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'34 4144 4V4444'M4h 'W ' 4'4" 4 TORONTONENSIS Volume XLI 1 939 nf 4 4 v - fm" 1 fe, . 1, WW 1 f , 1 lu p -1 I iw :: J g' V! 10, ' ' -I 1. Q. VV'-him if x 'xx gn 4. tu' 45. -QS , wx- I ' a w .11 . '97 . 41'-ll' 1 , -WJ, YH' I ,KV . gf' ' A W L A Y nl . J W 5 .R W D . k 'Mn "WV ...+L M ffm 193 9 .iron fonenziid Lea! Ly fAe .syfuclenfazfdolminiafrafiue Co of fke Mniuerdify of joronfo 1898 1899 1900 1901 1902: 1903 1904: 1905: 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 Burriss Gahan G. W. Ross E. H. Cooper No Publication F. H. Phipps W. J. Bird E. A. Mclntyre W. N. Hutton L. Buchanan M. F. Dunham Claris Edwin Silcox D. E. S. Wishart G. M. Willoughby R. C. Geddes FORMER EDITORS 1912 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924: 1925 E. A. Bott P. T. Dowling A. McLeod Herbert Turney Herbert Turney Herbert Turney J. Bacon Brodie H. G. Stapells Fred C. Hastings Roy V. Sowers Everett L. Wasson Everett L. Wasson Ralph B. Cowan Warner A. Higgins 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932: 1933: 1934: 1935 1936: 1937 1938: Fraser W. Robertson George L. Roberts Wilfred E. Shute Maurice T. de Pencier R. C. H. Mitchell W. F. Payton Gordon Masters S. A. R. Wood F. W. Pooley J. K. Thomas Frederic Branscombe Frederic Branscombe W. Caron Jones BOARD OF EDITORS JOHN JAMES HENRY Editor-in-Chief Ralph Reginald Ireland Associate Editor Samuel Augustus Lipin Organizations Clarence Franklin Thompson Associate Organizations Edward Alexander Macdonald, Business Manager John James Brown Photography Albert Roche Mallon Fraternities Charles Lane Wilson Athletics B.A. THE HONOURABLE AND REVEREND H. J. CODY, M.A.. D.D.. LL.D DEDICHTION This, the forty-first volume of Torontonensis, is affectionately and respectfully dedicated to the Honourable and Reverend Dr. H. J. Cody, Presi- dent of the University of Toronto, on the occa- sion of the fiftieth anniversary of his graduation. "Four things a man must learn to do If he would make his record true: To think without confusion clearly, To love his fellow men sincerely, To act from honest motives purely. To trust in God and heaven securely." Former Editors ....,.. Board of Editors ,. o o Dedication p .,,,.,,.. .d..... ....,,... ...d 4 , The President's Message University College Biographies . A 3 o,,i.., 3 . Organizations 3 . ..,4 Athletics l..,. - Victoria College Biographies ..aa . . , t.,., Organizations M, 3 ., Athletics .,.r . . F F A... 351, TABLE OF CONTENTS 4 Trinity College 5 Biographies ...s.o , 7 Organizations .,s.,, ..o, ,o.,. Athletics .,..,,.,, 5 ...4 , n.ana. F ,. 353, 13 St. Michael's College 16 - - Biographies pt.t. r.r,.3,..,...3 250 Organizations . ., 398 Athletics ..4.p,.3.,, ,3.,3 ,,3pnp 3 5 6, 46 Commerce and Finance 262 Biographies .....4,..,.....,,3....p.o..p.3p .sp. 403 Organizations ...,,, Teachers' Course Biographies 3,.,...,,.n Organizations .....p.. ....,..V. .,..,, Faculty of Medicine Biographies ..o...,.,...a.p..,,... ,.,....,.. Organizations ............ ,,......,.. A ... Athletics .si....4.,..,......,...., p.... 3 53, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Biographies .4..a,.. ,,..,.a..,. .....,. Organizations .....,. ....... Athletics ..,A,y..,.,. ...,.r Faculty of Dentistry Biographies ., ,,... t........, . Organizations ,...... Athletics ,.t..,....,t,.... 4 , Wycliffe College Biographies ,,,.,o.,o..... Organizations .n,. ,. Athletics ...,, ....,o. Knox College Biographies ....o.. Organizations ,...... Athletics sAo......o...,,,..,..,o Emmanuel College Biographies 4 ...,...i..A.... . Organizations Athletics .,,.,......,,s 1 A A... , so A Faculty of Forestry Ontario Veterinary College Biographies . .. 1 ,,nn..n,.s ..... 160 Organizations 1 A ,in, . ,,.... A A. . 314 Athletics ,.o, s....o ,.,. , . ., . 384 Ontario College of Pharmacy Biographies .,.,.,,.,r I ......,. . , 1 168 Athletics ...r ,. ,.s.,.. .,.., . 386 Faculty of Household Science .,.r ,r.., M. . 180 Department of Social Science ,,.............o.,.,.o.. . . 184 School of Nursing Biographies .. , ,. . 190 Organizations .. I ..,r.. . 1 285 Athletics ..n. n,.,.......o , , 414 Occupational Therapy Biographies ....,,Vs, .. A 1 , .o.., , 1 , 196 Organizations . . . ..,.... . 315 Physiotherapy A I Hart House .o,o ...on, . ., University Organizations Campus Life , ..or . Faculty Organizations ., Men's Intercollegiate Athletics . . A , A . Men's Intramural Athletics . 1, , Women's Intercollegiate Athletics ,. ...A in Women's Intramural Athletics A Men's Fraternities , , Women's Fraternities Advertising and Index .4 . . . "W f N , Si t, , A114114 yank, y Y 5.1 A -5 f 4 3 x J' q G 4 ,Wa-A' ,lf x 'A 5 -J :wma H 2 1, -P nu 'Vw 7:1 sits-KM fl Am, 4'-Q 1 55' x my l 4 A , , ,,,,, , ,, C Q 'Q'Q.f?f2f3IT' Q2 Q ff 'ff Nr , 5, 'K nge in , at kS,5.. W - H' "" - ,, ' . M , x " QV - A ,UMW7 ff- X L5 , -.-'M I , W w QQ, '3"f5?',, ' ,, ' X 1 . rijgqf 3 , M ZJL3! U ,Lv f yy, an hwy-3 Wwarwafii LM. . gl . X V V fi! -, 4X wwf- iiiil-WW -:J my w ff ?v"f221m ' W ' f f N ,V Q, 5 ,, Q f A- ,V Q . Q ,M , ww - " 1 - if f' ' A .1 Q - rf 'Q' K- x Q ,.,r., 'iY'f.J3332,Q ','5i5f5,'lI1,g'fa'+'fS Aggimfii' ' f ' f ' , f ,f . f 'Y 4 g,,',43gi-Sgy' W ,f . V. - -,Vf,,4f, W M- E ,Styx fx 55' wx ,y h ,M . - M. 1 , f ,e x ,W ' ,Aww 1.C25:4'QW7 " 4 'ii ' ,,,, ,WMP X ,,, W 4, R Q if !,W4 J K V MX M ,.,, ,, .X ,,, , , X., '- - ,--'Sew MQ" w,5y,g1 - + Y f 5 - W bggvzw , f 6 Wy' , , I . -my , , , , W - ,,,., X 2 V Q 4 ms A X , . em . u f ,' I, .5551 TA W f A 'lf' . f M' f " . ' ' W, K - --" A M ,Www A - f' I yin- ws- fu ' My N - f' K , ' . . h A V M "FF ,hw Q M M" 'G W , ' . - -M f - gn ,-v ,A , aw w ,'- . ,, 1,1 M, , X .H N ' ' I 'ZQM 6 X ' 1 :, : 4 M45 ff A 5' A ' eniom A - f M- , -,K . ? ' I P "fi--"-T! , QA. cl Spf: r , .9 4.,,- ..,c F if - L .. N , if - 1 Spf " ' ' ."-x ,f 1 u " an .wiv v V ' 13, h ,J if , :ii K I-JQ I3 fag : Q1 :fi 1?-If 'Iss 3? Q 5 'iff 7, :A fm L+.. . 4-. -4 '21, , , w .2 T 5 ' '53, MW' 5 Zxf, I' 1" 6 -' ' ' 1 , L . .X ,.,k,' ,... A w M Q,' Q X, . ., , D' A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT To t-he Members of the Graduating Classes: NCE more it is my privilege to address you in the name of the whole University and to congratulate you on passing another milestone in your career. You are about to enter more immediately the battle-field of life. During your undergraduate course you have already enjoyed much of the keenness of livingg you now go forward with reasonable equipment to face the broader problems of a country singularly favoured in situation, in material resources and, I hope, in public spirit. I trust that you will all speedily find your opportunity for work and service and find it in this Dominion. During the year we have carried on our academic work under the shadow of the European crises. These have added to the urgency of the call to be serious and "to redeem the time because the days are evilv. The future is still clouded. Even though Canada can go on with her work without the overhanging pall of fear in her daily life, she is vitally involved in any world- struggle of the future. She is part of the British Empire and of the British Commonwealth of Nations. She is one of the few remaining free democracies of the world. She cannot be neutral. Professor Wrong in his recent book, "The Canadians", aptly puts the case: "To attack Canada is to attack also the British Commonwealth, and to attack the British Commonwealth is also to attack her, whatever protests in some quarters this opinion may arouse. To attack Canada is also to attack the United States, which could not afford to have on its northern frontier a powerful assailant of Canada. It would be ignoble of Canada to fall back supinely on such defences, and to fail to take her fair share in creating the guarantees against fear." Canada will stand on guard for herself, for the Empire and for "the sacred cause of justice and the freedom of the world". You are leaving the halls of your Alma Mater at a time when no one, man or woman, can escape the responsibilities of citizens-hip and of safeguarding free, just and honourable government in our own country and wherever sane democracy is still to be found. The State has a right to expect special service from University graduates, a large share of the cost of whose education it defrays. Your University has sought to help you to win a disciplined mind, widened interests and an enriched imagination. It has stimulated you to think, to think strenuouslyg to form balanced judgments, and then to act decisively. The supreme gift you can offer God, your country, your University, your fellows, is yourself. Courage, discipline, eihciency and leadership are as necessary to a democracy as to a dictatorship, and will be used, we believe, in a better cause. If I may adapt Browning's words in Pafracelsus, you "devote yourself, you have a life to give". But Education can be a bulwark of democ- racy only so far as educated' men and women take part in public affairs. Our liberties which we took for granted are now ta cause for which we must fight: the fundamentals of free and godly living, which once seemed platitudes, are now a challenge to defend them. These are great and strenuous d'ays for new crusaders. Youth and maturity must combine forces in the great cause. Remember your University and help her in her work wheresoever she needs you: she will always follow your career with pride and good will. God j O1 President. bless and guide you! I' . W! X niuemifg C0 ege TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF UNIVERSITY CCLLEGE By Principal Malcolm W. Wallace, B.A., Ph.D. N this last occasion when I shall have an opportunity of addressing you I wish that I were able to speak words of wisdom that would help you to interpret the confused, contemporary world. But unfortunately I have no such wisdom. I do not know any more than you why men are devoting them- selves so whole-heartedly to the task of slaughtering one another. Forty years ago when I graduated from college we assumed that there would be no more great wars, 'and that science and commerce would work out the fulfilment of the gospel of progress. Both of these agents have achieved, on a scale that we could never have guessed at in those far-off days. But they have not enabled us to build the earthly paradise which seemed with- in our grasp--a paradise of security and plenty and opporttmity for all, the defects of which were merely such as would give scope for the exercise of human kindness and in- genuity. Instead, our programme is made up of insecurity, want, hatred, fear and physical and mental suf- fering in unparalleled volume. Why these things have come upon us we can only dimly guess. We feel like men betrayed and are inclined to say that an enemy hath done this, though we know not who he is. The commonest explanation of our dilemma is that which ascribes it to fundamental defects in human character. Men, we say, are greedy, self-indulgent, cruel, they compete for power and then treat their fellows unjustly. These charges are true but is it not equally true to say that under favourable conditions men are generous, altruistic, pitiful, that they delight to co-operate with other men, and to govern themselves by ideals of justice and mercy? I suggest to you that the fatal defect in our human equipment is at least as much intellectual as ethical. Every generation must learn to deiine afresh the concepts by which a healthy society lives. What is justice? What is international morality? How shall we attain to more efficient government? What are the aims, to achieve which we should devote our lives? Only educated, thoughtful men and women can give the tentative answers to these questions on which depends the health of human societies. Every college graduate should be ambitious to make some contribution to the solution of these problems, and to do so you must remain serious students throughout your lives. A small group of friends who meet for periodic discussions can often arrive at greater clarity of -thinking than is possible for any one of them alone. Recently I met a Princeton graduate, no-w a New York banker, who for the last ten years has spent an evening each month with five or six of his former class-mates and a former instructor to discuss some subject from literature or history. These meetings, he insisted, we-re highly significant and valuable events in his life, and I do not find it difficult to accept his estimate. Men are never more truly what men should be than when they try seriously to think more clearly about the necessary adjustments in their so-cial relations. Our present discontents will pass away, and to the historian of a hundred years hence will no doubt seem comparatively simple. May each one of you be able to contribute something toward shortening the period of blind groping, and toward ushering in the day when all men can work gladly and intelligently for the accomplishment of sane, intelligible human ideals! 1 O55 rt' University College me ' ' I UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 3T9 PERMANENT EXECUTIVE G. M. DENT, President, DORIS BAILEY, Vice-President, Ev:-:LYN BROWN, Secretary, J. R. MINGAY, Treasurer. Message from Class of 3T9 S the academicgyear draws to a close, we of 3T9 greet the future with mixed feelings. We will be happy in the coming years to enjoy the sunshine and beauty of springtime without the reserve which accompanies the "exam, complex". At the same time, we will look back on our college years, as we would on our parents, for they have been influential in developing our character, our individuality and our ideals. This year has been notable insofar as an ever-increasing number of under- graduates is taking part in U.C. activities-literary, athletic, social and other- wise. Provision of more adequate sports equipment and of expert coaching has revived interest in U.C. athletics and made us an important factor in the intramural and university athletic world. The series of ,Sunday evening musicales, which was inaugurated this year, proved very successful, and will, we hope, be continued in future years. But the development which possesses the greatest potential significance for our college was the launching of the campaign for a new men's residence, the need for which is imperative. And although the campaign, which is under the auspices of the Alumni Association, has been started in a quiet way, it has been pursued with great energy and success. But though we leave the halls of our college this year, we do not sever our connection. For U.C. has left its mark on each of us. It has been our gateway to life and it has equipped us for the business of living. E171 .-257 Unwerszty College Edwin Vale Abbott Schomberg, Ont. Philosophy. Arrived at Varsity from Ridley College in 1935. Wycliffe College Athletic Asso- ciation Executive II, III, Presi- dent IV. Rendered valuable service to the Intercollegiate Intermediate Soccer Team IV. Represented Wyclitfe in many branches of athletics for four years. H. N. Acker Toronto, Ont. Physiology and Biochemistry. Mary Adelaide Acton CAXQJ Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Matric- ulated from Jarvis C.I. Mem- ber of U.C. French Club I, II, Social Service Representative II, and on Year Executive III. Arthur Grant Allen Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Toronto born and bred, coming to Varsity from Upper Canada College. Was a member of U.C. French Club and of the Italian - Spanish Club I-III. Looks forward to a business career. George Easton Anderson Toronto, Ont. Physics and Chemistry. Mildred Rose Anderson Toronto, Ont. Psychology. Came to Varsity from Harb-ord C.I. On The Var- sity stall? I and II. Spent sum- mers as counsellor at children's camps. Likes sports in general and tennis and hitch-hiking in particular. Hobby is drama in any shape or form. F' WI Hal L. Axler Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Harbord C.I. to live a college life of hilarity. Year Treasurer Ig U.C. Follies II, took dramatics seriously III. Dislikes snobs with false airs. Intends to take field of radio by storm. Erland B. Backman Walke-rville, Ont. Chemistry. Born in Finland. Matriculated from Walkerville C.I. Won a Reuben Wells Leonard Bursary. Spent sum- mers as a life-guard. Member I of Senior Intercollegiate Swim- ming Team. Will do research in organic chemistry. Doris Eileen Bailey CAFAQ Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Came to Varsity from Malvern C.I. Member of the French Club one year, Year President II-IV. Intends to travel as much as possible. Nadine Baird CIIBQIJD Sarnia, Ont. Pass Arts. University resi- dence was Mulock House. Ethel Bamford CAFAJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Riverdale C.I. Member of Spanish Club I, II, member of Glee Club IIIg and on The Varsity staff III. Will probably attend O.C.E. RN Mary Adelaide Beaton CAD Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Bishop Strachan School. Fu- ture plans definitely indefi- nite. 181 :'-H51 5 L . digg' " ..!. Rosemary Beauchamp CKKFJ Toronto, Ont. ' Pass Arts. Matriculated from Hatfield Hall in Cobourg. Member of the Junior Cradle- ship Creche. Plans to make a desperate attempt to graduate, relax by a trip abroad and then allow the future to take care of itself. Bessie Bender Toronto, Ont. General Arts. Edith Alison Bennet CACIU Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Ma- triculated from Havergal Col- lege. Interested in Glee Club I1-IV, member of Household Science Club III, IV. H. J. Beveridge Medicine Hat, Alta. Political Science and Econo- mics. Margaret Helen Bisset Goderich, Ont. Classics. Mary L. Bisset Goderich, Ont. Moderns. MPV' J. I H.. . nfiln - 11 4 W ' 'W sf , .X f 19 Robson H. M. Black CBOIIJ Montreal, P.Q. Mathematics and Physics CDi- vision IVD. Came from Glebe C.I., Ottawa, with Prince of Wales, Blake and Harris Scholarships, awarded A.A. A.S. and Ramsay Scholarships in Physics III. Lived in U.C. Residence Ig Beta House since. Was M. Sz P. Society Represen- tative II. Allen Baines Boddington Toronto, Ont. CAAIDJ Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from the University of Toronto Schools. William Michael Bowlen CATD Tyler, Texas. Law. Came to Varsity from Oklahoma University. Fresh- men President and President of the "Lit". In the Follies I, II, III, on the Committee IV. Intermediate Intercollegiate Football I, II, III. Torontonensis Representative IV. Vice-Presi- dent Student Council IV. On U.C. Alumni Executive. Was N.S.C.U.F. Representative IV. Susan Bridgman CACIPJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Worcester, Mass. Matriculated from Bishop Strachan School. In U.C. Follies II, III. G. E. Bridle Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Evelyn Mae Brown Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. English and History. Lived in Falconer House, Whitney Hall, while at colleg-e, and was on House Committee II, III, IV. On 'Council of W.U.A. III, IV, and in U.C. Follies III. Was on staff of Undergraduate Maga- zine IVQ a member of U.C. Glee Club and English and Letters Club. seefiiffff ' 1 '.f,, . . -QE im-L4-I C! 3 S. QI Cb 2 :g Q Q 2 3 CD t A :1 -liv- R 'Qs 1 . gil! f. I fr -21,-' . . ' . .N t is rg?-L,, X mv. V R it 5 .- wa I Q. IA Mfg.-fa. ,QM ' lwdb'-. 4 -3, xx Q . V A I . -, V1--A4t.,55,ti:,, 1 . , '-.4 ,. in ' 2 -1 - s-.V , 3, f Q ' U 3 :J '. 4 1, lv- , 2 , ' A ' , Q. 571-f ' ax. I, :. . . .-K.: v r-sz'-1:2 1 we , ., 2.3. -2 R ' . ' '. . 3 .n 'Y ' H ' f. , T., A s 2. ,W 3. University College Q - 1.1, ff-A Y,-' ss 'f . xi W ' VW f f' x f -. Y i , 4 E . 1, 1 it Nl I is f 'eff Q fr f - - K' P2312 w s, Q- V 1: -J., il: I 4 W 'Lg ii M V ' - Hiwm 5 ' 5 f 3: 5 .1 yf . if f I A get-Q Y S . . I 5' N 0 s W I i 1 Hs - I s ii 'A 5 4 Sur 'Y L. J, " .. . ,T 1 ,M . . 4 i . .- , ,,,. ...,, 5' I . e ' . Grant C. Brown CKAD Tillsonburg, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Ridley College for "rest- ful education". Not getting it at Trinity, he transferred to U.C. Summers marked him as the laziest man on Lake Huron. Plans on small town law. W. J. Brown Toronto, Ont. English and History. Katharine M. Bryce Toronto, Ont. Sociology. Came to Varsity to do everything. I--dabbled in Players' Guild, Sociology Club, Women's Press Club, S.C.M., and The Varsity staff. II-set- tled down-Sociology Club and S.C.M. III-S.C.M., University Debating, Sociology Club. IV -climaxed all her interests. Merlie Elvina Buckingham Maxwell, Ont. Pass Arts. Mary Buckley Barrie, Ont. U Pass Arts. Matriculated from Barrie C.I. Gladys Burge Sarnia, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Sarnia C.I. Lived in Cody House, Whitney Hall. Plans to go to O.C.E. fn?- 'ss rss' ,. .,,, ff ' ' ' "" V - ff. ffzfl sk -: - 1-, . x '- .pr is W I ...' , zp f 1 ' v . . L . 'L . M : 5 f '. 5 fi TQ ' is: wx-4 :za I Robert McAmmond Burns Medicine Hat, Alta. QKED Pass Arts. While at University attended Toronto Conserva- tory of Music. Member of U.C. Players' Guild, and Village Players. After graduation in- tends to make music a full- time job. Betty Archer Burr CAFAJ Toronto, Ont. I Pass Arts. Matriculated from Moulton College. Spent sum- mer as councillor at fraternity camp for underprivileged chil- dren. Member of U.C. Parlia- ment III. Barbara Helen Campbell Schumacher, Ont. CHBCIJD Household Economics. Ma- triculated from Schumacher High School. Resided in Cody House. Member of the U.C. Players' Guild I-IV and of the Household Science Club IV. Frances Carlisle CAIIJJ Waterloo, Ont. Philosophy CEng1ish or His- toryJ. Came to U.C. from Havergal College. Won a Reu- ben Wells Leonard Scholarship I, and the Tracy Scholarship III. Was Treasurer of the Women's Undergraduate Asso- ciation III and President IV. Mary Charteris Carter CHBIIJJ Toronto, Ont. English and History. Came to Varsity from Havergal College. On Varsity staff I, II, and on Executive of Years I, II, also in U.C. Follies I, II. Chairman of House-Party Committee for U.C. Freshees IV. A member of U.C. Hockey Team I, II, III. Carl James Chapman Nipissing, Ont. Physics and Geology. Early education at Nipissing, Powas- san C.S., and North Bay C.I. Came to Varsity on a Robert Simpson Co. Scholarship. C.O. T.C. II-IV. Member of Rocky- fellers Club. Interested in squash. Hopes, after being the first man to graduate in Phy- sics and Geology since 1935, to do graduate work in Geophy- sics and eventually to secure profitable employment in the fields of Economic. Geology and Geophysics. Unwerszty College M. Chernovsky Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sci- ences. Janie Fabian Magor Church Ottawa, Ont. CKKPJ Pass Arts and Physical Educa- tion. Falconer House Commit- tee II. Played U.C. Basketball I. II, III and on Intercollegiate Team II, III. Was Manager of Intermediate Int e rc o l l egiate Basketball Team I. U.C. Ath- letic Director III. Margaret Gilpin Clancey CAFJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Matriculated from Branksome Hall. Member of U.C. Players' Guild II. Albert John Coleman Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDi- ivision ID. Matriculated from Runnymede C.I. Won the Reu- ben Wells Leonard and A.T. De Lury Scholarships in Ma- thematics. President S.C.M. Council IV. Active in Histori- cal and Philosophy Clubs, M. and P. Society, Hart House Board of Stewards, A.Y.P.A., Brotherhood of St. Andrew. J. R. Colville ' Orono, Ont. Law. Betty Carolyn Cook CIIBCIJJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Oakwood C.I. Does Work at Toronto Western Hospital Clinic. Plans to do graduate work in psychology. A. G. Coulter Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Thomas Dalbert Cowper Ottawa, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Glebe C.I., Ottawa. Lived in East House I II III. G. M. Craig Hamilton, Ont. Modern History. l21l Beth Currey CAXQD St. Catharines, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from St. Catharines C.I. Lived in Falconer House at Whitney Hall. On Swimming Team at U.C. Hopes to have fun, see the world and eventually settle down to marriage. Arthur Chase Custance England. Orientals. Born and bred in England. Old public -school boy. Hoping to return, but will be sorry to leave. Married in Canada. Interested in archery, fencing, golf, art, cricket, music, and Christian Scholar- ship. Member of the Victoria Institute, London. Played on Varsity Intermediate Soccer Team II. James Hughes Day Toronto, Ont. English and History. Came to Varsity from Parkdale C.I. On The Varsity staff I and II, member of the Forum Club III and IV, Letters Club and U.C. Track IV. Saw life from a fire-tower during summer vacations-down to earth the rest of the time. Unwefrszty College George Mitchell Dent Ottawa Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. Matriculated from Glebe C.I. Took up residence in South House. Member of University Band and of U.C. French Club I-IV. Played U.C. Soccer and Hockey. Was Year President IV. John Henry Douglas Owen Sound, Ont. Geology and Mineralogy. Ma- triculated from Owen Sound Collegiate. Was a Student Associate in Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Student member of Walker Mineralogy Club, member Honour Science Club I-IVg member Rocky Fellers Club, Secretary-Treasurer III, Presi- dent IV. Helen Katharine Dun Ottawa, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Glebe C.I., Ottawa, Ont. In- tends taking secretarial course at business college. Desire is to combine travel with work. Hobby is music. University residence - Mulock House, Whitney Hall. Elizabeth Margaret Duncan Toronto, Ont. CKKFJ Pass Arts. Matriculated from North Toronto C.I. Future plans indefinite. Kathleen Marjorie Dunne Toronto, Ont. QKKFJ Pass Arts. Matriculated from Etobicoke High School. Inter- ested in badminton. Elbert F. E. Dutcher Elmvale, Ont. Pass Arts. Born at Thornton, Ont. Attended Barrie C.I. Resided at Knox College, played with Knox Baseball and Hockey Teams. On the staff of The Presbyterian Student. Spends summers on Canadian Mission Fields. In- tends to study theology at Knox. I-221 . 6, Eff' his :P I tl K 'W' Z WM! ,IW E1 A 2.52 f ff, .EY I, :Zy- wif' X bw .fi i, Q Q f if K R f , ..... - zivfv 'iicfj ' Doris Darcia Dworkin QAEQJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Los An- geles, Cal. Matriculated from Oakwood C.I. Interested in French Club. Miriam Dworkin Ottawa, Ont. Pass Arts. Prototype: Candide. Born in Winnipeg. Matriculated from Lisgar Collegiate, Ottawa. On The Varsity staff I and II, Treasurer of Press Club Il. Avoids people who sport Ox- ford accents without ever hav- ing been to Oxford. Plans: Ireland on a bicycle and the Danube in a canoe. Ambitions: Literary. Zelda Dworkin CIAIID Ottawa, Ont. Moderns. Matriculated from Glebe C.I. Member of Avukah Society I-IV, U.C. French Club. Intends to translate Spanish and French for a busi- ness firm. Helen Doreen Dyment CAFAD- Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Toronto, and matriculated from Haver- gal College. Spends summer working at fraternity camp for underprivileged children. William Nelson Earle Omemee, Ont. Pass Arts. Lived in South House, U. of T. residence. Gladys Deane Ecclestone CAFJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Bishop Strachan School. il? 4? OOE1 Umverszty College C. A. M. Edwards Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Douglas M. Elliott CIIEMD Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity via Malvern C.I. Joined The Vafr- 'sity I, Assistant News Editor II, News Editor III. Was Sec- retary U. of T. Press Club III and ITEM President II. Roy Franklin Errington Goderich, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDivision IVJ. Matriculated from Goderich C.I. Obtained the H.I. Strang Scholarship and the Carter Scholarship for Huron County. Played U.C. Soccer I-IV, Manager III and Intermediate Intercollegiate Soccer II-IV. Spent summer on road construction work. Barbara Sproule Evans CAFAJ Walkerville, Ont. Household Economics. Came to Varsity from Walkerville Col- legiate. Lived in Falconer House, Whitney Hall. Member of Household Science Club III, IV Anita Faessler DCAFAJ Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Matriculated from Parkdale C.I. Received the Sir Wilfrid Laurier Memorial Scholarship II. Member of U.C. French Club I-IV, becoming Vice-President III and Presi- dent IV. Member of Players' Guild, becoming Vice-Presi- dent IV. Interested in swim- ming, reading and drama courses. I. E. Ferguson ' Galt, Ont. Moderns. E231 Ruby Isabel Ferguson Lindsay, Ont. Moderns. Lived in Mulock House at Whitney Hall, and was Junior Representative III, Head Girl IV. Member of French Club I-IV. Plans to attend O.C.E. Helen Fielder CAA II J Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Havergal College. Member of the U.C. Players' Guild. Betty File CAKIIJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Bishop Strachan School. Played Tennis for U.C. II, III, on In- tercollegiate Tennis Team III. J. W. Fisher Barrie, Ont. Physiology and Biochemistry. Alice Margaret Wood Fraser Toronto, Ont. CAAHl Pass Arts. Matriculated from Harbord C.I. Interested in socialist politics and C.C.F. study groups. Occasionally teaches Public School pupils. Will probably attend Library School next year. Walter C. G. Fraser Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics QDivision IIJ. Came to Varsity on a James Harris Scholarship from Harbord C.I. Considered himself an authority on jazz orchestras and sports with mathematics as a side-line. Played with 'U.C. Soccer Team I-IV, being Captain IV. Am- bitions are indefinite. .-vf iff Umverszty College Ei, .,,, , , ,.., S . .g. f l 1 s .sgl . ' ' Eg, I Q W , f'ffH,?.1" . ., 5 J uf Y. ...,,, . .... -.. ....,...... E. V r V . -V 5-"i 472 X A Rx 5. iii' he Sidney Fuller Toronto, Ont. Modems. Born in New York. Matriculated from Parkdale C.I. Scholarships: Edward Blake I, Elizabeth Ann Win- tercorbyn II, Julius Rossin III. Member U.C. French Club. Interests are life, literature, music, in that order. Ordinar- ily intelligent, he also writes poetry. Intends to live under the stress of not having done enough. Robert Elmer Gardiner Kirkton, Ont. Law. Was a member of the Law Club. Plans to enter Os- goode Hall. Mildred Anne Gausby CAFAD Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Bishop Strachan School and lived in Mulock House, Whit- ney Hall during part of time at university. Specializes in golf as a summer pastime and hopes to travel and enter the business world in the near future . Jessie Lynn Gillespie Leaside, Ont. Moderns. Born in Algiers. At- tended schools in Belgium, France, England, Algeria, be- fore coming to Canada in 1935. Member U.C. French Club I- IVQ Secretary III. Main ambi- tion is to travel and teaching profession affords the neces- sary long holidays. Barbara McNaughton Glenn Chatham, Ont. CAIU Modern History. Matriculated from Chatham C.I. Lived in Cody House, Whitney Hall and was Cody House Senior Repre- s-entative III. Member of Mod- ern History Club IV. Played Interfaculty Basketball IV. Spent summers as swimming instructor. Hopes to do any- thing but go to O.C.E. and Shaw's. Margaret Glover CAKIJJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. 24 123 Maud Ethel C. Godfrey Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Malvern C.I. Mary Morse Gooderham Toronto, Ont. CKKFJ Pass Arts. Matriculated from Branksome Hall, Toronto. Ruth Gwendolyne Gordon Haileybury, Ont. CAKIJD Pass Arts. Matriculated from Ottawa Ladies' College. Lived in Whitney Hall, Falconer House. Interested in Univer- sity Settlement Work. Played on Basketball Team I-IIIQ Manager Ig on U.C. Hockey Team II, III, and a member of U.C. Glee Club. Gertrude Rhoda Gotlib CACIJEJ Toronto, Ont. Sociology. Matriculated from Harbord Collegiate Institute. Helen Josephine Goulding Toronto, Ont. Biology. Lived in Mulock House. Boston born, Toronto bred. Came to Varsity to learn the art of chasing pathogens from apple orchards and leaves for a future in phytopathologi- cal research, tempered with Russian ballet and more sleep! William S. Goulding Toronto, Ont. Philosophy C E n gl is h or His- toryj. Came to U.C. on a Maurice H u t t o n Scholarship from U p p e r Canada College. Took Philosophy and History, and was most inte re sted in Players' Guild and Forum Club. Spent summers between camping a n d third-class trips to foreign parts. i P if I Umverszty College Wesley Gibson Gray CCIJAOJ Toronto, Ont. Law. From Jarvis Collegiate. Member of Law Club, Bailiflf of Moot Court Ig Member of Historical Club III, IV, pro- ducer of U.C. Follies IIIg play- ed U.C. Rugby Ig President of CIJAO IV. Will attend Osgoode Hall. Member of Syndicate. J. Greenspan Niagara Falls, Ont. Pass Arts. Kathleen Anna Grierson Toronto, Ont. CCIWIDBJ Pass Arts. Matriculated from Bishop Strachan School. Was a member of Glee Club and U.C. French Club. Hopes to take a business course and do secretarial work. Janet Ewart Grubbe CKKFQ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from St. Clement's School. In U.C. Follies I and Treasurer of Year I, II. Spends summers travel- ling. Probably will attend busi- ness college next year. Katherine Moulton Guest Toronto, Ont. ' CACIJJ Household Economics. Matric- ulated from Ovenden School, Barrie. Spent summers loafing and sailing I, II, and went abroad III. Member of Glee Club II-IV, Household Science Club III, IV. Year Secretary IV, on Basketball Team I, II, and Hockey Team II. Hopes to be a well-paid dietitian. Harry Emmett Gunning Toronto, Ont. Chemistry. Entered S c ie n c e from Riverdale C.I. Won the Second A. T. Fulton, Jean Bal- mer, and Reuben Wells Leon- ard Scholarships. Was an active member of the University Chemical Club. Is enthusiastic about a great many subjects, with special love for literature and languages. 'Es Louis Guolla Timinins, Ont. Law. Came to Varsity on a Robert Simpson Scholarship from Timmins High and Voca- tional School. A member of the U. of T. Law Club I-IV, also a member of the Moot Court, Magistrate IV. Member of the Fratellanza. Intends to go on to Osgoode Hall. J. Gurland Ottawa, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDi- Vision IIJ. Bessie Miriam Hadler CIAHJ Toronto, Ont. Psychology. Matriculated from Harbord C.I. A member of Psychology Club I-IV, a re- porter on The Varsity I, Il, and Night Editor II, III, IV. A member of Avukah Society I- IV. Spends spare time as Supervisor of Social Groups at J.C.C.A., and if she doesn't ob- tain a position, would like to do further group work. Fannie Margaret Hamilton Hamilton, Ont. CAFAD Moderns. Came to U.C. from Strathallan, Hamilton, and Havergal College. Resident of Falconer House, Whitney Hall. Member of U.C. Glee Club and English Letters Club. Spent summers "cooking" at frater- nity camp for children. Edward Anderson Hansen Acton, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Guelph Collegiate. University residence was Knox College. Worked in a machine shop in summers. Played Knox Base- ball I, Soccer II, III, Volleyball I-III. Was Dean of Centre House, Knox College II, III. Plans to teach. Sydney Malcolm Harris Toronto, Ont. Law. University College Betty Harrison St. Mary's, Ont. Classics. . . ..... ,,,..,. W ., . ,.ik.4, 4, 1 A s- 3 r ' ass Q . .r 1 -...i'r,.,r 1 .Q J 1 news., 5 .5 ' 4- X5 lr ? 'iE 415 .. . .,, .,.L,...,,.,3.., lrrwr. .,. t,-,.. . .., T. 7, v 4 N..,a+..5,c,.. . 3551 it it M J -N L... . .4 .st ' nw M vw l ,Hi . ,uf .7 1 f"ggg1 '+g, i i 3 .z 25, .3 l X' 4 Marian M. Haws CAXQJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from North Toronto Collegiate. Member of Players' Guild. Considers rugby w e e k - e nd s and girls' bridge clubs t op s. Life will very likely begin again at O.C.E., but will prob- ably find herself smaller than any of her pupils. J. M. Hayes Weston, Ont. Pass Arts. L. Hayman Toronto, Ont. Orientals. Ellen Marie Hearn Toronto, Ont. CAFAD Pass Arts. Came to V a r s it y from Moulton College. Plays tennis, badminton. Was a camp councillor during summer months. D. B. Hicks Toronto, Ont. English and History. 26 X 4 W w-f'wrv"cwfwf'ff"c".',?1'xf .a -1 - . .sy wr we f.-f s Y , g vm. 1 is XA RQ Q 'qv x 6 PA 5 ft, X , Q at fi. fa QE Q 'si 4 1 1 SN 9 l 99' Q si was 455 . 5 3-4114 231 A Hfx 4 . Robert Doan Hill CBOIIJ Toronto, Ont. Law. Member of "The Syndi- cate" I-IV, U.C. Follies, Moot Court, Ski Club. Margaret Maude Hincks Toronto, Ont. CKKPJ Pass Arts. Matriculated at Havergal College. Studied Medicine for two years. Year Representative M.W.U.A. II. Plans to study child psychology and do nursery school workq Helen Muriel Hollingsworth Athens, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Athens High School. In sum- mer took music courses. Plans to attend O.C.E. Bessie Elizabeth Horwitz Toronto, Ont. CIAIID Pass Arts. Matriculated from Harbord C.I. On The Varsity staff II and III. Likes people with accents. Plans to study journalism at Columbia Uni- versity and to see Europe via bicycle. Clarine Ann Hughes CACIDJ Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Intends to do graduate work on foods and nutrition. Hobbies are drawing and collecting menus. D. C. Hunt Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Xirrl, 42 C ' , Wy .-, University College M. R. Hunt Richard Pat Edward Jeffares Toronto, Ont. Dublin, Eire. Pass Arts. Pass Arts. Came to Canada in Marion Hunter CIVIJBJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Oakwood C.I. Member of U.C. French Club. Interested in badminton and bridge. In smnmer was supervisor on a city playground. Hopes to get a job after Shaw's Business College and some day have a home and a host of dogs. Gwendolyn Husband CIIBCIJJ Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Inter- ested in skiing, and likes to spend summers relaxing. Future plans are indefinite - hopes to go abroad. Sybil Hutchinson Port Rowan, Ont. Pass Arts. Obtained Gertrude Lawler English Prize I, Pan- hellenic Scholarship II and Governor- General's Silver Medal II. , Rosamond Jackson CFIIJBD Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Bloor C.I. Attended Art Col- lege on a scholarship. Member of U.C. Glee Club II, III. Kenneth Geikie Jeanneret Toronto, Ont. CAXAD Law. Came to Varsity from U.T.S. and went into the law course. A member of the Law Club I-IV. Intends to go to Osgoode Hall when he gradu- uates. fall of 1934 and resided at Wy- cliffe College. Matriculated from East York C.I. Inter- faculty Harrier for Wycliife 1934. Played Soccer for Wy- cliffe 1937. Summers spent on Mission Field in Western Can- ada. Intends to take post- graduate work in Theology at Wycliife. Warring Laird Jennings CATJ Hamilton, Ont. Pass Arts. John Bernard Johnson Toronto, Ont. Law. "Sailor Jacki' studied hard, and from sport derived benefit-aesthetic, cultural and h sical Ski er for Canadian P Y - PP -Intercollegiate Dinghy - sailing Champions IV 16th in N.A. championshipsjg Intermediate Soccer III, IV, Vice-President Soccer Club IV, U.C. Soccer II - IV, Manager IV. Played U.C. Baseball and Hockey. E. H. Kates Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Esther Katz Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Eco- nomics. Born at the head of the lakes, at Fort William, Ont. Matriculated from Har- bord C.I. Entered the Political Science and Economics Course and thus became involved in an attempt to unravel the mys- tery of the law of supply and demand. Next stop: O.C.E. B. G. Kayfetz Toronto, Ont. Moderns. 27 vw' 1 K i I i I I F Ll University College 23 W' . X. l W. Neville Keefe Toronto, Ont. Chemistry. Born in Penetang, Ont., at a very early age. At- tended Protestant Separate School and High School there, completing Honour Matricula- tion in Midland. Entered Var- sity as a small town lad, woke up and won Intercollegiate Wrestling Championship III. Likes rugby and badminton. W. T. Kelley Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Gilbert D. Kennedy Toronto, Ont. Law. Born in Whiteside, Ont. Matriculated fr o m University of Toronto Schools. Member of Law Club, Councillor I, Vice- President III, Chief Justice of the Moot Court IV., LaHeur's Inn, Treasurer II, III, Forum and Foreign Affairs Clubs II- IV. Langford Rowell Scholar- ship in Law II, Dent McCrea Scholarship in Law III. J. K. Kidd Woodbridge, Ont. Pass Arts. Jeanette Kidder CAIIJJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in New Mexico. Matriculated from Havergal College. In U.C. Fol- lies II. Margaret Jean Kinsella Toronto, Ont. CAXQJ Pass Arts. Born in London, England, and matriculated from Bishop Strachan School. Member of U.C. Fr-ench Club I-III, and U.C. German Club I- III, and on The Varsity staff II. l28l ,mv-. Sk mum.. ,:5, ' 'Q -' - Mary Kirkpatrick CCFAJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Went to Runnymede Collegiate for two years and then to Moulton College. Was a councillor at fraternity camp for underprivileged children. Plans for the future: Abso- lutely indefinite. John Lewis Knox Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDi- vision ID. Nova Scotian, born at Halifax. Collegiate educa- tion at Jarvis. Awarded O.H.A. War Memorial Scholarship on entrance to Varsity. Sports en- thusiast, on U.C. Soccer and Hockey Teams. Next stop: O.C.E., aspiring to become a high school specialist in mathe- matics. Lillian Koretsky CAIDEJ Toronto, Ont. Sociology. William Ladd Brantford, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDi- vision IVD. Came to Varsity on Leonard and First Carter Scholarships. Enjoyed squash, photography, and woodwork- ing. During the summer was employed by surveying firm, also worked on a tobacco farm. Future plans: to avoid all to- bacco farms and attend O.C.E. A. M. Lampel C1-IAKDJ Sarnia, Ont. Law. Came to Varsity from Sarnia Collegiate Institute. Member of Law Club I-IV, Moot Court I-IV, U.C. Follies II. Intends to go to Osgoode Hall and see the world from the right side of the Bar. Richard J. Lancaster Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity as a graduate of Runnymede C.I. Has a position with Troront-o City Dairy, which he hopes to improve with the aid of his college education. Has a secret desire to become a gentleman farmer. 