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 - Class of 1914

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Text from Pages 1 - 283 of the 1914 volume:

1 . :. 111' .1-1. 1, T. 1 ' 1 If My I , ,. I 1 47 X . U 1. -V1 1 - , 1 Y , ,1- 1... - 1 - E41-" I V r f . 11, .. gm' xv . A' 1 K . J .. 1 kwf' . ' 1 .. L 1 1,4 ,-- 1 . usp .,.ag' V ' '15 11 . V, 1. . . HS-x ' . . L, 1 3,1 I Ta, Q 1 .LJV ,l 41. 1,5-' Mag.. ,V r , ,jw 1' I 'flgzg-r -,1'.1fi:' xv , It 1 1 V . . . Q.. 1, 4. . f av v- -'1.g1 , ' X: F- -X 1- - 42,21 .-I. ,Q I 1' --1 1 ., - ii,-.Q ,1 , .Z 1f"f s. 'J -'k . " :A 11 ' Ai, ,U 1 . , 5:11, 1 ' A '1 1. ir' ' 1 'V i ,1. X- 1 .1 , ' 91' :.31j1f v 1: , ' ' . 1 . 11 41, 6- - , 11" . 11:1 " Ji. '. , ' 31, 1 . 1 A f. . ,. QQ, -' . , V ,L-.Vg " . ' -5, . 15 1 . , 1 .- A , ,V ,, . ., . , 1-. ,v 'I ' . 1"'-A -11.4, :.-: 2. .1,, 1,-, , -1 Jw, 1 , ,Q-1 V Q1 ' , tlgf' .Lg 1- ' -1 1: 1, ,' W.. -A 1 X , . Y 1 1 '1',,:: , 1, .Un-my :F Un V lgrrff. 151143 Eliniivr Erntnn, 1-HHH., BB., BHFLB ibm' frienh anh rn-marker fur a larger, hruaher anh mnre unifizh Nrrmnntg thin hunk in reapntfullg hrhizatrh bg the Qllann uf 1914. 1 45" afesfe gyie , 1 'fs X l in Szbrx L iz TD , 1 J W A A X ll X W '31 Allis? be -' f 1 -- 5 H . l"'LT- ,.,-. ' , i l -'fi' 4 XE' XXL' ' 3 .5 . -T .1 14' . list?" gfgilsfii f : 5' it ' "K :af F 7:7 ee K. Lt 1 fglfc, f 'A 4 h .MI :x lbptk k - C SK '-A. . ,- -cs ' ' A17 'fr' 1 -' , 1- --N -- Zi 5 ' Nj.-' , n A- f 1 r - X- f if DE r .f 6 ' se -vs., 111 N ess. . ar-is nut np. SZ. f 1 , 37 Lbillfii ' 7 1141- RRY' ' vit 1' ll I it fx xx I 1' ' 2 ' ll f atrium 1 l h"'ff1 in - . F' , I Q . A A 41041 , it f M z ' - I. zeal- LL?- ar 1 s f E ':- 2" - Q- N air, Es..-Ti- Q35 Y -,g 1 Y - Ab E . S-- I-T521-at 1-0.2! ,ts N, S - Y X I Q!--:masse li i-,lj ' ' J' 1453, Si, Jig-R ,- -- ' fi' Y ' 1' f-' il W -H-5' Y16jW .' HE University of Vermont is one of the oldest institutions of learning in :QQ S' the United States, the charter having been granted in 1 791. This was I 1 due to the untiring efforts of General lra Allen, who is known as the s ' . . 'Qi,kf5s,w founder of the University. In 1804 midst humble surroundings, with a faculty of one man, Dr. Sanders, and with a Student body of four, the College was for- mally opened. The original college building erected in 1801 was 'destroyed by fire in 1824. It was rebuilt in 1829, General Lafayette laying the corner stone of what was then known as South College. From this time up to 1871 the growth was slow. In this year Matthew l-l. Buclcham was elected to the headship of the University, the enrollment being about seventy. During the first ten years of Pres- ident Bucl4ham's administration the progress was steady but not rapid, consisting mainly in strengthening the courses of instruction. ln 1881 John P. Howard, besides endowing the chair of Natural History with S50,000, provided means for remodelling the main building, and presented the Medical College Building, the statue of Lafayette and the fountain in the park. This started the building era, which has continued down to the present day, until now about forty buildings are owned by the University. A Arirl Zfinarh Ehiiur-in-Qlhief KARL ALBERT EMERSON Euninrzz Manager ADRIAN ST. JOHN Anaintunt Business illllanagrr LINCOLN FERRIS DANIELS Assnriatr Ehitnra HARRY WESTON AVERILL JOHN WALDEN BARTLETT JOSEPH EDWARD CARRIGAN BRIGHAM IVICFARLAND DONALD GUY MCIVOR GEORGE LOUIS STEELE FORDYCE SAMSON SYKES EVERETT SAYLES TOWNE GEORGIA ELIZABETH GIF FORD RUTH PRESTON O'SULLIVAN NINA GRACE SHEPARDSON Artintn HELEN GENEVA BENTON OTTO THEOPHILUS JOHNSON HERBIERT VAN WHEELOCK Flyningraphrrn WALTER WELLS HOWE JASON MERRILL MALCOLM IEANNETTE MARIE SPARROW E, QC, if ' Lk lv. l X iltnrmunrh The Ariel is again before you. In compil- ing tliis, tlze twenty-seventh volume, it has been the object of the editors to record the year's i , tl V f i 1 Q happenings as accurately as possible and to aid in the maintenance of the traditions of our Alma Mater. We fully realize tlie responsibility resting upon us and also that it is impossible to please everyone. Thus, if in perusing these pages, Gentle Reader, aught is displeasing to you, it is hoped that you may overlook it, for your displeasure will not, me feel, equal our disappointment. I l I ' -H-E-S ijreaihnniz ELECTED RETIRED 1800 '55Rev. Daniel 'Clarke Sanders, D.D .... 1814 Harvard 1788, A.lVl. and D.D. 18095 051850 Aged 82D 1815 '5':Rev. Samuel Austin, D.D ....... 1821 Yale 1783 and A.1Vl. Coll. N. 178 5. D.D. Williams 18075 F1830 Aged 705 1821 A5Rev. Daniel 1-laskell, A.lVl. . . I 1824 Yale 1802 and A.lVl.5 H1843 Aged 645 1825 A4Rev. Willard Preston, D.D. . . . 1826 Brown 18065 D.D. Univ. Ga.5 H1857 Aged 711 1826 xRev. James Marsh, D.D ....... 1833 Dartmouth 18175 D.D. Columbia 1830 and Amherst 18335 01842 Aged 483 1833 a:Rev. John Wheeler, D.D ....... 1849 Dartmouth 1816 and A.lVl,5 D.D. Union 18345 H1862 Aged 64, 1849 xRev. Worrthington Smith, D.D. ..... 1855 Williams 18165 D.D. Vermont 18455 051856 Aged 611 1855 '5Rev. Calvin Pease, D.D. ....... 1861 Vermont 1838 and A.1VI.5 D.D. Middlebury 1856, 041863 Aged 509 1862 xRev. Joseph Torrey, D.D ...... 1866 Dartmouth 1816 and A.1Vl.5 D.D. 1-larvard 18505 CFI867 Aged 703 1866 Rev, James Burrill Angell, 1..l...D. ..... 1871 Brown 1849 and A.lVl, and LL.D. 18685 LL.D. Vt. 1904 1871 aLlVlattheW Henry Buckham, D.D.,l..1...D ..... 1910 Vermont A.B., 1851, A.lVl. 18545 D.D. Dartmouth and Hamilton 18775 LL.D. Middlebury 1900, and Dartmouth and Wesleyan 1909 1910 Elias Lyman, LL.D. fActing Presidentl . . . 1911 Vermont A.B. 18705 LL.D. 1911 1911 iGuy Potter Benton, D.D., l.,l.,.D ..... . Baker A.B. 1893 and A.lVl. 18965 A.1Vl. Ohio Wesleyan 19065 LL.D. Upper lowa 19055 Ohio Wesleyan 19065 Vermont 1911 '6Deceased. i i A: Xi- v i I .IL "' .. .4 taco A lf ia RUSTEE 1H11iurr5iiQ nf Hermnnt Founded in 1791 by General lra Allen Qlnrpnratn Name The University of Vermont and State Agricultural College Tlruatrw Guy Potter Benton, A.M., D.D., Ll...D., President l-lis Excellency, Allen M. Fletcher, Governor QEX-OFFICIOJ CID11 the Hart nf thu iiuiurrsitg nf Hrrmnnt Hon. Robert Roberts, A.B ....... Burlington William Seward Webb, lVl.D ...... Shelburne Hon. Darwin Pearl Kingsley, l.,l...D. . New York City Charles Albert Catlin, Ph.B. Providence, R. I. Hon. Fredilqhomas Kidder, A.B., M.D. . . Woodstock Hon. Elias Lyman, A.M., l..l.,.D. . . . . . Burlington l-lenry Wayland Hill, A.M., l.,l...D. . . . Buffalo, N. Y. l-lon. Eugene Noble Foss, A.B. ..... Jamaica Plain, Mass. George McClelland Powers, A.M., l..l...D .... Morrisville ' QB11 the Hari nf the Hrrmnni Agrirultural Qlnllrge IHUY-1513 Hon. Nelson Wilbur Fiske ....... Isle La Motte Redfield Proctor, M.S .... Proctor l-lon. Ebenezer Jolls Ormsbee, l..l.,.D. . . . Brandon IHHH-1515 Hon. William Paul Dillingham, l..l...D. . . Montpelier Hon. Zophar Mack Mansur . . . Newport Newman Keyes Chaffee, AB. . . Rutland 1 H1 1-151 7 X Gardner Smith Fassett .... Enosbur Hon. ,Cassius Peck ........ Burlington Hon. John Griffith McCullough, l..l...D. ..... Bennington Edmund 'Curtis Mower, A.lVl., l..l...D., Secretary Hon. 'Charles Plympton Smith, Treasurer I ll ALE-tw il l .H.5.5. Wednesday, September 25, 1912, First half-year beginsg Registration, Opening address to student body by the President Thursday, September 26 . . ..... Lectures and class work begin Monday, September 30, Examinations in Medicine for Advancement in Course and for Advanced Standing Saturday, October 5 . Freshman Prize Entrance Examinations begin Saturday, October I2 ...... Wednesday Noon, Nov. 27, to Friday Noon., November 29 Friday Night, Dec. 20, to Friday Night, January 3, 1913 Saturday, January 4, 1913 ...... Monday, December 30, 1912, to Friday, February 28, 1913 Monday, January 27, to Saturday, February 8 . . February 3 to February B . . Midyear Examinations Saturday, February 22 ...... Thursday, March 6 and Friday, March 7 . . . Thursday Night, March 27, to Tuesday Night, April 8 . Thursday, iMay 1 ....... . . . Columbus Day Recess . Thanksgiving Recess . . Christmas Recess . Class work resumed, 8 A. M. . . Winter Short Course . . Mid-year Examinations Medicineg Day of Prayer for Colleges . Washington's Birthdaygl-loliday . . Teachers' Conference . . . Spring Recess . . . . FOUHdCY'S Day Thursday, May 1, 8 P. M. . . Julia Spear Prize Reading for Women Friday, May 30 .... ..... M emorial Day Monday, June 9, to Saturday, June 21 . Monday, June 16, to Saturday, June 21 . Wednesday, June 18, to Friday, June 20 . Saturday, June 21, 8 P. M. . . . . Final Examinations . Final Examinations in Medicine . . Entrance Examinations . Kingsley Prize Speaking Sunday, June 22, 3 P. M. .....,. Baccalaureate Sermon M0HC121y, June 23 .... Class Day. Semi-annual meeting of the Board of Trustees Tuesday, June 24 Alumni Dayg Annual Meeting of the Phi Beta Kappa Societyg Presidents Re- ception, Fraternity Reunions Wednesday, June 25 Academic Procession, 109th Annual Commencement: Close of the I22d year Thursday, June 26 . . , , , of the University . Summer vacation begins June 30 to August 8 ........... Summer School Wednesday, September 17, to Saturday, September 30 Entrance Examinations, Examinations in Wednesday, September 24 ...... Medicine for Advanced Standing . . . First half-year begins Salufdal Ocmbel' 4 - - . Freshman Prize Entrance Examinations begin -.7 . W ' ' ' ' 2:Q.1z551'12gsfa5gig5fggi? , ,i'- 1 A sg-.2-far. A. A. fm Q U, if nw L -Vi. j V f fl 2 w , , Y 'ix , ff X if X X r Q7 ,..-an BX WTR ' ""1.., Aaiix EE x we 1':""f-x ' H Y- kg' QQ, MA QQ gggnggfg E -ff.. A Aliiigi 4" E1-5 any-35 2 1-.-'e f 'gif'-R, vs- ju 4-- 1' V 5 1'-.A:-'1:1:,:2:2:5,5:g:f:5.1:5:g:g.::,..154 A . N 523225522225522222222222?e2"A.,s1IA -f Jw ' A KSHA-im:s:1:1:3:is:a:5:s:a:a.11'fr :df f x - ' 1 .. . . . I I y A- ' K Eifflafiflfif'.fZfIf1fZf7fZfZEZg'iii " , N ' i I 2 A A A A 4 , lp. ' V , 1--"1:A1.1A.a:s:2:s:5:s:s:A:s:H4.Al ' 1 -, A A f . X I x I' ' . ' 'A y A - - .' X ' 3115321f3E5E3.::5i3Eg.,.,2..5Ej" x i ' V A A W s Q- - 4' A V- . A - N - p .-f.-.-.-:-:-:-:-:':4:-:-:-''- . -- f N f 'iglvlg : '-:-:f:5:1:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:+'f- ' 2 r r V - A. . A A - . 1511 -Eff.'f:3:A:fz:a:s:s:5:2si,za px ' I ' !, W EEE I ' 1' Y ' 1 W3:22s2:2f2fz2afe2aff2a'Aizazffff1 xl -1 1 V ' ffgzgzgzgsz ,A . i QQ . - A u-ff V A .- -1-:-:-z-:-:-:-:-:-:iF:-41-:iz-. -2213. ' .5 '2:?:5:5:5:2:5:5:3:7:3:?! iii" .- If 1. 'T' - I ' - 1 'Aff t4':z:f:s:5:2:2:zy-.A:2- , -:- H A05 - Irfwsffszasesaiz',.s:,:r P l '3 A '1.11'-A'1:2:5:A:a:1s:f:s'f:s:s1:f:sf'A.zA::- 1 A A- 'f X A '12Eisgzge2fg2gz5ffQ5a51E2f23sfy5"AzA5sz2a V I bv f',AQ?g2ggsgs5s3fqjgg":f:f'"gagf:5gs2fEs:2iz2 1' ' .I f , : 5- '- ' xl 'EEQEQ''5EQE5fQff5fEfffIQS3:Q:,l,:5EQfEQ5l1::" Y -.fl ' . 1 ' '1 31-,-:7'1:f:2'E3.1:515172513131'f,-:4,-:'.- .g..... , A, f ' ' ,AAA ..,. A QQ Q AAAQQQQA A, ,.,. Q, Q A 31- Q' Srrfitfz- . -I-Z'-F2-I-I ' ' I+! ."' , A-' ,, , A . Eiiiifiiffffz-1-:ft f1E3f5:3:7:f' N .-:-:-:-:-:2f55ff- N - - :55.' ':a:2:3:AAA:af:af - -5:3-111. A - -: A , ' ?231f151?S5E5E5E5E:1:' -. . ri...l.' f -., "f:1: Ii:3fE:3:Q:2:Q:3:5:,... '- ".:j:1' -:-:!.-.-zgagz-:5Q:7 L 3+-' ' EE-2. I A ..... . ..,. .A ..,.. ............. A Am. .. .... . A A.-.A -V A P ' ' 1 Af :IA "?51'FE:"ir1-5-.-.A A - ' A ' 7:7ff5:1:?:Q:2:2ti'5"""'':3:5:5:5":5iE?f:-. . ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' ,'4'1fQQfLEPZE'12-ifgxx Q Q EQFYQQQQQQQQQQ. . Q Q::.:Q,.:Q .:5535E55:::-q,idQQQQQQ: QQ Q Q Q, A Q Q Q Q: 55, Q2 m s . : -: ,"fr.-':v1"'EH.EEEE1 '. ., - W: ,- J- :-.3 'mfbff -+--'YI-Tfx'. ' ' - 'f- '- - . -Jr Q 'J ' ' 4- Pig: Q- . S gg' n2'::::-P15-U-121553551-F3-" - Q 1 .se at be yaruligae ae Arnhvntir Fltarultg Guy Potter Benton, D.D., LL.D. ..... 28 University Place President 1911 X A.B. '93 Baker: A.M. '96 Baker. '06 Ohio Wesleyan: LL.D. '05 Upper Iowa, '06 Ohio Wes- leyan, 'll Vermont: D.D., '00, Baker. QA9, 'I' BK, TKA. George Henry Perkins, Ph.D., LL.D. . . . 205 South Prospect Steet Dean of College of Arts anal Sciences, 1907: Howard Professor of Natural History: Curator of tl-ie Museum Zoology, Botany and Geology, 1869-81: Dean of Department of Natural Sciences, l88l- I907: A.B. '67, Ph.D. '69 Yale: I..L.D. 'll Vermont. BSU, AXP, CIPBK. Rev. John Ellsworth Goodrich, D.D ..... 483 Main Street .x Professor Emeritus of Latin, 1907 Professor of Rhetoric and Latin, l872-77: Greek ancl Latin, I877-875 Professor of Latin, 1881: Dean of Department of Arts, 1902-07: A.B. '53, A.M. '56, D.D. '97 Vermont: An- dover Theological Seminary '78, AXP, TBK. Samuel Franklin Emerson, Ph.D. ..... 56 Summit Street Professor of History and Sociology, 1889 Professor of Greek and Modern Languages, l88l-89. A.B. '72 Yale: Ph.D. '85 Amherst: Q Union Theological Seminary '78. ANP. Nathan Frederick Merrill, Ph.D. ...... l South College Pomeroy Professor of Chemistry, 1889 Dean of Department of Chemistry: Professor of Chemistry and Physics, l885-89. B.S. '70 M. I. T.: Ph.D. '72 Zurich, ATSZ, Archibald Lamont Daniels, Sc.D. . . . X . . 49 Mansfield Avenue Williams Professor of Nlathematics 1886 and 1894 ' Instructor in Mathematics, 1885-86: Professor of Mathematics and Physics, l889-94. AB. '76 Michigan: Sc.D. '85 Princeton. Josiah William Votey, Sc.D ...... 489 Main Street Dean of College of Engineering, 1901: Flint Professor of Civil Engineering, 1894 Instructor in Civil Engineering, 1884-90: Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, l890-94. ' CE. '84, ScD. 'll Vermont. QBK. Joseph Lawrence l-lills, Sc.D ..... 59 North Prospect Street Dean of College of Agriculture, 1898: Professor of Agronomy, 1908 Professor of Agricultural Chemistry, l893-l908. B.S. '8l Massachusetts Agricultural College, Boston University: Sc.D. '03 Rutgers. KE, AZ. X Frederick Tapper, Jr., Ph.D., L.l-l.D. . . . l79 North Prospect Street . Professor of the English Language ,anal Literature, 1894 A-B. '90 Charleston: Ph.D. '93 Johns Hopkins: L.l-l.D. '06 Vermont. ATU, QBK. 14 TI-IE ARIEL, 1914 Frank Abiram Rich, V.S., M.D. ..... 88 South Union Street Professor of Veterinary Science, 1901 V.S. '89 Ontario Vet. Collegeg M.D. '93 Vermont. CIJX. Allison Wing Slocum, A.M ..... 295 Maple Street Professor of Physics, 1894 A.B. 'SS Haverfordg A.M. '91 Harvard. Anton H. Appelmann ...... 238 South Willard Street Professor of the German Language anal Literature Ph.D.g Studied at the Universities of Munster, Strassburg, Paris, Basel and Zurich: Har- vard Exchange Professor, 1912. Edward Robinson, B.S ...... , 25 Colchester Avenue Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 1902 xflharles Whitney Mixter, Ph.D. .... 93 South Willard Street Professor of Political Economy, 1903 A.B. '92 Johns Hopkinsg A.M. '93, Ph.D. '97 Harvard. Elbridge Churchill Jacobs, B.S. ..... 1 18 Pearl Street Professor of Analytical Chemistry ana' Mineralogy, 1903, Secretary of the Faculty Instructor in Mineralogy, Assaying and Qualitative Analysis, 1899-01. Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Mineralogy, 1901-03, B.S. '97 M. I. T. ATU. Samuel Elliott Bassett, Ph.D ...... 14 Summit Street Professor of tlie Creek Language and Literature, 1905 A.B. '98, Ph.D. '05 Yale. AAT, QBK. Arthur Beckwith Myrick, Ph.D. ..... 433 Main Street Professor of the Romance Languages and Literature, 1905. A.B. '00, A.M. '01, Ph.D. '04 Harvard. Marbury Bladen Ogle, Ph.D ...... 437 Main Street Professor of the Latin Language and Literature, 1907 , A.B. '02, Ph,D. '07 Johns Hopkins. CIUBK. James Franklin Messenger, Ph.D. ..... 164 Summit Street Professor of the Theory ancl Practice of Education, 1909 . A.B. '95 Kansasg A.M. '01 Harvard: Ph.D. '03 Columbia. EN. Bertha Mary Terrill, A.M. ....... Howard Hall Adviser of Women, 1911: Professor of Home Economics, 1909 A.B. '96 Mt. Holyoke: A.M. '07 Chicago. Marshall Baxter Cummings, Ph.D ..... 230 Loomis Street Professor of Horticulture, 1909 B.S. '01 Vermontg M.S., '04 Maineg Ph.D. '09 Cornell. EE, TA, AZ. '1'Absent on leave. VOLUME XXVII I5 Asa Russell Gifford, A.lVI. ....... 349 Pearl Street Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy, 1909 AB. '04 Wesleyan, lVl.A. '07 Yale. fIfN9, 'l'BK. Benjamin Franklin Lutman, Ph.D. ..... 82 Brookes Avenue Professor of Plant Pathology, 1910 AB. '06 Missouri, Ph.D. '09 Wisconsin. AZ. George Plumer Burns, Ph.D ..... 498 South Willard Street Professor of Botany, 1910 B.S., A.lVl., '98, Ohio Wesleyang Ph.D. '00 Munich. 'PAQ TBK, 25. Robert Douglas Thompson, B.S. .... 32 Middle Converse Hall Assistant Professor and Acting Head of tlie Department of Electrical Engineering BS. '07 Harvard. Austin Foster Hawes, A.B., lVl.l:. fState Foresterj . 43 North Prospect Street Professor of Forestry, 1910 AB. 'Ol Tuftsg lVl.F. '03 Yale. ZXI' Henry Farnham Perkins, Ph.D. .... 205 South Prospect Street Professor of Zoology, 1911 AB. '98 Vermont, Ph.D. '02 Johns Hopkins. AXP, 'I'BK. Andrew Allen Borland, lVl.S ...... 35 Wilson Street A ' Professor of Animal and Dairy Husbandry, 1911 BS. '09 Pennsylvania State, lVl.S. 'll Wisconsin. AZ. Ira Louis Reeves, U. S. A .... . I4 Summit Street Commandant and Professor of Military Science and Tactics, 1912 George Howard Burrows, B.S. .... 299 South Union Street Assistant Professor of Chemistry B.S. '99 Vermont. QBK. Max Walter Andrews, A.lVl ...... 2l5 Pearl Street Professor of Public Speatlfingf Registrar and Business Director A.B. '99, A.lVl. '03 Vermont. 11759, CPBK. Charles Allen Kern, B.S. ..... 72 South Winooski Avenue Assistant Professor of Chemistry B.S. '0l Vermont. TAG. William T. Jackman, A.lVl .... - - - 99 Buell Street I Assistant Professor of Economics and Accounting AB. '96, A.M. '00, Toronto Arnold Warburten Lahee, A.lVl. . . . . 35 North Converse l'lall ' Acting Professor of Economics, 1912 A.lVl. 'l2 Harvard. 16 TI-I E. ARIEL, 1914 Wellington Estey Aiken, A.lVl. .... ll-2 Loomis SUGCT ' Assistant Professor of English A.B. '02 A.lVl. '04 Vermont. EN, fPBK. James William Elliott, C.E ....... I7 Aclsit Court Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering CE.. '08 Iowa State College. . Evan Thomas, B.S. ...... 52 North Prospect Street Associate Professor of Mathematics fEngineeringj B.S. 76, Dennison. X William Lawrence Fulton, B.S. .... 89 North Prospect Street Assistant Professor of Mathematics fffngineeringj and Civil Engineering B.S. '04 Mississippi. Zlnatrurtura James Eaton . ..... 43 South Prospect Street Instructor in Mechanical Practice M. l. T. Harold Fletcher Barton, lVl.S ..... 163 Loomis Street Instructor in Electrical Engineering B.S. "OS, M.S. '09 Vermont. KIDAS. Arne Kristopher Peitersen, A.lVl. ..... l No. Converse Hall Instructor in Botany and Dcnrtrology Andrew Hall Holt, B.S. ..... 30 North Winwski Avenue Instructor in Civil Engineering B.S. 'l2 Vermontg AT9, fI'BK. l-lenry Washington Blackburn, BUS. . . . . 31 South Converse Hall Instructor in Mechanical Engineering B.S. '08 M. I. T. Willis Brainard Robinson, A.B. Frederick William Stone . Instructor in Mathematics Professor of Physical Education anal Director of the Julian Ira Lindsay, A.M. . Instructor in English AB. '08 Clark, A.M. 'IO I-Iarvard, Kflf. Raymond Terry Burdick, B.S. Instructor in Agronomy . 25 No. Converse Hall . V2 Colchester Avenue Cymnasium 22 South Converse l-lall I 20 Colchester Avenue VOLUME XXVII 17 Harold Russell Murdock, B.S ..... . 2 Bradley Place Instructor in Chemistry B.S. 'l2 Vermont. ATU. William Francis Griffin, -lr., A.B. .... I8 Bradley Place Instructor in German and French AB. 'll Boston University. Josephine Atlee Marshall, B.S ..... Grassmount Instructor in Home Economics BS. 'll Columbia. Jennie Lena Rowell, B.S. ...,. 89 South Willard Street Instructor in Chemistry U-lomc Economics, B.S. '09 Vermont. HBfP, TBK. Bernard Albert Chandler, B.S., M.l7. . . 82 Brookes Avenue Instructor in Forestry , B.S. '09 Maineg 1VI.F. 'll Yale. CPKE. Sperial lflmurera Henry Bigelow Shaw, Ph.B., LLB .... 253 South Union Street Lecturer on Commercial Law NPh.B. '96 Vermontg LL.B. '00 Harvard. ET Rev. Isaac Chipman Smart, D.D. .... 71 South Willard Street Lecturer on Biblical Literature A.B. 'Sl Amherstg D.D. '07 Middlebury. A543 Edmund Curis Mower, A.M., LL.B. . . . 204 South Willard Street Lecturer onllnternational Lan: AB. '92, A.M. '94 Vermontg LLB. '96 University of New York City. QA9. Mabel E.. Stone ........ Lyman Hall Instructor in Physical Education for Women John Kielle Hooper ....... U. S. Weather Bureau Lecturer on Meteorology ' Cassius Peck . ..... Experiment Farm Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Lawrence Warddell Swan, A.B. .... I04 Leslie Terrace - Secretary to the President A.B. 'lo Miami. BCPH, 4IbBK, ' Irving Lyman Rich, A.B., LL.B. . . . . 45 Milk Street, Boston Alumni Field Secretary A.B. '02 Vermontg LL.B. Harvard, '05. EN. 18 TI-IE ARIEL, 1914 Ellen Donahue Raine . . . . . 'Essex Junction Assistant Treasurer of the University Roy David Sawyer, Ph.B. .... 36 Grant Street Executive Clerk Ph.B '12 Vermont. Eff. Margaret Adelle Orton ....... 64 Buell Street Stcnograplier in the Office of the Dean of the College of Agriculture Ruth l-lelen C-regory, Ph.B ...... 56 Elmwood Avenue Assistant in the Ojice of the Registrar Helen Barnes Shattuck, A.B. . . . 69 North Prospect Street Librarian A.B. '00 Smith Mary Russell Bates, Ph.B. . . . 31 Loomis Street Cataloguer Ph.B. '94 Vemont. KA9, KTIBK, . Ruth Ford Catlin ..... 292 Pearl Street Library Assistant Estelle Kinney Donoway ..... Cmrassmount Matron of the University fllflrhirali iltarultg l-lenry Crain Tinkham, M.D. . . . 46 North Winooski Avenue Dean of the Department of lllerlicineg Professor of Clinical Surgery lVl.D. '82 Vermont. AM. James Nathaniel Jenne, lVl.D. ..... 272 Main Street Professor of Therapeutics ana' Clinical Medicine Albert Freeman Africanus King, A.lVl., lVl.D., l..L.D. . . Washington, D. C. I Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women lVl.D. '61 Columbian CC1eorge Washingtonjg '65 Pennsylvaniag LLD. '04 Vermont. AM, QZK, John Brooks Wheeler, A.B., lVl.D. . . 210 Pearl Street Professor of Surgery A.B. '75 Vermontg lVl.D. '79 Harvard. 2413, QX. Clarence l-lenry Beecher, lVl.D. .... 42 North Winooski Avenue Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine MD. '00 Vermont. AM. Bingham Hiram Stone, lVl.S., lVl.D .... 497 South Willard Street Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology AB. '97, lVl.D. '00, lVl.S. '06 Vermont. ATO, AM, QBK. VOLUME XXVII I9 Charles Solomon Caverly, A.B., M.D. . . . . Rutland, Vt. Professor of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine A.B. '78 Dartmouthg M.D. 'Bl Vermont. AM. Frecl Kinney Jackson, A.B., M.D. .... 404 Pearl Street , Professor of Physiology A.B. '97, M.D. '99 Vermont. QA9, AM. Davicl Marvin, M.D. ........ Essex junction Professor of Pharmacology and Malaria Meclica M.D. '00 Vermont. AM. Thomas Stevens Brown, M.D ...... 85 Grant Street Thayer Professor of Analomy and Secrelary of the Facully M.D. '04 Vermont. AM. 3lnztrurtnrn Patrick Eugene McSweeney, M.D. . . . , . . 37 Elmwood Avenue Adjuncl Professor of Olzsleirics M.D. '86 Vermont. AM. Lyman Allen, A.B., M.D. . , .... 288 Main Street Acljunci Professor of Surgery A.B. '93, M.D. '96 Vermont. 2419, AM, CPBK. Joseph Antoine Archambault, M.D. . . . . Essex Junction Adjunct Professor of Chemistry M.D. 'OI Vermont. AKK. Frederick Ellsworth Clark, M.D. , . . . 88 College Street Acljuncl Professor of Palhology M.D. '94 Vermont. QJX. 7 Charles Flagg Whitney, MS., M.D ...... Essex Junction Assislanl Professor of Physiological Chemislry anal Toxicology Ernest Hiram Buttles, A.B., M.D. .... 52 North Winooski Avenue Adjunct Professor of Bacteriology ancl Clinical Palhalogy AB. '01, M.D. '08 Vermont. KZ, AM. Marshall Coleman Twitchell, M. D. . . ' . . . I62 College Street Professor of Diseases of the Eye, Ear and Throat M.D. '93 Vermont. AM. Judson Earl Cushman ...... 31 School Street A Professor of Medical jurisprudence Godfrey Roger Pisek, BS., M.D. ...... New York City Professor of Pediatrics B.S. '94 New York Universityg M.D. '97 New York University ancl Bellevue Hospital. XPT, AKK, 20 THE A RIEL., 1914 Frederick William Sears, A.lVl., M.D. . . . . Professor of Diseases of the Nervous System M.D. '86 Aberdeen University fscotlandl. AKK. Watson Lovell Wasson, lVl.D ..,. Professor of Mental Diseases M.D. 'Ol Vermont. AKE flVliclclleburyJ, AKK. Charles Ayer Peters, M.D. .... . Professor of Dermatology M.D. '98 McGill. Frederick H. Albee, A.B., M.D. . Professor of Orthopedic Surgery A.B. '99 Bowdoin: M.D. '03 Harvard. KE. Major James S. Wilson, M.D., U.S.A Professor of Tropical Diseases M.D. '92 Virginia. William Warren Townsend, M.D. . Professor of Cenito-Urinary Surgery M.D. '93 Vermont. TX. Joel Williston Wright, A.M., M.D. . I. . . Emeritus Professor of the Principles and Practice of Su M.D. '66 College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York City. Rudolph August Witthaus, A.lVl., M.D. . . . . Emeritus Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology M.D. '75 New York University and Bellevue Hospital. 'l"Cliflord Atherton Pease, M.D. . . . . Instructor in Clinical Surgery M.D. '99 Vermont. AM. Harris Ralph Watkins, B.I..., M.D. . . Instructor in Clinical Medicine B.l... '88 Dartmouthg M.D. '90 Vermont. AKE, AM. . Montreal, P. Q. Waterbuw . Montreal, P. Q. . New York City Fort Ethan Allen . Rutland Lake Placid, N. Y. rgery . New York City l02 College Street . 384 Main Street John Hazen Dodds, M.D. ..... 59 South Winooski Avenue Instructor in Anestlielization M.D. '98 Vermont. AKK. Walter James Dodd, M.D. .... . Instructor in Radiography M.D. '08 Vermont. George Millar Sabin, B.S., M.D. .... l7l Instructor in Gynecology anal Clinical Surgery BS. '96, M.D. '00 Vermont. 4959, AM. . Boston, Mass. South Union Street VOLUME XXVII 21 Daniel Augustus Shea, M.D. . . . 96 North Champlain Street Inslruclor in Medicine and Physical Diagnosis M.D. '06 Vermont. 'PX John H. Woodruff, M.D. ..... Barre Instructor in Surgery A.B. '05 Bowdoin: M.D. '08 Maine. AXP fvermontj, QAX. John Alexander Hunter, M.D. ...... Essex Junction Instructor in Anatomy, Embryology and Histology M.D. 'll Vermont. AM. Matthew Henry Hunter, M.D. .... . Essex Junction Instructor in Medicine and Physical Diagnosis M.D. 'l0 Vermont. AM. Oliver Newell Eastman, M.D ..... 29 South Winooski Avenue Instructor in Obstetrics M.D. '09 Vermont. AKK. ' Y Morgan Brewster Hodskins, M.D. .... . Palmer, Mass. Instructor in Neuro-pathology M.D. '99 Vermont. AKK. William Sticlcney, B.l..., M.D ..... . Rutland 4 ' Instructor in Orthopedic Surgery M.D. '03 Dartmouth. Sidney l... Morrison, M.D. ..... . 229 Pearl Street s Instructor in Clinical Surgery M.D. 'IO Vermont. Barnet Joseph, A.B., M.D. ..... IZ9 South Willard Street R Laboratory Instructor in Anatomy and Pathology M.D. '04 Long Island College Hospital. Arthur D. Bush, M.D ....... I4 Hungerford Terrace lnstructor in Physiology and Pharmacology 1 M.D. 'Ol Atlanta College of Physicians and Surgeons. Assistants in Ollinirat mehirinr Aymer S. C. Hill, M.D. ..... . . Winooski George Eugene Latour, M.D. - 31 Elmwood Avenue Charles Norman Perkins, M.D. . 274 Pearl Stfeet Bird A. Bombard, Nl. D. . - 185 Pine Street Charles Kimball Johnson, M.D. - 75 Grant Street TI-IE ARIEL., I9 Elie Sftanhing, Cltnmmittveu nf the Hninrrzitg Senate COMMITTEE ON SCHEDULE Professors Stetsoni, Andrews, Daniels, Gifford, Dr, Brown COMMITTEE ON CURRICULA Professors Bassett, Emerson, Hills, Myrick, Dr. Jenne COMMITTEE ON DEGREES Professors Emerson, Votey, Hills, Ogle, Burns COMMITTEE ON STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS Professors Ogle, Jacobs, F. W. Stone, Reeves, Dr. Jackson COMMITTEE ON UNIVERSITY PRESS Mr. Swan, Mr. Hooper, Professors Andrews, Hawes, Robinson, Dr. Wheeler COMMITTEE ON STUDENT PUBLICATIONS Professors Tupper, Aiken, Lahee, Gifford, Mr. Lindsay COMMITTEE ON ATHLETICS Dr. Beecher, Professors Bu-rns, Stetsonl, Fulton, F. W. Stone COMMITTEE ON BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS Professor Burns, Mr. Swan, Mr. Peck fappointed by the Board of Trusteesl COIWMITTEE ON RULES, REGULATIONS AND DISCIPLINE Professors Hills, Perkins, Votey, Merrill, Emerson, Thomas, Bassett, Dr. Tinkham, Miss Terrill COMMITTEE ON LIBRARY Professors Cx. H. Perkins, Goodrich, Tupper, Miss Shattuck, Dr. Clark. COIVIMITTEE ON PUBLICITY Professors Robinson, Messenger, Elliott, Myrick, Aiken COMMITTEE ON CYMNASIUM Professors F. W. Stone, Reeves, Stetsonl, Mcsweeney, Fulton COMMITTEE ON STUDENTS' HOMES, BOARDINC AND HEALTH Dr. Tinkham, Nliss Terrill, Dr. Allen, Professors Jacobs, Andrews, Borland COMMITTEE ON RELIGIOUS SERVICE AND WORK Professors Gifford, H. F. Perkins, Jackman, Goodrich, Miss Terrill COMMITTEE ON SCHOLARSHIPS Professors Votey, Hawes, Burrows, Myriclc, Andrews, Dr. Jenne, Mr. Smith fTreas.D COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC CEREMONIES Professors H. F. Perkins, Gifford, Merrill, Ogle, B. H. Stone, Mr. Hooper, Mr. Swan COMMITTEE ON ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS AND CREDITS Registrar Andrews and the Deans COMMITTEE ON SUMMER TERM Professors Messenger, Thomas, Jacobs, Borland, Bassett COMMITTEE ON UNIVERSITY EXTENSION Professors Merrill, Burrows, Messenger, Hills, Tupper COMMITTEE ON MILITARY DEPARTMENT Professors Reeves, F. W. Stone, Daniels COMMITTEE ON STUDENT FINANCES Professors Slocum, Thomas, Robinson, Jackman, Kern, Mr. Rich COMMITTEE ON APPOINTMENTS AND EMPLOYMENT Professors Slocum, Thomas, Robinson, Jackman, Kern, Rich COMMITTEE ON MEDICAL EXAMINATION AND SUPERVISION Dr. Allen, Dr. Beecher, Dr. Brown, Prof. B. H. Stone, Dr. Joseph The President of the University is a member ex-oficio of a-ll committees lDeceased. .ELSE Jiskrtili sf . 4' .' -1 --, .:, , 1, rr L, A -.f . f., i.- -.I-uh.: -- ,L .W , ,, .. . ,, 4. i s-.IGM .:. :' ' -ci'-sn .4-. 41-.'11P?"' ' 'rx . .4 ' W- ' Cf' - H , -f" QQ-6 ' 4 '-6 ' " " " v-. x c ' f - . ' 4' -.ff.'.::-.1 .:'-4:-...Q-.v:n.1-..' 'nsgzz-.-.3-1-or zzrgq... -x 1, t ,Q r , , :.. , V. . . ,,,- T. wpr g. ,ru A eff: --H5751 au ? ' f ' . S2 Qs-est-xffffktrrl-2:-:,:zo,-I 2-:-4-q-::r:-,v,:r,'g1- 'i' L'-' RFQ. Jus- - rv .QA -, A 41 1 41-'g--Fffs-Ewar-2:q::.,rra'--'Ip-:.mane: . I.:-Hxfifsgmfrisrruegs:Hiasr-'-naypiff, .rin ,t Yi - ,Q I .-+3 2 3YS5ai1::2:cf9.43Qrarf-Q-sggmz-:11:15:43: ' .. - 1., . ,. V..-fe: ..,.- . . . ' ' ef-afivnaafil1356?-EAW-vrigiiiliflmg Q, Jfirw e.s-3127944-nerr,xanax-milf22,22-5.1.1525-,rr2'sn:f.1f., an-':a:?fz+:u2'3 -frinrkxivx-2',2z5fr-:r',i'r fqwsyrnrfsfsfrng -rr 'wr :ieisr-Sf 5-tau' .',u,.A' -:f.:..rf 'f-., ,3-.sf :MV 'ms'-P 1-:4 -. . -.,.,.,g. 4.,,. -1.5 . . ,'-.-: ..L.1r: -f- .1 .yon J. ppl- .g. A f-mal :iii 5292 1 PRE L- ME L-r?R , , ,Z is 1 F31 'f ,u af Nr- Sits'-12. at-ru '1-- 'P 1.1-' dr' rf-:-s' vi..-5: an-a-1 . . rw. ' .1 - -, - .ut A., ..- .P .5 so err- Q, .- .X .f--f - .1 .5 v. pg.-H 422. ,542 f' W xgfq-" '-ijt:-" 155- " .'-F -12: of-, "4-1 - A .- .ie . -::- 231 1 .2 .url , - ,-. .1-. .-Q, 'W :rig 'I V. f-A ..x. rl r ..E::.. .-......u:R-3.2-..-1.-. .EJ,i.:...:1 -.r.:M.rin-........rga1'. ...-...g.:.e.,x1 rr .S2J..! .f 51:25 .. :Ar-it-.. ..117e:.t .125 ,.: . ..i,.55 JESS Aunnriatr Alumni mfs Qbffirerz President Eclmuncl C. Mower, '92 . . . Burlington Vice-Presiclent Charles Lamb, ,93 . . Lawfencg, Secretary Charles E. Allen, '59 . . Burlington Treasurer Henry Cx. Fuller, '06 . . . Burlington Exerutiuv Qinmmiitzn Cn H. Burrows, '99 . . Burlington T. C. Cheney, '9l . . Morrisville Irving l... Rich, '02 . Cambridge, Mass. Albert Cx. Whittemore, '67 . Burlington Q fbhihmrg Qinmmitiee Rev. E.. Goodrich, '52 . Burlington Rev. G. Y. Bliss, '89 . Burlington W. B. Gates, 'Sl . . Burlington H. L. Ward, '82 . . Burlington il Breakfast Qlnmmiiirr Dr. F. K. Jackson, '99 . Burlington F. R. Wells, '93 . . Burlington Dr. Cu. M. Sabin, '96 . . Burlington Miss Ruth Votey, 'l l . Burlington Miss Marguerite Jones, 'II . Burlington Ahuiznrg Cinmmittes nn Atlrlrtirs Dr. Lyman Allen, '96 . Burlington H. B. Shaw, '96 . . Burlington J. I-I. Macomber, '90 . . Burlington Cifnmmiitrz In Nominate Alumni Efrusier John Allen, '62 . Brooklyn, N. Y. Ralph A. Stewart, ,93 Boston, Mass. fFor three yearsl Z4 TI-IE ARIEL., 1914 ' 15. H. fill. Alumnae Annuriaiinn Miss Effie Moore, '76 ....... President Miss Helen Hendee, '98 . . Vice-President Miss Sarah Martin, '76 Secretary Miss Helen Barton, '09 ...... Treasurer Hermuni State Alumni Aaanriatinn Charles D. Watson, '84, St. Albans ..... President Dr. Charles S. Caverly, '81, Rutland . .' . Vice-President Herbert H. Blanchard, '92, Springfield . . . Vice-President H. C. Shurtleff, '95, Montpelier .... Secretary and Treasurer Exrrutiur Qlnmmittrs Guy W. Bailey, '00 E. W. Lawrence, '01 W. R. Austin, '99 Levi P. Smith, '08 Thomas C. Cheney, '91 Nun Englanh Alumni Amauriatinn CMEETING IN BosToND George W. Stone, '84, Boston .... President Dr. Frank H. Clapp, '88, Boston . Vice-President Ralph A. Stewart, '93, Boston . Vice-President Albert E. Lewis, '97, Boston . . Vice-President Dr. Peer P. Johnson, '98, Beverly . . Vice-President Carroll W. Doten, '95, Boston . . Vice-President Rev. Alfred A. Wheeler, '03, Providence . . . Chaplain James D. Brennan, '03, Boston .... . Auditor Exerntiur Qlnmntitter Frank Stinson, '81 H. W. Chittenden '01 George H. Randall '91 Dr. C. Parker Holt, '01 James Donahue, '02f R. D. H. Emerson, '04, 24 Milk Street, Boston . Secretary and Treasurer E.. H. Lawton, '09, 24 Milk Street, Boston . Assistant Secretary and Treasurer 5.1132 Illusion Alumni Auanriatinn i Frank W. Stinson, '71 ....... Secretary Thomas C. Hill, M. D., '93 ...... Vice-President Frank F. Kendall, '08, 8 Beacon Street, Boston Secretary and Treasurer VOLUME XXVII 25 Western Qlllammrhnueiin ftltlrhiral Alumni Amanriatinn C. W. Jackson, '84, M. D., Monson, Mass ..... President J. P. Schneider, '94, M.D., Palmer, Mass. . Vice-Pre5ident C. Downey, ,94, M. D., Springfield, Mass. . . . Secretary Uhr New Hurt: 2-Xfranrintinn CFOR NEW YORK CITY AND VICINITYD John Allen, 189 Montague St., Brooklyn .... President Fred B. Wright, I52 Franklin Street. New York City . . Vice-President Walton P. Kingsley, Riverdale-on-Hudson, N. Y. . Secretary and Treasurer Eirrrinrz John Allen Walter C. Flanders Dr. John Macphee Philip Ross, Walton P. Kingsley Dr. Samuel Lloyd Frederick Billings Fred B. Wright Dr. John M. Wheeler Henry C. Clement Don M. Rice E. E. Dickinson E. Armstrong Dana Woodman Flhe Eastern New Burk Ananriatinn CMEETING IN ALBANY, TROY OR SCHENECTADYD Dr. Clarence E.. Carruth, '80, Cohoes, N. Y. fDeceasedD . . President Dr. Frank Sherman, ,OO ..... . Vice-President Rev. Charles M. Sturgess, ,OO ...... Vice-President Dr. John Burke, ,O5 ....... Vice-President H. P. Hudson, '02, 183 Furman Street, Schenectady, N. Y. Secretary and Treasurer Willard C. Adams, '09 ...... Assistant Secretary Ezcvrntiue Olnmmitter The above named officers and Zenas B. Whitney, ,74 Edward T. Shaw, 'O4 Dr. Miles E. Varney, '89 Uh? mnahinginn CE. 01.5 Alumni Aasnrintinn William Stuart, '94 ........ President Dr. G. B. Babbitt, ex-'89 . . . . Vice-Presldent Perley Spaulding ,,,. . Secretary and Treasurer Ezczrniine Uummiitee W. L. Goss C. B. Sornborger 26 TI-IE ARIEL, 1914 Western Alumni Annnrintinn CMEETING IN CHICAGOD Dr. Rufus W. Bishop, '77 ..... President R. D. Kellogg, '00 ...... . . . Secretary lixrruiiur Qlnmmiitrr Albert C. Barnes, '76 Frank D. Farr, '92 Horace K. Tenney, ,80, Paul P. Harris, '89 Howard H. Marsh, '03 liniuzrziilg nf Hermnnt Alumni Azuurintinn uf Snuthrrn Qlnlifnrnia Hon. Julian Phelps, '64, Hollywood, Cal. ..... President Allan P. Nichols, Esq., ,89, of Pomona, Cal. . . . First Vice-President John A. Goodrich, Esq., '93, Pasadena, Cal. . . Second Vice-President H. O. Wheeler, Jr., '07, Los Angeles, Cal. . .... Treasurer Hniuerailg uf Hvrmnnt Alumni Aasnriniinn nf Nurihrrn Glnlifnrnia John B. Stearns, Berkeley, Cal. ...... President J. H. Brackett, '03, Berkeley, Cal. . Secretary F. C. Wells, Oakland, Cal. ...... Treasurer 35. H. ill. flillvhirul Alumni Aaauriatinn J. H. Woodward . . . . . . President M. R. Crain . . First Vice-President F. H. Clapp . . Second Vice-President A. C. Bingham . Third Vice-President A. C. Holcomb . Fourth Vice-President J- E- Kenney . . Fifth Vice-President F. K. Jackson . . . . Secretary and Treasurer F. R. Stoddard C. A. Pease Exrruiiuv Qlnmmiitrr H. Beecher A. Archamhault Nvrrnlngg Alumni Bereasrh 1 H 1 2- 1 H 1 3 1847 REV. JOHN RUSSELL HERRICK, D.D. Born Milton, May 12, 1822 Died Chicago, Ill., July 26, 1912. 1853 REV. WILSON BARLOW, D.D. Born Westford, May 16, 1832 Died Dayton, Ohio, February 21, 1912 1854 GENERAL WILLIAM SMITH Born Orwell, March 26, 1831 Died Pelham Manor, N. Y., January 17, 1912 Ex-1858 WILLIAM SHALER JOHNSON Born Middletown, Conn., November 23, 1836 Died Chester, Pa., january 16, 1912 1860 REV. GEORGE PETRIE BEARD Born Orange, June 3, 1834 Died Knoxville, Tenn.. November 10, 1911 1862 HIRAM LEROY FULLER Born Dunham, P. Q., February 3, 1846 Died Sweetsburg, P. Q., April 30, 1912 I863' REV. CHARLES NELSON WILDER, D.D. Born Gardner, Mass., August 10, 1837 Died Chicago, lll., April 13, 1912 1884 HOMER CHARLES ROYCE Born East Berkshire, February 16, 1864 Died St. Albans, November 24, 1912 1898 RUSSELL WALES TAFT Born Burlington, May 4, 1878 Died Burlington, February 21, 1912 1899 ROBERT ASHTON LAWRENCE Born Rutland, October 15, 1878 Died Rutland, March 10, 1912 1900 JAMES CHESTERFIELD JONES Born Burlington, March 25, 1879 Died Mount Lowe, Cal., June 13, 1912 1903 REV. IVA PHELPS KELLOGG, JR. Born Weston, October 14, 1882 Died Florence, Mass., November 11, 1912 f x 5 7- ,. AA 1 I f 0 1 -4 - 1-wigkf Swiz-wg' :ffm his , fawqg, ' , gba un I N Ura? ff' A W I " M if 1 Y?ff :1 N7 f' ir KYAI- - P 'iv V 1 AN WS EZ' I W I,-'Abu vi' I-W Nfl! J w N ,, 1 ' ', 11' 1 3 Q 1' X Cxxfx -1 VKX: X 1' Wdnfillxj W wijg ' K'-sl if xxx 3 KJ , jak Q1 Hyxlnk Ly' 5 ' Q H Q M 'FT H . A lf' ,f M M P HH 'g ,-.- MK ld 5 .L fra' 35 ' :S , XX M M1 F , kj Q 3 JN fu C Q ji fp 41 1 -Q X2 fs , M -x XJ fi , .. , . JJ J le FN f 4 ,J I1 'N -rV ,X"'ix i-,A Rx K A QA? I7 ll I I Q H .-5: I .zNXN"VQ1N KL' ,fxk 'T xfx L .X if 5- .4,!. :X E Wi '. EJ V '1 I ' ' "L: "1 'f 1 Xiu X -ymxx W : QW fGV X 3 M4 1 f A ,V f- f - ws ' -W 72 if '31, 1 XI gxQ.j? 5, x L Lax Stxciigig L is wx' lu fb if ali: ' I 37 N 'Q X' 1 W?cm 1 ii? f. is ,shim M1 Wf T553 'R 1' 9, 5' -.T 5 .lit X' XE 4 Q - 'A - Aff, , X 1 'Qui . 15"A X'?-711 'wif-3 E 'Q EQ -fixi Nik sbvif -S12 '.. t? ,T x gg V-QM' 1 fi., ' ' - ffff dai? W 13ga:m1m:A 1'DG3Q.QSE'TE Q5 15 F1aEmaTgagQ my 1fm1.gaxwQgcQrwmE.f:gW,1muQ 'a1-N-faLBQKxKla,cJW g 5 3QmwcimL 1QFx Q1L,su2g'gX5xwVaxLu1Nc21imcg ,gpkai QLAEYS INEJLDELL1 2 L1HT..35Q "Wh Al1ffi0E1IfU2SiWZlJLLE,g f ' "' 15 'f I 5 VT J . "W H P ,r . 5 nQ.wn,mc,Q 2 mmf, sH,ggBwmmmQn1q 215 "7LT-'f'm"'f?fRif' 'Z , .. , .W f A - CARLTON BEECHER STETSON Deceased December 15, 1912 VOLUME XXVII 31 Elin lfimptg Glhair The old picture of mlqhe Empty Chairi' stirs by its appeal as eternal as the ages and as deep as the fountains are faces old and young with blurred eyes Hxed upon the mated by a vigorous personality that to the longing gazers take form before them and to H11 his old chair once more. very commonplaceness, an of life. Around the table vacant seat, so lately ani- the familiar figure seems to And thus in the circle of our college family, not so large but that each gives the other daily greeting, the chair that one of our number left such a little while' ago recalls at every German class-hour his masterful but kindly presence and awakens a hundred memories of the towering frame, the rich-voiced lecturer, the cheery laughter, the ringing song. "A high, degree of enthusiasm made all effort easy," wrote Professor Stetson some four years since in a delightful Cpnic sketch of a Harzreise of his younger days. Such was his spirit not only when he was thus world of Goethe's and l-leineis footprints, of this enthusiasm was his everlasting faith student love of sports, so dear to him in fostered by this Phi Beta Kappa man in during his German wander-years. This fleeting away the time carelessly in the golden but in all the ways of life. And the secret with youth. The student point of view, the his boyhood at l-lebron and at Colby, were many places, at Hopkins and at l-larvard, and sympathy with young life did not wane with grizzling beard, but waxed ever stronger in his service of six years at Exeter, of nine at Colby, often at Vermont. l-lis knowledge of athletics kept full pace with his zealous enthusiasm. The past twenty years knew no athlete of any repute, whose record he could not recallg no game of any importance, whose score was not fresh in his thought. l-le loved too the close companionship of younger men, and his brother Dekes must ever have rejoiced in him. Thus his own youth lingered late. It is hard to realize that when Godis finger touched him, he was so near to sixty. To most of us he seemed a dozen years younger. The zest for sport was but one side of the man. In him, as in all sound natures, there was little empty mirth, but a profoundly serious conception of the higher relations of life. To his church, to his college, to his people, his loyalty was flame-like. At St. Pauls, how' devoutly forward in good works, ever active in vestry and in men's 32 TI-IE ARIEL., 1914 club! At the University, how sensitively alive to the demands of his department, and to his students' needs! ln the classroom as on the playground, his genuine liking for his men won a hearty reciprocation that greatly deepened an inHuence always strong for good. l-lere the heart of the successful teacher gave a useful lesson to the head. As an adviser of young men he was at once practical, sympathetic and highminded: always ready, too, with helpful counsel, as the students of our Junior Society, which mourns the loss of its honorary member, sadly but proudly remember. "l..oclchart," Whispered brave old Sir Walter Scott in his last hour, "be a good man-be virtuous-be religious-be a good man. Nothing else will give you any com- fort, when you come to lie heref, Carlton Beecher Stetson, guide of some of us, col- league of others, companion and friend of us all, was a good man. N HPQ F QAQQ 1 i VOLUME XXVII 35 Svvninr 'iihitnrial We S599 HE. records and achievements of 1913 will soon be a matter of historyg gif: J one which has indeed been a survival of the httest. The sifting pro- f l fllydn. 1. :' sq, 'iq .- tw ' cess is, however, accomplished, and you will soon go out into the world to struggle for a livelihood. In the battle of life we wish you success. We cannot say that your methods on Proc Night had any semblance of fairness, but this could be attributed to your lack of numbers and it is not our purpose to bring up old scores here. As commencement draws nearer, you'll begin to feel serious, and doubtless your seriousness will be aug- mented by much solemn speechifying. May this transformation serve to engender in your lives a deeper feeling for Old Vermont. Bon voyage, l9l 3! v 36 THE ARIEL, I9l4 Svnninr Clllazn tmftirrrn Asa Schoonmal-:er Bloomer . . President Cora Alice Parkhurst . . Vice-President Nathaniel Carl Peterson . Treasurer Helen Martha Perine . . Secretary Fortis Harold Abbott, Ag., Randolph Center . . . Alpha Zeta House AZ, Randolph High School3 Class Baseball Cl, 2,3 Corporal Cl,3 Lieutenant C2,3 Cross Country Team C2, 3,3 Class Relay Team C2,, Varsity Track Augustus Wheeler Aldrich, Ag., Weathersheld .... 4 North College Vermont Academy, Class Squad Cl, 2,3 Sergeant Cl,3 Sergeant Major C2,: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C2, 3, 4,5 Cross Country Team C2, 3, 4,3 Captain Bertrand Fletcher Andrews, Cm., Burlington . . . Mary Fletcher Hospital KE: Burlington High School, Instrumental Club Cl, 2, 3,3 Class Football Cl, 2,3 Assist- ant Manager Cynic C3,, Manager C4,3 Junior Promenade Committee Bernice Gertrude Bartlett, L.S., Norwood, N. Y. . 203 South Willard Street KA93 Norwood High Schoolg Y. W. C. A. Cabinet C2, 4,3 Treasurer Y. W. C. A. C4,3 Vice-President C3, Homer Edgar Bartram, Ag., Winooski .... 291 East Allen Street AZ, Burlington High Schoolg Cynic Board Cl, 2, 3, 4,3 Class Squad C2,3 ARI!-:L Board C3,. Harold Story Batchelder, E.E., Burlington . . . 31 Lafayette Place Edmunds High School: Peerade Committee C2,3 Treasurer Electrical Society C3,3 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C3,3 Auditing Committee Asa Schoonmalier Bloomer, L.S., West 'Rutland . . Sigma Nu House EN3 Rutland High Schoolg T. N. E.3 UKMAQ Key and Serpentg Boulder3 Class Base- ball Cl,3 Manager Cl,3 Class Football C2,3 Vermont Second Football Team Cl, 2,3 Chairman Executive Committee C2,3 Chairman Sophomore Hop Committee C213 Nominating Board Cl, 2, 3,3 Corporal Cl,3 Chairman Junior Week C3,3 Smoker Committee C3,3 President C4,g Press Club C3, . VOLUME XXVII 37 Ruth Elizabeth Brownell, L.S., Spirit Lake, Iowa . . Lyman Hall KA9: Entered Junior Year from Grinnell College, Grinnell, lowa. Hannibal Gardner Chase, Ag., Richford . . . 9 South College AZ: Richford High School: Corporal U1: First Lieutenant Charles Henry Church, Ch., Fairhaven, Mass. . . . 62 Henry Street AE: Fairhaven High School: Manager Class Baseball Q15 ARIEL Board Raymond Cobb. Cm.. Medway. Mass. .... 156 Loomis Street Gabrielle Cotnoir, Cl., New Bedford, Mass. . . Mount St. Mary's New Bedford High School and Mount St. Mary's Academy. Harry Robinson Dane, L.S., Newton Highlands, Mass. . . Delta Psi House AXP: Newport High School: First Lieutenant Q1: Quarterly Cynic Board Q, 31: Class Marshal at Inauguration: Varsity Tennis Q, 31: Glee Club fl, 2, 3, 41: Director Glee Club 141: Instrumental Club fl, 21: Double Quartet fl, 2, 3, 41: Leader Q41: College Quartet Aldace Henry Davison, C.E... Turners Falls, Mass. . . 35 South College KE: Turners Falls High School: Assistant Business Manager ARIEL Q315 Chairman Sopho- more Banquet Committee Q1: Class Football Q15 Vermont Second Football Team fl, 2, 431: Nominating Board fl, 2, 31: Sergeant fl, 21: Varsity Football Substitute Q, 31: Peer- ade Committee 131: Varsity Football George Francis Devereaux, C.E., Burlington . . I5 Allen Street Burlington High School: Sergeant Cl, 21. Jasper Owen Draffin, C.E., Noyan Jet., Quebec. . 386 Pearl Street Helen Mina Durfee, L.S., Burlington .... 128 Colchester Avenue HBQ: Troy Conference Academy: First Prize ,lulia Spear Reading QI1: Young Women's Musical Club U15 Cast of Spanish Gypsy U13 Class Nominating Board fl, 31: Class Sec- retary Q13 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Q, 3, 41: Cast of Princess Q1: Class Executive Board Q1: Cynic Board Q3, 41: ARIEL Board Q31: junior Promenade Committee C315 Leader of Young Women's Glee Club Q31: President of Home Economics Club Roswell Farnham, M.E., Buffalo, N. Y. .... Sigma Phi Place ET: Lafayette High School: Key and Serpent: Boulder: Manager Class Track U19 Chairman Nominating Board fl, 21: Instrumental Club fl, 21: String Quartette Q1: Cast College Play fl, 2, 31: Sophomoe Hop Committee Q1: Sergeant U15 Lieutenant Q1: Proc Committee U1 Wig and Buslcin, President Holman B. Ferrin, Cm., Forest Grove, Oregon . . Delta Psi House AW: Entered Senior Year from Pacilic University. 38 THE ARIEL, 1914 Fred Clayton Fiske, Ag., ,Brookfield .... Alpha Zeta House - AZQ Randolph High School9 Kingsley Prize Speaking Cl, 25: C1855 Treasurer Cl59 COlO1' Sergeant C259 Sophomore Hop Committee C259 Chairman Executive Committee C359 Glee Club Cl, 2, 3, 451 Assistant Manager Musical Clubs C359 Kake Walk Committee C459 Presi- dent New England Federation of Agricultural Students Clarence Justin Frink, Ag., Brookfield .... Alpha Zeta House AZQ ARIEL Board C359 Stock Judging Team C459 Fruit Judging Team Ray Gage Gibson, Ch., Bennington .... Sigma Nu House ENQ Bennington High School9 T. N. E.9 Key and Serpent: Corporal Cl59 Cynic Board Cl, 2, 359 Managing Editor C459 Chairman Class Constitution Committee Cl59 Chairman Proc Committee C259 Assistant Manager Football Jennie Katherine Graves, Ch., Wells River . . . 8 South Willard Street AAA, Goddard Seminary9 Vice President C25Q Sophomore Hop Committee C252 Nominat- ing Board C359 ARIEL Board C359 Executive Committee Alta Helen Grismer, L.S., Burlington ..... 25 Buell Street H3519 Plattsburgh High School9 Julia Spear Prize Reading C159 Young Women's Musical Club Cl, 35Q Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Cl, 2, 459 Spanish Gypsies Cl59 Nominating Board C359 Young Women's Instrumental Club C359 Secretary Classical Club Caroline Chandler Hatch, L.S., Randolph .... Howard Hall KA9g Lexington Mass. High School: Executive Committee C259 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet C259 Young Women's Musical Club Cl, 25Q Cynic Board C2, 359 ARIEL Board C351 Vice President Y. W., C. A. C352 Vice President Home Economics Club C359 Spear Prize Read- ing C259 Treasurer Musical Club Thomas Lawrence Hills, L.S., Burlington . . 59 North Prospect Street KZ9 Dean Academyg Kev and Serpentg Class Squad CI5, Corporal Cl59 Sergeant C259 Class Pipe Committee C259 Kake Walk Committee C252 ARIEL Board Curtice Nelson Hitchcock, Cl., Pittsford ..... Delta Psi House AXP9 Pittsford High School9 Boulder9 Wig and Buskin9 Cast College Play Cl, 259 Cast The Wrong Baby C359 Glee Club Cl, 259 Instrumental Club C159 Class Executive Com- mittee C2, 451 Cynic Board Cl, 2, 359 Literary Editor C459 Corporal C259 Editor-in-Chief ARIEL James Herbert Hoffnagle, L.S., Ticonderoga, N. Y. . Phi Delta Theta House 'PA99 'liiconderoga High School9 Executive Committee C25, Secretary C35 ARIEL Board Wig and Buskin C3, 45Q President Cotillion Club C45Q Editor-in-Chief of Ye Crablve Will Edward Hyzer, Ag., Randolph Center . . Alpha Zeta House AZQ Randolph High School9 Class Squad C259 Corporal Frank Dillingham Jones, Ag., Randolph .... Alpha Zeta House AZ9 Randolph High SCh0OlQ Nominating Board Cl59 Class Baseball Cl, 259 Class Track U53 Varsity Track Cl, 2, 35Q Cross Country Team C2, 35, Captain C35, Sophomore Re- lay Team VOLUME XXVII 39 Kenneth Hunter Owens, L..S., Plainfield, Ill. . . . Phi Delta Theta l-louse KP-393 Plainfield l-ligh Schoolg Entered Sophomore Year from Williams College: Varsity Track C313 Vice-President Deutscher Verein C313 Relay Team C3, 413 Captain C413 Nomi- nating Board C413 Member Athletic Committee C413 Cast London Assurance Arthur Perkins Johnson, C.E., Rutland . . ' . . . Sigma Nu House EN3 Rutland High School3 Class Baseball Cl, 213 Assistant Manager Cynic C313 Manager Cynic C413 Assistant Manager Band C313 Class Pipe Committee C213 Member Advisory Board 639. l-lovey Jordan, L.S., Jericho Center . .N . Alpha Tau Cmega House ATQQ Jericho High Schoolg Cynic Board C313 Editor-in-Chief C413 Assistant Manager Wig and Buskin Society C313 Manager C413 Peerade Committee C313 Secretary Y. M. C. A. C413 Executive Committee C3, 413 Vice-President Press Club C413 Kake Walk Committee C49- ,lohn Burns Knight, M.E., Westmoreland, N. I-I .... Sigma Nu l-louse EN3 Goddard Seminary: UKMAQ Vermont Second Football Team Cl, 213 Class Track Cl, 213 Class Football C213 Varsity Track C2, 313 Class Squad Leader C213 Business Manager ARIEL C313 Class Banquet Committee C213 Varsity Cheer Leader Paul Frederick Kruse, C.E., Buffalo, N. Y. .... Delta Psi I-louse AXP3 Lafayette High School3 UKMAQ Key and Serpent3 Boulder3 Manager Class Football Cl13 Clee Club C2, 313 lnstrumental Club Cl, 213 Double Quartette C2, 313 Cast College Play C2, 313 Kingsley Prize Speaking, First Prize C213 Sophomore Hop Committee C213 g Class Souad C213 Nominating Board C313 Wig and Buskin3 Ye Crabbe Board Edward Dana Mix, C.E., Sidney Center, N. Y. . . Delta Sigma House AEQ Cushing Academyg T.N.E. l Howard Lucius Martin, Cl., North Ferrisburg 326 College Street George Miles Nelson, Ag., East Barnet .... Alpha Zeta House AZQ St. Johnsbury Academy3 Boulder3 Secretary and Treasurer Agricultural Club C213 Manager Class Football C213 Kake Walk Committee C312 Assistant Manager Varsity Track C313 Vice-President Agricultural Club C313 President Agricultural Club C413 Stock judging Team C413 Executive Committee C413Nominating Board C413 Manager Varsity Track C413 Chairman Kake Walk Committee John Randall Norton, Cl., Middletown Springs . . . 2 South College ATQQ Troy Conference ACademyQ Honorable Mention in Greek and Mathematics Prize En- trance Examinations Cl13 Kingsley Prize Speaking C213 Qualified for Rhodes Scholarship C213 Cpnic Board C2, 3, 413 Managing Editor C41 President Y. M. C. A. ,lere John O,Brien, C.E., Pittsfield, Mass .... 3 Middle Converse Williston Seminaryg Key and SCYPCDIQ Varsity Football Cl, 2, 3, 41. Frederick Otto Okerblad, Ag., Burlington . . . 40 East Avenue Burlington I-Iigh School. 'L 40 Tl-IE ARIEL, 1914 Cora Alice Parlchurst, l...S., Springfield ..... Howard Hall ' AAA5 Springfield High Schoolg Julia Spear Prize Reading Cl, 215 First Prize C215 Young Women's Musical Clubs CI15 Cast Spanish Operetta Cl15 Gymnasium Second Prize C215 Executive Committee Cl, 215 Cynic Board Cl, 2, 3, 415 Cast Princess C215 lnstrumental Club C3, 415 Business Manager Glee Club C315 Executive Committee Deutscher Verein C415 Vice-President C415 President Howard Hall Club C415 Vice-President Cercle Francais Helen Martha Perine, l...S., Spencer, lowa .... Lyman Hall. KA95 Spencer High School5 Entered Junior Year From Grinnell College, Grinnell, lowa. Nathaniel Carl Peterson, C.E., Proctor .... 83 Loomis Street Monson Academy and Proctor High Schoolg Class Treasurer C3, 415 Managger Cynic Carl, Adams Reed, E.E., Randolph Center . Delta Sigma House A25 Montpelier Seminary. Edith Robbins, Cm., Burlington . 423 Pearl Street Burlington High School. Frederick Sefton, Ag., South Hadley Falls, Mass. . 23 Middle Converse UKMAg Williston Seminary5 Varsity Football C2, 3, 41. Frank Tyrel Severance, l...S., Brandon .... 42 South Converse KE5 Brandon High Schoolg Nominating Board Cl, 315 Class President C215 Cynic Board C3, 415 Managing Editor Ralph Warner Simonds, Cm., Burlington . . . 355 Pearl Street E455 Burlington High Schoolg UKMAg Key and Serpentg Boulderg Kingsley Prize Speak- ing Cl15 Class Squad Cl15 Class Cheer Leader Cl15 lnstrumental Club Cl, 2, 315 Cynic Board C2, 3, 415 Sophomore Banquet Committeeg Press Club C2, 315 Corporal C215 lnau- guration Class Marshal C315 President C315 Assistant Manager Football C315 Manager Foot- ball mp. Mary Jean Simpson, l...S., East Craftsbury .... Grassmount KA9g Craftsbury Academyg Wheaton Seminaryg St. Johnsbury Academy5 Clee Club Cl15 Cast of "Japanese Girl" CI15 Class Secretary C115 Student Member Housing Committee C315 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Cl, 315 President Y. W. C. A. C415 Executive Committee glassigl Club C415 Home Economics Club C3, 415 Nominating Board Cl, 415 Cast of May ete . Clyde Nelson Smith, Ag., Brookfield .... Alpha Zeta House AZ5 Randolph High School5 Class Baseball C21 Nominating Board C315 Auditing Com- mittee C3, 41.5 Fruit Judging Team William Prince Smith, Cm., Pittsfield, Mass. .... Sigma Nu House ZN5 Pittsfield High School5 UKMA5 Key and Serpent5 Boulderg Class Tracl-2 Cl, 215 Class Baseball Cl, 215 Class Football Cl, 215 Class Relay Team C215 Baseball Second Team Cl, 2, 315 Captain C315 Glee Club Cl, 2, 3, 415 Manager Glee Club C415 Executive Committee C315 Varsity Tennis C215 Varsity Football Sub C2, 315 Varsity Football C415 Varsity Base- ball Sub Cl, 315 First Prize Shot-Put, Indoor Meet C215 Press Club C315 Class Squad Cl. 215 Second Prize Gymnasium Meet C21. VOLUME XXVII 41 Henry Powell Spring, Cl., Dresden, Germany . . . . Delta Psi House AXPQ Worcester Academyg Class Squad fl, 21 9 Quarterly Cynic Board Cl, 21: Second Lieu- tenant f3Dg President Deutscher Verein Q3, LU: Literary Editor Weekly Cpnic U, 415 Press Club Q, 4,5 Class Nominating Board Q, 4,9 President Classical Club C413 Cotillion Club Q09 Qualified Kingsley Prize Speaking QD: Chairman Executive Committee French Club Q03 Delegate to Y. M. C. A. Student Conference OU, Member of St. Paul's Club William Chester Stone, Ag., Springfield .... Alpha Zeta House AZ, Springfield High Schoolg Class Squad QD: Winner with Basso 'll of Prize for Cos- tume, Kake Walk QZJQ Nominating Board QD: ARIEL Photographer Humphrey Aubrey Styles, Cm., Burlington . . 103 North Winooski Avenue A15 Burlington High School g T.N.E.g Class Pipe Committee QZDQ Kake Walk Committee CD5 College Smoker Committee Qjg Nominating Board fl, 25. Bessie Marian Thayer, L.S., Marlborough, Mass. . I96 South Willard Street KA9g Marlborough High Schoolg Julia Spear Prize Reading fl, 255 Second Prize C253 Pre- sident Y. W. C. A. QM Executive Board i Wesley Raymond Wells, L.S., Bakersfield . . . I2 Bradley Place Kzg Brigham Academyg Latin Entrance Prize UD: Mathematics Entrance fllg President Y. M. C. A. Gly Founders Day Speaker Gjg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C4jg Managing Editor Cynic Frederick Smith Wheeler, C.E., South Burlington . . 55 Dorset Street XKEQ Burlington High Schoolg Honorable- Mention in Mathematics Prize Entrance Examination QU: Class Squad fl, 21, Executive Committee Q21 Cynic Board Q., 3, 413 ARI!-IL Board Gly Nominating Board CO5 Auditing Committee Q, 43. Mary Elizabeth Winslow, L.S., Royalton . . K C-rassmount KA9g Randolph High Schoolg Secretary Y. W. C. A. 42 THE ARIEL, 1914 Flinrmvr illllemhem nf 1513 Albert Drake Alderman, ATU, C.E. . Arthur Linly Averill, 1IJAG9, Ch. Harold Noble Baker, C.E. . Frank Arthur Bitterle, KE, Ag. John Edgar Brewer, EQ, Ch. Alson Edward Bristol, E.E. Bailey Enos Brown, Ag. . Paul Chamberlin, AI, Cm. . Arthur Stanislaus Casey, AE, L.S. Harry Edward Crane, Ag. . Clifton Clarke Dailey, AXP, Ch. Katherine Dewey, KAC9, L.S. Jay Henry Dickinson, Ag. . Ransom Graves Dunning, Ag. Harold Percy Estes, ATQ, M.E. Barnet Frank, Ag. CI9I4M.J lI9I41kfI.j Walter Ernest Gould, KE, Ag. H9149 . Marian Harriet Gray, KAC9, H.Ec. . George Nathaniel Harman, AKI1, lVl.E. . Marjory Alice Hayden AAA, Ch. William George Hepburn, Ch. fl9l5D . Paul Martin Hershey, AI, Ch. Emily Phoebe Hulburd, KAC9 L,S. John King, Ag. . . Lewis McLouth Lally, CIHAQ, lVl.E. . Frank Edward Lyons, AE, CE. Hiram Strobridge McCauley, C.E. fLehighD George Edward Mahoney, AE, Cl. , Warren Maure, Cm. . . Cora Alice Miles, H.E.c. . . Holyoke, Mass. . . Barre . . Richford Prairie Du Chien, Wis. North Adams, Mass. . . Bristol . . Jericho . . Burlington Willimantic, Conn. . . Danville . Montpelier . . Royalton Southington, Conn. . . Winooski North Adams, Mass. . . Burlington . Montpelier Cambridge, Mass, . . Rutland . . Riverside West Wareham, Mass. . Hershey, Pa. . Hyde Park . . Proctor Port Chester, N. Y. Manchester, N. H. New Orleans, La. . Lowell, Mass. Richmond Hill, L. I. . . Burlington VOLUME XXVII . 43 Florence Rebecca Needham, Ch. . . . . South Wallingford Henry Edward Randall, Jr., CIPAGD, E.E. llVl.l.'T.D . . Island Pond Dora Reissig, L.S. ..... . . Burlington Fred Symonds Rowe, ATO, Ch. . . . Poultney Samuel Sol Rudley .... . Philadelphia, Pa. Geraldine Simoncls, H.Ec. . . . . . Burlington Charles Plympton Smith, Jr., AXP, Cl. Cl9l4D . . . Burlington Edward Parker Smith, ATQ, Ch. . . Malden, Mass. Raymond Center Smith, AE, E.E. . . Weehawken, N. Carmelo Sosa, C.E. fValparaisoD . . Mayanguez, Porto Rico Everett Ingalls Soule, ANP, C.E. CI9I4D . . . . Burlington Charles Joseph Swinington, l...S. . . . . Brandon Loretta Gertrude Tobin, l...S. . . Riverside, R. I. Robert Alan Torrance, QHAQD, Ch. . New York, N. Y. Helen Ruth Tracy, KAGJ, Sp. . . . Shelburne Hazel Geraldine Weeks, KAGD, l-l.Ec. . . Burlington Raymond White, C.E. . . Brattleboro Arthur Clinton Woodies, AE, Sp. . . Lowell, Mass. n?"5rN-Y VX mg H P ROM BRINGS 'lv VOLUME xxvlr 47 Zluninr 'iiiliturial ELL, our great opportunity has come, and we shall not fail to make ' use of it. We can boast and extol ourselves to the heavens with per- ? 1? mission of the editor. We could pin medal after medal upon our illustrious members, but we won't do this-we are too modest and X retiring: and besides, the class treasurer couldnlt afford expensive medals. We take great pleasure in the fact that the other classes are so proud of us. We shall omit our great and noble deeds and men- tion only a few mediocre ones. How those words of Prexy's, "It is better to deserve to win than to win," have com- forted our hearts. They are continually with us, and have been a balm to our aches and pains in all our athletic contests. But what about Proc Night? Both years we licked the stars and stripes out of-modesty-enough said. We have always been there when there was to be a fight, but we did not always win. We never believed much in class athle- tics-we have nobler aspirations. We have even collided with the Faculty: and matters have usually been settled by arbitration. But we don't like to indulge in such wrangling matters-we have nobler aspirations. s Our social functions have always been very successful and the class spirit pervad- ing them makes them pleasant memories. But social functions are not all-we have nobler aspirations. It was three long years ago that we came to college a hundred and twenty-five weak, and now we emerge as juniors sixty strong. We entered the halls of learning stamped with the true Vermont Green which we use now as a background for our Golden Knowledge. QBy the way, this Golden Knowledge can only be seen by means of a microscope, since it appears in the form of Gold Dust, due to much grinding., But we did not come to college for intellectual training-we have nobler aspirations. As true and earnest Juniors we begin to feel that we are somebody, or should be. We look back ron the underclassmen slightlyabashed, when we realize that we were once representative of their hordeg and we look up to the Seniors with feelings of sympathy because their time is drawing to a close. Lastly, we look with modesty upon ourselves, and leave judgment to others. Then, Here's to l9l4-with our nobler aspirations. 48 TI-IE. ARIEL, 1914 Zluninr Qllami tmiirvra Louis William Batchelcler . . President Nina Cnrace Shepardson . Vice-President Harold Alfred Fitch . . Treasurer Isabel Alice Spofford . . Secretary Ralph Emerson Aiken, Forestry, Burlington . . . Sigma Nu House EN5 Bordentown Military lnstituteg T.N.E.5 Class Track Cl, 255 Manager C255 Nominat- ing Board C255 Chairmanfreshman Banquet Committee Cl55 Class Squad Leader Cl, 255 Sergeant CI5g Varsity Track Cl, 2, 3, 455 Captain C453 Relay C3f 45- Harry Weston Averill, Cm., Barre . . . Phi Delta Theta House TA95 Kalce Walk Committee Cl55 Class Football C255 Associate Editor ARIEL Dwight Monroe Bartlett, C-reat Barrington, Mass. . . Sigma Nu House EN5 Dalton High Schoolg UKMAg Key and Serpent5 Class Football Cl, 255 Class Baseball ' Cl55 Class Marshal at Inauguration Cp55 Kalie Walk Committee C355 Nominating Board Cl, 2, 355 Corporal Cl55 Sergeant C255 Class Proc. Committee John Walden Bartlett, Ag., Middle Granville, N.Y. . . Sigma Nu l-louse EN5 Granville High School5 T.N.E..5 UKMA5 Key and Serpentg ARIEL Board C355 Cor- poral C155 Sergeant C255 Assistant Manager Football Louis William Batchelder, E.E.., Dorset .... 7 North Union Street A15 Burr and Burton Seminaryg Key and Serpentg UKMA5 Corporal C155 Sergeant C255 Executive Committee C255 President Helen Geneva Benton, l...S., Burlington . . . . 28 University Place AAAQ Oxford High School5 Entered Sophomore Year from Miami Universityg Sophomore Hop Committee C255 ARIEL Board C355 Ye Crabbe Board C355 Masquerade Committee Edward Marble Bissonette, Ch., Burlington . . . 27 Nash Place A25 Burlington High Schoolg T.N.E.5 Pipe Committee VOLUME xxvll 49 Winheld Harold Boardman, C.E., Morrisville . . . Delta Psi House AXP: Peoples Academy, UKMA, Key and Serpentg First Sergeant fllg Captain QD: Kalce Walk Committee QD, Executive Board QD: President Wilfred Greenleaf Bodine, Ag., Bellows Falls . . . 4 South College Bellows Falls High School. Earle Warrington Brailey, Ag., Pomfret .... Alpha Zeta House AZ: Woodstock High School, lst Sergeant C l, 235 Fruit judging Team Frank Stephen Burden, C.E., Lowell, Mass. . . . Delta Sigma House AE, Lowell High Schoolg T.N.E. Joseph Edward Carrigan, Ag., Pittsford .... Alpha Zeta House AZQ Pittsford High Schoolg Class Baseball fl, 255 Secretary of Agricultural Club Q55 Executive Board Catholic Club Q59 President of Catholic Club U55 ARIEL Board Lee Ernest Cass., lVl.E., Derby . 1 228 'Colchester Avenue Derby Academy. Dorothy Hiclcok Cook, l...S., Charlotte ..... 4 Hickok Place H393 Shelburne High Schoolg Entrance Prize in Latin Examination Edith Kate Coulman, l...S., Proctor ..... Howard Hall NKA9g Proctor High Schoolg Class Executive Committee U33 Delegate to Silver Bay QD, Secretary Howard Hall Club Q13 Vice-President Howard Hall Club Clio Nora Crandall, Cl., Burlington . . 67 Elmwood Avenue Burlington High School. John Winchester Dana, Ag., North Pomfret . . 3 North College Lincoln Ferris Daniels, Cl., Burlington .... 49 Mansfield Avenue Burlington High School: Corporal U55 Captain CZDQ Major QD, Assistant Business Man- ager ARIEL Q35 Half Mathematics Prize Entrance Examination. Katherine Elizabeth Dewey, l...S., Royalton . KA9g Royalton Academyg First Prize, Latin Prize Entrance Examination Bernice Faith Deyette, Cl., Burlington . . 270 Pearl Street KA9g Burlington High School. Francis James Donahue, C.E., Graniteville . . . Delta Sigma House A22 Wesleyan Academyg T.N.E.g Assistant Manager Baseball , Leighton Walter Douglas, C.E., Chateaugay, N. Y. . . 36 Converse Hall KEQ Chateaugay High School, Key and Serpentg Class Football fl, Zjg Nominating Board fl, 2, 31. . 50 THE ARIEL, I9l4 Vernon Thayer Dow, 'C.E., Hinesburg . Phi Delta Theta House 4559: Hinesburg High School. Ramon Clarence Downing, Ag., Bellows Falls .... Experiment Farm AZ: Bellows, Falls High School: 2d Lieutenant Co. C CZD: Vice-President Northfield Her- mon Club C3J: Vice-President Agricultural Club Ruth Mott Durfee, l...S., Burlington .... 128 Colchester Avenue HELP: Troy Conference Academy: Class Nominating Board Clj: Julia Spear Prize Reading Cl, 21: Second Prize CZJ: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Cl, 2, 31: Y. W. C. A. Vice-President C3J: Cynic Board C2, 3l: Ladies Ctlee Club: Cast of "Princess" Harlon Clarence Dyke, Ag., johnson .... Alpha Zeta House AZ: Class Baseball- CZD: Prize Speaking CU: Nominating Board . Rodney Ray Ellis, Cl., Poultney .... 46 North Prospect Street Troy Conference Academy: Corporal CZD: Cyrtic Board Cl, 25. Harold Allen Elrick, C.E., Richford . . . Phi Delta Theta House QA9: Richford High School: Corporal Cl, 21: Class Pipe Committee CD: Class Baseball Cl, 21: Football Second Team Karl Albert Emerson, l...S., Hardwick .... Sigma Nu House EN: Hardwick Academy: T.N.E.: Key and Serpent: Corporal CU: Class Baseball CU: Kingsley Prize Speaking CZJ: Editor in Chief ARIEL C3D: Cynic Board C2, 31: Class Proc Committee Harold Alfred Fitch, C.E., Cornish, N.H. .... 2 South College ATU: Kimball Union Academy: Corporal CZJ: Nominating Board C3j: Class Treasurer C3j: Assistant Manager Cynic M. Jerome Fitzpatrick, Ag., Pittsford ..... North College AZ: Pittsford High School: Vermont Second Baseball Team CU: Class Baseball Cl, 23: Class Football C252 Varsity Football C3j: Executive Board Catholic Club Harold Partridge Gaylord, Ch., Brookfield . . . Experiment Farm AT9: Randolph High School. C-eorgia Elisabeth Clifford, L.S., Springfield .... Howard Hall KA9: Springfield High School: Cynic Board Cl, 2, 31: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Cl, 2, 39: Julia Spear Prize Reading CD: President Howard Hall Club CZD: Women's Editor Vermont Handbook CBJ: Secretary Deutscher Verein C335 ARIEL Board Rufus Stewart Gilbert, Ag., Dorset . . . Alpha Tau Omega House ATU: Burr and Burton Seminary: UKMA: Key and Serpent: Varsity Track Cl, 21: Manager Class Track CZJ: Cilee Club CZ, 31: Double Quartet C3D: Founder's Day Com- mittee CZJ: Athletic Council CD: Kake Walk Committee VOLUME XXVII 51 Walter Hollis Gould, Ed., Highgate .... 35 Brookes Avenue Montpelier Seminaryg Entered junior Year from Dartmouth. David Willard Howe, Cl., Burlington ..... Sigma Phi Place E455 Burlington High Schoolg UKMA5 Key and Serpent5 Associate Editor Cynic C235 Assistant Editor-in-Chief C315 Instrumental Club Cl, 2j5 Honorable Mention Latin and Greek Prize Examination Cljg Third Prize Kingsley Prize Speaking Cl, 2j5 Class Cross Country Cl, 2,5 Class Track Manager CD5 Football Second Team C375 Sergeant Walter Wells Howe, Burlington .... 