (4); Press Club (5); 1957 Ariel Board; Cast, " The Goose Hangs High " ; So])homore Hop Committee; Junior Week Committee: Kake Walk Committee {2, 3, 4-); Kingsley Prize Speaking (1, 2); Freshman-Sophomore Debate (-) : Honor Scholarship: Corjioral (-); Sergeant (3); Lieutenant (i). Mark Guy Pierce, G. S. Bradford. ' ernioiit Phi JIu Delta; Orleans High School; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Hcmor Scholarslii|.. Archibald Thomson Post, C. E. Burlington, ' crmont Sigma Nu; Saratoga Springs ( . Y.) High School; Boulder; Gold Kev; Kev and Serpent; Class President {- ' ); Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4-), Captain (3); Track (J, 3); Cross-country (3); Class Track (1); Class Football (1); Class Baseball (1); Social Calendar Committee (3); Junior Week Committee (3); Student Senate (3, 4), Yice- President (3); Corporal (2). Brock Abrott Renfrew, E. E. Wells River, Wrinont Wells River High School. Lloyd Athel Reynolds, C. E. Stowe, Vermont Cambridge High School; Ritle Team {2, 3, 4), Captain (4); Corporal {2); Sergeant (3); Lieutenant (4). Milton Burnham Rrker, I.. S. Rieker Mills, ' ermont Groton High School ; Freshman-Sophomore Debate. Mairk E John Robertson, M. E. Danville, ' ermont Sigma Delta; Danville High School; Student A. S. M. E.; Sergeant (3); Lieutenant Donald Mason Rockwell, Cii. Proctor, Vermont Kappa .Sigma; Proctor High School; 15oulder; Kev and Serpent; Assistant Director Kake Walk (3), Director (4); Assistant Manager Football (3); Ci nic Board (L 2. 3); 1927 Arikl Board; Junior Week Committee; Glee Club (L - ' , 3, 4), As- sistant Manager (3), Manager (4); Chemistry Club, .Secretary-Treasurer (3); Honor Scholarship; Corporal {2}. Newell Dean Rowe, Ed. Barnet, Vermont Phi Mu Delta; Peacham Academy; Cross-country (L 4); Class Basketball (1.2. 3); Track (1); Manager Freshman Handliook {- ' ); Lafavette Pageant (-) ; Kake Walk Committee (- ' ) ; Band (L 2). Floyd Henry Sears, Ed. Stowe, Vermont Zeta Chi; Stowe High School; Middlebury College (1, 2); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; |tl| Delegate National Student Conference (4); Outing Club (3, 4), President (4); " Honor Scholarship. Joseph Shapiro, C. E. .St. Albans, Vermont St. Albans High School; German Club (1); French Club (1). IfJi Carl Ciilbert Simpson, C. E. Lyndon Center, Vermont Phi Mu Delta; Lvndon Institute; Boulder; Gold Kev: Kev and .Serpent; Scal)bard and Blade; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Class President (4); Track (1, - ' , 3, 4), Captain (3, 4); Holder of State and Eastern Litercollegiate Javelin Records; Holder of , r, : , College Shot and Discus Records; Football (4); Class Track (1); lf»- ' T Ariel Board, I ' H Business Manager; Junior Week Committee; Kake Walk Committee (4); Glee Club I; -if (1); Ride Team (- ' ); Student Senate (4); Corporal {2); First Sergeant (3); Captain (4). ' CJEORGE Howard Sloan, Ed. East Fairfield. ' ermont Zeta Chi: Bellows Free . cademy: Class Baseball (1); Class Track (1); Junior Week , Committee: Newman Club; Sergeant (3); Lieutenant (4). |f ;: ili ii l!iiM)i.Kv David Smith, C. E. Slieffield, Vermont l.iimlidii lota; l.yiulon Institute; Cliiss Kootliall (1): Corporal (;?): SiTfreant { ' .i) ; I.iriitciiant (i). UhO K Al.KXANUKK SoMKHS, ¥.. E. H.irillt. WrniDIlt Peacliam Acadfniy; (iold Key; Cross-eouiitry (1); Hadio Chili (1, -•). Floyd Emohv Somkuvillk, G. S. W.iitsfii-ld, ' t.Tinont Waitsfield Hifrli Seliool; 1!). ' 7 AiiiKi, Board: liaiid (I); Honor Seliolarsliip: Serjreant (;i); Lieutenant (4). Havkx EDMfXi) SofTinvoHTii, C E. Post Mills. Wrinoiit Sifrnia Aljilia Clil; Montjielier Seminarv ; Kappa Mu Kpsilon; WIf: and liuskin; I- ' oot- ball Squad (- ' , ' .i, +) : Cast. ' Tlie First Year " ; Glee Club (1, - ' , :$) ; .Sergeant (3); Lieutenant (l-). Ci.lFTO.N- C ' ooLKY Staffohu, E(1. Stowc, Vcrmoiit Lambda Iota; Stowe Hijrli School; Hand (L . ' . :{, i) ; Inst rinm-iit il Chil) (1); Saxo- phone Sextet (1). AuTinn Stewart Taylor, ( ' . it E. .Spriiiiilitld. M;issaclmsitts Kajijia Sijrnia; Sprinfrfield Teelinieal Ilifrh School; Gold Key; I5;isketball (1. - ' . S) ; liaseliall (I. - ' , :{) ; Class Football (1, . ' ) ; Class Baseball (1, - ' ) : Sophomore Mop Committee; Corporal (-2). Eahl . lliikk ' iX( ' ENT, M. E. ' I ' ciu nslit 11(1. ( riiKint Zcta Chi; I.eland and CIray S -minary; Student A. S. M. K. ; Hand (1, - ' , A. 4); Honor Schohirship. Cakl Havklo( k ' edf,ll, L. S. Lynn. L ' lssaciiusctts Lynn Classical High School; Tennis (1); Debating (. ' , t) ; Glee Cliib (3, •»■). SENIOR WOMEN .Mii.DUF.o Allk.x, CI. St. .lohiisliury. ' crniont St. .lolinsbury . cadeniy; X ' olley Hall (1); Deutscher ' erein (i) ; House Fire Ca|)tain ( !■) ; Latin Prize Entrance Exam, ;?nd Pri .e. ( ' iiii:iiiNK Armstrong, CI. Beiniington. Vermont .VIpba Chi Omega; BenninL ' ton Hi!;b School; ' l ' . W. C. . Cabinet (.S) ; Greek Club (3). DoHLs EvKLYX . rsTl.x, Ed. .Morrtowii. ' irni(iiit Sigma (lamma; Waitsfield High School; Volley Ball (1). l.ii.i.iAx .loYfF , vERY, L. S. F.Mst Harrc. Vermont . lpha Xi Delta; Goddard Semin.irv; Soccer (1); Basketball (1. :. ' , 3); Hockev (. ' , 3. 4); Baseball (. ' , 3); Bine Stockings; Class Plav (1, 3); Dramatic Cluii (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4); Macpm Club (J, 3, 4); Glee Club (I, - , 3. 4); House I ' ire Captain (3); Tennis Coach (3); Honor .Scholarship. ]in,A Flohkx( !•: Ha ;ley, H. E. Nc v|)ort, New H.impsliirc Delta Delta Delta; Richards High School; Hockev (- , 3); Soccer (- ) ; Glee Club (1, 3): Dramatic Club; I.e Ccrde Lafayette; Ciiuic Board (3); B. D. l)cinnrm:A 1 lorence Baker. CI. Ippir .Moiitclair. New Jersey Kappa . l|iha Theta : Montdair High Scliool ; Eta .Sigma Phi; Blue .Stockings (. ' ,3, 4); li). ' 7 . riki. Hoard; Mas((ue and Sandal (3, I). Treasurer (4); Deutscher Verein (- ' , 3), Secretary (3); Greek Eranos {i. 3). President (:!). Secretary (3). Eleaxoii Salome Barrell, L. S. ' liiti- River .hinction. X ' irninnt .Sigma Gamma; Hartford High .School; Soccer (1. 4): Hockev ( . ' , 4); ' arsitv Base- ball (1, . ' , 3); Blue Stockings (J, 3, 4), President (4); 1!1. ' 7 Aro:i. Board; Deutscher ' erein (L- ' ); House Comnuttec (3); House Fire Captain {2); Vniversity Orchestra (3) ; Honor Scholarship. Margaret Chi-ri hill Barrows, Ed. Jolinsoii. W-rmont Alpha Xi Delta; .Tolmson High Scliool; Jackson College; Honor Scliolarsliij). Charlotte Emily Beax, L. S. Brooklyn. Niw York Girls " Hisrh Scliool, Brooklyn; Varsity Ritle Squad (3); Hockey (1, 2, 3, " 4-) ; Soccer (1, 3); Baseball (1, 2); Carniyal Committee (2). LuciLE Agnes Benedict, L. S. New Hayen. ' ernlont Beeman Academy. Ruby Arlene Blaine, Ed. Barnet, Vermont Sigma Gamma; Goddard Seminary; Peacham Academy; Dramatic Club; Glee Club ' (3, +) ; House Committee (1, 3) ; Mandolin Club (1, 2); College Orchestra (3). h Bernice Elsie Bombardier, H. E. Williamsto vn, ' ermont Williamstown High School; I.e Cercle Lafayette; Home Economics Club; Second Honor Group (1, 2); Honor Scholarship. Dorotiiy Evelyn Bower, L. S. Waterkw. New York Kappa Delta; Black River Academy; House Vice-President (3); CHee Club (J, 3, 4). Priscill. Bowen Bromley, H. E. North Benninerton. Vermont .■ l])ha Xi Delta; Xorth Bennington High School; Home Economics Club, Treasurer (3); Junior Week Committee; House Committee (4). Charlotte Cropley Brown, C. E. A iiulieiidon. lassacluisetts Pi Beta Phi; Murdock School; ' olley Ball (2, 4), Coach (2); Blue Stockings {2, 3, 4), Treasurer (3); 19 7 Akiel Board; Class Nominating Committee (1, 2); I.ilac Day Committee (1); Freslunan Rules Committee (2); Redstone House Com- mittee (2, 3), House President (3); Chief Justice, Student I ' nion (4); Under- graduate Representative Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Glee Club (3, 4) : Mortar Board. Lois May Bi ' RBANK, L. S. Danville. Vermont Alpha Chi Omega; Danyille High School; Class Secretary (2); Volley Ball (2, 4); Dramatic Club; .Sojilioniore Ho] Committee; Junior Week Connnittee; Class Nomi- nating Committee; Freshman Mixer (3); Glee Clul) (1, 2. 4); Outing Club; Y. W. C. A., Vice-President (3); Student I ' nion Council, Secretary (3); I ' l. ' T Ahiki, Board; Chairman Social Calendar; Winner of Winter Carnival (3); Honor Scholarship. Doris Caroline Campbell, CI, Middletown, Connecticut Kappa Alpha Tlieta ; Middleto vn High School; Dramatic Club (2, 3, 4); Sophomore Hop Committee; Student Union Coimcil (4); House President (4); Tennis Coach Eleanor Alice Chapman, L. S. Springfield. ' ermont Kappa Alpha Tbeta ; Springfield High School; Masque and .Sandal, Vice-President (3), President (4); Freshman Rules Committee; .Sophomore Hop Committee; Junior Week Committee; Judiciary (3, 4); .Student Union Council (4); Honor Scholarship. Elizabeth Cook Chitter, H. E. Swanton. Vermont Alpha Xi Delta; Northfield Seminary; House Committee (1, 2); House President (3) ; Lilac Day Committee (L 2) ; Glee Club (3, 4) ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (4) ; Home Economics Club. Velma Annah Coi bran, L. S. Stowe, Wrmont Sigma Gamma; Stowe High Sciiool; House President (I, 4); Glee Club (3, 4); Orchestra (3). Eunice Everett Cook, E. S. Belmont, Massachusetts Delta Delta Delta; Belmont High .School; Boston University; Masque and Sandal, Vice-President (t); Blue Stockings; Chairman of Program Committee (4); Y. W. C. A. Bazaar Committee (4) ; Ciitiir (3, 4). Henrietta Hope Cooley, H. E. Waterbury, Vermont Alpha Xi Delta; Waterbury High School: Home Economics Club, Secretary- Treasurer (1). Catherine L rion Courtney, L. S. Burling-ton. Vermont Kappa Delta; Mount St. Mary Academy; Newman Cluli; Le Cercle Lafayette (1, 2); Blue Stockings. Ruth AL rgaret Croft, L. S. Turners Falls. Lassachusetts Kappa Alpha Theta; Turners Falls High School; Mary A. Burham School; Sopho- more Hop Committee. m 46 ' Nil ( i.AiHi: 1,1 1 ii.i.K CuRuiER, CI. KffiR ' . Xew Ham))sliire . l|)liM Clii Omcpa; Kerilf llifrli Sriiiiol; l.e ffrck ' I,at:iyilti- ; Creek Club; Kirhy Fliiwer Siiiilh Latin I ' lize (J): Blue Stiickiiifrs; First llciiiur Cinn]]) (1); Seeoiul lli.iior Group (- ' , 3); Vicc-1 ' resident Y. W. C. A. (4). Ahlixe .Itlia CfSHlxo, L. S. Newport. Wrninnt Delta IVlla Delta; Newport Hifrli Seliool; Mortar Hoard; Iloekev (1, - ' , :i. i). Varsitv (. ' . : , i); Rasketl)all (I. - ' . :!). Varsity (.2. 3); Haseball (1, - ' . 3), Varsity (- ' , 3); ' Soccer (1, 2, 3, !■) ; Manager Hockey (3); Manairer UasU,-tl.;ill (3): Dramatic Club (1, - ' . 3, 4.); .ludiciarv foinniittee (- ' , 3, 1-) ; .Sliiilciil Iriiori Coiiiieil (i) ; W. A. A. Council (J, 4). M. HF.L Lillian Donahtf,, I.. S. Burliniitoii. Nirmoiil Kajipa Delta; Hinesburi. ' Ili;;)! School; ■| llev Ball (J); Home Keoiiomies (lull (1, 2. 3). Hi;i-KN Maiujahkt DfLLAiiAX, K(l. Hurliiiiitoii . N ' crinont Kpsilon .Siirma; Cathedral Ilifrh School; Newman Club. Hi Til Klizaiiktii Kayres, C. K. I ' ittsford, Vermont Mattie W ' atkixs Fahr, II. 1 ' .. ]5urliiinti)ii. rniiniit Pi Beta Phi; Burlinfitoii Ili ' h School. Gladys Irene I ' ohd, I.. -S. jJurliiiiitoii. XCnnont Delta Delti Delta; Burliiifrtoii Hifrh School: .Sophomore IIo)i Committee; Dcutscher Verein (1). Hazel Audie I ' ' oster, I ' .il. We.ston, Vermont Ri-Tii Evelyn ' Frexcii, I.. .S. Procter, ' ermoiit I ' i Beta I ' lii; Proctor Ili ' li School; -oll.-v Ball (1, . ' ,3), Manager (3), Varsitv (3); Basketball (1, 2); Blue Stockings (1, J. 3); Dramatic Club (I, 2. 3); Glee Club (2, 3); House President (3); Honor Schol.irship. IIki.en Isahel Ciallie, L. S. Montcl.iir. New Jersey I ' i Beta I ' hi; The Kimberly School; Mas(|ue ami Saiulal. Barbara Ione Cjrav, L. S. St. .lolinshury, Vermont Delta Delta Delta; St. Johiisliury Academy; ' (j|ley Ball (3); House Committee (3); House ' ice-l ' resident (3); Glee Club (1, 3), . ssistant Manager (1); .ludgment I)ay Committee; Dcutscher Verein (1, 2). Doris Mahv (iiui-i rrii, H. K. Siirini tield. Vermont Delta Delta Delta; Sliringfield High School: ' ollev Ball (2, 3); Hon ' ie Jicononiics Club, Vice-President (3). Josephine Ei ' GENIA Halsev, L. S. I ' eekskill. New York Pi Beta Phi; Drum Hill School; Bask.tliall (I). Varsity (1); V. . . . Secretary (1). Doris Mary IIarboir, I,. S. Heiiniiifitoii. ' ermont .Mjiha Chi Omega; Bennington High School; Basketball (. ' ); Pre s Club; Dramatic Club; V. W. C. A. Bazjiar Committee; Discussion Grou)) Leader (1); House Com- mittee (2); Vice-President Xcrmonler.s " Club (3); Y. W. C. A. Secretary (3); Honor Scholarship. Hazel Mary Havlett, H. E. Allmrgli. ' rriii(irit Swanton High School; Home Kconomics Club; Honor Scholarship. Irene Beatru e Hehert, I-. S. Alli.uiy, Wrniont Craftsbury Academy. Elizabeth D. Howe, CI. Hartford. Connecticut Kappa .Mpha Tlieta ; Hartford Public High School: Xollcy Ball (3); Greek Eranos Organizing Committee; Greek Kranos (2, 3); Glee Cluli (: ' .): One-half Greek Prize Entrance Exam; One-half Latin Prize Entrance Exam. Er ■i7 m Agatha E. Jasspon, L. S. Fitchburg, Massachusetts Fitchburg High School; Freshman Class Play; Dramatic Clul) (1, -2, 3), Manager {•A ' f; Deutscher Verein {i, 3); Le Cercle Lafayette (1). Mildred I.oretta Jennings, L. S. St. Albans, Vermont Delta Delta Delta; St. Albans High Scliool; rijnic (-2, 3); 19i7 Ariei, Board, As- .sociate Editor; Press Club (1, 2); Glee Club, Assistant Manager (2), Manager (3); Blue Stockings; Deutscher Verein: Xewman Club, Vice-President (3); Student I ' nion Council; .lunior Week Committee; House Committee (1); Mortar I?oard. Edna May Johnson, L. S. Montpelier, Vermont Montpelier High School. Elizabeth Lucy Johnson, L. S. Cromwell, Connecticut Alpha Xi Delta; Middletown High School; Cast, " Far Away Princess " , " Saving Grace " ; Dramatic Club Play; .lunior Week Play; Glee Club (1, -J, 3, 4); Press Clul) {2, 3, 4), President (t); Dramatic Club; Masque and Sandal. Oufa jNIerica Jones, L. S. Burlington, Vermont Alpha Chi Omega; Burlington High School; ' olley Ball; Class Play (1); Dramatic Club, President (4); Student Union Council. Calista Bertiien. Kelly, H. E. Burlington. Vermont Pi Beta Pbi; Emma Willard School, Troy, X. V.; Burlington High Sclio ' ol. Marion Everett Lawrence, Ed. Franklin, Massachusetts Alpha Xi Delta; Franklin Higb Scbool; Jackson College; Masque and Sandal; Glee Club; Basketball (3); Cast, " Milestones " , " The Saving Grace " . ViRCfiNiA L RGiE, L. S. Morrisville. Vermont Derbv Academy; Sargent Scbool for Physical Education; Hockey (2, 3), ' arsity (3); ' Soccer (2, 3); Blue Stockings (3, " +) ; Ctiitic Board (3, 4); Dramatic Club (3, 4); Second Honor Group (2, 3); Xewman Club; Honor Scholarship. Adelaide AIcLaughlin, L. S. Worcester, ■Massachusetts Adelphi Academy; Brown University Harriette Locise Metcalf, Ed. Burlington. Vermont Delta Delta Delta; Burlington High School; Class Secretary (4); Ritle (1, - ' ) ; Hockey (1, 2, 4), Varsity (4) ; Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Basketball (1, 2, 3) ; Baseball (3) ; Dranuitic Club; Constitutional Committee (1); Lilac Day (1, 2). Imelda Emse Morrissette, L. S. Shelburne. Vermont Shelburne Hiiih School; Burlington Higli School; Xewman Club; Le Cercle I afavette (1, 2). Vilette Windett Overly, L. S. Burlington. ' ermont Burlington High School; Baseball (1, 3), Varsitv (1); Hockey (2); Volley Ball (1); Dramatic Club. Marion Miller Parker, Ed. ' illiston Road. Burlington. ' ermont Pi Beta Phi; Burlington High School; Class Vice-President (4); Hockey (1, 2. 3, 4), Varsitv (4), Manager (4); Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (1, 2. 3J ; Base- ball (1, 2, 3), " Varsity (1, 2, 3); Track (1); Dramatic Club; .hinior Week Conunittee; Maqua Club; W. A. A. Council; Student Union Council. Pauline Etta Perkins, Sec. Burlington, Vermont Kappa Alpha Theta; Burlington High School; Soccer {- ' ) ; Dramatic Club; Class Xominating Conunittee (i) ; Footliall Ho|) Conunittee (2); .Junior Week Committee; V. W. C. A. Bazaar Committee (3). Margaret Elizabeth Poole, Ed. Shelburne. ' ernl()nt Upsilon Tau Alpha; Burlington High Scliool. Marion Claressa Preston, L. S. Burlington, Vermont Alpha Chi Omega; Burlington High School; Rifle Team {2. 3): Glee Club (3. 4). Marion Putnam. H. E. ' est Wardsboro. N ' ermoiit Leland Gray Seminary; House Committee {2); House Vice-President (3); Chairman tA Lilac Day Committee; Second Honor List {2); Home Economics Club; Deutscher ' •• ' erein; Omicron Xu ; Honor Scholarship. 48 Bkllk Gleasox 1{ A.NDAi.L, C ' l. W ' .it i ' rlui r . WriiiDiit Pi Hftii Phi; Watfil)iirv llif. ' li Sclioo! ; Class Vice-President (1); Class Seeretarv (:i); Soeeer (1); Hask ' ethall (. ' ), Varsity (- ' ) ; Dramatic Clul); Student t ' nioii ' iee-President (3); Chairman Pro rram Ciiinmittee (1); Junior Vei4i Cciniiiiittce; House President (I); Ma(]ua Club. Ei)N. Alma Rowell, I.. S. Ndrtli (r.iltsliurv. Wrnicnit Harton Academy; Honor Scholarshi]). " iXA Heatiik E RfOG, L. S. St. .VIb.-ms, Vermont . l|)ha Xi Delta; Villa Harlow . eademv; Ciitiir Hoard (1, . ' . ;i. t). News Editor (;!). Women ' s Editor ( + ) ; 1!). ' " . kii:i. Hoard ' ; Literary Clidi, ' ice- President (1, 2); Hlue StocUiiij;s (:i, t). President (:i). Chairman Heor ' anization Cotinnittee (H) ; Class Plav; Dramatic Cluli (I, - ' . :!. !•) ; DeufselxT " erein (1. . ' . ;{. ) ; (llee Clul) (1, - ' , ;{, ), .Sextette (H) ; Newman Clul). Teresa Frances Rvan, Ed. liicimicuKl. N ' lrnioiit Richmond Hiph School; H.)ckev (I, . ' . X ) : .Soccer (-•); Hjiskethall (I. . ' ), Varsilv (1); Hasehall (I, . ' ). Manafref (1); Student Friendship Fund (. ' ); Y. W. C. . . Hiizaar (:i); Winter Carnival (-•) ; W. . . . Council (I, - ' ) ; Outin). ' Clul). President Edith Eh.nestixe, I,. S. St. Albans. X ' crmont . ' Sifrma {iamnia: .St. Alhans Hifrh School; Ti-ack (-) ; Class Nomiiiatinfr Committee (- ' ); St. Hilda ' s (iuild; Honor .Scholarshij). I ' lorence Ben.xett Smith, CI. .sulliilil. CDiiiucticiit Alpha Chi Oniepa; Suffield Seliool; Volley Hall (- ' , S) ; Soccer (:{) ; Hlue Stoekinps | 5 j (.3, •!■), Seci-etarv-Treasurer (1-); First Prize Intcrcollcfriate Short Store (:i) ; ' •■! Dramatic Clul) (fi, t); Class Plav (:{) ; House Committee (. ' , 1); C.Iee Clul) " (, ' . S); Y. W. C. . . Cabinet (+) ; Deutscher Vcrcin (3, ). Doris Anna Spkagie, II. K. Han(lo]))li Center. Wrniont Sifrma C.amma; Spauldinp lliph School; Haschall (1, . ' , ;i). X ' arsitv (1, :i) ; Hockev (I, . ' , :i. 1), V.irsitv (3); .Soccer (2. :i. t) ; Manager Haschall (:{); ' House Presidcn ' t Esther Rtssell Stanley, Ed. Walcrlmrv. ' ( rinont Pi Heta Phi; Waterhurv Hiph School; X ' ollcv Hall (- ' ): Hedstoni- lloll e C.imiiiittce Edith Harlow Start, II. E. t " ;nnbridKe. Vermont .Sipma (iainma; Montpelier .Seminary; Dra)Tiatic Clul) (- ' , U, t) ; Class Plav (-); House Committee (;5) ; Cilee Clul) ( , 2. ;{, t). Leader Women ' s (lice Clul) (4), Sex- i;| tette (1, - ' , U, t), Douhlt; Quartet ( t) ; Home E onomics Cluh; Second Honor List; Im| Honor Scholarship. Myrtle .Mary Start, H. 1 ' .. Hurlin-iton. Wrmont Pi Heta Phi; Hripham Academy; Volley Hall (3); Glee Clul) (J, :J, t) ; llome Eco- nomics Clul); Omicron Nu ; Honor Scholarship. Lillian Isahel .Stillwell, I.. .S. Hr;i(li ' )ril. rrinoiit Kappa Delta; Hradford . catlcniv; .Junior Week Comniiltce; Facult -Student Coun- cil ( t) ; French Club (2). Helen Irwin .Stoddard, Sec. Adams, Massacluisetts K;ippa . l])ha I ' heta; Adams High School; Russell Sape Collepe (1); Masque and Sandal ( t) ; Dramatic Club {2, . $) ; Junior Week Coniioitt( e. Mary Patline Si-llivan, CI. Hurliiiiiton. Nfrnioiit Cathedral High School; Newman Club: (I reek Club; Honor .Scliolarshij). Elizaheth SiLLowAY, I.. S. Hurliiigton. Vermont Pi Heta Phi; Hurlin -lon Hijxh School; Vollcv Ball (1, - ' , :!, ), Varsitv (1); Hasket- ball (1, -•. :!): Haschall (1, 2, 3); Volley Hall (1). ' ' lxiFRED ' I ' eac HOIT, II. E. .M oiit pclier. irinoiit Pi Heta Phi; .Montpelier Hifrh School; Hockev (1, 2. % 4), Varsitv (;i, +) ; Soccer (1, 2, X ): Rifle (J); Track (J); Campus " Manajrer Hockey (t) ; Junior Week Committee; W.. . . A. Council, Secretarj- (3); President Home ' Economics Club ( t) ; Student Cnion Council (•!■); Fire Chief (3); Honor Scholarship. ; j x 4 49 ifj; ii Naomi Thorxe, G. S. Oradell. New .Jersey Kajipa Aljilia Tlieta; Dean Academv: Basketl)all (1. 3. S), Varsitv (1, . ' . 3); Hockey (1. 2. ' A). Varsity (3); Soccer (1, . ' , ' 3); 15asel)all (J), Varsitv {jU Manafrer Basket- ball (+); Class Vice-President (J); Dramatic Club (3); Cli ' airman Fresliman Rules Committee; President Women ' s Athletic Association (4); W. A. A. Council (1, ;?); Song Leader (;3); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3); Student Union Council {2, 3, 4.) ; 1937 Ariel Board; Mortar Board. Marg.iret Louise Tidhope, H. E. Grand Isle. Vermont Delta Delta Delta; Burlington High School; Home Economics Club; B. P. S. Alma Constance Tyler, Sec. Essex Junction, Vermont Pi Beta Phi; Burlington High School; Soccer (1, i) ; Hockey {2, 3, 4), Varsity (2); Basketball (1, 2, 3), Varsity (1, 2, 3), Captain (3); Baseball (1, 2, 3), Varsity (1. 3, 3), Captain (1); Manager Basketball (3), Campus Manager (4); Student Union Council (4); 1937 Abiki, Board; W. A. A. Council (4); Treasurer Student Union (4); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3); Maqua Club President (3). Mathilde Louise Ui him, L. S. Worcester, SMassaelmsetts Classical High School, Worcester; Class Play (3): ' •The First Year " (3); Fresh- man Rules Committee; Dramatic Club (3, 3, 4); Masdue and Sandal (3, 4); Deutscher Vcrein (1, 3, 3. 4); I.e Cercle l.nfayette (1); Student Union Council. Anna Page Ward, G. S. Danvers. Llssachusetts Kappa Alpha Theta; Dean Academy; Mount Holvoke College (1); Hockey (3, 4), Varsity (4); Soccer (3, 3, 4); Baseball (3, 3), Varsity (3, 3); Basketball (3); Vol- ley Ball (3, 4), Varsity (4); Class Tennis Champion (2, 3, 4); Campus Manager Tennis (4); Dramatic Club; .Junior Week Conunittee: W. A. A. Council (4); Chair- man Health Council; ' i ' ennis Coach f3, I). Fern ' estoyer, H. E. ' ater i]le, Vermont Alpha Chi Omega; Cambridge High School; Dramatic Club; Hume Economics Club; Glee Club; Press Club; Sextette. Lois Bernue Wright, CI. Colcliester. Vermont Pi Beta Phi; Essex Junction High School; Volley Ball (3, 3), Manager (4); Hockey (3, 4) ; .Soccer (3, 3, 4) ; Basketball (3), Varsity (3) ; Glee Club (1, 3, 3. 4) ; W. A. A. Council (3, 4). Corresponding Secretary (4) ; .Secretary Student Union (4) ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3) ; ' enuonters " Club Committee (4) ; Honor Scholarship. B. mi 50 IHI 51 52 CLASS OIIICERS CnAiu.K.s H. Stevexs President DoHoriiY r. Hai.i Vice-President MAnciAHivr C Wallace Secretari Robert T. Holdex Treasurer JUNIOR WEEK COMMITTEES .Sadix C. AnKLL, Chairman of Jiiiiinr Week CiiAULi:s H. Stevens, Financi(d Manar er .UNIOR I ' HO.M PROM REFRESHMENTS Robert M. WInt.oml.. Chairman _,„|,„ , r n-r;,n. Chairman Rol.crt T. Iloldcn I RO(;HAMS AM) FA -()RS ■}} ' ' ' ' I ' ' ' ' ' " " " r Helen A. Alerritt John I ' , (dnu.iy. Chairman Mcrta E. Miinro Keniutli H. (iiinicv Franeis A. .Mel.aui;lilin Marion I.. Cleveland PEERADE Eileen F. Goodwin . Pauline F. l.vnel. Clarence J Castle C ,«„;»«» illiani N. C offswell George W Goodwin DECORA riONS I ' , " ; " ' , ' ' ' " ' ; ' Mildred K. Rolurts Delia ¥.. Martin. Cliairman Raeliel I,. Skiniitr Porter C. Greene Lewis G. Learv, Jr. Daniel Tatlenian 15AXQUET Arthur C. Unsworth Alma E. Batten Harold C. Collins. Chairman Annette E. Rurns Kelloas W. Kyle Doris . . Hart Lawrenee H. Marvin Elisabeth A. Mildon Irene M. Bates Juanita Witters Eleanor T. I.oekwood Marjjaret I. M ' ood .ILNIOR WEEK I ' ROCIRAM PUBLICITY Merton C. Robbins, .Jr., Chairman Herbert D. Crandall, Chairman Carlisle T. Hewes .Tulian O. Phelps George .S. Taleott AValter F. Reagan Dorothy M. Dearing Elizabeth . Billings Marjorie D. Tcwksbury Sabix Clark Abell Commerce and Economics St. Albans, ermont Kappa Sigma; St. Albans High Scliool; Key and Serpent, Treasurer; Wig and Buskin; Class Baseliall (1); Class Football {2); Assistant Manager Baseball (3); Ci iilc Board (-2) ; Press Club (3) ; 19:38 Ariel Board, Advertising Manager; Cast, " Milestones " (1); Chairman Junior Week Committee; Kake Walk Committee (3); Faculty-Student Council (-2); Glee Club (1); Band (1, 2); Corporal (2). " ersatility is Sabin ' s watchword. Just glance at tlie list given above — an atlilete, a scholar, a capital E effi- cient manager of any sort and above all a hound on the dance floor or with the tea cup. He holds an enviable record at Hoppi Hall, seven visits; fifteen cups of tea, and only one spilt, and that where his tie liid it. If you doubt the personality which has put him through, just look at that smile, and wonder how anyone could possibly resist liim ! Crawford INIcGinnis Adams Electrical Engineering Groton, Vermont Phi Mu Delta; Groton High School; Honor Scholarshiji; Sergeant (3). hen a professor forgets to assign a lesson and the class is already leaving the room, Crawf invariably gains the approbation of his fellows by asking the instructor for tlie next assignment He is at a loss to understand why his classmates should violently protest against long assiginnents or why cuts should be organized. He always gives his instructors to think that he is inter- ested in their course. Consequently he has secured a head lock on a coveted Phi Beta Kajjpa Key. But in one course Crawf asked so many questions tliat the instructor thought he was impossible. When the grades were released, he found to his dismay that he had a B wliile his less scholarly mates all ranked A. " Sabe " " Crincf 51. IlociKH HrnnAui) Ai.i.uEE General Science Sprinjitield, N ' ermont Sijrina N ' li; SpriiifrfieUl High Si ' liuol; Wig and Uiisliin, I ' residciit (S) ; Varsitv Track (J. :i); Class Track (2, 3); Cast, " The Goose Hanjrs Ilifrli " ' , " Captain Applejack " ; Kake Walk Committee (3); Assistant Manager Glee Clul) (3) ; Assistant I5an(l Leader (3) ; Kingslev Prize Speaking (1, 3). First Prize (1), Third Prize {. ): Corjioral (3). Tliere are two men in the class who represent just exactly the average Junior man, and one of them is pic- tured ahove. But in general Rofj is not the average of the class. We also are glad to state that as a cornetist and actor he is second to none in college. Rog has been blessed witli A])ollo ' s face, the " skin you love to rub. " and a natural talent for acting. He could easily take 15arrymore ' s place on the American stage, but hi- modestly jire- fers to join tin- Order of I Ii])pocrates. ■liorj " .John Hn iiaudscjn . i.i.i;x Electrical Kugiiucring Westford, X ' ermout l anihda Iota; Lyndon Institute: Hninir Scholarship; Corjioral (J). Here we have the renowned and oft- times denounced J. Riciiard Allen, chief of the scullions in the Owl House dining room. Dick is one of those clever boys who love to l)lay jiractical jokes, such as doctoring poor Rip ' s coffee until he couldn ' t slic]) nights or even attend classes. AVliile we are discussing his cliar- aeteristics we might mention his love for red hair and the fact that he spends much time evenings at the library visit- ing his sister (?). at least that is what he says. Dick has li;ul .a lot of hard luck, but just the s.ime he is going to make a good engineer if he ever passes fresh- man drawing. " Did. " ! 1.) 55 Alax Emerson Asm raft, Jr. leclianical Engineering St. Jolinsliury. ' ermoiit Sigma Plii ; Deerfield Academy ; Kappa Beta Phi ; Sophomore Hop Committee ; Corporal (i). St. Jolinslnirv. tlie scale village, weighs the merits of its young inhabi- tants and sends many to our midst. Sometimes we wonder which way the balance hung for Al. He has his own interesting slant on life and seems to prefer a hand of bridge to any more profitable (?) occupation. A. E.. Jr. upholds the prestige of the engineers on the gym floor, wliere he demonstrates that the boiler cleaners are. after all. no mean socializers. No wonder he is popular in the co-ed circles — one seldom sees him without his Camels, but Studebakers seem to be his clioice for long rides. Leave it to Al to succeed — he will do it bv the law courts. George Edward Baldwin, Jr. Electrical Engineering Plainfield, New Jersey Lambda Iota; Plainfield High School; Tennis Squad (1. i, 3); Hockev (2); Corporal (- ). Here is the man renowned on our fair campus for the noble achievement of giving Rip Van Winkle a ten-year lead and then beating liim in a long-distance sleeping contest. Rip is always in one of three places, . e., classes, movies or asleep, the last leading by at least six hours. He has also that absent-minded liabit, such as cutting hour exams because he forgets the class is held on that day. or else he goes to sleep and forgets to set his alarm. Of late lie has forsaken his accus- tomed pastime and now can often be seen strolling down to Willard Street to Battle noblv for hours and hours. ' Al " 34 - " Hip ' James Gordon Haldwix Civil F.njrintiriiiji St. .loluishury, WTiiiont Delta Psi; St. .lohnshurv .Vciidcmv; Track Squad (1); Class Track (1, ;. ' ). Running relaj-s, smoking cigarettes and Jimmie are inse])aral)ly connected in tile minds of tlie men of tlie class. .limmic lias made a name for himself in fraternity relays, hut when not run- ning he upsets all rules of training and indulges in many cool smokes. Never- theless he can run I Jimmie is an all-round good s])ort, ready at any time to do or dare. His h.ippy-gii-lucky air is entirely dis- carded when exams draw nigh. When the results are announced, we readily see that all Jimmie ' s evil forebodings have been misleading for almost in- v.-iriably lie gets the marks ni;ike I ' hi I5etes envious. H Anoi.i) I ' .DWAiii) Hau.vks ( i il I ' .iiginccring I ' ittstord .Mills, ' crmuiil Sigma Delta; Gold Key; Glee Chil) (1, 2, 3) ; Honor Scholarship. Who would ever dream I ' ittsford could send a brilliant soei.ilizer to the University? Mickey was not that way when he .irrived. but he sure has ac- quired the technic of tlie drawing room. When he has wiped off the day ' s ac- eumul.-ition of grime .-it the engineering building, he stejis right out .-md wears off leather doing I lie Cliarlistoii and the fox-trot. At the Sigma Delt House he has been api)ointed as a committee of one to see that the cat has been put out every night at twelve. He has not yet been forced to come out of bed to attend to the in;itttr. ' Jim " , " Red " ■•Mirl.v,, ' 57 Charles Phillips Boright Education Newport. Vermont Derby Academy; Glee Club (3). Canada lost a valuable part of its population when Cliarlie came to Ver- mont. When asked why he left, he mutters sumethiiii!: about Sweetsburg and jail, after which lie seems to for- get the question. For all that, Canada lias not forgotten him ; almost daily letters come to him with tlie ' ilu sor .Station postmark. After assimilating in two years many of the courses oft ' ered in General Sci- ence, Commerce and Economics, and Literary-Scientific, he is studying Edu- cation. It is rumored that the Dean is working overtime to arrange the cur- ricula so that Cliarlie may enter the Engineering College witliout losing credits. Some say he wants to take Medicine, and we believe he is taking courses already at tlie Mary Fletcher. Clayton Eugene Brown Electrical Engineering North Williston. Vermont Sigma Delta; Essex Junction Mifih School; Rifle Team (J, 3), Assistant Man- ager (3); Sergeant (J. 3). A few miles east of Burlington there lies a post-office, telephone, a store and a house or two. This is North A ' illiston. tlie home of our hero. Brownie tried to handle the work of the town. First he worked in the jiost- office, then at the central, finally he was relegated to the store. In despair his parents sent him to Vermont, where he was pledged by the Phi Betes. Brownie stays shy from the mighty social whirl, preferring the company of he-men and calculus books. It is even rumored that liis evenings are spent tutoring Messrs. Bill Williams and Buchanan for their next day ' s classes. However that may be. we welcome him as a man and a tinker of Kollege Kars. HI " Charlie ' " Broicnie li llHi! 58 ;fc5 Clahexie Francis Castle Civi l F.nj;iiiceriii£r Spriiiiiticld, Massac ' luisttts Sipnin Alpha Chi; Springfu ' ld Technical Hiph School; Gold Key; Assistant Man- afrer Haskethall (3) ; Assistant .Manajrer Rifle Team (.i) ; Junior Week Committee; SprinirfieUI Chili; Corjioral (-) ; Serjreant (U) ; Nominating Committee (1). Castle has more nicknames tiian any otlicr memlier of the class ! He began the year witli his Christian name only, hut his constant activities have earned many more. ' ilma th is one of the ty])e of suc- cessful men. who make tlicir own j)osi- tion, if they cannot find any. He was largely in foundini; the S))rinf;ficld, M.iss.u ' lmsctts (luh. -Vs a worker. W ihuartii is indefatiga- ble. He is a glutton for work and keeps his rivals busy catching up to him. Hut ask any member of the class of 1929. what they think of Prep as a Gold Kev man. 11, MAM (oNUAl) ClIADBOlnXE Electrical Kngineering Corni sh, New Hampshire .Sigma . li ha Chi; Elko Connty High School, Klko, Xevada; Gold Key; Slanager Class Foothall (i); Sophomore Hop Com- mittee; Nominating Committee (1, 2, 3); Student Senate (.i) : Kake Walk Committee (3); Color Sergeant (3). The late William C. ( ' iiadixiurne born in Cornisii, New Hamjjshire. He was reared in .i litrr:iry atmosphere, being a neighbor of .Mr. ' inston Churchill and other litterati. A ' hilc in college he was considered the foremost letter-writer of his genera- tion. He is said to h.-ive written over ten thousand letters in tiiree years. His favorite time to begin writing was be- fore he commenced studying ;it mid- night. Chadliouruf .ilso was an .amateur |)liotograj)her. of his ])ictures t.ik ii in the High .Sierras have ap- l)eari(l in .Irlixtx anil Models. ' Prep " , " Kid ' -Bill ' .59 Clyde Lynwood Chaffee General Science Richford. Vermont Rii ' lifiird Higli Scliool; Assistant Man- ag;er Tennis (3) ; Vermcint Indejiendents, Secretary (3) ; Honor Scliolarsliip. From tlie wilds of Berksliire. came to learn tlie .secrets of, and to be initiated into, the mysterious order of .Esculapius. He lias tlius far advanced in ancient form without much effort. Occasionally he studies, and tlien he accomplishes wonders in a short time. It is not an uncommon sight at Doane ' s to find Lyn studying chemistry, liis- tory and cytology all at the same time. Although of ratlier unlarge jiropor- tioiis, his endurance and courage on the dance floor are incredible. He takes them all large or small and gets along well. He will not disappoint the medics when he joins their ranks; he is a medic. ' iLLiAM Norman Cogswell Electrical Engineering Warner, New Hampshire Sijrma Nii; Simonds High School; Gold Key; Class Treasurer (-2); Baseball {J. 3); Class Football (1); Class Baseball (1); Football Hop Committee (1); Kakc Vall Committee (3); Junior Week Committee; Corporal (3); Sergeant (3). Another man from far-off New Hampshire. But we all like Bill in spite of his foreign birthplace. He first came into prominence in the numerous and hard-fought card games. which raged in Middle Converse Hall, during our freshman days. Since then his rise has been rapid. Bill settled upon Engineering as the course to lavish his studious talents on, and it might be whispered that he could wear one of those coveted keys, were he of the mind to work hard enough. He is a combination of athlete, student and good fellow. it T ' Lyn " Bill ' 60 HaIIoI.D C AMPliKI.I. CoLLIXS Commerce and Eeononiics Greensboro Bend. X ' ermont Phi Mil Delta; I.yncKiii histitute; Key and Serpent; Assistant Manafrer Fodtliall (.S) ; Manaper-eleet Freshman Focitl).ill ; Junior Week Committee; Assistant Director Kake Walk. Tlie St. J. and I.. C. came roariiii; under tlie vaulted arclies of the station. Iialted with a clash of brakes and the jjrind of steel on steel. Harold de- scended. That was three years ago. ' itll the rest of the fresinncn. he en- rolled al X ' ermont and chose the Big Business course. He then started in the task of being a student j riniarily. Soon so far did his fame spread that when honors or activities are consid- ered, he is never far away. This liistory must now close, because «( ii.ive no seer to divine the future, though ,ill forecasts and manifestalions seem to point to success and pros|xrity, if he does not return to the hills. . ' oiiN Thomas Coxwav, .Ih. Kdue.atiou New Bedford, Massachusetts Sijrma I ' hi; C ' ushin}: .Academy; Key .iml Seri)cnt; Kajjjja lieta Phi; Class President (2); Footl.all (1, - ' , :{) ; Haselmll (1, - ' ) ; Class Basketliall (1, - ' ), Captain (- ' ): .Junior Week Ciynniittee; .Student .Senate (1, J, 3), Vice-President (:i); Corporal (- ' ); First Serjrcant (S). One of ' ermont ' s most worthy sons. ' liether in the s|)ort columns of the metro))olitan papers or in the corridors of the Old Mill, he is always recog- nized as deserving much respect and admir.ation. .Surely he is worthy of thi.s esteem. Hi has gained it for guiding the Catamounts on the gridiron, for picking up the hot ones at short and making his influence frit in in.ui eam- Jjus activities. Certainly the same qualities that Ii.ive made .lack so popular with X ' er- mont stuilcnts will ni.-ikr iiini a success- ful teacher later in life. ' Soup " " Jack " 61 m Herbert Daxiel Craxdall Classical Burlington, Vermont Lambda Iota; Burlington High School; Pi Delta Rlio; Wig ami Buskin; Eta Sig- ma Phi; ( ' i nir Board (1, . ' , 3), News Edi- tor (3) ; Editor-in-Chief (3) ; 19J8 Ariel Board; Press Club {-2, 3); Manager Fresh- maih Handbook (2) ; Cast, " Captain Apple- jack " ; Kake Walk Committee (2, 3); Junior Week Committee; Glee Club {-2, 3), Assistant Manager (3) ; Freshman Debat- ing Team; Corjioral {2). If Herb, the junior were to meet Crandall, the freshman, tlie latter would not recognize the former and vice versa. Three years of college surely have made their mark on Herb. He is no longer a slovenly dressed energetic freshman, who liaunted the Y. M. C. A. office, but a huiulrtd per cent, college man. With liis little Ford coupe, he has made a debut among the women, he has acquired a psychological line at the Owl house and has decided to let Pro- fessor .Squires collaborate with him. John Joseph Curran General Science Florence, Massachusetts Alpha Tau Omega; Northampton (Mass.) High School; Ciold Key; Key and Serpent; Assistant JIanager Track (3) ; Junior Week Committee; Newman Club. Jack lias ambitions to become an ] I. D. His fund of dry humor, and his six feet plus of bone and muscle should stand him in good stead wiien once he begins to administer to the ailing in " Hamp. " A lthough hailing from a place where social activities are at their peak, yet friend Jack is an earnest stu- dent. During our first year, he was a prominent figure in the Spanish-Ath- letics Club at Converse Hall. Since that time, with added age and dignity, lie lias devoted liimself to more wortli- wliile things. He was a very vital factor in helping to tire out a champion- sliij5 track team last spring, and is a good example that M ' ork is its own re- ward. if-11 ' Herb ' " Jack ' 62 .Ia( K NkLSOX Cl " UHIEIl Civil Engineering Danville, ' ermont I ' lii Mu Drlta; DanvilU- Hijrli ScIkioI; Hniior Si ' lidlarshi]); Corporal (2). Ht hold the man who has never been kiKiun to hi-coiiie ixeitril or hurrit ' d. .laek. hails from the metropolis of Dan- ville, having been transported hither via tlie well-known St. .1. and L. C. However, when neeessary. Jack can ex- iiii)it a brand of basketball whieh is very creditable. But it is in the fields of higher knowledge friend .I.aek shines. Althougii relatively unfamiliar with the .so-called " ligliter side " of life, .lack has a real aj)])reei.-ition of college is really for. With his keen sense of b.alanee. and ibiiity by the ultra-violet rays of his feel sure that .Jack will make his iii.irk in the field of engineering. ]- ' .i)WAni) Ohhin Dai.iivmple Mechanical Engineering Orange. Xew Jersey Oiaiifri- Iliirli School; Stevens Institute of Teelinoldfry; . S. M. E. Ed is another of those fortunati- New Jerseyites whom tin- st.itr puMicity bureau attracted to the tireen Mountains in the quest of the sheepskin. Misinformation led many to be- lieve sheepskins grow u]) here. However, judging by the shiny sjiot on to)3 of his head, worn down in all prob- ability by till- ultra-violet rays of his study lamp, we can guess that Ed was not one of the misled brethren. Sedate .■iiid stately both in mien and stride, he gives to the Mechanical Engi- neers just that dignity and finish which they arc Licking. 15ut this combin.-ition of gr.indcur and the intelligence which that bare pate presages are bound to impress the magnates of the engineer- inii world. ' Jack " ■ ' ■ ;. " Dal " 63 Raymond Davies Electrical Engineering Hampton, New York Trov Conference Academy; Football (3); Class Football (1). Ray says that an engineer must know liis football in order to become pro- ficient in that profession. Accordingly he tried his hand at it this fall under Bill McAvoy ' s tutelage with somewhat mediocre success, althougli he did get licked into shape for the Engineer frolic. But when he started playing football witli his courses, he kicked evervtiiing for a row of goal posts, up to and including " Tommy " and his Mechanics. By virtue of his accom- ])lishments he is now a marked man among the monkey-wrench experts. A of Ray ' s abilities is bound to make a stir in the future, barring acci- dents, and we will .all be glad to claim acquaintance with him when he rolls back to tlie 19i0 commencement. Edwix AViLi.ARD Davis Cieneral Science Ellington, Connecticut Fargo (N. Dakota) High School; Band (1, -3, 3). Watch your step wlien you see Dave. He is the man from the Wild and Woolly West, where it is a crime if a lumter kills a buffalo on a buffalo hunt. Ed avers and is willing to back it up with a six-shooter that lie originated out west of the Mississippi. Upon reaching Vermont, he decided he must have a little larnin, so lie ma- triculated witji the rest of us at U, V. M. After trying a sip of French and German lie concluded tliat the Teutonic tongue was in comparable. He has also fallen for organic chemistry. Dave intends to leave the academs. and before another year is over he may be taking up the burdens of a medic. ' Rai ' Ed " 64 George Thompson Davis Literary Scientific Danville, ' e nlont Sipiiia Alpha Chi; Danville High ScIkioI; Hand (1, 2); Glee Club (1, - ' ) ; Honor Sch()larslii| . Tliis owlish face sits on to]) of an oriianism (ed. — a term borrowed from tlie i)sycliology books) some six feet long, whence it peers down at lis through big bone spectacles. To let you in on a secret now, this look of wisdom is only assumed to impress the profs and insure its owner ' s chances of good marks. lor Dave is really only a boy at heart and is capable of doing the most childish things. Dave is also possessed of a tierce temper, as his fraternity brothers dis- covered after several months of inten- sive riding last year. However. D.ive is going to get a start on us all by o ' r.aduatiiig before he is out ot Ills teens. John Pascal Detohk Commerce and Kconomies Hurlington, ' ermont W ' inooski High School. .lohniiy is one of the embryo captains of industry that Professor (iroat stays u)) nights worrying about. .lohnny is also doing some worrying on his own account, and his many cares and i)!ans for the future are already making his hair turn gray, but his smiling expres- sion is always there to cheer on his fel- low economists. M ' inooski numbers this worthy gentle- man among its many well-known pro- ductions and has done its best to put a lot of filler into a small box. His origi- nal and inde])endent ideas, although sometimes startling, still have a heavj- load of common sense to jiut across, combined with a large amount of fool- ishness. Hut he is oidy following in the footsteps of his master. Mussolini. in this respect. ' Davi " , " Kid ' " . oil II II ji ' 6.5 Daniel Charles DeWolfe, Jr. General Science Monroe, Connecticut Phi Delta Theta; Bridgeport Higli Scliool. A burst of almost harmony mingled with a cascade of banjo notes from the windows of the Phi Delt house an- nounces to the world tliat Charles is restini - from a hard day of " Lab " . Cliarlie seems to be a cross between a Tom Mix, Paul Whitemau and what women cry for in vain. A truly likable lad is this boy from Connecticut, although rumor has it that liis fondness for practical jokes may some day cause the world to lose a great surgeon. But who can doubt his eventual success when tjiey have seen him at the wheel of that renowned " Chariot. " Paul Sovle Doane Commerce and Economics Fairfield, Vermont Sigma Nil; Lyndon Institute. Along the cool and shaded road of life, runs the even tenor of his ways. Tliis quiet unassuming youth, who is vei ' v seldom lieard to speak out of turn, has been known to break forth at rare intervals with something really worthwhile saying. Evidently Paul really has the good of the human race at heart, for he always seems engrossed with his thoughts as he treads the paths leading up and down College Street. It is sort of refreshing to liit upon such a rare individual as this, who has the gift of keci)ing things to himself. ' Charlie " " Paul ' 66 Elmer Wesley Dodge Electrical Engineering; Harre. Vermont Sifrma Nil; Spaulding Hipli School; Corporal (- ' ). This lanky Siirnia Nu was fashioned to take a eonnnission in Kmperor Fred- crick ' illiclnrs Life Ciiiards. He was horn a century too late. Therefore he left Berlin and came to the University of Vermont to take the courses leading to the degree of Electrical Engineer. El has not much time to socialize be- cause of the various duties he has as- sumed to get through college. But three years with the I.odgcmen have given him that attitude which the women like. One of El ' s original contrihutions to the arts, is the smoking of soft coal in a clay ]iil ' c. Kccj) it u)). El! RicH. RD Philip Duell Literary Scientific Burlington. ' ermont HiirliiiL ' tciii High School. Ahoy! Ahoy! Here comes Duell, the sailor, jisyehologist and jihilosoplier. Before sojourning in ' ermont, I) iell saw the world through a port-hole in the U. S. Navy. When that phase of his education was com])lete, he hurried inland to Join the class of 1928 at Ver- mont, no more to sail the main. There is nothing that pleases this gentleman more than to li;ive a talk on deep suhjects with a friend. He likes to discuss the prohleras of psychology and philosophy and has developed a very facile tongue. Duell intends to go to ;i l.iw school ,ind then replace I)ar- row as the leading criminal lawvcr. ' Deacon ' " Dick ' 67 ' rsNW CLjft -ill ■■■II I Frederick Wixthrop Ely Electrical Engineering Northampton, Nlassaclnisetts Choate School; Class Football (1, 2); Glee Club (1). Win, as he is very familiarly known about C ' am])ns House, is the biggest member of tlie Hooters ' delegation. He is supposed to be an engineer, and if he put as much energy in his studies as he does traveling between C. H. and the Owl House, he would undoubtedly be a Phi Bete. As it is. he is only a lowly Pi Phi, which is just as well, we sup- pose. Seriously speaking, there are few bettcr-natured men in liis class, and this can be testified to by anyone who sees him almost constantly. He sure throws a hcaltliy line on the telephone, and whenever a call comes at 6. .5 P. L, the Owls call Ely by instinct. ABR. H.-iM F. BER Commerce and Economics Roxbury, ]SIassachusetts Tau Epsilon Phi; University Preparatory School (Boston, Mass.); Glee Chili (I) " ; Hand (1, J); Corporal (;3). Al is the champion note-taker of the world, having several tiers of filing cases in the Tau Ep house devoted to the results of his efforts in various gov- ernment and economics courses. This is only one indication of his efficiency, however. He has succeeded in raising what is probably the most distinguished mustache in local circles. His taste in sartorial matters is impeccable. His raven locks always have tlic appear- ance of being fresh from the curling iron. Tile only spot in Al ' s career to date is the time he drojiped his music in front of the President in the inaugural parade. ' irin " " Al " 68 Hahiim) Hill Fogg I.ittrary Scientific l?r,iintrcf. ' fTmont Sipma Delta; U.iruliil]ili Ilifrli Solioiil; Assistant Kli)j:il)ilily Manafrcr (- ' ), Mana- jrer (:i); 1!)- ' W Ahiki. lioard; Ciiiiic IJoanl (3); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ( ' .i) ; Honor Scholarship. On tliiN man is intrusted the task of kee))iii ' ; tile athletes on tlieir scholastic feet. He lias not failed, even tlimiiili lie lias several times snft ' cred reverses in his own work. Harold ' s unselfisli de- votion to the Kliifihility l)ei)artnient has eirt.iiiily eontriluited much to the supply of athletic at ' ( rinont. This year Harold joined the Ci iiic statV .and iiccn larjiely resjionsihlc for the scries of .articles de.ilin ; with Vermont history. To let the students into a secret. Harold is also the Ci iiic ' s dramatic and musical critic. As such, he gets a free ticket to all tlie liigli- cLass musical ])r )ductions in the gym- nasium. !Myles Rodkht Fhkciiette Civil Engineering Hardwick, Vermont ll.irdwiek Aeadeiiiy; Cynic Board (J). As | (Mt. luimorist, and wit. Myles intends to lireak himself a pl.ace in the lialls of engineers. Tlie professors in the engineering college are surjirised to find the comm.ind of literature, which Mvles has and uses ett ' ectively much to the delight of his cl.issmatcs. Myles is self-appointed critic of the local moving ))icture theaters. He at- tends fairly regularly and liis scintillat- ing remarks add much to the delight of habitues sitting near him. W hen he gets through college, we expect to find Myles sitting on the National Board of Review. •II ami, r -Myles " 69 Ralph Bartlett Gile Civil Engineering Jericlio Center. Vermont Jericho Hiiili School; Sergeant (3). In the fall of 1924. Ralpli ' s father sent him to the University to get an education, and ever since then Ralph lias been trying to decide if that is the right thing for him to do. It seems he must either yield to his books or find some sweet young thing with lots of money who will let him marry her. In spite of this his studies have not suffered as much as you would think. He always has made good and will con- tinue to do so as long as he has some one to check his problems. Although liis health is nearly perfect, he has to make frequent visits to the Mary Fletcher Hospital. Because of his good condition these visits are a source of constant wonder to his fra- ternity brothers, but really the reason is not liard to find. Arthi ' r Gladstone General Science Burlington, Vermont Burlington High School; Corporal (;?). Another prospective candidate for the degree of Doctor of Medicine. This past master of cytology, zoology, embryology and psj ' chology is sched- uled to receive his pill peddler ' s license in 1931 or some later date. To date he has not been seen in the act of enjoying all the lighter activi- ties of life which go into the making of a successful medical career, but there will be plenty of time to take in the medic life during the next four years. There is sure to be a big change in his ?)W(lus vh-endi, and if he has liis fun as he studies now. he will not miss much. ' ■Ralph- ' Art " 70 Ja K Harris (iLASSTONE Commerce and Economics Burlinijtoii, Vermont Tiiu l ' ' ,|)sil((n Phi; Burlington Hifrli School; Gold Key; Sergeant (3). No. pirls. tliis is not a sheik from Arabia, hut Mr. Jack (ilasstone, the well-known authority on Springfield, Massachusetts and its fairer sex. Need- less to say, .lack has an inexj)lical)le charm which attracts the younji ladies to liim in swarms. He confesses that at times the feminine swarm resembles hornets. Durinji leisure moments, he attends classes at the University of Vermont or [iraetiees the wiles of a sure-fire sa lesman in Hurliiif ton ' s low- rent district. In tiie former avocation he is reported to have achieved a small measure of success. George Wmchn (joodwin General .Science ront])elier, ' c mont Phi Mu Delta; MonliH-lier Miffh School; Class Track (1); Sophomore Ho]) Comiiiit- tee; .Junior Week Coniinittce; Rand (2); Corporal (2). George is one ot the heart-wrecking trio from the capital city. Together with Lindsay and Barber, he has caused plenty of dam.age to feminine liearts during his short stay here. When he takes his M. I), degree, many .a happy home may be broken because of jealousy caused by the handsome d(Ktor. During the summer, George fools around with electrical a)ii)liances. He is the re.ison why Washington and Orange counties are lighted by Delco. No good farmer ' s wife could resist his magnetic jiersonality. Jack " " Georcjc U1 71 ] Iairice Irwin Gould Chemistry Burlington, Vermont Sigma Alplia Chi; Burlington High School; Assistant Manager Tennis (3); As- sistant Manager Hockey (3); liusiness Manager Pnshman Handbook (3) ; Kake Va k Committee (3) ; Junior Weel; Com- mittee; Chemistry Chib; Corporal (2). Goldie is a native of Burlington. He believes in Burlington, talks of Burling- ton, and from all indications will make Burlington Iiis permanent residence. For a while we tliouglit that probably he could be lured to leave the citv, but since he was robbed of his fraternity badge — well, lie will iiave to stay here. Altliough lie is su]i]iosed to be a hard worker, Goldie is really a better social- izer. Yet he manages to stay in good scholastic health. Next year he ex- pects to graduate and begin to applv liis knowledge. We prophesy that he will put his chemical knowledge in prac- tice mixin " - drinks in Paris. George Gr.wes, Jr. Literary Scientific Hartford, Connecticut Lambda Lita ; Holderness School; Wil- liams College (1); 19:38 Ahiei, Board; Glee Club (2), Here we have one of the Owl House infants, the man with the smooth line in philosophy. He always has his pro- fessors liuifaloed. even if he does study all night and then sleep all day. Graves has a very good taste for cigarettes and can always be found in the library basement studying how to run boilers. His roommate says that George has good points, but we have our doubts. The initials G. G. are sujjjjosed to stand for George Graves, but from his sprint- ing to all his classes we think they stand for Galloping Ghost. He gets there without being seen. ' Goldie " " G eorgie Scott Kkxyon (iii.w, .In. Commerce and KeoiiDmics Watervliet, New York Alplia Tail Oiiic-pa; Troy Confcn-nci- Acadeiiiy; Junior Week Committee. Seotty is one example of a case where " ai)i)earances .ire deeeivinfi; " is false. For Seotty is just what lie appears to be, a man on whom n.iturc lias bountifully bestowed irifts. ,ind has matched spirit .iiid body. He looks like .-1 mysterious eliaraeter and he is. W ' f know, iiowever. that Scotty ' s charininir manner c.iptiv.-ited a host of friends both amon the men and the co-eds. He has the knack of being quiet, yet well known and ])opular. As a dev- otee of the ]?ij; Ihisiness course, he rates around the top and should turn out to be quite .-m ciitrcpri ' iiciir. I ' ciin i:u C ' laidk (jueene Mechanie:il I " . iiiiiiieeriiiii; ] Iorrisvilie, ' ermont Delta Psi; Peoples Academy; Gold Key; Junior Week Committee; Kaeultv-Student Council (;}); Press Club (2); Corporal (3); Scrjreant (2. 3). AltlHuii;li I ' oiil (bus mil wear . ' i derby and :i lil.iek and wliite check- ered suit, althousb he does not smoke a cigar and altliousi ' li he does not hang around the city liall. lie is. nevertheless, one cif tlie b ' adiiiii- pdlitici.