31' : tty Jeanne Eliva Langman CAECIJJ Toronto, Ont. Psychology. J. Levinson Toronto, Ont. Physics and Chemistry. Jean Loblaw CAFAJ Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Matric- ulated from Branksome Hall. Member of Household Science Club III, IV, Year Treasurer IV. Torontonensis Representa- IV. Intends to spend next year abroad. Barbara VanCott MacBeth Toronto, Ont. CKKFJ Pass Arts. Matriculated from Parkdale C.I. A member of Players' Guild II and of Glee Club III. Christina Isabel' MacBeth Milverton, Ont. CAOIIJ Pass Arts. Matriculated from Alma College and Stratford C.I. Lived in Hutton House and Whitney Hall while at College. Manager of Medical Women's Swimming Team I. Member of U.C. French Club II, III. Intends to go to O.C.E. Willena Campbell McClinton North Battleford, Sask. Pass Arts. Matriculated from North Battleford C.I. Member of U.C. French Club. Divided time in summer between work in Department of Education and travel. Intends to take social science. if 5 2 Ylpfi - Q me f' ' E tiff V 'Q wt -1 . 4 - - Q 5,3 ' , ' 29 Unwerszty College Ann Macdonald CAfIDJ Winnetka, Ill. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Peterborough C.I. Lived in Falconer House, Whitney Hall. Interested in University Settle- ment work. Member of the Tennis Team III and of the Basketball Team I-III. Roseline Frances Macdonald Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Runnymede C.I. Holds A.T. C.M. degree for piano, takes lessons from Ernest Farmer, and plans to attend O.C.E. and specialize in music. Stuart Edward McDonald Ottawa, Ont. CATH Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Glebe Collegiate Institute, Ottawa. Head Cheer Leader I, II, III, and on the Ski Club Executive II, III. Played on the U.C. Hockey Team I, II, III, and was on the French Club Executive. N. Brock McElheran Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Winnipeg, but moved to Toronto in 1930, where he attended U.T.S. Con- ducted the University Sym- phony Orchestra for the past two seasons. Writes on musical subjects for The Varsity. Fav- orite sports: hockey and ten- nis. Gives up golf every year. Leighton McGinnis Elmvale, Ont. Pass Arts. Graduate of Barrie Collegiate Institute and of Peterborough Normal School. Taught public school previous to entering Varsity. Fond of athletics. Intends to follow teaching vocation via O.C.E. Walter Leishman McGregor Windsor, Ont. CAKEJ Political Science and Eco- nomics. Came to Varsity after matriculating from Walkerville C.I. The first year down. play- ed Football for U.C. Played Varsity Basketball, Junior I, Senior II-IV. On University Athletic Directorate IV. University College 'Jil A. B. Mcllmoyle Bracebridge, Ont. Law. A. 0. Mclntosh Eden Mills, Ont. Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology CDiv. ID. Eoin Sutherland Mackay Weston, Ont. Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryj. Matriculated from Wes- ton C.I. Played volleyball, baseball and soccer. President of Forum Club. Spent sum- mers on Mission Fields in Western Canada. Will enter Knox College to prepare for the Presbyterian Ministry. George Reith Mackie Scarborough, Ont. Law. Came to Varsity from Scarboro C.I. A member of the Law Club I-IV, and Moot Court. A member of Rowell Inn III-IV, being a Bencher III. James Douglas Mackintosh Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from University of Toronto Schools. U.C. Senior Basketball II, III, fenced I-III. Worked during summers on transmis- sion line construction, survey, and in contractor's field office, respectively. Dislikes swing music that loses the tune Cmelodyb. Intends to enter in- dustrial world. Barbara Riddell MacLaren Toronto, Ont. QAAAJ Pass Arts. Matriculated from North Toronto C.I., and Oven- den College, Barrie. Played Basketball I, III. Spent sum- mers travelling. 30 WN 'Db KX. Margaret McLarty CAKIJJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Bishop Strachan School. In the U.C. Follies III. Howard Evans L. McLaughlin Bowmanville, Ont. Law. Matriculated from Bow- manville H.S. Member C.O. T.C. I-IV, Varsity Band, Lib- eral Club II-IV, President IVQ Law Club I-IV, Bencher Blake's III-IV, Forum Club II-III, Hart House Committee IV, Discussion Club IV. Treas- urer of Class 3T9 IV, U.C. Men's Residence III-IV. R. J. McLaughlin COAXD Toronto, Ont. Pass Art s. Attended Upper Canada College. Played intra- mural sports. Member of U.C. Athletic Board II, III. B. L. McLean CBOHJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Attended Oakwood Collegiate and Northern Voca- tional. Was active in intra- mural sports. Member U.C. Athletic Board II, III. Kenneth George McMillan Palmerston, Ont. Pass Arts. Vice-President of Knox College Missionary So- ciety II. Member of Worship Committee of Knox College III. On The Presbyterian Student III. Knox College Representa- tive to Torontonefnsis III. Play- ed on Knox Soccer and Base- ball Teams. Spends summers as student missionary. Philemon Audrey McSweeney Toronto, Ont. QKKFJ Pass Arts. Matriculated from Hatfield Hall, Cobourg. A member of Junior Cradleship Creche. Q2 xxwxg, G. B. Mallion Stratford, Ont. Law. H. Markle Mayerthorpe, Alta. Pass Arts. Rita Marguerite Marquis Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Riverdale Collegiate Institute. William Jamieson Martin CATJ Waterloo, Ont. Political Scie-nce and Eco- nomics. r Caroline Ann Mason Parry Sound, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Parry Sound High School. Member of U.C. French Club I, II. Is interested in swim- ming and skating. Spent sum- mers camping mon Georgian Bay and clerking in the De- part of Education. Plans to go into the business world after graduation. Catherine Grace Matthews Toronto, Ont. CAFAJ Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Branksome Hall. Mem- ber of Glee Club two years. Played badminton. Intends to attend Ontario College of Art. 1 University College 31 E. J. Meek Orangeville, Ont. Pass Arts. Ruth E. J. Meldrum CAFAJ Norwich, Ont. Household Economics. Member of Household Science Club III, IV. Lived in Mulock House, Whitney Hall. N. S. Mendelsohn Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDi- vision IIJ. George John Millar UDAOD Toronto, Ont. Physiology and Biochemistry. Born a Westerner, but after spending more than his allotted time at Varsity, is now a typi- cal Torontonian. A c t iv it i e s largely restricted to the field of music. University Symphony Orchestra I, II, IV, Hart House Music C-ommittee II-IVg Sec- retary III, IV, Board of Stew- ards III, IVg Glee Club Com- mittee III, IV. J. R. Mingay Windsor, Ont. Classics. Julius Molinaro Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Harbord C.I. Secretary of the Italian-Spanish Club II, Presi- dent III. Played U.C. Basket- ball I-III. Member of the Fra- tellanza. Went to Italy in 1937 as a reward for studies in Italian. 4'W"1, i' :I 1 JI I 1. if A QPU? University College l 7 'e ' K vig 5 A AU! 5- Agnes Geraldine Mulcahy Pembroke, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Mary Immaculate Convent, Pembroke. Liv-ed in Mulock House, Whitney Hall. Interest- ed in golf. Played Hockey I, II, and on Newman Club Executive III. John Albert Mullin Toronto, Ont. Law. Graduate of University School, Toronto. Member of the Law Club and Moot Court I-IV, and Counsel in Criminal Trial II. Won Carswell Prize III. Secretary Hart House S q u a sh Racquets Committee IV, University Undergraduate Squash Racquets III, IV, Championship III. Jane Gooding Munro Cleveland, O. Pass Arts. Born in Cleveland. Spent one year at Wooster College, in Ohio, before com- ing here. Played violin in the U. of T. Symphony. Maintains that the Indians will take the pennant from th-e Yanks this year. University Residence, Mulock House, Whitney Hall. House Representative II. Mary H. Nagler CIIBCIJD Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Matric- ulated from Bishop Strachan School. Was Class Secretary III. Played Interfaculty Bas- ketball I-IV. Spent most of her time at Household Science Building! Patricia Alberta Naylor CAFD Essex, Ont. General Arts. Matriculated from Essex High School. Lived in Mulock House, Whitney Hall. On The Varsity staff I. and a member of U.C. Players' Guild II. Hopes to attend Uni- versity of Michigan. Hugh Hamilton Neilson Toronto, Ont. CBOIID Pass Arts. , .,... ,........,,,,,.,, . , ...M ..,, . . If . AAIA V .,.. 5 ,Av , . , .' A it I W W '-its ' 1 ' '5xe:sQ'1 lp 1'r A . Ytix . f K J ...ff - I " 321 Leonard Gordon Newell Springfield, Ont. Pass Arts. Cam-e to Varsity from Aylmer H.S. Ambition: to see the world gypsy fashion. Aversion: conceit, unfriendli- ness and stiff formality. Hobby: mechanics and aviation. Motto: nothing succeeds like success. Future plans: to enter teach- ing profession through medium of O.C.E. Robert Stevenson Newman Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Vaughan Road Collegiate. A member of the Varsity Christian Fellowshipg Mission- ary Secretary of that organiza- tion III. Plans to enter Wycliife College. Helen V. Oaten CIVIPBJ Hamilton, Ont. Sociology. Matriculated from Bishop Strachan School, and Central Collegiate, Hamilton. Lived in Whitney Hall, spent some time in the Sociology Club and the Players' Guild, and obtained the B. Sadowski Award III. Intends to spend the summer recuperating from the final exams. Garfield Ewing Parsons Mono Centre, Ont. Geology and Mineralogy. Ma- triculated from Shelburne High School. Member Rocky Fellers Club and Arts and Craft, Hart House. Chief hobby: painting. Intends to answer call of the north and to settle down in the mining world. Dorothy Jane Patterson Toronto, Ont. CKKFJ Pass Arts. Matriculated from Jarvis C.I. Interested in bad- minton. Was a member of Players' Guild. Social Service Representative on Year Exec- utive II. Social Service Direc- tor of W.U.A. III. G. T. Pattison Midland, Ont. Pass Arts. tfyi University College Margaret Lois Perry CAXQJ Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Matric- ulated from Bishop Strachan School. Interested in riding and golf and skiing. Future plans: indefinite - probably O.C.E. and a trip to Europe. Member of U.C. French Club and Players' Guild I, II, be- longed to Household Science Club IV. Violet Eileen Pettypiece Amherstburg, Ont. Household Economics. Ma- triculated from Kennedy C.I., Windsor. Lived in Cody House, Whitney Hall. Interested in basketball, S. C.M., Players' Guild, and Social Problems Club. Was a student dietitian at Bigwin II, III. J. S. Pink Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Grace Piper Fort William, Ont. Pass Arts. Doreen Pollock Kitchener, Ont. - Pass Arts. Matriculated from Kitchener-Waterloo C.I. Lived in Mulock House, Whitney Hall. Interested in golf and badminton. Henry Hugh Richmond Toronto, Ont. General Arts. Matriculated from Harbord C.I. with the Second Alumnae Scholarship in General Proficiency. En- tered Varsity with the inten- tion of becoming a research chemist, graduation finds him with the same idea. Was ac- tive in the Chess Club, Glee Club and Chemistry Club. Q? if 'is r' 'fi l ' ff I F. N. Ridley Strathmore, Alta. Pass Arts. R. F. Robb Orangeville, Ont. Pass Arts. Catherine Robertson Milton, Ont. Pass Arts. Played on U.C. Bas- ketball Team I-III. On U.C. Hockey Team I-III. In U.C. Follies II, III. Member of U.C. Glee Club II, III. George Theodore Rogers Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Toronto, graduating from Riverdale C.I. Spent one year at Normal School and three ensuing years teaching the three R's at Pape Avenue School, Toronto, dur- ing which time the first year Arts was completed. Intends spending the next three years becoming a lawyer. Albert Rose Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. Entered on U.C. Alumni Scholarship from Riverdale C.I. Interested in public speak- ing and debating, Vice-Presi- dent Forum Club IV, U.C. Par- liament, Prime Minister IV, Hart House Debates Commit- tee III. Scholarships: Alexan- der Mackenzie II, III, Mary Keenan III, Second Maurice Cody IV. Doris Hester Rose CAXQJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Bishop Strachan School. Mem- ber of U.C. French Club II, III, German Club I, II and Players' Guild I-III. 3"-v-t l - University College W., J, I . fe 5, an W H. xt . 5 1 Y R, 'wi A x . N A . .,., . Q ., QM. W: 1 4 . , ' i , I 5 '1 "' f - We ! Allan C. Rosenberg CBEPJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Oakwood C.I. Fraternity His- torian Office I-III. Played U.C. Senior Baseball II, U.C. Thirds Volleyball III. Phyllis Clarke Ross CKAOJ North Bay, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from North Bay C.I. Lived in Cody House, Whitney Hall, while at University. A member of U.C. French Club I, III. Carmen Elizabeth Ryan CAFAD Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Havergal College. Spends sum- mer as councillor at fraternity camp for children. Member of Glee Club 11, 111. Henry Zodoc Sable Montreal, P.Q. Biological and Medical Sci- ences. "Hank" to his friends. From Vaughan Rd. C.I. Won Edward Blake Scholarship II. Splashed water around in Row- ing III-IV and U.C. Waterpolo II-IV. Coached U.C. Waterpolo IV. Camera Club I-IV. Looked at life through a camera. Wants to become a Cgoodj biochemist. B. Savlov Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Eleanor Jean Scott Cl-IBQIJJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Bishop Strachan School. 34 If ., z M' 1. ..... S 'W 1 if H Pi 5 A 'asm H.:-A. ,. . , H. George David Scott Toronto, Ont. Physics. Attracted to this course from Jarvis C.I. Active in S.C.M., Glee Club, M. and P. Society, Biological Club, wrestling. Interested in music and boats. Loves the out-of- doors. Respects a true philoso- pher. Aims at further study, then an administrative position in science. Marjorie Lowise Scott Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Came to University from Bishop Strachan School. Lived in residence at Whitney Hall. Obtained Anna Howe Reeve Award III. Spent summers playing golf and riding when not travelling. Noela Muriel Seaborne Liverpool, N.S. C IIBQIPJ English and History. Matricu- lated from Edgehill, Windsor, N.S. Lived in Cody House, Whitney Hall, and was Head Girl IV. In U.C. Follies II,III. E. Shamley Toronto, Ont. Chemistry, Min e r al o gy and Geology CDivision IID . G. Eleanor Shaw CFKIDBJ St. Catharines, Ont. Household Economics. Lived in Mulock House, Whitney Hall. Harry Sheffer Toronto, Ont. Physics and Chemistry. Ma- triculated from Jarvis C.I. with Edward Blake, J. S. Maclean and Carter Scholarships. Tooted a trumpet in the Var- sity Band and the University Symphony Orchestra in II. Hopes to continue for some time to come to do research in chemistry. it 3 3 if la is we I. ,il EW 'ji' .,, as-11 University College Lois Shephard Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Frank Shuster QBEPJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Harbord C.I. Divided his time between The Varsity I-III, Ex- change Editor III, and the U.C. Follies I-III, associate producer II, III. Played U.C. Baseball I, U.C. Basketball I-III. Inter- ested in drama and worked with the Theatre of Action. Phyllis Whitelaw Sinclair Bloomfield, N.J. Pass Arts. Attended Bloomfield C.I. and Branksome Hall, To- ronto. Lived in Cody House, Whitney Hall, while at college. Mary Marguerite Skinner Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Matriculated from Oakwood C.I. Won James Harris Scholarship in Modern Languages. Member of U.C. French Club I-IV, and Ger- man Club I-IV. Associated with S.C.M. I-IV, became Sec- retary of U.C. Branch IV. Plans to attend Library School in Toronto. Marian E. Slater Galt, Ont. - Sociology. Came to Varsity from Galt C.I. Lived in Mulock House, Whitney Hall while at college. Worked at University Settlement and a member of Psychology Club, Sociology Club, Glee Club. Interested in riding, swimming and skiing. Spent summers at Business College and Girls' Training School. Janet Eileen Slattery Arnprior, Ont. Matriculated from Arnprior High School. Lived in Cody House, Whitney Hall, while at Varsity. of A fm-7 ' my -MY , . If . , Q Q , J 4 H -n, -. . . .0 3 'ku' 35 William Soren CEAMJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Oakwood Collegiate Institute. Played Volleyball I, II, Senior Volleyball IIIQ Junior Water Polo and Basketball IIg U.C. Rowing Team III. Intends to enter Osgoode. Elizabeth Shirley Spencer Toronto, Ont. QAAAD Pass Arts. Matriculated from North Toronto C.I. Was a member of U.C. French Club I and a member of Glee Club III. Spent summers boating and deep sea fishing on Prince Edward Island. Intends to take up interior decorating. J. Spizizen Toronto, Ont. Biology. D. Spring Toronto, Ont. Modern History. Russell Edgar Steer Toronto. Ont. Physics. Came to Varsity from Parkdale Collegiate. Helen Charlotte Stephens Toronto, Ont. CAFD Pass Arts. Matriculated from Branksome Hall. Member of Players' Guild II. Q' University College , ma...-ps.. l ww. 5 . . . ,Q rw? ? fi .le fr. . 1' I , V sf. 5 og - 1 ' . ffhbfgblg 143' ,. , ig' ' gf if . . ' my 6 sw iss, 5 6633 5 w . , an 4 ,g,f-ia- .. w.gvq:,ff -s a ,g gig ,riiig-, ' 1. 1 .F Q5 V . . L ff sw-JV -. ' 5" " - X w .' tiff-I , - .' , ' jg? . A, I .. .L . if. .L in 'I'-i-.1 it K. A. Stewart UIJFAJ Fort William, Ont. Law. W. C. Stewart Richmond Hill. .. A . .Ji ' General Arts. , i', ja George Wood Stoddart Bradford, Ont. Law. U.C. Literary and Ath- letic Society, Year President II, Social Director III, Literary Director IV. Debates Commit- tee II-IV, Speaker IV. U.C. Parliament I-IV, Prime Min- ister II, Speaker IV. Macdon- ald-Cartier Club I-IV, Presi- dent IVg U.C. Follies IV. Law Club I-IV, Bencher of Blake's Inn II-IV. Maurice Cody Prize IV. Muriel McKenzie Struthers China. Biological and Medical Sci- ences. Muriel came to Varsity from the Canadian Academy, Kobe, Japan, with a Leonard Scholarship in Mathematics. She was actively interested in the S.C.M. and S.V.M. through- out her course, also in the U.C. Women's Glee Club. M. W. Stuart Bracebridge, Ont. Pass Arts. Irving Sussman Arthur, Ont. Law. Matriculated from Arthur High School to become, in the cultural environment of East House, a statesman, clubman, and journalist. Though Prime Minister of the U.C. Parlia- ment, Hart House and East House Committeeman, Busi- ness Manager of The Under- graduate, he still enjoys fish- ing,.ping-pong, and swing. l36l gk' .rr t fi LU 'E '7. 1:1 Dorothy Ruth Sutcliffe New Liskeard, Ont. C IIBCIPD Pass Arts. University Resi- dence was Mulock House, Whitney Hall. Jean Margaret Sutherland Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from St. Clement's School, North Toronto. Hopes to ex- tend education by travel. G. L. Symmes Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Elizabeth Tatham CAXQJ Midland, Ont. General Arts. Lived in Mulock House at Whitney Hall. Inter- ested in skating and swimming. Intends to attend O.C.E. and then get as far from Toronto as possible. Harry Newell Tattersall Scotland. Political Science and Econo- mics. Came to Varsity from U.T.S. and lived in U.C. Men's Residence III-IV. Was a mem- ber of U.C. Players' Guild I- III, U.C. Parliament I-II and U.C. Follies III. Secretary of U.C. Literary and Athletic Society III. Editor-in-Chief of The Undergraduate IV. Neale Hamilton Tayler Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Appleby School. Was a mem- ber of the C.O.T.C. Interested in golf, swimming and bad- minton. Summers spent in travel. Intends to take an M.A. in Spanish. . . thi! Unwefrszty College Ruth Elizabeth Taylor CKKFJ Galt, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Galt C.I. Lived in Falconer House, Whitney Hall. Did work at University Settlement. In- terested in riding. On Falconer House Committee Ig in U.C. Follies I. A member of U.C. French Club I and II and of Players' Guild II. Social Ser- vice Director on Year Execu- tive III. Clarence Ernest Thompson Brooklin, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDi- vision IVJ. Matriculated from Whitby High School, with an H. J. Cody Scholarship leading him to U.C. Gained a William Ramsay Scholarship in Physics IV. Member of Hart House Glee Club I-IV. Under- stands why M. and P. has few graduates. Frances Trees CIIBKIJJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Havergal College. Jean Trethewey CIVIJBD Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from North Toronto C.I. Interested in dramatics, French Club. Worked at Jasper Park Lodge and wants to study in France and eventually become an in- terpreter in a French depart- mental store. James Murray Trott- UIJFA7 Welland, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDi- vision IVJ. Obtained early education in Cobalt and Sault Ste. Marie C.I. Chairman of ,the Interfraternity Council III. M. G. L. Trusler Windsor, Ont. Classics. 37 Doreen Henderson Turner Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Jarvis C.I. and Central Tech- nical School. Member of U.C. French Club I. On The Var- sity I. Future plans-post- graduate work in Household Science. Jane A. Urquhart CTIBKIDJH Toronto, Ont. General Arts. Matriculated from Havergal College. Was the Secretary of the Univer- sity of Toronto Ski Club. Ac- tivities outside of the Univer- sity consisted of skating and badminton. Spent summers as councillor at the Taylor Statten Camp, Wapomeo. Lloyd J. Valin CKPTJ Sudbury, Ont. Pass Arts. Was born in Sud- bury and matriculated from Sudbury H.S. B-elonged to the Law Club I-III. Resided in University College Men's Resi- dence II. Was University Col- l-ege Table Tennis Champion II. Will move on to Osgoode Hall. Albert Wallace Walker Alliston, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDi- vision IID. Matriculated from Alliston H.S. Came to Varsity on James Harris Scholarship for English and History, there- fore entering the course named above. Has never regretted this step. Interests: music CStraussJ, fiction CWodehouseJ, and applied mathematics in divers shapes and forms. C. B. V. Walker Toronto, Ont. Psychology. Edmund J. Walters Toronto, Ont. Law. Came to Varsity from Parkdale C.I. Member of the Forum Club and Foreign Affairs Club. Participated in the University Moot Court and Law Club. Likes squash, music and sailing. Aspires to the legal profession. www! D I I I U V i 1 1 I E LJ Unwefrszty College J. L. Watson Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Frank Wayman Toronto, Ont. Chemistry. Graduated from Vaughan Road Collegiate In- stitute. Member of the Uni- versity Chemical Club four years, Secretary-Treasurer III, President IV. Also a member of Honour Science Club. Was employed as a lab.-assistant with British - American Oil Company during the summer months. Muriel Jean Whitely Goderich, Ont. Cla ss i c s. Matriculated from Goderich Collegiate Institute. Member of U.C. Classical As- s-ociation I-IV. Hiking and art were hobbies. Interested in the improvement of rural educa- tion. Destined after gradua- tion for O.C.E. Laura Margaret Wilkin Islington, Ont. Latin CFrench or Greekl. Came to Varsity from birthplace, Paris, Ont., and chose Whitney Hall as residence. Classics Club III, IV, French Club I, III, IV, being in French play, Hart House III. Hopes to live down Reuben Wells Leonard Schol- arship I, and to visit St. George Street again. , Thomas Arnold Wilkinson Winnipeg, Man. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity via Daniel McIntyre and Wesley College, Winnipeg. Resident in Wycliffe College. Interested in music, two years in Hart House Glee Club, and in sports, har- rier, tennis, and basketball. Spent last two summers on missions in rural Manitoba. Intends entering Theology in Wycliffe College. R. D. Wolfe Toronto, Ont. General Arts. 38 F' William Ballantyne Wood Toronto, Ont. Law. Matriculated from North Toronto C.I. Member Law Club I-IV, President IV, Lib- eral Club II-IV, President IV. Curator of Hart House Library I-III, Editor of Court Crier IV, Moot Court I-IV. Forum Club II-IV. U.C. Parliament II-IV, Prime Minister IV. Spent summers surveying. Future rests in Osgoode Hall. W. H. Yeigh Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. C. W. Yerex Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. P. Yeung Vancouver, B.C. Pass Arts. G. A. Young Brampton, Ont. Moderns. Isabel Younge CIIBQJD London, Ont. Household Economics. Lived in Falconer House, Whitney Hall, while at Varsity. Member of Household Science Club III, IV, Secretary of Year Execu- tive III. ' 13? v r P V 1 - x K NX X , , x X, A, Jw 1 wif , x 40 Ucforia Cofdg 1836 VICTCRIA UNIVERSITY 1939 On the Old Ontario Strand OR the first fifty-six years of its history Victoria University was located in Cobourg. The Upper Canada Academy was opened in 1836 and on October 12th of the same year the Royal Charter was granted by King William IV. In 1841 the Charter was extended to include degree-conferring powers and the name was changed to Victoria College. The first degree in Arts in Ontario was conferred by Victoria College in 1845 on Oliver Springer. A Faculty -of Medicine was added in 18545 a Faculty of Law in 1860, and a Faculty of Theology in 1871. A department of Science was organized, and in 1877 Faraday Hall was opened and had the unique distinction of being the first building in the province erected and devoted exclusively to scientific work. In 1884 the name was changed to Victoria University. Egerton Ryerson was responsible for securing the Royal Charter and he was the first Principal of Victoria College in 1841. In 1850 Samuel S. Nelles took charge of the College. Under his wise and far-sighted guidance the work of Victoria grew and expanded as additional faculties were added. , U L .. f.f..-1-:TIM Federation with the University of Toronto HE federation of Victoria University with the University of Toronto became an accomplished fact in 1892. Victoria was a pioneer in setting up the system of education by which the provincial university and three independent denominational uni- versities and colleges have in the course of time through their federa- tion agreements established the Faculty of Arts of the University of Toronto as it exists today. Vic- toria University retained the right to grant degrees only in Divinity, and since 1892 Victoria's degree- conferring powers in Medicine, Law and Science have remained in abeyance. From 1892 to 1928 the organization of Victoria University consisted of two faculties, Arts and Divinity. The task of translating the federation agreement into prac- tice was accomplished by Chan- cellor Nathanael Burwash who had succeeded Dr. Nelles in 1887 and held. office until 1913. During the X., , .V Nffl' , ' v 4' ' difficult war years and during the period of expansion in 1920-30 Chancellor R. P. Bowles guided the destinies of the institution. The Residences of Victoria University LTHOUGH residence accommodation was provided in Cobourg, for the first eleven years of its existence in Toronto Victoria had no residences for students. With the opening of Annes- ley Hall Womenis Residence in 1903 there was a marked increase in the number of women students. Burwash Hall and the Victoria College Men's Resi- dences consisting of four houses known as North, Middle, Gate and South, the gift of Mr. Chester D. Massey, were completed in 1913 During the Great War the Men's Residences were used almost exclu- sively for military purposes. In 1926 a splendid addition was made to the buildings of Victoria University with the opening of the Wymilwood Women Students' Union and Residence, the gift of Mrs. E. R. Wood and Lady Flavelle. The new Emmanuel College Men's Residences consisting of five separate houses known as Ryerson, Nelles, Caven, Gandier and Bowles, all constructed on the stair-case plan, were opened in 1931. At the present time Victoria has residence accommodation for 170 women students and for a total of 217 men students in Arts and Divinity. There are dining-rooms for women students in Annesley Hall and Wymilwood, and all men living in the Residences of Victoria University take their meals in Burwash Hall. ,. .. . . .... .. 1 .. .H Y---1 Victoria College and Emmanuel College HE consummation of Church Union in 1925 affected both the work and organization of Victoria Univer- sity. There was a marked increase in the' number of students enrolled in Victoria College. The amendment to the Charter contained in the Victoria University Act of 1928 provided for the organization of Victoria University with two colleges, Victoria College in Arts and Emmanuel Col- lege in Divinity. In 1929 and 1930 an appeal was made for funds to provide land and buildings for Emmanuel College and improved residential accommodation for the women students of Victoria College. A new academic building was opened in 1931 to provide for the work of Emmanuel Col- lege, thereby relieving the great congestion in the Victoria College building. During the session 1938-39 there are 858 students, enrolled in Victoria College and 83 students in Emmanuel College. In January, 1930, Dr. Edward W. Wallace was installed as Chancellor and President of Vic- toria University, succeeding Dr. R. P. Bowles, who had resigned and was appointed Chancellor Emeritus. X. vw' I i I f I. I l 4 i i 1 To the Graduating Class of Victoria College By Principal W. T. Brown, M.A., Ph.D. HE world into which the class of 1939 enters is still much perplexed and distraught. During the last year the anxiety created by the tension in the realm of international affairs has increased rather than lessened. While the fierceness of the economic depression has somewhat abated, nevertheless unemployment, poverty and distress still stalk through the country. At the some sectional or selfish interest be entrusted with leadership. We can work our way out of our present difficulties under the leadership only of those who face the issues with breadth of mind and tolerance of spirit, with clarity of intelligence and maturity of judgment, and who are concerned not for their own gain or glory, but for the welfare of their country. These are the qualities which the College has sought to in- culcate in you during the years you have spent in its halls. The diffi- culties of our own times present 'a call and a challenge to university men and women, and universities and colleges will be judged by the achievements of their graduates. Your Alma Mater looks forward same time that the world faces these grave international and economic problems, significant political issues have arisen in our own country which press for immediate solution. No cheap and easy panaceas will cure these ills of the world, nor can those who are concerned to bolster with hope to your future, confident that you will measure up to the needs of the hour. x E461 WE 1 ii W . ww J kg' t Irfan Jane E. Allen Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Attended North To- ronto C.I. Was in Music Club production II, III. Is interested in skiing and horse-back rid- ing. Plans to attend School of Nursing, University of Toronto. George Edward Almack Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. Born in Canso, N.S. Ma- triculated from Riverdale C.I. Jack Loyal Amos Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. Came from North To- ronto Collegiate. Member of Forum Club and of Political Science Club. On Senior Wrestling Team. Interested in tennis and photography. Last summer could be seen pedal- ling around Europe on a bi- cycle. Doris G. Anglin Kingston, Ont. . General Arts. Came to Varsity from Kingston C.I. After first trying Queen's took up resi- dence at Annesley Hall. Played for amusement on the Vic Jr. Hockey Team and was a mem- ber of Vic Swimming Team III. May appear among the dietitians of the future. William Walter Armstrong Ottawa, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Glebe C.I. Interested in mod- ern languages and art.. A member of the Arts and Crafts Club in Hart House for three years and a member of th-e Art Committee IV. Magda Blondian Arnold Toronto, Ont. Psychology. Attended Handels- schule in Mahi' Triiban. Mar- riage to a Professor of German and three children provided preliminary training. Secre- tary and one of founders of Psychology Club III. Obtained a David Dunlop Memorial Scholarship II, III and a Re- gents' Scholarship. Intends to go on studying psychology. Q5 if . H' 'Vx ' 1. ,,,,, " l47l Margaret Helen Bailey Mimico, Ont. General Arts. From St. J oseph's College. At Varsity was on In- tercollegiate Swimming Team I-IV. Treasurer of Victoria College Women's Athletic Club III, President of U. of T. Swimming Club IV, member of Women's Athletic Director- ate. Summers were spent teaching sailing and diving. Ivor Benjamin Baldwin Toronto, Ont. Modern History. Music. Came to Varsity from North Toronto C.I. to enter the two courses of History and Music. Received Mus. Bac. degree in 1938. Pres- ent organist and choirmaster, College Street United Church. Spent last summer on trans- Atlantic tour. Frances Mary Ballachey Paisley, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Paisley. Marv while at Victoria was a member of the Music Club II, on the S.C.M. Executive III, and on A.S.G.A. III. Her future plans include secretarial work and possibly social service work. E. Clare Barns Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Windsor, Nova Scotia, but came to Var- sity via Humberside Collegiate Institute. Swelled chorus of Vic Music Club during II and III. Contributed spasmodically to Acta Victoriana. Will prob- ably attend O.C.E., keeping a reflective eye on journalism. Marjorie C. Beaton Toronto, Ont. Modern History-and enjoyed it. Born Chengtu, West China. To Varsity via Canadian School, Chengtu, Canadian Academy, Kobe, and N.T.C.I. Played Basketball I. On Class Executive II, Year Represen- tative on Debating Parliament II, Assistant Social Directress V.C.U. III, becoming Social Directress IV. Frederick John Beharriell Toronto, Ont. Moderns. From Humberside C.I. with a Matriculation Scholarship. Added a Regent's III. On Vic. French Club Ex- ecutive III, IV, Treasurer Uni- versity German Club III and President IV. Spent summers in Albertaand Maritimes, os- tensibly working. Likes swim- ming, track, and brunettes. Victoria College .. ,WS vv' it-fb N F . 5. i f . f if 51' V .ff l Victoria College l Douglas Willard Best Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sci- ences. Came to Vic. from China via Oshawa C. and V.I. on a Second Carter Scholarship. Honour Science Club, S.C.M. and water polo claimed a lot of his time. Took up Jiu-Jitsu II and IV. An ardent rugby fan and enthusiastic about all kinds of skating. Stanley Chamberlain Best Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sci- ences. Born in West China and came from Oshawa on a Second Carter Scholarship. Time taken up CI-IVD mainly with S.C.M. and water polo. Started col- lege not letting lectures inter- fere with education and gradu- ated by not letting education interfere with lectures. Ruth Gardner Bland Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Ma- triculated from Oakwood C.I. Was a member of Victoria Music Club and Honour Sci- ence Club I-IV. On Executive of Honour Science Club IV. Plans to go to O.C.E. Margaret Bleasdell Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. From Moulton Col- lege. Was a member of the Debating Parliament and Dra- matic Club. Summers spent travelling in Europe and Eng- land, and as a councillor at Bolton Camp. Plans to enter Social Science and then to do child welfare work. Newton Rowell Bowles Islington, Ont. Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryj. China boy. Subsisted on Acta Victoriana, V.C.U., Glee Club, Historical Club, Hart House Committee and Vic. Rugby hand-outs. Wymil- wood musicales becoming foodless, entered the Co-op. At present, torn between a Rhodes and the Met. Roy Pearson Brett Meadowvale, Ont. Pass Arts. His trail leads from Brampton High School to Vic- toria to Osgoode Hall. 48 f V, .Vg Wig, .- V in-Z., if . "1 -1- . at if 'TU' ., WI? Irene Videlle Brogden Stratford, Ont. Moderns. Came to Varsity from Stratford Collegiate Institute. Is interested in music, and likes Western ways. Plans to see life via Library School. Hopes to travel in the not-too- distant future. John James Brown Unionville, Ont. Moderns. Born in Alberta. Member of Camera Commit- tee of Hart House III, IV. In- termediate Intercollegiate Bas- ketball Champions III. Bob Committee IV. Photographic Editor of Torontonensis IV. His consolations in this life are photography and week- ends in God's country. Ruth Beaton Brownlee Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Came to Varsity from Riverdale C.I. Summers were spent supervis- ing a city playground. On Class Executive III. Was Toronto- nensis Representative IV and Year Representative to the Household Science Club IV. Future plans include O.C.E. Jerome Hamilton Buckley Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Came to Varsity on General Proficiency Scholar- ship from Humberside C.I. Was awarded War Memorial Scholarship II-III and Jolliffe Scholarship in English III. Served on Bob Committee II and as Literary Editor, Acta Victorianag IV. Barbara Ruth Burnaby Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Came to Varsity from Moulton Col- lege. Interested in sports and hopes to teach P.T. In between teaching, hopes to spend sum- mers seeing out-of-the-Way places in Europe. Willard Beverley Burwell Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Routed into Varsity via Harbord C.I. and Central Commerce. Tries to live at home. Teaches Sunday School most Sundays. Vegetated I and II in an S.C.M. group. Hart House Art Committ-ee III, Hart House Glee Clubg Hart House Camera Club, Victoria Dra- matic Clubg Off Key Editor Acta Victo'ria'n.a. ,l Y! F? 4 I 51 Mk' 50 mum: 'TUC' 4 Vzctofrza College Lv . Isabelle Caldwell Parry Sound, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Welland. Came to Victoria from Parry Sound High School as a co- winner of the Webster Prize in English. Summers were spent observing the idiosyn- crasies of tourists among the Thousand Islands. In the future plans to make observa- tion remunerative. Isobel Evans Cameron Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Ma- triculated from Harbord C.I. Plans to attend O.C.E. James Loris Carder Cottam, Ont. Pass Arts. Attended London Normal School 1933-34. En- joyed teaching three years. Took Iirst year in Arts at Western University. Hopes to enter Emmanuel College next year. Margaret Isabelle Carleton Toronto, Ont. . Moderns. Came to Victoria from Riverdale C.I. Chief in- terests were S.C.M. and musi- cal activities, did committee work in both fields. In the siunmer got glimpses oflife at Bolton Camp and at waitress- ing. Hopes to get broader view by cycling through Europe during holidays from teaching. Mary Elizabeth Carson Ottawa, Ont. Pass Arts. Interested .in House- hold Economics. Favourite sports are hockey, swimming, skiing, tennis. Enjoys water- colours, glass-blowing, singing, coffee, "the sweet security of streets", rain, trees. Aversions are examinations, all restric- tions. Summers spent "re- searching" at 7" F. and warmer temperatures. Ross Dunham Clarence CKEJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. 