77 North Winooski Avenue ATQ5 Burlington High Schoolg Instrumental Club C235 Corporal CIQ5 Sergeant C255 ARIEL Photographer Patrick Hurley, Ch., Marlboro, Mass. ..... Converse Hall K-E5 Marlboro High School5 T.N.E.5 Class Baseball Cl, 2,5 Second Team Harold Pay Johnson, Ag., Brattleboro .... Alpha Zeta House AZ5 Brattleboro High Schoolg Mathematics Prize Examination CU5 Corporal Margaret Walton Johnson, L.S., Orange, N. J .... Orassmount KA95 Orange High School5 Nominating Board Cl, 2, 355 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet C315 Young Women's Musical Club Otto Theophilus Johnson, E.E. . 76 Brookes Avenue Proctor High Schoolg ARIEL Artist Y Seth Patten Johnson, M.E., Williston .... Delta Psi House AXP5 Bordentown Military lnstitute5 Glee Club Cl, 2, 315 Reader C3j5 Kingsley Prize Speaking Cl,t 215 First Prize Leverett Charles Lovell, Ag., Bellows Falls South Converse Hall Bellows Falls High School. ljason Merrill Malcolm, Ch., Bridgeport, Conn. . . Phi Delta Theta House QA95 Bridgeport High Sehoolg Manager Class Football C239 VaI'Siiy Baseball fl- 225 Amer. Board C3j. Brigham Wheeler McFarland, Cm., Hyde Park . . Delta Psi House AYP5 Bordentown Military lnstituteg Key and Serpent: ARIEL Board C335 Varsity Tennis C255 College Champion Jane McLaughlin, L.S., Burlington V .... 6 Colchester Avenue H3495 Burlington High School5 Nominating Board C255 "Princess" CU5 Class Executive Committee Clarence William Mickel, Ch., Averill Park, N. Y. . . . 2 South College Mount Hermong Vice-President Y. M. C. A. CZD: Chairman Handbook Committee CZJ: Sergeant C215 PresidentNorthfield-Hermon Club 52 TI-IE ARIEL., I9I4 Sheldon Miller, Ag., South Fairlee . 96 Colchester Avenue i Thetford Academy. Allen Ewert Moore, M.E., Albany, N.Y ..... Sigma Phi Place 2475 Albany High School: Class Nominating Board Cl, 213 Class Banquet Committee C213 Cynic Board C2, 31. Beatrice Moore, Cl., Burlington ..... 33 Mansfield Avenue KA93 Burlington High Schoolg Cast of "Princess" Cl1g Executive Board of Deutscher Verei-n C213 Executive Board of Classical Club C313 Chairman of the Program Committee of the Women's Musical Club James Howard Moore, C.E., Burlington . . . . 79 Loomis Street A13 T.N.E.g Burlington High School and Troy Conference Academyg Nominating Board Cl, 2, 313 Manager Class Football Cl13 Chairman Freshmen Banquet Committee Cl13 Assistant Manager Baseball Milton Brant Morrow, Ag., .Sandgate . . . 6 North College Frank Edward Orton, C.E., Briushton, N. Y. . 498 South Willard Street Brushton High School. Ruth Preston O'Sullivan, Cl., Burlington. . . I5 North Winooski Avenue H3493 Burlington High Schoolg Greek Entrance Prize Cl13 Julia Spear Prize Reading Cl, 219 Cynic Board C2, 313 Nominating Board C215 Executive Committee German Club C213 Vice-President of German Club C313 ARIEL Board Samuel Vincent Phillips, M.E., Matteawan, N. Y. . Phi Delta Theta House sDA9g Class Treasurer Hazel Hattie Riley, l...S., Franklin . 8 Greene Street Richford High School. Ruth Marie Rogers, L.S., Burlington . .... North Avenue AAAg Orleans High Schoolg Julia Spear Prize Reading Cl, 213 Third Prize C213 Cast of "Princess" C113 Class Secretary C213 Class Executive Committee C2, 31. Adrian St. John, C.E., Matteawan, N.Y. . . . Phi Delta Theta House sI2A9g Matteawan High School and National Preparatory School, West Pointg Sergeant Cl13 Lieutenant C213 Captain C313 Captain Second Football Team C213 Varsity Squad Cl, 2, 31g Toast Master Sophomore Banquet C21g President Rifle Club C313 Assistant Editor Ye Cralzlzc C313 Executive Committee C2, 313 Business Manager ARIEL Philip Turner Salisbury, Cm., Randolph . . Middle Converse A12 Randolph High School. VOLUME xxvll 53 John Salmond, Ch., Perkinsville ..... Sigma Nu House EN5 Vermont Academy5 Relay Cl, 215 Class Football Cl, 213 Varsity Football C31, Class Track Cl, 215 Executive Board C215 Assistant Manager Varsity Track Lee Arthur Sawyer, BE., White River Junction . Alpha Tau Omega House ATQ5 Class Pipe Committee C215 Hartford High School5 Sophomore Hop Committee C215 Corporal C215 President of Electrical Engineering Society Allen Elias Schoff, Ag., Canaan ..... 26 Fletcher Place AZ5 Canaan Commercial High Schoolg Class Track Cl, 215 Varsity Track C215 Vice-Presi- dent Y. M. C. A. Nina Grace Shepardson, L.S., Richmond ..... Howard Hall KA95 Vermont Academy5 Cast of The Princess Cl15 Executive Board CI1, Vice-Presb dent C213 Secretary C315 Sophomore Hop Committee C215 Cast of May Fete C21g Honor- able llzlesition in Latin Entrance Examination Cl15 ARIEL Board C31g Gymnasium Third rize l . George Herkimer Seiple, ENE., Vergennes . . . 28 Loomis Street Vergennes High Schoolg Vice-President Electrical Society Charles Plympton Smith, Jr., C.E., Burlington . . 225 South Willard Street AXP5 Burlington High School5 President Press Club Fred Smith Spalding, Ag., Poultney . . . Alpha Tau Omega House AT95 Honorable Mention Prize Entrance Examination in Mathematics Cl15 Varsity Track Team Jeannette Marie Sparrow, L.S., Orange, N. . . . . Grassmount KAGQ Orange High School5 Vice-President Cl15 Cast of The Princess Cl15 Treasurer Student Body of Women C2, 315 Leader of Young Women's Musical Club C2, 315 ARIEL l Board C315 Class Constitution Committee Isabel Alice Spofford, L.S., Burlington . . . . 73 Elmwood Avenue AAA5 Burlington High School5 Secretary Cl15 Nominating Board Cl, 2, 315 Vice-Presb dent 433. Fordyce Samson Sykes, L.S., Richford . . . Alpha Tau Omega House ATQ5 Rfcl-,ford High School: Nominating Board C215 Peerade Committee C215 Class Base- ball Manager C215 Cynic Board C315 ARIEL Board C315 Corporal Cl15 Second Lieutenant C215 Captain C313 Cast "London Assurance" Dora Marion Thomas, L.S., and Ed., Burlington . . 57 Loomis Street Burlington High School5 Spear Prize Reading Cl15 Cast of Princess 54 THE ARIEL, I9l4 George Henry Thomas, Ag., Morrisville . . . 35 Lafayette Place I AZ, Peoples Academy: Class Baseball QD, Assistant Manager Track Margery Anderson Watson, l...S., Hartford . . 89 South Willard Street KAGQ Hartford High School and Dana Hallg Entered Sophomore Year from Wellesley College: Masquerade Committee O35 Young Women's Musical Club CZ, 31. Catherine Amy Wilcox, Cl., Morgan .... 457 Main Street Derby Academyg Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Q55 Intercollegiate Secretary C355 Prize: Greek Course: In Homeric Literature. James Harrison Wilson, Ag., Greensboro . . 96 Colchester Avenue William Edward Whalen, C.E.., Northampton, Mass. . . . Middle Converse Williston Seminaryg T.N.E.g Varsity Football fl, 2, 315 Captain Elect Herbert Van Wheelock, Ag., Calais AZ, Montpelier Seminaryg Cynic Board fl, 215 Assistant Business Manager C515 Secre- tary and Treasurer of Band C299 President, Business Manager, Secretary and Treasurer of Band C355 ARIEL Board O53 Assistant lnstructor in Dairying GDQ Old Mill Football Team Raymond Christian Winkler, Ch., Holyoke, Mass. . Alpha Tau Omega House ATU: Holyoke High School and Williston Seminaryg Varsity Baseball fl, 255 Glee Club fly. VOLUME XXVII 55 Fllnrmm' Hhmhrra nf 1914 James Grant Anderson, KIJAGJ, L.S ..... Thomas Stevens Brown, M.D., Cl. . . Andrew l-larmon Buck, Ag. . . Edwin Alga Cameron, AXP, Ch. C1915 MD Theron Alby Cook, EN, Cm. . . William James Donnelly, KE, Ag., Oliver Frederick Diette, Ag. . James Owen Ensign, E.E. . . . Isaac Dill Everitt, CDAC9, M.E. . , Henry Flinn, KE, Ch. . Merton Lee l'7lint,KE, E.E. . Elsie Julia Gibson, L.S. . . Walter Ernest Gould, KE, Ag., . John Decein l-lalstein, AI, Cm. . Richard Carmen Hay, CIDAGD, Ag. . . William Jerome l-lumphrey, EQIP, Ch. . Charles Alfred Lavallee, E.E. . i . Charles Jesse Manuel, CIPAGJ, M.E., . Joseph Edward McKirahan, Ag. . Fred Charles Palmer, Ag. . . Edward Andrew Pease, ECE, 'C.E. . . Elmer Walters Pike, CDAQ, Ag. . . . Douglas James Roberts, EN, Ch., CI9I6M.J . Jeru Kuanfyuan Shen, C.E. . Everett Ingalls Soule, AKIJ, C.E. Clifford Stephens, AXP, Ch. . Lilian Vincent Thornton, L.S. Wallace Harry Venable, Ag. Charles Abner Wilcox, Ag. . . Peyton Winlock, Sp. . . . Walter Clare Wood, Ch., . Gordon Enoll Woodard, C.E. l-lenry Staunton Woodman, . Eugene Newcomb Yarrington, Ag. Andover, Mass. . Deerfield, N. H. . . Burlington . . Proctor . Shoreham . . Proctor . . Lowell Cambridge, N. Y. l-lackettstown, N. . Springfield . Newport . Burlington . . Montpelier . Pittsfield, Mass. Fort Ethan Allen . . Burlington Winooski Richford Ryegate Burlington Rutland La Motte Burlington . Isle . Tientsin, China . . Burlington . Lowell, Mass. . East Hardwick . Bennington North Thetford Washington, D. C. . Bennington Colebrook, N. H. . . Vergennes . . Burlington "FRE .,- X Bawfmalu ,.,.., f N I 'Y x X- ,,-1 42 O I mga iglm, f 1 VOLUME XXVII 59 Smphnmnre Ehiturial 2617? .1 0 YOU, Sophomores, some little advice is necessary. There is no rea- v 6, 5' - , I son for the diminutiveness of your head gear. After weighing every- 4 sd X thing carefully it is impossible to find any way in which you have set no I 'E .-is 51 gpgggt ,' the World on Hre. This, hovvever, seems, to be. your. opinion. Such ' 'Q su erllult as ou have exhibited IS not in kee ln with the re ulsltes bs, 1 P Y Y P g C' ofa model class, which you fain would pose as being. You have great possibilities, you have the advantage of numbers, but you have been over-estimated and fonclled like an only child, much to your detriment With a little more balance along these lines, you should develop into one of the best classes Ver- mont has ever had. You should make your influence felt in bringing about reforms which are needed, Work for a better colle e s ir't, d l b l Mater. g pl an aways e oyal to our'Alma 60 TH E. ARIEL, l9I4 Svnphnmnrr Gllama Cmiirern Earle Shepard Hayden . . . President Bernardine Kimball . . Vice-President Jerome Francis Tennien . Treasurer Lucille Thompson White . Secretary Bernicia Ella Avery, L.S., Ferrisburg . Cxrassmont David Albro, Ag., Melville, R. l. . . 235 Pearl Street Perry Henry Aldrich, Ag., Hydeville . . Experiment Farm Robert James Anderson, ENE., North Craftsbury . I8 South College Richard Henry Ballard, ECP, M.E., Montpelier . . . Sigma Phi Place Donald George Babbitt, EQIP, Cm., Bellows Falls .... Sigma Phi Place Frederick Wood Baker, QAC9, Cl., Upper Montclair, N. . 372 Maple Street Henry Albon Bailey, L.S., Winooski . . Irene Aleta Barrett, L. S., Burlington . Helen Geneva Benton, AAA, L,S., Burlington John Patrick Brennan, CIHAQD, L.S., Poultney Robert Joseph Brennan, Ag., Proctor . Clyde Frank Brown, KE, Ag., Hyde Park . William Leonard Blanchard, C.E., Burlington . Darius Cole Brundage, CIPAGD, EHE., Brooklyn, N. Charles Carr Buchanan, EE., Saxtons River . Charles H. Clough, l...S., Burlington . Roy Scott Cowan, Ailf, Cm., Lyme, N. H. Edward Allen Currier, AI, C.E. Florence, Mass. Ralph Wesley Carter, C.M., East Corinth Robert Whiting Daniels, Cl., Burlington . Merle Halsey Davis, Ch., Johnson . . Y.. . . 26 East Allen Street . Mansfield Avenue . 28 University Place . l08 North Willard Street . . 46 South Converse . 49 North Winooski Avenue . . Zl Monroe Street . Phi Delta Theta House . . Y. M. C. A. 222 Park Street . . Delta Psi House . 22 Middle 'Converse 43 North Union Street . . 49 Mansfield Avenue . 49 North Winooski Avenue VOLUME XXVII 61 Leon W. Dean, Cl. Bristol . . . . Louisa Squires Douglas, H.Ec., Essex Junction . . Louis Fenner Dow, Cm., Burlington . . . Amy Dorothy Farrar, AAA, Cm., Enosburg Falls . Dorothy Smyth Fishler, H.Ec., Upper Montclair, N. Henry Clay Fisk, Jr., A'Il, Cm., Morrisville . . Lewis Herrick Flint, Ag., Randolph . . Lou Ella Fullington, Cl., Johnson . . Harold Almon Gardyne, AI, Cm., Orleans Edith Rebecca Gates, KAGJ, L.S., Franklin . Paul Hayden Gates, QIJAQD, L.S., E.E., Franklin . Ernest Leslie Cuilbert, EN, M.E., Rutland . Gladys Marriette Cnleason, L.S., Burlington Patrick Philip Cmriflin, Cl., Rutland . . Paul Walter Glynn, AZ, Ag., Saxtons River Daniel Robinson Cnrandy, ECP, E.E., Burlington . Walter Henry Grein, EQID, E.E., Buffalo, N. Y. . Wilbur Yaw Handy, AZ, Ag., Springfield . Howard Newton Hanson, Ag., Derby . . Earle Shepard Hayden, KE, Ag., St. Albans . . Robert Alden Healy, ATQ, Cm., West Chesterfield, Mass. Ury Albert Hicks, AI, Cl., Hartford, Conn. . . Alma Bridgman Holton, L.S., Hardwick . . . Jason Solon Hunt, L.S., Johnson . . . . William George Hepburn, M.E., West Wareham, Mass. Rolland L. Jerry, EN, lVl.E., Plattsburg, N. Y. . Joseph Blaine Johnson, KE, M.E., Springfield . Ethel Bates Jackson, KAC9, L.S., Woodstock . Everett Bickford Jackson, CIJAC9, Ch., Randolph Center . joseph Granger Keeler, IDACD, Ch., New York City . Bernardine Kimball, KAG, L.S. Upper Monclair, N. . Hazel Sophronia Kimball, AAA, H.Ec., Enosburg Falls . Mary Augusta Lavelle, Cl., Burlington . . Gladys Louise Lawrence, H.Ec.,.Fletcher . . Leslie Kendall, Atll, M.E., Montpelier Hercules Lefebvre, C.E., Lead, S. Dak. . Harrison Hammond Leffler, Ch., Burlington Lawrence Leonard, KE, 'Ch., Londonderry . l l 7 North Winooski Avenue . Winooski Avenue . 226 Pearl Street . Lyman Hall . Lyman Hall . Delta Psi House . . l North College . . Grassmount 29 South Willard Street . ll4 Buell Street l I4 Buell Street Sigma Nu House . 45 'Cliff Street . Z4 South Converse 235 Pearl Street . 54 Brookes Avenue . . Sigma Phi Place . 44 Middle Converse . 229 Colchester Avenue . 45 South Converse l l 7 N. Winooski Avenue . 22 Middle Converse . Howard Hall . 433 Main Street . 69 Brookes Avenue . Sigma Nu House . 32 South Converse . l29 Loomis Street I9 Booth Street . 4 Middle Converse . 4l9 Main Street . . Lyman Hall 64 North Union Street . 42 Elmwood Avenue . Delta Psi House 5 South Converse . 31 Isham Street . 36 South 'Converse 62 THE ARIEL., 1914 Hazel McCuen, l...S., Stowe . . . John McDowell, C.E., Needham, Mass. . . Marie Angela McMahon, IIBIIJ, C.E., Burlington William Patrick McMahon, M.E., Westport, N. Y. . Gilbert Chauncey Mann, Ag., Wilmington . Ralph Converse Mayo, Ag., Lyme, N. H. Samuel Perham Mills, M.E., South Ryegate Ralph Edward Minckler, Ch., South Hero Lilla Carolyn Montgomery, l...S., Waterbury Charles Ellis Morse, C.E., Springfield . . Joseph Moynihan, C.E., Portsmouth, England . Grace Bingham Nutting, l...S., Lititz, Penn. . Martha Anne O'Neil, LS., Burlington . Milon Park Osgood, KE, Ag., Townshend Birney Stuart Pease, AE, C.E., Burlington Merrill Dustin Powers, E.E., Athens . Harold Francis Pease, ECID, l...S., Rutland . Lucy Belle Pierce, LS., Hinesburg . . . Raymond Warren Powers, KE, Ch., Hardwick . Lester Marsh Prindle, L.S., Charlotte , . Marjorie Read, KAGJ, l...S., Essex Junction John Beach Sanford, 'Cl., Hardwick . John Marshall Shedd, Ch., Willsboro, N. Y. Kenneth Joseph Sheldon, Ag., Fair Haven . Walter Hale Squires, Ag., Haverhill, N. H. . Willard Henry Smith, 2112, M.E., Cuttingsville . Roscoe Bertram Smith, AI, Ch., Pike, N. H. . Lillian Maud Spaulding, Cl., North Bangor, N. Y. . Cecil Arthur Spencer, Ch., Wilmington . . Hazel Ruth Spinney, Cl., Marlboro, Mass. Wesley Alba Sturgis, KE, ES., Underhill Everett Keith Swasey, CIDACB, Ch., Waterbury . Chauncey Hulbert Swett, E.E., Southbridge, Mass. Charles Mclntyre Taylor, EN, C.E., Proctor . Hiram Fairchild Stevens, Ag., St. Albans . Jerome Francis Tennien, Ag., Pittsford . Alan Boardman Taylor, Cl., Mooers, N. Y. Leota Carleton Van Aken, L.S., Burlington . 4 South College . 349 College Street 33 South Willard Street . . 8 South College . . S South College 40 South Willard Street . 13 South College . . Howard Hall . 31 Lafayette Place . St. Michael's College . . Grassmount . 69 Mansfield Avenue . 1 North College 72 St. Paul Street . Y. M. C. A. Sigma Phi Place . Grassmount . 41 South Converse 103 North Union Street . . Grassmount 108 Bank Street 6 North Converse 68 Greene Street . 6 North Converse . Sigma Phi Place 29 South Willard Street . Z3 Cherry Street . 12 South College . Lyman Hall 45 South Converse 1 12 Adams Street . Essex Junction Sigma Nu House 147 Loomis Street . .3 North College . 4 Middle Converse 350 North Street VOLUME XXVII 63 Anna Sanford Ward, KAC9, LS., Burlington . Dwight Willard Warner, KIHACD, CE., Malone, N. Y. . Ph Vollie Richard Yates, lVl.E., St. Albans . . Beulah Almira Watts, HBQ, l...S., Waterbury . Mabel Nancy Watts, KAQD, l...S., Waterbury . Amy Elizabeth Wheeler, l-l.Ec., Waterbury . Lucille Thompson White, AAA, LS., Burlington Arthur Nathaniel Willis, EN, LS., Pittsford . i 396 Main Street Delta Theta House 44 Brookes Avenue . Howard Hall . Grassmount . Howard Hall . Grassmount Sigma Nu House 64 THE ARIEL., 1914 iHnrmrr illllvmhern nf 1515 James Francis Armstrong, AE., Ch. . Elbert Lee Arnold, K2 Cm. . Levi Allen Ayres, Ag. . Robert Hale Boynton, Cl. . Frank Parker Corley, C.E. . . Guy B. Chase, ATQ, C.E. . . Alban Anthony Delaney, AE, E.E. Charles 'Stuart Donald, GAG, Ag. . Charles Buell Dow, KE, Ag. Bert Doyle, AE, Ch. . . Marjorie Alice Duffus, LS. . . George Henry Eaton, ATU, E.E. . Reginald Theodore Freibus,-EN, E.E. Karl Gulick, Atlf, LS. . . Charles R. Keeler, fIDAGD, E.E. . Narrola Ruth McCullough, l...S. . Thorljorn P. Meyer, AT-Q, l...S. . Roy Boynton Miner, C.E. . . Willis Perry Mould, QIJAGD, Ch, . Oscar Andrews Monrad, ATO, M.E. Vernon W. Parker, A1If, l...S. . George Upton Salina, Ag. . Albert Fish Smith, EN, Cm. . . Paul Ferrin Terril, 'DAQ Ch. . C1VI.I.T.D Howard Edson Thompson, ATQ, C.E. . Clarence Beryl Werts, Ag. . , . North Adams, Mass. . Bellows Falls . Granville, N. Y. . Keeseville, N. Y. . Barton . Rutland . Burlington . Hardwick . . Springfield . Hanover, N. H. . Wate'rbury . . Rutland Washington, D. C. . .Charlotte . New York City . . Newport . Bergen, Norway . Brattleboro . Morrisville . Hartford, Conn. . Shelburne Montpelier . . Rutland Middlefield, Conn. . Malone, N. Y. . Evanston, lll. Laurence Williamson, ATU, C.E. . . North Adams, Mass. w f VOLUME XXVII 67 Hrvuhman iihiturial .. fe. 5-c. xi Q4 A bf-1' Ji i QE ' "gl n un N .rs ""-.ssilkif Q?E"'r' 6 F3 o r: T' Ed . S TF W 2 9, :- :1 s 3 ,gi . ff: 2. g 2 -1 U7 "1 Q, 2 GQ Q Ui Q. UQ um m o sf. O v-o-. :f 22 O 5 ' P11 '11 E "1 o 2.- In :V rw ' CD UI P. 5 FU D' E 2 sc 'D :s 5 53- Q7 5 :s O 5, 'U E 9' cn '-' o 2 :s W SD Q . . . , . . ull your contribution to th1s years activity has been meager. Of course f this is more or less true of every Freshman class, but you seem to have C Q Q r, of unity in your ranks which should by this time be remedied. The underlying cause of your shortcomings is a poor class and college spirit. Unless you develop this essential attribute of college life, you are abandoning the richest portion of your four years. On Proc Night many of your members failed even to come out and fight! Now this attitude will never accomplish anything for Vermont. You will soon be Sophomores with aa Freshman class to disci- plineg in two short years Seniors, when the affairs and traditions of our Alma Mater will be entrusted to your keeping. You cannot realize the responsibility now, but you will feel it later. Finally, in order to live up to your future obligations, you should cultivate the true College Spirit, support the student organizations and remember that the degree of perfection reached by the whole is determined by its constituent elements. 68 TI-IE ARIEL., 1914 Ellreahmmt 0112155 Cbftirrrn William Francis Gallagher . . . Ruth Brown Grandy . Chandler Stephen Gates Dorothy Votey . y . !111IPm1:rPr5 Wesley Thomas Abell, KE, Ag., St. Albans George Albert Alden, AE, Ch, Brandon . . . Wallace Edgar Armstrong, C.E., North Woodstock, Ct. Harold Dudley Ashton, KE, C.E., Springfield, Mass. . f Virge Franklin Babcock, ATQ, L.S., Keeseville, N. Y. Henry Francis Bailey, AE, C.E., Waterbury, Ct. . . Charles Francis Baldwin, Arif, M.E., Essex Junction . Irene Viola Ballou, L.S., Burlington . . . George Lawrence Bean, ATQ, C.E., Littleton, N. H. . Philip Borst Becker, CLS., Cobleskill, N. Y. . . Edgar Paul Bellefontaine, CIPAG, Cm., Lowell, Mass. . John Raymond Berry, ANII, C.E., Montpelier . . Carlton Richmond Bloomer, C.E., West Rutland . . Robert Rudolph Bogie, AT-Q, M.E., Saranac Lake, N. Y. Fred Richard Bolster, E.E., Weston . . . Chester Robert Boyce, EN, Ag., Windsor . . . Robert Moulton Briggs, CIJAG, C.E., Hartford . George Lynn Brooks, AI, M.E., Montpelier . Bruce Robert Buchanan, Ag., West Glover Merle Elizabeth Byington, L.S., Charlotte . Pedro Campos, L.S., Ponce, P. R. . . Albert Louis Carlton, C.E., St. Johnsbury . Clarence Rand Carlton, ATQ, C.E., East Poultney . Douglas Graeme Clark, E.E., Burlington . . . . President . Vice-President . Treasurer . Secretary 118 North Union Street . Commons Hall . . Y. M. C. A. Alpha Tau Omega House . Delta Sigma House . . Essex Junction . 26 Buell Street . 419 Pearl Street . . Y. M. C. A. Phi Delta Theta House . 46 North Converse . 41 Middle Converse . 133 Loomis Street 41 North Winooski Avenue 621 South Union Street . Phi Delta Theta House . 22 North Converse . 14 South College North Union Street 103 . 43 Middle Converse . 51 North Street . Y. M. C. A. . 45 Nash Place VOLUME XXVII 69 William Russell Conroy, JDAGJ, M.E., Plainfield, N. . John Lawrence Cootey, KE., Cm., Rutland . Wilder Ralph Coyle, IPAQ, M.E., Wilder . Edward Fairman Crane, L.S., Hardwick . . Clifton Clarmont Daigle, AE, M.E., Burlington . Philip James Desmond, AE, Cm., Fitchburg, Mass. Allen Gilbert Dix, C.E., Barre . . Hazel Ruth Doten, H.Ec., Burlington . Joseph Patrick Drummey, Ag., Marlboro, Mass. Katherine Emma Dudley, L.S., Randolph . Loretna Emeroy Dyke, L.S., Burlington . Robert Kelley Edgerton, ATQ, L.S., Manchester . Roland Seaver Ely, EN, Cm., Woodstock . . Palmer Woodard Everts, L.S., Granville, N. Y. May Gladys Pauley, Cm., Bennington . . Charles Sabin Ferrin, AXP, M.E., Montpelier John James Einnessy, Cl., Shelburne . Thomas Bernard Fitzgerald, Ag., Winooski . Neal Richardson Fosgate, Ch., Littleton, N. H. . George Wallace Foster, ECP, M.E., Cuttingsville . Ruth Peck France, L.S., Hinesburg 0 .- Lindol French, ATQ, E.E., St. Johnsbury . Seward Frederick French, KE, Ag., Brandon Max Day Fuller, ATQ, Ch., Waterbury . . Paul Francis Gadle, G.S., Norwich, Ct. . .X William Francis Gallagher, AI, Ag., Rockville Cen Clara Maria Gardner, L.S., Fair Haven . . Chandler Stephen Gates, 249, L.S., Burlington . Gilman Moses Gay, AI, Cm., Randolph . . Elizabeth Sherman Gilmore, L.S., Pittsford Mills Perley Clarence Glidden, KE, Ag., 'Cabot . . Richard Bell Gordon, LIPAGJ, M.E., Oil City, Pa. Ruth Brown Grandy, L.S., Burlington . . William Hamilton Greene, AE, Cm., Richford . Raymond Leonard Grismer, AKII, Cl., Burlington . Edward Leslie Gutterson, KE, E.E., Fair Haven . Chauncey Harold Hayden, CIJAID, L.S., Riverside John R. Hayes, AE, C.E., Waterbury, Ct. ter, L. l. . Phi Delta Theta House . Z6 North Converse Phi Delta Theta House . 96 Colchester Avenue 68 North Willard Street . Delta Sigma House 40 South Willard Street . I4 Bradley Place . 35 South Converse . . Lyman Hall . 36 Crombie Street Alpha Tau Gmega House . ZI North Converse . 247 Pearl Street . Lyman Hall Delta Psi House . I6 St. Paul Street . . Winooski 4l9 Pearl Street Zl South Converse . Grassmount I2 Bradley Place 344 North Street . 25 Middle Converse 68 South Union Street , N. Y. 6 South Converse . . Lyman Hall 301 South Willard Street . ZI Nlidclle Converse . Lyman Hall . 437 Main Street . Phi Delta Theta House . 54 Brookes Avenue . 57 Buell Street . . 25 Buell Street . . . 63 Greene Street 77 North Winooski Avenue 90 North Prospect Street 70 TI-I E ARIEL, 1914 Grant Macomber Hobart, AE, Ag., Cambridge . Koh Chenlc Hoh, Cm. Canton, China . Harry David Holden, M.E., North Clarendon Ida Mary Holden, Cl., Marlboro, Mass. . Erle Robert Holmes, AE, EE., Johnson . James Madison Hotchkiss, Ch., Fairfax . Edith Rae Howard, L.S., Fairfax . . Lucien Thomas Huntington, EE., Rutland Franklin Horace lsham, L.S., Burlington . . Harold Albert Johnson, AE, Cl., Naugatuck, Ct, , William Atherton Knight, EN, Ag., Westmoreland. N. H. Augustine Mary LaRochelle, Cl., Barre . . Arthur Leo Lavery, Ch., Burlington . . . Willa-rd Parker Leutze, CIJAGJ, Ag., Merton,Pa. . Arthur Gustavus Levy, L.S., Rutland . , James William Linnehan, EN, Cm.,'Pittslield, Mags, Marjorie Ellinwood Luce, L.S., Waterbury , Joseph Charles Ludwig, EE., Burlington . . Thomas Leo Lyons, G.S., Plattsburg, N. Y. . Harold Alonzo Mack, ECID, L.S., West W0Od5tock, William Turnball Maiden, CDAQ9, Ag., Barre , Frank Elias Malcolm, CIDAGD, Ch., New Bedford Mags, Stoddard Brock Martin, EN, Ag., Windsor , Harold Albert Mayforth, CDAC9, Ag., Springfield, Mass, Leland Murray Mclfinlay, G.S., Topsham . , William Dyer Merriam, EN, Ag., Wallingford , Agnes Julia Miller, Cl., Narragansett, Pier, R, I, Thomas Crawford Mitchell, Jr., C.E., Southbridge, Mass, Harrison Wilfred Moore, E.E., Bennington , Charles Edward Morse, Jr., G.S., Rutland . Ira Leroy Morse, EN, Ag., Jeflersonville . , Camillus Horton Nelson, IIJAQD, Cm., West Pawlet Helen Edna Nichols, H.Ec., Marlboro, Mass. . Theodore Howard Ockels, C.E.., Townshend . Roderic Marble Olzendam, EN, Ag., New York City . Fred Charles Palmer, AE, Ag., Burlington . Victor Patterson, KE, M.E., Newbury Center . Martin Julius Prelle Paulsen, CLS., Jersey City, N. J. 423 Pearl Street . 2 North Converse 33 South Willard Street . . Howard Hall 33 South Willard Street . 55 Greene Street . 26 Henry Street 63 Greene Street . 9 Latham Court . Delta Sigma House . Sigma Nu House 67 North Willard Street 229 Colchester, Avenue . 5 Middle Converse 6 South 'Converse . Sigma Nu House . Howard Hall 24 Crowley Street 42 Grant Street Phi Delta Theta House Phi Delta Theta House 621 South Union Street . Phi Delta Theta House I56 Loomis Street Sigma Nu House 404 College Street . 44 Middle Converse 42 North Converse . 26 North Converse . 21 South Converse Phi Delta Theta, House . Lyman Hall . Y. M. C. A. . 22 Middle Converse . Z4 Weston Street .40 South Willard Street l20 South Union Street VOLUME XXVII 71 Robert Norton Pease, EKID, Ch., Burlington Arthur Eugene Perley, Cl., Richford . . Thomas Lloyd Perry, ATQ, M.E., Worcester, lvrass. McKendree Petty, AI, Cl., Schenectady, N. Y. . Carroll Milton Pike, KE, Ag., Montpelier . John Vincent Piper, Ag., Springfield . Emeline Darling Platt, L.S., Moriah, N.Y. Laura Burtt Porter, Cl., Burlington . John Edward Powers, CLS., Burlington . . Harry Arthur Putnam, ECP, Ag., Bellows Falls . Zilpah Fay Ranney, Cl., Pittsfield . . Paul Lewis Ransom, EN, Ag., Woodstock . Fred New Raymond, EN, Cm., Dalton, Mass. . William Edwin Remby, QJACD, Ag., Winthrop, Mass. Truman Solomon Riley, KE, GS., Burlington . Helen Elizabeth Rutter, L.S., Burlington . . Carroll Morgan Salls, Ch., Burlington Clealand A. Sargent, Cm., Richford . Grace Myra Scoheld, L. S., Burlington . . Walton Hunt Scott, ATQ, Ag., Philadelphia, Pa. Amory Davison Seaver, AI, Ag. Barton . . Fitch Shaw, AI, Ch., La Crosse, Wis. . Emerson Warner Shedd, Aill, L.S., Franklin Charlotte Augusta Sinclair, H.Ec. Burlington Percy Lincoln Slayton, EN, E.E., Woodstock Clement Charles Smith, KE, M.E., Bristol Ralph Havelock Soulis, AE, Ch. Everett, Mass. Jessie Ardelle Southard, L.S., Fairfax . . Carlton Beecher Stetson, Allf, L.S., Burlington . Leonora Stiles, L.S., Sudbury, Mass. . Cassius Hayward Styles, L.S., South Hero Lucy Gertrude Swift, H.Ec., Middlesex . Doris Eleanor Taft, H.Ec., Burlington . Villroy Carleton Taplin, KE, E.E., Windsor . Bradley Ambrose Thomas, AXP, Cm., Morrisville . Howard King Thompson, AI, Cl., Boston, Mass. Louis Tomassi, AE, L.S., Montpelier . . Cha-rles Henry Votey, 'IPAQ M.E., Summit, N. J. . 468 College Street 121 North Willard Street . . 419 Pearl Street 20 South College . 42 North Converse Experiment Farm . Lyman Hall . North Avenue . . 39 Cliff Street 35 North Willard Street . . 25 Booth Street . 31 Middle Converse . Sigma Nu House Phi Delta Theta House . 344 North Street . 57 Brookes Avenue . 382 North Street 121 North Willard Street . 104 Leslie Terrace . 25 Middle Converse . 42 North Converse . 396 Main Street . 83 North Union Street . . 16 Cliff Street 14 South College . 147 Loomis Street . Delta Sigma House 433 South Willard Street . 384 College Street 429 South Willard Street . Z9 Brookes Avenue . Howard Hall 60 Adams Street . North Union Street . Delta Psi House . 35 Middle Converse . Delta Sigma House 178 South Prospect Street 72 TI-IE ARIEL, I9I4 Constance Votey, L.S., Burlington . Dorothy Votey, L.S., Burlington . Ethel Murdock Ward, L.S., Burlington . . Lyman Daniels Warren, ECID, Cm., Chicago, lll. . Edward Merritt Washburn, E.E., Woodstock . Walter Seelye Weeks, 2112, Ch., Shelburne Nellie Florence Whalen, H. Ec., Burlington Belno Marsh Whelden, AI, Cl., Ludlow . Bernice White, LS., Burlington . . Foster Clement Whitney, Cm., Franklin . . Morris Raymond Wilcox, Ailf, C.E., Cieorgeville, P. Mabel Florence Wilson, L.S., Hardwick . . Max Crandall Wolcott, Cm., Colchester . . Urban Andrain Woodbury, 2115, L.S., Burlington Earl Thomas Worden, KIJACD, C.E., Rutland . Hollis Cragin W-right, AXP, M.E., Westminster . Svpvrizrl Svtuhenta Shung-Yan Yue, C.E., Canton, China . . Jefferson Wheeler Baker, 2fIJ, Montclair, N. J, . Amanda N. Christmas, Burlington . Frank E. Cnrifhn, Troy, N. Y. . Mary Elizabeth Johndroe, Burlington ., Laura Louise Johnson, Minneapolis, Minn. Gladys Lenore Mabie, Minneapolis, Minn. . Stanley Barber Thomson, AI, East Lynn, Mass. 489 Main Street 489 Main Street I7 Russell Street Sigma Phi Place . I4 South College . 45 North Converse . 55 South Union Street . 42 Middle Converse . 25l Main Street 65 North Winooski Avenue . . Y. M. C. A. . . Lyman Hall 45 North Winooski Avenue . 37 North Prospect Street Phi Delta Theta House . . 83 Main Street 2 North Converse . Sigma Phi Place . 141 Loomis Street . 35 Middle Converse . . 24 Grant Street . 404 College Street . 404 College Street . 92 Brookes Avenue ,L " - :'1 !f . 'i?4' i 'f A 'A b it , . W XE' " -..7' if - -'f 2" iff 9-,3,..,,-efejg-1-y!'y ' .- - - 4123 4 4 --'.T'9 wi -1 Lwffff., f or L ii. if ' 7, f ,f :j . 5 ,Y ff, . 1 Q -ggkff-if ,L - Z7 ,t , JL it 2 ef' iq' 'ef 'i f .1 4 - .ra 0.5: 341,519 ,vig p'I,:Ejf'gv..,-,yi , . ,. ff pyj :ff in 21 2 ' L f s-. 4: II. 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Albert Clarke Freeman, Barre, Vt. . Lawrence Hubbard Frost, Willimantic,' Ct. Clarence Charles Gerrard, Springfield, Mass. Bernard l-lorace Gilbert, Concord . . Matthew Hammond Griswold, Kensington, Ct. Byron Harold Hermann, St. Albans . Howard Delmar l-linman, W. Charleston Frank Ballard l-lunt, Fairfax . . Grattan George Irwin, S. Hadley Falls, Mass. Florizel Janvier, St. Albans Bay . . Theron Dyke Jenkins, Winthrop, N. Y. . William l-lenry Lane, D.D.S., Burlington Walter Sidney Lyon, N. Craftsbury , Joseph Francis O'Brien, Meriden, Ct. . Herbert Scott Pattee, Manchester, N. I-l. Willard Phipard, Brooklyn, N. Y. . l-lovaghim Poghanian, Providence, R. I. . Erwin William Reid, Brushton, N. Y. . Frank Elmer Rowe, Nashua, N. H. . l Brookes Avenue 73 North Willard Street: . 48 Elmwood Avenue 68 South Union Street . . I2 Grant Street 90 North Prospect Street . . 34 Buell Street Hartford, Conn. 86 Loomis Street . Phi Chi l-louse . . IO7 Buell Street . . Middle Converse 73 North Willard Street . 30 St. Paul Street l57 South Union Street 77 North Winooski Avenue . 32 North Converse 42 North Winooski Avenue . 31 North 'Converse . I9 l-lickok Place . . I2 Grant Street . . 8 Greene Street 92 South Winooski Avenue 88 North Willard Street . . 8 Greene Street . 120 Colchester Avenue . II3 Buell Street . .l6 School Street . 35 Lafayette Place . 62 l-lenry Street . 99 Buell Street 1 mf YY ! ,W f , ,, ,Y 7 VOLUME XXVII 77 Lous Irving Skirhall, Revere, Mass. Harry Leslie Stilphen, Gardner, Mass. Everett Joseph Stone, Bristol . . Charles Henry Swift, Pittsford . . Thomas Joseph Tobin, Saranac, N. Y. . Julius Caesar Trachtenberg, Dorchester, Mass. . George Andrew Treclick, New Castle, N. H. . Chester Arthur Van Cor, Burlington . Frank Chase Young, Penacook, N. H. Frank Zwick, Naugatuck, Ct. . Zluninr itIHrhir5 . 31 Booth Street . 26 Lafayette Pl. . 4 Hickok Place . I6 Loomis Street . 37 Elmwood Avenue . . 31 Booth Street 42 North Winooski Ave. . 92 Brookes Avenue IIO College Street L23 Loomis Street William John Clarke Agnew, High Falls, N. Y. . Alpha Kappa Kappa House Judson Sylvester Allen, La Crosse, Wis. Stanley Francis Berry, Franklin, Mass. Joseph Albert Boucher, Jolliette, P.Q. Percy Erastus Buck, Newport . Harvey Clifford Bundy, Morrisville K Nathan Renwick Caldwell, Groton Mitchel Daniel Carey, Keene, N. Y. Claude O. Carmichael, Edna, Texas Louis Joseph Cella, Ph.G., Providence, R. l. . Michael Francis Clatliey, Naugatuck, Ct. Frank Edward Corson, Honesdale, Pa. . Harry Horace Dutton, Burlington . George Arthur Eckert, Newport, R. I. , Arthur Jeffries Ellis, Rutland . Francis Joseph Ennis, Bridgeport, Ct. Richard S. Farr, Lodi, N. Y. . Rowley Smith Flagg, St. ,Iohnsloury Frank Bledsoe Galbraith, Boise, Idaho . Edward Stack Grace, New Britain, Ct. . Hugh Matthias Gray, Arlington, Va. Harold Simon Hatch, Berlin, N. H. . Douglas Beverly Johnson. Petersburg, Va . . 2 Hickok Place 52 North Winooski Avenue . l57 South Union Street . . 30 Isham Street . 25 Elmwood Avenue 33 South Willard Street 33 South Willard Street . 56 Cherry Street . . 36 Grant Street . 234 Pearl Street 29 South Union Street 80 North Willard Street . . 30 lsham Street 80 North Willard Street 99 Weaver Street, Winooski 76 North Winooski Avenue . . 61 Greene Street . 35 Brookes Avenue . 234 Pearl Street . 56 Cherry Street . I5 Loomis Street . 56 Cherry Street 9 1 VOLUME XXVII 79 Carl James Kilburn, Manchester Center . Clayton Rogers Lane, Corning, N. Y. . James Lyman Lovejoy, Weston Samuel Maislin, Hartford, Ct. . Donald Guy Nlclvor, Swanton . David Paul Moloney, Tewkshury, Mass. George Mossman, Westminster, Mass. . George Sumner Nutt, Youngstown, Ohio Arthur Russell Pillsbury, Rockville, Ct. . Smith Alonzo Quimhy, Bethlehem, N. H. Ralph Augustus Richardson, Franklin, N. H. . . Harry Arthur Seigall, Hartford, Ct. . George L.ouis Steele, Lyndonville . Everett Sayles Towne, Burlington . Frank Alexander Walsh, East Arlington. Svnphnmure Hlvhira Gordon Douglas Atkinson, Derby let., N.B. . . . . William E. Ball, Brooklyn, N. Y. . Glen Beecher, Granville, N. Y. .... 