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S000 our 001. Ie Cb dm all b page PQII . X I E I . : : . ,f awww 'X 'bwqgxsseg-fxwggsx. X X Ns 'Q 'NN Xxx-s iisf wi, . ' D i X hu Bw un, .earn Thlsmne ev' e' LOW for 13"-Oi - ty may uS u - ni!o'fU - 'fl'-2fQSS.Ssxg5g 5 6 A P : 5 1. ,t'1'NNsxxxx 5 111.159, gp. i K 1-v4 ff"vfS1sX, ' I rule ucj Then new oe:-ve Sho Qoflz-er or QQ ,UD 404 me bln. 'J' an Gramm N. X"5f:' 'S Ns NX, x sxe-ex :ish , sQ"issg-X I . So 4' zfywfbexx. , WHS,-'N 'NX 'XXX , xxexgdg N4-QQ.. xxx S'is'i'iQ.tifE,'b 'xw?Sx5g, , XX' "ti,g,:,"Y'Q"Qb'Qai u 'X"g.s'ggfxf 0-ug I . . 'N 'Wylie Wh.: ev er- may bo . QQ H371 haunt the Blue ghd :wma C 'ZQNN f'4'1S ,SS i , X XNQXXX X -X X-N - 'xv 1- CWURUQ f- b .O 4- ' 'Zligfibqws Q'-S 'x fffig ' I 7b-'ba-I0 fs our 00 I ' . M. - Jul'-si - ly 3500, ob Svs 35585 Q ' Mo""""'7 Of' ev.' . i , - 55SsNQ s'? , 1 "' A l er gb, Od I6 5 ess our fnalb 9 ORO TON NS S VOLUME LII 1950 Published by THE STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL University of Toronto Allen County Public Library 900 Webster Str P0 Box 2270 2 Fort Way 46801-2270 Eel ne, IN Table -of Contents Dedication .... . . . Editorial Board ..... Former Editors ..... . . President's Address ...... Coat of Arms ......... Graduating Classes .... University College .... Victoria College .... Trinity College ........ St. Michael's College ..... Knox College .......... Emmanuel College .... Wycliffe College .... . . . Commerce and Finance .......... Applied Science and Engineering .... School of Architecture .......... Faculty of Medicine .... School of Nursing ..... Faculty of Dentistry .......... Ontario College of Pharmacy ..... Faculty of Music ............. Faculty of Forestry ...... ........ Physical and Health Education ..... School of Social Work ...,. ...... Pass Course for Teachers .... Occupational Therapy .... Physical Therapy ..... . . . Institutional Management .... Student Government ...... . Entertainment ...... Publications ,........ .... Clubs and Organizations .... Hart House ....... ....., Residences .... Campus Life ..... . . . Women's Athletics .... Men's Athletics .... . Fraternities. .... . . Advertising .... s Y .infill , ' . ,J 1 F, ,Q A-v ' -v ff- '-an .sb ra , w ,t -1' A ,-5 1 l '1J. JAX? A. ,.. 1 ..f - 1- T' .1,f5'5 . ' Q T E E . E 'ifli TH1 s VOLUME OE ,f-fl' . TQROT TONENSIS IS SINCERELY' DEDICATED , , ' ' - 5 T' TO THEA MEMBERS 'QFD THE GRADUATI G fgCLA'ss.Es OE 1950. - " - - . fzifw . , T'iil?3 v x - , . 1 ' 'u 4 - f 1 I - . 1 X . f - . . ' 4 T' -1 V . T f"' . , .4 . - - ' w .1 .. - -V , 'Y 1 x . s 1 . . u. lil 'IH '. 5 ' 1 ' f - 1 . ..1--gf" , -E 'VI ' H f .' , - . ., v x X1 4 y r,, " . 1 , X, - 'a,-'r N ,- ,, . ' 4 vm, K K: :V-qv , T.. T' v .'?' 14 .V-, N, 'I r' . I T v ,,,.1'. ,. . Q ua F K X f-, in j ,Ib - -A .Qx , 4 .1I'jX11.,3 'jyj JHAQV v- , .' ', IN .- .. H . . , . ' f' 516'n 'I-ffvrf.-."f' ' ' J -.l " " ,,'. ,- '4 . -1.x , , , 'rf' - ,. .5 '. ' 'F 1 ff, L. .3 .fd L' A ,L 11,1 , - 1... , , v v H f.,,.,,l.-I: QA ,. -.wiv .,.. 4 . , y , - X 1. ., 'A kg t VII. ' . ' , U x K . ' 1 1 -1 . . v, . rn. ,-. . .- , . ' J... ' ' , rs fwqq 1- .. I .. ' . T1 P 1 f. ' A I I V . ',.4- , 1 ,M 4 -. M' L '- , '--5 ta. N f A if f i in X, . ,- .U 'xv vi W "' v- I 1 'if' " I, X 1 v I E J . . h A. . NY' ' J K fig ' f ' ' ' " 1 , L ,, . ,I .. . 1 , ,., . ', ",,J"'1, .9 xJ" ' 4. A x ' I ' 1' A J'QiL"f3 -..+ ' .4,.n ' II DIV" gm I L.,- l15',gLi '-. 1898 I -BURRISS GAHAN 1899-G. W. ROSS 1900-E. H. COOPER 1901-NO Publication 1902-F. H. PHIPPS 1903-W. BIRD 1904-E. A. MCINTYRE 1905-W. N. HUTTON 1906-L. BUCHANAN 1907-M. DUNHAM 1908-CLARIS EDWIN SILCOX 1909-D. 1910-Cr. 1911-R. E. S. WISHART M. WILLOUGHBY C. GEDDES 1912-E. A. BOTT 1913-P. T. DOWLING 1914-A. MCLEOD 191 SDHERBERT TURNEY 1916-HERBERT TURNEY l9171HERBERT TURNEY 1918-J. BACON BRODIE 1919-H. G. STAPELLS 1920 1921 1922 1923 -FRED C. HASTINGS -ROY V. SOWERS -EVERETT L. WASSON 'EVERETT L. WASSON Former Editors 1924-RALPH B. COWAN 1925-WARNER A. HIGGINS 1926-FRASER W. ROBERTSON 1927-GEORGE L. ROBERTS 1928-WILERED E. SHUTE 1929-MAURICE T. DE PENCIER 1930-R. C. H. MITCHELL 1931-W. F. PAYTON 1932 -GORDON MASTERS 1933-S. A. R. WOOD 1934 1935 -F. W. POOLEY K. THOMAS 19361FREDERIC BRANSCOMBE 1937 . 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 -FREDERIC BRANSCOMBE -W. CARON JONES -JOHN HENRY -RALPH R. IRELAND -ALBERT S. MALLON -ALBERT S. MALLON -NEIL BYCE MACDONALD -HARRIET LEIGH-MALLORY -W. HUGH KENNER -E. Ross MCLEAN -R. LOUIS GENTILCORE 1948-HARRY L. MILLS 1 949 -JOHN B. SULLIVAN GARY CIGLEN BARBARA SMITH BEN SMILLIE ADELE PALMER ART CLEVERLEY NANCY LEFROY JIM WILEY ELAINE MALONEY JULIA MCCOOL AL Ross CHES BUGDEN AVONNE AVERY MARY HOWARD Editorial Board Torontonensis 1950 WILLIAM RAYMOND Etlitor-in-Cloief MARGARET COLE MURIEL MELVILLE DIANA COOK JOAN WILKINSON Auociate Editorx JAMES COBBAN AUDREY DICKIE BETTY-JEAN FREEL JOAN JOHNSTON FRANCES LIGHTBOURNE JOAN MORRISON AUDREY PARRETT THOMAS PEZZACK PATRICIA QUINN LORETTA STEWART ELIZABETH MACKAY Aniftantf INA CIGLEN Cartoonift PETER WADE Photo Editor A. MACDONA LD Bufinen Manager COLLEGE AND FACULTY REPRESENTATIVES Unioerfity College Uni very ity College Victoria College Victoria College Trinity College Trinigf College St. MlCl9d6l,J College St. focreplfs College Loretto College S .P.S . S Denriftgf Dental Nursing Occupational Therapy LORNA LETT ROBERT STROM JOHN HAZELL SID FAIBISH GEORGE MANN ELSIE BABIAK MARG COLLIE MARJENE CLARKE A MALCOLM MCLEAN A ELWOOD MORDEN ALAN WIGBY KEN BUTLER DAVE FRIESEN Phyfical Tloerapy P. H. E. Foremgf Ploarinacy Architecture Miific Inftitzitional Management N zirfin g Knox Einf nann el Wycl i je Medicine Social Work 0 U55 'zacfuafai S you set forth from her halls, your Alma Mater says sadly to you Au Refvoir, and wishes fondly for you, Bon Voyage. Perhaps the sentiments of your Alma Mater are best expressed in these familiar words of parting and of concern for your future. It is, however, traditional that year-books should contain homilies from oldsters to youth. Those sermonic behests, it is believed, are annually received with a show of respect prompted, it may be, by the patience of long-suffering or the politeness of good breeding. Many figures of speech are invoked for these exhortations. During the past fifteen years, I have launched graduates as ships, I have raced them down runways until they were air- borne, I have set them forth on dusty roads as pilgrims, I have fired for them the starting gun in life's race, and I have compared them to saplings. For 1950, my theme is mountain climbing. Before I set your feet on the higher foot-hills, I express, on behalf of my colleagues and for myself, my gratitude to you for all that you have brought to us, not the least of which has been the contagious spirit of youthfulness. We have been privileged to grow younger with you as you have grown older with us. In that happy partnership, the University and all of us have been benefited. 6 y 4 You have set for yourselves summits of attainment. You will now continue your climb. You will find the footing difficult. That will not discourage you as you realize that you must gain from difficulty experience for the higher reaches. You will be undecided on occasion about the path to follow. Yet you will not be daunted as you pause and seek the counsel of the master guides of all ages and climes whose acquaintance you made in the University. The light will sometimes be poor, yet you will be unafraid as you use the lamp of truth. You will often be alone but you will not be lonesome as you recall the abiding fellowship of those from whom you have learned. You will not suffer for long from the cold as you call on the warm friendship of class-mates. May you keep your balance as gusts of prejudice, bigotry and superstition beat upon you. May you find shelter under the Rock of Ages as avalanches of fear crash down the mountain side. The higher you climb the harder you must strive. You will not turn back. May you never be so successful that you will stop trying. As you attain one peak you will see new ranges of achievement beckoning to you. As I write this message on New Year's Eve at the mid-century mark, I would pray that graduates of the University of Toronto should scale during the next fifty years the mountain tops which, at a Yuletide over a century ago, Tennyson saw. Those peaks are still unoccupied- "Ring out false pride in place and blood, The civic slander and the spite, Ring in the love of truth and right, Ring in the common love of good. Ring out old shapes of foul disease, b Ring out the narrowing lust of gold, Ring out the thousand wars of old, Ring in the thousand years of peace." 7 ,JVTA :yu-E I ,, l V vu' 4 ' . ft ff 1- .111 Nfl' rv, , et rt-,. . 3' I .W A X ff4'?V.- ' ' ' iQ:.:Q:v' s gczaggz l ,.,0'w' . v F ' 2' . V ' - ' s ' is ri ' -9 ,,. cf 'ff rr X 1 1 L 7 I W 'ii ' -'Vis "r T R . ji of X, s ' 5 V. ' Qiffsila X R if s The Coat of Arms of the University of Toronto Azure two open Books and in bare a Beaver all proper, upon a Chief Argent tloe Royal A and lnzperzal Crown also proper, and for the crest on a wreatlo of the colours an Oak tree proper srfernrnea' and jrncteel Or. HE crown indicates not only that the University was founded by a Royal Charter granted by King George IV in 1827, but also that the original foundation was called King's College, the books are for learning, and the beaver, which is the emblem of Canada, is for the industry which it was hoped should always characterize the members of the University. The Motto is taken from Horace's Odes, Book 1, No. 12, lines 45 and 46. The complete line is "Crescit occulto velut arbor aevo". Translated literally the motto would be "As a tree, may it grow through the passage of agesuogw . 8 1 '. n l o af :S 1 .5 The Graduating Classes University College W. R. TAYLOR w M.A., Ph.D., D.D., F.R.S.C. T has fallen to my lot to express to you on behalf of myself and the members of the College our congratulations on the completion of your courses of study which have covered the greater number of the post-war years. As we salute you in farewell we join with our saluta- tion the hope that you will come back to us often in memory or spirit, if circumstances do not permit you to return in person. Graduation involves for each of you matters that to a large degree affect your personal happiness and success during the rest of the years of your life. In the University the factors which governed your progress from year to year were in a large measure of your own making or within your direct control. But now the factors that determine the course of your careers will often seem to be unaccountably stubborn, sometimes elusive, and rarely subject to your direct control. In other words, there comes into play in your life a large element of what people rightly or wrongly call luck-good luck or bad luck. But in the final analysis if we are rigorously honest, we shall admit that nine times out of ten our sofcalled luck lies not in our stars but in ourselves. Some strength of character, some virtue of high purpose, some quality of goodness accounts for our good luck, while timidity, vanity, indolence and want of adaptaf bility or all of them co-mingled in various proportions account for our frustrations in life. If you read the literature of biography you note that most persons who have worth for us were not favored by good luck at the start or for that matter at any time in their careers, but they took pains early to extract success out of bad circumstances. They never surrendered the struggle to the mortiflcations, the disappointments, the irksome tasks of life nor to its graver and grander sorrows. They remembered and sincerely believed in the wisdom of the old proverb "Never chew your pills". When we leave College rnost of us go out into the world with high resolves. We believe that the world is waiting for us, and so it is. But in the course of the years we must beware lest we part from these resolves, lest we bury them one by one until there is nothing left of the form of the person we meant to be. The saddest lines of English poetry are those of William Watson, written in retrospect: T So on our souls the visions rise A Of that fair life we never led: They flash a splendor past our eyes, We start, and they are fled, They pass and leave us with blank gaze Resigned to our ignoble days. My wish for you at this time is that you may never, never part from that ideal of yourself that beckons you out into the world beyond these College walls.qYg- 10 A Message From The Permanent Executive DMITTO TE IN GRADUMH. With the benevolent intonation of these Words the Chancellor will ring down the curtain on our career as undergraduates. These have been active and exciting years for us and for the whole University. The huge enrolment and the infusion of large numbers of veterans have given rise to a period of unprecedented vigor at all levels: in the many crowded lectures, debating, Lit. and W.U.A.' meetings, Hart House at noon, Whitney Hall Formals, the Follies, the Arts Ball, and all the many facets of a great University. This year the Arts Ball and the Reed Trophy have returned to the College, an operetta has been performed, "amalgamation" has loomed and faded, and yet another student from University College has won a Rhodes Scholarship. We have done much. Yet out of the confusing welter of activities there emerges, along with the many nostalgic memories, the quieter realization of the ideas and ideals we have encountered and evolved as undergraduates. These are the most significant gifts of the Uni- versity-these we hope to retain. We must strive to apply them in our lives as our real tribute to the University and as a recognition of our indebtednessykf- R. A. F. SUTHERLAND, Prexident,'JANB HILL, Vice-Presidenfj BARBARA SMITH, .Sa6Cf2fdIj,' J. A. HOOLIHAN, Treafurerg JOAN IRWIN, Toronto Coumellor. , 11 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 12 SHIRLEY PATRICIA ADAMS, Toronto C11 English Language and Literature, Humberside C.I.: The Undergrad III. DONALD GRENVILLE AIRHART, Toronto General, Humberside C.I.g Photography, Beethoven. Future:-Post grad at U. of T. JOAN K. AITKEN General. MARJORIE KATHLEEN ALKINS, Toronto Classics, Riverdale C.I.g Classics Club I-IV: Vice-President Polity Club III-IV: Production Manager The Undergrad III. Future:-Post graduate VVork. NORMAN ALLENTOFF, Toronto Chemistry, Harbord C.I.: University Chemical Club. Future:-Post grad, U. of T. EVELYN ALT MAN, Toronto C21 C31 C41 IV' C51 C61 Philosophy and English. Harbord C.I.g Hillel: HillelSfribe Editor IIIQ Intercollegiate Zionist Federation of America: Film Society. Future:-Hebrew Teachers Institute, New York City. HUGH JAMES ANDERSON, Toronto C71 Pass. Central Tech.: Varsity Christian Fellowship I-III: President U.C.V.C.F. II. Future:-Journalism. CAROL ELIZABETH ANDISON, Toronto A A A C81 Philosophy and English. Oakwood C.I.: Philosophical Society III-IV. President IV: U.C. Softball I. Future:-Post grad work in philosophy. WILLIAM N. ANDREWS Pass. C91 MARGERY JANE ARMSTRONG, Port Credit, Ont. HB fb C101 Biology, Port Credit Highg Basketball I, III. IV: Hockey III-IV: Biology Club I-IV. RONALD E. ARMSTRONG C111 Pass. MARY FRANCES ATKINSON, Ottawa, Ont. K KI' C121 Pass, Glebe C.I. Future:-School of Social VVorlc. DONALD R. AUSTIN C131 Pass. SIDNEY IVAN AXLER, Toronto C141 Pass, Bloor C.I.: Hillel I-III. RONALD ARTHUR AZIZ, Toronto C151 Mathematics and Physics, Vaughan Road C.I.: Mathematics and Physics Society I-III, Helped organize and manage three businesses while at school. I ' Future:-Will retire in live years. FREDERICK R. BAILEY General. RUSSELL HOXVARD BAILEY, Toronto Pass. Rehab. EDXVARD GORLEY BAIRD. Toronto Pass. Scarboro C.I.g Swimmingg Life Saving. XYALTER GEORGE BAKER, Toronto Pass Oalmood C I L' C Swimming and ater polo Teams I- -:. " ..3 VV Volunteer Swimming Instructor I-III. Future:-Law. SAMUEL IRVING BALTMAN, Toronto Pass, Harbord C.I.: Reporter The Vnrsily. ALAN WILLIAM BANFIELD, Toronto B OH Pass. Oakwood C.I. Future:-Open to suggestions. FRAN K J. BAPTISTE Pass. G EORGE R. BARCLAY Pass. KIVA BARKIN, Toronto General, Harbord C.I.: Basketball U.C. Future:-Osgoode Hall. MARION CONSTANCE BEAL, Hamilton. Ont. Household Economics, Household Economics Club I-IVg Basketball II-IV, U.C. Swimming III: Varsity Aquacade IV. Future:-Marriage and residence in Pittsburgh. 4 C161 C171 C181 C191 IIIg C201 C211 C221 C231 C241 C251 U.C. EDWARD S. BEATIE C267 Pass. GEORGE BEECROFT C277 Pass. LAURA ELIZABETH BELT, Montreal, Que. C287 Psychology, Fort William C.I. JUDITH BERNSTEIN, Toronto A' '17 E C297 PsychOlOgy. Oakwood C.I., Psychology Club I-IV: Hillel I-IV, President A CIP E IV. DONALD HENRY BIRTWISTLE, Toronto C307 General, North Toronto C.I. . Future:-Financial Rehabilitation, otherwise known as work, ALEXANDER S. BLACK C317 Pass. JAMES XV. BLANEY C327 Pass. LEON SAMUEL BLEVIS. Toronto C337 Physiology and Biochemistry, Lawrence Park C.I. HAROLD BOCKNEK C347 General. FRANK C. BOESCHENSTEIN C357 Physiology and Biochemistry. WILLIAM BOGLE C367 Pass. JOHN MONTGOMREY BOLTON, Toronto C377 Pass., Oakwood C.I., Queen's Park Flying Clubg Flying Convener I. Future :-Law. JOHN JAMESON BOND, Toronto C387 Anthropology, North Toronto C.I.: President Baha'i Student Group IVQ President Anthropology Club II. Future:-Anthropological field researchf Post grad at Toronto. ROBERT F. BONTAINE C397 Pass. ANN HAMILTON BOSWELL, Toronto II B Cb C407 General, Havergal Collegeg French Club II-IVg Spanish Club III-IV, Political Science Club IIIQ International Relations Club III-IVQ Social Representative IV. FREDERICK AURELIUS BOTTOME, Bridgeport, Conn. K E C417 Pass, Harding Highg U.C. Follies II-IIIQ All-Varsity Revue II-III, Players Guild III, The Varsity IIIQ Ski Club II-IIIQ Riding Club II- III, Golf Club IIIQ Flying Club IIIg Badminton III. Future:-Commercial Flying. DONALD COLLVER BRADBURY, Toronto C427 Political Science and Economics, North Toronto C.I.: Political Science Club I-IVQ Modern History Club Ig Studies Music Cpiano and theory7 at Royal Conservatory all years. Future:-Post grad in economics. JAMES R. BRADEN C437 Pass. V DONALD LEE BRADLEY, Leamington. Ont. C447 Pass, Leamington High,U.C. Follies IIIg Political Science Club IIIQ Hart House Bridge Club III. Future:-Future undecided, hope to get in the accounting or pur- chasing field. CLIFFORD PRESTON BRESNEHAN, Windsor, Ont. C457 Pass. Lawrence Park C.I., Saturday Night Club. Future:-Social work. CONSTANCE MAY BRODIE, Aurora, Ont. C467 Household Economics, Aurora High, U.C. Players Guild III-IV. LIONEL T. BROUSE C477 Pass. BURKE A. BROWN, Guelph, Ont. C487 General. MILTON BROWN C497 General. SHIRLEY ELIZABETH BROWN, Toronto A A A C507 Pass, Etobicoke C.I. THERON BROCK BUCHANAN, Moose Jaw, Sask. C517 Pass, Moose Jaw Central C.I., Basketball. Future:-Theology at Wycliffe. HERBERT ALFRED BUNN, Lansing, Ont. C527 Political Science and Economics, Earl Haig C.I., Political Science Club IVQ Debating. Future:-Study Law at U. of T. or Osgoode. A EUGENE BEVERLEY BURNS, Leaside. Ont. C537 Honour Law, Oakwood C.I.g Law Clubg Skiingg Mariong Music, Travelling. Future :-Osgoode Hall. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 13 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 14 JEWEL CRANFIELD BURNS, Victoria, B.C. AI' C547 Modern History and Modern Languages, Bishop Strachan School: U.C. Follies I-II, U.C. Basketball I. Future:-Use ot' Languages in Business. DOROTHY JOAN BURRY, Toronto C557 Household Science, Havergal Collegeg Varsity Radio I-III: Basket- ball IIIQ Also an objective interest in Industrial Engineering. Future:-Marriage. JOHN BURRY C567 Pass. DAVID LOWELL BUTTERS, Fort Erie, Ont. C577 Pass, Fort Erie Highg Spanish Club Ig The Varsity II-IIIQ U. of T. Badminton Club III. Future:-Journalism-Newspaper, Copy-desk-Reporting. PETER BYRNE, Brampton, Ont. C537 Pass, Brampton I-Iighg Lacrosse I-III: Rugby II. HILDA DOROTHY RUTH BYNOE, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad C597 Modern History, St. Hilray's High: Modern History Club II-IVg U.C. Player's Guild I-IVQ I.S.O. I-IVg I.R.C. IVQ Field Hockeyg Debating: Drama and Radio II-IV. Future :-Talk, Travel and Teach. PHILIP HARDING CALDER, London, Ont. C607 Modern History, Goderich C.I.g Modern History Club IVg I.S.S. Representativeg Reporter, The Varsily III-IV. Future:-Post grad work at Toronto ROBERT WILLIAM CALVERLEY, Orillia, Ont. C617 Honour Law. DONALD JOHN CAMPBELL, New Toronto. Ont. C627 Pass, Mimico High. Future:-O.C.E. MARGARET FLORENCE CAMPBELL, Bowmanville, Ont. C637 Pass, Junior Philosophy IIIg Presbyterian Fellowship I-III, Modern Letters I-II. MORA ANNE CAMPBELL, Toronto AI' A C647 General, St. Clement's School Biology Club I-Ilg Biology Conversat '46, '48. Future:-Personnel Work. RONALD YACHT WEIR CAMPBELL, Haileybury, Ont. K E C657 Honour Law, Haileybury Highg Secretary of Law Club and "73"g Treasurer of K Eg Chief Justice of the Moot Court, The Undergradg School of Law Review. Future:-Osgoode. SIDNEY CAPLAN, Toronto C667 Honour Law, Harbord C.I.g Justice of the Moot Court IVQ Member- ship Committee of Hillel IVQ Law Club I-IV, Volleyball U.C. III-IV: Swimming Instructor CRed Cross7. Future:-Osgoode Hall. MAVIS OLIVE MARIE CARIOU, Toronto C677 English Language and Literature, York Memorial C.I.g French Club Ig TheUndergrad III. BARBARA CARROLL, Toronto C687 Classics, Riverdale C.I.g Classics Club I-IVQ Production, The Undergrad IIIg The Rubens Ca play7 IV. Future:-Going on to O.C.E. VALERIE ANN CARSON, Toronto II B fb C697 General, Bishop Strachan Schoolg I.R.C. III-IVg Political Science Club III-IVQ N.F.C.U.S. IVQ U.C. Follies I-III, U.C. Swim Team IIIg I.S.S.g Aqua Show IV. - HAROLD SULLIVAN CARTER, Toronto C707 Pass, Rehab.g C.O.T.C.g Married Men's Club President IIIQ Hart House Library Committee. MARY PICKETT CARTER, Toronto AO II C717 General, Bishop Strachan School, Vice-President of Fraternity Illg Follies IIIQ Year Executive IVQ I.R.C. IV. ' Future:-Theatrical Designing. JOSEPH GEORGE CASSE, Toronto EAM C727 Political Science and Economics, Harbord C.I.: Political Science Club I-IV: Hillel I-IVQ President U.C.-C.C.F. IV: U.C. Representa- tive to N.F.C.U.S. IV1U.C. Basketball I-IVQ International Relations Club I-IV. Future:+Osgoode Hall. JAMES ROBERT CASSELLS, Toronto C737 Modern History. North Toronto C.I.g Modern History Club III-IV: International Relations Club III-IV. Future:-O.C.E. NORMAN ALLAN CHALMERS, Toronto C747 Sociology, Lawrence Park C.I.g C.C.F. Club I-IV, U.C. Organizer III-IVgCam12us I-IIQ Associate Editor Ilg Historical Club III-IV. Future:-Post graduate work. ROBERT ARTHUR CHAMBERLAIN, Toronto C757 Mathematics and Physics, Riverdale C.I. FRANK EDWARD CHAMBERS, Fergus, Ont. C767 Pass, Fergus High. Future:-Post grad work Toronto. JAMES R. G. CHAPMAN C773 Art and Archaeology. WILLIAM ROBERT CHECKLEY, Orillia. Ont. C783 Pass. Coldwater Highg Badminton Club. Future:-O.C.E. HERBERT CHEIFETZ, Toronto . C793 Pass, President of lntermural Basketball Standing Committeeg U. of T. Senior Basketballg Social Group work for a yearg Inter- faculty Football. Future :-School of Social Work. MILTON HAMILTON CHRISTMAS, Kingston, Ont. C803 Pass, Rehab.: C.O.T.C.g U. of T. Future:-Military Career. ALBERT VERDUN CHURCHILL. Toronto C813 Pass, Rehab.g U.C. Married Men's Club I-IIIQ Vice-President III. Future:-Osgoode Hall. GORDON JOSEPH CIGLEN, Meaford, Ont. C823 General, Meaford High: U.C. Lit. 4th Yr. Presidentg Hillel I-IVQ U.C. Basketball II-IIIg All-Varsity Mixed Chorus ll-Illg U.C. Follies IV. GARRY I. CLARKE, Toronto C833 Classics, U.T.S.g U.C. Lit. Executive Ig Soccer III-IV: Classics Club I-IVQ The Undergrad II-Illg History Club IVQ Dralmaticsg Debating: Basketball. Future:-Post grad Classics. MARGARET IRENE CLARKE, Barrie, Ont. C843 Pass, Barrie C.I.g Basketball II-Illg Badminton III: Baseball II. Future:-Work. JUDITH JOY CLAYMAN, Toronto A db E C853 Pass, Oakwood C.I.g U.C. Players Guild Ig Hillel I-Illg Secretary. A CIF E IIIQ University Settlement Ig Central Neighborhood House II. Future:-Future in Maryland. ALENA BEATRICE CODY-WILLIAMS, Woodstock, Ont. C863 Pass, Woodstock C.I.g Player's Guild I-IIIQ Treasurer IIIQ Flying Club I-IIIQ Music Club Ilg French Club II. Future :-Library School. CHARLI-E COHEN, Toronto C873 Pass, Oakwood C.I.g Hillel. Recreation Chairmang U.C. Basketball. Future:-Osgoode Hall or Business. 4 ZELDA C. COHEN C883 Psychology. MURRAY COHL, Toronto C893 Honour Law, Harbord C.I.g Law Club I-IV: U.C. Player's Guild: Athletic Representative III-IV, Volleyball CSr. U.C.3g Basketball: U.C. Follies, Robinette Debates. HAROLD W. G. COLLARD C003 General. SHEILAGH VERITY COLLINS, Toronto l" fb B C913 Pass, Havergal College. WILLIAM L. COOK C923 Political Science and Economics. JOHN ALAN COPELAND, Mimico, Ont. C933 Pass, Mimico High: U.C. Football I-II. Future:-Osgoode Hall. KATHLEEN DORIS COULTER, Leamington, Ont. C943 Psychology. Leamington Highg Psychology Club I-IVQ Bowling Club III-IV, Music Club. Future :-Personnel Work. ROBERT M. COUTTS, Niagara Falls, Ont. C953 Modern History, Stamford C.I.: U.C. Players Guild I-IIIQ Hart House Theatre I5 U.C. Follies I-II. JOAN COWAN, Galt, Ont. C963 Pass. Galt C.I.g Spanish Club: Presbyterian Fellowship. Future :-Post grad work at Columbia I hope. MAURICE JAMES COWIE, Brechin, Ont. C973 5:-iss, Beaverton Highg C.O.T.C.g Badminton Club II-Illg Treasurer Future :-Post grad work at Toronto-Psychology. ALAN WILFRED CRAIG, Toronto C983 Chemistry. Oakwood C.I.g Chemical Club II-IV. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 15 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 16 SHEILA GRACE CRAIG, Toronto C995 Pass, Branksome Hall: U.C. Players Guild I-III: Varsity Radio II- III: Canadian Red Cross Corps. Future:-Some branch of the theatre? CYNTHIA M. CREET, Beamsville. Ont. C1005 Household Economics, Beamsville High. - KENNETH CRYDERMAN, Fort William, Ont. C1015 Modern History and Modern Languages, Fort William C.I.: French and Spanish Clubs I-II: Secretary S.C.M. CU.C.5 I: Christian Science Organization, Secretary III: Vice-President IV. Future:-Studies in Europe: career in theology and education. JOAN ISOBEL CRYSDALE, Aurora, Ont. A CID C1025 General, Aurora High: The Varsily Reporter I-II: U.C. Drama Guild I: U.C. Follies II-IV: Head Girl Mulock House IV: All-Varsity RevueACostume Manager III-IV. Future:-Costume Work. JACK S. G. CULLEN C1035 Pass. GEORGE VV. CUNNINGHAM C1045 Pass. K. J. DAGG C1055 General. JAMES DAMER, Toronto C1065 Pass, VVestern Tech. NANCY MARGARET DANBY, Ottawa, Ont. II B II? C1075 Physiology and Biochemistry, Lisgar C.I.: Basketball, U.C. I: Follies III: Hockey U.C. III-IV. JAMES ROBERT DARRAH, Niagara Falls, Ont. C1085 Pass, Niagara Falls C.I.: Biology Club I: All-Varsity Mixed Chorus I: Junior Philosophy Club III: Debates. Future:-Study Law at Osgoode Hall. JOAN GRANT DAUPHINEE, Sarnia, Ont. II B ID C1095 Art and Archaeology, Sarnia C.I.: Fine Arts Club I-IV: Cheerleader III: Liberal Association III-IV: Mulock House Social Representative III- IV: University Settlement School II. ALEX. WALSH DAVIDSON, Toronto C1105 Pass, Scarboro C.I. ANNE FERRAR SUSIE DAVIDSON, Toronto II B CID C1115 Pass, Bishop Strachan School: First Year President W.U.A. I: U.C. Follies I-III: U.C. Hockey II: Radio Workshop: Conservatory of Music: Varsity Song Book: I.S.S. Future:-Music in Paris. DONALD GEORGE DAVIS, Newmarket, Ont. C1125 English Language and Literature. St. Andrew's College: University College Players Guild I-IV: President IV: S.M.C. Radio Workshop IV: U. of T. Drama Committee IV: Hart House Theatre Productions I-IV: U.C. Follies I. KENNETH W. DAVIS C1135 Pass. MICHAEL SCOFIELD DAVIS, Paris, Ont. C1145 English. Language and Literature, Drumbo High: U.C. Players' Guild I-IV: Stage Manager IV: Publicity III: Work with Hart House Productions. Future:-Teaching in Ontario High Schools. CYNTHIA MARY DEAN, Toronto AP C1155 Modern History and Modern Languages, Branksome Hall: Chairman of Freshie Reception Committee IV: President of Delta Gamma Fraternity IV. KENNETH JAMES CADMAN DEAN, Toronto C1165 Pass, Upper Canada College. PIERRE IVAN ALEXANDER deBOUILLIANNE, Toronto C1175 Pass, Mt. Royal High School. Future :-School of Social Work. NANCY LORRAINE DERRY, Peterborough, Ont. II B fl? C1185 Pass, Peterborough C.V.I. Future:-Advertising. JULES DICK C1195 Pass. , WILLIAM GEORGE DINGWALL, Kenora, Ont. AI' C1205 Pass, Kenora High: Hockey and Golf have been the main interests. Future:-Going into Business, probably the automobile business. RAI DIRENFELD, Wynyard, Sask. IA II C1215 Pass, Wynyard High: U. of T. Film Society II: Membership Chair- man III: Co-Chairman of Rushing Panhellenic Association. Future :-Library School. MARGARET NORMA DODD, Hawkesbury, Ont. C1225 Pass, Hawkesbury English: All Varsity Mixed Choir I: U.C. Tennis II-III: U.C. Singers III. Future:-Commercial course in Montreal. GLORIA MEDLAND DOW, Toronto AI' A C1235 Pass, Havergal College: U.C. Follies I-III: U.C. Players Guild II-III: All-Varsity Revue III. Future:-Osgoode Hall. JOHN MILLS DRYSDALE, Toronto C1245 Pass, Weston High. Future:-Study law at Osgoode Hall. FRANCES PAULINE DUFF, Hamilton, Ont. A X Q C1255 Psychology, Westdale C.I.g Psychology Clubg Basketball I-IV, Volleyball III-IV5 I.S.S. IIIQ VVhitney Hall Social Directress IV. Future:-Case work with children's aid. LAURA R. DUFF C1265 Pass. EUGENE O. DUFFY C1275 Pass. JOHN McH. DUGGAN C1285 Mathematics and Physics. BEVERLY GAIL DUNCAN. Toronto A lb C1295 Household Economics, Bishop Strachan Schoolg Skiingg Horses and Riding: Converting old farmhouses. 1 . Future:fVVould like to be a buyer-preterably of clothes or materials. KENNETH J. DUNCAN C1305 Sociology. CAROL JUNE RUTH DUNN, Fort Erie. Ont. C1315 Household Economics, Fort Erie Highg Softball I-II, Basketball I- IVg Intercollegiate IIg Volleyball I-II. l Future:-I wish I knew! SEYMOUR JOHN DURBIN, Toronto B E P C1325 Pass, Vaughan Road C.I.: Social Workers Club II-IIIQ Treasurer IIIQ Hillel I-IIIg Interfaith Chairman II-IIIQ Political Science Club IIIg Senior U.C. Basketball II-IIIQ Ski Club II-III. Future:--School of Social Work. EDWARD A. DYSON C1335 Pass. PETER DZINKOWSKI, Toronto C1345 Pass, Jarvis C.I.g Ukrainian Students Clubg Music. IVAN ERN EST DERWOOD EATON, Long Branch, Ont. C1355 Psychology, Long Branch High: Psychology Club II-IV: University College Players' Guild IVQ Y.M.C.A. Fellowship Work II-IV. Future :-Post graduate work-School of Social Work then Y. work. BERNYCE EDELSTEIN, Chatham, Ont. A CI' E C1365 Sociology, Chatham C.I.g Sociology Clubg Reporter on Camfrusg U. of T. Film Society. Future:-School of Social Work. ANNETTE EISEN, Toronto C1375 Psychology. Harbord C.I.g B'nai Brith Hillel Foundation I-lVg First Year Representative Ig Secretary Ilg Intercollegiate Zionist Federa- tion of Americag Secretary IV. SYDNEY EISEN, Toronto C1385 Modern History, Harbord C.I.g Historical Club: Hillel: Hobby- Collecting Grand Opera Records. Future:--Post grad work in England or the U.S.-Hope to get a position in the University, lecturing. NORMAN ERSKINE, Cobourg, Ont. C1395 Pass, Cobourg C.I. Future:-O.C.E. DONALD DWIGHT EVANS, Fort NVilliam, Ont. C1405 Philosophy and English, Fort William C.I.g First Year President U.C. Lit.g Treasurer, Historian, President of "73"g Accompanist U.C. Singersg President of S.C.M. IV. Future:-Further Study. AUDREY ALICE EVERITT, Palmerston, Ont. C1415 Psychology, Palmerston Highg Psychology Club I-IV: Class Rep, IIIg I.S.O. I-IVg Spanish Club I-II. Future:-Marriage-possibly post grad work later. HARRIET ANN EZRA, Windsor. Ont. C1425 Pass, Kennedy C.I.: Players Guild I-IIIQ French Club II1 Editorial Staff, The Reporter II: I.R.C. III. Future:-"One does not expect in this worldg one hopes and pays car- ares. SHERA FACTOR, Toronto A cb E C1435 Pass, Lawrence Park C.I.g Hillel I-IIIg U.C. Players' Guild Ig University Settlement I-III: Central Neighbourhood House II-III. Future:-School of Social Work. LORRAINE SYLVIA FAIBISH, Toronto IA II C1445 Psychology, Harbord C.I.g Hillel I-IVQ President IV: Psychology Club II-IV: I.Z.F.A. IVg IA II Pan-Hellenic Rep. II-IIIQ Vice- Chancellor IVQ Co-Chairman U.J.A. III. AUDREY GRACE FEASEL, Galt, Ont. C1455 Art and Archaeology, Central C.I., CI-Iamilton5g Joining Clubs I-IVQ Getting Joed I-IVQ Lovingg Laughing and Living I-IV. Future:-Making ink blots. POLLY FEIGMAN C1465 English Language and Literature. GORDON FELDMAN Windsor Ont. 147 , , C 5 Mathematics and Physics, Patterson C.I.3 U.C. Basketball II-III. Future:-Research in Applied Mathematics. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 17 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE ya: V C11 18 fv. -' .ft BARBARA JUNE FELDSTEIN, Toronto C1487 Pass, Lawrence Park C.I.: Law Club I: Hillel I-III: Advertising Manager for Program of U.C. Follies II: All-Varsity Revue II. Future:-Post grad work at U. of T. ROSS FENEMORE C1491 Pass. GEORGE EDWARD CECIL FINE, Toronto ' TI A 111 C150l Pass, Forest Hill C.I.: U.C. Basketball I-III: Volleyball I-III: Hockey I-III: Political Science Club: History Club: Table Tennis: U.C. Tennis Club. Future:-Post graduate work at Wharton College. MRS. EVELYN FINGOLD C1511 Pass. CHARLOTTE HELENE FINKLE. Belleville, Ont. AI' A C1525 Pass, Belleville C.V.S.: U.C. Music Club IQIII: Players Guild III. JOHN HERBERT FISHER, Toronto C153l Pass. Humberside C.I. Future :-Law. MARY ABBIE FITZ-GIBBON, Fort Erie, Ont. C1541 Art and Archaeology, Fort Erie High: Portia Debates I-II: Anthro- pology Club II, III: Fine Art Club II-III: Part Time Work. Future:-Teaching. KEITH MICHAEL JOSEPH FITZPATRICK, Toronto C1551 Pass, Rehab. ROBERT FLEETHAM Pass. MAURICE S. FLINT JAMES EDWARD FLOWERS, Toronto Pass, Rehab. Future:-Psychiatric Social VVork. MIRIAM FOGEL Pass. SHEILA MARY FOLEY, Flint. Mich. Pass, Bay City Junior College. Future:-Drink wine and read poetry. EDWARD J. FOLLOWS Psychology. HERBERT WILLIAM FOLLOWVS. C0rn Pass, Cornwall C.I. HUGH M. FORGE Pass. DAVID W. FORREST Pass. HARVEY DAVID FOSTER, Toronto wall, Ont. BEP C1567 C1571 C1585 C159l C1607 C1615 C1627 C1635 C1643 C1655 Pass, Forest Hill C.I.: Beta Sigma Rho Fraternity II: Pledge Father III: Chancellor: Hilell I-III: U.C. Volleyball I-III: U.C. Basketball I-III: U. of T. Badminton Club. Future:-Business. VVALLACE MANNING FRAM, Toronto C1667 Honour Law, Forest Hill C.I.: Law Club I-IV: Hart House Debates Committee II-IV: Players' Guild: U.C. Follies: C.O.T.C. Future:-A legal career in some interesti ng form. VVILLIAM FRASER FRANCIS, Port Arthur, Ont. .C167l Political Science and Economics. Port Arthur C.I.: Residence Executive II-III: U.C. Basketball: U.C. Hockey III-IV: Feature VVriter, The Varsily III: Publicity Director, U.C. Lit. IV: Ping-pong. Future :-Journalism, Government or Post grad. LAURIE D. FRASER C1685 Pass. SIDNEY FREEDMAN C1691 Pass. ELIZABETH JEAN FREEL, Stouffville. Ont. A A A C1705 Modern History, Stouffville High: Modern History Club I, III, IV: Torontonensis III-IV: Bowling II. Future:-O.C.E. BELLE FREEMAN, Toronto I A U C1713 Psychology, Harbord C.I.: Psychology Club II-IV: Avukah Execu- tive II: Vice-President: Hillel I-IV: Executive CZionist Representa- tivel III: Intercollegiate Zionist Federation of America IV. Future:-School of Social Work. -I1 1.5613 EDMUND FREDERICK FREY, Cranbrook, B.C. C1723 Political Science and Economics, Cranbrook I-Iighg Political Science Club III-IV. Future:-Enter advertising field. BERNICE E. FRIEDMAN C1733 Philosophy. WILFRED J. GAGNON C1743 General. F. R. GAILUS C1753 Pass. CHARLES THOMAS PEFFERS GALLOWAY, Toronto C1763 Mathematics and Physics, Lawrence Park C.I.3 Hart House Chess Club II-IV: Secretary IVQ Mathematics and Physics Society I-IVQ President IVQ U.C. Rugby IIIQ Hart House Revolver Club II. Future:-To follow path of least resistance. FRANK WILLIAM GALLOWAY, Toronto C1773 Pass, Northern Vocational: U.N.T.D. I-IIIQ U.C. Soccer Ig U.C. Basketball I-IIg Manager U.C. Football Ilg Squashg Chess. ROBERT J. GALLOWAY C1783 General. PATRICIA LOUISE GARNETT, London, Ont. C1793 General, Havergal College. EDWIN ALEXANDER GAVILLER. Owen Sound, Ont. C1803 Physiology and Biochemistry, U.C.C.g Hart House Glee Club II. Future:-Medicine. EARL CHRISTIAN GERBER, Toronto C1813 Pass, Northern Vocationalg Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship I-IIIg Soccerg Basketballg Swimming for Wycliffe. Future :-Theology at Wycliffe. DAVID GIBSON. Toronto C1823 Pass, Rehab.: U. of T. Rifle Club Ig Hart House Camera Club III. Future:-Post grad at Toronto EDWARD SLADE GIBSON, Toronto C1833 Physiology and Biochemistry, U.T.S. RAYMOND ALBERT JOSEPH GIES, Kitchener, Ont. C1843 Honour Law, Kitchener Waterloo C.I.g Newman Clubg Judge of Moot Court Law Clubg C.O.T.C.g Tennis. Future:-LL.B. at U. of T. Fluctuate from BAR to bar. FREDERICR JOHN GILES, Toronto C1853 Oriental Languages, North Toronto C.I.3 Hart House Debates Committee: Hart House Discussion Group. Future:-Post grad work. MELVILLE D. GILES C1863 Pass. DAVID BERTRAM GILL, Dorking, Surrey, England C1873 Political Science and Economics, Dorking High. U Future:-Post graduate work. MARY JEAN GILLAN, Beaumaris, Ont. C1883 Household Economics, Bracebridge Highg Hockeyg Baseball. Future:-Dietetics at Hospital, ROBERT GILLESPIE GILLHAM, Ottawa, Ont. C1893 Pass, Glebe C.I.g C.O.T.C. I-III. Future:-Business Administration at Western. DONALD B. GILLIES C1903 Mathematics and Physics. DAVID STUART GILMOR, Toronto C1913 Pass, Jarvis C.I.g Hart House Camera Clubg Liberal Club, University Reserve Flight CR.C.A.F.3g Chairman U.C. I.S.S. Campaign II: Chairman U.C. Float Committee IIIQ House Committee of Hart House III: Staff Photographer, The Varsilyq TOfOHfO?Z67lSl'S. Future:-Med. Studies or Realty and Insurance. ZARA BERNICE GITTLESON, Ottawa, Ont. IA II C1923 Pass, Glebe C.I.g All-Varsity Choir Ig Hillel I, II-IVQ Social Work Club III. Future 1-Training in Social Work. STANLEY W. GJOS, Toronto C1933 Pass, Sault Ste. Marie C.I.g Camera Club: Ski Clubg Young Progres- sive Conservativeg Toronlonensis Staff I. Future:--Teaching. DAVID R. GOEDEN C1943 Pass. EDWIN ARTHUR GOMME, London, Ont. C1953 Political Science and Economics. Central Highg Political Science Club II-IV: 4th Yr. Rep.g International Relations Club IVQ Photography. Future:-Nebulous. MARGARETTA B. GOODEARLE, Sudbury, Ont. KKI' C1963 Modern Languages and Literatures. Sudbury Highg Volleyball I-IVQ House Committee III-IV: French Club. Future:-To be Rip Van Winkle's most ardent successor-Cat least for a while!3 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 19 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 20 MRS. DEBORAH SHCLMAN GOODLESS. Toronto A ID E C1975 Pass, Oakwood C.I.: Hillel I-III: Treasurer, Delta Phi Epsilon III: Married I. Future :-Teaching in New York. while husband interns. E. GOODMAN C1985 Pass. STANLEY GOODMAN, Toronto C1995 General, Oakwood C.I.: Law Club I-II. Future:-Law at Osgoode. VVILLIAM MCDONALD GOUGH. Toronto C2005 Pass, Runnymede C.I. THELMA GRADER, Niagara Falls. Ont. A KID E C2015 Pass. Niagara Falls C.I.: Hillel I-III. Future:-XYork for a living-Social XVork or Personnel VVork if possible. JAMES D. GRAHAM C2025 Pass. NORMAN ANDREXY GRAHAM, Shanty Bay. Ont. C2035 Physics and Chemistry, Barrie C.l.: M. and P. Society: Chemistry Clubg7Swimming: Knox: Basketball III-IV: Knox Athletic Commit- tee . Future:-O.C.E. VVILLIAM JOHN GRAHAM, Medicine Hat, Alta. C2045 Pass. Alexandra High: Presbyterian Fellowship I-III: Publicity II: President III: Knox College Missionary and Theological Society: Vice-President III: Representative. University Christian Council. Future:-Theology at Knox College, Presbyterian Ministry. SYLVIA DOREEN GRANT, Calgary. Alta. C2055 Sociology, Calgary C.l.: U.C. Follies I-II-IV: LIC. Music Club IV: Royal Conservatory of Music III-IV: Sociology Club II-III. Future:-Continue vocal studies. JOAN-ANN GRAUPNER, Toronto A O II C2065 Pass. Lawrence Park C.l.: Tennis: Badminton: Golf. Future:-Foreign Government VVork. MARY ELIZABETH GRAY. Paget, Bermuda C2075 English Language and Literature. Bermuda High School for Girls: lst year Committee: French Club II: Modern Letters Club III: President IV: Music Club III-IV. Future:-England. SELMA GREEN. Toronto A II? E C2085 Psychology, Oakwood C.I.: Hillel I-IV: Psychology Club I-IV: Tennis. Future:-Clinical work in psychology. FRANCIS GREEN.-XN. Toronto C2095 General. Riverdale C.I.: Newman Debating Club. Future:-Business. IRVING GREEN BERG, Ottawa, Ont. E A M C2105 Political Science and Economics. Lisar C.I.: Political Science Club III: C.C.F. Club IV: Golf: Skiing. Future:-Osgoode Hall. FRANK J. GREENE C2115 Pass. HELEN P. GREENSTEIN C2125 Pass. MARTIN HENRY GREENWOOD. Toronto C2135 Pass. Rehab.: U.C. Players' Guild III: Hart House Productions I-III: Robinette Debates II-III: Chess Club III. Futureze-Post graduate work at U. of T. XVILLIAM NELSON GRIFFIN, Stratford. Ont. C2145 Pass. Stratford C.I. Future:-O.C. E. JOHN RAYMOND GRUMMETT, Iroquois Falls, Ont. C2155 Pass. Iroquois Falls High: Newman Club: Social Committee II: R.C.A.F. Future:-Osgoode Hall. ROBERT C. F. GRUNDY C2165 Pass. EDVVARD S. GRUSON C2175 Physiology and Biology. NORMAN GULKO. Toronto C2185 Pass. Rehab.: Political Science Club III. Future:-Post graduate. psychology, in Toronto. VIRGINIA CLAIRE GUNDY, Toronto AI' C2195 Pass, Lawrence Park C.I.: Manager U.C. Volleyball I: U.C. Tennis II-III: Badminton U.C. II: Home Economics Club I: Swimming. Future:-Specialize in Physical Education at O.C.E. ROBERT BRUCE HADGRAFT, Toronto C2205 Chemistry, Riverdale C.I.: Chemistry Club II-IV. Future:-Research in industry. DAVID D. HAGUE C2213 Pass. JANE C. HAMILTON. Toronto K K I' C2223 Pass, Branksome Hall, U.C. Players' Guild-Secretary II-III, University College Badminton Team II. GARNET ROYDEN HANES, Toronto C2233 Mathematics and Physics, Jarvis C.I., Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club, Canadian Association of, Physicists. Future:-Post grad work in Biophysics. DORIS ELIZABETH HARE, Toronto A db C2243 Pass, Havergal College, U.C. Follies Ctlancing3, Secretary of Alpha Phi. GEORGE FREDERICK PULFORD I-IARVIE, Windsor, Ont. C2253 Pass, Sandwich C.I., Film Society III, U.C. Follies II, Drama Club I-II, Basketball I-III, Volleyball I-II, Tennis I-II, Badminton III. Future:-Law at Osgoode Hall. MAREE ALICE HASTINGS, Toronto C2263 Pass, Runnymede C.I., Interested in dancing, Skating, Archery, Cooking, Making Clothes. Future:fReturn to former position, laboratory technician, Bacter- iology Department, Province Public Health Laboratories. GORDON G. HASTINGS C2273 Pass. WILBERT OSCAR HAUFE, Powassan, Ont. C2283 Biology, North Bay C.I., Lutheran Students Club, Chairman, Religious Discussion III. Future:-Post grad at U. of T. MARGARET D. HAULTAIN, Toronto AOII Pass, Havergal College, The Varsily Reporter I, Internat Relations Club III, Pan-Helenic Council Delegate II-III. C2293 ional DONALD NORMAN HAZELL, Toronto C2303 Physics and Chemistry, Jarvis C.I., U.N.T.D. I-II, Ski Club, Chemical Club. Future:-O.C.E.-School Teaching. GEORGE McN. HEALY C2313 General. STRACHAN HEIGHINGTON, Toronto ZW' C2323 General, Ridley College, C.O.T.C. for 3 years, Varsity Junior Foot- ball I, Law Club I-II. Future:-Osgoode Hall. MARGARET JOYCE HENDERSON, St. Catharines, Ont. C2333 Physiology and Biochemistry, St. Catharines C.I., Biology Club, lst Year Representative, Social Convener. Future:-Medical Research. GLORIA NANETTE HERMAN, Toronto IAII C2343 Psychology, Vaughan Rd. C.I., Hillel I-IV, Psychology Club II-IV, IAII Pledge Mother III, Vice-Chancellor IV. Future:-Post grad work in psychology. IRVING HERMAN, Toronto B E P C2353 Pass, Oakwood C.I., Hart House Squash Committee III, Varsity Squash Team IV, Tennis: Badminton Club II, U.C. Basketball I-II. MIRIAM HERTZ, St. Catharines, Ont. C2363 Modern Languages and Literatures, St. Catharines C.I., Exchange Student to Smith College III, French Club I-II, IV, U. of T. Orches- tra I-II, IV, U. of T. Badminton Club IV. Future:-Que sais-je? WILLIAM B. HIGHAM C2373 Modern History. CAROLINE JANE HILL, Toronto KK I' C2383 Sociology, Branksome Hall, Players' Guild, VV.U.A. Executive, S.A.C. Rep. for U.C., I.S.S. Seminar and Executive. Future:-Doing nothing, complete rest and relaxation. DOROTHY LILLIAN HILL, Toronto C2393 Pass, Fort William High, Graduate of Oshawa General Hospital Training School for Nurses. Future:-Teaching nursing. LOUIS CHRISTOPHER HILL, Windsor, Ont. C2403 Pass, Central Tech. DONALD WILLIAM HILLHOUSE, Toronto lI"3' C2413 Pass, Riverdale C.I., Director Radio Workshop of S.A.C. III, I'.C. Basketball I-II, U.C. Football I. Future:-Osgoode Hall or Business Administration at Xvestern. LIONEL GEORGE HODDER, Port Burwell. Ont. Pass. Port Burwell High. Future:-Post grad work at U. of T. and abroad. GEORGE R. B. HODGSON Modern History. MANUEL DAVID HOFFMAN, Toronto Pass, Vaughan Road C.I., Basketball and Tennis Future:-Looking forward to a C.A. Degree. NORMAN HOFFMAN Pass. PHILIP HOFFMAN, Toronto Chemistry. Jarvis C.I. Future:-Post grad work. C2423 C2433 C2443 are my sports. C2453 C2463 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 21 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 22 RALPH G. HOGUE Pass. KARLYN JOAN HOLLIS, Toronto C2475 A 4- C2485 Household Economics. Bishop Strachan School: President A cb IV: Trinity Basketball I-II: U.C. Bas Freshie VVeekend IV. ketball III-IV: Committee for LILLIAN HOLT C2495 Pass. BOHDAN BENJAMIN HOLYNSKY, Toronto C2505 Physiology and Biochemistry, Gymnasium-Lemberg CPoland5: Ukrainian Students Club. Future:-To complete medical studies at Varsity. ROSS A. HONSBERGER C2515 Pass. JOHN ARTHUR HOOLIHAN, Toronto AX C2525 Political Science and Economics, U.T.S.: U.C. Lit. Third Year President III: President IV: Progressive Conservative Club I-IV, Vice'President III: U.C. Football Robinette Debates II. Future:-Osgoode Hall or Business. and Basketball I-II: VVinner, FRANK J. HORNBERGER C2535 Pass. KENNETH ORVAL HORXVOOD, Toronto C2545 Pass, Humberside C.I.: International Relations Club III: Political Science Club III. Future:-Post grad work at U. of T. C HARLES E. HOUGHTON General. ERIC S. HOUSE Geography. JOHN THOMAS HOXVE, Dunbarton. C2555 C2565 Ont. C2575 Pass. Danforth Tech.: U.C. Players' Guild I-III: Varsity Radio I-III: Producer III: C.O.T.C. Staff I-III: Paymaster II-III. Future:-Work in Entertainment Field-Theatre, Radio or Tele- vision. GEORGE LEONARD HOVVSE, Niag ara-on-the-Lake. Ont. C2585 Pass, Niagara High: President. Social Work Club. Future:-Social work at U. of T. HAROLD GORDON HUBBELL. Cayuga, Ont. C2595 Pass, Niagara Falls C.I.: Hart House Glee Club I. Future:-Business Administration. GEORGE R. HUBBERT C2605 Pass. PHYLLIS IVIARY HUEHN, Hanover. Ont. AOl'I C2615 Pass, Hanover High: Liberal Club II-III: Associate Treasurer III. Future:-Trip to Europe and then... ANDREW' ALEXANDER HUGHES. Physics and Chemistry, Earl Haig Scholarship I-III: U.N.T.D. II: Ch Pack. Future:-Research. York Mills. Ont. C2625 C.I.: Reuben Wells Leonard emistry Club: Cubmaster 67th RONALD G. HUGHES C2635 Modern History. IRIS HUMEIUK C2645 Pass. JOHN EDWARD HUMPHRIES, Toronto C2655 Modern Languages and Literature, North Toronto C.I.: U.C. Playersf Guild: U.C. Parliament: Societe Francaise: I.R.C.: Role in Knock: Swimming. MARGARET ELIZABETH HUNTER. Port Credit, Ont. C2665 General, Port Credit High: Biology Chorus II-III. Club I-IV: All-Varsity Mixed Future:-Research in Plant Genetics. RALPH S. HURD C2675 Pass. ROBERT A. HURD ' C2685 Mathematics and Physics. ELIZABETH A. HUTCHINSON C2695 Pass. VVALTER HENRY HUTCHINSON. Belleville. Ont. C2705 Political Science and Economics, Belleville C.I.: Political Science Club III-IV: Vice- President IV: International Relations Club III- IV. JOAN ORRINE HUTCHISON, Ottawa, Ont. l'I B lil C2715 Political Science and Economics, Glebe C.I.: U.C. Basketball I: International Relations Club. Future :--Post grad work. GEORGE ARTHUR IRVINE, Sudbu ry, Ont. U C2725 Pass, Sudbury High: Junior Philosophy Club: Swimming CU.I.G.5 JOAN IRXVIN, Toronto General, Branksome Hall: First Year Vic. Music Club: Portia Debates: U. A I' C2735 Rep. Athletic Society: Mikado. C. Follies II-III: The Redmill: U.C. Music Club: Literary Director W.U.A. IV. AVROM ISAACOVITCH, Toronto C2745 Political Science and Economics, Harbord C.I.: U.C. Executive II: Political Science Club: Publicity Work. Future :-To become an agriculturist in Persia. HENRY HOWARD JACK, Port Elgin, Ont. C2755 Philosophy, Port Elgin High: Jr. Philosophy Club I-II: Executive I: Philosophy Club III- IV. Future :-Post graduate work in philosophy. RUSSELL ALBERT JACOBS, Bowm anville, Ont. C2765 General, Bowmanville High: Commerce Club I-II. Future:-Business Field. JOHN ERNEST JACQUES. Caledonia. Ont. I I C2773 Pass, Caledonia Highg Harriers and Basketball for Wyclifie College. JOHN G. JARVIS C2783 Food Chemistry. CHARLES F. JENKINSON C2793 Pass. CLAIRE J. JEWETT C2803 Pass. ERNEST JOHNSTON C2813 General. DAVID P. JONES C2823 Pass. NEIL J. JANES C283l Pass. ROGER BOTTOMLEY JONES, Fairfield, Conn. AXA C2843 Pass, Roger Ludlowe High. I I I I ' Future:-Post grad work in Business Administration. GLADYS GITL KAGAN, Toronto IATI C2853 Psychology, Harbord C.I.g Psychology Club II-IVQ Music Club IIIQ L.P.P. Club. Future:-Psychiatric caseworker and perhaps career in opera or concert world?? EVELYN KALLEN, Toronto .X KI' E C2863 Pass, Harbord C.I.g Hillel I-IIIQ U.C. Follies I-III. Future:-Marriage and Children. SIDNEY KASMAN, Toronto C2873 Chemistry, Harbord C.I.g Arts Chemical Club, Vice-President IIIQ Mathematics and Physics Society Ig Hart House Camera Club. ELIZABETH MAE KEELER, Belleville, Ont. I'I B fir C2883 Pass, Belleville C.I.g First Year Executive Council. ROSANA KELLY, Sudbury, Ont. C2893 Modern Languag s and Literature, Sudbury Highg U.C. Volleyball Rep. Ig Basketbai I-IVQ Softball IIQ Athletic Director IVQ U. of T. Basketball I-IV: Athletic Directorate III-IVg Volleyball President IIQ Basketball President IIIQ Head Girl Falconer House IVQ Italian Club III-IV. Future:-O.C.E. MRS. MERRIJOY ROSE KELNER, Toronto A E 111 C2903 Sociology, North Toronto C.I.g Hillelg Sociology Club, Film Society Executive, International Relations Club Executive. JOHN LEE KENNEDY, Toronto C2913 Pass, Oakwood C.I.g The Varsity Staff I-lIIg Sports Editor III, U.C. Basketball I-IIIg Ski Club I-III. Future:-Newspaper Work. WILLIAM ROBERT KENNEDY, Toronto C2923 Pass, Runnymede C.I.g C.O.T.C. Ball Committee III: U.C. Volley- ball IIIQ U.C. Follies IIIgA1l-Varsity III. Future:-Law. WILLIAM R. KENZIE C2933 Chemistry. ALLEN CAMPBELL KERR, Toronto C2943 IVIathematics and Physics, Oakwood C.I.g Hart House Glee Club II- V. Future:-O.C.E. PATRICIA JEAN KERR, Toronto KKI' C2953 Pass. Jarvis C.I.g U.C. Folliesg Ski Club I-III. MRS. MARION D. KERT, Toronto A E fb C2963 Sociology. Central High CCalgary3g U.C. Follies I-III, Hillel I-Ilg Sociology Club. OLGA KIDICK, Thorold, Ont. C2973 General, Thorold Highg Ukrainian Students Club IIQ Anthropology Club IVQ All-Varsity Mixed Chorus IVQ Badminton Club IVQ Biology Club I. Future :-Post grad work in Bacteriology. J. D. KILLORAN C2983 Honour Arts KINGSLEY ERNEST KING, Chatham. Ont. C2903 Pass. Chatham High: Presbyterian Fellowship IIIQ Vice-President IIIg Basketball: Track. Future:-Continuing studies at Knox College in Theology. Aim: - Presbyterian Minister. MARY JOAN KING, Milton, Ont. C3003 Modern Languages and Literatures, Milton High: U.C. French Club I-IV, Social Hostess III, Secretary IV, U.C. Singers I-IV, U.C. Music Club III-IV. Future:-O.C.E. X SHIRLEY ELEANOR KIRBY, Niagara Falls, Ont. C3013 Pass, Stamford C.I.g French Club I-IIIg Spanish Club II-III, Players' Guild II-III. , CHRISTOPHER JAMES KIRKOFF, Toronto C3023 Pass. Jarvis C.I.: Spanish Club II-III, U.C. French Club I, IIIg U.C. Drama Club II-III. Future:-Post grad work at Toronto. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE i 23 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 24 MARY ELIZABETH KITCHEN, Toronto A A A C3035 Political Science and Economics, North Toronto C.I.g Fraternity President III, Follies IV, Pan-Hellenic President III. Future:-Marriage. DONNA CAROLINE KLIE, Harrow, Ont. AX Q C3045 Pass, Harrow Highg Basketball Rep. III: Basketball Team I-III, Volleyball Ig Tennis II-IIIg Tennis Rep. II. Future:-Go to O.C.E. to teach P.T. MRS. JENNY VOLPE KLOTZ, Toronto A II' E C3055 Pass, Harbord C.I.q International Students Organization, Social Convener I-IIQ Reporter, The Varsity I-II, All-Varsity Revue IIg Medical Wives Auxiliary. Future:-Post grad work at Columbia. GRAY SENIOR KNAPP, Hanover, Ont. C3065 Honour Music, Hanover Highg U.C. Singers I-IV: U.C. Music Club III-IV: President III: "73" Carollers I-III. Future:-Post grad andfor O.C.E. JOHN S. KNAPP C3075 Pass. LETITIA RUTH KNIGHT, Lakeview, Ont. C3085 Modern History and Languages, Port Credit Highg History Club IV, U.C. Players' Guild III: Varsity Mixed Chorus II-IV. Future:-Uncertain-QWho knows? but the Business world beckons. GERALD KROLL, Toronto B E P C3095 Pass, Forest Hill C.I.g U.C. Basketball and Volleyballg Beta Sigma Rho Fraternity Executive. Future:-Osgoode Hall. LIDIA LAGODICH, Port Robinson, Ont. C3105 Modern History, VVelland High: History Club I-IVg Russian Circle II-IV, Vice-President IIp Film Society IVQ Badminton Club. Future:-Library School. HAROLD IRVING LAKER, VVindsor, Ont. C3115 Physiology and Biochemistry, Patterson C.I.g Interested in Music- Popular and Classical. Future:-Medicine at U. of T. CLARE LAMPEL, Toronto C3125 Philosophy, Harbord C.I.3 Treasurer, Junior Philosophy Club II: Program Director, Film Society III: Hillel I-IVQ Philosophical Society IV: MacDonald and McCullagh Scholarships III. Future:-Post graduate work. HENRY LANDIS, Toronto C3135 Law, Harbord C.I.3 Moot Court of the School of Law, Registrar III: Justice IV. Future:-Post grad work at Harvard or Columbia: ultimately lecturing in law. BARBARA ELIZABETH LANE, London. Ont. KKI' C3145 Pass, Oshawa C.I. Future:-O.C.E. STANLEY G. J. LANE C3155 Pass. SAMUEL LAVINE, Toronto C3165 Law. Harbord C.I.3 Law Club I-IVQ School of Law Moot Court, Accountant III: Chief Justice IV. Future:-Post graduate work at Yale or Columbia. HARVEY EARL LAWRENCE, Toronto C3175 Pass, Biology Club I, C.C.F. Club II-III. Future:-Post grad. CLIFFORD ARTHUR LAWSON, Brandon, Man. C3185 Sociology, Brandon C.I.g All-Varsity Choir IIQ U.C. Music Club III: Modern Letters Club IV. . Future:vPost grad work at U. of T. VVILLIAM B. LEACH C3195 Pass. WILLIAM JOHN LEAROYD, Cayuga. ont. 43205 Pass, Cayuga High: Varsity Christian Fellowship I, III, International Relations Club IIIQ Jr. Philosophy Club III. . Future :-Theology. B. JOYCE LEEMING C3215 - Art and Archaeology. MARGARET JEAN LEPPINGTON, Toronto C3225 Modern Languages and Literatures. Riverdale C.I.: French Club I- IVQ German Club III-IV: Canterbury Club I-IVQ Executive III-IVg University Christian Mission Executive IIIg The Undergrad III-IV. Future:-Attend O.C.E. CARL LEPRICH, Hanover, Ont. C3235 Political Science and Economics, Hanover High: I.R.C. IIIQ Political Science Club IV: C.O.T.C. I-IIIQ Vice-President Holwood IIIQ President Holwood IVQ President Boxing Club IV, Senior Inter- collegiate Boxing I-III, Swimmingg Hockey. Future:-Business. MARVIN GILBERT LESTER, Toronto B E P C3245 Pass, Riverdale C.I.g Fraternity Executive, Interfaculty Water polo LII, Hillel I-III. I Future:-Medical School. , ELEANOR MARGUERITE LEVER, Niagara Falls, Ont. C3255 Art and Archaeology, Niagara Falls C.I.g Varsity Aquacade IV, Hockey I-IIQ U.C. Basketball I-IVQ Varsity Basketball II, III. Future:-Merchandising or O.C.E. A MRS. SHIRLEY K. LEWIS C3263 Pass. GRETCHEN ERICA LIEBMANN, Toronto A A A C3273 Pass, Westdale C.I.g Spanish Club I3 German Club III, U. of T. Symphony Orchestra IIIg Archery Club III. Future:-Interior Decorating. ROBERT EDWARD LIGHTFOOT, Brantford, Ont. C3283 Modern Languages and Literatures, Brantford C.I.g U.C. French Club I-IVQ Executive Ig Secretary II, French Plays, Hart House I- IVQ German Club I-IVQ German Plays: Program Committee IIQ President IIIg Spanish Club I-IIIQ I.S.O. I-III. HERBERT KENNEDY LINCOLN, Fairfield. Conn. K E C3293 Pass. Admiral Billard Naval Academy: Football Ig U.C. Follies I-III: All-Varsity Revue IIIQ Ski Club I, IIIQ Interfraternity Hockey and Basketball I-III. MARVIN HAROLD LIPMAN, Toronto B X P C3303 Psychology, Humberside C.I.g Psychology Club IV, U.C. Basketball I-IV, Volleyball I-IV3 Soccer Ig U.C. Follies II-IV. ROBERT GEORGE LIPPERT, Kitchener, Ont. C3313 Pass, St. Jerome's Collegeg Blue and White Societyg Newman Club. Future:-Medicine. NORMAN STANLEY LIPSON. Picton, Ont. II A fb C3323 Pass, Albert College: U.C. Basketball I-III: Humanist Club Ig Conservative Club II: Political Science Club III. Future:-Tried Commerce and Finance, Tried Pass Arts, will try working. EVELYN P. LIPTON C3333 Pass. MILLARD ROGER LISTER, Toronto C3343 Pass, North Toronto C.1.g salesman in extra timeg boxingg football. Future:-Business. ARTHUR WILTSHIRE LIVINGSTON, Toronto C3353 English Language and Literature, Humberside C.I.g U.C. Players Guild I-IVQ A.M. and D. Staff The Varsity Ig Entertainment I-Ilg Hart House Theatre II. JOHN BARRY LLOYD, Toronto ' C3363 Pass, Runnymede C.I. Fgiturez-Post grad work in sciences or a position in a Toronto sales o ce. JOHN FREDERICK LOGAN, Lindsay, Ont. C3373 Pass, Lindsay C.I. Future:-Medicine. BARNEY DAVID LOFTUS, Peterborough. Ont. H A fb C3383 General, Peterborough C.I.: Executive Hart House Table Tennis U.C. Water polog U.C. Volleyballg Hart House Bridgeg 1 e. Future:--Osgoode Hall. PHYLLIS MARIAN LONG, Hamilton, Ont. C3393 Household Science, Central C.I.: Household Economics Club I-IVg Badminton Club III-IV3 Canterbury Club IV. Future:-Home Economist. STANLEY WILLIAM LONG, Toronto C3403 W Law, Bloor C.I.3 Revolver Club I-113 U.C. Volleyball IIIQ Tennis. Future:-Osgoode Hall. W. JOHN LOWDEN C3413 Pass. HAROLD WILLIAM LUBBOCK, Aurora, Ont. C3423 Pass, Aurora Highg Intercollegiate Wrestling Team II-IIIg Badmin- ton Clubg Tennis. EDWARD H. LUCK C3433 Pass. PHYLLIS LUGG, Windsor. Ont. C3443 Modern History, Walkerville C.I., Modern History Club II-IV, French Club I-II, Music Club III-IVQ Badminton. Future:-O.C.E. NICHOLAS M. LUKACH C3453 General. ARTHUR LUNDY, Toronto C3463 Pass, Harbord C.I.g Political Science Clubg International Relations Club: Tennis. Future:-Attend Osgoode. - DONALD A. LYON C3473 Mathematics and Physics. JOAN ISABEL MacGREGOR. Cochrane, Ont. C3483 Pass, Cochrane Highg French Club I-IIIg U.C. Baseballg U.C. Hockey. Future:-Ontario College of Education. RODERICK STUART JOSEPH MacINTOSH, Toronto C3493 Pass. Riverdale C.I. Future :-Teaching School. ALEX NORMAN MacIVER, Fort William, Ont. ' C3503 Law, Fort William C.I.: Law Club: Knox College Associationg Social Committee Knox Collegeg Badminton Club. Future :-LL.B. at U. of T.g vegetate. FRANCES ALICE MACKEY, Richmond Hill, Ont. C3513 Pass, Parry Sound High. Future :-High school teacher. DONALD FREDERICK MACKIE, Scarboro, Ont. C3523 Law, Scarboro C.I., University Badminton Club, Treasurer III: Baseball and Badminton. Future:-Osgoode Hall. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 25 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 26 RONALD A. MacKINNON C3537 Pass. MRS. MILDRED LOUISE MACLAREN, Halifax. N.S. C3547 Klolclern History, Halifax County Academy, Modern History Club Future:-A course in Library Science at either McGill or Toronto University. 7 A. D. MacMILLAN C3557 Pass. . JOHN JOSEPH MacQUARRIE, Windsor, Ont. C3567 Pass, Walkerville C.I., Varsity Band, Camera Club, Amateur Radio Committee, University Symphony, All-Varsity Revue. Future:-More physics? SIDNEY P. MAEERS A C3577 Psychology MRS. BEATRICE MAGDER, Toronto C3587 Modern History, Harbord C.I. . Future:-Social Work and Babies. DONALD MacLEAN MANTLE, Toronto C3597 Pass, Oakwood C.I., C.O.T.C. Future:-O.C.E. BENJAMIN MARCUS, Ottawa, Ont. C3607 Pass, Lisgar C.I., U.C. Follies, U.C. Basketball, C.O.T.C. Future:-Medicine. EVELYN CONSTANCE MARGLES, Port Hope, Ont. C3617 Pass, Port Hope High, Law Club, Counsellor I, All-Varsity Revue III, Flying Club Secretary III, International Relations Club III, Film Society, Engaged III. Future:-Stumble perhaps, yet rise again. BARBARA JOAN MARTIN, Toronto AI' A C3627 Pass, Riverdale C.I., U.C. Follies II-III, All-Varsity Revue II-III. Future:-Post grad work in child psychology. BRUCE M. MARTIN C3637 Pass. ISABEL BERNICE MASON, St. Catharines, Ont. AX Q C3647 Pass, St. Catharines C.I., U.C. Singers I-III, U.C. Operetta III. Future:-Advertising or personnel work. JOHN ARTHUR MASSINGBERD, Toronto C3657 Pass, Western Tech., C.O.T.C. Future:-Business. EDWARD J. MASTRONARDI C3667 Food Chemistry. THOMAS JOHN MATCHETT, Toronto C3677 Chemistry, Humberside C.I., Chemistry Club. Future:-Post graduate work. NORA JEAN MATHESON, Toronto C3687 Latin and French, Lawrence Park C.I., U.C.-T.C. Classics Club I- IV, U.C. Singers II-III, The Undergrad III. Future:-O.C.E. EARLE G. MATTHEWS C3697 Pass. ' ELIZABETH MARIE MAY, Brampton, Ont. A O H C3707 Pass, Brampton High, Manager of U.C. Baseball Team, U.C. Hockey e . Fuitliiez-Social Work. VIRGINIA J. MAYBEE C3717 Pass. JOHN PATTERSON MAYBERRY, Winnipeg, Man. C3727 Mathematics and Physics, U.C.C., M. and P. Club, Lit. Year Secretary I, All-Varsity Revue III-IV, U.C. Follies IV, Fantasy of 40, III, Red Mill IV, Hart House Glee Club II, IV. Future:-M.A. at Toronto, then ?? ANNE A, MCCART C3737 Art and Archaeology. MAXWELL NORMAN MCCARTER, Walkerton, Ont. C3747 Pass, Walkerton High, Knox Hockey I, II, Knox Soccer I. Future:-Business Administration. ROBERT W. MCCAULEY C3757 General. JAM ES D. McCOLMAN C3767 Pass. JEAN TAYLOR MCCORVIE. Willowdale. Ont. C3777 General, Earl Haig C.I., Household Economics Club I-IV, Canter- bury Club II-IV. JOYCE LOUISE McCREATH, St. Thomas, Ont. A O II C3787 Pass. Havergal College, German Club I, International Relations Club II-III, Liberal Club III, Toronto Skating Club. Future:-A summer in Europe and then-to work! WILLIAM JAM ES MCDOWALL, Port Arthur. Ont. C3797 Geography, Port Arthur C.I., Geography Club, Hart House Ex- ploration Society, U.C. Follies IV. EMERSON L. McDOWELL C3807 Pass. RALPH WILLIAM McDOWELL. Toronto AXA C3817 Pass, Forest Hill High, C.O.T.C. I-II, Psychology Club I. wi' :wp ,UT ,.f 'Wil JEAN MCEACHERN. Wfinnipeg, Man. I' fi? B C3825 Pass, Rupert's Land Schoolg Volleyball II-III: Baseball II-III: U.C. Ski Rep. II-IIIg International Relations Club II-IIIQ lModern History Club III. Future:-Travel, then business course. CHARLES E. MCFADDEN C3835 Art and Archaeology. JOHN MCGREGOR C3845 General. MARIAN LOUISE MCINTYRE, Collingwood, Ont. C3855 Household Economics, Collingwood C.I.g U.C. Singers. Future:-O.C.E. ANN ELIZABETH McKAY, St. Thomas, Ont. X AOII C3865 Art and Archaeology, St. Thomas C.I.Q On Year lzxecutiveg House Executive: Volleyball Executiveg Tennisg Skiing: Follies II-IVQ U.C. Operetta IV. Future:-To find an apartment in Toronto! FREDERICK A. McKAY C3875 Philosophy CEnglish or History5. RAYMOND BERNARD McKEE, Toronto C3885 Pass, Malvern C.I. DONALD ROYCE MCKILLICAN, Alliston, Ont. C3895 Pass. Knox College Missionary and Theological Society, Member. Future:-To study Theology at Knox College. ROBERT N. MCLAUGHLIN C3005 General. DONALD A. R. MCLEAN C3915 Pass. GORDON DONALD MCLENNAN, Fort VViIliam, Ont. C3925 Latin, Port Arthur High: Secretary of Holwood House III. Future:-Post grad work at Toronto. HUGH MCMILLAN C3935 Pass. JAMES R. MCMURRICH C3945 Pass. DUNCAN R. MCNAB C3955 Pass. RALPH NORMAN MEAKES, Toronto C3965 Pass, Riverdale C.I. Future :-Law. CHARLES EDWARD MEDLAND, Toronto A A fb C3975 Pass, St. Andrew's College, Junior "B" Hockey I-II. Future:-Post grad work at O.A.C. ANITA MENDEL C3985 English Language and Literature. JOSEPH DAVID JACOB MENDELSOHN. Toronto C3995 General, Harbord C.I.g Camera Club-Follies. BRUCE ALLAN MILES, Toronto C4005 Pass, Humberside C.I.3 Presbyterian Fellowship-Publicity Director III, U.C. Football II-III, Knox I-II. Future :-Enter Knox College in preparation for the ministry of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. SYBIL KATHLEEN MILES, Toronto A F A C4015 General, Lawrence Park C.I.g Biology Club I-IV. SALLY M. MILLAR, Toronto KKI' C4025 Household Economics, Havergal College. GUY WORRALL MILLS, Toronto C4035 Mathematics and Physics, Upper Canada Collegeg University Sailing Team II-IIIQ Hart House Squash Racquets Committee IV. MRS. MARGARET A. MILLS C4045 Psychology. MARGARET HANNAH MILLS, Grand View, Man. C4055 Pass, Grand View High. . Future:-Post grad, London School of Speech Therapy. JOIHN MINOUGHAN, Toronto C4065 ass. Future:-Work! an i UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 27 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 28 . -uf? 4, Q WILLIAM ALFRED MONAGHAN, Saint John, N.B. U C4073 Political Science and Economics, Saint John High, Political Science Club III-IV, President IV. Future:-Post grad work. LAURA AMY MONSAROFF, Hamilton, Ont. AX Q C4083 Psychology, Westdale C.I., Psychology Club I-IV, U.C. Basketball Team I-II, President of AX Q Fraternity IV, Reporter, The Varsily III. Future:-A position in a mental health clinic. DOROTHY JEAN MORRISON, Haileybury, Ont. C4093 Psychology, Havergal College, Psychology Club I-IV, Hockey I-IV, U.C. Hockey Rep. III, U.C. Assistant Athletic Director IV. NORMAN WOODS MORTIMER, Toronto C4103 Physiology and Biochemistry, U.T.S., U.C. Athletic Board IV, Intercollegiate and U.C. Swimming and Water polo III-IV. Future:-Medicine. ROBERT ERIC MOUNTAIN, Stratford, Ont. C4113 Law, Stratford C.I., Law Club I-IV, Canterbury Club II-IV, Vice- President IV, C.O.T.C. I-III, Wycliffe Soccer, Hockey, Wycliffe Lit., Wycliffe Athletic Association. Future:AOsgoode Hall. MILTON JAMES MOWBRAY, Brooklin, Ont. C4123 Political Science and Economics. Whitby High, Secretary-Treasurer of STO II, IV, U.C. Singers II-IV. ANN ELIZABETH MUIR, Orillia, Ont. C4133 Pass, Orillia C.I., Young Progressive Conservative Club. Future?-Teaching. MRS. PATRICIA TENEY MURDOCH, Toronto I' CID B C4143 Law, North Toronto C.I., Law Club, U.C. Follies Chorus, Rushing Co-Chairman for Pan Hellenic Association, Got married in summer '49, Commute from Newmarket. Future:-Home and Family. FRANK C. MURPHY C4153 Pass. DANIEL MODEST MYCYK, Toronto C4163 Physiology and Biochemistry, Gymnasium in Lviv, Ukrainian Students' Club. D . D Future:-To complete studies at the Faculty of Medicine at Varsity WILLIAM MYKULA, Toronto C4173 Law, Bloor C.I., Law Club, Basketball I-II, Boxing II. Future:-Law. ERNEST K. NABERT C418 General. HOMER BAYNES NEILLY, Aurora, Ont. C4193 Political Science and Economics, Aurora High, Political Science Club II-IV, International Relations Club IV. Future:-Civil Service. SHIRLEY JENE NEILSON, Burlington, Ont. A '11 C4203 Pass, Ontario Ladies College, Progressive Conservative Club, U.C. Follies, All-Varsity Show. Future:-Art course. ELMER NEKORIAK, Saskatoon, Sask. C4213 Pass, Badminton, Ukrainian Students Club. Future:-O.C.E. BERNARD NEWMAN C4223 Pass. ROBERT W. NICHOLLS C4233 Pass. EDWARD ANDREW NIXON, Toronto Q C4243 Pass, East York C.I., U.C. Follies I-II, Varsity Band I-III, U.N.T.D. I-III, U.A.F. CR.C.A.F.3 III, U.C. Basketball II, Squash, B idge. Future:--R.C.A.F.-permanent force. PAUL H. ODENSE C4253 General. ARAYA SELASSIE OGBAZGY, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia C4263 Pass, Haile-Selassie High, Member of I.R.C. and Treasurer of the I.S.O., U.C. Soccer III. Future:-Hope to do post graduate study either in Toronto or McGill. KAZVO GEORGE OIYE, Toronto - C4273 Pass, Westdale Secondary School, Make-up, The Varsity II-III. Future:-Osgoode Hall. DULCIE JOAN ORME, Ottawa, Ont. C4233 Pass, Glebe C.I. 4 I Uh! fxf JOHN TERENCE OSBOURNE, Galt, Ont. QIPI' A C4207 Pass, U.C.C.: Hart House Glee Club I-III: U.C. Follies II: U.C. Singers I: Swimming: Golf. Future:-Study Law. BARBARA ANNE OWENS, Toronto A 'P C4307 Pass, Branksome Hall. JOAN MERVIN PAINTER, Toronto A I' A C4317 Pass, St. Clement's C.I. BARBARA KATHLEEN PARKER, Sarnia. Ont. C4327 Modern Languages and Literatures, Sarnia C.I.: Modern Letters Club, President III, Secretary IV: French Club, Secretary III. Future:-Post graduate at Toronto. AUDREY FLORENCE PARRETT, Preston, Ont. C4337 English Language and Literature, Preston High: The Varsily Make- up Staff IV: Toronlanensis Staff III-IV. Future:-Publishing or Journalism. IRWIN W. PASTERNAK, Toronto l'IA fb C4347 Pass, Bloor C.I.: Associate Director All-Varsity Revue III: U.C. Follies and All-Varsity Revue II: Basketball and Volleyball I-III: Refereed Basketball and Football. Future:-Osgoode Hall. HOWARD SAMUEL PATTERSON, Caledon East, Ont. C4357 Geography. Orangeville High: U. of T. Geography Club II-IV. Future:-O.C.E., Teaching. JOHN FREDERICK PATTERSON, Toronto C4367 Modern Languages, North Toronto C.I.: French Club I-IV: Presi- dent IV: Music Club III: Skiing. GERALD PAWLOWSKI, 'Toronto C4377 Pass, Central Tech.: Society for American Archaeology. Publication Editor: C.O.T.C.: Public Relations Othcer: Reporter The Varsity: Fencing. Future:-Post grad work in Physical Anthropology. MARILYN MacLEOD PEEVER, Sudbury, Ont. C4387 Psychology, Sudbury High: Psychology Club II-IV. JUNE L. PEMBERTON, Port Credit, Ont. A I' A C4397 Art and Archaeology. Varsity Cheer Leader Ill-IV: Costume Designer for Follies III-IV: Future:-Going to France in June. ELLIOTT RAPH EAL PEPPER, Toronto B EP C4407 La-w, Harbord C.I.: Executive Spadina Young Liberal Club Ill-3 Trainer U.C. Senior Rugby IV: Hart House Glee Club: Member of Hart House Squash Racquets Committee IV. JAMES ARTHUR PERCIVAL, Toronto C4417 Pass, Northern Vocational. Future:-Teaching. BERNICE HELENA PERITZ, Montreal, Que. C4427 Sociology, Took 3 years of Sociology at McGill University and came to Varsity to complete my undergraduate education. MICHAEL PFLANZER, Toronto C4437 Pass, Parkdale C.I. JEAN JOHANNE PHILLIPS, Toronto C4447 Household Science, Harbord C.I.: Badminton Club: Music: House- hold Economics Club. Future :-Dietetics. HAROLD TREMAINE PHILP, Toronto K E C4457 General. Humberside C.I.: Treasurer K E Fraternity: Vice-President Inter-fraternity Council: Basketball: Golf. Future:-Post grad work in Commerce. SIIIQNEY JOHN PIKE, Toronto C4467 ass. Future:-Attend O.C.E. OLIVE-JANE PIPER, Fort William, Ont. A fb C4477 Pass. Fort William C.I.g Second Year Executive: Tennis: Skiing: Badminton: Music. Future:-Europe, then post-grad work. JOAN G. PLAYLE C4487 Physiology and Biochemistry. HENRY MALCOLM MILTON POLITSKY, Toronto C4497 Law, Harbord C.I.: Hart House Debates Committee: Camera Club: Squash Racquets: Law Club. Future:-Law at Osgoode Hall. BEVERLEY MARY POLLOCK, Carleton Place, Ont. C4507 Pass, Carleton Place High. Joliiil Pouz C4517 WILLIAM TOWNSEND PUNTER, Niagara Falls. Ont. C4527 Pass, Stamford C.I. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 29 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE .masseze:2:2122:2rs:s:ss:1-"2-fe:z:s:z:s:sf:::,ft:.:,4:5.:f11:fi:..:oo:of.::e.z:,':a:1: w':':""'EEEE252535E3E5E?EE1i'f""W"""' " .- 1, A,4,55-,,5,g.g.95:g.g.ggf:gg. -:":7!31-:fZf:f.- Qi!-Iii? if g .:I...:.v.f:5.f5.2:5:E:5ffQ72" ' ' .-,'r.fz-.- . - "',.. -V Z," 5 .2:,:5f,. if-, .gy hs.. ---- 4 ., --111,11 1 - ,ff -'-'- 1 4' by 4:-.1 , ' .2 gas H a " , be I I l ff: 9' 30 s .,, '.'1. BRUCE MALCOLM RALPH, Toronto C4533 Pass. Albert College, C.O.T.C. Future:-Study Law at University of Toronto. GRETCHEN RATZ, Tavistock, Ont. KKI' C4543 Household Economics, Stratford C.I., IIIrd Year President W.U.A. III, Hockey I, Volleyball II-III, Costumes for Follies III. Future:!A career. JANE ELIZABETH RATZ, Ottawa, Ont. A I' C4553 Household Economics, Kitchener C.I., W.U.A. President, Treasurer, Basketball I-II, Volleyball II-III. Future:-Work in a Lab., Marriage. JOHN WILSON RAYMOND, Fergus, Ont. C4563 Pass, Fergus High, Lacrosse I-III, Basketball I-III, Athletic Representative I-II. Future:-Business. MARGARET A. REID, Niagara Falls, Ont. C4573 Household Economics, Niagara Falls C.I. FREDA REITER, Toronto C4583 Philosophy and English, Bloor C.I., U. of T. Film Society, Hillel, Executive 1950, I.Z.F.A. Future:-Post grad work or Teaching. FRANK G. RICE C4593 General. GEORGIA MARIANNE RIDDELL, Palmerston, Ont. A A A C4603 Pass, Palmerston High, Liberal Club II-III, Treasurer III, Delta Delta Delta Fraternity, CPan Hellenic Representative3. Future:-O.C.E. KATHLEEN M. RIMMINGTON C4613 Pass. MARY RUTH ELIZABETH RINGSLEBEN, Toronto I C4623 English Language and Literature, Forest Hill C.I., Modern Letters Club I-IV, Social Convener IV, Peace Council IV, Publicity Director. BARBARA JEAN ROBERTSON, Toronto A fb C4633 Household Economics, Lawrence Park C.l., Household Economics Club I-IV, Victoria Drama Club I, U.C. Basketball III. Future:-Ontario College of Education. JANET BEVERLEY ROBERTSON, Toronto II B CID C4643 Pass, Havergal College, International Relations Club II-III. ROBERT ALAN JOSEPH ROGER, Toronto C4653 Politcal Science and Economics, Upper Canada College, Political Science Club I, II, International Relations Club III, Business Manager The Undergrad IV, U.C. Soccer I-II, Tennis I-II, Golf III, Debating. Future:-Post grad work at London, England, or Chicago. EDITH ESTHER ROSENBERG, Toronto C4663 Physiology and Biochemistry, Harbord C.I., Hillel I-IV, Biology Club II-III, I.Z.F.A. IV. ' RICHARD ROSENBERG, Toronto IIA 41 C4673 Pass, Oakwood C.I., Hillel I-III, U.C. Follies I, Physics Club I. Future:--Post grad work. AUDREY CHLEVERA ROSS, Toronto ' AI' A C4683 Political Science and Economics, Branksome Hall, U.C. Follies I-IV, Political Science Club. Future:-Post graduate work. ELIZABETH JEAN ROSS. Marathon, Ont. C4693 Modern History and Modern Languages, Lawrence Park C.I., Bowling, U.C. Rep. III, President IV, Music Club IV, Fourth Year Publicity Director. WILLIAM MCMORRAN P. ROSS, Welland, Ont. 111 K II C4703 Political Science and Economics, Welland High, International Relations Club, Political Science Club, Liberal Association, United Nations Institute, Mt. Holyoke III. ' Future:-Post grad in Economics-location undecided. ROSE ROTENBERG, Toronto ' I I C4713 Pass, Harbord C.I., Any form of Art work, Painting, Designing etc. Future:-Post grad work at Ann Arbor, University of Michigan. SALLY RUBENSTEIN, Toronto A A 111 E C4723 Pass, Harbord C.I., Hillel, U.C. Foll1es'I-III. BARBARA A. RUFFLEY C4733 Pass. JAM ES RUSE, Toronto C4743 Pass, Danforth Tech., Rifle Club I, Archaeology Club II, Badminton Club III, Ski Club I-III, Tennis. Future :-Post grad work at Toronto. mg. OREST ROMAN SAMETZ, Edmonton, Alta. C4759 General, Harbord C.I., Ukrainian Students' Club I-IV, Law Club I- II, Boxing II, Basketball I-II. Future:-Post grad. ALLEN ELLIOT SAMUELS, Toronto C4765 Pass, Central Tech., U. of T. Liberal Association. ALLAN G. SANGSTER C4779 Biology. ERNEST JAMES SAUNDERS, Mimico, Ont. C4789 Pass, Rehab., Ski Club, Hart House Exploration Society. l Future:-Make my poke in the Arctic, see the world, settle in Northern British Columbia. JEAN GRACE SAUNDERSON, Mexico City. Mexico. A O II C4799 Art and Archaeology, Havergal College, Spanish' Club I-IV, Treasurer III, AOII, Treasurer IV, . Swimming, Field Hockey, House Executive, All-Varsity Revue, Fine Art Club. Future:-Continue being a crazy artist. WILDA L. SCARROW, Owen Sound, Ont. C4809 Pass, Owen Sound C.I., French Club I-III, Russian Club II, Fine Art Club I, Orchestra I, Players' Guild III, S.C.M. I-III. Future:-Teaching. ARTHUR SIDNEY SCHIPPER, Toronto B 2 P C4819 Pass, Forest Hill C.I., Beta Sigma Rho Fraternity, Auditor II, Vice- Chancellor III, Radio Amateur Club III, U.C. Jr. Basketball I-III, U.C. Sr. Volleyball I-III, Hillel I-III, Ski Club, Advertising Com- mittee-U.C. Follies II. Future:-Business. FREDERICK HUGH SCHULTZ, Hespeler, Ont. C4829 Biology, Preston High, Biology Club I-IV, Hockey, Squash, Tennis. Future:-Post grad work at Toronto. RICHARD JAMES SEMPLE, Toronto C4839 Mathematics and Physics, Humberside C.I. GERALD SHANKMAN C4849 Political Science and Economics. JOSEPH SHAPIRO, Toronto C4859 Mathematics and Physics, Riverdale C.I., Mathematics and Physics Society II-III, U.C. Rugby III-IV, U.C. Basketball I-IV. Future:-Post grad work. LOLA SHAUL, Toronto AIID E C4869 Pass, Harbord C.I., Hillel I-III, Astronomy Club I, Sorority Program Chairman III. Future:-Marriage. ALVIN JOHN SHAW, Owen Sound, Ont. C4879 Modern Languages and Literatures, Owen Sound C.I., "73" I-IV- Secretary II, H.C.A.P.A. IV, Players' Guild I-IV, Spanish Club III- IV, Secretary IV, Liberal Club I-II, French Club III-IV, Active in Hart House Theatre productions. Future:-Post grad andfor O.C.E. MARION CAMPBELL SHAW, Hespeler, Ont. C4889 Modern Languages and Literatures, Galt C.I., U.C. Singers I-IV, U.C. Music Club III-IV, Vice-President IV, All-Varsity Chorus III, U.C. French Club I-IV. MARGARET PORTER SHEARER, Lansing, Ont. C4899 Household Economics, East York C.I., Household Economics Club I-IV, Badminton Club II-IV. Future :-Future plans include practical application of the course. BEN ZION SHEK, Toronto C4909 Political Science and Economics, Vaughan Rd. C.I., Basketball I-IV, U.C. Sr. Volleyball III-IV, Robinette Debates Winner II, L.P.P. Club Educational Director IV. DOROTHY M. SHERRIFF, Toronto C4919 Household Economics, XVestern Tech., University Badminton Club III-IV, Publicity Director IV, Household Economics Club I-IV. MARIE JEANNETTE SHEVVCHUK, Oshawa, Ont. C4929 Pass, Oshawa C.I., French Club I, Ukrainian Students' Club I-III, Secretary II, IV, U.C. Basketball Manager II-III, U.C. Tennis Representative III. Future:-Business. MARY VIRGINIA SHIACH, 'Toronto A A A C4939 Pass, St. Clement's C.I., Spanish Club I, Psychology Club II-III, Progressive Conservative Club III, Advertising, The Undergrad III. Future:-School of Social Work. VIRGINIA G. SHIPLEY C4949 Sociology. SHIRLEY GRACE SILVERTON. Toronto I AX Q C4959 Pass, Vaughan Road C.I., U.C. Music Club I, III, U.C. Follies III., LEONARD SIMPSON, Toronto IIA 'IJ C4969 Political Science and Economics. Forest Hill C.I., Basketball I-IV Yxolleyball I-II, Hart House Bridge Club I-II, Political Science Club Future:-Osgoode Hall or Retail Merchandising. ' ED GAR BERLIND SINGER, Toronto C4979 Biology, Forest Hill C.I., International Students Organization, Publicity Director II-III, Social Director IV, Biology Club I-II. Future:-Post grad work at Toronto. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 31 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 32 'i GERALDINE MARIE SKELTON, Walkerton, Ont. C4981 Household Science, Walkerton High. JEAN ELIZABETH SLACK, Fort William, Ont. A IIJ C4991 Pass. Fort William C.I.: U.C. Follies II-III: U.C. Singers I-III. GEORGE WILLIAM SLINGER, Guelph, Ont. C5001 General, Guelph C.I.: Chemical Club: U.C. Basketball, Volleybal1 I- IV: Residence Athletic Director III. Future:-Teaching. WILLIAM JOEL SLONE, Ottawa. Ont. C5011 Pass. Lisgar C.I. Future:-Entering any dental college that will take me. BARBARA JEAN SMITH, Oakville, Ont. AX Q C5021 General, Oakville High: Women's Commerce Club Executive I: House Committee II: U.C. Hockey Team I-III: IV Yr. President CW.U.A.1: U.C. Parliament III-IV: Portia Debates III-IV: Toronto- nensis Rep. IV. Future:-Europe, I hope! FRANCES DOREEN SMITH, Regina, Sask. ' C5031 English Language and Literature. Scott C.I.: Publicity Director IV: French Club: Modern Letters Club: U.C. Players' Guild. Future:-Work in a publishing house as a reader. HERBERT ALFRED SMITH, Toronto EX C5041 Geography, Rehab.: Geography Club. Future:-Post graduate work. LEONARD R. SMITH C5051 Pass. VVILLIAM SMITH, Toronto C5061 Pass, East York C.I.: Chess Club: Philosophy Club. Future:-Post grad at Toronto. PATRICIA BARBARA SMITH ERS, Kitchener. Ont. AOII C5071 Modern History. Kitchener-Waterloo C.I.: Modern History Club Ill-IV: Fraternity Treasurer III: President IV. MYER MICHAEL SOLOMON, Toronto C5081 Pass, Harbord C.I. Future:-To be admitted to the Bar-and drink like the rest. CLIFFORD SOLWAY C5091 Philosophy. HARRY HUBERT SOPER, Toronto C5101 Psychology, East York C.I.: Vice-President Psychology Club IV: Hart House Glee Club I-IV. Future:-Post grad work. ELMER WALTER SOPHA. Cobalt. Ont. C5111 Political Science and Economics, Cobalt High: Polit-ical Science Club I-IV: Married Students Club. Treasurer IV: Hart House Debates Committee IV: U.C. Literary Society Ex-Service Rep. IV: Speaker U.C. Mock Parliament IV: Robinette Debates II-IV: Badminton. Future:-Law at Osgoode. WILMOT JOHN SOWDEN, Toronto C5121 Pass, Rehab. CONSTANCE MURIEL SPARROW, Toronto AX Q C5131 Psychology. Havergal College: Psychology Club I-II: U.C.'s Ski Rep. II: President of Women's Skiing III-IV: The Varsity III-IV: VVomen's Sports Editor IV: Intercollegiate Ski Team I-IV: Swimming. Future:-Newspaper work. SHIRLEY ANITA SPECK, St. Catharines. Ont. C5141 Pass. St. Catharines C.I.: Basketball I-II: Intercollegiate Basketball II: Hockey I: Baseball I-II. WILLIAM D. SPENCE C5151 Pass. JOHN ALEXANDER SPROULE. Bobcaygeon. Ont. C5161 Pass, Lindsay C.I.: Blue and White Band I-III. Future:-Medicine. I HARVEY C. STANCER, Toronto C5171 Physiology and Biochemistry, Jarvis C.I. PAUL IGNACE BLAZE STANISZEWSKI, Montreal, Que. C5181 Pass, D'Arcy McGee High: Near East Club II-III: Spanish Club II: French Club II. U Future:-Post grad work in oriental history and law school, McGill. BEVERLEY STARKMAN, Toronto A E fb C5191 Pass, North Toronto C.I.: Psychology Club I-III: Spanish Club II- III: Hillel: Philosophy Club I-III. Future:-Post grad work at U. of T. in Child Psychology. JOHN CAMERON STEARS, Toronto C5201 Physiology and Biochemistry. Lawrence Park C.I.: C.O.T.C. I-III: Hart House Camera Club I-IV. , Future:-Medicine at U. of T. f LEONARD MOSES STEINBERG, Toronto C5213 Mathematics and Physics, Harbord C.I.: Camera Committee III-IV: Institute of Radio Engineers: Canadian Association of Physicists. REVA STEINBERG, Toronto C5223 Pass, Harbord C.I.: L.P.P. Club Secretary-Treasurer I: Organizer II-III: National Student Committee L.P.P.-Chairman III. Future:-Child Psychology at Toronto. ELEANOR STEINHART, XVindsor. Ont. A KD E C5233 Sociology. Sandwich C.I.: Political Science Club I: U.C. Tennis Team II: Film Society III: Pan Hellenic Treasurer IV: Hillel. DAVID J. STENHOUSE C5243 Mathematics and Physics. ALLAN E. STEWART C5253 Pass. HOWARD JAMES F. STEWART, Toronto 4 C5263 Pass, Upper Canada College: University Sailing Club. Future:-Osgoode Hall. ELIZABETH ANN STONE, Belleville. Ont. KKI' C5273 Pass, Belleville C.I. LUTHER OSWELL SULLIVAN, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad C5283 Pass, London Matriculation, International Club. Future:-Teaching and further study. MURRAY SUSSMAN, Toronto ITA '11 C5293 Pass, Lawrence Park C.I.: Intramural Sports Committee I: U.C. Basketball I-III: Squash III: Publicity Director All-Varsity Revue III: Program Director U.C. Follies II: Vice-President Fraternity II: Advertising Manager U.C. Follies I: Hillel I-III. Future:-Business. ROBERT A. F. SUTHERLAND, Maniwaki, Que. C5303 Political Science and Economics, Upper Canada College: U.C. Follies I-III: Players' Guild I-IV: Stage Manager II-III: French Club I-II: Political Science Club II-III: International Relations Club III-IV: Stage Work, Hart House I-III: U.C. Literary Director IV. Future:-Graduate Economics. J. EARL SWALLOW, Niagara Falls, Ont. C5313 English Language and Literature. Niagara Falls C.I. OLGA H. SZKLAR C5323 Pass. ROSLYN H. TANZER C5333 Pass. ALLEN ROBERT TAYLOR, Toronto C5343 Pass, Humberside C. I. CHRISTOPHER NORMAN TAYLOR, Rockcliffe Park, Ont. C5353 Political Science and Economics. FRANK W. R. TAYLOR C5363 General. JOHN H. TAYLOR C5373 Pass. KENNETH GLENN TEETER, Toronto C5383 Chemistry. North Toronto C.I. Future:-Teaching or Research. VERDUN' E. THAYER C5393 Pass. MICHAEL THOMAS C5403 General. WALTER KEITH THOMAS, Toronto C5413 English Language and Literature, Humberside C.I.: Literary Editor The Undergrad III: Creative writing. Future:-Teaching and writing. ARTHUR C. THOMPSON - C5423 Sociology. KATHLEEN ARDEN THOMSON, Hawkesbury. Ont. C5433 Psychology. Hawkesbury High: Psychology Club I-IV: U.C. Music Club II-IV. MARGARET JOYCE THOMSON, Toronto C5443 Modern Languages, Riverdale C.I.: All-Varsity Mixed Chorus III- IV: The Undergrad III: Interested in I.S.S. Especially French Canadian Projects. Future:-Plan to work abroad after graduation. GORDON HILLYARD THORNTON, Mimico, Ont. C5453 General, Mimico High. JOHN BRIDGES TINKER, Owen Sound, Ont. C5463 Political Science and Economics, Owen Sound C.I.: U.C. Volleyball: Basketball I: Tennis I-IV: Editor The Reporler: The Varsity II: I.S.S. Public Relations: Vice-President I.R.C.g Historical Club III-IV: Camera Club I-IV. ' Future:-Post graduate work. MAIZIE GEORGINA TISDALE, Brampton, Ont. C5473 Pass., Brampton High: Presbyterian Fellowship, Publicity Director II. ' Future:-O.C.E. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 33 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE NELDA AILENE TITUS C5485 Pass. HARVEY TONKEN, Toronto C5495 Pass, Harbord C.I., Reporter The Varsity I, Basketball I-III, Swimming I-II. MORLEY LORNE TORGOV, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. IIA ID C5505 Pass, Sault C.I., Fraternity Executive, Feature Writer, The Varsity II-III, The Undergrad I, Hillel, Modern Letters Club I, Music. Future:-Osgoode Hall, and the revision of Divorce Law! DIANA MARY TROOP, Toronto HB 'IF C5515 Ilgass. North Toronto C.I., I.S.S., Sailing Club, Cheer leader, U.C. 0 ies. Future:-Travel, Course in Handicrafts or post grad in English or Sociology. JEAN ELIZABETH TRUEMNER, Chesley, Ont. A 113 C5525 Household Economics, Chesley High, NV.U.A. Year Executive I-III, U.C. Volleyball II-IV. Future:-Dietetics. JOHN WHITNEY TUFF, Toronto C5535 Psychology, East York C.I., Psychology Club II-IV, Basketball I. Future:-Post grad work. NIIZIL TURNBULL C5545 usic. WILLIAM CLARKE TURNBULL, Toronto C5555 gass. Bloor C.I., International Relations Club III, Political Science lub III. Future:-Post grad work at Toronto. MARSHALL HERBERT van OSTROM, York Mills, Ont. C5565 Pass. Earl Haig C.I., Varsity Christian Fellowship I-III, Wycliffe College Theological Society-Secretary II, Missionary Convener III, wocaltion to the Ministry-Committee Member II, Young Peoples' or -. Future:-Evangelism-Church of England. KATHLEEN ELIZABETH VAUGHAN, Mimico, Ont. C5575 Pass, Mimico High, Spanish and Anthropology Clubs, Interested in Films, Music. water sports. Future:-Further language study or industrial chemistry. JOHN VELANOFF, Geraldton, Ont., C5585 Pass, Geraldton High. Future:-Continue on at Osgoode Hall. ARTHUR B. WAHLROTH, Toronto C5595 Pass, Parkdale C.I., Jr. Philosophy Club, University CAjax5 Flying Club Instructor, Squash Racquets, Toronto Flying Club. RUSSELL HAMILTON WAIN ES, Toronto C5605 Geological Science, North Toronto C.I., Hart House Table Tennis Club II-IV, Committee III, Secretary IV, Hart House Clubs Committee IV, Hart House Board of Stewards IV. Future:-Post grad work in Palaeontology at U. of T. EVELYN GLADYS WALKER, Ingersoll, Ont. KKI' C5615 Pass, Ingersoll C.I., U.C. Follies I-II. ROSEMARY FAY WALKER, Toronto C5625 Household Economics, North Toronto C.I., Class Representative II, Vice-President of House Economics Club III, President Household Economics Club IV. Future:-Hope to crack textile advertising. GEORGE ROBERT WALLACE, Oshawa, Ont. C5635 Mathematics and Physics, Oshawa C.I., Athletic Director, U.C. Lit. IV, Basketball I-IV, Hockey III-IV, Volleyball III, Football IV. Futurezw-Actuarial work. ' PETER YATES WALMSLEY, Toronto C5645 Pass, Rehab. Future:-Graduate work in Anthropology. JANET ISABEL BURNAND WARD, Ottawa, Ont. C5655 Pass, Nepean C.I., U.C. Players' Guild I-III, The Varsity I-III, Toronlonensis I-III, Stage Make-up for U.C. Follies, and Meds. Daffydil I-III, U.C. Operetta, French Club II-III, 1st Vice-Presi- dent, Players' Guild III, Make-up Director All-Varsity Revue III, Future:-Post grad at Columbia-Journalism. JOHN ALBERT WARD, Sudbury, Ont. C5665 General, Sudbury High, U.C. Rugby III, Boy Scout Work. Future:-Post grad work at Toronto. NORVAL WYNNFIELD YOUNG WATSON, Toronto C5675 Biology, Malvern C.I., Biology Club I-IV, Skiing, Hiking, Dramatics. Future:-Will be working with the Department of Agriculture for a while. Post graduate work here or at some foreign university. MARY DARLINE WAUGH, Port Arthur, Ont. C5685 Household Economics, Fort William C.I., All-Varsity Mixed Chorus II-IV, U.C. Music Club III-IV, Social Directress III-IV, U.C. Singers IV. Future:-Lab. work in food chemistry. JOHN DAVID WEBSTER, Toronto AK E C5695 Pass, U.C.C., C.O.T.C., U.C. Follies, Liberal, Conservative and L.P.P. Clubs, Squash. Future:-Osgoode Hall. BARBARA THERESE WEINBERG, Toronto IAIT C5705 Psychology, Harbord C.I., Hillel I-IV, Secretary IV, IAII I-IV, President III. Future:-Post grad work. 34 Future School of Social Work MARGARET IDA WEST Windsor Ont English Language and Literature Walkerville C I U C I IV All Varsity Mixed Chorus II Future Marriage GORDON I. VVETSTEIN, Toronto Law, Harbord C.I., Law Club, Debating. Future:-Osgoode Hall. RAYMOND LAVERNE WHALEY, Mount Hope, Ont. FRANCES DOREEN WEINSTOCK, Toronto l Pass, Harbord C.I., Hillel I-III, Settlement House II. c Mathematics and Physics, Caledonia High, M. and P. So Hart House Chess Club II, Business Director, The Unde, "73" House Treasurer IV. I Future:-Studies leading to Actuarial career. JOHN LINDSAY WHILLANS, Toronto Pass, Humberside C.I., Tennis, Badminton and Swimmin Future:-Osgoode Hall. JEAN MARIAN WHITE, Bruce Mines, Ont. Household Economics, Sault Ste. Marie C.I., U.C. All-Varsity Chorus II-III, Music Club III-IV. Future:kHospital Dietetics. JOHN STANLEY WHITEHOUSE. Toronto Pass. Northern Vocational. Future:-Wycliffe College. ISOBEL KATHRYN WILLSON, Welland, Ont. Pass, Welland High. Future:-Post grad work in Montreal. WILLIAM B. K. WILSON Pass. RALPH WIN B ERG, Toronto g, E Op Hi Pass, Oakwood C.I., Pi Lambda Phi Charity Ball Chai: Hillel I-III, Squash, Golf, Tennis. Future:--Business. RUTH WOLCH, Toronto A 1 Pass, Forest Hill C.I., Vice-President of Delta Phi Epsilo III, Hillel. Future:-Housewife, Dental Nurse for husband out west. HERBERT BARREGAR WOOD, Toronto Pass, Oakwood C.I., Feature Editor, The Varsily III. Future:-Journalism. Modern Languages and Literatures Glebe Cl Vollev MARY ELAINE WOOD, Ottawa, Ont. . . v l ' y , ' ' Tennis, Basketball I-II, Badminton, House Committe Varsity Choir, U.C. Operetta. ROY JAMES WOODROW, Oro, Ont. Mathematics and Physics, Barrie C.I. DALLIS VIVIAN WOOLINGS, Englehart, Ont. Pass, Ontario Ladies' College, U.C. Singers, Progressive tive Club. Future:-Laboratory Work. GERALD S. WORRELL Pass. MARIE KATHLEEN WRIGHT, Stroud, Ont. Household Economics, Barrie C.I., All-Varsity Mixed Cho U.C. Singers IV. Future:-Dietitian. ARTHUR B. WYNNE Pass. RALPH EASTY YEARWOOD, Toronto Pass, Jarvis C.I., Swimming, Music, Tennis, Chess, Ping Pong. Future:-School of Business. FANTAYE H. S. YOHANNES, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia Pass, International College of Beirut, Internation Studen zation, International Relations Club I-III, U.C. Socc Tennis and Swimming. Future:-To study Law at McGill University. ALFRED GLENN YORKE, Toronto Modern History, York Memorial C.I., Modern History Cl International Relations Club IIIQIV. Future:-O.C.E. MARY JANE YOUNG, Toronto A Psychology, St. Clement's, Psychology Club, Players' Gui Follies II, Social Director W.U.A. IV. SAM YOUNG General. BERYL ZADKIN, Toronto Pass, Commerce, U.C. Players' Guild. Future:-School of Social Work. 2 f V -555252555?5E5:5E2i5g2ag'4' , 141153: 77. ' f. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 35 r'l . :- .vu 1 Victoria College H. BENNETT B.A.,fPh.D. N behalf of the administrative officers and my colleagues in Victoria College, I should like to express to the members of the graduating class our very best wishes for happiness and success in the careers upon which they are about to enter. The first step will be, of course, to find a job which will prove rewarding, not primarily on the financial side but rather in the personal satisfaction that comes from doing well the work for which one is best equipped. Your University course, whether it has been general or specialized, has made you an educated person and as such you will be expected to show initiative, resourcefulness and good judg- ment not only in your personal concerns but also in the larger problems of public and social life. Eventually, many of you will be called upon to assume positions of leadership in city, church or state. I hope that none will assume an attitude of superiority or try to dominate the group in which his activities lie,' but that each will give his best to whatever task he finds to do and at the same time endeavour to qualify himself for greater responsibilities as opportunities may occur. The function of a university was recently defined as "the creation, generation by genera- tion, in a continuous flow, of a body of men and women who share a sense of civilized values, who feel responsible for developing them, and who by the simple pressure of their existence and outlook will form and be enlightened public opinion." In spite of the difficulties caused by the post-war inflation of registration, the University of Toronto has, I believe, made a good job of fulfilling its function in respect of the Class of 1950. We shall look forward with confi- dence that the graduates of Victoria College will play their part worthily in the years that lie ahead.-Xp 37 VICTORIA COLLEGE ON THE OLD ONTARIO STRAND OR the first fifty-six years of its history Victoria University was located in Cobourg. The Upper Canada Academy was opened in 1836 and on October 12 of the same year the Royal Charter Was granted by King William IV. In 1841 the Charter was extended to include degree- conferring powers and the name vvas changed to Victoria College. The first degree in Arts in Ontario was conferred by Victoria College in 1845 on Oliver Springer. A Faculty of Medicine was added in 18545 a Faculty of Law in 1860, and a Faculty of The- ology in 1871. A department of Science was organized, and Faraday Hall, opened in 1877, was the first building in the province erected and devoted exclusively to scientific Work. In 1884 the name was changed to Victoria University. Egerton Ryerson was responsible for securing the Royal Charter and he was the first Principal of Victoria College in 1841. In 1850 Samuel S. Nelles took charge of the College. Under his wise and far-sighted guid- ance the Work of Victoria grew and expanded as additional faculties were added. Yet for all his foresight, it is doubtful if Principal Nelles could have imagined the proud place Victoria holds today, boasting a registration of 1,846 students, and federated with the Empire's larg- est University. The process of that federation and expansion We shall now trace. 38 VICTORIA COLLEGE FEDERATION WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO The federation of Victoria University with the University of Toronto became an established fact in 1892. Victoria was a pioneer in setting up the system of education by which the pro- vincial university and three independent de- nominational universities and colleges have, in the course of time through their federation agreements, established the Faculty of Arts of the University of Toronto as it exists today. Since 1892 Victoria University has conferred degrees in Divinity only and her power of con- ferring degrees in Arts, Medicine, Law and Science has remained in abeyance. From 1892 to 1928 the organization of Victoria University consisted in two faculties, Arts and Divinity. The task of putting university federation into operation and of moving from Cobourg to Toronto was accomplished by Chancellor Nath- aneal Burwash, who had succeeded Dr. Nelles in 1887 and held office until 1913. His name is perpetuated in Burwash Hall. During the difiicult war years, and during the period of expansion in 1920-30 when there was a large increase in the number of students and when many new buildings were added, Chancel- lor R. P. Bowles guided the destinies of the institution. - 39 VICTORIA COLLEGE GROWTH AND REORGANIZATION Residence accommodation was provided in Cobourg, but for the first eleven years in Tor- onto, Victoria had no residence for students. The Annesley Hall Women's Residence was opened in 1903. The Birge-Carnegie Library was completed in 1910. Burvvash Hall and the Victoria College Men's Residences, the gift of Mr. Chester D. Massey, Were opened in 1913. ln 1926 Victoria University received Wymil- Wood Women Students' Union and Residence, the gift of Mrs. E. R. Wood and Lady Flavelle. Emmanuel College and the Emmanuel College Men's Residences were first occupied in 1931. Victoria University novv has residence accom- modation for about 250 women students and about 260 men students. ' Church union in 1925 affected both the Work and the organization of Victoria University. The Victoria University Act of 1928 provided for two colleges, Victoria College in Arts and Emmanuel College in Divinity. In 1930 Dr. E. W. Wallace succeeded Chancellor Bowles. 40 VICTORIA COLLEGE IN WAR AND PEACE In February, 1941, Principal Walter T. Brown of Victoria College was appointed Chancellor and President of Victoria University, succeeding Dr. Wallace who had resigned because of ill health. In 1944 Dr. Brown's title was changed to President and Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University. From May, 1941, until May, 1944, a number of houses of the Men's Residences were occupied, first by members of the R.C.A.F. taking the Radio Technicians' Course, and later by mem- bers of No. 1 and No. 2 Canadian Army Uni- versity Courses. During the session 1949-50 there are 1,748 students in attendance at Victoria College and 98 in attendance at Emmanuel College. Of this number approximately 234 are ex-service men and women. On the Victoria University Roll of Service there are the names of 1,408 men and women, graduates, undergraduates, former stu- dents and members of the staff of Victoria Col- lege and Emmanuel College. Seventy-seven of these made the supreme sacrifice. The Chancellor of Victoria University is Major-General A. C. Spencer of London, Ont- ario. Professor H. Bennett is Dean of Victoria College and the Rev. A. D. Matheson is Dean of Emmanuel College. In June, 1949, President Brown retired because of ill health. During the session 1949-50 Dean Bennett is Acting President and Acting Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University 024- 41 VICTORIA COLLEGE 42 ROBERT GEORGE ACKMAN. Woodstock. Ont. C13 5 Chemistry, XYoodstock C.I.: Camera Club I-IVg Chemical Club II-IV. MARGARET ROBERTA ADAMS. Long Branch. Ont. C23 Pas. Long Branch C.I.: Vic. Dramatic Club II-IIIQ Vic. French Club III. Future:-Primary Specialist course at normal. MARY PATRICA ADAMS. Long Branch. Ont. C33 Latin and French. Long Branch C.I.: French Club I: Classics Club I- IV: Vice-President IVg Music. Future :-Translator. PATRICIA AILEEN ADAMS. Toronto C43 Pass. Jarvis C.I.g Dramatic Club. Future:-Normal School, then kindergarten teaching. ROBERT CALDXYELL AGNEW. Toronto C53 Pas. Oakwood C.I. Future:-College of Education-Graduate studies in future. EVELYN GRANT AIKEN. Sarnia. Ont. C63 Pass. Sarnia C.I.g Operetta I: Athletic House Rep. I-IIIQ Baseball I- III: Intercollegiate Tennis II-III. Future:-Studying in California. FRANCES ELIZABETH ALBAN. Toronto C73 General. Lawrence Park C.I.g Vic. Music Club II-IYQ German Club I. Future :-O. C . E.-Teaching. EDGAR WESLEY ALBERTSON, Toronto C83 Pass. Central Tech. Future:-Wildlife Management. ROY FREDERICK ALLEN, Toronto C93 Pass. Malvern C.I.: Vic. Soccer II. Future:-Post grad work at Toronto. WILLIAM P.G. ALLEN. Toronto 119 I' A C103 Modern History. L'.T.S.g Hockeyg Rugby. Future :-Osgoode Hall. MICHAEL ANDRASSY. Toronto C113 Pass. York Memorial C.I.g Jr. Vic.: Sr. Vic. Basketballg Fellowship Secretary X'.M.C.A. Future:-School of Social 'Work. MARGARET CHRISTINA ANGST, McKellar. Ont. C123 Pas. Gore Bay High: Glee Club. Future:-Kindergarten teacher. RALSTON DICKIE ANN.-XND, Sarnia. Ont. C133 General, Sarnia C.I.: Vic. French Club I-IV: U. of T. German Club II-IY. Future :-Uncertain. MARGARET ANN ARBIICKLE. Port Arthur. Ont. C143 General. Port Arthur C.I.g Annesley Student Govenrment Asocia- tion: Hockey II-IV. ' JOHN DEAN ARCHER, Toronto C153 Pass. Rehab. ROSS STEPHEN ARMITAGE. Toronto A T A C163 Pass. Humberside C.I.: Vic. Basketball III. Future:--Osgoode Hall or Business Course at XYestern. JEAN ELIZABETH ASHXYORTH, Brantford. Ont. C173 ings. Brantford C.I.g French Club ILIIIQ S.C.M. I-IIIQ Vic. Operetta Future:-United Church Training School. TREVOR HERBERT BAKER. Toronto C183 Pas. Oakwood C.I.g If.N.T.D. Future:-O.C.E. ELEANOR COLLEEN BALL, Toronto C193 Pass, North Toronto C.I.g Vic. French Club III. Future:-Law. STANLEY ROBERT JAMES BALL, Stouifville, Ont. C203 Pass. Ashbury College. Future :-Meds. TERENCE LOCKIE BAMFORD, North Bay. Ont. C213 Modern History. Pickering College: Historical Club III-IVQ Victoria College Music Club I-IIg Ha.rt House Glee Club III-IV. Future:-Teaching. eng 51 A 1 -1 1 .jsrtf RUTH EDITH BARBER, Toronto C225 Pass, Etobicoke C.I., V.C.F., Associate President III. GEORGE SIMPSON BARKLEY, Odessa, Ont. C235 Modern Languages and Literatures, Kingston C.I., Vic. French Club I-IV, Spanish Club IV, Gymnastics, Tennis. Future:-Teaching or Post graduate Work. IRENE DAISY BARNES, Toronto C245 Pass, Humberside C.I. Future:-Take Kindergarden-Primary Course at Toronto Normal. WILLIAM ALEXANDER BARR, Port Arthur, Ont. C255 Pass. IDA THEODORA BARRINGTON, Toronto C265 Pass, Oakwood C.I., Glee Club, Badminton Club, Music. Future:-Kindergarden Teaching. JOHN DOUGLAS BATTEN, Bay Roberts, Nfld. C275 Pass, Bay Roberts High, Future:-Anticipating Theology. GORDON LESLIE BEAN, Toronto C285 Modern History, Humberside C.I., Modern History Club III-IV, International Relations Club III-IV, Badminton Club III-IV, 4th Year Rep. V.C.A.U., Vic. Soccer Sr. Jr., Minor League Basketball Vic. II-IV. Future:-M.A. in History or O.C.E. ROGER PEDWELL BEEL, Toronto C295 Pass, Parkdale C.I., Lacrosse, Interfaculty Basketball, Boxing. Future:-May go on for M.A. CARLETON DAVIS BELL, Toronto C305 English Language and Literature, Scarboro C.I., Badminton Club II, Vicitoria Glee Club III. Future:-Teaching. LOIS ELLEDA BELL. Toronto C315 Pass, Humberside C.I., Badminton Club III, Music. Future:-Library School. MICHAEL LORNE BELL, Toronto C325 General, Humberside C.I., M. Sz P. Society, II Yr. Rep., No Political Affiliations CU.S. Gov't. please note5, Interested in Travel. Future:-Fame and Fortune. NORMAN WALLIS BELL, Elora, Ont. C335 Sociology, Elora, U.T.S., Political Science I, Music I, Sociology I-IV, House President IV, Managing Editor of Acta Victoriana IV, Bob Committee IV, U.N.T.D. II-IV. Future:-Travel and Teach. JAMES FRANCIS SIDNEY BENDELL, Toronto C345 Biology, Riverdale C.I., Biology Club I-III, Secretary-Treasurer IV. Future:-Post grad work. PAUL DAVID BENNETT, Newcastle, Ont. C355 Art and Archaeology, Harbord C.I., Fine Art Club IV, Social Director, South House 49-50 CVic.5, Vic. Glee Club IV, Swimming. Future :-High School teacher. . WILLIAM JAMES BENTLEY, Toronto C365 Pass, C.O.T.C. Artillery. JOHN THOMAS BIRKENSHAW, Toronto KID I' A C375 Mathematics Sz Physics, Lawrence Park C.I., Social Director V.C.U., Intermediate Rugby III-IV, Vic. Rugby I-II, Vic. Hockey, Golf. Future:-Insurance Business-Actuary. ALLEN PERCY BLACKMORE, Toronto C385 Physics and Chemistry, Oakwood C.I., Chemistry Club I-IV, Mathematics and Physics Society I-II, Skiing, Tennis. Future:-Post grad work at Toronto or enter chemistry field. ELEANOR NELLIS BLAKE, London, Ont. C395 Household Economics, London Central C.I., Vic. Tennis Team II-IV. CARL ALEXANDER BOE, Bowmanville, Ont. C405 Latin-French, Bowmanville High, Classics Club I-IV, Vice-President III, Music Club III, Vic. Volleyball I-IV. Future:-Teaching. ANITA BOUKYDIS, Toronto C415 Pass, Havergal C.I. Future:-Post grad work. RICHARD P. BOWLES, Nestleton, Ont. C425 Modern History, Bowmanville High, V.C.A.U. I-III, President 5T0 IV, Track I, Hockey II-III, Coach, Basketball II, Music Club IV, Sports Editor, Acta Vicloriana IV. Future :-Osgoode, Civil Service or back to the farm? VICTORIA COLLEGE 43 VICTORIA COLLEGE 44 HENRY JOHN BRADLEY, Pembroke, Ont. C431 Law, Pembroke C.I.: Law Club I-IV: President IV: Liberal Associa- . tion I-IV: President IV: Caven House I-IV: Residence Sports. Future:-Osgoode Hall. JAM ES FREDERICK BRAILEY, Toronto C441 Pass, N.T.C.I.: Victoria College Church Students Society. Future:-Post grad work at Union Theological Seminary. JOAN BRATTY ,Toronto C451 Pass. Forest Hill C.I.: Victoria College Music Club-Opera. Future:-Post grad work. PAUL DAVID BREAK, Toronto C461 Political Science and Economics, Malvern High: Treasurer Class Executive IV: Publicity Director-Blue and VVhite Socity IV: Reporter The Varsily IV: Publicity Director, Scarlet 8: Gold: Script XVriter St Actor- All4Varsity Revue, 1950. XVILLIAM ERNEST BRIGNALL, Toronto C471 Pass. V.C.S.U. Future:-Theology in Emmanuel College and the United Church Ministry. JEAN ELIZABETH BROXVN, Toronto C481 Modern Languages 8: Literature, Humberside C.I.: Presbyterian Fellowship I-IV: Secretary III-IV: French Club I-IV: Secretary IV: V.C.F. I: S.C.M. II-IV: Secretary of Vic. Chapter IV: German Club I. Future:-O.C.E, JEAN GALLOXYAY BRONVN, Toronto C491 Pass. Harbord C.I.: Vic. Music Club I: Italian Club II-III: Vic. French Club III: Future:-Kindergarten teacher. JOHN FRANCIS BROXVN. XVesthill, Ont. C501 Sociology. Oceanside High, N.Y.: Sociology Club III-IV. Future:-Social XVork. M. KATHLEEN BROXVN, Toronto C511 Modern Languages and Literature, Humberside C.I.: Vic. French Club: German Club, Executive II: Make-up for The Varsily III: Radio XYorkshop III: Music Club Stagehand I: V.C.F. I. MILES KEITH HENRY BROVVN, Toronto C521 Pass. XYestern Tech.: Varsity Christian Fellowship: Victoria Church Students Union. Future:-Ministry. ROBERT M. P. BROXVN, Oshawa. Ont. C531 Pass, Oshawa C.I.: Hart House Table Tennis Club: Vic. Tennis: Intramural Tennis. Future:-Perhaps Meds at McGill or VVestern. THOMAS FREDERICK STEVENS BROVVN, Toronto fl! K E C541 Pass, Lawrence Park C.I.: Drums in Blue and YVhite Band I-III: Member of C.O.T.C. Future:-M.A. in Zoology. XVILENA GRACE BROXVN, Kemptown, N.S. C551 Pass. Colchester County Academy: S.C.M. I-III: V.C.S.L'. II-III. Future:-Emmanuel College. XV. S. J. BROXVN C561 Pass. ADA BEVERLEY BRYAN, Toronto ' C571 Household Economics, Forest Hill C.I.: Household Economics Club I-IV: Secretary IV: XVymilwood Music Committee III-IV: Orna- mental Swimming IV. JOHN BRUCE BUCKLES, VVhitevale. Ont. C581 Pass, Markham High: Vic. Senior Soccer: Squash: Tennis: Baseball. Future:-Teaching. XYILLIAM ALBERT BUIK, Toronto fill' A C591 Political Science 8: Economics, L'.T.S. Vic. Swimming I-II: XVater polo II-III: Future:-Law. XVALTER MICHAEL BIILEYCHIIK, Toronto C601 Pass. Vaughan Rd. C.I.: Archery Club II-III: Varsity Intermediate Rugby Team III: Rifle Club II: Future:-Business or Osgoode Hall. ARNOLD SINCLAIR BURGIS. Toronto C611 Oriental Languages, East York C.I.: Varsity Christian Fellowship I- IV: President IV: Near East Club II-IV: Vice-President IV. Future:-Post grad Study, Theology. CATHARYN AUDREY BURKE, Lindsay. Ont. C621 Philosophy. Lindsay C.I.: Vic. Music K Dramatic Clubs II-IV: Tennis: Swimming: Painting. Future :-Post grad work. XVILLIAM LOUIS BURRIDGE, Toronto C631 Pass. XVestern Tech.: University Symphony Orchestra I-II: School Shows:-L'.C. Follies I: School Nite I-Il: All-Varsity Review II. Future:-O.C.E. MARY SETON BURVVASH. Locust Hill, Ont. C641 Pass, Markham High. Future:-XVho can tell? BETTY JULIAN BUTCHART, Shelburne, Ont. Modern History and Modern Languages, Shelburne C655 Hugh, Vic. Music Club I, Vic. French Club III-IV, Modern History Club IV, International Relations Club IV, Skiing, Music, and O.A.C. Week- ends! EDWIN DOUGLAS CABLE, Owen Sound, Ont. C665 Pass, Runnymede C.I., International Relations Club, Vic. Married Men's Club, Liberal Association. Future:-O.C.E., Teaching, home, children, garden, far, far away from Toronto. V OLGA JOAN CABLE, Toronto C675 Household Economics, Malvern C.I., Household Economics Club I- IV, Treasurer II, Third Year Rep. . MARY AGNES CADEN, Toronto Modern Languages 8: Literature, East York C.I., Frenc C685 h Club IVIV, Fourth Year Rep. IV, German Club, Canterbury Club, S.C.M. Future:-O.C.E. DONALD HUME CAMERON, Toronto C695 Pass, U.T.S., Geography Club II-III, Jr. Vic. Soccer Team I, Explorers Society III. ' Future:-Possibly M.A. Course in Geography. JANE ISABELLE CAM ERON, Niagara Falls, Ont. C705 .Pass, N.F.C.V.I., Vic. French Club II-III, Vic. Dramatic Club I-III, Make-up, Reporting, The Varsity III. RONALD WOLFE CAMERON, Toronto C715 Pass. North Toronto C.I., Professional Musician E..Stroud Orchestra. Future:-Postgrad work in Business Administration, University of Western Ontario. MARY EDNA CAMPBELL, Toronto Philosophy, Oakwood C.I. RUTH MARGARET CAMPBELL, Northmount, Ont. Pass, Earl Haig C.I., Tennis, Archery, Vic. Show. Future:-Dress Designing. CATHARINE ANN CARD, Guelph, Ont. English Language and Literature, Guelph C.I., Liberal IV, President IV, Acta Vicloriana, Associate Editor Hockey II-III. JAMES GARRY CARL, Toronto C725 C735 C745 Arts Club I- IV, Victoria C755 Pass, Forest Hill C.I., Victoria Senior Hockey I-III, Sports Reporter. The Varsily, Sports Editor, Acla Vicloriana, Publicity, Blue Sz VVhite Society. MERVYN JOHN CARLTON, Willowdale, Ont. Pass, Melville, Sask., High, President of Carlton Corp. Future:-Social Service Work. f FRANCIS CHAPMAN, Toronto Philosophy and English, U.T.S., Amateur Dramatics. Future:-Indefinite-Post grad Architecture, Harvard? STANLEY NORMAN CHARTERIS, Toronto Geological Sciences, Oakwood C.I., Coleman Geology President III, President IV, Water polo, Vic. II. Future:-Mining. JAMES EWART CHARTERS, Toronto Physiology 8: Biochemistry, Humberside C.I. Future:-Medicine. PHILIP FRED CHIDLEY, Toronto Pass, Napanee C.I. Future:-Post grad work at Toronto. GEORGINA GLORIA CHORAS, St. Thomas, Ont. Psychology. Future:-Post grad work in U.S.A. FRANK TAYLOR CLIFTON, Toronto ' Physics and Geology, North Toronto C.I. Future:-Post grad work at Stanford. ALAN PATRICK COLE, Toronto General, Parkdale C.I., Commerce Club III, Universit III, Golf. Future :-Business Career. FRANK GARTH COLLINS, Toronto Pass, North Toronto C.I. HELEN MARY COLLYMORE, Toronto C765 C775 C785 Club, Vice- C795 C805 C815 C325 y Basketfazll C845 C855 Music, Humberside C.I., Vic. Music Club I-IV, Pianist for Glee Club I-II, Wymilwood Music Committee III-IV. Future:-Studying Sz Teaching Music. VICTORIA COLLEGE 45 VICTORIA COLLEGE -1 46 nn- 7-v R' HARRIETT E. C. COLTHAM. Parry Sound. Ont. C863 English Language and Literature. Parry Sound High: Music Club: Glee Club. Future :-Post grad work at Toronto. FRANKLAND SHAXV COOK. Toronto C873 Biology. Parkdale C.I.: Biology Club I-IV: II Yr. Rep.: Secretary III: President IV. Future:-Post grad work. ELEANOR ELAINE COSENS. Toronto C883 gas? Essex High: Music Club of Vic.: French Club: Toronto Art u . Future:-Personnel work. ELIZABETH ANN COULTER, Toronto C893 Psychology, Parkdale C.I.: Psychology Club I-IV. CAROLYN EVA COX, Chatham. Ont. C903 Modern History, Chatham C.I.: House President IV: Treasurer A.S.G.A. III: Vic Music Club I-IV: History Club III-IV. Future:-O.C.E. and Teaching. HARRY MORRIS COYLE. XVindsor. Ont. C913 Pas. MARILYN CARSCALLEN CRANG. Toronto C923 Pass. Ontario Ladies College: Basketball I: Flying II: Badminton II- III: Vic. Music II. Future :-Interior Design. DONALD HUME CRAWFORD. Toronto KA C933 Pax. U.T.S.: Vic. Rugby I: Golf: Vic. lst team Hockey I-II. Future:-General Insurance Agent, in partnership with brother. LAURA MAY CREALY. Strathroy. Ont. C943 Pass. Strathroy C.I. ,IOHN XVILLIAM CRIPPS, Burk's Falls. Ont. C953 Pas. Burk's Falls Continuation. Future:-Teacher. FRANCES EILEEN CROOKE. Victoria Harbour. Ont. C963 English Language 8: Literature. Midland High. Future:-O.C.E. MARJORIE ADELAINE CROOKE. Victoria Harbour. Ont. C973 English Language and Literature, Midland High. Future:-O.C.E. CONSTANCE DENISE CROWE. North Bay. Ont. C983 Pass. North Bay C.I.: Vic Basketball I-III: Baseball III: Vic Liberal Arts I: Volleyball II-III: Annesley Hall House Executive. Future:-O.C.E. JAMES EDXVIN CRUISE. Port Dover, Ont. C993 Biology. Simcoe High: Biology Club I-IV: South House As. Soc. Director I: President III-IV: Vic. College Men's Residence Council , Secretary-Treasurer III: Chairman IV. Future:-Post grad XVork. MARILYN JUNE CUDMORE. Toronto C1003 Pass. Oakwood C.I.: All-Varsity Review II: Vic. Scarlet and Gold III. GORDON VICTOR CULLINGHAM. Toronto A C101l goliticizitlfcience and Economics. Bradford High: Political Science lub - V. Future:-M.A. at Toronto in Political Science. then the Department of External .