-ins in the junior class. No wonder he was given the prsenomcn of one U. S. Senator and the coirnomen of another. There are three places where Pont may be found ,it ,ill times: One is the Delt.i I ' si House or tiie adjoining " tater " house, the second is the engi- neering building, and tiie third the Majestic. Although grades have not been announced yet, it is said that he will hit his " tater " course for a ring. In his other courses he gets bv. ' Scott I " " Poiif lirT 10, , - Raymond Keith Hastings lecliaiiical Engineering lorrisville, Vermont Peoples Academy; Track (1, 2, 3); Class Track (1); Honor Scliolarsliip; Corporal (2)- Probalily most of ' ou have had to dodge Ray ' s Ford at one time or an- other. If you have not, you will have that experience before long. Hastings holds the record for his visits to the police station, for taking corners on two wlieels, and for trying other movie stunts. But perhaps lie is only intrepid. You would think so, if you saw him throwing himself over the bar in a field meet or rushing down a runaway to make a record broad jump. In classes Ray also takes slim chances. He avers that he never studies before the hardest mathematics examination. Here, then, is a reckless devotee of the Roman god- dess of Chance. Donald Arthur Hemenway Commerce and Economics Sheldon, Vermont Phi Mi l Delta; Enosburg Falls High School. Behold the man who would Iia e been able t i put even Noah Webster to shame. Tliere may be a few long words that Don hasn ' t used in his or- dinary liarangues, but if tliere are we would like to see them. He is in a class by himself when it comes to hold- ing very heavy discussions. No matter what the subject, Don has never been known to be at a loss for some sort of logical reply. We have heard that he plans to carry his pursuit of knowledge even further, and take up the study of law. Well, the juries will have our sincere sympathy when Don assumes control of the court room. Just to keep his hand in. it is rumored that Don conducts a fairly successful insurance business, which might give a clue as to the source of the heavv " line. " " Ray ' , : ' i I i " Don ' 7J. Francis Leach Herrick Gcnrral Science Pawlet, Vermont Mount Hennon School; UniviTsity of Pfiinsylvania (1, 3). " No. mister tliat ain ' t no tiddy-bear. tliat ' s Herrick. " And snre enouiiii. we saw that individual ' s lieaniinu; counte- nance pecrinfi fortli from tlie folds of iiis fur coat. l ' ' rom the top of his auburn thatch of hair, to the soles of his feet. Ilerrick fairly r.idi.ites good humor. We feel that where I ' cnn State lost out, we were the jiainer. and our only rcirret is that he didn ' t decide to cast his lot with us from the first. It seems th.-it he is contemplating a medical career, and we feel sure that he will he able to cure .ill manner of ailments by the mere force of suggestion. Carlisle Tyson Hewes (leneral . " science (jroton, Connecticut riii Delta Thcta; Huckloy School; Treas- iiri-r (1); Junior Week Cnnimittre (H) ; Sludciit Senate (- ' , :{). ' hat a far cry from the grax e ])rac- tical scientist to the hard-drinking ])ioneer of Kake Kalk ! But both ji.irts are filled to ]H-rfeetioii by Ty. This boy disdains .-ill relationshi)) to .-uiy college but that of I ' rof. Perkins. Many a fine young anio ' ba sutt ' ered be- neath his skilled fingers. We ex]ieet Ty will be a second win in the not-too-far distant furture. that is. unless his experiments in prac- tical chemistry prove his downfall. One of our most popular fellows is Tyson anil his granite features work havoc with th hearts of the fairer sex. " Red " " Ty " Robert Thayer Holden Atijriculture Bennington, Vermont Sigma Plii; Uennington Higli Scliool; Gold Key; Key and Serpent; Alplia Zeta; Class Treasurer (3) ; Assistant Manaiier Baseljall (3) ; Assistant Business Manager Cjiiilc: 192S Ariel Board, Circulation Man- ager; Junior Week Committee; Assistant Kake Walk Director (3); Sergeant (3, 3). Bob is the class dark horse. Dur- ing his freshman year he was prac- tically unknown and unnoticed. Tiien last year he ventured forth from the foul precincts of the Aggie college and showed the world what he could do on the Hill. He has won an enviable name through his own efforts and merits the praise he is receiving. Although Bob is the handsomest of tile Sigs, he is a hard boy to tear away to the joys of social life. He is a little shy on the dance floor, although out in the spaces reserved for men he does his stuff with the best. G. RRIS0X HorSEHOLDER Chemistry Burling-ton, Vermont Lambda Iota; Essex Junction Hiali School; Chemistry Club; Band (1, - ' ). Socrates. ' ' No! Aristotle. ' ' No! Not — not HIM. ' Yea, even him ! Gar- rison Xerxes Quintillian Septuagesima Householder, the eminent philosopher and chemist. " All Hail. " If you should see Quint wal king- about the campus with iiis hands folded, gazing without exjiression at everybody and everything in general, you might think he was an evangelist. However, Quint is luit as innocent as he looks. He spends much time in laboratory manufacturing various concoctions not on the schedule of work. At the hos- pital they say he makes fine gun- powder. Passing from the sublime to the ridiculous we would say that Quint is a musician, dear to Joe ' s heart. As we said before, all Hail ! •Boh ' " Gary " , " ( iiiiit ' 76 I.Al-REXCE PrESCOTT HoWE Special Uurliiifiton. V(. ' rnioi)t Biirliiifrton Ilijrh ScIkkiI ; (Jluilin C ' ollcce (1, . ' ). A few years ajfo. l isiuit jjradii.itcd from K(liiimi(ls Hijili ami struck (uit West ill search of a degree. He sti)|)lJcd off at Oberlin for a couple of years, de- cided there was " no place like home, " jiackcd u)) his valise, and came back to Hurliiiirti ' u and the I iiiversity of ' er- mont. .Vltliough he is not widely known by n.ime on tiie campus, his circle of ac- quaintance is r;ipidl_v widening. He has ;i cheery greeting for all. even the high-hat freshmen. With a face that is not hard to look at. he has already .attracted the .attiiition of many of tlie f.iir co-eds. who want to know if lie can dance 1 Don ' t be foolish. luwiN liol,l)i: HoMK Kngiiieering Peaeham, Vermont SifTinii Dilta; Peaeham Acadeinv; Base- ball (I); (Jlce Club (1); Hand ( " l, - ' , :!) : Honor Scbolarsbip; Corporal (J). Hoxie is a man witii ;i ])ast wliieli read.s like an Horatio Alger book. He has been fortun.itc to iiave romance when most of us ha c lived relatively colorless lives. I-ike the liiro of an Alger book. Irwin has worked his way through academy and college by his own efforts. ' hate er his success, he richly deserves credit for his grit. Some classmates have tried to fool us into believing that cigars will soon be forthcoming from Irwin, but we do not believe them. He is too neat and careful about details and consequently has the makings of another bachelor, feminine eiiticement notwithstanding. ' lii.sciiif " I iiciii ' Fayette ]SIonroe Hubbell, Jr. Agriculture North Ferrisburg. Vermont Phi Mu Delta; Troy Conference Acade- my; Class Football (1). If there is a person outside tlie race track who can manipulate a fast-moving auto to better advantage tlian Hub we would like to see such person. But in spite of this rather dangerous mania, we are still fortunate in being able to hear his infectious laugh reverberate til rough the Phi lu Delta House. Hull is never averse to taking long tri|)s of a week-end, in fact he rather enjovs them. We were somewhat dis- lieartened to return after the Christmas recess and discover a hirsute growth on liis hitherto unblemished countenance, but after the novelty wore oflf, he re- moved tlie oft ' ending obstruction. Witli all his i)ersonality. Fay will make a welcome addition to any stratum of societv. Llewellyn M. Humphrey General Science Cabin John, Maryland Western High School (Washington, D. C); Palo Alto High School (California). From far off laryland, appeared a Inisky young man mounted on tlie front seat of a rather seedy-looking Ford, a sliock of dark hair continually interfer- ing with his vision, as he calmly negoti- ated the down-town traffic of Burling- ton. It was Humphrey, tlie man of tlie thoughtful mien. In spite of the many pitfalls wliich are part of this place, he managed to side-step tlum all, keeping his thouglits strictly on the more important matters of life, until one day, that well-known mischief-maker. Cupid, did his stuff. It was all over then. ' Fay ' " Humphrey ' 78 Hit llAlll) MlI rON IllELAXD (iciur;il Science Burliiifjtoii, ' ermont Signia Nil; Cathedral High School. Tlie personification of a care-free college boy. Tliis young man need have no fears of licing .ililc to coii(|uer the world, not with his innate ability to " BlulT. " Although Dick has never taken many prizes in scholastic attain- ments, and probably never will, yet we Jill think that lie will " Come through " in tiie long run. Dick showed a very highly-developed sense of discrimination when he decided to stay out a year, and cast his lot with 28. What ' 27 lost, we have gained. Probably possessed of more " pep " to the square inch than any other member of the class, Dick tends to enliven what would otherwise be a rather dull class, with some of his replies to questions asked him. Dan Marsh.m.l Johnson, .Jr. Civil Engineering Essex Junction, Vermont Phi Delta Theta; New York Militarv . cadeniy; Gold Key; Class Football (1, 3) " ; Kake Walk Committee (- ' , 3) ; N ' ewinan Club; Serjreaiit (1); Lieutenant (2). Dan, the man from Essex Junction, County of Chittenden, first made his apjjiarance when, with shaking fist and fire in his eye, he cursed the shivering class of " 28 into that " go get ' em " spirit which has stood by us so well during the last three years. !Many an honorable man has come from Essex .lunction and Dan takes his place at the head. His college career has been varied with more or less success but the years Iiave not been wasted. .Monty his a judgment and a keen insight of men (and who knows but women) which will enable him to proceed far in this hum- drum world. " Dick- ' Danny " 79 Kellogg Warriner Kyle Civil Engineering Troy, New York Sigma Phi; Lansinpburpli High Scliodl; Kappa Beta Phi; JIanager Class Basket- ball (1); Class Football (1); Class Basket- ball (2) ; Assistant Manager Football (3) ; Assistant Manager Tennis (3) ; Football Hop Committee (2) ; Kake Walk Commi t- tee (■!. 3); Junior Week Committee; Corpo- ral (. ' ). Kel is famed for liis curly liair. heart-sl)a])ed moutli and little devilish actions. Could a better s])ecimen have burst forth on our canijius than this Trojan ? You wonder that the day and night is long enough to allow liini to carry on all his athletic work and social service, too. During his spare moments, lie has risked his sterling neck often in fool stunts. But lie has a way of always turning up smiling, whether from an appointment witli the Dean or an hour ' s sleep. P.iUL B, NCROFT Lane Mechanical Engineering Barre, ' ermont -Spaukling High School. Where did you see that face last? Surely not on the smooth gym surface at the last gala affair: certainly not in an alcove of the library; and bv no means on the athletic field. Paul is seldom seen, but the same cannot be said about lieard. He is easily the class Paderewski. Yet he insists that he must become an engineer. As such he will undoubtedly make good, since lie likes to spend his time ins])ect- ing building jjrospects and talking with all sorts of workers. He also possesses a knack of putting machinery together. Ve cannot understand this anomaly from Barre ; he does not run true to type ; he is either a genius or a fool. illl ' KeF ' " Paul " SO l.Kwis Gaston Lkahy, Ju. General Science Ptlliiini Manor, Xew York Kiipp.i Sij. ' iii;i; I ' clliiiin Memori;il IliL ' li School; (ioUl Ki-v; Kiippa Beta I ' hi; Foot- ball (- ' . •.i); Track (1, -2); Class Football (1); Class Track (1, 2); 1928 Ariki. Hoard; Sophomore Hoj) Comiiiittce; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Coriioral (2); Serfrcant (:i). Lcarv is that Kappa Sifj ' wlio thinks he is funny and goes to Y. M. C. A. cabinet meetings. He has the habit of being everywhere. That is how he Iiapprncd to join the Y. He was walk- ing by the Y office last year wlien elec- tions were being held, Rtiiig short of men, he was for ii)ly coni))!!!;!! to ac- cept an office on the cabinet. His f;ivoritc s))orts are football and Kakc ' aiking. He introduced tlic peculiar-shaped eye-glasses which are rivaled only by the iron rims. , nother thing for which Doc is responsil)lc is cinch courses, which he patronizes lua ilv. John M ( 1 )o ai.i) Leavens (dnuncrcc and F.conomics Ma))lcwo()d, Xew Jersey Delta INi; Newark Academy; .Sophomore Hop Committee; dice Club (1); Kingsley Prize .Speaklnjr, .Second Prize {2); . s- .sistant Cheer l.i ' ader (1); Corporal (-) ; Scrpreant (:$). In .Icilmiiic tlir L nivcrsity of Ver- mont lias an as])iraiit to the jiosition of Judge Gary, Ciiaunii y Dcpcw, Colonel Zcveley and other cor))oration lawyers. He is laying in a plentitudc of cx|)cri- encc here in Burlington. He holds the floor about fifty |)cr cent, of the time at class meetings aid is known to excel liis teacher in saying nothing for a long time during those hectic sessions in argumentation. If ability to take plentj ' of heckling witiiout bi ' coming exas- perated counts toward becoming a cor- poration lawyer. .Johnnie qualifies. Of late he has been getting proficient in the art of annoying with gibes, and before lonU ' he will exc l his teachers. " Doc " " Johnnie " 81 m m f-i I II Goodwin Lee Commerce and Economics Hongkong, China Jlount Hcrmon School; Cosmopolitan Club (3). AVhen Lee first entered Vermont, he tliought that he would like to become an engineer. Last year he went to M. I. T., but Professor Wood ' s depart- ment did not interest him and so he returned to ' ermont to take up Com- merce and Economics. He expects to take liis degree here next year and to return to China to apply G. G. G. ' s well-known but little understood theo- ries under Oriental conditions. ' ermont is sure glad to have I ee as a member of the University. He is well known among the men of the .Junior class and has created a favorable im- pression while on the campus. We are sure tliat he will bring honor to the Uni- versity and his native China in future years. Isaac Levin Commerce and Economics Burlington, Vermont Bui ' lington High School. Allow us to introduce this veteran of the stock markets, the Ponzi of the co l- legiates, a iihysical training prospect all gone to waist. Ike is an eager worshipper at the shrine of hamburg steak and potatoes. His middle initial is the .$ sign. Isaac does not care at all about Walter C ' am)) ' s " daily dozen " nor is he particular wiien lie eats. But show him a good piece of English broadcloth or a low-priced second-hand text book, or the latest rc])ort on the price of onions and he is interested. Isaac is a fair student, although he had a poor start as most fat men will have. Nevertheless, he is reputed to have a good deal of " cents. " ' Good ' i.cin ' ■Ike ' S2 ■II.I.I M DOTGLAS I.IXDSAY (iencral Science Montpelicr, Vermont Phi Delta Theta; Wilbrahani Academy; Soplumiore IIop Coimiiittec; Coriioral (2). The capit.-il city of Vermont finally gave up Doug to let Iiini study medicine. When vacations roll around Doug boards the C. V. but forgets to drop off at Montpelier and continues on to Sjiring- field — we wonder why ? The solution seems to be tiiat lie is never Ruthless. Even with so much of his time thus occupied. Doug is always on deck when someone yells " Ciarcon " at the Phi Delt table, and he aceunuilated a host of friends. We know that the place where Doug hangs out his shingK ' will be fortunate in having a doctor, a friend and a gentleman. El.LIOT Kl.IAS T.OXDON Commerce and Economics Burlington, Vermont Class Track (J); Class Football (3); Sergeant (:i). The f;iMie ol W rigley ' s gum. t ' auiel cigarettes, or Coca-Cola is not as broadly advertised as is this young man ' s gifted talent for dancing. Rep- resenting marly six feet of graceful moveuuiit iiiil sway. Elliot ' s appear- ance at the diflerent local h.ills lias effected a boost for this esthetic ;irt. Rumor says that he has won many a heart with his j)oems. We did not sus- pect our class was represented by a poet, but it is liere resolved th.-it Sir Elliot can handle a pen. El stayed out a year in order to be with this clas.s — a very wise step in- deed. His cheerful character and pleasant smile make him well liked. ' Doim " " Elly " S3 Evo Alexander Lucchina Literary Scientific Barre, Vermont Sigma Alplia Chi; Spaiildiiifr Iligli School; Wijx and Buskin, ' iee-President (3); Pi Delta Rho; Cin ' ic Board (1, 2. 3), News Editor (3), Managinj; Editor (3); 1928 Ariel Board, Grind Editor; Pre-s Club (1, 2); Cast, " The Goose Hangs High " (2), " Captain Applejack " (3); Class De- bating (1); Kingsley Prize Speaking (1). Second Prize. Luke came to our campus as a quiet boy with a habit of gliding in and out unnoticed. Imt lie always brought out with him wliat he went in after. Now Luke is to be seen on the stage as a Pirate Blackguard or as an aspiring- politician, or as a philosopher snatching A ' s from " Psychy " Metcalf ' s fists. Yes, he is a hard worker but he never fails to attend his course at the Ma- jestic, never refuses another hand of bridge and has been known to swing tlie cane quite proficiently at his new game of blocking hats. Edward Russell L cKAy Electrical Engineering Peacliam. Vermont Sigma Alpha Clii; Peacham Academv; Class Basketball (1); Band (1, 2). Ed is a ))eaceable soldier of fortune in the Peacham invasion which started hammering at the doors of Vermont several years ago. But in his case the hunger and thirst after knowledge soon subsided and was lost in a smoke screen that hovers about his head like the halo of an angel. Still, when there is something to fight for, Eddie makes a jump out of his shell and always gives a good ac- count of himself, whether it be in fra- ternity basketball, around a bridge table, or merely tinkering his old Ford. He sure is one royal scout to the men who are fortunate enough to know him well. " Luke " ' Ed " 8i DoXALI) CJATKS Ml I.. r(;lILIN- Literary Scientific Albany. New York Lambda Iota; St. Paul ' s School; Track Squad (1); Hocki-v Squad (- ' ); Class Foot- ball (1). Here wc liave the lieir apjiarent of the Hon. C. B. MeLaunlilin. I L- is one of the world ' s greatest lovers , h.-iving left a trail of broken hearts all over England and the Continent. His fur coat is always very conspicuous by its presence or oftener. by its absence. His warm Latin blood longs for the coming of sjjring when he will be .ible to get away from college and all the associations of such low (broad Eng- lish accent) (jcople. We predict .a brilliant career for this very worthy scion of a worthy father, and if his interest in tjov. and Law doesn ' t wane with the passing years, we may expect to see his name emblazoned in sliining letters across the field of American (li])loinacy. Francis Antjioxv .M( LAtciin-ix Mechanical Engineering M ' est Rutland. ' ermont Alpha ' I ' au Oincjia; West Hutland Hifxli .School; Class Haseliall (1); .Tunior Week Committee; Xinvman Club; A. S. M. E.; Honor Scholarshij) ; Serjeant (11). And lien- r have a product of th e quarries, no — not the marble but one who lives where they " make marble. " Lie is another one of those engineers, but he is an exce))tion to the general ruli-. hen lie Jipix-ars " dolled " up for a dance or some such oflair. you would ne tr recognize the erstwhile " engine wi))er. " He can thank his former associates at .South Converse Hall for the |)resent high position whicii lie now holds in the esteem of almost everyone. That, combined with curly li;iir .lud a pleasant smile ought to rate him a great deal, when he quits these diggings for the " cold, cold world. " We ))redict a brilliant future lor this fellow. ' Mac " , " Bo,,- -Mac ' So Fred Birciiard Mavxard Chemistry Burlington, ' ermont Palmerton (Pa.) Hifrli School; Cliemistrv Club (1, i, 3) ; Radio Club (1, 3, 3) ; Corpo- ral (1, -2); Band (1, i, 3). Freddie ' s one .lim in life is to be a mighty organist. Have you heard of tlie two leadings organists in this part of the country, " me and Leo " . ' Al- though Freddie intended to become a musician, he has become a saxophone ])layer instead. Nightly lie holds forth in state at the Blue Lantern, ogling the fair virgins through the blaring blahs of the orchestra. Freddie stays up every night earning five dollars to pay for apparatus which he breaks in chemistry laboratory the next day. A fellow chemist once said in spite that although Maynard may not have written " I Love Me. " he sure can play it one octave higher. Joseph Alrert Menovsek General Science New Britain, Conn. Delta Mu (pledge); New Britain High School; Color Sergeant (-2). Vrmont was complimented when this scholar condescended to leave tlie brick yards of his beloved New Britain and j)ursue medicine at Vermont. If you knew more of liim. you would find his life just like a novel. A regular Percival Montague with the women — and ni} ' , wliat a past I We could speak forever of his secret amours, but we prefer to reveal his scholastic life — his super-rogation in ] Ietc;dfistic psychology and his dis- dainful mastery of the elementary sub- ject, embryology. Not in vain lias he labored three years. Behold that cyni- cal, prognosticating glance, betokening wisdom beyond comprehension. r 1 1 ' Fri ' ddic " " Joe 86 UuiK) KoHKUT MkHIKANGAS General Scitnce Arliiiiilciii. Wrinont Niprtli Bciminjrtdii liifrli ScIkhiI; Fi ' iiciiif. ' (J, 3); Class Track (1); Glee Club (1) University Orchestra (-2); Phi Chi Pre- Mcdionl C hili Secretary (. ' . : ) ; Iloniir List (1, i); IIoiKir Scholarshiji. Iiitroducitiir Mary Kaunas of Arling- ton, an ideal youth. He came to college at tile fresh age of seventeen and still looks it. With his contagious smile he h;is made many friends, ]).irticularly be- causi- he always has a good word for thrill. As a frosli M.iry never heard of tlie genus eo-ed hut he changed his M-.ays of late and is trying to live up to the Phi Chi standard. But his real social dissipation is hridge, and this takes a good share of iiis time. Mary hits his sturt ' for a row even if the profs do choke over his name the first time they try to pronounce it. Dki.hkiit ,1(iiin Mkhuii.i. . gri ultiire ' alliiigti)r(l, ' (rnioiit .Sif:iii.i Alpha Chi: Wajlhifrfiird Ilifih School; Rutland Husiness Ci)lU ' gc; Gold Kev; 19J.S Akiki. Board, . rt Editor; A rri- cultiiral Chi h; Y. M. C. A. Cahineiit (- ' , 3); Class Basehall (1); Corporal (3). Sheik, artist, entrepreneur, rancher and traveler is Del. The small hamlet of Tinmouth is his liome, but tlie world alone is his field of operation. From the shore of .Maine to tin- liuttcs of Montana this modern .M.irco I ' olo has traveled in the iiursuit of highly varie- gated activities. Del is decidedly iioiiular with hoth the nun and women, es])eeially with the latter, wiio are known to spend sleepless nights thinking of him. With an extremely social nature it seems queer that Di ' l should jilaii to go h.u ' k to farming .after h.aving a taste of the pleasures of civilized city life. ••Mar -Boh- 1 • 1 1,, .. . ■■ ;,■ • l-HITZ RlDOLPH MeTZGER Electrical Engineering Rutland, Vermont Ka])])a Sifriiui; Rutland High Sclioo) ; Basketball Squad (1); Class Basketball (1); Sergeant (- ' ) ; Lieutenant (3). This dignified aristocrat from New Jersey is often seen crossing the cam- pus in liis ultra-modern fur coat, sauntering toward classes anywhere from five to ten minutes after the bell, usually beating Chadbourne in by from one to two la))s. This tardiness is ex- cusable, liowever, when one considers the number and variety of his financial interests downtown. Fritz ' s fine busi- ness ability has won for him the presi- dency of the Van Ness Gymnasium Corporation, and he has also been made honorary member and doorman of the La France Club. That dreamy air that spreads over his countenance when Professor Thomas asks him a question is probably due to the effects of a summer at Devens. JOHX ' ESLEY IlLLER Education Bethel, Vermont Wliitc ' (inil) High School; Honor Scholar- ship. Among tlie most loyal boosters of home towns is John W. ]SIiller. He likes to tell of the glories and attrac- tions of Bethel and especially its high school. His enthusiasm is easy to ex- plain. He recently broke down and confessed that he made the high seliool what it is. Now that he is at ' ermont, the liigh school is becoming decadent. Giving up General Science, John is now following advanced courses in his- tory and political science. He intends to join the Foreign Service of the United States. Johnnie has not ac- quired the social graces to perfection yet, but the smooth boys will have to look out for their laurels when he he- comes a diplomat at the Court of St. James. ' Frits " " Jack 88 .1 MI - I ' l I.I 1 U M IK III I I. ( I ' lillllrri I .111(1 1 .riMiiililll ' 1 1 iril« Ilk. c riiinnl I), It., I ' ,i; H-k .,ii],in : I IlltiML ' (lull ( 1. . ' ) ; I ' ll " null ( I ) ; ( ..r|.,.r;il ( . ' ) : .s,T-iMiil (;l). II K li.inl til (■•iiici IM « li it till |)i Its uiiiili! liii Milliiiiit " iilil mill Mitriii 11 s LiUlll.llHi . I l-nlll till llil hl-, lit his Mipi riur i irs .intl uorlilU i |ii rliiin . " I ' riuliiU ' i klips .1 u .ililil 111 ryr In uinls till- irissiluili s 111 llii iiiiiii;ir |.r, tlin II. l,iii in tin ,iiii, I liltl. t.llks 111- ui is llli- Imi s. illil his lllnr.ll .■iiiiniinisliiiiriits i;i I ir Inu.injs ki ipiim till oiiii;;i r lii in inn in i-ln-ck. ' I ' liiiiii;li it In sl.inilrr rrniii lil.-is |ilii ninus li|is. wi iinist st.itc .i liiclili ii I ' nlinii Iitrli kiiiius liis nniiiiis. III .-it x.iriinis tniiis iltini]itiii til nurtiirr .i snpliist ir.-itrd iiiiist iclii . in kii piiiix with his ni.itnri st itr :im ilii;iiil . hill h.iil 1 li.iril linir with il. liiir til niiiiii mils untiirtnn.iti- u.iiiirs iin ,1,11.-1 .illili tiis. I I MMI Nil mils | i, 1 M.lK Ai nriilt iin I mil rliill. ' , Mill, III it.i (111; .llli,!,., Ili-li S.h....l:;i , l.i; ,i. ' -lr tliil, ' I ' llis i{liirl 1,1,1 I r,,lil t lir i, illil 111 Ml l iiisii, 1,1 ,, ,111,. ,,| III, ,11,,, I |,n| li.iiit - -ui, l,,n-ill II ill his , V, r pr,, linn (i. Il.irr thr niiii{ni ilislmr linn nl linilli; pi rslj.iili li I 1 n ,|ll;irts ,,l milk I rnm ., ,.,u. uli, n 111, ,,lli, r . L;irs .■,,iil,l ■ ' I hill 1,11, . I l,iri- II, , r s:i s niiu ' li .ilmiil Ins i.nvi,l, s. lull il II, liit lijx rii cmrs, s . ' is , 1 1 Is ,-1 ninrsf r li.u, hnt .1 Innl s , , kiinul, ilii, ,it ' . Ill- iiiiist hr ,i I ' lii I ' ll,. I ,ir in ,im ' .issiilnniis p, nisiiiM nl I {,, ,,■,■ I ' l , w. ,111 m,M li.i 1 n,,l ii ' i ,1 I l,irr u .is u, II , rs, ,| in spi, ,,,iirs, t,, i;i I till .■iiis w r Vis nnl liiii - .1 ,1. . i,,inliiii;l u , i li ml niir 111 .irt i, st (■ imis. Milch " . " .I nil mil 1 » .;■:■ 1 ' ' i W ' ' i ' n ti I r I ' Si) Rex ' ALTER Morse Mechanical Engineering Waterbury, Vermont Aljihii Tau Omega; M ' aterburv Hifrh School; A. S. M. E.; Sergeant (3). ' Rex must believe in tliat old adage, " Smile and grow fat. " He seems to be doing botli with equal facility. In spite of the fact that he is studying engineer- ing. Rex manages to steal a few moments oflf, now and then to indulge in that other side of college life, the part we read in the pajiers. In de- fiance of all the laws of the Universe, Rex managed to last the whole semester in tliat Mell-known course in Engineer- ing Economics. Tliat shows that he lias the qualities which go to make up the successful man. We should say off-hand, that Rex will make a fine engi- neer, provided he doesn ' t get too pon- derous around the middle. Harold Gardner Nourse Mechanical Engineering Springfield, Vermont Zeta Chi; Springfield High School; Corpo- ral (- ' ). No little credit is due tliis lad for his efforts to complete liis education at ' e - mont. He made his debut on our cam- ))us soon after the war. After staying a while, he was attracted by the lure of the Vest from which he returned tliis year. As the mainstay of Company K, Harold is a second Sergeant Beekert. and as a traffic officer at the corner of Colchester Avenue and Nasli Place, he keeps loving couples from venturing too near the cemetery. We know verj- little about the feminine side of this hand- some Romeo, but we hear that there is a little girl waiting out in Ohio. Per- liaps tliat is all we need to say. ' Rex " ' Harold ' 90 ,l(iii. Hrc II Mil) I ' .wiA General Science Newark, New Jersey I ' lii I ' lii (plcdjrc) ; Barrinpcr Hipli Scluxil: I-Viiciiij. ' (- ' , 3); Class Footlmll (1); Hand, Drmii Major (1, -2, ' .i). Fair maidtii-. « |it wlnii .lolmnie left Newark to take Mcdieiiic at Vermont. The Newark sluik. who had lonjj; con- soled them l)y his Aj)ollo-like features, left witlioiit a tear to travel Nortii where he was to brinj; the fair co-eds at ' ermont to his feet. Thus far he has only .succeeded in having them step on his feet at dances, where lie is one of the leadinj; devotees of Teri)siehore. .lohnnie jirides himself on being a l)ast master in tlie art of manufacturing dates. We understand that wlien lie visited Springfiild witii the ]5aiid last fall, he made a date witii the police- woman through tiie detective agency. Nice going, Johnnie. I.V.NWOOI) li lKiN l ' i:CK Literary Scientific Essex Junction, Vermont Essex .Iiniction Hiph Seliool; Honor .Scholarsliip; Hand (1, 2, 3); Corporal (. ' ). When this young man of Napoleonic stature left his native heath in the neighl)oring railroad town to get some " edgleation, " great things were jirom- ised. But, he settled down to be- come the idol of Professor Myrick ,uid the Freneii de))artmiiit. Still we know that biiuath that suave exterior and bright red jacket, there is a playful spirit that no | edantie atti- tude can ever stifle. It will do as Topsy did. until it bursts out into a laugh that all the ])rofessors in tlie world could not stop. " Li n 91 Lemuel James Peet Agrifulture Middlt ' bury. Vermont Plii Mu Delta; Middlebury High School; Alpha Zeta; Aggie Club, Treasurer (3); Honor Scholarship; Corporal (:?). This serious looking young man — he is as serious as his countenance betrays — came up from the morasses of Corn- wall, with an unquenchable thirst for an all-embracing education in Dean Hills ' renowned college. He pro- gressed so far last year as to stand be- fore a " Mike " and allow himself to be lleard by all the progressive farmers. It is rumored, and tliese rumors are authenticated, that Lem stands in as well with the office of the Dean of the Arts and Sciences as with the other one, only in a different way. We have hardly begun as yet to cite Item ' s many good points, but his scholarly attributes, his rating in tlie Dean ' s office, and his impeccability will suffice of the tellin " -. George Rich. rdson Perry Literarv .Scientific Springfield, Vermont Zeta Chi; S])ringfiekl High School; Gold Kev; Pi Delta Rho: Tennis Squad (J); Press Club (J); Ctinic Board {-2, 3), Inter- collegiate Editor ' (3); 193S Ariel Board, Photographic Editor; Editor-in-Chief Fcc, i- man Hinxlbook (2); Band (1, 2, 3); Second Honor Group (1, 3); Honor Scholarship; Corporal (2). When the Ariel board was chosen Perry was blessed with the almost im- possible task of taking jjictures for the Ariel. He has shot everything that has happened since college opened, from the early frosh fights to the Kake AValk . . . . witii the result that the Ariel ' s photographic bill has been mounting to four figures and only a few ])ictures have been clear enough to pub- lish. Perry believes in taking jiietures out of focus because tiiey look futuristic. In writing grinds, our photographic editor lias been far more successful. ' Lent " ' Admiral ' 92 1 ' ai I. l,()iuN(i Pktty Classical Dal ton. Massacluisftts I.ariilidii Ii)t;i; Daltdii Ilifrh .S -ln)(il ; Class I ' Viiilball (1); C ' orpnnil (. ' ). M ' c introdua- Paul L. Petty, tin; (hvl House sheik, famed for knowing ever} ' desirable woman in college, not to men- tion tlie Mary I ' lctciier llosjjital and 15urliii iti)ii ))r()))er. Paul comes from a (iistiiinuislicd family, as you would know from liis dignified and refined speech and manners. But remember the old saying, " A deacon ' s and a min- ister ' s son, etc, " and let us assure you Hard is some runner. He came to our collige as a child, for two ye.irs he thought and did as a child, but now he has put away his toys and hlossonud out aM a man of the world. Ill closing. i- wish him siu-ccss in medicine nr Ihi- iniiiislry. if he ever docs cithii-. .IfLIAN ()HV1I.I.|: i ' lll.I.l ' S I.itcr.-iry . ' cicntilic Milton. N ' ermont .Sigma . lplia Clii; MiltDii IIi;rli S( ' h(ii l; Pi Delta Hho; Ciinir Hoard (J), News Kditor ( ) ; 19i!8 Aiuki. Hoard, Editor-in- Chief; Press Chil) {2), l resident (3); Kakc Walk Committee (2) ; Junior Week Committee; Latin Kntrance Kxamination Prize; F.ieiilty-.Student Council (H) ; Honor Scliolarsliij). Behold till iiidclatigablr editor him- self 1 How fortunate our class in having .lulc to jiut in time on this volume which you are now reading. He even resigned a lucrative position on the Cynic and retired a year to a hermitage near Cirassmouiit just to put out the Arik.l. Prep used to have a schedule of hours for work the past year. He kejit it so meticulously even to the ])oint of leav- ing at the middle of a good comedy at the Majestic to get back to work (for the first week, that ' IlanV 1 P ? ) f Im H 1 »1 w - 1 «••■•• -.hilr " , -J ' rciJ 93 Percy Donin ' gton Pierce Commerce and Economics Hiirlington, Vermont Burlinfrtcm High School; Corporal (2). It is too bad that ' 28 never gets a chance to witness this boy in action. But he is very bashful, and prefers to " do his stuff " in the good old summer time. For some unknown reason, Perp cares not for the society of co-eds, but we believe tliat tliis state of affairs might be remedied if only the summer time would last all the year. We expect to see Perp making a name for himself some day, but we have great fear tliat it will have to be made down in Florida, wliere autos are never sleiglis, and wliere the warm weather is always present. Albert D.wid Pingree Commerce and Economics Wliite River Junction, Vermont Zeta Chi; Kimball Union Academy; Junior Week Committee; Assistant Klisri- liilitv Manager; Assistant Editor Freshman Handbook (- ' ). Gaze upon this future master of com- merce, Hon. Pingree. tlie generalissimo of the anti-economics forces. Ping trifled with General Science his first year, but after a year of Kernism, he decided tliat liis future lay in commerce. Here in several desperate rallies, he has resisted the Economics forces. Ping is a man of varied interests. Last year lie strived to make our ath- letes eligible and this year lie is feeding the Zetes. There is no question but that he is successful — have you not seen his new suit. ' Wlien not otlicrwise occupied he may be found doing re- search work in Advanced Cinema in which he is so successful that I.eo re- fuses to plaj- until Ping has arrived. ' Perp ' Plug 94 ,s t Ittl H(iu Mil) Andkhsox Prentice ComiiuTif and Economics Hurlinjiton, Wrniont Delta Psi: Biirliii rtiiii IIij. ' li Scliool; Gold Kt-v, President, First Semester; Student Senate (- ' ) ; Haskethall (1, 2, ' .i) ; Track (1. - ' , 3) ; Haseliall (- ' , 3) ; Class Track (1) ; Class Hasel)all (1); Assistant Manafrer, Freshman Footliall (1); Corporal (-) i Ser.ireant (3). The li( ))c ot a nation was daslud wiicn IJnnny. cliani))ion of marble plavcrs. iravc n)) liis beloved afjatcs (a field in wiiiili he showed great ])r()mise) and asked his mother for other toys more suitabli for a man of six years. Bnt C ' liance brounht liim a basketball, and to this new g.ame he tr.msferrcil his .aliility for shooting marbles. Like all geniuses Howard has a tem- ))erament. .also ;i me;in set of elbows. . . K. . . e.ime to the rescue l.ast winter with a set of nose guards f ir the squad, and hos|)ital bills again fell within the iiudget. C ' l.iirn.v W ' n.ijwi I ' nicK K Kngi nee ring Burlington. ' ermont Delia. I si; liurlington Hifili School; Gold Key; Haskethall (l - ' , !}) ; Basehall Sijuad (2, ' :i); Class Football (1); Corporal (. ' ). Kiki is a very sensitive, sweet boy with the most charming of smiles. Very gentle in his ways, he is ,i perfect surrounded by an unmis- takable air of refinement and culture (as much as there can be in an engi- neer). Kiki is ,in ever-ready sympa- thizer, whether you come l.ideii with .i long tale of woe or in i ' lo))ed in .a chiud of bliss. Kiki is unusu.-illy His is not tlie modern sheik ty))i ' of good looks, but a smart masculinity in dress and a|)|)earanee. He has .m excep- tionally keen sense of humor and is .al- ways ready to sh.are in the .appreciation of a good joke. |.:! ' liiiiini ' , " Slicih " ■■Kii.r 9.5 Clifford Wixfield Quad General Science West Orange, New Jersev West Orange High School; Assistant Editor Frt ' .thmnn Hiuiilhook (1); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, President (3). " ly mother told me not to smoke; I don ' t. Or listen to a nauglity joke; I don ' t. Or kiss a girl, not even one ; I don ' t know even how it ' s done. You wouldn ' t think I had much fun; I don ' t. " Although starting college at a late age, CliU ' has made up for his handicap by plenty of hard work. It is not so easy to be a Pre-medic and pay your way too, but Cliff has done both well. Althougli lie may stick a little closer to the straight and narrow path than do most of us, we are not sure but that the end may not justify the means after all. W. LTER Farley Reagan Literary Scientific Pittstield. Massachusetts Phi Mu Delta; Pittsficld High School; Gold Key; Pi Delta Kho; Assistant Man- ager of " Baseball (3) ; lf)- ' 8 Ariel Board, Business Manager; Junior Week Commit- tee; Glee Club (1); Student Senate (3); Band (3) ; Newman Club. Almost over night Valt has become a factor on tlie campus. During liis freshman year, tlie name of Reagan was usually associated with the South Converse gang of Spanish athletes. But at the end of our sopiiomore year, he was given two of the highest posi- tions in tlie reach of underclassmen. Those who know Walt say that he fully deserved the honors. Reagan is an exponent of the " stren- uous life. " But wlien work is not to be done, when tlie well-being of the class demands a waste of time, Reagan proves to be quite efficient in stalling tactics. " Clif " Jlair 96 TllKODdUK l ' l!KKI,IN(i Rl(ll Classical Burliiifrtoii. ' crm()nt BiirliiijrliiM Ilifiii Scluiiil ; Kcnciii}: S(|ii.ul (3); Track S(iiia(l (1); .Matlu-matics En- trance Examination Prize; Junior Latin Scliolarsliip; Honor Scliolarsliip. Ted is ;cn( ' rally coiiccdtd to be one ol till- class ' Icadiiift scholars. Everj-- tliiiif; and anytliinfi in the college cur- ricula seem to be jierfectly simple and easy to this student. ' e are sure that lie is to achieve liitib in scholar- ship, since he has .ilriady accjuired that ultra -concent rat ion. which cliaracterizes tiic li irncil ))r(il ' rssor. One day last fall he was seen iioinj; ' up the stairway leadin " ; to tlie fourth floor of the Old Mill. He thought that he was going to a (ierman class while under the in- fluence of liic mellow Latin language. Ted is an all round good fellow, al- tiiough he is a good -.cliolar first of all. NoiiiiKHT Ai.iiKirr RivKus Commerce and Kconomics ' ergeimes. ' ermont Vcrircnncs Hijrh School; Class Baseball (1); Newman Club; Honor Seliolarslii|i; Corporal (2). Just how this young m;in came by his well-known nick name is a question. But it is said that muddy rivers ,ire constructive, so that might very ;i| tly be applied to our Muddy. .Vlthough seldom seen .at the centers of the vari- ous social g;itherings, it is well known Muddy could, if needs be. cause nianv a fair one ' s heart to skip a beat. But evidently realizing the funda- mental purijose of iur institution of learning. Muddy has tiinuil a deaf ear to tlie call of the outside. If he con- tinues at the he has set since ap- pearing in our midst, we look forward to the time when tliis geiii.Ml fellow will be able to hold his own with the best of them all. ' • Tt ' ti " -MikIiIi ' in u 97 £•1 Mertox Covey Robbixs, Jr. Commerce and Economics Pelham, New York Kappa Sigma; Pawling Higli Scliool ; Class President (1); Varsity Track (1); Class Track (1); Assistant Manager Bas- ketball (3) ; Assistant Eligibility Manager (:!): Fiiotball Hop Committee (1); Lafay- ette Pageant (1); Junior Week Committee (3); Corporal {2); Color Sergeant (-2). The answer to the co-eds ' prayer. ] Iert is from New York, where men wear derbies, and has brought to our campus a certain air of aristocrac} ' and quality such as we have never seen be- fore. There is a " Hup " which makes its appearance, like Mary ' s little lamb in the spring and the fall: but is never seen in the winter. ' hen he finishes college, it is ] Iert ' s boast that he is going to take up gradu- ate work in Spanish. It must be that that language appeals to liim, for he seems to have been following along the same line for the last three vears. Edward Joseph Roy General Science Springfield, Massachusetts Zeta Chi; Springfield Central High School; Class Football (2). Another of those handsome boys who aspire to become a doctor. He has not made a mistake in choosing his profes- sion. Undoubtedly lie will make an ideal specialist, if liis present tenden- cies are native. Last year he wrote his fraternity brothers that he had de- parted for college. A week later he appeared in Burlington ! . ' ' ? But tliis all points to immediate suc- cess in the medical world, where spe- cialists make it a ))ractice to have their clientele wait an hour or two just for the psycliological ettect. Moreover, his husky football build and his brilliant countenance will contribute their sliare to a life of service for him. U •Mert ' 1: I ■ ' Ed ' 98 Wendell Paddleford Roy Electrical Kiiirinccritig East Hanift, W ' rmont Sipimi Delta; Mcliuloi-s Acadi ' iny; Itadio Cliil) (1); Honor Scholarship; Sergeant (). Wendell P. is n ot the name of a (iloucester fishiiij; seliooiier. but only one of those engineers, wiio |)r()claini to the world that the enjiiiieering currieu- luin furnishes the broadest and most liberal of educations. He points with pride to the members of his profession who are occu])yinf; positions in all l)hases of industry (taken in (jroat ' s sense). N ' -vertlieli ' ss, he is forced to supjilement his education with reu;ular courses at the Maj stie and tin- Hlue Lantern. Of cheerful dis])osition, he has made m.-iny friends duriiiij his sojourn with us. His smile is so well known that .■iiivciiu- W( ild recdijnize liiui bv it •■ilone. lllTNi: ' l) NII ' .I. .Saitohd Literary .Scientific Hurlinglon. ' ermont Burlinfrton High School; Wijr and IJiiskin: Cast, " The (ioose H.infrs Hijrh " , " Captain Applejack " ; Ciiiiir Board (J, ' .i) ; . ssistant Editor rrcsliiiinii lliiiiillnKik {2) ; Class De- bating (1); Y. .M. C. A. Cabinet {;i). Whit is a h rr question ni.irk to us. When we think that we know him well, he usually surprises us with a novel side of his personality. His one reat weak- ness is his im])ish delii lit in " clever " little tricks and |)ranks. which delight him ahuie. f just c.uuiot understand Safford fully. Of late bit lias licen asscnibling various ))arts of automobiles to make liis own motor cars. .Somethini!; always goes wrong with them, for we only hear of the cars, but never see them. ' e wonder why a classicist should tinker with m.acliiurrw ■ncdrU i : ' II lilt IICI ' 99 w U l t I Romeo Santoire Commerce and Economics Montreal, Quebec College of Valleyfield of Montreal. Romeo is tlie only member of the class wlio can aver that he does not visit Montreal to loosen certain re- straints. He lives there. Perlia]is jiis early environment has made it somewhat difficult for him to talk Enulish quite plainly, yet he gets along much better than most of us do wlien we visit the city of the North. We certainly envy that knowledge of Frencli-Canadian. Althougli San is a stranger within the gates, he is well liked and widely known among the men of the class. He is a regular fellow, smokes, drinks occasion- ally and pitches for the baseball team reserves. George Edmuxd S.ivnders Commerce and Economics Burlington, Vermont Pliilli])s Exeter Academv; OutiiiL ' C ' Uih (1, J, 3), Vice-President (3). Have you ever met anyone without the slightest sign of a temper? If not. become acquainted with Scotty and en- joy life for awhile. On the other hand you may have some difficulty in meeting said wonder-man. Quiet, unassuming, yet bene ath tliere is a rather frivolous nature. To carry our point I might well say that it took Scotty two years to get by Public Speaking. George is very seldom seen at a col- lege " Shin Dig " but we understand that his quiet ways are overpowering among females and, furthermore, he is a fond advocate of Cedar Beach. ' Ixomeo " , " Scni " ' Scofty ' 100 RoLFE Weston Schoppe Ediu ' .itioti St. .loliiiNluiry. ' cnMiiMt I ' lii Mu Delta; St. Jolinshiiry Acadciiiv; Baseball (1, 2, S) ; Hand (1, - ' . 3); Corporal (J); Sergeant (3). Ill tlie year li):il ' .ui atliktc biii; .uid stroiii; came to Vermont. He joined tlif li.iseball team and iiitclied to many a ijlorioiis victory. 15ut the co-cds. wlio cast many loiiirini; jilances tow.ird tlie liifi; ])itclur. made little imjiression on that hcniijn coiiiitiM.uuf. ' I ' lie co-ed.s were battled. Now ieiitle reader the secret must be let out — to be prosaic, " there ' s a reason. " If the rumor is trill- that he pets a special discount be- cause of the qu;intity of jiostage stamps he uses, we must believe the rest. He has traveled the road between Burling- ton and St. Johnsbury as many times .as liir (iipriiiitnry wati ' hin in jioiie to Kedstone. H.VUKV ( ' l.AIiK .S( lUUMAX (ieiieral Science I.inden, New York Phi Mu Delta; St. Albans Ilifrli School; Hoekev (. ' , :!) ; Class Baseball (1, 2); Cor- poral (. ' ). This diiiiiiiiilixc s|)ceiiiien is about as absent-minded .is tlic- |)rii erbial college professor. Hut when one ])auses to consider the many and divers activities tiiat said youiiji man enters u])on, there is a re.ison. During the past winter, Harry held down one of the wing ))0si- tions on the well-known ' ermont liockey team. ;ind that in s])ite of a serious handicap of many pounds. Making his head save his heels is one of Harry s niottos. This rather boyish looking fellow. has ambitions to sonii- day be able to hang outside his Irorit door. Harry Sehiirman, M. I). We know that his clientele would number a goodly crowd of the opposite sex; they all seem to be unable to resist his ch.irming smile. ' Lcftif A " lliirri " , " Runt ' 101 Donald Fisk Scribner Mechanical Engineering Hyde Park. Vermont Delta Psi; Lamoille Central Academy; A. S. M. E.; Corporal ( ). Scrib is an astonishing character in many ways, but he is determined on doing everything well or not at all. For instance, when he has the mumps, all the doors in the Delt House have to be refinislied. just because he has scratclicd tlie varnish oft " , trying to get his face through. He can integrate the square root of an imaginary number faster than any otiier man in the col- lege, professors not excepted. But Scrib ' s greatest contribution to human- ity is the always immaculate condition of the one and one-quarter miles of sidewalk in front of his house. He is so particular about this that he lets no freshman touch the walk with a snow- shovel before he has given him an in- tensive three montlis ' training. Arthir Wv.max Shaw Civil Engineering New York City Phi Mu Delta: Stiiyvesant Hi rh School; Gold Kev; Kev and Serpent; Track (1, 2, 3) ; Football (3) ; Class Track (1, x?) ; Class Football (1, 2); Glee Clul) (1); Sergeant (3). Perliaps due to liis superior point of view. Art has been a great expounder of the class of 1928. Some know of Art ' s exploits while connected with the track team, or at class meeting, but those wlu know him best say that he is the cham|)ioii horseless rider of the class. He simply delights in engag- ing in verbal warfare with any and all. This year, when he grew tired of dis- cussing mere routine matters with the class at large, he expanded liis field, and turned Evangelist, trying to save people from committing the unpardon- able sin of witnessing a show at our esteemed " Cinema Palace. " ' Sciil) " 4f. ' Art ' 102 GiLHEUT Hlaih Shaw Cliemistry South Peaoliam, Vermont Si(rnia Delta; Pi-iU ' liain Acadcmv; Rami (1, 2); Clu-mistry Cliih. A chemist from Peac-liaiii r Why not? He has been studying cliemical ele- ments and compounds anywhere from earholiydrates to anunoiiia all his life on tlie farm. Ciil) has sonii ' |nculiaritics wiiieh dif- fer from others. For instance. stiidyinjT. He seems to he s.itisHed in having liis head in a book. Tlie element time is forgotten. Women. ' Xn. He went out with .1 girl once and was .ill night getting home. Hi- (lid not know how to say g(H)d nigiit. Although (iil) would never admit it. we are inclined to think his future will See liiui .i Holshevist; he will wave the red Hag and blow up things. Axel (iKmxn S.iostiiom Electrical Engineering Rutland, ' ermont Zcta Clii; Hiitlaiul Ui.L ' li .School. Here is .-i man who must li.-ive been cut out for .in cugiiieer. else why was he named . xel ? In fact. Axel fairly despises the academic side of the Uni- versity ajid was even heard to ask the other day, what a " co-ed " was. Like all good engineers. Axel has the build of a Lionel .Strongfort and a voice to m.itch. Wliy. he is so jiriuid of that booming b.iss noise In- ixrn con- descended to become a member of the (jlee Club. At rehearsals it has been reported that when the others want to rest, they just ask . xel to sing and their absence is iu rr noticed. Axel has three passions. C ' .imels. " () Sole Mio. " and the movies. He is so well know n at the Lajestic that he is fre- quently mistaken for the manager. ' dlh- " . .;■, • 103 rrv u 1 1; I Ehrol Cahleton Slack Literary Scientific Randolph. Vermont li,nul,jl|ili Higli School; Glee Club (1, 2). IJehold tile man of many and diver- sified talents. He is a veritable Black- stone when it comes to appearing in varied lines of endeavor. Almost every afternoon he may be seen aiding the hard-working- janitor make the Old Mill more healthful to study in. But here his talents do not cease, for be- sides satisfying the omnivorous profes- sors, he sings in the choir, and even in the Glee Club. But if Errol is going to be a peda- gog. he should sujjplement his literary- scientific course with a few night school seminars in the departments of the University known as Majestic, La France. Howard ' s, Van Ness and Cor- poration Hall. As yet he has not been received as a regular student at these colleges of tertiarv education. Charles Eugene Smith Agriculture Clarendon, Vermont Al]iha Zcta; Wallingford High School; Agricultural Club; Honor Scliolarshiii. Charlie jumped into the limelight on his arrival at Vermont by consuming the lifestock of the zoology department. However, the University authorities most cruelly refused to continue his free board and he was forced to look elsewhere for his meals. The call of the soil is strong in Charlie, and he is learning the mys- teries of Morrill Hall with unsurpassed rapidity. He is one of the shining stars in the junior Aggie constellation and is often jjointed out with pride to tour- ists and visitors as a specimen of young America. Indeed. Dean Hills fre- quently calls him into his ofiice for lengthy conferences on the important question of more ))ay and less work for farm hands. " Errol " " Charli. 10 J. ■loii.N Am iiKEi Smith Kiliu-.-ition Dcdli.ini. Massacliusetts Kappa Si iiiia: Hebron Academy; Key and .Seri)eiit; Football (1, 2, 3), Cai)tain- elect; Baseball (1, 2, 3); Class Basketba Anytliiiii;- tli.-it «• ■ could write .-ilHiut Snicker would l)e inadequate, for it is seldom tiiat a man of his character is found on any campus. He hails from Oedhani. Mass.. and entered into Ver- mont athletics under the regime of Tom Keady. In his freshman year he made .■1 |)laee for himself on holli the h.asehall and football teams and has been a star ever since. He is the very essence of trr.-ice and ability both on the ijridiron .•ind the dianioiiil. Hul -itblilies (id not t;iki ' all bis time. He can always find time to study and it is seldom indeed that his jjrcscnce is not felt at any of our many social activi- ties. .Vltboui;b he has never been very far . " outli. he is fond of " I.ynehing. " Kexnkth I{iiii.i:v .Stki ' iiexs (ieiieral .Science White River . unction. ' ermont .Sigma Phi; Hartford Ilifrb .ScIkkiI; As- sistant Mana r ' r Track (;i). All is calm and quiet with our silent hrother. until someone makes some sciiitillatinii ' remark — then he comes into his own. and more too. When Hube came to the villau;e of Hurliniiton, the college hoys thought that they could take him for a old sleigh ride, but, behold, they found themselves riding fast and furious. As a soldier in tile battalion. Rube was a bear. H - needed jilenty of rocmi to plant his size elevens, but even men w ith big J ateaujc have their good points. Perhaps if one could i)enetrate the shell of reserve within which he retires, we might be able to say more. Hut all great men are reserved; so there are hopes for Steve. ' •Jack " , " Siiichcr " ' ken " , " liubc ' 103 Charles Hiram Stevens Commerce and Economics Winooski. Vermont Phi Delta Tlieta; Burlington High School; Phillips Exeter Academy; Key and Serpent, President; Pi Delta Rho, Vice-Pr esident; Class President (3) ; Assistant Manager Football (3), Manager-elect; Assistant Manager Hockey (3) ; Manager Class Bas- ketball (3); Assistant Manager Ctiiiic (3); 19JS Ariel Board; Chairman Sophomore Hop Committee; Junior " Week Committee; Kake Walk Committee (2, 3) ; Student Senate, Secretary-Treasurer (3) ; Corporal (3); First Sergeant (3). Small in stature, l)ut big in accom- ])lisliment is our little Charlie. Here is a man who has worked hard from his freshman year to make the class of 1928 the best on the Hill. Just the same lie is a hard man to find wlien you want him. You spend one nickel calling up Winooski; then you throw a second piece in a fruitless attempt to find him at the Plii Delt House. You may locate him at the Theta House on the tliird nickel. ' Charlie ' Ralph Chesley Stevens Literary Scientific Stowe. Vermont Stowe High School; Wig and Buskin; Cast, " The First Year " ; " French Club; Honor Scholarship; Corporal {-2). And here we have the champion Ford tamer of Northern Wrmont. He can make it do almost anything known to the mind of man. But liis talents do not end here, as anyone who remembers " The First Year " will agree. Steve has ambitions to follow in the illustrious footsteps of Clarence Darrow, and if he pursues his later work with the same zeal and enthusiasm wliich lias marked it while here with us, lie should be able to give that worthy a few pointers. Blessed with a handle which is rela- tively familiar to our profs, Steve has had to answer at least three times in some classes to his name. But that is a mere trifle in the sunny-natured young man ' s life. More power to you, Steve. m ' Steve ' lill 106 Robert Lawrence Stevens General Science Claremont, Xrw Ilanipsliire Stevens Hiirh School. If only as a nicmlH-r of the famous Stevens " trio of 1928. R. I. would de- serve recognition, but because he has also so nobly resisted the temptations of the co-eds, honorable mention cannot be beirrudiied him. Steve cares more about his .Majestic 1 Hi than all the co-eds in the world. To Steve belonjjs the capt.iiney of Vermont ' s cribbage team. He is also a wicked bridge dummy. Professor Met- i.ilf has Steve picked out as his suc- cessor in till- dr|),irtnient of ))sychiilogy. Steve is incomjjar.iblc as a student and merits our felicitations, since by his talents, many a less-gifted classmate has found his courses easier. E. RL C. UI.VI,K Sril ' OH Literary Scientific Barre, crmont Sigma Alpha C ' lii; Spauidiutr Ilitih School: Gold Kev; C ' ross-countrv (-) ; Track (1); Chiss track (1); Clas.s Cross- country (2); Press Club, News Editor (3); Cheniistrv Chil); Corporal (2); Sergeant (3). ' enus and Adonis were ])laying on the sands of Mirror Lake one summer day when an uimsu.illy large wave broke over their heads. After the bil- lows had cleared away a beautiful lad with a cherubic face picked himself up from the pebbles and shook the water out of his ears. Veinis gave him one look out of the corner of her eye and Adonis was a dead issue in this case. l " " or it was no one less Hud Suitor come to town. Bud is equally at home in chemistry lab. on a Saturday evening at the Van Ness, or on the ruiniing track. ' R. L. " , " Steve ' ' Bud " 107 George Stuart Talcott Agriculture Williston, Vermont Sigma Nu; Burlington High School; Kev and Serpent; Gold Kev; Scabbard and l)lade; Alpha Zeta ; Baseball (1, J, 3); As- sistant Manager Basketiiall (3); Student Senate (3); Junior Week Committee; Faculty-Student Council (3) ; Sergeant ) ■ Lieutenant (3). - Equally clever whether out on Cen- tennial Field or over in Morrill Hall, this long lean Aggie, believes in letting the other fellow do tiie talking. He takes all prizes when it comes to lono-- distance listening. Although he never lets on, yet it is rumored that George has two weaknesses — one. a tendency to hold fortli at rare intervals on his future poultry farm, and as for the other, call the Jletropolitan Life In- surance. Although we often think of those who follow the calling of the soil as being a bit rough, yet we have here a living example that this is untrue. Daxiel Tatelman Commerce and Economics lanchester, New Hampshire Tail Kpsilon Phi; Manchester High School; Junior Week Committee; Press Club (. ' ); Glee Club (1); Band (J, 3); Corporal (J); Sergeant (3). This " youth personified " person who is gazing at you, has tlie misfortune to be a native of Manchester, N. H. Pie came to Vermont resolving to prove the good qualities of New Hampshire as comp.ircd witii tlie wilds of ' ermont. After enjoying a wild time his first year Dan decided that Vermont wasn ' t so bad after all. Dan is the kind of fellow who can talk for hours on any subject whatso- ever, but is willing to be convinced. As for his brilliancy, anyone wlio lias been in any of his classes can vouch for the fact that he can start with nothing and make a recitation out of it. " George " ' ■Dair 108 .Maiii.