42 N01' Harold Augustus Benson, Alexandria Bay, N. Y. . . George Gernon Bergeron, Fall River, Mass. . . John Joseph Boland, Westhoro, Mass. . William Moffet Bronson, Littleton, N.H. James Walter Bunce, North Adams, Mass. . 54 Greene Street Z9 Mansfield Avenue . 43 School Street . l 7 School 60 North Willard I6 Loomis Street Street Street 29 Mansheld Avenue . 20 North Union Z9 North Union I6 Loomis 25 North Union . l 7 School . 34 Buell I6 South Willard . 42 Grant . 8 Gr eene Street Street Street Street Street Street Street Street Street 76 Brookes Avenue . 39 Buell . 42 Grant 82 Loomis th Winooski Avenue Street Street Street . 67 Buell Street Phi Chi House Edwin Alga Cameron, Littleton, N. H. . . 67 Buell Street George Philip Carr, New Haven, Ct. . I8 I-00IT1'lS Street Frederick Roy Carter, Bangor, Me. . 31 Lafayette Place Arthur Edward Casey, Willimantic, Ct. . . 73 Buell Street Edward Alexander Cayo, Hinckley, N.Y. . . 75 Loomis Street William Andrew Robertson Chapin, W. Springfield, Mass. . 34 Buell Street Leon Emil Duval, Wallingford ...... 41 Grant Street Charles Francis Fleming, W. Rutland . . . IOO Buell Street Edward A. Flynn Buffalo, N. Y. . . , 76 North Winooski Avenue Barnet Frank, Burlington . . 70 North Union Street K. VOLUME XXVII 81 Ernest Augustus Frederick Hirrschoff, slr., Newark, Percy Hanison Garland, New York City . George Adelor Gosselin, Rutland . . Hugh Henry Hanrahan, Rutland . . Arthur Heininger, Burlington . . S. Stuart Ingalls, Lee Center, N. Y. . George Timothy Kavanaugh, Lewiston, Me. Edward Don Leete, Concord, N. H. . . John Nulty McCarty, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. . Thomas Allen McCormick, Burlington . . James McDermott, Schenectady, N. Y. . Arthur Dubois Meyers, Burlington . William Holyoke Niles, Montpelier . Glenn Parker, Burlington . . Ulric Richard Plante, Mooers Forks, N. Y. . Foster Halmer Platt, Swanton . . Joseph Edward Rapuzzi, Ithaca, N. Y. . Charles Rich, Newark, N. . Francis Leo Scannell, Lewiston, Me. Walter Hall Sisson, Essex Jet. . Harold Small. Monroe, Me. . . . Chester Lewis Smart, Roxie, Me. . . . Edward Sylvester Smith, Jr., Port Henry, N. Y. Leroy Dilmore Soper, Seneca Falls . . . H. Eugene St. Antoine, Burlington . . Michael Francis Sullivan, Winth1'op, N. Y. Eugene Therrien, Rochester, N. H. . George Dixon Van Dyke, Saxtons River . Morris Samuel Wineck, Hartford, Ct. . Rollin Duane Worden, Rutland . George Young, Skowhegan, Me. . Freshman fllivhirz . 92 Brookes Avenue . L25 Elmwood Avenue 301 College Street . 429 Pearl Street I2 Crowley Street . Phi Chi House . 50 Booth Street . 42 Grant Street 38 Hickok Place . 9 Hickok Place . 61 Elmwood Avenue l23 Loomis Street . Phi Chi House . 25 Elmwood Avenue . IZ Grant Street . I2 Grant Street l23 Loomis Street . Phi Chi House . Phi Chi House . . Essex Junction . . 85 Grant Street . 83 North Union Street 80 North Willard Street . 43 Brookes Avenue . . 6 Bradley Place . . 6 Bradley Place . . IZ Grant Street 76 North Winooski Avenue . . l 7 School Street . . 97 Buell Street 83 North Union Street Joseph Ciminera, Waterbury, Ct. . - 234 Pearl Street Maurice Cohen, Paterson, N. Arthur Gregory Holland, Manchester, N. H. . 25 Booth Street 82 THE ARIEL, I9I4 Louis Kaplan, Brooklyn, N. Y. . . Henry Joseph Kelley, Dorchester, Mass. . Roy Fisher Leighton, Ph.B., Canton, N. Y. Maurice Edwin Lord, A.B., N. Brooksville, Me. Ewalcl Ewald Olsson, S. Manchester, Ct. . Philias Pion, Bristol, Ct. . . Douglas James Roberts, Burlington . Carl F. Robinson, Manchester, N. H. . John David Thomas, Pownal . . John Flynn Tuttle, Manchester . 125 South Willard Street 433 South Union Street . 64 North Prospect Street . 83 North Union Street 68 South Willard Street 68 South Willard Street 68 South Willard Street 68 South Willard Street . 80 Colchester Avenue . I2 Grant Street M Qvvf xx X + , . N I , 1 ui I I I N LflEC3REEK5 TI-IE ARIEL, 19 Lambda Iota Cl..ocalD Sigma Phi . Delta Psi fl..ocalD Phi Delta Theta Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Tau Omega Kappa Sigma . Delta Delta Delta Sigma Nu . Pi Beta Phi . Delta Sigma flaocall Alpha Zeta . Delta Mu fLocaD Phi Chi . . Alpha Kappa Kappa Phi Beta Kappa . Boulcler fSenior Societyl E11 ratnrnitiva 5-Xrahrmir illllvhiral Mnnnrarg Qltana Evnrivtiva Key ancl Serpent Uunior Societyl . . Theta Nu Epsilon fsophomore Societyj . UKMA fSophomore Society? . . Cap and Skull fsenior Medical Societyl . Book ancl Skull Uunior Medical Societyl . 1836 1845 1850 1879 1882 1887 1893 1893 1898 1898 1900 1905 1880 1889 1893 1848 1905 1908 1903 1908 1910 1911 Eamhila 3111121 Eural 3Hn1mhrh 131-IE k ' Q - Q, XM Q 1 QQ Q . Q ,gy j 1 , Mf.s,,c'-f,,- 4 4 J .S '52 4 9 P gf Q!-315 .DII Q .4,:-Q-Q Q ., -Q ' -' Q- Q -. es' mga: . -, F- ff ,ff 9? , H 3.217 1' :R Rx 2,3-xf M ,,-gf, X-w..,,,,,,--4..M XZ' 'N' '-,Y,"p.,,,,Q"--....,.,,,,,Q.,,M.MmQ -M. ,-an-.W if 1 --Q. '-Q 9: :N 4 'Q 'EFA ggmgwfase. x mmgcfif' gfmma .W fgff +ww?W"' -,an 5. .-f V' .JJ-, ffm v- 'Q' ' 5' 'ff ' 'Z ' ,.' ' "N , W g 'il,.,- V. -:,1f,1.f rw- - ,--.,- gf ,., gg, N sw-.2 -f 1 - . . .' - ,J 1 17,,,,,,Q,...-mm-: Q - Q A -- .1:":'I,'z , , ":,.I hy" Ls:-I J:- - . 5 ' 'A ..,,,, Q. 1 f., ' Q " '1 t"'5 .1-:g.L+w-,fw'f wh-+1-M .. ,, -71:1-fr,9f'Z'f225.512213-52:2-1I-' Hb' - W " ' ' . 4- - 1 ,J ' 2f?i','-'zigifvisiffk ' ' ..., ., wr, fur' 4 3' ' E3 ' fm , -- .. ,Q'Qe5g.,5,q. 45 1 f .rp ' 1- - . 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Q: -flu I fm, f sa, M 3, - - ,ga I . . -,., Q,,,-. ,vw - - - 'fl' W" F", 42? 1 ' r , X v w., fl? 1 4 1.' xi fe. --gf,-wif' ' ' 4 'M ' " QQ, x ,QQ K. -:sf 'w-:- 1- -4 I-ff - ,.'- ".A,,,,m,:Q '- ' " ' '- 5 vs W X Q F 9' K I X 3 a - N V Q C Q , ,QQ Q, gg -. 5 Q Q QQ. . Q . j N 5- , , . . , ,- VOLUME XXVII Eamhha Elura Zllnunhrrn John Sullivan Adams George Huntington Peck William Higby Edward Augustus Cahoon John Gregory Smith George Washington Reed Charles Gamage Eastman Daniel Buck Benjamin Jewett Tenney James Forsyth John Franklin Deane George Hazen Wood Orange Ferris iilratrrsa in Hrhr Edward C. Bass, '59 a'Everett S. Towne, '05 Lucius Bigelow, '6l Eugene A. Smalley, '60 Elihu B. Taft, '7l William B. Lund, '61 Charles P. Hall, '78 Frank H. Parker, '74 Ernest A. Brodie, '86 James F. Goodall, '85 James H. Middlebrook, '87 Frank H. Crandall, '86 Herbert M. Mclntosh, '90 Charles C. Stafford, '88 Ernest Spaulding, '92 Harry l... Bingham, '94 William H. Englesby, '94 Walter O. Lane, '95 Charles A. Beach, '98 James O. Walker, '92 Edward l... Allen, '08 Marcellus H. Landon, '06 Zltratreu in lininmritatr SENIOR Humphrey Aubrey Styles JUNIORS ' lames Howard Moore Louis William Batchelder Philip Turner Salisbury Ury Albert Hicks SOPHOMORES Edward Allen Currier Gilman Moses Gay Harold Almon Gardyne Fitch Shaw Roscoe Bertram Smith FRESHMEN George Lynn Brooks McKendree Petty Stanley Barber Thomson William Francis Gallagher Amory Davidson Seaver Belno Marsh Whelden Howard King Thompson 'Gln Medical College. K Hvrmnni: Alpha nf Sigma Ighi Zlfunnhrh in 1545 .: vw- Nw: fggfm. f1J.rQ,jr 4.53 1-nfs -1: M 'Y f k 1 -1 '.':Wv'?'. I 7 ,iaarryv . w' l15T,'K."'f!I ,. . ,.,. ' sf' fy I f . JMX -sz, THE ARIEL, I 9 Sigma 1Hhi FOUNDED IN I 845 Zllrniren in Ellarultatv Lyman Allen, '93 John B. Wheeler, '75 Henry B. Shaw, '96 Roy D. Sawyer, 'IZ Zllratrea in ilrhv Albert R. Dow, '70 Elias Lyman, '70 Walter B. Gates, 'BI Gilbert A. Dow, '84 Joseph T. Stearns, '96 Henry G. Fuller, '06 Rev. Joseph Torrey, '53 Charles E. Allen, '59 Hamilton S. Peck, '70 Alfred C. Whiting, '74 Henry L. Ward, '82 Charles L. Woodbury, '88 Frank R. Wells, '93 Arthur W. Dow, 'IO Zllrairvn in llininrrziiatv SENIORS Ralph Warner Simonds Roswell Farnham jU1v1oRs Allen Ewert Moore David Willard Howe SOPHOMORE5 Donald George Babbitt Walter Henry Grein Willard Henry Smith Harold Francis Pease Daniel Robinson Grancly Richard Henry Ballard Lyman Daniels Warren Jefferson Wheeler Baker FRESHMEN Robert Norton Pease Harry Arthur Putnam Chandler Stephen Gates George Wallace Foster Urban Andrian Woodbury Walter Seelye Weeks Harold Alonzo Mack VOLUME XXVII 91 Sigma lghi FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE IN 1827 Alpha of New York Beta of New York Alpha of Massachusetts Delta of New York Alpha of Vermont Alpha of Michigan Alpha of Pennsylvania Epsilon of New York Alpha of Wisconsin 131111 nf Qlhaptrrz Union College Hamilton College . Williams College . l-loibart College . University of Vermont University of Michigan Lehigh University . Cornell Unversity . University of Wisconsin 1827 1831 1834 1840 1845 1858 1887 1890 1908 Evita 135i Hinml Huunheh in 15511 if I' ' .- .,,-4-.1 . . -'.-2 . . .,, f 2 gw y-1' xr-5,-.-. any .'.v -,. 11. ,, - 4 - Y V. -4 . 9'.g:4,:-.f.:.r ,-.zgb ,-.-.-..v!'2!P!v H' ,ug v.-3-,mmf -,-f,-2, ., 4.-,-Auf, 'A 52 1-5:93. 5.. T . U fjxfg igimi in x V 2 L221ZT+'4fz1-:Fi 5? s v' F 5 515:-F 6 Y'5"57"fx37?3342 " ,- 1 4 -'PS' ff- lgk-E. f N '-,Enix f.'f-K7 " 'Ai-r'f-332 ' Q 4 1 "1-', - b g".Q2'.. . . 'TTA 2:- W , 3 2?'i141.lf,n+,:,,j.':,'F :, ,VE ..f"Z5k Agigizgg. N ff.. Qgmggf-f'-521. 1-9.1:-xfyiffraf . 4: '- +i1a"mf"?5f f Qg-.-L,-,U ,, ju ,. -,sz-f-.' --:A hp.,-"fin 3 .. ,t 'g - ,Q I J ,,1 . N .fx IQ , -.zdnffv a ' gf: -'QL-2,39 vida QE' -A ul -'.., ,L ,S-ff? ,Q a"4,."D,r--fffi2,x- ff . 1? Q-161: 'lf' . . rm -A if-M' 1.- wf'3fe-'5H:"2'?5S I- Tiff?"-f'9""3 ?S?" "" ?3"'L'?'?f'F'fxv3'?2:. "' ,f "-Rf.-Ah .-' """- 'iff .3 . E4-b+-?'9zpg,f - , wiv. ,.fvf- -.:- gy-3-,,.. -A ', I -:v,g,." M, 4-Q -,p:g" any 1-Q.,-in :. ,M I . f'- ' ' Q ' f 3 U3-"in-if 7LE"5"Sf ' " J ' -1 'Fir Sfifviiqgl fii?f45?!fiff3: .I Sf? 16? Q35 3- f,51.l"y.'- "Fifi", -HE?" " mf ' ' ,:',Q f,,,,f,fA"- A .,,q.,.1,,- ,,- .. ,F , . ,i .. , 5, . ., .1 , -.,,, 1. , . Q. ,.,, H,g..h-by . .I f-'Q - - -3-1:--V Q:il3J,Q?qk f+. x,lg4Elg'.g S 6:'g'g,g3EfQQgf ..,:', ff, gifs , 1 -- 'T - ' eff - .ff-: - ...r if L4 g. ,.iE , .. ,, V Jah. ,4m,..'g .. Er ., - '- if--. ' 1 -T ffzw-r-,GQ , ' 'fi' ff- 2' - A :fi A- 3' "-" 5 G VW: v fits' Yi inkj . 1 - - ylxvf Q. " X 14 ' . Q " ,,, E4 X '?gf2,f"fA. 'Tiff .I g-'15-si' 1- gg. 5 y',,y.g ' - N , 112: W ay-, 4 'Ni Sf" - 51 , 'K Fifi' 'EL M ' , "Q " f TV ",.,. un i ? v...'i1LL:g I,.!,? irwp.-r-' --p :- ' - . 1. ,-5--2 ,fm . we ll--ma , i W-5 . - n ffm :f r - EE.-E ' " -' S1 -' ':1f'5 ' WH- -N--HQ. 4' ' -13-. , . .,f..... ,-' . : 5 . V- -H1 ' , . '1'i.'?':g?:g4'f",i - -.-. -,-,.. :E: K '-: : if P -' , 2-f . 1? 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Emerson, Ph.D. Henry Farnham Perkins, '98 Cueorge Henry Perkins, Ph.D. John H. Woodruff, '05 William C. Stacy, '59 Henry C. Wheeler, '67 Robert Roberts, '69 Heman B. Chittenden, '71 Donly C. Hawley, '78 George B. Catlin, '80 George Y. Bliss, '89 Edward S. lsham, '89 James H. Macomher, '90 Merritt D. Chittenden, '94 Ray W. Collins, '09 Raymond L. Soule, '09 Levi P. Smith, '08 l Medical College. Zllrzxiriefi in llrhr Albert G. Whittemore, '67 Chauncey W. Brownell, '70 Seneca Haselton, '7l Don A. Stone, '78 Arthur S. lsham, '88 J. Lindley Hall, '89 Max L. Powell, '89 Ezra H. Horton, '92 Carl Brigham Brownell, '99 Charles C. Wilson, '07 xRansom W. Adams, ex-'l0 Harold E. Somerville, '08 xlidwin A. Cameron, ex-'l4 VOLUME XXVII Evita Hai Zllratrea in Hniurraitair Harry Robinson Dane Henry Powell Spring SENI ORS Paul Frederick Kruse Curtice Nelson Hitchcock Holman Boynton Ferrin IUNIORS Winheld Harold Boardman Charles Plympton Smith Brigham Wheeler McFarland Seth Patten Johnson SOPHOMORES Roy Scott Cowan Henry Clay Fisk, Jr. Carlton Beecher Stetson, Charles Francis Baldwin Raymond Leonard Grismer Bradley Ambrose Thomas slr. Charles Sabin Ferrin Leslie Kendall l-lollis Cragin Wright FRESHMEN John Raymond Berry Emerson Warner Shedd Maurice Raymond Wilcox Hvrmnni Alpha nf 1515 Brita Cflhvta ZHlJ1Ii1hPh in 1875 ,. THE ARIEL, I 9 Q1Bhi Evita Elyria Guy Potter Benton, Ohio Fred K. Jackson, '97 George P. Burns, Ohio Beta, '98 Max W. Andrews, '99 Frank O. Sinclair, '82 R. A. Armes, '85 Se more L. Lawrence '91 y , Clark C. Briggs, '94 Almon C. Wheeler, '95 Roy L. Patrick, '98 FOUNDED IN I 879 Zliratrea in Zliarultatz Beta, '88 Edmund C. Mower, '92 George M. Sabin, '96 Charles A. Kern, 'Ol Harold F. Barton, '08 Zlfrairea in Hrhe George I. Forbes, '90 Charles C. Mower, '94 Harry E. Lewis, R. I. Alpha Hugh l... Thompson, Cal. Beta William H. Wilson, '09 Hollis E. Gray, '03 Elfratrra in lininmaitate James Herbert Hoffnagle Harry Weston Averill Vernon Thayer Dow Harold Allen Elrick Frederick Wood Baker Edgar Paul Bellefontaine Robert Moulton Briggs Darius Cole Brunclage Paul Hayden Gates Everett Bickfo-rd Jackson John Patrick Brennan William Russell Conroy Wilder Ralph Coyle Richard Bell Gordon Chauncey Harold Hayde SENIORS Kenneth Hunter Owens JUNIORS Jason Merrill Malcolm Samuel Vincent Phillips Adrian St. John Isaac Dill Everitt SOPH OM ORES Joseph, Granger Keeler William Turnbull Maiden Harold Albert Mayforth William Edwin Remby Everett Keith Swasey Earle Thomas Worden Dwight Willard Warner FRESHMEN Willard Parker Leutz Frank Elias Malcolm Camillus Horton Nelson n Charles Henry Votey VOLUME XXVII 99 Ohio Alpha Indiana Alpha Kentucky Alpha Indiana Beta Wisconsin Alpha Illinois Alpha Indiana Gamma Ohio Beta Indiana Delta Indiana Epsilon Michigan Alpha Illinois Beta Indiana Zeta Ohio Gamma Missouri Alpha Illinois Delta Georgia Alpha Georgia Beta Iowa Alpha Georgia Gamma New York Alpha Pennsylvania Alpha California Alpha Virginia Beta Virginia Gamma Nebraska Alpha Pennsylvania Beta Pennsylvania Gamma Tennessee Alpha Mississippi Alpha Alabama Alpha Illinois Zeta ight Evita Uhvtzt FOUNDED AT lVIiArvu UNIVERSITY, 1848 iltull nf Qlhapiera Miami Universitv Indiana University Centre College Wabash College University of Wisconsin Northwestern University Butler College Ohio Wesleyan University Franklin College Hanover College University of Michigan University of Chicago DePauw University Ohio University University of Missouri Knox College University of Georgia Emory College Iowa Wesleyan University Mercer University Cornell University Lafayette College University of California University of Virginia Randolph-Macon College University of Nebraska Pennsylvania College Wash. and Jeff. College Vanderbilt University University of Mississippi University of! Alabama Lombard College Alabama Beta Alabama Polytechnic Institute Pennsylvania Delta Vermont Alpha Allegheny College University of Vermont Pennsylvania Epsilon Dickinson College Missouri Beta Minnesota Alpha Iowa Beta Kansas Alpha Tennessee Beta Texas Beta Ohio .Zeta Westminster College University of Minnesota University of Iowa University of Kansas University of the South University of Texas Ohio State College Pennsylvania Zeta University of Pennsylvania New York Beta Maine Alpha Union College Colby College New I-lampshire Alpha Dartmouth College New York Delta Columbia University North Carolina Beta Univ. of North Carolina Massachusetts Alpha Williams College Texas Gamma Southwestern University New York Epsilon Syracuse University Virginia Zeta Washington and Lee University Pennsylvania Eta Lehigh University Massachusetts Beta Amherst College Rhode Island Alpha Brown University Louisiana Alpha Missouri Gamma Tulane University Washington University California Beta Leland Stanford, Jr., Univ. Illinois Eta Indiana Theta University of Illinois Purdue University Ohio Eta Case School of Applied Science Ohio Theta University of Cincinnati Washington Alpha University of Washington Kentucky Epsilon Kentucky State College Quebec Alpha Colorado Alpha McGill University University of Colorado Georgia Delta Georgia School of Technology Pennsylvania Theta Pennsylvania State College Ontario Alpha Kansas Beta University of Toronto Washburn College Eamhha Glhaptvr uf Kappa Alpha Efhvta lmnunhrh in 1 BB 1 1. 1 102 TI-IE. ARIEL., I9 Kappa Alpha Efhria FOUNDED IN 1881 Svnrnrrea in Hrhr Mrs. S. D. l-lodge, '75 Mrs. Paul Learnarcl, '89 Sara A. Martin, '76 Mary R. Bates, '94 Mrs. l... Paris, '82 May Boynton, '94 Mrs. W. Votey, '83 Mrs. Edward Robinson, '94 Mattie E. Matthews, '83 Mrs. Guy Loudon, '99 Mrs. l... l-lall, '89 Mrs. E. C. Jacobs, ,99 Mrs. Hollis Gray, '96 Svnrnrea in liniurrniiatv SENIORS Bernice Gertrude Bartlett Helen Martha Perine Ruth Elizabeth Brownell Mary .lean Simpson Caroline Chandler Hatch Bessie Marion Thayer Mary Elizabeth Winslow JUNIORS Edith Coulman Margaret Walton Johnson Katherine Dewey Beatrice Moore Bernice Faith Deyette Nina Grace Sheparclson Georgia Elizabeth Gifford Jeannette Marie Sparrow Margery Anderson Watson SOPHOMORE5 Loi: Ella Fullington Grace Bingham Nutting Ethel Bates Jackson Marjorie Reed Bernarcline Kimball Anna Sanford Ward Mabel Nancy Watts VOLUME XXVII 103 Kappa Alpha Elhvtar FOUNDED AT DEPAUW UNIVERSITY, GREENCASTLE, IND., I870 illnll nf Olheqztiera ALPHA ALPHA DISTRICT DELTA GAMMA DISTRICT Iota Co n ll Un'v r 'ty Al h Th t U ' ' f T Lambda Um-sit? of vefmilm Alibi omfcfon univilliflll Siiailffi Sigma Toronto University Chi Syracuse University GAMMA ALPHA DISTRICT ALPHA BETA DISTRICT Phi . Stanford University Alpha Beta Swarthmore College Omega UUIVCTSNY Of California Alpha Delta Goucher College Alpllza Epsilon Brown University Alp a Zet Barna cl C llege Alpha Kaiipa Adeifmi Cgllege GAMMA BETA DISTRICT Alpha Lambda University of Washington Alpha Nu Montana State University BETA ALPHA DISTRICT Alpha Xi Oregon State University ALUMNAE CHAPTERS Alpha DePauw University Beta Indiana State University Gamma Butler College Alpha Eta Vanderbilt University BETA BETA DISTRICT Epsilon Wooster University Eta University of Michigan Mu Allegheny College Alpha Gamma Ohio State University DELTA ALPHA DISTRICT Delta University of Illinois Tau Northwestern University Upsilon University of Minnesota Psi University of Wisconsin Alpha Phi University of North Dakota DELTA BETA DISTRICT Kappa University of Kansas Rho University of Nebraska Alpha Iota Washington University Alpha Mu University of Missouri Alpha Greencastle, Ind. Beta Minneapolis, Minn. Gamma New Yorlc City Delta Chicago, III. Epsilon Columbus, O. Zeta Indianapolis, Incl. Eta Burlington Theta Philadelphia, Penn. Iota Los Angeles, Cal. Kappa Pittsburgh, Penn. Mu Cleveland, O. Nu Syracuse, N. Y. Xi Kansas City, Mo. Omicron Seattle, Wash. Pi Topeka, Kan. Rho Denver, Colo. Sigma St. Louis, Mo. Tau Lincoln, Nels. Upsilon San Francisco, Cal. Phi Baltimore, Md. Chi Omaha, Nels. Pgi Evanston, Ill. 1Hm'mnntiiBrta Zvia nf Alpha Gnu Cbmvga fi 1 "I, W4 I 1 TI-IE ARIEL, Alpha Eau Gbmngn FOUNDED IN I887 Efltrairva in Zliztrnltsrtrz Nathan H. Merrill, Ph.D. Elbridge C. Jacobs, B.S. Andrew Holt, ' l 2 Harold R. Murdock, 'IZ Frederick Tupper, Jr., Ph.D., Beta Xi Charles H. Hagar, '96 Henry H. Hagar, '97 Bingham H. Stone, '97 Russell W. Taft, '98 Harry W. Smith, '99 Hovey Jordan Hrairea in Hrhe George H. Hicks, ,03 Durell C. Simonds, '03 Ralph l... Butler, ,04 Elmer E. Cove, '04 Guy M. Page, '07 Erutrra in liniuernitahe SENIORS John Randall Norton JUNIORS Harold Partridge Gaylord Lee Arthur Sawyer Harold Alfred Fitch Rufus Stewart Gilbert Walter Wells Howe Walter Hunt Scott Max Day Fuller Virge Franklin Babcock George Lawrence Bean Robert Rudolph Bogie Fred Smith Spalding Fordyce Samson Sykes Raymond Christian Winkler S OPH OM ORES Robert Kelley Edgerton Charles Ellis Morse Robert Alden Healey FRESHMEN Albert Louis Carlton Lindol French Harrison Wilfred Moore Thomas Lloyd Perry VOLUME XXVII IO7 Alpha Eau tlbmvga FOUNDILD AT THE VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, l863 IKI111 nf Qlhsqaivra PROVINCE I Alabama Alpha Epsilon Alabama Poly. Inst. Beta Southern University Delta University of Alabama Beta University of Georgia Theta Emory College Alabama Beta Alabama Beta Georgia Alpha Georgia Alpha Georgia Alpha Zeta Georgia Beta Iota Florida Alpha Omega Louisiana Beta Epsilon Texas Gamma Eta Mercer University School of Technology University of Florida Tulane University University of Texas PROVINCE II Zeta University of Illinois University of Chicago Illinois Gamma Illinois Gamma Xi Indiana Gamma Gamma Rose Polytechnic Inst. Michigan Beta Kappa Michigan Beta Lambda University of Michigan Michigan Beta Ornicron Albion College Hillsdale College Indiana Gamma Omicron Purdue University Wisconsin Gamma Tau University of Wisconsin Michigan Alpha Mu Adrian College A PROVINCE III Colorado ,Gamma Lambda University of Colo. Minnesota Gamma Nu University of Minnesota Iowa Beta Alpha Simpson College Missouri Gamma Rho University of Missouri Iowa Gamma Upsilon Iowa State College Nebraska Gamma Theta University of Nebraska Kansas Gamma Nu University of Kansas PROVINCE IV Maine Beta Upsilon University of Maine Massachusetts Gamma Sigma W0rc'ter Poly. Inst. Maine Gamma Alpha Colby College Rhode Island Gamma Delta Brown University Massachusetts Gamma Beta Tufts College Vermont Beta Zeta University of Vermont Massachusets Beta Gamma Mass. Inst. of Tech. PROVINCE V New York Alpha Omicron St, Lawrence Univ. Pennsylvania Alpha Pi Wash. and vlefli. College New York Beta Theta Cornell University Pennsylvania Alpha Rho Lehigh University Pennsylvania Alpha Iota Muhlenberg College Pennsylvania Tau University of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Alpha Upsilon Penn. State College f ' PROVINCE VI North Carolina Alpha Delta University of N. C. Virginia Delta University of Virginia North Carolina Chi Trinity College Virginia Beta Washington and Lee University South Carolina Beta Xi College of Charlestown PROVINCE VII Ohio Alpha Nu Mt. Union College Ohio Beta Mu Wooster University Ohio Alpha Psi Wittenberg College ' Ohio Beta Omega Ohio State University Ohio Beta Eta Ohio Wesleyan University Ohio Gamma Kappa Western Reserve University PROVINCE VIII Kentucky Mu Iota State Univ. of 'Kentucky Tennessee Beta Tau A Union University Tennessee Alpha Tau S. W. Pres. University Tennessee Omega Umyersity of the South Tennessee Beta Pi Vanderbilt University Tennessee Pi University of Tennessee PROVINCE IX f California Beta Psi Leland Stanford, lr., Univ. Washington Gamma Chi Wash. State College California Gamma Iota University of California Washington Gamma P1 University of Wash. Oregon Gamma Phi i University of Oregon Alpha iflamhha nf Kappa Sigma H0 THE. ARIEL, I9 Kappa Sigma FOUNDED IN 1893 Illraier in Illaruliair Joseph L. Hills, Gamma Delta, 'Sl EHraim1 in Hrhr Theodore E.. Hopkins, '95 George E. Partridge, '02 Harry Stevens, '07 ' V. Clyde Fuller, '07 Frank E. Hoyt, Alpha Rho Zlirairwa ia liniunaiiate SENIORS Aldace Henry Davison Frederick Smith Wheeler Bertrand Fletcher Andrews Frank Tyrel Severance Wesley Raymond Wells fUNIORS Patrick Joseph Hurley Leighton Walter Douglas S OPH OM ORES Raymond Warren Powers Clyde Frank Brown Wesley Alba Sturgis Pearley Clarence Glidden Wesley Thomas Abell Harold Dudley Ashton Clement Charles Smith Villroy Carleton Taplin Truman Solomon Riley Lawrence Leonard lVlilon Park Osgood Joseph Blane Johnson Earle Shepard Hayden FRESHMEN Carroll Milton Pike Edward Leslie Gutterson Victor Patterson John Lawrence Cootey Seward Frederick French VOLUME XXVII 111 Psi Alpha Lambda Alpha Rho Beta Alpha Pi Alpha Epsilon Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Alpha Delta Alpha Eta Zeta Era Mu Delta Eta Prime Beta Alpha Beta Alpha Tau Gamma Sigma Theta Kappa Lambda Alpha Zeta Alpha Sigma Kappa Sigma FOUNDED IAO0, ITALYQ 1867, UNITED STATES iKn1I nf Qihapiers DISTRICT I ' University of Maine Beta Kappa New Hampshire State College University of Vermont Gamma Delta Massachusetts State College Bowdoin College Gamma Epsilon Dartmouth College Brown University Gamma Eta Harvard University DISTRICT II Swarthmore College Beta Iota Lehigh University University of Pennsylvania Gamma Zeta New Yorlc University Cornell University Gamma Iota Syracuse University DISTRICT III University of Maryland Alpha Phi Bucknell University Pennsylvania Beta Delta Washington and Jefferson College George Washington University Beta Pi Dickinson College DISTRICT IV University of Virginia Nu William and Mary College Randolph-Macon College Upsilon I-lampden-Sidney College Washington and Lee University Beta Beta Richmond College DISTRICT V Davidson College Alpha Mu, University of North Carolina Trinity College Beta Upsilon North Carolina A. and M. College DISTRICT VI V University of Alahama Beta Eta Alabama Polytechnic Institute Mercer University Beta Lambda University of Georgia Georgia School of Technology DISTRICT VII Louisiana State University Alpha Upsilon Millsaps College Tulane University DISTRICT VIII Cumberland University Phi Southwestern Presbyterian University Vanderbilt University Omega University of the South University of Tennessee Beta Nu University of Kentucky DISTRICT IX University of Michigan Beta Phi Case School of Applied Science Ohio State University Gamma Xi Denison University ll2 THE ARIEL, I9I1' DISTRICT X Chi Purdue University Beta Epsilon University of Wisconsin Alpha Gamma University of Illinois Beta Theta University of Indiana Alpha Pi Wabash College Gamma Beta University of Chicago Alpha Chi Lake Forest University DISTRICT XI Alpha Psi University of Nebraska Beta Rho University of Iowa Beta Mu University of Minnesota Gamma Lambda Iowa State College DISTRICT XII Alpha Omega William Jewell College Beta Tau Baker University Beta Gamma University of Missouri Beta Chi Missouri School of Mines Beta Sigma Washington University Gamma Nu Washburn College DISTRICT XIII Xi University of Arkansas Gamma Kappa University of Oklahoma DISTRICT XIV Iota Southwestern University Tau University of Texas DISTRICT XV A Beta Omicron University of Denver Gamma Gamma Colorado School of Mines Beta Omega Colorado College DISTRICT XVI Beta Zeta Leland Stanford, Jr., University Beta Xi University of California DISTRICT XVII Beta Psi University of Washington Gamma Theta University of Idaho Gamma Alpha University of Oregon Gamma Nu Washington Slate College :Eta nf Evita Evita 'Edin 3Huunheh in 1393 H4 TI-IE ARIEL., I9 Evita Brita Evita Mrs. G. I. Forbes, '91 Phoebe M. Towle, '93 Eva A. Jones, '95 FOUNDED IN 1893 Svurnrwa in 151112 Nora I. Lockwood Mrs. W. E. Fulton, '05, Mississippi Anna H. Enright, '06 Mrs. I... M. Simpson, '96 Evelyn E. Enright, '06 Mrs. Carl Platka, '97 Helen G. I-lendee, '98 Ethel M. Chamberlin, ex-'ll Marguerite Eliza Jones, 'll Elizabeth A. Richmond, 'Ol Marjory A. Hayden, ex-'13 Sfurnrma in Hnineraitatv Cora Alice Parkhurst Isabel Alice Spoflord Helen Geneva Benton Dorothy Fishler Lucy Belle Pierce Hazel Sophrina Kimball SENIORS Jennie Katherine Graves JUNIORS Ruth f Marie Rogers SOPHOMORES Amy Dorothy Farrar Leila Carolyn Montgomery Hazel Ruth Spinney Lucile Thompson White ,I 'P 4 x 'Q x , Q ,W-f"?':'."' ,y- Q 4 ' 1 ,Vx . , , ,V if X .1 C my - 5 4 1' I ?r, -4 ' .. 1 " -1 V V f 'rf-PM P V 2 f I", Z, , X f" K V - 'V zv:,,wV 5 L V ,., . Q. Q -.VM V,,,, I 1 V V 'V , ,Vg-VV ' ff '5 V V: rj ,.. . V ,,,,:V.,,. ,- ,H .VX V f 1 fgkfl ,V , ' 1 V -7' ' ' 4: 51 231:11 ,f ' f -' 9 r' , Vg : :w - , 43 :lf ,,," ' 1' 1 ' '1 I - T? ' ,V ?:5.'rLfI.-' Q . View ' fn' -'rf-1,-F:-'Tl-,VQZV .1.,l . V, -:- f -"'- V, , V! ' ,. W' V - ?f1i13?'i1.1- J f V ' 1 V .V V - "1 ".fi',:5'f1l?w:f?f4fQ --'-4" V -V f - .1 ' 'zz ' ' . V - .V '.-aff ' , V. .af V1.3 '5: , V . L-1' f'2'::5?ff..'e:,e.1feirsfaV ' v aV.' .- V A- K, tr- f:'::,5z:,:232-fzfzf-32.214,-1,:1 , gqg:g:fj.:z'--' V :,- ' VV - :f ' f f:Vgf,-.-....-46-VQAV' 1-f-a 1. VV -- ',.',z.,.z-:fV . . .- VV.Vm.,,w:y.-...-M . V -V V . - - v ' 'f f--44f-fzzafmm--1: 5--"e1:VVgfff-1 'fax'-4 . . V, ":f:',: :, .V,:r-'fsizr-'-:Jar-szV1713:'g5'fZ:pJ.::2:Ze'-21953411"2-:Z4.2'4.Q"-f .,P2:fjf:42ifA.2 -2 -4V -f 3 1 1, ' V - ' f''Vu-:-4za.:11-:+A12:93,-.g:f.,,,3.-:::,:Q-9'ffqp,.f,.:.' ' .iff -V , , V - '- V V V, ..... ,V -U.VV:-::z:'.:V:-,'-:-: 5V:,V1, 1.3 W.,i1g355:,,jVf. .3,3,.- ,AH ,I - -t I, I V A V ' V, :'g::j. V,V " 'frf:'5.f ' VV-.QM-.,., V::VL,AV-f,:',:.5 .,. V :,, V :V 1- ff:-,.V,, :VV 2 -5V:z.3f,, H6 THE ARIEL,I9t4 Alpha Beta Eta Omicron Gamma Epsilon Theta Lambda Theta Beta Phi Kappa Tau Xi Zeta Delta Alpha Nu Chi Pi Theta Delta Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta Theta Omicron Sigma Rho Lambda Xi Pi Nu Evita Evita Betta FOUNDED AT Bos'roN UNWERSITY, 1888 iltnll nf Olhaptnra ALPHA Boston University St. Lawrence University University of Vermont Syracuse University B ETA Adrian College Knox College University of Minnesota PROVINCE Rho Sigma Alpha Upsilon Alpha Alpha PROVINCE Upsilon Mu GAMMA PROVINCE Baker College University of Colorado University of Iowa University of Nebraska DELTA Theta Gamma Delta Theta Epsilon PROVINCE Bucknell Goucher College University EPSILON PROVINCE University of Cincinnati Beta Zeta DePauw University Delta Beta Ohio State University Delta Gamma University of Mississippi TI-IETA PROVINCE University of California Omega University of Oregon Theta Alpha ALUMNAE ALLIANCES Boston, Mass. Upsilon Canton, N. Y. Phi Adrian, Mich. Kappa Indianola, Ia. Mu Galesburg, III. Cincinnati, O. Burlington Minneapolis, Minn. Syracuse, N. Y- I-Iartford, Conn. New York City Baldwin, Kami. Baltimore, Md. Berkeley, Cal- Columbus, O. Alpha Upsilon Delta Alpha Denver Alliance Los Angeles Alliance Milwaukee Alliance Norfolk Alliance Washington Alliance Theta Delta Theta Gamma Theta Alpha Barnard College Wesleyan University Colby College Adelphi College Northwestern University University of Wisconsin University of Oklahoma Simpson College Southwestern University Psi University of Pennsylvania Alpha Xi Randolph-Macon Woman's College Transylvania College Miami University Vanderbilt University Stanford University University of Washington Evanston, Ill. Iowa City, Ia. Lincoln, Neb. Madison, Wis. Waterville, Me. Greencastle, Ind. Denver, Colo. Los Angeles, Cal. Milwaukee. Wis- Norfolk, Va. Washington, D. C. Eugene, Ore. Norman, Okla. Seattle, Wash, Erin Sigma nf Sigma Nu Ilfuunheh ISHS N VOLUME XXVII Sigma Nu FOUNDED IN 1898 Fllrtmtrrzr in Fltarultate James Franklin Messenger, Nu, '95 Wellington Estey Aiken, 'OI Eltratrw in 351112 Frank Zwick, ex.-'l2 Douglas blames Roberts, ex I4 Albert Fish Smith, ,ex-'I5 Iltratrru in liniueraitate SENIORS Asa Schoonmaker Bloomer Arthur Perkins Johnson Ray Gage Gibson John Benjamin Knight ' William Prince Smith A JUNIORS Ralph Emerson Aiken Dwight Monroe Bartlett John Walden Bartlett Ernest Leslie Gilbert William Atherton Knight Rollancl Lewis Jerry William Dyer Merriam Chester Robert Boyce Roland Seaver Ely James William Linnehan Eugene Webster Ellis Karl Albert Emerson John Salmond S OPI-I OM ORES Rocleric Marble Qlzendam Fred New Raymond Charles Maclntire Taylor Arthur Nathaniel Willis FRESHMEIV Stoddard Brock Martin Ira Leroy Morse Paul Lewis Ransom Percy Lincoln Slayton IN THE ARIEL,I9I4 Alpha Beta . Lambda Psi. . Beta Tau Delta Kappa Sigma . Gamma Iota Mu Theta Iota Kappa . Eia . Xi . Beta Theta Gamma Alpha . Epsilon . Beta Nu . Beta Iota Gamma Pi Delta Alpha Delta Zeta Gamma Beta Gamma Gamma Gamma Lambda . Gamma Mu Gamma Nu Gamma Rho Delta Theta Beta Mu . Gamma Sigma Gamma Tau Delta Eta FOUNDED AT Sigma Nu VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1869 Qlhzxptrr 311151 FIRST DIVISION , , . Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Va , . University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va , , Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va . . University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C . North Carolina A. GI IVI. College, West Raleigh, N. C , . . Delaware State College, Newark, Del SECOND DIVISION . . . Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn State University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky THIRD DIVISION , ,, . . University of Georgia, Athens, Ga , . University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala , , . . Howard College, East Lake, Ala . North Georgia Agricultural College, Dahlonega, Ga. . . . . Mercer University, Macon, Ga . . . . Emory College, Oxford, Ga Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala . . . Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga FOURTH DIVISION , . . . Bethany College, Bethany, W. Va . . . . . Ohio State University, Columbus, O . , , . Mt. Union College, Alliance, O . University of West Virginia, Morgantown, W. Va Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland, O . . . . Western Reserve University, Cleveland, O FIFTH DIVISION . , . Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill . . . Albion College, Albion, Mich . University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis . . University of Illinois, Champaign, Ill . University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich . . . . University of Chicago, Chicago, III . . . . Lombard University, Galesburg, Ill SIXTH DIVISION . . . . Iowa State University, Iowa City, Ia. . . . Iowa State College, Ames, Ia. . University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn . . University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. VOLUME XXVII 121 SEVENTH DIVISION Mu . . . ,, . Kansas State University, Lawrence, Kan. Rho . . Missouri State University, Columbia, Mo. Beta Xi . . William Jewell College, Liberty, Mo. Gamma Xi . . Missouri School of Mines, Rolla, Mo. Gamma Omicron Washington University, St Louis, Mo. Delta Epsilon . ..... Oklahoma University, Norman, Okla. EIGHTI-I DIVISION Upsilon ..... University of Texas, Austin, Tex. Phi . . . . . Louisiana State University 'Baton Rouge, La. Beta Phi . . . Tulane University, New Orleans, La. Gamma Upsilon . . . University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arlc. NINTI-I DIVISION Gamma Eta . .... Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colo. Gamma Kappa ..,. University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo. TENTH DIVISION Gamma Chi . .... ' University of Washington, Seattle, Wash. Gamma Zeta . .... University of Oregon, Eugene, Ore. Gamma Phi . University of Montana, Missoula, Mont. Delta Iota .... Washington State College, Pullman, Wash. ELEVENTH DIVISION Beta Chi . . . . Leland Stanford, Jr., University, Palo Alto, Cal. Beta Psi . .... University of California, Berkeley, Cal. TWELFTH DIVISION Pi . . ..... Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pa. Beta Rho . Gamma Epsilon Gamma Gamma Theta Psi Delta Delta . Beta Beta Beta Zeta Beta Eta . Beta U psilon . Beta Sigma . Gamma Delta . Delta Beta r . Delta Gamma . Delta Lambda -. . . University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. . . . Lafayette College, Easton, Pa. . . Cornell University. Ithaca, N. Y. . Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. . . . Pennsylvania State College, State College, Pa. TI-IIRTEENTI-I DIVISION . . . . . . DePauw University, Greencastle, Ind. . . . . . Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind. . University of Indiana, Bloomingdale, Ind. . . . . Rose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute, Ind. FOURTEENTI-I DIVISION , , , , . . University of Vermont, Burlington . . . Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N. . . Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. H. Columbia University, New York City, N. Y. . . Brown University, Providence, R. I. Hvrmnnt Erin nf 151 1252121 Idhi IHHHHDPII in IEHH VOLUME XXVII Hi Erin 1Hhi FOUNDED IN 1898 Snrnrea in Hrhe Daisy Russell, '03 Mabel Jane Balch, '09 Mrs. Rupert C. Drew, ,03 Ruth Helen Gregory, 'll Lillian Bean, '04 Ruth Ford Catlin, ex-'l2 Jennie Lena Rowell, '09 Blanche Bostwick, Alpha 'l2 Snrnrns in liniurruiiaie SENIORS ' Alta Helen Grismer Helen Mina Durfee IUNIORS Dorothy l-liclcok Cook Jane McLaughlin Ruth Mott Durfee Ruth Preston O,Sullivan SOPHOMORE5 Louisa Squires Douglas Marie Angela McMahon Eclith Rebecca Gates Leota Carlton Van Aiken Gladys Louise Lawrence Amy Elizabeth Wheeler Beulah Almira Watts I24 THE ARIEL, I9I4 Vermont Alpha Vermont Beta . Massachusetts Alpha Ontario Alpha New York Alpha New York Beta Pennsylvania Alpha Pennsylvania Beta Pennsylvania Gamma Maryland Alpha Columbia Alpha Ohio Alpha . Ohio Beta . Indiana Alpha Indiana Beta Indiana Gamma Illinois Beta . Illinois Delta . Illinois Epsilon Illinois Zeta . Michigan Alpha Michigan Beta Wisconsin Alpha Iowa Alpha Iowa Beta . Iowa Gamma . Iowa Zeta . Minnesota Alpha Missouri Alpha Missouri Beta . Kansas Alpha . Nebraska Beta Louisiana Alpha Texas Alpha . Colorado Alpha Colorado Beta . California Alpha California Beta Washington Alpha Alpha Circle Beta Circle Gamma Circle Delta Circle Epsilon Circle 131 mm iam FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1867 iltnll nf Glhemirra ALPHA PROVINCE BETA PROVINCE GAMMA PROVINCE DELTA PROVINCE . Middlebury College University of Vermont . Boston University University of Toronto . Syracuse University . Barnard College . Swarthmore College . Bucknell College . Dickinson College Woman's College of Baltimore . George Washington University . Ohio University . Ohio State College . Franklin College . University of Indiana . . Butler College . Lombard College . . Knox College Northwestern University . University of Illinois . I-Iillsdale University University of Michigan University of Wisconsin - Iowa Wesleyan University . Simpson College . Iowa State College . Iowa State University University of Minnesota University of Missouri Washington University . University of Kansas University of Nebraska . Newcomb College . University of Texas University of Colorado . University of Denver Stanford, fr., University University of California University of Washington ALUIVINAE ASSOCIATIONS Syracuse, N. Y. Bradford, Pa Baltimore, Md Painesville, O Detroit, Mich Zeta Circle Theta Circle Iota Circle Kappa Circle Mu Circle Indianapolis, Ind. Springfield, Ill. Kansas City, Mo. Columbia, Mo. Fresno, Cal. 1 ,J Brita Sigma illural Zihnunhrh in 151111 VOLUME XXVII Brita Sigma FOUNDED IN 1900 Elireltrm in Hrhe Frank Charles Buclcmiller, ex-'IZ Arthur Stanislaus Casey e I3 James Charles O,Neil, '06 Elirstireii in Biniureraitatr Charles Henry Church Carl Adams Reed Edward Marble Bissonette Francis James Donahue Clifton Clermont Daigle Birney Stuart Pease George Albert Alden Grant Macomber Hobart Harold Albert Johnson SENIORS Edward Dana Mix ' George Henry Soule QIUNIORS Frank Stephen Burden Fred Smith Holden SOPHOIWORES John R. Hayes Ralph Havelock Soulis Louis Tomassi FRESHMEN Philip James Desmond Earle Robert Holmes Fred Charles Palmer .AA , ., l: 61321211 illlnuniain Glhapivr nf Alpha Zvta iinunhrh in 19115 TI-IE ARIEL, l9I4 Joseph l... Hills, Sc.D. Alpha Zrta FOUNDED IN 1905 Qnnnrarg Qllllemherz Marshall B. Cummings, Ph.D. Frank A. Rich, V.S., M.D. Charles l-l. Jones, M.S. Benjamin F. Lutman, Ph.D. Gilbert C. 'Cunningham Illratrus in Ellaxrultaxte Andrew A. Borland, Penn. State, '09 Bernard A. Chandler, lVl.F., U. of Me., '09 Perley M. Lombard, ,lo Zllrairrn in Hrhe Alfred P. Sikora, ex-,IZ Zllratrma in Hninrrzitutv Fortis l-larold Abbott Clarence Justin F rink Clyde Nelson Smith SENIORS William Chester Stone Will Edward I-lyzer - Homer Edgar Bartram Hannibal Gardner Chase Fred Clayton Fiske Joseph Edward Carrigan Jerome Fitzpatrick Harlon Clarence Dyke James Harrison Wilson Herbert Van Wheelock David Albro Ralph Converse Mayo George Miles Nelson JUNIORS Allen Elias Schoff George Henry Thomas Ramon 'Clarence Downing Harold Fay Johnson Earle Warrington Brailey SOPH OM ORES Wilbur Yaw l-landy Howard Newton Hanson Paul Walter Glynn VOLUME XXVII 131 Tovtmsend Morrill . Morrow . Cornell' . Keclzie Granite . Nebraska. . North Carolina La Grange . Green Mountain Wilson . . Babcock . Centennial Maine . Missouri Elliott . California Purdue Kansas Dacotah . Alpha Zeta FOUNDED AT OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, 1897 mnll nf Qlhapirrn . . . . . Ohio State University, Columbus, O. . Pennsylvania Stale College, State College, Penn. . . lllinois State College, Urbana, lll. . . Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. . Michigan State Agricultural College, Mich. New Hampshire State College, Durham, N. l-l- . . . . Nebraska State College, Lincoln, Neb. A North Carolina A. and M. College, West Raleigh, N. C. . . Minnesota State'College, St. Anthony Park, Minn. . . University of Vermont, Burlington . . lowa State College, Ames, la. . . University of Wisconsin, Maclison, Wis. .Colorado Agricultural College, Ft. Collins, Colo. . . . University of Maine, Orono, Me. . University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. . University of Washington, Pullman, Wash. . University of California, Berkeley, Cal. . Purclue University, Lafayette, lnd. . . University of Kansas, Manhattan, Kans. . North Dakota Agricultural College, No. Dali. Evita Hin iiural-1HHrhimI Zfnunheh in 18811 134 THE ARIEL, l9I4 Brita Hin FOUNDED IN 1880 ZllI'E111'PH in Fllarultntv Henry Crain Tinkham, lVl.S., lVl.D. James Nathaniel Jenne, lVl.D. Clarence Henry Beecher, lVl.D. Bingham Hiram Stone, M.S., lVl.D. Charles Solomon Caverly, A.B., lVl.D. Fred Kinney Jackson, A.B., lVl.D. David Marvin, lVl.D. Thomas Stephen Brown, lVl.D. Marshall Coleman Twitchell, NLD. Frederick William Sears, A.lVl., M.D. Patrick Eugene lVlcSweeney, lVl.D. Lyman Allen, A.B., lVl.D. Charles Francis Dalton, M.D. Ernest Hiram Buttles, A.B., M.D. Clifford Atherton Pease, M.D. Harris Ralph Watkins, B.L., lVl.D. George Millar Sabin, B.S., lVl.D. John Alexander Hunter, lVl.D. Matthew William Hunter, lVl.D. Charles Flagg Whitney, B.S., lVl.D. Ellrzrtrrru in Hrhe Dr. B. Andrews D-r. Sam Sparhawk Dr. G. l. Forbes Dr. W. H. Englesby Dr. H. Nelson Jackson Dr. W. C. E. Flanders Dr. E. T. Brown Zltratrerr in Hniuernitate szszvrozzs Leon James Barber Jerome Francis Berry Clarke Blance Robert Valentine Boyce Vincent Henry Coffee Edward James Flaherty Albert Clarke Freeman Bernard Horace Gilbert Matthew Hammond Griswold Howard Delmar Hinman Frank Ballard Hunt William Henry Lane, D.D.S. Thomas Joseph Tobin 1U1v1oRs Stanley Francis Berry Percuy Erastus Buck Nathan Renwick Caldwell Frank Bledsoe Galbraith Carl James Kilburn James Lyman Lovejoy, A.B. Louis Joseph Cella i George Mossman Arthur Jeffries Ellis Everett Sayles Towne SOPHOMORE5 Frederick Ro Carter Walter Hall SlSS0I1 Y William Andrew Robertson Chapin George Adelor Crosselin Arthur Gustav Heininger Foster Holmes Platt Lewis Smart E. Small Leroy Dilmore Soper Rollin Duane Worden Chester Harold George Edgar Young FRESHMEN Maurice Edwin Lord Philius Arthur Pion Douglas James Roberts Carl Franklin Robinson John David Thomas Ewald Edward Olsson Alpha Glhmpbzr nf lghi Glhi Zlhxunhrh at 1112 Hniuernitg ut' Nrrmunt 1 SSH Aurelius R. Shands, A.M., M.D. VOLUME XXVII 1511i 01111 FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT, l889 lgnnnrarg illiemhern John Brooks Wheeler, A.M., M.D. Rudolph Augustus Witthaus, A.B., M.D. A. Palmer Dudley, NLD Eugene Fuller, NLD. J. G. Rutherford S. I-I. Baillie, AB., M.D. Sidney Mitchell, Sr., M.D. Ellrsrtrrzi in ElHrhr Nelson W. MacMurphy, Robert W. Johnson, NLD. NLD. Charles K. Johnson, NLD. Frank A. Rich, NLD. Daniel Nolan, M.D. Frederick E. Clark, NLD. B. A. Bomlnard, M.D. Frederick W. Baylies, M.D. C. N. Perkins, NLD. David A. Shea, NLD. W.W. Townsend, NLD J. D. Tanner, M.D. L. R. Brown, NLD. Zllrntrma in Hniueraitute SENIORS Harry Randel Baremore John Marie Caisse George Andrew Tredick Erwin Stillman Bundy Byron Harold Hermann Erwin William Reid Frank Charles Young jUNIORS Judson Sylvester Allen Mitchell Daniel Carey George Arthur Eckert Rowley Smith Flagg Ralph Augustus Richardson Edward Stack Grace Harvey Clifford Bundy Michael Francis Claffey Francis ,loseph Ennis George Sumner Nutt George Louis Steele Harold Simon Hatch S OPI-I OM ORES William E. Ball William Moffet Bronson Charles Francis Fleming Glenn Parker Charles Rich Francis Leo Scannell H. Eugene St. Antoine George Gernon Bergeron ,lames Walter Bunce S. Stuart Ingalls Ulric Richard Plante Eugene Therrien William Holyoke Niles Michael Francis Sullivan 138 THE ARIEL., I9I4 Alpha Zeta . Eta . Theta Iota . Lambda Mu . Nu . Omicron Xi . Pi . Rho . Sigma Tau . Upsilon Phi . Chi . . Psi . . Alpha Alpha Alpha Theta Beta Beta . Gamma Gamma . Delta Delta . Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Theta . Phi Sigma . . Chi Theta . Kappa Psi Pi Delta Phi Upsilon Pi Psi Rho Sigma . Phi Beta . . 1516 Qlhi illilzhiral 131111 nf Qlhaptmi . Medical Department University of Vermont, Burlington . Medical Department University of Texas, Galveston, Tex. . . Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Va. . . University College of Medicine, Richmond, Va. . Medical Department University of Alabama, Mobile, Ala . . University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa. . . Medical College of Indiana, Indianapolis, Ind. . . . Birmingham Medical College, Birmingham, Ala. . Medical Department Tulane University, New Orleans, La. . . . University of Fort Worth, Fort Worth, Tex. . . Medical Department Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. Rush Medical, in affiliation with Chicago University, Chicago, Ill. . . Atlanta College of Physicians and Surgeons, Atlanta, Ga. . . . . University of South Carolina, Charleston, S. C. . . . . . . . Atlanta Medical, Atlanta, Ga. Medical Dept. George Washington University, Washington, D. C. . . . . Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa. . . . University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. . Medical Department University of Louisville, Louisville, Ky. . . . . Ohio Wesleyan University, Cleveland, O. . . . . Baltimore Medical College, Baltimore, Md. . Medical College of Maine, at Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Me. Baltimore College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, Md. . . . . Georgetown University, Washington, D. C. Medical Department University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C. . . . Chicago College of Medicine and Surgery, Chicago, Ill. . . . . Medico-Chirurgical College, Philadelphia, Pa. . . . College of Physicians and Surgeons, St. Louis, Mo. . Los Angeles Department of Medicine, University of California . . . . University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. . . . . Northwestern Medical School, Chicago, Ill. College of Physicians and Surgeons, University of Illinois, Chicago, lll. Iota Pi . .College of Physicians and Surgeons, Univ. of Southern California, Los Angeles, Cal. Kappa Delta .... Medical Department Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. Theta Upsilon . . . .... Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa. Aloha Mu . Medical Department Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind. Phi Rho . . . .' . St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo. Brita Qlhaptvr nf Alpha Kappa liaqam Ilhunhrh IHH4 140 THE ARIEL., l9I4 Alpha Kappa Zliappa FOUNDED IN 1894 Qnnnrarg illlnmhrra David Alexander Shirres, A.NL, NLD. Godfrey Rogers Piselc, BS., NLD. Otto H. Schultze, A.B., NLD. Urban Andrain Woodbury, NLD. Arthur Lapthorn Smith, A.B., NLD., Nl.R.C.S. Graem NL Hammond, Nl.D. Joseph Archambault, NLD. Albert E. A. King, A.lVI., NLD. Walter Durant Berry, NLD. John I-I. Dodds, IVLD. Ellrairmzaa in Blirhe F. Arnold, NLD. Ray R. Dearborn, NLD. G. E. Latour, NLD. J. A. Archambault, NLD. H. Dodds, NLD. Robert L. Nlaynard, IVLD. Walter Bellrose Oliver N. Eastman, NLD. S. L.. Nlorrison, NLD. L. W. Thomas, Ph.B. S. L. Goodrich, IVLD. G. F. Rist, M.D. H. I... Wilder, NLD. . Charles A. Reuss iltratren in Hniuvrpitaie SENIORS Clarence Alden Bonner John Joseph Brosnahan C-rattan George Irwin Frank Elmer Rowe Charles Henry Swift Everett Joseph Stone Frank Zwick Frank Charles Buclcmiller Chester Arthur Van Cor Theodore Dyke Jenkins Herbert Scott Pattee JUNIORS William John Clark Agnew Harry Horace Dutton David Paul Nloloney Donald Guy Nlclvor Fred Alexander Walsh Edward Don Leete SOPHOMORE5 Thomas Allen NlcCormick Arthur Nleyers , Joseph Edward Rapuzzi George Phillip Carr .Arthur Edward Casey Hugh Henry Hanrahan FRESHIWAN John Flynn Tuttle VOLUME XXVII 141 Alpha Mappa Mappa ftlllshirat ittull nf Oltiaptma Alpha . Medical Department Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. 1-1. . . 1888 Beta, , College of Physicians and Surgeons, San Francisco, Cal. . , 1899 Gamma . Tufts Medical School, Boston, Mass. ..... . 1893 Delta . Medical Department University of Vermont, Burlington. . 1894 Epsilon . Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa. ..... 1900 Zeta Long Island College Hospital Medical School, Brooklyn, N. Y. . . 1896 Eta College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago, 111. . . . 1899 Theta . Maine Medical School, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Me. . . 1897 lota Medical Department University of Syracuse, Syracuse, N. Y. . 1899 Kappa '. Medical Department Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wis. . . 1900 Lambda . Medical Department Cornell University, New York City . . . 1901 Mu . Medical Department University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. . 1901 Nu Rush Medical College, Chicago, lll. ....... 1901 Xi Medical Department Northwestern University, Chicago, Ill. . . 1901 Omic,-on , Miami Medical College, Cincinnati, O. ...... 1901 Pi . Denver and Gross Medical College, Denver, Colo. .... 1903 Rho Medical Department ,University of California, San Francisco, Cal. . 1899 Sigma . ltfledical Department University of Oregon, Portland, Ore. . . . 1903 Upsilon . Medical Department University of Nashville, Nashville, Tenn. . 1903 Phi Medical Department Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. . 1903 Chi . Medical Department University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. . . 1898 Psi f , Medical Department University of Tennessee, Nashville, Tenn. . 1903 Alpha Beta . Medical Department Tulane University, New Orleans, La. . . 1903 Alpha Gamma Medical Department University of Georgia, Augusta, Ga. . . 1904 Alpha Delta . Medical Department McGill University, Montreal, P. . . . 1904 Alpha Epsilon Medical Department University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont. . . . 1905 Alpha Zeta .A Medical Department George Washington University, Washington, D. C. 1905 Alpha Eta . Yale Medical School, New Haven, Conn ...... 1906 Alpha Theta . Medical Department University of Texas, Galveston, Tex. . . . 1906 Alpha Iota ' . Dept. of Medicine and Surgery, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. 1906 Alpha Kappa . University College of Medicine, Richmond, Va. .... 1906 Alpha Lambda Medical College State of South Carolina, Charleston, S. C. . . . 1908 Alpha Mu . Medical Department University of St. Louis, St. Louis, Mo. . 1909 Alpha Nu Medical Department University of Louisville, Louisville, Ky. . 1909 Alpha Xi . Medical Department Western Reserve University . . - 1909 Alpha Omicron University Medical College, Kansas City, Missouri .... 1911 Alpha Pi lVledical Department University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa. . . 1911 Rho . l-larvard Medical School, Boston, Mass. .... . 1912 Alpha 142 THE ARIEL, 191.4 Idhi iaria Kappa, Alpha nf liermnat FOUNDED IN 1848 i Qbiiirvra John Ellsworth Goodrich, '53, D.D., '97 . . . . . President Lyman Allen, A.B., '93, M.D., '96 . . . Vice-President Henry Farnham Perkins, A.B., '98, Ph.D. . . . Registrar Mary Russell Bates, 'Ph.B., '94 . . . Corresponding Secretary Max Walter Andrews, AB., '99, A.M., '03 . . . . Treasurer iHlInmhvra in the Qtiig Ernest Hiram Buttles, '0l Ruth Helen Gregory, 'll Robert Roberts, '69 Joseph Torrey, '52 Hamilton S. Peck, '70 John E. Goodrich, '53 Seneca Haselton, '71 Henry O. Wheeler, '67 Mrs. Lida A. Mason Hodge, '75 Elias Lyman, '70 George B. Catlin, '80 Albert R. Dow, '70 George Y. Bliss, '89 Frank H. Parker, '74 Max L, Powell, '89 Effie Moore, '76 Mrs. Hattie Andrews Forbes, '9l Josiah W. Votey, '84 Lyman Allen, '93 George' I. Forbes, '90 'Theodore E. Hopkins, '95 Edmund C. Mower, '92 Henry F. Perkins, '98 Mary R. Bates, '94 George H. Burrows, '99 Bingham H. Stone, '97 James E. Donahue, '02 Max W. Andrews, '99 Mabel L. Southwick, '05 Mrs. Mabel Nelson Jacobs, '99 Thurman W. Dix, '08 Mrs. Ruth P. Bond Gray, '06 Helen R. Barton, '09 Howard A. Edson, '06 Jennie L. Rowell, '09 Mrs. Oliver N. Eastman, '09 Zlniiiatwa 1512 Clarence Harrison Adams Kenneth Harper Atwood Theta Helen Baker Eleazer Johnson Dole Bessie Frank Grace Anna Gates Andrew Hall Holt Harootun Hovhannes Khachadoorian Oscar Krupp Roy David Sawyer Prof. Evan Thomas, A.B., Dennison Univ., '76, HD., Yale '80 II N-Fd :Ink 1 at 0 - him Q 1 Y ' GW 1 ici ,ff "" , 1-"ix ,MAJ ,A in ir' Wh: 1, ESM , 4 1 4 " T' F9 iwff w J' fa-FS F-mx gf W L' ,j , , fe M- 1 E Q. P ' Jg f Af ' "mm i f A 1-fnwns cv., s-ummm, vm x VOLUME XXVII 145 1Hhi Erin iltaprla FOUNDED AT THE COLLEGE or WILLIAM AND lVlAltY, 1776 ltnll nf Qlhaptrra Eta of Pennsylvania Allegheny College Beta of Massachusetts Beta of Wisconsin Epsilon of Massachusetts Alpha of Maine Alpha of Rhode lsland Amherst College Beloit University Boston University Bowdoin College Brown University St. Lawrence Univ. Alpha of California University of California Beta of lllinois University of Chicago Delta of Ohio University of Cincinnati Beta of Maine Colby College Eta of New York Colgate College Alpha of Colorado Colorado University Beta of Colorado Colorado College Delta of New York Columbia University Theta of New York Cornell University Alpha of Minnesota, University of Minnesota Theta of Massachusetts Mt. l-lolyoke College Alpha of Nebraska University of Nebraska Beta of New York New York University Gamma of New York College of the City of New York Alpha of North Carolina University of N. C. Alpha of lllinois Northwestern University Zeta of Ohio Oberlin College Epsilon of Ohio Ohio State University Eta of Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University Delta of Pennsylvania Univ. of Pennsylvania Beta of New Jersey lota of New York Alpha of New jersey Princeton University Rochester University Rutgers College Alpha of New Hampshire Dartmouth College Theta of Ohio Benison College Lambda of New York Zeta of Massachusetts Smith College Epsilon of Pennsylvania Swarthmore College Kappa of New York Alpha of Texas Beta of Connecticut Della of Massachusetts Alpha of Louisiana Alpha of New York Mu of New York Alpha of Tennessee Alpha of Vermont Beta of Virginia Beta of Indiana Gamma of Virginia Syracuse University University of Texas Trinity College Tufts College Tulane University Union College Vassar College Vanderbilt University University of Vermont University of Virginia Wabash College Wash. and Lee Univ. Alpha of Indiana DePauw University Alpha of Pennsylvania Dickinson College Theta of Pennsylvania Frank. and Mar. College Epsilon of New York Hamilton College Alpha of Massachusetts l-larvard University Zeta of Pennsylvania Haverford College Zeta of New York Hobart College Gamma of lllinois University of Illinois Gamma of Indiana University of Indiana Alpha of lowa lowa University Delta of lowa lowa College Alpha of Maryland Johns l-lopkins University Alpha of Kansas University of Kansas Beta of Ohio Kenyon College Gamma of Pennsylvania Lafayette College Beta of Pennsylvania Lehigh .University Beta of California Leland Stanford, jr., Univ. Gamma of Ohio lota of Ohio Marietta College Miami University Alpha of Michigan University of Michigan Beta of Vermont Middlebury College Alpha of Nlissouri University of Missouri Eta of Massachusetts Wellesley College Gamma of Connecticut Wesleyan University Alpha of Ohio Western Reserve University Alpha of West Virginia University of W. Va. Alpha of Virginia William and Mary College Gamma of Massachusetts Williams College Alpha of Wisconsin University of Wisconsin Beta of Maryland Womanls Coll. of Baltimore Alpha of Connecticut Yale University Gllmm ivnrivtivn Ifinulhvr Qnrivig Seminar Snrieig 150 TI-I E ARIEL., I9 Enulher Snrivig Sminr Snrivig Founded in l905 Smith Hitchcock Bloomer Farnham Simonds Kruse Nelson Hllemhreru Asa Schoonmaker Bloomer Paul Frederick Kruse Roswell Farnham Ralph Warner Simoncls Curtice Nelson Hitchcock George Miles Nelson William Prince Smith mmnvnmm. 1 -Qing zmh Srrpvnt Zlnninr Svurinig I54 TI-I E ARIEL, I9 iK2g unit Svrrpmt Zlunim: During FOUNDED IN 1908 Boardman Bartlett Douglas D. Bartlett Emerson McFarland Batchelder Gilbert Howe Tgnnnrarg iflllemhrr Frederick Tupper Jr., PhD., l..l...D. Dwight Monroe Bartlett John Walden Bartlett Louis William Batchelder Winheld l-larolcl Boardman Brigha iiiiemhera Leighton Walter Douglas Karl Albert Emerson Rufus Stuart Gilbert David Willard Howe m Wheeler McFarland 3. , ,-lik,,EffPtF . 321 at W' FQ K A 1361 :lg 5 .,. P! ifgv .ma . N- an J 1- ., M e"x-'Hel X A F2 '- g- fav: ' YQ' +2:?1"v!n,- vi y fi - QHFSQQ, ff "1 4 x gif LF :ff Y li-'si 5 haf '5 5 api f f, fi' ':EEx':----k 34154 f 6552- , 1 va - Jn' :ff-f fp ' 'Q ,N ' fy 'T , 1 W A 2' 1' 1 5 if -PLQEJ , M, " fi' T fr:-ig .ga-,f-'A ' E-Q2fff3e'y'!l' VOLUME XXVII ftheia Nu lfipzilnn Eizmnli in Eltartxliuiv Zwoozehiztizxs 9xH98zZW5X9 K5MDaPWY:l GXlWhCFKf5HSyM? HsOwfl5G4SyCZ7iZ5 l Bismnli in Hrhv Clarence Carpenter, 'll Gilbert Frank Rist, '09 Paul Chamberlin, ex-'13 ?FC"7b9LauXF illlxznthnra Qllaan nf 1912 Harold Earle Abbott Edward William Blakely Paul Clarke Cummings Fred Smith Holden William Robertson Mackintosh Chauncey Berry Munsell Ralph Emerson Aiken Asa Schoonmaker Bloomer John Joseph Brosnahan ,Iohn Marie Caisse Ray Gage Gibson Gratten George Irwin Herbert Scott Pattee Richard S. Farr William C. Agnew Percy Erastus Buck Karl Albert Emerson William Edward Whalen 574+ q4"6A9rs pw-m34f + our "-t-St'cf55'W5 c7D . .sts5fn94697 James McEwen Anderson Albion Arthur Cross Werner Hiltpolcl Lyman Curtis Hunt lohn Francis McNeil Patrick joseph O'Dea Fred DeForest Streeter Affll Eentnwa W George Andrew Treclicke Harry Randel Baremore, ,lr Horace Brew Clarence Alden Bonner Edward James Flaherty Edward Dana Mix Edward Desmond Riley Humphrey Aubrey Styles Eenxnnz Edward Marble Bissonette Stanley Francis Berry Everett Sayles Towne ,lohn Walden Bartlett Francis James Donahue Edward A. Flynn 1ECw2f'rA 325 'W433'tg324"6A9t'i'P f "cW58z9kcf 'f'8zWf40t' 495883-398- 59 7--8:38003 3 I58 Tl-IE ARIEL, 1914 Alpha Beta Gamma . Zeta Eta Theta . Kappa Lambda . Mu Nu Omicron Pi Sigma . Tau . Upsilon . Phi Psi . Omega . Delta Kappa . Delta Sigma . Alpha lota . Pi Phi . . Lambda Lambda Beta Beta . Delta Delta . Epsilon Epsilon Alpha Zeta . Beta Epsilon . Sima Tau . Omega Kappa . Kappa Pi . Chi . Gamma Beta . Lambda Sigma Omicron Omega Xi . . Zeta Phi . Elyria Nu Epnilnn Iltnll nf Gllmpinra . . . . Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn. . , Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. . Union College, Schenectady, N. Y. University of California, Berkeley, Cal. . Colgate College, Hamilton, N. Y. . . Kenyon College, Gambier, O. . . . Hamilton College, Clinton, N. Y. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N. Y. . . . Stevens Institute, Hoboken, N. . . . Lafayette College, Easton, Pa. . . . Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa. . Pennsylvania State College, State College, Pa. . New York University, New York City . . . Wooster College, Wooster, O. . University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. . Rutgers College, New Brunswick, N. . Ohio State College, Columbus, O. . Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa. . Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Me. . University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kan. . Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. . University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. . University .of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. . Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, O. . . . University of Maine, Orono, Me. . Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland, O. . . . University of Vermont, Burlington . . Colby College, Waterville, Me. . University of Maryland, Baltimore, Md. . Baltimore Medical College, Baltimore, Md. . Baltimore Dental College, Baltimore, Md. . . Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. H. Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa. . . Yale University, New Haven, Conn. . . St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. . . . Amherst College, Amherst, Mass. . Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass. ff5X wfi iewff ' A 'M-. 1 1 1 can-fmc.H1' sv e A,vvn1::HT.PHu.A moz HX-Li. . . Svuphnmure Surieig l62 THE ARIEL., I9 JH. li. HH. 1-X. Svnrieig Snphumure During FOUNDED IN I908 rin Babbitt Hayden Asa Schoonmaker Bloomer Paul Frederick Kruse Ralph Warner Simonds Dwight Monroe Bartlett John Walden Bartlett Louis William Batchelder Donald George Babbitt Robert Moulton Briggs Edward Allen Currier Charles Sabin Ferrin Gardyne Grandy Currie Merriam Scott Briggs itlliemhersa V SENIORS John Burns Knight Frederick Sefton William Prince Smith JUNIORS Winfield Harold Boardman Rufus Stewart Gilbert David Willard Howe S OPH OM ORES Harold,Almon Gardyne Daniel Robinson Grancly Earle Shepard Hayden William Dyer Merriam Walton Hunt Scott "xx . :" 5X . 1 M3 Zh 59" 56' 84,,gl,Vf' M x .., N Wim iz!" h xuylfcfifgx ' t".f YF ,K 'za' f . 1" - , ,,111,'4?' . V. sl - 'Yl,"w, - .f:'z'. 1 -,zA'.4,:H wg,-14 012141 zmh Skull Seninr illieiliral Snrietg VOLUME XXVII Glam amh Skull FOUNDED IN l9l0 Hermann Griswold B Tredick Swift T b 'Bunk uni! Skull Zluninr :mvhiral Svnrirtg flaw' ., ,Y-!-'M "' . ngf --,. X - -f - 1 ,-vw... I 5 1 I L I 5 ii 2? "'! " '. fffxuxnihvi- . jg' LJ 5 I YLI-'gil VOLUME XXVII Enuk emit Skull FOUNDED IN I9Il Richardson Mclvor Agnew Farr Mossman Quimby Hatch St l Buck Berry ' Towne Lane ImPI11lJBI'H i William John Clarke Agnew Stanley Francis ' Berry Percy Erastus Buck Richard Farr Harold Simon Hatch Clayton Rogers Lane Donald Guy Mclvor George Mossman Ralph Augustus Richardson George Steele Smith Alonzo Quimby Everett Sayles Towne 1 if Jluninrn To do nothing is in every manfs power. Get busy, Harry. Oh, we didn't mean that! When it comes to good fellowship Harry is there forty ways. Found agriculture too strenuous, so he changed to the Cinch and Easy. "Bart" Harry Weston Averill ul-Iarryn Dwight Monroe Bartlett Bart hails from Dalton, which he considers the metropolis of Connecticut. He is a member of the "Brass Band" and is frequently heard around college. Hooray for the Berkshires. "l'm from Dalton." I69 '5Bart" 44 af Bissie Buck fthe editors dare not publish his other nickname, the Fire-Eater, has traveled far since the day when he first appeared in our midst as a meek freshman. The man who single-handed ducked the whole class of l9l5 in the fountain at the beginning of his sophomore year should be given extra space in this chronicle, He is now getting old and dignified, however, and we should refer no longer to the exploits of his frivolous youth. His staid and severe deportment of today give the lie to imputations as to his conduct on such occasions as the class baseball games. when it is reported that he indulged in the sport with the other boys. Winheld Harold Boardman i John Walden Bartlett john you R. Steam and robust. John is a very busy man and is seldom out more than eight nights a week, Sunday afternoons included. Occa- sionally fmds time to schedule a football game, or go to the Majestic. Louis William Batchelcler We would never have elected "Batch" to the high executive position he now holds had we known how wicked he is. He goes to chapel only because he has to: he chews second-hand gumg he says bad words, makes bad eyes at the girls, and gave the mumps to Prof. Votey's dog. He doesn't know what "fussing" is, but he has a very good substitute for it. He revels in nocturnal ambulation with a c lo s e friend. "Batch" Edward Marble Bissonnette The business man of the class. He ob- ri- - tained the class pipes for a mere song on account of his great influence in the tobacco world. Hopes to become a chemist some day. l7O "Buck" This is Bill, our society leader from Bellows Falls. He always wears very wise air. He is often mistaken for Prof. Lahee. He is an author- ity on etiquette fit would be hard to say what etiquettep and pretty girls. HlVlajor 1 Wilfred Greenleaf Bodine Earle Warrington Brailey "Bill" An idiosyncratical youth with altivolant ambitions. His specialty is-botanizing or gathering posies for the Co-eds. "Major" is the man who put the arm in army. He once made a remarkable speech at a Track Smoker. t Frank Stephen Burden A Well-groomed, somewhat retiring, sweet- mannered youth. Dropped back a year to be with the best. Takes inl all the hops and dances as he. does everything else-most modestly, ' c4Kingas Joseph Edward Carrigan "The world knows nothing of its greatest men." joe is one of our sharks. Theres many a night he burns the midnight oil, We Wonft say Where. "Joe" was right there in the class baseball games. nj-oem if ' 91 Cassie ul-Jincs 9 Lee Ernest Cass HlVlislilce me not for my complexion, the shadowed livery of the burnished sun." Few know him, which speaks well for him. An engineer and that qualifies him. John Winchester Dana "Up from the meadows rich wilh corn, Clear on that cool September morn." The real belle of the S. A. C. with a real pompadour and a frizzily, frazzaly hair-Cul. A Lincoln Ferris Daniels Precleslined to become a great mathema- tician and go lo Germany. Besides being a Corporal in the regular army he is a gymnast of no mean ability. He came near going lo Mexico lo help quell the recent insurrection. Francis James Donahue It is thought that his self-assured manner inlimidates the faculty. Plays baseball in the summer. An invelerale and learned crabber. s as Cutey H - 99 172 J 1385 One of the Worst rough-housers in Converse Hall. Hails from the city of Chateaugay, where he used to ride logs in the summer. MBI-Inn "Clarence "I was not always a man of woe." Leighton Walter Douglas Vernon Thayer Dow t It seems remarkable that this youth should HDug,, have come to us with such a commendable character. Being born and brought up the second largest metropolis in the United States, l-linesburg, Vt., seems not to have corrupted him. He is a student and never allows society to interfere with his college education. Ramon Clarence Downing He goes to classes early and staystlate. A bone-picker by trade. Will make a stale veterinarian in time. Has a green jersey and a rubber collar to sell, they say he has worn them only seven years and will dispose of them cheap. .. . ,, Downie I-larlon Clarence Dyke Dyke comes from that metropolis of Lamoille County, Johnson. It is ' said that he got his habit of continually talking and butting in on all subjects, from sitting on the hotel steps of said town, during the sunny summer hours, spitting tobacco juice and swapping lies with the oldest inhabitant. I-larlon has a mortal fear of our co-eds and acts as if he might cave, if one of the 'iawful things" spoke to him. 173 uGene sspopav Eugene Webster Ellis "None but himself can be his parallel." Our contribution from Bates. He is handy at most anything in the musical line and surely can malce the piano talk. Member of the unior Chemist Clee Club. Rodney Ray Ellis This is Doc, a hearty supporter of the bull moose party, a man who reads Greek for pleasure. His chief amusements are dancing and fussing. No one ever heard Rodney malce a rash statement. We all know that Doc will-be a great help to his family when he grows up. l-larolcl Allen Elrick The man who laclcecl only a mile of being a Canadian. "Pop" declares that living near the line has its advantages. His oratorical propensities are given expression in his inexhaustible supply of jokes and funny stories. Karl Albert Emerson We don't dare to say anything very bad about our editor, for fear it would be consigned to the waste basket. However we might say with the hope it will get by, that you should not be deceived by his youthful appearance. I74 "Rod,' U as Emi V "Come on fellows, the old Breka Coaxl H-i-pl H-i-pl" Here we have the original ancl only Isaac, a cheer-leader of great renown. "Ike" has the best wishes of everyone, even the faculty. "Fitchy" ucayn Isaac Dill Everitt Harold Alfred Fitch Here is the man who guards the vast hordes of treasure that the class has accu- mulated in three short years. It is rumor- ed that the responsibility has ,caused him many sleepless nights. Nevertheless the handling of so much money tis good experience. "Ike" Jerome Fitzpatrick Look Out! KNO, this isn't Fitzsimmons or Fitz Hanson, but he is terribly like them. He would have been a wonder on the football field if he haCln't 'Aschliptf' But