-Njairs. THOMAS FREDRICK CULLY, Toronto C1023 Pass. XVestern Tech. JOCELYN D. G. CUNNINGHAM. St. Catharines. Ont. C1033 Pass. St. Catharines C.I.: C.C.F. Club. Publicity I-III: Historian II: Campus Co-operative. Future :-School of Social XVork. JOAN IRENE DALES. Ansonville. Ont. C1043 Pass, Iroquois Falls High: Music Club: Vic Swimming Curator III: Volleyball: Badminton: Swimming: Ice-skating. Future:-O.C.E. GWENDOLYNNE MARGARET DAVENPORT. Toronto C1053 English Language S: Literature. Jarvis C.I.: Liberal Arts Club. Treasurer IV: Modern History Club III-IV: Philosophical Society I- IV. MICHAEL DONALD DAXVES. Toronto C1063 Pass. Humberside C.I.: Graduate of C.O.T.C. Training: Played Trumpettin Toronto Orchestras. Future:-Salesman for Business Firm, with preference for oil company CShell3. FRANCIS GEORGE DeCARROL. Campbellford. Ont. C1073 Pass. Campbellford High: Singer. Vic. Music Club Operas: Radio: Golf: Badminton. ' Future:-Osgoode. 'Sn . ...A FRANK DENBEIGH, Toronto C1083 Pass, Rehab.: Social VVork Club. Future:-Post grad work at School of Social Work. HARRY MELVILLE DENNING, Toronto C1093 Pass, Riverdale C.I.g All extra curricular work is mainly church work. Future:-Emmanuel College-Christian Ministry. WILLIAM JAMES CONDY DICKINSON, Toronto C1103 -Pass, Humberside C.I.g Drama Critic I-III The Varsilyg Contributor II-III and Drama Editor III A da Viclorianag Hart House Theatre. Future:-Post grad English. DONALD BLAKE DODDS, Toronto C1113 Law, Oshawa C.I.g Editor of the School of Law Reviewg justice of the Moot Court. Future:-Post grad work at Toronto ROBERT CHIPMAN DOWSETT, Toronto A A Cb C1123 Mathematics 81 Physics, U.T.S.g Victoria College Rugby I-IIIQ Captain III. Future:-Studying to be an Actuary. BRIDGET ANN DRUGAN, Toronto C1133 Philosophy. Success High, Sask. Future:-Post graduate work in history. ROSS NEILL DRUMMOND, Toronto C1143 'Modern Languages, North Toronto C.I.g International Relations Club IV3 French Club. Future:-Expect to do Post Grad work either here or in Europe. THOMAS ROBERT DRYDEN, Toronto W' 1' C1153 Pass, Malvern C.I.g Victoria Rugby II-IIIQ Vic. Bob II, Vic. At- Home Show II, Scarlet and Gold III. Future:-Sales Job in United States. FRANCES DOREEN DUFF, Toronto C1163 English Language and Literature, Forest Hill C.I.g Swimming Team III-IVQ Reporter The Varsity IVQ V.C.F. I-III, Tennis, VVriter's Club, Radio Acting Course III. Future:-O.C.E. HAZEL CAROLYN DURKEE, Aylmer, Ont. C1173 Pass, Aylmer High. DOUGLAS RAY DYMENT, Toronto 'IJ I' A C1183 Political Science and Economics, Upper Canada College: Victoria College Water polo III-IV. Future:--Going into the mounting and finishing of point-of-sale advertising. ROBERT BRADFORD EDMONDS. Toronto C1193 Modern History, U.T.S.g Modern History Club I-IV, Treasurer IV: Victoria Music Club I-IVg lst Vice-President IV: U.N.T.D. I-IV, Vic. Soccer I-IV: Manager Vic. Il-IIIg Tennis . Future:-Post grad work at Harvard, Department of External Affairs C?3 MILTON THOMAS EDWARDS, Lansing, Ont. C1203 Pass, Earl Haig C.I.g Sailing Clubg Swimming, Water polo. Future:-Post grad work. R. M. ELLEN C1213 JAMES SINCLAIR ELLIOT, Toronto C1223 Modern History, Parkdale C.I.g Modern History Club, Liberal Associationg International Relations Club. Future:--O.C.E. ROBERT LORAM ELLIS, Toronto C1233 Physics and Geology, Humberside C.I.g Treasurer M. K P. Society Ilg C.O.T.C. I-III, Skiing. Future 1-Geophysical Work. NORMAN AUSTIN ENDICOTT, Toronto C1243 Philosophy, .Vaughan Road C.I.g Historical Society IVg Labour Progressive Party Club: Hart House Debates Committee IV. Future :-To struggle for peace, democracy and a Socialist Canada! BOB O. ENGEL DE JANOSI, Montreal, Que. C1253 Pass, Montreal Highg Modern History Club Ig Vic. Drama Club I- IIIg Publicity Director Ilg Associate President III. Future :-Post graduate work at McGill. MIRIAM ELAINE ESCH, Toronto C1263 Music, Harbord C.I. ANITA GRACE EVANS. Toronto C1273 Physics and Geology, Malvern C.I. Future :-Post grad work at Toronto. SALLY MAE EVANS, Huntsville, Ont. C1283 Pass, Huntsville High. Future:-Secretarial work. SHIRLEY ELLEN FARAGHER, Toronto C1293 Pass. North Toronto C.I.g Basketballg Swimmingg Bowling. VICTORIA COLLEGE 47 VICTORIA COLLEGE 48 GORDON MACKAY FARQUHARSON. Toronto fb I' A C1305 Pass. Lawrence Park C.I. Future:-Osgoode Hall. FLORENCE ISABEL FARRAND. Toronto C1315 Pass. St. Clement's School: All-Varsity Choir II: Vic. Glee Club III: Hockey: Skiing: Badminton. Future:-Go places and do things. JEAN MARIE FARRELL, Toronto C1325 Pass, St. Clements School: I.R.C.: Badminton: Skating. PATRICK JAMES FARRELL, Toronto C1335 Geological Sciences, Riverdale C.I. Future:-Considering post grad work. E. T. COLLETTE FERGUSON, Brockville, Ont. C1345 Pass. Bowmanville High: The Varsily Reporter: Girl's Tennis Curator for Victoria College III: International Relations Club II-III. Future:-Journalism. DENNIS GEORGE FIELD. Toronto C1355 Modern History, North Toronto C.I.: Modern History Club I-IV: International Relations Club IV: University Air Training Flight. Future:-Law at Osgoode Hall. HEDRBERT STANLEY FILLMORE, Toronto C1365 ass. FRANK BOYD FINGLAND, Clinton. Ont. C1375 Pass, Clinton C.I.: Liberal Club I-III: International Relations Club III: Vic. Hockey I-II: Residence Athletic Director III: I.'.N.T.D. I- III. Future:-Post grad work. MICHAEL HARTMAN FINNELL, Pasadena, Calif. AT C1385 Pass, Asheville High: Vice-President of AT Fraternity: Squash: Political Science Club. Future:--Harvard Business School. RUTH ELIZABETH FLUHRER, Niagara Falls, Ont. C1395 Pass, Niagara Falls C.I.: Business Course in spare time III. Future:-Possibly O.C.E. I GEORGE ALBERT FORD ,Toronto C1405 General, Humberside C.I.: Hart House Camera Club I-IV: Pipe- Band II-IV: President III-IV: Commerce Club I-IV: Swimming 8: Life Saving Instructor III-IV. Future:-4 Months Travel, Then Business-Selling. J. GRAHAM FRASER, Toronto C1415 Pass, Humberside C.I.: Vic. Basketball I-II. MARGARET ELEANOR FRASER, Regina. Sask. C1425 Pass, Regina Central C.I.: Tennis: Badminton: Music Club: Figure Skating: Singing: Piano Playing: Bridge. WILLIAM ROBERT FREEBORN, Toronto C1435 Pass, Jarvis C.I.: Social VVork Club II-III: Treasurer: Publicity. F uture:-Social work-boys work. XVILLIAM JOHN FREEMAN, Toronto C1445 Pass, Harbord C.I.: Italian Club II-III: Spanish Club III: German Club I-II: French Club I: Vic. Drama Club I: I.S.O. III: Fencing III: Gymn VVork III. Future:-Post grad work at U. of T. RUTH MARGARET FRUIN, XValkerton, Ont. C1455 Music, VValkerton High: Wymilwood Music Committee. Future:-Library School. DAVID FULFORD, Port Hope, Ont. C1465 Pass, Port Hope High. Future:-Post grad at Queen's. KENNETH ROY FULFORD, Toronto C1475 English Language and Literature, Kitchener C.I.: Glee Club: Chess lub. Future:-Teacher. JANET ANGEL FULTON, Toronto C1485 Pass. Malvern C.I.: Tennis: Swimming: Skiing: Sunday Group Helper. Future:-Teaching. HILDA MARGARET GALBRAITH, Toronto C1495 Pass, Northern Vocational. ERNESTINE GARDINER, Englehart, Ont. C1505 Psychology: All-Varsity Choir: A.S.G.A. Future :-Psychology applied toeducation. DAVID EMMETT GARDNER, Toronto C1515 Art and Archaeologyg Lawrence Park C.I.: Victoria Dramatic Society I-IVQ President IVQ U. of T. Drama Committee Chairman IV: Hart House Theatre Dunois-St. Joang Benvolio, Antony- Julius Caesar. Future:-Dramatics with Straw Hat Players. DOUGLAS GIRDVVOOD GARDNER, Sudbury, Ont. C1525 Pass. Sudbury High. Future:-Theology CEmmanuel College5. MARGARET M. GARDNER, Toronto C1535 Pass, North Toronto C.I.g Vic. Music Club Ig Vic. Drama Club I'IIIg Social Directress III. 1 . Future:-Normal school for kindergarten specialist work. ELIZABETH IRENE GASKELL, Guelph, Ont. C1545 Pass, Guelph C.I.: Social Work Club I-IIIQ Associate President III. Future:-School of Social Work. YOLANDA LOUISE GASSYT, Toronto C1555 Modern Languages, Scarboro C.I.g French Club: German Club, II Representative of French Club. VVILLIAM RONALD GEARING, Toronto C1565 Modern History, East York C.I.: Modern History Club I-IV, U. of T. C.C.F.g 2nd Year C.O.T.C.g Historical Club IV. Future:--Post grad work. JAMES VERNON GEIGER. Kitchener, Ont. C1575 Pass, Kitchener-Waterloo C.I.g Varsity Christian Fellowship. Future:-Post grad work. ISABELLE ESTELLA GEORGE, Wetaskiwin, Alta. C1585 Geography, Wetaskiwin Highg Geography Club II-IVg Swimming, Musicg Concerts: Dramatic Activities. Future:-Work with Dominion Government or private firm in geographic work. PATRICIA BEATRICE GERMAN, Brantford, Ont. C1595 Pass, Brantford C.I.g House President of Residence in III Yearg Member of International Relations Club. Future:-Personnel Work. DONALD MCQUEEN GIBSON, Tillsonbury, Ont. C1605 Pass, Tillsonbury Highg Treasurer V.C.A.U.q Ada Vicloriana Staff. Future :-Osgoode. JAMES SHAW GILCHRIST, Toronto C1615 Pass, Vaughan Road C.I. Future:-Entering Knox College to train for Presbyterian Church Ministry. J. A. GILLESPIE C1625 BRUCE CLARK GORDON, Toronto C1635 General, Lawrence Park C.I.: Golfg Bowlingg Skiing, Photography. Future:-Undecided but probably post grad in States. ANN McNEILL GLANVILLE, Jamaica, B.W.I. C1645 Art and Archaeology, Dramatic Society II-IVg Pictures Committeeg Alumni Hall III-IV. HAROLD ALVIN GORRELL, Peterboro, Ont. C1655 Geological Sciences, Geraldton High. Future.-Glacial Geography and Soil Conservation HAROLD FREDERICK GEORGE GOSS. Toronto C1665 Pass, Rehab.g Tennisg Badmintong Chessg Music Appreciation Group. Future:-Post grad at school of social work. WILLIAM RONALD GOWLAND Toronto 167 . C 5 General, Humberside C.I.5 University Naval Training Division. Future 1-Business position. MRS. EVELYN ELIZABETH GRAHAM, Calgary, Alta. C1685 Pass, Crescent Heights C.I.3 Glee Clubg Secretary Treasurer U. of T. Film Society: International Relationships Club. Ilfuture:-Social Service Work with husband, under United Church in apan. JESSIE JEAN GRAHAM. North Cobalt, Ont. C1095 Pf1s?ICobalt Highg Vice-President of A.S.G.A. III, All-Varsity Choir PEGGY-ANNE GRAY, Toronto C1705 Psychology. London Central C.I.3, Vic. Glee Club I-IVQ All Varsity Revue III-IV. Future:-Clinical Psychology. CLARE COLIN GREEN, Toronto . C1715 Pass, York Memorial C.I., Bob Committee IIQ Director of Bob III. Future:-Law. HARRY H. GREEN, Guelph, Ont. C1725 Political Science and Economics, Guelph C.I.: Editor-in-Chief, Acta Victorianag Vice-Pres. V.C.U. IIIQ Debating Parliament Exec. III-IVg Speaker of the House IVg U.N.T.D. II. VICTORIA COLLEGE 49 VICTORIA COLLEGE 50 ALAN FRANK GREGORY, Lindsay. Ont. C1737 Geological Sciences. Div. 1, Lindsay C.I.: Coleman Geology Club I- IV: Vic. lNIusic Club IV: Vic. Track I-II-IVQ Intercollegiate Track. Future:-Postgrad work. RODGER CAMERON GREIG. Toronto C1747 Art 8: Archaeology. Humberside C.I.g Secretary, Fine Art Club IV. Treasurer. Society for American .Archaeology III-IVQ Museum Digs, Summers I-Il. Future:-Archaeology andfor Art Teaching CO.C.E.7 GOWAN THOMAS GUEST, Toronto 111 K II C1757 Political Science and Economics, Malvern C.I.3 Vic. Lacrosse: Basketball, Historical Club. Future :-Law Studies. HELGA ANDREA HAAS, Toronto C1767 Modern Languages and Literature, Forest Hill Highg lst. Year Rep. French Club. Class Associate Pres. IIQ Assistant Social Directress IIIg Concert Committee CWymilwood7 II-IIIQ Skiingg Swimming. Future:-Interpreter's work. THOMAS WARD HADDON. Toronto 2 N C1777 Pass. Malvern C.I. Future:-Medicine. EDWARD LEE HALL, Palermo. Ont. C1787 Modern Languages and Literatures, Humberside C.I.: French Club I-IV: President IV: German Club I-IVQ Treasurer VVymilwood Concert Committee. DONALD EDVVIN HAMILTON, Toronto C1797 Modern History, Lawrence Park C.I.: Vic. Married Students Club I-IV: Modern History Club II-IVQ President IVQ Reserve Army. ' Future:-Post grad work. LLOYD XYILLIAM HAMILTON. Brighton, Ont. ZX C1807 Pass. Brighton High. Future:-Any offers? HEMPTON OLIVER HANNA. Ottawa. Ont. C1817 Pass. Kinburn Continuation. Future :-Emmanuel College. RONALD GEORGE HANSON. Toronto C1827 Pass. Central Commerce. Future:-O.C.E.-Commercial Teacher. GERALD HARDY. Toronto C1837 Physiology and Biochemistry, VVestern Tech. M. ELIZABETH NANCY HARPER, Toronto C1847 General, Runnymede C.I.: Honour Science Club I-IV: Social Directress III: President IV: Vic. Music Club I-IVg Food Chemistry Club III-IV. Future :-Laboratory work in Food Industry. BARBARA MARY HARRIS, Toronto C1857 Pass. Forest Hill C.I.: 3rd yr. rep., Vic. Debating Parliamentg The Varsity reporter: Junior Philosophy Club II-III. Future :-To become educated. MRS. JACQUELINE JOAN HARRIS, Lansing. Ont. C1867 Household Economics, Earl Haig Highg Victoria College Music Club Ilg Household Economics Club I-IV: Future:-Looking after my husband and having babies. MILDRED ELEANOR HARRISON, New Liskeard, Ont. C1877 Modern History, New Liskeard High: Modern History Club I-IV: Psychology Club I. Future :-Journalism. CATHERINE ISOBEL HART, XYoodstock. Ont. C1887 Household Economics. VVoodstock C.I.g V.C.U. Assembly III: House Economics Club I-IV. Future:-Marriage-Object: 6.8. JOHN LINDEN HARVEY, Byron. Ont. C1897 Geological Sciences, London South C.I.: Coleman Club II-IVQ Vic. Music Club III-IVQ Stage Manager IVQ House Executive III-IVg President IVQ Residence Council IV. Future:-Post grad work. IAN RAE HASTINGS, Fergus, Ont. C1907 Pass. Fergus High, Social XYork Clubg Lacrosse CVic. 173 Minor League Basketball. Future :-School of Social XYork. EVELYN H. B. HAUGHTON-BUCKLEY, Toronto C1917 Art and Archaeology, Parlcdale C.I.g Reporter The Varsity Ilg I.S.S. Ilg Fine Art Club III-lVg Vic. Dramatic Club IVQ Musicg Sports. PATRICIA DENNISTOUN HAULTAIN, Toronto C1927 Pass, Havergal C.I.g Exchange Student Secretary for Austrian Studentsg Tour: International Relations Club III. JOHN C. HAYDON, Toronto C1937 General. Future:-High school commercial teacher. 3"5"5.! 1-rg " RILLA JOSEPHINE HEBERT, Toronto C1919 Classics, Humberside C.I.g Vic. Classics Clubg Secretary Illg Presi- dent IV. Future:-To attend O.C.E. and Teach. JEAN WILLIAMS HEMPHILL, Kitchener, Ont. C1955 Pass, Kitchener-Waterloo C.I. DORA JEAN HENDERSON, Toronto 1196, Household Economics, Vaughan Road C.I.: Household Economics Club I-IV, Softball III-IVg Badminton III-IV. Future:-Dietitian. JACK VINCENT HENRY, Toronto I - C1975 Pass, Malvern C.I.g Vic. Soccer I-IIIg Vic. Minor League Basketball II-III. Future:-Law at Osgoode Hall. BETTY MARY HERRIDGE, Toronto C1985 Household Economics, East York C.I., Household Economics Club I-IVQ Basketball I-IV: Softball IIIg Volleyball I. Future:-Ontario College of Education. MARGARET AILEEN HEWITT, Kincardine, Ont. C1995 Latin and French, Kincardine Highg Classics Club I-IV: Treasurer, French Clubg House President, Canterbury Club I-IVg IV Secretary. Future:-O.C.E.-exchange teaching abroad. FREDERICK HAROLD HICKMAN, Toronto A C2005 Mathematics and Physics, Riverdale C.I.g M. 81 P. Society. Future:-O.C.E. CHARLES ALBERT HILL, Toronto C2015 Pass, Lawrence ParK C.I., International Relations Club: Blue and White Band. Future:-Music Ancient History. BARBARA ANN RUTH I-IILLIARD, Waterloo, Ont. C2025 Modern History and Modern Languages, Kitchener-Waterloo C.I.: History Club III-IVQ French Club I-IV, International Relations Club III-IV, All-Varsity Chorus II-Illg Social Director and Vice-President Waldie House. Future :-Post grad work. JOHN OSWALD HINDS. Sudbury. Ont. C2035 Pass, Sudbury High. Future:-Osgoode Hall. CATHERINE JOAN HOAKEN. Toronto C2045 English Language and Literature., Humberside C.I.g Music Club II. Future:-Post grad-Maybe-otherwise "The cold, cruel world". JEAN MARION HODGSON, Mindemoya, Ont. C2055 Pass, Mindemoya Continuationg Volunteer Worker at University Settlement. MISS D. V. T. HOLDING C2065 HELEN MAY HOLT, Toronto C2075 Modern Languages and Literatures, North Toronto C.I.g Varsity Christian Fellowship I-IV, Secretary Treasurer III. Future:-Bilingual Secretarial Position. FRANCES HOPPER, Toronto C2085 Pass, Glebe C.I.g All-Varsity Chorus I-Hg Vic. Writer's Group, Convener III3 Fine Arts Club III. Future:-Teaching School. JOHN FREDERICK HORRICKS, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. C2095 Pass, Bruce Mines Highg Social Workers Club. Future :-School of Social Work, Toronto. JACK WESLEY HOWARD, Toronto C2105 Pass, Malvern C.I.g Secretary of Junior Optimist Clubg Minor League Basketball: Hockey. Future:-Post grad work at Western. WILLIAM DAVID HUGHEY, Brampton, Ont. C2115 Pass, Brampton High, Dramaticsg Music, Sketching. Future:-Post grad work in history. JOHN DOUGLAS HULL, Vancouver, B.C. C2125 Pass. Lord Byng C.I. Future:-Post grad work at U. of T. ALBERT CHARLES HUTCHENS, Weston, Ont. C2135 Pass, Rehab. Future:-Raising a family, building a house, teacher. DOUG JAMES HUTCHINGS, Newmarket, Ont. C2145 Pass, Trinity College Schoolg Ski Club, Soccer. Future :-Davis Leather Newmarket. VICTORIA COLLEGE 51 l i VICTORIA COLLEGE 52 MISS J. E. INGLIS ELMA INNANEN, Guelph, Ont. Pass, Harriston High. ' Future:-Teaching. KATHLEEN PRUNELLA JARVIS, Toronto Pass, St. Joseph Highg Reporter The Varsily. Future:-Journalism. RUTH ALISON JEFFRIES, Grimsby, Ont. C2155 C2165 C2175 C2185 General, Grimsby High: V.C.W.A.A. Exec. II-IVQ V.C.U. Assembly II-IVQ U. of T. Athletic Directorate IVQ International Relations Clubg Vic. Tennis, Hockeyg Softball, Golfg Basketball. Future:-Business Career. ELLEN MAUREEN JESSOP, Toronto Pass, Oakwood C.I.: French Club Ig Languageg Tennis. Future:-School of Social Work. WILLIAM MERVYN JESSOP, Bradford, Ont. Pass, Bradford High. LOIS HILDA JEWELL, New Liskeard, Ont. Music New Liskeard Highg International Relations Club I-Ilg Badminton: Bridge. Future:-O.C.E. FLORENCE ELEANOR JEWITT, Toronto Pass, Sarnia C.I. Club IVg C2195 C2205 C2215 Music C2225 MARTHA ANN MARGARET JOB, Burlington, Ont. I Household Economics, Burlington High, House Ec. Club I-IVg House Softballg Basketball. Future:-Commercial Dietetics. C2235 JOAN LILLAIN JOHNSTON, Toronto C2245 Modern History, Athens Highg Music Club II-IVQ History Club III- IVg Painting: Spanish Club I. Future:--To see the world. JOHN STUART JONES, Toronto C2255 Pass, Humberside C.I. RUTH GEORGINA JOURDAN, Ottawa, Ont. C2265 Pass, Haileybury Highg A.S.G.A.g House Treas. Ig House President III3 Social Work IIIQ Tennis. Future:-Institute of Child Study. WINIFRED RUTH JULIAN, Looe, Cornwall, England C2275 Pass, Skatingg Tennisg Farming. I Future:-Post grad work and a job in B.C. EVA KARRVS, Toronto C2285 Psychology. St. Clement's Schoolg Psychology Club II-IV: Music Club I-III: International Relations Club IV, Vic. Revue IV, Skiing. Future:-Clinical Psychology. RONALD MCALPINE KAY, Toronto C2295 Political Science and Economics, Malvern C.I.g Premier of Ontario Older Boy's Parliament. Future:-Employment. ECCLESTON A. KEAN, Kingston, Jamaica C2305 General. Jamaica College, I.S.O. II-IV, Vic. Track Team Ilg Vic. and Varsity Soccer II-IV. - Future:-Work in Biological Sciences-Teaching. ALAN BRIAN KELLEY, Toronto C2315 Pass, Humberside C.I. ESME HELEN KERR, Toronto C2325 Physiology and Biochemistry, Jarvis C.I.: Vic. Music Club I-III5 Honour Science Club I-IVg Biology Club I-II. Future:-Master's Degree in Physiology. then? MARGARET MARY KEYS, Ottawa, Ont. I C2335 Household Economics, Lisgar C.I.g Student Christian Movement I- IV: Music. Future:-Commercial Food Research. Hope to join my family, now living in Vancouver. WILFORD FITZGERALD KIMBER, Toronto C2345 Pass, Lawrence Park C.I. Future:-Law-Osgoode Hall. SUMMER MARY KING, Milton, Ont. C2355 General, Oakville C.I.g Vic. Music Clubg Glee Club II-IVg Household Economics Club I-IV. Future:-Hospital Training in Dietetics-then nutritionist work. '.O STANLEY JAMES KNIGHT. Toronto T C2363 Pass, Malvern C.I., Vic. Rugby, Skiing, Vic. Hockey, Flying. Future:-U. of T. Law Course. JANET MASSEY KNOX, Toronto C2373 General, East York C.I. Future:-Further work in dietetics. STANLEY ROY KURISKO, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. C2383 Political Science Sz Economics. Soo C.I., V.C.U. Publicity Director III, V.C.U. President IV, Vic. Basketball I-II, Vic. Hockey I, Thompson Debates Finalist. MARGARET ARMSTRONG KYLE, Toronto C2393 Sociology, Branksome Hall, Tennis, Swimming. Future:-Social work or personnel work. C. ANN LAMBERT, Toronto C2403 Art and Archaeology, Jarvis C.I. WALLACE WARD LAM BERTON, Toronto C2413 Pass, Scarboro C.I. MARY LIZABETH LANE, Brussels, Ont. C2423 English Language and Literature, Clinton C.I., Member Vic. Dramatic Society I-IV, Publicity Director IV, Acted in Hart House Productions, Member Playwriters Group I-II, Radio Committee I- III, Roles in Radio Shows, Reviewer, The Varsity. Future:-Writing. FRANK OSCAR LASHLEY, Christ Church, Barbados C2433 Pass, Foundation Boys High, Tennis, Badminton, Swimming. ROBERT EDWARD LATIM ER, Seeley's Bay, Ont. C2443 Political Science and Economics, Seeley's Bay High, Political Science Club, International Relations Club. Future:-Civil Service Employment. GEORGE EDWARD LAWRENCE, Collingwood, Ont. C2453 Pass, Collingwood C.I., C.O.T.C. Armoured Corps. Future:-Probably O.C.E., perhaps the Canadian Army. CYRIL RAY LEACH, Toronto C2463 Pass, Minister of Temple Hill United Church, Music, Soccer. Future:-To contribute service in the church-upholding high ideals of art and Christian values. - CHARLES ROSS LEACHMAN, Toronto A X A C2473 Pass, Humberside C.I., Interfraternity Council Rep. I, Treasurer AXA II, III-Graduating my sole purpose? Future:-Post grad work at Toronto-alternative, travelling salesman. BRUCE DOUGLAS LEDGER, Toronto C2483 General, Bloor C.I., Commerce Journal III-Assistant Circulation Manager, Vic. Rugby III-IV. Future:-Chartered Accountancy. LESLIE JACKSON LEDREW, Montreal, Que. C2493 Pass, Rehab. Future:-Post grad psychology. BONNIE YVONNE MARIE LEESON, Thamesville, Ont. C2503 Pass, Thamesville Continuation, Swimming, Fencing, Golf. Future:-Teaching-U.S.A. MALCOLM BRITTON LENNOX, Toronto C2513 Pass, Vaughan Rd. C.I., Hart House Sketch Club I-III, Hart House Amateur Radio Club III, Maths and Physics Society I. MITCHELL LENNOX, Toronto C2523 Modern History, Mimico High. Future:-Teaching. AIRI E. LEPPANEN, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. C2533 Sociology, Sault C.I., Sociology Club, Basketball, Activities: Making a profession out of life in Annesley Hall. DON GRANT LEVITT, Toronto C2543 Art and Archaeology, York Memorial C.I., Victoria College Music Club I-IV. THOMAS WILLIAM LIGHTFOOT, Clarkson, Ont. C2553 Modern History, Port Credit High, Modern History Club III-IV, Music Club III-IV. Future:-Post grad work at Toronto. NORMAN KEITH LIVERMORE, Dundalk, Ont. C2563 gerhelral, Dundalk High, Tennis, Badminton, Hockey, Track and ie g Future:-Ontario College of Education, Teaching. VICTORIA COLLEGE 53 VICTORIA COLLEGE 54 . . -, 1-.i CHARLES DONALD LLOYD, Wingham. Ont. C2575 Pass, Wingham High, Golf, Tennis, Political Discussions, Fiction- Writing. Future:-Business Administration CWestern5. CHARLES HOWARD LOCHHEAD, Newburgh, Ont. C2585 Geography, Newburgh High, Geography Club I-IV. Future:-O.C.E. JUNE DOREEN LOUCH. Toronto C2595 General, Humberside C.I., Music Club I-IV, Social Directrss III, .associate President IV, Chemistry Club III, Food Chemistry Club Future:-To become a good food chemist. JACK T. LOWERY, Toronto C2605 Pass, U.T.S., Bob Committee, Basketball, V.C.F.g Swimming. Future:-Theology at Emmanuel College. ELLEN MacGREGO'R FANNAN LUNDY, Peterborough, Ont.C2615 Pass, Peterborough C.I., Student Christian Movement. ENID MARY LYON, Toronto C2625 Pass, Oakwood C.I. MICHAEL LYPKA, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. C2635 Pass, Sault Ste. Marie C.I. Future:-Osgoode Hall. CMRS.5 ADA RUTH MacDONALD, Orangeville, Ont. C2645 Household Economics, Orangeville High, Household Economics and apology Clubs I-IV, Campus Co-op. Res. II, Married III, Swimming MARGARET JEAN MacDONALD, Scotia, Ont. C2655 Pass, Sudbury High, U. of T. Senior Basketball I, Vic. Basketball Team I-II, University Aqua Show. Future:-Haven't seen my fortune teller yet. GORDON GRAHAM MacGILCHRIST, Toronto C2665 Pass, Northern Vocational. Future:-Teaching, and obtain M.A. degree. JOHN PERKINS MacGREGOR, Owen Sound, Ont. C2675 Pass, Owen Sound C.I., Dramatics, Tennis. Future:-Post grad work. DONALD JOHN MacKAY, Toronto C2685 Pass, North Toronto C.I., Victoriafl-Iockey I-III. Future:-Post grad work in Advertising. ELIZABETH JOYCE MacKAY, Toronto C2695 Modern History, Earl Haig C.I., Modern History Club I-IV, Vic. Music Club III-IV, Philosophy Club II, Geography Club III-IV. Future:-O.C.E. JOHN CLARK MacKENZIE, Bayfield, Ont. C2705 Pass, Sandwich C.I., Hart House Art Class, Vic. Basketball III-IV, Tennis, Swimming, Softball. Future:-Post grad work in personnel, see the world before marriage. ALLISON BERNICE MACKIE, Toronto C2715 Food Chemistry, North Toronto C.I., Food Chemistry Club IV, Music Club IV, Chemistry Club III. DOUGLAS N. MacKLEM, Toronto C272 5 Pass, Parkdale C.I. Future:-Attending the school of Law at U. of T. ELIZABETH ANN MacLEAN, Toronto C2735 Pass, Malvern C.I., Basketball Team Il-III. I Future:-Expect to enroll in the Schoolof Social Work or go into social work. RITA BLAIR MacLEAN, Toronto C2745 Modern Languages. EFFIE ALISTAIRE MacLENNON, New Haven, Connecticut C2755 gas? Clement's School, Vic. Music Club I-III, Vic. Dramatic l . Figure:--Post grad work in the States. MARGARET ELIZABETH MacLENNAN. New Toronto, Ont. C2765 Pass, Mimico High, All Varsity Mixed Chorus I-II. JESSIE CATHERINE MacLEOD, Baddeck, N.S. . C2775 Pass, Baddeck High, Victoria Glee Club, Associate President U. of T. S.C.M. Future :-Teen age counselling. ' i x IAN MacMILLAN C2785 Pass. MILDRED LOIS ANNE MacMlLLAN, Keewatin, Ont. C2795 Pass. Keewatin and Kenora High, Spanish Club IIIg Skatingg Tennis. Future:-Post grad work. WILDA LEE MacQUARRIE, Toronto C2805 Modern History, Malvern C.I.g Leslie Bell Singer. Future:-Post grad work. MARY ELIZABETH MacVICAR, London. Ont. C2815 Pass. Aylmer High. Future:-Theology, Emmanuel College. SYLVIA GERTRUDE MAGEE, Toronto C2825 Household Economics. Lawrence Park C.I.g Baseball Team III, Household Economics Executive Ig Vic. Bob Costumes III, Dramatic Club III. Future:-Home Economist or O.C.E. JOAN ETHEL MAHN, Toronto C2835 Pass, Lawrence Park C.I.g Spanish Club. Future:-Teaching. EARNEST WILLIAM NEIL MANN, Toronto C2845 Pass. Humberside C.I.g Vic. Major Basketballg Tennis. Future :-Osgoode. RUTH MARION MANNING, Grimsby, Ont. C2855 Pass, Grimsby Highg Music Club II3 I.R.C. III-IV, Blueand VVhite Society III-IVg S.A.C. IV, V.C.U. IV: Electricity. Future:--Time will tell! ALAN ROY MARCHMENT, Toronto C2865 Philosophy, Etobicoke C.I.g Blue 81 White Band I-III: U.N.T.D. I- IV. JUNE SUSHIEN MARK, Toronto C2875 Pass, Jarvis C.I.g Golf Clubg Tennis. Future:-School of Social Work. JEAN ISABEL MARTIN, Guelph, Ont. C2885 Pass, Guelph C.I.g Vic. Basketball I-III. Future:-Institute of Child Study and then Nursery School Work. WILLIAM CHARLES MARTIN, Leaside, Ont. C2895 Pass, Port Credit C.I.g Rifle Club. Future:-Medicine. BERNICE ADELENE MARTYN, Ripley, Ont. C2905 Pass, Ripley High, S.C.M. II-III: Glee Club IIIgVic. seconds Hockey II-IIIQ Social Work at C.N.H. Future:--Possibly Institute of Child Study. CARLTON LIVINGSTONE MATEER, North Bay, Ont. C2915 Mathematics and Physics, North Bay C.I. DOUGLAS KENNETH EDWIN MATTHEWS, Toronto C2925 General, Malvern C.I.g Law Club I-IIIQ Tennis, Swimmingg Table Tennisg Made U. of T. windshield stickers. Future:-To work hard, live long. and die happy. SIDNEY JOHN MAYNARD, Toronto C2935 Pass, East York C.I. GERALD HARVEY MAYNES, St. Catharines, Ont. C2942 Psychology. St. Catharines C.I.g President. Gate House, Chairman. House Committee: Residence Councilg Vic. Lacrosse, Volleyball. Basketball and Soccer. AGNES GILLIES MCARTHUR, Port Credit, Ont. C2955 Pass, Port Credit C.I.g Badminton Club IIIQ Dancing in Scarlet and Gold Revue III. Future:-May Attend O.C.E. . JEAN SHEILA MCARTHUR, Toronto C2965 Household Economics, Jarvis C.I.g Household Economics Club: Music Club. Future:-Ambition-Textile advertising or purchasing, actual plans very indefinite. ISABEL JEAN McBLAIN. Caledonia, Ont. C2975 Pass, Caledonia Highg Dramatic Society Ig House Treasurer IIS IIIrd year representative, Annesley Student Government Association- FRANK WILLIAM MCCAMUS, St. Catharines, Ont. C2985 Physics and Geology, St. Catharines C.I.g Vic. Sr. Soccer Team III, Basketball I-II. Future:-Stanford University, Post grad. VICTORIA COLLEGE 55 VICTORIA COLLEGE 56 NORAH ELIZABETH MCCLURE, Toronto C2993 Pass, Lawrence Park C.I.: Glee Club: S.C.M.: N.F.C.U.S. Rep. II. Future :-Teaching. VVILLIAM CRAXVFORD MCCLURE, Parry Sound, Ont. C3003 Physics and Geology, Parry Sound High. Future:-High School Teaching. O.C.E. MARY ELIZABETH MCCOSH, Kincardine. Ont. C3013 Modern Language and Literature. Kincardine High: Basketball I-IV: Softball II: I.R.C. IV: Music Club I-II. Future:-Ontario College of Education or Interpreting VVork. IVIARY IVICCREE, Toronto C3023 Music. St. Clements School: Victoria Music Club. Future:-XVedded Bliss C?3. MURRAY KNOX MCCUTCHEON, Shelburne, Ont. C3033 Geography. Shelburne High: Modern History Club I: Geography Club I-IV: President IV. Future:-Post grad work at U. of T. ALAN ANDREVV MCDERMOTT. Toronto C3043 Pass, Jarvis C.I. Sz D.V.A. Tutorial: C.O.T.C. I-III: Biology Club I- III: The Society for American Archaeology: Director for Hart House Exploration Society Inc. III. V Future:-Post grad work at Royal Ontario Museum and U. of T. in Vertebrate Palaeontology. FREDERICK CHARLES MCFADDEN. Toronto C3053 Modern History, Malvern C.I.: Lacrosse II-IV: Minor Basketball I- IV: The Varsity II: Modern History Club III-IV: Victoria Debating Parliament. President IV. Future:-O.C.E. ' SHEILA MAE MCDOUGALL, London. Ont. C3063 General. North Toronto C.I. MARY LL' MCGILL, Toronto C3073 Psychology, Lawrence Park C.I. Future:-XVould like to work in the Held of juvenile delinquency. VVILLIAM KYLE McGILLIS, Smiths Falls. Ont. C3083 Modern History. Smiths Falls C.I.: Modern History Club III-IV: Music Club CVic.3 I: President Ryerson House IV. Future:-Post grad work at Toronto. JOHN JAM ES MCHARDY, Hamilton, Ont. C3093 Pass, VVestdale C.I. Future:-Business. BETTY VERRALL MCKAY, Toronto C310i Modern Languages and Literature, North Toronto C.I.: Dramatic Club I-IV: French Club IAIV: Junior Philosophy Club II-IV. Future:-French Studies in Quebec City and O.C.E. HAROLD JOHN McKAY. Toronto C3113 Modern Languages and Literature, Humberside C.I.: Varsity Christian Fellowship I-IV: Membership Convener IV: French Club I-IV: Pianist III-IV: German Club I-IV: Vic. Chapel Pianist II: I.S.S. IV. Future:APost graduate work or O.C.E. JANET RUTH MCKERROVV, Toronto C3123 Food Chemistry, Humberside C.I.: Music Club I-IV: Honour Science Club I-IV: Food Chemistry Club IV: Vic. Swimming Team III: Aquatic Show IV. Future:-Lab andfor M.A. till marriage. JUNE STEVVART MCKIE, Kitchener, Ont. C3133 Pass. Kitchener-W'aterloo C.I. DONALD MCKILLICAN C3143 Pass. LORNE JOHN MCLACHLAN. Toronto C3153 Pass. U.T.S.: U. of T. Orchestra: Basketball: Church Young Peoples Groups: Victoria Bob. Future:-Teaching, perhaps a year of Post grad. ALLAN CARRICK MCLEAN, Toronto C3163 Pass, U.T.S.: Commerce Club I-II: Hart House Bridge Club: Golf: Photography. Future:-Studying for Chartered Accountant. RUTH ELIZABETH MCLELLAN. Toronto C3173 English Language and Literature. Humberside C.I.: Modern History Club II-IV: All-Varsity Mixed Chorus II-IV: Orchestra Librarian III: French Club I-IV: Philosophy Club I-IV: Varsity Christian Fellowship I-IV. Future:-Post graduate work. O.C.E. DELBERT ALEXANDER MCQUAID. Huntsville, Ont. C3183 Pass. Huntsville High: Square-Dancing. Future:-Four Year Medical Course at University of Michigan. Ann Arbor, U.S.A. AUGUST XVILLIAM MEACHAM, Princeton, Ont. C3193 Pass. V.C.F.: V.C.S.U. Secretary-Treasurer III. Future:-Enter Emmanuel College. EDITH JUNE MEAD, Hamilton, Ont. C3203 General, Lawrence Park C.I.: Household Economics Club: Athletics. Future:-Dietetic Field in Industry, Commercial or Hospital Line. EARL BEECHER MENZIES, Charing Cross, Ont. C3213 Pass. Law Club I-II: Vic. Bob II: Tennis: Hockey: U.N.T.D. I-II: Reserve Force Army Oiiicer. Future:-Post graduate work in U.S.A. FRANK HOGG MIDDLEMISS, Glasgow, Scotland U C3225 Pass, Glasgow High, Victoria Dramatic Society I-III, Swimming, Tennisg Photography. Future:-Teaching, first, a vacation in Europe. CMRS.5 DOROTHEA GLADYS MIDDLETON, Toronto C3235 Pass, Scarboro C.I., Varsity Christian Fellowship I-IIIQ Secretary II. Future:-Go with my husband, a Baptist minister, to Ethiopia as missionaries. THOMAS ALFRED MILBURN. Peterborough, Ont. I C3245 Mathematics and Physics, Peterborough C.I., Mathematics and Physics Society. Future:-Continue Actuarial Studies in Insurance Co. DOUGLAS RUSSELL MILLER, Toronto A T A C3255 Philosophy, Runnymede C.I. MARGARET ANNE MILLER, Toronto C3265 Pass, Lawrence Park C.I.g Music Club. Future:-Secretarial Course. I GORDON BALFOUR MILLING, Lindsay, Ont. C3275 Political Science aod Economics, Lindsay C.I.g H. H. Glee Club Ig Campus II-III, Associate Editor IIQ C.C.F. Club II-IV, President IV, Staff The Varsity III. I Future:fPost grad work, Toronto and London School OI-1ECOl1OTl"llCS DONALD HUGH MILLS, Toronto C3285 General, Lawrence Park C.I., Golfg Bridgeg Bowling. Future:-Law. MARJORIE ELIZABETH MILLS, Toronto C3295 Pass, Forest Hill C.I., Athletic Rep. lg Secretary II, Social Directress, V. .U. III. JOHN DUNBAR MILN E, Toronto C3305 Pass, North Toronto C.I., Victoria College Athletic Union, Track Curator, Intercollegiate Intermediate High Hurdle Champion 1947- 19483 U. of T. Senior Intercollegiate Track and Field Champion 1949- 1950. Future:-Insurance Broker in Father's Business-Maple Leaf Insurance Agencies. WILLIAM FRYSTON MILNES, Toronto C3315 Pass. ROBERT MORLEY MINTY, Toronto I C3325 English Language and Literature, North Toronto C.I. Future:-O.C. E. ALFRED HASKELL MITCHELL, Toronto C3335 General, Humberside C.I., Badminton Club. Future:-Chartered Accountancy. JEAN FLORENCE MITCHELL, Toronto C3345 Pass. Humberside C.I., Future:-Business College-Translator. JOAN MARJORIE MITCHELL, Toronto C3355 Pass, Lawrence Park C.I., Play Tennisg Badminton, Golfg Swim, Music. Future:-Social work. DONALD BATES MONTGOMERY, Toronto C3365 Physiology and Biochemistry, U.T.S.g Member of C.O.T.C.g Tennis, Squashg Swimmingg Skiing. Future:-Medicine at Toronto. MARILYN MONTGOMERY, Toronto C3375 Art and Archaeology. St. Clement'sg Fine Art Club. MARGARET ROBERTA MORGAN, Trail B.C. C3385 Pass, Trail Highg Victoria Basketball II-III, Varsity Aqua Show. Future:-Social work at U. of T. RUSSELL THOMAS MORGAN, Toronto C3395 Modern History, East York C.I., Modern History Club: Vic. C.C.F.g IV Assembly Rep. V.C.U.: International Relations Club. Future:-Possibly Post graduate work or O.C.E. DELPHINE ANNE MORRISON, Islington, Ont. C3405 Art and Archaeology. JOAN CATHERINE MORRISON, Glen Norman, Ont. C3415 Pass, Humberside C.I.g The Varsity Reporter Ig Progressive Con- servatives Ig Spanish Club III, Photography. Future:-Journalism and marriage. JOHN HILLIARD MORROW, St. Catharines, Ont. C3425 Pass, St. Catharines C.I.g Vic. Mulock Cup Champs Ig Wrestling I. Future:-Post grad work at Toronto. VICTORIA COLLEGE 57 VICTORIA COLLEGE 58 PAUL ORLAND MORROW, Toronto C3435 Pass, Lawrence Park C.I., Vic. Music Club, Vic. Track, All-Varsity Choir, University Badminton Club. Future:-Chartered Accountancy. JAMES VVILLIAM MORTON, Toronto C3445 Pass, Lawrence Park C.I. Future:-Business. SYLVIA MARGUERITE MOSS, Toronto C3455 English Language and Literature, Oakwood C.I., The Varsity Reporter III-IV, All-Varsity Chorus II, Ada Viclariana IV. MARION RUTH MULLOY, Toronto C3465 Pass, St. Clements School, Intercollegiate Swimming I-II, Inter- faculty Swimming I, II, Interfaculty Hockey II-III. Future:-Post grad at Institute of Child Study. MARY DOREEN MUMBY, Toronto C3475 English Language and Literature, Jarvis C.I. Future:-Library School. EMILY ISABEL MUNRO, Toronto C3485 Pass, St. Clement's School, Presbyterian Fellowship, Varsity Christian Fellowship. Future:-Post grad at School of Social Work. GRANT GRAHAM MURRAY, Chatham, Ont. C3495 Pass, Chatham C.I., Vic. Basketball II-III. Future:-Osgoode Hall. VVALTER REGINALD MURTON, Toronto C3505 General, U.T.S., Music. Future :hPost grad work. JACK MUSSELLAM, Winnipeg, Man. K 2 C3515 Pass, Manitoba Entertainment Society, Hockey, Soccer. Future:-Business. RUTH JEAN MUSTARD, Timmins, Ont. C3525 Pass, Timmins High. Future:-Normal School for Kindergarten Primary Specialist Course. GEORGE NABLO, Niagara Falls, Ont. K E C3535 Pass, Niagara Falls C.I. Future:-Law. ROY GILBERT NEEHALL, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad C3545 Modern History and Languages, Queen's Royal College, President of Victoria Student Christian Movement, 4th Year Rep. Vic. Debating Parliament, Soccer and Volleyball I, IInd year. Future:-Emmanuel College-Ministry. BARBARA ELIZABETH JANE NEFF, Toronto C3555 Pass, Lawrence Park C.I., U. of T. Archery Team III, U. of T. Orchestra, Vic. Revue, Vic. Tennis. JOAN MARGARET NEILSON, Toronto C3565 Modern History and Modern Languages, Branksome Hall, French Club I-IV, I.V.C.F. I-IV 'CSocial Convener III5, International Relations Club III-IV, History Club III-IV. Future:-Post grad work. PETER C. NEWMAN, Breclav, Czechoslovakia C3575 Pass. Upper Canada College, Ajax Editor of The Varsily, C'48-'505 Editor-in-Chief of the U.N.T.D. Magazine, Skiing. Future:-Post graduate studies. JOYCE MADELENE NOBLE, Uxbridge, Ont. C3585 Pass, Uxbridge High. JOHN ARCHIBALD NORTHMORE, Toronto K E C3595 General, Jarvis C.I., Commerce Club I, Vic. At-Home Show II, Scarlet and Gold Review IV, All-Varsity ,Review III-IV, K E. Future:-Subject to change without notice. JOY ETHEL NURSE, Leaside, Ont. h C3605 Household Economics, Jarvis C.I., Varsity Christian Fellowship I-IV. Future:-Further work in Dietetics. MARY ELIZABETH OATEN, Brantford, Ont. C3615 Pass, Brantford C.I., Music Club I, S.C.M., Tennis, Hockey. Future:-School of Social Work. DOREEN MARGARET OGILVIE, Humboldt, Sask. C3625 Household Economics, Rupert's Land Girl's School, Household Economics Club I-IV, Ski Club II-IV, Music Club IV, Badminton I- IV. . Future:-Ontario College of Education. BEATRICE LENORE O'REILLY, Shelburne, Ont. C3635 Pass, Shelburne High, Music Club I, III, Operetta I, Publicity Committee II, Art. Future:-Civil Service Work. JOHN ALVIN ORR, Little Current, Ont. C3643 Pass. Little Current Continuation School, C.O.T.C. I-III, Secretary, Dead Beats Club Cunlimited3. Future:-Either work or marriage. JOYCE EVELYN OSTRANDER, Toronto C3653 Pass, Parkdale C.I., Murray's Club. WALTER DICKSON OSTROM, Ottawa, Ont. C3663 Psychology, Glebe C.I., Psychology Club II-IV, Varsity Flying Club II, III, Vic. Basketball, Tennis. I Future:--Post grad year at Varsity, Returning to permanent force, R.C.A.F. EMEE OTSUKI, Toronto C3673 Pass, Lord Kitchener C.I. MARJORY RUTH OWEN, Toronto C3683 Geography, Jarvis C.I., Geography Club II-IV, Secretary III, All- Varsity Chorus II. ARTHUR HENRY PAINTER. Toronto C3693 Pass, Western Tech. ADELE MARY PALMER, Toronto C3703 Pass, Havergal College, Torontonensis Rep. III, Vic. Glee Club I. Future:-A Business Course to start off with. HADDON MELVIN PARK, Capreol, Ont. C3713 General, Capreol High. Future :-Work in selling and advertising field. ROLAND MERTON PARKER, Toronto C3723 Political Science and Economics, Riverdale C.I., Political Science Club I, Vic. Debating Parliament, 2nd Year Rep., III, Treasurer, U. of T. C.C.F., IV, Secretary-Treasurer. Future:-Osgoode and Law. DONALD HAROLD PARR, Toronto C3733 Pass, Essex High, Blue and White Band, Tennis, Hockey. Future:-Law at Osgoode or Theology at Emmanuel. CARMEN YVONNE PARRIS, Brown's Town, Jamaica C3743 Sociology, St. Hilda's, Jamaica, Sociology Club II-IV, Asga Secretary III, Anthropology Club IV. . Future:-Post grad work at Toronto. MURRAY WALTER PASHLER, Toronto C3753 Philosophy, Malvern C.I. ROBIN PAULL PATERSON, Toronto C3763 Music, Runnymede C.I., Vic. Music Club I-II, Swimming. Future:-Concert, radio and teaching. HERBERT HILLIS PATTERSON, Toronto C3773 General, Preston High, Member Amateur Radio Club, Licenced Amateur VE3 BJQ. Future:-Post graduate work at U. of T. WILLIAM W. PEARCE, Toronto C3783 Pass, Oakwood C.I., Vic. Music Club II-III, Blue and White Band I-III, C.O.T.C. I-II. Future:-O.C.E. JOHN CARWARDINE PEARSON, Toronto C3793 Biology. U.T.S., Biology Club. Future:-Become a parasitology. PATRICIA LILLIAN PEARSON, Ottawa, Ont. C3803 Pass, Bishop Strachan School, International Relations Club, House Basketball, Tennis, Decorations Committees I, II, Awards Committee II. , MARY EVELYN PELZ, Toronto C3813 Pass, Malvern C.I., Political Science Club II, Skiing, Tennis. Future:-Post grad at Michigan State. LYNWELL RICHARD PETERKIN, Jamaica, B.W.I. C3823 Pass, Kingston College, Future 1-Post grad work. CARL PERCY PEZZE, Toronto C3833 Pass, Jarvis C.I. Future :-Post grad work at Toronto. LOUIS R. PICKERING, Acton, Ont. C3843 Biology, Hanover High. VICTORIA COLLEGE 59 VICTORIA COLLEGE 60 l WALTER PIDLUBNV, Fort Frances, Ont. X N C3857 Pass, Ft. Frances High, Tried Forestry, Tried P.H.E., Tried Arts, will now try Osgoode Hall. Future:-To try to teach people to pronounce my name. WALTER PIDRUCI-INV, Fort William. Ont. Pass, Fort William C.I., Ukrainian Students' Club. DONALD JAMES PIRIE, Guelph, Ont. Pass, Guelph C.I., Ski Club, Swimming Club. Future:-Graduate Studies or the Business World. MARGARET WILLMOTT PLEWES, Brantford, Ont. General, Brantford C.I. DAVID W. POGUE, Toronto C3867 C3877 csesb C3897 Political Science and Economics, Lawrence Park C.I., Chess Club I- III, Political Science Club II-IV, Secretary III, Golf, Piano. Future:-Post grad VVork. DONALD JAMES PORTER, Toronto C3907 Mathematics and Physics, Lawrence Park C.I., M. and P. Society, Camera Club, C.O.T.C., Qualified Captain, Royal Canadian Artillery. Future:-Actuarial Work. EARL FREDERICK PORTER, Toronto C3917 Geography. Lawrence Park C.I. Future:-Post grad work. JOY ISOBEL PORTER, Brussels, Ont. C3927 Pass, Brussels C.I., Vic. Dramatic Club II, Vic. Music Club I-III. Future:-Advertising. WILFRED HENRY PORTER, Toronto C3937 Pass, Vaughan Road C.I. Future:-Business. JAMES CLINTON POTTER, Warkworth, Ont. ' C3947 General, Warkworth High, Chairman Wymilwood Concerts III-IV, Music, Squash. JAMES ARTHUR PRICE, Campbellford, Ont. C3957 Modern History, Lorne Park College, Treasurer Gate House, Sunday School Teaching, Preacher. Future:-O.C.E. WILLIAM EDWARD PRINCE, Copper Cliff, Ont. Pass, Copper Cliff High, Hockey-Sr. Blues I-II. Future:-Post grad work-U. of Michigan or O.C.E. DAVID JAMES PROCUNIER, Toronto Psychology, U.T.S., Psychology Club II-IV, President House Glee Club II-IV. Future:-Post grad work. WALTER PROKOPOWICI-I, Toronto General, Harbord C.I., Ukrainian Students' Club. PHYLLIS MARGARET PURDY, Toronto Pass, Amherst High. - Future:-Social Group Work. ALAN ROSS PURVES, Toronto C3967 C3977 IV, Hart C3987 C3997 S X C4007 Political Science and Economics, Lawrence Park C.I., Swimming, Golf, Night Courses. Future:-Printing-Publishing. VIOLA VICTORIA QUANCE, Robson, B.C. C4017 General, Trail High, All-Varsity Choir, Anthropology Club, Political Science Club. ' Future:-Master's Degree-Economic Research. LILLIAN RUTH RACKHAM, West China C4027 Sociology, Canadian School, West China, Music Club I, S.C.M. I-IV, I.S.O. III, IV, I.R.C. IV, C.C.U.F. IV. Future:-European relief work, next year. Social work eventually. DONALD VINCENT RAITT. Toronto Pass, Rehab. EDMUND VERNARD RALPH, Toronto Pass, Vaughan Road C.I. Future:-School of Social Work. ROBERT DONALD RALPH, Toronto C403 7 C4047 C4057 Pass, Riverdale C.I., Rugby Curator III, Basketball, Vic. Bob, All-Varsity Show. Future :-Teaching. PATRICIA ANN RAMSAY, Lorne Park, Ont. Pass, Humberside C.I. C4065 CHARLES EDWARD RATHE, Toronto C4075 Modern Languages and Literatures, Vaughan Road C.I., Victoria College French Club I-IV, International Relations Club IV, Acting in French Plays II-III, Skiing. Future:-Post grad Work at U. of T. CHistory5. MARY MOSS RAYMOND, Toronto C4037 Pass, Humberside C.I. FLORENCE ANNIE REED, Greenport, L.I., N.Y. C4095 English Language and Literature, Queens College, Barbados, B.W.I., Member of the International Relations Club III.. l Future:--I hope to teach school in the U.S.A. which is now my home. JOHN NENVTON REED, Penshein. West China C4105 Philosophy, Oshawa C.I., Vic. Music Club, U. of T. Soccer Club, President, Basketball, Volleyball. Future:-To live as long as life remains and as it comes. MARY ALICE REEVES, Toronto C4115 Household Economics, Malvern C.I., Household Economics Club I- IV, Canterbury Club III. Future:-Home Service for Food Company. MELVILLE HOWARD REID, Toronto C4125 Pass, Danforth Tech., Vic. Football II-III, ROBERT HENRY REID, Toronto C4135 Pass, Danforth Tech., Basketball Curator, Squash Team, Jr. and Sr. Vic. Basketball. Future:-Osgoode Hall and eventually into the mining industry. CMRS.5 VERNA MAUD REID, Toronto C4145 Philosophy, North Toronto C.I., All-Varsity Mixed Chorus II, Housewife III-IV. Future:-Full-time housewife. MISS A. M. RENWICKE C4155 JUDITH LEE RICHARDS, Toronto C4165 Modern History and Modern Languages, Malvern C.I., History Club, French Club. Future:-Journalism. STANLEY DAVID RICHARDS, Toronto C4175 Modern History, Harriston High. Future:-Teaching. DOUGLAS ARTHUR LINCOLN RIGBY. San Diego, Calif. C4185 Pass, Malvern High, House Manager of Scarlet and Gold Revue. Future:-Real estate salesman in sunny south. FRANK HAROLD RIGLER, Toronto C4195 Biology, East York C.I. Future:-Post graduate studies-at Toronto. DONALD RIPLEY C4205 Pass. HELEN MILLER ROBB, Winnipeg, Man. C4215 Pass, Glenlawn C.I. Future :-Medical Social Work. MICHAEL FRANCIS ROBERTS. Toronto C4225 Modern History, East York C.I., Modern History Club II-IV. ' Future:-Teaching. ELEANOR LOUISE ROBERTSON, Shelburne, N.S. C4235 Household Economics, Shelburne Academy, Household Economics Club I-IV, Biology Club I- II, Badminton Club III-IV. Future:-O.C.E. - JOHN CULLEN ROBERTSON, Toronto C4245 Political Science and Economics, North Toronto C.I., Few Campus Activities, Operate a Store which takes up all spare time. Future:-Own Business perhaps or job in South America. MARGARET ELEANOR ROBERTSON, Toronto C4255 Psychology, Earl Haig C.I. MARY ELIZABETH ROBERTSON, Toronto C4265 Physiology and Biochemistry, Oakwood C.I. FRANCES ANNE ROBSON, Kirkland Lake, Ont. C4275 Pass. Kirkland Lake C.I. Future:-O.C.E. VICTORIA COLLEGE 61 VICTORIA COLLEGE 62 NEIL ROSS ROE, Toronto C4285 Pass, Malvern C.I. Future:gTeaching. DIANE PATRICIA ROGERS, Toronto C4295 Modern History, Forest Hill C.I.: Victoria Debating Parliament Executive II-IV, V.C.W.A.A. Executive II-IV, Directress IV, Hockey: Basketballg Baseballg Modern History Club III-IV. Future:-O.C.E. ELIZABETH ANNE ROGERS, St. Catharines, Ont. C4305 Pass, Bishop Strachan School. HUGH A. A. ROSE, Mount Brydges, Ont. lil I' A C4315 Pass, Sarnia C.I. Future:-Theology. DONALD CAMPBELL ROSS, Toronto C4325 Pass, Riverdale C.I. DOROTHY ANNE ROSS, Toronto C4335 general, Oakwood C.I., Vic. Basketball, Volleyball I, II-IV, Baseball Future:+Post grad or O.C.E. GLORIA ANNETTA RUBEL, Port Colborne, Ont. C4345 Pass, Port Colborne Highg Vic. Basketball I, Vic. Softball I. Future:+O.C.E. ANNA JANE RUNDLE, Toronto C4355 Pass, Forest Hill C,l. MARY ELIZABETH RUSSELL, Toronto C4365 Pass. North Toronto C.I.g Biology Club I-IVg Swimmingg S.C.M. Future :-Post grad work in dietetics. HELEN BERNICE RYNARD, Sutton, Ont. C4375 Pass, Sutton High. Future:-Public School Teacher-be a good housewife, teach a little. ISOBEL MARIE SALTER, Barrie, Ont. C4385 Modern History and Modern Languages, Barrie C.I., International Relations Club I-IV: Modern History Club IVg Secretary Class of STO Il, Member V.C.U. Assembly IIIg House President IV. Future:-Travel. PETER LYLE SAMS C4395 Pass. Future:-Theology. COREY LEROY SANDERS, Bloomfield, Ont. C4405 Mathematics and Physics, Picton C.I. Future:H-Research in General Physics. RUTH ELLEN SANDERSON, Toronto C4415 Pass, North Toronto C.I. ALAN GRANT SCOTT, Kitchener, Ont. C4425 Pass, Kitchener C.I.g Ski Club II-III. Future:-Personnel work or post grad in industrial relations. BARBARA PRISCILLA SCOTT, Lefroy, Ont. C4435 Household Economics, Brampton High, House Ec. Club I-IVQ Music Club I-IV: Tennisg Music. Future:-Commercial Food Work. GLORIA WANDA SCOTT, Toronto C4445 General. Parkdale C.I., S.C.M. I-IV, Modern History Club III-IV. Future:-O.C.E. KENNETH MERVYN SCOVELL, Toronto C4455 Modern Languages and Literatures, Riverdale C.I.g French Club Ig Hart House Bridge Club II-IV. Future:-O.C.E. Language Teacher in Collegiate. ROBERT DAVID SCYTH ES, Toronto QI' A C4465 Pass, U.T.S.3 Stage Crew for Vic. Bob II. Future1-Uncertain-eBusiness. HAROLD JOHN SECKINGTON, Toronto C4475 General, York Memorial C.I., Commerce Club, Tennis and Squash. Future :-Insurance field. VELMA SERES, Tillsonburg, Ont. C4485 Pass, Tillsonburg High. 'vi Q JAMES DITSON SERVICE, Toronto C4495 Modern History. North Toronto C.I., Bob II, Bob Committee III, Business Manager Acta Vicloriana III-IV, Liberal Association IV, Councillor IV, President University Division, Ontario Young Liberal Association IV. Future:-Service with a smile. III- DAISY SH ELDON. Toronto C4505 General, Oakwood C.I. JOHN RAYMOND SHEMILT, Graysville, Man. C4515 General, Kenora-Keewatin High, Campus Co-op. Future:-Law. GERALD C. M. SHIER, Bracebridge, Ont. B OIT C4525 Pass, Bracebridge High. ELINOR RAE SHIRLEY, Peterborough, Ont. C4535 Household Economics, Peterborough C.I., Victoria College Music Club I-II, Biology Club II, Household Economics Club I-IV, Other Interests:-Girls' Camp Work, Music, Swimming. Future:-O.C.E. BEVERLEY JOAN SHOEMAKER, Toronto C4545 Pass. Lawrence Park C.I., Basketball I-III, Volleyball I-III, Year Executive I, Basketball Curator II, Treasurer V.C.W.A.A. III, The Bell Singers. ALBERT JOHN SHUPE, Toronto C4555 General, Humberside C.I., Badminton Club II-III, Tennis, Sunday School Superintendent. Future:-O.C.E. and on to high school teaching. JAMES WALTER SIMPSON, Timmins, Ont. Pass, Timmins High, Reporter on The Varsity. Future:-To say my adieux to the "Ivory Tower" LOIS MARGARET SKELLY, Timmins, Ont. Pass, Timmins High. RAY ORVILLE SKINNER. Oshawa, Ont. Mathematics and Physics, Oshawa C.I., South House Club, Fish Lab. Future:-Post grad work overseas. FRANK WILLIAM SLAVIK, Toronto Pass, Dominion Business College. Future:--Plan to enter the ministry at Knox College. BENJAMIN GALLETLY SM ILLI E, Toronto I-IV, M. a C4565 C4575 C4585 nd P. C4595 C4605 Philosophy, Fettes College, Edinburgh, Scotland, V.C.S.U. I-IV, President IV, North House I-IV, President IV, Vice-President STO I, Vic. Soccer III-IV, Toronlonensis Rep. IV. Future:-Theology. DOROTHY JANE SMITH, Toronto C4615 Philosophy, Oakwood C.I. EDNA MAE SMITH, Nottawa, Ont. C4625 Pass. Collingwood C.I., Glee Club III, Badminton Club III, Skiing, Skating. Future:-Post grad work in Psychology, teaching in Leaside. FREDERICK EDWIN SMITH, Toronto C4635 Political Science and Economics, Runnymede C.I. JAMES GRAHAM SMITH, Toronto C4645 Chemistry, East York C.I., Chem. Club II-IV, President IV. Future:-Research in Chemistry. KATHLYN WILSON SMITH, Trinidad B.W.I. C4655 English Language and Literature, Naparima High, The Varsily Staff I-IV, S.C.M. I-III, Publicity III, Secretary Vic. STO IV, Ada Vicloriana Staff IV. Future:-Post grad work in England. LAWRENCE EDWARD SMITH, Whitby, Ont. C4665 English Language and Literature, Oshawa C.I. Future:-O.C.E. MARGARET ELIZABETH SMITH, Toronto C4675 General, Lawrence Park C.I., Dramatic Society I-IV, Tennis, Figure Skating: All Sports. Future:-Ontario College of Education. PETER FORBES SMITH, Edinburgh, Scotland C4685 Pass, Boroughmuit, Edinburgh, Modern History Club I, French Club I, Victoria Dramatic Society III. Future :-O.C.E. at Normal School. EILEEN ROSE-MARIE SNIDER, Brampton, Ont. C4695 Art and Archaeology, Fergus High, Student Christian Movement I- IV, Associate President IV, Fine Art Club. Future:-Art in Religious Education. VICTORIA COLLEGE 63 VICTORIA COLLEGE 64 .14 xv: MURIEL CATHARINE SNIDER, Kitchener. Ont. C4701 Modern Languages and Literatures, Kitchener C.I.: Attended French Club occasionally: International Relations Club IV. Future:-Translating work-preferably with government. SH EILA MARY SNIDER, Waterloo. Ont. C4711 Pass, Kitchener-Waterloo C.I.g Basketball. Future:-Post grad work in Textiles. TED PEARCE SNIDER, Smithfield, Ont. E X C4721 Pass. Trenton High: Blue and White Band I-III, Co-Director of Scarlet and Gold 49: All-Varsity Review IIQ Guardian for John Shore. Future:-Attempt Radio-Will play the small towns, to keep eating. MARGARET SPROULE, Toronto C4731 Pass, North Toronto C.I.g Music Club I. WILLIAM RUTHERFORD SPROWL, Burford, Ont. C4741 Political Science and Economics. Burford Highg International Relations Clubg Political Science Club. Future:-Law at Osgoode. ALBERT HARRY STEVENSON, Toronto C4751 Pass, Malvern C.I.g Optimist Club President IIIg Basketballg Soccer I, II, Skiing. Future:-Post grad work in Business Administration at University of Western Ontario. GEORGE KENNETH STONE, Toronto C4761 Pass, Runnymede C.I.g Chess, Basketball II-III, Skiing. Future:-Possibly post grad work at University of Western Ontario. CHARLES LEIGHTON STREIGHT, Toronto C4771 Pass, Humberside C.I.g Varsity Christian Fellowship, Victoria College Student Union, Hart House Camera Club. Future:-My next 3 years will be spent within the hallowed halls of Emmanuel College. And then? ARTHUR ALAN HARVEY STRIKE, Bowmanville, Ont. C4781 Modern History, Bowmanville Highg Modern History Club I-IVQ Political Science Club II-IIIQ Secretary and President V.C.A.U.g Athletic Director V.C.U.g Sr. Vic. Hockey III-IV: Jr. "B" Hockey II. Future:-Law. CLIFFORD LESTER SUMMERS, Sundridge, Ont. C4791 Pass, Chesterville Highg Hockey Vic. II. Future:-Teaching. W. M. SUMMERVILLE C4801 Pass. MAURICE GORDON SUSSMAN. Wiarton. Ont. C4811 Pass. BERT FREDERICK SUTCLIFFE, Toronto C4821 Modern History, Danforth Tech.g President Vic. Music Club: 4th Yr. Rep. Modern History Club: Reserve Intelligence Corps-Army. Future:-Possibly Post graduate study in Canadian History. ROBERT MURRAY SUTHERLAND, Toronto C4831 Pass, Lawrence Park C.I.Q Golfg Swimmingg Skiingg Sailingg Music. Future:-M.A.g Law or Business. NORMA BLANCHE CLARE SUTTON, Toronto C4841 Pass, Lawrence Park C.I.g Vic. At-Home Show I. SHIRLEY RUTH TABB, Toronto C4851 Pass. Lawrence Park C.I.g Tennis, Basketballg Volleyball. Future:-A short, interesting career. ISABEL NANCY TANN ER, St. Catharines. Ont. C4861 Modern Language and Literature. St. Catharines C.I.q Music Club Ig French Club IIg Canterbury Club IIQ Asga II Rep.g Junior Year at Smith Collegeg House President IVg I.R.C. IV. Future:-Post grad work. EVELYN JEAN TAYLOR, Toronto C4871 Pass, Malvern C.I.3 Swimmingg Tennis, Skating, Fishingg Singing. Future:-To do the will of God. I FREDERICK WILLIAM INNES TAYLOR, Shanty Bay, Ont. C4881 Pass, Barrie C.I.g President Archaeology Club, U. of T. Rifle Team. Future:-Post graduate work. GEORGE OLIVER TAYLOR, Timmins. Ont. C4891 FlPass,.Timmins Highg Canterbury Clubg Oil Paintingg Skiingg Golfg ennxs. Future:-Post grad work in industrial relations. VIDA MAUDE TAYLOR, Orangeville, Ont. C4901 Modern Languages and Literatures. Humberside C.I.g Hockeyg Basketballg Assoc. President of Victoria Debating Parliament. Future:-Post grad work or O.C.E. or bothl PHOEBE CHRISTINA TEMPLETON, Toronto I C4913 Philosophy and English, North Toronto C.I., Vic. Dramatic Society I-IV, Social Directress III, Vic. Music Club I, STO Secretary I, V.C.U. Secretary III, Associate President IV. Future:-Marriage-and law, he tells me. FAY LOREEN TERRY, Aldershot, Ont. C4923 Household Economics, VVaterdown High, House Ec. Club, House Secretary III. Future:-Dietetics. DOUGLAS PRITCHARD THOMAS, Toronto 'JD A C-3 C4933 Political Science and Economics, North Toronto C.I.,.S.A.C. Rep. S.A.C. Public Relations, Blue St White, Fraternity President, I.S.S., Liberal Club, I.F.C. Future:-Law. GLORIA FAE THOMPSON, Toronto C4943 Philosophy and English, Jarvis C.I.: University of Toronto Sym- phony Orchestra, First Violin. D Future :-Post grad in Philosophy CAesthet1cs3. RICHARD CHESTER THOMPSON, Nassau, Bahamas C4953 Pass, Western Central C.I. I . Futureze-Post graduate work in English. ZELMA RUTH THOMPSON, Toronto C4963 Pass, Humberside C.I., Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship I-III. Future:-Possibly Biblical Seminary-New York after working a year. THOMAS HAMILTON THOMSON, Toronto C4973 Pass, U.T.S., Table Tennis, Basketball, Golf, Swimming, Skiing, Scouting. AUDREY SYBIL TODD, Toronto C4983 Pass, Runnymede C.I., Badminton Club III, Sewing, Swimming. Future z-Ontario College of Education-Public School Option. MARGARET JANET TOMLINSON, Toronto C4993 Modern History, York Memorial C.I., Psychology Club I, Glee Club Il-III, Modern History Club III-IV. Future:-Social Work or Teaching. MARY ELIZABETH TOPP, Toronto C5003 Pass, St. Clement's School, Badminton Club III, Sewing, Music. BARBARA GRACE TORRANCE, Toronto C5013 Psychology, Etobicoke C.I., Psychology Club II-IV. KEITH MCGREGOR TORRIE, Orangeville, Ont. C5023 Chemistry, Orangeville High, Hart House Camera Club III-IV, Maths and Physics Club I, Chemistry Club II-IV, Secretary- Treasurer IV. Future :-Industrial Chemistry. TRUDELLA CAROL TREDWELL, Toronto C5033 Pass, Runnymede C.l Future:-Course at library school. ROBERT GEO. TRIMBLE, Delhi, Ont. 113 K E C5043 Pass, Lawrence Park C.I. Future:-Emmanuel-United Church Ministry. ROGER BIRK TRUEMNER, Toronto C5053 Honour Geography, Malvern C.I., Geography Club, Year Executive STO, Vic. Ski Team, Minor Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Vic. lst Athletic Colours. ELEANOR JOAN TURNER, Toronto C5063 Pass, East York C.I., Music Club I, Swimming, Reading, Skating, Bowling. Future:-Secretarial work. JAMES RALPH ADAM TURNER, Toronto C5073 Modern History and Modern Languages, Vaughan Road C.I., Modern History Club III-IV, Vic. French Club I-IV, Treasurer IV. Future:-Law or Post grad work. JOSEPH MORTEN TYRRELL, Agincourt, Ont. C5083 Modern History and Modern Languages, Upper Canada College, Spanish Club I-IV, President IV, International Relations Club IV, 2nd, Lt. R.C.A. CReserve3, 29th Regt. S.P., Tennis. Future 1-External Affairs. ROBERT BRUCE VANSTON E, Owen Sound. Ont. C5093 Philosophy, Owen Sound C.I., Music Club IV, Boy's XVork I-III, Emmanuel and Vic. Soccer I-IV, Tennis. Future:-Ministry of United Church. WALTER EDWARD WARD, Toronto C5103 English Language and Literature. Scarboro C.I., V.C.M.S.A., Hart House Glee Club III-IV, Vic. Drama III. Future :-Teaching. V MISS J. J. WAREHAM C5113 ARTHUR INGLEHART WATERS, Toronto C5123 Philosophy CEnglish or History3, Humberside C.I., V.C.S.U., Ontario Older Boys Parliament, Hockey. gutuige:-Emmanuel College-then the ministry in United Church o ana a. VICTORIA COLLEGE i r 1 65 VICTORIA COLLEGE 66 CLAUDE ERLE WATSON, Havelock, Ont. C5137 Modern History, Havelock High, Modern History Club. Future:-Teachingg post grad in England. DAVID BENNINGTON WEATHERHEAD, Toronto C5147 Modern History, North Toronto C.I., Modern History Club II-IVg International Relations Club IV: Victoria College Assembly IV, Basketball II-IV, Coach, Vic. Girls' Softball IV. Future:-Osgoode Hall. DOREEN JOYCE WEBSTER, Fort William, Ont. C5157 Modern Languages and Literatures, Fort William C.I.g Vic. Softball, Volleyball I-IVQ Vic. Basketball I-IIIQ Spanish Club II. Future:-Translating. MARGARET JOAN MORLENE WEBSTER, Brighton, Ont. C5167 Modern History, Brighton High: Modern History Club II-IVg I.R.C. III-IV, Secretary IV, Assoc. President of Class Executive IV. Future:-I wish I knew! LEONORE MCILWAIN WEEKES, Toronto C5177 Modern History, East York C.I.p Vic. Music Club II-III: Modern History Club, Secretary IV, Varsity Christian Fellowship IVg International Relations Club IV: Badminton Club IV. Future:-Normal School. ' CATHERINE ANNE WEGENAST. Port Arthur, Ont. C5187 Modern History, Port Arthur C.I.g Modern History Club II-IV, Music Club Ig Asga III-IVQ President IV. Future:-O.C.E. BERNICE WELCH, Simcoe, Ont. C5197 Modern Languages and Literatures, Simcoe High, German Club IIIQ French Club IV, International Relations Club IV. Future:-Translating job. HELEN ELISE WELLS, Newtonbrook, Ont. C5207 Household Economics, Earl Haig C.I.g Household Economics Club I-IV, s.C.M. III. Future:-Ont. College Education. WILLIAM BRUCE WERRY, Toronto C5217 Pass, Oakwood C.I.: Vic. Bobs II-IIIg All-Varsity Revue II-III, Scarlet and Gold III, Vic. Cheerleadingg Hockey, International Relations Club IIIQ Skiing. Future:-Teaching and Music. JANETTE WHITEFORD, Long Branch, Ont. C5227 Pass, Long Branch C.I. TIMOTHY TED WHITLOCK, Toronto C5237 Political Science and Economics, York Memorial C.I.3 Political Science Club, I.R.C. ROBERT GEORGE WILLIAMS, Port Credit, Ont. C5247 Pass, Port Credit High. Future:-Law. DOUGLAS EDGAR WILLIS, Toronto C5257 Philosophy, Humberside C.I. Future:-To Philosophize. MARY E. WILLMOT, Orillia, Ont. C5267 Modern History and Modern Languages, Orillia C.I.: Varsity Mixed Chorus II-IV, International Relations Club III-IV, Modern History Club IVQ Canterbury Club II-IIIg Music. Future:-Airlines Liaison Work. GEORGE WILSON C5277 Pass. GLORIA MAUDE WILSON, Toronto C5287 Pass, Parkdale C.I., Scarlet and Gold Reviewg Ski Clubg All-Varsity Mixed Choir. Future:-Advertising if possible. INGRID WILSON. Toronto C5297 Psychology, Bishop Strachan Schoolg Basketball and Skatingg Tennis. . Future:-Columbia University for my M.A. in Psychology. WILLIAM THOMAS WILSON, Toronto C5307 Physics and Geology, Oakwood C.I., Rock tapping in summer and Skiing in Winter. Future :-Geophysical Prospecting in Northern Canada. R. C. WINTRIP C5317 WILLIAM JOHN WITHROW, Willowdale, Ont. C5327 Art and Archaeology, Earl Haig C.I., Graduate of C.O.T.C., Infantry, Church workg Sketchingg Skiingg Marriage. Future:-Art Teacher. ' HELEN BRUCE WONG, Toronto C5337 Pass, Oakwood C.I., Chinese Students' Club, Skiingg U. of T. Badminton. Future:-Secretarial Work. JEAN SHORTREED WOOD, Toronto C534 Pass, Forest Hill High. Trinity College REV. R. S. K. SEELEY M.A., D.D., LL.D. gladly respond to the invitation to send a message to you who are graduating in 1950. It is no light task that lies before you who are entering on your life's work at this period, for there is little sense of security or stability in the world into 'which you are going. Yet you can start with a far greater feeling of optimism than some of your predecessors. There is something immensely challenging in a world that has to be shaped anew. There are endless possibilities in a civilization that is evolving new patterns, and there are boundless opportunities for those who have a sense of perspective in these days. We venture to believe that you have a sense of perspective. Unless our University system is altogether at fault, you have learnt during these years among us what are the things which are valuable in life. You have had the opportunity to study the cultural heritage of the ages and to learn what are the things that abide amid the changing circumstances of life. It is for this reason that you go out as marked men and women. It is not simply that you have advanced knowledge in technical skills. That may or may not be true. The fact is that you have seen in greater measure than most of your fellows what are the things that make up the richness of our civilization and what are the things that contribute to the good society in every generation. ln addition to these things which you share with your fellow-graduates, you have also had the advantage of the communal life of a residential College, where somuch depends upon harmonious human relationships. This will be true in larger measure of the society which you are now entering, and we trust that you will have a special contribution to make in the field of mutual understanding and cooperation. Above all, we hope that you will carry away with you an 'understanding of the necessity for spiritual foundations in a well-ordered society, and the knowledge that the service of man is complementary to the service of God. We are grateful to you for the contributions which you have made, each in your own way to the corporate life of the College. Your influence will remain and we shall not be un- mindful of you. You will still be one with us in the larger community of Trinity graduates, and we wish you good success in all your undertakingswgm 67 TRINITY COLLEGE 68 ISOBEL ELLEN ALTHOUSE, Toronto C13 Pass. St. Clement's High, Modern History Club I-II, Polity Club II- Future:-O.C.E. JEAN BENONIE ARTHUR. Toronto C23 Pass, Havergal College. GINA ELISE BAKER, Toronto C33 Pass, Branksome Hall, French Club, Radio Workshop, Music Clight classical3, Skiing, Riding, Singing. Future:-Not yet definite. ARTHUR WINNINGTON BALL, Toronto C43 Pass. Upper Canada College, Spanish Club CII Yr. Rep.3, Revolver Club, Flying Club, All-Varsity Chorus, Squash, Track. Future:-Business World. GVVENDOLYN PHYLLIS BALL, Toronto C53 Pass, Bishop Strachan School, Trinity French Club, Alliance Francaise, Trinity S.C.M., Canterbury Club, St. Hilda's Literary Society. Future:-May enter a hospital school of nursing. JANE STUART BANKIER, Hamilton, Ont. C63 Art and Archaeology, Strathallan School, International RelationsClub IV, Fine Art Club I-IV. Future:-Interior decorating. I JAMES CHRISTOPHER BARBER, Bermuda A K E C73 General, Trinity College School, International Relations Club, Senior Soccer Blues C48-493, Squash. Future:-Osgoode Hall-Maybe. DOUGLAS HENDRICKS BATEMAN, Belleville, Ont. C83 Pass, Belleville C.I., Spanish Club, Arts Sz Letters Club, Tennis, U.N.T.D. Cadet. Future:-Osgoode Hall. DAVID BUCHANAN BEEMAN, Fort William, Ont. C93 Pass, Fort William C.I., Skiing, Rugby, Track and Volleyball, I.S.S. Rep., Hunting, Fishing 81 Golf. Future:-A Masters Degree in Geography or Osgoode Hall. BRENDA MARGERY BENNETT, Niagara Falls, Ont. C103 Household Economics, Port Arthur C.I., Volleyball, Baseball, Music, Trinity Choir, Choral Society. Future:-Dietetic work in hospital. JAMES VV. BIRDELL, Folkestone, England Z W' C113 Pass, U.C.C., Squash Committee, Squash Team CSr.3, Tennis CIntermediate3. Future:-Osgoode. ROBERT GORDON BLACKADAR, Ottawa. Ont. C123 geological Science, Lisgar C.I., Coleman Club I-IV, Skiing, Hiking, ailing. Future:-Postgraduate Work in States. MURIEL SARAH CARLOTTA BOLTON, St. Catharines, Ont. C133 General, St. Catharines C.I., St. Hilda's Literary Society I-IV, President IV, St. Hilda's Athletic Society II, Baseball I-IV, Volley- ball II-III, Trinity Choir I, I.R.C. II. Future:-Teaching. RICHARD BARRY FUDGER BRITTON-FOSTER, Toronto C143 Modern History Sz Modern Languages, U.C.C., Trinity College Dramatic Society I-IV, German Club I, Trinity Soccer I-IV, Clerk of House CLit.3 IV, Board of Stewards'IV. Future:-Cambridge. SALLY STRATHY BROUGHALL, Toronto C153 General, Ground Hockey IILIV, Trinity Arts 8z Letters I-III. RONALD BRYDEN, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad C163 English Language Sz Literature. Ridley College, Trinily Universily Review I-IY, Editor-in Chief IV, Historical Club IV, Varsity Radio Scripting II-III, Musical Comedy. Future:-Graduate work. HELEN LOUISE BURDEN, Toronto C173 Pass. Havergal C.I. HELEN FLORENCE cAvELL, Toronto ' C183 Pass, North Toronto C.I., Volleyball I-III, Stage Crew, All-Varsity Revue II-III, Canterbury Club I-II, Progressive Conservative Club II. Future:-Social XVork. RITA CI-IAFFEE, Toronto C193 Pass, North Toronto C.I., Trinity College Choral Society III. Future:-Library School, University of Toronto. JOHN BEAVEN CHARNELL, Victoria, B.C. C203 Philosophy 8: English, Weyburn C.I., Brett Club I-IV, Philosophical Society Treasurer IV. Future:-Theology at Trinity College. MARGARET G. J. CLEGG, Montego Bay, Jamaica B.W.I. C213 Pass. Hampton School, Trinity Dramatic Club I-III, Canterbury Club II-III, St. Hilda's.Tennis Team. Future:-Business Course in England-Return to Canada. ARTHUR ROBERT CLEVERLEY, Toronto A K E C223 Pass, U.C.C., Head of 5T1 II, Toronlonensis Rep. III, Blue 8: White Band I-III, I.R.C. II-III, Board of Stewards II, Hockey I- III, Tennis, C.O.T.C. I-III, Hart House Glee Club III. Future:-Law Sz Marriage. CHARLES GIBBS COWAN, Cannington, Ont. C233 Pass, Upper Canada College. Future:-Law. JAMES MURDOCK DACOSTA, Ottawa, Ont. C243 Pass, St. Andrew's College, Trinity Football II, Hockey Ig Basketball Ilg Liberal Club II-III. Future:-Osgoode Hall. GEORGE HENRY DAVIES, Winnipeg, Man. C253 Pass, Vice-President of Literary Instituteg U. of T. Senior W'restling Teamg Hart House Sketching Group, Dramatic Society. Future:-Further Study. . MARY ISABEL MACDONALD DUNLOP, Ancaster, Ont. C263 Modern History, Havergal Collegeg International Relations Club II IVQ French Club I-IIQ German Club Ig Golf. Future:-Study in Switzerland. BARBARA JOAN DYMENT, Toronto C273 Pass, Havergal College. i l Future:-+Post graduate course in Industrial Psychology at Radcllff. WILLIAM ROBERT EBY, Toronto C283 Pass, Upper Canada Collegeg Non Resident Year Representativeg Treasurer, Missionary Committeeg Associate President ol College S.C.M. 'Futures-Divinity Course at Trinity College. HERBERT PERCIVAL PETER ECKARDT, Toronto C293 Pass, Oakwood C.I. EDITH WYNDHAM EDDIS, Toronto C303 Pass, Bishop Strachan Schoolg University Settlement Volunteer work. Future:-Going to do Social Work. ELIZABETH MEREDITH ELLIS, Ottawa, Ont. C313 English Language and Literature, Lisgar C.I. Future:-Library School. GWENDOLYN EDNA EVANS, Toronto II B fir C323 Pass. MARIANNE LOUISE FAIRGRIEVE, Toronto C333 Pass, Bishop Strachan School, St. Hilda's Basketballg Swimming 8: Hockey Teams. PAUL ALEXANDER FLEMING, Toronto C343 Pass, U.T.S.g Trinity Hockey I-III. MARGARET DANVILLE FLETT, Toronto C353 Pass, St. Clement'sg International Relations Clubg Baseball II: Skiing. Future:-Post grad work in merchandising at Boston. J. D. R. GALBRAITH C363 Pass. BART GARDINER, Montreal, Que. C373 English Language Sc Literature, Oakwood C.I. Future:-To make a living! MARY ELAINE GAYNOR, Toronto C383 Pass, Humberside C.I.g Assistant Librarian of University Music, Red Cross, Driverg Conservatory, Toronto, Piano, A.T. goal. Future:-Europe first-teaching school later. JOHN GORDON GIBSON, Ottawa, Ont. K A C393 General, T.C.S.g Head of Arts IVg Head of STO III: Senior Gymnas- tics I-IVQ CCaptain IV3, Dramatic Societyg C.O.T.C.g Running. Future:-Osgoode Hall. DONALD HUNTER GILCHRIST, Toronto C403 Political Science Sz Economics, Harbord C.I., Volleyball II-IV: World Figure Skating Team IVQ Captain, Reserve Armyg 2nd Vice- President, Canadian Figure Skating Association. Future:-Business. FLORA JEAN CAMERON GILCHRIST, Toronto C413 Political Science 81 Economics, Harbord C.I.: Basketball and Hockey I-IV: Avocation Figure Skating Granite Clubg Toronto Skating Club Carnivalg Executive IVQ Gold Medal Judge. ROBERT ALFRED GLEN, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil C423 Pass, Ridley Collegeg Intercollegiate Ruggerg Trinity Soccerg Trinity Track Ig Trinity Tennis I. . Future:-Textile Engineering. ALAN LAWRENCE GOWDEY, Ashtead, Surrey, England C433 Pass, Trinity College Dramatic Societyg Hart House All-University Productions, English Rugby University Team. TRINITY COLLEGE 69 TRINITY COLLEGE 70 EDWARD EUGENE GREEN, Toronto C445 Philosophy, Vaughan Road C.I.: Year Executive II-Ill: Non- Resident Head III: Board of Stewards III-IV: Secretary IV: Social Committee II-III: Chairman III: I.S.S. III-IV. Future:-Divinity at Trinity College. GORDON GRIFFITI-I, Toronto C455 Pass, Malvern C.I. HUGH DONALD GUTHRIE, Toronto A K E C465 Political Science 81 Economics, U.T.S.: Trinity Publicity Director III: Trinity "B" Basketball I-III: Fraternity Vice-President: I.R.C. Future:-Osgoode Hall. RALPH B. L. GWATKIN, Port of Spain, Trinidad C475 Biology. Ridley College: Hart House Glee Club I-II: All-Varsity Chorus III: School of Gracious Living III: Biology Club I-III. Future:-Postgrad work at Toronto and Cambridge. DOROTHY ANN HAMILTON, Nelson B.C. C485 gass, Bishop Strachan Schoolg Alliance Francaise: Red Cross: aseball. ANNE VVOODBURNE HARDY, Ottawa, Ont. C495 English Language and Literature, Lisgar C.I.: Baseball I-IV: Volleyball II: Tennis. Future:-Matrimony. JAMES OREN HAYES, Fort William, Ont. C505 Physics Sz Geology, Fort William C.I.: Coleman Geology Club: Varsity Blues CHocl-:ey5 III-IV. Future:-Geophysical exploration. LAVYRENCE BEVERLEY HEATH, Streetsville, Ont. C515 General, U.T,S.: Trinity College Literary Institute, Treasurer. Future :-Law. JOHN SELBY HERRON, Toronto C525 Modern History, Lawrence Park C.I.: University Orchestra I-IV: Modern History Club I-IV: Hart House Bridge Club III-IV: Varsity Team III: C.O.T.C. III-IV. Future:-Postgrad work at Toronto. S. B. HOGG C535 Pass. CATHERINE ANN HORE, Oakville, Ont. C54 Pass. Oakville High. ERNEST HOWARD, Toronto A A fb C555 Pass. Trinity College School: Senior Tennis: Squash: Trinity Hockey. Future:-Osgoode Hall. DONALD PHILIP HUNT, Toronto C565 Pass, North Toronto C.I.: Rugby I-III CTrinity5: Trinity College Choral Society II-III. Future:-Theology at Trinity. ERIC BARRY HUTCHINS, Toronto lil K TI C575 Pass, U.T.S.: Political Science Club I: International Relations Club: Running: Wrestling: Progressive Conservative Club. Future:-School of Law-Osgoode Hall-The Profession., HELEN ELIZABETH JOHNSTONE, Alymer, Ont. C585 Psychology, St. Hilda's Athletic Society President IV: Psychology Club I: Baseball II-IV. Future:-Post-grad work. DOROTHY JEAN SOUTHAM KER, Dundas, Ont. C595 Art Sr Archaeology, Havergal College Dramatic Club: I.R.C. : Fine Art Club: Basketball I-II: Baseball II-III: Ground Hockey III-IV: Riding: Golf. Future:-Africa. , ELIZABETH JANE KETCI-IUM, Lakeneld, Ont. C605 Modern History, Peterboro C.I.: Modern History Club 3rd yr. Rep. III: Vice-President IV: Trinity 'Dramatic Society I-IV: Secretary- Treasurer III: I.R.C.: I.S.S.: St. Hilda's Athletic Society: Head of Baseball III: Skiing IV, Hockey Teams I-II. Future:-Government Service work. BRUCE JOHN KIRBY, Toronto C615 Maths Sz Physics Div. II., U.C.C.g The U. of T. Historical Club. Future:-Graduate Studies. JAMES HASTINGS KNOWLES, Toronto QA X C625 General, Saint Andrew's College: Progressive Conservative, Com- merce, Ski, International Relations Clubs: Trinity Volleyball: Skiing: Homecoming Committee: B. and W. Society: President Theta Delta Chi. Future:-Osgoode Hall. - KATHERINE ISOBEL KRESS, Owen Sound, Ont. C635 Pass, Bishop Strachan School: Baseball I: Volleyball I: Head of Bowling: Instructor at University Skating Club. Future:-"Billious". . JAMES DAWSON LAFFERTY, Kingston, Ont. C645 Philosophy, Kingston C.I.g Ineffectual Member of the S.C.M. Future:-Divinity at Trinity. ANN DEVEBER LARTER, Toronto C653 Pass, Bishop Strachan School: St. Hilda's Baseball III, Future:-Plans indefinite as yet but hope to go to England. ANDREW MOWRY LAWSON, Toronto C663 Pass, Upper Canada College: Trinity Dramatic Society: Interna- tional Relations Club. Future:-Osgoode Hall and Harvard University. FREDERICK ALAN LAWSON, Toronto KA C673 Pass, U.T.S.: President Trinity College Athletic Association. Future:-Live a good life! RUTH ANN LINELL, Toronto C683 English Language and Literature, St. Clements School: Trinity Review I-IV: Blue and White Society Secretary IV: St. Hilda's Literary Society: Vice-President IV: Smith College Exchange III: St. Hilda's Basketball I-IV. Future:-Sorbonne. RUTH IRENE LINKLATER, Noranda, Que. C693 Modern History, Havergal College: Modern History Club: Project work with children at the museum. Future:-Ontario College of Education. HUGH RUSSELL LOCKE, Toronto A K E C703 Pass, U.T.S.: Writing for pulp fiction: Squash. Future:-Law or Advertising. DONNA LOUISE LONG, Toronto C713 Pass, Bishop Strachan School: Head of Lacrosse. Future:-Teaching. WILLIAM STEPHEN MacINTOSH. Leaside, Ont. C723 General, U.T.S.: Soccer I: Volleyball I: Basketball I-IV: Football III-IV: Swimming. Future:-Social Work. JOAN STUART MACKERSY, Toronto C733 Pass, Havergal C.I. Future:-Post Graduate Work in Industrial Psychology. MICHAEL KIRKPATRICK MACKLEM, Toronto C743 English Language 81 Literature, Upper Canada College: Trinity Literary Institute, President III-IV: University Historical Club President IV: Scribe of Episkopon IV: Member, Trinity Board of Stewards IV: Assistant Editor Trinily Review III-IV. Future:-Postgrad Harvard. HARRY NELSON MANSFIELD. Dundas, Ont. C753 General. Dundas High: Committees, Art II-IV: Conversat I-II: House Chairman IV: International Relations Club I-III: Director III: Saints Alive! III. Future:-"Nous gagnerons parce que nous sommes les plus forts". CLAUDE ADAMS MARKELL, Wales, Ont. C763 Pass, Cornwall Commercial College: Swimming 8: General condition- ing exercises. Future:-Further study if possible. CONSTANCE JANE MATTHEWS, Toronto C773 Modern History, Bishop Strachan School: International Relations Club II-IV: University Tennis II-III: University Badminton II: Womens Athletic Directorate IV: Vice-President, St. Hilda's Athletic Association. Future:-Postgrad work. THOMAS ARNOLD MATTHEWS, Toronto A A dv C783 General, Upper Canada College, Trinity Soccer Team: Inter- mediate Blues Soccer. Future:-Postgrad work at Harvard. WILLIAM MILLAR MCCORMACK. Brockville, Ont. C793 Modern History, Brockville C.I.: International Relations Club IV. Future:-Teacher. WILLIAM JOHN KENT McDONALD, Toronto C803 Political Science and Economics, Upper Canada College: Interna- tional Relations Club III-IV: Associate Director IV: International Student Service III-IV: Chairman of Speakers Committee: Director of Austrian Students' Visit IV. Future :--Law. WILLIAM GRAHAM MCDOUGALL, Toronto A K E C813 Political Science St Economics, Upper Canada College: Chairman, International Student Service IV: Head of Year STO Trinity College: International Relations Club Executive II-III: Trinity Football II. DOROTHY JAN ET MCGHIE, St. Catharines, Ont. C823 Pass, St. Catharines C.I.: International Relations Club: Volleyball I-II: Red Cross Driving: Swimming. Future:-Institute of Child Study. ADLITH CYNTHIA EILEEN MCLAREN, Kingston, Jamaica C833 Pass, St. Hilda's Diocesan High: Field Hockey: Tennis II: Interna- tgonlal Strilideirigs' Organization II: Secretary West Indian Association o . o . . NORMAN BRUCE MCLEOD, Toronto A A fb C843 General, Upper Canada College: Glee Club Member III: Committee IV: Trinity Hockey: Church Sz Social Work. Future:-Theology at Emmanuel College. ' JOHN ELLIS McMILLAN, London. Ont. C853 Pass, Brantford C.I.: Bridge Club II-III: Trinity Rugby I-II: Trinity Volleyball I-III: Trinity Basketball II. Future:-Plan to work for a C.A. TRINITY COLLEGE 71 TRINITY COLLEGE 72 BARBARA JOAN MCMURRAY, Toronto C865 Modern Languages, Parkdale C.I. RITCHIE MCMURRAY C873 Philosophy. ROSEMARY MARGARET MONTGOMERY, Toronto C887 General, Lawrence Park C.I.: French Club I-III3 Alliance Francaise II-IVQ German Club I-IIQ Badmintong Tennis, Skiing. Future:-Europe. PAUL AUSTIN MOORE, Peterborough, Ont. C895 Classics, Peterborough C.I.g Classics Club Secretary IV: Hart House Glee Club I-IV, Trinity Choir Ifllg Indoor Track Ilg Philo- sophical Society IV. Future:-"Animum nunc huc nunc dividit illuc." GEMMELL GEORGE MUIRHEAD, Mimico. Ont. C90l Pass, Western Tech., Hart House Glee Club. Future:-School of Social Work. GERALDINE ESTHER OAKLEY, Toronto C917 Art Sz Archaeology, St. Clements: International Relations Club IIIQ Arts Sz Letters I3 Basketball Ilg Trinily Review Art Editor III-IV: Athletic Societyg College Meeting. Future:-Marriage. JOSE ANTONIO G. ORDONEZ, La Habana, Cuba C925 Modern History, Ridley Collegeg Speaker of the T.C.L.I. IVQ Heckling Activities. Future:-Write Biography of Caroline, Consort of George IV. PETER MACRAE PANGMAN, Toronto C937 Psychology, U.T.S.g Psychology Club III-IVQ Treasurer II, Sailing Club, President III: Sailing Team II-IV. Future:-Personnel Work. GEOFFREY A. H. PEARSON, Ottawa, Ont. AT' C945 Modern History, T.C.S.g Director, International Relations Club IV: Secretary, Hart House Debates Committee IV, Speaker. T.C.L.I. III. Future :-Postgrad work at Oxford. VICTOR RICHARD EDWARD PERRY. Toronto A X A C957 Pass, Humberside C.I.: Trinity Hockey I-III, Lacrosse I-III. Future:-Possible post graduate at Toronto or Osgoode. ELIZABETH F. STEELE PETTIFER. Guelph, Ont. C96l Sociology. Guelph High: I.R.C., Sociology Club. Future:-Post grad work. NANCY MARGARET TRUAX PINNINGTON, Oshawa. Ont. 'C97l English Language 81 Literature, Oshawa C.I., St. Hildais College and House Committees I-IV, Head of Year I-III: Trinity College Dramatic Society I-IVQ St. Hilda's Literary Society I-IV. Future:-Bert. GEOFFREY IAN PRINGLE, Toronto ACA? Political Science and Economics, Upper Canada Collegeg Trinity A Hockey I-IV: President, A A fi? Fraternity IV. Future :-Law. JOYCE KATHARINE ROUS. Toronto I - C99l General. Havergal Collegeg Modern History Club I-III, Trinity Arts and Letters I-IVQ S.A.C. IV: Music Commissionerg Basketball, Ground Hockey. JAMES EDWARD ROWE, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. C100l Pass, Sault C.I. Future:-Theology at Trinity-Indian work. VERNER BLAKEY SEFTON. Toronto dv A C9 C1017 Physics 81 Chemistry. Future:-Research in Marriage. MASRGARET CAMERON SINCLAIR, Toronto C102l ass. RICHARD MCNEIL SKINNER. St. Catharines. Ont. C103l Modern History, St. Catharines C.I.g Lacrosse, Radio. Future:-Law. DAVID JOHN SMEDLEY, Toronto C1043 Pass, Montreal High. Future:-Divinity at Trinity College. MARGARET JEAN SMEDLEY, Port Arthur, Ont. C105l English Language 81 Literature, Port Arthur C.I., Canterbury Club II-IVQ Secretary III, President IV. Future :-Teaching. GERALD RUSSELL SMITH, Toronto A 'C106 Pass, Rehab., Toronto, Tennisg Progressive Conservative Club. ..Future:-Graduate work in Industrial Psychology. FRANCES CLARE SMYT1-1, Toronto C1073 Pass, Forest Hill C.I. NANCY JEAN SOOTHERAN, Peterborough, Ont. C1083 Modern History, Peterborough C.I., St. Hilda's Athletic Executive III-IV, University Swimming, Basketball Clubs III-IV, Trinity Review Editorial Masthead II-IV, Intercollegiate SwimmingI,Inter- collegiate Basketball III, I.S.S. Publicity Co-Chairman IV. Future:-External Affairs. VVILLIAM JAMES SPARLING, Toronto C1093 Political Science Sz Economics, Jarvis C.I., Bridge Team, Inter- faculty Rugby, Hockey, Studying Piano. Future:-Unmarried, Unengaged, Uninvolved and Undecided. ANN ELIZABETH SPROWL, Burford, Ont. C1103 Psychology, Burford High, I.R.C., Psychology Club, Baseball II-IV. Future:-Marriage. JOHN DANIEL STEVENSON, Rushville, Ohio A K E C1113 Pass, U.C.C., International Relations Club, Rio! Staff, Assistant Editor III, Hockey II-III. -Future:-Agriculture, Politics, Law, Medicine, Bachelorhood. HUGH VERNON STIFF, Toronto C1123 Pass. Rehab. Future:-Theology. CMRS.3 AUDREY ELIZABETH STRUTT, Toronto C1133 Philosophy 81 English, Bishop Strachan School. Future:-Post-grad work in Philosophy. D. M. SUTHERLAND C1143 Pass. ROBIN TAYLOR, Ottawa, Ont. C1153 Pass, Lisgar C.I., Trinity College Dramatic Club I-Ill, Vice-Pres. III, Secretary U.T.D.C., St. Hilda's Basketball I-II. Future:-Theatre? ANNE THISTLETHWAITE, VVinds0r, Ont. C1163 Modern History and Modern Languages, Walkerville C.I., History Club I-IV, German Club I-IV, International Relations Club III, Trinity College French Club CSecretary-Treasurer IV3. Future:-Study in France. MURRAY CARMAN THOMPSON, Toronto C1173 Pass, Humberside C.I. Future?-Teaching or Anglican Priesthood, maybe both. PAULINE PATRICIA THOMPSON, Barrie, Ont. C1183 Modern History 81 Languages, Glebe C.I., International Relations Club I-III, History Club III, Trinity French Club I-Ill, St. Hilda's Baseball Sz Volleyball Teams I-III. Future:-Work with Department of External Affairs. WALTER PETER THOMSON, Hamilton, Ont. A K E C1193 Political Science 81 Economics, U.C.C., Camera Club III, Squash, Soccer CTrinity3 I-IV, Future:-Insurance Business. MARGARET JANICE TYRVVHITT, Oakville, Ont. C1203 English Language and Literature, Oakville High, Head of St. Hilda's ollege. JOHN APOLLO VANGELOFF, Thorold, Ont. C1213 Pass, Thorold High, Modelling, Swimming, VVeightlifting, Physical Culture, Good Wine and Women. Future:-M.A. or Teaching in Episcopalian Schools. ANNE LOUISE CLARKE WALLACE, Woodbridge, Ont. C1223 Pass, Bishop Strachan School. Future :-O.C.E., next year. ROBERT J. K. WALMSLEY. Picton, Ont. 411' A C1233 General, Picton High, C.O.T.C. I-III, Volleyball I, House Com- mittee, Hart House IV, Editor Sallerrae IV. Future:-A lucrative law practice in a capitalistic state. EDWIN ALDER HAROLD WEDDELL, Kelowna, B.C. C1243 Pass, Kelowna High, STO Year Executive C46-473, Boxing Team CTrinity3 46-47. Future:-Post grad work at School of Social Work-Then into Y.M.C.A. MARGARET ELIZABETH WHEALY, Toronto C1253 Household Economics, Bishop Strachan School, St. Hilda's Basket- ball I-IV, St. Hilda's Swimming I-IV, Varsity Swimming II. Future:--Dietetics CCommercia1 or Hospital3. NANCY MARGARET WILLIAMS, Toronto C1263 Modern Languages and Literature, Oakwood C.I.g Trinity Arts and Letters, Skiing and Tennis. , F uture:-Post grad work in social service. DONALD JOHN WRIGHT, Toronto A A fb C1273 Physics 81 Geology, U.T.S., Coleman Club III-IV, Camera Club IV, Varsity Junior Hockey, Trinity "A" Hockey, Football. Future:-Osgoode Hall. TRINITY COLLEGE yfwf St. Micl1ael's College REV. FATHER L. J. BONDY C.S.B., M.A., Ph.D. HEN you came to the University, we had just emerged from a conflict in which we had come very close to losing most of the human values which we hold dear. At that time we hoped that when the time came for you to graduate, you would be able to go out into a world in which you could lead a normally peaceful life. You know that such is not the case. You are going into a very anxious world. Outside that growing section of the earth where human liberty has been completely sacrificed to a false and inhuman ideal, men are caressing the dream of complete economic security together with complete political and social freedom. Poets of every century have sung this golden age but they have always been forced to situate it in a distorted past or in a nebulous future. It will not come in your day. Yet it is in your day you must live, and it will be a sheer waste of time to dream of living in a more congenial epoch. You had little to do with bringing about the present social confusion, but you will have something to do in making it better or worse. It has been the purpose of your College and your University to help you fit yourselves for a life that will be fruitful both for yourselves and for your fellowmen. Through the various subjects of your curriculum, we have tried to train your minds so that you may be better equipped to distinguish truth from falsehood, the real good from the meretricious, true beauty from that which appeals simply because man is not all he should be. Here at St. Michael's, every attempt has been made to have you realize that your God-given faith is not merely a personal quality that parallels your native talent, that, if your life is to be a success, all your ability and energy must be placed in the service of that highest gift. In a world which, to its own great loss, has so generally ruled out this very purpose of its existence, this will not be easy. The weight of numbers is very oppressive. It is also an excellent means of sifting the man of character from those who "are carried about by every wind of doctrine". Those of us who have had a share in your education will watch your performance with an interest that we could not lose even if we wanted to do sowgw , 74 I , i 1 1 Presidenfs Message DAVID J. QUIGLEY B.A. OR the past 3 or 4 years we have all looked forward to graduation. To us it meant the culmination of all our undergraduate endeavours. To-day we have received our degree, the goal we sought has been achieved. Now we must go forward into the world to use the education and moral development achieved in these few years, to aid the world in its quest for a system of values, and to develop ourselves even further morally and intellectually. The wealth that St. Michael's offers so generously is ours to be spent upon ourself and upon the world in which we live. For their untiring devotion we thank the faculty of St. Michael's. They have given us the equipment for a full life as a Christian man. We shall always assume the responsibility for our deficiencies due to weakness on our part, but the faculty shall always share in our success for showing us the road to true fame. To our friends, parents, and loved ones who have made our attendance here possible by their financial aid, their direction, their inspiration and their loyalty, we offer our heartfelt thanks. You have given us a great opportunity here at St. Michael's, and your love and de- votion have been the base and the supplement of our education for life. Without you this day could never have existed, to you belongs' its glory, and a share in our success in life. The many friends we have made at St. Michael's and in the University we must now leave. In doing so there is deep regret that the companionship and the intimate brotherhood must now be ended. Through our joint experience, discussion, and friendship, we have found the value of true brotherhood. This bond will always be with us as a guide in the future, and shall always exist in the fraternity we feel for one another. On behalf, then, of the graduating class of St. Michael's College, I offer our heartfelt grati- tude to the faculty, our parents, our friends and to all those who have contributed so generous- ly in order that this day might be the success it is. To the graduates I offer my sincere thanks for all that you have given me. To you I ex- tend my most sincere congratulations upon your graduation. May you always be true to yourself and to St. Michael's, and may you enjoy every success in your future undertakingswys 75 ST. MICHAELQS COLLEGE 76 CATHARINE THERESA AITCHISON. Toronto C11 Pass, St. Joseph's College, Biology Club: Swimming. Future:-Scientific work in industry. LORRAINE AMBLER. Toronto C21 Pass, St. Joseph's College School: Music and Drama I-III: Music- Rep. for St. Joseph's College III: Glee Club II-III: Vice-President, Glee Club III: Volleyball II. Future:-"It is early. I shall yet be foot1oose". ADELE MARIE ANNETT, Toronto C31 Pass, Parkdale C.I.: French Club I-III: German Club I: Music Sz Drama I-III: Glee Club III. Future:-"Live long and happy". THOMAS BARRETT ARMSTRONG, Toronto C41 Pass. JOHN LAVVRENCE BACKEWICH, Toronto ' C51 Pass, De La Salle: Tennis: Bowling. Future:-Postgrad work at Western. LEONARD JosEPH BART, Toronto C61 Pass. Noi IVAN JOSEPH BEAUCHESNE, Capreol, ont. C71 Pass, Capreol High: French Club III: Music and Drama III: II year Representative S.A.C.: Hockey I-III: Tennis I-III: Oratorical Society III. Future:'Graduate Studies. HELEN EILEEN BOEHLER, Toronto C81 English Language Zi Literature, St. Joseph's College School: Literary Society I-IV: President IIIVIV: Reporter The Varxily II-IV: French Club IV: VVriters' Group IV: Debating I-II: Trireme IIVIV: Music X Drama I-IV. Future:-VVriting. LAVVRENCE EDMEN BOUCHIER, Toronto C91 Pass,-Malvern C.I.: Liberal Club: Assistant Director II: Director III ol programmes for the University Radio Committee. EDWARD JAMES BOYLE, Belleville, Ont. C101 Pass, St. Michael's CBelleville1: Oratorical Society: French Club: Choral Society: Music and Drama Society: Lacrosse: Basketball: . Volleyball: Golf. Future:-Medicine. DANIEL FRANCIS BRENNAN, Toronto C111 Physics 8: Geology. RICHARD ANTHONY BROVVN, Cleveland, Ohio C121 Pass, Cathedral Latin School: Music and Drama I-II: President III: St. Mike's Football ik Basketball I-II: Varsity Blues Football III. FRANCIS NOEL JOSEPH BURKE-GAFFNEY, Winnipeg, Man.C131 Pass, St. Paul's College: St. Michael's College Co-operative I-III: Executive I: Manager III: Football I: Hockey I: The Forum I: Music and Drama III. JOSEPH H. BURNS, Toronto . C141 Pass, St. Michael's College: Badminton: Tennis: Golf. Future:-Business. GARY JAM ES CALLAHAN, Toronto C151 Pass, St. Michael's College: Newman Club: Hockey I-III: Basketball. Future :-Medicines BENJAMIN CLEO CAMERON, Toronto C161 Pass, Etobicoke C.I.: Newman Club III: Basketball I-III: Volleyball III. Future:YPost grad work at University of Toronto. ERNEST EDWARD CAMERON, Fort William, Ont. C171 Pass. HELENE PAULE MARIE CANNON, Quebec City, Que. A 115 C181 Pass, Quebec High: Newman Club I: Tennis I-III: Golf III: Loretto Social Directress III: Treasurer, Alpha Phi III. Futu re:-Boum! DOUGLAS GERALD CHARRON, Iroquois Falls, Ont. C191 General, Iroquois Falls High: Vice-President, S.M.C. Students' Council IV: Hart House Glee Club I-II: St. Mike's Choral Society III-IV: B.B. Back Room I-IV. Future:-Merchandising. JOHN WILBERT CHARRON, Iroquois Falls, Ont. C201 Pass, Rehab.: Newman Club II. Future:-Social Work CPost grad work1. RAYMOND JOSEPH CHARTRAND, Niagara Falls, Ont. C211 Pass, Niagara Falls C.I. Future:-Post graduate work. HAROLD A. JAWES CHOPPIN, Pembroke. Ont. C221 Pass. PAUL EMERY JOSEPH CLOUTIER, Toronto C231 Pass. STEPHEN J. COATES,'Toronto C241 Pass. JOSEPH COLUCCI, Toronto C251 Political Science 81 Economics, Vaughan Road C.I.: Political Science Club III-IV: St. Mike's Rugby I. Future:-Postgrad work at University of Toronto. ,V 1 Q . - :,,-'.-if i-1.5.11-Q. MARY FRANCES CONLIN, Toronto C263 Pass, St. Joseph's College Schoolq Debating Congress lg Swimming II-III, Hockey I-III. Future:-Social Work. ELIZABETH MARIANNE CORMACK, Toronto. Ont. C273 Pass, Loretto Abbey. ROBERT WILLIAM CROOKER, Houston, Texas C283 Pass. St. Thomas Highg Classics I-Ilg Eremite Club I-Ilg limbser Ref. School llg Noose St Skull Society III: Blackwood Club IIIg Down IV: Scollard Yardbird Society III. Future:-Ad Altare Dei. RAYMOND MARTIN CULLITON. Toronto C293 Pass, De La Salleg Swim Teamg Water polo, Boxing. Future:-Business Administration course at Toronto CI l1ope3. RICHARD FRANCIS DALEY, Oswego, N.Y. C303 Pass. Oswego Highg Music and Drama Society I-III: Newman Club I-III, Oratorical Society III. JAMES JOSEPH DALY, Peterborough, Ont. C313 Pass, St. Peter's Highg Newman Clubg Debates Club, Hockey. Future:-Law. JANET MARTHA DAVIS, Appleton, Wisconsin A A A C323 Pass, Kapuskasing High, Music 81 Drama I-IIIQ Assistant Sodality Prefect Ilg Service Projects Chairman of A A Ag Badminton I-II, Newman I-IIQ Glamour Inc. RENAUD JOSEPH DEMERS, Pembroke, Ont. C333 Pass, Pembroke C.I.3 Oratorical Societyg Music R Drama Societyg French Clubg U.N.T.D. CR.C.N.R.3g Thomistic Societyg St. Michael's College Co-op.: Swimmingg Hockey. Future:--Postgraduate work. DANTE MATTHEW DEMONTE, Toronto C343 Pass., Rehab., President U. of T. Italian Club II, Member Newman Club II-III. Future:-fHope to go to Osgoode. PAUL De SOUZA, Toronto C353 Pass, St. Michael'sg Reporter The Varsity Ig Hockey II-III, Basket- ball II-lIIg Newman Club III: Swimming I-III. Future:-Postgraduate work at Toronto. JAMES MICHAEL PATRICK DONNELLY, Goderich, Ont. C363 Pass, Goderich C.I.g World's worst at Basketball, Volleyball, Golf: Extra-Curricular Activities-''Misunderstandings'' with Prefects because strong opinions but weak arguments. Future:-"Stronger Arguments". JAMES EDWARD DOUGHERTY, Lindsay, Ont. C373 Political Science Sz Economics, Lindsay C.I.g Newman Club. PATRICK ST. CLAIR DUFFY, Nelson, B.C. C383 Pass, St. Joseph's High, Music 8x Drama Clubg Hockey: Varsity Bees Ig St. Mike's A's II-III, Lacrosse: St. Mike's A's I-III, Boxing, Tennis. Future:--Meds. or Law. MARY ELEANOR ANNE DUNN, Almonte, Ont. C303 English Language 8: Literature, Almonte High. Future:-Possibly Library School. JOHN EDWARD EBERLE ,Owen Sound, Ont. AX C403 Political Science and Economics, Owen Sound C.I.g Intermediate Tennis III, Hart House Debates Committee IVg I.S.S.g International Relations Club III-IV. MARILYN ANNE FINLEY, Oshawa, Ont. C413 Pass, St. Joseph's College, All-Varsity Mixed Chorus II, St. Mikes Glee Club III, Music and Drama I-IIIgSoda1ity I-III. Future:-Chemistry in Industry. BETTY MARY FITZGERALD, Toronto C423 Pass, St. Joseph's Collegeg Faculty Basketball I-IIIQ Varsity Basket- ball II-IIIQ Music 8: Dramag Newman Club II-IIIg S.A.C. I-Illg Athletic Rep. III. Future:--Social Work. PATRICK SYLVESTER FORAN, Eganville, Ont. C433 Pass. JAMES JOSEPH FORSYTH, Hamilton. Ont. C443 Pass. PAUL JOSEPH GARNER, St. Catharines, Ont. C453 Pass, St. Catharines C.I.g Music and Drama I-IIIQ Music Repre- sentative II-III, Hart House Theatre II. Future:-Music. ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE ,W 77 ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE 78 JOHN JAMES GAUGHAN, Detroit, Mich. C461 Pass, Catholic Central High. Future:-'Priestliood. FRANK JOHN GIBLIN, Binghamton. N.Y. C471 Pass, St. Patrick's High, Senate Club II, Football I-III, Basketball I-III, Ping Pong Rep. II-III. Future:-Law. ISIDORE GORSKI, Odusa, Sask. C481 Pass. PAUL EDVVARD HAFFEY, Toronto C491 General. ANN JOAN HALASZ, Toronto C501 Pass, Notre Dame High, International Students Organization I-III, Social Directress III, International Relations Club III, Spanish Club I-II, French Club I-III. Future:-Europe and ? WALTER A. HANSON, Toronto C511 English Language and Literature, St., Michael's College School, French Club IV, Trireme III. Future:-Post graduate work at the University of Toronto. MARIE HELEN JACQUELINE HEFFRON, Toronto C521 Pass. Sg.HJoseph's College, Newman Club I-III, Reporter The 'arsily . GEORGE EDWARD HENDRICKS, Buffalo, N.Y. C531 Pass, Annunciation, Music 81 Drama I-III, VVater polo II-III. Future:-Graduate Studies. VVILLIAM FRANCIS HIGGINS, Sarnia. Ont. C541 Pass. Sarnia C.I. Future:-Law at Osgoode. THOMAS FRANCIS I-IINCH, Toronto C551 Pass, De La Salle "Oaklands", Newman Club, Tap Dancing, O'Keefe's Ale, Women. Future:-O.C.E.-Teaching up north in private school for girls, if possible. HUGH JOHN HOOD, Toronto C561 Pass, De La Salle "Oaklands", Hart House Theatre II-III, Associate Editor The Forum III, Executive, St. Michael's Music and Drama Society III, Newman Club. Future:-Teaching on the university level. VINCENT JAMES HOWCROFT, Hamilton. Ont. C571 Sass. Cathedral High, Music 81 Drama I-III, Glee Club II, Newman lub. Future:-Law. JOHN REGIS HOWES, Godfrey, Ont. C581 Pass, Regiopolis College, Kingston, French Club III, Oratorical Society II-III, Music and Drama Club II-III. Future:+I intend entering pharmacy after graduation. FREDERICK ARTHUR HUARD, Haileybury, Ont. C591 Pass. Haileybury High, Music SL Drama I, The Forum II. Future:-"The Rubicon, we know, was a very insignificant stream to look at." JOSEPH WILLIAM HYDE, Toronto C601 Modern History. . ELSPETH McKAY IRELAND, Toronto C611 Pass, Loretto Abbey, University Settlement, Music Sr Drama., Social Work Club. Future:-School of Social Work. CLARINE LAURA JACKMAN, Toronto C621 Pass. Vaughan Road C.I., Music and Drama Society, Vice-President III, U.T.D.C. Treasurer III. Future:-The Theatre. KSAVERA ANN JAROSZ, Kitchener. Ont. C631 Pass, St. Mary's High, Member of Music and Drama Society, Glee Club, St. Joseph's S.A.C. Treasurer III, On Board of Directors of St. Michael's Co-operative II-III. CATHERINE MARGARET-MARY JOHNSON, Paris, Ont. C641 Pass, Paris High, School of Social Work Club I-III, Secretary III, St. Joseph's Debating Council II-III, President III, S.A.C. III, U. of T. Debating Union Treasurer III, I.S.O. I-II. Future:-Post graduate work, School of Social welfare, University of Ottawa. WALTER WILLIAM KASPER, Leader. Sask. C651 Pass, Leader High, Junior Philosophy Club, Thomistic Society. Future:-Graduate Work. PAUL MICHAEL KAVANAGH, Ottawa, Ont. C661 Pass. St. Patricks College, Varsity Jr. B's Hockey I, Varsity Blues Hockey II-III. Future:-Post graduate work in Economic Geology. RAYMOND FRANCIS KEATING, Weston, Ont. C671 Pass, Weston High, S.A.C. II, Music 8: Drama, Newman Club, Ping Pong, Skiing. . Future:-School of Social Work. DANIEL PATRICK KELLY, Toronto C681 Pass JOHN THOMAS KELLY, Toronto C691 Pass, St. Michael's VINCENT JOHN KELLY, Toronto C703 Pass, Bloor C.I.: St. Michae1's Hockey. Future:--Journalism. JOAN KEOGH, Toronto C713 Pass, St. Joseph's College: Tennis: Music: Member of Newman Club. Future:-Music: bilingual stenographer, marriage. JOHN KIT, Smooth Rock Falls, Ont. C723 Pass. Ukrainian Students Club I-III: Ukrainian Catholic Youth I- III: President Prov. Executive U.C. II-III: Editor, Local U.C.Y. Paper I-II. " Future:-Postgrad Work at U. of T. GEORGE KOZORIZ, Trochu, Alta. C733 Pass, Lousana Consolidated High: Ukrainian Students Club I-III: Vice President III: Camera Club III: Russian Circle I-III: Social 81 Entertainment Convener I. Future:-Intelligence Sz Foreign Service with R.C.A.F. CHARLES WILLIAM LANG, Rochester, N.Y. C743 Pass, Aquinas Institute: Music 81 Drama I-III: Chess Club I-III. Future:-Graduate Studies. ROSE MARIE LA PALME, Smith's Falls, Ont. C753 Pass, Smith's Falls C.I.1 Newman Club: Drama: Toronlonensis I-II: Copy Editor ll: Debating I-III: Secretary Debating Congress II: S.A.C. Secretary III. Future :-Marrying a forester, and seeing the world. PAMELA DOROTHY LATOUR, Tobago, B.W.I. C763 Pass, Newman Club I-III: Music 8: Drama II: Reporter, The lfarsily III: Head of House. Loretto College III: Basketball I-III. Future:-Post grad work. PAUL DOLOR LEFRANCOIS, Toronto C773 Pass, St. Michaels: Salon Francais II-III: Newman Club III. Future:-Post grad work. JAMES PATRICK LEYDON, Estevan, Sasl-2. C783 Pass. FRANCES MARY LOBRAICO, Toronto C793 Household Economics, St. Joseph's College, Household Economics Club: Newman Club. Future:-Textile work. PAUL ANDRE LOBRAICO, Toronto C803 Pass, St. Michael's College: R.C.N. CR3: Music: VVreStling: Girls: K. .R. Future:-Law-take over DuPont Industries by 1955. WINNIFRED MARIE LOWNIE, Galt, Ont. C813 Sociology. Galt C.I.: The Varsily II: University Symphony Orchestra II-III: Publicity Manager: St. Joseph's S.A.C. Secretary II: Public- ity convener, President IV. Future:-Defining Sociology. AUDRIE ANN LOWRIE, Toronto C823 Pass, St. Joseph's Convent: Music and Drama Society: St. Joseph's Rep. II-III: U.T.D.C. III. Future:-Theatre. FRANK PRANGLEN MAHER, Toronto C833 Pass, Central Tech.: Federation of Hunters and Anglers Scholarship 1947. Future:-Fisheries Research Work. ELAINE MARGARET MARY MALONEY, Renfrew, Ont. C843 Pass, St. Joseph's Academy: 3rd Yr. Rep., Debating Congress: Music and Drama. Future:-Social Work. HELEN JOYCE MARTEL, Copper Cliff, Ont. C853 Pass. Copper Cliff High: St. Joseph's Debating Congress I-II: St. Michael's French Club I: St. Michael's Hockey Team I. Future:-Ontario College of Education. MAURICE ALAN MARTIN, Calgary, Alta. C863 Honour Law, St. Mary's Boy's High: Law Club: Music and Drama I-III: C.O.T.C. I-III. Future:-Post graduate work. JOHN ARCHIBALD MARLYN, Toronto C873 Pass. RAYMOND GORDON MCCALLION, Toronto ' C883 Pass, St. Aloysius College, Glasgow, Scotland: Chairman Entertain- ment Committee III: Newman Club I-III: Debates Group I-III: Sports in General, Chairman Serious Discussion Group II. Future:-Graduate School Social Work. JULIA VIRGINIA MCCOOL, North Bay. Ont. C893 Pass, Loretto Abbey: Board of Director, St. Michael's Co-op. II-III: Music Sz Drama I-III: Newman I-II: Toronlonensis Rep. III: Assistant Social Rep. II: Dramatics I-III. Future :-Extensive Geological and Botanical Research down South. JOSEPH MELVILLE EARLE MCDONELL, Toronto C903 General, York Memorial C.I.: Interested in Electronics. V Future:-Uncertain-may return for M.A. JOHN EDWARD McDONOUGH, Oswego, N.Y. C913 Pass, Oswego High: Oratorical Society III: Glee Club II-III: U. of T. Sailing Club III. F uture:-Work, if necessary. ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE 79 l r ST. MICI-IAEL'S COLLEGE 80 KATHLEEN ELIZABETH MCEVENUE, Toronto AI' Pass, Loretto Abbey, Newman Club II. Future:-Travel. JOHN WILLIAM MCGEE, Rochester, N.Y. C921 C931 Pass, Aquinas Institute, Glee Club II-III, Fatima Club II-III, Secretary III. Future:mSacerdos In Aeternum. GEJRALD FREDERICK MCGUIGAN, Toronto C941 ass. THELMA PATRICIA MCGUIRE. Schomberg, Ont. C951 Piss, Schomberg Continuation, Newman Club I-III, The Varsity I- Future:-Journalism. VVILLIAM ALLEN McKAY, Toronto C961 Modern Languages and Literatures. THOMAS PETER PATRICK MCKILLOP, Toronto C971 Pass, St. MichaeI's College, Intercollegiate 81 O.H.A. Hockey I-II, Basketball II-III, Baseball I-III. Future:-Post graduate work, U. of T. LOUIS CHARLES EDWARD MCLEAN, Toronto C981 Pass, St. Michael's College School. JOHN PATRICK MCLOUGHLIN, Toronto C991 Pass, Riverdale C.I., Vice-President, U. of T. Hockey Club, Varsity Hockey, Football, Lacrosse, Basketball, Volleyball, Newman Future:-Teaching. JOHN EDWARD MCMANUS, Rochester, N.Y. Club. C1001 Pass, Aquinas Institute, Gregorian Choir I-III, St. Malachy's Guild II, Glee Club II-III. Future:-Priesthood--Teaching goodness. discipline and knowledge. THOMAS JOSEPH McRAE, Virginia, Ont. C1011 Pass, St. Michaels College, Music Sz Drama, Newman Club, Football Lacrosse, Hockey. Future:-Osgoode Hall. STEPHEN JOSEPH MCWILLIAMS, Stanley, N.Y. C1021 Pass, De Sales, Geneva, N.Y., S.M.C. Track Team I, The Forum II- III, Editor III, Newman Club I-II. Future :MAgriculture. WIDLLIAM JOSEPH MITCHELL, Parry Sound, Ont. ass. ROBERT MICHAEL MONTAGUE, Toronto Philosophy. PETER K. MOSTELLER, Toronto C1031 C1041 C1051 Pass, St. Michael's College, Music and Drama Society I-III, Treas- urer II, Senate Club II-III, Treasurer III, Choral Society III. Future:-Graduate Studies. D'ARCY HENRY MULLIGAN, Sudbury, Ont. Pass, Sudbury High, St. Mike's Football I-II, Basketball I-III. Future:-Osgoode HalL WILLIAM J. MURPHY, Scottsville, N.Y. Pass, Music and Drama I-III, Executive III. Future:-Postgrad Studies. JOSEPH RENE CHRISTOPHER NANSON, Edmonton, Alta. Pass, Edmonton High. Future :-Teaching. SAMUEL DESMOND NEILL, Port Arthur, Ont. Modern History. A BARBARA MAE NOKES, Kirkland Lake, Ont. Pass, Kirkland C.I., Music. Future:--Study music further. ROBERT GEORGE NOONAN, Toronto Pass. JAMES RICHARD O'BRIEN, Toronto Pass, St. Michae1's, Newman I-III. Future:-Sleep. GEORGE DONAL O'GORMAN, Toronto Modern Languages, St. Michael's. Future:-Priesthood. C1061 C1071 C1081 C1091 C1101 C1111 C1121 C1131 ANDREW JOSEPH PASTOR, Toronto C1143 Pass, St. Michael's. Future:-Post grad, U. of T. JOHN PATRICK PECKHAM, Hamilton, Ont. C1153 Pass, Cathedral High, Music Sz Drama Society I-III, Treasurer III, Newman Club II. Future:-Post grad work. ADA ROSE M.M. PH ELAN, St. Catharines, Ont. C1163 Pass, St. Catharines C.I., Sodality I-III, St. Vincent De Paul Children's Aid II-III, Volunteer. Future:-Sailing o'er the sea of matrimonial bliss. PETER GORDON PIDKOWICH, Wynyard, Sask. C1173 Sass, St. Joseph's College, Newman Club, Music 8 Drama, French lub. Future:-Will enter dentistry. MARY TERESA POIRIER, St. Catharines, Ont. C1183 Political Science Sz Economics, St. Catharines C.I., St. Joseph's College Social Rep. III, Newman I-II, Glee Club III-IV, Music Sz Drama Society I-IV, International Relations Club IV. EDDIE S. POWER, Toronto C1193 Pass, St. Michael's High, Interested in all sports, but in wintertime I am a slave to skiing, Organize ski excursions to Laurentians 8: points in Ontario. Future:-I'll let the future take care of itself. HELEN PRENDERGAST, Toronto C1203 JOSEPH BENOIT PRENDERGAST, Toronto C1213 Physics SL Geology, St. Michael's High, Newman Club, Blue 81 VVhite Society I-IV, Lacrosse I-IV, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Coleman Geology Club. Future:-Postgrad work in geophysics and raising geophysicists. FRANK DAVID PRICE Na ier New Zealand 1223 . D . C Pass, Napier Boy's High, Contributor, The Forum Tennis, Boxing, Squash, Badminton, Hobby-attacking materialistic "isms". Future:-Post graduate work-Missouri University, Journalist. Editor and Author in Australia. DAVID J. QUIGLEY, Rochester, N.Y. C1233 Political Science Sz Economics, Aquinas Institute, President and S.A.C. Rep. of St. Michael's College Students' Administrative Council, Debates Commissioner of University of Toronto Debating Union, Senate Club II-IV. Future:-Post graduate work in Economics. FREDERICK MICHAEL QUIGLEY, Toronto C1243 Pass, De La Salle, C.O.T.C., Golf, Skiing. Future:-Helping my father, He is retired. PATRICIA M. QUINN, Pefferlaw, Ont. C1253 Pass, Sutton West High, Toronlonensis I-III, The Varsily II-III. Future:-Editorial work and maybe .,......,... LORRAINE THERESE RAFFERTY,Toroi1to A A A C1263 Pass, Humberside C.I., Music and Drama Society, Basketball. Future:-Post graduate work. LEO RAMSPERGER, Toronto C1273 Pass. ROBERT JOHN REID, Toronto C1283 Pass, De La Salle Oaklands, Newman Club I, Golf, Bridge. Future:-Post grad work at U. of T. VINCENT PAUL REID, Toronto C1293 Pass, De La Salle Oaklands, Basketball II-III, Golf, Badminton. Future:-Osgoode Hall. DIESMOND JOSEPH RICHARDSON, Toronto - C1303 ass. DONALD ANDREW ROBERTSON, Brantford. Ont. C1313 Pass, Brantford Catholic High, Senate Club I-III, Publicity Director III, Athletic Directorate, Secretary III, Interfaculty Football II, Minor Basketball I-III, Oratorical Society III, Choral Society III, Volleyball. Future:-Postgrad at Varsity. KIEZJNNETH MORLEY ROBITAILLE, Midland, Ont. C1323 ass. HERBERT AUGUSTINE ROSE, Toronto C1333 Pass, Riverdale C.I., Volleyball I-III, Basketball I-III. Future:-O.C.E. WILLIAM DANIEL ROSS, Port Hope, Ont. C1343 Pass, Port Hope High, Assistant Sports Editor The Varsity II-III, Interfaculty Football, Lacrosse, Hockey II-III. Future:-Law in U.S. or U.S. Navy. ST. MICI-IAEL'S :COLLEGE 81 ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE 82 JOISEPH ANTHONY ROSSI, Port Colborne, Ont. C1355 ass. MURIEL GEORGINA ROULEAU, Sudbury, Ont. C1365 Modern Languages 8: Literature, Sudbury High, French Club II-III, Volleyball II-III, All Varsity Chorus III. Future:-Teaching. JOHN RYAN, Timmins, Ont. C1375 Pass, Timmins High. Future:aAim-Something Big. CHARLES G. SCHNORR, Rochester. N.Y. C1385 Pass, Aquinas Institute, Secretary Treasurer, St. Michael's College S.A.C. III, Basketball I-III, Track, German Club I, T.G.I.F. Club I. Future:-Teaching. ARTHUR JOHN SCHUELER, Rochester, N.Y. C1395 Pass, Aquinas Institute, Music and Drama Society II. Future:-Post grad work. VVILLIAM DONALD SHARPE, Angola, N.Y. C1405 Pass. MARY FRANCES SH ERIDAN, Hamilton, Ont. C1415 General, Loretto Academy, Music 8: Drama I-IV, Debating II-IV, Junior Rep. III, Secretary of S.A.C. III-IV, Prefect of Sodality IV. ELEANOR AGNES SH ERLOCK, Brantford, Ont. C1425 Philosophy and English, Brantford Catholic High. Future:-Library Work. PATRICIA MARY SMITH. Toronto C1435 English Language and Literature, Loretto Abbey, Music and Drama IV, Newman Club I, Forum III, Debating IV. Future:-French Ambassador. HELEN THERESE SMYTH, Toronto C1445 English Language and Literature, Loretto Abbey, S.A.C. President IV, Vice-President-Treasurer III, Debating I-IV, Hockey III-IV, Music and Drama IV. Future:-XVriting novels and paying for a fur coat. PETER CAMPION SOMERVILLE, Toronto C1455 Pass. HELEN LAURA SOUTHCOTT, Grand Falls, Nfld. C1465 Pass, Notre Dame Academy, Newman I, Tennis I-III, Softball I-III, Badminton I-III, Music Chairman III. Future:ARinging the bells in "Lakme" at the Met. BARBARA SOUTHERN, Toronto C1475 JOSEPH C. STEIVER, Toronto C1485 Pass. ' THOMAS JOSEPH STEVENS, Sudbury, Ont. C1495 Pass, De La Salle Oaklands, Newman Club I, Golf, Bridge. Future:-Post grad work at U. of T. MARY THERESA AGNES TADMAN, Toronto C1505 Pass, St. Joseph's, Newman Club I, Spanish Club II-III, Music and Drama Society III. Future:-Post grad studies at Varsity. GRACE-ANN TWOHEY, Lindsay, Ont. C1515 Pass, St. Joseph's Academy, Newman I-III, Music 8: Drama I-III, Tennis III, Bowling III. ' Future:-Chief Directress of evening study!! PETER VALLELY, Toronto C152 Pass. MERVYN JAMES, VILLEMAIRE, Timmins, Ont. C1535 Pass, St. Michael's High, Oratorical Society I-III, Vice-President II, President III, Music Sz Drama I-III, Glee Club III. Future:-Osgoode Hall. ALPHONSE LOUIS VIOLA. Hamilton, Ont. . C1545 Chemistry, Cathedral High, Music 8: Drama II, Chemical Club II- IV. CARL PETER VIPAVEC, Toronto C1555 Pass, De La Salle, Track I-III, Chess Club. Future:-Osgoode Hall. WILLIAM GREGORY WALKER, Toronto C1565 L Political Science and Economics. DOUGLAS GERALD WALLACE, Barrie, Ont. C157l Pass, Barrie C.I.3 Athletic Director III, Basketball Manager IIQ Board of Directors, St. Mike's Co-op. IIIg Music 8: Drama IIIQ S.A.C. III. Future:-O.C.E. RICHARD GERAILD VVALLAC E, Toronto f15Sl Pass, Rehab. Future:-Post grad work at Toronto JANE MARY WHITE, Toronto Q C1S9l Household Economics, Loretto Abbeyg Household Economics Club I-IV, Newman Club I-IV. EDWARD WHITTLE, Ottawa, Ont. C1605 Pass, Lisgar C.I.g Music 81 Drama IIQ Lacrosse II-IIIQ Basketball I- IIIQ Volleyball II-III. Future:-Grad Studies. JAMES JOSEPH VVILEY, Kitchener, Ont. C1615 Pass, St. Jerome's College: STO Representative S..-X.C.g Dance Committee Chairman: Music 81 Dramag Basketball I-Illg Swimming I-IIIQ Volleyball II-IIIQ Football Manager II. Future:-Post grad work. MARY AGNES WILKINSON, Belleville, Ont. C1623 Pass, St. Michael's Highg Sodality I-IIIQ Debating Congress Ig St. Michael's College Co-operative, Board of Directors I-Ilg The Forum II, St. joseph's College S.A.C. IIQ S.A.C. Rep. III: Pub- lications Commissioner IIIQ House Committee II. ALEXANDER WILLIAMS, Toronto C1635 Pass, Danforth Tech., Newman Clubg Hockey II-IIIQ Volleyball IIIg Basketball II-III. JOSEPH DOUGLAS WILLIAMS, Toronto C16-ll Pass. OWEN STEPHEN WILLIAMS, Toronto B 9 II C1651 General, Lawrence Park C.I.g N.F.C.U.S. Financial Organizerg St. Michae1's Water polo. Future:-Post graduate at Harvard, Western or Osgoode. FREDERICK JOHN WILTSHIRE, Toronto Q166J Pass. DONALD HARRY YOTT, London, Ont. H673 Pass, De La Salleg U. of T. Film Society III, U. of T. Badminton Club II-IIIQ Swimming, Squash. Future:-Post graduate course. ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE 16941 alll -I S fx" ' I 2 .A .. A C- H. gy,,,,3:? My U ,-lf, 2,1 l 15292 gggffff VggfiigglLg3'fEg'i-giiQhg?lsQKemX -- - , 5-if S, 51 fr my h 'CE 'r ' I 0 F3 11 - I - 2512 J Q ss. , iD' 1' W " fo f 6' 5 lj, 'X .ip if ' H T. ...A X Killa M 1 Q l I, l C. ' 67 lb it I St , 1 M ' he f 1 '. -- I 'V ,Maas ,i v c. , . 1 I I 4 L A 1 Q A I m 7, , -1 f' ' s fsffw- EQ. S rtA ' ECEMBER A JA uixiiy Fsfx A a rr Ki PEBRUARJ Q42 -A -l ,Es 2 s' refs , . I ,yi-iQ.g.l -' : Nxf f .I ,.-lguifizp x V ' X A I yllgiiiaglzx A gl f A , Q Q N I -1 H -. - ' I X 4' X N ' ' . . -Ji' I rf f R 1 Knox College REV. W. W. BRYDEN M.A., D.D. E have reached the middle of another century. The world of fifty years ago, with its serene optimism and its accepted securities, no longer exists. There can be no return to the complacences of former days. The catastrophic changes, wrought into the whole fabric of human life in recent years, make that impossible. We do well to remind ourselves that this claim is applicable to the Church, as it is so obviously applicable to political, economic and social formations. If Christians have hope in this dismal and melancholy world, it is because they believe that Jesus Christ is Creator of the Universe as well as Reconciler and Redeemer of the souls of men. He is Lord of the Church, but He is also Lord of the nations and of every human relationship which may exist therein. It is indeed Christ Who has cast down and it is He alone Who is able to uplift. And His powers are not circumscribed within the laws He has fashioned for the universe, not even within the processes of Nature which He has made. In fact, these latter have proved, in our day, to be as portentous of evil as of good. What dis- tinguishes the Christian soul from the soul of the worldly man is its never-ceasing expec' tancy-the powers and possibilities which exist in God far beyond man's understanding. You are going forth from this College to be servants of God's Word-not servants of your own views about life, nor servants of public opinion. You will not, therefore, be subject to the fears, apprehensions and panics which are common to men. You dare not be subservient to the clamorous voices of selffinterest, whether in State or in Church. No preacher, if he is to continue to arouse and stimulate people, may neglect his books nor escape the most arduous study, yet, he may not be a mere echo of the thoughts of others. Indeed, if his message is to be pertinent to those he serves, there must be a constant culturing and disciplining of the heart as well as of the mind before God. Moreover, he musrbe a true pastor, a shepherd of souls, a healer of the wounds of men, and to be so, he will need to know his people, not in a general way, but in those concrete experiences which constitute life. May God bless and increasingly enrich your ministry.qYp 84 K. ALEXANDER KEITH CAMPBELL, Newbury, Ont. C13 B.A., U. of Western Ontario: K.C.A. I-IIIQ M. 8: T. I-IIIQ President K.C.A. IIIQ Athletic Convener IIq N.F.C.U.S. Rep. Ig Hockeyg Soccer: Basketball, Future:-Post grad work. ALBERT MARC CHARRA, Lyon, Rhone, France C23 Future:-Postgrad work at Montpellier CFrance3. KALMAN CALVIN DOKA, Kipling, Sask. C33 B.A., McMaster Universityg Missionary and Theological Societyg Student work and Life Committee. Future:-Service in the Presbyterian Church in Canada. FRASER JARDINE DUN BAR. Eureka. N.S. C43 Mount Allison University: Treasurer, M. Sz T. Society II: House Convener K.C.A. III. Future:-Chaplaincy Service. VVILLIAM JAMES STALKER FARRIS, Glencoe, Ont. C53 B.A.. U. of Western Ontario '47g M.A. U of T.: U. of T. Theological Union. President 1949-50. Future:-Post-graduate study in Theology. Pastoral work in the Presbyterian Church in Canada. - GORDON JUDSON GENDRON. Penetanguishene. Ont. C63 B.A. CU. of T.3g Knox College Missionary and Theological Society. Future.4Presbyterian Ministry. DOUGLAS G. M. HERRON, Toronto K A C73 B.A. U. of T. CTrinity3g Missionary 8: Theological Societyg Secretary IIIQ Hockey I-III. PIERRE EMILE ERNEST LUTZ, Strasbourg CBas-Rhin3, France C83 Future :FBaccalaureat eu Theologie a Strasbourg CFrance3. JOSEPH KEITH LANDON MCGOWN, Toronto C93 B.A., U. of T. CU.C.31 Knox College Missionary and Theological Society I-III: Knox College Association I-IIIg Varsity Christian Fellowship I-III. Future:-"I press toward the mark for the prize ofthe high calling of God in Christ jesus." ALVIN McINTOSH, Southampton, Ont. C103 B.A.. Western Universityg VVorship Convenerg Dean of Residence. Future:-Foreign Missions. KENNETH FERGUSON MCKENZIE, Saskatoon, Sask. C113 B.A. University of Saskatchewan Future:-Doing Post grad work at U.C., U. of T.. in Semitics. MALCOLM SERVISS McLEAN. Brampton, Ont. C123 B.A. at U. of Alberta: Knox College M. 8: T. Society I-III: President IIIQ Knox Basketballg Volleyball. Future:-Presbyterian Church Ministry in Canada. WILFRED ALLAN MCLEOD, Kitchener, Ont. C133 B.A. Vllestern Universityg M. 81 T. Society. Future:-Ministry. B ALEXANDER CHARLES GRANT MUIR, Celon, Ont. C143 B.A. at U. of T.g Knox College Missionary and Theological Society I- IIIQ Vice President Ig Secretary Supply Committee IIIQ Badminton. Future:-Preaching Christ the Living VVord, Postgrad work in Theology. VICTOR WILLIAM RAISON. Toronto C153 B.A. U. of T. Future:-The Ministry. KNOX COLLEGE 85 Emmanuel College REV. A. D. MATHESON M.A., B.D., D.D. 0 the members of the Graduating Class of 1950 in Emmanuel College I wish to say a word of farewell. It seems such a short time ago that you came to us as a Freshman Class. You came liter- ally "from sea to sea"g your backgrounds were as varied. But a Power beyond that of man had drawn you to the vocation of the Christian minister: and here you were ready to undertake three years of graduate study that you might prepare yourselves for Ordination in one or other of the Conferences of our Church. ' We have seen you develop in so many ways: in the several intellectual disciplines, in social relations, and in spiritual enrichment: and we are glad. As you go out in a short time to take up your individual tasks you will soon discover that your teachers have not given you all the "answers", It has not been our intention to do so, nor could we have done so had we wished. Each one must bring the best that he is in himself to the service of the Master, Jesus Christ. ln exalting Him you iwill find yourselves. Through witnessing to the Gospel you will enter into a richness of spiritual experience that calls you ever onward. Hold high the shield of courage, and you will give heart to others. Press forward in the interests of the Kingdom of God, and you will be contributing also to a finer, stronger Canada. Go forth in Christ's name: and know that you are accompanied by the prayers and the high expectations of your teacherswik- 86 BRYAN COLLINS COLWELL, Vancouver, B.C. C13 Magee C.I.: S.C.M. Future:--To be the best minister I can be. ' WILLIAM GORDON I-IUME, Milton, Ont. C23 Milton High: Forward Movement I-III: Worship Convener, Emmanuel College Students' Society III: Church work at Glen- mount and Westmount. guture:-A rural Pastorate, probably somewhere in the Canadian est. CHARLES DOUGLAS JAY, Toronto C33 Humberside C.I.: President, Emmanuel College Theological Society III. Future:-The Ministry. JOHN WILLIAM METLER, London, Ont. C43 London Central C.I.: E.M. Soccer I: Athletic Rep. II: Chairman of Missionary Society III. Future:-Community Church VVork. ELWOOD BINKLEY MORDEN, Carlisle, Ont. C53 NVaterdown High: On Class Executive IAIII: E.C.S.S. : Representative on Toronlonensis III. Future :YA rural pastorate under the United Church of Canada. CHARLES ROLAND NENVTON. Moncton, N.B. C63 Victoria College: E.C.S.S. I: E.C.A.A. II-III: Residence Executive II: Volleyball I-III: Basketball l-II. Future:-The Christian Ministry. HAROLD PENNER. Leamington, Ont. C73 Victoria College: Good King Hal of "The Casbah": Ruler of the strong minds, Confessor of the weak! Future:-May Heaven and Hal preserve the adamant! STUART WALLACE PORTEOUS, Vancouver, B.C. K E C83 Vancouver C.I.: V.C.F.: House Treasurer. Future:-Western mission field. JAMES FORBES SEUNARINE, San Fernando, Trinidad, B.VV.I. C93 Naparima College, Trinidad: S.C.M.: Soccer I-III: Volleyball II-III. Eu-tu1Ae:?Maybe Postgrad work: More likely active ministry in rmi a . DOUGLAS THOMPSON SLOAN, Toronto C103 Humberside C.I.: Secretary-Treasurer, E.C.A.S. II: President E.C.A.S. III: Music and Violin are Hobbies. Future:-The Ministry. JAY ROY FALLIS STORY, Toronto C113 MATTHEW TAYLOR, Kirkconnel, Dumfriesshire, Scotland C123 Vifaterford High: Don of Residence III: Chairman of Musicale Committee III. Future:-United Church Ministry. ROBERT DONALD THOMPSON, London, Ont. C133 Sir Adam Beck C.I.: Basketball: Hockey. Future:-Bob is working hard for Union with the Baptist Church, which he hopes to achieve in the near future. JAMES HARDING VOWLES. Elma, Ont. C143 Glebe C.I.: The Scabbing rush is ended And now from out a cranium distended, The wisdom of ten thousand years must be pretended. HOWARD OLIVER WAKELIN, Scott, Sask. C153 Scott High: Social Director III: Hobby-Radio. Futureze-The Ministry. FLORENCE GERTRUDE WILKINSON, Courtland, Ont. C163 Tillsonburg High: Secretary of E.C.S.S. II: Ou Class Executive I-III. Future:-Preaching for Christ under the United Church of Canada. DONALD CLIFFORD WILSON, Waterloo, Que. C173 Waterloo High: Vice-President Emmanuel College Students' Society II: President III: S.A.C. III. , Future :-A minister of the United Church of Canada. NETTIE I. J. WILSON, Toronto C183 Ottawa Glebe C.I.: President of Third Year: College Organist. Future :-United Church Ministry. EMMANUEL COLLEGE 87 Wycliffe College REV. R. ARMITAGE M.C., M.A., D.D. R. TREVELYAN, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge in his autobiography recalls his undergraduate days in a descriptive line which every College might covet as its own: 'Here was friendship, here was freedom, in fullest abundance? Among the loyalties which grow deeper and richer with the years is the grateful affection of an alumnus for his Alma Mater. University College and the Universtiy of Toronto will stir our hearts no matter where in Canada, or farther, we may go. But Wycliffe, even more, is in the very web and woof of our life, for here we have been given the beginning of our training for the Ministry. Most of us have found that our recollection and remembrance of our student days at Wycliff'e grow more vivid in the passing of the years and take on something of the warmth and gratitude which we find in almost every letter written by St. Paul. We shall come to know that our College stands for values in the life and thought of our Church which make for vigour and enrichment and that we have our part and share in this contribution to the commonweal. I ' This calls fo'r "singleness of heart" as the Authorized Version would say it. i It is worth noting that this singleheartedness, this singleness of intent and purpose is in the word "sincere". They both grow out of the one root. And it is for us to recollect and to read into it what active meaning we may that the first recorded use of the word "sincere" in English is in the line "Master Wickliffe was noted to be a man of a very sincere life." A ' 0 Let us follow after with gladness and singleness of heart. The Teaching Staff of Wycliffe College extend to the graduating class good wishes and Godspeed at this beginning of a new and far reaching stretch of the roadqim 88 T3 1 Y . ff 4' . '4- MERRILL JAMES CATHCART, Stittsville, Ont. Q13 President, Wycliffe College Theological Society. Future:-Church of England Ministry. JAMES SIMPSON CUNNINGHAM, Toronto Q29 B.A. U. of T. '46 University Collegeg S.A.C. Rep. Vllycliffe 19483 President Wycliffe Athletic Association 1949-503 VVycliffe Hockeyg Tennisg Golf: Volleyball. Future:-Curate, Church of the Transfigurationg Parish Vllorkg Post graduate work. FREDERICK WARWICK PEIRCE, Hamilton, Ont. Q33 B.A., McMasterg Hart House Glee Club, University of Toronto Theological Union Executive. Future:-Priesthood of Anglican Church. REGINALD F. STACKHOUSE, Toronto Q41 B.A., U. of T. '46, University College: Prime Minister III: President of Missionary Society IIIQ Editor of Cap and Gown IV-V13 Speaker Vg House Committee V-VIIg Senior Student VIIQ Parish of St. Matthews' Eatonville IV-VII: Ordained Deacon VII. Future:-Priesthood and Ph.D. HOPE WRIXON SURDIVALL, Hornings Mills, Ont. Q51 London University '38g Pjb. '42g Minister of Education III: XVycliffe. Future:-Priesthood and post-grad. work. CUTHBERT WILLIAM THOMAS, New Toronto, Ont. Q69 Central High of Commerceg Keeper of the Seal of the W'ycliffe Literary Society. Future:-Church of England Ministry, Diocese of Athabaska. DAVID REID THOMPSON, Penetangnishene, Ont. Q77 Future:-The Christian Ministry. GEORGE WILLIAM BYARS VVHEELER, Peterborough, Ont. 181 B.A. and M.A. U. of T.: Prime Minister, Wycliffe College, 1947-48. Future:-Lecturer in Church History. ROBERT ALLAN WIGBY, Everett, Ont. Q95 B.A., U. of T. '48g Toronlonfrzsis Representative. Future:-Ministry' WYCLIFFE COLLEGE 89 Commerce and Finance C. A. ASHLEY B.Com., F.C.A. OU have completed your course in the university under adverse conditions. In spite of all our efforts to keep numbers down in the honour courses, you have been too many for us. We know only too well that you have missed a good deal of that close contact with members of the staff which is generally recognized to be of great value, which has, indeed, often been thought of as the distinctive characteristic of a university. We believe, however, that you have encountered intellectual honesty and a disinclina- tion to accept ready made opinions. "If a man seriously desires to live the best life that is open to him, he must learn to be critical of the tribal customs and tribal beliefs that are generally accepted among his neighbours," says Bertrand Russell. Criticism is not necessarily followed by rejection, and continued existence depends on a wide measure of acceptance of certain customs and beliefs, but a man who takes his sense of values from others, without subjecting them to searching inquiry, loses his individuality in the common herd. The university graduate must assert his individuality, he must influence people, without necessarily making enemies in the process. We therefore expect to hear of you again, and we wish you happiness and success in your effortswgn i , 90 WILLIAM ROBERT ACHESON, Toronto C15 Victoria College. Oakwood C.I.: Camera Clubg Victoria Married Students Club, Victoria Soccer I-IV: Rooting for those "Blues", Future:-Accounting or General Business. A. E. ADDIE C25 PAUL R. ALLEN, Niagara Falls. Ont. C35 University College, Niagara Falls C.I.3 Commerce Club. Future:-Business.. DOUGLAS FRANCIS BRUCE ARCHER, Toronto l C45 University College, St. Michael'sg Commerce Club: Goltg Tennis. Future:-Actuarial Work with Insurance Co. ARTHUR JOSEPH BALFOUR, Toronto C55 University Collegeg Riverdale C.I.g Reporter on The Varsity. Future:-Investment Business. RALPH MacKENZIE BARFORD, Toronto 111 P A C65 Victoria College. Sarnia C.I.g Vic. Football Ill-IVQ Blue St White Soc. Treasurer IV: V.C.U. Auditor III-IVQ Commerce Club I-IV, Publicity Director IIIQ Vice-President IV, SDI' A Treasurer IV. ROBERT ALEXANDER WALKER BARR, Toronto C75 Victoria College, Western Commerce: Commerce Club I-IV, Business Manager, Commerce Journal IV: Main extracurricular interests- Wife, and son, George. Future:-Chartered Accountant. JOSEPH ANTON BAUMCHEN, Toronto C85 St. Michael's College, Lampman High. Future:-Chartered Accountant. NORMAN ALEX. BELL, Toronto C95 Victoria College, Runnymede C.I.g Commerce Club: Musician. Future:-Accounting F. J. BENNETT C105 University College. HENRY COOKSON BILSBOROUGH, Capreol, Ont. C115 St. Michael's College, Capreol High: Commerce Club, Newman Club: Water polo III-IV. Future:-Chartered Accountancy. RUDY BLOOM, Hamilton Ont. E A M C125 gnglersity College, Hamilton Central C.I.g Commerce Clubg Squashg ri ge. Future :-Tentatively planning to attend Osgoode Hall, LEONARD AUSTIN BRAITHWAITE, Toronto C135 University College, Harbord C.I.g Commerce Club I-III-IVQ Vice- President IVQ I.S.O. II-IVg U.C. Volleyballg Squash: Track. Future:-Post grad work. THOMAS BRAZIER, Windsor, Ont. C145 Victoria College, Sandwich C.I.g Commerce Clubg Hart House Art Classy Interested in Basketball, Tennis, Skiing. Future:-Chartered Accountant. GEORGE HULSE BRERETON, Toronto C155 Victoria Collegeg Oakwood C.I.g Commerce Club I-IV: Treasurer III- President IVQ C.O.T.C. II-IV. Future:-Business. BRUCE EDGAR CARROLL, Toronto C165 Victoria College, North Toronto C.I.: Managing Editor, Com- merce Journal IV, Commerce Club III-IV. G. J. CARRUTHERS C175 St.'Michae1's College. ROBERT ORVILLE CARRUTH ERS, Toronto C185 Victoria College, Lawrence Park C.I.g Commerce Club III-IV: greasurer Class STO Vic. III: Treasurer V.C.U. IV: Basketball, o . Future :-Merchandising. JOHN ARGUE CARSON, Toronto C195 Ielfiigersity College, Glebe C.I.g Commerce Club, Political Science u . Future:-Chartered Accounting. KENNETH LLOYD COOK, Kitchener, Ont. C205 University College, Kitchener C.I.g Lutheran Students Assoc. I1-IV Vice-President IV. Future:-Chartered Accountant. CYRUS WILFRED CREIGHTON. Toronto C215 University College, Malvern C.I.g A balcony boy in the big hall. JEFFREY EDWARD CRIBB. Toronto i dv K 2 C225 Victoria College, Lawrence Park C.I. Future:-Business Life. HARRY DAMP, Toronto C235 Victoria College, Bloor C.I.: Vic. Football I-IV. COMMERCE AND FI NANCE 91 COMMERCE AND FINANCE 92 LESLIE ALAN DARCH, Bowmanville, Ont. C24-J Victoria College, Bowmanville High: Commerce Club: Conservatory Symphony Orchestra I. Future:-Chartered Accountancy. ARTHUR DAVID DAY, Toronto CZSD Victoria College, Jarvis C.I.: Commerce Club I-IV:Victoria Rugby I: Squash. Future:-The Business World. VVILLIAM JAMES DESLAURIERS, Toronto 'FI' C263 St. Michael's College, Lawrence Park C.I.: Commerce Club: Fratern- ity, main extracurricular interest. Future:-University School of Law CNew LL.B. coursel. B. DEVOR , C279 University College DONALD DAVID DONALDSON, Orillia, Ont. B 9 II C285 University College, Orillia C.I.: Commerce Club I-IV: Hart House Glee Club: Badminton IV: Commerce Journal IV. Future:-Business. THOMAS MURRAY ELDER, Toronto C297 University College, Lawrence Park C.I. ARTHUR JOSEPH FERRI, Toronto C301 University College, De La Salle Oaklands: Commerce Club I-IV: U.N.T.D. II-III: Circulation Manager, Commerce Journal IV: Swimming: Balcony Boys I-IV. Future:-Administrative position. Possibly in brewery. CLIFFORD ALLAN FORBES, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad K A C311 Trinity College, St. Andrew's College: President of Kappa Alpha Society: Soccer-Trinity Future:-Import-Export Trade in Trinidad. PURVIS CHARLES FREDENBURGH, Toronto C327 Victoria College, Lawrence Park C.I, Future:-Undecided, Chartered Accountancy. C, G, JIM FULLERTON, Toronto C333 University College, Forest Hill C.I.: Commerce Club I-IV: Executive III: U.C. Hockey III-IV. Future :-Post grad work. ERNEST NORMAN GILLIGAN, Toronto C343 St. Michael's College, Central High School of Commerce: Commerce Club: Swimming and Golf. Future:-Chartered accountant. ALEXANDER SUTHERLAND GORDON, Toronto C353 'Victoria College, Riverdale C.I. ROBERT WALSH GOUINLOCK, Toronto C36l Trinity College, Upper Canada College: Secretary Commerce Club: Director Hart House Bridge Club: Intercollegiate Bridge Team: Intermediate Golf: Trinity Hockey "C". Future:-Harvard Graduate School of Business. HARRY ALEXANDER GREENE, Toronto C37l Victoria College, Eastern Commerce. ALBAN REGINALD HEBERT, Toronto . C385 Victoria College, Humberside C.I.: Wrestling: Body-building: Tennis. I Future:-Personnel VVork. ALBERT ANDREW HEIGHINGTON, Toronto C397 Victoria College, Orillia C.I. WILLIAM HARRIS HILL, Toronto A K E C407 University College, U.T.S. DONALD CLARENCE HOOVER. Nobleton, Ont. C415 Victoria College, Weston C.I.: Commerce Club: Philately: Golf. Future :-Chartered Accountancy. GEORGE KENNETH HUMPHREYS, Sarnia, Ont. .C42l University College, Sarnia C.I.: Commerce Club: International Relations Club. THOMAS HERBERT INGLIS, Toronto C437 Victoria College: Kincardine High: Commerce Club I-IV: Residence Executive I-III-IV: Reporter The Varsity I: Business Manager, Vic. Revue IV. Future:-Law. HARTLEY ALBERT JACKSON, Toronto . C441 Trinity College, Lawrence Park C.I.: Commerce Club: Ridley Men s Bible Cclass, Past President: Navigation Instructor-180 Squadron, R.C.A. . Future:-Chartered Accountancy. SYDNEY BERTRAM LOFTUS, Toronto Z A M C451 University College, Riverdale C.I.: Commerce Club: Basketball: Tennis: Squash: U.C. Follies: Fraternity Treasurer. Future:-Business Career. JAMES HAMILTON MALE, Toronto C463 Victoria College, Etobicoke C.I., Commerce Club I-IV, .Associate Circulation Manager Commerce Journal IV, Golf, Skiing. Future:-Possibly Postgrad work in Commerce. CHARLES CLIFFORD MALLOCH. Weyburn, Sask. C473 Victoria College, Weyburn C.I., Commerce Club I-IV, STO Assembly Rep. III, "Love them out-of-town rugby games". Future:-Set the world on fire!! Cwith tongue in cheek3. IRVING MATLOW, Toronto E A M.C483 University College, Harbord C.I., Exchequer E A M, 1947, Hillel. JAMES JOSEPH MCGUIGAN, Toronto A C493 St. Michael's College, St. Michael's College H1gh,C.O.T.C.,C.O.T.C Ball Finance Director IV, Commerce Club, Rifle Club. Future:-Law. KENNETH PATRICK MCINTYRE, Ottawa, Ont. C503 St. Michael's College, St. Patrick's High, Senior Intercollegiate Football III, Hockey, Water polo, Skiing I-III, Oratorical Society, Commerce Club. Future:-Business. GRATTAN BRODERICK MCKEOWN, Smiths Falls, Ont. C513 St. Michael's College, Smiths Falls C.I., Commerce Club I-IV, St. Mike's Basketball I-IV, Volleyball I-IV, Music 81 Drama IV. Future:-Ad altare Dei. Bonitatem, Disciplinam, Scientiam. CARSON V. MCMASTER, Toronto C523 Victoria College. Eastern Commerce, Tennis, Golf, Bowling, Public Speaking. Future:-Accountancy. ALFRED LAWRENCE NELSON, Toronto fssb Victoria College, Elbow C.I., Sask. DONALD RAY NEWMAN, Dunnville, Ont. C543 Victoria College. Dunnville High, Vic. Music Club III-IV, Business Manager IV, Commerce Club IV. GEORGE CHALMERS NORRIE. Toronto C553 Trinity College, Central Commerce. EARL HERBERT ORSER, Edmonton, Alta. C563 University College, Danforth Tech., Commerce Club I-IV, Assistant Business Manager, Commerce Journal III, Holwood Executive III, S.A.C. Rep. for U.C. Lit. Executive IV, Finance Commissioner of S.A.C. IV. Future 1-Accounting for other peoples foolish expenditures. T. W. OWEN C573 ROSS WILLIAM PAULI, Stratford, Ont. C583 University College, Stratford C.I., "73" I-IV, Treasurer III, Bas- ketball I-IV, Volleyball I-IV, Nocturnal Bull Sessions-week-ends, U.C. Athletic Board II. Future:-To eat three meals a day. ABRAHAM PEARLSTEIN, Toronto C593 University College, Roosevelt High, Los Angeles, Cal., U.N.T.D. I- IV, Hillel I-IV, Commerce Club III-IV, U.C. Basketball I-IV, Volleyball. Future:-Postgrad work. MILO JOSEPH PECKHAM, Toronto C603 St. Michael's College. St. Michael's College High, Newman Club IV, Commerce Club IV, Tennis, Skiing. Future:-Banking. WILLIAM JOSEPH RAYMOND, Toronto C613 University College, Westmount High, Commerce Club III-IV, Toronlonensis II-IV, Editor IV, Football Week-ends, Ski VVeek-ends, Balcony Boys I-IV. Future:-Post graduate work. GEORGE RATCLIFFE ROBERTS, Bowmanville, Ont. C623 University College, Bowmanville High, Commerce Club I-III, Hart House Glee Club I-III, U.C. Operetta, Red Mill, Tennis. Future:-Industrial Accounting position or become "Student" with a Chartered Accounting Firm. ALEXANDER ARNOLD RUSSELI, Toronto C633 Victoria College, Lawrence Park C.I., Commerce Club. Future:-Business. W. T. SALTER C643 University College. EVELYN BERYL SANDERSON, Ingersoll, Ont. C653 Victoria College, Goderich C.I., Girls Commerce Club, Badminton, Bowling, Skating. Future:-Actuarial work. JOHN MICHAEL GRIERSON SCOTT, Toronto A A CII C663 Victoria College, U.T.S., Hart House Glee Club III-IV, Commerce Club I-IV, International Relations Club III, Squash, Golf. Future:-Business. SAUL D. SIGAL, Toronto II A fb ton University College. . COMMERCE AND FINANCE 93 COMMERCE AND FINANCE JOSEPH O. SIMPSON, Maritimes C683 Victoria College. Halifax Academy. Future:-Nebulous. JOHN ALBERT SMITH, Toronto , C693 St. MichaeI's College, Northern Vocational, Commerce Club: Newman Club: C.O.T.C. gulttge:-Postgrad work at Actuarial Studies-Proceed towards JAMES ALVIN SPENCE, Toronto C703 University College, Danforth Tech.: Commerce Clubg "Y" Memberg S.N.C. Treasurer: U.C. Married Students Club. Future:-Hope to be able to obtain a position with an aggressive merchandising Hrm for training purpose. CHARLES FREDERICK STUBBERT, Toronto C713 Victoria College, Central High of Commerce. P. J. SULLIVAN C723 University College. GEORGE PAUL THOMAS, New Toronto C733 1 St. Michael's College, Mimico Highg Canadian Young Lebanese Club 3 Vice President: Commerce Club. XVILLIAM EDGAR TOYNE, Toronto C743 Victoria College, Riverdale C.I.g Commerce Clubg Commerce Journalg Tennis. Future:- Insurance Broker. FREDERICK JOSEPH TRAVELL, Toronto C753 Et. Michael's College, De La Salleg Commerce Clubg Political Science lub. DUNCAN VICTOR TULLETT, Toronto C763 University College, Rehab. , I FRANCIS PAUL WAINHOUSE, Toronto C773 St. Micl1ael's College, St. Michaels C.S. Future:-Business. EDWARD FREDRICK WENGER, Toronto C783 University College, North Toronto C.I., Commerce Club. Future:-To enter business and work towards an executive position. SEYMOUR LYON WIGLE, Windsor, Ont. A K E C793 University College, Patterson C.I.g Swimming Club I-IV, Intercol- ' legiate Swimming I-IVQ U.C. Swimming I-IVg U.C. Water polo I-IV, President Fraternity. Future :-Chartered Accountancy. LEONARD JAMES WILSON, Orillia. Ont. C803 Victoria College, Orillia C.I.g Bridge Club: Commerce Club. Future:-Business C?3 - - .CA I I li I Pill f I I f will if f, si, e C J P, flleile if l, 'Qu .Wil , do . Q WI ri cw'TL'M lil ,N . ' kg E U, qwn , - '..' O x X 1 MT 3-4 ' lil-xgl rj S lkzggrdl f X - 3 r' - S L iff' ea, x31' Tqg TT gi Q! I-5... 94 Applied Science and Engineering K. F. TUPPER O.B.E., B.A.Sc., S.M. NOW IS THE TIME - A MESSAGE TO THE CLASS OF STO OW is the time that you are leaving behind you all the years of your childhood and of your adolescence, all the years of your education and training, to emerge into the great wide world. Is it a suitable time? I sometimes wonder if the students of fifty years ago had a feeling that they were born far too late. No worlds remained to conquer, nothing remained to be done. The great continent of North America had been explored, the last frontiers were goneg the vanishing Indian tribes could be found only on their reservations, the continent had been spanned with rail- ways so that one could go nearly anywhere without having to endure the covered wagon hardships and perils of their forefathers. In fact, I wonder if the young men of almost every age have not felt that they had arrived just too lateg nearly everything worth doing had been doneg the jobs were finished. Now is the time. Now is the time when opportunity was never greater. I submit that any appearance of completion is wholly fallacious. Now is the time to work toward the elimina- tion of war. Now is the time to banish starvation from this world. Now is the time to strive ever more vigorously toward the abolition and conquest of disease. Now is the time when we must recognize as frontiers many, nay, all of the undesirable conditions which man has regarded in the past as part of his environment as established by Nature. Through countless ages, war, starvation and disease have been taken for granted. They were not then considered as frontiers. Today we must recognize them as challenges bigger than many of those which lay in the past, bigger than the discovery of continents, than the building of railways. Now is the time to go forth into a world, wonderful, but not yet perfect, in which there are so many things to dowik 95 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 96 HAAKON AASS, Lena, Norway Aeronautical. Future:-Return to Royal Norwegian Air Force. JAMES LEONARD ACTON, Toronto C13 C23 Mining, U.T.S., Escaped from Metallurgy I to Mining II: Summers at Ungava, Hudson Bay and Sudbury: VVife and new home main extracurricular interests. Future:-"Can we plan anything?" Clong3. EDXVARD JAM ES ADAMS, Toronto C33 Mechanical, Central Tech.: Mech. Club I-IV: Studen-t Branch A.S.M.E. II-IV. Future:WMarine Engineering: To own a yacht. THOMAS BRUCE ADAMS, Toronto Chemical, Rehab.: Industrial Chem. Club I-IV. JAMES ROBERT ADARE, Toronto C43 C53 Engineering Physics, Central Tech.: lnterfaculty and Senior Inter- collegiate Track II: Interfaculty Basketball III: S.P.S. Rugby and Basketball IV: Intermediate Intercollegiate Track IV. J. M. AGAR Mechanical. KENNETH LESLIE AGNEXV, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Chemical, Sault Ste. Marie C.I. L. VV. ALEXANDER Mechanical. GARDNER MCCORD ALISON, Toronto C63 C73 C83 , C93 Mechanical, Oakwood C.I.: A.S.M.E.: Leader, Ajax Dance Orchestra GORDON GURNEY ALLAN, Toronto Engineering Physics, U.T.S.: Aeronautical Club. AKE C103 Future:-To enter engineering profession and continue study for Master of Science degree. DOVGLAS LESLIE ALLEN, Toronto C113 Chemical, Danforth Tech.: Hart House Revolver Club: Radio and Electronics: Photography: Tennis: Riding. EVERETT BASIL ALLEN, VVinnipeg, Man. C123 Metallurgy, Assistant Manager 1st yr. Football Team of Ajax II: Chess Club IV: Mining and Metallurgy Club I-IV. Future:-Post grad in physical metallurgy. FREDERICK GEORGE ALLEN, Toronto Civil. East York C.I. Future:-Employment in Engineering field, GEORGE CRAIB ALLEN, Islington, Ont. Electrical, Etobicoke C.I. KENNETH VICTOR ALLEN, Toronto C133 C143 C153 Engineering Physics, North Toronto C.I.: Engineering Physics Club. ROBERT LEE ALLEN, Hagersville, Ont. C163 Mechanical, Hagersville High: Mechanical Club I-IV: A.S.M.E. III- IV: Year President III: Treasurer A.S.M.E. IV. Future:4Let's have a party. 1 DOUGLAS GEORGE BRANDER ANDERSON, Toronto C173 Mechanical, Oakwood C.I. GEORGE PHILLIP JOSEPHANDERSON, Toronto C183 Chemical, St. Michael's College. Industrial Chem. Club: Skiing: Tennis. GORDON JAMES ANDERSON. Cooksville, Ont. C193 Chemical, Parkdale C.I.: Member E.I.C. Future:-Retiring. HUGH CAMPBELL ANDERSON, Toronto C203 Mechanical, Lawrence Park C.I. JACK FENTON ANDERSON, Exeter, Ont. C213 Electrical, Sarnia C.I. JAMES KEITH ANDERSON, Cobourg, Ont. C223 Mechanical, Cobourg C.I.: Mech. Club: A.S.M.E.: Basketball: Skiing. Future:-Banquets. parties, balls and Evy's corn roasts. JOHN HAROLD CAMERON ANDERSON, Perth, Ont. C233 Mechanical, Perth C.I.: A.S.M.E.: Mechanical Club, etc. Future:-"Big times". LORNE LOUIS ANDERSON, Huntsville, Ont. C243 Civil, Huntsville High. WILLIAM ARTHUR ANDERTON, Medicine Hat. Alta. C253 Chemical, Alexander Highg Student Member, Engineering Institute of Canada. KENNETH HAROLD ANTHONY, Toronto C263 Civil, Scarboro C.I.g Civil Club I-IV, Ajax Flying Club 47-48. ERNEST JOHN APLIN, Toronto C273 Electrical, Vaughan Road C.I. Future:-Industry or Public Utility. DOUGLAS GERRIE ARGO, Toronto A Y' C283 Engineering and Business, Etobicoke C.I., Class Representative II- V. Future:-Sales Engineering. ERNEST FREDERICK ARISS, Parry Sound, Ont. C293 Chemical, Parry Sound C.I., Ind. Chem. Club, Interested in huntingg hshingg photography and Amateur Astronomy. Future:-Rather indefinite, but will include some work and play. ALBERT ARMSTRONG, Toronto C303 Electrical, Bloor C.I.g Amateur Radio Station VE3TIC. Future:-Industry or Public Utility. JOHN EDWARD ARMSTRONG, North Bay, Ont. C313 Electrical, Fraserdale Continuation, Airplanesg Cars, Boats, Motor- cycles, Women. Future:-Excitement and adventure as a Joe Boy for George. JOHN H. H. ARMSTRONG. Toronto A C323 Electrical, Lawrence Park C.I. THOMAS CHRISTIE ARNOLD, Pigeon Valley, Jamaica AI' C333 Engineering and Business, Ridley College, S.P.S. Football I-II, S.P.S. Water polo III-IVQ S.P.S. Soccer IVg Intercollegiate Swim- ming II-IVQ Water polo IV: N.F.C.U.S. Rep. Future:-To enjoy life. V. W. G. ARNOLD C343 Chemical. DANIEL FRANK ARNOLDI, Toronto C353 Engineering and Business, U.T.S.g Swimming. GORDON DAVID ARNOT, Toronto G3 A X C363 Engineering and Business, Malvern C.I., Sr.S.P.S. Rugbyg Track and Fieldg S.P.S. Harrier. Future:-Post graduate work in Business. JOHN HENRY ASHTON. Toronto C373 Electrical, Jarvis C.I., Football and Hockey enthusiastg Hobby- adio. Future:-Power engineering with large electrical manufacturing concern. VERNON RUSSELL ASTROP, Stratford, Ont. C383 Civil, Kingston C.I.: Chess Club Ig Camera Club II-IIIQ Secretary of Civil Club III. Future:-Like to get into structural design work. ROBERT ORLEY AUGER, Guelph, Ont. C393 Engineering Physics, Guelph C.I. F. B. AVANN C403 Chemical. ALLAN EDWARD AVEY, Brantford, Ont. C413 Electrical, Brantford C.I. ARTHUR AVIAN, Windsor, Ont. C423 Mechanical, W. D. Lowe Highg A.S.M.E.g Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario. Future:-Work in the field of Mechanical Engineering. EDOUARD FRANCIS BAILLIE, Toronto C433 Mechanical, North Toronto C.I. Future:-Construction Engineering or Aircraft Engineering. ROBERT HENRY BAKER, Toronto C443 Civil, Western Tech. THOMAS JOSEPH BAKER, Kitchener, Ont. C453 Electrical, Kitchener-Waterloo C.I. C.O.T.C. APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 97 h l APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 4 1 98 WILLIAM GORDON BALDWIN, Windsor, Ont. Engineering Physics, Walkerville C.I. Future:-Professional Engineer. ANDREW T. BALFOUR, Fort William. Ont. Civil,Fort William C.I.g Skiing. WILLIAM ANDREW BALLANTYNE, Toronto Civil, Humberside C.I. JOHN NELSON BALLINGER, Toronto Civil, Vaughan Road C.I. Future:-Post grad work at Toronto. SAMUEL GEORGE BARBER, Toronto Civil, Alliston High. Future:-Civil Engineering. R ENV BARKI, Toronto C463 C473 C483 C493 C503 C51 3 Mechanical, Rehab.g Student Member Mechanical Club, Inter- faculty Soccer Championship Team I-IIQ Interfaculty Soccer III-IV: Awarded Skule "S", Housemaster, Ajax Ilg Interfaculty Soccer Manager IV. JACK REGINALD BARNES, Toronto C523 Mechanical, Riverdale C.I.g Mechanical Club I-IVg Tennis, Boat- Building and Sailing. Future:-Design work in aircraft gas turbine field. DAVID ANDERSON BARR, Toronto C53 3 Mining Geology. Upper Canada Collegeg Track and Harrier Club I- IVQ Vice-President IV: Intercollegiate Boxing Ig Intercollegiate Track and Field I-IV, Intercollegiate Harrier I-IV. WILLIAM EDWARD BARRATT, Toronto Mining, Rehab. RODNEY STEWART BARRON, Toronto Electrical, VVestern Tech. GEORGE ROBERT BATES, Ladner, B.C. Engineering Physics. Future:-See some more of the world. FREDERICK BAUER. Melville, Saslc. Chemical, Melville High. G. W. BEATTY Chemical. DONALD PETER BEAUDOIN, Toronto Engineering Physics, De La Salleg Chess Club III. JOHN HENRY BECKER, Niagara Falls, Ont. Metallurgy, Stamford High. Future:-To retire "early" in life. DOUGLAS ROSS BEDFORD, Grimsby, Ont. C543 C553 C563 C573 C583 C593 C603 C613 Mining, Grimsby High, M. and M. Clubg Honorary life member of Order of the Loose Moose and Ale and Quail Club. Future:-Still in the making. BARRY ALEXANDER BELL, Sarnia, Ont. C623 Mechanical, Sarnia C.I.g U. of T. Sailing Club, CClub Recorder3g Hart House Camera Clubg Interests-Sailing, Photographyg Squashg Tennis. V CHARLES GORDON BELL, Toronto Electrical, Jarvis C.I. WILLIAM ERNEST BELL, Toronto Chemical, Central Tech.g Ajax Bridge Club: Secretary II. Future:-Industrial Chemistry. WILLIAM RUSSELL BENNETT, Toronto Chemical, Danforth Tech. V Future:-Industrial Chemistry. ELI HERMAN BENSTEIN, Toronto C63 3 C64 3 C653 C663 Aeronautical, Harbord C.I., Sports Editor Toike Oikeg Executive of Athletic Assn.g Sr. S.P.S. Football, C.O.T.C. Future:-Post grad work at Cal. Tech., if I can rob a bank to finance lt. JEAN PAUL BERGEVIN, Hamilton, Ont. Mechanical, Westdale C.I. C67 JOHN WILLIAM DARYL BERRY. Brantford, Ont. 1683 Civil. Brantford C.I.: Skuile Nite III-IV: Skule at Home III. DONALD RICHARD BEST, Toronto 1693 Mechanical, Central Tech. Future:-The Bristol Company of Canada Ltd. NORMAN WILLIAM BETHUNE, Toronto 1703 Electrical, Upper Canada College: Ajax Track Club and Team II: Rifle Club III-IV: Photography: A.I.E.E., Student Member IV Future:-Electrical Engineering. WILLIAM BIDULKA, Winnipeg, Man. 171 3 Civil, Isaac Newton High: Music: Squash: Golf. . Future:-Highway Engineering. To keep beating Dickens at squash. JACK ERNEST BINDON, Burlington. Ont. 1723 Chemical, Thorold High: Inter-Residence Sports: Skule Nite III-IV: Industrial Chemical Club I-IV: Hart House Glee Club: The fair sex. Future:-Lucrative position as soon as possible. HOWARD LEROY BIRCH, Windsor, Ont. 1733 Mechanical, Walkerville C.I. Future:-To practise engineering in Canada. FREDERICK BIRCHALL, St. Thomas, Ont. 1743 Mining, St. Thomas C.I.: Mining and Metallurgy Club: Honorary member of Ale and Quail Club. Future:-Eat, drink and make merry. HALVOR BJORNESTAD, Stavanger, Norway 1753 Aeronautical. Future:-Return to Royal Norwegian Air Force. WILLIAM CHARLES BLACK, Galt, Ont. 'Ir K E 1763 Mechanical. Galt C.I. Future:-A good engineer. CARLTON CHARLES BLACKMORE, Chatham, Ont. 1773 Chemical, Chatham C.I.: Industrial Chemical Club I-IV: Canterbury Club III-IV: Campus Co-op. III-IV: Board of Directors IV. JOHN JAMES BLACKPORT, Lockwood. Sask. 1783 Mining, Lockwood High. SYDNEY E. BLACKWOOD T r 1793 . 0 onto Chemical, East York C.I.: Industrial Chemical Club: Basketball: Ajax A's I: Sr. Skule III: Sr. Skule IV. Future:-To make a million!! CHARLES WILFRED BLAIN, Brampton, Ont. 1803 Aeronautical, Brampton High: Aeronautical Club I-IV. Future:-R.C.A.F. Technical list. k HAROLD WILTON BLAKLEY, Peace River, Alta. 181 3 Engineering and Business, Grimshaw High: President STO I: Director-Publicity and Publications Engrg. Society II: Housemaster Res. 731 Ajax. Future:-Industrial or Business Employment for year or two-then Post graduate work at Western or Harvard. NIELS A. J. BLOM, Oslo, Norway 1823 Aeronautical. JOHN CHARLES BLOOMER, Toronto 1833 Mining, Humberside C.I. JOHN ALBERT BODDY, Toronto 1843 Mechanical, Danforth Tech., Inter-faculty Boxing III. SAMUEL BOND, Toronto 1853 Electrical, Central Tech.: American Institute of Electrical Engineers: Institute of Radio Engineers. Future:-Industry or Public Utility. WARREN DERRY BONISTEEL, Toronto 1863 Mechanical, Parkdale C.I.: A.S.H.V.E., A.S.M.E.: Boxing IIVIV. Future:-Heating and Air Conditioning. ROBERT NORRIS BOWDEN. Toronto 1873 Engineering and Business, Lawrence Park C.I.: Swimming Team I- IV: Tennis I: Soccer IV: Water polo IV: Figure Skating. , Future:-Business Course at Harvard if possible. VICTOR ROSS BOWDEN, Waterford, Ont. 1883 Mechanical, Waterford High: Hart House Revolver Club: Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club. Future:-Production work. APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 99 Q I ms' l APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING l 100 VVALTER VERNON HARRY BOWERMAN, Belleville, Ont. C895 Chemical, Belleville C.I.g Industrial Chemical Club I-IVQ Basketballg Camera Club IV. Future:-Post graduate work. THOMAS ALEC BOWLES, Toronto C905 Civil, North Toronto C.I. Future:-Flood Control NVorl-:. FRANKLIN HERBERT MUIR BOYD, Toronto C915 Electrical, Newmarket High. Future :-Electrical Engineer. XVILLIAM ROBERT BRADSHAW, Guelph, Ont. C925 Civil, Guelph C.I.g Civil Basketball Team, Minor League Champs II. EDGAR ALEXANDER BRAIN, Windsor, Ont. C935 Mechanical, Kennedy C.I. Future:-Post graduate Studies at U. of T. Career in R.C.A.F. as Aeronautical Engineer. ROBERT GEORGE BRAMFITT, Toronto Engineering and Business, U.T.S.: Basketball: Squash. Future:-Engineering Firm. THOMAS SPEERS BRANDON, Regina, Sask. Chemical. ALAN HARRY BRECHIN. Lansing, Ont. Mining. Earl Haig C.I.g Mining and Metallurgy Quail Club I-IV. Future:-Work in the "cold cold world". VERNON TIFFIN BREEN, Long Branch, Ont. Engineering and Business, Long Branch C.I. HARVEY BRENMAN, Toronto Mechanical, Harbord C.I. Future:-Entry into industry. LOUIS FELICE BRESOLIN, Amherstburg, Ont. Chemical Engineering, Assumption College: Industrial Che C945 C955 C965 Club I-IV: Ale and C975 C985 C995 mical Club I-IVQ Camera Club, Hart House IIIQ Member Engineering Societyg Engineering Institute of Canada: Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario. . Future :-Industrial career. DONALD AUSTIN BREWER, Calgary, Alta. C1005 Aeronautical, Crescent Heights C.I.g Aero. Clubg Minor League Basketballg Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences. Future :-33335 THOMAS JOHN BRIGGS. Fort Erie, Ont. C1015 Mechanical, Fort Erie Highg Mechanical Clubg A.S.M.E.: Ontario Association of Professional Engineers. Future:-Enter industry. JOSEPH JOHN BRIGHAM, Toronto C1025 Mechanical, Waterdown High: The Varsily I- II: Toike Oike III- IV, Transadions and Year Book IIIQ 734 P.R.G.B. Club. Future:-To make money. GEORGE C. BRITTON, Toronto C1035 Civil. RAYMOND BRITTON, Toronto C1045 Civil, Malvern C.I. DOUGLAS AUSTIN BROOKS, Sherbrooke, Que. C1055 Electrical. Sherbrooke Highg House Chairman, Ajax Ilg S.P.S. Football I-IIIg Sports Committee, Ajax Il: Inter-residence Sports. Future:-Communications Field of Engineering. ALBERT REED BROWN, Toronto C1065 Electrical, Kitchener Rehab. Future:-Professional Engineer. JOHN EDWARD BROWN, Oshawa, Ont. C1075 Mechanical, Oshawa C.I.g C.O.T.C.g A.S.M.E. III-IVg Chess Club III-IVg S.P.S. Basketball. PETER NORMAN BROWN, VVindSOr, Ont. C1085 Civil, Walkerville C.I. R. B. BROXVN C1095 Chemical. ROBERT GORDON BROWN, Toronto Electrical, Central Tech. RONALD MAXWELL BROWN, Leaside, Ont. C1103 C1113 Mining, Riverdale C.I.g 3 Yrs. Water polo, Swimmingg Basketball and Rugbyg Intercollegiate Water polo II. Future:-1. Get married. 2. No other plans, have to graduate first. EDWARD ANTHONY BROWNLESS, Toronto Mining, Vaughan Rd. C.I.g Senior S.P.S. Rugby II. Future:-Work in the Western oil Fields. GEORGE MCGEORGE BRUCE, Toronto Civil, XVestern Tech. Future:-Civil Engineer. DONALD MATTHEW BRYAN, Orangeville, Ont. Mechanical, Orangeville High. Future:-Employment. M. BRYSON Chemical. JOHN GORDON BUCHANAN. Toronto C1123 C1133 C1143 C1153 C1163 Engineering Physics, Western Tech.g Engineering Physics Club I-IVQ Ajax Basketball "B" II, Sr. S.P.S. Basketball III. Future:-Post grad work. JAMES HENRY BUCKERFIELD, Brace bridge, Ont. Civil, Bracebridge High. CLAUS 1-l. BUEHNER, Maryhill, Ont. Civil, St. jerome's College, Newman Club. RICHARD STEVENS BULLOCK, Niagara Falls, Ont. S N C1173 C1183 C1193 Electrical, St. Michael's1 Inter-residence Basketball, Volleyball I-ll. Future:-VVork in Industry. GEORGE RODERICK PETER BULMAN, Toronto Electrical, Upper Canada College. Futurerv-Power Engineering. MINOO S. BULSARA, Bombay, India Electrical. Bharda New Highg .Associate Member of I.R.E. Future:-join an industry Cradio3. MICHAEL ALEXANDER BURAK, Toronto A Civil, Parkdale High: Golf: Basketball, VVeight-Lifting. Future:-Bridge Engineering. FRED GEORGE BURCHELL, Copper Cliff, Ont. Mechanical, Copper Cliff High. Future:-Employment. . W. M. TOMMY BURKE, Ottawa, Ont. Engineering and Business, Lisgar C.I.g House Chairman and C1203 C1213 C1223 C1233 C1243 Joint House Committee lg Hart House CAjax3 House Committee 115 Secretary-Treasurer of Class of STO IV. B. D. BURN Mechanical. JOHN ROGER BURN, Toronto C1253 C1263 Chemical, Runnymede C.I.g Industrial Chemical Club I-IV: Student Member, Association of Professional Engineers of the Province of Ontariog Skiing: Swimming: Tennis. Future:-Industry and marriage. ROYE GEORGE BURNFIELD, Nobleton, Ont. Civil, Weston C.V.S. Future:-Civil Engineer. HUNTLEY HENDERSON BUSH, Montreal, Que. Electrical, Montreal High. Future:-Work in industry. CLIFTON AUBREY BUTLER, Scarboro Bluffs, Ont. Electrical, Scarboro C.I.g I.R.E. GEORGE FRANKLIN BUTT, Huntsville, Ont. Clfefmical Engineering, Huntsville High, Industrial Chemical Future :--Get rich quick. KENNETH WILLIAM BUTTON, Welland. Ont. C1273 C1283 C1293 C1303 Club C1313 Mechanical. Welland High, Ajax Camera Club Ig Mechanical Club, A.S.M.E. III-IV. . Future:-Further study in business administration and industrial relations. I MUNRO MCKINLAY CAMERON, Toronto C1323 Chemical Engineering, North Toronto C.I.g Industrial Chemical Club I-lVg Skule Nite. APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 101 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 102 ARTHUR JAMES CAMPBELL, Winnipeg, Man. C1333 Aeronautical, St. James C.I.: Aeronautical Club: Institute Aeronauti- cal Sciences: Toronto Gliding Club: IV Aero. Basketball:G Tennis. Future:-R.C.A.F. DOUGLAS HUGH CAMPBELL, Port Dalhousie. Ont. C1343 Mechanical, Victoria High: Soccer: Ajax Glee Club: Badminton. Future:-Maintenance Engineer. GORDON DAVID CAMPBELL, Toronto K A C1353 Mechanical, Ridley College: 2nd Vice-President. Engineering Society II: Swimming. Future:-Engineering sales and sales promotion. GORDON DOUGLAS CAMPBELL, Toronto C1363 Engineering and Business, Central Tech. JOHN HAROLD CANE, Toronto C1373 Mechanical, Lawrence Park C.I. JOHN ORVAL CANN, Guelph, Ont. C1383 Electrical, Weston Vocational. VVILBURT LEROY CANNIFF, Chatham, Ont. C1393 Chemical, Chatham C.I. Future:-Industrial Plastics at Bakelite Co. CCan.3 Ltd. ARTHUR JAMES CANTLE, Toronto C1403 Civil, Oakwood High: Skule at Home: Skule Nite. JACK DONALD CAPE, VVindsor, Ont. C141 3 Mechanical, Kennedy C.I.: Student member A.S.M.E. and Profes- sional Engineers of Ontario. DEAN FLOYD STANLEY CAREW, Lindsay. Ont. C1423 Chemical, Lindsay C.I.: Chairman of Industrial Chemical Club IV: Rifle Club and Rifle Team: C.O.T.C.: Swimming. Future:-To make some money. I L. CARIGNAN Mining Geology. JAMES KEITH CARMAN. Hamilton, Ont. Mechanical, Burlington High: Mechanical Club: A.S.M.E. Future:-Industrial Engineering. STUART HENRY C. CARTER, Toronto Chemical, York Memorial C.I. WILLIAM JAMES CASBURN, Hamilton, Ont. Mining Geology, Owen Sound C.I. Future:-Studying Sub-surface geology in Russia, CHARLES WILLIAM CASE, Chatham, Ont. Civil, Chatham C.I. C1433 C1443 Golf: Skiing: C1453 C1463 C1473 JACK GERALD CLINTON CASSAN, Campbellford, Ont. C1483 Electrical, Campbellford High: Student Member A.I.E.E. and Association of Professional Engineers of Province of Ontario. Future:-Plan to enter public utilities field. GERALD EVERETT CASWELL, Timmins, Ont. Chemical, Carleton College. I Future:-Petroleum process engineering. ARNOLD C. CHADWICK, Portage la Prairie, Man. C1493 C1503 Chemical, Portage C.I.: Chess Club: Member of Church of All Nations: youth hostelling activities. . Future:--Engineering and labour relations work. JAMES EGERTON CHALLIS, Toronto Mechanical, Danforth Tech. Future:-Expect to be working for Link-Belt Co. Ltd. VVALLACE GORDON CHALMERS, Toronto C1513 C1523 Mechanical. Central Tech.: British Empire Motor Club: Canadian Auto Racing Society: S.A.E.: Ajax Soccer Team II. Future:--Automotive Design and Development. GORDON FELIX HESTRIN CHESS, St. Catharines, Ont. C1333 Electrical, St. Catharines C.I.: Student Member A.P.E.: Electrical Club. Future:-Service in R.C.E.M.E., Canadian Army CActive3. ARTHUR ALFRED CHIVERS-WILSON, Port Arthur. Ont. C1543 Mechanical, Port Arthur Tech. Future:-Engineering officer in R.C.A.F. JOHN MICHAEL CHOROSTECKI, Sudbury, Ont. C1553 Mechanical, Sudbury Highg Football Blues III-IV, S.P.S. Basketball g5lIXggIAfi.XI?'I.E. IV year Rep. CStudent Branch3g Polish Students' u - . JOHN CLARABUT, Toronto C1563 Mechanical, Noranda High. STEPHEN CLARE, Toronto C1573 Electrical, Central Tech. JOHN HAYES CLARK, Galt, Ont. C1583 Mining, Kitchener-Waterloo C.I.g M. and M. Club, Ale and Quail Club CPermanent Executive3. Future:-Pearson's Boss, 20 years hence. WILLIAM JAMES LOUDON CLARK, Toronto 8 A X C1593 Engineering and Business, Upper Canada Collegeg President, Eng. Business Club Ig President 4T9 IIQ Second Vice President Engineer- ing Society IIIQ N.F.C.U.S. Rep. IV. Future:-Vague but hopeful. THOMAS ROBERT BOYS CLARKE, Toronto fb I' A C1603 Engineering and Business, Lawrence Park C.I.g Engineering and ,Business Club I-IVQ Engineering and Business Basketball III-IV: Skiingg Hockey. Future:-Engineering sales in industry. CHARLES HENRY CLEGHORN, Toronto C1613 Mechanical, East York C.I. Future:-Industrial Engineering. M. F. CLIFF C1623 Chemical. THOMAS ROBERT CLIFT. Sarnia, Ont. I C1633 Chemical, Sarnia C.I.g Industrial Chemical Club. Future:qPost grad CBusiness3 U. of W. O. DOC WARREN COATES, Newmarket, Ont. C1643 Mining, Ale and Quail Club: Mining and Metallurgy Clubg Hockey. S.P.S. Ig Watching girls' hockey games. Future:-Professional usher at the Casino, NORMAN FREDERICK COATES. Simcoe, Ont. C1653 Mechanical, Simcoe Highg Hart House Glee Club CAjax3. GRAHAM HERBERT COCK, Toronto C1663 Electrical, North Toronto C.I. Future:-Sales Engineering. DONALD ALLAN COC KBURN, Toronto C1673 Mechanical, Malvern C.I.3 A.S.M.E.g Skule Nite. Future:-Sales Engineering. ERIC PHILIP COCKSHUTT, Brantford, Ont. C1683 Mechanical, Brantford C.I.g Mechanical Club I-IV, Treasurer IV: Hart House Ajax Glee Club II, Member, A.S.M.E. II-IV. J. L. COHRS C1693 Electrical. DANIEL PATRICK COLLINS, Peterborough, Ont. C1703 Civil, Peterborough C.I. JOHN COMRIE, Minnedosa, Man. C1713 Chemical, Minnedosa C.I.g Sr. S.P.S. Soccer, Intermediate Blues Soccerg U. of T. Rifle Associationg Chapel Organist CAiax3.g Tennis. Future:-Industrial Employment. I GEORGE WEBER CONGDON. Toronto C1723 Civil, Albert College, C.O.T.C.g Class Rep. IV. CHARLES C. CONNOLLY, Banff, Alta. C1733 Mechanical, Banff High. JOHN HAROLD COOK, Toronto C1743 Civil, Humberside C.I.g A good hockey, Rugby, Basketball and Lacrosse fan. Future:-Make a good engineer. I hope! R. E. H. COOKE C1753 Mechanical. JOHN GORDON COPELAND, Erin, Ont. C1763 Mining Geology. Erin Continuation. Future:-Post graduate. APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 103 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 104 JOHN LAWSON CORCORAN Toronto C1773 Electrical, Danforth Tech. Future z-Electrical Engineer. BRUCE BURT CORDEN, Toronto B 9 II C1783 Mining Geology, Bloor C.I., 3 Years with Varsity Band. Future :-Post grad Work. ALLAN BURCH CORNELIUS, St. Catharines, Ont. C1793 Electrical, St. Catharines C.I. Future:-Engineering. ALAN HENRY CORNISH, Orono, Ont. C1803 Mechanical, Orono C.I. Future:-Any Available Employment. JOHN ALPINE SCOTT COUSE, Cookstown, Ont. C1813 Mechanical, Cookstown High, Vice-Chairman Mechanical Club Ig Chairman Mechanical Club II, Skule Nite IV, lst Vice-President Engineering Society IV. Future:-Sales Engineering. MERVVN AUSTIN COUSE, Hamilton, Ont. C1823 Civil, Central C.I.g Skule Nite Stage Crew III, Stage Manager IV. CHARLES ARTHUR COVER, Long Branch, Ont. C1833 Electrical, Trackg Tennisg Bridge Club. Future:-Electrical Engineer Power. THOMAS FREDERICK CRAMER. Toronto C1843 Mechanical, Vaughan Road C.I.g Skule Nite III-IV. JACK WILBUR CRAVEN, Hamilton, Ont. AXA C1853 Metallurgy, Central C.I. Future:-To become a tycoon in titanium. DONALD RAYMOND CRAWFORD, Tillsonburg, Ont. C1863 Chemical, Woodstock C.I.: Rifle Club III, Swimming, S.E.I.C. Future:-Process Engineering. LENO ANTONY CREMA, Coniston, Ont. C1873 Mechanical, Sudbury Highg Member of A.S.M.E.g S.P.S. Hockey Team. WALTER HARVEY CROMPTON, St. Catharines, Ont. C1883 Engineering Physics, St. Catharines C.I. LAWRENCE BERKLEY CROSSING, Toronto C1893 Civil, Runnymede C.I. GUY GARFIELD CROSWELL, Smooth Rock Falls, Ont. C1903 Electrical, Smooth Rock Falls Continuationg Sub-Lieut. Royal Canadian Navy. Future:aPermanent Navy Electrical Officer. GORDON ANDREW CRUSE, Saskatoon, Sask. C1913 Engineering and Business, Bedford Road CV.I.g Golf, Badminton: Tennis. Future:-Industrial Engineering. DONALD CAMERON CULLINGHAM, Toronto C1923 Chemical Engineering, Norvoc C.I.: Team Captain, U. of T. Rifle Association III-IV: Manager, Skule Lacrosse II-IVQ Ajax Dramatic Society Ig C.O.T.C. I. Future:-Work. ALBERT DOUGLAS D. CUMMINGS, Toronto C1933 Mechanical, Jarvis C.I.: Mechanical Club I-IV, Sailing Club III-IV: Athletic Rep. Ajax II, Freshman Harrier Interfaculty Champs. Ig Junior Harrier Interfaculty Champs IIIQ Ajax Inter-residence Track Champs I. Future:-Business Administration-Queens. BRUCE FREDERICK CUMMINGS, Ottawa, Ont. C1943 Civil, Nepean Highg Senior Interfaculty Hockeyg Member Civil Basketball Minor League Champs, Sr. Intercollegiate Football. DAVID H. H. CUNNINGHAM, Toronto C1953 Chemical, Central Tech., C.O.T.C. CR.C.A.S.C.3 I-II. JOHN SCOTT CUNNINGHAM, Toronto C1963 Engineering and Business,-Vaughan Road C.I. Future:-Production Engineering. CALVIN ROBERT CUPP, Toronto C1973 Metallurgy, Riverdale C.I. Future:-Preferred orientation . . . Possibly in a bread line! . J APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING NVALTER CURLOOK, Coniston, Ont. C1985 I Metallurgy, Sudbury High, Mining and Metallurgy Club I-IV, Vice- Chairman III, Ukrainian Students Club III-IV, Treasurer IV. MARION GERALDINE CURRIE, Toronto I' 41 B C1995 k' Electrical, Lawrence Park C.I., School Nite III, Golf. l, ROBERT WILLIAM CURRIER, Preston, Ont. C2005 Engineering and Business, Preston High. . I DAVID BEATTY CURRY, Toronto C2015 I Civil, Oakwood C.I. i THOMAS JAM ES CURTIS, South Porcupine, Ont. . C2025 Civil, Timmins High, Secretary-Treasurer, West 5 Ajax II, C.O.T.C. , 11-1v. 4 Future:-Civil Engineering. I GEORGE HARDING CUTHBERTSON, Toronto C2035 Mechanical, U.T.S., Commodore, U. of T. Sailing Club, Member of l I Intercollegiate Champion Sailing Team, -CTwo Yearsl. .I Future:-Obscure and undecided. l' I JAMES FRANCIS CUTLER, Hamilton, Ont. C2045 Mechanical, Westdale C.I., Newman Club, Mechanical Club, I Tennis, Skiing, A.S.M.E., Amateur Photography. Future:-Heating Engineer. 5 ' I ROY AUSTIN DAHMER, Kitchener, Ont. C2055 I Mechanical, Kitchener Waterloo C.I., Bridge Club. Future:-Work in Kitchener. H WILLIAM EDWARD HUNTER DALE, Brampton. Ont. C2065 :I Metallurgy, Brampton High. I Future:-9-5, 5 days a week, a nice home and family, and rest. X I IAN ROBERT DALTON, Toronto C207l X Electrical, U.T.S., Electrical Club, A.I.E.E. Student Branch, I Tennis, Squash, Art, Music. Future:-Post grad work CDoctor Science5 at M.I.T. if I PETER DANCIU, Hamilton, Ont. C2085 f Electrical, Westdale Tech., Vice-President, President, Missionary Rep. of Varsity and Ajax Christian Fellowships, Counsellor, Ajax ,, Chapel, Ajax Bowling Champs I, House-Secretary 723 Ajax I. 4 Future:-Electronic Engineering. , , I JOSEPH DANIELS, Toronto C2095 - Mechanical, Harbord C.I. lx Future:-Excelsior. X REGINALD HARVEY DARKE, Windsor. Ont. C2105 Electrical, Patterson C.I., Manager Ajax Track and Field Teams II, I Debates Club III-IV, U. of T. Rifle Association I-IV, Member ' "Skule Nite" Cast III. Future:-Work on Industrial Electronics, Eventual Post grad at 'I U. of T. I JOHN LEONARD DATE, Sarnia, Ont. C2115 , Chemical Engineering. Sarnia C.I. I ALLAN PHILIP DAVID, Cochrane, Ont. C2125 I Chemical Engineering, Cochrane High, Association of Professional ' Engineers, Camera Club. ' I 1 I WILLIAM DONALD DAVIDSON, Toronto C2135 . Engineering and Business, Parkdale C.I. J . Future:-Methods Research Robt. Simpson Co. or Post graduate 1 work. I CLARK BAIN DAVIS, Pittsburg, Pa. A A fb C2145 Civil, Forest Hill C.I., Civil Club I-IV, Treasurer Civil Club III, 1 Water polo III, Volleyball IV, Skule Nite IV: Softball. Future:-Pulp and Paper and C.E. with Bells. F HAROLD BRUCE DAVIS C2155 , Civil, James Madison High, President STO II-IV, House Chairman, . Housemaster Ajax I-II, Committees: School Dinner II, Vice- Clliairman School-at-Home III, School Nite IV, Civil Club Executive Ill 4 Future:-Engineering and Philosophy. JAMES LAWLOR DAVIS, Appleton, Wis. C2165 ' Chemical, St. Michael's College, Industrial Chemical Club-Class I Representative, Inter Residence Basketball and Volleyball at Ajax. , 'I 1 . 4 ' 5 I HAROLD JAMES DAWE, Toronto C2175 'll Civil, Earl Haig C.I. If GEORGE H. M. DEFOSSE, Buenos Aires, .Argentina C2185 5'- Aeronautical, Spanish Club I, III, Ajax Representative II, Newman :I Club II-IV, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Sr. Skule Soccer and Water polo III-IV, Tennis II-III. 1 Future:-Back home for a little rest, then post graduate work. 5 l I I I FRANK LLOYD DELAVIGNE, Toronto C2195 I Civil, East York C.I. I - I Future:--Career as Civil Engineer. l ' I. 105 ' A . I it . Future:-Interested in Post grad work and women. fl Il APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING , 106 JOSEPH DENNIS, Dunnville, Ont. C2201 Chemical Engineering, Dunnville High, Industrial Chemistry Club I-IV. Future :-Several years of industrial work followed by fu WILLIAM GILBERT DEUEL, Toronto Electrical, Northern Vocational. Future:-Considering Sales Engineering as a start. WALTER CYRIL DIAKOW, Toronto rther study. C2211 C2221 Civil, Central Tech.g President, U.S.C. III: Vice-President Class STO IV, Chairman C.O.T.C. Ball Committee IV, International Ball Committee III, Business Manager A.U.U.C. String Orchestra IV. Future:-Corporation Law. HARRY BRIAN DICKENS, Toronto Civil, Class Rep. IV Civil, Table Tennis, Squash. Future:-To keep beating Bill Bidulka at Squash. JOHN ALEXANDER DICKER, Toronto Electrical, Timmins High. DONALD KEITH DICKEY, Hornepayne, Ont. Mechanical, Hornepayne C.I., A.S.M.E.g Mechanical Cl VERNON ELLIOTT DICKSON, Regina, Sask. Electrical, Electrical Club IV. WILLIAM HAROLD DINGLE, Calgary, Alta. Engineering Physics. GORDON PATERSON DOBBIN, Leaside, Ont. Civil, Albert College. J. DOLOWITZ Mechanical. A. B. DONALDSON Electrical. BERNARD VINCENT DONNELLY, Westport, Ont. Mechanical, Newman Club, A.S.M.E. HUBERT GRAHAM DONOGHUE, Ogdensburg, N.Y. Mining, St. Andrews Collegeg Ale and Quail Club, Metallurgy Club. Future:-Watching Girls' Hockey Games. FRANCIS PETER DONOVAN, Toronto Chemical, Central Tech. WALTER GERRET DORLAND, Toronto C2231 C2241 C2251 ub. C2261 Q271 C2281 C2291 C2301 C2311 C2321 Mining and C2331 42341 Electrical, East York C.I.g Student Member of A.I.E.E.g Association of Professional Engineers of the Province of Ontario. Future:-Professional Engineer. JOHN WILLIAM DORREPAAL, Windsor, Ont. Mechanical, Windsor C.I., I.V.C.F. I-IV. Future:-Industrial Engineering. FREDERICK KENNETH DOTY, Toronto Civil, Parkdale C.I.g Civils Basketball Team, Minor Lea III, Varsity Blues 19465 Toronto Argos 1945-47-48-49. MURRAY CAMPBELL DOUGLAS, Toronto Civil, Western Tech.g Civil Basketball Champs III. Future:-Construction Engineering. ANDREW ROBERTSON CRAWFORD DOW, Toronto C2351 C2361 gue Champs C2371 C2381 Electrical. Central Tech.: Y.M.C.A. Gymnasium and Saturday Nite Dance Club, Piano Playing. Future:-To practise profession of engineering. GORDON BEVERLEY DOWDELL, Toronto Civil, Central Commerce. J. WILLIAM P. DRAPER, Toronto Engineering and Business, Trinity College School. Future:-Sales Engineering Automotive Industry. JAMES DOUGALL DRUMMOND, Willowdale, Ont. Civil, Oshawa C.I. GRANT LAWRENCE DUFF, Toronto Civil, Jarvis C.I. Future:-Doubtful! C2391 C2401 C2411 C2421 HARRY GRENVILLE DUFF, Cooksville, Ont. C2435 Chemical Engineering, Port Credit C.I., Industrial Chemical I-IV. SIDNEY MILES DUFFUS, Moose Jaw, Sask. C2445 Electrical, Colfax High, I.S.S. Executive I-IIg Vice-President II at University of Saskatchewan. DANIEL PAUL DUFFY, Toronto Electrical, St. Michael's College. CHARLES EDWARD DUKE, Toronto Mining Geology, Malvern C.I. HARRY BLAKE DULMAGE, Picton, Ont. Electrical, Picton C.I., I.R.E.g E.I.C. C2455 C2465 C2475 Future:-Work for a year or two and do some post grad work. DOUGLAS DEAN DUNBAR, Calgary, Alta. Civil, Ex-member of C.O.T.C.g R.C.E. C2485 Future:-Engineer with Imperial Oil Co. in Alberta. WILLIAM ANNAN DUNBAR, Toronto C2495 Mechanical, Riverdale C.I., Huntingg Fishing, and Skiing. Future:-Post grad work. WILLIAM BLAKE DUNCAN, Hamilton, Ont. A X A C2505 Engineering and Business, Central C.I., Treasurer, AXAg Bridge, A.S. M. E. Future:-Production-Probably Steel. WILLIAM NEVILLE DUNCAN, Toronto C2515 Mining, Malvern C.I., M. and M. Club, Interested spectator and poor speculator. Future:-To organize a mythical company with other peoples' real money. ALLAN CARLTON DUNK, Toronto Mechanical, London Central C.I. Future:-Post graduate Studies. RAE JOSEPH DUNN, Niagara Falls, Ont. Electrical, Stamford C.I. JOHN DAVID DURE, Fort William, Ont. C2525 C2535 E N C2545 Engineering Physics, Fort William Vocationalg Gatineau Gliding Clubg Avro and Kingston Flying Clubsg Canadian Association of Physicists: Skiing. Future:-Post grad and Research Work. NELSON DOUGLAS DURIE, Port Credit, Ont. C2555 Chemical, Port Credit C.I.: Industrial Chemistry Club I-IVg Camera Club II Fencin Club A'ax II : g C J 5 . Future:-Work in Chemical plantg later, formation of small manu- facturing company. IAN R. DUTTON, Birtle. Man. Engineering Physics, Birtle High. WILLIAM BRUCE DYER. Toronto Mining Geology, Lawrence Park C.I. C2565 C2575 Future:-Petroleum and Natural Gas Geology-Probably with Union Gas Co.-Chatham. CARL THOMPSON DYMENT, Toronto C2585 Electrical, Westdale C.I.g Sports, Music. Future:-Practising Engineer. WALTER DZURMAN, Toronto C2595 Chemical Engineering, De La Salle. KEITH WRAY EASSON, Kitchener, Ont. C2605 Electrical, Kitchener-Waterloo C.I. GUNNSTEIN VINCENT EASTMAN, Winnipeg, Man. C2615 Aeronautical Daniel Mclnt re C.I.q Member-Institute of the . Y Aeronautical Sciences. DAVID HENRY EASUN, Mimico, Ont. Electrical. JACK JOHN 'MCARTHUR EATON, Toronto Engineering and Business, Waterdown High, Residence 731 Ajax IIQ A.S.M.E.g E.I.C. Future :-Confidential. C2625 C2635 Secretary-Treasurer APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 107 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING L 108 JAMES CARSON EDGAR. Toronto C2643 Mechanical, Lawrence Park C.I.: Vice-Chairman A.S.M.E. III: Chairman A.S.M.E. IV. Future:-Laundry and Dry Cleaning. EDWARD HARRY EDGE, Toronto Engineering Physics, Scarboro C.I. Future :-Professional Employment. JAMES DAVID EDGERLEY, Toronto C2653 C2663 Mining, Girls' Hockey: Enthusiastic Rugby Supporter: Permanent Membership in Ale and Quail Club. Future:-Take the road to Rouyn. ROBERT WILLIAM EDMUNDS, Richmond Hill, Ont. C2673 Chemical, Richmond Hill High: Student Member of the Engineering Institute of Canada. Future:-Director E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co. MORAY CLEMENT EDVVARDS, Toronto C2683 Civil, Parkdale C.I. Future :-Sl-:ule Dean. CONRAD HARRY IEIDT, Niagara Falls, Ont. C2693 Civil, Hanover High. Future :-Town Planning. THEO ELIDOROS, Winnipeg, Man. C2703 Mechanical, Daniel McIntyre C.I.: Skule Nite III-IV: Hockey. Future:-I lost my crystal ball! VVILLIAM EDVVARD GORDON ELLIS, Toronto C2713 Electrical, Lawrence Park C.I. Future:-Practise Engineering. CHARLES EDXVARD ELLS, Canard, N.S. C2723 Engineering Physics. Kings County Academy: Chairman House Committee Res. 743 II. R. G. ELLS C2733 Mechanical. FRANK VICTOR EM ERY, Toronto C2743 Electrical, Rehab. Future:-Practice of Engineering in Industry LAVVRENCE CRAIG ERWIN, Ottawa, Ont. C2753 Mechanical, Lisgar C.I. Future:-Going on one month's holiday. DAVID Af ETHERINGTON, Toronto C2763 Electrical, Jarvis C.I.: Member Ajax Chess Club I-II: Honorary Member Ajax Rod, Gun, and Poker Club II. Future:-Seeking Northwest Passage. LLOYD FREDERICK ETHERINGTON, Stratford, Ont. C2773 Mechanical, Stratford C.V.I.: Mechanical Club: A.S.M.E. DENIS ROBERT EVANS. Toronto 9 A X C2783 Engineering and Business, U.T.S.: Basketball: Golf: Skiing: Glee Club: Hart House: House Executive. Future:-Enter industrial engineering field. EDXVARD DAVID EVANS, Toronto C2793 Civil, East York C.I.: Ajax Interfaculty Soccer I-II CChamps3: - Senior Blues Soccer III-IV: Captain IV. HERBERT VVILLIAM EVANS. Timmins, Ont. C2803 Chemical, Timmins High: Industrial Chemistry Club I-IV: Track IV. ROYSTON JAMES EVANS, Hamilton, Ont. C2813 Mechanical. Central C.I.: Mechanical Club: House Committee: University Residences. Future:-R.C.E.M.E. CArmy3. BRIAN BENTHAM EVEREST, Bourlamaque. Que. C2821 Chemical, T.C.S.: Industrial Chemical Club: English Rugger. Future:-To make a million. R. B. FAHRIG C2833 Mining. VVILLIAM ANGUS FALCONER. Winnipeg, Man. C2843 Engineering Physics, St. James C.I.: Engineering Society: Engineer- ing Physics Club: Ontario Professional Engineers. WILLIAM GEORGE DEVEY FARMER. Ottawa. Ont. A K E C2853 Aeronautical. Upper Canada College: Aero Club I-IV: Flying Club I: Institute of Aero Sciences III-IV. Future:-NVork at Canadair in Montreal. IVVILLIAM BALL FARNELL. Toronto C2863 Electrical, North Toronto C.I.: S.P.S. Lacrosse II: Squash: Student Member E.I.C.: Toronto Railway Club. Future:-Transportation Engineering Work. DONALD KENNETH FAURSCHOU, Winnipeg, Man. C2873 Metallurgy, Gordon Bell High. STANLEY FEDIOVV, Toronto Mechanical, Parkdale C.I. C2883 v . ,.. "xv if ERNEST DONALD FEDRYK, Yorkton, Sask. Electrical, Yorkton C.I.3 House Committee I. IIQ Ex-Service C2897 Com- mittee Ig N.F.C.U.S. IIg Electrical Club I-IIIQ Debates Chairman II-IV: U.T.D.U. IV: E.I.C. Publicity Director IV. Future:-Practise Engineering. ANTHONY JOHN FELICE, St. Catharines, Ont. C2907 Engineering Physics, St. Catharines C.I., Engineering Physics Club I-IVQ Student Christian Movement discussion group III-IVQ Art Class II-IV. FRANK DOUGLAS FERGUSON, Peterborough, Ont. C2917 Ceramics, Madoc High, Ceramic Club, Camera Club. MAC BURTON FERGUSON, Mt. Forest, Ont. C2927 Chemical Engineering, Mt. Forest C.I. Future:-Work in Industry. DUDLEY P. FERNANDES, Georgetown, British Guiana C2937 Chemical, Industrial Chemical Club I-IV, Gymnastics IV. ROBERT GORDON FERRIER, Toronto C2947 Civil, Runnymede C.I. THOMAS ERNEST FERRIS, Windsor, Ont. C2957 Chemical, Patterson C.I., Industrial Chemical Club. Future:-Work in Industry. JAMES AUSTIN FIELD, Kingsville, Ont. C2967 Mining, Kingsville High, M. and M. Club I-IV, Newman Club WILLIAM JOHN FILKIN, Toronto Electrical, Oakwood C.I., Amateur Radio Club I-Ilg Camera II. JACQUES HENRI FILTEAU, Toronto Civil, Laval. DAVID GORDON FINDLAY, Carleton Place, Ont. Mechanical, Carleton Place High, S.P.S. Harrier, Bag Pipes. JAY CARROLL FINNAN, Willowdale, Ont. Electrical, Earl Haig C.I., Interested in Amateur Radio. JOHN ROBERT FINNIMORE, Toronto Civil, Rehab. NVILLIAM A. FIRSTBROOK, Toronto A Engineering and Business, U.T.S.g R.C.Y.C.g Toronto Skating A.S.Q.C.g Ste. Mary's River Boat Clubg Skiingg Athletic Rep. Future:-Field of Engineering production and sales in the industry. NORMAN FIRTH, Hamilton. Ont. Mining Geology, Hamilton Central C.I. JOHN CLINTON FISHER, Toronto Chemical Engineering, Vaughan C.I. JOHN WATSON FISHER, Stoney Creek, Ont. Metallurgy. Saltfleet Highg A.S.M.g C.I.M.M.g Member of Moose International. Future:-Technical Sales. JOHN EDWARD FITZGERALD, Windsor, Ont. Mechanical, Patterson C.I. Future:--Sales Engineering. L. C. W. FLEMING Electrical J. FOORT Chemical. EDGERTON DENNIS FORSYTH, Toronto IV. C2977 Club C2087 C2997 43007 C3017 C3027 Club: IV. steel C3037 C3047 C305 7 Loose C3067 C3077 C3087 C3097 Electrical, East York C.I., A.I.E.E. Student Member: Ass'n. Professional Engineers, Province of Ontario. SAM JOHN FOX, Oshawa, Ont. C3107 Electrical, Oshawa C.I.: I.R.E.g A.I.E.E.g Executive of Electrical Club on two occasions. HUGH RUMBALL FRASER, Toronto Engineering and Business, U.C.C. Future :-Employment in VVestern Canada. JOHN CAMPBELL FRASER, Scarboro, Ont Chemical, Industrial Chemical Club. Future:-Sales for sure!! C3117 C3127 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING l l l 109 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 110 JOHN PALMER FRASER, Toronto C3131 Chemical, Kelvin Tech. CWinnipeg13 Industrial Chemical Club. Future:-Make a living and retire. VVILLIAM FORSYTH FRASER, Lambeth, Ont. C3141 Chemical, Delaware Continuation. Industrial Chemical Club. VVILLIAM THOMAS FRASER, Toronto C3151 Aeronautical, Westmount High. RAY A. FREBERG, Herschel, Sask. C3161 Mining Geology, Herschel High. Future:-VVorking with W. J. F. Casburn. XVILLIAM FREEMAN, Union of South Africa. C3171 Engineering Physics. GLEN ELLIOTT FRENCH, Dresden, Ont. C3181 Civil, Dresden Continuation: Glee Club. Future:-Municipal Engineering. JAMES EDVVARD FRENCH, Toronto C3191 Mechanical, Danforth Tech., School Swim Team III. Future:-To lead an interesting life until I die. DONALD KENNETH FRID, Hamilton, Ont. AT C3201 Civil, Westdale C.I. SOLOMON FRIENDLY, Toronto C3211 Mechanical. Jarvis C.I.g Chariot Racing, Infernal Machine Buildingg Goal post defending: Advice to the Lovelorn. Future:-Marital adviser to Dorothy Dix. Music critique for the "Comique Casino". EDVVARD VVILLIAM FRYDAY, Toronto Mechanical, Rehab. Future:dEngaging in Industrial Mechanical Engineering. JOHN STAFFORD FULTON. Toronto Electrical, North Toronto C.I. Future:-Practise the profession of Electrical Engineering. JOSEPH FURROW, Winnipeg, Man. Electrical. Future:AElectrical Engineering. MURRAY TEMPLETON GALBRAITH, Woodbridge, Ont. Northern Vocationalg Skule Swimming Team I. Future:-Engineering in Transportation Vehicles. GEORGE STANLEY GALLEY, Thistletown, Ont. Civil, East York C.I. Future:-Construction Engineering Branch R.C.A.F. SAM GALPER, Ramat-Gan, Israel. Mechanical, Herzelia High, Camera Club II-IV. Future:-Industrialist. FRASER ERIC HUME GARDNER, St. Catharines, Ont. C3221 C3231 C3241 C3251 C3261 C3271 C3281 Civil, St. Catharines C.I.g Civil Club I-IVQ Badminton Club IIIg Volleyball IV. Future:-Construction VVork. JACK BARKER GARNETT, Port Hope. Ont. C3291 Civil, Port Hope C.I.g Hart House Glee Clubg Ajax I-IIQ Toronto IV. ROBERT ERN EST GATES. Fort William, Ont. C3305 Engineering Physics, Fort William C.I.g Engineering Physics Club1 Associate Member Institute of Radio Engineers. Future:-Radio Industry. D. V. G EARY Mechanical. VERNAL CAMERON GERMAN, Windsor, Ont. C3311 C3321 Chemical, Walkerville C.I.3 Industrial Chemical Club III: Secretary- Treasurer, Hart House Ajax IIg House Committeeg Camera Club. Future:-Technical Sales or Public Relations. RONALD JAMES GERRY, Toronto C3331 Ceramics, Runnymede C.I.3 Ceramic Club II-IIIQ Ajax Inter- residence Hockey Champions I-II., S.P.S. Hockey Seconds III. RONALD C. GETTY, Wheatley, Ont. Civil, VVheatley High. C3341 l 1 HOWARD SUMMERS GIBSON. Ottawa, Ont. Civil, Glebe C.I., Civil Club I-IV. C3353 Future:-Topographical Survey, Dept. Mines and Resources, Ottawa. WALTER MATTHEW GIBSON, Toronto C3363 Aeronautical, Lawrence Park C.I., Sr. S.P.S. Rugby III-IV, Hockey S.P.S. III-IV, Aero Basketball III-IV, Institute otAeronaut1cal Sciences, Aeronautical Club. KENNETH JAMES GILBERT, Toronto Civil, Rehab. LEONARD HENRY GILBERT, Toronto Electrical, Harrier, Tennis. ROY GERALD GILBERT, Windsor, Ont. Mechanical, Windsor C.I. ROBERT JAMES GILES, Drayton, Ont. Chemical, Fergus High, Industrial Chemical Club, Golf and Photography. Future:--Retirement. BEVERS EDWARD GILL, Toronto Electrical, Earl Haig C.I. ROBERT EDGAR GILPIN, Berkeley. Ont. Mechanical, Markdale High, Mechanical Club I-IV. JOHN ALVIN GINGRICH. Hespeler. Ont. Electrical, Preston High, Piano, Reading, Music. REYNARD WALTER GINGRICH, Kitchener, Ont. Chemical, Guernsey High, Industrial Chemical Club. Future:-Sales I hope! HERBERT EDWARD GLADISH, Ottawa, Ont. C3373 C3383 C3393 C3403 Interested in C3413 C3423 C3433 C3443 C3453 Mechanical, North Toronto C.I., A.S.M.E., Ajax Glee Club I, Basketball I, Skule Nite III-IV, E.I.C. WILLIAM MURRAY GLAZIER, Haileybury, Ont. Mining, Haileybury High. JOHN CHARLES GLEASON, Hamilton, Ont. K E C3463 C3473 Mining, Saltileet High, President, Loose Moose International, C.I.M.M. DONALD G. G. GLEN, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil KA C3483 Metallurgy, Oundle High. Northamptonshire, England, English Rugby II-IV, Soccer IV, Hart House and College Dramatics III-IV, Sigretary College Dramatic Society, Ajax Arts Committee Secretary Future:-Vague-Intend to lead a useful life somewhere. JOHN GOBERIS, Toronto Mechanical, Central Tech. GORDON WILLIAM GOETTLER, Palmerston, Ont. Mining Geology, Palmerston High. Future:-Working with J. B. McClusky. MICHAEL STEPHEN GOMBITA, New Toronto, Ont. C3493 C3503 C3513 En ineerin Ph sics Mimico C.I ' Hart House Chess Club I-IV, S E Y 3 -v Committee Member IV, Hockey, Tennis, Squash. JOHN ALFRED GOODIER, Amherstburg. Ont. C3523 Electrical, General Amherst High, Inter-Residence Basketball Ajax. Future:-Communications Engineering. GRANT LECKIE GOODING, Toronto Civil, Lawrence Park C.I. Future:-Post grad work at Toronto. ALAN RICHARD GOODLEY, Toronto C3533 C3543 Mechanical, Rehab., A.S.M.E., Mechanical Club, Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario. Future :-Entry into Industry. JOHN ROY GOODYEAR, Stratford. Ont. Electrical, Stratford C.I. J. C. GORDON Mining. C3553 C3563 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 111 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 112 WILLIAM GORMICK, Toronto Metallurgy. Central Tech. IAN HOVVES GRAHAM, Toronto Electrical, Forest Hill C.I. PETER JOHN GRAHAM, Toronto Engineering Physics. Scarboro C.I. SYDNEY HARRY GRANT, Toronto Mechanical. Rehab. A.S.M.E. 1 Future 1-Raising a family and keeping a roof over my fam1ly's KENNETH PETER GRAY, Vancouver, B.C. Electrical. RALPH LEONARD GRAY, Alvinston, Ont. Civil, Petrolia High. REGINALD SIDNEY GRAY, Toronto Electrical, VVestern Tech. Future:-Practise Electrical Engineering-power. EDWARD WILTON GREEN, Toronto Electrical, U.T.S. KENNETH GEORGE GREEN, Stouffville, Ont. Electrical, Stouffville High. Future:QElectrical Engineer. J. P. K. GREENE Mechanical. R. D. GREEN E Mechanical. NORMAN GREENSPOON, Toronto C357l C358l C359l C3 60 l head. C361l C362l C363l C364l C365l C366l C367l C368l Chemical Harbord C.I., Industrial Chemical Club I-IV, Assoc. of Professional Engineering for Ontario, Hillel. Future:-To be an engineer. STANLEY RAYMOND GREENVVOOD, Toronto C369l Electrical, Riverdale C.I., Electrical Club I-IV, Engineering Society. Future:-Post grad work at M.I.T. DAVID NORMAN GREEY, Toronto Zllf' C370l lxllechanical, Upper Canada College, Golf Team, Squash Committee DONALD ORVAL GREGORY, Toronto C3713 Mechanical, Danforth Tech., Played on winning interfaculty Basket- ball Teams I-II. Future:aNo immediate future plans. GORDON RANDOLPH GRIFFIN, Toronto Mechanical, Belleville C.I. Future:-Employment in the engineering field. DOUGLAS HAIG GRUNDY, Hamilton, Ontl Aeronautical, Westdale C.I., Aero Club I-IV, Model Club C372l C3733 I-IV, Aero "Noon" Bridge Club IV, Institute of .Aeronautical Sciences III- IV, Ont. .Association of Professional Engineers I-II. Future:-Leader of Industry. GEORGE ALBION GUEST, Ottawa, Ont. C3743 Electrical, Saskatoon Tech., Engineering Physics Club I, Electrical Club II-IV. Future:-To enter the public utility field. ISEO LOUIS GUIDOLIN, VVeston. Ont. , C37Sl Mechanical, Drumheller High, Bowling, Cycling, Skating. ERIK RUEBEN GUSTAFSON, Fort Frances, Ont. C376l Mechanical, Fort Francis High, A.S.M.E., Ajax Flying Club I-II, Hockey I-II. Future:-Heating. Air Conditioning and Ventilation Field if possible. WILLIAM JAMES NEVILLE HAGGINS, Cottam, Ont. Mechanical, Essex High, Bridge Club, Mechanical Club, Engin Physics Club. Future:-To practise Engineering and play bridge. DONALD DAVID HAIG, Midland. Ont. Electrical, Midland High, Social.Rep., Res. VV33, Ajax I. Future z-To be able to smoke tailor-mades! NORMAN ROBERT HAIN, Toronto Mechanical, Humberside C.I. STEPHEN VINCENT HAJDASZ. Toronto Electrical, St. Michael's, Polish Students' Club. C3779 eering C378l C3791 C380l S RICHARD DONALD HAKE, Toronto Aeronautical Engineering, Danforth Tech.g Institute of Aerona Sciences: Aeronautical Club III-IV, Aero. Basketball. Future:-Share the wealth. CHARLES HERBERT BLAIR HALL, Scarboro Ont. Mechanical, Scarboro C.I. JOHN GARDNER HALL, Toronto Mechanical, North Toronto C.I.g Sport, Squash Racquets. Future:-Mechanical Engineering. REA PRICHARD HALL, Montreal, Que. Electrical. Lawrence Park C.I. Future:-Electrical Industry. GEORGE ROBERT HAMBLETON. Vineland. Ont. Electrical, Beamsville High. KENNETH PETER HAMBLY, Toronto Mechanical, Central Tech.g Tennis, Track. Future:AProduction Engineering. EDWARD K. F. HAMMOND, Mount Brydges, Ont. Engineering Physics, VVallaceburg High: Engineering Physics I-I,Vg Vice President I: Member C.A.P.: I.R.E. Future:-Post grad Electronics, McGill. HERBERT ARTHUR HANCOCK, Toronto Metallurgy, Jarvis C.I.g S.P.S. Basketball. Future:-I hope to graduate and step into a well paying job. JAMES TERENCE HAN ES, Toronto Electrical, Lawrence Park C.l.g Pipe Band II-IV. JAMES E. HANNA, Ottawa, Ont. .Aeronautical Engineering, Glebe C.I.g Ajax Flying Club C3817 utical C3827 C3837 C3847 C3857 C3867 C3877 Club C3887 C3897 C3907 I-II3 Secretary Treasurer I-IIg Institute .Aeronautical Sciences II-IV, Aero Club I-IVQ R.C.A.F. University Flight III-IV. EDWARD OSEPH THEODORE HANSEN Toronto 391 J . C 7 Mechanical. Kemptville Highg Ajax Glee Clubg S.P.S. IVQ Basketball C.O.T.C. CR.C.E.M.E.7 Future:-A.V. Roe Gas Turbine Division. ' R. A. HARBIN Electrical. STUART EDNVARD HARDING, Toronto Mechanical, Rehab. Future:-Career in Hydraulics. BEVERLY MASSEY HARDY, Ottawa, Ont. Engineering Physics. Glebe C.I.g Class Representative II. PAUL KENNETH HARLEN, Sarnia, Ont. Mechanical, General Amherst High. Future:-Law Degree at Osgoode. H. G. HARPER Mining Geology. ALAN JAMES HARRIS. Ottawa. Ont. Chemical Engineering, Ottawa Tech., Industrial Chemical Club DOUGLAS HARRISON, Toronto C3927 C3937 C3947 C3957 C3967 C3977 I-IV. C3987 Chemical Engineering, East York C.I.g Chemical Club I-IVQ Associa- tion of Professional Engineers. A Future:-Work for-McColl Frontenac Oil Co. Ltd. JOSEPH HARRISON, Toronto C3997 Aeronautical Engineering. Central Tech.: I.A.S.g Aeronautical Clubg The Varsity, Science Editor IVQ Ski Club, Ridingg Tennis: Pho- tography. Future:-Aeronautical Engineer, R.C.A.F. VVILLIAM RALPH HARRISON, Toronto C4007 Mechanical, Danforth Tech. RALPH DUNBAR HARSHAW, Hamilton, Ont. C4017 Engineering and Business, Delta C.I. WILLIAM JAMES HART, Colborne, Ont. C4027 Civil, Colborne I-Iighg Newman Club Executive IV: Musicg Foreign Affairsg Skule Track and Harrier I-IVQ Hockey III-IV. Future:-Municipal Engineering. APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 113 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING -as .sbbrfw it 114 JAMES PAUL HARTT, Orillia, Ont. I 4403l Civil, Orillia C.I.: Volleyball Sr. S.P.S. III: Member of "Four Flushers" Interfaculty barbershop Quartette Champs IIQ Skule Nite work III. ' Future:-Chase Spook. DAVID Le-:ROY HARVEY, Sparta, Ont. Electrical. Sparta C.I. G. H. HAVVKINS Chemical. JOHN KNOX HAVVKSHAXV, Cornwall. Ont. C404-l C405l C4063 Aeronautical, Cornwall C.I.g Aero. Club: President of Ajax Model Club I-II: Institute of Aeronautical Sciencesg Association of Pro- fessional Engineers 4Ont.J. HOXYARD ROBERT HAYMAN, London, Ont. CIP I' A C4077 Civil, South C.I.: Ajax Glee Club: Football IIQ W'ater polo IIIQ Four Flushersy Skule Night IV. Future:-See the world. NORMAN VVRIGHT HAYIVIAN, Toronto C4083 Aeronautical. Northern Vocational Schoolg Member Hart House Ajax House Committee I. Future:-Post grad work at Toronto, if possible. LEONARD HAYVVARD, Toronto Mining. York Memorial C.I.: Ale and Quail Club. Futurezf-South America. XYILLIAM HARVEY HEAD, Hagersville, Ont. Civil, Hagersville High: Class Representative I. Future:-Structural Design. JOHN HERBERT HEATHER, Milo. Alta. C-109l 4410i C4113 Ceramics, Milo High: Ceramics Club I-IV: Secretary IIIQ S.P.S. Hockey III-IV: All-University Badminton IV. Future:-Field trips. STEVE HEGION, XVilcox, Sask. C412l Mining Geology, Regina Central High: Skule Nite CCast'l III-IV. Future:-To get started on my first million. WALTER JOHN HEIKKILA, Arpin. Ont. Engineering Physics. Cochrane High. Future:-Post grad work in nuclear physics, University Columbia. IVIURRAY ALEXANDER HEINBLICH, Linwood, Ont. Civil. Elmira High. Future:-Some field of Engineering. FREDERICK NORMAN HELEY, Toronto Mechanical, Central Tech. JOHN MacKINNON HEMSTOCK, Chatsworth, Ont. Metallurgy. Owen Sound High. Future:-Mining Industry. GLENN CARLYLE HENDERSON, St. Thomas, Ont. Mechanical, St. Thomas C.I. HENRY HUBERT HENDRICKSON. Vancouver, B.C. 4413l of British 4414i C415l C4165 C4171 44181 Civil, Sylvan Lake C.I.g Art Class Ig Inter-Residence Sports I-IIQ Bowling: Hockey. 1 u I N Future:-Practical experience in engineering. XVILLIAM HERBERT HENRY, Toronto Chemical, Lawrence Park C.I.g Camera Club. SIDNEY ERNEST HENXVOOD. Toronto Civil, Malvern C.I. S. C. HEPBURN Electrical. IAN COX HERD, Toronto Mechanical, Oakwood C.I. PETER ALEXANDER HERTZBERG, Toronto Civil, U.T.S. . Future:-Building Construction-Toronto 44191 C420l 44217 44229 44233 JAMES BURTON HESLOP, Thornhill, Ont. Mechanical, Earl Haig C.I. FRED INNIS HEWSON, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont. Civil, Newmarket High. WILLIAM FRANKLIN HEWTON, Hamilton. Ont. Mechanical, Burlington High. JOHN CHARLES HIBBIT, New Toronto, Ont. Mechanical, Long Branch High. HUGH STEPHEN HICKLIN, Toronto Engineering Physics, Upper Canada College. RALPH THOMAS HILL, Weston, Ont. Civil, Oakwood C.I. Future:-Structural Engineering. E I L Torono C4243 C4253 C4263 C4273 C4283 C4293 4303 ROBERT BRYC H L . t C Engineering and Business, St. Andrew's College, 48th Highlanders of Canada-Reserve Army, Student Member of The Association of Professional Engineers, A.S..M.E., E.I.C. Future:-Production Experience. RALPH CHRISTOPHER HINDE, Mount Dennis, Ont. C4313 Civil, York Memorial C.I., York Memorial Alumni, Skule Nite I. Future:-Highway Engineering. JOHN H. R. HOBBS, VVindsor. Ont. C4323 Engineering and Business, Kennedy C.I., A.S.M.E. Representative III-IV. VVILLIAM JOSEPH HOCKIN, Newcastle, Ont. C4333 Electrical, Newcastle High, Secretary-Treasurer, Electrical Club Ajax. II, C.O.T.C. Future:-Active Army. ELMAR CHARLES HODSOLL, Toronto C4343 Electrical, Vaughan Road C.l. FRANK NORMAN HOLDSWORTH, Edmonton, Alta. C4353 Engineering and Business, Central C.I. DONALD MORISON HOLMAN, Toronto A A Lb C4363 Aeronautical, U.T.S., Member Institute of the AeronauticalSciences, Soaring Association of Canada President III, Director IV, Toronto Gliding Club CPresident 47-483. Future:-Returning to R.C.A.F. Regular. J. M. HOLM BOE Chemical. ERNEST JOHN HOMER, Toronto Electrical, Vaughan Road C.I. Future:-Industrial Power Engineering. WILLIAM HOOK, Toronto Chemical, Danforth Tech. Future:-Work. ARTHUR JAMES HOPEWELL, Britannia Bay, Ont. Geology, Ottawa Tech. Future:-Post grad family work. GEORGE KEITH HOPPER, Oakville, Ont. C4373 C4383 C4393 C4403 C4413 Civil, Oakville High, Civil Club Executive II, Skule Nite III, Engineering Institute of Canada. - V Future:-Post grad work. GEORGE HORSFIELD, Mimico, Ont. Mechanical, Mimico High. Future:-Engineer with Imperial Oil Limited. JOHN HENRY HOSKING. Bathurst, N.B. Mechanical, Bathurst High, Secretary Student Branch A.S C4423 C4433 .M.E., Entered 3rd year here after three years at Mount Allison University. Future:-Going back east after graduation. WILLIAM PURVIS HOUSTON, Toronto C4443 Mining, Winnipeg C.I., Ale and Quail Club, Mining and Metallurgy Club. PETER ERNEST HOWARD, Hamilton, Ont. Engineering and Business, Queen Elizabeth High. Future :-Post grad work. C4453 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING X , I 14 41 77' 1 9 8 I 'I C APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING ' W 5.15, TEAR r so 116 ' ALAN DOUGLAS HOWARTH, Toronto C4461 Chemical, Etobicoke C.I.g Industrial Chemistry Club: Golf, Pho- tography. Future:-Work in the Rubber lndustry. THOMAS JOSEPH HOWCROFT, Hamilton, Ont. C4471 Mechanical, Cathedral High. RALPH EDMUND HOWLING, Roseland, Ont. C4481 Mechanical, Xvalkerville C.I. Future:-Employment with automotive concern, Windsor. FRANK THURLOW HUBBARD, Islington, Ont. C4491 Aeronautical, Rehab., I.A.S., Aero. Club, Squash, Being a husband and father. Future:-Post grad, Toronto. DONALD CLIFFORD HUBBLE, Belleville, Ont. C4501 Engineering Physics, Belleville C.I.: Blue and VVhite Band: VVrest- lingg R.C.A.F. CAuxiliary1 University Flight. Future :-Research in Refrigeration Industry. CHARLES ALBERT HUFF, Toronto Chemical, Vaughan Road C.I.g Industrial Chemical Clubg Golf. ROBERT EDXVIN HUGGARD, Windsor. Ont. Chemical, Vtlalkerville C.I., Hockey S.P.S. ARTHUR ALMER HUGHES, Chatham, Ont. Q K E Engineering and Business, Chatham C.I.: Young Canada Treasurer: Basketball. ' Future:-Sales Engineering. HARRY ALFRED HUGHES, Saskatoon, Sask. Chemical, City Park C.I., Industrial Chemical Club. JAMES ROLAND HUGH ES, Kent Bridge, Ont. Electrical. Chatham C.I. Future:-Work in Industry. JAMES ROSS HULL, Toronto Mechanical, Humberside C.I. HARRY ALVIN HUNT, North Bay, Ont. Electrical, North Bay C.I. JOSEPH EDGAR HUNT, Mabou, N.S. Chemical, Photographyg Baseball: Swimming. Future:HDiscover an oil well and enjoy life. ALLEN BRUCE HUNTER, Dunnville, om. Mechanical, Dunnville High, Playing Poker. GORDON KEEN HUNTER, Toronto C4511 C4521 C4531 Club C4541 C4551 C4561 C45 T1 C4581 C4591 C4601 Civil, Lawrence Park C.I., Skule Niteg Basketball, Volleyballg Tennis. EDMLTND LEWEN HUTCHINSON, Northmount, Ont. Mechanical, Central Tech. NIURRAY JAMES HUTTON, Toronto Civil, Vaughan Road C.I. HUGH VICTOR IEVERS, Toronto Civil, Malvern C.I. ALEC ARTHUR INCE, Toronto Mechanical, Earl Haig C.I. JOHN HAROLD INNES, Toronto C461 1 C4621 C4631 C4641 C4651 Mechanical. Rehab. N.T.C.I.g Chairman of the1Mechanical Club IVQ Vice-Chairman Ill. Future:-Industry. LAWRENCE VVILSON IRELAND, Guelph, Ont. Electrical, Guelph C.I. Future:-Practise Engineering. C4661 JOHN KENNETH IRWIN, Toronto C4675 Mechanical, Lawrence Park C.I., Secretary Mechanical Club III. WILLIAM GOWAN IRWIN, Francis, Sask. Metallurgy, Francis High. C4685 Future:-A job where I can wear a white shirt and go home to lunch. PETER ISAAC, Steinbach, Man. Mechanical, Steinbach C. I. Future:-Practise Engineering. ROBERT ISLES, Toronto Electrical, Weston C.I. Future:-NVorl-: and Study. ALBERT HAYNES JACKSON. St. Catharines, Ont. C4695 C4705 C4715 Metallurgy. St. Catharines C.I.3 Vice-President STO II, House Chairman Res. 723 Ajax, Class Rep. M. and M. Club IVQ House President North House: Member of Loose Moose International. Future:-Technical sales. DONALD ROBERT JACKSON, Stratford, Ont. C4725 Engineering Physics, Stratford C.I.g Engineering Physics Club I-IV. CHARLES EDWIN JAGGER, Toronto C4735 Engineering Physics, Vaughan Road C.I.: Engineering Physics Club. Future:-To invent a labour saving device. JOHN WESLEY JAM ES, Toronto Mechanical, Uxbridge High. DONALD G. JAMIESON, Chatham, Ont. Mechanical, Chatham C.I. Future:-Do a little living. RONALD GEORGE JAMISON, Toronto Chemical, Runnymede C.I.g Industrial Chemical Club. ERIC MAXWELL JANES, Toronto Chemical, Danforth Tech.: Chemical Club. Future:-Work in Industry. HUBERT RALPH JANES, Toronto Metallurgy. Danforth Tech., C.I.M.M. Future:-Steady work-steady pay!! WILLIAM EDWARD JARVIS, Toronto Engineering Physics, Parkdale C.I. Future 1-Engineer. JOHN JAVVORSKI, Toronto C4745 C4755 C4765 C4775 C4785 C4795 C4805 Electrical, Harbord C.I., C.O.T.C. Royal Canadian Corps of Signals. Future:-Electrical Engineer. WILLIAM HAROLD JAY, Toronto Engineering and Business. East York C.I. Future :-Enter Business. ROBERT CHARLES JEFFERIES, Toronto Electrical, Jarvis C.I.: S.P.S. Hockey III. Future:-Electrical Engineer. THOMAS ROWLAND HARRIES J ENKINS,'Toronto Electrical. Oakwood C.I. DOUGLAS MERRIFIELD JENNINGS, Toronto Civil, Ottawa Tech. JOHN HENRY JOBSON. Toronto Mechanical, Vaughan Rd. C.I. KENNETH RICHARDJOHNS, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Civil. Sault C.I.g Civil Club. HERBERT DELMAR JOHNSON, Simcoe, Ont. C4815 C4825 C4835 C4845 C4853 C4865 C4875 Mechanical, Killarney C.I., Golf, Bridgeg 734 P.R.G. and B. Club. Future :-Professional Engineering. APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 117 la I APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 118 KENNETH REG. JOHNSTON, Collingwood, Ont. C4885 Mechanical, Collingwood C.I., Future:-Presidency of several companies-need the remuneration to educate my two heirs. DAVID LLOYD JONES, Toronto C4895 Engineering and Business, JOHN FREDERICK JONES, Toronto C4905 Mechanical, York Memorial C.I., Student Member of Royal Aeronautical Society, Student Member of Society of Automotive Engineers. Future:-To enter the engineering profession, in the Gas Turbine or other Internal Combustion engine field. H. E. JORDON C4915 Chemical. KENNETH ROY JOSLIN, Hamilton, Ont. C4925 Mechanical, Westdale Secondary Schoolsg American Society of Mechanical Engineers III-IV, Ajax Hobby Club II. Future:-Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. JOHN CHARLES JUNKIN, Toronto C4935 Mechanical, Lawrence Park C.I. B. KAHANE C4945 Chemical. ROBERT ALEXANDER KALLE, Windsor. Ont. C4955 Mechanical, Kennedy C.I. Future:-Law Degree-Osgoode. LLOYD GEORGE KAUFMAN, Kincardine, Ont. C4965 Mining, Kincardine Highg Ale and Quail Club. DOUGLAS BRUCE KAY, Mimico, Ont. C4975 Metallurgy, Mimico Highg Mining and Metallurgy Club I-IV. Future:-Industry. EDWARD KEVIN KEAN E, Ottawa, Ont. C4985 Chemical, St. Patricks College. KEITH WILLIAM KEARNS, Colborne, Ont. C4995 Civil. JOHN ALFRED CHARLES KEEFE, Toronto C5005 Engineering Physics Geophysics, York Memorial C.I.g C.O.T.C.g Engineering Physics Club. JAMES NEVVCOMBE KEEN, Toronto C5015 Mechanical, Earl Haig C.I.g Student Member A.S.M.E. and E.I.C.g Rugbyg Swimming, Skiing. Future:-Post graduate work-Stanford University. JAMES WILLIAM KEENAN, Toronto C5025 Engineering Physics, Bloor C.I.g Captain Inter-residence bowling Ajax, Chairman Engineering Physics Club IV. Future:-Become filthy rich. DONALD WRIGHT KELLY, Toronto C5035 Engineering and Business, Lawrence Park C.I. Future:-Post grad work at Columbia N.Y. JOHN HAMILTON KELLY, Hamilton, Ont. C5045 Engineering Physics, Delta C.I.g Engineering Physics Club I-IV, Motion Picture Committee, Hart House Ajax I-II. Future:AEngineering Research. WILLIAM MCDONOUGH KELLY, Georgetown, Ont. C5055 Civil. Georgetown High. Future:-Post graduate work. MATTHEW KELTON, Windsor, Ont. C5065 Mechanical, W. D. Lowe Vocational, I.V.C.F. I-IV, Vice-President I. Future :-Industrial Engineering CAutomobile Industry5. WALTER C-REWDSON KENDALL, Lethbridge, Alta. C5075 Electrical, Lethbridge C.I. Future:-Work and Study. G. D. KENNEDY D C5085 Mining. JOHN MIGHTON KENNEDY, Ajax, Ont. C5095 Mechanical, Paris High. Future :-Civil Service. , THOS. F. KENNY. Sarnia, Ont. A T A C5105 Engineering and Business, Sarnia C.I.g Ajax Band and "Hot Jaxs" Ig Ajax Flying Club Ig Class Representative IIIg A 'I' A Treasurer IVQ Vice Chairman Engineering Business IV. Future:-Post grad in Business. GORDON HERBERT KENYON, Truro. N.S. C5115 Chemical, Valleyfield High, Que., Student Member of Engineering Institute of Canada. Future:-Directing Standard Oil. EDWARD ALBERT KERR, King, Ont. Mechanical, Aurora High. HOWARD STEWART KERR, Toronto C5125 C5135 Engineering Physics, Malvern C.I.g Sr. S.P.S. Rugby IIg Swim Team Ig Water polo S.P.S. 2ndsg Varsity Water polo. Future :-Post grad work. WILLIAM DAVID KERR Toronto 5145 . C Chemical, Malvern C.I.g Student Member--Engineering Institute of Canada. I Future :-Post graduate work in U.S.A ERNEST ALBERT KERSHAW, Wheatley. Ont. Electrical, Leamington High: House Chairman II. Future:ACommunications Engineering. GORDON THOMAS KEYS. Toronto C5155 C5165 Mechanical. Vaughan Road C.I.g Pipe Sgt. of the 'Irish Regiment of Canada Pipe Band. Future:-Would like to work for a time, and then perhaps take Master's Degree. WILLIAM JOHN GARDINER KEYS, South Mountain, Ont. C5175 Mechanical, South Mountain Highg Student Member A.S.M.E.g A.P.E. of Ont.g Swimming. Future:-Post graduate work-Stanford University. JOHN KILGOUR, Ottawa, Ont. C5185 Mining Geology, Kelvin Tech.g Coleman Geology Club I-IVg Mining and Metallurgy Club I-IVQ U.N.T.D. , Future:-Post grad work in Engineering Geology. ROBERT VICTOR KILLMASTER, Toronto C5195 Civil, Danforth Tech., Ajax Flying Club I-II, Flyingg Swimmingg Hockey. Future:-Post grad at U. of T. ARTHUR NOAH LEE KING. Burlington, Ont. C5205 Electrical, Burlington High, A.I.E.E. Student Member, Photography DONALD LAURIE KING. Newmarket, Ont. C5215 Chemical, Newmarket Highg Chemical Club Rep. IVQ Residence Athletic Rep. II: S.P.S. and Intermediate Intercollegiate Track II- IVQ S.P.S. Volleyball III-IV. Future:-Live and Learn! CARLOS ENRIQUE KINKEL, Mexico City, Mexico C5225 Chemical, Bachilleratos Mexicog Industrial Chemical Club I-IV: Spanish Club III. Future:-Take a pulp and paper course either in Europe or U.S.A. JACK L. KINSEY, Winnipeg, Man. Mechanical, Gordon Bell High. FREDERICK JOHN KIRBY, Merlin, Ont. C5235 C5245 Electrical, Chatham C.I.g Engineers' Christian Fellowship: Student Christian Movement. Future:-To serve. JOHN CLIFFORD KIRKUP, Fort William, Ont. c5253 Civil, Fort William C.I.g Vice-President of University Wrestling Clubg Inter-Collegiate Wrestling Champ, University Symphony CViolin Sectionjg Skule Nite IV. Future:-Structural work. RODNEY VICTOR DYON KLASSEN, New Hamburg, Ont. C5265 Chemical, New Hamburg C.S. ' ROBERT WALTER KNIGHT, Uxbridge, Ont. Civil, Uxbridge High: STO Civil Basketball III. Future:-Probably Road Construction. ROBERT FRANKLIN KNOTT, Toronto Chemical, Riverdale C.I.g Industrial Chemical Club I-IV. Future :-To do as little as possible for as much as possible JOHN FREDERICK CHARLES KORBY, Stratford, Ont. Mechanical, Stratford C.I. JOHN THOMAS KOSABUSKI, Kirkland Lake Ont. Electrical, Rehab. ROY JOSEPH KOSTICK, Kenora, Ont. Chemical, Kenora Highg Basketballg Volleyballg Chess. Future:-Work? C5275 C5285 C5295 C5305 C5315 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 119 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 120 FRANK A. KOTTMEIER, Chicago, Ill. C5323 Engineering Physics, Tilden Tech.g Ajax Flying Clubg Camera Clubg Class Representative III-IV. Future:-Research or sales. CHARLES ALBERT KRAUSE. Williamsford, Ont. C5333 Mining Geology, Owen Sound High. Future:-To find more diamonds than VVilliamson. TED KRUK, Toronto C5343 Civil, XVestern Commerce. VVILLIAM MUNRO KRUSE. Galt, Ont. C5353 Civil, Galt C.I., Inter House Basketball, Ajax I-II, Photography. MELVIN JOHN KUPISZ, Detroit, Mich. C5363 Mechanical, W. D. Lowe Vocational: Engineering Institute of Canada, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. HENRY ADAM LACHOSKI, XVindsor, Ont. C5373 Electrical. Kennedy C.I.: Polish Students' Club III-IVQ Treasurer IV. XVILBERT FRANCIS LACKENBAUER, Waterloo. Ont. C5383 Engineeringrand Business, St. ,lerome's Collegeg Music, Particularly Singing: Flyingg Radio. EDXVARD OMER LaFONTAINE, La Salle, Ont. C5393 Civil, Sandwich C.I.g S.P.S. Golf: Basketballg VVater polo. Future:-Seeing the world. ROY HAROLD LaFONTAlN E, London, Ont. C5403 Engineering and Business, De La Salle High. WILLIAM ROBERT LAIDLAXN, Toronto C5413 Aeronautical. U.T.S.3 Member Institute Aeronautical Sciences II-IV. Future:-Post grad work at M.I.T. JAMES KEENE LAMBIE, London, Ont. 'ii K II C5423 Chemical. Central C.I.: Hart House Ajax, Arts Committee I-II, Glee Club IIQ House Committee llg Skule Nite III-IV. DAVID HARVEY LANDELLS, Niagara Falls, Ont. C5433 Civil, Niagara Falls C.I. VERN EARL LANDON, Oshawa, Ont. C5443 Mechanical, Oshawa C.V.I.g Swimmingg Skiingg Fishingg A.S.M.E. CStudent Member3. Future:-I am interested in gas turbines and would lil-ze to secure a position in that field. ERIC EDVVARD GEORGE LANG, Oshawa. Ont. C5453 Engineering and Business, Oshawa C.I.g A.S.M.E.g skiing. ROBERT HARRY LANGFORD, Hamilton, Ont. C5463 Mechanical, St. Catharines C.I. PHILIP ALEXANDER LAPP, Toronto fb K II C5473 Engineering Physics, Malvern C.I.: Camera Club III: Sr. S.P.S. Rugby III, Harvey Aggett Memorial Scholarship Il. Future:hGraduate workin optics at M.I.T. or Cal. Tech. ADOLPI-IE JOSEPH PAUL LaPRAIRIE, Toronto C5483 Mining, Rehab.: Engineering Society Executive II-IV: Director of Cultural Activities at Skuley Water polog Lady Godiva Memorial Band: Cannoneers. Future:-More of same. RONALD ALLAN FREDERICK LATHAM, Ottawa, Ont. C5493 Mechanical, Ottawa Tech. GEORGE LATINOVICH, VVelland, Ont. C5503 Mechanical, Welland Highg S.P.S. Basketball I-IVg Volleyball Teams I-IV. A Future:-Mechanical Engineering in Design. BERT ALFRED LAUGHTON, Islington, Ont. C5513 Chemical, Etobicoke C.I.g Joint House Committee Ajax II. J. GUY LaVERGNE, Montreal, Que. C5523 Aeronautical. Querbes Highg Aero. Club, I.A.S.g S.E.I.C. Future:-Production Engineering. GEORGE W. A. LAWRENCE, York Mills, Ont. 411' A Electrical. Lawrence Park C.I.3 Hockey S.P.S. II, Skule Inter-faculty Rugby . Future:-Further Training in U.S.A. GERALD BLAKE LAWSON, Saint John. N. B. Mechanical, Loyola, Montreal. C5535 Niteg C5545 Future:-Spend the first six months filling in the blank spaces in Prof. Wiren's notes. HUGH ROGERS LAWSON, Toronto Zllf' Engineering and Business, Upper Canada College. JAMES RICHARD GRAHAME LEACH. Toronto Civil, Upper Canada College. ROBERT HENRY LEAVENS, Weston. Ont. Aeronautical, Weston C.I.g Aero. Club. GORDON ROSS LEAVER, Oakville, Ont. Metallurgy, Oakville High, Mining and Metallurgy Club American Society for Metals IV. Future:-Canada Metal Co. Ltd. STANLEY EARL LEDBURY, Long Branch, Ont. C5555 C5565 C5575 C5585 I-IV: C5595 Electrical. Mimico High: Ajax House Basketballg Building House in Spare? time. VVALTER JAMES LOWELL LEDBURY, New Toronto, Ont. C5605 Ceramics, Mimico Highg Ceramic Club I-lVg Photography. EDGAR BERNARD LEE, Lacombe, Alta. Engineering Physics. Regina Central C.I. JOHN ELLWYN LEEMING, Toronto C5615 C5625 Electrical, Humberside C.I.g Old Mill Tennis Club, Team Captain. Future :-Working. GERARD ARTHUR GUILLAUME LEMIEUX, Ottawa, Ont.C5635 Engineering and Business, La Salle Academy: Newman Club II-IVQ C.O.T.C, I-IV, Skule Nite III-IVQ Assistant Director IVQ Engineers' Ball IIg "Singing Barmen"g Skiing, Tennis. Future:-Post grad work at Toronto CHARLES ROBERT LEMON. Norwich, Ont. C5645 Mining, Norwich High: Student Member C.I.M.M. and Professional Engineers Prov. of Ont. XVALTER LESCHUCK, Toronto Electrical, Central Tech. WILLIAM GARWOOD LEWIS, Ottawa, Ont. Aeronautical, Lisgar C.I.g Student Member, Institute of the nautical Sciences. ROBERT PAUL LINDSAY. St. Thomas. Ont. Electrical, Arthur Voaden Vocational. GORDON JOHN LINDSEY, Ajax, Ont. Civil. Earl Haig C.I. Future:-Municipal Engineering. DOUGLAS GEORGE LINTON, Toronto Mechanical, Weston C.I. OLIVER LLOYD, Toronto Civil, North Toronto C.I. CHARLES MCDONALD LOCKWOOD, London, Ont. Mining Geology. London South C.I. GEORGE ROLAND LONG, Georgetown, Ont. C5655 C5665 Aero- C5675 C5685 C5695 C5705 C5715 C5725 Electrical, Georgetown Highg Cornet Player with U. of T. Symphony Orchestra and Blue and White Band. f FRED MCCOLL LONGSTAFF, Toronto C5735 Engineering Physics, Western Tech.g Hart House Amateur Radio Club Executive. Future :-Post grad work at U. of T. 'APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 121 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 122 FRANK BOVVMAN LORD. Toronto C5743 Engineering Physics, U.T.S.: Engineering Physics Club I-IV: Hockey: Tennis: Golf. Future:-Communications Research. JACK DORAN LOVATT, Toronto C5753 Aeronautical, Malvern C.I.: Aero. Club I-IV: Institute of Aeronauti- cal Sciences II-IV: Aero. Basketball III-IV. ARTHUR ROY LOVE, Mimico, Ont. C5763 Chemical, Central Tech.: Industrial Chemical Club I-IV. Future:-Get a job and retire at an early age. JOHN ALBERT LOVVE. Toronto C5773 Electrical, Central Tech. XVILLIAM JACOB LUCAS, Hanover. Ont. C5783 Chemical Engineering, Hanover High: VVine, XVomen and Song. Future:--Employment and enjoyment. GERALD WALTER LUCKETT, Toronto C5793 iifiggnautical. Scarboro C.I.: Aero. Club I-IV: I.A.S. I-IV: A.P.E.P.O Future:-Aero. Industry. JOHN ALLISTER MacDONALD, Port Credit, Ont. C5803 Engineering and Business, Port Credit C.I. JOHN ANGUS MacDONALD, Toronto K A C5813 Engineering and Business, U.T.S.: S.P.S. Rugby I: Golf: Skiing. LESLIE RENFREVV LAVENDER MacDUFF, Toronto C5823 Engineering Physics. East York C.I, ANDREVV LAURIE MacKASEY, Toronto C5833 Electrical. St. Michae1's College. ALEXANDER MacLEAN MacKAY, Cochrane. Ont. EN C5843 Civil, Cochrane High: Member, Civil Club. KENNETH MacKAY. Port Arthur, Ont. C5853 Mechanical, Port Arthur C.I.: Association of Professional Engineer- ing: Jr. S.P.S. Hockey II: Sr. S.P.S. Hockey III. EVANDER MacKENZIE. Port Arthur. Ont. C5863 Electrical, Port Arthur C.I. ROD M. MacKENZIE, Glace Bay, N.S. C5873 Engineering and Business, Glace Bay High: Class Basketball: Residence Basketball and Hockey: Baseball: Basketball: Golf: Hobby is leatherwork. NVARREN STUART MacKENZIE, Toronto C5883 Mining Geology. Barrie C.I. GORDON LAVVRENCE MACKIE, NVeston, Ont. C5893 Mechanical, Weston High: S.P.S. III: Hockey III: Ajax Camera Club I: Ajax House League Hockey II: Photography. Future:--Industry!! JAMES HENRY MacLACHLAN. St. Catharines, Ont. C5903 Engineering Physics, St. Catharines C.I.: Ajax Inter-residence Bowling and Basketball: U.N.T.D. I, II: Radio VVorkshop III-IV. Future:-Rather nebulous. WILLIAM CAVENDISH MacNEILL. Owen Sound, Ont. A X C5913 Aeronautical, Owen Sound C.I.: Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. Future :-Business and Administration course at Harvard. ALAN DONALD MacPHERSON, Toronto C5923 Electrical, Runnymede C.I.: Student Member A.I.E.E.: Member of the Electrical Club I-IV: Interested in Golf: Tennis. Future:-To be a successful Engineer. J. A. MacRAE C5933 Mechanical. HENRY ALLAN MAIN, Toronto C5943 Electrical. Member of the Engineering Institute of Canada: Member of the Association of Professional Engineers of the Province of Ontario. , g JOHN ROBERT MAINPRIZE, Acton. Ont. A . C5953 Mechanical, Acton High: Mechanical Club: University Naval Training Division I-IV. LLOYD RAYMOND MAINPRIZE, Belle River, Ont. C5963 Electrical, Essex High: Skule Lacrosse and Basketball. Future:-To follow life's ambitions. ANDREW MAKER EWICH, Port Colborne. Ont. Chemical, Port Colborne C.I.: Table Tennis Club: B Future:-Post graduate work. DONALD CHARLES MANION, Ottawa, Ont. Chemical, St. Patricks College. JOHN JOSEPH MARLOW, Browns Line. Ont. Civil, Long Branch C.I. Future:-Municipal Engineering. DOUGLAS IAN MARR. Grimsby, Ont. Civil, Grimsby High: Football II: Water polo III. Future:-Be world traveller. FREDERICK WILLIAM MARSH, Port Credit, Ont. Engineering Physics, Rehab. FRANK RUSSELL MARSHALL, Walton, Ont. Civil, Brussells High. HERBERT S. MARSHALL, Toronto Electrical, Lawrence Park C.I. E. C. MARTER Electrical. JAMES FREDERICK MARTIN, Toronto Mechanical, Central Tech. MARCEL GLEN MATHERS, Calgary. Alta. Engineering Physics, Camera Club II-IV. C5971 asketball III. C5983 C5003 C6007 C601 J C6023 C6039 C6041 C6051 C6067 Future:-Back to West, Probably south of the border, and look for that dream job. THOMAS MATSUI, Toronto C607l Mechanical, Jarvis C.I.g Ajax Athletic Association Publicity Director II: Volleyball I-II: English Rugby Il-IV: English Rugby Club, Vice-President IV. JAMES ALEXANDER MATTHEW, Toronto C6083 Mechanical. Western Tech.: Mechanical Club I-IVQ C'.N.T.D. Ajax I-II: Chess Club Ajax II. Future:-Mechanical Engineering-Gas Turbine Development. ANDREW STEPHEN MATTHEWS, Strathroy, Ont. C6097 Engineering Physics, Strathroy C.I.: Chess Club I-IV: President I-II at Ajax: Ajax Glee Club I-II: Peoples Warden, Protestant Chapel, Ajax II. Future:-R.C.A.F. Regular, signals oflicer. GEORGE W. H. MATTHEWS, Fort William. Ont. C6105 Chemical, Fort XVilliam C.I. JOHN GEORGE MATTHIES, Toronto C6113 Engineering Physics, Niagara Falls C.I.: Student Member Canadian .Association of Physicists: Institute of Radio Engineers: Married. MARVIN EDWARD MATUSIAK, Toronto C6121 Engineering Physics, Central Tech.: Institute of Radio Engineers: Swimming: Skiing. Future:-R.C.A.F. WALTER BERNERD MAXWELL, Toronto C6133 Chemical, Upper Canada College: I.S.S. II: Intermediate Intercol- legiate Track Team II: Senior Intercollegiate Track Team IV. Future:-Post graduate work at Toronto then Corporation Law in U.S.A. BERNARD LAWRENCE MAYER, Toronto Engineering and Business, Sydney C.I.: Member Camera Clubs. C6141 A.S.M.E. and Future:-Production work in radio and TV manufacture. ELDON GLEN DENNIS MAYNARD. Point Edward. Ont. C6157 Aeronautical. Sarnia C.I.: I.A.S.: Aero. Club: S.P.S. Swimming and Water olo III-IV'Varsit Water olo IV: Aero. Basketball III-IV. D V Y D Future:-R.C.A.F.-Technical. EDWARD LLOYD MAYOTTE, Fort William, Ont. C6161 Civil, Fort William C.I.: Serving on Committees of Knox College Association. Future:-To work in some phase of Building Construction. IREAL ABRAHAM MAYSON. Toronto i C6177 Engineering Physics, Harbord C.I.: Historical Club. Future:-Business, then Post grad work. J. S. McAULAY C618J Mining Geology. ' JACK SKEAP MCAVOY, St. Catharines. Ont. C6191 Aeronautical Engineering. Buffalo Tech.: Aeronautical Club: Class Rep. II-IV: O.A.P.E.: I.A.S. Future:--Peace of Mind. APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 123 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 124 I THOMAS JOSEPH MCCAFFERY, Havana, Cuba Mechanical, St. Michael's. C6205 Future :-Work, marriage, a family and making a fast buck slow down to a crawl. DONALD ALBERT MCCAMMON, Toronto C6215 Chemical, Regina Sask.g Industrial Chemistry Club: Vice-Chairman lg Chairman Ilg Engineering Society Executive IIg Hart House Committee CAjax5 I-II. ROBERT DALTON MCCARGAR, Kitchener, Ont. Civil, Kitchener-Waterloo C.I., Camera Club. JACK LAURENCE MCCLOY, Stratford, Ont. C6225 may Civil, Stratford C.I.: Civil Club I-IVg Class Representative IIg Vice-Chairman III: Chairman IVg Skule Nite II-III. ROBERT GUY MCCLUSKEY, Cochrane. Ont. Engineering and Business, Sudbury High. J. B. MCCLUSKY, Toronto Mining Geology. Future:-Working with R.A. Freberg. CLIFFORD SCOTT MCCOLM, Oshawa, Ont. Mechanical, Oshawa C.V.I.g S.P.S. Track IIQ Lacrosse IV. Future:ARaise Sixteen Boys. JAMES ARTHUR McCOMB, Toronto Mechanical, Lawrence Park C.I. ROBERT HAROLD McCOMB, Toronto Electrical, Humberside C.I.: Swimmingg Marriage. Future:-A job that satisfies. VVILLIAM HARRY MCCREARY. Toronto C6245 C6255 C6265 Basketball IIIg C6275 C6285 C6295 Electrical, Runnymede C.I.g Electrical Club I-IVQ Association of Ifrofessional Engineers of the Province of Ontario. Future:-Engineering in Industry. JOHN HAMILTON MCCULLOUGH, Toronto C6305 Metallurgy, Malvern C.I. ROBERT FINLAY MCDERMAND, Windsor, Ont. C6315 Mechanical, Windsor Vocational. ALEXANDER R. McDONALD, Chapleau, Ont. ID K 2 C6325 Civil, Chapleau High. VVILLIAM LEONARD MCDONALD, Ajax. Ont. C6335 Aeronautical. Westdale C.I.: I.A.S.g I.A.S. CAjax5 Rep. II. Future:-Gas Turbine Engineering. CHARLES IVAN REES MCDOUGALL, Winnipeg, Man. C6345 Chemical Engineering, Kelvin Tech. STANLEY MacQUISTEN MCDOWALL. Toronto C6355 Mechanical, Riverdale C.I.: Residence Soccer II, Basketball II. Future :-Practise Engineering. JOSEPH DOUGLAS MCFADDEN, St. Thomas, Ont. C6365 Chemical, St. Thomas C.I. DONALD McDONALD MCFARLAN E, Hamilton, Ont. C6375 Metallurgy, F. R. Close Tech.g Mining and Metallurgy Club I-IV. Future:-Industry RAYMOND JOHN MCGOWAN, Toronto Chemical, York Memorial C.I. WILLIAM MCLAUGHLIN MCILRAVEY, Toronto Mechanical, York Memorial C.I. MURRAY JAMES MCINROY, Bonarlaw, Ont, Electrical, Marmora High. Future :-Professional Engineering Practice. C6385 C6395 C6405 G. M. MCLAREN, Pezo, Angola, Portugese West Africa Engineering and Business, A.S.M.E. III-IV, E.I.C. IV, Enthusiast, Also Married. Future:-Steel, Hydro, or African Peanuts. FRANK C. MCLAUGHLIN, Toronto B OH Engineering and Business. Future:-Realtor. DAVID WILLIAM MCLEAN, Erin, Ont. Chemical, Guelph C.I., Industrial Chemical Club. Future :-Position in industry. PAUL COULTER MCLEAN, Toronto Mining Geology. Ridley College. WILLIAM ALEXANDER MCNAIR, Toronto Mechanical, Upper Canada College. Future:-Engineering Sales. ROBERT GEORGE MCQUILLAN, Willowdale, Ont. C6417 Golf C6427 C6437 C6447 C6457 C6467 Civil, Earl Haig C.I., Hart House Glee Clubs Ajax and Toronto, Skule Nite III-IV, Four Flushers Quartet. JOHN HENDERSON MCQUISTON, Toronto C6477 Chemical, Danforth Tech., Secretary Ajax Joint House Committee II, House Chairman 722 II, Hockey, Tennis. ROBERT KENNETH MEHARG, Toronto Electrical, Lawrence Park C.I. WILLIAM NORMAN MEIKLE, Woodstock, Ont. C6487 C6497 Electrical, Woodstock C.I., Photography, Hunting, Hockey, Auto Racing. A f THEODORE JOSEPH MENTEL, Edmonton, Alta. C6507 Aeronautical, Edmonton Rehab., Amateur Radio CAjax7, Aeronauti- cal Club I-IV, Engineering Institute of Canada I-IV, Journal of Aeronaulical Sciences II-IV. Future :-Practise the profession of Aeronautical Engineering. EDWARD LANGFORD MERCER, Antigua, B.W.I. Civil, Ajax Glee Club, Intercollegiate Soccer. ALBERT JOSEPH MESCHINO, Toronto Civil, North Toronto C.I. Future:-A life of skiing, golf, tennis and music. JOSEPH GRANT MEYERS, Toronto Mechanical, St. Michaels. Future:-Practise Engineering-Sales. ALVIN ROBERT MICHELL, Toronto Chemical, Runnymede C.I. Future:-Employment as Petroleum Engineer. KEITH MCTAGGART MIDDLETON, Toronto Civil, North Toronto C.I., Civil Club I-IV. C6517. C6527 C6537 C6547 C6557 Future:-Marriage-then the Department of Highways, or South America, or something. RAYMOND EDGAR MILBURN, Windsor, Ont. Chemical, Kennedy C.I., S.P.S. Swim Team III, Music. Future:-Standard Chemicals. JOHN WARREN MILLARD, Toronto Chemical, University High, Edmonton. ANDREW DAVID MILLER, Ottawa, Ont. Electrical, Glebe C.I. DAVID KEITH MILLER, Toronto Mechanical, St. Michaels. Future:-Retire as soon as possible. GEORGE ADAIR MILLER, Toronto Chemical, Runnymede C.I. LLOYD VICTOR MILLS, Toronto Engineering Physics, Parkdale C.I., Exploration Society, C6567 C6577 C6587 C6597 C6607 C6617 Film Society, I.E.S., C.A.P., One of two members of first illumination option classiin Engineering Physics. Future :-Life without lab reports. GORDON EDWARD MILLWARD, Toronto Mechanical, Danforth Tech. C6627 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 'wtf If . pq J ..-.. ........., . ..,.. . .,.,... ' 1 9 w, 5' i. rf, . ff 2 f 97 ah 4' ff 7 . :g 1' -fl.. ,.,,. 1 - I . f f , I Cf C 0 4 ag gc sf at , 4, 07 'V ef " qs to C262 205 ' f 4. f , , 3, M ff' YW 1 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING ALLEN RITCHIE MILNE, Vancouver, B.C. C6631 Engineering Physics, Vancouver Tech.: Swimming: Skiing: Institute of Radio Engineers: My wife, to whom all credit goes. Future:-Post graduate work. JAMES ANTHONYIMILNES, Oneida, N.Y. C6641 Electrical. Vaughan Road C.I.: W.l21 Bowling I. Future:-To see "it". A. C. E. MITCHELL C6651 Mining. JAMES GARTH MITCHELL,'KamsaCk, Sask. C6661 Aeronautical, Kamsack High: Aero Club: Institute of Aeronautical Sciences: Association of Professional Engineers, Ontario. OMERV EDWARDIMITCHELL, Whitby, Ont. C6671 Electrical, Whitby High. ' Future:-Hopes for work in the electrical construction industry. ROBERT WINCHESTERNMOELLER, Toronto C6681 Mining Geology, Humberside2C.l. HAROLD A. MOIR, Weston, Ont. C6691 Mechanical, VVeston C.I. Future:-YA chick fromEVic. JOSEPH WILLIAM MONKS, Scarboro Jct., Ont. C6701 Mechanical, Scarboro High. JAMES ANDREW MONTEITH, Petrolia, Ont. C6711 Civil, Petrolia High. JOHN WENTWORTHIMOODYJI-Iamilton, Ont. C6721 Metallurgy. Westdale Secondary Schools: Mining and Metallurgy Club I-IV. Future:-Army officer, R.C.E.M.E. BRUCE EMSLIE MOORE, Owen S0und,VOnt. B 8 IT C6731 Engineering and Business, Owen Sound C.I.: Basketball I-II. Future:-Unlimited. CHARLES FRANCIS MOORE, Hamilton, Ont. C6741 Mechanical, Hamilton Tech. GEORGE BERTRAM MOORE, London, Ont. C6751 Civil, Listowel High. ROBERT ISAAC MOORE, Toronto C6761 Mechanical, Danforth Tech. Future:-Moving to Los Angeles, California, to pursue career. ROBERT LESLIE MOORE, Windsor, Ont. C6771 Mechanical, Windsor Tech. Future :-Sales Engineering. JOHN NORMAN MOORS, Toronto C6781 Aeronautical, Vaughan Road C.I. Future:-By now I should know enough mathematics to beat the horses, so, ..,.....,, . JAMES EDWARD MORAN, Toronto C6791 Aeronautical, Engineering Society Executive II-IV: Aero Club Chairman Ajax II: and Toronto IV: S.P.S. Basketball IV: Volleyball II-IV: Ajax Joint House Committee II. Future:-R.C.A.F. Technical List. WILLIAM FREDRICK MORAN, Sarnia, om. C6801 Civil, Sarnia C.I. DONALD WILLIAMIMORASH, Toronto C6811 Mechanical, U.T.S.: Residence Social Rep. Ajax II: Class Rep. Mechanical Club II: Vice-President STO III: Skule Nite Stage hand III-IV: Swimming S.P.S. IV. Future:-Trip to Europe, Sales Engineering. IAN FRANCIS MORCH, England. Z ll' C6821 Mechanical, Appelby College. Future:-Osgoode Hall. , RUSSELL STANLEY MORDEN, Hamilton, Ont. C6831 Chemical, Westdale C.I.: Chemical Club Res. 728 House Chairman. PAUL JOHN MORGAN, Grimsby, Ont. 1 C6841 Electrical, Grimsby High: Field Trip Committee IV: Engineering Sales. Future:-Let my wife take it easy for four years. 126 . O JAMES L. MORRIS, Toronto C6855 Mechanical, Lakeiield Prep., Divisional officer, U.N.T.D. ROBERT HUGH MORRIS, Toronto Mechanical. U.C.C. HUGH ALEXANDER MORROW, Hamilton, Ont. Mechanical, Delta C,I. ' Future:-Wealth, Riches and Fame. JAMES HENRY MORTON, Toronto 8 A X C6865 C6875 C6885 Engineering and Business, Danforth Tech.: Swimmingg Tennis, Skiing. Future:-'Post grad work at Toronto. JOHN FLETCHER MOTYER, Pembroke, Bermuda. C6895 Electrical, Saltus Grammar School, Swimming Team Ajax IVg Soccer Jr. S.P.S.g S.P.S. II-III. JOHN ALEXANDER MOWAT, Niagara Falls, Ont. C6905 Mechanical, Stamford C.I., Student Member A.S.M.E.g Student Member A.P. E. Future :-Consulting Engineering. THOMAS KENNETH MOYNIHAN, Toronto C6915 Chemical, Northern Vocationalg Industrial Chemical Club I-IV, Secretary-Treasurer II, Representative III. Future:-Chemical equipment design. EWART RANKIN MULLIN. Belleville, Ont. C6925 Electrical, Belleville C.I., Spent summers keeping 'em rolling on the C.N.R. PHILLIP RALPH MUNRO, Ajax, Ont. C6935 Electrical, Saint John High, N.B.g Music, Amateur Radiog Arrived in 3rd year U. of T. from Mount Allison University. Future:-Hope to join R.C.N. MASA MURAKAMI, Midlandvale. Alta. Mechanical, Drumheller High. S. Mc. MURDOCK Mechanical. JOHN ALEXANDER MURPHY, Ottawa, Ont. Mechanical, St. Patrick's College. OHN EDGAR LAWRENCE MURPHY Toronto C6945 C6955 C6965 697 .I . C 5 Chemical, Jarvis C.I.g C.O.T.C. I-IIIQ C.O.T.C. Ball IIIQ Industrial Chemical Club IV, Skule Nite Machine IV. Future:-Marry and start raising more spooks and engineers. JOHN PHILIP CHISWELL MURRAY, Toronto Civil, U.T.S. Future:-Immediate entry into field of Engineering. JOHN SIMPSON MURRAY, Toronto Chemical, Danforth Tech. Future:-Industrial Chemical Engineering. JOHN TYRER MURRAY, London. Ont. South C.I.g Co-Treasurer-Loose Moose STANLEY THOMAS MURRAY, Toronto Chemical, Oakwood C.I. STUART ELLIOT MURRAY, Warren, Man. Chemical, Grahamdale High. - WALTER JOHN MYCHALEWYCZ, Waterford, Ont Electrical, Waterford High. MICHAEL COLOMAN NADAS, Brantford, Ont. C6985 C6995 C7005 Internationalg C7015 C7025 C7035 C7045 Chemical, Brantford C.I., Violinist, in Gypsy String Orchestra. MARK KANEYASU NAGATA, Toronto C7055 Chemical, Jarvis C.I.: Nisei Students Club I-IV, Social Director N.S.C. II, Swimming S.P.S. Ilg Water polo Ig Intermediate Inter- collegiate Swimming IVQ I.S.O. III-IV, Table Tennis IV. Future:-Exporting Field. A. J. NEIL Civil. NORMAN ELWYN NEILANS, Clinton, Ont. Civil, Clinton C.I. JOHN LENNARD NEILSON, Toronto C7065 C7075 C7085 Civil Northern Vocational Basketbali Skiin Golf- Beethoven. 1 I I - - gi - Future:-Post grad work at S.P.S. or at K.C.R. 'll 'fl APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 's z,, C li, if C 1, if 1515 ve 5 l , ,O ,. pl ll, C l il, r n- w V C 3 l l 4 l ,C W 'a . 'Ii i C. I l V1 +l l. fi. lr ill, llfl .r ' iii el. iff, i l , l 127 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 128 O DAVID WILLARD NELSON, Allenford, Ont. C7091 Mechanical, Owen Sound C.I. MAURICE HUGH NELSON, Petrolia. Ont. C7101 Civil, Sarnia High: Hart House Ajax Glee Club. REIDMAR NESSET, Oslo, Norway. C7111 Aeronautical, Aars and Voss, Oslo, Norway. gu1tIurE?Post grad work at M.I.T. if possible. Later return to PETER EDWARD NEVVDICK, Toronto B GH C7121 Engineering and Business, U.T.S.: First Year Rep. Chemical Club I: Secretary-Treasurer of Ajax Residence II: Secretary of B 9 II Fraternity III: Skule Nite Committee IV. CHARLES ROBERT NEWELL, Tillsonburg, Ont. C7131 Mechanical, Tillsonburg High. RALPH ARTHUR NOBLE, Oshawa. Ont. C7141 Chemical, Oshawa C.I.: Industrial Chemical Club I-IV. Future:-Lead a leisurely life. ROSS NORGROVE, Toronto C7151 Mechanical, Northern Vocational. CHARLES NORMAN, Prince Albert, Sask. C7161 Aeronautical, Prince Albert C.I.: Aeronautical Club I-IV: Hart House Glee Club I-IV: I.A.S. I-IV. Future:-Work at A. V. Roe. GEORGE EDWARD NORMAN, Copper Cliff, Ont. C7171 Metallurgy, Copper Cliff High: Hockey S.P.S. IV, 3rd Yr.: Coach S.P.S. VI, 4th Yr.-Skiing. Future:-Bring Snow to Ontario. DONALD GRANT NORRIS, Belwood, Ont. C7181 Mechanical, Fergus High. Future :-Engineering Sales Manager. RONALD NORRIS OATES, Welland, Ont. C7191 Chemical, Welland High: Industrial Chemical Club I-IV: Vice- Chairman 722 II: Basketball II-IV: Volleyball: Tennis II. Future :-DuPont or bust!! ' JOSEPH P. M. O'DONOGHUE, St. Catharines, Ont. C7201 Chemical, St. Catharines C.I.: Newman Club I-IV: Industrial Chemical Club I-IV: Golf: Lacrosse: Basketball. Future:-Who Knows! RICHARD GRANT OFFICER, Calgary, Alta. C7211 Aeronautical, Central C.I.: Aero. Club I-IV: I.A.S.: Ajax Flying Club II: Model Building: Bridge. Future:-Design Engineering. , WILLIAM MICHAEL MacDONALD OGDEN, Toronto C7221 Mining Geology, Ridley College: Vice-President Coleman Club: Badminton Racquet Club: 48th Highlanders of Canada: Royal Canadian Military Institute. Future:-Post grad at Toronto. JOHN BRUCE OGG, Toronto C7231 Mechanical, Malvern C.I.: A.S.M.E. ROBERT HOWARD O'GRADY, Vancouver, B.C. A X A C7241 Engineering and Business, King George High: Residence Social Representative I: House Chairman II: Ajax Football Team II. EUGENE FRANCIS O'KEEFE, Toronto C7251 Chemical, Danforth Tech.: Newman Club: Vice-Chairman of Resi- dence 739 I: Bowling: Industrial Chemistry Club. i Future:-Get a job, get married, raise a family, and live happily ever after. ARTHUR RAYMOND OLIVER, Haliburton, Ont. 0 A X C7261 Mechanical, Vaughan Rd. C.I.: Hart House CAjax1 Arts Committee II: Bowling: Hockey: Interested in the future of internal combustion engines! Future:-Get married and raise six kids. KENNETH OWEN OLIVER, Toronto A C7271 Chemical, Malvern C.I.: Industrial Chemical Club I-IV. Future :-Live life to the full. EARL JOHN ORR, Pembroke, Ont. C7281 Civil, Pembroke High. JAMES FRANCIS ORR, Toronto C7291 Chemical, Danforth Tech.: Stamp Collector. I Future :-Employment in the pulp and paper industry. ROMAN OSADCHUK, Bradford, Ont. Metallurgy, Bradford Highg Athletic Director of Ukrainian Stu Clubg Intermediate Soccer Bluesg Member of M. and M. Club. Future:-Post graduate studies. ' WILLIAM WARD OSBORN, Galt, Ont. Civil, Galt C.I. Future:-Enlistment with Canadian Army R.C.E. WILLIAM ALEXANDER OSBORNE, Merlin, Ont. Electrical, Merlin High. Future:-S. America? STAN ISLAUS SULLIVAN O'SHEA, Toronto Chemical, De La Salle "Oaklands". Future:-Industry or Post grad work. WILLIE OSTVIK, Toronto Civil, North Toronto C.I.g Future:-Married life and making some money. JOHN AINLEY WILSON OTTON, Sudbury, Ont. Electrical, Sudbury High, Swimming: Lacrosse: Water polo. Future:-Professional Practice. KENNETH DAVID JOHN OWEN, Toronto C7305 dents' C7315 C7325 C7335 C7345 47355 C7365 Aeronautical, Prince Albert C.I., Aeronautical Club, I.A.S. Member, Flying. Future:-A.E. Branch-R.C.A.F. ROY HAROLD PADDON, Toronto C7375 Mining, Humberside C.l.3 Student Member of Professional Engineers of Ontario I-IV, M. and M. Club I-IV. Future:-Successful family and business life. GEORGE ARTHUR PALMER, Toronto C7385 Electrical, Central Tech.: Electrical Club I-IVg Worked for Mother Bell and Avro during the summer months. Future:-Ambition-to end it all-school that is! REGINALD ERROL GAY PALMER, Port Arthur, Ont. Chemical, Port Arthur C.I.g Raising a family. Future:-Chemical Engineer in Industry. JACK GEORGE PARISH, Toronto Engineering and Business, Western Tech. DAVID EASTMAN PARSONS, Toronto C7395 C7405 C7415 Metallurgy. North Toronto C.I.g Mining and Metallurgical Club I- IVQ A.S.M.: House Chairman 733. Ajax. GORDON DELILE PASCOE, Oshawa, Ont. Mechanical. Oshawa C.V.I. Future:-A job. NORMAN REED PATERSON, London, England. K A Engineering Physics, Trinity College Schoolg S.P.S. Soccer C7425 C7435 Il-IVQ Intermediate III, Year Executive III, House Manager Fraternity IVg Chairman Interfaculty Soccer IV. Future:-Post grad at U.B.C. WILLIAM DONALD PATON, Toronto i C7445 Civil, Lawrence Park C.I.g Civil Club I-IV, Y.M.S.C. CService Club5. Future:-Post grad work at Varsity. ARCHIBALD MOFFAT PATRICK, Vaughan Twp., Ont. C7455 Mechanical, Earl Haig C.I.3 Mechanical Club I-IV, S.P.S. Lacrosse Team IV. DAVID MARSTERS PATTILLO. Truro, N.S. C7465 Chemical, Truro Highg B. Sc., Chemistry and Mathematics, Acadia University, '48. Future:-Law, Dalhousie University. HOWARD BYRON PEACH, Port Morien, N.S. Mining Geology, Glace Bay High, Mining and Metallurgy Hart House Glee Club. D. K. PEARCY Chemical. JOHN ROBERT PEDLAR Engineering and Business. SIDNEY FREDERICK PEDWELL, Toronto Mechanical, Danforth Tech., A.S.M.E. IV. Future:-Ultimate consulting work. WILLIAM HERBERT PENHORWOOD. Toronto Engineering and Business, Central Tech.: Basketball I-IV, Voll I-IV, Swimmingg Athletic Representative at Ajax. Future:-Generally Industrial Engineering. C7475 Clubg C7485 C7495 C7505 C7515 eyball APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 129 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 130 R. M. PENROSE C7523 Engineering Physics. GORDON HENRY JOHN PETHERICK, Toronto C7533 Engineering and Business, York Memorial C.I.: Treasurer, Engineer- ing Society IIIQ Chairman, Engineering and Business Club IV: Finance Committeeg Skule Dinnerg Skule Niteg Skule At-Home IIIQ Grad Ball IVQ Basketball III-IV. BORIS VVILLIAM PETRONISHIN, Oshawa, Ont. C7543 Chemical. Oshawa C.I., Photographyg Tennis, Debates. Future:-Work a year before taking post graduate course. EDGAR ALFRED PETT. Niagara Falls, Ont. C7553 Mechanical, Niagara Falls C.V.I.g Member A.P.E. of Ont. Future:-Plan to enter Industry. CLAUDE AUSTIN PHELAN, Toronto C7563 Mining Geology, St. Michaels College School. ALLAN GORDON PHILLIPS, Toronto C7573 Engineering and Business, North Toronto C.I., I.Z.F.A.g U. of T. Chapter Member, Hillel Foundation. Euture:-A good job, a wonderful wife, and a lot of little responsibili- ties. HARVEY RAYMOND PICKFORD, Toronto C7583 Mechanical, Oakwood C.I.: Engineering Society IV: Students .Administrative Council IV: Skule Night III-IVQ Basketball, Ajax II, S.P.S. III-IV, Boxing S.P.S. III. Future:-More hydraulics. BRUCE JOHN PILGRIM, Orillia, Ont. C7593 mechanical, Orillia C.I., Mechanical Clubg S.P.S. Lacrosse Team I- DAVID YOUNG PLUMB, Petrolia, Ont. ' C7603 Engineering and Business, Petrolia High, Golf. ROBERT Y. POGONTCI-IEFF. Niagara Falls, Ont. C7613 Mechanical, Niagara C.I., Interfaculty Basketbal-l I-IV. GEORGE ARTHUR PON, Toronto C7623 Engineering Physics, Vaughan Road C.I.g Engineering Physics Club I-IVQ Secretary-Treasurer III, Hockey. Future:-Post grad Work. LEONARD STEPHEN PONZO, Toronto C7633 Engineering Physics, Western C.I.g Engineering Physics Club I-IV. Future :-Employment. JOHN WILLIAM POTTER, Niagara Falls. Ont. C7643 Electrical, Niagara Falls C.I.g Basketball III. . MURRAY NELSON POTTS, Toronto C7653 Electrical. Oakwood C.I. VICTOR R. O. PRASKEY, Arden, Ont. C7663 Civil, Perth C.I.g Wooden Gun Hunt Club. JOHN BERNARD PRESCOTT, Vancouver, B.C. C7673 Engineering and Business, Newman Club: Coach Ajax and Sr. S.P.S. Lacrosse. Future:-Post Graduate work at some U.S. College. ROYDEN CHARLES PETER PRESTON, Toronto C7683 Civil. East York C.I.: Student Member of the Association of Profes- sional Engineers of Ontario and Engineering Institute of Canada: Tennisg Swimming. Future:-Employment. STANLEY CHARLES PRESTON, Toronto C7693 Engineering Physics, Rehab. PETER PRESUNKA, Dauphin, Man. C7703 Engineering Physics, Dauphin C.I. ELBERT GORDON PRICE, Montreal, Que. C7713 Engineering Physics, Montreal High. U PAUL ALLAN PRIMEAU, St. Catharines, Ont. C7723 Chemical. St. Catharines C.I.: Newman Club, Industrial Chemical Club, Oratorical Society: Tennis: Golf. I Future :-Industrial Engineering or Industrial Management. G. P. PROULX ' C773l Chemical. ALAN WILLETT PUFFER. Toronto C774-l Mechanical, Humberside C.I. JOHN LAUGHLAN PULFORD, Barrie, Ont. A 'I' A C7753 Engineering and Business, Vaughan Road C.I., Athletic Stick 1949 Queens Universityg Basketballg Boxingg Football, Skule Night Illg Producer Skule Night IV. Future :-Northern Electric. WILBUR CORDELL PURCELL, Fort William,'Ont. C7763 Civil, Fort William Vocationalg Civil Club. HAROLD GORDON PYNN, Toronto C7773 Mechanical, Runnymede C.I. RALPH DOUGLAS PYNN, Toronto C7783 Electrical, Runnymede C.I.: Canadian Amateur Radio Operators Association: Association of Professional Engineers of Province of Ont.g Institute of Radio Engineers. Future :-Public Utilities. ALLAN P. QUALLY, Rosebank. Ont. U C7793 Mechanical, Foremost High, A1ta.g A.S.M.E.g Ontario Association of Professional Engineers. EDWARD MURRAY RADFORD, Toronto C7803 Mechanical, York Memorial C.I.: Ajax Camera Club I3 Sl-:etching Club Ig Basketball: Bowling, Tennis. Future:-A job in industry. CHRISTIAN RAND, Oslo, Norway C7813 Electrical, Stab. K.H.A. Norwayg Committee Member, Hart House Camera Club III, CAjax3 II. Future:-Post grad work, electronics-M.I.T. . FRANK NORMAN RANDLES, Hamilton, Ont. C7823 Mechanical, Central C.I. Future:-Will likely be with the International Harvester Co., Hamilton Works. GEORGE ALEXANDER RANKIN, Toronto C7833 Civil. Western Tech.g Civil STO Basketball Team III. CYRIL JOHN RANSOM, Kamsack, Sask. C7843 Mechanical, Kamsack High. HERBERT CHARLES RATZ, Hamilton, Ont. C7853 Engineering Physics, Hamilton C.I.g Ajax Chess Club I-Il. JOHN BENNETT REA, Toronto C7863 Mechanical, Western Tech.g Student Member A.S.M.E.1 Student Member A.P.E.g Sr. S.P.S. CAjax3 Football II, Member, The Argo- naut Club CSr. 155 lb. Eight3. Future :-If possible post grad work and crew at Cornell University. THOMAS W. READE, Toronto C7873 Mechanical, North Toronto C.I., A.S.M.E. CHARLES GARNER REID, Toronto C7883 Electrical, East York C.I.g Student Member of Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario. Future:-Work for a living. GEORGE ELDON REID, Ottawa, Ont. C7893 Mechanical, Lisgar C.I.g A.S.M.E.g E.I.C. Future:-Pulp and paper industry. ROSS F. REID, Toronto C7903 Mechanical, Oakwood C.I., Mechanical Club II-IVQ Basketball Ajax CW-23. Future:-R.C.A.F. Engineering. RUSSELL REYNOLDS, Toronto C7913 Engineering Physics, Vaughan Road C.I.g Engineering Physics Club I-IV, Skiing, Tennis. JAMES EDWARD RICHARDS, Toronto C7923 Mechanical. Danforth Tech.g S.P.S. Hockey III-IV. Future:-Design Engineer. ROBERT DAVID RICHARDS, Toronto C7933 Chemical, Lisgar C.I.g Industrial Chemistry Club I-IVg S.P.S. Rugby II-IV: Basketball, S.P.S. Chem. III-IV. Future:-Work in industry, preferably in industrial chemistry. BRUCE ALFRED RICHARDSON. Newtonbrook, Ont. ' C7943 Engineering and Business., Earl Haig C.I. ROBERT JOHN RICHARDSON, North Bay, Ont. E N C7953 Chemical, North Bay C.V.I.g Athletic Committee Ajax Ilg Basketball S.P.S. III-IV, Skiing. Future:-Post grad work. APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING l il . ry I l l I 'r 3 I Cl ir .M M Q 'Q V! ,I fl? l ii C 1 C 1 C ! 1 i I I , . 4 :II li Il IE lu? Ui ll: if it 7? fli 5' 3' 131 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 132 ROBERT THOMPSON RICHARDSON, Saskatoon, Sask. Chemical, City Park C.I., Chairman, Joint House Committee, IIg Board of Stewards, Hart House Ajax II. WESLEY LEEDS RICHARDSON, Toronto Civil, Upper Canada College. Future:-Construction. WILLIAM PAUL RICHARD Town 0 C7965 Ajax C7975 C7985 v ll Engineering and Business, U.T.S.g Skule Night, I.S.S. Campaignsg "Red Feather" Campaigns. EARLE B. RIDER, Toronto Electrical, Harbord C.I. VERNON ARTHUR RILEY, Mimico, Ont. Chemical, Cobourg C.I.g Sports in General. Future:-Employment. FRANCIS DONALD RIPLEY, Orillia, Ont. Chemical, Re-hab.g Pipefitter, n'th class. Future:-M.I.T. Cmaybe5. HUGH FRANCIS RITCHIE, Toronto Electrical, North Toronto C.I. RICHARD JOSEPH ROACH, Toronto Metallurgy, St. Michael's. VINCENT LAWRENCE ROBBINS, Alberta. Engineering and Business, CAMPBELL REID ROBERTSON, Toronto Civil, Lawrence Park C.I. HOVVARD JOHN ROBERTSON, Stratford, Ont. Aeronautical, Stratford C.I.: Aero. Club I-IV, Camera Club I.A.S. I-IV: R.C.A.F. University Auxilliary. Future:-Permanent Air Force or Civilian Occupation. ACIE THOMPSON ROBINSON, Toronto Electrical, Brockville C.I. C. R. ROBINSON Chemical. DONALD CLARE ROBINSON, Mitchell. Ont. C7995 C8005 C8015 C8025 C8035 C8045 C8055 C8065 I-IVQ C8075 C8085 C8095 Mechanical, Mitchell High, Student Member A.S.M.E.3 Mechanical Club. , Future:-Engineering and Industry. GEORGE ALVIN ROBINSON, Petitcocliac, N.B. C8105 Mechanical, Petitcodiac Superior Schoolg Mechanical Clubg Camera Club, Ajax. 4 Future:-Engineering Practice. XVILLI.-XM JOHN ROBINSON, Guelph, Ont. Electrical, Guelph C.I. Future:-To get busy. JAMES MILTON RODDY, St. Catharines, Ont. Engineering and Business, St. Catharines C.I. THOMAS MacINTOSH RODGER, Parry Sound, Ont. Electrical. ROBERT EDWARD RODGERS, Barrie, Ont. Mechanical, Barrie C.I. Future:sTo study How of fluids through restricted orihces. ROBERT WILLIAM RODGERS, Galt, Ont. Chemical, Niagara Falls C.I., Chemical Engineers' Basketbal Industrial Chemical Club. ROY WILLIAM RODMELL, Toronto C8115 C8125 C8135 C8145 C8155 lIIIp C8165 Engineering Physics, Geophysics, Danforth Tech., Engineering Physics Club I-IV. JOHN JAM ES ROE, Toronto A T A C8175 Engineering and Business, London South C.I., Engineering Society, Ajax Ig Track Team CAjax5 Football, Blues I-II. LESLIE DONALD ROSE, Toronto Chemical, Parkdale C.I. Future:-Industry. C8185 RALPH HENRY ROSEN, Leamington, Ont. C8195 Mechanical, Leamington High. Future:-Maintenance Engineering. ALAN TAIT ROSS, Toronto B O FI l8205 Civil, Humberside C.I., Toronlonensis Representative for Skule IV. BURNS McKAY ROSS Woodstock Ont. 8215 . . C Civil, Woodstock C.I., S.E.I.C., Student Member, Ont. .Association Professional Engineers. HUBERT A. ROTH. Tavistock. Ont. C8225 Electrical, Tavistock Continuation. BRENTON SCOTT ROWE, Bowmanville, Ont. A T A C8235 Engineering and Business. Northern Vocational, S.P.S. Senior Rugby III, Rugby Captain IV, Skule Nite. Futurew-Go everywhere-do everything. JOSEPH ROZYCKI, Toronto 18245 Chemical, Central Tech. Future:-Work in industry. JAMES DEMPSEY RUNCIMAN, Stratford. Ont. 18255 Mechanical, Stratford C.I. CHARLES ERIC ST. JOHN, Uxbridge, Ont. C8265 Electrical, Uxbridge High. MARGIT SAMEL, Toronto f8275 Engineering Physics, Engineering Physics Club, House Chairman, Ajax Men. OSCAR C. SAMUEL, Kitchener, Ont. t8285 Chemical, Kitchener-Waterloo CI., Industrial Chemical Club I-IV, III Chemical Basketball Team, Track and Field CAjax5. Future:-Industry. DONALD JAMES FRANCIS SANDERS. Cornwall,fOnt. C8295 Chemical, Cornwall C.I., 2 Years Ajax Glee Club. Future :-Industrial Varnishes. WILLIAM HENRY SANDERS, Toronto 18305 Engineering Physics, Central Tech. Y PERCY GLEN SANDERSON, Dresden, Ont. C8315 Electrical. Petrolia C.I. RUDY SARCHESE, Hillcrest, Alta. f8325 Aeronautical, St. Mary's C.I., Ajax Flying Club I, II, Newman Club I-IV, Vice-President IV, Aero. Club I-IV, Camera Club I-IV, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, R.C.A.F. University Auxiliary. Future:-Raising a family. WALTER ROBERT SARGENT, Windsor, Ont. C8335 Electrical, Windsor Tutorial. DONALD SANVYER, Oshawa, Ont. C8345 Mechanical, Oshawa C.I., S.P.S. Hockey II-III, S.P.S. Lacrosse III-IV, S.P.S. Hockey IV. Future:-Eat, drink and make merry. HARRY EMERY SAXTON, St. Catharines, Ont. C8355 Metallurgy, St. Catharines C.I., 2 yrs. Executive Member Hart House CAjax5 Glee Club. WILLIAM GERALD SAYERS, Toronto C8365 Mechanical, Nutana C.I. ARTHUR EDWARD SCAMMELL C8375 Metallurgy. . ALBERT EDWARD LEWIS SCHMUCK, Waterloo, Ont. Q8385 Aeronautical, St. Jerome's College. GERALD SCHNITZLER, Toronto C8395 Engineering and Business, Walkerton High. Future:-Have fun. APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING . s. lift 1 I F W gl ii is i lil ll V I i 1 l iq I 'i Ml! ai l I I p l LJ a i. -wx T F' Ti Q11 oo os I f':':.'.i- ,.Tg1:1' f',":,', as-W-4-5 - - ir 4' I- -5-.9 - 1, ,. H APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 134 ARTHUR BERT SCHWARTZ, Torontol'l C8401 Aeronautical, Member of Institute of Aeronautical Sciences III-IVQ .Aeronautical Club I-IV: Hillel III, IVg The Varsity Reporter I. Future :-Aircraft Design Work. DAVID HAROLD SCOTT, Toronto C8411 Engineering and Business, U.T.S.g Stage Manager, Ajax Ig Assistant Stage Manager, Skule Nite IIIg Golf. JOHN JACKSON SCOTT, Toronto C8421 Chemical, Lawrence Park C.I. NATHANIEL SETON SCOTT, Waterdown, Ont. C8431 Mining, Burlington Highg Football Team IIQ Mining and Metallurgy Club Executive I-III, President Ale and Quail Club I-IV, Rugby Week-ends. Future:-Do some Bay Street Mining. W. R. scoTT C8441 Mining. DOUGLAS I-IAIG SCRATCH, Windsor, Ont. Electrical, Patterson C.I. C8451 Future:-A good husband to my beautiful wife and a good father to my adorable daughter. JAMES RUSSELL SCRIM ES, Toronto C8461 Engineering and Business, St. Michael's College School. ROBERT SCOTT SCROGGINS, Galt, Ont. A I' C8471 Ceramics, Galt C.I.3 Ceramics Club President IVg Engineering Society Basketball IV. Future:-A soft job. WILLIAM AMES SEAL Ganano ue Ont C8481 r and .I , C1 , . Engineering and Business, Gananoque Highg Majored in bee girls. Future :-Girls and Beer. JOHN SCOTT SEDGWICK, Toronto C8491 Civil. Northern Vocational C.I. Future:-Construction. PETER LESLIE SEELEV, Toronto C8501 Engineering and Business, Scollard Hall. J. J. SELBY C8511 Chemical. A RAYMOND R. SENYK, Hamilton, Ont. C8521 Mechanical, F. R. Close Technical Instituteg Social Convener II CResidence1. Future: Employment in industry. RICHARD HENRY SHAND, Toronto . C8531 Engineering Physics, Runnymede C.I.g Track, Badminton: Skiingg Bridge. Future:-Future in industry. VVILLIAM SHARPE, Toronto C8541 Electrical, Harbord C.I. GEORGE HEPWORTH SHAVV, Toronto C8551 Engineering and Business, Malvern C.I.g Hart House Glee Club I-IV, Canterbury Club IV, S.P.S. Representative. RICHARD NICHOLAS SHEARLY, Toronto C8561 Aeronautical, Western Tech. and Comm.g Member-Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences. MICHAEL KENNETH SHELLEY, Toronto 9 A X C8571 Engineering Physics, Forest Hill C. I. 3 Photography editor Transactions and Year Book IIIg Toike Oike Staff IIIg Engineering Physics Club I-IV. Future:-Sparks and shocks. KENNETH FRED SHEPARD, Toronto Aeronautical, Malvern C.I.g Student Member, I.A.S.g Aero. III-IVg Aero. Basketball. Future:-Technical Officer, R.C.A.F. Regular ROBERT EDVVARD SHIELS,'Winnipeg, Man. Chemical, Gordon Bell High. FUMIHARU RICHARD SHIOZAKI, Toronto Mechanical, Britannia Highg A.S.M.E. JOHN HENDERSON SHIRRIFF, Toronto Chemical, U.T.S.g S.P.S. Swim Team IV. Future:-Post grad work at M.I.T. GFA C8581 Club C8591 C8601 C8611 r l 1 JOHN JOSEPH SHOEMAKER, Windsor, Ont. Electrical, Windsor Vocational. W. LESLIE SHUTTLEWORTH, Banff, Alta. Electrical, Banff High. MERVYN FRED SIBERRY, Toronto Engineering and Business, Jarvis C.I. ' RUSSELL AUBREY SILK. Toronto Mechanical, Western Tech., Chairman of Residence Member Joint House Committee Ajax II. Future:-Ultimate Consulting Engineering. KENNETH ROSS SIMMONS, Toronto Engineering and Business, North Toronto C.I. WILLIAM ROBERT SIMMONS, Toronto Engineering and Business, Humberside C.I. JOHN MURRAY SIMON, Spencerville, Ont. Mechanical, Spencerville High. Future:-Hope to Work for the H.E.P.C. A. F. SIMPSON' Mining. ROY EDWARD SIMS, Toronto Civil, Rehab. Future:-Municipal Engineering. ELDON MCCUAIG SINCLAIR, Toronto csozm C8635 C8645 C8655 730 Ajax II, C8665 C8675 11: A o C8685 C8695 C8705 A A KID C8715 Engineering and Business, Trinity College School, Varsity Football. JOHN EDMUND SINNOTT, Port Hope, Ont. C8725 Electrical, Port Hope High, Volleyball III, Volleyball S.P.S. III. STANISLAUS FLORIAN SISCOE. Val D'Or, Que. C8735 Metallurgy, De La Salle College, A.S.M., Public Speaking Course, Salesmanship at University Extension, Tennis, Hunting and Fishing, Study Club on Co-operative Housing. Future:-Industry. s VICTOR JOSEPH SKOF, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Yugoslavia C8745 Civil, Technical High, Ljubljana, Newman Club. DANIEL S. SLADE, Toronto C8755 Mechanical, Malvern C.I. JOHN RICHARD SLATER, Hamilton, Ont. C8765 Metallurgy, Westdale. Future:-Industry. ARTHUR THOMAS SLOANE, Erickson, Man. C8775 Mechanical, Grandview C.I., Student Member of the E.I.C., A.S.M.E., and A. of P.E. for Ontario, Interested in Radio. Future:-Post graduate studies in Nuclear Physics or Business. GEORGE SLOBODANUCK, Windsor, Ont. C8785 Mechanical, Walkerville C.I,, Mechanical Club, Class Rep. III, Student Member A.S.M.E. EDWARD JOHN SLOTWINSKI. Calgary, Alta. Electrical, St. Mary's Boys' School. Future:-Hope to do communications work. LAWRENCE BUELL SMART, Toronto Civil, Lakefield Prep., Football, Ajax I. - Future:-Construction. CHARLES EARL GORDON SMITH, Yarmoutl Electrical, Yarmouth Adacemy. CHARLES JOSEPH SMITH, Guelph, Ont. Electrical, Stratford C.I. DONALD SMITH, Windsor, Ont. Electrical, Walkerville C.I., Baby-sitting. Future:-Eat, drink and be merry. 1, N.S. C8795 C8805 C8815 C8825 C8835 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 135 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 136 FRANK FREDERICK SMITH, Toronto C8843 Electrical, Malvern C.I. Future:-Get a job. GEORGE EDWARD SMITH, Hamilton, Ont. C8853 Electrical, Hamilton Tech. HARRY DOUGLAS SMITH, Toronto C8863 Civil, Rehab. H. W. SMITH C8873 Electrical. JOHN CLARKE SMITH, Toronto C8883 Electrical, Malvern C.I. Future :-Work?? MARVIN RALPH SMITH, Brantford, Ont. C8893 Electrical, Brantford C.I. RONALD COLIN SMITH, Toronto C8903 Chemical, Riverdale C.I., Chemical Club I-IV, Skiingg Skatingg Tennis. Future :-Engineering management or post grad work in U.S.A. ROBERT DAVID KENT SMITH, Toronto C8913 Electrical, Basketball. Future:-To start living. R. H. SMITH C8923 Electrical. ROBERT NEWMAN SMITH, Sudbury, Ont. C8933 Mechanical, Sudbury Highq Future:-Further study in aeronautics. RICHARD RYRIE SMITH, Toronto C8943 Engineering and Business, North Toronto C.I., Sk.ule Night Publicity Director IV. Future:-Engineering Sales-Post grad business administration, probably in the U.S.A. STUART FRASER SMITH, Arthur, Ont. C8953 Chemical, Arthur High. TODD WILLIAM SMITH, Windsor. Ont. C8963 Mechanical, Rehab.g Member of the O.V.O. VVILFRED JAMES SMITH, Toronto C8973 Civil, North Toronto C.I. WILLIAM PETER SMITH, Toronto C8983 Electrical, Humberside C.I.: Treasurer, Engineering Society II: Vice- Chairman of Ex-Service Committeeg Tennis, Squashg Member of H734 P.R.G. and B. C1ub". Future:-To get some sleep. WILLIAM RODERICK SMITH, Burford, Ont. C8993 Metallurgy, Burford High. WILLIAM ALPHA SMOKE, Yorkton, Sask. C9003 Electrical, Yorkton C.I., Electrical Club III Rep., Bowling: Moviesg Amateur Radio, Taught high school 11 yrs. prior to Service. Future:-To return to my wife six of the best years of her life. ROBERT LEITH SMYTH, Toronto C9013 Metallurgy, Runnymede C.I.: Class Rep. IIg Blue and White Band I- IV. Future:-Business course at Western. JAMES LEROY SNARR, Toronto C9023 Mechanical, Western Tech. Future:-Industrial work. DONALD ROSS SNIDER, Waterloo, Ont. ,fb K E C9033 ,Mecl1anical, Kitchener C.I. Future:-Sales Engineering. ' GEORGE NICHOL SOULIS, Toronto C9043 Engineering and Business, U.T.S.g Year Executive III, Engineering Society Executive IVQ Athletic Representative, Ajax II, Athletic Association Executive IIIQ Athletic Association President IV. Future:-Engineering Sales. MURRAY FRANKLYN SOUTHCOTE, Toronto C905l Aeronautical, Rehab.g U. of T. Aero Clubg Chairman of Toronto Student Branch of The Institute of the Aeronautical Sciencesg Basketball. Future:-Rather indefinite. LOUDON CRANSTON SPARK, Toronto Mechanical, East York C.I.g A.S.M.E. JOHN I-IOWE SPRATLEY, Toronto Mechanical, Riverdale C.I. Aero. C9069 C9079 Future:-Employed by Department of National Defence-R.C.A.F. MURRAY ROGERS SPRATT, Toronto Chemical, Western Tech. ARTHUR GORDON STACEY, Toronto Electrical, Central Tech. WILLIAM LLOYD STAGER, Ayr, Ont. Electrical, Ayr Continuation. G. N. STANDING Mechanical. BERNARD ERIC STAPLEY Toronto C9087 C9099 C9109 C9119 9129 , C Engineering Physics, St. Michael's College, Engineering Physics I- IVQ House Chairman II Year, Skiingg Swimming. Future:-Industry. CLINTON DALE STARK, Merlin, Ont. Mechanical, Tilbury High. Future:-Work for a change CAutomotiveJ. DAVID E. STARRATT, Toronto Mechanical, "Activities" unmentionable. Future:-The little woman cannot make up her mind. GARTH ELM ER STARRATT, Truro, N.S. Electrical, Truro High: Camera Club, Electrical Club I-IV. Future :--Public Utilities. RICHARD ARTHUR STASIOR, Toronto C9139 C9149 49159 C9169 Engineering Physics, Jarvis C.I., Engineering Christian Fellowship I-IVQ President IV5 Ajax Radio Amateur Club VE3ABQg Hiking. Future:-Post grad work then teaching. PETER STAUFT, Petrolia, Ont. Mining Geology, Petrolia High. CLIFFORD JACKSON STEAD, Toronto C917l C9189 Aeronautical, Malvern C.I.g Aero Club I-IVg Art Class III, I.A.S. I- IV. Future:--Post grad work at Toronto. FRAZER FRANKLIN STEELE, Ottawa, Ont. Aeronautical, Glebe C.I.g Basketball S.P.S. IV, and Inter-Resi Ajax. Future:-To iind a good job and look back on it all. RALPH OLDERSHAW STEEN, Wallaceburg, Ont. Electrical, Wallaceburg High. A CARL VERNON STEINBERG, Windsor, Ont. Mechanical, Kennedy C.I. Future:--Air conditioning engineer. ROY WILFRED STEN BACK, Port Arthur, Ont. Mechanical, Port.Arthur C.I.g A.P.E. KENNETH DAVID STEPHENSON, Toronto Ceramics, Malvern C.I.: Ceramic Club I-IV, Vice-Presiden Publicity Chairman IV: Photography. Future:-Work. JOHN ALVIN STERNALL, Walkerton, Ont. ' Ceramics, Walkerton Highg Ceramic Club. Future:-Industry. WILLIAM THOMAS STEVENSON, Fort William, Ont. Chemical, Fort William C.I. C9199 dence 49209 49219 49229 C9239 t Ixfg C9241 C9259 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 137 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 138 DONALD ALEXANDER STEWART, Bobcaygeon, Ont. C9261 Chemical, Weston C.I.g Industrial Chemical Club I-IVg Swimmingg Tennisg Classical Music. Future:-Rather Hazy at present, perhaps sales engineering. WILLIAM ALEXANDER STEWART, Leaside, Ont. C9271 Civil, U.T.S. WILLIAM ALEXANDER STEWART, Toronto C9281 Engineering and Business, Humberside C.I.g A.S.M.E. III-IVQ Hart House Art Club III. Future:-Business. LEWIS STIENSTRA, Norwich, Ont. C9291 Electrical, Norwich High. MICHAEL STOYANOFF, Toronto C9301 Civil, Harbord C.I.: S.P.S. III Basketball. DONALD. YOUNG STRACHAN, Winnipeg, Man. C9311 Mechanical, Daniel McIntyre C.I.: Member of Ajax Brass Band and Orchestra. VVILLARD JOHN STRONG, Perth, Ont. C9321 Electrical, Perth C.I. Future:-To do some engineering. VVALLACE ROSS STROUD, Toronto C9331 Mechanical, Lawrence Park C.I. Future:-Got the degree, got the girl,-just need the job. ROBERT DONALD STRUTHERS, Toronto C9341 Civil, Jarvis C.I.: Ajax Camera Club I-II, S.P.S. Water polo III-IV. Future 1-Post graduate work, marriage. VVILLIAM STRYKOSKI, Toronto C9351 Metallurgy, Jarvis C.I.g Captain S.P.S. IV: Basketball. Future 1-Very vague, probably go into industry with no shift work. VICTOR VVILLIAM STUBBINGS, Fort William, Ont. Engineering Physics, Rehab. JOHN REINHOLD STUEBING, Kitchener, Ont. Mechanical, Kitchener C.I. VAL RAYMOND STURRUP, Toronto Civil, Etobicoke C.I. A. E. SUTHERLAND, Peace River, Alta. C9361 C9371 C9381 C9391 Aeronautical, Callaghan C.I.g S.E.I.C.g Student Member, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. Future :-R.C.A.F. HOWARD McKENZIE SWEEZIE, Toronto Electrical, Danforth Tech. A. SWYSZCZUKQ Electrical. WILLIAM JOSEPH SZOSTAK, Abbotsford, B.C. C9401 C9411 C9421 ute of Aeronautical, Balfour Tech., Reginag Aeronautical Clubg Instit the Aeronautical Sciences. K Future:-Service Career with the R.C.A.F. JUNSO GEORGE TAKATA, Toronto Mechanical, Jarvis C.I.: Mechanical Club, S.P.S. Soccer. Future:-Heating and Air Conditioning Engineer. ALBERT GERALD TAYLOR, Weston, Ont. Civil, Weston C.I. Future:-Ontario, Department of Highways. EDWARD KENNETH TAYLOR, Toronto Electrical, Vaughan Road C.I.: House Chairman-Ajax Future:-Bell Telephone Cpossible1. EVERETT BRUCE TAYLOR, Toronto Electrical, Western Tech., Ajax Amateur Radio Club I. RAYMOND RALPH TAYLOR, Santos, Brazil Electrical, Ridley College. VVILLIAM STAN TAYLOR, Niagara Falls, Ont. Electrical, Niagara Falls C.I. II C9431 C9441 C9451 C9461 C9471 C9481 P 1 LEON TEMKIN, Toronto , - Electrical, Harbord C.l.g Interfaculty,Volleyball-each year. Future:-Work at chosen profession. GLADWELL KEITH TENCH, YVaterford, Ont. Electrical, Waterford High. JOHN DAVID THALER, Chesley, Ont. Civil, Chesley High. OLE-JACOB TH EISEN. Skien. Norway Electrical, Skien OH. H. Skole, Skien, Norway. GERALD HERBERT THOMPSON, Brampton. Ont. Chemical, Brampton High: Industrial Chemical Club I-IV. l949l 19509 19519 19517 19533 Future:-To enter chemical industry trubber industry preferredb. HARVEY WILSON THOMPSON, Toronto Chemical, Owen Sound C.I. JACK VICTOR THOMPSON. Kenora. Ont. 40541 19555 Mechanical, Kenora High, A.S.M.E. Student Member, S.P.S. VI Basketball III. Future:-Hopes of being a good Engineer. JOHN PERRY ALEXANDER THOMPSON, Port Hope, Ont. Mechanical, Port Hope High. LLOYD GEORGE DAVID THOMPSON, VVindsor, Ont. Q956l 19577 Engineering Physics-Geophysics, Patterson C.I., Flying Club II- III. Future:APost grad work. MALCOLM SAMUEL THOMPSON, Chatham, Ont. Mechanical, Chatham C.I. ROY HUBERT THOMPSON, Stirling, Ont. Chemical, Stirling High. . THOMAS REID THOMPSON Penetan uishene Ont C9585 1,9595 960 . g - - C J Engineering Physics, Penetanguishene High, Engineering Physics Club I-IV. Future:-Research Engineer. ALEXANDER TALBOT THOMSON, Regina, Sask. Engineering Physics, Scott C.I., Engineering Physics Club A.I.E.E. IV. STANLEY THOMSON, Toronto Civil, Central Tech., Camera Club Ig Swimming. Futurez- Service with R.C.E. DONALD SPENCER THORBURN, Hamilton, Ont. Electrical. Westdale C.I., Electrical Club I-IV. Future:-Electrical Manufacturing Field. PHILIP GEORGE THORNHILL, Toronto Metallurgy, Malvern C.I. ARTHUR EDWARD TICKNOR, Port Arthur, Ont. f961l I-IV, 19623 t9637 C9643 6965? Engineering Physics, Port Arthur Technical, Engineering Physics Club. Future:-Research. LAURENCE JOHN PETER TILLSON, Amherstburg. Ont. Electrical, General Amherst High, Ajax Amateur Radio Club Secretary II, Student Member I.R.E.g E.I.C.g Swimming II Amateur Radio Ham CVESAWKJ. Future:-Post grad work at Toronto. JACK MURRAY TOMLINSON, Schumacher, Ont. Civil, Schumacher High. Future:-Municipal Engineering. PLEWES HAIG WESTCOTT TOOKER, Toronto Civil, Galt C.I. GORDON ARTHUR TORRANCE, North Bay, Ont. fb K E Engineering and Business, North Bay C.I. Future:-Road and Building Construction. VVILLIAM JAMES TOUGH. Toronto Civil, East York C.I.: Civil STO Basketball, Minor League Ch 19483 Photography: Tennis, Skiing. Future:-Employment. 1966i I-II: I-IV, C9673 49689 C9695 f970b amps APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 139 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 140 RONALD BRUCE TOY, Toronto C9717 Chemical, North Toronto C.I. SAMUEL MARTIN TOY, Brantford, Ont. A K E C9727 Engineering and Business, Upper Canada College. ROBERT MILES TREACY, Hussar, Alta. C9737 Electrical, VVintering Hills High. I Future:-Employment as geophysicist in seismic exploration for oil. VVILLIAM HOWARD TRELEAVEN, Lucknow, Ont. C9747 Chemical, Lucknow High. PAUL TRENKER, Regina, Sask. C9757 Electrical, Balfour Tech. ROBERT JAMES TRINDER, Windsor, Ont. C9767 Mechanical, Kennedy C.I., Student Member A.S.M.E. and Ont. Professional Engineers. X WILLIAM LLOYD KEOWN TROTT, Port Hope, Ont. C9777 Mechanical, Port Hope High. ALBERT WILLIAM TRUAX, Leamington, Ont. C9787 Mechanical, Leamington High, Mechanical Clubg Caught a wife. Future:-Join Baby Bonus Club. LORNE PATRICK TRUDEAU, Ottawa, Ont. C9797 Engineering Physics, Ottawa Tech. MORLEY ERIC TRUEMNER, Arthur, Ont. C9807 Electrical, Arthur High: Student Member A.I.E.E. Future :-Work in Communications. GORDON ELLISON TUBB, Fort Erie, Ont. C9817 Electrical, Fort Erie C.I. NORMAN BARWICK TUCKER, Kamloops, B.C. C9827 Aeronautical Engineering, Kamloops High, Ajax Flying Club Vice- President I, President II. CECIL TURCOTT, Schumacher, Ont. C9837 Mining, Schumacher High, Senior Intercollegiate Hockey I-IV. HARRY FRANCIS TYE, Windsor. Ont. C9847 Mechanical, Patterson C.I. NORMAN ELDON UBELACKER, Stratford. Ont. C9857 Chemical, Stratford C.I., Industrial Chemical Club I-IV. ROBERT JOHN URE, St. Catharines, Ont. C9867 Mining Geology, St. Catharines C.I., Mining and Metallurgy Club I- IVg Coleman Geological Club II-IV. LEWIS FREDERICK URRY, Toronto C9877 Chemical, Bloor C.I. DOUGLAS FRANK USHER, Brantford, Ont. C9887 Electrical, Brantford C.I. Future:-Work for Bell Telephone Co. EDWARD JAY VALLIANT, Toronto C9897 Electrical, Rehab., Student Member of Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario. Future:-Work in Industry. ALBERT HENRY VANDERBURGH, Toronto C9907 Electrical, Forest Hill C.I. GUY FERNAND VANNIER, Haileybury, Ont. C9917 Metallurgy, Haileybury High. ISAAS STEPHEN VAN WART, Toronto Q9925 Mechanical, Malvern C.I.g Mechanical Club. LEWIS WALTER VAUGHAN, Toronto C9935 Mechanical, Lakefield Prep. Future:--Employment in the Engineering Field. ALBERT HARVEY VICKERS, Prince Albert, Sask. QOO45 Aeronautical, Prince Albert C.I.g I.A.S.g Aero. Club, Vice-Chairman I.A.S. III Year, Pilot of 400 Sqdn. CAux.5 R.C.A.F. ROGER ROBERT VINCENT, Toronto C9955 Chemical, Western Tech., C.O.T.C. ARMIN K. VOSS, Pembroke, Ont. C9965 Chemical, Renfrew C.I.g S.P.S. Hockey. Future:-VVork in Industry, Anywhere. ELLIS WALKER, Windsor, Ont. 49975 Mining Geology. JAMES KENNEDY WALKER, Toronto l998l Mechanical, Rehab.g Mechanical Clubg Ont. Association of Profes- sional Engineersg A.S.M.E. Tennisg Golf. JOHN D. WALKER, Stratford, Ont. C9995 Civil, Stratford C.I.g S.P.S. Float IIIQ Blue and VVhite Review IV. VICTOR HENRY JAMES VVALKER, Stratford, Out. 610005 Ceramics, Stratford C.V.I.3 Ceramic Club. Future:-Employment in Ceramic Industry. XVILLIAM EARLING VVALKER, King, Ont. H0015 Chemical, Aurora High. VVILLIAM WALLACE WALKER, Toronto C10025 Mechanical, Oakwood C.l.g Chairman I.S.S. Ig House Chairman Ig Housemaster Ilg S.A.C. Rep. Ajax Ilg Producer, Skule Nite III, President, Engineering Society II-IV. Future:-Nebulous. BRUCE CARLING WALLACE, Toronto M0035 Mechanical, Northern V.C.I. Future:-Industrial Applications of Nuclear Energy. VVALT ER ELLIOT WALLS, Toronto 410045 Electrical. Chesley High. ARTHUR ALBERT WALTER, Timmins, Ont. U0055 Mechanical, Timmins Highg Mechanical Club Rep. I-lVg Treasurer Ilg 734 Rod Gun and Beer Clubg Newman Clubg Increasing my family. Future:-To enjoy my family. IRVING WALTMAN, Toronto Cl0065 Civil, Harbord C.I.3 Civil 5T0 Basketball Champions IIIQ Athletic' Representative Ajaxg Basketball Referee Ajax I-II, Skiing. Future:-Industry. THOMPSON RAYMER WALTON, Burlington, Ont. AXA 410075 Chemical, Burlington High. Future:-Post grad work at Western. CALVIN LAWRENCE WARDEN, Toronto 410085 Metallurgy, Danforth Tech. Future:-To learn to play the piano. ' BERNARD ARTHUR WARREN, Dundas, Ont. C10095 Civil, Westdale C.I.g Engineering Society Executive: Blue and White Societyg Skule Nightg Toike Oike Staff, Four Flushers Quartet, Lacrosseg Water polog Track. WILLIAM JOHN WARWICK, Toronto 00105 Civil, Central Tech. W. E. WATERS 00115 Engineering and Business. ALLAN DYNES WATSON Tansle Ont '1012 . y. . I Chemical, Burlington High, Sr. S.P.S. Football IVg Chemicals' Basketball III-IV. Future:-No definite plans. APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 141 4 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 142 .,.', . JOHN STANNARD WATSON, New Toronto, Ont. 110131 Mechanical, Mimico High: Happily married man. Future:-Engage in hydraulic development and stay as above. STUART VERNON WATSON, Toronto 110141 Electrical, Western Tech.: Class Representative Ajax II: Spectator Extraordinary. Future:-To work as an engineer. KENNETH LAIRD WAUCHOPE, Toronto 110151 Metallurgy, Jarvis C.I. G. E. WAUGH 110161 Chemical. EDWARD WILFRED WEAVER, Ottawa, Ont. 110171 Metallury, Ottawa Tech.: Ajax Football Team IIg Sr. School Foot- ball Team III: Played and Coached Sr. School Football Team to Mullock Cup Finals: M. and M. Club. Future:-Post graduate at U. of T. HAROLD STANLEY WEBBER, Toronto 110181 Mechanical, Danforth Tech.: Photography: Sailing: Swimming. Future:-Further experience with Link-Belt Co.-Move eventually to automotive industry. Demolish 40 beers. ARTHUR EDWARD WEICHEL, Elmira, Ont. 110191 Civil, Elmira High: President Lutheran University Student Club III: Hockey S.P.S.: Table Tennis Club: Tennis: Baseball. IRVING BENJAMIN WEINBERG, Toronto 110201 Civil, Central Tech.: Musician: Active at Ajax: Ardent Golfer and Chess Player. Future:-Municipal Work. DOUGLAS CARRICK WEIR, Toronto 110211 Engineering Physics, Lawrence Park C.I.: Engineering Physics Club. Future:-To do heat engineering. ROBERT CRAIG WEIR, Toronto 110221 Electrical, Western Tech.: Swimming: Photography: Music: Bowling. Future:-An interesting job. HARRY ALAN WELCH, Strathroy, Ont. 110231 Mechanical, Strathroy C.I. A Future:-Refrigeration Engineering. DOUGLAS GEORGE WELLS, Ottawa. Ont. 110241 Mechanical, Ottawa Tech. Future:-Ask me in 1970 and I'll tell you what they were! ERN EST ELGAR WESTON, Sarnia, Ont. 110251 Electrical, Sarnia C.I.: Electrical Club: Chariman IV. Future:-Steam generating plant experience. JOHN EARL WHELER, Toronto 110261 Mechanical, Parlcdale C.1. Future:-Practise profession. VVALLACE RAYMOND WHETI-IAM, Hamilton, Ont. 110271 Mechanical, Glenlawn C.I., 1VVinnipeg1: 734 P.R.G. and B. Club. Future:-Professional Engineering. GEORGE VAN SOM EREN WHITAKER, Toronto A 'I' A 110281 Mining, Lakeheld Prep School. Future:--Base Metal Mining. ALFRED WHITE, Toronto 110291 Mechanical, Central Tech. JOSEPH FREDERICK WHITE, Timmins, Ont. 110301 Mechanical, Timmins High: Mechanical Club: Bringing up three fine children. Future:-Engineer in a refrigeration or air conditioning manufactur- ing concern. WILFRED BELMONT WHITE, Dunnville, Ont. 110311 Engineering Physics, Dunnville High: Engineering Physics Club I-IV DENNIS WHITEHEAD, Toronto 110321 Chemical, Galt C.I.: S.P.S. Soccer I: C.O.T.C. I-II. Future:-Move to British Columbia, retire at early age. JOHN FRANCIS WHITEHEAD, Toronto 110331 Chemical, East York C.I.: Industrial Chemistry Club I-IV: Student Member of C.I.C.: E.I.C.: Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario. Future:-Chemical Engineering Degree. RODNEY WILFRED WHITERN, Toronto 1l034l Engineering and Business, Central Tech.: A.S.M.E. ROBERT DONALD WHITTAKER Peterborou h Ont. 10357 . g . 1 Mechanical, Peterborough C.I.g Ajax-Interresidence Soccer and Basketball. JOHN EASTON WICE, Tottenham, Ont. 110367 Civil, Tottenham High. ORLAN GUY WICKERSON, Dunnville, Ont. 110377 Electrical, Dunnville High. WALTER GORDON WIGLE, Amherstburg, Ont. 110387 Civil, Amherstburg C.I.: S.P.S. Track II-IVQ Basketball II-IV, Water polo III-IV, House Athletic Rep. I, Coach, Minor League Basketball Champs III. Future:-Go places and do things. ARNOLD LANCELOT WIGSTON, North Bay, Ont. IIDK E 110397 Engineering and Business, North Bay C.I. Future:--Lumber business. GERALD B. WILKES, Weston, Ont. 110407 Civil, Lakefield Prep. Future:-Construction. JACK WILKINSON, Hamilton, Ont. 110417 Chemical. Hamilton Tech.g Chemical Engineering Club: Association of Professional Engineers of Province of Ont. Future:-To see those far away places. JOHN PAYNE WILKINSON, Toronto 110427 Metallurgy. Runnymede C.I., S.P.S. Swimming Team III. Future:--Relaxation. BEVERLY KEITH WILLARD, Brockville, Ont. 110437 Engineering Physics, Vaughan Road C.I.g Engineering Physics Club Future:-Research in Communications. DOUGLAS C. F. WILLIAMS, Sudbury, Ont. A T A 110447 Mining, Sudbury High. Future:-Base Metal Mining. KENNETH ARTHUR JAMES WILLIAMS, Fonthill, Ont. 110457 Civil, Welland C.I. CHARLES ELDON WILLIAMSON, Beaverton. Ont. 110467 Mechanical, Beaverton High. Future:-Graduation. CHARLES ROBERT WILMOT, Sutton West, Ont. 110477 Civil, Sutton Continuationg Charter Member and past President, Ale and Quail Club. Future :-Municipal Engineering and Land Surveying. GERALD E. WILSON, Edmonton, Alta. 110487 Engineering and Business. Victoria High, Debates Club IVQ Track, Boxingg Wrestlingg Hockey: Tennisg Bridgeq Chessg Poker: Musicg Theatre. Future :-Industrial Financial Consultant. BRUCE OGDEN WINTER, Toronto 110497 Engineering and Business, North Toronto C.I. Future :-Industrial Sales. ROBERT ATLEE WISENER, Toronto 110507 Engineering and Business, Trinity College School, I.R.C.g Soccer S.P.S.g Squashg Skiing, Sailing. Future:-Post grad in Business. CHARLES WOLF, Toronto 110517 lffszchanical, Chatham C.I.g Soccer I-II at Ajax: Sketching Club III- Fulture:-To work preferably on either I.C. engines or hydraulic machinery. ' CHARLES SYDNEY WOOD, Toronto 110527 Civil. North Toronto C.I.: Blue and White Review IV: S.P.S. Float IIIQ General Hell-Raiser around Skuleg Tennis. GERALD MONTAGUE WOOD. Toronto 110537 Engineering and Business. Upper Canada College. H. WOOD 110547 Engineering Physics. JOHN STEVENSON WOOD, Toronto 110557 Electrical, Riverdale C.I., Swimming. Future :-Sales Engineer. APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 143 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 144 MARTON KEITH WOOD, Regina, Sask. 110561 Chemical, Ridley College: Vice-Chairman Res. 733 Ig Class President IVQ Skule Nite IVQ Blue and White Society IVQ Rugby: Golfg Swimming. Future:-Post grad work. ROBERT NORTON WOOD, Toronto 110571 Electrical, Riverdale C.I.g Electrical Clubg Swimmingg Photography. Future:-Telephone Communication Work. HARRY H. G. WOODSIDE, Windsor, Ont. 110581 Mechanical, Windsor C.V.I. Future:-Industry. - HERBERT BEATON WOOLLATT, Windsor, Ont. 110591 Engineering and Business, U.T.S.g S.P.S. Hockey III: Basketball Ag Ajax Softball B5 4 Straight 89's in Intramural Golf Tournament. Future:-Return to Windsor and enter paving contracting game. HARRY RICHARD WOOTTON, Toronto 110601 Civil, North Toronto C.I.: Senior S.P.S. Soccer. Future :-Civil Engineering Career. VERNON ROSS WORKMAN. Toronto 110611 Civil, Oakwood C.I.: Intercollegiate Speedskating III. Future :-Possibly Post grad. J. WOTHERSPOON 110621 Metallurgy. DOUGLAS JAM ES BOWIE WRIGHT, Toronto 110631 Electrical, Western Tech. . ' Future :-To work as an electrical engineer. COLIN BASSETT WRONG, London, Ont. O AX 110641 Aeronautical, Forest Hill C.I.g Glee Club 1Hart House1 II-IVg I.A.S.g Glee Club Committee IVg Aero. Clubg Debating Ig Squash. Future:-Post grad at Toronto. SAUL YABLO, Toronto 110651 Engineering Physics, Rehab.: Engineering Physics Club I-IVQ Hillel III-IVQ Member of I.R.E.g C.A.P. Future:-Be of some use to society. RAYMOND GRAHAM YATES, Toronto 110661 Electrical, East York C.I.g Electrical Club I-IV. Future:-To work as an Electrical Engineer. STANLEY YEO, Ottawa, Ont. 110671 Electrical, Glebe C.I. GERALD ARTHUR Yosr, wyoming, ont. 5 110681 Mechanical, Wyoming C.S.g Association of Professional Engineers Prov. of Ontariog A.S.M.E.g Mechanical Club, Masonic Lodgeg Swimmingg Hockey. Future:-Mechanical Engineering as applied to industry. CALVIN ROBERT YOUNG, Brigden, Ont. 110691 Mechanical, Sarnia C.I. JOHN BROADLEY YOUNG, Toronto 110701 Mechanical, U.T.S. WILLIAM MAYNARD YOUNG. Toronto i 110711 Mining Geology, Brampton High: Class Representative II-IV: Mining and Metallurgical Clubg Hart House Glee Clubg Hart House Camera Club. . . Future :-The oil industry looks promising. WILLIAM YUKISH, Sarnia, Ont. Civil, Sarnia C.I. ALBINO ROMEO ZANATTA, Coniston, Ont. f Civil, Coniston High, Newman Clubg Hockey. JOSEPH JOE ZON, Toronto Aeronautical, Humberside C.I.g Aero. Club I- Future :-Post grad at Toronto or M.I.T. PETER ZRADOWSKY, Toronto IVQ 1.A.s. 1-Iv. Chemical, Harbord C.I.: I Footballg II Football-S.P.S. Future:-Work in Industry. 110721 110731 110741 110751 Shades of Ajax HY sigh ye on the name of Ajax, friend? What reason for thy Visage dour, thy downcast eye, and thy strange lack of joy, tho' beer be in thy hand? Is it perchance that thou art bowed beneath the blunt-edged axe? Then comfort thee with this, that Engineers may find much fame, yet doth the fragile Fairy Queen called Ready Cash elude always their starved and futile grasp. Or has thy wench thy trust betrayed, thy best beige shorts purloined, thyself deserted .... ? Nay, nay! Worse still it is than that! This money-maddened, soul-starved, hu- mour-lacking ant hill, that men choose to call a city, hems me round. Betwixt the ivy covered walls of crumbling stone, in slush and snow, the merciless days ride swiftly by, harbingers of dread April, following fast. And I think on Ajax and am sad. Were not my ears then soothed with conversation wise, and not, as now, with Artsmen's ceaseless yakking both afflicted and deflled? Ah! and the maid of steam table three, Cartwheel Grover, the buxom habituees of the Hall of Hoof Flinging in the village! Yea, were these not as molten fire in men's veins?! Compare ye these with the pale child-maidens of the campus! And further, are not now the nights made hideous with the anguished cries of those who must fare forth, barefooted in the snow, to traverse half the town to find a lab report to copy? A report which could, in days agone, be found across the hall? Oh traitorous Fate, which so be- trays thy chosen sons, return to us our Ajax days, with worn-down shoes, all shekels spent but credit at full tide, our conversation held with men of taste like to our own, the carefree barrack jest, with the course before, fond memories behind and naught but friends on every hand. And I could put aside my weariness and win the worldm 145 L l School of Architecture' H. H. MADILL y o.B.E., v.D.,, F.R.A.I.C. HE class of 1950 is unique in many ways. It is composed mostly of those who had been in the services and started the course in their first year at Ajax in January 1946. The Ajax Division was opened at that time to provide for the large enrollment in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering of which the School of Architecture was then a part. Members of the class have contributed to the development of the 'School while it has gone through the "growing pains" of expansion from a school of about fifty students to a peak registration of two hundred and seventy-six. They have also contributed greatly to the estab- lishment of the School as an independent faculty in the University organization. You have developed the Architectural Society to include a wide variety of activities in the interests of the undergraduate and the Society has demonstrated its originality and initiative in the crea- tion of the "Train of Tomorrow" which received the Alumni Award at the Annual Varsity Homecoming Weekend in November. ' 1950 is a year of anniversaries. Sixty years ago instruction in architecture was first given in the University of Toronto in the newly formed Department of Architecture in the School of Practical Science. Professor C. H. C. Wright was head of the Department from its inception until he retired in 1934, and was responsible in no small measure for the development of architectural education in Canada. He was also active in the profession as a member of the Council of the Ontario Association of Architects which also celebrates its sixtieth anniversary in 1950. We look back over this sixty year period of the profession with considerable satisfaction in what has been attained, but we have already entered on a new era, an era when new tech- niques and materials produce buildings which are functional in design and exciting in appearance. As future members of the profession, you will make your own contribution to the work of this era and will assess the merits of the new devices that becomes available to you. The course at the School has not supplied you with solutions to a never ending series of problems but has aimed at a method of approach in solving the problems as they come and in evaluating the merits of the works which you are inspired to produce. You are entering the profession at a favourable time when the Services of the architect were never in greater demand. Due to the war years and the depression, the age group a few years ahead of you exists in very small numbers, so unusual opportunities will be available to you. I am sure you will measure up to these opportunities with credit to yourselves and to the School. I wish you every success.qYg- 146 -4 AE! george cz. boa ke 5g. murray GFSCOU carlyle sask. wwf, - john h. bonnick arthur gy barnes burlington ont, philip r. brook j. bruce baternan ioronto ont. toronto ont. fOF0nfO ODL d.f.c james c. crang stan h. butcherd riverside ont. , j. bryan Crawley john stuart cauley peterborou-gh om. buriington ont. e. catherine cur-rue james b. craig toronto ont. toronto ont. drydzn ont. toronto ont. richard alson , fisher toronto ont. john h. danieiock TOVODQO Ont. gar t h b. f rad w. h. dawes regime sassk. gordon d. dan t. dunlop walkerville ont Heat edmonton alta. frittenburg toronto ont. edward h, lennox grcfton camrose cite dougfcxs cz. toronto ont. donaid g. hmiiford toronin ont hcrgarty hczlde ruby london ont. TOY S, jones toronto ont. olmn rn. Srzgieson iOf'0Di0 ont. iDf'Oi'ii0 Q01 robert d. irvimz d.f,::. fondonxont. YDYOFSIQ OUT. 105 cz. 2 ont. fro n k mor: dowel! robert murray leggcz U.ZI'fC3Y'li0 Qfif iouis ss mcxcsajeskz ., john mac: dc: toronte ont, 5C1i'l F. QIWFIGR QGUFQQ Cl. IT1CIl"m toronto ont. Y + I I L tomnto ont. wcilund ont. ci.f.m. robert S mc ccuguz mc for fake soak VGITCOUVZY' edmonton horold r. morin ottawa ont. os. mc whinnie windsor ont. james rutherford SGFDIG Ont douglas m slouenwhxte ldgzwctzr ns james w. strutt OULIWO OHL von h uyse windsor ont. c. walter noble f.O3'OfliO ont. wo:-ren rn smole rxverslde ont john gcrvoszym. wosteneys toronio GDL martin I, mendelow buffalo n.y, t ollcm john C. romkm toronto ont. robert p. mltchell toronto ont robert Q. toronto ont ho rold sz. sundst rom toronto ont. wxlllom h. stronks OVICIWG ODI. wotkms toronto ont SGFVOS f.0l"Ol'ltO Ont royb. turner milton ont. SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE GEORGE MURRAY ARSCOTT, Carlyle, Sask. Carlyle High, R.C.A.F. and Army. ARTHUR G. BARNES, Burlington, Ont. 411' A Burlington High, Army. Future:-Practise Architecture. JOHN BRUCE BATEMAN, Toronto K E U.T.S., Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Past President, Boxing, Golf, Skiing, Photography. GEORGE ELLIOTT BOAKE, Toronto CDF A U.T.S. JOHN HAROLD BONNICK. Toronto North Toronto C.I., All-Varsity Revue IV-V. PHILIP R. BROOK, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont. St. Catharines C.I., R.C.A.F. STAN H. BUTCHERD, Riverside, Ont. Walkerville C.I., R.C.A.F., President, North House Committee III-IV, Secretary Treasurer, Architecture Society II-III. Future:-Travel. JOHN STUART CAULEY, Peterborough, Ont. AT A Peterborough C.I., R.C.A.F., Newman Club, Architectural Society Executive V, Delta Tau Fraternity Vice-President V, Squash. JAMES BASIL CRAIG, Toronto 41 A O U.T.S., R.C.N.V.R., Class President I, Skule Nite III, Sailing Club III, Hart House Glee Club V, U.N.T.D. JAMES CARSCALLEN CRANG, Toronto Oakwood C.I., Air Force, U. of T. Athletic Directorate, Inter- collegiate Swimming and Water polo. JAMES BRYAN CRAWLEY, Dryden, Ont. Dryden High, R.C.A.F. Future:-eTravel. ELIZABETH CATHERINE CURRIE, Toronto I' KIJB Petrolia High, Treasurer, Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Skule Nite III-V. JOHN H. DANIELACK, Toronto Central Tech. FRED WILLIAM HENRY DAWES, Regina, Sask. Balfour Tech., R.C.A.F., Member of Senior Intercollegiate Tennis Team I-IV. DAN TURN BULL DUNLOP, Windsor. Ont. Walkerville C.I., Navy, Architecture President III, Hart House Glee Club III, R.C.N. CR.J Oilicers Association, Hobby is Travel. Future:-Post Graduate. RICHARD ALSON FISHER, Toronto EX U.T.S., C.O.T.C. 2 yrs. GARTH BORDEN FLEET, Edmonton, Alta. University High, R.N.F.A.A. GORDON DANIEL FRITTENBURG, Lunenburg, N.S. Lunenburg High, R.C.A.F. LENNOX GRAFTON, Camrose. Alta. R.C.A.F. CW.D.b WILLIAM G. GRIERSON, Toronto North Toronto C.I., Army, Social Rep. V, Water polo IV. Future:--Travel and study in Europe and U.S.A. IRVING GROSSMAN,,Toronto EAM Harbord C.I. Future:-Travel--Practise. EDWARD HENRY HAGARTY, London, Ont. AX De La Salle, London, Army. Future:-Unknown. DOUGLAS CHARLES HALDENBY, Toronto ZIP' Upper Canada College, Army, Hockey, S.P.S. I, Architecture I. DONALD GORDON HALLFORD. Toronto North Toronto C.I., Executive Engineer's Ball II, Skule Nite of '49, Editor for Architecture Yearbook. Futurezf-Travel and private practice. ALLAN MAURICE INGLESON, Toronto A T A Danforth Tech, Army, Hockey, Rugby, C.O.T.C. Future:--Private Practice. 150 ROBERT D. IRVINE, London, Ont. Petrolia High, R.C.A.F. DOUGLAS C. JOHNSON, Riverside ,Ont. B SH Walkerville C.I., Army. ROY S. JONES, Toronto R.C.A.F. ROBERT MURRAY LEGGE, Toronto A T A Northern Vocational, C.O.T.C. QR.C.E.l, Active in Music. JOHN MacDONALD, Toronto Westdale C.I., Army. FRANK MacDOWELL, Toronto Parkdale C.I., R.C.A.F., Photography, Sports. LOUIS STANLEY MACIEJESKI, Welland, Ont. Welland High, Polish Student's Club II-V, Associate Editor, Year Book V, Volleyball I. Future:-Travel and Private Practice. IAN R. MacLENNAN, Gull Lake, Sask. R.C.A.F., President Architectural S0ciety V, Chairman Student Union Committee S.A.C. V, President, Fourth Year '48-'49, GEORGE ALEXANDER MANN, Toronto Riverdale C.I., R.C.A.F., Magazine Rep. III, Toronlonensis Rep. V, Tennis, Badminton. ROBERT STANLEY MCCAGUE, Vancouver, B.C. Patterson C.I.., R.C.A.F., Toike Oike Reporter, Bridge Club. HAROLD DOUGLAS McFARLAND, Edmonton, Alta. Strathcona High, Navy, R.C.N. CR.l Officers Association, Music, Sports, Photography. CUNNINGHAM STEWART MCWHINNIE, Windsor, Ont. Sandwich C.I., R.C.A.F. MARTIN LEWIS MENDELOW, Buffalo, N.v. Bloor C.I., R.C.A.F. Future:-To be an Architect. EAM ROBERT PATTERSON MITCHELL, Toronto Harbord C.I., R.C.A.F., President II Year. HAROLD RAYMOND MORIN, Overbrook, Ont. University of Ottawa, R.C.A.F. CLARENCE WALTER NOBLE, Toronto Malvern C.I., R.C.A.F. and Army. JOHN CARLTON RANKIN, Toronto K E Pickering College, Navy, Vice President, Ski Club I-V, Chairman Intramural Skiing I-V, University Ski Instructor I-V, Staging Follies I-V, Skule Nite I-III, All-Varsity II-III. IAN JAMES RUTHERFORD, Sarnia, Ont. 'y Sarnia C.I., R.C.A.F., Water polo IV, Publicity Rep. V. Future:-Architecture. THOMAS ALLAN SAGE, Toronto Humberside C.I., R.C.A.F. ROBERT A. SERVOS, Toronto U Jarvis C.I., R.C.A.F., Architectural Society IV, Employment Committee V, Camera Club I-II. DOUGLAS M. SLAUENWHITE, Bridgewater, N.S. B STI Medford High, R.C.A.F., Rifle Club. WARREN MALCOLM SNALE, Riverside, Ont. B OIT. Walkerville C.I., R.C.A.F., Skule Nite IV, Grad Ball Committee V. WILLIAM H. STRANKS, Ottawa, Ont. Nepean High, R.C.N.V.R. JAMES WILLIAM STRUTT. Ottawa, Ont. Ottawa Tech., R.C.A.F., Vice-President of Architectural Society IV HAROLD EDWARD SUNDSTROM, Toronto R.C.A.F. ROY BYRON TURNER, Milton, Ont. Milton High, Navy. JULIEN CYRIL VAN HUYSE, Windsor, Ont. R.C.A.F. b JOHN GERVASE YANDELL MILLER WASTENEYS, Toronto R.C.N.V.R. E. J. WATKINS, Toronto Ridley College, R.C.A.F., President V Year, Architectural Society Executive V. Faculty ,of Medicine J. A. MaCFARLANE o.B.E., B.A., M.B., LL.D., F.R.C.s. HE members of the administrative and teaching staff of the Faculty extend their con- gratulations to you all on the occasion of your graduation in medicine. Your class came to us in the autumn of 1945. You had then returned from varied duties with the armed forces of the Crown and we have watched with particular interest your progress in the school and your contribution to the daily life and activities of the Faculty. Your teachers have not been unaware of the particular problems which face a student after a long interruption of academic life. Indeed, many of them know these problems from the experience of their own student days. You have, on the whole, surmounted such difficulties with success and you have proven yourselves to be challenging, interesting and mature students. We believe you will look back with satisfaction on the experiences gained in the services, and we are sure that such exper- iences will have the effect of broadening your understanding of the world and its problems. By reason of a more mature approach to individual human problems, you will be better doctors and better citizens. As you set out now in your varied careers, the continued interest and good wishes of the Faculty go with youwikf 151 FACULTY OF MEDICINE 152 REG. GEORGE ALLMAN, Toronto fb X C11 East York C.I.g Class Treasurer I Med.g Ex-service Rep. II Med., Class President III Med.g I.S.S. Chairman III Med. Future:-General Practice. ALLAN IRVING ARMSTRONG, Toronto C21 York Memorial C.I. Future:-General Practitioner. 1. L. BABB C31 ROBERT WILLIAM BATES, Hamilton, Ont. C41 Central C.I. Future:-General Practice. M. D. BERG 451 GEORGE IRWIN BERNSTEIN, Windsor, Ont. lil A E C61 Platgverson C.I.g Meds Basketball IVg Hart House Library Committee Future:-Specialize in Paediatrics. MERTON BERNSTEIN, Windsor, Ont. 'P A E C71 Patterson C.I.g Meds. Basketball. JOHN KEITH BESLEY, Shelburne, Ont. C81 Shelburne High, Meds. Basketball and Volleyball. Future :-General practice in a small town. RAY GOLDING JOSEPH BEST, Sault Ste. Marie. Ont. fb X C91 Sault Ste. Marie C.I. JOHN ALEXANDER BESWICK, Toronto A Q A C101 Riverdale C.I. Future:-Army Medical Officer. N. O. BLACKWELL C111 D. s. BORLAND C121 ROBERT GORDON BREMNER, Toronto C131 Humberside C.I.: Meds V.C.F. I3 Presbyterian Fellowship II-IVg Treasurer IIIQ Liberal Club IIg Swimming Instructor, Hart House. Future:-Matrimony and Medicine. ARTHUR WILLIAM BRICKENDEN, Toronto C141 Malvern C.I. Future:-Toronto Internship. DONALD WILSON BROOKS, Toronto C151 U.T.S. ALAN BRUCE ROBERTSON, Toronto C161 Forest Hill 8z Upper Canada Collegeg Hart House Exploration Society CBoard of Directors II-IV1g Daffydil CPre-IV1g Rugby Meds. Pre-IIQ Skiingg Mountain-climbing. ROBERT ARTHUR BURNS, Wilkie, Sask. C171 Wilkie High. Future:-Interning in Vancouver. ARTHUR JOHN BUSH, Toronto C181 Havelock C.I. Future:-General Practice with accent on Paediatrics. KENNETH RUPERT BUTLER, Toronto C191 Malvern I-Iighg Class Treasurer IIIg Class Vice-President IVQ Class Representative for C.A.M.S.Ig Arts 81 Letters, Toronlonensis Rep. IV. Future:-General Practice. GEORGE A. CALLAHAN. Toronto C201 St. Michael's Collegeg Huntingg Fishingg Swimming: Hart House Squash Team Pre-IVg Secretary Squash Committee Hart House 8: Board Stewards I-III: Hart House. ROBERT JOHN CARDWELL. Penetanguishene, Ont. N E N C211 ' Albert Collegeg Ardent Rod Sc Reel Fang Musicg Readingg Coin 81 Stamp Collecting. Future:-General Practice. GERALD CHERTKOW, Saskatoon, Sask. C221 Nutana C.I.g Hillel Organizationg Future :-Probable Specialization. WILLIAM JOHN CHITTICK, Toronto 2 X C231 Oakwood C.I.g C.O.T.C. Future:-Intern in Toronto. General practice in some smaller centre. ROLAND MURISON CLARK, Toronto A Q A C245 Malvern C.I. WILLIAM W. COHEN, New York N.Y. TI A fb C255 Family: Fraternity: Golfg Bridge. Future:-2-Year Internship-General practice. WILLIAM ROY COLEMAN, Maxville, Ont. C265 Maxville Highg Newman Club Pre-IV. Future:-R.C.A.M.C. W. J. D. COOKE C275 CHARLES WILLIAM ADRIAN COOP, Kitchener, Ont. C285 Kitchener-Waterloo C.I. Future:-Interning, Indeflnite period. ROBERT MAXWELL COSTE, Toronto C295 Upper Canada Collegeg Swimmingg Boxingg Rugbyg Universtiy of London, England. FRANCIS RANKIN CULLEN, Dryden, Ont. C305 Dryden Highg Meds Ski Team. Future:-General Practice. LINET CURRIMBHOY, Bombay, India C315 Queen Mary's High: Badmintong Music. Future:-Practice in Bombay. GEORGE EDWIN DONALD DAVIS, Toronto C325 Riverdale C.I.: Medical Christian Fellowship: Membership Secretary Ilg Barnstorming 19475 Badminton: Musicg Hart House Track. Future :-Possibly general practice. JOHN ARTHUR DEVELL, Lindsay, Ont. db X C335 Lindsay C.I.: Sr. Meds. Rugby 3 yrs.g Hart House Glee Club Pre-Ilg Medical Glee Club IV. WILLIAM FRANCIS DWYER, Hamilton. Ont. C345 Cathedral High Sz St. Michael'sg Newman Clubg Medical Group. Future:-R.C.A.M.C.3 Marriageg General Practice. FRANK HOWARD ELLINGHAM, Niagara Falls, Ont. C355 Delta C.I. CHamilton5. Future:-Post Graduate Workg General Practice. ROBERT GORDON ERB, Toronto C365 Oakwood C.I.g Medical Glee Club I-IIIQ Treasurer Medical Society Illg Varsity Christian Fellowship I-lVg President IV. WILLIAM J. FARRELL, Hamilton, Ont. C375 Cathedral Highg Hockey Meds Ig Football IIQ Basketball II-Illg R.gBA.M.C.g C.O.T.C.g Chief Extracurricular Activity-Trips to Su ury. ROSALIND PATRICIA FIELD, Oakville, Ont. A Q A C385 Wycombe Abbey School, England. Future:-General Practice following internship. MORRIS FIER, Toronto db AE C395 Harbord C.I.g Basketball 3 Volleyballg Squashg Med. Society Exec- utive II-III: Ex-service Rep. for Medicine II-III: Financial Manager for Daffydil IV. Future:-Post grad studies in surgery. ERNEST KEITH CAMPBELL FITZGERALD, Toronto E X C405 Oakwood C.I.g Rugby Pre-Meds.g Med. I-II. Future:-R.C.A.M.C. AMES ANDERSON FORRESTER, Saskatoon, Sask. C415 City Park C.I. Future:-To return to West to practise. l JOSEPH EDMOND GENDRON, Regina, Sask. C425 Weyburn C.I.g Newrnan Clubg Medical Society Glee Club Quartette' Bachelor of Arts Cwith Great Distinction5g University of Saskatchez wan. Future:-General Practice. JAMES WILLIAM GILLESPIE, Toronto A QA C435 Jarvis C.I.: Shared Fame of Baron, Nick, Lothar, Cully, J.O., Honest, Whit, Death, Robbie and B. Costi. ' Future:-Interested in Internal Medicine. JOSEPH ERNEST GOLUMBIA, Macrorie. Sask. C445 Future:-General practice in Saskatchewan. FACULTY OF MEDICINE 153 FACULTY OF MEDICINE 154 MAXWELL DAVID GOODLESS, Toronto E A M C453 Harbord C .l. Future:-Internship in U.S.A.g Post grad in Surgery 8: Gynecology. DAVID INGERSOLL GOVE, Niagara Falls, Ont. A Q A C463 Stamford C.I.g Treasurer AQA IVQ Abstracts Editor of Medical ournal IV. JAMES PATON GRACIE, Sceptre, Sask. C473 Sceptre High, VVILLIAM GEDDES GRANTQ Toronto N E N C483 Ridgeway Highg N Z N Presidentg Daffydil III-IV. Future:-General Practice. JOHN ALLAN HALLIDAY, Toronto C493 North Toronto C.I.g Daffydil II-IV. Future:-Post grad course. JOHN LEONARD HUGH HARKINS, Toronto A K E C503 Upper Canada Collegeg Daffydil IfIIIg Vice-President Datfydil Society IV. DONALD CHRISTOPHER HARRISON, Toronto C513 Upper Canada College, Royal Canadian Naval Collegeg Medical Journal II-IIIQ Associate Editor IVQ Meds Soccer II-lIIgDaffydi1 IV. Future:-General practice and sailing. SAMUEL HAUER, Toronto C523 Harbord C.I. PETER BAILEY HEATON, Toronto C533 Trinity College: Vice-Chairman of C.A.M.S.I. III: Chairman of C.A.M.S.I. IV: U. of T. Rugger Team IIIQ Secretary-Treasurer Meds Athletic Association II. Future:-General Practice. ROBERT F. HETHERINGTON, Victoria, B.C. A QA, fb I' A C543 Oak Bay High, President, Student's Administrative Council IVg President. Medical Society IV: Vice-President IIIQ Sr. Meds. Lacrosse II-IV: lllediral Journal III. Future :-Post-graduate Study. ROGER BRENT HICKS, Vancouver, B.C. C553 HUBERT PATRICK HIGGINS, Toronto C563 St. Michael'sg Catholic Medical Students Group I-IVg President IV: Senior Meds Rugby I-III. Future:-General Practice-possibly later specialization. RODGER MILLS HINES, Toronto A Q A C573 U.T.S.g President of C.A.M.S.I. Ilg President of A QA IVQ Managing Editor, Jlfledifal Journal IV. Future:-General Practice. WILLIAM KENNETH HOBBS, Toronto N E N C583 Jarvis C.I.q Fraternity Activitiesg Internship in Psychiatry Cpart time3. Future:-Internship at St. Josephs Hospital, Toronto FREDERICK ROBERT HOGG, Streetsville, Ont. 113 I' A C593 Renfrew High: Manager of Swimming 8: Water polo Teams. I I Future:-General Practiceg interested in internal medicine Cpaediatrics3. ' GORDON ROBERT HOLMES, Toronto C603 Oakwood C.I. Future:-Medicine R.C.N. CHARLES CLIFFORD HOPMANS, Toronto AK K C613 Future:-One or two post graduate years-then general practice. EDWARD DERRY HUBBARD, Bogota, Colombia C623 Upper Canada College: Class Athletic Representative II, Vice- President M.A.A. IIIQ President M.A.A. IVQ Varsity Blues Water polo 8x Swimming. Future:-General Practice. ARTHUR JAMES HUDSON, Toronto C633 North Toronto C.I.: Squash. Future:-General Practice. EDGAR BRUCE HUTCHINSON, Amherstburg, Ont. C643 General Amherst Highg B.A. Honour Chem., U. of T. 19463 C.O.T.C. I-IV. ' Future:-General Practice-interested in internal medicine. R. J. IMRIE C653 ROSS BARRETT IRWIN. South River, Ont. C663 South River C.I. Future:-Service with Royal Canadian Navy. WILLIAM FREDERICK JACOBS, Toronto C673 Oakwood C.I.g Intramural Sports. DAVID CHARLES JOHNSTON, Toronto fb A 6-3 C683 Lawrence Park C.I.g Camera Club, Revolver Club. Future:-Post graduate Surgery. MORTON KATZ, Ottawa, Ont. fb A E C693 Lisgar Highg Clarinet: Saxophone: Piano: Chess: Briclgeg Tennis: Ping-Pong: The Homestead: Lennie, Tristano. Bach. A Future:-General Practice in Toronto, babies, grandchildren. HARRY WILLIAM KELLER, Canora, Sask. N E N C703 Canora High. ' Fu t ure :-General Practice. IRVING FARMER KENNEDY, Cumberland, Ont. C713 Lisgar C.I.g Vice-President Meds. Ig Hockey Pre-Meds. Future:-Country Doctor. ROBERT MCCLURE KILBORN, Toronto C723 Oshawa C.I.3 Daffydil IIIQ Daffydil Executive IV. Future:-General Practice. HYMAN JACK KLEINMAN, Toronto C733 Harbord C.I.3 Volleyball 3 Basketball. Future:fGenera1 Practitioner. MacGREGOR EASSON KNIGHT, Stratford, Ont. K E C743 Milverton Continuationg Daffydilg Graduate of Stratford Normal School C19-4035 Public School Teacher's Certificate. CHARLES KONYER, Toronto C753 Central Tech. Future:-Internship. ABRAM KRAHN, Rabbit Lake, Sask. C763 Rabbit Lake High: Chess Club: I-Iockeyg Tennis. Future:--General Practice out West. R. C. KRUSPE C773 W. KUTASY C783 FELIX JAMES LAFFERTY, Edam, Sask. C793 Future:-Post graduate work in Paediatrics. W. R. LAIDLAW C803 P. W. LAPP C813 CLIFTON ERNEST LEACH, Mimico, Ont. C823 Mimico High. Future:-Medical Practitioner. S. MARSHALL LeBER, Toronto C833 Riverdale C.I.g Huntingg Golf. Future:-General Practice, Bobcaygeon, Ontario. ROBERT GRIFFITHS LECKEY, Toronto K A C843 Chairman of Medical Arts Sz Letters Club IIIQ Circulation Manager' Medical Journal IVg Senior Meds. Rugby Team II-III. T. E. LENNOX C853 JOSEPH ISAAC LEVENTHAL, Toronto C863 Harbord C.I.g Medicine Basketball- Ig Swimming Club Ig Volleyball Team Medicine Il-Vg Chairman C.A.M.S.I. Art Salon 19489 Abstrac- tor, U. of T. Medical Journalg Daffydil III. Future:-Surgery. FACULTY OF MEDICINE 155 FACULTY OF MEDICINE 156 I DAVID JAMES LEVVIS, Montreal, Que. N E N C877 Daffydil IIIQ Assistant Editor, Medical Journal II. Future :-Internship. CRAIG NEWTON RONALD LOUEYS, St. John's, Nfld. C887 Prince of Wales Highg Meds. Soccer All yearsg Manager Meds. Soccer III. Future:-Practise the Art 81 Science in Newfoundland. KENNETH H. MacKAY, Cochrane, Ont. C897 Cochrane High. Future:-General Practice in Northern Ontario. RON A. MacKAY, Beaverton, Ont. C907 Beaverton High. Future:-General Practice in Spadunk, Sask. DONALD JAMES MacLEAN, Sault Ste. Marie Ont. C917 Sault Ste. Marie C.I. Future:-General Practice. ROBERT JAMES MaCLEAN, Toronto C927 Lawrence Park C.I. BRUCE EDVVARD MacPHERSON, St. Thomas, Ont. WY, C937 St. Thomas C.I.g Volleyball. GEORGE JEFF MAINPRIZE, Toronto C947 Runnymede C.I. Future:HGeneral Practice. BRIAN MCQUILLAN MARSHALL, Toronto C957 Petrolia Highg Hart House Glee Club I-IIQ Executive II: Daffydil Pre- . Future:-R.C.A.M.C. DOREEN ISABEL MATHERS, Saskatoon, Sask. C967 Nutana C.I.: Medical Glee Club III-IV, Interfaculty Hockey III-IV. Future:-Internship in Regina General Hospital. GEORGE PATRICK MAYER, Toronto C977 St. Michael's College Schoolg Squashg Badminton, Newman Club. Future:-Medical Practice. ALLAN VINCENT MCAVOY, Port Colborne, Ont. C987 Port Colborne High. Future:-General Practice. THOMAS ALEXANDER MCLENNAN, Timmins, Ont. C997 Sudbury High, Assistant Editor, U. of T. Medical Journal Future:-Surgery. DONALD B. McCONACHIE, Owen Sound, Ont. A Q A C1007 Owen Sound C.I.g N.D.P.R., National C.A.M.S.I.g President Graduating Year. ' Future:-General Practice. NORMAN TAIT MCPHEDRAN, Campbell River, B.C. A Q A C1017 Campbell River Highg Daffydil II. Future:-Internship. DONALD SMITH McRAE, Brussels, Ont. C102 7 Listowel High, Tennisg Skiingg Graduated U. of W. O., 1941 with B.A. Degree. Future:-Intern 1 yr. and then general practice. BERNARD SAMUEL MEKLER. Toronto CID A 2 C1037 I-Iarbord C.I. Future:-General Practice. NATALIE METELSKY, Toronto C1047 Humberside C.I.: Ukrainian Students' Club: Newman Club: Operatic Music: Swimming: Tennis: Dancingg did a summmer internship at Women's College Hospital. JERRY WILLIAM MILLSON. Enniskillen. Ont. C1057 Oshawa C.I. LOUIS MURRAY MINK, Winnipeg, Man. C1067 Russell C.I. Future:-General Practice. JAMES FORSYTH MOFFAT, Port Colborne, Ont. CIP X C1077 Ridley Collegeg Vice-President GPX. Future:-General Practice. I 1 l I DONALD HERMAN MOOGK, Long Branch, Ont. C1083 Long Branch High. Future:-General Practice. EDITH CARROLL NEWELL, Saskatoon, Sask. C1093 Secretary Meds. IV. - . Future:-General Practice with idea specializing in Paediatrics. - VICTOR STEPHEN NEWMAN. Toronto C1103 Oakwood C.I.: President of Class II. Future:-Join the Navy. JAMES BERNARD OSBALDESTON, Hamilton, Ont. ll" T' C1113 Cathedral Highg Camera Clubg Progressive Conservative Club: Fraternity President. Future:-General Practice. RICHARD BRUCE PENTON, Toronto C1123 Humberside C.I. Future:-Canadian Army. FREDERICK HUGHES POLLOCK, Kitchener, Ont. K E C1133 Kitchener Waterloo, C.I.g The other half of a red hot canasta team? Future:-Will probably go into general practice. WALTER FRANCIS PRENDERGAST, Toronto C1143 Jarvis C.I.g Daffydil, Pre.4IVg Chairman, Daffytlil Committee IV. Future:-General Practice. ALFRED DOUGLAS PUFFER, Toronto C1153 Humberside C.I. DONALD ROBERT PUSHMAN, Ottawa, Ont. fb X C1163 Glebe C.l.g Hart House Glee Club Pre.g Chairman, Medical Music Association II-IV. Future:-General Practice. GORDON LEONARD RALPH, Niagara Falls. Ont. C1173 Stamford C.I.: Hart House Camera Club II-III: Class Secretary IIQ Meds. Volleyball I-Ilg Medical Journal III-IVQ Editor-in-Chief IVQ Married-Summer 1946. Future:-After interning-G.P.g later postgrad work. PHILIP RAMER, Brantford, Ont. 'IJ A E C1183 Brantford C.I.: Hillel. Future:-Internship then general practice. Hopes to visit China within the next five years. ROBERT C. ROADHOUSE. Toronto K A C1193 Upper Canada Collegeg B.A. U. of T. Future:-General Practice. DAVID BRUCE ROBSON, Toronto A K E C1203 U.T.S.g Daffydil I-IIIQ Clnterests-Brunettes3. Future:-M.D. DONALD BARNARD ROGERS, Amherstburg, Ont. C1213 General Amherst High. MARTIN SAUL ROSEN, Toronto. KID A E C1223 Malvern C.I.g Hillelg DaFfydil II-IV. Future:-General Practice in Jacksons Corners. V COLIN SEWELL ROSS, Toronto Z ll" C1233 Upper Canada College. Future:-Interested in surgery-will probably do general practice. JOHN TEMPLE ROSS. Toronto C1243 Riverdale C.I.g Ski Club I-Vg Camera Club I-IV. Future:-General Practice in a small town. LORNE ALBERT ROTSTEIN, Toronto C1253 North Toronto C.I.: Summer internships with C.O.T.C. and R.C.A.F Future:-General practice. HUBERT ROY ROWSELL, Toronto C1263 Bloor C.I.g Vice-President IIIg Ex-service Rep. Med. Society IVQ Chairman Panacea IVQ Training officer U.N.T.D. I-IIIg Med. Swim- ming, Soccer: Basketball Pre-IV. Future:-General Practice, after interning. JOHN ALLEN RUTHERDALE, Port Colborne, Ont. C1273 Port Colborne C.I. ' Future:-General Practice. WILLIAM GEORGE SCRIMGEOUR, Milverton, Ont. C1283 Milverton High. - Future :-General practitioner. FACULTY OF MEDICINE 157 FACULTY OF MEDICINE 158 . MARCUS JOHN THOMAS SEDLMEIR, Kitchener, Ont.A K KC1295 St. Jerome's College, Kitchener-Waterloo C.I.g President A K K Medical Fraternity. JOSEPH SELTZER, Windsor, Ont. C1305 Walkerville C.I.g Member of Daffydil Cast. 1. M. SEVVELL C1315 SARJIT KAPOOR SIDOO, Vancouver, B.C. C1325 Kitsilano High, Indian Philosophyg Classical Musicg Hikingg Touring different countries. Future:hTo serve humanity. JOHN HENRY BURDETT SKINNER, West Lorne, Ont. C1335 JAMES DOUGLAS SPOHN, Waterloo, Ont. C1345 Kitchener-Waterloo C.I. Future:-General Practice. LAVVRENCE STEINBERG. Toronto C1355 Humberside C.I., Hillel. Future:-General Practice Anaesthesia. ARNOTT H. M. STEVENS, St. Catharines, Ont. A X A C1365 St. Catharines C.I.g University President's Advisory Committeeg Veteran's Advisory Bureaug Secretary Medical Society, President AXA Vg "Blues" Fencing I-IV3 Daffydil I-V. Future:-General Practice 8: Estelle. REV. JOHN F. H. STEWART, B.A., L. Th., Toronto A Q A C1375 Saint John High. Future:-Medical Missions. ROBERT EMERSON STEWART, Toronto A K K C1385 Malvern C.I.: Bachelor Arts Trinity 1944. Future:-Royal Canadian Navy. DOROTHY M. STILLWELL B.A., Regina, Sask. C1395 Regina Central C.I.g M.W.U.A. I-IIIQ President IVQ Med. Society IVg S.A.C. IV. Future:-Post graduate work. JOHN WALTER STURTRIDGE, Toronto C1405 North Toronto C.I. Future:-3 to 5 years post graduate study-internal medicine. JOSEPH EDGAR SULLIVAN, Timmins, Ont. 41 X C1415 Timmins High. Future:-General Practice. - LESLIE GORDON SUTHERLAND, Ottawa. Ont. C1425 Glebe C.I., Daffydil 1 pre-meds-IV Meds., Skiing. Future:-2 years interning somewhere in England in preparation for general practice. RUSSELL BERTRAND TELFER, Brantford, Ont. A T A C1435 Brantford C.I.g President Fraternity IVg Daffydil Work. U.N.T.D. Instructor-Navigation. VICTOR EVANS THOMPSON, St. Catharines, Ont. C1445 St. Catharines C.I. General Practice after 1-2 years internship. EDWARD TITCHER, Toronto C1455 Parkdale C.I. ROBERT VOLPE, Toronto , 2 A M C1465 Harbord C.I.: Medical Athletic Executive III-IVQ C.O.T.C. I-IVg Daffydil III-IVg Med. Rugby I CPremed.5g Soccer I-Illg Basketball I- IV. Future:-Internship, internal medicine, also to keep my wife Ruth happy. WILLIAM DONALD WATT, Whitechurch, Ont. C1475 Volleyball I-IIIg Water polo Ig Wrestling II, Fishing. Future:-Post grad workg then general practice. JAMES ALLISTER WEIR, Windsor, Ont. 117 X C1485 Kennnedy C.I., President lst. Ex-service Meds.g Chairman Ex- service committee S.A.C.g Hart House Glee Clubg Med. Glee Club: Daffydilg C.A.M.S.I.g Chairman Med. Float Committee 48-49g Med. Christian Fellowship Missionary Secretary II. DONALD ROBERT JAMES WELSH, Brantford, Ont. I C1495 Brantford C.I.g B.A. University College 1946. CAMPBELL WHITE, Sudbury, Ont. Sudbury C.I.: Meds. Basketball. Future:-General Practice. WILLIAM GEORGE WHITTAKER, Voubou, B.C. II I' A C1513 Future:-Postgraduate. Obstetrics and Gynecology. DAVID SPENCER VVHITTINGI-IAM, Toronto K A C1523 Upper Canada Collegeg Daffydil II-VI. Future:-Dependent upon the whims of the R.C.A.M.C. Ambition- To Finish school before my son does. J. P. WICKWARE C1533 STEPHEN WIGBY C1543 DONALD VICTOR WILLOUGI-IBY, Toronto fb A O C1553 Humberside C.I.g Vice-President, Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. Future:-The Navy and a specialty in Internal Medicine. SAMUEL HISLOP WITZEL, Toronto C1563 Humberside C.I. Future:-General Practice. SAMUEL WOLFE. Toronto 411 A E C1573 Riverdale C.I.g Fraternity Vice-President Ilg Fraternity President III. Future:-Internship Reginag rural practiceg neuro-psychiatry later? FACULTY OF MEDICINE K S C1503 ROSS WOODWARD, Toronto C1583 Malvern C.I.q C.O.T.C. Future:-General Practitioner. DONALD MURRAY YOUNG, Cayuga, Ont. C1593 Cayuga High. Future:-Medical Research. MARIE OLGA ZAWADZKY, Toronto C1603 Harbord C.I.: Badminton: Volleyball. Future:-General Practice. I F S L QA Q Y -A f' 'I J A f I ' I if f . Q 1 3 X , o e 6 V- 15:5 : 1 Ali : fa l ,,, 0 A U li s S- ' T mix! Q . , f i' S kj 1 In-V E I :lil ,,. a J ', Q- 1 iii , -, ' ' gt 'ff ' ' fl rr mf Q ,.-.,. .SQV ' C ' I li ",' 5 ' 'li ' Fifi! I Q I l I K1 ,zi ll I ' Q. .3 1 , - nfl 1-5' , ' 5. ' - . ' fsg Rl!! v I' ' - I, ' f' 3 ' .4f',i' Q ,Z Q ,UT Ella Z '-fs' if -7 I , ' as . 5 HE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE '1 if -if H. I as A MAGIQAN 159 School of Nursing MISS E. K. RUSSELL B.A., B.Paed., D.c.L. N 1942 this school established a four-year course leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. In 1946 it was decided to add a fifth year to the course, and thus all students registering in September of that year were enrolled for the new five-year curriculum. Hence, in this year of 1950, there is no regular class for graduation. However, there are four students studying under special arrangement who are completing now the requirements for the degree: this little group must represent this school among the graduating classes for this year. To this quartet we address the present message. You know your School, itshbrief past and its struggling present, in both of which you have given considerable help. You are also in a good position to assess the future and here again I know you intend to give considerable help. Fortunately you understand something of the demands being laid upon your own profes- sional group, and the community's need for leadership from young women who have had the broader educational opportunity offered by your University. Firm in this understanding, you cannot fail to give wise counsel and support. We hope the School will always have graduates upon whom we can rely so confidently. The quartet of 1956 will have a niche all its own in our historical gallery. We are grateful to you for much, and we offer you the warmest of good wishes for all your future years.f-is NORMA MARJENE CLARKE, Vernon, B.C. C13 Vernon Highg Toronlonensis Rep. ROSELLA CUNNINGHAM, Cobourg. Ont. Q29 Cobourg C.I. VIVIAN ELEANOR DOUGLAS. Amherst, N.S. C33 Halifax Ladies Co1legegN.F.C.U.S. Rep. II: War Memorial Rep. IIIQ Secretary-Treasurer, Undergrad Association Hg Vice-President U der d A ' t' III- P id t U d d A ' t' IV' n gra ssocla ion , res en , n ergra . SSOCIH ion , S.A.C. Rep. Future:-Hospital Nursing. PI-IYLLIS EDITH JONES, Elmvale, Ont. C45 Barrie C.I.p Class Representative IV. A 160 'Q Faculty 0 Dentistry R. G. ELLIS D.D.S., M.Sc. CDent.U, F.D.S., R.C.S. REETINGS and felicitations to the members of the graduating classes in Dentistry. The year of your graduation, 1950, is a very significant one for you individually and for this Faculty and indeed for dental education in Canada. The majority of you entered the University to embark upon an academic discipline, following varied experiences with the several branches of the Canadian Armed Forces. The zeal and devotion displayed by you in the defence of your country and for the preservation of personal freedom has been continually in evidence throughout your University course. The members of this Faculty have counted it a privilege to guide your studies during the past four years, and now as you graduate they wish for each one of you, complete freedom of thought in relation to your chosen profession. The year 1950 also marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Faculty of Dentistry in the University of Toronto. Thus, twenty-five years ago dental education became a fully-fledged discipline within the complex University pattern, and with the privileges conferred by this important step, certain responsibilities were assumed as well. While education in a professional science is expected to develop knowledge and skill pertaining to the particular field, a University discipline opens the door to a liberal education and the establishment of a firm basis for full living. The year of your graduation, 1950, is equally significant when we survey the broader field of dental education in Canada. It was seventy-five years ago, namely in 1875, that organized dental education took form with the establishment of the School of Dentistry under the auspices of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario. Since the inception of the first dental school in Ontario, a worthy tradition has been in the making and is now com- mitted in part to you by the generations of professional men who have preceded you. Guard carefully this rich heritage, enlarge it according to your talents, so that society in the years ahead may benefit from your service, and the profession be proud of your contributions to its store of knowledge. In conclusion may I add that as you leave these halls and familiar scenes which will be associated with your student days, the entire Faculty extends a very sincere invitation to you to return as frequently as you may find it convenient to do so. We hope that the bond of fellowship which has been established between you and your Alma Mater is strong enough to bring you back often. We can assure you a cordial and friendly welcome each time you returnwik- 161 FACULTY OF DENTISTRY 162 THOMAS ELWOOD AGATE, Osage. Sask. C13 Osage High. Future:-General Practice. JOHN GILMORE AGGETT, Toronto C23 Malvern C.I.g Dents Soccer I-IV. Future:-Dental Practice in suburb of Toronto. JAMES LUXTON AINGER, Grenfell, Sask. EW' fb C33 Grenfell High: Treasurer of Fraternity. Future:-General Practice in Morrisburg, Ont. Mixed with a little golf, hunting and fishing. 'GEORGE McCOY ALLISON, Bartonville, Ont. E.lP'.1IJ C43 Saltfleet Highg Treasurer, Students' Parliament IIIQ Skiing: Cartoons. Future:-General Practice in any spare time. DONALD ROBERT ANDERSON, Toronto C53 Humberside C.I.g Ex-service Representative Ig Hya Yaka Class Representative II pre-dent. Future:+-Helping to build Islington. ANDREW GEORGE ANDREWS, Toronto EZIPWIJ C63 Riverdale C.I.: Basketball: Varsity Blues Ig Varsity Intermediates Pre-III: Coach Dents Basketballg Vice-President Xi Psi Phi Fraternity IV. Future:-Royal Canadian Dental Corps. VVILLIAM ARTHUR BANTING, Fort Qu'.-Xppelle, Sasl-:. C7 3 Fort Qu'Appelle C.I. Future:-Open Practice in Hamilton, Ont. DONALD VINCENT BARTS, Regina, Sask. C83 Campion College. Future:-Dental Practice at Pembroke, Ont. PAUL ALFREDA BATES, Welland, Ont. C93 Welland I-Iighg President Ig President III Dental Years. Future:-kPractice in St. Catharines, Ont. CHARLES DOUGLAS BEIERL, Toronto C103 Runnymede C.I. Future:-Practice in Toronto. PAUL RAMSDEN BENNETT, Toronto C113 Lawrence Park CI. Future:-Post graduate work in Pedodontia to be followed by the establishment of a practice limited to children's dentistry. WILLIAM LAWRENCE BOLAND, Cache Bay, Ont. fill' A C123 Sturgeon Falls High. Future:-Practice in Orillia. GEOFFREY BOULTON, Toronto C133 Malvern C.I. Future:-General practice around Toronto. JACK VVILLIAM BOWIE, Vancouver, B.C. IVY C143 University Hill, B.C.g Golf, Badmintong Basketball. Future:-Practice in Vancouver. KEITH FENTON BOX, Clarkson, Ont. C153 WILLIAM BOYKO, Oshawa, Ont. C163 Oshawa C.I.g Ukrainian Students' Clubg Social Director IV, Inter- ested in photography 8: outdoor life: Swimming. Future:-Practice in Oshawa after graduation. TEDDY PHILIP BRADLEY, Milestone Sask. C173 Milestone High. IRVING SHIPLEY BROWN, Vancouver, B.C. C183 Central C.I., Regina. Future:-Practice?Toronto. THOMAS ALAN BROWN, Lindsay, Ont. C193 Lindsay C.I.g Tennis, Swimming Team. HERBERT CHESLEY BUGDEN, Boston, Mass. ERP' CID C203 Prince of VVales College, St. Johns, Nfld.g Torontonensis Rep. IVQ Secretary Treasurer I Dents, Social Director Ilq Soccer, Pre-Dents Dents I-IIIQ Golfg Fishing. Future:-General Dental Practice-North Toronto. With a long holiday sometime. WILLIAM ALBERT BURGMAN, Melville, Sask. ET' db C213 Melville High. Future:--Practice in Preston, Ont. WILLIAM WARD BURT, Simcoe, Ont. Simcoe High: Water polo II-IV. Future:-General practice in Simcoe. JOHN ROLAND CALLINGI-IAM, Kingston. Ont. Kingston C.I.3 Secretary-Treasurer II, Soccer, Dents II Future:-General Dental Practice-Ottawa, Ont. WILLIAM FREDERICK CAMPBELL, Winnipeg, Man. C227 C237 C247 Gordon Bell Highg U. of T. Film Society. Treasurer IIIg President IV. Future:-Practice of Dentistry. Possibly Dental Public Health. JOHN MILLER CAREFOOT, Belleville, Ont. 371' KI' C257 Belleville C.I.g Vice-President Xi Psi Phi II. Future:APractise Dentistry at Lansing Ont. STUART ERIC CAVERLY, Timmins, Ont. Sturgeon Falls High. Future:-Practice-Timmins. GERALD PALM ER COPELAND, Vvindsor, Ont. C267 C277 NValkerville C.I.g Class Social Director IIQ "B" Basketball I-IIIQ Golfg Tennis. A HERBERT HOUSTON COWBITRN, Regina, Sask. Balfour Tech. Future:-Practice in Regina. Sask. ROY LOUIS COSTIGAN, Stettler, Alta. Stettler High. Future:-Practice in Sunny Alberta. CAMERON ARTHUR CRAIG, Peterborough. Ont. Kingston High. Future:-Practise Dentistry. MORLEY JOHN CROCKFORD, Bracebridge, Ont. Bracebridge High: Hunting 8: Fishing. Future:-General practice in small town in Ontario. THOMAS JOSEPH CUMBERLAND, New Toronto, Ont. Mimico High: Tennis: Basketballg Squash. Future:-General Dental Practice. FRANCIS VAUGHAN CURRIE, Toronto Lawrence Park C.I.g Y.M.C.A.g Tennis: Skiing. C287 C207 C307 C317 C327 C337 Future:-Intend to go to British Columbia. Interested in specializing in children's dentistry. DONALD SMITH DAVIS. Stratford, Ont. Stratford C.I.: Hart House House Committee III-IVg Canterbury Club III. Future:-General Practice. - JOHN THOMAS DITCHOFF, Port Credit, Ont. Port Credit High: Golf. Future:-General Practice near Toronto. JOHN MURRAY ALEXANDER DON ELY, Toronto Runnymede C.I. Future:-Practice with Dental Corps. HUGH THOMAS DONNELLY, Westport, Ont. S.E.S.S. Westportg Newman Club I-Vg Executive V. WALTER JOHN DOWNER, Toronto C347 Treasurer. C357 C367 C377 C387 Danforth Tech.g Paddling, Balmy Beach Canoe Club: Soccer. Dents. Future :-General Practice in Toronto. OHN CARM AN DYER New Toronto I . f . Mimico Highg Played in orchestra in Dentantics for three yearsg Tennisg Golf and Baseball are outside sports. BENJAMIN EPP, Saskatoon, Sask. Rosthern High. Future:-Dental Practice in Newtonbrook. RICHARD FRANKLIN EVANS, Picton, Ont. Picton C.V.I. Future:-Plan to return to Picton to practise dentistry. CHARLES HARRY FARLEY, Glenside. Sask. Glenside. C397 C407 C417 C427 FACULTY OF DENTISTRY ada' 163 FACULTY OF DENTISTRY 164 ROBERT ALLEN FELL, Winnipeg, Man. C439 Norwood C.I.g Member Garden Academy of visual and Digital Dexterity. ' Future :-R.C.D.C. JAMES ALLAN FERGUSON. Toronto Riverdale C.I. Future:-A Dental Practice in Toronto. WILLIAM FLEMING, Markham, Ont. C449 Z X C459 Markham High, Played on Hockey, Soccer and Football teams, Golf. Future:-Going to practise in Markham. MAX FLORENCE, Peterborough, Ont. Peterborough C.V.I.g Treasurer Alpha Omega. Future:-Practice in Ottawa Valley. SA UL FOX, Toronto AQ C469 AQ C479 Harbord C.I.g Basketball I-IVg Athletic Director CA Q95 Graduated Arts 1943 CB.A.9 Ad Eundum 1946-Dents. Future:-Practice in Toronto. JOHN MAXWELL GALVIN, Regina, Sask. R.C.C.I., Regina. Future:-R.C.D.C. CArmy9. ABRAHAM GELMON, Preeceville, Sask. Preeceville High. Future:-General Practice in the west. DAPHNE JOYCE GILL, Victoria. B.C. Oak Bay High, Tennisg Golf. C489 A Q C49 J C509 Future:-Going Back to Canada to practise-The West that is! ROBERT DAVID GLENN, Winnipeg, Man. Winnipeg C.I. Future:-Practising in West. JOHN EDWARD GRAFF, Windsor, Ont. .E Kenned C.I. Y Future:-R.C.D.C. WILLIAM HUGH GRIFFETH, Parkhill, Ont. Parlchill High. Future:-General Practice. ROBERT GEORGE GUENTHER. Hamilton, Ont. Westdale High, Golf: Radio work: Badminton. Future:-General Practice in Kitchener. WILLIAM PATRICK HAGUE, Edmonton, Alta. C519 lv tb C529 C539 C549 C559 St. Joseph's High, President Dental Group, Newman Clubg Fishingg Hunting. Future:-General Practice in Toronto. JAMES FREDERICK I-IALDENBY, Kincardine, Ont. Teeswater High, Golf, Fishing, Hunting. Future:-Practise Dentistry in Oakville. LION EL VICTOR HANNIGAN, Guelph, Ont. C569 C579 Guelph C.I.g Editor, Hya Yakag Camera Club I-Vg Newman Club Ig Football Dents II-III. Future:-Practice in London. GORDON EDGAR HARE, Toronto A A CII C589 St. Catharines C.I.g Dents Hockey 46-47, 47-48. Future:-Practise in some small town in southern Ontario. BLAKE MINOR HARLEY, St. Catharines, Ont. St. Catharines C.I.g Dentantics II-III. Future:-Dental Practice in St. Catharines. ARTHUR JOHN HARRIS, London, Ont. London South C.I.g U. of T. Contingent C.O.T.C. III-IV. Future:-To practise in London, Ont. RALPH GORDON HARRIS, Toronto Parkdale C.I. Future:-Practice in Toronto. LION EL EDWARD HASTINGS, Toronto EI C599 C609 C619 91" CIP C629 Runnymede C.I.g Ex-Service Rep. IIIg Social Representative IVQ Lacrosse IVIVQ Manager IVg Volleyball I-IV, Manager II-IIIQ Hockey Predents II, Basketball, Predentsg Dentantics 47-48. Future:-Dentistry, Hunting, Fishing in N. W. Ontario. HAROLD JACK HELLEN. Toronto A Q C639 Bloor.C.I.g President of Fraternity IIIQ Future: Photography 8: Breaking 100 at the St. Andrews Club. . Future:-General Practice and Children's Dentistry. HAROLD RAYMOND HENDERSON, Kelowna, B.C. Kelowna Highg One of the combined class. Future:-Practice in Kelowna, B.C. BRUCE WILLIAM HEROD, Hamilton, Ont. E Delta C.I. Future:-General Practice in Stamford, Ont. VERNON ALEXANDER HERRON, Toronto E Riverdale C.I. Future:-Dental Practice in Toronto. JOHN MALCOLM HOLLINGER, Acton, Ont. Acton High. Future:-General Practice. PATRICK FERGUSON HOLT, Lloydminster, Sask. Lloydminster High. Future:-To Practise Dentistry in the West. ROBERT LORRAINE HORNE, Victoria, B.C. Victoria High. Future:-Dental Practice in B.C. CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM HUFFMAN, Scarboro Junctio Peterborough C.I. C647 'P' CIP C657 ll" lib C667 C677 C687 C697 n, Ont.C707 Future:'General Practice in East End of Toronto-Later marriage. WILLIAM STUART HUNTER, Orillia. Ont. Orillia Highg Hart House Glee Club III-IV, All-Varsity IV: Mailing Boy The Varsiiy IV. BRUCE MADILL JACKSON, Hamilton. Ont. Hamilton Central C.I., Chairman Interfaculty Boxing Cl C717 Chorus II- A I' C727 ub III-IVQ Interfaculty Boxing I Predents IVg Interfaculty Football III-IV, Intercollegiate Boxing II. Future:-Her name is Ruth. MARJORIE JACKSON, Toronto Vaughan Road C.I. Future:-Dentistry for children. ALBERT JARVIS, Grimsby, Ont. Grimsby High. Future:-General Practice. EWART ARTHUR JONES, Orange, N. J. Weequahic High: Dental Ex-service Rep., Editor Interfaculty Basketball: Soccerg Volleyball. Future:-Dental General Practice, Guelph, Ont. STEPHEN HAROLD JONES, Toronto Agassiz High. Future:-Practice in Toronto. LAIRD GEORGE JOYNT, Toronto Oakwood C.I., Basketball I-II, Dentantics III. Future:-Practice in Toronto. WILLIAM EDWARD KENNEDY, Unity. Sask. Future:-Start Living. JOSEPH DONIHEE LAMPING. Ridgeway, Ont. Ridgeway High, Newman Clubg Bridgeg Golf and English Future:-A General Dental Practice in Pembroke, Ont. RALPH WILLIAM LANGDON, Tavistock, Ont. Stratford Normal School, Home movies and Golf. Future:-Practice of Dentistry some place in Canada. MORRIS JOHN LAZAROWICH, Edmonton, Alta. C737 C747 75 C 7 Hya Yalza: C767 C777 C787 C797 Poetry. C807 C817 Victoria High, Ukrainian Students C1ub'I-IVg President I. Future:-Intends to Practise in Ontario. JOHN DOUGLAS LEDLOW, Orangeville, Ont. Orangeville Highg Soccer: Basketball, Volleyballg Huntin Dentantics Castg Red Feather Representative. JOHN EDWARD MacDIARMID, Regina, Sask. Carlyle, Sask.g Sec. Rep. III. Future:-Practice in West. HARVEY WILLIAM MacDONALD, Toronto Westdale Highg President of Cabinet, Students Parli C327 g at skiing, C857 C847 ament IV: President of Pre-Dentsg Dents Rugby Ig Hockey II-IIIg Board of Stewards, Hart House IV. FACULTY OF DENTISTRY 165 FACULTY OF DENTISTRY 166 JOHN GEORGE STEWART MacINTOSH, Wolfville, N.S. C853 XVo!fville High: C.O.T.C. II-III: R.C.D.C. IV. Future:-R.C.D.C. Canadian Army CActive3. MARGARET VVINNIFRED MacLEAN, Toronto , C863 St. Clement's School: Victoria College 1944-45: Honour Science Club: Leonard Foundation I-IV. Future:-General Practice. BERNARD PHILLIP MASS, Winnipeg, Man. A Q C873 St. Johns High: Dentantics II-IV: Social Chairman, Treasurer CA. Q.3 Future:-Practise Dentistry in VVestern Canada. DONALD BLAIR MCDONALD, Thistletown, Ont. C883 VVeston C.I.: Class President, II Dental Year: Class Vice-President I Dental Year. Future:AGeneral Practice. Vancouver, B.C. GLENN ORISON MCLAY, Moose Jaw, Sask. C893 Central C.I. Future:-Wife, Post grad course in General Anesthesia, retirement, Cadaver donated to dental profession. JOHN DUNCAN MCLEAN, Windsor, Ont. C903 Assumption College: Hya Yaka Representative IV: Golf. Future:-General Practice, Windsor. WILLIAM MARK MCLEAN, Sarnia, Ont. C913 Sarnia C.I. St Tech.: Soccer 3 yrs.: Lacrosse 1 yr. Future:-To practise dentistry in the old home town. DOUGLAS JOHN MCLEOD, North Vancouver, B.C. C923 North Vancouver High: Secretary Treasurer III Year Dents. Future:-Practice in British Columbia. RUSSELL STEWART MCMILLAN, Griswold, Man. C933 Griswold High. ERIC JAM ES MCNIECE, Toronto C943 Humberside C.I.: Class Hya Yaka Rep. lst Dental Yr.: Faculty Student Ex-service Rep.: Swimming: Golf: Poker. . Future:-R.C.D.C. for 5 years perhaps longer, then general practice. DUNCAN THOMAS MCQUEEN, Toronto C953 York Memorial C.I.: Vice-President II. IRVING MEDNICK, Toronto A Q C963 Harbord C.I.: Hockey I-II: Basketball I: Football II-III. Future:-Practice in Toronto. RALPH ALLEN MERRITT, Beamsville,-Ont. C973 Beamsville High. Future:-General Practice in Ontario. ROBERT MEVVHA, Stevensville, Ont. C983 Stevensville High: Dents Football I-IV: Dents Hockey I-V. JAMES GHENT MILLAR, Toronto E. ll" III' C993 Bloor C.I.: Dentantics Rep. II: Social Director of Zip House V: U. of T. Band II: Music Dentantics I-IV. Future:-General practice with post grad surgery at a future date. MYRON RUSSELL MILLAR, Toronto E. W' fb C1003 Bloor C.I.: Dentantics Year Rep. I-II: Dentantics Director III: Social Director IV: Music: U. of T. Band II: Social Director Xi Psi Phi IV. GEORGE T. MILNE, Sarnia, Ont. E. '-If' CD C1013 Sarnia High: Students Cabinet IV: President Fraternity IV: Football Pre.: Golf: Soccer III-IV. Future:-Golf-mixed with a general practice. VVESLEY ROBERT MOORE, Sarnia, Ont. E. ll" fb C1023 Sarnia C.I.: Athletic Director V: Varsity Intermediate Hockey IV: Dents Football I-V: Dents Basketball I-V: Dents Hockey I-III. GARFIELD CAMERON MORRIS, Timmins, Ont. C1033 Timmins High. WILLIAM JOHN MULLEN, Moose Jaw, Sask. li! K H C1043 Estevan C.I.: Hockey, Dents I-IV: Soccer II-IV. SYDNEY WILLIAM MULLER, Regina, Sask. C1053 Scott C.I.: C.O.T.C. II-IV. 0 Future:-Practise general dentistry in the West. ROBERT WALLIS MULVIN, Vancouver, B.C. EJ Lord Byng Highg Basketball I-V. PATRICK VAN ALLEN MUNN, Dresden, Ont. Chatham C.I. Future:-Practice in St. Catharines. EVAN NANOS, Toronto Jarvis C.I. Future:-Dental Practice in Toronto. FRANK NESBITT, Vancouver, B.C. Kitsiland High. Future:-Dependent on Army's wishes. r .SUI CHING NG. Hong Kong, Queen's College. . Future:-Practise in China immediately after graduation. JOHN NIKIFORUK, Redfield. Sask. Prince C.I.g Dents Soccer, Softballg Golf. Future:-A successful dental practice in a small town. JOHN SCOTT NORQUAY, VVinnipeg, Man. Sec.