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af .4 ff' xv, Xi V I ZR 1' . i nr, orontonensis 1959 the all-campus year book of the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Toronto, Ontario Canada Published by the Students Administrative Council Editor Sandra Whittall Q fm? M.,,1- l r rg The outstanding event in the life of the University of Toronto, 1958-59, was the installation of the eighth president of the university, Dr. Claude Thomas Bissell. Drawing visitors from colleges in many parts of the world, the occasion included special lectures in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences, receptions and banquets, and the colourful and impressive robing ceremony in Convocation Hall. Torontonensis 19 9 L Q f xx 10' ARBOR " 5' 40 KOTARBO'-1"' 'ARBOR CONTENTS Campus Life .... Hart House Organizations All-campus . . College and faculty . Athletics Intercollegiate . Intramural . Women's . Fraternities Men's . . Panhellenic . . Graduating Classes . Index and Advertisers . A hectic round of recep- tions and dinners kept the President and his wife busy during the several days of inaugural celebrations Top speakers in the humanities, pure sciences. and social sciences, simultaneously addressed capacity audiences on campus A breakfast for 400 students in the Great Hall The Inauguration of University 'President Claude A. Bissell was one of the first official acts as President E , 2 Q , X Q , .X V 2. E Q s e 'aw 5 1 4 I V ,,,.J,,.,,.,.,,,..,,.,,,,-Y.,-.. ...-.v..- -.W-.. ....-- -- -W-W---vi --vwh - Bissell acknowl- 5 a cheer from the :nts The colourful and impressive ceremony was attended by officials from universities around the world An exciting and solemn moment - the robing ceremony The new president congratulates one t of the three to receive honorary degrees F C. A. Jeanneret J' -1' .. ' I-.1-xl ' 'f -1- ., ., Wim--it Mgt l L5 , sr HW? it sl '53 R 1 qfrlffi ...Et After fifty-one years as a student and member of the staff, Principal F. C. A. Jeanneret is leaving University College. Beginning as a lecturer in French in 1913, he rose to the position of head of his department in fourteen years, and he has continued to serve in that capacity. He has been principal of University College since 1951 and has made his warm, personal influence felt in many areas of academic life. Succeeding .leanneret as principal is Moffat St. A. Woodside, Dean of the Faculty of Arts. Dr. H. Bennett University Milestones M. St. A. Woodside After a long and disinguished career as a student and as an educator, Dr. Harold Bennett is retiring from academic life. He came to Canada from England at the age of twelve, and later entered the course in Classics at Vic. During his under- graduate career he made outstanding contribu- tions in many activities, and was awarded a fellow- ship at Chicago University. After distinguishing himself in many American Universities, he re- turned to Victoria to serve as Professor of Latin, Registrar, Dean, President, and then Principal of Victoria for nine years. AT WYCLIFFE Dr. W. R. R. Armitage is retiring after nineteen years as principal of Wycliffe College. He will be succeeded by Dr. Hunt, the present warden of the Anglican Church Army and rector of the Church of the Resurrection. Dr. Hunt is here shown receiving his Doctor of Divinity degree from the Right Reverend F. H. Wilkinson, Bishop of Toronto. In Memorlam ' DR SIDNEY EARLE SMITH - Qc. M.A LLB. LLD. DCL. B0111 March 9, 1897 Dled March 17, 1959 Presldent of the Umverslty of Toronto, 1945-1957 In the Beginning . . . initiations 5' ' 5 4 2, n, A , , L , KY ,434 'img' ,Hg ' ' ' 'ne iw QQ 1 'H YV' Q ,, Y ff' ww ' , H M L' " 'W lN4w?Q,iW "V 1-ELL " ww 194, --vii. Si Y Ji WW Zi 5' n '.-Q 1 ,.,. n,. X 41 N, Q' o n e kk. Q? ff if P - Q W jf' 575' wgqf- jf F Ad, K9 ff'-Q, V Ry: ' ,V Ld. 5 " -4 '14 ,xiii V Q N 'D ' 4 ,,x,+. qi. 'SK 'Q uma is X , ,wx xt Ap s, -Ag, K- X .A , f My. ,:., . Vagas ' Practice in Sanitary Engineering The revered cannon m1muw1wm1wwn4mmvmm,mMA'wwfMMfmmfw mmmwfffmfmvmnmlwffffmfym www-uwffnwfmffwffvmfz ffmwwm yfvmmm, zw. M. ,mm1u1nnu'm1u.muu-.5 f 2.1 . .14 W C n Looking for uranium? 4 , lln Q . , x S ak:-.., Y M A in 4 Y QS? 4 1-5- n-,Q Safe again i The last word in Skule jackets A purpose in life? 381 ,? A was ""S?"" Going for Share For Trinity . I D Toronto! Toronto! Toronto Varsity! Let's Give a . for Skule . . . Cheer! and Music We'll shout and fight for Blue and White . . . . for Pharmacy ,5 1 'X .s E , A A, 'sq ,sf- ,av-1, Gln " '-5 x., ,g,, fi I t ..-. LF' 6 , N 491 e J ,, " f 'ffQ'1 Es' f fi H .-1 ii 1 " MMM- 39,5 : , ,Q Ax, Y ' P -seiiiii, 702' '. 'qv -iF'?"iN" f x -.6 Z Drum Majorette Carole Marshal ...and Meds - 45, .r L - 2--XX - , XA ' X ' XEXWXX XX- X-, -. RSX X .-XX ' as . fs-- MX: +- XXX XX 1 .X i ' ::1:,. L6 x M: X -' ,I-ag e, XXXXSH XX XX EFJQX Dents Initiations . -: 4.93 .... h , -, ,-,XX X ' "' ' - lie. 539. 'N z'-f?4:' ' X - ' fax- X . 'X,X1'sf,fgp-X'-Riifijf' XX J X. X- . ,, ,- 5e.,.X.Q 'fg : Xypvtnbv L X . I':,,-X fq,.jf WT? ' .,. .,1, 4 X . . .f..: -'22 X-Keri. ' X - PI- .A .:XfXSaQgrf22+-5-X 7 X 15:67. alta! tix .. ,. f 5X ' f " X if XX .x :gsm . ,-.92 gm.: ,ww zz' X Kev X cf N, - .- X X 4' XJR , ,X X X N X 4-I fi J bv X , N5 J' X f Y A65 gs.. X , X J R X X N X X XX X X X N -Q X N N X X X X X WK x X N XQX X .X X A X 'K 4 4 Xi! ju X ,Q XV! .Q XXX QT? X-X X' XNKNQ ' X, ,X 5 X XX X X1 '32 XX X X X- R X Q I X 1 XXX XX N, N , X RX XXX X X, X 9, X, XX1: X tx N Q 6 gi' X XY S AX? ,X 4 XQ5 ,QX A 9, X X X, N X, X X 3 f Q X X XX vm X X X ' AXX X 4 sg' Q?-'QXX X ,.XQX, mf' Q 8 X it P' X M' KM" 'V K' '52 K e :yqg-.,i-im, -XM , , ,, --, X:-1,1 Xb, X w:::E:-..- .5 :X ' 'f "X-XX-P' X ' f Q 'PSX XX 4 4 X f X X y' 3 3 5 Sir: , XX WX c X .7 9. gg , X Q. +3 MXN s X XX f I, 4 PS 153 31 X , XM H X2 ,Q 3 , X 4 , X X X X ,XX X , Y ,f 3 Xf X f X QW S33 5X Ye 21 A Y X 3 X Q' ye' X COX, z 3 " y, ,Q X X wr me' 4' F X ff X' f Q? X NX 3, z . Heating WE and pulling teeth Q ' X 5 DENThusia X A SID 1 Y Bobbing for raw eggs . XX . the At-Home i 5 l X! I 1 X N Wil" f Ni, Vic 9 'fly ' 'mwwvfy t"-nz ' 7 -ffif e l F 1" ,B ,y 3 fc ,ga . V K we v 5,,Wf.,,,.wwa6v R Plesldent of 6T2, John Wood, was the blindfolded victim of a kidnapping 3 aedww Rah, rah, vic-to-ri-ah! 'Qs sf S 3 A floating bridge game Fall decorations gave Annesley Hall that distinctive, dignified an Friends, Romans, Architects mais oui! A topsy turvy world Architecture 5 xx rf f Y, rw is A trip , -v , ,':-Q: 3:51, In October Answer below to Ayr Gulliver in Lilliput? I. .,,, . . , ,, Mew-W-3 .23 h , ' if 'ky 'f23p', :nal VK' -Q 045' A ,4 wi? . '- No wonder they're interested! . . hard at work? X Fathel Tenv letunned thls veal to conduct a mlsslon at TllflltW Tr1n1ty .4 41 ff? ZW' J ff 9 1 ' A :fu Pharmacy Fyr Yxii If 1 3 W z riff ? 2 wg E 5 5 ,ef ' ik? No, you hold me up! P. and H.E. belles and billiards It's only half a cake! This is what they call physical training Initiations I ssss . . . boom 9 t il Wm swarms, football players ,fdir Dalt White's son seems lost in a maze of Football The team emerges Time Mixed emotions - ,4.,wMw-n.m,-,fm .. Q in-. 1-1 i 1, . I The Proclamation - "Whereas . . The torch from Kingston Ee r noo A Eff . Homecomlng n Weekend i Dignitaries from Queens that mysterious disease Q2 5 u. Q cf Mx L . ff 5? '11, 5 1 .- xt Les Girls of the Homecoming Show ik? wi 2 ' I 5-CST? f:r:,:-:,-:-. . ,jzegrzsvs , ' , 1 fwf Mfr - ':"5lsZi5si5'fAi1-f'1 M 'N --..- : 5 1 'A', i?5?gE 2t sf 1 1' , -54? xv ., ..,..., . .v.- :v. ,. . 3 .j.,--A ,-3 ggraliiilff . W 1,.- 4 " MINE T ' LW-N , E 1.5 Law won with legal angularity . . the best in fashions if all SJ- va is X Y k. -V , , . 1 ,. f f. '14, 04vf9Y46!cg , N i kg ' 165' W' "1 fra 1 . W Em Md! .gy w,,,er,3?!' .,, 2-33:22-fr . wa , ' -2'f:Q1?E'3-:E , A .N M, get Q, . ,xx vi wg- A 2,4 ,Q 'S Nl , 1 A Sv 'fa , W ,Q Us 4' Z5 . ' 4 ,gf 1 JE 5 X , ' I ff 5 , , , 4 .0 ? f 5 4425 ,gtg Aw . . A ii My 43 ff, ii' 'ki' 10' va-f 4 . ,, ,,-gf, ww,-,g Q 1 4-A ., . . ' ,Q .4 .f , 223 fx. sz" .-', : .-04' I , ' . - 531- '1" '5: 3.37: -V 12:5 23211: -1' , 'E ""' " ' 2 ,: ?:3:,. .. -Li . ,W- g " ': . - Z ,.: 4 -V S f Q H ,,,, x ..,, z. , N. Lwfyga sf Y H A H" -as , Q 55 4' ag ..:.:s:,.,., may Qdtwimlifiii ' 55 ,2535 Emmanuel Anguls '.: E . w ,WM Q called Angularosis A 2 13' " Down with the goal post! They did, too! Trinity ina teacup tts and mist I W l I s fi ln il ,. 'I lll W Q Q , e V if Q N R... N , X X gf ,S - sexe ,Q Be angular MOVE Q -fe 1 l-zi- lil ,4 ZWJV5' Floating F01 esters l , ,. . A . V V ---V'V Vs V1 " ,, .--- qv - 0: - 5 .53: . 1, f - 1. f , i-'. 'f:31Z?!'Z ' V jf M , W, Q Q ,Q A, A - V - The Big Move . . and the basementless building ' if S 5 -W . f ,bmw :WQM --VN ,W My ' , 0' V 4 I , .,'- MM., Q ' 4, 4, V -if -,M 'M I ' - -Q,-ff der. . f ' M ' V' -W fir' A -.-I4 H M if . -ff-, .fzyw .,.,,,. V -. .... H . W 4 ,,., , . .,,,. , .-A....A,.,..i ,,.,..,..,,..--,,,, ...., ., """' 1 ' ' ,. "" , ' "W51'7i'7"A"i , V V ,V - 'V -..- :f. w-V1f..- ,gu nz u,:7.,VVp.., ,- " - 5-.qv-. 'f,,.Img,.QZ:ZLL,?"3v""y , V- , .. , , HW. .-,, . M 1- ,. ., , .N.,.-. , .A,,. W... ,M ,.i. ., - 3, V 51 K I J Forestry Third year Foresters investi- gate the wilds of Petawawa on their field trip. Big game hunters? w.-e,' ,Jap So that's a tree, eh? Initiations at Caledon featured lively volleyball games . . . and House Ec. freshies 'Ju 1 ,J-,. . 1- ..n. ns.. -- V-.-su ww x.:y:.s., ,M:.A..s, H --W M...-A -SS -X, . .X-Ns N, y N Fi' T A . m"' WX 'S 1' " ' " W ' I F . -F .x ' :A " N if -1. ,'f'5'H, J f , Q W gg.-f fx 4. -' W Q ., nuff.. fl 3' Q 9' if 4: 475 X 4' It ev D r 'XE 5n'+'s- U Q82 Z' gs 1 ff' X '-M'-W f 'T'flIX.Qfis' . L Q Tug of war, Frosh style Discussions in the Coop s we X wfi,i..msis Q -is X -,wg .XXV 1 , gigs, --9 X. ,ms A: qQ:f'e,:f' f , X EPM In the Fall What's all this about? This initiation stuff is getting me down Let's go team ! 1...........q-musings: QQ? Qwz sa Q5 St. Mikes Laying the cornerstone of the Loretto College residence Ten for the team . . . and the grindstone for keeping noses to and SMC's Educated Man School of ursing , y Aichi, is o f N Q q f M' gr, o ' , W Mak: ff, -. ,:-,, 'W x ww S i 5 5 Christmas Breakfast Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the School of Nursing my X 2, Jin S ,t -9' 1 . 'Q as WT Santa and Gnome More fun at Christmas The cheering line-up First freshie operation i I E Q I L ...., .-.. Not another party! Registering at Hamilton San University College Eager to cheer for a Victory! M i 252595 The Varsity sounded on student opinion on the "Bissell Plan" with a poll Floating Artsmen The Squad Vic ,eff reshmen, get your gate passes to philosophers' walk on me double! Bob Revue Come on Granny! A Brownie in Distress Granny and Gert 'V""'5eV gs., V . Directors at work Jerry Collins and Joyce Kleinfelder were wanted . . . The Chorus of Sea Nymphs V I 1555- I Flienfls, , Romans . . ,V:5k. lgir. n Oh, what is the rest 153 t - 4 ya 2 n 'Saks Q x NPN '49 xv: Q of that? f f Skule Nite r ij! a 2 When Engineers Km ,f V4 Q f 2 5:92 X! ,Muff ' 'W f fy 2 W ff W Q? M Utterly Rank presents . . Secret headquarters The Famous Skulehouse Four 2' ,Hwy i I Wycliffe An angular halo for angular Anglicans Nancy Brownridge, the pert purchase from SHARE 1959 witnessed several crises in the Wycliiie government Fierce Wilkinson p Unfortunate Ex-P.M'.s Governor-General Triumphant P.M. Despero Ergo Sum 31 5 sl L 1. QU 3 f ,N . . . .Mont-re-all U. C. Follies The follies producers stage a hunger strike in the rotunda to push ticket sales wg. Mg! we MA ' QWJWW f gc ,'0w,,, X f ff if ,,.. 2 A an- .MEET 'SAYS 5, , . I Fred Zemans opposes the government proposal that U.C. students should wear gowns RHODES SCHOLAR W .Ar 2 Stephen H. E. Clarkson of Trinity College f' 1 'J f 'f This year again students solemnly remembered those who died I, K if . ,- 1 7 . QM' ,J ,J fig' s, ' 1 . ' A 'X ', fy' I ti If , , 5 11 fr I j ' if lu ': '.,- f X, Q It ff as- ' ' ,,,, : if is ' ,LY"L"! ,-:: v ,, I li A M""""""- "- v M 'AA. l a9W..,,,,hJ N t f 4 i Fascinating ,curios from many different countries attracted record crowds , , . , .. . tm, ,.,v.,...b ,.- 137, 5 V iriisrsie: r 5 "W" .f Ei:1:::1f:: .2 IME if ','525E5?'E 2 532321225553 l- , 1, K ,P Ni if 12111232 iggqgzzi .Q A ,gi- .M1 ,1:,:.1,, ., A ,.,...,..,.........,,N Q .. . ,. .::1.:f.- 1122212-C:2s..'::1al::s:.f:.Sz3,,' 4 . . .:1:1E,i,:'1za-ii':E:,: 1-1-' b v 1:1':-1:2- '- f' ., ,q', 6' 4 , S 5 4 f .. Q 4 f. Q f 5 wr 'f 5 J. 'A is ' gf' M 7 'L W Q , 2' Q , . X fi X , QQ eg, , .:4:v'.::f,'E.E2E:f ETH' Q53-if-,f?fjiE2Egj,.' ' ":E1:1.E', ' "':-E-:iff :Eff-2':1-'1E 21m :wi-2 55:25::g,'3Z5iIE-E12-fi". ' C I, xy Q A ,gi ,A gr, ..,., ., . ,.. . fjifge'-5332: fr' , . ,me AQ , Q , - ' " Q, 'hW""' i -f5f.5ff'Qf"i'f3Ef5'5f 74':'Q.:EQ-f?fE:gfE:EfEfE5EQZif' . .' -' fvfw vff I3-452512 . " 1 ' .iw A::s.1:z51-sez:-i:s:5:'f. : -. , lv ---' 'fu 4 4 W ....M1.:..::1a-::,:,.:1.4 ,ar wr . 15 45, ,zp , . V., M, , , 4. . , 4. M.: ,, ,,,..,. 5.,.,':g,1:.r' .mv w1:-:-:e-z::'-'- f . .. . .. . . ' I V Z A 55,14 5-ff' '35- E M. 1.::..s-far , .1 '.a::rsme:g:.,1:1 . 51523 ' - 1- 'zEs2:Ee:5 f rss V I 1 Q E5E:,12::E51ri5'?ii,, zffz-Qi . V . ,- ' W. . .,,., .,., f Treasure Van Treasures f' , , ,7 1 0 J. we .. 1 1 rf V..V fb 4 -e .,. . , ' is-X N ,,:5,5::f .. f-zz :Q-e:5::::.:-3 13:21 gf' my -:L ,.,, f . ' im ,N 'H Q r..,.. ii4-21 we V .,e,.oo. c"' 1 .r .t 'Q .,,., o, - - -Y.- i::::r3'g34- rc f " -' , ' -as v--fb ..,. ' ' ' El f -zg5L5:r,r:1:1: w Q M .1 gig. Q of X7 , ,,?2r"f' 'K W H' me 1 4 'li 4 ,lg , .4 2 M, N mf? 5 W aa' 4 as Q4 ff 4 f 1 Ha fm W Y 5 yi 'J va ,Q 1 f ' Y M' Em l A 4 f X t W we 'Q if W Q 39' 0 l 'z 1' W 5323 f iq I K 5 'WG '5 4. 4 ,f ,ff rf A WW! f "0 f f L fr-2-rs,1:rs-':1:v:2s:1:3: -, ' f A aw 4 jg Q, w me 4 E V' f 6 gi B 4 2 ,- A ' 5,,,,,' 7 M 4' f fs Ng l, af V' , , qi... i .eq g Q " 'S x8 eh' 5 f. .a4' A. 7: E 2 'Z 9 5 4 fl f. 0 is ,. 'AE Trinity Auction Trinity Some most saintly St. Hildian's at , fy "The Saints" A college meeting. T. G. Drewbrook reading minutes Head of college, Mr. Ken Robinson, in chair. Champagne and birthday cake - at 8 a.m.1 The "Pre-Raphelite" Sisterhood 4 34 . , g ..........,,W e A1 rlval They had parties . . . ww . . . and yelled The Carabins X X They talked . . . . ' f 1. Sk SN wk . . . and had to say au revoir when ate Q 1 D it was all over Gay Cup rides again . . and more publicity Behind the scenes Get it on thick Intent on the script Q I 1 I l I W, , Wd """""1fi' Dentanics SWWGHHQVM, .... V 1.IlCIl klllel' IIIU SHOW 15, we -.m:1,: - 1.:.5:.:,,ez: Q:-.1f'- -TNQ " Z J. -. W-5'1::.:5:5a1:22::we:5:sefr:f'415sEgL::4::1-gb:2:1:e5:gg'-1:11,'-52:W:255g2:ggE':.Q'5:'5::'f5i'1E215?aa:fg w M ' A : Q g A 1 2: 1: IS:l:2:fS52:,.3 :kwin .x ' 'Jw . 1 'L-3' 5kr""' 'Av' .5 L Y" '- . " " ' fi P12'5'-.2'- H 4 4", P5 i 'X ' 153 4 ' ' ww -24.-...N . . xx - 5 ' Q..-.Q Q- if . J ..vY3.df ,uiax-N4 4 sw-H' .-x. rv- 5954-ex Saw., . .M J K.:u.w -M' - :m u - :-' ga - ":,f,.x.-, ' ,W 'R a 'is ' wk if .X ,. ' - 352' ' 'Q . -1 . ,Q "-e gsm -Q Q ,rf :- 9 4. H , -- - .-:swrpagrg ,ri Z?."'-Fizz ' g . yy' ,vw ' 3 - - .,2:3:5:5jvr'-5.531'1g..s1E'f':E5:g5r'.v-5,31 ,b r ,v mv-12 ' ' If . 02 " ' 'F .I,'2':-'S .,2 24'-L"'1+1w" " J- A - , J 2'-' , Yigg' ,IIAWZEV W? '- 5' T. f - gif : ,,,, MV , 'f lm starting to , . dream agam Get a wiggle on The Executive sings A bevy of Annesley Hall beauties ready for the Formal . . . Victoria iv f . . . and the more usual day-after view in the cafeteria The 6T2 Weekenders at Caledon sparkleal with sociability and shivered with sauna bath! More fun in the snow -N84 A Theological study break Knox College The Knox Formal Friendly Advice General sociability if 1 ,Q s 6 L Q me '-E -,S . 2,1 , 2 msmzsywmm .1 f, aww' 7 mf. 1:19 3. van... .mmnr ! fs i , x X 7 1 S S 1 I like you too! if x- e X ew- . 'VWSQQ Don't forget his ears, now ! EPR ff' M In December 5' r tw H . ,:,.,., A W , ,V .., , E 'fix ,wr M ' 'x Yi fgw?,, ,eee ,f 5 ' Q, H ,. , I, If if N ' ,Cp .1-4,2 . tll :EK I , f f 'fx ' 1 ' fx I 21- f j, I v, -mu' Y ,N f,, X Nx:""", X .fi 22 5 V " . ' A! ' 2' 'W 1 Wh0'S ewan, - eewy pwwfe t to . I ,Qs ,, .,,.. . gg my pan 5, g , T, ,, 7 ff, J ? 3351, ,I .Ia f isa u f m Q WMI 5 Ae n I e il A ?ei,f Q i?? fffw,Q 1 2 y ' 4 , !?wr-MW , Y f , ' il ..., , x , . 1 . 1 It's a Shopsy ! "V":"'L"Ea.MmffZ5,- f Y- ' 7ZTTZ7...Z.:T..g,- ""4iE..1' "' "'1P""""f1fC ' Daffydil It's a bird It's a plane . . J' AQ gr! - . Q ., 2 u We are poor, little Lambs . . . Let me help you UP M , I .. Av .. iv ' .N ' .- t Seem . ,XX T svJ?"v R Student Presidents: lst term, Al Tough: 2nd term, Pauline Gallay. O. C. E. Rehearsing for the O.C.E. pro- duction of Gilbert and Sullivan's lolanthe. A lively lunchroom scene O.C.E. students campaigned actively for Share A speaker for the affirmative: Resolved, 45-year-old teachers are better than 25-year-old ones. 7,391-1. Eu-.-ipi-.-..-.-.--.- -L- v ,l-351 All togethei now ! Music How do I get it between my knees? Musical chairs, anyone? 1' 4 'B img, 4 A Y. - , .. " " W ,- -, gf. 'fdl """-,L -:f:v'5i .ff5If.5'535::" ',:55: : vii? . 4. ,gif 'Y " zflfi' - . 1:e:I-2:-:f:-:,.1.1e,2agg,s:g3 .-1.. ' vc 1 'am i n if wig M2513 y W3 6 Q 57' wie , ,Z W Some of the highly cultured Music types 43 , Xiafmeqiz 1 -. we W-.ww-f.sf1S"'f yn . i- A, -Ng. ' . e g., ,Iv X -1-V1 M. l" is sf? '35 +4 .f i QNSYLD' ,Sli T. NS. ixfxv i -rt: 21- ' X Q , Q :E X E 'PSX We R559 5 Q iv X X N , . N D 3 ' , X W- .1 Q, gg 'T'-' uw Ss Q .3 .. 3 QM ,1 ,yes . X , xv- X D wx' X Q , X .bf 3 - e x M Sw Em -2 Y . 1 .fee z Walt -ws , XX X 2, we . gigs, vw, ,N gs-AY, eifxrl , .: -' ix- - 535, 5 T. Swv , fwff L E f Q x 'Q " Q X Q Y 3 .u Q O X W F Qx X " K 1 X X 4 , x Xe X: , X N.. V N , X. ..,, , ,V,:, . +:'1i2?'-Y-fi-L ,Q 'Q' Vi: X: .5 Q 57 X W D .,,., , ,. ,,,, ,M . Hixw 1 'W'-.-I-wg: Elf' . 'X - Q., 'x.,.:,- X 342.3231 ifixqsf X "WRX :Z-.T...x.f 54 xii D Q-PE'-1-xv:-r X511 x H V- X -Q -.s , N. , x Q 5 .4 -sw V. 3.1 J 5 .,. , , :. ,sg :neges ,+af..,-ix: 2 -1 ix, x Y xx xxx .. . 'YQEXxx,-SQ N . N X X Mx D X ..., ,,-, . ,. X + A x is E' X fi 5, , , F ' X .5 .S D S S 2 8 t-jig SQ ,fvffif-'Sf.' e x 'AN' -- - my N-M, fa QQ? .xxx M ,. X. We N, ie M ww Q, ev wx gs .Lim X ye ww, eww, X X x N X -X, qt 'e N W N o N349 2 A S' X -2":3x.f' 'Q' Wig' X -X ab iw lp N W A 4 W Q Q ' 2 - :'- . N - .iff m:sxQ4v.Q..ffye, -1-fn -V L .X 'awxixm-vF'..1sffvmmxW.-.M'2i1NxgV,,.w, .V A. ,M .X N N Y rw f 'WW WLM: fa, V Oooops. A gala THE DEDICATED M N Dig that Beat Dedicated Men nunzxgvx '. inale Micketies 1959 and dedicated women Lim - - bo! "The feather fioats . . . saw an Honorary Degree conferred on Prime Minister Diefenbaker, here with U. of T. President Claude Bissell. and Ontario Premier Leslie Frost . . . 7---T-RQ f ,ni ,-... During the year, U. of T. students . . . . . and bled for their fellow man 1 1 -Ei ,fi , Luxu- , ,zz-v:' . 535 I S The new Book Store, officially opened ln the sprung .nnitxw an owscusx -swnmunmr .V ' Wall: -:umm-wa 'T WQEEEEF? 5 . 9' , s. fix W1nter Carnival f, sow 1 nv.,,.vo ' , Q U, . , wbwiayw nl. .. . .. KE..-.J Bacon and eggs coming right up! Snow sculpture honoured Charlie Brown, Linus, and Snoopy fav X, 0, Snow Queen con- W nw, testants show ed their skill anc versatility ln the many competitions Qi? Q-5 5 Rx1xYX1v0.wY'P, . 1:11112 FUN IN THE SNOW Smile Z ,MBV ' 5 Hard at work on the igloo Chariot races, engineering style fapvbw 'V f ' ,,..n-W V- vw sf .gns""' sf I E , WN w .. ., my ,.., in , xw., V H WN Y --,f L W , 4 w . . s .r Y .e.-50 x K 5 N w C ft' it X . -.x NX. S-,,,.i -f ' he , v sv WM , ""' CXXXKX XX ' -, f 'I X 2- H rv ' 9, M Q 5 r , 1, Q sr X.. - ".-L.- e X . N yyg.. I M.-:X R S..w,f.,,-X.. xxk- 113 -X :- .31 , . : ' :rw X 'M' I . ' sag- .- A:-x -ww , x-. 1:55 - MQNQQ . S, . ' , ' Y-,C , ' ' '- Viv , - - Wat -' N, ir. 'ei-. N-MQ 1 4 ' " ""' -- 1 . 1 . f . t iff Sf' ar' - A V :'-4 , .Sm 'ei " - :ff - 'L A s . , ' Q ,- S ww Q. i - - .sr - sg f A , , O Yr OM ' 'awivfw-' A W5-i" r X ' Wifi -V Y - rv - ' f ' . sw a QW' fm- 1 ' ws -W ' . , .,X f Q .., s ag A . ,ws V , Ny ,QQ .Y Y X ..,, 2 -igffmmsl AVF-. '...3ggw-X ' ,,,w.?x s ' F - O 'lr 1. e Weqgwx - ' Time out for refreshments OPEN HOUSE . . .. awk -a Interested high school students -Q attended from many cities in Ontario. ,s .1 Pharmac The dissection drew many curious spectators The latest in methods and products were displayed, and Pharmacy students were ready to answer any questions fin , W ' fav L 7, H , wi H 5 ,I f,f,mZ.7,f, fyf M L, fx 7, f L, " fifff if ' ,ff 'G A ,ww ,, W 1, if 4 HZ' H Ykffwfl ffm, 4' 4 ,ff ,HM 2, W H ,,f ,, ,, . my 50 , , .N ., t i I xx-.nx'1m.1lam','.1'cx.1.vufeww.-..-., L -... i - . Sxlmxsx.. M. The Cast Ever had the feeling you were being watched? Vie produces "P irates H- -if ,1ee, y of Penzance Bluebeard and his cohorts Stage Director, Terry Shiels Leftg Music Director Paul Sweetman Right 5 Two of the Majo1"s fair daughters, Nancy Charles, and Kathy Ward The Laddie with The Lampg Father of 23 ! Betty MCROb6l'tS CS.P.S.D WX, W, Q Nag . . Joan Ruby CSt. Mike'sJ Joan Godfrey CP. 8a O.T.J WINTER CARNIVAL Snow Queens 'B .??":-"S:-:els-4: ' f ,. ,. ,J-'11 5 31-,wg -5 2 , , sy -1-3 QA. V ,.:.5, - ., W, , W, Nancy Brownridge CWycliffej Q. Ari' YN - '- - ' -+:-: . Y-'xx ., ...... , 9 Vw k, ,4: Ezif: -2.9 N QEQEQ, ' '2215-5.r- ,- ' 11122551 Xie 4. X , f. Q ' -.. ,e2E1E2E52E5II1E-SiE'5154432252 xv .1.1:::,:- .iw-:,:1:-1-1-lx,cw-1, e .. eb .-A+- :W ewes fm Y vb.. 4:j:.5::e::g. .f :35:,:p. 3.51:j:::r:-:1:2:r-r1ar:--. N-1:-..:,-'am -1:-1: .:a::::-W ,..u.K.41:5-:.K.::.:Q-.Qx.+e...e.Q- ,:::.:::::.::-.'. w. ::- .gem . -x , .,::,:,:,,4,,,, ,. 4. . .,.., 1 .,.,:i, f 1,,5,..:,..:.1f.:.g.19MIM..-.,1, . --,-. M , :.:,:.-., . ,,..::::::,:::4.,5,.,,po.-,.:,:::1-2:2-:Q A :,. , A , 1 - Q- + Q.-Q., 1 , ex, , . were e 5:-:-,lm .:::1x4:f,:,:,:v:,fw.: --.4,. zz- Sandy Hendersonr CTrinityJ -Y -7- --M--W...-...,..,.,-...,..,.. s 2 ? y l I ,nw ' ,mf ,, ,, TR, Q Carol Jacques CMusicJ Anne Segswortl CFOrestryJ I I u Ii 5 -.k wF.' 'T1'S ", . nmzwn x Joan Wachma CDentsJ .4 .TQ CN111'Sll1g J ' Lyn SIJCHCC mwzgs ...,. , ., ,.,, . f..,:- -:as-lam, ,. . QV,Q3.Igg:-g::,.z,-g.,gf:Zs'5s::mf-.,-,:1: ,. S" ll -sWf5?::i1.:.-:wtf Qizgzmf '12 125' f--aa'-31: Rosalee a s 1 gk :.-'1:f:::.W,m., . 4'-Q:fm:::::-1-,.. E E I 2 E ! THE WINNER Andrea Keachie CP8zHEJ y-ssh. Mary Thomas CEmmanuelJ Vlrgmla Gough Kirbekian cvicp Janet Scott CU.C.J Roslyn Knight cMedSD 1 Kim 5 fm w I W ' S 4 I I N i a i a 1 , ,ff A fa I f' K 'if ki f' X92 . J LQ? 42 '. '74 ,wx WZ W ff ' 911 4'7f . ,y 1? f 254 W 4 'I Ks4 ylxifkiivl-L?,FfZf"iP"' -I'i?E'I'7?'i"'F"W'f'c"'" ' -- f 'I ' ' ' ' v-iikg ,L-.,-,.v.1....r-Y-.,--F-f .. :L . l1UlT'k'4l K VJ, Mr. President at the Grad Ball Chemical Eng. I Club Dinner in the Chez Paree Club Room Skule No competitors even challenged the S.P.S. chariot ..w,sa'-Q 'B' Civil, enthusiastic winners of the "Jerry P. Pottsn Trophy I' -1 Z , ??mm.,, K , 4 - " 3 www? 11 gbwg ,- -23774 1 IQTRQYDHI . 'L Kidnapping - K 1 we f 4 ax- , . I , 5 - n Retaliation Meds Capture Skule Cannon ? J The Return The Prize , 'Q 5 2-Z i AM Vw Q, W i 1 me , V y. i A W 5 -xavmxrw 1: . 'atm xml. ...vw YN A L if - -M 4+ - - ...W ,.,,.w,,,.-,,-....1.....x- Three "Noble" Romans . ,uf ' Q Les Girls A. V. . Director, Dick Dean, Music Director, Stan Farrow, Producer, Bill Lord, with model of A.V.R. set , " J? .ff 1,99 Q 5 - if f I Primus, Secundus, Quartus and Quintus, the comic-reading senators of Rome. Il I 2 U ,Q 1.1110 J.. .fnlsisllvxv-'Q'-. " s AKUYYSQQ 'L E : i . x,.x , V f 1 f l f . V ,, Hail Caesar! 5 512 A if aa The dance of the Vestal Virgins t r W M5 WMU A Q: ,gggqf ,Z Nyfff' ., , 4 J f M75 4 Aw, f 24 f O, ff, W4 ' Aff f W, 40514 gn 4' ig x ff 4 if.cf1f42'vfff f X 7 f Y I 1 A 3 Have Toga, Will Travel mperor Nero has his problems - there are no tourists Roman Romance ,. iv li, .k 1' I lm-w"" I Rome ! Neil McLean, as Nerog Roger White, as John A ai 4 Linda - Maureen Fox: Willy Loman - Ray Stancer: Biff - A James Lipsett: HBPPY - George Golden. Hart House Theatre This year was Hart House Theatre's thirteenth season as an all-undergraduate theatre under the direction of Robert Gill. Four productions were presented with casts chosen from all the colleges and faculties on the campus. The October production was Arthur Miller's great tragedy, DEATH OF A SALESMAN. The second production, in November, was the George S. Kaufman and John P. Marquand adaptation of the latter's amusing novel of Boston life, THE LATE GEORGE APLEY. CHILDREN OF DARK- NESS, a brittle comedy by Edwin Justus Mayer was presented in January. The hundred students participated during the season. Hart House Theatre has proved itself a valuable part of the life of the Univer- sity. Besides giving students an oppor- tunity to act and take part in the technical operation of stage production, it is also providing an opportunity for the undergraduates of the University and the Toronto public to see plays of high quality and interest. In addition to the Hart House Theatre series, productions of various kinds were presented by fourteen producing groups on the campus. final production, in March, was Jean GiraudouX's TIGER AT THE GATES, translated by Christopher Fry. Each play ran for seven performances and over one CHILDREN OF DARKNESS Second Bailiff - John Apley: Jonathan Wild - Jane Willing: First Bailiff - George Apley: Count La Ruse - Horatio Willing: Mr. Snap - Catherine Apley: Lord Wainwright - Wilson: Laetitia - Agnes Willing: Mr. Cartwright - Amelia Newcombe: Roy Befus - Vals Echlin: John Beatty - James Garrow: James Fleming - Robert Graham: Norman Edmondson - Marielaine Douglas: Warren Wilson -- Gary Plaxton: Robert Hamlin - James Cunningham: Mary Anderson-Molly Palmer: Garrick Hagon - David Keenleyside: Eleanor Apley - Dawn Egan: Roger Newcombe - Jayne Ford. wa-X, I lef X kg? xc , x kgs? " ' XX 1 , x- X . w X z 4. Q.Q.v,v4.mm4 xx xx Nk mmm Q Q "5 Q ' Xxsp.-swmmsxwwrw 3 '- ' " X X 5 12352 4 X K Sw ' ff? ., .ll 'Ili I ff , - , aff' ' ' ' X x ', I Vgtfyx qp.5QXx I QXi'i,,xNQSgiI ity? QAQEY, j up ,. ,fiv-,--, f 'ff'f!f"'f'X'Z 4N::'2f ",Xk'9, ' FI '55, Sgl'X'f'1fII P' U" if I 'zdffyf ,fhyf 56 .,- M P - ff. , rv I if 1 A WM, SXSW QNX: I 1 , ' I -gk N a 'W X I Qi X ' I 1 ' ,al NN ,l . 5, X Ig 'x 5 Af. m, f f QW AW MX IQQW, X W' X ' f F 'I xx MW . A I I -Qxx , A x , If I . ,I I ..., 'gf . ' fa mg- , ' I . E wr V' . ,. , I 4' Q' 'H A- ,r".?L-3.3, "'XQ1,j Y- 17: 'K QW ' f, Xif-A115-5' fx I: Van, .N fu I -wg.-F.,X 3 ,, f ,-3 !.- Qu I.: 'fxags Y f II I I . ' 2 X I 'Z :--, :S 'I 1 '4,.g',: , ,fry JL- K 'SJ If Y Ay X . . h. if - 4 V xxx ,xl A f f L! 1 .rj 1,1 T x xv,,r Lfffgxsffx pf- i xr a X M55-JLI4:-A ,wx 'W .lf 'fiffvfnr -. 70-'X 5155-f ' " , , X A 5 ,Q H is , 1 I ' Wx PQ Ax X xr ' X SX Xu H ulgv ,jx 5. :xx 5 .X ' X I I X X A fff .N ,A YARN I ffm- fQR.iXe,,'A4s,x 'X 'xi Y Q , :I -- I A X- I v , f , ff , ' 92 X ff 4 N R DI X NVIxRxxxf..:'Q,gf: X NASE ff: lm' f ' 2 S 'SS ,ff 'fc f Nix' lx ludx 'ZFX'-' X Q' IV' X NMS - Q A X X X IX my gxqk' tix . wx wrf' IX " f A hx XDR fff I I N1 M' IW I V1 II N Q I XS if X X cf f ,-VIH 'X 'ilu X X xx x X I X. X 4 nf I -IRI X53 X I ix In I will T1 'XX I xx ' I u 4 X w- :ki ff - A 1. , ,ix Nxx j n ,ix P I , A :mt .Eiga . ,ixzwf M I' NX X-fe X fx 'aeilis ' . n 'I lm l .M 4. .fu Nl I4 , V J ' Le". W rldsx NNI g l .K NX R W I X Qt ' X I, I ' N x A nw if IL I IA s wx W '1' ,'A 'lv' , ' ,M ' I ' ,,,Y A I iff SVP I 'X' IIIFAIQ, N! f' MU S VJ, ,, -f,3'-Q' 1.3 XXII , n I Y, 1 ,5 MQ ,. 1 - SIN' 1 , ,, , ..xx.l .f,f.1 Aixxk I' I XXIII 'IIQAWI 5355 1 -I " X-N In ' 'I " If"4' ' I , A TQIANJ II I F PV 15535 1 f fi-55" if , I ff '- :'lwEuWRQiQ 9. IH' ' U' I' '. fig in ' UQ. 3 ' Qiyl. VVIVQ ll' , MQI QI Mk , .nv I' f HRW, A If-u A fI "f I" I + H I 'f ' ' 'I' ' 'fl ' A ! In, I x14u',uRIx" -.1.':. :."'HgIm.mHI'L A' I ' ,V "Q fgg. PI' X' hp, EWISEEIM, WHA' rIfIfI,'Q3SI 'J+1 2559 wi'-'if f EIIFIIKWAI " ai A "' W' ,hx l:',','l: V ' ,,..p. I-4. ,v NW.. .X kwxjlw sg-.l I , INV 1, V, 1-- ,W, QRISASNIQB ' I " ' 'I ixwiii ""' ' 'A Il' All II, . NS' A I ,K II if i'fI.LS9.sf'Y2vk7.L'-G.'Rx I'--in fy ' I M. J' .l ITJl1IIn!.,.k 1 " 'l fif' Q I s- N y Q,-g3'Ql1 E?I.iif 'fTEI"' ' ff?74"'? '. 'li' L' - -Is 1 Il- I I . 1 . 1 I -IIMHISP , Q?'1-' 4 I MISS I"j?.17Si"II5J, 1' ..-J-.Z kin --...Q-,,. 'H' '!'!""U!il4IEI'IK5'!:I-lil1lIII':V21f-I1'a"'Fr5fG5FF 'I I if-13' if XP I Q53-.SRIYJ " :viii 1'1" ' I2 md" if I I A yi' ,,,,.i'ffLi:!f,v.Ac'1! x 5, l' .,., HI I N IlI1,e.9ieiI'yugqtvii ll' 'I ju ISE rj H' " If A -. I ff? V ,-'-!1ff1'2H,F2 I r wi F'7f'Ff- . Z A 'I I-II "1'IWIl'-IIEIIIQI ' HI' M 14.12 if- IMI! CLI 'I fu-I -,21ff!.g:igg,1+,g,,-2, ,l , Ag,-.fqqilf-,,, ,1u,.vWIg, ..-'Af-viz.-ggqb' TA? - , S1 .xi-s2A1'f :m -7kf5tA',,.' " if-fl ff 1 L -445 -A -u p GREAT HALL Q-x-xXx uh- A+ Ag? 351-H ...i "" A ,QS if 1, HART HOUSE Ns -A f 'swlffx f FT 7- Ql sf ,A ., ,. ,. .5-3 -. 1.1 ----- -.g.::.,, ..,- -. S- , -' is 1-nsraiq - .L-.':--:tgp -" - J-" A--- L- ':s '-1 4 ': . - X - -' ' A T-'--..--1 "xe- - - --1 55.-L.-?' I 'T L-- viirsf z- ?'TYf4 7f?i:51:sxS'5 7-:""' THE PRAYER OF THE FOUNDERS IS THAT HART HOUSE, UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF ITS WARDEN, MAY SERVE IN THE GENERATIONS TO COME THE HIGHEST INTERESTS OF THIS UNIVERSITY BY DRAWING INTO A COMMON FELLOWSHIP THE MEMBERS OF THE SEVERAL COLLEGES AND FACULTIES, AND BY GATHERING INTO A TRUE SOCIETY THE TEACHER AND THE STUDENT, THE GRADUATE AND THE UNDERGRADUATE: FURTHER, THAT THE MEMBERS OF HART HOUSE MAY DISCOVER WITHIN ITS WALLS THE TRUE EDUCATION THAT IS TO BE FOUND IN GOOD FELLOWSHIP, IN FRIENDLY DISPUTATION AND DEBATE, IN THE CONVERSATION OF WISE AND EARNEST MEN, IN MUSIC, PICTURES AND THE PLAY, IN THE CASUAL BOOK, IN SPORTS AND GAMES AND THE MASTERY OF THE BODY, AND LASTLY, THAT JUST AS IN THE DAYS OF WAR THIS HOUSE WAS DEVOTED TO THE TRAINING IN ARMS OF THE YOUNG SOLDIER, SO, IN THE TIME OF PEACE ITS HALLS MAY BE DEDICATED TO THE TASK OF ARMING YOUTH WITH STRENGTH AND SUPPLENESS OF LIMB, WITH CLARITY OF MIND AND DEPTH OF UNDERSTANDING, AND WITH A SPIRIT OF TRUE RELIGION AND HIGH ENDEAVOUR. This is I-Iart House Hart House is a club for the use of all male undergraduates of the University and its graduate and faculty members. Built in the Gothic tradition, it houses a large number of diverse student and graduate activities. The five standing committees and more than twelve club organizations are charged with the organization and operation of the various programmes. On the following pages are recorded some of the highlights in the life of the House this year. The university is one of the oldest institutions in western European society. It is old but ever new. Here on our own campus we have persons who have had a continuous association with the University for half a century or more, but we also have the constant refreshment of recurring generations of undergraduates who bring to the current of university life their youth, their vigour, their intelligence, their idealism. Hart House was conceived by its founders as an organization which should truly represent the tri-level nature of the University community. It was establish-ed, not merely as a socio-recreational centre for under- graduates, but as a very definite and specific part of the educational facilities of this University. An examination of the history of the House during the first forty years of its existence will demonstrate the extent to which this original purpose has been maintained and developed. It is my hope that, during the year now drawing to a close, this tradition has been maintained. May I also express the hope that in years to come, no matter what the changing nature of this campus may be, we shall still serve in the present, but as trustees for both the past and the future. JOSEPH MCCULLEY, Warden THE WARDEN l N l sv 3 FINNISH EXCHANGE The Warden, the eight Finnish University students and two Canadians get together in the quadrangle of Hart House. During the summer of 1958, eight Finnish University students were brought to Ontario as the fourth phase in the Hart House Finnish Work-Study Seminar. Two groups of Canadian students and one group of Finnish students had previously crossed the ocean to take part in work and study in the host land. This group of University students were treated to a two-week orientation programme, covering many places of interest in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and the St. Lawrence Seaway. They then took positions in Canadian industry for nine weeks. D Hart House is sending a group of eight Canadian students to Finland during the summer of 1959. They will take part in a similar programme, sponsored by the National Union of Finnish University students. There was a resurgence of interest on campus in debating which has DEBATES been most gratifying for the Hart House Debates Committee. Their debates were well attended, and they were very fortunate in obtaining such distinguished honorary visitors as His Excellency Francis Lacoste, Ambas- sador of France, Dr. Eugene Forsey, Canadian Labour Congress, President C. T. Bissell, Mr. J. M. Minifle, Washington correspondent. The Debates Committee looks forward to a programme in 1959f60 which will include Prime Minister Diefenbaker and perhaps an American Senator. The Chairman of the Debates Committee, the f Vfy Ambassador of France, and some debaters, enjoy themselves at a Hart House Debate. gill. Cx lirriirhaut' '-ir. v '- H1U5Qo'1'Y X . , WW sliwlw li ' ii l it N, . . . Rini Q. A , V into l ii 'li iilliilst all , l f f' - 1 A ' Xfk lflh NM' it' 4 l -wh -. X' K v ,iw .l f if if ' Caarapa os 1 LHNDS vw iixf li it . . i,. - 1 lf X hh . fi -l X tl A ik l. gi ,u r l ' fig-W . 1 D 9 IQQUA TQR T513 W gale ' y I ifilf '15, 'EA ' I- Q YW CWM Lim CQ? V 1 Y HCV 3:7277 Y Y 1 Y 1 V V V-11317 3' 'YC C W ,X ' ---- 4 l at if' i. i' ' i r ' THE 153' - PZ R 0 Uh ECU,-argon - .f- wi 1 i"'i -.-4 il ,af . l - I ,M cfm mom AMATEUR 1 . T 4 . i A A -'1 V l RADIO . -. . T ' . ' ' -1- .X -. - "1' 1 CLIUB QPERATSON TURTXE 1958 T ' wqlmso M- wdwx P.. wpwcsr After the purchase of an extensive amount of new equipment, the Hart House Amateur Radio Club has received "W.A.C." standing tworked on all continentsj and has enough power to talk "voice" to all corners of the globe. They have been in touch with such unusual points as the U.S. Navy Station at the South Pole, Guernsey Island, a few of the satellite countries, and Moscow. Their collection of "Q.S.L." cards, one of which is pictured here, is increasing rapidly. 6151 9 3 I ' I ' .wif ' we 1 '. ' v X , s' 'Wt I . A A 1- T' 1? .WM Q4 ,I ,153 ' s e ,Ji ' , . ' 1' ggi ' ::',:,:.....,.:-" . . . 's' . 5 - ' . is " -:' ' 'ilr "1,fG:.eN. ' ' 'A 1' ' Q ':1:2-'-115:96 12: - Wea- , -. wma- ' m- ' ...'.g-Qiizlsk sf'Q:-3'-5:-s'-s4i:':E2'Q?E .-,ga 'ju-gzg qsa.: zgzs-"QA-. ga ig A CAMERA CLUB This is a prize-winning ELECTIONS The Hart House elections this year, with 77 members running for 44 positions, were accompanied by some of the best campaign poster art which has been seen in many years. Here is a masterpiece which was hung by one candidate during his election campaign. The House Committee received the greatest number of nominations, with 18 men running for 8 positions. Committee members of both l958f59 and 1959f60 enjoyed the Committee Dinner, at which time the Warden gave his "State of the Unionl' speech. --1 X 'rl ' 3 Q' Y 5 1 2 f 5 f 5 photograph in the Senior sec- tion of the Hart House Camera Club competition this year. It is called "The Searcher" and is by Bev Burwell, a graduate member of Hart House. The Camera Club exhibition this year was of a particularly high quality, and the Clubls activities included an auction of Camera Club equipment, many sessions of print criti- cism, and, of course, the con- stant use of the dark room facilities in the basement of the south wing. i 1 t l l 4 5 l I 1 1 l l I f l l l 4 E Once again a group of devoted students, conducted by Dr. Boyd Neel, provided a series of five concerts of the Hart House Orchestra in the Great Hall of Hart House, which this year included full programmes of Mozart, Vivaldi, and Handel. Rehearsals of the Orchestra, such as the one pictured below, are open to any members of Hart House who would enjoy listening to the music. MUSIC Pictured here is one of the most popular facets of the Hart House music programme - the Record Room. This room is in almost constant use from 8.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. It is equipped with some fine high fidelity equipment and one thousand sides of classical music. The Sunday Evening Concerts this year included Jan Rubes, the Baroque Trio of Montreal, and Ilona Kombrink. The CBC, in co-operation with the Music Committee, provided a series of five Celebrity concerts in the Great Hall, which were available free to any student of the University. Benno Moiseiwitsch and Maureen Forrester were to two of the famous artists that performed. HHOA I l GLEE CLUB The Hart House Glee Club, with its new director, Mr. Rowland Pack, had a very active year. It entertained the University of Rochester Women's Glee Club and the U. of T. Mixed Chorus at its annual Tri-University Concert in November. In the Spring it sang at St. Michael's College, at the University of Rochester, and for the members of Hart House at the last Sunday Evening Concert. PRESIDENT'S BREAKFAST Above is a picture of the President's Breakfast, given on Saturday morning, October 25th, to which a large group of students who held scholarships and positions of responsibility in the student government were invited. This was President Bissel1's first ofhcial act as the President of the University of Toronto, the Installation ceremonies having taken place the previous evening. THE CHRISTMAS TREE Once again this year the Blue and White Christmas Tree Party took place in the Great Hall of Hart House, with the traditional scripture read- ing by the President and a reading by the Warden of Hart House. Above may be seen a group of .students enjoying the l exchange of gifts between various faculties. eI ' ,:,. .idf-:ff f i'2 1 xN""""Nx.,X Flood Lighting J-Lil. I Around the IM' R Campus HART HOUSE in white . . . YMLMR ,asa . UNIVERSITY COLLEGE in orange . . . I and CONVOCATION HALL in pale green ff .jg iw O! e HE sn- AQ SK N- . 'X -um N . GREY Gi MUSK wma - 'nuwq mf L. msg "-wdmwfrx Organization , ziffis f f ' N ua. 2 . ' xxx fmyg.:U,,x ,Q?'?2'fg, bg M 'E vw gig .w-I NL. fm N 'A Y' 5 fy '08 All-campus . . . . page 70 College and Faculty . . page 114 6 D 1 S. A. C. STUDENTS, ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL BACK ROW: John Swan lPubIications Comm., Musicl, Don Dickson lForestryJ, Hugh Wallace lGrad. Studiesj, Walter McLean lMusic Chairman, Knoxj, Art Low lConstitution Comm., Lawl, Morgan Dever lMen's Athletic Rep., P. and H.E.l, Marv Catzman tConstitutional Comm., U.C.J, Doug Marshall lEditor, "The Varsity"J, Robin Beamish lU.T.D.U., Chairman, S.P.S.J. SECOND: Margo Rudolf lO.C.E.i, Carole Stone lWomen's Athletic Rep., Settlement Rep., P. and 0.T.l, Suzefle Morin lPubIications Comm., St. Mike'si, Allen Rix lHart House Rep., Wycliffel, Elizabeth Cormack tSociaI Worki, Professor MacEIhinney lFacuIty Rep.J, Dean Earp lFacuIty Rep.l, Sue Evans lW.U.S. Chairman, Vic.J, Irving Goldberg lA.V.R. Chairman, Pharm.l, Charlotte Hubble lStudent Service Commissioner, Nursingl, Sandra Whittall l"Torontonensis" Editorl, Gloria Plerce lMeds.J. FRONT: Dave Lee lWeekend Exchange Chairman, Vic.J, E. A. Macdonald lSec.-Treas.i, Barry Moore lFinance Commissioner, Emmanuell, Vincent Kelly lPres., St. Mike'sJ, Gerald Case lSpeakeri, Adrienne Poy Nice-Pres., Trinityj, Norman Levine luniversity Comm. Chairman, Dents.i, A. E. M. Parkes lAssociate Sec.l, Dave Pinkham lBIue and White Chairman, S.P.S.l. ABSENT: Alex Havrlant lPubIications Commissioner, Trinityj, Bob Lee lNationaI Affairs Chairman, Meds.J, Sue Davis lU.C.l, Murray Ross lC.U.S.A.C. Rep., Architecturel. ' 4, "An image of the Varsity tradition shall coalesce in your mind only insofar as you yourself have con- tributed to this tradition." With these words the President of the Students' Administrative Council greeted the freshmen last fall. As usual the SAC was the major sponsor of activities, services and publica- tions for the student body. With the growth of the university these have ranged from the intangible benefits such as NFCUS affiliation to the such con- crete benefits as maintaining the student parking lot. The Council members from all over the campus took up their heavy responsibilities with vigour and provided a quiet effective administration. The President, Vince Kelly of St. Michae1's, and Vice-President, Adrienne Poy of Trinity, represented the student body at innumerable functions, the 70 NFCUS and WUS conferences, the President's in- augural ceremonies, fall convocation, the Remem- brance Day ceremonies, Float Parade contest, recep- tions during the Blue and White dances, television interviews, and at the University Dinn-er. As chief executive officers of the Council they took a leading role in policy decisions. To them goes a great deal of credit for the success of the year - Adrienne for her good sense and charm, Vince for his dynamic leadership and vision. The Finance Commissioner's work was bedevilled by the spectre of a huge deficit. Rising costs of ser- vices, falling revenue from activities and a student fee fixed before World War II forced the Council to appropriate S3000 from its S22,0000 accumulated surplus. As Commissioner, Barry Moore kept close Watch on expenditures. The Publications Commissioner, Alex Havrlant, had a year without conflict - thanks largely to his personal influence with the editors of the various publications. The all-campus literary review, dubbed "Jargon", went smoothly to press. The University Committee under Norm Levine immediately tackled the problem of student parking this fall. When permission was obtained for a non- profit lot north of the Dentistry building Norm's committee had signs painted, staff hired and tenders called. Unfortunately the Administration cancelled the contract and announced that a different plan would be instituted next year. Dave Pinkham, Blue and White Chairman, and Robin Beamish, U.T.D.U. Chairman, managed their organizations easily and efficiently with a great deal of enjoyment. The Blue and White had a very fine band under Murray Dresser, its leader. Despite the advanced date for the Model Parlia- ment session, Chairman Sue Davis weld-ed together a smooth and successful organization. The Carabin Weekend celebrated its tenth anni- versary with gusto. Its Chairmen, Dave Lee and Marg Macdonald, are credited with maintaining the weekend as a superb cultural and social event. Carol Stone and Morgan Dever were the capable athletic reps. Carol also raised S1000 for the Settle- ment House, and Morgan scooped the Athletic Direc- torate by announcing its need for a larger fee, how- ever, the fact was well known. Bob Lee, National Affairs Chairman, and Irv Goldberg, A.V.R. Chairman, were forceful and effec- tive. Bob's committee was successful in forging lines of communication with students in Canada and abroad. Irv, while effective in liaison with producers of an original book-show, could do little about the low ticket revenue. 4 Gerry Case, Speaker Vince Kelly, President The lower sales of A.V.R. tickets may have been indicative of a campus trend. Despite this trend, Sue Evans, W.U.S. Chairman, and Charlotte Hubbell, Student Service Commissioner, because of their en- thusiastic and energetic efforts, were able to maintain the U. of T. quota in the Share and United Appeal Campaigns respectively. Sue was excellent in pro- moting the cause of foreign students. Charlotte handled the huge administrative tasks of Blood Drive and United Appeal more than adequately. The theft of the Skule Cannon by Medsmen added zest to the Blood Drive, and Charlotte went into hiding for several days. The Council continued its cultural endeavours in sponsoring the University of Toronto Symphony and Chorus. The Music Chairman, Walter McLean, salted his reports with wit attributed to the Secr-etary- Treasurer. An Art Committee was formed this year under Murray Ross only to find that its first CUSAC exhibit was lost in transit. In the second term the Council's major task was that of a thorough revision of the Constitution, the first since 1930. The Constitution Committee of Art Low and Marv Catzman worked painstakingly through a revision drafted by Gerry Case. Then after weeks of meetings of the Committee of the Whole, Council adopted the product of the tireless efforts of Art and Marv. The Committee was given invalu- able assistance by the Council Chairman, Gerry Case, who was regarded as somewhat of a constitutional authority on campus. While serving as an impartial arbiter of the Council's business, he was called upon to serve as Speaker of the Model Parliament and as constitutional advisor to University College Literary Society. 71 Late in the year an incident involving three students of a fraternity was referred to the Council by a downtown theatre. An "ad hoc" committee was called and adopted rules of procedure outlined in the proposed constitution. After two meetings the committee was satisfied that the incident had been resolved extremely well by the organization involved. A report of the proceedings was filed with the Caput. There were many Council members such as Sue Morin and John Swan who served necessarily as com- mittee members. To such "unsung heroesv the Council responds with deep gratitude. The staff which help these committees to carry their burden and maintain vitality was friendly and efficient. The Council has been fortunate in the quality of its administrative assistance. The Secretary- Treasurer, Mr. Macdonald, underwent the trials of Council in session a deficit budget admirably. After devoting her career to student government Miss Marie Parkes, Associate Secretary of the Council, retired in June. Her invalu- able advice will be sorely missed. Professor MacElhinney was joined by Dean Earp as President's Representative to the Council. Their work with the Council and its major committees was deeply appreciated. As the year drew to a close the Council marked it with a new event and a traditional one. The former was the first University Dinner held, in April, in honour of the outstanding graduates of the class of 1959. The latter was the Graduation Ball held in May. The Council continues to serve the campus effec- tively as its representative student governmentg may it grow and flourish in time as the stout oak, the University emblem. 72 Bienvenue aux Carabins ! MISS MARIE PARKES The Lady with The Smile Preparing for President Bissell's inauguration In the February, 1920 minutes of the University of Toronto women's students' council, the concluding paragraph reads like this: "The council decided to accept the application of Miss Parkes as secretary and to ascertain definitely whether she would be able to retain the position for the session 1920-21". That was 39 years ago, when the university presi- dency was held by Sir Robert Falconer, when there were segregated men's and women's councils, it was four years after Marie Parkes had graduated in modern languages at UC. Had the 1920 council been able to look into the future, it would have had no worries as to its new emp1oyee's ability to hold down a job. Now on the eve of retirement as associate secretary of the SAC and secretary-treasurer of the Women's Athletic Association, Miss Parkes can look back on many patterns in the changing face of the university and trace in them her own influence. "My job with the SAC has always been a bit of a surprise to me," she admits. "I never dreamt it would last so long. After a year's secretarial course at Columbia, I came back to Toronto and answered the council's ad. I've been h-ere ever since - and every year the job has demanded something different". Miss Parkes, who for years has kept in close contact with almost every woman connected with athletics, kept a bemused eye on too-spirited Varsity editors and offered endless advice to wet-behind-the- ears council members, had lots of the same experience during her own undergraduate days. "I was always secretary or on the executive of something", she recalls. "I was on the Lit and class executive, secre- tary of the Federated Athletic Association, and reporting editor of The Varsity". A service of 39 years can add up to a lot of friends and Miss Parkes' SAC office has seen many a graduate drop in to say: "My mother says hello to you. She knew you when she was a student here". "This is what has made the job so rewarding", she says. "It's been a wonderful life and I've enjoyed every minute of it. But now it's time the SAC trained somebody younger for the job. And l've still got the University Women's Club, the Ladies' Golf Club and amateur painting to keep me busyu. There are many aspects of Miss Parkes, job which have changed or ceased to exist since her application was first accepted in 1920. But there is one aspect - or perhaps it is better termed an attitude - that she has carried through her 39 years with the university administration and it will be sorely missed when she is gone. It is best summed up in an unconscious phrase of her own. Drop into the SAC office between now and June 30 and it is pretty safe to predict you will be met by a smiling grey-haired woman who will approach you with the words "May I help you?" 73 iw 513 M Mamie if 25365 ., gg S.A.C. Honour Awards J ili n ? it The HONOUR AWARD of the Students' Administrative Council is granted to " w g, j' ,Q 1. 17, 9 Q those students of the graduating year who have contributed most notably to the undergraduate life of the University as a whole. The recipients are determined by an Honour Award Committee on the basis of nominations received from the various colleges and faculties. The award is symbolized by a gold key and certificate which this year was presented by Chancellor Beatty on the occasion of the University of Toronto Honour Dinner, April 1, 1959. ANDREW DEWITT BAINES, Medicine SUZETTE CELINA MORIN, S.M.C. ENID ELIZABETH URQUHART BINKS, Trinity GLORIA BROOKS PIERCE, Medicine DOUGLAS HUGH MURRAY BRANION, Engineering DAVID EDMOND WRAGGE PINKHAM, Engineering JOHN EDWARD ARNOLD BROOKS, Trinity JULIAN HARRIS PORTER, Victoria ROBERT ALASTAIR BURROWS, Emmanuel MICHAEL RASMINSKY, U.C. JAMES GERALD CASE, S.G.S. TIMOTHY HERRIOT ESCOTT REID, Trinity MARVIN ADRIAN CATZMAN, U.C. RICHARD CHARLES BOSWORTH RISK, Law NANCY ANN EVELYN CHARLES, Victoria BEVERLEY ANNE, ROSS, Trinity STEPHEN HUGH ELLIOTT CLARKSON, Trinity HOWARD RUBINOFF, Medicine MARGUERITE SUE DAVIS, U.C. CURTICE MATHEW RUSSELL, S.G.S. WILLIAM BRUCE DAVIS, U.C. JUNE ELIZABETH SCEVIOUR, P. Sz H.E. MURRAY ROBERT DRESSER, Engineering RICHARD BRAITHWAITE SCHAEFF, Engineering MARY SUZANNE EVANS, Victoria RUTH ANN SCOTT, Trinity STANLEY NELSON FARROW, O.C.E. LAWRENCE HOWARD STACEY, Engineering MAUREEN EDITH ANGELA FOX, S.M.C. CAROL ELEANOR STONE, P. Sz O.T. IRVING GOLDBERG, Pharmacy MARGARET JANE WEBER, U.C. JOHN DOUGLAS GRANT, Trinity DOUGLAS ROY WILSON, Medicine JOHN ANTHONY MORGAN GRAY, U.C. JULES ELI HARRIS, Medicine CHARLOTTE JUDITH HUBBELL, Nursing ANTHONY KWOK-CHUN IP, S.G.S. VERA MAUDE JORY, U.C. JOHN VINCENT KELLY, SMC' EXTRAORDINARY HONOUR AWARDS JOYCE ANN KLEINFELDER, Victoria GERALD STEPHEN LANSKY, Medicine The Honourable Sidney Earle Smith PETER DAVID LEE, Victoria The Very Rev. Charles Joseph Lavery MARGARET STARR MACDONALD, U.C. Chancellor Samuel Beatty PATRICK OLIVER DOUGLAS MARSHALL, Trinity Agnes Elsie Marie Parkes HOWARD MCILROY MILLS, Emmanuel William James Turnbull Wright This year the Honour Awards were presented at the Iirst University of Toronto Dinner E.A.C. EXTERNAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE The External Affairs Committee is designed to plan events which concern the University of Toronto in relation to other universities. To this end there are three sub-committees: the World University Service, the Weekend Committee, and the National Affairs Committee. Voting powers are held by the elected faculty members whose duty is to report back to their respective student governments on the activities of the committee. Any student representative can be elected to the chairman- ship of any of the three committees and anyone may participate in their activities. The chairmen of the sub-committees work in conjunction with the chairmen elected from the S.A.C. Meetings of the E.A.C. are held monthly, at which time reports from the committees are given and policies are discussed. Speakers are also invited as often as possible. This year's committee heard reports on Yugoslavia, R-ed China and the Brussels World Fair. E.A.C. provides an excellent opportunity to meet students from all faculties under the most informal conditions. It also enables students to participate in many of the most interesting extra - curricular activities of university life. WEEKEND COMMITTEE The Weekend Committee of the S.A.C. was set up in order to cope with numerous exchange weekends in which the U. of T. is involved. Two Toronto delegates were sent to the McGill Conference on International Affairs in November under the aegis of this committee. Opportunities were made for Toronto representatives to attend McMaster, Guelph and Western exchange w-eekends. Undoubtedly the most important exchange, however, is the annual one with the University of Montreal - the Carabin Weekend. This year was the Tenth Anniversary of the inception of these weekends, aimed at increasing understanding between French- and English-Canadian. The Committee looks forward next year to an exchange of a similar nature with an American university, with an overall theme, keynote speakers and discussions. NATIONAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE The National Affairs Committee, under chairman Bob Lee, co-chairman Doug Branion, and secretary Barb Leamen, worked hard to promote NFCUS activities on and off campus. Members attended two conferences, the National congress in October and the Ontario congress in January, both in Ottawa. At the Ontario congress, the committee voted to support the Toronto student aid proposal and urged the government to provide more scholarships for students. The Toronto committee, with the Canadian Asso- ciation of Medical Students and Interns, studied student income tax and recommended greater increases in exemptions for students. A brief from this investigation was submitted to the Federal Minister of Finance for his consideration. BACK ROW: Jack Mclntosh, Jean Dube, Ed Osler, Anne Barnes lHost Chairmanj, Anne Sutherland Denise Platschorre, Christine Hanley, Betty Chambers, Keith Hoilett lW.U.S. Chairmanl, Mke Berger, Joe Houston. FRONT: Mary Percival iHost Chairmanj, Irene Kosowski, Barb Leamen lSec.l, Paul Druckman tChairmanl, Marg Macdonald iWeekend's Chairmanl, Adrienne Allen, Doug Branion iN.F.C.US Chairmanl. - ,Q-vlasrif' X J . "": 'ki if X X ws xXx SSI is x X- 'eip Wx 1 lf? 5' 6 Treasure Van's Mrs. Mulvaney World University Service is an international organization, with headquarters in Geneva, designed to foster co-operation between the various members of the world-wide university community. WUS of Canada has 29 Local Committees at colleges and universities across the country, each one carrying out a programme to aid in the objectives of WUS, which are three-fold: material aid to students, faculty and universities in need, educational programmes, scholarships and study programmes. The U. of T. committee of WUS, under Chairman Sue Evans and co-chairman Keith Hoilett, has experi- enced an active year in organizing a programme to incorporate the aims of WUS on the campus. Toronto's contribution to the International Programme of Action was raised through the proceeds of the SHARE Campaign, sparked by college auctions and a travelling show that visited various faculty coffee shops. Toronto's contribution will go to aid university projects in India, Vietnam, Egypt, Japan, and Israel. The Educational programme at U. of T. has been highlighted by many activities throughout the year. The three Toronto delegates to the Summer Seminar in Yugoslavia, Tim Reid, Howie Mills, and Mike Rasminski had a heavy schedule of speeches during the fall, at fraternities, campus clubs and executives, and churches. The U. of T. sent three very competent representatives, the comprehensive and entertaining information obtained about Yugoslavia and its people proved a just reward. The delegates attending the West Indian Seminar this summer are Mary Fraser, Bob Matthews, and Paul Druckman. 76 W. U. S. Four International visitors were sponsored on campus this year, to provide an opportunity for Varsity students to learn something of the University life and the economy of these countries. The visitors included Dr. S. Sueoka, University of Tokyo, Jeffrey Huang from Hong Kong, Patrick Deigh from Sierra Leone, and Dr. Bhatnager from India. Six lectures entitled "Destination: Europe", given in the spring term, were designed to acquaint the prospective traveller with the problems he would face, the attractions of particular interest to students, and the opportunities for touring on a scale more appropriate to the student's budget, through the use of hostels and student centres. Treasure Van 'visited the campus in the late fallg the display offered the student a colourful picture of the handicrafts pursued in such countries as India, Peru, Mexico, and Japan. Numerous occasions to meet and talk with foreign scholars afford opportunities for the U. of T. student to become familiar with areas of interest apart from his own community. Such opportunity for wider contacts, made available through WUS and FROS, should not be overlooked by Canadian students. What am I bid? gf-il1w.. . .egg-xmas..-.-i. -..-. . - U. of T. Debating Team The 1959 edition of the U. of T. Debating Team travelled from the orange-illuminated U. of T. campus to the ivy-covered wall of Harvard, to rustic University of Vermont, to snow-bound McGill and its extrava- gant winter carnival, to the skyscraper University of Pitt, to the Rochester Institute of Technology, to "good ol' Western U." and finally to Penn. State where they were participants in a public debate before a high-calibre audience. Th-e team was always warmly received, but usually was given this comment after most judg- ments: "We thoroughly enjoy your unique style - but . . ." The best showing of the team was -"' 4-i" - - -- ii' - - - . . . .,. ., ... at the MCG111 Wlntef Carmval TOUT' ... ' . .,ri nina . ' nament where they finished third out of twenty teams in total points and tied for first place in the total of "won- 1ost" debates, winning 5 out of 6. On campus, the team played host to McGill, Western, Queens and Yeshiva University. The topics for these debates Were, Resolved that further de- velopment of nuclear weapons be prohibited by international agreement tthis national topic has been debated no less than 46 times in the past yearj, Re- solved that the time is now, and Resolved that a university education is the prerogative of the intel- lectual elite. U. of T. lost to McGill and won the last two debates at home. .al Hungry debaters Two U. of T. debaters, Malcolm Wallace and Sid Peck appeared on television's "Citizen's Forum" series in a nationally televised debate against McGill on the topic, Resolved that there is a new case for pacificism. A newly initiated high-school program this year saw individual team members debate at 17 high schools on various topics. The audience, often num- bering over 500 students, was a welcome change from the stone-faced judges which the team habitu- ally faced. IL 590951 Q 444 ii 0 ,Q W BACK ROW: Pat Woofan, Herald Berry, Larry Beach, Richard Tan, Max Rosfein, Dave Higgins, Mac Wallace, Bill Graham. FRONT: Don Poslums, Joyce Cohen, Peter Dembski Ktaptainl, Ken Wyman, Bernie Raxlan. U. T. D. U. THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO DEBATING UNION i W. it T i i Mm QE? :ar BACK ROW: Bob Barrigar, Bill Graham, Anne Bent, Francine Gremse, Bernie Raxlan, John Gardiner, Murray Woodside. FRONT: Beverly Ross, Linda Silver, Robin Beamish, Marg Brewin, Eddie Smith. The University of Toronto Debating Union is organized in an effort to fill in the missing links between debating organizations on campus and in an attempt to initiate debating activities from the University as a whole. Every undergraduate of the University is a member of the Union, its executive coming from representatives of all the debating organizations on campus. The Union always commences its activities with the annual debates trials held each October to pick a University Debating team. This year it was enlarged 78 from 12 members to 16 and 5 alternates to encompass a larger program, and for the first time included a member of the fair sex. The debating team went to seven tournaments this year and once again did exceptionally well, always drawing an audience. Toronto's parliamentary style has become so well known that at Penn State, Pete Dembski and Ken Wyman were asked to begin the tournament with an exhibition parliamentary style debate sparked with that subtle parliamentary style humour, which most American schools discourage. The biggest effort of the year was an idea called a Public Service Program, initiated this summer by Don Posluns and chaired for the year by Linda Silver. This engulfed a high school and Service Club series and also the old on-campus chairmanship. The high school program was organized in an effort to exem- plify and stimulate parliamentary debating in the Toronto and district high schools. Ten schools par- ticipated in the program this year and several new ones have shown interest for next year. The debating union either sponsored a debate, or presented a lec- ture on debating technique, in front of a general assembly, or the high school's debates club. The program is initially a great success and shows a good deal of promise. The Union also organized debates at two service club luncheons on the topic, Resolved, that service clubs fulfil a necessary function in our modern society. Both of these debates were stimu- lating and provid-ed a good deal of interest. The University of Toronto last year elected to withdraw from the Inter-University Debates League as a protest measure and so, in an effort to keep with Canadian university debating, the Toronto society sponsored debates with McGill, Western and McMaster in Hart House, which women were allowed to attend. Meeting in session Concentrating? The month of January saw the debating team make their debut on television with Sid Peck and Mac Wallace debating Norm May and Roy Herman of McGill. The program was also carried for 45 minutes on the radio. During January the Model Parliament was also in session with the Conservatives holding a 30 vote edge over the Liberal party and the C.C.F. taking the minority role. This year the speech from the throne was made by Warden Joseph McCulley and Mr. Roland Michener was Speaker for the opening session. The Union on the whole did enjoy a successful year except for the unfortunate last minute cancel- lation of the University Debating Tournament. The year 1959-60 already shows much promise with many ideas in the ofling. The capable ofiicers who will carry them out are Bill Graham, President, Linda Silver, Vice-President, and Bernie Raxlan, Team Captain. ' 79 The 'Nensis 1'6PS from St. Mikes plot ll college SECTIGN EDITORS Tom Hartley Nic. ll undertook the tremendous iob of keeping 2,000 grad photos and biographies in the right order, and wound up with a professional skill in finding missing persons, and the feeling that he knew dozens of the graduates personally. '74-Q-a. .lean Tovell in her second year on the 'Nensis staff, put her layout training to good use in her efficient handling and attractive arrangement of the S.A.C. organizations pages. 1 mal. YQ QM, t t W A 'Q' 4 iff . A ,iff - X ,, 171476 , ' I , ,V K I ' In v.. A 7 f, ,ffffg V MQ . 80 .loan Honsberger, third year psychology at Vic., turned her talents toward the all-campus clubs section, to produce an interesting display of this side of student life. .lack Clissold lU.C. IJ, doing most of his work at two in the morning, capably arranged the organi- zations of the professional faculties into a neat, dignified, and pleasing section. out an effective sales campaign for their Edlt01S from the many campus news- papers and magazlnes got together at an lnformal supper to compale notes and exchange opmlons and new ideas Torontonensis 1959 The second female editor in the history of Torontonensis, Sandra Whittall was well prepared for the position by her training as activities editor in '57 and assistant editor last year. Besides maioring in 'nensis, she found time for swimming, basketball, S.A.C. and V.C.F. activi- ties on campus, and even some third-year French and German at U.C. A N. 3 rx Back for her second year as a layout editor, Mary Campbell handled the spring half of the Campus Life pictures this year, producing attractive and interesting pages. Marg Fisher Nic. ll ioined the staff in the fall as a general office assistant, and in the spring moved up to fill the position of Fall Activities editor. Working cheerfully and competently, she made the first pages of the book interesting and appealing. lna Healey, in third year English at U.C., drew on her professional experience in newspaper reporting as copy editor for 'Nensis 59. Even in the face of several essays, she willingly and quickly prepared the reams of written reports for the press. Carole Levine, graduating this year from the general course at U.C., again managed the advertising and sales campaigns with sparkling imagination and a sense of responsibility. 3 Q' ' V " . Marg Strachan iU.C. IIJ learned her yearbooking techniques at Lakehead College, and combined them with her interest in Women's fraternities to produce a neat, attractive Panhellenic section. Harry White, in third year Poli. Sci. and Ec. at Victoria I I capably handled the Mens Intercollegiate Sports section, which displays some exciting layouts this year. Marnie Gunn, an import from McGill, handled the Women's Athletics section with speed and dependability. Allan Stauffer and David Rosner both in MPC I at Unlversl College, teamed up on th difficult task of making the mem fraternities section lively and interesting arsity editor-in-chief Doug Marshall pauses during a typical evening of crises, pheavals, late news developments, editorial problems, inter-staff tumult, and deadlines a think over a decision and wipe his nose. Editor-without-portfolio under editor Marshall, Sam Aizenstat will edit The Varsity for 1959-60. Aizenstat, a veteran of three trying years with the paper, 1 ev.. seg u HEY4 SITY Autumn, 1958: summer was slipping off the edge of the land, leaves turned brown, the nights came earlier. At the University of Toronto, some 13,000 students readied themselves for another academic year. In the basement of the Students' Adminis- trative Council building, a handful of students were preparing to print 85 issues of the newspaper called "The Varsity". In the clicking of typewriters, out of a splurge of late nights, paste-pots, lay-out sheets and grinding presses, the academic year would emerge in print. It was going to be a good year for news. Watchdog of the University of Toronto and self-appointed guardian of Canadian univer- sities, 'fThe Varsity" found a vivid, fast- changing scene beneath its gaze. Its job was to sort the events out, to try to let students know what was important and what wasn't. Under editor Doug Marshall, the year of student news made a fast start with the emergence of three abortive new political parties, carried on with a wave of vandalism, a Caput order to look into fraternities, and wound up with "The Varsity" locked in combat with the School of Practical Science. The Varsity-SPS feud came to a boil when Medsmen, aided by "The Varsity", made ofl with the sacred Skule cannon. In the ensuing turmoil, some 200 angry engineers paid a call on the SAC building one night that almost ended in riot. But under the normal, student surface, stronger currents were moving. Pretending to look busy while a photographer snaps his picture is coy managing editor Mark Nichols. this year manifested an ultimate con- cern tor humanity in the face of onrushing war. THE VARSITY "Varsity" coverage extended from coast to coast to report student fights for higher grants. A special issue early in the year tore into Quebec Premier Maurice Duplessis for his stubborn education policy. On home ground, a wave of reaction welled up when President Claude Bissell announced the proposals of his Advisory Committee on Student Aid. The proposal to subsidize the good students and make things tough for the rest aroused mixed opinions in "The Varsity" and the paper's student poll on the plan got a thumbs-down reaction. In retrospect, it seems to have been a year when change drew closer. Under a normal surface of pranks and football games, something was brewing. For "The Varsity" it was an interesting year to watch and report. - WM-undue ' ,. aasymg' clan - . ,,, . - t.E'?1"'. . V .sf-1 QMS--F ' gg' 619 Emi V ,. W... NSW E "'lQ.'ii'f'fifFfiZi Backbone of news department and an important link between the Students' Council and The Varsity, Susie Breslin was perhaps the best-known of Varsity staffers in her role as publicity editor. Relaxed after a hard day of watching an active campus news-beat is Varsut news editor Harvey Shepherd. Shepherd, who had not acquired his famou beard when this photograph was taken, came to control during the year one of the largest and most efficient fleet of reporters in many a yeai The Varsity staff broke all traditions this year by being large to begin with and larger to end with. As the months progressed the initially sturdy masthead grew stouter and stronger with numerous additions of associates and assistants. Unlike past years the staff stayed with the ship after Christmas when exam-ulcers and common sense usually reap a heavy toll and the last issue produced the longest list of active staffers in the paper's history. The fact that many of these names will probably be conspicuous by their absence from those fateful lists Simcoe Hall sends out in June worried, or seemed to worry, only a few. Heartiest bunch were the news staff, organized as they have never been organized before, under the methodical hands of Harvey Shepherd. Ample help came from his associates, Ed Roberts and Al Walker. The list of reporters, all active and brilliant, is too long to mention here. Art, Music and Drama flourished erratically but with genius. Co-editors Warren Wilson and Maryan Talbot seemed to combine in either or both of their personalities all the diverse and varied elements found on the U. of T. campus. Warren's on-again off-again romance never seemed to intrude into his more serious work. The Sports staff functioned with efficient precision, guided by Anita Freedman award winner John Brooks who put four years of experience into the best Varsity sports page in a very long time. Gene Glisky and Dave Griner emerged as well- trained and able assistants. - .rf-.4 1-z THE VARSITY Photographers, working with a spirit never nefore existent and a technical knowledge excelling ,ny predecessors churned out prints with obedient gaiety under Mike Cavanagh. The inevitable bsence of any reproduction in the printed paper iidn't discourage their keenness at all. Cartoonists Marg McMeekin and Sheldon lreenberg working hard and with inspiration for 'ery small monetary returns put the paperls ditorial page on the cartooning map. Roger Wild, as Mortician, work-ed against remendous odds to keep adequate records of he year's news. The top three men, Marshall, Nichols and lzjenstat, really had very little to do except to iccasionally shout loudly for effect and point out minor errors. Big, fair-haired, Dylan Thomasochistic Nichols, s Managing Editor, strode vigorously into any froblem, frequently lost his temper but never his udgment and acted as guardian angel and ioliceman for the staff generally. Spectacled, curly-haired, Canadian Pacifistic lzjenstat wandered brilliantly into every intellec- ual discussion available, listened and returned to flake the soundest criticisms and analysis yet irinted. From being editor-without-portfolio he noves next year in the folioist position of all as ditor-in-chief. Marshall, usually drunk, seldom happy, sat omfortably on his S62-all action-swivel chair, did ittle and took all the glory. He had a good time. tblivious of the suffering around him, AM 8. D co-editor Warren Wilson :onsiders his own spiritual problems. Wilson, who shared the university 'ulture beat with Maryan Talbot, left university at term's end to become CBC producer. Sports editor John Brooks, a staffer for four years and this year's winner of the Anita Freedman award, grinds out his weekly column as deadline nears. fipjg One of the two associate news editors, AI Walker, edits copy during his trick in the news slot. A note: The Varsity, which this year managed to photo- graph almost everyone on campus at one time or another, found itself hard put to round up shots of its own staff. For this reason only, many who should appear on these pages, fail to do so. Apologies. 85 Blue and White Society Chairman Dave Pinkham P The Blue and White Society is a sub-committee of the Students' Administrative Council, and its Chairman is a member of that body. The Society has completed one of its most successful years, both in its activities and its finances. Two important changes have occurred during the Easter term in the policy of the committee. First, instead of the Chairman both organizing the activities and delegating these events to certain people that he has found willing to do the job, each college and faculty will now appoint a representa- tive whose main responsibility will be to sit on the Blue and White Society to help with its administration. He will also act as the liaison between the Society and the faculty from which he comes in all-campus events such as the homecoming float parade and the B. Sz W. Christmas Tree at Hart House. Some colleges already have a separate representative to the Society, and it is hoped this new method of organization will help to get the many fall operations of the committee off to a flying start. The second major change is the dropping of the Winter Carnival, prompted by losses caused by the lack of campus-wide interest and uncertain weather con- ditions. Whether this event will ever be revived only time will tell, but a completely different format from that in use this year will have a chance of real success. The Chairman expressed his sincere appreciation to Steve Woollcombe KII Trinl who was the backbone of the Society this year and who spent a great deal of time and effort finding people for odd jobs at all functions during the year. as well as helping himself. George Wilson fIII Trinl is also to be complimented on the competent manner in which he handled the float parade, leaving nothing undone. Erna Newman KIII U.C.J acted as head cheerleader this year. 2. 4 Q-M :-' M at W, .'.-l-':.l e f . Judging the Hoat parade P, x L lx ,P 4 41 , w l r E. . lx, r V, i lf ,ijt ? lx l mINQh4s1t 5Yl5'g'3""". - -' , SPFCLQ fl., 1 BACK ROW: Alf Vetter, Norman Viirre, Don Van Every, Wyn Nutley, Thor Kuryliw, Jim Douglas, Dunc Blachford Bruce Davidson, Jim Wyse, John Chenhall. SECOND: John Starkey, Richard Poole, Don McCrossan, Harold Palter, Henry Wilson, Tom Parr, Larry House, Ralph Harr ngton lan Nichols, Barry Simpkins, John Earnshaw, Evan Monkman. FRONT: Murray Dresser, .lack Train, Fred Palmer, Roger Cunningham, Earl Taylor, John Stouffer, Fred Cherney Carole Marshall, Sheldon Mintz, Don Nichol, Dick Posluns, Tom McAuliffe, Doug Scott, Ray Fingerhut. Blue and White Band Auditions were held the first day of term. After six hours rehearsal, the 1958-59 version of the Blue and White Band was marching down the football field in Montreal. Hailed by many as the finest in recent years, the band was directed by Murray Dresser QIV Engineering Physicsb. Always an eye-catcher with her charm and high-stepping performances was drum majorette Carole' Marshall CIII Physical and Occupational Therapyl. Good music was the keynote of this year's band program. Whether performing a half-time show on the football field, entertaining at a hockey game, or playing a hymn at the Remembrance Day Service, the same high calibre of musicianship was evident. With championship football and hockey teams to cheer on, this year's band probably played the "Blue and White" more times than any corps in Varsity history. The high-scoring football season alone heard it performed over one-hundred times. With a hard-working director, 36 accomplished musicians, and a talented majorette, the Blue and White Band can well be proud of its 1958-59 achievement. Murray Dresser, Director 4. U. of T. Orchestra and Chorus The 1958-59 season of the U. of T. Chorus and Orchestra, sponsored by the S.A.C., was another enjoyable and successful one. The University Chorus, directed by Dr. Richard Johnston, participated in the Tri-University Choral Contest in Hart House on November 22, and on March 15, the chorus presented its annual concert in the Great Hall of Hart House. The programme included "Songs of Innocence" by Earl George, t'Songs of Naturen by Dvorak, "Alleluia" by Randall Thompson, "Magnificat" by Galinelli, and two songs by Deliusg a small vocal group selected from the chorus sang four madrigals by Willaest. The assistant conductor this year was George Dunkley. W -1 X 1 4 a, V W V 4 576 l , f 52, WHY iff v ,. 5" "fn f MW. V12 .51 tw? . .Q 43 Mae' "wr I, Qfgif- 14" ' f JT 34 312 2 if 9 UQ "' Qi ami 7' ff ,... 1 l' 1., n 1 W7 frarr ,,, Zt' , ,, . ,l,.f ,nyp 3 WH" ,ff tif ff! ,' 1 or yin' ,iw -,X WWWWEA , , WM W X X ' X . 6 A W .,.., :W - ,fz-,ff-if 1 f f F. B FRIENDLY RELATIOP Students, the intellectual staple of every country, could be the important medium of communi- cation between different world cultures. F.R.O.S. is one attempt to work towards better under- standing between Canada and the world. F.R.O.S. is administered by a voluntary committee of University staff and Toronto community. The pleasant surroundings have been provided by the University. Cana- dian and overseas students alike who frequent these common rooms admit that F.R.O.S. is a good base from which to widen their horizons. ,lb . N51-rg-13.4, . . My rj 'Z-XLX F The University Orchestra, conducted by Professor nbert Rosevear, presented its annual concert on arch 8 in Convocation Hall. The works performed are "Wacher Auf" by Bach, "An Outdoor Adven- re" by Copland, Symphony 101 C'The Clock"J by nydn, and "Scenes Pittoresque" by Manenet. The programme concluded with the chorus and orchestra uniting in Vaughn Williams' "Fantasia on Old 10-ith", with pianist Cornelius Rodert. A small brass group from the orchestra participated in the chorus concert the following week. The assistant conductor was Walter Kemp. H OVERSEAS STUDENTS This year, F.R.O.S. had a new home at 3 Willcocks Street and 450 of the 650 overseas students, as well as 200 Canadian students, have been in and out for one reason or another. The two common rooms, committee room, oiiices and kitchenette were lively at lunch time with everyone shar- ing views over a sandwich. There were two popular noon-hour dis- cussion groups this year for over- seas students and Canadians, Tuesdays on "Folk Music Round the World" and Fridays on "Areas of World Tension" and t'Canadian Affairs". Monthly Open House brought together students from many faculties and many countries. 7 ii d' M ..V, 5 ,V,,,,A, ' rr .V , l AA., The Co-op brings out the house-keeper and handyman , s traits m everyone. E 4 il f at 1f"' 1 5.15: -lg? '. - , ,W ' ,.,f ff. 4656- ,.-af 1' . Q 7 l 1 , ' " 'djiiii " 1 vgftgfrl' up PM A -3 4' sfs-9. 'M How ! Informallty IS the keynote at the r Campus Co-Operative Residence Incor- porated. The Co-op provides low-cost residence accommodation for approxi- mately 160 students in all faculties and colleges. There are no racial or religious barriers. A beardless Santa presents intellectual-type f gifts to the Co-op members. All good things come to an end - and then there's the dishwashing to do. 90 lv Campus Co-operative Residence Lots of Work, lots of fun - that's life at the Co-op. President of the board, general manager, social con- venors, floor cleaners and dishwashers all come from the general member- ship. A secretary, a maintenance man and cooks are employed. An time is a ood time for some y g home-made calypso music Parties, house shows, bridge at coffee time, doing dishes and just plain eating are only part of life at the Co-op. There are informal discussion about anything and everything, formal debates, ping - pong and studying, studying, studying. The Co-op defended itself against the charge of "dumplings" with an angulaifkick-line in the float parade. LC -..T-7':: -i-....-E" l i-Zig,-ff p m" ' 1+l::f+'-" i lj , 1:1 lu T i I L. . -Q In N " , ' ':.:, -- 3 I f- . 'Ti'-'Il-'FT l 1' '11 g ffv L llf. T ,:--- -- --, T ll . U a 3' l ,lg-Qu H ii I- :H:' "" I:-2-':l.4q 'Q .'l , EF' Q2 Q 'lf 51 rf? I l P W Nl , 1 l I U .5 I ' .fl 5 l ' T' , .. . 1 . :, p 4 A1 i g g gi .gg '-- w, lf ,',...., - ir-SEEK L L ,rj-I I 4' t-a- J - Devonshire It has been an active year for the members of Devonshire House. The tradition of self-government remains at the centre of the life of the Residence. Members continued to administer their own affairs through the Committees of the three houses, while an overall leadership was given to Devonshire House by the Residence Council which is made up of the House Presidents and two other elected representatives from each house. Scott Lally did an outstanding job as President of the Council, and was ably assisted by Douglas Lawson, the Secretary-Treasurer. The Council met over coffee about once a month in the Dean's Rooms. The programme of special evenings with guest speakers, films, discussion groups and visitors to the Residence has continued to flourish. Special events this year included a film and talk on the Middle East by the Senior Don, H. D. Wilkins, an illustrated talk on architectural developments by Professor J. H. Acland, a visit from Robert Finch, two of whose paintings were acquired by the House this year, a talk on the role of the Press in our society by Professor E. S. Carpenter, a visit from Professor W. R. Niblett, Director of the Institute of Education of Leeds University, England, and a talk on contemporary developments in China and his own experiences in that country by Mr. W. WJ Small. In February, the Residence entertained atl a dinner and reception in honour of the new President and Mrs. Bissell. alliilillgrgllvr A. R. Gemmell, T. Yates, R. G. Burgoyne, K. G. W. Smit FRONT: G. F. Hamilton, J. S. Lally lPres.l, Dean T. H. B. Symons, J. D. Lawseg ABSENT: G. Hume. ' CNJSGB ' O53"h"C3'JU H s-:.2.::-m3"P P-:Dist-:,Cg.OQ,. ""Q.-mg' '.3"c'D CD Q-,... 1""'f9-"'rof-f-52. BCD ,Bsfbofo Qan- 3653895 ,-Ufbg-P MESQ-4 ml-ggnhgggbv-is "iv-' "Sr-H O Q2?Q3mw 5-:ff."vg'5-' mr-H "1 CD ssgngoim Og-:Engl-gag SQd5ng45v"1g '-' ns Wraps cbtrs migiso Q- no -as U' v-nm"CHW,E:l4 E5 S?,s"",?,g:.v0'Q... QHQQUQFU in-"5a5'0'E' 1-f-cD.-,-ED"ev- "1 gaicgag .... Siaoiem mrpgwanimb o Ph FF D" co o U2 FY' cn I5 is o 14 sa: U' P14 co cn 4 cn Z5 t'F Cl! o 7-15 FP D" rn C1 5 .... 4 cn "1 U2 his FP 14 14 CD DJ T5 Um on msfg l-:QU-s mm 525' Quai CD 1421323 QEUQ5 fDmc'3" H' UQ 5:3621 .Egg QODNQ 553951-O g...:,f31vB 131-,Sec "Hr-v-D'O,.U Qgmsw 5 me-+5 .moons 2225'- Q..-:mm CDS: U' :s0'E4"' 8509 ' 52,3 SOME ami' so 5-' 'D' mifgg 595:21- 'Dm Eames :z.s4FDz l l i l The athletic programme of the Residence has l i developed further with inter-house basketball l games, an inter-house hockey schedule, which ll was this year won by North House, and a table tennis tournament. y Each of the houses held a number of parties I and stags during the year, perhaps the most memorable of which were North House's t'Be a Rebel" night, in honour of Fidel Castro, South House's dinner and dance at Cafe Maison Sud, l and a party in the East House which had been p 1 l Dean T. H. B. Symons 53 f 55? 