49 John Hosie Clark New Liskeard, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from New Liskeard High School. Resided in North House, Bur- wash. Future plans uncertain but probably business of one kind or another. Albert Percival William Clarke Scarborough, Ont. Physiology and Biochemistry. Matriculated f r o m Humber- side Collegiate Institute. Donald Archibald Clugston Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came from North Toronto C.I. On Class Execu- tive II. Played Hockey for Emmanuel II, III. Spent sum- mers in the mission field and plans to enter Emmanuel, de- spite his hobby, which is weight-lifting! Stuart Bowyer Coles Woodbridge, Ont. Pass Arts. To Victoria from Weston High School on a Wil- fred Pearen Memorial Scholar- ship. Will enter Knox College. Jean Barbara Collins Orillia, Ont. General Arts. From Orillia C.I. Lived in French House I. Marjorie R. Collinson Seely's Bay, Ont. Pass Arts. Victoria College Marjory M. Colpltts 1 I .f" Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. George Howard Conquergood Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Vaughan Road C.I. and U.T.S. While at Queen's University played rugby, basketball and hockey, was 175-lb. Intercol- legiate Wrestling Representa- tive. Active in S.C.M. Played rugby for Argos in 1936 and 1937. Plans on entering Y.M. C.A. work. Ruth Cotter Ottawa, Ont. Pass Arts. Was active member of Women's Literary Society. Riding, her favourite sport. Ambitions-still taking shape. Samuel Kenneth Coulter Sunderland, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDi- vision IJ. Received a Science Scholarship from Scarborough Collegiate. Worked with De- partment of Education in sum- mer and it is possible that he will become an accountant. Teca Patricia Court Weston, Ont. Pass Arts. Plans to attend Library School. Lloyd Leslie Covert Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity via Dominion Business College and Western Technical School. Worked while attending col- lege as projectionist at Allenby Theatre. Hopes to continue studies in physics. E501 aim M. A. Craig Paisley, Ont. Law. Elizabeth M. I. Cross Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Humberside Collegiate. Mem- ber of Victoria Music Club, Dramatic Club, S.C.M. Partici- pated in tennis, badminton, riding, golf at College. Did University Settlement work. Councillor at Bolton Camp. Summer at Ward's Island- sailing, swimming. Plans to enter Social Sci-ence. John Wesley Dales Newmarket, Ont. Biological and Medical Sci- ences. Came from Newmarket H.S. From Interfaculty Rugby and Intercollegiate Track dur- ing term to road construction during summer was but a step. Hopes to be able to put M.D. after his name eventually. Jean Elizabeth Davidson Toronto, Ont. General Course. Matriculated from North Toronto C.I. For two summers was a councillor at Bolton Camp. Member of Sociology Club I and II. Hopes to be "the perfect secretary". Robert James De Mille Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Parkdale C.I. Member of Music Club for three years. Heading for O.C.E. ,. Charles Garrow Devlin Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came from Runny- mede C.I. without a scholar- ship and proud of it. Finds hockey, baseball and golf ap- pealing. Perhaps Osgoode Hall too! QI' . I Edward Wilson Devlin Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came from Runny- mede C.I. and Osgoode Hall will shortly claim him. Likes sports and travelling. He must like harrier! Allan Robert Thomas Dixon Warren, Ont. Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryj. Came from Northern Ontario. Former education at Hugel Public School, Sturgeon Falls Continuation School, and Bloor C.I. Spent two summers as student-missionary-a prep- aration for parsonage life after theology at Emmanuel. Harold George Dobson Milverton, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Victoria from Milverton C.S. via Lis- towel H.S. and Stratford Nor- mal School. Was a member of Hart House Glee Club III, Chapel Choir III. Spends sum- mers on mission fields. Life work via Emmanuel. Ruth Don Carlos Toronto, Ont. ' Pass Arts. Graduated from Oakwood C.I. She plans to at- tend Library School. Lloyd Dulmage Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDi- vision ID. Came to Varsity from Jarvis C.I. Member of Mathematics and Physics So- ciety, Victoria Music and Dra- matic Societies and Hart House Glee Club. Has learned what mathematics really is and how to smoke a pipe. Greatest ac- complishments - marriage and a little daughter. Harriett M. Dunbar Guelph, Ont. Moderns. Came with the John McCrae Scholarship from Guelph C.V.I. Four years in residence, including French House I and III, A.S.G.A. IV. Interested especially in the language clubs and music, golf and riding. Hopes to travel, but first, who knows-O.C.E.? James Ross Dunford Toronto, Ont. English and History. Entered Varsity from Vaughan Road C.I. In between- many and varied summer jobs has been sandwiched some time on the Bob Committee III and as Di- rector IV, on Acta Victoriana staff III and IV, and on Rugby Team. Aims towards O.C.E. Margaret Claire Durgin Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Margaret was born in Old Town, Maine. Gradu- ated from Havergal College and plans to teach. Leslie Nelson Earl Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. President V.C.U. IV. Holder of Senior Stick. Was on the Senior Intercollegiate Swimming Team I-IV, Senior Intercollegiate Water Polo Team II-IV. Vice-President U. of T. Swimming and Water Polo Club III, President IV. Margaret Edith Easto Toronto, Ont. Sociology. Activities include C.G.I.T. and University Settle- ment work. Was Secretary- Treasurer of Sociology Club IIg Assistant Treasurer S.C.M. IIIg Associate President Vic- toria S.C.M. IV, on Women's Intercollegiate Debating Team IVQ Victoria Senior Stick Holder. Margery M. Eastwood Cornwall, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Cornwall Collegiate Institute, won a County Scholarship and bought a canoe. Interested in Women's Literary Society and athletics-Treasurer of Wo- men's Athletic Society III. Likes photography. Future, Library School or the business world. Alice I. Eedy St. Maryis, Ont. General Arts. Spent odd times in or on Music Club, Women's Literary Society, Dramatic Club, The Varsity, Acta Vic- toriana. Interests: dogs and cooking. Victoria College , 3 I 21. . I ' B' Wil 'I 1 k . .gat ' t Q .vsaf v 4. ff ,Q , f , -.. if 5' 5' , in - I ,. 5 s """" 5,1 Q W .Ei-2 t lf'?"'f' v,42iiQ'5 3 'Rf -, "fa" -N as .s-tt.: f :-' .- . -Q., V'l'l"'N'. qui 1 :"" 5' .5 5' Lili my ' 4 " 3-vi. ri ..,, l L A ' . J, fl? T12 Vzctorza College William Oscar Fennell Brantford, Ont. Philosophy. Matriculated from Brantford C.I. Resided in North House, Burwash Hall. Plans to enter Emmanuel. In summer did work in the mis- sion fields of Ontario and Sas- katchewan. President of Vic- toria S.C.M. IV. Class Execu- tive III. On U. of T.. Junior, Intermediate and Senior Rugby Teams. A. L. Meredith Fleming Toronto, Ont. CKDAOD Pass Arts. Graduated from U.T.S. Hardrock Conservative I-III. President Macdonald- Cartier Club II. Member of H. H. Music Committee III. Wrote livid sports articles for The Varsity I, II, but suspiciously attracted to the Library III. Summers at Wap, but re- covered to play Rugby and Water Polo for Victoria II, III. Mary Emily Forrest Seaforth, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Victoria from Seaforth C.I. While at Varsity she resided in Tate House. Irene Mary Foster Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Ma- triculated from Jarvis Col- legiate Institute. Interested in music. Was a member of Vic- toria Music Club and Honour Science Club I-IV. Jean Francis Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Member of the Vic. Dramatic Club Ig chorus 'of the Vic. Music Club II, Secretary Women's Literary Society III, first "Librarian" of Wymil- wood Reading Room. Captain of Vic. Junior Basketball Team I. Interests: fine art, swim- ming, badminton. Lois Elizabeth French Toronto, Ont. English and History. Matricu- lated from Oakwood C.I. 52 F N.-. ..,...- .. x I ff- V ,,,,: 4 xx Q t ESX , Q, .Y 'Q 'ri sr if dw l it . N ,gs i John Russel Fry Beamsville, Ont. Moderns. Attended Beamsville High School. Considers the in- tirnacy and informality of small schools an invaluable asset. Admires the naivete and eagerness of the city child. Has enjoyed being President of the French Club. Hopes to teach, and if teaching pays, to travel. Margaret Fullerton Toronto, Ont. General Arts. Before Varsity- Moulton College. At Varsity- Victoria College. After Varsity -? Frances Galletly Long Branch, Ont. English and History. Went through High School at Long Branch. Enjoyed being in two productions of the Victoria College Music Club. Keen about the first lessons in figure-skating and planning to continue it. Future plans: Library School. Olga Gaster Toronto, Ont. Moderns. She was born in Finland. Barbara Elaine Goodsell Trenton, Ont. Pass Arts. Elaine was born in Trenton and graduated from the Ontario Ladies' College. At Victoria was a member of the Dramatic Club II, and the Chapel Choir II, III. Interests: skating, badminton. Gladys Elliott Gordon 'IXveed, Ont. Pass Arts. 1936-College days ahead, the wildest dreams and aspirations kaleidoscoping into Weeks and months of freshman enthusiasm, new friends, new ambitions - broad horizons! 1938-College days drawing to a close .... Three short years, but what could erase their joy and their inspiration? . 55, . 1 J' :J UI'L ffl? 'H Vzctorza College Margaret Jean Graham Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Toronto-born. Came to Victoria from Malvern C.I. Spent summers at Bolton, Va- cation Schools and relaxing- mostly relaxing. College inter- ests included S.C.M. and Music Club I-IV, College Choir Ex- ecutive III, French Club Ex- ecutive IV. Hopes to nrealize childhood ambition-teaching, and, perhaps, study abroad. Elizabeth Gray Toronto, Ont. Sociology. Came to Varsity via Moulton College. A member of the Victoria Dramatic Society I-IV, Associate President IV. Special aptitudes - Props, and worrying over other people's business. Hopes to do gradu- ate work in London, Eng., if all goes well. Douglas A. Green Owen Sound, Ont. Pass Arts. Came from U.T.S. and will go to Emmanuel. Uni- versity residence was Middle House, Burwash Hall. In be- tween he played Water Polo for Victoria I, II, for the U. of T. Seniors III, and also was on the Intercollegiate Senior Swim- ming Team I-III. Dorothy Annie Blanche Greer Toronto, Ont. English and History. Dorothy spent seven years in Ireland, seven in England, four at Vaughan C.I. and entered Vic- toria. She also spent the in- come from the Aikins,,Brock and Glen Mawr Scholarships, and the scanter income from three summers "waiting" in Muskoka. Will give her life to teaching via O.C.E. Douglas M. Haig Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Oakwood C.I. Bruce W. Hall Detroit, Mich. Pass Arts. Matriculated from U.T.S. Lived in North House, Burwash Hall. Member S.C.M. Bob Committee II. Played In- terfaculty Basketball and Vol- leyball I, II. Member of Inter- collegiate Tennis Team I-III, having held intercollegiate title in both singles and doubles. Also University Champion III. I-if 53 Lillian Ruth Hall Peterborough, Ont. General Arts. She belonged to Victoria French Club I, Dra- matic Club II and Classics Club II-IV, becoming Secre- tary-Treasurer III. Lived in Annesley Hall. Hopes to at- tend O.C.E. Margaret W. Hall Toronto, Ont. Physical Education and Pass Arts. From Moulton College. Was a member of Physical Education Swimming Team and of the Varsity Intercol- legiate Swimming and Diving Team two years. Secretary of Physical Education Diploma Course. Vice-President of Var- sity -Swimming Club. Marion Eleanor Hannaford Toronto, Ont. Household Economics .Be- longed to Music Club I-IV. Jordan Page Harshman Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences. Matriculated from U.T.S. Played Interfaculty Water Polo II-IV. Member of Honour Science Club II, III, President IV. Future lies in biochemistry in one of its forms. Samuel Robert Henderson Palmerston, Ont. Pass Arts. Came from Listowel High School to Gate House, Burwash Hall, where he has been known to sing in the showers at ungodly hours. Be- lieves lectures contribute little to university education. Phil- osophy of life: life is a bowl of cherries but you have to bite into a lot of stones to get all there is in it. Anah Catharine Heynes Islington, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Etobicoke H.S. Has pas- sion for French language and people. Loves sports, especially swimming, and the movies. Secret ambitions to- be a second Pavlova and to -see England and the continent from a bicycle. Hopes to visit France. Victoria College ' ,, jr itat - 5 ll , . 4 ' hiv it L V, -iff'- .4 . , Zi.. iff? ' 'P Q 2 N l V ,V I .i Ja wa I Y N I Lltilff' .A P- E 57.11 iffw e . L i 4- I - 1 .I R. Ruth Hicks Corunna, Ont. Pass Arts. John Edwin Hodgetts QIIJAOJ Omemee, Ont. Political Science and Econ- omics. Green and fresh from the i'Old Ontario Strand", Co- bourg. Won six assorted scholarships. Recovered from shock of same by playing In- terfaculty and Intercollegiate Rugby. Rose from Hoiiice boy to President" on the Victoria Athletic Union. Was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship IV. Annie Beatrice Huff Picton, Ont. Household Economics. She lived in Annesley Hall I-IV. Was a member of A.S.G.A. Executive II-IV and Vic. Wo- men's Literary Society Execu- tive III. Her future plans are very indefinite. Edith Gowanlock Huntsman. Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences. Matriculated f r o m Havergal College. Was a mem- ber of Honour Science Execu- tive I-IV, becoming Vice- President IV, Polity Club I-IV, becoming President IV, Var- sity Christian Fellowship and Biology Club. Elizabeth Hutchinson Walkerville, Ont. Philosophy or His- toryb. Elizabeth was born in Milton, Ont., and graduated from Walkerville C.I. Thomas L. Jackson Fergus, Ont. Philosophy. Came from Fergus High School. Resided in Gate House, Burwash Hall. He was an asset to the Vic. Rugby Team among other things. ,, ,... . . ,. C if. I 35s fx 4 1 ca ' r ,. X ev, sf A' ' ' MQ K Y f - . f .. I fi.g,45?,,,5 f 4 EIT -1 541 ff! 3-13 N TXEIII17 Edward Samuel Jarvis Toronto, Ont. Sociology. Matriculated from Vaughan Rd. C.I. Played In- termediate Rugby I, Senior In- tercollegiate II-IVg Interfac- ulty Basketball I-IV, Intercol- legiate Boxing II, III, member of Athletic Directorate. Was Vice-President of Sociology Club. Interested in Y.M.C.A. and Boys' Work. Mary Enid Jermyn Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Entered Moderns to prove that this course is pos- sible for one of ordinary in- telligence. Q.E.D. Might have proved something different in a course like Household Sc i e nc e. After two years, changed allegiance from French Club to German Club, becoming Publicity Agent III and Vice-President IV. Wm. Glenn Jewett Toronto, Ont. Physics. He came from Bloor C.I. with a great respect for mathematics and by IV had the courage to join the M. Sz P. Society. Present plans point to O.C.E., but one suspects the increasing desire to be a church musician and organist will cut short any pedagogical career. Dorothy E. Joblin Port Perry, Ont. Pass Arts. Present, past, fu- ture - "teaching", Activities within college range from a chorus girl in "Mikado" to an enthusiastic canvasser of the Student Christian Movement. Gladys Gertrude Johnston Lindsay, Ont. General Arts. She came from Lindsay C.I. Resided in An- nesley Hall I-IV. Was on Class Executive III and on Vic. Women's Literary Society Executive III and IV. Interests: hockey, riding, debating par- liament. William Desmond Johnston Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Victoria College hd Aubrey Reginald Jones St. Thomas, Ont. Philosophy. Came to Vic. from Dutton High School. Resided in Middle House, Burwash Hall. On Bob Committee II, Year Executive III, IV. Trea- surer S.C.M. IV, House Execu- tive I-IV. Played hockey for Emmanuel III. Member, Dra- matic Club IV. Emmanuel will claim him next. Isabel Elizabeth Kalbfleisch Moorefleld, Ont. Pass Arts. From Listowel H.S. Isabel came to university and While there lived in Annesley Hall. After spending one year at O.C.E. she expects to teach. Gordon Trenholme Keeler Toronto, Ont. Geology and Mineralogy. Ma- triculated from York Memorial Collegiate Institute, Toronto. Member of Honour Science Club and Rockyfeller's Club. Took parts in annual produc- tions of York Memorial Alumni Players. Intends to become a geologist Cgo on the rocksj. Frederick Miles Kelly Port Hope, Ont. ' Mathematics and Physics CDivision IVJ. Came to Var- sity on a scholarship in biology, so decided to take physics. Landed on the M. 8: P. Society Executive III and IV. Inter- ested in the S.C.M. and squash. Interior decorator - in the summer with paint, in the winter with Co-op. soup. Gladys Kippen Toronto, Ont. English and History. ' Agnes Ruth Klinck Stouffville, Ont. Sociology. Came to Varsity to find out what Sociology is. Did A.T.C.M. piano and little else I. On The Varsity Staff II. In S.C.M., C.C.F. and Sociology Society II-IV. Was on Vic. S.C.M. Executive III. On Vic. Women's Lit. Executive, and President of Sociology Society IV. Hobbies: music and people. 55 William Robert Lacey Penetanguishene, Ont. Pass Arts. Came from the High Schools of Penetang and Midland. Played Interfaculty Soccer. Truck driving in sum- mer paved the way for Em- manuel College. Marion Gladys Leader Windsor, Ont. Moderns. Matriculated from Kennedy C.I. in Windsor. She was on Class Executive III, IV, and was a member of French Club I, II, and Dramatic Club III, IV. In spite of Moderns, Marion does not plan to attend O.C.E. Mary Leavens Picton, Ont. Moderns. Resided in Annesley Hall I, II and IV, and in French House III. Was a member of Vic. Music Club I. Played bad- minton II, III and tennis IV. Alice Eileen Leonard Lowbanks Ont. Born in China. Lived in vari- ous places until leaving Till- sonburg H.S. with an Edward Blake Scholarship. A classicist by choice but interested in everything, including debates, good causes, and literature. Hopes to go on studying in- dehnitely. John Arthur Line CCDKEJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Received a diploma from North Toronto C.I. Music Club I. On the staff of The Varsity I-III. Sam Edward Lipin CIIEMJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Combined academic work with various extra-cur- ricular activities. Worked on The Varsity II-IV. Became Or- ganizations Editor of Toronto- rtensis IV. Played Interfaculty Football I-IV. Participated in Interfaculty and Intercollegiate Water Polo and Swimming I- IVg Vice-President Water Polo Club IV. 'TE- 'QPF' T' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Victoria College I w . i Jean Caroline Love Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Graduated from Continuation School, Spring- field, Ont. and North Toronto C.I. Elected Secretary of Class 4T0 III. On The Varsity Staff II and III. Intends entering O.C.E., later Columbia Univer- sity. Likes journalism and hopes to write a book. Plans hiking Europe in breeches and high boots. Jean C. L. McArthur Whitby, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Ontario Ladies' College, Whitby. Interested in music, sailing and teacup reading. Ambition: "A boat of my owni' Cwith apologies to Virginia Woolfj . Barbara Jean McBroom Toronto, Ont. Moclerns. Reached Varsity via. Oakwood Collegiate and spent four pleasant years in the Moderns Course. Received a scholarship in Modern Lan- guages I and a Regents' Schol- arship III. Was a member of the German Club and of the Victoria French Club. Gwendolyn Elaine McCarty Toronto, Ont. Psychology. Came to Varsity from Parkdale C.I. Was mem- ber of U.C. Women's Glee Club II, year of its formation, and was on 'The Varsity Staff III. Would like time to resume musical studies. Ambition is to secure work with the gov- ernment. Sharlee McClelland CECDJ Noranda, Que. Psychology. Matriculated from Harbord Collegiate Institute. Mary E. T. McCutcheon Toronto, Ont. General Arts. She came to Varsity from North Toronto C.I. i561 "' ' 'R ggxgw , 4. p, . .- 5 Q 1, ' . ,ag " 5 Q f ' 'gh ,,,, , . Q . Q'-rg.. - - 5 ig, i n A 2 i V352 A pi Bruce Cameron Macdonald Japan General Arts. Specialized in Geology and Mineralogy and intends to go on with geo- logical work. Born at Kainei, Korea, and got his matric. at the Canadian Academy, Kobe, Japan. Played intercollegiate English Rugby II-IV, Inter- faculty Volley Ball I-IV. President Chushingura Club. Elsie Jean Macdonald Victoria Square, Ont. English and History. Born in the Manse, Timmins. Came to Varsity from Owen Sound C.I. on Carter Scholarship. Inter- ested in sketching and swim- ming. As member of the "Old Guard" still violently attached to the English and History Course and after O.C.E., hopes to teach and travel. Frederick Laing McDonald Elmsdale, Ont. Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology. Came from North Bay C.I. to Victoria, where he resided in South House, Bur- wash Hall. Member Honour Science, Rockyfeller's, N.B.N. and Walker Min. Clubs. Spent summers working in Ontario mining districts, also on Pro- vincial Geological Survey. Jean Lorna Macfarlane Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Victoria from Parkdale C.I. Was Class Associate President I and on Interfaculty Basketball and Swimming Teams. Jean was a member of Vic. Music Club I- III, becoming Secretary II and Associate-President III. Sum- mers weree spent acting as camp councillor and as swim- ming instructor in a collegiate. John Stanley Macfarlane Toronto, Ont. Latin, CFrench or Greekl. En- tered Varsity from North Tor- onto Did playground work every summer. Was forever labouring under a false im- pression that a guy had to be smart to get his "pan" in this book-knows better now. In- tends to enter O.C.E. Alexander Roy Mclntyre Elora, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Fergus High School. 5 Ei 1 'xyfq 1153 iff? I, I' Vzctorza College J. W. Campbell McLean Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Schooled in Van- couver, but came to Varsity for his education! Member- ship in S.C.M. I-III, Vic. Bob Committee II, Winnipeg Stu- dent Conference IIg Liberal Club III, and Class Executive III. Journalism for The Var- sity, downtown papers and the Canadian Press formed an in- teresting hobby. A Mary D. McLean Woodbridge, Ont. Pass Arts. Came from Weston High School. Was a member of Music Club I-III, Year Execu- tive II, and A.S.G.A. Executive III. Douglas MacPherson Peterborough, Ont. Pass Arts. Henry Parke McQuigg Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Graduated from Upper Canada College to Vic- toria. Interested in making motion pictures and is a mem- ber of the Amateur Cinema League. Fond of travelling, has done some and hopes to do more in his Cbusinessj career. Edith Norine Macham New Lowell, Ont. Pass Arts. Helen Jerene Malcolm Campbellford, Ont. Sociology. She lived in one of Victoria College Women's Resi- dences I-IV. Played hockey and badminton II and tennis III, IV. Was on the Athletic Executive IV and A.S.G.A. IV. 1 4 I N . I: i s . ' -. , ' ' va f f 315' P ' . 3 f ,. A V , E igfln- it f 57 Melba Frances Malott Cottam, Ont. Latin CFrench or Greekl. Came to Varsity from Essex High School. Member of Victoria College Classics Club four years, becoming representative on the Executive III. Plans to attend O.C.E. David Kenneth Matheson Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Victoria from Upper Canada College. Decorated Vic. Hockey Team I-III. Summer occupations in- cluded managing a golf club. Kenneth Mawson Toronto, Ont. English and History. Matricu- lated from Vaughan Road C.I. Interested in art, books and "Lumssn Character". Won George Dennis Morse Scholar- ship III. Intends to enter O.C.E. and then. Dorothy J. Mearns Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Humberside C.I. and thence to Varsity. Member of Victoria Music and Dramatic Clubs II and III. Next year points towards busi- ness college. Arthur Redpath Menzies China Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryl. Born in Changte, China, and got his matric. at the Can- adian Academy at Kobe, Japan. Music Club I-IV. President of Vic. Debating Parliament IV. Played Soccer for Vic. and for U. of T. Intermediates, being Captain of latter team, and President of U. of T. Soccer Association IV. Jean Henrietta Millar Brampton, Ont. Pass Arts. Basketball enthu- siasm made her Captain of In- tercollegiate Team and holder of Athletic Stick II. President of College Athletic Society III. Nature lore at camp her sum- mer interest. Hopes to work hard in Social Science for the next two years. 1 I Victoria College K. Us i J, .tl x Vg F fx A e Joseph William Mills Richmond Hill, Ont. Geology and Mineralogy. Came from Richmond Hill High School to South House, Bur- wash Hall. Work-ed in summer in Dominion and Provincial Geological Surveys. Member of Walker Mineralogy, Rocky- fellers, N.B.N., Honour Science and Camera Clubs. Phyllis A. Monkman Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Came to Varsity from Humberside C.I. Member of Honour Science Club for two years, and of Victoria Dramatic Club for two years. Intends to go to O.C.E., and hopes to somehow get around the world. Ruth H. Moore Toronto, Ont. Biology. Came to Victoria from Humberside C.I. on an Edward Blake Scholarship. Was on Executive of Biology Club for four years acting in the capacity of Vice-Presi- dent one year. Hopes to be a botanist some day. Olive M. Mulhall Toronto, Ont. English and History. Came to Varsity from Humberside C.I. She was Class Associate-Presi- dent Ig a member of Music Club II and English and His- tory Club II, becoming Secre- tary III, was the Secretary III and the Associate-President IV of the Victoria College Union. Represented Victoria on the S.A.C. and was Women's Ath- letic Commissioner IV. Donald Lockstone Mumford Toronto, Ont. CAKEJ General Arts. Specialized in Mathematics and Physics. Ma- triculated from Bloor Col- legiate. Combined spectacular work on the Senior U. of T. Rugby Team for three years with a Regents' Scholarship and the Wm. Neil Hanna Scholarship IV. Secretary of Rugby Club III and President IV. On Rowing Crew I. James Ivor Nixon Cooksville, Ont. General Arts. From Humber- side C.I. As men's Toronto- nensis representative for Vic- toria he wishes to apologize for any cracks in -the bio- graphies. 'K 5- N. - 4 A , - ' 'ms' . is . s , A '. . t 23 ,. ,9-' 2 - ' 'gl . fi 5- .. - 'L . qs! 1. .-f... ' - , ,s , I tit-' - . .fr I .fb .V .g, - .1521 . I ,ci a I 53 . . - ' ,' ' 'I I lv I I '14 :fS2.'1E59:' l 7 Audrey A. Patrick Richmond Hill, Ont. General Arts. Came to Varsity from Richmond Hill H.S. Sum- mers were spent working at Lake of Bays and in Quebec. Plans to attend O.C.E. Harry Alexander Pearson Weston, Ont. Chemistry, Mineralogy, and Geology. Matriculated from Weston H.S. E. Evelyn Perkin Unionville, Ont. Pass Arts. Evelyn received her High School training at Mark- ham High School. While at Varsity she lived in Victoria Womenis Residence. William Gladstone Perry Toronto, Ont. Law. Matriculated from Ham- ilton Central C.I. Member of Law Club I-IV, Fencing I, II, IV, Bencher La Fleur's Inn III, Moot Court Secretary- Treasurer III, Chief-Justice Moot Court IV, Foreign Affairs Club II-IV. Future plans: Os- goode Hall, law and secretarial practice. Margaret Peters Scarborough Junction, Ont. Pass Arts. Margaret was born in Bellevue, Alberta, and ma- triculated from Lavoy and Granum High Schools. Her first year at university was spent at Mount Royal Junior College, Calgary, second year at Queen's University, and third year at Victoria. She plans to attend O.C.E. Herbert Alan Phillips Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econ- omics. Got his matriculation from North Toronto C.I. Mem- ber of the Champion Interme- diate Intercollegiate Te n n is Team II-IV and Doubles Champion III, IV. President Intermediate Intercolle giate Tennis Association III. Inter- faculty Basketball I-IV, Bad- minton Team III, IV. SUP f'- Q . E, Y' . 'ff 2. 'vt'-1 infill!! Kathleen DeWitt Phillips Burlington, Ont. Pass Arts. Began in Philo- sophy CEnglish or Historyb. Barbara Ellen Plewman China Sociology. She was born in Chengtu, West China. Came to Varsity from Oshawa Col- legiate. Frederick J. A. Pollard CKED Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Graduate of River- dale Collegiate. Played foot- ball for Victoria, Mulock Cup Champions II and Hockey for Jennings Cup winners I, II. Spent summers in Northern Ontario mines. Intends to en- ter Osgoode. Jean A. Pringle Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Jean came to Vic- toria from Moulton College. Intends to enter business. Hugh Grassick Pritchard Toronto, Ont. a Philosophy. Came to Victoria from Jarvis Collegiate. Played Interfaculty Rugby I, II. Class President III and Social Direc- tor of V.C.U. IV. Emmanuel, here he comes! Helen M. Procter 421135 Toronto, Ont. Psychology. Matriculated from Harbord C.I. 59 Myrtle E. Robertson Toronto, Ont. Sociology. Myrtle was born at Ardbeg, Ont. Attended Vaug- han Road C.I. and North Tor- onto C.I. While at Varsity was a member of the S.C.M. and Sociology Club. Spent sum- mer doing work at Nursery School, University Settlement. Plans to enter Social Science. Marion Hope Ronald Toronto, Ont. English and History. Born in Barrie. Matriculated from Oakwood C.I. Took part in S.C.M. Work I and II, Member of E. and H. Club III and Let- ters Club IV, Spent summers working for City Playgrounds, Vic. Library, and Department of Education. Future plans in- clude O.C.E. Mary Jean MacKay Ross Toronto, Ont. .General Arts. Matriculated from Branksome Hall. Was the Secretary of Vic. Music Club. Interested in skiing, swimming, sailing and canoe trips. Future plans include commercial art. Isobel Routly . Toronto, Ont. Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryj mostly English. Spent four years playing with Dra- matic Society, covering Wri- ter's Group II and III, Class Executizing II, Vice-Presi- dencing Womenis Press Club IV, Literary-Editing Acta Vic- toriana III, Associate-Editing Acta IV. Dislikes Violent ties. Frederick N. A. Rowell OPTJ Toronto, Ont. . Political Science and Econ- omics. On Senior and Inter- mediate Intercollegiate Track Teams. Second Vice-President Victoria Athletic Union III, President IV. Varsity Ski Club Executive III-IV. The Varsity II-IV, Sports Editor Acta Victoriana III-IV. Mem- ber of Hart House Debates Committee IV. Nelson Allister Rutherford Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDivision ID. Entered Univer- sity College from Jarvis Col- legiate. Proved his wisdom by transferring to Vic. after two years. A member of Riiie Association I, Hart House Glee Club II, III, IV, Music Club III, Victoria Lacrosse Teams III and IV. Victoria College it Www' V up ., , M, ,' 1 N? sq, 6 4 . and .. ,,,, . .,,m.... air" K " V bu . .,, t , , . my 5? L " It ' L - 'irq H I 1 I 4 n 9 I s u i Victoria College 1 ""w I 1 Hillary Anne Scythes Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Oakwood Collegiate.. Took part in Vic. Music Club Production I, II and IIIg Class Executive II. Interested in riding. Gets a kick out of hav- ing her teacup read. Craves to spend a summer free lance on the continent, sail on an ocean schooner. Agnes L. Sedgewick Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Came to Varsity from North Toronto Collegiate Institute. Was a member of Honour Science Club I and II. Plans to go to O.C.E. . Ruth M. Sedgewick Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Robert Stewart Shannon Weston, Ont. Pass Arts. Future plans unde- cided. Mary Elizabeth Shuttleworth Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from St. Clement's School. H. Austin W. Smith Barrie, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences. 60 dh Marguerite Jane Spanner Toronto, Ont. General Arts. Member of Vic- toria College Music Club I-IV. John Q. Springer Ridgeway, Ont. Philosophy. Frances Ellen Stevenson Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Dissatisfied with oftice work and desiring to en- ter missionary service, studied matriculation extra - murally. Enjoyed study, so proceeded to college. Born in Montreal but prefers Toronto. Interested in S.C.M., badminton and hiking. Heading for Emmanuel as preparation for missionary ser- vice. Mildred Ruth Stewart Granby, Que. Moderns. Born in Harrow- smith, Ont. Came to Varsity from Alma College. Liv-ed at Annesley Hall. Played Vic. Jr. Hockey II, III. Doris Aileen Sully Toronto, Ont. English and Hist-ory. Came to Varsity from Etobicoke High School, Islington. Member of the V.C.F. and the English and History, and Letters Club III, IV.. Summers spent in recover- ing from the preceding spring. Plans for the future include O.C.E. A Helen Freebairn Tanner Toronto, Ont. English and History. From Mal- vern C.I., Toronto. Member of S.C.M. and Vic Music Club four years, and the Chapel Choir II., IV. Outside interests: Bolton Camp, vacation schools and singing. Third year taken extramurally due to polio epi- demic, so feels cheated of a college year. ff F3 gg'jl!,fJ Victoria College Q- H5 Florence Evelyn Taylor Vancouver, B.C. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Alma College. Resided in An- nesley Hall. She was a member of the Dramatic Club and Lit- erary Society. In her third year Florence was a Junior Dernonstrator in the Depart- ment of Geography. Intends to land in a classroom with forty cherubs all clamoring to learn about "high and low pressures" other than found in salesmen. Frances Elizabeth Taylor Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Victoria from Oakwood C.I. Expects to go to business school. Genevieve Frances Taylor St. Catharines, Ont. Pass Arts-but still keen on studying. Was Head of Addison House, President of Women's Interfaculty Debating Parlia- ment, Secretary -of Vic. Chapel Choir, and Cabinet Member of Vic. Debating Parliament. Supervised a playground every summer to keep in practice for Vic. Baseball Team. Douglas S. Tickner A Toronto, Ont. General Arts. Came from Pickering College. At Victoria he played junior basketball two years and senior basket- ball two yearsg Manager of Senior Team III and IV. Also played Senior Baseball and Volleyball. Osgoode Hall will claim him next. Mary Crichton Traill Toronto, Ont. . General Arts. Came to Varsity from Jarvis C.I. Was a member of Vic. Dramatic Club II, Wo- men's Literary Society I-IV, and Swimming II-IV. She is interested in fencing and in- te rio r decorating Cfurniture and foodj. Eva Marion Turner Toronto, Ont. Moderns. iff' I5ll Harold Leslie Van Wyck Owen Sound, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from O.S.C.V.I. Managed to survive two years in North House, Burwash Hall Played Basket- ball and Volleyball I, II. Vic. Music Club III. Sophomore Vice-President 4T0. Steward on Great Lakes' passenger steamer in holidays. Osgoode Hall next stop. Margaret W. Walker Stratford, Ont. Household Economics. Came to Varsity from Stratford Collegi- ate Institute. Member Honour Science Club I, II. Played Hockey for Vic. Ambition: to ride a camel. Kathleen Wallace Toronto, Ont. English and History. Kathleen matriculated from Alma Col- lege.- Her University activities included Basketball I, II, IV, Year Executive II, Debating Parliament III, French House President III, Women's Liter- ary Society III, IV, becoming President IV. In the near future she expects to attend O.C.E. Claire Helen Duerden Walsh Toronto, Ont. Latin and French. Victoria Tennis Team I-IV, Int-ercoll. Team I- IV, Varsity Ten- nis Champ. I-IVg Intercollegi- ate Tennis Champ. I, II, IV, Victoria Athletic Exec. I, III, IV. President University Ten- nis Club III, IV. Member of Vic. College Classics' Club four years, becoming President IV. William Marvin Ward Toronto, Ont. Chemistry. Came to Varsity from Oakwood C.I. Worked hard I, member of Chemical and Honour Science Clubs II- IV, kept fit playing squash. Has a passion for sailing and canoe trips. Mary Leonora Warren Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Moulton College. i ' -3' 'Q ,Q if qrvei- lv. ll wi' uv fib- . Y, i .4 5. T ' in ' ,5 0, I .. il . 1 e . fl f 'Q ,. li X g A -HL if we F . It . Victoria College . 4 w ,, - . I -WL G 1 I Klux lv Donald Anderson Watt Toronto, Ont. General Arts. Came to Victoria from Vaughan Road C.I. as baby of class. Member of Ger- man Club two years and French Club three years. Born in Ottawa soon after Armistice. Expects to attend O.C.E. if the gods are favorable and may teach the young idea how to shoot. Helen Jean Wells Palmerston, Ont. Pass Arts. Was born in Palm- erston, Ontario, a n d attended Palmerston C ontinuation School. While at Victoria, re- sided in Oak Lawn. Marion E. Weymark Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Marion was born in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan. Summers were spent eating dust, killing grasshoppers and teaching in rural schools. She plans to attend O.C.E. Betty Henderson VVheler Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Betty came to Vic. from Malvern C.I. During the summer she supervised on a city playground. Skiing and canoe trips were some of her extra-curricular activities. Doris Anne White Toronto, Ont. English and History. Matricu- lated from North Toronto C.I. 62 nk Melvin Lloyd Whiting Japan Pass Arts. Came from Japan and the Canadian Academy at Kobe to Middle House, Bur- wash Hall. Art Editor of Acta Vtctortami I, III, Vic. Music Club I-II, Crafts Club I, III, Arts Club III, on Class Execu- tive III. Generally accredited Ping-pong Champion of Vic- toria, and in addition, won Vic. Tennis Tournament III. Ella V. Wilson Toronto, Ont. Physical Education and Pass Arts. From Riverdale C.I. Summers spent teaching on a city playground. Played Bas- ketball for Vic. Juniors I, and for Vic. Seniors II, III. Presi- dent of Physical Education Diploma Course. President of Intermediate Basketball Team III. James Kennedy Winters CKEJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from River-dale C.I. Played with Varsity Junior Intercol- legiate Basketball. Champions II, Intermediate Champions IV. Spent summers working in gold mines, Kirkland Lake, Ont. Intends to enter Osgoode. Arthur Ernest Young Peterborough, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Canada in 1928 from Lisburn, Northern Ireland, and matriculated from London Central C.I. Spent his Freshman year at Western University. Future plans in- clude one more year at Varsity to take Honour English and then O.C.Ef Margery H. Young Toronto, Ont. Sociology. Came to Victoria from North Toronto C.I. She spent her summers doing camp work. N Q an n 4 ,, .X ,Mx ., .- E631 as M ii .pr,,w' wVjf'j'f','q ,A .' 1 lm..m .,,' 5 1 1 .1 9 U W Q ..-.ff-ff K ...M sn A+. lv u my hw- 64 5" + A x x ww. :NV 5 f' 27 f X ,W 15 XX X , . . f . H4 .MN A h S. QW. v 1' ef yd., , X. A ,.,, ,134 , , :rg 5553 sf' ' ,X- 'in M .f f My T .