(| - ' iN{ knt Tavloh, Jit. Literary Science Richford, VTmont I niihd.i I.itii; Hicliford Hifrli School; -MoiitpclitT Sciiiiiiary: Pliilli[)s Exeter Ac.ideiny; Key and Serpent; Gold Kcv ; Pi Delta Hho; tennis (J); Baselmll Second Team (. ' ) ; Class Football (1); Ciniir Board (- ' , :i). Athletic Editor (3); lil. N Ariel Hoard; Press Club (i, 3); Footliall Hop Committee (- ' ); Deutsche Vercin; Corpo- ral (- ' ). Above, wo liave the valiant Sunshine Taylor, whom we jiredict will soon be- come baldlieaded. unless he takes very good care of those few sparse locks above his dark lowering brow. But his whole coiiiittiianee. yea — even his whole iicrsoii radiates that wonderful but unnamed (juality, " It. " He lias some worthwiiiic eli.iracter- istics and a long, windy line that rivals the breezes from Lake Chanipl.iin in mid-winter. Sun will uudoubtedlv l)r heard from l ater in Congress Ic.-iding the farm l.iixir bloc. Nehic.miaii .Vi, akado ' I ' owne General .Scirnee Swanton. ' ermont Phi Delta Theta ; Swanton liifrli School; (3) ; Honor Interfrateniity Conference Scliolarshi|); Cor])oral (J). Xehcnnah .Mvar.-ido Townr. That is his nanu . however it is iu)t his fault, but as a result he has at least a dozen nicknames. Nelii. as he is well known among the campus frequenters is noted for his rotundity. Although it is the old adage that no one loves a fat man. in this it .seems the exeej)ti(m to the ancient rule is |)ers()nified in Nehi. Witli ills captivating face which is like a cherui) ' s. he is decidedly pojni- lar with the inmates of the dormitories. He jjrefers not to let the women inter- fer with his heavy schedule at the Ma- jestic or his frequent walks uj) and down Church Street. ' Siiiixliinc " " Xriti ' Tuic: 10!) Arthur Charles Uxsworth General Science Burlington, Vermont Kappa Sigma; Burlington Higli Scliool; Pliillips Exeter Academy; Class Football (1, J); Assistant Manager Hookey (3); Assistant Business Manager Ci nic (3); 1928 Ariel Board; Junior Week Committee; Pi Delta Rho; Corporal (2); Sergeant (3). Nature has endowed this flaxen- lieaded giant with plenty of muscle and tlie frame of a Cyclops. Whitey does not let his vigorous physique go to waste. He just exults in Frosh-Sopho- more battles. Last fall, heeding the call of the hard-pressed Gold Key, he appeared to defend tlie honor of the class of 1929 at tlie Howard Fountain. The grind editors find litey a great source of comfort. Anyone who is reeking witli righteous indignation at tlie treatment received in his grind is hereby addressed to our colleague, who is authorized to dispose of all com- plaints. John Rich Vail Commerce and Economics West Roxbury, Massachusetts Phi Delta Theta; English High School. Take heed of his middle name and you will find tlie key to his whole future. John is the financial wizard of the Phi Delt house and the men are few that can match him in matters of dollars and cents (sense). Our only worry is that we have reason to suspect tliat he is the Iiost of a very healtliy " Trypanosoma " (sleeising sickness parasite), judging from the strong affinity wliich he shows for a nice warm bed. However, this is of minor conse- quence because, when awake, no one need worry about John, for he was born with an extraordinary (not acquired) business abilitv. ill •Jfint, ■y -■Jfi - J lilt II II I 110 AhEI, . ( l 1(1 N ' alenti Civil En ciiu ' cring New Bedford. Massachusetts Sigma Alpha Clii; New Bedford Ilifrh School; Football Squad (2); Frcshinaii Football (1); Baseball (1, 3); Serjreant (3). Abe is Mcll known for iiis elicery smile and friendly frreetini;:. He is studyino- to be a civil engineer, though he hints at times that lie would like to see the world a bit. then do a little writing. Though .i trifle slight in st.ature, as a freshman he jilayed base- b.ill. and last year earned his letter. He also plays qu.-irterbaek in football occasionally. His black hair covers a keen intellect, as well as an inestimable fund of jokes. At a recent date a tliin- li.iiry growth lias appeared beneath his nose. Perhaps this serves the mouth as the eyelashes do the eyes, tho igh of course its chief jnirpose may be to win favor in the eves of the co-eds. PlIU.I.II " H 11(11) W ' lIEELEU Electrical Engineering Jonesville. ' ermont Sifrina Helta; .Tericho High School; Ilonor Scholarsliip. Another who lielicves in that well-known saying, " Silence is golden. " In spite of his quiet exterior, Phil has been known to become real ex- cited, especially when dealing with the relatively strange paths of higher edu- cation. One always sees that cheerful smile on his countenance, and we feel sure that if one were to meet this smil- ing young man in far-off China, he would still wear the same happy smile. Phil has no weaknesses, at least none that are visible to the naked eye, and if he still is able to maint.-iin his un- troubled air. should literally " take the wdrld liv smile. " ' " i;, „ " ' Ab ' PhiV, - ' Do 111 Robert Morton Whitcomb Electrical Engineering Essex Junction. Vermont Sifrma Nu; Essex Junction Higli Scliool; Pliilli))s Exeter Academy; Gold Key; Key and Serpent; Footliall Squad (J); Basl-cet- ball Squad (1, 2, 3); Class Football (1); Junior Week Committee, Chairman Junior Prom; Student Senate (J, 3); Corporal (3); Sergeant (3). Reared on a farm, Bob ' s parents thought he ought to be prepared for college life. Consequently they sent him to Exeter. It certainly was suc- cessful for the only reason we know he was a hick is by looking at his home town. Now for the present — a conscien- tious, industrious man — Bob has shown us that lie has the goods. He is a man that we can depend on. But on the other liand. Bob must have run the Key and Serpent Society into bankruptcy providing him with stationery to ad- dress to New York Citv. P.WL Colby Will. rd General Science Passumpsic, Vermont St. Johnsbury . cademy; Sergeant (3). Tile little mail with the big pipe! This is the only way that a great num- ber of students know Willard. He is chiefly noted for his brilliant remarks in class at especially propitious moments — tliat is. if you care to call them such. Personally, we think the only reason the professors pass over his remarks is the fact that he has a " poker face. " That brings us back to the old Chinese saying. " He who has a ' poker face ' j)lays poker. " If you were ever a pa- tient at the Mary Fletcher, of whose staff he is a member, you would realize tile truth of the saying, much to your sorrow. This small man shows much potency. m " Bol - " Paid ' 112 HAnm M A( K W ' li.sox CJoiu-ral Scitiici- Berlin. New llaiupsliirc Kappa Sipiia; Berlin High School; Glee Cluh (1); Band (1, - ' ) ; Corponil (. ' ). It was sufififstcd to tlic iiciitlinian a])])t ' aring above thai he was named aftir Harry ilson tiie author. Our Harry hurriiii to investif;ate tlie inat- ttr and soon discovered tiiat his in- formant was rifiht, it having been sev- eral years after. When Harry came around for the band. .loe was quick to see the latiiit ))ossibi!lties .and ii;a f him the biirgcst job there I ' ortunately the piano .and pipe organ .are not eoiisidered es- sential instruments in an H. (). T. C. Band. Harry lives quite :i distance from Burlington but still be never gets tired riding on trains, siiu ' e he b.ardly gets time to sit down in one train before it is time to change to another line. Francis Alton Winc iieniuch firneral . scienee I ' ranunghain. .Massachusetts . l|ilia Tau Omega; (ioddard Seniinarv; Football (I, 2. :i): Baseball (i) ; Hockey (- 3); Track (- ' ) ; Class Basketball (I. - ' ) ' ; So})homorc Hop C ' oininittee; Newinai) t ' lub. This specimen of a real man should be. hails from the bean town country. Immediately u])on arriving here. ' ink m.ide his ])rescnce felt, and has continued to do so ever since. Not content with accomplishing great things in the world of s))ort. be has also aspir- ations to become an M . I). With the heavy line which none can throw like Wink, he ought to come through big in his chosen profession. Did you ever hear Wink chatter while bis face is bid behind the mask, down in the cage. ' It is an education in itself to listen in some time. Th e world at large is losing a very likable jierson. when I ' rancis enters upon the studv of anatomv. ' Ham nVnik " 113 Cedric Wolfe Commerce and Economics Burlington, ' rmont Burlington Higli Scluiol; Sergeant (3). Cedric isn ' t has as ferocious as his name would imply. In fact he is very mild and gentle. Indeed it is through his watchful vigilance that the Junior Class of Commerce and Ecs is as large as it is, for lie has been a veritable fairy godmother to manj ' of them. Although Cedric himself will admit th. t he is a " student primarily, " yet we sometimes doubt if the Willys- Knight, in which he drives up to class is for use during the day-time exclu- sively. Perhaps he is merely getting in trim for future events, when he will really be a capitalist. If he maintains the same steady advance in later life that he has while here among us, there should be little doubt but that he will be able to call himself an " Economist. " High (3); OrVILLE TlNST. LL WoOD Electrical Engineering Everett, Jlassachusetts Zeta Chi; Springfield Technical School; Track (1); Cross-countrv Glee Club (1); Band (2, 3); Springfield Club (3). Woody ' s chief claim to fame is his ability to do the two-mile faster than any other racer — liorse or man — in the State of Vermont. Two years ago he was a leader in the brave band which went forth to drive the Black Panther away from the State track champion- ship and bring it home to its natural resting place. Orville is possessed of a versatile character, being an engineer and a musician as well as an athlete. He blows a trumpet for Uncle Joe Eechnyr in a way that would make Gabriel hide his face. " Cedric " " IVoody ' 114. EvELYx M.Mid Aur.T Anderson SocTftarial Hartfordj ConiRtticiit Alpha Chi Oinepa; Hartford Public High School; Hockey (2, 3), Varsit - (2, 3); Soccer (2. 3), Manajrcr (3); Rifle (3, 3), Captain (3). Andy is one of our sportiiij; ladies; soccer, volley ball and hockey are pie to licr and slie gets as excited over a hockey game as we lesser athletes do over the rare cream coconut pie that sometimes ap})ears at Robinson din- ners. Once, in fact. Andy got so ex- cited while playing hockey that we can only guess what wonders she might have accom|)lished if she hadn ' t lost her shoe at a critical moment. But Andy ' s solemn .lim is to become an efficient stenographer, and manj ' are the light cuts that she takes to that end. If she ' s as fast on the typewriter as she is on the field there should In- no dinibt of her success. Faith I ' kindi.i: Hai.dwix Classical Hinesburg, Vermont Vlpli.i Chi Omcpa; Hineshurp High School: (ireek Club (1); Eta Sigma Phi (3); Freshman Debating Team (I); First Honor Group (1); Second Honor (Jroiip (3) ; Honor Scholarship. " Oh. Faith, isn ' t that Latin incfiil! " " Terrible I " agrees I ' aitli emphatically and tlien ))roceeds to translate as smoothly as old Cicero himself. Faith takes great delight in quizzing the pro- fessors and many are the learned gentle- men who h;ivc been nicely stumped by a soft question from tin- lady in the front row. In her frcsiunan year I ' aith ruined the reputation of Hand Hall by getting put on pro, and all because she couldn ' t remember whether she had that sundae on Church Street or not. .Vs Xew F.ngland as her name, Faith is likewise as surprising as New Eng- land weather. " Andii " " Faith " 115 .J Eloise Irexe Ballard Secretarial Barre, ' eriiiont Sigma Gamma; Spauldiiifr High Scliool; Blue Stockings (1, J, 3); Dramatic Club (1, i, 3); Freshman Rules Committee; Glee Club (2). " Elo " is the joy of the Enn-lisli de- partment. She ' s tlie kind that can scribble off one of those little required English compositions, and at the same time keep lier temper. Ask her liow she does it, " Oh, it ' s easy, just write any- thing that comes into your head. " Life would be all heaven for " Elo " if only she didn ' t have to get up on those cold and frosty morns. " It can ' t be seven o ' clock so soon! " You ought to hear lier dissertations upon the life of the " poor woiking goil. " However, if " Elo " does everytliing in life as well as she " slings the hash " at Robinson she ' ll be sure to succeed. Irene Iartha Bates Literary Scientific Springfield, Vermont Pi Beta Phi; .Springfield High Scliool; Volley Ball (1, -2, 3); Press Club (3); Blue Stockings (2, 3) ; Dramatic Club {2, 3) ; Freshman Rules Committee; Football Hop Committee; Ariki. l?oard; House Commit- tee (3); Junior Week Committee. Oil girls ! Tiie latest, hottest dope on the campus. Here ' s Batesie. Any day, at any time you ' ll find her almost any place in the library, just step in- side the door and go to the corner from which comes tlie greatest volume of noise — and there ' s Irene. It ' s open house at Robinson almost every niglit and Batesie always lias a little corner of her own — not quite of her own, but you know wliat we mean. A believer in absolute fairness and equality, Irene divides things very fairly several times a year by taking ofTense and giving him the gate. P ' ' Elo " " Bale 116 Alma Ei.izahk th I atten Secretarial .Morrisvillc, Vermont Alplia Xi Delta; I.vndon Institute; Hoekey (1, J, 3); Soccer " (- ' . 3); Hasel)all (J); I ' anliellenic Council (3); Dramatic Club (1, J, 3); Kreshnian Hules Connnittee (J); Junior Weeic Connnittee; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (-2, 3); Vice-l ' resident Women ' s Student Union (3) ; Husiness Manairer Friiihiiiini Ilnnilhonk (.?) ; Honor (irouj) " Ciosli. kids, lliat quiz was perleetly terrible. I only got a B on it! " In spite of that fact, marks are not the onh ' things Bat is thinking about. If you miss her you may find her at the office, galloping up the hockey field for a goal, or at a meeting " somewhere in the Old Mill. " There is uily mic (inn- that ice simplv ' t depend upon her. however. If there w;is .a Hit drill she wcndd let us burn, for we e.iu ' t expect such a busv l.-uly to cease licr perfi-etly fascinating dre.anis for mere tires! Er. .jiKTii . i.r)K. Hii.i.iNos Secritarial Hartford. C ' oiniectieut Pi Reta Phi; Wliitcoinli Ili ' li .School; Class Nominating Committee (2) ; Aiuki,, Women ' s Editor; Junior Week Committee; Honor Scliolarslnp. Good night! and Hetty is oil ' again roaming around .among those innumer- able Kc courses. ]5etty lets on she hates Kconomics but we know better ; deep down in her heart she revels in it. From Betty ' s mild exterior you wcnild never guess her hidden talents. If you have never seen her do the split ymi Iiave missed something. Betty can tie herself up into h.ilf-hitclics. bowlines, and true lover ' s knots without the slightest difficulty. T.alent indeed! But Betty ' s finest talent is in the art of making friends. Her winning smile, her unexpected flashes of huiiior. and her unswerving loy.alty are licr crown- ing assets. " Bai " ■•lirttli ' 111 Laura Philbrick Bliss Literar_v Scientific Burlington. Vermont Kappa Alpha Tlieta; Abbot Acadeniy; Ci nic Board, Humor Editor (3) ; Ariel Board, Grind Editor; Frcsliman Rules Com- mittee; Panhellenic Council (3); Blue Stockings (1, ;?, 3); Fresliman Debating Team (I); Second Honor Group (1, -2). " Oh no. I don ' t think so ! " Thus Laura, standing ' her ground in some argument, and soon she will liave you convinced not to think so either. " Do I look funny ? " questions Laura of Benny Phelps as he announces her Humorous Editor of tlie Cynic. " Not funny but rather punny, " answers Benny. For altliough Professor Tapper in- sists that puns are the lowest form of wit, Laura shows by her column that .she has dedicated her life to uplifting tlieir lowlv condition. ] L RY AXXA BlRBANK Home Economics Chelsea, Vermont Chelsea High School; Honor Scholarship. jSIary and her little bag are insepa- rable. What that bag contains is one of the college mysteries and one that probably will never be solved. Is it books, or lunch, or does that innocent appearing bag harbor a complete set of burglar ' s tools or a sawed-off shot- gun ? At any rate the bag and Mary are never apart and when she enters the Pearly Gates we expect to see that little bag come tagging right along. ' Laiir ' Ma y 118 Mahv Ki.izahktii 15riiKK Secret;! rial Essex .Iiinetion. Wrniont Pi Beta Plii; liiirliiifiton Hifrh School; Hackctball (1, ;. ' ), Manaper (3); Baseball (1, - ' ) ; Soccer (- ' ) ; W. A. A., Secretary (3). Tee Hee Hee I C]i ' kiiii; heels, black l)()l)l)e(I curls, fjifjslcs. and that ' s Betty I ' would ve do witiiout her. ' She kcc|)s us all in sjjmsiiis of laughter by that irresistible giggle and if she doesn ' t stop soon she is surely going to get " Skinnie. " She is a woni.-m of many arts, she can dance when the rest of us are all in, play basketball just for the fun of it. after everyone else is worn out and kee|) the ' . A. A. records in order. We used to think she got her rest on her daily trolley rides from Essex and back, but we know now that she gets it slee|)iuir in cl;iss. AXXIOTTK Kl.I . l)i:ill BuRXS Literary Scientific Burlington, Vermont Kappa Alpha Theta; I?urlinf;t()ii High School; Ohio Wcslcvaii l iiivci-sitv; Ilockcv (2, 3) ; Basketball (_ ) ; .tuiiidr Week Coin " - mittee. The Reo conns hariug up lo the Old IMill. glides smoothly to a st i|). and out steps Annette ready for another tussle with the Psych l)el)artment. She rushes into class, gives the instructor the con- ventional fifty minutes ' attention, then she is ott to the gym wliere she proceeds to prove, and with the utmost ease, that the arts of soccer, basketball, .and what have you arc not so dillieult as they might seem. Annette ' s favorite words are " I crave excitement " and you may well be- lieve that when Net craves excitement she goes out and gets it, whether it be in talking back to Professor Squires or in generously giving rides to half the collcae. ' Betty " " Xcf 119 ■ P BWI 1 " 1 1 eSv ' k 1 !-•», - 1 Dorothy Carpenter General Science Passumpsic, Vermont St. Jolinsbury Academy; Volley Ball (1) ; Honor Scholarship. " Tlie earl}- bird catclies the worm " is Dot ' s maxim. Never yet. to our knowledge, has Dorothy been late to class. Dot never gets angry but slie always puts up a good argument. Try and argue with her if you dare ! She ' s always ready for most any - thing, but her favorite good times con- fine themselves chiefly to movies, swim- ming and " rides. " If you ask Dot what time she got in last niglit, slie will tell you trutlifully that she didn ' t look at the clock. She says she ' s going to be a matlie- matieian. and we can well believe her. MARciARET Jean Clark Home Economics North Troy, Vermont Alpha Chi Omega; North Trov Hi :li School; Volley Ball (1, . 3). Captain (1), Manager (J); I.e Cercle Lafayette; Home Economics Club; Honor Scholarship. " Oh. Physiol, is an awful course. It makes me very blue ; I don ' t know an artery from a vein; And I doubt if I ever do! " Thus, or approximately thus, wails Maggie shortly before getting away with a beautiful bluif in that very same Physiology class. Don ' t let her fool you. If we were clever we could m.-ike up some lovely little puns about Maggie; something about the Trojan Wars per- haps. A ' e even thought something- might be done witli a few remarks about the Xorniaii conquest. ' Dot ' " Maggie " 120 Marion Louise Ci-eveland I-itcrary Scientific ( ' i)vintry. X ' criuont Kap]ia Alpha Tlu ' ta ; St. Jolmshury Acadnny; Masfhall (- ' ) ; Soiilioiiiorc Hop Coniinittt ' f : .Iiniinr W ' crk Coniniittff; (ilff C ' lul. (J). Our Maridii. «lu-ii slu- was a fresh- man, onee got u at tiie un-jodly hour of three in the morniiijj. on the eohlest day of the winter, to eateli tlie .St. .(olinshury train. That un|)reee(leiited occurrence is ;i very fjood symbol of her ciiaracter. If she is determined to do something, even three A. M. irui twenty lielow zero won ' t sto)) iier. I ' he Theta ' s )jrecious urand piano and .Marion work very well together indeed, miuli to tin- relief of those of her sisters who aren ' t hlessed with her sense of what notes should he flatted and what not. 1 1 ' liy .iny ehanee Angus ' doesn ' t ha))pi ii to h.ixe received the score of some out-of-town foothall game they always call up .Marion to find out. MiKiKi. Frances Clevklaxd Cl.-issical .Springlield. .Mass;ieliusetts Alpha Xi Delta; (.■ntral Hlph .School; Hockey (3); Volley I5all (3); Soccer (:. ' , 3); Mas(iuc and Satidal; Cast, " The .Saving Grace, " " Captain .Xjiiilejack. " Like pretty ne.irly everybody else in .Springfield, .Muriel eventually decided that the best place for her was at Ver- mont. When she arrived we heartily agreed with her. and ever since that time a large dehgation of gentlemen has been earnestly trying to make her like Vermont. Muriel ' s tremendous eyes and fly- away uio]) of silvery blond hair make her look like an exquisite I ' reneh " lady doll. " But alas, for similies, Muriel nuist effectively demonstrates that be- neath that wavy hair there is no clock- work mechanism that s.iys " .Mama, " but a very capable brain. . nd that is something that e en the |)rettiest French doll doeMi ' t i)ossess. Marion " Mooricl ' 121 Dorothy Adelaide Crandall He E conomics Essex Junction. Vermont Essex Junction High Scliool; Volley Ball (l); Soccer (1, 3); Press Club (i) ; Le Cercle Lafayette (3) ; Home Economics Club; Newman Club. The professor clears his tliroat three times, raps on the desk, calls the roll, clears his throat again and eventually begins his lecture. Just as he is getting warmed up to his subject in comes Dot with the most innocent expression imaginable. Can it be that slie is really late ? For Dorothy thinks that one of the greatest faults in the world is un- punctuality, and no one is more sur- prised than she when slie finds that for ten minutes, more or less, the class has been going on without her. Howe er, we can forgive ever her in- curable lateness as long as we feel sure that she will arrive eventually, for we couldn ' t get along without her. Pearl Evelyn Darling General Science Wolcott, Vermont Hardwick Academy. Altliough Pearl looks down on us from her superior height, we cannot call her superior in any other sense of the term, as she is always ready and willing to do anything for us, and she wears a smile that is guaranteed not to fade, run or shrink. Pearl is very interested in the stars just at present, and she is often dis- covered out on the lawn at Redstone star-gazing. Reason ? — Astronomy. She aspires to the ranks of a teacher of mathematics and we ' re telling you, that if her pupils imbibe any of her earnestness, they ' ll all be little Ein- steins bv and by. ' Doruth y -Pearl ' 122 Eleanor Mae Davison Classical Hiirliiiu;toii. Vt-rniDiit Si). ' iii.i Gfiinma; Vermont Academy; Glee Clul) (- ' , 3), Sextet (2) ; Dramatic Club (J, ;{) ; Masque and Sandal (S) ; Y. V. C. A. Cabinet (:i). Anotlier of tliosc town jjirls who arc blessed with a car! And how the co-eds hound for Norwich week-ends do angle for rides to Xorthtield with Eleanor. Eleanor has heen liidinj something from us we fear. Not until last year did she venture on the speaking stage, when she api)cared in the Dramatic Clul) play " Overtones. " Will we ever forget her as " Harriet " ? Hut all these outside attractions don ' t ))revent El from hitting her courses right on the head (or wherever it is that the blow lands when you hit a course). She is noted for her good grades and if this is any indication we ))ri(li(t that she will go far. Dorothy May Dearino Literary Scientific South Royalton, Vermont Kappa Al])ha Theta; South Uoyalton Hijrh School; Sophomore Hop Committee; Junior Week Committee; Honor Seliohir- sliip. Add to the charming face above, one small asthmatic Ford, a complete in- ability to start for class until two minutes before the hell and an equally complete determination to get there in a minute and a half, and you have an excellent ])icture of Dot jjursuing her edut ' atioii. I ' lirs iiiii is right ! A ' lieii she is tinaliy arrived in class we hear a ))oorly su]jpressed whisper, " If he calls on me I ' ll never come to this class again! " And we believe it until the inevitable " ]SIiss Dearing " is heard, when Dottie clears her throat and proceeds to give a |)erfectly sat- isfactory recitation, continues to come to class and eventually pulls a li in tin- course. " Eleanor " " Dot " 123 Frances Maria Dimick General Science Richmond. Vermont Alplia Chi Omega; Riclimoiul Hijrh Scliool; First Honor Grou]) (1); House Vice-President (3) ; Freslimaii Debating Team. Fran is one of tlie few girls we know who would recognize a test-tube if she met it on the street, and wlio knows that a retort is not always an S. C. B. (snappy come-back). In other words, she ' s a cliemist of the first water and seems to be destined to follow in the footsteps of Mme. Curie. She is likewise a most successful business-woman, for during the summer she manages a store in the wilds of Hinesburg and reaps, so they say, enormous profits. P ' ran seems to do most everything well — except tutor- ing; at that, she sadly admits, she is a failure, for try as she will iier pupils in- variably flunk their exams. ' era Evelyx Doyle Literary Scientific St. Johnsbury, Vermont Delta Delta Delta; St. Johnsbury Acad- emy; Blue Stockings (3, 3). We never saw an honest-to-goodness " grande dame " but we feel quite sure that if we ever did. she would look very much like ' era. .Small, but very straight, petite but dignified, hair just touched with grey and such blue, blue eyes. Distinguislied. if you know what we mean. At any rate Vera has the English De- partment down on its knees begging for mercv. She has taken all tlie courses they have to offer and now, like Alexander, is sighing for more. It is reputed that Professor Dean has lost considerable hair simply through worry- ing over what new course he could next offer Vera, and Professor Tupper ' s mustache has gotten quite grey around the edges for tlie same reason ! ' I ' ll It II I ' I era 12i Unsri.A M. h(:ai!kt Dwvek (l.-issif.-il UiirliM{i;ton. Vermont Kniipa Delta; Mount Saint M.iiy Acad- i-iny; Kta Sipma I ' lii : Ncwiii.iii (lull. A tall yoiinfi l.idy with black curly liair wliicli was recently changed to a very modish l)ol). who seems to like to j;o to class about as well as she woidd welcome n good stiff dose of castor oil. May we present Miss Ursula Dwyer? Yet she is our ))ri7.e Classical student, being very versatile in both Latin and (jreek. So a|)|)earancts arc deceiving in lier ease at least. Ask Ursula .aboMl her I ' hysiology course — and then run for cc) cr — for al- though she took to it as a duck to water, nuiscles and liiin ' s were all the same to h.r. Katiiahi.vk Mahv K( ki.kv classical Proctor. Wrniont Sigma (Jainnia; I ' riictor IIi}. ' -li School; Volley I?all (1, J); House Coinmlttcc (J); (Ireek " F.ranos " (I, J); Sccrctarv (- ' ) ; Kta Sifrma Phi; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (8); Glee Club (-2, 3). If anybody should ever come riding up oil a white horse and ask you " Who is the most efficient ))crson in the class of ' 28? " you would be perfectly safe in .saying. " Katharine Eckley ! " For accomplishing the most in tiie shortest space of time and saying the about it allow us to nominate Miss Eckley. Kitty ' s talents range all the way from Latin to stenography, and from stenog- ra|)hy to l)ol)l)ing corn. At the last named does she jjarticiilarly shine. She can pop it to perfection and her effi- ciency in the matter of eating it is be- yond all rational exjicctations. ' [ ' rxiihi " ' hiilliiiriiw ' 125 Beatrice Elizabeth Farman Literary Scientific Newport. Vermont Delta Delta Delta; Newport High School; Lilac Day Committee; Freshman Rules Committee. Bee debated on Capital Punishment one day — but don ' t let that worry you ; Bee wasn ' t to blame for the sub- ject. During our freshman and sophomore years we were frequently treated to a very pleasing sight, namely Bee and Twink, tlie inseparables. But Bee ' s twinkling star disappeared below her liorizon, at least as far as college was concerned, and Bee was disconsolate. However, slie lias by no means lost her ready tongue and her snappy come- backs are as famous as ever. Her wits are always sliarpened and ready for the enjoyment and enlightenment of the in- mates of Grassmount. ] IaY ZoE FlSKE Literary Scientific New Haven. Vermont Beeman Academy; Press Club (2); Honor Scholar.ship. Round blue eyes, round pink cheeks, and fat yellow braids ; May should wear wooden shoes and be called Katrinka, for she looks for all the world like one of the jolly little Dutch girls in " Hans Brinker. ' ]5ut instead of a dog cart, May drives a Ford sedan which is usu- ally loaded to the gunwales with an as- sortment of girls, tennis rackets. Latin books, various articles of gym attire and more girls. We suspect that she studies that Latin on the long drives from Essex Center ; else how explain the combination of a very good grade in Latin and a very bad dent in the fender? ' Bee ■May- ' 126 Makiox Sylvia Foster Literary Scientific Cliester, Vermont Chester High School; Honor Scholarship. After an illustrious committee of Deans. Presidents and assorted diirnita- ries had nut in solemn eonelave .iiid de- cided tlijit .iltliouich tliey trravcly doubt- ed if one so younu; could do eollene work, yet " little " Marion mifjlit attend college tiiough still at the tender age of fifteen — after all this had happened. Maid Marion jjrocceded to up and show ' em tliat some Jieople of fifteen know a lot more than most people of eighteen or nineteen and that in fact " it isn ' t how old you are — it ' s liow old yon act that matters. " How Jack ever manages to get any studying done is a mystery, for after she ' s studied for five minutes she has to take time out to laugh for ten before she can go on. MoNETTA Olive I- ' oster Literary Scientific Chester Depot, Vermont Chester High School. A most friendly and cheerful person is Netta, who bestows her smiles on everyone from tlie Dean to the janitor, with the greatest generosity, that is, when she ' s not telling ghost stories. If Xctta feels iiisi)ired with a ghost story she doesn ' t smile and neither do you, for of all the hair-raising, blood-curd- ling, clammj ' -handed stories you ever heard — ! Her more high-j)owered ones are guaranteed to freeze a roomful of Jjcople cold with fright in eight mituites. Xetta has pluck; the doughty heroes of her stories, who face with such cool- ness haunted houses and sheeted figures are no m ore brave than she, for she has faced and overcome greater obstacles tlian most of us have ever known. " Jack " " Netta " 127 Edith Lilian Gale Literary Scientific Plattsburg, New York Delta Delta Delta; St. Agnes Scliool; Albany, New York; House Committee (1). " Oh. who wants to study . Let ' s talk for awhile. Do you remember the time — " and Edith i.s off. Perhaps you have heard her tell the same story before but we ' ll bet a cookie that you haven ' t heard this version of it. As she says, while she is at it she mioht as well make it really thrilling ' , and anyway it might Ila e happened. Edith thinks there is nothing like playing a good stirring practical joke on someone, just to make him feel at home and catch the right sjjirit. And so in her sophomore year she was unani- mously elected leader of the Grass- mount " .Tovial Hour " which was one of the most original features of that dormitorv. Lrcv Eva Galli Classical Stapleton, Staten Lsland, New York Kapi)a Delta; Spaulding High School; Soccer (1); Second Honor Group (-2). Lucy is a past master in the gentle art of speaking French and her ability along other lines is equally good. But the field in which she excels is the mat- ter of table etiquette. In that line she is an unquestioned authority. .She can tell you exactly which of the six forks to use. what to do in that dire moment when you are tempted to order chicken salad for the third time, and slie knows the answer to " should she ask him in? " But there is one thing for which you should be prepared; Never ask Lucy Iier opinion on a subject unless you are ready to hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but tlie truth, p ' or Lucy is the most straightforward soul that ever was born. " Edith " " L„ y 12S Eileen French Goodwin I.itirary Scientific Biirlini;toii, ' crnioMt Delta Delta Delta; Uurliiifrton IliL ' li School: Vice-President (J); Rifle Team (1. - ' ); Hockev (1, :i) ; Soccer (J, 3); Basketball (. ' ): " Hasehall (1); Volley Hall (J. :J); Dramatic Clul) (1. -2, 3); Chairman Freshman Kiiles t ' ommittee; Y. W. C. A. Uazaar Committee (1, . ' , li) ; Sophomore Hop Committee; Jnnior Week Committee; Student I ' nion Council {, ' ); (ilee Club (1, i, :i). " BingI Bing! Biiigl " in rapid succes- sion, and Eileen lias scored tlirce bull ' s- eye as nonchalantly ;is tlioufjli she were ordcriiiii a sandwich at the fdlTee Corner. F.ilcen ' s clieerful " hello there I " is well known on the campus and if you ever see her witliout that smile and ac- coni])anying dimple you may know that some terrible catastrnpJK occurred, such as no litter in the umrniny: m;iil. KaTIIKIIINK .StAMK (iuilI-lTII .Sccrilarial M ,inclii--tcr. rrnioiit Kap|ia Alplia Tliila; Kimball I ' nion; ISurr and liurlon .Seminary; Class Secre- tary (1); Manajrer Winter Carnival (J); Ariki. Hoard: Cllee Club (I. J. ;5). Take a Dresden (liina slicphirdess, add two handluis of minted siold for hair and .i tcas])oonful of the blue of the Mediterranean for eyes; mix well together. Flavor delicately with " Che- valier d ' Orsay. " Result, — Kay. Kay is the jtrinccss in the fairy tale. She looks like a fairy princess. The fact that she struggles ni.anfully with sueli mundane things as Keonomics doesn ' t change our conviction .i whit. Slie is merely in disguise. If some day Kay siiould suddenly tliniw iirr books through the window and ride .iway on a white palfrey it would not surprise us in the least. All fairy princesses have white ])alfrcys and ride away on thini ;it the end of the storv. ' Eileen ' •K ay 129 Illi! Dorothy May Hall Home Economics Burlington. Vermont Kappa Alpha Tlieta ; Burlinjrton High School; Class Secretary (J); Class Vice- President (3); Baskethall (1); Basehall (1); Soccer (1); Football Hop Committee; Dramatic Cluh (1, 2, 3), Secretary (i) ; Y. W. C. A. Bazaar Committee (. 3); Stu- dent Union Council (3); Xominating Com- mittee (-2, 3); Glee Club (1); Home Eco- nomics Club; W. A. A. Council (1). If eyer you see Dot Hall without a smile then you may expect anything from an eartliquake to the eruption of Mount Mansfield. Furthermore the way in which she ]5ilots that Reo is an education in itself and when she driyes by with " Teddy " sitting beside lier in all his canine dignity, we wonder if perhaps she hasn ' t missed her voca- tion. Be this as it may. it is certain that ' 28 was so delighted with Dot as secre- tary that she was fayored immediately witli the yice-presidency. Doris Adella Hart Ho E ome Jiconomics North Bennington, Vermont Alplia Chi Omega; North Bennington High School; Volley Ball (J, 3), Varsity (2), Captain (2); Rifle (3); Football Hop Committee; Junior Week Committee; Col- lege Orchestra (2); Home Economics Club; Honor Scholarship. A spotless little Dutch yillage. Windmills. Canals. A blue-eyed, rosy- cheeked girl with corn-colored hair; that is Doris in her true element. We wonder if Dutch girls play saxo- phones. If not then we seriously ad- vise them to take it up, for it certainly does add to the joy of nations, and for proof we have Doris at the Vermonters ' Club parties. The toots and trills that she coaxes out of that sax of hers pro- vide a powerful incentive for our am- bitious Charlestoning co-eds, and we liate to tliink what those parties will be like after she leaves lis. ' Dot " " Duris " 130 Jeanxktte I, aura Hays Secretarial Burlington, ' erniont Al|)lia Chi Omcpa; liurlitifrloii Hieh Schiiol; Horkcv (1. -2), Captain (1); Basl«-tl)all (I), Manafrcr (1, 2); Hascliall (1); Tennis (1), Manaper (1); Football Hop Committee; Ariki. Hoard; Ma(|ua Club; Chairman Fall Field Day Uallv; V. A. A. Council (2). " And we did liave such fun ! " Tluis Billy, deseriliinfi nnytliiiig from a jironi to a jjienic. Billy enjoys everything. We verily helieve that if slie were siiip- wrecked on a desert island the reselling ))arty would find her doubled up with laughter over the anties of the chim- l)an7,(es and orang-utans. That song of hallowed memory " . in ' t ' e Got Fun? " nnist have heen written espe- eiallv for her. Paii.ine Xohtox Hili- Classical Bristol, ' enuc)nt Bristol High School; Honor .Scliolarsliip. When Pauline is not Jioring over the pages of her beloved (ircek in a very successful attempt to live up to the illustrious records of other members of her family, she devotes her time to a number of remarkable pursuits. Among these we might mention iier penchant for collecting signs to adorn the walls of the apartment on Colchester Avenue, or her most beneficial labors in collect- ing valuable research material for future students of Physiologj ' 1- Pauline ' s sense of humor expresses itself in a very unique manner. Did you ever liear of a person who had a habit of collecting class-room jokes for the edification of her friends? That is wliat Pauline does and the results of her researches are decided! v uortli reailinu;. ' Rilhf •Polh, 131 Mildred Harriet Huntley Literary Scientific Fairfax, Vermont Bellows Free Academy; Honor Scliolar- sliip. Mildred once told us that if there was anything- in tlie world that she liked it was week-ends. And we believe her. Every Saturday at 12.59 she can be seen rushing madly down Main Street, with her suit ease floating out beliind Iier and a look of keenest anticipation on her face. She looks as if she iiad a date with tlie Prince of Wales but she liasn ' t — she ' s going to Fairfax. By the way. if you want any informa- tion on " How to Ciioose Courses and Schedules that Avoid all Saturday Classes " , go to Mildred. She is aii authority on tlie subj ect. Carolyn Hiestis Hyde Home Economics Benson. Vermont Pi l?eta Phi; I.claiul and Grav Seminary; Basketball (1, -2), Captain (i); Student Faculty Comicil (. ' ); Glee Club (1, 3, 3); Class Nominating Committee (3); Home Economics Club; Honor Scholarship. Carolyn is a Gainsborough portrait come to life. Dress her in a sweeping plumed liat and a velvet gown, make her sit still for a couple of minutes (try and do it), and you have a picture that should be framed and hung in an art gallery. But we wonder what college would be like if Carolyn were to repose perma- nently in an art gallery. We know that we would feel that an integral part was lacking if at some time during the day we didn ' t liear her telling of the perfectly terrible thing that happened yesterday at Practice House or of that perfectly killing story she read. ' Mil ' ' Ciirol i it ' 132 Dkhoiiaii Johnson Literary Scientific Beverly, Massaeiiusctts Kappa Alpha Tlicta; Miss Madeira ' s School; Radcliffe (1). Doubtless you ' ve seen a yoimi; lady SMUiitiriiii about tiie eaniiius, appar- ently without a care in the world. This is Deb and you may know her by her hair. Such hair; it has by numerous love-sick swains been described variously as re- semblinn: a winter sunset, a brifrht new }Iold ))itce. candlelifjlit seen throuiili old brandy, and carrots. It is the i)ride and joy of all the men and the envy of all the women. Anyone wlio is so inclined, and most everybody is, may find Deborah (emphasis on tlie o please, miieli to her disirust) at the Coffee Corner, break- fasting with some well-known athlete at almost anv hour of the mornini;. Alplia School. Elise Kith .Ioxks Kduc.ation Hiirlins;ton, ' ermont Chi Omepa; Burliiifitiiii IliL ' ll So you thought Kutii w;is serious all of the time, did you. ' Well, we bate to disillusion you, but tilis is not the case at all. No one witii lier sense of humor and ready wit eoidd ever hupe to be always earnest. However, we ad- mit that there is an air of indejjendence and dignity about her that is apt to de- ceive anyone, so you .are not entirely to blame. Rutii ' s favorite indoor s])orts are bridge and Frencli, and slie is a master of both. Her precision in one is equalled onlj- by lier skill in the other, and the person wlio can cilcli hir in either is indeed to be I ' oMgralulatrd. ' Dch- ' Joiicsy ' 133 Frances Chadbotrxe Knight Secrct irial Burlington. ' ermont Pi Beta Phi; Burliiifrton Hi Mi School; Class Vice-President (1). " Gentlemen prefer blondes. " This statement may be proved by observance of the above young lady. Fran takes life easily ; studies never worry her. We have often heard conversations of which this is a type. Any of us: " On what page does our test begin tomor- row? " Fran: " Oh, do we have a test tomorrow ? " She may not be ready for her tests but she is always more than ready for a dance, tea, or movie. In fact. Fran enjoys society so much that an occasional class but gives a kind of relish to her perpetual holiday. MiRiA.M Ellen Lawrence Home Economics Bristol, ' ermont Kappa . ipha Theta; Bri.stol High School ; Glee Club (1, J, 3); Home Economics Club (1, - ' , 3). Miriam has the distinguishing feature of an adorable nose. Lots of people have pretty hair, or eyes, or mouths be- cause merely passable hair, eyes, and mouths can be fixed up to look just lovely, but there is nothing you can do to a nose but powder it and that doesn ' t get you very far. Consequently to be born with a cute nose is a great asset indeed, for proof of which we offer the jncture above. Miriam should go into business as a caterer, for the way she manages the Theta teas is a marvel She knows of more varieties of sandwiches than the Earl of Sandwich himself and each one is more delicious than the last. ' Fran " " Miriai. 134 ElKANOH ToHV 1,0( IvWOOD Home Economics Burliiiiitoii. ' l•rm()Ilt Kdppa Ali)lia Tlifta; Biirlin rtiiii Hifrli; Soccer (- ) ; Baseball (1); Vollev Hall. Manajrer (1); Dramatic Club (2, 3) " ; Foiitball Hop Committee; .Tiiiiior Week Committee; Home Keonomies Club (1, i, 3), ' (3); X ' ermonters ' Club, Secretary and Treasurer (J). " Want a ride? " A very little persoii j riii-, ;it yon from behind an apparently monstrous steer- injl-wlieel, and a pair of brown eyes tliat seem altogether too large for the small face to which they belong smile invitingly. Tliat ' s El. She looks like one of tiie brisk little brownies in the old f.iiry-books. Besides this. El oecu])ies the position of ,I )ke-telIer-in-Extraordinary to the Theta House and we assure you that she fills it most cap iMv indeed. RlTIl Kl.lZADKTII I.OVELI, Literary .Scientirie Springtield, Wrmont Pi Beta I ' lii; .Spriii frfieUl Hi;. ' !! .Seliool ; Cushinfr Academy; Wheaton; Oberlin: (ilee Club (J. ,3); To ' wn Committe - (J). AVheatoii. Oln i-lin and tlnii X ' ermont. Ruth tried them all and finally settled here with us. Well — we aren ' t kicking. We had .ilw.iys been jjretty sure that ' ermont had few equals but to h:ive Ruth bear out our belief by coming and staying is ery |)leas;uit. All the L iiiversity Row buildings have had the same ixperience (except the new chapel. ;uid prob.-ibly ex- cejition will be ruled out before long). said exi)erience being the rendezvous before .md .after class of Ruth and her side-kick. W ' li.-it they find to talk about is none of our luisimss liut whatever it is it must be ten-ibh ' absorbinu ' . ' Eleanor ' ' ■liiilli ' 135 i m if ' i Helen Marie Lynch Secretarial St. Albans, Vermont Kappa Delta; St. Mary ' s Institute- Hockey (I); Basketball (1); Newman Club. The first requisite of a suitor for the hand of fair Helen is a good-looking car. The bigger the better. Helen the carefree. Helen tlie funloving, whose eyes are always laughing at you with spontaneous good nature. Helen to whom a good time is as necessary as food. Helen wlio believes that serious- ness in life is all the bunk. Yet her life is not all frivolity. Far into the night she burns the midnight oil. Is she studying.? We wonder. P.4ULINE Frances Lynch Classical Burlington, ' erniont Kappa Delta; Mciuiit Saint .Marv ' s Acad- emy; Football Hop Committee (-2) : Rifle Team (i). Manager (3); Ariel Board; Junior Week Committee; Newman Club. A very fascinating senorita is our Polly with her dusky hair and snai)i:)ing brown eyes, and she is as versatile as she is fair. On the hockey field, on the rifle range, in class bluffing the poor be- wildered professors, or cooking the family dinner at home, she shines at them all. She is also a violinist of no mean repute and at the piano — wliew ! Tlie music just seems to ripple from her nimble fingers. With all these accom- plishments Polly does not neglect the sterner elements of college life. Al- most any evening will find her in the library helping some struggling atlilete prepare his lessons for the ne.xt day. " Helc ' •Polly ' 136 F.LOISK CinAf K M((il,AKI-IX Classical Barre, Vermont Ali)ha Xi Delta; Spauhliii r lli ' li School; Mouse President (3). " Anxious for collcfr ' to open. Klo. ' " " Slili ! I ' m lH-i;iiuiin «; Circck! " JJiit s]u- ntfd not ft-ar, for college is anvtiiinp; but (ircck to Rio. Don ' t waste vour sympathy that way on this black- haired, eherr_v-smilcd youngster. If there were lists of accom] lishmcnts as well as lionors, Elo ' s would run some- what as follows: Uridge (1. 2, 3); Ten- nis; Manager of fraternity suppers, etc.; Bridge (4, 5, 6); Slinging Hash; Bridge (7, 8, 9) ; ad infinitum. I.est you should think that Elo is too per- fect, we will reveal to the world the deadly crime of whiih slie is guilty. Come closer. Once u))on a time Elo raised her ])artner to four spades, and she had only tlic two-spot. And that ' s no lie. I.ii.i.iAX I.oiisK Marsh Literary Scientific Rochester, A ' ermont Rochester Hifrli -School; Volley I?all (1, 2, 3), Varsitv (3), Manager (3) ' ; Hase- ball (2) ; House Committee (- ' ) ; Y. W. C. A. IJazaar Committee (J, 3); Glee Club (3); Honor Seholarshi]). In the class of ' 28 Lillian stands for conscientiousness, good-heartedness, and lots of fun. One could mark her nature b} ' the twinkle in Iier eyes. Lillian is a sure cure for the blues. Whether sur- rounded by studies, slinging hash at Robinson, or on one of her two-mile hikes she always displays that jolly disposition wliiili is so contagious and irresistible to those around her. " Elo- " Lillian ' 137 Elizabeth Martix Literary Scientific North Ferrisburgli, ' ermoiit Pi Beta Phi; Troy Conference Academy; Campus Tennis Cliampion (;2) ; Hocliey (1, - ' , 3), Manager (1, J) ; Soccer (3) ; Base- ball (1, i)- Basiietball (i) ; Class Tennis Cliampion (1, 2, 3); Manager Spring Tennis Tournament (3); Tennis Coach (1, 3); W. A. A. Council (2, 3), Vice-President (3) ; Dramatic Cluh (1, -2, 3) ; Glee Club (1. 2, 3), Assistant Business Manager (2), Sextet (1, 2, 3), Double Quartet; Freshman Rules Committee (- ' ); H(mse Committee (-2); President of Student Union; Junior Week Committee; Second Honor Group {2); Honor Scholarship. May we introduce " The Complete Letter ' riter. " Mith a correspond- ence list of seventy-five, Delhi has a jirofession in itself. But does tliis keep lier from doini;- a tliousand otlier things well.? Hardly. Delia with the " old tight " on the hockey field. Delia dig- nified behind the pulpit, Delia thrilled over a bid to the Military Ball — our Dell. Theodora Constance Mascott .Secretarial Burlington. Vermont Kappa Delta; Burlinirton High School- Hockey (. ' ). ' itll her great brown eyes and shadowed hair Theo is a true Nutbrown Liid out of old legends. But this modern maid is fonder of dances than autumn woods and simply revels in ice cream sodas. Theo would love to spend more time on her Ec courses if she only could find a quiet place in the library to study, but somehow she is always get- ting interrupted there. But what can ' t be done, can ' t. Besides there are too many things which can be done that are twice as much fun. and quite as profit- able, savs Theo. ■Dell- " Theo ' 13S 1 1 1 1 1 Am Ml l i mil I I Si 1 n l.irial Hurliri;;lnri, rniiniil Al|.|i,i i D.ll.i; l!iirliiii. ' t..M IliL-li Sc1i..m1; ll..,k. (1): I ' Molball II. .| CimiTiill.i-: ( I,l-x ' ..llllM.llillL ' CoMITMltlll ' (. ' ); Stllclillt I ' fii " n I ' rt ' LT.nii 1 " riiiiiitl -i- ( . ' ) ; .hini ' ir Wr.k I ' .iliCIlliltrr; I ' CnilH-il {;))■ Wli.llitr it i- 1. ItiiiLL il.iun llir slrin;. ' nt I ' l.l ir-. ullil-ll rM r li.iilv ]irrti ikK 111- i I llltu.lllv iioitlii to l ll . Ill ' ulirllirr it i iilayiiiir till- iiiiiNi -,il |Hi V(li r lio r uliuli iiii|iii(l cin .illiinl. Ilrl.n i tin mil ;ii;ri r.ililr. i-liiirliil mII. ulin mi-iIm - ll till :A «ill uilh till- inrlil- I niir il .it tin iluirvil nl lllti ri ts lit till-, iilir Mll.lll |irr iill. .lllll ui likr till ciiii ririil lull-- u,i slir lllll s tllinUN. Hut Hi Unlllli llkr lirl " jll t .IS iiiiirh it sill- Ml n " i " ' ■ ' littir rmk iM It ill nil ,-1 lull. M Mil. I rill 1 1 M I Hill I.I, lid i ' tr .Si-ii lit 1 III- W imlii ti r. M.i s.iiliiiM tis III. hr lir lli-li S.I I: Will, it. .11 ( ..! li-L-i- (I. ■}. .Siiiiii ' Dinl l.iir ln■ t.l l l t u . » iii l .ililr i ilt ii|nin tills iii.iiilin; Ihu In ' .iMii lyis lllll lii i 1 .ml. urn li.iir, I. .Is .il it, 1 )iil .111 I . r SI , h. 1- il.. it ii|i - Its «..i-tli till »,ilk ti. li. .|s|.,iii , ' I irsi I il.i tills u :n , r |il.lllls III. .11 r.ililiu.iilit iiii: M,iri:ui nil . I.ikiii;; .1 link .lllll iiiu il 11)1 s.uiii 111 re with .1 twist .-lllll ,1 (|Uirk, I ' lii 11 Liking iniilli. V li.rk sin iliiis Ihr s.iuii lllltu i..r it liia lie 111 tin 1 ilitl. r. Ill I. ■• i.w li.. tliiis mil s.i. sill r. ml mill s. | .n.ri i il iii: t.i ij.i Hills ,111(1 S.I. I I. link Mtll W.illllll-. " I iii.ilK. tlnn Is mil lliini; inurr. ' run cliiili s M .iriini rill . .iml l.i Inn u. .-..ulil |iriM 111 il sin hill t.iki n tin tliiin; liiiuii .lllll WIS |iijiiiinL; it u|i .iiiim with liirhliiiiiir s|ii I il. This. Wln.iti.ii iiirls ' • • ,■»•• " M III iin r l t " :v.) Elizabeth Alma Mildon Literary Scientific Burlington, Vermont Pi Beta Phi; Burlington Higli School; Rifle Team (1); Hocl ev (1, 2, 3); Soccer (1, 2); Track (I); Baseball (2); Basket- ball (1, J); Sophomore Hop Committee; Junior Week Committee; Class Nominating Committee (1); Panhellenic Council (3). " Goodness, how young can children drive automobiles in Vermont? " asked the stranger. We glanced up and saw a familiar big Oldsmobile chauflfcured by a diminutive figure bent earnestly over the wheel. " Sixteen, " we siglied simply, for we were weary of explain- ing tliat it was Lib herself, and no mere cldld. The biggest thing about Lib is her tiltra-fascinating smile which plays havoc among the trousered members of the class. Like the Northwest Mounted, she " got her man, " and what ' s more, we don ' t pity him. Irene Gena Molixari Home Economics Villiamstown, Vermont Williamstown Higli School. Quiet? Yes, so much so that Irene slijjs by the first time unnoticed, but you can ' t keep a good man down, no matter how quiet he may be. We soon become pleasantly aware of a small per- son who is always wearing a smile, un- less there is sometliing radically wrong with the universe in general, or home economics in particular. Like all normal human college girls, Irene may have had a lapse of memorj ' when it came to signing up one night, but it was a wonderful nioonliglit evening. •Lib ' 140 Mkhta Ei.izAUKTii Mrxno KdiK ' .ition Burliiifitoii, ' irm()nt Kapixi Delta; Kiiiihfill I ' nion Academy; Press Club (2, 3); Dramatic Cliil) (I, 3, 3); Junior Week Committee. H r ' is an eiitcrtaininfi; person vlio can make us f; ) into ;ales of lauirliter over tlic miniiery of oft-repeated words and phrases of sonic well-known jiroles- sor. She sketclies, too, and writes stories, a most versatile person in trutli. Always is Merta overflowing with fun. Could this trait of her disposition haxc anything; to do with her iireat in- terest in one " pool " at Norwich. ' It is a dee]) question and we aren t fcoini; to try to fiiiiire it out. But troubles slip .away from her like water ott ' a duck ' s h.ick. so all we can offer is the wish of eontiiuied hap]iinrss. Elizabeth Lindsay Mitch I.itcr.iry Scientific Montpelier. ' ermont M..Mtpi-licT Hitrli .School; -ullry Hall (]). If we were to say all the good things about her that wc know we would he saying mutch. (Awfully sorry, but temptation was too mutch for us.) But for a concrete example look for Lib in the hall just before class; surrounded by a group that hangs on her every word, she will be reeling off Latin poems at a great rate for the benefit of her less-endowed, or lazier classmates. Lib keeps her troubles to herself and shows us the sunny side instead. But we have found her secret worry. Con- tinuall} ' the thought recurs to her: " Suppose there won ' t he enough lan- guage courses left in the curriculum to last me through my senior year. ' ' " And at her ])resent r.ite it looks very iiuieli .as if her worrying .as justifieil. ' Meria " ■ ' Lib- ' 111 Rebecca Robbins Norton Home Economics Proctor, Vermont Proctor Hiprh School; Home Economics Club (1. . ' , ;i). " But what do I care if they do? " says Becky, wrinkling up her nose de- lightfully. This applies to everything from Home Ec to men, and the matter is settled for all time (in Beckey ' s mind, anyway). Now the question is, why does Beckey take Home Econom- ics. " Perliajjs it is as she says, that she " never could do math. " but her best friends think that there is another rea- son. The Grind Editor has blue- penciled the rest, and we are so abashed that from O to Z we resolve to tell no more secrets. Agnes H. rriet 0 ' K. ne Education Burlington, Vermont EjiNilon Sijrma; Mount .Saint Mary . ca lemy; Newman Club. Agnes O ' Kane or Peggy O ' Neil — what ' s in a name when a maiden has dimples and blue eyes, and an Irish wit to set them twinkling? That smile of Agnes ' is a familiar sight in the library. Almost any day, if you should stroll by the Psychology alcove, you would see it, although nearly overwiielmed by the ponderous tomes with which Agnes sur- rounds herself. Coming down from the sublime to the — well, at any rate, have you heard of her Ford? (The " of " is superfluous.) lany ' s the time it has rescued us from sleeping sickness in English 2. And now we will close approjiriatelv by singing one verse of Peggj- O ' Neil. ' Becky " ■O ' Kay ' M-2 AxNA Kkyseh Pkhkixs I.itir.iry Scientific ]5iirliiiiit()n. " rnii)iit Ka])]).! Al] liii Theta; Hurliiifrtoii Hiprh Sclmol; HockfV (J); Soccer (l,i); .M!is(iuc and Sandal ( f. - ' , 3), Treasurer (2); Cast, " Milestones, " " Her Uusl.and ' s Wife. " " The Goose Hangs Ilifrh, " " The Saving Grace " ; Blue Stockinjrs (3). " Why. oil why. didn ' t I t.ike after my dad? " laments .Vnii in Zoo class as she vainly tries to teach a mud-wnrni to walk the straijjlit and narrow ])ath. Ann is the other half of the .Viniie- I. auric comhination which, so far as we know, has never been se|)arated. . nn ' s chief detestations are fish and heinfr called . nna. She can never for- give the unkind fates for liavinj; tacked an " a " onto her name. ]5ut in the mat- ter of eyelashes and ankles heaven seems to have made .imends for the detested " a " . Elizabeth Gertri ' de Pingree General Science liite River .Junction, ' ermont Sipina Gamma; Kimball Union Academv; Hockev (1, 2. 