'Q ri W WWA in ff flier BACK ROW: I. G. Cumming, G. Rundans, R. G. Hannaford, R. G. Price, S. M. B. Bailey, B. G. Douglas, W. J. Scott, J. W. Maguire, P. C. Hughes, H. J. Bartlett, R. D. Gee, R. McLaren, K. R. Nauman, R. Stemp, D. J. Ross, I. Banks. DURTH: C. E. M. Mclntyre, C. Wilson, E. G. Goh, S. H. Malcolm, G. A. Harcourt, R. S. Sloan, G. Uihelyi, R. Reid, D. E. Payne, J. C. Young, J. A. ornell, P. J. F. Clark, P. Canham, A. J. Moffat, P. A. R. Ketchum, R. B. Crawford, I. K. Morrison, M. S. Millar, H. D. Wilkins lDonJ. HIRD: Dr. C. K. Gorman lbonl, P. M. K. Leung, B. E. Race, W. F. Johnson, J. A. C. King, J. D. Ferguson, J. A. Cover, A. R. Gemmell, J. B. owler, W. R. Reesor, D. N. Wilson, J. H. Moylan, C. E. Capes. ECOND: K. Koyanagi, R. J. Mathieu, J. G. Ramsey, P. B. McCulloch, R. I. Moore, W. R. Collard, E. W. White, S. R. Wilton. RONT: W. Vonk, D. A. Warrick, J. R. Banks, P. D. Chubb, J. S. Lally, J. M. Toohey, D. B. Cattran, P. A. Thomas. l l l V1 I . . - . T ggi 3 ein 2 S ' - 'Q' N -1 - ., is Q Sxlsx A - si The large programme of renovations which has rr . been underway at Devonshire House during the 3 L past four years is now nearly completed. In I January, the Vice-President of the University, . Sissy , F. R. Stone, cut the ribbon to declare the new i xmas washrooms of South House open and ready for ' g x use. This ceremony marked the completion of rx. 52 M sl the renovation of all plumbing throughout the Residence. The six resident Dons have made a contribution . y V to all aspects of the life of the House which is ggillztgshcfooili f greatly appreciated by the members. In October, Charles Lennox, who has been the Senior Don of Devonshire House since 1951, was married. House members joined to make a presentation to Mr. Lennox, and to thank him for the thoughtful interest which he has taken in the Residence during the last eight years. He has promised to continue this interest, but his good humoured and inspiring presence will be greatly missed. is iz BACK ROW: W. H. Blair, G. R. McVean, T. Abdullah, H. B. Currin, M. Kuusisto, J. P. Mclntyre, J. Fawcett, R. H. McCurdy, J. Bacon, M. J. Seliga, J. R. Edwards, J. A. Coggins, A. S. K. Chiu, L. Hagadorn, H. H. Neumann. THIRD: D. M. C. Wilson, M. M. Giertych, F. J. Holmes, O. F. G. Sitwell, D. H. Page, R. J. Dunn, B. J. Veldhoen, R. Manning, G. C. Johnston, H. E. Hilgenberg, M. A. R. Bate, W. Riemer, J. R. Bruce, B. C. Stock, S. H. Chisholm, G. G. Kennedy. SECOND: G. G. Rishor, C. S. Munro, E. S. Lapchinski, R. G. Burgoyne, D. Bell, T. Yates lPres.J, G. J. Hutton lDonJ, G. R. Myles, K. G. W. Smith, D. Parks, J. L. Candida, R. L. Sinkus, M. J. H. Tonking. FRONT: J. D. Kennedy, J. D. Falkenhagen, T. E. Richardson, C. E. M. Horning, P. Wakayama, J. S. Burke, P. Walcott, E. Enkin, B. Suhay. 94 .il l BACK ROW: D. E. Anderson, C. D. Middleton, F. H. Plahte, V. A. Crawford, W. J. Evon, J. A. Wright, W. S. Crysdale, D. W. Campbell, W. G. Thompson, D. P. Armitage, R. Albert, T. W. Harley, W. A. Naylor, l. P. Suttie, J. M. Farley, Y. J. H. Alloucherie. HIRD: R. E. I. Graham, R. D. B. Strilive, R. J. Ord, W. J. Mannerow, D. J. A. Sutherland, J. L. Copeland, J. D. Ferguson, G. R. Unwin, L. N. kausberg, D. H. M. Branion, W. R. Langdon, D. J. Condos, B. H. Fraser, R. G. Hiscox, W. C. Vaughan, G. Hurd, A. R. Holmes, D. Yesberg r. Donl, J. M. Roberts lSr. Donl. ECOND: J. W. Earnshaw, R. E. Rothwell, R. H. G. Andrews, J. C. Andrews, W. R. Tyson, G. F. Hamilton tPres.l, J. D. Lawson, G. F. Hume, E. Hymmen, E. M. Hinchley, M. Patrick. IRST: W. R. White, S. Canale, J. T. Green, J. S. Pritchard, M. C. Hall, I. M. Wilson, A. R. Mills, J. D. Holbrook, R. W. Mowbray, J. A. Stanton. BSENT: R. G. Young, W. G. Kirkland, K. J. Coventry, A. R. Birk, L. B. Coatsworth, K. H. Reese, D. J. Morton, D. A. Brodie, D. J. Nichol, M. A. okainish, J. A. F. Vallance. The 200 members of the Residence continue to Raj come from every Canadian province and from many parts of the world: from Australia, Malaya, England and Hong Kong, from Pakistan, France, Barbados, Scotland and Hungary, from Germany, Ireland, Poland and Jamaica, from Holland, Norway, Egypt, Bermuda and the United States. They are enrolled in Medicine, Architecture, Forestry, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Law, the School of Graduate Studies, P.H.E. and every Course in Engineering. This mixture of backgrounds and of academic interests within one residential college is in itself a valued educational experience. In addition to participating in a full Residence programme, members of Devonshire House have made a notable contribution to the life of the University in scholarship, sports, and a variety of extra-curricular activiti-es. In the thick of these activities the Residence has continued to be concerned with both the academic progress and the wider education of its members. In the last examination results about one-third of the members took honours and an unusual proportion received scholarships and awards. Mr. Lennox, senior don, with two of the members 95 . Student Q - fs. 'figs- 1'1St-13,11 mam. ., m s-axis' .SSB xt'5PQL:.i- ii .. W' fx -Q ., 112:49 ' Dr. Ellen Flesseman lecturing at National Conference The University of Toronto SCM is a heterogeneous group comprising students, graduates and faculty members of many races and faiths. They welcome anyone, be he believer or agnostic, to join them in a varied program of discussing, studying and applying their faiths. This programme does not end with the school term. In order to illustrate its attempt to apply faith to life, the SCM organizes three types of summer projects called "work camps", in which students across Canada can participate. In the International Camp, Canadian and overseas students live together and discuss international political, economic, cultural and religious issues. In the Industrial Camps students, working at industrial jobs, study the relevance of Christianity and the church to the problems of the working man. In the Mental Health Camps, students work as psych aids and attendants in provincial mental hospitals for the purpose of studying mental illness in relation to Christianity, and the contemporary attitude toward this illness. The fall term programme on Campus this year was highlighted by a visit from the eminent Dutch theologian, Dr. Ellen Flesseman, who was touring the Canadian SCM units under the auspices of the National Movement. She spoke and led discussion groups on a variety of topics: Buber, the Jew in the Purpose of God, Old Testament Bible Study, and Sartre. By the clear logic and the novelty and the living surety of her view of the Christian faith, she sparked the students of the SCM to make a deeper and more critical investigation into their own lives and beliefs. The other important event of the fall term was the renovation of the Coach House which the University donated to the SCM. It consists of one large room with cooking facilities on the ground floor where most of the meetings and parties are held, and several smaller rooms upstairs for various group meetings. Painting parties reduced the time alloted for some of the usual study periods, but the result, a comfortable, if not luxurious place in which to meet, was well worth the inconvenience and the effort. The Coach House was the site of the Wednesday night supper meetings this winter. The programme of study has been concentrated to avoid the hurried box-lunch atmosphere of noon-hour groups. Rev. Vince Goring, SCM National Study Secretary led a series of Bible studies on the major events in the life of Christ. However, some of the more popular of the daytime study groups, such as those on Barth and at F.R.O.S., were continued throughout the second term. The now traditional Tuesday lecture series this winter on Tillich, Freud, Nietzche, Marx and Dostoyevsky, proved so popular an aspect of the study programme that they were moved to the West Hall in University College in order that the large crowds might be accommodated. A variety of new issues have aroused particular interest among SCM'ers this year. Toronto has supported several other units in requesting Canadian recognition of the Red Chinese Government, with obvious results. Within the bounds of the U. of T. movement two issues of special interest have arisen. The first concerns the education of the students in the SCM. Students through the years have always felt abysmally unqualified to lead a Christian Movement. This year, at the suggestion of one of the faculty, the members decided to take action. Thus the SCM assembly has devised a plan to begin a non-denominational programme of intensive study for interested freshmen and sophomores. It will probably include study in church doctrine, the Bible and the problems of the life and mission of the Church. The second issue concerns the constitution of the Toronto movement, which is being brought forth for revision in the hope that the executive of the organization can be made more representative of all 'the members. With these two major revisions of their programme and constitution, the Toronto SCM looks forward in the next few years to making a greater contribution to the lives of the students on the University Campus. Charades at Fall Camp Refreshments at the V.C.F. hayride Varsity Christian Fellowship "Is there a purpose for my existence? Is there a God?" In a world disturbed by unrest and frightened by talk of Nuclear warfare, each person must find his own answer to these vital questions if he is to have peace of mind. The student entering University finds a challenging atmos- phereg knowledge gained from the many fields into which he must delve will force him to re-examine his beliefs and he will constantly need to readjust his thinking. Varsity Christian Fellowship is an organiza- tion of students who have found the answer to their questions in a belief in Jesus Christ. By means of Bible studies held in most faculties and schools, bull sessions in the residences, special lectures by prominent Christians, and prayer meetings, the Varsity Christian Fellow- ship seeks to reach many students to offer them this hope. "To know Christ and To Make Him Known" is a living motto carried out on campus each day by students who have found peace of mind by faith in Christian ideals. Through events such as firesides, open evenings, ski weekends and Campus Carolling, Christians are drawn together in fellowship with a common purpose - to draw nearer to Jesus Christ. All students are invited to attend the weekly Bible studies held in their faculty - to discuss, to differ, to inquire and to test Christian beliefs. 1 M Q Top: Engineers' Bible Study if Bottom: V.C.F. Meds'-Nurses fireside Vic V.C.F. assembling for Bible Study Clem offers his renditions of don't it" at the V.C.F. Hayride "Life gets tedious, BACK ROW: Arnold Epstein, Jay Waterman, Shirley Urback, Debbie Schwartz, Lucy Shiffman, Miriam Leranbaum, Lois Mitchell, Ruth Zender, Diddy Kopman, Claire Steinberg, Fred Zemans. FRONT: Marvin Schiff, Rosalie Evans, Michael Rasminsky, Rabbi Aaron M. Kamerling, Shaya lzenberg, Linda Silver, Morry Blumenfeld. ABSENT: Sam Aizenstat, David Stein, Jack Parnes. B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation 98 The B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation at the University of Toronto is part of a national organization devoted to cultural, religious and counseling service among Jewish students at Canadian and American universities. It is represented on more than 200 campi. The Hillel Foundation seeks to weld the Jewish student body into a true community conscious of its religious and cultural heritage. It promotes inter-religious understanding and is vitally interested in inter-group relations. The highlights of the 1958-59 season were addresses by Dr. Ellis Rivkin, Prof. of Jewish History at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, and Dr. Marie Syrkin, Prof. of English, Brandeis University. The All-University Jewish Religious Service of Worship was held on Sunday morning, January 18, in the Great Hall of Hart House. Dr. Bernard Cherrick of the Hebrew University was the preacher. The Hillel Area Institute and Conference was held at Queens University, Kingston, from February 4 to February 8. Thirty students from Toronto were delegates to the Conference. The Sabbath eve programs included a study of Contemporary Judaism. Rabbi Aaron M. Kamerling, Director of Hillel, conducted his classes on Tuesdays on the subject "Jewish Thought". Many distinguished professors of the University of Toronto appeared on the Hillel Noon-Hour Series held at University College. Christian Science BACK ROW: Robert Plowman, John Bannister, Barbara Hill, Lloyd Beckley. FRONT: Douglas Bryden, David Carruthers, George Shuff, Allen Mottershead. The West Indian Students' Association is the largest foreign student organization on campus. Its membership is drawn mainly from the recently federated territories of the Caribbean -the fruits of a spirit which was engendered and developed in organiza- tions of this nature in all the great centres of learning in the Western World. While the Association does not aspire to be a distinctly "national" group, it nevertheless tries to keep the West Indian on campus informed of recent developments at home and encourages him to assess these develop- ments in the light of his experience here. The more general aims of the Associa- tion include the desire to foster on the campus an awareness of and interest in the West Indian cultural heritage and ways of life. Its program of events includes debates and discussions, dances, and the entertain- ment of West Indian officials visiting the city of Toronto. Among the distinguished visitors entertained by the Association this year was Sir Grantley Adams, First Prime Minister of the new Federation of the West Indies. Associate membership, which is open to anyone interested in the Association, permits full participation in the Association's activities. 1 '-1 The Christian Science Organization was formed to unite Christian Scien- tists within the University in closer bonds of Christian fellowship. Meet- ings are held twice a month, at which selections are read from the Bible, and 'Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. Students also have the opportunity of sharing their experiences in the prac- tical application of Christian Science. The Meetings are open to all students who wish to learn about Christian Science. An annual activity of the Organiza- tion is the sponsoring of a Christian Science Lecture on campus. This yearls lecture, t'Christian Science: The Revelation of Scientific Healing" was given by Claire Rauthe of London, England, in the Wymilwood Students' Union, on October 30. Biennial meetings of members of Christian Science College Organiza- tions throughout the world are held in Boston, Massachusetts. It is expected that the Toronto Organization will be represented at the next meeting in September. West Indian Students' Association vel' A f BACK ROW: Bob Morris, Romain Pitt, Owen Jefferson, Wilbert Winchester. FRONT: Leonie Alexander, George Girard lPres.J, Joy Cousins. Ukranian Students' Club SE The club's chorus participating in the Students' Concert, February 16, at the U.N.F. This year the thriving Ukrainian Students' Club had a membership of approximately 100 students. An executive of various cultural backgrounds carried out the functions to which they were bound by the first general meeting. Members of the executive lead various committees, cultural, social, financial, bulletin, public relations, and publicity. This relieved them of detailed work and enabled them to carry out their functions more effectively. In the realm of cultural actvities, the club participated in the Inter- national Students' Festival sponsored by the International Students' Organization, presented its own concert for the Ukrainian public and gave a concert at Convocation Hall for the student body and academic staff. In accordance with their tradition the members went carolling on Christmas Eve. The club started its social swing with the frosh danceg later they sponsored their big ball for all Ukrainian youth organizations. A New Year's party was efficiently organized for students. The big event was the Annual Graduation banquet at the Seaway Hotel, followed by a warm farewell party. During the year the club also had a series of small parties. As a result of its public relations activities the Ukrainian Students' Club has established friendly contacts with most of the students organizations on campus, the Ukrainian youth organizations, and the Ukrainian community. "Chayka" performing its number at the Students' Concert 1304K 'linka- I3.0'iK'3 130-K 0-44 " out X1 , f frfgcrruo-64-' Slavic Circle With the sudden increase in the number of students taking Slavic languages this year, the Slavic Circle attracted a large and enthusiastic membership. Programs included an evening of games, and a film, "Sadko", based on an opera by Rimsky-Korsakov, the highlight however, Was Dr. J. Tuzo Wilson's talk on his visit to Russia and China last summer, illustrated by interesting slides. The play, presented in March, was the comedy, "Squaring the Circle", an amusing satire on life in the Soviet Union in the 1920's. The joy of the beginner when he understood a Word added to the mood of hilarity. Of course, all meetings of the Circle featured halting attempts at conversation in Russian, and real Russian piroshki - sorry, no vodka! You mean they expect us to speak this language in the Slavic circle? fm f'-:af f '-2' fa- ,. ' f ' a,1t . 54 4 'I i Z V , t " 4' 1 , gg bg, n We vw I 1,11 ' '33 if 'H ig: f if bf, 7 f I I ' ' 2 ,Q f , gg J l , , 5553 P ' ' ' 'V -, ., 'FiE.-.21 at X Q s, fx, 1 ' , 'R ' if A f Q 'vy 3505120 k f f E 5' fi' , I A M, ,Q ' . 41 n as H W.. fl gf- I' 555, I MQW 5' ?-fenf - Myer , x - ,, .fayt ,,. , 1' ,- 'Z ' -c , . f 1 . . . Flamenco dancers a 1, fdwawlummf ?-fs. N Milam' X Y Mug ,,,,f 1 -fag 'Ai iwqiwm sxiff W , V E w g.-4 Ziff' ff -vfr 1, X Ei 1 'Y ativ 1 A A ,Q 3 , S ,... Q., i Y- .,., ,pp 5 ,ab ,V 3? ' 51 , .. .,.. . a Spanish play 1 ""r"' . . . and a trip to Caledon , T 'iimfgz L E'i"..ifS5,2 ul -:Minis Q! Polish Students' Club "So much for the decorations" May we present . . . the Prez ,, , , Yni--.ld..,..q- ,.......-rm... . ..-. -35 ..-...-.........,. J-f 3 ,.,.,..,...,,.,......-.--- 1 I :X K x X 1 1 I 5721 5 .xx xx PSC Grads of '58 Polish display at the First International Students' Festival By bringing together students of Polish extraction, the Polish Students' Club strives to provide the necessary environment wherein they can enjoy and cultivate the heritage of their Polish ancestry. At present, the member- ship of about 75 is equally divided between students born in Canada and those who came here in the decade after the Second World War from the many refugee camps as well as those who arrived in the last few years directly from Poland. This mixture of the "old" and the anew" is beneficial to both groups. While the Club's activities may have a national character, the results aimed at and achieved are universal. In short, the motto is: "Whatever you do, have a good time doing itf' Of the highlights of the Clubts activities this year, by far the most important was the annual Graduation Ball, held in November, the theme of the Ball was "Tropicana" On the campus, the Club took active part in the First International Students' Festival, held at the end of January in Hart House. A weekend outing to Caledon Hills Farm in the first week of February was another feature of the Club's activities. The Variety Night on February 14, a new venture for the Club, proved quite successful. The members were treated to an annual exchange weekend to Alliance College, Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania, held early in May. A full summer schedule of activities has been planned, including another weekend at Caledon Hills Farm and outings to various parts of Southern Ontario every second Sunday during the summer months. Through its own efforts and with the generosity of various Polish organizations, the Polish Students' Club has managed to provide approximately S500 during the past years in scholarships and just as much for loans. THE EXECUTIVE FRONT: Beryl Hunter, Anthony Ip, Rudolf Abel. BACK ROW: Lola Wisdom, Nancy Auden, Michael Sylvester. W 1 P Q, N A gathering at the First International Students' Festival International Student's Organization The most significant activity of I.S.O. this year was its successful cooperation with seven of the University's ethnic student clubs in presenting the first International Students' Festival. The idea was initiated by I.S.O. and held at Hart House in January. Q, W . Q- . X .:.M"',f m 1 1 3 5 we 1 Q -an M V, 8 ' ftzgg-f3,"fr 91 , f, 'iff 'Z-I ,Q af A 0 qc , , 'P 4. g' '-:r-,J w ,5-at . 1 y 4 ,5 A . r ,Lv of 'f' 42. .1 .QKJK sf ' N,Sq:f,rfQC,. " 'K 'Xtr "". "" . xc 'W 'S' K 4 4 'Lf w f 1-.9 Jrw' ,UV . . The I.S.O. at Caledon 103 amf, 1 , , 2WMf3I-527' R X' is it is S S s Q ,ze -- K, , 'fr , A , -sr , ,A., ,, "-" ,.... X RR S Bmw X A " 3 - l 'A " - I U ,... ' EMS-' -A N X. -, .:-. A513-:gf 121- .- si::,: 222' - : -' Ms NH N as is s,.-esagszin ,ss af:-fs :ass -.1 .,,.1L. sir: I-M, ,I-:,, Q- . ,X tx, S :TN , ,.., . ,E .,,,, . , ,. p X S v,k, ,sS:.m:-., 5,3 -,b ,.1y,,-..:.- ., If UN S NTE S S T SERV1 f 5 P1 lme Minister John Diefenbaker addresses students at the MacDonald-Cartier Conference The University of Toronto P.C. Club had an interesting programme of activities this year which included meetings, debates, participation in the Model Parliament and the Caledon weekend. President Gordon Ross ably assisted by the executive, provided imaginative and energetic leadership with the result that the Club enjoyed a highly successful year on campus. Among those who addressed meetings of the Club were the Hon. Kelso Roberts, Hon. Robert Macaulay and Frank McGee, M.P. The most notable event of the fall term was the annual Caledon Weekend in November. Club members joined with prominent Conservatives to discuss the policies and principles of the Progressive-Conservative Party in the informal atmosphere of the Caledon Hills Farm. Among the participants were: Margarei Aitken, M.P., David Walker, M.P., Hon Mathew Dymond, Minister of Health, George Hogan and Professor Baker. The U. of T. Progressive-Conservative Clul was given a mandate in the Model Parliameni elections to form the government for the third successive year. Questions involving foreign policy, defence and labour union: were debated during the live sessions of the' Autographs with a smile L Progressive Conservative Club Hon Alvm Hamilton discusses Northern de- velopment wlth U. of T. and McGill students Canadian Urgent mira Model Parliament. The concept of the Caledon weekend as a study conference was extended on a national scale this year by Del O'Brien, immediate past president of the U. of T. Progressive- Conservative Club and organizer of the Macdonald-Cartier Conference held in Ottawa in February. The Conference brought students from Ontario and Quebec together and provided a forum in which they could Students participate in the discussion forums exchange ideas for their mutual profit. Students had an opportunity to meet and hear such outstanding leaders of the party as Prime Minister Diefenbaker, Hon. Donald Fleming, Hon. Davie Fulton, Hon. Alvin Hamilton and Hon. George Hees. Members of the U. of T. P.C. Club took a prominent part in the proceedings of the Conferenceg the U. of T. P.C. Club took particular pleasure in the success of the Conference in view of the fact that its example had been the inspiration which brought the Conference into being. 105 '53 BACK ROW: Carol Mahood, Tom Perry, Dick Hamilton tPres.j, Hon. George Marler, Rick Alway, Marg. Lemay, Phil Goulsfon, Arlene Van Valkenburg, Arl' Levy, Jean Carignan. FRONT: Frank Bergesson, Rosemary Frane, Danny Romanko. Liberal Club Dick Hamilton receiving the award for the best club in hte C.U.C.F., 1958-59, from Hon. Geo. Marler John Wintermeyer and U. of T. friends at Kitchener The Liberal Club had a year of remarkable growth, indicated by the fact that the eighty paid up members are mostly from first and second years. The Club received only a few votes less than the Progressive-Conservatives in the Model Parliament elections and was judged best out of more than thirty Canadian University Liberal Organizations. The aim of the Executive has been to promote better understanding of the Canadian political scene. Activities other than the Model Parliament included bi-weekly meetings with such speakers as the Hon. Lester B. Pearson, the Hon. Paul Martin, the Hon. John J. Winter- meyer, and Senator Crollg small discussion groups held periodically, proved a valuable addition to the club's activities, and it is hoped that much greater use will be made of them next year. A large delegation made a successful trip to Ottawa to the annual convention of the Canadian University Liberal Federation. Youth and enthusiasm promise an even greater growth for the club next year. l all The club chats with Secretary of the Soviet M B F' t r. ourov, irs delegation to the U.N., at the Soviet Mission in New York. The club meets Mr. Ivan Smith, Daj Hammarskjold's right hand man in the Middle East, on the fifth floor of the Secretariat of the U N building. United Nations Club Louise MacDonald, Bill Ede, Pim Fitzgerald, Mike Biggar, Wyne Chafterfon, Janet Ward. ABSENT: Lawrie Rickard. The U.N. Club this year was revitalized by the executive under the able leadership of Mike Biggar. One of the keys to success was the ever-present, but not too forceful, hand of organization, plans for the year were started in May. Another was the obtaining of excellent speakers, including, Dean lan MacDonald, Dr. T. H. Potts, chief psychologist of the Dept. of Reform Institutions, Dr. Ross, Mr. A. K. Jeans, U.S. Consul, Professor R. A. Spencer, and Professor A. J. Coleman, speaking on Canadian Economics, Narcotics, Nuclear Energy, the U.S. in the U.N., the Berlin Question, and Education, respectively. The executive, recognizing that enthu- siasm is dampened by the wooden rigidity of the lecture -room, introduced informal Sunday evening meetings. The informality of a member's living room increases lively exchange of ideas, and, through discussion, helps members clarify the problems in their own minds. The big excursion this year was the New York Trip, held in November. This trip was highly instructive and included a tour of the awe-inspiring U.N. building, a meeting with the Canadian Delegation, the privilege of lunch in the delegates' dining room, and a fascinating meeting with Mr. Bruce, head of the Department of Education, and Mr. Ivan Smith, Dag Hammarskjold's right-hand man in the Middle.East. The members spent one Saturday morning at the Soviet Mission with Mr. Bourov, First Secretary to the Delegation. Spare time was left for sight-seeing and tickets were purchased for musicals. The Club assisted in the smooth running of the Inter-Collegiate U.N. Model Assembly. Here the U. of T. delegates to the four day University Model U.N. at Montreal polished up their procedure. The Assembly was made up of many North American Universities, and four delegates of this University represented New Zealand, with the help of a qualified observer from ,the New Zealand Embassy guiding them over the diplomatic pitfalls, they successfully defended their nation's view-points. The greatest key to success of this year's activities, however, was the active participation of all the club members. dm I z Modern History Club Q mmm: Janet Ward, Carole Ann Mason tPres.J, Mr. Macdonald, Judy Keast, Ann Johnston. For the first meeting this year on October 30, the club was extremely fortunate in having as guest speaker Michel Brunet, Professor of History at the University of Montreal. In his talk on "New Views in Canadian History", he concentrated on French Canada. In November, the three delegates to the W.U.S. Seminar in Yugoslavia last summer gave some highly interesting addresses and slides on modern day Yugoslavia. J On January 22, Keith Spicer and Professors Nelson and Spencer conducted a stimulating panel discussion on the question, "Has Democracy Failed in France?" Mr. Macdonald of the Department of History was unsparing with his assistance as Staff Adviser, and the Club looks forward to continued success next year. I Mathematics and Physics X E Society ' .P 2' 221 f' ffjflj Z V Lf? may Sf M ff 2 Af A NI F F J .,u,, M f + 5. -- 1 , - ,I , MV' JF F . says., I ,V ,, ag ,El in -Q.. Sur 1 1 W ti I BACK ROW: Rick Burns, Bob Darling, Kay Gunn, Sharon Pratt, John Lazier, John Booker. Geography Club The "Troubadors" of the Second Year The Graduates Variety was the theme of the Club this year. The Wiener roast with McMaster University was a grand success, and there are plans for another next year. At the Christmas Party, the students presented a series of musical skits which were followed by Dr. Tatham's inimitable rendition of "Icthyosauris.', In addition, the monthly meetings featured speakers . . D . T th th on geographic topics. r a am at e piano oleman Geological Club if :E 2 5 l o,,e f Pl .,,, , , . . BACK ROW: Nada Boyko, Bruce Dany, Ruth Hefherington, Norman Rukavina, lan Thompson, Patrick Lee, Don Corrigan. FRONT: Winsor Pepall, Jean Castleden, Don Harris, Rhoda Fesenko tPres.7, Peter Carr. ABSENT: Ron Hore, Walter Piche. 'Round the World Geology and discussions over a cup of coffee - such Coleman Club activities complement the geological courses and introduce unusual subjects. A dinner and party rounded off the year. .il T0 U-DRY Hockey games between the graduates and undergraduates University Chemical Club Selling Lab Coats Field Trip to Schenectady The University Chemical Club, enjoying its largest membership in history, arranged lectures which varied from "Education in Russia", to "Neutron Research". Not all meetings were on the purely academic level, one evening was spent at Parkdale Wines, inspecting and sampling. Early in the year, the junior members were given a tour of the Chemistry building, and introduced to members of the staff and to graduates. Two field trips were offered this year, one to the General Electric Research Laboratories in Schenectady, N.Y. and the other to the Clarkson Refineries. To encourage the intermingling of members, both a football and a hockey game were held between the graduates and undergraduates. The social event of the year was the annual banquet held at the Town and Country Club. After Smorgasbord, those who attended enjoyed toasts, skits and other entertainment on an alchemical theme. BACK ROW: Jean Campbell, Mary Jean Williamson, Cathy Wylie, Mary Ellen Kirk. FRONT: Eileen Caldwell, Miss J. Wardlaw, Janet Macrae lPres.l, Kathy Forster, Elizabeth Ord. Household Economics Club The joys of life in Home Suite .,... . ,...,,, , Q. ,,:,.,,., .,., ,,,..,,1-31-,W,F4,,,,,-W5 ,,-.,,. A - , ,,.,V. 5 V Zsrsfrii . ,,', .A-fvvdiw The Household Economics Club arranges and promotes many activities for the interest and entertainment of all students in various years. The " year started on a lively note when the Faculty of Forestry invited all - - - - - - 1 ' ... .,l. 11.- IN members of the Club to an initiation party at Caledon. The evening included c .a--- ,,2, -r Ir- a giant sing-song and barn dance. In October, a tea was held to welcome """'- .,,': 'Q . . . . -:eiiizifiri " o A..-- We r je' all the freshies. In January, the Household Science building was transformed 1,.A ,.g . C, into an atmosphere that was truly Icelandic when the girls presented their annual formal dance -- the "Polar Prom". Other activities included gp , f s, "Our Angular Fashions" in the float parade and a heated debate with the seae if 't,- ,l,l l l, engineers. In March, a dessert and coffee party preceded a series of lectures ,,,,,, A - - - " ""' 7, -': given by three Toronto professional men whose work 1S related to the field 'il' 5. , of Home Economics. M g A Flying Club "The horse and buggy days are not far behind us, and yet almost every family has at least one auto- mobile. Tomorrow, when the graduates of this university are established in high and responsible positions, will without a doubt see the family aircraft." Mr. Bob Wong, co-owner of Canada's best Flying School, took this as his theme, during his appearance as guest speaker at one of the club meetings. With modern developments, mass production, and especi- ally with higher living standards, such a prophecy is more truth than fancy. Presently, the University of Toronto Flying Club has forty-seven members, twenty-three holding their private pilot's licence. Membership is open to all staff, graduates, and undergraduates of the University of Toronto. This year as previously, arrangements for aircraft were made with Central Airways, Toronto Island. Members wishing to participate in active flying appreciate the reduced rates applicable during the summer as well as the regular term, and those wishing to obtain a pilot's licence are able to take lessons at one of the finest flying schools in Canada. A minimum of thirty hours flying time, on an approved course, is necessary for a private pi1ot's licence. During the summer, there was a breakfast flight to Brantford, when the gliding competition finals, sponsored by the Southern Ontario Soaring Associa- tion were held, a field trip was also made to Brantford where members were given introductory glider flights by the Association. Meetings have been held bimonthly, two breakfast flights have been held so far this season to Niagara Falls and St. Catharines, Lake Simcoe and Oshawa, and a tour of the deHavilland Aircraft Company was made during the Christmas holidays. The club was pleased to have Professor W. G. MacElhinney, an ardent supporter of recreational flying, as Honorary President again this year, and it is hoped that the success of the Flying Club will continue as it has in the past. "Up in the air . . . University of Board of Directorsg The Mess Committee Q Squadron Parade Located at 119 St. George Street, the headquarters for the Royal Canadian Air Force-'s University of Toronto Squadron are busy every Thurs- day night during the school term when students from all faculties meet to take part in the R.C.A.F.'s training programme, under Squadron Leader W. H. Dray. This is part of a larger programme in which students, both male and female, train with the R.C.A.F. for three of their university years while holding the officer rank of Flight Cadet. Upon completion of the programme, the students are raised to the rank of Pilot Officer, Flying Officer, or Flight Lieutenant, and are granted a Commission in Her Majesty's Royal Canadian Air Force as Reserve or Regular officers. On a typical Thursday night, uniformed personnel congregate at the Drill Hall at 6:30 PM. After a "parade", the students attend a lecture, usually given by a member of the University's faculty. The subject-matter of this lecture can range anywhere from "The State of Affairs in Red China" to "Artificial Satellites", or "The AVRO Arrow". A movie follows, after which students are dismissed. Most of the personnel have left the Drill Hall by ten o'clockg they have each earned one-half day's pay. Before the summer months begin, the Flight Cadets are posted to various R.C.A.F. stations across Canada or abroad. At that station they will Foronto Squadron Mess activities after the Parade ie Staff XWMW be given responsibilities in accordance with the trade they have selected, some will be pilots or observers, some will work in the field of telecom- munications or administration. A Flight Cadet in a trade requiring technical skills will usually be instructed over a three summer period, examinations allow him to assess his proficiency as compared with that of the other students. The winter programme at the University of Toronto Squadron begins about one month after the commencement of lectures with a get-together in the OiTicer's Mess at Station Toronto, and ends in the same way towards the end of February. Other social events throughout the term include a Mess Dinner and informal dances. Each year, dignitaries from across Canada are invited to attend the Squadron's Formal Dance, held at Hart House. Thus there is ample opportunity for Flight Cadets to get to know students from every course at the University. ' The University of Toronto Squadron consists of approximately 150 members, both regular and reserve. They realize that upon graduation, as a direct result of their affiliation with the Squadron, they will have been developing their potentialities and personalities to the advantage of both their country and themselves, they will be respected citizens and leaders in their community, they may become Commissioned Officers in the Royal Canadian Air Force. R. B. Schaeff G. A. Baker B. Munro F. E. Collins E. W. Burgar President lst Vice-Pres. 2nd Vice-Pres. Treasurer J. C. Bannister Secretary W. D. Beamish S.A.C. Rep D. Pinkham S.A.C. Rep T. L. Easterbrook I. Holubec Mechanical Club Civil Club 114 . ., .. .J Engineering Although the size of this year's freshman class was reduced, the south end of the campus did not lack enthusiasm and interest. Having survived their introduction to Skule which consisted of two bustling days of initiations, the freshmen helped the Faculty win this year's Chariot Race. The Cannon Ball started the season's social events. It was held at Hart House amid the artistic wall murals of the various engi- neering clubs. This year's At Home had the pleasant setting and atmosphere of the New D. Vidinsh M. E. Pritchard Eng. Physics Club Eng. Business Club Athletic Assoc. Pres. MQ l I l 1 r l R. J. Ord A. Monro J. L. Gray A. P. Pazla M. Hever G Mining 8z Metal Chemical Electrical Debates Editor - Toike Oike Club Club Club Club Society Club Kingsway. Mart Kenny's Band provided the music and the entertainment included a knife-throwing act. The social highlight of every graduate's four years at Skule was the Grad Ball held at the Royal York. Another social event was Skule Nite which brought to the campus an All-Revue show, a very lively production. N o summary of events at the Faculty of Applied Science and Engi- neering would be complete unless the Toike Oike and Lady Godiva Band were mentioned for their literary and musical contributions. A. Tunner Editor - Year Book D. Branion External Affairs Rep J. C. L. Phillips Director of Publicity 8: Publications B. Barrett R. w. Sydiaha H. M. Malone s.K1ich G. c. Bonhamw Pres. 5T9 Pres. 6T0 Pres. 6T1 Pres. 6T2 Dirc. of Professional Relations 115 in ,neue I. Holubec V. Pres. G. D. Baker President J. Gray Electrical Rep. P. G. Cockburn Civil Rep. R. P. Wright Eng. Bus. W. A. Travnik Min'g. Mtl. Rep. Dagny Vidinsh Eng. Bus. P ' - ' ,! , . ..- V'r' . Q' . Q X X , . XX x x N , . Q S X Q X X ' XENA as X xx X A X xx 3 5 X 3' ' :- ' - i S f.z1:5,s , , .f W., Q .. ima gl ' Nww W ,,. X V 5 N l I l N . X R DN l .S X X ,W X 5 KX N .. is 'ix 'Q X , . Qui. sl S s- Vd Y SES My X V. . X X. W Rite .e 'QSQQQXY' 'R .. 1 ,. 9- l 2:.:.:.:es-rmiw-is . , G. J. Clarke Treasurer L. D. House Secretary Engineering Alumni The eleven graduating engineers whose pictures appear on this page are members of an Association which attempts to keep the graduating classes in contact with each other after they have left Skule. These individuals will be in office for three years, maintaining a mailing list, arranging gatherings, and preparing newsletters. The Association was formally organized at the Victory Union in 1919, after the First World War, it adopted and approved a constitution and by-laws in the following year. The chief administrative body is a Council of Ten. The immediate Past President, the Engineering members of U. of T. Senate and Board of Governors, the President of the Undergraduate Engineering Society, and the Fourth year President are also all ex-officio members of the Council. In addition, there is an honorary Advisory Board for the Council. Every three years, the Association arranges Triennial Reunions, in which the halls of the Roya1,York rock for three days to the syncopated rhythms of "Toike-Oike". In the two years between the reunions, an Alumni Fall Dinner brings graduate Skulemen together. The Association has also formed the Engineering Education Committee, which collects and distributes financial aid from graduates to both Faculty members and undergraduates. This Committee awards ten bursaries of S500 each to High School graduates entering Engineering. The candidates are observed by High School counsellors, who report on their character, scholastic ability, and financial need. In addition to these bursaries, a loan fund of 37,500 is maintained, from which undergraduates may borrow various sums, the repayment of which is usually after graduation. The Engineering Alumni Association and its Council are vigorous and enthusiastic bodies, and the scope of their activities is increasing. As with any organization of this type its strength lies in the initiative and resourcefulness of its members, in this case the various class executives. The group of people which you see on this page have all had experience in Engineering Society work, and with this backlog of experience we feel confident that 5T9 will become, and will remain, one of the most active graduate bodies on the Alumni. 'wi M. J. Hever H. Munro Mechanical Rep Chemical Rep BACK ROW: J. Dunsmuir, J. Lewis, T. Richardson, D. Steele, D. Gordon, S. Bell, T. Betty. FRONT: B. Millar, W. Cameron, E. Kovaks, A. Monro lChairmanl, R. Cook, L. Ross. CIVIL ENGINEERING CLUB Under the chairmanship of Igor Holubec, the first achieve- ment by the Civil Club in a successful year was the winning of the intercourse competitions at the Skule Cannon Ball. The winning poster was designed by Dennis Foster. First year Civil won the Engineering Chariot Race and went on to overwhelm Forestry, the only entrant who dared to defy Skule, in the Interfaculty competitions. The Club Dance at the Embassy Club, provided an enjoyable evening. The poster decorations at the dance were quite amusing. A large number of Civil Engineering students gathered for the Club Dinner where they heard thesis talks. A programme of lunch hour films completed the yearls activities. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING CLUB This year marked the fiftieth year of the founding of the Indus- trial Chemistry Club, now known as the Chemical Engineering Club. The Club observed the occasion with a semi-centennial dinner at which members of the staff who were present during the founding days spoke on the early days of the club and of chemical engineer- ing. In addition to this event the club held a spring dinner, a hockey tournament and a dance "Nursineering". Every Wednesday at noon the Club presented a film or speaker in the Wallberg build- ing, these lunchtime meetings were quite popular with the students. The purpose of the Chemical Engineering Club is to provide activities in the interest of chemical engineers and to act as a liaison body with the Engineering Society. In all these respects this has been a highly successful year for one of the most active clubs on campus. BACK ROW: R. Juniper, J. Andrews, P. Cockburn J. B8l'b6l', D. Foster. FRONT: V. Sakamofo, Eva Reich, I. Holubec lChairmanJ. ABSENT: J. Lawrence, J. McLeod, D. Dawson DEBATES CLUB BACK ROW: D. Higgins, D. Rutenberg. FRONT: J. Simms, A. Pazia lChairmanl, R. Barrigan. ABSE NT: M. Woodside. Who spends hours and hours of research preparing for debates? Then gets before the audience and finds there's nothing he can state? Who shows a great capacity for the production of hot air? The constant chatter, thoughtless matter Debating Engineer. As usual, the Engineering Debates Club had an interesting and successful year of debating. In addition to a number of debates held within the faculty, the Engineering Debates Club took part in six interfaculty debates. These were with Nursing, Household Science, St. Mike's, Medicine, Victoria, and P.O.T. The highlight of the year was the third annual Student Staff Debate attended by more than 250 people. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CLUB The Electrical Club activities commenced with freshmen initiation during which the freshmen were driven by a group of fourth year students. The destination of the fourth year field trip was Montreal. The second year students travelled to Buffalo for the first foreign trip in history for undergraduate electrical engineers. Hockey and Basketball games were organized and the C. F. Tracy trophy was awarded at the first annual electrical smoker held at the 98th Highlanders Club. The entire fourth year electrical engineer- ing course attended the grad ball. They received support from four senior staff members. The grad ball concluded an eventful year. .l. Wismath, W. Rankin, E. Ashworth, J. Gray lChairmanJ, A. E. Virgin, B. Nicholson, R. D. B. Sfrilive. H. Brown, D. Wright, M. Pritchard lChairmanJ, M. McQuaid. ABSENT: R. Hornby, R. Potter. The y-ear commenced successfully with the fourth year field trip to Montreal. Along with the Mechanical engineers, those in business visited the St. Lawrence Seaway, Dominion Bridge, and Canadair. After a social study of Montreal night life, those who could make it saw the Blues start a winning season by trouncing McGill on Saturday afternoon. It was decided that another combined Engineering and Business-Mechanical event was needed, the second event took place at the Boulevard Club on November 20. The occasion was the Mechanical Club fall dance, and it will be remembered as one of the best social events of the year. ENGINEERING BUSINESS CLUB Two weeks later Varsity Arena rocked to the annual Engineering and Business hockey tournament. After the pre-game warm-up of elbow bending at Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity, third year went on to win the trophy case of 24 individual awards. These teams met again in February at the Engineering and Business basketball tournament. This time it was first year who played their way to the top position. A general meeting was held in the fall and the guest speaker, T. S. Medland, giving an interesting address on how to start your own business. Plans were made for the Engineering and Business dinner at the Swiss Chalet. D. Mackie of the Ford Motor Company addressed the club. 119 l r BACK ROW: R. N. Cwirenko, H. P. Hill, R. F. Mossman, R. D. Maklin, W. Van lferson, W. R. Tyson. FRONT: J. G. LaFramboise, A. M. Baxter, D. Vidinsh tChairmanl, J. Nestor, D. P. Wakfer. ENGINEERING PHYSICS CLUB The members of the Engineering Physics Club, when they take time from their studies, can say in retrospect that this was a most successful year. It started on a note indicative of contem- porary lines and of this growing University when 160 freshmen entered the course in September 1958, hoping to become this nation's future leaders in nuclear engineering, aeronautical engineering, electronics, geophysics, spectroscopy, metallurgy and thermodynamics. On the social scene, the whole year could be summed up in one magnificent word - 'tMud", this Word is not used here in its normal connotation: "Mud" formed the keynote of an hilarious eveningls entertain- ment at the annual dinner, when the speaker Dr. R. Stanton used this as one of many poetical poems to demolish the fad of modern poetry. A memorable dance was held at the St. Andrews' Golf Club. Other events in the social year were a Wiener roast at the farm of Prof. Tuzo Wilson and a club smoker of indefinite length. The pride and joy of the Club was the slightly battered chariot which, including drivers, was lent to the Civils to uphold the honour of the Engineering Society in the annual Winter Carnival, it placed first by a Wide margin. ECHANICAL NTGINEERING LUB BACK ROW: J. Ayfon, T. Sovka, C. Ball, W. Blanchard, H. Weikinger. FRONT: G. Clarke, C. Easferbrook tChairmanJ, G. Oliver, W. Nolan. Under the chairmanship of Cy Easterbrook, the Mechanical Club enjoyed a remarkably successful year. Things got off to a flying start with the Club Dance held at the Boulevard Club in November. The evening was highlighted by several spot-dances and during the orchestra's intermission some dancing by a talented student atop one of the tables. Fourth year's week-long field trip took VIINING AND METALLURGICAL CLUB ABSENT: B. Carter. R. Ord tChairmanJ, J. White. them through several industrial plants in Ontario. The trip ended at Montreal on the McGill-Varsity weekend. Third year spent a day in St. Catharines touring McKinnon Industries and second year went for half a day to Hamilton to see De Fasco's operations. Of all the new fields entered by the Club the control and direction of the lounge in the Mechanical Building was probably the largest and most successful undertaking. The Club started the year with a beer and oyster party. This was a new idea this year, enjoyed by students and staff alike. The next big event was the annual dance held at the Embassy Club immediately following the Christmas Exams. Approximately forty couples attended attempting to forget the preceding exams. The Club was active throughout the entire school yearg during the first term there were movies and speakers on alternate Friday noon-hours. Three general meetings were held where those present laughed at the stories told by Mr. La Prairie, saw an excellent film on Ripple Rock, and heard Professor Macklin speak on town planning. The year was brought to conclusion by the annual dinner held at Scott's Tavern on February 20. Watkins Samuel, the eminent speaker who had recently returned from a tour of Russia, spoke in a thorough manner on the economic conditions of the mineral industry in Russia. 99669699 SKULE l YEARBOOK RE FSO Qfgwwf Mike Wertheimer, Len Schubert, Janet Chapman, Alex Tunner, Dennis Foster, Marg Durnin, John Shewchun, Lou Birta. This year the Engineering Society again published a yearbook for all Skulemen. Unlike other yearbooks, the Skule Yearbook is distributed free of charge, the costs being met in roughly equal proportions by advertising revenue and by a subsidy from the Engineering Society. The Skule Yearbook is a record of Skule's activities during the past year, and contains numerous pictures of Skule in action as well as class pictures. On this year's staff, headed by Alex Tunner as editor, Lou Birta was business manager, Barry Simpkins was sports editor, and John Shewchun was in charge of club activities. Denis Foster, Len Schubert and TOIKE OIKE BACK ROW: Dennis Foster, Barry Simpkins, Bob Manning, Ozzie Schmidt, George White. FRONT: Art Landsberg, Rich McCleary, Mike ,Q Heuer lEditorl, Zeke Fedun, George Tabisz. As one of the two oflicial publications of the Engineer- ing Society it is the aim of the Toike Oike to combine the qualities of a student news- paper and a literary and humorous magazine. This year "the Toike" has appeared as five four-page issues and four eight-page issues. Following the schedule of Engineering Society activities as closely as possible, the paper managed to be timely, and on at least one occasion controversial. 1 Mike Wertheimer produced some particularly good cartoons and illustrations, while Harvey Griggs as ofiicial Skule Photographer, ably assisted by Rich McCleary in particular, deserves credit for many of the pictures in the Yearbook. Typing, including the deciphering of hieroglyphics on some of the manuscripts submitted, was done by Janet Chapman and Marg Durnin, two girls from the Engineering Stores. Looking through their Yearbook many years hence, Skulemen will no doubt be reminded that some of the best years of their lives' were those spent at Skule. BACK ROW: Lawrie Devift, Ted Tory, John Rae, Jim Snider. FRONT: Dave Stewart, Don Wilson, Don Borfhwick, Don Grant lPresidenfJ, Mr. E. P Neufield 1Honorary Presidenfj, Bill Hunter, Paul Gooderham, John Kelly. Commerce Club The past year has been a most successful one for the University of Toronto Commerce Club. With an increased percentage of the students in the C. Sz F. course having enrolled as members, the Club got off to a good start with a Freshman Reception and a well- attended luncheon featuring a speaker from Ford of Canada. The outstanding event of the fall term was a panel discussion on the Role of Labour in the Canadian Economy. A large crowd, including guests from the Economics Club of Ontario Agricultural College, packed the Hart House Debates Room to hear Marcus Long moderate a debate between four ex- perts, two, representing labour's point of view and two upholding managementis side. To commence the winter term activities there was a smoker, at which Captain Hoptkins of the Toronto Harbour Commission discussed the Economic Consequences of the St. Lawrence Seaway, with particular respect to the Toronto area. A tour of I.B.M. was arranged for interested students. In the way of sports, an enjoyable golf tournament was held in the fall, and the fourth year captured the championship in an inter-year shinny tournament. A dance with the School of Nursing and the annual Finance Frolic were the principal social activities of the club. The highlight of the year was the Ex- change Weekend, when fifteen students from the University of Michigan visited Toronto to listen to guest speakers and take part in dis- cussions, panels, seminary and social gather- ings. They were entertained royally by 25 specially-elected Club members under the financial sponsorship of the Massey-Ferguson Company. This marked truly a high point in exchange weekends and the return visit to Ann Arbour is eagerly anticipated. The final event of the year was a first class banquet with a guest speaker. At this time the new executive took over the reins, and history was made as a dividend was declared to all club members from the profit on the year's activities. 123 MQ Brian McDonald Peter Morin Greg. Bourassa Treasurer Athletic Dir. President Facult of Dentistr Dental Cabinet T. O'Shaughnessy Editor - Dental Extracts af 2 21 , X 1. Z 2 af ffftfih ,f if Doug Hattner Pres. 3rd Dental Yr. Terry Hearns Pres. lst Dental Yr. Jack Hanvey Pres. 2nd Dental Yr. Harold Marcus Marvin Kopel Alex Finkelstein Publication Publicity Assist. Publication Commissioner Director Commissioner Norman Levine J. J. Mitchinson SAC Rep. EAC Rep. sig. I I x Gerry Huffman P. Fisher Dave Boidoff Social Director Assist. Publicity Assist. Social Director Director Marc Y. Legault Moe Katzman Andrew Timberg Dentantics Assist Dentantics Pres. Producer Director 4th Dental Yr. at 1 M Miss Pamela Miss Margaret R. Smith Johnson Petch President Pres. - 1st Yr. Pres. - 2nd Yr. Predental Yr. Dental Hygiene Dental Hygiene INTERFACULTY VOLLEYBALL IK ROW: J. A. Lawson, R. K. Jamieson, B. R. Moore, W. P. Piercy. DNT: W. H. Ferrier, F. W. Lockhart, J. G. Sloan. Emmanual College ...MWF at HOCKEY TEAM BACK ROW: Ernie Royle, Russ Crosley, Jim Oben, Harvey Murphey, Cec. Wittich, Vergil Plage, John Hunter, Bob Werry. FRONT: Bob Oben, John Sloan, Paul Newman, Harold Jenner, Frank Shuttleworth, Howard Mills, Bob Burrows. manuel vs. Knox INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONSHIP QUARTET H. M. Mills, H. W. McKerrieII, N. S. Thomas, R. A. Burrows. Forestry FORESTRY ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE BACK ROW: Rod Carrow, Dave Kiil. FRONT: John Sellers, Mr. A. D. Hall, Ted Wilson. 126 FORESTERS CLUB EXECUTIVE BACK ROW: Stan Byrne, Ted McHale, Bruce McDougal, T Wilson, Les McCoy, Don Dickson, Jim Malcomson. FRONT: Bob Lynn, Doug Brodie, Murray Morison, Ken Reese. ANNUAL RING STAFF BACK ROW: Bob Unwin, Peter Moens, Les McCoy. FRONT: Bill Weislra, Bruce McDougal, Wim Vonk. BACK ROW: Tony Golding fBadminlonJ, Ruth Barnes lPubIicifyl, Frederic Haywood lHarf House Rep.l, Irene Kosowski lE.A.C. Rep.J, John Muggeridge lPubIicifyJ. FRONT: Marilyn Trenholme lSec.l, Hugh Wallace lVice-Pres.l, Emanuela Mayer fPres.l, Blandford Kay lTreas.l, Grace Spendlove lSociaI Convenorl. Graduate Students' Union This year began with an outing to Caledon Hills Farm where members spent the evening vigorously raising the dust of a nearby barn. Christmas was an excuse for another party, this time in Hart House. The highlight of the year proved to be a dance held on St. Valen- tine's Eve at the Sign of the Steer. During the intermission a group of engineers took it upon themselves to regale the company with an unusual rendering of a well-known song. Early in February the members of the Union went skating. Afterwards they adjourned to Hoskin Avenue where a chicken supper was consumed in front of a blazing fire. The toboggan party must 'be considered less successful. This was due entirely to the weather. However, a few persevering members did manage to propel themselves through the slush on Rosedale golf course, and appetites remained as keen as ever for the chicken supper, which by now had become an established tradition. For those who regularly attended Union meetings it was a successful year. At least they got to know each other, and in so doing fulfilled the Purpose of the organization. "Travel broadens the mind." A journey to 44 Hoskin Avenue on any Monday afternoon will prove the truth of this saying. Here you may find yourself discussing modern art with a student from Belgrade, or talking about the weather with a citizen of Hong Kong. Here graduates from over 250 universities through- out the world have the opportunity of meeting contemporaries, exchanging views, and drinking tea, all beneath the kindly eye of Miss Mackenzie. These Monday afternoon teas perfectly fulfil the most important aim of the Graduate Union: that of promoting a friendly under-- standing between members of different faculties. Graduates are so often liable to hide away in their own particular library or laboratory. - . The Graduate Union is a social club. Regular weekly activities include square- dancing and badminton. From time to time the executive arranges special events designed to lure members into each other's company. 127 KCA EXECUTIVE BACK ROW: Glen Thompson, Walter McLean, Graydon Boyes, Donald MacDonald. FRONT: Arnold Bethune, John Carr, John Boyne lPres.l, John Allison, Homer McAvoy. Knox College MH H Akfv ,I ...... X... l,,. .... . ,,,..., 3 KJ R- W- 7 e1e,1 - -M, pl., . , 3431 :MLW viii-T2-W Qi!! 12 4' ww wf H ff In l , , KNOX CHRISTMAS DINNER v' . . . And here gentlemen is an excellent example of pseudo - gothic crenelated tracery . . . ily?-Z' I not to your leader - 5222-"7"-il. I 1 - 'N , , , Q! f M to Marg! Faculty of Law ' LAW CLUB EXECUTIVE BACK ROW: G. Warren, J. Bowles, A. Low, R. Kennedy, J. Elder. FRONT': S. Fisher, J. Brownlie, J. Wright 1Pres.j, J. C nwafh, S Borins. ABSENT: A. Meyer. . J . 1 A 9 I FACULTY OF LAW REVIEW EDITORIAL STAFF BACK ROW: D. OR ke, R. Kennedy, W. Grove P. Beck. FRONT R. R' k S Borins, W. McKeown. 129 'v - Sir k .""' . '-" E in 1 Douglas Wilson D. T. Standret Susan Atock Dr. R. Jackson Dr. W. G. Bigelow Dr. J. A. McFarlane l President Vice-President Secretary Chairman Hon. Chairman Hon. President Allen Hart Treasurer Robert Lee SAC Gloria Pierce SAC Medical Despite the usual heavy pressure of long hours at school and at the books, the members of the Assembly not only fulfilled their responsibilities, but also managed to add some innovations to their extra-curricular programme. Socially speaking, Dan Standret, the Vice-President, revived the traditional "Panacea", or "cure all", which had enjoyed such campus-wide popularity in the post-war period. It was held at Hart House in the fall, featuring athletic events with Queens University and S.P.S., fortune-telling, caricatures, Monte Carlo games, dancing to two bands, and the presentation of the Panacea "Honey-Pot" to the engineers for their showing in the sports activities. It is hoped that this unique dance will be continued and expanded in the future. The At-Home, "the largest undergraduate dance in Canada", was once again a smashing success, especially in bringing back grads from many years for a wonderful evening. "Participation" was the keynote of Al Cecutti's Athletic programme, and the fine showing in the Mulock cup race was evidence of his success in encouraging individual and team sports. "Daffydil", under the direction of Ross Purice, also benefited from the Medsmen's desire to be Hangularn, and another marvellous show had the participation of about one-third of the student body. Not to be out-done by students in the Faculty of Arts, Medsmen again tried their hand at cultural and literary endeavours. Peter Moore edited another fine volume of award-winning Medical Journal while three talented scribes published the Faculty newspaper "The Probe". Bill Mclntyre of Arts and Letters, headed the Debates Society. Music Club and Osler Society functioned smoothly and conceived another innovation, that of an Art and Photography Contest. If the number of high quality entries in the contest is an indication this competition should become a permanent feature in years to come. Al Cecutti GAA 130 Sally Saunders P. C. F. Moore W. C. Mclntyre M.W.V.A. Medical Journal Arts and Letters Gordon Perkin Joe Schatzker Ken Adam Alan Gross 5T9 Pres. 6T0 Pres. 6T1 Pres. 6T2 Pres. Society The Meds Freshmen received a fun-filled and informative orientation programme in the fall, under the able guidance of public relations man, Bill Franks. Among other things, Bill also edited the Faculty's edition of the Varsity which was well received all over the campus. Staff -student relations were furthered by the work of Ron Wintrob who organized the Smoker and conducted secret studies on various aspects of the Premedical course. All of the students owe a vote of thanks to CAMSI, the National Medical Student Association, and particularly to Peter Adam and Jules Harris, who Worked diligently to improve this organization and to further the interests of the U. of T. Faculty. In an important physical way, the Society had benefited greatly from the Work of Peter Van Nostrand, the Warden, who completed the furnishings in the new office and planned the many changes which were carried out in the Duncan Room to make it even more suited to student needs. Of the SAC reps, Bob Lee and Gloria Pierce, the EAC reps, Joe Houston and Chris Hanley, and the MWNA president Sally Saunders, it can truly be said that they fulfilled their double responsibilities to the letter. Bob must be further commended for his inspired work in "engineering" the most sensational Meds coup in ten years, namely the capture of the coveted Skule cannon. The Society as a whole recognized the need of many outside organizations for funds. Meds students were particularly proud to be able to make a presentation to the secretary Miss Russell, who retired after 44 years of greeting students by name and assisting them in the Medical Office. Dr. Bob Jackson was this year's chairman, who Worked constantly in the interests of the students. The Treasurer, Al Hart, managed to keep the faculty out of debt and the Secretary, Susan Atack, Worked diligently throughout the year. Lionel Mausberg Cam Frazer 6T3 Pres. 6T4 Pies Ron Wintrob Staff -Student Ross Prince Daffydil Bill Franks Public Relations Peter Adam J. M. Houston Jules Harris CAMSI EAC CAMSI A. W. P. van Nostrand Warden .15 2 M -f 1- . V f Y I V fi f if fi 1 - f:- I wt Jules Harris President I,,,. I :.1 .. waawmmwwa e'e' ' ,. f..vm'H5:uia.-1:-12' '- 11-1' ...--, ..,,-Q.-aa, ' t 1 l -x il 1 m e i till K iv F l X ll 1 la MQ' "'l' X N , .i i . ' tg., X X ll, X will Nat J lu 1 Nm 'L 4' , Q-we . K ii Hx, L, -M 1 qi A ll "l"wlf. ,Er e X L QS A aan ' ,fri . Bill Davidson Jeanne Shkimba Vice-President Secretary 1. ,.1ihEfE'!iiElE2aEmii11-- FX' Jr". 'H .. aneazizavl---L.---.1'Mgi1!HJ? , .-Hy!" 1 ---' - ""' T . i . . e r ' H- f. Y: ' '. ,.- v , ' " , f .1-1--1-'.Q'i'-W "' "1ii,"J ' it 'ie WW A x . 1 lg - 5262 aw ' ,V " ' 1 L7f'4f"'g5f:'25we'--Q 'tl flu ' ' 'AW' 1 - ..1..i .A-A Rf f , A , ' a..: , , we M, . .eh-Eilefj-+1 , A we .. -. ,. "f- ' ' ji 5 ' A . ' ,L N. - ,. ,. , v iz, ..,.,.. ll ,.,, - Peter Browley Public Relations Basil Orchard Treasurer C.A.M.S.I. 132 This year marks the first time in more than ten years that the national executive of the Canadian Association of Medical Students and Internes has been located in Toronto. What this means is that all business of a national character is taken care of in Toronto, and further that the twenty-third annual conference will be held here this fall. At this convention will be CAMSI representatives from the twelve medical schools in Canada, members of the present and incoming national executives, interne representatives, and a few special visitors. The executive has this year been mainly concerned with two large problems - interne remuneration and student income tax exemptions. A brief on the latter matter has been presented to the Federal Government jointly by CAMSI and NFCUS. In addition, the executive has been concerned with relations with the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations, with a report on university student mental health, with student exchanges and student travel, with the price of medical instruments and with interne placement. The results of CAMSI's work on interne remuneration and student tax exemptions will be revealed at the conference in October. Ross MacLean CCIPSD JPN .ax N , N , . x X Q il , ,ulk A vu V, Q 3, 'V . ' 4. , .WD Zjj 1 N, A 4 , . x - s - . .5 a - ' I .4 I : N., an Q . A V gk ,H ,,, , ,N I, z gy, H .I NSN S N3 1 , 'QS if f' 3,3 M I 7 W' M' vi?" . g' M K .- Q I NN ' aggggp ," J., - i .is . .. ,ska 5, ff SP ,iN 2 X Q .. Xl X N'-Ki X 529.3 Www X .lf ,, . "qw . . :ffl-if . :Iv ff - I-.:-2. "-:'?'7:5' " a f ,,,.3:5 ,.,fgf-- ' . 5-rr-2. ' BACK ROW: Lillian Bobson, lnara Grava, Ruth Armstrong, Jane Roseborough, Mary Trotter, Joy Bernice Zraida. FRONT: Sylvia Kennedy, Gloria Pierce, Sally Saunders, Dr. L. Lloyd, Dinah Gruber. MEDICAL WOMEN'S UNDERGRADUATE ASSOCIATION The past year has been a memorable one for the M.W.U.A. Helping to make this such a pleasant year was the kindness of the Medical Society who gave the M.W.U.A. S500 out of the Duncan Room profits. With this money and the home-making talents of the group, the common room in the Medical Building has been remodelled with new Scandinavian furniture and new drapes. The girls of the fourth Medical year gave freshmen a warm reception at the home of Dr. Lois Lloyd, this year's Honorary President. The annual Initiation Banquet, a very successful one, was held at the Town and Country Club this year, with Dr. Ferguson as guest speaker. Dr. Ferguson spoke on the work of the Connaught Laboratories. There was also a tea for the M.W.U.A. at the Women's College Hospital, followed by a tour of the Hospital. Christmas brought the annual Christmas Party, at which gifts for the Settlement House were collected. The next important event in the year's schedule was the forum at the University Women's Club at which four doctors spoke on their specialties. Following the addresses there was a question period when the doctors were asked about their particular fields. March saw a party for the girls graduating in 5T9. This was an occasion of happiness for the graduates but sadness for those who said au revoir to this fine group of graduates. The past year, with Dr. Lois Lloyd as Honorary President and Sally Saunders as President was one of accomplishment, friendship and' enjoyment for the M.W.U.A. 133 MEDICAL ARTS AND LETTERS SOCIETY Medical Arts and Letters is an organization within the Faculty of Medicine devoted not to medical knowledge but to the arts. In order to develop the imagination, memory and emotions of the students as well as the rational intellect, Medical Arts and Letters was founded, and it has been shown in previous years to broaden and enrich the lives of those who were willing to donate time and enthusiasm to activities characterized by these assets. A new society was added to the organization this year with the incorporation of an Art and Photography group. The three basic societies are Music, Debates and Osler. With the assistance of Lionel Solursh a worthwhile exhibition was held. The chairmen of the four societies this year proved an inspiration to the members with their unfailing enthusiasm and constant stimulation of interest. , A relatively silent organization in previous years, the Debates Society came into public DEBATES SOCIETY notice this year with a busy schedule, . interesting many more people in the art of debating. A noon-hour Duncan Room debate was a H popular innovation and a capacity audience heard a challenge with the U. of T. Faculty of Nursing. Two pre-med students success- fully upheld the negative side of the resolution "that the medical profession greatly under- estimates the value of the nursing profession". . Hart House was the scene of a fiery debate mtl between St, Michael's College and the Faculty ' of Medicine on the resolution that "self- imposed birth control, being alien to natural law, is detrimental to man". The society was also successful in a debate with the girls of the Physical and Occupational Therapy .,:.g Faculty when they took the affirmative of the resolution Hgeneral practice has outgrown its j "V,: ...:'g jffi . :af....1 usefulnessfl In the second term, the Debates fjfgg., ',.. i"f' :::' A Society challenged the Faculty of Engineering 3 V"' f l and Trinity College to a debate. ."pi Q jfV5jVfJEQii,A q Bernard Raxlen 66T2J was the capable B. Raxlen chairman of the Debates Society this year. Chairman of the Debates Society 134 The highlight of the year for the Music MUSIC CLUB Club was the March weekend at Caledon Hills Farm. Outdoor and indoor sports as well as I a dance contributed to the memorable sojourn. During the rest of the year several pro- grammes featuring every kind of music imaginable were arranged by the chairman, June Clarke C6T1J. These musical evenings usually concluded with a discussion after an address by a guest speaker. The Music Club served a two-fold purpose this year - enlightment and enjoyment. OSLER SOCIETY mea Miss June Clarke Chairman A series of several outstanding speakers was arranged this year for the Osler Society meetings by President Howard Rubinoff and his secretary, Norman Lowes. The first speaker was Dr. Eric Linnel who related his experiences as a doctor in the Royal Navy during World War I. The second speaker, Dr. Edmund Carpenter, needed no introduction. During his address he expressed his frank opinions concerning contemporary society. Dr. Lorna Ford Walker, a famous geneticist, discussed the future develop- ment of man stressing her opinion that the seeming fantasies of "Brave New World" are imminent realities. Dr. J. Lovett Doust dealt with the philosophical outlook of a psychiatrist. The final speaker of the year was Dr. Furror, editor of the American Journal of Psychiatry and a former professor of psychiatry, who spoke on the life of Sir William Vales. Several favourable comments were heard on the art and photography exhibition organ- ized by a group of medical students this year. The works entered in the contest included painting, sketching, colour slides and prints. Gift awards were presented to the best entries in both fields. O. R. McNeill was awarded first priz-e in the photography division and Doug Richardson placed first in the art section. In the hope that the exhibition will become an annual event, a trophy was also awarded. ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB ' "" " ' ' ' " ' ' " " " ' - """"" I -ff .-:1E15f?1E5I21..g'5:g1.:2-2:15 :,:,2.31:.:':F QE?-51: I ' YK X' i -I:""Ef' '51 I Q , . . C r"' w wg ' was- 2 Ss? as S . n w e Nr F M ,-N, ai .Q . v , .. . .... . ' Eff' ' 1' -5:5.:.-'-ffs.-12.21-523'"Z'e1-S 4:2341 if N ' if f "--sffxl -NV ' .lf ai i ' . ,ar ef L.. v N. l , A QQ-tm" .1:2s1..g:f:.2-I-5:21. ,:, r' K I is 'fsfliik . W- fl - 1' . ... Vi p? ff-Q 'grglg sig R ' r' f -, V ' "are " .:,"w? ,Q . if 2 in -Q' "Z-fl. ""- I ifffhff f 2 1 . w.ey.wL'ifQ'fa 'K'g' - f ' . ..... f -1 ' R f ' 5 gl 'iff "ff" - 'f i Q :IffsW'51f"-.f:'.- ..: '4 .- .Q ......... ..... " " C 'i w- E3 xv.-M-. A 23+-x.g.,. wx,-.wz.M4.:sa.1':4.,.'::,-x s "' :af':2zv -4 ' 5, L - Dave Simms, Nick Bruchovsky, Harvey Newton, John Mogan, Lionel Solrush, Our "Muse". ABSE NT: Henry Wolstat. THE PROBE The year 1958-59 has been a banner year for the Probe. This regular monthly publica- tion is far removed from the sporadic mimeographed sheet of previous years. Why is this paper such an improvement? Success is due to the people who worked so ener- getically all year. John Mogan and Nick Bruchovsky, the capable editors, raised the literary standards by their well-written articles and thorough editing. Photography, one of the main attractions of any paper, was of a very high standard this year because of th-e Medical Photography contest winner, Lionel Soloursh. Advertising, the mainstay of the paper, was procured by the persever- ance and footwork of David Sims. Hank Wolstat deserves thanks for distribution. A medical paper is only successful insofar as it fulfils certain specific purposes. Any student in Medicine has the opportunity to publish his views, such creative expression has been noticeably lacking in the past. In order to acquaint the students more fully with eminent men in the profession, a series of personal interviews was published. A topic of current interest like the hospitalization plan was immediately covered by an informed doctor. Sports, Daffydil, and other medical events are all reported, in the hope that a student picking up the Probe will feel that he is an integral part of an animate vitality, the Faculty of Medicine. This year, the Probe experienced growing pains, and emerged as a more mature, stable youngster with bright future prospects. MEDICAL JOURNAL The University of Toronto Medical Journal is an undergraduate publication now in its thirty-sixth year. The papers it presents are for the most part written by medical students, and as often as possible, contain original work with relatively little plagiarism. While the content of the Journal is primarily scientific, an occasional smattering of the humanities is presented, affording a little relief from what often tends to be a rather restricted field. With the combination of a fairly conserva- tive Cand therefore, digniiiedj editorial policy and a large group of gifted people eager to appear in print, the Journal has managed to capture the Frosst Trophy awarded to the best Medical Journal in Canada several times in the past few years. UNDERGRADUATE ASSOCIATION School of ursing ., L J E J BACK ROW: Sandy Berry, Kitty Rowat, Mary Buck, Olga Vdoviak, Anne Sutherland, Fran Goodman, Marie Hickey, Pat Sadleir, Denise Platschorre, Mae McConnell, Marilyn Dodd, Jay Yule. FRONT: Margaret Anne Ware lSec.l, Charlotte Hubbell lS.A.C.J, Joy Calkin 12nd Vice-Pres.J, Judith MacKinnon lPres.l, Jean Gignac llst Vice-Pres.J, Joan Hunstein lTreas.l. ABSENT: Nancy Wartman. SCHOOL OF NURSING RESIDENCE BACK ROW: Rosemary Cheung, Elizabeth Gordon, Helen Brunner, Marg Anne Ware, Pat Wilson, Anne Valin, Barbara Kyles, Nancy Foster, Leone Bussel, Elizabeth Johnston, Annabelle Altman. SECOND: Jennifer Young, Penny Sturgeon, Judy Nourrish, Jane Kelday, Marie Belanger, Edythe Grobb, Mary Confort, Judy Durance, Kathy Basta, Jane Hunter, Virginia Drum- mond. FRONT: Anne Valin, Jean Halet, Cecile Cota, Mercy Jayasena, Joan Hunstein, Sumana Hettiarachchi, Lynda Ruse, Suzanne Fitz- gibbon, Anne Bent, Joan Nybida. ABSENT: Judy Harman, Joyce Anderson, Karen Tubbs, Daffney Whyte, Elizabeth Baker, Diane Standish, Mary Lowther, Kimi Katsu- shima, Eleanor Colsell, Pat Naylor. 1374 A UNDERGRADUATE PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY BACK ROW: I. Goldberg, N. G. Leluk, J. Dacyshyn, Frank Moran, J. Dube. SECOND: Joe Novogrodsky, Henry Russell, R. Graham Marie Conner, A. Grabos, M. Brisbois, D. Mac- lnnes, D. Summerhayes. FRONT: Prof. F. W. Teare lFacuIty Advisorl, M. Metski, Edward Davies lPresidenfJ, H. Atkinson, Dale Kenzie. Under President E. G. Davies and Honorary President M. Corbett, retiring Registrar-Treasurer of the Ontario College of Pharmacy, the Undergraduate Pharmaceutical Society started its work in September on many projects. The Freshmen were welcomed by the President of U.P.S., and the class of 6T1, the Sophomores, carried out the initiation programme including a constructive initiation at Ward's Island. Much faculty spirit was aroused in preparing the float for the Home-Coming Parade. The float with the theme of "don't be the same and pass, be different and fail" was one of the top six. A successful Fall Dance was held at the Embassy on November 6. The professional pharmacy Window entered in the Cross - Canada contest won first prize in the division for faculties and The third biennial Open House was held at the Faculty of Pharmacy on February 9 and 10. During the two afternoons and evenings, over 11,000 guests attended to see the various displays and demonstra- tions of the many courses studied at the Faculty. The purposes of the Open House were to acquaint other faculties with the work which goes on there, to renew ties with graduate pharmacists, to foster an appreciation and understanding of pharmacy in the minds of the public, and to interest high school students in the many opportunities offered in a career in pharmacy. Visitors, among whom were busloads of students from several cities in Ontario, were given a conducted tour of the building, including the Faculty library, the instrumentation room, a hospital pharmacy display, the manufacturing laboratory, the graduate research department, and displays of textbooks, career pamphlets, extra-curricular activities, and historical pharmaceutical equipment. hospitals. The Winter Carnival saw Pharmacy in charge of the Snow Sculpturing contest, and Lynn Spence of first year was representative for the Snow Queen. A major project for the year was the third annual Open House held on February 9 and 10. Many students participated in this event in labs. and displays, presenting to the public and high school students a clear insight into this profession. Simpson's Arcadian Court was the setting for the Faculty At-Home on February 20, with music by Ellis McClintock. The paper, the Phlash, kept everyone regularly in touch with faculty activities, and the Pharmakon, the yearbook, showed every indication of being the best one yet. Noon-hour movies on topics of current medical interest were shown during the latter part of the year. OPEN HOUSE Pharmacy jl 1 Physical and Health Education UNDERGRADUATE ASSOCIATION BACK ROW: Bob Goode list Yr. Rep.l, D. Fleming 12nd Yr. Rep.l, M. Dever lS.A.C. Rep.l, Bob Miner 43rd Yr. Rep.l, P. Warren lPubIicityl. SECOND: Sharon Gilmor 13rd Yr. Rep.7, Lynn Philpott 12nd Yr. Rep.7, Joy Mahood list Yr. Rep.J, Marg Ann Merritt tRep. to U.C.W.U.A.l, Jean Wills lSocial Chairmanl. FRONT: B. Naylor tVice-Pres.l, Sandy McMullen fTreas.J, T. Wensley tPres.l, The year of 1958-59 proved to be a very successful year for the P. and H.E.U.A. Seven of the sixteen executive members are among the members of the graduating class, which numbers 39. Miss Hopkins, from the Physical and Health Education staff, was appointed honorary president, and Dr. Ebbs remained director of the school and faculty advisor. The 6T1 class was warmly welcomed on registration day, and a few weeks later, their initiation was conducted by the sophomore class at Caledon Hills Farm. The main social event of the year, the P. and H.E. At-home, was held at the Embassy Club on February 17. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The year activities ended with the usual graduation banquet. Executive meetings were held once a month during the school year, there were also special open meetings. Professor Smithells, a world leader in physical education, lectured at one of these meetings. Dorothy Hunter fSec.l, D. Lougheed lMen's Athleticsl. R. TAIT McKENZIE SOCIETY BACK ROW: Fran Halsall, Judy Canstield, Lynn Philpott, Zeta 5 f' . Hertzman, Betty Gallagher. FRONT: Harvey Armstrong, Dorothy Hunter lSec.l, June Sceviour lPres.J, Elda Smockum, Nancy Fisk. 5 The R. Tait McKenzie Society is an outgrowth of an honour society in the School of Physical and Health Education at the University of Toronto. It was inaugurated by Dr. J. H. Ebbs, the Director of the School, on March 18th, 1956. Its purposes are to promote scholarship and research in the field of Physical and Health education, and to present papers for discussion in the field of physical and health education as well as related fields. Membership is bas-ed entirely on scholastic achievement, members consist of the first six placements in each of second and third years, provided these students have at least a Grade B standing in their final examinations of the previous year. Membership is also on a lifetime basis, the graduates keep in contact with the School through the Society, and contribute to its programmes. An elected President and Secretary, and two other mem- bers manage the business. There are approximately four meetings during the academic year. Topis discussed this year included "Hypnosis as applied to Medicine" and "Body Mechanics and Efficiency". Dr. Philip A. Smithells, Director, School of Physical Education at the University of Otago, New Zealand, was the guest speaker at one of the meetings. He outlined many unusual theories and practices concerning various aspects of Physical and Health education in New Zealand and other parts of the world. In the future, it is hoped that other schools in Physical and Health Education will form such organ- izations to promote physical and health education and to form bonds among students across Canada. Physical and Occupational Therapy UNDERGRADUATE ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE BACK ROW: Judy Royle list Yr. Pres.J, Jane Furness tAthIeticsJ, Ann Barnes tE.A.C.l, Carol Stone lS.A.C.l, Nancy Dolphin 42nd Yr. Pres.l, Doris Little lChoirJ, Nancy Turner 13rd Yr. Pres.J. SECOND: Fran Gallagher tSocialJ, Eleanor Durrant fDebatesl. FRONT: Ruth West Nice-Pres.l, Sandra Hudson lPres.J, I. Robinson tAdvisorj, Ruth Ferguson lSecretaryl. ABSENT: Carol Lypton fTreas.l, Pat Ferguson fBlue and Whitey, Jane Arnott lArts and Lettersj. The Physical and Occupational Therapy Undergraduate Association represents the student body of P. and O.T. Executive meetings are held bimonthly to plan the programme, which is brought before the student body at a monthly meeting. One of the main activities planned by the undergraduates is the annual Open House, which in the past has proved a great success. The purpose in organizing an Open House is CHOIR BACK ROW: Pat George, Evelyn Reid, Elizabeth Graves, Jan lnkster, Peggy McCrea, Kate Coffman, Angela Pady, Rosalie Whitehead. SECOND: Christy Marshall, Lorrie Blondin, Carolyn Le Maitre, Doris Little, Ann Morriss, Diane Blackford. FRONT: Joan McCharIes, Sue Marrs, Jean Lendholm, Barb Parsons. 4 to demonstrate to professional groups, univer- sity, and high school students, parents, friends, and interested people, the scope of physical and occupational therapy in the rehabilitation field. Other activities planned by the executive include the extensive athletic programme, social activities, such as the annual formal and freshie tea, an entry in the float parade and many humorous skits within the faculty. DEBATES BACK ROW: Pat Ferguson, Sheila Campbell, Doris Little, Sybil Rowe. FRONT: Fran Gallagher, Barbara Cass, Eleanor Durrant, Mary Farrar. LITERARY SOCIETY The Wycliffe College Literary Society serves as e representative organization for both theological ld non-theological students in the College. This lar the ancient and unstable halls of Wycliffe were cked by revolution again and again as no less than ur parties attempted to keep ofl-ice. This situation as without precedent in the history of the Society ld it was not until late in the year that stable vvernment returned with the election of the ieocratic Party. The new government, because of me of its innovations, has been accused of shattering audition. Wycliffe now boasts of more telephones fr capita than any other college on Hoskin Ave., ld by providing late pass keys for students it has duced the number of accidents on the fire escapes. 1is year, Wycliffe's Queen, pretty Nancy Brown- ige, was purchased at the Share Auction. The 'Lit' fain sponsored a successful Wycliffe "At Homew and ganized the Taylor Trophy Debates. BACK ROW: N. Marlin, W. Moore. FRONT: D. Jackson, J. Marriot, G. Grover. BACK ROW: C. Beck, W. Ellis, J. Vinl, W. Herron, D. Peasgood FRONT: E. Bounsall, A. Rix, C. Ledger, R. Wilkinson, W. Moore Wycliffe College THEOLOGICAL SOCIETY Again, the Wycliffe Theological Society conducted an evangelical mission in the East Simcoe Deanery. Students from Wycliffe and Trinity were joined by the Anglican Women's Training College, The Church Army, and Koinonia Youth Fellowship in this venture. It was rewarding and encouraging for all concerned. Dennis Andrews convened the student's planning committee. In the Fall term four meetings were held with guest speakers: Canon Moore-Smith - the Devotional Life of the Parish Priest, Fr. K. Terry, O.H.C. - the Sacramental Life of the Church, Prof. Ward and Fr. Moore-Smith - Jamaica Mission, and Bishop Snell, on Lambeth Conference, 1958. The annual Mission- ary Night was held on February 13, when Rev. David Luck was the speaker, and a public meeting was held with distinguished panelists discussing the Ecumenical Movement. St. Michae1's STUDENT ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL The year 1958-59 at St. Michael's College has been a year of consolidation and development for the S.A.C. Under the portfolio system, most of the old activities have been carried out successfully. Some activities have been improved and some new ones added to SMC campus life. This fall saw the inception of the new Professional students' club, which flourished throughout the year. The Council for the first time backed the St. Mike's-Laval Weekend exchange in connection with the French Club. "Mickities '59", and "The Dedicated Menl' under the -. J 7.sHu R. H1- 17 :1 .:- 'F' i . H, Q72 U, M' , MW' L 7' vi l , f ' 'M 1 I M. Conway , , M f ,,.,V ,, ., W, f f, 1, 52 f Z . 4 , u f 1' W WWW., ! :WWW fy-'4 S. Morin wma ,WW ffv . 