- H Y 1, - If wir I ' fl if 3 ,QQ "-5--529' if W . ZW f?.qq 1, -N, 26 L PAI: X- , 1, :ix ,,.. A, , -. :12 ' Q Q - rinifg Cofgge To the Graduating Class of Trinity College By the Reverend F. H. Cosgrave, M.A., B.D., D.C.L., LL.D. HE few short years of yo-ur undergraduate course have passed. You go forth from the University, I hope, greatly enriched. Through your studies in science and literature you have gained a new and growing interest in the world around you and in the fortunes and fate of your fellow-men. You have gone some distance towards qualifying yourselves for effective service in human society. l It isnatural that we should look to our Universities for men and women qualiiied to serve God in Church and State, qualified by some measure of sound learning and by the possession of ideals and stand- ards of conduct which will prevent them from being swayed by consid- eration of their own pleasure and profit and prompt them to do their utmost for the health and wealth of their people. It is unnecessary to remind you that the world which you are facing is in a most difficult and dangerous con- dition. This is due to the breakdown of the philosophy on which for a long time the life of civilized man was based, the abandonment of assump- tions on which there was formerly a general agreement. We are waiting for men and women able and willing to reconstruct the very foundations of a stable civilization. At last we l are- realizing the vital importance of clear thought on the meaning of human life. If we escape from our present perplexities it will be because man recovers the faith in himself which has been so violently shattered in our time, because once again he 'attributes a real meaning to his own existence and rids himself of the appalling heresy that man has not only ceased to be the supreme value but value of any sort. We hope you may contribute to the making of a new and better world and that your residence in the University has done something to equip you for this task. If that is so you will have reason to be grateful and to think affectionately of the University and College in which you passed those critical years. X661 Trmzty College William Houghton Adams Toronto, Ont. CKAJ Law. Came to Trinity from St. Andrew's College. Became em- broiled in Moot Court and Law Club. Was a member of the "Syndicate". Trinity Rugby Ig Indoor Track Ig C.O.T.C. II. Intends to go on to Osgoode Hall. William Edward Allan COAXJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Upper Canada College. Is a member of R.C.Y.C. Played Trinity Hockey II. Was Trea- surer of OAX III, IV. Would like to travel anywhere and make a million before break- fast some morning. Robert Greer Allen Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econ- omics. Amused by contrasts in this four year performance. Enthusiasm in Amateur Dra- matics and impartiality in Academic Economics, Journal- ism in The Varsity and im- agination in the Trinity Uni- versity Review. Convinced that the world's a stage, but prefers to be the critic in the second row than a player on the boards. Annette Jane Allison Hamilton, Ont. Household Economics. Came to St. Hilda's from Delta Col- legiate. Trinity Dramatic So- ciety I-IVQ Household Science Club III, IV, President 'of St. Hilda's W.A. IV, Head of Re- ceptions IV. Interested in golf. Future: whipping up cakes if she knew you were coming. Kathleen Isbell Ardagh Orillia, Ont. . Pass Arts. Matriculated from Havergal College, graduated from Library School, finally landed at St. Hilda's. Secre- tary of Trinity Dramatic So- ciety II, III, 'Head of Library III. Was part-time librarian in Boy's and Girl's House, Tor- onto Public Library. Would like to run the British Mu- seum. William Wallace Barrett Toronto, Ont. CAACDJ Pass Arts. Mary Madge Becker Toronto, Ont. General Arts. Matriculated from Branksome Hall. Played Interfaculty Badminton, Bas- ketball, Tennis, Swimming, In- tercollegiate Badmintong Presi- dent, University Badminton Club IV. Member of Polity Club and of Varsity Christian Fellowship. Spent her sum- mers recovering from exams. Edwin Stephens W. Belyea Toronto, Ont. Psychology. Resident in Tor- onto since 1935. Member of Hart House Camera Club I- IVg Camera Committee III, IV, Psychology Club III, IV. Plans graduate work in Edu- cational Psychology at Tor- onto and U.S. university. Win- ner of James Scott Scholar- ship III. Donald Ray Beverley Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econ- omics. . Arthur Ronald B. Boddington Toronto, Ont. CAAQJ Matriculated from University of Toronto Schools. Played Intercollegiate Hockey III, IV. James Corry Bond CEXJ Chippawa, Ont. Chemistry. Henry Newman W. Bracken Toronto, Ont. General Arts. Matriculated from Jarvis C.I. Residence was in Trinity House. Future plans unknown. 67 J I Trinity College James Donald Carrick Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Trinity from Vaughan Road Collegiate. Has spent last three summers as clerk in Toronto General Trusts Corporation. William Rhys Carruthers Toronto, Ont. CAKEJ Pass Arts. Came to Trinity from Parkdale Collegiate. Played Varsity Junior Foot- ball Ig Manager Varsity Inter- mediate Football Ilg Manager Varsity Senior Football III, Vice-President U. of T. Foot- ball Club IV. Member of T.C.A.A. Executive II, Trinity Hockey I, II, IV, Trinity Baseball I, II, IV. Hamilton Cassels QKAJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Trinity from Ridley College. Played Intermediate Soccer Ig Junior Hockey I, Senior Track and Senior Hockey II. Spent sum- mers as camp instructor. Edward Owen Chisholm Oakville, Ont. Chemistry, Mineralogy. and Geology CDiv. ID. Continued after two years' Work follow- ing graduation from Oakville High School that future lay in Science. Resultant activ- ities: Vice-President Rocky- feller's Club, Honour Science Club, Camera Club, Walker Mineralogical Club. Spent summers in Geological Field Work. Dorothy Tudhope Clark Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from St. Clement's School. Spent her summers swimming, can- oeing, and having a good time in general. She likes concerts and detective stories. Hopes to take a medical course at St. Michael's Hospital. Mary Sterling Cockburn Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Matriculated from the Bishop Strachan School. Was member of Polity Club II- IV, Secretary-Treasurer III. Treasurer of St. Hilda's Liter- ary Society III, Vice-President IV, Basketball Ig Member of Trinity French Club I-IV. t53l -.r y f 'taxi fe 5 11.2 ,,.. 1.w,,,.l,:,..- . .. , ... ,M .. 0 , .. .1 V357 Kenneth Reginald Cowan Westboro, Ont. Pass Arts. Born on the Prairies. Came to Varsity from Nepean H.S. Has thrived on the "Salt of the Earth" in Trinity House and expects to for two more years. Trinity Volleyball and Basketball I- III. Hart House Glee Club I- III. Glee Club Committee III. CSinging is the Spice of Life- changingj What say, Boss! Dorothy Crozier Streetsville, Ont. Moderns. Born in Streetsville. Matriculated from Port Credit High School. Attended French and German Clubs I-IV. Ex- pects to go to O.C.E. Arthur Curliss Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Trinity from Malvern Collegiate. Trin- ity Hockey I-IV, Lacrosse IV. Considers himself to be well- seasoned after a four-year im- mersion amid the "Salt of the Earth". Plans-Osgoode. Irwin Davis Vancouver, B.C. Pass Arts. Graduate of Shaw- inigan Lake School. 'I'urned out for rugger. Led a single life-. A President of the Trin- ity 'College Literary Institute. Passed three wakeful years in Trinity House. Plans to con- tinue his experience at the bar. Lloyd J. Delaney Barrie, Ont. Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryl. Born in Manchester. "Del" missed a monastery by grace of scholarships. Estab- lished a reputation at Varsity for neurotic traits, sleeping, bare feet, Pelmanism, Anglic- anism, store-room and odd summer jobs. Track I-IV, Harrier I and II, Trinity Col- lege Athletics' Association and Board of Stewards IV. John G. Dow Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. From Parkdale Col- legiate to Trinity. Has spent the past three summers work- ing on lake boats. Intends to conquer the business World. Helen May Fairbairn Ottawa, Ont. Pass Arts. An "Ex-Glebite" from Ottawa. Assistant Head of Choir III. Member of T.C. D.S. III. Favourite hobbies: playing piano, tennis, skating, ping-pong. Pet aversion: "punners". Major ambition: musical career. Probable des- tination: teaching kinder- garten. Robert Ian Hendy CZIPJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Upper Canada College. Adam Henry Griffith CKA9 M, ' A ., W, H, Hewson St. Catharines, Ont. ' . Toronto, Ont. Modern History. Matriculated ,iffy f' V s, Law. from Ridley College. William Jansen Haight Sudbury, Ont. Political Science and Econ- omics. Born in Sudbury. Raised in Trinity. Educated in Political Science and Econ- omics. Can shoot straighter than George Malcolm Crefer- ence to C and F '39D. E.g., can do the same thing blindfolded. Will improve with age. Mary Gladys Harrison Toronto, Ont. English and History. Matricu- lated from Branksome Hall. A member of the St. Hilda's Swimming Team II, III, and of the Trinity College Dra- matic Society. After gradua- tion she hopes to spend a year in England. Jackson Sanford Hart CCIJKEJ Toronto, Ont. Biology. Matriculated from Ridley College. Summer occu- pations: Creel Census, Al- gonquin Park, Ontario Fish- eries Research Labs. Future plans: research in Ecology. H. L. Henderson Hamilton, Ont. Pass Arts. l69l Mary Margaret Hilborn Guelph, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in North Bat- tleford, 'Saskatchewan. Ma- triculated from Guelph C.V.I. Trinity French Club I, II, T.C. D.S. I, II, Head of Posters III. Interested in art and music. Pet aversion: writing essays. Ambition is interior decorat- ing. Catherine Mary Hilder Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Parkdale Collegiate, won the Trinity Scholarship in the Pass Course I. French Club I: St. Hilda's Tennis Team II, III. St. Hilda's representative to the Tennis Club. Her hobby is skiing. Her future-business. Edward P. Hincks Port Arthur, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDivision IVJ. Came to Trin- ity House and the Physics Building in distant past. Chief ambition-to leave in near future. Albert F. W. Hodgins Toronto, Ont. Moderns. From U.T.S. Played Trinity Hockey I-IV: dabbled in lacrosse and others. In- structed swimming last sum- mer. Other interests range from singing to ping-pong- base and terrible in both. In Moderns so four years of Trinity French Club. Intends this summer to inflict his ac- cent on people of France and Germany. Trinity College Trinity College .. . EWS' .ati 'V U' 1. U 3 K 2 ' 'Q 2 'g ' J.. I . at ' , jet, ...Q V ' .I u Ross Elwood Hofmann COAXJ Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econ- omics. Came to Varsity via U.C.C. On the Hart House Art Committee, and Chairman of the Economics Club. Played Trinity Football. Course led to so many varied interests in and out of university decided publishing only way to merge them after graduation, satisfy- ing elasticity of personal de- mand. Margaret Holloway Hamilton, Ont. Latin and French. Came to Varsity on First Gibson Schol- arship from Delta C.I. to take up residence in St. Hilda's. Member of Classics Club I-IV, becoming Secretary IV. Tor- ontonensis Representative IV. Nadine Anrep Hooper Port Colborne, Ont. Pass Arts. After twelve years of schooling in Michigan. learned to like aggressiveness of Americans. Matriculated in Canada and came to the U. of T. Found out what an exam. meant. Intends to travel and work-then perhaps marriage. Hobbies' Piano, and pen and ink work-comes in handy for Xmas cards! .lean Lochhead Howson Peterborough, Ont. Pass Arts. Margaret P. Hume Port Hope, Ont. Household Economics. Ma- triculated from Hatfield Hall School. Member of Trinity Science Club I, II, Household Science Club III, IV. Second Vice-President of Students' Administrative Council IV, Finance Committee IV, Head of College IV. Sidney Margaret Ruth Jones Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Matriculated from Bishop Strachan School. Mem- ber of the Trinity French Club and of Trinity Dramatic So- ciety I-IVQ Editor, St. Hilda's Chronicle IV. For the future she intends to take up com- mercial art, after a trip to France and Germany just to prove that her course was use- ful. 70 .Nm L. Elizabeth Kirk Toronto, Ont. By a lucky chance entered Philosophy, English and His- tory, becoming increasingly impressed with the vastness of it all. Attempted self-expres- sion as Women's Editor of The Varsity IV, and in the Chron- icle. Sports: basketball, swim- ming and tennis. Frantically searching for: Cab The Spirit of the Twentieth Century, tbl The Superman. Hazel Marguerite Knott Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Saint from St. Clementis, became Saint Hil- dian at Trinity College. En route to O.C.E. or Library School. Likes books, horses, dancing. A hockey and rugby fan. Craves a trip along Rhine and Danube Cproviding Herr Hitler is agreeablej. Robert Gordon N. Laidlaw Toronto, Ont. CAAIIJJ Pass Arts. F. R. Lalor Dunnville, Ont. Modern History-we think! Came to Trinity from Upper Canada College. Rumoured to be attending university but was never seen at a lecture. Spent April and May develop- ing intellectual indigestion and a strange hungry look. Spent summers recuperating. Active in Dramatics. T.C.D.S. Execu- tive III, IV. Margaret Sinclair Large Windsor, Ont. Pass Arts. On St. Hilda's Col- lege Basketball Team III, IVQ Hockey II-IV, receiving Junior "T" IIIg Swimming III. Vice- President of Lit. III, President IV. Head of Social Service III. Treasurer Athletic Association III, Vice-President IV. Junior Debating Representative of St. Hilda's to W.I.D.U., becoming S e n io r Representative a n d President III. I Mary Elizabeth Lindsay Cornwall, Ont. Pass Arts. From Glebe C.I., Ottawa, and Cornwall Col- legiate. Head of Year II, III. Member of T.C.D.S. Sports: A little of everything. Goes to Business College in the sum- mer. Pet aversion is German. Future destination - Library School. Gage Hayward Love CAAKIJD Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from U.T.S. Interested in swimming. William Ferguson Lowndes Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Graduat-ed from Upper Canada College in 1932. Completed first year S.P.S. 1934. Transferred to Trinity 1937. Member of Trinity Gym Team II. Played on Trinity Rugby Team III. Assistant Scout-Master 22nd Toronto Troop. Machine gun Instructor in Canadian Militia. William Arthur E. McBryde Toronto, Ont. Chemistry. More generally known by the nickname Peter. Came from U.T.S. holding the Burnside Science Scholarship. Member Trinity Science Club, University Chemical Club, Honour Science Club .Play-ed Trinity Badminton III, and hopes for more, also tries squash, tennis, sailing. Irene A. R. McCordick Birchclilf, Ont. Moderns. Attended Public and High School in Saskatchewan, Matriculated from North Tor- onto C.I. Member of Trinity French Club and the German Club. Main desire, to see the world. Envies those who know what they want to do after graduation. Future plans vague. Herbert Wm. McCready Toronto, Ont. Modern History. From River- dale C.I., Toronto, into Modern History after narrow escape from Mathematics and Physics. Didn't go social or collegiate until IV-then into Forum, Modern History and Historical Clubs and took to smoking a pipe, also wrote a bit for the rinity Review. Robert Byram MacDonald Philadelphia, Pa. Pass Arts. Princeton Ex. 1938. Came to Toronto, reason: Princeton non - coeducational. Illegible calligraphy blamed on Arabic and Hebrew. Does comparative Semitic languages. Saints' receptions preferred to Princeton house parties. Philo- sophy owes little to Confucius, Muhammad, and Buddha, less to Leibniz. l71l George Leigh McIntyre Grand Valley, Ont. Pass Arts. Attended Grand Valley C.S. and Shelburne H.S. Enjoyed the tranquility, sobriety and divinity of Trin- ity House for three years. Per- manent Secretary of Trinity College Literary Institute III. Spent summers as camp coun- cillor in Algonquin Park. Will spend next year at O.C,E. Campbell A. MacLachlan Winnipeg, Man. CAAKDJ Pass Arts. Came to Trinity from Ridl-ey College. On Var- sity Senior Rugby Team III, IV, and Varsitv Senior Hockey Team III, IV. Elizabeth Joan McMaster Orangeville, Ont. Pass Arts. Played Interfaculty Basketball I-III, Intercollegi- ate I, Interfaculty Tennis I, II' Holder of St. Hilda's Tennis Trophy II, III, Interfaculty Hockey Ig Manager Intercol- legiate Tennis III, Represent- ative to Womenis Athletic Directorate III, President of St. Hilda's Athletic Association III. Gertrude Mann Cannington, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Orillia Collegiate. On St. Hilda's Tennis Team II, III. T.C.D.S. II, III. On Reception Committee II, III. Hobbies: Tennis, bridge and dancing. Intends to continue hobbies. Edward Douglas K. Martin Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econ- omics. Only a trusting fellow would have allowed me to write this biography uncen- soredg in fact, Lovey has been 3T9's guardian angel. With his scholarships, per-ennial gymnastics, chronic econom- izing and cold calculations, Martin ought to make a handy man in some household. James Edmund Maxwell Grimsby, Ont. Philosophy. Came to Trinity from Delta Collegiate, Hamil- ton, with Gibson and Welling- ton CClassicsD Scholarships. Future: Divinity. Trinity College John Ryerson Maybee Toronto, Ont. Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryj. Followed the Drang nach Osten to Toronto from Calgary. One of the misguided members of the U.C. Players' Guild and of the Trinity Col- lege Dramatic Society, and an Assistant Editor of the Trinity Review. Margaret E. Mayes Niagara Falls, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Loretto Abbey, Niagara. Was a member of St. Hilda's Freshie Basketball Team I, Junior Basketball III, Senior Basket- ball IV. Was Secretary of St. Hilda's Athletic Associa- tion IV. Representative to Re- ception Committee IV. Inter- ested in badminton and tennis. Michael Stuart Mills CKAD Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Upper Canada College. Trinity Rugby I., Varsity Intermediate Rugby II, III, Trinity Hockey I-III. Interested in dinners at Trinity. Future plans: Osgoode Hall. Mary Frances Moxley Windsor, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Patterson C.I., Windsor. Spent one year in Latin-French and the rest in P.A., T.C.D.S. I, II. Women's Glee Club, French Club, Executive of St. Hilda's Lit and W.A. III, IV. Ambition, limited-ambitions, unlimited. Eric James Muir CAXAD Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics tDi- vision ID. Came to Varsity from U.T.S. Member of Trinity Basketball Team I-IV, active interest in squash, very keen tennis enthusiast at Toronto Cricket Club. Intends to con- tinue actuarial work with Can- ada Life Assurance on gradu- ation. Margaret G. L. Munro Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from St. Clement's School. Played Interfaculty Basketball I - I I I , and Intercollegiate Intermedi- ate Basketball III. Plans to attend O.C.E. ,M .5 ' lki 'gt-T Charles Brain Noble Thornhill, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Earl Haig Collegiate. Future plans: Divinity. Glen Allen Northgrave Toronto, Ont. COAXJ Pass Arts. Previously attended Upper Canada College. Came to University to prove theory that in education you should take your time, not your life- at last problem proven. And he always thought B.A. was a gasoline. David Derwyn Owen CAACIJJ Toronto, Ont. Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryl. Came to Trinity from Ridley College. Ruth Forsey Page Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. A graduate of St. Clement's School. Made St. I-Iilda's her residence. On the St. Hilda's Hockey Team I. Member of the Toronto Skat- ing Club. She spends her sum- mers as a councillor at a girls' camp, her winters as a figure skater. Robert Gordon Parker Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Trinity from Upper Canada College. Activities outside the Univer- sity: Golf and skating. Trinity Hockey II. Intends to go on to Osgoode Hall. Stuart Peebles Parker. Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Came to Varsity on McLaughlin and Upper Can- ada - Trinity Scholarships. Academic c a r e e r interrupted by subsequent activities: Head of First Year, dramatics in and out of College, French Club, becoming President III, box- ing, becoming Intercollegiate Lightweight Champion III. Spencer William Piper Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econom- ics. Came to Varsity from Vaughan Road Collegiate In- stitute. Activities outside the University: Skiing, sailing, tennis and the Twentieth Cen- tury Club. Spent one year on The Varsity staff, was also a member of Trinity Dramatic Society. John D. M. Pollock COAXJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Just disproved Prof. Morgan's theory-College bred is definitely not a four - year loaf. Margaret Isabel Ruth Pratt Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. St. Hilda's Swim- ming Team II. Constance Mildred Pringle Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Halifax. Graduated from Branksome Hall. She plans to become a kindergarten teacher, mixed in with some travel. Morgan Reid Toronto, Ont. Political Science. To Trinity via London, England, and St. Petersburg, Florida. Associate Editor of the Trinity Review III and IV, member of the Po- litical Science Club, Rifle Club, etc. Believes in the dawn's early light. An aversion for in- effectual intellectuals. L i k e s Bizet, Benedictine and beach- combers. James Alexander Renwick Toronto, Ont. UIJAOJ Law. Came to University from U.T.S. Secretary - Treasurer Law Club III, member of His- torical Club III, Vice- Presi- dent IV, Foreign Affairs Club II, III, President IV, House Committee, Hart House III, Chief Justice of Moot Court IV. Played Junior and Inter- mediate Rugbyg Trinity Water Polo. Future: yet undecided. 73 James Parks Robertson ' Toronto, Ont. CCIDKIIJ Political Science and Econom- ics. Came to Trinity from Up- per Canada College. Thomas G. H. Robinson Toronto, Ont. CIIJKEJ Pass Arts. Hawker "gave up" raising cows long enough to attend most of the lectures at Trinity for four years of an Arts Course. Of undoubted vocal powers. He sang at all times and in the face of the greatest difficulties - in the Glee Club, the Choir, the Col- lege Meetings and the bath. He has travelled widely. Beverly Sandover-Sly Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Upon coming, ques- tioned a hoary tradition or two. In third year became mildly bothersome as a mem- ber of the Social Problems Club. Developed into a Young Pink, but found indolence the better part of discretion. Hopes, but does not expect, to become a farmer. Beatrice Saunders Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from St. Clement's School. In- terested in badminton mostly, tennis a little, and skiing less. No plans. Just hopes for the future. Agnes Rosalie Scott Toronto, Ont. English and History. Came to Varsity from Bishop Strachan School. Interested in study of elocution and enjoys fencing. Hopes to do post-graduate work in English. K. M. Patricia Scott Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from St. Clement's School. Was on the St. Hilda's Senior Basket- ball Team I-III. Hopes to see a bit of the world before settling down. Trinity College 'Q' Nw .. 1 I aw 1 u. A rc ' 4 ' '- , A as- lx 1- . . R as . l . f spa Vega., ,i 5 1 ,.,. b fm .M Trinity College f.. t '54 'S ' G. C. Coster Scovil Guelph, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Appleby School. Interests: Chinese relief, debating and dramatics, athletics, disfiguring the face at rugger and running around in circles for a HT". Future: "Frock coats and pov- erty". Has living down to a graphic science. C. J. Seagram Barrie, Ont. Pass Arts. John A. Seed Colborne, Ont. Political Science and Econom- ics. Came to Trinity House and spent first year in teaching the worms the "Colborne H.S." song, and playing Trinity Rug- by, Hockey, Baseball. Three summers exhausted in finding two pieces of gold in Northern Ontario. Three winters ex- hausted in changing needles for the gramophone at meet- ings. Future: recoveringfrom exhaustion. Paul Edward D. Snyder Waterloo, Ont. CAAIIJJ Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Ridley College. Was On- tario Badminton Finalist CDoublesD. Member of Uni- versity Senior Tennis Team II, III. Played Hockey II, Bad- minton II, Harrier I. Spent summers learning furniture business, into which he intends to go after graduation. William M. Sprules Hamilton, Ont. Biology. John Stuart Stephen Toronto, Ont. General Arts. Graduated from Vaughan Road C.I. Likes his- tory, music, debating, golf, dancing and ping-pong. Spent summers steamboating, win- ters recovering. Was quarter- back in rugby - grandstand type. Also played lacrosse. Would like to continue studies, or to go to Osgoode Hall. William Howard Storey Kemptville, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Kemptville High School. In- born abilities as a scholar somewhat repressed by love of bed and bull-sessions. Disliked P.T. and breakfast before noon, especially with cheerful people. Enjoyed four o'clock tea and funny papers. Helped finance the University through supp. fees. Ralph Sturgeon Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Florence Margaret Thompson Toronto, Ont. General Arts. Graduated from St. Clement's School. Member of Trinity French Club. Spent one summer on a trip to Eng- land, the rest filing for an in- surance company. Plans to at- tend O.C.E. and to travel. William Frederick Walls Toronto, Ont. CAXAJ Political Science and Econom- ics. Matriculated from Upper Canada College. Member of the Political Science and Eco- nomics Club III and' IV, and the Commerce Club I, II and III. Interested in music, art, radio, boating. Worked five summers for Lever Brothers at the C.N.E..and three summers for Eatons. Hester Elizabeth Watts Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Came to Varsity on Dickson and Edward Blake Scholarships, from the Bishop Strachan School. Member of Chronicle staff III, IV, and of French Club Executive I-IV. President IV. Future plans: "To follow knowledge like a sinking star beyond the . . ." Atlantic Ocean. aw if' gm 4 2 5' W 32 .ia Z 'WW .QW Ui' 75 'Nu P I 1 .al 76 3. ' Clegg To the Graduating Class of St. Michael's College By Rev. E. J. McCorkell, B.A., M.A. HERE is an educational heresy abroad to the effect that a University education is a luxury, which they who desire it should pay for. It is easy to see the falsity of this doctrine on merely utilitarian grounds, for the State which has a goodly number of research experts on the one hand and a sufficiency of trained minds to make a sane use of the fruits of research on the other will be superior to one which lacks either the one or the other or both. But it is not on flimsy utilitarian grounds that I would attack the error, it is rather on the ground of Christian philosophy. The State exists to make man more truly human, to enable him to develop his powers, his creative energies and his charac- teristic life of reason, as well as to make effective his attempts to make the forces of the physical world in- struments of his freedom. It can do this best of all perhaps, by promot- ' ' ing sound University education, par- ticularly that type of university edu- cation which it has been our aim to give you here, viz.: -wherein reason is illuminated by faith and thus made to realize to the uttermost its in- trinsic fecundity. It should never be forgotten that the essentially human life is a life of reason, a reason illuminated by faith. Such a life is not a luxury for the few, but a necessity for all, at least for all who are competent. If the State exists for the good of its citizens, its first duty is to promote this life of reason. Any other course will be an irrational one, tending to the degradation rather than the exaltation of man. I recall to your minds at this solemn moment of your graduation these fundamental principles of Christian philosophy, and urge you to make them prevail to t-he best of your ability in a world which shows abundant signs of having forgotten them. . 5+ 1429 5' -T as 'ogg- 4: '97-if -if 'rim 12" 4 wo,.v'3 if St. Michaefs College Charles Joseph Assini Watervliet, N.Y. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity via Watervliet High School. Mem- ber of St. Michael's Orchestra I-III, Mulock Cup Rugby Team I, II, Interfaculty Base- ball I-IIIg St. Michael's Science Club I-III, member of Fratel- lanza Club I-III, Beagle and Quail I-III. Aims to see life via. Albany Medical College. Joseph Eustace Bennett Pittsford, N.Y. Pass Arts. From Rochester's Aquinas Institute. Students' Council Secretary III, Class Vice-President III, President Catholic Action Club II, III, Oratorical Club II, III, Toron- tonensis Representative III, Newman Club IIIg Volleyball and Water Polo II, IIIg Senate Club III. Aspires to bolster legal profession. Joseph John James Benninger Walkerton, Ont. Pass Arts. St. Michael's carried on where Walkerton High School left off. Sincerely be- lieves that "More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of". Expects to carry on as a teacher and ex- tends his gratitude to those who made this possible. D. Cyril Bergeron Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Thomas Bradbury ' Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from St. Michael's College School. Member of Catholic Action Club IIIg Social Forum Execu- tive I-III. Worked at Bigwin Inn during summers. Intends to enter Seminary. Hopes for better social conditions. John James Callahan Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from St. Michael's High School. Pursued a course of study in which philosophy was the pre- dominant subject. Member of St. Michael's Athletic Associa- tion III. Aspires some day to find a place among men where he can support their rights. L79 Albert Anthony Cartenuto Rochester, N.Y. General Arts. "Cart" graced Fratellanza meetings I-IV, be- coming President IV. St. Michael's Science Club like- wise suffered his presence sev- eral years, making him Presi- dent IV. His devotion for science and his waggish pranks have earned him the title, L'The Mad Chemistn. George A. Conlin Toronto, Ont. English and History. George came Varsitywards from De La Salle at Aurora. As a summer occupation, he likes swimming. John Allan Conway Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDivision IIJ. Came to Varsity on a Teefy Memorial and Knights of Columbus Scholar- ship. Was a Newmanite for three years. Was President M and P Society IV. Liked M and P, best course on the campus. Hopes for future in insurance. James Francis Cross Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Jimmie was very fond of catching snakes, pick- ling frogs, searching for plants, and pressing flowers. The greater part of his summer is spent in swimming and diving. His opponents at bridge and chess have tried to avoid re- calling their chagrin in their attempts to match their wits against his. John Francis Culnan Toronto, Ont. Philosophy. Though it's busi- ness before pleasure, he puts fun in every measure, and hopes he'll not regret it during May. Why, of course, he came to College for the sake of get- ting knowledge, but he's pick- ed up other things along the way. Edward Manning Dawson St. Catharines, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from St. Catharines C.I. to en- list in Moderns. After a one year salad, decided that "dis- cretion was the better part of valour" and so retreated to the Pass Course. Interests range from swing to the Summa. Hopes to do graduate work. -1 .-aku fl! Q' f 'J T .IW v,,. .,,. . , - 39 St. Mzcltael S College ,4- ' gm, v 0' V .1553- ,f 'Q . MQW' ii f 'bib' i me .Qi sa, 6. , . ...J A .A '- ir" Victor Francis de Bonis Troy, N.Y. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Catholic Central High School, Troy, New York. Was President of graduating class. Managed Intermediate Basket- ball II. Was member of Italian- Spanish Club three years, be- coming Vice-President III. In- tends to study for M.A. at State Teachers. George Arthur Delhomme, Jr. Houston, Texas. Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryb. Desire to see snow and icicles landed George in Var- sity after one year at Univer- sity of Texas. Is fond of French movies and Canadian girls, but enjoys the higher things of life, too. Teaching and graduate study darken the horizon. Angus Michael Dixon Sudbury, Ont. English and History. Engages in jiu-jitsu, hockey, figure- skating. President of the Let- ters Club IV. Mines nickel in the summer. Pursues poetry in the winter. "Rapt, twirling in thy hand a wither'd spray, and waiting for the spark from heaven to fall." Thomas Peter Dodd Pembroke, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated at Pembroke C.I. Pitched for Interfaculty Baseball Team I- III. Member of Science Club II, III. Was in the Oratorical Club III. First tenor in the Glee Club III. Spent summers as a councillor in boys' camp. Snooker takes up his spare time. Plans to enter Faculty of Medicine in the fall. John Dubeau Parry Sound, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Parry Sound High School. Spent summers timekeeping for construction company. In- tends to enter medicine. James Francis Dunn Almonte, Ont. Philosophy. Jim spent his summers at such varied oc- cupations as tennis, swimming and highway work for Hep- burn. Member of St. Michael's Oratorical Club I-IV, St. Michael's Orchestra I, II, and M.H.B.C. II-III. Plans his im- mediate future at Osgoode. 80 J. J. Francis Firth Barrie, Ont. Philosophy. Came to St. Michael's from Barrie Collegi- ate on an Edward Blake Scholarship in 1932. Returned after three years' absence in '36. Member Social Ethics Club II and III, Catholic Action Club IV. Intends to continue his studies for the priesthood. John James Fitzpatrick CEXJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from De La Salle College, Toronto. Member of the Hart House House Committee III and the Sigma Chi Fraternity. John Francis Flynn Addison, N.Y. Pass Arts. Johnny hails from the southern frontier of New York State. He displayed his athletic ability at Intermediate Basketball I, II, III, Inter- faculty Basketball I, II, Foot- ball I, II, Swimming II, III. Member of Science Club III, and Ethics Club III. Johnny intends to study for an M.D. Patrick Gorman Toronto, Ont. Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryj. Pat is a Sudburyian by birth, an Irishman by descent, and a Torontonian by destiny. For the past decade he has harboured at St. Michael's in the winter, and in the ports of the Great Lakes in the sum- mer. Interested particularly in debating, glee singing, bridge, and tennis. Edward Paul Hartford Utica, N.Y. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from St. Francis DeSales High School, Utica, New York. Was President of Students' Ad- ministrative Council and Com- missioner of Publications III. Interfaculty Basketball and Tennis I-III. Headed for medi- cine below the border. John James Henry CHEMJ Toronto, Ont. Philosophy. Graduate of De La Salle "Oaklands", C.O.T.C. I, II, "A" Infantry Cert. II. Dis- rupted The Varsity masthead II-IV, Exchange Editor III. Discouraged Torontonensis staff as Associate Editor III, in retaliation, was made Editor- in-Chief IV. Hopes to keep his head in the clouds and his feet on the ground. U ,fl9 "qi' jf Tlllll ix ii 0 C 3 4,4 isis, 'lafvyoi ' w ff ' St. Micha.el's College ' 'Hui' 'any Gordon William Higgins Port Arthur, Ont. Pass Arts. Played Interfaculty Football I. and III. Indulged in a little basketball, boxing and a few more sundry amuse- ments. Ardent believer in Mor- pheus, the reclining deity. Nicknames: "Hangman" and "Hugger", Often wonders why write essays when there are so many good books in the lib- rary. Francis J. Hinds Barrie, Ont. Moderns. Came to St. Mikels from Barrie C.I. On Art Com- mittee III-IV. Took part in St. Mike's dramatics. Charter Member St. Mike's "Gourmet Group". Potential jitterbug- strictly anti-intellectual. Hov- ering between graduate work, O.C.E. and art school. Patrons please note. Robert Leo Hogan Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. The desire for higher knowledge led him from St. Mary's Cathedral Academy to St. Michael's. After the Western course he enrolled in Pass Arts. Resumed studies after a year at the Novitiate. Intends to continue in educa- tional field. Edward Joseph Hurst Binghamton, N.Y. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from St. Patrick's High School. Binghamton, New York. Was on Art Committee II. Tried boxing-for one year. Favour- ite hobby is drawing and in- tends to study art after gradu- ation. James M. Kelly Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Edward Patrick Kennedy Cortland, N.Y. Pass Arts. Graduated from Cortland High School. Played Interfaculty Basketball I-II and Volleyball I-II. Class president and First Year Representative on S.A.C. I. Member of ancient and honourable Beagle and Quail Club I-III, advancing to the post of Grand Exalted Beagle III. f81 Martin Murray Lamb Troy, N .Y. Pass Arts. Catholic Central High gave Varsity this versa- tile Trojan. He revealed ath- letic prowess in Junior Varsity Basketball I, and on the Sifton Cup Team II-III. Managerial ability was disclosed when he was named Mulock Cup Team Manager III. Class President II. Robert Charles Lambert Waverly, N.Y. Pass Arts. After a year at the University of Notre Dame, at South Bend, "Bob" came to Varsity. Was Class Secretary Ig Secretary of Basketball Club IIIQ Manager Senior Basket- ball Illg Interfaculty Basket- ball I-II and Volleyball Ig St. Mike's Tennis Team I-III. His summers includ-ed: sleeping, tennis, and golfing. Anthony Harold Lemay Ottawa, 'Ont. English and History. Obtained the following scholarships: The Sir Edmund Walker Ig The Aikens IIIg the First Scholar- ship in English and History CSt. Michael'sD I, II, III. Ac- tivities also included member- ship in the University His- torical Club and teaching in St. Michael's College School. Won Kylie Award IV. Donald MacDonald Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from St. Michael's High School. Took an active part in Interfaculty sports. Charter member of Senate Club. Received scholar- ship bursary from St. Michael's. Pastimes as a spectator at box- ing matches and travelling to California. John Alexander Mackinnon Copper Cliff, Ont. Philosophy. Insinuated into Varsity through Sudbury High School. Member of St. Mike's Oratorical Club II, III, IV, President IV, Orchestra I, Swing Band II, IV. Stunmers spent in boiler shop. Activities include skating, "jitter-bug- ging" and riding Queen Street cars. Leo H. McLaughlin CATJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Windsor and Assumption College. St. Mike's Mulock Team I-III, and Varsity Inter- mediate Basketball Champs I, II. A genius in combining aca- demic and social life, Leo's friends are numberless. Os- goode Hall will provide further scope for his talent. l 'M '37 'QU l i I 1 V V J I I I P l x l 1 f I Y l St Mzchael s College James Francis McNamara Syracuse, N.Y. Pass Arts. From Holy Rosary High School in Syracuse. Was Secretary of his class III, member of the Glee Club III, on The Varsity staff IIIg mem- ber of Italian-Spanish Club, I- III, becoming Treasurer III, Charter Member and first President of Senate Club III. He plans to do post-graduate work at Georgetown. Charles Patrick McShane Pulaski, N.Y. Pass Arts. Hails from Pulaski H.S., Pulaski, N.Y. Took an active part in dramatics and interfaculty a th l e t i c affairs, Science Club III. Has a hobby of visiting coffee-shops for ex- tra study p-eriods. Spends his summers as a life-guard at Selkirk State Park. Post- graduate work at Syracuse. Richard Francis Maley Kenmore, N .Y. Pass Arts. Graduated from St. J osephls Collegiate Institute of Buffalo. Spent his summers in role of confidence man. Spent winters in these manly inter- faculty exertions: Basketball I-III, Rugby III, Volleyball I- II, Lacrosse I, III. The future: either Harvard Law or N.P. B.S. of B., N.Y. Frederick H. Mullarney North Bangor, N.Y. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Immaculate Heart Academy, Watertown, N.Y. Fred made many friends while at Varsity and his individual personality will make him al- ways remembered. Spends his summers working for Dad and intends to carry on the busi- ness after graduation. John Charles Ninfo Rochester, N.Y. Pass Arts. Played Interfaculty Baseball I-III, Interfaculty Volleyball II-III, Interfaculty Basketball Ig member of Catholic Action Club I-III, Vice-President III, German Club Year Representative Ig Science Club I-III, Secretary- Treasurer III, Fratellanza I- III, Vice-President II. Fabian A. O,Dea COAXJ St. John's, Nfld. Political Science and Econo- mics. Entered Varsity in second year from Memorial University College. President of Year and Secretary of College Council III. Hart House House Com- mittee IV. Was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship for New- foundland IV. .gig '15 14 ,is 5 if, 'xl n at 1 1 Ill Jw hi T . by l I -'hJ3':-e,,"if' Paul Carroll O'Neill Toronto, Ont. Philosophy. Came to St. Mike's College 'via St. Mike's High. As sidelines, participated in Varsity reporting I, Hart House Glee Club III, St. Mike's Ora- torical and Glee Clubs IV. Deep interest is philosophy. Gamey, with a sense of humour, he comes through Philosophy with flying colours, and a smile. Albon Gerald Reilley Syracuse, N.Y. Pass Arts. Gerry came to St. Michael's from the Christian Brothers Academy of Syracuse. An active participant in Inter- faculty Rugby I-III, Inter- faculty Baseball I-III, Junior Varsity Basketball Ig Inter- faculty Basketball II-III. James V. Rigbey Crescent, B.C. Physics. Matriculatied from Dryden High in 1933. Member of Newman Club, M. and P. Society, Judo Club. Exchange student to U.B.C. 1936-7 where activities included S.C.M., C.O. T.C., Rowing, Maths., Physics, Newman Clubs. Is experienced sailor CGreat Lakesj, steward CB.C. Coastingj, time-keeper Cminesj, labourer Chighway constructionb . Perry S. Ryan Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Proud to hail from Barrie C.I. Indulge-d in various phases of campus life. St. Mike's Football and Basketball Team I-II. Member of Glee Club and Varsity staff III, Newman Club II-III. Charter Member Senate Club III. Drove a bread truck during the sum- mer months. James Gerald Solmes Oshawa, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences. Better known as Jerry. Came to St. Michae1's four years ago on a First Carter Scholarship for Ontario County and a St. Michael's Scholarship. Likes Meds and intends to continue on. A great lover of nature, hoc-key, and football. Best of luck, Jerry, in your career. William Harrison Stover Syracuse, N.Y. Pass Arts. Versatile, friendly, sincere, Bill became Science Club President II, Hon. Presi- dent III, Athletic Di.rector III, St. Basil's usher I, II, III, Ethics Club III. Interfaculty Football I-III, II-All Star Team, Basketball I, II, Swim- ming Club III, Squash Repre- sentative II. I F .,,, uf- , Till, ESQ . , pf? ga St. Mzchaels College '+4f,ff'3n.y"5 Harry Thomas Sweeney Jordan, N.Y. Pass Arts. Hometown Jordan, N .Y. Played Interfaculty Foot- ball and Basketball I, II, Sci- ence Club II, III. Points with pride to his Hodcarriers' Union card. Manager of Mulock Cup Team III. Intends to work for a medical degree for the next few years. Charles E. Thompson Lebanon, Pa. Philosophy. Came to St. Mikeis from Malvern Prep School. Member of St. Mike's Tennis Team I-IV, Glee Club IV. Charter member of "Gourmet Group". Likes to uphold con- servative side of a question. Future is undecided but prom- ising. Joseph T. Vergo Rochester, N .Y. Pass Arts. Graduation from Aquinas Institute of Rochester brought Joe to St. Mike's to seek the higher things of life. An ardent sportsman, he en- gaged in Interfaculty Baseball I-III and Rugby I, II. Active member of Fratellanza I, II. Future plans call for a law career. John William Welch Syracuse, N.Y. Pass Arts. Jack's interesting trail led to St. Mike's from th-e Most Holy Rosary High School of Syracuse. The ensuing in- terim of four full years found him an active participant in discussions and sporting cir- cles. Especially noted for his fine brand of Irrterfaculty Basketball. Joseph Edward Wobus Rochester, N.Y. - General Arts. Our "mighty atom". Came to Varsity from Aquinas with ideas about chemistry and still has th-em. Summered in Rochester as a lifeguard, wintered in Toronto, resting. Member of St. Michael's Science Club, Uni- versity Chemistry Club and the very select Beagle and Quail Club. Swallowed much aqua pwra for St. Mike's Water Polo Team. 83' 1 Miriam Margaret Anglin Toronto, Ont. Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryl. Came to Varsity on a Loretto Alumnae Scholarship from Loretto Abbey. Was a member of Newman Club I-IV and Treasurer of Women's In- terfaculty Debating Society III. Spent summers loafing. Hopes to get to England for a year's work. Edith Baldwin St. Catharines, Ont. Pass Arts. When not horse- back riding, her energies found outlet on the St. Joseph's Ten- nis Team III, House Committee II, III, and in activities at Newman Club. Spends her summers camping, and her life being happy and making friends. F uture-more fun and perhaps O.C.E. Helen Mary Byrnes Parry Sound, Ont. Latin, French or Greek. Came to St. Joseph's with an Alum- nae Scholarship. Has shown what she is made of by sur- viving four years in "the half-way house to Classics". Served on executives of the C.C.S.M.C., Sodality, Le Cercle Francais, Debates, House Com- mittee. Interests: French, rug- by games, and skiing. Elizabeth H. Carroll Burlington, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Notre Dame Convent, Waterdown. Member of New- man Club I, II, St. Mike's Tennis Team I, II. Pet hates: bananas, early rising, and bright red nail polish. Chief occupation: worrying and worrying. Is persistently vague about her ambitions. Genevieve M. A. Conlin Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. "lVIajor,' sauntered through the pass course after graduating from St. Joseph's Convent. Charter member of the Pharmacy Club, best dancer of the Common Room Circuit, President C.C.S.M.C. I, II, Class Chauffeur III, At- Home Committee President III, and Social Convener III Quia the chocolate cake campaignj. M. 'ws MII' 'ff-3. .. .li ., St. Michael's College iff ff? 4' vols. Margaret M. Conlin Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Activities included The Varsity I-III, Women's Sports Editor III, Intercol- legiate Debating I, At Home Committee I, II, Interfaculty Tennis III, Hockey I-III, Ath- letic President II, Athletic Di- rectorate III. Partial to phar- macy classes I-III, Boston ac- cents I, football week-ends. Norah Maureen Costello God-erich, Ont. Pass Arts. Finds red-heads, double malteds and manly men irresistible. Unsuccess- fully tried to live down a Pro- ficiency Scholarship II, Head Girl III and S.A.C. Presidency III. Succumbed to Pharmacy Class attractions III. Played Interfaculty Badminton I, II, III, Hockey I-III. Grace Frank Guelph, Ont. G e n e r al Arts. Matriculated from Guelph C.V.I. and en- enrolled at Varsity in the Pass Course. Transferred to General Arts in third year. Awarded Proiiciency Scholarships II, III. Interests include tennis, skat- ing and man-hating. Repre- sentative to the S.A.C. IV. Plans a career in dietetics. Jean Margaret Grant Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. A "convent girlw, came to the college and ex- cell-ed in basketball, hockey, and snooker I, II, III. Junior "TH and "M" II. Prefers "figs", fags and farmacy. Is allergic to cokes, in-laws and up-swept coiffures. Has been prominent in all "Sadie Haw- kins" Circles. Winifred Halpin Ottawa, Ont . Pass Arts. Came to Varsity on a Loretto Scholarship. She is as k-eenly interested in music as we are in hearing her sing. On Dance -Committee and Torontonensis Representative III. A tip to the interested- she is best coaxed by lavender and chocolate malted milks. Dorothy Pauline Jansen Ottawa, Ont. Moderns. Came to St. J oseph's from Glebe C.I. with the Ed- ward Blake, Knights of Co- lumbus, Mary Redmond, and University Women's Club of Ottawa Scholarships. On exe- cutives of Literary Society, House Committee, Dance Com- mittee, and Le Cercle Francais. 84 Barbara Mary Knox Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Came to Varsity on a St. Michael's Proficiency Scholarship from Loretto Ab- bey. In residence at Loretto College IV. Was Treasurer of Dramatic Society II, member of St. Mike's Baseball Team II- IV. Was also college repre- sentative for Loretto magazine. The Rainbow, IV. Lorraine A. Laughlan North Bend, B.C. Pass Arts. Came to Loretto College on a C.W.L. Scholar- ship from Vancouver. Set a freshman record by not join- ing a single organization I. Failed to make it two straight by belonging to the House and Literary C-ommittees II. Taken by surprise to find herself S.A.C. President III. Mary MacDonald Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Loretto Abbey. Pioneer in the Fine Art Course, trans- ferred to Pass Arts II. Mem- ber of Newman Club. Dra- matic Representative at Lo- retto College III, and member of Social Committee II and III. Pet saying: "He's really very nice!" Molly Elizabeth McKay Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from M a l v e r n C.I. Investigated Social Science as a freshie, but soon was won over by ye Pass Course. In- terests: C. and F. '38, "A" essays, bridge, photographic modelling. Future: in the best hands. I Joan McLaughlin CAFJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Attended Loretto Abbey before Varsity. On The Varsity staff I and II, Loretto Social Committee I and III. Member of Newman Club and Polity Club. Hopes to make practical use of Fine Art Course abroad next year. Marie Anita Martin Pembroke, Ont. Pass Arts. Established herself in the Pass Course and the best room. Spends summers at Jasper and her winters talking about it. Liberal Club I, Inter- faculty Debating Club II, C.C. S.M.C. II, Sodality President III and Manager of Basketball Team III. X Q . ,i-2 . 5 gi- 'l n gnidd , ' fu-if 21" 'mauro ff, A 5'N is li? St. Micliaelis College -eg, 'I' tm-a Mary Kathryn Mickler Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. "Mery Ker" gradu- ated from the convent. Mem- ber Dance Committee III, The V arsity Staff I, Newman Club I, II, III. Uncrowned Cfemj snooker champ there. At- tended daily pharmacy lec- tures for three years. Has taken up the art of figure skating, but the summer trend is to Detroit. Margaret Morrissey Brantford, Ont. Pass Arts. Th-e red-head with the giggle joined the Latin, Greek and French Course. After two bewildering days slid into the Cinch Course. These included Interfaculty Hockey I, Interfaculty Tennis I, II, III, and Newman Club Executive III. An "A" student in Pharmacy III. M. Joan O'Donnell Fort Frances, Ont. Pass Arts. Graduated from Loretto Abbey, Armour Heights. Upheld for three years Baseball and Hockey Teams. Was Athletic Repre- sentative and headed the House Committee III. Joan is considering continuing her studies in the Classics, but has made no definite plans. Eileen Mary 0,Hara Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. One of the "convent crowd of '36". Worried her way through college and three years of movies, milk-shakes, and essays. Member of New- man Club III, the Pharmacy Guild I, II, III, and mainstay of the Little Theatre Move- ment. Co-foundress of .the A.C.A. at St. J oseph's. Marie O'Rourke Caledonia, Ont. Pass Arts. Sole member of the class to matriculate at Cale- donia C.I. Found English and History too absorbing, so eased into the Pass Course with bril- liant results. Charter member, The Pharmacy Club, The Var- sity II, Newman Club I, II, III, and Interfaculty Hockey III. lui 85 Margaret Teresa Perdue Peterborough. Ont. Pass Arts. Olive Quinlan Walkerton, Ont. English and History. Graduate of Walkerton High School with Gertrude Lawler Scholar- ship and the First Carter Scholarship for Bruce County. Belonged to the Literary So- ciety and 6'Le Cercle Fran- cais". Spent last summer in Holland and Germany. Likes Dutch sailors, and hopes to return to Holland. Antonetta Agnes Viola Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. ' Came to Varsity from Loretto College School, Toronto. Was a member of the Italian - Spanish Club I - III. Also member of the Fratel- lanza I-III, becoming Secre- tary III. Would like to study in Rome, Italy, particularly to attain more fluency in Italian, Spanish and French. Patricia Anne Walsh Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Pat decided to do college the hard Way, via Moderns, soon regained con- sciousness and fell in with the Pass Group. Consistently punctual for Pharmacy Class, strongly susceptible to foot- ball, skilled in the Domestic Arts, to which she aspires. Wilhelmina Wiacek Brantford, Ont. Moderns, A graduate of Brant- ford Collegiate Institute, she came to Varsity with the Font- bonne Scholarship. "Willie" was an active member of the House Committee IV, Literary Society I-IV, and the impetus of "Le Cercle Francais", of which she was president III, IV. Belonger to Polish Stu- dents' Club, Secretary III. 'VFW I I i I l I l 1 l l E 1 l 4 i I l MIX C - l361 ommerce an mance J ' , To the Graduating Class of Commerce and Finance By Professor C. A. Ashley, B.C0m., C.A. URING the past year a number of changes have been started in the Commerce Course. The work of the third year has been increased by the introduction of a course in the Economics of Marketing, a new introductory course flndustry and Trade-J has taken the place of Economic History in the first year, and Economic History will in future be given in three successive years, and in two years' time Public Finance will probably go into the fourth year to make room for Economic History in the third year. We hope you agree with these changes, even if you may be glad to have escaped them yourselves. A further change has been the establishing of a course in Business Adminis- tration, leading to the degree of Master of Commerce, which we hope will develop a reputation in the graduate school equivalent to that earned by the Commerce Course in undergraduate work. E The question of scholarships in Commerce and Finance gives us anxiety, We hope that each of you has the ambition to endow a scholarshipg in the meantime you can exert your influence on those who can afford to do so. The good will of the department goes with you in this and in all your endeavours, and we hope you will visit us from time to time. E381 Theron Chalmers Adams Toronto, Ont. This embryonic business man twenty-one years ago raised his hat, made his bow in this world of woe. They sent him to Model School, he was a model boy. Then to Riverdale he went, there to play with joy. Victoria claimed him with his hat, score of honours and his wit. We graduate him to the world, we're sure he's made to fit. Roger Vair Anderson CATJ Sarnia, Ont. Trinity College 'via Sarnia Col- legiate. Head of Arts, Trinity College, Representative to S.A.C.g Trinity Board of Stewards, Speaker of Trinity Lit.gTrinity Athletic Executive, light reading in Economics. Enjoys missing breakfast and wasting time. Future plans: "You can't tell, chumf' James E. Bamford Toronto, Ont. University College. Matricu- lated from Riverdale C.I. Was a member of the Commerce Club I-IV. Enjoys riding, ski- ing and skating. Plans on be- ing a chartered accountant. Howard Alex Barber Islington, Ont. Victoria College. Matriculated from Etobicoke High School. W. E. Beatty Brampton, Ont. University College. Frederick William Boulger Toronto, Ont. University College. Matricu- lated from Bloor Collegiate. Was a member of the Com- merce Club I-IV. Interested in skating, golfing, dancing and a redhead. Employed during va- cations at a summer hotel. Plans to retire as soon as pos- sible and see the world. Frank Ryerson Boynton Toronto, Ont. Victoria. Came from Parkdale C.I. Member of Commerce Club and Varsity Band. William B. Buckley Toronto, Ont. Buckley, the cowboy, from out of the West, Came down to Trinity, for a much-needed rest, There with the rest, he did slumber the best, And now he's so tired, he's go- ing back to the West- for a rest! James Edward Cunningham - Toronto, Ont. Trinity College. Received secondary education at the University Schools. Enjoys all sportsg plays rugby enthusias- tically f r o m t h e grandstand. Knows the winners of the Par- sons' Scholarship, and vice versa. Intends to add C.A. to the B.Comm. Fraser Deacon QKEJ Toronto, Ont. Victoria College. Came to Var- sity from U.T.S. Was active in Commerce Club I, II, III, Vice- President IV. Member of For- eign Affairs Club III. Elected to House Committee IV. Play- ed Hockey with Victoria I-II, and Baseball I. Managed Var- sity Junior Hockey Team III, and Senior Squad IV. Mem- ber of R.C.Y.C., although he can barely. keep afloat at times! W. R. Dodd Toronto, Ont. University College. Commerce and F mance C. S. Doidge Toronto, Ont. Victoria College. In i J U w w i 1 i N J w V w 4 i 4 I V i I Commerce and Finance Margery Beryl Farmer Toronto, Ont. V ic t o r i a College. Attended Moulton College and N o rth Toronto C.I. Was member of Dramatic Society and Women's Commerce Club, b e c o min g Secretary II, President III, IV. Summ ers spent at Wood, Gundy Co. Interests: badmin- ton, swimming. Future plans: business and travel. William D. H. Frechette Ottawa, Ont. Victoria College. A by-product of Nepean High School, now somewhat the worse for Wear after four years in Gate House, Burwash Hall. Belonged to Commerce, Camera and Glee Clubs, Class Executive II, V.C.U. Treasurer IV. Summers were spent in the brush retail business, the Ottawa Publicity Bureau, and the Rideau Aqua- tic Club. George Ryerson Gardiner Toronto, Ont. CEXJ Trinity College. Came to Var- sity from U.T.S. On Commerce Club Executive II-IV, being President IV. Member of the Intermediate Swimming Team I-II, and Trinity Swimming I- IIIQ Water Polo II-IV, Basket- ball IV. William Philip Gerald CCDK Ill Goderich, Ont. University College. Came to Varsity from North Toronto C.I. Was member of Commerce Club I-IV, Macdonald-Cartier glub III, IV, and Forum Club Gordon R. Gillies Toronto, Ont. ' Victoria College. Came from U.T.S. Member of Commerce Club. William Martin Grand CEXJ Toronto, Ont. Trinity College. Came to Var- sity from University of To- ronto Schools. Played Trinity Rugby I-III and Trinity Hoc- key I-IV. 90 -I- Lloyd G. Halverson CAKEJ Toronto, Ont. University College. Played Junior Basketball I. Interested in Skiing. Albert Grungy Holman CCIDFAD Toronto, Ont. Victoria College. Born in To- ronto, matriculated from Mal- vern C.I. While at Varsity combined that elusive search for a B. Comm. Degree with a keen interest in rugby and lacrosse. His future hopes are that fate may send a little more than he can spend. Thomas Ralph Hunter Toronto, Ont. University College. Matricu- lated from North Toronto C.I. Was a member of the Com- merce Club I-IV. Interested in golf, skiing and photography. Allan Gordon Isbister CATD Hamilton, Ont. University College. Member of Commerce Club four years, being on the Executive II-III. Played Varsity Rugby, Juniors I, Intermediates II and Seniors III-IV. Ralph E. Franklin Jones New York, N.Y. , Came to Varsity from Upper Canada College and The Grove. Had a year in pass and switched to Commerce. Had a very enjoyable five years at the expense of the taxpayers. Future plans: slaving for the capitalists. Jacob Klebanoff Toronto, Ont. University College. Matricu- lated from Harbord C.I. Be- longed to Avukah Society for two years and to the Com- merce Club I-IV. Dabbled in a variety of sports, but proficient in none. Plans to do C.A. and would like to travel in spare time. -I... William Thomas Douglas Lake Toronto, Ont. Victoria. Matriculated f r o m Parkdale C.I. Member of Com- merce Club. James Stuart Lang CAXAJ Toronto, Ont. Victoria College. Matriculated from U.T.S. Played Basketball I-III, Intercollegiate Volley- ball II, III. On year Executive III, Vic. Music Club III. Mem- ber Commerce Club. Intends to go in for chartered account- ancy. Harry MacGregor Toronto, Ont. Victoria College. Born in Toronto. Graduated from Vaughan Collegiate Inst. In- terested in Commerce C l u b CExecutive member IIIJ. Extra-mural interests: g o lf , tennis, riding. Looking for- ward to interesting life as a chartered accountant. Gordon D. Maclnnis University College. John Lawrence McKee Huntsville, Ont. University College. Came to Varsity from Orillia C.I. and lived in Knox College Resi- dence. Member of the Com- merce Club as well as playing Interfaculty Soccer and Bas- ketball. Spent his summers at Bigwin Inn. H. E. S. McLean Calgary, Alta. University College. 91 George Robertson Malcolm I Listowel, Ont. Trinity College. Nominally in Commerce and Finance, actu- ally in Trinity House. Plays golf well, enjoys good honest poker. Can shoot the tail feathers oi? a goose, one by one, at eighty yards. Is prob- ably aiming next for his fur- niture factory. Ian George Milne Toronto, Ont. University College. Matricu- lated from Northern Voca- tional School. In Commerce Club I-IV. David William Morison North Bay, Ont. University College. M. C. Murray Toronto, Ont. University College. William F. Nugent Lindsay, Ont. University College. W. Omand Toronto, Ont. University College. Commerce and Finance Commerce and Finance William Welsh Prest University College. Matricu- lated from Stamford C.I. with a Reuben Wells Leonard Scholarship. Member o f t h e Leonard Foundation I- IV, C ommer c e Club I-IV, U.C. Residence III-IV, and the Uni- versity Rifle Association. S p o r t s are squash and ping- St. Michael's College. Born in Trenton, Ont. Matriculated from Vaughan Rd. C.I. Com- merce Club member I-IV. In- terests: camera, tennis. Spent summers with Bank of Nova Niagara Falls, Ont. -f .f x TGS x pong. .N,,im Frank Shaker - Toronto, Ont. q Scotia. 1 ,,'. 1 af- K: W' John Goldsmith Sheldrick Toronto, Ont. C Victoria. Came from North Toronto Collegiate to play on Vic. Rugby, Basketball and Volleyball Teams. Member Vic. Dramatic Club, Treasurer IV. Member Commerce Club. Charles J. Slattery Toronto, Ont. St. Michael's College. Matricu- lated from Oakwood C.I. Mem- ber of Commerce Club I-IV. Relaxes at squash and tennis. Interested in music, classical and sweet, but hates jitterbugs. Intends to make Canadian Bank of Commerce a stepping- stone to fame and fortune. Charles J. Sullivan Toronto, Ont. St. Michael's College. Born in Toronto. A Parkdale old boy. Enjoyed the social whirl, likes tennis, swimming and boxing. Member of Commerce Club. Summered at the Island and worked at Bank of Commerce. For future, desires to travel and read widely, leaving the means to Providence. Gordon Stanley Sutton Lindsay, Ont. University College. Came to Varsity from Lindsay C.I. Was a member of the Hart House Glee Club I-IV, of the Com- merce Club I-IV and of the University Rover Crew I-III. Enjoys squash, tennis and swimming. 92 . Harry Verner CITACIJJ South Porcupine, Ont. University College. Matricu- lated from South Porcupine High School. H. Wallace Warner UIJK25 Islington, Ont. Victoria College. Prefers to be called "Wally". Was a member of Commerce Club III, IVg Victoria Indoor Track Team III, IV. Was active in inter- fraternity sports. Likes swim- ming and sailing . . . and be- lieves the automobile is here to stay!! William W. White Lindsay, Ont. Victoria College. Came to Varsity from Lindsay C.I. Member of Commerce Club I- IV, being Auditor III and Sec- retary IV. Member of Hart House Glee Club I-IV. Inter- ested in tennis, squash and basketball. K. Winter Toronto, Ont. University College. Saul Zuker CHEMJ Toronto, Ont. University College. Matricu- lated from Parkdale C.I. Won a Reuben Wells Leonard Scholarship I. Was a member of The Varsity I-IV, Masthead III, Iv. Earl Morgan Zurbrigg Listowel, Ont. Victoria College. Matriculated from Listowel High School. Member of Commerce, Music and Glee Clubs. Played soccer, baseball and water polo. Sum- mer occupation-bakerg per- haps he just loafed. 1, ,. J v . fy, A f , f , '1",l3f lfia-5.17143 u -"fvc,1Ll,-1 ' . ,.f 1, , 4 E931 "'rQ- I :J re' U' 'D Misra X, H Wm mx ' "' ... ... .Qi 3. Hx 5 .."" , ,iw ' 4 nfizf 1 3 fi!! 1,.p-f-"' N , uf-r,f.....HfH in VN. Q ll W ,.-Ei, I I W A4 ,, ,- ,H 'f' " 1 .31 Q2-5 s , 5 5 , W" ::f44-fly 4 ' ,fx Y N 5 . 4 V lim . Y 511 K .hi V...Y, ms- 'N1Tff?mf F AM if I wg' -iii I . I ff 5 if 5 sci? l Zfxxibziafjmtwg ,ff M5-'Na W 5" f Mfff 1 +2 I Y U 5U gil ' gf f , . A., . If f ,f , , 2 QW' WWA 1' -J' ,QM v-..,. i941 QCLC 8125 0141058 3 A ,C To the Graduating Classes in the Department of University Extension By W. J. Dunlop, B.A., B.Paed., Director, University Extension and Publicity ROM the Department of University Extension there go out this year three graduating classes-next year there should be four. Approximately forty men and women are graduating in the Pass Course for Teachers, a course which is the same as the Pass Course in Arts except that instruction is given in the evenings and in the summer. The courses in Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy are two-year diploma courses, each followed by a six- months' interneship. My most cordial good wishes for abundant success are hereby tend- ered to these graduates who now go out to render, in their several stations, intelligent public service to their communities. These graduates have no worries. regarding positions because the teachers are already em- ployed, and, in the fields of Occupa- tional Therapy and Physiotherapy, the demand for qualified operatives considerably exceeds the supply. This is a happy and a somewhat un- usual condition. These graduates will allow me, I hope, to say to them that their suc- cess depends to a great extent on two factors. They must -continue to study and they must give a great deal of attention to the development of their own personalities. Person- ality is really much more imp-ort- ant than education. Academically, these graduates are well e-quipped for the tasks that are ahead and they are well qualified, too, in the matter of person- ality. But one's education never ceases while one lives and it should be our constant care to continue to improve that somewhat indefinite and intangible but quite easily discernible asset commonly known as personality. The best of luck to you all! If I can be of assistance to you at any time, please do not hesitate to ask me. I have watched your progress throughout your courses with a great deal of interest andil shall continue to watch your careers as there may be opportunity to do so. Never forget that, if you make public service your first and greatest aim, other rewards will naturally and almost automatically come to you. ' I96l ILJ 7 any George A. Anderson Matriculated from Milton Con- tinuation School. Attended Hamilton Normal School 1920- 1. Taught at S.S. No. 7, Nelson Township, 1921-23, Oakville, 1923-27, Humbercrest, York Township, 1927-30. At present is at Runnymede Public School. Went to London, Eng., on exchange 1935-6. Levi McLaughlin Annis Graduate of Bowmanville High School, Toronto Normal School. Teaching at Balmy Beach School, Toronto. Russell MacLellan Buie Born at Stayner where he at- tended the Continuation School. Graduated from Hamilton Nor- mal and entered the Teachers' Course 'via Jarvis and Harbord night classes. Hopes to take motor trips in future summers instead of extension courses. D. Allister Carmichael Toronto, Ont. Born at Woodville, Ont. Ma- triculated from Jarvis and Harbord night schools, taking Pass Arts via Teachers' Course. Supports family by Electrical Engineering. Member of Royal Astronomical Society and The Professional Engineers of the Province of Ontario. Plans to continue supporting family in accustomed style. Walter John Porter Creswick Matriculated from University of Toronto Schools. Enrolled in Biology, lived one year in Trinity House. At Varsity, COTC, debating, Trinity Science Club, University Bio- logy Club. Dabbled in Theo- logy-Trinity Theology Club. Left school to spent winter with Frontier College. Speci- alty, Mathematics and Science. Ida Julia Culotta Matriculated from Notre Dame Academy, Waterdown. Was Social Directress of Italian and Spanish Club. Member of the Fratellanza. Hopes to study Italian language and culture at the University of Perrugia, Italy. t97l Reginald Stanley Gamey Born Grey County. Attended Maxwell Public and Meaford High Schools. Four years a gunner CC.E.F.Jg Toronto ped- agogue since 1925. Plays wretched golf, bridge and five- pins. Likes the militia and loafmg. Plans to swear-off ex- tra-mural courses some time. Ernest Joseph Gauthier Aurora, Ont. Born at Penetanguishene, Ont. Matriculant of De La Salle College, Aurora. Attended Tor- onto Normal, 1928-9. Teaching now at De La Salle College, Aurora. John S. Gay Ottawa, Ont. Graduated from High School in Madoc. Attended Normal School at Peterborough, Ont. Secured Upper School stand- ing extra-murally. Began B.A. Course with U.T. in fall of 1930, attending lectures from Cooksville, Ont. Moved to Ottawa in 1933, and finished by summer courses. Margery E. George Born in Toronto. Home is Grimsby Beach. Matriculated from Grimsby High School. Graduate of Toronto Normal School. Taught seven years in Public and Continuation Schools. Studied French two years in Quebec City. Mary Marjory Hazelton Fort William, Ont. Born in Killaloe, Renfrew County. Matriculant of Fort William Collegiate Institute. Since graduation from North Bay Normal School has been teaching at Ogden School, Fort William. Harold Rutledge Hillock Matriculated from Humber- side Collegiate. Attended Tor- onto Normal 1927-28 and be- gan teaching at Davisville School, September, 1928. Now teaching at Dovercourt School. Summer activities: Holiday- ing in Highlands of Haliburton -canoe trips-fishing, etc. In- tends to proceed with pedagogy work after a year or two of rest. Teachers Course :671 if -Q. I-.4 '7"'7 . Y 5 A fe iff flftzfi' ff 1 I . L 'YW' I I I I I I I I I I I I I Teachers' Course I Claude John Alton Hodgins Preston, Ont. Born in Preston, Ont. Matricu- lant of Galt Collegiate Insti- tute. Graduate Hamilton Nor- mal School. Great sport en- thusiast. Enjoys basketball, skating, hockey, rugby, swim- ming, tennis. Marion Isobel Hood Toronto, Ont. Born at New Liskeard, On- tario. Matriculant of Markham High School, Markham, Ont. Jean Wilhelmina Hull Born at Glencoe, Ontario. After matriculating from Oak- wood Collegiate, Toronto, has been employed as a seed ana- lyst with the Plant Products Division of the Federal De- partment of Agriculture. John Johnston Toronto, Ont. Born in Glasgow, Scotland. Matriculant Oakwood C.I., To- ronto. Spends time cultivating bridge and badminton ability, a f t e r education. Playground supervisor and super-salesman in summertime. Plan-s to spe- cialize or obtain B.Paed. for bothb. Has high hopes of building a cottage on Lake Boskung, Haliburton. Hector Lamont Knight Matriculated from L ist ow el High School. Obtained a Perth County Carter Scholarship. Spent 1938 taking shop work at Hamilton. Activities were teaching as principal at Wroxeter Continuation School, Huron County. Has his perma- nent First Certificate. Future plans are more teaching, more summer school, more money. Langman James Lawson Born at Elmvale, Ont. Ma- triculated from Midland High School. At present is teaching in Sudbury. E931 .TW ww. ,Q like , -1 - to ' 351, . I Reg. Burns Lipsett Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Chesley High School. Toronto Normal School, 1923-4. Now at Hill- crest School. John Charles Loveland Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Oakwood C.I. Tried office work for three years. Attended Toronto N.S. 1931-2. Has taught since at Winchester St. School, To- ronto. Future plans include attendance in summer courses at O.C.E. and O.A.C. Hugh Clifford MacCorkindale Born in Owen Sound. Gradu- ated from the Owen Sound Collegiate and Vocational In- stitute. Attended S t r a t f o r d Normal School, 1929-30. On the Toronto Public School staff. Dr. Alonzo C. McDonald Born and matriculated in To- ronto. A graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry. Joined the original C.O.T.C. and served overseas with the Uni- versity Battery. Though better at Gaelic than Latin, entered the Teachers' Course 1931. For further reference, see Toronto- nensis of 1917. Kenneth E. MacRae Toronto, Ont. Worked on farm two years after gaining entrance. Mat- triculant of Teeswater 'C on- tinuation School and Wingham High School. Graduate of Stratford Normal School. Taught seven years in Public School. Spent summers and spare hours taking University Extension Courses. Now work- ing in Toronto to finance O.C.E. Course. Margaret Mewhort York Township, Ont. Born at Paisley, Scotland. Ma- triculant of Weston High and graduate of Toronto Normal. Spent two summers out West and one in British Isles. Hopes some day to see a great deal more -of this old world. Teach- ing at King George School, York Township. Florence C. Montgomery Toronto, Ont. Born at Tiverton, Ont. Ma- triculant of Kincardine High School. Now teaching in To- ronto. Spends summers taking courses in education. Alice Alta N ahrgang B-orn at New Hamburg. At- tended New Hamburg Con- tinuation School and Kitch- ener-Waterloo Collegiate. Graduate of Stratford Normal School. Teaching public school at S.S. No. 3, North Easthope, Perth County. Critic teacher for Stratford Normal at pres- ent. J. M. Neale Toronto, Ont. Educated at Ottawa Collegiate Institute. Graduated from Ot- tawa Normal School. Inter- ested in athletics. At present is general secretary of the To- ronto Public School Athletic Association. John Alan Clarke Prouse Little Britain, Ont. Born in Little Britain, Ont. Matriculated, Lindsay Collegi- ate, Lindsay. At present teach- ing continuation school. Public School teacher six years, Con- tinuation two years. Spends summers educating himself in T.C.A. Hopes to obtain high s c h o ol assistant's, inspector's papers and B.Paed. next. Herbert L. Steele Toronto, Ont. T o r o nt o born, Toronto edu-. cated. Matriculated from Har- bord C.I. Granted General Proficiency Award at McMas- ter. Attended Toronto Normal 1930-1. At present teaching at Earl Grey Public School, To- ronto. Enjoys teaching ir1 sea- son, enjoys Northern wilds out of season. Enjoys life at any season. 'QW' ' Z ski :Qo- st .:. E. rl- LM F it f 1 if 99 William Earl Terry Born in Toronto. Matriculated Mimico High School. Came to Teachers' Course via two years Engineering, S.P.S. On Teach- ers' Course Executive several years, this year Editor Campus C to m m e nt. Spends summers taking courses and managing "What's Doing?" Summer school paper. Hopes to special- ize in music. T. B. Thompson Toronto, Ont. From Bruce County. Attended High School in Walkerton and Normal School in London. Now teaching in Toronto. Sydney Tooke Toronto, Ont. Came from "over 'ome", York- shire, Eng., way back. Ma- triculated from Barrie C.I. Attended Toronto Normal. Teaching in Toronto. Secre- tary-Treasurer T.C.A. 1935-6. Has bad habit of taking sum- mer courses, but aims to break the habit in the future. Rosanne Tully Peterborough, Ont. Strove for the last word in de- bates at Peterborough Collegi- ate. Was chosen valedictorian and president of Peterborough Normal School Alumni. Teaches in Toronto, superin- tends a C.G.I.T. Department, dabbles at agriculture and art. Spends spare time and cash travelling. Plans a trip around the world. Howard W. Welsh Toronto, Ont. Obtained junior matriculation at Stirling High School, senior matriculation at Belleville Col- legiate. Attended Toronto Nor- mal School. Taught at Eglin- ton Public School. At present is at Rosedale. Interested in all sports and the wide-open spaces in the summer time. Teachers' Course 6' lla' av-fs 4 1 ll00J .,,.. V9 T55- 3 131, yr ft kxa inn V1 T118-, . ' - 4-fx , 1 ,1 ., 5...,,.,4 A7-'?Qf'1' 139 S K fwjg-W7 fe 'N f 1 ' Hrs., X xi 5' 0 eff .ua-4h -LL, 1 "L 3f'? 4 :1ik? fn 1 ,, li Jff' Wefcine To the Graduating Class in Medicine By Dean W. E. Gallie, M.D., F.R.C.S.Eng., F.R.C.S.fC.j S each graduating class departs from this University, it carries with it the good wishes of the Dean and the Faculty and their great hope that these young men and women with whom they have been associated so long may find in the new life upon which they are embarking a full measure of success and happiness. It may be that at this stage of a student's career he may experience some doubts as to whether he has chosen the kind of life for which he is best suited. To such, I would point out that a full medical course pro- vides an education that may lead to success in many very different fields and provides opportunity for many different kinds of men. Thus, the lives of the physician and surgeon differ greatly, as do those of the family doctor and the specialist. What a distance there is between the psychiatrist and the obstetrician! Then, aside altogether from the Various forms of practice in Medi- cine, opportunity lies in the labora- tory for the teacher, the technician and the investigator. Some of you may become anatiomists, physiolo- gists or pathologists, others, bio- chemists or pharmacologists. An en- tirely different kind of life is offered in the health services and again in the editorial rooms of the Medical Journals. To those with executive and business ability, the great hospitals are constantly calling for superintendents. While decisions on these matters may have been forming gradually during the last few years of the course, I am convinced that the final decision may well be postponed till some time in the intern year. This year gives the graduate a chance to come face to face with practice in most of its forms and enables him to come to a sounder conclusion as to what kind of life he should choose. While the happiness and success of our graduates must necessarily depend almost altogether on themselves, yet situations often arise in which advice and assistance are of value. Such situations are always welcomed by old teachers and you may rest assured that the welfare of her graduates is of first im- portance to this School. f1o2J B4 f' N3 4?-Q if-x J. W. Adams Toronto, Ont. Ernest Werner Aeberli QOKWJ Toronto, Ont. Born in Montreal, Que. Gradu- ated from Malvern Collegiate Institute. Malcolm Lapp Allan Toronto, Ont. Born in West China. Matricu- lated from Oshawa C.V.I. Spent summers at summer camps and one year at Banting Insti- tute. Intends to go to China some time. James Ross Alexander Allen Toronto, Ont. Born at Weyburn, Sask. Ma- triculated from Upper Canada College. Spent summers on survey parties, mining and in- terning. Year Vice-President I. Member of Medicine Fenc- ing Team I. A. J. Andreae Toronto, Ont. Reginald MacGregor Archibald Vancouver, B.C. Graduated in Honour Chemis- try from U.B.C. in 1930. After completing Master's work in Chemistry and Physics at Alma Mater, came to Varsity in 1932 to pursue research and study in Pathological and Biochem- istry. Entered Meds in 1936. Intends to continue academic work and research in the medi- cal branches of Biochemistry. Robert H. Balinson Hamilton, Ont. Robert Duff Barron Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Jarvis C.I. Played Junior Meds Rugby I, II, III, C.O.T.C. I-VI, Lieuten- ant III, Captain VI, Head Mar- shal Varsity Stadium V and VI, Vic. Music Club II, III. Future plans: T.W.H., then general practice, with the pos- sibility of R.A.M.C. Alan Alexander Bassett CKIJAEJ Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. George MacDougall Beall Lindsay, Ont. COKWD Matriculated fr o m L i n d s a y Collegiate Institute. Was a councillor of Medical Society II. John Holdsworth Belton CKAJ Sarnia, Ont. Came to Varsity from Ridley College and after one year of Political Science at Trinity en- tered Medicine. Played Mulock Cup Football for four years. Passed Primary F.R.C.S. III. Editor -in - chief of U. of T. Medical Jourmzl VI. Gerald M. Berneske Hamilton, Ont. Matriculated from C e n t r a I Collegiate Institute. Medicine Vera Isobel Binnington Toronto, Ont. J. D. Birrell Toronto, Ont. P. E. Bondo Toronto, Ont. Isobel Booth Toronto, Ont. Robert Sheard Braiden Weston, Ont. Came to Varsity from Weston C.I. On Senior Meds Hockey Team Vg elected Year Presi- dent V13 Councillor Medical Society VI, and Medical-at- Home Committee VI. Sum- mered as purser S.S. Cayuga. Ida McNaughton Brill Teeswater, Ont. Resided in Wymilwood. Grad- uated in Biological and Medi- cal Sciences for Victoria Col- lege in 1936. . Charles Beverley Brown Humber Bay, Ont. Matriculated from Mimico High School. John David Cameron Toronto, Ont. Born at Coniston, Ont. Ma- triculated from University of Toronto Schools. Summers have been spent at -summer camps, taking motor trips, and interning. Future plans are as follows: to intern two or three years, to go around the worldg to marry an heiress, and die young. A. D. Campbell Weyburn, Sask. Donald Leroy Campbell Toronto, Ont. Frank Emerson Coburn Toronto, Ont. i Graduated from Victoria Col- lege in Biological and Medical Sciences. ' B. Cohen Hamilton, Ont. Frank Cohen Toronto, Ont. Born at London, Ont. Matricu- lated from Harbord Collegiate Institute, Toronto. Douglas Harold Copp Toronto, Ont. CAAQIJ, AQAJ Graduated in Biological and Medical Sciences in 1936 from University College. Member of Historical Club, 1936-38. Presi- dent, AQA, VI. U. of T. Medi- cal Journal VI. Plans to study in Edinburgh on the Ellen Mickle Fellowship. M. F. Corbin Canora, Sask. J. F. Cork Toronto, Ont. William Ronald Dalziel Australia. Graduated in Biological and Medical Sciences from Victoria College in 1936. Played on Senior Meds. Basketball Team IV-VI. Norman C. Delarue, B.A. Toronto, Ont. CAQAJ Graduated in 1936 from Uni- versity College in Biological and Medical Sciences. Has won the Edward Blake, James Har- ris and the Second Alexander T. Fulton Scholarships. Played Interfaculty Rugby, Hockey, Track, Squash and Baseball for U.C. Was Class President IV. 51051 Jacob Dobkin Toronto, Ont. Born in Russia. Matriculated from Harbord C.I. Won Alumni Scholarship IV. In summer, 1937, was in Muskoka Hospital for Consumptives, and in 1938 in Ontario Hospital, Toronto. On graduation, may go into medical research. Margaret Mary Donnell, B.A. Nelson, B.C. Born in Haileybury, Ontario, but educated mostly in Saska- toon, Saskatchewan, "Donnie" entered 3T9 in its fourth year to become its eleventh Medette. Sang in Daffydil Choir, at- tended M.W.U.A. m e e t in gs. After winning her M.D. and interning in a general hospital, she hopes to join the ranks of those attacking the Tubercle Bacillus. M. S. Ellenzweig Hamilton, Ont. Enos Cole Evans CNEND Hamilton, Ont. Born in Cleveland, Ohio. Ma- triculated from Delta Collegi- ate. Member of Wrestling Team I-IV. Enjoyed fishing during the summer. H. Fine Toronto, Ont. Edward Alexander Foster Toronto, Ont. Matriculated f rio m L in ds a y High School. Interned in sum- mers at Wellesley Hos p it al, Toronto. M edicine X wat! M, ' I 11- A V " .jf V95 , f ark 2' ,' Q. it 5 ., t ae' , AG tl. , .Wars . ,, . Medicine M ' ,. 