he isn't the kind of a fellow that cries over spilt footsteps. The only man in college who could lick "fifty" tor the l ex-famous John A. , "Fitz', Harold Partridge Gaylord Second cousin to the Experiment Farm. A perfect mind, sound body, and warranted to outwear any other. Goes through college on other people's money because he gets it all away from them. A cross between a Sunday School and a Shark. The only wrong thing he ever did was to employ Charlie Kern as his oflice boy. I75 Rufus Stuart Gilbert A merchant of great traffic through the world. Notice the features of this money-malcing man-prominent noseg dark complexiong piercing eyeg andthe shrewdness and cunning expressed by the position of his ears. All this tends to show that he will make a Kuppenheimer or a Rosenhurg. "Gil" Walter Hollis Gould ' A philosopher as you might infer from the accompanying likeness, came to us this year from Dartmouth and we havenlt anything very had to say about him. David Willard Howe ' Par excellence in the Mexican art. News- paper reporter, football player, the co-eds' champion, etc., etc.g in fact, because of his extreme versatility '1Dave" is a pro- spective anything. "W0ppi5" "Dave" Walter Wells Howe A shark and a hustler in everything but general intelligence and chemistry. Warx'anted to stand without hitching, and a gentle creature for any drive. Will make a good safe and sane husband for an uncliscriminating woman. Apply at lVliclcel's Matrimonial Bureau. uwaltn Patrick Joseph Hurley Some said a Walking bluff: another, he hates himself-but we are all liable to mistakes. Distinguished for being a "close-harmony" singer, south-paw pitcher, soft-pedal piano player and a 1- dancer. Hlackn "Seth" Harold Fay Johnson Here is "Jack," the real double cousin of the real -lack Johnsong and hence the pride, all our profs. take in him. When he first joined our numbers he thought Proc Nights were too harsh for gentle boys but now his middle name is Fight. He spends most of his spare-time taking water and coal uu the Elevator in the Old Mill. upatas Otto Theophilus Johnson "Our Theo." Otto always signs his name in full. Otto is making something, it is thought that it-is an engine for using hot air, anyway it is a great piece of work and he has spent nearly three years in its construction. However, when Otto comes down to material things, and has a shave and a clean collar, you really would know that he attended the Uni- versity of Vermont. As to his failures, 0tto's Worst is his great desire -to become a "lady-killer"g beyond that and his native reticence, he is only known as a virtuous i young man, who like his patron saint l Socrates was a great lover and servant of his fellow-men. .tottov Seth Patten Johnson A dashing cavalier, and a Chesterfield of the first water, he is undoubtedly the class Beau Brummel. The casual observer might even deem him dangerousg but a careful survey of that chubby, benign countenance would soon convince him that no hidden raging passions lurlced beneath that glowing exterior, and that he is safe in Seth's company. The chief blot on his escutcheon is his propensity for practical jokes. l-le loves them dearly, and by constant practice he has almost reached the point where he can understand one of which he is the victim. I77 "Gramp "Jake" "Brig" is small yet he is our tennis champion. Holds the world's record for non-frequency of answering questions. His pink cheeks are the envy of all our co-pardon me, our young ladies. Formerly went under the name of Nemo. Max Ludwig Max made his debut as a member of the "Old Guard" on Proc Night. We are still glad to have one left in our midst who is able to remind us of the good old Jason Merrill Malcolm Here is "Big Jake," the minister's son from Connecticut. Such a quiet, unas- suming chap that few knew he was in college till the baseball season opened his freshman year. Since then we understand that Harvard, Dartmouth, Yale, Williams, Cornell and several other colleges are aware of his existence. He is an intensive rather than an extensive socializerg ask him to explain the difference. Brigham Wheeler McFarland Leverett Charles Lovell A sport by nature and a horse jockey hy trade. A memlner of the Bellows Falls police force. "Gramp's" chief dissipation is playing poker and smoking Havanas. V uBrig1s uMaX9a t Clarence William Mickel Distinguishes himself by carrying one of those little green-covered books, but it is only to take attendance. Nevertheless "Mick" feels the dignity of his position and like others of our older members cannot be convinced that he is ever in the wrong. Sheldon Miller ,,MiCk,, Miller is one of our promising aggies who is in search of a Phi Beta Kappa key. 1 His tardiness at classes will be his only drawback. He intends to take up scientific farming in Mexico when he finishes college. ' Allen Ewert Moore ' ' X .,Chank,, "Life is one damned lhing after anoll1er,H pass on, Alec. Often thought to be a pipe dream in person, he is such an in- - veterate smoker. A human smoke stack, as it were. "Alec" James Howard Moore . Consulting engineer and roclman for the Canadian Pacific Railway. His book on "How to'Get By Without Work" or "The Art of Blufhngn would doubtless be of great value to those who have an aversion for work. l-lis chances for making the "Cral3lJe" board are excellent. "Beano" 179 as 1 Sam ' UNed" Milton B. Morrow Sam is the wisest man in college, having been a school teacher fruit agent and fertilizer sampler. He is a wonderful swimmer. Ask him about his first night in the fountain. Frank Edward Orton "My meaning in saying he is good is to have you understand me he is sufficient." A expresses him best. An obscure past but a promising future. iiwere he known forever the mystery had just begun," Called "Fish" for short. Edward Andrew Pease Ned boasts that he has no habits. To support this statement he seldom goes to bed at night or to classes in the morning. One of his favorite stunts is to study so late for a test that he sleeps through it the next morning. The leading scientists still dispute whether he should be termed a paradox or an anomaly. l-le is a blend of extreme pep and excessive lead. A big marble company heard of his sold- cement dome and wanted to use it as a model and analize its composition. We wish him luck. Adrian St. John Pat boasts that he is the most broadly educated man in college. I-le has indulged in all phases of life, merely to learn the ways of the world. Future occupation, chief of police at Chicago. Also a disciple of Mars. ISO HF has is upatn The man who is raising havoc with Burlington Business by boycotting the barloers. It will be well to remember that all that glitters is not gold. Plays third base on the Glee Club. One of Laheeis sharks. 4 ewigglea 9 "Shoffy" l Philip Turner Salisbury John Salmond "None but 1,16 brave deserves the fair." if n Red John is an all-around athlete. Tried to give up college in his Sophomore year to become an organ-grinder, but he and the - monkey could not agree. 'The greatest socializer that ever came out of Perkins- ville. I-le loolcs like a Swede but claims he is Scotch. Lee Arthur Sawyer One of our big men. Expects to succeed "Batch," 'l3, as undergraduate dean of the Electrical Engineering department next year. A firm believer in woman's suffrage, in other words, a "fusser." l HL-een Allen Elias Schoff "A strong and mighlly man was he." Allen is a Phi Beta Kappa man and probably the strongest man in college. As a gum-instructor he can not be beat. He will answer to most any name, such as Chaff, Shuff, or Scott. ISI George Heikmer Seiple personified. Charles Plympton Smith, Jr. "Chemically Pure." The gentle, dreamy youth with the sweet smile. Everyone is always glad to have Charlie around, he has such a soothing effect on everything with which he comes in contact. The Movies are not unacquainted with him, and the actresses at these resorts have even been known to nod to him, so frequently do they meet. A guileless, tender stripling, who is always content to stay shyly in the background and let others occupy the limelight. ssseipss Fred Smith Spalding l-le came to college firmly attached to the theory of the Conservation of Forests, but he has changed to the Conservation of Energy. Let us hope that when he dies, he will bequeath his vast supply to some one who will not be afraid to expend it in some good cause. "Fred" Fordyce Samson Sykes You would never suspect his strength, but members of his company assert that he hurls disorderly men over the gymnasium. Besides being strong he is a famous Chemist and Historian. l-le has discovered new dates and places for all the important battles. I-le spent nearly fifty dollars in issuing invitations for the Nliliary Ball, and it is rumored that he had to import his hrother's fiance. 182 I-Ie prepped at the reform school. A friendly little chap with a power ful voice. Always wears a wise look around college. Quietness acplympss sz as Capt. Samson George l-lenry Thomas George may do a lot of talking and crab his Professors occasionally but you never heard him say anything that was uncomplimentary about Jeffersonville. l-le says that after graduation he and his wife will settle down on their cozy little farm, where he will have a chance to practice agriculture and perhaps raise a few chickens. William Edward Whalen "And still they gazed and still their wonder grew, That one so small could final so much to do." . "Bill" is right there when it comes to being a good fellow and getting by his l courses. Bill is best known for his foot- ball ability and for his speech at the Freshman banquet. Herbert Van Wheelock 45BiH97 Slippery Steve from Maple Corners has been in the hands of our most able police force several times, but owing to his ability as a handcuff king he has escaped from their toils. Besides his skill as a prestidigitator. he is a member of the Calais and Worcester Military Band. For the last two years l-lerby has been an alderman in the Fifth Ward at Calais. one of our star twirlers. "Pinkie" 133 Raymond Christian Winkler Tommy HSteve" "Pinkie" always has a kind word and good advice for Freshmen in trouble. Very chummy with Clarence Miekel and Charlie Kern He is assistant undergraduate advisor of perplexed co-eds, oftice in Alcove No. '17, where he may often be seen in close conversation with Freshman girls seeking consolation. Nevertheless, champion of Proc Nights and TI-IE ARIEL., 1914. Otto Oclcerblacl "Otto" "And thereby hangs a tale." Otto is a hard-working man. I-le did not wish to graduate too young so he dropped back a year in his college course. l-le acts as first aid to the injured in Prof. Perkins' lab. Samuel Vincent Phillips "Ted" One of our S. A. C. Army boys. Successfully survived after being class treasurer Sophomore year. Also one of our gymnasium stars. K James Harrison Wilson 441- as Jlmmy "I Bear a charmed life." James is rightly named and if lie is not too hasty will probably be president of the United States some time. l-le believes that writing should be on but one side of a page. Q .gr x,- HHnm12n'a Glnllvgv I-lelen Geneva Benton Helen came to us from Miami two years ago and has proven a valuable addition to our ranlcs. Has a class spirit which is worthy of imitation. When anyone thinks of anything in the way of an innovation :-"I guess I'll see Helen Benton about it." Also has the artistic temperament which needs no embellishment in this sketch. ' Edith Kate Coulman "Sl'1e'll wisely fell what hour 0' the day The clock does strike, by Algebra, r Resolvefby siries and iangenls slraighl .V :r :3Q::-,,4:,..,sarg'- - it ., K . . ,QW , 1 .,-rn':-:-ea - Q .N : 11,- .- - 57 , X, -:s:::.:g5zf ' N -- , K fix" .A 51--L - -wffss -"'. 1 If marble lamb-stones wanted weight." Rule, Brittania! Edith is still a loyal subject of His Majesty, though exiled for ' Q lo! these many years. Her one delight I 1' is Math and her roommate says she talks Analytics in her sleep. "Katie" l Clio Nora Crandall "A happy soul ilial all the way To heaven hath q summer day." she Wouldn't lcnow Lineal descendant of the late lamented Sunny Jimg a grouch if it bowed to her on the street. By virtue of her name Clio elects extensively in the History department, and she is Sammy's chief prop and mainstay in this unregenerated age. The only person in the class who never bluffs because she never needs to. Another Math. fiend. iss " "l'lelen' Nora tion: To Dorothy l-lickok Cook lfD0t, , did see. Our shark from Charlotte. Dot is the most cheerful and obliging person that you ever Generally doing somebodv's work for them. She clotes on gym work and receptions. be a famous novelist and assist Prof. Ogle in his arduous duties. .0 .V ,., -,. ,. Ambi- Katherine Elizabeth Dewey "Slit: did the utmost bounds of lgnonzleclgc fmt, Ye! found them not so large as was her mind." WWLQYWIZ' ' 5' Kather1ne's attamments in the classroom are a constant menace to the eye-sight of her dear professors. It is even rumored that Max uses a ?f"-i7'Hf'ffMf5'- , ' ' ' ' ' special form of blank in reporting Kather1ne's marks since only the A ' ' ' ' ' ' Column is needed. She further en o s the distinction of bein the onl ayffyzgigf sm. Q Y ,. .-., sf ,. lf- in ...-.,.... . ..,..,4 , - . . . ve person in Logic class who is able to translate Prof. Gittords lectures into English -fmfzfie,-1:441-vsf, 5 .-,.i f-1,0115 of: '-f- 1-fw.f4fqp2M9,Q4sQ1--53- -r - 7-3 9.37 .-1ZL5'5ff- 1G'1"'-k-Ji, :':.,4v-' H2 Q .' -2,3 W5 11061-1.'iE35'l'G'5"l5'iZ'f. 169' 4 ,- rl- 'ff f4'iiff.,.w. ' f M- L. ,... , L. f I X ff f-1'1v4f::-105:-so'1rzf1ew.'2f.r-1s Mfr: . , ..,..., ...,,,:,,, , .,, ,,,,.. Q 1 . 1 X f 41- ,.,,- C f.: ., 114f'Q7f.g.gwm, n ff 1 ,:..,4.g1-.1-V-4--fm, V V1 ,, f. ' '1 ., ,e,7,1,,v-4r4,:.,,,.W.,.,,., :.f -.,. , .7 f w:'f,z:!.w,-:o1..o.: so A iKCdlC, , Bernice Faith Deyette "Twinkle, iwinlfle, lillle star." Asensitive flower easily withered by the chilling breeze of disapproval. But for all that, she's the only girl who ever turned a heart of Hint to Dusly's endearing wiles, and failed to succumb even to the charms of Harry Dane. l Ruth Mott Durfee 3 ,. , ':g1z..1:z1:? "Her stature lall-1 hate a dumpy upoodlesn if 7 ?f ff .,.. - -,gvgfgeba .. V. . If-m fg? -' Chubby is a person of general capa' bility. Can do everything wlth great L 251- ,. j A 1 ,: 5 g, 24575 efhcienc -from sm ln in the choir to . i 1-f . y washing dishes in Home Economic Lab. She is especially fond of dogs and com- 1 . ' , Us-C - ' ' ' A i'i' 5 fri 7, ' mittees. A very ' Hercules' ln gymna- sium. Ambition: To be a society belle and wear trams that swish. , ""' " ' 7" 'if' 'f"'f' Vi' ' if "A ' i 3' si.. " .-J-1 ..+'5"'fQfff. 'L 1,rg...?f f1vf,:fm'f:' 1, 3121 '4 wwf! MQW 4 ffkifszf ,. -esr 2611 "L ' aff, .U .if-'ff ' : .'-, 79' f' " f , ,.,, . UM ' ffmffsmf "Chubby" Georgia Elizabeth .Gifford sw, Ms 'x-'s 4 .1 X E 'Y W X 3. sky , 1 'QF 4 si X 'Tx . Q I B s-s: 1. ,s . ,xl 4 -V-4i::z.Z, -""' X-3' ri' "Her voice was ever gentle, soft and low, an excellent thing in woman." The bright particular star in the heavens of Argumentation. Drinks in knowledge like a sponge. Yea, she arises at 3 b. X. and pursues the elusive muse until the shadows darkly lengthen. Her devotion to Logic, Anglo-Saxon, and the Burlington Daily Free Press mark as a future possessor of one of those five-dollar keys Georgy, Springf1eld's fairest daughter. E E I 186 .. ,, Georgyanne Margaret Walton Johnson "A narrow compass, and yo! there Dwell all il1al's good and all ll1al's fair." Peggie is not particularly gregarious by nature. ln fact, she positively refuses to appear on Church St. in a company numbering more than lwo and a half. Peggie wandered way up here from New Jersey, and decided to stay only after discovering that there were four other John- son's in the class already. There are two things which Margaret detests: one of them is moving pictures. Jane My:Laughlin "Her feet beneath her pellicoal Lilie lillle mice stole in and out." Little but Oh my! No matter what hap- pens, Jane is just so. Nothing, not even I falling down coal chutes, upsets her equi- librium or her curls. The only thing which jars her usual unruflied calm is to be called "cute" or "neat." Her special- ties are high collars, high heels and big "bully" men. Ambition: To be a fashion plate. Beatrice Moore "Lula, lale, loo late!" "Jennie" V Here you ,Ysee our one really, invariably, inevitably, punctual member. She always arrives just twenty-nine minutes late, with . - f- a box of fudge under her arm. Bea just dotes on Argumentation, but music is the chief business of life with her, and many a time has she moved the paving'stones of Church St. to glee by the power of her heavenly strains. the sidewalk. f x "Rutho" 187 HB X Ruth Preston O'Sullivan 1 33 ea I ul had rdlher lhan forly shillings ll1al l had my lmolfs Here is our class bool:-worm. The only grind that the editor cant cut out. If you want to lcnow the location of a reserved book dont trouble the Library assistant-ask Ruth in the first place Ruth is the youngest of the "Seven Sutherland Sisters" and her sinuous trail up Church St. may be easily traced any afternoon by the hairpins on ' "She clramclh out the thread of her ver- T Hazel Hattie Riley "Her burly was so .slight It .seemed she could have floated to the sky." This is the short fsee ltzelowl. Hazel is her mother's pride, her fatheris joy- She just loves Botany and Prof. Burns. Maybe it is partial, but she just can't help it. Hazel is known around college as the vest- pocket edition. Amhitiong To have charge of a Botanical Garden on the campus. Ruth Marie Rogers l:-osity finer than the staple of her argu- ment." Hazel Well, as we were saying, here comes Put, the Maid of Orleans- And speaking of miracles, sheis on time! And if you're interested in the Burlington and North , Avenue Metropolitan Street Railway and Traction Companyfjust let Ruth have the Hoor. Nina Grace Shepardson X "A star danced: anal I was born." Our premiere danseuse has left the role - of "PrincefssJ," and is now starring in H H l-lowe's Moving Pictures. Nina is a suf- Put fragette on Tuesdays, a Progressive on Fridays and a Home Economics -enthusiast every day in the week. Nina just dotes - , on being called a "co-ed" and is strongly opposed to socializing in all its forms. No, gentle reader, her' temper does not match her hair. "Pinkie" Jeannette Marie Sparrow "A man who coulrl malfe so vile a pun would nol scruple to piclf a pocket" Our punctual prodigy from the mosquito-infested wilds of New jersey. We regret that the picture does not show the graceful curve of her little finger. Foremost in her profession, which is Worrying-wholesale or f by the piece, warranted not to rip, tear, or rust in the hinges. But an Q ' A's an A for a' that, and Sammy thinks she's a bird. ' 'IA i 3? - 552-ffl . V ,. . l " X 188 ujanen l , Isabel Alice Spofford "And llie niglil shall be filled D:ill1 music." Behold, fair reader, the lirst female student to appreciate the peculiar richness of effect gained by maclcinaw and belt of contrasting hue. Her color-sense always was keen-especially for the brighter shades of red and pink. As for disposition, she's got the shrinking violet stung. Why, her regular formula for accepting invitations is "What, ME?" ' Dora Marion Thomas "The lzasllful virgin's side-long loolfs of "Marion"-and this is the long of it. "Izzy" The renowned "Sliver's sister- Anyone could tell that Marion was an optimist by her smile. She considers college life very strenuous but still she agrees it has its compensations. Ambition: To be a Suffra- gelte Leader. ' Marjery Anderson Watson ,, , ,, "1've lived and loved." "My liearl is Marlon faced." Our girl from Wellesley and we're very . an V glad she came. Doesn't she take life If seriously? Well, there's a reason! No, ' 1,1 rg. not Postum. when Mbrjorie removes her "specs" she is quite approachable. - 157 nomics. ulVlarjery" Catherine Amy Wilcox Hshe spcalfs, behaves, and acls fusi as she ought" "Catherine" is the very pink of courtesy. She impresses" everyone with her dignity and her graciousness. Although usually of a very placid disposition, Catherine did become very excited over her voice last year, but finally found that it was only natural. Ambition: To be a mission- ary among the "heathen Chinee." "Catherine" 139 love." l Ambition: To specialize in Home Eco- ' I Jlnninr vhir Cgrinhn uAg -n "Bi William John Clark Agnew William John Clark is a nice boy whose ,great ambition is to be a cheer leader. His uRahl Rah!" may be heard in any lecture-hall. Spends his summers in a hotel and his winters co-eding. We point to him with pride as one of our most accomplished socializers. ' Judson Sylvester Allen Big Chief Allen, not the last of the Mo- hicans, but better known as the Cherokee Moonbeam, has received a life sentence for domestic felicity thus early in the game. Perhaps this explains the kindred spirit existing between him and Pop Cor- son. as-Iudn Stanley Francis Berry "Big" is a quiet, modest, retiring little fellow from Dean. His chief fault is that he lacks college spirit, especially as far as athletics are concerned and persistently refuses to go out for the teams. Did you see him on the Dartmouth trip? Yes? No? S" 190 Joseph Albert Boucher "Bushie" has a home in Canada somewhere up near the North Pole, but spends all of his vacations in Montreal, why we can but guess. He couldn't spealc a word of English when he entered, but now he is so fluent in recitations that the professors are frequently forced to use a mouth-gag to arrest the flow of language. Percy Erastus Buck 4.B'uShie,, Percy is the original village cut-up from Newport, and his affection for his first two names amounts to an obsession. He is greatly interested in settlement work among the families of railroad men, par- ticularly bralcemen. Harvey Clifford Bundy . A thorou hi oin s ort. Claims to be an g g g P ff ,U ' ' X Percy authority on omelets, and survivors of them are reported. Has an excellent polcer face and is reputed to use it success- fully. Says he is a farmer, and glad of it. a4Bunva Nathan Renwick Caldwell "Pop" would he all right were it not for his loud, talkative and aggres- 'sive disposition. He is an awful sport and an habitual frequenter of "wine merchants row" and the red-light district. HPOPQQ W l9l Mitchell Daniel 'Carey "MIike" ing out for Pop. Michael Francis Claffey '6Mike" Maintains that alcohol is a stimulant, hrst, last, and all the time. Spends hours each day chasing Seig. around the smoking room. Mike's chief claim to fame rests in his ability as a football player, and on his conduct on the night of our Freshman banquet. George Arthur Eckert A firm believer in the old maxim that l actions speak louder than words. In his Freshman year rendered conspicuous ser- vice to Burlington's Police by escorting members of the Kitchen Mechanics Union to their homes. Among his accomplish- ments are civil engineering, pugilism and socializing. "Edt" ii Francis Joseph Ennis Being extradited from the nutmeg state, he has taken shelter in Winooski, where his reputation as a pharmacist is known principally to himself. Began his Freshman year to offertadvice in mass meetings. We would like an explanation why Frank is so interested and enthusiastic over lire insurance? X 192 conceals most of his thoughts behind an ever-present grin always ready for a rough-house and asserts that fighting is easier than talking, anyway. Made himself famous by his liberal use of a bed slat on the night of our Freshman banquet. Spencls his extra time look Hlvlike H H Frank Richard Farr "Dick," our fair-haired, smiling center, is the pride of the class and claims Lodi as his residence. Where is Lodi? Such ignorance. Why, it is where the Gipsy King recently severed his connection with this mortal coilg also where Dick Farr lives. For further information, see Dick personally-he knows a lot more about it. Rowley Smith Flagg "Hellol got any tobacco?" This is Brod's customary greeting. If you give him some he will reward you with an anti- quated slory and is offended if you cannot laugh. It is reported that Brod is a can- , didate for the hen-peckecl force. The worst known about him is that he goes to church every Sunday. "Dick" Francis Bledsoe Galbraith H H Francis, nal Frank, is a swaggering, rol- Brod licking swashbucklinq pioneer from the wild and wooly west. He is an awful , socializer and a regular searcher for new models in the Delineator, Ladies Home Journal, Good Housekeeping and the Uni- versity Cynic. Heavens, Margaret, pass the onions. "Gal" Edward Stack Grayce "Gracie" is the lyric song-bird of the class. He knows more of those funny Connecticut jokes and songs than any other man living. He is passionately fond of hangs. "Gracie" I93 v i High-tension l-latch, ' ' 'Lovie' ' Harold Simon Hatch Laughs continuously, smokes incessantly, and swears like a pirate Well known to the police of Burlington. Claims to have an intimate knowl edge of the inner workings of a frog's mind. A favorite with the tobacco parasites. Spends his extra time telling stories to Lovejoy Clayton Rogers Lane "Patsy" is a terrible crab, but we tolerate him on account of his wonderful powers of lurid description. In this particular line he makes Milton look like a fumigated feather bed. If you doubt this assertion, just mention the mid-year exam in Sur- gery, and all of your doubts will be dis- pelled. James Lyman Lovejoy "l..ovie" is a grad of Middlebury, but we don't hold it up against him much. l-le is a mighty good chap but dissipates much too wildly for his own good. He works from l2s:05 A. M. to ,ll:55 P. Nl. and spends the rest of the time in riotous living and debauchery. Donald Guy Mclvor l-lails from the wilds of Swanton. l-le has an enormous supply of stale jokes which he liberates freely in hopes that everyone has forgotten them. Beware of his friendly advances, he is only trying to insure you. I94 ccpatsyn uMaCs George Mossman "Georgie" is the acknowledged Adonis of the College of Medicine and the everlasting pride of all the high-school girls. I-le used to have just the cutest little moustache Cvisible only under the highest powers of magnificationj, but it began to show signs of malignancy so he had it cut out. CCG ' 57 Smith Alonzo Quimby eorgle A sailor has sweethearts in every port and Quimby in every town. Spends his summer vacations as a huclcster and in times gone by his melodious voice has been heard all over college. Not being satisfied to confine his vocal efforts to his summer calling, he takes great delight in disturbing the neighbors near and at the corner of South Union and Buell streets. . Ralph Augustus Richardson He never talksg he gruntsg loud noises iiQUlm,, pain him. l-le sleeps in a padded room. Is the best natured crab in college and a pastmaster of the art of profanity. "Dry up or I'll draw a clout on you." "Rich" George Steele t ' "Georgie" is the only really had and vicious man we have in the class. He is cursed with a fiery and ungovernable temper and has to W-ear kicking-straps and a muzzle constantly. He works only twenty-two hours a day and diverts himself during the remaining time doing advanced world in Pediatrics. "Georgie" 195 Everett Sayles Towne The "Wizard of Ozf' who has spent the greater part of his life in the pursuit of knowledgeg having tried all branches. he has at last decided to become a disciple of Esculapius. I-Ie is also head coach and recording secretary for Berry. In the summer he lends himself as a chauffeur to any one who dares to put his life in his hands. "Chewney" Louis Joseph Cella ' 'Countn "Count" hails from sunny Italy and is closely connected with the nobility thereg that is, his father once saw a real prince ride past their house in a carriage. Notwithstanding this noble descent, he is a man of very democratic tastes and has a mild, meek and retiring disposition. I-Ie is one of Brookes' heaviest stockholders. Frank Edward Corson iK Y, What is life without a wife and home without a lnahy? A sphinx indeedg we have long waited to hear words from his astute lips and suppose when they finally do issue they will be words of wisdom and golden in value. I-Ie can interpret the Indian language and has firmly decided to settle with Chief Allen on the banks of the Mohawk. I-larry I-Iorace Dutton 4nDut1s Also known as Snodgrass. I-Iis favorite pastime is hunting with his twenty-two high power. Since his entrance upon the study of medicine, he has held down the position as a heart breaker among nurses, and the first bag on the diamond with due credit to himself. 196 VO LUME. XXVII 197 Arthur Jeffries Ellis The only thing we have against Ellis is that he hails from Rutland. I-le is an inveterate fusser and spends the greater part of his spare time in keeping his calling list up-to-date. Carl James Kilburn ncKi1n The "father of "B" section. Looks with compassion and disdain at his fellow-classmates. Poses before the underclassmen as head of Chem Lab. Carl is a member of our married force and is chiefly interested in pediatrics. Samuel Maislin Sammy-"The Joy" A firm disciple of King Midas and has prayed, lo these many years, he might reach the fortunate state attained by that mystical personage. A member in good standing of the "Yid Club." Answers all questions in class room in the affirmative by his classical expression. .rYaw..n David Paul Moloney "Smoke" ' Our Marathon runner. Has won many medals-shoveling coal for the Central Vermont. His Celtic temperament affords issue to an exuberant spirit which is seldom encountered except when by chance a turkey disturbs his peaceful slumbers, and then the ghostly demon breaks forth. l-le is very fond of that masterpiece uE.rin's Isle," or "The Wearing of the Green." George Sumner Nutt g "Captain Nutt" ls at his best when he has a skate on. The only real live somnambulist in captivity. I-le goes about college in a daze, leaving in his walce the fragrant odor of a two-for-a-nickel stogie. lntends to specialize in physiology. George is still looking for a dress suit. Arthur Russell Pillsbury lfpillf, The "Pilfering Pill," who decided that the laws of Connecticut were too rigid, so he came back to Vermont. A firm believer and advocator in Woman suffrage. Attends all High School affairs and sees that Corson' lives up to the duties of a married man. THE ARIEL., 1914 Harry Arthur Seigall useigs n Senior partner of Seigall-Cooper and Kaplan. Has his hat pasted full of Dr. Allen's sug- gestions. As a diagnostician Harry is without a peer and on some subjects may be quoted with some degree of authority. In his Freshman year his chief diversion was climbing telegraph poles in front of the Strong. "Kid me on, fellows, it don't cost me anything." "I tell you, Maislin, the best of us make mistakes." Frank Alexander Walsh "Tank,' Three years ago there drifted into this town a fat, uncouth, blustering infant, weighing two hundred and ten pounds, and dragging, in a listless manner, those huge shovels attached to his pedal extremities. He gave a sigh of relief as he reached the top of College Hill and exclaimed with a frightened air, "lVly! what a big town Burlington is, I am afraid I will get lost." A pitcher of renown in the juvenile league, but with much dismay, he found he could qualify no farther. Be it further resolved that his cheese arm reposes hence forth in the Hayes' ice chest. a 5 'PGI 1 qt uv ff r K0 ' Q Aff fi? 5 'ef 4 3 05 I f U ! . i I 'H 7 1 W A i K . , I 1 5 Q 1, f' ' N- 5' W if f s" r' ' .1 4 40, , fx K X ' Q 5 .U 54 ' 'if' ' RK 'Sb-7571 ' X- B N ,. X I ' gli Q N: ee ,. -4.x -N-X513 , x U F' A I ' , Ai ' it ash '-- le , . ,N -I ., 4 Q 1 "-x.-..-,, 5 25 x Xx, 04 K ,X ff ' Nix --1-7 x 'T' 4' l Q -Q ,,.f I .,. 'X' , Qlluhn 200 THE ARIEL., 1914 1 P Elertriral Engineering Ollnh Lee Arthur Sawyer, ,14 George Heikmer Seiple, '14 Carl Aclams Reecl, '13 Adrian Sr. John P. I-I. Gates . H. A. Gardyne Max Fuller . B. W. McFarland . S. P. Johnson . R. M. Briggs . Hovey Jordan, '13 . . . . . . . . President . . Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer iKiflr Qllnh . President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer ZH. 1113. Ill. Gllnh . . . . . . President . . Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer ignlitiral Olluh . . . . . . President David Willard Howe, '14 . . . Vice-Presideni Holman Boynton Ferrin, ,13 .... Secretary and Treasurer Exerniine Qinmmitire - Curtice Nelson Hitchcock, '13, Lincoln Ferris Daniels, '14, and ofhcers VOLUME XXVII 201 I .- Evutarhrr Herrin W rf Q : ' f I in ' K Q. r , JA "W iii Fx rl fl fir! 'I lri:T":l M 'ill' l I w ,QM H ,mm Mmwl xlillfllx - :QL , , Henry Powell Spring . . President ill 'I L Ruth Preston O'Sullivan . A Vice-President f 2 'arf , Georgia Elisabeth Gifford . Secretary g irl? , ,lf I-larry Robinson Dane . . . Treasurer N 'Exrrutiur Glnmmiitvr Mary Elisabeth Winslow Louis Ferner Dow Cora Alice Parkhurst Gllahziml Glluhl Henry Powell Spring . Gabrielle Cotnoir . . Alta Helen Grismer . Frederick Wood Baker Glerrle illranrainv l-larry Robinson Dane . . Cora Alice Parkhurst . . Lucille Thompson White . Louis Ferner Dow . . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer 202 TI-IE ARIEL, 1914 ,- 'Y ff' , - N 'X N N -41f il j!f?ff f fl- , , f Q I P 5 V If' x ' r M fi? Tow , 5 W? 'W l K r LW X , 53 1: gx - ' 'VW W , 5 Q 7 1? rf M' W? 4 ' 'for ' lyifh her QQ f I tg ben ,owl T A15 ' Arm 'lu ' r x f - 4, jf Tllizcr . K f-2-1 iff? aEZ? Cl r 5 N -1: 4 f 2 N "--liL2...l- f .1 RN gb X - ' QQ- K ? nf-MT fl x, 9 X i li-' I ,L , 1, A ,fijy Lf: - '.- '4 .ff i 3 VZ' ' 'f W Agrirultural Gllnh George Miles Nelson ...... . President Ramon Clarence Downing . . Vice-President Kenneth Joseph Sheldon . Secretary Ralph Converse Mayo . Treasurer CDTILLIUII James Herbert l-loflnagle, '13 Jamesll-lowarcl Moore, '1-41 . Roswell Farnham, '13 . Charles Plympton Smith, '14 Eumzrrh Mall Olluh Cora Alice Parkhursti '13 ..... Edith Kate Coulman, 'I4 . Alma Briclgman Holton, '15 Lucy Gertrude Swift, 'I6 . I ...3:.:. l- 4. 1- :..... - 2 11 1-1-'F Z3j-.'.:,1.V,f- - x-. A . . .. 1 1, r - ,. ' fl' R- K ., li. Y.: . 1. 