1 1 .I y R. Joy Www J. Hungerford , .Q X . it -me '.V- .. :-an-'- . ,,., M. McCabe -L ' , , 8,2 z-Ml' n gg 5 J, 1 if 'f-ww F, G. Rossi C. Ball L 'V 4 f, ,W f if L W I j J. Ziegler mum www we auspices of the Council rocked the campus with success. Perhaps the greatest success was achieved in the field of debating, the solving of the debating problem. There now exists on the SMC campus a Debating Union, comprised of the Forensic Circle, the Oratorical Society and the Senate are organized under one constructionm and are chartered under the SMCi This year's Council made the tion of Catholic College Students,- considering the organization as it 3, stands completely unfeasible on the "'-f i,', ' SMC campus. The Gryphon died ini the 1958 - 59 year. It is felt that in , STQT- should not stay dead but that better ,V organization, direction and publicity, I, W-W ., can resurrect it. f The aim of everyone at SMC now is V. at -l to overcome a geographical difficulty. It is hoped that the university campus will see more of SMC during the Kelly " C 0 Ill ll g y C 3 I'S . . , ,:.3,,.,,.1:,... ,--,gl .... , ...,. :..., e gage Jn f A ml f 421 , , fs 4 . w. g Y' A A Xt. , 1, ' 5? 5 U nu 'T' fm M. E. Fitzgerald .::r'3g,q -., .A . H if B. Boyle G. Matteo l fffz' - ....., ,, , . .. A '.,L1' 11 iv- g ' li """' ' f' wQif"' Q11..1x2Ii21SliiEiE?iF-5: .'.., 'mg ,FE-. W' El, K, 4M 1 A Vl: ,. . . .. with ,, ----- - - S, ,,,l f' ' pM,,,W. ' we gf i"i' E. w iii "" 2zii5li!1fi3ill1il3l' mf ' ' TX 5 4- H !-V' W N , . , 'C--. " Tir' F. Fl i " A V' A 'j . I' Chairman ' " f if 4.111 g Q D. Szymko P- Foley . Al-- Tp-we 'T ,H-F'f,'fflf'i , . :...' . .VfW,f:3f7,?l,y.-, ff ',,, .. as .W i . rf , 1 5 , ' ,',3i,:-ggi... H 4 . , A, MW fllciijilila V 'Q '53 "f1W'M',Q'fEw. ' M ' X M ', fw1,QyrM1,... f , M' if ' I -'Zfljvj ' 1 "' f W. J. Gibbons, CSB Faculty Adviser M. Breen J- Roncaoli Club. These three debating societies- Council. - decision to leave the Canadian Federa-l - BACK ROW: Dede Murnane 42nd Yr. Rep.l, Susan Tomenson lVice- Pres.l, Jeni De Carlo tFine Arts Chairmanl. FRONT: Mary Estelle Dunn Ust Yr. Rep.l, Carol Jost tSociaI Rep.J, Barbara Honan tPres.l, Elizabeth Prower tHead of Housel, Francine Gremse tDebates Chairmanl. LORETTO LOCAL COUNCIL Within Loretto, one of the two women's residences of St. Michael's College, a tradition of closeness and good will exists between the faculty and the students. Girls gather during the year for various activities and parties, beginning with a week end reception and orientation of freshmen students. The highlights this year were the banquet for the freshmen, the Christmas party, the retreat week-end, a renowned Spaghetti Dinner and the four Fine Arts Teas. The Loretto Local Council, part of St. Michael's College Tri-Council, acts as a liaison between the students and faculty and is the nucleus around which the student activities of Loretto revolve. Social events, debates and Fine Arts teas are planned by members of this council. Next year, when Loretto moves into its modern residence on St. Mary's Street, the link with St. Michael's College will be tightened and it will be easier for residents and day students to share interests and companionship. ST. MICHAEL'S MEN'S COUNCIL BACK ROW: Michael Breen, Richard Joy, Jack Zeigler, Gino Matteo, Joe Roncaoili. FRONT: Father W. J. Gibbons, Gerry Rossi tTreas.l, Mike McCabe tPres.J, Vince Kelly Nice-Pres.l. X X X F THE WRITERS' GROUP ST. JOSEPH'S LITERARY CLUB BACK ROW: Terence Welch, Larry Grant, Greg Donegan, James G. Case, James Fontane, Barry Callaghan. FRONT: David Brison, Kay Cooley, Pat Logan, Joan Bulger, Marilyn Smuck, Bonnie Mackenzie, Francis Zingrone. The interest in creative writing which once characterized St. Michael's College seemed to have reached a low ebb this year, and in the early part of the fall term it looked as if the Writers' Group might not exist at all. But the efforts of the faculty advisor, Father Henessey, and of a few of the former members brought about a general meeting in early November. The turn-out was suprisingly good, and since then the meetings, held every second Monday evening, have been very successful. This year the members are, on the whole, rather new to the field of writing, and, in addition to the reading and criticism of the poetry and prose which the students bring, there have been several heated discussions on the nature and the purpose of creative writing. This yearls group seems to have a new interest and a new value, and it is hoped that it will bring about a renewed concern for creative writing in the college. The Literary Club of St. Joseph'srmeets once a month to discuss a piece of literature, either because of its interest as literature, or because of its sub- ject matter. Everyone at St. Joseph's belongs to the club, but a permanent panel of ten girls who have recently read the book to be discussed form the nucleus of the organization. The meet- ings are held on an informal basis, and are well attended by the girlsand the Sisters. BACK ROW: Sharon Murphy, Joan Bulger, Mary Baldwin. FRONT: Mollie Wade, Janet Sommerville, Sylvia Pegis, Ellen Coughlin. The staff WDP' ifgwfv s...':1 BACK ROW: Mary Catherine Collins, Ellie Hughes, Richard Napoli, Joanne Schenk, Joyce Anderson, Peter Hay, Brian Bardorf. FRONT: Bill Young, Tom Embler, Edith Smith, Betty Ann Marshal. ABSENT: Peggy Egan, Paul Foley. When the "Mike" came out each Thursday morning this year, it was the product of the cumulative efforts of a large and educated crew of be shared among assorted typists, reporters, feature occasional poet. "Miken was an entirely new newspaper when October. The production of 1957-58 was doubled in THE staffers. Credit is to writers and even the Technically, the publication began in the 1958-59 journalistic year through the use of a new printing process, and the work of an excellent technical staff. This year the "Mike" sought to publish a truly informative newspaper by full covering the activities, issues and events of the College. The staff also wished to produce an interesting newspaper through a widely varied format ranging from poetry to minor league sports. MIKE Peter Hay lTechnicaI Editorl, Edith Smith lWomen's Editorl, Tom Embler lCo-editori, Bill Young lCo-editorj, Brian Bardorf lManaging The editors Editori- 145 fee '21 ix 102 32 ek ' ff 7-if gli? 1 f ff St 1kB,S o operative f? 5 .L 5 , BOARD OF DIRECTORS BACK ROW: Tony Biondi, Bob Carbery, Dick Napoli, Joe Dormady. FRONT: Vincenfa Travale, Joan Hayes, Nina Frosell, Betty Marshall. The Spring elections of 1958 set up a Board of Directors composed of many new faces. A. C. Biondi was elected President, R. J. Carbery Vice-President and Joe Dormedy Treasurer. Only one officer remained in her position, Miss Travale the Secretary. The first problem came in the summer when the Board was required to select a new Manager after the resignation of Richard Travers. Denny Barber was elected Manager, and rapidly assumed his many duties to have the Coop opened on time in the fall. The financial report for the 57-58 year showed increased profits in spite of a rebate on the receipts of Coop members. It was de- cided in General Meeting to have another refund this year and if possible at a higher rate than last year's 10 per cent. The College rings were again sold through the Coop and at lower prices than in the past. The immediate result was higher sales. The profits on the rings and on the shirts also sold in the Coop emphasized the policy of the Board which aimed not at profits but at providing more Entrez, Mesdames et Messieurs! BREAKFAST services to the members and other students. The membership increased by 50 per cent this year as a result of a very effective enroll- ment campaign in the fall. A similar campaign is planned for the fall of '59 to bring the Coop closer to its goal of 100 per cent membership of the student body. The Cooperative has come a long way from its foundation. It has again proved that a student owned and operated coffee shop can be a finan- cial success while it provides more services at lower prices. The continued success depends not so much on the ability of a few students as it does on the cooperation of all. Only the cooperation of its members makes this an out- standing example of a student's Co-Operative. eggs PARTY The Master chefs prepare the specialty of the day - bacon and 2 .t 1 , ' ,Q E , , - Zi 221. w 1 af. as-. "WH, 'QU' -A ii Edith Smith Nice-Pres. for Saint Josephsi, Ted Andrews iSec.-Treas.l, Peter Dembski lPres.J, Francine Gremse Nice-Pres. for Loreftal. The Oratorical Society this year conducted an extensive training program for the students of St. Michaelis College. Weekly debating classes were held in which members of the University Debating Team spoke on forensic techniquesg practice debates were arranged to help the students utilize the theory they had learned in classes. The practice of holding on-campus debates in the Co-op, instituted by the previous executive, was continued. In this Way the debates reached a much larger audience, both day-hops and residents. For the first time in its history, the Oratorical Society debated off-campus with U.C. Lit. at U.C., with Trinity Lit. at SMC, using the split House system, and with the Faculty of Medicine in Hart House on the question of Birth Control. Activities ended with the Public Speaking Contest, culminating, for the Winners of the debating section, in a tour of near-by universities for the purpose of fostering greater appreciation of Parliamentary Procedure. This year was a success, in that debating ties between college and university were strengthened and the ultimate end of any training program, the education of the whole man, was more fully realized. PROFESSIONAL Mary Jo Watson, Marg Stone, Dave Feduzzi, Ted Murika, Ron Taborek The Professional Student's Club, founded this year, has as its members the non-arts students in residence at St. Michael's College. The Club aims to aid the professional student in inte- grating himself more fully in college life. It does so by encouraging him to participate in college activities and by sponsoring activities that will be of special interest to the professional student. BACK ROW Marguerite Le May, Edith Smith, Joyce Anderson lTreas.J, Norma Torresin lSec.l. FRONT Anne Brown, Dr. Leslie Dewart lModeratorl, Barbara Arr ngton lPres.l. THE FOREN SIC CIRCLE In the spring of 1958 three members of the debating executives of St. Joseph's College, Loretto College and St. Michael's College gathered together to discuss the problem of women's debating on the St. Michael's campus. The immediate result of this initial meeting was the drawing up of a constitution for a new women's debating organization, and the calling together of interested women to participate in the plans. This year has seen the fulfillment of those original meetings. Activities so far have included speakers for the benefit of the club, and an open discussion on a topic to be debated by two of the Circle members at a New York State tournament. The Circle has as its aims the development of interest in world affairs and other important matters in the women of the college in particular, the further development of able women in public speaking and debating, and in general to help in the efforts of many agents to promote a more intelligent participation in the modern world. In the future the activities of the Circle will extend beyond the international border as well as permeate the campus of the University of Toronto. THE SENATE CLUB BACK ROW: Sen. Dennis Barber, Sen. Vincent Liddy, Sen. Peter Lydon, Sen. Tom McNulty, Sen. Robert Bergeron. FRONT: Sen. William A. Young, Sen. John A. Pierce lSec.-Treas.7, Sen. Robert J. Carbery lPres.l, Sen. Jordan Sullivan Nice-Pres.l, Rev. J. G. Povpore C.S.B. lModeratori. ABSENT: Sen. John Huot, Sen. John Maclntyre. MUSIC GUILD BACK ROW: Michael Clarcke, Kevin McEvenue Nice-Pres.l. FRONT: Rosemary Frayne, Louise Mac- . Donald lPres.J, Rev. Father Poupore lModeraforl, Jacqueline Bouchard. This year the Music Guild at St. lVlichael's College had a successful and enjoyable season. A variety of pleasant concerts included Anne Stephenson, soprano, Pierrette Le Page, pianist, Hart House Glee Clubg John Swan's Jazz group, Greg Curtis, folk singer, Hillel-Diamond quintetg Bill Aide, pianistg and Victoria College Glee Club. Two talents nights gave the students of St. Michae1's an opportunity to display their own fine talents. Sing Songs after all the concerts were an added attraction. W FRENCH CLUB 7 rc ctlt,it, , T This year, the cork was pulled from the French Club if bottle of activities and excitement flowed out like pink champagne. Biggest bubble of the year was the organization of the first exchange Weekend between Laval University and St. Michael's College. Twelve Laval students arrived on December 5, to enjoy three days of fun, discussions, visiting and friendship, which were continued in Quebec City in February. On the fourth of that month, the Laval students played host to the twelve SMC students, who came back starry-ey-ed after an unforgettable introduction to Quebec, Laval, the Carnival, and the French Canadian way of life. Other French Club activities included a French Bingu, a skating party, a joint UC-Vic-Trinity-SMC Christmas meet- ing, and a French amateur night. It was a good year. BACK ROW: T0m Cushing lTreas.l. SECOND: Judy Purcell lSec.l, Liselfe Boilard Nice-Pres.J, Marilyn Siinson fPub. Directorl. FRONT: Jocelyn Leduc fPres.l. ABSENT: Pierre Leduc, Paul Colombe. Elizabeth Prower tPub. Man.l, Mollie Wade Nice-Pres.l, Sylvia Pegis lPres.J, .Ian Hughes lSpecial Act.J, Mary Jane Norris lSec.l, Mel Aker lBus. Man.J. ABSENT: Lawrence Grant Nice- Pres.J, Martin Hughes lStage Man.l. THE THEATRE GUILD LOCK The Theatre Guild of St. Michael's has continued to make progress during its second year of existence. Its purpose to offer entertainment to the students of St. Michael's and to give those interested in theatre a chance to work as actor, director, painter, etc., seems to be fulfilled. Three productions were presented at St. Michael's in Brennan Hall, one of which was entered in the University of Toronto Drama Festival in Hart House, and a three-act play was done with University College. This play, "The Children's Hour", drew its cast from both colleges and was presented in Hart House during February. Jan Hughes and Sylvia Pegis in the S.M.C.-U.C. Production of "The Children's Hour" BACK ROW: Father Trovato, Luke Sharest, Tom Cushing, John Pluscauskas lPres.l, Bob Craig, Frank Quinn, Father Maddon. FRONT: Mary Schaefer, Mary Jane Norris, Martha Heard, Judy Purcell, Colleen Walsh. ABSENT: .lan Smith. 151 fi? . ST. MICHAEUS MEN'S SODALITY BACK ROW: Tom Hogan Kampe, Hilary Clark, Ed Szura, Joe McGreevey William Odalka, Jim Laframboise, Richard Alway. FRONT: John Cheng, Dick Dougherty, Jack Croston lSec.-Treas.J, Robert Spillane lPres.J, Chris Rupert Nice-Pres.l, Bill Steinwacks. ST. JOSEPH'S SODALITY BACK ROW: Susan McGrath, Sara Jane Mackin, Mary Ellen FitzGeraId, Patricia Monoghan, Mary Mlekuz, Dorothy Schweitzer, Norma Torresin. SECOND: Mary Ann Cathcart, Bonnie MacKenzie lTreas.J, Carol Sheldon lPres.l, Anna Marie Caco Nice-Pres.J, Betty Anne Brunning lSec.7. FRONT: Rosemary Sheldon, Maureen Kelly, Marie Louise Barrier, Marilyn Stensin, Kathy Gyruk. elf 152 M 43 4, LORETTO SODALITY BACK ROW: Pat Logan lTreas.l, Sheila Flannery, Vincenta Travale Nice-Pres.l, Mary Gale Bradshaw, Beverley Myers, Mari Anne- Hamilton. FRONT: Mary Schaefer lPres.l, Helen Boulas, Mary Ann Lou lSec.J, Susan Tomenson, Dede Murnane, Evelyn Schaefer. Trinity College THE BOARD OF STEWARDS BACK ROW: R. C. E. Wilson tReview Rep.l, J. E. A. Brooks tPres., T.C.A.A.l, A. Havrlant tS.A.C. Rep.J, G. I. Meikle tPres. of 6T1J, M. W. E. Coke tPres. of 5T9 and Treas.J, E. D. D. Janender t6TOJ, J. G. Johnston tT.C.L.I. Rep.J, T. H. E. Reid tNeutr. Memberj, J. R. Jennings, tEd. of Salferail. FRONT: T. G. Drewbrook tNeutr. Member and Sec.J, K. A. Robinson tPres. of Collegej, Dr. G. Falls tChairmanJ, J. D. Grant tPres. of Artsy, D. M. London tHead of Divinityl. ABSENT: D. Charfon tPres. of 6T2l. "The Trinity College Board of Stewards is a group of extraordinarily good chaps," said one of its members in a recent exclusive interview. The Board of Stewards, created in 1935, is the executive committee of the College Meeting and, subject always to the control of that august assembly, is the effective student government of Trinity College. The Board of Stewards also functions, without its faculty chairman, as the Discipline Committee. In November 1958 the Provost reaffirmed the college policy of the responsibility of the Discipline Committee. To the uninitiated, the Board of Stewards may appear to be one of the most barefacedly undemocratic governments in existence: out of its fifteen members, the chairman and two neutral members are elected by the Board itself, the vice-chairman, who is the Head of College is chosen by the Provost from among graduates of the college, and the editor of Salterae occupies an almost hereditary position. Of the remaining ten members, seven are elected by 'cliques': the Head of Divinity, the Heads of the four years, the representatives of the Literary Institute and the Review. Only the Head of Arts, the S.A.C. representative, and the T.C.A.A. president are chosen by vote of all Men of College. "Incredible," gasps the scandalized devotee of student rights. "How can this be tolerated?" In actual fact, the student government at Trinity is in the true spirit of liberal-conservatism. The Board of Stewards, with its varied composition, represents the interests of every significant group in the College, and because of the ideal size of the College and the high proportion of men in residence, is able to represent adequately the interests of all Men of College. 153 TRINITY COLLEGE LITERARY INSTITUTE BACK ROW: Roger Kirkpatrick, Tom Wilson, Gerald Wright, John Hutchinson, David Charlton, David Gray, Douglas Pepiatt. FRONT: Keith Hoilett Nice-Pres.J, John Swinden lSec.J, Garry Lovatt tPres.l, Harold Davies tSpeakerJ, Jeremy Johnston tDeputy Speakerl, Richmond Wilson tLeader of Oppositionl, James Henning tTreas.J, Alan Wotherspoon. The TCLI exists to promote debating and other cultural activities within the College. Debates are held every Wednesday evening from the beginning of October until the middle of March. Attendance varies anywhere from seventy or eighty to a state where harassed Government Councillors have diffi- culty in obtaining a quorum. Topics vary from erudite discussions of "the spirit of western educationl' to humourous ramblings about hypocrisy being a "social asset". From time to time the House concerns itself with such complex social and political problems as the Doukhobors and the revolting Tibetans. The Lit. also sponsors inter-college debates, having held two with St. Hilda's College and two with St. Michael's College. In addition to debating, the Lit. sponsored a concert given by Dr. George Falle, concert pianist and Professor in the English Department at Trinity. Among the most stimulating cultural activities of the season was the annual Conversazione, held in Strachan Hall on 154 January 30. The spirited nature of this social even has, over the years, become renowned across the Campus. Another major event in the calendar of the TCLI is the Arrival Dinner, which this year was held on Thursday, February 26. Chief Justice J. C. McCruer addressed the members on the topic, "Justice". There have been two administrations this year, the first led by MXF Langloisg the second by MXF Lovatt. An attempted "coup d'etat'l and other minor insurrections fincluding a "palace Revolutionnj have been judiciously dealt with by the Speaker, the Rt. Hon. MXF Davies. Sincere appreciation goes to Professor C. A. Ashley, who has for another year provided stability, wit and common sense in an atmosphere apparently devoid of these properties. In conclusion, the members of the Govern- ment Council expressed their thanks to the Loyal Opposition, for being consistently more loyal than opposed. This distinctive and dlstmguished group is responsible for the five 1958-59 issues of the . . . o o 0 Trinity College Review This year the achievement of the Trinity College Review surpass-ed that of former years. Young poets and short story writers contributed their efforts to the production of a worthwhile literary magazine. But the success of this year's five issues didn't depend entirely on poets and short story writers, for the book reviewers and essayists came into their own in a special February issue, an innovation this year. This special issue was offered up with special prayers and sacrifices to the hallowed Canada Council and the arts in Canada. The issue featured reviews of recent Canadian books, and articles on such disparate subjects as music in Canada, geology, the Toronto Art Gallery, and even the Medicine Hat Stampede. Nothing of this nature was tried by any other campus magazine. The Review showed imagination and spirit in form as well as content. The art editor tried many successful experiments in design and lay-out. The art of illustration was raised to new heights in each issue. All was not ideal of course. There were mundane difficul- ties. Always, between the conception and the distribution, fell the shadow of the deadline and the heavy blue pencil. Then too, the only time the board turned out in full when requested was to the hot-buttered-rum party in December. If contributions sometimes had to be forcibly pried from budding geniuses, it was only because they were busy on more important things. -ss? BACK ROW: Georgia Phillips, Betsy Cutting, Joyce Walker, Vicki Atk nson, Wendy MacKenzie. S COND: Sally Hueston, Adrienne Poy lS.A.C. Rep.J. FRONT: Beverly Ross lHead of 4th Yr.J, Miss Darroch lPrincipaIl, Mar lyn Jeckell lHead of Collegel. ABSENT: Jackie Burroughs, Mary Marsh. Because St. Hilda's is a College and not just a residence, it has its own institutions, of which the College Meeting is the most important. Every student who enters St. Hilda's accepts at the same time membership in the College Meeting. At these meetings, administration policy and finance of all student activities connected with the College are discussed in a spirited and congenial atmosphere. Reports are made by the SAC and EAC representatives as well as other leaders of student organizations. College Meeting organizes the various traditional events during the year such as the Freshie Weekend, Dubbing, the informal initiation of the freshies, the Fall Receptions, the Saints and the S.J.S., the two major dances, and Episkopon - the night when the ancient and venerable scribe descends from his abode in the tower at Trinity to chastise, educate and entertain his daughters at St. Hilda's. The College Committee is composed of the Principal, the Head of College, the resident and non-resident heads of year, and the SAC rep. These students meet regularly to deal with problems of administration and policy. A smaller group, the House Committee, is formed from the resident members of the College Committee who meet with the Principal to discuss all matters pertaining to resident life. Rumour has it that St. Hilda's is a never changing institution subject to its own established customs, this, however, is not so. Its governing bodies, as already outlined, have only evolved during the last five years, and quite rightly take their place among the most democratic and, at the same time, practicable on the University campus. This summer, Work will begin on the new wing of the residence. This wing is designed to house forty more students and will include a reading room, practice rooms, locker space as well as somewhat more convenient living quarters for senior staff members. i St. Hilda. s College f T Meeting This summer, construction will begin on a new wing to the right as S Q 1: ,sf SSN Rv? xc ' 9 ,Qi ' 'T Sift Q . The chapel ..,. , sri ' The dining room lt's always a challenge and a satisfaction to give a room that individual touch The panelled library provides a quiet place with a studious atmosphere Father Bull gets quite a kick out of unwrapping his farewell gift, presented at the choir Christmas party St. Hildas Literary Society BACK ROW: Ellen Wallace, Jane Manning, Jo Hurst, Ann Tottenham, Marg Brewin. FRONT: Catherine Arthur, Helen Doan, Joan Armstrong, Molly Metcalf. 158 Debaters prepare to refute their opponents arguments The class of 5T9 presented "Romance of the Willow Pattern" as their production 'F 428' Nial- ,,,. ,rl 4 I - .1 A very relaxed Exec Meeting . A Nativity play is presented annually by St. Hilda's College .Qgz.1.,:g3.:.w1'-0-.,1--'gram e Raw This year was an active and enjoyable one for the St. Hilda's Literary Society. It began with a lively debate with the men of college on the question of hypocrisy as a social asset. Each year presented a play, which was judged by Dr. Falle and Father Ralston. The first was 6T0's presentation of Synge's "Riders to the Sea". For the next meeting, the Society invited Dr. Mary Hackney as guest speaker. She gave an interesting description and evaluation of intelligence tests. The second year play was 5T9,s production of "The Romance of the Willow Pattern" which received high praise from the judges, especially for their achievement of the stylization necessary in Chinese theatre. At this meeting Dr. Child gave a brief talk on the Chinese theatre. In December the term closed with the Nativity Play from the Coventry Cycle, dating from 1534. Cider, mince pies, and carol singing followed. The second term opened with a debate with the nurses of the Hospital for Sick Children. The debate was a heated argument over the question of which is worth more to a woman, an RN or a BA. January and February saw the remaining two year plays. The year of 6T1 produced "Fail Not Our Feast" and 6T2 presented a "Trap Is a Small Place" The judges provided witty and constructive criticism for all four plays. St. Hi1da's Music Night was held in February and featured performances by Sue Carnegie, Daphne Stephens and Gloria Martin. The Trinity College Choir sang madrigals, and a record of the 20th Century Folk Mass was played. The Lit. Dinner, held on March 2, brought the year to a close. Syd Kanya-Forstner, Dave Steedman and Barb Fee rehearse for the production of "Topaze". Le Cercle Francgais a joui cette annee dlautant de succes que par le passe, en maintenant a pres de cent le nombre de ses membres. Le but du Cercle, qui est de permettre aux membres d'ameliorer leur connaissance de la langue, en parlant francais, a ete pleinement atteint, et sans pedantisme, on 1' espere. Des reunions diverses ont ete organisees, dont la plus agreable a ete la grande fete de Noel, a laquelle ont participe tous les cercles francais de l'universite. En fevrier on a passe une journee a Caledon, a patiner, a faire du tobaggan, a danser, ce qui a plu a tout le monde. En outre le groupe dramatique a presente des extraits de "Topaze'l comedie de Marcel Pagnol, mise en scene par Mlle. J. Hamel, et le mois suivant un concert donne par Ruth Ann Scott a conclu pour l'annee 1958-59 les activites du Cercle. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS BACK ROW: Shawn Buckley list Yr. Rep.l, Pam Thompson tPubIicityl, John Griffeth lSfage Managerl. SECOND: John Uren lBusiness Managerl, Molly Palmer tPresidenll, John Jennings tProducerl. FRONT: Barb Fee lsecretaryl. ABSENT: James Cunningham tVice-Presidenll. DRAMATIC SOCIETY The Dramatic Society started the year of 758-59 with the enterprisi production of Saroyan's 'The Cave Dwellersl. Despite the small audienl and Herbert Whittaker's review, the production was a good one at le Nathan Cohen liked it. Tom Dewbrook, Ruth Ann Scott fof A.V.R. fan Wilson MacTavish, and Jackie Burroughs took the leads under the a' direction of Pamela Terry. In the U.T.D.C. festival, Trinity gave an outstanding performance Ionesco's 'The Lesson', ably handled by David Halton, Astrid Weyman, 2 Larry Kerslake. Alison Cunningham directed. A Cabaret Nite was to be organized on a "revue" basis, but an ea Lent caused the dismissal of the idea. The season ended with 'The Bc by Chekov, directed by Alex Eftimoff, and starring Bob Johnston 1 Barb Fee. The Society intends to increase its activities next year, and is preseri considering the ideas of presenting 'Murder in the Cathedral' in the chain and producing an original college book show. p 1 University Col lege Sir Daniel Wilson Residence This was the year when the new system of resi- dence government, which transfers a large measure of responsibility from the hands of the dons and the Dean into the hands of the student body itself, took the shape of a self-perpetuating tradition. The spirit of liberty has now become a genius loci, haunting the halls and casting its spectre over the home where it was born. In s-eeking to develop towards a closer unity, a unity which does not exclude but rather presupposes diversity, the Residence Council met with only partial success in its attempt to sponsor a series of inter- house debates and recreational activities during the fall term. Later in the year the six House Presidents introduced some minor procedural changes in the constitution of the Residence Caput. The annual Dean's Christmas party featured a recitation in Lancashire dialect by Don lan Chapman and a number of excellent musical productions. It was hailed as one of the most successful Christmas parties yet organized. The highlight of this year's social life was the residence At Home, which was held on Friday, February 27. The valiant efforts of the house teams managed to restore, if not the campus-wide glory, at least the reputation of the residence on both the basketball and volleyball courts, not to mention that third more prominent area of athletic endeavours this year, the heroic, though somewhat costly, triumphs in the trials of water combat. The residence continues to be a place of produc- N 0-...,,,N 'R ilwffg QM . tive leisure which incorporates the widest possible range of individual enthusiasms, attitudes and in- terests. In the literary field Dave Helwig won the honours in this year's Epstein contest. Ray Dunn had another outstanding season as regular goalie of the Varsity Blues. And John Colombo of Wallace House enjoyed a distinguished career as co-editor of the U.C. Gargoyle and editOI' of Jargon, the all-Campus literary magazine. It has been well established during the past five years that students who pursue their dedicated labours behind these yellow walls achieve a better academic performance, and have a full educational experience, than those who are left to their own resources. Ideally, .the residence creates a com- munity of scholars where the association of students provides a rich complement to the lecture room. 161 l U. C. LITERARY AND ATHLETIC SOCIETY BACK ROW: Mike Berger lE.A.C.7, Tony Charlton lGrad. Yr. Rep.l, Sally Meredith lBlue and White Rep.J, Mike Sherman QLiterary Directory, Jim Spence list Yr. Rep.J. SECOND: Vera Jory lE.A.C.J, Marv Catzman lS.A.C. Rep.l, Jerry Caplan lStudent Service Rep.l, Carol Mahood lWomen's Athletic Rep.l. FRONT: Fred Zemans lTreas.J, Jane Weber Nice-Pres.J, Bill Davis lPres.i, Linda Banack lSec.i, Ray Dunn lMen's Athletic Rep.i. ABSENT: Mr. J. R. Coulter lHon. Pres.i, Ken Wyman lDebates Directori, Sue Davis lS.A.C. Rep.l, Barbara Leaman lSocial Directory. This was a unique year in the history of the "Liti': the first year of the Literary and Athletic Society combined with the Women's Undergraduate Association. The Constitution of this co-ed organization was finally ratified and passed at a College open meeting. The year 1958-59 was eventful in other ways as well, once again the issue of academic gowns was raised and argued heatedly in another of U.C.'s open meetings. Once again the motion was defeated and will probably remain dormant for a few years at least. Under the able leadership of Bill Davis and Jane Weber, the traditional events were carried on with great success. Freshie Weekend and the Soph-Frosh Banquet started off the Fall Term, closely followed by the well-attended U.C. Follies. Red and White Nights, athletic endeavours, Portia and Robinette Debates, Parliaments, and the Grad Banquet passed in rapid succession. "Tropicana", the Arts Ball of 1959, was the highlight of the winter season, and was a social, if not a financial success. The College is especially proud of Bill Davis, winner of this year's Dale Award, for his direction of the U.C.-S.M.C. production of "The Children's Hour". But principally this will be remembered as the year of Principal Jeanneret's retirement. The Lit. Executive is proud to have been able to work with him in this his final year in the College he has served so well. PERMANENT EXECUTIVE 1959 Bill Davis Marv Catzman Sue Davis Jane Weber Carol Mahood l President First Vice-Pres. Second Vice-Pres. Third Vice-Pres. Sec.-Treas. W! Le Cercle Francais De Unlverslty College THE EXECUTIVE Chaque annee le but du Cercle' est d'organiser cinq reunions et de presenter une piece. Les programmes des reunions sont varies - on y offre des films, des jeux, des sketch, des chansons et aussi on invite des conferenciers distingues. Cette annee-ci, au mois de janvier, M. Gerald Antoine, professeur de 1'Histoire de 1a langue francaise a la Sorbonne, nous a fait un discours, interessant. La piece, presentee en Novembre au Theatre de Hart House, etait "On ne badine pas avec 1'amour". Chris Gellinger, Erika Hirsh and Ross Curtis in a scene from the production of "On ne badine pas avec l'amour". THE CAST "tr-w,""-5-'s.....,...s---1 BACK ROW: Sandy Leggarf, Jack f""---"'?,lg,l, Machin, Chris Gelliner, Bill Doherty, Milada Tresnak. FRONT: Raymonde Goldgrab, Ross Curtis, Erika Hirsh, Sylvie Karwasser. WW BACK ROW: Alison Grant, Anne Barcham, Sylvia Lanctot, Myrna Albert, Sandra Hockman, Judy Hoffman, Frances Grader, Hana Kemeny, Hindalea Goldstein, Yolande Legault, Dagniia Konrads, Rochelle Brown, Isabel Rose. THIRD: Beverly McLennan, Margaret Turner, Joan Powers, Irene Gryndahl, Dorothea Baltruweit, Juanita Butler, Ruth Pepper, Mary Elson, Janet Morgan, Amelia Baggs, Judy Booker, Annette Jarrett, Frances Hoffman, Sandra Grant. SECOND: Elenora Standish, Wendy Turner, Cecile Fox, Catherine Sheldon, Irene Wolfe, Anne Bolgan, Dorel Hay, Rachel Van de Walle, Donna Burt, Brenda Sproule, Shirley Panter. FRONT: Kay Ritzel, Nada Boyko, Ann Dale, Angel Van de Walle, Judy Shaw, Betty Lawson. BACK ROW: Elaine Steinman, Sylvia Seel, Rosalie Smolkm, Susan Beattie, Evelyn Rice, Ina Healey, Anne Brush, Marylan Quick, Joyce Dunston Sheila Jones THIRD: Daphne Lindo, Sandra Fogel, Evelyn Sheftel Linda Stevens, Marianne Wien Taube Pizer, Elizabeth Davis, Phil Van Seters Joy Gordon, Jane Newman, Beverley Mills, Diane Gibb, Shirley Moscovitch, Barbara Webster Alice Keh SECOND: Stephanie Dmytryshyn lH.C,l, Veromka von Nostntz Cynthia Creighton KH C J, Anne Tolmie lH.C.l, Jane Beattie lH.C.l, Nina Dorofeuk lHead Gnrlj Miss E M Orsten lDonl, Esther Brown lH.C.J, Mary Baillie lH.C J Kathryn Magee QH C l, Anne McCulIagh, Sheila Webster. FRONT: Mary Eleanor Smart, Gail Bigelow Audrey Woods Linda Sturrock, Bonnie McBurney, Kathryn Davies, Sandra Whittall Margaret Pope, Cynthia Vokes, Judith Campbell. a ' ' 51,:s::4?:',,Z5 E. ' I v JL I 44, ,i, 1 . T ,.l,, Q ,lg 4 .. 3 J , -sv! . ,gf V,-fx-' , . E - 41 fi-ez, , ,' , ' , 4,3 3-it f f . 4, - at ,jf A 13' g ffl, 42 ,, 1 , ' 4, 27 1 K ff 4 f, , V, H ,,l., A,,lA, ! , 2 fin . W la 5: 732 ' H' YZ! 2' ?Z4W72 lmf4'-.'x ., Eli BACK ROW: Marta Smith, Walda Podasky, Pat Girdwood, Penny Olimer, Liisa Lappalainen, Susan Cummer, Eva Poppleton, Jan Grafstein, Mary Kelly, Bresima Mayne, Nancy Keeling, Isobel Crozier, Carol Reddin, .loan Chapman, Sophie Nychuk, Mulock Marym- THIRD: Dorothy Scott, Jane Nesbitt, Sheila Shier, Dagnia Triers, Marg Strachan, Vera Podalsky, Terry Peters, Brenda Harris, Annabel Connell, Elaine Walkom, Laura H Kinrade, Alice Braeker, Louise Zabolotny, Adie Kline, Liz McColl, Arlene Gallaugher, Evelyn Todd, Verna Hartford, Leslie Yule. SECOND: Mary Ellen Kirk, Medora Sale, Marg McMeekin, Mary Fleming, Marilyn Powell, Pat Walkom, Miss McLeod, Sandra Zacks, Lois Cruickshank, Jane Davison, Sandra Ruyes, Chris Milencoft, Joan Smillie. FRONT: .lean Toy, Linda McBurney, Barb Ridout, Liz Collier, Kathy Kemp, Kay Swain, Elizabeth Heise, Mariorie Sloan, Esther Black. THIRD ROW: Sharon Reynolds, Lynn Spence, Vya Raminsh, Mary Russell, Doris Miller, Lee Pickrell, Ellen Wilson, Annie Korhonen. SECOND: Wilma Hall, Mary Trotter, Barbara Craig, Beverly S S Bonnell, Betty Hill, Gloria Sax, Margaret Klachan, Daila Grins, tg tg Barbara Vent. FRONT: Margaret Anne White, Joy Mahood, E. Kopetsky, Mary Jane Ashley, Barbara Black, Marin Keene. iv: 'ye-W, f' aw Clark Leith Pres. Joe Gill Vice-Pres. Nancy Charles Assoc. Pres. Dianne Overholt Sect. Victoria Victoria College Union The past year at Vic has been one so full of memor- able events that no one could be expected to do justice to them all in such a limited space. However, among the happenings of the last few months, certain highlights come to mind. For example, there was the annual Freshman Weekend. No effort was spared to make the class of 6T2 welcome to Victoria College. A busy time, during which all the freshmen and freshies stayed in residence, was planned with the purpose of orientation and fraternization. Judging by the enthusiasm of this year and their subsequent contributions to the life of the College, the weekend was an overwhelming success. Social life on The Old Ontario Strand exhibited a marked departure from that of former years. Replacing the financially unsuccessful Informal, two Scarlet and Gold dances proved highly rewarding, both to those who attended and to those who made them possible. The treat of the social season was, of course, the Formal, held in January. Adding to the enjoyment of the evening was the fact that the dance was held in the new Club Kingsway, which almost burned down before Jim Sharples Treas. yy y jp ,.:g College the evening was over. Students gathered in Burwash Hall early in February to pay tribute to Dr. H. Bennett, who retires this year as Principal of Victoria College. Vic men and women were active in sport circles again this year with the Senior Football Team bringing the Mulock Cup back to Victoria College. Many individual trophies and awards were also garnered in a wide range of athletic activities. The Bob Revue played to packed houses and fell only slightly short of last year's tremendously successful show. Th-e Music Club delighted its audiences with its presentation of "The Pirates of Penzance", one of the finest productions the Music Club has staged in a long line of productions. "Candlelight", staged by the Drama Club, was aesthetically successful, though it suffered financially. The V.C.U. Assembly again endured the task of consuming an unpalatable bill of fare, concerning itself with the usual reams of reports and financial statements, interspersed occasionally with a spirited debate and the odd bit of tomfoolery. And so it goes: Homecoming Weekend, class parties, debates and Copper Room discussions, term tests, overdue essays, library books that have already been reserved, bridge in the Coffee Shop, Noon Hour and Sunday Evening Concerts, executive meetings, Acta and the Strand, United Appeal, Share, and Blood Campaigns, and last but not least, the Scourge of the Student: final exams. To those who graduate it has been an especially memorable time. May the following years be as successful as the preceding ones have been happy! Steve Moriarty Bev Westman Men's Athletics Women's Athletics Dave Lee SAC Sue Evans SAC Dave Silcox Social Director ' "' ' 7 ' gi' I' Q Steve Hayes Publicity Director Annesley Hall and traditions of gracious living . . . after-dinner coffee in the Music Room . . . ASGA meetings in the mellowed library . . . the swish of crinolines on the staircase . . . candlelight at the Christmas Dinner . . . Victorian cupolas and carpeted halls. Curving around the other side of the patio, the new Margaret Addison Hall, dwarfing Annesley with six floors of flat brick symmetry and monotonous rows of steel-framed windows - as sterile as a factory and, at the moment, just as characterless. Good-bye 147, Waldie, Addison, Oaklawn, 251. Good-bye to the telephone booth that served as 147's kitchen . . . the long, shadowy porch at 151 . . . 137's creaky stairs and gaseous "stove" . . . "the ice-box" at Waldie . . . 113's Spit" with all the privacy of Union Station. Good-bye with a mixture of nostalgia and regret. Nostalgia for no more water-fights or confetti raids, no more furniture-moving up and down Bloor Street, no more streamers, painted windows, and advertised phone numbers for Homecoming Weekend, no more sun-bathing on the roof, no more unseemly yells, toilet-papered trees, or Sunday tea pantomimes to disturb the self-importance of 'tMink Mile". Regret that next September's freshies won't Annesley Hall have to endure the houses, regret that this year's seniors won't be able to discover Addison Hall. Good-bye to Bloor Street and to pneumatic drills at 2 a.m., windows that rattle with every passing street car and seemingly disappear with every wintry wind, tender midnight farewells open to the public, a bedtime shortage of hot water on the third floor, cold walls and colder radiators, visiting males startled by pyjama-clad sleepwalkers looking for food. Hello Addison Hall, may you recall the Bowles House exilesg may you acquire some "house" character, may you preserve Annesley's traditions. BACK ROW: Catherine Willoughby, Nora Clemons, Margaret Moore, Rosemary Bell, Liz White, Eileen Caldwell, Sandra Koning, Vivien Vernon, Pat Little, Mary Fraser, Marion Dorsch, Mary Jean Williamson, Helen Truscott, Marilyn Loft, Ann Lewis, Alison White, Ruth Spitzer. THIRD: Lois Pachal, Joan MacArthur, Sheila Meisner, Rena Beacom, Evelyn Rivaz, Sandra Wolfe, Susan Eastwood, Annette Miglec, Jan Smith, Norma Pettit, Brenda Clements, Darlene Marshall, Lin Taylor, Leonie Alexander, Peggi Davies, Lucy Revus. SECOND: Arlene Arnason, Nancy Foggo, Marilyn Smye, Lola Wisdom, June Pollard, Pat Alexander lPres.l, Miss V. Parvin 4DonJ, Dorothea Richardson, Pam Matthews, Nancy Flatt, Judy Mitchell, Ros Harper. FRONT: Donna Youngblut, Margaret Start, Beverley Mather, Judy Teachman, Cynthia Goulden, Catherine Pick, Penny Paisley, Mary Ellen Anglin, Sheila Sommers, Gail Youngberg. ABSENT: Sanny Johnston, Sheena Ewing, Carol Wannan, Mildred lstona, Terry Matsui, Bev Corneil, Pat McLeod. 168 'W' BACK ROW: Esther Cochran, Pat Durance, Joy Woolfrey, Marcia Cuthbert, Fiona A S G A Williams, Eileen Caldwell, Randy Jacobson, Wilma Augustine, Marilyn Cain, Marian 0 0 0 o ' MacQuarrle. FRONT: Pat Alexander, Marilyn Smye, Carole Young Nice-Pres.J, Miss J. Macpherson lDeanJ, Janet Martin lPres.J, Barbara Buchanan, Jean Samells. Dramatic Society The Victoria College Dramatic Society had a busy and rewarding season in 1958-59. Perhaps this season was called "busy" because of the hectic last-minute preparations and changes that accompanied the three-acter on to Hart House stage, or perhaps because of the variety of entertainment presented during the year. Mime made its first appearance before the club and represented the club at several college activities. The one-act plays successfully displayed the talents of the new members. Distinguished speakers at the club's monthly meetings were informative, especially Al Saxe, formerly of Actor's Studios in New York. "Candle-lightn, written by S. Geyer and translated by P. G. Wodehouse, appeared at Hart House Theatre from January 7-9 drawing praise from the Varsity and the daily newspapers. Dr. Ernest Waengler and Mike Cross directed and produced a witty, well-paced show. The cast headed by Terry Sheils as the Valet, Linda Tilden as the Maid, and Bob Martin as the Prince was relaxed, assured, and well received by the audiences. 169 French Club X V239 BACK ROW: Wilma Augustine lPubIicityJ, Vicki Hunnisett l4th Yr. Rep.J, Jean Sisler l3rd Yr. Rep.J, Alison Whyte lSec.l, Nancy Foggs lSocial Committeel, Carol Elliot list Yr. Rep.J. FRONT: Ted Barnes lTreas.7, Mme. R. W. Jeanes. Nice-Pres.7. lHonorary Pres.l, John Priestly lPres.J, Agnes Chlebek Nice-Pres.l. ABSENT: Joan Nobbi lPublicityJ, Maureen Maguire lSocialJ, Eric Henry l2nd Yr. Rep.i. The Victoria College French Club, with greatly increased memberships, has enjoyed a very successful year. Three meetings were held in the first term: a "get acquainted night" in October, a "theatre nightl' in November, at which Mr. Peter Ricketts, B.A., of the Victoria staff, read two comic monologues, and the first four-college joint meeting, held in the last week of term. In the second term, there were two meetings, the first featuring a distinguished guest speaker, Professor Gerald Antoine from the Sorbonne, and the second a comedy by Jean Giraudoux, "L'Apollon de Bellac", directed by Mr. Peter Ricketts. The last function of the club. a banquet, was held in March. BACK ROW: John Priestley Nice-Pres.J, Peggi Davies lSec.J, Dan Yielding lTreas.l. FRONT: Agnes Chlebek lSocial Convenorj, Ted Barnes lPres.J, Jennifer Iliffe list Yr. Rep.l. Classics Club The Victoria College Classics Club offered another season of diverse appeal in 1958-59. This year there were three lecturers: Dr. Robson on "Cicero and Humanism," Prof. Bagnani on "Forgeries," and Fr. O'Donnell on "Aristotle in Western Literature." At Christmas, the members let loose with various types of Saturnalian celebrations such as skits fthreeli and carols in Latin. In January, Prof. Shepherd read examples from the various historical stages of Greek poetry. The last meeting, the annual banquet, took place in the middle of March and was intended as one great, hearty, thankful handshake for Dr. Bennett, the Honorary President and retiring Principal of the College. BACK ROW: John Robertson lBusiness Managerl, Ron Brown 12nd Vice-Pres.J, Stew Bell lPubIicifyl, Joyce Kleinfelder fSfage Managerl, Jean Tovell lSociaI Direcfressl, Miriam Skey lNoon Hr. Concerfl. FRONT: Mary EI. Reid fSec.l, David Silcox lAssoc. Pres.J, Daryl Greene fPres.l, David Lemmon U sf Vice-Pres.J. Vic Music Club Once again this year the Vic Music Club upheld its tradition of being one of the most spirited and successful organizations on campus. This year's Gilbert and Sullivan production, "Pirates of Penzance", drew full houses at Hart House Theatre nearly every night. Bill Metcalfe, last year's Musical Director, is now attending the University of Minnesota, but his place was ably filled by Paul Sweetman. Terry Sheils returned for his second year as Stage Director. His innovations provided a "New Look" to the traditional staging of the "Pirates" without sacrificing the spirit of the Savoyards. As well as the annual Gilbert and Sullivan production, the activities of the Club included a Jazz Band and a Broadway Group. The size of the latter group doubled this year. Every Wednesday evening since November fifty or more Broadway enthusiasts met to sing choruses from such Broadway shows as "Guys and Dollsn, "My Fair Lady" and "Pajama Game". The Noon Hour Concerts, an important part of the Music Club Programme, were excellent this year. These concerts provided an opportunity for Vic Students to hear local college talent. The highlights of the year were the previews of the college show, the "Bob", the "A.V.R." and "Pirates of Penzance", and the Jazz and Broadway Groups. The social life of the Club was as active as its musical life and included a square dance, a Christmas Party, a Skating Party and a Formal. BEFORE AFTER Student Christian Movement K ROW: Ken Matsugu, Lucy No Sasaki, Bob Ball. FRONT Lonie Alexander, Steve s J a Ballam BACK ROW: Rena Beacon, Esther Cochrane, """ Henry Smith, Douglas Bosonworth. FRONT: Lola Wisdom, Janet Ward, Joan Honsberger lPres.l, Ronald Scott. ABSENT: Eric Snider, Eric Henry, John Branton, Hugh Gremmell. Through study and discussion groups, the Vic SCM encourages students within the college to look at the Christian faith. A Freshman Reception was held with Dr. John Coleman who spoke on "What it Means to be a Christian Student". In early December, Prof. Douglas Jay of Emmanuel spoke on the topic "What Does it Mean to Love?" Continuing throughout both terms was a stimulating study group, led by Alan McLaughlin, on Karl Barth's "Apostles' Creed". Profs. Morawetz's and Fennell's discussion on "Has Christianity Come to the End of its Road?" drew a very large attendance. On WSCF Sunday a iireside was held with Rev. Celestine Fernando of Ceylon as guest, and a special invitation was extended to all overseas students at Vic. Vic VCF and SCM also co-operated on a lecture series extending over a two week period. Varsity Christian Fellowship The Vic VCF seeks to provide Christian fellowship for students While on Campus, to unite those who desire to maintain a witness to the living reality of ---t the Christian faith, and to present an effective witness to the University community. group participated. Part of the programme designed to deepen the spiritual life of the members is a weekly Bible Study and prayer meetings. In addition, two series of special meetings have been held, the second jointly sponsored by the SCM. A panel discussion and various ministers spoke on different aspects of Christianity as a reasonable Faith. There were also talks on such subjects as, 'Why pray, when you can worry and 'The Christianis place in Society Opportunity was provided at the end of each meeting for discussion these were both helpful and stimulating Socials included a Bowling Party with the Engl neers, and a Christmas Party with the VCF in the Faculty of Music. There were various other campus wide activities social and otherwise in which the Liberal Arts Club The Victoria College Debating Par- nent held an extremely successful sion this year with record turn- s for several of its Debates. The :aker's new hat may have played a 't in the rejuvenation of interest, 4 it is more likely that the wide .ge of topics, debated by excellent takers, and often concluded with narks by some distinguished guest, 1 more to do with the success. pics covered all the ground from rmosa, nuclear weapons, and Dr. sell's new educational plan to the olution "that Freshmen be de- 'ted to a Junior College." Dr. ore, president of Victoria College, . Richard Needham, an Editor of f Globe and Mail, and t'Rawhide', re prominent guests at a debate en it was resolved 'That the C.B.C. tils the Quintessence of Canadian ture'. The interest in formal de- es was paralleled by unprece- ted enthusiasm among the novices impromptu debating. wil' The purpose of the Liberal Arts Club is to engage in Art activities and to present speakers or subjects, both of which are not normally covered by the other specialized Arts Clubs. The first two speakers were Prof. Northrop Frye and Malcolm Black, a director at the Crest Theatre. The third speaker, F. J. Francis, presented a subject entirely new in Liberal Arts Club meetings - the Origin of the Brass Band Movement, and he had a brass octet with which to illustrate his talk. The last speaker was Jane Mallett, the famous Canadian comedienne, who lectured on the Art of the Monologue. Next year the Club hopes to have more success in reorganizing group activities, such as the Writers' Group and groups to visit artists' studios. BACK ROW: Prof. J. MacPherson, Robert McMurdy. FRONT: Marie Kingston, David Keenleyside lPres.J, Kay Leh- mann. The Debating Parliament BACK ROW: Gord Miles, Alison Dingle, Sally Potter, Peggy Atwood, Russ Van Stone. FRONT: Donna Youngblut, Mary Fraser lPres.J, Dr. Field lFacuIty Advisorl, John Gardiner, Dave Crane. ABSENT: Claire Lewis, Brian Punchard. TW"""""n" x WEVWU' X' " 'I This ambitious group land including Marg Lane, Barb Buchanan, and The Strand Stew Belly laboured week after week under the stern but kindly whip of editor Al Tomlinson to produce the favourite weekly of Victoria students - "The Strand". Circulation rose to a total of 750 copies which were quickly picked up and digested. Undoubtedly some of the features which encouraged this eager interest were the weekly poll covering topics of personal and uni- versal concern, the conceited, controversial and calumnious comments of the vituperative Sez Who, the offbeat cartoons of Jerry Collins, the now and then "Victoriously Yoursn column of Dave Silcox, and on one occasion BACK ROW: Russ Crossley, Don Cornish, Pat Bonn, Mike Cross, John Wood, Jerry Collins. FRONT: Mary Lou Elliot, Wilma Augustine, AI Tomlinson tEditorJ, Mary Loney, Aileen Shattuck, Dave Silcox. ABSENT: Barb Buchanan, Stew Bell, Marg Lane. The eighty-third year of publication will undoubtedly be remembered as the first in a long while to print a different cover on each issue -1 and in red and black on white the effect was certainly handsome. ACTA returned, however briefly, to its old ways of attacking and holding up to the light the institutions of student life at the College - the VCU, the Bob Revue, even the Debating Parliament. It tried to select from among the many contributions enough good short stories and poems, to provide worthwhile reading, as well as to exemplify the best writing being done. In some measure, it probably succeeded. It resuscitated its old mascot Gladys the rhinoceros, and even went so far as to put her on the cover of the second issue, where she was mistaken for a dachshund and a hippopotamus. In real life, Gladys performed the duties of letteropener bravely and well. In a moment of rash decision, the editors commissioned a cover which could never be used, but by special permission it appears in the picture above. It is the consensus of the staff that this drawing adequately expresses their emotions on the occasion of the deadlines, all four of them. only, a ufirsti' for Victoria - the so-called gag issue. lRemember the scare that term marks would count as 75011 of the final, the retirement of Prof. Joblin to a Tibetan monastery, and the fire in Bowles House which caused the female residents to spend the remaind-er of the night in Middle House with its male inhabi- tants?J Sports were covered by Paul Green and Randy Jacobson, and activities - from elec- tions to the French Club's honorary membership issued to Brigette Bardot f - were reported by num- erous writers. Retiring Principal Bennett admit- ted that "The Strand" had at times got under the skin of the faculty. What more needs to be said of the '58-59 Strand? Acta, Victoriana, BACK ROW: David Keenleyside, Marian Hebb, Mary MacKenzie, Jerry Collins. FRONT: John Grant tEditor-in-Chiefl, Katherine Lehmann, Gail Youngberg, Pat Bonn. K ROW: Bill Marshall, Vicki Hunnisett, Randy Jacobson, Don Wilson. HT: Nancy Foggs, Anne Foote, Rich Smale, Barb Pinkham. ENT: Bob Stowe, Al Beech. GTO Exec 5T9 Exec Them , H .,.. ,X BACK ROW: Sandra Rust, Bev Kidd, John Saul, Nancy Ferguson, Ann Hoppman, Sally Potter. FRONT: Peter Stanley, Jean Samells, Doug McDermid, Sandra Butler, Mike Howarth. ABSENT: Brian Punchard. 6T1 Exec BACK ROW: Clare Lewis, Donalda Lewis, Peggy Atwood, Pousy Macdonald, Marion Hebb, Sandy Bruchovsky. FRONT: Stan Dubas, Virginia Lomax, Norm Williams, Judy Sparrow, Paul Ellis. 6T2 Exec BACK ROW: Ross Parke, Gary Logan, Linda Jackson, Judy Caldecoff, Lynda Godboll, Alison Dingle, John Page, Russ Van Stone. FRONT: Allan Shantz, Patricia Lawson, John Wood, Jane Clarke, Cam Taylor. V.C.W.A. . BACK ROW: Eleanor Cobbledick, Jane Trusseler, Judy Caldecolt, Mary Ellen Anglin, Donalda Lewis, Jill Segond. FRONT: Nancy Ferguson, Mary MacKenzie, Bev Weslman, Sheila Baird, Randy Jacobson. V.C.M.A.U. BACK ROW: Gary Logan, Jim Snider, Sandy Bruchovsky, Paul Green, Don Ameck, Dave Thompson. FRONT: Don Seeback, Sleve Wills, Steve Moriarly, Bob Stone, John Saul. ABSENT: Prof. Grant fSfafF Advisorl. Athletics Intercollegiate . . page 178 Intramural . . page 208 W0men's . . page 246 'S we 4 r 3 .W N J' ,gf FR +,,'-ff? z v x -, J 4' -1-zz H - ' -: .'-I '- J., V '. 'fir-1' - :: -1 v -'-' 1... -:ser 1 rv v 'vid 1 '74 2 va 1 1 ,, 4 ,, .,.. ,.,.,. , , ..,-.,, , ,. -, We zsieiafsla rw x be: 1: -'f f ' e ' .,.....,. X - - , f m, , , ' 0 v:12,' , pig A "-W5 smjgjwwff ,, ., I I 7 Q -,:'1, 44, ,Q Wi-.f4f7 u 4 Coaching Staff A DALTON WHITE . . . SENIOR FOOTBALL Having graduated in Arts from Toronto, where he was an out- standing lacrosse player, being a member of the Varsity team which toured the U.S. in 1937, Dalt coached football at Port Colborne High for two years, winning the Central Ontario H.S. Championship in 1940. While at Toronto's Western Technical School, he coached football, basketball, and track, winning the Ontario and City basketball titles. In 1951 he joined the staff at Toronto, and acted as Assistant Football and Basketball Coach before he was elevated to the position of Head Football Coach. Mr. and Mrs. Dalt White have five children, four of them boys. JOHN KENNEDY . . . SENIOR HOCKEY Jack Kennedy graduated from the School of P.H.E. at Toronto in 1950, and has been a member of the staff of the Department since that time. A member of the Blue Football team during his student days tplaying endj, he has, since his graduation, been Coach of the Intermediate Football Blues and Assistant Coach of the Seniors. He has also directed the Senior Hockey squad for the past three years, winning the Championship in 1955 and 1956. Jack came to the University after seeing service with the R.C.A.F. and is now the Chief Administrative Officer of the University R.C.A.F. Incidentally, he is married, and has three children. JOHN McMANUS . . . SENIOR BASKETBALL 178 A graduate of P.H.E. at Toronto 619509, John has just completed his first year as coach of the Blue Basketball team. A former star in basketball, baseball, and track, he was one of the high scorers for the Blues during his college days. After graduation John coached at Acadia University for two years where his team won the intercollegiate title, the Halifax and District Championship, and the Maritime Senior crown. He joined the Toronto staff in 1952 as Assistant Football and Basketball coach, and since then his Intermediate team has won the college championship twice. John is married, and has one son. He too is an administrative officer in the U. of T. R.C.A.F. Squadron. FOOTBALL W. G. Adams B. T. Aston D. A. Baird J. A. E. Bell M. C. Bell D. C. Brodiei N. Bruchovsky P. R. Burroughs S. H. Chisholm E. J. Chorostecki M. Chykaliuk D. H. Creswell R. J. Dann J. M. Dever J. T. Eyton G. T. Harding W. T. Hunter D. K. Johnston G. P. Joyce R. L. Joyntt R. I. Knowles S. V. Martini D. H. Pinkham J. H. Porter T. E. Reidt R. C. Risk C. M. Russell L. H. Stacey W. J. Thoburn GOLF B. S. Brewer W. Weynerowskit ENGLISH RUGGER A. D. Baines J. Burger P. Butt M. R. Hargrave R. D. Hirst N. Nankivell J. Ward BADMINTON R. B. Lundy C. Wood, Jr. BOXING M. A. Butt R. W. Kirkpatrick B. Petcoif A. J. Vachon Award Winners FIRST COLOURS AND BRONZE T's Bronze T's marked 3 SQUASH J. B. Ireton H. A. Malcolmson A. D. Massey L. M. Smith W. Weynerowski FENCING H. A. Tate WRESTLING F. J. Brown R. Carrow A. Higgins W. Polito R. J. Sibthorp SWIMMING J. S. Deaconr D. R. Fisherr D. R. Harvey W. P. Unger W. A. Yorzyk SOCCER P. Avisi B. Bertolin J. F. Duncant J. S. Bell R. M. Green B. C. Michez R. Peretz E. Primorac N. Shepherd V. Soots W. Webb J. M. Watson R. A. Williams TRACK D. Bell K. E. Moneyt SKIING J. F. McNutt F. Plahte R. Repo BASKETBALL J. Dacyshyn R. C. Ecclestone R. J. Goldringr J. W. Maguire N. F. Menczel R. D. Norman W. A. Potter R. Richman C. M. Russell J. J. Stulact HOCKEY D. A. Brodie J. S. Brooks R. N. Casey R. C. Dunnit M. Elikit W. B. Kennedy J. W. Macdonald H. Millsi' F9 M. N. Munro? H. W. Neale H. H. Roth L. H. Stacey D. H. Stephen F. J. Sullivan T. Watt D. Williams D. G. Fleming 179 Senior Football Champions The Yates is home. Yes, the Yates Cup symbolic of championship in the Senior Intercollegiate Football league has returned to its Hart House home after a four year absence. It was returned by the Varsity Blues, one of the best Varsity teams ever seen. Many are inclined to think that this was the best University of Toronto team ever. The Blues ran over their opposition piling up a record 271 points and allowing only 57 against. Only in their Hrst game did an opposing team come close, but after this game it was strictly a one team league. Varsity stood above them all. Toronto possessed everything - depth, speed, passing, a rough, impenetrable defense. There were no stars on the Blues team, at least among the players themselves. Rather, they played as a team. All deserve praise. Suffice it to mention the graduating players who have played their last game for the Blue and White. There was Tim Reid, who scored over 100 points in his three years with the Blues, quarterback Brian Aston Whose field generalship never allowed the offence to be stopped, Peter Joyce, one of the greatest ball carriers Varsity has ever seen, who was selected as most valuable player in the Intercollegiate by the other clubs, Curt Russell, a perennial all-star who anchored the Varsity defense. And then there were Bill Hunter, Laurie Stacey, Julian Porter, Dunc Brodie, Dick Risk, Santo Martini, Don Johnston and Dave Pinkham. This was the University of Toronto's championship Blues. BACK ROW: J. S. McManus lAss't. Coachj, A. D. White lCoachl, W. A. Stevens lDirector o Athleticsl, D. R. Gawley lManagerl, H. Ringham lTrainerl, J. R. Kennedy lAss't Coachl. THIRD: G. Harding, M. J. Dever, D. E. Pinkham, R. I. Knowles, J. H. Porter, J. E. King, R. L. Joynt, W. Sopinka, P. R. Burroughs, N. Bruchovsky, D. A. Baird. SECOND: G. P. Joyce, M. Chykaliuk, A. K. Connolly, W. T. Hunter, W. J. Thoburn, J. T. Evans, D. H. Creswell, S. H. Chisholm, M. C. Bell, J. A. Bell. FRONT: D. C. Brodie, L. H. Stacey, R. J. Dann, B. T. Aston, W. G. Adams, E. J. Chorostecki lCaptainl, C. M. Russell lCaptainl, D. K. Johnston, J. T. Eyton, S. V. Martini, T. E. Reid, R. C. Risk. 41'. ., V. , Nh my , , . , V..-,.,,,A,.,v.,,. V ' . .L ' - '- '. -'fits-mi. ' ' : ff f. f ,. '. , f 7 J , -fu 'M ,, . V, . V U I . - V, 13.1 -9, fs - ' Y r. , aaa! " 1 I ' .. r ..-W' . 'Y f 'Q 'z . V f . f ., , -piQ,,.7mf .' I . . f ' af f My , ,, . .-.,. . . .. .. . . . .... .. .... . -sg ... ...... ..-. ., .... .,... ....f .mdA.. ,.,.f,. ..., ...... . .. , . ..,,.... ff - .4 ...-.. . , .. .. .. .. I 180 Toronto 26 Western I want you W5 My Bench strength X " ' f ' ' N, e Y iw, " xx ,f.-, av '-rx. 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'f Y' fins ' - ' wo - Pd?'fiiygiiffe'-Fi'42-fm-FrYiwu-ziisrsimze.1-1--ww-rx.5..49a1-was-Jazky-:Qc .,.,Hz:-.L:Q-v:g::1.::5Qg-:,.5,M.::y521,m.,:gy3g5,:g:5,,, MQ... -:,.. . 4 f....,. ..'-".'z !:..f opp Trophy and Biggs Troph Curtice M. Russell was this year's winner of two of the Universityls top athletic awards. By a vote of his team-mates, Curt won the Johnny Copp Trophy awarded annually to the most worthy member of the Senior Football team. He was also selected by the senior members of the Athletic Directorate as the winner of the Biggs Trophy given to the under- graduate who, through his leadership, sportsmanship and performance, has contributed most to University athletics during the year. Curt Russell enrolled in St. Michael's College, Toronto, in 1953 after completing his high school education at Baltimore, Maryland. He was an out- standing guard and centre for the Senior Football Blues during the seasons 1956, l57 and '58 and was selected for the Intercollegiate All Star team all three years. He captained the Blues in 1957 and was co- captain of the 1958 Champions. For the past two years, he has been a valuable member of the Senior Basketball team. In addition to his intercollegiate activities Curt has been a tower of strength in intra- mural sports participating for his College in lacrosse. basketball, football, volleyball and hockey. Last fall he led the St. Michael's Lacrosse team to the Univer- sity Championship and the Dafoe Cup. He won his First Letter five times and is the holder of a bronze "TH, An excellent student throughout his College career, Curt is presently completing work on his M.A. in philosophy. A highly respected athlete, he will be sadly missed on the University campus next year, but will always be remembered as a great competitor and a fine Sportsman. 187 Intermediate Football Team BACK ROW: D. J. Damn, W. Kirkpatrick, D. Jack, M. W. Jewell, R. C. Dunn, B. Jackson, W. D. Kay, W. D. Bean, A. R A Scace Warren. SECOND: B. Clark tTrainerJ, R. W. Reid, J. Reimer, R. Bayko, P. D. Lougheed, D. Fraser, C. Wood, B. W. Bradstock, M. Mu r R House K Mathers, R. Miner tMgr.J. FRONT: W. G. Stevenson tCoachl, R. S. Lackey, G. E. German, R. Farr, E. Rush, T. Watt, B. Matheson, R. M. Innes, K Acheson P Robertson, D. Boyd, J. Farley, J. Sopinka tCoachl. The Intermediate Football Team under coaches John Sopinka and Bill Stevenson had a reasonably successful season. The coaches, both new in their positions, were faced with a complete rebuilding job since only live players returned from last year's team. Under the circumstances an outstanding job was done. Although the team got off to a slow start by losing the first two games, it came back strongly to take the next three games by decisive scores. The last game was lost to a strong, hard hitting Ryerson Club with a score of 8 - 7. A victory in this game would have produced a tie for first place in a surprisingly strong and balanced intermediate league. The team showed great defensive power led by Captain Tom Watt, Casey Wood, Bruce Jackson and Pete Warren. Offensively the standouts were Mike Muir, Pete Robertson, Everett Rush, Doug .I ack and Doug Lougheed, Many of these players will undoubtedly see action with the Blues next year. 188 Can we hold 'em? LACK ROW: T. Duncan lCoachi, J. M. Watson, V. Soofs, Paul Avis, D. Jardine Vlanageri. , ECOND: R. M. Green, R. Perefz, R. A. Williams lCapl'ainJ, E. Primorac, N. hepherd. IRONT: B. C. Michez, B. Berfolin, W. Webb, J. F. Duncan, S. Bell. The Intermediates this year were a better balanced The fall of 1958 saw another season of Inter- collegiate activity, and once again the Varsity Blues came out on top as champions - albeit a champion- ship shared with O.A.C. of Guelph. The statistics in capsule form are as follows: played 8: tied 1 and lost 1. A total of 32 goals was scored by the team, while six were scored against. Bill Webb for the third consecutive year won the scoring race with seven goals. eam as a result of the loss of individual stars of the mrevious year. On the score sheet - the team won Leven of the eight games played and tied the other. lowever, two games were lost in the Committee loom by disqualification on account of an ineligible ilayer. As a result of this, they lost the championship. The teams playing the same circuit as the Blues von their games handsomelyg their hardest games vere against Ryerson winning one 1 -0 and tying he other 2 - 2. Of the 32 goals that were scored, eight were ibtained by Geordie Walker, playing at centre ?orward. Mike Mahon was right behind with seven, ind Chris Carr -followed with six. It should be pointed nut that Chris played two games with the seniors in vvhich he scored three, making a season total of nine goals with the Intercollegiate squad. The season opened with Tackoor, Reiman and Grant as half-backs - a line that played well together. In the second game, Tackoor was injured and his Josition was well filled for the rest of the season my Doug Taylor. Senior Soccer The season opened with a visit to McMaster and a comfortable 3-0 win over an improved Hamilton team. The following week against O.A.C. with 15 minutes left to play, Varsity was 2-0 down. The very fast, hard tackling Aggies had upset the slower and more polished half-back line of Williams, Shepherd and Green. Nevertheless, they had been toiling away all game, and their efforts were rewarded in the final minutes as Varsity scored twice to draw the game. A visit from Western Mustangs ended in a 4 - 0 defeat for them. Stew Bell, who began the season with the Intermediates, proved to be a find of senior calibre on the left wing. The first game against McGill for the T. 85 D. cup was played in Toronto on a firm ground which, as usual, favoured the opponents. It was a hard fought game resulting in a 2 - 0 win for the Blues. A former Blues star, Roger Peretz, who returned this season after a two year absence, held the forward line together. Throughout the season, he consistently turned in a sparkling performance in every game. McGill protested this game, and the following Saturday, a fired-up Varsity squad played in Montreal in a veritable mud bath, and squashed the McGill protest with a 9 - 0 victory. Varsity thus retained the T. Sz D. cup as champions of the Eastern division of the O.Q.A.A. In the return game, the Aggies were very much slower and appeared almost listless in their manner of play. The result was a 3 - 0 lead for the Blues at half time. Unfortunately, the Blues faltered badly and lost a squeaker to Guelph 4 - 3, thus ending tied with O.A.C. for the the Blackwood Trophy. Intermediate BACK ROW: W. T. P. Tackoor, V. P. Herde, C. F. D. Carr, M. A. Mahon, J. D. Grant. FRONT: T. Duncan lCoachi, B. W. Walker, O. A. Reimann, F. Ruprechf, D. A. Taylor, S. Fraser, D. Jardine lManagerJ. ABSENT: L. E. McKenzie, S. Smart, T. Jensen, H. E. Hilgenberg, B. Sorokinsky. J. E. McCutcheon QAss'f Director of Athleticsl, D. R. McGibbon, H. J. E. Hall, G. R. Shaver. ABSENT: J. C. Anderson. Intercollegiate Golf Champions Back in 1947 the Blue and White represen- tatives won golf honours for the University of Toronto. For the next ten years it was a case of being close but not close enough. The team never finished lower than third in a six to eight college tournament. This year's team with a four-way consistent effort ended a two year reign by Western and just to make it complete, or almost so, Witold Weynerowski of Trinity College finished in a first place tie with D. Pemberton-Smith of McGill for the individual championship. Bruce Brewer, of Victoria College was second high man for Toronto and third in the Tournament. Ron Fletcher of University College finish ninth, and Bill Lynch of Victoria was in fifteenth place. In all, eight colleges and thirty-two competitors participated in the tournament which was held at the Cataraqui Club, Kingston. Intercollegiate Tennis For the first time in the history of intercollegiate tennis Laval University acted as host for the tournament. Seven universities competed. The Toronto teams, while not being able to finish bettei than a tie for fourth place, reported an excellen' tournament. Special thanks are extended to the host: in Quebec City for their hospitality. University of Western Ontario, not representec in 1957, won the team championship. The defending champions, McGill, were in second place. A. Hetzecl of McGill took the singles crown while Cescas anc Robitaille of Laval won the doubles, defeating Toronto's number one team of Harry Hall and Joe Anderson in the finals. Four of Toronto's six wins in team play came i1 the doubles with Hall-Anderson accounting for three and Dave McGibbon and Ross Shaver one. Joe Anderson provided the other two points in singles' In winning the championship Western accumulatec ten singles points and two doubles. B. Brewer, W. Lynch, J. E. McCutcheon tAss't D ector of Athleficsl, 1 W. Weynerowski. 3 ABSENT: R. A. Fletcher. i I 190 9 N Track and Field R6 www t : WNW mi' I' QF' 1 ... sms , . fir, Sw EQ at Q ggi. P ,, .M.... so BACK ROW: N. van Loon, R. Repo, F. Foot lCoachl, W. H. Brown lCoachl, J. Sewell. SECOND: D. Bell, D. Pierce, T. E. Reid, J. Druchok. ' FRONT: S. Irwin, W. H. Blair, B. C. Gregory, R. Ellis, M. Berger. ABSENT: B. Matheson, R. Hamilton, W. Varey, J. Roos, K. Money, G. Brace, H. Lennard. On occasion, when wandering about the campus, I t d' t me notices an individual limping about obviously in n e great pain. He is not a cripple! He is, believe it or lot, an athlete nursing sore arches, shins or the like, lerived from pounding around and around the Hart louse track, a member of the U. of T. Track and larrier Club. From this small and little known branch of the I. of T. Athletic Association many things have been lccomplished. Canada has repeatedly been repre- sented by members of this organization at such 'enowned international competitions as the Pan lmerican Games, the British Empire Games and the 7Vorld Olympics, and the Intercollegiate Track and Field Championships have, in late years, been won nore frequently by U. of T. than any other University. However, this last year was not quite as glorious ls it might have been. Toronto managed uncere- noniously to squeeze a third place standing behind VIcGil1 and Western at the meet held at the University mf Western Ontario. Nevertheless, the club members ook forward to a more successful effort next year. BACK ROW: R. McElIigott, W. H. Brown lCoachJ, F. Foot lCoachJ, J. Sian D. Hodgkins. SECOND: P. Bing, N. Menczel, T. Wensley, R. K. Ferrie, R. C. Dunn R. Price. FRONT: V. A. Crawford, L. Duckman, W. O'Hara, M. K. Baumanis P. Pirso. ABSENT: P. Beamish, J. R. Morgan, T. L. Easterbrook. 191 Rugger 9 SENIOR - . t yi., N, .si ..,., , Q - .. fi .sws,.?,, Q Q... S M' . ,Y gf :ww 91 +A fs... Q... . A .- . .. . ,is 4 an- ., Sa- , if 3. xy f 41...7.x BACK ROW: P. Butt, W. Walker, A. D. Baines, M. R. Hargrave, J. M. Nelems, J. Brebner. SECOND: Dr. D. Penman iCoachl, J. P. Ward, W. W. Hutchison, J. Keating, J. P. Carver, D. R. Bosomworth. FRONT: J. S. Burgar, N. J. Nankivell, R. D. Hirst, P. M. Chapman, C. Dobbie. ABSENT: J. H. Dean, R. K. Cornbill, J. A. Vallance. Captaining the First Team was Roger Hirst unaminously voted hardest tackler on the team and also the first winner of our newly established "Best and Most Gentlemanly Player" award. Neville Nankivell, scored almost as many points with his superb placement kicking as the team itself did with "tries". With the hard-driving coach, Dr. David Penman of the University of Edinburgh, the team entered the playoffs of the Intermediate Rugger League, leading the "A" League with five wins, two losses, 105 points for and 36 against. INTERMEDIATE T 1 E l BACK ROW: M. Sherman, W. Hendry, G. McKay, S. C. Buckley, H 'd ' h C. el enreic . SECOND: S. B. Lee, D. Gray, W. R. D. Craven, R. H. Kirkpatrick, R. K. Cornbill, P. Newman. FRONT: J. S. Dunsmuir, W. J. Collins, J. Shelton lCaptainJ, J. Dean, G. Carr. ABSENT: R. Cowie, R. B. Reed, O. F. G. Sitwell. The second team, ably led by Jim Shelton also proceeded to the playoffs of the Seaway League. Unfortunately, they lost the semi-finals to Irish III's, a more experienced team. The second team came into existence four years ago, and from the start, has always managed to reach the playoffs, one year even winning the Seaway League Championship. In previous years its members have played with a fiery abandon not found in too many other teams in the League. This year, however, they also showed that Rugger "sense" was developing in them while not one iota of spirit was being forfeited. Harrier The Varsity Harrier team ran three exhibition races this year. Toronto lost to Western in late October but managed to defeat a large Wayne crew in its first run. Next Toronto journeyed to the U.S. to ,,5,a3f5f.f meet two experienced teams in the form of Buffalo State and Oswego' . D. Bell, F. Foot fCoachJ, M. Berger, R. Price, H. Gordon. ABSENT: J. O. Roos. State Teacher's College where they made a good showing led by Donl Bell. Having tasted defeat twice, Toronto made a strong bid againstl Niagara on November 15 and came alive to come close to whitewashing, the runners from Niagara. Toronto allowed only one runner, flashy. Ron Plassey, to cross in front before they closed the gap and ran 2nd,i 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. In the Interfaculty Harrier, U.C. led by Michael Berger and Roy' Price respectively, won their fifth championship in as many tries withl Trinity in second place and Emmanuel in third. The Intercollegiate Championship held on November 8 provedl the supremacy of O.A.C.'s hard running crew over th-e best in Easternfn Canada. Toronto came behind O.A.C., Queen's and Western, managingnf to swamp only McGill. 2' This year saw a large number of enthusiastic players turning out for the two Varsity waterpolo teams. The teams practised every evening of the Week, and had occasional tune-up games with the central Y.M.H.A. and Hungaria, the Canadian Champions. In November, the Senior Varsity team defeated Senior Waterpolo BACK ROW: M. McLoughlin, D. Berger, H. Rubi- noff, G. Smith, J. Kravis, J. C. O'DeIl, W. F. Clayson 4CoachJ. FRONT: R. Feldman lManagerJ, M. Sfipefic, A. J. Binner lCaptainy, A. Benedek, P. Carson. McGill at Hart House, but in turn lost to McGill at Montreal, thus losing the intercollegiate champion- ship by one goal in the two-games total goal series. Queens, however, was crushed 18 - 2 in an exhibition game. The strength of the intermediates suggests that there will be a fine team in existence next year. Intermediate Waterpolo BACK ROW: R. Feldman lManagerJ, R. van der Zwaan, W. F. Clayson fCoachD, T. F. Hall, J. Harper. FRONT: I. H. Jennings, R. Fung, P. Rollason tCapfainJ, H. Noberf. ABSENT: R. Armstrong, J. Gould, J. Jany, T. Bonnema. 193 WA. ., .gm 1 ww., f W.. 1. . A W... A long way down' Nm... ,wxwx -N NN N' N . ,,.,. ,.,,,... , . . ,..,.Q.., , X1 X ww QM v ,N4,,4..,-..fqv,, .M . . . Senior Swimming Champions The University of Toronto Swim Team, captained by John Ridpath, had a highly successful season this year. In addition to winning their 3rd straight Inter- collegiate title, they maintained an unblemished record of nine wins and no losses. Last year's coach, Cressy McCatty, could not return, and the coaching reins were taken over by Bill Yorzyk, Toronto's Olympian. The loss of Larry Freeman from last year's squad was sorely felt, but the slack was taken up by returning lettermen Walt Unger, Ron Walbank, Joe Maclnnis, John Ridpath and Mike Stipitec. The freshmen proved invaluable as they added Mike McLoughlin, John Deacon, Bob Fisher, Alex Ashenhurst, Art Binner and many others. A total of eight new Canadian records were set, along with three Intercollegiate marks. The year's best meets were with Western, as expected. The Blues suffered a severe loss just prior to the Intercollegiate Championship at McGill when star diver Dave Harvey was hospitalized with acute appendicitis. As a finale to the season, the team undertook a gigantic and highly successful Water Carnival. They packed Hart House pool for two nights with 1400 people to see the best swimming in North America. Through this they raised money to send their outstanding team members to the U.S. and Canadian National Cham- pionships and the Pan-American trials. This year's Swim Team is undoubtedly the finest ever produced by the University and is certainly one of the most spirited. BACK ROW: D. Macaulay lManagerl, J. Ridpath lCapfainl, W. A. Yorzyk tCoachl, A. Sufin lAss'f Managerl. SECOND: F. R. Fisher, A. Binner, J. B. Maclnnis, A. Ashenhursf. THIRD: M. McLoughlin, M. Sfipefic, R. H. Walbank, W. P. Unger, J. Deacon, A. S. K. Chiu. FRONT: D. Harvey, W. J. Sims, C. A. Huovinen. Intermediate Swimming Champions The Baby Blues also won the Intermediate Inter- collegiate Championship, setting five new records in the process. They were undefeated in their season and walloped McMaster and O.A.C. by 36 points in the championship. Many members of this team will be on the Varsity Blues next year having made tremendous strides throughout this year's training programme and competitive season. BACK ROW: A. Sulin tManagerJ, N. J. Thierry tCapfainJ, W. A. ' Y k C h ' orzy l oac J. SECOND: W. R. Patterson, G. A. Milne, H. Noberf. ,I N THIRD: T. Snagala, K. Thompson, E. L. Wilson, C. S. Moore, ' D. Mclnfyre. FRONT: M. Mungovan, R. E. Brookes, J. Jany. ABSENT: K. Currie, A. Johnson. 195 Senior Hockey Champions For the fifth consecutive year the Queen's Cup, emblematic of Senior intercollegiate Hockey supremacy, rests in Hart House. The Varsity Blues with a record of ten wins and two defeats were once more the class of the League. In their exhibition season the Blues met with mixed success. They played the world champion Whitby Dunlops twice and defeated them 6 to 5 in their first encounter and lost to them 4 to 3 in the second. These were two of the most exciting games ever seen on Varsity ice. In addition Varsity made two swings into the States to play American College teams. In their journey to Colorado to play Colorado College and University of Denver they met with no success. But in their other encounters against Clarkson College and University of Michigan they emerged victors. This year the University of Toronto sees the graduation of many of the finest players ever to wear the Blue and White. Dave "Red" Stephen, a veteran of eight years, has played his last game for Varsity. The starry centre and defenseman was honoured with a night by the Varsity fans early in the season. Dunc Brodie, Ron Casey, Ray Dunn, Mike Elik, Grant Mills, Lorry Stacey, Tom Watt and Doug Williams also graduate this year. Lorry Stacey, was chosen by this team-mates to win the Dafoe trophy as the most valuable player on the team. BACK ROW: D. Gawley tMgr.J, T. Watt, H. Roth, N. Munro, F. Sullivan, B. Clark tAss't Trainerl. SECOND: J. R. Kennedy lCoachl, J. Brooks, D. Fleming, D. Stephen, R. Casey, W. Kennedy, D. Williams, H. Ringham tTrainerJ. FRONT: R. Dunn, J. W. Macdonald, L. H. Stacey, M. Elik tCaptainJ, D. A. Brodie, G. Mills, R. E. Giroux. ABSENT: H. Neale. 196 Dave "Red" Stephen Dave Stephen who finished his eighth At 'Red Stephen Night' he was honoured season as a member of the "Blues" hockey by th-e team and Varsity hockey fans and team has been an invaluable asset to the will undoubtedly be one of Varsity's best team throughout his career. remembered players. 7- v xxx X wil X N X X XXXSY x X Ny is QM M xxx sxx, S X 'ES 22312, " ' -h-.-s. - . ,X . . A , Q,-'ssh ' fe? 5 eo ix Y 04. X54 in fe G . , iw. ., ESQ 25141 7-. fx axe-3,5 if.. " v ' '. 2 95 P 4- 'ww 54 V i 5+-'I'-:,1g3.5,5.:'1,5Ew, : :: '- gf:--: I'm on my way He shoots V AA Dunn steers it away 4 N Action at the goal during the Whitley game Boxing Champions The University of Toronto boxers, under the capable coaching of Tony Canzano, retained their senior Intercollegiate Boxing title and the Gibson trophy, by winning the tournament which was held at Kingston this year. Queen's placed second and McGill was last in the three team tournament. Eight Varsity boxers made the tripg seven fought in the finals and four Won individual championships. Art Vachon captured the 130 pound crown, Rog-er Kirkpatrick won the 140 pound class, Boris Petcoff was the pick of the 150 pounders and Mike Butt was the 165 pound champion. Since most of the team consisted of rookies, the prospects for next year should be quite bright. BACK ROW: K. Ogle fManagerJ, L. T. Kirby, M. A. Butt, 1165-Ib. Championl, M. Chykaliuk, J. Bacon M Q .anagerJ. FRONT: R. Dodds, B. Petcoff U50-Ib. Championl, A. Canzano lCoachJ, A. Vachon 1130-Ib. Championj, R. W. Kirkpatrick U40-Ib. Championj. ABSENT: T. F. Godwin. 199 Senior Basketball BACK ROW: R. J. Goldring, R. C. Ecclestone, J. S. McManus lCoach7, J. Dacyshyn, J. Maguire. FRONT: C. M. Russell, N. Menczel, W. A. Potter, R. R. Richman lCap1'ainl, J. J. Sfulac, R. D. Norman. Goin! Goin! Goin The 1958-59 Varsity Blues were one of the most travelled teams in North America. The Blues spent three days in New York where they played St. Peter's and Seton Hall. They then went on a trip to the Southern United States where they played Mississippi Southern, Spring Hill, Memphis State, Jacksonville, Stetson, Rollins, Florida Southern, Miami, Tampa and Georgia State Teachers. In the Intercollegiate Schedule the Blues ended up in third place with a 5-5 record. A win over Western in Hart House with just five seconds remaining was thephighlight of the season. The Blues were paced by the scoring of Ruby Richman, John Dacyshyn, Rollit Goldring and Joe Stulac. The 1959-60 edition of the Varsity Blues Will be built around veteran guard Peter Potter, Jim Maguire, Dan Norman and Bob Ecclestone. All eyes on the ball That stopped him . . . I think Will if go in? H. A shot from the corner E Baku a1KY0'W7 ,www M wx? av It's in 3 Hmmm - - th is floor needs w axing Wan t Ula t ball .9 BACK ROW: R. J. Agosfinelli tMgr.l, G. H. McKechnie, L. Probsf, D. Ouchterlony, B. J. Crouse, D. J. Lipke tCoachJ. FRONT: W. J. Patterson, M. Brandon, D. K. Jack, P. Schafer, M. D. Muir, W. E. Kosfyk, R. S. Miner. Intermediate Basketball This year the Baby Blues had what might be called a successful season - supporting a 5-3 record and holding down second place in the Intermediate League behind a powerful Assumption team. The schedule included home and away games with Queens, McMaster, Assumption and Western. Under the capable guidance of coach Don Lipke, the Baby Blues opened the season with two wins against Queens and McMaster. Facing tougher competition, they lost three games in succession by close margins - two to Assumption and one to Western. As the season drew to a close, the Baby Blues won their last three games, high-lighted by an impressive one point win over the Western Colts, and thereby secured second place. Overall, the team exhibited great competi- tive spirit which should help Sr. coach John McManus next year. 203 Wrestling Champions Senior Team The Blues matmen swept the Senior and Inter- mediate Intercollegiate Wrestling Championships at Ontario Agriculture College, Guelph, this year to launch Coach Jack Amos, boys into a bright wrestling future. Although a few of the team members will be completing their University training this spring, next season promises a good return of wrestling talent. The Senior team clinched five championships, the honours going to Andy Higgins, 130 lbs., Bill Polito, 147 lbs., Rod Carrow, 177 lbs., Frank Brown, 191 lbs., and Bob Sibthorp, heavyweight. In addition, since all nine weights succeeded in reaching the finals, the remaining Don Bannister, 123 lbs., Ken Brown 137 lbs., Don Shelpley, 157 lbs., and Roger Doner, 167 lbs., claimed second place honours. Intermediate Team BACK ROW: Don Robertson lManagerl, Jack Amos iCoachl, R. J. Sibthorp, Kirk Wipper tStaff Adviserl. SECOND: Ken Bond tManager7, Don Shepley, Rodger Doner, K Leyshon fAss't Coachl. FRONT: Ken Brown, Andrew Higgins, Rod Carrow tCaptainl, W. Polito, D. R. Bannister. ABSENT: Frank Brown. 