3), Varsitv (- ' , 3); Soccer (1, 2, 3); Baskethall (1, 2), Varsity (1), Captain (- ' ); Haseliall (1, 2), Manager (1, 2), Varsity (I, 2); President, Outin;: Club (3); Fire Captain (3); Ariki. Board; Judiciary Commit tee. Pin ;! Down the lio(. ' key field for a goal ! Pingl .Viidtlier Zoo test gets knocked for a lo()|) ! I ' ingI . whizzing hall eludes our hat! Can ' t you see her. ' IJoyish boh. clear tan. athletic slimness, clad in the good old j.icket and knickers, sauntering either toward the gym or awaj- from it, in either case equiijped with a friendly grin which makes you to hurrv uj) .-iiid walk along with her. Pinul Score one for l!)28 ! ' Perl " " Ping ' 143 4. V I Iakjorik Rtth Potter I-iterary Sciontific Middlebury, Vermont Alpha Chi Omega; Bceman Academy. larjorie goes about most gently and quietly under her crown of glory. Not many people can boast hair like hers, but most of us would like to, as the makers of henna shampoo can at- test. We have often looked to see if we could discover the temper that traditionally goes with Titian tresses, but up to date we have never seen a sign of it. Either Marge is the world ' s great exception or a mighty good little actress. M ' ith her liking for art and her cleverness in that line Marjorie seems to have a very bright future within hail- ing distance. She simply detests study- ing, yet she pushes ahead steadily and easily and there is never a ripple on that smooth brow. Louise Foster Prevost General Science Springfield. Vermont Sigma Gamma; Springfield High School; Deutsche Verein (J) ; Fire Captain (3) ; Honor Scholarship. Another ambitious pre-med ! We never would have suspected demure Louise of yearnings toward scalpels and formaldehyde but you never can tell and Louise seems to be enjoying herself highly. Even that terror of pre-meds, embryology, is pie for Louise, and the life history of ihickens is an open book to her. There is no doubt about it, Louise has ability. So in about six years we expect to see Dr. Prevost ' s shingle hanging out and beneath it a small sign announcing tliat because of the great demand for the doctor appointments must be made three weeks in advance. ' Ma rjoric " Louise ' 144 Theresa Hannah F.mza I ' uingle (ieneral Science Lebanon, New Hampsliire I.fl.iinon Ilifrh School; Volley Ball (1), N ' arsity (1). Wlien first we saw Tiieresa, we tlioiiirlit tliat she was all demureness, but later we changed our minds. That air is merely to cloak her natural tem- perament, and we sus])eet that she de- liberately assumes it as a sort of camou- flage. Somber as the sternest ])rofessor, she can solve the most intricate prob- lems of math and physics, and then, five minutes later, with a delicious twinkle in iier eye, she will send her companions into gales of laughter with her quaint vaguery. Two i)0]) ()cations, draiii.i and agriculture, attract Tress, but she is said to be seeking the lesser distinction of a professorshi]) in mathematics. Some people certainly do have peculiar ambitions. Mah.iohv Alice Ptrixton Literary Scientific South Easton, Massachusetts Pi Ueta Plii; Burlington High School; Secretary Health Council (3); Honor Group (1, 2); Fire Captain (3). Lirjory is one of the few ])irsons we know who h;is truly mastered the art of studying. In five minutes she can pack more cold facts into that curly liead than we can absorb in an hour. (Sorry about th;it " curly head, " Larjory. but you know it really is curlv.) She seems to s))eiul most of her time twinkling over sointtliiiig ery fumiv that has just occurred to her. Tli;it is just what she does, she doesn ' t laugh, she twinkles. It is as if you should see a chuckle instead of luarinir it. ' Tr Mar ■gc 145 Muriel Emeline Richardson Classical Vergeimes. Vermont Cobleskill Hig:h Sfhiml; Eta Sipma Phi; VciIIey Ball (3); First Honor Group (1): Second Honor Group (;?). A halo is about all that is necessary to conijjlete this picture of Muriel. But not quite ; sometimes a neat little pair of horns can be seen peejiing out from beneath that heavenly aureole. For if Muriel feels that some modest or retir- ing soul has been " put upon " she can and does speak her mind with great vigor and a remarkable command of language. But speaking of tlie halo, who but Mooriel would be thoughtful enough to save all her notes on outside readings from years past for the benefit of some disconsolate pursuer of the classical course ? And know ye all by these pres- ents, Muriel ' s notes are priceless! Cl. ra Emily Richmond Home Economics New])ort. Vermont Delta Delta Delta; Newport Hifrh School; Soccer (3); Ariel Board; Home Economics Club (1, - 3). If you are afraid that the water is going to burn, ask Clara. She will know what to do. It may be only a matter of turning off the grill, but you should ask Clara. Home Eccers always are cajia- ble, and Clara is one of them. " Oh, I have so mucli to do, " may be heard anytime, anywhere. Upon in- vestigation you will find it is Clara joy- fully pursuing her studies. Neverthe- less, Clara is forever jjulling A ' s even though she doesn ' t really want them. As a member of the Grassmount Jovial Hour Association, it was Clara ' s duty to give the cue to laugli by her characteristic " he-he, he-he. " She laughs best who can laugli the longest is Clara ' s motto. " Mooriel " " Clara ' 146 Mii.iiiiKi) Klizauktii Roberts Secretarial Troy. New York Pi I5eta I ' lii; Troy Hi ' li School; Dramatic Club (1, . ' , :{) ; So|)hoinorc Hop Coniniittee ; .Junior M ' cck ( " oiniiiittc " . " Oh dear. " siglis Millie. " I ' m gettiiift sleepy liy iiielies and I haven ' t even started that Ec .59 yet! " Poor : rillie. lier Ee ' s do worry lier dreadfully; what witli .59 Mild 7 and 9 and It they sound like a football line-up; but when the smoke eleared away we find tliat Millie has tackled .59 successfully, thrown It for a loss, and put the rest of them out of the jjame. and this in s])ite of •■ill lier worrying. Millie is one of the f;imous quartette who eould and frequently did enliven Grassmount at any hour of the day. to sav nothing of the night. With the " Jovial Hour " in full swing, Millie ' s giggle tilled in ;iny p.iuses that might occur. Alkkkta Mahion Hooxev Kduc.-ition Burlington, Wrniont Burliiifrtoii Ilifrh School; Home Eco- nomics Clul) (1, J); Xcwinan Club. Miss Terrill ' s r.inks surely lost a " Phi Piti ' when Albert.i .ib.indoned the pots .and pans to join Prof. Douglass ' course " for the ])roduetion of efficient teachers. " W ' l- suspect a certain small town in Xorthcrii ' erniont will soon have model schools, " hot lunches ' n everything. " Bert is very determined, .and just at present her hair is t.iking u)3 all her time .ind patience. " I shall let it grow ! " When Bert says " shall " in that tone of voice we expect her with long tresses ])resto! ■Mill,,- " Berf n: I Theresa Iary Rossi Classical Waterbur_v, Vermont Kappa Delta ; Waterbury High School. For three years. Tee has never come to classes without a beautiful and per- fect marcel in her golden hair. And still they ask " why do gentlemen prefer blondes ? " And those wonderful eyes — Tee certainly has more than iier share of looks, we verily believe. Mien slie iirst came to ' ermont, tliere was notliing she could find to in- terest her. But alas! — the day has come, and now she finds interest, not only in her various studies but some- thing else as well — we won ' t ask wliat ! After slie has taught all the languages in the world, and thrived on it, we ex- pect Tee to leave a fund for the use of all girls working their way tlirough college. Iarion Evelyn Sargent Literar y Scientific Burling-ton. Vermont Pi Beta Phi; Rurlington High School; Hockey (1); Freshman Rules Committee; Y. W. C. A. Bazaar Committee (1, 3); Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Sextet (3). Marion is of such a quiet and un- assuming nature, that although she ac- complishes a great deal, no one knows much about it until it is finished or someone else enlightens you — never Marion. During the first years of Marion ' s career, slie went out for ath- letics, but now she is turning her eti ' orts in another direction, that of music, and we feel sure tliat she will succeed in this line and bring credit to our class as a talented alumna. There is nothing which Marion would not do for a friend; she is generous, big- hearted and always good company. fii ' Tee " " Marion ' P1I 148 Annie Mae Scruton Education New bury, Vermont Newbury Hiph School; Soccer (1); Hockey (3); Dramatic Clnli; Home Eco- nomics Club (1, 2). " Cut yourself a piece of cake, and make yourself at iiome! " If sonsis fol- lowed ))e()i)le around as do shadows — this would certainly stick to Mae. Mae is a Home Eccer, brave and bold, and wonderful are the concoctions whicii re- sult every time lur capable fingers dabble in the dough. Mae is always smilini;. Sometimes she tells us the joke, and sometimes not. At any rate, she enjoys herself, and ' all that matters. Iarie Elizaheth Sherbino Classical Bethel, ' ermont Sigma Gaiiwna; H irliii}:ti)ii High School. A relative of the Sphinx? Well, maybe; at least Marie can maintain a most im|3enetrable and enigmatic smile for long periods at a time. She like- wise possesses that rare quality known as " cowing the professors. " Coming to class quite un|)rc]iared, slie is ea)).il le of intimating to the ])oor professors that their questions are altogether too trivial to bother with — not only tliat liut she gets away with it tool Marie seems to lie cut out to In ' the comfort of the aged .ind diliglit of those who entertain serious doubts of the w. k. vounger generatiiui. ]5ut the more vouthful and wickedly inclined li.-ive likewise learned that they can find no more ready companion or better sjiort to share their (even more w. k.) adven- tures. ' Mazie ' ' Marie ' li9 f Zr z.Z. ' Zr =71 m Rachel Locise Skinner Literary Scientific Derby Line. Vermont Kap])a Alpha Tlieta; Binpham High School; Derby Academy; Blue Stockings (3) ; Junior Week Committee. " Well, I don ' t know, " says Skinny. Really though you must not believe her. Skinny is very modest. She was one of the youngest inmates of Robinson Hall her freshman year but she sliowed an amazing desire to learn and soon be- came very sophisticated. Her ready " Sure " is heard in answer to any request from helping us over the more awful spots of Latin to playing bridge or lending us anytliing slie owns. But any description of Skinny would not be complete without the statement tliat she does sometimes forget to re- member. One Sunday she even forgot to come to dinner she was so interested in Historv ! Heather ]Mahv Smith Literary Scientific Rutland. Vermont Rutland High School; Smith College. Now a young person named Heather should be like this : she should be tall and rather thin, she should walk with a boyish stride, she should wear tailored tweed suits and little felt hats, she should be devoted to fox luinting — in short, she should be a combination of a feminine edition of Brooks Brothers and the Scotch moors. But our Heather, true to tlie laws of grinds, is none of these things. Our Heather is little and feminine and she walks softly. When first we saw her she was walking very quietly from class to class. And now we see lier walking even more slowly and talking softly, not alone you understand, and though she may be going from class to class as be- fore, we think she is not here at all but somewhere in the clouds. ' Ski II II I ' " Biiiiiii ' 150 Mabkl Klixok Stearns Secretarial Rutland. W-rmont Sifrma Gamma; Kullaiicl lliffh School; Hluc Stockinps. Tlu-re is out- tliiiii;- aiiout M-iiul tliat we cannot understand, and is why .she should ])refer a date to a nice eve- ning at home with her hooks. Hut such is tlie case, and we notice that she often follows that preference ! Mabel evidently likes University Ter- race, for this is her second year there, and she seems to be thriving on it. too. M;iybe the change, after li;iving lived in Hiitland. is what siie is .after I .Mabel is of a iu)tal)ly hapjjy -go-lucky nature, for notliing ever bothers her, whether it be I ' ' riday night dinners at (jrassniount, or eight feet ol snow along tile ' illiston Road. If anything ever does go wrong, she smiles, and goes at it wifli head held high. l ' ep))y . " Well, all th;it we can say is, M.abel is willing to trv anvthiiui once. Helex Krma Stevexs Literary Scientific Riclmioiid. N ' erinont Delta Delta Delta; HieliiMoml Hiph School; Hockey (. ' , :i), .Maiiaper (S) ; Soccer (- ' , H), Captain (J); lUiie Stockinjrs (3); Glee Club (. ' , 3); Outinp Cliih 15()ard; Honor Scholar.shi]!. Helen has a passion for .iL-inii clocks — at least the evidence points in that di- rection, for every morning that bell can be heard warning its f.air jjosscssor that it is time to be up and about her writ- ing. Just the same. Helen has. on occasion, been known to be lati- fin- breakfast I Now don ' t juiiip 1(1 the conclusion that writing is all Helen does. The remainder if Ik r time is spent in such gentle pursuits ;is hockey, soccer, tennis and glee club. Furthermore, she h;is the suicidal intention of becoming ; l- ' rench teacher, .-md while we question her judgment, we nevertheless t.ike ott our hats to her abilitv. •Mahc ' ' ' ■Uriel, ' 151 4lt Charlotte Willson Stone Honif Economics Hardwick, Vermont Kappa Alpha Theta; Hardwick Acad- emy; Home Economics Club; Honor Scholarship. Charlie makes you tliink of bvitter- cups and thick yellow cream, of blue gingham and wild strawberries, and all tlie things that go with a June morning in the country. But the funny thing about it is that Charlie is just like that. For usually, a grind which begins by telling you that " Mary Ann looks like a little cherub " informs you somewhere in its course that ]Mary Ann acts like a little imp. or vice versa. Not so with Charlie. She looks as if she could cook and she can ; she looks sweet and so she is. Charlie can well lay claim to the title of " Marmalade Maker Par Excel- lence. " Eucky are the Burlington breakfast tables which can boast a jar of Charlie ' s marmalade. Beatrice Elizabeth Sturtevant Home Economics Brandon. Vermont Aljiha Xi Delta; Brandon Hijrh School; Volley Ball (2) ; House Committee (-2, 3) ; Home Economics Club. " Please, Bett_v, would you mind if we jilayed your ' ictrola? " inquires a little freshman in an anxious voice. " Heavens, no ! Push back the rugs and let ' s dance, " replies Betty, and the fun is on. If said P ' reshman had been a little better acquainted, she would liave known that it wasn ' t necessary to ask permission. You may not believe what we are about to tell you, but it is the truth: Betty is a sensible girl. Witness her unshorn locks. And if you are one of those misguided persons who believe that long hair is foolish, all that you need to do to be convinced otherwise is to listen to one of Betty ' s proclamations to her roommates. She could make even the Sphinx agree with her. ' Charlie " |., y, :,,y.. 6« Hk2 1 m|| _.;F4 | » n H ' Betty ' 152 Eleaxor Taft Literary Scientific W ' .illiiiiiford, Vermont nolta Delta Delta; Walliiifrfiird Hifrli Seh.iol; KIHe (J); Soccer (1); Hockey (:5) ; Dramatic ( " lul) (I. -2, 3), Treasurer (3): .Masi|iie and Sandal (3) ; Cast, " Captain Aliplejack " ; Health Council (3); Collefre Orcliestra (J); House President (3); Y. W. C. A. C?abinet (3) ; Student Union Council (3) ; Honor Scholarship. " Ves. but she is an awfully nice kid when you know her. ' TatVy lias started as;ain. This remark ajiplies to anyone whom ' rart ' v knows and siic knows everybody. But in spite of iier tremendous aequaintaneeshi]) she somehow finds time to keep up her Phi Bete record as well as to be able, in her ea|)acity as House President to keep strict tabs on all the Robinson Hall freshmen. To them she is the j;rini and austere H. P. but we can ' t hel)) but think as we see them quake in their little shoes before her, " What if they known her last year. ' " M AH.KiiiiK DorfiLAS Tewksbuhy General Science South Ryeg;ate, Vermont Delta Delta Delta; Wells Hiver Hifrh School; Junior Week Connnittee; ' iee- President Vernionters ' Club; Dramatic Club (.;, 3); Honor Scholarshi]). " ' hy. Professor Car])enter ! " says Tewks, " you don ' t mean that! " Such a shocked voice, such big round eyes, such an innocent expression! Poor Professor Carpenter hastens to reassure her that he doesn ' t re.illy mean anythini; of the kind. " Honestly. liss Tewksbury, I wo il(ln ' t want you to take me seriously. li you don ' t the test on Saturday we certainly won ' t have it then. " Then comes Tcwks ' silvery little giggle ;ind looking like ;i cross between a cherub and .1 baby owl she proceeds to set the hour for the test and incidently to wind another department more securelv around her small finger. " Taffy " " Ti ' icks ' 1.33 Adena Celia Thompson Home Economics Middlebury, Vermont Kap])a Delta; Micldlebun ' Hifrh School; Home Economics Club; Social Committee (l). Do you remember " Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile? " Well, here we have an ardent apostle of this creed, and Dene is most emphatically liviiio ' up to her belief; she cheerfully grins at every- one and everything and nothing ever troubles her. Put Dene into a kitclien ; give her the necessary utensils and ingredients, and then watch her ! With the utmost con- fidence and ease she mixes various things together, and before you know it, she lias produced a cake that would satisfy even Fannie Farmer ' s demands. We can just picture her, presiding over the range of some heaven-sent cafe on the Hill, and we urge her to seriously consider this suggestion. Marion Lamb Tucker Literary Scientific Warren, Vermont Delta Delta Delta; Waitsfield High School; Football Hop Committee {2); Honor Scholarshij). Here we liave another member of the Grassmount Jovial Hour Association, about which we have heard so much. We wish we could get in on this thing. It sounds interesting. M ' hen Marion first came to college, she was very shy and modest, altlioiigh a firm advocate of short skirts and bobbed liair. Here we first met her sense of humor. Her second year saw the evolution of her S. S. and G. ap- pearance into a more sojjhisticated air, while her wit has won her membership into the above-mentioned G. J. H. A. Her tliird year brings a growth of her repartee and her shyness has developed into a true collegiate manner. What, we ask you, will her last year produce ? Adena ' ■Tuck ' 1.54 .I. . -Kr KmTH TwrrniELL Literary Sfifiitific Burliiijiton, V ' trnioiit Pi Brta Plii; Hurlinjiton Hlfili School; Ilockcv (1); Soccer (3); .M:is(|ue and Saiulai (. ' , 3). We once took a course in History of Art. (Now don ' t ask us why!) ]5ut in that course we learned that a jrenllenian liy tin- name of Circu .e deligiitcd to ))aint a certain ty))e of lady. His speci- fications called for: tremendous dark eyes, a small, sensitive mouth. And if with all this there went an expression just a hit wistful . . . .well, they say th. ' it when he found all that tof ether Mr. (ireuze used to close all the schools just hy way of rejoicing. .Janet has all the qualifications, the eyes, the mouth, even the ex])ression. . nd speaking of the expression — they say Janet wasn ' t born with a wist- fid look, oh no! she got way in Sociology class. Ar.MKJAHKT ChoSS WaI.LACK l.iter.iry Scientific Hurliiigtiiu. Xirinont Kapi)a .Mplia ' I ' lietii; liurliiifrton Hipli School; Class Secretary (3); Freshman Hules Committee; (lice Club (- ' ,3); Editor M ' tiiiHii ' s Jldiidbook (J). Have you .seen the new and trenun- (lously inii)roved Frrxlnntni 1 1 (Uidliool? -M.ird (lid H.ive you noticed .my of countless tilings that seem, all of a sudden, to have taken a turn for the better? It is nine chances out of ten tli.-it M.ird dill those too. M.ird is the kind of jierson who does the hard jobs and says nothing while the rest of us terribly .-ind aecomplish -ery little. I)e)) is an over-worked word but in this case it is the only word. You can depend on Margaret — always. To a high degree she understands the fine ,irt of friendslii)), real friendshi|i. And if you h.-ive .i friend, and a (lejiend- .•ible friend, what iiKU-r can Hea ' en give vou . " ' Jim ' " . ' farr tirct ' 1.5.5 Ruth Eleaxor Westin Literary Scientific Proctor, Vermont Proctor High Scliool; Baseball (3); Vol- ley Ball (- ' ); Soccer (3); Outinfr Club (2, 3); Y. W. Bazaar Committee {- 3): House Committee (3); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3); Second Honor Group (1, 2): Honor Scliolarsliip. Except for one thing-. Ruth is a per- fectly normal person, and tliat one thing is that she is taking all of the math courses offered. You and I realize that such a thing is sheer insanity, but it doesn ' t bother Ruth in the least, and she calmly continues to drag down the high marks. It is very plain to be seen that she is one of those nearly extinct specimens who come to college to get an education. It is rumored that one of Ruth ' s hob- bies is outside reading in ps3 ' cIiology, which shows exactly how ambitious she is. Elizabeth Sophia White Classical Barre, Vermont Kappa Alpha Theta; Spaulding High School; Hockev (2, 3); Soccer (2, 3); Bascljall (2); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Secre- tary (3); Outing Club Board (3). " Ah-liem. " says Professor Pringle, " your last test wasn ' t up to your usual standard. Miss ' hite ; I feel obliged to give you only A — . " Latin, however, is only a very small part of Lib ' s claims to fame. For Lib. if you please, is one of the few girls in the world who really understands foot- ball, and, so far as we know, she is the only girl who can tell you the diiTerence between a safety and a touchback and give you the same definition twice in succession ! Lib will long be remembered for the religious manner in which she used to do her hiking. Blisters and blizzards made no difference to lier. •Ruth " ' •Lihb. 156 Mary Agnes White Home Economics 15urliiii;toii. Virmoiit Mount Siiint Mary Academy; Rifle Teaiii (1); Draiiiiitic Club; Student Union Coun- cil (3); Newman Club, Vice-President (S). Not Santa Claus — that dash of scar- let. aj)i)roachinj; will) much commotion. Wait and see. First, the siiuffle of red. turned-down oversjiocs — then tlie irlimiise of a jaunty red hat. and a h x fur coat, «Ta])i)ed around witli just a bit of a swagger. Crash! Bang! Bells! Enter Marj ' , our perfect flapi)er. Having made an easy conquest of U. V. M.. she now j)oints her guns towards Norwich. However, we can trust Mary to hold her own against the frequent batteries from our military neighbors. Ask any toll ojierator. ( ' Nother awful |)uii. I. aura.) Charlotte Slocum ' ii,i)kr Literary Scientific Petersham. Massachusetts PetersbaiM Ili rb Scliool; Deutsche Verein (- ' , H). One of the g.-iyir members of our noble aiul lionorai)le class, whose chosen task is to ott ' -set the dampening intlu- enee of our greasy grinds, if we have any of said variety. We are not sorry, for tile result of the attempt is very ]jle.ising. and we find Charlotte good fun. and always ready for a good time. In interviewing liss Wilder we asked iier opinion of " Studies. " a subject of interest all over tiie college world. " Studies? " repeated our hostess, slight- ly ) uzzled. " Oh yes, of course. I tliiuk they are a fine thing, for the kind of thing they are. Personally — , " ,nid jurson.illy we don ' t, either. " Mary " " Slocum ' 157 lirii JuANiTA Witters ,( i Genernl Science St. Albans. Vermont Delta Delta Delta; St. Albans High School; Hockey (1, 2, 3), Varsity (3); Soccer (1, 3) ; Baseball (-2) ; Blue Stockings, Secretary {-2) ; Honor Scholarship. As we were hunting and pecking on our typewriter we made quite a mess of Jack ' s name, and when we got tlirough it looked this way. " Juanita Winner. " How clumsy we are. but then, isn ' t it just like her? For Jack has an uncontrollable habit of carrying off numerals, and being among those present in any line-up for 1928. As for being a Juanita, witness the dark curly hair and big brown eyes, and can ' t you see her, a bright rose caught by her white teeth? " Stop! " says Juanita, " I ' d much rather chew gimi. " and the simile ends abrujitly. Still the name has left its imiirint on Jack ' s character, for doesn ' t sjie mystify us by her middle name? Solve for the unknown quantity. m •Jack ' Margaret Mae Wood Home Economics Flushing. New York Pi Beta Phi; Flushing High Scliool ; Vol- ley Ball (I, J, 3) ; Arh;!, Board; Masque and Sandal; Junior Week Committee; Home Economics Club. " Will you make us some waffles, Peggy ? " and good-natured Peggy starts to work. Lots of people have good dispositions but none so good as Peggy ' s. Ciuaranteed not to fade, shrink or run, even when four tests and a run in her best and brand-new stockings all come together. Oh. you just can ' t equal our Margaret. Did you ever notice that when Peg finds a new way of wearing iier hat (or of not wearing it) all the rest of the camjjus immediately blos- soms out with their hats at exactly the same ;mglc? ' Peg- 1.38 KaTHUYX BKRXirK WliUlMT Classical Burliiifjton. Vtrmunt Kappa Delta; Mmint Saint Mary Acad- emy; Eta Sif?nia I ' hi; Newman Club; Creek Prize Entrance Exam; Honor Scliolarsliip. A rosy, impish face, with briglit beret worn on a i)erilous slant — Caddie niisrht be sixteen, almost. She arrives. " Have you heard the latest: " We haven ' t, but proceed to. fully — the latest about everything. ineludinu: football. Note the meaningful " CI " under Caddie ' s name. This signifies that underneath the saucy beret lurks an unsusi)eeted knowledge of Latin and Greek. ;ind " have you heard the latest. ' " Thev say that Caddie noises through her courses with a crash, not a squeak. Gl.OUIA ISADKLLE YolNIi Home Keonomies Barre. Wrmont . l])lia Xi Delta; .Spaultliiifr Ili). ' li .ScIkmiI; Arii:i. Hoard; Home Economics Clul). .ScKNK I (Siuirtle of bed-room slippers, a gentle rap on the door. Enter Pete chewing gimi with great energy.) " Now girls, which of these two draw- ings do you think I ' d better co])y ? This one ha.s the better coloring, but that one is more original. This is the last room in the dorm and so far the vote is a tie, so please give me your honest opinion. " There ' s nobody quite like Pete. She certainly believes in majority rule. If it isn ' t a drawing or jiainting it ' s a dress or a on which we must pass judgnunt. and the majority always wins. Pete thinks that there is nothing like being imjiartial and puts her beliefs into practice with a vengeance. Poor Waldron ! ' Caddie " " Pete ' 1.59 m w Eleanor Alxll. -tAZ I.eroy S. All.-ird Joseph C. Aucoin Wayland Austin Eugene R. Baird Alban S. Baker, A0 Raljih C. Barrup. 2A I ' ri ' d Bartels Fred Bartholomew, ATQ Mary Belknap George K. Bieknell George H. Blakeslee, Jr., 2N ' illiam J. Bogart, ATfi Reb ecca H. Briggs, AAA W. Wells Brock, $A0 Loren H. Brooks. 2A Randall H. Brooks, ZX Elizabeth Buck Genevieve Burke W. L. Butler Samuel Butman. TE I Evelvn Canning Ruth " E. CliaHec Maurice H. Chausse Clarion A. Chilson Arba G. Clark. SAX G. William Clewley IJonel E. Columbe John C. Cook, $MA Victor L. Crawford A. L. E. Crouter, A Evelvn E. Dakin. HB Evelyn C. Davis, AHA Harry F. Densmore Dorothy Dexter. Sr Doris Dutton, :Sr INIildred Dwver Lloyd B. Earl Cora Eastman, KA0 Anna ' . Eaton Robert E. Esty, 2N Svlvia A. Farnham May Z. Fiskc Jerry C. Flinn. A Harry C. Flood Slierman P. Fogg Mollie Cilasston Edwin M. Govette, K2 ' . ' . -r.. ' mERS OF ' 28 crv« i Cl. Enosburg Falls, Vt. Ec. ' hitinHville, lass. C. E. Essex .Junction, Vt. Ec. Tunbridge, ' t. M. E. Waitsfield. Vt. Ec. Concord, Vt. M. E. West Charleston, Vt. Ch. Trov, N. Y. G. S. Troy, N. Y. L. S. South Royalton, Vt. Agr. Jericho Center, Vt. Ec. Albany, N. Y. L. S. Yonkers, N. Y. Ec. Burlington, Vt. Ec. ilontpelier, Vt. E. E. Milton, Vt. G. S. Colebrook, N. H. L. S. Ogdenslnirg, N. Y. Cl Burlington, Vt. C. E. Jamaica, Vt. Ec. Lynn, !NLass Ec. Burlington, Vt. H. E. Enosburg Falls, Vt. G. S. Burlington, Vt. Ec. Chester Dejiot. Vt. Ec. Craftsbury. ' t. E. E. Richford, Vt. M. E. Plattsburg, N. Y. M. E. Shoreham. Vt. G. S. Maiden, Mass. Agr. Philadelphia, Pa. Cl. Worcester, Mass. L. S. West Fairlee, Vt. Ec Burlington. Vt. Ec. Lyndonville. t. L. S. Orleans, Vt. L. S. Proctor, Vt. Agr. Chester, Vt. Ec. Bradford. Vt. L. S. Lebanon, N. H. Ec. Natick. Mass. L. S. Rumney Depot, N. H. L. S. New Haven. Vt. Ec. St. Albans. Vt. G. S. Ponltney. H. G. S. Burlington. Vt. G. S. Burlington, Vt. G. S. Burlington, ' t. 160 Harry G. Giitshaw Rolxrt E. Harriiiiitnn, i Edwin Hart. ZX M. V. Harvey Chester A. Hauscr. X Clara H. Hill Hard, I I). Hoafj. K:i l.awniu ' C R. Holtoii Raynioiid G. Homer. 1 ' MA William H. Hoitsnti. AI Saimul W. Howard. ATSJ R(i;iiial(l Illiiijrwortli Wells S. Isham, A ! ' Francis W. Jones. ATH Ola K. Keith. AAA .lames M. Kendrick. .VVil David M. Kin:;- Cieorye E. Eauh.ieli. SN Raymond E. Lav.illee Paul L.awrciice Ivan C. Love Corhin C. Lyman, S Thomas ,J. Maelennan. AI Riidclpli R. Mainini. 5 .loiin H. . L•u•field, :i ' l ' LarfTiierite L•u■ i ■ Warren A. Marsliall. .Vfil Sidney ,J. Mazel Laurence R. Mcrritt. Ki Edward R. .Miles H. Miles, K Katlurine L. Miller, IIB I Irene Molinare Eugene V. Moore, AI Helen I ' .. Morrissej ' , AXfl Ralph W. Morse. AI Thomas H. Morton. AI I ' rank . Muney Herbert E. Xoon. I A( " ) Dorothy M. Norris Stewart Ndrris, A t Helen O ' Brien Arlin N. Ovitt, 5X Ivor Pclsue, ZX Frederick Pflug. A Lillian Pitt. AHA Artliur ,T. Poissant J.-ick C. Powers Roger D. Powers. 2N Parker E. Purinton. A Joseph ( uatraiu) Francis Reid Laurence E. Roark, Ki Ec. Ec. C. E. G. S. Ec. L. S. I ' .c. M. E. Agr. Ec. G. S. (;. S. (;. s. (;. s. T. Tr. Ec. (;. s. Ee. G. S. G. S. Saranac L.ike. N. Y. ' ergennes. Vt. Peru, N. Y. Windsor, t. Pouglik -e])sie. N. Y. (ireenshoro. Vt. Sjjringtield. t. Hardwiek. Vt. Plymouth. N. H. HurliugtoM. Vi. Kuliaud. ' t. J5.irtonsville. Vt. Rurlington. ' t. Castleton. Vt. Sheldon. Vt. Brookline. Mass, New York City Benton. Pa. Burlington. Xt. Burlington, " t. Burlington. ' t. inooski t. L. S. Port ' .■lsllington. N. Y. Ch. Miiford, Mass. Ec. Minneapolis, Minn, CI. Morrisville. ' t. Ee, Troy, N. Y. Ec. Burlington, ' t. G. S. Cleveland, Ohio E. E. Claremont, N, H, G. S, Berlin. N. H. Ec, Boston. Mass. H. E. ' illiamstowu. t. E. E. Burlington, ' t. Ec, Bennington. Vt, Ec. Lebanon, N. H. L. S. Plymouth, Mass, G. S. Franklin, N. H, L. S. Newark, N. J, CI. Burlington, Vt. Agr. Morristown. N. J. H, E. Waterbury. ' t. M. E. Enosburg Falls. Vt. M, E, Arlington, Vt. E. E. Fairhaven, Mass. Ec. New Britain, Conn, G, S, Burlington. ' t. E, E, Fittsford. ' t. Ec, Peekskill. N. Y. Ec. Philadelphia, Pa. G. S. New Haven, Conn. G. S. Poultney, Vt, Ec. East Barre, Vt. 161 J(.l)n T. Russell. K2 Jerome F. Ryan. !iN Clarence St. John Herbert T. Sanders Burton E. Sarji ' ent Herman D. Segel. TE$ Patrick A. Seretto Lloyd F . Shea Frank C. Sheldon laurice L. Shequen Wintield A. Sinister George D. Slayton Catherine Smith, AHA Robert I. Sneideman. TE I George R. Stackpole. ATQ Augustus Stannard Frederick E. Steeves. ATQ Alfred R. Steiner. AI Marion A. Thrall. KA Edna Tracy Janet Tyler Cieorge B. Valade Geraldine Van Ornam Edith Vernon. KA0 Verne Vincent Elizabeth M ' estwood Mary L. Wheeler Mildred E. Whitney. KA0 Giles H. Willey Clarence Williams. ATfJ Mary Wilson Lucinda Woodard Lyle W. ' right. ZX ] Iarion A ' right Nobel L. M ' vman E. E. Rutland, Vt. Ec. Needh am Heights. lass. Ch. Rich ford. Vt. G. S. Peru. N. Y. E. E. Jeflersonville. Vt. E. E. Montpelier, Vt. Ec. Fitchburg, Mass Ec. Brooklyn. N. Y. E. E. Claremont, N. H. Ec. Burlington. Vt. Ec. East Douglass, Mass. Ec. Danville. Vt. Ec. Burlington, Vt. G. S. Ec. : i. E. Ch. G. S. Ec. G. S. L. S. M. E. L. S. L. S. CI. CI. L. S. CI. Agr. g ' . S. H. E. L. S. Ch. Sp. Ec. Plainville. Conn. Winooski. Vt. Burlington, Vt. lilford. Mass. Cresskill. X. J. Rutland. Vt. Enosburg Falls, Vt. Enosburg Falls. Vt. Burlington. Vt. Essex. N. Y. St. Johnsbury, Vt. Townshend. Vt. New York. N. Y. St. Albans. Vt. Unionville. Conn. Essex Junction, Vt. West Pawlet. Vt. Randolph. Vt. Barre. Vt. Richford. ■t. ' iudsor. Vt. Starksboro. t. ml 162 iHi 163 ,c- ' . - " ! t Ite 1G4 § SOPHOMORE CLASS Fhaxk F . OKeefe Prrsidnit Elzada a. Fiske J-ic-Prcsidput DniK.iiiv H. Strong Secretary Bi HTox H. NfoHSK Trensiirer iHi rv« ' (TVS ' Glenn Aiken, i.N " I.enore Aldinger. AXQ Robert x-Mpert. TK ' l ' Neva G. Aniailon, KA Robert M. Av.rill. iN .Marjory V . Aver Marion " W. Bajkus. II B Marion Baldwin. AXH Frank t ' . Harbato ronver-.e I.. Rarne.s Harold K. Barter. 2A C ' atlierine B. Bassett. KAW Aliee Bellniore Laura M. Bin :liani. Wii Arthur R. Bireliard. .Ir.. :iN Louis M. Bjorn Lydia E. Biodiiitt. AHA George E. Bond. ' i ' MA Luev Bracken Richard M. Braf. - ]SLark E. Branon Peter V. Brikiatis. iA Mae T. Brock. KA Raymond I). Brough Herbert . Brown Marv E. Brown. SP LueiHe A. Brunelle. AXQ Jerome Q. Bullis Genevieve . L Burke Elizabeth E. Bu .zell Levio Calcasini, -A Elizabeth W. Canninir. AHA ,Iolin F. Chadwick. K:- Donald S. Chamberlain. iA Albert M. Church. K:- Dorothy Clatlin Benjamin F. Clark. 2. X Charlotte E. Cleveland. Illi Elizabeth M. Collins E. E. {;. S. Ec Ag C. r. E. T. Tr. H. E. (.. S. G. S. C. E. E. E. CI. L. S. H. E. Ee C. E. L. S. Ag L. r. s. C. E. G. S. G. S. H. E. Sp Ee H. E. c-1 CI E E. E. L. S. Ec E. E. M E. L. S. M E. L. S. L. s. Burlington. t. Burlington. ' t. Burlington, ' t. Hyde Park, Vt. South Orange, N. J. (l Brandon, Vt. West Hartford, Conn. Barton, Vt. Newark, N. J. Essex .Junction, Vt. Essex Junction, Vt. Burlington, Vt. New Bedford. Mass. Middlcbury, Vt. Sl)ring(ichL Mass. Barre. N ' t. Burlington. ' t. Thetford. ' t. Woodside, N. Y. Bellows Falls, Vt. B irlington, Vt. Saco, Me. Haverill, N. H. Poultney, Vt. .Swanton, Vt. Burlington. N ' t. vSt. .lolnisbury . N ' t. (4) Oehvein, Iowa Burlington, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Hardwick. Vt. Port Henry, N. Y. Randolph, Vt. .Springfield. N t. Ciiicago. 111. Burlington. N ' t. (jroton. N ' t. (ilendale, Calif. •. ' eolith Burlington. Vt. 16,5 il m r.ylf A. Collins f -iry P. Conistock. AAA Mari aret B. Corbin, KA0 Dorothy Cottrell. KA0 Lawrence G. Cowles Clayton M. Crothers Richmond H. Curtiss Daniel E. Damon. Jr., ZX Israel K. Davis jMarv D. Davis Rali " )h T. Davis Albert R. Davison. K5 Helen U. Dean. 2r ' ivian C. Dodg;e Warren A. Dodge, SAX .Tohn E. Donnelly. ATO Robinson H. Dorion, ATQ Clarence J. Douglas, K5 Rudolph .1. Dowhan Margaret A. Durick. ASA Lyman C. Duryea Cora L. Eastman, KA0 Margaret L. Edmonds I ' .iith V. Edmunds. K. 0 Francis D. Eisenwinter Harrel D. Elmer Jolm S. Estabrook. I A0 I Lirian A. Everest, AAA Lois E. Fisk. AXa Alice E. F ' iske, . HA Edwin G. Fiske. ATO Clarence B. Foster. 1 A0 Liry C. Freeman Grace E. Frisbie Merrill F. Ciardner David Ginsburg Benjamin Cioldt ' arb. TE 3? Morris Goldman, TE$ Hope Grant. KA Theresa F. Grey " ayne Griffith. " ATQ Bertel ' . (histafson. A Elizabeth B. Hager. A=. t WoodhuU S. Hall. Sd- Philip D. Hammond Simon G. Hanson Roy P. Hardy Charles E. Harwood. SAX Bertha A. Hazen. AHA Herbert A. Hazen. ZX Mark W. Hill Gladys E. Hogaboom Constans M. Holden, AHA C. E. Swanton. ' t. Ec. Housatonic. Mass. H. E. Burlington. Vt. CI. Burlington. ' t. E. E. Burlington. Vt. L. S. Randolph. t. G. S. New Haven. Conn. C. E. Fort Edward, N. Y. C. E. Revere, Mass. G. S. Ellington. Conn. M. E. ]Morrisville. Vt. Ec. Groton. Conn. L. S. North Ferrisburg. Vt. T. Tr. (i) Barre. Vt. Agr. Johnson. Vt. C E. Atlantic City. N. J. G. S. Rutland. Vt. C. E. Malone. N. Y. G. S. Burlington. i. CI. Fair Haven, Vt. G. S. Burlington. Yt. L. S. Bradford. Vt. H. E. Rochester. Vt. L. S. Morrisville. Vt. M. E. Barre, Vt. G. S. Claremont. N. H. G. S. Brandon, ' t. G. S. Plattsburg. N. Y. H. E. Vergennes, Vt. Ec. Lancaster. N. H. C. E. Cireenfield. lass. G. S Underbill. Vt. Ec. Essex Junction. Vt. T. Tr. (4) Burlington. t. G. S. New Bedford. Mass. G. S. Brooklyn. X. Y. G. S. Revere. Mass. G. S. Brooklyn. N. Y. L. S. East St. Johnsbury. Xt. L. S. Burlington. t. Ch. Springfield. Vt. L. S. Proctor. Yt. CI. Clinton. j Iass. G. .S. Bennington. Vt. Ch. Burlington. Yt. Ec. Winooski. Yt. T. Tr. (1) Essex Junction. Vt. G. S. Dorset. Vt. L. .S. East Berlin. Conn. C. E. Burlington. Vt. G. .S. Waterbury Center. Yt. T. Tr. (1) New Britain. Conn. L. S. Burlington. Yt. INI 166 (itncvicvc 1 . Hocik. AAA Paul 15. Hopsoii. ia Beatru-f A. lliiskins Saniiul . Howard. ATQ Jean I . Howes, Jr. Ir.iiHi s 1 ' .. Howley John P. Hyl.iiui, 2N Miriam J. Idltinan. Tlli ' l ' Coriifliiis W. Irons. I MA George H. James. AM ' Henry K. .larvis Allan C. .Folinson. I)J[A Arnold .lolmson Harlan K. Karr. A Thomas I.. Kelly James M. Kiiidriek. ATH Shirley S. Kilhy. iA CJirtrnde K. Kilgallen ' I ' helma .1. Kinder Mareiil M. Kinney Bertha KKin Eugene W . Knapp. ' I ' AW Gladys H. koiie Herman J. Kro|)[)er. ' I ' AW Charles K. I.aMonte Martin ( ' . I.ang. .VI Jaequeline M. I. anon. HA Esperanee I. I..ini)hrr Freeman 1 ' .. I.esi eranee Mollie S. I.e in . lnia K. I.inder. AHA I.neene I.. Little. IV Anthony A. I.ueiaiii. ZX C ' orhin C. I.yman. - ' Kenneth H. MeCiilihon Doris M. MeKenzie Mildred MeI.eod. AAA Alhert G. Mackay, SAX Carl ( ' . Maeomher. A Janus I ' . Mahoiuy. AT1 Mariiaret l ' .. Mahoney Undolph H. Mainini..Ir.. :-X .Siegfried M. Martinetti. 1 ' MA Harold .Medivetsky .lohn G. Medlar, i Oreana . . Merriam Bertha H. Metealf. AAA . nnette I ' . Middleton. K.A0 Norman H. .Miles. K5 Aliee R. Miller Margaret K. Miller. K. ( " ) Dorothv E. Moorby Huth P. More, AHA L. S. Burlington, Vt. Ee. Brooklyn, N. Y. T. Tr. (t) I.ongmeadow, Mass. G. S. Rutland. Vt. Agr. Providence. R. I. I.. S. Rutland, Vt. Ec. Wore ster. .Mass. L, S, New Vi rk. X. Y. G. S.« Middlehurv. Vt. Ec. Hardwick. Vt. G. S. ' ergenncs, Vt. Ec. North (ir.ifton, Mass. E. E. Chester. Vt. G. S. North Vt. G. S. Burlington. ' t. Ec. Brookline, Mass. M. E. Wcthersfield, Conn. T. Tr. (I) Barton. Vt. Sp. Burlington. ' t. G. S. Cirand Isle. ' t. CI. Windsor. ' t. Sp. ( uiiu-y. Mass. CI. Hartford, Coini. M. E. Milford, Conn. G. S. .Sherwood Pk.. N. Y. Ec. Camhridge, Vt. H. E. Burlington. ' t. G. S. Sulton. ' t. . K. Barrr. t. CI. Burlington. t. L. S. Champlain, N. Y. H. E. Burlington. A ' t. L. S. Proctor. ' t. M. E. Middhlown Springs, ' t. E. E. Rivirside. Vt. T. Tr. (0 Burlington. ' t. G. S. Hatfield. Mass. G. S. Peacham. ' t. Agr. Fairfax. Vt. G. S. Burlington. Vt. CI. Burlington. ' t. Ec. rilford. Mass. Ec. Barre. ' t. G. S. Burlington, ' t. CI. liurlington. ' t. H. E. l.yndonville, ' t. L. S. Burlington. Vt. Ec. Burlington. ' t. Ec. Berlin. X. H. Agr. H yde Park. t. Ec. Burlington. ' t. H. E. Nergennes. ' t. L. S. Barrc, Vt. 167 t., 1 [ ' ■ ' M W iil Lee C. Morgan, A Lucy E. ] Iorgan, AXO Burton R. Morse, 2 Thomas H. Morton, AI Ronald W. Moses. MA Elspeth ,1. MuU-h Ernest F. !Muzzey Esther M. Nelson Esther R. Nelson Hans Nilsen. K2 Stewart O. Norris, A ' irginia H. Noyes Francis F. O ' Keefe, SN Francis J. O ' Neill. K2 Carleton B. Orton. A0 F " rancis (). Osterhus. I MA Franklin R. Otto, K2 Charles H. Overly, 2A Lorraine E. Owens Noble L. Page Charles S, Paine Bruce E. Palmer Loren F. Palmer, A l Wilmond W. Parker Dorothy W. Partcii Donald A. Paul, 2N Gertrude H. Pennington Estabel Perelman, KEL Lyle F. Peterson. ZX Austin W. Plitlon, .Jr., ZX Armand A. Piilie Mabel M. Pierce, KA .John R. Pike. 5X Cieorge H. Poole, I iIA Marion B. Potter Leslie O. Pouch, A0 .Jacob Poust, TE Abraham D. Poverman, TE$ Martin E. Powell Helen E. Prentiss. AAA Kenneth L. Price, I MA Thelma E. Price. AXn .loseph C. Quatrano George S. Rand, AI Cedric E. Reynolds, Jr., 2AX .Joseph D. Richards Minerva E. Risdon Lawrence P ' . Roark, K2 Dorothy .AL Roberts, AXQ Lawrence R. Robinson. 2A Ruth E, Robinson, AHA Hester D. Rogers M ' atson F. Roirers. K2 C, E. Burlington. Vt. Ec. Burlington, Vt. M. E. Burlington, Vt. L. S. Plymouth, !Mass. G. S. Groveton. N. H. L. S. Barre, Vt. C. E. Burlington, Vt. L. S. Stamford, Conn. L. S. West Pawlet, Vt. C. E. NLiriners Harbor, N. Y. Agr. Morristown, N. J. H. E. Burlington. Vt. G. S. Staten Lsland. N. Y. G. S. St. Albans. Vt. G. S. Athol. Mass. G. S. Brooklyn, N. Y. Ec. Laplewood. N. J. L. S. Burlington. Vt. H. E. Poultney. Vt. Ec. G. S. Ec. Ec. L. S. L. S. Ec. L. S. Ec. M. E. C. E. E. E. CI. C. E. M. E. T. Tr. (4) M. E. L. S. G. S. Ec. L. S. Ec. L. S. G. S. Agr. E. E. L. S. L. S. Ec. L. S. G. .S. Ec. CI. G. S. Hinesburg. Vt. South Royalton. ' t. Waterbury. ' t. Burlington. Vt. Bethel. Vt. Stoneham. Mass. St. Johnsbury. i. Burlington, Vt. Burlington. Vt. Stowe. ' t. .Sjiringtield. ] Liss. Winooski. W. L1ntllelier. Vt. St. .Johnsbury. Vt. Lynn. Mass. Middiebury. ' t. Staten Island. N. Y. Revere. Mass. Hartford. Conn. Burlington. Vt. St. Albans. Vt. Burling-ton. Vt. Tolland, Conn. New Haven. Conn. Burlington. V t. Bellows Falls. Vt. Newton. Mass. Danby. Vt. Barre, Vt. Burlington. Vt. Pittsford Mills, Vt. Brandon. Vt. Newport, N. H. Vergennes, Vt. 168 .Fack Hosi ' KilH-.inl I,. lUnyc. Jr.. 1 ' MA M i-(iri I. . .imiiflsoii l. ifilitoii A. S.iiidors. 1 ' .MA Alien E. Sarjcfnt Flort ' iu ' c A. Scott. AHA Jaiiu ' s Si-utakes Peter T. Scutakes Esther H. Seavcr Erie K. Slianil. S. X Edna A. Shaw. KA Marv A. Sli.iu Frank G. Sli.dd Earlvan D. . ' inioiui . AHA Glenn V. . kilV. :iA Eleanor V. Smith. I Ili ' I ' I. aura .M . .Smith Milford K. Smith, ' I ' AW llihl.i Steven.s. AAA It. X 11. Stewart Dorothy 11. Strong. KAC-) William 1 ' . Stuart l-r.-mk 1.. Sullouay. AT F. lith K. Thomas, Xn Howard .M. Thompson. ii.VX Roger A. Thompson I ' dwin ( ' . Thorn. ' l ' A( Aini.i (iray Tr.iey I ' .dn.i 1 ' . Traey. KA Robert .M. Tracy. I !MA I ' rank I.. Tucker I.loyd S. Turner, I A(-) Mary A. Turner Mary V. Tynan Ruth K. Upton (ierald H. R. ' an Name. ' I ' AM I ' hili)) H. W.ildman Teresa I). W ' .ilsli F " rnest li. aUton Sanuiil M. Waterman George M. Watson. ,lr.. ' • ' Dorothy M. Weller, AHA Dorothy Wheatley. 1IIM Agnes (i. Wheeler Rosalie K. White Harvey H. Whiting Harold (i. Williamson. ' I ' MA Cieorge V. Wisell Irene O. Witkus Nelson C. Wood. KS Walter F. Woods Lyie W. Wright. 7.X Reuel ¥,. " ' oung. SN F.milia Zielonko Ec. Burlington. Vt. E. E. Barnet, Vt. L. S. Burlington, Vt. G. S. Burlington. Vt. CI. ,li rtersoin ille. ' t. F. S. Harre. t. G. S. Burliuglou. ' t. Ec. Burlington. ' t. Fc. 15urlington. t. Ec. Richmond. ' t. Ec. .Vmherst. Mass. T. Tr. (1) C. E. Harlon. ' t. Burlington. t. H. E. Brandon. ' t. Ec. Burlington. ' l. L. S. I ' ort .lelVerson. N. ' l . H. F. Wallingtord. ' t. S|). Rutland. Vt. L. S. Hvde I ' ark. Vt. T. Tr. (0 L. S. Hvde I ' .irk. ' t. Hvd.- Bark. t. G. S. B.llows Falls. -t. E. E. Burlington. N ' t. CI. ]5radford. Vt. G. S. ]5urlington. ' t. Ch. Bennington. Vt. G. S. Deertield. Mass. Ec. Bristol. Pa. G. S. Fnoshurg F.alls. ' t. Ch. Rutland. ' t. C. E. East Barre. Vt. CI. Hyde Park. Vt. F. S. M(int,ig ie City, Mass. CI. Arlington. Vt. L. S. Shellninie I ' alls. . Fass. C. E. Staten Fsland. N. Y. (,. S. Xew York. N. Y. I., s. North BenningtcMi. ' t. G. S Milton. ' t. (;. s. Burlington. ' t. Ec. Brookline, .NFiss. H. E. Brandon, Vt. G. S. Brooklyn, N. Y. G. S. Ec. W ilmington. ' t. ■ onkers. N. Y. G. S. 15urlington. Vt. E. E. . -hlatid. NFass. E. E. .Middlehury. Vt. L. S. G. S. Newport, N. H. Fyndonville, Vt. Ch. Everett. Mass. Ch. Riehford. Vt. Fe. Bellows Falls. Vt. F. S. Springfield. ' t. 169 I 1 . r I ! Mlf - IV PJl " IV J $§ ' ' 11 ItqwI ' " ' v- , %l L M X li J IBE Ifi li 91 Bh 1 B ' " ll t™ Irl V - ' ' , ' 170 tl! 171 I r irii 172 FRESHMAN CLASS C ' liMti.Ks II. Mace J ' ri-xidi-iit Hauuiktt K. ' oodiui-i ' rice-l ' rcsideut Evelyn C. Pikrce Secretari Robert !• ' . ]5r klkv Treasurer W. ZJ -tm (TVS ' i I ' Hi H.irrv Cr. A( , Ki C. ElizalH ' th Allin Everett W. Allen Rosena M. Allen. KA I ' oseolo M. Anihrosiiii. ' I ' MA .lolin ' I ' . Arnistroiii; lirill ,1. Arnisti-nntt |{.-iii,il(l II. .Vrnoid. -I ' .MA .Vrnokl O. Aronson. A l ' Lorraine E. Asselin .Madeline F. Atkins . rtliiir J. Baehnian Paul T. Baeon Philip (;. liaker Edward C. Hill. :i . Henry H. Ballon I)ori.s P. Barettt E.stlier M. Barton Carlton Y. Bassow T.eila M. Bates Carl W. Beane TE Roy S. Beek I ' rank E. Beekley. Jr.. A l ' Jeannette R. Bet ' eher. KA0 I- ' raneis E. Beer, 1 Inez M. Bellniore William Berenson Dwiylit J. Bl■rM t( in. TK I Georiii ' ,1. Brrtr.ind Ed» ard .1 . Bevor William K. Bieknell Edson P. Bifjelow. K:i Robert P. Billinirs Erederiek S. Bird. Ki Charles F. Bl.iir. hAl-) Bertil E. Bloinstrom Aleek I. Bloomentlial Estlier Bloomdeld Doris C. Boardnian E. E. G. S. .M. 1 ' .. H. E. G. S. G. S. C. E. C. E. Ec G. s. T. Tr L. S. G. S. G. S. M. E. Ee 1.. .s. T. Tr G. S. L. S. Ag Ag E. E. Ec . Ec . Ec . G. S. G. s. G. s. E. E. C. E. G. S. L. s. O. s. S|) E. E. L. s. C. L. H. E. Whit. Burliniiton. ' t Bethel. Vt .■ t. Alh ins. l Barnard. t Hardwiek. Vt Beiniinnton. ' t New Haven. ' t KiMr .1 iiiution. t I ' roetor. t Btirliniiton. t Bnrliniiton. t Bridjieport. C )nn Hurlioiiton. -t Burliriiiton. t Barre. Vt Springfield, M ass .Montpelier. Vt ' ergennes. Vt Athol. M ass Richmond. Vt .Middltliiiry . t Chelsea. Vt Great Neck. X V Burlington, Vt I ' itehliurg, !M ass s.w Bedford. M ass Burlington. Vt Hartford. C )tin Barre. Vt Wrgennis. Vt Haydenville. .M ;iss Shrewsbury, M ass New Haven, C inn East Barre, Vt Burtalo. N Y ' oreester. " S ass Burlington. Vt ' indsor. Vt Burlington. VI 173 if] m ■ : ' . Cecile E. Boivin Herbert K. Eorklaiid, A0 Theodore Bornstein Louise C. Bosley, AXQ Georgia I. Bostwick, AHA Raymond C. Bostwick. A John A. Bradisli. A Henry T. Bray. 2N Edna H. Brown Joyce H. Brown, AXQ Harry G. Bruce Robert E. Buckley. A Benjamin L. Bullock. Jr., 2$ Everett O. Bundy Richard H. Burbank Warren H. Burr. 2 AX Pauline E. Burridge Harold M. Burstein. TE Elizabeth P. Butler. AHA Alfred D. Butttrfield Llewellyn W. 15utton Priscilla T. Campbell Charles W. Capron. 2 I ' Robert " SI. Carey, 2 George F. Carr Ednnind A. Carrier ,Iohn R. Carrigan Newman K. Chaffee Perley H. Chamberlin. 2A .lames W. Ciiilson Belle L. Church. AAA Edith M. R. Church Ruth E. Churchill Angus W. Clain, 1 MA Elizabeth Clark, AXQ .lolni E. Clark Lawrence O. Clayton. 2AX Fbn ' euce E. Cochran. 2r Archibald H. Cohen Lillian S. Cohen Matthew Colien George V. Colby. 2.AX Dorothy M. Colton. HB Augustus S. Conlin Bernard J. Connell Marion M. Cooney Lyman L Corcoran, 2N Richard ¥. Costello. Jr. lortimer R. Covert Charles W. Cowan. A ' l Albert J. Crandall Theron C. Crawford. MA George P. Creaser, K2 ,- ,--v ., - G. S. Ill Berlin. N. H. L. S. Longmeadow, Mass. Ec. Brookline, Mass. Ec. Newport. Vt. L. S. Hinesburg, Vt. E. E. Burlington. Vt. Ec. Burlington. Vt. Sp. New Britain. Conn. L. S. Baltimore. .Md. G. S. East Hampton, Conn. C. E. Lynbrook. L. L, N. Y. M. E. Burlington, Vt. L. S. j Ianchester. Mass. CI. Sutton. Vt. L. S. Chelsea, Vt. Ec. Barre, Vt. L. S. Randolph. Vt. Ec. Bridgeport. Conn. CI. Danvers. L ss. G. S. Nortli Troy, Vt. M. E. Colchester. Vt. CI. Peterboroui)h. N. H. Ec. Bellows Falls. Vt. Ec. Waltham, Mass. Ec. Ho])kinton. LlSS. G. S. Barre. Vt. Ec. Pittsford Mills. Vt. C. E. Rutland. Vt. Ag. East Ryegate. Vt. C. E. Franklin. Mass. L. S. Richmond. Yi. L. S. Bradford Center. Vt. L. S. White Plains, N. Y. Ec. ' orcester, ] Lass. L. S. Providence, R. L C. E. Richford. Vt. Ec. Bennington. t. L. S. Stowe. Vt. G. S. Revere, !Mass. L. S. Burlington. Vt. CI. Bridgeport. Conn. E. E. Greensboro, Vt. L. S. Orleans. Vt. Cli. Windsor. Vt. T. Tr. Proctorsville, Vt. CI. Burlington, Vt. L. S. Bridgeport, Conn. C. E. Franklin, Mass. Ec. New Britain, Conn. Ec. Northampton. !Mass. L. S. Essex Junction. Vt. Ch. Port Jervis. N. Y. Ch. T-udlow. Vt 17i Ill (.r;uf K. Croftdii. ::ir MarsliMll I.. Cross M.irtcarct 1 ' . (ulliiion Dorothy M. D.iiley, AXQ Hinry C. Dalrymple I.fslic E. Davis Alicf W. Dean Elina J. DiHrun.-. KA RolHTt A. DfMmul Hof; .r S. Di-rhy Cliarl.s N. D.koso. 1 A0 Hoy (;. Dcsliaw. 1 AW Kfiiiutli C. Dimick, iiA Harold Dinniman TE Alice f. Dodicc XXn Katliryn R. Dodge Hflcii.i K. Doii.iluic I.foiiard M. Donahue Donald DoM.ildson Thomas K. Donnelly A ' illiani A. Donnelly (ierald I.. Dorcy Ennna E. Douglas Harold P. Dow. A IJerniee E. Downs Doris Y. J)u))rat. KA Merle A. Duval Lois M. Earle John H. Eastwiind .loM|)li W. I ' .aton. AI Anna .1. l.dinuiuK. KAR Greiiorv .1. I ' .dson. A I Johii A. Eliot. Ki 15enjaniin ,1. Elowitih, TE .(aiuis I- ' .. l ' ' ,nimons. 2N . lnia S. I ' a rr. nB ! Louise H. Farr. iP Liri;aret L. I ' arrar . nieli,i M. I ' arrell Edith E. I ' " ishnian Pho.he H. Flint. KA0 Gordon . . I ' lood Ruth E. Ford James C. Foster, ZX Xorman H. Frable Aide G. Franceschi Alfred L. I ' r.ehette Solomon I ' reedman, TE I Mabel L. Freemann. KA0 Oaklev T. Frost, A0 Russell C. Gage, ZX Robert J. Gardner Americo Gioria CI. I.. S. Ec. Ec. E. E. Ag. L. S. CI. Ch T. Tr. M. E. M. E. Ee Ec. L. S. L. S. T. ' I ' r. M. 1 " .. L E. C. E. C. E. G. S. H. E. Ec L. S. G. s. L. s. H. E. (,. S. G. S. L. s. L. s. Ag G. s. G. s. H. E. H. E. Sp L. .s. CI CI ■I ' . Tr Et C. E. Ec . G. S. G. s. G. s. L. s. M E. G. s. Ag. E Concord. t. Nortlifield. ' t. Arlington. Vt. Plattsburg, X. Y. Burlington. ' t. Burlington. N ' t. Burlington. ' t. Greensl)in-n. ' t. Rumford. Me. Burlington. t. Northani])t( n. Lass. Burlington. ' t. indsor. ' t. New Haven, Conn. Barre. Vt. Orleans. ' t. Hinesburg. ' t. Riclnnoud. ' t. Burlingtiui. ' t. Bridgejjort. Conn. . tlantic Citv. N. .1. Middleb ' ury. ' t. Essex Junction. ' t. Cambridge, . L-iss. N ' illiamstown. Vt. Burlington, ' t. Burke. " t. Chester De))ot. t. Brandon, ' t. Cirassmere, N. H. Poultney, Vt. Dedham, Mass, .M.inehester. ' t. Bayonne. N . ,1. Bridgeport, C )nn. Bristol. Vt. Marsbfield. Vt. Enosburg Falls. Vt. .Shelliurne. Vt. Hartford. C )nn. Crafton. Pa. Vergennes. " t. Beiniington. t. Stowe, Vt. Palnierton, Pa. Rutland, Vt. Berlin, N " , H, Mattapan, M ass. Norristown, Pa. Middletown .Sjirings, Vt. Lmehester. N H. Philadel])hia. Pa. ]}arre. Xt. 17.5 ' ' y li Harrison E. Goddard Hazel C. Goodliue Janice M. Goodricli, AAA Narcissa E. Goodsell. 113$ Edward N. Gourson. TE Philip S. Gracey Arthur E. Ciraves Doris J. Graves, AXn Nelson B. Gray. A( " ) Eila A. Green Harold A. Greene. A Cieraldine I. Grenier Russell H. Griffith Beatrice E. Ciriswold Dorothy (iuriuv. IIFi ' i ' .Martha K. Hall Thomas J. Halligan Paul P. Harasimowicz Marion R. Harran Henry .1. Harriinan Iva M. Harris. AAA Henry K. Harwood Rollin G. Hawley. IiAW Frances M. Hazen. K. 0 Bert H. Heimhach Ethel B. Heller ' aIter L. Hernsheim Hymaii Hirshliir " ' Stanley A. Holmes Velesta I.. Holmes Ciunvor Holtan Keith G. Hooker Julia E. Housley, KA0 Beverley Householder, nB$ Harriet Howard Susan Howard Eleanor Hubert David . Huiigett Marjorie Huntley. . HA Israel Hurwitz Jose])liine E. Imbrui ilia Everett K. Isaacs Hm-atio N. Jackson. I A0 Russell H. Jeffrey. 5A Major B. Jenks. A Alice . . Kave Albert L. Kellev Clara M. Kellogii Walter R. Kersey. 5N Doris E. Kibbc.nB Dorothy M. Kimball. AAA Irene A. Kimball Albert V. Kins ' -. A. 17 IN ' L. S. Cohoes, X. Y. G. S. Craftsbury, Vt. Ec. Richmond, Vt. H. E. Alburg. Vt. G. S. N ew Britain, Conn. As- Morrisville. N. Y. E. E. Waterbury, .. Ec. Waterbury. Vt. CI. Burlington, ' t. L. S. Craftsiiurv. Vt. E. E. South Rovalton. ' t. CI. N orthampton, ]Mass. M. E. Forh Ethan . llen. Vt. Ec. Brandon, t. H. E. Burlington. i. T. Tr. 1 ' , nosburg Falls. Vt. Ec. Mont))elier. Vt. G. S. (iardner. lass. CI. Burlington. Vt. Ci. S. Norwicli, Conn. CI. Stowe, Vt. G. S. W ' est Newluiry. ' t. Ec. E ssex Junction. ' t. I.. S. Richmond, ' t. Ec. Palmerton. Pa. CI. Claremont, N. H. C. E. Wl ite Plains. X. Y. Ec. Burlington. i. G. S. Milford. Conn. H. E. Plymouth. .Mass. Ec. Brooklyn. X. Y. Ag. Brandon, Vt. CI. Wellesley, Mass. Ec. Burlington. ' t. CI. Burlington. i. CI. Burlington, ' .. T. Tr. Hartford. Conn. CI. Thetford, Vt. H. E. Leicester Junction, Vt. G. S. Revere, Mass. L. S. ' aterbury. Vt. G. S. New t(ni Center. Mass. Ec. Burlington, .. E. E. Chester, Vt. G. S. Burlington. Vt. Ec. Brooklyn. X. Y. G. S. Bennington, Vt. Ch. Bristol, Vt. G. S. Rumford, Me. L. S. Rockville. Conn. CI. Providence. R. I. T. Tr. E ssex Junction. ' t. I.. S. E ssex Junction. ' t. 176 !il KA Marion I.. Kiiifr I ' .iiil W. Kiniuy. ::-A Allxrt I.. Km.ii)|). iA I ' liilip H. Kiiifilit. 1 ' A(-) H.-. ..1 I). i..i(i(l. :ir W.nd.ll W. I.aiif;. i Kriiest T. I.anjrtvin Gtrald A. I.aPlant F.tlul I. I. ark in .(laiiiH- M. I.awnni ' i-, Robert A. I-awrtncc Frances Laytlu- Carniclita A. I.tClair Until I. l.foiiard. :iP Jack I. I.cvin. Tlvl- diaries I.evine Hviuan I.evine Max I.evine. TE 1 Dorothy K. Lewis H.ilpli H. l.oekwdod Hieliard B. I.ove Bruno Lucarini Cierald A. I.ynde Francis A. .McBridc Charles H. .Mace, .Ir.. :- I James Mcleeters Robert K. McCi.e I ' lorenee . . M(Krn i -. .M. . nne Mil..aifrlilin. Raniona .S. .McMalion James F. .MeNally. A I Herrick M. .Macoinber. .lames V. M.idden. .Fr.. I A(-) H.irrv F. M.iniiinir I ' hilij) K. .Maiiiiinir. 1 ' MA Irene 1.. .M.ireotte. KA .liililis .1. Marcus Genevieve M. M.irti 1 . lfred M. Martin. A Helen Martin. I1B I ' Hicliird Martin Odiiu) A. Martinetti. I MA Flvanfieline R. .Masse Joseph A. .Maynard Frank Mazel. TK I Lester V. K:i I- " lorenee Mercer Arthur F. Merrill. ii.VX Eli „ibeth M. Mill.r. IsF I.auris t ' . Miller Marion G. .Miller, if Malcolm K. Mills K.iineth {;. Mitchell Axn 1 1 R 1 Avk CI. Ee. F. F. Fc. CI. Ec. E. E. I.. . ' -;. !.. . . T. Tr. Fc. H. F. Ec. G. S. Ec. G. S. Ec. G. .S. H. F. L. .S. Ci. .S. (i. .S. F. F. .M. E. Ec. Eng. (i. S. L. S. I.. .S. L. S. L. .S. CI. Ec. G. S. Ec. L. S. G. .S. H. F. Ch. Ec. C. E. Fc. CI. M. F. Fc. M. E. CI. E. E. CI. G. S. H. E. E. E. Ec. Clarenioiit . N. H. White River .himtioii, Vt. Wetlierstield. Conn. Burlinirton. ' t. Ri.hinoiul Hill. N. Y. Cambridge. t. Vergennes, ' t. Ne v])()rt Center ' t. I ' .iir Haven. N ' t. Burlington. ' t. Clinton. Mass. Derby Line. V t. Burlington. ' t. I ' laintield. t. Burlington. Vt. New Britain. Conn, liurlington, Xt. Bayonne. N. J. Burlington, Vt. Brookline. Mass. Brooklyn. N. Y. Center Rutland. Vt. Burlington. Vt. Ossining. . ' . Y. Mittineagiie. Mass. .Sheldon. Vt. Natiek. Mass. Hinesburg, Vt. M ' orcester. Mass. Stowe, Vt. Lawrence. Mass. Burlington. Vt. Burlington. Vt. Hyde Park. Vt. Worcester. Mass. Winooski, Vt. Revere, Mass. Essex .(unction. Vt. Brattleboro. Vt. Essex Junction. Vt. Essex .Junction. Vt. Barre. Vt. .St. .lohnsbury. ' t. Burlington. ' t. Burlington. Vt. F ' itchburg. Mass. .Melndoes. Vt. w ■ill ingford. Vt. West N ewlniry. Vt. N ■wport. Me. W all ingford. Vt. R iehford. Vt. Hull. Mass. 177 i U: V ril Jolin M. Moore. 