6373 ' .aw .i ka . ,, 13 'A' J 'MH Q A , , H ,M 1 K lx v X 2 9 I 1 1 v - 5 . .1Z: 445- ff- 'fill' f fa ntegf Tj - aL1ahwx '-!:'2f ' , IBIMI ' f . . President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer 204 T H E ARIEL, 1914 K' r 'I V .i . l I A 1, I' l 0 fzzt 'P ,Q T ff' i, ., --fga-.- 'f .-'- R -' . 1 qi 5 fe' -I-,Y T l i- I! 1 ,f9':r J' l -ggi x , ' John Randall Norton, 'l3 . . President Allen Elias Schoff, ,I4 Vice-President Augustus Wheeler Aldrich, 'I3 . . Secretary Palmer Woodard Everts, 'I5 . Treasurer Glathulir Glluh Rev. Father Cassidy . .... Spiritual Director John Joseph Brosnahan . President Thomas Joseph Tobin Vice-President John Joseph Boland . . Secretary Hugh Henry I-lanrahan . . . Treasurer 'tixerutinr Olnmmitm Robert Valentine Boyce John Patrick Brennan George Francis Devereaux Michael Daniel Carey Clarence Charles Gerrard Jerome Francis Tennien , St. Haul 5 Glluh John Randall Norton, 'I3 ........ President l-larry Robinson Dane, 'I3 . . . Vice-President Thomas Lawrence Hills, '13 Secretary and Treasurer VOLUME XXVII 205 Mary Jean Simpson ,'l3 . . . President Ruth Mott Durfee, 'l 3 . Vice-President Alta Helen Grismer, 'I3 . . Secretary Catherine Amy Wilcox, ,I4 . . Treasurer Olhairmien nf Qlnmmittmi Helen Mina Durfee ..... V . . Social Bernice Gertrude Bartlett . Bible Study Amy Elizabeth Wheeler . . Music Bessie Marian Thayer Georgia Elizabeth Gifford . Religious Meetings . Social Service Lilla Carolyn Montgomery . . Extension Ruth Mott Durfee . Membership Edith Rebecca Gates . . . Missionary Margaret Walton Johnson . Publicity and Intercollegiate 1915 Evtmting Glluh John Beach Sanford ...... . President Paul Hayden Gates . Vice-President Robert Whiting Daniels Joseph Blaine Johnson . Merle, Hasley Davis Leon Dean . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer Corresponding Secretary . . . Founder 206 T I-I E ARIEL, 1914 Huang mHI1IPI1,5 Jlnfitrumvntzrl Qlluh Jeannette M. Sparrow ...... Gabrielle Cotnoir Carol Hatch . Beatrice Moore Amy E. Wheeler Qlhairmen nf Qlnmmiiimea ya' -' ' ' ' - . I .V ,ff ff' fe 149- V . f f ,f f 3142!-4Vjf ,, ' 3,4612 ,, ' e fo A - f me .... .e :- . , A f Q ' ' ' "Fia-.-.2..13.:3'f'f..,.ffi:3E5f,Q e-3-Tia-5 5 j I , N XX 1 ', XJ . if . I ff " - X'xY . Leader . Secreiarp . Treasurer Refreshment . Program ll I QQ- 1, AT W1 ALBERT OLYMPIC GAMES St hholm J lj HU. King Gustav Y Sw den b st he Laurel CTOXUH Al Gu'l'Le1'50h Ve mont Clogs at H11 I f 1 I LOV EJOY GUTTERSON ous V-:rm rftHcro Holder of 'the O19 pl Rwmi 'mh ' Bnmidump 'Z'-1 Ft. H3 M Q R 1.-11Ft 1, 'W SV Q? X I ii! E1 "" 55 gs .. 'E A- 'L -. ' , Q I -- E : - -E ,311 1' -:Q- ' - E E ..- , 'E E -4, , ... - ' -- - ' 1. "' - ' A 208 TI-IE ARIEL, 1914 OLD SIS BOOM Sis-Boom-Ah V-E-R-M-O-N-T Rah-Rah-Rah! 132115 OLD YELL Rah-Rah-Rah! Rah-Rah-Rah! Vermont! Vermont! NEW YELL Ver-mont ! Ver-mont! V-E.-R-M-O-N-T Rah-Rah-Rah! Rah-Rah ! Ver-mont Rah-Rah-Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah-Rah-Rah! SHORT YELL Rah! Rah! Rah! Vermont!Vermont!Vermont! Sis! Boom-Boom! Ver-mont Vermont! Ollana 132115 !9!4 Breka Coax Coax Coax! Sis-Boom-Ah! Brelca Coax Coax Coax! !-9-!-3, !-9-!-3, !-9-!-3 Hurrah! Hurrah! Nineteen Thirteen! Nineteen Thirteen! Hullabaloo 'I4 Nineteen Thirteen! Rah !Rah ! Rah !Rah !Rah !Rah ! Rah ! Rah! Rah !Rah !Rah ! Rah ! Rah !Rah ! Rah ! Rah! '!4! 'I4! '!4! Boom-Chicka-Boom! Boom-Chica-Boom! 1916 Boom-Chicka-Ricka -Ricka! Boom-Boom-Boom! Six-Six-Sixteen! Wah-Who-Wah! Wah-Who-Wah! !9!5! Rah! Rah! Rah! C. P. Smith, 'I4 Qlhvvr Erahrrn P. F. Six-Six-Sixteen ! Six-Six-Sixteen ! Kruse, "I 3 X .. W X ' x fu VSXNXQ ,IX ix K? X XX X 4. xg ,S N V Xl! 1 f 3 M ,Q ll - -.AX X l ' Q J f ' 5 . ll .J L. !5 x x Q i , A fx f ff f mu, N mf . ,Q XS, I I lj 3 I .ff R5 XX XX, Hllwfou U '31 ' -NR1 SIQI MAEIT .IJAHTOGTI YTIZHAV VOLUME XXVII ZII Ralph Warren Simoncls . , . . john Vvalclen Bartlett . Isaac Dill Everitt F. C. Buckmiller Earle C. Pickering F. Sefton . M. Claffey . J. Salmond . A. H. Davison S. F. Berry . W. W. Hayes W. E. Whalen E. A. Flynn . F. C. Buckmiller W. P. Smith . W. F. Gallagher B. F rank . J. Fitzpatrick . F. Zwicli . l-l. A. Putnam J. O,Brien . E. A. Currier . . . Manager Assistant Manager Assistant Manager . . Captain Coach Right End . Left End . Right Guard . Right Guard . Left Guard . Left hcuara' . Right Tackle . Left Tackle . Left Tackle . Left Half Back Right Half Back Right Half Back . Left Half Back . Full Back . Full Back . Quarter Back . Quarter Back SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL TEAM A 0 Ln. 3, X- . VOLUME XXVII .213 Uhr 12112 illnnihall Svraann Although Vermont lost five games during the past season, it cannot be said, taking everything into consideration, that the season of l9l2 was disappointing, for we know just where we stand in the line and quality of material for next year. September I6th saw but a few men out for football. Among the number were but seven of last year's team. Polly Squires, the old guard, was not back and several of the best men on whom we were depending failed to arrive until late. This did not look very promising for Mr. Pickering, our new coach, but soon under his able direction prospects began to brighten. For the first few days the practice consisted mainly in running signals and catching punts. The first game of the season was to have been played with Clarkson Tech, but just ten days before the game was to be MaHa8Cf5im0HClS played, they cancelled their whole schedule. After much ' hard work on the part of the manager, a game was arranged with the Fort McKinley team of lVlaine. This game Vermont easily won by a score of I3 to 0. A X The next game was played at Burlington on Saturday, October 5th, with Rensselaer, of Troy, New York. This time we were again successful, scoring one touchdown on the visiting team. , On Qctober lZth we came up against probably the strongest team Dartmouth has ever had. Gur boys went on the field determined to fight. For the first quarter they did light and it looked as if we would score, but when the second half began Dartmouth had replaced her tired men with fresh ones equally as good and they Vermont team was carried down the field time after time. On the following Saturday we defeated Massachusetts Agri- cultural College at Burlington, by the score of 9 to 7. This was a well played game on both sides and Vermont was lucky to get a touchback in the third quarter. 7 Cctober 25th Springfield Training School came to Burling- ton and here was another pretty game to watch. This time the Wha1en'Cap,ain,Elect third quarter was lucky for the visiting team. On a fluke play one of their team got away for a long run resulting in a touchdown. 214 TI-IE ARIEL, I9l4 On the following Saturday our team played a game of which old Vermont can ever be proud. This was with the fast Brown eleven- The men Who on the previous Satur- day had made such gains against Harvard were repeatedly YIUOWI1 back by our line, and only for their being able to put in a fresh nian at the hnal moment, Vermont would have played Brown a 7 to 6 game. As it was we Were defeated I2 t0 7. Cn the next two dates with l-loly Cross and Bowdoin we were defeated both times, although during the latter game, that with BOWClOiI1, We Were heavily handicapped by having to play in deep mud. The inability of the team has not lain in any one fault. The lack of backfield material this year as well as in previous years has been disappointing. This year, great credit can be given Putnam and Gallagher, who did fine work as backs, considering that it is their first year. Frank and Zwick also made several long gains in their positions. Sefton as usual was the mainstay of the team. l-lis work was the feature of every game and he would undoubtedly be a candidate for the All America Team on a larger eleven. Prince Smith was always to be depended upon when it was necessary to boot the ball and made many gains at halfback. Whalen, Captain-elect, played his usual aggressive game this season and showed much speed considering his weight. Claffey, who has held his position at end for two years, made some great tackles and much of the success of the team was due to his speed in tackling. Flynn and Farr, although new to the game, played like veterans and will be a large help to the team next year. The loss of Captain Buck- miller and Jerry O'Brien left the team in a rather crippled condition. Ned Currier was shifted to O'Brien's place and considering the fact that the position of quarterback was new to him his work was exceptionally good. Salmond, Davidson, l-layes and Berry did excellent work in the line, and another season these men with the others that will be left ought to be able to pick some good holes for the backfleld. Looking forward to the season of l9l3, Captain Whalen should have a team which will be a credit to the in- stltution. S S gf? X. .if f' C -.-........ SOPI-IOMORE FGOTBALL TEAM Hrrzhman-Snphnmure Zliunthexll Chime 1H1fE Desmond, Powers . Armstrong fCapt.D, Boyce Right Tackle. Abel -. . . Weeks . . . Mack . . . Baldwin, Wilcox . Leutz, Palmer, ll-Iayden, Conroy, Foster ., Bloomerf Lavery . johnson, Becker . Welden, Bailey . Left Ena' . . Right Guard . . . Cenier . . Left Guard . . Left Tackle Desmond Right End . . Quarter Back . . Right Half 1515 Tomassi, Handy . A. B. Taylor Johnson, Chapin Merriam, Sanford , Brown, Albro . . Grandy M. Taylor, Griffin Mayforth, Maiden Ballard, Gilbert . Left Half . . Maiden, Gilbert, Babbitt . . Full Back . . Glidden, Ballard, Babbitt Score: l9l6, 03 l9l5, 22. Officials: Referee, St. Johng Umpire, Gibsong Linesmen, Bartlett and Clark: Timer, Thomas. MEDICAL COLLEGE V- f-, ,1 A - f.,- ,' 4 1 . . ' ., . ',1 X :.-',r1f'- " : X -HV. ev., p11a'a-,Q-H",-' " ' 1 + 2 ' : ff' .1 V- 120+-',.i,g . 5534.121 :7,:3:i:f5l ayzfti- 59. l , 4 Vt?-'Q -. - EWG-'tfjf ' ,is I gf , 1-iw If 1 ,gg,1:,,4 ,Q .bf 13v,.Q,'. g2, fl. 'NA ',i":'-Sf! i',Gf"7'!Qwa" - 1-9 '1 SH '. -5 Q V -V ' 9.5 'l"'f65?'i9A 2 ,' fa1""f?3:.' ""?i"f' ., " EF-l'i..S:fT?1v 7 its P' ' 3"" f H 55 3- sig" 9.5.1124 JG-Qhfysf. lain:-'+g5.f 5 2 gas'-:gi pai!! gizifflw QQ., X- A " , f 1 . , H ., j.:'5,,'4. .-V3 I, yt ,Q I '-twig., - zhwk-,,:,v3 Z - .L - ,- if ,Vg , 3 1,-1 I- .gig 4 A fl: .133-lfiv' fi, V . .fx . .n -,ma .. ,. 3- 4 .1 ..9V6,v,iv .WV W ky. V , 9gf, X X4.Qgf?Z!,,,- .532 V .4 A ' ffme.-.QV x af v.- :A -.5 W if' .v-T-Jax .fb-QV 'Y' , 3 '1?"VV.At 'm.. 11' 1 . 4- , f Nm. . ..-r'f'- 5- "mi 313 4-'::11'.'-. 'fifty -'V ,x ,, ., I. V.. , C.. , 1148, . g. .fb . . , . 1- XM. Q, , I, ..,, ,,,4s,. ,, ., 1 , 1, -'li :' .JJHQ-1'5 .,-- 'L .'E4nN-1. - , - '3""5x' 'QQYQJNV-'R ' af, "f., r.-,Mfg - U5 . x "1 riff' 17:1 3 V nf "dz U ' 'U .G V. :V 2' --4-.iw .1 ' :f.A,:-4 4.2. -"p.f"1s?lf.f,a:V ., vw --', f.. .. -ff, . -uf -V nw , - -4. -,f-L,,M-nw 0 ,xp ff., g . ff xi .R ' . fag 3 if, 2"'1Va?v.P' ,- -' 'ff 742. iff-A5131 Q, : 1 M., 1 ff'fx 1 V J' . V ,,. s , , ', . f . . V.. x .L , .V . .Vg . ...My V 'Wray gp, .Y ...M N, ...Z .,. V. , --4, x,..,,.,.,V.4,., , ., ,,,Lff g fi, .Q 'gp is ,Az .V ' , 3. --fm wwf. ,f3,93,.-4: . . , ' -21 V f " .5 ,f:V,:.:Vg5"'i- V L ,aj,'.,.5t3' .- 4f,'-- :V N'-I-WVR , 1 A-12 -EL-5"2: V -W ,gg A 4. Kg I. .la sik . if A 7 5,g. V,.v, ,gf r - 255321, ' ,. V, 24, - 'Q ' -H ,--4 ..., ,-,nf 'Ja-E --f X ' 'fy --5+ 41.4 if . .ir 3-V. rflff'-V.1:5:QI ' V ' WW vw:-, X -1 ' " , 'G , ' VV ek, .-W1 if 1-4 V gpjz f- . 3 A 4 ' 3. e n y .mzfyf ,nz li V is. ,1 .fx ,- I 1:-,. '- ff WV' we 3-I-V -f 4525 2 bf' E5 f 2 ' " ": fzigfigf' f farm If vi 514 ,, 'qv' - 'C f'4fg?f" ,H V- ,.-: ' cf ,f4?2fg,- 5 :.,,,p....,...1- .ix wg X' : 5, -1 V- 4 4, 011- fs' 1' iv ' r.- . if 4' . F-?5fY' :f4I'V'f 'G - - ,' ' ,. C fn ' ' ' , .. . if ?' "5 - .,. -- " -Q' -ii X' iii -5 F E V '- 1 ' 'Q' ' '55 -ii-.-.1 ix 5 if V- ,V J- ,. V , -- - .4 -- q- .fuff-'sY . V'f -3, .M me -:LH - ' 2?4Y7fw- - 'Mzbfs.1, ,,w.,,W,,-gf, 1,....w-V-ff., -'-""" 'i1MW4 - :, 1 2 mu 3Wyf?f5+Wg V. Wm, .4V-fww.: ,f,wV. f-4-fy 1 ., :- ,. g.-wx, z.. ,- .. '-' -'X'W-- -.-Mg' . . , , 5 Q fQ2'4f '47:" "7 'J "7 , !f '7' ' 'E 21 ,52 VHQXQQTV -.:'-H-:.x:.," V '.:2"'-: 2'-I4 V' 2 rf' , 2 - '11i'f1EXb48'iI2', 5 9 Ak-af' I . H451 , V' .V 1, , MC ,f W-'f ' if , ' N 3-5 s- 53311: . 5 ' V VM - ,-2 1 V s. ' ,gggw-W: 4 gf ' " ff , V . . I I.. W Vi? V, .-112,-,re3gLs,1:..z1+Q.L:Qfmgzvfqzggj,ff Q .Lls ,- 21' ,L ,v- --'- , . , . 1- ,-21 4:',1"?"-1'-1Qf72'F'9l--ff' ' " "'- - ' "'- V - 'W fx.:-9-g n... ,,.n - 2' ' . +, vez,-xwqzff , "NEMA -N -. V aw W-' -,Mgxy-.rf -if - ' . 1-V "5?'?1xv7'-W'15 Q5f' ' "" ..-1.-2FG..i z:'???s2iE2:Gf:?.:+ ff' :QV-3 sp -,.z, ..w,5.,.f.2,,:', ,,,.4,,gw,3,,.q:5 ig-1.1.,,4-,.M,a,f,1,pg'vw' 2 'A 1. 1,,V,.fa my, .,V- -f ..,...4VQg-,-.VM-,.-..V M, .. . . ., . W, MORRILL HALL px X 1+ . 01,3 4 f X D if ff? X YN XX W 'A Y" ' A f H A XW ,5Vff Q HC 7 1 J f JUL ' "' c , VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM 1912 1 ' f VOLUME XXVII 219 Haraitg Eaanhall Gram Svewann nf 1912 Paul Clarke Cummings .... . . Manager George Anclrew Treclick . Assistant .Manager Frank Zwick . . Assistant Manager John Francis McDonald . . . Captain William F. l-lazelton . . . Coach Gram J. M. Malcolm, '14, Pitcher E. Flaherty, '13, Left Field R. C. Winkler, '14, Pitcher F. McDonald, ,12, Center Field J. D. Halstein, '14, lst Base L. M. Dowel, '15, Shortstop l-l. A. Mayforth, '15, Catcher l-l. l... Fraser, '15, Zncl Base S. F. Berry, '14, Right Fielcl W. T. Maiden, '15, Substitute W. P. Smith, '13, Substitute C. I-I. Swett, '15, Substitute H. I. Williams, '12, 3rd Base 1 OUR BATTERY 220 TI-IE ARIEL, 1914 Uhr Baseball Svvaann nf 1912 McDonald, Captain l9l2 in no small degree to the success of the prised a combination that was hard to Too much credit cannot be given of the whole schedule, which was one As was predicted the baseball team of l9l2 was one of the best that ever represented the Green and Gold. With the addition of Dowd, Fraser and Mayforth, the team was the same as that of l9l l. Everyone was confident in their ability to play out the long schedule successfully and this confidence was not mis- placed as the results will show. The southern trip was one of the longest ever taken and the showing was wonderful when one takes into consideration the fact that it was the first opportunity the team had to play out of doors. The first two games went eleven innings and in the second, against North Carolina A. and M., Malcolm registered a no-hit game. Probably the most thrilling contest of the season -Was that with Cornell from which Ver- mont emerged a victor in eleven innings. The Harvard and Williams games were also of the spectacular order. Malcolm and Winkler were without equals in the college world and Mayforth behind the bat made good with a vengeance. The infield was air-tight, their superb fielding contributing team. This with the hard-hitting outfield com- b 1 eat. manager Cummings for his business-like execution of the best that Vermont ever had. VOLUME XXVII 221 March March April April April April April April April April April April April May May May May May May May May May May A May May June June June June June Zfieuavtmll Svrhrhulv Trinity at Durham, N. C. I 2 Agricultural and Mechanical college at Raleigh, N. C. 0 0 Washington and Lee at Lexington, Va. 6 I Washington and Lee at Lexington, Va. Rain Georgetown at Washington, D. C. I 4 Mt. St. Maryls College at Emmittsburg, Md. No game Catholic University at Washington, D. C. 8 3 Yale at New Haven I 2 Holy Cross at Vvorcester 7 3 New Hampshire State at Burlington I8 2 Bowdoin at Burlington 3 I Cushing Academy at Ashhurnham, Mass. Rain Harvard at Cambridge, Mass. O .O CI I inningsj Brown at Providence 2 5 Syracuse at Burlington I 0 Lafayette at Burlington 5 4 University of Maryland at Burlington IO ' 0 Norwich at Burlington 9 3 Pennsylvania State at Burlington Rain Cornell at Burlington 2 4 I Dartmouth at Burlington Rain Notre Dame at Burlington I 4 Dartmouth at Hanover 6 2 Colgate at Burlington 5 4 Tiifts at Burlington 0 4 Massachusetts Agricultural College at Burlington 2 I Amherst at Amherst 7 4 Dartmouth at Burlington 8 4 Vlfilliams at Xxfilliamstown 2 O Alumni at Burlington Not played TI-IE ARIEL, 9 llntvrrlmm Zianrhull Sophomore 7, Freshman 85 Sophomore 6, Freshmen 9. Snphumurru Carrigan, lst base Elrick, Zncl base Thomas, 3rcl base F lynn, shortstop Fitzpatrick, center lielcl Boardman, left helcl Douglas, right l'lClCl Pike fCapt.D, catcher Dyke, Hurley, pitchers Eine-up Freshman R. Brennan, lst base Currier, Zncl base Smith fCapt.J, 3rcl base Ballard, shortstop Tennien, Gliclclen, center fielclers Dow, Johnson, right lielcl Willis, right lielcl Ferrin, catcher Gilbert, Cay, pitchers 5 VX f FX X1 K 1'-" X xxvx . A fig 'f'x'f+- 'f j -, ff- ifxk j,t,jf,' 1' f f -X iff X 1 X X 3- X ff "f I I 1-X 7 ff' 4' M X 4 A if fffffffmsxbxxx 1 A ' . ' 1 N. Xxx xX XX X L ' , j. X X Q E X X3 -' 'wg'-31" fx x X 1 miiff' f f X ix X X t A S K 1 X X5 xxx? , , I X 2 X KX X ' Jl?A-tv - 1 ' E X ,, '-R xu - , - ,., f a- 5 Q -Q ' X fri 1 , v x X JT- 1 ' ' X ' ' X - A X X , f- f ' X Q X V ? f .TX x of I ' 2 l A 5 I N ' if X 'N .I X X ' , f I A-E 92 X - r X ? Y fin AA X Lf' X44 1 .HABENWN-,113 VARSITY TRACK TEAM VOLUME XXVII 225 L. Gutterson W. Aldrich . A, Phelps . M. Nelson . W. Blackburn Gutterson, '12 Leighton, '12 Baker, '12 Abbott, '13 Haraitg Zifrark Gram gmzannn nf 1912 Grant Knight, '13 Owens, '131 Aiken, '13 Jones, '13 Squires, '13 Captain . Captain Cross-Country Team Manager Assistant Manager Sehoff, '14 Hayden, '15 Mayforth, '15 Fi-iebus, '15 Trainer 226 THE ARIEL, 1914 Uhr Flrark Swann nf 1912 915512535 HE season of l9l2-l 3 in general is the -bestlin the history of Vermont's track. We have won our share of victories, and have received no KF M severe defeats. live have lost some good men by graduation, but the new classes are taking a special interest in track and contributing some N, excellent men. Under the direction of our new trainer, we are looking forward to a very successful future. At the annual "Penn, Gamegf' Gutterson captured first in the low hurdles, thus gaining for Vermont sixth Place in the meet, which is very near the intercollegiate record. And in the New England Intercollegiate Meet, Gutterson broke the N. E. Intercollegi- .. , ate broad jump record and placed it at Z3 feet 5 2-5 inches. Besides this he took second place in the low hurdles, thus gaining for Vermont sixth place in the meet. The first dual meet was with Colgate at Centennial Field, which resulted in our defeat 70 l-3 to 46 Z-3g the unfavorable score being partly due to the fact that some of our best men were disabled. But in June we easily won from M. A. C. at Centennial Field by a Score of Sl-36. In the relay race at the Boston Athletic Meet in February, we lost to Tufts in a very closely contested race. The cross-country team broke even, in two races this season. In the first we were defeated at Amherst by M. A. C. In the second we won from Bowdoin at Burlington. Hayden took first place in both these races. The class meets have done a good deal to get men interested in track work, and make 'ff' them realize their capability as track men. We I Owensgaptain 1913 VOLUME. XXVII 227 have faith that under the able management of Dr. Stone, Vermont will continue to have a track team that is as creditable, and even far better than our teams in the past. We cannot help mentioning the marvelous work which Gutterson did for us at the Olympic Games. For four years he has brought great honor to Vermont and then fin- ished by bringing us laurels from abroad. An account of his feats will appear else- where. F E POLLY OVER 228 THE ARIEL, I9I4 Alhrrt illnuving Mutterann Winner nf Oblgmpir Ernah Ilump A. l... Gutterson was born in Andover, Vermont. His early life was much the same as that of any other young Vermont boy. He was brought up on a farm and attended district school until 1903, when his parents moved to Springfield, Vt. In the Fall of that year he entered the Springfield High School from which he was graduated four years later. The High School was very much interested in track work and every year they sent a team to Claremont, N. H., to compete in the Green Mountain lnterscholastic Athletic Association Meet. The boys used to do most of their training on the school grounds. Gutterson, owing to his modesty and bashfulness, did not go out for the team until about two weeks before the meet, but Hnally when there was no one around except two of his friends he tried the high jump. He was so successful that the cap- tain was told about him and from that time he became a member of the team. ln his first meet he tied for third with a jump of 4 feet l l inches. They tossed for the medal and Gutterson lost. His Sophomore year he improved and won second place in the high jump, 5 feet l inch. His Junior year he took first place with a jump of 5 feet 2 inches, and also first in the discus, throwing it 84 feet. His Senior year he starred, figuring in many events. He won first in the high jump, making a new record of 5 feet 8 I-4 inches, which still standsg second in the discus throw, IO4 feet: second in the broad jump, 20 feet l-2 inchg third in the 220-yard dash. Besides participating in track work he was active in other branches of athletics. He played two years on the basketball team and played first base, pitcher and catcher on the baseball team. In high school he was very popularg his last three years he was president of his class: his last two years he was captain of track, and his last year he was captain of his basketball team. H After being graduated from High School he worked a year and entered the Uni- versity of Vermont in the Fall of l908. Here he had no difficulty in making good his VOLUME XXVII 229 freshman year. He was substitute on the relay team. The following Spring in a meet with St. Lawrencee University he won both hurdle races and the broad jump, 22 feet 2 inches. He was second in the high jump and 220-yard dash. In this meet he sprained his ankle and was unable to enter the New England Intercollegiate Meet. His Sophomore year he made the relay team. In a meet with the University of Maine he captured five first places and a third. At the New England Intercollegiate Meet he surprised his friends by jumping 23 feet 5-8 inches, winning first place. In the same meet he was third in the low hurdles. ThiS Same year, at the meet given by the New England Amateur Athletic Union, he won the low hurdles, defeating George Chisholms of Yale, who was Yale's crack hurdler. y His Junior year he was elected Captain of the team. He won six firsts and a second in a meet with Maineg four firsts in a meet with 'Colgateg two lirsts and a third at the N. E. I. A. A. Meet. In this meet he made a new record of 24 3-5 seconds in the low hurdles and took' first in the broad jump, 23 feet l 3-8 inches. At the N. E. A. A. Meet held at Boston, he won two lirsts, making a new record in the broad jump 23 feet 5 l-2 inches. At the National Championship Meet of the A. A. U., held at Pittsburg, Pa., he was defeated in the low hurdles by Jack Eller of New York. This race was run on a curve and Eller equaled the world's record for hurdles on a curve. He beat Guttterson by half a yard. z His Senior year Gutterson was re-elected Captain. A great part of his last year he was disabled and so did not take a very active part in Vermont's two dual track meetsg in a meet with Colgate he took first in the broad jump, 22 feet 6 3-5 inches, first in the 220-yard dash in 22 l-5 seconds, and third in the IOU-yard dash: in a meet with M. A. C. he took first in the discus throw, l06.3 feet, and third in the shotput. At the New England Intercollegiate Meet at Springfield, Mass., he won the broad jump and made a new record of 23 feet 5 3-4 inches. At an intercollegiate meet at Philadelphia, Gutter- son took first place in the broad jump, Z4 feet 3-8 inch. His nearest opponent was 2 feet 3 inches behind him. This remarkable feat was accomplished in a downpour of rain and on a drenched track. How far he would have gone on a fair day may perhaps be esti- mated when it is known that Wasson, winner of second place, is a 23-foot man and was able to make but,2l feet 9 inches. The newspapers characterized Gutterson's work as by far the best exhibition of jumping ever seen in this country. He made six jumps and each one exceeded 23 feet 5 inches. In the Olympic games at Stockholm, Sweden, Gutterson won the broad jump with a new Clympic record of 24 feet l I I-2 inches, one-quarter of an inch below the World's record. He was the only American to score in this event. At present Gutterson holds a number of records, the greatest of which are: New England I. A. A. Broad Jump, 23 feet 7 I-Z inches New England I. A. A. Low Hurdles, 24 3-5 seconds New England A. A. U. Broad Jump, Z3 feet 5 3-4 inches Olympic Broad Jump, 24 feet II l-2 inches. He holds eighty-one medals and more than three-quarters of them are for first place. TI-IE ARIEL, 19 Qlrnmrflnunirg Aldrich, '13 Hayden, '15 Tennien, 'I5 Jones, '13 Minkler, '15 liniumriig nf Hvrmunt ua. HH. A. Ol. Amherst, October 26, 1912 Defeated Z6-19. Time Z8 minutes, IO seconds. Hnineraiig nf Herntunt ua. Enmhnin Burlington, November 9, 1912 Won 24-21. Time 30 minutes, 40 seconds. ' CROSS COUNTRY TEAM VOLUME XXVII uni- nlgair 4 ual Pvt Centennial Field, May 25, l9lZ PI' 1' EVENT FIRST SECOND THIRD RECORD l00-Yard Dash 4 Mayforth, Vermont Robinson, Colgate Ctutterson, Vermont I0 3-5 sec. Mile Run l Gould, Colgate Hayden, Vermont Rowe, Colgate 4 min. 45 sec. High Hurdles A Richard, Colgate Cassidy, Colgate St, John, Vermont l6 3-5 sec. Low Hurdles Cassidy, Colgate Knight, Ve mont Owens, Vermont 25 3-5 sec. 440-Yard Dash Van Nostrand, Colgate Owens, Vermont Abbott, Vermont 55 l-5 sec. 880-Yard Run Baker, Colgate '5Van Nostrand, Colgate 2 min. lo sec. , 'fGoulcl, Colgate Two-Mile Run Carney, Colgate Jones, Vermont Hayden, Vermont lo min. l5 sec. 220-Yard Dash Ciutterson, Vermont McDonald, Colgate Huntington, Colgate 22 3-5 sec. High Jump Terwilllger, Colgate 'l'lVlcDonald, Colgate ' f ""Squires, Vermont "5FrielJus, Colgate Broad Jump Ctutterson, Vermont McLaughlin, Colgate Cassidy, Colgate 22 ft. 6 l-2 il'l- Pole Vault lMarshall, Colgate Baker, Vermont 9 ft. lo in. ljohnson, Colgate Shot Put Squire, Vermont Swartout, Colgate Thurber, Colgate 40 ft. ll in. Hammer Throw Leighton, Vermont Wilkinson, Colgate Squire, Vermont ll7 ft. 5 l-2 in. si N ont 46 Tm l-33 Ve O IN si td BP O U i 5 o t"' E x. Q: A- O H-1 'U .2 t-' t Tied for second St' THE ARIEL -I-0 Q' 'N -o G 33 Q E9 IUIIIIT- lbw 61 UN U C 5 'H E Fie nnial te CCH 6 m 9 83 , E U' mm ..s N nn- 1: , E S' av' "2 -'21-1.-3 3 SNS 'g3E5Eg2- as mv:-.A -bw m - - Wjqgjgwfgiiii '-ablaze Y!'u.:'-4-B,:lNw6l O qgmn ON O GN-- '-'W'QNllU6l'-'QNll-"X4NlONU'w-'- .5 E915 E E... -O"E EE-- E vsviieggugsw - DEQ: E",-kg-5445 1 ff" 503-S 22 H "5PE-fgblgb E 5 5' D f wen-- OA"MgUj0.0x..u:1n HSif2'S's-ses-523.3-'F 6 Ngld :7a.U-25-:lx-1-1 FX 2-,u:?omvmfnooo , U - 4 U Q L5 E -Q....- 2 --,---.. ,U-Une: 12 4!EufIIS5Euqf24fgg -- Z 224555--. .k,. - 8 s- :Q-3Q?2a2W 'D ' U . 2 55295 2,-3,55 5 0 '- 4- ln 3:EggE.5E'A5.':'.-E522 E "g0,..'L'iJqgUUOgE-E'5 5 7s+:3":fd-E32-g:m'c'U 5 U4U?4wOmZImmm 'Ta H O .. .... --1: I-' H:--oan-- -SO 5322454255555 .,. E71 E51-A-EUEPEEED? ea 31255 P 5555? "" ..:,..: D -F5 .::'..7:1z,p ,gg WDW' D "F an -3 3511: U '- 5H53wEwQoE5iE 3N3..D'T'qN'Tq'g',"'SmCg-'5:l OIO4UIUmmm JO -I 3 5. .E I:-I: z 3 QQES3 E3 u.: Q vQD:Df.Q Q. ,go 5 5 U CLS? P-'E ,' Ov 'E:DE',?.T-'ggfwmzgf-' egg mm as bg- wuIwwEw2e0-E5 ozfoogoigqgmx QEJEQPSIMLWIQ Em VOLUME XXVII -I-e he O-Q 1-0 N-9 -1-Q YSL mnnt ilntvr-nrhula Hn VXI ON I 5- G! E 2 0 Fi nial Centen 15 J 3 3 ,gi Q II? Q- .E sg 5 . N 6 .NS W 5 E 2 2 EEQEES -fwa,5.s-owe--. as-E:-gxoacxkfgr , '-I-1 CON IP W'lI'sONl-FH O v--YT'CXl1NlCNlu'NrfN-dJl1'x6l 4. .. Q dj O dv. VF g 2 so gigdggbb 5-'ii-a3,f.2S'fvfcaf9-fi -Q.Eg,:S3'5-032:22 35..,.,5'joo::i5-',.:x::: -:m:QO,.QqJ:U.:uO:I:l fm:mco.1Omm.fn2cowQQ Q . . . fdgofi v H EP, g?pPH-ogo 'via-' ' '-x-- -2- mfs.--on an aa"-1'-'s:,,unua D Eigieisggggeg 2.205-g.22:1OO:Fg: mzoifnzmmb-D-umu 5 4Fo'ooo 09.90 Oi ' , A N. L: P f:?.:.sQ5d4:.l',q: .o or.: 1:12-og 0371:-,,g's-:...:..,x.ubf.ux. 'sa55'sCg,5',3,g0,E,5'a5,E ZE..lZ-1cncr1D-'cnl-'El-'cn VJ ill 3 1 H 1 1 3 5 22 2 3 I I ao 'A Q mmm I-':o.Ej C - : : 'FTE :"EE'E'P. : - as E'-I" :cevDCvSe:smmg-05,1 E ww ??uW???-EQAmg oo:-coco 0 .5-.3033 om NQDNV-C O ---Emuomw-cnID.ICDQ A Nl 2 Z Academy g Vermont Q fx I-" uf P-. E D 'U I5 E U U G U2 x.. 0 u-1 C O U Du O 1- l-' UW fx O ur 'U 1.. IV 'U 'U O U 2 2 O I-' oi 7 CD XI :N E U 'cs ni U 4 E N .:: ,EU 3- D3 234 T I-I E ARIEL., I9l4 McFarland, Captain The remainder of reasons, which makes the record of the season unattractive, but to those interested in the success of tennis at Vermont, the results of the spring of I9I2 must appear as the beginnings of better things. The only man lost by graduation is Capt. Baxen- dale and the prospects for 1913 seem very propitious. Wm? WMS Wm? T2 Sv Y Ernnia Svetlana nf 1512 Considering the circumstances, Vermont had a rather success- ful year in tennis. Had more matches been played, the record would doubtless have been more satisfactory. The schedule was well planned, but owing to numerous cancellations, only two of the contests arranged for were played off. The first match was at Dartmouth where the result was a decided defeat. The extenuating circumstances can be urged, how- ever, that our advantage in the matter of practice and experience were far beneath those of our opponents. Many of the matches were very close and although we were defeated, we can still maintain that we were not overwhelmed. Two weeks later we played Massachusetts Agricultural College at Burlington with some what better results. The score stood at 2-l , when the rain which had been threatening all the forenoon came down in earnest and ended the contest. Baxendale and McFarland won in singles, Swift lost and Dow,s remained unplayed. the schedule was cancelled for various l dl? Owens, Manager ,-.-'A' X .. I . x4, E I ' 4 1- I .JI ,fir '21 yi i X L V: - i IL Ill ...I Yi-. S -5- III-Ill ull Ill II .... I-I um fiTf -ff. 71, gn QI ll ll '-ull! llll IIIII '57 'fb' H XII . 1 ll IIL Y-I llll lllln , , vi .. W V Nl lx l :Illia Il :::a 5:::. V 4:U::i.f was .:s. :: .i 1:5 :: - --. .1 I - .saw -in :self lst' :::i..:: sa.. .Jas nv Qf gnnillinnlll l A-,3Q2g.q lllllllllllllll 1'-Jl A -, .1,ElT-- , --E' -- H-.UT Im,- .,,,..-..f xy N ' ,'h.Y.4f B L Harnitg iifnnnia Gram Srunnn nf 1512 O. Baxendale, 'IZ . . . . . Captain B. Raymore, 'IZ . . . Manager Umm J. O. Baxenclale, 'IZ W. P. Smith, '13 H. R. Dane, 'I 3 P. T. Salisbury, 'I4 B. W. McFarland, 'I4i I... F. Dow, 'I5 C. H. Swift, '13 illlatrhez Vermont Dartmouth Baxenclale lost to Nelson . . . 6-Og 6-Z McFarland lost to Harmon . . 6-0: 6-3 Swift lost to Webber ...... 6-3g 6-4 Salisbury lost to Hugus ..... 6-35 6-4 Baxenclale ancl McFarland lost to Nelson and Harmon . 6-I 3 6-2 Swift andlSalisbury lost to Webber and Hugus . . 6-Og 6-3 Vermont M. A. C. Swift lost to Lin . . . 6-29 6-Z Baxenclale won from Brett . . 6-3: 6-3 McFarland won from Hall ..... 6-Og 6-Z Hnininheh fllltatrhea Dow vs. Archibald ., ..... I-64 6-25 I-I Dane and Swift vs. Brett and Lin . , 3-3 236 TI-IE ARIEQL., I9 Eliall Glennie Enurnamrnt I... F. Dow I Dow R. H. Ballard I6-I, 6-I H. C. Fiske Fiske W. P. Smith ISmith C. N. Hitchcock I6-I, 7-9, 8-6 I Grismer I' 6-I, 6-0 F. S. Sykes R. L. Grismer D. Roberts lRoberts V. A. Hicks IDefault R. N. Pease gpease J. R. Norton IDane H. R. Dane I6-4, 6-3 R. W. Daniels I Daniels E. S. Gilbert I6-4, 6-4 L. W. Douglas lDouble L. D. jones IDefauIt A. P. Johnson l Iohnson W. E.. Remby I6-0, 6-3 K. H. 'Owens I McFarland B. W.McFarland If 6-0, 6-3 P. Salisbury I Salisbury J. W. Baker lIBaker D. W. Howe I7-5, 6-I W. R. Scott IScott B. F. Andrews I5-7, 6-4, 6-Z R. E.. Aiken I Brundage D. C. Brunciage I6-I, 6-I H. Jordan I Daniels I... F. Daniels I6-2, 6-I I I I I Dow I6-I , 6-4 I Smith I6-0, 6-I I I Roberts I6-2, 6-I I I Dane I6-I. 6-I I I Iohnson I Default I I McFarland I6-4, 6-I I I Scott F6-I, 6-3 I I Bi-unclage I 7-5, 6-0 I I I Dow I6-3, 6-3 I I I I Dow I9-7, 6-2 I I I I I Dane I I7-5, 6-I I I I McFarland 16-0, 6-3 I l I McFarland I6-I, 6-3 I I I Brunflage I H6-4, 6-4 I I I I I I I I McFarland I6-4, 6-2, 26 I 64 I I I I I I I I VOLUME XXVII 237 Athlvtir .7-Xanuriatiun Ahninnrg Enurh Alumni Dr. Lyman Allen H. B. Shaw J. H. Maconiber . Illarultg Dr. Clarence H. Beecher Prof. William L. Fulton Prof. George P. Burns Mr. Frederick W. Stone e Svrninru . Kenneth l-lunter Owens .lere John O'Brien Zluniur qgeeifweff 238 T I-I mearrm nf th? "H" Whalen, 'I4 Sefton, ' I 3 O'Brien, ,I3 Pattee, '13 Smith, 'I 3 Flynn. 'I4 Currier, 'I5 Davidson, 'I 3 Fitzpatrick, 'I4 Dutton, 'I3 Flaherty, '13 Hunt, ,I3 Aiken, 'I3 Owens, 'I3 Knight, 'I3 Aldrich, 'I3 Jones, 'I3 W. P. Smith, 'I3 Dane, ' I 3 Illunthexll Baseball Buckmiller, ,I 3 Zwick, ,I3 Mayforth, 'I5 Salmoncl, 'I4 Farr, ,I4 Putnam, 'I6 Frank, 'I5 Clafley, 'I4 Simoncls, 'I3 fhflanager Winkler, ' I 4 Malcolm, 'I4 Berry, '14 Mayforth, 'I5 Urark Whalen, '14 Schoff, 'I4 Glennie Salmoncl, 'I4 Hayden, 'I5 Mayforth, '15 Swift, Q1 3 McFarland, '14 'E ARIEL. I9 X 'x UNIVERSITY or WRMONT MILITARY w9n Qi-wer Htl: :Nga l!! 19 M C. ..:55Qf"5' ,H f ,-t n t ill.. tll ' X g-. -rn t it-,N , will 1 :sl -, 1 . VMI K7-Ebb gi lt I 't:g53i'.jfi1ifQr!3 :IW :W - f j-iffy. Pill ,iii-' -mf 3t' . ' ' ' ll RQPF-' i wdetl, :ff I ill' , ta ll? AA-l wr' I lien Commandant: lra L. Reeves, Capt. U. S. Army. Major: Lincoln Ferris Daniels, 'l4 Inspector BAT'1AI.ION ft S 1 4 '- liwif. 11:12. 1 if lh?""'r,ffW1 - . V .EQ-J '. " 'liz' Al if .. ig Q --, - - .,f-gilyg 'ttlllll :,f'f?::e, I. t P ' 1 l i ..