204 BACK ROW: Jack Amos tCoach7, Kirk Wipper tStaff Adviserl. SECOND: Ken Deer, Franz Ledvinka, Herb Brown, Dave Dunbar, Larry Argue. FRONT: Ken Bond tManagerJ, Bill Craven, Andy Beattie, Ted Reinholt, Don Robertson fManagerJ. The Intermediate team was equally as impressive at the Guelph Meet. Five first place crowns were captured by Andy Beattie, 137 lbs., Bill Craven, 157 lbs., Frank Ledvinka, 177 lbs., Dave Dunbar, 191 lbs., and Herb Brown, heavyweight. Altogether, seven weights reached the finals and thus second place spots were rewarded to Keen Deer, 147 lbs., and Larry Argue, 167 lbs. Training activities will get under way at the beginning of October for the 1959-60 season under the able direction of Mr. Jack Amos, long-standing coach of the Blues squad. rm John Ireton, Arnold Massey, J. R. Rimmer lCoachJ, Harry Malcolmson, Wifold Weynerowski, Morley Smith. This year, for the first time, the Toronto team won the Intercollegiate Squash trophy, edging out McGill, seven matches to six. Representing Varsity were the following players: H. A. Malcolmson, A. Massey, M. Smith, H. J. C. Ireton, W. Weynerowski. These same players, with the addition of four others - K. Acheson, P. Bryce, S. B. Schiller and S. Malcolmson - also completed a successful tour against some of the best Intercollegiate competition in the U.S.A. They defeated Rochester 9-0 and Williams 5-4 and lost close matches to Dartmouth and Amherst by scores of 6 - 3. A seven-man team in the Toronto City "A" League fared much better this year than last. placing fourth in a seven Club draw, and a new nine-man team in the Toronto City "B" League lost out narrowly in the semi-finals of that League. In individual competition John Ireton reached th-e finals of the Canadian Junior Squash Championships. Intercollegiate Squash Champions Badminton The University of Toronto presented four new faces on this year's Badminton team and came within two wins of retaining the championship won last year by Varsity's stars Jim Carnworth, Pete Fergusson and Company. Ross Lundy, of Victoria, playing number one and Casey Wood, of Trinity, playing number three, led the way by winning all their singles matches and then combined as a doubles team to win three of four. Paul Wendling, of Engineering, and Tim Phillips, of Victoria, playing two and four in the singles and as a double team, each won two singles matches and combined for two doubles wins. The seventeen point total was enough for second place, but two points short of the championship which was won by Queens. The Gaels win was accomplished by sweeping all doubles play for eight points and gaining eleven points in the singles. Assumption, Western, and McGill finished in that order behind Toronto. P. M. Wendling, Casey Wood, Jr., Timofhy Phillips, Ross Lundy. 205 The Fencing Blues continued to dominate Intercollegiate competition and won their fifth consecutive championship by a wide margin. By defeating McGill 20 - 7, the University of Montreal 22 - 5, Blues kept the Charles Walters Trophy for another year. The individual foil, epee and sabre titles all came to Toronto, in each case there was a tie-breaking bout between two Blues. Henry Sava and Howard Tate each came through the foil competition undefeated. and Tate eventually won the title. Martin Nash and Tate tied for top spot in the epee, each with 5 - 1 scores, and Tate won the final bout. The Sabre title was contested by Sava and Sandy Bell, who each had 5-1 scoresg Sava was victorious in the final. Varsity's sweep of the Intercollegiate trophies was completed when the George Tulley Trophy for all-round performance was awarded to Howard Tate. BACK ROW: Mike Wilson. SECOND: Raimo Repos, Peter Hamilton. FRONT: Fred Plafhe, Malcolm MacLeod, Fred McNuft. ABSENT: W. G. Beck lCoachJ, G. Weider, W. Borland. 206 I l I l I I 1 I i 1 l l P. L. Nightingale, H. Sava lSabre Championl, H. A. Tate lFoiI and Epee Championl, J. Alpar lFencing Masferj, M. C. Bell, J. A. Bell, M. Nash. Fencing Skiing For Ontario this winter has been THE winter for ski-ingg starting in mid-December and probably continuing until well after Easter. The Varsity Ski Team made good use of these conditions by starting weekend training sessions early in January. Coached by Bill Beck, the team participated in several ski competitions: the Tri Club Meet, the Southern Ontario Ski Championships and the University of Western Ontario Invitation Cross-Country. These races led up to the Senior Intercollegiate Ski Meet held by University of Montreal, the Alpine events at St. Sauveur and the Nordic events on Mount Royal in Montreal. lA Athletic Directorate Honorary President: Dr. C. T. Bissell, President of the University. Faculty Members: Dr. J. T. Ebbsg Dr. J. W. Graham, Professor W. L. Sagarg Professor N. E. Sheppardg Professor J. W. B. Sisamg Professor M. St. A. Woodside. Advisory Board Members: Dr. C. C. Grayg Mr. J. C. Maynard. Director of Health Service: Dr. G. E. Wodehouse. Director of Athletics: Mr. Warren A. Stevens. Financial Secretary: Mr. J. P. Loosemore. Undergraduate Members: Mr. Michael Elik, Applied Science. Mr. Donald K. Johnston, Law. Mr. R. Laird Joynt, Medicine. Mr. Richard C. Risk, Law. Mr. Lawrence H. Stacey, Applied Science. Appointed by S.A.C.: Mr. Morgan Dever, Physical Education. Appointed by Intramural Sports Committee: Mr. John Brooks. Intercollegiate Championships 19 8 Football Soccer Tennis Golf Track Harrier English RU9bY Sailing Water Polo Hockey Boxing Wrestling Fencing Basketball Swimming Ski Team Squash Badminton Gymnastics DIVISION Senior Intermediate Senior IWestern Divisionl Intermediate Senior Senior Individual Senior Individual Intermediate Senior Intermediate Senior Intermediate Sel1l0l' lhfefmedlafe Team Individual Individual Senior Intermediate Senior Team 'I00 Yd. Free 200 Yd. Back Intermediate Team Individual Team Individual AWARDS Yates Cup Shaw Trophy Toronto 8. District Ass'n Cup Blackwood Trophy Charles E. Oster C.L.T.A. Cup Ruttan Cup McCall Cup Tait MacKenzie Trophy Hec Phillips Trophy Guthrie Cup Little Cup Gilbert Turner Cup Col. Grant Trophy Herschorn Cup Queens Cup Gibson Cup Porter Trophy Carl Seipp Trophy Charles Walters Trophy Charles Walters Trophy George Tulley Wilson Cup Baker Trophy Dougall Trophy Neil Buckley W. Sprenger Hart Devenney Trophy Le Trophee de I'Universite de Montreal Allen Trophy Harald Martin Trophy Molson lOntariol Trophy Jemmett Trophy WINNER University of Toronto Ryerson Institute of Technology University of Toronto Ontario Agricultural College , University of Toronto "ed Ryerson Institute of Technology University of Western Ontario University of Toronto W. Weynerowski, Toronto McGill University J. Passmore, McMaster Ontario Agricultural College Ontario Agricultural College Ontario Agricultural College McGill University University of Toronto McGill University University of Toronto no competition University University University University of Toronto of Toronto of Toronto of TOl'Ol'I'l'O H. Tate ITJ Foil 8. Epee H. Sava ITD Sabre H. Tate ITJ - Assumption University Assumption University University of Toronto C. Grout, McGill F. R. Fisher, Toronto University of Toronto McGill University B. Drysdale, McGill University of Toronto D. Pemberton-Smith lMcGl Queens University no competition Men's Intramural thletics U. OF T.A.A. INTRAMURAL SPORTS COMMITTEE i BACK ROW: P. D. Lougheed iUniversity Collegel, N. G. Leluk lPharmacyl, R. G. Lewis twycliffel, E. H. Gibis lSt. Michael'sl, J. E. Brooks iTrinity, Representative to Athletic Directoratel, G. R. Sellery iMedicinel. FRONT: E. G. Wilson iForestryl, P. P. Morin iDentistryJ, R. F. Stone Nictorial, J. L. Bowles iLaw, Mills iEmmanuel, Vice-Chairmanl, K. Boyd J. E. McCutcheon lSecretaryJ. ABSENT: J. F. Duncan iArchitecturel, G. J. Thomson iApplied Sciencel. Chairmanl, H. M. iAss't Secretaryl, D. Boyes iKnoxl, DIVISION I DIVISION II A. T. REED TROPHY - WON BY .. S.P.S. . , ..WycIiFfe - SECOND ST. M. .. . Pharmacy SPORT DIVISION I DIVISION II TROPHY Basketball: Maior League . . ..U.C. I ,. . Law A . Sifton Minor League .. ..,.., I Eng. Phys. B .. . Pharm. ,. .. .. ...STO Civil Football .. ., .... . ...Vic. - Mulock Hockey ...... U.C. I . Pharm. .... Jennings Lacrosse . . ....,. St. M. A. . - Dr. W. A. Dafoe Soccer .... . ...... Trinity A .. Wycliffe .. Arts Faculty Squash ...... Sr. SPS A ., - Boake . . Volleyball: Maior League . .... Sr. SPS .,.. i Arts Faculty Minor League ,... , ..... Med. III Yr. Emman. A .. No award Waterpolo .. ....U.C. I . .. Arch. Eckhardt 5 University Fencing Champion H. Tate, U.C. .... . No Award - Intramural Fencing Champion . R. G. Rice, SPS . No Award University Gymnastic Championship SPS .... ,... . .. . Wilson University Gymnastic Champion , . G. Pal, St. M. No Award University Harrier Championship . U.C. .. Brotherton University Indoor Track Championship U.C. . Toronto Cricket Club University Swimming Championship Med. . Fitzgerald Intramural Swimming Championship .. U.C. No Award University Tennis Championship Med. ..........,.........,. .Victoria Tennis Club University Tennis Champion .... . J. Anderson, Med. . .. .. McEachern University Track Championship ., U.C. ..,. , . ..... Rowell Memorial Intramural Track Championship .... U.C. .. . No Award University Wrestling Championship . SPS .. , ...... Davidson Intramural Wrestling Championship SPS ..,. .No Award The McCatty Trophy Swimming . J. Deacon, U.C. The Cody Trophy Track .... .. ..S. Irwin, Arch. The Barton Trophy .,.. .. . Gymnastics ,.... .. K. Powell, SPS Sidney Earle Smith Trophy . .. .. .. .... A. G. Cecutti, Medicine 208 WMA Wm. W -M M Q Ax. N. N526 K Ma W, W, X... -mx K, Nw SQ" fm .M 'Nw , ' ---' 2:25-:f mgx MX' 1 H-W x' W N , 1 Ykkx X M me 1 .1 si? f A Wig xx xv X. , ' 1 'Q f A 1 Nab ' X v ' j.55::f?I-:+ fx Nw A . ..-- ...Qw- mw A L4 X S V , , , X. - , ml--.Q-f 12Q.g.Q,, f A- 2 -3- Q 9- -S:-ii 3' Q5 L-315 A EC A -, " N A .Q .et " QE, ulgx- ie 'fi + 35 5 ba ' 854 vs- s. , , 5, 6 , ,ern A v 'W 4 ' ' , QSSYSYQ . rv.: ' QRS? . - . . I. .- . .kqk S , .. . ., .. A 5 35 E .V -- W' . - ' - .- , , , X J C. Bannister M. Basadur W. Beamish J. E. Collins M. Horning S. H. Klich H. Malone -WF A' . B Munro H. Nobert J. Phillips N. Snichura H. M. Thompson J. Thomson M. Tunner G. J. Van Iteison ENGINEERING SOCIETY ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Applied Science and Engineering The year 1958- 59 has been a very successful one for Skule Athletics. Participa- tion in interfaculty athletics has been maintained at last year's high level in most sports and even increased in some, despite a drop of 200 in the Faculty enrollment. In the fall season both football teams made the playoffs and Sr. Skule went right to the finals before losing. The Sr. Skule volleyball team maintained their perennial hold on the championship by defeating Jr. Skule in an all-Skule final. Both the wrestling and gym- nastic teams won their meets and the indoor track team had a big lead in its meet. Besides a fine intramural record, Skulemen once again led in participation in Intercol- legiate Sports. The high level of interest in sport this year and the success of many Skule teams have combined to make 1958-59 an outstanding year in Skule Athletics. I 210 BRONZE "S" AWARD The winner of the Special Bronze "S" from the class of 5T9 is Lorry Stacey, who will graduate this year in Engineering and Busi- ness. Lorry has had an illustrious athletic career during his four year stay at U. of T. In his freshman year he played both football and hockey on the "Baby Blue" teams, and the following season he graduated to the respective senior clubs. In his three years of Blues football, Lorry has been spectacular on the line, climaxing his performance this fall by being voted to the Intercollegiate all-star team at his end position. He was certainly a major factor in the team's grand sweep to the Yates cup. Hockey-wise, Mr. Stacey presents a formid- able barrier to opposing forwards attempting to cross the blue-line, since his shoulders crowd the boards at either side of the rink. He has now played on three successive cham- pionship teams, and is undoubtedly the roughest, toughest player the league has seen in many years. Besides all this, Lorry is a member of the U. of T. Athletic Directorate. This is certainly an impressive list of accomplishments, and the winner well deserves the special award. SENIOR SKULE FOOTBALL BACK ROW: Fred Finley, Neslor Snihura, Herb Brown, Lou Probsf, Derek Lunn, Sam Clements, Ernie Kovacs, Harry Cornish, Bill Mannerow, Ken Robinson, Sian Miller. FRONT: Jack Egan, M. Basadur, B. Roden, Bill Taras, Pele Higgins, Bill Tyson, Paul Wismer, Bill Brock, Frank Brown, Bob McLean. ABSENT: J. Allan, D. Moore, C. Sanford, B. Benson, S. Erskine, W. Bulucon, D. Amos, R. Sibthorp, J. Hicks, N. Perkins, M. Pascoe. Look out, ref ! SKULE JUNIOR SOCCER BACK ROW: G. Reindasis lcoachj, F. Andrigefti, V. Meckle, I. Lindsay, H. Neften, I. Downie, McVooro, P. Canham, M. Weitherman. FRONT: F. Ruprecht, W. Sawieki, A. Caero, J. Vallence, G. Parafo. SKULE SENIOR SOCCER BACK ROW: H. Glfeeigs, J. Andrews, T. 0'Leary H. Maguso, H. Wnllnams, G. Rundans, R. Cornbill. FRONT' P Casey T Dearie G Ochr n, V. Smith, g . . , . , . y J. Sfucha, B. Sayer. SENIOR VOLLEYBALL CHAIVIPS BACK ROW: E. Miezitis, U. Sarna, G. Rundans, J. Lainevool, U. Vagners. FRONT: E. Perkons, A. Csongradi, G. Sa!mins. A face-off in Playoff Hockey 523.3 SKULE LACRGSSE I BACK ROW: J. Lawrence, E. Fraser, J. Maxwell, P. Wallace. FRONT: D. Richardson, J. Simpson, R. Slager, H. Thomson, R. Chubb. ABSENT: D. Kearney. SKULE JUNIOR HOCKEY BACK ROW: B. Miller, Esmo Pikk, Robert Sfemp, Louie Wegiel, Fred Hamlin, Ken Sparks, Bill McDougall. FRONT: Grant Mills lCoachl, Everelf Rush, Ron Sfee, Fred Hollyman, Ross Holden, J. Simpson, Roberf Dawson, David Friesen. 213 1 s i 5' A A , Q f ' - .N .... J W SWQQ N4 , K K gi Q 7 . A I. A ,- f '-' l fr no 'A--A . ,A F' --"'-1 To be. 01' not to be . SKULE SENIOR BASKETBALL BACK ROW: Bill Darlington, Dick Jaworski, Ed Burger, Doug Winters, Ed White, Ed Rigby lCoachJ. FRONT: George Holmes, AI Shaw, Bob Sydiaha John Lawrence. 2 ug , i 3 1 3 f 0 10 SKULE "Av BASKETBALL BACK ROW: Bob Mugford lCoachl, Jim Thomson, Bruce Reid, Bob McVean, Orlando Zampogna, Ron Taylor. FRONT: Bob Plowman, Gary Woolgar, Marv Sherkin, Peter Sands. w ,,, H ' 'lb W' 9 "ETL ffl,-'Q ., . ,, SN .,', it T l'?' I Z ,X ' f1vs::ffe'- 'W 'Pl - W 552 5 ff- ' 4 Q , , -,V Y e 3 Z I I i f- We lif , f , ,f A . n . V 47 'V 'f 4 ' ., ,, 59 f ' y -4 - 2 . Wiatr '- frvfi 3 Z we Aw- -Qi Ze. E., if Architecture kr-f' ...Hesh00ts... But they Score ! . . . He misses - Architecture Hockey 215 Dentistry DENTS "An BASKETBALL Dent's' Antics DENTS LACROSSE 6 DEN TS "A" HOCKEY DENTS III VOLLEYBALL DENTS MC" HOCKEY -' 217 Forestr FORESTRY FOOTBALL BACK ROW: Fred McNuff, Jim Simpson, Wally Depufat, Ken Reese, Bob Seyer, Bill Bailey, Marlin Secker, Ken Compbell, Don Pofvin, John Simpson. SECOND: Rod Carrow, Ted McHale, John Sellers, Ed Osler. FRONT: Ralph Tippetf, Rich Clemence, Pete Rice, Al Powls, Stan Byrne. sww-' ' EK X XE' iLI"' '. XD 'wi .0 ' ,V y Q 5 5f"'fi,,- ' fI5E::S5EEE2'f:'fI":?:fl:If'E.I,.' 513' 4, fiiiffz-: Wifi if 2-1 ff - f ,'EIr12Q-Sffifiiifff?2,2 4, f 1 3 1 , Sglrff--53::5:,:1 ,- s, S , .,.,,.,. O - 3 -:E -.ij , me ff' WI' I ,,f,wW"" mfzcffff? 3 ,K 44 ' a,,w,,p 4, ' defending the goal . . 218 FORESTRY SOCCER BACK ROW: Tom Dickson, Hank Van Bers, Pete Moens, Jim Simpson, Berf Hass, Bill Morsink, Chris Bertlesen, Ralph Tippef, Ben Veldhoen. FRONT: Don Dickson, Dave Kiil, Ralph Yanni, Rich Clements v- wsixw X Q w N X New X Q " iirg-:kiwi . . .A I-..w:,-. :fate ': e. 'fe f- r-:xg-M, ,A v . aww? ,.,.,,,.,-r ,...,1. ,Ax U.. . 1 V.. wf , -4-:.-4- M . . .4 "Listen to the Pro f, boys" Knox ollege The Knox Soccer Team with their Irish Manager What goes up . . -1 Facult of Law LAW HOCKEY BACK ROW: J. Wright, M. 0'Neail, A. Emery, S. Taerk, E. Fulerman. SECOND: S. Fisher, S. Borins, I. Mc- Lachlan, D. Hersey. FRONT: P. Jones, G. Warren, D. Muir, D. Black, N. Biback. ABSENT: J. Bowles, B. Stewart. 220 LAW SOCCER BACK ROW: J. Wright, J. Hylton, G Diakowsky, S. Taerk, D. Lyons. -'W SECOND: S. Grannum, E. Fuferman G. Selzer, D. Hersey. FRONT: P. Jones, W. Mandel, G Warren, D. Black, N. Biback. BACK ROW: M. O'Neail, R. Richman, R. While. FRONT: G. Warren, B. Shields, J. Bowles, H. Kelly, J. Macdonald. LAW WATER POLO BACK ROW: H. Kelly, W. Schuck, S. Sigel, P. Burns, D. Hersey. FRONT: L. Mandel, D. Lyons, G. Selzer, S. Taerk, S. Grannum. LAW BASKETBALL HAH BACK ROW: G. Matte, H. Smith, H. Samuels, T. Eyfon, O. Shime. FRONT: W. Mandel, E. Fufermen, S. Weisman. ABSENT: S. Aarons, J. Brownlie, S. Fisher lPIaying Coachl. LAW BASKETBALL "B" BACK ROW: G. Warren, M. Goldberg A. Low, L. Max, D. Hersey. FRONT: P. Jones, G. Hyman, M. Zysman ATHLETIC DIRECTORATE BACK ROW: J. S. Brooks, J. N. Grosheld, D. A. Baird, F. S. Matsalla, J. Zadiyko, W. A. Riddolls. FRONT: J. R. Henderson, G. R. Sellery, A. G. Cecutfi fPres.l, D. E. Wyshynski, G. A. Taylor. Ci-5759 rs ' " 'fi z . .env A 4' w.m.f-sw . . .-..,. 5 1gi"rcz5...:GEf Q VY? va ..,. Medicine Participation and enthusiasm reached a 't'.1 , new high this year as the Medsmen improved .hw ' their standing in the annual Reed trophy race. Many teams reached playoffs and at least three teams won championships. The first victory came early as Joe Anderson led the Medsmen to the Interfaculty Tennis Championship. Later in the fall, an all Meds semi-final in Minor Volleyball saw the defending champions, Med IIIA, win again. Bill Yorzyk led his swimming buddies to the Interfaculty Swimming Championship. The Pre-Med soccer team lost a close game in the semi-finals to the eventual champions. Squash, Minor and Major Basketball and Waterpolo teams were still well in the running late in second term. Medsmen were also quite active in Inter- collegiate Athletics so that this year, the Skull and Crossbones has been well respected wherever it has appeared in University Athletics. A beautiful friendship ! Shot on goal Fig, -.X ui "mx H we Here they come, boys! Meds in the semi-finals xt N W Ng Q . ., -AK my A -Saw, X ,wx .x . f- . 4 .ww ,sm W 3 w '-CZ. Nw --x qw N my X -i R. , ' ,W . fi 574 ,, J Q, 4, J M. 4 , vw" 0 ., X-.MNH 3 -,.,- ' sly ' 3 gy? 2 Q JN ' Ti 'I e' ,, 2 . E Q J M-1 "M Q Y,,,.Ag,,x.,,,, W . x gqgffi 1.x .z,..-A .1 . - .- gy-2 , .km -, . X 'fig 3 M. "nexu- VS' 5 Van., Y. 1 5 W" u I l 3 ,Km wk- M. 4 'wage " ' ' 'W1X.,.M, 'WN :wi MEDS. III "Aw VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS. BACK ROW: V. Lewonuk, P. Citrnn, H. Donsky. FRONT: J. Rogers, I. Rosen, H. Socol. ABSENT: J. Shugar, R. MacLean. . ' ff 1 . K MEDS. SR. LACROSSE BACK ROW: D. Gare, G. Thompson, P. Van Nostrand. FRONT: G. Sellery, J. Hodgkinson, C. Woolfe. ABSENT: L. Loach, G. Robertson, J. Saunders. Oops Z 5 Tun! MEDS. SENIOR BASKETBALL - G. Lansky. ABSENT: G. Edelisf, I. Analevifz. BACK ROW: D. Wilson, W. Unger, H. Rubinoff, L. Chisholm, G. Lansky, I. Grosfield. FRONT: D. Berger, M. Kosoy, D. Morin, H. Hall. BACK ROW: A. Gross, F. Mafsalla, J. Zadiyko, V. Kurdyak. FRONT: L. Joynf, S. Frileck, J. Anderson, M. Goldman, Easy does it I Again this year the Faculty came up with For the first time in the past few years the Pharmacy Although the pharmacy team failed to make the playoffs this year it was perhaps their best active season to date. They created a fear in the league early in the season with their hefty wing line and bruising defensive play. They had by far the best defensive team in the league and with a little more depth at the offensive positions would have un- doubtedly reached the playoffs. Pharmacy served warning to all faculties that in the future years it will be a contender for the top laurels. FOOTBALL Work-out on the back campus HOCKEY an extremely strong team contending for the hockey championship. It is in this particular sport that Pharmacy has excelled in the past three years, winning two championships and just missing in the third attempt to win an- other. For the past three seasons the Reed Trophy won by this faculty has been brought about largely by the success at hockey. BASKETBALL The major league team again paved the way toward a championship. The team has shown a marked improvement over the pre- vious year's entry, which won the interfaculty championship. More depth and better balance seem to be the reasons for their winning ways. SOCCER soccer team failed to make the playoffs. The departure of almost three-quarters of last year's experienced team which lost in the finals was evident in the play. Many students were eager to participate but they lacked experience. Next year, it is hoped the team will again be on the road to a championship. VOLLEYBALL This year the Pharmacy Major League team fared well. In view of the stiff com- petition presented by the School of Practical Science the team still managed to reach the semi-finals, losing to a team which went on to win the interfaculty championship. It should be said that the boys played their hearts out and gave it a real College try. 226 ' syw A sf ST. MICHAEL'S' ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE BACK ROW: V. Coocia, P. Flannery, P. LePorin, J. Chadam, K. Wheeler, P. Arends. FRONT: R. Dofy, 0. Reimer, R. Joy, E. Gabis, M. Boase. St. ichae1's College F-xx 4 . f - f . ST. MIKE'S FOOTBALL w 1-N.. f -:jfs-Q ' .. me - S 'W V! , R was xx ti i , N x BACK ROW: Bob Agosfinelli lMgr7 Stan Marchul B b C . , , o allahan, Ari' Samson, Pete Le Poirin Paul M t' ' ' , arm, Ed Gabls, Jack Zengler lMgr.7, .loe Markowski tCoachl. SECOND: Bill Hawken, Bill Phil Nicholos. FRONT: Garry Ponficello, Beingossner, Gary Gallo. Markle, Dick Arbogasl, Mel Brandon, Ray McEIligolt, Ned Ponticello, Don Clairmont, Mike Boase, Jim I .Z 1417! J 1 W .IIQADQ NP N C' Q ur? 53" ST. MIKE'S WATER POLO BACK ROW: H. Gyelko, P. Carson B. McDonald, P. Martin, P. Nicholas. FRONT: A. Samson, F. Malzone, M Boase, B. Fung, T. Reagan. Face off ! ST. MIKE'S LACROSSE CHAMPS BACK ROW: C. Mansbridge, P. O'NeilI, M. Clark, R. Shephard, C. Russell. FRONT: R. Dofy, R. Murray, K. Wheeler. N 3, f... Aj , f 4 .. W .. i ST. MIKE'S HOCKEY I we-e X su- ge 'fm-'Q :.: 19" f",f":3'i 1' 9 , X 8 'W' BACK ROW: V. Mah QMgr.J, W. James, J. Quinn, D. Halls, W. Cawkell, J. Dwyer, W. Markle, B. MacKnight lCoachJ. FRONT: J. O'DonneIl, P. Flannery, R. Dofy, R. Murry, P. Finlay, K. Wheeler. -4. , . 1 ev .fl 5 ' 1- N, s, -. iv 3 ff' 'T ,XV ST. MIKE'S BASKETBALL A BACK ROW: J. Zigler fMgr.J, B. Syron, B. Crouse, J. Gridlesfone, L. Luka, D. Galvin lCoachJ. FRONT: P. Oberrlesser, B. KOSfyk, P. Nicholas, R. Regan. ABSE NT: John McGivney. BASKETBALL "Av IN ACTION Look out below! What goes up . . . Stretch TCAA EXECUTIVE BACK ROW: Rusty Dunbar, Hal Davies, Myrt McDonald, Casey Wood, Dave Tavender, Barry Matheson. FRONT: Art Scace, John Brooks fPres.J, Tim Reid Nice-Pres.l, John Swindon. ABSENT: Prof. C. A. Ashley tTreas.l. After winning the T. A. Reed trophy last year, Trinity set out to recapture the prize, as Trinity continued to play a large part in Intramural Athletics. The Football team, ably coached by John McMurtry played as if it intended to win the Mulock Cup for the second year in a row. During the regular season, the team won every game in fine style, only nine points were scored against them. Unfortunately, in the semi-finals, Trinity lost to Senior SPS in a very close game, with a score of 14-13. Soccer provides a slightly contrasting picture. After playing only moderately well in the regular season, the team barely managed to get into the play-offs. Then, under Captain Steve Clarkson, the team caught fire, and went all the way to win the Arts Cup. After playing the semi-finals in deep mud, Trinity met St. Mike's in four inches of snow, beating them decisively by a score of 5-1. With points gained by these two teams, and by Lacrosse, Track, and Squash, Trinity was leading the Reed Trophy race by a slim lead at Christmas time. Trinity has been active in every phase of Athletics. Three Basketball teams, four hockey teams, and teams in every other sport have shown up well. A little colour has been added by the activities of the Body House Amateur Athletic Association, and its very obviously amateur hockey. Trinity men have also represented the University in Football, Hockey, Swimming, Waterpolo, Boxing, and Squash. The year on the whole has been an exceptional one, with more teams wearing Trinity Colours than ever before. Trinity .College ATHLETIC Steve Clarkson Lionel Coleman Harold Davies Peter Eby Andy Gibson Dave Greenwood Dave McDonald HOWARD C LETTER WINNERS Tim Ried Nick Ross Eugene Traswiek Witold Weynerowsk Rich Wilson Ben Wright LOUGH MEMORIAL TROPHY Brook Ellis PAT GREEN TROPHY Roger Kirkpatrick BCAT RACE - ST9 BASEBALL - 6T0 TENNIS Meikle and Miller J ARTS CUP CHAMPIONS .... BACK ROW: Peter Farwell, John Medland, Ben Wright, Peter Howden, Paul McMuIlan, Dave Halton, Nick Ignatieff. FRONT: Tim Gibson, Chris Carr, Doug Grant, Steve Clarkson lCapt.l, John Cook Nice-Capt.J, Witold Weynerowski, Hal Davies. ABSENT: George Meikle. IN FINALS ACTION 233 Reach ! Watch that ! xv I fy . f- This has been an excellent year for University College in almost every sport. In the fall the first soccer and lacrosse teams reached the finals while the football team's only defeat was at the hands of the Mulock Cup Winners. In outdoor track and field and harrier U.C. athletes won both the interfaculty and university championships. During the winter term, the hockey, basketball, and water polo teams performed admirably too. Throughout the year, the capable guidance of athletic director Ray Dunn, the various coaches and team managers cooperated to make this a most successful one for U.C. Much gratification comes from seeing the increased response from students and all those who helped to make that success possible. It is hoped that the present undergraduates and 'incoming freshmen will step into the places left by graduates to fulfil a bright future for University College. U.C.-P.H.E mov. U.C. FOOTBALL BACK ROW: Gorcey A. Quanfz, G. Hynna, T. Dell, D. Sadoway, C. Goldman, P. Plrso, Kerr J. Flowers lCoach7. SECOND: M. Grossman lCoachJ, P. Bliss, D. Smith, E. Carr, Hlb fdl'JLldRML PM'thlIM M. aersa,. oy, . cure, . :ce lgr.J. FRONT: B. Hildebrand, P. Copeland, H. Cook, R. Gaouetfe T. Milton, B. Good, M. Copeland, A. Higgins, M. Pearl. I iv ba! ,, . .,f U.C. - P.H.E. i SOCCER I 'L ,egg .fix 5 xi 3 B . -A .1 " 5j 1 -43 3 E -8 5 g W BACK ROW: J. Cottender QMgr.J, J. Sf. Rose, T. Jensen, Z. Zubyk, N. Cooper, A. Cooke, T. Yonny, M. Sochaninsky, P. Turner iCoachJ. FRONT: D. Ben David, A. Gnaf, S. Ryan, H. Malof, F. Verseghy, H. Schroeter, B. Sorokiwsky. BACK ROW: N. Van Loon, R. Price, A. McKenzie, J. Slan, P. Bing. SECOND: M. Berger, T. Wendsley, L. Duckman, N. Menczel, B. Boyes. FRONT: A. Higgins, W. O'Hara, J. Druchak, M. Dever, P. Pirso, R. Dunn. fi ...av-""' U.C. TRACK AND FIELD 236 . wr BACK ROW: T. Waff, M. Dever, D. Sadoway, D. Lougheed, U C B. Godley, P. Warren, T. Wensley, T. Druchuk. FRONT: G. Gow, G. Bany, G. Barrett, E. Burke, I. Gatten. J. Sharmon. He Misses ! .wr M-.Asn He Shoots ! - U.C. LACROSSE II D. Misener, D. MacMillan. BACK ROW: S. Labonowich fCoachJ, R. Whiteside, D. I Fleming, J. Spence, T. Rhineholt, T. Jensen, B. Naylor. U.C. HARRIER BACK ROW: R. Price, A. McKenzie. FRONT: N. van Loon, M. Berger, P. Bing. FRONT: J. Hill, G. Span, G. Barreff, H. Roth, S. Fraser. BACK ROW: B. Henning, J. Hill lCoachJ, FRONT: T. Milton, H. Nathan, D. Bader. :Ilya 4 J ri .r i , x -F U.C. BASKETBALL I E BACK ROW: M. McLoughlin, T. Hall, T. Richardson, P. Vanek, J. Jary iMgr.i. FRONT: J. Caplan, F. Gans, G. Wafkin iCoachJ, W. 0'Hara, S. Fosen. si " ' ,E :Aff A M, , my BACK ROW: Bob Goode, Max Schaefer, Steve Wengel, Mike Muir, Borys Wolchuck, Graeme McKechnie, Norm Menczel iCoachJ. FRONT: Doug Jack, Sid Linden, Doug Wyles, Bob Miner, Ed Bogomolny, Joel Winch. U.C. WATER POLO 239 BACK ROW: Gary Logan fist Yr. Rep.J, Jim Snider tTrackl, Sandy Bruchovsky 42nd Yr. Rep.J, Paul Green tBaskefbaII Curatorl. FRONT: Don Affleck tHockey Curaforl, Dave Thomson tFootbaII Curatorl, Don Seeback tSec.J, Steve Wills tTreas.J, Steve Moriarty tPres.J, Bob Stone Nice- Pres.J, John Saul 13rd Yr. Rep.J. Victoria College The year 1958-59 brought the return of the Mulock Cup to Victoria College after a short absence of two years. The Scarlet and Gold fielded an exceptionally strong and well-balanced team which powered its way to a semi-final victory over U.C. Redmen and then culminated their title march by trouncing Senior S.P.S. 29-1. Unfortunately Vic's Senior entry in intramural basketball was not so successful, however, this predominently freshman squad bears a promise of better things to come. Most of the College's victories have been provided by the undefeated Junior Vic quintet, a dark horse candidate in the playoffs. The indomitable indoor track team, led, coached and managed by Jim Snider provided a surprising number of victories and points 240 for Victoria. The squash, lacrosse, water polo and soccer squads enjoyed moderately successful seasons while displaying fine spirit and determination. Definite contenders for the Jennings Cup were the smooth-skating men from Victoria. The Scarlet and Gold, who came close to winning the championship last year, will battle this season with St. Mike's and U.C. for ice supremacy. In retrospect, this year has been remarkably successful for Victoria College, her athletes and particularly Bruce Brewer, the recipient of the V.C.A.U. Award, and John Saul, the recipient of the Athletic Stick. Next year the athletes of Victoria look forward to new and greater successes and a higher standing in the Reed trophy race. VICTORIA COLLEG E HOCKEY I 'wggwrm LACROSSE I B . ruce Doidge, Cl strong, D ACK ROW' B yde Arm- ave Gault, Eric Bowie. FRONT: John Saul, Mel Gilbert. ABSENT: .lim Cruickshank, Br Wright, Tony Y u c e oung, Dave Grist. BACK ROW: Harry White lMgr.j, Gary Hodgins, Milt Jewell, Bob Alexander, Ron Thomas, Gil Bennet, Bruce Brewer, Don Grant. FRONT: Bill Griffin, AI Fleming lGoalJ, Pete Randle, .lim Mills, Bruce Doidge. ABSENT: Pet e Godsoe, Mike Milne. 'F QQ sa las-'Q EYEQA ' ,. A N- .e Q V . R , , A 1 A A I, , .,W:,,, ,W V A c we-R .X ' cN.,H..+ a be qv.-,ws , New , , .. ,t N- jf"':9.-14. , -- 1 . A c N -.. , -,U ,f K 'f-xx +5 , t ' ,EM 'L xv ' 4 ' V V J x t - Nfj5Q.???s 1s,'q,X x N au X .,Y-W .9 . F V ,. , k .f.4v,.+MvwgrVxii , . A. .W ,, Q . A. ,V-f -H '. , . ' "- s.- N "H ":g'V1:'w A as , A I, . . " J. .1 f -Mfg: . v s,. , WWA-,., -.1 - , X QW ' f- 'X X ff-WI Q 'A af X. . N. K' . V "' -A J. - 'if' XP? 'E--Q.. V".-1 ' X A A new-Q.. .QQ Nia 1QffLV54ff'f Y' Q.: 'N Q31 We 3 H ,f . ,M if i Grist Twy,,V,f-,, , vbbr , i gxftgw , , f,,,,n .L , - A 9, A - .V Milk iiffl-' AlS..u,..,Q'd3N1gi3s.1"u . pi.-1-w ' .1 ,hw . M Rich Smale lcoachi, Steve Moriarty lcoachj, Rich Oaks, Duane Wills, John ' ' ' ' Hunter, Gord Thompson, Jim Musselman, Ed Jackman, Sandy Bruchovsky, Bill Bell, Bob Viiuk, John Norman, Bill Dauphinel, Russ Van Stone, Jim Mills, Don Affleck, Ron Crawford. ,Lf ' -ww r -' ' H . ,ha " isp, ' '14 r:f',:1: , si- fi"w4'42"H1M 54gZ3!fWTV.f44!Z.N 1""fV ",Q.f-fi? EEW HW in ,,w " +l .' Q lQ 3 ---- , -V ,.,V ,. ,pw f- ..-.. .... '- A as ,uw if ' Y ,V ,- , Q1 V, '- f 'fi . 1, f " .V '-'- 1 --A f . V 'f f . t wwf VV ' A. ' ' 1 ' VV , ,. ,V , 1 V- .. V "" 'V yy. iw'5i,' V Q 1f"- " ' :- t ww! 1 W - " ' ' ffsafwm' 1- -V 1 M 5 'iw VV " - ' ' 'i"' . ., 'iffif ' f - M, . ,wt HW' I ?,5'sV' Z V if ' V '7 .V -dl f N" - ' i , --', ,V : ' - - - , 1-Jaw .Vhswf JV' ef ' - , f ie.:-51-' . fl? 'V .,L2,V "': .Q"":'I?'.wM'af.1'r -1' ' ' 'V ' 4, H if wjw+,'2f73f7fum1f ' -I , gg E5 mst ., , in V . . ,fwfr , W - f u V fmggffff -4. ww N ML 'B B V ai IN FINALS ACTIO 'Vxf'v1'hGfmff ' ' ' ' ,V B . A K VIC WATER POLO Y - 1: gm?-fy V - S Tiki- ra ?x,,v Ji V. , 2' WH mm W ,, ff',fl?f i, VIC LACROSSE II BACK ROW: Don Johnston lPIaying Coachj, Don Daniel, Robert Atkins, Gordon Mitchener. FRONT: Paul Weisbrod, Steve Haskill, Bruce Simpson, Doug Burns. ABSENT: Dunc Shields, Fred McCutcheon, Jim Coupland BASKETBALL II BACK ROW: George Saunders, Bill Weller, Bob Atkins lMgr.l, Pete Smith, Bruce Simpson. FRONT: Duane Wills, Paul Sopuntiis, Ed Radkowski. A ABSENT: Bob Stone lCapt.l, Bill Campbell, Joan Norman, Steve Moriarty lCoachl. BASKETBALL I BACK ROW: Bob Stone lCoachl, Sandy Bruchovsky, Paul Green, Jim Philips, Paul Burk. FRONT: Bob Comish, Don Seeback, George House, Tony Bringer, Doug Parker. Wycliffe Among other things that will be revealed when the snow has finally retreated from this campus will be the winner of the T. A. Reed trophy. In past years Wycliffe has never really been in a threatening position. This year the impossible has almost happened. Through success in the track meet, a soccer championship and a finalist standing in volleyball, Wycliffe gained a sizeable lead in the fall term. In the spring term, although success appeared less evident, participation was keen and points began to accumulate. This year the College definitely made an outstanding attempt to capture the coveted T. A. R-eed trophy. W.A.A. OFFICERS BACK ROW: Philip whifney, aiu Smith. FRONT: Roger Lewis, Bill Craven lPres.l, Tom Martin. HOCKEY BACK ROW: Dave Marshall, Ron Steers, Doug Chuck Montizambert, Barry Reed, John Brant, Bill Patton, Charles Beck. SECOND: Ted Bounsall lCoachl. FRONT: Philip Whitney, Dave Evans, Bill Baldwin, Don Varcoe. DIVISION II SOCCER CHAMPS BACK ROW: Sam Hanna. FOURTH: Art Bromley, Bill Prior. THIRD: Ron Steers, George Morely lCapt.l, Dave Dunbar. SECOND: Al Rix, Don Cook, Ralph Haynes, Phil Whitney. FRONT: Charlie Ledger, Dave Evans, John Ward, John Hayes. xiffbi Qt, M' Wil ity Xl N- lv W 0 SWIMMING CHAMPIONS BACK ROW: Linda Kriisa lPres., Mgr.l, Gail Royce, Beverly Westman, Anne Ferguson Valerie Lewis Miss D Jackso lAd ' 7 , , . n visor. FRONT: Pamela Hill, Sandra McMullen, Janet Medland tCaptainl, Lynn Philpotf, Elizabelh Bell. ABSENT: Jane Furness, Sally Bambridge. Women's TENNIS BACK ROW: Meriel Gitlens, Adriana Van Dop. FRONT: Margo? Nunns, Irene Borecky lPres. and Capfainl. Women's athletics are definitely and noticeably coming up in calibre across the campus. Training is more intensive, skill is better, participation is greater, and action is "keen". Out of eleven intercollegiate competitions, and an average of four teams per meet, Varsity co-eds came away with five championships and live runners-up. In chronological review, while P. and H.E. were batting to oust from Victoria the interfaculty base- ball championship, Irene Borecki and Margo Nunns were rallying at McGill for the Intercollegiate Singles Tennis Championship. Because of rain, an elimina- tion tournament had to be played indoors. Both singles players won three out of three sets, to take the iirst Intercollegiate cup. The doubles team gave way to McGill for a second place. Just as the swim team was warming up and St. Hilda's were robbing the interfaculty cup from Victoria, June Sceviour was organizing the Intercol- legiate Outdoor Archery Championships at McMaster. Unable to judge the wind and master the longer distances, the Blue and White placed no better than third. But later in the indoor meet at O.A.C., led by ' June ttwo-time intercollegiate high scoring championl, I and Viiu Canep, they brought home Toronto's second 4 championship. tThe Toronto archers also placed first I in a telegraphic meet sponsored by the University of I Rochester, with June again the high scorer! v Athletics Q our Yr, 'H -Q ,. QNQGN 1 N X ps . N E . , N SENHHRBASKETBALL 2 a E ACK ROW: Katharine Kennedy lMgr.l, Joan Wachna, Lillian Bobson, Joy Mahood, Sally Meredith, andra McMullen, Margaret Ann White, Mary Barnett fCoachl. RONT: Jean Wills tCapt.J, Marilyn Hutt, Lynn Philpott, Susan Pierce, Alayne Patterson, Judy mith. ARCHERY i S i The swimming meet at Queenis collected Toronto's third championship, for the first time in six years. Valerie Lewis, and Janet Medland both took two firsts in speed and synchronized events respectively, and then were both on a freestyle relay team that placed second. Jane Furness retained her Intercollegiate Diving Championship for the third time, but Western's Bev. Eynon and McGill's Pauline McCullagh both proved a tough challenge. Then in one big weekend, badminton teams went to Kingston, volleyball teams met in Toronto, and fencers went to Montreal. The fencers were the only ones to bring home victory. Joan Davies, having just placed in the Ontario Junior Ladies Foil Champion- ships, won all four of her bouts, while Chris Scott won three out of four. Toronto defeated McGill by 12-5, for the first time in at least five years, and for the fourth Intercollegiate cup. BACK ROW: Viiu Kanep, G. Vernon tMrs.l, June Sceviour tPres. and Captainl. FRONT: Margaret Merritt, Jean Hayward. Senior "T" Holders BASKETBALL Lillian Bobson Sue Evans Marilyn Hutt Kathie Kennedy Sandra McMullen Sally Meredith SWIMMING Janice Cunningham Jane Furness Linda Kriisa Janet Medland Gail Royce Beverley Westman Judy Smith Jean wins ff , X no Kit X vi 'iil ' VOLLEYBALL xg V- ,g TENNIS Linda Kriisa it ,-r. Irene Borecky Juta Laul ll....,l , r.,,r, W " WM Meriel Gittins Mary Lou O'Hagan Margot Nunns ,Ml V BADMINTON ARCHERY Barbara Goodwin Jill Segond Patricia Wood DIRECTORATE Mrs. W. A. Kirkwood, President Miss Zerada Slack Dr. Frances Stewart Miss A. E. M. Parkes, Secretary Lillian Bobson Janice Cunningham Sue Evans Margaret Macdonald Janet Medland Carol Stone Jean Wills 248 June Sceviour SILVER AWARDS Irene Borecky Janice Cunningham Sue Evans Jane Furness Linda Kriisa Patricia Wood Jean Wills CLUB PRESIDENTS Archery - June Sceviour Badminton - Pat Wood Basketball - Jean Wills Bowling - Marilyn Stinson Fencing - Joan Davis Hockey - Carole Fraser Ski - Helen Keith Softball - Pat Scully Swimming - Linda Kriisa Tennis - Irene Borecky Volleyball - Juta Laul 191 wx -um-Q JSF if X.. 5 S f , , E wi ra ., I 2 X f f I BADMINTON B BACK ROW: Barbara Goodwin, Jill Segond. FRONT: Patricia Wood tPres. and Capfainl, Dorothy Vernon. ' ,QT Q1 .il l 2 Because of the skill and versatility of Marg Benson, Queen's managed to edge Pat Wood out of the UA" team Badminton Singles Championships. With Dorothy Vernon and a doubles team, Toronto placed second in both tournaments. In interfaculty skiing - in the rain - Helen Weider of Victoria was the individual champion of a two-run slolom, but P. and H.E. amassed enough points to win the cup. In volleyball, the Varsity co - eds had to succumb to Western. The new ruling on the exclusive use of th-e single volley resulted in a much better game. Toronto had used this last year, and the extra year's practice seems to have paid off. Toronto moved consecutively from fifth to second place in four yearsg at this rate next year promises a first place! Juta Laul, Judy Cansiield and Viiu Canep were some of the players successfully using the "set up and spike". .4-Y-,Q ggi. wifi lil ,W ., I H I i .V 2 I- if 3554? Q -5 ' X ff? 5 , l 3 23. vias. iii? 355s 3 in 5 1: 222231 xiii: Y 1355 Wsilfil 'Kham 249 INTERMEDIATE BASKETBALL BACK ROW: Mary Russell, Judy Gray, Elaine Atkinson. FRONT: Barbara Black, Jane Dunston, Betty Gallagher. ABSENT: Mary Foster tCoachJ, Mary Timmins, Margaret Thompson, Joyce Anderson, Juliia Gulens. Just after Victoria firsts easily retained their hockey championship by defeating P. and H.E. 11-5 in a three-game series, the basketball team travelled to Western for the Intercollegiate elimination tourna- ment. The standings are not definite in such a meet, but Western defeated Toronto, 38-31, and Toronto defeated McGill. Marg Ann White, Jean Wills and Judy Smith kept the opposing basket Warm, While Sandy McMullen, Sally Meredith and others defended our net. The work of the team as a Whole was most impressive. Next year, pre-season games with Queen's and Western should help us to Win back the Bronze Baby. The Intermediate basketball team brought in Varsity's fifth and final Championship for '58-'59 by defeating YWCA and YWHA in their league. They also have a pre-season schedule drawn up with Western Intermediates for next year. So ended the girls' sports season. Next fall, although they will no longer have Miss Parkes to chaperone the cheer-leaders and players, they will have a new women's Athletic Building with many excellent facilities, particularly a swimming pool, 5 already booked by the men for their meets! Varsity should be able to have more time for training, more practice with meets and tournaments, and more success with teams as a Working unit. From the standpoint of the coaches, interfaculty sports will be able to be organized and coached more ably, while from the standpoint of the athletes, interfaculty sports will display more unity, sportsmanship and enthusiasm. VGLLEYBALL SECOND ROW: Juta Laul, Carol Miles, Mary Lowther, Sharon Gilmour. FRONT: Joan Balsys, Viiu Kanep lCaptainl, G. Vernon tMrs.l lCoachJ, To-Go, Maia Raimet, Linda KI'iiS6. ABSENT: Esta Halpren, Judy Cansfield, Mary-Lou 0'Hagan, Signy Paulson. A 1 HOCKEY BACK ROW: Ann Cuddy, Sylvia Kennedy, Joy Armstrong, Judy Heard, Gloria Sax. FRONT: Mary Jane Ashley, Lynn Fredericks, Levigne Lickley, Jeanne Shkimba, Ruth Groh. ABSENT: Gisele Michaels, Nadine Hradsky, Lil Bobson. . will-951 : -57: BASKETBALL BACK ROW: .loy Armstrong, Sylvia Kennedy, Ann Cuddy, Gloria Sax, Inara Grava. FRONT: Lynn Fredericks, Bernice Znaida, Wilma Basser, Lil Bobson. ABSENT: Mary Trotter. BASEBALL Medicine W W if BACK ROW: Sylvia Kennedy, Ann Cuddy, Lil Bobson Chris Hanley. FRONT: Joy Armstrong, Jeanne Shkimba, Levigne Lickley ABSENT: Bev Bayes, Mary Trotter, Tina Korsak. i i Y VOLLEYBALL BACK ROW: Mary Ann Hooey, June Clarke, Laura McKay iCoachJ, Bev Bayes, Karen Whytock. FRONT: Inara Grava, Ruth Kaplan, Mary Trotter. ABSENT: Linda Geiger, Tina Korsak, Vicki Catenacci. School ursing BASKETBALL HOCKEY BACK ROW: Hugh Thompson lCoachl, Sue Beveridge, Thora Cook, Sandra Bailey, Nancy Milburn, Jean Gegnac, Jane Kelday. FRONT: Mary Stiles, Bernice Wiley, Virginia Drummond, Anne Valin, Mary Sellers. ABSENT: Elaine Barrons, Marie Belanger, Elaine Atkinson lManagerl. VB l' Je fn ,Z '-...I . ' 'ff WWW, BACK ROW: Mary Stiles lManagerl, Nancy Milburn, Jane Kelday, Joy Calkin, Anne Ferguson, May Newbould, Virginia Drummond. FRONT: Mary Sellers, Joyce Anderson, Janet Ross, Leone Bussell, Bernice Whiley. ABSENT: Elaine Atkinson, Doreen Forester, Jean Halet, Betty Gallagher lCoachJ. VOLLEYBALL BACK ROW: Nancy Milburn, Elizabeth Johnston, Joy Calkin, Mary 1 Lowther, Anne Ferguson, Marilyn Dodd. FRONT: Janet Ross, Anne Ewaska, Leone Bussell, Mary Newbould, Jean Oswald. ABSENT: Elda Smokum lCoachl. N . SWIMMING is JUNIOR BASKETBALL v BACK ROW: Jean Haines, Anne Valin, Mary Lowther, Elizabeth Johnston, Lynda Haggans, Barb Hauschild, Pat Sadleir, Jean Oswald. FRONT: Kay Galka, Sandy Simpson, Barb Harris, Annabelle Mclntosh, Dianne Moncrieff. ABSENT: Di Standish, June Kikuchi, Judy Durance, Kathy Basta, Elaine Atkinson lCoachl. Jean Oswald, Joyce Relyea, Anne Ferguson Joyce Anderson, Mary Sellers. ABSENT: Diane Standish. I X Pharmacy f 5. My 7 HOCKEY L Qs. f For the first time in the history of the Faculty of Pharmacy, a girls' hockey team was X organized and took part in interfaculty com- Q, petition. This highly spirited group of girls, ' "' F although losing all their games by close scores, " f proved that they have the potential of a x X 1 championship team. An official warning is X A, f j hereby issued to others by the Pharmacy team. Ne x The 1958-59 season proved to be a very active one for Pharmacy girls. The big event was the forma- tion of the girls' Hockey team. Although the team did not make the semi-finals, all of the games were very exciting. The girls put forth a tremendous effort and show great promise for future years. Pharmacy girls were well represented in other inter- ip faculty sports also. Much enjoyment was derived lx X from basketball and volleyball competition. A swim- l basketball team. ming team and a bowling league were formed for the first time this year. Kathy Kennedy played on the intercollegiate The season was a successful one measured in terms of effort and pleasure. Physica nd Health Education ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE SOFTBALL CHAMPIONS BACK ROW: Lynn Philpott, Joy Mahood, Gail Royce. SECOND: Sharon Gilmor, Judy Cansfield, Marg Thompson, Judy Smith, Zita Hertzman. FRONT: Sandy McMullen, Lee Pickerell, Dorothy Hunter, Barb Black, Marilyn Hutt. I 3 BACK ROW: Sandy McMullen, Betty Gallagher, Viiu Kanep, Marg Thompson, Linda Kriisa. l SECOND: Pat Scully, Laura McKay, Judy Cansfield, Zita I Hertzman. FRONT: Marilyn Hutt, Lynn Philpott, Gail Royce, Nancy ' Lou Campbell, Judy Smith. BASKETBALL II Y BASKETBALL I 1, l BACK ROW: Sandy McMullen, Betty Gallagher, Cathy Colesl Joan Burgess, Mary Ecclestone, Judy Smith. ' FRONT: Lynn Philpott, Beverley McLaren, Marilyn Hutt, Mar Ann Merritt, Esta Halpren. li l lull 4 'l l I ff ACK ROW: Norma White, Sally Bambridge, Elaine Patterson, Viiu Kanep, Joy Mahood. A FRONT: Signy Paul Nancy Bull. X h " f ,V ff B 1 af son, Barb Black, Ann Fenner, Mary Russell, JFTBALL II VOLLEYBALL Mist Viiu Kanep, Norm , f .. 'R X Q :'a:'-.U ,,:. .,., , " ffisfwsk v .: '- : -Q +2-,.fN'Qms..:..-5. Q,-:-,-,-N.-,..,:.,. : .,.. ,-.. N ,. . ::3:,.,-,ii-ga ': N- ' " - X R -, W .,: 1, 1by-2559-Q-::Q,:Q,11,-N. "F1IfE?I.15l-'f:+Sv5,sz V s .- ---- "', A- :Vi ' F 1 X 'V , 2 2 X xx X K N A N it S w:3x'.S3k?SS ix: f l N a Q WX. X35 X -at ve 5 X SX X xvgxx :KXq..?.k wx X x 4 x 1 ci Q 1 ' ws V x. X RYX 'XXV Nz Q 'T X' Y .sw.?.V ' as ', X f:f::1:::a::: M. X f f N X . .m rs ,gig A X, A 'JA 8' 3' aa X f Q :X as X Y 'Q 251 ,Q gf 4 me tx X X : 2 X J.: 4 'xii' .-27' ' " - . "'k ' 'I l5??1:E'T-'1'W- A M:-V. -:w,:+A:i,5: V 1 z: pf. 51:4-,1-ggwmg , A .: 5,34-:Q .a , :Wl ' :.'?":'Q. E, BACK ROW: Signy Paulson, Judy , Maiia 'kaualko' -4 K P ,,',,g:,ff-I,:.,,a7r:,W,...,,-, FRONT: Gina Hogg, Zlta Hertzman, Anne Fenner. D: y gg . 5 . , HOCKEY 1 ' ff" 2Qp1,fz1fZgi,if BACK ROW: Doris Miller, Joan Burgess, Beverley McLaren, Betty Hill, Judy A Ca"5'7e'd' Pa' Sc-1"vfMaf9 Ann Meffifff Cafhv we' Ewa Smwwm- FRONT: Terry Wensley lCoachl, Lee Plckerell, Sharon Gulmor, Janet Hughson, . .Z -' 1 -.,. : :,,,g?'1Q rw-::'Es::Z x 1353" -'5I,Q:2.,i:,:,:i5g X Laura McKay, Beverly Cowling, Peter Warren lCoachl. ' 3 - 1 5 f 'V i , ..,, L A ,. N x Q . V. ROW: Laura McKay, Pat Betty Gallagher, Elaine son, Cathy Cole. l': Marg Ann Merritt, Elda um, Judy Canstield, Janet DI1. BOWLING CK ROW: Cathy Cole, lterson, Janet Hughson, Viiu Kanep. , Doris Miller, Betty Hill, Judy Canstield, Elda Hunter, Elaine Ma ry Ecclestone, Dorothy COND: Pat Scully nockum, Marci Blumenfeld. ' McLaren Marilyn ONT: Esta Halpren, Marg Ann Merritt, Beverley , tt, Laura McKay. . iii1?I' S:-'viii' '- IH! Effafllliill YQ. :IL 511115 'R '7Qi - BACK R0 Royce, Na FRONT: June Sceviour, Sharon Gilmor SWIMMING ROW Esta Halpren, Signy Pa BACK : McMullen Gail Royce, Viiu Kanep, Betty Hill. K "sa Judy Cansfield FRONT: Lynn Philpott, Linda rn , Doris Miller. BASKETBALL III W: Tiina Timusk, Helen Keith, Pat Scully, Ma ncy Fisk, Jean Wills, Marg Thompson. Hunter Laura McKay Elda Smockum, Dorothy , EW I WDP- . i X E ulson, Sandy ia Raimet, Gail Ph sical And Occupation 1 ssl Q. 1. Therap ' L1, f E X is ,,., Q.Q-, o ' " HOCKEY SECONDS r 9. Q., ee? 1 SWI G BACK ROW: Marg White, Sue Hallamore, lria Kapsi, Lee Morley, Nancy Grant, Jane Furness. FRONT: Danny Blackford, Sue Marrs, Liz Bell, Cathy Thompson. ABSENT: Shirley German, Ann Edwards. BASEBALL BACK ROW: Pat George, Sue Marrs, Kai Baba, Joan Godfrey, Judy Durance. FRONT: Jane Furness, Marg White, Lee Morley, Lois McQuay. ABSENT: Mary Farrar, Sue Fairclough, Nancy Grant, Cafhy Thompson, Marilyn Johnson. f 1 J f xW BACK ROW: Marg Klachan, Dot Watkinson, Cafhy Thompscn, Marilyn Johnsor Jackie Hough, Sue Fairclough, Pat George, A FRONT: Barb Pefry, Nancy Grant, Carol Dollaghan. ABSENT: Shirley German. O'FIaherty, Mara Miezitis, ziz . ---- . 6xYxi,+p:::::'- .ll 5 . L . 1- . ,.,.., V A ...., 4 gy . . . 4, ., waak -. :,. ,Q. , .. .L . ,-:51--,::e:-y,.,i.-we:--,g-31.351,-5.5glmfmzqiqy-zz-:e:.m:::::a,-:axe-.- "emu42qa-:5-my4's:2::.::..-,-.5:1. .:,,aa- ' . ..... :. - . , - V, -1' - ,. ,-I--.14 sw - . - H 5 " , .... ---:-.-:aw ' .ev-:S-avvaiavila-S-avi'-frfx I --151-Zi a X A 4 ' .-ans:-2-'E-I" fzl- " .za m. 1f3EE:E,.-:, ,, V-x..:.s:v:a5-za. w1Zxx.:., .z2:f,,. -az. :::.:fr.- an . . 2 f ' - .a.saa.s,w. swf - +.l.f::-w-,- :uf -. , .. ax ,,,.,,,-1-,.,f,:,:gL:,:,:s .. . ., w,,3,,:' ga asf' ' " ' " fi' :-E E'15ZiI'f..':5Ef'3iE5i'f'f3 -.iw - l W .X -. - ' N ew , Q -v-- O' W fwa -Y N .X ,. " ' V 1 a: -. f- " V-'-1.1.5222 lm .M 5:21515 -Z: ' .e:::::-2:1 1 N .. -'f ' s ,J ' ' -"" ' ' e VME:-,E 'Y F' af -5521" "" 1 fig' ' K "M 534.5-'-:v:-.,:.4f,5.g.,.'.1g.-391 .1 -.A2,-1.32,-3222-'o'2-IL ' ' . ' 'I:'Z3' 44- .--.yi-.gzg-,,-lg. XA , I-,3-4.5.35 -.-.wg a.,-.55 gmgigv. 1..,.-w-,gg,:g.:,m:.- ,1,:n-1-ss?-zgzgaazl - V: eefvza as fs- .:.Q.1bxy4:,x4- .2-ge ..:..N3'2s-2. -sX-.-,-f-'-'-v---- .a... 4 . ' ...N ' "f:-rg.:.:S:-:o2.-2+ 4 - Y ..,. 3 . ' 9-.-1-N -' V.-. . " '--'-..e'-N.4:.:.'aq-1-1-A. 4-, -.N--vi-wg.:-3-'-ps.-p.-. XX-,-r-,345-4I'tv.:,f5:.,,g.g.,.5g, 2Q5,,,N.g.,-.I U .. '- -,.1Q3Qg::,:5. ,gafsf:+ga::s:szsass::':: :gas:.:1.,e:.:f:,:'.s-.,1-az-1-sn:-:f-11.--:. --1,--sv-Q.: - -' - - Qs. vm , .. .,..... . . .,, x5.,,i J-ze. .M . -Q. , ax 1 VOLLEYBALL BACK ROW: Sue Hallamore, Pat George. FRONT: Sue Marrs, Laury Webb, Lillian Stengel. ABSENT: Pal' Wood. ENIOR HOCKEY CK ROW: Carol Marshall, Lee Morley, Nancy vidson, Bev Stacey, Nancy Dolphin, Nancy rner, Al Hart lCoachQ. ONT: Pat Hawkin, Joan Godfrey, Lois McQuay, rianne Calnan. SENT: Judy Durance. ARCHERY Kai Baba, Sheila Campbell, Jane Arnott. '5 R FOOTBALL BACK ROW: Al Connelly lCoachJ, Carole Marshall, Pat Cassan, Lee GOLF 5 Morley, Jane Arnott, Bev Stacey, Lois McQuay. FRONT: Shirley German, Nancy Grant, Joan Godfrey, Fran Gallagher, Sue Fairclough, Mary Farrar. BACK ROW: Pat George, Jane Arnott, Sue Strathy, Austra Kveps, Pat Ann Camelford, Jean Lendholm. BASKETBALL Wood, Pat Cassan, FRONT: Carol Marshall, Sheila Campbell, Jane Harvey, Sachi Yamasaki, Judy Durance. ABSENT: Lillian Stengel. St. Michae1's College St. Mike's did not cause any major upsets in women's sports this year, although more women participated in each sport than ever before. As a matter of fact, St. Mike's didn't even cause a minor upset! Hopes were high for a hockey championship, but fate dealt a crushing blow that made the team bow to defeat. A field hockey team was initiated here this year. Judging from the interest shown, it should be a favourite sport in the years to come. Two softball teams were entered in league play, the first of which made the semi-finals. The "A" basketball team was very strong and only through poor luck the required points for the finals were not obtained. Although the teams fell short of a champion- ship, the members showed an attitude and sportsmanship which will lead them on to more valuable "Championships" in the future. BASKETBALL ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE BACK ROW: Marilyn Stinson, Camilla Cleary, Belly Brunning. FRONT: Mary Timmins, Cathy Ball lPresiden'lJ, .loan Ruby. 1 N f A-ZW fr , ww' S' 'Www 4 1 ff WM 1'.z: .i 4 BACK ROW: Mimi Baker, Cam Clea Josie Wdowiak, Norah Burns. FRONT: Joanne Schenck, Mary Timm Ellie Hughes, Loretta Healey. i BACK ROW: Jim Morse iCoachJ, Andrea Morin, Sue Tomenson, Cathy Shannon, Ann Davies, Agnes Foley, Grecy Homberger. FRONT: Nancy Paiiet, Lyn Murray, .loan Ruby, Nancy Tuckey, Mary Ann Cathcart, Joann Schenck. SOFTBALL BACK ROW: Maureen Kelly, Cathie Ball, Marcey Muggan, Mimi Baker, Eleanor Hughes, Arlene Van Valkenburg, Loretta Healey. FRONT: Joanne Schenck, Mary Timmins, Cam Cleary, Kathy Killingsworth, Joan Ruby, Betty Ann Marshall. NAME OF ORGANIZATION: S.M.C. Softball Team. HOCKEY TENNIS Betty Anne Brunning Michele Demongeau. '- f'E'5.Lf:l. PfE 'QQ X has . WF '-'ff Q! 'ifiagifgf' fi TVN' """ Z"f""' :'J.,?""W' 'elif WV Y, , X6 L E .L S .Q-, ww. , N. as YN - rwmzww ' L s 2 X X X 41 E X .Rx XX SWIMMING CHAMPIONS BACK ROW: Brenda Minhinnick, Shirley Wright, Sandra Henderson. FRONT: Jeanette Rees, Pam Hill, Margot Nunns. ABSENT: Janet Medland, Stephanie Haas, Vals Echlin, Jane Watson. HOCKEY is SQ A St. Hildafs College Q X BACK ROW' Jane Medland Marianne Berton Laurel . , , Ball, Brenda Minhinnick, Pam Hill, Pat Pearson. FRONT: Gladys Johnson, Sue Hamilton, Barbara Goodwin, Jane Saunders. Judy Keast, Margot Nunns, Laurel Ball. ABSENT: Jo Hurst. rdfh ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE BACK ROW: Carolea Clark, Pam Hill, Barbara Goodwin, Sandra Henderson, Margot Nunns, Laurel Ball. FRONT: Jo Hurst, Nancy Hewitt, Pat Shannon lPresidentl, Janet Medland, Shirley Wright. TENNIS The year 1958-59 was a particu- arly active and enjoyable one for the thletes of St. Hi1da's College. One f the year's achievements was the rganization of.a field hockey team. Top honours again came to St. lilda's at the University Golf Tourna- ient, and Margot Munns and Adriann 'an Dys captured two of the four ositions on the Intercollegiate Tennis 'eam. The annual baseball game gainst the professors was perhaps the ighlight of the baseball season. There rere many humorous incidents at this ame, and those who attended were fell entertained, especially by the rofessors! St. Hilda's is extremely proud of the swimming team, this year's Inter- aculty Champions, and of the two St. Hildians, Pam Hill and Janet Medland, rho represented their College on the Intercollegiate Swimming Team. Of he four positions on the Intercollegiate Badminton Team, two were held by iarbara Goodwin and Dorothy Vernon of St. Hi1da's. Hockey was again a opular sport this year, the "A" team reached the semi-finals. Although the basketball and volleyball teams did not set their respective eagues on fire, a successful inter-year competition was held in each of these ports. In an exciting basketball game, the "aging" ladies of fourth year .efeated the "youngsters" of first year by one point. However, the freshies ame back to distinguish themselves when they won the volleyball ompetition. Thus St. Hildais has had a very successful sports year. There has been great deal of enthusiasm and participation in every sport, and it is these wo factors which make athletics at St. Hilda's so pleasant and worthwhile. BASKETBALL BACK ROW: Marianne Berton, Barbara Goodwin, Anne Forrester, Helen Pepall. FRONT: Sue Hamilton, Libby Cameron, Pat Shannon, Shirley Wright, Kathie Steele. BASKETBALL 6T2 BACK ROW: Patsy Earle, Sheila Kingston, Ann Baldwin, Kitty Bell, Ann Tottenham. FRONT: Anne Denison, Laurel Ball, Betty Lou Joynt, Jeanette Mackay, Sue Hutchison. FIELD HOCKEY BACK ROW: Ann Tottenham, Catherine Brown, Dorothy Vernon, Barbara Goodwin, Sandra Henderson, Judy Welsh. FRONT: Carolea Clark, Gladys Johnson, Sue Hamilton, Joan Lewis. BACK ROW: Sally Budlcng Diane Shak r B , . e , etty Lou Joynt, Pat Shannon, Laurel Ball, Pam Hill. FRONT: Nancy Hewitt Diane Lister , , Sandra Henderson, Pam Kerr, Carolea Clark. VOLLEYBALL X Xl A x., nag R iw BASKETBALL 6T1 BACK ROW: Mary Munro, Diane Shaker, Brenda Min- hinnick, Diana Ede, Sandra Henderson, Carolea Clark, Jan Wilson. FRONT: Stella Pascal, Betty Pappas, Felicity Monderer, Pam Kerr, Diane Lister. BASEBALL BA , eia Kingston, Helen Doan, Anne Baldwin, Catherine Drake. FRONT: Evelyn Sihler Sall , y Sihler, Carolea Clark, Anne Denison, Ann Tottenham. CK ROW: Pat Shannon Sh 'I Q University College WOMEN 'S ATHLETIC BOARD BACK ROW: Marg Racine, Debbie Schwartz, Elenora Standish, Anne McCuIlagh, Carol Wells, Mari Snyder. FRONT: Joan Speares, Sophie Nychuk, Mary Mills, Jane Davison. ABSENT: Carol Mahood tDirectorJ, Irene Wiener tAsst. Direcforl. This is the first year in college history that the WOH16H,S Athletic Director, this year Carol Mahood, has been under the jurisdiction of the U.C. Literary and Athletic Society. All of the teams were quite active, and the girls of the college had great fun even without winning interfaculty championships. The Taylor Trophy swim meet drew a record number of entrants, it was run off early in the fall term by Anne McCullagh. New interest in the boating team resulted in a successful year under Debbie Schwartz' leadership. The badminton and tennis teams were active, with Sally Meredith winning the badminton ,tournament and Mari Synder, the tennis championship. Hockey games provided much hilarity and many deep-voiced chuckles at the Lit. meet- ings, but the girls gained credit for persever- ance in face of continued defeat. The football team however, another group of p-ersevering practicers, played a shut-out season, defeating Vic 6-0 and P. and O.T. 1-0. The Athletic Banquet was a tremendous success this year, an enjoyable conclusion for a good year for the U.C. Women Athletes. BADMINTON Anne MacFarlane, Mari Snyder, Marg Racine, Cynthia Vokes FOOTBALL usi- N0 BACK ROW: Isabel Crozier, Elaine Walkom, Marg Strachan, Janet Scott, Carol Wells, Liz McColl. FRONT: Nan Keeling, Jane Davison, Louise Zabolotny, Sue Hamilton. SOFTBALL I Elenora Standish, Debbie Schwartz, Ruth Kellerman, Ann Dale, Joan Speares, X Frances Grader. 'X xxN"'xx' Xa C, frxjaz L 7 X K BASKETBALL S x I KX 6' l U BACK ROW: Elenora Standish, Sophie Nychuk, Frances Grader, Joan Speares, Isabel Crozier Carol Wells. FRONT: Laura Mayes, .loan Chapman, Anne McCulIagh, Mary Mills. SWIMMING Laura Mayes, Marg Racine, Virlie Peckford, Bonnie McBurney, Elenora Standish, Anne McCuIlagh. l wwf' 'WH Www "'?I.1r A Q 5 Ne N is 5 - xx 1, X' we N l. . s BOWLING TENNIS BACK ROW: Marg. Strachan, Marg. McMeekin, .lan Grafstein, Debbie Schwartz. FRONT: Carol Redden, Sophie Nychuk, Kay Swain. -wwf 4. aa' ,443 C Q r'O'0.4 9.0.0 'ze ,1 LZ' BACK Row: Muriel oiffins. FRONT: Mari Snyder. HOCKEY BACK ROW: Marg. Strachan, Jean Pridham, Carolyn Manice, lrene Gryndahl. FRONT: Shirley Ann Ross, Elaine Walkom, Mary Mills, Jane Davison. ,wha 'kv Victoria College I 5 f .ar ,f K Q. E TENNIS CHAMPION Irene Borecky BASEBALL I 15 Red and Gold participants turned out in large numbers for the 1959 sports season. Two softball, two hockey, four volleyball and four basketball teams were in action, while the football enthusiasts almost crowded out the new residence on Vic field. In a play-off series extended to six games because of ties, the softball firsts finally bowed to the Phys. Ed. team, after five years of supremacy. Another exciting contest was the interfaculty swimming meet which saw Vic in second place, just three points behind the winning St. Hilda's team. Of the four basketball teams in interfaculty play, the Freshies proved the strongest contenders, reaching the semi- finals before succumbing to O.C.E. The hockey firsts and two of the volleyball entries prepared for final games during the latter half of the term. The honours of the year go to Betsy Batten and Irene Borecky, winners of the interfaculty golf and tennis cham- pionships respectively. Irene deserves praise also for copping the intercollegiate tennis championship for the second year. Other intercollegiate players included Jill Segond, one quarter of the badminton foursome, as well as representatives on the swimming, volleyball, and basketball teams. The highlight of the year took place in Varsity Arena when the "old girls" staggered back to the Alma Mater and donned their blades for the annual "young bloods vs. antiques" hockey game. A gruelling battle was fought before youth managed to emerge victor. Each year the outstanding athlete in the college is pre- sented with the athletic stick. Sue Evans was awarded the trophy for her contribution to sporting activities throughout the year. BACK ROW: Pam Matthews tManagerJ, Mary Mackenzie, Mimi Boyd, Lynda Shorey, Rosalie Kerbeckian, Sheila Baird. FRONT: Bill Cameron lCoachl, Helen Truscott, Mary Ann McPherson, Mary Loney, Al Fleming lCoachJ. BACK ROW: Sheila Roy, Pat Humphrey, Carol Young, June Beetham, Annabelle Cameron, Joy Sinclair, Sandy Grant, Donalda Lewis. FRONT: Sally Hergert, Dorothy Lowes Ro Woods lCoachJ, Mary Ellen Anglin, Lauranne Van Volkenburg. BASEBALL II BASKETBALL FRESHIES BACK ROW: Marg Fisher, Jane Dustan, Ruta Bardens, Marg Maclnnes. FRONT: Judy Caldecott, Ann Williams, Sande Evans, Laurann Van Volkenburg. BASKETBALL JR SR. BACK ROW Eleanor Cobbledeck, Nancy Ferguson, Carol Ann Jeel, Ann Rybba, Barbara Buchanan, Heather Carrie, Mary Mackenzie. FRONT Sheila Baird Dorothy Ewing, Sue Evans, Jean Samells, Joan Honsberger. .Wy z f ' I ,V , - 0 gt ' Q ' .A 7: . :fs i HOCKEY I BACK ROW: Sheila Baird, Laurann Van Valkenburg, Sandy Rust, Hugh MacDonald fCoachJ, Gill Stewart, Nancy Ferguson, Mary MacKenzie. FRONT: Randy Jacobson, lrene Borecky, Mary Ann MacPherson, Mary Ellen Anglin, Bev Westman, ABSENT: Jill Segond, Sue McNeel. SWIMMING 2 HOCKEY II BACK ROW: Janet Keffer, Barbara Miller, Mary-Jean ak Williamson, Mary Fraser. FRONT: Barbara Buchannan lManagerJ, Beverley Kidd, Rosemary Bell, Mimi Boyd, Sandra Grant. '35 4 , 'ff-Y-7 , 1 BOWLING BACK ROW: Carol Lee Gillingham, June Beetam. FRONT: Diane Jackman, Wilma Augustine, Nancy Fraser. BACK ROW: Diana Brokop, Bev Westman, Marion Hebb. FRONT: Joy Sinclair, Jane Wade. 57" VOLLEYBALL FRESHIES I BACK ROW: Alliki Arro, Ruta Bardins, Barb Tait, Mary Blakeman. FRONT: Anne Williams, Kathy Kitchen, Judy Calde- cott, Sande Evans, Marg Macinnes. X ,Q 1 .I VOLLEYBALL JR.-SR. Q x 4. ww ' VOLLEYBALL SOPHS II BACK ROW: Diane Pierson, Pousy MacDonald, Marilyn Hughes, Mary Hull, Sue Dennis, Jane Wade. FRONT: Joan Graber, Betty Kenwright, Donalda Sparrow, Lee Morrison. BACK ROW: Janet Martin, Barbara Buchannan, Eleanor FRONT: Mary Lou Elliot, Marian MacQuarrie, Joan ABSENT: Betty Hughes, Gwen Farrow, Jean Ballam, VOLLEYBALL SOPHS III BACK ROW: Rosemary Ford, Helen Maria Steiger, Marian Hebb, Diana Brokop, Sheila MacDonald. FRONT: Betty Lou Taylor, Dorothy Lowe, Mary Loney, Sally Hergert, Pat Humphrey. Fraternities Men's . . . page 272 Panhellenic . . . page 304 pf X"' M Alpha Delta. Phi BACK ROW: Dana Smith, John Screaton, Bob Fisher, John Balmer, Wilson McTavish, Gord Ridgely, Peter Allen, Doug Lougheed, Winton Noble, Peter Ash, Bob McVean. THIRD: Adam Saunders, Gord Macey, Alec Havrland, Jim Jackson, Steve Irwin, Peter Smith, Charles Dunbar, Dave Ingram, John Hill, Bob Comish. SECOND: Sid Robinson, Clair Peacock, John Evans, Dave Lewis, John Pollock, Tony Charlton, Don Grant, Tony Higgins, Dick Lewis. FRONT: Bob Lord, John Corrigan, Doug Parker, Greg McKnight, George Heintzman, lan Hamilton, Paul Moffat. The fraternity welcomed thirteen new members to Alpha Delta Phi this year after successful initiations during which the house took on a new shine. Some outstanding events of the year were the Christmas Party, at which approximately twenty boys and girls from Settlement House were entertained with games, supper and Santa, and the fraternity formal held at the Toronto Hunt Club and thoroughly enjoyed by a good turnout of brothers, active and graduate. The executive of Alpha Delta Phi this year is as follows: President, John Pollock, Vice-President, Dave Lewis, Secretary, Tony Charlton, Treasurer, Dick Lewis. BACK ROW: Lary Turner, Jim Buchan, Bill Finn, John Hall, Val Gulens, Al Ceculli, Ernie Lapchinski. THIRD: Eugene Mandryk, Harry Sanderson, Roger White, Hank Walker, Ken Karols, Jim Harrigan, Nick Christie, Fred Hafezi. SECOND: Joe Rogers, John Henderson, Don Paul, Doug Murdoch lPresidenll, Dave Haldenby, Paul Greenhow, Gerald Wong. FRONT: Cam Hall, Peter Bailey, Al Gerulath. Alpha Kappa Kappa The members of Alpha Kappa are students of the Faculty of Medicine. Representatives are participants not only in Medical Athletics, Daffydil, and the Medical Athletic Society but also support campus activities, as shown by Roger White of the AVR. The fraternity's second annual Ballet Night, held in February, brought the alumnae and members together to enjoy the National Ballet perform- ance of "The Nutcracker" at the Royal Alexandra. The proceeds of the evening are placed in a lectureship fund set aside to provide an annual lecture for the students of Medicine. The regular events of the fraternity represented by the Christmas Dinner, the Annual Banquet and the Breakfast Party after the Meds At Home rounded out another fine year for Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Kappa Kappa in 1958-59. fling Picnic time. Nv. Dental dignitaries. Alpha Omega 274 Three for a quarter. Fearsome f0l1l'S0h'l6 Q A II' 'I I BETH Slllllll The year 1958-59 will long be remembered by the Beta Sig men. With the expropriation of the old house at 18 Willcocks by the University, the alumni purchased a beautiful house on Lowther Avenue, which has truly been a home away from home for some of the members, Chancellor Ted Belman, Vice-Chancellor Bill Braverman, Houseman Paul Puritt, not to mention brothers Ed Bogomolny, Frank Brown, and Michael 'Sport' Florence. The fall term started with a bang when the Eta delegation returned from the annual convention at Bedford Springs, Pennsylvania, where they showed their spirit by winning the cup for having the greatest attendance of all chapters. Following this the BEP'S had a successful pledge term initiating 16 new brothers. The term was climaxed with the pledge show held at Zuchter's Starlight Room in November. In the social field the Beta Sigs enjoyed them- Beta Sigma. Rho selves at a Hal1owe'en Party, Toga Party, the Western weekend, Toboggan Party, New Year's Gala, climax- ing the social season with the unforgetable annual Dinner-Dance held at the Convention Room of the Seaway Hotel. The BEP's have been active in sports this year as well, with teams and individuals entered in basketball, volleyball, football and track and field, while some of the members shared their talents with the Varsity, the Psychology Club, Anthropology Club, the U.C. Follies, and many other campus activities. All in all, it was a wonderful and memorable year for the Eta men of Beta Sigma Rho, who will have lasting memories of the Salamanca Kid, the Hoboken Fairy, Relly with his belly, Is that you Charlie, the Renegades, and all those femmes fatales - Barbara, Ellen, Helene, Karen, Marlene, Sheila, etc. and the girls from Pittsburgh! BACK ROW: Walter Fox, Dick Stein, Ed. Bogomolny, Ed. Merkur, Marv Pearl, Fred Yack, Bob A Ib LI d D k H K tl M i h ' ppe aum, oy uc man, arv o er, os e Edelsteln, Art Levy, Gersh Morgan. THIRD: Mel Wasserman, Earl Thomas, Warren Green, Fred Fein, Stan Kates, Larry Shulman, Murray Stone, Irv Ozier, Larry Snyder, Shorty Freeman, Pooch Ceresney. SECOND: Larry Eisen, Charlie Kates, Shelly Wax, Al Cooper, Stan Kotick, Terry Trefler, Neil Caplan, Lefty Grossman. FRONT: Pogo Puritt, Shelly Rosenberg, Teddy Belman, Dobie Braverman, Saul Kelner, Norm Talsky. Q35 'Ss fi fx ,, sf g xxx im N x x YQ X NX XY x Nx xQ N A Q XX Beta, Theta, Pi In hoc quibus rerum quae !! -xx, ,Q .x xxaax, gf M ,, . f , Q I H , J , ' 21,405 wM4Q?iX'H"Jf'T' wig! Q Q' In , , f' fa f Qi . 'A 4 :Q 1-Q-i5'izj:"'i"11 , 'W ' L' 'ffm - Q 14, K' 17 , ' . Q ,,j:1:. cf cf .- rig ,..,. Q1 -f :,,1Zg:,,.:4,,. .gig-:.2,g3,:,1 .. V. k -vi 'M' .X "W I 6 77 Chrlstmas cheer ' B.C- BACK ROW: Colin Haeberlin, Kevin McEvenue, John Hayhurst, Don Coveney, Dick Mitchele, Don Anderson, Bob Mulligan, Jack McKee, Tom Richardson. FOURTH: Bob Ridgway, Don Hill, Burt Tait, Ray Koski, Mac Coutts, Alf Dick, Mike Cavanagh, Pete Adamson. THIRD: Don Dickson, Ivan Hurlbut, Jim Matthews, Don Tefft, Steve Moriarty, George Batcules, John Gray, Phil Dawson, Dick Todgham. SECOND: John Kennedy, Fred Smith, Mike Lewis, Bill Palm, Gil Bennett, John McCulloch. FRONT: Cam Harvey, Doug Russell, Tony Rutherford Beta. Theta. Pi Theta Zeta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity las a long and commendable history. Established in 906, it distinguished itself by being the first chapter if Beta Theta Pi in Canada. Since then two more hapters have been added to the fold, Gamma lmicron chapter at the University of British Iolumbia, and Delta Alpha chapter at the University if Western Ontario. Beta Theta Pi, as a fraternity, originated on the ampus of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio in 1839. iince then it has grown and spread throughout the lnited States and Canada until to date there are +6 active chapters divided into 25 districts. The fraternity as a whole has been universally licknamed the 'Singing Betas', a tradition which has been continued enthusiastically in Theta Zeta. This 'ear barbershop quartet singing was added to an already accomplished chapter chorus. Another characteristic at 126 St. George Stre-et is the wide spread representation of its members in the various faculties on campus. This year Theta Zeta had men in Arts, Pharmacy, Law, Medicine, Optometry, all divisions of Engineering, Physical and Health Education, Mathematics and Physics, Commerce and Finance, and Forestry. In the field of athletics, the weekly midnight hockey games proved very popular. However, the attempts at cultivating a Beta Ski team failed miserably, the cause of this could be the almost 100 percent casualty fall out. The year was highlighted socially by the Toga party, the Initiation Formal, the annual Christmas Old Folks Party, the Spring Formal, and finally the traditional Damit Party. 277 fi R fy .. y M Fm P611 Bob 'Bugs' Cale W Bill Taylor- Q? rf 5,11 111.11-,.f co,-.1011 Mfqggaff Mk? M""e, fm ? x QQ 5 1 ' .J T .gf 1472-'A .1 M11- V 5111 ,fa "" ' J Y 7kdHanS'J' 1' 2- f NX 1 x . 'X X 1 N - 1 1 , if ft fgny 5,.,d?e,, f r JIITT 0010177 f-recllidgfluft ' J Q -'Q ' XX? Xmigk V ! X- Jukns' Farber Charhe -Snelllng 'UE' Wk' J 499' E1-1c 1-1,m,..1 , 141 1 -J?" 5 V' 1 1 Lhmury me P011 Wafbank Wy' e . 4? 1 ,f'fE4O1 flu 1 Owe Wrghi Wffdon 7 60611177 My-A ,,,1-vnwzitgv V X! X, WX 5'anK Pobewfs Dan Bean - Chuck Ba1ll1e f-my AWP ,o 2? X x W? 01115 MQCJDM14 BW MCWh"7"eY A7724 fav -D . Bl!! Deacon Dano - fa'f77ond.s' I . ' 0-X Q 6 Lv! Bl!! 011171670 M' Sam Mafcofmsoll John Lacfrner' 'zf Wy mx, w 7 a 3 63 O J Z.. 7 Warren Moysey 510 Pafbfrmon gy? - fm, Eamon . 'Q fvx S N X George German H L Ken- Powell 4l'f'y ennafd -L W 'gf rw NX X ' ,f A ,-W .. Q 4 Q -GX i j A ff WP' It 'V r , W Oaue fauendef' 500 Matthews ' 'X iff 52-age Mak. an-gable!! f 'ffl wfflqpxm . ,f 1 Y if a if Q ' fv . f X -uv X K na - K I QQ - Z Mfke Innes M 1 L1 :MJ 1A.f,,f.A,,-.0 Joh" ed fm Mm... 0'5" S""H" .fhf-n lfmpf Lay Pete Szsam Harry Al!2ff7CQ'0ll WEL 1 F260 Pea,-.ron 'Y73' QX I 1 P I Chris- Chapman .'N gm X fy my Fefe Go afsoe ,KN SA Q Q Qfff s 4 Delta y Sigma Phi BACK ROW: Bob Stokes, Don Sfeadman, John Boundy, Harold Berry, Barry Burton, Don Gale, Al Mills, Don Forsey. THIRD: Pat Wootten, Chris Carr, John Ogden, Paul Steele, Mickey Spillane. SECOND: Larry Edgington, David Crane, Eric Bowie, Bruce McQuaker, Bruce Gray, Nick Kordellas, Bill Petr niak Pete M C ll. y , c o FRONT: Walt Blois, Dunc Blachford, George Longo. The brothers of the Gamma Mu Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity will remember 1958-59 as a momentous year. Few of the members will ever forget the wild and hilarious football weekends which started off the season. Social life was kept at the same high level throughout the year, with the Roman Toga Party, the Christmas party, the New Year's party and the Bohemian party, to name only a few. Things came to a staid and stately, but far from dull, end at the Formal Carnation Ball, which was held at the Old Mill. On the more serious side of fraternity life, much time was spent this year cleaning and renovating the house. This year is the second year that the Delta Sig's have spent in the "new" house. One thing that can be said for it is that it presents vast fields of opportunity in the field of interior decorating. By the time the members are through improving the house many will be familiar with the fine arts of furniture-moving, wall painting, floor scrubbing, and carpentry. Members began to have meals in the house during the winter term. The President, Douglas Derrard did a great deal to conceive and implement the entire project. 1 l r After the Beer Strike! , l l This was a year of change for Delta Upsilon The fraternity house is now located at 182 St George Street Much anxiety was felt when news arrived that, because of university expansion, it would be necessary to leave the former house at 112 St George Street However, the move was easily accomplished, and the new house, although not so large, admirably fills the needs of the members In other ways it has been a good year for the fraternity. Seventeen new members were pledged after a hectic month of attempting to make the new house look furnished and comfortable The social functions ranging from an Around the World Party to the formal at the Hunt Club were also highly successful. The alumni are in the process of raising money to lower the mortgage of the new house, and it is certain that the necessary financial security to ensure many more good years will be obtained. Delta Upsilon 'T'-f -M, 4. .4- BACK ROW: Peter Mitchell, Sandy Bell, Malcolm Bell, John Cathers, Bryan Graham, David Sheridan, John Harkness, David Collyer, Bill Turville, Peter McCulloch, Jim Wyse. V THIRD: Bob Walker, Edward Wachta, Walter Bowen, John Murray, Bill Vaughn, Jim Caskey, Carl Shepanski, Michael Coke, Michael Wade, Bob Johnston, Bill Lynch, Gil Sutton, John Andrews, Gordon Mitchener. SECOND: John Lambier, Chet Maslanka, Doug Lynn, Neil Wood, Graham Dutton lPresidentl, Nick Ross Nice Presidentl, Paul Wismer, Bob Wowk, Gordon Shaver. FRONT: Murray Ross, John Humphries, Derek Mullen, Sidney Smart, Craig Thompson, Bob Evans, John Hreno, Wayne McKenzie. M Q X :vw l T 282 Delta Tau Delta Busman's holiday THE DELTA CREED I believe in Delta Tau Delta for the education of youth, and the inspiration of maturity, so that I may better learn' and live the truth. I believe in Delta Tau Delta as a shrine of international: brotherhood: her cornerstone friendship, her foundations' conscience, her columns aspiration, her girders self-IS restraint, her doorway opportunity, her windows understand-1 ing, her buttresses loyalty, her strength the Everlasting Armsr I believe in Delta Tau Delta as an abiding influence toy help me do my work, fulfill my obligations, maintain my self-respect, and bring about that happy life wherein l may more truly love my fellow men, serve my country, and. obey my God. n BACK ROW: William Danyluk, Peter Armstrong, Allan Jacobs, Hugh Thomson, Crawford Dales, Kirk Thompson, Howard Macartney, Richard Mair, Rogers Smith, John Sanderson. THIRD: David Harvey, Charles Dobbie, Peter Gourley, John Learney, David Collacutt, Paul Chapman, Fiorenzo Pataracchia, Robert Roden, Harry Kennedy, Bruce Doidge. SECOND: Bruce Wright, George Hume, Robert Poslift, Eric Smith, Robert Ross tVice-Pres.l, Bruce Faulkner tPresidentl, Paul Seagrave, Fred Munn, Ted Penhale, Gary Seagrave, FRONT: Gary Ball, Fred Thompson, David Newman, Peter Anderson. ABSENT: lan Thompson tTreasurerJ, Paul Mitchell. I In 1958 Delta Tau Delta celebrated its centennial liversary. From a small beginning at Bethany .lege in Virginia, the Fraternity has grown to 87 lpters in the United States and Canada, composed 6,000 active members and 50,000 alumni. Why has Delta Tau Delta persisted these one rldred years? Why has her spirit so caught up vusands of men, that at sixty they are more con- .ced of her essential value than they were at enty? It is because of the meaning of the Frater- y which lies in an honest attempt to develop, tough democratic living, line enriching friendships, pirit of unsellish service, and a sense of personal rth accomplished through honest achievement. Of prime importance in chapter Delta Theta is the individual member: those who gained through hard work the plaque awarded for the highest average in the National Fraternity examination, those of the executive who devoted long hours of toil for the benefit of the other members, those pledges who laboured night and day, their only desire to satisfy the whims of the activesg these are the men who make the chapter strong. The purpose of Delta Tau Delta is to make the years spent in the chapter house so rich and valuable that their influence will be a continuing force for good throughout a Deltls lifetime, and through that influence, he may become a great force in the life of others. 283 X is Qs ' , Y YW YWWX KX so x X , 1 la K l 9-. x fe. X - x 'lk ' To gf ' - X l it ' x,.,:k1 5 '- -sw - J .. ' T3 . - l , i Y I .1 l X I , .l in -- if sword? x i X 5 ' ,N nf" x ' .- .B " I -Na- .,... If if it 1 y . . A 2 , . is is ,f , gf. 3. If , I -u'l"h iia-S., "'V-- - ' ,. 7 :E-Eirf. I V YE 5 .3 -f - Ml" ' 4 W Q , , W s::1:i-if .x', ' 2 Y 2 fri, , ,- 1,5 i 'f arg: - 1 .. Y ' , ' 3 V if li ' T45 iii 'V - 1- .5-, . 1 -- QITLQ, .f sw if - if -, -'xg ,. 4-1 .,,s . J if . , . QQ .,.,. ,! 'ml - wa- ' "fr ' ssggaef'5Ti1'!Sg,x" i' , , , 'Tuinvfr-.-. ' . Q, x . Kappa, Sigma. Architect's drawing of the new fraternity house There was great cause for rejoicing this year for Kappa Sigs. Forced out by the university's expro- priation of lower St. George Street the alumni propose to build a new house a short distance from the existing Doric-columned mansion. The new house will be one of the very few designed specifically for fraternity living and entertaining. It was also with great pleasure that the Fraternity received the Gates House prize awarded to the most efficiently run house within Kappa Sigma's 130 chapters. Socially, Kappa Sigma honoured the Carribean, Santa Claus, Hogmanay, Apache Indians, and St. Valentine with a lavish, over-flowing celebration, and wound up with the annual formal banquet at the Granite Club. On the distaff side, the girls from Gamma Phi were a welcome relief after a hectic Monday night meeting. Under the direction of John Erskine the athletic program was a vigorous one, the members engaging competitively in basketball, ice-hockey and golf. A Bridge tournament brought recognition at last to those inveterate members thought to be hiding under a misplaced libido. BACK ROW: John Stevens, Bill Easton, Dave McCIeary, Brian Bradstock, Bill Cosburn, John Cornwall, Ken Currie, Larry Francis. SECOND: Rick Flechner, Bill Tyson, Lloyd Riley, John May, Scott McDonald, Dave Stewart, John Laflair, Jim Snider. FRONT: Harry White, Ed Thompson, Mike Roberts, Bob McLennan, Bob Green, Jim Beatty, John Erskine. ABSENT: Gavin Watt, Mike Dorfman, John Collins, Doug Martin, Dave Gourlie. Kappa Alpha BACK ROW: Steve Woollcombe, Derek Lunn, John Earnshaw, Bob MacDonald, David Charlton, Casey Wood, Tom Jamieson, Dave Kitchen, Trevor Ham, Peter Boake, Doug Ward. THIRD: Andrew Volgyesi, Chris Gill, Tom Bastedo, Walter Somerville, Barry Mickelson, Dave Carscadden, John Uren, George Butterfield, John Vernon, John Banks, George Hynna, Bryan Gregory, Tony Jennings, James Spence. SECOND: Dick Hamilton, Charlie Gunn, John Pelton, Mike Wilson, Benson Wright, Peter Cresswell tPresidentJ, Bob Ferrie, Bill Hunter, John Jennings, Phil Goulston, Jim Wilbur. FRONT: Dick Farr, Keith Acheson, Gary German, Ken Hill, Edward McCormack, Mike Thompson. Phi hi Tau Omicron is the Toronto chapter of the largest international iedical fraternity, Phi Chi. Installed December 12, 1922, it is one f the primary purposes of this fraternity to give experience to iedical students in the art of the joy of living and in fellowship mong doctors, in order that sane cooperation and tolerance may ounterbalance the sometimes insane and intensive selfishness and idividualism en-gendered by the long period of training in becoming doctor. This year's activities were as varied as they were stimulating. 'he fall rushing program culminated in the formal initiation of ine new men, followed by the traditional fraternity formal at the 'oronto Hunt Club. Other social functions included parties at the hapter house on football weekends, open house during Home- oming week, a festive Christmas party, and the annual Founder's lay banquet. The remaining Phi Chi's will miss those who graduate this ear, but it is hoped they will uphold the fine traditions of Phi Chi rherever they go. ara X R-xl! fglflfl X V ,mm 'F 5, ll? - t -. M1 in ' my 'we-sf BACK ROW: Doug Brodie, Tom McAuliffe, Grant Mills, John Cowan, Doug McTavish, Don Johnson, Phil Courey, Bill Henderson, Al McKitrick, Russ Bray, Bob Baron. SECOND: Roger Train, Dave McLeish, Jim Corbett, George Bird, Bill Madronich, Bob Stanfield, Don Hare, Bob Hopkins, Paul Shepherd, Al Pounsetf, Steve Cornforth, Dan MacKay, Ron McCurdy. FRONT: Roger Lewis, John Crooks, Blake Gibb, Ray Blahey, John Boyd, Rock Osborne, Milt Armstrong. Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha has been active on the University of Toronto campus since 1927. Epsilon-Epsilon Zeta, one of the 151 chapters and three Colonies of the international fraternity, was the first of the present four chapters in Canada. There are 33 active brothers and ten ever-present alumni taking part in the fellowship found at 152 "Fraternity Row". Included in parties this year were those with the following themes: Western, Roaring Twenties, Bohemian, and a famous Toga party. The Christmas Banquet and Annual Formal will always be remembered. The year's events were brought to a close with the Founder's Day Banquet. In June, fourteen brothers will be graduatingg every success in the future is hoped for those who are leaving. Nu Sigma Nu ACK ROW: Tom Gibson, Bruce Merrick, Dick Charron, Cliff Wolfe, I Hart, Mo Bent, Grant Thompson, Bob Lee, Stew Patterson. HIRD: Lionel Chisolm, Mike Spooner, Jim Graham, Don Armitage, as Soper, John Wesley, Peter Dent lPresidentJ, lan Irvine, John offat, Bill Crysdale, Tom Godwin, John MacLean, Bob Kelly, Bill ixon. ECOND: Gord Sellery, Pete Wyshinsky, Cliff Woolfe, George enton, Gord Perkin, Pete Van Nostrand, Charlie Birkett, Lionel orfman, Pete Richardson, John Hodgkinson, Peter Adam. RONT: Jack Bruce, Don McGilIivray, Bruce Thomas, Pete Davidson, live Chamberlain, Dave Preston, Bluett Overholt, Warren Allin, on Morin, Harvey Doherty. BSENT: Bill Maclntyre, Tom Yates, Dan Standret, Bill Franks, Walt argiel, Bob Richards, Jack Hunt, Rand Simpson, Stan Litch, Bill nmes. This year started off quickly at Nu Sigma Nu with last year's pledges renovating the bar room and building a king size bar the week before school started. Thanks to their labours it was ready for the fall season with its many rushing and football parties. These successful parties produced eighteen pledges. On the last weekend of October, instead of parading off to Queens, the brothers amused them- selves by initiating seven new brothers. The annual Fraternity Formal was a great success and well attended by graduates. Scottish dancing, usually a highlight of this event, was voted down this year, as a result Brothers Thomas, Bruce and McGillivray wore Scottish formal dress, including kilts, in protest. The Christmas party on the following Saturday was as usual, a party for under-privileged children in the afternoon followed in the evening by a dinner and stag. The formal banquet with the graduates was held in February, where graduate Brother Dr. W. T. Horsey spoke. Some year parties, including a "Beat Generation" party given by the pledges and the "Rive Gauche" party of the graduating year took place late in the second term. This year the graduate Brothers took over the responsibility for most of the upkeep of the chapter house. It is hoped that this will strengthen the ties between graduates and undergraduates. This desire was aided by Dr. Murray Downing of Otterville, Ontario, who again had a member from the senior years stay with him for a week at Christmas for an introduction to General Practice. His guest this year was Pete Van Nostrand. This sort of contact is extremely helpful to Medical students. 