5AX Clifford L. Morse. 2 Cornelia S. Mould. AHA James T. Miisgrove Seymour I. Nathanson, TE$ Zelta M. Norcross William G. Olmsted Tlior Olson Maxwell G. Orr Magdalen L. Orvis : Iable H. Owen Myrtle A. Owen Natalie W. Owsley, AEA ]Margnret D. Parry Wilbert J. Patton Helen L. Peahody. AXO Franeis B. Peach. A Barbara Pease Joseph G. Pekala Glen H. Perkins, A0 Anthony J. Perrotta Philip M. Perry, A Clarissa A. Peters. AHA Evelyn C. Pierce Edward H. Powell. A Susie D. Powers Helen M. Prouty Harriet E. Putter. IIB James C. Puffer. K5 Carl H. Ramm. SAX Elizabeth : I. Ready Frederick ,1. Reed Rose M. Riecio Frank V. Rich Joyce R. Richardson Fred E. Robbins Philip S. Robbins Elizabeth G. Robelen. KA0 Earl P. Robinson. 2N ' Evelj-n B. Robinson Redmond J. Roche Margaret I. Rooney Annette M. Rosenberg Ina R. Rosenthal Samuel H. Rothman Laura C. Rounds. AAA John L. Saia Francis J. St. Denis Cora M. Sargent. 5r Rena M. Sawyer Harold I. Schechtman, TE Franklin A. Sears Helen W. Sears. AAA L. S. East Peacham. ' t. G. S. Wethersfield. Conn. L. S. Morrisville. Vt. G. S. Pittsfield. Mass. G. S. Fitchburg. lass. L. S. Waterbury Center. Vt. G. S. Burnside, Conn. G. S. Brattleboro. Vt. Ec. Champlain. N. Y. Ec. Bristol, Vt. T. Tr. Huntington, Vt. T. Tr. Huntington, Vt. L. S. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. CI. West Pawlet. Vt. G. S. Richford. Vt. H. E. Ec. L. S. G. S. C. E. M. E. M. E. L. S. L. S. CI. H. E. L. S. Ec. Ec. G. S. Ec. M. E. G. S. Ch. L. S. Ec. G. S. G. S. G. S. T. Tr. L. S. L. S. L. S. Ec. Ec. CI. G. S. Ec. G. S. CI. G. S. Ec. CI. Brandon. Vt. Wells River. Vt. Hartford. Conn. Amherst. Mass. Rutland, Vt. Burlington, Vt. Newton. Mass. Bradford, Vt. Burlington, ' t. Burlington. Vt. Bradford. Vt. Marshfield. Vt. St. Johnsburv. Vt. St. Johnsburv. Vt. New Britain. Conn. Burlington. Vt. Burlington. Vt. Bristol. Conn. Burlington, Vt, Spriiiffvale, Me. Brattleboro, Vt. Keene. N. H. Claymont, Del. Burlington, Vt. Stowe, Vt. Burlington, Vt. St. Albans. Vt. Burlington. Vt. Winooski. Vt. Burlington, Vt. Richford, Vt. Bar re. Vt. Owls Head. N. Y. East Thetford. Vt. Torrington. Conn. New Britain. Conn. Brattleboro. Vt. Hyde Park, lass. 178 ; Ric-I.ard I). Scd G. S. Mary S. Sliaksliohcr Ec. f- Christine L. Sliaw. AHA T. Tr. fiardiur G. Shuffldt. I ' AP) Ee. Alfr.d (;. Siroi . :iN Ee. H.irrv A. Slate. Al Ec. William .1. Slavin. Jr.. iiiN G. S. Gforfii ' H. Snuad E. S. Ralph H. Smith Ec. i Walter C. Smith G. S. Max Soloff Ec. Alex Solomon G. S. Helen S. Spaldini;. :ir T.. S. M.iry .Sparni) CI. Ivan 1). .Stanhope, i ' l ' C. E. Arthur D. Stearns, .Ir.. Ki Ec. Charles A. Steele CI. Charles A. Sternberp: G. S. Koliert [.. Stewart. iiAX L. S. Hall)h .1. Stone Ec. Ruth . I. .F. Strony-. AHA L. S. Jose))!! H. .Sugden Ec. I.ois K. Tavlor. J1B I c;. S. Aliee C. Tellier, AXQ H. E. Elizabeth B. Templeton. HB E. S. Beatriee E. Thab.iult Ec. Ralph I ' . Thomas E. E. I.aur.i A. Thorpe E. S. Marion E. Titit. AHA I.. S. I.uey A. Todd Ec. John J. Tomasi G. S. Clarence I-. To])))in!r. iiAX G. S. Helen M. Towne CI. Evelyn W. Trask. iT I.. S. Ravmond H. Trvon C. E. Ida .1. Ubertalli " CI. Max ]). Valiquette G. S. Daniel J. Vijjnone C. E. :Marv E. Waddell. 1IB I Ec. Hujjh M. Wallaee S)). Arthur I,. Wardwill C. E. Helm 11. ,!nuutli Ec. .lulia Waterman CI. William C. Watson (;. s. Elsie .M. Watters (1. Ruth A. Wedcll. AXn I,. S. Elizabeth H. Westwood T. Tr. Allen B. Wheeler Ec. Mary E. Wheeler I.. S. Elorenee M. ' hiteomb H. E. Catherine A. Wilcox L. S. Alfred R. Wilder C. E. Eunice H. Wilder. AHA E. S. Niirwieh. Conn. Beiininiiton. ' t. Burliiiiiton, ' t. Burliufjton. Vt. . ndo fr, Mass. Indian Oreh.ird. Mass. 1 liirselie.ids, N. Y. Rochester. Vt. Whitinsvillc. Mass. Huntiniiton. W. Va. Bridfieport. Conn. Burlinffton, ' t. Poultney. Vt. Old HcMMiujiton. ' t. inooski. t. New York City Gloucester. Mass. Cleveland. Ohio Hardwick. ' t. ' hite Ri er , (unction. ' t. Murliniitini. Vi. Worcester. Mass. Earlville. III. Canibridire. N. Y. Irasbura. t. Winooski. Xi. Poultney. t. Braiuloii. t. Benninifton. t. I ' lattsliur!.-. N. Y. Harre. ' t. North Cnek. N. V. Xorthfield. Vt. West Boylston. Mass. Winehendon, Mass. Northam| ton. Mass. Rutland. Vt. Eranklin. lass. Burlington. Vt. Port Henry. X. Y. Chittenden. Vt. Brooklyn. X. Y. X ' ergennes. ' t. Bridge|)ort. Conn. West Pawlct. Vt. T.ynn. Mass. ru York City Holyokc, Mass. St. .Vlbans. Vt. Sj)rini;tield. Vt. Hudson. Mass. Barre. ' t. Eranklin. Vt. 179 11 ! Pauline C. Willis. AXO Cliarles H. Wilson Heltn R. Wilson. AHA R. H. Wilson Robert E. Wilson FJeanor M. Wood Harriet E. Woodruff, KA0 Addison E. Woodward. K2 Frederick H. Woodward, K2 Evelyn Wright. AHA ,Iulia F. Wrifrht, MB Cecil D. Young Dorothv E. Youns T. Tr. E. E. H. E. G. S. L. S. H. E. L. S. L. S. L. S. L. S. G. S. Ec. Ec. Waterbury. L Deerland, N. Y. Leicester, Vt. Riehford. Vt. Greensboro, Vt. Waitsfield, Vt. Troy, N. Y. Fitchburfj, Mass. Fitcliburg, Mass. Montpelier. ' t. Williston, Vt. B.irre, Vt. Burlington. Vt. -ill I ' I ifei M ISO 181 12Z22 I i Uave hecii lo nil of xis a MtVfr-faUjjia siuirfi ' of fijibMsinsni nnii i isiJJraH0»t I V. 182 ieli i— — ' - s K. iiKi. Hki.i.k a I. I.IIKE K.lst •• fn.i; " KpsiloM Si ' iii;! : H.ii-dwi.k, ' t. I ' psilim Tan lljiiilwicU Acatleinv Aliilia. " Slu ' lu-i-lls Mil fllliij;y, sllc spraUs t ' ol ' luTM ' lf. " Another transfer for wlioni we ' re truly tliankful is Kay. She ' s small hut, oh my ! Can she wield a « irked piek on the uke and can she danee an l sinjr? We ' ll say she can- she ' s a whole I ' ntertainment hy herself. .She has no mean ahility for leadershi]) as we ' ll all afjree after having wit- nessed her masterful handlinfr of the history elass a while apo. We all know Ray now .iiid irladly accept her . ' is one of the " franir. " I ' i.()iii;N ' ( K C ' . TiiEniXF. 15 iim l nrlintrtoTi. ' t. ■■riuniir, " l{iehfor l Hifrh -School; I ' jisilon I " Kver thoughtful, kind, and true Alpha Mid Is our Florence — ' tween me We have known Florence for so short a time that we not even know a single fault. We fear she hasn ' t any. least we have learned a few of her good points asked a (|uestion you never hear her say, you. d.p At When I don ' t know. " This proves her thoroughness and convinces us she is alway. ready and willing to help whoever may he in need of her assistance. We hojie Florence will marry a rich man he- cause she (h-li ' sts lioM ' .ekecpinir so wliolc-lieartcdiy. H AHHV UosK HiiiDi.i:! Hiclifoi-d High School; Ujjsilon ' I ' .ni . l| h " lull Nature ' s rose.s fade . s Nature ' s roses will We know the friendship of our lio-.c Will hover with us still. " Hurliiiiiton. ' t. DoKOTllV M HuWDISII l. ' Dot " Miildlchiirv ITiLdi .School; F.psilon .Sigma; I ' psilijn Tan . lpha. " Conic and tri|) it as you go with a light fantastic toe. " .Middlelmry ' s loss is our gain when Dot came to graduate with us. Dot is taking up a collection so that she can visit some famous " . rt (jallery " in F.urope. However, she must go to " Westjiort " and get her " helongings " hefore sailing. We all wish yon luck in your enterprise, Dot. Dot is very studious hut we sometimes wonder what she goes to the lihrary for, as the only equipment she carries is a pencil. 183 Dorothy Ferxe Bickley St. Albans, Vt. ■•Dof St. Albans IIi rli Soliool; Epsilon Sigma; Ujisilon Tau Alpha. " T(i know her is to love her. " " Girls, I ' m in anotlier scrape. What shall I do? " To anyone wlio knows Dot, that has a familiar sound. But never mind. Dot lias been one of the most popular girls in our class for the last two years. She wears a saintly look but don ' t let that mislead you. Dot ' s right there for all the fun tliat ' s going on. If ever she is lost, look around for " Charlie " . They are inseparable. H- zEL Miller Btrxap Enosburg. Falls, Vt. ■■H,(:,r Hudson High School; Epsilon Sigma, Secretarv (-): Upsilon Tau . lpha; Glee Club {2). Hazel hails from Hudson High We ' re all happy when she ' s nigh. She is here with all her pep . nd we know she sure will steji. Watch her when she ' s on the street . lways Hazel, bright and sweet, Epsilon Signui ' s secretary true . nd a meudier of Tau .Alpha too Dancing, sjiorts, football and all She alwa s shines as does " Old Sol. " w Rl ' TH Ermin.4 C ' h. ffee Enosburo; Falls, Vt. ■■Riilli " Enosburii ' High School; E])silon Sigma; Upsilon Tau .Mpha. Ruth is one of the best-natured girls in the world — when not studying. Her condition at that time is alarming but not serious. She is a firm believer in the adage that " there never was an old shoe but what there was an old stockhig to fit it. " Ruth is very religious and attends church regu- larly, es]iecially on Sunday nights. We think that the rea- son for this jireference is because the walk liome often proves quite exciting 1 Xuff said! I.-iRY ' Ellen Collins South Burlington, Vt. -Mnni " Burlington High School; Upsilon Tau Alpha. Mary is a quiet maid who is always ready to help the more unfortunate people out of their difficulties. She sjiends a great deal of her time in the library and when have you ever seen her come to class unprepared? We know she will make a successful teacher. She is very ambitious and full of hopes for the future. IMI m ISl Douis I.YDiA Coi.T Raiidolpli, t. ' •Dorif " liiiiulolpli lliirli Scliodl; Epsilon Sijiiiia; I ' psilon Tau Alpha. " WluTt- arc you goiiifr, my pretty maid? ' ' " I am poinp to a lecture, sir, " she said. " .M.iy I jro with you, my pretty maid? " " .Men are not admitted, sir, " slie said. " Wliat is the lecture, my pretty maid? " " The .Supjiression of -Man in the World, " she said. Eli.. .Mav Covkv ( anibridge, Vt. " Klla " Fairfax . cademy. " Her years of experience have not heen in vain. They serve their purpose, hoth in classroom and out. " Here is the gold mine in our class-mana{;ement class. Whenever a topic is under liscussion all we need to do is to watch Ella ' .s head to find out if the speaker is rifrht. She seems to he very fond of mathematics, at least we see hrr fij. ' nrinfr very husily every chance she pets. Nina I ' kaui. Cham Bi itoii. Vt. Xi l- ' .clriiiKHU IUl ' Ii .School; E])silo]i .Siirma, ' iee-President ; t ' psilon Tau . lpha. " Why, Nina. I didn ' t know you were anywhere around ! Wiiy don ' t you say something? " One often hears this ex- clamation, es| ccially at a certain dorm. Nina ' s rejoinder almost invariably is, " Why say sonu-thinp when there ' s nothing worth saving? " One would gather from this that Nina is a (piiet, shy, little girl Well, she is and she isn ' t! Not many know the rent Nina, dancing and full of pep. She may a])pear as a general thing to he a girl of few words (ami a low ])leasing voice), hut she has a rare, never-to-he-forgotten laugh, a sort of pleased laugh. You just know she ' s enjoying herself when you hear it. Some of us have an idea that Nina may he a noted elocutionist some future day. She has a great weakness for nu-moriziiig iiid leeiting Shakespeare. .Mah.iohik I-exa C ' hoshv Diinimerstoii. ' t. " Mari e " Rrattlehoro High School; I ' psilon Sigma; Upsilon Tau Alpha; Y. W. C. A. " I ' ve just found out — Perha|is you knew it — • That work ' s just play When you love to do it. " Who could resist that happy smile? Marge is one of those rare girls who can have everything done and yet not hurry. Yet, is she a grin l? Not by any means. Every- one who sees her outside of classes knows that she can for- get work and help make things lively. We are sure you will be successful, Marge. 185 iW Doris Vera Cirtis Burlina;ton. ' t. Essex Junctidii llit- ' li ScIkihI; I ' psilon Tail Ali)lia. Doris is aniitlier of those quiet {■■) people from Essex I unction. To look at her one mifrht think that she was a [|uiet person, but look out! Appearances are often deceiv- infr, for we find that Doris lias a will of her own. Doris is I }i()od sport and always on hand to have a jrood time with the rest of us. Hahuiet Eliza Davis Montpelier. Vt. " Hnrni " MoMt]ielier Seminary. It means a whole bifr lot, I ' ve found. In every kind of way. To be a real good teacher. And keep it up each day. Then children make such lots of work ! I really do declare. You need to watch them all the while To keep them anywhere. Dorothy Evelyn Di ' nsmore Burliiiiitoii. ' t. ■•Dot " Edmunds Hifrh School; Upsilon Tau Al])ha. " She who has red hair will have red hair till she " dyes ' . " Dot as she is lovingly called by her classmates comes like a ray of sunshiju ' into any company she deigns to grace liy her presence. ' I ' hougli rather timid liy nature we under- stand she is very brave in the presence of (lions) Lyons. She is very fond of chocolates and and we fear she will forsake her teaeliing career for s(mie aged ricli man whose nu)ney she will spend for chocolate bars and pecan sundaes. l.INA Hrxil El)«. Bcccher F.ills. Vt. Montpelier Seminarv; Epsilon Sigma; Upsilon I ' au Aljiba. I heard someone ask Lina not long ago if she was a minister ' s daughter. What do you think? Lina has a de- cided drawl and a charming boyish bob. One grave fault we find in the girl is the reckless fashion in which she plays cards. According to her fortune, there is a dark-haired man verv near her, but Lina professes not to believe a word of it. m 186 I.I:N()HA illA( K F.I.DHIIXiK .Icriilio. t. ■Lcn ' - .Icrklio Hifrh School; I ' psilon liiii Alpha. I.i-n is little hut i)h mv ! How shf likes to tlckU- tlir ivories. That is her favorite pastime and is ])erfectly con- tented when sittinjr on a Ion;; |)iano hencli. She is usually Jolly and ha]ipy hut once in a jrr -at while when she gets angry — well — just watch out ! -Studies never worry her hut just the same she gets her lessons. We are sure you will make a successful teacher hailing from the good old Bihie town of Jericho. ClVTA IllMA I ' AltNSWOUTII Miltclll. t. Ksse .(miction High School; Up.silon Tau Alpha. Someone has said that our jiersonality is hut the out- growth of the habits we form. If this is true we don ' t need to sav , ' inv more about (. ' Ivta. .Iacviklixk C ' i.arise r ' A»xs« onTii Milton. ' t. " Janpii I ' tu " -MiitoM High School; I ' psilon Tau Alpha. Solemn, stately and dignified, .J:tc(pieliii enters the class- room. She is at all times very ipiiet, but who can tell what thoughts j)ass through her mind? It is said she is very ambitions and a most successful teacher. Keep up the good tight, .I.ici|uelin ! yr i ' ]l GeNKVIKVK (JdllDUK II " Ocn " Il.irdwi.k. t. H.irdwick . cademy; Upsilon Tau .Mjiha. Everybody loves Genevieve. How could they help it! ' When she comes along the corridor, rolling those beautiful sea-hhie eyes of hers, and looks at you with such heavenly devotion, no wonder the boys all sing, " Oh I Genevieve, Sweet Giiiev icve I " We wisli vow luck in evi ' rvthinir. Gen. ' til 187 Dorothy Mae Gorman Burlington. Vt. ■■Sinil, " Edmunds Hifih School; Upsilon Tau Alplia. I don ' t know yet What school ' s all about. But I ' ll just sit still And puzzle it out. Cii.ADvs Marion Gray South Rj-egate. Vt. -Glnd " WflK liivei ' Hifili School; Kpsilon Sigma, President; L ' psilon Tau Alpha. Always a face of sunshine Always a face of cheer Glad always makes ns happy We all love her so dear. I ' m sure no one could tiike her place In many a heart I know. We sliall ever think of you. Glad Wherever we niav tro. (rHACE Isabel Hall North Ferrisburff. ' t. " Oriici ' ' ergennes Hijrh School; U))silon Tau Alpha, Vice- President; Epsilon Sigma. Grace is another loyal sujjjjorter of our class, and what iL ' iiiild we do without her? She might seem to be a bit shy but just get acquainted witli her; looks are deceiving. We wonder why she goes home every week-end. There must be a reason. Grace. Tell us. Grace is a real true friend and is bound to succeed in her teaching. 1 Ki ' Hartford, Conn. Ethel IMargierite Hazen •■EthcV Hartford High Scliool; Upsilon Tau . lpha ; Epsilon Sigma. The elements are very well mi.xed in Ethel, and she is «cindrous wise. She is one of those few girls who does rverytliing and does it all well. We predict a happy, lielpful future in whatever profession she chooses. w 188 Mah.hihik MtNKHVA Hh.i. !? Ri tr. N. Y. •■M iii)i " Hliifk Hiver Hijrli School; Epsilon Sipna; I ' p iUm Tan Alpha ; Rifle Tfani. Just look at litT ] ictiirc. Don ' t you think that mi would love ti) know Iut? She really has a wonderful pci sonality. We consider ourselves lucky to have had tlu opportunity to know her for the past two years. We n inemher very distinctly last year in " Rilnier Method " clas- how diligently she would practice the letter " 1. " . Wi haven ' t found out even yet why she is so interested in niak injr them so perfect. Marpe is very studious and can .1! ways he found at the lilirary. Oon ' t forjiet your sniil. when vou are teachinir, Mar " :e! 15nrliiii;toii. ' t. .Sig-ni.i; I ' psilon Tau IIkNKIF.TTA (l.KVl ' .I.ANI) HoVI ' " III llljl " Ednuinds Ilijrh School: Epsilon Alpha. lilciiidc hair, liliic I ' ves, always sinilin(. ' . To — ap|iy know Henry is to love her. .Mthoufrli sh. i, " — nerfretic only came to graduate with ns this year, m y — aive feel that we have always known her. If you i?— ojruisli sec someiuie come rushing into class Ju t 7 — miustrious as the hell rings, it is Henry. " Oh dear, 1 E — fficient had to hurry so I thought I ' d never get hen T — ruthful ui time. " Watch out for those dates ' T — antali .ing Henry spends most of her extra time study A — rtistic ing " Sears " Classroom Management. A ' c woikUt wliyr Kathuvn Ki.iZAMiorii HrniiAHD ' llitillu. X. Y. ■■Kill " Middlchury High School; Epsilon .Sigma; I ' psilon Tau Alpha, Secretary. " There ain ' t no use in all this strife .An ' rushin ' jiell-mell right through life; It ain ' t no mortal kind o ' good. ' N ' I wouldn ' t Imrry if I could. " Who hasn ' t heard Kay ' s " I ' ll be there in a minute, girls. ' Kay is noted for rising at 8: .5 to make an 8::}n class. Hul she usually gets there .ju,st the same, for when once sin gets started she flies over the ground. ' We are all vcr fond of Kay and she is one of the most po])ular members of our class. Her greatest virtue is that of accom|)lishing what slie undertakes. -Vi.K K . n. i: Hriii.iuHT SlH-lluiriic. Vt. ■.Ilice " Bennington High School; Upsilon Tau . lpha. " .Still water runs deep. " We have concluded that this old saying applies to .Mice . ltliough it is rather difficult for most of us to get ac quainted with her, her loyal friends show that she is a girl well worth knowing. . nd, say — what about these rumoi- of her numerous house parties? From all accounts wi gather that she is a charming hostess as well as a cbarmini; classmate. ' Tis said that she " falls " for Bennington. 189 !!f- m III INI .Mary Myfanwy Jones Poultiicy, Vt. " J ffr " Ti-oy Conference Academy; E])silon Sifrnwi, Secretary; Upsilon Tail Alplia. We know liow Mary loves to he called innocent and un- so)ihistlcated( ?). One would .judjre lier so after looking at iier ]iicture. It is enoufili to say that " To know lier is to love lier. " Mary, with lier good memory and power of argumentation adds lier bit to class recitation. You should see how disgusted she looks when anyone uses " Johnny .lones " in an illustration. Never mind, Mary. Even people with common naiiies hnrt ' become famous. Ellen Mahv Kemp Winooski, Vt. -Ellfii " Edmunds High School; I ' jisilon Tau Alpha. Well Ellen, you are little, but never mind! It sometimes troubles Ellen to push her way through the crowds in the halls of the Old Mill, but we notice that she always does get thrinigh. She is a quiet little body, but that is no sign that slie isn ' t busy most of the time. Ellen likes children and we know she will be very happy as a teacher. The teacher training girls certainly wish lier lots of success in the years to come. Sarah Amehvllis Kent Beiiningtoii. ' t. ■■s,iiiir North Bennington High School; Upsilon Tau .Mjiha. " Always ready to do her share. Other ' s burdens willing to hear; Can we do it without her there? Without our Sally? " Did you e ' er see such a Iov;ible face as Sall ' " s? No wonder she is so popular. She has brought her scholarshiji along wit h her too. No one ever saw Sally witliout her lesson prepared. Marion Shirley Kushner Burlington. Vt. " Tnotxif ' " Edmunds High School; I ' jisilon Tau . l]ilia. " Has she got winning ways? Yes, she has got winning ways! " That ' s Tootsie. Everyone likes her. How could anyone resist her with her jileasant smile and helping hand? Does Tootsie look at the boys. " Yes, and they never hesitate to take off ' their hats to her. Tootsie always has something interesting to tell about that " divine " dance. 190 IsAHKi. M n Ma. Gibbon Nortlititl.l, ' t. -I. IS If " Northfu-lcl High School; L ' psilon Tau Aljiha. " If she will, she will; if she won ' t, she won ' t. " No amiiimt of ar rument or ))ersuasion can change lu-r. Dim ' t think that she goes around the campus trying to argue with everyone she meets. Kar from it! She has an ahundant store of goo l nature and oi)timism which saves her from the worrv that the rest of us poor mortals undergo. t] ' I] .Ikan.vkttk Cohxi:i.ia May Williston. Vt. " J f ' fin " KdiMUiuK High School; I psilon Tau Aljilia. ••. pleasant smile is as good as a coach. " Here is a personality that will chase away gloom. She always greets one with a sunny smile and laughing eyes. We wonder whether or not she will ever hecome sedate and grown up. We hope that she never will. She is very pro- grei-sive. In fact she has seriously considered procuring an anuinuensis. hecause she declares that she lias more work to accomplish than a lawyer. Fhkt) -M B.ii)BiK MoHROw rii.irlottf. Vi. ■• Fn tin " ' ermont . cadeniy; rjisiloii Alpha. Freda ' s Motto .lust do a thing and don ' t talk ahowt it. Talk iin-ans dis- cussion; discussion means irritation: irritation nie.ins op- position; and opposition means hindrance, whether you are right or wrong. Gba( K Ki.iZA Phkkv li.irrc, Vt. j " Orare ' ' Harre High School; Upsilon Tau . lpha. (Jrace is the jiossessor of an " eternal smile. " She goe into everything with the same vim and amliition that char acterizes her success in so many undertakings. 191 1 ( ' -! C ' liHisTixE Valeria Phelps Milton, Yt. -Chr!.-- " Milton High School; Upsilon Tau Alpha. Always of a joyous and sunny disposition, she enjoys luTSflf wlierever she goes. She flits through life like a liuttei ' fly, stopping to gather nectar as she moves. We iliiulit if teaching will he her life vocation as we believe a home and fireside will offer greater attractions. Ask her! Kathleen Mavoireex Reynolds New Haven, Vt. " Kfiii " Beeman Academy; Upsilon Tau Alpha. Tliere is a tense silence. Someone must say something. Dire ruin faces us. Then sighs of relief. Kay, with her demure little drawl has questioned the issue, and the battle is on. We continue our interru])ted najjs, until a truce is signed. Even though she does look a hit serious, Kay is a sunny person. If you want any information about Middle- liurv, she is the oracle. Kunue Clara Ric hakuson ' ergennes, Vt. ■X ' -A ' ncf ' ' ergennes High School; Epsilon Sigma, Treasurer; Upsilon Tau Alpha, President. Heinember how she cried, " Weep! Weep! " to all ladies with hat bags during freshman week? That ' s U-Knee — always ready to laugh, especially if the joke is on her. That liigh, shrill, uninvited soprano solo in music class has never yet failed to make us giggle. We have often wondered at her seemingly excellent health. Alas ! They -ay a certain " Doc " prescribes " dates. " .iNNA Blanche Stevens •■Lin " Stowe High School; Epsilon Stowc. Vt. Sigma; Upsilon Tau Alpha. Cuishing, rusliing, hushing Lin . lways heard above the din. From Stowe comes her education and her .She ' s one that never takes a na]). E})silon Sigma and . l])ha too Know they ' ve found something that ' s new. I. iked by all her classmates now Everyone thinks she ' s a wow. In fact she ' s there with all her soul. And she ' s sure bound to reach her goal. snap. III 192 Alice Elizahetii Brattleboro. t. ■.11 " Bnittlcboro Hifih Sfliool; Epsilon Sigrina; Upsiloii Tan Ali)ha. " Silence is golden. ' " . liee lia.s just eoine hi us tlii.s year. We know tliat there must be nn empty place in Brattleboro because she already fills such a large space here. .-Mice is one of those girls who always has something t i say in class. In fact, that is one of her strong points. She likes to dance just a.s well as to talk .ind she never lets a dance sli]i liy. CiL. l)VS HkLKX ' I ' tDIIOl-E North Hero. Vt. Tnlilii) " .Middlehury High School; Upsilon Tau . lpha. Tubby is one of those girls with a " skin you love to toucli. " Wouldn ' t we all like to have rosy cheeks like hers? ' I ' ldibv is always ready to have a good time and is a good sjjort. Studying never worries her nnieh bnl she gets there just the same. RiTii Inkz lll) W.-illinjiford. Vt. •■ , ' h ».v ' ' W.dlingford lllgli .S ' hool ; I ' psilon T.-iu . l])ha. Ruth is a very lively meml)er of our grouj). Iler smiling face and sparkling eyes give cheer to all. We seldom see her alone on the campus (or elsewhere) for she enjoys eomi any. She also enjoys taking ptirt in dramatic work. ESTIIKU MllNTIioMKHV YofXG ■f ' hnrlle ' Newport lligli Sell. UurliiiiitoM. N ' t. I; Epsilon Sigma; fjisiloii Tau . lpha. Charlie ' s motto is, " Kat, drink, and he nieiry, for tomor- row we may die. " In s])ite of this motto, Charlie has the good fortune of possessing the much-sought-.ifter slender- ness. We w inder whether she renuMubers last year she couldn ' t be annoyed with anything ;is trivial as studies. Especially did Charlie shine in .Vrithmetic (like a fallen star). Hut this year — Oh My 1 — .She is ,is serious as any- thing and absorbs so nuich knowledge in every class that she leaves little for the rest of us. 19.3 ! ? FRESHMEN ii (TVS ' Jllli llBi Kuth Andrews Riflimoiid. V Doris E. Arnold Burlington. V Dorothy A. Arnold Burlington. ' Esther M. Barton ' ergennes. A. Louise Bennett Burlington. ■ Winifred E. Blondin Burlington. Jean R. Brock Wells River. ' Barbara .1. Brown Williston, X (Gertrude M. Buni] Clarendon. V Huldali S. Burhank Burlington. V Dorotliea M. Cameron Winooski. ' Grace I.. Cannon Burlington. V Alba M. Cardazzo Waterbury. Y Wary E. Case - Cambridge. Y Thelnia J. Cilley Colchester. ' Catlierine A. Collins Shelburne, ' Margaret F. Collins Richmond. Bernard J, Connell Proctorsville. X Constance M. Ellsworth IJurlington. ' Ciertrude H. Flagg Burlington. ' Delia M. Flint Randolph. V Marian .V. Freegard ' h ting. X Ciraee Ciilman Chelsea. Beatrice A. Grow Essex Junction. X Pauline N. Harlow Putney. ' Margaret L. Healej ' White River .Function. ' Irene S. Hey wood East liddlebury , X Daisie A. Isham Barre. V Iva C. Jenks Springfield. ' (iladys I,. Kendrew Williston. V Helen ]M. Kenyon Vergcnnes. ' Florence A. Keyes Bellows Falls. " A ' inifred M. Killoran Essex Junction. ' Hazel A. Knight North Hero. X Cecelia A. McCiarghan Windsor. Grace E. McKee Passumpsic, V Fsabel M. Manor Charlotte. V I.ncile E. Mndgett White River Junction, V Helena K. O ' Brien Winooski. X Myrtle A. Owen Huntington. Constance E. Palmer Burlington. Laurel I. Pearl Cirand Isle. ' Evelyn M. Pecor ' inooski. ' Arlene J. Pierce Burlington. Florence E. Poole Shelburne. V Helen F. Redmond Burlington. ' Evelyn B. Robinson .Stowe. ' Bessie F. Root Craftsburv. 194 Ada K. H..SS Colclu stcr. Vt. Mvrtie A. I l ' - ' " ' ! ' " " ' - - I.oretta T. St. Francis Hurhnjiton. t. Christine I.. Shaw Burlin-ton. Vt. Dorothy G. Spear Hartl.uul. t. KIi .al..-tli C. Stehl.ins Shclhurne. t. Huth .M. Siilliv.u, - ' t- Albans Bay, t. (nor-iana . I. Swan Ks ' ' ' Center. t. Doris l . Terrv ' ' " " t ' R.vil ' it ' -- t. Ardelia Trieeil • Middlebury. V t. .Marv S. Van Cor Hineshurf;, Vt. Mvrtle K. Watson Peaslecville, N. " i . Winifred G. Wliite Westminster, Vt. 15arl.ara H. liitnev Jerieho, Vt. Mariorie V . Wiliard Hiehford. t. B.rniee 1. Willev Monti)elier. t. Dorntliv M. W riiiht Hiirlinulon. t. (L rt) cL «rt) UFS LON TAU ALPHA OIFICKHS EiNu K C. Hi( i[ AiiDsox President Gr.m K I. H.M.I lice President Katuhvx E. HiHBAUD Secretary X ' lviAN C. DoixiK Treasurer Upsilon T.iu Ali)ha is open to all students of the teaelier-training dei)artnient. iMeetiiiLJs are held every two weeks, at which menihers of the faculty and others interesU-d in edue.itionai work .iddress the club. The orfranization serves .also as a social ' ' roup, giving the girls ,i chance to know each other better outside of classes. Ih,i 1 !)■■) Sll ;. ,{ .-, „ •. ■,■, , , , II iil.hnr l. Sl,lh . ,■,„■ ,, . (■„ . Iln.,1,. Hurklcif, Buniap. liichardnon, (frai , Ci ' fnn, Joiw . Iloift Yoiinq. .lUhee. Ilo-cclinJi. Edrciirrln Rachel Allbee Dcirotliv Bowdish Doriitliy Buckley Hazel Biirnap Hutu Chaffee Doris Colt Nina Cram Gertrude Bump Marv Casev Martha Hall Pauline Harlow EPSILON SIGMA SOROHF.S IX IXIVKKSri ' ATK Skxiou Helen Dullahan Junior Agnes O ' Kane SoPIIO-AIORliS Marjorie Crosby Lina Edwards Gladys Gray Grace Hall ' Ethel Hazen Marjora Hill Henrietta Hoyt Fresh Mi:x Florence Keyes Grace McKee Laurel Pearl Katliryn Hubbard . ' Nlary Jones Cirace Perry Eunice liichardson I.inna Steyens Alice Styles Esther Young I.oretta St. Francis Doris Terry Barbara Whitney Bernlee Willey M 196 iH t b t c g ' 1 iLcathtx, oinatakinig ttn sijnivmllicHr, A 4 ' lui f«l, roni alftflg brtll)tr to Ilia liff ' a iMurk, 5v jHfiji, luhosf fri wi)Blnyi luc almll tvtt value, 3.11c llfiiii-atc nilic J-Hci)ir ' cfHciM of WUt xVrifl 197 FACULTY James Nathaniel Jenxe, dM M. D. Vermont ' 81, M. S. Vermont ' :35 Dean of the CoUei e of 3Ie(l!cine and Profeiisor of Tlitrapiiitin.- on, I I ' linirol MtdirUii John Brooks, S " ! " . X A. B. Veniiont " To, M. D. Harvard ' 79, Sc. D. Vei-mont ' 2 Professor Enirritus of Surjierii Clarence Henry Beecher, AM M. D. ' e Jlont ' 00 Professor of Mtdir ' ine Thomas Stephen Brown, a; I M. D. Vermont ' Oi Thaller Professor of Jntitiniui Fred Kinney Jackson, J A0, AM A. B. Vermont ' 97. M. D. Vermont ' 99 Professor of Phiisioloyy David Iarvin, AM M. D. A ' ermont ' 00 Professor of Materia Meitiea ami I ' lia nii(ieoI,}i ii ' William Warren Townsend, i X A. B. Vermont ' 91, M. D. Vermont ' 93 Professor of deiiito-Vrinarii Diseases Patrick Euoene McSweeney, AM M. D. Vermont ' 8( , M. S. Vermont ' 33 Professor of Obstefries and Diseases of Vomel! Frederic William Sears, AM A. B. Amlierst ' 81, M. D. Vermont ' 88 Professor of Disinses of the Nen ' oiis Si .ifem Charles Mallory Williams, AY, 1 ' X, WNE A. B. Brooklyn Poly. Inst. ' 90. Ph. B. Yale ' 9?, M. D. Columbia ' 98 Professor of Diseases of the Skin Charles Flagg Whitney, AM B. S. Vermont ' 97, M. D. ' ermont ' 03 Professor of Phj siolof ical Chmiislrii and Toxieoloijij Edmiind Towle Brow n, A3I M. D. ' ■ermont ' 97 Professor of Diseases of the Ei e, Ear. Xose and J ' liroat Charles Francis Dalton, AM M. D. Vermont ' 03 Professor of II ii )ieiie and Preventive Medicine Charles Kimball Johnson, X M. D. Vermont ' 99 Professor of Diseases of Children Ernest Hiram Buttles, AM, " tBIv A. B. Vermont ' 01, M. D. Vermont " OS Professor of Patholoyi and Baeteriuloi); and Seeretori of file Faenllji of the Colleoe of Medicine 198 !■ ' I.Y.MAN A1.1.KX, i ' l . A.M. ' MiK . . B. Vcrniont " HiJ. .M. I). ' iMM nl ' Wi. M. S. Norwich " 1 " I ' rofinsor of Siiri cni J.- MES Ch. rles O ' Neili, B. S. ' ermont ' Oli, M. D. Vcrinont 17 Professor of ilenlal Disensrs Bn. IN " nF.RD HrXT WlIITUKCK A. B. Harvard ' 09, M. D. Coluinliia ' m Professor of Orthopedic Stinierii !M. .ioi! Ormki. II. .SxAXr.EY A. 15. Bowdoin " (lil. .M. D. Vcnnnnt " 1- ' Professor of Mediro-ilililani Sci(iiee ami ' rro ilrul Midirhie Oliver Newei.l Eastman, .AKK .M. n. Vermont " 08 .Issoriate Professor of Obsfelrirs Frederick Ellsworth Clark, I X M. D. ' o ll()nt ' 9i .l.- xoriiite Professor of Potliohiijii IIoVEV .loHDAN, . ' rSJ Ph. B. " crnlo t " l. ' J, M. S. Vcrniont ' .l. ' sistaiit Professor of Hioloi ii. Ilistoloijii and Emiiriioloiiii Robert Leland Mavnahd. AKK M. D. Vcrniont ' 11 .Issistant Professor of Orthopedic Suriierij Geohoe Miliar .Sahin, I A(-). " S B. S. Vermont ' )( , .AI. T . A ' .rmont " 00 Assistant Professor of Clinicid Siirrier;i Clifford Atiierton Pease, AM M. n. Vermont " ilS .tsslsfatit Professor of (linirfd Sttrijeni Harold Fhancis Tavlou, AKK B. .S. Dartmouth ' It, M. I). Vcrniont " 17 .Issistoiit Professor of Medicine and Inst niclor in Clinical Medicine I ■ I, oris Pease Hastings, Ki, AM n ' i B. .S. Mass. . irri. Coll. " lil. -M. D. Vermont " 33 .Issistant Professor of Bacteriolo;)! and Clinical Patlioliifj i IlAitin Cadwallader Fortner i A. B. .Michigan " 17, . M. Michican " 17 .Issistant Professor of Hislidoini and liitdoaii Warre.v Rohi.vson Austin, Ki i Ph. B. Vermont " f)!) Lecturer in Medical Jnris irudence Charles Artiiir Havev. AKK -M. D. ' cnnont " IN Instructor in Mcdicini Natiixn Hexwick Cald«i:ll, A.M y . I). A ' ennont ' 1 + Instructor in Roentf enolofii .John IIazen Dodds, . KK il. D. Vermont ' 98 Inst ructor in .-I nesfhetization 199 F.M-Mis George T«itchell, 4 X A. B. Queen ' s University ' 03, M. D. Queen ' s University ' iKi, C. M. ( )uten ' s University " 06 Jiistnirtar in Diicrinex of the Eye. Ear, Xonf aiul Tlirant Benjamin Dyer Adams, AKK M. D. ' ermont ' 08 Inffnictor in Siir(i(ri Charles Perkins Moat B. S. Mass. Inst. Tecli. ' 90 last rnrtiii- in Sani nrif (_ ' hruii ifrif Seth Hi ' sTis Martin, X. (-)XE M. D. Maryland ' DO Inatrurtor in Dcnnftfulof it ami Vf ' nt ' rraJ T i:ti ' ases Herbert Ashley Dvrfee, i A(-). AKK A. B. Vermont ' 17, M. D. ' enlul t " JO Instructor in Ol nti-trics Pat ' l Kendrick French, A , AM Pli. B. ' erm( nt ' - ' 0, M. D. ' er lont " - ' 3 Jn. ' f riictor in Mi ' ilirinf Edward Douglas McSweenev, AM. 0XE A. B. ' erm()nt " 19, M. D. Vermont ' i-2 Inatnirtor in Gi nt ' Cnloi if AViLi.iAM Graves Townsend, AKK B. S. Dartmoiitli ' - ' 0, M. D. Wnnont " - ' 4. 1 nsfrnrtnr in Gcnito-V rinnrii hi.- t ' a. fs Walfoud Tipper Rees, K5. AM M. D. ' e mont ' 2i Instructor in Antttomtf Douglas Armour Thom M. D. Vermont ' 12 Instructor in Mental Diseases Karl Corneluts Mc Mahon, AI, AM B. S. Vermont " 19, M. D. Veniiont ' 32 Clinical Inst rnclor in Ei e. Ear. Xose anil Throat Amos Bush Wili.marth A. B. Midtllelniry ' 00, A. M. Harvard ' 01 Assistant Profrssnr of Phiisiohiiiiral ( ' 1trn}ictrji Myrtelle May Canavan Jl. D. Women ' s Me dical College of Pennsylvania ' 05 Inst nictor in yeurnjtntholO(iy l|jl % 200 eiif SENIOR CLASS, 1927 y ■- ■k. jeji I.,IW1 M.issacluisctts Hexhy Waltkk Beck Prc-inc(lic:il. Hoston University: MnunI 1 Icniion Scliiml. ()„ ,I()si.-.i-ii BizzozEHo Hn-ro. Wrnioiit l ' ri-im-(lical, Culumliia aiul Nrrinoiit : U.lbi .Mu; r ip mthI Skull; Siiaiililmfr Hifrli School. John Joseph 15 )ahi).ma.v Stowc. Virniont Prt-iiu(li(vil. Vfriiioiit: I.ainl (l:i lot.i: Dilta Mu; Stowt- Ilifrli School; Key and Scrix-nt; I ' lvsidt-nt Prc-mcUic Cliili (- ' ): Manapcr C.lec Chib (:5) ; Class Treasurer (■2); Sophomore Committee (- ' ) ; ChainnaM Junior I ' roin (:i): Medical Kditor Ariki. (M-S). Robert Johnson Catun, B. S. Swanlon. nnnul Pre-mcdical, Vermont; Phi Chi; Cap and Skull: St. .Mlians lli di Scliool Carlos Kicene Fallon I ' l-ru. Nfw York Pre-Miedical, Vermont; Phi (hi: Peru Ilit- ' li School: (-•): Pr c-nicdic Clul). Khali) Kairhanks Foster Lyiulomille. Vermont Pre-medical, ' crmont ; .eta Clii: . ll)ha Kap]ia Kajijia: Lyndon Institulc; Cold Key: Press Clul). Ai XFLIEX Clement J. Gehvais Hurliiiiiton. Vcrni.Mit I ' rcMnedical, Montreal T ' nivcrsity and criiiont: Si ' uia . lpha Chi: . lplia Ka])]ia Kapii.i: Hurlin ' ton Ui di School: I ' niversity Hand (J); Corporal (. ' ); ' arsity Hockey (- ' , 3); Prc-medic Cluh; Newman Cluh. Alan- Oakes Godfrey, B. S. Burlinjitoii ' , riiioiit Pre-medical, Vermont; Phi Chi; Cap and Skull; Hurliufrton Illfrh School; . kiki. Hoard (:{, M- ' .i); Corjioral (. ' ): Kiufrsley Prize Speakinfr ( ) ; .Medical Student .Senate (M-i). Wii.m-R Merria.m JiiU) Knoslmra I ' alls. ' rrnuiiit Prc-nu-dical, Vermont; Si.L ' ma N ' u ; Aljiha Kappa Kappa; C.ip and Skull; Knosburj. ' Falls Iliph School; Ciold Key: Manajrer Class Track (I); Hand ScrL ' cant (i) ; Chair- man Sophomore Hop (- ' ); Kake Walk Connnittee {!): Mi-dic Ahiki. Hoard (M-S); C;iee Clul) (1, 2): Pre-modic Cluh. H! 201 m Harold Myer I evin, B. S. Burliniiton. Vermont Pre-medical, Vermont; Tau Epsilon Phi; Winooski Higli School; Class Baseball (i) ; Corporal (-2) ; Kake Walk Committee (3). Philip Taylor !McGreevy Burlington. Vermont Pre-medical, Vermont; Phi Clii; Burlington High School; Corporal (-) ; Pre-medic Club; Newman Club, President (M-3). Mrs. Eloise Bailey Peterson Burlington, Vermont Pre-Medical, ' ermont; Alpha Gamma .Sigma; Ooddard .Semiiiarv; St. Hilda ' s Guild; Hockey (3); Koshare (1, 2). Harold Atoustus Pooler Pre-medical, Vermont; Phi Chi; Skowhegan High School. Skowliegan, Elaine Doris " SIay Sidwell, B. S. West Hartford, Connecticut Pre-medical, Vemiont; Alpha Chi Omega; Alpha Gamma Sigma; St. .Tohnsluirv Academy; West Hartford High School; German Club; Glee Club (1, . 3); Y. V. C. A.; W. A. A. Ralph Gunner Streeter . . Burling-ton. Vt. Pre-medical, Vermont; Delta Mu; Peddle Preparatory School: Rifle Club; Pre-medic Club. William Alexander Tyler, B. S. Canton. New York Pre-medical, St. Lawrence University; Beta Tlieta Pi; Delta Mu; Canton High School; Medic Ariel Board (M-3); Medical Student Senate {M-4). A ' arrex Laxgdon Written Burlington. Vermont Pre-medical, Middlebury; Phi Chi; Franklin Academy; Varsity Track (J, 3); Po ' e ' ault Records — Eastern Intercollegiate, ' erniont State. JUNIOR CLASS, 1928 m I li . . Z:, . , ,. ;,. ;.:..-. z.; 202 ■HI Asa Ciiaklks Adams, J5. S. Pre-medical, Colby I.inneus, Maine n.ltii rpsilim; Delta Mu; Pi Kappa Delta; Hieker Classical Institute; Class I ' reasurer (1, I); Class Football (I, i) ; X ' arsity Debating (3, 4) ; Prize Speaking (1, t); Senior Class Play; Commencement Coininittee (i). Maine with all lur inilinrniciits to he- (■(inif I ' otato Kin r could not swerve our nijitted. ))eaee-lovin i;. sure-footed, stern ;nid steady Ase when once he had set his elenelicd jaws toward medicine. Althouffh beset with terrors and hallu- cinations during: tjie freshman ye;ir. be emerged unscathed. In tin- ordinary stress of the week ' s routine, lie exhii)its the eomj)osure of a hiiih school i)rincipal. but at the ap- jjroach of mid-ye;irs. his countenance lensithens .iiid be is beard to nuirmur. " I c;in ' t, I can ' t. " Hut when the last " t " is crossed, there is the evidence — he did. be did. t f y Ase .J. n. .1. Hakku, A. 15. I ' re-iMcdical. L ' niversity of Nevada Oakland, California Al])ha Kappa Kappa; Oakland Teebnieal High .Selinol; I ' niversitv of California (1, . ' ). . nisjlit in .hine; moonlight tni the (ianges; a haunting refr.iin, softly wafted on the gentle zephyrs; a low, exquisitely feminine voiet — and Jack. Could anything be more romantic. ' Hut. beware, all ye damsels who read these presents, for it seems a misty |).ith, strewn with ruptured and bemorrh.agic hearts, lias followed this youth from the orange groves of Cali- fornia to the a|)|)le orchards of Ver- mont. To expose more fully tins shameless individual to ]inblie contemplaticm, we might mention that he is not only the perfect Romeo, but also an .ardent dis- cijjle of Ter|)siehore. and in his spare moments, a dehir in the |)erl ' ectly ob- vious arts of I lippoerates. -Jack " 203 11 1 FrEDERK K Ml( HAEL BaNNON Pre-medical, Vermont Glens Falls, New York Delta Mu; St. Mary ' s Academy (Glens Falls); Newman Club. " " How de dor " Listen, everybody, this is little Freddie Bannon, broadcast- ing- bed-time stories to all the other good little boys and girls in the world. His special feature tonight will be reminiscences of the great day when old Doe Stork left him in his triangular suit, squawling and Ixiwling on the Medical College steps. Tliis babe filled his lungs at the very first spank and has exercised them so vociferously ever since, that mariners, sailing down Lake Champlain. have been known to confuse his cries with the bellowing of tlie fog-horn on Colcliester reef. Our child lias as])irations toward be- ing a urologist, provided he can always have Rena-1 conditions under his view. John Leonard Bohon Pre-medical, Vermont Cherubusco, New York Phi Mu Delta; Phi Chi; Chateaugay High Scliool; Newman Club. Lo, as the Crossword Puzzle Book says! An Irislunan with a Freneli name I And from the wilds of Cheru- busco ! ' Twas back in ' 25 that Jawn left the solitude of his primeval Iiaunts to mingle witii us. ,Tohn received quite a jolt early in life when he stopjjed. in a ratlier atyp- ical way, a freiglit train at a grade- crossing. His kindheartedness with- stood the crasli, but his talkativeness must have taken flight along with the milk cans and egg crates. We have lieard him say, however, " Naow, a stiddy girl is alright for yon young fellers, but wlien you get as old as I am, she is baound to be a stiddy nuisance. " " Freddie " Jmcii ' 20i JaMKS (ill iiam Hni( e Pre-medical, Vermont Burlinpjton. ' criiiiiiit .Sigmii Alpha Clii ; Alpli.i Kappa Kappa; HurliiifrtDii Hifrli Si-liool; I ' l-f-im-dic Club; DfiitscluT ' crrin; I ' liiversitv Hand (1, - ' ) ; Clfi- C ' lul) (- ' ); Corix.ral (i). No. Estaht ' llc. tins is not ' iiK-Liit I.opfz. It is true that lie lias the dirty upper lip and shajijiy mane of a jirofes- sional noise-maker, hut lie humbl_v con- fines his efforts to scraping tlie horse- hair against eat-gut in the local beer gardens. However, my dear, lie has ])layed before the miero))lione with his radio orchestra, and (now don ' t breathe a word of this) we know for a fact that many a corn-fed in tlu ' wide-o])en sp.aces from Winooski to Chicago has clutched at her larynx with a sob, to 111 ar the |)laintive strains from Ciramp ' s iolin coininii ' in cm lirr two tube set. Lksmk An rm 11 l5rn.Ns Pre-medical. Wriiiont Westminster, Massachusetts Delta Mu; Westminster Hifrli School; N ' ewnian Club. Here we have the class (jcicstioii box. No matter what the discussion is about, Les can always ask a question. By the judicious use of this talent, he has saved many of his classmates. When the . ' . (). S. is broadcast, " Beniiy ' s going to get me sure; see if you can stall him ott ' til the bell rings, " Les opens up his questionnaire, fol- lowed by his ever-ready, " Now what I was getting at — , " and nobly struts his stuff. While the instructor is floun- dering around, trying to explain the jioser. our old friend, the bell, jangles and everyone is ha])|)y. Hut when the prof turns the tables by answering I-es ' question with another, he takes his lick- ing like a martyr, hiding his chagrin behind that close-cropped mustache. ' Gramp " -Les ' 205 101 Garfield Girard Defoe Pre-medical, Vermont Peru, New York Plii Clii ; Peru High School ; Newman Chil); Zoology Medal. Tliere is no question about it. Gar- field lias always been a remarkable boy. Entering this life at quite an early age, lie must have been born with the pro- verbial silver spoon in his mouth. His first conquest was the winning of the Beauty Cup in a Bigger and Better Babies ' Contest, held at Wellesky Col- lege. Ho]iing to keep one leg on the eup, he, like Peter Pan, decided never to grow up. After competing annually in these contests until they outfitted the judges with new pairs of glasses, he matriculated in Plummer ' s College and l)romptly won the Zoo Medal. He is the fellow wlio. with Stubby and Gramp Newhall. sued tlie city of Burlington for building the sidewalks so close to their diaphragms. " Garfield ' llW ' ■ws ' w-vy ' ' ILLIAM Loris Deignan, B. S. Pre-medical, Vermont Orange, New Jersey Alplia Kappa Kappa; Theta Xu Epsiloii; Seton Hall; Fiirdliam University (1); Editor Bnlicmidu Menu ' (M-1); " Medic Ariel Board (M-3). And now we will take up for co;(-sid- eration the bile pigments, including bilideignan, the great impersonator. First he will represent the great G. O. P. nominee for the i residency, and next he will appear as Bobby- Jones. Absolutely no advance in prices for this double feature. As a student, he is exceptional, hav- ing cut only the five times his grand- mother in lilton died, since matricula- tion. His presence in Burlington will be missed sorely after graduation by the poorer classes who benefited so greatly bv his clinics. " BiW 206 Mkhiuidk Hei.i.k Dkxxis. ]i. S. l ' ri-nu(iic;il. Xirinont Stratford. New I lainpsliirc Kappa Di-lta; MiiUll.-lnin- Ilifrli Solioul; Honor Srliolarsliip Society; Y. W. C. A. Every morninp; at about t vent_v-nine minutes past ciglit, a jirl with a blue coat and jaunty liat may be seen tear- inij around tlie corner of Mansfield Avenue and ahnost runnini; over herself in lier haste to get to class on time, but not before. As her hi ;h heels t.i|i-ta|) up the steps of the Medical Buildiiiji. she is invariably greeted by solicitous voices. inquirinK as to what she had for breakfast. N ' isiht after night tiiere beams aloft from that window overlookinsr Mans- field Avenue fliekeriiin ' evidence of the fast waning midnight oil. " Course crabber? " did you say; guess again, old bean ; Mertie ' s the runner-up for college bridge champs, that ' s all. l ' Hi:ni:ni( K .1 a.mks I ' axxixg P re-medical, Vermont .Swanipscott. .Massachusetts . l|)lia Kappa Kappa; .Swanipscott Ili}j:li Scliool; ( ' or])oral (-2). This ])icture should conjure up tiiouglits of ghosts and devils, shots in the dark and gory finger prints, for Freddie is our m.m of mystery. He cM-n has one on the " Man with the hnn Mask. " for we know where tiiat liasliful individual s])ent his evenings. 1 roui tile time that Fred leaves the fount of learning in the afternoon until lu- makes his matutinal appearance at S i. ' iO, his whenabouts and actions are elotlied in deejiest secrecy. Kuuiov hath it th.-it our hero forsook the c ' are-frce ranks of celibacv. but where he keeps his better five-tenths is a question still in the realm of specula- tion. Wr hope that before Prexy liands us our sli((|iskins. we may solve these iiuzzhng nusteries. ' Doc ' ' ■Freddie ' 207 Evelyn Bernice P ' isk Pre-medical, Vermont Vergennes, Vermont Sijrma Gamma; Vergennes High School; Rifle Team (1, J); House Committee {-2). One day. many, many years ago (but not so vcri many years ago), the sleepy and polluted city of Vergennes was brightened by the addition to their population of a bouncing baby girl. But all this has nothing to do with our story. The child waxed strong in arm and beauteous in face and resolved to come to the aid of her unhygienic township. So, equijjping herself with six years of canned and concentrated knowledge and armfuls and armfuls of disinfec- tants, our Lady Bountiful returned and installed the loveliest filter plahnt im- aginable. So they all lived h.ippily ever after, and, that ' s all. Lewis Desmond Foote Pre-medical, Vermont Malone, New York ■• l])ha Tau Omega; Alpha Kappa Kappa; FranlvHn . cademv; Newman Chih, Presi- dent (M-3). Above, you see Daniel Boone ' s living likeness, presented for your approval. This big city guy from lalone blushes every time he thinks of his romances in every port from Cuba to Atlantic City. His hunting instinct crops out in an- other direction, .also, for almost every sunny fall afternoon finds Desmond, clad according to Vanity Fair ' s latest dictum as to " ' hat the ' ell-Dressed Sportsman Will Wear, " answering the call of the wild. After many disheart- ening attempts in the past, good fortune finally beamed on him, and aided him in bringing home a crow and chipmunk. But. sad to relate, autopsy revealed that the t ' row died from natural causes, from laughing itself to death. " Friski " Loiii m 208 Stanley Loris Vixcext CJahipay Pre-mcdical. Vermont ' liite River .Imutioii. Wrinimt Al|iha Kappa Kapjia; llarltdnl lUjih Si-li(ii)l; IIoiKir Si-liolarsliip Socictv; Class Football (1. . ' ): Class Haskctl.all " (1, - ' ). Tluiiiipl ' rinmi|il Step riii ' lit along, eliildrcn. aiul don ' t l)e frightciud. ' I ' iiat is only till- giant (;ar()|)])y. pcreussiiig out his (lull areas. For heneatii his rough and burly integument, Stanley possesses not only a heart of gold, as the Alger hooks say. hut also a most intrieati- and delicate constitution. ' ithout a cju estion of douht. he is the most diseased man on the campus. What p.-itliology he does not harbor, he hasn ' t tliought of yet. Hut. in s])ite of his liarassed and de- bilitated condition. .Stan has borne up bravely and diverted Ids mind from his ills by such light dalliances a.s footb.ill. wrestling, lifting weights at Chautau- qua exhibitions and six-day bicycle races. Haiimi . i(;rsTr.s Cjetchell 1 ' re medical. Vermont I ' ortl.ind. .Maine Sipnia u; .VIplia Kap])a Kappa; Port- land High .School; .Scahlmrd ami I?la(lc. .Another Mainiac. After fumbling around for some time among the bolts and nuts in the Kngineering College at Orono. Kaljili saw the light. |)aike(l bis toothbrush in his carpet bag and hit the ties tor Burlington. Ralph ' s |)ermancnt wave is the iiny and despair of ni.iny a co-ed who enters the |)ortals of our building. Hut the secret of its origin is out. His old friend, the X-ray, does it all. Ralph may be seen any evening winding gamma rays in and out of his crowning glorx . and lra ing tlieni there to so;ik over night. Heing of roentgenologic stock, (ieteli has all the hot (l()|)e on the .art of plioto- gra|)hing deere])it viscera. ' Stan ' ■(J etch " 209 Glendox Boyce Goddard Pre-medical, Vermont Morrisville. Vermont Phi Chi; Craftsbury Academy; Pre- niedic Chib; University Band (1, i); Glee Club (1, 2) ; College Orchestra (2, 3). " Who is that tall, good-looking, mas- culine biped going by? I always see liim every morning at twenty-five min- utes of nine going down Colcliester A ■enue. Do you sujipose I can get an introduction to him? " " Why. that ' s Glendon Goddard. Don ' t you know liim? 1iy, all tlie girls are simply wild about him. He ' s a Junior Medic, you know, awfully busy, but he gets time to take a girl out occasionally. He seems to be partial to the Teacher Training girls, too. I just wish I had taken Teacher Train- ing course, don ' t you? " We are sorry for you, girls, but be patient. Glen likes a different girl each week and if you ' re very, very good, your turn will come. I,Eox. RD Robert Goodrich Pre-medical. Vermont Essex Junction. Vermont Phi Chi; Essex Junction High School; Pre-medic Club. Cast your eyes on the visage above. Get the resemblance ? Of course you do. That stern New England face with tightly-closed lips and rock-bound jaws. Yes, Grace, ' tis none otlier than Silent Cal of economy fame. But why should he be modestly preserving his incognito in these humble halls ? Ask of the frogs that lie pitlied in the Freddiology room ! Ask of tlie gentle breezes that float from Anatomy I. ah I We won ' t tell. Our Cal is a block off the old chip and can swing an axe with the best of them. And we ' ve heard tell that in the spring this young man ' s fancy always turns him back to the sugar lot. Not strange, for we ' ve noticed that he al- ways did have a leaning toward the sweet things in life. ' Glen ' Cal " I ' I 210 IHi ' aynk Pkauson Harrison, A. B. I ' n-iiu ' dienl. University of Michigan I5.irrytoii. Mit-liiu.-m Delta Mu; Harryton llitih School; .Medic Arici. Board (M-3); Johns Ilopknis Uni- versity (M-1). This class patriarch (ii i not conic over on Noali ' s ark witli Ship Sullivan, hut arrived safely on tiic next hoat. loaded down with all sorts of pharma- ceutical ])rc])arations. a wife, a radio set. one used car and two cats. After helpiuf; Ira Allen install the liaddle-wheel in the Old Mill, he next ap))ears in the role of official drug eom- ) ounder in i local eni))oriuui. rolling ' l)ills. mixing ungucntmus and (illing our )irofs " ])reseriptions. In his odd nioinciits. Pop h,is devoted his talents tow.ard d.ibhling in oils and has gained renown from hi.s celebrated study of Freddie .Tackson. found else- wlurc in this hook. ' Pop Sionky Holtz Pre-medical. Vermont I I.irtford. Connecticut Hartfcjnl I ' uhlic Ilifrh School; Connecti- cut . gricultural t ' olle ;o (1); Varsitv Foot- ball S(nin(l (J); University Band (2); Medic . Rn:i, Board (M-3); Varsitv Wresf- linK Coach (M-:?). ' c h;i e decided to concede one ))oint to our Hayniond; that is that he " knows it culil. " but because of the modesty of our lu ' ro, he seems a trifle diffident :ib )ut disclosing the sum and substance of the " it. " Having conquered in .ill the prize contests that Connecticut Aggies had to ofi ' er, he chose ' ermont as the next in- stitution to ni.ikc f.imous by his jircs- cnce. We must connmnt. however, on his successes in selling butti ns to gullible Frosh. in separating cig.ircttes from their erstwhile owners without the use of strings or confederates, and lastly in cx])ounding the art of wrest- ling with .all the Latest throws and holtz. •Rtni ' y . .)! 211 Albert Thomas Lemay Pre-medical. Vermont ManclR ' sttr. New Hampsliire Alpha Kappa Kappa; Mancliester Hisrli School; Varsity Football (1, i). Albert has fully impressed uiion our feeble intellects the wearing qualities of Red 46 striped socks, minus garters, and the elastic, snappy quality of O. K. gum. The sight of him. lumbering along up Pearl Street, rarely alone, is as familiar to Burling1:onians as that of the Peoples ' Choose, surveying the City- Hall ashpile. Al ' s forte rests in his abilities as an all-round gamester. Since his debut, that time when Vermont beat Dart- mouth, he has maintained his position in the public eye by his skill in such games as tick-tack-toe. hangman, penny-toss- ing and ))Ost office. Last year he won honorable mention in the National Tid- dledv Vink Tournev. Frederick William McFarland, A. B. Pre-medical. ' ermont West Burke. Vermont Delta Mu; Lyndon Institute; Xewinan Club; Deutscher Verein; Le Cercle Fran- , " aise. Honor Scholarship Society. JNIac, alias Trotsky, alias Thrice- Blest, would have made an admirable dictator under the Soviet regime. He is opposed to all law and order, even to Newton ' s Laws and the Order of Primates. Waving red flags at traffic officers, throwing bombs at jjlenipo- tentiaries and ])utting acid in mail boxes would be far more to his liking. But, alas, the world of cruel reality has shorn him of these possibilities of action and made him only a red- cheeked, bashful, curly-haired cherub of mild demeanor. Did we say bash- ful ? Beg pardon ; one mother has ordered a 200 candle-power lam]) for her porch since Mac started calling regularlv. Al " It. J Hi m 212 [I] n Gk()1U;K MiClIAKL Malotf I ' rc-nifdical, ' crni(int ' oiikrrs. New ' idrk Ashliind (N. 11.) Ilijili Sclnnil; Inivcr- sity of Kcw Hainiisliire (I). Poor George! He entered tliis life of woe and vale of tears under a great liandieaj). I ' or an all-Neeini; I ' rovidenee bestowed on liini the nnfortiiiiate ap- ] ellation of Malouf, from two I ' reneli words, mal meaning " bad " and oeiif meaning " lien fruit. " Reprodueing elass leetures on type- written sheets, cataloguing ex.iniination questions and sliowering attentions on a certain young lady from South Hero seem to I " ' his chief oi)sessions. In .Anatomy I..1I1. .M.lI ' s tools were the em V of the ch ' iss. Kven nciu . he h;is the rest of us outdone, since .ill iiis in- strunu-nts .in ' ] urch;iscd ,ind nicely polished rc-uiy for use. while his lilirary is most complete. . n M. I), with a year of interneshi]) is .ill he needs now to set up practice. (.lenrc e Ch. ' Vrles Scott Mtdgett Pre-medical. Vermont Turlington, ' ermont Plii Delta ' I ' lieta ; . lpli.i K.ipjia Kapjja; Essex Junction lli;. ' li .School; ( ' lass Treas- urer (- ' ) ; Prc-ine lic Chili; Honor .Scholar- ship Society; Corporal (J). In s))itc of tite demoralizing influ- ences of this ])iastic age, we boast one classmate who has not bowed to He neither smokes, chews, drinks nor belongs to the V. M. C. A.; hits the feathers lu) later than 10 V. .M.; rises no earlier 8 A. M.: neither g;im- bles, swears nor s|)its on the sidcw.ilk : and always kcejis his dog iiiii . .leil. But. like Achilles, he has one locus minnris resistciiti ie — lie never a change of bill at the Majestic. " hcn Doc H.i (y m.ikes his semi- annual visit to the class .at midyears and finals. Ch.irley li.