-Treas. IV Yr. WWI? C1061 C1071 C1081 C1091 C1101 C1111 C1121 Future Practise Dentistrx in Winni e oin huntin and raising 1 Dz- ' J D gg g g a family. NVILLIAM FOSTER OLDFIELD, Vancouver, B.C. Victoria High. DONALD BRADNEY PALMER, Clinton, Ont. .E Clinton C.I.g Fraternity Secretary IIg Treasurer III. Future:-Practice in my own home town. ' GEORGE AITKEN PATERSON, Toronto C1131 W' 111 C1141 C1151 U.T.S.g Athletic Director IIlg Chairman I.S.C. IIIQ Football 81 Soccer Pre. IVQ C.O.T.C. Future:-Practice in Toronto. Retirement in Arvida. WILLIAM STANTON PATERSON, Craigmyle, Alta. WILLIAM ROBERT PATRICK, Toronto. Malvern C.I.: Lacrosseg Soccer: Basketball. Future:-General Practice. RICHARD CAMERON PEARSON. Sutton. Ont. C1161 C1171 C1181 Runnymede C.I., Intercollegiate Track Team II-IIIQ Dents Hockey II-IVQ Lacrosse IV. JAMES PERDICARIS, Melville, Sask. E Melville High. Future :-General Practice. GORDON PERLMUTTER, Toronto Harbord C.I.: Y.M.H.A. Board of Directorsg Group Work qw C1191 AQ C1201 Y.M.H.A. Teen age programg Dents Soccer I-Ilg Dents Basketball I-V. Future:-Practice in Toronto. STUART TINDALE PETERKIN, Toronto .- Z 'P' C1211 U.T.S.3 Golfg Summers spent C.O.T.C.g Basketball I-II5 Zeta Psi Fraternity. 1 Future :-Plan Practising in Kingston. LIONEL RUPERT PHILLIPS. Toronto Oakwood C.I. ROBERT DONALD PORT ERFIELD, Guelph. Ont. Guelph C.V.I.g C.O.T.C., South House Parties. Future:-Practice somewhere in Southern Ontario. EDMUND N. M. POTTINGER, Vancouver, B.C. St. Georges. Future:-Vancouver. B.C. WILMER JOHN PRITCHARD, Palmerston, Ont. E. C1221 C1231 C1241 'If' fb C1251 Palmerston Highg Dents Hockey 4 Yrs.: Publicity Director of Students Parliament IIIg President IV Dental Yr.g Vice-President. Students Parliament IVg Dentantics Pre. IVQ Varsity Band 3 Yrs. Future:-Practice in Leamington. DONALD B. PROCTOR. Winnipeg, Man. Kelvin Highg Golfg Swimming. Future:-Practise Dentistry in Winnipeg. f C1261 FACULTY OF DENTISTRY 167 FACULTY OF DENTISTRY 168 CARL COOPER PUTERBOUGH, Norland, Ont. Lindsay C.I. ROY LEON RASMUSSEN, Standard, Alta. Dana High. DONALD LOGAN RIFE, Toronto .Iarvis C.I. Future:-Dental General Practitioner in Guelph, Ontario. KEITH NEWTON ROUTLEY, Winnipeg, Man. St. Paul's C.I.: Treas. Student Parliament IIQ Social Director, House II-IVg Rugby I-II. Future:-The best in the West-Dentist that is. RICHARD KENNETH RYAN, Toronto C1277 C1287 C1297 C1307 South C1317 Humberside C.I.g Football I-Vg Lacrosse II-Vg Swimmingg Water polo. Future:-Practise dentistry somewhere in Ontario. ROBERT MILES SANDERSON. Chesley, Ont. C1327 Chesley Highg Vice-President III Dental Yr.g Swimmingg Dents HB' ' Hockey I-III. ALEXANDER VINCENT SCRUTTON, Kingston, Ont. Regiopolis Collegeg Newman Club CDenta1 Group7. FREDERICK JAIVIES SERVOS, Toronto A X A St. Michael's Collegeg Newman Club, Golf, Tennisg Skiing. Future:-Practice in Toronto. NORMAN WILLIAM SHAUL, Toronto A 0 Harbord C.I. ROBERT MCLEAN SHAW, Woodstock, Ont. Woodstock C.I., Athletic Director, North House: Dentantics Interfaculty Water polo: Swimming: Volleyballg Rugby. Future:-General Practice. PAUL SYDNEY SILLS, Toronto Jarvis C.I.: "A" Basketball Pre-IVg Soccer Pre-IIIg Hockey Pre.g "A" Volleyball Pre-II. Future:-Royal Canadian Dental Corps. JAMES SIM, Hampton, Virginia, U.S.A. C1337 C1347 C1357 C1367 Rep.: C1377 C1387 Strathallan, Perthshire, Scotlandg Vice-President IV Dental Yr.g Hya Yaka Representative: Dentantics. Future:-Practise dentistry in Ontario. CARL METRO SMELSKY, Ethelbert, Man. Arran Highg Ukrainian Students Club. Future:-Plans to go back "West". JOHN MALCOLM SMITH, Toronto North Toronto C.I.g C.O.T.C. Future:-R.C.D.C. and looking for patients. SYDNEY PERCIVAL SMITH, Copper Cliff, Ont. Copper Cliff High. Future:-General Practice-New Liskeard, Ont. MARINO JAMES SNIDAL, Winnipeg, Manl fb A 9 Kelvin Tech. ERIC KINGSLEY STAITE, Toronto Etobicoke C.I. GEORGE JOSEPH STARR, Toronto A Q Harbord C.I.g Social Director, Fraternity IIQ Basketball:-Pre I-Vg Soccer I-II, Varsity Blues I. Future:4Practice in Toronto. RUSSELL GEORGE STEPHENS, London, Ont. London South C.I. GEORGE HECTOR STEWART, Creemore, Ont. Creemore High. Future:-Practice in Thornbury, Ont. RICHARD SVALESTUEN, Vancouver, B.C. Swift Current . - Future:-Practice of Dentistry. FRANKLYN GREY SWITZER. Chatham, Ont. Nutana C.I., Saskatoon. Future:-Practise Dentistry in Chatham. C1395 C1407 C1417 C1427 C1437 C1447 -dents C1457 C1467 C1477 C1487 1 .3 I WILLIAM KNORSTON TAYLOR, Cornwall, Ont. C1493 Cornwall C.I.g Rifle Club: Ski Club. Future:-General Practice. FINDLAY ALEXANDER TEMPLE, Burlington, Ont. C1503 Burlington Highg Dents Swimmingg Water polo. Future:-Pursuit of Happiness. DONALD LLOYD THOMPSON, Moose Jaw, Sask. C1513 Central C.I. Future:-General Practice in Calgary, Alta. KENNETH MacDONALD THOMPSON, Regina, Sask. C1523 Balfour Tech.g C.O.T.C. II-IIIg A.F. CArmy3 IV. Future:-A.F. CArmy3. HARRY GEORGE TRAVERS, Toronto C1533 Malvern C.I. Future:-Dental Practice in Toronto. JOHN CHARLES VICKERY, Toronto C1543 Malvern C.I.g Soccer II: Basketball I-IIIg Volleyball III-IV. DONALD ARTHUR WAGG, Toronto C1553 Golfq Swimmingg Hockey. Future:-Practise Dentistry in Toronto. EDWARD STIRLING WALKER, Toronto C1563 Humberside C.I.g Hockeyg Dentantics. MURNEY JAMES WALKER, Toronto C1573 Humberside C.I. Future:-Practice in Toronto. STANLEY HERBERT WATSON, Vancouver. B.C. C1583 Saskatoon High. Future:-General Practice, Kingston. THOMAS GORDON WHITE, Bruce Mines, Ont. C1593 Bruce Mines Highg Blue Sz White Band II-IVg All Varsity Mixed Chorus III-IV. Future:--General practice??? Post grad? Altar? DUART ELMORE WHITEMAN, Fenelon Falls, Ont. Midland Highg Dents Rugby II-III: Dents Hockey C1603 II-IV: Dents Basketball II-IIIQ U. of T. Ski Club III-IV3 Dents Hockey Manager III. Future:-General Practitioner. JOHN A. VVHYTE, Arnprior. Ont. Arnprior Highg Newman Club. Future:-Eating! JAMES WALTER WILSON, Windsor, Ont. Walkerville C.I. ROBERT GEORGE WILSON. Toronto Humberside C.I.g Dental Hockey I-IV. HARRY WIN EBURG, Toronto C1613 C1623 C1633 AQ C1643 Harbord C.I.: Dentantics 473 Interfaculty Rugby Sc Basketball I. Future:-Practice in Toronto, Post grad work. MARVIN EDMUND WOLCH. Winnipeg, Man. IQ 165 f C 3 Watson Sask. Highg Pooky loves wide open spaces. Especially Golf Courses. Future:-The west. a nest. and Ruth. FREDERICK THOMAS WOOD, Lethbridge, Alta. Future:-Practice in the old Home-Town. GERRY LORNE WOODGER, Drinkwater, Sask. Alto Sax. in Dentantics Band for 2 yrsg Tennis. Future:-Practice in the westg to own an M.G. ROY GORDON WOOLIDGE, Toronto C1663 C1673 C1683 Humberside C.I.g Football I-V: Swimming I-Vg VVater polo I-Vg Lacrosse II-Vg Track gl Field I-IV. Future :-Dental Practice in Ontario. PHILIP ZAIDMAN, Toronto Parkdale C.I.g Football I. Future:-Practice in Toronto. ROCCI STEPHEN ZIMBALATTE, North Bay, Ont. North Bay C.I.g Newman Club: Golf. Future:-Practice in North Bay. AQ C1693 C1703 FACULTY OF DENTISTRY 169 DENTAL NURSING 170 ANNETTA KATHLEEN ANDERSON, Port Dalhousie. Dental Nursing, St. Catharines C.I.g Dentantics. MARION HAZEL ANDERSON, Toronto Dental Nursing, Runnymede C.I.g Vice-President Dentanticsg Basketball. Future:-NVork in Toronto. FRANCES AVONNE AVERY, Caledonia, Ont. Ont. C15 C25 of Class: C35 Dental Nursing, Caledonia Highg Toronlonensis Rep.: Badminton. Future:-Remain in Toronto. MIRIAM RUTH BAILEY, Toronto C45 Dental Nursing, Etobicoke C.I.3 Dentantics Representative. Future:-Dental Nursing maybe in U.S.A. JOYCE ELIZABETH BAUER, Vineland Station, Ont. C55 Dental Nursing, Beamsville Highg Athletic Representative. Dentan- tics. Future:-Pedodontia work. AMY HELEN BEATTIE, Owen Sound, Ont. Dental Nursing, Owen Sound C.l.g Dentantics. Future:-Dental Office. BETTY ELEANOR BENNETT, Moose Jaw, Sask. Dental Nursing. Moose Jaw Central C.AI.g Dentantics. Future:-Dental Office. MARY CARMEN BURROWS, Chapleau, Ont. C65 C75 C85 Dental Nursing, Chapleau Highg Dentanticsg Women's Union. Future :- Bermuda. JOY CAMERON, Fairlight, Sask. Dental Nursing, Fairlight High. Future:-Go back West. Clinic Work. JOAN MARILYN COOPER, Halifax, N.S. C95 C105 Dental Nursing, Queen Elizabeth Highg Dentanticsg House Council Y.W.C.A.3 Basketballg Swimmingg Women's Union. Future:-Public Health. JESSIE ELIZABETH DEANS-BUCHAN, Toronto Dental Nursing, North Toronto C.I.g Dentantics. Future:--Work in a dental office. JOAN CATHERINE EHNES, Weston, Ont. Dental Nursing, Weston C.I.g Hya Yaka Representativeg Future:-Obtain position in Toronto. DUDLEY BRAY FLEMING, Toronto Dental Nursing, Moulton College: Dentantics. Future:-Dental Nursing. CSurprise!5 ELINOR JEAN FRASER, Port Colborne, Ont. Dental Nursing, Port Colborne High, Dentantics. Future :-To work in U.S.A. ELIZABETH JANE MARTIN, Sutton West. Ont. C115 1125 Dentantics. C135 C145 C155 Dental Nursing, Sutton Highg President of Dental Nursing. Future:-Public Health. ELEANOR MORGAN, Hamilton, Ont. Dental Nursing, Westdale C.I.g Dentantics. MARY ELIZABETH MUSKE, Chapleau. Ont. Dental Nursing, Bishop Strachan School. Future:-South Pasedena, California, U.S.A. MARIA MARGARET ELIZABETH MCLYEAN, Toronto Dental Nursing, St. Clementsg Dentantics. C165 C175 C185 Future:-Dental nurse or further education in line of Social Service. 5 4 L and Dental Nursing ELEANOR JANET MCMULLEN, Toronto Dental Nursing, Runnymede C.I. DOROTHY GRACE MQNIVEN, Victoria, B.C. Dental Nursing, Branksome Hallg Skating, Future:-Working in Ontario. PATRICIA LOUISE SAVAUGE, Seaforth. Ont. Dental Nursing. Seaforth I-lighg Secretar Nursing. Future:-Dental Nursing in Toronto. YVONNE EDITH TAYLOR. Toronto Dental Nursing, Etobicoke C.I.g Dentantics. Future:-Dental Nursing in Bermuda and U.S.A. DENTAL NURSING 'J' 1 , , Z ,r ' Y ' i',,!, 1 Qfi ft" '., za.-, .A , 35, C195 BARBARA ANN TILLEY, Toronto Dental Nursing, Earl Haig C.I.g Dentantics. Future:-Dental Nursing or Further Education in the United States. C235 i203 JEAN MARGARET XVARREN, Toronto 6243 UH Dental Nursing. XVestdale C.I.g Dental Nurses Alumnae Association y-Treasurer. Dental Representative. Futurei-Dental office. 4223 FLORENCE ANN VVHILLANS. Toronto C259 Dental Nursing, Bishop Strachan School: Social Convener. Future:-Dental Office in Toronto. W X XX m x .U X ' A COME nv PLEASE, NURSE. H THIS young IVXPRN Q Q4 w0w'T OPEN his -4 fy . MOUTH v" ff" f it . ' ff? 3 1 , 6 L V .5-5 Z' 'O 0, 41 I 'ii' A ' 3- V . Aj l .f ' c Elia- - ' is 5 O' 3' f , J ji l f' J X I ' 'S ... . 0 I t 0 'TQ j , t .sv 4 ,.fl52Q' S'-jf' Q, -0 s I xijittlff " ' f- 1' A? D VXN-.ff - H ff ,- .ffl - - it 'Qt 7- ,- . -..., ,541 .:s- .mc 3 I ' ff l A fmt if xvy L, 0 J I l . 5 .jig fnzic? 4 L'r'! ' I L A ' E fe: ll!-wifi ii' 1 Inq! ' Q -, V - 1 . l 1 1 Lista? 171 Cntario College of Pharmacy R. o. HURST Phm.B. T is always interesting and important to have a record of your college days. You have that in Torontonensis. Each student should have a copy, because in the years to come you will enjoy looking through the book and it will bring to your mind many happy associations. There will be the happy memories of the athletic struggles of your class, the success of your various class activities and above all, the uplift that each one has derived from the total exper- ience of college life, especially the benefits of comradeship with the dozens of fine young people who were your associates. It is possible for one to obtain a fair grasp of the essentials of pharmacy by home study, but such a student would be impoverished in many ways in comparison with the richness of the reward that a student gains by the lively contact with fellow students. The same principle will apply after your graduation. Do not walk alone. Do not hold yourself aloof from your College, your pharmaceutical associations or your neighbours in pharmacy. An intimate contact with your fellow graduates will bring to you new concepts of the importance of your responsibilities, and new opportunities for service in Pharmacy. Pharmacy needs your help, your constructive help, your enthusiasm in promoting the new frontier in pharmacy that will be manifest within the next three or four years, in which time you will observe a dramatic change in the academic instruction given to the students who follow you. Your College is making plans to bring about the greatest change in its internal structure that has been made since the inception of pharmacy in Ontario, some seventy-five years ago. We ask you to lend your interest and help. P, In the years to come you will be proud to realize that you had a chance to witness the initiation of the change, the graduation of your College course from one that is manifestly inadequate for the new demands made on pharmacy to one that will be considered to be in keeping with modern scientific trendswik- 172 STANLEY DOUGLAS ADAMS, Forest, Ont. C15 Pharmacy, Forest High. WILLIAM LESTER ALLAN, Brantford, Ont. C25 Pharmacy, Brantford C.I. Future:-To graduate in '50. WILLIAM GORDON ALLCOCK, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. C35 Pharmacy, Sault C.I. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. - JAMES NAIRN ANDERSON, Toronto C45 Pharmacy, Malvern C.I. Future:-Retail Pharmacist. RALPH CRAWFORD ANDERSON, Guelph, Ont. C55 Pharmacy, Rehabilitation School. Future:-Retail Pharmacist. ALBERT APPELBAUM, Toronto P fl fb C65 Pharmacy, Harbord C.I. Future:-Plans an ethical pharmacy-laboratory, would also like to continue pharmaceutical studies. BERT LANGDON ARMSTRONG, Arthur. Ont. C75 Pharmacy, Arthur High. Future:-Travelling Salesman or Retail Pharmacy. BETTY ELAINE ASSELSTINE, Carleton Place, Ont. C85 Pharmacy, Carleton Place High. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. ' IRVING BAIN,. Toronto C95 Pharmacy, Harbord, Y.M.H.A. Future:-To eventually have a drugstore of my own and become married! Make lots of money. ROSS WILLIAM BARBER, Toronto C105 Pharmacy, Oakwood C.I., Table Tennis Club: Squash, All sports in general, Class Executive. Future:-To start my own business in a small town. WALTER JAMES BELL, Beeton, Ont. C115 Pharmacy, Beeton Continuation. ARCHIE BLACKMAN, Glace Bay, N. S. P II fb C125 Pharmacy, Glace Bay High. JAMES BLEIWEIS, Toronto P II 111 C135 Pharmacy, Harbord C.I., B.A. from U.C. in 1945, Volleyball. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. WILLIAM ERNEST BONNELI, Owen Sound, Ont. C145 Pharmacy, Owen Sound C.V.I., Skiing, Hunting, Fishing, Basketball, Badminton. JEANNETTE PATRICIA BOURASSA, Windsor, Ont. C155 Pharmacy, Walkerville C.I. Future :-Retail Pharmacy. FERGUS JAMES BROWN, Toronto C165 Pharmacy, York Memorial C.I. DARIA LIDIA BRYGIDER, Lviv, Galizia, Ukraine C175 Pharmacy, Vienna. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. RUTH FOWLER CANT, Owen Sound, Ont. C185 Pharmacy, Owen Sound C.I., Executive I, Volleyball, Y.W.C.A., Archery, Skiing. Future:-Nic, Retail Pharmacy. DONALD ERNEST CHARBONNEAU, Windsor, Ont. C105 Pharmacy, St. Joseph's High. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. JOHN WILLIAM CHIVERS, Sarnia. Ont. C205 Pharmacy, Sarnia C.I., Shooting team, Signal team, Skiing, Bad- mmton. Future :-Retail Pharmacy. JOY ROSEMARY CHRISTIAN. Churchill, Ont. C215 Pharmacy, Bradford High, Executive II, Y.W.C.A., W.C.T.U. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. ONTARIO COLLEGE OF PHARMACY 173 ONTARIO COLLEGE OF PHARMACY 174 MARY EILEEN CONNELLY, South Porcupine, Ont. C223 Pharmacy, South Porcupine Highg Secretary for second year execu- tive. HARVEY GERALD COONS, Preston, Ont. C233 Pharmacy, Preston Highq Class President I. WILLIAM ROSS COWPER, Temiskaming, Que. C243 Pharmacy, Temiskaming High. HOWARD DAWSON CRAYDON, Toronto C253 Pharmacy, York Memorial C.I.: Golfg Ping Pong. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. GEORGE IMRIE CROOKS, Port Arthur. Ont. A X C263 Pharmacy, Port Arthur C.I. JEAN-PAUL LUCIEN DESJARDINS, Ottawa, Ont. C273 gharmacy, University of Ottawa, Newman Clubg Hockeyg Tennisg kiing. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. ROBERT PAUL DOIG, London, Ont. C283 Pharmacy, London S.A.B. C.I. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. DOROTHY JEAN DORRANCE, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. C293 Pharmacy. Sault Ste. Marie Highg Executive 48-49. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. JOHN EDWARD DUTTON, Woodstock, Ont. C303 Pharmacy, Woodstock C.I.g Interested in sports, particularly Hockey and Baseball. Future:-Pharmacy. WILLIAM BRUCE DUTTON, Woodstock, Ont. Pharmacy, VVoodstock C.I. Future:-Practice of Pharmacy. RALPH MILTON EDSON, Toronto Pharmacy, Harbord C.I. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. REGINALD JOHN ERNEST ELGAR, Long Branch, Ont. Pharmacy, Long Branch High. BRUCE EVERETT ELLIOTT, Galt, Ont. , Pharmacy, Galt C.I. Future:gRetail Pharmacy. VVILLIAM DONALD ELLIS, Kapuskasing, Ont. Pharmacy, Kapuskasing High, Golhngg Skiingg Skating. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. HERBERT LAWRENCE ESFORD, Kingston, Ont. Pharmacy, Kingston C.V.l. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. SYDNEY FAIBISH. Toronto - P H111 C313 C323 C333 C343 C353 C363 C373 Pharmacy, Harbord C.I., S.A.C. Representative I, II, On Executive Committee I, II. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. DONALD HAROLD FIRBY, Simcoe, Ont. Pharmacy, Simcoe High. C383 Future:--To graduate in 1950. Hope to enter Retai lPharmacy and own store in small town. WILLIAM ROWLAND FOLTAS, Fort Erie. Ont. C393 Pharmacy, Fort Erie Highg Interested in Basketball, Football, Jazz enthusiast. l Future:--Retail Pharmacist. DONALD RALPH FULLER. Toronto Pharmacy, Earl Haig C.I.g Tennisg Golf: Footballg Chess. Future :--Retail Pharmacy. ISABELL GARLOCK, Toronto Pharmacy, Harbord C.I. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. ORVAL VVILLIAM GAUL, Stratford. Ont. . Pharmacy, Stratford C.I.: Badminton, Golf. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. C403 C413 C423 in JAMES DUNCAN GEDDES, Perth, Ont. C435 Pharmacy, Perth C.I.g Softball, Track: Basketball. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. JEAN LOUISE GEDDES. Toronto C445 Pharmacy, Riverdale C.I. SYDNEY GERSTEIN, Toronto C455 Pharmacy. Harbord C.I. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. JOHN KENDRICK GIFFIN, Toronto C465 Pharmacy. Brockville C.I. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. HEDLEY GOODYEAR GORDON, St. George, Ont. C475 Pharmacy, St. George Highg Huntingg Fishing, Shooting. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. PERCY GRADER, Toronto C485 Pharmacy. Harbord C.I.g Engineering: Arts, Lawg P.H. Sr E., Soc. Sz Phil., etc. , Future:-Expect to major in Meds, Dentistry. NORMAN GREENBERG, Toronto Pharmacy, Harbord C.I. Future:-Girls, girls and more girls. JOHN HUGH GREENE, Huntsville, Ont. Pharmacy. Huntsville High. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. HAROLD GROSSMAN, Toronto Pharmacy, Harbord C.I. THOMAS VICTOR GRUBB, Toronto PIIQIJ PHCI1 Pharmacy, Walkerton High, Y.M.C.A.: Interested in all sports. Future:-Sales position with a pharmaceutical compa HOWARD FREDERIC HANSEN, Sarnia, Ont. Pharmacy, Sarnia C.I.: Junior Executive: Basketball. DOUGLAS WILLIAM HARE, Creemore, Sask. Pharmacy, Creemore High. Future:-Pharmacy Retail Traveller. DOREEN WINNIFRED HARKER, Brockville, Ont. Pharmacy. Brockville C.I. Future:-Hospital Pharmacy. WILLIAM BURNS HOLT, Brantford, Ont. Pharmacy, Brantford C.I.: Baseball and Hockey. Future:-Retail or sales position in Pharmacy. CALVIN WALTER JAEGER, Thorold, Ont. Pharmacy, Thorold C.I. Future :-Retail Pharmacy. LORNE WILLIAM JOHNSON, Norwood, Ont. Pharmacy, Norwood High. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. VERNON IRA JOHNSON, Bruce, Alta. Pharmacy, Truro C.C.A., N.S. MARY JEAN JOHNSTON, Chatham, Ont. Pharmacy. Chatham C.I. Future:-Up to fate. ARTHUR WALTER THOMAS JOYCE, Hamilton. O Pharmacy, Delta C.I. JOHN FREDERICK KELLY. Petrolia, Ont. Pharmacy, Petrolia High, Basketball. Future:-Very indefinite. THOMAS HENRY KENNEY, Hamilton, Ont. Pharmacy, Delta C.I. ny. nt. C495 C505 C515 C525 C535 C545 C555 C565 C575 C585 C595 C605 C615 C625 C635 ONTARIO COLLEGE OF PHARMACY 175 ONTARIO COLLEGE OF PHARMACY 176 DOUGLAS LAWRENCE KIMPEL. Galt, Ont. Pharmacy, Galt C.I.: President, 2nd Year Executive. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. HARRY WILLIAM LAW, Oshawa. Ont. Pharmacy. Oshawa C.V.I. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. FRANCIS LEROY LEACH,'Chatham,fOnt. Pharmacy Chatham C.I., RadiogQAmateur Photography. Future:-Retail Drug Trade. LEWIS LEVITT, Toronto Pharmacy. Jarvis C.I. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. OWEN LEONARD LLOYD, Ottawa. Ont. Pharmacv, St. Patrick's College. Future :-Retail Pharmacy. CARMAN EUGENE LONDRY, Kingston, Ont. Pharmacy, Kingston C.I.g Boys' work, Basketball. Future:-Retil Pharmacy. GEORGE EDWARD LOTHIAN, Kirkland Lake. Ont. Pharmacy, Kirkland High. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. JAMES ROBERT LUTON, Hamilton, Ont. . Pharmacy, Westdale C.I.g lst Year,,Class Committee, Basketbal KENNETH ALLAN MacARTI-IUR, Lindsay Ont. Pharmacy. Lindsay C.I. THOMAS JAMES MacGOUGAN. Ottawa, Ont. C643 C653 C663 C673 C683 C693 C703 C713 l. C723 C733 Pharmacy, Nepean Highg Volleyball Ig Fencingg Interested in Tennis: Sailing. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. ROY JACK MacLAREN, Renfrew, Ont. Pharmacy, Renfrew High. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. MARY ELIZABETH MacLEAN, Toronto Pharmacy, Oakwood C.I.: Girls' Volleyball Team. Future:-Hospital or Retail Pharmacy. RUTH MARY MALPASS, Hamilton, Ont. Pharmacy, Delta C.I.g Member of Pharmacy Volleyball Te Apprenticed for J. C. Custeau, Hamilton. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. BASIL CHARLE MARKLE, Toronto Pharmacy, De La Salle "Oaklands". GEORGE ALEXANDER MARR, Grimsby, Ont. Pharmacy, Grimsby High, My favourite sport is basketball. BARBARA ANN MARTIN, Windsor, Ont. C743 C753 C763 amy C773 C783 C793 Pharmacy, Windsor C.I.g Member Executive I3 Girls' Volleyball Team, Tennis. Future:-Work in retail store I WILLIAM PRESTON MAVEN,lTorouto C803 Pharmacy, York Memorial C.I. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. JOHN JEROME MCCARTHY, Renfrew, Ont. C813 Pharmacy, Renfrew High. Future:-Pharmacist. ERNEST STUART MCMULLAN, Toronto C823 Pharmacy, York Memorial C.I. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. ANDREW ROY MILLER. Bath, Ont. C833 Pharmacy, Bath Continuationg Paid up member of Elbow Bending Club. Future :-Retail Pharmacy RICHARD TIBB MILLER, Cookstown, Ont. C843 Pharmacy, Cookstown High: A.F. 8: A.M. Future :-To own a drug store in Cookstown. NORMAN EDWIN MOOTE, Dunnville, Ont, C853 Pharmacy, Dunnville High: Hobby-music. Future:-Hope to go into wholesale or retail pharmacy. WILLIAM WILSON MUCHAN, Ancaster, Ont. C863 Pharmacy, Hamilton C.I.g Rifie Clubg Detailing, lots of golf. Future:-Raise five boys. HARRY HUGH MULLINS, Windsor, Ont. Pharmacy, Walkerville C.I. ALLISON ALBERT MUNDS, London, Ont. Pharmacy, St. Marys C.I. SHIRLEY JEAN MURCAR, Dundalk, Ont. 1873 1883 1893 Pharmacy, Dundalk Highg Treasurer, Jr. Executiveg Captain, Volleyball Team. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. I I Y RP Owen Sound Ont W LL AM HENR MU HY, , . U r 3 Pharmacy, Owen Sound C.I.g Tennis: Hockeyg Golfg Skimgg Fishing. Future:-Post Grad worl: at Owen Sound. OHN ALEXANDER NICOL Owen Sound Ont J . , . 1 3 Pharmacy, Owen Sound C.I.g Interested in Philatclyg Interested in nearly all types of sport. Future:-Own Retail Pharmacy. RUTH MARIE O'DONNELL, Fort William, Ont. 90 91 1923 Pharmacy, Arpin Memorial C.I.5 Newman Club: Volleyball Teamg Taught School in Northg Associate Western Conservatory of Music 1A.W.C.M.3. Future:-Hospital Pharmacy and Music. JOSEPH CHARLE EDMOND RANGER, Ottawa, Ont. 1933 Pharmacy, Ottawa University. Future:-To own a Retail Pharmacy. GEORGE FREDERICK REA, Whitby, Ont. 1943 Pharmacy, Whitby Highg Tennisg Badmintong Hockey. Future:-Retail Pharmacy. GEORGE THOMAS SCRIBBINS, Clinton, Ont. 1953 Pharmacy, Clinton C.I. Future:-Early Retirement. LESLIE OTTO SHVEMAR, Montreal, Que. P II 111 1963 Pharmacy, West Hill High. Future:-To raise delivery boys for the drug store. RONALD WILLIAM SMALLMAN, Thorold. Ont. 1973 Pharmacy, Thorold Rehab. and High. Future:-Good job, big house, large family. FRANK JOHN SMITH. Tillsonburg, Ont. 1983 Pharmacy, Tillsonburg High. Future:-Hope to own a Retail Pharmacy in a small town. HARVEY CLAYTON SMITH, Scotland, Ont. 1993 Pharmacy, Brantford C.I. Future:-To graduate in STO. ROBERT JOHN SMITH, Brampton, Ont. 11003 Pharmacy, Brampton High, Toronto Rehabilitation School, Base- ball: Basketball: Bowling. Future:-To operate own Retail Pharmacy. MAIDA DOREEN SNELGROVE, Toronto 11013 Pharmacy, North Toronto C.I.g On Council of Junior Executiveg On Volleyball Team. Future :-Hospital Pharmacy. HARVEY SNITMAN, Toronto Pharmacy, Harbord C.I. Future:-Pharmacy ?!! NELSON JOHN STRADER, Walkerton, Ont. Pharmacy, Walkerton High. Future:-To graduate in 1950. JAMES H. STUTT, Bowmanville, Ont. Pharmacy, Bowmanville High: Vice-President. Pharmacy I. KENNETH BORDEN SUTTON, Schomberg, Ont. Pharmacy, Weston Highg A.F. 81 A.M. DONALD WEBSTER TAYLOR, Toronto Pharmacy, Scarboro C.I.g Basketball. ORMA YVONNE TURNER. Orton, Ont. Pharmacy. Fergus Highg Future:-Pharmacy. WILLIAM EDGAR TURNER, Toronto Pharmacy, Lawrence Park C.I. CECIL EVERTON WALTERS, Midland. Ont. Pharmacy, Midland High. Future:-To own a Pharmacy in a small town. GEORGE HERBERT WATSON. Port Hope, Ont. Pharmacy, Port Hope High. REGINALD EDWARD WILSON, Brantford, Ont. Pharmacy, Brantford C.I.g On Volleyball Team: Music has attraction: Piano and Organ. Future :-Pharmacy. 11023 11033 11043 11053 11063 11073 11083 11093 11103 11113 grea t ONTARIO COLLEGE OF PHARMACY 177 Faculty of Music SIR ERNEST MacMILLAN B.A., D.Mus., LL.D., Mus.Doc., D. Litt. O have fulfilled all the requirements demanded of candidates for musical degrees is no small achievement and I am happy to add my warmest congratulations to those which the successful candidates will undoubtedly be receiving from their friends. The class of 1950 as a whole has shown enthusiasm and ability in the pursuit of musical knowledge and skillg its members have moreover taken their share in extra-curricular activities of a type that contri- bute much to the student's all-round development and, in some cases, to the benefit of the community in which he or she lives. In bidding farewell and wishing God-speed to this year's graduating class, I should like to remind them that the possession of a university degree entails great responsibility. No curriculum can include everything desirable in a musician's professional equipment and the most strenuous efforts on the part of even the most gifted student leave him still facing almost infinite tasks and potentialities. May you therefore never rest on your laurels but continue your efforts to scale further heights and attain the utmost that your individual gifts will allowwifs 178 RONALD WALKER ANDERSON, Oakville, Ont. C13 Oakville High ELSIE BABIAK, Toronto C23 Harbord C.I.3 Toronlonensis Rep.: Conservatory CSr.3 Symphony I- III: Opera School Orchestra I-IIIg U.C. Music Clubg Concert Mistress of University Symphony Orchestra III. . 1 Future:-Teaching: Developing a hobby in the higher ethics ol chartered accounting. HONOR NIPPER BENSON, Victoria, B.C. C33 Victoria C.I.g S.A.C. Rep. DANIEL FRANK BLACHFORD, Toronto C43 U.T.S.g University Symphony Orchestra, Conservatory Symphonic Band: U.C. Music Club, All-Varsity Revue: Class Rep.: Golf. Future:-Teaching: School Instrumental and Bandg Choral Orchestral work. GORDON RUSSELL BROOKS, Toronto C53 East York C.I.g Librarian-University Symphony Orchestra IIIQ Librarian, All-Varsity Chorus III, Reporter, The Varsily CA.M.8tD.3 III. Future:-Teaching. ANN PATRICIA CAWTHRA, Toronto C63 Branksome Hall. Future :-Teaching. JEAN-PAUL YVES CHABOT, Kingston, Ont. C73 Iiegiopolis Collegeg All-Varsity Revue II-III, Blue Sz XVl1ite Band I ,III Future:-Post Graduate Work at Queen's. FRANKLIN EUGENE CHURCHLEY, Port Hope, Ont. C83 Port Hope Highg Conservatory Symphonic Band I-Illq Hart House Glee Club Ig U.C. Follies IIIQ University Symphony Orchestra III. Future:-Teaching. BRUCE DUNCAN, Kenora, Ont. C93 Kenora High, La Societe Francaise Ig U.C. Players Guild I: U.C. Music Club II-III3 President IIIQ Hart House Glee Club Ilg Blue and White Band I-IIIQ University Symphony I-III: Royal Conserva- tory Symphony I-III. Future:-Ontario College of Educationg career in Secondary School music teaching. DELTRA RUTH EAMON, Biggar, Sask. C103 Biggar Highg Victoria College "Pirates of Penzance" Ig University College "Down in the Valley" II. Future:-Continuing with my singing career. CHARLES BANKS FOSTER, Verdun, Que. C113 Verdun Highg Blue and White Bandg Soccer. RAYMOND FREDRICK GLOVER, Williamsville, N.Y. C123 Riverside I-Iighg Hart House Glee Club II-III, U.C. Operetta II-IIIQ Under Graduate Association I-Illg President III. Future :-Postgrad work at Union Theological Seminary. DOROTHY MARION HAMILTON, Toronto C133 Parkdale C.I.g Future:--"Peter" is a Bell Singer and looks foreward to Post grad work with the class of '49. BARBARA HARGRAFT, Toronto C143 Branksome Hall. Future:-Teaching. LEE ALFRED HEPN ER, Edmonton, Alta. C153 Edmonton Technical, Conductor U. of T. Symphony Orchestra 8z All-Varsity Mixed Chorus. Future:-Further study in Europe, Developing Music in VVestern Canada. ELMER WALTER ISELER, Galt, Ont. C163 Port Colborne High: Mendelssohn Choirg Conservatory Bandg Conductor. Victoria Glee Clubg Assistant Conductor. University Symphony Orchestrag All-Varsity Mixed Chorus. Future:-High School Teaching. JACK KANE. Toronto C173 Rehabilitationg Member of Composers Workshop: Have had Compositions Performed at Victoria College CLiberal Arts Club3g Clarinetist with Conservatory Opera School Orchestra. Future :-Teaching and Composition. WILLIAM EDWARD MARWICK, Cochrane, Ont. C183 Cochrane High: Choral Director U.C. Follies '49, Curator, Carnegie Record Collection g I.S.S., Musical Composition. Future :-High School Teachingg Choral Work. ROGER WARD MCADAM. Ottawa, Ont. C193 Glebe C.I.g Glee Club Committee Il-Illg Varsity Radio Show III: Original Musical Comedy, U.C. Music Clubg "Red Mill" Conductor, Undergrad Association I-III. Future :-High School Teacher. X FACULTY OF MUSIC 179 FACULTY OF MUSIC CATHERINE CHARLOTTE MORRIS, Port Arthur, Ont. C201 Port Arthur C.I.: Vice President Undergraduate Association of Faculty of Music III: Music Club, University College I-III: All- Varsity Chorus III. Future:-Teaching. EARL ROY SIMARD, Timmins, Ont. C213 Timmins High: Blue 81 White Band II: Ski Club I-III: Music Club II. Future:-Supervising of Music in the schools. JUNE LUCILLE STRATTON, Owen Sound. Ont. C223 Owen Sound C.I.: Undergraduate Association Executive Class Rep. II: Class Chairman III: Accompanist "The Red Mill" III: CU C. Music Clubl. Future:-Teaching. DOROTHY THORNTON, Regina, Sask. C235 Regina Central C.I.: Secretary-Treasurer Music Course II: U.C. Music Club III. Future:-Teaching in U.S. MARGERY MAE VAUGH.-XN, Port Alberni, B.C. C245 Alberni District High: I.S.S. Representative. Faculty of Music. Future:-Music Teaching. JOHN FREDERICK WATSON, Leamington. Ont. C25l Leamington High: St. Mary Magdalene Choir: Dr. Bell C.B.C. Male Choir: U.C. Operetta "Down in the Valley:" Conservatory Symphonic Band: Concert Organization on Campus. Future:-Post grad work at U. of Minnesota or Ohio State. LLOYD ALVIN ZURBRIGG. Listowel, Ont. C263 Listowel High: French Club: Music Club: Piano: A terrific devotion to the growing and developing of iris, and interested in soil science. Future:-Sufficient unto the day. I T I 5 ' . ' H P C ii X A I f- V W ff . -1 S - f I r fb X an i s. 4 .W I il A ' I "im - 33' .,5..4' .Q 7 ll v vs--f ml- ' A K It ... A Q.. U - - -. 5 I 180 I Faculty of Forestry J. W. B. SISAM, M.F. OR the third successive year it is possible to record that the largest class of foresters in the history of the Faculty has completed its training at this University. Much the same situation is true for the other Canadian schools and after some forty years of slow but steady growth the profession of forestry is now quite suddenly in a period of rapid expansion-so much so that the number of graduate foresters in this country will double in the course of so five years. A question of increasing importance is whether or not opportunities for professional employment are keeping pace with the supply of trained men. Up to the present conditions have been fairly satisfactory and there is no doubt as to the inherent need for many more graduates to deal adequately with our forestry problems. However with the tremendous increase in numbers during the past two years it seems probable that a period of adjustment between demand and supply will be necessary. This is a problem of the immediate future in connection with which the following points may perhaps be considered relevant. A period of practical experience and training immediately after graduation and before assuming technical responsibilities is as important in forestry as in other professions. While some jobs that provide 'such experience during an apprenticeship period may not be as remunerative as others at the time, their real value is in the preparation they afford for the future. The proper development of this concept in cooperation with industry and govern- ment departments might well result in the more extensive employment of foresters and eventually in the strengthening of forestry and the forestry profession. The progress that has been made in Canadian forestry up to the present time-and it has been considerable-has come about mainly through the efforts of the foresters themselves, individually and collectively. This must also be true of future progress. Advances can come about only if members of the profession are giving constant attention to the many problems affecting proper forestry practice, each in his own field, and together making every effort for their solution. It has taken more than one hundred years for certain European countries to attain their policy of carefully guarded and intelligently tended forests. So much the harder must we work to attain our goal in a country only now beginning to be forestry-conscious. Our first responsibilities must of course be to our respective employers but we must also all recognize certain responsibilities to our profession if we are to make our best progress. For those of you who have a particular interest in one or other specialized field there can be a widening of opportunity through post-graduate studies. However unless conditions are exceptional it is generally agreed that at least one or two years of practical experience in the field should intervene between an undergraduate course and more advanced work. It may perhaps be said that a real interest in the subject, more than an average ability for clear and accurate thinking, and much persevering are necessary for real success in post-graduate work and in developing the opportunities that this may lead to. Whatever may be your hopes and plans for the future, rest assured that your Faculty and your University wish you every success in a happy ventured-Qs 181 FACULTY OF FORESTRY 182 WALTER DAVID ADLAM, Toronto C15 Etobicoke C.I., On the staff of The A nnual Ring. Future:-Forestry practice. EDWARD WALTER AMOS, Kitchener, Ont. C25 Kitchener C,I.g Foresters' Club: Volleyball: Business Manager, The Annual Ring. Future:-Forester, Spruce Falls Power 8: Paper Co. Ltd., Kapuska- sing, Ont. EVAN FINLAY ANDERSON, Kincardine, Ont. C35 Kincardine Highg Foresters' Club I-IVQ Assistant Sports Editor IIIQ Editor IV, The Annual Ringg Forestry Teams-Football Il, Hockey II-Ill, Basketball I-Ill. PHILIP EDWIN ANSLOW, Pembroke, Ont. C45 Pembroke Highg Foresters' Club. GEORGE ALBERT ASHENDEN, Port Colborne, Ont. C55 Port Colborne Highg Foresters' Club I-IV. Future:-Employment with Ontario Department of Lands 8: Forest, Division of Timber Management--CForest Resources lnventory5. GORDON ROSS BAIN, Toronto C65 East York C.l.g Foresters' Club I-IV: Publicity The Annual Ring III-IVQ Basketball. Future:-Pulp and Paper Industry. RONALD ARCHER BALKWILL, Windsor, Ont. C75 Walkerville C.I., Foresters' Club I-IVQ Forestry Basketball I-IV. Future:-Employment with Ontario Department of Lands 8: Forests Division of Timber Management, F.R.I. RUPERT HEDLEY BANKS, Waterville, N.S. C85 Kings County Academy, Kentville, N.S.g Golfg Hockeyg Basketball. Future:-Forestry, industry. VVILLIAM ARTHUR BARTLETT, St. Marys, Ont. C95 St. Mary's C.I.g Member of Staff, The Annual Ring III-IV. Future:-Forestry practice, Spruce Falls Power and Paper Co. Ltd., Kapuskasing, Ont. , GORDON CAMERON BELL, Cobourg. Ont. 'FY' C105 Cobourg C.I.g Hart House Camera Club. Future:-Employment with a pulp company. COLIN MACDONALD BLACKWOOD, Port Dalhousie, Ont. C115 St. Catharines C.I., Forestry Lacrosse "A" Team. LESLIE WILLIAM BOOTH, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. fb K 2 C125 Sault Ste. Marie C.I.g Forestry Rugby II-IVQ Hockey III. JOHN EDMUND BOTHWELL, Newmarket, Ont. C135 Newmarket High: Foresters' Club I-IVg Basketball I-IV. Future:-Forestry VVork. WILLIAM RICHARD BUNTING, Ajax, Ont. C145 Pickering Continuation. Future:-Employment with Department of Lands 8x Forests. CARL HERBERT BURTON, Niagara Falls. Ont. C155 Niagara Falls C.I.g Forestry Hockey II-Illg Swim Team Ig Foresters' Club I-IV. Future:-See the world. LEO GERARD CAHILL, Toronto C165 De La Salle, Forestry Club. Future:-Nothing dennite. GRAHAM MURRAY CAMERON, Harcourt, N.B. E N C175 Somerville High, Mass. U.S.A.g Hart House Revolver Club, Foresters' Club, Staff, The Annual Ring. ALAN SHAPTER COCHRANE, Toronto C185 Humberside C.I. Future:-Pathology. JOHN COCKERILL, Scarboro, Ont. C195 ' Scarboro C.I. THOMAS WILLIAM CONNOLLY, Durham. Ont. C205 Durham High. Future:--Work in Forestry. IAN MCDONALD CRAN. Windsor. Ont. C215 Sandwich C.I. JACK THOMPSON DAVIS, Stratford. Ont. Stratford C.V.I.g Foresters' Club. JACK EDWIN DICKENSON. Burlington, Ont. Burlington High. WILFRED HENRY DIGBY, Copper Cliff. Ont. Copper Cliff Highg Varsity Senior Blues Hockey Club. ROBERT MARSHALL DIXON, Newmarket, Ont. Newmarket High. STUART ALAN DOAN, Port Colborne, Ont. Port Colborne C.I. JOHN TERENCE DORLAND, London, Ont. Pickering College: Foresters' Club. GEORGE STEWART DOULL, Perth. Ont. C225 C235 C245 C255 C265 C275 C285 Perth C.I.g Track 8: Harrier Club: Vice-President Forestry Athletic Assn.: Foresters' Club. BRUCE RONALD DREISINGER, Toronto East York High Future:-Forestry Work. ELLIS K. E. DREYER, Elora, Ont. Elora Highg President, Foresters' Club. SYLVIO A. FOURNIER, Minnow Lake, Ont. Sudbury High. MURRAY EDWARD GALL, Toronto Lawrence Park C.I. JAMES KEVIN GAUGHAN, Scotia, Ont. North Bay C.I.g Newman Club. GEORGE ALBERT GENGE, Toronto North Toronto C.I. ARTHUR WARREN GHENT, Toronto Jarvis C.I. Future:-Uncertain-possibly postgraduate work in Forestry. CHARLES LESLIE GIBSON. Newcastle, Ont. Newcastle High: Lacrosse I-IIIQ Soccer III-IV. Future:-qForestry work in the held. GORDON WILLIAM R. GILES, Toronto Vaughan Road C.I. THOMAS COY GORDON, Galt, Ont. K A St. Andrew's College. Future:-Forester. JOHN FRANCIS WILLIS GOURLAY, Kinburn, Ont. Kinburn Continuation. Future :-Forester. KENNETH DARCY GREAVES, Toronto U.T.S. Future :-Forester. CHARLES RIDLEY GROVES, Toronto Vaughan Road C.I. DONALD LeROY HAGAR, Port Arthur, Ont. Port Arthur C.I. C295 C305 C315 C325 C335 C345 C355 C365 C375 C385 C395 C405 C415 C425 FACULTY OF FORESTRY 183 FACULTY OF FORESTRY 184 PETER MICHAEL ROSE HARVIE, Barrie, Ont. fb K E C433 Upper Canada Collegeg Forestry Club. Future:--Possibly into private industry. JOHN STANLEY HAZELL. Toronto C443 Lawrence Park C.I.g Lacrosse II-IVQ Basketball I-IIIQ Toronlonensis Rep. IV. Future:-Industry? EDVVARD LANCELOT HUGHES. Tillsonburg, Ont. C453 Tillsonburg High. Future:-Research Work in Forestry. JOHN DOUGLAS HUGHES, Toronto C463 Riverdale C.I. Future:-Research in Forestry VVork. . RODNEY VVILLIAM HUMMEL, Chesterville. Ont. C473 Chesterville High. Future:-Ontario Department of Lands 8 Forests-Timber Management Division. ERNEST REGINALD HUMPHREYS, Aylmer, Ont. C483 Aylmer Highg Foresters' Club. Future:-Manager of Camp No. 1. JAMES SAMUEL JAM ESON, Toronto Q C493 Malvern C.I.g Foresters' Clubg Minor Basketball I-IVg Skiing: Badminton. Future:-VVork-I suppose. JACK MITCHELL JARVIS, Campbellford. Ont. C503 Campbellford Highg Foresters' Club. Future:-Post grad work at Yale. ARCHIE ROY CAMPBELL JONES, Toronto A A KI? C513 Trinity College Schoolg U. of T. Senior Footballg U. of T.Ski Team. ROBERT JOHN JULIAN. Vlfoodstock, Ont. C523 YVoodst0ck C.I.: Forestry Clubg Forestry Rugby Teamg Minor League Basketball. Future:-Forester. O GEORGE VINCENT KAYE. Toronto C533 St. Michael's College: Football IIIg Hockey I-III: Hockey Coach IV: Foresters' Clubg Swimming II-III. Future:-National Park Recreational Occupation. THOMAS HODGINS LLOYD, Timagami. Ont. C543 Haileybury High. DONALD DAVID LOCKHART, Ste. Anne De Bellevue, Que. C553 111 K YI Macdonald High. JAMES FREDERICK LONG, Toronto C563 Riverdale C.I. GORDON MATHESON LONGLEY. Toronto C573 Humberside C.I. STEVEN W. LUKINUK, Hudson, Ont. D C58' Fort VVilliam Highg The Annual Ring III-IVQ Biology Club. Future:-Open to offer. DONALD VVILLIAM MacGREGOR, Toronto C593 Runnymede C.I. DAVID CHARLES MASON. London. Ont. C603 London South C.I.: Secretary-Treasurer, Foresters' Club: Football I- IV: Water polo 8: Basketball I-III3 President South House Men's ' IV Residence . . Future:-Possibly Postgrad in Forestry. WILLIAM KIRK MCGINN, Toronto C613 North Toronto C.I. Future:-Employment in Forestry. JOHN ROBERT MCKNIGHT, Toronto C623 Humberside C.I. PAUL ALEXANDER MICK, Powassan. Ont. C633 Powassan Highg Foresters' Club. GORDON HENDERSON MILLER, Toronto C643 Lawrence Park C.I. MANNING JOHN MONAGHAN, Richmond, Ont. 2 N C653 Nepean High: Forestry Club. Future:-I've heard the country is going to the dogs so I'm going to raise trees. THOMAS JOSEPH OPENSHAVV, Kenora, Ont. C667 North Bay C.I. DOUGLAS MERWOOD PEACOCK, Barrie, Ont. C675 Barrie C.I., Foresters' Club. DONALD PENNA, Sudbury, Ont. l C685 Sudbury High, Forestry Ski Team I-IV, Manager for Ski Team IV. Future:-Pulp K Paper, Northern Ontario. RICHARD JAMES PHILLIPS, Hamilton. Ont. C695 Hamilton Central, Foresters' Club. Future:-Work with Department of Lands and Forests, Ont. CARL JOSEPH POCHAILO, Kenora. Ont. E N C705 Kenora High, Faculty Hockey, Swimming. Future:-Work with pulp company or possibly government. ALLAN CLIFFORD POOLE, Orillia. Ont. C717 Orillia C.I., President, Forestry Athletic Association, Forestry Club, Hockey, Lacrosse, Tennis. RONALD FRANK RODWELL, Toronto C725 Northern Vocational, Forestry Club, Hockey-Player-Coach. DONALD ALEXANDER SCOTT. Indore, India C735 Oshawa C.I., Forester's Club I-IV, Forestry Soccer I, Varsity Soccer II, Forestry Basketball I-IV. Future:-Reforestation Branch, Department of Lands 8: Forests. WILLIAM LEONARD SLEEMAN, Sleeman, Ont. C745 Rainy River High. Future:-Work with Department of Lands and Forests on Manage- ment. VICTOR ISAAC SLEEP, Lindsay, Ont. C755 Lindsay C.I. JOHN CUNNINGHAM STEWART, Toronto C765 Riverdale C.I., Foresters' Club, Forestry Soccer. Future:-Forester. JOHN DOUGLAS STONE, Toronto C775 Lawrence Park C.I., Tennis II-IV, Soccer III-IV, Skiing II-IV. Future :-Forester. EDWARD TAMOSETIS, Toronto C785 Kapuskasing High, Rugby, Hockey. Future:-Operational work in Forestry. HARRY WILLIAM ERNEST THOMAS, Port Arthur. Ont. C795 Port Arthur, C.I., Foresters' Club, Inter Faculty Rugby III-IV, Basketball I-III, Water polo II. ROBERT ERIC THOMSON, Toronto C805 Malvern C.I. Future:-Postgrad work in Forestry. JOHN ALFRED USHER, Grafton. Ont. C815 Cobourg High, Foresters' Club, Revolver Club II, The Annual Ring Staff. FREDERIC WESLEY WHEELER, Northmount, Ont. C825 Earl Haig C.I., Basketball I-IV. DANIEL CHARLES WHITE, Oakville, Ont. C835 North Toronto C.I., Foresters' Club, Forestry Soccer III-IV. STANLEY BRUNSWICK WHITE, Port Arthur, Ont. C845 Port Arthur C.I., Soccer Team CForestry5. Future:-Employment with Industry in some form of Forestry Work. JAMES RICHARD MACKENZIE WILLIAMS, Shanty Bay. Ont. C855 Orillia C.I., Editor, The Annual Ring IV, Editorial Staff III. Future:-Professional Forestry work. ERIC JOHN WINTERS, Fort William, Ont. C865 Fort William C.I., Foresters' Club, Interfaculty Rugby I-IV, Interfaculty Water polo I-IV, Interfaculty Swimming III-IV. JOHN GODFREY WISKIN, Island Falls, Ont. C373 Cochrane High, Foresters' Club I-IV. DONALD GLEN WYLLIE, Windsor. Ont. E N C885 Patterson C.I., Forester's Club, Vice-President, Foresters' Club. DONALD CHAMBERLIN YULE. Ingersoll,'Ont. C395 Ingersoll C.I., Forestry Club I-IV, Boxing,4Lacrosse'II-IV, Hockey II, Soccer IV. ' Future:-Bright to the wanderer. FACULTY OF FORESTRY 185 School of Physical and Health Education H. A. GATES M.B. VE ATQUE VALE! How quickly three years go by. Yesterday, we welcomed you to the University, today we bid you God-speed. What of these three years? What have you done with them? What have they done with you? Now is the time to pause and take stock. If your course has given you nothing but a body of information that you are now eager to use in order that you may make a living, the University has benefited you little or not at all. If, however, your vision is widened, your ability to think enhanced, your tolerance of the opinions of others increased, the University has benefited you greatly for it has taught you how to make-not merely a living-but a life. No doubt more than one subject of the curriculum appealed to you at first as being of very little practical value, but the best things in life of course are good for nothing-nothing material that is. Perhaps by now you have begun to realize the value of the useless. If so, your chances for a contented life are great whatever material success may be yours. As graduates of the University of Toronto you have not finished your courseg you have just begun it. Your school exists to serve you after, as well as before, graduation and the more you keep us informed about the problems that confront you, the better we can adjust the course to meet growing and varying needs. Your active interest, therefore, in your School of Physical and Health Education and its Alumni Association will be to our common advantage. We shall watch your progress with interest, we hope you will often revisit us and we wish you the happiness that comes from service. Au revoirlagf- 186 NATHALIE FAY ALLIN, Toronto C13 North Toronto C.l.: Health's A-Poppin' Show I-III: Baseball Manager I. Future:-Recreation work. AUDREY JEAN BAREFOOT, Toronto C23 Humberside C.I.: Library Chairman III: Hockey IIAIII: Swimming. Future:-Teaching either public or secondary. CATHERINE ELIZABETH CATTO, York Mills, Ont. AI' C33 Branksome Hall: P.H.E. Basketball: Volleyball I-III: U. of T. Basketball Pres. III: All-Varsity Volleyball II: P.H.E. Swimming II-III: P.H.E. Aquatic Club II-III. Future:-O.C.E., then teaching. HELEN RHEA CHANNEN. Timmins, Ont. C43 Timmins High: Basketball: P.H.E. I, III: Basketball Coach Saint Hilda's Freshies 1949: Toronto Skating Club: U.T. Cheer Leader II, III. Future:-New York University for postgrad work in Community Recreation. CMRS.3 ELLEN SHIRLEY COLE, Toronto C53 Harbord C.I.: Softball I-Il: Health's A-Poppin I-III: Badminton I-III: Tennis I-II. Future:-Recreation work. COLIN DONALD COLQUHOUN. Listowel, Ont. C63 Listowel High: U.C. Hockey II: U.C. Soccer. Lacrosse, Hockey III. Future:-O.C.E. MARIO CONCESSI, Port Colborne, Ont. C73 Port Colborne High: Basketball: Soccer. Future:-O.C.E.-High School teaching. PATRICIA ANNE CONWAY. Toronto C83 North Toronto C.I.: Volleyball Rep. P.H.E. III: Baseball II-III: Basketball I-III: Volleyball II-III: Intercollegiate Volleyball II-III: Basketball Coach. Future:-O.C.E. GEORGE ALAN CUMMINGS. North Bay, Ont. fb I' A C93 North Bay C.I.: Hockey I-III: Lacrosse II-III: Soccer III: P.H.E. III Social Rep: U.C. Hockey Rep III. 1 Future:-Post grad. JOHN THOMAS DAVIES, Toronto E N C103 East York C.I.: C.O.T.C. IYIII: Lacrosse II-III: Boxing II: Wrestling III: Basketball III. Future:-O.C.E. JEAN EILEEN DICKER, Toronto AOIT C113 Timmins High: Softball and Volleyball I-III: Basketball coaching III: Health's A-Poppin' II-III: P.H.E. Rep. for W.U.U.A. III. Future:-High School Teaching. BENJAMIN ORIN DICKSON, Burgessville, Ont. C123 Norwich High: Hockey I-III: Soccer III. Future:-O.C.E. ' JANE DILLON, Toronto A 111 C133 St. Clements: Baseball I-III: Volleyball I: Badminton I-II: Varsity Aquacade: Basketball Coaching: Field Hockey Team. Future :-Teaching and owning my own camp. MARGARET CATHERINE DOYLE, Simcoe, Ont. C143 Simcoe High: Basketball P.H.E. I-III: Volleyball P.H.E.: Baseball g.H.E.: Coach P.H.E. I Basketball: U. of T. Volleyball: Campus o-op. Future:-O.C.E. JOHN CHARLES ELLIOTT, Oshawa, Ont. C153 Oshawa C.I.: Basketball I-II: Swimming. Future:-O.C.E. WALTER FERRIS, Toronto C163 Future:-Teaching. EDWARD B.M. FISHER, Toronto C173 Riverdale C.I.: Sr. Football I-III: P.H.E. Basketball: VVrestling: Health's A-Poppin. Future:-O.C.E. JOHN FLOVVERS, Toronto C183 ALAN J. FONTANA, Toronto ' C193 North Toronto C.I.: Volleyball, Basketball II: Soccer III. MICHAEL JAMES FURLONG, Port Colborne, Ont. C203 Port.Colborne High: Year Rep. II: P.H.E. Athletic Director III: Varsity Intermediate Basketball and Football II: Inter-faculty Football I. ' Future:-O.C.E. JAMES MURRAY GAYMAN, St. Catharines, Ont. C213 Merritton High: Senior Intercollegiate Track I-III: Interfaculty Swimming I-II: Basketball II. Future:-O.C.E. PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION 187 ' hi 1 l PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION 188 DOUGLAS JAMES GRANT, Truro. N.S. C221 Colchester County High: Soccer III: Lacrosse III: Hockey II. Future:-O.C.E. JACK MOXON GRAY, Toronto C231 VVestern Tech.: Senior Blues Football I-III: Senior Blues Basketball I-III: Track II. Future:-Teaching. FLORENCE GROSS, Toronto C241 Harbord C.I.: Softball: Volleyball: IIealth's A-Poppin: All-Varsity Aqua-Show. Future:-School of Social Work. CLINTON DWIGHT HAIST, Fonthill, Ont. C251 Pelham District High: P.H.E. Basketball I-III: Lacrosse III: Soccer III: Wrestling I, III: Golf. Future:-O.C.E. A MARGARET BLANCHE HARRINGTON, Toronto AI' A C261 Humberside C.I.: Captain Varsity Intercollegiate Swim Team I-III. Hockey: Varsity Cheerleading I-III: Health's A-Poppin': P.H.E: Swimming Rep.: Winner of Senior T. Future:-Post grad work in States. ROBERT LEONARD HEATH, Schumacher, Ont. C271 Schumacher High: U.C. Soccer Sr.: Basketball P.H.E. II-III: Track Sz Field. Future:-O.C.E., Post grad in States. THELMA JOAN HENDERSON, Toronto C281 Runnymede C.I.: 3rd Yr. Rep. P.H.E.U.A.: P.H.E. Basketball I-III: P.H.E. Volleyball I-III: All-Varsity Volleyball I-II: U. of T. Volley- ball President: P.H.E. Softball III: Basketball Coaching: U. of T. Aquacade. ' Future:-O.C.E. then teaching. JOHN ROY HERMAN, Toronto C291 Kirkland Lake C.I.: Woodworking 81 Carpentry: Dancing: Golf. Future:-To become a secondary school teacher. GERALD E. HIGENELL, Dashwood, Ont. C301 Port Colborne High: Basketball II-III: Volleyball II: Soccer III: Lacrosse III. Future:-O.C.E. SYLVIA JEAN HOLMES, Toronto K K I' C311 Malvern C.I.: Volleyball I-II: Health's A-Poppin': Baseball III. Future:-O.C.E. MARY MARGARET HORNING, Toronto KKI' C321 Oakwood C.I.: Health's A-Poppin' I-III: U. of T. Aquatic Club: Intramural Swimming: I.S.S. MARGARET ELIZABETH HUDSON, Toronto C331 Jarvis C.I.: Social Rep. on P.H.E. Executive I-III: Baseball: Basketball: Volleyball: S.C.M. I: Assistant director of Health's A-Poppin' III: took part in show I-III. Future:-O.C.E. DOROTHY HUNT, Toronto A fb C341 Jarvis C.I.: Riding Club: Baseball Umping: Health's A-Poppin'g Art: Crafts: Tennis. Future:-Recreational work and riding. JOSEPH SPENCER HUNT, Pembroke, Ont. C351 Rehab.: Boxing: Gymnastics: Lacrosse. GARRUTH GEORGE McTAVISH IVES, Pembroke, Ont. C361 Pembroke C.I.: U.C.-P.H.E. Football I: Ski Team I: Lacrosse II-III: Soccer III. Future:-O.C. E. EILEEN DOROTHEA JACKSON, Newmarket, Ont. A A A C371 Newmarket High: Softball I-III: Hockey II: Basketball Coach: Volleyball III: Health's A-Poppin': Dancing II-III. Future:-A career Cor O.C.E.1. ALICE EVELYN JAMIESON, Almonte, Ont. C381 Almonte High: Softball I-III: Hockey I-II: Basketball I-III: Inter-Collegiate Hockey II. Future:-O.C.E. HAVELOCK FREDERICK JEWSON. Grimsby, Ont. C391 Grimsby High: Literary Executive Holwood: Football U.C.: Hockey U.C.: Lacrosse P.H.E.: Basketball P.H.E. 81 Holwood:VolleyballU.C. Future:-O.C.E. Sz B.A. at Toronto. KENNETH EDVVARD KEEGAN, Brampton, Ont. C401 Brampton High: Basketball I-III: Lacrosse II-III: Coach III: Soccer III. Future:-O.C.E. JOHN JOSEPH KELLY, Niagara Falls. Ont. C411 Stamford C.I.: Varsity Intermediate Football II: Varsity Senior Football III: Health's A-Poppin' II: Basketball. Future:-O.C.E. LOIS MARGARET ANNE KELLY. Toronto A fb C421 Oakwood C.I.: Volleyball: Health's A-Poppin': Riding. Future:-Y.W.C.A. JOHN R. KENNEDY, Toronto C433 Bloor C.I.: Basketball I-III: Varsity Intermediate Football II: Varsity Blues Football III. Future:-O.C.E.-Teaching. MARY MARGARET LEESON, Aylmer, Ont. C443 Aylmer High: P.H.E. U.A. Rep. I: Treasurer Il: Secretary III: Member Campus Co-op: P.H.E. Softball I-III: Basketball I-Ill: Hockey I-III: Coach Meds Basketball II-III. Future:-O.C.E. CMRS.3 MABEL LOUISE LOVEYS, St. John's, Nfld. C453 Prince of Wales College. Future:-Physical and Health Education Instructress in New- foundland. LORNA BEVERLEY LOWRY, Toronto C463 North Toronto C.I.: P.H.E. Volleyball I-II: Basketball II: Health's A-Poppin': Riding. Future:-Community Recreation. NORMAN JOHN MacKENZlE, Gladstone. Man. C473 Gladstone High: U.C. Football Il-III: U.C. P.H.E. Soccer III: U.C. P.H.E. Volleyball II-III: Intercollegiate Basketball Il-III: U.C. P.H.E. Hockey III. Future:-Teaching. JANE ISOBEL MACKLIN, Toronto AI' A C483 North Toronto C.l.: lst Baseball Team CP.H.E.3: lst Hockey Team CP.H.E.3: U.C. Follies I-III: Health's A-Poppin' I-III: Basketball 8: Tennis III. MARY ISABEL MacPHERSON, Toronto AI' A C493 Lawrence Park C.l.: P.H.E. Ski Representative: Basketball I-III: Hockey I-III: Health's A-Poppin' I-III: Baseball II. Future:-Work in Recreation centre. THACKER-MAY SELDON MacPHERSON. Toronto AI' A C503 North Toronto C.I.: Tennis I-III: Baseball III: Volleyball II-III: Health's A-Poppin' IVIII: P.H.E. Athletic Association II-III: U.C. Follies II: Hockey Referee II. Future:-Teaching DONALD ALLAN MAYNARD, Unionville, Ont. C513 Markham High: Manager-Coach U.C. Soccer: Lacrosse II: Hockey. Future:-O.C.E. J STELLA GRACE MCCORD, Barrie, Ont. C523 Barrie C.I.: Drum-majorette Blue 81 White Band III: Volleyball Il. Future:-Teaching. JOHN SHANNAHAN MCMANUS, Winnipeg, Man. C533 Kelvin High: Varsity Senior Blues Basketball I-III. Future:-Teaching. BEVERLEY ANNE MORRISON. Ottawa. Ont. C543 Lisgar C.I.: P.H.E. Basketball I-II: Coaching II-III: Sports olhcial II-III: P.H.E. Volleyball II: Coaching II-III: Softball I. ROBERT NEFF, St. Catharines, Ont. C553 Merritton High: Basketball II. Future:-Eventually hope to teach. JOSEPH GEORGE NICK, Winnipeg, Man. C563 Isaac Newton High: Undergraduate Association I-III: Year Rep. I: Vice-President II: President III: Health's A-Poppin', Assistant Director II: Director III. Future:-Physical Education Supervisor-Manitoba. WILLIAM THOMAS OWSTON, Toronto C573 Bloor C.I.: Football I: Basketball I: Swimming I- II: VVater polo I- II: Wrestling I-III: Lacrosse Il-III. Future:-R.C.A.F. DONALDA FRANCES PAFF, Toronto AI' A C583 Havergal College: Health's A-Poppin' I-III: All-Varsity Review II- III: Softball I-III: Cheerleader III. Future:-Postgrad work in U.S.A. EVA MCVEAN PEACE, Toronto C593 St. Joseph College: Interfaculty Swimming I-III: Volleyball Coach II-III: Basketball Referee III: Baseball Umpire III: Health's A-Poppin' I-III: All-Varsity Revue II: The Varsity Sports Reporter. Future:-Teaching Physical Education. NORMA CATHERINE PINNOCK, Toronto C603 Lawrence Park C.I.: Aquatic Club I-Il: Softball Club President III: P.H.E. Swim TeamII. JOYCE ELIZABETH POLLOCK, Uxbridge, Ont. C613 Uxbridge High: Health's A-Poppin': Future:-O.C.E. 81 a High School position. RICHARD WILLIAM PRIESTMAN, Toronto C623 Malvern C.I.: Intercollegiate Boxing Teams I-III: U.C. Soccer III: Camping. Future:-O.C.E. ALLISTER RODERICK ROBERTSON, Halifax, N.S. C633 Queen Elizabeth High: U.C. Hockey I-III: P.H.E. Lacrosse II-III: P.H.E. Basketball I: Manager Jr. Varsity Basketball III. Future:-Recreational Programme-Post-graduate studies. PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION 189 PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION 190 ELEANOR MARGARET RODGERS, Toronto C647 North Toronto C.I.: Basketball I: Volleyball II: Baseball II: Health's A-Poppin'. Future:-Teach in High School. ROBERT ALAN ROSEBRUGH, Toronto C657 Vaughan Road C.I.: Intermediate Football II: Health's A-Poppin' II: Intramural Basketball I-III. Future:-Columbia University CPostgrad Work7, O.C.E, Teaching. EDITH FAY SCHACTER, Toronto C667 North Bay C.I.: P.H.E. Basketball President III: P.H.FZ. Basketball I-III: P.H.E. Baseball I-II: Health's A-Poppin' II-III: Volleyball I: Basketball Coach. Future:--Columbia-? , ROBERT H. SHEPHERD, Toronto C677 Humberside C.I.: Intercollegiate Swimming II-III: U.C. Lacrosse I- III: Basketball I-III: Golf I-III: U.C. Soccer III: Hockey I-II: Water polo II-III: Coach of Girls Hockey 81 Softball. Future:-Post Graduate Work. JOAN ELAINE SOMERVILLE. Acton. Ont. C687 Acton High: P.H.E. Athletic Director III: Women's Athletic Directorate U. of T. III: Softball I-III: Hockey I-III: Archery: Volleyball Coach: All-Varsity Hockey II. Future:-Field of Recreation or Teaching P.H.E. NORAH ANN SPENCE, Toronto, F db B C697 Branksome Hall: President of Gamma Phi Beta: P.H.E. Swimming Team I-II: P.H.E. Basketball Team III: Health's A-Poppin' II-III. Future:-Post graduate studies. ROBERT LOUIS STROM, Toronto , C707 Rehab.: Basketball I-III: Lacrosse II-III: Soccer III: Volleyball III: Publicity Director P.H.E.U.A. III: Torontonensis Rep. III: Basket- ball Referee. Future:-O.C.E. Teaching. STEPHEN JACK STUCKEY, Grand Valley, Ont. C717 Grand Valley Continuation School: U.C.P.H.E. Hockey: Lacrosse: Hart House Camera Club. Future:-Social Work or Teaching. JANET MURIEL TAYLOR, Parry Sound, Ont. AI' C727 Parry Sound High: Aquatic Club. Future:-Teaching. WALTER TOMPSON, Toronto C737 York Memorial C.I.: Referee, Football, Basketball. Future:-Teaching. MARY RUTH TUCKWELL. Port Arthur. Ont. I . A KID C747 Port Arthur C.I.: Hockey U.C. 46: P.H.E. I-III: Swimming II. Future:-Marriage LEN GORDON TURNER, Regina, Sask. , C757 Central High: Intercollegiate Tennis I-III: Intercollegiate Doubles Chamoion II-III: Tennis Club President III: Intermediate Hockey Club III. Future:-Teaching. LORNA JOY VAN CAMP, Toronto A A A C767 Etobicoke High: Health's A-Poppin' I-III: Make-up Director and Production: Baseball I-III: All-Varsity Revue, Make up II: U.C. Follies, Singing Chorus III: Basketball Referee. Future:-School of Social Work or O.C.E. WESLEY A. VAN WINKLE, Toronto C777 York Memorial C.l.: Basketball Clntramural League Winners '467: Soccer Sr. U.C. RICHARD PEARCE VIVIAN, Brantford, Ont. C787 Brantford C.I. . Future:-Post Grad work at Springfield, Mass. V.M.C.A. Physical Director. THOMAS VVASHER, Toronto C797 Riverdale C.I. Future:-Educational Teaching: NORMAN WILLIAM WEST, Toronto C807 Western Tech.: Intermediate Football I: Senior Football II-III: Social Director P.H.E. U.A. III: Assistant Athletic Director U.C. II: Health's A-Poppin': Intramural Basketball I-III. Future:-O.C.E. CTeaching7. School of Social Work H. M. CASSIDY B.A., B.c., Ph.D. UNGRATULATIONS and Godspeed to those of you who have completed your work in the School and will soon go out to take up employment. This has been a happy year at the School, rich in companionship and hard work, and one in which faculty and students have tried to think through together some of the basic principles of our profession. It has been all too short a year for me and yet one which has brought to all of us significant new experience, including, in my case, a stimulating profes- sional assignment in Egypt. Because of this, my message to you is coloured and is summed up in two thoughts. First, that our profession, young as it is, has in its hands some of the most effective forces for peace that exist. For we are concerned with the understanding of human relations, not only be- tween individuals and groups, but between nations, and our goal is a world wide democratic society in which human values come first. The second thought is of the great challenge to service which awaits you. The public and private social welfare programmes of our own nation are ever expanding and the needs of other countries throughout the world are acute. With the continued shortage of trained social workers, many of you will be asked to assume responsibilities which are heavy and difficult. Discouragement as well as great challenge and satisfaction await you. Most of you will remain in Canada, some in cities with relatively greater resourcesg others in rural districts where, although close to your community, distances are great and resources scanty. Some few of you will return to areas undergoing reconstruction in Europe or to the mass programmes of social rehabilitation being undertaken in the East. The organizations you will go to will be at differ- ent stages of development but you will have your opportunity in each to learn much yourself and to contribute something of value. We have tried to prepare you in the School to meet this great challenge. We believe the knowledge you have gained of social policy and the skill in human relations will stand you in good stead. But these in themselves are not enough. You will need, in addition, a sound sense of values and firm convictions-an underlying social philosophy as your constant guide and in times of testing. We hope this too has been strengthened for you through your ex- perience in the School. ' We of the faculty wish you well as you go forth. We have appreciated your vigorous, responsible and co-operative attitude throughout the year. We want you to keep in touch with the School and to let us know where your training has helped you and where it has fallen short. In this way we can still go forward together, keeping our teaching geared to the needs gf lthe community and helping to build together that democratic world in which we all e ieve.f-Xb 191 SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK ELIZABETH ADAM, Dalhousie, N.B. C15 Dalhousie High, Political Science, Social Work Student Associations. ROSALINE SHEILA ADELBERG, Toronto C25 Lisgar C.I., Ottawa, Radio Club. Future:-Work in the "field". GEORGE HOBSON ALLEN, Toronto C35 Rehab., Y.M.C.A., A.F. 81 A.M., Todmorden Lodge and Orient Chapter. Future:-Secretary-Y.M.C.A. MARIAN ELIZABETH BALLANTINE, Mt. Brydges, Ont. C45 Strathroy C.I., University of Western Ontario, Member of Social Committee, School of Social W'ork. EVA BASSETT, Galt, Ont. C55 Strathroy C.I. CMrs.5 GOLDIE CYRELLE BERG, Toronto I A IT C65 Bloor C.I., Graduate U. of T. 49-B.A. VVILFRED ARTHUR BOYCE, London, Ont. ' C75 Social Work Student's Association Music Committee, Fencing. Future:-M.S.W. Studies. , MARY ELLEN CARNAHAN, Chatham, Ont. C85 Chatham C.I., Activities Committee, Personnel Committee. Future:-Social Work. MARY ELIZABETH COLLINS, Edmonton, Alta. C95 CMrs.5 ELIZABETH LOUISE CRANE, Toronto C105 Jarvis C.I., Treasurer-Social Work Students' Association. Future:-Social VVork. RENNIE JANE DAVID, Stouffville, Ont. C115 Markham High, Interested in music, in promoting Canadian culture. Future:-To sail around the world in a tramp steamer. VIVIAN LENORE DELANEY, Weston, Ont. C125 Weston High. DAVID GEDDES DEWAR, Fort William, Ont. C135 Fort William C.I., Member, Publicity Committee, School of Social Work. Future:-Master's Degree in Social Work. LEONARD DOLGOY. Toronto C145 Central,Tech., Representative from the School of Social Work to the N.F.C.U.S. Committee. Future:-Master's Degree in Social Work. MARGARET ELINOR DOTY, Toronto C155 Jarvis C.I., Sailing Enthusiast. Future:-M.S.W.-Toronto. GEORGE HENRY DOVE, Ottawa, Ont. C165 Ottawa Tech., C.O.T.C. Tennis, Bridge. Future:-M.S.W. Toronto JAMES ROBERT EAKINS, Newmarket, Ont. C175 Pickering College. Future:-Penitentiary Services 81 Penal Reform. 7 SHEILA ELIZABETH FLEMING, Toronto K lx F C185 Havergal C.I., Secretary., Social Work Student's Association. DAVE HENRY FRIESEN, Nipawin, Sask. ' . C195 Steinbach C.I., Chairman for Publicity Committee in Social Work Student's Association. Future:-Go West. CHERRY ANN GAUTHIER, Timmins, Ont. C205 Graduate of University College, Chairman of Constitution Committee of Social Work Students' Association. EDWARD JAMES GAWLEY, Toronto C215 Jarvis C.I. Future:-M.S.W. VERNON HARRISS GOAD, Toronto C225 Ridley College. Future:-M.S.W. PATRICIA GODFREY, Toronto II B fb C235 Central Tech., B.A. in English 81 History M.A. in English University College, U. of T., Stage Work, England., M.B.E. CBritish Gov't5 for War Services. Future:--M.S.W.. School of Social Work. MARGARET FRANCES KENNEDY, Calgary, Alta. A A A GLORIA GOLDSTEIN, Toronto A E 41 C245 Lawrence Park C.I. Future:-Social Work. V. L. GRAY C255 Y. F. GWON C265 WALTER JOHN HALINSKI, Grimsby, Ont. C275 Grimsby High, Legion, Hockey, Basketball. Future:-Master Social Work. ELEANOR DOROTHY HARPER, Hamilton, Ont. C285 Dundas High, Member-Public Relations Committee. Future:-Take Master of Social Work next year. D. L. HARRIS C295 G. M. HAY C305 PATRICIA PHYLLIS HICKS, Kitchener, Ont. C315 North Toronto C.I. WILSON A. HUNSBERGER, Waterloo, Ont. C325 Kitchener-Waterloo High. WILLIAM WILBERT INGOT, Winnipeg, Man. C335 Music CViolin5. Future:-Post graduate course in school of Social Work. G. JUDSON C345 C355 Western Canada High, Activities Committee of School of Social Work. Future:-Social Work. RUTH ELSDON KIRK, Ottawa, Ont. C365 Queen's University. BERTHA LAZERSON, Toronto C375 Humberside C.I., Social Work Club III. Future:-Psychiatric Social Work. HELEN MARGARET LINDSAY, Vancouver, B.C. A I' A C385 Magee High, B.A. from U.B.C. in 1949, don at St. Hilda's College in 1949-50. Future:--Social Work in Vancouver. M. S. MacDONALD C395 EDWARD MAGDER, Toronto C405 Central Tech. I Future:-Postgraduate Work at Toronto School of Social Work. WILLIAM MAIN, Toronto . C415 Oakwood C.I. SHIRLEY ADELAIDE McNEILL, Stony Mountain. Man. C425 N. S. METCALF , C435 DONNA HOPE MOORE, Lion's Head. Ont. C445 PATRICIA MURTON. Burlington, Ont. I' CID B C455 Westdale C.I. 192 "' T164 L JACK STEWART MYLES, Montreal, Que. C465 Verdun High, Secretary, Students' Library and Curriculum Committee, Skiing, Tennis. Future:--Work. SIDNEY DAVID OLYAN, Toronto C475 Harbord C.I., Avoiding Committees. Future:-M.S.W.-If all goes well. Just now tho, it's hard to tell. WILLIAM ROBERT OUTERBRIDGE, St. Catharines, Ont. C485 St. Catharines C.I., S.A.C. Rep. 1949-50, Vice-President Social Work Students' Association. . S. J. PARSONS , C495 CMrs.5 EMILY PIVNICK, Toronto C505 Harbord C.I., Graduate of U. of T. Pass Arts 4T9. ROBERT EMERSON QUINSEY, Ridgeway, Ont. C515 Ridgeway High, Graduate of McMaster University-active there in debating, Sociology Club, Soccer and Residence life. Future:-Social Work. FLORENCE RUTH RATZ, Kitchener, Ont. C525 Victoria College, U. of T. DOUGLAS CRAIG SOMERS REID, Mattawa, Ont. C535 Mattawa High. Future :-M.S.W., Penal Work. DAVID REMPEL, Saskatchewan C545 Social Work Student Association, Member of Liaison Committee. PAUL JOHN RINGER, Winnipeg, Man. C555 Kelvin High, Raising Kids. Future:-More Kids. CARMON TILSON ROUSELL, Heward, Sask. C565 Scott C.I., Social Work Students' Association, C.C.F. Club, Tennis. Future:--Return to Department Social Welfare, Sask. ARTHUR MITCHELL SCOTT, Edmonton, Alta. C575 Strathcona High, Table Tennis CHart I-Iouse5, Knox College, Volley- ball 8z Soccer, Social Work Students' Association. Future:-Take M.S.W. next term C1950-515 Toronto. MORAGH LESSLIE SHEPHERD, Toronto C585 Bishop Strachan School, Varsity Aquacade. KRISTINA ELIZABETH SIDLAUSKAITE, Kelme, Lithuania C595 Future:-Social Worker. Family service. MABEL MERLE SILLS, Landis, Sask. C605 Hanod High, Social Work, Students' Association. B. SILVER C615 BLANCHE HAZEL SILVERHART, Toronto IA l'I C625 Harbord C.I., Graduate of U. of T. University College Pass Arts '49, Future:-M.S.W. MARJORY MAUDE SMALLMAN, Toronto C635 Havergal College, Victoria U. of T., Member of School of Social Work Publicity Committee. EDWIN KEITH SMITH, Midland, Ont. C645 Midland High. Future:-Social group Work-Probably with Y.M.C.A. MURIEL ANNE SMITH, Toronto C655 Loretto Abbey. Future:-To head for parts unknown. WILLIAM GEORGE SMITH, Burk's Falls, Ont. C665 Burk's Falls Continuation, School of Social Work Students' Associa- tion Activities Committee, Radio Study Group, Basketball. Future:-Master of Social Work Degree. WILLIAM ISRAEL STERN, Toronto C675 Central Tech., Social Work Students' Association, Chairman, Library Sz Curriculum Committee. Future :-2nd yr. Group Work. FRED LEWIS STEVENS, Toronto C685 Harbord C.I., Library 8x Curriculum Committee. Future:-M.S.W. MABEL HELEN STEVENS, Wapella, Sask. C695 Kelso High. Future:-Social Work. WGLCLACE WRIGHT STRUTHER, Toronto C705 . . 4 9. MARION RUTH THOMAS, Hamilton, Ont. C715 Delta C.I. Future:-Social caseworker. DAVID M. THOMSON, Etobicoke. Ont. C725 Riverdale C.I. Future:-Post Graduate Work. MARIKO TOKUNAGA, Brantford. Ont. C735 Vancouver, B.C., I.S.S. Rep. CSchool of Social Work5, Public Relations Committee, Student Christian Movement. Future:-M.S.W. WILLIAM JOHN WACKO, Star, Alta. C745 Lamont High, Social Work Students' Association, Ukrainian Stu- dents' Club, Badminton Club, Tennis. Future:-Post grad work at University of Toronto, then to work in Alberta. JAMES BERTRAM WAITE, Schumacher, Ont. C755 Schumacher High. Future:-M.S.W. BARBARA WALLACE, Cobourg, Ont. C765 LESLIE ALAN WEST, Moncton, N.B. C775 Kodiakanal CIndia5., Social Work Students' Association, Music Committee. Future:-Social Casework in Psychiatric Field or Mental Hygiene. KATHLEEN ADAIR WHEELER, Lethbridge, Alta. A A A C785 Lethbridge C.I., Membership in S.A.C. H. L. WILSON C795 KIRK ALBERT WALTER WIPPER, Grahamdale, Man. C805 Grahamdale High, P. Sz H.E. Grad., Social Work, Physical Activities Committee, Senior Intercollegiate Wrestling, Fellowship Broadview Y. Future:-Y.M.C.A. J. L. WOLFE C815 CMrs.5 RUTH WOLOCHOW. Ottawa, Ont. IA II C825 Lisgar C.I., Psychology Club II-IV, All Varsity Revue, 1949. Future:-M.S.W. DORIS ELSIE WOOLCOTT, Toronto C835 Guelph C.I., Member of Publicity Committee, Interested in Bad- minton, Basketball and Swimming. ' Future:-Marriage and a Career in Social Work. BEATRICE A. WRIGHT, Toronto C845 Trinity College, No Clubs, No Teams, Skiing, Badminton. Future :-Casework for Kiddies! SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK 193 University Extension W. J. DUNLOP B.A., B.Paed., LL.D., F.C.I. F all goes well, there should be this year almost SG graduates in the Pass Course for Teachers, these graduates are, for the most part teachers who are now completing a course exactly parallel to the Pass Course in Arts, except that their course offers fewer options. These graduates have attended lectures in the evenings or in the Summer Session and it has taken them longer to finish the course than it takes undergraduates who attend in the day- time, but the prescription of work in each subject is the same in their course as it is in the Pass Course in Arts, they listen to the same Professors, and they write the same examinations. The great majority of them take a high standing throughout the Course. Graduates in Occupational Therapy and in Physical Therapy have attended lectures and laboratory classes for three academic years. For those who are graduating as Therapists there is no worry about obtaining positions, two or three positions are waiting for each one of them. When these Courses were established in 1926 and in 1929, respectively, it was the hope that they would soon be transferred to the Faculty of Medicine. Next year this hope will be realized and those who are now in the First and the Second Years will, commencing next September, be students in the Faculty of Medicine of this University. These two Courses have provided excellent careers for young women and will continue to do so. Then there is the Course in Institutional Management, a two-year Course leading to a Certificate. Those who graduate in this Course are trained to manage, or to assist in manag- ing, summer hotels, tourist resorts, tourist camps, restaurants, all-year hotels, clubs, and similar institutions. Of course, they have studied academic subjects as well, such as English and History. These graduates will take their places in Canada's second largest industry. In the Department of University Extension there is still another Course, known as the Certificate Course in Business, the instruction in which is given entirely in the evenings and continues for three sessions. And there is a Course in Radiography, in which X-Ray tech- nicians are trained but there are, as yet, no graduates in this new course. The above listing of extension courses has not included the many courses which do not lead to any certificate, diploma, or degree within the University. Many thousands of adult men and women study during the winter in evening classes in adacemic and business sub- jects and some thousands take correspondence courses which are conducted for business organizations, while a few hundred take short courses in Public Safety and in Social Work. All these seek knowledge for its own sake and for the improved status which such knowledge gives t em. ' But the purpose of this message of mine is to extend my best wishes for abundant success to those who, in May or June of 1950, are awarded the degrees or the diplomas or the certifi- cates for which they have worked well and faithfully. May I remind them thatrthe Univer- sity of Toronto has given them an opportunity to prepare for public service in the right sense, to be citizens of the right type, and may I ask them to remember their Alma Mater as they go out into the world and to use their influence to mould public opinion in favour of this great University which is striving to render the very best of service to its constituency and which has become, in fact if not in name, the National University of Canadausio 194 PASS COURSE FOR TEACHERS R. AILEEN BELFRY, Toronto CID North Toronto C.I., Teacher on Toronto Public School Staffg Secretary-Treasurer of the Primary Section of the Ontario Educa- tional Associationg Interested in Choir work and oil painting. BERTRED RAYMOND CARTER, Toronto I C21 HERBERT LEO HICKEY, Toronto C35 Bloor C.I., Central Commerceg Armyg Publications Supervisor, Ontario Hydro Commission, Married, with one child, Free-lance writing as a hobby, General interest in music, The Arts, World Affairs. Future:-Postgrad work. ANNIE DOROTHY KINRADE, Toronto C43 York Memorial C.I., Grade Six Teacher at Humbercrest Public School: Hobbies-Art and Music. Future:-Plan to do Post graduate work. ROBERT LEE LAMB, Toronto CATHERINE LUND GORDON FORBES MANN, Owen Sound, Ont. Malvern C.I.g R.C.A.F. Future:-B. Paed. BEULAH AMELIA MCCOIG, Windsor, Ont. Windsor C.I.: Federal Civil Servant. WILLIAM GEORGE ROSS, Calgary, Alta. Crescent Heights C.I. DOROTHY ANN SHELSON, Toronto Humberside C.I. Future:-Teaching. GRADUATES WHOSE PICTURES WERE NOT AVAILABLE GEORGE A. BICK, Toronto LESTER BOWEN BISSELL, Toronto MARY WINNIFRED BOWLEY, Toronto EDWARD TREVOR BRIGNALL, Toronto CHARLES CLIFFORD BROWN, Lansing, Ont. WILLIAM JOHN BURGESS, Toronto DOROTHY CHAMBERS, Toronto CLIFFORD FRANK CHELLEW, Toronto JOHN RUSSELL COLLINS, Toronto GEORGE LAING CONDIE, Toronto 1 GERVAIS J. FERNANDEZ, Toronto DOUGLAS HAIG FERRIS, Highland Creek, Ont. M. BERNICE GARRY CSISTER TERESA EILEENJ, Lindsay, Ont WILLIAM HERBERT GARTON, Toronto ALBERT EDWARD GERHART, Port Credit, Ont. ALICE GERMAIN CSISTER St. GERMAINEJ, Niagara Falls. Ont. ELGIN ELMER HAIST, Toronto ROBERT DOUGLAS HOLLOWAY, Toronto ANNA B. HORNSTEIN CSISTER VALERIED, Hamilton, Ont. CECILIA KEOGH QSISTER MARIUSJ, Toronto DOREEN MCCARTNEY. Toronto ROBERT MCCOY, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. HENRY DUGALD MCDONALD, Richmond Hill, Ont. WILFRED DOUGLAS MCDONALD. Owen Sound, Ont. DAVID JOHN MCLEAN, Toronto MALCOLM HOWARD BROWN MUNRO, Toronto EDWIN GERALD PALFERY, Mimico, Ont. REGINALD E. PARK, Toronto ANNA RUNGE QSISTER MARY RUDOLPI-IJ, Toronto EDWIN TRANSOM RYCKMAN, Toronto ALEXANDER WILLIAM SMITH, Dungannon, Ont. THEODORE WILLIAM STAINTON, Toronto HOWARD CARL THOMPSON, Toronto HAZEL TODD, Kemptville, Ont. HAROLD WILLIAM TONKIN, Toronto ALFRED LUKENS NVATSON, Toronto ARNE WIBERG, Toronto MARJORIE M. WILKINSON, Toronto JAMES LLOYD H. WILSON, Toronto GEORGE EDWARD MICHAEL WIMPENNY, Toronto Q57 C63 C73 C85 f97 noi 195 Occupational Therapy MISS H. P. LEVESCONTE T was indeed opportune that, on the twentyffirst anniversary of the graduation of the first class in the Course in Occupational Therapy, the announcement was made that in 1950 the Courses in Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy would be taken over by the Faculty of Medicine. This was the realization of what had long been the hope of the profession. To the Department of University Extension we shall always have a deep gratitude, not only for the actual establishment of the Course in Occupational Therapy within the Univer- sity, but for the opportunity it has given us to develop our professional training. Our Course has set and maintained a high standard of professional training throughout the years. It was among the first small group of training courses to be accredited on this continent by the American Medical Association. Our graduates have been sought, and have served both here and abroad in hospitals and in the development of training centres of Occupational Therapy. In this day of increased emphasis on the wider concept of the rehab. ilitation of the sick or injured, it is of interest to you to know that it was from your prede- cessors that therapists were chosen to play an active part in such pioneer rehabilitation centres as the Glen Eagles Miners' Rehabilitation Centre in Scotland, now located at Bridge of Earn, to mention one only of such projects. To you our graduates of 1950, we, your instructors extend our warmest wishes for your success. We have recognized in you, throughout your training, a sincerity of interest, an eagerness to learn, and a wholesome group spirit which have made you a joy to work with. These are the qualities which will insure your own success, and the success of the profession which you are about to enter. Expanding and changing fields lie ahead of you. Your professional opportunities are wider and more challenging than ever before. It is with genuine regret that we say good-bye to you as students. It is with equally genuine pleasure that we welcome you as occupational therapists who will make your contribution to the profession of the future.oXQ 196 AUDREY HAROLDINE ADDEMS. Vancouver. B.C. A A A C13 Occupational Therapy. King Edward High: Secretary of A A A III. Future:-Specializing in O.T. for children. SUSANA ARRATIA, New York City. N.Y. 'IXC23 Occupational Therapy, St. Clements C.I.: Hockey: Hemstitching: Flying. , Future:-Occupational Therapy as applied to marriage. NORAH MARJORIE BARRETT, Port Dover, Ont. C33 Occupational Therapy, Havergal College. CLAIRE BINDER, Brockville, Ont. IDA H C43 Occupational Therapy, Brockville C.I.: Treasurer II: President III of IAIT: Skiing: Skating: Hillel. ' Future:-O.T. for children. EULAH JOYCE BLAYN EY, Simcoe, Ont. C53 Occupational Therapy, Simcoe High: V.C.F. II-IIIQ Varsity Choir III. Future:-Practice O.T. DOROTHY ELLEN BOYES, Dundas, Ont. ' C63 Occupational Therapy, Westdale C.I.: All Varsity Mixed Chorus II: Swimming: Skiing: O.T. Literary Club. Future:-To Practice Occupational Therapy. BETH LESLIE BROWN, Unionville. Ont. C73 Occupational Therapy, Markham High: V.C.F.: O.T. Literary: Swimming: Skating: Skiing: Riding. Future:-Practice O.T. BEATRICE ELAINE BROWNLEE. Grimsby, Ont. C83 Occupational Therapy, Grimsby High. GLORY LOUISE BURDON, Saint John, N.B. C93 Occupational Therapy. Saint John High. Future:-Practice O.T. DOROTHY-JEAN CAMPBELL, Toronto C103 Occupational Therapy, Earl Haig C.I.: Interested in Skiingand Queen's Medsmen Cone. That is3. Future:-Private! MARGARET JANE CLARE, Preston, Ont. C113 Occupational Therapy, Preston High: Social Committees of Under- gliadlg Literary Club I: All-Varsity Mixed Chorus: Tennis: Riding: ating. RUTH FRASER COMFORT, Toronto C123 Occupational Therapy. St. Clement's High: O.T. Lit. and Undergrad Associations: I.S.S.: Vice-President S.A.C.: I.R.C.: Hockey: Theatre. Future:-Social Service. JEAN DOROTHY CUMMING. Midland, Ont. C133 Occupational Therapy, Midland High: Athletic Rep. III: Basketball II-III: Hockey II-III. Future:-No plans, no disappointments. RUTH AINSLEY EADES, Carleton Place, Ont. C143 Occupational Therapy, Carleton Place High: Basketball II-III: Hockey.II-III. GRACE ELEANOR FIELD, Toronto C153 Occupational Therapy, Etobicoke C.I.: All Varsity Mixed Chorus. MARJORIE MAY FRENCH, Wingham, Ont. C163 Occupational Therapy, Alma College and Wingham High: All Varsity Chorus III: O.T. Literary Club I-III. Future:-Practice O.T. AUDREY JACQUELINE GORDON, Vancouver, B.C. C173 Occupational Therapy, Crofton House School. Future:-Practice O.T. WINIFRED GRAYSTON, Newdale, Man. C183 Occupational Therapy, Rupert's Land Girl's College: Canterbury Club: Varsity Choir: O.T. Literary Society. Future:-O.T. Career in the U.S.A. JOYCE MURIEL GROH, St. Catharines. Ont. C193 Occupational Therapy, St. Catharines C.I. Future :-Practice O.T. MARGARET ANNE GROTHIER, Woodstock, Ont. C203 Occupational Therapy, Albert College: Literary Club: Canterbury Club: All Varsity Mixed Chorus. Future :-O.T. Work. JOYCE MARGARET HART, Oshawa, Ont. C213 Occupational Therapy, Oshawa C.I. Future:-To retire early. Bt... OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY 197 OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY 198 CONSTANCE MARY HEPBURN. Toronto I' CP B C221 Occupational Therapy, Havergal College, Vice-President I' 415 B. PHYLLIS RAE HEWSON, Toronto A O I'I C231 Occupational Therapy, Lawrence Park C.I., International Relations Club III, Harvey Perrin Choir I. Future:-Marriage and O.T. JANET JOYCE HOPE, Milliken, Ont. C241 Occupational Therapy, Markham High, All Varsity Chorus II, O.T. Lit. Club III, V.C.F. I-III. Future:-Practice O.T. MARY MARGARET HOWARD, Thornhill, Ont. C251 Occupational Therapy, Earl Haig C.I., President III, Undergrad Assn. Executive III, Toronlonrnsis Representative III, All Varsity Mixed Chorus II-III, Skiing, Skating, Tennis, Swimming. , Future :-Practice O.T. DIANA MAY HUNTER, Ste. Anne De Bellevue, Que. A O II C261 Occupational Therapy. Stanstead College, Social Chairman II, Publicity Chairman III, Dancer with University Pipe Band II-III, Social Rep. I, Affiliated with Engineering. Future:-Toronto will see more of Her. MARY ANN BLAIR HUNTER, Toronto C271 Occupational Therapy. Havergal College, Tennis, Riding, Skiing, The Ballet, Bridge. MARY EVELYN JELLY, Jellyby, Ont. C281 Occupational Therapy, Brockville C.I., Archery III, Pipe Band CDanCing1 III, I.S.S. I. Future1-O.T.-Anywhere!! CHARLOTTE AURELIA JOHNSON. Saskatoon, Sask. C291 Occupational Therapy, Nutana C.I., Swimming, Golf, Tennis. Igucture:-To have a position as an occupational therapist in Victoria, PAULINE J EAN KENNEDY, Burk's Falls, Ont. C301 Occupational Therapy, Kingston C.I., Leonard Foundation Associa- tion, All-Varsity Mixed Chorus II, U. of T. Pipe Band, dancing instructress II-III, Publicity Manager III. Future:-O.T. in Bonnie Scotland. K PATRICIA RUTH KERN, Moose Jaw, Sask. C311, Occupational Therapy, Moose Jaw Central C.I., Literary Club, I.S.S. I, Bowling, Riding, Photography. Future:-A job-Calgary preferred! DONALDA ANN KINGSTON, Toronto C321 Occupational Therapy, Malvern C.I., Basketball I, Hockey II-III, All-Varsity Chorus II-III, Skiing, Pipe Band Dancing, and French! Future:-Practise O.T. and Travel. MARJORIE DOROTHY LUCKETT, Toronto C331 Occupational Therapy, Scarboro C.I., Swimming I, Hockey II-III, All-Varsity Chorus II-III, Skiing, Pipe Band Dancing. Future:-Practise O.T. and travel too. MARY ALIXE MacFARLANE, Toronto K K T' C341 Occupational Therapy, Loretto Abbey, Spanish Club, President of Kappa Kappa Gamma III, Golf and Swimming. MARY MAXWELL MEDLAND, Toronto AI' A C351 Occupational Therapy, North Toronto C.I., Skiing, Riding, Tennis. Future:-Children's work. RUTH BURKE MILLER, Toronto C361 Occupational Therapy, East York C.I., All-Varsity Mixed Choir I, II, The Varsity-II, U. of T. Symphony Orchestra III, Under- graduate Association Secretary III. Future:-Occupational Therapy. ROSA COLETTE MULHOLLAND. Toronto C371 Occupational Therapy. Loretto Abbey, Student Union Committee II, Red Feather Rep. III, Volleyball II-III, Skiing. Future:-Since Joining EX. Colle's artistic endeavours have improved noticeably. MARGUERITE OLGA MULLER, Toronto C381 Occupational Therapy. Malvern C.I., Basketball I-II, Hockey II, V.C.F. I-III, Swimming. Future :-Practice O.T. MARY ELIZABETH NOAD. Toronto A O 1'I C391 Occupational Therapy, St. Clements High, Dancer with University Pipe Band II, III, Smallest Gal on the Campus. Future:-Montreal or bust: WILMA POPHAM, Saskatoon, Sask. C401 Occupational Therapy, Nutana High, President I, Undergrad Assn. Executive I-III, Literary Club Chairman III. Future:-Return to the West. MARGARET LOIS RUSH, Toronto U . C411 Occupational Therapy, Scarboro C.I., Skiing, Tennis, Skating. Future:-Practice O.T. BLANCHE MARIE SIM, Brantford, Ont. C421 Occupational Therapy, Brantford C.I., O.T. Literary Club I-III, V.C.F., All Varsity Chorus. ' Future:-O.T. in D.V.A. FERN MARIE SMITH, Hamilton, Ont. C435 Occupational Therapy, Westdale C.I.g Social Convener IIIQ Hockey IIQ Swimming I. Future:-Practise O.T. MIDGE MARTHA JOSEPHINE SPICER, Toronto A I' A C445 Occupational Therapy, Etobicoke High, Lutheran Student Associa- tion I-IIIQ Secretary-Treasurer Ilg U.C. Follies III, O.T. Basketball II-IIIQ Tennis and Skiing. Future:--Practice O.T. in the States. JOAN MCLEAN SPROAT, Milton. Ont. A I' A C455 Occupational Therapy. Milton Highg Tennis, Golfg Bridgeg Skiing. Future:-May all her dreams come true!-Scotland, Italy etc. etc. MARY REA STACKHOUSE, Ridgeway. Ont. A A A C465 Occupational Therapy, Ridgeway Highg Basketballg Swimming, Tennisg Golf. Future:--Title hunting on the Continent. BARBARA YVONNE STALEY, Toronto C475 Occupational Therapy, St. Josephs Collegeg Newman Club, Bad- minton: Tennis. JEAN PAULINE SUTH ERLAND, Berwyn, Alta. C485 Occupational Therapy, Berwyn Rural Highg Literary Society I-III, Secretary Ig Class President IIIQ Student Christian Movement I-Illg Recording Secretary III, All-Varsity Choir III. Future:-Westward Ho! ' MARGARET MOFFAT TANNAHILL, Moose Jaw, Sask. C495 Occupational Therapy, Central C.I.g Intercultural Affairs Committee II, All-Varsity Mixed Chorus IIIg Looking after Wylie IAIII. Future:-Psychiatric field. DOROTHY MARGARET THOMPSON, Oshawa, Ont. C505 Occupational Therapy, Oshawa C.I.g Lit. Club I-III, Publicity Director IIQ The Varsily IIQ O.T. Undergrad I-IIIQ Leonard Founda- tion Association I-IIIQ Vice-President IIQ Pi-pe Band-Dancing III. Future :-O.T.-anywhere. PATRICIA ANNE TOWNLEY, Ottawa, Ont. C515 Occupational Therapy, Lisgar C.I.g All-Varsity Mixed Choir I-IIIQ Canterbury Club II-IIIQ Undergraduate Association, Treasurer II. President IIIQ The Varsity II. Future:-Occupational Therapy. MARY ELIZABETH WENGER, Aylsham, Sasl-:. C525 Occupational Therapy, Aylsham Highg Literary Club, Social Rep. III, Photography: Bowling. Future:-O.T.-anywhere. ANN ELIZABETH WILSON, Calgary, Alta. C535 Occupational Therapy. Central High: Literary Club I-III, Treasurer IIQ All Varsity Mixed Choir II-IIIQ The Varsily IIQ Canterbury Club II-IIIQ O.T. Undergrad I-III. Future:-O.T. on west coast. GLENNA MARIE WYLIE, Bolton, Ont. A I' A C545 Occupational Therapy, Ontario Ladies Collegeg O.T. Undergrad Associationg Athletic Chairman, O.T. Basketball and Hockey Teams. HELEN AILEEN ZENER, Toronto A E fb C555 Occupational Therapy, Riverdale C.I.q Undergraduate Social Rep. IIIQ II Year Social Rep.g I.S.S. Hg Tennis: U.C. Follies III. Future :-Occupational Therapist-Being a capable one! OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY 199 mt. 5 Physical Therapy MISS L. POLLARD URING these last few years, we thought that the evolution of your training in Physical Therapy had reached a high standard of development, but further goals have been put before us, with the stimulation of new ideas. In the autumn of 1950 the course leaves, with regret, the kindly administration of the Extension Department, which has looked after its welfare so many years. Now that Physical Medicine has become a recognized branch of modern medicine, the training of the therapists in this field, is being undertaken by the Faculty of Medicine. Physical Medicine included both Physical and Occupational Therapy, so these two courses, both concerned with the resto- ration of the sick and injured to full function, will, in future, be integrated into one whole, to the advantage of both. So, you who graduate in Physical Therapy this year, enter the field of Physical Medicine as specialists in your branch. The need for your help is great, and you will be eagerly wel- comed by your colleagues who are anxiously awaiting reinforcements. There are new depart- ments to be opened up, existing departments to be expanded, new fields of endeavour for all of us. We know that you are going out into the world with open and enquiring minds, and with a sense of service to your fellow men. Q It is with regret that we say goodbye to you, after three happy years, and we, the staff, would like to say how much we have appreciated your cheerful, willing co-operation within the course, and your public spirited activities within the University. We know that you will carry this spirit with you into the careers you are just starting, and our very best wishes go with youwgf- 200 ELIZABETH BATANOFF, Saskatoon, Sask. C13 Blaine Lake High, Hockey I-III, Basketball Manager I, III, Social Rep. II, Social Undergraduate Executive III. ISABEL BRODIE, Oakville, Ont. C23 Oakville High, Hockey I, Volleyball II, Basketball Manager III. Future:-Child Work. ELEANOR MARY BUCKERFIELD, Parry Sound, Ont. C33 Parry Sound High, Hockey, Badminton. Future:-To do physio in General Hospital for a while. PAULINE CH ECKNITA, Edmonton, Alta. C43 Eastwood High. MIRIAM SHAW CLINK, Battleford, Sask. C53 Battleford C.l., Bridge and week-ends in the country. Future:-Private practice. BETTY DICKSON COO, Copper Cliff. Ont. C63 Copper Cliff High, Hockey, Basketball Teams I, III. JEANNE MARGARET COSSAR, Toronto A A A C73 St. Clement's, Athletic Directorate III, Athletic Chairman III, Hockey I-III, Basketball I-II, Swimming I-III, Aqua Show III. Future:-To aid the medical "profession". MARION BARBARA DUNCAN, Georgetown, Ont. C83 Georgetown High, Treasurer Physio-Undergraduate Association I-II, Volleyball I. Future:-Private Practice. BARBARA JANE FOREMAN, Toronto AI' C93 St. Clement's, Secretary III, Basketball I-III, Hockey I-III, Golf. Future:-Marriage. NOREEN PATRICIA FYFFE, Winnipeg, Man. C103 Kelvin Technical High, Home-coming week-end Rep. II, I.S.S. Rep. II-III, Skiing. Future:-To see England and Ireland after working a few years in the west. GWENNYTH GARRARD, Oshawa, Ont. A A A C113 Oshawa C.I., A A A Treasurer III, Hockey I-III, Athletic Rep. I, Basketball I, Volleyball III. NATALIE SARA GORDON, Long Branch. Ont. C123 Mimico High. Future:-Marriage. JANET MARY LAUGHLIN, Toronto C133 Malvern C.I., President I, S.A.C. Rep. II, President Undergrad III, Volleyball I-III. LORNA AGNES LETT, Snow Road, Ont. C143 Arnprior High, Torontonensis Rep. III, S.C.M. Rep. III. Future:-Marriage and further physio experience if possible. GOLDIE LEWIS. Toronto IA II C153 Harbord C.I., Basketball I-III, Hockey I-III, Hockey Manager II, Frat. Treasurer III. ELIZABETH KATHLEEN MUSSON. Toronto A lib C163 Bishop Strachan School, Social Rep. I. Future:-Marriage, hope to do polio work. SHIRLEY RUTH NORWICH, Toronto A I' A C173 Humberside C.I., Basketball I-III, Hockey I-III, III Year Social Rep., Treasurer, A F A. Future:-Travelling Salesman-of physical therapy that is. MARY NOLAN O'REILLY. Toronto C183 St. Joseph's College, N.F.C.U.S. Rep. I-II, Newman Club III, Vice-President III, Hockey I-III. MARY BARBARA PHARE, Toronto C193 Northern Vocational, Social Rep. I, President II, Hockey I-III. Future:-Time will tell-but in the meantime to work with children in the field of physical therapy. NORMA PAULINE SNODDON. Uxbridge, Ont. C203 Uxbridge High, Basketball I-III. PHYLLIS JANET WILKS, Creston, B.C. C213 Creston High, Basketball Rep. III, Float Rep. III: Badminton II- IlffITennis, Swimming, Sports Rep. III, Basketball I-III, Hockey Euture:-Practising physio in the west where men are men and there aren't any physics. PHYSICAL THERAPY 201 ' Institutional Management S. F. CORK B.A. HE Class of 1950 is the first of the Institutional Management classes composed for the most part of non-veterans, and your presence has given assurance that the Course is supplying a need and will continue. Most of you are younger than those in the preceding classes, but you have well maintained the standard set by them, and have initiated activities of your own. You are to be congratulated for a successful year. Q For most of you, your departure from the University marks the commencement of a new way of life, but it should not mean that you have ceased to study. Success will be more sure if you will continue to improve by well chosen reading, by observation, and by intelligent action. Do not be too impatient to advance rapidly, but be prepared for your chance when it comes. This is being written at the dawn of a new half century. Many of you will see the year 2000. What will befall this old world during these fifty years? God grant that catastrophes such as marred the first half of this century may be avoided. In this endeavour you can do your part, small as it may seem to you as individuals. Difficulties between nations arise through ignorance and misunderstanding, and travel between countries can be an important factor in promoting better international relationships. As hosts, you have an opportunity of sharing in the cultivation of friendliness towards our guests from other lands. The Supervisor and Staff extend best wishes for your success. We would be happy to be of assistance to you at any timemys 202 Iv: V ' Jail TORRANCE ALEXANDER ADAMSON, Toronto C11 Institutional Management, Runnymede C.I. Future:YHotel Administration. DONALD C. ANNABLE. Beverly Farms, Mass. C21 Institutional Management. LAWRENCE DAVID BALDVVIN, Toronto C31 Institutional Management, Scarboro C.I.: Golfing: Skiing: Tennis: Sailing: Toronto Ski Club. Future:4Sales or Personnel VVork. JOHN GORDON BATES, Toronto C41 Institutional Management, Oakwood C.I.: Lacrosse: Basketball: Volleyball Teams. Future:AAdvertising or Personnel VVork. BARBARA ANN BRADSHAVJ. Toronto C51 Institutional Management, Bishop Strachan School: I.S.S. Rep- resentative I-II: Bowling I. Future:4Postgrad work in Switzerland. RAYMOND DENNIS CARRADINE, Smooth Rock Falls, Ont. C61 Institutional Management, Smooth Rock Falls High: Hockey I-II. Future:-Hotel VVork. VVILLIAM DANIEL CARROLL. Burlington, Ont. C71 Institutional Management. De La Salle "Oaklands", BERNARD OSCAR CAUSTON, Toronto C81 Institutional Management, Northern Vocational: I.M. Athletic Representative: Swim League Manager: I.M. Band. Future :-Hospital or Resort VVork. MARGARET MCLEOD COLLIE. Kitchener, Ont. C01 Institutional Management, Galt C.I.: Secretary-Institutional Management Undergraduate Society: Toronlonensis Representative: Institutional Management VVomen's Association: Bowling I-II. Future:-Personnel VVork. DAVID ANDREW CRAIG, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. C101 Institutional Management. Sault Ste. Marie C.I.: Progressive Conservative Club: Presbyterian Fellowship I-II. Future:-Hotel or Resort Executive Work. ROBERT OREN CRAVEN, Hamilton, Ont. C111 Institutional Management, Central C.I. Future:-Resort Business. WILFRED BESANT DRAKE, Toronto C121 Institutional Management, Lawrence Park C.I.: Ski Club: Hockey: Basketball: Photography. Future :--Personnel Work. SHERMAN JOSEPH DUGGAN, Timmins, Ont. C131 Institutional Management. Timmins High: Newman Club. Future:-Hotel Business. MURRAY ROSS EDE, Kapuskasing, Ont. C141 Institutional Management, Kapuskasing High. Future:-Manager and owner of my own Restaurant. JOHN ASHTON EDWARDS, Newmarket, Ont. C151 Institutional Management, Newmarket High: Ski Club: Swimming. Future:-Own and operate a summer resort or commercial hotel. WINFRED LEON KENNETH FLOREN, Weyburn, Sask. C161 Institutional Management, Weyburn C.I.: Course Hockey Team. WILLIAM ARTHUR FORSTER, Toronto C171 Institutional Management. Lawrence Park C.I. Future:-Hotel management or summer resort operation. JAMES CLIFFORD GARTSHORE, VVhitby, Ont. C181 Institutional Management. VVhitby High: Hockey II. Future:-R.C.A.F. CJOAN1 JANETTE VVINNIFRED HEATHCOTE, Toronto from Institutional Management, Lawrence Park C.I.: Girls' Athletic Rep. I: Hockey I: Softball II: Bowling I-II. Future:-Personnel Work and a car. LEWIS FERGUSON JON ES, Scarborough, England C201 Institutional Management, Scarborough High, Eng. STANLEY KALEMBACA, Agincourt, Ont. C211 Inlsfitutional Management, Agincourt C.I.: Imuso News I: Volleyball Future:-Hotel Manager. ANDREW JUNIOR KEMP, Castleton, Ont. C221 Institutional Management, Castleton High: Northumberland Ski Club: Hockey: Golf: Basketball: Lacrosse: Flying. Future:-Hotel and Summer Resort Management. INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT 203 INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT f 204 JOHN ALBERT KERR, Belleville, Ont. C233 Institutional Management, Belleville C.I. Future:--Tourist Resort Business. FRANK LOUIS KLISANICH, Schumacher, Ont. C243 Institutional Management, Schumacher High: Univeis ty Of Toronto Band. Future:-Hotel Executive. DAVID MILES LANCASHIRE, Toronto C253 Institutional Management, Scarboro C.I.: I.M. Orchestra: Skiing: Tennis: Music: Jazz Records. Future:-Music. WILLIAM LINDSAY LEACH, VVestmount, Que. C263 Institutional Management, Montreal High: Class President II: Social Chairman: I.M. Ski II. Future:-Hotel Management. CALVIN CHANT LINDSEY, Toronto C273 ' Institutional Management, Humberside C.I.:Swim Teamll: Bowling: U. of T. Ski Club: Social Committee I-II: Flying with Central Airways. Future:-Sales or Personnel Work. JOHN DOUGLAS LYNCH, Weston, Ont. C283 Institutional Management, Weston C.V.S.: Basketball I: Volleyball: Placement Committee: Class Secretary I: Tennis. Future:-Resort work in Northern Ontario, after study of resort operation abroad. IAN THOMAS MACKAY, Toronto C293 Institutional Management, Jarvis C.I.: Publicity Committee. Future:-An extensive trip of North America: a trip to Europe: continue on in the hotel business. KENDRY EDWARD MacKELL, Toronto C303 Institutional Management, Senn High, Chicago, Ill. Future:-Resort Hotel Business. OLIVER MAKELA, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. C313 Institutional Management, Sault Ste. Marie C.I. DONALD G. MALLORY C323 BRUCE HARRIS MCPHAIL, Hamilton. Ont. AXA C333 Institutional Management, Westdale C.I.: I.M.U.S. lst. Vice- President I: S.A.C. Radio Commissioner II: S.A.C. Finance Repre- sentative II: I.M. Hockey I, II. Future:-Postgrad Studies. PATRICIA JOAN MILLAR, York Mills, Ont. C343 Institutional Management, Forest Hill C.I.: 2nd. Vice-President and Publicity Chairman of Institutional Management Undergraduate Society: President of Institutional Management Women's Associa- tion: Bowling I-II: Music: Hockey: Volleyball. MORD PAUL MILLARD, Palermo, Ont. C353 Institutional Management, Burlington High: Ski Club. GORDON THOMSON MITCHELL, Regina, Sask. C363 Institutional Management, Central C.I.: Undergraduate President II: President I. Future:-Plan to build a fly-in fishing and hunting camp in Northern Ontario. SHIRLEY ROSE MOIR, Willowdale, Ont. C373 Institutional Management, Loretto Abbey: Secretary, Institutional Management Women's Assoc.: Bowling I-II: Volleyball II. Future:-F 2 M+ C CFuture equals Marriage plus Career3. JOHN SCOTT MURRAY, Toronto A X A C383 Institutional Management. Humberside C.I.: Fellowship Secretary Y.M.C.A. Future :-To follow up the course in boy's camp work. ROBERT ERNEST NEWLAND, Toronto C393 Institutional Management, Upper Canada College. Future:VBusiness. GERALD GEORGE NEWTON, Toronto B 2 P C403 Institutional Management, Forest Hill C.I.: Scout Master: Sailing Club: Basketball I-II: Volleyball I. Future:-Business. FRANK NIELSEN, Toronto C413 Institutional Management, Central Technical: Ski Club 1-Il: Basketball I-II: Tennis. Future:-To own a summer hotel and spend the winter in Florida. RAY GRENVILLE OLIMER, Orillia, Ont. C423 Institutionai Management, Orillia C.I.: Bowling I-II: Basketball I-II Future:-Work for C.N.R. Hotel Chain. ROBERT WEDDEL PURDY, Whitby, Ont. C433 Institutional Management, Whitby High: Manager of Bowling League. Future:-Hotel Field. KATHARINE KENNEDY ROBB, Galt, Ont. C443 Institutional Management, G-alt C.I.: N.F.C.U.S. Committee: Imuso News. Future:-Hotel Work around the world. CHRISTOPHER SANDERS, Cologne, Germany C453 Institutional Management, Institut auf dem Rosenberg. CATHARINE YVONNE SCHICKLER, Harcourt, Ont. C465 Institutional Management, Lindsay C.I.g Institutional Management Women's Association: I.M. Baseballg Volleyballg Bowling IVII. Future:-Resort Manager?? Maybe. ERNEST FRANK SH EPPARD, Queenston, Ont. C475 Institutional Management, tamford C.I.g Blue and White Society Ilg Basketball I-Ilg Bowling Coachg Gir1's Baseball Ilg Athletic Ass'n. Ilg Newman Club. Future-Hotel work or allied field. MARIAN LOIS SIBBALD, Inglewood, Ont. C485 Institutional Management, Brampton Highg Institutional Manage- ment Women's Associationg Bowling Il. Future:-To travel. MARY VIRGINIA SKILLING, Toronto C495 Institutional Management, St. Joseph's Collegeg Newman Clubg Inst. Mgt. Women's Association-Vice President llg Bowlingg Baseball Ilg Hockeyg Social Committee. Future:-Personnel or sales promotion work. ' ISABELLA JANE SMITHQ Welland, Ont. ' C505 Institutional Management, Welland High: Inst. Management Women's Associationg Baseball: Hockeyg Volleyballg Bowling. Future:-Let the future take care of itself. WILLIAM MALCOLM CRAWFORD STEWART, Belwood, Ont. C515 Institutional Management, Fergus Highg Lacrosse Team. FREDERICK FRANC CHARLES SUTCLIFFE, Ottawa, Ont. C525 gncstitlutional Management, Ottawa Tech.g Basketball Team I-Ilg . 