287 1 BACK ROW: Laurie Zeilig, Merv Ross, Jerry Chapnik, Bob Gardner, Harv Golombek, Gord Fox. FRONT: Stan Neiman, Marfin Barkin tConsull, AI Gardner. Founded at Cornell Medical College in 1904, the Phi Delta Epsilon Fraternity has since grown to acquire 41 undergraduate chapters and 35 graduate clubs in the United States and Canada. This includes over 2,400 undergraduate medical students. The objects include the promotion of high scientific and educational standards, fellow- ship, equality, and unity among members, and high standards of ethics in the practice of medicine. Alpha Sigma Chapter in Toronto was founded in 1924. During the 1958-59 school year members numbered 106. There was a full program including parties, banquets, the annual dinner-dance, cultural evenings, Clinical Society meetings, and many athletic contests. The principal and most exciting event of this past year was the relocation of the fraternity home early in October. The spirit and enthusiasm of the members is reflected at this time in the photographs on this page. It is the hope of all the members that the new home will see many more fraternity functions which will help them to find greater strength inside their own bounds, and aid them in the pursuit of their objectives. Phi Delta Epsilon 1y , Moving day . . . . . . and all the boys turn out . . . for a good time Phi Delta Theta BACK ROW: Pele Rice, Bob Berleffe, Murray Morrison, Leon Loucks, Warren Heaslip, Don Wilson, Bob Fletcher, Bob Gray, John Fawcett, Bob Ballanfyne, Joe Yunpt. THIRD: Mike McQuaid, Ron Berlef, Dick Baker, Garry Lovatf, Bill Shearson, Ed Osler, John MacKay, Eric Alfenbernd, Dave Cook, Glen Convey. SECOND: Ernie Kovacs, Don Murlyn, John Cook, Dave Logan, Doug McGrath tPresidenfl, Don Mortin, Bill Bulucon, Tom Reider, Don Parkinson. FRONT: Bob Farquharson, Tom Murfha, Ken Taylor, Dave Heaslip, Marty Cooke, Winston Kinch, John Sellers. With 12 new Brothers, and under the most able leadership of Bill McKay and Doug McGrath, the Ontario Alpha of Phi Delta Theta enjoyed another extremely successful year. Jim Carnwath again showered himself with honours as he defeated all opposition on the Canadian badminton scene, the fraternity is proud of his achievements. Those who attended the Hart House theatre may have seen the brilliant performance of Norm Edmonson, another Phi Delta, in Children of Darkness. Don Wilson travelled to Rochester last fall to represent the U. of T. in a debate and discussion led by Lester B. Pearson, the weekend proved quite successful. The entire frater- nity made a safari down to the Torch Club, a club for crippled people, during their annual fall dance. The Brothers, spending most of the evening pushing wheel chairs about the floor to Rock and Roll music, had a thoroughly enjoyable time. This project was carried out in conjunction with the Alpha Phi Fraternity. As the exams loomed large in the near future, all Brothers turned intently towards the books. 289 Ph1 Gamma Delta BACK ROW A M Younq J D Barber K H Fockler S P Dubas R. J. Dockstader, E. J. R. Jackman, G. H. Mc- Kechnne R G McMillan J M Swlnden G E Holm W B Carter J R. Stewart. THIRD F R Schroeder D E Seeback R I Winter K S M Mathers, R. B. McEIhinney, S. L. R. Brunton, J. E. Fraser D C Matheson J W C MacFarlane B L Allan J W Arnold, P. S. Weldon. SECOND R A McCulloch J H Littl J R McCartney R E Campbell, W. D. Beaton, E. B. Heyland, T. J. FRONT N R Bulley G M Cornwall P C Beamish E M McGovern, J. M. Babcock, P. M. Higgins, P. D. Payne. The varied social program at 123 St. George St. included the Bohemian Party, the Formal at the Granite Club, the Fraternity Banquet at the Royal York Hotel and the ever-popular Grass Skirt Party. With increasing interest prevailing in both social and scholastic achievement, the spirit of Fijiland promises to rise to even greater heights in the coming year. Digmtaries at the formal l BACK ROW: J. E. Fraser, R. B. Dodds, R. F. Sweet, J. McLeod, M. A. H. Dempster, R. E. Gilmore, J. Richardson, G. Stephenson, S. Buckley, W. Shaw, H. E. Nobert. THIRD: B. L. Pedlar, J. Phillips, W. Kilborn, R. L. MacDonald, W. P. Greer, O. D. Doner, W. Gibson, L. Wait, A. E. Simms, J. Warkentin. SECOND: F. D. S. Lloyd, R. E. McPartlin, J. P. Carver, L. A. Weaver, W. D. Beamish, G. Doke, E. A. Hughes, R. Alexander, J. Cottendon, R. R. Read, R. Graham. FRONT: K. E. Jacobson, R. D. Doner, J. A. C. King, J. Friar, J. Chadam, R. Bedford, G. L. Stinson. Phi Kappa. Pi The Toronto Phi Kaps have experienced quite a change this year. First of all the fraternity moved into a new house and then it was realized that more than 20 of the members graduated last year, fortunately, only one graduates this year. Because of this large number half of the current chapter, 39 strong, were new to the fraternity this year. Phi Kappa Pi is Canada's only National Fraternity and it is still very much in the process of growing, with several new chapters in the making to add to the current six. The social season was highlighted by the frater- nity formal at the Granite Club along with the traditional French, and Toga Parties. The active chapter participated in several interfraternity chal- lenges, and had a couple of boisterous weekends with the McGill members to round out a good year at 85 Bedford Road. ,'1 ff 1 I y , F 9 ..,..ri g it FF f if QW-.. N f .ll .iv .. ..-ff"- vfwwm- -ff' -t' wt mg? I EEIQ WQ r Ut 'l'!'1"ll'4' l 1 9' N l 1 IIU1' df, " T ,, Iii., lv, ,egg l 'Tfliffff l' l '. f-ld ' il 1 if uma a . EEE H f wi I' X 1 T 'gg l R-l A! ' lsr.. ,,,,,.,,,,, I l l MQW I-ll - i-f5f"W,j, f. W ffftf',Qf:1.:li',: f"" l Aflijrifw Vs: ffglf v ,fln1z!:'.jwgiEQi '1f'lQ'w,'!: l l ffm, T I A lgf' ' ' 115-5 w'f,'.' . w'. - gulf' -I all l ii T7"'l ,aj-A-X lgjlil :fl N344 il HU: ,,Q',m ,, 52Wf Qy.7ftQjs.,'l - lg , T, 1' "i .41 tw'f.'-f .'tW'f'lWi?lf fa ' .. . ff 'm 127 fvc ff , I ,lv Na? ak! I N-0 v Phi Kappa Sigma The Phi Kaps this year have had an active programme both withinl the chapter and in various activities throughout the campus. As always, fellowship, co-operation and social virtues have been encouraged and cultivated, and a new step was taken toward ensuring the continuation of good scholarship among the members. A great deal was done by the members in improving the house from top to bottom, inside and outside. With the renovations and new coats of paint, the new broadloom rugs, and the construction of a hi-fi system, the house took on a new and improved appearance. Social activities during the fall term included the customary football week-ends, rushing and initiation activities, the post-initiation cocktail party, the traditional Pirate Party, and the annual Christmas party provided for al group of under-privileged children preceding the members' annual Christmas celebration. The winter term featured the highlight of the year when the, formal, the Black and Gold Ball, was presented at the Granite Club. The final term also saw a "Monte Carlo" night and the "Wild West" party. Mothers of student members and alumni, forming a Ladies Auxiliary, met at the house once a month, and have done much to assist the chapterq This year they presented twelve study desks to the house as well as the new broadloom rugs. They held functions at the chapter house such as thel cocktail party, an afternoon tea, and a bridge party, for friends and families of the members. BACK ROW: Tom Parr, Bruce Logie, Al Watanabe, Oleh Rudzik, Joe Jany, Dave Stronach, John R chardson Jim Nimmo, John Hill, Barry Clark, John Zupancic, John Bray. THIRD A t Tyndall, Vic Zabarylo, Alec Monro, Tony Keith, Ryan Kidd, Larry Reed, Doug Shields, Gary V , Roy Supra, John Page, Gerry Willoughby, Jim Howes. OND Terry 0'Brien, Bruce Millar, Don Irwin, Jim Keyser, Ron Bales, Wayne Hayworth, G E Ale ander lChapter Visitorl, Frank Pospicil, Doug Strong, Dick Furnell. FRONT Don Nichol, Dave Kerr. .., .. sl BACK ROW: P. Schreider, G. Lokash, D. Axler, M. Ezrin, H. Coleman, I. Himel, M. Shulman S. Godfrey, H. Ritchie, P. Vanek, M. Smith, H. Okun, M. Davidson. SECOND: W. Draimin, J. Lyons, D. Moscoe, V. Drevnig, J. Gold, J. Slan, G. Fine, B. Beder M. Stern, D. Granatstein, R. Raisman, N. Stitt, D. Pomerantz. FRONT: G. Watkins, R. Gladstone, M. Lester, R. Posluns, G. Griesdorf, F. Zemans, J. Segal, R. Stren F. Gans, G. Wolfe. Pi Lamda. Phi P1 Lambda Phi was founded on March 21, 1895, at Yale University. Today there are over 13,000 Pilams in every walk of life. The fraternity has 33 active chapters. The Canada Kappa came into being in 1922. This year 22 new members were initiated, bringing the active roster to 59 acolytes and neophytes. Immediately after initiation Pilams chose Richard Poslums as their Rex for 1959. Fr-ed Gans, Richard Stren, Don Moscoe, Bill Draimin, and Joel Slan composed the rest of the executive. The house at 115 St. George Street began buzzing with activity early in the fall. "Open House" was held following every Varsity home football game. Socially, the big event of the fall term was the pledge party held at "The Dutch Sisters Inn". In the winter term Pilams' big event for the year, the Pilam Ball, took place, the site of the affair was the King Edward Hotel. The Ball was held on St. Valentine's Day, February 14. The day prior to the Ball, Friday the 13, was celebrated in fine fashion by a "Hell Party". Pilams participated actively in many campus functions also. U.C Follies, U.C. Literary and Athletic Society, Hart House Committees, Debates Club, Blue and White Band were only a few of the organizations in which Pilams took an active role. .5 arg BACK ROW: Bernie Ceifefs tHisforianJ, Morley Weinberg tChaplainJ, Stan Soloman tCorresponding Scribel, Bob Greenspoon tProfessional Chairmanj, Phil Rosenberg tGrand Ball Chairmanl, Dave Uger tPledge Guardianl. FRONT: Marv Bernstein tExchequerl, Ubby Krakauer tChanceIIorJ, Harvey Dolman lScribel. Rho Pi Phi THE EXECUTIVE Rho Pi Phi enjoyed another year of success and achievement. The Toronto Chapter NU, shared no small part in this. The summer was highlighted by the international convention held at the Concord Hotel. Here the chapters from all over North America gathered for a week of meetings, wine, women, and song. The fall term was highlighted by the usual smokers and meetings. The pledges under the capable guardianship of Dave Unger began their iive month acceptance term. The Rope House on Huron Street was alive with many parties and activities. The House for many years separated from those on "fraternity rown will soon be in the centre of a new fraternity area formed by the expansion of the University. In November a successful Hallowe'en party was held, at which the members and their guests showed great ingenuity and spirit. Also in November a professional evening was sponsored by the fraternity in cooperation with Young's Rubber Co. Under the direction of Bob Greenspoon an enjoyable evening was spent by members and guests, the graduating class of the Faculty of Pharmacy. A joint alumni-active Christmas party marked the completion of the fall term. The new year was ushered in by more parties and another interesting professional evening. The highlight of the school year was the regional conference held at the Rope House in February. Chapters from northern United States gathered with the Canada chapter for an exciting and enjoyable weekend. The Grand Ball held at the Seaway Hotel under the chairman Phil Rosenberg was a fitting climax to another successful year. I F 1 1 3 I THE GEN TLEMEN RHO PI PHI BACK ROW: Jack Oonsky, Jerry Bloom, Chuck Hudas, Herb Binder, Dave Pomofov, Leo Gerskup, Gil Panef, Jerry Ugar, Jerry Freedman. SECOND: Bernie Ceifefs, AI Fishman, Harry Kardish, Chuck Horowitz, Stan Soloman, AI Landau, Seymour Schwartz, Paul Waisberg, Karl Kreml. FRONT: Dave Uger, Morley Weinberg, Marv Bernstein, Ubby Krakauer, Bob Greenspoon, Harvey Dolman, Phil Rosenberg. THE PLEDGE GROUP BACK ROW: Marty Sone, Barry Phillips, Dave Uger fpledge Guardiani, Irv Knofman, Mel Naiman FRONT: Paul Klimitz, Danny Kohn, Harvey Milsfein, Ernie Kovinsky. 295 OF , ffl lxlxlxty x If J' s 41 Nw' nw lvwl l NNPX- . ..... qu .,'..34...... 6 " 0526 ww U! is edge.. ft E L Irlzn 'il si .-'H '?'i'.ul- 'L :A " .. ...1..' f 32 'U U2 Ho ll-l O 5 BACK ROW: Bob Murray, Harry Neale, Peter Potter, Doug Wyles, Doug Winter, Lynn McGnIlavry, Doug Pudden, Jim Simpson, Grant Bull, Bill Morningstar, AI Connelly. THIRD: Gary Wolgar, Ron Crawford, Peter Favot, John Keech, Mike Smith, Jude Fusco, Duane Wills, Ted Tory, Al Morningstar, Gene Cipparone. SECOND: Bill Loftus, Dick Baggely, George Stirling, Graham Gore, Bob McFadgen, Gord Sheaton, Doug Gare, Doug ack, Bob Miner, Ron Dodokin, Karl Kinnigadner. FRONT: Rod Moran, Peter Scully, Paul Butters, Bill Meyer, Dave Lee, Stu Shumaker. Sigmu Alpha, Mu This winter marked the 39th anniversary of the founding of Omega Chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu on the campus. In September 1959, Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity will be celebrating its 50th year of fellowship and fraternity with a gala convention and celebration in the luxurious Waldorf-Astoria in New York, the home of the first chapter. In the season 1958-59, Sigma Alpha Mu successfully carried out several social and charitable functions highlighted by the Hallowe'en Party, Pledge Show, Anniversary Charity Ball, New Year's Party, Valentine's Party and finally the Sweetheart Ball. All the proceeds of the Anniversary Ball went to the Canadian Cancer Fund. Fraternities are often thought of as merely social organizations. Although this may be true to a certain extent, Sigma Alpha Mu can and does exert a definite beneficial influence upon its members who are willing to work for, and absorb, its ideals. The fraternity is important, yet it deems that scholastic achievement and campus prominence must not be sacrificed for its sake. Many "Sammies,' are active in several of the important organizations on campus as well as in interfaculty athletics. In May, many of the members will be graduating. lt is hoped that those who are leaving will have success in their future endeavours. BACK ROW: Harvey Kriss, Paul Hellen, Lionel Robins, Jim Banks, Malcolm Lester, Jerry Sinon, Bernie Kamin, Marv Catzman, Phil Cowan, Harvey Naftolin, Howie Hoffman, Len Shifrin, Ted Orlans. THIRD: Don Berlin, Marv Kates, Bernie Frolic, Dave Kaminker, Bob Mandel, Mike Cowan, Max Rotstein, Lawrie Kaplan, AI Levine, Stan Wintraub, Ralph Shiff, Hartley Nathan, Milt Bernstein. SECOND: Barry Altbaum, Barry Sutton, Bernie Kopfman, Gerald Simon, Jerry Birenbaum, Myron Sidenberg, Peter Mandell, Al Lavine, Ray Fingerhut. FRONT: Stan Turner, Bill Marcovitz, Len Wengle, Ron Lester, Michael Taylor, Myron Swartz, Sy Zysman, Richard Cole. Sweetheart i 1 i 1 1 Y X l r BACK ROW: D. Greenwood, J. Cullen, T. Schafer, J. Henning, S. Turner, J. Seedhouse, R. Chaffe, M. Harrison, G. i McQuibban, J. Elson, R. Armstrong, R. Sim, R. Wilkinson, T. Cook. SECOND: D. Wilson, D. O'Connor, R. Pugsley, K. Harries, P. Green, N. Boyes, R. Potter, J. Steel, D. Crawford- Smith, J. Nicholls, J. Grimth, D. Cook, W. Peel, D. Towers, J. Smith, R. Noppe, D. Lewis, G. Ramsay. FRONT: G. Stahl, P. Burk, D. Bryden, R. Knapp, J. Corless, R. MacLennan tPast Consull, M. Pritchard, J. Flett, J. Ingles, R. Lee, L. Colman tConsuIJ, G. Dawson. ABSENT: M. Kirkwood, D. Sinclair, T. Hugill, H. Lyons, W. Weynerowski. Sigma chi Beta Omega of Sigma Chi has enjoyed another tremendously successful year, having initiated 22 new brothers, bringing the active membership to 46. The first major social event, aside from the football weekends, of course, was the annual calypso party held in November. December brought the Sig Christmas party, when the members bought their dat-es gifts ranging from a bedpan ffor a nursej to an ashtray tfor a non-smokery The new term was ushered in with "Castro Capers", thrown by the initiates. And on January 30, the Granite Club was the scene of the year's social highlight, the "Sweetheart Ball". Bob Knapp's fiancee, Nancy Lawson, was crowned the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Toronto's Sigs look toward an even better year to come under ther leadership of Leo Colman, Jack Ingles, Doug Bryden, Jim Cullen, and John! Corless, the officers for the coming year. . . at the ball . . . and even Santa a x t, 1 Sigma Nu The principal motivating purpose of the Sigma Nu Fraternity in present day academic life is to make possible an association of men of similar ideals and objectives, to inculcate in them high standards of morality and scholarship, to develop in each a sensitive appreciation for the rights of others, and to throw around those separated from home ties for the Hrst time, the protection and influences of the home. Sigma Nu had its beginning at the Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia, in 1869. With 126 active Chapters located in the United States and Canada and approximately 70,000 living members, Sigma Nu today is one of the leading college fraternities, national in scope and progressive in development. The 45 brothers, representative of several faculties on campus, take active part in college sports, student bodies and campus productions. Features of the social program are the Annual White Rose Dinner Dance, and the annual Christmas Party for underprivileged children. Outstanding personalities in Sigma Nu include Kay Kyser, Vaughn Monroe, the late Glenn Miller, playwright William Inge, the late Zane Grey, Fulton Lewis Jr., and many others. BACK ROW: Peter Carr, Bill Leggett, Thory Milton, Morgan Dever, Ron White Jim Williams Ron Mossman Ken Herron, Bert Naylor, Tom Langford, Tom Purcell, Wray Morrison, Bob Webster Jim Clarey Ken Davidson Lloyd Scott. SECOND: Dunc Durham, Peter Rollason, Lorne Braun, George Leggett, Bill Dymon Fred Row Bob Pryma Orest Salmers, John Houston, Keith Wesbrook, Peter Warren, Mike Patrick, Jim Laughlin Bull White Peter Dean FRONT: lExecutivel Bob Burgoyne, Terry Wensley, Mike McAteer, Harold Coulter Ron Rothwell Al Wmgrove lEmunent Commanderl, Clair Williams, Clifton Young, Jim Rogers, Don Meades, Andy Higgins ABSENT: Wayne Miller, Howard Montemurro, Jack Taylor. ii? if' 2 , ,Q ,Nei 5. ' ,uf 1. Q: X q,g5xFf'X -Y . -we 2 f. 2 4242 4 yfwnf 300 Theta. Delta. Chi af 4 Qkiyjf W1 144 St. George BACK ROW: Warren Footit, Gary Woodrow, Gord Tisdall, Don Rutherford, Ed White, Robin Humphries, Bruce Henderson, Bob Currell, Doug Pezzack. THIRD: Gord Erskine, Bun Turcotte, Doug Cattran, John Servais, Bill Nielson, Sas Bersenas, Mike Toohey, John Chaimberlin, Ross McLean, Daryl Crozier. SECOND: Bruce Henning, Doug Taylor, Gary Gallo, Mike Bigger, Jim Fawcett tPres.l, Pete Campbell, John Hamilton, Gord Frey, Warren Treasure. FRONT: Tom Manning, Geoff Boyes, Gary Taber, John Rae, Larry Benway, Glen Taber, Jordy Walker. This year Theta Delts enjoyed their most active year in memory. The social season shot into orbit with football Weekends and rushing parties, and continued to gain momentum through the Winter season, reaching its climax with the annual formal. The lllth Founder's Day Banquet of Theta Delta Chi saw the largest turnout in history, another , great example of the enviable graduate support which means so much to the Charge. But the house is concerned not only with itself. Once again at Christmas, food baskets and clothing were donated to two needy families in the city. Other Worthwhile activities included a visit by Dr. Sam Shoemaker, famous American Episcopalian, and W. Scenzi, former professor at Sopron University. Not to be forgotten were the ever-productive relations with the girls next door, and an enjoyable evening spent debating with the KKG girls' fraternity. The fraternity stands for and means friendship. It is the first lesson that one receives in altruistic friendship, in doing something for one another. There is nothing in life that will be more valuable, that will bring more lasting satisfaction, for friendship is one of the few things in life that does last. The fraternity is the finest experiment in friendship. Monster on the front lawn Xi Psi Last year was a great year for the Uni- versity of Toronto ZIPS and will long be remembered by the dentists who made it a spectacular one. It was the first of what is hoped will be many happy years in the new home of the fraternity. The season's activities began with a suc- cessful Hallowe'en party which was climaxed by the entrance of two pretty Indian maidens, escorted by Matt Dillon and Chester them- selves. The costumes were outstanding and apparently genuine, the property of one of the local TV studios. T hen December brought nine new mem- bers to the sacred halls of Zip-dom, they are Paul Thomas, Harry Greig, Boyd Fowler, Bob Stasiak, Morley Deyette, Bruce Robinson, Andy Feher, Doug Bell and Barney Wans- borough. BACK ROW: B. Robinson, J. Town, B. Sullivan, J. Woodside, D. Bell, R Wansborough, J. Harrison, A. Glenny, P. Morin, W. Randall. SECOND P. Thomas, J. Gilmore, D. Healhfleld, A. Feher, B. Fowler, J Teles cki, B. Stasiak, J. Wachna, P. Haskey, E. Gazo. FRONT P. Bellamy, H. Hanson Nice-Presidentl, G. Myles lSecrelaryJ, J Mtch nson lPresident7, J. Shaw lTreasurerl, B. McDonald lHouse Managerl J. Waring. l 1 .... Phi Christmas and New Years arrived and passed with most of the boys spending their holidays at home. In the early spring, several of the leading dental specialists in Toronto, who are Zip alumni, gave interesting clinics at the house in respect to their own fields. At graduation time, 14 new Dentists in their shiny black gowns left the graduation ceremony with their diplomas clutched close to their hearts, and a smile on their lips. But in their eyes was a touch of sadness, in remembrance of the five fun-packed years with the Zips. As they move to all parts of Canada, they leave only memories, but some will never be forgotten, Brian and John reaching the Western football gam-e last fall six hours late in their little puddle-jumper, thrifty Mitch, who amassed an amazing num- ber of parking tickets, enough, in fact, to paper his room, Woody, who was tossed around Varsity stadium more than the foot- ball. So long Brothers, and good luck wherever the "Nensis" reaches you. s , 1- l. . 4 ,, ,,., , . i Zeta. Psi i 1 l l 1 l BACK ROW: R. Reid, B. Morgan, T. Boeckh, J. Ridpath, T. Cummings, A. Cairncross, T. Dawson, J. Hunter, S. Lowden, B. Ellis, S. Robertson, T. Wilkes, T. Wills, P. Cross. THIRD: D. Pinkham, P. Ketchum, B. Steele, M. Bonnycastle, A. Massey, G. Thompson, J. Gardiner, D. Dunlap, P. Eby, B. Yates, C. Foster, P. MacKechnie, D. Hawkey, P. Brisbois, J. Dockery. SECOND: B. Metcalf, D. Ross, P. McGaw, I. Knowles, P. Ellis, B. Darling, F. Dawe. FRONT: J. Malowney, J. McMurtry, D. Scroggie, B. Buckan, D. Ghikadis, B. Derby, H. Wilson, J. Auld. ABSENT: G. Wilson. The members of Zeta Psi returned to the campus in the fall only to find themselves spending the first weekend of school in summ-er weather at a Muskoka cottage. A vigorous rushing programme followed, including many midweek stags and weekend mixed parties. This was climaxed by the initiation of twelve new brothers. However, the zenith of the fall social season was the annual Bohemian costume party held at the vividly decorated Zete House. The winter term included debating and visiting speakers, not to mention the Zete formal held at the Toronto Hunt Club in February. All the Zetes engaged in other college activities, but athletics were most popular. An unusually high percentage of brothers played football ranging from the Varsity Blues to the Mulock Cup winners, Victoria College. Little, however, could surpass the energy devoted to the colourful basketball, hockey, and squash teams who played against Littl-e Big Four schools and city teams. 303 Panhellenic Association The past year has been an eventful one for the Undergraduate Panhellenic Association, During the first week of school the information meeting was held. About 100 girls attended to see the displays and learn more about fraternities in general. The Panhellenic Dance held in mid-November this year has now become an annual event and was an even bigger success than last year. The funds raised went to the scholarship fund. This year two girls in University College, one in St. Michael's College and one in Physical and Occupational Therapy were the recipients of the Panhellenic scholarships. Another annual event, the Panhellenic Workshop, was held in January. Once more great interest was shown in the six discussion groups. This is one time of the year when all fraternity women meet to exchange views and solve common problems. The social year came to a climax with the Panhellenic Banquet held in mid-February. The event, as always, was greatly enjoyed by everyone, and Delta Gamma was particularly pleased when they received the Scholarship Cup for the highest average in the preceding year. PAN HELLENIC ASSOCIATION BF., I . SECOND ROW: Sue Sfrafhy, Claire Jephcoff, Joan Winearls, Marilyn Dodd, Ann Binkley, Ann Camelford, Lillian Papp, Joan Burgess. FRONT: Cynthia Vokes, Sue Hallamore, Beffy Halliday, Gwen Thom lPresidenfl, Mari Snyder, Doreen Henderson, Pam Johnston. ABSENT: .Ian Cunningham. Tau Chapte 8 Pr'nce A thur A enue Fraternity Found:e,cTin 19o4raf sryrzcusevuniversify 72 Act e Chapte s at Pr sent Flowers - Red and Buff Roses Q S BACK ROW: Marilyn Powell, Joan Burgess, Barbara Parkinson, Lorna Campbell, Lois Webster, Joan Winearls, Sandy Hudson, Ruth Ferguson, Pat Ferguson, Jane Graydon, Lynne Wallace. SECOND: Sandy Storms, Joyce Trevelyan, Cathy Cole, Anne Johnston, Judith MacKinnon, Sheila Webster, Penny Williams, Nancy Keeling. FRONT: Margaret Strachan, Margaret Murray, Sandy Stewart, Judi Ryan, Diane Maltby, Andrea Keachie, Maryanne Kelso, Joyce Robertson. ABSENT: Nina Dorofeuk, Lois Cruikshank, Sandy Hope, Beverley Crowder, Marilyn McClure, Ruta Klavins, Jane Carruthers, Gini Lumbers. In the fall Alpha Gamma Delta was pleased to receive fourteen new pledges. After rushing came the various pledge functions including the mixed pledge party, pledge exchange with Sigma Chi, and an open house after the Queen's game. The actives were busy too preparing the other open houses after the football games and a father- daughter night, and generally making the pledges feel at home. Initiation of the new members, followed by the Feast of the Roses at the Granite Club, took place on December 1. In December the Cerebral Palsy party for the adult Cerebral Palsied of the city was held with entertainment and gifts provided by AGD's. A Christmas party at the house for the members on December 10 ended the Michaelmas term. The new year began with the Panhellenic Workshop, the election of new officers, the Legacy Tea, a card party with Sigma Nu fraternity to raise money for the International Altruistic Fund, the Panhellenic Banquet, the Achievement Dinner, and the formal at the Hunt Club on February 27. Eleven of the girls journeyed to Detroit for the installation of the 71st chapter Alpha Phi, of Alpha Gamma Delta. 96' if e fe 4552 .f.QF'W1'f?l",i'!5, ' v ' 1 I 0 f U a 5 f tx .' 'H The actives attended IRD luncheon, met over coffee on Fridays throughout the year, and held numerous parties including a party at the house for the graduating class and a cottage house party in May. The fraternity was well represented in campus activities too. The AGD's participated in the Carabin weekends, and one of the actives was runner-up to the Snow Queen in the Winter Carnival. The president and secretary of the Physical and Occupational Therapy executive and the president of Nursing were Alpha Gams. An AGD had a major role in The Childrenfs Hour, a joint production of University College and St. Michael's College. Members served on Residence committees, Skule Night, did make-up for A.V.R., participated in student government, and assisted with Treasure Van. It was a busy and fruitful year. The acceptance of responsibility and exercise of talents through co-operation and understanding, the development of leadership through active par- ticipation in fraternity and college life, charac- terize the benefits of Alpha Gamma Delta and the inspiration the fraternity offers to its members. r l i iq . . F f Bet: Tau Clgazter Spsgex Avgngen ' 'i ,,:: ra erm y oun e in a arnar o ege A1 pha, 0m1cron P1 67 af f 1. is . Flower - Jacqucminot Rose . gg .J :':' iTL , . BACK ROW: Barb Cox lTreasurerJ, Joanne Kent, Trudy Schmidt, Jan Morgan. THIRD: Marylan Quick, Liz Smith, Myra Wolinsky, Elaine Graf Nice- Presidentl, Lil Papp, Marg Brodie, Cathy Power. SECOND: Sandy Brown, Ann McGilIivray, Judy Pennington, Helen Pryma lCorresponding Secretaryl, Mary Jean Trayes tPresidentl, Mary Ecclestone, Joan Cam bell Patty Mont omery P 1 9 . FRONT: Carlynn Alexander, Betty Gallagher, Ann Binkley, Sheila Shier, Inge Brunner, Maxine Graham. ABSENT: Stephanie Brace, Kay Swain, Ann Campbell, Maia Ikavolka, Gail Axmith. Alpha Omicron Pi has come a long Way since four girls, each of a different creed and char- acter, gave it birth in an attic room at Barnard College, Columbia University, in 1897. The effects of this meeting were felt even in Toronto, where its healthy offspring, Beta Tau chapter, often pauses to reflect upon its origin. Rushing - Fall rush, initiation, football open houses, philanthropy activities, the Founder's Day Banquet, the Rose Ball, the Mothers' Club party, the Fathers' dinner, Panhellenic functions, fraternity exchanges, and especially Monday night meetings - all these are on the menu of AOPi fare. For the past two years Beta Tau chapter has possessed the McCausland cup for scholarship- representing the highest academic average of all Canadian and American chapters. Spring found the members in a flurry of preparation for the arrival of the National President, Nancy Moira McCain. This year Canadian AOPi's are proud to play host to their American sisters at the National Convention which will be held in June at Victoria, B.C. Alpha Phi XI Chapter - 10 Bedford Road Fraternity Founded in 1872 at Syracuse University 66 Active Chapters at Present Flowers - Lillies-of-the-Valley and Forget-Me-Nots WW nw , K? wrea- BACK ROW: Eleanor Tow, Helen Keith, Nancy Fisk, Sue Atack, Valerie Bustard, Sue Hallamore, Judy Marshall, Louise Macdonald. THIRD: Carol Wade, Nancy Milburn, Mary Fleming, Eleanora Standish, Nancy Dolphin, Eleanor Phipps, Judy Durance, Dorothy McCrea, Claire Jephcott, Jane Davison. SECOND: Pat Walkom, Sandra Bailey, Sue Beveridge, Jane Gunn lPres.J, Carol Mahood, Joyce Relyea, Ruth Hetherington. FRONT: Elizabeth Costigan, Cathy Gamble, Mary Stiles, Judy Cansfield, Ann MacFarlane, Mary Jane Ashley, Mary Sellers. ABSENT: Ingrid Raminsh, Elizabeth Hinchley, Lynne Cummings. Xi chapter of Alpha Phi has had another eventful and satisfying year. Scholastically, the group attained second f'X P place among the women's fraternities with a good average, I while socially, the members combined fun with philanthro- + 4' pies. As well as entertaining other fraternities at suppers, after-meeting-coffee, and evening parties, the fraternity had two excellent evenings with the "Torch Club", a society for handicapped adults, as well as the weekly excursions through the wards of the Women's College Hospital. Athletic prowess was displayed when the Alpha Phi's held their own, almost at any rate, in a hockey game against a men's fraternity, and returned almost unscathed from a glorious ski week-end. The members of the fraternity hope that they have given as much enjoyment as they have derived from each and every one of the year's endeavours. Delta Delta Delta In June, Sandy Finlay and Gwen Thom attended the Tri Delta Convention in Miami and came back full of enthusiasm to the pre-rushing week-end. Founders Day Banquet was held at the end of November at the Granite Club. The scholarship award was given to Julia McLaughlin and the award for most improvement in scholarship to Karen Chipman. November was also the month for Open House, after football games and after the Santa Claus Parade. Pine Tree Breakfast was on the last Sunday before Christmas. The members brought food gifts and personal presents for a needy family. At the same time last year's president, Eleanor Leitch, was presented with a gift of crystal. The Tri Delta formal was held at the end of January at the Old Mill with a coffee party at the house before the dance. Then there was the initiation week-end, beginning with a slumber party at the fraternity, and climaxed by dinner the following evening at the Town and Country. Throughout the year, there were several exchange dinners and social evenings with other fraternities. Two scholarships were given by the chapter to students at University College. In April, the State Meet, which takes place every two years, was held in Toronto, and Canada Alpha members were hostesses. The Parent-Alumnae Tea brought the year to a close. ka A l .x V my :rg if V. xr: N 1 .J -X -2' wg- E., . M t u1,.ii,:v5: 5E J x-, A ' .11'- if' i 15 i Q 'Lx.,..q- 0.?.'iw,i'4 t ii :li - 'Mgt :' t .i E, gt 3 si it Tri-Delt Formal BACK ROW: Jane Garden, Beverley Robinson, Karen Chip- man, Ann Camelford, Gwen Thom, Barbara Prentis, Julia McLaughlin, Jillson Murray, Martha Anderson. SECOND: Nadia Kucheruk, Sonia Zahara, Jackie Williams, Sandy Finlay, Marilyn McQueen, Thora Cook, Janet Hiscoff. FRONT: Judy McClaskey, Yolande Legaulf, June Fraser, Joan Powers. ll, 7 270,41 Za 'f"'? x,WMw,,,., ' rg . :W if, From the fall rushing season to the Founder's Day Banquet in March, the Delta Gamma house at 30 Lowther was buzzing with activity. The enthusiastic pledge class con- tributed greatly to the fraternity's projects and activities. The Anchor Ball, as in past years, was a great financial success and was enjoyed by everyone who attended. An informal atmos- phere, created by the Cabaret style, was an added feature. The DGS also prepared a Christmas basket for a needy family and visited the blind at the CNIB on Saturday mornings. Social events were by no means lacking for Delta Gammas. A spaghetti party and hockey game with the Phi Delts, the DKE settlement party, and exchange dinners With the Alpha Phis and Kappas kept the mem- bers busy. After the final exams, there was a well-earned house party. The Delta Gamma fraternity this year became the' proud possessor of the Scholar- ship Cup at the Panhellenic Banquet. Not only in the fraternity, but in all phases of campus life, the Delta Gammas played an important part. Delta. Gamma, -we ' Jw , Wa Q6 Q Ml Q ' E ' in gg I ,,. Q ' ff . D E WW' .rr 'Q-if BACK ROW: Ellen Bradey, Denise Plattshore, Sandy Stirling, Doreen Henderson, Helen O'Rourke, Gay MacDonald, Mary Anne Ware, Irene Wiener, Patsy Knowlton. SECOND: Barb Savage, Stephanie Leonard, Marg Macdonald, Jane Weber lPresidentl, Joy Calkin, Marie Belanger, Andy Morin. FRONT: Vera Podolsky, Barb Kyles, Jo-Anne Valiant, Bev Tallent, Gwladys Lang, Chris Marshall. ABSENT: Liz Burnett, Eleanor Crothers, Jan Cunningham, Jane Cogan, Mary-.lane Kelley, Amile Strathy, Sue TOITISHSOI1. A., Q V X 5 Q Q .. gh ,l , F 1' sg of if! .img x If l , 'Ll A ,A K Gamma Phi Beta. .. l fs,-I "4' K ,-kit . . I h . L.. t if - '-ff l!! af' Al h AI h Ch 1 - 122 sf. G s 7 J Fratgrnaity zo?Jnde:lpirir1874 at Syraciizzgilnivffsity A Il.. ji 66 Active Chapters at Present - t LJ i .fi , V, Flower -- Carnation. .X p 4 "'t' X ,, 14 4,,, 1 y f fff BACK ROW: Darralyn Phelan, Julia Woods, Liz Jany, Audrey Woods, Phyllis Toczylowska, Lyn Mercer, Cynthia Vokes, Marilyn Dodd, .loan Rummery, Carol Stevenson, Pat Sampson, Gloria Levine, Carole Fraser, Marilyn Boynton. SECOND: Linda Calvert, Harriet Muirhead, Jane Kelday, Brenda Birch lPresidentl, Leslie Rolph, Pat Collins, Ruth Morris. FRONT: Anne Bent, Claire McCausIand, Barb Petry, Joan Hewitt. ABSENT: Carolyn Hayward. Alpha Alpha chapter had an active and successful year. The fall season included such activities as rushing, pledge parties with neighbouring fraterniti-es, and open- house gatherings after football games. The Christmas season brought together all the mem- bers from the newest pledges to the oldest graduates when the annual Family Tea was held at the sorority house. Another Christmas function was a party held jointly with the Betas to entertain some less fortunate elderly citizens. Dinner was followed by a pleasant evening of sing songs and whether it was enjoyed more by the elderly guests or their hosts was difficult to determine. On each of a series of Monday evenings, an hour was devoted to a group of New Canadians. They were invited to the sorority house so that the members might converse with them in an endeavour to improve their English, and explain Canadian customs to them. The highlight of the year was the annual formal, The Carnation Ball. E4 - Q T Beta Psi Chapter - 134 sf. George sn-eef ' ' W Fraternity Founded in 1870 at Monmouth College W7 iv' , x if 4,'.-- P 4 ,.., 85 Active Chapters at Present 4, Q' at -- , ," 6. Kappa KaPPa Gamma 4' ff: I , ' ' - -A .. Q 'El -f-' X' Flower - Fleur-de-Lis M' J v ,. . 1 ,Vp L e wk X V " , P XX a K ' 1 S? S1525 BACK ROW: Susan Strathy, Jane Harvey, Jane Arnott, Judy Smith, Jean Wills, Julie Weatherstone, June Sceviour, Betty Kaltenbruner, Nancy Turner. THIRD: Ann Webster, Barbara Trent, Noreen Martini, Anne Sutherland, Lyn Beament, Susan Fairclough, Elaine Barrons, Marg Racine, Judy Harman, Jo-Ann Rudd, Mari Snyder, Vera Jory, Karen Tubbs. SECOND: Monica Scott, Barbara Leamen, Sandra Grant, Sally Meredith, Martha-Jo Breithaupt, Cathy Chrysler tPresi- dentj, Marie-Jose Bakker, Barbara Ebbs, Sue Davis. FRONT: Mary Mills, Susan Crawford, Rosemary Tyrrill, Lyn McGiIIivray, Wendy Hunt, Cathy Miller. Spring 1958 ended for Kappa's with the Grad Banquet held at the Granite Club. Best wishes were given to the grads and the Anne Wilson Memorial Ring was awarded to Merle Overholt Cameron for active contribution to fraternity and campus life. To end the fraternity year and provide some fun and sun before the members left for their respec- tive summer endeavours, Julie Weatherstone held a pajama party at her home and Cathy Crysler entertained at a picnic at Fonthill. Toward the end of June, Cathy Miller attended Kappa's National Convention in Bedford Springs, Penn. Last fall rushing began the first week of school and Kappas were pleased to welcome their new pledges. In December the initiation was followed by a Wonderful banquet at the Granit-e Club with many Kappa alums present, This year the fraternity programme in- cluded an exceptionally interesting and in- formative evening with the WUS seminarists who had spent the summer in Yugoslavia. Other events of the year have been the Christmas party, which was shared with five cerebral palsied adults, the Alumnae Christ- mas party, the ballet night in February, a debate with the Theta Delts, the legacy tea, the formal at the Park Plaza, and a visit from the travelling secretary of the chapter. It was an exciting and busy year for the members of the Toronto chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Pi Beta Phi Rushing was a great success this year with the loveable Dogpatch characters, Daisy Mae and Lil' Abner providing humour for all. After pledging on October 14, informal rushing began with zest. Foot- ball weekends and their parties kept everyone occupied, The Betas entertained the Pi Phi's at a pledge party where they served delicious oyster stew. In order to earn pledge project money, the pledges were forced to wash cars on November 8. The annual Bake Sale was held on November 10, and that same evening there was a party with the Sigma Chi's. During the Santa Claus parade on November 16, several Hungarian families brought li .:.,, ,il their children to the house to watch the paradeg the Pi Phi's served coffee, cocoa and cake. That same day was University Settlement Tag Day, and although it rained, there was a satisfactory turnout. On December 11, the Pi Beta Phi's observed their 50th anniversary on the Toronto campus with a banquet at the King Edward Sheraton. On December 15, the annual Christmas Party was held at the Zeta Psi house. Initiation weekend took place shortly after the New Year. Along with this, there was the added pleasure of a visit from the provincial president, Mrs. Moise. The Cricket Club was the scene of the Initiation Banquet on January 13. The Pi Phi formal was held March 6 at the Toronto Hunt Club. With pledge projects, elections, Hungarian fami- lies, Canadian project and the anniversary, the members of Pi Beta Phi have experienced a year to remember. BACK ROW: Joan Wachna, Helene Atkinson, Cathy Kennedy, Cathy Sheldon, Sandy McMullen, Lynn Philpott, Alison Grant, Fran Halsall. THIRD: Adeline Grabus, Jill Armstrong, Mimi Baker, Mary Lou O'Hagan, Judy Herd, Liz Bell, Liz Prower, Connie Garrow. SECOND: Bev Trott, Wendy Law, Lorna Milne, Mary Timmins, Margo Rudolph, Betty Halliday. FRONT: Pam Purdy, Chris Graham, Pam Johnson, Marie Devaney. ABSENT: Joan Highmoore, Dody Butchard. I ' 5 ' 1 5 '45 . ,vrw -Wag.. , I -fm ST 7 , ,V , , Q.: 3 O i 5 1 1 ' X EE, I f2'-"'-"-'12+-"f1E-A:f::5E,g:3E: .2 ' , i' l vc "iff Ja.. f W 1.5: . ,:. ' ' W " -1 ze ga. 17:-Rf! ,W f at 7 Vw ew -Qex with f-wif f ga t 04' ' , , , '-A, 7, ,5,,f, ,1. -zvligaja Graduates President's Message PRESIDENT CLAUDE T. BISSELL M.A., Ph.D. To the Class of ,59 I congratulate you all in the name of the University upon your success in your work here, and I wish you well in your chosen field of activity in the years to come. Every age, I suppose, is an age of opportunity for those who are young and energetic, and the present age is certainly no exception. There have always been changes, welcomed, on the whole, by the young and deplored by some of the old. What makes the present time so extraordinarily interesting is not simply the changes but the increased rate of their acceleration. The years which you have spent in college, for instance, have seen the invasion of outer space, the winning of a victory over poliomyelitis, the progressive awakening and ambition for nationhood of much of the world, the developing of nuclear devices both for weal and woe, the industrialization of China, the internal achievements of the Russians in raising their standard of living, the use of electronics for such diverse ends as faster mathematics and better music, the swing of North American education towards a more disciplined patern, and the progress towards establishing banks of 'spare parts, of the human body. In many ways, this is a new world that awaits you. But it is also an old world that poses the same fundamental problem. That problem was put into spare and clea.r words by Ralph Waldo Emerson, over 100 years ago: There are two laws discrete, Not reconciled, - Law for man, and law for thing, The last builds town and fleet, But it runs wild, And doth the man unking. There is a new and terrible urgency now in the clash between the two laws. The 'law for thing' threatens not merely to dethrone man, it threatens to destroy him. It is the function of the University, and of her graduates, to redress the balance, to proclaim and to demonstrate the primacy of the 'law for man'. Whatever work you take up, this must be your main task. ff! 314 , DEAN: R. R. McLAUGHLIN M.A.Sc., M.A., Ph.D. CHEMICAL Applied Science and Engineering do lg H l, ," U 1 HOWARD J. BARTLETT, Niagara Falls, Stamford C.I. CARL J. O. BOLHUIS, Torontog B.S.C.g Tennis, Bridge. KEITH R. BONNYMAN, Torontog Lawrence Park C.I., Intercollegiate Badminton Champions II-IV, Skule House Four III-IV5 C.I.C. IV. DONALD BUCHANAN, Wath Grammar School, Yorkshire, England. ROBERT D. BURNS, Torontog Lawrence Park C.I. DENNIS P. CAPLICE. JOHN A. CARNDUFF. FRANCIS C. P. CHAN, Hong Kong, China. Future: Graduate Studies. KWOK L. CHOW. RICHARD M. CHUBB. DAVID W. COLCLEUGH, Fort Erie, Fort Erie H.S.g Knox College Basket- ball, Residence House Comm. Rep. IV. RONALD F. COOK, Torontog North Toronto C.I., Chemical Engineering Clubg Freshman Rep. I, Vice-Chairman IV. ' l'.-4 JAMES H. COX, Renfrew, Ont.5 Renfrew C.V.S. VICTOR CUFF, Torontog Malvern C.I., Footballg Bridge. J. CRAWFORD DALES, Torontog Leaside H.S.g ATA, S.P.S. IV Hockey Ig S.P.S. V Hockey II. MANUEL M. DALFEN, Montreal, Baron Byng H.S.g Intramural Sportsg Bridge Club. CHARLES W. DARLING. JOSEPH J. DeMARSlC0. DAVID A. DiMARCO, Welland, Ont., Welland H.S. and V.S., Newman Club, Class Rep. III, R.C.A.F. Pilot. Future: R.C.A.F. ALLAN H. DOMBRA, Toronto, Lithuanian H.S., Munich. Future: In- dustrial Employment. CLIFFORD E. FERRIS, Toronto, North Toronto C.I. JAMES G. FRY, Torontog St. Michael's C.S. ALBERT E. GARRED, Weston, Ont.g Weston C.V.S., Bowlingg Tennis. ALAN R. GEMMELL, Copper Cliff, Ont.g Copper Cliff H.S., North House, Devonshire Men's Residence, President IV, Vice-President III5 Sec. Ilg Curling Ig S.P.S. Hockey III. I JAMES D. HANNAH, Toronto, Riverdale C.I.g S.P.S. Hockey I-IV. Future: Secondary School Teacher. JOHN H. HILL. 1No Photography. ROGER D. HIRST, Blackpool, Lancashire, Englandg Kingswood School, Bath, Somersetg English Rugger Club I-IV, Captain III-IV. ROBERT R. HUDGINS, Torontog U.T.S. Future: Post-Graduate Study. RONALD W. JOHNSON, Sarnia, Trinity College Schoolg AND, Interfaculty Hockey. WALTER J. KOMARNICKI. QNo Photography. FRED V. KURBAN, Toronto, I-larbord C.I. JAMES LEE, Welland, 0nt.5 Welland H. and V.S. JOHN P. MATHEWS, Toronto, North Toronto C.I., Skule Nite II, Hart House Camera Club IV5 Miscellaneous Dance Committees I-III. RONALD MIKI. BRUCE M. MILLAR, Willowdale, Ont.3 Prince George H.S., Earl Haig C.I., d1KZg U. of T. Rifle Club I-II, Frat. Asst. Treasurer III, Class Rep. IV. H. ALEXANDER MONRO, Londong London Central C.I.g QKE3 Chemical Engineering Club I-IV, Social Chairman III, Chairman IV, Engineering Society IV. SOUIT I. OLVET, Toronto, R. H. King C.I., Interfaculty Volleyballg Basketball. WILLIAM M. OSBORNE, Sudburyg Sudbury H.S. Future: R.C.A.F. JOHN M. PATERSON, Richmond Hill, Ont., Richmond Hill H.S. JOHN B. PATTERSON, Toronto, Jarvis C.I., Sr. Skule Hockeyg Skule Fifths Hockey. KARL O. PENCIS, Valka, Latvia. ROBERT H. PENGELLEY, Toronto, R. H. King C.I., Musicg Swimming. TONY J. PETRICOLA, Timmins, Timmins H. and V.S.g Newman Club III-IV. WALTER F. PETRYSCHUK, Leamington, Ont., Leamington District H.S., Intercollegiate Track and Field Team Ig S.P.S. Major League Basket- ball I-IV5 Chemical Institute of Canada, Student Member II-IV. Future: Work in Industry. RONALD G. PRICE, Whitevale, Ont.g Pickering District H.S. KEITH G. REILLY, Toronto, Scarborough C.I. LARRY L. ROSS, Torontog North Toronto C.I., Chemical Club I-IVg Chemical Institute of Canada II-IV, Class Rep. III-IV, Skule Fifths I-Iockey I-IV. KIM H. SHIKAZE, Kingsville, Ont., Leamington District H.S., S.P.S. Hockey I-IV5 S.P.S. Basketball II-IV, Football Manager II-III, Nisei Students' Club, Pub. Dir. III. Future: Industry. GORDON SMITH. ROBERT A. STAGER, Fergus, Ont., Fergus District H.S., S.P.S. Lacrosse I-IV. Future: High School Teacher. ROBERT G. STANFIELD, Port Arthur, Port Arthur C.I.g AXA, Inter- faculty Hockey. EDWARD V. SZURA. lNo PhotographJ. ALLAN J. TATTERSALL, St. Thomasg St. Thomas C.I., R.M.C. Future: Royal Canadian Engineers, OPI-lcer. JAMES C. TAYLOR, Torontog Jarvis C.I. RALPH H. THOMSON, Torontog St. Michaelis H.S. Future: Industry. DIRK VAN der ZWAAG, Toronto, Varsity Blues, Intermed. Soccer. JOHN C. VINT, Mimico, Ont., Mimico H.S., Skiingg Golf. ENGINEERING 317 ENGINEERING 318 ' l.'. lf' JOHN A. WESTWATER, Toronto, Scarboro C.I., Chemical Engineering Club, Class Rep. I. KEVIN E. WHEELER, St. Andrew's West, Ont., St. Andrew's H.S.g St. Patrickys College H.S., Ottawa, Lacrosse I-IV, Hockey I-IVg Lacrosse Committee, Secretary IV. ROBERT M. WILLSON, Torontog Lawrence Park C.I. THADEUS E. WISZ, Toronto, Parkdale C.I.3 Interfaculty Senior Football IIIQ S.P.S. Basketball IIV. FRED W. WOLFE. fNo Photography. DONALD C. YOUNG, Toronto, North Toronto C.I.5 Hart House Camera Club I-III. CIVIL WARREN E. ALLEN, Toronto, Bloor C.I.g lit-HI. Future: R.C.A. Eng. Corps, Officer. DONALD I. AMOS, Kitchener, Kitchener-Waterloo C.I. and V.S. SANDO F. ANGOTTI, Toronto, St. Michael's C.S. BALAZSOVITS A. BELA, Budapest, Hungary. ROSS G. BAKER, Buttonville, Ont., Richmond Hill H.S., Class Vice-Pres. IV. BRUCE L. BARRETT, Toronto, East York C.I.g S.P.S. Basketball I, III,IVg Winter Carnival III, Engineering Executive IV, President. ANDREW C. BEATTIE, Toronto, Vaughan Rd. C.I.g Intercollegiate Wrestling. GORDON R. BENDER, Colborne, Colborne H.S., R.M.C.g Officer, R.C.N. 1Reserveb. GRAHAME N. G. BIRCH, Toronto, De LaSalle "Oaklands", Sr. S.P.S. Football III. J. ERNEST BOOTH, Lethbridge, Taber H.S., Taber, Alta., R.M.C.g Flying. Future: Officer, R.C.A.F. ARTHUR AUBREY BROWN, Holstein, Ont., Mount Forest District H.S., AXA. Future: Royal Canadian Engineers. DOUGLAS D. BROWN, London, London Central C.I., R.M.C.g Sailing. Future: Officer, R.C.E. HUGH W. BROWN, Toronto, St. Michae1's College H.S., X3 S.P.S. Hockey I-IV. EDWARD W. BURGAR, Toronto, Riverdale C.I.g Pres., S.P.S. Athletic Assoc. ARTHUR B. CAMPBELL, Wainfleet, Ont., Welland H.S. and V.S. FERDINAND M. CHIN LEE, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, B.W.I.: St. Maryis X College, Assumption College: Basketball: Tennis. Future: Returning to Trinidad. RALPH E. CLAYTON, Norwich, Ont.: N.D.H.S. PAUL G. COCKBURN, Toronto: Riverdale C.I.: Civil Club IV: S.P.S. Hockey II-IV: Engineering Institute of Canada I-IV: A.W.W.A. IV. Future: Post-Graduate Studies. JULIAN A. COVER, Kingston, Jamaica: Wolmers H.S.: Social Rep., North Devonshire Residence Committee IV. Future: Practice in Ontario. BRUCE A. CREAMER, Toronto: Bloor C.I. LIBERO J. De CARLO, Toronto: St. Michae1's College H.S.: Interfaculty Football, Hockey. VICTOR S. DOERR, Toronto: Vaughan Road C.I. Future: Hydraulic Engineering. FREDERICK L. D'SILVA, Karachi, Pakistan: St. Patricks H.S., Karachi, U. of Karachi: West Pakistan Development Board: Sind Service of Engineers. Future: Practice in Canada. STUART B. ERSKINE, Sudbury: West Hill H.S., Montreal: Interfaculty Football, Hockey, Basketball. JOHN EZYK, Toronto: Central Technical School: Class Rep. IV: Camera Club IV: Ukranian Club: Interfaculty Hockey: Interfaculty Basketball. Future: Consultant Engineer. JOSEPH V. FALKE, Toronto: Central Technical H.S.: Hockey: Swimming. PHILIP FELDMAN, Toronto: Oakwood C.I.: Assistant Field Trip Arranger. Future: Post-Graduate Study at U.C.L.A. RONALD J. FISHER, Toronto: Danforth Technical School: Interfaculty Hockey, Basketball. THOMAS P. FORGACS, Toronto: West Hill H.S., Montreal: S.P.S. Squash I: Chess Club I-IV: Hillel I-III. JOHN E. GARYFALAKIS, Athens, Greece: Third Boys' Gymnasium, Athens. Future: Structural Engineering. ALEKSANDRS V. GRIVINS, Toronto: Riga H.S. GORDON A. HARRIS, Toronto: Etobicoke C.I., O.A.C. ROBERT I. HARVIE, Leaside: Leaside H.S.: C.O.T.C. GLEN L. HERON, Toronto: Runnymede C.I.: Senior Skule Football Squad III. JACK W. HICKS, Goderich: Goderich C.I. OWEN M. HODGKINS, Sarnia: Smithville H.S., Dundas H.S., College Militaire Royale de St. Jean, R.M.C.: Football: Basketball: Golf: Sailing. Future: FXO, R.C.A.F. ENGINEERING 319 ENGINEERING 320 7 - 7. 7.--. L '.. Jl.k.W1"'S IGOR HOLUBEC, Torontog Harbord C.I.3 U. of T. Tumbling Team Ig Class Rep. III, Civil Club Chairman IV. Future: Post-Graduate Work. LOU D. HOUSE, Toronto, Western T.C.S., Humberside C.I.5 Class Sec.- Treas. ROLF V. JOHNSON, Oakville, Oakville-Trafalgar H.S. G. PETER JOYCE, Torontog West Hill H.S., Montreal, R.M.C., Kingston, Varsity Senior Football. Future: Royal Canadian Engineers, Canadian Army. ANDREW C. KANEN, Welland, Welland H.S. WILLIAM KATARYNCZUK, Toronto, Waterford H.S., O.A.C. CHARLES S. KEMP, Burlington, Ridgetown District V.I., R.M.C., Kingston, Golf. Future: Officer, R.C.A.F. ENN KIILASPEA, Kuressaare, Estonia, Tsolum H.S., Vancouver Island, B.C.g Blue and White Band I. KOLJO D. KOLEV, Toronto. KALEVI V. KOSKELO, Rouyn, P.Q.3 Noranda H.S. i CHARLES J. H. KRETCH, Toronto, St. Michael's College H.S., Newman I Club. Future: Post-Graduate Work. PETER G. S. LARGE, Toronto, Richmond Hill H.S. , r i i N. fl FELIX F. LAURUS, Toronto, Bloor C.l.g Football I-III. IVAN Lleszlcowszxv, Budapest, Hungary. CHRISTO LlscHKoFF, Bulgaria. I. li li K r l i JOHN S. MCGAVIN, Walton, 0nt.g Seaforth D.H.S., 0.A.C. 1,5 DAVID J. McLEISH, Toronto, Forest Hill H.S., AXA, Frat. Executive I Committee III. It DOUGLAS A. McTAVISH, Mount Forest, Ont., Mount Forest District H.S., AXA. r i li i. GRANT H. MILLS, Longlac, Ont., Port Arthur C.I.g AXAg Senior Hockey Blues II-IV5 Vice-Pres., Fraternity III-IV, Intermed. Hockey Blues Ig 1 Coach, Jr. Skule Hockey IV, Class Rep. II. W. GORDON MILLS, Toronto, Etobicoke C.I.g Skulehouse Chorus III-IV, 1 Director IV, Minor Basketball I, III-IV. JOHN D. MOORHOUSE, Cobourgg C.D.C.I. I WILLIAM ALLAN MORRISON, Owen Sound, Owen Sound C.V.I., R.M.C.g Football I. DOUGLAS D. B. MYLREA, Torontog KX. KEITH R. NAUMAN, Fisherville, Ont., Hagersville H.S.g Basketballg Tennis. WILLIAM J. NIXON, Torontog North Toronto C.I. JOHN J. J. OAKES, London, London Central C.I., R.M.C.5 Sailing. GEORGE A. OCHRYM, Toronto, Bloor C.I., Soccer IV, Volleyball. ROBERT THOMAS ORLANDO, Toronto, De LaSalle "Oaklands". HARRY E. E. OTTERBEIN, Stamford, Conn.g Upper Canada College, Toronto. MORTON G. PASCOE, Toronto, Vaughan Rd. C.I., Harbord C.I., S.P.S. Jr. and Sr. Football I-IV5 Intramural Basketball. NEIL KN. JJ PERKINS, Torontog Riverdale C.I., Footballg Hockey, Basket- ball. GORDON S. PLUMMER, Port Hope, Ont., Port Hope H.S. BRUCE G. PORTER, Toronto, Vaughan Rd. C.I. ALEXANDER B. REDEKOPP, St. Catharines, St. Catharines C.V.S., Glee Club IV. FRED J. REINDERS, Brockville, Ont.3 Leeuwarden Technical College, The Netherlands. ROBERT J. RENNIE, Kitchener, Kitchener-Waterloo C.V.S. Future: Royal Canadian Engineers. DONALD R. RICHARDSON, Port Credit, Ont., New Toronto H.S., Lacrosse II-IV, Hockey I-III. WAYNE G. ROWAN, Ingersoll, Ont., Runnymede C.I.g Basketballg Lacrosse, Table Tennis, Bridge Club. Future: Highway Engineering. PHILIP SACRE, Bolton, Ont.g Aurora H.S., Intercollegiate Rugger I-II. Future: Combine Work and Travel. VIGTOR H. SAKAMOTO, Toronto, Harbord C.I., Executive, Nisei Student Clubg Class Rep. IV5 Minor League Basketballg Bowlingg Painting. AKSEL SALUMETS, Estonia. M. JOSEPH SELIGA, Ridgetown, 0nt.g Ridgetown District H.S. ENGINEERING 321 ENGINEERING S N, 'Ca 322 GLENN R. SHUGG, Torontog Danforth Technical School: Athletic Rep. IV, Class Rep. III: Hockey I-II: Basketball III-IVg Civil Eng. Club, Treasurer III. KENNETH N. SMITH, Toronto, Oakwood C.I. Future: Post-Graduate Studies. ANDREW H. TILT, Liimmanda, Estonia, Bloor C.I., Soccer, U. of T Blues I-II. TIMOTHY H. TOPPER, Kleinburg, Ont.: Weston C.V.I.g Boxing Ig Chess Club I-IV. JOHN R. TOYE, Rouyn, P.Q.3 Noranda H.S., R.M.C.g Student Member, Engineering Institute of Canadag Hockey: Football. Future: Career Oificer. JOHN A. UNDERWOOD, Harriston, Ont., Norwell H.S., Palmerston, Ont., O.A.C. SVEN B. URVING, Oslo, Norway: Vestheim Priv., Oslog Sr. S.P.S. Soccer. DOUGLAS A. WHIFFIN, Ottawag Glebe C.I., R.M.C.g Football, Basketball, Tennis. Future: Officer, R.C.E. ANTHONY BRIAN WOODMANSEY, Grange-over-Sands, Lancashire, Eng- land. STEPHEN YANCHULA, Forest, Ont., Forest D.H.S.g Wrestling I-IV. ELECTRICAL ALFRED J. ALCOCK, Toronto: Glasgow Academy, Scotland, A.I.E.E. Student Section, Chairman. DAVID H. ALLATT, Weston, Ont., Weston C.I. and V.S.g Golfg Skiing. Future: R.C.A.F. MURRAY H. ALLISON, Toronto. INo Photography. DAVID G. ARMSTRONG, Painswick, Ont.: Barrie D.C.I,g Music. HUGH R. ASHWORTH, Plaster Rock, N.B.g Tobique Valley Regional H.S.3 Hockey3 Basketball. GARY A. BAKER, Torontog W.C.C.I.g Engineering Society III-IV: Class President III, First Vice-President IV: Secretary-Treasurer, Electrical Club II: Skule Nite II-IV3 Lacrosse II-IVg Football III. MALCOLM J. BELL, Toronto. J. ALAN BENTLEY, Pickering, Ont., Pickering D.H.S.g Hart House Radio Clubg S.P.S. Lacrosse, Manager IV3 0.A.P.E., I.R.E. LOUIS BIRTA, Toronto: Harbord C.I., Senior Skule Squash III-IV3 Publicity, Skule Nite III, Lacrosse Manager III: Business Manager IV. WALTER G. BLOIS, Torontog Runnymede C.I., A2415 Frat. House Manager III-IV: Skule Nite, Cast and Stage Crew I-IV. HUGH E. BOLTON, Torontog Humberside C.I. DOUGLAS H. M. BRANION, Guelph, G.C.V.I., Varsity Band I-III, S.P.S. Lacrosse I-IV, Devonshire Residence Council III, Eng. Society IV, Vice-Chairman, N.F'.C.U.S. IV, H.H. House Committee IV. Future: Law School. JULIAN P. CHARKO, Edmonton, Denholm H.S., Sask.g Curling. BLAKE E. CHERRINGTON, Torontog Bathurst Heights C.V.S., S.P.S. Junior Soccer I3 R.C.A.F. University Squadron I-IV, Pres., Mess Committee III, Ex-Officio IV, Skule Nite II-III, Float Secretary, Institute Radio Engineers Student Branch IV, H.H. Amateur Radio Club I. Future: Post-Graduate WOJCIECH M. A. DABROWSKI, Fenwick, Ont., Pelham Jr. Skule Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball Ig Squash, Sr. Skule III, Amateur Radio Club II. Parade II-III, III, President Work. District H.S., Jr. Skule II, EDWARD M. S. DAGLISH, Toronto, Leaside H.S., Lacrosse II-IV, Basketball I, Float Parade I-IV, Skule Nite, Properties III-IV. WALLCE P. DENNIS, Toronto. tNo Photographl. J. DAVID DUFF, Toronto, Etobicoke C.I. ANTHONY A. DVARIONAS, Toronto, De LaSalle "Oaklands',, R.C.A.F., U. of T. Squadron. Future: R.C.A.F. ADOLF K. ENGLERT, Toronto. JOHN H. GIBSON, Toronto, Scarboro C.I., Varsity Christian Fellowship, A.I.E.E.g Lacrosse, S.P.S. IV. JAMES L. GRAY, Torontog St. Michae1's College School, Class Rep. I-II, Vice-Chairman, Electrical Club III, Chairman IVg Hockey I-II, Senior III-IV, Lacrosse I-IV. ALGIRDAS GVAZDAITIS, Kaunas, Lithuania, Parkdale C.I. HENRY G. B. HALLAS, Toronto, Bloor C.I. Future: R.C.N. R. LeROY HEISE, Gormley, Ont. Junior Skule GEORGE HILDEBRANDT, Leamington, Leamington District H.S. F. GEORGE HUTSON, Mount Forest, Ont., St. Andrew's College, R.M.C. Future: Officer, Canadian Army. LESLIE G. JAPP, Toronto, Vaughan Rd. C.I. Future: Post-Graduate Work. EDWARD A. JORDAN, Toronto, Riverdale C.I., Student Member, I.R.E. Future: Graduate Studies at U. of T. T. A. I. KARLIS. lNo Photographl. GEURT KOSTER, Grimsby, Grimsby H.S., Campus Co-op. JURI KRAAV, Toro-nto. PETER LAKATOS, Toronto. ENGINEERING -was -vm., 323 ENGINEERING 324 ARTHUR A. LEE, Kingston, Jamaica, B.W.I., St. Georgeis College, Jamaica, I.S.O., Newman Club, S.P.S. Soccer II, Swimming. LLOYD M. R. LeGROW, Toronto, York Memorial C.I. ROBERT K. McCLEAN, Ottawa, Chapleau H.S. GLEN A. MCFARLANE, Stayner, Ont., Collingwood District C.I. THOMAS H. MCGARRELL, Toronto. 1No Photography IAN V. MCKINNON, Toronto. 4No Photography. HENRY J. MALEC, Toronto, Parkdale C.I., Skule Nite, Cast I-III, Director IV. RONALD P. MANNING, Toronto, Vaughan Road C.I. JOHN K. MATHESON, Vancouver, Glebe C.I., R.M.C., C.M.R. Football, Basketball. Future: Canadian Army Regular. EDWIN W. MITCHELL, Cooksville, Port Credit H.S. FRANK W. MOORE, Toronto, Upper Canada College, U. of T. Flying Club III-IV. Future: Sales-Engineer for Jones 8: Moore Electric Co. Ltd. FRANK TADASHI OKAWA, Hamilton, Vancouver Technical H.S. PE RCY V. S. OZAWA, Vancouver, B.C., Danforth Technical H.S. GEORGE PASZKIEWICZ, Toronto, De LaSalle College "Oaklands", C.O.T.C., U.T.R.A., H.H.R.C., H.H. Camera Club, Vice-Pres., Polish Students Club. GEORGE J. POULOS, Toronto, Harbord C.I. Future: European Tour. IAN N. RALPH, Toronto, R. H. King C.I. DAYAL RAMA, Toronto. iNo Photography. REIN REID, Hamilton, Westdale S.S., A.I.E.E. MICHAEL F. ROBINSON, Toronto, U.T.S., Skule Nite III-IV. GEORGE P. SASDI, Toronto, Imre Madach Gymnasium, Budapest. PETER SAWATZKY, Ruthven, Ont., Ruthven C.I. Future: Dept. of Mines and Tech. Surveys. RICHARD B. SCHAEFF, Toronto, Etobicoke C.I.5 Engineering Society, Pres. IV, 2nd Vice-Pres. III, Skule Nite H. DON J. SHARPE, Toronto, Lawrence Park C.I. BARRY F. SMITH, Toronto, Vaughan Road C.I., A.I.E.E., I.R.E. ALLAN J. SOLAR, Toronto, Central Technical Schoolg S.P.S. Lacrosse I-IV, S.P.S. Waterpolo I-IV. DONALD G. STEVENSON, Leaside, 0nt.5 Leaside H.S.5 House Committee, Hart House III-IV. RONALD D. B. STRILIVE, Orangeville, Ont.g Mimico H.S., Orangeville H.S., Class President III-IV5 Skule Chorusg Treasurer, East House III, Electrical Club, Class Rep. III-IV. Future: Law. MICHAEL K. H. TANG, Hong Kong, China, New Method College. KARLIS A. I. TIKMANIS, Toronto, Gymnasium, Germany. LEOPOLD A. VAITKEVICIUS, Toronto, Lithuanian H.S., Luebeck, Germany. DONALD G. WHERRY, Highland Creek, Ont., Scarboro C.I.5 Lacrosse II-IV. JOSEPH F. WHITE, Torontog Humberside C.I.g Skule Nite. ALLAN R. WINGROVE, Campbellville, Ont.3 Waterdown H.S., EN, Basketball I-IV5 Lacrosse II5 A.I.E.E.g Frat. Lieutenant Commander III. DANIEL ZALEPA, Toronto, Parkdale C.I. EDWARD W. ZOLINSKI, Windsor5 Forster C.I. ENGINEERING AND BUSINESS RONALD C. BALES, Willowdale, Ont., Earl Haig C.I.g QK2. GEORGE W. BATCULES, St. Catharines, St. Catharines C.I., H9115 Fraternity Executive Committee. DONALD H. BOOTH, Torontog Humberside C.I.3 Volleyball Ig Lacrosse IIIg Basketball III. BRUCE I. BROWN, Willowdale, Ont., Earl Haig C.I.g Basketball. D. MURRAY BROWN, Willowdale, Ont., Earl Haig C.I. R. DONALD CHAPMAN, Sudburyg Sudbury H.S. HUNTLY C. R. CHRISTIE, Toronto, Trinity College School, Engineering Society, Sec. II, Treas. III. ESMONDE L. CLARKE, Toronto, Trinity College School. DAVID O. COLLACUTT, Toronto, Leaside H.S.3 ATA. ENGINEERING E 325 ENGINEERING 326 PETER R. CRESSWELL, Toronto, Bishop's College School, KA. WILLIAM A. EASTON, Toronto, W.C.C.I., S.P.S. Football I. JOHN W. M. ESCHENLOHR, Toronto, Richmond Hill District H.S., BGII, Amateur Radio Club I-III, Record Club I-II, U. of T. Table Tennis Club I, Skiing. GRAHAM I. GORE, Toronto, Forest Hill C.I., WT, Hockey I-IV. WILLIAM R. GRAHAM, Toronto, Central Technical School, fDKl'I. GEORGE E. HOLM, St. Catharines, St. Catharines C.I. and V.S., QIDFA, Int. Basketball II-III, Eng. A.A. Exec. III, Coach, Jr. Skule Basket- ball III. PETER L. HOOKER, Toronto, Humberside C.I. JAMES D. A. IRELAND, Burlington, Burlington H.S. DUDLEY I. KEARNEY, Woodbridge, Ont., Weston C.V.S., QKH, Hockey, Varsity Blues II, Football, Jr. Skule I, Lacrosse, Sr. Skule I-IV. HARVEY W. KRISS, Toronto, Vaughan Road C.I., EAM, Hart House Bridge Club III-IV. WALTER V. LEVITSKY, Toronto, Bloor C.I., Engineering Institute of Canada, Hart House Record Club. STEPHEN R. LONG, Toronto, F.H.C.I. DOUGLAS J. LYNN, Tweed, Ont., Tweed H.S., AT, Skule Hockey II-III, Coaching III, Class Rep. I. MURRAY J. MAKIN, Toronto, Vaughan Road C.I., Hockey I. RICHARD J. M. MITCHELE, Toronto, Etobicoke C.I., BGDII, Fencing, Archery, Fraternity Assistant Social Chairman, Alumni Secretary, Hart House Art Club. W. JOHN MURRAY, Hamilton, Westdale C.I., AT, Curling. ARTHUR P. PAZIA, Toronto, Parkdale C.I., Chairman, Engineering Debates Club IV, President, Lutheran Student Club IV. DAVID E. W. PINKHAM, Toronto, U.T.S., ZW, Interm. Intercoll. Football I-III, Senior IV, S.A.C. Finance Commissioner III, Blue and White Chairman IV, H.H. Squash Committee. 1No Photographj. JOHN A. POLLOCK, Kitchener, Ridley College, AAQD, Class Rep. I-III, Fraternity Pres., Squash. Future: Post-Graduate Studies in Business. MICHAEL E. PRITCHARD, Windsor, Kennedy C.I., EX, Chairman, Engi- neering and Business Club, Vice-Pres., Fraternity. Future: Travel, Sales Engineering. BRUCE E. RACE, St. Catharines, St. Catharines C.I. JOHN B. RIDPATH, Toronto, U.C.C., ZW, Intercollegiate Blues Swimming Team I-IV, Team Captain II-IV, Pres., Swimming and Waterpolo Association, S.P.S. Waterpolo. Future: Post-Graduate Work. JOHN A. SANDERSON, Torontog Leaside H.S.g ATA. C. ROBERT SHAVER, Torontog North Toronto C.I.3 Senior Intercollegiate Tennis Teamg Interfaculty Basketball I-IVg Sec.-Treas., Engineering and Business Club. DOUGLAS B. SKELTON, Torontog U.C.C. ROSS J. SMITH, Torontog Lawrence Park C.I. JAMES C. SMYLIE, Torontog Lawrence Park C.I.g Varsity Band Ig Intra- mural Basketball. JOHN D. SOMERVILLE, Torontog Humberside C.I.g Volleyball Ig Basket- ball III-IV. 1 LAWRENCE H. STACEY, Torontog Etobicoke C.I.g Senior Footballg Hockeyg University Athletic Directorate. THOMAS W. STEPHENSON, Omemee, Ont.g Lindsay C.I.g Baseball. GERALD STORK. tNo Photographj. JOHN D. THOMSON, Torontog U.C.C.g Zlllg S.P.S. Jr. Squash. DAVID R. C. WRIGHT, Torontog Bloor C.I.5 Class Pres. IVg Skule Nite Orchestra. R. PETER WRIGHT, Torontog Bathurst Heights C.V.S. ENGINEERING PHYSICS C. BRYAN ADAMSON, Torontog Forest Hill C.I. AT. YVES J. H. ALLOUCHERIE, Paris, Franceg Royal Canadian Navy 1ReserveJ Air Cadetg Oilicerg Devonshire Residence. Future: Graduate Study in Aerophysics. J. MADISON ARDRON, Torontog Etobicoke C.I. ROBERT H. BARRIGAR, Ottawag I.R.E.5 E.I.C.g Hart House Debates Committee IVQ U.T.D.U. Executive IVg Engineering Debates Comm. IV. RENE D. M. G. BATAILLE, Montrealg Institut St. Joseph La Louviere, Belgiumg Exploration Clubg Photography Clubg Campus Cooperative. ALAN M. BAXTER, Torontog Etobicoke C.I.g Class Representative IVg Archery Club I-IVg Publicity Director II-IV3 Flying Club IVg Reporter, "The Varsity" II-III. Future: Post-Graduate Work in Atomic Energy. HAROLD G. BELL, Torontog East York C.I. SHELDON D. BENNER, Fort Erieg Fort Erie H.S.5 Student Member, Canadian Aeronautical Institute. KEITH G. BENTLEY. tNo Photography. EDWIN H. BRZEZINA, Kirkland Lake, Ont.3 Parkdale C.I.3 S.P.S. Football III5 Intercollegiate Basketball I-III. Future: Post-Graduate Work. ENGINEERING dll? 325 327 KLAUS V. BURY, Toronto: Bloor C.I.: Varsity Gymnastic Team: T. E. Barton Trophy I. RONALD G. A. CHISHOLM, Revelstoke, B.C.: Revelstoke H.S.: U. of T. Outing Club. SAMUEL J. J. CLEMENTS, Lakeview, Ont.: Port Credit H.S.: Engineering Athletic Association I-IV: S.P.S. Football I-IV. GERALD S. COLE, Toronto: Oakwood C.I.: BSP: Squash I: Hart House Glee Club I: Frat. Auditor II: Vice-Chancellor III: E.I.C. I-IV: A.S.M. III-IV. Future: Research. RCHARD COLLINS, Toronto: Malvern C.I. Future: Post-Graduate Work. MURRAY R. DRESSER, Riverside, Ont.: Walkerville C.I.: Varsity Christian Fellowship: Blue and White Band I-IV: Director IV. IAN J. FERGUSON, Toronto: North Toronto C.I.: H.H. Swimming Instruc- tor: Varsity Christian Fellowship. NEIL W. GEBBIE, Toronto: U.T.S. Future M.A. at U. of T. LEON HADINKA, Aylmer, P.Q.: Ottawa Technical H.S.: Carleton University. ARMAS R. HILL, Toronto: Humberside C.I.: Skule Nite Orchestra II: Varsity Blues Swimming Team I-II: Class Pres. II-III. Future: Post- Graduate Work. JON F. HILTZ, Saint John, N.B.: Saint John H.S.: Baseball: University R.C.A.F. Sqdn.: Flying. Future: Post-Graduate Work. K. G. TERRANCE HOLLANDS, Thorold, Ont.: Linwell H.S.: Campus Co-op., General Manager III. Future: Post-Graduate Work. K. A. IMANEN, Toronto: Bathurst Heights C.V.S.: Skiing. Future: Post-Graduate Work. ROBERT E. KERR. KNO Photography JAAN KRUUS, Estonia: Jarvis C.I.: Lawrence Park C.I.: Estonian Students' Association. JAMES G. LAFRAMBOISE, Riverside, Ont.: Corpus Christi H.S.: Class Rep., Engineering Physics Club: Canadian Aeronautical Institute IV. Future: Graduate Studies. J. SCOTT LALLY, Montreal: Mount Royal H.S.: S.P.S. Football I: Devon- shire House, Pres. Residence Council IV. KUEN LAM, Hong Kong: St. Paul's H.S. J. DOUGLAS LAWSON, Meaford: M.D.H.S.: Glee Club I-IV, Committee IV: Devonshire Residence Council IV. Future: Graduate Work in Aero- physics. ROBERT A. LINDSAY, Toronto: Etobicoke C.I.: Amateur Radio Club: Camera Club II-IV: I.R.E. PETER A. MCDERMICK, Toronto: Oakwood C.I.: Vice-Pres., Engineering Society II: Treas., Engineering Physics Club III: Class Rep. I-II: Vice.-Pres., Ukrainian Students' Club IV. WILLIAM F. McGEE, Thistletown, Ont.: Weston H.S. LUCIANO MARTIN, Torontog North Toronto C.I., Italian Liceo. MATI MIKKOR, St. Catharinesg St. Catharines C.I. HOWARD R. A. MONTEMURRO, Streetsville, Ont.3 Trinity College School, Port Hopeg ENQ Skule Nite I-II. JOHN NESTOR, Torontog Parkdale C.I.3 Geophysics Rep., Engineering Physics Club IV. Future: Post-Graduate Studies in Geophysics. PEER NORGAARD, Newmarket, Ont.g Richmond Hill H.S. Future: Geophysics Exploration Work. LESLIE W. OLEKSIUK, Torontog U.T.S.3 Ukrainian Students' Club. Future: Post-Graduate Work. ROBERT H. PARKER, Torontog Music. RICHARD J. PARR, Torontog Mimico H.S.g Archery Clubg Outing Clubg Amateur Radio Clubg Camera Club. GUNARS PENIKIS, Bramptong Brampton H.S., Lycee, Franceg Weight- liftingg Revolver Club. Future: Work in Geophysics. ALLAN M. PREDKO, Torontog Bloor C.I.5 Photographyg Amateur Radio. BRUCE A. ROBINSON, Torontog East York C.I. PETER H. O'N. ROE, Torontog Shrewsbury, England. KESTUTIS SALKAUSKAS, Torontog Bloor C.I. Future: Post-Graduate Work. HENRY SAVA, Torontog S.C.I. and T.S., Sarniag U. of T. Fencing Team. HERBERT J. SCHWARTZ, Torontog Humberside C.I.g Film Society III-IVQ H.H.0.A. IV. BRIAN S. SCOTT, Windsorg Walkerville C.I.g Campus Co-operative Res., Board Member. ALAN C. SHAW, Torontog Harbord C.I.g S.P.S. Football Ig Basketball I-IV5 Skule Nite I-IV. YOSHIYUKI SHINMOTO, Tororltog Kaslo H.S., B.C. ROBERT J. SIBTHORP, Torontog R. H. King C.I.5 Intercoll. Wrestling I-IV, Sec. III, Captain IIIg Intercoll. Football II-IIIg Jr. Skule Football I, Senior IV, Assistant Coach IV. PETER SIDORCHUK, Torontog Malvern C.I.5 S.P.S. Track and Field I-II5 S.P.S. Indoor Track and Field I-Ilg Varsity Christian Fellowship. ROGERS E. SMITH, Dawson Creek, B.C.g Harbord C.I.g ATAg R.0.T.P. 1Air Forcejg Basketball, S.P.S. I-II3 Football, S.P.S. I. ENGINEERING 329 LAWRENCE W. SOBCZAK, Port Whitbyg Whitby District H.S.g Swimming, Basketball, Badminton. BERTIL A. T. SODERQUIST, Strangnas, Sweden. Future: Post-Graduate Studies. REIN TAAGEPERA, Tartu, Estonia, Lycee Mangin, Morocco, Volleyball II, Estonian Students' Association I-IV, Vice-Pres. III, Camera Club II-IV. VINCENT K. TAYLOR, Weston, Ont., Weston C.V.S.g H.H. Table Tennis Committee II-IV, Senior Skule Squash IV. 1No Photographj. BRUCE H. TORRIE, Toronto, R. H. King C.I. Future: Graduate Work. WILLIAM J. VETTER, Kitchener. DAGNY VIDINSH, Toronto, Jarvis C.I., Engineering Society, Sec, II, Chairman, Eng. Phys. Club IV, Skule Nite II-IV, "Toike-Oike" II, Date Bureaus I-Illg Latvian Students, Club. GARY A. VIVIAN, Toronto, Etobicoke C.I.3 CDKE. D. PAUL WAKFER, Dundas, Ont., Dundas H.S.g R.O.T.P. tR.C.A.F.J. Future: Post-Graduate Work. ROSS A. WILLIAMS, Torontog Runnymede C.I. IAN I. YAMANAKA, Torontog Bloor C.I., Bridge Club, Camera Clubg Chess Club Comm. MECHANICAL PAUL N. ADAMS, Toronto, North Toronto C.I. WILLIAM A. ADAMS, Schumacher, Ont., Schumacher H.S.5 Ridley College, 1DI'Ag Wyclitfe Hockey Ig Hockey Standing Committee Rep. IIg Volley- ballg Tennis, Jr. Skule Hockey II5 Senior III-IV. BRUCE L. ALLAN, Burlington, Ont., Delta S.S.g QIJFAQ Swimming I, Pres., T.G.I.F. Club II-IV. ROBERT E. ANDERSON, Toronto, Danforth Technical School, Skule Nite IV3 Swimming, Boating, Weight Lifting, Class Rep., Mining and Metallurgy Club I. ROALD T. ANTHON, Toronto, Etobicoke C.I., Skule Niteg S.A.E. Clubg T.G.I.F. Club. LARRY W. ARGUE, Millbrook, Ont., Millbrook H.S.g O.A.C. CECIL R. J. BALL, Toronto East York C.I., Junior Interfaculty Boxing Ig Class Rep. IV. JOHN D. BANNISTER, Torontog Etobicoke C.I., Pres. Christian Science Organization. Future: Graudate Study. ROBERT A. BATTRAM, Burlington, Ont., Burlington H.S.g Skiing, Swimming, Judo. TREVELYAN H. BEARD, Romiley, Cheshire, Englandg Dominion Business College. BARRY G. BENSON, Toronto, Etobicoke C.I., S.P.S. Senior Footballg S.A.E. Rep. AIVAR BERGS, Toronto, Swimming, Skiing. ARPAD T. BINNER, Tatabanyo, Hungary, Blues Swimming Team, Blues Waterpolo Team. 4No photographl. GEORGE N. BIRD, Port Arthur.: Port Arthur C.I.g AXA, Swimming Ig Judo, First Vice-Pres., T.G.I.F. Club II-IV, Skiing. GLEN C. BONHAM, Toronto, Humberside C.I., S.A.E. Clubg Skule Niteg T.G.I.F. Club. DAVID R. BONIS, Torontog King C.I. W. FREDRICK Gs BOROVOY, Torontog No-rth Toronto C.I., Skule Niteg Stage Crew I-IV, Joe Club IV. FREDRICK G. BOWYER, Toronto, East York C.I., Interfaculty Wrest- ling I3 Intermediate Championg Skule Nite IVg Skiing5 Weight Lifting, Swimming. WILLIAM T. BROCK, Kippen, Ont., Norwich and Seaforth H.S., S.P.S. Football IVg Intramural Hockey. DUNCAN A. BRODIE, Oshawa, Oshawa C.V.Ig Blues Hockey Team I-IV, Blues Senior Football III-IV. FRANK J. BROWN, Torontog Northern Vocational Schoolg O.A.C.g Sr. Skule Football, Intercollegiate Wrestling Team. EDWARD C. BUDICKY, Torontog De La Salle "Oaklands',. WILLIAM S. CARTER, Toronto, Lawrence Park C.I.5 Skule Niteg Skiing. Future: Construction Engineer. ROBIN P. CERA, Woodbridge, Ont.3 U.T.S.g Skule Nite. GORDON J. CLARKE, Toronto, Riverdale C.I.5 A.S.M.E. Sec.g Class Rep., Mechanical Club Treas.g Manager, Jr. S.P.S. Hockey I. Future: Post-Graduate Work. LEONARD C. COOK, King City, Ont.g Weston Collegiate and V.S. DONALD B. COVENEY, Toronto, Danforth Technical Schoolg H9115 Fraternity Treasurer IV. JOHN D. CURRIE, Toronto, Jarvis C.I.g GAG, Football, Hockey. Future: Plant Engineering. DAN B. DAVIS, Ottawa, Fisher Park H.S., R.M.C.g Art Class IV3 Soccer III. Future: R.C.A.F. DONALD S. DAVIS, Paris, Ont., Paris District H.S. DOUGLAS DIDICHER, Newmarket, Ont., Bradford District H.S.g R.M.C. Future: R.C.A.F. ENGINEERING 331 V 1 I x ENGINEERING 332 THOMAS L. EASTERBROOK, Aurora, Ont., Aurora District H.S., ATA, Track and Field, Chairman, Mechanical Club. ARNOLD EIDLITZ, Toronto, Harbord C.I. MICHAEL ELIK, Toronto, Humberside C.I., Varsity Senior Hockeyg Athletic Directorate. W. DAVID FARWELL, Willowdale, Ontg Earl Haig C.I.3 Future: R.C.A.F. STEVE FEDCHAK, Torontog Vaughan Road C.I. ZENON W. FEDUN, Toronto, Humberside C.I., Student Member, Assoc. of Professional Engineers of Ontario IV, Engineering Institute of Canada III-lVg Canadian Aeronautical Institute I-IV5 American Society of Mechanical Engineers IVg Royal Aeronautical Society IV3 S.P.S. Soccer II, H. H. Camera Club III-IV, U. of T. Flying Club III-IV5 Business Manager, Toike-Oike IV. DAVID L. FEDUZZI, Wallaceburg, Ont., Wallaceburg District H.S. PAUL R. FERRIS, Shelbume, Ont.g Shelburne District H.S. FREDERICK G. FORRINGTON, Calgary, Alta., High River H.S., R.M.C. Future: R.C.A.F. BEVERLEY G. GLOIN, St. Thomas, St. Thomas C.I., O.A.C. THOMAS D. GRAHAM, Oshawag Oshawa C. and V.I.g A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. JAMES F. GREEN, Chapleau, Ont.3 C.H.S. RONALD F. GROPP, Milverton, Ont. Milverton District H.S. GEORGE F. HAMILTON, Guelph, Guelph C.V.I.5 East House President, Devonshire Residence Council. Future: Post-Graduate Work. NORMAN K. HARRIS, Torontog Oakwood C.I. qNo Photography. ROBERT P. HAYWARD, Brantford, Sarnia C.I. and V.S.3 O.A.C., Archery Club Vice-Pres. III, Pres. IV, S.C.M. II-IV, President IV, Choral Club I-II. WAYNE R. HAYWORTH, Mimico, Ont.3 Mimico H.S.3 fDK2g Fraternity Social Director III, Vice-Pres. IV5 President, Spring Term III, T.G.I.F. Club I-IV. ROBERT M. HEROD, Burlington, Ont.g Burlington H.S., 11vl'Ag Wrestling I-IV, T.G.I.F. Club I-IV. MICHAEL J. HEUER, Almonte, Ont, Western Tech. School, Etobicoke C.I.g Editor, "Toike-Oikevg S.A.E. Clubg A.S.M.E. Student Section5 Student Member, Engineer Institute of Canadag Assoc. of Professional Engineers of Ontario. ANDREW L. HIDI, Budapest, Hungary, Bevzsenyi D., Budapest. WALTER J. HIRSCH, Toronto, Weston C.V.E. Future: Post-Graduate Studies. oouol.As F. HOFFMAN, Hanover, om., H.D.H.S.3 Flying officer, R.c.A.F. GEORGE W. HOSANG, Willowdaleg Belleville C.I. and V.S,: R.M.C.. Future: R.C.A.F. JAMES F. E. HULL, Peterborough, Ont.: St. Peteris H.S.: Newman Club I-III. DAVID I. S. HUNTER, Toronto: Port Credit I-I.S.5 KE: Flying: Skiing. Future: Commercial Flying. DAVID M. KAMINKER, Toronto: Vaughan Rd. C.I.: EAM. KENNETH R. KILBURN, Toronto: Woodhouse, London, England: Music: Swimming. NICHOLAS KORDELLAS, Athens, Greece: Athens H.S.: A2413 Chess: Hart House Caledon Hills Farm Committee. RONALD G. KRAEMER, Mitchell Ont.: Mitchell District H.S. AH WAN LEUNG, Hong Kong: Queenis College: Football: Photography. JOHN R. LUKE, Toronto: Vaughan Road C.I.5 Mechanical Club: S.A.E.: A.S.M.E.: T.G.I.F. AL G. MCDONALD, Toronto: East York C.I. GARY A. MacDONALD, Muirkirk, Ont.: Ridgetown D.H.S. ANDREW R. MACKENZIE. 4No Photography. J. ROBERT MCPHERSON, Weston: Weston C. and V.S.: Skule Nite IV: T.G.I.F. IV: Class Rep., S.A.E. IV: A.S.M.E.3 Mechanical Club. RICHARD J. MAIR. STAN H. MALCOLM, Pickering, Ont.: Pickering District H.S.: U. of T. Flying Club: Skule Nite Set Construction, Stage Crew: Volleyball I. JEAN-MARC J. MASSICOTTE, Ansonville, Ont.: Mattawa H.S.: C.M.R.: St. Jeang R.M.C. ANTHONY H. MAXWELL, Toronto: Baltimore City College: A.S.M.E. III-IV: S.A.E. IV. Future: Patent Engineering. TERRENCE G. MELNECHENKO, Hamilton: Delta S.S.: Second Vice-Pres., T.G.I.F. Club II-IV: Swimming: Basketball I. DAVID A. MOLINE, Hamilton: Westdale H.S.: E-JAX3 A.S.M.E.: Mechanical Club: Basketball I. RICHARD R. J. MOLINE, Toronto: Scarboro C.I.: R. H. King C.I.: ATA: A.S.M.E.: Mechanical Club: Basketball I. QNo Photography Future: R.C.A.F. RONALD W. R. NEVILLE, Port Credit: Port Credit H.S. JACK M. NISHIYAMA, Toronto: Harbord C.I.: Bowling: Swimming: A.S.M.E.: Nisei Student's Club. GEORGE NYARAI, Bezdan, Hungary. ENGINEERING 333 'Ii' 'f'S ALAN F. OGILVIE, Toronto, North Toronto C.I.g The Skulehouse Four II-IVg Skule Nite Orchestra Ig Skule Nite I-IV3 Joe Club II-III, Boatingg Skin Divingg A.S.M.E., S.A.E. PATRICK J. O'HIGGINS, Agincourt, Ont.g Chessg American Society of Mechanical Engineers. GEORGE L. A. PALINKAS, Hamilton, Cathedral H.S.5 Canadian Officers Training Corps.5 Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers I-III. GERALD W. M. PARRETT, Toronto, Earl Haig C.I.g S.A.E. IVg T.G.I.F. IV, Mechanical Clubg A.S.M.E. IV. EDUARDS PERKONS, Riga, Latvia, Riga State Technical H.S., S.P.S. Volleyball Champions I-IV. PAUL A. POLLEX, Torontog Jarvis C.I.g Secretary, Gamma Delta Lutheran Student Group, Music, Sportsg A.S.M.E. SIMON J. RICHTER, Guelphg H.S. Bussum, Holland, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, A.S.T.M.g S.E.S. JAMES H. RILEY, Woodstockg King C.I. MARTIN ROOS, Toronto, H.B.S., Holland, Swimming Team, Maintenance Manager, Webb-House, Campus-Coop. JOHN D. SAINSBURY, Westong Weston C.V.S.3 Skule Nite. ULO SARNA, Toronto, Central Tech. Schoolg Soccer, Volleyball. VLADIMIR SHAPAREW, Toronto, Harbord C.I. CHARLES G. SHARP, Hamiltong Delta S.S.g Vice-Secretary, T.G.I.F. Clubg Swimming. HARVEY SIEGEL, Torontog Brooklyn Technical H.S. GOORGEN SIMONIAN. ROBERT A. SIMPSON, Toronto, North Toronto CI, QFA. DONALD T. SLOANE, Torontog North Toronto C.I.g AXA, A.S.M.E.g Chairman, Past Treas. Eng. Society. GORDON G. STERLING, Toronto, Danforth Tech. Schoolg Music, Photo- T graphyg Sailing, S.A.E. WILLIAM SZETO, Kong Kong, H.K. School Certificate, Revolver Club III, Q Outing Club III, Film Society III, Life-Saving III, I.S.O. III-IV5. l C.O.S.A. III-IV, Vice-Pres. IVg Camera Club IV5 T.C. Varsity Club 3 III-IV, REC. Socratic Club IV3 S.P.S. Senior Volleyball IVg Rifle Club IV. F'uture: Graduate Studies at M.I.T. . JOHN D. TARASUK, Toronto, St. Walburg H.S., Sask. l MORLEY L. TAYLOR, Waubaushene, 0nt.g Midland-Penetang District H.S.3 R.M.C. Future: R.C.A.F. 54 'I GERALD I. TEBBUTT, Clinton, Ont., Clinton D.C.I., O.A.C., Football, Wrestling, Basketball, Softball. ALBERT B. THORNTON, Oakville, Ont., Oakville-Trafalgar H.S., Sec., T.G.I.F. Club, Gymnastic Team. ROLF F. van der ZWAAN, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Trinity College School, Port Hope, Ont., ZW, Senior Varsity Team, Waterpolo, S.P.S. Waterpolo I. ANDRE A. VARGA-PAPP, Budapest, Hungary, Rakoczi F. Gimn, Budapest. RAYMOND F. WALTON, Toronto, Bloor C.I., R.M.C., Track, Harriers, Electronics Club. Future: Engineering Branch, R.C.N. BARRY W. WEST, Burlington, Ont., Burlington H.S., O.A.C., Track and Field, Archery, Literary Club. V GORDON G. WHATMAN, Peterborough, St. Peteris High, R.M.C., Hockey I-II, Football III-IV. Future: R.C.A.F. JAMES D. WILCOX, Simcoe, Ont., Simcoe District H.S., O.A.C. C. CARL WILSON, Ingersoll, Ont., I.O.C.I., Campus Club President, V.C.F., Engineering Social Convenor. tNo Photography. APPLIED GEOLOGY, METALLURGICAL, AND MINING WALTER N. ANCUTA, Toronto, Metallurgical Engineering, Central T.S., Basketball Semi-finalists II-IV, A.S.M., Mining and Metallurgy Club, Hart House Camera Club. JOHN J. BRAY, Toronto, Mining Engineering, Humberside C.I., QDKE, Skule Basketball. E. I. BIELAWSKI. KNO Photographj. WILLIAM E. BULMER, Oakville, Ont., Applied Geology, Oakville-Trafalgar H.S., AAQ, Hart House Revolver Club II-IV, Interfaculty Basketball I-II, IV, Mining and Metallurgy Club I-IV. Future: Petroleum in Alberta. JOHN R. CARRUTHERS, Toronto, Metallurgy, Forest Hill C.I., U.T.S., Sec., H.H. Amateur Radio Club Committee, Mining and Metallurgy Club. Future: Post-Graduate Work. WING-HONG CHEONG, Kuala Lumpur, Malaya, Mining Engineering, Methodist Boys, School. LELAND L. DAVIS, Port Credit, Ont., Mining Engineering, Port Credit H.S., S.P.S. Football I-II. GLENN D. EASTMAN, Winnipeg, Man., Mining Engineering, Daniel McIntyre C.I. WARREN B. ERVINE, Toronto, Applied Geology, Etobicoke C.I. F'uture: Post-Graduate Work. THOMAS R. FOUNTAIN, Toronto, Mining Engineering, Parkdale C.I. G. ROBERT FRAZER, Vancouver, Applied Geology, Sarnia C.I. and T.S. JOHN F. GARTNER, Toronto, Applied Geology, North Toronto C.I. Future: Exploration Geology. KARL J. C. HARRIES, Toronto, Mining Engineering, U.C.C., EX, Skule Nite, Producer IV, Technical Director III, Stage Manager II, A.V.R. Technical Director IV. ENGINEERING 335 ENGINEERING 336 WALTER W. E. HITCHMAN, Toronto, Mining Engineering, U.T.S., Mining Rep., Mining and Metallurgy Club IV, Ticket Sales, Skule Nite III-IV. GEORGE E. HOLMES, Burlington, Ont., Mining Engineeering, Burlington- Nelson District H.S. W. JAMES HUMPHRYS, Hamilton, Metallurgical Engineering, Cathedral H.S., NNN. JURIS E. IRBE, River Drive Park, Ont., Applied Geology, Jarvis C.I. HUGH S. R. JUDGES, Toronto, Mining, North Toronto C.I., Mining and Metallurgy Club, S.P.S. VII, Hockey. WILLIAM KANTYMIR, Toronto, Metallurgical Engineering, Parkdale C.I., NNN, H.H. Camera Club I-IV, Comm. IV, Minor League Basketball I-IV, Manager II-IV, A.S.M., Mining and Metallurgy Club. NORMAN B. KEEVIL, Lorne Park, Ont., Applied Geology, Port Credit H.S., Streetsville H.S., KE, S.P.S. Basketball I-II, IV, Mining and Metallurgical Club I-IV, Class Rep. IV, Frat. Bridge Club, Golf. Future: Post-Graduate Study. FERENC KOVACS, Toronto, Mining Engineering. GEORGE E. LaPRAIRIE, Toronto, Mining Engineering, St. Michae1's College School. WILLIAM J. LOGAN, Peterborough, Mining Engineering, Peterborough C.V.S., Skule Nite I-IV, Business Manager III, Publicity IV, S.P.S. Float Entry I-III, Director II-III, Lacrosse I, Minor Basketball I, Mining and Metallurgy Club Executive IV. ROBERT G. MATTHEWS, Toronto, Applied Geology, Oshawa C.V.I., EX. Future: Post-Graduate Studies. JOHN L. MAY, Haileybury, Ont., Applied Geology, Haileybury H.S., KE. ROBERT E. McLENNAN, Oakville, Ont., Applied Geology, Oakville- Trafalgar H.S., KE, Football I, Mining and Metallurgy Club I-IV, Basketball I, IV, Hockey I, Frat. Pres. IV. Future: Post-Graduate Work. PETER L. MUNRO, Lindsay, Ont., Mining Engineering, Lawrence Park C.I., Hart House Glee Club. ROBERT J. ORD, Windsor, Mining Engineering, Forster C.I., S.P.S. Executive IV, Music, S.P.S. Hockey, Mining and Metallurgy Club, Chairman IV. ARTHUR E. REINERT, Toronto, Metallurgical Engineering, Runnymede C.I., NNN, Basketball I-IV, H.H. Camera Club IV, Class Rep. I-IV. ANDREW M. ROSS, Lakelield, Ont., Mining Engineering, Grove School. GENE F. M. SCANLON, Toronto, Mining Engineering, St. Michael's College School, S.P.S. Hockey I-II, Skule Nite III, Baseball. JOHN G. SLOSIAR, Toronto, Metallurgical Engineering, Scarborough C.I., NNN, Basketball I-IV, H.H. Camera Club IV, Mining and Metallurgy Club I-IV, A.S.M. Future: Industry. PHILIP T. SUNOHARA, Toronto, Mining Engineering, Parkdale C.I., Blenheim H.S., S.P.S. VII's. HARVEY L. SWEETMAN, Little Britain, Ont., Mining Engineering, Mining Class Basketball I-II. EDWARD A. TAGSETH, Hatfield, Sask., Applied Geology, Leslie School, Sask., Golf, Hockey, Baseball. DINO J. TESSARO, Hamilton, Mining Engineering, Cathedral H.S., Interfaculty Hockey I-III, Executive, Mining and Metallurgy Club II. EDWARD G. THOMPSON, Utterson, Ont., Applied Geology, Bracebridge H.S., KE, Basketball, Frat. Bridge Club. Future: Post-Graduate Study. MICHAEL J. H. TONKING, St. Ives, Cornwall, England, Mining Engineer- ing, Truro Cathedral School, Cornwall. WILLIAM A. TRAUNIK, Toronto, Mining Engineering, Leaside H.S. Future: Post-Graduate Work, U.W.O. ULDIS J. VAGNERS, Weston, Ont., Applied Geology, Weston C.V.S., Major League Volleyball, Minor League Basketball. ROBERT S. WILKINSON, Scarborough, Applied Geology, Ridley College, Camera Club II-IV, Flying Club IV, Class Rep., Mining and Metallurgy Club II, S.P.S. Squash II-IV. ENGINEERING 337 7 ll!! Fa School of Architecture ZZ' i l L.. ...- 338 Ak... DIRECTOR T. HOWARTH Ph.D., F.R.l.B.A. DONALD W. ASH, Peterboroughg Peterborough C.V.S. JAMES F. BAER, Orilliag Orillia D.C.I. RICHARD H. BAGGLEY, Torontog Humberside C.I.3 XTg Architecture Hockey, I-IV. Future: Travelg Further Study in U.S.3 Architecture in Toronto. TADEUS W. BARAN, Torontog Central Technical School 85 Bloor C.I.3 Interfaculty Soccer Teamg Hart House Art Committeeg Polish Students' Club, Future: Travel. A. BERNHOLTZ. lN0 Photographj. ROY W. J. BROWN, Torontog Class President IVg Publicity Director, Architectural Society V. ' TERENCE E. CASEY, Torontog Forest Hill C.I. fNo Photography. CLIVE H. CLARK, Torontog Jarvis C.I.g Photography. Future: Marriage. WALLACE F. CUNNINGHAM, Torontog De LaSalle "0aklands,'. Future: Tour Europe. 1 DAVID C. FREEMAN, Hamiltong Westdaleg AA1lvg Class President V5 3 Interfaculty Basketball II-III. T l JUDE T. M. FUSCO, Harrison, Mich.g Assumption H.S., Windsorg 'Ifyg Inter- N faculty Basketball I-V3 Treasurer, Fraternity III-V. . l ANDREW GAEDE, Torontog Upper Canada College. ji l I JOHN F. A. HAAYEN, Torontog H.S., The Hague, Holland. i l 1 I FREDERICK R. FISHER, Toronto. ZW. 5 l i DARYL A. HENRY, Sydney, N.S., Vancouver, H.S. in Ottawa, Fredericton, ADfI:v, Interfaculty Basketball I-III, Boxing I-III, Track III, Inter- Collegiate Boxing III, Hart House Revolver Club II-III, Finnish Exchange II-V, U. of T. Flying Club V. Future: Work-Travel Around the World. JANIS KRAVIS, Toronto, Earl Haig C.I., Bloor C.I., Water Polo, I-IV, Interfaculty Soccer. I-IV, Water Polo, I-IV, Camera Club IV, Art Club, I-III, Volleyball, I-III. NOBUO KUBOTA, Toronto, Ont., Humberside C.I. tNo Photography. GARFIELD A. MacINNIS, Toronto, AKE, Upper Canada College, Vice-pres., Architecture Society, Interfaculty Hockey. Future: Post-grad. ANDREW S. MATHERS, Toronto, Upper Canada College, AT, Hockey I-V. Future: Architect. L. JAMES MENENDEZ, Ottawa, AEKIJ, Glebe C.I. C. B. CBLAKEQ MILLAR, Oakville, Upper Canada College, AKE, Varsity Intermediate Soccer, I-II, Interfaculty Hockey. 