-is no fear, for he has doped out ;ill Ihe (|uesliiiiis long be- fore the |)rofs even st.irted thinking about them. ' (■ ' litirlic ' 2];i Chester Albert Newhall, A. B. Pre-medical. Nortli Central College Burlington, Vermont Delta Mu; Phi Alpha Tau; Pi Kappa Delta; Stoneham (Mass.) High School; Editor The CoUeqe Chroiticle (i) ; Scabbard and Blade; Varsity Debating Team (i. 3); Y. yi. C. A. Cabinet {2) ; Medic Ariel Board (M-3); Student Volunteer. Years ago when Peary explored the Arctic tundras, lie spied a rather plump globular mass in the distance wliich he first mistook for a Dibothrio- cephalus egg, Init wliich, after much speculation, he concluded was human. Tliis specimen still lives as an example of applied evolution and is known today by his friends (he has no enemies) as Grarap Newliall. Last winter, Gramp began to feel the effects of the bitter blasts from out of tlie North, so he liooked the family rug and made himself a bear-skin vest. Wlien he was all rigged out in this, we had a difficult time in convincing our- selves that he wasn ' t Santa Claus. Roger Gavlord Prentiss, Jr., B. S. Pre-medical, Vermont Jolinson, Vermont Delta Mu; St. .Tohnsburv Academy; Var- sity Football Squad (1) " ; Class Football (1, " 2); Class Baseball (1, 2); Corporal (2); Pre-medic Club. Pete ' s 200 odd pounds, when draped over a narrow class-room seat give an impression of solidity and stability, scarcely less than that of Gibraltar. As a matter of fact, so pronounced is his excess of adipose, that his colossal ex- tremities display characteristic striae, so commonly found in these cases. The massivcness of his gigantic hulk is brought out in bold relief when one sees him. engaged in playful antics in the corridors between classes, spreading false rumors, and tickling Charley Mudgett. He is a devoted follower of the Deignan clinics, and often shows that eminent practitioner a few tricks himself. ' Gramp ' ' " Pete 214. I.MllKI. Kl! KI.UKNK SaMSOX, B. S. Prc-iiicdieal, ' ( ' rmont Burliiiijton, VeriiKint Phi Mil IVlta; Delta Mil; I ' lii Rita Kajipa; Kmisliui-f. ' Falls Hifrli Scliool ; Gold Key; IIoiiDr Scliolarsliip Society; Assistant P ' .liVil ' ilitv Manajror (:i), Manager (4); I5an l (1, " :?, 3); Sergeant (3). One day the motlier of Master Laurel (aged 6) was dismayed to see her son riiiitinf; a rooster witii a liorseshoe. and qui ' kly re])riniaii(li(l him. Little Laurel, wriiiklins;- his nose and rubhinj; liis liands together, play fully re])lied, " Why, mother, the rationale of this affair is obvious, when onee the pliysics involved are made manifest. On this mass of fi ' irum ifductum, I am exerting a trei l)e of foree to determine the number of dynes neeessary to de- scribe an arc of (i?. " ) which will cause desquanijition of the epidermis of yon fowl without causing scarification of the xtraium corium. " Here endeth the lesson. AnTIirU SclI.NKLLKU Pre-medieal, Vermont New York, New York Tan F.psilon I ' lii; Tau Ka])pa Aljilia; Burlington Iligli School; tiokl Key; Varsity Debating Team (M-i); Medic Student Senate (M-3), Art ' s calm, soothinj; exterior is enough to convince anyone that lie knows what he is talking about, even if someone next to him has just xnliiii- teered the tip. But in sjjite of his quiet ways and ))olis!icd niien, when he recites in class or tills u)) an exam book, his fire is deadly. Still, tlurc is one whom he caiiiii t over])ow(r with his learning — his run- ning mate. However, rumor has it that Art may soon wrest that jinuiiinent place in college athletics from the dauntless holder. For Art believes that wise looks and words alone are in- capable of protecting himself and — ahem — a little friend who holds his .arm. The coach says he isn ' t very big. but he packs a mighty w.illo]). " .S ' rt m m ;i •Art " :i.5 Ahthur Bradley Sotle, Jr., A. B. P re-medical, ■el•mont St. AlbaiLS, ' ermont Delta Psi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Tau Kappa Alpha; St. Albans High School; Gold Key; Key and Serpent; Assistant Business Manager Ci iiir (3); Ariel Board (3); Class i:)ehating Team (1); Varsity Debating Team (3); Faculty-Student Coun- cil ( ): Kingsley Prize Speaking (1, -) ; Founder ' s Dav Speaker (3) ; Medic Editor Arjfl (M-3)i Medical Student Senate. Who would ever think that Abie was a detective? Yet, every summer finds tliis desperate Desmond speeding up and down tlie coast line of Lake Cham- plain in his private cruiser. (Sli, the Government owns it.) With his cap ])ulled down over one optic, the other dead-liglit fixed on that speck oft to starboard, binoculars in one hand, six- shooter in tile other, and a piece of pie behind his back, he gives chase to his prev, the luckless rum runner. But, so far as we know, all he has ever suc- ceeded in sfettina; was a coat of tan. H- ROLD Fr. xcis Scllivan Pre-medical, ' ermont St, Albans. ermont Phi Chi; St. Michael ' s High School: New- man Club; Pre-niedic Cluli; Medic . riei. Board (M-3). And in the first cage, ladies .■uul gentlemen, we iiave the horrible living- example of " Too late for Herpicide, " Tarry here, and Slug will regale you with lurid tales of the wild and wooly days when he and Dean Perkins played school-boy tricks together. For the past few decades, this gentleman of the old school has been a trusted employee of the Immigration Service, one of our first line of defense against the Yellow Peril, According to the Bulletin for the fiscal year end- ing July 1, 1898, Slug won the Horace Greeley concrete watch-charm for his enviable record of having sterilized more cubic yardage of Siberian whiskers than anyone else in the serv- ice. ' Bra-r " Slug " 216 YVONNK M AHIDN ' I ' l UK, B. S. Pre-medic.-il. ' triii(iiit Biirliiiittoii. Wrnioiit Alplia ( ' .Mriiiiia Sifriii.i; Mt. St. Mai-y Acadi-niv; Hockey (I. - ' ) ; l?asl ftl)all, Cap- tain ( ) ; Hascliall, Captain (- ' ) ; Cirls ' Civninasiiini Kxl)il)iti()n Conimitti ' c (2); Klxitliall Ilo]) Committee (- ' ); Medic A«ij:l Hoard (M-3); Newman Cluli. " I dare do all that may laroinf a man. ' T.ikiiiij a cour-sc. wliiili in ermont, at least. only lately suffered petti- coat invasion, is direct evidence, isn ' t it . ' . nd. without doubt, in the dejjths of a jacket pocket, more evidence could he uiu-overed. (Perhaps even Daddy Sears knows about it now.) And who could not guess this driver ' .s name. ' " A youn j woman, driving an O.ikl.-md sedan ( ' ermont license plates) was fined for speeding on St. Catherine .Stri ct. " — I.;i l ' rcss ' . Montrt;il. ( ue. I.i;o I ' .Aiii.i-; ' • Pre-nirdical. ' ( rmonl Fitehburg. .M.iss.ichusctts Delta Mm; Filelil.m-fr lli). ' li Seiiool; New- - ' )i man Clidi; t ' niversity liand (1. Deutseliei ' X ' erein; Cast, " t ' nder Cover " ; Corporal (J); Medic iiii;i. Hoard (M-H). Owing to tiir high winds, « r will not fly today. In other words, this i.s l.eo ' ilson, one of the h.ill room boys, co- owner of the Bl.ick .Mari.i. practical joker, soap-box orator .-uid town. T.eo has a faculty of i nticing nondescript e.inines of dubious ancestry into class, whence, after st.iying long enough to incur the wrath of e eryone, they are forcibly ejected by some long- suffering prof. T.eo i.s .also a ringleader in lustifer- ousness and marshals his R.asjiberry Choir on every occasion to the dis- comfiture of some luckless ictiui. It is rumored he is .-ilrcady ticing — .at least he makes many nightly calls in the ieiMitv of KIimwikhI Ave. " 1 unnic " Wgi pi %nl S3 w. . " Leo ' 2r SOPHOMORE CLASS, 1929 Albert Roland Ainarantes. I X New Bedford, Mass. Maxwell Joseph Antell, B. S.. TE Bridgeport. Conn. Edward Donald Asselin Burlington. i. Elzear Francis Asselin. ctX St. Johnsburv, ' t. Albert Edward Bareomb, AIM Barre. Vt. Herbert Almon Bartholomew. Jr.. KS. AKK Whitehall. N. Y. Maurice Nerbert Bellrose. ATQ. AKK Rutland. Vt. John Lester Berry, B. S., ATQ, AM Teffersonville. Vt. Claire Glendon Cay ward, B. S., 5$, AKK Seneca Castle. X. Y. Frank I ' red Czaja Lawrence. Mass. Walter Stephen Denning. ATQ. AKK Brookline, Mass. Herbert Lawrence Flynn, J X Berlin, N. H. fiilbert Vincent Foster. I X New Bedford. Mass. Reginald Eric Gillson, AM Burlington, Vt. Edward Treen Hare, K5, AKK Springfield. Mass. Thomas Earl Horsefield, Jr., I X Readville, Mass. Everett Stark Kinloch, Jr., X Troy, N. Y. Jasper Newman Knox. I X Newbury, t. W illiam Joseph McNamara, A. B., AKK Fair Haven, ' t. Edmund Reeves Mitiguy, I X Burlington. Vt. Arthur Louis More. J PS Holyoke. L• ss. Donald Cami)bell Moriarty, MA, AKK Waitsfield. Vt. Eraelia Munson Perkins, A. B., . rS Rutland, Vt. Alton Beecher Skelton. AM Canastota, N. Y. Ravmond Joseph Turlev. 4 X Berlin, N. H. Harold Hanson Twitchell. B. S.. AI, AM Lancaster, N. H. Jean Maurice Villemaire Winooski. Vt. Abel Truman Way. i A0, AKK Burlington. Vt. Irving Werner. TE I New York, N. Y. 218 IRFSHMAN CLASS, 1930 IE I m ■ Artliur Anilr.w Allen Burlington. t. IJMiiiford. B. S.. .M. S.. -I ' .MA Danit-lson. Conn. Riih.inl K(.l)liins Barlitr. A 1 ' Montpclicr. Vt. Charles Enianiu-I Brady Burlinarton Vt. -Michael Florinda Cerasoli. l . Barn-. ' t. Danford Orin Chamberlain. ' I . Sprin»(ield. ' t. Frank E. Cormia, B. S., Al. AKK Milton, ' t. Rol.ert Alexander Costine, i M-) .Stamford. Vt Arthur Auiru.stine Coyne, ATU. A: ! Providence. R. I. I ' lali)) Brock Daniels ' , ATC. AKK I.yndonville. Vt. Cvrus Darlinn; Eastman. AM Groton. Vt. Frank Flanagan Flagg. I ' A(-) Bellows F.alls. Vt. Allstou Ilazen Fogg. A t Burlington. ' t. Angtlo M.irio Gnassi. AKK Newark. N. .1. Aaron Goldhaum. A. B N ' ew York. N. V. G.-orge Alvin Holland. B. .S.. TE ' t Morristown. N. J. Fester Ernest ,hidd. iiN. AKK Enosburg Falls. Vt. I.ouis Charles Kingston. AKK Newcastle. N. B. Kendrick McCullough Burlington. Vt. Katherine Ella McSweeney, A. B., A. M.. nU . ATS Burlinsrton. Vt. . iildred Elizabeth Merkle. A. B Peoria. 111. Richard William Morris Poultney, Vt. Robert Cronlev Xoblc. ' I ' .MA. 1 ' . Northami)ton. Fass. Carl Albert Ottley, B. S.. S ! " Seneca Ca.stle. N. Y. Marden Grant Pl.att. B. S.. :• Riverside, R. I. Rolfe Spaulding Russell. ' tJIA. 1 X St. Albans, Vt. Winshm . rthur Young Sargent. B. S.. M. S., SAX Brattleboro. Vt. Charles Eug.iie StatYord. AT. 1 X Manila. P. L I.ouis Georire Thabault. -. Winooski. Vt. John Michael Toohey. A. B.. AM Fall River, Mass. Royal Aaron Whitney. AM Chelsea, Vt. 219 It JiulJ, Godfrci , Biziozero, Catlin CAP AND SKULL crvS ' ! SENIOR HONORARY MEDICAL SOCIETY Fratres in Facultate C. H. Beecher, M. D. H. A. Durfee, M. D. O. N. Eastman, M. D. L. P. Hastings, M. I). D. E. McSweenev. M. D. W. T. Recs, M. b. W. G. Townsend, M. D. W. W. Townstiid. M. D. Fratres in Urbe B. J. A. Bombard. : I. D. M. D. Dubv. M. D. P. n. Clark. M. D. J. H. Horner. .M. D. E. W. Pike, : [. D. Fratres in Universitate Orpheus Jose]ih Bizzozero, Pres. Robert Jolinson Catlin, Sec. Alan Oakes Godfrey Wilbur ] [erriam Jiidd 220 AJieir Hull.. l il.u.ii. Siillhiiii. Il,iri,. iiii. 1), 1,111,111 Neichall, Sotile, Turk MEDIC ARIEL BOARD [■ ' . mroi! Ai ' tliur Bradley SouK-. Jr. Assistant Editors Willi.iin r.oiiis Dtifinaii Chester Alhert N( wli.ill Wayiii- I ' larson Harrison Harold I ' raiicis Sullivan Raynioiul Sidney Holtz ' voiiiic Marion Turk I.eo Earl ' ilson 221 Hurrifon. Bcrr i. EaKfman. Fof ;). Tooheji, Samson. Trcitrhfll. Bannon McFarland, Wilson, Bizzozero, Tyler, Streeter, Adams, Prentiss DELTA MU I 1{. II!KS IN lACUI.TATE Allrii. A. I!.. M. I)., ' i)G C " . H. Uc.clur. M. 1).. ' 00 E. T. Brown. M. I).. !)? T. S. Urown. M. I)., ' 01 E. H. Buttles, A. B.. : I. I)., 08 X. R. Caldwell, -M. I).. ' It C. F. Dalton, M. D., 0.} V. K. Frcneh, Ph. B., M. D.. ' 23 L. 1 ' . Hastings, B. S., M. D., ' 23 F. K. .(aekson. A. B.. M. D., ' 94. . N. .Icini.-. -M. S.. M. 1).. ' SI F. .S. Knit. M. ])., ' Jil K. C. .McM.ihon. B. .S.. .M. D., ' 22 E. D. Me.Sw.c.M V. A. B.. M. D., ' 23 P. E. MeSweinev, M. S.. M. D.. ' 86 David Marvin. M. 1).. ' 00 •T. C. O ' Neill. 15. . ' .. M. D., ' 17 C. A. Pease, M. D.. ' !i! ' . T. Rees. M. I)., t G. M. Sabin, B. S.. -M. U., ' 96 F. W. Sear.s. A. B.. M. D., ' 88 K. .T. Tillotson. M. D.. ' ■ C. 1 ' . Wliitn.v. -M. .S.. : I. I)., ' 03 FRATRE.S IN 11! Hi: U. i:. ( Orlcv. A. B.. M. 1).. ' 2.5 H. N. .J.ukson. M. 1).. ' 93 W. H. Englesbv, A. B.. .M. I).. ' 97 P. P. I.awlor. M. D., ' 20 G. I. Forbes. Ph. B.. M. 1).. ' 93 . A. Lyman. M. D.. ' 91 A. R. Hoffan. A. B.. M. 1).. ' 22 f. F. Robinson, .M. D.. ' 16 J. B. Horner. B. S., M. U., ' 26 W. J. Upton, M. D., ' 98 1 K. rHK.S IN UXIVi ' .l{.sr! ' A ' rE .S FN ions Ori lieiis .Josi-ph Bizzozero .loliu Boanbiiaii Ralph (iiiniur Streeter Williain A. Tyler. B. S. .Ii ' xions Asa Charles Adam-,. B. .S. ' ayiir I ' . Harrison. A. P.. K. (i. Prentiss. .Jr.. B. S. Frederiek Miehael Bannoii F. W. MeFarland. A. B. I.. E. .Samson. B. S. Leslie Arthur Burns Chester A. Xewhall, A. B. Leo Earl Wilson SOPHOMOUKS Albert Edward Bareomb Reuinald Erie C.illson .Mton Beecher Skelton John Lester Berry, B. .S. Harold H. Twitehell. B. S. Freshmen Arthur Augustus Coyne Allston Hazen Fogg .lolin Michael Toohey. A. B. Cvrus Darling Eastman Louis George Th.abault iioyal .Varon Whitney 223 .m o IJ 11 ! m m fji A III a ran ten. Ffintir. Fli iiii. ' iiirliii. Kiiii.e. ilitiffui . Kinloch Defile. Goodrich. Siilliiutii, ISohon, A.tselin Whilten. Goilfrei . Fallon. Pooler. Catlin Stafford. Noble. Chiimherlain. Uii.inell. Cerasoli m 221 ALPHA CHAPTER OF PHI CHI rmimitil at University of Vermont 1889 IHATHKS IN I A( LI. ' I ' A ri: v. v.. Clirk. M. 1). W. W. TcwnMiul. .M . S.. M. 1) ( . K. .ln!lIl n„. M. I). K. G. Twitcliell. A. li.. M. I). S. II. Martin. M. I). J. B. Wheeler. A. M.. M. I), . e. I). F. A. Hill.. M. 1). C. .M. Williams, A. H.. M. I). Fi:A ' rHl-..S IN LHi!i: .1. II. Bean. .M. I). A. K. .Idimsoii B. .1. A. Bombard. M. J). I!. W . ,l„linson. .M. I). J. .M. Caisse. . I. D. . . B. I..i vreiiee. M. 1). W. H. Clanev. M I). II. A. .Morrill. .M. I). .M. I). Dul.y. .M. 1). ( . , Perkins, .M. I). J. JX Tanner. .M. D. iHATHK. IN r i " i:i:.srr. TF, Skxious Robert J. Catlin. 15. . . Alan O. (Mxlfrey, B. S. Warren L. Wliitten Carlos K. Fallon l ' liiili|. T. Med ' reevy Harold A. Pooler .FiNioRs John I,. Bohon Cilendon 15. (lochlird Leonard H. Goodrieh Garfield G. Defoe Harold I ' . .Sullivan s Ol ' lIOMORKS Albert R. Amarantes Gilbert ' . Fo.ster Everett S. Kinloch F lzear F. .Vsselin Thoma.s F,. Horsefield Edward H. Mitisruy Herbert F.. I ' lvnn Ravmond .1. Turlev Fhk? SlIMKX Michael F. Cerasoli Roiiert C. Noble liolfe S. Russell Danford G. Cliambirlain Charles ¥.. Stafford ' Ml Bartholomew, Bellcruxc, Cnyiadrd, Hare, Moriartji. Waij Bruce. Fann ' ntg. Diiijiian. Gariiiaij. Ltmaii. Baker. McNaiiiara Soule. Miidg ' ett. Fo.iter. IT. .1ii hl. (lerv ' ais. OeteheU, Foote Onassi. L. Jiulil. Klii( staii. Daniels. Coriula 226 1)1 1 I I (II i ' i I R or iLr i him K rr r N- ' ,.unil.,l .it DartnH.iitli (..11.-. ls,ss i; I IM IS I ( I I r I 1 i; 1), A.l.hi , l. !). I II, I). .,!.! . i l , II . I)i;il... . I ' .. M I). (). . I ' .i M. I). I. Iliv.-. W. I). l;. 1 . I.,Mi .r,l. l. 1). r. w , I ' ik. . M. i». ( . . I; .s. ■• . v.. I), II. v. i . v. v.. .. M I). A. rii. ' ni. M, I). w. (,. •r.iuii.. 11,1. I ' .. ■ .. i. 1) A. K AMiti . r. . I). .1. A. Anli:iiiii.,nilr, |. I). i: .1. Am.. 1.1. l. I). I ' . 1). ( lirk. I. I). II; I III ' - i I i;ni A. I. I aril. r. M . 1 ), ( . A. 1!. (.. r. l:l l. i. I). --. . ' |.;iili lu k. Jr.. . . II. I,. W iM. 1. . 1. I). I ' .. l. 1) i; Ti;r,- i i i r ' ' i i. .SiMllll- . ( 1. 111. Ill .1 . ( I. r .-li Will. Ill- M. .Iiiilii . I. .1:11 .1. liik. 1-. . . 15. .1 . ( ir.ili.iiii ISriii-. w. I.. D.i-iini. I ' .. .-; .1 1 II. 11- liik .1. 1 .imiini; r - I). I ' .,..l. .- ' I.iiil. i .. ( .;in|ia l!,il|.li . . (..Mi.ll ' .Ml., i-l T. I..iii,iy ( h ,1-1. s , . Miidu. II . . lii-.i.ll. .s.iiil, . .Ir.. . . .Siii ' iiiiMciiir. H. . . r.ariliol.Miiru. .Ir. .ill. i- .s. I ),ntiiii i; . I.-.uri -, ' W. I ',,- K. ' I ' l-, v.lyii (lair.- (i. ( avu.ini. B. S. I ' r.anU I ' ,, (nniiia. 1 ' . I ' liilip I ' .. D.iiii.l-, I IM -II IK V . n-.l.. l. (.ii.i-.i W ill 1.1111 .1. l, Naiiiar.- D.iii.alii t. . . ' rruiiian ' .i . . ' r. I , -I, r I,. .liuM I ...iii- ( . K ;iii;sl.)Ti ALPHA GAMMA SIGMA Founded at University of Vermont 192-1 SOROR IN URBE Bertha A. Chase. M. D. SORORES IX UXIVERSITATE Seniors Junior Eloise B. Peterson Yvonne M. Turk. B. S. Doris M. Sidwell, B. S. SoPHOiMORE Freshman Enielie M. Perkins, A. B., R. N. Katlurine E. MeSweeney, A. B., A. M. MEDICAL STUDENT SENATE Seniors Alan O. Godfrey illiaui A. Tvler Juniors Arthur Sehneller A. Bradley Soule, Jr. Sophomores Claire G. Cayward Harold H. Twitchell Freshmen Philip B. Daniels Robert A. Co ,tine IN ' 228 Great men and women in odd momintx {i jl n nu li odd) 229 yZoZL.A,Z . .. .. ' , f f Students, soldiers, medicos or ' ichnt hove you ' ; A I ■A ' A W 230 11 II]! i! ' • ! Here ice are (ir nhi. M ' ild. ' Gee! H] ,- ' :s .i " VJ h e rJ I ' ' edd y Cov eS Jv o rchiKi hc v i M COVETED INTERNESHIPS ]. 4. 5. (!. 7. 8. 9. JO. 11. 12. 13. li. ' iiiooski General Hospital. (N. B. — Internes must supply their own brass knuckles.) First Aid Tent at the Cliittenden County Fair. Doll Hospital. Green Mountain Sanitarium Annex. Robinson Hall Infirmary. (Try and see Dean Pat for particulars.) Old Ladies ' Home. (Special courses in pediatrics.) Bohon Memorial Hospital of Cherubusco. All Soles ' Hospital. (J. A. Sikora, Shepherd.) Burlington I.unch and Dower ' s Funeral Home, amalgamated. Plummer Burns ' Botanical Infirmary. (Apply at mid-years.) Perk ' s Biological Preventorium. (Ap]ily any time.) Moose H;ill Ambulatory Service. Howard Relief. (Make applications to Christian Science reader on second floor.) Fotakos Hotel. (P almer system only.) Mil 232 .(LMOK Ml.DK ( l l.SriONNAllil. I ' " (illi) vinir the tiiur-ii.illnwrii I r.iditioii. tliu .luiiior Medics were consulted in a (luestionnairc. reprinted lulow. as to tliiir clioice of individuals to till certain ini- )) )rtant class positions. At the time tiiat this docnment was circulated anionsi the nienil)ers of the class, the Medic Auikl Board had not the slightest premonition of its ajjpalling results. For mirahilc d ' lctu (to quote .i quaint old saying among the Tinns), ON ' K nuinher of the class was found to have received EVERY vote for K ' EHV ))osition nientioiu ' d. . fter )nizzliiig over this strange situation for some time, the hoard rinally decided to jjrint the (piestionnaire for the edification of our readers, if any, hut to withhold the name of this favored j)ersonage, out of defer- ence to his characteristic modesty. ( UESTIONXAIHE {Please Note: All .students must park their eerehral cortices at the door be- fore taking this exam, so as to not take advantage of Samson.) 1. Who ' s the class athlete? ( Not Bill Deignan) 2. Wiio ' s the hig push? (Think hard, this is a sticker) ;3. ' ho ' s the wrestler? (The key lo this is in the sixth word) 1. Who ' s the Little Doctor? 5. W ' lio ' s the Hot Dope Kid ? fi. Who ' s the musician? 7. Whose mustache is the cagiest? 8. M ' ho ' s the Co-eds ' Choose? J). ' hose whiskey teiuir is the imllnuest . " ]0. Who ' s the Hartfnrd Hercules? WE ASK YOL ' ! Uor wrestler — thrown Cye rythina ■r.v. I. C I i DR. GARRIPAV IN n42 Stanley L. Garipay His Diary (Not a Moving Picture) IJii l r Ir.J Sp] t. 22. Paid my bills, including $27.50 activity tax. Noticed a sharp pain in my right axilla. Sept 23. Enrolled today. Felt a dull, dragging sensation below my last rib. Sept. 2i. Started studying tuberculosis this morning. Raised a little blood this afternoon. Sept. 2.5. Ravey called on me this morning. Had a little ])al])itation. so didn ' t make a good recitation. Sept. 2fi. Sunday. Fair .and warmer. Outside of a sharp pain at McBirney s point, it ' s a lovely day. Sept. 27. Pat lectured to us. Felt a little sick this morning, dyspepsia. I guess, and noticed some itching and tingling in my chest muscles. Sept. 28. Been making blood counts this afternoon. Discovered I had a leukojienia. Also some borborygiiii. Sept. 29. Physical dig today. Thought I he.ird a rale in my left lung tonight. Sept. 30. Weighed myself today and found Fd gained seventeen ])(uinds. Feel somnolent ; jirobably I have dystrophia adiposa. Oct. 1. In clinical path did my blood exam and think I am anemic. Think Fll run dow-n to Henry ' s Diner and get some liver. Etc., etc., nd infinifum. ' .■■ii e y ic WUt ' i fh arrcr t4.;Th ihii ? Goodb c hoySj vt throuj h PAIN (Witli .T))olo2ics to Kdtc.-ir Allin Vac. Vtcoxin- M.ilduf .irul Dr. Alli-n) Sec Susie vitli tlii ' )).un; Awful |);iin I Of all tlic sviuptciuis in tins c.isi-. this syuijitdui is tlit ' main. How it ui.iddrns. uiaddtiis. uiaddens. In thr somUre liours of niiilit ! I ' ain. iniTf.isi-d liy any motion, Unrelieved by In it or lotion. Ichtlniil or tlurnio li ilit ; Pain, ' s sudden, deep and Ijorinii;; Pain, that s rippiiii;-. tier ' e .and ro.arinir; ' Til the jKltient .almost dies from the liorror .and the fri lit. Oh. the pain. P.MX, PaiN, PaIN, PAIN, PAIN, PAIN The excruciating. lancinatin;; )).iinl 3 •23. ) It . Pleiise listen, children, while I tell Of lovely plants and flowers, Of drug ' s that always do depress, Of lion hunts and bowers. Now I azzume the teehnic for Administration spinal Is effieaeious greater far Til an gastrointestinal. GARBAtf Oh, I admit I know my stuff; Don t anyone deny it ! Now draw tliat tissue, cell for cell. You uncouth, boorish nit-wit ' Please s);eak of acidosis. Foote. And mention proteinate. It ' s curious, but I never yet Could get those two things straight. 23(; t i) I c t i C £( 3 ' 0r Ikitlttu fors n mrmbfr oi the AlliUHr (Countil, ftTin htlitvtr in Iftinont Allilrlira, Ani) n ijooilr srout, •Tins AMilrtif frKou 237 IHl m WEARERS OE THE ' T " H. A. Aronson, ' 27 H. S. Aronson. ' 27, Mgr. J. J. Candon, ' 27 C. G. Cayward, M., ' 29 J. T. Conway. ' 2S D. E. D.unon. ' 2!) ,T. H. Davies. ' 27 L. H. Averill. ' 27. Mgr. C. G. Cayward. M.. ' 29 J. S. Estabrook. ' 29 R. S. Aronson. ' 27 C. (;. Cayward. M.. .T. T. Conwav, ' 28 A. H. Foa,g, " M.. ' 30 29 FOOTBALL W. S. Denninu-. M.. ' 29. Cajit. J. S. p:,stabrook, ' 29 H. J. Kropper, ' 29 L. G. Eeary, ' 28 W. J. Morse, ' 27 F. F. O ' KeetV. ' 29 I.. F. Palnur. ' 29 I.. R. Robinson, ' 29 .r. Scutakes. ' 29 C. G. Simpson, ' 27 .J. A. Smith. ' 28 E. C. Thorn. ' 29 F. A. Wincli.nbacli. ' 28 BASKETBALL L. H. ALu-vin. ' 28. Capt. A. T. Post. ' 27 E. .L Moodie. BASEBALL L. H. Marvin. ' 28. Mgr. D. C. Moriarty, M., ' 29 V. J., " ' 27 H. A. Prentice, ' 28 H, A, Prentice, ' 28 C. W. Price, ' 28 L, E. Roark, ' 29 R, W. Schoppe, ' 28 J, A, Smith, ' 28 A. A. Valenti, ' 28 r ' l 2,38 1 TR.VCK C. G. C.ivw.inl. M.. ' 2!) . . 1 ' . I ' ost. ' 27 J. U. D.ivics. ' 27 11. . I ' lviitiee. ' 28 H. K. Il.istiiifis. " 28 1 ' . K. Rolihins, ' 29 I ' . M. . I. lilies. ' 27. Mgr. CROSS-CO INTKY I ' 1 1 INI A. W. . Iiaw. ' 28 C. G. Siiii|).soii. ' 27. C;i])t. V. I.. Whittcn. M., ' 27 O. ' 1 ' . Wood. ' 28 S. M. .M-ntinitti. ' 29 X. D. Rowe. ' 27. C.qit. . . K. ' I ' lidlKiiie. ' 27 A, ■{•. Post. " 27 (). T. Word. ' 28 HOCKEY C. 1 ' . H.issow. ' . ' SO T. M. l ' " ,i;aii. ' 27. Mgr. II. C. Selmnnan. ' 28 (.. V. Carr. ' 30 A. C. (ierv.iis. M.. ' 27 I ' . A. Wiiuluiiliacli. ' 28 W. S. Deiiiiinj:. M.. ' 29. K. R. Mitiguy. M.. ' 29 X. ( ' . Wood. ' 29 ( ' ■■i]it. ] ' . M. I ' ,rry. " ' :iO (). T. Wood, ' 28 THXMS (.. K. Hildwiii. .Ir.. ' 28 K. C. Mower, ' 27 O. H. Nve. ' 27. Capt. T. .M. Kirari. ' 27. Mgr. M. V. ' I ' aylor. Ir.. ' 28 nil I.K . . A. All.n. . l.. ' .-to A. R. Hill. ' 27 I.. A. R.yM.ilds. ' 27, Capt .v. ,1. Bisson. ' 27. Miiv. .1. I ' . MeColl. ' 27 C. K. Brown. ' 28 ,J. R. .Morton. ' 27 A. K. ' riulhoiie. ' 27 N. Dauchy. ' 27 I.. C. Wliitman. ' 27 K. .1. Moodie, ' 27 I). M. Rockwell, ' 27 ( ' . W. Moore. ' 27 Cheer Leader l ' .. ( , M.iucr. 27 Clieer Leader T. M. Ku ' an. ' 27. F,li_L ' ;iliilit - Manaijer iNi C. (i. .Simpson. ' 27 jLa A- K ' riidlione ' - ' 7 ' h ' 239 m MciSiCffiit If. Jilin ln ' iii . Miuviii. lul ' ih . .ti-trill Biitterfielil. Buttles. Jciilxx. AhVmijcr. Diiiiuluic. Carpctitir Stevens, ilai forth. James. Patrick THE ATHLETIC COUNCIL (T ' V Dr. Alhert K. Aldixger Harold A. Mavforth Graduate AFaiiaser lili Faculty Rkprkskntatives Artliur D. IJiittirfitld Dr. Ernest H. IJuttles Fred D. C ' ariitiiter. Secretary James F,. Donahue Flovd B. Jinks Ali ' mni Represextatives Jolin O. Baxendale Royal E. Bingham Dr. E. Douglas McSweeney John H. Patrick Student Managers Roland S. Aronson. Football Lawrence H. Averill. Basketball Lawrence H. Marvin. Baseball Flovd M. James. Track M.0 24.1 I ■ r ' ■ H y ' y y ' y Ca ttnin Ihttninij FOOTBALL, 1926 OFFICKHS Walter S. Dexxixg Captain Roland S. Aroxson Manac er Harold C. Collixs l.isistant Manager Kkllogg W. Kyle -Issistanf Managrr Charles H. Stevexs Is.sistant Manaf er William J. iMcAvoy Head Coach Henry O. Dresser Assi:ttaiit Coach THE TEAM Ricilit end liifilit tackle Right guard Center Left guard Left tackle Simpson I ' ahn.r Dennins Right Halfhack Caiidon O ' Ktefe Roliinsoii ( narterhiick Coinvav Fullhack Smith Kro])])er Winc-lienli Left Halfback Scutakes Snbstitutes---Damoii. Estalirook. Tlinnu- SUMMARY It. 0pp. -C ' oliinil)ia at Xew York 11 -Syracuse at Syracuse 62 -Clarksou at Burlinsiton 11- 7 -Pro ideiiee at Providence 21 -Tufts at :sredford 11 13 -Norwich at Burlington 3 -Rensselaer at Burlinaton 13 -Middlebury at Middlelniry .... 13 -Springfield at Springfield 2 Sept. 2.5 Oct. 2- Oct. 9- Oct. 16- Oct. 23- Oct. 30- Nov. 6- Nov. 13- Nov. 2.3- Left end Morse I.earv SS Sii Maiia(i(r .tron. ' .-on w 212 ten s ( ' (inch Mclviiij .tii i.itiint Ciiiirh Dresser THE SEASON Tin- football team wliicli n |)resentcd the University during the 192() season could not he called sueeesstiil. Out of nine games, the varsity hrought only tline victories home. Xorwieh defeated the team by the same 3-0 sctn-e whieh gave ' er- mout the state I ' hanipioiishi)) the vear before. M iddlcliury . Colinnbi.-i. Syracuse. Providence College and Si)riiigHeld also were able to Ijaiu wins over the Green and (iold. Clarkson, R. P. I. .and Tufts were defeated. The team on the whole seemed to pl.iv good footli;ili in most inst.inces. liut either this w; s uot good enough or the i|ij)osing te.ams were better f(U ' the results .ire distressingly " J.iek " .Smith ))l;iyed great defeiisive footb.all ,incl it was his punting that reliexed ui.iuv situ.ations. C:i|)tain " Speed " Denning ])i.iyed Ids usual stellar game at tackle .-ind guard while " ,(.ick " ( ' onw;iy ])iloted the .mil did the drop kicking. new men wen- Invnight to light dviring the season and willi this experience should prove alu.ible next . majority of these were from the Sophomore class, which contributed eight of the sixteen letter men. Out of this number five U ' ot into pr.-ietU ' .-illv e erv g.ame. 21. 3 II - I ' iiiiiii iiiiiiiiif % ' L ; ' -5 2H INI ■ Courtesy of New York HenxUI-Tribune Sinifli I ' inilhiii l- roiii lit h ' iffl Ihc I ' mniint Liiir COI.l ' MTUA AT Nl.W ' lOUK Itil V Till iriiiiint ii ' ridsti-rs st.irtcd off tlir -.rasdii « itli .111 iiiuxprrtidlv trlllli sliowiiiil MUMirist Coluilibi.-i. so tli;it pri (iitti nis cif i;rf;it succi-ss for the scnsoii were m. " .de in ni;iiiy quarters. September Hr, 011 tlic Moniiiijisidc jiridiroii C ' ohmibi.i nut tlie Green .-md Ciold warriors and was held ]) until tlie last tew minutes of tl ' e final (juarter wlitii tin- Ni w ' orUcrs scored fourteen |)oints on touelidowns liy Kinprinu ' li- ' nu anil Srsit. with Maililrn kieUiuL; liotli glials. i h ' Speed " Dmniny " ' Jack " Sniitlt ■l r, iMi % m : Coui ' tesy of Syracuse Pust ytaiiLhirti liohin,i in licmhi In Shiji an End Run SYRACUSE AT SYRACUSE Tlie next contest was against Syracuse and was a fatal blow to the liigli hopes aroused liv the first game. The Orange made nine touchdowns in forty-two minutes of play and tlie g,-ime ended with tlie home team on tlie long end of the fi2-0 tally. ' .hirk " I " incnf " Siinnir ' Siini ' - ' ' -fin I ' l . iH ' ! K1: 2k; ;ni it:jl iHl Sniilli (lils .licny a Fast Punt M cr.AHKSON A ' l ' mi!l,IN(.T )X ' J ' lic (irst ict()rv of tin- scaxiii wis () (r C ' l.-irksdii Tech (in (iiittniiial I ' icld. Tlie visitors were iieavier tli.iii the home team and i-nnont nccivtd htax y ])ciialtics but tlie Green and Gold triumphed by a score of 1 1-7. Sinitli starrttl witli con- sistent j-ains i n off-tackle jilunges and beautiful puntin , vhiK Seutakes carried llir liall oM-r tor lioth tallies. The visitors ' score was the result of forward |)assiua ' . their right end trottiuif oxer the line with the ni skin after three eoui])lel (l |);isses ill succession. • Whtkif " Wiiirhfiiltftrh • •■Hilt " Morse 247 frV Vermont Scores Ayninxt Clrirksmi PROVIDENCE AT PROVIDENCE m October Hi. tin- McAvoy men dropped aiiotlKr ,i ;ime. tliis time to Providence College. Tile Dominicans had a brilliant team and piled nj) a 21-0 score. A blocked punt gave them their first tally and long forwards helped materially toward their second. The tliird one came from a recovered fumble on Vermont s 11-vard line. it; ifi Hi sii h ■ i i ' in- Ltorif Frank () Kiefe 248 . I Ktl. liiiit. Slai-ldUl .If, mill I ' .llil ■I ' CITS Al ' MKDlOIil) Tlic team to Mcilfonl tlit- inxt S.itur l,-i .-uiil tocik ' rutt iiitu c.imi) M-i; . ' I ' ln- Green and (Jold were Iis;liter than their oi)i)()tu nN hut in the final period tliey uidoosed an -.erial attack that senred two toii(h(h wiis lietore the Sami)- son men eonid get set. Seutakes .nid Conway were each r.sponsibh ' for lialf of tlir linal count. Smith aiiain diiiionstratcd hi-, siipiriority as a ijridiron man and did nio-.t ot the woi-U for ' i rmoiit. I t " Sap " Palmer ' Eildie " ' I ' hiini 249 Vcrmnlll ' t! I irl:-nff f NORWICH AT BURLINGTON Altiiougli risiiiii; to great liciiilits, tlif figlitiiii - WTiiiont team was forced to yield to iier time-honored rival by the small score of 3-0. Exhibiting the most tight shown all season, the Catamounts held their admittedly strong opponents to a low score. Twice ' ermont stopped the soldiers within the five-yard line, after the ball had been brought up on straight line bucks and wide end runs. ' Johtnuf " Caiulon " JfIcK " J!uhili. ' IOtl 250 Itil t) Ji 11. .11 liiir Trii! (III Off-tiirklc I ' liiiiiii UK.NSSKl.AKU AT J5L li I.I . (.1 ' ()N ' XoMiiilicr !) on CintiMiiial I ' irld tin- tr.uii li.iii tin- i-.-isiist pickiiii; of the season and dttVattd lU ' nsselat-r l. ' J-O. Tlic tallits canu- in the first and tliird ihtIikIs on a )iass. Conway to Morse, and an ofl ' -taekle jjlay by Conway. Kstalirook and Candon liolli iii.adi- sr ( ])rt tty runs and Conw.iy ' s t ' .-iilure to kiek go.-il .iftir tlie touelidown was liis lirst in three years of eolleue footh;ill. ' Nil ' Jimnn " Srutakes ' ' lit nn " h ' rti iper 251 ' ;»(7 i IkcUkI .11 Ur II Gain MIDDI.EBURY AT MIDDLEBURY W ' niuiiit rctunifd frDiii its biennial pilgrimage to Middlelmrv on the small end of a 13-0 score. For the first time in years the Catamount found itself shelved into last jjlaee in the state series. Inability to mix line bucks with the fairly sucees.s- ful aerial game s])elled disaster to the ' ermont gridsters. especially in the latter part of the contest. I ■- : Sf ' flf ' ti E ltihi ' ftok Kfy « I ' Ttfinn I " I hiiuon Iltll s •5 StccVfH of S iriiiiffirlil .« SIii i kiI si ' i!iN(.rii.i I) AT si ' insf.i ii:i.i) Tli.inksirivinir Day tin McAvoy men surprised tlic flo)irstoi-s hv holdiiiit the lif.ivy and cxiifrii-iictd S|)rinL;fiil(l asrarcnation to a L ' -d cnmit. Sniitli ' s ]nintin!i: and dftiMM- work wire tlic- t ' laturc of the jraiiR-. ' irni(int iisrd straiiilit line |)lavs hut in till- tiiird jwriod Candoii was dduiird in an attrnipt to run tlir liall out I ' mm Ijuliind t!iL- ijoal jiosts. pn ' h ' fl " I u!t ' . " ( ' harlS ' ' " Steveiiit. " .S ' i? " Cyjllins 253 ' iO. ■ m i FOOTBALL, 1927 OFFICERS Joiix A. Smith Captain Charles H. Stevens Manager John P. Hyland Is.sistant Manager Albert G. Mackay isshtani Manager Franklin R. Otto Insistant Manager William J. McAvoy Head Coach Henry O. Dresser Assistant Coach PROSPECTS Thf outlook for tlie 1927 se.-isoii is )).irticulMrlv bright. " Jack " Smitli, star and backbone of the team last fall, will assume the duties of captain, thus assuring the University of a remarkable defensive fullback and one who can hold his own witli the best in jjunting. New material will be furnished by the most colorful Freshman team with the best record that ' ermont has ever known. Next year will see these men eligible for varsity and tlieir presence is bound to be beneficial. Onlv four men will be lost by graduation, and with such men as M ' inclienbaeh. Conway and .Smith as a nucleus, next year ' s .Inniors and .Sophomores will m.ike up a jjowerful aggregation. The schedule for 1927 represents tiic aim toward which tiie Athletic Depart- ment has been working for several years. Williams and Amherst, small colleges with records of high-class teams, appear on tlie list, together with Harvard and Columbia as openers. The squad w ill be assured of plenty of competition but it ouilht not to be hojjelessly outclassed in any of the contests. THE SCHEDULE Se])t. 21 — Columbia at New York Oct. I — Harvard at Cambridge Oct. 8 — Williams at ' ilIiam towll [ i Oct. 15 — Providence at Burlington jt;j ' f ' l Oct. 22— Tufts at Burlington Wj I Oct. 2D — Norwich at Northfield I JI Nov. 5 — Amherst .at . mlierst Nov. 12 — liddlcbury at Burlington Nov. 2.5 — Springfield at Springfield. m 251 ill 4 w. III! M ' tr. .ill rill. J t nnni, hitrmrh, Martfati, Mitrknif. i ' lmrff MrJviiii Past, Eft ah rook, Copt. Marvin. Prentice, Price, Moodie Dec. 1.5 Dec. 29 Dec. 30 Jan. 7- Jan. 8- Jan. 11- Feb. 7- Feb. 9- M Feb. 10- -j Feb. ;: Feb. 12- 22- ; Feb. 23- ;. Feb. 2.5- Hi Feb. 28- t Mar. 1- p Mar. 3- BASKETBALL, 1926-27 SUMM. RY T ' t. 0pp. -Montreal A. A. A. at Burlington 38 16 -Holy Cross at New Haven 29 3.5 -Tufts at New Haven 50 29 -Crescent A. C. at New York 23 45 -Rensselaer at Troy 34 21 -St. Michael ' s at Winooski Park 50 29 -Norwich at Nortlifield 32 17 -Middlebury at : Iiddlebury 20 18 -St. Michael ' s at BurlinL.:ton 19 11 -Connecticut Agricultural College at Burlington 31 16 -Springfield at Springfield 31 33 -Harvard at Cambridge 28 32 -Springfield at Burlington 20 17 -Middlebury at Burlington 27 19 -Norwicii at Burlington 26 22 - lassachusetts Agricultural College at BurlingtcMi 17 20 475 380 256 m s s iN! Ori-ICEK.S Lawiienck H. M uvi - Captain I.AWnEXci: II. AvKim.i Manager Clarence F. Castli; hsintant Maiiac cr Ierton C. Robbixs Isxistanf Manac rr (iKoiKiK S. Tai.cott I.sxi.stani Maua; cr W ' l I.I.I AM .1. -Mc . voY Coach ( ' iijttiiin Mfrrviit THE SEASON tin- In its second season iiiulcr Co.icli McA o_v tin- ' irmc)iit ((uiiittt icuitinuicl to ujiliold its reputation as one of the leadinji basketli.ill teams of New England. Five of last year ' s letter men were left and there was in addition a wealth of reserve to fill the jjajjs. Captain " Doe " .Nfarvin at center. " Archie " Post and " Bunny " Prentice as forwards and " Kiki " Price at one of the jjuard positions formed an all-star airgreaation to st.irt with. " Red " Estabrook was the find of the season, successfullv fillin;; " Mike " Katz ' s shoes in the other iru.ird jjosition. Such men as Moodie. l.vman. M.ack.iy. Mori;.in. Pike .and W ' hiteonili ni.ide a second wliich could hold its own with many of the oiiposiiii;; teams. The se.ison opened as usual with .i . " {S-Ui win over the Montreal . . . . . . Canadians had a good defense hut tluir offense was easily clirrkc d hy r t n -econds. During the vacation X ' ermont journeyed to New Haven to partieijiate in the Vale tournament. Old D.ame Luck was against the Catamounts .md tliey went down heforc Holv Cross hy a . ' i. " - " ii) score, although outpl.ay- inir their opjionents in all stages of the game. The hall just wouldn ' t go in for Vermont, hut the Worcesterites dropped iu .il- inost impossible shots. On the second night the •arsity )ilayed rings around the Tufts five and showed the best brand of basketball of the ! . Kk 9 l H rntire tourn.ament. V.ile won the finals from Holy Cross. Init their sujieriority to ' ermont w,is questioned, even by iiulldog su])porters. Prentice was easily the star of the tournauHiit. scoring eleven baskets against Tufts. After a short rest at home the team went to Brooklyn, only to lose to the Crescent A. C, one of the fastest amateur teams of the eoun- M ttitaifi r .Ivii ' ill 2.57 try. But on tlic followiiii; iiiylit tlif Catamount clawed its way to a 34-21 victory over Rensselaer. Marvin made tlie best per- formance for W ' rmont on this trip. The state series opened at St. Michael ' s in the last game before mid-years. The Purple and Gold showed good form at first, but they were snowed under in the second half. Prentice and Price led their teammates in building up a final score of 30-29. After a long rest the lacmen invaded Norwich on Febru- ary 7 to romp off with a 32-17 victory and the second game of the state series. The soldiers fought hard but they could not stop the hammering guns of ' ermont. The " Big Bertiia " of the Catamount artillery was Captain Marvin, who smeared so many of the Kaydets ' plays that they scarcely had a chance to look over the parapet. One of tlie hardest fought games of the season was wit- nessed at Middlebury on the night of February 9. and a third state series victory was only brought about when " Kit " Moodie drop]ied in the winning tally with only a few seconds left be- fore the sound of the gun. It was a battle royal between the Black Panther and the Catamount, with the latter getting in twenty counts to eighteen for his opponents. r. f. " No rest for the weary " was tlie slogan for the 2iext few days. After defeating St. Michael ' s for the second time in a rather uninteresting game, Vermont played host to the Connecticut Aggies, February 12. for the fourth game in a week. This was a whirlwind from start to finish and, when the wind had died away, the Cireen and Gold had ch.ilked u{) another victory. Estabrook made a name for himself by holding Williams, the Aggies famous guard, to two baskets. Prentice continued his high scoring average and counted for eigliteen tallies, while Moodie did good work as substitute for Price, who was kept out by illness. The final trip of the season was discouraging, since both of the games played were dropped by a few points. The first, with .S|)ringfield, was played at a killing pace, as are all games with tliat college, and it belonged to anybody up to the final gun. In an overtime period A ' agner and .lames came through with the points whieli spelled defeat for Vermont. A similar contest occurred the next night at Harvard, when the Crimson also nosed out a victory, this time by four points. " Revenge is sweet. " Thus sang the Green and Gold quin- tet in its second game against Springfield. A faster game has never been played, and from beginning to end both teams were out for blood. Passes were short and snapjiy. shooting accurate, and there was very little chance for dribbling, because of the strong five-man defenses. The crowd was kept in a con- tinual uproar, with first one side forging ahead and then the other. So closely matched were the two teams that the score .it the half-way mark was deadlocked at five. The second half saw more long shots and more chances taken until, with one and one-half minutes to go, the score was seventeen : . Then Price scored a neat step shot and Prentice tallied from the floor, sewing up the game 20-17. Every member of tlie team played the best game of his life that night, with Prentice and Price shootiu " ' the baskets, and Post feeding tliem. while " Doc " Mar- Prentice 2.58 Itlll vin stayed l)ick to f.-itili tin- l),ill olV tlic h.-u-khoaril. lor Spriiii;- fifld tlif fombiiiation of James. Duncan and Wajiner displayed some dazzling jiasswork and sliootinfj that nearly defeated the Catamounts for a second time this year. More games such as this and tin- fans would lieeonu- bald-headed. After sucii 1 coiitist the (ireen and CJold ii;itiir.illy shmved signs of str.-iiii in the name with Middlehury llic tollnwing week, hut tliey turned in ,i victory just the s.inie. ' erniont m.ule a clean sweep of the state series li taking Norwich into c.iinp the next day in a snapjjy contest. Price had a great nij;lit of it and was sinking baskets from any- where. In tli( g.inie of the season tile Catamount ' s New Kiig- l.ind championship lio])es were considerably dampened by a defeat to .M. . . C. The Massachusetts brns plaved a slow passing game which was uninteresting to watch, but which c.irricd oH ' the bacon. " . rchie " Post wound up four seasons of high-class basket- ball under the Circen and Gold in the M. A. C. game. A type of athlete which Vermont can always be proud, lie never failed to be courteous in his relations with other jjlaycrs, to give the best In had every time, or to put the team ' s wel- fare of his own. Kllis .Moodie .also tinishetl his basketb. ' ill career ai;;uiist M. filled in the g.aps during the last two years with an ever-present which ha c cert.iiidv earned him a letter. (TVS INDIVIDUAL RECORD Oh. Prentice G7 Price . ' 50 Post 35 I ' .stabrook ].5 M ir in 8 Mondir 5 .Morgan 4 I 2 W liitcomb 2 Pike • •• .v Pts. l-,s 182 •21 121 9 79 14 44 3 19 12 8 4 4 i 2 475 E.ffffhntok, I. II. 2.39 BASKETBALL, 1927-28 THE SCHEDULE 10 — Montreal A. A. A. at Burlington lit — Dartmouth at Hanover 19 — : Iontreal Y. M. C. A. at Burlington 27-29 — Yale tournament at New Haven 31 — Crescent A. C. at New York 6 — Pendina; 7 — Rensselaer Polyteehnic Institute at Trov 11 — St. : Iiehaers at Burlington 3 — New Hanipsliire at Burlington 6 — Norwieli at NortJifield 9 — St. : fiehael ' s at Winooski Park 11 — Midilleliurv ;it Burlington 1 i — Pending 17 — Sprnigfield at Burlington 21 — Holy Cross at AVorcester -S|jringfield at Springfield -Middleliury at MiddlelHir -Norwieli at Burlington -Holy Cross at Burlington OFFICERS Howard A. Prentice Ciijitd ' ni Ci.ARENTE F. Castle MaiiiKji RoHERT M. AVERILL Llii.slallt Mautujfr Bkrtel W. Gustafson Assistant Maiuif er Francis J. O ' Neill issistnnt M nitn rr Kenneth L. Price Issistmit Mantn cr M ' iTi.i -M J. Mr. vov Coach IrjII The NorxcU ' h (ittme •2r o C l 261 .,A.A? , .,r,. J ' ..AA „ ,.r,.7.. BASEBALL, 1926 (TV OFFICERS RoisEHT L. Thompson Captain Daxiel R. Casky Manager Hjalmar a. Aronson Assistant Manager iiiTNEY R. DoAXE Issistant Manager CiEOR GE K. Leary -Issista7it Manager Lawrence H. Marvin Assistant Manager Ray ' . Collins Head Coach James B. Collopy issistant Coach Mmtmiir Cfrsc} SUMMARY Vf. Opp. Apr. 3 — Catliiilic t ' niversity ;it Washingtiin 1 9 Apr. 5 — Marines at Quantico 3 6 Apr. () — Marines at Quantico 4 Apr. 7 — Navy at Annapolis -2 6 Apr. H — Drexel at Pliiladelpliia 7 4 Apr. 1(1 — Princeton at Princeton 6 7 Apr. 1- ' — Fordham at New York -2 S Apr. i;5— C. C. N. Y. at Xew York -2 (i Apr. 14 — Army at West Point 5 ( .Apr. 2 ' .i — S)irin{rtield at Springfield 4 2 Apr. 2i — Holy Cross at Worcester 10 May 1 — Manhattan at Ijurlington rain May 6 — Clarkson at Burlington 3 May 7 — Norwich at Northfield 4 G May 8— St. .Michael ' s at Burlington 9 Mav 1() — -Norwich at BurlioL ' ton rain May 1- ' — Williams at Burlington 6 3 May 13— M Iddleburv at M iddlehurv 13 5 May 1.5— Tufts at Burlington . . . . ' 3 4 May 17 — Syracuse at Burlington j May -. ' 1 — Marines at BurliiiL ' -ton 3 G May 2i — .Middlelniry at Burlington 4 1 May 25 — Dartmcnith at Hanover 5 May 2H — Sjiringfield at liurlington 2 .Mav 2ii—M. . ' . ' C. at Burlington 3 May 31— Dartmouth at Burlington 9 June 1 -J — Brooklyn Hoyal Cliants at Burlington 4 13 June IG — Brown at Pro idence rain June 17 — M ' illiams at Willlamstown J 8 June 19 — Alumni at lUirlington 4 B, Coach Colfins ri 2G2 .el ir IN [ m ' ' ' ' mi H s mi ' ■ ' ' ' ' °%[Y ' ' ' ' 1 Morsf. Coij.sxcfU. Schoppc. TaJcoft, Prentice, Smifh. ' » Valfiifi. Aronntni. Fofjfj, Thoinf .soji, Coach CttJUns. diiliil. Md rkt . M r. ( ' (tm-tj •r. littinhtll. Con i ' cif liA ' I ' TIXC; A ' F.I!A(iF.S Nl N If Coach CnHopi Xinncs Games Talcott 1 . Mors.- 28 ( Ojiswcll riioiupsoii 23 Siiiitli 28 Conway 28 K.iiidail 27 Aroiison 19 FoiTir 22 ]$ra(!l. V 1.5 Roark ' 9 Valciiti V Suilil 21 I ' niitiic.- 15 H. Morse 7 Mnriarty 12 Maconiht-r 2 Scll()))))C f) WiiK-iii ' iibacli ()■ oh Ave. Ill 1 1 1 .000 11.-) 37 IS .322 u 1 • .286 73 20 (j .271- 97 27 12 .27fi 111 2() 8 .231 99 22 8 .222 42 9 l .212 62 13 8 .209 .50 10 7 .200 22 t .5 .182 1.5 8 .5 .182 78 12 () .1.51 11 .5 3 .122 !G 1 .063 18 I 1 .056 » .000 I 1 .000 9 .000 I ■ 263 M 4 it! Urinttatt Takta (i Jilt THE SEASON i ,. I Handicapped by the lack of experienced material and by a schedule which lasted from early in April until late in June, the baseball team struggled tlirou ;h a particularly unsuccessful season. Graduation left Si;a|)s in botli outfield and in- field and Coach Collins was faced witli tlie problem of building up an entirely new team. Although they displayed plenty of fight, they were able to win only eight games out of the twenty-six on the schedule. Lack of experience seemed to be responsible for the most part. Tlie southern trip furnished the team with v.iluahle outdoor ])ractice. although only one game was captured. The return to Burlington found tlie positions fairly well established. Third base was a problem tliat " Abe " Valenti and " Burt " Morse took turns at solving. " Jack " Smith became a fixture at second, as did Healy Randall at tlie initial sack. " Jack " Conway held doM ' n the shortstop assigiunent. Fogg, Moriarty, Roark, Schoppe and Talcott formed the ])iteliing stafi ' , while " Bob " Tliompson and " Roily " Aronson acted on thi- receiving end " Art " Guild and " Bill " .Morse ]i;itrolled the outer gardens along witii Hradhy. On April 3 tlie Green and (iold opened its season with a defeat at the hands of Catholic University at Washington. Moriarty held the hard-hitting C. U. nine to only eight liits but errors gave them a 9-1 victory. " Tom " Keady ' s Quantico Marines took Coach Collins ' charges into cam]) twice in the next two days by 6-2 and 4-0 scores. Fogg .-.ud Moriarty hurled for ermont in the first encounter and " Mickey " Roark drew the twirl- ing assignment in tlie second game. He allowed Tliunijixdii. r. the Marines only four hits. Comcaii. s. t 264 ilil ] i 1 1 1. The U ' illiamit Oamc iiui Dvcr- i i (■■■ ' I ' lic N,i collLi-tid vijild biii,!;k--s otV .Mciriarty s (l(li ( ry on Apri (•aiiic llii- xarsity by a 6-2 score. On April S. ■rm()Ilt showed better form and defeated DnNcl 7 t. !■ ofig turnrd in a pntty pcrfornianee in holding the Drexel nine to lwi hits until the eighth inning. |{and.ill and " Bill " featured with the stieks. each garnering two singles and a loulil -. ' I ' his , :;ame contributed U. ' . M. ' s first .-ind oidy victory of the southern trip. Errors were res|)onsiblc tor I ' rinccloTi ' s win .at .a 7-() count. I ' oark relieved jSforiarty in the fourth inninu ' .lud held the ' I ' iuvr liittirs to lour hits during the rest of the game. The var.sitv then .arrived in N ' lw ' (H ' k. oidy to lose two on the r2tli .and our to City College of New York on the l. ' itli. S -J .and ti-2, respectively. On the next day the Army won a close and exciting g.ame. Iti the last h.alf of the ninth sue essive iiits by Morse. Smith .and ' l ' lioni|)si)n .and a triple by Randall yielded four runs. These, however, were not enoui h to turn the tidi — the score was (i-r . This game wound up .1 useful but unsuccessful southern trij). The . ' jiringfield game provided Coach Col- lins ' men with the opportunity of turning in the second victory of the season. " Noisy " l- ' ogg ' s etVectiveness in the pinches was largely responsible. Hunching their eight hits, the var- sity was able to score four times while Sjiring- field crossed the plate only twice. On . |)ril 21 the crack Purple team of Holy Cross held tlu (ireen and (iold players to two bingles. contributed by Conway .and " Bill " .Morse. Moriarty st.irted well but blew u]) in Moriartii. i. the fourth .and Hn.ark timk his |)l,aee. The line lo Fordhani rill- seori ' S were 9 11 |,t.ftMOyV;| !■.! M.}i:- I. f. 26.5 f Schoppe, 3b. .S)Hi77(. 2 . lioark. l)l,»y ended in a 10-0 defeat for U. . I. Clarkson opened the home season at Cen- tennial Field on May 6. But Vermont did the opening and also the shutting out. Moriartv pitehed a good game and the varsity played errorless hall behind liini. The score of this third M ' iu was 3-0. Opportune hitting gave Norwich a victorv over the team on May 7 by a G-i count. But the Green and Gold came back strong bv de- feating Villiams on the ] ' 2th and Middleburv on the ne.xt day. In the Williams game Schoppe was given his chance and he hurled great ball, allowing only six scattered hits. Vermont hit two Purple pitchers for six runs. In the Mid- dlebury game, Coach Collins ' charges broke loose on a batting spree which netted 13 scores, while Fogg and Roark held the Black Panther players to .5 runs. In an exciting game marked by a home run by " Bill " Morse and an excellent throw-in to the plate by " Art " Guild. Tufts was vic- torious over the Collins men by a 1-3 score. Fogg and Roark again officiated in the box and. but for errors at critical moments, Vermont would have won. Syracuse defe;ited the v.irsity in a loose game in which Schlegel let tlie ■rmonters down with three scattered hits, and his team- mates collected .5 runs behind him. Not a Green and Gold man got beyond first base. Scho))pe and Talcott twirled good ball for U. V. M.. but the fact that the error column added up to eight tells the story. Any hope that Middlebury might have had for the state ch.-impionship was dcstroved after a second defeat from Fogg ' s ] itching on lav 2 k " Jack " Smith turned in a good dav ' s work witli seven assists and one put-out to his credit. At Hanover. Dartmouth easily shut out ' ermont by a . ' i-O score. Errors were again costly. But on M.iy •_ 1 the Green and Gold team ]ilayed one of the fastest games of the year. It was the third game with the Quantico .Marines. Roark ])itc]ied good, steadv ball and also batted for a 1.000. . lthougli ' crmont was defeated 6-3. it was good baseball all through. Coach Collins ' nine were sluit out by Springfield for the reason that they couldn ' t hit in tlie j)inches. Moriartv allowed only fi e hits, while his teammates collected tiglit off Crowlev ' s deliverv. Three days later M. . . C. came to Burlington and was virtuallv beaten bv HainJull. J!). t X -- ie i6i«v 266 iHii : i .1 roil. ' toil, r. Fogil .iIdiu-, ' iiici ' Ir- allowtil lint fmir hits, struck out five nun. aiul ir.iriurcd tuci liils iiiiii- sclf. I ).!rtni()iitli li.idly trampled on (■rnioiit tor tliL stcoiid ti:nu on May 31. ' I ' lii ' Hit; ' (irciii got fourteen hits and nine run oil ' tin- drliM-ry of two Green and (iold liurKrs. ' v:v unable to seorc. Till ' varsity was also taken into camp on .luMc 12 liy tile Hrooklyn Royal (iiants to llu ' tune of J3-I-. And on the 17tli M ' illiams evened matters up by rallyini!: in the ninth innini; to win (;.■). The play was marred liy errors hv both teams. On .hine l!t the . hnuni assembled .-i enlor- I ' ul of former stars for the final jrame of the se.ison. " Noisy " I ' ognr let them down with a siny,le hit and the arsity won VA). thus eiulina the seascni. m 1 (1,1 1 hi. r. f. Z fhtTi) z » h r BASEBALL, 1927 THE ori ' .NlNC; OF THF. SK.VSON Priiiliri. I-, f. With the first eall for baseball eandidates on February L ' . ' t jirospects looked fairly good for a winninj;: " Hank " Dres.ser started his eoaehing with a long list of sueeessful riinis behind him ;iiui with a nueleus of about five first-elass men (Ui which to build. ' I ' he blow to the squad was the loss of Captain-eleet " Hill " Morse, who led the 1926 team both in fielding and batting. Wet grounds made necessary the eaneella- tion of the lirst tjirce games of the southern tri|), .lud ui Ajjril 6 Vermont bowed to the Navy b a ;!-! score. But the next day ' er- luont took Dclaw.irc into cam)) 1-0. On I ' riday the (ircen .and (iold again came out on to)) by a l. ' i-S win over Drexel. Moriarty continued the gootl work by letting the Princeton Tigers down witii three bingles while his teammates were ))ounding out a 3-0 victory. The nu ' tropolis |)roved to be unlucky with defeats to Fordham and New York University of ' 20-7 .and . ' )-3. respectively. Then Wrmont wound up .it West Point with a i)-i victory over I he soldiers, thus winning four games and losing three in an successful southeri tri)). P 1 V ' : ' d.iili. -ib. m INI! 267 Capf. Foiiff. p. OFFICERS A. Hazen Fogg Captain Lawrence H. Marvin Maiinr rr Sarin C. Abell Issintant Manager Robert T. Holden Assistant Manager Walter F. Reag ' N -Issistant Manager Henry O. Dresser Head Coach James B. Collopy !ssi.ita)if Coach THE SCHEDULE Apr. 2- Apr. 4- Apr. 5- Apr. 6- Apr. 7- Apr. 8- Apr. 9- Apr. 11- Apr. 12- Apr. 13- Apr. 22- Apr. 23- Mav 6- MaV 7- -Catholic L niv. at Washington May 12- - Slarines at Qnantico May 11- -!Marines at Quaiitico May 17- -Navy at Annapolis May 18- -Delaware at Newark, Del. May 20- -Drexel at Philadelphia -Princeton at Princeton May 21- -Fordham at New York May 27- -New York Univ. at New York Mny 28- -Army at West Point May 30- -Springtield at Springfield hine 1- -Holy Cros.s at Worcester .huu- 1— -St. Lawrence at Canton .luiie 1 1- -Clarkson at Potsdam June IS- — Middlehury at Middleliury —St. .Michael ' s .it Hurlington —Norwich at Northtield —Northeastern at Burlington —Conn. Agri. College at Bur- lington — D.irtnioutli at Hanover — S|)ringheld at Burlington - L A. " C. at Burlington — Dartmoutli at Burlington -Holy Cross at Burlington -Middlebury at Burlington -Norwich at Burlington -Alumni at Burlington 268 IINI 269 Asut. Mgr. James, Mgr. Ilerron, Prentice, Shnzv, Crouter, Katz, Siiitnr Whitteii, Tudhope, Ottley, Plait. Cnpt. Simpxoii, Leriri . Pout. Robbin, . Vostine m m HA • ' v - t Voarh Loft} TRACK, 1926 " JACK " I.ATTY Track spirit was at a low tbb in 1!)2.5. no coach, no ajjjjro- j)riatioii, no sclicdiiK ' . But wlicn " .lack " Latty was obtained as coach, liis .s})irit and })usli not only settled the first obstacle luit did away with the other two as w-ell. He saw tlie hidden ])()tentialities at ' erniont .and brought them to light. He developed .1 fine team that first year, although he started in only ;i month before the season began. The next year an even better team was sent out, which simply walked away with the state meet. As a track man at one of our neigbb(n ' ing colleges said. " It used to be easv for us to get a letter in the st.-itc meet, but since Latty came to ' ermont it ' s different. " This year the team is handicapped by the loss of some of its letter men by graduation, injuries and leaving college. Is Jack discouraged — jtist go out to Centennial Field and decide for your- self. He has built up a squ;id of seventy men, he has aroused a figlitiiig spirit in that bunch, and he has done it single-handed. With tlie student body behind liini we are confident that he can cre.ite a " reater team than ever. Let ' s sret behind him. 1 1 Mijr. Ilerron OlIKKltS Carl fl. Snii ' sox Ctiplain ' lI.LI . I ,1. HkHUON MlllKU lT I ' l.ovi) M. Jamks I.ssixtaiit Miiii(i; cr l ' ,i. r It. I.ATTY Coach Ul t f ' fift . Sijn ftsini THE SEASON I HI ruder tlu ' cD.-icliiiiii- of " Jack " I.atty tin- track team cmnplitiil a iiuist successful season. C ' ompetinn; in tliree meets, tiiey won the st.iti- eli aiiipionsliip, captured second pl.-ice in the Eastern C ' ollesiiatcs at Worcester, .uid vi re defeated onlv l)v tilt enllietion of stars and Olympic cliampions brought down liv the A. A. A. The season opeiuil on M.