1 . Future:-Postgrad work at University of Michigan. Laurentian Resort Management. WILLIAM ERNEST THOMPSON, Toronto C535 Institutional Management, U.T.S. Future:-Hotel Management. PETER ALEXANDER TOBIAS, St. Catharines, Ont. C545 Institutional Management. St. Catharines C.I.: Member of Social Committee and Placement Committeeg Skiingg Bowlingg Sailing. Future:-To be owner-manager of a business. CAROL-GENELLE UNDERHILL, Aurora, Ont. C555 Institutional Management, Aurora High: Women's Associationg Baseball CGapt.5g Bowling CChamp5g Athletic Rep. Ig Hockey: Volleyballg Swimmingg Tennis. Future:-To get a good job and make my mother proud of me. DAVID LAUGHLIN WARD, Toronto C565 Institutional Management, Runnymede C.I.: Cartoonist Imuso News I-II: Swimming Team I-Ilg Hockey Team II. Future:-Plan to go into institutional work. EDMUND ALVIN WHITESIDE, Toronto C575 Institutional Management. Weston High: I.M. Hockeyg Publicity Committee I-II. Future:-Inspector. Dept. of Public Health. ANTHONY RALPH WYMAN, London, England C585 Institutional Management, Letchworth Tech.g I.M. Swimming Teamg Photographerg Table Tennis Club. Future:-Hotel Executive. MARILYN ALICE YORATH, Toronto C595 Institutional Management. St. Clement'sg Social Committee I-Ilg Hockey Ig Bowling I-II. Future:-Personnel work. ri 1 i I INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT fi 1 l .il A 1 i I l.' .il ,il fl. l . 11. C. .ln 11,2 1 :I l 1 1: 4 l l vu '1 I ' ! . 1 4 . li l rl 5 .1 i 1 I 7.4 , li 6 ll . l11 ' lf! ' l . 7:1 , .C , li lf 1 I ' i 1, 1 i'1 ' li f . . f ei l 5- 3 1 .5 Z i t . - 1 1 1 i n l i 1 5 1 .,. li. lin T 1. il g' . ,I li fi iz asf on. swms GRADUATOR CPAT. PEND, REPRINTED FROM TORONTONENSIS 9 9 BY REQUEST Student Government 207 Sii ii i C Students' Administrative Council e J Honour Awards 1949-50 The HoNoUR AWARD ofthe stttdttttt' Administrative cotttttti it granted to those students of the graduating year who have contributed most notably to the undergraduate life of the University as a whole. A- ,ttttt- l 5 The recipients are determined by an Honour Award Committee on the g 1 Q , basis of nominations received from the various colleges and faculties. - g , J The award is symbolized by a gold key and certificate which is presented by the President of the University following the Convocation of each Faculty. RALPH MacKENZIE BARFORD RUTH MARION MANNING Victoria College HONOR SYDNEY ,BENSON Music PAUL DAVID BREAK Victoria College RUTH FRASER COMFORT Occupational Therapy JAMES CARSCALLEN CRANG Architecture JOAN ISOBEL CRYSDALE University College DONALD GEORGE DAVIS University College HAROLD BRUCE DAVIS Applied Science SL Engineering VIVIAN ELEANOR DOUGLAS Nursing DONALD DWIGHT EVANS University College Victoria College CONSTANCE JANE MATTHEWS Trinity College WILLIAM GRAHAM MCDOUGALL Trinity College BRUCE HARRIS MCPHAIL Institutional Management JAMES EDWARD MORAN Applied Science and Engineering EARL HERBERT ORSER University College IRWIN WOLFE PASTERNAK University College ' GEOFFREY ARTHUR HOLLAND PEARSON Trinity College HARVEY RAYMOND PICKFORD Applied Science SL Engineering JOSEPH BENOIT PRENDERGAST St. Michael's College HERBERT STANLEY FILLMORE DAVID JOSEPH QUIGLEY Victoria College St. Michael's College JOHN GORDON GIBSON WILLIAM JOSEPH RAYMOND Trinity College University College JACK MOXON GRAY JOYCE KATHARINE ROUS Physical SL Health Education Trinity College LEE ALFRED HEPNER ROY ROWSELL Music Medicine ROBERT FRANKLIN HETHERINGTON GEORGE NICHOL SOULIS Medicine Applied Science SL Engineering CAROLINE JANE HILL DOROTHY MURIEL STILLWELL University College Medicine JOHN ARTHUR HOOLIHAN ROBERT ALISDAIR FRASER SUTHERLAND - University College University College RUTH ALISON JEFFRIES PHOEBE CHRISTINA TEMPLETON Victoria College Victoria College ARCHIBALD ROY CAMPBELL JONES DOUGLAS PRITCHARD THOMAS Forestry - Victoria College ROSANA KELLY University College WILLIAM WALKER Applied Science SL Engineering HARVEY WILLIAM MacDONALD JAMES ALLISTER WEIR Dentistry Medicine IAN ROY MacLENNAN MARY AGNES WILKINSON Architecture St. Michael's College 208 Ni-l -. STUDENT GOVERNMENT MR. C. GUILD E. A. MQXCDONALD Miss A. E. PARKES PROP. R. S, KNOX PROF. B. E. SHORE C bairman General Arrociate .fecre tary Faculty F am l gf .fecretarj -Treamrer Reprerentative Reprerentatioe The Students' Administrative Council NTRANCE into a new half-century seemed to be a challenge to the Students' Administrative Council and its Committees, and 1949-50 was a year of both action and progress. It will also be remembered with a chuckle by Council members Whenever "bulletin boards" or Htympani-with wheels" or even "student apathy" are mentioned. The text book brief presented to the Board of Governors in '48-49 bore fruit in the 101, discount allowed on text books by the University Book Store, and it also precipi- tated a minor battle with certain publishers ofvvhich the reprecussions are still being felt on University campi across Canada. Two students from Northern Ontario are now in the University by reason of the Council's Entrance Scholarship, and one D.P. student has been financed by the Council. ...AIU R. HETHERINGTON Miss R. COMFORT EARL ORSER MARY AGNES THOMAS SYMONS IAN MACLENNAN Medicine Occupational Unioerrizy College WILKINSON Trinity College Architecture Prerident Therapy Finance St. Michael 'J Chairman of Memorial Union Vice-Preridenr Conzmirrioner College NFCU5' Chairman Pablicationr Reprerentatioe on Cornmirrioner All Varriiy Revue Committee 209 -9 STUDENT GOVERNMENT DAVID QUIGLEY WM. TURNER DOUGLAS THOMAS Mtss JOYCE Roos Miss N. BENSON Miss JANE H1LL St. Michael 'J .f.P.5'. Victoria College Trinity College Music Univerrity College College Blue 6' White Chairman of Chairman of the Chairman of Student Service Debatef Society Chairman Public Relationr Muric Committee All Varsity Revue Commifrioner Commiuioner Committee Reprefentative on Committee All Vanity Revue Committee Possibly because of the change in the date of the N.F.C.U.S. Conference from Christmas to September, that Committee put in a particularly constructive year. Textbook costs, student exchange and travel, a summer seminar in Quebec and I.U.S. affiliation were only some of the matters dealt with. The exchange "Carabin Week- ends" were most efliciently Organized by the combined efforts of the l.S.S. and N.F.C.U.S. Committees, with the Council subsidizing the cost of forty fares to Montreal. The two year old Blue and White Society again took on its task of developing an "All-Varsity spirit" and met with great success in all its efforts-particularly stu- dent participation in the Home-Coming and support of the football and hockey 'CCEUTIS . One new and highly successful venture sponsored by the Student Service Commis- sion was the Book Exchange. The Commissionalso Organized the campaign for the Community Chest including the Red Feather Fair and Tag Day and raised well over S2000 . In addition to the Orchestra and Chorus, the Music Committee this year spon- sored the Carnegie Record Collection, which was moved to the Mechanical Building with recitals each afternoon. A new University Song Book is also being compiled. The Debating Union this year joined with Hart House in arranging an American tour and also organized the regular intercollegiate debates. The All-Varsity Revue was once more a great success and played a week at Hart House to a packed House. Social Work Inter Cultural W. OUTERBRIDGB HARRIS MCPHAIL H. MACDONALD Miss D. STILLWELL HARVEY PICKPORD IAN CLARK Inftitutional Dentiirtfy Medicine .V .P .S . Ontario College Management Reprexentative to Women'.r Athletic Men'J Athletic of Education Chairman of Hart Houre Comminioner Commirfioner Ajfairx Committee Chairman Reprefenrative on Puhlic Relationt Committee 210 Radio Committee Reprerentative on the Finance Commiuion Board of ftewardf . STUDENT GOVERNMENT 1 RUTH MANNING VIVIAN DOUGLAS WM. DOWSETT BARBARA HUGHES F. O'NBILL D. C. WILSON Victoria College Naming Foreftry Pbgxical Tberajry Wyclijjle College Emmanuel College Reprerentatiue on Reprecentatioe on Reprefentative on Reprefentative on Student Service Finance Publication.: Pablicationr Commiuion Commirrion Cornmiuion Commixxion And on the Blue 48" White Society The Student Memorial Union Committee had a year of ups and downs, finally ending with a definite hope that the Union may become a reality in a building to be built south of Hart House and linked with it. The new Caput-Council Liaison Com- mittee had its first meetings during the year and served as a clearing house for various problems of administration. The Publications Committee weathered a small storm regarding Varsity advertis- ing policy when the air was cleared by the application of common sense on both sides. The Finance Committee had a very difficult year because of increased costs and decreased income, but managed to come through without showing too great a deficit. Une major undertaking was the preparation of a brief showing the need for an increased Council fee, which is now under consideration by the Board of Governors. The Council was fortunate this year in the selection of all its officers and Chair- men. Each person fulnlled his or her job in the ablest possible manner. A special word of appreciation should go to the President, Bob Hetherington, for his wise leadership and careful attention to all phases of Council activityg to the Chairman, Mr. Carman Guild for the manner in which he handled Council sessions in the best parliamentary traditiong and to Professors Knox and Shore who suffered through many lengthy meetings and offered wise counsel when neededsiw S. FAIBISH A. K. CAMPBELL DON INCH H. S. FILLMORE JOAN EDDIS WM. RAYMOND Pharmacy Knox College Law Editor of Womenk Editor of Editor of Tbe Vanity The Vanity Torontonenfif 21 l TI il 1? if ii I 'Q i - " " 4' J-qt i A md- -1-J 'affif-f'u+if4-'ef '3 --nf----f js-fi ggi! Je: . ,f 4.4. -A - Q, A A W-4 Zhbgk A4 A A .A A ' l T 'F-"m'T,U"""" T' 'TA 424- 'F ' " A' 1 I i . --1. STUDENT GOVERNMENT RIGHT: These are the ladies who look after the S.A.C.'s many activities. Audrey Dickie, Secretary to Mr. Macdonaldg Frances Light- bourne, who looks after The Vfzmfjv Advertisingg Loretta Stewart keeps check on the accountsg Edith Annis Assistant to Miss Parkes. TOP: S.A.C. President Bob I-Ietherington delivers a report. Left to Right:-Carman Guild, Clmirmanj Miss Parkes, Ruth Comfort. In the background Jack Gray and Bud Godfrey of The Vanity. CENTRE: Members voting on a motion. BOTTOM: Finance Commissioner Earl Orser reads the minutes of his meeting. Left to Right:-Ruth Comfort, Ruth Manning, Harris McPhail. 212 STUDENT GOVERNMENT SECOND ROW: L. N. Freel, AIJfJfdHf .Yeoretary Trerzrurerg E. H. Orser, 5'.A.C. Reprerentativej G. Ciglen, Fourth Year Prefiderztg D. R. K. Rose, 5'erretary,' R. A. F. Sutherland, Literary Directorj D. L. Moran, First Year Pft?J'fd67lf,' J. A. Christensen, Second Year Prefidentg R. S. Hands, Trearurergj. Novitsky, Third Year President. FIRST ROW: S. Bull, Social Directory A. Hoolihan, PreJia'erzt,' Hon. Justice L. Wilson, Honorary Prefiderztj G. R. Wallace, Atliletie Directory W. F. Francis, Publicity Director. University College Literary and Athletic Society HIS year the Lit was faced with a decreased enrolment and an unprecedented budget problem, yet, rather than adopt a policy of xterm quo, the spirit of enterprise was given free rein and 1n spite of difficulties, worthwh1le advances were made. For the first time in many years University College has had a full scale Freshman Reception lasting a full glorious week-end! Another first was the Arts Ball, held within the College this year, a great co-operative undertaking, it proved an out- standing success. The Follies remained the best campus musical-comedy, and the Red and White Nites saw the Women's Union overflowing. On gymnasium and parliamentary floor alike, Lit members have enjoyed notable success. U.C. teams gained inter-faculty laurels in lacrosse, track and basketball, while products of the U.C. Parliament and the Robinette Debates have shone in Hart House and intercollegiate debates. The Urzofergrrzol was published twice this year and the quality of literary material profited in the reduction of issues. The Open Meetings re-consolidated their reputation of dissent, debate and dichot- omy! From amalgamation to budgetary problems, the Lit has led the way for the whole University in politics and policy. ln this year of noteworthy achievements and unmitigated failures, the Lit has, however, laid the foundations in a critical period of the Colleges history upon which succeeding members can build with conndencea-gn 213 STUDENT GOVERNMENT SECOND ROW: johanne Ratz, Firft Year Pre.rider1t,' Alastair Grant, Trearurerj Paula Zumstein, Publirizjf Directrenj Barbara Davidson, Second Year Prefidenrj Zaira Murray, Third Year Prefidentg Betty Bonner, N.F.C.U.S. Reprefent- atioej Patricia Scott, .Siecretaryj Eileen Dicker, P.H.E. Reprerenzative. FRONT ROW: Joan Irwin, Literary Dirertre.fJ,' Jane Young, Social Directrerfj Mrs. Magnani, Honorary Pre.tident,'Jar1e Ratz, Prerident W.U.A.,' Miss M. B. Ferguson, Dean of Women,' Barbara Smith, Fourth Year Prefidentj Rosana Kelly, Atbletit Directreff. J University College Women's Undergraduate Association HE Women's Undergraduate Association is the official organization of the Women undergraduates of the College. It plans all the activities which solely concern the Women, and works jointly with the University College Literary and Athletic Society in such events as the First Year Barn Dance, the Follies, and Arts Ball, and Red and White Nights. This year its first activity was the Freshie House party, planned to acquaint the freshies with the College and the people in it. Throughout the year there are W.U.A. open meetings at which all the students have a chance to find out what is going on, and to make suggestions to the executive. Many students took part in the Dean's Christmas Party for the children of the faculty. The U.C. Singers provided the choral background for the pageant of the Christmas Story. On the next evening the yearly party for the University Settlement was a greatesuccess, especially "Santa Claus". After Christmas the Portia Debates began, with a large number of "orators". The winners debated against the Winners of the Robinette debates at the last Red and White night of the year, at which election results for the coming year were also announced. ' Women graduating this year will remember many things-the Players' Guild, "Red Mill" produced by the Music Club, the Undergrad, the Arts Ball, the Grad Banquet and all the other events that made their last year at University College unforgettablefyf 214 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, W.U.A. FIRST YEAR EXECUTIVE SECOND ROW: joan Carley, Marion Hogarth. FRONT ROW: Johanna Ratz, President: Muriel Chinn. -P STUDENT GOVERNMENT UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, W.U.A. THIRD UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, W.U.A. SECOND YEAR EXECUTIVE SECOND ROW: Ann Gostling, Literary DifEL'fl'9.f.f,' Joan Langlois, Publicity Direcrrefx. FRONT ROW: Barbara Davidson, Pl'E.fid6lZf,' Ross Creelman, Social Directrecc. 4- YEAR EXECUTIVE SECOND ROW: Betty Hutchison, .facial Directrerfj Anne Burton, Literary Directrecc. FRONT ROW: Zaira Murray, Preficlentj Wilma Booty, Publicizy Directrefc. -9 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, W.U.A. FOURTH YEAR EXECUTIVE SECOND ROW: Ann Boswell, Social Directreng Elizabeth Ross, Publicity Direcfreif. FRONT ROW: Barbara Smith, Prefidentj Mary Carter, Literary Directrecr. 4- 215 STUDENT GOVERNMENT SECOND ROW: A. Strike, Arlalefic Direrzarg D. Rogers, Athletic Direcrrerif D. Thomas, S.A.C. Reprerenrrzri11e,'D. Lawson, Vice-Prefjderztj R. Manning, .S'.A.C. Reprerentativehl. Nugent, Secretmyj K. Fleming, Publicigf Dirertar. FRONT ROW: M. Mills, Social Directrerrf S. Kurisko, Prefidentj Dean Bennett, P. Templeton, Arrociafe Presidentj J. Birkenshaw, Social Director. INSET: R. Carruthers, Treururer. Victoria College Union OUR years ago, in the light of greater enrolment and changing conditions, the Victoria College Union began to improve and change face. This ,year we have witnessed the extension of that process in the establishment of a Vic Show, rebirth of the Bob, a new, revitalized Arm Vicfammrz and the stabilization of the Constitution. This has been due largely to the efforts and influence of the Victoria College Union Assembly representing all the clubs, years and societies in the College. In its second complete year of operation the Assembly has carried the weighty burdens implicit in the governing of 1745 students. lt is to be hoped that the flexi- bility and continuity provided by this student forum will lead to future improve- ments, for, while recommendations, decisions and findings of investigation com- mittees this year have laid the basis for greater utilization of student capacity and interest, the problems of apathy and overlapping fields of activity will continue as challenges in the future. Many of the organizations within the College have failed to meet the demands of the students or even to bend themselves in such a direction. In the coming years the Assembly and the V.C.U. Executive must strive to adapt and mould the organization until general student interest and participation is in equilibrium with the benefits of responsibility and fellowship that is potential in the student government within a University. Such ideals are lofty. However, ideals are like the stars . . . we may never reach them, but like the mariners of the sea, we chart our course by themmyf 216 STUDENT GOVERNMENT Victoria College Permanent Executive and Award Winners PERMANENT EXECUTIVE Harry Green, Preriderztg Diane Rogers, Arrociare Prefidentj Stanley Kurisko, Treamr Beverley Shoemaker, Serrett11y,'JaCk Birkenshaw, Social Director. STICK WINNERS Jack Birkenshaw, Merff Senior Stick art!! Menu' Athletic Stinky Allison Jeffries, Women'r Athletic Stickg Phoebe Templeton, Wamen'J Senior Stick. Honour Rings HE following people have been awarded an honour ring by the Victoria College Union for their outstanding contribution and high degree of responsibility during undergraduate years. This recognition is made to supplement the limited number of Honour Awards made to students who have been active in Victoria College and University of Toronto undergraduate activities. A maximum of fifteen rings may be presented each year. Winners are not necessarily in their graduating year!!- Ralph Barford STO Roy Neehall STO Norm Bell STO Bob Ralph STO Dick Bowles A STO Bev Shoemaker STO Ted Hall STO Kathlyn Smith STO John Finlay STO Ben Smillie STO Allison Jeffries STO Bert Sutcliffe STO Fred McFadden STO Lois Sutherland 5T1 George McGowan ST2 f 2 17 STUDENT GOVERNMENT I VICTORIA COLLEGE, CLASS OF STO EXECUTIVE SECOND ROW: R. Morgan, Member-At-!az'ge,' P. Break, Treofurerf C. Smith, .S'ecretagy,' D. Weatherhead, Mezzzber-at-farge,' R. Truemner, Sofia! Director. FRONT ROW: R. Bowles, Preriderzfg Professor Irving, Hofzorofy Pre.ridenf,' Webster, Affociore Prefident. VICTORIA COLLEGE, CLASS OF 5T1 EXECUTIVE SECOND ROW: W. Farlinger, Member-at-lartgeg I. Outerbridge, Member-at-large: L. Hammond, Social Directreffj R. Howson, Treafzzrerj f. Finlay, Member-at-large. FRONT ROW: P. Quiggin, .S'ecremry,' Professor H. N. Frye, Honorary Prefidentj G. Ross, Prefidentg B. Sagar, Affociate Prexident. 218 STUDENT GOVERNMENT VICTORIA COLLEGE, CLASS OF ST2 EXECUTIVE W. Flannery, Treafzzrery' P. Ewing, 5'erretmj11,' S. Irwin, Afxorinte P1'e.ride11t,' W. Mercer, Prefidezzr. ABSENT: A. Ward, .YacialReprefe1zt41tive. VICTORIA COLLEGE, CLASS OF ST3 EXECUTIVE SECOND ROW: C. Rea, Anembly Repreientativeg P. Bell, Anembb Reprefentativej D. Melhuish, Treaxurerj J. Boyd, Axfembbf Reprexentativej D. London, AIJEMLU Reprefentativej A. Gigeroff, Auembbf Reprefenf- utiuegj. Latimer, Social Reprexentative. FRONT ROW: G. Rogers, .S'ecretary,'J. Whitely, Prefidenrg Professor Laidlaw, Honorary Prexidenrj Dancy, Auociate Prefident. 219 STUDENT GOVERNMENT SECOND ROW: Dick Foster, Michael Macklem, Bob Blackwell, Bob Johnston, Doug Andison, John Petigrew, Tom Symons. FIRST ROW: Al Hooper, Eugene Green, Bill Riesberry, Mr. E. G. Strathy, Gordon Gibson, Bill McDougall, Tom Muir. Trinity College Board of Stewards RINITY life is undergoing an examination. For ninety-eight years a distinctive atmosphere has been the source and product of her peculiar institutions. Such a colourful and impressive past gives to the present, and promises to the future, a rich inheritance. As this year began one wondered whether Trinity would be content to live on the accumulations of her former days, to glory in her past accomplish- ments, and to smile complacently when glancing at the impressive structure which housed her life. Whereas apathy has caused many of the University's institutions to Wane, at Trinity the result has been a movement toward the examination of "the given", the abolition of the useless or dangerous, and a nevv emphasis on the Worthwhile and valuable. Hence: EPISKOPON was handed over in part to the College Meeting and Board of Stewards. After long periods of deliberation we handed it back to the Scribe Cvvhere it belongs-we thinkj Since the Editor of "SazZzerme" was dropped from the Board, having never been appointed, he returned this year-vvith constitutional sanction. The Cake-Fight, which caused one sophomore to turn red, will in future years be replaced by an inter-year "Rugger Match" with the hope that injuries vvill be less spectacular. The social events of the College this year have been extremely enjoyable. The Men of College are planning to have a Trinity Christian Mission to be conducted by the Provost during Lent. College Meetings have been better attended this year- indicative of something. ' Met' Agona Stephanos ll! ali' 220 STUDENT GOVERNMENT SECOND ROW: Wiley, Third Year Repre.1entezti11e,' C. Schnorr, Trefuzererjj. Prescott. FRONT ROW: Fr. Dorsey, R. Ringwood, Second Year Repre.rentatiee,' D. Quigley, Preridentj D. Charron, Vire- Prerdient, P. Lorch, Wettern Clan Reprefenteztiveg R. Belmont, First Year Reprerenteztive, D. Wallace, Athletic Director. St. Michaels College Students' Administrative Council Q HE Students' Administrative Council of 1949-50 ably guided the many clubs and activities at St. Michaels College. To the wide variety of societies were added a Choral Society and a Writers' Guild this year. The Trieeme, with a new editorial policy and The Mike, which became a full fledged newsweekly, were widely read. Two new officers were created on the Council: a professional representative chosen from among the resident professional students, and a Vice-President, now distinct from the Fourth year representative, who is the functioning head of St. Michaels College. This enables the President, who remains the responsible agent, to spend more time in furthering St. Michaels interest in university affairs. The float parade, the renewed interest in l.S.S. and N.F.C.U.S. and the ready response of St. Michaels to back the University on book discounts are results of the Presidents efforts. In the field of athletics St. Michaels representatives were on every university team and the intramural squads did well. The track team won its third straight indoor championship, while the hockey team won the Jennings Cup and the basketball team, the Sifton cup. The popular monthly dances were enlivened by the St. Michaels Octet and a new P. A. set. Other successful events of the year were the Christmas Dance, the "At- Home" and the Arts Banquet. With a firmer financial basis, the constitutional changes and the precedent of a year of splendid co-operation, next years Council should look forward to an even better yearayf 221 STUDENT GOVERNMENT SECOND ROW: Elaine Maloney, Suzanne McGrath, Dorothy Doran, Joanne McWilliam, Frances O'Brien, Therese Bauer, Margery Vice, Betty Claire Holland. FRONT ROW: Catherine Johnston, Clmirmang Margaret Kearns, Winnifred Lownie, Mary Agnes Wilkinson, Prexidentg Helen Symth, Teresa Houlihan, Helen Cannon. Loretto College -I St. .loseph's College Joint Council HE Joint Executive Council of St. Michaels College women was formed in 1949 as a unifying link between Loretto and St. Josephs, the tvvo vvomen's colleges of St. Michael's. The council is made up of the senior members of the St. Joseph's and Loretto's S.A.C., although its president is separate from either college council. She, as a representative to the University S.A.C., is responsible to the body of St. Michael's College vvomen as a vvhole. This Joint Executive Council deals with those matters which concern the students of both Loretto and St. Josephs, while those which pertain to only one college or the other are handled by the S.A.C. of the college concernedaih 222 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ST. jOSEPH'S COLLEGE STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL SECOND ROW: Betty Fitzgerald, Margery Vice, Catherine Johnston, Helen Boehler, Betty Claire Holland, Therese Bauer. FRONT ROW: Elaine Maloney, Rose Marie LaPalme, Winnifred Lownie, Teresa Houlihan, Ksaverajarosz, Eleanor Sherlock, , LORETTO COLLEGE STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL SECOND ROW: Suzanne McGrath, junior Rep:-ere1zrarive,' Dorothy Doran, Saplwmm-e Reprefenmrive,' Helen Cannon, .S'ocia!Direct1fe.rJ,'Julia McCool, Tm'ontanenJiJ Reprwefzmtizfe. FRONT ROW: Margaret Howe, Debating Premientg Margaret Kearns, Trearzzrerg Helen Smyth, Prefidemi: Pamela LaTour, Hemi of Home, Frances O'Brien, Athleric Prefideur, Mary Sheridan, Prefect of Sadaligv. ABSENT: Joanne Smith, Frerbmfzn Represefzmtive. 223 STUDENT GOVERNMENT KNOX COLLEGE ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE SECOND ROW: F. Dunbar, Home Comzenerj G. Hopton, Social Camzenerj M. Putnam, Warship Camfener, W. Smith, Athletic Convener. FRONT ROW: G. R. Cameron, Treafurerg Rev. D. V. Wade, Honomg Prefidentj A. K. Campbell, Prexident, A. Turner, Vine-Prefidentgj. R. Moore, Secretary. KNOX COLLEGE ASSOCIATION 224 STUDENT GOVERNMENT SECOND ROW: M. Taylor, Don of Reridencejll. Metler, Miuiomzry Convenerj G. Hume, Worship Conuenef. FRONT ROW: D. Jay, President, Theological .Yocietyj Preston, Secretary, Theological .Yocietyj G. McLellan, Treafurerg S. Parkhouse, Vice-Prerio'ent,' D. Wilson, Prerizientf Dr. McLean, Honorary Prefidentj K. Christopher, Secremryj S. Anderson, Secretary, Arhletir Societyf D. Sloan, President, Athletic Society. Emmanuel College Students' Society HE Emmanuel College Students' Society is indeed fortunate in having its weekly meetings scheduled on the regular timetable at a time when all students can attend. This fact indicates how important the Society is to the student body. It is here that 'students obtain training for the work which they will have to do on boards, committees, presbytery and conference meetings. During this year atten- tion has been given to parliamentary procedure, and while most of us have become at least slightly confused when there is a division of the house over an amendment to an amendment, our knowledge of the conduct of meetings has been greatly in- creased. ' All this experience in correct procedure comes as we discuss and plan the various aspects of our College activities. In the fall the worship committee with the staff, planned a retreat which deepened our Christian fellowship and enriched us individ- ually. Our planning involved more than our own concerns however. Under the direction of the missionary committee, students have been sent to speak to Young People's conference rallies, to churches in Toronto and London. Freshmen Frantics, the Buddy Banquet, musicales and the general good humour prevailing at all meetings have done much to create a feeling of comradeship throughout the collegem 225 STUDENT GOVERNMENT SECOND ROW: Fralick, Treafarer: D. E. Lemon, Depag Speaker-,'J. O'Neil, S. A. C. Reprerenfativejj. Town- send, Minifrer Wirlaoar Portfolio, D. Luck, Social Directorgj. Jackson, Minirter ofjziftice, B. Brightling, Minifter of Foreign Ajjfairrg B. Brummet, Depzirv Prirne Minifterg H. Surdivall, Minirter of Education. FRONT ROW: H. K. Naylor, .Ypeakerj Morden, Prime MiniJter.' R. F. Stackhouse, Governor-Generaij R. Mountain, Leader of the Oppo:if!on,M. Cathcart, President of Theological Society. ABSENT: D. Umpherville, Mi7ZiJfBl' of Internal Ajjfairfj L. Harper, .Yecretary of .Ytatej H. Holman, Keeper of the Seal. Wycliffe College Literary Society HE students rise, the speaker takes the chair and after a few words of opening, the Wycliiffe Literary Society is once again in full session. "Business from the cabinet" is the signal for Prime Minister Morden to take the floor and launch out into some new project of the Radical-Conservative Party. Discipline, socials, house- debates and other forms of student activity all alike come before the critical eye of the student body. His Majesty's Loyal Opposition provides an active and penetrat- ing stimulus to good government with its scathing sarcasm and constructive criticism. Well, rough seas make good captains, it is said, and this year's government was no exception. In the face of an energetic opposition the cabinet developed an almost unprecedented efficiency. The interested support and friendly counsel given by our Senior student, himself an experienced "Lit" member, went far in making this efficiency possible-many thanks to Governor-General Stackhouse. . Q, The common room is empty now but I seem to hear those familiar voices and the roof still echoes dimly with cries of "I-Iere! Here!' My 226 STUDENT GOVERNMENT I THIRD ROW: T. Housely,J. Hunt, C. Bell, R. Strom, G. Cummings, R. MacCutcheon. SECOND ROW: Catto, N. Cannon, B. Winstanley, J. Rodgers, P. Rowntree, E. Dicker, M. Hudson, T. Henderson. FRONT ROW: M. Furlong, D. Kettle, Treasurer: M. Leeson, .S'eoretary,' G. Nick, Prefidentj Somerville, T. Peterson, Vice-Prmdemg' N. West. - Physical and Health Education Undergraduate Association HE School of Physical and Health Education Undergraduate Association, of which all P.H.E. students are members, completed another very successful year under the able leadership of George Nick. The year was packed with activities such as the Opening Get-Together, in which the freshmen got to know each other and also the students in the other years, the "year" dances that were held frequently and to which all the students were invited, the open meetings at which prominent physical educationists talked, and the annual At-Home, which was held at the Boulevard Club and was a great success. The annual show "Health's A'Poppin" was presented in February and was very enthusiastically received by capacity houses. The show provided an opportunity for the students to work co-operatively in a common endeavour and 150 out of the 190 students in the course participated. - The students were very active in the various intramural and intercollegiate sports once again, and kept up their high level of ability and sportsmanship. These combined activities have provided certain essential qualities that each student should receive from his or her University education. To the incoming executive, we extend the sincerest wishes for the 1950-51 season. To our fellow classmates who will scatter across the country-we wish health, happiness, and successnqk- 227 4 STUDENT GOVERNMENT TOP ROW: W. W. Walker, Prefidentj A. Couse, Firxr Vice-Preridentj Anderson, Second Vice-Preridentj J. M. Armour, Tremurerj G. Burns, Secretary. MIDDLE ROW: H. Pickford, Fourth Year .S'.A.C. Reprerentatiuej W. Turner, Third Year .f.A.C. Repre.fentative,' W. Clark, C. Arnold, N.F.C.U.5'. Reprerentativeh' B. A. Warren, Publicity Director. BOTTOM ROW: H. B. Davis, Prerident, 5T0,' H. Staneland, Prefident, 5Tl,' D. McParland, Prerident, 5T2,' - P. Turner, Prerident, 5T3,' G. Soulis, Prerident, Athletic Affociatian. Engineering Society 1' IS spring again and with pen and platitude in hand, we set forth to outline briefly the many activities and operations of the Engineering Society. Briefly, aye, there's the rub. To encompass the myriad activities which issue forth from the sacred precincts of the Red Schoolhouse in four hundred Words presents all the prob- lems of a man Writing "Gone With the Wind" on a small sized pinhead. The major problem was rather a paradoxical one since it saw retrenchment in financial policy coinciding with expansion to accommodate the increased numbers using the single store following the close of the Ajax Annex. Decreased enrolments brought the need for an Hausterity programme" which would maintain the high standard of Skule functions Without undue lavishness. As a result the subsidies required for the three major events, the At-Home, Skule Nite and Skule Dinner, were greatly reduced from the previous year without affecting the success of the functions themselves. 228 STUDENT GOVERNMENT TOP ROW: P. LaPrairie, M. ana' M. Club Cbairmanj G. Petherick, Engineering and Bufineff Club Cbairmanj E. Weston, Electrical Club Cbairmanj L. McCloy, Civil Club Cbairmanj D. Carew, Chemical Club Cbairman. MIDDLE ROW: W. Keenan, Engineering Pbwicf Club Cbairmanj Moran, Aeronautical Club Cbairmarzj E. Fedryk, Debate! Club Cbairmanj S. Scroggins, Ceramicf Club Cbairmanj Innes, Mecbanical Club Chairman. BOTTOM ROW: Brigham, Editor, Toilze Oikej D. Sherk, Editor, Traazracliom and Yearbaokj A. ROSS, Torontonemif Repre.rentati1Je,' W. Waters, Vanity Reprefentative. Engineering Society A decreased budget meant an increase in ideas, enthusiasm, and plain hard work, and these requirements were met by the boys in the Back Room. ln this confined space back of the stores between props and instruments of the "L.G.M.B.", ideas are born to be seized upon with enthusiasm or to gather dust on the floor. One day it is mustaches for the Mulock Cup final, another day Engineers' caps for the Chariot Race, or on a higher plane, stacks of quarters for the Sick Children's Hospital. Programmes for the School-At-Home, props for Skule Nite, publicity for School Dinner, and puns for the School Auction, all from this 15 X 20 mine. And yet there is more, for within these confines can be found the editorial offices of both the Toike Oilze and Tramacrions anal Year Book, devoted to the task of publiciz- ing the day-to-day activities of the Society and chronicling the year's events for inclusion in the memory portion of that reference library every engineer should have. Still others brave the torrent of activity in this little room, for the Year and Club Executives base their many operations here. From club stag to Grandiose Grad Ball, from field trip to General Meeting, all emanate from this enclosure. In conclusion, a heartfelt thanks to the denizens of the Back Room for having spearheaded a very successful year with the support of a cooperative student body. Best wishes to John Folinsbee and the rest of the new tenants of the Back Roomwyp 229 STUDENT GOVERNMENT TOP ROW: J. L. Pulford, Prexidentj B. A. Warren, Fir-Jr Vice-Prexidentjj. Brigham, Second Vice-Pre.rident,' W. A. Stewart, .S'ec1'etf1ry,'C. C. Connollv, Treasurer. MIDDLE ROW: Caumellarfx Innes, A. A. Walters, D. Carew, D. L. King, R. R. Smith, G. A. Pon. BOTTOM ROW: Counrelforfr F. T. Hubbard, F. K. Dotv, P. Wilkinson, H. Heather, E. Weston, S. Fox. 1 U . S.P.S. Permanent Executive T will be the aim of the Graduate Executive of the Class of STO to keep alive the spirit of co-operation which has been so prevalent during the past four years. An attempt will be made to draw up some form of constitution to replace the members of the Executive who by means of distant positions are not able to carry on their pre- vious assignments. By means of Club functions and annual year dinners, stags and reunions it is hoped that an interest may be maintained in the year STO. It is hoped that at some later date the members of the year may be able to set up some form of award to future students such as the Second Mile Award of the Class of 3T5. In this way they will keep the memory of 5T0 ever at the top of School years.,-yn 230 STUDENT GOVERNMENT H. B. Davis, Prefidefztj W. C. Diakow, Vice-Preridezztg T. M. Burke, Secretazjf-T1'eaJ1n-ex'' W. A. Firstbrook, Athfetif Reprerefzmtizv. S.P.S. Fourth Year Executive N the far distant future when erudite historians undertake to assess the shadowy past, they will select the most important happening of each decade or era and at- tempt to show the effect which it had on the following generations. In our time, we can say without fear of possible contradiction, that the greatest single event will be recorded as the founding of that worthy body of courtiers and musicians QD, The Lady Godiva Memorial Band with Auxiliary Chowder and Marching Society. Under the aegis of the Director of Kultural Activities, Paul La Prairie, and led by the distinguished conductor, Captain Thomas Kenny, this aggregation has assaulted the acoustical apparatus of the entire University with a high degree of success. That they will have started a tradition at Skule, as well as having set the cause of music back three centuries, goes without saying. Many other remarkable events have occurred in this last year of trial Cand the odd errorlg not the least of which was the succession to the throne of a new Skule Cannon complete with wheels. This redoubtablepiece of ordnance follows a worthy an- cestry in becoming the defender of the little Red School House and the scourge of the campus, and repercussions of its percussion will be felt at the very Council Tables of the Artsmen, yea, even unto the U.C. Lit. However, lest we forget, let it not be said that the year was entirely cultural, for there was a certain amount of social activity. Besides supplying the largest percent- age of the numbers at the various Society functions, STO also had two very fine dances excluding the Grad Ball, of which more is in its own section. V Both affairs were held at the Palace Pier since it proved a very congenial atmos- phere in which to relax from the strain of booklarninf Ellis McLintock's band was engaged for both occasions with additional entertainment by Mildred Morey and Larry Foster. The latter was very good and his impersonations gave all of the ad- vantages of many of the big names at a fraction of their cost, for which the executive is truly thankful. . The year has been a successful one from all aspects Cincluding the academic, said he hopefullyD, and I should like to thank the other members of the Class Executive for their unstinting efforts and all the members of STO for the fine cooperation we have received in making this year a memorable one.0Ya 231 STUDENT GOVERNMENT S.P.S., CLASS OF ST2 EXECUTIVE R. A. Beattie, Athletic Reprefentativej D. K. Turner, Vice-Prefidentj D. McFarland, Prefidentj T. B. Reynolds, Secretary-Treaxurer. 232 .-,im S.P.S., CLASS OF 5T1 EXECUTIVE T. F. Kagawa, .Yecretafgf-T1-eaJurer,' H. A. Staneland, Premlentj R. C. Brace, Vine-Prexidentj. C. Folinsbee, Athletic Repretentative. S.P.S., CLASS OF ST3 EXECUTIVE M. A. Morassutti, Set:-etmy-Trea1urer,' P. M. Turner Prexidentj W. C. MO0re, Athletic Reprefentative. ABSENT: B. Blanchard, Vice-Prefident. STUDENT GOVERNMENT SECOND ROW:,S. Samuels, Employment Directory A. Tilbe, Sports Direetorj G. Cox, Firfz Year Preridentj T. Watkins, Fifth Year Pre.ria'ent,' D. Armstrong, Third Year Preridentj F. Wallis, Second Year Preridentg R. Sider, Fourth Year Prefidentjj. Cauley, Puhlioizy Dirertor. FRONT ROW: G. Adams, 5'ecrerary,' Miss. G. Wharry, Trearuref-,' G. Gibson, Honorary Preridentg I. MQCLCDHHH, Preridenrg W. G. Raymore, Ex-officio Memherj W. Gibson, Vice-Prerident. Architectural Society WO years have now passed since Skule broke away from Architecture, leaving the Engineers alone to face an unruly campus teeming with enterprising Meds and tentative Artsmen. Seeking neither to hide behind Skule's burly bastions, nor to bask in reflected glory, architects continue to enjoy friendly relations with engineers and the tradition- al forty beers, contributing coeds to Skule's attractive chorus line, designing sets and decorations, patronizing Engineering Stores and participating in the Graduation Dinner. ' Architects represent only a small fraction of the total enrolment at the University. We have found, hovvever, that the smaller college or faculty enjoys compensating advantages and through an active society the architects are contributing to the undergraduate life of the University to an ever increasing degree. Through exhibi- tions and the sponsoring of eminent speakers, participation in Varsity affairs at all levels, including sports, Fun Fairs, Homecoming Week-ends, Hart House, Caledon Hills, S.A.C. and Chairmanship of the proposed student Union, architects are more active than ever before. This increased activity is a healthy sign. Modern architec- ture is vitally interested in the community life and our increasing extra-curricular activities provide a basic training for more useful participation in public life on graduation. 40 233 .1 l STUDENT GOVERNMENT MEDICAL SOCIETY TOP ROW: R. F. Hetherington, Preridentg G. S. Cameron, Vice-PreJia'ent,' A. R. K. Doyle, Treafzirerj F. Mustard, .Yecretaryj Miss D. M. Stillwell, Prerident M.W.U.A.,' S. L. Wax, Publicity Director. MIDDLE ROW: D. McConachie, Prefident Fourth Yearfj. B. Mcllraith, Preridenr Third Year: G. H. Morrison, Prefident Second YearjJ. A. MacDonald, Prerident Firft Yearj W. T. Shaw, Prerident .Yerond Pre-Medical Yearj P. D. Hopkins, Prefident Firxt Pre-Medical Year. BOTTOM ROW: W. F. Prendergast, Dajfydil Chairmangj. L. Ralph, Editar of Medicalfourr1al,' D. E. Yates, Chairman of Arn and Leiterfj D. R. Pushman, Chairman of Muricf P. B. Heaton, C.A.M..S'.I. Chairman: H. R. Rowsell, Ex-Service Reprexentativeg E. D. Hubbard, M.A.A. CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF MEDICAL STUDENTS AND INTERNES SECOND ROW: Doug Wigle, Abe Halpern, Tom Porter. FRONT ROW: Ken Butler, Doreen Mathers, Peter Heaton, Chairman: Bruce Buchanan, Ken Roach. 234 STUDENT GOVERNMENT mo I SECOND ROW: Beth McCree, .ferretfzrgw Irene Hain, Treafurer Atlaleticfg Bernice Russell, Sofia! C0l1Uf?71f?7',' Sally Sarles, Secretary Atllleticrj Annjane Carter, Treafurer. FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Line, Viqe-Prefident Atblezicrj joan Fletcher, Prerident Afh!6ff6I,' Dr. Florence McConney, Honorary Prefidentj Dorothy Stillwell, Preridentg Ruth Alison, Vice-Prerident. ABSENT: Alice Kozner, Firxt Pre-medical Repreferztative. Medical W0men's Undergraduate and Athletic Association HE Medical Women's Undergraduate Association has had a successful year under the leadership of Dorothy Stillwell. The opening fall event was a banquet in honour ofthe girls entering the freshman year. Dr. Marjory Davis was the guest speaker. Many ofthe members of the Association took active parts in Darfydil Nite, and a musical and talent evening was held in January at which the Undergraduate women exhibited their skills on the piano, violin and accordian. At a forum ins February, various fields in Medicine open for women were dicussed by women specialists. In the spring a forum was held to honour the eight women in the graduating class. The Medical Women's Athletic Association has had an outstanding year with Joan Fletcher in charge. The baseball team played two playoff games in Hart I-louse and Finished third in the Interfaculty tilt. Although the Volleyball team copped no honours, the hockey team was outstanding. In January a Splash party was held for swimming enthusiasts. The Athletic Association closed the year with a banquet at which awards were presented. Both Associations worked together to make their activities of interest to all women in Medicine.4-30 235 STUDENT GOVERNMENT TOP ROW: H. W. MacDonald, Preridentj W. Pritchard, Vice-Prefident and President of Fourth Yearj R. Wainwright, Treafurerj D. E. Mitchell, Social Directory G. T. Milne, Director of Publicigu MIDDLE ROW: W. R. Moore, Director of Athletics F. A. Cambell, Prerident Third Year and .Yecretaryj D. F. Brown, President Second Year: O. W. K. Gott, President Firrt Yearj A. Lindzon, President Pre- Dental Year. BOTTOM ROW: G. T. Rowntree, Diretror of Dentanticfg E. A. Jones, Editor of Hya Yakaj H. C. Bugden Torontonemif Representative. 7 Dentistry Students' Parliament HE outstanding fact about 1949-50 from the students' standpoint has been that this year's graduating class is the largest since 1923. In addition to the outstand- ing number in their class, they have demonstrated a mature judgement and diversified enthusiasm in sports, social events, and a host of other student activities. The student body will miss this large nucleus but they have our best Wishes and confidence that they will take to their respective practices a keen interest in both the health of the people and the healthy conduct of their community affairs. Along with the planning of a well-rounded and highly successful programme of student activities, the Cabinet also completed the large scale amendment of the Constitution of the Students' Parliament, which was commenced by last year's Cabinet, in order that the Constitution might be in step with the changes and pro- gress made over the years in both Faculty and University. c With the large number of students in the Faculty this year creating a strain on teaching facilities and space, our thanks and very best wishes go to Dean Ellis, the Faculty, and Stan, for their magnificent job of organization and the extra effort they so willingly made in order that each of us might have a fruitful and fully rounded yearayf V 236 ii-J.. STUDENT GOVERNMENT SECOND ROW: William Outerbridge, Vice-Preridentj Don Milne, Activities Directory Jean Palmer, Public Relatiom Directerjjohn Kileeg, Hermena! Standard: Directerj David Friesen, Publicigf Director. FRONT ROW: Margaret McFarlane, Social Directarf Mrs. Sheila Fleming, .S'ecrettzry,' Mary Stephens, Prefi- dentj Elizabeth Crane, Trea.rurer,' Cherry Gauthier, Cenrtitution Committee Chairman. ABSENT: William Stern, Library and Curriculum Committee Cluzirmfm. School of Social Work Executive OCIAL work is designed primarily and directly to conserve, to protect and to im- prove human well-being. The major areas of concentration include child and family welfare, medical and psychiatric social work, delinquency control, recreation and informal education, community organization, administration and research. The students at the School of Social Work have their own Association which acts as a liaison between student and faculty, between student-body and community, as well as fostering greater unity among the student themselves. Through the Curriculum Committee the students express their views on the pres- ent curriculum and possible modifications. The Personnel Standards Committee works towards securing better conditions of employment in the field. The Wednesday Afternoon Lecture Series is sponsored by the Activities Committee in co-operation with the faculty. These lectures cover topics of broad social concern and are open to all. The interrelationship between social work and other fields is strengthened through the Public Relations Committee. For the first time the School has entered the intra-mural sports league with several victories to its credit. Social activities are by no means overlooked and many informal parties, teas, and dances were held. By participation in the programme of the School of Social Work-classes, field work and Student Association activities-students are well prepared to take their place in the social work professionmyp 237 STUDENT GOVERNMENT fs: -'r:'gff' V 1 ,-3.1, 1-. - . Zn I Ns THIRD ROW: Lorna Lett, Tormztanemif RepreJentatizJe,' Barbara Bedford, Firrt Year Preirident. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Batanoff, .facial Clmirmanj Jeanne Cossar, Athletic Clmirmarzj Janet Laughlin, Prefidentj Barbara Foreman, Secretary. FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Little, Vine-Preridentf Barbara Hughes, .S'.A.C. Reprefentiztivej Bernice Avis, Trearzzrer. Physical Therapy Undergraduate Executive ITH the combined efforts of the students of each of the three years, we have completed another full and happy year in Physical Therapy. As in few other courses on the campus, we are a small enough group to allow our friendships to reach into all corners of each year's class. This provides a spirited atmosphere for under- graduate activities. , Our social activities began on Registration Day with a freshman reception. From then on we tried to strike a balance between studies and extra-curricular activities. There were class parties, bridge and dancing, but the highlight of the year was our very successful, annual At-Home. Physical Therapy had teams participating in many intra-mural sports, such as swimming, tennis, basketball, volleyball and hockey. In 1948 our first athletic banquet was held and we hope to continue it as an annual affair. The new three-year combined Physio-O.T. course will begin next September. We wish the staff and students every success in this new enterprise and hope that the same spirit will prevail that we have enjoyed during our past three yearsags 238 STUDENT GOVERNMENT THIRD ROW: P. A. Shea, Firft Year Prefidenrj H. A. Zener, .facial Chairmanj E. A. King, Vice-Preriderztj M. M. Howard, Third Year Prefidentj L. I. Beston, Treararerg B. Brockett, Second Year Pre.riderzt,' J. O. Sheppard, Aixfixtant Secretary-Treasurer. SECOND ROWZD. M. Hunter, Publicity Chairmanj Miss H. P. Levesconte, Honorary Prefidentj P. A. Townley Preridenrg Miss I. Robinson, .Ytajf Memherg R. B. Miller, Secretary. FRONT ROW: R. F. Comfort, 5'.A.C. Reprerentativej G. M. Wylie, Athletic Chairman. ABSENT: W. T. Popham, Literary .Shciety Chairman. Occupational Therapy Undergraduate Association t the close of the 1949-50 year, the role of Occupational Therapy in numerous campus activities is one of which each member of the course may be justly proud. The transformation of Occupational Therapy from almost an nonenity to a recog- nized campus participant is largely due to the efforts of the Undergraduate Associa- tion. Consisting of all students registered in Occupational Therapy at the University of Toronto, the Undergraduate Association holds monthly meetings. Formed over ten years ago, its aims are: to promote fellowship among students of all years of the course, to further such enterprises as might from time to time present themselves, making it possible for the undergraduates to enjoy university life to the full. The members of the graduating class, perhaps more than any others, appreciate the part the association has played in their university life. Graduates will long remember the "Freshie-Tea" which introduced them to the University, the seniors who helped them over the "rough spots", the hilarious initiation, the associations monthly meetings-especially the supper meetings Cmeat pies again?D, the struggle to make up athletic teams and the encouraging success of the basketball team this year, the part played in the Feather Fair, the Homecoming Week-End, and the At-Home, the social highlight of the year. For all these and many other things, the STO class says "thank you" to the Execu- tive and to the Social and Athletic committees, and express the hope that succeeding students will support their association wholeheartedly and make it a force on the campusagn 239 STUDENT GOVERNMENT 1 SECOND ROW: Bill Leach, President Second Yearj A. A. MacKay, President First Yearjjune Buist, Treamrerj Bernard Causton, Athletic Reprefenmtivej Harris McPhail, .S'.A.C. Reprefentfztive. FRONT ROW: Margaret Collie, 5'ecretmy,' Gordon Mitchell, Prerident Undergrad .Yarietyj Patricia Millar, Vice-President Second Yearj Abbie Lipson, Vice-President Fin! Year. Institutional Management Undergraduate Society HIS year, our Undergraduate Society has stressed cooperation between First and Second Years. With this in mind, the social committee, ably directed by Bill Leach, has proved most successful. All its activities, from the big Weiner roast in the fall to the very delightful "At Home" in the spring, have displayed exceptional spirit and teamwork. The cooperation of the two years was largely due to the First Year's President, "Mac" McKay. Mr. McKay also doubled as hockey coach bringing us a group championship. Athletics, under Bernie Causton, once more expanded and improved. Next year we shall expect even greater achievements. Pat Millar, Publicity Chairman, and Women's Association President, and the ever-busy Marg. Collie, Torontonensis representative, must be mentioned for their contributions. Unfortunately, space will not permit mentioning all those respon- sible for our successful year. Outside of the Undergraduate Society we must thank Pete Tobias and Ian MacKay for all their efforts, particularly, in the quest for our own year book. Bouquets must go to Jane Macauley and Bill Goodrich, of the first year, for all their thoughtful aid in our many functions. y Financially, our year showed much improvement, and June Buist, our hard work- ing Treasurer, must be mentioned under this categorym- 240 1 all he STUDENT GOVERNMENT I 4 , Zfffffw , I 4 l I . I fs ll I 1 I E 1 il SCHOOL OF NURSING UNDERGRADUATE ASSOCIATION SECOND ROW: Ann Miller Second Year Reprefentativeg Lynn Price, Firyt Year Reprexentativeg Joan Walker Fourth Year Reprefentative' Elsie Wilson Residenre Convener' Ann Cowan Athletic Canvener' Irene McLellan Third Year Reprefentarive FRONT ROW: Mary McEwan, Social Canvenerj Kathleen King, Vice-Prefidentf Vivian Douglas, Prefiderzt Beth Klein Secretary-Treaxurer ABSENT: Elizabeth Mollard Drama Comfrnerj Helen Black, MuJic Canvener We W, Q hlLlLW-lli HERE De: Oi Nfl? -At f ,Y 0 S S X4 I J: X S.-A C1- x ' ' X Z X -J 0 X- i D I , ' Q Lo x- X 'X gf' - 0 V ? llx ' UQ 2' 9, fb ' 5 'tix Mx 3 Ax ! V D 3 I ll 4 V 'NJ x i f h I x L - :ty 6A -D 5 ws , QC: ' l. N ' nl C' 12.7, g .I+ :gif 5 :gr X 5 9 s ' e- , X - X ,!:7 , O 5 F! l Mm t 'X V l lf? 'N 's N K- R ' P-Q 'wc 0 is w ll I ,, I.. , JS, A , -Mag ,. 'K' 'x ' fm X K A , .., X15 A-. A lf ZW 9 i . A J X X? no FO It s. ,J r - t. . I 'Al bl ' -3 Nj s f 'D .. V 'Va f l wa ,. 4 L W7 .eefxq L 60" ' .W Q ff to f ff S -QVD if-ef 5 A i .ij li , I- 'ff -, xg! if fi. l '97 I I E Ii , g KE , 4,1 J A 159 C'3fJ 75? t J KX I IX 4, x 5 Q1 W EVERY FACULTY it je HAS ONE --- LAUNDRY fb A 'Y .Q AVN U 3 W-wvmawxgK.wKfSn41'5li'1i6Jg'2ais2,QQ, " X I V l , A . , fy Q., N gn: , . 8 is 1 WWW-NEWW A M K X' mai ' ' ' " 'H MMV ' fifsiirxif if X' . ' ' w 5'i'?1ii n , , , -vim.!'Qsfw 4- ,z - .5. -a,w- ' i'gA,LL.f4.,,4." , I Vx, 5, g,,:.,,..-' V-f ,::f'3 Entertainment 43 'JV fl ENTERTAINMENT A GROUP LISTENING TO THE DAILY RECORD HOUR OF THE CARNEGIE RECORD COLLECTION. Carnegie Record Collection x HIS valuable collection of records has unfortunately not been heard in the past few years, owing to the lack of adequate room and facilities. However, this year through the kinda interest of Professor Allcut, the Staff Common Room in the new Mechanics Building was made available and the collection has a permanent home once more. i Programmes were heard there each weekday, directed by the Curator, Bill Marwick. The collection of 640 records, consists of a variety of classical compositions which are representative rather than selective. Many of the records are now collectors' items, and are not available elsewhere. It is the hope of the S.A.C. Music Committee to gradually extend the collection to include composers who have come to the fore during the ten years since the collection was given to the University by the Carnegie Institute. It is hoped also that, in time, a library of recordings by Canadian com- posers may be built up.,-ya 244 ., .W , it - , . V. l 1 A -1 -f 1 W, . V-I 1 '-'cr n . :.'.iJ,W ' University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Mixed Chorus Q HE University Symphony Orchestra and the All-Varsity Mixed Chorus completed another most successful season. This year, they were conducted by Lee Hepner, who had been their assistant con- ductor during '48 and '49. During last summer, Mr. Hepner conducted the Edmonton Philharmonic Orchestra in its Pop Concert Series, and then returned to conduct the ' University Orchestra and Chorus in a series of ambitious works. The first concert was held in December, and the programme included the Cesar Franck Symphony in D Minor, three selections from the Damnation of Faust by Berlioz, and the Poloversian Dances from Prince Igor by Borodin. The latter Work was presented by both the Orchestra and Chorus. Before Christmas, about forty mem- bers of the chorus chartered a bus, and visited several hospitals and homes to sing carols. Their performance was greatly appreciated and enjoyed. The next concert was presented in March, and included the major work of the year, the Haydn orarorio "Creation" parts 1 and 2. The soloists were Donna-Gail Richards, soprano, Joseph Ward, tenor, and james Beer, bass. The Chorus and orchestra were praised by critics for their oratorical mood and technique, and for their control in performing with each other. The third concert at the end of March brought the season to a close. It was an interesting and varied programme in- cluding The Unfinished Symphony by Schubert, the Egmont Overture by Bee- thoven, String Pieces by Healey Willan, and a work by a member of the orchestra, James Guthrovv. The major work was the Grieg Piano Concerto in A Minor, with Frank Churchley as soloist. The University Symphony Orchestra and the All-Varsity Mixed Chorus were both formed originally at the request of the students. The emphasis placed upon both is not one of technique, but rather that the students may play and sing to- gether, and that their fellow students may hear them. Consequently, under Lee Hepner, conductor, Elmer Isler, assistant conductor, and Elsie Babialc, concert mistress, the orchestra and Chorus have P- Worked diligently and Well, and have ELMER ISL-ER ' shared their own enjoyment with the Asxifmnt Conductor student 2.uCliC11CC.05fp ' ff 1 44 , , 'X LEE HEPNER Conductor ENTERTAINMENT ELSIE BABIAK FRANK CHURCHLEY Concert Mixtresx Piano Solain' CHORAL SOLOISTS AND CONDUCTOR James Beer, Donna-Gail Richards, Joseph Ward, Lee Hepner. 246 ENTERTAINMENT MUSIC COMMITTEE AND ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF OF ORCHESTRA Bill Marwick, Joyce Rous, Murray Dixon, Bill Glenesk, Russell Brooks, Dick Crabbe. ABSENT: Nipper Benson. ORCHESTRA AND CHORUS 247 ' ENTERTAINMENT Music Director Bob Cringan THE GUIDING LIGHTS Irwin Pasternak, Ben Wise, George McGowan. The All -Varsity Revue PRODUCTION STAFF Director Ben Wise Producer George McGowan House Manager Marv Lipprnan Associate Director Irwin Pasternak Assistant House Manager Eva Pearce Choral Director Publicity Make-up Ward McAdam Murray Sussman Isabel WVard Costumes joan Crysdale Choreographer and Dance Director Associate Dance Director Programmes Norma-Irene Pankhurst Herb Wedderburn john Leishman, Bill Dawson Chairman, All-Varsity Revue Committee Nipper Benson Hi 1 l Twig: 1 'K E 3 B1 N ' 4 1 vw Q fl 248 "D.T." number from the show was an interpretation of a drunk being molested by pink elephants, dragons, pictured here, Donnie Paff, one of the mice. ENTERTAINMENT HE ALL-VARSITY REVUE of 1950, perhaps the greatest production of the University of Toronto, catered to a more varied audience than has been the practice in previous years. Ben Wise, Director, and George McGowan, Pro- ducer, aided by Associate Director, Irwin Pasternak, scouted other campus shows with this in mind. Ward McAdam and jim Guthro are to of the be congratulated on the success "Hart House Towers" selection. Judy went Godfrey's "Lookin' For a Man" over in a big way, as did john North- Layin' more's Chicken Song, "They're Eggs Now!". "I Could Write a Book," a satire on modern novel-writing was, thanks to George McGowan, a high point in humour. In this same category were " Space Staggers Back " and the "Policemen Skit". Ted Snider and Jack Northmore handled Mel Hamill's "Toronto Subway Song" expertly. Bouquets, too, to the girls of the kick line who thrilled their audience with "Keep It On Ice". An unusual musical treat was the quintet, the Clef Tones. In a different category were the Jones Boys, whose "Tennessee Waltz" was almost as hilarious as their "Cigareets and Whuskeyu. The orchestra-leader, Bob Crin-gan, Whiteside, and the costume designer, Miss Nipper Benson, as chairman, kept innovation of a ticket-exchange system, who took part in producing this great times and unchallenged successayf the stage-crew, under Bill Kirby and Ted Joan Crysdale, all deserve congratulations. the A-V-R Committee on the move, and the resulted in a great increase of efliciency. All show will have satisfying memories of gay .... . . ...and no show is complete without a chorus line. 249 ENTERTAINMENT 250 Behind the curtain with the stage crew. "Crime Doesn'r Pay Bur The Hours Are Goodng Bernie Persilco, Art Klarman, Jack Robson, Blandford Kay, Mary Kerr. Gals from the A-V-R Kick-Line in the "Keep it on Ice" number, A under the direction of Norma Pankhursc. Gloria Dow, Libby King, Marge McLain, Helen Wilson. Three of the teddy bears from the "Teddy Bears' Picnic" number in the A-V-R. Barbara Cornes, Eleanor Hyndford, Cathy Haddow. The Clef-Tones: Margo Mac- Kinnon, Liz Lane, Cliff Braggins, George Tovell, Johnnie Lewis. One of the many skits in the show was the "Student Prince" and these four make up part of the "Drinking Song" from this musical skit. Rachael McKay, Joan Martin, Hartley Robins, Debbie Turnbull. ENTERTAINMENT 251 4 ENTERTAINMENT CRIME AND PUNISHMENT Hart House Theatre ACH season Hart House Theatre presents four productions with casts chosen from all the colleges and faculties on the campus. Each production runs for seven performances. The October production was the Rodney Ackland dramatization of Dostoievsky's famous novel, CRIME AND PUNISHMENT. In November the presentation was the prize-winning Canadian play, FORTUNE MY POE, by Robert- son Davies. The third production, in january was Ferenc Molnar's comedy of bad manners, THE GUARDSMAN, and for the annual Shakespearean production in February, the classic tragedy OTHELLO. 1 FORTUNE MY Fon 252 ENTERTAINMENT THE GUARDSMAN Hart House Theatre has proved itself a most valuable part of the life of the University. It is providing an opportunity for the undergraduates of the University and the Toronto public to see plays of high quality and interest. Over seventy-five students took part in the productions under the direction of Theatre Director Robert Gill. Besides the Hart House Theatre series, productions are presented in the theatre by seventeen producing groups on the campus. During the University term the theatre is in constant usejg-s oTHELLo 253 ENTERTAINMENT MARCH PAST AT ONE OF THE RUGBY GAMES. U. of T. Pipe Band HE University of Toronto Pipe Band began back in the war years, when the C.O.T.C. was on a compulsory basis for all male students, and a band was needed for the second battalion, the C.O.T.C. Pipe Band was born. Although the repertoire was only three tunes, the band was appreciated and it was felt that there would be a place for it on the campus. Not until the fall of 1947 did the band become organized after a lapse of several years. With the help of the C.O.T.C. and Major Logan, the pipe band was started, with the 48th Highlanders lending the kilts and some of the equipment. Last year and again this season, the band met with terrific enthusiasm. The stirring lilt of the pipes added colour to the rugby games, "Pep Rallies", Homecoming Weekend, "Feather Fair" and, in the winter months, to the C.O.T.C. Ball, and Athletic Nights. A sombre note was added on Armistice Day when the band took part in the campus service. Not until January 1949 did the pipe band become a co-ed organization, when six girls formed the first dancing class, putting on a show as an Athletic Night attraction that winter. This year the girls have danced at most performances as well as at parties. At the present time, the future of the band is none too bright, as the uniforms on loan from the 48th Highlanders must be returned. The Students' Administrative Council is dubious as to what support, beyond the band's yearly needs, it can undertake. Come what may, fire, flood, or civil war, the University of Toronto Pipe Band will continuem- 254 MARY NOAD SHOWING BOB NOONAN HOW IT'S DONE, PIPER IS AL WESTLAND. it '! I A 1 iglng. .qu -.. nal .mh.fmn.n..rlfIA aff-ha ENTERTAINMENT SECOND ROW: Roy Little, Publicity Directory' Evelyn Graham, Secretary-Trea:urer,' W. F. Campbell, Prefidenrj Rai Direnfeld, Memberrbip Corz11ener,' Ken MacKenzie, Technical Director. FRONT ROW: Lloyd Graham, Production Directorj Graeme Ferguson, Programme Df78ff0f,' Earnest Schofield, Refearcb Director. ABSENT: Dorothy Boulton, Arfiftont Programme Director. U. of T. Film Society HE University of Toronto Film Society has completed its third and most success- ful year to date. The members, numbering nearly 450, formed enthusiastic audiences for Sunday afternoon showings in the Museum Theatre of international film classics of past and present. This membership represented students and staff of all faculties and colleges in the University. Programme notes prepared by the Re- search Director provided useful background information on the films shown. Members interested in broadening their knowledge of film-art had the opportun- ity during the year of actually producing two motion-pictures of the documentary type. One film was a sociological study of the effect upon an average Japanese- Canadian family of the experience of wartime evacuation from the Pacific coast. The second film dealt with preventive dentistry for children, and was made with the advice and assistance of members of the Faculty of Dentistry. Increased student interest predicts expanded activities next yearoyst 255 'vw . .111 4' -,Q ENTERTAINMENT UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO DRAMA COMMITTEE Programme 1949-50 - Bill of November lst Bill of February 14th EROS AT BREAKFAST MR. TWEMLOW IS NOT HIMSELF by Robert Davies by Philip Johnson Trinity College Victoria College THE LOVE OF ANNUNZIATA MICHAEL by Pietro di Donato by Miles Malleson University College Trinity College SUNDAY COSTS FIVE PESOS HEAVEN ON EARTH by Josephine Niggli by Philip Johnson St. Michael's College St. Michael's College Drama Weekend, January 14th GAMMER GURTON'S NEEDLE TIDINGS BROUGHT TO MARY by C. C. Clements by Paul Claudel Victoria College St. Michael's College THE BATHROOM DOOR THE FLATTERING WORD by Gertrude E. Jennings by George Kelly Nursing and Wycliffe Victoria College PRESS CUTTINGS THE MAKER OF DREAMS by G. Bernard Shaw by Oliphant Down University College University College Approximate Total Participation-150 Approximate Total Audience -1200 The U.T.D.C. is a committee made up of representatives from the various dramatic societies on the campus for the purpose of correlating the dramatic activities in the University. Through this organization the college societies are able to present one-act productions on the Hart House Theatre stage, and to benefit from private discussion groups after the performance with a view to raising the standard of their work. The U.T.D.C. programme provides an opportunity for experimental work by student actors and directors. A new function of the committee this year is to act as a liaison between Hart House Theatre and the college groups. Staff Advisor .... Chairman ....... Vice-Chairman . . Secretary ...... Treasurer ..... 256 Executive Mr. Robert Gill David Gardner Edward Follows Robin Taylor Clarine Jackman Representatives Richard Butterfield Conrad Lauber Don Davis Audrie Lowrie John Finlay Elizabeth Mollard Barbara Wills . ENTERTAINMENT SECOND ROW: Doug Thomas, John Bahen, Dave Hughson, Doug Keen, Terry Doran, Paul Break, John Dugan, John Armour. FRONT ROW: Linda Burress, Joe Prendergast, Ruth Manning, Bill Turner, Cf5aif'mmz,' Ruth Linell, Ralph Barford, Barney Warren. The Blue and White Society Did you ever think, as the crowd rolls by, The cause that puts the glint in their eye? N, HESE famous fifteen fugitives from all ends of the campus are the guilty parties. The results?-Pep Rallies, Street Dances, Snake Dances, Float Parades, Placard Displays, Roam-Around Dances, Mid-Game festivities, Blue and White Show, Post-Hockey dances, Silver Skate Awards, and anything else of a social nature that embraces one or more colleges or faculties. Under their leadership We all "Followed the Blues".qYg- 257 ENTERTAINMENT University College Social Activities NIVERSITY COLLEGE has this year experienced perhaps the fullest social programme in the College's history, many of the innovations being made to interest all U.C. groups. To begin the year, a very successful Freshman Weekend was held under the care- ful planning of Publicity Directors Bill Francis and Cythia Dean. Out of tovvn students lived at Holwood while Toronto students joined in the day's activi- ties. The first evening in- cluded a rousing sing-song and spirited introduction to College tradition, and vvas culminated by a fiendish display of sophomore in- genuity in an initiation ceremony in Holwoodfs attic, which even included a 12 volt electric chair! On the following evening Whitney Hall freshies Were invited guests, while Victoria Cvvhose visit Was later returnedD added to the general confusion. A Frosh-Freshie Barn Dance in West Hall completed fthe Weekencl's welcome, Where a cow-milking contest was held, and Miss Freshie and Mr. Freshman were chosen. The Soph-Frosh Banquet, an unqualified success this year, was held in the Royal York. Barb Davidson and jon Christensen were hosts and revived the institution of passing the torch of the sophomores to first year presidents Joanne Ratz and Lyall Moran, dancing after the banquet com- pleted the Freshman's introduction to U.C.qg4- JOANNE RATZ AND LYALL MORAN, NEW FIRST YEAR PRESIDENTS 4 . 258 Q ENTERTAINMENT SYLVIA AND BILL AT WHITNEY HALL THE FOLLIES IS AN INSTITUTION... HE U.C. Follies Revue of 1949 was the I longest on record, over an hour and a half. Social Directors, Jane Young and John Bull, co- directed the show, and were well supported by an energetic cast and by the Publicity Directors, whose efforts in securing the Skule Cannon to announce ticket sales added in no small measure to the functions general spirit. The Revue made a commendable attempt at ballet with the unus- ual Aztec Number and the Starlight Expression Concerto, the show was dominated by an abun- dance of artistic sets and quantity of original music. United Fishes sang a Gilbert and Sullivan take-off from the waters of Lake Success, and Ted Follows asked the musical question "What was wrong with vaudeville?" Such songs as "We're All For U.C." and "Late Autumn" will be re- membered, as will the inimitable Kopek and Inspectre McAbre, U.C. ghosts who returned for the centennial celebrationfik- TED AND JANICE ON THEIR WAY BACK TO VAUDEVILLE FINALE 259 ENTERTAINMENT A HE Christmas Party and Red and White nights, held as usual in the Women's Union, were enjoyed by many College Students. At the Red and White nights Zi Murray and Jack Novitsky encouraged unprecedented attendance by book-Weary scholars, who welcome these functions to play cards, to enjoy refresh- ments and entertainment, or to dance with that cute blonde or football hero they have been dying to meet all term. The most startling success of the College social season, the Centennial Arts Ball, this year was held in East and West Halls. Dress was semi-formal, and stu- dents vvere amazed to dance on the "dreamy" Library floor, encircled by colourful lights and amateur conceptions of abstraction, surrealism and cubism. Dreary West Hall was adorned with sarcastically created emblematic shields of University courses, such as a psychologist practising hisgiscience on an ego- complex French poodle stretched on a couch. TheJ.C.R. and Croft House provided sitting-out comfort, and the floor show included a toast to the U.C. Lit and vvitticisms by Jack Hulme. The Grad Banquet and Election Night completed U.C.'s social activities for the yearffand University College may well boast that its Centennial Year gave com- plete social satisfaction to every student's desirefih 1 260 ENTERTAINMENT EE E al.. SECOND ROW: Darline Waugh, Sofia! Directreffjjean McLean, Tremurerj Audrey Feasel, Pzzblirity Mafzagerj Nora Jones, Secremrgf. FRONT ROW: Ward McAdam, First Vice-Pre.rident,' Marion Shaw, Third Vice-Prefiderzfg Bruce Duncan Presidentj Art Lewis, Second Vice-President. A University College Music Club HE U.C. Music Club, although only in its second year of existence, has brought itself to the attention of all faculties through its achievements last year and this. The main event of 1949-50, Victor Herbert's operetta "The Red Mill" attracted the majority of members, who wished to offer their talents for choral singing, acting, stage and costume design, stage crew, make-up, lighting, and all the thousand and one jobs that make a successful production possible. Hart House Theatre,'on the evenings of December 5, 6, 7, was the scene of the performance, which was highly praised by both campus and city critics. Besides the Operetta, the Music Club Was active in respect to its Record Hour, held Friday afternoons in the Womens Union. Here programmes of the music of Bach, Mozart, Verdi, Beethoven, were presented, with a commentary by interested students. The members of the club who attend the Conservatory prepared a concert for one of these Friday afternoons. The U.C. Singers presented their usual Christmas Musicale, complete with at- mosphere, and supplied the choral background for the tableaux at the Dean's Christmas Party. In addition, a second musicale was planned to complete the year's programme. The success of the Music Club's activities in all fields, especially in connection with the operetta, has definitely made it one of the most popular clubs on the cam- pus. The 1949-50 executive passes on its achievements and a challenge to the club next year. Keep up the good Work Wm , 261 ENTERTAINMENT THIRD ROW: Michael Davis, Stage Mmmgerg Pat Orange, Social Directre.rc,' Prof. Grant, Faculty Ad1JiJ'Ef,' Maurine Irvine, Corrumerf Bob Osborne, Publicity. SECOND ROW: Jane Hamilton, Secretczryg Don Davis, Precidenn' Isabel Ward, First Vice-Presidency Ted Follows, Second Vice-Preficientj Alena Cody-Williams, Treczfzcrer. FRONT ROW: Doug Barnett, Auiftcmt Stage Nlcmager. University College Players' Guild HE U.C. Players' Guild presented several successful 0116-,2lCt plays this year. The only drama club on the campus with its own stage, the Guild offered eight one- act plays at the Women's Union in the first term, and seven in the last term. The Guild played host to the Drama clubs of the other Art colleges. The Players' Guild presented one play on a bill given in arena style at St. Michael's College. In addition it contributed one play to each of the U. of T. Drama Committees four Hart House programmes. ' ' ' t The Womens' Union plays ranged in content from Eugene O'Neill's tragic drama "Where The Cross Is Made", to the gay fantasy, "Maker of Dreams", by Oliphant Downs. For the second successive year a Robertson Davies play was presented, the choice this year being "Voice of the People". In February, Hugh Shavv's "Money For jam", and Ken Jarvis' "It's No Trouble", first and second prize Winners of the Robin Godfrey Avvard, were presented. The first bill of the year had another undergraduate Written play, "Louise" by Bruce Evoy. 262 This year saw the innovation of Theatre Night. It was given over to four artists' recordings of Hamlet's soliloquy, "Oh What A Rogue and Peasant Slave". Professor Grant of the English Department discussed the interpretations. Brian Doherty was guest speaker. This playwright and Canadian producer for such people as john Gielgud, Flora Robson and the Dublin Gate Players, led a discussion on the state of the Canadian theatre. Most important event of the year was the inauguration of an award by Professor McAndrews, registrar of U.C. This award will be given yearly to the member ofthe Guild, exclusive of the executive, who has contributed the most to Guild activities.,-ye ENTERTAINMENT Patty Scott, as Pierrette, and john Pampson as the "Maker of Dreams", listen to Pierrot played by Christ- opher Taylor on the fantasy, "Maker of Dreams", directed by Ron Grant. Niaomi Strauss, playing the militant anti-surffragette, leader Mrs. Banger, holds Ron Grant, as General Mitchiner, at bay in the Al Shaw directed "Press Cuttings" of G. B. Shaw. Sheila Craig designed and built the sets as well as directing Robertson Davies' "Voice of the People" in which Bob Osborne played Sharty, the know-it-all barber and John Howe was the electrician, Sam. 263 ENTERTAINMENT SECOND ROW: Don Newman, Burinen Mmzfzgerj Don Levitt, Publicig' Directory Shirley Tyte, .Yerremryj Shirley Brown, Social Directrerrjjohn Harvey, Social Director. FRONT ROW: Bert Sutcliffe, Preridenrj Margaret Carmichael, Second Vice-Prefidentj June Louch, Affociate Preridentj Bob Edmonds, Firrt Vive-President. Victoria College Music Club N 50 years Vic Music Club members will look back on 1950 and experience a feel- ing of nostalgia for the "good old days". Many things will come to their minds: that never-to-be-forgotten week in February when they were transformed into wedding-eager bridesmaids, busy village maidens, dashing gay blades and haunting spectres to put on"Ruddigore"in Hart House Theatre, the mad rush of stage, make- up and costume crews to get every detail perfected before the curtain rose, the raid on the punch-bowl at intermission, the harrowing but happy hours spent under the direction of Godfrey Ridout and Geoffrey Hatton, the successful Glee Club produc- tion held in the Museum Theatre under the able baton of Elmer Iselerg the thrill of ending on key when singing "a capello" 5 the exchange trip to McMaster, the gala at-home that caused such a flurry. All these things will have a place in their memor- ies but the greatest bond of all is that of the friends we have made and the comrade- ship of fellow music loversags 264 , ENTERTAINMENT VICTORIA COLLEGE SOCIAL COMMITTEE SECOND ROW: Rob Carruthers, Trea.furer,' Lu Hammond, 5T1 Repre.renmrive,'Johr1 Latimer, 5T3 Reprefenturive. FRONT ROW: George Slater, Animznt Social Directarg Jack Birkenshaw, Social Directory Marge Mills, .facial Directrersg Lois Sutherland, Atfirmnt .facial Directreu. ABSENT: Rog. Truemner, 5T0 Repre:entati1,fe,' Anne Ward, 5T2 Reprefenmtive. Victoria College Dramatic Society O quote Mr. Robert Gill, director of Hart House Theatre, "The Vic Club was hot this year". The executive planned a very full programme this year in order to fulnll the aim that every member should participate in that aspect of the club's activities in which he is most interested. A monthly letter and a new bulletin board kept the 110 members informed about activities. At the Wymilwood monthly meetings, members heard such speakers as Professor Northrop Frye, whose talk was on "Comedy Formulas", participated in a debate on "Whether Drama was the most beneficial extra-Curricular activity", saw a demonstration in make-up, watched a movie "As The Twig is Bent" and listened to famous dramatic recordings. A gala party-meeting in Febraury concluded the year's social activities. For students interested in directing there was a series of lectures presented by the director of Hart House Theatre, as well as the practical experience in the eight one-act plays. These one-act plays were produced in visits with three other college groups or one-act bills sponsored by the U. of T. Drama Committee or for the monthly meetings. In addition, twenty-one of the members took part in Robert Gill's Hart House Productions. The highlight of the year was Arthur Miller's "All My Sons" in November. Directed by the brilliant Varsity graduate, Henry Kaplan, the production surpassed all expectations. Besides the cast and director, busy crews of stage hands, costumers and usherettes helped make "All My Sons" the success it was, a climax to a year of which the Society is very proudly, 265 ENTERTAINMENT f SECOND ROW: l. Outerbridge, Devereux,J. Patterson, P. Sturdy. FRONT ROW: N. Bell, C. Green, Direftazjj. Lowery, K. Prittie. Victoria College "Bob" EVENTY-SEVEN years ago, Bob Beare, the janitor at Victoria started a tradi- tion with snow apples and violin music. The Bob vvas, and is, as the preamble to the constitution states, "That most characteristic and peculiar of functions, which has for its purpose the initiation of the members of the First Year and expression of that feeling of friendly antagonism universally existing between the First and Second Years". During the passing years, the Bob had evolved into a Uproductioni' similar to other campus shows, thus tending to diminish its original form-"men only". But this year, in order to include all members of the First and Second Years, the Bob was held on the same evening as the Women's Mock Court, with both parties joining for a follow-up dance after their respective activities were completed. This year also saw the innovation of the "Big Apple Battle" designed, most successfully, to "express that feeling of friendly antagonism". And so, with the presentation of the traditional Bob cane to the Director and the annual anniversary of "that memorable night in November l872", was commemorated the Vic Bob "-49' 'g to be forgotten 'til next yearns 266 Fm I If. . ENTERTAINMENT 'ff JD 7 I I ,. , If , ' 534, , ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE MUSIC AND DRAMA CLUB 1 1 G. Tetzel, M. Mulvihill, W. Murphy, R. Brown, Pre.rident,' B. MacDonald, Sew-emzjng' H. Armesto, P. Peckham, TreIz.rzn'er. HERE IT Is - THE PICTURE YoU'vE BEEN XVAITING FOR I 1 I 1 I f I fl an fi 267 gi I ENTERTAINMENT SECOND ROW: A. P. LaPrairie, Brigham, A. H. Jackson, A. Couse, H. B. Davis, R. L. Allen, J. E. Moran, EJ. Watkins, W. G. Grierson, W. M. Smale. FRONT ROW: R. I. M00re,J. W. D. Berry, W. A. Firstbrook, W. C. Diakow, B. A. Warren, R. Barki. ABSENT: W. M. Burke, S. I-legion. S.P.S. Grad. Ball Committee AKE 900 disguised engineers and architects, soon to graduate, an equal number of lovely ladies, and pour into the Royal York, each in formal dress. To the ladies, add to each one miniature slide rule, emblazoned STO, to the men, add to each one white carnation. Take a four course roast chicken dinner for each above, and serve in an atmosphere of candlelight and wine. Season with good humour from the speakers, and with good fellowship from the others at the table. ' Mix gently-at varying tempos-to music provided by Mart Kenney and Boyd Valleau. Warm to the lyrics of Norma Locke and Shirley Harmer. Garnish gener- ously with harmony from the Golden Gate Quartet. Sprinkle with the wit of Larry Foster and Doug Romaine. - Add spirit in 1M oz. allotments. Obtainable at either bar. Allow the above to simmer for about seven hours on the Convention Floor. Remove-and allow to cool slowly for a period of several hours over a dispersed area. After cooling, allow the company to wend their various ways homeward, tired and happy. At appropriate time, serve one or more bromos each.- The Grad Ball, Class of STO Engineers and Architects is then ready' for the scrap- book and fond memories, assuredly the highlight of the social functions of the class throughout its life on the campusaqp 268 SCHOOL-AT-HOME COMMITTEE B. W. Sixt, J. M. Armour, R. Y. Pogont- cheff,J. A. Couse, H. R. Pickford, W. I. M. Turner, J. O. Torrens, W. E. Royds, R. S. Scroggins, B. A. Warren. ABSENT: G. Petherick, H. Innes, W. W. Walker. 5 SKULE-NITE COMMITTEE SECOND ROW: M. A. Couse, H. B. Davis, A. P. LaPrairie, E. Moran. FIRST ROW: B.G.C. Hooper,J.A.S. Couse, J. L. Pulford, H. W. Blakley. ABSENT: R. Smith, W. W. Walker. ENTERTAINMENT SCHOOL DINNER COMMITTEE A. A. Walter, D. G. Wells, Anderson, E. D. Fedryk, C. Edgar, A. Couse, D. R. Sherkml. M. Armour, B. A. Warren. ABSENT: R. G.Ox1and, W. W. Walker. 269 ENTERTAINMENT Daff dil SMASHING OPENING TO A GREAT SHOW! "OH DAEEYDIL, OUR WONDER PILL, OUR THERAPEUTICAL SHOW-" WHERE WOULD ONE EXPECT TO FIND LADY GODIVA?-AT DAFFYDIL, OF COURSE. MAKE-UP ARTISTS AT WORK IN THE REHEARS- AL HALL, HART HOUSE THEATRE. FINAL YEAR,S TRADITIONAL PRIVILEGE' TAKING OFF THE STAFF. . . . AND THE MEDETTE CHORUS . . TRIM, PRECISE . . . ITS DAFFYDIL. 270 ENTERTAINMENT i?w1Tf??T,i:iNER Skule Nite "TROPICAL MADNESS,, IN THE JUNGLE SCENE. THIS MACHINE DISTILLED SKULE SPIRIT. BROKEN DOON. KIAFTER DARKH WITH THE THREE GENTLE- MEN. BRENT ROWE, CAL WILSON, BERT EETHUNE. .OO345 PER MAN-THEY'RE SKULE GALS. . . , v.,, Q, 3 ENTERTAINMENT AGUY...AGIRL. . . AND A GUITAR GUY CSTAND'NGD :JOHN ED DAVIES, GIRL: FISHER. WE GIVE YOU Healtlfs A-Poppin' MASTER OF CEREMONIES JOHN KENNEDY. OVER THE RAINBOW. BALLERINAS 1 FLORENCE GRoss, BUNNY MACPHERSON, EDITH SCHACTER, LIz ALLEN, ANNE SPENCE, EVA PEACE, ELLEN COLE. HAROLD BEE IN A HAND BALANC- ING ACT. :A TOYLAND LOCKEIPROOM SKIT, FEATURING THE FIRST YEAR GIRLS. 3 I fi -wy- K 1 . 'ak x'W' M 'fy Lv' 4 ,xr-I ,h1 :- -v- C Q yr 1 Kw ,f 7 fy X .xwzff f' N , wk'- , l V 1 ' I' f , V pa ' f w W W, ff MW W! , , , ' gg, mf, '1 . Q QZK' - 1 M Tai. W 1'z"M34' ' W' ff - A ya ' 'QWLJMN M7 1 QQ? fm ' Y' I ' 'fff 'Pi A 'J 0 54 I-'I f ,, fm N , 'f ww M f W . ,S .WJ X ff A 1 ww: ' ,X d 44 'ff Q V W! f, , 4 X M4 ' 4 V w VM.: vw TRINITY" COLLEGE Publipations 275 PUBLICATIONS -.., lk The Varsit A 1 2 l 1 6 7 Y Q 'I 11 1. A group of the editors decide to run a story on the addition to Varsity stadium. Jack Gray, Cwith beardb, news editor, is seen here talking things over with editor-in-chief, Stan Filmore, women's editor, joan Eddis and science editor, Joe Harrison. 2. Sport's editors John Kennedy and Bill Ross discuss the plans with Athletic director, Warren Stevens, centre. 3. Reporter jim Simpson signs assignment book to cover the news end of the story. Assistant News editor, Jim Knight supplies the necessary persuasion. 1 12 5 ., 3 4. Past stories on the stadium are combed for interesti facts by Feature Editor, Herb Wood. , ' 5. Assistant Photo Editor, Walt MacKenzie, phote graphs reporter Simpson as he talks with the foreman at tlill scene of construction. 2 6. Make-up by Rich. Clee and Ian Montagnes is super vised by makeup editor Frank Moritsugu, right. 7. Sports column on the subject is prepared by column? Bob Dnieper much to the amusement of Women's Spot Editor Betty Aston. ' . Pr 'W PUBLICATIONS 1949 - 1950 4 , ' ,af I ,UW . , ,-Wg I ,-V. ' ..,, C, - , , 0445-1-.7 1 V ff'-' - .. f 9 ' . Vlwiff. 'V' - h,Zwf1Z7?ZZW 4 5 r 9 10 14 15 16 iumber of Varsity members work desperately to get terial ready to put on the bus which takes it to :where the paper is printed. Oshawa the linotype operator goes to Work on the ads are set by this machine. e compositor sets up the type in the form. mofs are taken from the form and checked for errors. :er all mistakes have been corrected, the mat is 1.e. the impression of the form is made on a card- ike substance. 14. The mat is sent down-stairs Where it is curled in the form of a cylinder and put in a machine which pours molted lead inside it. When this casting, or stereotype as it is called, has set it is very similar to the form except that it is cylindrical instead of flat. 15. Any rough projections on the stereotype are trimmed off. 16. The stereotypes are put on the rotary press, the starting button is pressed, and the stadium story is on its way to the U. of T. campus. PUBLICATIONS X i j .Q ,..,,:.:,:-, ,. ,WN ,V i - ,mv .-ga V g W gf 'ix 1 5 -Q 'R FQ -'s5:1:- 1535154 Q' 'X :IU-,,.,.4:'f' K' "" NF: E5 ' f X ay m g , -2 ,,5,:2:jg1. . 'Y ' V- . -aa:-smg:1:5:.s::, -. .sz :::v3:1:'-'-f--...,.,., l , Tri-' " . . TA 42-I"-Q"i1:r"9 115554-if' -'f- -:2'1E1E2E1E 21115135-E-- "Ii"-'rx :Q 1:2 '. l . X. r: - i- 1 ' 'f'fiSmz:5:1: ' ..'11f'f1ffrt.., S- .F . -1 - . .. 2 ' I .-2915-i"':r-5 .1 ?1i2:2Z5-2:- " "f1""Q5 . 1 " - .. nrsiifr'-'F :- " -v - -' - - 1-' " .- . V. -. Y 'ex 1:f:ss:s:1:s5?gEy.fw . .z Q ' .- ' if 5 X ' " - -2,g.,.,'.-ff-..,.-W. -ga 2, fr ''-1:sass:5:2:s:s:s:5:z2:5:5ea:arsaazi:.:::5s2:s:5:e:s:'.:,-2:.:2:f'f7""v...,. sazaeaiaeaiz,:-a:-:..:.:ff11 2-'- 21? , ' " , . -- ,.., . 'hi 9 5--zz. -sa.. . 1 . ' N- Yzrk-fzff-fwf:':rx.r' -- ' - , . Ma-.unit -.A. igg 2 1,2,El.. 1.,:,V , ' W A FEW OF THE MANY WHO HELPED TOP ROW: Bill Raymond, Editor-in-Claieji' Muriel Melville, Margaret Cole, Auociare Editors. BOTTOM ROW: Joan Wilkinson, Diana Cook, Amocifzze Edirorrf Peter Wade, .Ymj Photographer. Torontonensis Word of thanks to all you who have helped with Toronronenfir 1950 and more especially to those ' who spent many long hours editing and proof-reading copy, laying out and pasting up pages and many other jobs that go into preparing a yearbook. It has been a lot of hard work but I think you will agree that it has been fun. It is due entirely to your efforts that there has been a yearbook at all. Many thanks also to Alger Press for their whole-hearted co-operation and assistance. Although most of the staff were new to Toranzonemir this year, they have done a grand job. Much of the work came at the worst time of the year-just before exams-yet they were always ready to pitch in and help. To them all, then, go heartfelt thanks and the very best Wishes for success and happiness in the years to comenik- 278 ana W. T. EASTERBROOK H. A. INNIS Ediforial Confaftantf PUBLICATIONS 2 A Qlummsrre R. A. BARR Bufineu Manager R, B. Loma Bzuizzeff Arrociafe Hnurnzrl glfehruarg 195D A. FERRI Circulation Manager W. E. TOYNE B. E. CARROLL Aivertixing Manager Managing Editor B. H. WEPPLER D. D. DONALDSON W. G. Huxrou-:LE Editorial Board W K J. H. MALE Cirfulatiorz Auociate C. MCCOMBE Advertioing Axxociate 279 PUBLICATIONS i i l SECOND ROW: Roddy Roger, Pat Watson. FRONT ROW: Barbara Bambridge, Dick Tait, Joanne Stoddart. The Undergrad M, HIS year, due to cuts in the budget, it was decided to publish only two issues of the "Undergrad", the literary magazine of University College. However, these two issues, which appeared early in December and March, were to contain material of 'J successful one, the creative literary activity of the College has been vigorous and the i widespread interest among first and second year students promises its continuance. - 'fl The editorial staff was: Editor-in-Chief: R. M. Tait, Literary Editor: K. P. Watsong Art Editor: Patricia Scott, Anocidte Editors: Joanne Stoddart and Peter Oliphant, Bufirieff Mdndger.' R. A. Roger, Production Mdndger.' Barbara Bambridgewxh 280 I Q a specifically literary nature only. College current events, etc., were felt to obtain adequate coverage from "The Varsity". Generally speaking, the year has been a 1 PUBLICATIONS THIRD ROW: David Sutherland, Geoffrey Pearson, Hugh McCallum, Charles Salter, Robert Johnston, Burinerf Manage:-,' Andy Watson. SECOND ROW: Gerri Oakley, Arr Edimrf Tom Crerar, Arreeiezre Ealirerj Nancy Sootheran, Managing Editorj Ronald Bryden, Editor-in-Cliiefj Mr. M. T. Wilson, Steiff Advifarj Ann Carson, Arraciezre Editarj Victor Seabrook, Adverriring Manager. FRONT ROW: Helen Dixon, Elspeth Lowden, Pauline Smith, Phyllis Grose, Nancy Lightbourn. Trinity University Review N spite of the departure of most of the bright lights which enlivened Review Board meetings in past years, and the general apathy of the undergraduate body to all literature except Pogo, The Review managed to produce five literary issues of, if not historic, remarkably even quality. If any literary trends were visible, they seemed to be away from fiction in prose and from punctuation in poetry. The Review, with its traditional policy of unenlightened benevolence, took and was grateful for whatever it received, and only sporadically made any attempt to understand Trinity's ezvemf gemie. For its own part, it made the most of possessing an able art editor and active art staff to illustrate its pages profusely, with fine disregard of the Business Managers budget and ulcers. It also managed to resist the apparent campus trend of literary magazines to run gossip corners, sports columns, and personal humour, and con- tinued to lay its pages open to the inevitably small number of students who wished to write creatively. Sports column addicts were catered for in the summer issues of 1949 and 1950, both, for reasons of higher strategy, included in the current volume, these issues took the form of college yearbooks, and attempted to report to posterity on singular features of the yearag-. 281 PUBLICATIONS t fi : N36 5 . riz. ik -gig! SECOND ROW: P. Chmara, Sport: Af.ri.rtant,' D. Kendall, Photo Editorj N. A. Forbes, Newt Editor. FRONT ROW: E. H. Benstein, Sport: Editorj Miss H. I. Grover, Auirtont Editorj Brigham, Edizorj B. C. Stonehill, Science Editorj B. A. Warren, Afxiftont Newf Editor. ABSENT: R. Fingnapple, A.M. and D. Editor. Toike Oike TILL appearing as a four page tabloid "every now and.then", Toike Oike managed to survive through eight issues on a very limited budget. The scarcity of issues and the unpredictable material meant that the publication dates had to be carefully synchronized with outstanding events of the year. As vvell as keeping the Schoolmen informed of coming events around the faculty, Toike Oilae continued its policy of trying to be humorous. judging by the occasional "yuk yukn heard in the common room, it was sometimes successful. In its forty-odd Csome odder than othersb years of existence, Toilze Oike has changed often in appearance and subject matter, reflecting the changing times and personnel, but has rarely failed to attract readers. With luck and the continued financial aid of the Engineering Society, the two battered typevvriters may spell out another forty years of Skule's historyayp . 282 PUBLICATIONS ,WW SECOND ROW: K. C. Swance, Affifmnt Newf Editor,',B. A. Warren, Director Publicity and Publi- mtioruj D. L. King, Newt Editor. X FRONT ROW: E. H. Benstein, Sport: Editorj Miss M. Phillips, Afoifttmt Editorj D. R. Sherk, Editor-irz-Claiefj D. Gifhn, Photo Editor. ABSENT: W. Cooper, Bufirzexf Manager,' A. Heisey, Auirttznt Burineu Manager,' G. Raymond, .fportr Writer. .Transactions and Year Book GAIN in 1950 as in past years, plans were made to produce a record of Skule's successes and disasters-to cost its readers nothing. The fancy financing re- quired for a 160-page publication of this nature was to be handled by a subsidy from the Engineering Society and by a stepped-up advertising drive. The theme for 1950 was change, change to an edition much larger in size, change in content layout, in style of type, in cover design. Coupled with this urge towards new and better things, was the perhaps wishful intent to publish Tromootionf before end-of-term, a feat, unattained for some years. An interesting feature is that the editorial staff was composed of Engineers evenly spread from STO to ST3,-a fact which in the future will overcome one of the great bugbears: usually most of the staff graduates, leaving in the fall an assortment of clueless hopefuls, as far as the year book is concerned. In producing Tromoctiom, 1950, we on its staff hope that we have answered a need. It's been a little rough on the odd lab report, but it's been fun. To those of you who helped us in so many ways-by going out after advertising, by being on time for your class picture, by writing that team report-a salute from the Cannon, a big "Toike Oike", and "Thanks a million!"qYp 283 PUBLICATIONS THE MEDICAL REFLEX SECOND ROW: Jim Moffat, Errie Thompson, John MacDonald, Bufiizeu Mmzagezy' Dick Wilson, john Sullivan Mdrzdgizzg Editory' Geno DiVirgiliO, Jim McKee. FRONT ROW: Peg Dewan, News Edirorj Doug Yates, Editorjlloan Salter. THE MEDICAL JOURNAL TOP ROW: G. L. Ralph, Editor-in-Chief' D. C. Harrison, Arrociare Editorg D. E. Yates, R. L. Smith, D. Lewis, T. A. McLennan, Axrirront Editorfj R. M. Hines, Managing Editor. SECOND ROW: I. A. Mitchell, S. L. Wax, W. G. D. Cook, Miss H. Griffin, W. Kokeny, Editorial Aui.rtantJ,' M. L. A. Auerback, Fedturef Editor, W. E. Sullivan. - THIRD ROW: R. G. Leckey, Circulation Managerj A. Lowden, W. N. Clark, D. E. Boyarchuk, Miss M. Sada, B. Berman, Advertifing Mamz,ger,' D. I. Gove. 284 PUBLICATIONS SECOND ROW: James Sim, John McLean. FRONT ROW: Alan Atkins, Ewartjones, Editorjjoan Ehnes. Hya Yaka I-IE 1950 edition of the official publication of the Faculty of Dentistry marks the forty-sixth year of continuous publication. The current edition bears the form of the "new look", set three years ago when the magazine was converted to its larger size. The pendulum of student interest in its magazine has swung back from the period of apathy toward the present more favourable interest. The result of revived student interest has been greater student contribution, a fact which gives the editor much pleasure. ' The current graduating class is of a number unequalled since the post-War class of 1923, and although it has meant an increase in the effort necessary to produce Hya Yfzkfz, it has also provided us with a more varied source of material. The editorvvishes to thank the members of his staff and the many student con- tributors vvho made the magazine possible, and a congratulatory hope for success to the "Horde of '5O".4a 285 PUBLICATIONS ACTA VICTORIANA SECOND ROW: Pete Sturdy, John Watson, Dick Bowles, Peter Grant, Don Gibson, Jim Dickinson, Don Urquhart. FRONT ROW: Norm Bell, Kathlyn Srnith, Harry Green, Editor-in-Cbiefj Professor H. N. Frye Hope Arnott, Tom Delworth. ABSENT: Catharine Card, Sylvia Moss, Alison jeffriesulames Service, Don Armstrong. A fa 286 Clubs and Organizations 87 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS SECOND ROW: Owen Jones, Don Stevenson, Dick Gage, Valerie Carson, Joe Casse, Gray Perkins, Leil Eberle, Don McKellar, Leonard Dolgoy, David Irwin, Beverly Brockett, Eleanor McKean, Marshall jess, Miles Kennedy, Warren Wilkins. FRONT ROW: Kay Robb, Joanne McWilliams, Anne Cowan, Tom Symons, Chairmanj Betty Bonner, Tanis Kell, Pat Marlow, Elizabeth King. N. F. C. U. S. HE Toronto Committee of N.F.C.U.S. has worked on several specific projects throughout the year. These include regional student exchange, Canadian-Amen ican student exchange, the investigation of high text costs, arrangements to assist student overseas travelgand the preparation of reports on text outlets and Student Union Buildings across Canada. In addition to this, the Committee has worked on several matters in conjunction with l.S.S. The visit of forty Toronto students to the University of Montreal, and the return visit of an equal number of Carabins here, were arranged jointly by the local Committees of N.F.C.U.S. and l.S.S. On the national level, N.F.C.U.S. has this year seen its traditional support of inter-University debating culminate in the establishing of a National Canadian University Debating Association under its auspices. The Federation has also pre- sented a brief to the Massey Commission urging the establishment of a U.N.E.S.C.O. Commission in Canada, and of a substantial number of Federal Government Scholar- ships. , Each University is represented on N.F.C.U.S. by the President of its Student Council and the Chairman of its N.F.C.U.S. Committeewgn 288 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS SECOND ROW: Tom Wells, Donna Merner, .Yecretaqvi Marg Carmichael, Shirley Endicott, Geraldine O'Donahue, Ron Nablo. FRONT ROW: Fred MacFadden, Preridentg Dr. Field, Farulgy Adzfixorg Vida Taylor, Auociare Pre.fidenf,' Harry Green, Speaker of the Howe. ABSENT: Barb Harris, D. Rogers, Dick Gage, Roy Neehall. Victoria College Debating Parliament HE aim of the Victoria College Debating Parliament has been to promote public speaking and debating in the College. For this purpose a debate was organized every month during the fall and Winter terms. The subjects were both humorous and serious. The first debate, in October, was, appropriately, "Resolved: That freshmen are too immature for University". A more serious topic,,in which Mr. Reid Scott, MPP, was guest speaker, was, "Resolved: That Democracy Implies Socialism". The Debating Parliament sponsored the Thomson Impromptu Debates. These were held two noons a week and over a hundred students participated. After a pro- cess of elimination, four finalists were sent to McMaster University to compete in an inter-college debating contest. According to tradition, the last debate of the season was the Senatorial Debate. The four staff members Csenatorsl again according to tradition, made Hnonsenses out of sense". Also at this debate two of the four finalists in the Thomson Debates were chosen as winners.+ 289 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS I VICTORIA COLLEGE FRENCH CLUB SECOND ROW: George Barkley, Pzzbfieity Managezg' Audrey Cooper, .Sxecond Year Repz'eJe1ztati12e,' Ralph Turner, Treafarerj Mary Caden, Sofia! Direcrreffjjim Darbyshire, Third Year Reprexentative. FRONT ROW: Joyce Ribchester, Firft Year Reprerentatiuej Ted Hall, Prexidentj Mlle. Riese, Honorary' .PI'6'J'id67Zf,' Joan McGaughey, Vice-Prefidezztjjearl Brown, Secretary. ABSENT: Harold MacKay, Piazzift. VICTORIA COLLEGE CLASSICS CLUB SECOND ROW: Bob Sheridan, Firft Year Rep.,' George Tovell Treafurerj Mary Blackett, Secretafjy. FRONT ROW: Patricia Adams, Vire-Prefidezzn Dr: G. L. Keyes, Honoragf Prefia'ezzt,' Josephine Hebert, Prefiderzt. 290 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS SECOND ROW: Fran Hopper, Writer! Group Cmzvezzen' Harold Burke, Amaciate Preridenfg Gwen Davenport, Treasurer. FRONT ROW: Catherine Carde, Preridezztg Lucille Hammond, Sofia! Directrerf. Victoria College Liberal Arts Club HIS year the activities sponsored by the Liberal Arts Club of Victoria College were threefold: the Record Hour, the Writers' Group, the Open Meetings. A number of Record Hours were held at Wymilwood during the first semester: these consisted of recordings from operas, Shakespeare, classical music, and jazz. The Writers' Groups were very successful both in supplying constructive criticism for the authors and in uncovering new material for Arm Vicrorimm. The Professors Robins, Frye, Woodside, and Miss Kathleen Coburn were among the guest critics. Three Open Meetings were held during the year. Mr. Mayor Moore was guest- speaker at the first and his topic dealt with the theatre in Canada, Professor McLu- han spoke on modern poetry at the second meeting, and the third one consisted of a concert of works composed and performed by students from all faculties. Thus the Liberal Arts Club feels, especially in the case of the Writers' Group, that it has fulfilled enough student needs to justify its existencejgs 291 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS SECOND ROW: L. B. Heath, Treafurerf D. Snowden, Axriftanr Trearurerj R. B. F. Britton-Foster, Clerk of the Hoare: H. Guthrie, Keeper of the Maeej G. E. Connell, Curatorg P. M. Reid, First Year Couneillorj R. D. Johnston, Debate: Secretary. FRONT ROW: G. F. Davies, Vice-Prefidentp M. K. Macklem, PfEIid8flf,'LI. A. Ordonez, Spealzen' T. H. Crerar Depuiy-Speakerj D. A. Fry, Leader of the Opposition. ABSENT: J. A. Norman. I Trinity College Literary Institute ARLY in the year, the President and Government Council adopted a policy tending to bring the literary organizations of the College under the paternal eye of the Institute. The Arts and Letters Club was the first and only organization to submit to this benevolent stare but though at first its members seemed anxious to follow suit, the Dramatic Society finally decided against such action. Further nego- tiations were not undertaken. Under the terms of a revised Constitution, the Arts and Letters Club becomes a committee responsible to the Lit. and hence to the College as a whole. Its activities have been, if anything, more vigorous in the new association. A Except for two extraordinarily percussive debates, the first and third of the year, participation in the literary programme of the Institute has been uninspired. The notorious Blok-de Reske vs. Hicks-Hladun encounter was enjoyed by nearly one hundred and fifty Men of College and was given an eye-catching report in The Vezrxigf and in the city press. In a sense the publicity was what the Institute needed and the arguments and discussions before, during, and after the debate, if not always sound, 292 Trinity College Literary Institute at least portended a lively year. The following debate, however, though it was an annual Freshman affair and on a good topic CEuthanasiaD, had only about twenty- five in attendance, none of whom, except for the promising speakers, were from thc First Year. As a last resort, the President, fearing a disturbing echo in the cavernous chapel, convened the House in the junior Common Room in an effort to catch after- dinner smokers. Too many got away. The third debate concerned a motion, subsequently introduced at a College Meet- ing, to bar Trinity Freshmen from entry into Fraternities. Within a day or two after the debate topic had been announced, every Fraternity man in the College was on his high horse proclaiming the glories of fraternal association and dangerously misin- terpreting the motion. Unfortunately, few non-Fraternity men paid enough atten- tion even to redress the error, but the evening was rowdy and reminiscent of better Institute days. Soon afterwards, a Lit.-sponsored U.T.D.U. debate,"Resolved: That the Supreme Court of Canada should supersede the Privy Council", resulted in a tie vote between Western Cfor the motionD and Toronto, but, though the discussion was of a high quality, it was virtually ignored by Men of College. Early in the second Term, an Impromptu Speaking Night, held in the junior Common Room, which had all the ear-marks of success, was attended by no more than twenty-five Men of College, soon lost all semblance of Parliamentary order, and resolved itself into a club social: Some of the speaking, however, proved amusing and some fluent, and the evening gave a few members a chance to express themselves on their feet in an informal and not too terrifying atmosphere. For the results of the activities that made for this somewhat depressing recital the Government Council cannot be held responsible. Led by an active President, it tried every conceivable device to arouse interest in the student body but met with only very partial success. It would be superfluous to point out where the fault lies. Everyone knows, and at the last that is all there is to say or do. At the time of writing there is hope for the traditionally spirited debate planned between St. Hilda's and the College. In addition, Mr. john Diefenbaker will speak at the Annual Dinner of the Institute in February and this event is already eagerly awaitedago 293 'CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS 1 i SECOND ROW: D. Haley, Senior Debating Rep.,' M. Martin, f1nziorDebufing Rep.,' E. Lowden, Treamrer. FRONT ROW: Ker, S'e:retmj',' C. Bolton, Preriderztf R. Linell, Vice-Prefident. ABSENT: E. Child, Firft Year Refident Rep.,' E. Somerville, Firrt Year Nan-reridezzt Rep. St. Hilda's College Literary Society HE St. Hilda's Literary Society has enjoyed a fairly diversified programme this year, with such highlights as the opening debate between the dons and the undergraduates on the topic,"Resolved :That the women should propose' ' , an address by Professor Bagnani on the art of debating, and-M the annual presentation of the Nativity play, presented this year for the undergraduates and again for the graduates at the Dean's Christmas party. The regular fortnightly meetings have seen debating skill adequately displayed in the inter-year debates and the year plays have been of exceptionally high calibre. The awards for these two activities will be presented at the annual Literary Society ban- quet. There is to be a joint debate between the members of. St Hilda's and Trinity Literary Societies. The Debating Club has done much to stimulate interest in debating and to increase our proficiency in that art.0Y- 294 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS Ninmuaw SECOND ROW: P. Moonan, R. Knollmeyer, Munagerj W. Broadhurst, D. Wallace, G. Johnson, Treafurer. FRONT ROW: M. Kearns, K. Jarosz, L. Brennan, Preridentj M. O'Brien, 5'ecretagv,'1I. Meraw. St. Michael's College Co-operative HE St. Michael's College Co-operative, a unique organization on the campus, has again completed another successful year. Starting from scratch in 1947, it has developed into a sound, profitable business organization as well as an influential student Christian Co-operation movement. Having spent the first years of its infancy in establishing a stable financial basis, it has now turned its focus towards a higher, more important goal, its basic purpose of instilling in its members the principles of Christian Co-operation. They are beginning to feel more and more that this is their Co-op and to assume the responsibilities this entails. A tangible evidence of this may be seen in the fact that the work is carried out entirely by students, the number of volunteers growing steadily. This year, as every year, new improvements have been added to the tuck-shop. At the beginning of the fall term, the Co-op had a complete over-hauling,-new furniture, a new paint job, even a car- pentry job on the counter which, having changed position slightly, provides more space and more efficient service. In the administration department, the constitu- tion underwent changes too so that the Co-operative by-laws would be more suited to this particular organization. In all respects the St. Michael's College Co- operative has advanced by leaps and bounds and we hope that its growth will continue as successfully in future yearsayp The CMP in Action T 295 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS ST. MICI-IAEL'S COLLEGE SENATE CLUB SECOND ROW: F. Kovacs, G. Wyle, A. Adams, W. Emman, M. Mogan, R. McLaughlin, N. Treanor. FRONT ROW: L. Cavasin, D. Quigley, R. Bussey, Sen'etarj,' F. Furlong, PreJide11t,'P. Mosteller, Trearurer E. Eberle, L. Dewan. ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE GLEE CLUB THIRD ROW: E. Gariepy, R. Ringwoodhj. Leon, S. Neill, D. Robertson, M. Villemairehl. Roark. SECOND ROW: A. Green, M. Greive, M. Mahon, M. Kelly, C. Boyden, M. Finley, M. Schenk, K. Jarosz, M. Vice, P. Burke, B. Murphy. FRONT ROW: L. Poulin, P. Lauber, M. Dunn, R. Alore, A. Annette, Rev. Renaud, V. Mulhall, J. Cavanaugh, Meraw, S. Hogan, M. Poirier. - 296 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE ORATORICAL SOCIETY SECOND ROW: Michalslci, KI. McDonough, Boulef, F. Kovacs, J. Dewey, T. Boyle, N. Beauchesne. S. Karr, A. Adams, C. Lynch, P. Doolxng, W. Davls. FRONT ROW: P. Moonan, D, Wilson, R. Demers, J. Leon, L. Cavasin, Vice-Pre.f2deur,' M. Villemaire. Pre.rident,' R. Kelly, W. McLaughlin. R. Ringwood, R. Gallivan, L. Brennan. ,W .--......l1 ST. jOSEPH'S COLLEGE LITERARY SOCIETY Carolyn Grafton, Helen Boehler, Adele Annett. 29 '7 I CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS .Yi ST. jOSEPH'S COLLEGE SODALITY Q SECOND ROW: Helen Martel, Rose Marie LaPalme, Jean Meraw, Ada Phelan, Marjorie Vice, Mary Schenck. FRONT ROW: Mary Harbor, Muriel Rouleau, Clara Campagnola. , ,,,. 3, Aff' 298 LORETTO COLLEGE SODALITY SECOND ROW: Catherine Givens. FRONT ROW: Joanne McWilliam, Mary Sheridan, Prefectj Suzanne McGrath. ABSENT: Leil Eberle. CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS LORETTO COLLEGE DEBATI NG SOCIETY SECOND ROW: Joanne Mc- William, Margaret Kearns, Suzanne McGrath. FRONT ROW: Mary Warriner, Fir-ft Vice-Preudezzfg Margaret Howe, Prefidenz, Barbara Lyon, Sec:-ermjv ST. jOSEPH'S COLLEGE DEBATING SOCIETY SECOND ROW: Marjorie Vice, Teresa Houlihan, Rose Marie La Palme, Elaine Maloney, Winnifred Lowney. FRONT ROW: Catherine Sheehan, Catherine Johnson, Mary Ann Wheeler. 299 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS M. F. Southcote, l.A.5'. Cbuirmanjj. S. McAv0y, IV Reprererzmtivejj. E. Moran, Clmirmanj Prof. R. Loudon, Honorary Clmirmam' H. G. Harley, II Reprerefzratizlej S. Ranta, .fecretagf-Treaxurerj L. Adams, I Repfeferztufive. ABSENT: R. Hall, III Reprerefztativej Y. Garneau, Vice-Chairman. S.P.S. Aeronautical Club HE Skule grad wasn't kidding when he remarked: "Them was the bestest four years of my life". When you show this dusty and yellowed tome to your cute little grandchildren some time in the future you Aeros will -agree, especially when you start to reminisce. - Remember the Valentines Day party fordear Mrs. Infeld when We expanded ex? The wiseacre quips from the back of the room that sent the class into paroxysms of laughter and the lecturer like Daffy home muttering? The eminent contribution of our club to that magnificent old Skule Spirit in the zoot forms of the Lackspeed Constellation and the Skule Nite STO rocket. Then recall with a twinge of sadness the glory of the class basketball team which outnumbered every other minor league squad, but couldn't outscore them. The weary midnight quest from snowbound hut to hut at Ajax, trying to find someone who had scabbed enough to finish the lab report that was due tomorrow. Did you see the Club speaker who could inflate either lung independently, at Will, and do you still feel slightly confused by the energy equations, the vector analysis and the rather odd flight angles so jauntily flipped at us? - Sit back in your easy chair, you rich Aeronautical Engineer, and remember the Good Old Days . . . and the rest of us still trying to get through Fourth Year.0Yf 300 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS J. I. Fredriksson, .S'ec1'et411jf-Trea.r1n'er,' l. H. Wilkins, Vire-Cbairwmzj R. S. Scroggins, Cbzzirmmzi K. D. Stephenson, PIlb!fCiIi1'CbdiI'7lIL7lZ. S.P.S. Ceramics Club HE Ceramics Club, though still an infant with a small membership, has under- taken to provide those members with a full programme this year. The Club has already sponsored several trips to various ceramic plants in and around the Toronto area. A tour was made of the mine and processing plant of the American Nepheline Corporation of Stoney Lake Where the vvorld's best source of nepheline sijenite, an increasingly important ceramic material, is located. The fourth year, as representatives ofthe Club, attended a convention at the Mount Royal Hotel in Montreal under the auspices of the Canadian.Ceramic Society. Besides many excellent technical talks, a visit was made to the Canada Cement Company. In addition to several previous technical meetings, a social evening was held in conjunction with the local section of the Canadian Ceramic Society to end the year's activities. Mr. Deeth of the American Nepheline Corporation was guest speaker and he showed colour movies taken by him on a tour of the United States and Mexican ceramic industries. W The executive wishes every success to this year's graduating class and to the new Club executive next yearagh 301 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS w 1 1 G. W. Congdon, Fourth Year Reprefentativej F. K. Doty, Fourth Year Represerztati11e,' H. B. Dickens, Fourth Year Reprerentariveg Prof. C. F. Morrison, Honorary Cbairmanfj. L. McCloy, Claairmanj A. T. Brown, .S'ecretary,' H. R. Fielding, Third Year RepreJerztati1Je,'J. M. Schissler, Third Year RepreJentati11e,' W. C. Cole, Vice-Cloairmanpj. R. Raymond, Firrf YearRepre.re11tati11e. ABSENT: B. Panting, .Second Year Reprerentati11e,'C. Miller, Treafurer. S.P.S. Civil Club T was pouring rain. Sad-looking creatures lined up at York Hall, hidden behind mountains of baggage. There were fees to be paid, rooms to be snared, and meal tickets to be stolen, the values of which were considerably increased by sweet talk with steam table wenches. The Genosha Hotel played host to our noisy Club that first year. What sport, running topography between 208, line 3, Lake Ontario, and the Spruce! just try to study for those exams with water lights, ball games, and general horseplay. The boys who stayed at Ajax really threw one fine party that night to compensate for dreary days, chasing demies off line, and cooking levels into reasonable condition. The Comet Isle bonfires, the Bunk House Brawl, Square Dances, Movies and D. astros all. Shoot Polaris! Thence to the big city. Could we stand the proximity of imbibing institutions, cultured artsmen, and fine beetles? The boys have stood up Well under the social whirl, the Savarin party, the successes of the STO Civils Basketball team, thenoise of the Four Flushers, and the Bird patrol. Then came the Decew, Queenston, and the Pig and the Whistle. Say no more. I'm tired and my thesis is only half done. , All else was eclipsed by the grand and glorious grad ball March 10 and ll. What were those room numbers again? Then graduation . . . and there they go . . uw 302 r ml CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS J. D. Sibbald, Third Year Reprerentativej E. D. Fedryk, Cbairmanj H. G. Feldberg, .S'ecretmjf-Trearurer. ABSENT: G. E. Wilson, Vice-Clmirmulz. S.P.S. Debates Club I-IE activities of the debates club during the first term of the session consisted of tvvo debates. The first was held in Hart House debates room on the topic "Resolved: that the Engineering Business Course should be discontinued at Skulef' The question was settled once and for all. The Engineering and Business students won this debate by an overwhelming majority. The second debate was held in Brennan Hall. Skule debaters were guests of the St. Michael's Senate. The house decided that "Canada should have a unitary form of Government. " This resolution was opposed by Hienz Feldberg and Jack Grossman of the debates club. During the second term, the club has arranged for a series of lectures in public speaking and debating. Professor Bagnani of University College has kindly con- sented to deliver these lectures. Other activities include debates with the Arts and Letters Club of the Medical Society, and with Loretto College. Details regarding the Segsvvorth inter-year debates are still in the discussion stage. All years are encouraged to participate in debates in order that the inter-year debates maybe highly competitivesys 303 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS SECOND ROW: W. H. Westbrook, Tlaira' Year Reprerefzrafiifej D. K. Wilson, Firrt Year Reprerenta- tivej D. Bishop, Second Year Reprererztativej T. Barnes, Firrt Year Reprerentative. FRONT ROW: V. E. Dickson, Fourth Year Reprerentativej R. Thomson, Vice-Chairmaizj Prof. L. S. Lauchland, Faculzjf Advimy' E. E. Weston, Chairmarzj Prof. Tracy, Department Headj W. Smolinski, Serretary-Treararerj P. Danciu, A.I .E .E . Chairman. ABSENT: W. R. Carruthers, Honorary Chairman. . S.P.S. Electrical Club HE term 1949-50 saw the re-amalgamation of the Toronto and Ajax Electrical Clubs into the one club as in pre-Ajax days. This gave the Electrical Club a membership of over five hundred: the largest in its history. With this in mind, the executive planned the Electrical At-Home for early November to meet the needs of the large club. The function was attended by over 250 couples with several staff members and other guests joining in the festivities, which were held at Columbus Hall. Also in November, the third year students toured STELCO and Westinghouse plants in Hamilton, whilst the Seniors visited the HEPC Generating Station at DeCew falls and proceeded on to inspect the large Niagara Hudson steam generating station in Buffalo N.Y. Early in December Mr. A. A. McArthur of the Canadian Westinghouse Company gave an illustrated lecture and demonstration of equipment on C.S.P. Transformers, at a general meeting. The first function of the new year was held on january 18th, at the Prince George Hotel. This was the Electrical Club dinner which was a sell-out. The guest speakers were Mr. A. E. Wilson and Mr. F. T. Simson of Brazilian Traction Light and Power Company who illustrated their lectures with slides and with the sound colour film "Modern Brazil", which was produced by the companys?- 304 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS ,MQ SECOND ROW: D. G. Argo, FUIIFIZ7 YearRepre.fent:1tiz'e,' l. Yvaxman, Second Year Reprefelzmfize. FRONT ROW: G. G. Parkinson, Fir-rt Year Reprefenrativeg G. O. Hayman, Xerrezmjy,'T. F. Kenny, Vire-Clzairmzzm' G. H. Petherick, Cbdirnmnj R. E. Sparrow, TreaJ1zrer,' E. D. Knight, Third Year Reprerefztatiue. S.P.S. Engineering Business Club N September 25th, 1946, we set out on our quest for knowledge. This was our start at Ajax. Many memories of muddy Ajax will be retained by us. In the fall of 1947, a big decision was made by all of us-to transfer from our various courses to the course of Engineering and Business for our second year. No graduates of this course had, as yet, gone forth into the business world. Even so, Iam sure that none of us has regretted taking the big step. We were welcomed onto the campus in Toronto in Sept. 1948 by a great Eng. Biz 4T9 student-Pat Suddick. Here we found things a little different from Ajax. Service tunics and battle blouses were frowned upon and we were to shave once a day and look neat. Eighty-five of us embarked upon our final year on Sept. 21, 1949. This was "the" year we had been working for. Dean Tupper, our newly installed Dean, spoke to us at our Dinner Meeting held in Hart House on December lst. A Christmas Dance on the last day of the fall term was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. We are sure to have fond memories of the School-at-Home, and especially of the STO Grad Ball on March 1Oth. The Club Executive takes this opportunity to wish all of its grads the best of luck in their future activitiesaqn 305 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS C. H. Smith, Second Year Repre.re1ztative,' D. C. Baxter, Trearzzrefg' W. Keenan, Clmirmmzj F. V. Topping, Vice-Clmirmmzp F. A. Kottmeier, Fourth Year Reprefenmzivej R. G. Johnson, First Year Representative. ABSENT: Prof. K. Bxlackson, H07ZOI'df11'Cbdif7l2dU,' R. A. Klock, .ferretmju S.P.S. Engineering Physics Club HE first general meeting was held in Hart House. The honorary chairman, ' Prof. K. B. Jackson, addressed the meeting on scientific applications of photog- raphy. The talk was illustrated with stereoscopic photographs. A ,Field trips have been held by the Fourth and Third years. The major trip of the Fourth year students was to Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester N.Y. and the Cavrier Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Company in Syracuse N.Y. The Third year students have visited several industrial plants in the Toronto area. A dance called the Calculytic Caper Was held on the 17th of January at the Savarin. Attendance was good and dancing, to the music of Eddie Stroud, was en- joyed by all. Much laughter was raised by Si. Leonard, ventriloquist extraordinaire, who entertained at intermission. A second general meeting is proposed for February, while the annual dinner is to be held in Marchwgl- 306 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS SECOND ROW: M. K. Wood, Fourth Year Reprerefztatioejj. E. L. Murphy, Fourth Year Reprerezzta- tioej L. Davis, Fourth Year Reprerevztarivej R. D. Munro, .Yerond Year Reprerentativef L. T. Welch, Third Year Keprereurarioej D. L. King, Fourth Year Reprerentatioe. FRONT ROW: Miss M. Phillips, Firrt Year Repre.renrative,' R. Kostick, Vice-Chairman D. F. S. Carew, Chairmang R. W. Notlen, Trearurerg H. C. Clarke, Secretary. ABSENT: W. Beatty, Third Year Reprerentatioej Prof. E. A. Smith, Honorary Vice-Chairman. S.P.Sl. Industrial Chemical Club HE first item of note was the very interesting and extensive field trip made by the Fourth Year from the 13th to the 16th of October. The route was east this year, as the club members visited rayon, and pulp and paper plants in Cornwall, alcohol, and pulp and paper plants in Gatineau, and a sugar refinery in Montreal. With bouquets to the organizers it should be added that the vveek-end terminated in true college fashion at the McGill-Toronto football tilt. The Third Year took field trips to the Toronto malting houses and the oil refinery at Clarkson. The first general meeting, held in Hart House on the evening of November 25th, featured the film "Nature Control" with commentary by Mr. Cuthbert of Hiram Walker's Distillery. Movies seemed to be the trend of the year as three more films entitled "The Formica Story", "Lets Spin a Yarn", and "Colloids" formed the bill- ing of the second formal meeting, held in the Wallberg on january 25th. Second Year started the social programme with their class smoker on October 13th. This was followed by Club dances at the Savarin Tavern, on October 25th and November 29th, providing pleasure and relaxation to all who attended. A sleigh-ride and dance, held at Maple Creek Farm, Scarboro, on January 27th added a novel but enjoyable evening to the social agenda which culminated late in February With the annual Club Dinner. gin 307 il' 2 i . 'i l-1, in I , I vs .A 1 I 4 1 1 - 1 iff ll l . i r I ii' ,I i 1 i l .l l l v 1 'l l 1 v 1 w l 4 :l y l l T ' hifi , .. . .' ,,:r-ns-1-5 - 4 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS SECOND ROW: N. McLean, Second Year Reprefentafivej A. R. Lelseuvre, Firft Year Reprerenta- riveg C. Morris, .Si?L'l'9Illlj',' N. Monsour, Vfff-CbzZif772H7Z,' D. Mollenhauer, Firrt Year Reprerefztative. FRONT ROW: A. A. Walter, Fourth Year Reprerentativeg H. Innes, Cbairmang E. P. Cockshutt, Treamrer. ABSENT: F. Angebrant, Second Year Reprerentativej V. Adshead, Third Year Rreprerezztatizfej R. F. McDerm0nd, Arrirtarzr .SlEL'l'0l'd1:Ql. S.P.S. Mechanical Club HE Mechanical Club during the year enjoyed many educational and entertaining activities which were arranged to provide an adequate programme for the beneht of the class. These included fourteen field trips and three conducted tours through the new Mechanical building. john Fisher provided a spirited evening for one of the club dinners, while a stag event featured a refreshing gay-nineties atmosphere. Notable among the field trips were those taken to the Ontario Hydro installations at Queenston-Chippawa and DeCew Falls, the Hamilton Steel Foundries, the Canada Wire and Cable, and the Malton plant of A. V. Roe Aircraft. These trips served the most useful purpose of illustrating the diversity of industrial and commercial activity which is carried on here and within a short distance of the city. The new Mechanical building was a point of interest for the Freshmen reception and later for visiting Alumnae during the old home week-end. Relatives and friends of all fourth-year S.P.S. students were shown through on open-house nightays 308 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS SECOND ROW: K. A. Johnson, .Yetretarjff L. F. LaPrairie, Third Year Reprerenratioeg C. Stiles, Third Year Reprerentative. FIRST ROW: A. P. LaPrairie, Chairman: W. M. Young, Fourth Year Repre.rez1tatioe,' W. H. Goggin, Firrt Year Reprererztativej W. A. Nethery, Second Year Reprerentativeg H. R. Decaire, Third Year Reprexentatioeg K. H. Cumming, Firft Year Reprefentariz'e,' A. H. jackson, Fourth Year Reprerentative. ABSENT: I. T. Murray, Fourth Year Reprerentariveg F. Kinsman, Trearurer. S.P.S. Mining and Metallurgical Club ECAUSE of a shortage of abandoned stopes in the immediate environs of Toronto, and the understandable hostility of the proprietors of various meet- ing places used before, it was decided to forego the Annual Stag Party. In its place Was held the Miners' Annual Donkey Barbeque. A 1 4 At meetings the Club vvas addressed on such diverse topics as "The Labrador Iron Fields", "Industrial Psychology", and "What the Mining and Metallurgical Industry Expects of the University Graduate". The Graduating Class was enter- tained at dinner by the Toronto Branch, C.I.M.M., at the Royal York. In no way Wishing to take credit away from others who participated, the mem- bers of the M. 84 M. Club may be justifiably proud of their great co-operation in Engineering Society functions. When one remembers the spiked helmets about the Slcule Cannon, the eccentric floats in the Homecoming Parade, and the many com- mittees for which our members worked, and teams for which they played, it becomes a matter of pride to be a memberdgi 309 v E CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS MEDICAL ARTS AND LETTERS CLUB SECOND ROW: Earle Baker, Dick Farmer, Jack Dodds, Doug Chase, Russell Proud. FRONT ROW: Doug Yates, Claairmmzg Dr. William Boyd, Hafzormy Clmirmanj Ken Butler 4 I L THE MEDICAL GLEE CLUB 310 my H CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS LAW CLUB SECOND ROW: A. F. Lawrence, Firxt Year Cowzcillorj D. B. Dodds, Editor of School of Low Review: R. Y. W. Campbell, Cbieffzutice of the Moot Court. FRONT ROW: B. Berstein, Athletic Reprefentotiveg I. Cass, .S'efretmy,' K. Bradley, Prefidefztj G. H. Archer, Trea.rurer,'J. R. Dean, Firxt Year Councillor. ABSENT: R. T. Smylie, Vice-Prefidentg D. Inch, .S'.A.C. Reprexenmtiue. MOOT COURT SECOND ROW: L. Chapman, Al-fixttznt Regiftmrf H. Landis, jzzftirej R. A. Gies, fiutice. FRONT ROW: S. Caplan, j1!J'ffC8,' S. Lavine, fufticej R. Y. W. Campbell, Chief fuftice of the Moot Courtj G. W. Bahen, fufticej D. B. Dodds, juxtice. ABSENT: R. F. Righton, Registrar. lv' la? A4 l 1 l p Z li' l 4 ?. .nas 5 il l I l w i Q Eli' lli- 51' lv xl 1,1 r 51 4 ll J ill W ef FJ' 531. V5.2 PIE IF 311 K ' fill Q la. CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS SECOND ROW: A. B. Burnes. Third Year Reprereutotivejj. B. McRae, Treufzzrerj M. Moyer, Firrt Year Repre- .renteztiveg F. Hinkson, Firft Year Reprerenrarioeg R. W. Gouinlock, Secretmyg D. Cameron, Second Year KepreJentori1Je,' S. A. Azzarello, Publicity Directory' D. Weir, Second YedrRepre.renrati11e. FRONT ROW: L. A. Braithwaite, Vice-Prefiderztj G. H. Brereton, Preriderztj Professor S. G. Hennessey, Honorary Pre.ridenr,' B. E. Carroll, Editor Commerce fozzrnalj R. M. Barford, Vice-President. Commerce Club NCE its inception twenty-nine years ago, the course in Commerce and Finance has recognized the Commerce Club as its official undergraduate organization. This year Professor Hennessey has been capably fulfilling the office of Honorary President and actively advising the club during the year. One of the main purposes of the club is to bring into closer contact undergraduates of the course and members of the business World. This is partially achieved through informal meetings of the club featuring addresses by prominent business and profes- sional men dealing with current economic and general business topics. In spite of the decreased enrolment, activities this year have been expanded. Luncheon meetings and an increased number of tours have brought club activities back to pre-war standards. ' The social and athletic functions of the club are ever increasing in popularity. Held at the Club Kingsway, the fourth annual "Finance Frol1c" was again as success- ful as in previous years. Another series of golf, bridge and tennis tournaments were held. The opportunity to Welcome Commerce Graduates back to the campus on Home- coming Weekend vvas greeted by the club with enthusiasm. This enthusiasm was reflected in a Commerce float, outstanding among those of the Colleges and Faculties. The annual Commerce Journal, a journal of economics containing articles written by prominent men from business, labour and government, was again this year published by the clubjys 312 . 1 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS gp ffm' l I ' nu... c i SECOND ROW: Ruth Winter, Treamrerg Valery Brown, Elizabeth jones. FRONT ROW: Kay MacNeill, Daphne Young, Vine-Prefidentg Rosemary Walker, Preridentg Beverley Bryan, .S'e:retmg',' Peggy Locke. Household Economics Club HOSE white shorts . . . That flying hair . . . Guess again . . . Those were the House. Ec. girls in the Float Parade at the Homecoming Weekend. We didn't win, but we had the time of our lives, flipping pancakes, whirling egg bearers, danc- ing around behind Architecture. Yes, our delicate pink angel cake presented to President Sydney Smith even appeared in Saturday Night. Our Freshies were entertained at Tea in the delightful new Common Room. They met the Staff, they toured the building, they saw what was to come. Kitchen Kapers, the Fall Stag at the Womens Union, was simply smo - - - oth with those entertaining Engineers. But the culmination of the Household Economics Club activities was the annual formal "At-Home" held at Casa Loma. Unfortunately We all couldn't hold that lucky ticket for the bambi with the enormous pink ears. It was a wonderful year House Ecers-Carry onjys 313 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICS CLUB SECOND ROW: E. A. Racicot, R. Martino, R. Anglin, O. Mackintosh, D. Porter. FRONT ROW: E. Kirkpatrick, P, Niblock, Professor John Satterley, C. T. P. Galloway, R. Robinson, F. Brauer Ukrainian Students Club HE Ukrainian Students Club, an organization of students of Ukrainian descent, has a threefold purpose in its cultural, social, and athletic activities. These activities have included concerts, which have been presented in Toronto and various centres outside Toronto, social gatherings, banquets, sleigh riding parties, and basketball games. On the campus the U.S.C. has participated inI.S.S. programmes. It endeavours, with other groups, to make better Canadian citizens and to promote feelings of friendship and understanding among these groups. The U.S.C. has established a Loan Fund in order to assist the student members who may find themselves in financial difficulties during their studies. To this practi- cal measure has been added another one this year-that of supporting the extension course in Ukrainian Language and Literature with the hope that this course will be on the regular curriculum of the University next year. This year is a memorable one for the Club as it is commemorating its tenth year of successful functioning, and as a landmark to dedicate this decade, it is hoped that an alumni organization, which is in nucleus form, will be fully organized-by the year's end. To all the Ukrainian graduates of 5TO may We express our congratulations, and especially to the graduates of the Club who will be joining the ranks of graduate members, the alumni of the Ukrainian Students' Clubw a 314 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS HONOUR SCIENCE CLUB SECOND ROW: Sylvia McGee, Hazzfehofu' EL'07Z07l2ICJ' Repre,renta!ive,' Ewart Charters, Vice-Pre.fide1zI: Wilma Booty, Bzzfinen Nfamzger. FRONT ROW: Jack Kenny, .facial Directorg Beth Harper, Prexidentg Don Smith, femzzd Year Reprefentatiue. GERMAN CLUB SECOND ROW: Ralston Annancl, Vic. Reprefentatizzeg Marion Hogarth, .S'0L'fdfC07l1J8ll6I',' Frances Morris, Trinity Reprexenlativejjohn Paton, Publicity. FRONT ROW: Helen Morrison, Treaxurerg Dr. H. N. Milnes, Honorary P:-efidezm Mary Caclen, Prefidenrg John Burnie, Vice-Prelridenrg Charlotte Cushnie, Sec:-emfjv. ABSENT: Trudy Konwalina, U.C. Reprexerztative. 315 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS SECOND ROW: Helen Morrison, First Year Reprererztatizfej Trudy Konwalina, Theatrical Directrerfj Doreen Smith, Publicity Directorj Connie Young, Theatrical Directrenj Olga Stalker, .facial Directren. FRONT ROW: Emile Blouin, Treafarerg Mary joan King, Secretary Jack Patterson, Preridentg Isabel Lee, Vice-Prefia'ent,' Pat Hanna, Social Directrerf. La Societe Francaise OR "La Societe Francaise" of University College the 1949-50 season was an exceptionally successful one, as many of the students of University College and of other faculties who were interested in French, attended the meetings. The traditional objectives of "La Societe Francaise" were maintained during the year. The club provided an opportunity for students to increase their fluency in French conversation and to acquaint themselves with French life, customs, and cul- ture. The programmes of the club provided a variety of entertainment ranging from 1 talks to skits, "twenty questions" to one-act plays, movies to sing- songs. This year "La Societe Francaise" was in charge of the joint meeting of the four French Clubs of the University, held on February 14. The annual play presented in Hart House Theatre in the fall was well received by an enthusiastic audience. A well-trained cast under Professor R.D.C. Finch's direction A scene from KNOCK: R. Lightfoot as Le Docteur Parpalaidg presented I lKDOCk' , 1111165 E. Lewin as Madame Parpalaidg C. Parsons as Knock, - W. Baldwin as Jean. ROID31DS . 'YP 316 1 QR' CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS SECOND ROW: H. Bellamy, Prefidentj A. Mosouf, .Yerretaryf A. Obazgy, Treafurerj K. Smookler, Publicity. FRONT ROW: F. Johannes, Social: B. Bradley, Vice-Preridentj A. Halasz, Social Direcrreuj E. Singer, Social Director. ABSENT: Miss D. Jessup. International Students Organization HE International Students Organization was formed for the purpose of bringing together students of all races, and giving them a better knowledge and under- standing of each other. Regular monthly social meetings concentrated on drawing the students out of their shells of reserve through the medium of the various get-acquainted games and dances. Semi-monthly, coffee-hour meetings provided an informal atmosphere where the members could discuss their various cultures in a valuable interchange of ideas. The Varsity International Ball is motivated primarily by I.S.O. and bids fair to become the most colourful event in the University's already colourful tradition. Negotiations are under Way even at this time in an effort to establish an Inter- national House on our campus. This plan, when carried out, will 'l provide a centre for all international l activity as well as housing and counselling services for guest students. Every year the activities of I.S.O. broaden in scope as the mem- bers tend to appreciate and under- stand more the purpose of their organization and its unlimited possibilities. In all respects the I.S.O. is a I success in the field of human M-.- I relations I 4. A typical I.S.O. group at the annual cam representing Ethiopia, Ukraine, japan, New Zealand, Canadlia, Pakistan, Scotland, China and Trinidad. 317 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS SECOND ROW: Alvin Shaw, Seeretaryj Frances Kirby, Third Year Reprerentativej Roy Neehall, Fourth Year Reprereatativej Shirley Karnpi, Second Year Reprerentativej Janice Shaw, Fern' Year Reprerentativej George Barkley, Pzeblieiry Dirertnr. FRONT ROW: Mary Auvinen, Treararerj John Golding, Vice-Prefialentj Joe Tyrrell, Preridentj Diana Ridell, Sociaf Direetrerr. ABSENT: Professor E. De Chasca, Honorary Prefident. Spanish C lub HIS year the University of Toronto Spanish Club decided to stress a deeper student knowledge of Spanish language and culture and to foster a more inti- mate relationship between the student, the professor and the Latin-American on the cam us. Ender the able guidance of Professor E. de Chasca, our honorary president, the Spanish Club has offered varied programmes at its meetings. There have been trave- logues on South American countries, talks on Spain and on Spanish troubadour poetry and music, and presentations of Spanish folk dances. However, this has been only one aspect of the Spanish Club's policy. This year we have formed a series of informal gatherings called "Charlas" to which everyone interested in speaking Spanish was invited. These "Charlas" afford the student op- portunities to meet the professors and Latin-American students thus to widen their acquaintanceship. These "Charlas" have been very popular and have been well attended. In accordance with our new policy, we decided to dispense with dancing after the regular meetings and, instead, to hold a dance in addition to our meetings. At this dance two or three Spanish couples taught Spanish dance steps. You may not know much about Spain, and may want to learn more, you may want to make new acquaintances, or you may simply want to speak Spanishgat any rate, at the Spanish Club you can do all these things. 'Tis not as good as a trip to Spain, but 'twill dole?- 318 Rifle Club SECOND ROW: Paul Roer, John Clocking. Don Cu1lingham,D.Crawford. FRONT ROW: J. Comrie, John Mead, Reg Darke, Bob Nelson. ABSENT: M. Dickson, Dr. G. H. Lucas, Captain: J V. Scott, K. Hill. Bob Nelson gives a few hints to john Comrie as Paul Roer looks on. CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS john Comrie and Paul Roer buy ammunition from the genial permanent range officer, john Mead. U9 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS C. O. T. C. 1949 - 1950 HE University of Toronto Contingent of the Canadian Officers' Training Corps has supplied so many officers for the Canadian Army that the Corps is novv officially recognized as a main source of officers for both the Active and Reserve Forces. Over three hundred Officer Cadets of the Contingent take practical training each summer for sixteen weeks at Royal Schools across Canada from Valcartier, PQ. to Esquimalt, B.C. There are six Active Force soldiers attending the University, attached to the Contingent for training, who will become officers in the Active Force upon graduation. In addition, thirty-seven men in their graduating year have enlisted as Second Lieutenants in the Active Force. The C.O.T.C. Annual Military Ball held in Hart House in February climaxed the season's social activitiesa-30 SECOND ROW: Major G. M. Logan, Rerideur .Ynvjf Ojjirezy' Capt. S. M. Herment Capt J T C Home Major R. H. Lockwood, Major A. S. Mitchell, Lt. John Bell, Capt. FJ Murphy flrrzfmzzt Rerzdenf .Ytajjf Ojfirer. FRONT ROW: Major L. S. Lauchland, E. D., 2 f.C.,' Lt.-Col. W. L. Sagar Cawmmdnzg O ref Capt. H. A. Webster, Adjzzmnr. CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS ROYAL CA ADIA HF. R.C.A.F., through its Reserve University Flight organization established at a number of Canadian universities, trains undergraduates during their academic years for service in its Regular or Reserve force. Candidates are selected on entry for aircrew or ground training on a basis of quotas allotted, and individual preference and suitability. Undergraduates during training serve as Flight Cadets. On graduation from their universities, and satisfactory completion of their Air Force training, Flight Cadets are commissioned as Pilot Officers. Winter training for Flight Cadets consists of a series of lectures in appropriate subjects. During the summer, Flight Cadets are posted to various stations throughout Canada where- ever they can best receive the technical or aircrew training for which they have been selected. The accompanying illustrations show some of the many activities enjoyed by Flight Cadets during their summer trainingwe A KITTING ARMAMENT INSTRUCTION STUDENT PHARMACIST SQUADRON VISIT RESCUE LAUNCH 322 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS LIR FOR E Reserve University of Toronto Flight R.C.A.F. QReserveD University of Toronto Flight. Officer Commanding-SXL F. L. Hutchison-R.C.A.F. Qlleservej. 2 ifc of Flight-FXL R. H. Perry-R.C.A.F. CReserveD. Resident Staff Officer-FXL M. A. Everard+R.C.A.F. Cllegularj. HARVARD TRAINING FLIGHT CADETS AT TRENTON ,WM................- .... N .. .-,. . , ,,, .J SEXTANT SIGI-ITING SAILING INSTRUCTION FIGHTER CONTROL 323 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS SECOND ROW: Harold Richardson, Frank Popovitch, John Askin, Rudy Sarchese, James McCool, Hugh Donnelly, William Hart. FRONT ROW: Mary O'Reilly, Claude MacDonald, Premientj Anne Galligan, Father J. E. McHenry, Cl96lp!4Zi7Z,' Carol Kelly. ' THE NEW LOUNGE DEBATE IN Pnocnass 324 Newman Club NOTHER successful year for Toronto Newman Club! The membership is well over 700, all of whom are interested in two or more of the Club's 23 activities. ' , These activities are guided by an executive of ten, and include a French Circle, Glee Club, Drama Group, Serious Discussion Group, and a newly formed Chess Club. Students in all faculties use the Club's facilities for their activities and Newman House becomes indeed a "Home away from Home for Catholic students". The resident chaplain is Rev. Father G. E. McHenry, who is always home to advise and to care for the spiritual needs of the students.AYh 1 ll 4 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS VICTORIA COLLEGE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP SECOND ROW: Clint Lawson, Arnold Burg, Prefidentj Lloyd Benson. FRONT ROW: Madeline Eaton, Donna Kemp, Ruth Barber, Dorothy Taylor, Audrey Tournay. ABSENT: Harold McKay. ' 4 ENGINEERING CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP SECOND ROW: L. Wakefield, Third Year Reprerentativej C. M. Johnson, Vice-Prefiderztg D. MacGuire, Miuionary Repre.rentati1Je,' D. McDowell, Prayer Secretary. FRONT ROW: D. Fish, Secretary Tre4.rurer,' R. Stasior, Preridentj W. A. Filer, P1lbZfCiU' Manager. 325 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS 5 4 , p .Q at we e ,. 5 If Aff M 4 9. .. .4-We fs s 'I . R V, A discussion group at S.C.M. Fall Camp. A typical S.C.M. Worship Centre. Student Christian Movement, HE Student Christian Movement is the only organization on the campus in which students can fully and without obligations test the claims of the Chris- tian religion. Atheists, agnostics and Christians, from many backgrounds and de- nominations, meet to study, worship and act upon their conclusions. During the past four years, our study has been re-organized into four main fields: the task of the Christian in the University milieu, the problem of Evangelism, the Christian and Politics, the growth of the World Church. Since the close of the war, it has been our concern not only to send relief to Europe but also to send many Canadian students to Europe to bring back a clearer picture of world issues and needs. Of the several conferences, most notable was that held in Kansas, 1948, to which two hundred Canadian University students joined the ranks of the two thousand in total attend- ance to discuss 'Christian frontiers' all over the world. The Great University Christ- ian Mission, which had such impact on our campus in 1949, was originally suggested by an S.C.M. group. One major area of concern in the last few years has been the whole field of Christian-Communist relations, with the result that the S.C.M. is the only non-communist group which remains in affiliation with the W.F.D.Y. The S.C.M. in this way hopes to express our differences as a democratic minority rather than in open hostility from outside. More and more students from U. of T. in the past four years have spent their summers in industrial and agricultural work camps, where, in a Christian community, they attempt to discover the relevance of Chris- tianity in these specific situations. The S.C.M. is not limited to the University of Toronto, it is part of a world wide movement of students in forty different countries who meet regularly at conferences for the exchange of ideas and clarification of aims. The S.C.M. feels it is justified in claiming to be a pioneer group of modern religious thinking, for seventy-five per cent of the delegates to the recent World Council of Churches in Amsterdam had taken part in S.C.M. groups in- their undergrad daysnqm ' ' 326 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS ,gnu-.Q 'W SECOND ROW: David Rotenberg, Treafuferj Barbara Weinberg, .S'ecremry,' Irving Applebaum, Vice-Prerident. FRONT ROW: Didi Hyde, Frexlmmn Reprefenmti1fe,' Rabbi Aaron Kamerling, Directory Lorraine Faibish, Pfexident. Hillel Foundation ILLEL is the B'nai B'rith student organization of American and Canadian college campi. The purpose of Hillel is to create an increased awareness and appreciation among college students of Jewish traditions and culture, to train the Jewish leaders of the future and to build inter-faith goodwill. The Hillel programme includes religious, social, cultural and personal services and dramatic and interfaith activities. Classes are conducted in many fields of Jewish learning and discussion groups emphasize individual participation. Both a news- paper and annual literary magazine are published and artistic programmes are pre- sented at large mass gatherings of Hillel members. Jewish music, drama and the arts are interpreted by gifted men and women in these fields. The elected student executive, with the assistance of committees, draws up and supervises the programme for the year. Through its programme Hillel seeks to give its members a new insight into their valuable jewish heritage, and to lead them to- wards identification with the Jewish people. This programme is self-motivated and is under the guidance of the director of the foundation. This Christmas a permanent building at 186 St. George St. was acquired for Hillel. The twelve rooms contained in this spacious building will be used for a chapel, assembly room, music room, library, lecture hall, lounge and ofliceaif 327 f 2 ,J- CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS , ., Vv.. 1k55l2ff if ' Ernest Fedryk, .S'.P..S'.,' Marg Howe, St. Mit1mel'J,' Fred McFadden, Victariaj Dave Quigley, Cammirfionerj Naomi Strauss, U.C,,' Catherine johnson, St. Michael ff Bob McLaughlin, St. Mirlaaelr' Carlotta Bolton, Trinigf. U. T. D. U. HIS year the University of Toronto Debating Union reached maturity. Early in the fall the programme was set up to include inter-university debates and region- al Canadian debates with universities in Ontario and Quebec. The tours to univer- ties in the United States were planned by a committee of three U.T.D.U. members and three members from the Hart House Debates Committee. In this way the U.T.D.U. was able to provide timely and interesting debates with the finest guest' speakers here at Toronto. The year started off with a debate against Osgoode Hall and was followed by debates with Western and the University of Pennsylvania. Between these regional debates the U.T.D.U. held inter-university debates with such interesting guest speakers as joseph Salzberg, M.P.P., who spoke on the recognition of the new Peoples' Government in China. The freedom from debating tours proved its Worth in the more careful considera- tion and arrangement, and the over-all higher calibre of debating in the U.T.D.U. The practice of inviting guest speakers to speak on current events for inter-university debating also proved valuable. With the experience of a year of successful trial and error behind them in large scale co-ed debating, next year's U.T.D.U. should rival our American sisters in the calibre, interest and quality of debatingm ' 328 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS SECOND ROW: Norm Endicott, L.P.P.,'Joe Casse, C.C.F.,' Tom Symons, P.C. FRONT ROW: Reva Steinberg, L.P.P.,' Dave Quigley, Commirfiarzerjjohn Metcalfe, Liberalj Henry Bradley, Liberal. Mock Parliament HE Mock Parliament Committee ofthe U.T.D.U. set out this year to provide an exposition ofthe principles of the different university political parties and their stand on a few vital issues, through the media of the Mock Parliaments. In the past the Parliaments had been concerned with discussions on very minor points of politi- cal difference, which meant little to any but the rabid politician. In order to avoid this, a permanent speaker with absolute authority was appointed, and the topics allowed by the Committee were broader and more indicative of general policy ofa party. Through these means a series of Parliaments resulted that sought out the core of party policies, and yet were lively, well ordered and interesting to even the most uniformed, politically. The apex of the year was reached when the Committee summoned the Parliament in the Legislative Chambers of the Provincial Legislature. Here the wisdom of the policy pursued was evident, for speeches of the highest quality revealed the policies of the four major parties to the two hundred and fifty students assembeld theres? 329 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS Dave Quigley, Cbairzzzmzg Geoff Pearson, Vice-Cbai:'man,' Fred McFadden, U.T.D.U. Reprerezzmtim' Ed. Eberle, Huff Home Reprefefznztive. ABSENT: Bob McLaughlin, U.T.D.U. RepreJer1tafive,' Jack Geller, Hart Home Reprefefzmtive. Joint Committee U. T. D. U. and Hart House Debates HE newborn child of the union of the Hart House Debates Committee and the 'U.T.D.U. proved its worth in its first year of life. Prior to this year, Hart House and the S.A.C. had carried on a separate and sometimes not a coordinated- debating programme. However in the field of debating tours a unified programme was possible and held advantages for Hart House, the S.A.C. and the students ofthe university. Maintaining a close liaison between their control bodies, the two committees formed a sub-committee composed of three members from each group. This joint committee received a grant from Hart House and the S.A.C. which enabled it to send out two teams to the U.S. and also to take part in the Canadian National Debating Tournament. People who had spoken in either a Hart House or U.T.D.U. debate were eligible and the highest calibre debaters were sent on extensive tours to the best debating universities in the United States and represented the U. of T. at the Canadian Tournament. With the year of trial behind this committee it will become the body that sends our debaters to the finest universities in North America to claim our place as foremost in the field of rhetoric. It has a proud place beside those committees which direct our debating in the inter-university, regional and political fields. It is the logical result of the high standards of debating at the University of Toronto and the proud bearer of that skill to our sisters in North Americaayh 330 l. .-an CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SERVICE, U. of T. COMMITTEE SECOND ROW: G. A. H. Pearson, Miss L. R. Duff, Miss C. Hill, N. G. Ross, Miss N. Sootheran, R. H. Sadlier, Miss N. E. Graham, F. T. Kingston, W. K. McDonald,J. E. Eberle. FRONT ROW: Miss S. L. McGrath, G. D. Scroggie, W. G. McDougall, Chairmanj Miss A. Z. Murray Vice-Clmirmunj Miss P. A. Marlow, Miss Jeanne Hunt, B. Tinker. Ajax Flying Club HILE awaiting recognition from the University Caput, the undergraduate Ajax Flying Club is taking advantage of better spring flying weather to bring its training plan into full operation. Formed by R.C.A.F. veterans at the Ajax Division three years ago, the Club has flown over five hundred hours without an injury. Within the past year seven beginners have completed their Private Licences and nine more from all faculties have begun the thirty-hour government-approved course. With the approval of the Air Transport Board, and using the facilities of Lome Airways Limited, Toronto Island Airport, the Club provides one of the lowest priced pilot training courses in Canada, the membership fee being only 52.00 a year. Unusually poor flying weather during the winter restricted flying somewhat but two Sunday morning breakfast flights were held to Hamilton Municipal Airport and the Ontario County Flying Club at Oshawa, in addition to numerous solo cross-country flights. Graduates interested should contact Yves Garneau, Ml 7515 or Al Heisey, HU 0358.03 331 I A 1 4: r v ' 5 Wt' Q. ,. W 1 , X I, vii. 'M ' . It , Y 'Z lf, D13 , A " V .VA. Q , z p 332 ,A . fgi r U HART HOUSE ART House was presented bythe Trustees of the Massey Foundation to the University of Toronto. To the Rt. Hon. Vincent Massey, Chairman of the Massey Foundation, and at present Chancel- lor of the University of Toronto, is due the idea of the House, which was named after his grandfather, Hart Massey. The form it assumed was a result of his close co-operation with the architects, the late Mr. Henry Sproatt and Mr. Ernest Rolph. Begun in 1911, the shell of the building had just been com- pleted on the outbreak of the war of 1914-1918 and it was turned over to the army for the training and housing of troops. In 1919 Hart House was officially opened for the use of male students in the Uni- versity and since that time has assumed its place as the centre of cultural and recreational activity of the University. Although it is for the use of men only, Hart House is, perhaps, as close to the realization of the ideal house for student activities as any on this continent. In-its widest interpretation, it seeks to pro- vide for all the activities of the undergraduates life outside the classroom and laboratory,land to maintain a link for the graduate with the University. Built around a quadrangle, it provides archi- tecturally a splendid example of the collegiate gothic style, and houses under one roof a finely propor- tioned dining-hall, common rooms of every description, a library, a debates room, a music room, a small chapel, together with rooms for the use of the Student Christian Movement, an art gallery, a print room, completely equipped photographic darkrooms and workrooms, squash racquets courts, a well-fitted indoor rifle and revolver range, senior common rooms for both faculty and graduate mem- bers, a few bedrooms for guests, offices for the Comptroller's department, the oflice and private rooms of the Warden, and in the athletic wing an upper and lower gymnasium, separate rooms for boxing, wrestling and fencing, an indoor running track, a large swimming pool, and the offices of the Financial Secretary of the Athletic Association, and the Director of Athletics. Below the quadrangle is the fully- equipped Hart House Theatre, with foyer, green room and dressing rooms: it is under the direction of the Board of Syndics. Every male undergraduate of the University is required to be a member of Hart House towards the upkeep of which he pays an annual fee of twelve dollars. Hart House has no private endowment and is entirely dependent on its membership fees except for a small revenue obtained from sources within the House. , Y While the ultimate responsibility for the administration of Hart House rests with the Warden, Mr. Nicholas Ignatieff, its care and welfare, is to a large extent, entrusted to the students themselves through a number of standing and special committees. All of the committees are composed of a mem- ber of the faculty of the University, one or more graduate members, the Warden or other representative of the administrative staff, and a large majority of undergraduate members who are elected annually by the entire undergraduate membership of Hart House. The activities of all Hart House committees are subject to the sanction and authorization of the Board of Stewardsagqn ' 334 ' E I HART HOUSE HOUSE COMMITTEE IN SESSION MR. M. K. MCLACHLAN, MR. D. GILMOR, MR. D. C. BROOKS, MR. H. P. DANIELS, MR. R. K. WALMSLEY, MR. R. HASSARD MR. G. A. FORD, MR. H. P. DANIELS, MR. E. A. WILKINSON, MR. E. A. WILKINSON, MR. C. A. MCCURDY, MR. G. D. HART MR. R. K. WALMSLEY, MR. R. HASSARD, MR. C. A. MCCURDH'. THE REV. L. K. SI-IOOI-c, THE WARDEN. House Committee S the senior student committee of Hart House the duties of the House Com- mittee are many and varied. Their responsibilities include the Annual House Elections, the Fall and Spring All University Dances, and, in a word, all matters which make for the comfort and convenience of members of Hart House.02h NEW MEMBERS NIGHT THE ANNUAL HOUSE ELECTIONS MR. P. MCCLORY, MR. R. HASSARD, MR. G. D. HART, MR. C.A. MCCURDY, MR. D. C. BROOKS, MR. M. K. MCLACHLAN, MR. E. A. WILKINSON. MR. T. CREBER. 335 HART HOUSE Art Committee HE current season has seen painting from the Atlantic coast to the Rocky Mountains brought to the Art Gallery. The trend of this year's exhibitions has been towards the showing of younger and non-local artists, and to bring to the at- tention of the students as large a cross- section of Canadian painters as possible. Most of the provinces have been repre- sented, and many of their younger artists have received their Hrst local showings at the Hart House Gallery. By continuing the series of bi-weekly reviews of these exhibitions by prominent Canadian artists ART CLASS-CARL SCHAEFER, INSTRUCTOR and Critics, and Very Often by having the r exhibition reviewed by the painters them- selves, the students have been given the opportunity of discussing such contem- porary problems as abstract and non-objective art pose to the general public. The print room, immediately adjoining the Art Gallery, has provided a con- trast to the strictly Canadian paintings found in the permanent collection of Hart House, and the visiting exhibitions, by running a series of prints illustrating the history of paintings in England and France. The Art classes again conducted by Mr. Carl Schaeffer of Toronto, twice weekly in the Art Gallery, have again found a consistent following among the studentsaig- Music Committee HE Music Committee has presented during the past year, eight Sunday Evening Concerts and eight Afternoon Recitals, given by artists of the first rank. The Sunday Evening Concerts were given by: The Royal Conservatory Opera School, the Parlow Piano Quartet, Robert Graham, violinist, the St. Mary Magdalene Singers-Dr. Healey Willan, director, Ernesto Vinci, baritone with Sir Ernest MacMillan at the piano, George Haddad, pianist, Glenn Gould, pianist, and the Hart House Glee Club-Dr. Charles Peaker, director. The programme of the Music Committee which consists of the above two re- cital series, a series of informal recitals given by undergraduate members, bi-weekly Sing-Songs, and the Record Room which has a steadily increasing record library and new long-playing equipment, forms an integral part of the life of Hart Housew- 336 HART HOUSE Debates Committee HE debates committee sponsored six debates during the year. The Rt. Hon. Hector McNeil, P.C., M.P., British Minister of State, was the Honorary Visitor at the first debate in October, and defended the motion: Resolved that this House would welcome the return of a labour government in England. Mr. McNeil treated us to a display of British parliamentary debating at its best and was successful in defending the motion. In November the motion before the House protested "the growing loss of academic freedom." The Rev. R. S. K. Seeley, Provost of Trinity College, was the Hon- orary Visitor. Professor Marcus Long, of HART HOUSE DEBATE' MARCH DTH, 1950 . HONOURABLE VISITOR, Louis ST. LAURENT the Department of Philosophy, attended PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA the third debate in December and upheld the motion: Resolved that bottle fed babies never grow up. Dr. Eugene Forsey, Director of Research of the Canadian Congress of Labour, was present in january to debate that "the power of trade unions has increased, is increasing and ought to be diminished. " Dr. Forsey opposed the motion and was supported by a good majority. At the last regular debate the question before the House was: Resolved that a third world war is inevitable. Major-General Churchill Mann, former vice-chief of the Canadian General Staff, supported the motion, which was defeated. Towards the end of March an extra debate was arranged and for the first time in sixteen years a Prime Minister of the Dominion debated in Hart House. Mr. St. Laurent upheld the resolution: Resolved that there is no effective national alternative to the Liberal party. It was defeated on a close vote, 159 to 153. The Committee created pre- cedents at this debate by using the Great Hall rather than the Debates Room and by declaring it a "special occasion" so that women would be able to hear it. On the whole Hart House debating is maintaining the traditions and ideals which have become associated with it, and it remains the focal point for debate and public discussion on the campusqa Table Tennis Club HE third season of the club proved very successful with an active membership of 64 players. Pre-Christmas play, held on Monday and Wednesday Evenings, was based on interfaculty team competition while post-Christmas play, held on the same evenings, was based on individual ability competition. The Graduate team won the interfaculty competitions and Don Hall I Vic. won the club trophy as the most outstanding competitorm 337 HART HOUSE Camera Club HIS year, the Hart House Camera Club had its most successful year. The membership reached its full capacity of 216 members and most events of the Club were well attended. The first open meeting in the fall was held for a record-breaking group of mem- bers and non-members. The guest speaker was Mr. Nat Turofsky who presented a very interesting as well as humorous talk on his experiences as a press photographer. The programme for the remainder ofthe first term consisted of instructional classes, and developing, printing, enlarging and mounting, as well as a hike out to the Caledon Farm. Movies were held in the Camera Club Room every second week. In the second term, the movies were continued and another open meeting was held. At this meeting the members were shown an exciting movie of the Wilkins Brothers' Travels to Africa as well as a talk on Glamour Photography by Mr. Pasquale D'Angelo. However, the feature event of this term and, indeed, of the year was the annual exhibition. Here the members, novices and advanced photog- raphers, entered and had exhibited the fruits of their labour ofthe year. In all, about 160 prints and 85 colour slides were entered and the judges, consisting of Mr. John Steele, Mr. Eric Aldwinkle, Mr. Hargreave and Dr. Haist, whittled that number down to 46 prints and 20 colour slides. The prize winners were, in the junior class, Mr. D. Sprout for his "Veery", in the senior group, Mr. R. Wolfe for his "Fog on the Campus" and, in the colour section, Mr. W. Blackhall for his colour slide "By the Shore". The standard of the exhibition this year was high and, in the words of the judges, "showed much creative imagination on selection of subject matter, although many prints fell down because of inferior technical qualities' '. With such an extensive programme, the Camera Club of 1949-50 presented to its members a year full of instruction and benefit as Well as one ofcomradeship and works? Squash Club S usual, squash racquets proved extremely popular in the House, the courts generally being booked to capacity each day. Both graduate and undergraduate members of the House participated with dis- tinction in all major tournaments. From the graduate team, Mr. W. S. Noyes won theToronto and District Squash - tournament and Mr. J. L. Leibel won the Hamilton International Tournament. The graduate team won the Ontario Team Championship for the 7th time, the 5th year in succession. Hart House graduates playing as Canadian representatives at the American National Squash Tournament in New York were Mr. M. R. Boake and Mr. L. Leibel, who reached the quarter finals in the singles. , Mr. E. Howard, Undergraduate Team Captain, was a member ofthe Canadian team which lost to Boston in the finals at the American National Squash Tourna- ment and was the only Canadian undefeat- ed in team play. Mr. Howard also won BACK ROW:J. BARBER, R. RIED, M. R. BOAKE, Coaclrj R. GAUNT, the Gnfafig Singles ChaH1Pi0HShip and C. CAMERON, MCMURRICH. - ' FRONT ROW: N. CONYERS, R. HAGUE, Manager,' E. HOWARD, Was runner up tp Mr' Noyes In the capfafn,-J. BIDDELLHI. HERMAN. Toronto and District Tournamentayp 338 I 2. J HART HOUSE Chess Club S usual, the Hart House Chess Club C' enjoyed an active and successful season. At all hours of the day the room contained players engaged in serious, in- formal, and very informal play. Noon- hour was the time of greatest activity, as the outstanding fnot neces- sarily in strength of playb members gave simultaneous exhibitions or kibitzed each other's games. The formal internal events were won by the following: University of Toronto and Undergraduate Championships, S. L. Blum, Pyramid Ladder Competition, R. G. Buck, Rapid Transit Tournament, r R. P. Rodgers, Interfaculty Team Tourna- ment, University College. SIMULTANEOUS CHESS MATCH IN PROGRESS The Qlub entered flve teams in the Toronto Chess League, one in each of the Premier, Major and Intermediate leagues, and two in the Minor League. The teams took third place in the Premier League, first in the Major, second in the Inter- mediate and second and third in the Minorags Library Committee b HIRTY years ago, the founder of Hart House expressed the wish that in the House the members of the University might discover the' 'true education that is to be found in the casual book". It is to aid the student to achieve this education that the Library Committee of the House directs its efforts. In the belief that the Library should be a place set apart from the academic work of the University, the Committee follows the practice of approving for purchase, only books of general interest. In addition, an effort is made to cater to as wide a variety of literary tastes as possible. To this end, only about one-third of the books in the Library are fiction. The re- mainder cover a wide enough range to suit a member of any College or faculty. An investigation into the popularity of the more serious books seems to indicate that in this field at least the selections of the Committee have met with general approval. At the monthly Library Evenings this year, many excellent speakers have dealt with such topics as "Rare Books" and "Cliches in Canadian Writing". Among the speakers were: Professor Keith Feiling, Mr. James Scott, and Mr. John Gray. Following the practice of lastyear, the Committee has held programmes of recordings every Tuesday. Material for these programmes has come from the Library's ever-increasing stock of recordings of poem-readings, dramatic orations, and Shakespearian excerptsagn 339 .l. lu. .l , i 1 1. jr I 2 E 2 Q 5 fl ll i v - -1.4.4. - j .- ,-.-L., :.:.:: '.. ,--.-- ..-- ,. MTF ' . s .- . .e-- ev.. -..-nvnwu. up-as ,- , . 1 '. .as v... :- F-'T ' '-wm+w": A- f--'--1- -f" - Radio Club EW in the Hart House family is the Amateur Radio Club whose three score members pursue the art of radio communication as their hobby. During its first season, the group has presented several visiting speakers, conducted classes to assist newcomers in obtaining their operators' licenses, provided transmission facilities on special occasions and laid plans for expanded activities next year. Members staying in Toronto during the coming summer will work on the instal- lation of the Club's station VE3BPD at Cawthra Square where the Airforce Amateur Radio Service is assisting with quarters and equipment. Skills developed in the art are applied to communicating with unseen friends in all parts of the world and filling special need in times of national emergency and public disasterfg- Archery Club A HE Hart House Archery Club, now in its fifth year, had a very busy and successful season. Shooting took place in the Rifle Range on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and in the C.O.T.C. Drill Hall on the last Friday of each month where the tournaments took place, allowing city clubs to participate. Each fall the committee makes an ef- fort to encourage beginners in the use of club equipment and instruction classes are given by Mr. W. A. E. Frost, Domin- ion and British Empire Championfg- RADIO "HAMs" IN ACTION Glee Club GAIN this year the Glee Club was privileged to be under the direction of Q A Dr. Charles Peaker. This was Dr. Peaker's fifteenth year as conductor, and with a total membership of over one hundred members the Club had a very successful season. The first concert of the year was presented in Convocation Hall at the end of November. The programme included a selection of carols and was enthusiastic- ally received by the music critics. In mid-December a recording of carols was made for the CBC which was broadcast on Christmas Eve on a nation-wide network. The final concert of the year was the Hart House Sunday Evening Concert in the Great Hall at the end of February. A capacity audience demanded several encores and the presentation was considered to be well up to the high standards set by the Club in previous years. Next year the Glee Club Committee hopes to be able to arrange an out of town concert involving an exchange between the Club and a group from another Univer- sity. In addition a social evening is- planned for the beginning of the year to help the members to become acquaintedjga 340 Residences 34 RESIDENCES CODY HOUSE BACK ROW: Barbara Smith, Marilyn Woodley, Ann Sinclair, Jo-Anne Ratz, Joan Kelday, Margaret Foster, Marie-Ann Kokotow, Dolores Adler, Estelle Shore, Jean Oldfield, Katharine Yardley, Lenore King, Muriel Sutherland, Helene McCullough, Sally Hogg. CENTRE ROW: Kay Coulter, Arden Thompson, Nancy Derry, Marg Sheridan, Isobel Mason, Fran Bysche, Isobel Wilson, Joan Cowan, Donna Klie, Shirley Speck, Marg Dodd, Charlotte Finkle, Helen McDon- ald, Jean Davidson, Jane Austen, Zara Gittleson, Thelma Grader. FRONT ROW: Jean Gillan, Jane Ratz, Marion McIntyre, Pancilla McPherson, Violet Koson, Isobel Poolton, Marjorie McLorn, Eleanor Lever, jean Truemner, Olga Kidick, Liz Ross, Miriam Hertz, Phyllis Lugg, Lidia Lagodich, Elaine Rutherford. HUTTON HOUSE I FOURTH ROW: Joan Schedevvitz, Mary Auvinen, Elizabeth Murgatroyd, Lorna Knight, Norma Harrison, Margaret Allen, Helen McPhee, Ann Washington, Marilyn Craig, Sylvia Chernoff, Joan Candee. THIRD ROW: Claire Kelleher, Beverly Williamson, Audrey Morris, Susan McKay, Jean McLean, Barbara Pitts, Rachael McKay, Patricia Delacourt, Patricia Parkinson, Louise Biely, Aida McMillan. SECOND ROW: Julia Leech, Rheta Rwelis, Jeanette Fisher, Shirley Noakes, Victereene Draper, Mary Ellen Roos, Miss McCrimmen, jane Abbott, Georgia Phillips, Marian Malpass, Ann White. FRONT ROW: Norah McQueen, Anna Lee, Ann Prytula, Reta Wald, Shirley Egier, Ruth Herman, ABSENT: Catherine Anne Schade, Carol Hopton. 342 RESIDENCES MULOCK HOUSE FOURTH ROW: Joyce Prentice, Joan MacGregor, Diane Riddell, Constance Brodie, Ann Brown, Dulcie Orme, Ruth Hernsberger, Anita Hicks, Elizabeth May, Barbara Hovsepian, Lorraine Smith, Eliza- beth Sheridan, Shirley Kirby, MargaretJane Loucks, Margaret Campbell, Wilda Scarrow. THIRD ROW: Ruth Knight, Joan Rumball, Margaret Holmes, Nora Jones, Julie Mulveney, Doreen Smith, Mary Halos, Lillian Zolobchuck, Loretta Purser, Jacqueline Olyan, Frances Helper, Marjorie Cramm, June Adams, Anne Metcalfe, Karlyn Hollis, Joan Mollard, Catherine Haddow. SECOND ROW: Mary McDerment, Marjorie Archibald, Alena Cody-Williams, Isabel Ward, Dorothy Henry, Barbara Cornes, Patricia Hanna, Joan Crysdale, Miss Deardon, Joan Dauphinee, Jane Arm- strong, Laura Monsaroff, Eunice Davies, Elizabeth Belt, Yarka Pletichova. FRONT ROW: Nora Neimeier, Audrey Everitt, Audrey Parrett, Betty Jean Freel, Elaine Wood, Mavis Bain, Barbara Dunford, Nancy Danby, Doreen Stephenson, Elaine McNichol, Janet Webster. ' F ALCONER HOUSE FOURTH ROW: Alice Lukacs, Helen O'Brien, Susan Gower, Polli Duff, Lib. McKay, Jean Saunderson, Bernice Peritz, Mary Wright, Marilyn Peever, Dorothy Morrison, Margaret West, Barbara Smithers, Phyllis Huehn. THIRD ROW: Geraldine Barnes, Evelyn Humphries, Lois Sutherland, Ruth Ratz, June Rowat, Allistaire Grant, O. Piper, Betty Hutchison, Daphne Young, Muriel Chinn, Beverley Simmers, Jane Campbell Jean McNiece, Ruth Haines, Eleanor Bailey. SECOND ROW: Jane Baetz, Mary Atkinson, Liz. Stone, Georgia Riddell, Joan Carley, Jane Symon, Rosana Kelly, Head Girly Miss L. Roa, Dong Margaretta Goodearle, Margaret Clarke, Marion Shaw, Mary King, Betty Swartz, Carol Hoffman, Mary McClure. FRONT ROW: Halia Kisilick, Sally MacDonald, Jean McPhail, Pat Riley, Marcia Wagner, Judy Carew, Peggy Peet. 343 ' I I l 1 1 1 I A -q-pa..nzap0-buf .xxx RESIDEN CES I 146 ST. GEORGE FOURTH ROW: Mary Frances Daniel, Anita Wecker, Colleen Kinrlree, Beverley Pringle, Marjorie Lavers Peggy Koughan, Elaine Cohen. - THIRD ROW: Lorna Boyce, Elinor Calnan. SECOND ROW: Joan Langley, Joan Roy, Patricia Orange, Charmian Reading. FRONT ROW: Mary Augustine, Leonore Steiner, Jeanne McGraw. ABSENT: Malca Goldenberg, Helen-Mary McNichol, Susan Semevan, Lillian Scott, Norma Shankman, Katherine Tyrrell. LA MAISON FRANCAISE THIRD ROW: Beth Thompson, Muriel Porter, Eva Lewin, Constance Young, Pearl Breslin, Kathleen Miller, Dulcie Powell, Mary Gray, Inikajanecek. SECOND ROW: Waltrout Konwalina, Vivien Julien, Barbara Parker, Miss J. Gillespie, Dong Isabel Lee, Mary MacNiece. l FRONT ROW: Betty Haworth, Jean Jack, Virginia Shipley, Mary Skeans. 344 3 RESIDENCES ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE HOUSE COMMITTEE SECOND ROW: Mary Schenk, Mary Ann Wheeler. FRONT ROW: Catherine johnson, Eleanor Sherlock, Pat Quinn. LORETTO COLLEGE HOUSE COMMITTEE SECOND ROW: Ann Black, Elaine Kirvin, Clare Forde. FRONT ROW: Grace Ann Twohey, Pamela Latour, Head of,' Joan Brown. 345 RESIDENCES SECOND ROW: Boon, Head af Second Yearj E. Revell, Head of First Yearjj. Hills, Head of Third Year. FRONT ROW: Tyrwhitt, Head of Calfegej Mrs. Kirkwood, Dean of Womenfj. Rous, .S'.A.C. Representative. St. Hilcla's College House Committee S an advisory committee to the St. Hilda's College Meeting, the House Com- . mittee serves as an important link between the staff and the student body. Its task is to discuss the rules and activities of residence life before they are formally presented at the College Meeting. i The Committee is made up of the Principal, Mrs. Kirkwood, the Head of College, the Heads of the three lower years, the second Heads of all the resident years, and the S.A.C. representative. Because St. Hilda's is a college as well as a residence, the College Meeting is an institution in its own right. It provides the opportunity for discussion and resolu- tion of all the problems that arise during the academic year. As well as the routine business of both residents and non-residents, the Meeting keeps St. Hildians in touch with the wider issues of the University as a wholemyp 346 so m E2 CJ m 2 o m VJ i : 1.5 ' Q Se. FOURTH ROW: D. J. Kettle, K. G. Musclow, R. L. Smith, H. R. Hutchings, J. V. Hill, L. M. Keay, M. A. Neuwelt, W. B. Kay, W. G. MacLeod, D. S. Edwards, R. G. Lippert, R. D. Brown, R. E. Baum. THIRD ROW: A. Slama, W. P. Ruttle, S. G. Dyke, V. Stafl, A. Christensen, G. R. Wallace, R. E. Light- foot, S. R. Crawley, R. L. Bradley, G. Turnbull, K. E. Noble, R. Hunter, W. G. Davis M. T. King, R. J. Widdicombe. SECOND ROW: L. Lippert, H. T. Law, B. D. MacDonald, N. J. Jones, W. D. Woodruff, A. B. Ferguson Dong C. T. Bissell, Deanf C. Leprich, PreridentjJ. H. Graham, G. L. Elmer, W. G. Brown. FRONT ROW: W. F. Francis, D. G. S. Newton, H. W. Lubbock, W. Trebble, W. McDowall E. H. Orser,J. T. Yamada,J. Y. Eedy,J. D. O'Flynn. ABSENT: P. Babarik, R. MacLeod, F. E. La Brie, Don. y 9 7 Holwood House OLWOOD HOUSE-that stately mansion on Queen's Park, a land mark ofa bygone era, a home away from home for 50-50 fellows from all over Canada, the U.S.A. and Europe. We entered as 50 different kinds and types, but now we have become fused to-gether and we are Holwood Men. We may graduate from the Uni- versity of Toronto, from University College, but it will be Holwood House that we shall have to leave behind. It is the centre of all our activities, and although not quite the centre of all University activities, yet We may be justly proud of the part Holwood men have played in athletics, in campus clubs, and even in the academic field. Not all of their time has been taken up With campus activities, there was still plenty of time left over for the four official house dances, that afternoon game of ping-pong, that odd game of bridge or Canasta and of course those mid-night bull- sessions. Yes Holwood House has been a grand place to live. May future students have the luck that we have had. May they too have a Holwood to live injga 347 RESI DENCES FOURTH ROW: G. R. B. Hodgson, C. M. T. Hanly, B. Lavis, Bliss, C. D. Minor, D. B. Gillies, W. C. Lawrence, A. F. R. Brown, G. M. Sillers,lD. B. Gill, R. Y. W. Campbell, D. R. Johnston. THIRD ROW: H. Golding, S. Bull, G. W. Schaefer, A. W. Lewis,J. Young, A. A. Lee, R. A. F. Suth- erland, R. W. Pauli, D. R. K. Rose, G. W. Slinger,J. E. Ruch, R. P. Slinger. SECOND ROW: H. A. C. Shaw, Libmrianj R. L. Whaley, Trearurerj M. Mowbray, Vice-Prefidentj C. T. Bissell, Deanj D. D. Evans, Preridenzj' G. G. McCaffrey, Tutorj A. Shaw, H.C.A.P.A.,' T. M. Eberlee, 5iecret:nQ1f,'J. M. Neelin, Head afFl'ef19772el2. FRONT ROW: B. L. Cox, W. Filipiuk, G. D. Thompson. , ABSENT: L. N. Fredl, W. J. A. Power,J. C. Deadman, F. G. Brauer 73 St. George St. g ITH the days of "73i' now definitely numbered Cthis year, next year, some- time . . . D, the House can look back upon the past year with pride and quiet satisfaction in the knowledge that it has carried forward the aspirations, achieve- ments, ideals and customs Crather odd, some of these D with which "73" has become endowed since first opening its doors as a Residence, a generation ago. Entering the year with an unusually large influx of freshmen, occasioned by the graduation last year of all but three veterans, the House has contributed largely and enthusiastically to the achievements of its University and College-possessing, in this connection, far more than its fair share of Hleaders' '. . And so may it be in the future-for this is no obituary. Throughout a quarter of a century the foundations have been laid, and they cannot easily be cast away. Thus, when the new residence has arisen, let the inmates ponder this, and past volumes of Torontonensisg and let them dedicate themselves not, indeed, to the maintenance of their happy and abundant heritage, but rather to its transcendence. Vale-atque Salve lags 348 RESIDENCES 'BURWASH HALL, MEN'S RESIDENCE COUNCIL SECOND ROW: E. Yoshioka, Gezndier Houfej M. Taylor, Dong Prof. S. Wood, Dong Prof. LI. A. Davison, Dong Rev. H. E. Moorhouse, Dong S. W. Anderson, Bowler Hozuej H. Harvey, Nelfef,' W. K. MCGilliS, Ryerfon Hoare. FIRST ROW: A. Lougheed, Caven,' G. H. Maynes, Gate I-Ioufejj. E. Cruise, .Youth House, Chai:-mmzj Rev. W. O. Fennell, Senior Tutorj B. G. Smillie, North Home, .Yecretdry-Treofzzz-ery' N. W. Bell, Middle Hourej F. C. Stokes, Don. ABSENT: B. A. Barton, Donjj. E. Hawkins, Dong Dr. W. B. McClintock, Don. ANNESLEY STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION THIRD ROW: Ernestine Gardiner, Prefident of Azmefleyj Elizabeth MacLennan, Preridezzr of Ookfouvzj Aileen Hewitt, Preridenr of 127 Bloorg Barbara MacLennan, Firm: Year RepreJe1zre1rive,' Isobel McBlain, Third Year RepreJer1teztive,' Carolyn Cox, Prerideut of 147 Bloor: Barbara Taylor, Firff Year Repreferzmtiuej Marie Salter, Prerident of 151 B!oor,' Pat German, Preridenr of Addifofz. SECOND ROW: Ann Carruthers, 5l8Cf9fd7jl,' Catherine Wegenast, Prefidefztg Missjessie MacPherson, Dean of Womengjean Graham, Vere-Prefidentj Tove Jensen, Treasurer. FRONT ROW: Joan Hanley, Second Year Repre:enrezti11e,' Isobel Tanner, Preridenr of Wymilwoodg Ruth Jourdan, President of 85 Chorley Margaret Arbuckle, Fourth Year Reprefezzmtive. 349 RESIDENCES ' ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE, MORE HOUSE BACK ROW: R. Chartrand, N. Beauchesne, W. Sharpe, S. McWilliams, W. Hart, E. Ricci, F. I-Iuard S. Neill, D. Wallace, W. Mitchell, K. McIntyre, R. Brown, T. McRae, D. Laloncle. SECOND ROW: P. Primeau,J. Prescotthl. O'Donahue, G. Garossino, F. Burke-Gaffney, Rev. D. T. Faught C..Y.B.,' D. Quigley, R. Coleman, E. Boyle, Mr. Keon, C..S'.B. FRONT ROW: G. Hendricks, A. Viola, C. Lang, D. Charron, G. McKeown, G. Larrner, P. Duffy A. Cecurri. ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE, HOUSE 97 THIRD ROW: G. Petrini, T. Kovach, S. Wiechorek, B. Burke, W. Farell, E. Sera.Hni,J. Huschilt. SECOND ROW: L. Cossato,j. Boulet, C. Lynch, Y. Bienvenue, VE. O'Rourke, S. Carr, R. Mudge, T. Adams FRONT ROW: T. Horton, M. Burkniak, N. Belak, Mr. J. Gordon, C..S'.B.,' Rev. Cullen, C..S'.B.g Mr. Stokes C..S'.B.,' P. Moonan, R. Kelly, R. McLaughlin. 350 RESIDENCES ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE, HOUSE 2 FOURTH ROW: -I. Vitali, T. Hennessey, D. Murphy, M. Kennedy, B. Wood, J. Dewey, G. johnson, J. Tracy, R. Knollmeyer,J. Roark, J. Beattie,J. Michalski. THIRD ROW: Guinette,J. Burke, T. Edmonstone, F. Kovacs, C. Quinn, P. Joy, M. McMann, R. Francis, R. Keane, T. Flynn, G. Tetzel. SECOND ROW: Ranalli, P. Forestell, E. Curtin, M. McAuliffe, C..S'.B.,' Rev. Kelly C..S'.B.,' G. Poupore, C..Y.B.,' G. Weil, R. Gallivan, M. Sabadaszhj. Rossi. FRONT ROW: R. Barry, L. Cavasin, P. Klem, R. Couceiro, Mahoney, D. McNerney, A. O'Driscoll, J. Leon ABSENT: F. McGrann, A. Albanese. ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE, HOUSE 13 FOURTH ROW: D. Murnane, T. Coyer, R. Hess,j. Regan, G. Eckert, P. Lorch, B. Daly, A. Reichert. THIRD ROW: R. Curry, W. Brown, H. Gardner, P. Tierney, W. Quigley, E. Vojtisek, P. Dooling, G. Washington, W. Cashion. SECOND ROW: E. Hughes, R. King, V. McCarthy, Mr. Young, C..S'.B.,' T. Mauchley, I. McKenna, Rev. O'Toole, C..S'.B.,'j.,McDermott, B. Lynn, E. O'Keefe, Mr. Huycke, C..S'.B.,' G. Walls. FRONT ROW: F. Rossi, V. Rambusch, R. Collichio, E. Donovan, R. Warne, Cummings, R. LeFrois, R. Loftus, R. Sweeney, P. Brison. 351 t 0 RESIDENCES i ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE, HOUSE 10 STANDING: A. D'Ascoli, L. Ruetz, Sorgenfrei, W. Murphy, J. Murphy, B. Mason, P. Lappetito J.Turner, G. Barrett, L. Dewan, M. Mogan, T. Dillon, R. Sullivan, R. Pigott, R. Maclntyre, R. Neill J. Davin. SEATED: A. Nastasiuk, W. O'I-Iara, D. Doyle, Mr. Doser, C.5'.B.,' E. Neville, Father Conway, T. Flynn L. Flaherty, Mr. Bannon, C.5'.B.,'T. Kane, R. Belmont, D. Murphy. ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE, HOUSE 63 STANDING: A. Woodrow, S. Previdsa, P. Goeters, G. Cole, Bateman, L. Martin, M. Kelly E. Bellefeuille, Rev. Dorsey, C.S.B. SEATED: C. Wheeler, T. Harcourt, M. Hefferhl. Murphy. 352 . RESI DENC ES ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE, FISHER HOUSE THIRD ROW: W. Ross, T. Howcroft, F. Walker, D. Mulliganhl. Ryan, P. Brown. SECOND ROW: R. Kelly, A. Schueler, R. Ringwood, M. Pechan, P. Garner, C. Schnorr, R. Bussey, W. Kasper, H. Bilsborough, V. Howcrofr, P. Pidlcowich, G. Kozoriz. FRONT ROW: J. Breunanhl. Howes, D. Robertson, Rev. E. C. Papperr, C.S.B.,' P. Albanese, C. MacDonnell. 'X - . ll K K 1 A Q-vgviifi T ll l l W" ,,' l X I ffl 'A , . .Q -Q W J JS 5 J EFI' X F' 1 gi T in , 1 lfliqg I if ' -' . -12 'P ,Nl . ,, , VAT " A ' 'l ' 'fr 1 .'A, - . la l l L C ' "-'A -it TT:-Tix Anll TM 1:3-wigtgltm ENGINEERS ! I 353 ln l RESIDENCES The Co-op is a completely student managed organiza- tion. Above is pictured Dick Burns Cinternal auditorj, Craig Upfold Ctreasurerl, Frank Mooney Cgeneral managerl, discussing Financial affairs. The Board of Directors, elected by the general mem- bers three times yearly, and consisting of 8 members, meet weekly to execute the business of the co-op. Members are Mac McEwan, Mary Hackney, Edi Campana Csecretaryl, Eugene Ryan, Bill Montgomery Don McKellar, Jocelyn Cunningham, Bill Ives and Jack Dodds. 7 . 4 -fff-- 4 Y .-: F I V-Sz: -. . 15355.15- ,-Z : -I E. . ...wwf MM, -I Q - -, gf 15 A 1-.liar ' - I J V- --H ' '1?'- V ..,. 2151522225:-' .ez ' ' 2 1- 5' .1. .-ttf" "" i ' - :-4EsZ1i::E?:f" eli f , 1 -' ,. ' M i f C A W "M - I E , .9 f ' -fy, A sv. ,, 41 V P . ' , . f . ' -ag" ' ' , - . aa . 1211-0? '-y.v-11.:a,.:1-v. - ,I-I-:,:, .-z u : A- f, ":1.,:'-A :..ff .:A61..2 -is -, . V 1--if ' 1 55264 1 ' gf-2 r' -1' ..:5.:.:::1-1-Wim .- ' 1:9 2. ,. , I --1: ,ic .-1 .i 121' V p a 'viva ' :yay '. gg "' ., if , ' -rea., fa V' . 1 '25ia2e2sftea2'1'-5: - Effie?" gf-if 2-9 f " . hs., .,a,,,, 4.1.-.:.:-1-at-.-.. .V . ,, i . .. , . .,.:.,.1., .,., 4, .-.1,,.,.,5 -I .... . ...W ..4.-.. 1 ,M , . ,t x,iig..,.,.:Q. f Q i Economy is achieved by members doing most of the work. Above is pictured joe Holborn and Barb Hughes washing supper dishes. The Co-op is neutral in race. Esmee Carr CTr1nidad Sigmund Knaul CPolish D.P. student from Germanyb and Ferdy Beenfeldt CNorwayD meet to discuss the fundamental principles ofconsumers' Co ops The Co-op boasts the only co-educational dining room on the campus. Here are re resented members of all facultiesgjohn Shemilt Clkrtsg, Gerry Skelton CHouse- hold ScienceD, Bert Mewha CDentsD, Ann Wilson CO.T.D, Carl Blackmore CS.P.S.D, Marg. Doyle CP.H.E.D, and Roger Hicks CMedsD. President Bill Montgomery conducts monthly general meeting. v 2 . i Campus Life I l 'N 'I 4,1 ,ga W? f 355 'f pa CAMPUS LIFE Vids Corner . . in pictures IT BEGAN WITH WSTUNT NITE . . . . . . AND THEN THE BDE MISS MIDDLE HOUSEQ STUNT NITE 356 BOB QUARTET THE REFEREES: BOB APPLE BATTLE Ii THERE WAS A FLOAT BUT . .. THE "REMAINS" IN THE I'IOME-COMING PARADE AND ATHEN TI-IE MULOCK CUP AGAIN . . . WITH MUSIC THE MULOCK CUP PARADE THE SCARLET AND GOLD LIGHT INFANTRY AND I REGIMENTAL BAND A , . . AND THE DRAMATICS SHOW 5 .3 , I. I i 3 I I DRAMA: ALL MY SONS j I 357 gg CAMPUS LIFE pg ,V ! UI ir If ya 14 iw SV is 'II QI 14 144 ' I ' I . Y I I I 4 I Q ,S E CAMPUS LIFE WHILE ALL THE TIME THEY EAT AT . .. BURWASH SPECIAL THE TUCK SHOP . . . AND OTHERS TROGP TO EATON AUDITORIUM TO SEE . . "WE GIVEYOU THE SCARLET AND GOLD". I I I THE NEW SUBWAY . .BUT EOR RESIDENCE MEN THE YEAR IS OVER WITH . . . 358 HBURP LINEN RESIDENCE FORMAL BANQUET I Dents Social AT-HOME Activities SOPH FROSH 9 CAMPUS LIFE 359 CAMPUS LIFE St. Michael's College Views D. THE COMMON ROOM DECORATED FOR THE AT-HOME. ' v 21. ST. MIKE s UNINHIBITED SIX! 35. ARTS BANQUET. MR. C. P. MCTAGUE, MR. P. CONROY, MR. D. QUIGLEY. 41 TI-IE FLOAT PARADE. SD. THE RECEIVING LINE AT THE AT-HOh'IE. 360 CAMPUS LIFE ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE VIEWS U. THE SHOOTING OF DAN MCGRAW. ZD. THE PHILOSOPHERS CLUB. D. Bon WAENE . . . GOING Up! 41 ..... No MUSIC EITHER! SD. THE CHRISTMAS CARNIVAL . SIDESHOW TO BOOT! 61 . . . . LITTLE WEAK IN DEFENCE. , 361 ARCHITECTS N their second year as a separate faculty, the architects' activities have ranged far and varied greatly. During the summer vaca- tion, students from the University of Toronto School of Architecture were to be found all over the continent-from Vancouver to Boston, from Florida to Mexico. But in mid-September, they all converged on Toronto for another session at Convocation Hall Annex. Second Year immediately departed for downtown Toronto and a practical building course at the Ryerson Institute. Third, Fourth and part of Fifth Years' moved off to the dripping northland for ten days at Sketch Camp, and the rest of Fifth Year left for a field trip to Tennessee. While the Second Year were learning how carpenters and brick- layers work, the others were up at the Dorset Sketch Camp dodging the rain drops. Though the swimming and sun-bathing were not up to par, the Camp proved to be the usual fine introduction to another year of work at school. The proceedings were enlivened this year by a show staged by the staff and students. Mr. Madill, head of the school, and Mrs. Madill drove up to Dorset to see this performance. The three-car motorcade of Fifth Year students led by Jim Murray and Henry Fleiss was meanwhile burrowing its way into the southland. The main purpose was to see the work done by the Tennessee Valley Authority as one of the finest examples of large scale regional planning, but much work of interest was visited along the way. Highlights were Chatham Village, the Berlin and Frank houses in Pittsburgh, the Oak Ridge plant, the Terrace Plaza Hotel in Cincinnati, and Saarinen's and Wright's work in Detroit. They spent three days at Knoxville and drove out to Norris, Watts Bar and Fontana dams: the flags from the highway slalom course in the Smoky Mountains are reminders of Lucky Barnes thrilling driving on the way to Fontana. The more affluent members of the party stayed at the Terrace Plaza Hotel on the way back, and the whole group spent several hours investigatingthis unique structure-a luxurious hotel on top of two departmental stores. This group visited Cranbrook and talked with Mr. Saarinen, then saw Mr. Afleck's house and another Wright house under con- struction. The last day of the trip was spent at the Detroit Art Gallery viewing the exhibition, "For Modern Living". The enthusiasm of those who went on this trip was so great that it is hoped another one of similar scope will be arranged for next year. 1. President Smith presents the Alumni Trophy to Architectural Society President Ian Maclennan. 2. The exhibition of British Columbia architecture arranged by V Year in their draughting room. 3. Buclcminster Fuller being met at Malton as he arrives for his lecture in December. 4. Triumphant parade at half-time in Varsity Stadium by the prize-winning float at Home- coming Weekend. -....?.J A CTIVITIE After hearing about all the things to see in Detroit, the Fourth and Fifth Years later went down for a week-end. Another party spent a week-end at Des Joachims seeing the new power develop- ment under construction there. Still to come is a field trip to Cleveland and Buffalo. The first major extra-curricular activity of the whole school was the Float Parade at Homecoming Week-end. In spite of the ever- present call dates for problems, the entire student body worked hard and produced a float which won the prize. Spectators at the game in the afternoon will probably never forget the screech of the air whistles as the Train of Tomorrow paraded around the Stadium at half-time. 'The First Term Dance at the Top Hat was a huge success with the largest turnout of staff and students to date. At the same time many of the architects were helping to make Skule Nite the big success that it was. The architects' contributions were to set-design and special effects and, ofcourse, the chorus line. The most ambitious financial undertaking of the year was the presentation of Buckminster Fuller's lecture in Convocation Hall. This was a large scale operation, and would not have been successful without the cooperation of the whole school. Another noted speaker will be presented during the Spring Term. This phase of undergraduate activity is of particular importance since it serves the three-fold purpose of giving the students contact with a man of recognized merit in their field, introducing to the lay and profes- sional public of the city a noteworthy man, and giving valuable organizational experience to the undergrads who arrange the lecture. The exhibition of British Columbia architecture arranged by the Fifth Year brought before the students a fine picture of the excellent modern work being done on the west coast of Canada. This and all the other activities of the school in which students participated shows just how much the undergraduate at Toronto can contribute to his own education. Besides the purely instructional merit of this work, it has helped to mould the entire undergraduate body of the school into a well-integrated and lively group. The extent of the architects activities will make STO a significant year in the history of the School of Architecture at Toronto. oxi- 5. V Year students on top of T.V.A. Watts Bar Dam south of Knoxville, Tennessee. 6. IV Year students visit Mr. Affleck's Frank Lloyd Wright designed house in Detroit. 7. Some of V Year at Mr. Frank's house in Pittsburgh. This was designed by Gropius and Breuer. ' 8. IV and V Years at the Des joachims power development. 9. Lunch at Dorset Sketch Camp, CProfessorD Carswell presiding. CAMPUS LIFE mgsgggn 'mat X257 :.y: .-a.faar! I i n Inst .-. , s-. .fp s CAMPUS LIFE Institutional Management Campus Life PAT MILLAR, MR. S. F. CORK, DALTON CASWELL, MARILYN GORD MITCHELL, SECOND YEAR PRESIDENT RECEIVING YORATH, MR. HAPPEY, SCHOLARSHIPS 1949. HOTEL CARLING'S HOSPITALITY SCHOLARSHIP, PRESENTED BY CLIFF ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIPS-MARILYN YORATH, DALTON HALE. CASWELL, PATRICIA MILLAR. 364 CAMPUS LIFE ww GFTORONTO CQUQSE iN W' 0 mf 365 CAMPUS LIFE OUR INTERNATIONAL GROUP LAB ' FACILITIES? OH! FOR THAT NEW SCHOOL Nursing Occupational Therapy Activities 366 HOME COMING WEEK-END O.T.-P.T. AT-HOME CAMPUS LIFE STELLA OUR WONDERFUL CHEERLEADERS ONLY TWO FEET ON THE GROUND!! FOOTBALL!! Y DICK BROWN GOES THROUGH WESTERN 367 CAMPUS LIFE THE BLUE AND WHITE BAND SUPPORTS I.S.S. ALSO A CONTRIBUTION FROM QUEEN'S AND ONE FROM WESTERN, TOO SMOKE SCREEN WAITING FOR QUEEN,S WHAT WE LINED UP FOR 368 I CAMPUS LIFE THE BLUE AND WHITE SOCIETY BRINGS KALLINIIQE AND MENAGERIIE TO THE CAMPUS ' 369 CAMPUS LIFE iw 'NNW : - V If Q- SEE You AT THE 370 l I '1 ' L 3 If-r: Lshlufl i 'adm' CAMPUS LIFE FEATHER FAIR 4 371 CAMPUS LIFE I w 1179. X HOME-COMI G B 1 A A ,fy 2' ' W X W I f-.., K R- . I 9 .pi ,Nl- 372 N 3 ef ' 1 - i 4 !,' , . 3 5 - va 3 km' CAMPUS LIFE EEK E OH YES, SKULE WAS THERE Too HWAKE' ' FOR WESTERN 373 . . ROUND DANCING AT MEDS PANACEA A UNIVERSITY IS A LoT OF THINGS STUDYING IN THE REFERENCE LIBRARY . . AND NOON-TIME SING-SONGS IN HART HOUSE . . . . . LIVING IN RESIDENCE. . AND REHEARSING FOR THE ORCHESTRA . . AND SQUARE DANCING IN THE UPPER GYM. I A A . .RX Dean Tupper, Sol Friendly, and Phil Cockshutr of S.P,S. present the proceeds from the Skule Auction to the Hospital for Sick Children. . . AND, OF COURSE, FOOTBALL . . IT IS HELPING OTHERS LESS FORTUNATIZ THAN YOURSELF . . . INITIATIONS . . . AND ELECTIONS . . Gilles Bergeron and Bob Hetherington, Student Council Presidents from U. of M. and Varsity get together. MEETING WITH . AND LOOKING FOR A JOB WHEN IT'S ALL STUDENTS FROM OTHER OVER- UNIVERSITIES . . . . ., A 5-v -sf .:- ts-m 2' -1 CAMPUS LIFE Interfffaculty Rivalry , . f un ,Vt N fa Q Nd.. - .4 UC. SVVIPED THE SKULE CANNON QCapt1n'ed by Afedy 1d.Yl'j'6f7l'? SO THE ENGINEERS RETALIATED . . . . . . AND TOOK THE U.C. DRAGON . . AND ALSO GOT A BIGGER AND I BETTER CANNON. THE ENGINEERS PRACTISED LONG AND HARD FOR-THE CHARIOT RACE. 376 CAMPUS LIFE s I 43, L- I Y V. . VARSITY STUDENTS: ID. PLAYED PING-PONG AND ZD. TILTED AT EACI-I OTHER IN H ' HART HOUSE. 32. DOVE OEF GOAL-POSTS AT FOOTBALL GAMES. 45. AND SD. WELCOMED DR. AND MRS. MACBURNEY TO H THE FACULTY OF MEDICINE. 'M' ' 61 APPLIED MAKE-UP AND 71 WORKED ON A THESIS FOR I g ARCHITECTURE. ...-.. 1' 3 ,f M eff., rf, Q: ,. l If '56 LU. , X ' .3 377 CAMPUS LIFE VISCOUNT AND LADY ALEXANDER INSPECT THE NEW WALLBERG BUILDING. S fb EQ 47 r Q.. , QI: 5. .V1 PX I , 9-,.A 1 MM 4 ' A 2: '. xr' .1 3 I I .IL ::5,:55:::g:1v:1:1:g.5::::5:5gw5:::::sfa:-, ,zgzgggzc A I , . ' E? :,:T,:.-- . .,.....9-.:.W:f- , , ...,, -. -ig.-wa .,-., I , , 3, -4.13 . 1:5'5'1:E:3:-',::gft:lS-a:.- - I : ,, I ' Zigi...--11.1 I ., . If ,.w.,g :Q-: ,. - -A '-1. , .9.:.:. A.,-E:-:ff --4---f ---- . -'-' 1-. I, sgigiriai' '-::.--:, g:g:g:g1,:3:f::a:,y '-23? -'-- - --"'i--' -'-' I H " A , , fgfg..v.' 1, HI f ., '-,,,.3Qfiwv- I' '11, .':,:-ASQ:-I5252155515 511- .I ' ,, . . f i E??i1'E-,:,.g5i f' f'.,1'fI .,, .... 1. ::: :-.:2.-: :.4.,5E5E2ie,, ,fd ,--D , ' ,S Egg' J , A 5 , A 4.-1 -.Isl 12222-isis ' . 22 -2:21-1' 1:-11: '4 x --I - fiiflfa 525.221 V " ,,1,:,q:,:,:I1,,.,:. .. - ,, 4-wif: T:-...,.1. I , agys wz. L.: A-.a:w1az,2:a-M' " ' -A .,:1-zz:-2:agf- W 7 Ei 21251 , 9 -' : ,,,, , T , A , . PRIME MINISTER T- LAURENT AT , iii l TENDS A DEBATE IN HART HOUSE ' sf ,I '-Irzazfv-'I-:H "iff-. "GP A '. -5:1-' - 1 -1: --fm . -+1-1 AI- -- . ,- -, .f .- I "Ig . , -'12,1a:a:2..:f1-:-----' nif-rg, -a: .Zzf'-H, 424 ,1 . -' , I. 'ff .- 'v .-:f Wm? .1'E'-5251552 I A A , PF 9. 'f f-'f:'WZ,',g 'ffzff 'E:'Q15.5,5,3j:5,5:3:? 515-523g'g1r11.,,,15:51z3. 51:5 , '-1 - ff ANOTHER STONE IS SET IN THE ARCH UNDER 1 ' ' T- ,..1.,,,:,g.,, , . 4, , 1: , Q THE SOLDIERS I - f , -I - 1+ ' ' ' V? E Q jig - 1 - kg 3 ' 5 f5E!iIf 7 . 1. T? 5 1 THE OLD STAND GOES DOWN . I . AND THE NEW ONE GOES UP. 378 CAMPUS LIFE HART HOUSE LINE-UP: AT THE BARBERSHOP AND IN THE TUCKSHOP HART HOUSE PURCHASED A FARM IN THE CALE- DON HILLS FOR AN OUTING CLUB. 5 STELLA-UPSIDE DOWN . . . . . . AND RIGHT WAY UP, WITH BOB CRINGAN AND SOME OF THE BOYS IN THE BAND, PLANNING A NEW MANOEUVRE. 4 - 1 fi 1 5 I - 380 ' L Women'5 Athletics WOMEN S ATHLETICS ..,.. . .-....,,,.,,,,,,,..1,,.,..-+---A-1-' X Xdeji ,,. gi M, BADMINTON Mary Matthews Jane Matthews Pat Montgomery BASKETBALL Denise Crowe Margaret Doyle Betty Fitzgerald Thelma Henderson Karlyn Hollis Rosana Kelly Eleanor Lever Beverley Morrison Ann Oaks HOCKEY Irene Hain Alison Jeffries Mary Macpherson Jane Macklin Diane Rogers Women' s Senior "T" Holders 1950 SKIING Constance Sparrow SWIMMING Jean Cossar Margaret Harrington Phyllis Manning Zaira Murray VOLLEYBALL Dodie Jones TENNIS r Evelyn Aiken Barbara Allmond Beverley Downey Pat Montgomery WOMEN 'S ATHLETIC DI RECTORATE Q Mrs. W. A. Kirkwood, President Dr. Florence Quinlan Dr. Frances Stewart Miss Zerada Slack Alison Jefferies Rosana Kelly Jane Matthews Diane Rogers -- A' .rv Miss A. E. M. Parkes, Secretary Jean Cossar Joan Somerville Dorothy Stillwell CLUB PRESIDENTS Archery -Claire Kelleher Skiing -Conn Sparrow Badminton-Elizabeth Russell Softball -Norma Pinnock Basketball -Catherine Catto Swimming -Zaira Murray Bowling -Elizabeth Ross Tennis -Pat Montgomery Hockey -Donna Haley Volleyball -Thelma Henderson 382 'Q IQ A - I :nfl WOMEN'S ATHLETICS WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: MARY LEWIS, CATHERINE SCHENK, JANE TIMMINS, KARLYN HOLLIS, THELMA HENDERSON, ALMA HATCI-I, CATHERINE CATTO, Nlanager. FIRST ROW: ANN OAKES, DENISE CROWE, ROSANA KELLY, ELEANOR LEVER, Capminj MARGARET DOYLE BEVERLEY MORRISON. ABSENT: MISS MARY BARNETT, Coach. Women's Athletics T was as usual a busy year for all women athletes in the University and particu- larly for those who were responsible for the organization of the various Clubs. All sports enjoyed a most successful season with the exception of skiing, and this must be blamed on the vagaries of the Canadian winter rather than a lack of interest in the Sport. Intramural Basketball enjoyed a most successful year. Twenty-three teams participated and the championship was finally won by St. Michaels for the Hrst time since 1937, under the captaincy of Betty Fitzgerald. The "Bronze Baby" also came home again with the Intercollegiate team. The meet was held in Montreal and every credit is due to the coach, Miss Mary Barnett and to the team which was built up with only two players from last year's team as a nucleus. Softball boasted twelve teams and after a hard schedule, prolonged by rain and hampered by cold, P.H.E. I, Vic. I, Meds. and St. Mike's ended up in the semi- finals. It took three hard fought games ,between Vic. and P.H.E. before the latter emerged victorious in the finals. The annual invitation golf tournament was again arranged by University College and was welcomed by the golfers who have no other opportunity for University competition, The low gross was won by Carol Hopton, U.C. II, Bowling again proved a popular recreational sport, about 175 students participating. 383 WOMEN'S ATHLETICS WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE VOLLEYBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: JOAN LYNN, SYLVIA HOLMES, BEV. LOWRY, EILEENJACKSON, MARALYN JONES. FIRST ROW: DODIE JONES, SHIRLEY BROWN, MURIEL CHINN, Playing Manager,' PAT CONWAY, Captaing EVE AIKEN, TOVEJENSEN. ABSENT: MARY MAHON, MIss ALICE ENTWISTLE, Coach. Volleyball also had an excellent year. Fifteen teams participated in the intra- mural series with I again winning the championship against the dark horse Meds team in the finals. Toronto won an invitation game at McMaster at home but were beaten out in the meet in Hamiltonby the home team. This was the first meet of its kind ever held and it was very successful, with Western and MacDonald College as the other participants. The Intramural Tennis Tournament showed some good material. The four winners, Pat Montgomery, Barbara All- mond, Evelyn Aiken and Beverley Downey represented Toronto in the Intercollegiate Meet at London and were edged out by McGill by only a single point. J WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE TENNIS TEAM J SECOND ROW: PAT MONTGOMERY, Captninf BEVERLBY DOWNEY. FIRST ROW: BARBARA ALLMOND, EVBLYN AIKEN. 384 WOMEN'S ATHLETICS r , , E WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE HOCKEY TEAM SECOND ROW: LAURA FLETCHER, BETTY JANE FRASER, BARBARA WEATHERHEYXD, IRENE HAINE, ELVA RAMPTON, IRMA BULLOCK, JOAN BEATTIE, NANCY CANNON. FIRST ROW: DONNA I-IALEY, DIANE ROGERS, MARY MACPHERSON, HARRY BOYD, Coscbj ALICE JAMIESON, Caprai1z,'JANE MACKLIN, JEAN GILLAN. ABSENT: ALISONJEFFRIES. With a twelve-team group, intramural hockey again had a hard-fought series. The perennial rivals, P.H.E. I and Vic. I, played two scoreless draws before PI-IE. I slipped in: the winning goal in the third game. An All-Varsity team was again chosen from the best in intramural ranks and played home and home games with Queens In both cases Varsity was the victor by an appreciable margin. Archery, under the coaching of Miss Zerada Slack, developed intoa husky two- l year old, and both intramural and inter- collegiate competition increased consider- ably. A team from Macdonald College, Guelph, walked away with the Inter- collegiate meet in their first attempt. In- door shoots were held in McMaster in the spring. WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE ARCHERY TEAM SECOND ROW: PHYLLIS BURKE, BARBARA NEFF. i FIRST ROW: HELEN PRENDERGAST, RUTH CAMPBELL. ABSENT: Miss ZERADA SLACK, Coach. i 385 WOMEN'S ATHLETICS WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE SWIMMING TEAM A SECOND ROW: PEG ROWNTREE, JEAN COSSAR, SHEILA LENNOX, Lo1s COSSAR. FIRST ROW: CHARLOTTE CHISHOLM, PAM PERRIN, MARG. I-IARRLNGTON, ZAIRA MURRAY, PHYLLISMANNING. ABSENT: Miss WINIFRED BAXTER, Coach. The intramural swimming presented an upset when a combined team of Meds, Nursing and Physical Therapy defeated the held, with Jean Cossar of Physio, Winning the individual championship and the Ishbel Robertson Cup. Toronto this year made her best showing for some years in the Intercollegiate meet, taking thirty points A to McGill's second place twenty-one. Margaret Harrington ended her three years of competition in a blaze of glory, Winning no less than four Hrst placesaqg- WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE BADMINTON TEAM SECOND ROW: PAT MONTGOMERY, Captairzg MATLY MATTHEWS. FIRST ROW: JANE MATTHEWS, RUTH NBTHERCOTT. 386 WOMEN'S ATHLETICS SECOND ROW: DONNA KLIE, Baxlzetballj ANN GOSTLING, Badmintozzj MARGARET MCGUINNESS,H0fkQV,' WILMA BOOTY, AfC1J8fj','-IANE ABBOTT, Galfj MICKEY ALLEN, Vafleyballj MARGARET FLEMING, Swimmizzg. FRONT ROW: MARIE SI-IEWCHUK, Temzifj DOROTHY MORRISON, Auirtant Athletir Directarj ROSANA KELLY, Athletic Directory PEGGY KOUGHAN, Bowling,'JEAN MCEACHERN, Skiing. ABSENT: BETTY MAY, Softball. University College Women's Athletic Association PORTS for U.C. women began with softball and golf for the '49-'50 year. A softball team was entered. The golf trophy was won by U.C. at the annual U.C. Invitation Golf Tournament in October. . There were four basketball teams from U.C. Two reached the finals, but St. Mike's took the championship. The U.C. Rose Bowl Tournament was won by the jr.-Sr. A team. Four U.C. women played Intercollegiate basketball. The tennis tournament was quite successful. Two able hockey teams were entered. Two volleyball teams unsuccessfully represented the college in their league. U. C. had one player on the All-Star Volleyball team, and one on the Intercollegiate hockey team. Archery, new in our realm of sports, was a great success. Our swimming has im- proved. The badminton tournament was exciting, more women participating this year. The U.C. Women's Athletic Association thanks the Pan-Hellenic Association for the donation of a silver trophy to be presented annually to the girl making the greatest contribution to U.C. sports during her undergraduate years. The Association also thanks the Pan-Hellenic Alumnae Advisory Committee for the donation of a trophy case to house U.C. Women's athletic trophies. The Athletic Banquet, in March, climaxed U.C. athletics, as the occasion for the presentation of trophies and crests. Our aims were successful this year: to encourage more participation, and to provide enjoymentn-if 387 WOMEN'S ATHLETICS U.C. I HOCKEY TEAM SECOND ROW: Margaret McGuinness, Jean Holmes, Helen MacDonald, JaneArmstrong, Mary McDerment Jean Gillan. FRONT ROW: Wilma Booty, Peggy Koughan, Dorothy Morrison, Betty May, Phoebe Foster. ABSENT: Joan Hume, Coacbj Anne Brown. U.C. I VOLLEYBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: Evelyn Walker, Ann Gibson, Marion Maclntyre, Beverley Simmers, Jean McEachern Helen MacDonald, Manager. FRONT ROW: Joan Laird, Betty Belt, Beverley Morrison, Coach' Muriel Chinn, Margaretta Goodearle Captain. ABSENT: Paula Zumstein, Jean Truemner, Alistair Grant. 388 l S 3 WOMEN'S ATHLETICS U.C. BASEBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: Clare Kelleher, Margaret McGuinness, joan McGregor, Joyce Prentice, Dorothy Morrison. FRONT ROW: Ann Gibson, jean McEachern, Betty May, Mmzagergjean Gillan. ABSENT: Helen St. john, Barb Davidson, Beth Wade, Paul Higgins, Caatbg Ann Brown. U.C. SENIOR-JUNIOR B BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: Paula Zumstein, Pearl Breslin, Pat Parkinson, Eileen Dicker, Caaclf. FRONT ROW: Estelle Shore, Margaret Clarke, Playing Mamzcgerg' Wilma Booty, Helen MacDonald, Joan Burry. ABSENT: Flo Hicks, Betty Hutchison, joan Eddis. 389 WOMEN'S ATHLETICS U.C. SOPH BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: jane Abbott, Ann Gostling, Helen McPhee. FRONT ROW: Pat McDonald, Marilyn Craig. ABSENT: Marg Milner, Nimmgefy' Helen Kinney, Courbg Katherine Tyrrell, Maureen Irwin, Barbara Reclfern. 390 U.C. II HOCKEY TEAM SECOND ROW: Joyce Prentice, Pat Riley, Marilyn Craig. FRONT ROW: Margaret Foster, Ann Sinclair, Jean McPhail, Inika Janecek. ABSENT: Joan Hume, Coach. U.C. F RESI-IIE BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: Ann Gibson, Lorraine Smith, Helene McCullough, Violet Koson. FRONT ROW: Nancy Porter, Mary Lewis, Marilyn Field. ABSENT: Joan Mooney, Joy McKay, Coach: Beth Wade. U.C. SENIOR-JUNIOR A BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: Polli Duff, jane Armstrong, Karlyn Hollis, Persis Hughes. FRONT ROW: Marie Shevvchuk, Mamzgerj Donna Klie, Rosana Kelly, Beverly Morrison, Coarh. ABSENT: Eleanor Lever, Carol Dunn, Marion Beal. U.C. II VOLLEYBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: Helen McPhee, Mickey Allen, Beth Murgatroyd, Estelle Shore. FRONT ROW: Mary Wright, Marie Shewchuk, Manager-,' Laura Monsaroff, Ann Burton, Jane Abbott. ABSENT: Mary Elicia Eakins, June Adams, Ann Metcalfe, Jackie Olyan, Beverly Lowry, Coach. WOMEN'S ATHLETICS U.C. BADMINTON TEAM SECOND ROW: Pat McDonald, Jane Hamilton. FRONT ROW: Virginia Gundy, Ann Gosrling. 391 WOMEN'S ATHLETICS 392 U.C. TENNIS TEAM Margaret Dodd, Virginia Gundy, Marie Shewchulc Mamz,ger,' Muriel Chinn. ABSENTZ Lib. McKay. U.C. SWIMMING TEAM SECOND ROW: Helen MacDonald, Margate Fleming, Daphne Young. FRONT ROW: Zaira Murray, Nancy Porter. U.C. ARCHERY TEAM SECOND ROW: Marjorie Lavers, Daphne Young, jane Baetz. FRONT ROW: Wilma Booty, Claire Kelleher. l A WOMEN'S ATHLETICS SECOND ROW: Ann Oaks, Ski Reprerentiztioej Ann Blain, Hockey Cziriztor,'Joan Gore, Firrt Year Repre,rer1tizrioe,' Jacqui Pember, Basketball Czirotorj Collette Ferguson, Tennir Curororg Barb. Weatherhead, Second Year Reprerentativej Joan Dales, Swimming Curator. FRONT ROW: Alison Jeffries, Fourth Year Reprerentativej Inna Chuhaldin, .S'eoretory,' Di Rogers, Directrefrg Bev. Shoemaker, Treofurerf Tove Jensen, Third Year Reprerenmrioe. Victoria College Women's Athletic Union OR the first time in many years no intramural championships were won by Victoria College. But despite this fact, 1949-50 was one of the most successful years experienced by the V.C.W.A.U. In a year when student apathy seemed to dog the path of student societies, the group of those members of the athletic society which actually participated was appreciably enlarged. V Vic in every sport provided the keenest of opposition for the victors. In tennis she was a strong contender for the interfaculty trophy, as the selection of two Vic players for the Intercollegiate team testifies. This year again saw us defeated in the finals of the softball series by P. H. E. In basketball our six teams were much improved. In hockey, as in softball, P.H.E. edged out our team in a closely con- tested finals which was forced to go to three games, instead of the scheduled two. In badminton, volleyball, swimming, and bowling the Vic teams also exhibited the ability, fight and spirit which we hope characterize our teams. Individual athletes brought fame to the College by their inclusion in Intercol- legiate teams. We were represented on every intercollegiate team by girls whom we were proud to link with the name of Victoria. This year marked an innovation which we hope shall be continued. This was a Women's Athletic Banquet. This affair which was attended by over one hundred and twenty girls was high-lighted by an inspiring address by Miss Rao, and by the presentation of over sixty athletic letters. When all is said and done, 1949-50 was a highly successful year for women's athletics, and the executive, under the driving and capable leadership of Diane Rogers, may be assured that their hard work bore very satisfying fruity- 393 WOMEN'S ATHLETICS VICTORIA COLLEGE SENIOR A -P BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: Bev. Shoemaker, Jessie Nugent, Shirley Tabb Tove Jensen. FRONT ROW: Marg. Morgan, Denise Crowe, Ann Oaks, Ev. Aiken. ABSENT: Alison Jeffries, Elizabeth McLean. VICTORIA COLLEGE SOPH A AND B 4? BASKETBALL TEAMS BACK ROW: Joyce Bingleman, Betty Johnson, Libby Lee, Jean McDougall, Betty Caldwell, Eileen Murton, Ruth Nicholson. FRONT ROW: Peggy McCallum, Barb Clarke, Betty Aston, Dot Aiken, Inga Hanson, Lois White. ABSENT: Mary Shackleton. 394 4.- VICTORIA COLLEGE I HOCKEY TEAM SECOND ROW: Sally Stewart, Barb. Weatherheacl, Shirley Cox, Mamzgerj Bob Ralph, Canola: Jacqui Pember, Pat Ewing. FRONT ROW: Dorothy Parkinson, Betty Aston, Ann Mutchmor, Phoebe Templeton, Marnie Gulston, Marg. Arbuckle, Di Rogers. ABSENT: Alison Jeffries, Jean Martin. 4- VICTORIA COLLEGE II HOCKEX TEAM SECOND ROW: Peggy Quiggin, Marge Mills, Bill Finley, Coating Bev. Shoemaker, Mafzagerj Jack Lowrie, Coach' Lois White, Joan Gore. FRONT ROW: Ann Blain, Dot Ross, Joan Wickware, Cathy Card, Audrey Renwicke, Carol Secord, Almarie Feagen. Y i 4- VICTORIA COLLEGE A VOLLEYBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: Jean Martin, Tove Jensen, Joyce Bingleman, Joan Lynn, Ruth Nicholson, Gwyn Grifhths. FRONT ROW: Shirley Brown, Marnie McMullen, Felice Reeds, Jackie Donnelly, Peggy Locke, Bev. Downey. WOMEN'S ATHLETICS VICTORIA COLLEGE SWIMMING TEAM SECOND ROW: Shirley Gill, Pam Perrin, Doreen Duff, Peggy Quiggin. FRONT ROW: Inna Chuhaldin, Marion Mulloy, Joan Dales, Libby Lee. ABSENT: Sheila Lennox. -P VICTORIA COLLEGE B BASEBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: Dot Ross, Dora Henderson, Audrey Renwicke, Vera Jelinek, Ann Blain. FRONT ROW: Sylvia Magee, Shirley Brown, Shirley Cox, Mamzgerj Marian Andrew, Jackie Donnelly. -i VICTORIA COLLEGE TENNIS TEAIVI Ev. Aiken, Bev. Downey, Collette Ferguson, Eleanor Blake Joan Hanley. 4. 8 I VICTORIA COLLEGE A BASEBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: Alison Jeffries, Di Rogers, Shirley Cox Mfzmzcgerj Barb. Weatherhead. FRONT ROW: Joyce Bingleman, Dorothy Parkinson, Aiken, Joan Gore. ABSENT: Denise Crowe, Doreen Webster, Ann Carnwath. 