1 ROBERT A. J. MOODIE, Falkirk, Scotland, Falkirk H.S., Interfaculty Soccer III-V. MONICA NOMBERG, Toronto. MARY F. PATTERSON, Toronto, Lawrence Park C.I., Adi, Victoria College Hockey Team. LONHIN PENCAK, Toronto, Bloor C.I., Interfaculty Soccer Team I-V, Interfaculty Volleyball Team I-IV, Interfaculty Basketball Team, Slavic Circle. Future: Travel, Work. EDWARD W. POLLITT, Hamilton, Delta H.S. MICHAEL PRODANOU, Toronto, Lawrence Park C.I. REIN RAIMET, Toronto, North Toronto C.I. GRANT M. ROBERTSON, Haliburton, Haliburton H.S., NPT, Interfaculty Hockey I-V, Fraternity House Manager, Employment Director, Student Executive, IV. Future: Europe. ANTHONY P. ROLPH, King, Upper Canada College, AAQD, Soccer, School photography, Skiing. Future: Travel. J. GORDON SMEATON, Niagara Falls, St. Michaels College School, WT, Basketball, Fraternity President, V. GILBERT F. SUTTON, Toronto, Leaside H.S., AT, Interfaculty Rugby, Squash, Tennis, President, Arch. I. R. WALTER J. WELLER. DONALD L. WILSON, Toronto, University of Toronto Schools, AKE, Interfaculty Rugby, Hockey, Basketball, Secretary, Arch. Society, II, S.A.C. Representative, III. ARCHITECTURE 339 C A ASHLEY B Com., F.c.A. PETER CHARLES ARMSTRONG, Victoria. SHEILA M. BAIRD, Toronto, Victoria, Runnymede C.I.5 Baseball IV, Hockey, Manager III-IV, U.C.W.A.A., Treasurer IV, Volleyball III, Bowling III, B.O.B., Revue Costumes III. LAWRENCE STANLEY BOC-EDEN, Victoria. HUGH DONALD BORTHWICK, Port Credit, Victoria, U.T.S., AACI1, Hockey, Varsity II, I-IV, Victoria I, III, Varsity Football II, Commerce Club I-IV, Vice-President IV, Trinity "AU Hockey, Coach IV, Intra- mural Hockey, Referee III-IV, Chief IV. BRUCE S. BREWER, Toronto, Victoria, U.T.S.5 Golf, Soccer, Hockey. BARRY N. BURTON, Toronto, Victoria, East York C.I., ADD, Vic. Football I-II, Vic. Waterpolo I-IV, Vic. Basketball II, Vic. Middle House Recorder IV5 Fraternity Treas. II, Pres. III. RONALD E. BUSH, Toronto, Victoria, Malvern C.I., Vic. Football Team II-III. WILLIAM DONALD CAMERON, Toronto, Victoria, University of Toronto Schools. PAUL A. CARON, Port Credit, Victoria, Port Credit H.S., French Club I, Commerce Club I-IV, Volleyball II, Weight Lifting IV. Future: Chartered Accountancy. LAURENCE T. A. CASWELL, Erindale, Ont., St. Michael's, St. Michael's H.S. ,No Photography. JULIAN M. CIUPAK, Toronto, University, Western Commercial H.S., U. of T. Polish Students' Club I-IV, President IV. Future: Chartered Accountancy. JIM B. CLINTON, Toronto, Victoria, Lawrence Park H.S., Commerce Club. BERNARD J. J. COFFEY, Toronto, St. Michael,s5 St. Michaelis H.S., Bridge Club, Commerce Club. 340 , WARREN R. CUMMINS, Toronto, Victoria, Humberside C.I., Commerce Club. ROBERT J. DART, Haliburton, Ont., University, Haliburton H.S., Com- merce Club I-IV, Bridge Club I-II, Exec. II, McCaul House, Treasurer IV5 Hockey, Basketball. NELSON J. DEMPSTER, Toronto, Victoria, Oakwood C.I., Vic. Football I, Intermediate Football II-III. ROBERT J. DOCKSTADER, Goderich, Victoria, Goderich District C.I., IDFA, Commerce Club, Minor League Basketball III5 U.N.T.D. II, Senior Auditor, Victoria College I. RICHARD E. DOWNEY, Toronto, St. Michael's, De LaSalle H.S., North Toronto C.I., Commerce Club I-IV, Bridge Club IV, Hockey I-IV. JOHN F. ELLIS, Toronto, Trinity, U.C.C.5 ZIP, Football and Hockey I-IV, Commerce Club I-IV. PAUL JOHN FLANAGAN, Toronto, St. Michael's, St. Michaelts H.S., Bridge Club, Commerce Club, Chess Club. ' W. DONALD FORSEY, Toronto, Victoria, East York C.I., Etobicoke C.I., AEQD, Frat. Treas. III, Commerce Club I-II, Young Progressive Con- servative Club II. Future: Chartered Accountant. DAVID R. W. GAWLEY, Toronto, Trinity, Bloor C.I., Reporter, "The Varsityv II-IV, Asst. Sports Editor III, U, of T. Hockey Manager, Intermediate I, Senior II-IV, U. of T. Football Manager, Intermediate III, Senior IV. DONALD W. GIBSON, Oakville, Ont., Trinity, St. Andrew's College, Trinity 5T9 Yacht Club I-IV, International Voyageur Assoc., Pres. IV. Future: Chartered Accountancy. MELVIN M. GILBERT, Toronto, University, Bathurst Heights C.V.S., BSP, Fraternity Executive II-III, Commerce Club II. HENRY S. GOLDBACH, Toronto, University, Forest Hill C.I., EAM, Commerce Club I-IV, "Kiss Me Kate" I, A.V.R. II, U.C. Follies III, Hillel I-IV. DIMITAR JORDAN GOLUBOV, University. DONALD E. GRANT, Toronto, Victoria, Oshawa C.V.I., AND, Commerce Club, Exchange Weekend, Hockey, Fraternity, Curling, Golf. WILLIAM H. HILLISJ Victoria. WILLIAM T. HUNTER, Toronto, Trinity, U.T.S., KA, Intermediate Foot- ball I, Senior Football II-IV, Commerce Club III-IV, Vice-President IV. Future: Graduate Study. IVAN LEWIS HURLBUT5 Victoria. F. MELVIN INNES, Peterborough, Victoria, Peterborough C.V.S., Com- merce Club III-IV, Residence Sports, Treasurer, South House, Victoria College IV. Future: Chartered Accountant. GORDON E. JOICE, Toronto, Trinity, Danforth Technical School, Com- merce Club I-IV, Trinity Hockey I-II. DAVID M. KIRKWOOD, Blair, Ont., Trinity, Preston H.S., EX, Commerce Club I, Hockey I-III, Soccer I, Basketball I-II3 International Voyageurs Assoc. I-IV, Trinity 5T9 Yacht Club, B.H.A.A.A. II-IV, Art Club, Critic IV. RAYMOND S. KOSS, Toronto, Victoria: Parkdale C.I., Commerce Club I-IV. Future: Chartered Accountancy. ALAN M. LAVINE, Toronto, University, Forest Hill C.I., EAM, Commerce Club I-IV. Future: Chartered Accountancy. fNo Photography COMMERCE 341 COMMERCE Illialb: fa? I W,-.. JL., L.. WARREN Y. LEFTON, Kitchener, University, Kitchener-Waterloo C.V.S., IIAID, Hart House Theatre I, "Camino Real", Chairman, Dining Room Comm., Sir Daniel Wilson Res. II-III, Table Tennis Club, Hart House I-III, Commerce Club I-IV. RONALD E. LESTER, Toronto, Universityg Bloor C.I., EAM. DAVID A. LEWIS, Victoria. INo Photography. WILLIAM G. LINDSAY, Toronto, Victoria, East York C.I. HUGH C. LYONS, Toronto, Trinity, Lawrence Park C.I., EX, Art Club IV, Trinity 5T9 Yacht Club I-IV3 Football I, B.H.A.A.A. I-IV, Inter- national Voyageurs Assoc. I-IV, Pres. Il. Future: Law. W. SCOTT MCDONALD, Trinity. JOHN R. M. MACKAY, Toronto, Victoria, Earl Haig C.I., IPAQ, Hockey I-II. F'uture: Chartered Accountancy. MARY E. MacKENZIE, Toronto, Victoria, St. Clements, Basketball I, III-IV, Hockey I-IV, Softball IV, Football I, III, V.C.W.A.A., Secretary IV, Vic. B.O.B. III, "Acta Victorianai' III-IV. ROBERT K. METCALF, Toronto, Trinity, U.T.S., ZIV, Football I-IV, Basketball I-II, Track II-III, Class Treasurer III-IV5 Commerce Club I-II. Future: Chartered Accountancy. STEVEN A. MORIARTY, Toronto, Victoria, Jarvis C.I., B6-III, Vic. Foot- ball I-IV, Coach III-IV, President, Vic. Athletic Association IV, Vic. Hockey I-II, Vic. Basketball I-IV, Coach IV, Referee-In-Chief, Intra- mural Basketball III-IV, Commerce Club, Exec. III. BARRIE N. NOURSE, Toronto, Victoria, U.T.S., Hockey, V.C.U. Future: Advertising Agency. KENNETH J. OGLE, Toronto, University, Leaside H.S., Commerce Club I-IV5 Manager, Senior Intercollegiate Boxing Team I-IV. JOHN ALAN ORR, University. J. CLAIR PEACOCK, Oshawa, Victoria, Oshawa C.V.I., ANQ, President, U. of T. Curling Club III-IV, U. of T. Curling Team I, III, Frat. Treasurer, Hockey I-II. JOHN K. E. PELTON, Toronto, Victoria, U.T.S., KA, Vic. IV, Hockey I-III, Class Treasurer II, Class Athletic Rep. III, Treasurer, Bob Revue II, Ticket Manager, Bob Revue III, Bob Revue Orchestra I-III, Gilbert and Sullivan Orchestra II-III, Commerce Club I-IV, U.N.T.D. I-III, Reserve Naval Officer IV. Future: Chartered Accountancy, then Oil Industry. ANTHONY V. PIETROPAOLO, Downsview, Ont., St. Michael's, Bathurst Heights C.I. Future: Chartered Accountant. ROBERT C. PRICE, Toronto, Victoria, U.T.S., Zllf, Vic. Bob Revue III, Waterpolo I-II, Commerce Club I-IV, Vic. H.P.'s II, Vic. A.C. I-IV. RONALD H. RAISMAN, Toronto, University, U.T.S., IIAKIJ, Commerce Club I-IV, Exchange Weekend II, IV, Spanish Club I, Robinette Debates I-IV, Manager, U.C. Sr. Hockey Team I, Model Parliament I, Rep. in N.F.C.U.S. Exchange Weekend II, H.H. Squash Comm. III-IV, U.C. Literary and Athletic Society, Treasurer III, Chairman, J.C.R. Comm. III, Athletic Rep. IV, Chairman and Co-ordinator, Winter Carnival III, Contributor, "The Varsity" III, "U.C. Folliesv, Produc- tion Staff III, Business Manager IV, Advertising Manager, "The Com- merce Journalv IV, H.H. Art Class IV, Playing-Manager, U.C. Squash Team IV. Future: Graduate Work in Business Administration, then Chartered Accountancy. BARRY D. SEARS, Kingston, University, K.C.V.I. Future: Royal Canadian Artillery. JAMES D. SHARPLES, Oshawa, Victoria, Oshawa C.V.I., Commerce Club I-IV, Treasurer III, Commerce Journal Staff II, IV, Middlehouse I-IV, Treasurer II, President IV, Bob Revue III-IV, Residence Council, President IV, V.C.U., Treasurer IV, U. of T. Curling Team I, III, Intercollegiate Champions I. Future: Post-Graduate Work. JAMES W. SHELTON, Toronto, Victoria, Bloor C.I., Lawrence Park C.I., Rugger I-IV, Commerce Club I-IV. W. DAVID J. SHERIDAN, Hamilton, Victoria, Westdale H.S., AT, Hockey I, Squash II, Commerce Club I-IV, Commerce Journal, Staf I-IV, Editor IV. 1 342 I Bl. ROBERT H. SIMPSON, Toronto, Victoria, St. Andrew,s Collegeg AT, Trinity Football I-II. DAVID J. SIMS, Bridgeport, Ont.g Trinity, Ridley Collegeg AKEQ Art Clubg Trinity 5T9 Yacht Club I-IV3 Boxing IIIg International Voyageur Assoc. I-IV, Pres. IIIg B.H.A.A.A., Treas. IV. RUSSELL E. SLEETH, Brantfordg Victoria, Brantford C.I. and V.S.g Commerce Club II, IVg Political Economy Club III, Treasurer, Ryerson House III-IV. Future: Chartered Accountancy. S. RAY STEPHENSON, Russell, Ont., Victoria, U.C.C.5 drl'Ag Commerce Club I-IV5 President, Nelles House, Secretary, Men's Residence Council. Future: Chartered Accountancy. DONALD W. WILSON, Toronto, Victoriag U.C.C., QA9, Commerce Club I-IV, Sec. IV3 Hart House Squash Committee, Sec. III, Bob Revue III, Class Executive, Treasurer. MICHAEL H. WILSON, Toronto, Trinity, U.C.C.g KA, Trinity Football I-IV3 Commerce Clubg U. of T. Ski Club III-IV, Pres. IV. RONALD E. G. WILSON: University. RONALD SAMUEL WUNDERQ University. TERRY E. YATES, Torontog University, Leaside H.S., R.M.C.g Commerce Club, U.C. Hockey. COMMERCE ..--oi. 343 Faculty of !5 ilmizf 'EQ' 'L' L-E 9 Dentistr R. G. ELLIS D.o.s.,, F.n.s., R.c.s., F.A.c.D. W WOW 344 DEAN: RUTA APSE, Orangeville, Ont., Latvia. BRUCE E. ARIS, Port Arthur, Port Arthur C.I.3 AXA, Hockey I-IV, Golf V. DONALD G. BAGWORTH, Toronto, Bathurst Heights C.V.S.g Inter- collegiate Football I-IV5 Interfaculty Hockey III, Vg Lacrosse V. Future: Practice in Ontario. C. PETER BELLAMY, North Vancouver, B.C.g King George H.S., H.M.C.S. Royal Roads, U.B.C.g Elllflrg Class Exec. IV. Future: General Practice in Vancouver. IAN C. BENNETT, Bebington, Cheshire, England, Birkenhead School, Liverpool University. HAROLD R. BERGMAN, Scarboro, Scarboro C.I.g Hockey II-IV. Future: Practice in Peterborough. ILONA BLUMENTALS, Toronto, Riverdale C.I. Future: Practice in Thistletown. J. GREGORY BOURASSA, Sturgeon Falls, Ont.g Sacred Heart College, Sudbury, Laval U., Varsity Hockey Ig Class Pres. III, D.S.S., Sec. III, Pres. IV. Future: General Practice. G. RUSSELL BRAY, Toronto, Lawrence Park C.I.g Hockey I-Vg Lacrosse III-Vg Football Ig Fraternity Exec. IV. MELVIN D. CHARENDOFF, Toronto, Vaughan Road C.I.g AQ, Squash II-III, Basketball I-V5 Volleyball I-V3 Hockey III-IV5 Dentantics III-V3 Bus. Manager, Dentantics V3 Pledge Master, Fraternity IV. Future: General Practice. DONALD H. CHIANG, Toronto, St. Michae1's College School, Jarvis C.I.3 Toronto Chinese Varsity Club I-IV, President III. MORTON H. COOPER, Toronto, Harbord C.I.3 A93 Volleyball Ig Basketball Ig Hockey II-IV, Fraternity Sports Chairman IV. 'Fl .J z il JOHN T. COYNE, Toronto, North Toronto C.I., Dents. Lacrosse IV-V: Basketball Ig Dents. Hockey III-V. Future: General Practice. BERNARD N. CRYSTAL, Toronto, Harbord C.I., A93 Fraternity Treas. II-III, Judicial Comm. IV3 Class Sec.-Treas. IV, Dentantics Ticket Manager, Stage Crew IVg Waterpolo I, III-IV. Future: General Practice in Toronto. JAY H. DAVIS, Sault Ste. Marie, Sault Ste. Marie C.I.g llAfIw, A93 Publicity Rep. I3 Hya Yaka I-II5 Dentantics III3 Dentantics Rep. III-IV: Basketball Ig Hockey II-III, Fraternity Culture Comm. Ilg Fraternity Judicial Comm. III. Future: General Practice in Toronto. NILO J. FABBRO, Sault Ste. Marie: Sault C.I., C.C.R. I, Board of Directorsg Football I-IV, Hockey II-IV, Volleyball I-II, Basketball I-Il: Class Social Dir. IV. Future: General Practice in Sault Ste. Marie. JAMES I. H. FAWCETT, Toronto, Vaughan Road C.I., IDAX5 Footballg Basketballg Lacrosse, Hockey: Class Vice-Pres. II, Class Athletic Dir. I, III5 Frat. Pres. IV. Future: Internship. STAN FISHER, Sault Ste. Marieg North Toronto C.I., Sault Ste. Marie C.I.g A93 "Chief Crierv, Dentistry I-IV5 Stage Manager, Dentantics Vg "Hya Yaka" Photographer, Anniversary Issue, Squash I-II. Future: Internship in New York, Oral Surgery. HARVEY L. FREEDMAN, Toronto, Vaughan Rd. C.I.g A93 Fraternity Exec. III-IV, Basketball I-IV, Football I-II, Volleyball I-IV3 Hockey II-III: Dentantics I-IV, Class Exec. I. Future: General Practice in Toronto. WALTER M. GODSOE, Toronto, St. Michaells College School, De LaSalle "Oaklandsn3 Squash Manager I-III: Hockey II-IV5 Basketball I-IIg Newman Club I-IV, Dentistry Rep. III, Class Publicity Rep. Ig Asst. Editor, "Dental Extractsv III-IV, Production Manager IV: H.H. Squash Comm. I. ALAN G. GREEN, Torontog Harbord C.I., A9g Fraternity Exec. II-IV, Editor II, Pres. IVQ "Hya Yakau Rep. III-IV, Dentantics Programme Editor III. SAMUEL M. GREEN, Toronto: Vaughan Road C.I., A93 Dental Squash Team I-III, Statistician I3 Volleyball I-II: Fraternity Editor III3 Frat. B-W-Bulletin III-IV3 Dentantics Recording III-IV. Future: Practice in Toronto. GRAHAM WARD HALL, Ingersoll, Ont., Portage la Prairie C.I., Ingersoll C.I.5 AXA: Hockey I-IV3 Dents. Football I-III, V, Intermediate IV5 Volleyball IV, Social Rep. III, Athletic Rep. IV, C.O.T.C. Future: Dental Practice. MICHAEL A. HAMMERMAN, Melbourne, Australia. Future: Private Practice in Melbourne. G. HERBERT HANSON, Port Colborne, Ont., Port Colborne H.S.g Elllflr. Future: General Practice. JOHN V. HARRISON, Picton, Ont., P.C.I.3 Ellfllrg Dents. Basketball I-II3 Dents. Volleyball I-II. Future: General Practice. PAUL G. HASKEY, Sarnia: Ellfdw. Future: Private Practice. WARREN L. HEASLIP, Toronto, Lawrence Park C.I., IDAO. Future: General Practice. FRITZ W. K. HOERNER, Torontog Berlin, Germany. Future: Practice in Toronto. GERALD C. HUFFMAN, Scarborough, Ont.3 Scarborough C.I., Student Social Director IV, Asst. Social Dir. III, Class Vice-Pres. III, Pres. IV. MATTHIAS JOHANNES HUTA, Torontog Ukranian Students Assoc. Future: Practice in Toronto. RODERICK N. JACK, Listowel, Ont., Listowel District H.S.g Intramural Volleyball I-II, IV-Vg Basketball I-II, IV-V5 H.H. Glee Club II-III, Dentantics Stage Crew IV3 Knox College Assoc. I-V. Future: Practice in Guelph. DONALD A. C. JOHNSON, Port Arthur, Port Arthur C.I., AXA3 Dents. Football I-III, Dents. Hockey III-Vg Knox College Hockey I, Dean of Knox College Residence, Centre House II, West House V5 Dentantics Stage Crew V. Future: Dental Practice in Port Arthur. DENTISTRY 345 DENTISTRY 346 RAY R. JONES, Bradford, Ont.: Bradford District H.S.: Lacrosse I-III: Hockey II. Future: Red Cross Dental Coach for One Year, Then General Practice. LLOYD J. KING, Kenora, Ont.: Kenora-Keewatin D.H.S.: AT: Interfactulty Football I: Interfaculty Curling I-IV: Intercollegiate Curling II. Future: General Practice. MARVIN KOPEL, Toronto: Harbord C.I.: AQ: Basketball I-V: Hockey III: Volleyball I-V: Frat. Social Director III: Dentantics II-V: Class Exec. I-IV: Assist. Publicity Director IV, Publicity Director V. MURRAY KRONIS, Toronto: Harbord C.I.: AQ: Dentantics I-IV: Basketball I-IV: Volleyball I-IV: Conservatory Symphony IV. Future: Private Practice in Toronto. ANGELE M. KUOLAS, Toronto: Parkdale C.I.: Dentantics I-IV: Lithuanian Students' Assoc. I-IV. Future: General Practice in Toronto. YVES MARC LEGAULT, Hawkesbury, Ont.: Hawkesbury D.H.S.: EIIHD: Producer, Dentantics IV: "Hya Yaka" Cartoonist IV-V: Chess. Future: Private Practice in Ottawa. DONALD W. LEWIS, Niagara Falls: Niagara Falls C.I.: EX. Future: General Practice. JOHN G. LINGHORNE, Toronto: Etobicoke C.I.: Class President I-II. Future: Practice in Toronto. MAX A. LISTGARTEN, Toronto: Harbord C.I.: AQ: Frat. Exec. V: Dentantics I-V: Volleyball I-V: Basketball I-V: Squash I-II: Swimming Inst. I. Future: Dental Intern at Sick Children Hospital, Toronto. BRIAN A. McDONALD, Markstay, Ont.: St. Patrickfs College, Ottawa, Sudbury H.S.: Elllfb: Treasurer, D.S.S. V: Dents. Hockey: Athletic Director IV, Asst. III. Future: Red Cross 1 Yr., Then General Practice. EWART D. MacKAY, Cobourg, Ont.: Cobourg District C.I. Future: General Practice in Ajax, Then Specialization. ROBERT M. MacLENNAN, Tillsonburg, Ont.: T.D.H.S.: EX: Basketball I-II: Frat. Pledge Trainer IV, Consul V. Future: Private Practice. WILLIAM G. MADRONICH, Beamsville, Ont.: Beamsville H.S.: AXA: Varsity Blue and White Band I-II: Frat. Social Chairman III. Future: General Practice. SIDNEY L. MANDEL, Toronto: Forest Hill C.I. HAROLD MARCUS, Toronto: Harbord C.I., Vaughan C.I.: AQ: Intramural Basketball I-II: Publications Commissioner IV, Asst. III: Torontonensis Rep. IV-V: "Hya Yaka", Editor IV, Co-editor V: Dental Students' Council III-V: "Piece of Pin, Editor V: Frat. Exec. V. Future: Private Practice. MARVIN G. MECKLINGER, Toronto: Vaughan Road C.I., Oakwood C.I.: AQ: Basketball I-V: Volleyball I-V: Hockey II-III. SAM O. MISUMI, Toronto: Jarvis C.I., Harbord C.I.: Volleyball I: Basket- ball II: U. of T. N.S.C. I-V, Pres. V. JOHN J. MITCHINSON, Niagara Falls: Stamford C.V.I.: 311141: Basketball I-II: Hart House Glee Club I: Dental Students' Society IV: Dentantics IV. Future: Royal Canadian Dental Corps. GERALD R. MYLES, Ottawa: Fisher Park H.S.: EIIHD: Interfaculty Foot- ball I-II: Devonshire House Men's Residence I-IV, Social Director HI, Vice-Pres. IV: C.O.T.C. I-III: C.O.T.C. Ball Committee II: R.C.D.C. III-IV: Frat. Secretary II-III. Future: Royal Canadian Dental Corps. TERRENCE W. C. O'SHAUGHNESSY, Cobalt, Ont.: Cobalt H.S., Haileybury H.S., Scollard Hall: Dentantics Rep. I: Editor-in-Chief, "Dental Extracts" V. Future: Private Practice in North Bay, Ont. IRVING I. PETROFF, Toronto: Oakwood C.I.: AQ: Volleyball I-V: Basket- ball I-V: Dentantics Cast II-V, Lyrlcist IV: Frat. Exec. II-III, V. Future: General Practice in Toro-nto. INGRID RAMINSH, Cochrane, Ont., Cochrane H.S., Alb, Class Sec. I-II, Dentantics II-V, "Hya-Yakav I, House Executive, Whitney Hall II-III. FREDERICK OLIVER RICE, Regina, Sask., Regina Central Collegiate. Future: General Practice, Toronto. SYL O. SAWA, Saskatoon, Sask., EWCD. Future: Practice in Saskatoon. ROY E. SCHWEIZER, Scarborough, Ont., Scarborough C.I., Basketball I-II, Hockey III-IV, Volleyball I, Instrument Revision Committee III-IV, Faculty Golf Tournament III. Future: General Practice in Scarborough. JOHN C. SHAW, Cobalt, Ont., Cobalt H.S., Scollard Hall, North Bay, EIPCD, Hockey Standing Committee IV-V, Hockey I-V, Dentantics III-V, Fraternity Treasurer V. Future: Private Practice. STEVEN SAMBORAC, Toronto, Senta, Jugoslavia, Zagreb, Wurzburg, Bonn Universities, Chess I-V. Future: General Practice in Toronto. ROBERT M. STARR, Oshawa, Ont., Oshawa C.C.I., Basketball I-II, Volley- ball I-III-V. Future: General Practice in Toronto. ANDY I. TIMBERG, Northland, Ont., Sault Ste. Marie C.I., Intramural Football II-V, Hockey III-IV, Basketball I-III, Volleyball I-II, Class Pres. IV, Council Vice-Pres. IV, C.C.R. I, Manager IV, Board of Direc- tors IV-V, President V. Future: General Practice in Northern Ontario. PETER A. TOBIAS, Toronto, St. Catharines Collegiate, Waterpolo, Squash, Photograph. Future: Dental Practice, Vancouver, B.C. JOHN W. TOWN, Brockville, Ont., B.C.I.V.S., Elllfb, Devonshire House, IV, Basketball II-III, Dentantics IV. EDWARD J. WACHTA, St. Catharines, Ont., St. Catharines C.I. and V.S., AIP, Lacrosse I-V, Hockey I-V, Dents Geography Club V, Dentantics V. ZANE R. WAGMAN, Toronto, Vaughan Road C.I. JAMES A. WARING, Ingersoll, Ont., Ingersoll H.S., Elllflv. BRUCE G. WARK, Adelaide, South Australia, Prince Alfred College, Adelaide University. Future: Practice in Adelaide. DENNIS A. WARRICK, Windsor, Walkerville C.I., V.C.F. I-II, Interfaculty Track III-IV, Intermediate Intercollegiate Harrier Team IV. Future: Royal Canadian Dental Corps. CLIFFORD G. J. WEILER, Mount Forest, Ont., Mount Forest District H.S., Dents Hockey I-IV, Dentantics III. Future: General Practice. SIMON WEINBERG, Toronto, Harbord C.I., AQ, Dents Volleyball I-IV, Dents Basketball I-IV, Dentantics III. JAMES D. M. WOODSIDE, Brockville, Ont., Brockville C.I.V.S., EKIHD, Dentantics IV-V. Future: Private Dental Practice, Peterborough, Ont. AGNES ZARINS, Riga, Latvia, Latvia. Future: General Practice, Toronto. IRENE ZELTINS, Toronto, Dentantics Make-up. DENTISTRY 347 DENTAL HYGIEN E . -, .H N...-gr-...V - 'wa I .'g,g5.-QNXX 4' .2 if--1 ' 'f -' , Q. 3'1g'-11jf.'1Pff1".' 1 X - - tu .. . . u to ff. , -'-" I ' '- we 3 Q. -. I 1, 5 ts.. up Q .., 5 ' " if K X. 5.5ji.fEE'-. 'I-'v.-3. V ' 25-si' ' -Wg? ' .- -f fl-'M Q.-1. fi? - '- X- '. MY N W se rsttxisfif-x'r:1' if ." 2-. -"-::1:5 5-ffl!"'frf'1151-'E.5:,25:2Q:54:j-15:r35:5155-I'I 1 ' K-n v'-':r:53y2-I--:, I --'A -- . ., . , ' ff ' ...Q.-':u..frr?i1:.,::. ' 'refs' -. -..1f251f"'- l 3 f .. A ' 1 ::'5"'5'1'x' ' I, .. .. .,,, - -, 5,1-.',-,. ' ' 1..- H -V .1 I t :EESEEEEEE " R F :gig - is 'f HSE: li! - : ' ' it . . ,. -hm " tnvb if " ' , 1. - . ' I I I, ,fy it 348 c, 5 .,f '.,, ,, S. LYNNE ARMSTRONG, Moose Jaw, Sask.5 Academy of Siong Cheer- leader I-Ilg Dentantics Rep. I-IIg Dentantics I-II5 Dents Snow Queen I. MARGUERITE JOY BOUCHER, St. Louis, Sask.g St. Louis H.S.g Secretary I. Future: Public Health in Sask. - G. DAWN CAMPBELL, Barrie, Ont.3 Barrie District C.I.g Cheerleader I-Ilg Social Rep. II. Future: Private Practice in Toronto. KATHRYN M. HARWOOD, Bramptong Brampton H.S.g Cheerleader I-II5 Athletic Rep. Ilg Social Rep. I. ELAINE A. LESLIE, Moosomin, Sask.g Moosomin Composite H.S.g Dental Extracts Rep. Ilg Hya-Yaka Rep. II5 "Torontonensis" Rep. II. Future: Public Health in Sask. MARGARET ANN PETCH, Wadena, Sask.3 Wadena H.S.g President II. Future: Private Practice in Manitoba. JUDITH A. RASK, Broadview, Sask.3 Broadview H.S.g Athletic Rep. Ig Secretary II. Future: Public Health in Saskatchewan. ESTHER SUNOHARA, Torontog Parkdale C.I.g Class President I, Treasurer IIg Frosh Rep. Ig Nisei Students Club I-II. FLORENCE E. THIBAULT, Digby, Nova Scotiag Digby Regional H.S.: Class Vice-Pres. II. Future: Public Health in Nova Scotia. ."""f"'-W. 'I"'w..,,wM.a, . PRINCIPAL: REV. K. H. COUSLAND M.c., M.A., s.o., o.o. MURRAY R. BINSTED, Orilliag Missionary Committee I-III, Chairman IIIg Volleyball I-Ilg Basketball I-IIg Curling II. H. ELLISON BRADLEY, Torontog North Toronto C.I. HERBERT c. BREITHAUPT, Willowdale, Ont.5 Kitchener-Waterloo C. and v.s., McGillg me. ROBERT A. BURROWS, Agincourt, Ont.5 Agincourt C.I.5 Soccer Ig Hockey I-IIIg Volleyball II-IIIg S.A.C. Rep. IIg U. of T. Athletic Assoc. Rep. II3 Vice-Pres., E.C.S.S. II3 College Quartet I-III, Intercollegiate Champions IIIg College Choir I-III. JOHN E. CURREY, Gore Bay, Ont.5 Gore Bay H.S., Victoria Collegeg AXg Curlingg Badminton. Future: Home Mission Work. DONALD A. DEAS, Londong London Central C.I., London South C.I.g Theological Societyg E.C.S.S. Social Committee, Chairman. WILLIAM E. DUFF, Islington, Ont.3 Montreal West H.S.g V.C.F. I-II, Vice-Pres. II-III3 Emmanuel Choir II-III. JOHN G. DUFFY, Chathamg U. of Manitoba. RONALD V. EVANS, St. Catharines. WILLIAM H. FERRIER, Torontog Volleyball- I-IIIg Basketball I5 Worship Convenor, Residence II-III. LAWRENCE E. FETTER, Kitchenerg Soccer Hg Basketball IIIg Bad- minton III. DOUGLAS G. FRAZER, Toronto. Emmanuel ollege 455 Q Q' f wx f O f Ik' .9 ANR A fo 9'Pumn19 2 o g E o -J,,.,, . .5 Q---w Z -'- r 1 . EMMANUEL me 1 emu 'SN 'We ,V smwf. -nw' .L ,ww-7,-. s Rfk-.. Wa.. 'JZ wah., 350 WILLIAM R. FRITZ, Toronto. CLARE A. GEDDES, Toronto, Riverdale C.I., Victoria Collegeg Vic. Lacrosse II-III3 Emmanuel Soccer I-II, Emmanuel Choir I-III. DONALD A. GILLIES, Stoney Creek, Ont. MORLEY G. HAMMOND, Ingersoll, Ont., Vic. Residence Don, Caven and Gandier Houses. . J. CAMERON HILL, Palmerston, Ont. HAROLD W. JENNER, Charing Cross, Ont., Soccer I-III, Hockey II-III. D. BRUCE MacDOUGALL, Ottawa. HUGH W. McKERVILL, Dunmurry, N. Irelandg Soccer I-III, Badminton II, Basketball II-IIIg Quartet I-IIIg E.C.S.S. I-II, House President III. . HOWARD M. MILLS, Torontog U.T.S.3 AKEQ Soccer I-III, Hockey I-Ill, Vice-Pres. Ig E.C.S.S., Treasurer II, Athletic Director III, W.U.S. Summer Seminar, Yugoslavia III, Emmanuel College Quartet II-III Intercollegiate Champions III, College Choir I-III5 Vice-Chairman Intramural Sports Committee III. Future: Post-Graduate Study. CARL N. MOORE, York, Ont. J. KENNETH NOBLE, Toronto, Western Tech.-Comm. School, Theological Society, Rep. II, President III. B. KEITH PENNER, Harnilton. ROBERT O. REID, Belleville. ERNEST S. ROYLE, Fergus, Ont., Soccer I-III, Basketball I-III, Hockey III. FRANK SHUTTLEWORTH, Toronto, York Memorial C.I.g Soccer I-II, Hockey I-IIIg Volleyball I-II. DONALD R. SPENCER, Toronto. NORMAN S. THOMAS, Parry Sound. MASAHIDE UCHIDA, Kobe, Japan, Soccer. THEODOOR van PETEGEM, Hilversum, Netherlandsg M.U.L.O. CECIL S. WOODS, Sudbury. 9 1 Facult of Forestr DEAN: B.SC., M.F. H. PIETER BERNELOT MOENS, Toronto, Amersfoort, Netherlands, Soccer III-IV, Water Polo II-IV, Track II, Foresters' Club, E.A.C. Rep. III, Faculty Magazine II-IV. Future: Post Graduate Studies. RICH. B. CLEMENCE, Toronto, Etobicoke C.I., Football II-IV, Soccer III-IV, Lacrosse, Forestry Athletic Association, Treasurer III, Uni- versity Gymnastics I-IV, Foresters' Club. GLENN N. CROMBIE, Toronto, Earl Haig C.I., Interfaculty Football I-III, Foresters' Club. H. DENNIS GRIFFIN, Toronto, University of Toronto Schools, Foresters' Club, I-IV, Hockey Team, Manager III-IV. LAMBERT J. HAAS, Deventer, Holland, Deventer H.S., Holland, Foresters' Club III, Class Rep., Student Service Rep., Forestry Soccer Team I-IV. NORMAN O. HAAVALDSRUD, Hornepayne, Ont., H.H.S., P.A.C.I., Albert College, 1419, Boxing I-IV, Basketball B I-IV, Volleyball III, Foresters' Club I-IV. JIM KEKANOVICH, Ottawa, Lisgar C.I., Foresters' Club. JAMES D. MALCOMSON, Port Credit, Mimico H.S., Foresters' Club - Treasurer II, Vice-President III, Student Rep. IV, Class Rep. I, IV, Hockey I-IV, Lacrosse III. MICHAEL S. MILLAR, Kitchener, Kitchener-Waterloo C. 8: V.S., 1419, Interfaculty Hockey I, II, IV, Foresters' Club. MURRAY J. MORISON, Toronto, Earl Haig C.I., QA9, Interfaculty Football II-III, Foresters' Club Pres. IV. JAMES E. SIMPSON, Foleyet, Timmins H. 8: V.S., Interfaculty Football II-IV, Soccer III-IV, Hockey II-IV, Basketball I-IV, Foresters' Club. EDWARD G. WILSON, Apsleyg Lakefield District H.S., Forestry Athletic Association Executive I-IV, Year Rep. I, Secretary II, Vice-President III, President IV, Foresters' Club I-IV, Football I, III, IV, Hockey I-IV, Waterpolo I, Lacrosse III. J. B. W. SISAM f f! Qbsff 9 -op, ,f 1, ' on 2 I 2 XJ? et 6' X .. K, . X .f we-U Faculty of Household Science 352 DIRECTOR: B. A. MCLAREN B.Sc., M.S., Ph.D. JOCELYN M. BELL, Londong Etobicoke C.I. Future: Teaching. GRACE ANNE CHADWICK, Dundasg Hanover D.H.S. Future: Home Economics Teacher. NANCY L. CLEAVER, Burlingtong Burlington H.S.g Vic. Basketball Ig Household Economics Club I-IV. Future: O.C.E. JANE D. GUNN, Torontog Havergal College, U.W.0.g A413 Frat. Social Chairman III, Pres. IVg Household Economics Club II-IVg U.C. Sports IV. Future: Dietetics. DIANE CATHERIN RYALL, Torontog Humberside C.I.g Home Economics Club I-IIIg Victoria College Bob Revue I. Future: O.C.E. SANDRA R. STIRLING, Timminsg Timmins H.V.S.g AI'g Household Economics Club Rep. II5 Frat. Treas. III. Future: O.C.E. JOAN H. WHITCOMB, Toronto5 Glebe C.I., Ottawag Household Economics Club I-IV. ALAN M. BEATON, Rosetown, Sask., Waterloo College, Missionary and Theological Society I-III, Volley Ball I. JOHN C. BOYNE, Listowel, Granby H.S., Listowel H.S., U.W.O., BQII, Interfaculty Hockey I-III, Captain II, Basketball I-III, Knox College Association, Sec. II, Pres. III. Future: Graduate Study. W. H. FREDERICK CALOREN, Toronto, University of Toronto, Knox Soccer I, II, Missionary and Theological Society, President, III. MURRAY L. GARVIN, Vancouver, B.C., University of British Columbia, Circulation Manager, "The Knoxoniani' II, Missionary and Theological Society, Treasurer II, Supply Con. III. GERALD E. GRAHAM, Pembroke, Carleton University, Knox College Choir II, Class President II. JOHN J. HIBBS, Galt, Waterloo College, U.W.0., Missionary and Theological Society I-III, Program Committee II, Advertising Manager, "The Knoxonianu, I-II, College Choir I-III, President II, Knox Basket- ball-Volleyball I-II. DONALD G. KEMBLE, Medicine Hat, Alta., Brandon College, University of Manitoba, Knox College Choir II. ALEXANDER M. MCCOMBIE, Collingwood, Waterloo College, Missionary and Theological Society, Hockey Team I-III. Future: Ministry. DOUGLAS W. MILES, Toronto, University of Toronto, Knox Hockey I-III. Future: Pastoral Ministry. WILFRED M. MONCRIEFF, Peterborough, Queen's University, Knox College Association II, Worship Convenor, Knox College Choir, Secretary-Treasurer II, President III, Year Secretary-Treasurer III, Missionary and Theological Society, Program Committee II. JOHN P. POSNO, Amsterdam, Holland, Missionary and Theological Society I-III. Future: Home or Overseas Mission Work. GERALD RENNIE, Galt, University of Western Ontario, Circulation Manager, "Knoxonian', II, Knox College Choir II. Future: Ministry. Knox College U 'A j . ful-vxxN 1 QI, . MIT PRINCIPAL: REV. J. STANLEY GLENN M.A., Ph.D., a.D., Th.D. ,MUS ees. KNOX wins? .....-.. DONALD C. SMITH, Torontog McMaster Universityg Knox College Choir Ilg Knox College Missionary and Theological Society I-III. Flltllfel Ministry. R. FREDERICK SWANN, Torontog University of Torontog Missionary and Theological Societyg Soccer, I-III. Future: Ministry. BRUCE V. WILL, King Cityg McMaster University. Future: Ministry. RONALD G. WITT, Calgary, Alta.g University of Torontog Hockey I-IIIg Class President III. 31:1 ann ff 1' ' X ,N , 1 , 'Q T I J! . A. N .. i 1 "mei 4 ,xii 'F 45" fa ina ' 'N xl., wr ,I 4 . A 5 1 s fzr , - . X 'F , - ' f .. " .. l I ' .'Iz-: . i : 5":' !'f:1 ,I- . P-fa V 1 J H 'im . 1-mf... .. . 1 l., .. .q:--1f - , A ,X X , . , ' 4 I l K . ., ,.... . . ,. , . . L :ef ff .A+ - 1 -4-P' '+ :ff - 1.z.rf-. ...9 J H: l. ,319 . f ' A -2. V L A r- 'Y "bf X --1 'A ' A V ,W ...,-.:.-:.fI1Z.,--I.I:,: W, , ' In, m"'1E'f I fue. -1 " ' .z.': v'- '1 ' -L. I A I -3 ,S-, ' 4-14 I- , t . ,, .5 V - A1 I -q.,-.,,. z-.- .. 4, 2- WA 3 . M - ,,. Q .4 -,rut x . .4-W2W?4u Af, ., Rainwear- -1--1 I. - 5 . ew- -, ns' V , r- 'v ' -. . e 1:19125 a . zvrlgf - l-e . s.- L. if 5 15-,:"t 'K2f 3 '- :ff A. .-.-., : N-'S as 'as' .- . .. A... ' K' W X' , -"' as ,y-nf" If , ' 1 .' ' " - i Y -sg? . ' 1 -' ,V , , ., -' 'tif ig,-, , sy.-,vgf.1--.-12.12 ,- N ' fe' N i ,:,,., M 2 -v A. rv - 'gn . . . 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'- ' " .g314ff? in M ' V ' f 'lffil E R . it , iizlc W X' f , 21 ffijf f-fy " "YL ------- ' ff, If f Q cog t ' o f - ' ' 'li Xiu 75"7"""' - flf- ' .G 2 - Q 5f"z5q'v?1 I 'Q ' f' - Q " ' 'fri f-4-Q 'V -' , , .- W, , . . ggi ,..:,-, I ., . V.-:eg ' ex,.13"?? :gf 4 ' gi I f , 1 1 -.Jl " ' ' ll ' , 'r - , ---Mm, 1 2 C -g.,- N .ws v ' I E ,gg ,JG qu I ,ww X, V 1, , N , : me-,,,, ,rf , -gat N W V .... G: --'-'- , ., ll . '- 1. 4' 5: --sf I L X Jtqrw' 4, , , , , , ,, V ,,...,, , . , .,,,. .. H.. . ..,- . .,.... . .. .. .1 4 ,. ., . A , ll -.J 13-L-3 1 fag. , , ' ' :Sa ., ': ,7..fw '- 'ff tw - f 1-+1 ,,,. ff X 1 . 1,5 f , L -1:3 H . F - , ' . .A . ,. :uw - 4--X g .r - 4 :,,. va ' tg- ,- .L w 1 - . 4, I . 1 -- 1 Vg ' 1' if , , wk. -1 4 I I A, ,. 3.3 z rf- I H ' '- f .5 .-M-,.-,V .vs H -' ,asf ':, ' l 5-J, 1 -V ,, - 9.2. - ' " 1-,., 1 'gf-1 "" .if f ' "" .. ff ' i 1 1 X, 25.4. , 4 pr '- 1 , --51,4 E , 1 -I ' ,. x 5' Z., ,: I 1- 1 1 ' ' 1 ' ' fi 4, il 'T' ' z -Q "' . P 1 ' Q 1 5' M A' 'I ' 2, I- A 1: 'I ,. .,1,. ff- -1.4 - ' ' 2 - 4. r f as 1' . 1 ' Q it 1, 4 KJ' 1 Z4 I X X ,g gi I, ' , 'IV4 1 ' , I 'Z ' 1 f , -- 'Q II 4' , M' ..,., .....,....,............. :Q 2 1. 4 A ..................,.............. V, 4. 5 ...ef Ci 5 Q' X ' lt 1 Y f Z 23: . 4 f u ' ' 553, lglj-:J 1: -Q , ' , ,, .... , A ' '. , ,nur WW g ,HU In '-f f-QL 2' ., . ,' C 5 . 5? gg: 'j-egg gg I Ammon 41 ' N., , I , . , ' . 4 . f1,'::.4 f Y zz.:.s,:5l.,,.fzMai " ' v I -v.:M:.:4w: ' , , f f " W, f 1'ff" - f ' ' ' N, f , , , - ' V ' , ,l . -, 354 9- ..,......,.... .... ......:.. ..... -,. - e- - I DEAN: C. A. WRIGHT STEPHEN BORINS, Toronto, Forest Hill C.I., IIAQ, Law Club Executive I-III, S.A.C. II, Co-Editor, "Faculty of Law Reviewv III, Hockey I, III, Liberal Club I. Future: Post-Graduate Work in U.S. JOHN L. BOWLES, Toronto, St. Michaelis C.S., Athletic Director, Law Club III, Chairman, Intramural Sports Committee III, Lacrosse I-IV, Hockey I-III, Anglo-Indian Club II. JOHN D. BROWNLIE, Bangkok, Thailand, Trinity College, Law Basketball I-III, P.C. Club, Law School I-III, Cabinet, Model Parliament I-III, Vice-Pres., Law Club III, Chairman, Forums Comm., Debates Comm., Hart House I, Treas., Conservative Club II5 Trinity College Choir I-II, Asst. Coach, Football, St. Hilda's I, Judge, Law Club Debates II-III, Skeet, Chess, Ping-pong. RICHARD F. CHALONER, Huntsville, Burlington H.S., McMaster Univ. Future: Study Law at Osgoode Hall. BERNARD CLAYMAN. DAVID H. CRESWELL, Toronto, Etobicoke C.I., Victoria College, Senior Intercollegiate Football I-III. BERNARD L. EASTMAN. NORMAN H. EDMONDSON, Oshawa, Oshawa C.V.I., Queen's University, QA9. E. H. ALAN EMERY, Edmonton, Alta., Trinity C.S., U.B.C., AAdv. Future: Law Practice in Edmonton. STANLEY G. FISHER. RUSSELL J. FRASER, Hamilton, Westdale C.I., Michigan State University, EX. JAMES W. GARROW, Ancaster, Ont., Hillheld School, U.C.C., McMaster, Hart House Theatre II-III, Law Club, Forum Committee I. Q.c., s.A., s.J.D., LLD. School of Law 355 LAW I - :il V. pw ts- X X X S -zrszkwl. 2:3-s WQSSQ3: , an ., ,, A I' I """"' lik ,, ta ,. P f::.,. as 7 "N "'fE2t:-.-224.-W 'Q I: 1' ' ff.-'3'ffI5:1R11c9S4:"f'C3 ' f'1rla,"2 ay Qi 1 Q :urs-2 ' ' ' ea-:::rr ' 2 f , 'W K ,mmm ' 2-1. " 1 , w. 2 , it Y I 7227! 'IRE fi.: "if WW 356 STEVEN A. GRANNUM, Toronto, McGill University, Soccer II-III, Progres- sive Conservative Law Club, Sec. I, Treasurer III, Waterpolo III. DONALD K. JOHNSTON, Toronto, Riverdale C.I., Senior Intercollegiate Football I-III, U. of T. Athletic Directorate III. BRIAN A. KELSEY, Toronto, Bablake School, Coventry, England. JOHN W. M. LeCLAIRE, Toronto, St. Michae1's H.S., St. Michael's College, P.C. Club I-III, Law School Debates I, Chess Club I-II, Newman Club I-II, Model Parliament, Prime Minister I, Reporter, "The Varsity" I, Sec.-Treas., P.C. Student Federation of Canada II-III, Producer, P.C.S.F. Newsletter II-III. Future: Law and Politics. WILLIAM P. MCKEOWN, Toronto, Bishops C.S., McGill, "Law Review", Business Manager III, Law Faculty P.C. Club I-III, President III, Model Parliament, Cabinet Minister I-III, Law Basketball I-II. W. IAN McLACHLAN, Toronto, University of Toronto Schools, Royal Military College. JOHN W. MORDEN, Toronto, U.C.C., KA, Law Club, 2nd Vice-Pres. II. MILLS M. MRAZ, Toronto, Jirasek Gymnasium, Prague, University of Montreal. EARL E. PALMER, Guelph, Ont., Guelph C.V.I., l11K'l'. Future: Graduate Studies. DONALD F. POUNSETT, Leaside, Ont., Leaside H.S., AXA, A.V.R. Orchestra. RUBY R. RICHMAN, Toronto, Vaughan Rd. C.I., Senior Intercollegiate Basketball I-III, Law Hockey I-III, Law Soccer I-III, Law Basketball, Coach I-II, Law Volleyball I5 Law Waterpolo III, Law Lacrosse I-III, Chairman, Interfaculty Basketball Committee I-II, Library Committee, Hart House II. RICHARD C. B. RISK, Toronto, Etobicoke C.I., HOU, Senior Inter- collegiate Football I-III, Co-Editor, "Law Reviewv III, Men's Athletic Directorate III. Future: Post-Graduate Study. EDMUND L. SCHOFIELD, Norwich, N.Y., Norwich H.S., St. Michaelis College. WILLIAM W. SCHUCK, Toronto, De LaSalle "Oak1ands,'5 Swimming, Piano, Electronics, Chess Club III. J. MICHAEL SHOEMAKER, Toronto, U.T.S., University of Toronto, ZW. GORDON W. SMITH, Edmonton, Alta., Port Arthur C.I., QA6. KENNETH M. SMOOKLER, Windsor, Kennedy C.I., F.R.O.S.5 Inter- national Students' Organization Exec., Chess Club, Record Club. RONALD L. SWARTZ, Oshawa, Oshawa C.V.I., U. of T., IIAID, Law Hockey I-III. Future: Law Practice in Oshawa. JOHN A. WRIGHT, Toronto, U.T.S., R.M.C., President, Law Club III. DEAN: J. A. MacFARLANE MICHAEL STEWART ALLEN, Torontog Upper Canada College: WAS: Office in Royal Canadian Navy III-VI: Class Treasurer III: Class President IV: Daffydil. Future: Pediatrics. IRVING C. ANELEVITZ. ROSS F. ARMSTRONG, Toronto: Lawrence Park C.I.g Medical Journal, Assistant Editor II-III. JOAN M. ATKINSON, Horningis Mills, Ont.: Shelburne H.S.3 Meds. Baseball I-IVg Meds. S.C.M. IV-V3 Daifydil IV-VI: Osler Society V-VI. ANDREW D. BAINES, Torontog Lawrence Park C.I.g AQAg University Rugger II-VI, Captain II-IV: Medical Society, Arts and Letters Chair- man IVg Daffydil Orchestra IV-VI5 A. 8z A. Honour Medical Society V-VI. CHARLES R. BATEMAN, Belleville: Trinity College School: fbXg Hockey I-II3 Soccer I-II5 Daffydil IV-VI. ANDREW BECKER, Warsaw, Poland: Torontog De LaSalle College "Oaklands"g Newman Club I-VI, Chairman, Newman Medical Group IV: Polish Students, Club I-VI, Scholarship Committee VI: Daffvdil II-V3 AQA Honour Medical Society VI. JAMES F. BELL. ELLIOTT R. BERANBAUM, Toronto: Harbord C.I., Vaughan Rd. C.I.gU.C.g EAM, fDAEg Hillel I-III: Daifydil, Vice-Chairman V. Future: Intern at New Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto. CHARLES W. BIRKETT, Toronto: Runnymede C.I.g NSN: Meds. Football I-II, IV: Wycliffe Basketball I-IV3 Frat., Secretary Vg Daffydil I-VI: Wyclitfe Hockey I-VI. Future: General Practice. GREGORY M. BROWN. JACK S. BURGER, Lakef-ield, Ont.: Lakefield H.S.g f-DX: Sr. Rugger II-Vlg Lacrosse I-VI: Hockey II-III. Future: General Practice. 0.B.E., B.A., M.B., LL.D., F.R.C.S. Facult of Medlclne . 1. .igi ., A R f 0 Y? 1 T? YL Y T Y' if . Y 4, Y 'P ,x Zh V-Elgar MH' 3 ? MEDICINE 358 WILLIAM J. BURGESS, Alliston, Ont., Elmvale District H.S., KE, Knox College Association, Vice-Pres. II, Knox Hockey Team, Mgr. IV. W. PAUL BUTT, Toronto, Malvern C.I., Intercollegiate Rugger II-VI. ROBERT V. CARLISLE, Owen Sound, York Memorial C.I. and Owen Sound C.V.I., AKK, Department of Pathology, Banting Institute, Autopsy Service I. Future: General Practice. ALBERT G. CECUTTI, Sudbury, Sudbury H.S., AKK, Medical Athletic Ass'n I-III, V-VI, Vice-Pres. V, Pres. VI, Medical Society VI, University Athletic Directorate V3 Intramural Sports Committee V, Varsity Football Int. II, Varsity Blues Hockey III, Meds. Football I, III-V, Coach III-V, Meds. Hockey I-II, Meds. Senior Lacrosse II-IV. HUGH R. CHAMBERS, Toronto, Forest Hill C.I., Trinity, Hart House Camera Club V, Daffydil I-II, IV. Future: General Practice. LIONEL D. J. CHISHOLM, Hamilton, Westdale S.S., NSN, Meds. Football I, Meds. Waterpolo I-VI, Varsity Blues Waterpolo Team II-V, Medical Athletic Assoc. Rep III, Medical Society, Treasurer IV, Daffydil VI. A. RONALD COCHEN, Toronto, Parkdale C.I., fbAEg Debating I, Daifydil IV-V. Future: Obstetrics and Gynecology. MAURICE COHEN, Toronto, Harbord C.I., KIHAE. WILFRED R. COHEN, Windsor, Kennedy C.I., drAE. Future: General Practice, Los Angeles. ROBERT E. W. CREIGHTON, Toronto, Malvern C.I., fI1X, U. of T. Rugger Club III-IV, Meds. Football I-II. A. MILTON CROTIN, Ansonville, Ont., Iroquois Falls H.S., QAE, Daffydil IV-V, Basketball I-III, Volleyball I-VI. Future: General Practice. R. HUGH CURRY, Montreal, U.T.S., AKE, Daffydil I, Varsity Blues Hockey II-III, Football I, E.A.C. Rep. II. DONALD D. CURTIS tB.P.H.E.l, Peterborough, Peterborough C.V.I. JOSEPH J. DANIS, Toronto, De LaSalle College, Meds. Waterpolo I, U.C. French Club I-II. HARRY A. DAVIDSON, Toronto, Vaughan Rd. C.I., OX, Dalfydil I-VI, Director VI. MACEY DENNIS. D. NEIL DICKSON, Utica, N.Y., Northwood Prep School. GERALD J. EDELIST. JOHN G. EDMEADS, Toronto, Etobicoke C.I., Daffydil I-II, C.O.T.C. I-III. Future: Internal Medicine. JAMES C. EVANS, Bradford, Ont., Bradford District H.S., Ay, Varsity Christian Fellowship I-VI, Cabinet III-V, Meds. Lacrosse I-VI, Meds. Hockey I-IV. Future: United Church Hospital in B.C. PAUL S. B. EZRA, Windsor, Hon. W. C. Kennedy C.I. K. ARNOLD FAUGHT, Cobden, Ont.: Cobden H.S., McMaster University. Future: General Practice in Pembroke. WILLIAM P. FINN, Toronto: Humberside C.I.: AKK: Meds. Hockey I, Meds. Lacrosse I5 Meds. Football II-IV. GERALD GOLD, Toronto, Harbord C.I., Vaughan Rd. C.I.: Minor League Volleyball III-VI: Minor League Basketball III-VI. CHARLES G. GONSALVES, Kingston, Jamaica: U.C.C.: Meds. Football, Intercollegiate Boxing: Daffydil. Future: Post-Graduate Work. JOSEPH GRADER, Toronto: Forest Hill C.I.: QIJAE: Art Committee of Hart House, Film Sub-committee Chairman II-III: Table Tennis Club I, Meds. Volleyball I-II: Meds. Basketball I-II: Hillel IV-VI. Future: Ophthamology. RONALD J. GRANT, Toronto: Leaside H.S.: Basketball I-III: Volleyball I-II, IV-V. Future: General Practice. PAUL FRANK GREENHOW, Hamilton: Westdale C.I.: AKK3 Meds. Rugby II, IV: Meds. Volleyball II: Meds. Basketball II. Future: General Practice. RUTH A. GROH, Preston, Ont.: Rockway Mennonite H.S., Preston H.S.: M.W.U.A.A. I, IV5 Softball I, IV: Hockey I, VI, Manager III, U.C.F. I, III, Daffydil, Costumes IV. PAUL S. GROSE, Toronto: Runnymede C.I.: Meds. Lacrosse Vg Meds. Hockey II. Future: General Practice. IRVING N. GROSFIELD, Toronto: Forest Hill C.I., QAEQ Meds. Basketball I-VI: Squash II-VI: Meds. Volleyball III-VI, Lacrosse IV: Intercoll. Waterpolo IV-V: Meds. Waterpolo II-VI: Daffydil I-VI, Directorate IV-VI5 Frat. Pledgemaster Vg Class Executive VI: Class Year Book VI. Future: Pediatrics. R. GERALD GUEST, Toronto: Malvern C.I.: '-IDX: Meds. Basketball III-VI: Class Year Book VI. Future: Intern at Toronto East General Hospital. HERBERT F. HABERMAN, Toronto, Bloor C.I.: WAS, Volleyball I-II: Basketball I-II: University Settlement III-V. DAVID A. HALDENBY, Toronto: U.T.S.g AKK: Meds. Football III-VI: Meds. Hockey III-V, Jr. C.A.M.S. Rep. V: Datfydil IV-VI. HARRY J. E. HALL, Toronto: North Toronto C.I.: fIJAX: Senior Intercoll. Tennis I, III-IV, Pres. III-IV: Intercoll. Football, Intermediate I, Senior II-IV: Meds. Football VI, Coach: Interfaculty Squash, Water- polo, Basketball: Class Executive V3 M.A.A. Vg Bronze "TU VI. WARNER C. HALL, Little Britain, Ont.: Lindsay C.I., Varsity Band I-IV: DaHydil Orch. II-IV. ROY E. HALLETT, Yorkton, Sask.3 Yorkton C.I.: Queens University I-V: Tennis, Chess: Boxing. Future: Specialization in Psychiatry. JULES E. HARRIS, Toronto: Forest Hill C.I., QAE: Hart House, Library Comm. II-V, Sec. III, Vg Hart House, Board of Stewards III, Vg U. of T. Rep. to McGill Conference on World Affairs V5 Daifydil I-VI: Medical Debating, Chairman II, Staff-Student Comm. III, Lacrosse I-IV: Soccer III-IV: Volleyball IV, Basketball I-II: C.A.M.S.I., Income Tax Comm. IV, National Pres. VI: C.I.P.S., Sec.-Treas. V: Medical Society Assembly VI: AQA Honour Medical Society VI. Future: Physiology and Internal Medicine. ARCHIE R. HEIDE, St. Catharines: St. Catharines C.I. and V.S.: Varsity Christian Fellowship I-IV. PAUL E. A. HISCOX, Toronto, Earl Haig C.I.: Hockey I-III: Football IV-Vg Varsity Squash IV: Basketball Ig Volleyball I-II: Intramural Sports Committee III: Daifydil IV, VI. JACK HOFFMAN, Toronto: Harbord C.I.: QDAE: Hart House Swimming, Lifesaving Instructor I-II, Hart House Art Committee, Film Sub- committee I3 AQA Honour Medical Society VI. Future: Post-Graduate Work. ' VICTOR HOHENLOHE, Beamsville, Ont., H.S., Vienna, Austria. Future: General Practitioner. MEDICINE 359 MEDICINE MW 360 90- JACK H. HOLTZMAN, Toronto, Harbord C,I., Faculty of Pharmacy, Pllflvg Basketball III-VI, Volleyball III-VI, Squash VI, DaHydil, Make- up III-IV, Skit VI. Future: General Practice. MARY ANN HOOEY, Sudbury, Sudbury H.S., Volleyball I-VI, Basketball I-II, IV, Baseball I, Medical Women's Athletic Assoc. II-IV, Class Sec. II, VI, Daifydil, Costumes IV. RALPH F. HULL, Toronto, Forest Hill C.I., Basketball II-VI, Daffydil II-IV, Class Pres. III, Meds. Society III, Volleyball IV, "Epistaxis", Editor VI, Osler Society, Chairman V, Hockey IV. Future: General Practice. FRANK G. JAMES, Toronto, Jarvis C.I., U. of W.0.: AKK, Class Vice- Pres. III. Future: General Practice. H. PETER JAMES, Toronto, De LaSalle College "Oaklands", Hockey III-IV, Squash I-III, Volleyball II, Newman Club I-VI, Vice-Pres. IV, Medical Journal V-VI, Business Manager V. MARIA B. KACZANOWSKI, Whitby, Weyburn Collegiate, Sask., Polish Students' Club I-VI. RICHARD KALINOVSKI, Warsaw, Poland, Gravenhurst, Ont., Liceum Rejtana, Warsaw, Lycee Michelet, Vanues, Seine, France, Montreal H.S., Gravenhurst H.S., Daffydil II-III, Loudon House, Executive II-III. JOHANNES WILHELMUS KALKMAN, Toronto, Lyceum. NORMAN W. KELLY. IRWIN KELTZ, Toronto, Forest Hill C.I., IIA1D, Football III-IV, Basketball III-VI. Future: General Practice. GORDON A. KERBEL, Toronto, Forest Hill C.I.,-QDAE, Class Treas. IV, Staff-Student Representative V, Daffydil III, Minor League Volley- ball III-VI, Minor League Basketball III-IV, Minor League Squash V. NORMAN J. KERBEL, Toronto, Jarvis C.I., U.C., QAE, Basketball III-VI, Volleyball III-VI, Squash IV-VI, F'raternity Chancellor V. Future: General Practice. ROBERT KLOSTE R. ROBERT J. KNOWLTON, Toronto, St. Michael's College School, Assump- tion University, IDAG, Golf IV. MARTIN KOSOY, Toronto, Oakwood C.I., QJAE5 Daffydil I, Make-up IV, Year Skit VI, Waterpolo, Varsity II-IV, Faculty I-VI, Class Athletic Rep. IV, Meds. Waterpolo Rep. IV, U. of T. Film Society II, VI. Future: Pediatrics. HAROLD KRAVITZ, Toronto, Harbord C.I., Faculty of Pharmacy, Pflfb, fIwAI-I, Volleyball IV-VI, Basketball III-VI, Daffydil IV, VI, Fraternity Treasurer IV. Future: General Practice in California. GERALD S. LANSKY, St. Catharines, St. Catharines C.I. and V.S., Inter- mediate Varsity Blues I-III. Coach IV-V, Basketball I-VI, Vice-Pres., Athletic Directorate IV-V: Waterpolo IV-VI, Daifydil VI, ASIA Honour Medical Society VI, Devonshire House I-V. Future: Surgery. ALBERT E. LARNER, Hamilton. STUART B. LEE, Toronto, Humberside C.I., U. of T. Rugger IV-VI, Daffydil VI, AQA Honour Medical Society VI. RAYMOND C. LEVIN, Toronto, Forest Hill C.I., fI1AE, Daffydil I-IV, Volleyball I. A. HUGH LITTLE, Guelph, Guelph C.V.I., Football I-II, Soccer III-VI, E.A.C., Executive III, Carabin Weekend III-IV. BARRY J. LITTLE, Toronto, Forest Hill C.I., Pres., Medical Music Club IV. Future: Post-Graduate Work. MARLYN L. LIVERMORE, Toronto, Lawrence Park C.I., Basketball I, Dalfydil, Make-up I-IV, Interacts II, Costumes II-IV, Glee Club II-IV, Year Skit IV, Medical Music Club II-VI, Sec. V, Social Convenor VI, Class Sec. V. LYNN F. W. LOACH, Toronto, East York C.I., QX, Intercoll. Intermediate Golf Championship Team I, Lacrosse I-VI, Fraternity, Vice-Pres. V, Pres. VI. Future: General Practice. W. MURRAY McADAM, Kitchener, Kitchener-Waterloo C.I. and V.S., GPX, Lacrosse II-VI. D. JAMES MacDONALD, Toronto, Humberside C.I., Varsity Christian Fellowship I-VI, President VI. Future: Medical Missionary Work. WILLIAM C. MacINTYRE, Ogdensburg, N.Y., Ogdensburg Free Academy, NSN, Intermediate Rugger III, Soccer III, Basketball III, Hockey IV, Medical Quartet III, Medical Society III, Carabin IV, Daffydil IV. O. REDMOND IVIcNEILL, Toronto, Forest Hill C.I., QA6, Daffydil, Stage Crew Lighting II, Camera Club II-III, C.A.M.S.I., Transatlantic Exchange Student Committee III, Class Photography. Future: Post- Graduate Surgery. JOHN D. MALONEY, Madison, Wisconsin, Madison West H.S., 1I1A6, Basketball IV-VI, Volleyball V. ALFRED I. MARGULIES, Toronto, Bathurst Heights C.V.S., 1I1AEg Volley- ball I-III, Basketball I-III, Rifle Club V-VI, Camera Club II, Daffydil II-VI, Make-up Director V-VI. JOHN E. MILLIGAN, Hamilton, Central S.S., Hart House, Glee Club I-V, Librarian II, Secretary III, Executive IV, Meds. Soccer I-V, Daffydil I-II. Future: Internship in Toronto. DAVID P MITCHELL, Toronto, Jarvis C.I., NSN, U.N.T.D., Summer I-Il, Daffydil I-V, Fraternity Vice-Pres. V, Class Vice-Pres. VI. HARVEY MOLDOFSKY, Toronto, Harbord C.I., Volleyball I-II, Basketball I-II, Daffydil Orchestra IV-VI. PETER C. F. MOORE, Hamilton, Westdale S.S., NSN, Daffydil II-Ill, Medical Journal II-VI, Editor-in-Chief VI, Medical Society VI. JOSEPH DONALD MORIN, Toronto, St. Michael's C.S., NSN, Football I-II, IV, Waterpolo I-VI, Lacrosse I, Athletic Rep. II, H.H. Comm. III-IV, Carabin IV-V, Daffydil III, V, A.V.R. V, N.F.C.U.S., Seminar VI, Comm. VI, Student Conference on National Affairs in Texas VI, Class Vice-Pres. I, Staff-Student Curriculum Comm. VI. REBEKA MOSCARELLO tMrs.l, Toronto, Crescent Heights H.S., Calgary, Alta., AQA Honour Medical Society VI. Future: Medical Research. DOUGLAS A. MURDOCH, South River, Ont., South River C.S., North Bay C.I. and V.S., AKK, Hockey I-IV, Fraternity President VI, Dalfydil Glee Club III. Future: General Practice. STANLEY L. NEIMAN, Toronto, Harbord C.I., 1lwAE, ASIA, Basketball II, Daifydil IV-VI, Intramural Sports Oflicial I-II, Fraternity Vice-Consul IV, Consul V, Senator VI, AQA Honour Medical Society VI. HARVEY NEWTON, Toronto, Forest Hill C.I., U. of W.O., BSP, Student- Staff Relations Committee IV, Class President, 5T9 Meds. V, Editor, "The Probe" IV. PAUL A. T. NOLAN, Lindsay, Lindsay C.I., KIIX, Basketball I-ll, Volleyball I-II, Daffydil I-III, H.H. Glee Club V-VI, Newman Club III-V. Future: General Practice. DONALD J. PAUL, South Porcupine, Ont., South Porcupine H.S., U.C.C., AKK, Senior Hockey I-V, Lacrosse I-IV, Intramural Hockey Standing Committee IV-V. Future: General Practice. JOHN J. M. PEACOCK, Toronto, St. Michaelis C.S., AKK, Canadian Oliicers Training Corps IV-VII, Newman Club IV-VII. MEDICINE 361 MEDICINE I E 362 GORDON U. PERKIN, Toronto, U.T.S., NEN, Lacrosse I-V, Waterpolo I-IV, Daffydil I-IV, Fraternity Vice-Pres. V, AQA Honour Medical Society VI, Class Vice-Pres. II, Local CA.M.S.I. Officer IV-V, Class Pres. VI. GLORIA B. PIERCE, Toronto, Bathurst Heights C.V.S., Daffydil I-VI, Medical Society, Sec. III, M.W.U.A. II, IV, VI, Carabin V, Basketball I-II, S.A.C. VI. MICHAEL J. PORTER, Toronto, High Wycombe Royal Grammar School, England, Hart House, Exploration Society Comm. II-IV, President IV, Carabin Exchange Weekend IV, Daifydil III, Soccer I-VI, Manager IV, Caledon Hills Farm, Comm. and Work Manager III. W. ROSS PRINCE, Toronto, Malvern C.I., IPX, Daffydil I-VI, Directorate II-VI. WILLIAM C. PROCTER, Ottawa, Glebe C.I., IDX, Osler Society I-VI, Pres. IV, Medical Journal I-II, Daffydil Glee Club II-IV, Bus. Mgr. VI, Basketball I-IV, Volleyball I-IV. Future: General Practice. HYMAN H. RABINOVITCH, Montreal, P.Q., Baron Byng H.S., McGill University, Daifydil III-VI, Hillel III-IV, Squash, Swimming. CHARLES J. RADFORD, Toronto, Western T.C.S., Varsity Christian Fellowship I-VI, Soccer I-III, Basketball I, VI, Daifydil VI. DONALD A. RICHARDSON, Toronto, Oakwood C.I., Royal Canadian Navy IReserveJ III-VI. Future: Obstetrics and Gynecology. DON S. ROBERTSON, Leaside, Ont., U.T.S., Daffydil I-II, Basketball I, Lacrosse I-IV. Future: Internship in Toronto, Then General Practice. JAMES S. RODGERSON, Toronto, Kitsilano H.S., Vancouver, EX, Daffydil IV, VI, Vice-Pres., Medical Society V, Reserve Navy III-VI, Fraternity President III. Future: General Practice. GERALD P. ROSEN, Toronto, Oakwood C.I., QDAE, Daiydil Directorate I-VI, Debating I, Waterpolo II-IV, Volleyball IV-V, Hart House Art Committee V. MERVYN B. ROSS, Kirkland Lake, Ont., Kirkland Lake C.V.I., HDAE, Volleyball I-VI, Basketball II-VI, Waterpolo IV, Daffydil II-VI, Assoc. Directorate VI. Future: General Practice. HOWARD RUBINOFF, Toronto, North Toronto C.I., fDAE, Blue and White Society II-V, I.R.C. I-V, F.R.O.S. IV-V, Carabin III, McGill Conference on World Affairs VI, U. of T. Film Society I-VI, H.H.O.A. V-VI, Osler Medical Society, President V-VI, U. of T. Intermediate Waterpolo I-V, Senior VI, Meds. Waterpolo I-VI, Minor Basketball I-IV, Minor Volleyball I-V, Interfaculty Swim Meet II-V. JOSEPH J. RUDD, Toronto, St. Andrew's College, Aurora, NEN, U. of T. Rifle Team I-III, Hockey I-IV, Fraternity Pres. V, Undergraduate Pathological Society, Chairman VI. Future: Cardiology. W. JAMES S. RUMBALL, Kirkland Lake, Ont., Kirkland Lake C. and V.I., NSN, Volleyball I-II, Basketball I-II, Daifydil I-VI, Musical Director III, V-VI. Future: Post-Graduate Training. HARRY M. SANDERSON. SALLY J. SAUNDERS, Toronto, St. Clements, Daifydil I-II, Medical Journal, Editorial StaH I-II, Medical Music Club IV-V, Social Convenor V, Medical Women's Undergraduate Association I-VI, Secretary III, Class Vice-Pres. V, Pres. VI. HARRY SCHACHTER, Trinidad, B.W.I., Hart House Glee Club I-II, Daffydil Orchestra II-III, AQA Medical Society III-IV. I.. TERENCE scuLLY, Cornwall, c.C.v.s., U. of ottawa, ox, Daifydil III, VI, Basketball III-IV, VI, Chess Club III, R.C.A.F. fRes.J VI. Future: General Practice. JOHN T. SHEPHERD, Pickering, Ont., Ridley College, Wycliffe Soccer I-IV, Volleyball I-IV, Hockey I-V, Squash I-III, Meds. Soccer V, Foot- ball IV, Wycliffe Literary Society, Treas. II, Minister of Justice IV, Athletic Society, Sec. III. JERRY SILVER. DAVID C. SIMMS, Simms, Long Island, Bahamas, The Berkeley Institute, Pembroke, Bermuda, Medical Christian Fellowship, Vice-Pres. V-VI, "Probe", Advertising Manager V-VI. Future: General Practice at Simms. MARVIN SKOLNICK, Toronto, Harbord C.I. Future: General Practice. BERNARD SLATT, Toronto, Forest Hill C.I., Daffydil I-II, VI, Hart House Comm. Rep. HI, Meds. Debating Team II-III, Waterpolo I-III, Intercoll. Squash II-V, Intramural Squash I, V, Meds. Athletic Assoc., Sec.-Treas. IV, James Kineer Trophy. DONALD W. S. SMITH, Fergus, Ont., Fergus District H.S., Sr. Meds. Lacrosse III-V, Minor League Basketball. Future: General Practice. FREDERICK A. SOHL, Beska, Yugoslavia, Humanistic H.S., Yugoslavia. LIONEL P. SOLURSI-I, Toronto, Harbord C.I., Daffydil II-VI, "Probe,', Photo Editor V-VI, Volleyball III, Meds. Photos for Torontonensis III-VI, U. of T. Rifle Club V-VI, Class Treasurer VI. WALTER T. SOROKOLIT, Mimicog Mimico H.S. JAMES R. STANDEN, Weston, Ont., Swift Current C.I., Sask., KA, DaFEydil III-VI, Director VI. JOHN C. STEELE, Toronto, U.T.S., Zllf, Blue and White Society III-V, Carabin VI. DAVID H. STEPHEN, Toronto, Harbord C.I., U. of T., B.P.H.E. and B.A., Athletic Directorate I-H, Sr. Hockey I-VI, U.C. Lacrosse II-III, Meds. Lacrosse I. JACK STORK, Toronto, Bloor C.I., Basketball I, Volleyball II. LYNETTE E. SUTHERLAND, Toronto, St. Joseph's Convent, ASIA. ROY TURCHIN, Toronto, Harbord C.I., Intramural Athletics, Meds. Football III, Daffydil II. LAI LA M. TUTE RS. THORPE B. VANDEMARK, Toronto, Lawrence Park C.I., Elllfb. Future: Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery. A. W. PETER van NOSTRAND, Vandorf, Ont., Aurora District H.S., NZN, Football I, Basketball I-II, Intermediate Intercollegiate Track Champions II, Interfaculty Boxing Champion II, Lacrosse III-VI, Hockey IV, Class Vice-Pres. IV, Daffydil II-IV, Warden of the Medical Society VI, Fraternity Pres. V. DAVID E. WARKENTIN, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Stamford C.V.I., AQA Honour Medical Society VI. Future: General Practice. JOHN K. WARNICA, Barrie, Barrie and District C.I., Varsity Christian Fellowship I-IV, Treas. II, Meds. V.C.F. Pres. III, Daifydil I, III, Wycliffe College Basketball I-IV3 Taylor Debating Trophy I. E. CLARK WERRY, Enniskillen, Ont., Bowmanville H.S., fl1X, Fraternity Secretary, Judge Advocate, Intermediate Intercollegiate Soccer II. LAWRENCE W. WHITE, Toronto, Forest Hlll C.I., QAE, Intramural Basketball I-III, Intramural Volleyball I-II, Daffydil II-III, Directorate IV. Future: Internal Medicine. EDWARD J. WILK. MEDICINE 363 MEDICINE GORDON E. WILLIAMS, Clarkson, Ont., Mimico H.S., New Toronto S.S., Waterpolo I-VI. Future: General Practice. DOUGLAS R. WILSON, Toronto, U.T.S., AKE, Meds. Football I-V, Coach IV-V, Meds. Waterpolo I-VI, Daffydil I-IV, Class President II, President, Medical Society VI, AQA Honour Medical Society V-VI, President VI. RONALD M. WINTROB, Toronto, North Toronto C.I.5 International Relations Club I-IV, Vice-Pres. II-III, Historical Club V, External Affairs Committee III-V, Blue and White Society I-IV, Cultural Chair- man III, Library Committee of Hart House V-VI, U. of T. Film Society I-VI, Medical Society III, VI, Datfydil I-II, IV, Squash II-V. Future: Post-Graduate Work in Psychiatry. HENRY WOLSTAT, Toronto, Vaughan Rd. C.I., QDAE, DaHydil I-VI, A.V.R. VI, Staff, "The Probe" VI, Minor Basketball I-VI, Minor Volleyball I-V, Soccer IH. ED. GEORGE WOODWARD, Port Credit, Ont., Mimico H.S. WALTER WOYCHUK, Toronto, Jarvis C.I. Future: General Practice. ANDY S. ZAJAC, Toronto, Jarvis C.I., Lacrosse I-II5 Ukrainian Students' Club I-VI, Treasurer III, Vice-Pres. IV, President V, Waterpolo I-II, Fencing I-II, Hart House Glee Club II, Daffydil IV. Future: General Practice. MERVIN H. ZIMMERMAN, Toronto, Harbord C.I., KIQAE, Daffydil II, R.C.A.F., University Squadron III-VI, Treasurer V, Intramural Volley- ball, Basketball I-II, AQA Honour Medical Society VI. GILBERT A. ZUKER, Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls C.V.I., QJAE, ASIA, Volleyball I-VI, Basketball I-VI, Waterpolo III-IV, Daffydil I-VI, A.V.R. V, AQA Honour Medical Society VI. Future: Surgery. e11e- m . r . 1 X. y In f . WE F I' E W5 I Il- If .NLE 15 me - E -E . i """" DEAN: WILLIAM AIDE, Timmins: Artist and Licentiate Diploma: Timmins H. and V.S.: V.C.F. II-III: Hart House Music Committee II: Music Undergrad. Society I: Reporter, "The Varsityv, III. Future: Pianist. ANNE ALTENBURG, Hamburg, N.Y.: Licentiate Diploma: Hamburg Central H.S.: University Chorus I-III: Undergrad. Assoc. Rep. II. Future: Study in New York City. lNo Photographj. M. NUALA D. BELL, Drumbo, Ont.: Music Education: Woodstock C.I., Paris D.H.S.: U. of T. Symphony Orchestra I-III: Undergraduate Association II. DIANA V. BRAULT, Cornwall: Music Education: Cornwall C. and V.S.: University of Toronto Orchestra I-III. Future: O.C.E. ANNE MARIE CLARK, Galt: Artist Diploma: Galt C.I. and V.S.: Opera School I-III: Opera Chorus I-III: Opera Festival. Future: Study in Europe. iNo Photographl. SHEILA J. COLLINS, Windsor: Music Education: Hon. W. C. Kennedy C.I.: U. of T. Chorus I-III, Secretary II: Undergrad. Assoc., Exec. I-II, Sec. II: V.C.F. III. GEORGE A. C. DUNKLEY, Toronto: Music Education: Oakwood C.I.: U. of T. Chorus I-II, Assistant Conductor III: S.A.C. Music Committee III. Future: Teaching. CONSTANCE S. FRANCIS, Sarnia: Artist and Licentiate Diploma: Sarnia C.I. and T.S.: Cheerleader I-II. DIANE GRINDLEY, Winnipeg: Music Education: Balmoral Hall School: University Orchestra I-III: Varsity Christian Fellowship IH. Future: Teaching. MARY HARPER, Toronto: Licentiate Diploma: Ontario Ladies' College, Whitby: Music Undergrad., Vice-Pres. II: University Chorus I-III, Sec. III. Future: Marriage and Teaching. OLIVE A. HAY, Toronto: Music Education: North Toronto C.I.: University Chorus I-III: Student Christian Movement, Corresponding Secretary III. Future: High School Teaching. ROBERT O. HURSTI, Timmins: Music Education: Timmins H. and V.S.: Conservatory Symphony Orchestra II-III: University Symphony Orchestra I-III: Undergrad. III: Basketball III. MERNA JENKIN, Victoria, B.C.: Artist Diploma: Victoria H.S.: Con- servatory Residence House President II-III: Opera School I-III: Opera Chorus I-III: Conservatory Chorus I-III. Future: Wagnerian Opera Study in Germany. fNo Photography. WALTER H. KEMP, Verdun, P.Q.: General Music: Verdun H.S.: Music Director of H.H. Theatre "The Tempest" I: U. of T. Chorus I-II: U. of T. Orchestra, Assistant Conductor III: S.A.C. Music Committee III. Future: Post-Graduate Studies. GENIE MARIE D. KOHUT, Toronto: Music Education: Harbord C.I.: U. of T. Symphony Orchestra I-III. Future: O.C.E., then Post-Graduate Work at U. of M. . BOYD NEAL c.B.E., a.A. Faculty of Music 365 MUSIC SSP' 'Wk ?""-. "TDM Qo- lippwnw., yum QW WGN A l A. BAIRD KNECHTEL, Hanover, Ont.: Music Education: Hanover D.H.S.: U. of T. Orchestra: Conservatory Orchestra. JOAN LAFFERTY, Toronto: Artist Diploma. BARBARA LEA, Nelson, B.C.: Licentiate Diploma: Nelson Senior H.S.: University Chorus I-III: Varsity Christian Fellowship I-III. Future: Teaching. PIERRETTE LePAGE, Laval-Des-Rapides, P.Q.: Artist Diploma: Notre Dame H.S., Ottawa. Future: Concert Pianist. tNo Photographl. ROBERT J. MacPHEE, Toronto: Music Education: Etobicoke H.S. Future: Post-Graduate Work in Psychology of Music. ROWLAND McCORD, Woodstock, Ont.: Music Education: Woodstock C.I.: Interfaculty Basketball I-III, Hockey III: University Chorus I-III. Future: High School Teaching. EDWARD MCQUADE, Niagara Falls, Ont.: Music Education: Niagara Falls C.V.I.: TU: Undergrad. Soc., Pres. III: Opera Chorus II: U. of T. Chorus I-III. Future: Teaching, Secondary School. YVETTE MARCHESSAULT, Montreal, P.Q.: Artist Diploma: Teachers' College, Montreal. BRUCE MATHER, Toronto: General Music: U.T.S.: University Orchestra II-III. Future: Study at the "Conservatoire Nationale de Musique", Paris. ELIZABETH K. MATHIES, Leamington, Ont.: Music Education: United Mennonite Educational I.: University of Toronto Chorus I-III: Music Undergrad. Assoc. I-III. Future: High School Teaching. KATHRYN M. NEWMAN, St. Catharines: Artist Diploma: Niagara Falls C.V.I. ORVAL A. F. RIES, Toronto: Music Education: North Toronto C.I.: Conservatory Orchestra I-III: U. of T. Orchestra I-III: Woodwind Quintet of Royal Conservatory: Band of 411 Trumpet Squadron. Future: Teaching Instrumental Music. PHYLLIS RUNGE, Vancouver, B.C.: Artist and Licentiate Diploma: St. Maryls Academy, Winnipeg: Newman Club I-III: University Chorus I-III. Future: Pianist and Teacher. TERESA STRATAS, Artist Diploma. QNO Photography OLLESSIA L. TKACHUK, Toronto: Music Education: Central H.S. of Commerce: Conservatory Orchestra: String Quartet. LORETTA TO, Hong Kong, China: Music Education: Sacred Heart Girls' School, Hong Kong: University of Toronto Chorus I-III: Chinese Overseas Students' Association I-III: V.C.F. III: F.R.O.S. I-III. Future: Teachers, College. LEONA WEDMAN, Calmar, Alta.: Licentiate Diploma: Calmar H.S.: V.C.F. II-III: University Chorus I-III. Future: Teaching. 366 ' DIRECTOR: f SANDRA E. BAILEY, Torontog Lawrence Park C.I.g A415 S. of N. Hockey I-IVg Rep. II3 Women's Hockey Pres. IIIQ Basketball Ig S.P.S. Cheer- leader III. J. ELAINE BARRONS, Torontog Lawrence Park C.I.g KKF3 S. of N. Hockey I-IVQ Basketball I5 Swimming Ig Class President Ilg Ski Rep. IIIQ Skiing III-IV5 Badminton III. SUSAN E. BEVERIDGE, Torontog Havergal Collegeg A4115 S. of N. Swimming I-IIIg S. of N. Hockey I-IVg Athletic Club, President II. BRENDA J. BIRCH, Torontog Humberside C.I.g I'1l:Hg Fraternity Pres. IV3 Class Social Rep. I5 Volleyball I-III, Rep. II. HARRIET M. BOHONIUK, Torontog Humberside C.I.g Volleyball I-IIg Skule Night I-III3 Ukranian Student's Club I-IV5 Executive III-IV. MARILYN R. BOYNTON IMrs.l, Torontog St. Clement's Schoolg l'rbBg Hockey IIQ Basketball Ig Skule Nite II. THORA B. COOK, Torontog Riverdale C.I.g AAAQ Swimming Ig Hockey I-IV3 Basketball I-IIIg Volleyball, manager II-IIIg "Varsity Nursev photographer II5 Athletic Club, Hockey Rep. III. Future: New York Presbyterian Hospital. JANICE M. CUNNINGHAM, Windsorg Walkerville C.I.g Al'g Panhellenic Association III-IV3 Intercollegiate Swimming Team I-III5 S. of N. Swim Team I-IIIg S. of N. tion I-IIg U. of T. Swim Directorate IV. MARY ELIZABETH FRASER, Volleyball II-IIIg Blue and Hospital. Volleyball I-III3 S. of N. Athletic Associa- Club II-IIIg Pres. IIIg U. of T. Women's Thornhillg Forest Hill C.I.g Basketball IIg Gold IV. Future: New York Presbyterian VIRGINIA H. GOUGH, Torontog Weston C.V.S. Future: Public Health Nursing in Toronto. BETTY J. HALLIDAY, Torontog Lawrence Park C.I.g l'IB1Dg S. of N. Swimming Ig S. of N. Basketball I3 S. of N. Hockey I-IIIg Blue and Gold Committee Rep. I3 Social Committee Rep. IV. CHARLOTTE J. HUBBELL, Kitchenerg Kitchener C.I.g Debating II-IIIg S.A.C. Rep. IVg Students' Service Commissioner. School of ursing f 5 Wim En 33 2,45 Q for ZL0 TOPO? N. D. FIDLER 367 CAROL J. HUGHSON, Peterboroughg Peterborough C.V.S. GAIL J. JOHNSTON, Miami, Manitoba, Miami H.S.3 IIBfDg Drama Club II-III, Class Sec.-Treas. IV, Frat. Historian IVQ Basketball Manager II. DINAH KERZNER, Toronto, Lawrence Park C.I. MARY KOSCO, St. Catharines, 0nt.g St. Catharines C.I. and V.S.g Blue and Gold Rep. III, S. of N. Drama Club II-IV, costume mistress IV. C. GAY MacDONALD, Torontog Etobicoke C.I.g AI'g U. of T. Cheerleader I-Ilg Carabin III, S. of N. Debating Club IV3 S. of N. Hockey I, Swimming III. MARILYN M. MCCLURE, St. Catharines, St. Catharines C.V.S.g AFA3 Float Parade II-III, "Varsity Nurse" II3 Frat. Recording Sec., Class Treas. IIIg Drama Club I-IV, Pres. IV. JUDITH A. MacKlNNON, Copper Cliff, Ontario, Copper Cliif H.S.3 Al'Ag S. of N. Undergrad. Assoc. II-IV3 Sec.-Treas. Ilg 2nd Vice-Pres. III, Pres. IV, Debating II-IIIg Frat. lst Vice-Pres. IVg Carabin IV. MARILYN E. MCQUEEN, Torontog Vaughan Road C.I.g A Ag Basketball I-III, Volleyball I-IV3 Frat. Vice-Pres. IV. Future: Hospital Nursing. LYNN R. MALLIN, Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Kirkland Lake C.V.I.g AKIIEQ Frat. Panhellenic Rep. III, S. of N. Drama Club I-IVQ Student Service Rep. IV3 Hillel II. MARY JANE OTTO, Elmira, Ontario, Elmira H.S.g Drama Club Ig Varsity Christian Fellowship I-IV. Future: Public Health Nursing. DENISE S. PLATSCHORRE, St. Thomas, Ontario, St. Josephis H.S.g AF, Basketball II-II, Newman Club, Social Committee II, Publicity Director III3 E.A.C. IV, N.F.C.U.S. IVg Carabin IV. M. JOYCE RELYEA, Waterloo, Ontariog Kitchener-Waterloo C.V.S.g Arlrg S. of N. Undergrad. Council and Class Pres. Ig S. of N. Swim Team I-IVg U. of T. Swim Club III, Intercoll. Swim Team IIIg S. of N. Basketball I-Hg S. of N. Ski Team II-IVg S. of N. Golf Team III-IVg Pres. of S. of N. Athletic Club IV. Future: Victorian Order of Nurses. KATHLEEN M. ROWAT, Montreal West, Franklin Academy, Malone, N.Y.g Branksome Hall, Toronto, Toronto Student Nurses Association I-IV, V.C.F. I-IV, Nursing Undergraduate Council I-IVQ Debating IV. FLORENCE C. SMITH, Port Creditg Port Credit H.S.g Coach of Basketball II. Future: Victorian Order of Nurses. M. ANNE SUTHERLAND, Jordan Station, Ont.g St. Catharines C.I. and V.S.3 Bishop Strachan Schoolg KKF3 "Varsity Nurse" Staff II, Swimming II-IIIg Blue and White Society III5 Drama Club I-IVQ U.T.D.C. Sec. IVQ "Torontonensis" Rep. IV, Social Committee II-IVg Asst. Convenor IIIg Convenor IV3 N.F.C.U.S. Committee, Travel IVg E.A.C. Host Committee, Receptions IV, Carabin IV. OLGA VDOVJAK, Bradfordg Bradford D.H.S.g Gamma Delta Lutheran Club I-IV, Vice-President III-IV, Blue and Gold Convenor IIIg Carabin IV. NANCY M. WARTMAN, Napanee, Ontariog Napanee D.C.I.g Nursing Undergrad. Council III-IV, E.A.C. Rep. III, Class Pres. IVg E.A.C. Class Rep. II, Host Committee IIIQ Treasure Van, Chairman of Display Illg Chairman of Personnel Share III, Debating I-IV5 U.T.D.U. Rep. III, Pres. IV5 Float Parade Committee Ilg V.C.F. I-III. Future: General Duty Nursing. 368 J DEAN: RAYMOND C. ANDERSON, Georgetown, Ont., Georgetown H.S.3 Open House Comrnittee IV. Future: Retail Pharmacy in Brampton. HELENE I. ATKINSON, Clarkson, Ont., Port Credit H.S.g IIBQD5 House Committee, Whitney Hall Ig Class Vice-Pres. I-H, IV, Basketball Ig Blood Campaign III, Blue and White Society III, Dean's Stick III, Vice-Pres., U.P.S. IV5 Open House IV, Reporter, Pharmacy "Phlash" IV, Carabin IV. EMMANUEL M. ATLAS, Toronto, Harbord C.I. HENRY J. BAHMAN N, Toronto, Bad Mergentheim, Germany. Future: A Family and Retail Pharmacy. GEORGE BALASU, Hamilton, Soccer. Future: Retail Pharmacy. GERALD BIDERMAN, Toronto, Harbord C.I. FERDINAND L. BRISSON, Ottawa, Ottawa Tech. H.S., U. of O. Future: Retail Pharmacy. A. GREIG BROWN, Waterloo, Kitchener-Waterloo C.I. and V.S. .IULES M. BROWN, Toronto, Oakwood C.I.3 Chess I-III. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 4No Photography. RANDOLPH M. BROWN, Woodstock, New Brunswick, Woodstock H.S.g Torontonensis Representative IV. Future: Retail Pharmacy. DIANE P. BROWNLEE, St. Thomas, Ont., St. Thomas C.I.3 Volleyball II, Reporter, Pharmacy "Phlash" III5 Open House, Refreshments IV. Future: Retail, aiding in nuclear research. V. INGE BRUNNER, Toronto, Vaughan Rd. C.I., A0115 Basketball I-II, Swimming Ig Volleyball I3 U. of T. Fencing Team II-III. I Faculty of Pharmacy F. N. HUGHES Phm.B.,, M A, Ll. D AUDREY K. BUNGER tMrs.l, Toronto, Jarvis C.I., Pharmacy Bowling IV. MURRAY CAPLAN, Toronto, Parkdale C.I. Future: Retail Pharmacy. JAMES N. CARTER, Hamilton, Delta C.I. BERNARD R. CEIFETS, Toronto, Harbord C.I., Pllflv, Volleyball I-II, IV, Basketball I-II, IV, Boys' Sports Rep., U.P.S. II, Waterpolo III, Frat. Fiery Dragon III, Historian IV. SIDNEY J. CHARENDOFF, Toronto, Harbord C.I. GEORGE CIMBURA, Ottawa, Technical H.S. Future: Retail. JOHN T. DACYSHYN, Toronto, Bathurst Heights C.I., U.P.S., Social Director IV, Varsity Basketball I-II, IV, Football. Future: Retail Pharmacy. GUY F. J. DAOUST, Ottawa. Future: Retail in Ottawa. EDWARD G. DAVIES, Wallaceburg, Ont., Wallaceburg District H.S., Class Pres. I, Torontonensis Rep. I, Volleyball I-II, Basketball I-II, Residence Student Government II, Open House, Reception II, IV, Class Sec.-Treas. III-IV, U.P.S., Sec. III, Pres. IV. Future: Administra- tion Work in Hospital Pharmacy. HARVEY DOLMAN, Toronto, Vaughan Rd. C.I., I'Il1I1, Volleyball I-IV, Waterpolo III, Basketball I-IV, Soccer II-IV, Frat. Scribe IV. STELLA DOMBROSKI, Milton, Ont., Milton H.S., Bowling IV, Volley- ball I. RALPH L. EISEN, Toronto, Harbord C.I. THEODORE EKER, Toronto, Harbord C.I. Future: Retail Pharmacy. JEROME L. EPSTEIN, Toronto, Bathurst Heights C.V.S., Hart House Glee Club I-III, Executive, Basketball I-IV, Football III-IV. Future: Retail Pharmacy. MICHAEL E. FARBER, Toronto, Forest Hill C.I., PIIQD, Waterpolo III, Basketball, Football. Future: Retail Pharmacy. EDWARD R. FLINT, London, L.C.C.I., BOII, Frat. Songmaster, Director, Theta Zeta Men's Chorus. Future: Industrial Pharmacy. MURRAY H. FREEDMAN, Toronto, North Toronto C.I., Pllflvg Frat. Photography and Exec. IV, Volleyball I-II, Basketball I-II, Photo- grapher, "Pharmakon" III-IV, "Torontonensis", Photographer III. STANLEY FREEDMAN, Toronto, Vaughan Rd. C.I., EAM. Future: Retail Pharmacy. E. NEIL GLEASON, Barrie, Barrie H.S., Pharm. Basketball Rep. III. IRVING GOLDBERG, Toronto, Harbord C.I., Squash I-II, Waterpolo I-III, S.A.C. Rep. III-IV, U.P.S. III-IV, Chairman, A.V.R. IV, Blue and White Society, Chairman III, Basketball, manager, U. of T. Music Committee. Future: Retail Pharmacy. AUSMA GOLTS, Timmins, Timmins H. and V.S., Latvian Students' Club. 270 I SHEILA GRAD, Toronto: Bathurst Heights, Riverdale C.l.g Volleyball Ig Bowling IV. Future: Retail Pharmacy and Europe. JAMES G. HOLLOWAY, Torontog Oakwood C.I., Editor, "Pharmakon" IV: Basketball I-II, IV. Future: Retail Pharmacy. J. HUNEAULT - Sister Fernande-Marie, Chelmsford, Ont.: Ottawa Separate H.S., Sudbury Separate H.S. Future: Hospital Pharmacy. WILLIAM L. HUTH, Guelph, Guelph C.V.I.g Campus Co-op. Residence Inc., Treasurer: Open House Co-ordinator IV. LAWRENCE HYTMAN, Torontog PIICD. MARIE F. JACK5, Kirkland Lake, Ont.: Kirkland Lake C.V.I.g Volleyball I-IIg Bowling IV. DEZSO KADAR, Toronto. TIIA KALD, Torontog Humberside C.I.3 Estonian Students' Club. GEORGE V. KIPROFF, Toronto, Bloor C.I.g Hockey III. JOHN P. S. KLIMASZEWSKI, Torontog De LaSalle H.S.g Hockey I-IV5 Athletic Representative III. PHILLIP W. KNIGHT, Brantfordg Brantford C.I. and V.S. ALBERT A. KRAKAUER, Toronto, Harbord C.I., PH1Irg Volleyball I-IV: Basketball I-IVg Soccer IV, Hockey, Manager III-IVg Waterpolo I-IVg Frat., Treasurer III, Chancellor IV. ALBERT LANDAU, Toronto: Harbord C.I.: Pflflrg Basketball, Badminton' Footballg Volleyballg Soccer, Tennis: Waterpolo. J THOMAS P. LANGFORD, Waterdown, Ont.: Waterdown H.S.g EN: New- man Club. NICHOLAS G. LELUK, Torontog Parkdale C.I.3 Athletic Representative IVQ Football. Future: Post-Graduate Work. BASIL K. J. LEONG, Hong Kong, China: Diocesan Boys' School. ROBERT A. LOCOCK, Willowdale. TERRENCE J. LOTH, Sarniag St. Catharines C.I. and V.S.g fDl'A. E. CAROLE MCCARNEN, Sault Ste. Marieg Sault C.I., Bowling IV5 Badminton III. Future: Retail Pharmacy. ROBERT V. McFADGEN, Hamiltong Westdale S.S.g WT, Frat. House Manager, Treasurer. JANEY MAKOWESKI, Niagara Fallsg Stamford C.I.: Bowling IVg Hockey IV3 "Torontonensis,' IVg Open House, Library IV. Future: Retail Pharmacy. PHARMACY ,WW M55 W 371 HILLE MALGI, Toronto, Lisgar C.I., Bowling IV. WAYNE A. MILLER, Port Elgin, Ont., Saugeen District H.S., EN. C. FAI MOK, Hong Kong, China. DONALD R. MOORE, Arnprior, Ont., Arnprior and District H.S.5 EN. G. ITEDJ E. MOORE, Leaside, Leaside H.S. Future: Moore Drugs Ltd., Don Mills, Ont. W. FRANK MORAN, Toronto, Secretary-Treasurer I5 U.P.S., Publicity Director IV5 Open House, Co-ordinator IV. Future: Retail Pharmacy. JOSEPH H. NOVOGRODSKY, Torontog, Harbord C.I., Soccer I-IV5 Advertising Manager, "Pharmakonv IV5 Volleyball I-IVg Open House II3 Basketball I-II, IV3 Class President III-IV. MANIU S. PALYS, Creighton Mine, Ont., Copper Cliff H.S. RASMA A. PERKONS IMrs.J, Torontog Humberside C.I., Latvian Students' Club. ALEX W. PRYOR, Hamilton, Dundas H.S. Future: Retail Pharmacy. JOHN S. RAY, New Torontog New Toronto S.S. Future: Retail Pharmacy. JOSEPH ROBERTS, Toronto, Harbord C.I. Future: Post-Graduate Work. MARGARET E. ROEMICH, Kingsville, Ont., Kingsville District H.S.5 Badminton III, Bowling IV. GILBERT ROSE, Toronto, Vaughan Rd. C.I., PHCD. PHILIP J. ROSENBERG, Toronto, Parkdale C.I., PIIfDg Soccer I-IV, Volleyball I-IV, Basketball I-IV, Marriage II3 Waterpolo III, Football III-IV5 Daughter III, Frat., Grand Ball Chairman IV, Open House, Dispensing IV. OREST L. SALMERS, Oshawag Oshawa C.V.I.g EN, Ukranian Students' Club, Volleyball III. NORMAN W. SARGEANT, Brantfordg Brantford C.I. and V.S.g Open House, Publicity IV. TERESA SHINOZAKI, Hamilton, Central S.S.g Nisei Students' Club I-IV, Badminton III, Bowling IV. JULE J. SHLACHTER, Toronto, Harbord C.I. WILLIAM E. SIDNEY. INo Photography. MARLENE H. SIMMONDS, Toronto, Etobicoke C.I., Volleyball, Manager I-IIg Badminton III, Hockey, Manager IV, Bowling IV5 Girls, Athletic Representative I-IV. Future: Retail Pharmacy and Travel. 372 1 ROBERT C. SIMPSON, Weston, Ont.3 Weston C.V.S. Future: Retail Pharmacy. JOHN R. F. STEWART, Waterdown, Ont.3 Waterdown H.S.: GDFA. Future: Retail Pharmacy in Hamilton. SERGE J. P. TONIN, Hamiltong Westdale H.S.: Class President II. NORMA TOTH, Burlingtong Hamilton C.C. IRENE B. UZINSKI, Toronto: Harbord C.I.: Social Representative Ig Volleyball I5 Badminton III: Bowling IV. . RONALD L. VACHON, Toronto: De LaSalle "Oak1ands"g Hockey I-IV3 Football I-IV. T. WESLEY WADDELL, Parry Sound: Parry Sound H.S. ROBERT A. WATSON, London: Sir Adam Beck C.I. ALLAN WEISBROD, Toronto: Harbord C.I.: Volleyball. WILLIAM S. WHITE, Woodstock, Ont.5 Woodstock C.I.: EN. Future: Marriage and Retail Pharmacy. DOUGLAS C. WIDDIFIELD, Torontog Runnymede H.S.: Basketball II-III. COLIN WONG, Hong Kong: Wah Yan College, Hong Kong: Photography IV. BELLA F. M. WOOD, Hong Kong, China. Future: Travel before Dispensing in the Orient. YEO WHA YUN. QNO Photography. JOHN A. ZVONAR, Port Arthur: Port Arthur C.I.: Hockey I-IV3 Camera Club III5 Basketball IV. Future: Retail Pharmacy at the Lakehead. PHARMACY HUM:-1 Agfa' KW- 4"""" wa-,Uk W.-R N' 373 and Health Education DIRECTOR: 1 J H. EBBS I WALTER C. ADAMS, Toronto, Malvern C.I., Senior Intercollegiate Football II-III, Basketball, U.C. I-III, Hockey, U.C. III. Future: B.A. and High School Teaching. GRAYDON D. BOYES, Bracebridge, Bracebridge H.S., Knox Athletic Director III, Knox Athletic Committee II, Knox Lacrosse, Basketball, Volleyball I-III, Knox Hockey II-III, U.C.-P.H.E. Football II. Future: O.C.E. ALLAN K. CONNOLLY, Toronto, Earl Haig C.I., TW, Football l-II, Varsity Blues Football II, U.C. Basketball, R. Tait MacKenzie Society. Future: B.A. ROBERT J. DANN, Toronto, East York C.I., Varsity Football II-Ill, Intermediate Football I, Manager, Varsity Basketball III. Future: B.A. J. MORGAN DEVER, Mount Forest, Ont., Mount Forest Dist. H.S., EN, Int. Intercollegiate Football I-ll, Sr. Intercollegiate Football III, U.C. Hockey, Jr. I. Sr. II-III, U.C. Track and Field, Jr. I-III, Jr. Inter- faculty Wrestling II, Frat. Social Chairman II, P.H.E., S.A.C. Rep. III, S.A.C. Rep. to U.T.A.A. III. JERRY DRUCHOK, Toronto, Western Tech.-Comm. School, Sr. Inter- collegiate Track and Field I-III, U.C.-P.H.E. Track and Field I, U.C.-P.H.E. Football II-III, U.C.-P.H.E. Wrestling III, U.C.-P.H.E. Basketball III, U.C.-P.H.E. Hockey, Manager. RAYMOND C. DUNN, Port Arthur, Port Arthur C.I., U.C. Football I, Intermediate Football II-III, U. of T. Hockey I-III, R.0.T.P. I-III, U.C. Athletic Director III. Future: B.A. at U. of T. NANCY E. FISK, Collingwood, Collingwood D.C.I., Adi, Cheerleader, U.C. I, Basketball, P.H.E. I-III, Volleyball, P.H.E. I-II, Baseball, P.H.E. II-III, Skiing, P.H.E. II-III, Coach, Volleyball I-III, Volleyball, Basket- ball Referee III. Future: Teaching. SHARON E. GILMOR, Fort William, Fort William C.I., Basketball I-III, Intercoll. Intermed. Basketball I-II, Hockey II-III, Baseball II-III, Badminton II, Volleyball II, Intercoll. Volleyball III, P.H.E.U.A. II-III, R. T. McKenzie Society, Bowling III. Future: O.C.E. FRANCES L. HALSALL, Toronto, Humberside C.I., llliilfg R. Tait McKenzie Society III, Intercoll. Volleyball I-III, U. of T. Cheerleader III, P.H.E. Volleyball I-III, P.H.E. Basketball I-III, P.H.E.W.A.A. III, P.H.E. Badminton III. FREDERICK M. HARVIE, Thorold, Ont., Lincoln and Welland District H.S., U.C.-P.H.E. Football II, U.C.-P.H.E. Basketball III, Board of Managers, C.C.R.I. III, Wrestling III. Future: Teacher in Secondary Schools. ANDREW J. HIGGINS, Dyment, Ont., Dryden H.S., EN, U.C. Football II-III, Basketball I-III, Track I-III, Sr. Intercollegiate Wrestling II-III. Future: B.A. 374 , JANET I. HUGHSON, Peterborough, Peterborough C.V.S., Intercollegiate Volleyball I-III, P.H.E. Volleyball I-II, Coach I, P.H.E. Badminton II, P.H.E. Bowling III, P.H.E. Softball III. Future: France. DOROTHY J. HUNTER, Toronto, R. H. King C.I., P.H.E.U.A. Secretary III, R. Tait McKenzie Society II-III, Secretary III, Volleyball I-II, Coach II-III, Manager II, Softball I-II, Manager III, Bowling III, Basketball, Manager II-III, Badminton I-II. K. DOUGLAS JACK, Clarkson, Ont., Port Credit H.S., TW, Intermediate Football III, Intermediate Basketball II-III, U.C. Football I, U.C. Basketball II. HELEN A. KEITH, Collingwood, Ont., Collingwood District C.I., Adi, Basketball II-III, Volleyball I-II, Softball I-III, Hockey I-II, Skiing I-III, U. of T. Ski-Club, Pres. III. LINDA KRIISA, Toronto, Jarvis C.I., Interfaculty and Intercollegiate Swim Teams I-III, Swim Club, Sec. II, Pres. III, Intercollegiate Volley- ball II-III, Interfaculty Volleyball II, P.H.E. Tennis II-III3 Interfaculty Tennis II, P.H.E. Badminton I-II, P.H.E.W.U.A.A. III. JUTA LAUL, Toronto, East York C.I., Intercollegiate Volleyball I-III, Volleyball Club, President III, P.H.E. Volleyball IAII, P.H.E. Archery I-II, P.H.E.W.U.A.A. II. DOUGLAS LOLIGHEED, Leaside, Leaside H.S., ANP, Intermediate Hockey I-III, Intermediate Football I-III, Senior Football II, U.C. Hockey II-III, Athletic Rep., P.H.E. III. Future: B.A. LAURA K. McKAY, Fort Frances, Fort Frances H.S., Basketball I-III, Intercoll. Intermediate Basketball II, Hockey II-III, Baseball II-III, Badminton II, Volleyball II, P.H.E.W.A.A. III, Bowling III, Coaching II-III. JOHN G. McKEE, Toronto, North Toronto C..I, BON, U.C.-P.H.E. Lacrosse I, U.C.-P.H.E. Football II, Cheerleader III, Volunteer Instructor, Gymnastics I-II. Future: Teaching. NORMAN F. MENCZEL. ROBERT S. MINER, Toronto, Thornhill H.S., TIP, Intermediate Football I, Manager III, U.C. Intermediate Basketball, Rep., P.H.E.U.A. III. Future: B.A., O.C.E. MARY LOUISE C. O'HAGAN, Toronto, St. Joseph's College School, Illiliv, Intercollegiate Volleyball II-III, Newman Club, Interfaculty Baseball II-III, Basketball I-III, Volleyball I-III, Badminton II. Future: B.A. WILLIAM J. O'HARA, Toronto, Runnymede C.I., Varsity Swim Team I-II- Wrestling Team II, Harrier II, Track I-III, Cheerleader II-III, U.C Waterpolo I-III, U.C. Basketball I. Future: Medicine. WALTER RADZIK. MAIA O. RAIMET, Toronto, North Toronto C.I., P.H.E. Volleyball I-III' Basketball I-III, Badminton I-II, Swimming II3 Skiing III, Intercoll Volleyball II. Future: B.A. Q N. GAIL ROYCE, Toronto, Moulton College, Volleyball, P.H.E. I Intercoll. I, Basketball, P.H.E. I-III, Softball, P.H.E. III, Hockey P.H.E. I, Swimming, P.H.E. I-III, Intercoll. I-III, P.H.E.W.A.A. I-III President III, P.H.E.U.A. I. Future: High School Teaching. 2 9 EDWARD P. SAUNDERS, Toronto, North Toronto C.I. JUNE E. SCEVIOUR, Toronto, Leaside H.S., KKF, P.H.E.U.A. ll- J P.H.E.W.A.A. II, R. Tait McKenzie Society II-III, President III, Archery Club I-III, President II-III, Intercollegiate Archery II-III' Basketball I-III, Tennis II. 1 M. PATRICIA SCULLY, Port Hope, Port Hope District H.S., Basketball P.H.E. I-III, Bowling III, Hockey, P.H.E. I-III, P.H.E.W.U.A.A. III, Softball, P.H.E. II-III, U. of T. Softball Club, President III. Future: Secondary School Teaching. ELDA E. SMOCKUM, Uxbridge, Ont., Uxbridge H.S., Basketball I-III- Intermediate Basketball II, Softball II-III, Badminton II-III, Hockey Manager III, Coaching II-III, R. Tait McKenzie Society II-III. F'uture' Teaching. 1 Q 9 JOHN C. SPENCE, Mimico, Ont., Mimico H.S., Lacrosse, Basketball, Hockey, Football, Interfaculty Track and Field I-III. Future: Teaching. PHYSICAL EDUCATION aw I S New .W . WA C94 ,wa Huw 'M 'QZQJA 375 1:-,. un-if MARGARET M. THOMPSON, Almonte, Ont.3 Almonte H.S.g Volleyball, P.H.E. I-II, Intercoll. IIg Basketball, P.H.E. I-III3 Softball II-IIIg P.H.E.W.U.A.A. II-III. Future: High School Teaching. TIINA TIMUSK lMrs.J, Torontog Vaughan Rd. C.I.3 P.H.E. Volleyball I-IIIg P.H.E. Basketball I-IIIg Swimming IIg Skiing. Future: High School Teacher. PETER J. WARREN, Leasideg Leaside H.S.g EN5 Intercollegiate Hockey, Sr. II, Intermed. I, III3 Intercollegiateflntermediate Football I, IIIQ Interfaculty Football Ilg Hockey Illg P.H.E.U.A., Treasurer II, Publicity Director III. Future: B.A. THOMAS WATT, Torontog Vaughan Rd. C.I.g Sr. Intercollegiate Hockey II-III5 Intermedflntercollegiate Football II-III3 U.C. Hockey, Rep. III, Coach. Future: Teaching. TERRY A. WENSLEY, Harrow, Ont.3 Harrow Dist. H.S.g ENQ P.H.E.U.A., Pres. IIIg Intermediate Hockey II-IIIg U.C. Hockey, Jr. I, Sr. II-IIIQ Jr. Interfaculty Wrestling Illg Int. Track and Field IIIg Frat. Rushing Chairman III. Future: B.A. JEAN McD WILLS, Torontog Bloor C.I.g KKFQ Intercollegiate Basketball I-IIIg Interfaculty Basketball I-IIIg U. of T. Womenls Basketball Club, President III3 Women's Athletic Directorate IIIg Intercollegiate Con- ference Rep. II-IIIg P.H.E.U.A. IIIg P.H.E.W.U.A.A. Ilg Interfaculty Baseball Ilg Interfaculty Swimming II5 Interfaculty Badminton IIIg Interfaculty Archery II. Future: O.C.E. awww' fr 2 -or E - vm,,.Mw'wQ'f" . . ws E, -ag - . ,. ,.wN""' " .A N' 'wg x .5 Sm Y' www 1 K' . MN -ww S . glam. ' N H5 ,ww .. 1-M A A '- N ,A,....aff i A' 5 1 ' Z ..,. .e. W 6245 4 2 ' NEW' Q .1 . M A A 533335422-:."3 4 -'ZA A YN ,125 A A 0 4 Y f avr , ,, Q42 f ,L 1 A E " 6 0 0 -ww A 1. ffw 4- '-2 . . J V f lf Qiigsfrf . if 4 ..s..,f lp, 4 V 1 V nh. rf we .st 5, A' -1 -V 1 "5 4- 5 y 22, Zee' ff AQ v f af- ,.. ., gla .W mmf A ' wr' v '- " 0 -2 WW' A 5 We as lil i J H R :.:?:g5f-gg: ..-.'-" -- Q' t: "'i:' - I Q,-::, in we-we 4 my iii 2 , 2 S , ,, -.,.,. , H .. M2 '. ' I ': . H . , 's A- 5. 'E,..vW .,,.,.,..h.v., z .il 4 . Q- we,-..1-:-age. .5253 S 24 - 4 . . 2. .. 11:- ef QA- Fri- . . 3'-:Q :. . A .1-Eiff..1Iaji,g.'A5g51,. -L: '- -'4' A ' .cf -' -2.12 : " :Ai.ff'f g . . ' ,Y .1. 