-iy S when A. . . A. .ap|)e,-ired at C ' Field .111(1 ran .iw.iv from the (ireen and (iold tracksters hv S I ' ., to oS ' .i. It was the most powerful aij ;rei;ation ever met by a ' ermont track team and I.attv ' s men were outclassed exce])t in the field events, where they captured three firsts, five seconds and five and a li.alf thirds. Ciptain Simpson was hij;li point man for Ver- mont with a first place and three seconds, Olney ilill broke the state record in the hammer with .1 throw of 1 f.T feet 2 inches. The dashes were the hundred beins:; run off in 10 seconds and the two-twenty in ' J2 ' ' .-,. Prentice won the broad .jmn]) with Ilastiiius takini;- second pl.-iee. Thus our men ni.ide .a mtv creditable slmw- inii and at the s.ime tiiiie received mneli v.alu- ible experience. This e. ))erience ))ro cd its worth on .M;iy 15. when ' erniont ui)set all the dope and stole second place .imonu ' hiirh-class comi)etiti( n at Worcester in the Kastern C ' olleiriates. Sjiring- (ield was first with f8 jioints while the Green iiid (iold ca])tured 331 2- Ajrain " Sonnie " Simp- son Iiigh point m;in. this time of the whole meet, t.ikim; I I- points. He broke the meet lee.ird for the j.ivelin with a distance of 1(5.3 fei t 1 inches. Olney Hill also craslied throujrh with his hammer when fie bettered the old m.irk OIn, , IIUI 271 = ! y ...v , ,,,,., r.,ii-i,iiiiiiint ' M: ..HI by five feet. " Art " Shaw easily won tlu- liiijli hiirdle.s and took second in the low fences. Whitten had hard luck in the pole vault when a pole made slippery bv rain held liim down to a fourth place. Crouter came in fourth in the 100-yard dash and third in the 220-yard, and " Archie " Post got a third and fourth in the mile and the half mile. Simjison also won the shot put. Between the three. Simpson. Shaw and Hill. 27 out of the 33 0 points was made. Considering the type of competition this is a remarkable record for Latty ' s men. The triangular meet to decide the state track chanijjions was held on May 29 at Burlington. Again springing a surprise — Middlebury was considered the strong- est aggregation — the Green and Gold trampled all over its ancient rivals, grabbing off 81 i.. points to 37 for Midd and 21 1 for Norwich. Every ' ermont man came through with startling results and the team took eleven out of fifteen firsts, mean- while breaking six records. Simpson ' s exhibition was one of the most remarkable in track history, bettering the javelin, discus and f shot-put marks by good margins. Olney Hill again came through with a hammer-throwing |fi record. " String " Wilcox ujisct all the dope Iff when he smashed the high jumi) mark by three ' inches. " Freddie " Robbins nearly broke the k i dopesters ' hearts when he knocked three-fifths y ! of .1 second off the 220 low hurdles, and then |1 F calmly turned around and took a first in the ' pole vault. Prentice surjjrised everyone when he captured first in the broad jump. In the javelin throw Piatt and Winelienbach crowded out Eddy of Nliddlebury, who was supposed to have second cinched. " Sandy " Crouter took two seconds in the 100- and 220-yard dashes, but won the four-forty in 33 seconds. Post won the mile and " Art " Shaw as usual took first in his high hurdle race. Thus was the Vermont state championship very properly retained at Burlinoton for another year. V r m Shaw Croiiler ' ( ipJI itii I ' l-inllci- ill the Ilhih Jiniip TRACK, 1927 n the l);ist two ycar X ' rnuoiil had an txciplioiially stroiii;- track team. Inil a scrii-s of niisfortuius has occurnd to prcst-nt almost iiisu|» rahlc obstacles. It is not fccncrally realized liow heavy this loss has been but a filanee over the situation is enouiili to queneli the most ett ' erveseent o|)tiniism. The st.irs lost include hittin in the pole vault. Crouter in t!ic HO. Robbins in the low Inirdles .and . haw in the liij li hurdles. Wilcox for the hi li jum]). and Hill, .an exi)ert in the liannner throw. Tlieir loss m.ikcs it apjjear at present .almost imiJossible to win the st.ite miel. We still have left, however, " Sonnie " Simpson, wlio ought to take twenty l)oints in the state meet, winninjr all of the weiiilit events. " Archie " Post. O. T. Wood .and D. Howe should .account for i number of points in every meet. Kropiier. X. Wood, Howard. Il.astinijs, Willard. Moodie and Willi.imson have shown iniprovenient. Anionj; the I ' reshnun there is fine material in -Mace. 15r.iv. (iourson, Corcoran and Arnold. Altlioufjh OIK ' cannot anticijiate a .successful season, it is gratifying to see the large number of men out and the spirit shown. This sport will liavc engaged nearly one hundred men by the end of the year. Such a spirit if continued cannot fail to bring success to ' ermimt track teams in the future. OI-l ' ICKKS C.ARi. fi. SiMi ' sox Captain Fi.OY» M. .T. MEs Manager .loiix .1. CinnAX Lsxixlaiil Minuuicr .Joiix A. .Mii.LKH Issistaiii Maiiafjer Kexxktii H. Stkphexs Manager Elvix H. 1.. ttv Coach I 9 Nl Prenliri I ' llHt 273 Bobbins U iiix the HuriUe SCHEDULE May 7 — Montreal A. A. A. at Burlinston May 1-1 — Eastern Intercollcgi.ites at Worecster May 21 — St. Lawrenee University at Canton May 28 — Green Mountain Conference at Nortlifield Wiln.x CROSS-COUNTRY, 1926 In spite of the somewhat gloomy outlook with whicli the cross-country season started, the team did exceptionality well. Journeying to liddlehury Mitli the foothall team November 13, Allbee. Martinetti. " Ed " and Dean Rowe and Orville Wood ojiposed the crack Midd team. The Blue and ' ]lite won the meet as expected, but by tlie scant margin of 25-30. The short three-mile course was used as a concession to the Catamount terriers, who liad been practic- ing (HI that distance. Dean Rowe came in first in the time of 1.5 minutes, 27.1 seconds. .Vrnold (M) and Whiting (M) tied for second. The tem])er.iturc was very low and. together with the hard, frozen road, made running ery dilHeult This year lack of material made matters ditiicult for Ver- mont, but with tlie jiromising men in the Freslnnan class next year ' s outcome sliould be of ;i dift ' erent nature. W! 271 i iel :C f mK] itii it-lH it i! I ' ■ XA M ir. Rtixscll. Nye, Tai lor, dipt. (liiiUl. Ih ' lil-cin. Shazc. Conrh Carjieiiti ' i- TENNIS, 1926 The tennis team under the leadership of Captain Guild last year taekled one of tlie hardest scliedules in several years. Two matches were won out of the nine played, hut the Wrmcnit men i)ut up a uiiod fight every time and play was never one-sided. The season ojjened aiispieiously with a 1-2 vietorv o er 15oston L ' nivcrsity before a large crowd, but the next week Middlebury carried off a 5-1 score. On iSIay 15 the Tufts netmen came to Burlington and were able to win all their contests except those to Ciuild and Shaw. Tlie next day at Hanover. Coach Carpenter ' s men lost to the Dartmouth experts in a shut-out match, although the play was hard in every set. A three-day trip into Massachusetts resulted in losses to ' J ' ufts. Boston Uni- versity and Springfield by scores of .5-1. fi-0 and 1-2, respectively. On May 28 the second win of tlie season was turned in against St. Stephens, the count lieiug 1--3. liddlebury ] layed tlie Li ' t match of the seas(ni for a 5-1 win at Burlinjjton. Captain Guild in his fourth year for tiie Green and CJold was a consistent winner and jirevented several matclics from going to the opponents by shut-out scores. 276 llll .l r r. I ' Ujtin. Iliiu-nnl. U ' inrhiiihiirh. i ' . IVood. Conch DtmiitiU ' I ' lrni. Curr, Srhitrman, Ciijif. Diiininy. Bnsxtnc, O. Wood •w HOCKEY, 1927 II.Kktv was an officially recognized sport tliis year, and jjractice started soon after the Christmas holidays on the rink at the foot of Chase Street. Captain Denning. Winehenbacli, O. T. Hn and N. C. Wood vere left from last year ' s sextet .l " iid these, aided In 15assow. Schurman. Perry. Carr and Ho vard. deyeloped into a fairly uood team under the tntelage of Coach Desautels. ■J ' he seiudnle prt pared hy .Man.iger Kg.m inelnd.-d two q;ames witli Middlei)nry and one each with M. . . C. St. Lawrence and Clarksnn. Most of the contests were hard fought Imi Ihe r xp rii lie. of tlie opponrnts jn-ovcd too much in eyery case. A pr.ictiee u-.ime with Ihr Winooski Profe.ssionals was won liy a . " M score. Imt Middlchury sent up a strong te.nn and walked away with .1 .5 I score. M. .V. C. gaye Verni(mt a second heating hy dcfe.atini; tli. m in .i fast g.anie whicii cndc l with a L ' -l score. The (Ircen and (iold f.irrd even worse in tlie return g.nne with Middlebnry, which the latter won (i-O. In the next game a h.ird-fonght h.ittle was lost to St. Lawrence by a one-point margin. Tlu ' jiowerful Ci.irkson Tech sextet closed the .season, getting fiye goals to one for the Catamounts. Throuirhout the season Captain Denning and ' inchenl).icli jnit up tlie best of hockey for Vermont, while their teammates all showed good stutt ' . r. Miisffrove. Vhiting. Coach Allhov, 3I!lh Tucker Stefcns, Capt. BIrirkrtll. Rich FENCING, 1927 Z ! The ancient sport of fencing was introduced at ' ermont last spring as a part of tlie program of the physical education department. Dr. Aldinger secured as coach Lieutenant P. W. Allison of Fort Ethan Allen, a member of the 192i Olympic team and one of the best swordsmen of tiie country. Under his expert instruction Ijf ' ji twentv-ti e men were taught the fund;uiientals of tlie game before college closed. ... Last fall several enthusiastic students took up the sport again. After practicing through the winter two matches were arranged with Norwich on April 16 and 23, the Vermonters winning four out of fifteen bouts each time. The schedule will l|tj! be completed at Montreal the second week in May. when the Montreal Sword Club will be the opponent. The team tliis spring was made up of Cajjtain Blackall, ' 27, Rich, ' 28,, Stevens. ' 28. Calcagni. ' 29, and Tucker, ' 29. ' ith such an encouraging start and the recognition of fencing as a minor sport, its future looks very briglit. L ' nder the coaching of Lieutenant Allison many suc- cessful teams should be sent out. 278 {jyiX l UlIP ' ti ■s I Ifji ELIGIHfUTY s Till ' activities of the eliiribility (lep.irtnuiit h.nt- lifcn e.-irried on duriiiu: the i).ist year under the direetion of Tlieodore M. Egan, ' 27, mana- ger, and H. H. Fogg, , . D. Pingree and M. C. Rohhins of the class of li)2S, assistant mana- gers, (irades have heen ke) t on file at the graduate man.-iger ' s office, wlicre tliey were available at all times. These were obtained as often as jxissihle at the deans ' offices. During the first semester of this year an attempt was made to get better cooperation from the fraternities. Freshmen who were low were required to attend study hours at several of the houses, and sjiecial help was provided. As a result of these efforts the standard of scholarship anicinu ' ' eriui)nt athletes is uiuisu- ally hii;h. At the beginning of I Ik s,com(1 semester Miuuuicr E i iu H. H. Fogg was elected manager, and 1). . I ' aul. C. .1. Douglas and . W . Phelon, Jr.. of the .Sophomore class, assistant managers. Professor .James K. Donahue has been chosen facult - .-uh i ' -oi- for the coining vear. (T ' V ' (rvS ifei) CHEER LEADING !f1! I ' nder tlie efficient leadership of I ' .mory C. Mower, the cheering sections ha e shown much iiitiuisiasm (luring the present year. The stres-, plireil upon team- work was ( specially valuable at football games. M ' ith the assistance of the b ' reshman class a gold " " was tonued on the grandstand at the Ndrwieh liame. while tile old " Bury .Middleburv " banner a|)peared again on the imlucky thirteeiitii of November. " !Mose " Moore, head cheer leader last year, and " .)ud " I.cary. both Seniors, have been of great assistance in buildinjj up stuilent " pep. " r roin the class of 1930 Oakley Fro-t. David (iinsberg and " Phil " Perry lia c worked hard for the ilepartnielit. 279 Mnr. M,,u,l,i. :,,, ,,„, in. Jlnnr. l„isl,,l. I ' nviil. I ' .hul. Ifliiiiiintni. Jhtniielli , Ei)n nni.- . Pcrkin. ' . njoff is.-it. CiHu-li Clark. LtiX ' i ' . Kiiapp. Srhcrhl num. (rri ffth, Dunaliltton. Goiiraon. Hiirxtcin. Dorci . lloncootl. Cohen. Coach Riitfnn MrNnUij. Jiriii . MitchilJ. Strois. DeRose, Shite, ilace. Cupt. Levine. Bloomstrom. Bernstein Stone. I errif. . .s ' .s7. M( r. ]VheeIer, Atist. Mi r. tiorktnnil. Aast. fgr. Cowan. .Irnohl FRESHMAN FOOTBALL, 1926 OFFICERS . Hyman Levine Captain Ellis J. Ioodie Manager William V. Rattan Coach Paul D. Clark l. ' isi.itant Coach ' erniont has never, until lliis year, had a strong Fresh- man grid team, but tlie 1930 eleven nnder the able tutelage of Captain Rattan and P. D. Clark, M., ' 26, rapidly gained sueh a reputation that a Freshman game came in for almost as much attention as a varsity contest. The squad was cut to thirty-six men early in the season, and from these Coach Rattan whip])cd together a team heavier than tlie varsity, many of whom had had considerable prep school experience. The real strength of the team was unknown up to the T. C. A. game on October 2, but after they had let that eleven I down in a 3-t-O contest, their ability began to be appreciated. The Freshmen made most of their gains on straight football and gathered twenty-three first downs to four for T. C. A. A second team was sent in in the third quarter wliich lield well, although no points were made. On the following -Saturday the team went to Hanover. where they held the jiowerful Dartmoutli yearling team to Rattan a 20-0 score, the only points to be made against tlicm in the ly m 280 lh Miiri I.iikHiiii lirni.- ' !(lii in flu T. ( ' . .1. Ciimc season. Siiifc tin- latter wire cDiisidircd the licst I ' rfshniaii team in the I-..i-.t. this was ni) little aeliie emeiit in itselt. .Middlehnrv se7it its Freshmen to IJurlinjiton on Oetolnr -J. " !, only to se - them buried by a 55-0 eount. The I ' anther eubs Mere utterly iinible to stoj) the ' erm( nt backs, and Mitcliell. .Maee and IJr.iy made several loni; runs. .Maee showed himself to be .1 Ion;; distance runner of hijih promisi " when he made one run ot siventy-tive yards and aiu)ther of sixty. Kverv man played a L ' auie the next S.iturd.-iy when the te.ini w.ilked over ' erniont Academy 27-0. I.onj; runs hy the hacks were ajiain .in outstandinu; feature. In a sea of mud and water at I ' otsd.mi the yearlings were held to a scoreless tie by the C ' larksoii Freshmen, althouiih the latter were outplayed all the way. Sev- eral times tlie water-lotfued b.all was lost .ilmost on the fioal line. Mace made the lonfjest run of the day, a teu-yard i; lin. The season wound i with the .■uiministeriuii- of another ;! 1 () heating to .i team from F ' ort i ' .than . lh n. The soldiers had a fair defense but no offense and were unable to hold the Freshmen once they got started. In consider.ition of the team ' s success, numerals were given to the entire while silver charms were presented by the class to C.-i])tain T.cvine, McNally. Hloom- strom. Hachman. Kna)))). I.ove. Bernstein. Slate. .Sirois. Gourson. Ciritfith. Uray, Dore . Maee. Iitehell. I )e Rose and Harwood. IM)I ' inr. I, POINT IJKCORL) Toiichdoxcus (roals Tdliils Mitchell - • ' • Brav ' =f« Harwood -i f " Mace 3 18 Slate 13 15 ernstein - " ' ' - C orson - " ' - Sirois ' f f ' DeRose 1 f Totals 22 18 150 281 1 1 nil - . m. ■ iiiii " ' ..M . B Coach Dresser, Bernstein, } ' iilhtce. Beer, Mi r. Roice Hrnc ' lei . Mftiniiiiff, ( ' apf. Jlitllliitni. l f liitse. Mttre FRESHMAN BASKETBALL OFFICERS Tuo-MAS J. Halligax Captain N. Dean Rowe Manager Hkn ' rv O. Dressei: Coach The Frosli Iioopsters came tlirouuli a suc-ffssful season, winniiio; four out of tlieir six games with strong local teams. Their only defeats were to tiie DeMolay rive, com))osed of Univer.sity players, and to tlie Y. M. H. A., when Halligan was lU ' .able to play. Company K. B Battery, K of C. ' s and Cathedral High all fell before tliem. though the contests were tough battles up to the last moment. Halligan at forward and Manning at guard showed themselves to be ])romising varsity material, and should be valuable to next year ' s team, to help in filling the places of Post and Moodie. at the other guard position, Wallace at center and Bernstein at forward also did fine work. Manning was high scorer M ' itli tl and Wallace was second witli 3(!. SUMMARY Frosh Opp, Feb. 2 — Comjjany K 29 23 Feb. S) — DeMolay 16 19 Feb. 1 1 — B Batterv 59 33 Feb. 15— K. of C. ' 35 22 Feb. 24— Y. M. H. A 30 19 Mar. 2— Cathedral H. S 29 19 V ilil y L ' S_ ' V ©rgan i ja tionsi 283 7 ' . PHI BETA KAPPA ALPHA OF VEHMONT %A i FiHimU-tl 1.S4 H OFFICERS Ev;m ' riiDiTiiis I ' lisidciif ,[i)liii E. C ' ollnirn ' Ivc -President Mrs. Helen Barton Tuttle Con ' e.ijioiiditi i Serrelani Henry F. Perkins Tleiiinter Forrest W. Kehoe Tiermurer RESIDENT A I. r MX I Robert Rolierts. ' (if) Hamilton S. Pecli, " TO Mrs. Jane Pease Wlieeler, ' 80 Rosier HuUiurd, ' S2 Josiah W. Votey, ' 84 Eliza C. Lsham. ' 8(i Mrs. Lucia Barney Downinfr, " 89 Max I . Powell, ' 89 George I. Forl)es, " 90 Mrs. Hattie Andrews Forbes, ' 01 Edmund C Mower, " 9 Lyman Allen, ' 9.S Mary R. Bates, ' ill Theodore E. Hopkins, ' 9,5 John E. Colburn, ' 90 Henry F. Perkins, ' 98 Max W. Andrews, ' 99 Georfre H. Burrows, ' 99 Guy W. Bailey, ' 00 Wellington E. Aiken, ' 01 E. Mabel Brownell, ' 01 Ernest H. Buttles, ' 01 James E. D(mahue, " 0;? Roy O. Buchanan, ' 0.5 Mrs. Ruth Bond Gray, " 06 Alfred H. Heininger, ' 08 Mrs. Jennie Rowell liradlee, ' 09 Mrs. Ethel Southwick Eastman, ' 09 Forrest W. Kehoe, ' 09 Mrs. Anna Shepard Lutman, ' 09 Mrs. Helen Barton Tuttle, ' 09 Ruth H. Grecorv, ' 11 Eleazer J. Dole, ' 1-. ' Fred C., ' 13 H. Albon Bailey, ' U David W. Howe, ' 14 Ruth P. O ' Sullivan, " 14 Leon W. Dean, ' IJ Lester M. Prindle, ' 15 Vollie R. Yates, ' 15 Loretta E. Dyke, ' Ki Marjorie E. Luce, " Ki Mrs. Mary Frank Zwick, ' 17 Mrs. Rose Levin Machanic, Dorothy Votey, ' 18 Amos B. Wilmarth, ' IS Clyde W. Horton, ' 19 Mrs. Edith Hoisted Porter, 18 19 Mrs. Helen Stiles French, " - ' 1 Consuelo Northrop, " Jl Helen B. Thorne, " Jl Mrs. Marion Killam Arkley, ' iJ Pauline G. Ayres, ' -2-2 Mrs. K. W. Bern-, ' 23 Mrs. Dorothy McMahon Boardnian, George V. Kidder, ' 22 Janice Byington, ' 23 Mrs. Betsy Kimball Kidder, ' 23 Winona E. Stone, ' 23 Homer B. Ashland, ' 2i Dexter Day Butterfield, ' . ' 6 Beatrice Herberg, ' 26 A. B. Myrick, " 36 Laurel E. Samson, M. ' 28 284 IM I 1 l i;s. M Ali( 11. lll. ' (i D.ivid Mnvvcr Il.ill, ' - ' (i Beatrice I.ioni- IIcrliiTi. ' , " -(i laurel Krceldine Siinsdii. .M. VN IMIIAir.S, .IINK, lil. ' li Dext.r Day Hutterficlcl, " . ' (i Marshall Kills .Mower, ' Hi . lke i$ra(lley Crowe, ' Hi Prof. A. H. Myriek .Miriam l.aiira Dailey, ' 2(i I.oi.s Eleanor Uobiiison, ' - ' (1 Jennie Fibish, ' ICy Edward Lawrence Tracy, ' 6 Helen Marguerite Freneli. " .?( Cyril A ' einott, ' id Cliarles Ilarnidn Kimhall, " . ' (i Harold Fisher Wilson, ' -2(1 IMTIAIKS. M l!( II. Ifi. ' T ( ' lain- I . Currier, ' i?7 Dorothc.i ]• ' . Bal-ciT, I.awreiu-e ( ' . Wliitiiiaii, ' . ' " MK.MHKUS Ol ' Dllllli ( IIM ' II.H.S IN TIIK (Ij .Stephen (!. Harnes. Pa. (JaMiiiia -Miriam . .Marstuii, .Ma — . . l|ilia Samuel E. Hassett, Conn. Alpha Catherine F. Nulty, K. 1. . lpha Howard G. Hennelt, Mass. . Iplia Mrs. Beatrice Hellar Oxiey, Ohio CJannna Mrs. H. C. lU-nnett, Wis. Alpha C. J. Oxley, Ohio (lamma (jeorjre P. Hums, Oliio Kta George 11. I ' erUins, Conn. .Mpha Mrs. .Mbert Hutler, M.iss. Inta George I. Hich.udsori. .Mass. Gamma Fred D. Carpenter, Conn. Beta Henry H. Hoss, Vt. Beta Eleanor Cowen, Iota I. Chipman Smart, Mass. (lamma John B. HeForest, Conn. . li)lia Paul C. Stiuires, X. Y. Epsilon Mrs. J. B. DeForest, Mass. Tlieta Eli.jah Swift, .Mass. Aljilia Mrs. GeorL ' e F. Eckhard, Ohio .Mpha ,James P. Taylor. N. ■. Eta A. Russell (lift ' ord, Conn. Gamma Bertha M. Terrill, Mass. Theta George G. Groat, X. Y. Kappa Evan Thomas, Ohio Tliila Itaymond A. Hall, Conn. Ganuna Frederick Tujiper, .Ir., .Md. . lph.i M. H. I.aatsch, Pa. Iota Mrs. Frederick Tupjur, .Mil. Beta Klvin R. I.atty, Maine Alpha 283 m Jaws. Poitf . hifon. If iiDi ihrei , . roii.son. Lackxcood Moodte, Rockwell. Avcr ' iU. Pre . Bailey, Simpson, Egan BOULDER (i i n SENIOR HONORARY SOCIETY y Founded 1905 Members Roland Sigurd i ronson Lawrence Herman Averill Tlieodore Matthew Ejjan Bingham Johnson Humphrey Fhivd Merle James William Murray T.ockwood Raynuind Eldred Lyon Ellis Julius Moodie Arehiliald Thomson Post Donald Mason Rockwell Carl Gilbert Simpson L ' ,S(i .Ihill. . " iiiiilli. idlciill. Marvin. SIkiic, Curraii, V liilroinh follina, S even.i, Ilaldiii. Prof. Tufiiter, Cntfwnij, TitijUir KEY AND SERPENT (r y$ «iJ) .IINIOR JI()N()I!Ai;V sociF rv Foiindfd 1908 Members if Mil Sahin Clark Alull Harold ( ' aini)l)tll CDlliiis ,Iolin Thomas Conway Jnliti Joseph Curran Rolicrt ' riiavir Holiliii I.awrcTicc Harl.itid Mar in Artliuv M ' vniaii Sliaw John Archer Smith Charles Hiram Stevens Geoj-ge Stewart Taleott Mahlon Vincent Taylor. Jr. Rolurt Morton Whitcoiiili t w Jjifin . OWtill. I ' ij ' iin. Ti ' dvu. Ildrn ' ontK IHrchanL Pinion Elmer. (htJdman. M artinctti. Fhke. Paiiw. Ronrk. Mor. -f. Z)» .s ' ' f } Name, Price, Yonny. ?Jnckay, Hall, Eatahrook, Rob ' m.son GOLD KEY SOPHOMORE SOCIETY Founded 19-23 Members Arthur Ramage Birchard Louis Martin Bjorii Jeroine Quincy Bullis Harrel Dtnison Elmer John Seeley Estabrook Edwin Gould Fiske Morris Goldman Woodhull Stanton Hall Charles F " ,lmer Harwood Martin Charles Lang Albert George Mackay Carl Cobb Macomber Siegfried Max Martinetti Burton Roosevelt Morse Francis John O ' Neill Charles Samuel Paine Austin William Phelon. Jr. John Robert Pike Kenneth Leon Price I awrenee Edward Roark Lawrence Raljih Robinson Robert Morton Tracy Gerald Barton R. Van Name Reuel Edward Young 2S8 t] Sijnii.i ' in. LiiikIoii Mnrlnii. nut. Siiiilhwurlh. i c KAPPA MU EPSILON z. - iHrt ENdlNF.F.HINC; HONOHAHY SOCIETY MKMnKRS Arthur Ross Hill . ' ilni liaiidolpli Mdrlni David Charles London Oslioriif Harr N vc Stoddard Hainiiiond Martin Carl (iillx-rt Simpson Mmmu F.diiiiHid Sontliwortli 2S9 . ' ■ .z. z,r»i w Burhank. lloldcn. Smilli Peet, Aronnoii, Talcott, Montague GREEN MOUNTAIN CHAPTER OF ALPHA ZETA AGRICTLTURAT. HONORARY SOCIETY Members Seniors Hjalniar Alfred Aronson Ori-ii Abijah Kurliaiik J mil or Robt-rt Thayer Holden Leiiiiiel James Peet Harry Nichols Montague Cliarles Eugene Smitli George Stewart Talcott 290 ! ' ' ' e Ai tellf Stevens, Lncchinn. Snfforil. .Ibell. I ' h li x. ' I ' lidliojic Allbee, Crandall, lilarkall. Parodi . Avvr ' iU. Moictr WIG AND BUSKIN i « IIONOUAUY DHA.MATK ' SOCIKTY i l Mk.mukrs lN| I.awrcncc Herman Avtrill Charles H nry Blaekall ' ilIiam Murray I.oekwood Emory C ' liittendeii Mower Sabiii Claris Ahell Roger Hubhard Ailliee Herbert Daniel Crandall Jiiitiiir.s Ovid l- ' rank Parody John Beniiam Plielps Haven Kdnuuid Sontliworth Arthur Knox ' I ' lidhope F.vo Alexander I.iieeliina Wiiitney Daniel Safford Ralph Chesley Stevens " 1 •291 Mactnnhei ' , Seui ' b Leai ' ciis WcfhlJ. Morcer, Mr, Moore, fliiin ' TAU KAPPA ALPHA NATIONAL DEBATING HONORARY SOCIETY Members Seniors Emorv Cliittenden Mower Lawrence Augustine Hince Carl Haveloek Wedell Juniors John MaeDonald Leavens Freshmen Herriek Mower Maconiber Franklin Arniiniiton Sears The proposition: Resolved, that the L ' nited States should cancel the loans made to its associates during the World War. Vermont Feb. 2 k Negative 3 Mar. 3. Negative 2 Mar. 10. .Affirmative 3 Mar. I(i. . ffirmative 2 Mar. 18. Affirmative 3 Mar. 23. Negative 2 !Mar. 30. Affirmative 1 Opponenis Tufts . . . .0 M A C . . . . 1 St. L.iwrence .... MI T . . . . 1 Middlcliury M ' ayneshurg St. Michael ' s .... . . . . 1 2 I ii! Hi: 292 ' Hi WM ij Mil MITWJH Vy ' wt m k u - f ' 1 i w( .. Ilnhunl. .lLi. . lalcull. C li.iillH.unir . V hil nniili . ( iisl iifsmi Jtniit ' .t. MiHiillr, ' )sf, Siitip.ft)!!. Hvuijiin, Macf, Morsf Parody, Coiiicai , Lnrkrc ' ioil. SIn ' ciix. .1 roiisun, Bluckull STUDENT SENATE OFFICERS i I.IAM M. I ocKWOOi) Vrcsiiletii ,li)iiN T. CoNWAV J ' icc-l ' resitlciit (uAHi.Ks fl. Stevkxs Sccrciarii-Tri-asiiri ' T Members Seniors Hjaliiiar A. Aronson Ellis J. Moodie Charlts H. Blackall Ovid F. Parody Floyd M. .Jarin-s Archibald T. Post U ' illiain M. Fiu-kwood Carl fi. Siiiijjson Juniors W ' iiliMm ( ' . (Iiadliounu- ' alttr V . Ri-agan John T. Conway Charles H. Stevens Tyson C. Mewes (jtorge S. Taleott Kolurt M. Whitcomb Sophomores Herti 1 M. (iiistafson Burton H. Morse .loiin P. Hyland F ' raneis V. O ' Keefe Vrt ' xhnian Charles H. Mace nn i ll Bond. Sa f ' tinl. Ltani. li rikiat ' h . Mtrrtll McColL Burhavk. (Jna ). liirh. Ma.rted Foij,} Y. M. C. A. CABINET OFFICERS C ' liiford M. Qvad, ' 28 President Oren a. Bi ' RBANK, ' 27 Serretari Theodore F. Rich, ' 28 Treasurer CoirMiTTEE Chairmen J. Benham Plielps. ' 27 Meetinars George E. Bond. ' 29 Membership John F. McColl. ' 27 neiiutalions Harold H. Fogs;. ' 28 Eniphiynient JasiKT N. Knox. M., ' 29 Diseussioii (iroups ])el!)ert J. Merrill, ' 28 Chureh Relationship Peter V. Brikiatis, ' 29 Christian World Lewis G. Leary. ' 28 Boys ' Education ' ork George H. Poole, ' 29 New Student Work if.:! 291 I ' M hi l- ' i NEWMAN CLUB OI ' FICKRS I.KWis 1). FooTK, M.. ' 2S Prtxiiit-nt K ATiiK.KiXE B. WiiKiiiT, ' 28 f ' icc-Prcsitlent I.rciLLE A. BiUNKLLK, ' 29 Sccictnr if-T rcasii nT Elizahktii M. Heady, ' 29 Corn-xpoiuh-nt Rev. p. C. Brenxax C ha plain Entehtainmi-.nt Committee Marsiai-ft A. Duriik. ' 29 Maruant K. Malioncy, ' 29 Williain .(. MiN ' amara, M.. ' 29 T!if Catholic Club was founded at tlie University of Vermont in 1905. The present name of the society was ad()i)ted in I9I8. Conununion breakfasts are Iield monthly. Tlie members present a dramatic production every year. Acquaintance with one another and closer relationsliip witli Catholic influences is thus effected. In 1920 the Newman Club alKliated with the Federation of College Catholic Clubs. The ])uri)()sf of tlie national organization is to secure nuitual heljifulness and united ctfort in i)romotinir intellectual, nuiral. social and religious standards. 29.5 1 ! Ihiimuii. liitti.-iiit, Vnrr ' wr, Erklttf. J zcifcr, ' J ' uicnt , King, Kitne II. Ildxcnril. . I niixlnii); . Biiiidi . Macomber. Prof. Kkhler. Potc ' f . Medlar. Prof. PriinUi ' . Turner Priif. lidxxelt. Ihikir. Howe. Riehardson. Snllk ' an. Wriijht. lUirirk. CnindaU. MrGJaffin S. Howard, Flint, ]Vkife. Klein. Briinelle. Levin IOTA CHAPTER OF ETA SIGMA PHI Founded at the L ' liivi rsity i t Cliicago, 1924 On Dec ' tinbtT 8. 1925. the Eranos, composed of students of Greek and under the hadersliip of Professor Bassett. ajijjlied for admission to Eta Sigma Plii, a national honorary classical fraternity, and ,lune 1. 192(3, was admitted as Iota Chapter. Tills fraternity, although founded in 1921, has twelve chapters already. Iota being the first chartered east of the Ohio River. Its object is to promote love of the classics, especially among undergraduates. Prof. Samuel E. Bassett Prof. Lester M. Prindle Prof. George V. Kidder Catherine .Armstrong, ' 27 Dorothea Baker, ' 27 Faith Baldwin, ' 28 Catherine Bassett, ' 29 Lucille Brunelle. ' 29 Everett Bundy. ' 30 Herbert Crandall. ' 28 Claire Currier, ' 27 Eleanor Davison. ' 28 Members Margaret Durick. ' 29 Ursula Dwyer, ' 28 Katherine Eckley, ' 28 Phoebe Flint, ' 30 Harriet Howard, ' 30 Susan Howard, ' 30 Elisabeth Howe, ' 27 Marion King. ' 30 Bertha Klein, ' 29 Gladys Kone, ' 29 Molly Levin, ' 29 Eloise McCJlaflin. ' 29 Herriek Macomber, ' 30 .lohn Medlar, ' 29 Henry Powell, ' 30 The idore Rich. ' 28 Muriel Richardson. ' 28 Pauline Sullivan, ' 27 Helen Towne. ' 30 Lloyd Turner. " 29 Marion Way, Sp. Elizabeth White. ' 28 K itl). rine Wrioht. ' 28 296 ■ I ■ I. k. : i :mi ft LITER ' i;.i. 297 IfancoofJ. Difi ' al. Lucrhiuff, Ovnhf. 1 ran . ilsoii. ( ' i-iniilall , rusrcorth, Safford. Doic, Eaton. JloJden, Stewart M(ir i ' n ' , J ' arkcr. Ifatfur. F() j(j. llottiiu. Stuidrrs. f ' otfr ll. S7rtv ;.s ' , James. Lifciani. Dtirirfc liaffh ' if. Martin. Raijij. I ' lici fis. liliss. Lorlxijun,!. ( ' i)nk Tai tiir THE VERMONT CYNIC Founded in 18iS:J KDITORIAI. BOARD Kditor- ' ni-Ch ' ief ]] ' niicn ' s Editor .1. Benhani Plielps, ' 27 Vina B. Riigg. ' 27 Sporting Editor Nezcs Editors Ecature Editor Mahlon V. Taylor. ' 28 Herbert D. Crandall. ' 28 Whitney D. Safford, ' 28 Evo A. LiKcliina. ' 28 Intercollegiate Editor Georee R. Perrv. ' 28 Cliarks E. Harwood, ' 29 (jeorge H. James, ' 29 Antliony A. Luciani, ' 29 Charles H. Overly. ' 29 Wilniond W. Parker, ' 29 I.eighton A. .Sanders. ' 29 Frank G. .Sluild. ' 29 Assistant Editors Robert M. Tracy, ' 29 lola F. Bagley. ' ' 27 Eunice E. Cook, ' 27 irginia Margie, ' 27 Dorothy Cottrcll. ' 29 Margaret A. Durick. ' 29 Humor Editor Laura P. Bliss. ' 28 Elizabeth B. Hagar. ' 29 Constans M. Holden. ' 29 Harold P. Dow, ' .30 Merle A. Duval, ' .30 .Joseph W. Eaton, ' 30 Robert I-. Stewart. ' .30 Robert E. Wilson. ' 30 BUSINESS St. FF Biisinc! ■ss Manager Advertising Manager .Stoddard H ' Martin, ' 27 William M. I.ockwood, ' 27 Assistant Business lanagers Robert T. Holdin. ' 28 Charles H. Stevens, ' 28 . rtluir C. Unsworth, ' 28 298 Vhn ee (Jraves. Slenlwn. ' ' . Jl„l,l,ii. (_ ' «.-i...W i. Lmrhiun. Murill. ' " .. y Pinqree Ha,,],. Rlrhm,,,,,!. ra„l„r. W,„„l. Gr pih. .Hull, li,,!,. ' , St, ' V,;,„, Lynch Cmnilall. Young. I ' hi}i s. nilliniis. h ' rf,,i,in. . ' i.v.--. w ' «r. ' THE 1928 ARIEL (TV ' " ' K(!if(ir-iii-( ' hii-f .luli.u. (). I ' li.lps Women ' s Editor Klzbfth A. Billings Grind Editor. I.Mura 1 ' . Bliss Kvo A. I.iiiclMna Athletics Editor Malilon V. Tavlor In IK M. H.ites C " . I, ir.voiid Chaffee II.rlHTt I). Craiidall Harold H. Fogg Cn-orge (jravcs Kililoridl Staff Katlurinc S. (;riffith JtaniHttc S. Hays Lewis Ci. Leary Pa iliiie r. I.yneli F.lizabetli P. Pingree Advertisint Manager Sahiii C. Aliell Hiisiiic.fs .Maiia( iT WiAUv V. H.auan I ' hotographic Editor George K. Perry Art Editors Dellicrt .1. Merrill (Moria I. ' ()llllg Clara ]■ ' ,. Hielimond Kenneth li. Stephens Charles H. Stevens Arthur C. Unsworth Margaret M. Wood Circiilaiidu Manager Koiurt T. Holden 299 iiHi Stiviii.i, I ' crrii. Reanini. ( ' nnnlnll . I ' ii. wnilli. J iiccliiiui. iaiihir. I)rn J. O. Philim. Bri ' iuu, Mr. Defiii. .1 . IS. PlifljJX. Mr. Crockett. Mmiiii. Lockwoad PI DELTA RHO HONORARY JOURXAIJSTIC FRATP RNITY Founded 1921 Honorary Members Walter Hill C ' roekett Leon W. Dean __ Members Seniors Stuart Robinson Bryan Raymond Eldred Lyon Earle Dwight Drew Stoddard Hannnond L rtin William Murray Lockwood John Benham Phelps Carl Gilbert Simpson Herbert Daniel Crandall Evo Alexander Lucehina Geori e Riehardson Perry Julian Orville Phelps Juniors Walter Farley Reagan Charles Hiram Stevens ] Lihlon Vincent Taylor Arthur Charles Unsworth m 300 Sajifarfl, l i mj. UonUl. I ' iiifh ' ee FRESHMAN HANDBOOK STAFF GEoiuiK R. I ' khhv Editor-in-Chief M. Irwin (ioiLi) Manager Albkut D. Pingree issistant Editor Whitney D. Safford tssistant Editor ••JOl MISCELLANEOUS (r v MEN ' S GLEE CLUB I ROKEssoK Howard Ct. Bexxktt director Dox.M.i) M. Rockwell, ' 27 Manar cr Roger H. Allbee, ' 28 -Is.sistdtit Mrniat cr Herbert D. Craxdall, ' 28 -issisfatit Managir AGRICULTURAL CLUB H.iALMAR A. AnoxsoN, ' 27 President Robert T. Holden, ' 28 Vice-President George S. Talcott, ' 28 Secretary Lemtel J. Peet, ' 28 Treasurer OUTING CLUB Floyd A. Sears, ' 27 President Lawrence G. Cowles, ' 29 J ' ice-President C ' EORGE Saixders, ' 28 Secretary Richard K. Bragg, ' 29 Chairman of Executive Committee DEUTSCHER verein J. Lawrence Kimball, ' 27 President Agatha E. Jasspox , ' 27 Secretary-Treasurer press club Stuart R. Bryan, " 27 President Herbert D. Crandall, ' 28 , JtLiAN O. Phelps, ' 28 I Xexcs Editors E rl C. SriTOR, ' 28 J 302 . ' 503 I: Ctipt. Lamniiins. Seri t. Conner. Scrnf. llcrkert Col. Holihii. Mtij. Stcinh ' i. Caiit. Rattan. Lieut. Frederick MILITARY SCIENCE AND TACTICS OFFICERS WITH THE FACULTY Colonel George J. Holden, U. S. A., Retired. B. S., 2 Professor of Miliiarii Science and Tnetic.i and t ' omniandant of Cadets Major Ouamel H. Stanley, Medical Corps. U. S. A., M. C.. M. I). (D. O. L.) Assistant Professor of Militiirii Scirnre and Tarfirs Captain Frank B. Eammons, Infantry, U. S. A. ( L). O. L.) Assistant Professor of Militari Seieiirr and Tactics Captain William Y. Rattan, Infantry, U. S. A. (D. O. I,.) Assisl(nit I ' rofessor of .Militani Scienc and Tactics First Lieutenant John D. Frederick, Infantry. V . S. A. (D. O. L.) Assistant Professor of ililifarii Science and Tactics Staff Sergeant Raymond T. Conner, L ' . S. A. (D. E. M. L.) Instructor of Militari Science and Tactics Sergeant Oscar G. Beckert, U. S. A. (D. E. M. L.) Instructor of Military Science and Tactics tiOi iHi lioi ci ' . Lorkxcond. Tiilrott. I ' armlii, Mtmilie, Arnnson Capt. Ldinmnnn, Hill, .-Iz ' irlll. Hlnrknll. .S ' m i.voii. Col. Jloldcn SCABBARD AND BLADE (TVS Os SEMOli Mil ri ' Ain ' HONOKAliV S()( II IV Estahlislicd 1 !)■_ ' •_ ' lill II Alfred Aronson I.awri ' iK-f Herman Averill Charles Henry Blackall Kdinund Levi Boyce Arthur Hoss Hill I George Stewart Taleott ' illi,ini Murray Loekwciod Ellis Julius Moodie Ovid Frank Parody Herhert Carpenter Sherwin Carl Ciilhert Simjjson 305 Cy4Z)£r OFFICERS (r y %J) I.awi-fiui H. Averill Cliarlrs H. Bl.u ' kall John J. Candon Artluir H. Hill Frank S. Lanou Hjalniar A. Aronson Donald M. Bashaw Edmund I.. Boyce Ross L. Clark Major ' illiani M. I.oc-kwood Captains David C. London Ellis J. Moodie First Lieitexants Ovide F. Parody Lloyd A. Reynolds Second Lieutenants Bingham J. Humphrey Fritz R. letzger Edward D. Marshall Osborne B. Nve Emory C. L wer Carl G. Simpson Bradley D. Smith Floyd E. Somerville George S. Talcott J. Benham Phelps Ralph E. Reed George H. Sloan Haven E. Sontliworth ' I I Auuitioxal Officers Attached to Company D Second Lieut. Osborne B. Nye Second Lieut. Edward D. Marshall Second Lieut. J. Benham Phelps Second Lieut. Ralph E. Reed Second Lieut. George H. Sloan Second Lieut. Haven E. Southwortli Second Lieut. Hjalraar A. Aronson Second Lieut. Donald L Bashaw Second Lieut. Edmund L. Boyce Second Lieut. Ross L. Clark Second Lieut. Bingham J. Humphrey Second Lieut. Fritz R. Metzger 306 R. (). T. C. BAND Ol-l ILEUS Joseph F. Leciinvu Dirt-ctor WiM.iAM B. Clapp Isxistaiit Dinctur H(i iKH n. Ali.hki: ix.ii.itaiit Direclor J.MiN K. 1 ' avia Dniw Majoro Pehsoxxei, CoriK-ts Flut, ' .s iltos Saxophones C. M. Adams S. Ci. Ilaiisdii -M. L. Cross R. I. Buckley R. H. Allhee H. H. Curtiss B. I-. Clark R. S. Dcrbv Clarinets K. A. R. G. Dt-shaw J. A. Mavnard W. B. Clapii T. R. Donnt-Uy E. I.. Rowf (.. W. Ccill.y Ohoe J. E. Emmons R. W. Sc-lioi)iK- K. W. Davis M. H. Jenks A. Solomon I. 1). Stanhope V. B. Mavnard C. C. Stafford ,1. M. Moore Clarions L. S. Turner Trombones I., li. Peek A. W. Clain L. C. Whitman K. J. Bcvor A. J. Perotta C. W. Cowan R. H. Blodgctt !■ " . V. Rieh C N. Deliose Drums L. E. Judd L. E. Samson J. A. Elliott H. P. Dow A. y. Kinsr C. H. Overly P. B. Hojison P. W. Kinnev liasses N. I- Pajic • ' . M. Kendriek K. M. Averill .1. (i. Pek.ila F. A. MeBride Baritones C. S. Paine D. Tatleman C. E. Reynolds C. E. Harwood C. II. lianmi (). T. Wood . F. A. Sears I. L. Hoxie 307 Bistmii. Morse. Emmotn ' . n ' ririlwell. Whit iiinii. Jyirtcn iirr Donaldson. Gray. Martin, Jlill. Ri i nold.---. Ilrnci ' . Ilrou-n. ]VriulU RIFLE TEAM LETTER .MKX Edward C. Ball. ' 30 Donald Donaldson, ' 30 Clifford L. Morse. ' 30 August J. Bisson. ' 27. Mgr. Arthur R. Hill. ' 27 Lloyd A. Reynolds. ' 27. capt. Clayton E. Brown, ' 28 " Robert E. McGee. ' 30 Lawrence C. Whitman. ' 27 MATCHES n. Opp. Connecticut Agricultural College 3377 3365 Culver Military Academy . . . ' . 3588 3716 Miehisan State College 3.588 3572 Johns ' Hopkins . . . ' . 1361 1388 Emory University 3567 3520 Rhode Island State 3567 3739 Navy 1386 1102 Maryland 1391 1 112 North Dakota 3685 3628 Pfcnnsvhania State College 3685 3807 University of Pittsburgh? 1 138 1 128 Tennessee 3733 38 18 " West Mar land 3733 3777 C. C. N. Y 1 133 1 122 Syracuse 11-53 1117 Dartmouth 1212 1358 U] 308 M III ;.jl 309 m Ip! ; ' l! Li ' iii . Mcyalli . R(fn(l. Mitrfini. }jj.- uii, Hndni .llliii. lliiiisihiihlcr. Sli ' bfin)i(ir;) ' )i. C ' ratiihiU. Trii hir. (t lyn ' c. :. I ' ltti Ell . Smith, Drerc, Stafford, Bnlftwin, MrLauyhliii :!10 LAMBDA IOTA I.OCAI. [] !■■ iiii-(l is:«) ! t Kiirl C. Mc.M.ilH.n. M.. ' 32 Klilui n. Tnft, ' 71 Lewis M. Shaw. " 71 Ernest A. Hnidie, ' 80 Daniel I.. C ' ailv, ' 86 Frank II. rranilall. ' Sfi .Fames II. Mi(l(lIei)r(K l , ' 87 Herl.eit II Melntosli. " mi l-KAI ' Hi;.S IN I ' AC ri.iwi K Lvman S. Howell, ' 5 I«; lwaril I.. Tracy, ' 26 Fli. lliK.S l IK UK Krnest J. Spaiililini;, " !»- ' William H. EngleshV, " !)+ Walter (). I.anc, ' 95 .Tames C). Walker, ' 02 Roy I. Ueynolds, ' 10 Hnm|)lirey A. Styles, ' 14 Paul (liamberlin. ' 13 I. Munn I5oarrlman, " 23 Dion (). Beekwith, ' 33 Ui)l)ert Miller, " 36 .lolm Boardman, M., " 37 H. Hanson ■i ' witcliell, M., " 39 Frank F.dward Corinia, M., ' 30 Cli.irles r,. Staft ' ord, .M., " . ' {0 Kn ' F.arle DwiL ' lit Drew FliATUKS IN I NI F,HSri A I K .Skmors Bradlev David Smith Clifton Coolev Stafford I! ' ■1, .Irs ioK.s John Hieliardsoii .Mien Fredcriek Winthroji (leorire Edward Baldwin. .Ir. Georire (Iraves. .1 r. Ilerhert Daniel Crandall Garrison Householder Don. ' dd (i. ' ites Mel .. ' lUirhiin I ' .iul l.orinjr I ' elty Hohert J()se])h Siehenmorjren Mahlon Vineent Taylor, ,Tr. ( " harles Martin T anjr Sol ' llO.MnHES Thomas Harlow Morton Georpe Sediiewiek H.ind Frkshmkn ' Joseph Withington Eaton Gregory .Ionian F.dson .I.ames Frank .MeN.illv .311 } Beer, Lang, Carey, Billhuis, Staubope. Marc, Bullock. Capron Vatsoll, Lyman, Kyle, Hop.inn. IfnhiWK Hall. B. Morse. C. Morse Holden. Conrcay, Jimcs, W. Morse. Marlhi. .l.ihcrnff. Sfejihens i; l| m 312 ALPHA OF VHRMOST OF SIGMA PHI VvumUd at I ' liimi Collejic 1837 ' -i ■i John 1!. V1 •.(• ■ I. r. KUA TUl ' .S IN lAC ri.l A IK I viiiaii Allen. " !I:J Ccorfrc .1. I loUli-n, " Dll 1-|{ IHF.S IN IliHK ■!; HaiiilltDii S. I ' tik. " T.I Walter 15. C.atrs, ! Henry I,. Ward. ' «. ' fliarles 1.. Wciodhurv, Krank M. Wells, ' m ' Henry H. .Shaw, " Wi . rthiir E. Hohrcr, " OO Charles K. lUaek. ■|l(i Hoval K. Bintrham, " 09 Heiirv I). Hendee, " 09 ' 88 Arthur W. Dow. " 10 .lohn W. (loss. MO David W. Hiiwe, " 11 Wllli.iiii .1. Hiiini)lire . ' 1 1- I.duls K. Dim, " l.j I ' riian . . Wi)()dhurv. " Ui Willis K. Buek, Mil Paul D. Clark. ■- ' ( Claire ( " .. Cavward, M.. " - ' it Carl A. Ottl.-v. M.. •311 Marden C. I ' latt. M., ' M) FliA TKKS IN ININKH.snATE Fhivd Merle .lan-.cs Si: MORS Stoddard Haiinnnnd Martin Willard .Faekson Mnrse Alan Kmerstm . shcraft John Thomas Conway JrxioRS Kohert Thaver Holdon KcllopfT Warriner Kyle Kenneth Kuhley Ste])heii.s Wo Klhull Stanton Hall Stanlev .Mhert Holme.s SolMIOMORKS I ' aul Bntterworth Hopson Corhin Conwav I.vinan Burton Roosevelt Morse Cieorsre Marens Watson. Jr. I ' IIISMMKX Francis Edward Beer Charles Williams Capron Robert PenfieUl Billings Robert MeGill Carey Benjamin Lewis Bullock, Jr. Wendell William Lang Charles Herbert Mace, .Tr. Clitl ' ord l.eota Morse Ivan.Dui ' ne .Stanhope 313 M Jl. .1;. (I, , ( .. -. I ' l III . Iioic, J ' i:(uh, Minuidii. i ' lj-iCcll. A. Aronson, C. Macomhcr, A. Martin. II. Greene. Gustafsnn Citrr, Pfilnicr. Ji. Martin. P. Greene. Price, Prentice, Scrilmer, Baldwin, James Mitchell. Bri aii. Iliiniphreii. II. Aronson, Niie. Marvin, Norris, Leavens Bradish, BucUley, Bostwick, Jcnks, Beckley .. ■311 DELTA PSI I (« AI. l- ' (mii(l (l ISJO . t : -I (ledrsc H. Perkins, ' (i7 FUATRKS IN FACri.lATF. Siimuel E. Hassett, ' 98 llcnrv F. Perkins, ' 98 I ' .nil K. Kivndi. " . ' 0 KoluTt Uciherts. " liSI C ' li.uiniey W. I!ri «ni ' ll, Merton K. Sliedd, " S:; .1. I.imllev II:ill. ' HO Edwjird S. Isli.iin, ■S9 Max 1.. Piiwell. " Mt .lames H. Maeiiinl)er, Wallace CI. I)erl y, " ill Ezra M. Hurt on, " ' 9- ' Herl)ert D. Hard. " 91 FHATHl ' .S IN rUilK .loliM II. {(illnini, " 9() Elwin I.. In-alN. ■9() Cliauncev .S. Brownell. " 01. Levi P. ' .Sniitli. " (18 Kay V. Collins, ' 09 Havniond I . .Sdulo. " 09 .Ml ' .ert ( ' .. Wliitteniiire. .Jr., " 119 .lolin (). Haxendale, " IJ Charles P. .Sinitli. .1 r., ' V. Everett I. Soiile, " i:! EniersDii W. Sliedd, Harlev A. I.cland, Iliifrli " M. .Seliotield, Harry .M. Plodfrett, Irvinir M. Derhy, Natt 15. Miirbaiik, Hubert T. Platka, . Hradlev Sonic, Hiel..ird u ' . BmHht 11) " JO ' - ' 0 ' 22 ■22 ' 25 2. ' i M., ' 28 M., ' 30 FHATUKS IN rNlVFHSn.VTE Sf.niohs H.jalinar .Mfncl . r(Piis .lanics Clordiin I5al lwiii Porter Claude (iret-ne .lolin MacDoiiald I lavcns Ral]ih Tlionias Davis Hertel William Custatson Georjre Herbert James Arnold Osear .Xronsiin Frank Krni-st Meckley, Jr. R.iymond C. Hostwick John Alonzo IJradish Stn.irt ItoliinsoTi Bryan .lobiison Hiimiihrey .1 IN lOH I awrenee Harland Marvin .l,im ' s Foller Mitehell Steu.irt Olen Norris Sol " 110,MOHES Harlan Eufrene Karr Carl Cobb Maeoniber llicliard Martin Fkksii.mks |{i bert Edward Buckley Harold Parcher Dow Harold Allen Greene .Major B. Jenks Herrick Mower .Macomber Osborne Barr Nve llcjward . nderson I ' rentice Clifton Willi.-im Price Donald Fisk S( riliner I-oren i ' ' re l Tiek P;ilnier Canijibcll .Morjran . lfred Moore Martin Bin ' liam Francis Peach Phili)) .Metcalf Perry Edward Jlenry Powell i! :J1.-) R. Smith. Giui), Luve. Kii((i i:. linikliiinJ. Krojtiitr. b nliiliruok. Miller. C. Ortnn. Thorn. S. Towne. Turner Johnson. Blair, Pouch, N. Tozi ' ne. Lind. ' -dij. Hexces. DeWoIfe, Vail. Stevens. DeRose. Griffith P. Goddard. O. Orton. Clapp. M. Goddard. McLeod. Mower. Lockxcood. Gurneij. Cruniji Jackson. Kniflht. Madden. T ' eshaw. Frost. Ilawleij. Shufcldt. Perkins P.l ■.-.„, -.j-a 31(1 VERMONT ALPHA OF PHI DELTA Til ETA t ' liiiiiclid at Miami I ' nivtrsitv IMH fi ' !| ' t ' i Kilimiiul ( ' . Mower, ' 93 Cic . !•!. ' ■ M. Sal)in, ' 96 Kr ' l K. Jackson, " 97 Cicorp- P. linriij., Ol ' .io Bi-ta, ' 98 I-li A rii|-,S IN F Atri.lATK Charles A. Kern, " 01 William ,1. MeAvny. Pennsylvania Aljilia, " II Forrest W. Kelioe, ' 09 Harold A. Mavforth. " 1.5 David M. Hosworth, ' 18 Klnier W. Pike, M., " 19 ll.-rlM-r-t A. Oiirfee, ' 30 Ceurfie I. Forbes, ' 90 Clark C. Hrijrfis, ' 91 Charles H. Mower. " 9+ Kov I,. Patrick, " 98 Ho ' llis E. Grav, " OS John K. Booth. N. H. Alplia FHATliKS IX rUBK .Jesse H. Sinclair, " 11 Harrv K. Clallup, " 18 Phillips M. I5ell, ex- " I9 I. eon I. Patten, " 19 Lawrence F. Killick. ex- ' 33 J. lin H. Patrick. " - ' 3 .John M. Miles, ex- ' - 3 Kenneth K. Newton, ' H Paul D. Uaine. ex- ' 34 Charles S. Mudfiett. M.. ' 38 A. Truman Wav. M.. " 38 Robert A. Costine. M., ' 30 Frank F. Flair;:, M., " 30 FU AlliKS IN ININKHSI TA IF William Hailey Clapp Frederic Milton Crump Seniors Marvin Wendell Goddard William Murray l.ockwood ■lames Houtwell Mcl.eod Emorv Chittenden Mower Oliver .Small Orton ' T Daniel Charles D.-Wolfe. Jr. Philip . nthony Goddard Kenneth Howland Cuirnev John .Seeley Kstahrook Clarence Batcbelder Foster Eugene William Kna] ii Jl NlOliS Carlisle Tyson Hewes Daniel .Marshall Johnson William Doufrlas Lindsay SoeHO.MnKES Herbert .Julius Kropper Carlet m Hond Orton Leslie Oswald Pouch Milford Knowles Smith Charles Hiram Stevens Nebemiah .Mvarado Towne .John Hich Vail Edwin Charles Thorn I loyd .Shattuck Tunier (ierald Barton . ' an Name ■A. Charles Francis ISIair Herbert Kennin ton Borkland Charles Natb.iii Deltose Hoy Ciilbert Desliaw Oakley Taylor Frost Nelson Bond Gray Kollin Galusha Hawley Horatio Nelson Jackson Philip Hill Kni-bt James William Madden. . (jlen JIarlie I ' erkins Frederick Johonnot Reed Jr. 317 !Qr Siillnit ' O! . ( iirraii. Kahhiiis. Lnckxcood Winchenbach, McLaiii hlin. Finhc. (Irlffith, Grey, Morse Coijiif, Morton, Denning. Aroiisun. Daniels, Donnelly, Boyce y U n %m 318 VERMONT BETA ZETA OF ALPHA TAU OMEGA t: !H Fouiulfd ;it the Mrj:iiii;i Military Institute 1865 ■i FH ATHKS IN FACULTATF. ArUiiir D. Butterfield, Gamma Sifrma. ' !•:! FrciliTick ' rupiur, I?fta Xi, Johns IIci|ikins, ' 93 KUiridp- ( ' . .I.K-i)lis, M. I. T., " !)« Charles F. Whitney, ' 97 Cuy W. Hailey, ' 00 Janus K. Donahue, ' 02 Hovev ,I ir(lan, ' 13 CIvde W. Horton, ' 19 iKI! FH Al ' HKS IN I HI!F. Iti| Edward N. N.irtlirop, ' 92 Cliarles H. Ilajiar. ' 96 Ilcnrv H. Hapir, ' 97 Oiirrill C. Simonds, ' 03 Klniir E. Cove, ' 0+ (Miv M. Pape, ' 07 Stanlev F. Wliite, ' 07 Georjie K. Stiincts, ex- ' 08 Kalpli E. Tliaycr, ' 16 Robert A. Spear, Gamma Delta, F.duard T. Wood, ' 17 Georfre ( " . Stanlev, ' 18 H. Dean Pearl, " l Harrv I.. White, ' 26 Lewis D. Foote, M.. ' 28 17 Mauriee H. Hellerose. M., ' 29 John I.. Berry, M., ' 2 Walter S. Denning, M., ' 29 Arthur A. Covne, M., ' 30 Hartholomew F. Garritv. ' 23 Philip I?. Daniels, M., ' 30 Charl.- K. Wortlieii. ' 21 J. H. HiirleiL ' h, Beta Upsilon FUAl ' KES IN LNINEH.snATK n Holand Sifrurd Aronson Skxiohs Ediiinnd Levi Bovce .lohn Uandoljili Morton N John Joseph Curran Seott Kenvon Grav, Jr. JrvioRS Francis Anthony Mclaujihlin Hex Walter Morse James Patriek Mahoney John Earl Donnelly Edwin Gould Fiske Soi ' iioMoRirs Wavne Gritfith Fred Eujrene Rohbins Ralph Himes I ockwi.od Frank Lorenzo Sulloway 319 ! RiHirh. I h,:,ll,;rk. lh,nr)l. Itn.iirs. FJinl. Ml.-:,,,, fltlfir. V,„..I. hnn.jlus. M, !,.■ . (I. ,lll Ollu. iSnilth. JJavixiin. I ' lm-icurth. Riililiiii.i. L. Lntry. AheJI. Wilsvn. Mtl-tiir Tai ldf. Effan. Kimball. Blarkrill. Rorkxcrl! . f. Lenrtj. C ' nndun, Lanov Biril. Bi) elou Stearns. A. fWiKidtcanl. F. ' iiiul-,ciir(l. Cren.ter. Ailiimx 320 ALPHA LAMBDA OF KAPPA SIGMA Foiimli-il at tlio rniviT-.ity of Viririnia 18(i9 i Cliarlcs Ilftin lilackall .hilin .Idsi-jiIi Camion ■riuii(li)rc Matthew V.jian Sahin Clark Ahpll Lewis Gaston I.eary, .Jr. I ' KAl ' HKS IN INIXKUSI r AlK Sf;N ' inRS .Iiihn l.awrenec Kiinliall p ' Samuel l.anon. Jr. JlXIOKS I- " ritz Hudoliili Metzirer Merton Covey l{ol)l)ins. Jr. JiiliM Archer Smith George Knight I.eary Donald Mason Koekwell . rthur .Stewart Taylor . rthur Charles Unsworth Harrv Maekav Wilson John Fisher Cliadwiek . lliert Marian Church . lliert Iteginald Davison Clarence Josijih Douglas Harry GeorL ' e . danis Edson I ' aine Higelow Frederick Stanford Bird .Sophomores F.dwin Matthew Goyette Norman Hodgdon Miles Hans Nilsen Francis .lohn O ' Neill Fiu;sii.Mi:x John Alden Kliot Lester Warner Meehan James Chadhourne Puffer Franklin Handoljih Otto Lawrence Kdward Hoark Watson Frank Rogers Nelson Cliesti ' r Wood Arthur Dnane .Stearns. Jr. Addison Ely Woodward Frederick Howland Woodward itii ■J I Joseph L. Hills. Gamma Delta, " 81 FH ATHKS IN F.VCn.lW IE Ernest 11. Buttles, ' Ol Bennett C. Douglass, ' OH I.cii. ' hlaml F. I ' arker, " JO Louis 1 ' , liastiuL ' s. ■- ' ;$ Walford T. Rees, ' ii i( l iSi Theodore E. Hopkins, ' !). Joseiih H. Kichler. " rtli Warren R. . ustin, " -M George E. I ' artridgc, •(): Clarence R. White, 11 I.vnian C. Hunt, ' l- ' Wesley T. Ahell, ' Hi .lohn H. Sanford, " 17 FRATKES IN IRBE Ilenrv T Wav, T7 Stanh-v M. Provost, " 18 Willar ' d ( . Anus, " 19 Arllmr II. Bueklev, ' 22 liicli.ird II. Holdst ' oek. ' 22 Ocr-c ' . Kidder, ' 22 . rthur ' . .Stevens, ' 22 Chester M. Way, ' 22 HI Francis G. McDonnell, ex- ' 23 Frederic . . Prisley, ' 2:5 Warren R. Austin, Jr., ' 2i Horace P. Marvin, M., ' 26 George Arthur Mason, ' 2() E. Treen Hare. M., " - ' 8 Herhert . . I?artholoniew, Jr., M.. ' 29 : ' ,2l illi! 1 1 Jvirill. O ' Ki ' ife. Aik(ii. IliiJniid. ' Ac Maiiiiiii. Iiiliiiid. ) ' i}iiii( IHrrharil. Millir. Doaiie. lUnhii ' . Talmtt. U ' hilromb. .IJIhce. Cniixii. ' iU Hovicn. McCrirron. Parocli). P ' Jvtrill. Mrdiiileii. Mcdoiif hnii. Paul Corcoran, Siroh. Eiiimoits. Slariii. llrnii. Ktrxiii if. B 322 BETA SIGMA OF SIGMA NU Kdiiiulfil :it the N ' iri ' iiiia Militarv Iiistitiiti; ISli!) ■ N it l iMl vi iiHi WclliiiL ' ti.M K. Aikni, " 01 II;l! C. Hfiid, Beta Xi Kloyd J. Arkley. •- ' - ' I. )rt•nz( W. Iliiwe, ' 22 I ' H Allil ' .S IN F AC n.l ' A IK ll.inild I. Williams, ' 2 l), t T I) HiiUri-ficUi, ' . ' (i Khin li. I .ilty. Delta Psi, ' - ' 3 FUATHKS IX fliHK Artliiir J. Harry, " - ' 3 Kliiier A. Warner, Delta (.aiiihcla, ■- ' :! Jesse E. .Siiiulerlaiul, ' - ' !• Will)iir M. .Iiidd. M.. ' 27 Kali.h A. Geteliell, Delta Nil, M., ' 38 Lester Ernest Judd, M., ' 30 FHATUKS IN I NI i:iiSn ' A IK I.awrenee Herman Averill James Ilamiiioiid Davies William ilenrv MeCarron Sknkihs .John Franeis MeCIauirlian Francis William .MeGinlev iFrxions liofrer Iliililiard Allhee KImer Wesley Dodjie William N ' lirman t ' ofrNWell Hicliard Milton Ireland I ' aid Soide Doane (Jlemi Aiken Holiert Mahlon Averill Artluir Kamat ' e Bircliard ! ' H Sol ' iro.MHHKS ,Iolm I ' liiiip 1 1 land Uiidolph Hevoiti .Mainiiii Francis Franklin O ' Keefe Frksh.miin Edward Dorsey Marsliall Ovid Frank I ' arcidy A r ' eltiitaid ' I ' liomsnn Post John Arkley Miller (ieorfre Stewart ' I ' aleott Hohert Morton Wliiteoml) Donald Allen I ' anI John Hohert I ' ike Ueuel Edward Younjr 1 ) Henry Thomas Bray I.vman Morse Corcoran James Elmer Emmons Walter Kohert Kersey Earl Paul Uobinson Alfred Georjie Sirois William Joseph Slavin, Jr. ' Ij I ; ;j2;i m ii S. Martinefti, Irons, Ostcrhus, E. Ho-mi ' . Williiniisiiii. Triicij. Biiiul. Poole. Price .SV .io-wfH. Moxex, AfUiins. Srhoppe, Collins. .S ifnc. Ilomlu ' in. Reiigun. Hrnun-cCaii. .Itihn.i Sanders. Clark. Pierce, Greene, .Iplin. Mooilie. Simpson. Rowe. Currier .1 nilirosini. .Irnolrl. CInin. Crrncford. M inninii. ( ' (nc ' an. O. ' Mnrtinelti hi NU GAMMA Oh Fill MU DELTA F.juiuk-a liUS m ' U I.otiT M. I ' liiuUc, ' l.i Viillir H. " I.j II. All... 11 H.iilcy. Ml .Irs i- I ' ' .. S(juirfN, ' -I1 KiclunI I). Ajiliii. " - ' i FH AIHKS I FACUI.TATR I.luyd A. Wo.idv.iird. " 18 Kiip:il(l B.iinfdnl, Nu Alpha, ' - ' 1. Kdwaril lidliinscin Kvjin ' I ' lioiiins 1 5 I ' KA ilil ' .S IX TUBE liipsMhi ' II. Hissdii, M.. ' . ' t I. iiin-1 K. .Saiii.Min, M., " -!■ Donald C. .Moriartv, M., ' - ' !) KoIktI r. Nellie, M.. ' S(l Kolfc S. Huss.-ll, M.. ■;«) Fli vTHKS TX rXIVKHSriWI ' K llowaid I ' lKiina- . |)lin Kdss l.yle Clark Nathan Daiichv t ' rawfiird McCiiiiiiU . dains Ilari.ld CaiiiiihcU Collin- .lack Xclson Cnrrirr (ifiirjrc Vaiiirhn (ioddwin Cieorpc ISond ( " iirnclius Wood Irons .SitL ' frifd Max Marlint ' tti Honald William Moses Foscolo Mario Ambrosini Refiinald IFi " ]i(T . rnold lla (n ' ernon Greene F ' .llis .Iiilius Moodie ,1 TNlOltS Donald Arthur Hemenway Fayette Monroe Huhhell Lemuel .I.imes Peet .Soi ' llO.MilHKS Francis Olaf Osterhu.s (leorjie Howard Poole Kenneth l.eon Price FlIKSllMKX An us Willard (lain ' I ' l-eron (lav Ciaut ' ord Mark Cuy Pierce Xewell lican Kowe Carl (Jilhert Simjison Walter Farley Keafran Kolle Weston Scho[)i)e Harry Clark Schnrman . rthur Wvnian Shaw F.dward ' oIn Howe, Jr. I cighton . lhert Sanders Hohert Morton Tracy Harold Georjrc Williamson Philip Kmerson Manninjr Odino . rio Martinetti ih n .J 2 5 AnfeU, Alpert, Porennau. (jhtsufonf. W( rncr. Gold wan Faber, Alfred. Lrviii. I. ' ni hni, Tt hfnnin ZTlb 32G A 1 7 ' I () i.u rsiLo.x nil l ' ..llllllr(l ll ( ..linillii.i llliM-r-il 1 ' " ' " M;, I. Il.lll-MM. r ' . ' . ' 1 U I IM l 1 IJI ' .I ' . M.ix M. 1 link. N-- ' - ' .s,iiiiiirl li, SiiL ' .r. ■- ' - ' .(,„, , ll! iiti i I M I i;-n I I .1 .. ;.- D.nid ( li.n-irv I. .11 II. in. Ill M . r I . ■■in l( .l.,-il l|..rl M.r.ihMiM 1-al.iT .I.H-k Harris ( ;,t,.ll.■ l)alli.■l lalilniaii I I N J..U.- rlliiir S.linclli T Mi.rri C.lcliiiin Al.raliaMi l)a iil I ' .niTliMTl .lai-k Ii..v.-Illlial SalTilliI M..rt.iii Wat.TMlall .rnoM ' ' HI - la ».ll .l..-.-|.li Ant. -11 Iriiiil ' S.inir l)ui-hl .lll (•pll U.rii-lriii l!i-njaliiiii .l..v,|.li [■■.liiw ilrh Kduaril Natliaiii.-I ( m.ii I-...I1 .lai-k l-iar I ixiii Mas 1 rvilM- l- ' ranU Ma .-l S - iii..iir Niai- N ' allianvi.n liar.. 1(1 Urail S. lurM in an I ' lll »ll Ml (n-iirv ' r Kin l|..llallil ■vr, W ' riilhl. Damiiii. I ' l rrson. Il,r-iii. Pinion. Wendt W ' oiiil. I ' lrry, Montiujue, Xoursf. Sjoslrom, Roy, Pingree ?lcGee, Seani. OoiiUI. Sloan. Ldiclor. Truax Foifter. Jai]t: ' . Lnrhini. Stnttrt, Piche m 028 ZETA CHI I (K AI. I ' iiiiiuIkI Kt- ' O I ' H AlKli IN IA( ri.l AIK lldu.ird (i. .Milliiiutdii FUATKES IN llilSE Erwin T. F nvery, •J4- Kr.ilil F. Fdstcr, M., ' JT Fr. (Iciick M. Baiinon, M., ' 38 .Tiistin W. MilU. e - ' 2 IVrcv Mct ' iit-n, e --2 I ' . DiiiMiiiire, ex- ' i8 G.irildM W ' Mltir Sniitliall, ' . ' (i .lolm " P. McDonoufrli, e -2 D.iltiiii C. O ' Hrii-ii. M., ' . ' !) Kiitli Frank Triiax, ex- ' ;37 Fl! ATKKS IN INIXKHSII AIK George Al] lu)nsus Gould Joseph A. McGec Harry N ' icliols Montapvie Harold Gardner Xourse Hernard Mirliael I.awlor Floyd Henry Sears .ICMOKS Gcorpe Hichardson Perry Albert David Pinpree SolMIOMIIHES Gcorire Howard Sloan F;d varil .Icisi-pli Koy Axel (Irfiind Sjnstruin ()r illf •i ' t]n t:ll WoikI William Francis Stuart Daniel F.dnnind Damon. Jr. I. vie P rank Peterson Herbert Allen Hazen Austin William Plielon, .fr. John William Wendt . ntlion ' Armando I ueiaiii Aniiand Arthur Pielie I.vh W ' ellu Wriirht Fheshmen James Chandler Foster Russell Clifton Gafje Philip Scoter I{oli!)ins :3l ' 9 Jifi iiiihls. llnricoot], Wlhon, I ' iaiL. . , MnrLtnt. Ilminn. llnnitpson. Toppiiu (foiiht. LiirchitKi. E. ilacKaii. Dai ' i.f, Chadlxmnii ' . liaihtc. Cdntle. D. Merrill. Stiifiir J. O. Phelps. R. Moore. ' Hill. ISIodf ell. Soullncorih. DImic!.-. .1. B. Phelpf, Valrnii Stezcart, Colhij, Brill. Burr. Chii toit, .J. Moore. J. Merrill !Ni m 330 SIGMA ALPHA CHI I.OCAI, Koiiiideil 1922 ' til GcorL ' f F. 7-:ckli;ir(l Mi A TU KS IN FACUI rATR Artliur n. Mxrick Nclsdii I.. Walbridp ' , ' - ' !■ ChiirU-s F,. Case, ' - ' 3 Alhffl C. .Tankc, ' - 3 Fn AinKs IX vnnv. Iknianl C. l.i-.Micux, U5 J. C.raliaiu Biuoc, M.. ' 3K Auxilicn C. .1. (iervais, M., ' 27 Wiiistun A. V. Sarirent, M., " 30 Fl! 1HI-S IN rNIVFliSriArK HalHh Hamilton Blii ' lsrctt Hdvvard Albro Diiiiick Skniors Arthur Koss Hill Kolicrt Farrow Moore JlXIOKS Clarence Francis Castle Maurice Irwin Goultl William Conrad Cliadhounie Kvo Alcsander I.uccliina Cieorjre Tli(ini] son Davis Kdward Kusscll Mackay Delhert .lolm Merril .lolin lieiiliani Plielps Haven I ' .dmund Soutliwortli .luli.iTi Orville Phelps Karl Carlyle Suitor Aliel Acaeio " alenti licniamin l ' ' rankiin Clark Lyle Adelliert t ' ollins Kdward Charles Hall Warren Holden Burr Lawrence Osro Clayton Soi ' ii():moui:s Warren Albert Dodtre Charles Khner Harwood All)ert (ieor):e Mackay FlIKSIIMKX CieorL ' e Woodman Colby Arthur Krnest Merrill .lobn Millvn Moore Cedrie Fricson Keynolds, Jr. Howard Morse Thompson Carl Henry Kannn Kobert Stewart Clarence I.ce Topping 331 IM! Cnlritiiiii. tiriklttf i. . n-i rhi. tiarit r. J ' hiii. ' " n . M iir( t ilihn Skiff. Foffg. Kilhii. Shriw. liartK.i. lioij. ilcdior. Iliixie Wheeler. Gile, Hiirhaiik. RnJiinsiin. Killorati. Ilrmcti Beane. .Teffre; . Kiuiiiii. I iiiiick. Chdmlnrhiiii. Kiiiiiei k iV i- ] M 38 i SIGMA DELTA I.OCAI. FouikIkI 1 );23 Frank 15. Laiiimnns FUATKKS IN FAC LI. 1 A IK l.Duis B, Puffer KltATKKS IX [ IfBF. Frt ' dcrick II. I.awri ' iicc, ' io ( ' liff ' drd I.. SiinoiuU FHAl ' HKS IN rXINKliS! T TR Orcii .Miijali Hiirhank Skniors Tdscjili Maker Killoraii M;iiirice Jtiliii HDliert ion .riNious Harold F.dward Barnes Harold Hill Foj:;: Clayton F.iitrene Brown Haljth Bartlett ( " lile Ilenrv I.. (1. Burnett. .Ir. Irwin lee I losie Wendell Faddleford Hov Gilliert Blair Sliaw Philip Pood Wheeler Harold F.dward Barter Peter Vasilios Brikiatis I.evio Calea nl SoI ' lloMIIRKS Shirley Stanton Kilhv Charles Haves Overlv Kenneth Ilutrh .Mac (iil)l on I.;iwrence Halj)li P(»hinson John (ieor;ie .Medlar (Hen William Skiff Fhkshmkx Carl Winfield Beane Kenneth Chase Diinick Perlev Horace Chainherlain Hiissell Howard .leffrev Paul William Kinney Aliert Lawrence Knapp .33:i iiM liHI INTERFRATERNITY CONFERENCE Lambda Iota Earle D. Drew M.ililoii ' . Taylor. Secrelarii SuiJiA Pm Stoddard H. :Martin Alan E. Aslicraft Dklta Psi Binuhani .1. Humphrey Lawrence H. Marvin Phi Delta Theta William L Lockwood Neliemiali A. Towne Alpha Tai ' Omega Roland S. Aronson Francis A. McLaughlin Kappa Skima Charles H. Blackall. President Merton C. Robbins SlIiM Xl ' Ovide F. Parody William N. Cogswell Phi !Mr Delta Ellis J. loodie Harold C Collins Zeta Chi Cieorffe H. Sloan George R. Perry SioMA Alpha Chi J. Benham Phelps William C. Chadbourne SitiMA Delta Luirice J. Robertson Harold E. Barnes .334 OT m e n I „ T ' If- .