1.-zz . X, . V Q-F ,w . ...- . Q. .ay 1,4 wx. s lf t JST -Q-auf V 'QU John Foster, B.A. Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Bloor Col- legiate. Outside activities have been ayfaires de coeufr. Has been interested in rowing, squash and fencing. Summer occupations were truck driving and interning. Future plans concern internal medicine, but not gynaecology. Douglas Arthur Garrett Toronto, Ont. CNENJ Matriculated from Parkdale C.I. Richard T. Gates CAKKJ Sarnia, Ont. Matriculated from Sarnia Col- legiate Institute. Was Manag- ing Editor of U. of T. Medical Journal IV, V. Member of In- terfaculty Medical Lacrosse Team IV-VI. Member of In- terfaculty Medical B as e b a ll and Basketball Team V, VI, and of Interfaculty Medical Volleyball Team I-VI. Ralph Frederick Gerred Toronto, Ont. CAQAD Came to Varsity via East York C.I. In the summer, a super- salesman for a bread company. In the winter a serious medico. Elected a member of the AQA Honour Medical Fraternity Vg Secretary - Treasurer VI. Future: man in white. Israel lan Esar Gordon Toronto, Ont. On Hart House Art Committee III, Member of Daffydil Or- chestra III, IV and Vg Junior Interfaculty Swimming III and IV. Intends to write a thesis on "Misogyny-Its Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment". Pearl Teresa Gould Toronto, Ont. Attended Ha rb o r d Collegiate Institute. 51061 nf' Hi Allen Frederic Graham CKAJ Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from St. Andrew's College. Pla y e d Interfaculty Rugby II. Won Intercollegiate Boxing Championship III. Cameron Gray CNEN, AQAD Toronto, Ont. Born at Caron, Sask. Matricu- lated from Humberside Colleg- iate Institute. Worked during summers for Imperial Oil, Sar- nia. Played Intercollegiate Rugby II-VI. President of Medical Society VI. Joseph Green Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from H a r b or d and Jarvis Collegiate Insti- tutes. Played on Junior Medi- cine Baseball and Basketball Teams I-III, and on Senior Medicine Soccer and Volley- ball Teams I-VI. J. D. Gregory Stratford, Ont. Saul Halpern Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Harbord Collegiate. Was a member of Avukah II-VI, including Exec- utive III and IV. Head Usher at Varsity Stadium, Arena and Promenade Concerts V and VI. Interests include photography, music and books. Joseph Clarence Hill QNENJ Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto and matricu- lated from U.T.S. Activities outside University are golf, bowling and badminton. As to the future, here's hoping. 1 Nb Q mf o"k Oscar Hoffman Brantford, Ont. Wanted to be a doctor ever since a week before he entered Medicine - a matter of years after leaving Brantford C.I. Touch of a "Jekyll and Hyde" complex after spending a sum- mer as a radio pianist and truck driver. Interests: music, photography, rifle shooting. John P. N. Holden Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Humberside Collegiate Institute. Enjoys the pleasures of good friends. Member of Senior Intercollegi- ate Rugby Team III-VI., Mem- ber -of Medicine Baseball Team III, IV.g Member of Athletic Directorate V, and Vice-Presi- dent of Athletic Directorate VI. Charlotte Marion Horner Toronto, Ont. CAAIID Graduated in Biological and Medical Sciences in 1936 from University College. David Horwitz Timmins, Ont. Matriculated from Tim m in s High School. Led a jazz band during high school days. Spent summers clerking, selling mag- azines, raiiling cars for charit- able organizations. Plans to do post-graduate work in surgery. N. Jacks Sarnia, Ont. Salesman for Hire's for past two years. Intends to special- ize in obstetrics and gyne- cology. T. C. Jewell Weston, Ont. Year President V. .RR . ju 1 . U ' '53 .sr 1. ' I I A H ., gs in-f 'M gf 1 E tv' GWW. 'x 3 V -7' Y. '. -f it t if Us I I fiom Douglas B. Kelly Peterborough, Ont. Jack Munro Kenyon Brantford, Ont. John Wilfred Kettlewell QIIJXJ Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from University of Toronto Schools. Spent summers as a deck hand on a freighter, councillor at camps for boys, doing bacteriology at the Banting Institute, in- terning at Ontario Hospital at New Toronto and the Toronto General Hospital. Belonged to Daffydil III. David Jay King Toronto, Ont. Graduated fr-om Oakwood Col- legiate Institute. Summer oc- cupations were truck driving, working in factory and intern- ing. Chief University interests were Interfaculty Rugby, squash and Hart House library. P. A. Kinsey Toronto, Ont. H. A. Kneale Brantford, Ont. Medicine r l Medicine I Clarence Arthur Kyle CKIJPED Toronto, Ont. Born at Hartland, N.B. Mem- ber -of Varsity Intercollegiate English Rugby Team Cham- pions I-VI. President of Eng- lish Rugby Club VI. Member of Medicine Volleyball Team III-V, and of Medical Basket- ball Team II-V. First "T" Holder and "M" Holder. R. A. G. Lane CCIDXJ Toronto, Ont. A. W. H. Large Toronto, Ont. Bernard Laski Toronto, Ont. Matriculated f r o m University of Toronto Schools. Spent summers as lecturer in sight- seeing bus, social director at a summer hotel. Drum-Major on U. of T. Band III-VI, on Daf- fydil II-VI. President of U. of T. Baseball Club III. President of Medical Athletic Society VI. J. Lederman Toronto, Ont. Helen Jean Leeson Aylmer, Ont. Attended Aylmer High School and Alma College. Lived in Mulock House, Whitney Hall I and II, and in Hutton House III and IV. In Datfydil I and II. On M.W.U.A. Executive IV and VI. Torofntofnensis Repre- sentative VI. I.. -1 , V 1. 1, . " ' .. 1. - xl' . F., . 51081 F fi Louis J. Lester, B.A. CAQAJ Toronto, Ont. Originally from Harbord C.I., came to U.C. and graduated in Biological and Medical Sci- ences in 1936. Picked up Pri- mary exam. for F.R.C.S. on way into Meds. Spent summers working as a country doctor, and liking it. Interested in working at surgery and play- ing at anything. Harold Lipowitz Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Harbord Collegiate Institute. Spent summers as a book-keeper. Alexander Douglas Lithgow Weston, Ont. Matriculated from Weston High School. Henry W. K. Y. Lore Victoria, B.C. Matriculated from Victoria High School. Manager and Captain of Medical Soccer Team IV, Vg Lieutenant, C.O. T.C. Arthur H. Lyon CCDPEJ Londesboro, Ont. Matriculated from Clinton Col- legiate. Employed in summers by H. Sheinz Co., Leamington. by H. S. Heintz Co., Leaming- ton. President of CIJP2 Fra- ternity V. Kenneth McAskile Highgate, Ont. Born in Medicine Hat, Alta. Worked during summers at a Highgate general store. Played in Interfaculty Baseball I-V1.3 Manager, Interfaculty Baseball Vg in Daffydil II-IV. J is 3 mf el! P-A S. McClatchie Toronto, Ont. John Clement McCulloch Toronto, Ont. CCIJKE, AQAJ Born at Belleville, Ont. Ma- triculated from Upper Canada College. David W. McCullough COKWD Sudbury, Ont. John Maxwell McDougall Toronto, Ont. Kenneth Fullerton MacEwen Cobalt, Ont. CQKIPD Frederick G. M. MacHattie Toronto, Ont. CNENJ Born at Goderich, Ont. Ma- triculated from Riverdale Col- legiate Institute. .lf 51091 George Drewry McQuade Almonte, Ont. Matriculated f r 0 m N a p a ne e C olle giate. Lived in North House, University of Toronto Residence. John Thomas Meredith Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from P a r k d a le C.I. William S. Metzler CCIJPED Toronto, Ont, Came to Varsity from Oak- wood Collegiate. Played vari- ous sports - Medical Lacrosse I-VI, Basketball I-VI, volley- ball and baseball, U. of T. La- crosse Club, Secretary in 1936, President in 1937. Interested in boys' work, supervised a city playground for six years. Member of Newman Club. Ambition: to be a good doctor and also to enjoy life. George Harold Midgley Galt, Ont. Matriculated from Galt Col- legiate Institute. Spent a por- tion of summers interning at the Ontario Hospital, Toronto. Kenneth Wm. Milne CCIJPZJ North Bay, Ont. Matriculated from North Bay Collegiate Institute. Spent summers in lumber camps and interning. Member of Boxing Team Ig Track Team I, II, won the Interfaculty High Jump in 1937. President of JJPE VI. Donald Bernard Moran, B.A. , Toronto, Ont. Graduated in Biological and Medical Sciences in 1936 from St. Michael's College. g Medicine S C I i n V i V 1 1 1 I I V 1 I E . ,...i--1 Medicine Robert Hall More CNEND Kitchener, Ont. Member of Hart House RiHe Association. P a s se d Primary F.R.C.S. CCan.J. Donald Gordon Medd Nelson Guelph, Ont. CEXJ W. J. Nolan Toronto, Ont. John Gordon Palmer Toronto, Ont. Norman Scott Park CAKKJ Mitchell, Ont. Came to Varsity from Mitchell High School. Played Meds. Soccer II-VI, C.O.T.C. I-III. Victor Roland Perry Toronto, Ont. 51101 4'b E1 ii yr-1 - f :I H: ' . .mf Wm. Harry Perry - Toronto, Ont. Born in Halifax, N.S. Matricu- lated from University of To- ronto Schools. Joseph Oscar Pollock CCDAEJ - Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from O a k w o o d C o l l e giat e Institute. Spent summers travelling and as playground supervisor. Future plans are general practice in Toronto. Thomas Jenner Powell, B.A. Powell River, B.C. Arrived in Canada in 1932 and became an enthusiastic British Columbian. Graduated in Bio- logical and Medical Sciences from Trinity College in 1936. Hobbies are commuting on the C.P.R., shooting, fishing, skiing, photography. Summer's activi- ties varied from running an elevator to interning. Margaret R. Quentin Toronto, Ont. Born in China. Matriculated from Riverdale Collegiate, To- ronto. Graduated in Arts from Victoria College. John Campbell Rathbun Toronto, Ont. CAAQAQAJ Matriculated from Upper Can- ada College. Won the Baptie Scholarship. Class President I. On Daffydil III, IV, Repre- sentative Vg Vice - Chairman VI. Wesley Robert Read Brockville, Ont. B 4 0-5 M edzczne V4 Dorothy Eleanor Redmond Moncton, N.B. CAFAJ Attended Aberdeen High School, Moncton. R e c e iv e d A rts D e g re e from Dalhousie University. Was in Daifydil I and Hg President of Medical Women's S.C.M. IV, President of M.W.U.A. and Women's Editor of Undergraduate M edi- cal Journal VI. Charles Bruce Rigg Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont. Matriculated fr o m N i a g a r a High School. F. D. Rigg Dunnville, Ont. Charles Taylor Robertson Toronto, Ont. UIJPEJ Matriculated from Jarvis Col- legiate Institute. Member of Intercollegiate Wrestling Team III-V, and of Intermediate In- tercollegiate Boxing Team IV. John David Roger Ottawa, Ont. Came to Varsity from Lisgar C.I., Ottawa. James A. Romeyn CBE-JIIJ Toronto, Ont. fllll Arnold Rose Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Parkdale C.I. Graduated in Biological and Medical Sciences from University College in 1936. Spent summer of 1938 at On- tario Hospital, Whitby. Mem- ber iof Rifle Club IV. Future plans are interneship and in- ternal medicine. Jacob Israel Rossman Port Colborne, Ont. Matriculated f r o m P o rt Col- borne High School. Philip Archibald Ryan COKWJ Port Hope, Ont. Came to Varsity from Port Hope High S c h o o l and man- aged to play Interfaculty Rugby I-III. H. S. Sager Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Jarvis Col- legiate Institute. Took Psy- chology and then Medicine. After third year had to stay out to earn the wherewithal. Financed his course by com- mercial designing and the dis- play of booths at the C.N.E. for five years. Hopes to specialize in diseases of the nervous sys- tem and psychiatry. Robert Wm. Salmon CCDXJ Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from University of Toronto Schools. F u t u r e plans are general practice. Joseph M. Schoenfeld Toronto, Ont. Formerly of Montreal, Quebec. Matriculated from Jarvis Col- legiate Institute. Medicine Charles W. McDonald Service Toronto, Ont. Member of S.C.M. and S.V.M. I-VI. Member Hart House Hall Committee IV, and of Histori- cal Club V-VI. Charles Sheard CBI-BHD Toronto, Ont. Graduated from Upper Canada College and followed inherited tendency to study Medicine. Bass Drummer Varsity Band four years. Daffydil Member five years, becoming Editor of Epistaxis IV, Business Manager V, and Chairman of Daffydil VI. Summers spent as camp music director and summer hotel physician. Hobby: music. Aspiration: surgery. Alex. G. Shulman CQIJAEJ Toronto, Ont. Wasted first two years study- ing, but since then learned to laugh at a joke and discovered how to think. Became Vice- President of Baseball Club, President of Volleyball Club, and President of Fraternity. Played Volleyball II-VI, Champions III-IVg Baseball II, III. Has sold magazines, driven trucks and meddled with the mental. Ambition: to find why the brain ticks. J. W. Sparkes Toronto, Ont. Peter McKellar Spence CNENJ Fort William, Ont. Matriculated from St. An- drew's Collegeg graduated from Royal lVIilitary College. Has been Lieutenant in Missis- sauga Horse and Governor- General's Horse Guard since 1933. Played on Medicine Foot- ball Team I-III. Was a mem- ber of Medicine Gym. Team II. Alfred B. Stein Toronto, Ont. Graduated from Biological and Medical Sciences in 1936. In- terned at Ontario Hospital during summer. Chief objec- tive: to take part in the fight for life. 51121 4"h if-A Paul F. Steinhart Toronto, Ont. "My yesterday is my past: my to-day is my future, my to- morrow-is a secret." Born in Markdale, Ont. Matriculated from Harbord C.I. and entered the "Portals of Medicine". Played Waterpolo for Meds. II-VI, and was a Medical "M" Holder. Elizabeth Stern Toronto, Ont. Was born in Cobalt, Ont., and came to Varsity from Harbord C.I. Was in Daffydil IV and V. Herbert John Sullivan Hamilton, Ont. Graduate of Cathedral High School, Hamilton. Went to McMaster University, where he completed his second year Arts, then on to Varsity and Medicine. R. R. Suran Toronto, Ont. Arthur Sutton Toronto, Ont. Robert MacKay Taylor CAKKJ Toronto, Ont. Spent summers at Camp Ahmek in Algonquin Park. Played on Interfaculty Med- ical Water Polo Team III, IV, on Interfaculty Medical Vol- leyball VIQ on Junior Inter- collegiate Water Polo Team IV, and on Senior Intercollegiate Water Polo Team V, VI. John Lyndon Thompson Toronto, Ont. A' 5 M eclicine P'-1 T. A. Main Thompson North Bay, Ont. Frank Bell Thomson Preston, Ont. CNEN, AQAD Came to Varsity from U.B.C. Graduated in Biological and Medical Sciences in 1936 from Victoria College. Charles John Treffry COKIPJ Otterville, Ont. Matriculated from Woodstock Collegiate Institute. Wm. Partridge Turner CNEND Chatham, Ont. Matriculated from C h a t h a m Collegiate Institute. Joseph A. Vining Staten Island, N .Y. . Born in Aden, Arabia. Early education in New York, B.A., St. Michael's College, 1934. Caught up to 3T9 in second year Medicine. Daffydil V, Rifle Club IV. Interests: tennis, dramatics, music. Future: medicine. William Fenwick Wales Toronto, Ont. CBOIIJ Matriculated from the Uni- versity of Toronto Schools. William Bruce Wallace CAKED Toronto, Ont. Worked during summer in Consolidated Smelters' Mine for two years and later at hos- pital work. Carried the cym- bals to Montreal for three years with the Varsity Band. Played Interfaculty Water Polo for four years. 11131 Joseph Sutherland Walmsley Hamilton, Ont. UIJX7 Barbara Estelle Watts Toronto, Ont. Born in Oakville, Ont. Attend- ed Runnymede C.I. Played Basketball I. Member of Medi- cal Women's Athletic Execu- tive IV, Vg President VI. Was camp doctor at Bolton Girls' Camp for the summer of 1938. Isaac Thomas Weldon Barrie, Ont. Matriculated from Barrie Col- legiate Institute. William Therence West Toronto, Ont. Came to Varsity from Bloor C.I. Assistant Musical Director of Daiifydil III and Musical Director IV, V and VI. Treas- urer of 3T9 V and VI. Sum- mers spent selling waffles in Eaton's Annex. Interests are tennis, rugby and nurses. Future: dim, but it includes further study in England. Donald Colin Wilson Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from North To- ronto C.I. For the last two summers was connected with Dept. of Health, D ivis i o n of Pathology. Plans t o g o into g e n e r al practice and to spe- cialize later. Sigmund Samuel Winton Saskatoon, Sask. Came to Varsity in 1932 from the University of Saskatche- wan with the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Chemistry. In 1934 he received the Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry and then en- tered the Medical School. Bio- chemist, Mount Sinai Hospital, 1937, Graduate School Fellow 1933, Banting Research Fellow, 1934-37. Sydney Wise UIJAEJ Toronto, Ont. 4'-.V K 1' 4' f JAY fc.. '7'btb'G!-4-4 70, ffrvau . ' x f 51141 wi pf ff A gf ,if ffi 4 i rl 'P YY, .- 1 s x K 1 i I I gg? IQIUAQCI Sience ana! gngineerin To the Graduating Class of Applied Science and Engineering By De-an C. H. Nlitchell, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.0., C.E., LL.D., D.Eng. Gentlemen: To graduate and leave your University this year of 1939 is to go out into a world that is very busy-busy for engineers certainly, and shortly for architects as well. At first glance, the prospect may not appear very encouraging, because we hear and see about us i much confusion and uncer- , tainty. We have lived through a good deal of it the l past year, not only in Can- ada, but in the Empire and in the world. Uncertainty though there may be in busi- ness and international affairs, let us keep in mind that en- gineers are always wanted, will continue to be wanted in Canada whatever the future brings. This Canada of ours is dynamic, not static. It cannot stand still. Canada will and must progress. There is too much in this country, both in natural and human re- sources, of the most valuable kind to cause us to waver in our steady development. You need not be reminded that engineers and architects are in the professions. that do the developing. That has been Canada's history from the first days of ships, roads, bridges and railways, down through the decades to the present time of motor cars, aeroplanes, radios, skyscrapers and industrial works manufacturing for our own needs in every field. As you go out into this rapi.dly changing world, therefore, even with its present uncertainties, you carry with you the confident feeling that you, too, are needed, wanted 'as leaders for these new activities, just as your prede- cessors were needed and went confidently to their work thirty, twenty and ten years ago. Engineering is a profession of action. .It is no profession to shelter visionaries, direamers or sit-downers. We see about us clever men and men of action who do things. Sometimes we come across a man of vivid imagina- tion, of vision and wide knowledge and mental ability of which leaders are made-but he lacks one essential quality, the ability to act, he is timid, hesitant, perhaps procrastinating in making up his mind, and with these he could never inspire confidence. Action of the quick, positive kind produces leaders, men with courage. Remember, though, that readiness to take action and to become leaders also carries with it readiness to take the' consequences. All successful leaders must be men of action. Frequently their decisions may require great courage, but that is what is expected of leaders. If I can give you a message, it is to put hard thinking and fresh energy into all of your problems, then follow with fresh firm action. If you do your work that way, you will achieve not only success, but great joy and satisfaction in it. I extend best wishes for your success and fortune. I:116j iii? Applied Science and Engineering lJ.C.ANDE.RSON EC.RE.Au A.A.McAsu'i4un. , RC.ANoensoN R.A.RULE A.H.KmGsMn.E COQNCILLQR SEC.'TlEA5. PRESIDENT VICE - PRZSIDENT VIC! 'PRESIDENT COUNCILLOR. PERMANENT EXECUTIVE THE c:n.Ass or aT9 Facultvof ApplicdScizncz L . and Engineering A GLAZEP. CH- OR R.Bovo COUNCILLOR UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I938 I939 JORP. ' Asne.zv men cnwnzu HGREEN RAIN councmuon. V vonou o COUNCILLOP. couucn.n.ow. FIMascn-uno COUNCILLOU. p Class History of 3T9 HE class of 3T9 was born at the sound of our first "Toike Oike" which seems only a short time ago. Since then we have given rise to a "Great Spirit", "The Spirit of 3T9", which has become a component of the University of this faculty which we so dearly esteem. Our University career has been crowded with happy events, games and thousands of episodes which have happened in the labs or in the lecture halls. All of which shall live on and shall be told and retold with ever-increasing gusto. And now that we are about to make our stir in the outer world as gradu- ates, it is the intention of your permanent executive with the help of each individual member of the class to maintain the friendship and co-operation throughout our future lives as a live alumni body for all time to come. Your permanent executive is willing to work for you. Write to them about your ideas about any information you require or just for old time's sake. They will always welcome it and be tickled to reply. They will keep in touch with you by personal correspondence, our own publications and the University of Toronto Monthly. We ask you to co-operate- with us and with the University Alumni itself to maintain the "Spirit of 3T9", and the spirit of the University as a whole. The Executive wishes to keep a co-mplete record of everyone. Your whereabouts, health and position are interesting to us all. When you supply the necessary data the Secretary-Treasurer, Cyril Read, will keep all the information complete and up-to-date in his files. 51171 Applzed Sczence and Engineering Louis Adler Toronto, Ont. Chemical, Matriculated from Harbord C.I. Member Indus- trial Chemical Club and Social Problems Club. Int-erested in the study of languages. Be- cause he likes people, intends helping to make this world a better place in which to live. Donald Campbell Anderson Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Born aft Hamilton, Ont. and resides in Toronto. Came to Varsity from North Toronto C.I. Memb-er U. of T. Rifle Association I-IV. Sports are tennis, skiing and camping. James C. Anderson Toronto, Ont. Civil. Found his way to S.P.S. from Parkdale Collegiate. Was on the Board of Editors, Trans- actions III, and Director of Publications and Publicity IV -mixed with golf and base- ball. Has deiinite dislike for golf in the rain and calculus in the spring. One of the optim- ists who hopes to get a job. Paul C. Anderson CIIJFAJ Toronto, Ont. Electrical. More than lived up to expectations during the four years spent learning how to be an Engineer. Friends, dances, fights, meetings, lectures, and labs, combined to make col- lege, something never to be forgotten. As for the future. close supervision will be used to see that it behaves. William Charles Atkinson Caledon, Ont. , Mining. Came to Varsity from Orangeville High. Played In- terfaculty Lacrosse I-IV. Chairman of Mining and Metal- lurgical Club. Allan Bruce Ballagh Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Entered Varsity from Malvern C.I. Played In- terfaculty Lacrosse I-IV. Bas- ketball I-IV, Rugby I, II. In- tends to enrter sales-engineer- mg. 51181 qfx Frederick William Barlow Morrisburg, Ont. Chemical. Came to Varsity on a Parental Scholarship from Morrisburg -C.I. Extra-curri- cular interests - night life. Summer's work included gov- ernment road job and one summer in a starch plant. In- tends -to keep on enjoying life as he finds it and working enough to keep the wolf out- side the door. John Barrie Bassett Toronto, Ont. Metallurgy. Spent his first year in Chemical Engineering 3T5. Returned to second year Metal- lurgy after 4 years in business. Spent his summers at various kinds of labouring jobs and one summer at research with the Ontario Research Found- ation. Hopes to specialize in steel. Interests: golf, tennis, rugby, aquatics, first aid. Ewing Cameron Boyd Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Matriculating in 1928, at Nelson, BJC., there fol- lowed three years of carefree adventure. Entering college in 1932, life has been a hard, practical experiment in the ad- visability of spending alternate years in Industry and Univer- sity, Solution obtainable in ten years. Robert Norman Boyd Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Graduate of Hum- berside C.I. Awarded J. A. Findlay Scholarship II, III. Owner and operator of ama- teur radio station VE3ACM. Secretary-Treasurer of A.S. M.E., student branch. Hobbies: tennis, badminton, and red- heads. Winnett Boyd Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Came to Varsity 'via T.C.S. S.P.S. Wrestling Team I, University Interme- diate Team II. Attached to C.O.T.C. I-IV. Obtained cer- tificates "A" Artillery II, "B" Artillery III and "A" Artillery Survey IV. Active as Lieuten- ant in 79th Bty., R.C.A. Mem- ber A.S.M.E. Student Branch II, Vice-Chairman III, Chair- man IV. William James Burgess CAXAD Port Credit, Ont. Mining. Entered Varsity from Lakefield and U.T.S. Mined in Sudbury and Kirkland Lake. Member of the Toronto Flying Club. and a pilot -extraordin- ary. Played School Rugby I-IV. 'IQXX fray" Applied Science and Engmeermg Carson Bushell Norwich, Ont. Metallurgical. C.O.T.C. I, II. UA" Cert. II. Member M. and M. Club and Hart House Camera Club. Student Asso- ciate A.I.M.E. and C.I.M.M. Spent summers at Inco and Falconbridge smelters. Lived in Knox College III. Andrew Claude Campbell Perth, Ont. Chemical. Came to Varsity from Carleton Place H.S. Uni- versity interests: life saving, tennis. Summer sports, fish- ing out would-be mermaids as a lifc guard. Future aspira- tions: to marry money-or get on relief. C. Glen S. Campbell Toronto, Ont. Left Oakwood for the grim halls of old school, settling down in the Communications Option of Engineering Physics. Played hockey and badminton and perpetrated what is known as Toilce Oike, as Editor. Wishes to read all the texts on mathematics. Douglas Buist Campbell Wallaceburg, Ont. Mining. Came to S.P.S. from Wallaceburg -C.I. Has studied Mining with S.P.S., Teck- Hughes, Lake Shore, and ,Del- inite. Raymond L. Cavanagh CAXAJ Toronto, Ont. Metallurgy. Spent two years at University of Manitoba in Science. Received Isbister Scholarship II. Played in Var- sity Band I-III, S.P.S. Hockey I-III, Fencing I, Intermediate Team II, Jiu-Jitsu I-IV, re- ceiving brown belt. Interested in music, tennis, swimming and quail-shooting. Shovelled at Trail, B.C., also at Falcon- bridge, Ont. C. E. Chesher Petrolia, Ont. Mining Geology. Alexander B. Chisholm CEXJ Oakville, Ont. Mining. Entered Varsity from Oakville High and Upper Can- ada College. Played Football for School III. Plans a bright future in the mining industry. John Christo North Cobalt, Ont. Mining. Hard rock miner from North Cobalt, via S.P., Hailey- bury High School. Played School Rugby and Baseball. Clyde Hayes Clark Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Matriculated from Oakwood C.I. Worker in H.E. P.C. Chemical Laboratory dur- ing the last two summers. In- terested in art, literature, mu- sic, hot jazz, femmes, sports, aeronautical engineering, and sleep. Intends to keep on be- ing interested in jazz, sleep, etc. Jack Courtney Clark Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Attended Lakefield Preparatory School, 1924-30. Matriculated to Varsity from Malvern C.I. On S.P.S. Gym Team I, II. Likes squash, ten- nis, -gymnastics and swimming. Employed during two summers with the Paint and Varnish Division of C.I.L. John D. Clarkson CBOIIJ Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Came to Varsity from Upper Canada College. Has travelled in Europe and is a student member of the American Society of Mechan- ical Engineers. Donald Robert Closson Stoufliville, Ont. Mechanical. Attended Mark- ham H.S., is a student member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and Re- presentative of the Mechanical Club IV. 51191 Applied Science 51:19 ' I l and Engineering Frederick George Cooke Beamsville, Ont. Mining. From Beamsville High. Memb-er of Hart House Camera Club. A graduate of Frood Mines, who hopes to develop into a safety engineer. Man- ager Football Team IV. Grant Ashton Cooper CZIPJ Toronto, Ont. Electrical. Four years of school have zipped right by, And now I'll have time to study the sky. Astronomy is the stuii for me, And not this thing Astrology. Canoeing in the summer time, Hitch-hiking in the fall, But skiing in the winter time I like the best of all. W. K. Cowan Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Burton Arthur Coy Toronto, Ont. Electrical CCommunications Optionj. Matriculated from Riverdale Collegiate. Played Interfaculty Water Polo I, II. Summers spent with C.G.E. and Ontario Forestry Branch. Interests: radio and swimming. Donald Stephen Craig Toronto, Ont. Metallurgy. Graduated from Riverdale C.I. Spent summers slugging it at International Nickel Co. and Noranda Smel- ters. Future: Preparing for an Old Age Pension. Inter- ested in skating, badminton, basketball, tennis, golf, base- ball, touch rugby. Clubs: of M.H.C., A.I.M.E., M and M Club. G. R. M. Currie Toronto, Ont. Electrical. Lizoj George B. Dewart Toronto, Ont. Mining. Born in Niagara Falls, Ont. Went to Jarvis C.I. On Year Executive I and Secre- tary of Engineering Society II. Charles David Dick CBOIIJ Welland, Ont. Civil. Played Junior Volley- ballg managed the Senior Team IV. Ended an otherwise quiet student career as Year Presi- dent IV. The only member of Party 3 able to grow a mous- tache. Plans to be a hermit. So long. Howard Douglas Dick Weston, Ont. Mechanical. A mechanical be- cause he likes it. Hails from Weston C.I. Member A.S.M.E., Representative II, Meetings and Papers IV, member of Mechanical Club and Rifle Club. Studied "the other side" during summers at Moifats Ranges, Falconbridge Nickel Mines, and Algoma Steel Corp. Thinks experience good stuff. Paul Bernard Dilworth Toronto, Ont. CCIJKIIJ Mechanical. Came to Varsity from Appleby School, Oakville, to be President of QKII. Has obtained a good perspective of Toronto from a Toronto Fly- ing Club airplane. William James Hamilton Disher Toronto, Ont. QATAJ M i n in g . Matriculated from Humberside and Runnymede Collegiates. Spent summers mining. Played Intercollegiate Hockey, School Hockey and School Rugby. Year Executive in I, II, Third Year Represent- ative in M. and Club, and President of ATA IV. F. Victor G. Drowley Toronto, Ont. Chemical. 2. .gif 'XX 1 I t, George H. Elms Whitby, Ont. Mechanical. Matriculated from Whitby and North Toronto High Schools. Attended Coro- nation as C.O.T.C. Representa- tive. A student member of the A.S.M.E., and interested in the R.C.A.F. John Herbert Fee Toronto, Ont. Engineering Physics CCom- munications Optionb. Matric- ulated from U.T.S. Represent- ative of the Engineering Phy- sics Club IV, a member of the Toike Oike staff, and plays at badminton when the pressure is greatest. Thomas Edward Flinn Toronto, Ont. Came to school from Harbord C.I. Among other accomplish- ments has learned to swear like a schoolman. Henceforth will swear by schoolmen. In- tends to take a little rest, then back to work again. John Franklin Ford Milton, Ont. Came to school after an illus- trious career at Milton High School. Easily one of the rootin' tootin'est guys that ever graced S.P.S. with his 'pres- ence. Was Civil Club Repre- sentative II and III. Managed and played on Hockey, Rugby and Baseball Teams. Was very popular as the Athletic Presi- dent IV. Robert Henry Galway Toronto, Ont. Mining. Came to Varsity through Jarvis C.I. Played In- terfaculty Rugby I-III, Hockey II-IV, Baseball III, IV, La- crosse IV, Intermediate Hockey I, Rugby II-IV. Secretary- T'reasurer Athletic Association III. Frank Gerry Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Found out that Western Technical is a good training ground for Engineer- ing. Played School Baseball II-IV, and Volleyball IV. 51211 Applied Science and Engmeermg John Henricks Gilbreath Toronto, Ont. Electrical. Interested in ama- teur radio and the Army. Spent summers attached to R.C.C.S. Albert Ernest Glazer CII ACDJ Toronto, Ont. Electrical. A product of Park- dale and Vaughan Road Col- legiates. On The Varsity Staff I. Stage Manager of "School Nite" III, IV. Has hopes of be- coming one of the leading sound engineers in some major studio in Hollywood. John William Graeb Preston, Ontz Chemical. Graduated from Galt C.I. Member of School B.W.F. Team I. Worked dur- ing summersg two years with Imperial Oil in Sarnia, one year with Canada Sandpapers in Plattsville. Found sand- paper interesting and intends to delve deeper into the art of making things smooth. Wilbur Edward Grasham Toronto, Ont. Engineering Physics. Tired of Danforth Tech., so entered Engineering Physics and ended up in X-Rays and Spectros- copy alone. Specialized in do- ing problems for the rest of the Department. Firmly be- lieves that the future of avia- tion lies in the hot-air balloon. Robert James Grasley Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Interested in wres- tling and basketball. Member of Toronto Ski Club. Matricu- lated from Vaughan Road C.I. Would like to work in North- ern Ontario, where there is lots of snow for skiing. James W. Greason Sarnia, Ont. Mechanical. Matriculated from Sarnia -C.I. Lived with the lads at South House, Burwash Hall. Was member of U. of T. Band, C. O. T. C., Mechanical Club, and Student Branch A.S.M.E. Spent two summers with Henry Ford's men in Windsor, and learned that steam pipes are hot. Chemical. A native of Wood- tfxr Applied Science and Engineering Hugh Raymond Green Woodstock, Ont. I I Chippawa, Ont. ' William Hogg stock, Ont., who came to Var- sity for knowledge, etc. Lived in U.C. Men's Residence for two years to make friends and acquire culture! Always an active member of the Indus- trial Chemical Club, hence be- came Representative III, and Chairman IV. Scott Grieve Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Born in Montreal, Que. Lived part of each year in U.S.A. and liked it. Grad- uated from University of Tor- onto Schools. Likes tennis, shooting, skiing and sailing. His hobbies are photography and literature. Future plans are engineering. John A. Grosskurth Weston, Ont. Mining. Born in Orangeville, Ont., and matriculated from Weston H.S. Summers spent in mining. Sports: golf, rug- by, soccer and baseball. James John Haffey Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Matriculated from St. lVIichael's, Toronto. Inter- ested in sports, especially ski- ing, tennis, swimming and run- ning. Other interests are model airplanes, radio building and canoe trips. Intends to see the world to acquire further edu- cation. John R. Hall Sarnia, Ont. Chemical. Came to Varsity from Sarnia Collegiate Insti- tute. Stayed at South House, Burwash Hall. Played a clar- inet in the Varsity Band. Worked for an oil company during the summer months. Hopes to get to the top in in- dustrial lines. Russel Leadlay Henderson Toronto, Ont. ' Mining. From North Toronto C.I. Has spent the summers at mining, and looks forward to carrying on the 'good work. 51221 Civil. From Trinity House. Spent his summers with cal- culus and aiding Hydro. En- joyed three years, service with the Civil Executive, and four years with the Intercollegiate Track and Harrier Clubs. Now a bronze "T" holder. "But you, my fri-end, good-bye." Alexander Herbert Holden Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Came from Bloor C.I. Played on Senior S.P.S. Rugby Team and S.P.S. III Lacrosse Team IV. C. Robert G. Holmes Morrisburg, Ont. Chemical. Came from T.C.S. and Morrisburg C.I., becoming both a Trinity Man and a School Man. Likes include milk and Stan. St. John. Fu- ture: An uberaus zahlreichen Stellen der Erdoberflache. Adam D. Hood Unionville, Ont. Electrical. Markham C.I. pre- pared him for Varsity. Inter- faculty Boxing II, Intercolle- giat-e Boxing III, IV and S.P.S. Lacrosse IV. Built Canada during his spare summers. Jack Charles Horsman Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Came to S.P.S. the hard way, via Night School. Played squash, snooker, ping- pong, carefully shunning the tough games. Worked in a control Lab. each summer. Hopes to catch on there per- manently. Still unable to ac- commodate the 40 but making progress in that direction. Martin William Howe Port Dalhousie, Ont. "Buck" blew over from Pt. Dalhousie and anchored at Newman Club. Played Base- ball for Senior School and was Civil Club Representative IV. Spent his summers surveying and his winters studying. High- way Engineering speed unit of Party 3. 1 V Eric Harvey Hymmen Kitchener, Ont. Architecture. Direct from Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate. Too stunted for Varsity Foot- ball. Resided in North House. Squeezed through with Scho- larships, O.A.A. II, R.A.I.C. CBronzeJ III, Toronto Brick IV. Worked straight up to Chairman in Architectural Club. After directing revue intends to assist Mr. C. B. De- Mille. William Hayes Jackson Toronto, Ont. Engineering Physics. Came to Varsity from Upper Canada College, having acquired the honour standing required in Engineering Physics. Took the hydromechanics option in third and fourth years. Intensely in- terested in aviation and is a licensed aeroplane pilot. George A. J. Joel Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Matriculated from Western Technical School. In School Nite Revue III and IV. Indulges in sports not for skill but for exercise and laughs. Hobbies: radio and dramatics. Ambition: to do something startling in organic chemistry and to learn to rhumba. F. Lloyd Johnson Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Matriculated from North Toronto C.I. Member School Basketball Teams I-IV. Real "jitterbug" and likes his music hot. Dislikes sopranos and oysters. Favourite expres- sion: "Let's get a coke." George Sutherland Kabelin Welland, Ont. Metallurgical. Came to S.P.S. from Welland High and Voca- tional School. Spent summers at Inco Smelter and Port Col- borne Refinery. Enjoys golf, hockey, bowling, swimming and tennis. Member C.O.T.C. II, M and M Club and A.I.M.E. Secretary M.H.C. Future plans-? Thomas C. Keefer CAKEJ Montreal, P.Q. Mining. Born in Ottawa and went to Westmount H.S. Grad- uated from R.M.C. and came to Varsity on a Teck-Hughes Scholarship. Sports: rugby, squash, boxing and skiing. Applied Science and Engmeermg Donald Bradfield Kilgour Clifton, Bristol, England OIUYJ Electrical. Thinks biography writing should be left to Arts men. Arthur Hamilton Kingsmill Toronto, Ont. CKAJ Mining. Born in Calgary, Al- berta. Came to London and attended Ridley College. Played J unior Varsity Rugby and was Year President I, Treasurer Engineering Society III, Presi- dent of Kappa Alpha Society IV. Intends to follow sales engineering. VVi'lliam Charles Krane Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Graduated from De La Salle "Oaklands", gold medallist in Sciences. Sporting activities at Varsity: squash, handball, etc. Member of In- dustrial Chemical Club and proud to be in School. William Laari Toronto, Ont. Civil. Bill was another of the Civil's athletes, having rated as a swimmer of note for S.P.S. and Water Polo for Varsity Teams. Was our Athletic Asso- ciation's first Advertising Man- ager and was Secretary of U. of T. Swimming Club IV. Struggled with a transit in summer months. Plans to have a future Che hopesbl Samuel D. Levine Winnipeg, Man. Chemical. Matriculated from St. Catharines Collegiate. Member of Avukah Society Executive III, IV, also member of Rifle Association IV. Stu- dent member Engineering In- stitute of Canada. Hopes to make Canada safe for the soya bean. James Armstrong Lundy Toronto, Ont. Engineering Physics. Gradu- ated from U.T.S. Designs air- planes and hopes some day to see a real one. Aces at cigar- selling and badminton, and perpetrated Sportoike. Object in life: a goood long vacation. 