1- I I . -.Jil DIRECTOR: A. T. JOUSSE 1 B.A., M.D. JANE P. ARNOTT, Toronto: Branksome Hall, KKI'g Interfaculty Baseball Ig Basketball I, III: P. and O.T. Undergrad. Assoc., Vice-Pres. II, Arts and Letters Rep. III5 Interfaculty Football III, Archery III. KAY K. T. BABA, Chatham, Chatham C.I.g Nisei Students' Club I-III, Freshie Rep. I, Co-Social Director II, I.S.O. Rep. III: P. and O.T. Baseball I-III: Volleyball Ig Archery III: Choir II, A.V.R. II, F'loat Parade II-III. ANNE K. BARNES, Toronto: St. Clement's School, Basketball I5 Debates Club II, Undergrad. Exec. II-III: E.A.C. rep. III, W.U.S. Host Committee Chairman III. Future: Therapist. J. LYNNE BEAMENT, Orilliag Havergal College, KKl'g Basketball Ig Group Rep. II. Future: Physical Therapy. ELIZABETH A. BERRY, Toronto, Lawrence Park C.I.g Open House I-III. Future: Therapy in Toronto. ELLEN E. BRADEY, Parry Sound: Parry Sound H.S.g AF: Open House I-III, Basketball I. Future: Occupational Therapy and Travel. M. ELIZABETH BRISLEY, Toronto: Leaside H.S.: Baseball Ig Archery III: Badminton III, Open House I-III. Future: Therapy in Toronto. LORNA J. M. BROWN, South Porcupine, Ont., South Porcupine H.S.g Archery Ig Open House I-III. SANDRA D. L. BROWN, Toronto: Lawrence Park C.Ig AOlIg Trinity French Club Ig F.R.O.S. I. ELIZABETH J. BURNETT, Toronto, Havergal College, AF, Volleyball I-II, Basketball I-II, Skule Nite I-II: A.V.R. II: Panhellenic Sec. II. VALERIE N. BUSTARD, Guelph, Guelph C.V.I.g A-113 Skule Nite I-II: Social Rep. I3 Swimming I5 "Miss P and OTU Ig S.P.S. Cheerleader I. MARY ANN CALNAN, Weston, Ont., St. Josephis H.S.: Newman Club I-III, Rep. III3 Hockey I-III, Badminton II-III: Float Parade II-III: Open House I-III. Future: Physiotherapy in Toronto. SHEILA D. CAMPBELL, Toronto: East York C.I.g Archery and Basketball I-III: Badminton I5 P. and O.T. Discussion Group I-III: Open House I-III, Canterbury Club III. E. BARBARA CASS, Toronto, Harbord C.I.g Bowling Ig Daffydil Ig Hillel I-III, Dentantics I-II. PATRICIA D. CASSAN, Toronto, North Toronto C.I.g Archery I5 Basketball I-III, Football II-III, Hockey I-II, Badminton II-III, Float Parade II-III, Open House I-III. Ph sical and ccupational Therap X i':i ,I ll fu I -4 wi g: Eg.: -. .. . ., N ' " " 1 .,.:5:Zr.-:1:E:lriQf5Z. . . X U W ZSZEV -. . :P . f. ,l , . 5.,,,1 -. 3, - 'f , .,.:s5:' ' .:. - M -'-' . A5'fr2:I:f'? , "5-: 9 5 W -,-4, --, N .-f- MH' H ,,,, - .1 " " i5?is5:, 'E-TE? " " V' -. 5 ' , . -53 1 Q 3 p "- I-a --- :-...- 'f22 f'2A.::1 .:- ' . 5 '-If , ' A -:..:, if 1 .V V . . .ia Q "' ,.- jg.-f Q. .-.M --ww . 2 2V "" ",' ' '3' ' Q -- . 2 35 5 I I " 3.1552-1:1-., ' F' ' . 'V -- , 1 - :-' 2: ::i5E5E: ':ff-":"':E5: A " ., ' , Z. . , ...., .., V A , , i - H isis- , -I hesiaf. 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V . , " ,f .fff-42255 " " 5972! yew ' ', "M C 1 Z?Cff24a ,"fZQwaff 4fWQW'f .-. rj .W I " X512 I . - "4 f,,l:,4 Q. M 771 ., V- , .V If V V. ,g,W,., I . W f f .gi ' - ' a f. W f 4 X .7 ,I , V' f f, aff: v WD ' .55 . I 'ff A f .Q .171 .V A s l I , , Q 12, ' f V f . I ,J M5131 V .. -5.2! .ft 123132: 5:21, ' ,Q 'f ' -'1 4 ' ' Q I f, VV . I y Wa., . f.V.,,,j4vQWf.,.I,v Q A Z I f " ' X' .1 - ...V .ff 'f ?ifsi7Wf'w ' ry ef fff.4Z, f aW,ag .J :eff . awww , ,, , V f 1 ' .gf . . 4 f f. . QW Z, ' ' 14 ff ,, w'."f!f. I ,CI l . if 41 378 f , Q a ! THERESA A. COMERY lMrs.I, Calgary, Alta.: St. Mary's Girl's School: Newman Club I-II: Skule Nite I: A.V.R. II: U. of T. Chorus I-II. CAROLYN M. DAVIS, Thornbury, Ont.: Thornbury District H.S.: Float Parade I: Open House I-III: Debates I-III: Sac. Rep. II. Future: Marriage and Therapy. ELINORE L. DURANT, Sudbury: Sudbury H.S.: Group Rep. II: Debates: U.T.D.U.: P. and O.T. Exec. Debating Rep.: Open House I-III. Future: Therapy. SUSAN M. FAIRCLOUGH, Toronto: Lawrence Park C.I.: KKF: Baseball I-III: Volleyball I-II: Badminton I: Football III: Hockey III. MARY E. FARRAR, Leaside: Leaside H.S.: Baseball I-III: Football III: Varsity Cheerleader II. PATRICIA A. FERGUSON, Burlington: Burlington H.S.: AFA: S.P.S. Cheer- leader I: Skule Nite I: P. and O.T. Debating II-II: Open House I-III: P. and O.T. Blue and White Representative III: Badminton I: Treasure Van I-III. Future: Rehabilitation Work in Hamilton. RUTH C. FERGUSON, Toronto: North Toronto C.I.: AFA: Baseball I: Hockey II: Debating II-III: Float Parade I-III: Sec. of P. and O.T. Undergrad. Assoc. III: Open House I-III. Future: Physical Therapy in Toronto. CHRYESSA M. FINLAY, Toronto: Forest Hill C.I.: AAA: Basketball I: Skule Nite I. Future: Physical Therapy. JANE FURNESS, Toronto: Bathurst Heights C.V.S.: Tennis I-III: Skiing I-III, Interfaculty Champion II: Baseball I-III: Athletic Rep. Il: Swimming I-III: P. and O.T. Undergraduate Athletic Rep. III: Hockey I-II: Intercoll. Diving Champion I-III: Football II-III. Future: Physical Therapy in Toronto. FRANCES A. GALLAGHER, Toronto: North Toronto C.I.: Baseball I-II: Hockey II: Football II-III: Debates III: Social Chairman III: Float Parade I-II: Open House I-III. JOAN A. GODFREY, Toronto: Leaside H.S.: Baseball I-III: Hockey I-III: Football II-III: Dentantics I. Future: Physical Therapy. WILMA B. HALL, Ayr, Ont.: Paris D.H.S. M. SUSAN HALLAMORE, Burlington, Ont.: Burlington D.H.S.: AID: Swimming I-III: Volleyball II-III, P. and O.T. Rep. III: Football II- III: Basketball III: Skule Nite I: Social Service Rep. III: Group Rep. III: Panhellenic Assoc. II-III: S.P.S. Cheerleader I. Future: Work for one year in Toronto and then for the United Nations. ANN L. HART, Toronto: Humberside C.I.: Volleyball III: Badminton III: Open House II. Future: Physical Therapy. SANDRA G. HUDSON, Weston: Weston C.V.S.: AFA: S.P.S. Cheerleader I: Skule Nite II: P. and O.T. Undergrad. Assoc. Sec. I, President II-III: Carabin III. ALICIA D. HUGHES, Toronto: Humberside C.I.: Newman Club III: Treasure Van II-III: Open House I-III, Publicity III. E. ANNE JOHNSTON, Windsor: Forster C.I.: AFA: P. and O.T. Undergrad. Assoc. Arts and Letters Rep. II: Frat. Pres. III. ESTHER KELTZ, Toronto: Forest Hill C.I.: Volleyball II: Bowling I: Hillel I. AUSTRA A. KVEPS, Toronto: Riverdale C.I.: Badminton II-III: Basketball I-III: Volleyball I. Future: Physiotherapy. LAURA M. LOUGHEED, Sudbury: Sudbury H.S.: C.C.R.I. I-III, House Manager Summer II: Alumni III. Future: Physical Therapy. PEGGY M. McCREA, Winnipeg: Daniel Maclntyre C.I.: United College: Baseball I-II: Volleyball I: P. and O.T. Choir II-III. CAROLE A. MARSHALL, Torontog St. Joseph's H.S., Barrie, North Toronto C.I., Baseball I-II: Basketball I-III, Manager III: Football II-III, Hockey I-III, Manager III, Badminton III: Bowling III, Varsity Majorette II-III, Dentantics III, Athletic Rep. III. Future: Physio- therapy with Children. STEPHANIE J. MARTIN, London, Ont.: London Central C.I., Skule Nite I3 Whitney Hall I. MARA MIEZITIS, Toronto, Bloor C.I., Archery Ig Fencing I: Hockey III: Latvian Students' Club I-III. Future: Physiotherapy in Toronto. FRANCES ANN OLAFSON, Birtle, Man., Birtle H.S., C.C.R.I. II-III, House Manager III, Social Committee III. Future: Working in Winnipeg. SIMMONE PANCER, Toronto, Vaughan Road C.I., Daffydil Ig Dentantics II, Volleyball Ig Float Parade I-II, Hillel II-III. P. JOAN PEARCEY, Vancouver, B.C.5 Lord Byng H.S., Campus Co-op Res. Inc. I-III, House Manager II, Board Secretary III, Outing Club. Future: Working in Halifax. 4 COLETTE M. POIRIER, St. Catharines, Ont., St. Catharines C.I. and V.S.g U. of T. Liberal Club III, S.M.C. Pro. Club III: Mickities III. CATHERINE M. R. POWER, Orono, Ont.: Orono H.S.g AOfIg Skule Nite I-III. Future: Travel. EVELYN D. REID, Oshawa, Oshawa C.V.I. ANN G. SAWYER, Toronto, St. Josephis C.S., Group Rep. Ig Newman Club IIg Float Parade Ig Skule Nite I-III, Choir II, Hockey Mgr. III. Future: Europe, then Physiotherapy with Children. CAROL E. STONE, Toronto, Bathurst Heights C.V.S.g Torontonensis I-II: Skule Nite I-II, Year Pres. Ig Group Rep. II: S.A.C. Rep. III, Women's Athletic Commissioner III, University Settlement Rep. IIIg Open House I-III. Future: Physiotherapy and Travel. MARGARET H. STONE, Iroquois Falls, Ont.: Iroquois Falls H.S., Float Parade II-III, S.M.C. Pro. Club III, Newman Club III, S.M.C. Music and Drama Club I-III. Future: Travel. SUSAN E. C. STRATHY, Torontog Branksome Hall, KKFQ Intercoll. Basketball flntermediateb Ig Interfaculty Basketball I-IIIg Interfaculty Hockey Ig Social Rep. II-III, Choir Ilg Carabin III, Float Parade Ig Undergrad. Panhellenic II-III, Vice-Pres. III. Future: Physiotherapy in Toronto. BARBARA A. M. TRENT, Toronto, Havergal Collegeg KKF, Interfaculty Basketball I, Badminton I-III, Share III, United Nations Club III. Future: Occupational Therapy. NANCY L. TURNER, Toronto, Etobiocoke C.I., KKl'g Interfaculty Hockey I-III, Interfaculty Basketball I3 Class President III3 Torontonensis Rep. III: Float Parade I. Future: Occupational Therapy. MARY JO WATSON, Owen Sound, Owen Sound C.V.I.g S.M.C. Volleyball I5 S.M.C. Pro. Club, Sec. III: Newman Club III, S.M.C. Music and Drama Club I-III, Float Parade II. Future: Physical Therapy and Travel. INNA WESTER IMrs.l, Toronto, Jarvis C.I. Future: Work in Toronto Hospital. ANNE C. WILKEN, Elmira, Ont., Elmira District H.S., Float Parade Ig Lutheran Students' Assoc. II-III, Treasure Van I-III. Future: Physio' therapy and Travel. PATRICIA' E. WOOD, Toronto, Earl Haig C.I., Lawrence Park C.I., Den- tantics I5 Group Rep. Ig Intercoll. Badminton I-IIg Interfaculty Basketball I-III, Interfaculty Tennis I-II, Interfaculty Archery II, Badminton Club Pres. III, Football II, Choir II: Float Parade III. Future: Physiotherapy. SACHI YAMASAKI, Torontog Parkdale C.I., Nisei Students' Club I-III, Publicity Director II, Basketball II-III: Badminton I-III, Football II, Torontonensis Sales: Group Rep. IIIg Float Parade III. Future: Physiotherapy in Ottawa. THERAPY I X , 1 Q. ,S .. . I-'xi' .- ...., . -:.f55::.e'.1z4s::',s '.:...,...,,,-V.,-,, g...y,5. :zfbi:2:s:z-.-z sa .- 5 :5:a:5.5:5-.:sz21g:,, 1:2-lg:E:f:1 i"' ?zl2f'?:' - It 255:iizaiiiisi5E5ZE1SkiiZzE1iE: V 'j 'I , 3.1, .. c' c - V , .5 -if . 1:2-, fy. xl.: -l 33-gs 1 t .,:.-55.5534-::,..: ,,.j: 4g.-3-1, " :s.'1.r.,:f I .,,,-. , .,,,,. . .,.,v ., 13 ,,. V? -,, , , E ,. P ,. Z. A .. , 35. X ' '- ' as 1:15129 ol "!'ff6 3'5 .,.,..-4 ,.,.:-sEfE1:rE1E3555531515155-ze:1-:.::,:-..- -::.:.:.1. .-..-.A-JIM-A H . ' 's-f--2.:25s3ssw-1 !SX4'fZ31v':f . '2:65:55v:2Z:2f:s:ie35?21zist?. av - . Q ., -3 . , '-wi-'.,::f:f3:.:f?-my .zgajzjf I " A ' 4 I , - .-:..,.f .uf-u.., ff ' -. ,ay H A .ma L-dx: .,:2'.:::::.':.::q::::::ggg -Q. - g ,. ' X cvizmezfs 5:25 3 " 1 fa ' ,-2 -22 11:11-:L -..1:- fr" ' 1.-. -is , -' af.-wezviae .11-...A V . I.. . - -- . ' .2 .- I-'.-'fgfa-ss: 4:.2':g4w',gv- -. n , '- x-.lazwi ' A, ' f ,121 ,, f-i-1 f- , H ,,.-s -'--- . 1, zz, - . , ..,. . . . . , A .,......s,:'..f . . . V . , X 3 2, .zjgwyt-.f,If3, - :2" ' t . Fl I'fL 53:53, , - , 5 gl f. 1 tw I - . 'get . " 12223252942-'ha --3,2 .f -:. , i 'sw-i..... ..fvg-3' ,. 1 gf A ,cze- 'fsrzgf-"" s:sas:t:.zf:e-2-' " .,-' . '.:1t:'i.2:5- ' 4-ff-1... ,-:F- '.:1.- 4 1 ., . ,. . fl. 1 6 , 1. - ., ' ' "" J -' " ,-Q25-9 '- ' JIS' . 'Z 'Z'4i31f.1f..- 524- ' - .- - ' V ' I , 3 ' : Q . "G+ ' . :"'s'...:' "":a,.-a l fa, - . H If.,-'lf .- . -, . ga Mg, 05,2 g. .V N, l . .. ' :5.fQ""" V . ..'1.?.' 1e.iJ"' -"- ,J 51253 59 '- ' si :iii ' ' ii , 52 'gtg' ,Qgzg ,. 5 -F fgxusfe sf- ,,.,,,., -ii Iv .Q .jf sy' , .- 311 , " z 't 3 V ---- . " f ' " 'f ' .., -pf., ,f 1 x-we died fr .ff 5 . 1 379 St. Micha.el's College g I cxuxuu m c -? 1 ZH-5? I- im x' Z : Q ' ' 1,0 A x LS M537 380 SUPERIOR: VERY REV. L. K. SHOOK M.A., Ph.o. EDWARD H. ANDREWS, Toronto: General: De La Salle "Oaklands"g Oratorical Society II-III, Sec.-Treas. III: U.T.D.U. III, Co-Chairman of Tournament: Newman Club II-III, Reporter on Club Paper III: Glee Club I. Future: Institute of Business Administration. CAROLINE ANGLIN, Toronto: General: Loretto Abbey. JOHN B. ARBOUR, Toronto: General: St. Michael's H.S. Future: Priesthood. TIMOTHY CONRAD AUREDEN, Rocky River, Ohio: General: St. Edward H.S.: Hart House Glee Club I-III: Exec. II: Hart House House Comm. III: U. of T. Sailing Team Ilg S.M.C. Basketball I-III. Future: Grad. School of Business in U.S.A. MARY E. BALDWIN, New York City: Philosophy and English: Cathedral H.S.: A.V.R., "Brigadoon" I, "Kiss Me Katev IIg Swimming Ig St. Joseph's College House Council, Year Rep. III-IV. CATHERINE P. BALL, New Rochelle, N.Y.g General: St. Gabrlel's H.S.: Softball I-III: Music and Drama Society Ig Basketball I-II: Volleyball II: "The Mike" I-III: S.M.C. S.A.C. Women's Athletic Rep. III. DENNIS W. BARBER, Utica, N.Y.g Generalg St. Francis de Sales H.S.: Senate Club IV-V, Music and Drama I-Vg Co-Op Staff I-IV, Mgr. V3 'The Mike" IV-V3 T.G.I.F. I-IVg S.M.C. Volleyball II: Talent Night III-V: Micketies IV: Marian Pageant Ig S.M.C. Swimming III-IV: Blue and White III3 At-Home Comm. Ig Averroes Soc. V. Future: Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies. BRIAN G. BARDORF, Manchester, N.H.3 General: Notre Dame H.S., West Haven, Conn.: Basketball I-II: Soccer I-III: Volleyball I-III: At Home I-II: Averroes Society III: "The Mike" I-III, Managing Editor III: Laval Exchange Weekend III. Future: Law. JAMES R. BAUMAN, Rochester, N.Y.g General: Aquinas Institute: S.M.C. S.A.C. Ig Golf III: Rugger Ig Sodality II: S.M.C. Basketball I-III: Oratorical Soc. I-III: S.M.C. Co-Op III: Commerce Club II: French Club I-II: Carabin Ig S.M.C. Squash Capt. I-II. Future: Investment Business. GWEN R. BEHL, Rochester, N.Y.5 Generalg Our Lady of Mercy H.S.: "The Miken Ig Sodality I3 "Varsity" Ig Bowling III: Music and Drama Society I3 At Home Comm. II. L. CLAIRE BENWAY, Crestwood N.Y.: General: Academy of Our Lady of Good Council IH.S.33 Sodality I3 Oratorical Society I-III: At Home Comm. I-III: Music and Drama Society I-II: Co-Op I-III. Future: Teaching. NIJOLE V. BERSENAS, Wellandg General: W.H. and V.S.g Lithuanian Students' Club I-III: University Choir I. Future: Social Work. ANTHONY C. BIONDI, Rochester, N.Y.: Latin iEnglish or Italianl: H.S. Aquinas Institute. Future: Graduate Work in Italian. DARCY R. BIRD, Toronto: General: St. Michae1's H.S.: Football: Hockey. Future: Business Administration. PAUL R. BOARD, Peterborough: General: St. Peter's H.S.: Hart House Glee Club II-III: French Club I-III. Future: Teaching. MICHAEL J. R. BOASE, Toronto: General: De La Salle Coll.: S.M.C. Football I-III: Waterpolo I-III: Hockey III. MURRAY A. V. BOGASAVICH, Toronto: Mod. Lang. and Lit.: Jedburgh H.S. LISETTE M. BOILARD, St-Georges Est., P.Q.: General: Mount Merici Academy, U.S.A.: U. of T. Fencing Club II-III: S.M.C. Cheerleader II: Softball Team III: Volleyball Team III: Bowling Team III: Newman Club I-III: Outing Club II: Vic French Club I: S.M.C. French Club, Social Dir. I, Vice-Pres. II-III. Future: Medical School. DAVID F. G. BOLLAND, Toronto: General: St. Michael's H.S. BRENDA J. BOYLE, Hamilton: General: Loretto Academy, Hamilton: St. Joseph's S.A.C. Rep. I: St. Joseph's Sodality I, III: S.M.C. External Affairs Comm. II, III, Chairman III: St. Michael's S.A.C. III Yr. Rep. Liberal Club III: French Club III: Bowling III: Carabin Exchange III. Future: Public Relations. WILLIAM E. BROWN, Cortland, N.Y.: General Arts: St. Mary's H.S. ELIZABETH ANNE BRUNNING, Hamilton: General: Cathedral H.S.: Volleyball I-III: Tennis II-III: Bowling III: Athletic Exec. III: Sec., St. Joseph's Sodality III: Liberal Club III: Reporter: "The Mike' III: St. Joseph's Choral Group I-III. Future: Teaching. ROBERT V. L. CALLAHAN, Larchmont, N.Y.: General: Fordham Prep. School: Interfaculty Football I-III: Intramural Swimming and Track I-II: Basketball I-II: Oratorical Society I-IV. Future: Medicine. DANIEL D. CALLAN, Amherstburg, Ont.: Math. and Physics: St. Rose H.S. ROBERT J. CARBERY, Syracuse, N.Y.: General: Senate Club I-III, Vice-Pres. II, Pres. III: Oratorical Society Pres. II: Co-op Board of Directors Vice-Pres. III: International Speech Festival, I-III. Director III. NOELLA R. M. CARBONNEAU, Timmins: Mod. Lang. and Lit.: T.H. and V.S.: Interfaculty Volleyball I-II: Music and Drama Society I-IV: French Club I-II. ROBERT F. CARNEY: Mt. Vernon, N.Y.: General: A. B. Davis, H.S.: Oratorical Society: Mickities III: At Home Committee: Swimming I-IV. WILLIAM A. CAWKELL, Toronto: General: St. Michaelis Schola Cantorum, De La Salle "Oaklands,,: Hockey I-III: Jenningis Cup I-II: Football I-III: Swimming I: Squash III. CAMILLA G. A. CLEARY, Wallaceburg, Ont.: General: Wallaceburg District H.S.: Baseball I-III: Bowling III: Athletic Directorate III: French Club III. Future: Research. DENNIS J. COLLINS, Sault Ste. Marie: General: St. Paulis, St. Petersburg, Fla.: Psychology Club III: Spanish Club I-II: Table Tennis Club III: S.M.C. Basketball I-II: S.M.C. Waters Polo I. Future: Law School. ' MARY V. F. CONWAY, West Sayville, N.Y.: General: Our Lady of Mercy Academy, Syosset, N.Y.: Vice-Pres. St. Michael's S.A.C. III: S.A.C. Yr. Rep. II: Tri-Arts Graduation Banquet Chairman III: Double Blue Comm. Chairman II: At Home Committee I: Float Parade Comm. I-II: External Affairs Committee II: Debating I-III: Baseball III. Future: Naval Ordnance Laboratory, Washington, D.C. ROGER P. COONEY, Willowdale: General: St. Michaelis H.S.: S.M.C. Hockey. Future: Teaching. ELIZABETH ROBIN CORCORAN. ST. MICHAEUS 381 ST. MICHAEL'S 382 DONALD J. CORRIGAN, Rochester, N.Y.: Geological Sciences: Aquinas Institute: H.H. Camera Club I-III: H.H. Exploration Society I-IV: Amateur Radio Club IV. Future: Post-Graduate Work. ELLEN T. COUGHLIN, Bronxville, N.Y.: General: Ursuline H.S.: T.G.I.F. Club I-III: Swimming II: St. Joseph's College House Council III: Sodality I: Literary Club III: Music Club III: Oratorical Society. EUGENE BASIL CRETTOL. QNO Ph0t0graph.I D. CONWAY DALY, Port Arthur: Mod. Hist.: Port Arthur C.I. MICHELE J. DEMONGEOT, Stamford, Conn.: General: Greenwich H.S.: French Club I-III: Tennis II-III: Outing Club I-III: Hockey Team Manager III: Double-Blue Committee I-III. Future: Journalism. JOHN R. M. DeNOBLE, Peterborough: General: St. Peter's H.S. Future: Industry. HELENE C. Y. DESROCHERS, Penetanguishene, Ont.: General: Pene- tanguishene D.H.S.: Newman Club I-III, Outing Club II: St. Mike's French Club I-III, Sec. II: Newman French Club I-III: Loretto Sodality I-III: Music and Drama Club I. Future: Graduate Studies. GEORGE DI GIOVANNI, Rochester, N.Y.: Philosophy. Future: Roman Catholic Priesthood. JAMES E. DORIS, Peterborough: Pol. Sci. Sz Ecs.: St. Peterfs H.S.: Liberal Club I-IV, Pres. IV: Assoc. Producer and Composer "Mickities '58", Composer, "The Dedicated Men": Music and Drama Society I-IV. RONALD T. DOTY, Leaside: General: Leaside H.S.: Athletic Directorate I-III: Lacrosse I-III: Hockey I-III. Future: Chartered Accountancy. WILLIAM J. DUSING, Covington, Kentucky: Classics: Covington Latin School. MARGARET A. EGAN, Toronto: General: St. Joseph's H.S.: S.M.C. Basketball I-III: Mickities II: "The Mike" III: Liberal Club II. MARY DAWN C. EGAN, Toronto: General: St. Joseph's H.S.: Hart House Theatre I-III: "Varsityf' I-II: Basketball III: Fencing III: Mickities II-III: Liberal Club II: "The Miken III: St. Michaelis Theatre Guild II. Future: Post Graduate Work In English. CAROL A. EHMANN, Toronto: General: Loretto Abbey: Music and Drama Society I: Double Blue Committee II: Co-op I-III. THOMAS J. E. EMBLER, North Haven, Connecticut: General: Notre Dame H.S.: "The Mike" I-III, Technical Editor II, Co-Editor III: At Home I-II: Averroes Society III: Volleyball I: Soccer I: Water Polo I-III: St. Michaelis Co-op I-III: International Speech Festival Chairman I-III: Future: Post-Graduate Work In Education. JAMES J. FEELEY, Peterborough: Philosophy and History: St. Peter's H.S. ANNE F. FITZGERALD, Peterborough: General: St. Peter's H.S.: S.M.C. Volleyball I-III: Bowling III: French Club III: St. Joseph's Choral Group I: Liberal Club III: Newman Club III. MAUREEN E. FOX, Toronto: General: Lawrence Park C.I.: Dramatics I-III. GARY A. GALLO, Pleasantville, N.Y.: General: Archbishop Stepinac H.S.: C-JAX: Interfaculty Football II-III: Intramural Basketball I-II: Inter- Fraternity Debates. Future: Medical Doctor. PAUL J. J. GAREAU, Espanola, Ont.: General: Espanola H.S.: St. Michael's H.S. Future: Priesthood. MICHAEL T. J. GARVEY, Toronto: General: St. Michaelis H.S.: Hockey I-III: Newman Club, Pres. III. Future: Law. JOHN MARTIN GEHL. G. GERALD M. GIBLIN, Binghamton, N.Y.: General: Saint Patrick's H.S.: Volleyball I-III: Basketball I-III. Future: Law. PAUL J. J. GIROUX, Toronto: General: De La Salle "Oaklands'i: Commerce Club I-II: Hockey II. Future: Priesthood. MARY V. A. GRSICH, Schumacher, Ont.: Modern Lang. and Lit.: S.H.S.: St. Michael's Music and Drama Society I-IV: St. Joseph's Sodality I: Bowling IV. Future: High School Teacher. MARY HELEN GUINANE, Toronto: General: Loretto Abbey. Future: Graduate Studies. MICHAEL J. GYOKERY, Caledonia: General: Caledonia H.S., Hagersville H.S.: Hockey 1: Soccer III: Lacrosse III. MARK RICHARD HARGRAVE. IND Ph0tograph.J PETER D. HARRISON, Richmond Hill: General: St. Michael's C.S.: Spanish Club I: Anthropology Club I-III. Future: Post-Graduate Work In Anthropology. GEORGIA M. I-IARTFIELD, Toronto: General: Bishop Strachan School. PETER W. H. HAY, Toronto: Physics and Geology: De La Salle "0aklands": Hart House Table Tennis Club I: Coleman Geology Club II: "The Miken IV. Future: Post-Graduate Work In Geology. BARBARA J. HEGGIE. tNo Photograph.J GRACE F. HEGGIE, Toronto: Mod. Hist.: St. Josephis College School. VICTOR P. HERDE, Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad: General: St. Michael's C.S.: S.M.C. Soccer I-III: Varsity Intermediate Soccer III: Newman Club I-II: A.V.R. I.: Sodality I: Averroes Society III: S.M.C. French Club I: S.M.C. Basketball I-III: Micketies II-III. Future: Medicine. DOUGLAS J. HILL, Kirkland Lake: General: K.L.C.V.I.: Mickities, Producer II-III: Dramatics I-III: Football I-III: Theatre Guild S.M.C. Sec. II. Future: M.A. in English: Teaching. DAVID J. HOGAN, Toronto: General: S.M.C. H.S. Future: Medicine. ROBERT M. HOGAN.: BARBARA A. HONAN, Hollis, Long Island, N.Y.: General: Bishop McDon- nell H.S.: Music and Drama Society I: At Home Comm. I-II: Double Blue Comm. II: Baseball III: Loretto Local Council I-III, Pres. III: ROBERT E. HOWLEY, Toronto: General: St. Michaelis H.S. Future: Teaching. WILLIAM M. HUBAR, Hamilton: General: Cathedral Boys' H.S.: Hockey I-III: Lacrosse III: Volleyball III. Future: Law. JOHN E. HURLEY, Toronto: General: D,Arcy McGee H.S., Montreal. Future: Roman Catholic Priesthood. BEVERLY ANN JACUZZI, Toronto: General: Acalanes H.S., Lafayette, California. WALTER J. JAMES, Toronto: General: De La Salle "Oaklands,': Hockey I-III: Football I-II: Tennis III. ANN M. G. JONES, Quebec City: General: Jesus Mary C.S.: S.M.C. French Club I-III: Double Blue Comm. II: Outing Club: Newman Club I: Music and Drama Society I. Future: M.A. In French at La Sorbonne. CAROL ANN JOST, Utica, N.Y.: General: St. Francis De Sales H.S.: Debating I: Double Blue Comm. II: At Home Comm. I: Ttri-Arts. Grad banquet Comm. III: Music and Drama Society I: Sodality I: Social Rep. III. Future: Mathematical Research. ST. lVIICHAEL'S 383 ST. MICHAEUS 384 RICHARD F. JOY, Sudbury: General: Sudbury H.S.: Director of Athletics St. Mike's: Drama Club I-III: Music Club I-III: St. Michael's Student Council III. Future: Law. VIDA JURGULIS, Toronto, Mod. Lang. and Lit.: St. Joseph's C.S. ERLE FRANCIS KAHNERT. GERALD J. KAVANAGH, Toronto: General: St. Michael's H.S. ALLAN ROY KEITH. 4No Photograph.I THOMAS JOSEPH KELLETT. JOHN E. KELLY, Buffalo, N.Y.: General: St. Joseph's C.I.: Minor League Basketball I-III: Co-op III: Sodality I: Volleyball I: Oratorical Society LIII: Future: Graduate School. J. VINCENT KELLY, Smith Falls: Poli. Sci. and EC.: Smith Falls H.S.: University S.A.C. Rep. IIIAIV: Pres. IV: Library Comm. Chairman III: Constitution Comm. Vice-Chairman III: S.M.C. S.A.C. Vice-Pres. III-IV: W.U.S. National Comm. IV: N.F.C.U.S. 22nd National Congress, Vancouver Conf. Chief Delegate IV: Carabin III: Director S.M.C. Float III: Mickities III: H.H. Theatre II: At Home Comm. II: Music and Drama Society II: U.C.-S.M.C. "R.U.R." I. Fixture: Business Administration. PAUL A. J. KEOGAN, Hastings, Ont.: General: Norwood H.S. BONITA M. E. KNOLLMEYER, Hickory, North Carolina: General: St. Joseph's H.S., Pittsfield, Mass.: Newman Club I-III, Executive II: Double Blue Comm. III: Manager "BP Softball Team III: Loretto Sodality I-III: Music and Drama I: At Home Comm. I: "The Mikel' III. EMIL T. A. KURCHINA, Port Arthur: General: Port Arthur C.I. Future: Medicine. JAMES ANTHONY LAWLOR. tNo Photograph.J JOCELYNE M. LEDUC, Toronto: Household Economics: Villa Marguerite Bourgeoys, Loretto C.S.: S.M.C. French Club, Pres. II-IV: Co-Chairman S.M.C. Quebec Trip III: Chairman Laval S.M.C. Exchange Weekend IV: Loretto Debates II: Outing Club III: House EC., Club I-IV: Carabin Weekend IV. PIERRE H. LEDUC, Iberville, P.Q.: General: Pickering College: QDAO: National Affairs Committee I-II: S.M.C. French Club I-III: Modern History Club III: Hart House Camera Club III. PETER P. L. LEGACE, Fort William: General: St. Patrick's H.S. STEPHANIE LEONARD, Toronto: Philosophy and Eng.: Convent of the Sacred Heart: AF: Vice-Pres., St. Joseph's College. A. NORINE LESAGE, Tweed, Ont.: General: Tweed H.S.: French Club III: Liberal Club II-III: Sodality I: University Settlement III: F.H.G. I-III: F.R.O.S. III: Volleyball II-III. Future: Teaching. CHARLES R. M. LONG, Buffallo, N.Y. General: Canisius H.S. GEORGE P. LONGO, Toronto: General: St. Michael's College School: ADD: Hockey I-III: Italian Club II. Future: Law. MARIE CECILE LOU, Kowloon, Hong Kong: General: U. of T. Fencing Club: Chinese Overseas Students Association. Future: Post-Graduate Work. MARY ANN T. LOU, Hong Kong: General Arts: Tak Ching, Maryknoll, Loretto Abbey: Loretto Sodality I-III, Sec. II-III: Chinese Overseas Students Association I-III. Future: Medicine. MICHAEL J. McCABE, Hamilton: Philosophy and English, Cathedral H.S.: S.M.C. S.A.C. Pres. VI: Coeop I-IV: Co-op Board III, Staff IV: Music and Drama Society I-II: Soccer II, IV: Oratorical Society I-IV: U.N.T.D. I-III: Liberal Club IV: Mickities Staff IV. Future: Business. PETER E. MCCONKEY, Peterborough: General: St. Peter's H.S. Future: Priesthood. M. LOUISE MacDONALD, Toronto: General: Loretto Abbey: Ae-J: Mod. Hist. Club I: U.N. Club I-III: Theatre Guild II: C.F.C.C.S. Comm. III: Music Guild Exec. II: Pres. III. Future: School of Social Work. JOHN J. McFADDEN, Elora, Ont.: General: Fergus H.S. Future: O.C.E. PATRICIA J. MCGUIRE, Smiths Falls: General: Smiths Falls C.I.g Double Blue Society II: Hockey II-III: Bowling III: Volleyball III. ROBERT G. MCKNIGHT, Barrie: General: St. Michael's College School. C. CLARE D. MacLEAN, Noranda, P.Q.: General: Noranda H.S.: French Club: Basketball: Volleyball: Tennis. VALIANT W. Y. MAH, Hong Kong: General: Pui Ching Middle High School: Manager, Basketball I-II: Lacrosse I-III: Hockey II-III. M. MARY MALEY, Toronto: Poli. Sci. and Ec.: Vaughan Rd. C.I.: Political Economy Club I-III: Liberal Club I-IV:, Sec. III: Blue and White Society III. BETTY ANN MARSHALL, Larchmont, N.Y.: General: Mamaroneck H.S.: Co-op Board III: "The Mikel' I-III: International Speech Festival II-III: At Home I-II: Softball III: Oratorical Society I-III: Sodality I: T.G.I.F. Club I-III: Float Parade III. NOREEN M. MARTINI, Weston: General: Weston C.V.S.: KKl': Forestry Snow Queen I: Baseball I: Basketball I-III: Hockey I-III: Volleyball II. Future: O.C.E. JOHN P. L. MARTYN, Peterborough: General: St. Peter's H.S.: S.A.C. I-II: Football III. Future: High School Teaching. GINO J. P. MATTEO, Welland: General: Notre Dame H.S.: S.A.C. Year Rep. III: Fine Arts Chairman III: Double Blue Comm., Treas. II: Basketball I: Hockey I-III: Writer's Group I: Mickities II-III: Averroes Society III: "Varsity', II. JOHN P. MELADY, Toronto: General: De La Salle College "Oak1ands". Future: Priesthood. WILLIAM J. MEYER, Toronto: General: De La Salle "Oaklands": WT Volleyball I: Basketball I. Future: Law. MARY N. MLEKUZ, Hamilton: General: Cathedral H.S.: St. Josephis Sodality III. Future: Teaching. MAUREEN TAYLOR MORAN, Toronto: General: Loretto Abbey. Future: Teaching. SUZETTE C. MORIN, Toronto: General: St. Joseph's H.S.: Basketball I: Freshman Show I: Co-op I-III: Share I-II: Float Committee II: U. of T. E.A.C. II: S.M.C. E.A.C. II-III: Carabin III: Treasure Van II-III: S.M.C. S.A.C. Jr. Women's Vice-Pres. III: U. of T. S.A.C. III: Publications Commission III: St. Joseph's House Council III: Jargon III: Chairman Comm. U. of T. III: Honor Awards Comm. S.M.C. II. DEIRDRE K. MUNGOVAN, Toronto: General: Loretto Abbey: Co-op I-III: Nominating Comm. Graduating Awards II: Dance Comm. I-II: Float Comm. II: Pep. Rally I: Student Service Rep. II: Blood Drive II: United Appeal II. FRANCIS JAMES MURPHY. SHARON C. MURPHY, New Rochelle, N.Y.: Philosophy and History: Ursuline School: Writer's Group I-III: Debating I-III: House Council Sec. II: U.T.D.U. II. Future: Teaching. GERARD D. NAGY, Cooksville: Chemistry: St. Michael's College School: Chemistry Club II-IV, Vice-Pres. III, Treas. IV. Future: Post-Graduate Studies. RONALD GEORGE NATHAN. ST. MICHAEL'S 385 ST. MICHAEL'S Anim, M"""' 386 Mr- JOHN E. O'CALLAGHAN, Timminsg General, Timmins H. and V.S.3 Newman Club III. KEVIN A. O'GRADY, Toronto, General, Timmins H.S., Sudbury H.S. Future: Medicine. DAVID F. PEARCE, Rochester, N.Y.3 General, West H.S., Football I-III, Rep. IIIg Basketball I-III, Blue and White Committee II-III3 Track I3 Cross Country I3 Wrestling I. Future: Medicine. IRENE PENCAK, Toronto General, Bloor C.I. Future: Ontario College of Education. EDWARD R. PIETRAS, Toronto, General, St. Michael's College School, Polish Students, Club, Vice-Pres. II. ANNE M. PLAZA, Toronto, General, Bloor C.I.g Liberal Club lIg E.A.C. II: S.M.C. French Club I. Future: Social Work. LUDVIK A. PREVEC, Kirkland Lake, Physics and Geology, Kirkland Lake C. and V.I.g S.M.C. Football II, Coleman Club IV. M. ELIZABETH PROWER, Bowmanvilleg Mod. Lang. and Lit., Bowman- ville H.S., HBCU, Volleyball I-II, Sodality I-IV, Theatre Guild IVg Loretto Local Council IV, Loretto House Council IV, Frat. Program Chairman III, Corres. Sec. IV. DENNIS A. J. PSUTKA, Hamilton, General, Cathedral H.S., S.M.C. Basketball I, III, S.M.C. Volleyball III. Future: Medicine. VALERIE A. QUINLAN, New Rochelle, N.Y.g General, Ursuline H.S., S.A.C. Ig Sodality Ig "The Mike" I-II, Music and Drama Society Ig International Speech Festival I-III, T.G.I.F. Club I-III, At Home Committee I-III3 Volleyball IIIg Float Parade III. JAMES E. RENT, Halifax, N.S.g Latin iFrench or Greeklg St. Patrick's B.H.S., St. Michael's College School. RONALD RALPH RENZETTI. 1No Photograph? , CLIFFORD A. RIOPELLE, North Bayg General, North Bay College tScollard Halll. Future: Teaching. DONALD A. RIOU, Port Colborne, General, Port Colborne H.S.g Hockey I-III, Basketball I-III. Future: Law School. ALLAN H. ROOT, Port Colborne, General, Port Colborne H.S., Basketball I, III. Future: Law. GERALD V. ROSSI, Port Colborne, General, Port Colborne H.S.g Treas., S.A.C., III, Vice-Pres. Averroes Society III, Coach, Hockey Ig Basket- ball I-III, Astronomical Society I-II5 Italian Club I-II3 Co-op IIIQ Debating II-III. JOAN C. RUBY, Rochester, N.Y.g General, Our Lady of Mercy H.S.g Music and Drama Society I5 Sodality I3 Bowling III, Softball IH, Hockey I-III3 Athletic Directorate III. RONALD N. RUDAN, Moose Jaw, Sask.g Generalg Humberside C.I.g Basket- ball S.M.C. "Avg Hockey S.M.C. "Bti CHRISTOPHER T. RUPERT, Madoc, Ont., General, St. Michaelfs College School. JAMES P. M. SAMBERG, Torontog Eng. Lang. and Lit.g Catholic Central H.S., Detroit. Future: Roman Catholic Priesthood. CLIFFORD J. SAVAGE, Sudburyg General, Revolver Club. MARY M. SCHAEFER, Schenectady, N.Y., Art and Archaeology, Saint Josephts Academyg Fine Arts Club II-IVg Treasurer IIg Outing Club III-IV, Pres. III, German Club I-II3 Loretto Sodality I-IV, Prefect III-IV. Future: Graduate Work, New York Universityg Teaching. M. SHEILA SCULLY, St. Catharines, General, Loretto Academy, Niagara Falls, Sodality I, III, Torontonensis III, Hockey III. MARILYN A. SMUCK QMrs.l, Scranton, Penn., Philosophy fEng. or Hist.p, Scranton Central H.S., Associate Editor, "Gryphon" I-IV, L.O.C.K. Sec. I-II, Pres., St. Josephis Literary Society II-III, College House Council II-III. JANET S. SOMERVILLE, Toronto, Philosophy and Eng., St. Joseph's C.S.: L.O.C.K. I-II, Debating I, St. Josephis Music Club II-IV, President III-IV, F.R.0.S. II, IV, St. Joseph's Literary Society IV. Future: Graduate Work. ROBERT T. M. SPILLANE, Baltimore, Maryland, General, Calvert Hall H.S., Azfbg Interfaculty Football I, Basketball I, Water-Polo I, Track I, Student Service Rep. II-III, S.M.C. Sodality I-III, Treas. I-II, Prefect III, Music and Drama Society I, Double-Blue Society II-III, "The Mike" II-III, "Christmas Belongs to Christ Campaign", Chairman II-III. GWENDOLYN MARY STANTON. MARILYN L. STINSON, Toronto, General, St. Joseph's College School, French Club II-III, S.J.C. Sodality III, S.J.C. Literary Society III, S.J.C. Music Club II-III, Writer's Group III, Softball II-III, Volleyball II-III, Bowling II-III, U. of T. Bowling Club II-III, President III. Future: Social Work. MARY W. STRICKER, Pelham, N.Y., General, Pelham Memorial H.S., Cheerleader I, Theater Guild II, St. Joseph's House Council II-III, Pres. III, "The Miken I, Co-op I-III, A.V.R. II. JOSEPH P. SWEENEY, Toronto, General, St. Michaelis. A VINCENTA I. TRAVALE, Hamilton, Mod. Lang. and Lit., Loretto Academy, Board of Directors, S.M.C., Co-op. II-IV, Sec. III-IV, Italian Club I-IV, Sec.-Treas. II, IV, Sodality I-IV, Vice-Prefect IV, Basketball I, Torontonensis IV. MARGARET S. TREACY, Scarsdale, N.Y., General, The Ursuline School, Sodality I, "The Mike" I, Double Blue Comm. II, S.M.C. E.A.C. II-III, C.F.C.C.S. Co-Chairman III. CHARLES W. TRUNK, Utica, N.Y., General, Utica Catholic Academy, S.M.C. Basketball I-III, Water-Polo II, S.M.C. Volleyball I-III, Slavic Circle II-III, Biology Club III. Future: Medicine. ROMAS VASTOKAS, Toronto, General, Parkdale C.I. NORFI A. J. VOLPE, Toronto, General, St. Michaelfs H.S., Football II. Future: Osgoode Hall. NANCY J. E. WHITE, Detroit, Mich., Philosophy tEnglishJ, St. Mary of Redford H.S., Loretto Rep., Music and Drama Society I-II, Loretto Debating Society I, Chairman II, L.O.C.K. I-II, O.C.N.S. III. fNo Photograph.l THERESA S. C. WOLAK, Toronto, General, St. Josephls College, Tennis, Badminton, Skating, Swimming, Dancing. CLAIRE WOOD, New Canaan, Conn., General, New Canaan H.S., Recorder Ensemble II-III. WILLIAM A. YOUNG, Syracuse, New York, General, St. Patrick's H.S., Soccer II, E.A.C. II, Senate Club II-III, Editor, "The Miken III, U.T.D.U. III. Future: Law. ST. MICHAEL'S is 387 Trinity College , fwfr 6, iffil' 'I , ,N 9 ' f I 4 ,Je W1 1 it vm 2 "4W?',-B iilsyvgfg KV, .egff IN, PROVOST: REV. D. R. G. OWEN M.A., Ph.o. ""Q""'7"' 'fps 49909 ,,"'!'W""x Z ag:-Im-f 388 WW' ADRIENNE ALLEN, Torontog Generalg Bishop Strachan Schoolg "Varsityi' Sports Writer Ig St. Hilda's E.A.C. Rep. III3 W.U.S. Orientations Chairman III5 Carabin Ilg Interfaculty Tennis I-II. JOHN C. AMESBURY, Torontog Mod. Hist.g North Toronto C.I.g Modern History Club. SINGRIDA S. ANCEVICH, Oakvilleg Psychologyg Oakville Trafalgar H.S.g Psychology Club II-IVg Campus Co-op Residence III. DAPHNE C. ANDREWS, St. Andrew, Jamaica, W.I.g Generalg St. Andrew H.S. JOAN E. ARMSTRONG, Torontog Eng. Lang. and Lit.g Lawrence Park C.Ig Cheerleader I-Hg Head of Year Ig St. Hilda's Basketball I-Illg Volleyball I-IIg St. Hilda's Lit. Society I-IV, President IVg Trinity College French Club I-IV. Future: Europe, then O.C.E. VICTORIA ANN ATKINSON, Torontog Eng. Lang. and Lit.5 Havergal Collegeg Reporter "The Varsityu I3 Trinity College Cercle Francais I-IV, Social Convenor III5 Non-Res. Head of Year St. Hildais IV' Year Play IVg St. Hildais Ground Hockey IVg Torontonensis IV. 3 D. G. BASS, Toronto, General. HAROLD R. H. BERRY, Exeter, Ont.3 Generalg South Huron Coll., U.W.O.' AEfDg Progressive Conservative Club I-Illg United Nations Club III, Social Director III3 Rifle Club II3 Soccer I5 Baseball Ig U.T.D.U. III, Future: Osgoode Hall. 9 MICHAEL W. H. BIGGAR, Torontog Generalg Upper Canada Collegeg Oakwood C.I.g 9AXg International Relations Club Ig U.N. Club II-III. President III3 R.C.A.F. University Squadron I-III, President of the Mess Committee III5 Trinity Soccer Ig Trinity Track I. ELIZABETH E. BINKS, Torontog Eng. Lang. and Lit.g Havergal Collegeg "The Varsityv Reporter I-II, C.U.P. Editor IIIg Feature Editor IVQ "The Varsity Graduate" Reporterg "Jargon" H Student Editorial Board. Future: Journalism. GWYNETH J. BLACKWELL, Peterboroughg Generalg Peterborough C.V.S. Future: Social Work and Europe. J. EDWARD BROADBENT, Pincher Creek, Alta.5 Philosophyg Oshawa C.C.I.5 Campus Co-op. Res. Inc. I-III, President IIIg Brett Club II-IV, President IV. JOHN E. A. BROOKS, Grimsby: General: Ridley College, St. Catharines: Trinity College Athletic Assoc. Exec. I-III, President III: Trinity "A" Hockey I-III: Trinity College Board of Stewards III: Intramural Sports Committee III: U. of T. Athletic Directorate III: Sports Editor, "Salterrae,' II: "The Varsity" I-III, Assistant Sports Editor I, Sports Editor I-III: Campus Sports Correspondent, "The Toronto Globe and Mailv II-III. Future: Journalism. KATHARINE A. BROWN, Toronto: General: Lawrence Park C.I.: Trinity Cheerleader I: Trinity Basketball I: Trinity Football II: Ground Hockey III: F.R.O.S. I-III, Host Convener II: Year Play III: Sailing Club II. Future: School of Social Work. S. L. BUDLONG, Mc Lean, Virginia, U.S.A.: General. iNo Photographb. N. J. BUCKLES, Toronto: Eng. Lang. and Lit. JOHN P. H. BUELL, Toronto: Mod. Hist.: U.T.S.: Manager Trinity "A" Hockey II: Trinity Lit.-Debates Secretary IV. Future: Post-Graduate Work in History. ELIZABETH E. H. CAMERON, Ottawa: General: Glebe Coll., Carleton University: Baseball: Basketball: Hockey: Liberal Club. JEAN E. CAMPBELL, Weston: Household Ec.: Orangeville District H.S.: Trinity and St. Hilda's Altar Guild I-II: St. Hildais Volleyball I-II: Household Economics Club Exec. III-IV. A. M. CAMPBELL, Toronto: Pol. Sc. and Ec. KNO Photography. SUSAN A. CARNEGIE, Toronto: General: Bishop Strachan School: Brett Club I-III: Trinity College Dramatic Society I-II. PETER A. CARR, Toronto: Geological Sciences: Oakwood C.I.: EN: Trinity Soccer I: Trinity Swim Team II. PETER T. CARSWELL, Columbus, Ont.: General: Port Perry H.S. Future: Teaching. RICHARD S. CHAFFE, Toronto: Pol. Sc. and Ec.: Appleby Coll., Oakville: EX: Young Progressive Conservative Club I-III: Bridge Club I-IV: Trinity Hockey I-IV. Future: Osoode Hall. DAVID B. CLARK, Toronto: General: Riverdale C.I. Future: Teaching. STEPHEN H. G. CLARKSON, Toronto, Ont.: Mod. Hist. and Mod. Lang.: Upper Canada College: Cercle Francais I-IV, President II: Historical Club III-IV, President IV: Hart House House Committee III: Hart House Debates Committee IV: Royal Canadian Navy Reserve U.N.T.D. I-III, Sub-Lieutenant IV: Trinity Soccer I-IV, Captain III-IV: Varsity Inter- mediate Soccer II-III. Future: Study in Oxford. M. W. E. COKE, Toronto: Mod. Hist. and Mod. Lang. ELISABETH A. COULTHARD, Weston: Mod. Hist.: Weston C.V.S.: Modern History Club II-III: Vice-Pres. III: E.A.C., Host Committee IV: Carabin Weekend IV. JOY D. COUSINS, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.: General: St. Andrews H.S., Jamaica: Sec., West Indian Students' Assoc. II-III: I.S.O. II-III. Future: Teaching in Jamaica. A. BURN CREEGGAN, Belleville, Ont.: General: Prescott H.S., Belleville C.I.V.S. JAMES H. M. CUNNINGHAM, Toronto: Eng. Lang. and Lit.: U.T.S.: Trinity Dramatic Club I-IV: Vice President IV: "Review" Committee II-IV, Sub-Editor IV: Hart House Theatre I-IV: Hart House Library Com- mittee IV. Future: M.A. in English. ELIZABETH R. CUTTING, Buffalo, N.Y.: General: Buffalo Seminary: Reporter "The Varsityv II: Altar Guild III: St. Hilda's House Com- mittee III: Year Treasurer III. JANE A. DALTON, Toronto: Psychology: Havergal College: Trinity Hockey Team I-II: Baseball Team II: Psychology Club II: Trin. Dramatic Soc. I. PAT H. DAVIDSON, Toronto: General: Branksome Hall: U. of T. Cheerleader I-II: Brett Philosophy Club III: Hockey I, III: Voluntary Work at Settlement House: F.R.O.S. Future: Social Work. HAROLD L. DAVIES, Oakville: General: Appleby Coll.: T.C.L.I. I-IV, Pres. III, Speaker IV: Soccer I-IV: 2nd Vice-Pres. B.H.A.A.A. III-IV: Squash: Harrier: "Cv Hockey I-IV: T.C.A.A. Exec. IV: British Empire Club I-IV: Trinity 5T9 Yacht Club I-IV, Commodore III-IV: U.N.T.D. I-III. TRINITY 389 TRINITY 390 V. ELIZABETH DAVIES, Toronto, General, Branksome Hall, Trinity College Dramatic Society III, French Club I-III, Biology Club III. Future: Social Work. HELEN MARY DOAN, Newmarket, Maths. and Physics, Aurora D.H.S., St. Hilda's Volleyball, Basketball, Maths. and Physics Society, Secretary II, Vice-Pres. III, Year Rep. IV, St. Hilda's Literary Society, Treasurer III, Vice-Pres. IV. Future: O.C.E. THOMAS G. DREW-BROOK, Hornby, Mod. Hist.3 Upper Canada College, Trinity College Literary Institute, First Year Counsellor I, Vice- President II, Leader of the Opposition II, Speaker III, Trinity College Board of Stewards, T.C.L.I. Rep. III, Secretary IV, Trinity College Dramatic Society III-IV, Co-Founder Social Revisionist Party IV, British Empire Club I-IV, President IV. Future: Advertising. RONALD B. H. DUBOWLAY, Toronto, General, Northern C.V.S., Art Committee Hart House III, Psychology Club II. MARUJA D. T. DUNCAN, Toronto, Mod. Lang. and Lit., Havergal, Pensionnat Brillantmont, French Club I-IV, Social Convenor II, Vice- Pres. IV, Drama and Music III, Spanish Club I-IV. ALEX L. EFTIMOFF, Whitby, Mod. Hist. and Mod. Lang., Pickering D.H.S., Hart House Theatre I-III, Trinity Drama Society, Vice-Pres. II, "Judith', III, Treas. U. of T. Drama Committee, French Club "L'Arriviste" II, Brett Club, Torontonensis Rep. IV, All-round Ham I-IV. Future: Graduate Work in U.S. STANLEY ELLIS, Lethbridge, Alta., General, Lethbridge C.I., Brett Club III, Theological Society III. Future: Theology, Trinity College. HILLARY A. ENLOW, Hamilton, General, Westdale S.S., St. Hilda's Basketball I-II, Volleyball I, St. Hilda's Literary Society III, "Salterrae" II, St. Hilda's House Committee III. ALAN J. H. FERGUSON, Toronto, General, Malvern C.I. Future: Theology. WILLIAM EDWARD PATRICK FLECK, Toronto, General, Malvern C.I., Chemistry Club I-III, Camera Club I-II, Trinity College Lit. Inst. Treas. II, Math. and Physics Soc. I-III. Future: Secondary School Teaching. DAVID M. FLINT, Agincourt, General, U.T.S. Future: Theology. NORAH E. FOOT, Waterloo, Eng. Lang. and Lit., Kitchener-Waterloo C.V.S., Head of Year I, St. Hilda,s Literary Society, Secretary III, Trinity College Chapel Choir II-IV, Trinity University "Review,' I-IV, Editor IV. M. JAYNE FORD, Goderich, General, Goderich C.I., Hart House Theatre I-III, Trinity Dramatic Society I-III, Trinity Chapel Choir II-III, Trinity Altar Guild III. JOHN F. FUTHEY, Chapleau, Ont., Eng. Lang. and Lit., Chapleau H.S., Trinity Library I-III, French Club I-III. SUSAN J. GAYFER, Hamilton, General, Westdale S.S., St. Hlldais Basket- ball I-II, Manager I, St. Hilda's Volleyball I, St. Hildais Lit. III. ROBERT J. D. GIBB, Toronto, General, Brett Club I-III, Campus Co-op II-III, Glee Club II. N. A. GIBSON, Oakville, General. TIMOTHY T. GIBSON, Toronto, Maths. and Physics, Upper Canada College, Trinity Soccer, Hockey: Squash. Future: Teaching. WILLIAM A. GILBERT, Toronto, Mod. Hist., North Toronto C.I., Hockey I, "Varsity,' Reporter II. Future: Theological School. BARBARA K. GOODWIN, Toronto, General, Havergal College, Basketball, Hockey, Ground Hockey III, Football, Winter Carnival Committee II, St. Hilda's Athletic III. J. DOUGLAS GRANT, Trinidad, West Indies, Pol. Sci. and Ec., Saint Andrew's College, KA, Head of Arts IV, Frat. Sec. III, Trinity Soccer I-IV, Capt. III, Intermed. Soccer IV, Intermed. Wrestling II, Vice-Pres. Trinity Athletics III, Historical Club IV, Economics Club IV, E.A.C. Rep. and Chairman of Host Committee II, Trinity Conversat Committee II. Future: Post-Graduate Work at Cambridge. TRINITY DAVID S. GREENWOOD, Whitehorse, Y.T., General, Ridley College, EX, Sculler IV, B.R.C. I-IV, Dramatic Society I-III, Trinity 5T9 Yacht Club I-IV, Trinity Football I-IV. TREVOR J. S. HAM, Napanee, Ont., General, Trinity College School, KA, Interfaculty Football II-III, Sr. Intercoll. Gymnastics I-III, F.R.0.S. I-III, Trinity College Chapel Choir I-III, Trinity Dramatic Society I, A.V.R. II. Future: Medicine. ELIZABETH VALERIE HARRISON, Abulia, Ont., Philosophy and Eng.: Abulia C.V.I. ALEXANDER HAVRLANT, Batawa, Ont., Mod. Hist., Ridley College, AAQD, Trinity College Literary Institute I-IV, President II, Hart House Debates Committee IV, University of Toronto Debating Team II, U.N.T.D. I-III, Historical Club III-IV, Trinity Squash, Hockey I-IV. GWYNNETH T. HEATON, Toronto, Mod. Hist., Bishop Strachan School, RCAF University Squadron IURTPJ I-IV, Trinity Cercle Francais I-IV, Blue and White Society II, U. of T. Outing Club III-IV, U.N. Club IV' Volleyball I, Basketball I-Ill. 5 J. DAVID HESSIN, Toronto, Mod. Hist., L.P.C.I., Royal Roads M.C., R.M.C. Future: Army, Lord Strathconais Horse IRoya1 Canadiansl. JOHN R. F. HEWETT, Toronto, Maths. and Physics, Upper Canada College, Hart House Chess Club I-III, Math. and Physics Society I-IV, Pres. IV. Future: Graduate study in Cambridge, England. NANCY A. HEWITT, Toronto, Art and Arch., Bathurst Heights C.V.S., S.C.M. III-IV, Recording Secretary IV, St. Hilda's Athletic Exec., Head of Baseball II-III, Vice-Pres. IV, Fine Arts Club II-IV, Trinity Missionary Society. HELEN A. HOOPER, Toronto, General, York Memorial C.I., U. of T. Film Society III, Float Parade II. Future: Social Work. SUSAN E. HOUSTON, Toronto, Eng. Lang. and Lit., Lawrence Park C.I., Trinity Dramatic Society I-IV, Trinity French Club I-IV, Volleyball I-II, Basketball I-II, Reporter, "The Varsity" Il, Smith College Exchange III. Future: Europe. SARAH M. HUESTON, Montreal, General, Mount Royal H.S., Head of Year III, St. Hi1da's Skiing, Head II-III, St. Hilda's Hockey I-III, U. of T. Chorus I. JAMES E. HUNT, Toronto, General, Forest Hill C.I. Future: Theology. F. JOSEPHINE HURST, Belleville, General, Belleville C.I.V.S., St. Hilda's Lit. Sr. Debating Rep. III, St. Hildais Athletic Sec. III, Trinity Altar Guild II-III, Interfaculty Tennis III, Archery II, Volleyball I-III, Basketball I-III. Future: Science Teaching. A. VICTORIA G. INNES, Hamilton, General, Westdale C.I., Trinity French Club I-III, Swimming I, Football I, Reporter, "The Varsity" II-III, Skiing I, St. Hildais Lit. I, Settlement House III. TERRENCE E. G. JABOUR, Ottawa, General, Fisher Park H.S., Hart House Glee Club I-III, Publicity Director III, French Club I-III. Future: Osgoode Hall. W. BRUCE JARDINE, Toronto, General, Vaughan Road C.I., Trinity Hockey I-III. MARILYN J. JECKELL, Ottawa, Household Economics, Lisgar C.I., Basketball I-II, Volleyball I-II, Year Executive I-III, Pres. IV, Head of College IV, Trinity Chapel Advisory Board III-IV, Torontonensis Rep. III, House Ec. Club I-IV, Executive II. JOHN R. R. JENNINGS, Toronto, Mod. Hist., Upper Canada College, KA, Trinity "Bn Hockey I-II, Trinity "BU Soccer I, Trinity "B" Squash I-IV, House Committee, Hart House III-IV, Trinity College Dramatic Society, Publicity Director III, Producer IV, Editor of "Salterrae" IV, Trinity Board of Stewards IV. Future: Osgoode Hall. D. M. GLADYS JOHNSTON, King, Ont., General, Havergal College, Volleyball, Basketball, St. Hildais lst Hockey, St. Hilda's Ground Hockey. JEREMY G. JOHNSTON, Toronto, Mod. Hist., University of Toronto Schools, Trinity College Literary Institute I-IV, Pres. III, Deputy Speaker IV, Trinity University "Reviewi,, Asst. Editor III-IV, Trinity Coll. Board of Stewards IV, U. of T. Progressive Conservative Club, Parliamentary Leader and Vice President IV, French Club I-IV, Political Economy Club II-III. Future: Law. ROBERT H. JOHNSTON, Toronto, Mod. Hist. and Mod. Lang., Haileybury College, England, AU, University German Club I-IV, Sec. HI, Dramatic Director IV, Trinity French Club I-IV. 4 391 TRINITY -5 . W' 392 419' WILLIAM R. M. JOHNSTON, Toronto, Art and Archaeology, Oakwood C.I., BQII, U. of T. 2nd Team Rugger I, U. of T. Slavic Circle I-III, Hart House Art Committee III-IV, U. of T. Fine Art Club III-IV, President III. Future: Graduate studies. JUDITH A. KELLOCK, Toronto, General, Glebe C.I., Dramatics Club, Cercle Francais, A.V.R., Trinity Chapel Choir. E. H. KINNEAR IMrs.l, Toronto, General. W. ROBERT LANGLOIS, Belleville, Mod. Hist. and Mod. Lang., Belleville C.I., Trinity College School, Hart House Debates Committee II, Trinity College French Club I-IV, President III, Trinity College Literary Institute, President IV, Trinity College Dramatic Society I, Class President I-II. ALLAN W. LAUDER, Toronto, General, Riverdale C.I., Canterbury Club, S.C.M., U.A.A.C. Future: Anglican Priest. ERIC S. LINDSAY, Constant Spring, Jamaica, B.W.I., General, Kingston College, Jamaica, Trinity College Literary Institute II, Cercle Francais de Trinity College I, West Indian Students' Assoc. II, Trinity College Soccer I. Future: Law. JOHN H. MACAULAY, Toronto, General. CHARLES DAVID MacDONALD, Toronto, General, Lawrence Park C.I., AKE, Football I-III, Basketball I-III, "B" Hockey I-III, Intermediate Football II, Trinity College Athletic Assoc. III, Year Social Execu- tive I. Future: Osgoode Hall. P. A. LAURA MacFADDEN, Toronto, General, Branksome Hall, French Club I-II. Future: Ontario College of Education. E. W. MCFARLANE, Toronto, Math. and Physics. P. R. F. MCGAW, Toronto, General. 1No Photography, WILLSON A. McTAVISH, Toronto, General, Upper Canada College, AMD, Trinity College Dramatic Society. JOAN E. MANNING, Toronto, Art and Archaeology, Vaughan Road C.I., Fine Arts Club I-IV, S.C.M. IV. MARY MARSH, Toronto, General, Lawrence Park C.I., Finian's Rainbow I, New Faces of '58 II, Trinity College Choir III, F.R.O.S. I-III, Basket- ball I, Trinity Cercle Francais I, Missionary Rep. II, Head of Non- Residents, St. Hilda's III. Future: School of Social Work. P. O. DOUGLAS MARSHALL, Toronto, Philosophy QEng. or Hist.J, Highgate, London, Eng., The "Varsity", Editor IV, Carabin IV. MARY L. C. MASCARD, Toronto, General, East York C.I. MOLLY A. MEDCALF, St. Thomas, Psychology, St. Thomas C.I., Bishop Strachan School, Trinity College Chapel Choir I-IV, Lacrosse I-IV, Hockey I-II, Social Service Rep. III, Chapel Advisory Board III. A. R. MILLS, Toronto, General. M. FRANCES NEWBY, Toronto, Philosophy and English, Bishop Strachan, Trinity "Review', Board I-IV, Managing Editor III, Trinity Dramatic Society I-III, St. Hilda's Basketball I-III, Brett Club II-IV. PATRICIA J. PEARSON, Toronto, General, Riverdale C.I., Trinity French Club I-IV, St. Hildais Swimming I, St. Hildais Hockey III, St. Hilda's Literary Society I-IV. Future: Teaching. WINSOR PEPALL, Erindale, Ont., Geological Science, Appleby College, Trinity Football I-II, Coleman Geology Club, Secretary II, President III. Future: Business Administration, U. of T. MARION E. K. POPE, Toronto, Mod. Hist., St. C1ement's School, Trinity College Cercle Francais I-II, Year Play II-III, St. Hilda's Basketball, Manager II. TRINITY CAROL F. PURKIS, Toronto, Mod. Hist. and Mod. Lang., Bishop Strachan School, Trinity French Club I-IV, Italian Club, Vice Pres. III, Mod. Hist. Club I-III, Torontonensis Sales IV. HELEN D. PYNE, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I., General, Wolmer's H.S. for Girls, West Indian Students' Assoc. II-III. Future: Teaching in Jamaica. P. C. REID, Toronto, Psych. TIMOTHY H. E. REID, Ottawa, Polit. Sc. and Ec., Lisgar C.I., Ottawa, Ridley College, St. Catharines, AKE, Trinity College Board of Stewards II-IV, Head of Year II, S.A.C. Rep. III, Neutral Member IV, Trinity "Review', Board I-II, Publications Commissioner S.A.C. III, Varsity Blues Football II-IV, Intercollegiate Track Team III-IV, Vice- Pres., T.C.A.A. IV, Historical Club III-IV, Economics Club IV, Frat. Treasurer IV, W.U.S. Seminarist to Yugoslavia III, W.U.S. of Canada National Committee IV. Future: Post-Graduate Studies. CATHERINE A. RICHARDSON, Toronto, General, Etobicoke C.I., "The Varsityv II-III, Hart House Theatre II-III, Trinity French Club I-III, Skule Nite Sets II. Future: Advertising. KEITH E. ROBERTSON, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies, General, West Indian Students Association, Geography Club. Future: Teaching, Kingston, Jamaica. KARL K. ROSE, Toronto, Applied Math., Parkdale C.I., R.M.C. Future: Army. BEVERLEY A. ROSS, Brockville, English Lang. and Lit., Brockville C.I. and V.S., Basketball I, Head of Year III-IV, St. Hildals College Literary Society, Executive III-IV, U.T.D.U. III-IV, Vice-Pres. IV. J. NICHOLAS ROSS, Toronto, Eng. Lang. and Lit., U.C.C., ALT, Trinity "AH Basketball I-IV, University Squash Team I-IV, University Squash Club I-IV, President IV, Hart House Squash Committee III-IV, Trinity College French Club I-III. Future: London School of Economics. JOANNE S. M. RUMP, Ottawa, General, Fisher Park H.S., Trinity Chapel Choir I-III, St. Hilda's Volleyball II-III, Blue and White Society II, W.U.S. Treasure Van, Psychology Club, University Settlement House. Future: Teachers, College. JANE ANN RUSSELL, Toronto, Psychology, Leaside H.S., Badminton I, Bowling I, Psychology Club II-IV, Exec. IV. Future: Graduate Study. J. M. SAUNDERS, Toronto, General. KARLEEN A. SCOTT, Toronto, General, Northlands, Buenos Aires, Argentina, St. Hildais Volleyball I, Spanish Club I, "Varsity" I, Trinity French Club II, St. Hildais Head of Golf, Bowling and Table Tennis III, St. Hilda's Literary Society I-III. Future: O.C.E. RUTH ANN SCOTT, Toronto, General, Bishop Strachan School, St. Hildais Hockey II-III, St. Hildats Basketball I-II, Hart House I, All- Varsity Revue I-III, St. Hildats Literary, Trinity Dramatics Society, Conservatory I-III. PATRICIA A. SHANNON, Kitchener, Mod. Lang. and Lit., Branksome Hall, Interfaculty Softball I-IV, Interfaculty Basketball I-IV, Inter- collegiate Intermediate Basketball, Interfaculty Volleyball I-IV, Inter- collegiate Volleyball, St. Hilda's Athletic Association, Head of Volley- ball II, Treasurer III, President IV, Trinity French Club I-IV, University Choir II, IV, Trinity Chapel Choir III. SALLY M. SIHLER, Simcoe, General, Simcoe H.S., Trinity Chapel Choir I-III, Toronto University Choir I, University Skating Club I-III, Inter- faculty Golf II-III, Interfaculty Volleyball II-III, Chapel Advisory Board III. Future: Teaching. PETER N. SISAM, Toronto, Mod. Hist., U.C.C., AKE, Trinity "Av Hockey I-IV, Trinity Athletic Assoc. I-III, Sec. I-III, Fraternity Rushing Chair- man IV, Trinity Football Manager II-III, Coach, St. Hilda's Hockey II-IV. Future: Radio and Marriage. P. F. SMITH, St. Thomas, General. D. L. I. SMITH, Toronto, General. DIANE WILSON SMITH, Toronto, General, King's Hall, Compton, Bishop Strachan School, St. Hildats Year Play I, "SalterraeU II, St. HiIda's Ground Hockey Ill, University Settlement III. Future: O.C.E. PATRICIA L. SMITH, Leeds, England, General, County Grammar School, Stowmarket, Suffolk, England, French Club II-III. 393 PHILIP L. SPENCER, Port Arthur, Mod. Lang. and Lit., Port Arthur C.I., Trinity College French Club I-IV, Vice-Pres. III, U. of T. German Club I-IV, Pres. III, Trinity College Dramatic Society I-II, Trinity Basketball I-II, R.O.T.P., Torontonensis, Rep. II. Future: Canadian Army. KATHLEEN ELIZABETH STEELE, Guelph, General, Guelph C.V.I., P.C. Club I, Canterbury Club II-III, Basketball III. DAPHNE E. R. STEPHENS, Ottawa, Music, Glebe C.I., U. of T. Chorus I-IV, Music Critic, "The Varsity", IV. Future: Graduate Work in Musicology. SANDRA M. STEPHENSON, Toronto, General, Oakwood C.I., Year Play, St. Hildas III, A.V.R. III. P. LINDSAY STEWART, Toronto, Philosophy and English, Havergal College, Assistant Head of Year, St. Hilda's III. N. GWEN STOGDILL, Toronto, Philosophy and English, Jarvis C.I.3 St. Hilda's Hockey I-III, Trinity Dramatic Society II-III, Brett Club. ROBERT G. P. STOKES, Toronto, General, Lawrence Park C.I., AXLD. E. MARION STOUFFER, StouEville, Ont., General, StouHville D.H.S., V.C.F. I-III, Maths. and Physics Society I-III. VIVIAN L. STURDEE, Toronto, Art and Arch., Havergal, Art Editor, Trinity University "Review', II-IV, Hockey I-IV. Future: Europe. URSULA A. STYLE, Toronto, General, Havergal College, Biology Club II-III, Secretary-Treasurer III. ERNEST K. SYPESTEIJN, The Netherlands, General, Hart House Art Committee III, Conversat. Committee I-II, Trinity Volleyball Teams, "Ai, and "BU, Manager II. MARYAN G. TALBOT, Toronto, Mod. Lang. and Lit., Cheltenham Ladies College, England, "The Varsityi' A.M. and D. Co-Editor IV, Trinity French Club II-IV, Trinity Dramatic Society, Sec. II, Trinity "Review',, Asst. Editor IV, Italian Club II-IV. RICKY TEACHMAN, Toronto, Psychology, North Toronto C.I., Psychology Club II-IV, Pres. IV, Trinity Dramatic Society, Badminton I5 Bowling I, French Club I-II. Future: School Psychologist, Marriage. R. MARGARET THOMPSON, Port Arthur, General, P.A.C.I., St. Hildais Volleyball I. EUGENE W. TRASEWICK, Toronto, General, Humberside C.I., Football, Soccer, Hockey, University Naval Training Division. Future: Osgoode Hall. KAREN L. TROTTER, Toronto, General, Harbord C.I., "Varsity',, Reporter I-III, Cercle Francais. Future: Speech Pathology and Audio- logy, U. of T. J. C. MYRA TUPKER, Toronto, General, Branksome Hall, Trinity Dramatic Society III, Trinity French Club I-III. Future: Graduate Work in Psychology. PAUL VERESHACK, Toronto, General, St. Andrewis College, Aurora, Debating I, Swimming and Life Saving Instructor I, French Club I-II, Judo III. Future: Medicine. HILARY V. L. WARREN, Toronto, General, B.S.S., Trinity College French Club II-III, Modern History Club II, Trinity Dramatic Society II-III, U. of T. German Club, Social Convenor II-III. WENDY C. WEAVER, Hamilton, General, Bishop Strachan School, West- dale Secondary School, Trinity Chapel Choir I-II, Blue and White Society II, W.U.S. III, St. Hilda's Social Service Rep. III, Settlement House Work, Head of Saints' Dance III, Fencing Team II-III, St. Hilda's Lacrosse I-III, Head III, Basketball I, Football I, Trinity Snow Queen II. SHEILA M. WESTMAN, Toronto, General, Branksome Hall School, St. Hilda's Basketball I-III, St. Hi1da's Hockey I-III, St. I-Iilda's Literary Society III. Future: Teaching. A. ASTRID E. WEYMAN, Unionville, Ont., Art and Archaeology, St. Mildredts College, Trinity College Dramatic Society I-III, Hart House Drama I, Stage Design II, IV, University of Toronto Drama Festival IV, Fine Arts Club III-IV. WITOLD M. WEYNEROWSKI, St. Catharines, Mod. Hist. and Mod. Lang., Ridley College, EX, French Club I, II, IV, German Club I, II, IV, Modern History Club IV, Sr. Intercoll. Squash I, II, IV, Intercoll. Golf I, II, IV, Captain II, IV, Trinity "AU Soccer I, II, IV, Trinity Lit. I, Europe III. ELZABETH G. WILSON, Toronto, General, Branksonie Hall, Year Play I, II, IV, Trinity Play III, Hart House Theatre I, Trinity Coll. French Club II, Carabin II, "Varsity,' II, "Salterrae" II, Fine Arts Club IV, A.V.R. IV, Trinity "Review',, Assistant Editor IV, Trinity Coll. Dramatic Society I-II. GEORGE A. WILSON, Toronto, General, Upper Canada College, Zllf, Trinity Hockey, "Varsity,' Staff Reporter, Chairman, Blue and White Float Parade Committee. Future: Law. ROBERT E. T. WILSON, Toronto, General, North Toronto C.I., Blues Rugger I-II, Hart House Library Committee II, Hart House Caledon Committee II, Publicity Director III, Trinity Football II, Opposition Party, Trinity Lit. III, Sports Editor, "Salterrae" II-III. Future: Osgoode Hall. NANCY J. WOODS, Toronto, Mod. Lang. and Lit., East York C.I., Trinity Dramatic Society I-III, St. Hildais Literary Society I-IV, University of Toronto Outing Club III, Trinity Cercle Francais I-IV5 United Nations Club IV, University Reserve QRCAFD I-IV, Hart House Theatre I. BENSON E. N. WRIGHT, Port Arthur, Pol. Sc. and Ec., Upper Canada College, KA, Soccer, Trinity Ais I-IV, Hockey, Trinity C's I-IV, Frat, Vice-Pres. IV, Carabin IV, Historical Club IV, Trinity French Club I-IV, Vice-Pres. II, Trinity E.A.C. Rep. III, Host Committee Chair- man III, Trinity Social Service Rep. II. Future: Law School. SHIRLEY G. WRIGHT, Gananoque, Ont., General, Bishop Strachan School, St. Hildais Basketball II-III, St. Hilda's Hockey II-III, "Varsity", Reporter III, Trinity Choir II-III, St. Hilda's Swimming III. WENDY A. WRIGHT, Toronto, Mod. Hist. and Mod. Lang., Havergal College, French Club III-IV, German Club III-IV, Reporter and Feature Writer, "The Varsityi' Il, St. Hilda's Ski Team I-II, St. Hilda's Hockey I-II. TRINITY 395 Trinity Divinit Q Q ! , , 'L My Uv I , Q' X ,A 1. , - I .5 k w 396 REV. C. R. FEIDING s.A., s.'r.B., S.T.D. DEAN: GARRY A. COOPER, Toronto, Lawrence Park C.I., Barrie C.I., U. of T.: EX, Fraternity President Ig Treasurer, Anglican Inter-seminary Movement II, Scribe of Episcopon II. Future: Diocese of Niagara. FREDERICK A. CROSS, Toronto, North Toronto C.I.: U. of T.: Treasurer, Divinity Class Ig Missionary Society III. Future: Diocese of Toronto. BRUCE C. GIFFORD, New Westminster, B.C.g Duke of Connaught H.S., U.B.C., U. of Heidelberg, U. of California tM.A.J5 Anglican Inter- seminary Movement, Pres. II, Theological Society, Secretary II. Future: Diocese of Niagara. STANLEY R. HASKELL, Ottawa, Harrison College, Barbados, McGill 1M.Sc., Ph.D.I. Future: Diocese of Ottawa. JAMES D. S. IBBOTT, Charlottetown, P.E.I.g Prince of Wales College, Dalhousie University tB.Sc.lg Theological Society I-III, Treasurer II. Future: Diocese of Ottawa. J. THOMAS L. JAMES, Brockville, Brockville C.I. and V.S., U. of T., U. of T. Flying Club I-II: Delegate to Anglican Inter-seminary Conference II. Future: Diocese of Algoma. DONALD M. LANDON, Toronto, U.T.S., U. of T. 4B.A., LL.B.yg AT: Executive, Varsity Christian Fellowship II: Secretary, Anglican Inter- seminary Movement II, Delegate to Anglican Inter-seminary Con- ference IIg President, Divinity Class III: Board of Stewards, Trinity College III. Future: Diocese of Algoma. RITCHIE MCMURRAY, Toronto, Oakwood C.I., U. of T. President, Theological Society Ig Delegate to S.C.M. Conference I, III. Future: Diocese of Niagara. ERIC B. PATERSON, Toronto, East York C.I., Trinity College: Lacrosse I-II. Future: Diocese of Algoma. MICHAEL G. PEERS, Vancouver, B.C.g Lord Byng H.S., U.B.C., U. of Heidelberg, Secretary, Divinity Class II-III, Delegate to S.C.M. Con- ference II. Future: Diocese of Ottawa. JOHN D. RATHBONE, Toronto, Riverdale C.I., Vice-President, Divinity Class III. Future: Diocese of Niagara. JAMES C. RIESBERRY, Brampton, Brampton H.S., U. of T., Trinity Lacrosse I-III: Trinity Waterpolo Ilg Delegate to S.C.M. Conference II. Future: Diocese of Ontario. JACK M. WISEMAN, Montreal, P.Q.g West Hill H.S., Sir George Williams College. CONSTANTIN P. AICHINGER, Toronto. R. A. ALCOCK. ALBERT G. ARGET, Toronto. JILL M. ARMSTRONG, Windsorg HB41. JUNE A. ARMSTRONG, Toronto. HAROLD L. ATWOOD, Toronto. IVARS AVOTINS. DAVID W. AXLER, Toronto. MARY A. BAILLIE, Hamiltong Generalg Westdale S.S., McGill University I-II. LARRY L. BAND, Downsview. GREGORY J. BARANCHUK, Torontog Generalg Bloor C.I. NICHOLAS BARANYI, Torontog Generalg Commercial H.S., Eger, Hungary. University College WST? L PRINCIPAL: F. C. A. JEANNERET a.A., D.eSL., o.A. 397 UNIVERSITY I 4 398 ERIC P. BATLEY-PRATT. INO Photography. GERALD A. BERGER, Toronto: General: Forest Hill C.I., Blue and White Band II. Future: Business Administration. DANIEL L. BINGAMAN, Toronto. INo Photography. ESTHER BLACK, Oshawa, General: Oshawa C.V.I.3 Volleyball I. PETER D. B. BLAIR, Oshawa: Art and Archaeology, O.C.V.I.g Waterpolo I, Knox College Assoc., Exec. II. Future: Architecture. JOHN C. BLYTH, Torontog General, Jarvis C.I. Future: Theology at Trinity. WALTER BOIKOFF, St. Catharinesg General: St. Catharines H.S.g Hart House Revolver Club: Slavic Circle: Psychology Club. Future: Teaching. GLORIA BORDEN, Toronto, General, Forest Hill C.I.: Dentantics II, U.C. Follies Ticket Seller III. Future: Teaching. DENNIS H. BOULTON, Toronto. G. COURTENAY BOXILL, Trinidad, W.I.g Generalg Naparima Collegeg West Indian Students' Association I-III: Psychology Club II-III, Inter- national Students, Organization I-II: U.C. Soccer I-III. NADA B. BOYKO, Oakville: Physics and Geology: Oakville-Trafalgar H.S. Future: O.C.E. ALICE 0. BRAEKER, Walton, Mod. Lang. and Lit. WILLIAM BRAVERMAN, Sudbury, General: Sudbury H.S.: BEF: U.C. Basketball Ig Fraternity Recorder II, Vice-Chancellor III. Future: Osgoode Hall. C. H. BRAY, Scarboro. INo Photography. ESTHER R. BROWN, Brantford: General: Brantford C.I. and V.S.: Volunteer Teaching to New Canadians. Future: Teaching. MARTIN BROWN, Toronto, General: North Toronto C.I.: Hillel. ROBERT G. BROWN, Toronto. RUTH F. BROWN, Kitchenerg Eng. Lang. and Lit.: Kitchener-Waterloo C.I. and V.S. VERNA K. BURGESS, Toronto. INO Photography. JUANITA M. BUTLER, Nassau, Bahamas: General: St. Johns College, West Indian Students, Assoc. Future: Teachers' Course and B. Ed. at O.C.E. C. VICTOR W. CALLENDER, St. George's, Grenada, B.W.I.3 Poli. Sci. and EC., G.B.S.S.: Intermediate Varsity Blues Soccer I: U.C. Sr. Soccer I3 West Indian Students' Assoc., Treas. and Exec. Comm. I-III: Wallace House, Pres. III, Sir Daniel Wilson Residence, Vice-Pres. III, Economics Club IV. Future: Post-Graduate Studies. G. R. CAMERON. INo Photography. LORNA J. CAMPBELL, Toronto, General, E.C.I.5 AFA, Torontonensis II: Skule Night Stage Crew III, Blue and White Committee II. Future: Travel Abroad. P. A. L. CAMPBELL. JOHN C. CARR, Sarniag General, Sarnia C.I. and T.S.g Knox College Lacrosse I-III, Knox College Association, Secretary III. Future: Theology at Knox College. ROBERT L. CARLGREN, Toronto. LAWRENCE J. CASS, Torontog Physiology and Biochemistryg Harbord C.I., Forest Hill C.I.g Physiological Society IVg Red Cross Instructor, Hart House II-III. Future: Medicine. MARVIN A. CATZMAN, Toronto, Sociologyg Forest Hill C.I., EAM: U.C.- S.M.C. Production "R.U.R." I: Hillel "Refiections", Assistant Editor I: "Finian's Rainbow" II: Hillel Membership Co-Chairman II, Third Year Pres., U.C. Literary and Athletic Society IIIg U.C. Follies ,57 Co- writer-Director III: A.V.R. '58 Contributor III: Homecoming Show Contributor IV, U.C. S.A.C. Rep. IV: S.A.C. Constitution Committee IV, U. of T. Delegate, 1958 N.F.C.U.S. National Seminar IV. Future: U. of T. Law School. GERALD CHARNEY. QNo Photography. ANTHONY E. CHARLTON, Galtg Philosophy and English: Ridley College: AAQQ Fourth Year Pres., U.C. Lit. IV: University Debating. DOREEN L. CHEESMAN, Torontog Classics: Jarvis C.I., I.V.C.F'. I-II: Canterbury Club III-IV3 Classics Club I-IV: Near East Club III-IV. Future: High School Teaching. CHARLES A. CHINCHEN. STANLEY R. COLE, Torontog General: Harbord C.I.3 IIAIP. JOHN R. A. COLOMBO, Kitchener. KNO Photography. DOUGLAS C. COOKE, Toronto: General: Lawrence Park C.I. Future: Actuarial Work. ALLAN S. COOPER, Downsview: Generalg Downsview C.I., U.W.O.3 BSP: Soccer Ig Liberal Club Ig Frat. Culture and Welfare Chairman III, Hillel. JOEL NORMAN COOPER, Fort William: General, Fort William C.I., IIAQ7 Residence Caput I-II, Hillel I-II: Interfrat. Cribbage Club II-IIIg H.H. Bridge Club I-III: Campus Projectile Club II-III. Future: Law. MICHAEL P. CORLETT, Toronto, General: New Toronto S.S. Future: Graduate Work in Plant Pathology. MALCOLM J. COUTTS, Thamesville, Ont.: Math. and Physicsg Lambton- Kent D.H.S.g BQIIQ Math. and Physics Society, III Year Rep. PHILIP A. COWAN, Torontog Psych01Ogy3 N.T.C.I.g EAM: Publicity Director. U.C. Lit. III5 Co-Writer-Director, U.C. Follies III. A. COIMA qMrs.y. iNo Photography. RHODA E. COZMAN, Toronto: General: Vaughan Rd. C.I. Future: Teaching. CECIL B. CRAIG, San Fernando, Trinidad, General: Presentation C.I., W.I.S.A.g I.S.0.g Biology Club. WILLIAM R. D. CRAVEN, Goderichg Psychology: Orillia District C.I.g Psychology Club I-IV: Hart House Art Classes II, IV5 TCint.y Wrestling I-IV5 Tfint.y Rugger II-IV: Hockey iWyc.y II-IV, Soccer tWyc.y Ig Volleyball tWyc.y IVg President Wyclilfe College Athletic Assoc. IV. Future: Theology at Wycliie College. ISABEL Y. CROZIER, Bracebridgeg General, Bracebridge H.S.5 Basketball I-II, Volleyball I5 Spanish Club I-III: Football III. Future: O.C.E. ADELE CSIMA. AUDREY M. CUTLER, Toronto, Generalg Forest Hill C.I.5 U.C. Follies - Make-up II, Make-up Director IIIg U.C. Volleyball I-II. Future: Social Work. B. G. DARCY. CHRISTIAN DAVIDS, Torontog General: Harbord C.I.5 Jarvis C.I. H. A. L. DAVIS, Kingg General. fNo Photography. M. SUE DAVIS, Torontog.Sociologyg Lawrence Park C.I.g KKI'g S.P.S. Cheerleader I3 Skule Nite Ig Psychology Club Ilg Portia Debates I-IIIg U.C. Literary and Athletic Society IV, S.A.C. Rep.: Hockey, U.C. Ilg W.U.A. III, Social Director: U.T.D.U. IV5 Model Parliament Chair- man IV. UNIVERSITY 399 UNIVERSITY my 400 Ww- .WW WILLIAM B. DAVIS, King: Philosophy: Aurora D.H.S.: U.C. Playersf' Guild I-IV, Activities Dir. II, Pres. III, Business Manager IV: Director of "The Browning Versionv, "Creditor", "Hatful of Rainy, "Children's Hour"5 Actor in "Purification',, "Hamlet',, "Summer and Smoke", "Tempest',: Designer of U.C. Follies III: Jeanneret House Pres. III: Residence Council II-III: U.C. Literary and Athletic Society Pres. IV: U. of T. Drama Committee II-IV. Future: Theatre. ALEXANDER H. deCOSTE, Toronto: General: St. Josephls H.S. Future: Teaching. JAN E. E. deLINT, Pickering. tNo Photography. JAMES H. DELL, Niagara Falls: Math. and Physics: Stamford C.I.: U.C. Football I-IV: U.C. Waterpolo I: Maths. and Physics Society I-IV. Future: Graduate Work in Electronics. VICTOR S. DERCO. tNo Photography. KENNETH DIMOFF, Toronto: Math. and Physics: North Toronto C.I. NINA R. DOROFEUK, Windsor: House Ec.: Walkerville C.I.: AFA: Kiss Me Kate I: Finianls Rainbow II: Cercle Francais Play, Costumes III: F.R.O.S. I: Falconer House Comm. II: S.C.M. III-IV: Skule Nite III-IV: Res. Head Girl IV: U.C. Players Guild III-IV: Frat. Rushing Comm. IV. CARL DUNK, Toronto: Poli. Sci. and Ec.g North Toronto C.I. SHELDON L. DREBIN, Toronto: General: Downsview C.I.: BEP: U.C. Redmen Football II-III: U.C. Basketball II-III: Hillel. Future: Osgoode Hall. BRUCE EARHARD, Toronto. 1No Photography. J. A. EISENBERG lMrs.y Toronto. JOHN A. EISENBERG, Toronto: Philosophy and English. MARY A. T. ELSON, London: General: South Huron District H.S.: U.C. Basketball Il: Classics Club II. CLARE ISABEL ENDICOTT, Toronto: Eng. Lang. and Lit.: Jarvis C.I. CARL T. ERICKSON, Toronto: Mod. Lang. and Lit.: U.T.S.: Slavic Circle Il: Spanish Club III. Future: Post-Graduate Work Abroad: Teaching. EDWARD FARRAR, Terra Cotta, Ont.: Physics and Geology: Brampton H.S.: U. of T. Wrestling II. Future: Ph.D. in Geophysics. PHILIP Q. FLEISHMAN, Toronto: General: Vaughan Rd. C.I.: U.C. Foot- ball I: U.C. Basketball I-III: Secretary, U.C. Athletic Society II. Future: Medicine. IVAN FLEISCHMANN, Toronto: General: Vaughan Rd. C.I.: Intermediate Track 81 Field Team: U.C. Basketball: U.C. Track and Field Team: Vice-Pres., Bridge Club. U. of T. Bridge Team. Future: Osgoode Hall. SANDRA J. FOGEL, Montreal: General: Montreal H.S. for Girls: French Club III: Volleyball III. J. DOUGLAS FRAME, Toronto: Eng. Lang. and Lit.: East York C.I. JAMES W. FRASER, Pembroke: General: Pembroke C.I.: fIyKII: Young Progressive Conservative Club II-III. Future: Law. JOYCE C. S. FREEDMAN, Toronto: General: Vaughan Rd. C.I.: Dentantics III. Future: Teachers' College. JACOB FRIEDBERG, Toronto: Physiology and Biochemistry: Oakwood C.I.: Physiological Society IV: Red Cross Instructor, Hart House III. Future: Medicine. MARGERY GAIL FRIEDLANDER qMrs.y Toronto: Household Economics: Forest Hill C.I. BERNIE M. FROLIC, Toronto, General, Lawrence Park C.I., EAM, U.C. Follies I, F'raternity Rushing Chairman II. Future: Post-Grad. Work. BARBARA R. FRUM, Toronto, Modern History, Stamford C.I. LIBBY L. FUSS, Toronto, General, Harbord C.I., U.C. Basketball II, U.C. Baseball II, U.C. Follies Dancer. Future: School of Social Work. BRIAN M. GAMBLE, Belfast, N. Ireland, General, Coleraine Academical Inst., N. Ireland, U. of T. Rugger I. LAWRENCE A. GARBER, Toronto, General, Vaughan Rd. C.I., 2411, U. of T. Film Society II-III, Swimming I. Future: MA. in English, Law. KATHRYN R. GARDNER lMrs.J, Toronto, General. f MARTIN E. GERLAND, Galt, Geography, G.C.I. and V.S., Geography Club, Secretary-Treasurer. CHRISTIAN J. GELLINEK, Toronto, General, Hamburg H.S., Germany, French Club III. Future: M.A. Y. MERIEL GITTINS tMrs.I, Cinco Saltos, Rio Wegro, Argentina, General, U.C. Tennis III. Future: M.A. PAUL K. GOETSCH, Kassel, Germany, Eng. Lang. and Lit., Marburg, Germany, F.R.O.S., I.S.O. IV. GEORGE B. GOLDEN, Toronto, General, Vaughan Rd. C.I., H.H. Inter- faculty Boxing I, Hart House Theatre I-III, "The Tempest", "Death of a Salesmanng U.C. Players' Guild I-III, Publicity Director II, "Hatful of Rain", "Hello Out There". F'uture: European Excursion. ELLEN M. GOLD, Toronto, Psychology, Oakwood C.I., Vaughan Rd. C.I., Bathurst Heights C.V.S., Psychology Club II-IV, Hillel Foundation I-IV. Future: Graduate Study in Psychology. ARNOLD M. GOLDMAN, Toronto, General, North Toronto C.I. Future: Dentistry. HINDALEA GOLDSTEIN, Kitchener, General, Kitchener-Waterloo C.I. and V.S., Hillel I-III, Psychology Club III, U.C. Basketball I-III. Future: Social Work. LOUIS GOODMAN, Toronto, Eng. Lang. and Lit., Riverdale C.I., Hart House Debates. DAVID GRADER, Welland, General, Forest Hill C.I., Table Tennis Club II, Hillel II-III, Treasure Van, Financing Chairman III. Future: Osgoode Hall. CHRISTINE A. GRAHAM, Toronto, Math. and Physics, Jarvis C.I., IIBKD, U. of T. Film Society III-IV, Maths. and Physics Society I-IV, Treasurer II-III, U.C. Basketball I, III-IV, U.C. Volleyball III, Intercoll. Inter- -mediate Basketball. Future: High School Teacher. JOHN A. M. GRAY, Toronto, General, Upper Canada College, L.P.S., BE-JH, "The Varsity" III, Chairman, Canadian University Press, The Hillelite. Future: Journalism. M. ELEANOR GRAY, Toronto, Classics, Jarvis C.I., I.V.C.F. I-IV, Missionary Sec. II, U.C.-Trinity Classics Club I-IV, Pres. III-IV. Future: Graduate Work. DENISE I. GROSSMAN, Toronto, General, Forest Hill C.I., Dentantics II, Torontonensis Grad. Section III. Future: Teacher. fNo Photography. THEOPHILUS LEONARD GREENE, Trinidad, B.W.I., Physiology and Biochemistry, Biology Club. Future: Medicine. KARI A. GRIMSTAD, Toronto, Mod. Lang. and Lit., Bathurst Heights C.V.S., Hart House Theatre III-IV, U.C. Cercle Francais I-IV, Bad- minton II-III. UNIVERSITY 401 UNIVERSITY Wfziizff' 402 W new ZW' -W ww- DENISE I. GROSSMAN. MARVIN H. GROSSMAN, Toronto: General: Bloor C.I.: BZP: U.C. Football, Coach: U.C. Volleyball, Convenor, Referee: U.C. Basketball III. Future: O.C.E. PAUL L. GUROFSKY, Toronto: General: Bathurst Heights C.I.: Swimming I: Le Cercle Francais I-II. Future: Graduate Work. ROSALIND B. HACKER, Toronto: General: Forest Hill C.I.: Le Cercle Francais I-III: Badminton I: U.C. Follies I: Fencing Club I: Toronto- nensis III. Future: O.C.E. SHIRLEY HACKER, Toronto: General: Bathurst Heights C.V.S.: Toronto- nensis I: Hillel I-III. JOHN D. HARDY, Toronto: General: North Toronto C.I.: V.C.F. I-III, Pres. U.C. III. VERNA HARTFORD. DANIEL R. HATCHER, Vancouver: General: Rutland H.S.: Varsity Photographer III. Future: Law School. NORMA M. HAWTHORNE, Toronto: General: Jarvis C.I.: Sports. DOREL M. HAY, Cross Roads, Jamaica: Poli. Sci. and Ec.: Wolmer's H.S.: W.I.S.A. I-III, Ex. Sec.: Residence House Comm. I-III: Head Girl, Cody House, Whitney Hall IV. LENARD HAYWOOD, Castries, St. Lucia, T.W.I.: Poli. Sci. and EC. PAUL WM. HELLEN, Toronto: Poli. Sci. and Ec.: Forest Hill C.I.: EAM: H.H. Art Committee III, Secretary IV. FRANCES HELLER, Toronto: General: Oakwood C.I. E. RUTH HETHRINGTON, Kleinburg: Geological Sciences: Bishop Strachan School: Adu: U.C. Skiing I-IV: U.C. Tennis I-II: U.C. Hockey I-II: Pres., U. of T. Women's Ski Club II-III: Coleman Geological Club II-IV, Sec.-Treas. III. JERRY W. HIGGINS, Detroit. 4No Photography. BARBARA A. HILL, Toronto: Household Economics: Westdale S.S., Hamilton: House Ec. Club I-IV. ELIZABETH J. M. HINCHLEY, Owen Sound: Household Economics: O.S.C.V.I.: Adi: "Kiss Me Kate" I: Portia Debates II: Res. House Comm. III: House Ec. Club I-IV. JOAN A. HEWITT, Toronto: General: Humberside C.I.: DDB: Fraternity Vice-Pres.: Sports. E. B. HEYLAND, Toronto: General: Lawrence Park C.I.: flvI'A: Frat. Corres. Sec. IRVING M. HIMEL, Toronto: General: Oakwood C.I., Forest Hill C.I.: IIAID. Future: Business. ELIZABETH M. HLINKA, Toronto: Sociology: Runnymede C.I.: Debating I: Varsity Chorus III: Sociology Club, Sec. IV. ROSLYN M. HOFFER, Toronto: Anthropology: Bathurst Heights C.I.: Anthropology Club: Hillel. Future: School of Social Work. EDGAR D. R. HONDERICH. CHARLES P. HONEY, Toronto, General. fNo Photography. BEATRIX R. HORN, Carnduff, Sask., Psychology, Carnduff H.S. RONALD WM. HOOPER, Peterborough, Psychology, Peterborough C.V.S., Psychology Club. PARRY J. HUSBANDS, St. Lucia, West Indies, Poli. Sci. and Ee., St. Mary's. JOHN W. IRWIN, Whitevale, Philosophy and History, Markham H.S., Pickering D.H.S., V.C.F. I-IV, Publicity Convenor II, Philosophical Society II-IV, "Gargoyle,' IV. LINDA A. JACKSON, Toronto, General, Bathurst Hts. C.I., "The Varsityi' I-II, Features I, Secretary II, U.C. Players' Guild I-III, Publicity III, U.T.D.U. II, W.U.S. Conference, Sharbot Lake II, U.C. Follies, Publicity II, NFCUS Conference, London II, H.H.O.A. II-III, H.H. Theatre, "The Late George Apley" III, "Tiger at the Gaten III, U.C. Portia Debates II. f JOHANNA L. JACIN, Toronto, Mod. Hist. and Mod. Lang., Harbord C.I., Ukrainian Students' Club, Le Cercle Francais de U.C. JUDITH JAKUBOVIC, Toronto, Mod. Lang. and Lit., Harbord C.I., Le Cercle Francais, Slavic Circle. ROBERT D. JAWORSKI, Capreol, General. ANDY G. JOHNSTON, Newport, Monmouthshire, England, General, Newport iSt. Julian'sy H.S., Vice-Pres., Wallace House III, Chairman, Dining Room Comm. III, Psychology III, F.R.O.S. II-III. Future: School of Social Work. VERA M. JORY, Toronto, General, Branksome Hall School, KKF, Portia Debates, Hart House Theatre, U.C. Athletic Directorate II-III, Under- grad. I, P.C. Club, Carabin Weekend III, F.R.O.S. I-III, U.C. Rep., U. of T. Swim Club, U.C. Literary and Athletic Society, E.A.C. Rep. III. ROSE KAPOROVSKY, Toronto, General, Vaughan Rd. C.I., Hillel I-III. Future: Primary Specialist, Teachers' College. MICHAEL H. KATER, Montreal, Modern History, St. Michael's College, H.H. Music Comm. III-IV, Taylor House Art Comm. III, Sir Daniel Wilson Music Comm. IV. Future: University Teaching. COLLEEN D. KEITH lMrs.y, Toronto, General, York Memorial C.I. Future: Teaching. WALLACE W. KENDALL, Toronto, General. LAURA W. KINRADE, Mt. Dennis, Ont., General, York Memorial C.I. Future: Teaching. B. H. KIPLING, Galt, General. KNO Photography. BARRY L. KIRSHIN, Toronto, General, Bathurst Heights C.V.S. LESLIE M. KISKO, Welland. RUTH KLAVINS. JAMES N. KNECHTEL, Galt. lN0 Photography. URSULA F. KOVACS, Baltimore, Maryland, General, Western H.S. EILEEN D. KRAUTER, Qu'Appel1e, Sask., General, Qu'Appelle H.S. UNIVERSITY fwfr 403 UNIVERSITY JUNE A. KUCHARSKI, Mimicog Generalg Mimico H.S.g Biology Club. NADIA A. KUCHERUK, Grimsbyg Generalg Grimsby H.S.g Aggg French Club. KATHLEEN C. KUDO, Londong Mod. Lang. and Lit.g London Central C.I.g French Club I-II5 Italian Club Iv. l EDWARD A. LACEY, Lindsay. KNO Photographl. ROSS F. LARSON, Gravenhurstg Generalg Gravenhurst H.S.g H.H. Exploration Society Comm.g Spanish Clubg Geography Club. ALAN LAVINE. I WENDY LAW, Smiths Fallsg Mod. Lang. and Lit.g IIBKIJ. N HELEN M. LAWRENCE, Westong Generalg Weston C.V.S. ELIZABETH A. LAWSON, Miltong Household Economicsg Milton H.S.g Household Economics Club IVg U.C.F'. IV3 U. of T. Symphony Orchestra Ig U.C. Volleyball Team II. Future: High School Teaching. PATRICK K. LEE, Torontog Geological Sciencesg Oakwood C.I.g Coleman Geological Club I-IVQ Walker Mineralogical Club. , RICHARD B. LEE, Torontog Generalg Forest Hill C.I.g "Finian's Rainbow" Ig U.C. Follies II-III, Co-producer IIIQ Anthropology Club II-IIIg Bridge Club II-III. Future: Post-grad. Work in Anthropology. I MIRIAM R. LERANBAUM, Torontog Eng. Lang. and Lit.g Forest Hill C.I.g f University Settlement I-IIg U.C. Volleyball Ig U.C. Basketball I, II, IVg Hillel I-IV, Secretary Ilg "ReHecti0ns,', Ed. IIIg Library, Chairman IVQ "Gargoyle" I-IV, Co-Editor IV. MALCOLM D. LESTER, Torontog Generalg Vaughan Rd. C.I.g EAMg 1 U. of T. Film Society III. Future: Teaching. CAROLE A. LEVINE, Peterboroughg Generalg Peterborough C.V.S.g V U.C. Follies IIg A.V.R. Ilg Torontonensls Sales Manager II-III. Future: I Hospital Administration. i PETER H. LEWE, Torontog Generalg Etobicoke C.I.g U. of T. Swimming Q Instructorg U.N.'l'.D. A. WILLIAM LIEBERMAN, Torontog Generalg Oakwood C.I. I I. I I I DINAH B. LIEPINS, Torontog Generalg Humberside C.I. Future: Zoology. 3 I PHILIP W. LOCKE, Torontog Math. and Physicsg Math. and Physics Society I-IVg Chemical Club I5 Amateur Radio Club IIIg Royal X Astronomical Society of Canada, Sec., Toronto Centre. Future: IN Post-Graduate Work, Astronomy. 5 BRENDA J. LOCKSHIN, Torontog Generalg Harbord C.I.. Forest Hill C.I.g University Settlement I. Future: Teaching. JANET MacDONALD, Torontog Art and Archaeologyg Branksome Hallg I Victoria Liberal Arts Club I-IVQ Fine Arts Club I-IIIQ A.M. and D., Victoria College Strand Ilg A.M. and D. Editor, "The Varsityi' III-IVg Victoria Drama Club II-IVg Art Editor, "Acta Victorianav III. MARGARET S. MACDONALD, Torontog Generalg St. C1ement's Schoolg . All Manager, Intercollegiate Basketball I-II5 U.C. Hockey I-IIg E.A.C. i Weekends Chairman IIIg Fraternity 1st Vice-Pres. IIIg University I Women's Athletic Directorate IIIg U.C. Athletic Directorate II-IIIg Q U.C. Year Executive II3 Portia Debates I-IIg Archery II. , WILLIAM J. McDONALD, Torontog Generalg Lawrence Park C.I.g Camera li " Club III3 A.V.R. II. Future: Teaching. I 404 ly I ..I ANNE R. MACFARLANE, Toronto, General, Bathurst Heights C.V.S., AID, Outing Club, Biology Club, Young Progressive Conservative Club. F. L. P. MCHULIFFE. KNO Photographl. LLOYD E. McKENZIE, Montego Bay, Jamaica, General. JULIA E. McLAUGHLIN, Toronto, General, Bishop Strachan School, AAA, U. of T. Chorus I, A.V.R. I, Skule Nite III. Future: Nursing. WALTER E. McNEILLY, Grenada, West Indies, General, Grenada Boys' S.S., U. of T. Spanish Club I-III, Vice-Pres. III, Varsity Soccer I, W.I.S.A. I-III, I.S.O. I-III. Future: Medicine. JON W. MacQUILLEN, Thorold, General. tNo Photographl. CAROL E. MAHOOD, Peterborough, Poli. Sci. and Ec., R. H. King C.I., AKD. PETER H. MANDELL, Toronto, Poli. Sci. and Ec., Forest Hill C.I., EAM, Business Manager, U.C. Follies III, Liberal Club II-IV, 3rd Vice-Pres. III, Frat. Pres. II-III, Frat. Charity Ball Comm. Chairman II. Future: Law. v EARL A. MANSFIELD, Biggar, Sask., Modern History, Thornton H.S., Royal Roads M.C., R.M.C. Future: Army, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. LILI M. MARTIN, Toronto, General, Harbord C.I., Hillel, Biology Club. Future: Post-Graduate Work in Zoology. HARRIETT L. MINTZ, Toronto, General, Harbord C.I. Future: Teaching. 0 CATHERINE A. MILLER 1Mrs.I, Willowdale, Physiology and Biochemistry, Riverside H.S., KKF, Portia Debating, Biology Club. LOIS A. MITCHELL, Calgary, Psychology, Central H.S., Hillel I-IV, U.J.A., Co-Chairman II, Secretary III, Co-Cultural Chairman IV' Psychology Club II-IV, Mulock House Committee III. DAHLIA M. V. MORRIS, Basseterre, St. Kitts, West Indies, General, Convent H.S. Future: Teaching. RUTH E. MORRIS, Toronto, Sociology, Oakwood C.I., IYDB, Basketball I-IV, Interfaculty Hockey II-IV. Future: Social Work. LINDA J. MUNK fMrs.J, Toronto, General, Forest Hill C.I., Havergal College. MARGARET A. NEELY, Toronto, General, Humberside C.I. AUGUST W. NEUMANN, Kirchheimbolanden, Germany, Math. and Physics. JOHN W. NISSEN, Toronto. BERNARD F. O'CONNOR, Toronto, General, Harbord C.I., Baseball. ROSALYN PALEF, Toronto, General, Parkdale C.I., U.C. French Club. Future: Career in French. LAWRENCE E. PASS, Toronto, General, Harbord C.I., U.C. Basketball I-III. Future: Law. JOHN J. PASTERNAK, Toronto, General, Vaughan Rd. C.l. Future: School of Graduate Studies. UNIVERSITY 405 UNIVERSITY 406 MARDA A. PAYNE, Toronto, General, Humberside C.I. SYBIL PEARL, Toronto, General, Harbord C.I., U. of T. Film Society, Treas. II, Membership Director III, Sec., Hart House Orchestra Associates II-III, Hillel I-III. M. RUTH PEPPER, Delhi, Modern History, Delhi District H.S., Modern History Club III-IV, French Club II, U.C. Basketball and Hockey III. BERYL O. J. PHILIPS, Kingston, Jamaica, T.W.I., General, St. Hugh's Diocesan H.S. Future: O.C.E. ARTHUR E. PIERCE, Toronto, Poli. Sci. and Ec., U. of T. Liberal Club. NICHOLAS W. PILIPEC, Oshawa, General, O.C.C.I. F'uture: Grad. Studies. GLEN E. PINCH, Regina, General, U. of Sask., B. Ed. AINO PISA, Toronto, General, Humberside C.I., French Club I-III, "Gargoy1e', I-II. ROMAIN W. M. PITT, Grenada, B.W.I., Poli. Sci. and Ec., Presentation Coll., W.I.S.A., Vice-Pres., U.C. Soccer Rep. I, West Indian Students' Assoc., Vice-Pres. WALDA B. PODASKY, St. Catharines, General, St. Catharines H.S. Future: Teaching. EVI PORK, General, Riverdale C.I. DONALD POSLUNS, Todmorden, General, Upper Canada College, IIAIIJ, U.T.D.U. II-III, Vice Pres. III, Varsity Debate Team II-III, U.C. Follies II-III, Stage Mgr. and Technical Director III,KVarsity Reporter I-II, Section Editor, Torontonensis II, Model Parliament II-III, Players' Guild I-II, Rifle Club I-II, Sailing Club and Team II, U.C. Soccer I, U.N.T.D. I, Robinette Debates Director II, Liberal Club I-III, Fraternity Pledgemaster III. Future: Medicine. RONALD J. POTTERAY, Toronto, General, Detroit H.S., Psychology Club. Future: Medicine. BENITA A. PREISBERGS, Toronto, General, Jarvis C.I. JEAN E. PRIDHAM, Mitchell, General, Mitchell District H.S., AAA, U. of T. Flying Club I-II, Basketball II, Debating II, Film Society II, F.R.O.S, II-III, Hockey III, Campus Co-op. III. Future: Graduate Studies. LYLE S. PRINGLE, Toronto, General. GLENN L. PRITCHARD, Toronto, General, St. Michaelis C.S. Future: Theology at Trinity College. G. F. PALMER. 