-: t X . f 2' ,. r rn 11' " 1, , .r'u, -- ,-1 ,,,..,l1v ,-3, ,. . r,,, f .1 F. 1 f, 1' r 't"' - .g:.: vg- Gbffirvra of Small Arms Practice and Range Officer: Capt. Samuel Vincent Phillips, 'l4 Quartermaster and Commissary: Second Lieutenant Jason Solon Hunt, 'I5 Battalion Adjutant: First Lieutenant Daniel Robinson Grandy Battalion Battalion Sergeant Major: Perry Henry Aldrich, '15 Chief Trumpeter: Charles Sabin Perrin, 'l5 Color Sergeants: Raymond Warren Powers, 'l5g Poster Clement Whitney, 'l5 COMPANY A Captain: Adrian St. john, 'l4 First Lieutenant: Merle Halsey Davis, 'l5 Second Lieutenant: Ernest Leslie Gilbert, '15 First Sergeant: Paul Walter Glynn, 'l5 Quartermaster Sergeant: Joseph Blaine Johnson, Samuel Perham Mills, 'I5 Darius Cole Brundags, 'I5 Roscoe Bertram Smith, 'l5 Harold Almon Gardyne, 'l5 Pearle Clarence Glidden 'I5 y 1 Clyde Frank Brown, 'l5 COMPANY B Captain: Fordyce 'Samson Sykes, 'l4 First Lieutenant: Harrison Hammond Lefller, 'I5 Second Lieutenant: Rodenic Marble Olzendam, 'I5 First Sergeantz- Wilbur Yaw Handy, 'I5 Ouartermaster Sergeant: Charles Ellis Morse, 'l5 Lewis Herrick Flint, 'I5 Ralph Converse Mayo, 'I5 Robert Kelley Edgerton, 'l5 David Albro William. Patrick McMahon Walto Hunt Scott, '15, vacancy '15 Se rgeants : Corporals: Sergeants: Corporals: X COMPANY C Captain: Robert Whiting Daniels, 'I5 First Lieutenant: Louis Fenner Dow, 'l5 Second Lieutenant: William Dyer Merriam, 'l5 First Sergeant: Robert Moulton Briggs, 'l5 Quartermaster Sergeant: Wm. Turnball Maiden, 'I5 Sergeants: Palmer Woodard Everts, 'I5 Roy Scott Cowan, 'l5 Corporalsiz John Beach Sanford, 'I5 Hollis Cragin Wright, 'I5 Earle Shepard Hayden, '15 Wesley Alba Sturgis, 'I5 COMPANY D Captain: Paul Hayden Cates, 'l5 First Lieutenant: Charles Carr Buchanan, 'l5 Second Lieutenant: Merrill Dustin Powers, 'l5 First Sergeant: William Edwin Remby, 'l5 Quartermaster Sergeant: Wm. Atherton Knight, 'l5 Richard Henry Ballard, 'I5 Frederick Wood Baker, 'I5 Donald George Babbitt, 'l5 Harry David Holden, '15 Henry Alban Bailey, 'l5 Harold Albert Mayforth, 'l5 Everett Biclcford Jackson, 'l5 Sergeants: Corporals: '3 , af Mi Z HMM' . yi W ua 1' I3 ,.: 1 .fl X vflttll X :lit 5. E VOLUME XXVII .X Tlhv Hniuvraitg nf Hvrmnni illhmirzxl Glluhz Harry Dane, Leader ..l , Efrunra Swett Babcock Weeks Mayforth Hicks Malcolm Remby Gilbert Petty Seaver Banana A Dane Hayden DOW Johnson French Smith Wright Roberts Jerry Fiske Whitney l ilnzirumrntul Glluh Carl Robinson, Leader Hirst lliinlina Gordon Taplin Paulson ivrnnh Hinlinu n Gurnria Grismer Gates 4 Lovejoy Gosselin ' Gllarinviz A. Ellis , E. W. Ellis Gvlln Q 1 N Stelphin r Ewan Earns i S Brum r iiiann Smith i Gay Remby Seaver r Bumble Qbnarheite r Efvnurz Swett Mayfortli Gilbert Seaver ifiaaava Dane Smith Roberts Johnson String Qbuarivite Cordon Taplin Paulson Slelpliin EKPEIDP1' Seth Johnson 244 Tl-IE ARIEL. 1914 Uhr Hllusiral 01111115 'HE Musical Clubs have enjoyed a Very successful season. Under the iw I Q, leadership of H. R. Dane, C. F. Robinson and the managership of W. R' P. Smith, the clubs certainly did themselves justice in every concert of the L. season. The home concert was, as usual, one of the social events of the year and a marked success as a musicale. Many remarked that it was the best Glee Club Concert they had ever attended. The style of pr5- gram was somewhat changed this year, being divided into two parts. The hrst part of the program consisted of the usual classical numbers, thesecond, however, was a scene in a college fraternity house, introduced to show the public something of the college life and spirit. This part was enthusiastically received on the trips. The trips have, as usual, been very successful, starting with the Christmas tour taking in Morrisville, St. Johnsbury, Barton, Newport, Richford, and St. Albans, and later into New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New York state. To show how the towns visited enjoyed the clubs, we quote the following from the St. -Iohnsbury Caledonian: 'SThe Musical Clubs of the University of Vermont made a very favorable impression, on their appearance at Academy Hall last week, Tuesday evening. The audience while not large was a representative one, and all expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the work of the clubs. The program was in two parts, the first of the regular concert type, with selections by the C-lee Club, orchestra and string quartette, readings and solos. The readings by S. P. Johnson, 'l4, were largely from Drummond and Kipling and were well done and much enjoyed. On account of the absence of Swett, a solo was sung by H. R. Dane, 'l3, in place of a duet by him and Swett. He sang Nita Gitana by Delioven splendidly, his solo being one of the best things in a good program. The second part portrayed what might happen in a college dormitory. It depicted a college man getting ready to go to a ball. His borrowing of everything from collar buttons to a full dreSS Suit Was very amusing. The informal "l-luml' introduced selections by the quartette, the music including the popular songs of the University of Vermont and other colleges HS well, the ,closing song being Hail Green and cold, by Robinson, 'I6." T Robinson Leader Instrumental Club Dane T Smith Leacler Glee Club Manager Glee Club l The Glee Club Special X -,. f . il EQ. i E : ff' EE2 QEg ESQ Q f" . ? iiffini NUM nmuggi ll EEE' ' ' ' EEE -3- fi :Il 3? M -g4 2'1 'L ,' . ::. ..: min Ili 'fl 5"l ,flap ' llln- Ir ' I LI! l,l!,.!,.! km nmrllulg 5: Q fx rl ,Q 1 lI'lII!I ' . ini!! M "Jia: .l, ' :!l'1i'i1 l EELS!!! iiiigil ry F w I :fa f r ,qi . 'LEE EL 5,51 -2 : .55 ,x.., , Va, -E: -is 5 -5' ig . -1 ' V? Ei, 1 . -age- ,Egg gg 1 :if Ziiilg ii 'E ' " f ' E E E S I . K E E5 2 s 4 ' : Z B E Q .I 5 , I 2 ---.l i 2 I 9 " 1 7 I It ' : f, I I g ,: S-1: ' Es E-g . :'4'l I E if xl -. ' Egsi "-iq rx J 7 1 - ii 1 , 22 I f V 1 f L 4 v 553 g , DRfg1gfjxT 1Qs 2 me 'fm EJUSIQIN 4 CLUB 1 J x ? R? 4? 1 ,ml VVIG AND BUSKHXI "0lirr1P 35" By H. l-loffnagle, ,l3 Colonel Green of the Secret Service . Samuel Simpson, a woulcl-be detective Mr. Douglas, owner of the Circle X Tony Lopez, who worlcs for Douglas Alice, who wants to see the West . Aunt Julia, from Boston . . Harry Sheldon, a solclier of fortune . Tougouchi, the lap at the Circle X . Dolores, a concert-hall singer . Wilson, who owns the Lazy L . Jack, foreman at the Lazy L. The Mexican, the man who tells . Glam Sgnnpaiu Act I. A room in Col. Green's house in El Paso. Act II. The Circle X. Act IH. Scene l. The Lazy l... Moonlight on the Rio Grande. Scene 2. A woocl near the Franciscan Mission. Scene 3. Interior of the olcl Mission. Act IV. Same as Act I. L.. J. Abbot, L. D. Wa1'ren, D. G. Babbitt, C. S. Perrin, R. Farnham-, W. E. Hyzer H. A. Garclyne, H. R. Murdock, K. Shelclon, M. D. Powers, D. W. Eipper, I. D. Everitt, VGLUME XXVII 249 'Ennhnn Ammrarnrvv Majestic Theatre, January 14, 1913 Gzuat Cool-A valet to Sir Harcourt . . . H. K. Thompson, 116 Martin-Butler . . . . M. Sheclcl, '15 Young Courtley-Son of Sir Harcourt . . H. A. Garclyne, '15 Dazzle-Adventurer ..... . K. H. Owens, '13 Sir Harcourt Courtley- Vain fox hunting country squire . R. M. Olzenclam, '1 5 Squire Harkaway-Country squire . . . . C. H. Hayclen, '16 James-Butler ........ Jason Hunt, '15 Pert-Grace Har1caway's maicl ..... R. H. Ballard, '15 Grace Harkaway, Heroine-Niece of Squire Harkaway . Roswell Farnham, '13 Nleclclle-Lawyer ....... M. H. Davis, 'I5 Lady Gay Spanlcer-English hunting woman . . . B. A. Thomas, '16 Mr. Spanker-Henpeckecl husband . . F. S. Sykes, '14 Solomon Isaacs-Jew ..... . 1... D. Warren, 115 q Svgnnpzia Act 1-Ante-Room at Sir Harcourt Courtley's, Belgrave Square, London. Act 2-Lawn at Squire Harlqaway's Gloucestershire. Acts 3, 4 ancl 5 are the same, the drawing room of Squire Harkaway,s residence, Calc Hall, Gloucestershire. fAct 3 has two scenesj x, , ,, f jak ,E . , , ill 1 . -Y - ,- 'X lil an 'e Aff?-:lie 'ah af' l ' l xl ? vi 'llll 'lil T ,ll ' ill, Uhr Ami Mg "ill Y l ll Published annually by the Junior Class M E112 Glgniri Published weekly by the stuclents IEP Glrahhv Published monthly by the students ARIEL BOARD VOLUME XXVII 61112 Ariel Volume XXVI1, 1912-1913 iiilitnr-in-Olhlrf Karl Albert Emerson 11111311955 itlllurmgrr Aolrian St. John Aazintunt Euainvsu manager Lincoln Ferris Daniels Amauriaie Ehiturat Harry Weston Averill John Walden Bartlett Joseph Edward Carrigan K Georgia E.lisa1Jeth,Giflorc1 Brigham Wheeler McFarland Donalcl Guy Mclvor Ruth Preston O'Sullivan .Nina Grace Sheparclson George Steele Everett Sayles Towne Fordyce Samson Sykes Atrium Helen Geneva Benton Herbert Van Wheelock , f Otto Theophilus Johnson Hhningraphrrn Jason Merrill Malcolm Jeannette Marie Sparrow CYN IC BOARD VOLUME XXVII Ellie Qlgnir Euarh Ehiiur-in-Qihief I-lovey Jordan, 1913 Auaiatani Ehiinru David Willard I-lowe, 1914 Karl Albert Emerson, 1914 Managing ifhitnra Frank Tyrel Severance, 1913 . John Randall Norton, 1913 Ralph Warner Simoncls, 1913 Euuinema illllunager Nathaniel Carl Peterson, 191 3 Psmainiahi Ihxzinrma Manager 1-larolcl Alfred Fitch, 1914 A. S. Bloomer, 'I3 C. N. Hitchcock, '13 H. R. Barremore, '13 R. V. Boyce, '13 G. G. Irwin, '13 Miss Helen Durfee, 113 Miss Cora Parkhurst, ,I3 R. M. Olzenclam, '15 W. D. Merriam, 'I5 Amanriats Ehiiurz A. E.. Moore, '14 F. S. Sykes, '14 Miss Georgia Gifforcl, '14 Miss Ruth O'Sullivan, '14 Miss Ruth Durfee, '14 Leon Dean, '15 R. K. Edgerton, 'I5 7 H. A. Mayforth, '15 M. D. Powers, '15 Miss Marie McMahon, '15 132 Glrahhr iihiinr-in-Qlhief James Herbert Hoffnagle, '13 ifiuainwaa illlanagvr Donald George Babbitt, '15 Artint Helen Geneva Benton, ,14 Awanriaie Ehitnrz e Adrian St. John, '14 Douglas James Roberts, 'I6 Roscoe Bertram Smith, '15 Carlton Beecher Stetson, Jr., 'I6 Jefferson Wheeler Baker, '16 1 - ,,.,,,, H J ,X i VV -.2 J ' It NNAL'-f - 1 ff -:tfjf Vs -,ix R 1 - K My Q "i-- -j F- f Mn- XA -'A f h M f -- N , gn J' 'wg .4 vw , ' ,iff-A f , W - ,f-: iiilnqw . i-. tv I. . M? I T:.,.Q'.Z:'f,y ,.jZ?f.g:1u', 5 f iw 1, ' ' ff' f9f5' 'F'f-sV "' ' 7'-7 'n f 2.4 ' ,,-4 fr-,nf 1... .- .: R A H - ' -5-1---75"1'? 1 . .-. if Z . . J f E We ti if arg 25 E SWE W WF, ., J s 'g 3QLiE if com: f' F E wr, ff' A , . - ,,,if ' in , :rxf J: a g, , f Le' ., 7 ,. , L , A W Q 1 Wife? Q C 'll' X" W I A- ,L ' I mi? A A6 X af? W K :,,,,, Yxxfx L I N Qs, ' C 95 Ni- f f 'X A .2.2'-'G-Nw.JNfff4-:b-Q, Wig ,a?1 z ' 4 vu JS, 1 , . 1, 6. H .:. . . , ,. , M ,1-Zi ., v ,b '51 1-X JL!! ll -1-,van at an -1 I - P' 4 If ., f 1 , I 1 "" 1..v -,P-5, -fm , -: -: wk ' ,f . 1 . , Q W - K 1 , . V ,1-- ,. 1 A , , L' 4 .-. Q Q ...-uf "' f ' :.' 4 E ' i : 4 , ,EE , :E ws' ,3 x 1 I , , ...T f : 3 45 :I 'L , ' V 2 h ff' A E f ' Sf' 1-' --' 1' 2:-4 4 .' '?1 - Ig J" , ' " :T ':'? 5 M Ei If .. Y! Y -4- ,A-,V -1 J rn.. V U ,gi ii ...Q 1 - ' ,"c:",',.f " L: N ' - 'g y 1-yr.--1 3 9 x u V , -- A 3 -Q 1 I N fx ., Q..-. .X -N x ug' 1- 4 43 in L ' -:" - ' - f - ' H' 5- - 4' ng Q-g-I f VV: I 2 W -"" '- '. 'Le' ' N: 'L' I I 1 Qafa 1 .. - fi - H - .- 2' fs' , f 35 1 ,IL V- ' ' "A ' ,lvl ... Efl ' .. l Q5 . ' Q:.E.-, 'W' '-- lg Q : . - :I .. IA 4.-ze E n ... - i E , ' -. .,- - A , E ' -- If 5- ' x -xg 5 -' ,.. ,- X, -: V CN . '- ff lg! ' ""' I fl NX 4 X E mg 'X 1 l I f'N 1' 5' 21, I .- , , 3 - ff' - f 1 1 . f f E J. " F., .. , F3 fa ' 1' 'X , 1151157 - AE,-' , ' W -I 2 ' -'mf x, ' ' 'V f , '- I -1- -X 1 Q 7 ,4 1 -" ' " .. 4 ' I Q . A 47' 8 A 'E - J lx 1 in , , 1, - " 258 TI-IE ARIEL, 1914 ilinnnhwn Eng University Chapel, May 1, 1912 Svpzakrra Robert Ellsworth Lewis, A.lVI., 1892 John Orlando Baxendale, 1912 Wesley Raymond Wells, 1913 Ilulia Enmarh Svprar Igrizv ilivahing Billings Library, May 1, 1912 Freshman Zlimhvra Edith Rebecca Gates Hazel Ruth Spinney Bernardine Kimball Mabel Nancy Watts Mary Augusta Lavelle Svuphnmnre ilivzxilvria Gladys Bedell Georgia Elizabeth Gifford Ruth Mott Durfee Ruth Preston O,Sullivan Ruth Marie Rogers Amarhz First Prize .... Edith Rebecca Gates, 1915 Second Prize . Ruth Mott Durfee, 1914 Third Prize . Ruth Marie Rogers, 1914 I' 1 CLASS ANWETQI Svnphnmurv 'iianquei Hotel Vermont, May 31, 1912 Glnmmitime Isaac Dill Everett Allen Ewert Moore James Francis Donahue Adrian St. John, Toasimasier Hrvzhmun 'iganqurt Hotel Vermont, June 1, 1912 ' Glnmmitime Donalcl G. Babbitt Roderic M. Olzendam Charles S. Ferrin r W. Dyer Merriam H. A. Garclyne, Toastmaster 260 THE ARIEL., 1914 Monday, May 20 Tuesday, May Zl Wed'nesday, May 22 Wednesday, May 22 Thursday, May 23 Friday, May 24 Saturday, May 25 Saturday, May 25 Saturday, May Z5 Zluninr muah A. S. lirngram .College Play i'Tl1e Circle X" 8:l5 P. M. Fraternity Dances Baseball, Vermont vs. Notre Dame, 4:00 P. M. Theta Nu Epsilon Dance 8:50 P. M. Junior Prom, College Gymnasium, 9:00 P. M. Junior Banquet, Hotel Vermont, 9:00 P. M. . Track Meet, Vermont vs. Colgate, 2:00 P. M: Baseball, Vermont vs. Colgate, 3:00 P. M. College Band Boat Ride, 7:00 P. M. Cllutnmittvr Bloomer, Chairman T. L. Hills E. Flaherty 2 will -1 1. H. Hoffnagle Miss Helen Daniels WPI" illtilfff ,g ki' r' .,uI.gI'l '- N ....... . ,!7l"r'r p 'Hllllbl' ur T r H ,Ar rhmilzijvm .1 l l l l VOLUME XXVII Elnniur Hrnmvnahr Gymnasium, May 23, I9I2 Qlnmmittmz Paul F. Kruse, Chairman Harry R. Dane ' William P. Smith Charles H. Church Fortis H. Abbott B. Fletchers Andrews George A. Tredick J. Francis Berry Miss Helen Perine Miss Helen Durfee Srninr Prnmvnuhr Billings Library, June 24, l9l2 Qlnrnmiiimz G. H. Brigham, Chairman O. A. Ferguson y L. C. Hunt H. R. Murdock S. A. Phelps Miss Gates Miss Baker VOLUME XXVII 263 Eh? 1IIHth Glnmmenrrmvnt nf the Hniuvrnitg uf Hiermnnt Saturday, June 22 Kingsley Prize Speaking . . . Sunday, June 23 Baccalaureate Sermon fby the President? . . Monday, June 24 Annual Meeting of Trustees .... Class Day Exercises . . . Annual Meeting of Phi Beta Kappa Senior Prom .... g . . Alumni Eng Tuesday, June 25 Associate Alumni Meeting .... Alumni Luncheon . K. Medical Alumni Banquet . President's Reception . Fraternity Reunions , Wednesday, June 26 Commencement Exercises . . Commencement Dinner Senior Boat Ride College Street Church . College Green . Medical College . College Green . . Chapel . Billings Library . Chapel . . Gymnasium . .Medical College President's House . Strong Theater Van Ness House 264 TI-IE ARIEL, 1914 ltingaleg Prize Speaking College Street Church, June 22, I9I2 lflfreahman Speakers John Patrick Brennan Roderic Marble Olzendam Leon Deane Merrill Dustin Powers Wesley Alba Sturgis Smphnmnre Speakers Karl Albert Emerson David Willard Howe First Prize Second Prize Third Prize Presiclentls Address Boulder Oration Ivy Oration . Class History . Pipe Oration . Campus Oration . Class Poem . . Address to Undergraduates Class Essay . . Class Marshal . Seth Patten Johnson Aumrhu 0112155 Bug Seth Patten Johnson, 1914 Merrill Dustin Powers, l9I5 David Willard Howe, 1914 . Roy David Sawyer William Chester Walker . Donald Ward Eipper Paul Wendell Waterman Harold Russell Murdock . Harold Earle Abbott . . Bessie Frank . Samuel Ashley Phelps . Grace Anna Gates Ray Longfellow Schoppee VOLUME XXVII 265 Glnmmvnrement Bag The Strong, Wednesday, June 26, l9l2 March, "Hail to Vermontn . . . Barton MUSIC "Echoes from the Metropolitan" . . E . . Selected PRAYER MUSIC 'KEin' Feste Burg ist unser Gott" . . . . Luther E ADDRESS , Bliss Perry, Litt. D., LED., Professor of English Literature, Harvard University MUSIC l Selections from "The Fortune Teller" . ' . . . Herbert CONFERRING OF DEGREES MUSIC "Champlain" ..... . Fisher CAudience and Qrchestral B ENEDICTION 266 TI-IE ARIEL, 1914 Ennnr Elini General Qigh Stunning Clarence Harrison Aclams Bessie Frank Theta Helen Baker Anclrew Hall Holt Eleazer Johnson Dole Harootun Hovlnannes Khacliacloorian Qscar Krupp Ehmurh Knight Hhelpz ljrizv in Gliuil Enginvering Harootun Hovhannes Kluachacloorian Qnnnr 11111211 Ciiillrhirinvl Truman James Allen Werner l-liltpolcl George Austin Ferguson Foster Charles Small Enrico Celeste Sololini illllehirzxl Zllarultg Prizes fur imprint Hllrrii in illliiahirinr First Prize-Truman James Allen , Second Prize-George Austin Ferguson muuhhurg Prize fur Grenieai Iirnnriienrg in Ollinirul Mark First Prize-George Austin Ferguson fl:outlx Yearj Second Prize-Everett Sayles Towne fSeconcl Year, VOLUME XXVII 267 Entrants Examination ljrizrz, 1912 Creek:--Raymond Grismer, Burlington, Vermont Prepared at the Edmunds High School, Burlington Latin:--Laura Burtt Porter, Burlington, Vermont Prepared at the Edmunds High School, Burlington Honorable Mention:-Virge Franklin Babcock Prepared at the Troy Conference Academy, Poultney Mathematics:-Harold Dudley Ashton, Springfield, Massachusetts , Prepared at the Technical High School, Springfield, Mass. Neal Richardson Fosgate, Littleton, New Hampshire Prepared at the Littleton High School, New Hampshire Honorable Mention: Merle Elizabeth Byington, Charlotte, Vermont Prepared at Shelburne High School, and Troy Conference Academy l r i Poultney r I -f f X f r. f Q Q J Qi- ?2,,:,Qw. - Gly fikjflfw ,V I - r.. V, ftfw ,ri-Q.. i m, 'X - . ' ' ,I ' -I Wk V! .juli .,.,3"5Z':5g!f Qvprff Hz fqij l ' VCLUME XXVII 271 Uhr Mehr walk University Gymnasium, February Zl, l9l3 3lilI'Ug1'EIl1I coNc ERT GRAND PARADE FRATERNITY HSTUNTSH l Modern Surgery ...... Presented by Delta Mu 2 Dark Town is out To-night . . Presented by Alpha Kappa Kappa 3a Take Back that Bag . . . Presented by Lambda Iota 4 The Perpetual ln-action . , Presented by Alpha Tau Omega 5 The Dream Lady . .. Presented by Phi Delta Theta 6 His Vision .... Q Presented by Alpha Zeta 7 Profp Bazulca's Scientific Incubator . . Presented by Delta Psi 8 A Day with the Bite O,Grass Film Co. Presented by Sigma! Phi "A-Walking anh A-Eialtzing fn' he itialuf' Couple l Sefton and Q'Brien Couple 3 Smith and Qlzendam Couple 2 Flaherty and Berry Couple 4 l-lurley and l-layden Amnrhu Briggs Cup and Large Qake to Number T, with Honorable Mention to Number 5 Small Cup for Walking, to Couple Number 3 Cup for best Costume in the Parade to Farnham, 'l3 272 T I-I E A R I E L , I 9 Zluhgvn Capt. I. L. Reeves Prof. F. W. Stone Dr. N. Jenne W. L. Gardener R. W. Collins Glummiitez Jordan, '13 Flske, 'I3 Reed, '13 Herman, Medic, ,I3 Pattee, Medic, 'I3 Nelson, 'I3, Chairman BartIett, ,I4 Boardman, 'I4 Elriek, '14 Lovell, 'I4 Berry, Medic, 'I4 . qasq' 43 159316 W lmllx ff? ex ' QM II I I3 -A 1 M 5 - N , It Xxx I' , FEP Grandy, 'I5 McCormick, Medic, Gay, 'I 5 Sturgis, ' I 5 Baldwin, I I 6 ,I HE l9l4 ARIEL Board take this oppor- tunity to acknowledge their indebted- KF ? ness to Prof. E. Goodrich for the g s-'L 7 Necrology and Phi Beta Kappa listsg to Prof. Frederick Tupper, lr., for his contribution on the late Prof. Stetsong and to all others who have in any way contributed to this volume. For Financial reasons it was deemed advisable to omit the miscellaneous or humorous section which has characterized the previous numbers of the ARIEL in more or less degree. BELATED 4- x' w A ...A . H -'y J-'if A Lia 3 AY I 'H 2 . f 1 f f ' , xg 4..,. 'f 1. 1 wwo .s 'L . MUMXSV5 ,". It 63? if Uf'f4flQi,x VX AU, 1 H.-1 N. . K V A ' 1 .m 1uxXgU J , -- X 'H 1 I: - .... ' N , ., . "- : 5 f ' -4 -, Uj-rf :it ' iq ,, "f::':3L' . 15 XX fxl -s 4 in l Z1 i . T ' X unnmuf N I X, x t 4 bhgjl' 3, 1 Z nm- R fb i QQ, !ry,,,N X V, H an A 7ffQ4miYxi s X J Lob l x ,s X 0' Q 0 x A ,H :lk willful Q E? C xl Q '55, ' , PAN mx 'Y 5 pl, I gxfi-5 XX 1 ,In ,'I1f:Nkly",x'!"k1F9fI ::qJ15npp,y N E u7,f1'H N Wxkwunu hmwwbvw tx - 1 .1 t 1 at TWIY' W""X"'4'! f WWI ff' , fn W M LW I' Q V M A W? 'L' 5 N - U Q -JLMWP ,ff :L .210 S A -" E 'jg' lv . A Ebe Ttfartness ' lat f5urret'1llatl7e IS NOW BUILT IN TWO SIZES 3x36 with 14-in. swing, and 2yzX24 with 12-in. swing OUTFIT OF TOOLS FURNISHED FOR BOTH BAR AND CHUCKING VVORK 2 Single Speed Drive - All Changes in Speed and Feed Instantly Obtainable-Cross-Feeding Head- Stops for Both Turret and Head Operate in Either Direction-Turners with Double-Size Turning Ad- justments, and Roller Back Rests. filones Gfiamson machine Company Main Office and Works Springfielb, Vermont, IC. 5.1. British Oflice: jubilee Building, 97 Queen Victoria Street, London, E. C. I I 1' France and Spain: Eh. Bonvillian, 6, Rue Blanche, 6, Paris, France. I ,K Germany, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, and Austria-Hungary, M. Koycmann, Charlottenstrasse 112, Dusseldorf, Germany. it ,k 'F Italy, W. Vogel, Milan. it ,,, I WESTERN UNION and LIEBERHS' CODES USED . . . . . . . ii IMP A55UmP That when visiting Boston you are interested in knowing just where to locate, in the right kind of a hotel, at prices entirely satisfactory to you, for the accom- modations you desire. Diagonally across from the State House on Beacon Hill is such a hotel, "The Commonwealth," of strictly modern fire-proof construction, ten stories high, ZIZ rooms, from and above the sixth floor of which an unobstructed view may be had for ten miles toward every point of the compass. The elevation on Beacon Hill fthe highest point in or around Boston? affords a delightfully cool breeze of fresh uncontaminated air during the hottest and most sultry months of summer. The location is within three minutes, walk of Boston Common, State House, Court House, Scollay Square, Tremont Street, and Elevated and Subway trains, six minutes to theatres, and the prin- cipal shopping districts. Five and ten minutes to North and South Stations. The location is as quiet both day and night as a suburban residential district, thus assuring quiet and undisturbed rest to all. NOTE-The ladies and children of your household are as safe at the "Commonwealth,,' either with or without an escort, as they are in their own homes. The sanitary condition of the rooms and entire house is not excelled by any hotel wheresoever situated, while the Cafe and Restaurant please all who patronize them. Public tub -and shower baths on every Hoor, always kept in a condition of cleanliness both day and night, at once inviting to the most fastidious guest, while private baths are attached to 90 single rooms and en suite. Every room in the house is heated by steam, under immediate control of the occupant, lighted by electricity and equipped by long distance telephone. Hot and cold water day and night in every room the house contains. Kindly ask those who patronize us, or come and get a personal experience and see if you are not glad to adopt Wlqhe Commonwealthi' as your Boston headquarters, and tell us if we overstate the situation when we say, over our signature, HThere is no cleaner, healthier, quieter or more cheerfulhotel in the city of Boston, for the prices given, than the 'Commonwealth Hotel., " PRICES:-Rooms with hot and cold water, which includes free use of public shower baths, ffSl.00 and 31.50 per day. Rooms with private bath, fBl.50 per day and upg suites of two rooms and bath, 34.00 per day and up. Respectfully, Qlnmmnnuwalih ignhel, Jim. STORER F. CRAFTS, General Manager iii Good Positions for Seniors Who Plan to Teach Next Year Frank E. wager FoR TWENTY-Two YEARS 18 Church St' WE HAVE BEEN P1-IQTOGRAPHS PLACING TEACHERS. WE KNOW HOW! Kodak Finishing Albany Teachers' Agency Special Rates to Students HARLAN P. FRENCH, Proprietor VINCENT B. FISK, Manager ow Mark Does If Cori For a young man to take a course of study at the University of Vermont suffi- ciently complete to get a degree? A good bit of money, no doubt. lt costs con- siderable also to prepare for college, and something to bring the boy up to the preparatory stage. So a young man who has a college education has considerable money invested. lt is his own in a deeper sense than real estate or bonds would be-he can't sign it away, and it can't be burned. There is one way, however, in which it can be lost. Death or permanent disability may destroy all that is invested in a college bred man-or any other man. l The New York Life Insurance Company insures against this loss by death or total disability. The Company has recently issued a small book entitled L'Studies in Practical Life Insurance," which explains its policies and meth- ods. Ten or a dozen colleges and Universities have adopted it as a text book for beginners in the study of Insurance. Acopy of the book, or other information respecting the Company, will be sent on request. New are Lzfe Imumme Company Dazrfwzrz P. Kzrzgflfy, Pres. 346-3463 Broadway, New York lv' Copley Square Hotel HUNTINGTON AVENUE, EXETER AND BLAGDEN STREETS BOSTON, - MASS. Headquarters for College and School Teams When in Boston AMOS H. WHIPPLE, General Manager COTRELL Si LEONARD ALBANY, NEW YORK .,.Makers of... ' Caps and GOWIIS Q to the American Universiti ' from the Atlantic to the Pacifi I , CLASS CONTRACTSA ' A - SPECIALTY I I 1 E? . Sn... S? . 1 I ANDREW CHARLAND'S Hair Dressing and Shaving Parlors The Largest and Best Equipped Tonso I Establishment in Vermont Especial Attention Paid to College Students ANDREW C. CHARLAND, Proprietor Up One Flight 86 Church Street Hobart .I. Shanley X: Co. FINE COLLEGE AND SCHOOL INVITATIONS Our work in College and School Cards is ofathe Hnest quality. Our prices are low. VVrite for samples if not convenient to call. HOBART J. SHANLEY Si CO. BURLINGTON, VT. Howard National Bank CAPITAL S300,000 SURPLUS S200,000 H. T. RUTTER, Cashier Corner Church and College Streets MMMQ QM ESTABLISHED I8I8 Cfgia aiieiaeb BROADWAY cor. 22 P4 ST., NEW YORK' C LOT H I N G READY-MADE and TO ORDER Liveries, Riding Equipment, Motor Garments, Outfittings for Travel at Home or Abroad, English Haber- dashery, Hats, Shoes, Trunks, Bags, Rugs, Etc. SEND FOR ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE Cbittenben County Ernst Company A 1141 CHURCH STREET BURLINGTON, VERMONT COMMERCIAL DEPOSITS :: SAVINGS DEPOSITS :: SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES L14 per Cent. Paid E. J. BOOTH. P d nt JOHN J FLYNN V P d t E. D. WORTHEN T rer HARRIE V. HALL, A t T Kobinson -"tEf6war6s'1lumber Company BURLINGTON, VERMONT , LUNIBER Manufacturers, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Standard Grades of Canada, Michi an and Southern Pines 5 and Hardwoods-Shingles, Clapboards, Lath and Dlmenslon Timber Sole Agents in the United States for W. C. EDWARDS 81 CO., Manufacturers At Ottawa and Rockland, Ont. Steam 'Iilaning anb moulaing mills WHENYOU WANT HATCI'l'S BARBER SHOP "The Best" in Printing .1--- GOTO T H E S T U D E N T S ' T H E S H O P S H E L D O N P R E S S 74 church street, comer Bank street ' Phone 213-4 1 5 C E NT E R STRE E T GE0. w. HATCH, 32 Manager V EAS T MAN PO UGHKEEPSIE NEW YORK prepares young men and women for positions of trust and responsibility, and assists them to 'Ilaying ' ositions Comprehensive Courses of Study Liberal Policy ' I Faculty of Specialists Strong Lecture Course Ideal Location Excellent Record of 52 Years More than 52,000 Alumni Prospectus and Calendar may be had upon Application X Address CLEMENT C. GAINES, M. A., LL.D., President Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . ,,.,.,,., ....1 Ten Points of Excellence 1. The scale is uniform throughout the entire range of deilection. 24. The readings can be made with practically the same precision on violently iluctuating loads as on steady loads. The indications are equally accurate on direct-current circuits or on alternating-current circuits of any frequency, power-factor or wave form within coininercial limits. Therefore, these wattineters can be calibrated with direct-current and used on alternating-current circuits without change of calibration. 4. The scale is flat and is therefore easily read. 5. The pointer is entirely free from vibration produced by mechanical TCSOIIZITICC. 6. The power consumption is extremely small. 7. They have a large overload capacity, which will allow the measure- ment of full power at power-factors below 0.50. S. They are far more reliable and durable than any commercial wattmeter heretofore built. 9. They are accurate within the limits of scale reading. regardless of changes in temperature, frequency power-factor and wave form, within the range of commercial practice. 10. The zero position of the pointer can be adjusted from the outside without removing the in- ? T' E " -'-- r efs:- . . TK S I X, X. l ' ff . ck struinent from the board. In the Weston Switchboard Wattmeter every heretofore existing difficulty has been satisfactorily overcome by intelligent design and skillful construction and the results attained with these instru- ments are far in advance of anything ever accomplished in the art of commercial electrical measure- ment. Send for catalogue giving full information regarding our complete line of A-C Switchboard Indicat- ing Instruments, Voltmeters, Ammeters, Wattmeters, Synchroscopes, Power Factor Meters, Frequency Meters, also D. C. Instruments. WESTON ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENT CO. Main omce and Works, NEWARK, N. J. f HOTEL " , H . . 4 ' " 3' A, lets, . rf' jul 9 426 4 fa -1. -1- x f '.., ., N 4- ""' Wil T ,lisa 'XY-2 -- . . .,,.., 1 ,.., . .,, t- ut L.. A' HJ 1 . .. sr . r g 1. l so .. Q - sas..-A s .l 5 'tre s 2 f , -ask "zf.w5,Hf:-4" 'fm rw. :. 'ft-s. figs. 42.2 A Fc. .f.1'M"k5' sY:'.hMT-2.131-ff?" E l xx '. A . - , , , . wg .. .., s. 5 Mak. SQ. .. . .,r-1 gn... .... r. fl ,fr Q tinge 1 .4 . 7 5 'i " f- 'ur 'li ' li ,236 Hs ' :- 'L . EW? ff: ilv- , .4 fr.-ff...-Ql g ssesise - . 'T " i lfl 2 ' wlklil lil li l' E 5 l ie- Qigrf 3 , r ff ffilf will Q . , .t i- 4. f ,- .. e .-- , y , i J H 4 fnlh... ,Z , , ft M 1" - A-.f,,..,A, A , , it ff' v iii ERMO T Burlington, Vermont Headquarters for Students Managed and Controlled by Graduates of U. V. M. Banquets, large or small, and Dances on the Roof Garden a Specialty! We are here to help the boys, and are interested to promote their welfare Max L. Powell, President R. F. Collemer, Manager What Profession Are You Choosing? If it is either MEDICINE, DENTISTRY, PHARMACY or CHEMISTRY, do not lail to learn the advantages of THE MEDICO- CHIRURGICAL COLLEGE OF PHILADELPHIA It is in the City which has been and still is the American Center of Education in these Sciences. It has Departments of and grants Degrees in all four of them. It has its own Buildings, coin- prising well-planned and well equipped Labora- tories, 11 large and modern Hospital, and the finest clinical Amphitheatre extant. Its Courses in each Department are carefully graded. It has abundant and varied Clinical Material. Its Faculties are re- nowned and of high Pedagogie ability. Its train- ing is essentially and thoroughly practical. Special Features are Personal Instruction and Individual 1Vporlc: Free Quizzes: Wfard Classes limited in size: Practical Clinical Conferences: Modern and Modified Seminar Methods: Special Lectures by eminent Authorities: Practice and Training in Technique, etc., etc. Write today to the Dean of the Department in which you are interested for announcement describ- ing the course and containing full information as to fees. Compare the advantages this college offers with any other before making a final decision. Seventeenth and Cherry Streets PHILADELPHIA, PA. The Burlington Trust Company CITY HALL SQUARE-NORTH CAPITAL, - - - 550,000-00 SURPLUS qeameup, 215,000.00 Depository, of the University DIRECTORS HENRY L. WARD, President EDMUND C. MOWER, Vice-President Frank R. Wells Clarence L. Smith Daniel A. Loomis F. W. ELLIOTT, Treasurer Burlington Savings Bank INCORPORATED 1847 DEPOSITS SURPLUS 35 3,710.12 January 1, 1850 SS 56.84 23,750.25 January 1, 1860 214.57 263,799.55 January 1, 1870 9,812.99 l,1S7,!i09.3G January 1, 1880 43,269.43 2,121,207.11 .lainuary 1, 1890 170,238.51 7,000,5G1.09 January 1, 1900 330,685.37 13,GG7,285.94 July 1, 1912 928,761.75 Business can be transacted by mail, as well as in person. All dealings with our depositors are held in confidence. Four Per Cent. No money loaned to any officer or trustee of the bank. All correspondence should be addressed, and cheeks inade payable to the BURLINGTON SAVINGS BANK, Burlington, Vt. C. P. Smith, President, Henry Greene, V-Pres. F. W. Ward, Treas. F, W.'J?erry, 2nd V-Pres. E. S. Ishan, Asst. Treas. TRUSTEES: The five executive officers and J. L. Barstow, Willard Crane, A. G. Whittemore, W. B. Howe HURSMAN TENNIS RACKETS NONE BETTER MADE Horsman "Model A-X" embodies the latest ideas, and stands in a class by itself. Don't buy until you have seen it. It your dealer cannot show it, Write to us. We are Sole Agents in the United States for the 7 e e ra e ChamP'0nSh'P Lawn Tennis ' ' +4 qizsirr A i . " Balls Ae -N 1913 Balls Now Ready for Distribution Send for Catalogue E. I. HORSMAN CO., 365 Broadway, New York ix otel Cumberland N EWV YORK BROADWAY AT FIFTY-FOURTH STREET Near Fiftieth Street Subway Station and Fifty-third Street Elevated "Broadway" Cars from the Grand Central Depot Pass the Door ...,l Kept by a College Man from Vt. 5 , 5 E: Q Headquarters for College Men I 'Q Q me lt! Special Rates for College Teams 5 as ?ff5IiF E' SE! SE, 5 I ' 3 rig- 515 'H-3 51: El 'gg ' A? , w if a t T il l NEW, MODERN, AND FIREPROOF Most Attractive Hotel in New York SN "' DEQLIN-,Jai 4 TRANSIENT RATES, - - 52.50 WITH BATH, AND UP LK TO 30 THEATRES. ALL OUTSIDE ROOMS SEND FOR BOOKLET 10 MINUTES' WA HARRY P. STIMSGN, Mgr, Formerly with Hotel Imperial Headquarters for Vermont. Uhr Stuhin nf -Hlilliam ES. Eixhg Elma liunhrvh unit ilinrtg-Turn Qlnllvgn Street Burlington, 1: 1: llisrmnnt l'loward's Cigar Store and Billiard Parlor 154 Church Street, Opposite City Hall E. A. IIOWA RD, ,PROIJRIE'POR A Full Line of Cigars, Tobacco and Pipes PHOTOGRAPHIC PERFECTION When you wish Photographic Perfection, go to an establishment that is equipped in the best possible manner. We have all the up-to-date apparatus, and MAKE A SPECIALTY GF GROUPS. ' BU RNHAM'S, zz 73 Church Street Q Donofijirgef your Coflege PzZ6!z'mz'z'0m Te Cmbbe Cynic ESTABLISHED 1832 THE TUTTLE COMPANY PRINTERS AND BINDERS RUTLAND, vT. A -fQTf3Q4 FN 3, J.. M, Lp.. fx:AE2A:'M ,, --,.,,,. , u S' .A rv ff'-? vQf"'+t"?',T , ,i1W3?3Z:4Q7?NG E,3f?52 :EL 4-U 5"I7I'N L, sw A A ,z I1-5,33 hm. -.:::-rw: TQ Zips, 5.--E. --f m' A. ':.:,., ' if ,gym- x Sf - ,m.:,i f,g,- ww.. fm.w.v, ,.,, .... Qwv, .,-.. ff . I -'V- f Ig. , NX -I A w i ,x- I . f A 4? . XO 4 "KZ 15-444.1- L I Q I .. fg x I 3g3!333S,.f'.i fmziv'mms:x-wfa:ual'nu- 1e:issxss:21i'3?YfK1'iQ PNQAQQE AZ ,V , J.M,,,, M.,.w,,., WW I, ,WN in x 2 2 , f- .. ffp -If H ' f . .112 .... 3.11.5-A "J ' J, I .V 3- . V Q KM, A , .,:.:wg,,1,..-, ,..f,E.l 1 ' ' ' 'I IW , OUR SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS' EXPERIENCE IN THE PRINTING BUSINESS AT YOUR SERVICE MAKERS OF HISTORIES GENEALOGIES CLASS BOOKS IN LIBRARY AND DE LUXE EDITIONS LEGAL DOCUMENTS DEALERS IN OFFICE STATIONERY AND FURNITURE TYPEWRITERS ATHLETIC GOODS ART WORKS ANY BOOK IN PRINT xii X

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