51231 Applied Science and Engineering Scott Lynn CBOIIJ Toronto, Ont. Mining. Born in Rochester, N.Y., and went to Upper Can- ada College. President of BOII III. Spent summers at mining and milling of gold and plans to carry on the same work. Alexander Arthur McArthur Toronto, Ont. QAAKIDD Electrical. From U.T.S. to be an Engineer in four short years. Principal interests: School activities. Class President III. First Vice-President Engineer- ing Society IV. Summer work and play in Hamilton. Likes tennis, hockey, sailing, radio, and "The Little Red School- House". James E. A. MacDonald Moose Jaw, Sask CAXAJ Chemical. Matriculated from Moose Jaw Central Collegiate Institute. Played Junior Var- sity Rugby I and II, and Senior Varsity Rugby III, IV. Is a First "Tn holder. Intends working with Texaco and see- ing the world. William Frost McDonald Tillsonburg. Chemical. Graduated from Tillsonburg High School and migrated to Varsity. Very in- terested in sports, and holds the undisputed slide - rule championship of the country. Spends his summers managing a drug store and studying the wild life around Tillsonburg. Ambition-to keep his spec- tacles in good trim. A. Donald MacEwan Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Graduated from Oakwood C.I. Member of Riile Association I. Award of Merit in Life-saving I and II. In- terested in engineering with respect to wild-life conserva- tion. John Llewellyn McFarland Toronto, Ont. CAAQJD Architecture. Came to Varsity from Upper Canada College. Played Varsity Junior Hockey I and II, Hart House Art Com- mittee IV and V. Intends to begin his studies after gradua- tion. John B. MacKay Hamilton, Ont. Chemical. Came to Varsity from Hamilton Central C.I. While obtaining knowledge, etc., managed to find time for photography CCamera Club III and IV J, skiing, and frequent trips to Hamilton. Spent three summers obtaining money, and some experience, from the Steel Co. of Canada, Hamilton. R. Stewart I. McLaren St. Catharines, Ont. Chemical. MacKenzie McMurray . Toronto, Ont. Metallurgy. Matriculated from H a rb o r d Collegiate Institute. Member of the C.O.T.C. I and II, obtaining "A" Engineers Certificate. Served on Hart House Camera Committee II, IV, and generally active on the House aEairs. Member of M. and M. Club and the A.I.M.E. Malcolm Robert MacPherson Toronto, Ont. CATH Mining. Entered Mining after one year in Arts at U.C. Play- ed on Varsity III, Varsity II, Rugby Teams I, II. Member M. and M. Club IVg Trans- actions IV. Gregory T. Maher CKPTJ North Bay, Ont. Mechanical. Entered Chemical from North Bay C.I., trans- ferred in First year. Knox Col- lege I and II, C.O.T.C. I-IV, Lieutenant "C" Co. Member Student A.S.M.E. Summers varied - surveying, construc- tion, mechanical work, mostly in Northern Ontario. Future plans are uncertain. Kenneth W. Malcolmson Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Humbled by recep- tion at S.P.S. after graduating from Humberside C.I. Spare time spent at laboratory re- ports, squash, sketching, and laboratory reports. Vice-Presi- dent IV. Summers spent bell- hopping at Bigwin Inn. V Applied Science and Engmeermg Donald M. Manson Hamilton, Ont. Electrical. Left Westdale C.I., Hamilton, to work with the Electricals of S.P.S. and to re- side with the Anglicans of Trinity House. Despite weekly desertions to the "Ambitious City" and summers spent on the tennis courts, "D.M.M." managed to crowd a lot of work into his four-year stay at School. W. G. Park Merrifield Niagara Falls, Ont. Chemical. Graduated from Niagara Falls C.V.I. U.C. Resi- dent I-IV. Varsity Band I-IV. Spent sulnmers playing in dance band and played in a campus orchestra while at Varsity. Kept broke by a Ford V-8 named "Sadie" IV. Francesco Paolo Meschino Toronto, Ont. Architecture. After five long years of labour and sweat, In bluffing professors he be- came an adept, A yo-yo champ in the year thirty-five, First medal in trucking, big apple and jive. John J. Miller Hamilton, Ont. Chemical. Came to Varsity on a Carter Scholarship from Delta C.I. Employed thre-e summers at the Steel Co. of Canada and hopes for a per- manent job there after gradua- tion. Thinks Women are swell, and makes weekly Hamilton jaunts for the obvious reason. Donald H. Mode Scarborough Junction, Ont. Mining. Graduated from Scar- borough Collegiate. Took up mining because there wasn't any langua-ges in it. Intends to follow mining and see the world. Douglas Sargent Montgomery Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Came to School from Harbord C.I. to find out how things were put together. At the time he thought, after four years , he would have learned, but now finds he has just begun. His hobbies are grinding lenses, travelling and making radios. 51251 Alfred Duncan Moore Toronto, Ont. Mining. Came to Varsity from University Schools. Played Soccer I-IV. Member Hart House Camera Club IV. Would like to travel. Walter A. Moore Chapleau, Ont. Metallurgy. Spent summers at highway construction, 1934, fire ranging and fighting forest fires, I and Inco. III. Enjoys skiing, skating, swimming, hunting, fishing, tennis and dancing. James Bernard Moriarty Toronto, Ont. CAXAD Chemical. Born in Montreal but came to Varsity via St. Michael's College and Hum- berside Collegiate. Became Interfaculty Boxing Champion I, but since then restricted his fighting to baseball, hockey, lacrosse, football and Indus- trial Chemical Club meetings. Likes half-holidays and in- tends to sell for C.I.L. William Crawford Moull Cobourg, Ont. Electrical. Having seen life for a year after leaving the Owen Sound Collegiate, Bill decided to join the Electricals at School. Between summers spent in the Kawarthas, catch- ing up on sleep Cand the odd Hshj, he has managed to hook a few scholarships as well. He still has hopes of living long enough to hear his name pro- nounced correctly. C. E. P. Mudie Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Ralph MacKerchar Munro Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Graduated from Malvern C.I. Member of In- dustrial Chemical Club. Spent two summers Uslinging hash" on a lake passenger boat. Spent another summer helping Henry Ford turn out better cars. Applzed Sczence and Engineering Stuart Murray Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Late of Mimico H.S. Member of School Lacrosse and Basketball Teams and Varsity Lacrosse Team. Fourth Year Representative to the Athletic Association. Likes blondes, two-hour lunches and Sadie Hawkin's Week. Favour- ite expression-"Who's coming out for a dragf, Charles W. Ness CCIDFAJ Toronto, Ont. Metallurgy. Came to Metal- lurgical Engineering from Northern Vocational. Spent summers '35 and '36 at golf, '37 at Inco Smelter and '38 at On- tario Refinery, Copper Cliff. Enjoys golf, skiing, basketball and touch rugby. Member M. 8: M. Club, Ski Club, Vice- President M.H.C. John Victor Newton Toronto, Ont. Metallurgy. Came to S.P.S. from Humberside C.I. Has been clerk, labourer, and an- alyst during summers. Enjoys good books, good food and friendly discussion at lunch hour with the Metallurgist's Lunch Club. Warren James Nichols Lakeheld, Ont. Mining. Junior in years, senior in ability. Worked at Lake Shore for three summers. John Alexander Norman Teeswater, Ont. El e c t r i c al. Thermodynamics Option. Graduated from Wing- ham High School. Outside in- terests: general. Robert John Orok Toronto, Ont. Electrical. Collegiates: Barrie and Jarvis. Likes sleeping, sailing, and the north country. Dislikes male Art students, electro-chemistry and biogra- phies. Played Water Polo II, III, IV. Hopes to retire young -to South Sea Islands. L1261 Q Y? John Lewis Orr Weston, Ont. Engineering Physics tAero- nautics Optionj. After four long years hopes to stagger out of S.P.S. an engineer. Came from U.T.S. and Weston High, serving as Chairman of Engi- neering Physics Club on Hart House Library Cormnittee. Perpetrated Toike Oike as As- sistant Editor. Won Engineer- ing Society Award. Joseph John Parchelo St. Catharines, Ont. Chemical. Matriculated from St. Catharines Collegiate In- stitute and Vocational School. Harold de Vere Partridge Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Came to Varsity from Humberside C.I. and al- most took an Arts Course. President Debates Club IV. Engineering Society Executive Committee IV. Athletics, aque- ous. Future plans, vague. George Thomas Perry Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Came to Varsity from Central Technical School in 1932. After two years tried working for a living. All work and no living, so returned in 1937. Class Vice-President III. Athletics - fencing, swimming, volleyball and tennis. Outside interests-music, art, and people. Student member E.I.C. Charles Robitaille Phillips St. Catharines, Ont. Mechanical. Educated by the philanthropy of the late Dr. Edward Haynes Woodruff of St. Catharines and by his own personal efforts, both at School and during the summer as an apprentice machinist. Lived at East House U. of T. Residence. Hopes to air - condition the North American Continent in general and would like to air- condition a few of the Univer- sity buildings in particular. Frederick W. Philpot Toronto, Ont. Graduated from Malvern C.I. Has been trying to find out what the score is for the past four years and has yet to suc- ceed. Played Baseball I, III and IV, pinch - hitting for pinch-hitters. QL f Applied Science and Engmeermg William P. Pigott CATJ Hamilton, Ont. Civil. Received B.A. from U.C. in 1935. Played in Varsity Band for two years. Played Senior Teams I-IV, Interfaculty Ten- nis Singles for four years, In- tercollegiate Singles IV. Noth- ing else that could possibly in- terest anyone. . George C. Powell CKAD St. Catharines, Ont. Civil. George, brought up at Ridley, came to Varsity to be a Civil Engineer and took an active interest in athletics as a member of Varsity Junior and Intermediate Rugby and Senior Soccer and "School" Soccer Teams. Wasted his summers on construction and playing cricket. Is a firm be- liever in the old adage, "Go West, Young Man." William Howard Powell Toronto, Ont. Civil. Babe was a member of that Party 3 and one of the Civils' prominent athletes. Was a gymnastic champ for years, being on S.P.S. and U. of T. teams since coming to School. Was Civil Club's Vice-Chair- man III. School Dinner Vice- Chairman IV. Plans to sail around world or at least across Toronto Bay. Charles Edward Pratt CEIPJ Vancouver, B.C. Architecture. R. A. I. C. Gold Medalist IV. Activities: 1932- Olympic Double Sculls. 1933- Vancouver Eight-Oared Crew. 1934-Coach Varsity Crew. 1935 -Assistant Coach Varsity Second Crew. 1936-Measles. 1937 -Trench Mouth. 1938- Married. 1939-Died. 1940- Buried. William A. Pringle Toronto, Ont. Mining. Came to Varsity from Central Technical and Harbord Collegiates. Worked at Mc- Intyre and Noranda. Played School Hockey I-IV. Peter Francis Pullen Alexo, Alta. Mining. Born in Oakville, Ont., and went to Shawinigan Lake School, B.C. Worked in Sud- bury, Kirkland Lake and Yel- lowknife, N.W.T. Played Eng- lish Rugby III and was a member of U. of T. Rifle As- sociation and Hart House Camera Club. l1271 Lloyd A. Quick Kingsville, Ont. Chemical. Graduated from Kingsville High School. Ex- isted at South House, Burwash Hall, for four years. Tried to sell groceries in the summers. Member Hart House Camera Club IV. Hopes to become a good engineer. William Woodside Rapsey Toronto, Ont. Electrical. Four years hard labour. Chairman of the Elec- trical Club IV. Interfaculty Basketball I-IV. Hopes to steer clear of any of his sum- mer jobs. Frederick Cyril Read Timmins, Ont. Chemical. S.P.S. Debates Club Executive II-IV. Board of Edi- tors of Transactions IV. Stu- dent Member of the E.I.C. G. A. Richards Toronto, Ont. Electrical. George William Ridpath Toronto, Ont. CKDKEJ Chemical. Arrived at Varsity after spending a year at Etobi- coke High School and four years at Trinity College School. Spent the summers laying asphalt flooring, feeding cars and manufacturing fertilizers. Interested in squash, tennis, golf and getting a job. Mem- ber of Industrial Chemical Club. William George Robbins Toronto, Ont. Electrical. After matriculating from Oakwood C.I. came to S.P.S., joining the class of 3T9 in Electrical Engineering. Worked for the H.E.P.C. dur- ing the summer of 1938. Hopes to -go back with the Hydro. Applied Science and Engineering Ernest Edwin Robertson OPTJ Milton, Ont. Civil. Having heard of the high grading of the U. of T. Went to St. Andrewls College, R.M.C., and the College of Aeronautical Engineering, London, Eng., to make sure his application would be accepted. Interests: R.C.A.F. CN.P.A.M.D, Toronto. U. of T. Flying Club, Secretary-Treasurer III, Presi- dent IV. Harold Maxwell Robinson Moonstone, Ont. I Electrical. Arrived here by Way of Orillia C.I. Was lucky for four years Cwe thinkj. Member of Lacrosse, Hockey and Baseball Teams I-IV, and Athletic Committee III. John Henry Rogers CLDTAJ St. Catharines, Ont. Civil. Enjoyed a good night's sleep in East House I and II. In company with C. D. Dick, founded Party 3, and still found time for Civil Club I and II, Treasurer of Engi- neering Society III and retire- ment for study IV. Motto: "It's a breeze". Intends to take the municipal field by storm. Herbert Gordon Ronson Walkerville, Ont. CAKEJ Mechanical. Came to S.P.S. from Walkerville C.I. On Hart House Committee III, IV, S.P.S. Basketball II, IV. Mem- ber of A.S.M.E. and Mechani- cal Club. Helped Henry Ford develop Ford cars. Frank Alan Patrick Rosar Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Graduated from Malvern C.I., obtaining Hon- ours II and III. Member of the Engineering Society and the Industrial Chemical Club I- IV. Intends to enter Canada Carbon and Ribbon Company Ltd., Toronto, after graduation. John Harold Ross Dundas, Ont. Electrical. Matriculated from Dundas High School. I Joe Hope Ross Calgary, Alta. . Electrical. Came to Varsity from R.M.C. Likes week-ends in Montreal and hopes to work there. Gordon Rowlandson Toronto, Ontario. Chemical. Came to Varsity from Runnymede Collegiate Institute, where he obtained a Scholarship in Upper School Physics and Chemistry. Found time between studies to play Intermediate Lacrosse IV. In- terested in aviation and rugby. Hopes to obtain pilot's license and own plane within a few years. Russell A. Rule Toronto, Ont. Civil. "One roundu Rule. Never missed a School function. Member of School Lacrosse Team I-IV. Civil Club Chair- man, and U. of T. Lacrosse Club President IV. Business Man- ager Transactions I-IV. School Nite Revue II-IV. Has good reason for liking the North. Insists that CQHSOH from P.E.I. is peachy. William Melville Sanson CZWJ Toronto, Ont. Mining Geology. Came to Varsity from Upper Canada College. Arthur Benjamin Scott CEXJ Welland, Ont. Architecture. Abandoned on School door step by the Wel- land High School Board, he has plodded steadily on to leave behind a brilliant aca- demic record. Beloved dearly by the staff, has been threat- ened expulsion only five times. Gave up football for the com- panion art of' wrestling to become B.W. 8: F. Club Pres- dent V, H. M. Scott QKDKEJ Port Elgin, Ont. Chemical. Matriculated from Port Elgin High School. Worked two summers with City Dairy Co. in Toronto. Played inter- city badminton two years. Interested in golf, bridge, music. Hopes to work in the sales or advertising de- partment of a large chemical company. Paul Douglas Scott Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Matriculated from Humberside Collegiate Insti- 111119. William Alexander Scott Toronto, Ont. COAXJ Chemical. Came to S.P.S. after a stop-over in the financial world from Humberside C.I. Summer employment has been extremely varied-from a B.C. lumber camp to banking. A loyal member of OAX since his freshman year. Athletic ability not noteworthy but in- tensely interested in skiing and tennis. Sidney Knowlson Sheldon Toronto, Ont. OPTJ Chemical. A native of Galt, Ontario, and a graduate of University Schools. On Inter- faculty Gymnasium Squad II, awarded War Memorial Scholarship III. Hopes to see the world through an f2.9 lens, but will probably stagnate in a research laboratory. John Lennox Smart Toronto, Ont. Chemical. A Torontonian and matriculated from Upper Can- ada College. On S.P.S. Hockey Teams I-IV. Finds that tennis and sailing help to make a stunmer job worth while. In- tends to prove to the business world the value of his services. Arthur Dale Smith Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Came to Varsity from Whitby High School. In- stalling stokers allowed him to appreciate tennis. John Glasby Smith Toronto, Ont. Metallurgy. Came from North Toronto Collegiate. Interested in amateur radio and tennis. Summer occupations have been spent in prospecting, with In- ternational Nickel at Copper Cliff and at their Port Col- borne refinery. Applied Science and Engmeermg John Hogarth Smith Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Matriculated from Humberside C.I. Was a mem- ber A.S.M.E. John Joseph Foster Smith Toronto, Ont. Mining. Came to Varsity from Parkdale Collegiate. Worked in Quebec, Sudbury and Little Long Lac. University Rowing Club Executive III and IV, Vice-President III. M. D. Stewart Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Douglas Duncan Stiles Ottawa, Ont. Civil. Has ambitions to be a structural designer. Just a "simple" lad at school, no com- mittees, no nothing. Worked summers for the Ottawa Elec- tric Co. as a lineman, and dur- ing t.he winters lived in Knox College. Jacob Sugarman Toronto, Ont. Architecture. Came to Varsity from London, resigning Tecton Partnership with Lubetkin. Concrete Technician, Einstein Observatory, Erich Mendels- sohn Arch. Collaborator. Lec- tured on International Design at Gropius' Bauhaus, Dessau, two years. Head draftsman for Le Corbusier, Paris, six years. John Joseph Sullivan Toronto, Ont. Mining. Born in Toronto. Sum- mers spent mining at Noranda, Frood and Creighton. f129j Applied Sczence and Engineering Kenneth Denton Taylor Cobourg, Ont. Electrical. "Dent" is the hard- working, genial redhead from Cobourg who accomplished the rare feat of graduating from an Electrical Engineering course and from Trinity House at the same time. He likes tennis. and more especially tennis at St. Hilda's. His am- bition is to become a hydro engineer. William James Taylor Toronto, Ont. Mining. Entered Varsity from Riverdale C.I. Intent on be- coming a mine manager. James Irving Thompson Lynden, Ont. Civil. Better known as "Bing". BT9 Civils' only honour stu- dent. The "brain" also active in School Athletics, Soccer, Baseball and Hockey. Also claims to be a crack shot with the U. of T. Rifle Club, where he was Treasurer for three years, Team Captain IV. Hopes to be a success and see the Canadian West. Ralph B. Thompson Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Graduate of Upper Canada College. His friends, workshop, aquarium and vaca- tions on Georgian Bay, occu- pied his leisure. Plans post- graduate work at Toronto. Then Europe for a time. Lawrence Frederick Train Orillia, Ont. Metallurgy. Varsity Band I. C.O.T.C. Q"A" Cert.J II. Vice- Chairman M. and M. Club IV. Last summer was at On- tario Refinery, Copper Cliff. Enjoys week-ends here and there and lunch with the "Me-tallurgists' Lunch Club". H. T. Turley Frankford, Ont. Mechanical. Came to Toronto 'via Trenton H.S. and Belleville C.I. Excels at nothing in par- ticular, but willing to try any- thing. Played volleyball and hockey and won an "S" at baseball. Hopes to continue working with H.E.P.C. and dam every stream in America. 51301 :7 Vincent William Usatis CEXD Toronto, Ont. Mining. "Beel" has at times played Football, Water Polo, Basketball and boxed. Editor of School Year Book. Stock market sage and debator de luxe. Destination and future- only the devil and the "Irish" can tell. Chesley H. Vatcher OPTJ St. John's, Nfld. Electrical. From Prince of Wales H. S. and Memorial University, St. John's, New- foundland. S.P.S. Soccer Team IV. Secretary-Treasurer of Fourth Year. William W. Veal New Rochelle, N.Y. Metallurgy. Played Water Polo I-IV, Swimming Team I-IV. Member M. and M. Club, A.I. M.E., Toronto Ski Club and South House Executive, Bur- wash Hall. Spent summers as labourer at various mines and smelters. Enjoys skating, swimming, skiing, golf and life. Future plans-travel. Robert Charles Arthur Waddell Peterborough, Ont. CATJ Civil. Graduated from R.M.C., 1937. Holds commission in Non-permanent Active Air Force. Hopes to practice engi- neering in some form. Richard Tulloch Waddington Windsor, Ont. Chemical. Known as Dick. Enrolled in Chemical Engi- neering after graduating from Patterson C.I. Stayed in South House. On executive of Indus- trial Chemical Club in I, III, IV. Played in orchestra for School Nite Revue III, IV. Outside interest: modern music with stress on the modern. Lloyd Brian Walker Fort William, Ont. Mechanical. Tried Commerce and Finance but decided Engi- neering would be more fun. Member Mechanical Club I- IV, Secretary II, Vice-Chair- man III, and Chairman IV. Member A.S.M.E. Thinks rid- ing, skiing and swimming fine things, and that Toronto ought to be given back to the Indians. Q William Maxwell Walkinshaw Toronto, Ont. Civil. Schmaltz-a quiet bloke with a heart of gold C14kJ. Usually late for call-dates and nine o'clock lectures. Ran lines for three summers and has quite a line himself. Ambition --to run around the track four times without stopping. Kenneth R. Wallace Toronto, Ont. Mining. Matriculated from Malvern C.I. Spent summers at Siscoe, Wright-Hargreaves and Noranda. Intends to fol- low art of milling gold ore. Strong supporter of all mining and metallurgical activities. Alan Kingsley Walton Toronto, Ont. Metallurgical. From Humber- side C.I. to metallurgical Engi- neering, including bull labour and golf at Copper CliHg more bull labour and mountain climbing Cto and from workb at Trail, bull labour, etc., at Noranda. Inherent desire to do greater things. Edward Walter Watt Toronto, Ont. Mining. Came to Varsity from North Toronto Collegiate. Summers at Teck Hughes, Paymaste r, and Hollinger. S.P.S. rugby star. John McAteer Werry Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Born in Saskatoon, Sask. Lived in London and later in Toronto. Attended North Toronto Collegiate. Favourite sports are skiing and swimming. Future plans are indefinite. J. A. Wickett Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Came to Varsity from Malvern C.I.. On The Varsity staff I. Member Indus- trial Chemical Club I-IV. Member Champion Sedge- worth Trophy Debates Team III. Spent three vacations in oil refineries. Hopes to see the world and continue in an oil refinery. 11311 Applied Science and Engmeerzng Harry Parks Wilson COAXJ Orillia, Ont. Mining. Born in Morse, Sask., and came to Varsity from Orillia C.I. Robert Thomas Wilson Toronto, Ont. Mining. Seminar Chairman IV. Intercolle iate Fencin II 8 S - IV. Secretary B.W. and F. Club IV. F. A. Wooldridge Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. William Mackey Young Dunnville, Ont. Chemical. Lived at Knox Col- lege while at Varsity. Mem- ber of Industrial Chemical Club I-IV. Chief sport, tennis. Interests: railways and people. Employed by Liquor Control Board of Ontario in summers. Hopes to travel. David Ziff Fort Erie, Ont. Metallurgy. Worked for In- ternational Nickel in summer of 1937 at Copper Cliff and 1938 at Port Colborne. Mem- ber of A.I.M.E. Institute. In- tends to travel and see the world Robert K. Dyer Toronto, Ont. Robert Dyer, a stu- dent in Mining Engi- neering, passed away on Monday, January 30th, after a lengthy illness. He took an active part in all re- ligious and slocial work, whose obliga- tions pressed upon his heart. Bob Dyer kept faithful always to his ideals, his tasks and his friends. ,AAA 1 X G -. ,P 3 -44, . , p 'V . -X 4 1 ' -fifj-'-fy?" .- 5 sf 3 it ,"".Oai3s 'Wi ' 1 AA, 5 1 9' gy,,f4 :. , fy, 3' at I 1' 4 'V , ' fy-'i,F'.:7' 'Y vs s n A" ,gf -'J in 4 41224 jf, Q4 ,vpn ? in D A 0 A xr ,ssh l 4, 'A '4 I" i L1321 'Wav X 5-an X 1 4' lenfififrg To the Graduating Class of the Faculty of Dentistry By Dean Arnold D. Mason, D.D.S. HIS class enters the practice of Dentistry at a most opportune time. The graduates of the few preceding years have not been too numerous, and I am sure that the future is going to be very bright for you indeed. I feel that your services will be in demand by a public which has an increasing appre- ciation of dentistry. The field of dental science has broadened in its scope and will ever keep you alert to new and improved treatment which is continuously developing. Your judgment will be tried to the ut- most of your ability, so that the patient may receive the best known treatment for the requirements of the case. You leave college halls grounded in the fundamentals of your calling and well equipped by training and experience to com- mence your professional career. The lives of leaders in our pro- fession who have passed on should always be a source of inspiration to you and you should ever be mind- ful of the heritage which has been built on their efforts and sacrifices. You are taking your place in community life at a time when conditions demand a greater com- munity spirit than ever before in the history of the world. It is not i possible to live to oneself. The hermit is far out of date. Seclusion is impossible. You must take an interest in your fellow-citizens, and even though retiring by nature, must take your place in organized dentistry. You must not strive for selfish gain, but to so act as to ennoble your pro- fession that it may receive the highest respect in your community. Jealousy, envy and hatred have no place in the lives of professional men. These qualities build up a disagreeable personality. Friendships do not thrive in such an unpleasant atmo-sphere. Meditate on the effect of your thoughts and actions on others and build a loyalty to your profession on solid foundations. May I congratulate you on having reached the milestone of graduation. It is an outstanding day in your life, marking a change in your activities and opening up a new outlook. Face your problems with courage and faith, and I am sure that your hopes will be fulfilled. You are now an alumnus -of the University of Toronto. May you always think of her with grateful thoughts and of your teachers on the Faculty with favour. The Faculty wish you all advancement and happiness in your life work. 51341 LQ .U .. lfl'.I'J 4 I IVV, Defntzstry Frank Philip Alford England Matriculated from Mount Rad- ford College. Qualified as L.D.S, R.C.S. CEng.J at Uni- versity College, London. Play- ed Interfaculty Soccer V and Intercollegiate English Rugger V. Paul Peter Andrachuk Toronto, Ont. Obtained his honours at De La Salle College and Harbord C.I. Coxswain Varsity Rowing Team I-III. Dentantics Repre- sentative III and V. Ralph Waldo Atkinson CEXIUIJD Buffalo, N.Y. From the University of Buffalo and Canisius College in Buf- falo. Played trombone in the University Band, also in the C.O.T.C. Fishing in Georgian Bay and lakes of central On- tario is the chief diversion. Setting up practice in Buffalo after a year at the Buffalo City Hospital. Douglas Joseph Badke Kitchener, Ont. Matriculated f r o m Kitchener- Waterloo Collegiate. Came into second year Dentistry from Western, and won James Branston Willmott Scholarship II and IV, and the Number Four Canadian General Hos- pital Scholarship III and IV. Spent his summers as chemical analyst with H. J. Heinz Co. Interested in amateur photo- graphy and beautiful women. Future plans include marriage and the practice of dentistry. Ferne Olive Beatty Stratford, Ont. Matriculated from S t r a t f o r d Collegiate Institute. Most popu- lar girl in the class by acclam- ation. Int ends t o return to Stratford and carry on the family tradition by practicing dentistry there. John Douglas Benson Australia Born in Sydney, Australia, and received his early education and B.D.S. Degree there. Is one of the "Foreign Legion", who makes his headquarters in South House. Intends to see a bit of Canada via an auto of doubtful vintage before re- turning to the sunny climate of Australia and more work. L1351 Samuel David Brigel Palestine Born in Sabakou, Poland. Ma- triculated from the Hebrew College in Jerusalem. Gradu- ated in dentistry in France. Plans to go back to Palestine when he obtains his D.D.S. Malcolm Maxwell Brodie Australia Born in Greenmount, Queens- land. Educated at Toowoomba Grammar School. Graduated Bachelor of Dentistry at Syn- ney University in 1923. In practice at Gosford, New South Wales, since 1924. Plays tennis and golf and surf. Returning to Australia via England, and will spend the rest of his life in at- tempting to convince his pa- tients that they should pay for the trip. Thank you, Toronto. Robert Earl Brown Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from H u m b e r - side C.I., and thence to Varsity. Played Interfaculty Lacrosse throughout his course. He is also an ardent squash player and pianist of note. Oscar Eugene Brunet UPQJ Cochrane, Ont. Born in Ottawa and matricu- lated from Ottawa University and Cochrane High School. Lived in North House. Mem- ber Dental Camera Club, New- man French Club. Was Inter- collegiate Wrestling Champion IV. Spent his summers Hre- ranging in Northern Ontario. John Whitney Bucher Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Humberside C.I. Outside activities are d a ncin g a nd playing poker. Spent his summers as a cloth- ing salesman for T. Eaton Co. Intends t 0 practice g e n e r al dentistry. Edward T. Carroll Corning, N.Y. Matriculated from Corning Free Academy, coming to St. Michael's on a paternal schol- arship, which has maintained him at Varsity for the past six years. Started into second year Dentistry after taking first year Arts. Intends to practice den- tistry in N .Y. State and to give the natives a type of high- class Canadian dental service. Official capacity at the Dental College was that of Business Manager of Hya Yalca. 45 'WPI E113 .. v Y . 1 ,23 Ettg. Dentzstfry John Melville Clarke Belleville, Ont. Attended Belleville C.I. Mem- ber of the C.O.T.C. I and II, receiving "A" and "B" Infan- try Certiiicates. Was Vice- President of the Dental Camera Club IV, Secretary V, Treas- urer of the Students' Parlia- ment IV. David Leslie Coppel CAQJ Galt, Ont. Matriculated from Galt C.I. Played Interfaculty Rugby I and II, and Volleyball III, V. Was Vice-President V. Spent his summers at anything from clerking in a summer hotel to doing highway construction work. Plans for the future are indefinite. Murray Cornish CAQJ Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Jarvis C.I. During summer vacations tried everything from barking at a carnival to waiting on tables. Played Water Polo I-Vg Row- ing I-III. Ehno Joseph Corsini Hamilton, Ont. Matriculated f r o m Cathedral High School. Member Varsity Band I-III. Spent his summers tooting his horn in an orches- tra. His ambition is to get mar- ried, raise a few dentists, re- tire at fifty and see the world. Paul A. Cote, B.A. Ottawa, Ont. Arts Course at O t ta w a Uni- versity. Entered "Ad eundem" in second year Dents, after three years Meds. Speaks French, Italian and E n gl is h . Intends specializing in c hil- dren's dentistry. George Raymond Dent Australia Graduated in 1918. Joined Aus- tralian Dents' Corps till Ar- mistice. Hobbies are photo- graphy and discussions with other dentists about the possi- bilities of anatomical articu- lators. 11361 ,55- J. Douglas Hilliker Fleming Waterford, Ont. CEWIHIJJ Born a "sod-buster" near Woodstock, Ont. Matriculated from Waterford High S c h o ol before coming to Varsity. Spent his summers with a to- bacco survey party. Expects to enter into private practice on graduation. Charles Denys Garnsey Australia One of the "Foreign Legion" from "down-under". Received his early education in Sydney, Australia. Played Intercollegi- ate English Rugger V. Intends to see a good deal of the world during his absence from his work. John Malcolm Garrett CEIPCIJD Sarnia, Ont. Came to Varsity from Sarnia C.I. Was Class President II, Chief Varsity Reporter for D-ents IV, and President of At- Home V. Played Football on Mulock Cup Champions I, and Finalists II. A member of the Varsity Band for five years and Band President III. Joseph Alan Greenfield CKIDAOJ Winnipeg, Man. Thrust upon an unsuspecting world "out where the West begins". Early education at Kelvin Tech. Later earned a B.Sc. Degree from University of Manitoba. Had a toothache one day and decided to allevi- ate human suffering. Spent four springsas clerk at Banff Springs Hotel. Ambition: To revise "Gray's Anatomy". Harold Spencer Grey OPQJ Toronto, Ont. Born in Alliston, Ont. Matricu- lated from Brantford C.I. Plays squash and badminton. Spent summers delivering ice-cream to sweltering Torontonians. Year President Ig Dentantics Representative II- IV, Editor H ya Yaka V. Hamilton William Harcus Australia Born in Sydney, Australia, and received his B.D.S. Degree there. Made his Toronto home in South House. Interested in surfing, tennis, cricket. Intends to return home via England and the continent. -42 I : I 'Ili 'lf 3 Dentzstfry .aint 'Amar Ram Lakhan Fiji Islands Completed his primary educa- tion in the Fiji Islands. Gradu- ated from the Calcutta Dental College, India. Is enthusiastic and ambitious. Came to To- ronto in the fall of 1937. In- tends specializing in Prostho- dontia. Interested in tennis and swimming. Will practice in the Fiji Islands. Alan Roderick McCay Australia Obtained L.D.S., B.D.Sc. from Melbourne Univ-ersity. Keenly interested in lacrosse. Played Interfaculty Soccer and La- crosse. Returning home via England. Hopes to marry some great, big, beautiful girl some day. Thomas Duncan McColl Tilbury, Ont. CE'-Wfpl Born in Chatham and matricu- lated from Tilbury Continua- tion School. Spent two years in Burwash Hall CMiddle Houseb . Pla y e d Interfaculty Soccer and Baseball I-V. Spent his summers playing baseball. President Athletic Committee of the Students' Parliament V. Donald Easton McCutcheon Ottawa, Ont. CEWQIID Entered Varsity from Lisgar Collegiate Institute. Played la- crosse for four years, Manager of Lacrosse Team IV and V. A t - H o m e Representative IV. Ambition: Yep! Kenneth McPherson Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto and matricu- lated from Riverdale C.I. Spent his summers delivering ice, and his spare hours in the winter pounding out tunes on the piano. Interested in tennis. Hopes to make enough money to satisfy a certain ambition real soon. Herbert Stokes Mason CEIPCIDJ Toronto, Ont. Came to Varsity from Rich- mond Hill H.S. Spent the sum- mers hunting work, and the winters avoiding it. Played Basketball I and II. Class President IV, Secretary Stud- ents' Parliament II, Varsity Reporter V. Plans to spend rest of life "down in the mouth". Colman Henry Nelsky CAQJ Toronto, Ont. A product of Toronto and Jar- vis C.I. Interested in athletics. and has played on Interfaculty Teams in Rugby, Baseball, Volleyball and Basketball. His future plans include little but dentistry. William Otis Noble 011925 Port Whitby, Ont. Born successfully in Toronto, and eventually matriculated from Riverdale C.I. Entered the Dental Course at Varsity, and intends to practice his pro- fession on graduation. Outside attractions are eating, sleeping and loafing, and attending social functions, especially at Victoria. Year Vice-President IV, Year President V. James Arthur Parish QEIPKIJJ Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Humberside Collegiate Institute. Played Basketball and Water Polo I- IVg Intercoll-egiate Rowing IV. President of Class III, Presi- dent Students' Parliament V. Spent his summers saving the lives of fair damsels on To- ronto's Centre Island. James Duncan Purves Saskatoon, Sask. Came to Varsity after spending three years at University of Saskatchewan. Took part in Dentantics III and IV. At- Home Representative IV. Den- tal Interne, Toronto Western Hospital, last summer., Other interests: Music and "The Girl of the Golden West". Future plans: marriage. Reid Nelson Reid Regina, Sask. Born with a golf club in his hands at Swift Current, Sask. Matriculated from Regina Central Collegiate and came on to Varsity to study dentistry. Is an amateur golfer of some note. His future plans include making a living at dentistry, or trying something else or starving. Robert Douglas Reid Regina, Sask. Came to Varsity from the wild and woolly, and hopes to return before all of the fuzz is worn off. Won James Branston Will- mott Scholarship III and Gen- eral Hospital Scholarship IV. Played Hockey for Dents II- V, and Golf IV-V for Varsity. L1371 Dentistry Brian W. P. Roberts England Born at Wheathampstead, Herts, England. Matriculated from Lancing College and graduated in dentistry fr o m Guy's Hospital, London. Fond of tennis, golf and c 0 nt r a ct bridge. Plans to return to Eng- land at the end of his course. Ralph Erskine Robertson Collingwood, Ont. CEIPQIJD Matriculated from Collingwood Collegiate Institute. Had the doubtful honour of being the smallest manC!J in the year. Kept busy during the sum- mers avoiding work. Likes "in- terfaculty" meetings and all parlour sports. David Ross Rogers Toronto, Ont. Obtained matriculation at North Toronto C.I. Fond of skiing and boating. During va- cations worked in dental -office. Ambition: to reach the top of the ladder of success. Cecil Asher Shaffer CEAMJ Port Arthur, Ont. Matriculated from Fort Wil- liam Collegiate Institute. Spent his summers at various occu- pations, including that of bar- tender, magazine salesman and member of a geological survey party. Played Interfaculty Water Polo II-V. Leonard Victor Shankman Toronto, Ont. CAQJ Matriculated from P a rk d al e C.I. Spent his summers as councillor at children's camp. Interested in group work with children. Intends to practice in Toronto. Benjamin Roy Shuken fAQJ Toronto, Ont. Came to Varsity from Jarvis C.I. Is one of the "great" ath- letes of the class. Played Inter- faculty Basketball and Volley- ball I-Vg played Junior and Intermediate Rugby and Senior Intercollegiate Rugby IV, V. Also enjoys swimming, tennis and contract bridge. Hopes to spend a year as a dental in- terne before entering private practice. ! . .s :LUXED . 'lillll l ll ia' YLDY Harry Arthur Slade Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Attended Upper Canada College and Vaughan Road C.I. Spends his summers in the mountains of Collingwood. His ambition is to become a great orthodontist. John B. S. Stable Australia Born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Received his B.D.Sc. Degree from University of Queensland. Very interested in motoring and sleeping. He in- tends to see England and the continent of Europe on a mo- torcycle before returning to Australia. Ernest Bruce Veitch UPQD Toronto, Ont. Matriculated f r o m Riverdale C.I. Spent his summers with Carnpbell's Soup Co. and cad- dying at Bigwin Inn. Member Intermediate I n te rc o ll e g i ate Harrier Team III. Future: Practising dentistry in Toronto. Reginald Dryden Warren Australia Born in Sydney, N.S.W., Aus- tralia. Matriculated from Trin- ity Grammar School. Interest- ed in golf and swimming. Plans to motor across Canada on his way back to Australia. Donald Henry Windell England Received his L.D.S., R.C.S. CEng.j from University Col- le ge Hospital. Interested in s o c c e r a n d squash racquets. Considers Hart House greatest asset to this University. John Samuel Stephen Winter Australia Born on a windy day in Mel- bourne, Australia. Matriculated from Xavier College. Resides in Hart House. Intends to re- turn to Australia via England. Robert Frederick Wishart Rumford, Me. CE1I'1IJgfIJI'AD Born in Rumford, Maine, and matriculated from Rumford High School. Received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of Maine in 1935, and then came to Varsity to take up dentistry. Played In- terfaculty Soccer IV, Vg Inter- collegiate Track IIg Intermedi- ate Track IV, V. -L len fa Wuroea IJentaZ Pturses E .- .4 gy- jarazf iisgti' SN 53 ts 4 W 5 'K is . t "2 vi ' - ggi.. .. fl ' ,K '- H ' , 1 Kathleen Mary Bartlett Wilkie, Sask. Born in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Matriculated from Central High School, Calgary. Since then, moved to Wilkie, Sask. from whence came to Varsity. Helen Higgins Champion, Alta. Born in Champion, Alta. Came to Varsity after matriculating from Champion High School. Marion Louise Keith Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Came to Var- sity from Parkdale Collegiate Institute, Where she received her matriculation standing. Mary Elizabeth Kennedy Toronto, Ont. Born in Ireland. Matriculated from Vaughan Road Collegiate, Toronto, and came to Varsity from there. Audrey Mae Kribs CBTEJ Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from North Toronto Collegi- ate Institute. Social Convener of Dental Nurses. f14oJ " ' ' if 2 CBEJQ, ,aft . P . Aim s.. ,. 2- ' .. a -V X ' f . A1 .ev f .rs f' and 1 N. 2 ' X ' .5507 - f. '. L , VYVV V, Y , 7 .fi .. 