4- E VICTORIA COLLEGE SENIOR B BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: Phoebe Templeton, Shirley Tyte, Jacqui Pember. FRONT ROW: Marnie Rose, Peggy Locke, Jean Martin, Ann Blain. ABSENT: Pat Hames, Mary McCosh, Barb. Sagar. -9 395 WOMEN'S ATHLETICS SECOND ROW: M. Giles, Curatorg M. Kirkpatrick, Firft Year Reprexentativej E. Lowden,'.S'errera1yg D. Haley, Head of Hockey. FRONT ROW: Matthews, Vice-Prexidentj H. Johnstone, Preridentj P. Smith, Trearurer. ABSENT: D. Jacobs, Head of .Ywimmingg N. Sootheran, Head of Barketball. St. Hilda's College Athletic Society HE athletics at St. Hilda's this year were characterized by a great deal of enthusiasm and participation. In spite of the loss of such good players as Pat Cockburn and Jane Matthews, St. Hilda's made a fairly good showing in the University Tennis Tournament, with Marilyn Jones, Barb Allmond, Joy Clegg and Joyce Atkinson making up our tennis team. Barb Allmond made the Intercollegiate team and with her partner, Ev Aiken, won the University Doubles championship at London. P Baseball was enthusiastically, if not very successfully supported with three teams entered into competition with the other faculties. The first team deserves special recognition for their victory over the Trinity staff, thus copping the chocolate cake offered as a prize, our only baseball trophy of the season. Both badminton and hockey were Well supported as was volleyball. The basket- ball teams this year won no prizes but they showed promise. . Two of our St. Hildian's, Phyl Manning and Charlotte Chisholm, made the intercollegiate swimming team, and the Splash Party held for the rest of St. I-Iilda's was a great success. Due to lack of snow, our skiing representative, Liz Ketchum, merely looked glum. She had had high hopes for a St. Hilda's skiing team. Q This year has been a success only through the efforts and cooperation of the executive, the numerous coaches, and managers. Because of them, our sports outlook for next year is a very bright one.oYi 396 ST. HILDA'S COLLEGE JUNIOR-SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: D. Jones, M. Matthews, P. Whealey, R. Linnell, P. Smith. FRONT ROW: Atkinson, M. Jones, Md71dg8f,' J. Matthews, M. Fairgrieve. ABSENT: Gilchrist, N. Sootheran, Captain. ST. HILDA'S COLLEGE SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: J. Marriner, H. Wilson, B. Southgate, M. Chisholm, Rogers, Captain. FRONT ROW: T. Ketcheson, E. Sproatt, Stirling, J. Farquharson. ABSENT: S. Dalton, S. MacConne1l. WOMEN'S ATHLETICS ST. HILDA'S COLLEGE FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: D. Paisley, B. Brazell, E. Arnoldi N. Allen, S. East, A. Blackwell, M. L. Edmonds. FRONT ROW: J. Loosely, S. Ballard Capzaiug B. Watts M. Kirkpatrick, E. V. Richardson. 397 1 WOMEN'S ATHLETICS ST. HILDA'S COLLEGE SWIMMING TEAM SECOND ROW: L. Willard, N. Boyd, D. Paisley. FRONT ROW: P. Manning, N. Sootheran, M. Chisholm. ABSENT: C. Chisholm, D.jacobs, Captain. 398 ST. HILDA'S iCOLLEGE HOCKEY TEAM SECOND ROW: Marriner, E. Ketchum, H. Wilson, M. Martin, J. Rogers. FRONT ROW: P. Smith, L. Fletcher, D. Haley, LI. Stirling. ABSENT: C. Hore, M. Fairgrieve, T. Ketcheson. ST. HILDA'S COLLEGE BASEBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: M. Stillwell, V. Trovv, E. Southgate, J. Beattie, Stirling. FRONT ROW: T. Ketcheson, H. Johnstone, D. Haley, C. Bolton. .K PHYSICAL THERAPY A BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: Barbara Beforcl, Jean Arscott, Lil Rumisek, Lois Cossar. FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Russell, Betty Coo, Phyllis Wilks, Shirley Norwich. PHYSICAL THERAPY B BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: Norma Snodden, Elizabeth Little, Norma K. Hopkins, Rusty Hart. FRONT ROW: Goldie Lewis, June Davis, Barbara Phare. WOMEN'S ATHLETICS PHYSICAL THERAPY HOCKEY TEAM SECOND ROW: Phyllis Wilks, Shirley Norwich, Elizabeth Batanoff, Gwen Gerrard, Goldie Lewis, Lois Cossar, Betty Coo. FRONT ROW: jean Arscott, Elizabeth Little, Barbara Phare, Mary O'Reil1y, Jeanne Cossar. 399 WOMEN'S ATHLETICS ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE A BASKETBALL TEAM, INTERFACULTY CHAMPS THIRD ROW: Pam Latour, Nancy Primeau, jane Timmins, Ruth Day, Kay Schenck. SECOND ROW: Carol Kelly, Mazzagezy' Betty Fitzgerald, Cfzpmizzj Dorothy Koran. FRONT ROW: Ann Morrow, Ludmilla Traczyk. ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE HOCKEY TEAM SECOND ROW: Pat Lauber, Helen Cannon, Jane Timmins, Joanne Smith, Nancy Primeau, Betty jane Fraser, Fran O'Brien. FRONT ROW: Mary Schenck, Sheila Hogan, Mmmtgerg Teresa Bauer, Joan Garvey, Mary Dunn. ABSENT: Agatha Leonard, Elizabeth Boyle. 400 ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE VOLLEYBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: Kay Schenck, Jane Timmins, Dorothy Kaszas, Lois Vallely. FRONT ROW: Mary Agnes Haffa, Joanne Osborne, Stella Tonoff, Phyllis Burke. ABSENT: Angela Milady, Betty Claire Holland. ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE TENNIS, GOLF AND BADMINTON TEAMS SECOND ROW: Fran O'Brien, Betty Jane Fraser, Helen Cannon, Jane Timmins, Mary Agnes Garvey, Mary Schenck, Phyllis Burke. FRONT ROW: Joan Brown, Sheila Hogan, Joan Garvey, Mary Agnes Haffa, Pam Latour. ST. MICI-IAEL'S COLLEGE SOFTBALL TEAM FOURTH ROW: Joan Lambier, Kay Schenclc, Jane Timmins, Nancy Primeau, Joanne Smith. THIRD ROW: Elise Gendron, Teresa Bauer. SECOND ROW: Mary Schenck, Mfznagerf Betty Jane Fraser, Carol Kelly. FRONT ROW: Sheila Hogan, Ruth Allor. WOMEN'S ATHLETICS ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE B BASKETBALL TEAM THIRD ROW: Betty Jane Fraser, Mary Mahon, Betty Claire Holland, Angela Milady. SECOND ROW: Elaine Kervin, Fran O'Brier1, Capmifzj Miriam Kelly, Manager. FRONT ROW: Sheila Hogan, Joanne Smith. 401 Ia, x WOMEN'S ATHLETICS SECOND ROW: Bev. Morrison, Marg Horning, Mana,ger,'Thelma Henderson, Pat Conway, Alice Jamieson, Jane Macklin, Anne Spence. FRONT ROW: Mary Margaret Leeson, Marg Doyle, Mary MacPherson, Hellen Channen, Kay Catto, Edith Schacter. ABSENT: Gwen Smith, Coach. ' P.H.E. I SOFTBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: Alma Hatch, Irma Bullock, Marie Briard, Jane Macklin, Marnie Leeson, Alice Jamieson. FRONT ROW: Peggy Dippell, Merry Cochrane, Marg. Doyle Joan Somerville, Donalda Paff, Manager. THIRD ROW: Elva Rompton, Roslyn Stone, Jean Wylie, June Plant, Barbara McNabb, Jane Macklin, Kay Lang, Lenore Elliot. SECOND ROW: Mary Tuckwell, Irma Bullock, Ann Spence, Marnie Leeson, Alice Jamieson, Peggy Rowntree. FRONT ROW: Joan Somerville, Mary MacPherson, Phyllis Richardson, Jane Thompson, Alva Coles. ABSENT: Dorothy Lilly, Ma1za,ger,' Nancy Cannon, Anne Sharpe, Anne Harland, Joyce Kornacher, Mabel Noel, Manager. 402 P.H.E. I VOLLEYBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: Nina Lancaster, Aileen McCrae, Joan Creary Pat Conway, Jane Macklin, Manager. FRONT ROW: Kay Catto, Bunny MacPherson, Marg Hudson Marie Briard., ABSENT: Giva Corcoran, Marg. Addison. WOMEN'S ATHLETICS P.H.E. FIRST YEAR BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: Alma Hatch, Marg. Doyle, Coaclxjoan Rogers, Anne Brooks, Alva Coles, Lenore Elliott, Mary Smith, Manager. FRONT ROW: Mary Belle Segsworth, Lorraine Jones, Yvonne Grieves, Merry Cochrane, Thelma Greenstein, Peggy Dippell, james Thompson. P.H.E. SECOND AND THIRD VOLLEYBALL TEAMS THIRD ROW: Ann Brooks, Jean Thompson, Joan Rogers, Hilary Slater, Mary Smith, Ruth Brown, Marie Briard, Edith Schacter. SECOND ROW: Stella McCord, Eileen jackson, Irma Bullock, Bev. Lowry, Eleanor Rogers, Marg. Horning, Helen Tsandilis. FRONT ROW: Lorraine jones, Peggy Dippell, Sylvia Holmes, Roslyn Stone, Marg Harrington, Playing Coach: Donalda Paff, Mmzagerg Joy Van Camp. ABSENT: Jane Dillon, Doreen Jones, Eileen Dicker, Lenore Elliott, Mazmgef-,' Barbara McNabb, Lois Kelly, Dorothy Lilly. ABSENT: Deurdie Barclay. P.H.E. TENNIS AND SWIMMING TEAMS SECOND ROW: Mary Tuckwell, Eva Peace, Mamzgerg Janet Taylor, Marnie Leeson, Bunny MacPherson, Tennif. FRONT ROW: Kay Catto, Norma Pinnock, Marg. Harrington, Peggy Rowntree, Alma Hatch, Tennir. ABSENT: Joan Froom, Virginia James, Tennir. P.H.E. SECOND YEAR BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: Bunny MacPherson, Coatbg Hilary Slater, Helen Kinney, Kay Lang, Marg. Hudson, Coach. FRONT ROW:Jean Wylie, Mar1ager,' Marie Briard, June Davidson. ABSENT: Nancy Cannon, joan Froom, Stephana Lozoway, Anne Harland, Pat Montgomery. 403 ll 1' WOMEN'S ATHLETICS OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY VOLLEYBALL TEAM THIRD ROW: A. Given, B. Riddell, B. Hall,J. Miles. SECOND ROW: B. Bromley, S. A. Dyamond, S. Marshbanks, A. Boyes,J. Sheppard. FRONT ROW: C. Mulholland, A. Everest, B. B0dley,J. Curtiss, P. Shea. 404 OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: A. Zimmerman, J. Cumming, P. Shea, B. Riddell, B. Armstrong, M. Spicer. FRONT ROW: R. Eades, G. Wylie, B. Botley, M. Leitch. z.,, 0"9 '32 INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT VOLLEYBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: Mary Mason, Carol Underhill, Bernice Flanagan, Ann Van Buskirk, Betty Stawsbury, Barbara Cross. FRONT ROW: Irene Frank, Charlene Smart, Jane Smith, Lois Langley, Mary Skilling, Manager. 5 WOMEN'S ATHLETICS is . . tix ,, 2 ' 2 1. S I, 'Q sf V.- -.a l X -1... ,f V , 2:31 :e -15: 212: 5 4 V0 1 A ,,1..::s1 Q7-fav 9 v , E I We aail SCHOOL OF NURSING BASKETBALL TEAM THIRD ROW: Alice Jamieson, Marie Pinkerton, Helen Lindley, Donna MacDonald, Jan Taylor. SECOND ROW: Donna. Parr, Barbara Maxwell, Lynn Price, Veronica Shantz, Sheila West. FRONT ROW: Helen Blott, Ann Miller, Ann Cowan. 405 WOMEN'S ATHLETICS Q 406 3 Men's Athletics 47 University of Toronto Athletic Directorate DR. S. E. SMITH Honorary Prefidenr PROFESSOR T. R. LOUDON Precident DR. W, E, BROWN DR. W. A. DAFOE C. MAYNARD W. A. STEVENS Director of Athletic: DE. C. D. GOSSAGE P. LOOSEMORE A. W. ANDERSON C- CRANG Director of Health Service Financial .Yecretarjy H. R. PICKFORD J. M. GRAY J. R. EVANS A. R. C. JONES X. A. C. Reprefentative 408 MEN'S ATHLETICS Intercollegiate Championships FOOTBALL Senior- - Intermediate - SOCCER Senior- - Intermediate - TENNIS Senior- - - Intermediate - GOLF Senior- - Individual - Intermediate - TRACK Senior- - Intermediate - HARRIER A Senior- - - Intermediate - ENGLISH RUGBY WATER POLO - HOCKEY Senior- - Intermediate - BASKETBALL Senior- - - Intermediate - CWestern Divisionl BOXING Senior- - - Intermediate - WRESTLING Senior- - Intermediate - FENCING Senior- - Individual - Intermediate - SWIMMING Senior- - 100 Yds. Free - 100 Yds. Back - Intermediate - GYMNASTICS Team - - Individual - SKIING - 1949-1950 Yates Cup - Shaw Cup - Blackwood Trophy - C.L.T.A. Cup - Ruttan Cup - McCall Cup 4 4 4 4 4 Tait Mackenzie Trophy - Guthrie Cup Little Cup - 4 4 4 4 4 4 Herschorn Cup - Queens Cup Shaw Cup - Wilson Cup - Baker Cup - Gibson Cup - Charles Walters Trophy - Charles Walters Trophy - 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Dougall Trophy- - Neill Buckley Trophy W. Sprenger Trophy - - Caron Trophy - Werry Trophy - 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 University of Western Ontario Ontario Agricultural College SL Univ. of Western Ontario-tied University of Toronto University of Toronto University of Montreal University of Toronto McGill University W. Morland, Queens McMaster University University of Toronto University of Toronto University of Toronto University of Toronto University of Toronto University of Toronto University of Montreal University of Toronto University of Western Ontario McMaster University - University of Toronto - University of Toronto University of Toronto University of Toronto University of Toronto B. Cordoza, McGill Ontario Agricultural College McGill University F. D. Gibson, Toronto P. Mingie, McGill University of Western McGill University J. G. Gibson, Toronto McGill University Ontario 409 MEN'S ATHLETICS Intercollegiate Football t N one of the tightest intercollegiate football races in history, the Varsity Blues showed a complete reversal of form from the previous title-winning season. The Blues managed only two victories over the six game schedule, and dropped to last place in the four-team group. Coach Bob Masterson had only a few members of his championship team on which to build the 1949 edition, and with Western, McGill and Queen's consider- ably stronger, the Blues found the going really tough. Varsity divided two games with Western and Queen's but lost both McGill games. Despite a relatively poor season, three Bluemen were named to the intercollegiate all-star team. Middle Fraser Mustard and halfbacks Dick Brown and Bill Danylchuk were picked for the first team and end jack Gray and halfback Bruce Cummings named to the second team. The Varsity intermediate football team fared little better than the seniors, finishing third in the four team league. The intermediates were handicapped by the periodic loss of material to the senior team as Bob Masterson searched for a winning combination. Qver the season, six intermediate stars were picked up by the Blues.qY4- FALL TRAINING CAMP Johnny Copp Memorial Trophy A RASER Mustard, giant middle, wa named winner of the Johnny Copp Memorial Trophy. The trophy is pre- sented annually to the member of the senior football team judged by his fellow players to be the most valuable member of the team, combining the utmost in sportsmanship and athletic ability. Mustard played his third season with Varsity, was selected on the intercol- legiate all-star team, and was an untiring performerfys FRASER "MoosE" Mus'rAnn 410 MEN'S ATHLETICS UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE FOOTBALL TEAM FIFTH ROW: W. R. SCOTT,J. F. MUSTARD,J. R. EVANS, P. M. BENNETT, A. BROWN. FOURTH ROW: R. G. MCFADDEN, E. B. FISHER, R. S. MACLENNAN. THIRD ROW: A. BELL, N. W. WEST, M. HADLOW, A. CEcUTTI,J. P. ERRINGTON, W.I. BREWER,J. M. GRAY. SECOND ROW: R. MITCHELL, Affimznt Cmcbg A. STEVENSON, ,I.R. KENNEDY, W.N. LLOYD,J.W. ROBERTS, I.M. CLARK, R. D. LONGMORE, M. CHOROSTBCKI, H. RINGHAM, Tnzinerjj. R. LIFE, Manager. FRONT ROW: W. A. STEVENS, Dirertor of Atbleticfj R. A. BROWN, A. H. ZIMMERMAN, W. DANYLCHUK, KELLY, A. R. C.JONES, Captainj N. G. PURDUE, W. G. LONDON, E. M. SINCLAIR, B. F. CUMMINGS. ABSENT: R. P. MASTERSON, Coach' A. S. LAWSON, H. A. FORGE. UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE INTERCOLLEGIATE FOOTBALL TEAM THIRD ROW: K. MURRAY, G. W. SUTHERLAND, D. G. P. SHAY, B. A. HOWARD, H. A. HYDE, R. WHITEHEAD, J. HANSON, T. G. GAWINSKI, R. V. HOWSON. ' CENTRE ROW: MCLEAN, Tminer,'J. C. GREEN, F. KIECZOR, P. H..R. ALLEY, A. HAIG, R. BAZOS, R. LEEMING, E. G. HANSON, M. HAMES, R. GARSIDE, Auifrmzt Coach. FRONT ROW: W. EMON, Manager,' MCCAGHERTY, W. E. NOONAN,J. T. HOUSLEY, W. BULLEYCHUK, A. F. BELL, Capmin,'J. B. BIRKENSHAW, R. C. DOWSETT, W. DAVIS, H. RUSSELL, W. D. BARK, Coach. ABSENT: ROE, T. W. LAWSON, B. A. BROWN, A. G. BROWN, A.r.ri.rmnt Coach. 411 MEN'S ATHLETICS Intercollegiate Hockey N his first season as senior hockey coach, Wally Halder fashioned a senior hockey team which gave Varsity fans plenty of exciting moments. An inspired crew of battling rookies gave the title-holding University of Mont- real plenty of trouble before bowing out to the experienced Carabins in the final game of the season. Veteran captain Cec Turcott led the Blues to nine wins against three defeats in intercollegiate competition. The Blues were the only team to .manage a victory over the high-flying Montrealers, and vvon all eight games against McGill and Queens The Blues split tvvo exhibition games against the University of Michigan, winning 4-2 and losing 2-1. For the fourth consecutive season, the Varsity intermediates rolled to victory in the intercollegiate intermediate hockey league. The team finished with a 10-3 record. Varsity's entry in the O.H.A. Junior B group finished out of the playoffs this year, after losing six stalvvarts to the senior Blues early in the season. Coach Bill Wade had the juniors battling hard all season, but they were nosed out of a playoff berth late in the seasonfix- 412 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR HOCKEY TEAM THIRD ROW: H. RINGHAM, Trai1ze1','R. V. HOWSON J. H. ADDISON, R. BAZOS, W. D. CAMPBELL J. W. MACDOUOALL, P. L. ARROWSMITH W. E. PRINCE, Marzager. SECOND ROW: G. CARL, C. KANE, N. D. Fox T. C. TURCOTT, Captaiuj W. R. MOORE F. A. BELL, W. R. WALTERS, D. M. ORR. FRONT ROW: C. P. VERNON, W. H. DIGEY E. C. FREY,J. O. HAYES. ABSENT: W. E. HALDER, Caarb. UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE HOCKEY TEAM 1949-50 CHAMPIONS SECOND ROW: R. ROBERTSON, R. E. SELTZER P. P. GAWINSKI, T. C. GAWINSKI, H. A. HYDE J. A. F1NGLAND, A. WOLF, R. M. HALL Mana,ger,'J. R. LIFE, Coach. FRONT ROW: M. LICKLEY, N. RAFTIS J. P. MCLOUGHLIN, W. PATTERsoN,J. G. CARL E.J.R.GAUT1-HER, W.C. LONDON, A.R. CONBOY W. P. G. ALLEN. UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO JUNIOR "B' HOCKEY TEAM SECOND ROW: W. R. WADE, Coacbj D. PRENDER- GAST, P. B. PRENDERGAST, E. MACHIN W.C. MOORE, M.F. KOUGHAN, A.J.P. HOLMES C. SMITH, Trainerj D. HYDE, Manager. FRONT ROW: H. MILNE, F. B. LADLY C. A. SINCLAIR, D. S. KENT, P. NICHOLS E.C.P. BROWN, R.D. FULLERTON, T.A. WARD- ROP, W. H. YEO, B. W. TAYLOR. MEN'S ATHLETICS Intercollegiate Basketball ARSlTY'S senior basketball team gave Toronto fans little to cheer about this season, as the Bluemen finished last in the intercollegiate league, Winning one While losing five. Varsity also had a winless record in 15 exhibition games, mostly with United States colleges. Coach Bob Masterson had little veteran strength on which to build his senior hoop squad. The lone bright spot in the lineup was veteran Johnny McManus, who paced the Blues' scoringipovver all year and was selected on the senior inter- collegiate all-star team. Coach Masterson looks to next season to provide Varsity with a front-running basketball team. Several of the green kids of this season are expected to blossom into stars next year. Using a rugged man-to-man defence, coupled with a set offence, Varsity's inter- mediate team enjoyed a relatively successful season, although finishing third in intercollegiate competition. Season record, including exhibition games, was 21 Wins against seven defeats. Varsity's junior team captured the Toronto and District junior championship to give Toronto its only basketball Winner. The freshman team finished with a 27 Won, three lost, recordfyn 414 9 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM R. P. MASTERSON, Coarlaj W. BABCOCK, Mazzagezg E. D. WIGLE,J. A. BELL,J. M. GRAY,J. BRAITHWAITB, J. S. MCMANUS, W. D. HUYCKE, G. N. GIBBS, W. HENDERSON, E. H. LUCK, D. C. CARRUTHERS. UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: M. FURLONG, Managerj A. BROWN, D. G. BARBER, N. MACKBNZIE, B. G. LOWES, Caacb. FRONT ROW: A. P. COLE, K. G. BROWN, F. T. DENTON, A. STBVENSON. UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM T 85 D CHAMPIONS SECOND ROW: B. G. LowEs, Canby D. BERNSTEIN, A. A. BINNINGTON, D. I. R. DALGLEISH A. STRAUss, A. IWANICKI. FRONT ROW: W. M. WILSON, G. L. ELMER ' W. G. GLOVER, H. COOPERSMITH, A. DANCY. ' ABSENT: C. MCDONALD. 7 7 MEN'S ATHLETICS 415 I 3 MEN'S ATHLETICS Intercollegiate Track ARSITY made a clean sweep of intercollegiate track, winning both senior and intermediate titles. Bill Farlinger led the senior team to victory in London, winning three events and setting a new intercollegiate record of 12 feet, 3M inches in the pole vault. Farlinger also won the high hurdles and the 220 low hurdles. George Doull and Dunc Green were the other Varsity Winners. Doull won the one mile race, While Green captured the three mile. In the intermediate track meet at Varsity Stadium, Varsity captured nine firsts to roll to easy victory. It was the fourth consecutive track victory for Varsity since the end of the vvar.QYa --n-Q.-..- Intercollegiate Harrier ARSITY continued to dominate intercollegiate harrier as both senior and intermediatewteams Won the, university competitions with ease. In the senior race,staged at Barriefield, with Queen's as host, Toronto runners placed first, second, fourth, fifth and ninth. Little George Doull continued ,to dominate the intercollegiate field,-finishing first, with George Webster, DavexBarr, Dunc Green and George McMullen ruriining in the above order. . , Z . riff- V V , ,Nga In the intermediate race' in Varsity runners finished first, third, fourth, sixth and seventhm 416 MEN'S ATHLETICS UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR TRACK CHAMPIONS THIRD ROW: W. A. FARLINGER, B. G. LOWES, Staff Member. SECOND ROW: L. SMITH, B. KAY, G. MCFADDEN, G. WEBSTER, E. KOPMEL, W. B. MAXWELL, A. KUK. FRONT ROW: R. BECKETT, B. BASSINGTHWAITE, M. GAYMAN, G. S. DOULL, J. D. MILNE, M. GASIUK, P. NIBLOCK, Manager. ABSENT: E. TULVING, S. NEILL, D. KETTLE, D. GREEN, W. H. BROWN, Coach. M. ZUBEREC, UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE TRACK CHAMPIONS SECOND ROW: B.G. LowEs, Srajj' Memberj D.L. KING, R. ADARE, R.J. CARE, F.J.A. MCCURRY, HRYSHKO, H. I. MACDONALD, W. F. MCMACKON, R. G. S. MCINTOSH. FRONT ROW: G. MCMULLEN, G. V. GARROSSINO, D. A. BARR, M. P. FORESTELL, P. A. NIBLOCK, B. A. RAWLINSON, R. A. CHAMEERLAIN, D. MCENTEER. ABSENT: E. BAGG, P. LECHYCKY, E. PICEE. 417 MEN'S ATHLETICS UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE HARRIER CHAMPIONS SECOND ROW: B. G. LOWES, swf Member, P. A. N1BLocx, Manager. FRONT ROW: G. MCMULLEN, G. DOULL, D. A. BARR, G. WEBSTER. ABSENT: D. GREEN, W. H. BROWN, Coach. UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE INTERCOLLEGIATE HARRIER CHAMPIONS F. A. MCCURRY, P. NIBLOCK,J. FLOWERS, C. WORTMAN,J. HRYSHKO, B. G. LoWEs, Smjj' Member ABSENT: W. H. BROWN, Coach. 418 MEN'S ATHLETICS Intercollegiate Swimming ARSITY again found McGill's swimming team too strong and bowed 45-30 in the intercollegiate swimming meet in Montreal. Bright spot from a Varsity standpoint was the performance of Doug Gibson, powerful first-year free-style swimmer, who set new intercollegiate marks in the 440 yards and 220 yards events. He also won a first place in the 100 yards free style. Ken Tulley was another Varsity winner, capturing the intercollegiate diving title for the third successive year. Varsity's intermediate swimming team competed in the intermediate meet at McMaster, but lost out to a powerful Western teammqh 1-QSQOQOQ1 Intercollegiate Water Polo HE Herschorn Trophy for intercollegiate water polo supremacy seems to have found a permanent spot on the Hart House trophy shelf. Varsity won the water polo title again this season, defeating McGill two straight in home-and-home games. Captain Phil Rosen and veteran Jim Crang were instrumental in Varsity's title triumphs. They led the Blues to a 6-2 victory in Montreal and a 10-'5 win back in Toronto.0Ys 419 MEN'S ATHLETICS UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR SWIMMING TEAM SECOND ROW: A. C. WHEALY, Ma1zager,'R. WORTLEY, D. R. F. SMITH, T. C. ARNOLD, M. P. MAZURYK, L. Y. ROSEN, W. F. CLAYSON, Coach. FRONT ROW: W. C. TRUSLER, C. R. ANDERSON, F. D. GIBSON,J. C. CRANG, R. H. SHEPHERD, S. L. WIGLE. ABSENT: K. C. H. TULLEY, F. D. HUBBARD. UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE SWIMMING TEAM SECOND ROW: W.F. CLAYSON, Coacbj W.A. BUIK, D.F. ARNOLDI, D.J.L.MORAN, D.F. MACKLIN, D.H.H. MAcKENz1E, Manager. FRONT ROW: W. CoRY,J. R. MACKENZIE, D. WALTON,J. MATHERS, T. H. LLOYD, A. B. ROGER. ABSENT: W. HANHAM, A. CATTO, H. H. SUTHERLAND. 420 MEN'S ATHLETICS UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR WATER POLO TEAM, 1949-50 CHAMPIONS SECOND ROW: T. H. LLOYD, T. C. ARNOLD, A. C. WHEALY, B. NBWMAN, W. F. CLAYSON, Coach. FRONT ROW: L. Y. ROSEN, N. W. MORTIMER, P. ROSEN, H. A. PEACOCK, W. G. MASLEN. ABSENT: C. CRANG. UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO JUNIOR WATER POLO TEAM SECOND ROW: A. C. WHEALY, Manager: W. Buuc, D. MACKLIN, W. F. CLAYSON, Coaclrj W. W. BAKER. FRONT ROW: E. A. SILVERSTEIN, H. SILVERSTEIN, R. SHEPHERD, A. RoG1zR,J. R. MACKENZIE. HOLDEN, R. BRIEN, . 421 MEN'S ATHLETICS Intercollegiate Boxing ARSITYS boxing teams showed a complete reversal of form over last year and rolled to impressive victories in both senior and intermediate boxing competitions. Tony Canzano had his mittmen in line fettle for the title meets in Hart House. The senior team won six of eight fights, while the intermediates were winning four out of seven. Only one of the six senior winners was a repeat performance. Hank Henshall, fiery little 125-pounder, won his division for the fourth consecutive year. Other Varsity winners were Glyn Williams, 133 pounds, Carl Leprich, 140 pounds, Roberto Couceiro, 147 pounds, Don Armstrong, 165 pounds, and Tim Turner, heavyweightqp --1.Q.j?- Intercollegiate Wrestling strong senior team this year regained the intercollegiate Wrestling champion- A ship lost to O.A.C. last year. The Morris Sobel-Jack Amos coached team Won four of the eight divisions to edge O.A.C. 23 to 20. McGill scored nine points, Queens two, and Western, one. jack Kirkup, in the 145 pound class, and Kirk Wipper, in the 165 pound, were repeat winners for Varsity. Other victorious Bluemen were Harry Lubbock, in the 125 pound division, and Bernie Shaver, in the 155 pound class. The intermediate wrestlers grappled their way to easy victory in the inter- collegiate intermediate meet. Varsity vvon six ofthe eight events to gain 33 points. Western was second with 10 points, O.A.C. -third with nine.QYf 422 MEN'S ATHLETICS UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR BOXING TEAM 1949-50 CHAMPIONS SECOND ROW: Trainerg W. D. ARMSTRONG, 165 fb. Champjj. C. FOLINSBEE, 175 lh.,' T. C. TURNER, Heavy- weight Champg W. R. MCCUTCHEON, Iwanatgerj R. MITCHELL, Staff Member. FRONT ROW: N. E. GREEN, 155 lb.,' R. S. COUCEIRO, 147 Zh. Champf TONY CANZANO, Coachg H. H. HENSIHIALL, 125 Zh. Champj C. LEPRICIHI, 14016. Champ. ABSENT: G. R. WILLIAMS, 133 lb. Champ. UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE BOXING TEAM 1949-50 CHAMPIONS SECOND ROW: R. MITCHELL, Staff Memlzery' R. S. MACLENNAN, G. G. ELSE, MITEPF, Manager. FRONT ROW: FJ. W. CORNER, P. PETCOPF, TONY CANZANO, Coachj P. WEBB, B. S. BERTING. 423 MEN'S ATHLETICS UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR WRESTLING TEAM CHAMPIONS 1949-50 SECOND ROW: A. GRAY,175lb.,' P. SAMUEL, E. B. M. FISHER, 190 lb.,' L. V. SMITH, Heavy. FRONT ROW: A. R. T. CHETWYND, Staff Member,'J. C. KIRKUP, 145 lb.,'J. A. AMOS, Caarhj K.A.W. WIPPER, 165 112.1 Captainj M. SOBEL, Coach' B. D. SHAVER, 155 lb.,' K. YATES, Managex'. ABSENT: H. W. LUBBOCK, 125 .7b.,' W. G. P1TMAN, 13515. UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE WRESTLING TEAM CHAMPIONS 1949-50 SECOND ROW: A. R. T. CHETWYND, Staf Member,' L. GOODMAN, G. DINGWALL, A. R. HEBERT, K. YATES, Manager. FRONT ROW: G. H. D.-1.v1Es,J. L. Amos, Coacbg P. D. HOPKINS, Captainj M. SOBEL, Coacbj G. A. WRIGHT. ABSENT: G. GARBUTT, P. A. LOBRAICO. 424 A ai MEN'S ATHLETICS UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SKI TEAM 1949-S0 SECOND ROW: W. G. BECK, Coach: P. BERG-JOHANNSSENMI. B. WAIT, D. R. I-IUGHSON. FRONT ROW: O. E. MICHAELSEN, W. R. HUTCHESON, A. R. C. JONES, Capmirzg I. F. I-I. ROGERS, T. ANmzEsEN. . X Intercollegiate Skiing ACK of snow through most ofthe early winter months handicapped training of Varsity's ski team, but despite this handicap, the team showed well in two col- lege meets. In the Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic Union meet at Toronto, Varsity placed Fifth in the 10-college meet. Outstanding was the performance of Tommy Andresen, who Won the jumping competition. f At the McGill winter carnival, the Bluemen found stiffer competition and man- aged only sixth place among the seven competing colleges from Canada and the United States. A In the latter meet, Odd Michaelsen finished 12th in the jumping competition, Perc Berg-Johannssen 10th in the cross-country and Bob Hutcheson 12th in the downhill-slalom..1ts , 425 MEN'S ATHLETICS Intercollegiate Soccer ARSITY'S soccer teams continued their domination of intercollegiate soccer competition this year, winning both senior and intermediate titles. Paced by playing-coach Brian Barton, the seniors Won the coveted Blackwood Trophy for the llth consecutive season, and was recognized in soccer circles as one of the finest aggregations ever to appear in intercollegiate competition. ' As in the past, the Varsity team relied on many players from various Dominions in the British Empire-players brought up on the art of the British game. Particu- larly noteworthy of mention were the performances of Ted Evans, Erri Thompson, Bob Antoni and Alain Wyler.m 426 MEN'S ATHLETICS UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR SOCCER TEAM, INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS 1949-50 THIRD ROW: W. BABCOCK, Manager. SECOND ROW: E. ST. E. THOMPSON, NNI. REED, W. C. LEACH, T. L. MOPPAT. FRONT ROW: R. O. ANTONI, B. A. BARTON, Coaclnp E. D. EVANS, Caprainj A. WYLER,J. ALLAN. ABSENT: T. E. BROADHURST, WOTHERSPOON, A. KUCHUDA. UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE SOCCER CHAMPIONS 1949-50 SECOND ROW: E. RAYMOND, S. M. MONTEMURRO, T. ANDRESEN, R. WILSON, O. FRIELE. FRONT ROW: R. OSADCHUK, D. Dos SANTOS, COMRIE, T. L. MOFFAT, M. RIGABERT, H. A. DELFOSSE, V. F. SCHULER. ABSENT: E. KERSEY, G. R. WILLIAMS, C. R. HORNBY, B. A. BATRON, Coach' W. BABCOCK, Manager. MEN'S ATHLETICS Intercollegiate Gymnastics ORDON Gibson won the individual championship for Varsity in the inter- collegiate gymnastics meet in Toronto, but the Bluemen were edged 113 to 107 by McGill in team competition. While the team lost the Caron Trophy, Gibson's performance brought home the Werry Trophy. He placed first in high bar and horse events and second on the mats. Another Toronto winner was Hugh Alexander, who tied for first place in the parallel bars eventaya --1-Q-1-- Intercollegiate Rugger NLY two universities, Varsity and McGill, have taken an active interest in English rugger through the post-war years, and the Blue team has had a decided edge in recent years. V Coached by Jack Gibbs, the Varsity rugger team trounced McGill in both games of the home and home series, Winning 12-5 and 8-O. Captain Don Glen and vice- captain Tom Matsui played stellar roles in the two Varsity vvinsayp 428 MEN'S ATHLETICS UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO GYMNASTIC TEAM J. B. MURPHY, M. DIGNAM,J. G. GIBSLJN, Imiividzml Cbampianj H. ALEXANDER, G. C. PRICE. ABSENT: E. DOOLEY. UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO ENGLISH RUGBY TEAM, INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS 1949-50 SECOND ROW: TUCKER, I. G. L. FREETH, R. A. GLEN, P. R. DAY, W. A. B. DOUGLAS, R. H. GAUNT, J. S. CAMERON, W. W. RIESBERRY. FRONT ROW: W.M. Cox, D.N. ANDERSON, T. MATSUI, D,G. GLEN, Captaizzgj. GIBBS, Com-bg A.L. GOWDEY, J. W. GERARD. 429 4 I L an W! IP 74 fi r L , . 1 A1 5 1 i X' MEN'S ATHLETICS UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR 81, INTERMEDIATE FENCING TEAMS SECOND ROW: SENIOR TEAM: R. ROBERTS, K. F. SOGA, F. SGAMBATI, .Ytajf Member: M. KELLOW, L. GOLDENBERG. FRONT ROW: INTERMEDIATE TEAM: T.J.MCGOUGAN,'I.ALPAR,C04CZ7,'CHARLESWALTERS Fencing MaJter,' A. SLAMAMI. S. A. TEFFT. Intercollegiate Fencing A ARSITY'S senior fencing team again won the intercollegiate title, paced by Captain Mark Kellow, who placed second in the individual competition. Much of the credit for Varsity's fine fencing showing must go to Coach Julius Alpar, the Hungarian Olympic Fencing Master. The intermediate fencing team was less fortunate than the senior team, losing the intercollegiate title to O.A.C. Despite the team loss, Varsity captain, Jim McGougan, won the individual title.02- 430 MEN'S ATHLETICS UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO TENNIS TEAMS 1949-50 SECOND ROW: INTERMEDIATE TEAM: W. B1DDELL,J. M. Cotes, F. W. R. TAYLo1z. FRONT ROW: SENIOR TEAM: L. G. TURNER, E. HOWARD. ABSENT: A. W. ANDERSON,J. R. LITTLE, F. H. W. DAWBS. Intercollegiate Tennis HE senior intercollegiate tennis title was won by the University of Montreal, with Art Anderson and Len Turner, of Varsity, winning the doubles champion- ship again. Montreal Won the title on the basis of victory in singles competition and total team points. ' The intermediate tennis team, playing at McMaster University, won every match and is expected to form the nucleus of next season's senior teammn 431 MEN'S ATHLETICS X UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO GOLF TEAMS SECOND ROW: INTERMEDIATE TEAM: R. M, MASTERS, R. O. GOUINLOCK. FRONT ROW: SENIOR TEAM: C. PAVANEL, D. N. GREEY, G. F. SMALLEY Intercollegiate Golf ARSITY'S golfers ran into a bad day at the senior intercollegiate tournament in Kingston and finished sixth in the seven-team competition. McGill captured the Ruttan Trophy, posting a lovv total score of 640 over the rain-soaked Cataraqui course. The Blue foursome was well down with a total score of 700 for the 36 holes. Dave Greey and John Pavenel topped the Toronto golfers with 173 cards, while Hugh Watson and George Smalley posted l77's. In the intermediate golf tournament at Guelph, Varsity tied for second place with O.A.C. over the 18-hole distance. McMaster rolled to a decisive vvin, with a team score of 323.035 i 432 MEN'S ATHLETICS UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SAILING TEAM 1949-50 BACK ROW: A. DAVIS, G. STEIN, LANDGON, R. Loma. FRONT ROW: M. WINLO, P. PANGMAN, G. CUTHBERTSON, G. WHITTAKER Intercollegiate Sailing ARSlTY'S senior sailing team again won the Colonel L. F. Grant trophy, emblem of intercollegiate sailing supremacy. The Blue team, composed of Peter Pangman, George Cuthbertson, Bud Whittaker and Mike Winlo Won the regatta at the Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club against entries from Queen's and the Royal Military College. Varsity's second sailing team journeyed to New London, Conn. to compete for the Danmark Trophy against 11 United States Colleges and McGill. While failing to Win the trophy, the seconds administered a sound licking to McGill, the only other Canadian entryn-yn 433 MEN'S ATHLET ICS FOOTBALL A. J. Bell P. M. Bennett W. J. Brewer R. A. Brown A. Cecutti I. M. Chorostecki I. M. Clark B. F. Cummings W. Danylchuk J. R. Evans E. B. M. Fisher H. A. Forge I. M. Gray M. J. Hadlow A. R. C. Jones J. I. Kelly A. S. Lawson W. N. Lloyd W. G. London R D. Lon more ' g J. F. Mustard R. G. MacFadden N. G. Purdue J. W. Roberts W. R. Scott E. M. Sinclair A. Stevenson A. H. Zimmerman TENNIS A. W. Anderson L. G. Turner ENGLISH RUGBY I. W. Gerard D. G. G. Glen T. Matsui W. W. Riesberry TRACK G. S. Doull W. A. Farlinger D. Green 434 Holders 1950 SOCCER I. Allen R. O. Antoni B. A. Barton T. E. Broadhurst E. D. Evans A. Kuchkuda D. C. Moffat W. G. Leach N. I. Reed . E. St. E. Thompson I. Wotherspoon A. Wyler WATER POLO T. C. Arnold J. C. Crang T. H. Lloyd W. G. Maslen N. W. Mortimer B. Newman H. P. Peacock L. Y. Rosen P. Rosen HOCKEY J. H. Addison P. L. Arrowsmith R. Bazos F. A. Bell W. H. Digby N. D. Fox E. C. Frey J. O. Hayes R. V. Howson J. C. Kane I. W. MacDougall W. R. Moore D. M. Orr D. C. Turcott C. P. Vernon W. R. Walters BASKETBALL A. J. Bell I. Braithwaite D. H. Carruthers G. N. Gibbs J. M. Gray W. J. Henderson W. D. Huycke E. H. Luck J. S. McManus E. D. Wigle 1 GYMNASTICS I. G. Gibson FENCING M. D. S. Kellow BOXING . W. D. Armstrong S. Couceiro F' H. H. Henshall C. Leprich T. C. Turner R. Williams Q WRESTLING I. C. Kirkup H. W. Lubbock B. F. Shaver K. A. W. Wipper SKIING T. Andresen' HARRIER D. A. Barr G. S. Doull G. H. Webster SWIMMING F. D. Gibson K. H. C. Tulley MEN'S ATHLETICS 2:2-iff Z'f"',7 X INTRAMURAL SPORTS COMMITTEE STANDING: R. A. BEATTIE, .S'.P..S'.,' A. C. POOLE, Fareftfju E. W. CHOWN, Social Workj A. A. H. STRIKE, Victariaj G. R. WALLACE, U.C. SITTING: E. MCCUTCHEON, .S'ecretary,' W. A. SMITH, Knoxj W. R. MOORE, Dentixtgj D. T. SLOAN, Emman- uelj F. A. LAWSON, Triniry, Vice-Chfzirmanjj. S. CUNNINGHAM, Wyclijfe, Cbairnzanj A. P. Timm, Archi- tecture: B. O. CAUSTON, Imtitzztional Management,' T. MCRAE, Xt. Micbael'r,' B. BERNSTEIN, Lawj Miss. K. BOYD, Axfirtant Secretary. ABSENT: R. A. HALIBURTON, Medicirze. URING the session 1949-50 the Intramural Athletic programme provided opportunity for University of Toronto students to play in almost one thousand games and twenty-seven meets and tournaments. Out of this maze of competition the University College-Physical and Health Education combination emerged as "All Year Intramural High Point Champions" by virtue of their win in the T. A. Reed Trophy Race. In winning the trophy the recipients are to be congratulated on the all-round, balanced effort which they maintained throughout the year. For example, approximately 2523 of their total was gained through U.C. and P.H.E. men participating on intercollegiate teams, the remainder was almost equally divided between points for entry and points for winning events, games, groups and championships. Also to be congratulated are Trinity and Victoria Colleges for finishing in second and third positions respectively. The Intramural Sports Committee, composed of the athletic presidents of the competing colleges and faculties, deserves great credit for supplying the co-ordinat- ing factor which made the efficient operation of the programme possible. The 1949-50 committee was one of the most competent in years. Chairman Jim Cunningham of Wycliffe College and his associates handled a difficult and diversified job in a more than capable manner. That the participants appreciate the opportunities provided by the programme is indicated by the fact that once again all facilities were taxed to capacity. The University of Toronto Athletic Association and the Department of Athletics and Physical Education are aware of the far reaching values which may be derived from the promotion of an intramural programme which provides wholesome phy- sical recreation for a large percentage of the student body. The emphasis which is placed on intramurals at this University has paid dividends in the past and will continue to do so in the futureags 435 MEN'S ATHLETICS Intramural Championships T. A. REED TROPHY WON BY-University College-12,363 Points Second-Trinity College-11,307 Points Third-Victoria College-10,729 Points Sports Trophy Winner Basketball-Major League - Clifford Sifton Cup St. Michaels "A" -Minor League - No award - - Pre-Dent Football - - - Sir William Mulock Cup - - Vic Hockey - W. T. Jennings Cup St. Michaels A. Lacrosse - Dr. W. A. Dafoe Cup Med I Soccer - Arts Faculty Cup Trin A Swimming - No award - - U.C. Volleyball - Victoria Staff Cup Med. I Water Polo- Eckardt Cup - U.C. I Boxing-Senior Davidson Cup - S.P.S. -Junior No award - S.P.S. Fencing-Senior - No award - - M.D.S. Kellow Gymnastics-Senior H. A. Wilson Co. Trin -Junior No award - f No competition Cvolf-Team- - No award - S.P.S. -Individual - No award - W. P. Tarasick, S.P.S Harrier-Senior - Brotherton Cup f S.P.S. -Junior - No award - - S.P.S. -Freshman No award - - Vic Indoor Track - - Toronto Cricket Club Cup- - St. Michaels Squash-Team - No award - - Trin -Individual Skiing - - - No award - No award - - J. W. Biddell CTrinJ No competition Swimming-Senior A. M. Fitzgerald Cup Med H -Junior No award - - S.P.S. -Freshman - - No award - - Arch Tennis-Team - Victoria Tennis Club Cup - - U.C. -Individual F. Y. McEachern Cup- - - L.G. Turner, PHE Track-Seniov - W. L. Rowell Memorial Cup - - U.C. -Junior- No award - - U.C. Wrestling-Seniob No award f U.C., S.P.S.-Tied -Junior- No award - U.C. THE DON M. BARTON TROPHY-Gymnastics-H. A. Alexander, Vic. THE MCCATTY TROPHY-Swimming-L. Y. Rosen, Med. THE CODY TROPHY-Track-W. A. Farlinger, Vic. 436 MEN'S ATHLETICS SECOND ROW: A. PEARLSTEIN, N. MACPHEE, C. LEPRICH, G. CLARKE, M. COHL, E. GAWINSKI, N. MORTIMER, B. MACDONALD, G. CUMMINGS, A. LEWIS. FRONT ROW: W. DAVIS, D. KETTLE, G. WALLACE, Athletic Direttarj P. NIBLOCK, W. LAWRENCE. University College Athletic Board NIVERSITY COLLEGE squads fared Well in both track, field and basketball in the 1949-50 season. The junior and Senior track teams were both at the top of their groups. Of the four teams to reach the semi-finals in basketball, two were from U.C. The U.C. I's entered the finals against St. Mikes. The U.C. football team had difliculty getting untracked, but did manage to tie Victoria College, who later went on to Win the Mulock Cup. The U.C. I lacrosse team entered the hnals against Meds and once again they had to be satished with runner-up position. U.C. also entered the Water Polo finals for a second consecutive year. A great deal of credit is due the Athletic Board, which, under George Wallace, directed U.C. athletic activities throughout the year. The many teams and varied activities in U.C. sports life required an alert and competent executive such as George Wallace and his associates providedms 437 MEN'S ATHLETICS UNIVERSITY COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: P. DOWNEY, Coacbj P.'HYNBIDAID, MIDIRF, B. GRASSER, B. TAYLOR, B. MILES I. SMITH, P. WEBB, H. STEINBERG, DUGGON, S. OLEON, Auiftant Coach. FRONT ROW: B. WALKER, CULLEN, K. YATES, G. BARNHILL, W. TERRY, T. WEBB, K. WAss W. HRYNYSHYN. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE I LACROSSE TEAM , SECOND ROW: F. CHAMBERS, W. DAVIS, SUKMANUSKI, R. SHEPHERD, RAYMOND. FRONT ROW: YOUNG, P. BYRNE, E. BLOUIN, S. KOPSKY. 438 .1 v MEN'S ATHLETICS UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: S. TISDALE, K. BARKIN, Managerj KENNEDY, L. WENGLE, E. JOHNSON, G. MCFADDEN, TED LUCK, Caaclwj A. PEARLSTEIN. FRONT ROW: S. DURBIN, A. SCHIPPER, H. BOCKNEK, G. FREEMAN, ROBSON. E i E I n I u I an Q . 1 6 8 1 1 1 R? l E ? I 1 E r I i . x UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WATER POLO TEAM SECOND ROW: R. HORWOOD, S. TOBE, D. MACKLIN, B. TOBE, H. SxLvERs1'E1N. FIRST ROW: S. WIGLE, N. MQRTIMER, M. LESTER. ABSENT: R. SHEPHERD. 439 J ' 1 .r E 2 4 Tv S I il 13" .51 W 'r 1 2 if MEN'S ATHLETICS UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SENIOR HOCKEY TEAM SECOND ROW: J. STUCKEY, B. DICKSON, L. TURNER,J. GORMACK,J. ERRINGTON, W. ROBERTSON D. MAYNARD, D. COLQUHOUN, R. EDWARDS. FRONT ROW: H. JEWSON, R. MCCUTCHEON, FULLERTON, R. MASTERS, A. ROBERTSON Mazmger. ABSENT: T. GAWINSKI, Couclnj G. CUMMINGS. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE JUNIOR HOCKEY TEAM SECOND ROW: K. WAss, T. HYNBIDA, H. LAW, G. FREEMAN, C. TYNDALL, WOOTTON E. HARRIS. FRONT ROW: E. BLOUIN, D. SUMMERFELDT, G. LIGHTSTONE, F. KOHAN, I. MACDONALD J. MORLOCK. 440 9' MEN'S ATHLETICS l SECOND ROW: GORDON COGOINS, Third Year Repre.renrarioe,' BOE REID, Bafketball Cararorg JACK MILNE, Track Curatorj WALTER PRIDHAM, Firm Year Repre.rentarive,' LORNE LODGE, Second Year Reprerenratiue. FRONT ROW: GORDON BEAN, Fourth Year Reprefezztativej PROFESSOR WOODSIDE, Honorary Prefi- dentj ALAN STRIKE, Preridentj DON GIBSON, Treafurer. ABSENT: JOHN RHAME, 5'ecretary,' BOB RALPH, Football Curatorj ED. DOVER, Horkey Curator. Victoria College Athletic Union Q ICTORIA College has had one of its more successful years in intramural athletics. This fact is born out by the final Reed Trophy figures which place Vic in third place. This is the highest position ever reached by Victoria College in the history of the Reed Trophy competition. The Mulock Cup is back in its rightful haven as the Vic gridders won the most coveted of all intramural trophies. They defeated Senior School in the finals in a game that was probably more thrilling than many of the intercollegiate games this year. The Senior Soccer Team gave an exhibition of real sportsmanship before losing in the semi-finals. The Vic I lacrosse team gave a good account of itself in playoffs. Both Senior and Junior hockey teams reached the semi-finals where the Seniors suffered from a lack of substitutes and the Juniors were denied. Basketball did not fare so Well as only the Vic V's reached the playoffs in the major leagues though six of our nineteen minor-league teams were in playoffs. The Vic Senior Track Team placed second in the intramural track meet with a Vic man carrying off the Cody Trophy. Vic Won the Freshman Harrier this year and the Vic I water polo team did well in group 1. Finally, Vic boxers were finalists in intramural competition. E The Victoria College Athletic Union would like to take this opportunity to wish graduating Victoria athletes every success as they depart from the Little Vic playing field into the playing field of life. qt- 441 MEN'S ATHLETICS 1, m.,,..,,,mf,.,,, x,.. . .. , , , V- -,W , . . 4.5 . A-f Q- 431. A.:-A A-Aw, , - f- , A , " 'uimas-I ..f..1A. 'M Im. ig, ,, VICTORIA COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAM, MULOCK CUP CHAMPIONS FOURTH ROW: P. XVHITEBREAD, Traizzerj W. ANGUS, Mana,ger,' A. XVILLIAMS, B. COLBERT, W. GORE, R. ZIMMERMAN,J. ROGERS, D. MOAT, T. DYKE, W. ALLEN, W. BODRUG,J. FAIRLBY. THIRD ROW: LITTLE, H. DAMP, M. REID, G. HILL, P. XVALTON, KILGOUR, B. LEDGER, R. NEWELL, E. FILE, W. TYNKIALUK, Mazzager. SECOND ROW: C. FICK, R. LUDWIG, T. DRYDEN. FRONT ROW: L. PICK, Coacbg R. MORGAN, S. HOWARD, R. BARPORD, L. LODGE, Captain: R. RUMBALL, B. MARTIN,J. ANDERSON, R. RALPH, Curator. ABSENT: AL. GEORGE, K. SUMNER. 1 3 VICTORIA COLLEGE SENIOR HOCKEY TEAM SECOND ROW: PARKS WTHITEBREAD, Trainerj LES SUMMERS, BILL FARLINGER, IAN LINTON, BOB RALPH Marzager. FRONT ROW: XVALLY PARKS, DON MIACKAY, JACK LOWERY, JOHN RHAME, AL. STRIKE. ABSENT: JOHN MACDOUGAL, Coacbg HOWARD RUSSEL, JACK BIRKENSI-IAW, JOHN CRAWFORD, STEW. HOWARD ' r MEN'S ATHLETICS VICTORIA COLLEGE SENIOR SOCCER TEAM SECOND ROW: STAN WADLOW, Cwzchj DAVE HASTINGS, MEL VBAKER, FRANK MCCAMUS, JACK BUCKLES, BILL ACHESON, GERRY MAYNES. FRONT ROW: JACK HENRY, GORD BEAN, BEN SMILLIE, CHRIS KEANE, GLYN WILLIAMS, Mfznugerg HUGH DELFOSSE. ABSENT: BILL MERCER, BRUCE VANSTONE. VICTORIA COLLEGE I LACROSSE TEAM SECOND ROW: JAMES WALDER, GORDON RUSH, ALEC DAVIDSON, ROBERT MURRAY, FRED LADLY. FRONT ROW: FRED MCFADDEN, PAUL HIGGINS, JOHN HAM. ABSENT: RAE HASTINGS, Capminj GOWAN GUEST. 443 MEN'S ATHLETICS VICTORIA COLLEGE HARRIER TEAM FRESHMAN CHAMPIONS SECOND ROW: JACK MILNE, Ross TOWLER, CHARLES WORTMAN, WARREN MORRIS. FRONT ROW: AL STRIIcE,JoHN GOOD, NORM LAIDLAW, Cancbj BILL ANGUS, BOB SHERRIDAN. 444 VICTORIA COLLEGE SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: JACK MILNE, BOB REID, MR. H. PEARSE, Coarbj GEORGE STONE, MICHAEL ANDRASSY. FRONT ROW: BOB MACKINTOSH, JIM HARRIS, JOHN MACKENZIE, GEORGE ELSON, DON MACKAY. VICTORIA COLLEGE TRACK AND FIELD TEAM THIRD ROW: W. FARLINGER. SECOND ROW: MILNE, Captain: MR. LAIDLAW, W. MCINTOSH. FRONT ROW: W. MCMACKON, M. PEARCE, R. RUMBLE, MORRISON. ABSENT: RHAME, A. GREGORY. 1 MEN'S ATHLETICS SECOND ROW: CUTHBERT WHITRHEAD, JOHN BARTON, JIM LINKLATRR, BOB JOHNSTON, DICK HASSARD. FRONT ROW: GRAY PERKINS, TOM CRERAR, AL HOOPER, AL LAWSON, PROFESSOR C. A. ASHLE1 TOM LAWSON, BILL BREWER. Trinity College Athletic Association N a year that was marked by a definite falling-off of interest in many College and University organizations, the Athletic Executive was gratified to see that partici- pation in its activities was better. Over half the Men of College took part in sport and the results of this participation were evident in the high standing Trinity main- tained in the T. A. Reed Trophy race. For the second year in a row the College won an Intramural Championship through the splendid efforts of its First Soccer Team. Undefeated throughout the season, the Team overcame junior SPS in the finals to take the Arts Faculty Cup. Though the football squad fared none too well, its members were almost entirely composed of Freshmen who should form a strong team next year. Once again there was the usual bustle in Track, Harrier, Lacrosse, Basketball, Wrestling, Boxing Can intramural Heavyweight titleD, Volleyball, Swimming, Waterpolo, Tennis, and Hockey. A word of praise should be given to the team Managers, who efficiently handled the less glorious but nonetheless important aspects of the athletic programme. The Athletic Dinner was held in Strachan Hall in November and the Men of College were fortunate in having Dr. Griffiths, former Headmaster of Ridley College, as guest speaker. The evening was a complete success and a few weeks later was followed up by the ever popular Athletic Dance. Although every active member of the Association deserves credit for his partici- pation in and enthusiasm for the year's athletic programme, special praise must go to the President and the Manager of Athletics for their exceptionally good work.4f 445 MEN'S ATHLETICS TRINITY COLLEGE SOCCER TEAM THIRD ROW: D. SNOWDON, W. Cox, A. FoRBEs. SECOND ROW: VENBRABLEJ. B. FOTHERINGHAM, D. DONALDSON, R. BUTTERPTELD, H. ROWAN, R. GAUNT J. W. ScR1v1N. FRONT ROW: H. WARBHAM, D. GLEN, B. BRITTON-FOSTER, T. MATTHEWS, H. MACDONALD. TRINITY COLLEGE A HOCKEY TEAM - SECOND ROW: T. WELLS, T. CRERAR, P. STUART, G. PRINGLE, M. HALL, E. HOWARD, P. WHITE. FRONT ROW: COWAN, T. LAwsoN,J. BOWDEN, BROWNELL, M. CRE.-TL, R. WHITEHEAD, D. WRIGHT. 446 MEN'S ATHLETICS Trinity Athletes in Action 447 MEN'S ATHLETICS ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE ATHLETIC DIRECTORATE SECOND ROW: S. WIECHORECK, D. ROBERTSON, G. WASHINGTON, R. SULLIVAN, G. GAROssINO FRONT ROW: P. FORESTELL, T. MCRAE, Vife-Prefidentg D. WALLACE, Prefidentj DUGAN M. SABADASZ. ST. MICI-IAEL'S COLLEGE HOCKEY TEAM, WINNERS OF THE JENNINGS CUP SECOND ROW: FRED GROSSI, PAT MCLAUGHLIN, Caacbj JOI-IN BENNETT, JOHN ROBERTSON, TERRY FOY, EARL DUFFY, JOE PRENDERGAST, PAUL WAINFIOUSE. FRONT ROW: BOB MCINTYRE, PAT DUFFY, JIM DALY, JIM MCMANAMY. 448 MEN'S ATHLETICS ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAM THIRD ROW: P. LAPETUO, G. WYLE,J. WASHINGTON, W. MCKENNA, T. MAUCHLEY, W. OYHARA. SECOND ROW: R. SULLIVAN, G. NEVILLE, E. O'KBEFE, DAVIN, P. TIERNEY, D. MULLIGAN, W. Ross. FRONT ROW: D. SCHMALTZ, R. KNOLLMEYER, A. ADAMS, Cfzptainj L. BRENNAN, N. BERGEN. ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE BASKETBALL TEAM WINNERS OF THE SIFTON CUP SECOND ROW: REV. B. DORSEY, Coach: E. VOGTISEK, D. MURPHY, R. WARNE, T. FLYNN, T. KEANE, W. FARXELL, D. MURNANE,J. Rossi, Manager. FRONT ROW: P. FORESTELL, Manager: S. CARR, R. BROWN, M. MCKEOWN, FIRMAN, W. MURPHY. 449 MEN'S ATHLETICS ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE TRACK TEAM SECOND ROW: R. NEILL, G. MCMUI.LEN, S. NEILL, G. GAROSSINO. FRONT ROW: E. HUGHES, P. FORESTELL, C. V1PAvEc,J. HYRISHKO, W. FARRELL. ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE LACROSSE TEAM SECOND ROW: JOE PRENDERGAST, EARL DUFFY, FRED GROSSI, JERRY LARMER, JOHN BENNETT FRONT ROW: PAT DUFFY, PAT MCLAUGHLIN, BOB MCINTYRE, JOHN ROBERTSON. 450 KNOX COLLEGE SOCCER TEAM THIRD ROW: L. MCPI-IERsoN, K. MCQUEEN, B. HERROD, D. WARNE, A. CAMPBELL Manager. SECOND ROW: W. KLEIN, M. JESS, G. HOPTON, W. ALLUM, R. RITCHIE. FRONT ROW: L. SUTHERLAND, W. AINSLIE, W. WELCH, Captainj R. AINSLIE, S. DONOVAN. KNOX COLLEGE VOLLEYBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: L. MCPHERSON, M. SCOTT, J. GOLDSMITH, W. KLEIN, G. HOPTON,. Manager. FRONT ROW: B. WILL, T. HEIMRICH A. VAIR, A. MACDONALD, A. BAILEY. 3 KNOX COLLEGE HOCKEY TEAM GROUP VII INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS SECOND ROW: M. PUTNAM, Caacbj D. RITCI-IIE, A. CAMPBELL, B. MILES, J. PHILLIPS, CATTRAN, E. BAGG. FRONT ROW: W. MACDONALD, L. MACPHER- soN, W. ALLUM, D. HERRON, Caprainf G. HOPTON. ABSENT: L. SUTHERLAND. MEN'S ATHLETICS Q a ,MW yawn MEN'S ATHLETICS EMMANUEL COLLEGE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION HOWARD PENTLAND, Vafleybizll Niiznagerj TED KIRSEY, Firfr Year Reprefentiztiifej CHARLES NEWTON, Hockey Mazzagez',' BOB THOMPSON, Third Year Reprefe1zriztive,' DOUG SLOAN, Prefidentj DR. LINE, Hmzorizry Prexidentj STEWART ANDERSON, .S'eeretizfj1f,' BEV. JOHNSTON, Bizxketbizll Mezniztger,' BILL SHERWIN, Swimming Mmmgerj JIM SEUNARINE, .Yovrer Nfmzezger. EMMANUEL COLLEGE SOCCER TEAM THIRD ROW: MATTHEW TAYLOR, LAURIE PURDY, STEWART ANDERSON, BILL SHERWIN, BEV JOHNSTON. SECOND ROW: DR. K. H. COUSLAND, DON ORTH, BOB KAILL, JIM SEUNARINE, DOUG SLOAN, ART CHAPPLE, DON HOOKER, DR. JOHN LINE. FRONT ROW: STAN SNOWDEN, BOB MCLELLAN, JOSEPH OHM, TED KERSEY, RON LOVE, LLOYD COATES, BILL ANNIS. 452 MEN'S ATHLETICS SECOND ROW: HESKETH, Trearurerj R. WAY, Czn'atw',' R. WOOLLEX', Cumtorj W. LEACH, Vice- President. FRONT ROW: THE REV. S. CUNNINGHAM, Pre.ride1zt,' T. HARPUR, Secretafjf. Wycliffe College Athletic Association ERHAPS the greatest achievement of the Wyclirfe College Athletic Association of the year 1949-50 has been the supplying of first-class equipment to the various teams representing the College in inter-faculty sport. For the first time within a decade our teams have entered the held uniformly garbed and suitably equipped. This reform was largely due to the energetic efforts of our Athletic Association Executive, led by Mr. James Cunningham. v It is true that the Wycliffe "New Look" did not produce many group champion- ships yet the teams were inspired to greater achievements. The water polo team splashed its way to a group championship and the soccer team tied for top honours in its group. Both the basketball and hockey teams revealed new talent and with more practice these teams will be top contenders in their respective groups next year. Our executive for 1949-50 has pointed the way to greater things in Wycliffe athletics. May its successors follow this " goodly example' ' .sts X 453 l F MEN'S ATHLETICS TOP ROW: G. N. SOULIS, Preriderztj E. MOORE, P. DOWLING, E. H. BENSTEIN, R. E. SPARROW. BOTTOM ROW: R. BEATTIE, W. W. WALKER, W. A. FIRSTBROOK, R. S. MACLBNNAN, J. C. FOLINSBEE. S.P.S. Athletic Association HE focal point of the efforts of the Engineering Society Athletic Exec. was the recapture of the all-important Reed Trophy, which has for so many years not graced the S.P.S. Trophy cabinet. The boys really showed a capability for executive organization, and the body of athletic-minded Skulemen who competed in every sport so successfully did not let up the pressure on the foe of the moment for very long. With all of Ajax in T.O. for the first time, the problem was to organize the 3000 odd- Skulemen efficiently and effectively. The new facilities in the basement of the Engineering building proved a godsend for the centre of activities, with the large equipment storage space, and new clerking system. The executive members themselves were fine leaders, but a great deal of the credit for Skule's achievements is due to the "sub-heads", the chaps who took over each sport and looked after all the myriad minute details of team selection, notification, and general direct leadership. The final results of these intensified efforts are not known at the time of writing, but no matter who wins out in March, it has been a terrific year for Skule. We hope that succeeding executives and the mass of budding Engineers can improve on the showing in theyears to comefgf 454 MEN'S ATHLETICS ROBERT ADARE Phene Memorial Trophy HIS lovely hunk of silver is awarded annually to the member of the Senior SPS Football team, Con a vote of his team- matesj who contributes most by his sportsmanship and playing ability to the team. The proud recipient for the 49-50 season is Bob "Flash" Adare, brilliant halfback with the Mulock Cup finalists. Bob was a ball of fire with the squad all year, using his exceptional speed Clook at his track achievementsl and deception to knife through opposing tacklers and reel off large gains around the end or off tackle. Though hit hard by his heavier oppon- ents, Bob kept coming back time and again and had a large hand in helping the team into the finals against Vic. The boys on the squad, knowing his "college try" efforts so well, did not hesitate when the balloting time came around.qY1- DAVID BARR Bronze "S" VERY year one member of the grad- uating class is voted to the exalted position of holder of the Special Bronze S for his outstanding achievements in athlet- ics, both for the faculty and the Univer- sity. This is perhaps the highest award any Skule-type athlete can receive and Dave "Ditz" Barr is fully worthy of the honour. Throughout his four years servitude under the Blue and White, Dave has amassed the fantastic sum of 85 points for athletics, in all forms of Track and Harrier both on the cinders and around the execu- tive end of the job. He has been a star performer with the University Harrier squads in recent times, and led the SPS team to a very hotly contested second place in the indoor track meet at Hart House this season. When his classmates went to the polls in February they made no mistakes about the location of the all-important X, with these pleasing resultsagh 455 MEN'S ATHLETICS S.P.S. SENIOR FOOTBALL TEAM, MULOCK CUP FINALISTS THIRD ROW: T. WATSON, P. PHEMISTER, T. CRANDELL, GORDON, B. ROWE, E. BENSTEIN, D. BROOKS, Mamzger3'J. BRITNELL. SECOND ROW: JONES, N. FIRTH, RICKABY, R. ADARE, FOLINSBEE, T. WEAVER, Coach. FRONT ROW: W. GIBSON, G.COLE, G. WOOD, P. VALENTI, L. LAPRAIRIE, R. RICHARD, D. KEEN, R. HELLARD, C. JAMES. ABSENT: R. BROWN, SCOTT, D. MCCOLM, T. LUMSDEN, G. MCKENDRICK. S.P.S. SENIOR HOCKEY TEAM SECOND ROW: DON SAWYER, BOB MCKNIGHT, KEN MACKAY, CLIFF MCCOLM, JOHN WATSON TOM CRANDELL, Don GRANT, BOB PATTERSON. FRONT ROW: DON COATES, GORD MOLLENHAUER, JACK HILEY. ABSENT: JOE FURROW, BOB HOOKINGS, AL. ZANATTA. 456 MEN'S ATHLETICS S.P.S. SENIOR LACROSSE TEAM SECOND ROW: FRANK BANKS, Mamzgerg PRESCOTT, Coach: DON SAWYER, L. MAINPRIZE, M. PATRICK, DON CULLTNGHAM. FRONT ROW: D. MCKAY, T. ROBERTS, B. PILGRIM, C. MCCOMB. ABSENT: BARNEY WARREN. S.P.S. JUNIOR LACROSSE TEAM SECOND ROW: D. CULLINGHAM, T. ARMSTRONG, Manager,' ORRBLL, R. MCKNIGHT, S. FIDEO, B. PILGRIM. FRONT ROW: O,CONNOR, D. BRUCE, P. PETCOFP, O'DONOO1-xua. 457 MEN'S ATHLETICS S.P.S. JUNIOR HOCKEY TEAM SECOND ROW: GEORGE ZAJICEK, MURRAY BENNETT, JOHN WILSON, BOB MCFARLAND, EVAN LEUTY, JOHN SELLERS, JOHN PRENDERGAST, DAVE BROWN, HORACE BELLAMY. FRONT ROW: AL CROMPTON, DOUG CAMPBELL, GEORGE COOKE, GEORGE SMITH, EDDIE TOVEY, RUSSEL BEAUDRY, BOB STEPHOWSKY. . ABSENT: EDDIE HOWARD, BILL ARMSTRONG. S.P.S. JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: M. FURLONG, Coach: S. ATKINSON, G. HAYMAN, V. CORIN, M. SCOTT, W. KLESITZ, D. WOOD, Manager. ' FRONT ROW: E. ALLEN, M. LEIBOWITZ, R. SEAWRIGHT, N. DOBEY, W. CLARK. 458 MEN'S ATHLETICS S.P.S. SOCCER TEAM SECOND ROW: H. WOOTTON, T. ARNOLD, M. SIBERRY, N. PATTERSON, R. WISENER, L. MOFFAT. FRONT ROW: G. DEFossE, N. BLoM,J. COLQUHOUN, M. R1GABERT, COMRIE, N. BOWDEN. ABSENT: R. BARK1. S.P.S. SENIOR VOLLEYBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: Lao TEMKIN, HARRY FOGEL, JULIE HANSON. FRONT ROW: Bon POGONTCHEFF, TOM MATSUI, CASEY LATINOVITCH. 459 MEN'S ATHLETICS 2 1 I ' at " I :-:I I --rel,-:.: 1-2-:.-' . fn: V -.'V.2f.V:1.::2-' iri11:"-'-:1. I IfE2:E"12'?:1:2:'.Vu:?5Jf':'iff-193' :f'2V5:F1:'.2"5" ':IE2, 1. -2,gVgg:g.:.:f. 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' ' .V::.Vf..V .2 Qfww' A ...:.:-"' -.V.:2:15:::f .::: . . ,y-r:g!,Qz1L5,.sV:-52. 1 ..,sg2Q1 .:121:-Ssiesi. ' V I--3V - ' . --"5'3f2-V ' V::.-1 -'-' .:s:E:5f?fEV.f .f 131-W 1 5, .v,,.-.-. 1. ..... W... ..,...' ......, . .hy 2 . I. .... p Eiilrff zfz llffv 21-1-2 ' I v s.P.s. SWIMMING TEAM SECOND ROW: I. FREETH, W. FISHER, G. MILES. FRONT ROW: LEITCH, B. GILSON, W. WZGLE. I T 2 I I p ? , 'N 'Q K 5 E I Q, bl. '. E K , f I . I 2 . f, in 'L S.P S WATER POLO TEAM V SECOND ROW D STRUTHERS, Manatgerjj. MORTON, RI,HAYMAN,' G. HUNTER, J. BINDQN. FRONT ROW P LAPRAIRIE, G. SCHNITZLER, G DIMOCK, E. LAFONTAINE, W. WIGLE. V1 Q Y 1 'U' 'I .I .I gn , -I. Qf 1'- I ,fy Ii I Rr' I 1 I 5 i 'A . 1 I ' 1 1 V1 E I ,IF 1 I I Ii I I H 4 5 4 I 4 . fl 4 C! V1 4 u I il 4 Va yy! JF 11 L, l x Q L 'L 'Z V gd: I My f X r A f . .. . .. as it "3 J' v'v 134 ABSENT: L. ILAPIMIRIE. . if 1 460 V . 1 I. r v 1, , . 4 L fi AI 7 r Y. :QL ff' B. IJ , as. I '- W' MEN,S ATHLETICS L Architecture Athletics EW vigour has strengthened our teams this year, since first year, now in Toronto, has contributed many fine athletes. The following teams participated in intramural athletics: basketball, hockey, water polo, volleyball, tennis, track, squash and swimming. Neither swim- ming nor volleyball showed much in the win depart- ment but increased participation was encouraging. The freshman swim team won the intramural championship. The hockey team showed increased strength over last year and soon found its winning stride. This year the School of Architecture has supported three basketball teams, two major and one minor. Each won its fair share of games. ,We were fortunate to retain practically the same water polo team, which fulfilled toa consider- able degree its promise of last year. The School has been admirably represented by Fred Dawes on the tennis courts, Mike Zube-rec and Bruce Rawlinson in track and field. Athletically, the School of Architecture is slowly finding its place on the campus, and it is to be hoped that this development will reach its culmination in the near futureayh ' MEN 'S ATHLETICS . TOP ROW: E. D. HUBBARD, Prexidentj R. A. HALIBURTON, Vice-Prefidentjj. R. EVANS, .Yen'etat1'-Trearurerj R. VOLPB. SECOND ROW: E. Ricci, P. ROSEN, R. ANTONI, P. VERNON. BOTTOM ROW: P. MoRsE, W. M:XCKBNZIE, W. MCGlLLIVR.AY, W. RENWICK. Medical Athletic Association Y all pre-season dope, this should have been Meds' year for the T. A. Reed Trophy but when the final tally was made, they were in seventh place. With few exceptions the teams did 11Ot click often enough to bring home the silverware. In individual sports, Meds held up their end, especially early in the year. I.t was the perennial winners who kept Meds in the Interfaculty picture. "Axe" I-Ialiburton and the Meds I lacrosse team again fought off U.C. for their third con- secutive Dafoe Cup title. The Victoria Staff Cup also remains in the faculty as ST3 successfully defended their Inter-faculty volleyball laurels won last year. In water polo, Meds were in the fight until the end, being nhosed out in the final by U.C. This year's Athletic Stick has been awarded to E. D. Hubbard, this year's presi- dent of the M.A.A. Dery has been very active in both intercollegiate and inter- faculty athletics throughout his university career. I-Ie was a member of Blues' swimming teams for four years, making the Senior squad in his final two years. Also in the Intercollegiate picture, Dery was a member of last year's senior water polo team. In interfaculty swimming, he was the driving force behind Meds for several years, many of the teams winning championships. As an athletic executive, Dery spent three years on the M.A.A., including a term as vice-president and this year as president. All those in Meds athletics wish Dery continued success as he moves on into the practice of medicines? 462 MEN'S ATHLETICS MEDS I LACROSSE TEAM, WINNERS OF DAFOE CUP SECOND ROW: R. A. HALIBURTON, A. VARGA, R. HETHERINGTON,J. MCILRAITH, H. MOHER. FRONT ROW: E. BEATON, K. HoBsoN, H. HARLEY, Mmzagerj K. FIRMAN, W. ANDERSON. MEDS 5T3 VOLLEYBALL TEAM, WINNERS OF VICTORIA STAFF CUP SECOND ROW: F. B. FALLIS, W. S. RAwL1NsoN, R. L. RUDERMAN. FRONT ROW: W. E. PAGE, E. M. TANZ, M. LxNnzoN. 463 MEN'S ATHLETICS MEDS I SOCCER TEAM SECOND ROW: G. DARBY, M. LINDZON, W. RENWICK,J. KNAPP, I. STERN, D. BARR, G. FYPH. FRONT ROW: D. NARUSE, H. STEINMI. GREENBERG, R. LANE, M. AUERBACK, M. BARDENSTEIN ' MEDS I HOCKEY TEAM SECOND ROW: G. EVANS, DAWSON, MCGILLIVRAY, L. DE VEBER, W. RENWICK, Mafzagger, C. G. CosENs,J. MACDONALD, R. A. HALIBURTON. FRONT ROW: B. HALLIDAY, D. DALEY, W. MACKENZIE, A. CECUTTI, THOMSON. ABSENT: A. BELL, Caacbj W. ZATELNY,'A. LOUDEN. 464 MEN'S ATHLETICS G. WOOLIDGE, W. MOORE, Dirertorj DR. W. HOLMES, R. KIDD, CRAWFORD. Dentistry Athletic Association NOTHER full year of athletics for dentistry has not produced championship teams, but has produced championship spirit. This, after all, is more im- portant and Dentistry therefore had a successful year. Special credit and congratulations are in store for the freshmen, the pre-dental year who easily walked away with the minor basketball championship. If their spirit and sportsmanship are maintained and spreads to the senior years, Dentistry will once more lead in athletics. A To those men who willingly gave of their time to participate in athletics, the directorate would like to say "thanks for a swell job". Special mentionmight be given to those who while not participating, came out to cheer their classmates on. To the quarter master, Gord Woolidge, who took a great load off the athletic direc- tor's shoulders goes a special thanks. The retiring members of the Directorate would like to wish their successors the best of luck and many championshipsqyh 465 MEN'S ATHLETICS DENTISTRY FOOTBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: H. R. KIDD, CUDMORE, H. H. COWBURN, D. A. LALONDE, W. V. HICKMAN P. MEWHA, R. K. RYAN, R. F. HICKEN, R. HANNAH, I. HRABOWSKY, R. MCMILLBN G. WOOLIDGE, S. G. MESAROS, A. W. LAMPE, M. A. HEIT, K. M. THOMPSON, Coach. FRONT ROW: M. CRAWFORD, T. MCCUSKER, SIMPSON, D. I. DAYNE, W. MOORE W. GREGUS, R. MILLER, M. F. GALLAGHER, I. C. WI-IITB, R. S. STEFANIW. I DENTISTRY A HOCKEY TEAM SECOND ROW: R. SANDERSON, B. MEWI-IA, HURTON, F. CLUMPUS, W. PRICHARD, R. LOCKE. FRONT ROW: C. MURCHISON, R. WILSON, W. MOORE, D. PEARSON, G. LIVINGSTONE. ABSENT: P. RONDEAU, K. KYLE, W. YOUNG, R. WEEGAR. 466 1 MEN'S ATHLETICS DENTISTRY LACROSSE TEAM SECOND ROW: G. WOOLIDGE, R. PATRICK, N. DIEFENBACKER, D. MILLER, L. HASTINGS, Mamz,ger,'J. PHILLIPS, D. LALONDE, K. RYAN. A FRONT ROW: W. GERHART, WILLIAMS, L. GOODMAN, N. WEBSTER, R. PEARSON. ABSENT: W. MCLEAN, H. BENSON, M. PICARD. DENTISTRY A BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: W. GREGUS, N. ANDERSON, A. LINDZON, R. KIDD, E. JONES, A. ANDREWS, Coach. FRONT ROW: P. SILLS, E. HOFFMAN, W. MORRIS, R. HUNT, A. RICHMAN. 467 MEN'S ATHLETICS DENTISTRY SOCCER TEAM SECOND ROW: B. PATRICK, P. SILLS, P. THAYER, W. MULLINS. FRONT ROW: G. MILNE, D. BROWN, W. MCLEAN, AGGETT, NIKIPORUK. ABSENT: D. LBDLOW, PETERS, B. GOODMAN. DENTISTRY B HOCKEY TEAM SECOND ROW: R. SHEPPARD, CUDMORE, . R. MCMILLAN, CRAWFORD, F. KINOSHITA, R. SEDORE, R. KIDD, D. LALONDE. FRONT ROW: GLENNY, R. FULFORD, S. MESAROS, N. DIEFENBACKER, R. DARLING, W. MULLIN, LYON. DENTISTRY B BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: S. Fox, H. WOLFMAN, I. KLEINBERG, P. CURIE, P. MULVIN, A. RICHMOND, Coach. FRONT ROW: W. MOORE, L. GOODMAN, L. HEMMERICK, D, BROWN. ...VT1 e N. 4 'Al-PLZ 'x 'A lil- . DEN.TISTRY VOLLEYBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: VICKERY, N. ANDESSON, W. GREGUS, W. MORRIS. FRONT ROW: L. HASTINGS, R. MULVIN, H. KIDD. DENTISTRY WATER POLO TEAM SECOND ROW: B. MULROONEY, R. SHEPPAIID, N. HONI, Coach: G. MARSHALL, J. SIREN, A. HODGINS. FRONT ROW: THOMPSON, K. DAVEY, B. KLEIN. ABSENT: G. WOOLIDGE, T. WALTEIIS. DENTISTRY SWIMMING TEAM SECOND ROW: T. BROWN, F. TEMPLE, M. HoDG1Ns. FRONT ROW: H. NORI, G. WOOLIDGE, G. MARSHALL. MEN'S ATHLETICS I I I i i I I I Q I I l 7' V I 5 I 5 as ' 'iz I I MEN'S ATHLETICS P.H.E. I LACROSSE TEAM SECOND ROW: G. IVES, K. KEEGAN, A. ROBERTSON, R. SHEPHERD, D. MAYNARD. FRONT ROW: G. CUMMINGS, J. STUCKEY, DAVIES, R. STROM. P.H.E. II LACROSSE TEAM SECOND ROW: H. JEWSON, D. GRANT, G. CUMMINGS, Caacbj T. WASHER, W. OWSTON FRONT ROW: D. COLQUHOUN, FLOWERS, B. D1cxcsoN, C. HAIST. M-, 470 r MEN'S ATHLETICS ff f f 7 Z f ' wi, , , V P.H.E. I BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: M. GAYMAN, T. HOUSELY,J. MCMANUS, Coach. N. WEST, R. STROM. A FRONT ROW: R. CARR, K. KEEGAN, M. FURLONG, M. HADLOW, R. HEATH. P.H.E. III BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: GRAY, Coach, R. ROSEBRUGH, G. BARNHILLMI. ELL1o'r, C. HAIST, T. WASHER. FRONT ROW: R. GORDON, KENNEDY, E. FISHER, G. HIGENELL, H. JBWSON. 471 MEN'S ATHLETICS INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT HOCKEY TEAM SECOND ROW: JIM GARTIISHORR, Manager,' BBRNIB SHOULDICR, HARRIS MCPI-IAIL, KEN BAILEY, BARRY DOBSON, ABBY LIPSON, RAY CARRADINR, JACK KNOX, DOUG CROTTEAU, HAROLD SRLIGMAN, JUNIOR KEMP, NORM LRVINR, MAC McKAY, Coach. FRONT ROW: TRD WIIITRSIDR, WYNN FLOREN, MORLEY MBNDLESON, SRRGR YANCHUK, JOHN TAYLOR, JIM PEARSON. ABSENT: AL. EDWARDS, DOUG SPARKS. INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT BASKETBALL TEAM SECOND ROW: ALLAN EDWARDS, BILL SALTER, FRANK SHEPPARD, Coachj JIM SKEOCK, ABBY LIPSON, BERNARD CAUSTON, Manager. I FRONT ROW: NORMAN LAVIONB, BEV. HOWARD, JIM PEARSON, HAROLD SELIGMAN. 472 ' MEN'S ATHLETICS INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT LACROSSE TEAM JOHN BATES, BILL STEWART, Coaclaj JUNIOR KEMP, WIN. FLOREN, Md77dg6l',' BEV. HOWARD, BILL TAYLOR. ABSENT: JOHN KNOX. INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT SWIMMING TEAM THIRD ROW: JIM HICKS, JOHN RICHMOND, DAVE WARD. SECOND ROW: MAC MCKAY, ANTHONY WYMAN, RICHARD MAYNE, DOUGLAS SPARKS. FRONT ROW: BERNARD CAUSTON. 473 MEN'S ATHLETICS FORESTRY A HOCKEY TEAM W SECOND ROW: R. H. BANKS, K. S. HULME, A. C. POOLE, W. F. BEATTY, D. L. CUNNINGHAM, E. K. DREYBR, A. R. C. JONES. FRONT ROW: S. A. FOURMIER, P. G. MASTERSON, W. G. CLEAVLEY, W. H. D1GBY, Coach: W. K. CLAmc,J. V. DALY. Forestry Athletic Association HE Faculty of Forestry, which has been in the top three for the past three years in the quest for the T. A. Reed Trophy, is again attempting to capture this crown which has long eluded our grasp. Although we have never won this trophy, emblematic of student co-operation and spirit, our constant high position is a mark of which we can justly be proud. Outstanding athletes representing Forestry on Senior Intercollegiate teams this past season have been, Archie Jones, football, George Doull, track and harrierg Wilf Digby, hockey, Hugh Peacock and Bill Maslem, water polo. In addition Jones was awarded the George M. Biggs Trophy for 1948-49 as the University's outstand- ing athlete. The highlight in interfaculty competition this year was the green and white football team which vvon their group with six straight victories. They lost the semi- final to the Mulock Cup Winners, Victoria College, 19-11, after completely dominat- ing the first half to lead 6-O. Lack of reserves led to eventual defeat. First grade colours have been avvarded this year to E. Anderson, R. H. Banks, E. K. Dreyer, W. Maslem, D. C. Mason, R. Patrick, A. C. Poole, E. Tamosetiswif 474 MEN'S ATHLETICS 41 475 i MEN'S ATHLETICS 5 Fraternities ' 5 FRATERNITIES ACTIVE MEMBERS INCLUDE: ANNA BACON, LOIS BESTON, BETTY BONNER, BEVERLY BRITT, PAULINE DUFF, JOAN GROOM, DONNA KLIE, JOAN LAIRD, CONNIE MCEWEN, FLEUR MARSDEN, ISABEL MASON, LAURA MONSAROFF, BETTY RIDDELL, SHARLEY ROBINSON, SHIRLEY SILVERTON, BARBARA SMITH, CONNIB SPARROW, MARY-LOU THOMPSON. Alpha Chi Omega 478 'i ' FRATERNITIES ,pvwg-.-QLMQ. '- 5 - I 1' . I' E 1832: Alpha Delta Phi Xi, . , .... W WT... www .. ,S - . 5,3 , A FOURTH ROW: R. M. TAIT, A. M. STEWART, C. P. VERNON, T. H. WARDROP, R. B. DOUGAN I. F. H. ROGERS, H. D. W1Lxc1Ns, R. H. GAUNT, R. L. WATTS, E. HOWARD. THIRD ROW: W. MACPHEE, D. R. STEvENsoN, D. R. HUGHSON, B. STEVENSON, W. DIGBY, J. F. MUSTARD, H. A. HYDE, T. H. CRERAR, W. D. WILKINS, P. M. STEWART. SECOND ROW: D. WRIGHT, R. MCMURRICK, C. E. MEDLAND, E. M. SINCLAIR, Vire-Pre.ride11t,' G. PRINGLE, Prexidentg W. N. CONYERS, R. C. DowsETT, N. B. MCLEOD, W. BREWER. FRONT ROW: G. D. L. WATT, A. W. BooTHE, B. D. FENTON, B. W. TAYLQR, W. B. HARR1s, A. P. FELL, P. B. BELL. ABSENT: R. EVANS, N. M. WILSON. 479 FRATERNITIES Alpha Epsilon Phi HONEY TANZER, Trearzzrefg' EVELYN GOODMAN, 5'cribe,' ESTELLE SUGAR, Denny HELEN ZENER, Rmb Captain. ABSENT: MERRIJOY KELNER, .fzzb-Demz. HE past year was a very active one for Alpha Epsilon Phi. After a successful rushing season, there vvas the usual round of parties as vvell as charitable activities. The latter included a tea and sherry party during the Christmas holidays, and a theatre night, which vvas held in March. Plans are already under Way for next year, which the girls hope will be even more successful than the one just pastjgp SECOND ROW: SHIRLEY WAGMAN, HELEN ZENER, BEVERLEY KALLES, MARGARET FLORENCE, BARBARA GITTER, ELVA DOIGE, DIANNE SHANOPF, HELEN DELBAUM. FRONT ROW: VIOLET RosE, HONEY TANzER, EVELYN GOODMAN, ESTELLE SUGAR, ANN BOCHNER, SHIRLEY EGIER. ABSENT: MERRIJOY KELNER, EVELYN FINGOLD, BEVERLEY STARKMAN. 480 .A ..5,.. FRATERNITIES 00 I ,193 . ffQI5?'6?' XAQBAO. A!-lk' 'WQA 4 nr! l""' u ' O u 1 v Alpha Gamma Delta ,JA .5 5 -.A -if fe- zz 1 ' I 1 .1 9 A '--- W.. ,M :A FOURTH ROW: PAMELA COWIE, PAT MONTGOMERY, NANCY GRAHAM, ALLISON ZIMMERMAN, MARY SKEANS, ANNE MCCART, MARGARET SHERIDAN, BUNNY MACPHERSON, MARY MACPHERSON, CAROL KELLY, JANE YOUNG, JUNE JOHNSTON. THIRD ROW: MIDGE SPXCER, GLENNA WYLIE, ANN SCOTT, JOY HARDY, SHIRLEY SKEANS, CHARLOTTE FINKEL, HELEN MARY MCNICHOL, SYBIL MILES, CHRISTINE CLEMENT, MARY MEDLAND, GLORIA DOW, MARY SCHENK. SECOND ROW: MORA CAMPBELL, Firxt Vice-Prefidentj JANE SYMON, Serofzd Vice-Prefidentj JOAN PAINTER, DONNIE PARP, MRS. TEASDALE, HouJematlJer,' AUDREY Ross, Pre:ident,'JUNE PEMBERTON, JANE M.ACKLIN, PAT MACDONALD, LORNA JEAN KNIGHT. FRONT ROW: JANICE JOHNSON, JOYCE JENNER, SHIRLEY NORWICH, MARGARET HARRINGTON, PAT ORANGE, JOAN MARTIN, DIANE RIDDBLL. ABSENT: NIARGARET CAMPBELL, CATHERINE SCHENK, LORNA .JANE Dow. 481 FRATERNITIES A lpha Omega 1. SOL FOX, B.A., Toronto. WAS AN ATHLETE AT HARBORD C.I. AND IN R.C.A.F. THEN ENTERED DENTISTRY AND MARRIED. NOW TOO TIRED FOR SPORTS-WHY? 2. MAX FLORENCE, Peterboro. THE OTHER HALF OF Fox WHEN MRS. Fox IS NOT AROUND. NEVER MISSED A RED BALL IN THE CORNER POCKET. WILL PRACTISE IN OTTAWA. 3. AB GELMON, Preeceville, Sask. ENJOYED CEYLON COURTESY OF R.C.A.F. BETTER THAN HE DOES HOGTOWN. CALLED POP, BUT HAS NO CHILDREN?? 4. HAROLD J. HELLEN, Toronto. PAST PRESIDENT OF PI CHAPTER. WILL PRACTISE IN WESTON. 5. BERNARD PHILIP MASS, Winnipeg. I OLD MAN RIVER, OR WINNIPEG'S GIFT TO DENTANTICS. MARRIED. WILL PRACTISE IN EDMONTON. 6. IRV MEDNICK, Toronto. SAYS R.C.A.D.C. AN'D MARRIAGE TO A PHARMACIST ARE ASSETS TO ANY DENTAL STUDENT. THIS PROUD PAPA WILL PRACTISE IN LBASIDE. 7. GORDON PERLMUTTER, Toronto. PREFERS DENTISTRY 'ro BAKING. HIS LOVE OF TRAVEL DREW HIM TO NORTH YORK TO PRACTISE. A BEAUTIFUL NURSE IS A MUST IN HIS OFFICE. 8. NORMAN W. SHAUL, Toronto. SPENT HIS HONEYMOON AND FIRST ANNIVERSARY AT A.O. CONVENTIONS. "DO IT RIGHT IF AT ALL. WHAT SORT OF HWRONGOH ARE YOU?H 9. GEORGE J. STARR, Toronto. DIVIDES HIS TIME BETWEEN HIS WIFE BESS, BASKETBALL, HIS WIFE BESS, OAOS AND HIS WIFE BESS. OUR OWN BOB HOPE. 10. HARRY WINEBURG, Toronto. "IS THAT A NURSE OR A PATIENT, PLEASE TELL ME SIM. OH, ITYS ONLY HARRY THE JANITOR." 11. MARVIN POOKY WOLCI-I, B. sc. Winnipeg. MARRIED A LOCAL BELLE AND IS TAKING HER BACK TO IMPROVE THE POPULATION OP WESTERN CANADA. 12. PHIL ZAIDMAN, Toronto. MARRIED. NEVER MISSED A LECTURE UNTILJUNB 1949. NOW HE'S ALWAYS LATE-WONDER WHY!! 482 FRATERNITIES TOP ROW: A. BESWICK, S, Booocu, R. M. CLARK, MRS. R. P. FIELDNI. W. GILLESPIE. THIRD ROW: D. I. GOVE, R. F. HETHERINGTON, R. M. HINES, W. B. Hlcx, E. E. KLEIN. SECOND ROW: D. B. MCCONACHIE, N. T. MCPHEDRAN, P. H. MELVILLE, Miss SYLVIA RAMCHARAN, F. STEWART. BOTTOM ROW: S. H. WITZEL Alpha Omega Alpha LPHA OMEGA ALPHA is a non-secret College Medical Honour Society, membership in which is based entirely on scholarship, moral qualifications being satisfactory. Undergraduate members are chosen from the final tvvo years of the Medical Course. Organized at the College of lVIedicine of the University of Illinois, in Chicago, on August 25th, 1902, by William W. Root, it is the only order ofits kind in the Medical Schools of this continent. The spirit of the Society is set forth in its motto, "To be Worthy to serve the suffering' ', and in a modern interpretation of the Hippocratic Oath. It is the duty of its members to promote its ideals and to foster the scientific and philosophic features of the Medical Profession and to look beyond self to the welfare of the profession and public. It is also their duty to cultivate social mindedness as well as an individualis- tic attitude toward responsibilities, to show respect for their colleagues, elders and teachers, to foster research, and in all Ways strive to enrich and ennoble the pro- fession of Medicinew- 483 , 1 FRATERNITIES Alpha Phi . GRADUATES SUE ARRATIA HELENE CANNON JOAN CRYSDALE JANE DILLON BEVERLEY DUNCAN BETTY HARE KARLYN HOLLIS DOROTHY HUNT LOIS KELLY LIBBY MUssON SHIRLEY NEILSON BARBARA OWENS BARBARA ROBERTSON OLIVE-JANE PIPER JEAN SLACK JEAN TRUEMNER MARY TUCKWELL DALLIS WOOLLINGS UNDERG RADUATES JANE CAMPBELL MARY CAMPBELL JOAN CANDEE MARILYN CRAIG BARBARA CRANE DIANA COOK PATRICIA DELACOURT CLARE FORDE BARBARA GILL MARGARET LBITCH MARGOT MURRAY ELIZABETH PATTERSON SHIRLEY PUGI-I NANCY ROBERTSON CATHERINE ANN SCHADE SI-IEILA SMITH MARY WALTON ANN WHITE JOAN WILKINSON FRAN WILLSHER 484 1 A 'M I FRATERNITIES THIRD ROW: PI-IYLLIs HUEHN, EILEBN DICKER, BEVERLEY BRocIcETT, BARBARA ARMSTRONG, DIANA HUNTER, PI-IYLLIS HEWSON, MARGARET HAULTAIN, MARY CARTER, BARBARA BERNER, ELIZABETH McKEE. SECOND ROW: JEAN SANDERSON, ELIZABETH McKAY, KATHERINE VETTER, CATHERINE HOARE, JOAN-ANN GRAUPNER, LOUISE MCCREATH, BARBARA WALLS, CORINNE SIMS, ELIZABETH YssELsTYN. FRONT ROW: BARBARA SMITHERS, Preridentj MARY NOAD, BARBARA SHANNON, BETTY MAY, EILEEN SI-IEEDY, MARGARET LESLIE, MARY PRIOR, BARBARA STRUTHERS. ABSENT: RUTH HAWLEY, ELIZABETH KING, CLAIREJEWETT, MARGARET GIBSON. Alpha Omicron Pi ETA TAU Chapter's activities during the fall term included open house after two of the rugby games, and a successful Home Baking Sale, the proceeds of which were added to our Cerebral Palsy Fund which is the Philanthropic Project for all our Canadian Chapters. Our members also dressed dolls for a Settlement Christ- mas Tree. On December 8 our Founders' Day Banquet and initiation dance marked the closingof a busy fall term. g This term we plan to have a spring dance and are working on a project for our House Fundoyp 485 FRATERNI TIES GRADUATES SECOND ROW: ARTHUR SCHIPPER, MARVIN LIPMAN, MARVIN LESTER, SEYMOUR PURBIN. FRONT ROW: IRVING HERMAN, HARVEY FOSTER, GERALD NEWTON, GERALD KROLL. EXECUTIVE H, FOSTER, Chancellor. A. SCI-IIPPER, Vice-Chancellor. H. VOGEL, Srribe. G. KROLL, Auditor. PLEDGES VICTOR BEUEE MURRAY CAMISS WALTER COHBN .JERRY COOPER JOE GOLDENBERG MURPI-I GOLDSTEIN NORMAN HAEER NORMAN LEVINE ALEX MINDEN SAM SARICK MENDY SHARP JACK SHECTER FRED STEIN LEN TAUBE HERSCII TAYLOR DOUG ROHER HAROLD SELIGMAN Beta Sigma Rho MEMBERS IRWIN ATLIN MARVIN AUERBACK SYDNEY BANKS ABE BLACK SAM BOGOSH SYDNEY BURNS 'R 3, Q1 Ex Ci Wig lllllnf K L ACLU C ' A, 'Y ' fl ! v"'If in-ffl, lli v' lx:f'JJll,.R ljl',n -f.3!"'5v """" A Egg? IRVING CASS MICKEY COLOMBY SEYMOUR DURBIN BILL FREEDMAN JERRY FREEDMAN JACK GELLER BERNARD GOTTLIEI3 MARVIN GOODMAN IRVING HERMAN HARVEY KALEP MARVIN LESTER JERRY LEVINE MARVIN LIPMAN MAx MILSTONE JERRY NEWTON ELLIOT PEPPER IRV POMERANTZ BERNARD ROTSTEIN ORIN SAPIR LAWRENCE SAMUELS ROBERT SAUNDERS CHOC SILVERSTIEN HAROLD STEIN GERALD STITT SIGMUND VAILE MORRIS WASSERMAN MONTY WEISMAN FRATERNITIES BETA THETA PI TOP ROW: P. E. Nawmclc, O. S. WILLIAMS, W. M. SMALE, G. C. M. SIIIER, W. L. BLACK, A. B. DONALDSON. FIFTH ROW: S. STOCK, D. H. ROXBOROUGH, D. D. DONALDSON, A. W. BANFIBLD, F. C. MCLAUGHLIN, W. E. WATERS, FOURTH ROW: A. T. Ross, D. M. SLAVENWHITE, H. I. MURRAY,J. R. MIDDLETON, N. S. WILSON,J. C. COLWILL. THIRD ROW: B. E. Moons, B. B. CORDEN, A. W. REID, W. M. RAYNI.zR,J. Buss, C. W. P. VAN NORMAN. SECOND ROW: C. D. MINOR, W. D. Una, K. E. SNIDIIRNI. H. MOPPAT, M. H. SCHMI'l'I.',J. C. CARSON. BOTTOM ROW: R.J. PEARSALI., A. BRADSHAW,J. E. DURRAN. 487 FRATERNITIES I I 1 4 1 1 1 1 FOURTH ROW: G. D. SCROGGIE, E. EEERLE, S. WEBB, R. DICK, GOLDEN, K. FLEMING, F. FELL, W. B. HAGARTY, S. IRVINE. THIRD ROW: W. YORK, W. D. RUSSELL, E. H. HAGARTY, K. LAUNDY, T. M. HOLDEN, G. RUSSELL G. S. MACDONALD, R. BURNELL, W. CALvIN,J. A. HOOLIHAN. SECOND ROW: R. C. RUTHERPORD, H. M. HOWE, A. MCCOMBER, W. WIIITESIDE, W. SCHROEDBR, J. A. BEECIEIIE, M. A. WELLER. FRONT ROW: M. MCKAGUE, G. LESLIE, G. Cnooxs, W. M. CLARK, KEIIII, M. P. TI-IOMPSON, D. ROBINSON. ABSENT: C. BEATON, R. ROIIMER, D. B. ANDERSON. Delta Chi g ELTA CHI is a fraternity made international by the Osgoode Hall Chapter. Numbering 44 chapters throughout the United States, the Fraternity has developed greatly since its founding at Cornell University on October 15, 1890. Originally strictly in the legal field, Delta Chi yielded to the pressure of other professional groups and in 1923 became a general social fraternity. It was at this timethat Delta Chi abolished the so-called "hell-Week" of fraternity pledging, being the first international fraternity to do so. The Osgoode Chapter was chartered on Feb. 13, 1897. At the present time there are 44 active brothers including 16 men who were initiated this year. While drawing its members from all groups, it still maintains its legal flavor, the majority of its actives being graduates studying at Osgoode Hall. An attempt is made to balance the interests of all faculties, thus providing valuable cultured experience for all the members. A well-organized social life tempers the strictly academic atmosphere of the Chapter. Informal parties are held every Saturday night. Highlights among the special events are the Founders' Day Banquet on Oct. 15, the Santa Claus party for children, an elegant Christmas party, the Delta Chi Formal, a series of Alumni Teas for actives and friends and the Anniversary Dinner. This year Delta Chi entered the InterfFraternity Council for the first time. 'We look forward to an active participation with other groups in our pursuit of those things which make our professional and fraternal life worth Whi1e.4Q 48S Delta Delta W Delta INITIATES THIRD ROW: MOLLIE O'BR1EN, OLGA STALKER, VALERIE GRAHAM, JOYCE DOAN, PAT BECKETT, AILA FILPPULA. ' SECOND ROW: EAN ARSCOTT SYLVIA SKINNER J I 1 LIB LITTLE, WESANNE ANDERSON, MARO. LALOR. FRONT ROW: KAY LANG, LIL RUMISEK. GRADUATES SECOND ROW: MARY KITCHEN, JEAN COSSAR, J VAN CAMP, JAN DAVIS, BETTY JEAN FREEL. FRONT ROW: LAURIE RAEEERTY, GWEN GERRARD, GEORGIA RIDDELL, GRETCIIEN LEIBMAN, AUDREY ADDENIS, MARY' STACKHOUSE EILEEN JACKSON. FRATERNITIES 489 FRATERNITIES Delta Gamma HIS was another successful year for the Alpha Gamma chapter of Delta Gamma. The big project of the year was the Anchor Ball held at the Royal York Hotel. Members worked hard selling tickets and making decorations to make the dance a success. Again this year members of Delta Gamma took an active part in campus affairs. Those hold- ing ofiices on the W.U.A. were, Jane Ratz, President of the W.U.A., joan Irwin, Literary Director, Patricia Scott, Secretary, and Zaira Murray, Third Year President. Barbara Foreman was the secretary of the Physiotherapy Under- graduate Association. Active members of I.S.S. were Zaira Murray, Jane Findlay, Barbara Redfern, Margaret Milner, and Joanne Stoddart. Evelyn Howden took part in the Follies and Ross Creelman and Margaret Milner assisted in make- up. Mollie Doran was in the All-Varsity Review and Jane Findlay assisted in make-up. Joan and Jean Irwin sang in U.Cfs presentation of the Red Mill QVictor Herbertl. Joanne Stoddart was an Assistant Editor on the Undergrad and Patty Scott was art editor. Others took part in sports and attended various clubs on the campus. Once again Delta Gamma congratulates itself on the wholehearted participation of its members in worthwhile activities on and off the campus. And those who are graduating will not forget the responsibilities they have assumed and the lasting friendships they have made during their four years as members of Delta Gammaags 490 FRATERNITIES "1 i I Delta Kappa Epsilon FOURTH ROW: R. V. HOWSON, I. S. FRASER, A. R. CLEVERLEY, D. P. S. COATE, L. COBBAN, W. A. CORBETT, I. C. WHITE, E. DUPR, W. G. D. FARMER, H. G. THOMSON, W. P. THOMSON, D. W. WILSON. THIRD ROW: P. MCCARTER, D. WEBSTER, C. BARBER, R. W. HUTCHESON, H. H. GILBERT, D. S. MACDONALD, G. D. ARMSTRONG, G. SLADEN, C. D. ANDERSON, G. L. MOLLENHAUER, B. L. THOMAS. SECOND ROW: H. R. LOCKE, E. D. WIOLE, E. HURST, H. D. GUTHRIE, S. L. WIGLE, S. M. TOY, J. D. STBVENSON, R. HASSARD, E. R. HASTIE. FRONT ROW: D. W. SPARKS, R. S. HARRIS, H. WHITTAKER, C. LOUKRAS, D. STALKER, D. EASTMURE, G. G. WHITTAKER, M. DIGNAM, D. T. AINSLIE. ABSENT: H. GUTHRIE. 491 FRATERNITIES Delta Phi Epsilon EXECUTIVE DEBBY GOODLESS, Treafurer. ELVA MILLER, Correyponding Secretazja. JUDY CLAYMAN, Rgcording Secretafly. SHERA FACTOR, Pledge Mother. ELEANOR STEINHART, Pmzhellezzir Rep. JUDY BERNSTEIN, Prefiderzt. N EOPHYTES PEARL BRESLIN BUNNY DRERNIG HELEN GOLDBACH EDITH GREENBERG SHAVON KERBEL A SYBIL PENNY GILDA PERLMAN MOLLY REVZIN RUTH ROSEMAN YONA STERN EVELYN WELLMAN NORMA ZACKS 492 SORGRS JUDY BERNSTEIN JUDY CLAYMAN SHERA FACTOR DEBBY GOODLESS THELMA GRADER SELMA GREEN U JOAN ISAACSON EVELYN KALLEN JOYCE KERBBL LENORE KERT JENNY KLoTz SONYA LANDSEERG ELVA MILLER PEGGY PARKER SALLY RUEENSTEIN LOLA SHAUL ESTELLE SHORE ELEANOR STEINHART RUTH WOLCH FRATERNITIES V QV' 1:4 . . ' .f:f'.' Z- isial: V ' , 2,,, ,'V...f4W. 3 11 ' , .- . H 55190 Y. H, gmfzzjaw sz 5, 652451345 .312 zizfiff' . V - f. 454-W ,.7 ' J ' , 7 ', -c f -.,.,,.,.-.ffw ,Q .V V f f f. , , .ww ,K XV 7 . A .f -V f ,Ha 1 fi , ,Z 1, ,Af V V WX5C'Wl4 5 WM?fLffHH J Lweftwfz wmnfmmz-4 3 , -V12 - Vt ,J .ggi-521224 ,Er-1,13-592 ,52 -,zk.,:-'p ly' , -- f- Wffffbffffff t M3 Vwanwa as, :strata a.r1.wamAata at .wartime . dl""""'x V.. - ,ff 'V gf ' '::::x l Zaire' My K Q 1 2 . I 1 5 ss . Vg 5 5 . . 3 3 38 EJ 2 l gui? w 5 R s. . , 4 S . OAK, f.'.3:gjk'Z . uf if S, if . HETA CHAPTER A 'FAU DELTA 3950 Delta Tau Delta ELTA TAU DELTA was founded in 1858, a pioneer of the extensive present day system of fraternities. The fraternity exists to enrich university life through the companionship of congenial friends with common interests, and with all faculties represented. Social functions are organized to provide entertainment, post-football parties, formals, etc. These however dwindle to a regrettable obscurity after Xmas. COne must pass you know.D We are proud of our members. Among them this year are a great number of outstanding students. Bob "I hate athletes" Fahrig, a real tough mining engineer, walked off with the Kennacott scholarship last year. Bob is the grand old man of the fraternity, must be at least 38. The baby is Pfelps Bell, an aspiring pianist. Carne Bray Cbull fiddleb and Murray Legge CtrumpetD are also musicians but what sets them apart from Pfelps is the fact that they get paid. The BLUES were represented by Big Bill Scott who played centre, fumbled the ball occasionally but put up a pretty fair show. jack Pulford, Brent Rowe and Derty Berty Bethune will be remembered for their cavorting in Skule Nite. Nor can we forget the excellent leadership afforded the Lady Godiva Memorial Band by Thomas Hormone Kenny, our penny snatching treasurer. By and large we are enjoying one of our finest years and are honoured and proud to be a small part of the life at the University of Torontowgn 493 FRATERNITIES 1' 'WS , A -gj,'-,g-. .- . ' ' . . rf .. Q m A ' ' A I , ' -1 , , . . - A if 5 X ' - .-1.7 I. " A . N 2..:5.s..z. N f- - 5. A S. -A :A -xv.-:. -2-1 ,- 12 ' bu: -- f .1-'mf-zf'-2. - V, -I -. . -' E512-Tags fb - - ' 3 - 3 " M- ' . 'Q 55753 ' , ' "" 'if -'fi ' ' . , :" 3225: I, - . . ,-.9 I . Sf H. tts'-'s-'fm 1 tg ?f .1255 rl. dv il Lliiivfl IRM, F132 Eb. MJ mf ai. QOQPJAS.. 23" 'J' 'I +A" . ,'.f: Ria.-13 'kgs' "". . .ff ff. . fl.. .. ' A ' . ff - me x.1..l3i'K"Iii 9.31 .SHT QQ. R..iK25fisla 2.i2L"'fb3 sfrggsgar, ' ' 5355 ,... ' 255 2 . A ' . -- H - A .. 5:'.2'- -Sei .. If 4 ..,, , . ,i f . M5 1 QEZEIZJDJ, vE,i!E:.Z::., .A . ' HE . -.. A A 1 .3 Reg., -Q, .. ii I 2:3 .525-I K K ww .ws Q rj.-E., f- ' v . -, V 1 " A I ' "'A " J' -"'A I .R ,If . .-W, .,,, V29 Wig-, - H 6.2 fr? .1 Li' 7r?9"SF..F'a3', QD.QD5f3f.v2f N. :?.12kL..I. a3,3gQrg,gfIg gxgfgiybf will 9221, S :guy 1 . A . . , , I I ' V 5 . , A E.:- ' Q' ' l 'Q 1 Q Q A . . ,. A wi is Yi.G,.LQ1s..i30?T , Q,5,1Ag.?iUI3z3,q .:.:'a3.-a:r.,.eA511.,:2... J E 5Q2,.Q21iQQfE2egi5:fa222Ff-'-'f ' . ,S ' ' -4 A ' " . M zgzz.2g.z ..Iz::.s L 1 I . ' 1 .- " " - Qi. 3iwf'3lQZZQ14 Vl.'iC2Lf5i3I'1,IR.I , .1355 494 Delta Upsilon CHRISTIE ARNOLD, Constant Springs, Jamaica. ,JOHN ARNOLD, Elmira, Ontario. MANUEL DE ATUCHA, Caracas, Venezuela. GORDON BACQUE, Toronto. JOHN BOWLBY, Hamilton, Ontario. LAWRENCE BOYLE, Toronto. JOHN BURNIE, TORONTO. JOHN CHRISTILAW, Hamilton, Ontario. KENNETH CUMMING, Toronto. JOHN DAVISON, Shelbourne, Ontario. WILLIAM DINGWALL, Kenora, Ontario. JOHN EVANS, Toronto. Ross FAIR, St. Catharines, Ontario. PETER PARIS, Toronto. MICHAEL FINNELL, Pasadena, California. KEN FRID, Hamilton, Ontario. DAVID FRY, Toronto. ROBERT HUTCHISON, Fort William, Ontario. DOUGLAS KENT, Toronto. ROBIN LESUEUR, Sarnia, Ontario. WILLIAM MALONY, Winnipeg, Manitoba. JOHN MATHERS, Toronto. CAMPBELL MILLER, St. Thomas, Ontario. HAROLD MURPHY, Toronto. CHARLES PALMER, Toronto. HUGH PEACOCK, Montreal, Quebec. DAVID PEAT, Hamilton, Ontario. PAUL PHILP, Hamilton, Ontario. RONALD PIGGOTT, Hamilton, Ontario. KEN POTTIER, Hamilton, Ontario. DOUGLAS RAMSAY, Regina, Saskatchewan. WILLIAM RANKIN, Toronto. SCOTT SCROGGINS, Galt, Ontario. IAN VAN PRAAGH, Toronto. RICHARD VAN PRAAGH, Toronto. DEREK WALTON, Sao Paulo, Brazil. HUGH ZIMMBRMAN, Toronto. RICHARD ZIMMERMAN, Toronto. Toronto Qllbapter of ZBeIta Tldpsilon 55 Q R 2 fi? - f ooe e e o A .-i'3'QAg?.vI,456E'l iff . 1 9 1' 1949 39 Q S ,Ef - 4 - .J f 1 '::: 1 :iff 2 4-i f I ' 7' 2 2- EBAXKCMCK: vnoemcn f f, :Fiftieth Qnnihersarp Remember Zno, 1949 495 FRATERNITIES TOP ROW: MARY HEPBURN, HELEN MOORE, JOAN SHEPPARD, TOP ROW: MARGO MCKINNON, MARY HEPBURN, DIANA BETH THOMPSON, BEVERLY Fox. NESBITT, SHEILAGH COLLINS. 4 SECOND ROW: SHEILAGH COLLINS, JOAN BAGSLEY, MARGARET "AT PIANO"-DOREEN MILLER. FIRKY. Alpha Alpha Chapter Gamma Phi Beta JOAN BAGSLEY, MRS. BREITHAUPT, MARY JANE WIER, EE C D AT FOUNDER'S DAY BANQUET . TOP ROW: ANN SPENCE, BETH THOMPSON, HELEN MOORE, TOP ROW: MARY JANE WIER, BARBARA BALES, JEAN MARGO MCKINNON. MCEACHERAN, ANN SPENCE, Pre.rident,' BETH MCEACHERAN, AROUND CIRCLE: JOAN BAGSLEY, GORDON WHARRY, BETH THOMPSON, HELEN MOORE, MARGO MCKINNON. KATHERINE CURRIBv MARILYN DOANA PAT BROAD, DIANA SECOND ROW: JOAN SHEPPARD PAT BROAD, DOREEN MILLAR, NESEITT, JOAN SHEPPARD, MARGARET FIRKY, BEVERLY SHEILAGH COLLINS. , Fox. J 496 1 Iota Alpha Pi THIRD ROW: RAI DIRENRELD, BEss RUTMAN, ZARA GITTELSON, BELLA LASOWSKY, EFFIE HAHN. SECOND ROW: RUTH I-IENEROFSKY, DOROTHY GREENBLOOM, GLORIA I-IERMAN. FRONT ROW: CLAIRE BINDER, GOLDIE BRENMAN, LORRAINE FAIBISH, BARBARA WEINBERG. SECOND ROW: BEss RUTMAN, ZARA GITTLESON, BARBARA WEINBERG, GLORIA HERMAN, LORRAINE FAIBISH. FIRST ROW: RAI DIRENPELD, RUTH I-IENEROFSKY, CLAIRE BINDER, DOROTHY GREENBLOOM, GOLDIE BRENMAN. ABSENT: POLLY FEIGMAN, GOLDIE LEWIS, GLADYS KAGAN, BELLE FREEMAN, SHIRLEY I-IALEERSTADT, DOREEN WEINSTOCK. A FRATERNITIES THIRD ROW: RAI DIRENFELD, BEss RUTMAN. SECOND ROW: CLAIRE BINDER, ZARA GITTLESON. FRONT ROW: GOLDIE BRENMAN, RUTH HENBROFSKX' DOROTHY GREENBLOOM. ,ty . 4 J 3,3 . 497 FRATERNITIES 9 Kappa Alpha FOUNDED 1825 FOURTH ROW: W. C. LAWRENCE, R. D. FULLERTON, R. G. BERTRAM, P. L. E. GOERING, H. D. WILLIAMS A. R. MERCER, G. A. PAYNE,J. W. HARDIE, R. B. N. MCBURNEY, W. H. BATTEN. THIRD ROW: A. E. ROBERTS, D. W. FULFORD, A. H. FRANKEL, P. H. R. ALLEY, N. G. Ross, H. H. VERNON J. R. SIMPSON, T. W. LAWSON, D. A. H. SNOWDON, M. C. HAWKINS, A. H. AUSTIN, D. S. KENT. SECOND ROW: B. R. HARVEY, A. MACDONALD, H. MCMILLAN, D. H. CRAWFORD, C. A. FORBES W. A. FIRSTBROOK, D. A. MACWILLIAM, F. A. LAWSON, N. R. PATERSON. FRONT ROW: D. SIBBALD, R. D. BUTTERIIIELD, D. R. BYERS, M. B. MAIRS, A. C. B. WELLS,J. E. BAI-IEN W. M. Cox, C. G. PATERSON, G. L. TOPPIN. ABSENT: D. GLEN. 498 Kappa Sigma FACING THE WORLD, KAPPA SIG'S GRADUATES OF STO SECOND ROW: FRED BOTTOME, HAL PI-IILP, EASY KNIGHT. FRONT ROW: GEORGE NABLO, DON TEMPLEMAN, HERB LINCOLN, IAN MACMILLAN. NEW FACES FOR '50 SECOND ROW: PETE DUNLOP, KEN NoxEN, ERIC O'ROURKE, JOHN FANCY. FRONT ROW: GEORGE NABLO, DALE MCCARTIIY, Bon BLOUNT, JACK DUNLOP. C FRATERNITIES THE BOYS OF KAPPA SIGMA 499 FRATERNITIES THIRD ROW: C. C. HUSBAND, R. W. McDOWELL, I. W. HOLLINGSWORTH, W. A. WHALEN, R. H. O'GRADY, F. SERVOS, W. CRAVEN, R. B. JONES, V. R. PERRY, T. R. WALTON,J. T. SHEPPARD, C. R. LEACHMAN. SECOND ROW: T. HOGARTH, F. W. WHITE, D. P. JONES, A. H. STEVENS, W. B. DUNCAN, J. D. RosEEoRoUoH, H. B, McPHA1L. FRONT ROW: D. H. Sc0'r'r,J. B. BLANsHARD,J. S. MURRAY, L. S. EVANS, D. W. GOUDIE. Lambda Chi Alpha HE Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity was founded at Boston University in 1909. Since that time Lambda Chi Alpha has grown to be one of the foremost Inter- national Fraternities. It is represented at 130 colleges including Canadian Chapters in Alberta, Toronto, British Columbia, and McGill. The Chapter on this campus, Epsilon-Epsilon, was established in 1927 from a local Fraternity, Alpha Epsilon, founded in 1916. The Chapter has always been active on the campus and this year many members are on the executives of various University organizations. Athletics are well repre- sented in the House and the Alumni roll contains many holders of Varsity "T's' '. The most widely known of the Chapter's social functions is the Sweetheart Rally. This is a traditional occasion on which the Chapter selects a Sweetheart and per- forms a crowning ceremony in front of the Chapter House after the Toronto-Western football game. Needless to say, at each ceremony "a grand time is had by all'. Participation in activities of the Inter-Fraternity Council plays a large part in the Chapter life. The House is well represented in the Council sports league as we "do or die for Lambda Chi". . ' . It is tolibe noted that the'House is now completely owned by the Chapter and plans for an expansion of facilities are on the blue-prints . . . so look to Lambda Chi for bigger things in the coming yearswyn L 500 i Pi Nu: Sigma Nu FRATERNITIES TOP ROW: S. T. BAIN, P. E. BLUNDELLMI. E. BOONE, R. CALDWELL, A. H. COLE, L. L. DEVEBER, G. A. DUTI-IIE. FIFTH ROW: E. P. EDMUNDS, R. H. D. FARMER, D. E. GAMBLE,J. D. GIBSON, W. G. GRANT, F. E. A. GRIPFITHs,J. F. HALBY. FOURTH ROW: W. K. HOBBS,J. D. HORAN,J. G. HUMPHREY, R. D. HUNTER, R. ENIOHNSTON, H. W. KELLER, P .W. LAPP. THIRD ROW: D. LEwIs,J. A. MACDONALD, R. K. MILLER, F. L. MOEPATT, K. MURRAY, K. MUSTARD, R. L. PERKIN. SECOND ROW: D. A. SARIENT, D. R. F. SMITH, D. H. SMITH, R. L. SMITH, D. W. STOREY, W. E. SULLIVAN, R E. TINDALE. BOTTOM ROW: R. R. ToEws, W. C. TRUSLER, B. WYNNE. 501 FRATERNITIES Phi Chi TOP ROW: R. B. ALLMAN, A. B. ARSCOTT, EJ. BEATON, R. BJ. BEST, R. BILLINOS,J. A. BRAYLEY, D. BRODIE. FIFTH ROW: D. Y. CALDWELL, T. COLQUHOUN, K. I. DECKERT, A. DEYILL, G. H. ECIIERT, F. E. EGOLETON, C. M. ELLIOT. FOURTH ROW: M. E. FAIR, K. FIRMAN, D. M. FRASER, F. C. HAMILTON, R. B. HARRIS,J. HEPLER, W. R. LAIDLAW. THIRD ROW: A. S. LUNDQUIST, W. MACKENZIE, A. MALCOLM, D. MCCOWIE, M. MCKAY, N. P. MONTGOMERY, B.H. MORRISON SECOND ROW: P. L. MORTON, H. A. MUSTARD, W. E. NOONAN, D. A. PELTON, D. R. PUSHMAN, W. A. RENWICK R L. RICHARDSON, H. A. RICHMOND. BOTTOM ROW: ROOME,J. B. SULLIVANMI. E. SULLIVAN, A. TALBOT,J. TEMPLEMI. A. WEIR,J. L. WIiITE, B. H. WITTERICK. 502 X. FRATERNITIES A I I I 5 I I I "QV cfvw 'sg f 'T' Lia, -fs. ,',,,..., xv. '1 - """' cl L- fx ',,.-,-.xw,,. ..--"""" ff" . 'NN N--M M- NN. fi' 65.--ff' 1,14--'Nf'Tw ' ,-f-s lf- ,-,.,, . 7-:WM H' ,Lf man--T 4-f-' I ,.L.1v-fx- 4.cf7w"T"'2'T"' I 'L tl' ,1-f' r"" F' -:fd--f' 5--"""' . . 5' I --Lyn 'f K' I .-Hx-Y' ...,,.,.,.,. 7- ff 's.."' --1, X- my Chief D. G. COBURN Figi Grad Stew R. Ia HETI-IERINGTON R M BAREORD J. H. SHIRRIFF w. L. BOLAND w R. G. ALLEN J J IIIRRENSHAW cz. A. LLIMMINGS D. R. IJYMENT G. M. FARQLTHARSON w. Is. REYNOLDS H. A. A ROSE G. A. LAWRENCE A. G. BARNES T. R. Ia. CLARKE w. A, IIUIR R. D. SCYTHIQS H. R. HAYMAN w. G. WHITTAKER G. IIOAI-:E J. T. OSBORNE Lovely Bunch of Cocoanutf . D. YATES . A. A, W. STANLEY , K. LEWIS J. R. G. HUNTER E. A. NLIGENT R. C. A. MILLS Ia. R. Ia. CQLIIERT J. G. KEENLYSIDE H. II. KEENLYSIDE Is. C. BONE J. D. ALLIN J. C. A. WILSON A. Is. SYLVESTER E. Q. R. HENDERSON R. s. FOWLER D. E. BOAKE IAN MEIKLEHAM R. WILSON D DYMENT P. HEYLAND J. LITTLE R. QARSQN 43, J JENNER 44 D. MADDOCK G. HAYMAN w. ELILLERTON w. COLILS H. SIMPSON D. ARMITAGE R. L. NEFF . L+., 1... 1 503 FRATERNITIES X. f x 6 rj! xt. ' tw ' ss- X, Vj k' .' QI: -1 2 494'- Phi Delta Theta FOURTH ROW: F. C. PIM, D. H. E. CROSS, V. B. SEFTON, A. C. ANNIS, R. G. RYAN, R. E. KEEN R. MILLER, L. T. SMITH, D. I. SPRAGUEMI. R. GRAY, R. HOUSTON, N. L. SPENCER. THIRD ROW: M. S. ARCHIBALD, C. H. SMITH, G. W. BRIGDEN, W. HUTCHESON, G. COWAN R. W. MCPHERSON,J. B. LIvINGsToN,J. W. MARTYN, G. T. BAILEY, C. G. SALE. SECOND ROW: J. M. SIMON, D. V. WILLOUGIIBY, R. F. C. HISCOX, D. P. THOMAS, D. M. MARTYN S. B. HOGG, C. L. RODGERS. FRONT ROW: R. N. WATEROUS, E. F. HILL, G. N. STANDXNGMI. A. HILLIKER. 504 A FRATERNITIES J! R. f SSI 94 I -K L fa ' i QA . Q' : FI H if ' 5 E i XR A C , T 593' Igvfl pl, FOUNDED: MIAMI UNIVERSITY 1848 ACTIVE CHAPTERS: 108 FRATRES IN FACULTATE DUNCAN ARCHIBALD GRAHAM CLARENCE B. FARRAR HAROLD DEWITT BALL ALEXANDER THOM CRINGAN JOHN HARRY EBBS WILLIAM BRAY SPAULDING WILLIAM CLARE WONDERS FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE ARTHUR CLIFTON ANNIS MALCOLM STOCKTON ARCHIBALD GEORGE THORNTON BAILEY GEORGE WILLIAM BRIGDEN JAMES GRANT COWAN DALTON HARVEY ERICKSON CROSS FREDERICK BRYSON F ARRILL JOHN RUSSELL GRAY EARLE FORREST HILL JOHN ARTHUR HILLIKER ROBERT FRANKLIN HIScOx STANTON BARDSLEY HOGG JOHN RICHARD HOUSTON WILLIAM JOHN HUTCHESON ROBERT EDMUND KEENE JOHN BRADNER LIVINGSTON DONALD MURRAY MARTYN ONTARIO ALPHA: 1906 CHAPTER ROLL: 396 F RATRES IN AULE OSGOODE RICHARD GOODMAN BURT LEWIS ALEXANDER RODGERS JOHN WALTER MARTYN ROBERT JOHN WILLIAM MCPHBRSON ROBERT JAMES MILLER FREDERICK CHARLES PIM RICHARD GORDON RYAN CHARLES GEORGE SALE VERNER BLAKEY SERTON JOHN MURRAY SIMON CLARK HAMILTON SMITH LEON THURSTON SMITH NORMAN LEONARD SPENCER DONALD INNES SPRAGUE GEORGE NORMAN STANDING DOUGLAS PRITCHARD THOMAS RICHARD NORMAN WATEROUS DONALD VICTOR WILLOUGHBY JAMES BASIL CRAIG -41 -G-5? sg - 1:92 fbkiiflxx FRATERNITIES F, ,..,,, 1, J H '- .:u-- 2 . wpkxlaks K4 V U bmiyl 5 'M I Ygfjp Wx . N, I f Mig. X1 1 Sfvvoift Sanuk QF 3.12641 fd5'O M.S.5lascr1 H-rlriinoll Ln--W xx X.. N Bfthudfil yiisw flyigrfgglian l.A9PiP 5-num C-Rance!! K-l 1 gymbuvrn . H.SEarKmf1f'! 8, M elder N' Sarnskb HJZISS' 506 -Q Q, '-t"'h.. ' 1:""i., .V ,:,,,l, llll I Y Ev 14, Chapin 3. Zobermfm "lm FRATERNITIES I I 1 V " ' I V' 5 NWQ sen lf! S.Stu 5 PQZHBY' 11Q,M-in Akafrw N. Laprkf BLB. if TA RQ Q A0 N 5 TER 1 NXT! Rnizin ZX mfvers 25 cimafaff . K A iiammker .Torem 7. Wagner H-Baskin Sinosfrack ? ' s ' A smffvsa 507 FRATERNITIES 508 C. A. ASHLEY V. W. BLADEN G. W. BROWN R. M. W. CHITTY A. F. COVENTRY GEORGE EDISON RUGGLES GEORGE Phi Kappa Pi FRATRES IN FACULTATE G. P. DET. GLAZEBROOK H. A. HUNTER R. F. MCRAE SIR E. C. MACMILLAN S. E. SMITH JOHN WILLIS FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE J. T. DESERISAY G. D. FINLAYSON K. D. FINLAYSON R. S. MONTGOMERY R. W. MORRIS R. W. SUMMERBY FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE E. ANDERSON E. R. CASE C. R. CATTO D. W. COCKBURN G. E. EYFORD C. E. FICK T. G. GUEST W. HUGHES J. P. HURTON E. B. HUTCHINS J. K. LAMBIE R. F. LANE P. A. LAPP G. W. LIGHTSTONE D. D. LOCKHART A. A. McKAY D. G. MALCOLM W. B. MAYNARD G. K. M. MONTIZAMBERT W. MULLEN L. S. M. PARTRIDGE J. W. B. REDPORD P. I.. RONDEAU W. M. P. Ross J. V. SIREN H. B. SMITH W. A. THROOP K. P. WATSON FRATERNITIES Beta l 509 FRATERNITIES Pi Lambda Phi CANADA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED AT TORONTO 1922 THIRD ROW: H. DAITOR, H. WOLFE, SILVERT, C. BERGMAN, M. PERLMAN, H. STEINBBRG, R. BERG S. GILBERT, B. WISE, R. MASTERS, M. COOPER, A. PULVER, C. HALPERN, H.'SOLWAY, G. FREEMAN M. TORGOV. SECOND ROW: R. WINBERG, S. LIPSON, M. SPRACHMAN, I. PASTERNAK, D. GREISMAN, B. ABBOTT, R. LORIE G. FINE, E. GRUSON, B. LOFTUS, L. SIMPSON, A. LEWIS, W. BUCKLER. FRONT ROW: M. BROWN, S. FAGAN, S. KOFMAN, N. SCHIBPER, S. SIGAL, H. NASHMAN, M. SUSSMAN M. BRODEY, M. YOLLES, M. TANZ, S. RUDOLPH, B. BROWN, A. COOPER, G. WEINBERG, S. KLEGANOPB S. GREBEN. 10 5 'z Sigma Chi FRATERNITIES TOP ROW: M. ANDERSON, G. R. BARCLAY', P. P. BERNHARDT, C. G. BROWN, E. C. BROWN, D. S. CHEADLE, A. CHRISTENSENI FIFTH ROW: A. A. COLES, P. DALTON, A. F. DEWEY,J. T. W. DYKE, T. M. FIELDER, R. A. FISHER, W. FLEMING. FOURTH ROW: F. GREENE, C. GRIFFITHS, L. W. HAMILTON, A. HOUSTON, R. D. JOHNSTON, C. KENNEDY, L. LADELL. THIRD ROW: W. N. LLOYD, B. D. MACDONALD, D. A. MCLEAN, B. F. MERWIN,J. H. MORAN, T. W. MUIR, H. MUNRO. SECOND ROW: NEIL, K. G. PERKINS, A. R. PURVIS, R. G. RUMBLEMI. M. M. SIMPSON, G. F. SLATER, H. A. SMITH. BOTTOM ROW: H. SMITH, E. P. SNIDER, R. M. SUTHERLAND, B. R. WALKER,J. P. WICKWARE. 511 FRATERNITIES W V I -zrclzaxzvsy. . S nz.: W 1 1 1 , O. A 4 N' A M 1 , X 1 Psi Upsilon THIRD ROW: W. E. OGDEN, W. DESLAURIERS, R. DICKSON, E. P. STRICKLAND, T. R. DRYDEN R. K. LUDWICK, T. L. MORRISON, G. F. OSBALDESTON, S. KNIGHT, G. R. WILLIAMS, W. G. GLOVER F. T. DENTON, F. W. CALLAGHAN. SECOND ROW: G. V. TOVELI., G. W. IRVING, A. DANCY, W. Gnrscus, M. K. IRWIN, M. E. DOXVNING J. B. WATSON, T. M. RILEY, R. O. HOWIE, R. C. MACGILLIVRAY, G. C. BELL, C. W. BLIGHT, R. STAMP FRONT ROW: D. C. TESKEY, D. H. SCOTT, A. TORY, M. TORY, Recording .S'ecretar3',' A. M. AUSTIN Home Ma1zage1',' T. R. HANLEY, Pre.ride11t,' D. W. HILLHOUSE, Carrefpondintg s9!,'?'?fd7:'V,' Das. R. GRIEVES- DIXON, Mmm- of the Revelfj G. OSBALDESTON, M. W. SAUNDERS, Trea.r1n'e1',' W. D. SWAN. 512 ' FRATERNITIES Psi Upsilon FOUNDED-UNION COLLEGE, 1833 i UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, 1920 N 1900 a group of students at the University of Toronto banded together in a local fraternity, the Chi Delta Psi, with the hope of eventually obtaining a charter from the then Well established Psi Upsilon Fraternity. Disregarding other offers of international affiliation, the members of Chi Delta Psi persisted in their quest until, after twenty years, the fraternity became the Nu Chapter of Psi Upsilon. Since the granting ofthe charter, the chapter has actively represented Psi Upsilon on the University of Toronto campus. The undergraduate brothers look with pride at the achievements and service rendered to our country and University by the graduate brothers of Psi Upsilonnqp 513 FRATERNITIES Sigma Sigma Nu FTER twenty-seven years of successful operation as an independent fraternity under the name of Kappa Rho Tau, this group last year became associated with one of the larger college fraternal organizations, when it became affiliated with Sigma Nu. The pictures on this page are indicative of the variety of activities and the wholesome good-fellowship which are enjoyed by the forty-eight active under- graduate members of our organization and their friends at the Chapter House, 506 Huron Streetmygw 514 FRATERNITIES FOURTH ROW: DJ. A. CAVEN, R. E. SPARRow,J. H. MILNE, W. N. HENDERSON, D. H. WEIR,J. D. KLEIN, R. P. HOLMES, D. A. W. SIME, W. D. CAMPBELL. THIRD ROW: R. L. MACDONALD, S. C. HOWARD, D. B. MITCHELL, A. R. OLIVER, G. D. ARNOT, M. K. SHELLEY, M. A. MORASSUTTI, W. B. HANLEY, D. R. EVANS. SECOND ROW: R. W. NICHOLLS, A. BOWDEN, G. K. MCKELVEY, C. B. XVRONG, H. KNOWLES, L. T. BROUSE, R. H. MORRIS, R. A. MACKINNON, M. C. DOBBIN. FRONT ROW: D. TOOGOOD, W. G. FRANCIS, T. D. BARNES, L. K. LODGE, R. A. MARTIN,J. T. DICKSON. ABSENT: N. D. Fox. Theta Delta Chi H. KNOWLES, Prefidentj KEITH LAWRENCE, P.G.L.,' NORM HACKETT, Secremfgfj LIONEL BROUSE, Toaftmarter. HIS year will see a large num- ber of Theta Delts from Lamb- da Deuteron graduating and taking with them College and fraternity experiences and memories. Special credit and thanks are Clue President Knowles for the fine achievements through the year and congratula- tions to those brothers who were stanclouts athletica1ly.+ 515 FRATERNITIES ESWW44 ,..7'f 2 .. f:r"'C Q. Q-:fb 247 viii' ,, ,Q nn... R H I Zeta Psi FOURTH ROW: M. B. BEATTY, C. P. CAMERON, D. M. ROBERTSON, R. WHITEHEAD, R. M. GRILLS, L. S. O'BRIAN,J. B. WHITTEIY, E. M. LEUTY, C. R. B. SALTER, B. A. HOwARD,J. M. ARMOUR. - THIRD ROW: W. AUSTIN JR., A. MCVITTIE, T. A. DORAN, R. H. SADLBIR, A. MAUNDBR W. I. M. TURNERJR., P. M. TURNER, H. L. WRONG, T. M. H. HALL, D. H. WISHART. SECOND ROW: W. BIDDELL, W. L. HEISEY, K. ARMOUR, R. C. S. WISE, S. D. WOODRUPF S. HEIGHINGTON, M. B. OSBORNE, H. P. WRIGHT, I. F. MORCH, A. H. ZIMMERMAN, G. F. BROOKS. FRONT ROW: R. H. RAILTON, T. H. B. SYMONS, H. R. LAWSON, W. P. SKINNER, W. LINKLATER D.J. W. LITTLE, R. S. MCLENNAN, E. LEISHMAN, D. N. GREEY. 516 I 4' 3 v ' . LA' 'Q ff If H 1 ml -af ZETA Psi FOUNDED: 1847 NO. ACTIVE CHAPTERS: 32 CHAPTER POUNDED: 1879 CHAPTER ROLL: 45 FRATRES IN FACULTATE DR. R. G. ARMOUR DR. E. H. BOTTEREL DR. WM. BOYD E. L. DODINGTON L. S. DODINGTON P. B. HUGHES DR. H. H. HYLAND DR. A. B. MESURIER CHESTER MARTIN DR. H. E. RYKERT SPENCE DR. D. E. S. WISHART BRIG. MACKENZIE WATERS DR. JAMES Ross DR. P. H. GREEY FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE J. H. ADDISON J. K. ARMOUR M. ARMOUR J. W. AUSTIN R. BAZOS M. B. BEATTY J. W. RIDDELL G. F. BROOKS . P. CAMERON . A. DORAN N. GREEY . M. GRxLLs . M. H. HALL S. HEIGHINGTON W. L. HE1sEY B. A. HOWARD H. R. LAWSON J. E. LEISHMAN J. W. LINKLATER E. M. LEUTY D. W. LITTLE R. S. MCLENNAN '-lwpv-In FRATRES IN AULE J. A. MAUNDER J. D. MCVITTIE H. MEREDITH J. F. MORCH L. G. NORLE L. S. G'BRIAN M. B. OSBORNE R. H. RATLTON D. H. ROBERTSON R. H. SADLEIR C. R. B. SALTER W. P. SKINNER T. H. B. SYMONS P. M. TURNER W. M. TURNER JR. R. WHITEHEAD J. B. XVHITTEN R. A. S. WISE H. D. WRIGHT H. L. WRONG A. H. ZTMMERMAN OSGOODE E. CLARKE F. GREEK A. M. HUYKE H. LAMAR H. RIDOUT FRATERNITIES 517 FRATERNITIES XI PSI PHI TOP ROW: G. T. MILNE, Prefiderztj A. G. ANDREWS, Vice-Pre.rident,' W. R. MORRIS, 5'ecremry,' I... AINGER, Treafurer, L. T. OLDFIELD, Home Manager,' C. E. FORLER, Editor. FOURTH ROW: A. M. ADDEMS, G. AGGETT, A. G. ALLISON, N. F. ANDERSON, M. ARMITAGE, H. A. BENSON, D. F. BROWN H. C. BUGDEN. THIRD ROW: W. A. BURGMAN, H. CAMPBELL, J. M. CAREFOOT, E. GRAFF, L. E. HASTINGS, B. W. HEROD, V. A. HERRON, R. A. HUNT. SECOND ROW: G. MILL1XR, M. R. MII.LAR, W. R. MOORE, R. W. MULVIN, D. A. NORBURY, D. B. PALMER, PERDICARIS, W. PRITCHARD. BOTTOM ROW: H. W. SHANKS, C. STICKEL, W. C. WAID, R. WAINRIGHT, C. E. WEBSTER, N. H. WEBSTER, R. C. WEEGAR, I. C. WHITE. 518 7 I Fi ' I mi fx- fist: -- , 'Q- ' I . -C Mai?-N x I .1 R , -15-.a-P- te-'-ii ' Tomonnow 'S : ' "CTT:-it--f,,7,,,,,.,.-1-"'::1:E7 g l, -slr.: M W IMYIANHV 0 0 N ' IES me at QTOA muon omowzs t ,-.' - gifizfliiljj-5.. U ',ffffEw'i" MORE THAN A MILLION CANADIANS SAVE AT THE B of M : ,,,,-,-,,---- .... ... . ----- --..---------------------------s--.annum-ml I S I BANK GF oNTREAL Branches near the U. of T. St. George and Bloor Streets: EDWARD I. MacKELL, Manager Bloor and Bay Streets: STANLEY G. HAZELL, Manager Queen's Park Branch: JCSEPH BURDOCK, ,Manager Qaadak 3,444 . . . WORKING WITH CANADIANS IN EVERY WALK OF LIFE SINCE 1817 PUBLIC SERVICE We are very proud of the men and women who represent this Company in the field. Stress has been laid upon the definite policy followed in the development of our field forces. This policy is based on the rigid selection and thorough training. It is based also on the belief that the 'buying public is entitled to and needs now more than ever before, intelligent, Well- informed, conscientious advice and service in connection with the arrangement of life insurance estates, regardless of their size. ' L 7 ANA ALIFE Jdzzffafzce Head Office - Toronto, Canada 14 Wfacfefuz Gampanq - Uaea 700 qfeaad GU .. 5 4 1423? Wm L A "RIGHT GN THE EDGE GF THE CAMPUS" Ashley dt Crqnpen portraits of the College Graduates are taken with study and skill, and like all Ashley :Q Crqopen photographs are given time and care by craftsmen who are unhurried in their work. ASHLEY SL CRIPPEN 196 BLOOR STREET WEST - Klngsdale 6113 521 :lf g. 4 . -1 -2 ' K . 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This land of lakes and streams has the largest per citizen consumption of electricity in the world! One half the developed water-power is generated by Canadian Westinghouse manufactured machines. Industry's respect for Westinghouse engineering skill and knowledge of production is matched by the Canadian home owner's pride in Westing- house appliances. Hear John Fisher and the Don Wright E Chorus as guests of Westinghouse, Sunday evenings at 10:30 e.s.t. on the Dominion Network of the CBC. ,Q :- W 'Q I. -a ,I -e n -A 4 5: I - 1 i . 41 .i x. 4 u 3 fl .1 1.15 -Ln ,n4'SfS. 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