1No Photographl. GAIL F. PULVER, Peterborough, General, P.C.V.S., Women's Under- graduate Association, Sec. II. PAUL PURITT, Montreal, General, King Edward C.I., Vancouver, U. of T. Wrestling Team, Senior Champion I, BSP House Manager, Anthro- pology Club, F.R.O.S, Future: Graduate Studies in Anthropology. MICHAEL I. RASMINSKY, Ottawa. FRED REINGLAS, Toronto, General, Harbord C.I., "Kiss Me Katei' I, "Finian's Rainbow" II, U.C. Follies II, Hillel I-II. UNIVERSITY J. F. RICHARDSON. KNO Photographj. HENRY RITCHIE, Toronto, General. BRIAN D. RIPLEY, Fort Erie, Physics and Chemistry: Fort Erie H.S. Future: Graduate School. ROBERT A. ROBERTSON, Toronto, General, Oakwood C.I.g U. of T. Contingent C.O.T.C. III, U. of T. Rifle Assoc. III: C.O.T.C. Rifle Team III, Captain III: U. of T. Judo Club I. MADELEINE M. ROBINSON, Geneva, Switzerland, General: International School of Geneva: Dramatics I3 "Varsity,' Reporter II, Portia Debates II, French Club I-II. Future: Graduate Studies. ISABEL ALLISON ROSE, Timmins, Music, Timmins H. and V.S., French Club I-II, I.S.O., Exec. III, U. of T. Chorus II-IV: F.R.O.S. III-IV. SHELDON A. ROSENBERG, Toronto: General, North Toronto C.I.g REP: U.C. Volleyball I-III: U.C. Basketball I-III, Fraternity Rushing Chair- man I, Athletic Chairman I, Social Chairman II, Warden III, Executive III, Volleyball Referee I. Future: Osgoode Hall. ZELDA ROSENTHAL, Port Arthur: General, C.C.I., Regina, Sask.5 U. ol' Man. MAXWELL L. ROTSTEIN, Toronto, General: Forest Hill H.S., EAM, U.C. Literary and Athletic Society, 2nd Year Pres. II: Frat. Alumnae Recorder Ig Hillel I-III, P.C. Club I-III, Vice-Pres. III: Caledon Chairman III, U.C. Follies II: A.V.R.I.g U. of T. Debating Team III: Robinette Debates I-II3 Basketball I, Model Parliament I-III: Torontonensis II. Future: U. of T. Law School. ADELINE J. ROUSE tMrs.l, Toronto: General, Etobicoke H.S. Future: Teaching. E. ARTHUR P. ROWE, Stroud, Sociology, Barrie Central C.I., Vice-Pres., S.C.M. III, Business Manager, "Cap and Gownv Magazine II-IV. Future: Theology at Wycliffe College. JANET B. SADOWSKI, Toronto: Psychology: Bathurst Heights C.V.S.: Psychology Club II-IV, U.C. Players, Guild II-III, Sec. III: Hillel I-IV. Future: Post-Graduate Work in Psychology. A. BARBARA SALIWONCZYK, Toronto, General. Future: Post-Graduate Work. PATRICIA L. SAMPSON, Toronto, General: Lawrence Park C.I., DDB: Winter Carnival Committee II. RIVANNE SANDLER, Toronto, General, Vaughan Rd. C.l.g Interfaculty Basketball I-III. MARVIN J. SCHIFF, Waterloo. HEINZ J. SCHUELER, Kamasulu, P.0. Tukuyu, East Africa, General: Friedrich v. Bodelschwingh-Schule, Bethel, Germany. DOROTHY C. SCOTT, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.g General, Merle Grove H.S., Geography Club, El Club Espanol, I.S.O.g W.I.S.A. Future: High School Teaching. VARLEY F. SEARS, Toronto: Math. and Physics, Runnymede C.I.g Maths. and Physics Society I-III, German Club II. Future: Post-Graduate Studies in Physics. GEUNTER A. SEMMLER, Pickering, General. fNo Photography. JAMES W. SHAKLEY, Toronto, Art and Archaeology: Malvern C.I.g Fine Arts Club I-IV, Class Representative I, III. W. DAVID H. SHAW, Ottawa, Eng. Lang. and Lit.: Glebe C.I.g Creative Writing, Epstein Winner III, U.C. Wallace English Club III-IV: Pres., Jeanneret House IV, Hart House Debating IV, "Gargoylef' and "Undergrad,' III-IV. Future: Graduate Studies in English. D. SHER, Toronto, Math. and Physics. UNIVERSITY :Lui 408 GS? ALLAN A. SHIFF, Torontog General. RENEE L. SHOIHET, Toronto: Generalg Forest Hill C.I.5 Badminton I-II: History Club I, Carbon Copies I-III. MURRAY J. SHTAL, Torontog General, Harbord C.I. Future: Osgoode Hall. DAVID SHUMAN, Toronto: General: Forest Hill C.I. Future: Law. ELMARS SKOBE, Toronto. MARCY C. SILVERMAN lMrs.J, Torontog General, Forest Hill C.I.: U.C. Follies I-II3 French Club II. MARY ELEANOR SMART, New Yorkg Mod. Lang. and Lit.: Jarvis C.I.: French Club I-IV, Food Convenor III3 German Club I-II, S.C.M. III-IV: W.S.C.F., Convenor IV: P.F. II-IV, Sec. IVQ U.C. Hockey III. Future: Paris. LENORE SNIDER, Toronto, Household Economics, Harbord C.I. Future: High School Teaching. ARNOLD G. SOMERS, Preston, General, Preston H.S.: U.C. Follies, Advertising III: Hillel II-III, Liberal Club II-III, Model Parliament II-III, I.S.O. III: McCaul House, Executive III. Future: Osgoode Hall. VELLO SOOTS, Toronto, Math. and Physics: Jarvis C.I.: U.C. Soccer I-Ilg Int. Soccer III3 Senior Soccer IV. ANITAL SPADAFORE, Timmins. DOUGLAS A. STANLEY, Toronto, General: Bathurst Heights C.V.S. Future: Theology at Wycliffe. A. LEON STEINBERG, Toronto: Generalg Bathurst Heights C.V.S. Future: Osgoode Hall. HEATHER R. K. STEWART, Toronto, Eng. Lang. and Lit.: Havergal College: U. of T. Outing Club III-IV, Activities Director: Fine Arts Clubg U.C. "Gargoyle', Reporter III. NORMAN S. STEWART, Charlottetown, P.E.I.5 General, Prince of Wales Collegeg Sir Daniel Wilson Residence Music Committee III. WILLIAM M. J. STRACHAN, Fort William: Chemistryg Fort William C.I., Sunday Society II-IV, Chemistry Club II-IV: Math. and Physics Society I-II: Hutton House, Executive I-IV, Pres. IV, Residence Council IV. SANDRA G. SIEGEL, Toronto, Generalg B.H.C., Badminton I-II: History Club I5 Carbon Copies I-III. JOSEPH J. STULAC. QNO Photography. RONALD J. TABER, Toronto: Psychology, Riverdale C.I.: University Symphony I-Illg Psychology Club II-IV. Future: Graduate Work. HOWARD A. TATE, Toronto: General, Dulwich Coll., Englandg U. of T. Fencing Club II-III, Pres. III, Intercoll. Foil Champion II-III: First "T" II-III, U.C. Letter II-III5 U.C. Athletic Directorate III. MARY E. TATLEY, Brampton: Mod. Lang. and Lit.3 Brampton H.S. A. DICK TAYLOR, St. Catharinesg Zoology, St. Catharines C.I. and V.S.g AKK. Future: Medicine. MICHAEL J. TAYLOR, Toronto, General, Bathurst Heights C.V.S., EAM. Future: Business. REXINE H. M. THOMPSON, Toronto, Oriental Languages, R. H. King C.I., Near East Club, Executive. BRUCE W. THOMSON, St. Catharines. iNo Photographb. B. ANNE TOLMIE, Ottawa, Music, Lisgar C.I., University Orchestra II-IV, U.C. French Club II-III, Outing Club III-IV, U.C. Girls Hockey III-IV, Falconer House Committee IV. ADELE TORNO, Toronto, General, Forest Hill C.I., Vaughan Rd. C.I. RONALD G. TOOP, Toledo, Ont. 1No Photography. JAMES N. TRENTON. tNo Photography. MILADA TRESNAK, Toronto, Mod. Lang. and Lit., Harbord C.I. BRUCE G. TRIGGER, Stratford, Anthropology, Stratford C.I., Anthro- pology Club II-IV, Vice-Pres. IV, Near East Club I-IV, U.C. Residence Council III, Hutton House Executive II-IV. Future: Graduate Work in Anthropology. 1 NATALIE TUSIUK, Toronto, Mod. Lang. and Lit., Harbord C.I., Ukrainian Students, Club I-IV, Cercle Francais I-IV, Slavic Circle I-IV, Play I, II, IV, German Students, Club I-II. Future: Teaching. SHIRLEY URBACK. ROBERT W. Van ALSTYNE, Calgary, Sociology, Crescent Heights H.S., Student Christian Movement I-IV, Pres. III, C.C.F. Club I-III. RACHEL S. M. Van DeWALLE, Delhi, Latin and French, Delhi District I-I.S., U.C. French Club II-IV, Programme Convenor III-IV, Social Director II-III, Cody House Committee, Sec. IV, U.C. Classics Club IV. Future: High School Teacher. PAUL M. VANEK, Toronto, General, Forest Hill C.I., HAID, U.C. Follies Production Staff, Intermediate Waterpolo, U.C. Waterpolo. WASYL VERYHA, Kolodribka, Ternopil, Ukraine, General, Ukrainian Gymnasium, Kolomea, Ukraine, Ukrainian Students' Club "Obnovai'. BARBARA J. WALKER, Toronto, Mod. Lang. and Lit., Harbord C.I., Pres., Le Cercle Francais de U.C., Treas., U. of T. Spanish Club. PATRICIA A. WALKOM, South Porcupine, Modern History, Kirkland Lake C. and V.I., Schumacher H.S., AQ, W.U.A., 2nd Year Exec. II, Exchange at Smith College III, Head-Girl, Mulock House, Whitney Hall IV, Mod. Hist. Club IV. JOHN P. WARD, Toronto, Latin and English, Hereford Cathedral School, England, Senior Intercollegiate Rugger II-IV, Hart House Art Committee IV, Wycliffe College: Lit. Soc., Min. Int. Affairs III, Speaker IV, Ath. Soc., Treasurer III, Soccer II-IV, Track II-IV, Hockey III, Swimming II, U.C. Wallace Society III. Future: Cambridge Univ., England. PHILIP P. B. WARD, Toronto, General, Hereford Cathedral School, Eng. Future: Business. WILLIAM H. WARNICA, Toronto, General, Barrie District C.I. Future: O.C.E. TOBA R. WASSERMAN, Toronto, General, Forest Hill C.I. Future: Teaching. M. JANE WEBER, Toronto, Psychology, Bishop Strachan School, AF, W.U.A., First Year Exec. I, Second Year Pres. II, Social Service Rep. II, E.A.C. Rep., Co-Chairman of Carabin Weekend Exchange, U.C. Follies Production StaH, U.C. Lit., Vice-Pres. IV, Frat. Pres. ANN V. WEBSTER, Toronto, Sociology, Lawrence Park C.I., KKF, U.C. Women's Undergraduate Assoc. III. LOIS C. WEBSTER, Toronto, Psychology, Oakwood C.I., AFA, Production Staff, U.C. Shows I-III, Winter Carnival Comm. III. UNIVERSITY 409 UNIVERSITY WW' "2 M0493 410 LOYALA C. WEBSTER lMrs.l. SHEILA C. D. WEBSTER, Thornhill, General, Thornhill H.S., AFA, Whitney Hall House Committee I-II, U.C. Volleyball II, Skule Nite Make-up III, Frat. Treas. III, Torontonensis III. - R. ROLAND WEILER, Toronto, Chemistry, Bloor C.I., Toronto, University Chemical Club II-IV, Sec. III, Pres. IV. NORMAN L. WEINBERG, Toronto, Chemistry, Oakwood C.I., Runnymede C.I., C.I.C. I-IV. Future: M.A. in Organic Chemistry. RONALD E. WILSON, Beaverton. fNo Photography. THOMAS HUGH WILSON, Thorold, Modern History, Thorold H.S., Historical Club III-IV. Future: Graduate Work in History. WILBERT H. M. WINCHESTER, Barataria, Trinidad, W.I., Poli. Sci. and Ec., Osmond H.S., U.C. Soccer I-II, I.S.O. I-II, West Indian Student Assoc. I-IV, Treas. III-IV, Economics Club IV. Future: Graduate Work. D. JOAN WINEARLS, Toronto, Modern History, Havergal College, AFA, U.C. Basketball I-III, U.C. Hockey II-IV, Modern History Club II-IV, Winter Carnival III. LAWRENCE ZISHE WITTLIN, Toronto, General, Forest Hill C.I., U.C. Hockey II. Future: Osgoode Hall. CARYL S. WOLFE, Toronto, General, Vaughan Rd. C.I., Hillel I-III, Dentantics II-III, U.J.A. Captain II. Future: Primary Specialist at Toronto Teachers' College. GORDON S. WOLFE, Toronto, General, Vaughan Rd. C.I., IIA1IJ3 "Kiss Me Kateu I, Hillel, Social I, Frat. Vice-Pres. II, U.C. F'ollies, Stage Mgr. II, Intramural Squash III. Future: School of Social Work. IRENE M. WOLFE, Timmins, General, Timmins H. and V.S., Volleyball, Tennis I-III, University Settlement House II, Social Director, Cody House, Skule Nite II, Swimming I. PHYLLIS A. WOLFOND, Guelph, General, G.C.V.I., McGill Univ. JEFFREY T. WONG, Hong Kong, Physiology and Biochemistry, Diocesan H.S., Biology Club III-IV, Philosophy Club III, Chemistry Club IV. AUDREY A. WOODS, Dundas, Ont., General, Dundas District H.S., FAB, U.C. and Hart House Swim Meets I, U.C. Hockey I, Portia Debates I, U.C. Swimming II, S.C.M. II. DAVID YOLLES, Hamilton, General, Westdale S.S., IIAKD, Inter-Frat. Cribbage I-II, Campus Projectile Club I-III. SAMUEL R. YOUNG, Toronto, Latin and English, East York C.I., U.C. Lacrosse I. Future: High School Teaching. MELVIN I. ZACKHEIM, Toronto, General, Forest Hill H.S., U.C. Squash Rep. II. Future: Osgoode Hall. SANDRA F. ZACKS, Peterborough, General, Peterborough C.V.S.g Hillel. RUTH G. ZENDER, Toronto, Mod. Lang. and Lit., Timmins H. and V.S., Hillel I-IV, Executive III-IV, Social Rep., U.C. Lit. IV. JOHN ZIELONKO, Toronto, General, Oakwood C.I., Squash, Basketball. Future: Osgoode Hall. l w it 1. 2 N Li PRINCIPAL: H. BENNETT B.A., Ph.D. l ROBERT J. AIRHART, Torontog Generalg Humberside C.I.g Maths and L Physics Society Ig Unitarian Campus Club III. Future: Graduate Studies. B. JAMES AITON, Torontog Modern Historyg Sussex H.S. LEONIE E. O. ALEXANDER, Jamaica, B.W.I.3 Generalg St. Hugh's H.S. for Girls. Vic Music Club Broadway Group I3 IRC Hg U. of T. Chorus I-IIIg Residence Treas. Ilg VCF I-III, Vice-Pres. IIIg W.I.S.H. I-III, Exec. Sec. and Vice-Pres. III. PATRICIA E. P. ALEXANDER, Owen Soundg Mod. Lang. and Lit.g O.S. C.V.I. House Pres. of Annesley Hall IV5 Teaching New Canadians English III. D. M. ALLAN, General. 1No Photography. E. P. ALTENBERND, General. SHIRLEY M. ARAI, Torontog Generalg R.H. King C.I.g Nisei Students' Club I-III. B. E. ARCHER, General. iNo Photography. W. CLYDE ARMSTRONG, Sudburyg Generalg Sudbury H.S.g Lacrosse I-IIlg Ryerson House Executive I-II. AUDREY V. B. ASHBOURNE, Twillingate, Newfoundlandg Generalg Elm- wood, Rockcliife Park, Ottawag S.C.M. I3 Hart House Orchestra Association I-IIIg U. of T. Film Society II-III. Future: Graduate Studies. WILMA E. AUGUSTINE, Windsorg Mod. Lang. and Lit.g Walkerville C.I.g French Club I-IV, Publicity IV3 Spanish Club III-IV, Secretary IV3 Vic Swimming I5 Golf IVQ Bowling II-IVg Bob Review IIIg "Strand"' IVQ House Pres. and A.S.G.A. IVg Carabin Weekend IV. Future: France: O.C.E. ' R. S. AZIZp General. BARBARA A. BAGGS, Modern History. ALBERT J. BAKKER, St. Catharinesg Generalg St. Catharines C.I. and V.S.5 Progressive Conservative Club Ig Swimming Instructor, Hart House IIg Liberal Arts Club II3 Ryerson House Executive III. Victoria. College 1: urvmli. W 'w' whglu wg ':, 411 VICTORIA 4 mul 1 :1 ' JEAN P. COIT BALLAM, Madoc, Ont.5 General: Madoc H.S.: V.C.F. I-III, Sec.: House Volleyball: House Treas. III. Future: O.C.E. EDWARD J. BARNES, Torontog Latin and Frenchg North Toronto C.I.g Vic. Classics Club I-IV, Pres. IV, Sec. III, Treas. II: Music Reviewer, "The Varsity" II-IV: Vic. French Club, Treas. IV. Future: Post- Graduate in Latin, Then Teaching. M. ADRENA BEACOM, Dutton, Ont.: Eng. Lang. and Lit.: Watford H.S., West Elgin H.S.: V.C.S.U. I-IV, Sec.-Treas. II: S.C.M. House Rep. IV. C. ALLEN BEECH, Toronto: Psychology: Brantford C.I., Barrie C.I. Jarvis C.I.g U. of T. Curling Club I-II: Victoria Music Club II-IV: Hart House Dramatics II-IV. Future: Emmanuel College. s MARGARET J. BEETTAM, Toronto: General: Bloor C.I.: Tennis: Basket- ball: Baseball: Bowling: History Club: Le Cine Francais. Future: O.C.E. and Europe. VALERIE G. BEILHART, Huntsville: Generalg Huntsville H.S. Future: O.C.E. D. F. BELL: Modern History. PETER B. BELL, Torontog Mod. Lang. and Lit.g Leaside H.S. Future: M.A. at U. of T. W. P. BIRNIEQ General. V. A. BLAKEMOREQ General. C. KAY BODDE, Toronto: General: Lawrence Park C.I.g University Chorus II5 Vic. Volleyball II: U. of T. Film Society II-III: Victoria College French Club III: Victoria College Drama Club III. Future: O.C.E. I. V. BORECKYQ Mod. Lang. and Lit. K. JANE BOWMAN, Torontog General: Lawrence Park C.I.g Vic. Cheer- leader II. Future: Personnel Work. GEORGE E. BRIGGS, Owen Sound: Modern History: Owen Sound C.V.I.g Victoria Music Club Ig University Orchestra Ig Modern History Club I-IV: Geography Club III: French Club I-II. Future: High School History Specialist. D. R. BRlLLINGERp Math. and Physics. CAROLE A. BROWN, Toronto: Generalg Malvern C.I. Future: Toronto Teachers' College. RONALD A. BROWN, Toronto: General: North Toronto C.I.g Math. and Physics Society I5 Victoria College Music Club Chorus II-III, Publicity Manager II, Second Vice-Pres. III: Broadway Group I-II. Future: Teaching High School Mathematics. P. C. BOYES7 General. S. E. BRACHENQ General. MYRNA J. BUCKINGHAM, Stayner, Ont.: General: Collingwood D.C.I. Future: O.C.E. MARGARET A. BUCKLAND, Owen Soundg General: O.S.C.V.I.5 Drama Club: French Club. l ll i 5 . l w J A ll. V l. I 412 , E .sl .il CATHERINE BULLEN, Toronto, General, R. H. King C.I., Volleyball I-III, V.C.F. I-III. Future: O.C.E. BARBARA E. BURCHELL, Toronto, General, Jarvis C.I., Badminton I. B. L. ELAINE BURKE, Thornhill, General, North Toronto C.I., Vic. Music Club, Gilbert and Sullivan I-III. Future: Teachers' College, Primary Specialist. SANDRA J. BUTLER, Toronto, General, Lawrence Park C.I., C.T.O., Secretary III. FREDERIC J. BYERS, Toronto, General, R.C.I., Revolver Club. Future: Food Sales. MARILYN A. CAIN, Oshawa, General, Oshawa C.V.I., Swimming I-III, Fine Arts Club I-III, Bob Review III, Residence President, A.S.G.A. III, Psychology Club III, Hockey II-III. 1 A. F. CAMERON, General. MARLENE Y. lMrs. GJ CAMPITELLI, Port Elgin, Ont., General, Saugeen District H.S., Drama Club I, German Club I, Basketball I. M. JEAN CASTLEDEN, Sudbury, Geological Sciences, Sudbury H.S., Varsity Christian Fellowship I-IV, Annesley Student Government Assin Executive, Year Rep. II, Treas. III, Coleman Geological Club II-IV, Vice-Pres. III, Sec.-Treas. IV. Future: Geologist. FRANCES L. CASWELL, Cochrane, Ont., General, Cochrane H.S., House Secretary II. JOHN D. CATHERS, Newmarket, Ont., General, St. Andrew's College, AT, Vic. Jr. Basketball I, S.P.S. Basketball, S.P.S. Squash, Inter- collegiate Intermediate Squash II-III, Frat. Convention Delegate II, Alumni and Public Relations Director II, Freshman Captain I. Future: Europe for Post-Grad. Study and Then Investment Business. E. PATRICIA CHALMERS, Toronto, General, Humberside C.I., Basketball I-III, Baseball III. ELIZABETH JEAN CHAMBERS, Cottam, Ont., General, Essex District H.S., Vic. Football II, Interfaculty Golf III, Vic. E.A.C. Rep. III. Future: O.C.E. NANCY A. E. CHARLES, Toronto, Psychology, A.V.R. I, Vic. Bob I, Year Exec. I-II, Gilbert and Sullivan II-IV, S.A.C. Rep. III, S.C.M. III' V.C.U. III, Assoc. Pres. IV. Future: School Psychologist. J PETER E. CHARTERS, Toronto, Physics and Chemistry, Scarboro C.l., Music Club I-III, Chemistry Club II-IV, Bob Revue III. Future: Post- Graduate Work to Ph.D. GILBERT Y. CHU, Toronto, General, Jarvis C.I., Literary Chairman Toronto Chinese Varsity Club III. 2 ALAN D. CLARK, Hamilton, Philosophy, Westdale S.S., Victoria Church Students Union I-IV, Student Christian Movement II-IV, Varsity Christian Fellowship I-IV, Vic. Lacrosse I-II. Future: Emmanuel College. ELEANOR A. COBBLEDICK, Toronto, General, Leaside H.S., Volleyball I-III, Football I-III, Basketball I-III, Basketball Curator, V.C.W.A.A. III, "Torontonensis,' II, Psychology Club III. Future: Social Work. ESTHER D. COCHRANE, Paris, Ont., Modern History, Paris District H.S., Modern History Club I-IV, Vic. S.C.M. II-V, House Pres. IV3 Vic. Debating Parliament III. PATRICIA E. COCK, Newmarket, General, Newmarket H.S., House Secretary-Treasurer. Future: O.C.E. M. CAROLYN COLE, Toronto, General, North Toronto C.I., Volleyball II-III, Interfaculty Tennis III. VICTORIA 'M www., Aw JAY S. COLLINS, Torontog General: Leaside Miesterschaftg President, Hart House Exploration Society. BEVERLY J. CORNEIL, Thorold, Ont.: Anthropology: Stamford C.I.5 Anthropology Club III-IV. PATRICIA D. C. COU-LTON, Torontog General: R. H. King C.I.g French Club I, Broadway Group II-III: Music Club II-III: A11-Varsity-Revue Ilg Vic. Bob II-III. Future: Osgoode Hall. EARL W. R. CRAMM, Torontoj. General: Vaughan Rd. C.I. JAMES P. CREIGHTON, Torontog General: Sudbury I-I.S.g Revolver Club. Future: Law. RUSSELL J. CROSSLEY, Port Creditg General: Port Credit H.S.g Hart House Glee Club I-III, Executive II3 Victoria Church Students Union I-III, Pres. III5 Emmanuel Hockey Team I-III. Future: Ministry, U.C. of Canada. JOHN F. CROZIER, Dundas, Ont.: Generalg Dundas H.S.g Vic. Lacrosse: Vic. Track. BARBARA J. CRUISE, Weston: Mod, Lang. and Lit.: Weston C.V.S. Future: 0.C.E. DAVID M. CULLEN, Guelphg Classicsg Guelph C.V.I.g Victoria College Music Club I5 Victoria College Classics Club. Future: Teaching. HEATHER J. CURRIE, Barrieg Generalg Barrie D.C.I.g Bob Revue Chorus II: U. of T. Orchestra Ig Orchestra for Ruddigore Ig Vic. Basketball III. MARCIA D. CUTHBERT, Paris, Ont.g General: Paris D.H.S.g International Relations Club II5 "Torontonensis,' Ilg Annesley Student Government Associationg President of Tate House III. JOAN E. DAKIN, Leasideg Generalg Leaside H.S. and V.l. Future: Public School Teacher. STELLA DALLAS, Toronto: Generalg Forest Hill C.I.g Drama Club II-lllg Bob Review IIg Vic. Winter Carnival Queen Candidate II: Western N.F.C.U.S. Conference II. Future: High School Math. Teacher. WILLIAM DANCHUK, Toronto: Generalg H.C.I. Future: Chartered Accountancy. L. DEMKOWQ General. ELFRIEDA E. DICK, Kitchenerg Modern Historyg Kitchener-Waterloo C.V.S.: Association of Mennonite University Students III-IV, Sec.- Treas. III-IV. Future: High School Teaching. J. PAUL DICKSON, Torontog Modern Historyg East York C.I. Future: Chartered Accounting. HAROLD J. DOAN, Willowdaleg Psychologyg Earl Haig C.I.g Psychology Club II-IVg Hart House Revolver Club. HELEN M. DOAN, Torontog Generalg Earl Haig C.I.g U.C. Cheerleader I5 Psychology Club III. Future: Child Psychologist. W. BRUCE DOIDGE, Torontog General: Leaside H.S.5 ATA5 Intermediate Hockey I-IIIg Vic Hockey II-IIIg Vic Lacrosse I-Illg Vic Lacrosse Coach II-III. JOAN Y. DONAWA, Trinidad, W.l.3 General. 4No Photographl. MARY A. DOUGLAS, Torontog Generalg North Toronto C.I. Future: American Airlines. 414 4 LAUREL J. DOWDELL, Toronto: General: East York C.I.: V.C.F.: Psychology Club IH. Future: Teaching. PETER A. DUCKWORTH, Toronto: General: Bathurst Heights C.V.S.: P.C. Club. Future: Osgoode Hall. PATRICIA R. DURANCE, Sarnia: General: S.C.I.T.S.: Volleyball I: A.S.G.A. III, House Pres. III: Music Club III: "Torontonensis', III. F'uture: O.C.E. J. DUNCAN EDMONDS, Burlington: Poli. Sci. and Ec.: Etobicoke H.S.: AKE: Intercollegiate Basketball II: Historical Club III-IV: Frat. Pres. IV. Future: Graduate Work. J. ELBRINK, Holland: General. QNo Photography. MARY LOU ELLLIOT, Agincourt: General: Agincourt C.l.: Vic. Volleyball II-III: Vic. Residence Exec. III: Modern History Club III: "Toronto- nensisi' III5 Model Parliament II. M. SUE EVANS, Hamilton: General: Delta S.S.: Athletic Rep. I: Class Assoc. Pres. II: S.A.C. Rep. III, W.U.S. Chairman: Intercollegiate Swimming and Basketball: Vic. "Bob" Revue: A.V.R.: Carabin Exchange: Vic. Float Parade Rep. Future: Europe. 1 GORDON E. FAIRBANK, Toronto: General: East York C.I. GWENDOLYN M. FARROW, Scarboro: General: R. H. King C.I.: Volley- ball I-III: Basketball II: Vic. Music Club II-III: Bob Revue II-III. Future: Kindergarten Teacher. NANCY C. FERGUSON, Barrie: General: Barrie District C.I.: Basketball I-III: Hockey II-III: V.C.W.A.A. II-III: Year Executive: Athletic Rep. III. Future: Teaching. RHODA M. S. FESENKO, Toronto: Geological Sciences: Bloor C.I.: Coleman Club II-IV: Ukrainian Students Club II-IV. BEVERLY J. FINCH, Sarnia: General: Sarnia C.I.: Vic. French Club I. Future: O.C.E. NANCY C. FOGGO, Toronto: Mod. Lang. and Lit.: Branksome Hall: Vic. French Club I-IV: Social Director IV: Music Club I: Year Exec. IV. Future: O.C.E. ANNE E. FOOTE, Toronto: Psychology: Lawrence Park C.l.: Volleyball I-IV: Football III: Year Sec. III: Year Assoc. Pres. IV: Psychology: Club III. Future: Europe: Field of Psychology. CAROLE G. FRASER, Toronto: General: Leaside H.S.: IWDB: Vic. Football II: Vic. Hockey I-III: Hockey Club, President III5 Flying Club III: Psychology Club III: Outing Club III. MARTHA E. FREEMAN, Hamilton: General: Westdale S.S.: R.C.A.F. University Squadron I-III: Home Economics Club I: Residence Basket- ball and Badminton I-III: House Executive III3 Liberal Arts Club I-III. Future: Teaching. JOHN R. GARDNER, Montreal: Maths and Physics: U.T.S.: U.N.T.D., Sub-Lieutenant III: Debating Parliament, Treasurer III, Associate Pres. IV: Vic. U.T.D.U. Rep.: OE-Campus Debates Chairman IV: Victoria Squash Team II-III. Future: M.A. in Statistics: Actuarial Work. DAVID WIL. GAULT, Norwood, Ont.: General: Gault Institute, Valleyiield. P.Q.: Weston C.V.S.: Lacrosse I-III: U.N.T.D. I-III: Table Tennis I-III. J. HUGH GEMMELL, Hamilton: Eng. Lang. and Lit.: Delta S.S. CARYL LEE R. GILLINGHAM, Toronto: General: Etobicoke C.I.: Vic. Music Club. Future: Teaching Public School. i ELIZABETH J. GODDARD, Toronto: Mod. Lang. and Lit.: Humberside C.I. ROBERT N. GRANGER, North Bay: General: North Bay C.I. and V.S. Future: Law. VICTORIA gK,,,:,:,.. ,,.. .1 .'.-. -.- in :nn i: n.. We fl... . . . 14:9-HMV,-. -A - f. f -:ri-I 5 ' fa, f ff I f' W" , iff l " ...ff 1 . , Mr 4 ' if .. 4 ' 7652 fe Q. if 394 f 'gf is. gm 9 A as , a 'G' , , QL ea QA wlllwfa El: 415 VICTORIA '59 P ,, 4 Q JOHN A. G. GRANT, Kapuskasing, Poli. Sci. and Ec., Kapuskasing H.S., Historical Club IV, "Acta Victoriana" II-IV, Editor-in-Chief IV, "U. of T. Review", Chairman III, Vic. "Strand" I-II, University Curling Club I-II, Reporter, "The Varsityv I, Vic. Liberal Arts Club, Treas. III, Vic. Gate House, Treas. III, Vic. Bob Revue I-III, U. of T. Delegate, West Point Student Conference IV. Future: Oxford. SANDRA N. GRANT, Orilliag General, Orillia D.C.I., Vic. A.S.G.A. I, Vic. Swimming Curator II, Music Club III, U. of T. Swimming I, Vic. Basketball I-II, U. of T. Volleyball II, Vic. Baseball I-III. Future: Public School Teacher. RONALD A. GRAY, Chatham, General, St. Andrews College, SAX, U. of T. Film Society. ROBERT B. GRAY, Toronto, Psychology, Humberside C.I., GAO, Psycho- logy Club II-IV, Picture Hanging Committee IV, Skule Nite III, Bob Revue I-II, A.V.R. III, Banff Alumni Club II, III, Camino Real I, Peer Gynt I. Future: Post-Graduate Work in Psychology. DARYL LYNN GREEN, Toronto, General, Lawrence Park C.I., Bob Revue, Make-up I, III, Music Club I-III, President III. Future: O.C.E. JAMES D. GREIG, New Toronto, General, New Toronto S.S. Future: Teaching. MARINA A. E. HAHN, Ottawa, Philosophy and English, Nepean H.S., Reporter, "Varsity', I, Secretary, Philosophical Society III, Honorary President IV. JUDY L. HALL, Toronto, Psychology, L.P.C.I., Psychology Club II-IV, Volleyball I-III, Year Exec., Member-at-Large III, Sec., Wymilwood House Committee III, Vic. Social Welfare Committee IV. J. J. HANNA, Toronto, General. LOIS M. HARDWICK, Toronto, General, East York C.I., Film Society Executive I-III, Fine Arts Club, Philosophical Society. HELEN M. HARMAN, Mount Albert, Ont., Household Economics, Ux- bridge H.S. GLENNA M. HART, Toronto, General, Etobicoke C.I. Future: Teaching. DAVID R. HARVEY, Toronto, General, Jarvis C.I., College Militaire Royal de St. Jean, P.Q., ATA, Senior Intercollegiate Diving II-III, Victoria Diving II-III, Camera Club II, Frat. Corres. Sec. III. Future: Post- Graduate Work in Industrial Psychology and Business Administration. MARY JANE HATTON, Toronto, General, Lawrence Park C.I. Future: Europe and Post-Grad. Studies. STEVE A. HAYES, Toronto, Philosophy, Riverdale C.I., Varsity Christian Fellowship I-IV, Mission Committeee II, Bob Revue, Publicity III, V.C.U., Publicity IV. LAURENCE D. HEBB, Toronto, Poli. Sci. and Ec., North Toronto C.I., International Relations Club I, Political Economy Club, Bob Revue I, Vic. French Club I, IV. Future: Law. DOUGLAS A. HILL, Nobleton, Ont., General, Aurora District H.S., Pre-Medical. Hockey I. Future: Medicine. DONALD M. HILL, St. Catharines, Math. and Physics, St. Catharines C.V.S., BOII, C.0.T.C. III. CAROL H. HINGST, Mitchell, Ont., General, Mitchell District H.S., Victoria Music Club II-III, Psychology Club III, Badminton III. Future: O.C.E. M. ANN HOFFMAN, Toronto, General, North Toronto C.I., Music Club I-II, Film Society II, Assistant to the Producer of the "Bob', II, 6T0 Member-at-Large III. Future: Teachers, College. JOHN C. HOLE, Toronto, Chemistry, U.T.S., Chemical Club II-IV. .VICTORIA CAROLE HOLLAND, Toronto: General: Humberside C.I.: V.C.F. III. Future: Teaching. HUGH P. HUDGINS, Toronto: General: Lawrence Park C.I.: Hart House Camera Club. JOHN D. HUMPHREYS, Oshawa: General: Oshawa C.V.I.: Vic. Hockey I-III. Future: Osgoode Hall. M. E. V. HUNNISETT, Toronto: Eng. Lang. and Lit. DON E. INKPEN, Toronto: General: Bloor C.I.: Vic. Hockey I: V.C.S.U. I-III: V.C.F. I-III: S.C.M. III: Liberal Club III. RANDIE JACOBSON, Whitby: Mod. Lang. and Lit.: Oshawa C.V.I.: Vic. Hockey II-III: Vic. Baseball III: Year Rep., A.S.G.A. IV: Year Rep., V.C.W.A.A. IV: V.C.F. I-IV. G. M. W. JASCHKE: Geography. 1No Photography. 1 FRANCES E. JAWNY, Toronto: General: Riverdale C.I. Future: Teaching. CHARLES F. JOHNSTON, Sudbury: Modern History: Sudbury Mining and Technical School: Modern History Club. Future: O.C.E. A. MIRIAM JOKINIEMI, Toronto: Mod. Lang. and Lit.: Lawrence Park C.I.: French Club I-IV: German Club I-IV: French Cine Club I-IV. Future: Europe, and Further Study. BEVERLEY L. KIDD, Toronto: General: Etobicoke C.I. Future: Teaching. DIANE B. KING, Lindsay, Ont.: General: Lindsay H.S. L. DIANE KINSMAN, Toronto: General: Riverdale C.I. J. A. KLEINFELDER, Toronto: General. J. KOROSY, Toronto: General. 4No Photography. PETER R. LACEY, Toronto: General: Lawrence Park C.I.3 Biology Club II-III: Year Representative II. MARJORIE M. LAMONT, Owen Sound: General: Owen Sound C.V.I.: French Club I-III: Spanish Club I-III: "The Varsityn I: "Torontonensis" III. Future: High School Teaching. P. DAVID LEE, Toronto: Mod. Hist. and Mod. Lang.: U.T.S.: KDFA: Vic. Hockey I-II: Vic. Lacrosse I: Year Exec. I: Vice-Pres., V.C.U. III: Vic. S.A.C. Rep. IV: Hart House Caledon Farm Committee II-III: Music Club I-III: Bob Revue I-III: Drama Club III: Historical Club IV. ROBERT E. LEE, Toronto: Oriental Languages: Riverdale C.I. Future: Graduate Studies. .I. CLARK LEITH, Toronto: Poli. Sci. and Ec.: Central C.I., Regina: International Relations Club I: Bob Revue, Ticket Mgr. II, Business Mgr. III: E.A.C. Rep.: V.C.U. Pres. IV. D. W. LEPARD, Brantford: Math. and Physics. F. K. LICKERS, Brantford: General. . MARY LIGE, Toronto: General: R.C.I. Future: School of Social Work. , . .. .. ..., L :l:. I VV -.:...y . gg., . 5.5. ':ggeg5gz5,' I .... I... ft ,. . ,j..:g,g.g:g g'- ..,'i .1.:::1:E5"" , ,- ,,.. - .E t , 9 rg:-qi' S .. x ' Z '22, V9.4 ai 5995 4 ' Va y 4 x " X. 1 3. f 4:- 11 9 QQ N Q J 3 xg Bw f:E:E:E3E5E5E53E5EgEr'5'3-1i5.jZ""fg:5E::,.,: .-.. ,,.::,1:.,.. 1. ,.jjE55QE215 V-113' ' -312153252515 ,is gf' 4:5552 1 :32.Q-Ez:5::':5-Q 51. 4 .5 - ' E5I,. 1' 2 .1155 .. 3 , .211 . 417 VICTORIA - I .--.:.'-..:.:..:.:.:.::.:- --.--1:-:.:1:.:.:.-. 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JAMES REEDY MCCARTNEY, Toronto, Mod. History, Lawrence Park C.I., GFA, Modern History Club I-IV. Future: Graduate History. EDWARD W. McCREA, Toronto, General, Humberside C.I., S.C.M. Future: United Church Ministry. SUSAN E. M. MCCUTCHEON, Toronto, General, St. Clement's School, V.C.U. Social Directorate I, Member-at-Large II, Associate Pres. I. DOUGALD ROBERT McDERMID, Lively, Ont., General, Sudbury H.S., Victoria College Basketball I-III, Bob Revue II-III, Music Club II-III, Broadway Group II-III, Vic. "Torontonensis', Rep. III, Contributor, "Acta Victoriana" III, President III, Pres., 5T9 Permanent Exec. Future: Osgoode Hall. BEVERLY M. MacDONALD, Toronto, General, Runnymede C.I. DOROTHY ANN MacDONALD, Toronto, General, Humberside C.I., Music Club III, "Torontonensis,, III. L. C. McELROY, Toronto, Psychology. JOHN DAVID McELl-NAIN, Toronto, General, Upper Canada College, AT. Future: Medical School. DUNCAN M. MACFARLANE, Toronto, General, R. H. King C.I., Bob Revue, Drama Club. Future: Osgoode Hall. C. MacKENZIE lMrs.J. iNo Photography. DANIEL J. McGAULEY, Richmond Hill, Ont., Poli. Sci. and Ec., North Toronto C.I., East York C.I., McMaster U., 1IJI'A, Fraternity Finance Chairman. Future: Sales. DONALD A. MCKENZIE, Toronto, General, Parkdale C.I., Revolver Club. Future: Law. J. I. MCLEAN, Toronto, General. K. R. MacLENNAN, General. fNo Photography. JUDITH C. MacLEOD, Toronto, Art and Archaeology, Lawrence Park C.I., French Club I, Vic. Drama Club I-IV, "School for Wives", "Misalliance',, H.H. Theatre. PATRICIA J. McLEOD, Niagara Falls, Psychology, Stamford C.I., Film Society, Psychology Club. Future: M.A. in Psychology. P. R. C. MCLEOD, North Bay, General. fNo Photography WILLIAM JAS. MCMASTER, Dorchester, N.B., Modern History, Dor- chester H.S., Royal Roads M.C., R.M.C. Future: Career in Regular Army. KNO Photography. RONALD G. McMILLAN, Toronto, General, Humberside C.I., QIJFA, Intra- mural Basketball I-III. Future: Osgoode Hall. DOUGLAS H. McPHEE, Weston, General, York Memorial C.I. MARIAN J. MacQUARRIE, Fergus, Ont., General, Fergus District H.S., Vic. Bob I, Vic. Basketball II-III, Volleyball II-III, A.S.G.A. Exec. III. Future: O.C.E. C. MacKENZIE tMrs.I, Westmount, P.Q., General. ,No Photography. JANET G. MACRAE, Toronto, Household Economics, North Toronto C.I., House Ec. Club, Rep. I-II, Vice-Pres. III, Pres. IV, Bob Revue I-III, "Thieves Carnival" III, Refreshment Chairman, Carabin Weekend IV. Future: Internship for Dietetics. DONALD J. McVICAR, Toronto, Modern History, Danforth T.S. Future: O.C.E. ROSALYN E. S. MARCH, Espanola, Ont., General, Oakwood C.I., Victoria Music Club I-III, Bob Revue III. Future: Teachers' College. WILLIAM E. MARSHALL, Toronto, Psychology, Oakwood C.I., Tennis, 5T9 Member-at-Large. JANET E. MARTIN, Lindsay, General, Lindsay C.I., Annesley Student Government Association I-III, President III, Vic. Music Club II-III, Volleyball I, Hockey II. Future: Teachers' College. ROBERT J. MARTIN, Toronto, General, Earl Haig C.I., Vic. Music Club, lst Vice-Pres. I, Vic. Dramatic Society II-IV, Treasurer, Business Manager, Pres., V.C.U. II-IV, Productions Committee II-IV, Bob Revue, Acting, Make-up, Intramural Basketball I. B. J. MATHER, Peterborough, Mod. Lang. and Lit. SHEILA L. MEISNER, Blandford, Nova Scotia, Household Economics, Etobicoke C.I., U.R.T.P., R.C.A.F. II-IV, House Ec. Club I-IV. Future: O.C.E. L. CLARE MERRIKIN, Ottawa, General, Fisher Park H.S., Bob Revue III. MARILYN Y. MOON, Toronto, General, Northern Vocational School, Ryerson Institute of Technology, Bob Revue Costumes II, Hart House Theatre Costumes. MARCIA K. MOSS, Toronto, General, Etobicoke H.S., Anthropology Club II-III. Future: Teachers' College. S. GORDON MYLES, Sudbury, Modern History, Sudbury Mining and Technical School, Pres., Ryerson House IV, Debating Rep. III-IV, Burwash Residence Council IV, History Club II-III, Geography Club III. Future: High School Teacher. JOAN G. NOBBEE, Trinidad, B.W.I., Modern Lang. and Lit.5 St. Joseph's Convent, Port-of-Spain, French Club Il-IV, Publicity IV, Spanish Club II-IV, Social Director IV, Vic. Cheerleader II, Vic. Orchestra II, Bob Revue III, House Exec., Treasurer IV, Basketball II. Future: England. WILLIAM G. J. NORTHCOTT, Toronto, General, Lawrence Park C.I., U.W.O., AX, Vic. Bob Revue III, Camera Club III, Interfaculty Sports III. Future: Law School. G. ANTHONY OAKS, Toronto, General, Forest Hill C.I., Conservative Club, Vic. Dramatic Society. Future: Law. J. OGDEN, Toronto, General. DIANE I. OVERHOLT, St. Catharines, General, St. Catharines C.I., Havergal College, Vic. Football II, Year Rep., A.S.G.A. II, Secretary, V.C.U. III. Future: O.C.E. PAUL W. PAJULUOMA, Creighton Mine, Ont., General, Copper Cliff H.S., Residence Basketball I-II. NORA I. PARKER, Regina, Sask., General. M. E. ANN PATERSON, Owen Sound, Household Economics, Owen Sound C.V.I., Household Economics Club. VICTORIA 419 N. ROBERT PAYNE, Point Anne, Ont.: Biologyg Belleville C.I. and V.S.' Biology Club III-IV: Revolver Club III-IV. J BARBARA A. PINKHAM, Toronto, Mod. Lang. and Lit.: Leaside H.S.g Vic. Bob, Make-up Ig Vic. Soph.-Frosh Basketball II5 U. of T. German Club I-II: Vic. French Club I-IV: Year Rep. II, Secretary III: U. of T. Chorus II, "Torontonensis,' Staff III: Year Exec., Sec. IV. Future: O.C.E. BETTE M. PINKHAM, Toronto: General: Leaside H.S.3 Year Executive I: Vic. Bob II: Football I-III, French Club III, Secretary, 5T9 Permanent Exec. Future: High School Teaching. JULIAN H. PORTER, Toronto: Modern History, U.T.S.g AKE: Blues Football III-IV: All Varsity Revue IIIQ Debating: Vic. Hockey I-II. Future: Osgoode Hall. JOANNA S. PORTER, Toronto: General: Lawrence Park C.I.: Year Executive Ig Bob Revue, Costumesg Victoria Football. SALLY P. POTTER, Toronto: Generalg Etobicoke C.I.: Vic. Cheerleader I-II: Year Debating Parliament Rep. III5 Volleyball II-III, Football II-III: Bob Revue III, Assoc. Pres., 5T9 Permanent Exec. Future: Europe Next September Then O.C.E. JOHN E. PRIESTLEY, Toronto: Latin and French: Leaside H.S.5 Classics Club II-IV: French Club Il-IV: V.C.U. Assembly IV: Treas., 5T9 Permanent Exec. Future: Graduate School. ANNE PROCTOR, Toronto, General: Vaughan Road C.I., Skule Night, U. of T. Film Society. Future: Post-Graduate Work in English. ROBERT G. PUTNAM, Oakville, Ont., Geography: Oakville Trafalgar H.S.g Geography Club I-IV, President IV. MARY E. S. REID, Toronto, General: Lawrence Park C.I.3 Vic. Music Club I-III, Social Directress II, Secretary III. Future: Teachers, College, Primary Specialist Course. ROBERT W. REID, Wiartong Modern History. DOUGLAS W. RIGBYQ General. EVELYN M. RIVAZ, Guelph, Ont.: Eng. Lang. and Lit.: G.C.V.I. NORMAN A. RUKAVINA, Brantford: Geological Sciencesg Brantford C.I. and V.S.g Coleman Geology Club II-IV. Future: Post-Graduate Work. DONNA M. RUSH, Toronto, General: Etobicoke C.I. Future: Teaching. SANDRA C. RUST, Toronto: Generalg Lawrence Park C.I.: Victoria College Cheerleader Ig Interfaculty Hockey I-III3 C.T.O., Executive III. Future: Teaching. ANN M. RYBKA, Toronto: General, North Toronto C.I.: 5T9 Assoc., Pres. Ig Basketball I-III, Bob Revue I. JEAN M. SAMELLS, Port Perry, Ont.: General: Port Perry H.S.3 Vic. Basketball I-III, Vic. Volleyball I3 U. of T. Chorus II: Vic. Music Club III: Bob Revue II: C.T.O. Exec., Assoc. Pres. III: "Torontonensis" III3 House Exec. II-III5 House Pres. III5 Social Director, 5T9 Permanent Exec. Future: Teaching. JOHN S. SAUL, Toronto, General, Lawrence Park C.I.: V.C.A.U. II-III: Class Executive II-III: Debating Parliament II: Vic. Lacrosse I-III: Basketball I-III, Waterpolo. Future: Post-Graduate Work. JOAN E. SAWYER, Kingston, Household Economics: Kingston C.V.I.g House Ec. Club I-IV. HERBERT SCHUTZ, Toronto: General: Central T.S. Future: Teaching. M. R. CHRISTINE SCOTT, Brantford: General: Brantford C.I.V.S.: Baseball II: Fencing I-III: Basketball II-III. Future: Social Work. J. PAUL SEAGRAVE, Weston: General: W.C.V.S.: ATA: Fraternity Assistant Treasurer III: Music Club I-II. Future: Mathematics Teaching. JILL SEGOND, Orillia: Biology: Brantford C.I. and V.S.: Victoria Inter- faculty Basketball I-III: Intercollegiate Intermediate Basketball I: Interfaculty Badminton I-IV: Interfaculty Softball Champions III: Interfaculty Hockey Champions III: Biology Club III. Future: Post- Graduate Work. ANNE E. SELBY lMrs.l, Toronto: Household Economics: Humberside C.I.: Basketball I-II, IV: Swimming III-IV: Tennis I: House Ec. Club I-IV. Future: Teaching. JULIE M. SEVERN, Kingston: Modern History: Etobicoke C.I.: Vic. Bob II: Skule Nite III-IV: Football I-IV: Skiing II: Varsity I. Future: 0.C.E. GORDON C. SHAVER, Toronto: General: U.T.S.: AT. Future: Law. WILLIAM A. SHEARSON, Aurora: General. DAVID P. SILCOX, Lorne Park, Ont.: General: Port Credit H.S.: Football I: Music Club I-III: Drama Club II: Bob Revue II: Middle House Exec. II: Conductor of the Broadway Group II: Strand III: Wymilwood House Committee III: Acta III: Social Director, V.C.U. III. Future: Post-Grad. Studies in English. E. BARCLAY SIMPSON, Toronto: General: Lawrence Park C.I., U.W.O. Future: Osgoode Hall. MIRIAM A. SKEY, Leaside: General: Leaside H.S.: Bob Revue I-III: Music Club I-III. Future: Teaching. RICHARD S. SMALE, Toronto: Psychology: Humberside C.I.: Blues Basketball, Mgr. I: Victoria Football I-II, Coach III: Victoria Hockey III-IV: F.A.T.S. I-IV: Year Pres. IV: Psychology Club II-IV. ERIC SNIDER, Meaford, Ont.: English Lang. and Lit.: Meaford D.H.S.: S.C.M.: Debating. JAMES SOMERVILLE, Toronto: General: Albert College. Future: Theology. WALTER A. SOMERVILLE: General. NICK D. SOPINKA, Stoney Creek, Ont.: General: Saltfleet H.S.: U. of T. Intermediate Football Team I-II: Varsity Blues III. Future: Teaching. MICHAEL M. SOROKOLIT, Mimico, Ont.: General: Mimico H.S.: Hart House Art Club I-II: Ukrainian Students, Club. DONNA M. SPENCE, Torontog General: Lawrence Park C.I.: Skule Nite I: Bob Revue II-III: Psychology Club III: Football III. CRAWFORD R. SPENCER, Weston: General: Weston C.V.S.: Bob Revue I-III: Music Club II: Blue and White Chairman III: Residence Executive III. Future: Osgoode Hall. MARGARET H. START, Ingersoll: Philosophy. DONALD J. STEADMAN5 Poli. Sci. and Ec. MARY C. STINSON, Toronto: General: Lawrence C.I. Future: Teaching. .Jig ' A -' v ' ""' " """' f ' -: :r:r:r11.':1':',:r.,: ' .5.::51A:' '-':r:r,f'-'1-:51v:1:a95:2:5:1:2:2:1:1:1:2: 25252521732 35 'i:1::.-::z:':'1':":'?:z:?i2Z55f: " 'W A W - "MU 22' -. - '15:1'2frE5E5E5E:i555 .5 , -51' ,. ':3g:::5EfjE5Eg3 f A K -::E:5:. -:-: 55245, A A ' -Iliff. ..::s'E:f:E2?f:"':: Jeff' 1" - , Y """- V -, "" ,. 225 .1-.2 Er ? if.1:.E4sE5.EE5:IE55::5:: iii?-E:3:25f-51522 ' 2':1af,-afe'a2a2zsa2f1:,-fi-'ae12afi'l:sgsf: 2- ?ii5: ' ?i .-,ggivZEfQ211:i1f15ii-W '"-'5g:1EfE?E5igE5E1EEE 7 .. .fE1?::- .":':E5?E325E5E5fEfE5i5E3E 'f'f'Z5' "fl, fm : Q 2EfEiaEzEzE555E5E5i52. -:Q 35:5-5:5E1:'i' " ' .J1??5E'?:5:3E:1:2:1:r:1: ffiirzl . f. '4:?Z:::u5?5:E:E:I ' .'-31555 -fg:wge:af:5. ' 55?: ,, :, , '-255: " A ' - -.1 ' " .. -. -A-, g:E?ii.55E5EfE5E3E5E ' gif' 1 Wwx :31:l,- -xi'-'-:I-:P : ::5:4::-, .:::g.:g:,'g g - ...ww -if 3... VICTORIA ww' ...AMA 421 ROBERT F. STONE, Toronto: Latin and French: North Toronto C.I.: Vic. Basketball I-IV: Tennis: V.C.A.A. Executive III-IV, Intramural Sports Committee IV: Class Executive IV: Classics Club I-IV. Future: Teaching. BEVERLEY A. STRANKS, Toronto: General: Humberside C.I., Toronto Teachers' College. Future: Teaching. JOHN I. STRICKLAND, St. Catharines: Mathematics and Physics: St. Catharines C.I. and V.S.: U.R.T.P., R.C.A.F Primary Reserve: Mathematics and Physics Society. JACQUELINE E. SUDLOW, Toronto: General: Etobicoke C.I., Toronto Teachers' College. Future: Teaching, Public School. DONNA M. SUTTON, Toronto: General: Etobicoke C.I.: Interfaculty Basketball I-III. Future: Mathematics Teacher. ROBERT A. TAYLOR, Weston: Mod. Lang. and Lit.: Weston C.V.S.: German Club I-II, IV: Vic. French Club I-II, IV: Slavic Circle I, II. Future: Post-Grad. Work in German. RONALD G. THOMAS, Leaside: General: Leaside H.S.: Victoria Hockey I-III. Future: Journalism. C. BLAIR THOMPSON, Huntingdon, P.Q.3 General: Banting Memorial H.S., Alliston, Ont.: Hart House Glee Club: P.C. Club. Future: Teaching. IAN S. THOMPSON, Weston: Geological Sciences: Weston C.V.S.: ATA: U. of T. Swimming Team I: Frat. Treasurer IV. Future: Geology and Travelling. BARBARA A. THOMSON, Toronto: General: Oakwood C.I. Future: Teaching. KENNETH J. THOMSON, Toronto: Poli. Sci. and Ec.: Lawrence Park C.I.: Music Club I: Bob Revue I-IV. Future: Bell Telephone Co. PATRICIA J. TRACY, Toronto: General: Jarvis C.I,, Etobicoke C.I.: Volleyball I-III: Football II: Outing Club II. FRANCES A. TREGUNNO, St. Catharines: General. REGINALD P. TRUAX, Lindsay: General: Lindsay C.I., St. Catharines C.I., Queenis U.: Hockey: Basketball: Football. Future: Field of Business. RONALD B. TURNER, Bowmanville: Eng. Lang. and Lit.: Bowmanville H.S.: Basketball: Drama Club II: "Acta Victoriana" III: Ryerson House Secretary. JUDITH N. UREN, Richmond Hill, Ont.: General: Richmond Hill District H.S.: Volleyball II. Future: O.C.E. DOREEN M. Van CAMP, Blackstock, Ont.: General: Cartwright Area H.S.: Spanish Club I-II: Fencing Club I-III. Future: High School Teacher of Home Economics. GEORGE E. VANDERWERF, Toronto: Math. and Physics: B.C.I.: Maths. and Physics Society I-IV: Vic. Music Club IV: Royal Astronomical Society of Canada II-IV. AUDREY D. VEEN, Toronto: General: Bathurst Heights C.V.S. DONALD E. WAKEFIELD, Toronto: Modem History: E.Y.C.I.: U.N.T.D. I-III: Modem History Club, Treasurer IV. Future: Law School. ROBERT E. WALKER: General. SUZANNE I. WALLS, Barrie, General, Barrie District C.I., U. of T. Orchestra I, Victoria Swimming Team I-II, Victoria College Cheer- leader I-II. JANET P. WARD, Toronto, Modern History, Branksome Hall School, Vic. Music Club I, U.N. Club Secretary IV, Bob Revue I, P.C. Club I-IV, Student Christian Movement I-IV, Modern History Club II-IV, Social Convenor IV. BARBARA H. WARING, Ingersoll, Mod. Hist. and Mod. Lang., Ingersoll District C.I., "Varsity" I5 Vic. French Club I.' ALLAN S. WATANABE, General. JACQUELINE C. WEBB, Toronto, General, Lawrence Park C.I., Vic. French Club I. Future: High School Math. Teacher. K. MARILYN WEISBROD, Toronto, General, Weston C.V.S. Future: High School English Teacher. PAUL DON WESSENGER, Collingwood, Poli. Sci. and Ec., Collingwood C.I., Vic. Music Club II-III. Future: Law. BEVERLY F. WESTMAN, Barrie, Mod. Lang. and Lit., Barrie C.I., Bob Revue I, Vic. Women's Athletic Association III-IV, Pres. IV, Swimming, Vic. II-IV, Intercoll. III-IV, Basketball II-III, Hockey IIAIV, V.C.U. Executive IV. BARBARA A. WHALEY, Woodstock, Ont., General, Woodstock C.l., Psychology Club III, Drama Club III. Future: Social Work. DOUGLAS E. WILLIAMS, Whitby, General, Whitby H.S. Future: Osgoode Hall. STEPHEN T. WILLS, Toronto, General, U.T.S., ZX, Vic. Football I, Treasurer, V.C.A.U. III. Future: O.C.E., Then Teaching Maths. and Physics. PHYLLIS M. WILTSHIRE, Willowdale, General, Earl Haig C.I., RCAF, University Squadron I-III. Future: Teaching. LOLA A. WISDOM, Jamaica, B.W.I., General, St. Andrew H.S., Social Convenor, I.S.O. III, Vic. S.C.M. II-III. Future: Teaching in Jamaica. SANDRA A. WOLFE, Streetsville, Ont., Household Economics, Port Credit H.S., Home Economics Club, University of Toronto Chorus. Future: Teaching High School. R. MURRAY WOODS, Pefferlaw, Ont., Latin and French, Delta S.S., Hamilton, Classics Club III-IV3 French Club IV. Future: Teaching. BRUCE H. WRIGHT, Toronto, General, North Toronto C.I., ATA, C.O.T.C., Lacrosse, Vic. Bob II. ARCHIBALD M. YOUNG, Toronto, General, East York C.I., fDl'A. Future: Post-Graduate Work at U. of T. CAROLE D. YOUNG, Brantford, General, Brantford C.I. and V.S., Baseball II-III, Volleyball III, Annesley Hall Residence, Vice-Pres. III, House Basketball I-III. Future: Field of Psychology. RICHARD A. YOUNG, Toronto, General, Etobicoke C.I., Lacrosse III, Basketball II. Future: Field of Business. VICTORIA ,.. me 3 423 Wyeliffe College ?F'1ls+i+ EK! 'm l m ' 424 PRINCIPAL: REV. R. ARMITAGE M.C., M.A., D.D., LL.D. DENNIS A. ANDREWS, Toronto: London, England: Theological Society, Missionary Convenor Ig Chairman of Students Mission Committee III: V.C.F'.g Bible Study Convenor I: Vice-President and Prayer Secretary II: WycliHe Track Team I-II. DONALD R. COOK, Toronto: Brighton Tech. Coll. 1London Univ.Jg Soccer III. DAVID C. DUNBAR, Hamilton: Hamilton Central C.I5 Western: I.V.C.F. I-III: H.H. Chess Club Ig U. of T. Wrestling Team I-III: Wycliife Literary Society Officer II: Wyclitfe Athletic Ass'n Executive II-IIIg Soccer I-III: Track and Field II-III: Swimming I-III: Volleyball II- lIIg Referee III: Squash I-II. SAMUEL J. HANNA, Toronto: Riverdale C.I.g Soccer. Future: St. Aidan's Riverside tCuratej. RALPH D. HAYNES, Winnipeg: U.T.S.g Trinity College: Track and Field III: Soccer I-III: Basketball I-III: Volleyball I-III: WycliHe College Literary Society I-III: S.A.C. rep. II. Future: Curacy at St. Mary's 4Kerrisdalel, Vancouver, B.C. WARREN A. HERRON, Toronto: Etobicoke C.I.g Anglican Students' Evangelistic Mission III: Minister of Justice "Theocrat,' Government Wycliife Literary Society III. Future: Anglican Clergy. KENNETH HILL, Toronto: Class President Ig Volleyball Ig Treasurer, Lit. Soc. III: Minister of Justice IV. Future: Assistant Priest in Toronto. DOUGLAS GEORGE JACKSON, Toronto: Vaughan Rd. C.I.g Theological Society Executive. Future: Diocese of Toronto. CHARLES C. LEDGER, Winnipeg: University of Manitoba: Soccer II-IIIg Theological Society II: Senior Student III. Future: Missions. JOHN E. MARRIOTT, Saskatoon: City Park C.I., Saskatoong Wycliffe Theological and Literary Society Executive. Future: Curate, St. James, Anglican Church, Stratford, Ontario. GEORGE A. MORLEY, Liverpool, England: Soccer I-IV. F'uture: Diocese of Toronto. University Extension 5115191 I DIRECTOR: J. R. COU LTER J. KEITH ADAIR, Ajaxg Vaughan Road C.I.g Teacher. GRIETINA M. ANSMITS, Toronto. ROSS E. BODEN, Torontog East York C.I. Future: Teaching. LEORA C. E. BOYD, Winchesterg Winchester H.S., Toronto Teachers, College. Future: Post-Graduate Work in Education. CHESTER S. CHERNY, Torontog Parkdale C.I., Toronto Teachers' College. Future: High School Teacher. DONALD E. COOPER, Torontog Humberside C.I. Future: Teaching. ARTHUR L. CRINGAN, Toronto. HYMIE DAY, Torontog Harbord C.I.g Vocational Counselor, Jewish Vocational Service. THOMAS DAY, Torontog Public School Teacher in Toronto. HELEN G. DECHERT, Torontog Danforth T.S.g Primary Teacher, Township of Scarborough. ELIZABETH M. FARLEY, Toronto. W. DENNIS FIEDLER, Torontog Malvern C.I., Toronto Teachers, College. Future: Graduate Study. EXTENSION 426 IAN J. FIFE, Toronto: York Memorial C.I. WILLIAM LEONARD FISHER, Torontog Oakwood C.I. Future: Specialist in Science. LILLIAN GRACE GANDIER, Torontog North Toronto C.I. Future: Teaching in Toronto, Further Education and Travel. DORIS ELIZABETH GIBNEY, Bradford: Bradford H.S.g Certificate in Nursing Education. Future: Masters Degree in Nursing Education. LEAH GOLDENBERG, Toronto: Harbord C.I. Future: School of Social Work. KEITH M. HACKETT, Torontoj, Lucknow H.S. PAUL A. IRWIN, Don Mills: Brantford C.I. and V.S.5 Paper Boy: Con- struction Labourerg Truck Driverg Business Manager of School Magazine: Draftsman: Civil Engineering Studentg Baker's Helper: Clerk: Night Porter on a Steamship: Lumbermang Waiter: Handymang Painter: C.P.A. Student: Husband: Father: Bookkeeperg Circulation Manager of Age Publications Limited. ALLAN C. HOOD, Toronto: Jarvis C.I.: Teaching in Toronto. MARTA KLAVINS, Torontog Dobele, Latvia. RALPH M. LEARN, Scarborough. Future: Teaching. WILLIAM C. LAYCOCK, Thornhill: Waterdown H.S.5 Principal in North York Elementary School. BERTRAM R. LeMESURIER, Toronto. Future: Osgoode Hall. MIRIAM G. MCALISTER, Toronto: North Toronto C.I.: B.Sc.N. ELEANOR JOYCE MCFARLAND, Winnipeg, Man. ALEX F. MacLEOD, Willowdaleg Maxville H.S.: Public School Teacher, North York. Future: Teaching. MARJORIE J. MERRYLEES, Gore Bay: Gore Bay H.S.g Public School Teacher, Toronto. Future: Teaching. VIRGINIA M. MOOGK, Toronto: Oakwood C.I. THOMAS A. NEWALL, Downsview, Ont. THOMAS J. ORRETT, Toronto5 Danforth Tech. H.S.: Vice-Principal of General Crerar School, Scarborough. Future: Graduate Work for B.Ed. FLORENCE R. PAPE tMrs.J, Toronto: Forest Hill C.I. EDWARD A. RENGARTS, Toronto: State Gymnasium in Latvia: U. of T. Political Economy Club. EXTENSION JOHN SEME, Torontog East York C.I.3 Junior High School Teaching. Future: Continue Teaching. JOHN A. TICKLE, Torontog Toronto Teachers' Collegeg Principal in Pickering Township. MARGARET M. WALLACE, Niagara Fallsg N.F.C.V.I., Hamilton Teachers' College, Royal Conservatory of Musicg Public School Teacher in Niagara Falls. ELIZABETH M. WEBB, Torontog Richmond Hill H.S. 1 f ' -" A 0 N Q: K Y " .. M M lm E H :saw ,,.c, ig C g 1 S ,,,,m 1 F7435 -. wffgvjgpngp 'TSW' -4:'::a ,7R.u- a'1fg,,.g-giio' isfxr-25225352 1 L f gg' aawiafzzfi--if-12511: ::::::f' 1'-5 ,. if S :ml mu K-as P ' f 5772 'lb W :uns mu x S 1 M f' N rlwjl vll' kg gill lllll L 5 i P T We vi" if 'ii ii' mm LE f 1 aA-f - ssl. "i A V I V H - N' A u at if ll an my m fl" e'l' T fv i "i' 4 -- p Zigi L A Y - F??5f5"fTL 1?i'g'1'a-l'i I 5 'ini N E 1 pi 5, Q 427 Index and Advertisers Activities - All-Campus and Faculty II 4 Architecture: Advertisers I ..,, ..s.,.,.,, I I I II 430 Athletics I All-Varsity Revue I II I II v,,i 58 Graduates I Alpha Delta Phi I I I I 272 Athletics: Alpha Gamma Delta A A -le- 305 Coaching Staff .,s, ,l,, I I I Alpha Kappa Kappa II 273 Men's Intercollegiate Athletics I II II Alpha Omega . A A A 274 Men's Intercollegiate Directorate II I Alpha Ohllcfhh Pi A A 306 Men's "T" Award Winners II I I I I Alpha Phi --A-AA A A A AA 307 Men's Intramural Athletics I II Ahheslay Hell A AAA- A AA AAAA A 163 Men's Intramural Athletic Directorate Applied Science and Engineering: Men's Intramural Championships II I Alumni Association I II I II I 116 Women's Intercollegiate Athletics I I Athletics IIIIIIIIII II.. . I II II W0men'5 "T" Award Winners H V Chffmical Club A'-A AA '--- 117 Women's "T" Award Winners I I ggitiuzlilb 4' Women's Intramural Athletics I II Electrical Club I I II I I II I 118 Autographs AAAA A A AA Engineering Business Club I 119 Engineering Physics Club I ,III 120 Engineering Society II II II I II 114 B Graduates IIIII 315 Mechanical Club I 1 1 p I H up 1 121 Badminton, Intercollegiate II I Mining and Metallurgical Club IIIIII I 121 Basketball, Intereellegiete A A Sku1eNite up 1 H 1 31 Bennett, Principal I I Skule Yearbook I I 122 Beta Sigma Rho AA Toike Qike 1 122 Beta Theta Pi II I V, Ai 428 Biggs Trophy II I II II I Bissell, Dr. Claude T. IIIIIIIII I Installation Ceremonies IIIIII Message to Graduates IIIIIIII Blue and White Band I IIIIII I Blue and White Society II IIIIIII B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation II Bob Revue IIIIIIIIII I IIII IIIIIIIIIII I Boxing, Intercollegiate II I Skulemen get into a huddle in the drafting class C Campus Co-operative Res. Inc. Campus Lighting .,...,,......,ss.,.,,, . Carabin,..,.....,. Cheerleaders .,s..., ,.,... Chemical Club .r .,., .,s.,,4..e...... . Chorus, U. of T. ...,...s,s,s..,,,...,,..4,.. , Christian Science Organization .,,,.rr Coaching Staif, Intercollegiate ......,.. t.rr , , Coat of Arms, University of Toronto . .. Cody House, Whitney Hall I. C I Coleman Geological Club .,,,,...,r ,, . . Commerce and Finance: Commerce Club ....ll . Graduates ,..l.,...,.,,,,,.., Contents, Table of ....,.. . Co-operative, SMC: Board of Directors ,l.l,, Workers .l.l...,.....,,.ll... Copp Trophy ..l.,.,... I. D Daffydil ..l.l..,,,,...ll.l.l...... Dedicated Men .....,l.l...l... Dentantics l..l.......l.,......,.....l Debating Team, U. of T. ...,,, . Debating Union, U. of T. ....., ,.,,.. . Delta Delta Delta ...l..,.,......... .,..,. Delta Gamma ....,...,..,......,. Delta Kappa Epsilon .,... C Delta Sigma Phi ,,,,.. Delta Tau Delta .,..,. Delta Upsllon .,,,....,....,.. ,..,.....,.,..,,..,..., Initiation is quite a process for Dentistry frosh Dentistry: Athletics ..,,...,...., ,.,.,,. Dental Society .,.,.. ,.,,.., Dentantics ,,.,,. Graduates ,,....,, Hya Yaka .,,.....,.,..,, ,,.,.,, Devonshire House ,..,.,, ,,.. E El Club Espanol Emmanuel: Activities .,,,,..,,, ..,..., Athletics .....,,,.. Graduates ,,,,,,,,, fiffffffffffffffffffffffff Engineering - see Applied Science and Engineering. Extension: Graduates ..r....,..,,,.,,........,.., ...,. ..,,,.. External Affairs Committee ....,,,, ..,, F Falconer House, Whitney Hall .,...,,. .,...,. Fencin g ........,,..,.....,,.r,,..,...,,.,....,. ....... Flying Club ........,.,...........,,...,...,, .,..... Football, Intercollegiate .r,...., .r,,.,. BIRKS Designers and Suppliers of CLASS and COLLEGE RINGS and PINS MEDALS o TRCPHIES BLAZER CRESTS o GRADUATION GIFTS and CRESTED CHRISTMAS CARDS BIR JEWELLERS V 134 YONGE ST. 1 33 BLOOR ST. W. Forestry: Activities A A Athletics A A ,,tt, ,A AA Forester's Club ris,. Graduates AA A A, Fraternities: Alpha Delta Phi AA Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Kappa Kappa A A Alpha Omega ,eis p.,s, A Alpha Omicron Pi ,,,, A Alpha Phi AA A Beta Sigma Rho A Beta Theta Pi Delta Delta Delta e.,, A Delta Gamma AAAAAA, Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta sigma Phi AA,AAA AAA AAAAAAA Delta Tau Delta A AAAAA A Delta Upsilon AAAAAAAA Gamma Phi Beta AAAAA, Kappa Alpha AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Sigma A AA AA Lambda Chi Alpha AAAA AAAAAAA Nu Sigma Nu AAAAAAAAAAAA Phi Chi ,A AAAAAA Phi Delta Epsilon AAAAAA AAAAAAA Phi Delta Theta AAAAA Phi Gamma Delta AAAAAA Phi Kappa Pi Phi Kappa Sigma AA P1 Beta Phi AAAAAAAAAAAAA Pi Lambda Phi AA Psi Upsilon AAAA AAAA Rho Pi Phi AAAAAAAAAAAAA Sigma Alpha Mu AAAAAAAA Sigma Chi AAAAAAAAAAA Sigma Nu AA,AA Remember . . . 22 215 126 351 272 305 273 274 306 307 275 276 308 309 277 280 282 281 310 285 311 284 286 287 285 288 289 290 291 292 312 293 294 296 295 298 299 430 Carole Marshall, the viva- f cious drum-majorette, was AAA', Q-. a spirit-booster at every football game ' U ,X h X-A A-SAS Theta Delta Chi A A, A ,AAAAA A 300 Xi Psi Phi AAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAA AA 302 Zeta Psi AAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A ,A AAAAAAAAAAA 303 Friendly Relations with Overseas Students 89 G Gamma Phi Beta AAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA Geography Club AAAAAAA .AAAA Geological Club AAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA Golf AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA Graduate Students' Union AAAAAAAA AAAA AAAAA Graduates: Applied Science and Engineering AAAAAAAA Architecture AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.AA,AAAAA Commerce and Finance AAAAAAAA AAAAAA Dentistry AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAA Emmanuel College AAAAAAAAA AAAAA Extension AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, AAA,AA Forestry AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ,AAAAA Household Science AAAAAAAA .AAAA Y? ,Q A. -- ,',, .,.,',,.,,"'. Z I ,v'.. , I ' Knox College .,A.. A...... 3 53 Law .........,4.AA..,. A...... 3 55 Medicine ...... ....... 3 57 H Music ....,5..4 .....e. 3 65 Nursing ....,.n.n..,.......,......,..4.,....,... ,...... 3 67 Harrier, Intercollegiate ...,o.o Pharmacy ...,.................o.............,.,.o,.....o. 369 Hart House ..,..,...o.o.,.,..,..,.. Physical and Health Education ,.....o..... 374 Hart House Theatre ....,,...o..4 Physical and Occupational Therapy .,,. 377 Have Toga, Will Travel .....,. St. Michael's College .....,......o.,......yo,.... 379 Hillel Foundation .....o..,... Trinity College .....,......, ..o,.,. 3 88 Hockey, Intercollegiate ...,. University College ..L.,.. ,o.,... 3 97 Homecoming Weekend ...4.oo..o Victoria College .o..... ,...o.. 4 11 Wycliife College ..l.... ol.l... 4 24 Household Economics Club Honour Awards .o...,.,.,.....s......,.,. 192 62 60 58 98 196 20 74 111 W u -H nun - 2 5 1 gg, 55 I WHERE THERE S g 1 E - 'xii : 1 : coca-com : Mmm, THERES HGSPITHLITV 15 Mmw2?H E -7, L ....... 'fE.i-3'2-g"f'.-.'f-.'f..--- I WQQ' ,,-+5 Ask for it either way . . . bot '-"" " " trade-mark: mean the same thing. 431 Q 5 3 S 1: 5 oskk ,v, n E if- S fi Z Q K X S rienaify. .. e jQC7'Q7fZ1i. .. peop e nialee the diiierence at Yes, whatever your banking requirements-savings or chequing accounts . . . safety deposit boxes . . . personal and commercial loans . . . or any other banking service-the courteous, capable people at your nearby branch of The Toronto-Dominion Bank do make the difference. At any of our more than 500 branches across Canada, you can be sure of receiving the kind of friendly, personalized service that makes dealing the "The Bank" a pleasure for you. So drop in soon, Won't you, and see for yourself Why . . . people make the difference at TORCNTO-DOIVIINION 3 1 l 2 Q l l l l l V ll J-9410 I I-J In Memoriam, Dr. Sidney Smith .....,4m......,, International Students' Organization .,.ooo 103 Jeanneret, Principal ...,4.,,.....,,,...,...o 1. 1, Someone give him the word he's groping for NOES Q19 Kappa Alpha Kappa Kappa Kappa Sigma Knox College: Activities Athletics Graduates K.C.A. ..,. . K Gamma L 285 311 284 219 353 128 Lambda Chi Alpha ., ..oo., .... . . Law: Athletics .,.,.,o. Graduates .......o.,..o.o.... o,,... Homecoming Float ......,. Law Club ..o.o,..o...o.o. ....,, Liberal Club .t..,. LOCK .........,...,......o Loretto College: Local Council .,.,., Sodality ...... 129 106 151 143 152 286 220 355 M Mathematics Sz Physics Society M , o,o, 108 Medicine: Athletics - Men's .o,.,y, , , .s 222 -Women's ,u,, l.l. , s 251 CAMSI ..o. ,4.o.,..,,,o..o.. .,....o 1 3 2 Daffydil .,.....,.. ..o.....,.. ..yo 4 0 Graduates ....., . 357 Medical Arts Sz Letters . , ,.,..,. 135 Medical Journal o.s.,..s.,,,.,.,o,o,o,,,,,s. ..,. ,o.o 1 3 4 Medical Society ,s..,... ..,...,.....,,.,.yy.,....,.s. 1 30 Medical Women's Undergraduate Ass'n 133 Probe 5, .o...o.,s s.5o .,,,,.. ,..o. ,.,, ,n,s. ,.,. 1 3 4 Model Parliament .,....,. o,..n ,4,.., ,.o, . . , 47 Modern History Club y,,, ,oy., . .. ,... 108 Mickities ,, ..,...n. .,..,..s s,,.. n.,, ..... . : . 4 4 Mulock House, Whitney Hall so 5 5 165 Music: Activities ., , 43 Graduates A . A 365 ,The Meds - St. Mike's debate on Birth Control was delivered to ta packed house of both men and women in Hart House N National Affairs Commission ,.oo... .o.. 7 5 Nursing: Activities ,,... ,... 2 6 Athletics ...,.:. ..,.... 2 52 Graduates ..., n ............::,,,.:.:.,..:.......::.:.:::... 367 Residence ..,..,....:.....:.:.......:,.:..:...,..,.,:...., 165 Undergraduate Association Council .,:. 137 Nu Sigma Nu :...:..:......:,.,...:.::...:.,,.:...::....... 287 433 Ontario College of Education 1 1 Geography Club ,,.o.,...,...,,,.,,.,.,,...,,,ooo,.. 109 Household Economics Club ..l.l,lll .,lu,.l, 1 11 International Students, Organization ,... 103 Liberal Club .,l.....l.....l,,....,..,...,,.....,,,.,..l. 106 Mathematics Sz Physics Society l.,c..l,,,.. 108 Modern History Club ..,...,....,y...y.. ..,,.. 1 08 Polish Students' Club ,.......l.,.. 11 ,..,.. 102 Student Christian Movement 11 11 11 96 Progressive Conservative Club 11 11 104 Royal Canadian Air Force ,....,., 1 ...... 112 Slavic Circle l.,,,..,,.llll,,l..,l,l.,,.,,..,l 1 ,,...,,. 101 Students' Administrative Council ,,.lll,. 70 Ukrainian Students' Club 1 1 ,..,, 1 100 United Nations Club 11 .,,,, 1 1 1 107 University of Toronto Squadron LRCAFJ ,.l,,..........,.,,s..,. ,......,......,,,, 1 1 112 Varsity Christian Fellowship ,,..., 11 1 97 West Indian Students' Association 1 99 42 Orchestra, U. of T. 11 1 1 1 1 1 88 Organizations - All-Campus: B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation 98 Chemical Club 111, 111111 1 1 11,11 11 110 Christian Science Organization 1 1 1 99 Coleman Geological Club 1 1 11 1 1 109 1 1 Commerce Club 11111 1 1 1 11111 1111 1 1 123 El Club Espanol V Aggllqvg ..'V'.'V.V V.4V q ....g. 1 0 1 A sub-critical nuclear reactor was installed at the University Friendly Relations With Overseas Students 1 1 1 11111111111 Flying Club 1 11 1 89 111 Organizations - College and Faculty: Applied Science and Engineering- Alumni Association 111111 11111111111111 1 111111 1 16 Chemical Club 111111 1 11111 1 117 Civil Club 11111111 1 117 Debates Club 11111 1 11 1 11111111 11111 1 118 Electrical Club 111111111111111111111111 1 111111 118 Engineering Business Club 1111111 11111 1 19 Engineering Physics Club 11 120 Engineering Society 11111111111111111 11 1 1 114 k Mechanical Club 111111111111111111111111 11 111111 121 Q 2 Mining and Metallurgical Club 111111111111 121 Skule Yearbook 1111111111111 11 111111111111 122 'V ' tt'i "' Toike oike 11111111111111111 1 111111111111 11111 1 122 1' HW Commerce Club 11111 111111 1 23 Q.. y W 'W The Skule Dinner is always one of the out- standing events of the year for Engineers 434 1 Dentistry: Debates .,..,..t,...4.,.4 ,,.,t,,ttt,,,.. ,...... 1 4 0 Dental Society ,AA..4..'.,.,.QQ44.W.Q, AAA, I A Undergraduate Association A A A A A 140 Knox College Association ....,o. ......, S tl Michaelis College, Emmanuel .....ia..,.,...,.4.,t.,,.A .....t, C 0-Op 146 Forestry ""' L 'l""""' 'l"i" F orensic Circle ,i.4,i AA A ...., A aass AA A A 149 Graduate Umon ssrss r t+r't French Club AAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAA A A AAAAAA AA A 150 Law: Loretto College - Local Council AAAA 143 Executive uuiu blui V A LOCK AAAAAAAAAAAA A A AAAAA, AAAAA AAAAA AAAA A AAAAAA A 1 5 1 Men's Council AA AAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAA A AAAAAAA A AA 143 Music Guild AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA 1 50 Oratorical Society AA AAAA AA A AA AA 148 W - Professional Club AA AA AA A 148 "',' St. Joseph's Literary Club A A A 144 A Senate Club A AA A A AA A A 149 lr 1 Sodality AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 152 l": AA.A llnl M Students' Administrative Council A AA AA 142 The Mike A AAAA AA AA AA A 145 g AAAAA A, Theatre Guild A AAAA A 151 Q . 7 Writer's Group AAAA AA 144 1:-21 gf Trinity College: or e i" " 'i"' Board of Stewards AA A 153 2 A A Cercle Francais AAAAAAAAA AAAAA 1 60 ' Dramatic Society AA AA 160 Literary Institute A 154 Dalfydil audiences will remember this monster from the deep Medicine: Camsi AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Medical Arts and Letters Society AAAAAAAAAA Medical Journal AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Medical Society AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Medical Women's Undergraduate Association .AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAA Probe AAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAA AAAA Nursing: Nurse's Residence AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Undergraduate Association Council AAAA Pharmacy: Undergraduate Pharmaceutical Society Physical and Health Education: R. 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Dickie, Manager 435 ..,..., .gi ....., .,,.,,,.,, 'Nensis staffers do some brain-storming for the advertising campaign St. Hilda's College - College Meeting Literary Society Trinity Review University College: Le Cercle Francais .nn. . 1 Literary and Athletic Society ,,,n . Permanent Executive, Class of '59 Whitney Hall 7 7 Victoria College: Acta Victoriana , ASGA r,,, , 1 Class Executives Classics Club ., , Debating Parliament rsiii Drama Society French Club . Liberal Arts Club 1 Music Club 1 The Strand 7 ., Student Christian Movement Varsity Christian Fellowship 7 . Victoria College Union 2 , Wycliffe College: Athletic Society 156 158 155 163 162 , . 162 164 174 169 1 . 175 170 173 169 1 170 173 171 174 172 172 , A 166 141 Literary Society 1 ,.,r., .,,.. 1 41 Theological Society 1 . 141 P Parkes, Miss A. E. M. 7 .i,.. 73 Pharmacy: Activities 1, 7, ,, 1 17 Athletics-Men's . ,... . ,.,.t.. i.,r, 2 26 -Women's ...r,....... ,...,,...,,.... 2 53 Undergraduate Pharmaceutical Society 135 Graduates A ..s.r,itt. ,, nr., .,,r,t , 369 Phi Chi .r.,...,.,tr,, 1 , ,.7.. 285 Phi Delta Epsilon .r.., ..,.. 2 88 Phi Gamma Delta . 290 Phi Kappa Pi .,.r. 7, 7, ,.,sr., ...r, .... . 2 91 Phi Kappa Sigma .,..,...,.r..,,.7,,.r..t.t ,,i., 2 92 Physical and Health Education: Activities ,y,,....,.7...,,.,.,.,,...,,..i..,.. ...., 1 8 Athletics - Men's ,,,.,..,.,,,i ..... 2 35 - Women's ..t,t, ....., 2 54 Graduates ..,.y,., ......,,.....,...,. ..... 3 7 4 R. Tait Mackenzie Society ..,r, ...., 1 39 Undergraduate Association r,..,. ..... 1 39 436 il O 0 ' 62 L i VV L if' . .in mtmlm i . . U I '5!.gl'I I il',:1 .A Q s ' ' ' ' l M 'sr 'Ir gy v l l A . ' up ' vs ji it lillitnf A l, ll-'M l I ' ' gt lf 3 i Q if H ll 1 4 5 li 'l ll A- I V fi 'N-.XXX 'i I i Ylff it i w f 1, t lp ig S 9 ll i 1' l Y L LM W i 'i it l i tg il ll it u i . 1' X Q li l i i 3 U ix ' lt 't it l-1'-1-"-t ' 1 i ll R i l i 'I at if l' or H , f . I alt fx it iff vi 4 fi . 'ix vb Cl N ff .. . I 'J' 'Wi.,,xf"-4.4-f uf, ,.-'- EATON'S salutes the Class of ,59 'l'hm- lfnivermity of Toronto. Canada! largest . . . sends graduates to all corners ol' the Country '... professional people. liberal arts graduates. Scientists- they travel to the far North and to the East and Vlfest Coasts, to small Centres and major cities. EATONS, Canada? largest retailing organization . . . also covers the Country with its large main stores, branch stores order offices . . . and its huge mail order catalogue circulation. Wlierever your career may take you in Canada, you will find EATON? ready to serve you, as it has during your student days at Varsity. r at '-.. ,,. -wx., , -.x .. -0+ t:.,'L."""f P v3.:,. , li, - fir? 1 T f : " - ,lf . v . ,X i 5 'i it .',,. 4 ' f r 5 Q' ' 3, X I 1 , Q 1 li 5 ,, . ,A A at P o gg ' Q 'fa f fi . ff' 1, fi? 1 - f,s,, ., 'Q Azure two open Books and in base a Beaver all proper, upon a Chief Argent the Royal and Imperial Crown also proper, and for the crest on a wreath of the colours an Oak tree proper stemmed and fructed Or. niversity Coat of Arms The crown indicates not only that the University was founded by a Royal Charter granted by King George IV in 1827, but also that the original foundation was called King's College, the books are for learning, and the beaver, which is the emblem of Canada, is for the industry which it was hoped should always characterize the members of the University. The Motto is taken from Horace's Odes, Book 1, No. 12, lines 45 and 46. The com- plete line is "Crescit occulto velut arbor aevof' Translated literally the motto would be "As a tree, may it grow through the passage of the age." rl f U , Q. f I ,J UL . 5 Y, ,.f . J, .4-WA 4 5 1 , A- 5 9 4 V A i, , f , f42Q'f'2 .4 ,L 'Z 2 ,', V' ,. ff ri: wh , ., , f ' , ' ""'bm,z,-,J eff' Q X iff sWm'..' Maw,f:f"""' ff' 555- A standing ovation saluted Chancellor Beatty, who retires this year, at the University of Toronto Dinner. 438 Physical and Occupational Th-erapy: Activities 4..4,,..aca.,.c,............c....,.,...c,c...,,, Athletics ......4.....,..c4......c.......c..,.........,..,.. Graduates ...c...,.......,..........,c.c..... Undergraduate Association ..,..,.. Pi Beta Phi ,,.,.,..,,..t.,.......,...t.t,.,.t Pi Lambda Phi . .....,.,,.....s,.... . Polish Students' Club ..... President Bissell ,t.l..,t,.,. Installation .,...A,..l....,.......t.......... Message to Graduates ,l....l,......,.,. Progressive Conservative Club ...t., Psi Upsilon ..........t..,......,t....t....,t,. Pl1b1lC3lLlOI1SZ This wasithe winter of leotards - black, red, and Acta Victoriana ..,t.....,....,4.. bright, bright blue! Medical Journal ...,.,a,,t...,....... Pharmakon - The Probe .,..., Skule Yearbook ....,......t,.,t.. gggdfgf glilgolar A"'A""r""' " "r'r' 232 222 "" Royal Canadian Air Force ..,.,,.l .,,. , 112 The Varsity ..4,t.. Toike Oike ......... Torontonensis ,....,, S Trinity Review ,...,.. Sigma Alpha Mu ,l.l..,.......l ,,.,t 2 95 Sigma Chi l.l,l.. ,.,, .n,,l 2 9 8 Sigma Nu , ., .,l. 299 Slavic Circle H ,.,., .,c,. 1 01 Smith, Dr. Sidney .t.l 7 Snow Queens l.,,r .. 52 'XD sais e77mdl24:w - K ' -p,5-1.121-ffwaqjf 1155 34 'KXQQ xA csv'-' Q' if 12:11 x..f N gi 3 1' g res wwf A casualty at the Mulock cup game Residences: G r e I n V1 te d Annesley Hall ..t,.. ..,.4.. 1 68 Campus Co-op ...,.,..,. 90 - 0 - - Devonshire House .4"'4A 92 to make use of our banking facllmes. KHOX College --.--4.h--, -e---a4 1 23 Our nearest branch will gladly help you. Nursing ............, ..,.,.. 1 65 St. Hi1da's College ....,...t,...l. ,....,. 1 56 St. Michael's College ...,..,.......t t,t.... 1 43 Sir Daniel Wilson Residence, THCE CANADIAN University' College ....,,....l.,.... ....l,. 1 61 BANK OF COMMERCE Whitney Hall: Cody House ,,.,...,...,. 164 800 Branches across Canada ready to serve you Falconer House ,t..... 164 Mulock House ....,. 165 439 Students' Administrative Council All-Varsity Revue r r H Blue and White Band , . Blue and White Society y . . Carabin . . . External Affairs Commission QEACD Honour Awards , . ,L National Affairs Commission r Torontonensis L , University of Toronto Debating Union tUTDUl r , University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Chorus The Varsity r C Weekend Committee , , EK? World University Service IWUSJ Student Christian Movement ., y St. Michael's College: Athletics - Men's - Women's Co-operative . Board of Directors L C Forensic Circle .r French Club , Graduates ,r,,, LOCK ..rr Loretto College: Local Council 440 9 is l -3-rw-""".Sr 3 The Queen's game on Home coming weekend started with the kick-off of an historic football . . . . . . and ended with the celebration of a fantastic score! Sodality ...,.. 152 Menls Council r .,.,., 143 The Mike . . ..,.., 145 Mickities ...rrl, .r 44 St. Hilda's College: Athletics .,.r , . ,.,.l 260 College Meeting , 4 .L ..r. ,. 156 Literary Society , 158 St. Joseph's College: Literary Club ., , ,, 144 Sodality or ...l .. 152 The lucky dogs! aww 12 In the North a line of steel guardsmen stand on sentry duty with eyes sweeping the horizon, ears listening to the silence of the snows . . . by his television set a farmer is studying the weather report . . . at your office the switchboard is receiving the first calls of the day. This is communications, where Northern 4'--"'n 1 . 4"---"sy S 's S B I I I I Q, ,v" QQ-1-9 F. 5 5' 2- 'i Q D' 9- rm Q3 'E 'T' 2355- 2 NO 4-4- SZWS 2. 'Begg 0. kgs.-Q1-s Ui we-'rx 'U-1 QQWC5 Sm C9326 3mm CDG Umm 9535 12.3 QQSQ 033- 41-+ Q. 4 QWSQ ...LD QA?.Qv QQMCIJ mmo- mig- QQ 1 tn F523 S82 hUhUgm UOQ 55385, 536 :QQO 3'-'U Q H: mp3 has C CDNWN. 0- CD Qian 083 Sits. fb 3 "' N395 mmm 5?-5.25033 No the I1 Elecfrk' N 5 0 .5-half' ' S I , . 5 g ,al A : , . Q IA 'Avg 5" s . X In 'L fl ' tx boson V i Music Guild 9, 150 Oratorical Society 148 Parliament Professional Club 148 y A member of the Cabinet addresses the House at the Model St. Joseph's College: Literary Club 144 Sodality it I 152 Senate Club 149 Sodality: Loretto 152 Mens' 152 St. Joseph's 4 I, ,. I. 152 Students' Administrative Council 142 Theatre Guild 4 , 151 Writers' Group , ,G ,G . . 144 T "T" Holders - Men i.., 179 -Women I , 248 Tennis, Intercollegiate , 4. 190 Torontonensis . I 4. 80 Faculty Reps .I 147 Staff , 147 O14 41 is 1 man' est friend T0 2 Nllll0Il CAMDIAIS BANK or MGNTREAL Qmd42z?0z4t?am6 There are 62 B of M OFFICES in the TORONTO DISTRICT to serve you WORKING WITH CANADIANS IN EVERY WALK OF LIFE SINCE 1817 ......-.....l...............-........... 442 Al1t0g1'a,Ph5 fa? MMM WM .92w' My !'?9Y' 62011-Qlfffvuwx 9140 Q ako Ju lxgr'-QE af! ff !?,ff"'w1 ni-to-uni! kf C? C ja ,f 'VJQN' Ag if DA LM n ,fl uxfx LH ff Wx 2f A,Q ' , u gf' . W GN f EA gf' if ' , M xx . , M jeg gp P ' My 7-mugbg ffuggmamgu 652 1 P dl H UL' 0 as ,sf iii W 'wwf 'wnwzfzf WW www 6 S L . 65235251 7""EfY""?" W W s M ,ff 42? 6- of ' El if 125 Q Vw 6951 X QQ3k f,QfQiwm if M , Xf ?W?Z1f ' 4 gas "W IJ L. 53,1 'Q NJ pw ..d. QW! ,Nw E 1 5M ! i wgm, ffffw XS ML? Wiw ff 5' gf igfwdw my R 6 ,Lf" ' ? Qdijfffd QQOQQQM, Si 4 iff. , -55wWeZ0Mwy, J ' 16,3 ' " , Jf A vwiffjib bww 7' mmm ?'A8v if 4 77 Q if W W MLP' W Sill su, fag, 995 gy, MW ff? '96 Mi M MQW Ui 4M-G., nm ff'4"'wf4ff1-JM W- AN fqgiw 1Wa 1-QM ,y A!! QW Q MM Xl E f CAMPUS PRODUCTIONS bring determined try-outs . . . . . . hours of rehearsals . . . . chorus lines Cyes, there are girls in Medsll 4' kiwi 4 07? . . . costumes . . . . . and even advertising stunts! rw Y 2 e ' i 'hi ll 1 Theatre: All-Varsity Revue .. Bob Revue ...A4.e....... Skule Nite ...,e.,....A Daffydil .,,.,.., Follies ..,e...,........,e,... Dentantics .A.e..A.,e...A Hart House Theatre Mickities ..4.,....4t.....t. Theta Delta Chi ....4. Treasure Van ...,...., Trinity College: Athletics sss.. ..........,. Board of Stewards .. Cercle Francais ...... Dramatic Society .... Graduates fArtsJ .,,. Graduates fDivinityJ Literary Institute ..s, Trinity Review ...,.. St. Hilda's College: Athletics s,s...,.,,....,s.. College Meeting .... Literary Society .... U Ukrainian Students' Club ,.s,. United Nations Club .,s.,,s. University College: Athletics - Men's .:,... - Women's ,.,,:. Follies A ,.,. ., ...,., , ,.:. Graduates .::. R. . ..:.::,.:.,,. :,.: :..: i , 4 Literary and Athletic Society ,..:,,:. Permanent Executive, Class of '59 Sir Daniel Wilson Residence :.,.,. , Whitney Hall :.,, ,.:: .,., .:.:, . , s s. s s. University Extension: Graduates :..,:,., :,:,, . ..,,. ,, University Milestones ,,,...,:.:....,.,:.:.,:. University of Toronto Chorus and Orchestra ...:...........:,:: it R :,,..... , i. 5,371 1 - Y, 'N-K., , ,. -QL. x ', no0.'i'f.T2:?'3H' 761 This University of Toronto Debating Team University of Toronto Debating Union University of Toronto Squadron QRCAFJ T. ttt..rt., .r,r.,t.,,,,,. . ,C , 1959 V edition of "'l'orontonensis" was produced in the plant of Age Publications Limited Specialized P'7"l77,t6'I'S cmd Publishers of Business Publications : Automatic Heating! Plumbing X Air Conditioning Wine X Beer X Spirits Restaurants and Institutions Electronics and Communications Food Service Equipment Supplier Age Publications limited A 450 Alliance Avenue, Toronto 9, Ont. tesfablished 19231 446 Victoria College: Acta Victoriana ,.,. . Annesley Hall . F . , ASGA .,.,t..... ..t,,tt,l,r t Athletics - Men's . t.ttt,, r -Women's . r Athletic Executives ..t,t. , Bob Revue .D tt.. ..r.,..t , . Class Executives . Classics Club .,,,... ..rr,,, . , Debating Parliament ,r.,. . Drama Society ..,. ,C , French Club ., . Graduates ., ,t,......,..r . , Liberal Arts Club . Music Club i. .. . Operetta . .,........, . The Strand ...,,. ,. ...,t, ,..,.,i..t,,., . . Student Christian Movement ..,,..t. , Varsity Christian Fellowship ., t.r. . , Victoria College Union . ..,,.,. . The Varsity ...., . Varsity Christian Fellowship . W Water Polo, Intercollegiate ...... ...i,i. . Weekend Committee ,,,,.., ,i...t,.i.. West Indian Students' Organization .t.. Winter Carnival ,..t.,.,....,..i,,..,., ,.,,. World University Service .t..,.t. i Wrestling, Intercollegiate ....,. . Wycliffe College: Athletics ...i.,....t,.,, . Graduates .,t..i...t..iii. , Literary Society .,,...i . Theological Society .,..... . X-Z Xi Psi Phi ..i,.. ,.......,.....,i,.,, . Zeta Psi ...,, . Kevin McEvenue, Mary Panhellemc ...,..,........... ,C X , . ss.. rg-Q s 5 S-mi. vt-,iz-:Fx- X H ' 3 - fffA:.ff. 5'1" SNSQEANSS X A f V f V K il Qf154'3f1f9'QQ.3"""" 'ax fffmil F' ' 'F O . ' Qixv - . fl :,.'.i' ' aff U ' YK Q g 5 vo-H --to ., A e,Vr1:.,: 5 :.g:.,- ,... - ,V .v.,:. V V , V -QI . ' V - ixxrh XCX. SQIQIIQ'f.10'fQ,'rI:fQ,':5.3 .g g.. X if semis -.ta tt- V . . .X . N . , X . f2:Vi?f'i f- :. is,,a-egwiqs 1:--,Q N :ask ..s.:Vs.,,,g .. : f. - ri' ' 'ii -..-x- Q..-z. '.-. Qae'VzaN,E"stzgsssx-si ' 195--email fx -5,5 XA 5 1.. -V -an-1:-1 X ifs? at NS? . yi 1 X .1-1 :- ,Z ,. V ,- qt i.W:5 Q ss. .ax W t,f.g:N.y,f:::..t-,f :iss f -V -- 3 s ' "S" i Q - I 5,3 , 21113 X. .x., 1 Q S'-as-sv. FACULTY REPS One or two reps from each college and faculty form a vital link in the Nensis organization. They gather photos, sell books, and collect graduation biographies. This year, the following were the reps: 1 TORON TON ENSIS STAFF These are the students who have spent innumer- able hours in gathering material, editing copy, pasting grad photos, designing page layouts, and proof-reading. Every one was essential to the production of this yearbook. Editor-in-chief .....................,.,, Sandra Whittall Activities .......,.... ......... M arg Fisher Architecture .... ..... J ulian Trasiewicz Com. and Fin. .. ..........,..... Don Grant Dentistry .....,, ...,. H arold Marcus Engineering ..., ,. John Phillips Emmanuel .,.. Keith Penner Forestry .... ..,... R oger Bragg Knox ..,. .... W ilf Moncrieff Law .........,... ............ S tan Fisher Medicine ..,,, ............... B ill Franks Music ,..,... ...,. E Iizabeth Mathies Nursing ..... ..,.,........,.. A nne Sutherland Pharmacy ..,. ...,,...........,..,...,,,, R andy Brown P.H.E. .......... . P. and O.T. ..,... .... . St. Michael's ....., Bert Naylor, Marg Merritt Nancy Turner, Sachi Yamasaki Hart House ...,...,......,..........,...,............. Organizations: pages 70- 95 pages 96-113 pages 114-141 pages 142--176 Athletics: Intercollegiate ..,. Faculty ...,.......,. Women's ..,., Fraternities .....,..,...,..... , Catherine Collins, Meg Atcherson Trinity .... Penny Rennie, Alex Eftimoff U.C. .,........ ....................,...,.,,.,,......, T ony Charlton Victoria ..... .... J ean Samells, Doug McDermid Wycliffe ..... .................,...,..........,..,......... B ill Ellis ABOUT THIS BOOK In the 1959 Torontonensis, the text is set in 10 point Corona on an 11 point body. Display heads are 24 point and 18 point Clarendon. The book is printed on Nipigon Enamel paper by Age Publications Limited. Engravings are 110 screen on zinc, and are produced by Eaton's Photoengraving. Graduating Classes ...... Copy Editor ................. Sales ...,........... Photography ...,. Art ....,........ .,.,,,...,.......,,.....,.......,,......., Mary Campbell . Anne Forrester Jean Tovell Joan Honsberger Jack Clissold Mary Ellen Fitzgerald Harry White Dick Howard Marnie Gunn Allan Stauffer David Rosner Ma rg Strachan Tom Hartley Ina Jane Healey Carole Levine Joyce Anderson Peter Kasserra Mike Cavanagh Andy Stabins Dunc Green Marg McMeekin Assistants -- Joan Powers, Carol Purkis, Catherine Drake, Judie McManus, Mimi Boyd, Vince Travale, Sheila Scully, Kathy Adams, Pat Durance, Mariorie Lamont, Vickie Atkinson, Joyce Rudnicki, Anne Marshall, Mary Lou Elliot, Elizabeth Davis, Joy Gordon, Sheila Webster, Anne Brush, Marilyn Powell, Nan Keeling, Sheila Constant, Dorothy MacDonald, Denise Grossman, Margaret Pope, and several coffee- drinking proof-readers at Falconer House. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Sincere thanks go to the many people who have given 0 , ,.. O 0 13' QL v 4 . s V 02 A v 595 0 PRESS ??3'VfF?:z ff B generously of their time and talent to make this book possible. Only a few of these individuals can be mentioned here. Mr. Walter Finch of Age Publications for his co-operation, help, and interest. Mr. Orr and Mr. Knight of Eaton's Photoengraving for their time and service. Peeter Sepp for the modern, striking cover design. Mr. E. A. Macdonald, the SAC Business Manager of Torontonensis, for his seasoned advice and capable handling of the financial affairs. Mr. M. F. Murrill, the SAC accountant, for his helpfulness, concern, and Miss A. E. M. Parkes, for her final year of friendly help and advice. Publications Commissioner Alex Havriant for his calm and reassuring optimism and his practical manner. The SAC office secretaries for their cheerful and willing assistance at every opportunity. Mr. Leroy Toll for his excellent graduation portraits and Q-..,:. , 4... .. 32:5 .ages-1 .gaxc.1AV:e::.v1-v.-4. Q-V: ., ., . I .. --cg, asf-sf -t. :- VAL' zr' helpful experience. Ron Carr for his award-winning photographs, and Bev Best for countless group photos. W A ,V ,ff-fa-w. ft 4 f 1 'S .L.'fAaz?, 2, 'Iii' " if-g.g ',2.j' 1 .::V'::Vyafe::.,a.'-as .,. ' --"vw:--2-s 1 f Q-:iglsfz t Massage., 1,.::.. ' V X af. .4 .,..f J ,,.. , ,,.. , ,p -5 541.5 V.,,.,2V.5...Z f , 4 15.-.x sligggyi ., .,,, 4 .,,. 1 1- if'-,W 3,-mgsd., -9 Q: :iff-,-vf -1.V,.:sw-5 I 5.yV:..2:?5gzk5z: iff," E-2'-Q12-sl '57 ...wa ' ,gb fix :Q-fV:f::.:ff1? f SM: 4:4255-S'-fi"-5 I-?g2'5?2z?: ?9'W5f . ,,,- .. 1.9, .,y....r..,.4,.. , we, ,,.,,. .,5?.,4..sem ,7.,A,A,,.,... .. 1 V. 0, .- .A ,-..-,-.-,,-., 4 . ,- w-.H-,V.p4-A-.4-f A ' ' ' ' ' The University department of , information and Publicity for the many photographs of the presidential maugura- tion ceremonies, and the colour engraving of President V. Bissell ' -- ' - -. -2 -251211222 ff f -2:'Zif2:EfVp'.fV,V.-..: ' - ff-:fab . V- em' ',..,.ff'.f2f'Marx'-'-4.arf.:-E241 .., .. MV.. .t.,.,q.. ,,44i,,.,,, , 3.-. . f . V- . sm fin,-I ' ez-.9 211,42-'M ':':w- -21. ,,,, .Va-ar'-: fi ,, V121 Aziz: ..,, .. V. ...:5IZi J:-i1"?VFf"VEi.2'ia' '-2232':3':v"'fvi2-1:Vi-1:12Vil:IfIV2'ftw'i?6bf.a:u2i.ZZ2V?f11fV- 21-I -' ml-' 1525 2 A - Mi' Q 'sf' :sag eee- -LV1-Q14-:LZ .... .. .........,.,..,,.:1::::f:f-1V:., . , ,.,. - L-Pfsffz-' :iii ,,. , , ,. , ,. , , , ,.,,t,,.,,,. ,.,,f,t,fM,,.,.M ,....,,,,.,,.,, ,,,,,,.,.,,,q2y. .Wm,,,,,y,.,V.f...,.,. .V,...,.,,,.,.,,,.,.,-,.,p,Mm,.,.-V,-s.V,,,, ,. .Q ..-1-W ff-. . ..,. . ,V f, .... ff,.,:Q.fQ.f,,a.f.x .. . N.. . 0 . , . f -'fe ,,-. , f f z 32? N Q - " Q ' M? .1f'?fi-ia. "'Z2113f:5f'-2 -f.'3-1.-fix.-1.1" A, mf.: 2-3:5.-fV'g3g51r 1-,,, .. ....,...'.. ., 9542 1525 -. fgggpg .,s.v,...z . Q, .A , ,. ,r......f. X . .. sf. f., ,... .. .0 , . vw... ....... .,.,. r J. .JM f .. . ,., ,.... ...t,,,, .,.... ,, ..,fsz . .. KH... . . ,A . 4 .w , .pt ,f ., .f . . ,.... .,..y.3.. . . , . , 9 . f, ...Az M.. z.,Vfv,,,,,:,,,.,.f..,...,,y5 ,0 ,..,.f,,, ,. .. .,. .. Z. .. , , , . . ,, .. V.. , ., .,,, ..., , ,. . ,.,. ,, ,,., ..., , .. , ,.,,. , ,, .j , ,,...,, ..... ...,s. . fn.. ,,.,.,?5,,,. .4 , , :Us .911 wg! ,,s4,,:g,g,:, .- DE Q Wg, , .Qxfgff,-.11-w::-gV:,:V.f::f,fmV:-a za :Vrggzmsc-.-:.,w:.fv:f:Vex.:,.f:G:-1-sy-:-ww'-,cw-w:.,2fe2V:fi' ,.f..wmt:1-.f-rw4Vw?f..f4za2'a-f-f-: fffsqfgtwa yew. ,zmyfs .W sf sf- .1 V 2 5 -" 41 - 2 ,. .. '2S"'5-H CLIMAX ww 4' fs may MI, am MM' to the year's activities on campus was the first University of Toronto Dinner in the Great Hall of Hart House. Sponsored by the Students' Administrative Council, it was highlighted by the presentation of Honour Awards and an address by Father Lavery. N 91 --:-:-:4 -: 44 I f:5:5' 5225:-1:f:3:5:5:. 1 r? argqgzwaf:'agzgefa:2-1:11,1sm'-'ESZEEQSEEES '- W: -5 in ,. .,.,. A ..s.,. ,WM l x Mx 4 'R ..z:::2!5:s32If.--,-w-2,1.s:z:a: . N 4 . , .Q , , g A Q. 5 1 v Q er it .5 54. wmmwww W 5 ff ff, 'V 1 iff -.nv l l - 1.11 1115, 1:11 11-' C. 1 - . -: 1.. .N ?1,1,g1,1,,A, .1 U W, 1 1 1 ,4'i,E,1i1:Ff, .111 9517!7'1z1?1Q!1I114f 1 , -1 11 ' , '11 1 1 1'11 mt It-r11T2'T'3 '11 11 1 11 '- 1 11 1.11f1" f 4' ,.--:1,.,:f",1-L1-1:1311 ,:f.ff 1.1, ' 11, ,11-" '1 ft l-11' ,gr,l1-71..41Q1.Q1M .11.'- 1. 11'1 .- X1 V Jkwmlf-11.'1' 1 U mgwfppyq ,11',1'1,11':l.1 , Y 111-61" ' 1 .I LQ 1L:,11:,311 11-.1j,'-1,',1, U , 11111. ,. 1. 1-1 - .'1- 1- 11: 11.11 '1'. . 1 1, 1 4 1111 174' 12,1 .1 . ' 111- 13. , 1 - 1 111. '11, X, V 'l ,U ,j ' .1 11 HUC-' X 1 X11 1 11g11 .jx ."," , 1 H1:1'i- 41 ff 1' 11 . ' 1,11 111' M11-1N,1N4 I - 1 1 ' '111 . W1 ' 1 -. -1' 1 1 . " 11"' 1 1 A -H1 1 1 .I --1 W 1, 'ff'-TQ" rm ' ' ,QI f 1:1 1, I, 1 1. A. 1C 1 ' 1' 11 ff' 7? Fl' 1 . ' 15 .11-1. 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