•j:i. " I I L-l 1 y C ' lfsliinif. Jlarhdn r. Jlnncii. Thcnir. J i nniinrs Hiss Stijrmg. iling C ' limmiiKis. Wrlnht. Dean Patlcrstm. Miss lUaiichard A KRAI A CHAPTER OF MORTAR BOARD WOMEN ' S SENIOR HONORARY SOCIETY Honorary MEirsERS Marian Patterson Eleanor Stetson Cununings Members Charlotte Croplev Brown Arline Julia dishing Doris Mary Harbour Mildred I.oretta Jennings Naomi Thorne Lois Berniee Wright 1 1 m 336 r T ( [II . ,„»-.. r„r ,n,H. ISurh;„k. Si,,;n,, r. I!n,,,,. Ilnrh,,,,,-.!. M„nc. ( n.lnn,!. Jc-I VH la lii,. • ' ;.■ ■ ' . Sliirt. (lr,ni. CnmfloU. ThonH ' . Chninnnn. Toirhoul. I ' irker. Jlall l Wrhilil L U ' riiihl lir,i cn. I ,,ni I ' attir on. Marliii, liatttn, Tiller, Woodruff WOMEN ' S STUDENT UNION orricERS Dklla E. Mautin, ' 28 President Ai-MA E. Battkx, ' 28 Vice-President J.ois 15. WnHiiiT. ' 27 Seerrtar, Ai-MA C. Tvi-KH, ' 27 Treasurer Charlotte C. Bhown, ' 27 ( ' ' " ' 7 . " • ' " ■ ' ' Lois B. BrRBANK, ' 27 Social Calendar Chairman Doius A. SpRACiiK, ' 27 ' ' otc " President Council Cliairin.iii. J ' rofiraiii Coiiiinitt.r Class Vice-Presidents Cliairiiian. Social Calerular Dean of Women I,iiil).rs of Mortar Board President. W. A. A. President. V. W. C. A. President. Draniatie Cluh President. . Iasqne and S.-m.ial President. Home Eeonomus Clul President, Verinonters ' Chil. House Presidents Glee Chil) Rei)resentative Cynic Board Itepresentative Vice-President. Newman Clnli t ■■ys7 w AiiVimjir. I ' lilhr. Erkh ;i. Tuft. II ' .v » Holden. liicharchini. liatten, Dtiviaon. Smith Arniiitrdnf;. Ciirritr. llnrhour, Wliiti Y. W. C. A. CABINET (TV INI K ! OFFICERS Doris M. Haruour Pn-si lciit Claire L. Ctrrier J ' ice-Prfsident Elizabeth S. White Secreiary Catherine Arjistrong Treasurer Florence B. Smith Undergraduate Representative Committee Chairmex Eleanor Tatt Finance Eleanor M. Davison Deputations Marion B. Potter Social Service Lois E. Fiske World I ' ellowship Catherine M. Eckley Meetings Margaret C. Wallace Editor. Women ' s Handbook Alma E. Batten Manager, M ' oinen ' s Handbook ' IW! R! lJuv ' i.-ini. rrliiiii. iiift. WdoiI. M. • " . Clevtlriiid, .liihitsmi. Cillidl linmiilii rij. Ijiixvritirr. Conk. Chapman, Perkins, Stoddard MASQUE AND SANDAL WO.MKNS II()N()l{Ai; ' ' DliAMATlC S()( IKTY OKFICKRS Eleanor Alice Ciiai ' max Pres ' uleni F.fxicE Everett Cook I ' ict ' -I ' rcsidcni Mathilde LoiisE L ' ciiiM Secretari Dorothea Elorexce Baker Treasnrcr Mem HERS SfiiiDrx Doi-otlua llorcnci- Baktr Afratlia J-ditli Jasspon Eleanor Alice Chapman Elizal)eth T-iu y .lolmson Eunice Everett Conk Helen Irwin Stoddard Helen Isahcl (iaili .Matiiilde Louise Ucliiin Marion Everett Lawrence Jiiriinrx Murirl i ' r.inees Cleveland Ann.a Keyser I ' erkins ]• ' ,!( anor May I)a ison Eleanor ' I ' att Mariraret Mae Wood S()i)lii)iiii)rr Dorothy Cottrell Dorothy Youiii; Fnwhinnii Annette Roseiilieri; lii !ijl fi . ii ' i 339 II D ivi.i(iii. lilaini ' . Mtirtile. M ' istiii. Battiii. F.ilwiiiiils. Martin. Ez ' ir(xt. Parkir. HukxcII. Ward Tc-icl xlniri . liallard. Stronff, Perkins, ( ' (uiiphill. Snllivfin. Hiirlinnk. Hull. LorkicuDt . Riihi ' rt.i. Monroe Bn1(x. Rutia. Jahntmn, Taft, Jones, .-tvery. Jnsspou. Overli . Price, Gooclicin Milcalf, Huice, Cleveland, Backus, Westover. Kone DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS On ' FA M. Jones President I ii.LiAN J. Avery Vice-President Agatha E. Jasspon Secretari Eleanor Taft Treasurer Members Seniors Lillian J. Avery Ruth E. Fremh Belle G. Randall lola F. Batflev Doris M. Harbour Vina B. Rugg Ruby A. Blaine Olufa M. Jones Edith B. Sfart Doris C. Campbell Harriett L. Metcalf Helen I. Stoddard Arline J. C ushing ' ilette ' . Overly Mathilde L. Uchini Pauline E. Perkins .Juninrs Eloise I. Ballard Dorothy M. Hall Merta E. :Munro Alma E. Batten Delia E. Martin Mildred E. Roberts Eileen F. Goodwin Eleanor Taft Sophotnores Marion W. Backus Marion A. Everest Gladys R. Kone Catherine B. Bassett Charlotte E. Cleveland Thelma E. Price V. Faith Edmunds Elizabeth B. Hager Dorothy H. Strong :3iO in! iMI WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB Prok. H. (j. Uknnett. Director KniTii Start, ' -it Leader Catiikrine Hassktt. V!) Ilii.tim-.i.i Maiiiufer Miriam Lawhknce, " 8 Assistant Hii.iiiu x.i Maniit er Ei.KAXoH Hiukkt. ' ;J!) Assistant liiisiniss Manai er Mahcahkt CoRliix. ' 39 Pianist anrl .Icranipanist Ikkni: Mariotik. ' 30 Irranipanlst Sk.xtkt First Sopranos Seconil Sopranos .lllns Evelvn Howcr, ' il (■(itlierinc Hassctt. " - ' 9 Dilhi Martin, " - ' H Kditii Start, ' . ' 7 Fiin V stover, ' - ' 7 Marion Sarfrcnt, ' iH Memhkhs First Sttprantis Kvclyn Bower Mary Davis llazel I.add N ' ina Ihifr). ' Hazel Hurnap Hutli French I.ucene I.ittlc Kleanor Siiiitli Eli .ahetli Hutler Eileen (loodwin Marion Miller Edith Start Thclina Cilley Elizaheth .lohnson Clarissa Peters Helen Stevens Mar;raret Cnlliiian Marion KiiiL ' .loyee Hiehardson I ' lierisa Walsh I. (lis Wrifflit Second Sopratnts Lillian Avery Dorothy Cottrcll Marion I awrenee Hulh SlroML ' Catherine Bassett Eleanor Davison Miriam Lawrence Doris Terrv " Hnhy Blaine ' ivian Dodtre In-ne Marci tte Marfraret Wallace X ' clina Cochran Frances Ila .en Lillian ALirsh F( ni Westover ALirparet Corhin Miriam Idlcman Mildred Mrleod I ' lorcnce Whitcomb First Altos Lois Burbank Jeanne Lawrence Bena Sawyer Helen Spanlding Katharine Eekley Constance Palmer Helen Sears -Marion Titft Barbara Pease Edna Shaw Second Altos rarion Baldwin Elizaheth Howe (lladys Kone .ALirion Sargent Katherine Ciritiith Eleanor Hubert liiith Lovell Myrtle Start Carolvn Hvde Delia Martin . ' ill rii Sliiiiiici-. Piikiiis. CamiihcU. Ficiirh. Baxsilt. ilanjiv. Avtrii Ballard. Freeman. Coiirfiiei . Strarvs. Cotlrell, BUkh. Haijar, ] otile Bates. Ev ( . Cooke. Barrell. Smith. Durick. Ilohlen Goodrich. Sparffo. Brllemnre. Turner. Fiahman BLUE STOCKINGS LITERARY CLUB OFFICERS Eleanor S. Barrell President Margaret A. Durick J ' ice-President Florence B. Smith Secretnri -Trea.siirer Members iS ' c II io r.v Eleanor S. J5,n-i-LlI Clairi- Curritr Eunice E. Cook Virginia L. Margie Catherine M. Courtney Florence B. Smitli J II III or. s Eloise I. Ballard Anna K. Perkins Irene M. Bates Rachel L. Skinner Laura P. Bliss Mabel E. Stearns Dorothy M. Dearing Helen E. Stevens Vera E. Doyle " Eleanor Taft S( pJifini(ire. Catherine B. Bassett Mary C. Freeman Alice Bellniore Elizabeth B. Hager Margaret B. Corbiu Constaus M. Holden Dorothy Cottrell Dorothy Strong JMargaret A. Durick Mary A. Turner Fre.slimeti Priscilla T. Cainpliell Janice M. Goodrich Edith E. Fishman Mary Spargo 3y2 A l[.j| ■-: IN ;313 Kibbe, Tyler, P ' lngrie. Everest, Clevelnnd. Burke. CoitnJl Ward, Parker, Cushiny, Thome, Mtirttn, ]Vri(ikl, Gri fitli ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION zj - rt ■m W m M OFFICERS Naomi Tiiorne, ' 27 President Della E. Martin, ' 28 J ' ice-Prcnideiit Lois Wright, ' 27 Corresponding ' Secretari M. Elizabeth Burke, ' 28 Recording Secretary Doris M. Griffith, ' 27 Treasnrer Dorothy Cottrell, ' 29 Piibliciti Manager Elizabeth Pingree, ' 28 Outing Club President Anna P. Ward, ' 27 Health Council Chairman Class Representatives Arline J. Cushing Senior Member ] rarion M. Parker Senior Member Muriel F. Cleveland Junior Member Marion A. Everest Sophomore Member Doris Kibbe Freshman Member Bii i ' ttrfU ' iihr, Wt-.-ttin I ' iiHiri ' c. D( ' I ' i.«. Mililiin Martin, U ' ltite, Witlcrs. i hv,l,uiil m BASEBALL, 1926 (rw«i Evelyn ])avis. Captain Dorotliy C ' arpiTitfr Marion C ' livtlarul Di ' lla Martin Elizabeth Mildon Elizabeth Pini;ree, Manager Uuth W ' estin l- ' .lizabeth White Jiianita Witters 345 m Taft. ,1 mtcr.sott, Phit r ' c. Rirhmond White. Biiltcii. Slevcnx. ' rlrvrldiid. Murliii HOCKEY, 1926 Helen Stevens, Captain Evelyn Anderson Alma Batten Muriel Cleveland Eileen Goodwin Delia Martin Elizabeth Pingree Mae Seriiton Eleanor Taft Elizabeth V. ' hite ' A Juanita Witters 346 i ' .r-l ' I I ' - ll.: it:; Mitr.ih. U ' lllcr.t Wenliii, .Indir. ' inii. I ' lngrn ' . liirlniiiiiid T ' ifl. U ' hitr. Siiv),!.-,. fin-il ' iiHl. Miirllii SOCCER, 1926 (rv$ ! ], tlyn Anderson. Ci))t.iin Miiriil ( li I ' l.ind Eileen (iooiluiii Delia Martin I ' .lizalietli Pinarce Clara Richmond Helen .Stevens .lanet ' rwitclull Huth Westin Klizalieth White Jiianita Witters 347 =:?; O T. CmnrlaU. InJI. i lurk. Wcstin Hart, CIn ' cIand. ifnnh. Bates, Woorl VOLLEY BALL, 1926 (rv I.illi;iii Marsli. Manager Irene Bates Margaret Clark Muriel Cleveland Dorothy Crandall Eileen Goodwin Doris Hart Ruth Westin Margaret Wood Ml 318 ' Ml Piiif rie. We.iliii Itiirkc. Burns. Million BASKETBALL, 1926-27 (TW i t- M. Elizaln ' th Biirkc. Manager D.-Ua Martin Klizalntli Million Annette Burns. Captain F.lizalietli Pingree Itutli Westin 349 m MISCELLANEOUS VERMONTERS ' CLUB M. LoRETTA Jennings President MAnJORiE D. Tewksbury J ' ice-P resident Dorothy H. Strong , Secretary-Treasurer HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Winifred Teachoit President Eleanor Lockwood Vice-President ] L R(iARET Coriun Sccrefari Jacqieline Lanou Treasurer OMICRON NU HONORARY HOME ECONOMICS SOCIETY OFFICERS Myrtle M. Start President Marion H. Putnam J ' ice-President Members Florence Bailey Marjorie Luce Aliila H. Fairbanks Bertha M. Terrill I? ' ! 350 XUCi .. s ' Hi Ml 351 ' u Jilhs. Johnsnn. Midtllctoii. Bnssctt. Mlllir. WhUniij. Lmcrcncc. Perkins. Wallace, Strong. Edmunds Hubert. Corbin. Stone. Burns. Skinner. Hall. Cleveland. Hearing. Griffith. Cottrell. Eastman White. Thome. Hu-we. Stoddard. Campbell. Perkins. Chapman. Croft. Ward. Lockxcood, Beecher Woodruff, Noyes, Flint, Edmunds, Freeman. Robelen. Hou.ileii. Hazen iH; i i 352 M ' HI ipjl LAMIiDA ClLiniiR OF KAPPA ALPHA rilETA l- " iiiiii(lc(l Mt I)i r.iinv I ' nivci-sity 1870 SdUDHKS IN F A( ri TAIK liiilh .iMiir Hall, ■- ' 1 KvrlVM Mctcalf. ' - ' .5 :] iH! ■ill Irene Allen Irene Harrett Miiry H.ites Miirv (). liiiynton .Mali ' el Hniw ' nell -Mrv. F. I). Carpenter Mildred C ' liapin .Mrs. I.. W. Dean .Mrs. I. II. Deyett D.irotlu-a liiiker Diiri- ( ' ari)line ( " ain])bell Eleanor . liee C ' liapman I-aiira Philliriek Bliss . nnette Klizalieth Burns Marion Louise Cleveland Dorotlu- Mav Dearing Catharine Brewster Bassett Mar}:aret Burrows Corl)in Dorotliv t ' oltrell Jeanette Russell Beeclier . nne Javne Edmunds I ' hoebe Helen Miller Flint .SOliOKl ' .S IN CUBE Uoris Dodds .Mrs. P. K. Freneh Mrs. U. K. (;ra Mr-. .1. I . Ilali Eliza C. Isliani .Mrs. Otis B. .loliiisoii .Mrs. H. .M. .lohnson Mrs. Ilovev Jordan Mrs. B. . lane .Mrs. Ciuy I.oudon .Sarah Martin .Martha Matthews Mrs. II. A. Mavforlh .Mrs. K. I). .Merrill Mrs. C. E. Noves Mrs. W. R. Putney Mrs. Edsvard Rohiiisun (Iota) Mrs. J. V. ' otev SORORES IN INIVEliSriATK ii;niors Kuth .Marfiaret Croft I ' Mizaheth Dell Howe Pauline Etta Perkins Jl-NIOBS Katharine Stark Griflith Dorothy May Hall Miriam Ellen Lawrence l- ' Ieanor Toliy I.oekwood Anna Keyser Perkins .SoiMio: roKKs Cora Louise Eastman A ' iola Faith F ' .dmuiuK . nnette Forrest .Middleton I ' hksh.mkx Mallei I.oniraker Freemann F ' ranees Mary Ilazen Julia Elizabeth Housiev Helen Irwin .Stoddard N ' aomi Thorne . nna Page Ward Haehel Louise Skinner Charlotte Willson Stone Margaret Cross Wallace Elizal)eth Sophia White Margaret I ' .arle .Miller Dorothy Harriet Strong .Mildred Emma Whitney ' irginia Hopkins Xoyes Fllizaheth (jihson Robelen Harriett Elizabeth WoodruflF 353 m B. ili ' tccdf. Hook. McLeoiL Comntock. Everest. Freeman. Tiieker. l- ' rciiti.i.y U ' itierK. Riehmond. Steren. . Goothc-iii. Tnft. Gale. Doi Ie. Farmaii Tezck.ihiiri). Cook. Griffith. Tiidhoiie. .leini in ; . ' !. Ford. lUijileji. H. Metcalf. Grrii Sear.K. Ilarri.-:, Church. Kiiidi dl. Goodrich. Rounds 35 1 .T.inii ' c Uyiiifrton ;M1 I I ETA CHAPTER OF DELIA DELTA DELTA Founded at Bdston liiivcisity 1888 sold Hi IN FACri.TATK Alicf lilaiu-hard (Alpha Iota) SCHOHI ' .S I IHliH Marv I.oomis Mrs. .lolm Patrick Mii-nic DodiTc (Ali.ha Iota) Marjorio K. I.iicc Mrs. C. 15. Platka (Madvs Flint Mrs. Rcniaiiiin I.ntnian F ' .ilirn Hnsscll Mrs ' Gi-orL ' .- I. I ' orh.-s Helen P. ' Manner : lrs, I,. M. Sin.i s..n Helen G. llendee Rvelvn Orion Mrs. A. ,1. .Stevens Miidred A. Kent (Alpha Iota) Constance Parker Mrs. II. C. Iinkhani Sf)HOHF,.S IN INlXKHSir A IF, .Si; sums lola Florence liafrlev Ciladv- Irene Ford Mildred I cirett,-i .lenninfrs Funiee Everett Cook llarliara lone Cr.iy Harrielte Ionise Metcalf Arline Julia Ciishing Doris Mary CriHith Mariraret I.oiiisc Tudliopc Jrv. ' ORS ' era Kvelyn Doyle Eileen iMeneli Goodwin Marjorie Doiigrlass Tcwkshury Heatrice Klizalieth Farman Clara Kinelyn Richmond Marion I. anil) Tucker F.ditli Lillian (lale Ili-h ' U Finnia Stevens .luanita Witters inj Eleanor Taft IkI SolMlO.MOKES M.iiv (dnistock Marv Catherine Freeman Bertha ll.idley Metcalf M.-.ri.m An. ' cl Everest Genevieve Perlev Hook Helen I ' .lliotI Prentiss Mildred Mcl.eod Flll.SMMtlX Belle Louise Church Iva Mav Harris Laura Carpenter Rounds .lanice Meredith Goodrich Dorothy Madison Kimhall Helen Whitcomb Sears n 355 !- ii M. A. MrLaiitililiii. Giirmij, Idliniiin. A. M rLtiKyhliii. Wlu(llI l|. WaihhU H. if(irli}i. Iliidc. Smith, Knight. W ' ooil. I). Martin. Ilnlxiii. Gnllii ' , Robert. . Snrgent. Backu. ! Fttrr. Turner! Mutch. ClevckiniJ. BiVings. S iarga. Burke. Purinton. Teachout. LoveU. Million Tiller. French. Stetnlei). Parker. L. M ' righf ' . Ranilnll. Start. Sullowag. Broxcn. Kelleg ' llou.tehnUler. J. U ' rifiht. Tiiiilor. (hunts, II . Cultun. Kihiie. Templeton. Puffer Wm ' 3.50 VERMONT BETA OF PI BETA PHI Foiiiulrd at .MiiiMiioutli College 18(i7 SOROUES IX FACULTATE I.auni Parker I ' .niliiie Avers .Mrs. Mariiin Kiilani .Viklev .Mrs. Kloreiiee C. Arms Mrs. Marion Jackson Bell Mrs. Dorothy M. Hoardman Mrs. Jennie Howell Hraillee Bertha Coventry Mrs. Merle B. Crane SOUOHF.S IN " IK BE Fl )reMce I). Dow l.oretta Dvke Charlotte ' llale .Mrs. Florcnee P ' irr Hard Barliara Jane Howe H. iiarhara Iliiiit Mrs. Elizabeth Keese Mrs. Berniee Parker Lane Katherine MeSweeney Margaret A. Patten " Mrs. CJertnide Brodie Ray Mrs. liulli Frost Sinclair Mrs. Il.-liii 15arton Tuttle SOROKKS IX rXIVEIi.sriATE Charlotte Cropley Brown Maltie Watkin- ' Parr Hiilli F. elyn Freneil HeUn Isalu-I (iallie Jo e|)hine Eugenia Halsey El heth . lchii Billings Mary Elizabeth linrke Carolyn Huestis Hyde France-. Cliadlionrne Knight Calista Bertliena Kelley .Vdelaide McI auglilin Marion Miller Parker Belle Gleason Randall Esther Russell .Stanley Jl ' NIOIiS liiith Flizabelb l.ovcll Delia Elizahetli .Martin Marjorie .Mice Purinton .Myrtle .Mary Start Elizalietli Sulloway Winifred Teaehout . lnia Constance Tyler l.ois Berniee Wright Mildred Elizabeth Roberts Marion Evelyn Sargent Janet F.ditli " ■Iwitchell Margari-t Mac Wood Soi ' UO.MOllKS Marion Wright Backus Elspcth Jane .Mutch Charlotte Elizalietb Cleveland Eleanor Frances Smith Miriam .lo.sephine Idlenian Dorothy Mary Colton .Mma Susan Farr Xarcivva Eleanor Cloodsell Dorothv (lurnev Frksh.mkx Beverlv Hcniseholder Doris " Estella Kibbc Helen Martin . nne Mcl.angblin Harriet Kstv Puft ' er Mary Sjiargo Marv . da Turner Dorothv Edith Wheatlev Lois Ellene Taylor Elizabeth Beauclerk Templeton Mary Elizabeth Waddell Julia Fay Wright Durick. Caniiiiiy. MhIi ' hkii. J ' ulter, Tifft, hutJir. Liiiilcr. Haztu. Ilni fn-. BJnrhietf. Boxtwick- F ' iske. Wellcr, More. Simonfls. Batten. Stiirtevniit. Yninn . U ' ililir. MfGlofliii. Men-ift. Scott. Uolden Wihiiii. Ru(iii. E(() ris. Deiiieritt. Coolei . Lnicrenre. Bromlei . Btirrozn-. Johnson. Cleveland, Avery, Kinder Mould. Strone . Hiiutleii. Siuixc. Wrii hl. (hc ' leii. Peters 358 VPS I LOS CHAPTER OF ALPHA XI DELTA Founded at I-oniburd College ISiia SOUOU IN 1 Al Ll.lATE Alid.i 15. Fairbanks SOKDHl ' .S IN rUHK Annis (1. Hiirnev Marv Conway Edith Ilalstead Porter Man- Harry Mary Shorey Fallow Huth Buxton Hose Kuniee liavlies Naoini I.anou lla el Knst (Kta C.ladvs C.leasoM Hrooks Blanche Al.liott Miller Marion Wrifrht op:Ier Constance Canning Martha ONeil Marion Way SOROHES IN INIVEHSITATE Sex ions Lillian .luvcc Averv Elizabeth Cook Chutter Elizalieth I.ucy Johnson Margaret Chiirehiir Barrows Henrietta Hope Cooler Marion Everett Lawrence Priscilla Bowen Bromley I.anra Elizabeth Demeritt Vina Beatrice Kugg Hiith Elizabeth Eayres Jrxions lina Elizabeth Batten Eloise Grace MeC.laflin Beatrice Elizabeth Sturtevant Muriel Frances Cleveland Helen Amanda Meriitt Gloria Isabelle Young Soi ' IlOMOHKS T.vdia Eleanor Blodgett Bertha Agnes Hazen Ruth Perry More Elizabeth Miirdock Canning Constans Marion Holden Marion Belle Potter Margaret Agnes Uurick Tlw Ima Justine Kinder Florence Adah Scott . Elzada Fisk Jaiiiueline Miriam I.anou Earlyan Dorothy Simnnds Elizabeth Blanehard Hager Alma Elizabeth I.inder Dorothy McNally Welter Margaret Elizabeth Mahoney Freshmex Georgia Isabel Bostwick Natalie Williams Owsley Marion Eugenia Tifft Eliz.;ibeth Perrv Butler Clarissa . rlene Peters Eunice Helen Wilder .Marjorie Huntlev Christine Louise Shaw Helen Regis Wilson Cornelia Salome " .Mould Ruth Jane Strong Evelyn Wright IJ.JP il . Biihlwin. B. Jones. Price. Davis, Dodge, Thomri. !. Merrill. Aldiniier. Whitcomh. Morgan. Bninill Fiske, P. Balelwin, Potter, Hags. Holmes, Jndersen. M. Clark. Hart. Bingham. Dimirk Graves, M ' illis. Harbour. Benedict. fVestover.O. Jones. Burbank. Smith. Currier W edell. T aileg Moorbg. King. MrKen:ie. Broxcn. E. Clark. Bosleg. Cnllinan 3()0 ALPHA IOTA CII AFTER ALPHA cm OMEGA Kmiiuled ;il Dcl ' ainv I ' niviTsity 1885 SORORES IX URBE Amy II.iiiiiiiiiiul Martha I.cifrlitcm Doris SicUvcll Marjorie Pcrrin SORORES I CNIVEliSriATE Skxkihs I.ucillc Airncs Benedict Don ' s Afary ilarliour Marion Clarissa Preston I.ois May Hurliank ' e]esta Louise Holmes Florence Heiniett Smith Claire I.ucillc Currier Olufa Merica .lones Fern Electa Westover .Ir.vioHS EmIvii .Mar ' aret Aiulerscn Frances Maria Diniick .liaiuicttc I. aura Mays Faith I ' rindie Baldwin Doris Adella llart Marjrucrite Merrill Margaret .lean Clark Margery Ruth Potter SolMloMDIiF.S I.enore Aldinger Mary Dorothy Davis I.ucy F.lizahclli Morgan Marion Baldwin I.ois Klj .ihetli Fiske Thelma F.vclyn Price l.aur.i Mary Biugliani Huth Klsic Jones Dorothy Miriam Roberts I.ucillc . gMcs BruncUc . lice Ross Miller Edith Ella Thomas Dorothy Euline Moorhy Frksioikx I.ouise Conneway Bosley .Mice Claire Dodge Helen Cornelia Peabody •Joyce Helene Brown Doris ,Judd (Jraves Alice Cornelia Tellier Eriz.ibetb Clark Marion I.ouise King Ruth Althea Wedell Marg.iret Patricia Cullinan Florence . nna McKcnzic Florence Maude Whitcomb Dorolhv .Mildred Dailev I ' .iulinc Chase Willis : i I ! ill!: MM .361 IM! m m Litlh . .S7 i,-».v, I ' nii iir, l;nr.cii. t.rkliii. I ' ri vnyf , Miidijilt. I ' ttrr Dean. Ballord, Dai ' i.-fofi . Sfu rhino. Cht fiti, I. Miller, Leonard M. Miller, Spragne, Start. Sail. ' .. Blaine, V. Cochran, Austin, Barrell Crofton, F. Cochran. Laild, Sargent, Spalding, Trask m 362 !;M SIGMA GAMMA LOCAL ' ii H s In Kvilvn l?iTnice Fiske Fijumlid lll. ' o SOliOKl ' .S IN IRBE D(iris I.illey Hall Miiriiin Aumista Little Cimsucld lU-iitiiKi Northrop ' 1 Doris Evelyn Austin Eleanor SalOnic Barrell SOKORES IN rNIVKHSn All- Senmors Ruby Arlene Blaine Veliiia Annali Coeliran Edith Kriicstinc Sails Doris Anna Si)ra nie Edith Bi.rlow Start r J it] Eloise Irene Ballard Eleanor Mav Davison JlXlOKS Katharine Marion Eekley M. ' rie Klizal-elh Slu-rliino Elizaheth Cerlrude Pinpree Mah.-l Elinor Stearns Louise Foster I ' revost Elizaheth Mary Brown Florence Elizabeth Cochran (iraee E. Crofton I.onise Harvey Farr Hazel Dustin Ladd Sol ' IIO.MOHES Helen I ' rana Dean Fki ' siimex Hiifh Irene Leonard Eli .ilieth M. Miller Marion C;. Miller I.ueene Louise Little Katherine Einina Mudgett Cora M. Sarfrent Helen Smith Spalding Evelyn Wallis Trask 1H| IN I 363 Pierce. Tracy. Dwijer. 8hau allien Maxcolt. (Irtint, .1. Thompson. P. Li ncli. Upton. II. Li iuli. (hilli. ]Vrii ht L. Thompson, Rossi, Donahue. Slillzcell. Mapes, Courtnei . Bower Dotcns, Lawrence, Mnrcotte, DeBnine, Duprat m JZ2Z 3G4 ALPHA THETA OF KAPPA DELTA l- ' ()iincli-(l ;il ' irfrini:i State (iriii,il ISilT SOKOIiKS T IHUF. Fannie L. Pierce Mcitnulc 11. Dennis SOHOHIvS IN " UNIVKHSITAT!-: Sexiors Dorotliy Evelyn Bower Malile I.illian Dona ' nne Lillian Isabelle Stilhvell Katherine Marion Courtney Kditli Winifred Mapes I aura .Inlia Thonipsdn JrxTons Marjraret Irsula Dwyer I ' aiiline Frances I.yneli llier s:i Mary l{ossi Lucy F,va CJalli Theodora Constance Mascott Adi na Alice Thompson Helen Marie Lynch Merta Elizabeth Munro Kathryn Bernice Wripht Soi ' iioMonKS Mae Theliiia Hniek Malile Myrtle Pierce Edna Frieda Tracy Hope Grant Edna Adams Shaw Uuth Beltie Upton FbKSII3IKN Rosena Marion Allei liernice Edith Downs Jeanne Marie Lawri ' Mce Elnia Janelti ' 1) -Brune Doris ' voiine Dii|irat Marii ' Louise Mareotte 365 I] 1 1 m PAN-HELLENIC (T i i Kappa Alpha Theta Eleanor A. Chap man Laura P. Bliss Delta Delta Delta Harriette L. letcalf Eileen F. Goodwin Pi Beta Phi Charlotte C. Brown. Sccrt-tan Elisabeth A. Million Alpha Xi Delta Ruth E. Eayres Alma E. Batten Alpha Chi Omega Doris M. Harliour Evel}!! I. Anderson SlOMA CrAJIMA Ruby A. Blaine, President Eleanor ] I. Davison Kappa Delta Laura J. Thompson Lucv E. Galli 3G(3 Jf e a t u r e g I !fil L 367 308 ff i (jiijatem Oaur e ' 369 rc tfla d - y temion ' u ' ost 370 e Ze eaicn ' mu a ' 371 Gari jJum) t ■Jini iSon ( j u ' - l( J ' l( 373 1:1 _ I ill REPRESENTATIVE VERMONTERS (T VS ' T ' HE Six Seniors whose photographs appear in these pages yvere chosen as representing the best type of ' Vermont student. They have succeeded to a high degree in living a Jvell-bal- anced college life. They have been interested in athletics, they have assumed their full share in the direction of campus activities, and in the meantime they have not negleded their udies. ' But while their time has been Jvell taken up with their ' vork, they have not been too busy to mingle with other students and to " tvin their respedf and friendship. I! I ll 37t - ■ - ■ VT iel : ■c i 375 lliihhn. Lockiciiod. liorkicdl. fnUinn THIRTIETH ANNUAL KAKE WALK Febri-arv 18-19, 1927 DIRECTORS W M I.oc-kwood. ' 27 D. M. Rockwell, ' 27 CC S7«H L. B. S. R. R. J. J. c. H W Averill, -i-, Humphrey, Abell, ' 38 Allbee, ' - 8 Gustafson, CIk ' ■21 •;29 jrman ASSISTANT DIRECTORS H. C. Collins, ' 28 R. T. Holden, ' 28 COMMITTEES LUlhliiKj (). B. Xye, ' 27, Cliainnan .r. H. Morton, ' 21 W. C. Chadburne, " - ' 8 W. N. CofTSwell, ' 2S A. I.. Sulloway, ' 29 Picratle E. ,T. Moodie, ' 7, Chairman E. C. Mower, ' 27 M. 1. Gould, ' ;;!8 Kakc Walk ' mq C. H. Blackall, " , 7, Chairman P. A. Goddard, " . ' 8 F. R. Otto, ' 2% V iiiurinif .1. B. Phelps, ' , ' 7, Chairman F. M. James, ' 21 C. F. Castle, ' 2H D. M. Johnson, ' 28 J. (). Phelps, ' 8 W. D. Safford, ' 2S F. J. O ' Neill, " 09 R. S. Aronson, ' 21, Chairman E. L. Boyce, ' 21 C. G. Simpson, ' 21 K. W. Kvle. ■- S B. H. Morse, ' 29 .tilvirtinhitf S. H. Martin, ' 21, Chairman H. T. Aplin, ' 21 R. E. Lvon, ' 21 H. D. Crandall, ' - ' 8 C. H. Stevens, ' 38 Announcer O. F. Parodv, " - ' 7 4iii 376 t N THE STORY OF THE KAKE WALK Tlu ' biggest event in llir colkgc year, witli ti.e possible exception of rom- nieneement. is Kake Walk. It is being produeed every February the ettorts and ,aerifiees of a lar-e majority of tl.e men of tbe University. I hat it n,ay b- sta-ed sueeessfullv. plans must be started soon after college opens in tl.e iall. ami from that time on the volume of work increases steadily, reaching the eiunax ui the last week I.oni: a-o the faeultv bv sad experience learned that it was usel.-ss to expect anv studving at Kake Walk time, so intense was the concentration required. Announcement of the assistant directors and committees is made by the senior directors before Christmas. In making up the list they take jiains to get the hardest workers to he had. as anv Laving down on the job may be very costly. . nd every committee down to the least important can be sure of a hectic time for a few weeks or a few davs. dc])ending on the nature of their work. In the meantime everv fraternity man becomes a dramatist, and his head takes a terrible beatinu in the writing of plots and lines for each stunt. Occasionally a fraternity is bukv enough to have one man who can write the whole tiling. Lacking such a man. bull " sessions arc resorted to. and all the current pl.iys and movies are scrutinisied for suggestions. Eventually a likely idea is hit ujion. the lines are written u]). and rehe ars.ils begin. This jioint may be reached two months before, or a week before, depending on the eiiterjjrise of each group. Rehearsals come next and. although the actors are only amateurs, with amateur coaching, tlicv learn their parts easily, and go through them with c mfidence. .Mis- takes and forgotten lines liave no bearing ' here, for the smooth line of tlie college man covers anvthing. filling in all emergencies. Fridav evening evervthing is in readiness. The gymnasium is lined with its bleachers and chairs, a rectangular space in the center of the tloor being the onlv vacant space. Over this hang three floodlights, making three ditVerent areas for .377 Coed of 191-0 3oihii is U.V.M. Womc) HfyTen 1 1 Bedfli ' ie Si- one 6 ■Siq Sisferj The Tiile Paq Some of the Stunts 378 l[ l ihi iiNi iN . l;,„hhis WInil,, (1 no sion action. Jiut most " I tlic |)rc));ir.iti()iis li.ivc lu ' cii ni.-ulr outside tlif u i of tlicm is present lure. As the dusky iislurs tiy aljout, the sixty pieces of tlie famous 1{. (). ' J ' . C. Band go into action on tiie hah ' ony, with the s])ecial musii ' tliey have been practicini; for weeks under tiu ' hadershi)) of " Joe " I.eehnyr. Proui])tly at eight o ' eh)ek tlie announcer, a ])o])ular Senicir ( liosru for his lung powci-. climbs to his position beside tin (ul ranee aiul calls out in stentorian notes, " ' I ' lic (irand Peerade — Tlie Grand Peeradc. " At this there enters a motley array of the cleverest tliat college minds can conceive, including take-oft ' .s on topics of t!u day. on history, on college matters, or anytliin " else that may have come to mind. After both sections of the peerade have passed through and out, th(! doors are closed, lights .arc turned ofl, and ;in air of cxi)ectancy settli s over the crowd. Then a bell rings and the fraternity |)reseiiting Stunt No. 1 rushes its property into ))laee in the darkness, ' ithin a minute everything is ready, so thoroughly has this part been drilled, and a Hood light is turned on in one of the areas. ' SMiat that light will expose is a matter entirely for conjecture. It may be anv scene from .any Jiart of the universe, in any ])eriod from the beginning of time to the end of tiiui-. The futur - is dejjieted uilh as faithful attention to detail as the presi lit or the ]iast. w. ' iile Heaven and Hades liaM ' freciuently been deemed worthy of careful treatment. The three areas make it jiossible to shift the scene quickly and bring in .an entirely new setting. The eoinbination of flood lights .and the spotlight with its wide range of colors permit some ivid and striking effects. . fter fourteen minutes of fast. pe])l)V drama a time bell rings, lights go out, and iiroperty is rushed off with the same speed which brought it in. Seven times is this procedure repeated, with every stunt bringing its cargo of humor and pathos, while the announcer ' s voice booms out " House lights " to mark the beginning and end of each ]i.irt of the program. The last event of the evening is the " ' alkin ' fo ' de Kake. " To the tune of " Cotton ]?.ibes. " dusky couples in costumes go through the stejis of this old lustoin (if the southern darkies, which. thouLrh not intricate, -all for a sreat ■ m IHI ;;r;i IH ' deal of energ ' . Many little variations of a more recent origin are worked in diirinfj; the two minutes allotted to each i)air on the floor. A grand march of all coii|)les follows the Kake Walking and closes the Kake Valk for the first night. Tlie second presentation Saturday evenin.g is always the best attended in spite of all efforts to increase the popularity of the first night. The house is almost sold out a week in advance. The president is sure to be there in a front seat and many other officials and friends of the University will be present also. One or two movie men are running around, getting shots of all the high spots, while " jNIac " takes the flashliglits which are used in this section from the balcony. After tlie " Walkin ' fo ' de Kake " Saturday evening the judges retire. At last two tables are brought in by the directors on which are the silver cups and the great " kakes. " The chairman of the judges is the next to put in an appear- ance. As he announces each award, representatives of the winning fraternitv come forward for their prizes and retire amid shouts of joy from their brotiiers which are easily distinguished over the general applause. This concludes the program, .ind with the singing of " Champlain " another Kake alk comes to an end. A few davs more of readjustment and clearing awav and the college again settles down to its normal routine of work and books. THE PRIZE AWARDS. 1927 ALKI.X ' I ' o ' DE K. KE First — Kappa Sigma George K. Leary. ' 27 Lewis G. Learv, ' 28 First — Kappa Siqma " The Unknown Soldier ' Second — Sigma Phi Kellogg W. Kyle, ' 28 Corbin C. Lyman, ' 29 The Stints Second— V; Delta Theta " The Evolution of Education " The Peer. i)e Y ' lYsi- -Kappa Sigma Honorable Mention — Zeia Chi " I.azy Man ' s Paradise " " Our Choice for Kake Walkers " I ' rank S. Lanou, ' 27 George R. Perry, ' 28 Albert D. Pinitree. ' 28 Wniucn ' iif the Pecrade 380 IICII 381 i r ' " Old raifhiul " The Harmons Kinqs " Priff ty Smooth P 7y the poor car Joe Colle )e. ■Students III ' If 3rnile pretty nox . ' . 1: " Juif A ■Sa lorj Sweetheart- -4 " 3o M 5 j Colleq ' Bacff to Nai-ure. " 7775 0!d Oaken B ckef ' m y ' ■ FainUiar fdrt n imsy ' inij nii ' fiij the time 3S2 iti! Time out — Sfrioke. Practic in The CdIdihI ' .i nnny lines its stuff 383 Ve Trustees mm Ladies of ihe Facu! Serious (111(1 frivolous .tidef of Commencimint 384 li ' ti Ready lorTnoVi 5fi i I mn up Hotnr Favonh Artist " Tfic Back Stoop " Our ic irrior.s ijo lo Devens fur Ihc (iiiiuinl .iinih ini — !8.j Il 1 1 I I -Wlilli the cirils train fur tht- fmithaU aciisini at Viiihrhllt 386 9 h IP Dead Soldierj ShoH ' CircuH Judges [yjnce ot IWesI le. ;N| ' Davy ' Jones Only a Pose The Revere: iu 4 PavUt nets off lo ri lUl " ' il tnrt- 38 ' ; IN, 1, c r montj Ft nest Wl. BB Sv P i HMw ™ IVj feaeS SS TSM Thirty- inch s ' ridc hoyj Froih Life Full Hou e Assume the arkfle And then the Co ds I l-X 1 1 AVhei} Sepf ember .s ' f .s ' ns hnrk nf fht (frnKJatttuc tiiftiin- 388 I ■ . ' he Civili Poie Rcnfrewls Trolley Car Our George Presio Change! E sh imos And we commence grinding as shown above. 389 i li ■IST Jj . ' L t. ,-J ' ( " ' V Iv ' kh . W- ' - The Co- ' lecje Billboard m3 h iii,)ii FaU and icinttr sitorls at Vermont. 390 Tht chapel is (leellruterJ in fne utijie 391 Donf Laucjh Muff and Jeff Hii Masferj Voice Where are ihe muzzles Uie far soap The Grass mount Mannequins Mi lad) takes a ride it i The Uist uuird in co-cd.i 392 il -And the smoothest thing in eds yy;3 Rand Ha I9Z Z Twh ' By the new Country Club ■ II W i fey and Lib n Noi w hoi ' s the Joke Pojed for i.vhorn Bat and G or a College life and some of its phases Not submtffed wllliiTj y 391 il.Sivi Vermont Spiril 19 dO ??! ! ' ? ■fl4«fM The Cavalry Hold Everything -Inrliidimi the hnrsulcss riders rind — 395 r I — Sei ' cral viezes of the Campus House 396 HI i! ' f HI Andinfhutenf, Ladies The NoHMir d De kcf.n cj - A pause in the day ' s xcork 397 THE HOT DOPE ON THE JUNIORS tLii► r ) AS DIVULGED BY THE .TUN ' IOR QUESTIONNAIRE ' yhint jiiijiiiltir Mont atl-ri round Bf ' . ' f Jookii}(j Bfxt (Irexxed zc ' orker apt to niiccecd Most Kjl Mottf liraiiis Best athlete C ' limi ' dian Optimist P ssioiist Plumber Most sarcastic ifost conceited Suioothist line J ' olli iuua Hardest Most fickle Best dancer Crabbiest Parlor athlete Romeo and Juliet Snootiest Scandal-monger Dumb r ' icero and Dora Least apt to succeed Smokestack B if} (jest i roli lb it ion ist " Charlie " Stevens " Jack " Conwav " Tv " Hewes " Ty " Hewes " Charlie " Stevens " Sabe " Abell " Charlie " Stevens " TecV Rich " Jack " Smith " Dannv " Johnsun " Kel " Kyle Howard Prentice " Johnny " Leavens " Doc " Leary Roger Allbee " Doc " Leary " Gary " Householder " Wink " Winchenbach " Doc " Leary " Johnny " Pavia Howard Prentice " Al " Ashcraft Paul Willard and " Mert " Robbins " Johnny " Leavens " Ted " Rich and Georgre Graves " Win " Ely " Don " McLaughlin Delhi Martin Delia Martin Muriel Cle ' eland " Peg " Wood Alma Batten Alma Batten Irene Bates Faith Baldwin Elizabeth Pingree Marjorie Tewksbury Irene Bates " Lib " Mildon Annette Burns Anne Perkins Anne Perkins Laura Bliss " Betty " Billings (Censored) " Peg " Wood Muriel Cleveland Marjorie Purinton Irene Bates A ' era Doyle Anne Perkins Edith Gale Faith Baldwin Carolyn Hyde 5 S 5 i 55 p f - ■ ' 1 till Professor Groat Coach McAvov Basketball Ernie Andrew ' s Orchestra The Claxs Prefers A Course in Economics A Dromedary Date Lucky Strikes And Squibb ' s Toothpaste According to the co-eds the eds are the worst thing ' at Vermont ; hut tlie eds give the distinction to the co-eds. jNIortar Board dances and the cut system are tougli. The co-eds ' rules are too severe, promiscuous necking is not favored, and gentlemen do not prefer blonds, all by large majorities. The average man should be dimensioned as follows: twenty years old. five feet ten in height, and weight one hundred fifty pounds. Tlie most correctly propor- tioned men are " Bob " Holden and Roger Allbee. The average co-ed is also twenty years old, but she is only five feet three and one-lialf inches high by one hundred fifteen pounds heavy. " Betty " Burke is ac- corded the distinction of beinsr closest to this. I] ;398 A CKM) WLEDGMHNTS lUali ing a few iiifxperienced stutlciits laimot hope alone to publish a year book sufcessfully, the Ahiki, Hoard takes this )l portimit y to all those who have tjiven assistance and ad- vice in the ])reparation of this voliinie. -Mr. Dran. Mr. Crockett, and the numbers of the I!) ' J7 Ahiki, Boaril havi- .ihvays been n-ady to help in difficult situations, .iiid the .Junior class shown a willingness to cooperate with us whenever ealb d upon. Covers were again furnished by the David .1. . Iolloy Coini)any of Chicago, and they handled their jjart of the work very s.itis- faetorily. ' lute Studio .itid the local ))hotogr.-iphers have given all the assistance that could be desired in the taking of scenes, V groups, and individual jihotograjihs. i 1 1 The cuts made by the of Engraving of Miniu-.ipolis i |. ; have been of the best ((U.ilily and their stalV has been eviT ready with suggestions. Air. Doblis of this coin})any .always shown | L a high degree of interest in the work and has devoted a great deal ' of time to it. tlj The b ' ree Press Printing ( ' oin]);iny niaint.ained their I ' ustoiu.iry high standard of work under the direction of .Mr. I.ittle and Ileiirv Hiirtiibise. " Henry " clearly demonstrated the skill that eouhl only have been obt.aiiied I roiii lu.iny years of work on the Amin, .and siiiiil:ir books. The other employees of the Free Press all showed a willingness to hel|) wiienevcr an opportunity was given them. And finally, to the advertisers, without whom the financing of this book wiudd li.i e been impossible, we owe a gre.-it di .il. We hope that the student body will recognize this fact .uul will show their appreciation by jiatronizing these concerns. 399 HI INDEX TO ADVERTISERS (TV SiJ) m NAME PAGE F. D. Abt ' vnethy 9 Adsit Coal Co 21 American Phonograph Co 11 Bailey ' s Music Rooms 5 C. A. Barber Co 23 Bero Co.. Inc 19 Bessey News Co 19 B. J. Boynton 23 Bureau of Engraving. Inc 15 Burlington Light Power Co 3 Burlington I.unch 16 Burlington Rapid Transit 21 Burlington Savings Bank 16 Champlain Transportation Co 14 Charland ' s Barber Shop H Cole Fur Co 12 Concord Candy Kitchen 11 Connecticut General Life Ins. Co.... 11 Currier ' .s 4 F. H. Dow Co 2 P. G. Ellsworth IS E. T. Fairbanks Co 5 Fashion Shop -t Free Press Printing Co 20 Green Mountain -Sanitarium 12 Hall Furniture Co 21 Hayes Carney 23 Hendee Davis 21 Henry ' s Diner 12 Hoffman ' s 6 Hotel ' ermont 13 Howard National Bank 12 Jones Lamson Machine Co i F. S. I.anou Son 22 La Pier ' s Store 1 Lewis Blanchard 10 NAME PAGE Looney Furniture Co 22 Elias L -man Coal Co 19 -Mars Confectionery Co 11 McAuliffe Paper Co IS Miles Perry 18 David J. Molloy Co 6 Moquin ' s Bakery 13 New York Life Insurance Co 17 C. G. Nichols 13 T. P. O ' Hara 18 Old Bee Hive 6 S. J. O ' Neil 3 People ' s Department Store 3 F. J. Preston Son 10 Queen City Cafe 21 Rand ' s Home Lunch 22 Red 46 Dept. Store 2 W. G. Reynolds Co 22 Robinson-Edwards Lumber Co 9 Shepard Morse 16 Shufix 19 J. A. Sikora 14 Spaulding Kimball 4 Star Restaurant 10 Thomas Co 14 B. Turk cV- Bro 10 L ' niversity Store 7 University of Vermont 1 Vermont Ci itic 22 erniont Mutual Fire Insurance Co.. . -5 White Studio 8 E. B. A. C. Whiting Co 9 Wilbur ' s Barber Shop 19 L. P. ' ood 2 Young ' s Pharmacv 10 irii 400 1 The University of Vermont Guy W. r.. ii,i:v, LL. D.. I ' kksidhxt Founded by Ira Alk-n and Chartered In ' the Lei;islalui " e in 1791, the year in wliich the State was admitted to the Union. Its location, overlooking the Green and Adirondack Mountains and Lake Champlain, is not surpassed and hardly equalled by that of an ' other institution of learnin " ' in tlie I ' nited States. Instruction is offered in : THE COLLEGES OF ARTS AND SCIENCES TI!F COLLEGE ( )1 ' lEDICINE THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING THE COLLEGE OF AGRTCULTrRE DEPARTMENT OF .MUSIC iNI . Courses Arc Of cii to IVoincn An F ' .xcellent Athletic Field, a Successful Athletic P ' olicy and Trained vSupervision of Physical Development, are Features Worthy of Mention Expenses are Moderate and Opportunities for Self Help are Offered in many instances F ' or Catalogtie, Bulletins and Special Information, address THE REGISTRAR, University of ' t, BuRUiJG ' roN, Vermont. Red 6 Department Store ' ' The Store of Progress ' ' YOUNG ' S VAN HEUSEN HATS COLLARS Smart Clothes ' ou ' ll be pleasantly surprised and delighted with a box of P®w% CIla®€®llii( THE ORCHID OF SWEETS roTN 1 • the daintiness of these chocolates, j " ' T 1 ( " 7 their supreme wholesonieness and J J the deliciousness of their varied flavors. MADE BY F. Ho D®w C®. Ciinniilbirndl ©( Vermonts Leading SPORTING GOODS STORE L. P. WOOD 78 CHURCH STREET BURLINGTON. VT. III! ! .: 1:1! I ; ■! ful th cling ELECTRJC TY THE MIRACLE WORKER ' cars ago people dreamed of nivsterious genii endowed with magical power. All ihat was neces- sary was the magical word whicli wmild make these genii slaves. Today we are surmimded hy slaves no less wonder- an the mythical ones of days gone by. Electricity does our bid- at the touch ot ' a switch. Our homes are filled with a steady, Wright illumination, our meals are cooked, rooms are cleaned, the laundr - work is done, all without etiort on our part. All this h.-is Iktu made pos il)k ' because cai)ital has been invested to harness the natural resources of the couii- trv in order that the world might be made a better jilace in which to li e. " liUxtricify is your ( real est scrraiil Burlington Light Power Co, 102 SOITII W IXOOv Kl AXKXUE Hrm.iXGTnN wiyoosKi ksskx .u.veTioN Richmond INI FURNISHINGS for ci ' cry occasion also Nat. Luxenberg Bro. Clothing Distinctive clothes tailored for college men 5. J. O ' NEIL HABERDASHER " Across from the Shcrii ' ood " The Snappiest Styles in College Clothes Are Features of Our Hart Schaffner Marx and Kirschbaum Suits and Overcoats I ' rice ' l .IS.-i.on to $4,5.00 MANHATTAN SHIRTS REIS FURNISHINGS The Smartest Styles in Coats. Presses. Suits, furs and Millinery for the Co-Ed at Popular Prices Hart Schaffner Marx and WooLTEX Coats W. LK-0 KR SHO]-:S .Men ' s anil Women ' s Styles $7.00 to $10.00 PEOPLE ' S DEPT. STORE _ ' -. 7 iliiin-li Slrcct m LAPIER S STORE 52 Colchester Avenue 66 Church St. BURLINGTON Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear COATS. DRESSES, MILLINERY Shop where Style and Ouahty are guaranteed and prices are reason- able. Jones L Lamson Machine Co. ' Sipyvag eid., Vermoni, U. S. A. MANUFACTURER.? OF Harfiicss flat Turret Larhc Hartiicss Aittoiuatic Sclf-Opcii- iii( Die Hartiicss Scrcz ' Tlircad Comparator Fay Automatic Lathe I ' laiulcrs Crouiui Tap Catalogs will bic sent on request If } ' t)ii are looking for something smart and diflerent GO TO The Fashion Shop E.vclusii ' c But Xot I.r v;;. ' :; ' t ' (, ' Spaulding Kimball Co. Established lS3:j Incorporated 1904 Wholesale Groceries ALSO Hydrated Lime, Cement Plaster, Paper and Woodenware Burlington, Vermont I llJ! IT WILL PAY YOU TO GET OUR PRICES ON PlA ' NOS ORTHOPHONJC 7CTROLAS EDISONS and RADIOS RECORDS and SHEET MUSIC BAILEY ' S MUSIC ROOMS V. M. c. A.; uinLixc, ru.x. KKMONT 1828—1927 " Biggest, Busiest and Best " Vermont Mutual FIRE Insurance Company 0 - AlOXTl ' HLllCR. T. Mutual — I ' aid i ' paud ni: ' idciid f ' oliciiw n ' rittcu RivSOfRCEs lM:r.iu-. io- Isr. 1 ' ' 27 Preniiiini Xotes in Force - - - $13,438,316.00 Surnhis . ' ind Kcscrves 768,513.99 Total . ailahlc for Protection of Policv Holders SI 6.206.829.99 I° 1B A ' ;€ALi The World Progresses and Fairbanks Scales are at The Front We manufacture scales to meet every demand of the times. E. T. FAIRBANKS CO. St. Johnsbury, Vt. IM m mi THE OLD BEE HIVE The Store that has served the public of this community well for seventy years AT ITS BEST hlOW Better than it was last year, or last month, at its best in full stocks, in good service and low prices. : : The cover for this annual was created by The DAVID J. MOLLOY CO. 2857 N. Western Avenue Chicago Illinois S««T7 MolUr, Madt Cover btart iKif Phone 2873-W . Auto Delivery Free All Work Guaranteed HOFFMAN CLEANERS AhlD DYERS jl -jj We make a Specialty of Ladies ' Fancy Dresses, Bath Robes Kimonas, Sport Coats, Etc. 145 Elmwood Ave. Burlington, Vt. ' K ii-- : DIRECTORY OF MERCHANDISE ,• sold at THE UNIVERSITY STORE and ki THE MEDICAL BOOK STORE Textbooks. Notebooks. Fillers. .Ivt Materials. Mieroseof es. J ' oiiiitaiii I ' eiis. Ink. Peneils. Tlieiiie. Ty ezerifer. Dra:einy Paper. EiHjineering. Zoology. Botany Supplies. i j University Banners. Pilloies. Pennants. ' ■ Noc ' elties. Jez . ' elry. Mciiiory I ' ooks. Stationery. Greeting Cards. Toilet . Irtieles. Pry (fOods. Tennis luu kets and Palls. Kodaks. films. }faga :ines SOLD at the COFFEE CORNER Coffee. Cocoa. Tea. Milk, fee Cream. Cold Prinks. Sandzviches. Doughnuts. Cookies, Cakes, Pies. Candy. Cum illJI (if f( i iS o f((( ir « ;, (leUf aMe 09 i mif ya ina coUeae annual , eit oitaciu ' le at ' tt ih, ((orAz nrjis u i fni te ra iadfif or i) ' ctti tt ana anequal ec Sermce. Photographers to " 1928 ARIEL " I 220 West 42nd Street, New York % ■ 1 - 1 ,1 i F. D. ABERNETHY Iliiui , l Church Street BVRLIKQTON, - VERMOKT There is more pleasure in appealing to ihc best in folks. That thought is uppermost in our minds when selecting our merchandise. RETAIL AND WHOLESALE DRY QOODS E. B. A. C. WHITING CO. MANUFACTURERS OF BRUSH AND BROOM FIBRES BURLINGTON - VERMONT The Robinson-Edwards Lumber Co. BURLINGTON, VT. LUMBER Wholesale and Retail 1 )ealers : i in Standard ( rades of ] ' ■ Canada. Michigan and Southern Pine and Hardwoods. Shingles, Clapboards. i,atb and l)inKii i(ni i.unihi ' r -j i ' .l ' l;l■ l in lllf I niliil Mali-s liir W. C. EDWARDS CO., LTD., OTTAWA, CAN. H ■ YOUNG ' S PHARMACY 68 Church Street Students droii in and try our I ' juntain Service. Complete line of Toilet Articles Confectionery and all Drugs. Beautiful Shoes for all occasions Lewis Blanchard Co. The Store That Sells Florsliciiii Shoes Star Restaurant Chinese and American Food REGULAR AC:, DIXXER 1 From 11 a. ni. to 2:30 p. m. A La Carte Served All Day Special Sunday Dinner $1.00 Tables Reserved for Parties All Orders put up in Good Condition to Take Out Excellent Service 144 CHURCH STREET BURLIXGTOX. A ' ER IOXT Telephone 1613 This store will welcome you to our city always. Stetson ' s Hats Schoble ' s Hats When in Burlington always make TURK ' S your meeting place. z} }A [Ctniinnad ] [columbui] COLLEGE STREET CIVILIAN AND MILITARY TAILORS FJ.FRESTOlSl SOhl SUPERB DIAMONDS - JW ' Diamond Merchants and Jewelers 17 upper church street Burlington, Vermont ii i 10 •m ' h I ' m I Strengthen Your Credit Establish -your standmg with business men. Build up capitcd to draw upon whenever you need it. Protect those de- pendent upon your success. In short INSURE YOUR LIFE r.lI.K WITH . . . J. L. HALL, General Agent, 4 Y. M. C. A. I ' lloXHS: Office 860. J Ionic hS5(l A. T. POWERS, Agent, 2294-M Connecticut General Lii-r: Ixsuraxce Company. TTarti ' ord Candy Ice Cream Soda Light Lunch 4 « MARS CONFECTIONERY CO. Attention to College Students Andrew Charland BARBER SHOP 185 College Street Trie 1 ' liss IIMlt. BURLINGTON, VERMONT " SI ' Rl ' IC E " is our Slogan VICTOR AND EDISON MACHINES RECORDS a SUPPLIES SPECIAL ATTENTION OIVEN ALL R E PA I R WORK is our desire to t;ive our patrons service that will merit continued patroniiga American Phonograph Co. 187 Pearl St. Burlington, Vt. ' HI ;i 11 Holmard National Bank Burlington. Vermont CAPITAL $500,000 SURPLUS PROFITS $325,000 DEPOSITS $4,000,000 Wii.LARO B. Howe. President H. T. RiTTER, Vice-President B. E. Clarksox. Vice-President H. S. Weed, Casliier F. W. AVhitcomb, Asst. Cashier B. B. Baldwix. Asst. Casliier Commercial and Interest Accounts Solicited. COLE FUR CO., Inc. enrp ' g ©iner Exclusive Bank Street Furriers CLEAN WHOLESOME FOOD " Nothing But the 12 Church St., Burhngton, Vt. Best Served Here " GREEN MOUNTAIN SANITARIUM DK. T. K. HAYS Physiotherapy Departments fully equipped for special treatment of: Rheumatism, Arthritis. Neuritis, High Blood-pressure, Digestive Disorders. Diseases of the Nervous System, Skin, Sprains, and Stiff and Painful Joints. Announcing new Annex (for Obstetrical Cases) at 258 Pearl Street. Special Nursing Open Hospital 12 Vermont s Two Famous Breads Butter-Krust 1 v • and Butter-Nut Made fresh cverv (la in llu ' sanitarv .Moqiiin Uakcrv plain and delivered ' ( to your gTocer every niornin. i ' . Get the best. It costs no more. MOQUIN BAKERY, Inc. Burlington ' s Qreatest Asset IS THE University of Vermont is also an asset and caters to the students in every ivay CALL OX rS FOR liAXCJI ' KTS AND COLLEGE FUNCTIONS Max L. Powell, Proprietor John Haudino, Manager TIRE HEADQUARTERS We Specialize in ALL TIRES SPECIAL DISCOUNT TO C. V. M. STUDENTS C. Q. NICHOLS CO. 187 CHURCH ST. Phone 1872 Opposite Com: House SERVICE CAR 1.} -M THOMAS CO. Collegiate Clothiers Guyer Hats, Styleplus Clothes Monito Sox 62 CHURCH ST. CONCORD CANDY KlTCHEhl Ice Cream Soft Drinks Candy Coinl liiiiciils of J. A. SIKORA Shoe Repairing THE CHAMPLAIN TRANSPORTATION GO. THE LAKE GEORGE STEAMBOAT CO. Opi-ralnij; Passenger ami Autdiiidliilr Vvrvv SLTvicr (in Lake L liani])laiii and Lake ( ieorye. Direct eiinneeti(.ins through both hikes in either (hrection. Tri]j made l)y dayHght. (iood High va between the hikes. Motorists are guaranteed con- nections. W ' h: TAKh: VUL ' OFF Till ' ; STAih: I1H,11 VA ' AND PUT YOU ON TH1 : STATh: JIKJHWAY VL THE NEAREST, QUICKEST AND S A F E S ' J ' ROUTES BETWEEN VERMONT AND NE ' V ■()RK STATE POINTS. " Our Service at your Service " Plattlbui (intiiar h 1 w rale c-xctirsiuns dailv dtirinL " - .Sunmier Scasdii, HAVE YOU EVER VISITED AUSABLE CHASM? Write fur maps, tiiiiclahles, rates and ,q-eneral information. D. A. LOOMIS, Gen. Mgr., Burlington, Vt. M. J. POWERS, Gen. Pass. Agt., Albany, N. Y. b l l ' l 14. I r-l : The new and unusual — that sparkUng reaUty which is known as the life of each school year — is caught and held forever within the pages of Bureau built annuals. The ability to assist in making permanent such delight- ful bits of class spontaneity rests in an organization of creative artists guided by some 17 years of College Annual; work, which exp erience is the knowledge of balance andf taste and the fitness of doing things well. In the finesti year books of American Colleges the sincerity and genu inencss of Bureau Engraving quality instantly impresses,, one. They are class records that will live forever.. BUREAU OF ENGRAVING, Inc. " COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS MINNEAPOLIS, MlNNESOTAj The ffraettcat iidc of Annual management, including adiriliMTig. ttlling. organizatmn and finance, u eem frrhentircty coterrd tn a •■rrici of Editonal and Uuttncit Management booky called " Succea in Atikui:! liuildmg, " fumtihtd frt . to Annual Executi ' et Srcurr ureau " co-cperalion. V tn iu your corrapon ' dence. M SHEPARD 8c MORSE LUMBER COMPANY BURLINGTON, VT. Pine and Spruce Lumber, While and Red Cedar Shingles Cypress, North Carolina Pine, Hardwood Flooring West Coast Fir Also nisfributors for RU-BER-OID CO. Asphalt Shingles and Roll Roofing, U. S. GYPSUM CO. Sheetrock Plaster Board, Pulp, Cement and Plaster This Bank s Desire is to Serve You Best Our success is due to the ])r()inr)t and careful attention to all matters intrusted to us. Our record of Service, Security and Safety is one of our greatest assets. The growth of this bank indicates the Cdnfulence of the people in its officers and trustees. BURLINGTON SAVINGS BANK CORNER COLLEGE AND ST. PAUL STS. Charles 1 ' . Siuitli. Ficsiidiit I. W. ;ir(l, Vice-Prfs. Levi P. Smilli, Viee-Pres. K. s. lsli;iin. Treas, B. K. Jiristcil. Assistant Treas. Burlington Lunch WE SERVE AND SELL FRENCH AND DANISH PASTRY AND ALL KINDS OF SEA FOOD Harry Lines 146 Church St 16 Nylic Plans for Ariel Readers Only a little while, and i m and ymir ciillc.ue friends will all l)e doinu " viiur part in ihe wnrld ' s wnrk. ' ■ [ A lew years nKire, and you will he experienced hnsiness or pro- fessional men and women in the midst ot all the res])onsil)ilities wliicli mi nnw see I rum a distance, as you ohserve older persons in iheir varinus activities. t ii ( )ne of the lirst steps in i)lanning a successful career is to foresee these responsihililies and prepare to meet them. j; Saving Requisite to Success 1 James J. Ilill, ■■emi)ire huilder " of Northwest, wlni hnih and de- ] vcloped the (ireat Northern Railroad, once said: ] " If you want to know whether you arc destined tn he a success or 1 not, you can easily find out. The lest is simijle and i infalhhlc. . re you able to save money? If not, drop out. You will lose, ' ou niav think not, but you will lose as sure as fate, for the seed of success is not in you. " Life Insurance Savings Plan Yoim.Cf colleg ' e men and wnmen are ])urchasinL; ' millions nf dollars of life insurance every year for the fdllowiny- |)urp()ses: 1. .As a systeni. ' itic savings plan. 2. To guarantee re])ayment of loans. 3. To protect their jiarents who have hel]X ' d them, or younger brothers and sisters. 4. To create an estate, at the lowest rate, in anticijiation of the average man ' s resjionsihilities — marriage, credit, partnershi]) obligations, etc. If -iiu join the . ' ew vk Life, a mutual company, your policy will l)ro ide you — 1. . n easy, systematic, permanent savings plan. 2. . life income in case of total and permanent inability to work, due either to disease or accident. ,1. . n estate j)avable in the event of premature death. ilV IF YOU HAVE ALREADY HAD SOIVIE BUSINESS EXPERIENCE, A NYLIC AGENT ' S CONTRACT MAY OFFER YOU THE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY YOU DESIRE WITH A LIFE INCOME AFTER 20 YEARS OF SERVICE. Please address inquiries to the } EW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. 346 Broadway, New York D. rwix P. Kingslev, President. - y. -s COLLEGE STUDENTS Make our Store your doZi. ' u-tozeu store when in need of Books and Stationery. Most complete stock. Very reason- able prices. DiF, Stamped Varsity Statioxeky, Banners, Pillow Tops. Etc. McAULIFFE ' S BOOKS AND STATIONERY Corner CHURCH and COLLEGE STREETS P. G. ELLSWORTH " FASHION PARK " Clothes for Young Men The Hall Mark i JEWELER The Latest Furnishings cLrf - «r3 n LUGGAGE k (L yTS W Formal Dress Clothes 4 tj i f7) 71 Church St. Miles Perry Co. " QUALITY CLOTHES " BURLINGTON, VERMONT Established 1S9S T. P. O ' HARA 170 bank street Tailoring of All Kinds FRENCH Dry Cleaning Pressing— Remodeling suits made to order $28 and up Telephone 597-W 18 N LACKAWANNA AND JEDDO LEHIGH Clje Conls tfjat l)abt toob t )t KeSt s ■ S N ■ X W ' k Solicit Your Orders Elias Lyman Coal Company Phones 37-W and 2073 206 College St. THE SHUFIX STUDENTS Shoe Repairing;, All kinds ul sIkjc :uu1 rubber repairing- MAGAZINES, BOOKS, PAPERS AND OTHER PERIODICALS We are at your Service 86 CnURCn STREET J ' hoiic 1860 C. Lcssard. Prop. The Bessey News Co. W LBUR ' S BARBER SHOP The Bero Co., nc, JEWELERS —FOVK n.ik ' iuiks— XO WAITS Diamonds and liiu- Platinnni Moimtini ' s Stones Set in our own Sliop 183 BAXK STREET 107 Cluirch Street V. S. Bombard, T ' rop. 1;LRL1X( iTOX, -l-.KMONT 19 it ;i m PRINTING If As printers of the 1928 Ariel we have endeavored to produce a book worthy of the Ariel Board, the Class of 1928, the University of Vermont, and our- selves. H We are equipped to handle all kinds of printing for the individual, the busi- ness, or the school. If Every order, large or small, has the same careful supervision and it is our aim at all times to produce the high- est quality of work. Complete Printing Service FREE PRESS PRINTING COMPANY Burlington, Vermont Iffiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii liiii iMiiMi— III! I I iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 20 ' 1 I] ! 1 4 SERVICE AND DEPENDABILITY ' - If This is the Keystone on which this Company has moved steadily forward. : : : : : 1[ Our larij;e Storaj e Capacity of over 20,000 tons enables us to guarantee our Customers the best service in times of stress or shortage. E. S. ADS T COAL COMPANY " J lie Iloiiic of (jood i ' oals " ESTABLISHED 1875 BURLINGTON, VT. Compliments of Burlington Rapid Transit Company Convenient Credit Terms at Vermont ' s Largest Exclusive Furniture Store Hall Furniture Co. BURLINGTON, VERMONT " KEEPS THE FOOT WELL ' Keeps Gooji Feet Good hkni)Hl: da ts 84 Church St. P iiint ' ii 4-W d ueen Citp Cafe Buy a comniutation ticket $5.00 worth for $4.50 POPULAR PRICES ON STEAKS, CHOPS, AND ALL KINDS OF SEA FOODS 103 CHURCH ST. - BURLINGTON, VT m M 21 ! W, (j, Re} ' noM5 F. S. Lanou l Son Compavcj Heating and Plumbing Engineers 5 qY7k (T ' VS ! ]j r BURLINCxTOX VERMONT LOONEY FURNITURE CO. General House Furnishers Vermont s Greatest Home 76 NORTH WINOOSKI AVENUE Furnishings Store Phone 2500 RAND ' S CouipUmcnts of HOME LUNCH tKije 64 Colchester Avenue " Vermont Cpnit Opposite Engineering Bldg. J THE BEST PLACE TO EAT ON THE HILL H. D. CliANDALL ' 2S EdUor in-Chief Home Cooking our Specialty E. A. LuccniNA ' 2S Managinf Editor Lunches to Take Out C. H. Stevens ' 2S Business Manager The Best Food Served R. T. HOLDEN ' ' 2S Advertising Manager in 7 ba;n M M lb i-: IK C. A. Barber Co. Groceries Confections 112 ClifUril STREET Bl ' RLl. ( iTOX. VERMONT Compliments of A Frienci Dependable Footwear for All Occasions at Ut H-AIl) B. J. BOYNTON ' S 65 Church Street HAYES (S CARNEY Clothing Furnishings Tailoring 197 liank St. Xcar Majestic Patronize these Advertisers n i: IK 23 M lilil 21 ■ l

Suggestions in the University of Vermont - Ariel Yearbook (Burlington, VT) collection:

University of Vermont - Ariel Yearbook (Burlington, VT) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


University of Vermont - Ariel Yearbook (Burlington, VT) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


University of Vermont - Ariel Yearbook (Burlington, VT) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


University of Vermont - Ariel Yearbook (Burlington, VT) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


University of Vermont - Ariel Yearbook (Burlington, VT) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


University of Vermont - Ariel Yearbook (Burlington, VT) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


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