3 :?., YLDY . "Fri Jr, t " ,X Jeanne G. M. Mclntyre Toronto, Ont. B orn in Edmonton, Alberta. Matriculated from Vic toria High School, Edmonton. Was Year President. Eloise Victory MacPherson Waterford, Ont. Born in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Came to Varsity from Water- ford, where she matriculated from Waterford High School. Gladys May Miller Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from North Toronto Collegiate. Ina Rae Neate Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Moulton College. Secre- tary of Marshall Saunders' Chapter of I.O.D.E. Margaret Nixon CBTEJ Toronto, Ont. Born in St. Thomas, Ont. Ma- triculated from North Toronto Collegiate. Vice -President of h-er class. Hya Yaka Repre- sentative for class of 3T9. fi'-a ILS ull M Dental N urses Ruth Eleanor Rotters Moose Jaw, Sask. Born in Moose Jaw, Sask. Ma- triculated from Moose J aw Central Collegiate and obtain- ed standing in Rapid Com- mercial Course at Moose Jaw Technical High School. Secre- tary-Treasurer of her class. Jean Isobel Steel Moose Jaw, Sask. Born in Central Butte, Sask. Came to Varsity from Moose Jaw, where she obtained ma- triculation standing at Moose Jaw Central Collegiate. Dona Reed Thompson CBTEJ Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Came to V a r sity from North Toronto Collegiate, from which she re- ceived her matriculation standing. Evelyn Wiggans Ottawa, Ont. Born in Ottawa, Ont. Matricu- lated from Gloucester Convent. Estelle Winkler Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from St. Joseph's Convent. Dramatic Representative for her class. Interested in Camera Club activities and social ser- vice work. f141j ?"jQQg-? ,g i aft' ls? x 'YK 51423 'MQCEM COM? To the Graduating Class of Wycliffe College By the Rev. Canon R. B. McElheran, M.A., D.D. R N behalf of the Faculty and the Board of Trustees, may I congratulate all of you on the completion of your undergraduate course. T As you are well aware, the next few years will be the most difficult of your lives. The world is perilously near war. Great and devastating social changes may soon take place. Economic security is in jeopardy. All around us we see evidences of trouble and distress, of poverty and wretchedness. Cynic- ism and disbelief are rampant. This is the world into which you are now going. Will you accept the challenge it offers? Are you, by your precept and example, going to help restore the mental equilibrium of mankind, or are you just going to stand by and look on? Now is the time for clear thinking and swift action, and for staunch adherence to the principles in which you believe. I feel sure that you are ready to face the issues, and I pray that God's grace may constantly guide and -comfort you in your careers. 2:1443 IE! Wycliyie College Maurice W. Murphy Toronto, Ont. J. W. Newton-Smith Chippewa, Ont. Came from Welland High School. Graduated in Pass Arts at U.C. in 1936. Was M-ember of Intermediate Fencing and Harrier Teams. Active in In- terfaculty Sports and the Wy- cliife Literary Society. Spent last summer ministering to the spiritual needs of a Western district, travelling by bicycle. Worked previous summers. J. Douglas Paterson Peterborough, Ont. Entere-d Wycliffe in 1933 in Arts and Theology. Graduated from U.C. in 1937. Took part in College Literary and Ath- letic activities. Lit. Executive II-IV, Debates IV-VI, Basket- ball II-IV, Volleyball III-VI. Edward L. Simmonds Toronto. "Actual life comes next? Patience a moment! Grant he has mastered learn- ing's crabbed text, . Still therels the comment." CWith apologies to Browningj rg! rx 51451 William Ivan Doersam Smith Midland, Ont. Graduated from U.C. in Pass Arts. Entered Theology 1937. On Wycliffe College Literary Society Executive III-VI. Cap and Gown V. Spent summers clerking in Canadian Depart- ment Stores, sailing on Great Lakes, on missions to sailors on Toronto lake front and in Northern Alberta. President of Graduating Class VI. Lewis Carl Swan Oxford, Nova Scotia Graduated from Mount Allison CB.A.J with First Class Hon- ours in Philosophy, 1935 and from Dalhousie fM.A.J in Moral and Political Philosophy, '36. Entered Emmanuel 19365 was Class President. Entered Wycliffe 1937, Senior Student, Repres-entative to S.A.C. and Publications Committee III. William Rex Symons Penetanguishene, Ont. Blake Moncrieff Wood Toronto, Ont. . Graduated from U.C. in Eng- lish and History, Classics Op- tion. After a year as a reporter for the Toronto Star, entered Wycliffe in 1936. Won the Maurice Cody Memorial Prize in Eccl-esiology and the Dyson Hague Memorial in Liturgics II. President of Theological College Union II, Executive III. Spent the past summer travel- ling the Cariboo Trail on a mission. mf, Cx 45... f146j Jew, Com, To the Graduating Class of Knox College By the Rev. Principal Thomas Eakin, M.A., Ph.D., D.D. OU are going out to pursue your vocation in one of the most criticaliand distracting periods in the hist-ory of the world, a period which seems to be epoch-making for good or ill. Seldom, if ever before, has there been such a need for sane leadership and it is for you to make your contribution in this respect. In these chaotic and dangerous conditions the statesmen has his part to play, so has the economistg but more vital and more fundamental is the work of the evangelist and the moralist. There is little hope for the World unless spiritual values receive the prime emphasis, and supreme loyalties the first adherence. f1481 X M I Knox Colle e Q Hartley K. Caslor Inglewood, Ont. Graduated in Philosophy from U.C. Resided in Knox. Dislikes the Hebrew language. Played on Knox Hockey Teams I, II, and played Lacrosse III. James Stanley Clarke Woodstock, Ont. Graduated from University College in Philosophy in 1936. Lived in Knox since 1932. En- tered theology in 1936. Was Editor of The Presbyterian Student. Charles Clarke Cochrane Orillia, Ont. Born in Belleville, Ont. Ma- triculated from Orillia C.I. and graduated from Queen's Uni- versity. Played on hockey, softball, lacrosse and ping- pong teams. Was President of the Theological College Union III, and Chairman of Knox College Association III. Spent summers preaching. William Arthur Kinkaid Paisley, Ont. Born in the Township of Greenock in the C o un ty o f B r u c e. Matriculated fr o m Paisley Continuation S c h o ol and graduated in English from Q u e e n ' s University in 1932. Resided in Knox College Resi- dence. Eric Larsen Merlin, Ont. Graduated in Theology from Lutheran Seminary, Waterloo, Ont., in 1932. I149j William J. McKeown Toronto, Ont. Born in Belfast, Ireland. Ma- triculated from Dominion Business College, Toronto, and graduated from U.C. Played S o c c e r for Knox. Obtained Fisher Scholarship II. George Willock Murdoch Woodstock, Ont. Born in Scotland. Graduated from University College, 1935, and entered Knox. Won the Morrice Scholarship 1936, and shared in the Loghrin, Mor- timer and Cameron Scholar- ship 1938. Thomas H. Bussell Somers Toronto, Ont. Graduated' from U n i v e r s i t y College in 1936. Received M.A. in Semitics in 1938. Received the McClure, Eastman, Gillies, Morrice, Thornton Memorial, Prince of Wales, Boswell, ' ' Presbyterian Publications ' ' , and Torrance-Dryden Scholar- ships from Knox College. Plans post - graduate work in the Old Testament. James Kennedy Ross Thomson Toronto, Ont. Born in Cardiff, South Wales. Came to Canada and matricu- lated from Oakwood C.I., To- ronto. Obtained the Archibald McArthur Scholarship. Played on Knox Soccer Team I-III, becoming Captain III. Spent summers on mission fields, and plans to carry on in the minis- try of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. 51501 g7I'l'll'l'lCLl'llfl,2! CO! To the Graduating Class of Emmanuel College By Reverend Principal R. Davidson, M.A., Ph.D., D.D. HE primary aim of your training for the ministry has been to make Christian men of yo-u: to harden the sinews of the mindg to tighten the strings of conscience that they may give forth pure tonesg to quicken the heart's sense of hearing that the cry of human need may not be missedg to get the whole life rooted in the purpose and potencies of the Unseen World. Three years of study and play together, of living and praying together, have knit you and your professors in an intimate friendship, a friendship of confidence and high hope. We are sorry to see you go from us. But we look for the day of rejoicing when you have proved yourselves true preachers of the Word, true priests of the temple, true shepherds of the Hock. f152j V' , George A. Affleck Lanark, Ont. Graduated from Victoria in Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryl in 1935. Was Vice-Presi- dent E.C.S.S. II and President House Committee III. Managed Hockey Team I, II and played on Volley Ball Team III. Spent 1937 as Assistant in Trinity United Church, Kirkland Lake, Ont. Interested in China and the Canadian North-West. Harold Master Bailey Kleinburg, Ont. Graduated in English and His- tory from Victoria in 1936. Studied Theology in Em- manuel for the last three years. Won a General Pro- ficiency Scholarship 1937 and 1938. Member of E.C.S.S. Ex- ecutive 1937-38-39g President 1938-39. Ambition - to preach. Malcolm Grayson Butler Pacquet, Niid. Born in Pacquet, Nfld. Gradu- ated from Mt. Allison Univer- sity in 1936. Has spent several summers on mission Helds in Newfoundland, Labrador, and the West. Coyne Lewis Gifford Port Stanley, Ont. Graduated in Arts from Mc- Master in 1929. Came to Em- manuel after preaching in the West for a number of years. Norman Allen Healey Toronto, Ont. Graduated from the pass course from Victoria College in 1936. Was Treasurer 3T7 III. Member of the Music Club I- IIIg Dramatic Club III. Was Secreta r y-Treasurer o f The- ology Class 1938-39. Interested in swimming and life-saving instructing. One of the few single men in Theology. In- tends to be his own cook. Norman Frederick Langford Toronto, Ont. Graduated in Modern History in 1935, and took his M.A. in 1936. !Q..3frr-'N V 'Zi t- an ' 6 ' e 51531 Emmanuel College Archie Irven Manson St. Catharines, Ont. Graduated in Philosophy CEnglish or Historyj from Vic- toria College in 1936. Lived as undergraduate in South House, Burwash. Interests included S.C.M. and Debating Parlia- ment. Summers variously spent farming, as Frontier College Instructor, and on Western Mission Fields. Helped to or- ganize Student Co-operative Residence. George David Petrie Toronto, Ont. Born in Dundee, Scotland. Was a Salvation Army Officer and served in England, India and Canada. Entered United Church in 1935. Happily mar- ried and proud father of two fine boys. Hobbies - Photo- graphy and Badminton. Ruling passions - Theology and Preaching. Robert John Scott, B.A. Kincardine, Ont. Infancy, rural. Teens, business college, Wingham. Advertising and sales with Canada Machin- ery Corporation, Galt. Extra- mural Arts Degree via Queens and McMaster. Past interests, Y.M.C.A., Kiwanis and Young People's groups. Present-vol- ley-ball and Theology. Future, -rural reconstruction. John Crossley Thompson Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Graduated from Victoria in 1936. Since then has spent successive sum- mers in Muskoka, Saskatche- wan and downtown Toronto. Was Athletic Chairman E.C. S.S. III. Has remained a bachelor I-III - and so hopes to be! Arthur Franklin Thrower Toronto, Ont. Graduated from Victoria in 1936. Spent two years as Stu- dent Minister in Southern Al- berta. Came to Emmanuel in 1936. On Baseball and Hockey Teams I, II. Interested in Boys' Work and Photography. Voca- tion: preaching. Wilson Edward Wing Toronto, Ont. Graduated in Philosophy from Victoria College and has done graduate work in Philosophy since. Emmanuel Year Execu- tive I and II. Served on Mis- sion Fields in Ontario and Sas- katchewan during summers. f H541 .A area fry I T-sq 490' c To the Graduating Class of Forestry By Dean C. D. Howe, B.A., M.S., Ph.D. HE chief satisfaction of a teacher lies in the fact that he has helped to prepare his students for good citizenship, a thing that should be the ultimate object of all publicly supported education. The attainment -of good citizenship comes through a mind eager for knowledge with the capacity to draw logical conclusions from the knowledge acquired and with the ability to withstand appeals to passion. Some countries once honoured and respected for high achievement have sunk to mere brutality through suc- cumbing to the appeal o-f mass hysteria. We are not without danger in this respect in our own country. Henceforth it will be your chief work, and that of thousands of other university trained young men, to help overcome the disintegrating influences in our national life. The people of a country usually allow themselves to fall under the power of various "isms" because of a feeling of frustration, a conviction that opportunities for a fuller life and particularly for greater material prosperity, have not been fully de- veloped by those from whom they have a right to expect leadership. The best way, then, to prevent these ideas from becoming dominant is for you and other educated men to throw yourselves whole-heartedly into the business of improving con- ditions, eventually to such an extent that doctrines of despair have no force. You who have been trained in a particular field of endeavor will see at once an illustration of neglected opportunity in the public's careless and indifferent treatment of the Crownland forests. Upon these forests depends to a large extent the country's prosperity, yet the processes of use and wastage, the latter mostly due to human carelessness, surpass those of recuperation. It will be your work to help restore the balance and at the same time to help persuade the public of its necessity. Thus you will justify your title to good citizenship. l156j George Henry Bayly CCIJKIIJ Toronto, Ont. Came to us from North To- ronto High School. Had varied summer occupations, from canoeing instructor at a camp in New Hampshire to timber cruising at Lake of the Woods and then on to the Rockies for a summer. Arthur Walter Chalk Westmount, Que. Came to Varsity from McGill University. Treasurer, Fores- ters' Club I, Secretary II. Played Interfaculty, Rugby, Lacrosse, Basketball, Baseball. Summers spent in Northern Ontario and Quebec. Future plans: vague, but include "God's country and the woman". W. Ross Grinnell Toronto, Ont. Came to University from Riverdale Collegiate. Spent summers in the bush of North- ern Ontario and Quebec. On Hart House Music Committee II, III, IV, Publications' Com- missioner S.A.C. III, S.A.C. Rep. IV, Treasurer II, Vice- President III, President IV of the Foresters' Club. Played Interfaculty Rugby, Lacrosse, Hockey and Basketball. Frederick Shelley Hick Toronto, Ont. Product of Riverdale. Spent a year between third and fourth year timber cruising at Ft. Wil- liam and on the north shore of Superior. Forestry Club Vice- President III, S.A.C. Repre- sentative III. Played Inter- faculty Rugby, Basketball and Baseball I, II, III. Gordon H. Murchison Stouifville, Ont. Born in Woodville, Ont. Came to Varsity from Stouifville High School. Spent one sum- mer with the Frontier College in Quebec and another with the Dominion Forest Service in Northern Saskatchewan. Play- ed Interfaculty Rugby I-III, and was mainstay of our Hoc- key Team I-III. Charles Ross Silversides Toronto, Ont. Came to Varsity from Winni- peg. Matriculated at Univer- sity of Manitoba. Spent under- graduate years in Northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan with Dominion Forest Service. On Hart House Hall Commit- tee II, House Committee III, IV, Board of Stewards IV. l157j Forestry 51581 -, ..-, ,HN ., .. -. .-.W A.. W4 .. 4 gf ---- -if .M 1 1 Y P..Ai-Izgikifrjkfglz NE,-., - - ,--V ,...w.,. . ,. ,T W ...,W ,4,.,,w-f-...M V -, ,U , K , M , M1 V. :fy-, z- v, A ' F 294 ,. . . wa. xxx -ss NVQ, K Onfario uferinary C fige M, .. .- M :v-F "':'JW , yr 'fl 4" ,"' . ,. ' "' -Nfl 1 M 'NN' ' ' W- "' I,-XXA 'A-+f'N .,f '- '. ','3"1 - """'L- - ' ' --.,..- ',!". 1-,J ,J .dll - -4, 3- 2. ' f - -'. - , 3 - J .' ' X ' . ' -4 . ' ' . fa v..-,,, ,.,M sl: Kr' , , . .. -.wi . Sy? - 4 'xf I 5 4 1 ,- f, 1 , , +,, I , X 4- ' .. .. , Q wr,- , i : ,J .4 44, and .-.q .gli -- l- ,gx ?"ff'Wf"m 4 . xv Q :mf JZ.. in ia ng 'v1-z.-ag- f 7. -.1 " 9 - f ' 3 ' .,.' ,iw v:X k ' nf 0 k' "" - v- 1' 1 5 9 ' V. l -.L. M' -4-. .". 1.. W , ., ,, 4 V. -:-, . t t ,- 1' V fu,.,, My Y '-'rg . ' 'a?f'a+xQ? .-. J' ,-,.M, ..,-. " . ,M ., ' .- jc ' X , 1,13 'k - 1' '- ,. ' g T' ,- 1 ,. .nw x 9- rKm4A1.,...,-u fm- ., ,- 2. ., - divan: Af' o.'1..M. ..-ue, V ,Q . ,n - . -, , v " ' x , f Q L J 5 1 'V' l Q 24 , ff , I - 1 ' l? : .j , f m 13.4, ,, - S.: U To the Graduating Class of Ontario Veterinary College By Principal C. D. McGilvray, M.D.V., D.V.Sc. V T this time when you are approaching your future life work may I extend to you the sincere hope and wish that you may enjoy both happiness and success. While wishing you prosperity I would, nevertheless, urge you to be guided by the impulses of a generous and robust character. By so doing your outlook on life will be enriched, your influence strengthened, and your opportunities enlarged. The old saying is still true, that we cannot continue doing wrong to others intentionally without suffering wrong our- selves. Likewise, no-thing can be gained or expected from others if we receive a hundred favours and render nothing in return. A wise man always extends these simple truths to his every day life. 1 In charting one's career in life there is, generally speaking, no short cut to success. We should expect to meet and strive to overcome discouragement and disappointment. It is becoming increasingly noticeable that a large measure of consistent application, combined with stability of purpose, is neces- sary in making for success. Sooner or later recognition and advancement are most apt to come to those who are most diligent and work the hardest. May I conclude this brief message with hearty greetings, and to wish you "a calm sea and a prosperous voyage" throughout life. fieoj 1 EY 2 , Norman Anderson Winnipeg, Man. Norm came out of the West and devoted his time to the Anatomy Lab., S.C.M., and the small animal clinic. A good student and a boxer of note. We wish him all success. Melvin Bahensky Palmer, N eb. The Nebraska Wildcat was taken from our fond embrace while yet in his junior year, and since then has contend-ed that Ziegfield was right- blondes are preferable and continues to think so, to the evident satisfaction of both of them. Blessings, my children, we were young once ourselves. John H. Ballantyne St. Paul's, Ont. J ohn's dignified bearing and unruffied calm have been a splendid counterweight and flywheel to the gang and has often used the prism of his nature to develop a soft spec- trum from the harsh glare of some of our red meetings. A dependable friend with "char- ity towards all and malice to- wards none". Leighton Bannister CQTED Collingwood, Ont. A top-ranking student, Presi- dent of the Science Association and an embryo parasitologist. Banny will no doubt catch bigger and better bugs as the years roll by. Best of luck. George Bishop CQTEJ Lawrencetown, N.S. George supplies the bulldog determination for us. He is al- ways ready to espouse, fight for and sign any bill of rights or wrongs that is drawn up. When he sets out for a germ, he will get it. Genial and handsome-but he means business. Nathan Budgell Toronto, Ont. Bud is a product of Newfound- land and for that reason prob- ably is rarely on time for lec- tures. In 1935 he left the effeminate island for the land "Where men are men-and roll their own". Bud has been a hard and consistent worker. More power to you, son. Ontario Vetermary College Harold Bunde V Cedarburg, Wis. Four years ago Harold humor- ously entered the O.V.C., and after years of sleep, play and the tuck shop, has finally man- aged 'to kid the Alma Mater into giving him his degree. Harold stoutly maintains that a western story is an evening's entertainment. Alexander Campbell CQTEJ Hamilton, Ont. To clear a six-foot stone wall atop an Irish hunter is Alec's greatest ambition. A large horse practice will no doubt be his ultimate destiny and we are sure he will achieve it. Lorne Campbell Alliston, Ont. Lorne, our perfect dreamer. Honest, he's not lazy, he is just dreaming. Does a beautiful minuet while playing ping pong. Repeats the prof's ques- tion when asked, and climaxes it with "oh", Lorne is sincere, however, and will never say die. Matthew Campbell QQTEJ Watertown, Minn. Big Matt hails from Water- town, Minn., which he claims to be the "Golden Buckle" of the dairy belt. B-eing the next thing to wild fire, he has had bestowed upon him the honour of being fourth driver of the Watertown Fire Co. "Matty Dear" will be sorely missed by the gang. William Carlyle N. Edmonton, Alta. The Aggie from Alberta ar- rived quietly in our midst in the second year, quickly prov- ed himself an authority on livestock, and we will be sorry to see him return to his native steppes. Marcel Carpenter Norfolk, Va. Our pride of the South. Mod- est, kind, neat and handsome. It has been said that he has quite a way with the fairer ones-back in Dixie. His am- bitions are high, and now he has them focused on a great contribution to science: "A Manual on Heart Worms". Ontafrzo Vetermary College Frederick Carter Guelph, Ont. A product of Guelph and ap- pears to be proud of the fact. Quiet and reserved, yet is sometimes seen in unexpected places. We'll miss Fred, and Wish him all the luck in the world. Gerardo Cueva Lima, Peru. An ardent bull-fighting fan, will bet his shirt on a cock- fight. Always willing to swap his native language for ours. Intends to return to his native land and knows that he has our best wishes wherever he goes. Carman Davey Cobourg, Ont. Carmen came to us from Co- bourg and brought with him plenty of practical experience and a fertile mind. He spent the last summer taking care of a large animal practice and will be welcomed to the large ani- mal field. Laurie Davidson CQTEJ Detroit, Mich. Laurie chose Detroit for his first birthday party. Thinks every flower is claviceps pur- purea. Kicked his way to fame on the Aggie Soccer Team. Specializes in the mechanism of the large animal operating table and in small animal prac- tice. Wilson Ford CQTEJ Millbrook, Ont. Wils gave his parents their first serious disappointment twen- ty-two years ago in Millbrook, Ont. He pounds the pillow or the piano with equal facility, and is a skilled man with the ladies. A good student, a gal- lant gentleman and a good head. Here's to Wils. Donald Gamble Russell, Ont. "Speed', is skipper of the A.A. and possibly the best known man on the campus with his free and ingenuous laugh, his Irish wit and his red hair. Hooks a mean hockey-stick. Don will long be remembered by those with whom he came in contact. mp Sanborn Gaw St. Lambert, Que. Sandy should have been named the Sphinx, he always keeps his own council and smokes a pipe. He will return, no doubt, to spread the light of veterin- ary science in his native pro- vince of Quebec. Walter Giesbrecht Lorette, Man. Strong and silent, Walter has been a Well-liked member of the class. He intends to return to Manitoba and establish a mixed practice, in which, we have no doubt, he will be suc- cessful. John Gilman Somerset, Eng. An inveterate wanderer that we expect will enter the Brit- ish Colonial Service and, in his typical, easy-going, nonchalant way, carry on its best tradi- tions in some far-away part of the Empire. Stanley Gray Sprague, Man. Stan was first placed on the market in Sprague. Finding Manitoba a cold place to live in, he migrated to Guelph with a B.S.A. degree. With so much to build on, Stan cannot help but be successful. Grant Heslop CQTEJ Freeman, Ont. Grant, alias Bud, travelled from Freeman, Ont., to better his outlook on life, both edu- cationally and otherwise. The "Mighty Atom" has been a favourite with all of us. Bless- ings on "ye olde practitioner". Robert Ingham CQTED Niagara Falls, Ont. The "Mighty Atom" from the Niagara Peninsula. After four long years, he has still retain- ed his school-girl complexion, wit and sparkling versatility. We are all proud to have known Bob and trust he will succeed in his profession as he has done in college. air. JY :E 3 7 s P' 1 O on f"'b-e 9 James Frederick Julian Fenwick, Ont. Jimmie hails from Fenwick, Ont., but he gets there just the same. He never believed in approaching life too seriously. Though he may not make friends quickly, when they are made, the friendship is lasting and genuine. Elmer Kading New Ulm, Minn. Elmer hails from Minnesota, and insists he is going back. He has an aversion for Mac Hall, but exhibits a choice col- lection of photos. ls spiritual adviser at Edgehill, a writer of odes and a charter member of the W.C.T.U. Ambition: to some day be in charge of thr- Schells' Brewing Co. Theodore Andrew Kragness Chicago, Ill. Ted is a product of Chicago, and appears to be proud of the fact. A clear thinker, a sound business man, be it enough to say that he will be sorely missed by the student body. His dry wit and his knowledge of football and baseball have all helped to enlighten our trials and tribulations. Edwin W. Krueger Cedarburg, Wis. Ed. expresses his Western origin in his wild, laughing gazoo and madly dashing ac- tivity. His specialty being feminine pulchritude, we judge the life of science a gay' one. Ed. is principally noted for his constant good humour, even pathology failing to arouse his wrath. Nicholas Labzoffsky Toronto, Ont. Nick spent his youth in the realm of the Bolshevik and is strictly communistic when it comes to borrowing cigarettes. Most fittingly described in one short sentence. "The force of his own merit makes his way- A gift that heaven sent to himf' John Leslie Hamilton, Ont. Jack's combined geniality and earnestness of spirit have won him a host of friends. As skipper of the senior y-ear he has led us smoothly over the troubled waters and has made himself almost indispensable to all of us. He is an ardent de- votee of the common room and believes: "A woman is only a woman, But a good cigar is a smoke." 51631 Ontario Veterinary College Albert Lewis North Gower, Ont. During the four years Bert has been with us his geniality and sportsmanship have won him many friends. Loyalty to the rest and to the profession is his keynote. Norman McAninch Guelph, Ont. Local boy makes good. Yes sir, it's Mac. A true practitioner at heart and has already spent a successful summer practising veterinary medicine. A good sport and always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. Don McDole CQTEJ Compton, Calif. Don's speciality was toboggan- ing, skiing and skating. Di- vided his junior year between the O.V.C. and the General Hospital and is a favourite in both institutions. A small ani- mal man of no mean merit we know he will go far in his chosen profession. James McKague Teeswater, Ont. Whose finger on the door bell of Mac Hall has many times thrilled a maiden's heart? Whose geniality, sportsmanship and generosity has won him many friends? Jim, we pre- dict for you a large general practice, a host of friends, and a brunette. Eugene Manning Burlington, Ont. Gene hails from Burlington, Ont., and seems to be con- tinually hitch-hiking one way or the other. Quiet, reserved and dignified, yet has been known as a singer of ballads and as a tap-dancer. One of our good students whose in- terest lies in the small animal field. Elery Jay Meyer Waupaca, Wis. Although born in Wisconsin he has no questionable charac- teristics. Every one who has had any connection with him admires his good qualities which no one doubts will some day make him a man outstand- ing in the field he has so aptly chosen. 5 - 5' All Ontarzo Vetermafry College Louis Meyer Waupaca, Wis. We are anxious to see Wau- paca, somewhere in Wisconsin, because that is Louie's home. Cool and assured, he will tackle anything and has brains enough to spare to finish it success- fully. Lister Moore Guelph, Ont. We all feel a little diiiident in "Whips' " presence because we are afraid of the insight he has gained while in St. Joseph's Hospital. He is a man of di- versified tastes and of ability that should carry him far. William Morgan CQTED Shelbourne, Ont. Bill claims Shelbourne as a birth place. They should be proud-we are-for Bill is one of the living examples of how high a man may rise in four short years. A generous and firm supporter of his friends and will be missed. Stewart Morrison Lindsay, Ont. Stew. hails from Lindsay and likes to go duck-hunting in nearby districts. Stew. is a good student, a real friend and will be an asset to the pro- fession. Alan Morrow CQTEJ Winnipeg, Man. Homo ferae naturae. Born in Winnipeg, a hamlet in the wildest regions of the Manitoba steppes. Al's interests at the O.V.C. are keen and varied and in his senior year he has even shown an inclination for the nursing profession, par- ticularly nocturnal sessions. Robert Morrow Winnipeg, Man. For four years he has been one of the lads. As a frosh he led a rebellion against sopho- more tyranny and sacrificed his ambrosial locks on the altar of freedom. Bob will be an intelligent and active asset to our profession. 11641 5.1 aah Gerald P. Mullen Walkerton, Ont. In the early morning when first snifiing the air Moon de- tected therein the aromatic odour of carbolic acid and olive oil. The subconscious idea was brought to conscious- ness by a process of associa- tion. A vein of droll humour and a rich mine of genuineness which makes for lasting friend- ship. William 0'Connor Guelph, Ont. Bill is a deadly combination of youthful ambition, inexhaust- able energy, outstanding ability and sincere goodfellowship. As a hockey player, a golfer and a feegetter he shows his versa- tility. However, in spite of this we- hope to see Bill as presi- dent of the O.V.M.A. some day. Eric Pallister QQTEJ Ottawa, Ont. Eric will put his wholehearted and generous enthusiasm be- hind anything from a sleigh ride to a class bing-e. No one equals Eric in giving practical inspiration to any project, in loyalty to the gang and in maintaining our prestige with the fair ones. Frank Read London, Ont. Can't you just picture frail, wonderful china? Yes? Well that's Frank. A nice boy, a real good boy, and one who always thinks, yea, knows that Mac Hall is God's little gift to the Vets. Main disability-an insurmountable desire to smoke in his sleepi Emits laughter on no provocation. Jean Rumney Victoria Harbour, Ont. Jean is a living proof that a woman's height does not meas- ure her worth. Large hearted, she lends a helping hand to every friend in need. The re- sult is natural-a collection of friends who love and respect her. She is a girl four-square, a delightful friend and a witty companion. Norman Schmidt Floradale, Ont. Norm first saw the light in Floradale, Ont., and has been the shining light of that me- tropolis ever since. His inter- ests tend towards a certain one in Kitchener, hockey and a large animal practice. A good sport, a good head and a real friend. A I Q, U1 9 0 'Winnie ll ijfh' ' af 4' -' 'Gund' Robert Schultz Silver Creek, N.Y. Bob came to Guelph with a record of four car accidents and other tit-bits which go to make an eventful youth. In college he has been a good student, combining his work and play with an easy going philosophy of life. Norman Scollard London, Eng. Norm. paddled across the pond to enable him to better his education and get a broader view of life. Neither has been neglected since he has been a good student and a lasting friend. His interests are in taking hikes towards Aber- foyle. Guy Shultz CQTEJ Carlisle, Penna. If good stuff is done up in small packages Guy is O.K. Neat, dapper, smiling, Guy is a Vet. to be seriously considered be- cause he knows his business. Guy will carve his little niche in the Hall of Fame and it will be a little higher and his light a little brighter than the most. Roy Sinclair Fort William, Ont. Roy attended O.A.C. but saw the error of his ways and was welcomed to our institution. His love of stars led him to take a course in Astronomy- now he studies the heavenly bodies. A true friend who will be missed. Harold Victor Skelding CQTEJ Wingham, Ont. . Alert-when Mac Hall is out. Serious-when facing the profs. Mockery-when the profs. are out. Laughing-before the joke is complete. Success-Harold will ride the crest. E. L. Symington CQTEJ San Antonio, Tex. "Boots" from semi-tropical San Antonio has a pet aversion for sub-zero weather. He was weaned away from a motor cycle to unassumingly head his class both academically and as a "Prince of Good Fellows". As a large animal practitioner he has the best wishes of his class. Downey Thompson Mt. Bridges, Ont. The good die young but here's hoping that Downey will live to a ripe old age. An indus- trious worker, who has gained the respect of every member of the class. Has a passion for automobiles, and an aversion for the opposite sex. mfr , ,.... ., 2 1 .R-, Y 1 af: 5 - si' .., -only 51651 Ontario Veterinary College William Tower, Jr. Leominster, Mass. Gloomier than Hamlet. Cooler than one of Ash Temple's heatless stones. Reminds us of Al. Jolson-he's so different. Is a singer of ballads-at times. We may see Bill as head of the B.A.I. some day. George Woodrow Tyrrell Litchfield, Conn. QQTEJ Woody is a conscientious stu- dent who takes his work seri- ously. Ever ready to lend a helping hand, Woody will long be remembered by the most of us. His interest lies in the large animal field. Leslie Vercoe London, Eng. Les. has wen-ded his merry way through Christs' Hospital, Aggie College and the O.V.C. umlumed and unworried by any adversity. Having lived down his English birth and schooling Les considers himself a full- fledged Canadian and a pillar of strength in the C.O.T.C. Jack Warren London, Ont. Jack has the laurels as class cartoonist and often delighted us with his art. While sincere in his work he is full of pep and good fellowship and has the best wishes of the class wherever he may go. Robert Woolner Ayr, Ont. Bob has been one of our out- standing members for four years. Plays parlour rugby and hockey, will take a drink but prefers to leave it alone, has an extreme p a rt ial it y towards pretty brunettes. His qualities prophesy success. John Wrightman St. Thomas, Ont. John has a quiet, reserved and dignified manner yet bubbles over on occasions. He likes the girls but seems to get along without them. He is a Lieu- tenant in the C.O.T.C. and a gentleman. John will be liked wherever he goes. Glenn Zinn Minden Mines, Mo. The "Missouri Missionary" is a veritable mountain of philoso- phy. There is a depth of char- acter behind his calm and placid appearance that is only realized on acquaintance with him. He has laurels as racon- teur of the class. .zfrtl Q f , t x X" 'F . xf f166J CLl'l'l'lCLCy To the Graduating Class of The Ontario College of Pharmacy By R. O. Hurst, Dean N behalf of the faculty of the College I wish to express to the graduating class of the Ontario College of Pharmacy our hearty congratulations and best wishes for success. I will avoid saying farewell because I do not wish my message to imply that we may not see you often. We wish you to come back and visit us as often as you are near the College. During your sojourn at the College we have come to know you well and would appreciate it if you helped to keep up the continuity of that acquaint- anceship. We shall always be interested in you and your successes. You have formed many new friendships with your fellow students and you will find these ties important factors in moulding your future. We trust that y-ou will go to your chosen task with confidence, and that you will acquit yourselves in such a way as to reflect credit on your College. The manifestation of a loyalty to your College and your profession is an incumbency which rests upon you to a greater extent than heretofore. We ask you to accept every opportunity where you can put your profession to the fore. We ask you to give leadership to any thought or movement which will help to place your calling on the highest plane. f168j Pharmacy , I f Qt , if . S I 2! 1 3 in ifl C'B"drHfDg ft' W' taroiir on Q 'M Mfizffffr .px 4 R EXECU-TIV1: . Cwift' Q30 .1 ri CLA 'X , I ' N N "ffl,v6' if 99 3 l 9 tt is K . ONTARIO COLLEGE or PHARMACY B Tilxllgg.-5 A- 7 D H.H:AmsE X ll - lx' My 1 I ,K ,., 5 C.G.COP1NELL R O,HUR5T Miss H.E.RAYFlELD A.H. BURCH President Donn Han.Pr'es1d.:rt X-Tac I-lv-csvdc I m Class History of 3T9 HE class of 3T9 was the first class to complete its undergraduate course entirely under the new Dean. This is a distinction we are proud of. We were dubbed 'fDean Hurst's Babies" at the beginning of our freshman year and the name stayed with us. Throughout the terms there has been a real sense of comradeship and loyalty which will always be remembered. We have been a class of accomplishments. Many new ideas and ideals were set up. During our Junior Year the social event of the season was our Class Dance, held at the Royal York Hotel, and it was one to be remembered. This year's Graduation Ball, which was in the Eaton Auditorium, was one of the finest affairs- of the entire University season. During our Junior Year there was organized a new Athletic Association. This Executive of the senior class were relieved of much work by the Association, and it has proven to be a really "liven organization. The first "Splash Night" was held last year and this year it was repeated. It proved to be one of the best "all-round good times" and a get-together for the entire College. In athletics, the class has been very active, the Lacrosse, Baseball, and Hockey Team winning their groups in intramural competition. We leave College now, feeling our education has only begun, and may we strive to learn more and more, so that we may be worthy of our chosen profession. 51691 Pharmacy -.-.L iw.. v.......... . ,,., pf fx """"' a fa 1 ,,. . ' w F I 9 f I l 'Y l Donald St. Clair Archer Toronto, Ont. Don absorbed his training from F. L. Hooper, in Napanee. Quite an ingenious guy and distinctly clever, do not know what Don intends to do, but whatever it is, it will be well done. The school's mad chemist. Edward Norman Armstrong Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Learned about lite with J. W. Wilson, Sault Ste. Marie. A keenly intelligent lad-and would give you his shirt. Chief ambition indicates a strain of Mormon or Turkish blood away back. Played soccer and hockey for the boys. Sydney Samuel Bederman Toronto, Ont. Syd put in his three-year period with the Star Pharmacy of Toronto. Interested in bas- ketball, volleyball and squash. Hopes to get into the manu- facturing end of drugs. J. Gerald Bedford Waterloo, Ont. Gerry worked with his brother, W. H. Bedford, Waterloo, Ont. Must be a big store because Gerry is a big boy. Got a glint in his eye that predicts a lot of fun-also has a girl up in Guelph. Hopes to make a mil- lion and remain honest. Gordon Hodges Benson London, Ont. Flashed his attractive grin for three years in Bicknell's Drug Store, London. Future plans definitely formed regarding propagation of his race. Good guy-Gord. Likes canoeing, golfing and Dusten. Leslie Edwin Blight Jarvis, Ont. Les worked with L. L. Mc- Bride of Jarvis. Built rather massively and can knock off a darn good speech. Busied him- self with C.O.T.C. down here- looks well in uniform. uvoj C 4- 1 -z.: ' W"""""""" i in I '3'7?N'x ' 'rar X Q45 .aw wal' 9 if HQ .- E ' 'W X' Rodolphe Boileau Sturgeon Falls, Ont. Good old Rod worked for H. Maranda in Sturgeon Falls. Rod is big and cheery with an attractive French accent. Spent the summer as tower man for the Forestry Dept., has an able grasp of political affairs. Thomas Albert Brandon Forest, Ont. Pharmaceutical career began with W. D. MacKenzie, Forest. An authority on diverse sub- jects, Tom was always a will- ing aid to help his less for- tunate mates. The sea of matrimony made him both quiet and dependable. Is a billiard shark and walking en- cyclopedia. Frederick J. Broadfoot Guelph, Ont. Fred Worked with A. H. Ken- nedy of Guelph. Still has in- terests there. Has also had quite a bit of military training. Should make a very conscien- tious druggist - no fiddling around. He means business. Garnet Carlyle Brown Chatham, Ont. Preparation for O.C.P. with E. S. Paxton, Chatham. Chief constituent-a cheery smile. Interests: tennis, dancing, week ends out of town. Plans to own his own store-likely where he spends thos-e week ends. Q J. Alfred Bruder Mildmay, Ont. Al worked with J. P. Phelan, Mildmay. Short and stocky, won distinction as a battler during his initiation. His hob- bies run to dancing and social activities. Interested in North- ern Ontario. Very unselfish- will share his girl friend. Stanley Raymond Bruton Orono, Ont. Stan peddled stock tonics and such for J. J. Gilfillan in Or- ono. Rather quiet but a darn nice guy. Likes skating, bad- minton and the odd game of pool. Austin H. Burch Waterloo, Ont. A. B. Learn gave him his big start there. We wonder who's going to stop him. Aus was class vice-president and an asset to any school. Chief con- stituent: cheerfulness. Inter- est: Burch Pharmacy. Ralph Burke Toronto, Ont. Ralph put in his three years with P. W. Goldman, Toronto. Good student and will do al- right for himself, good table- tennis player. Ella Maye Chapman Pembroke, Ont. Maye got into drugs with W. L. Mulvihill of Pembroke. Blonde and popular with every one. Knows the answers pharmaceutically and socially. Likes golf and swimming-and will get along very well. Alan D. Christmas Blenheim, Ont. Al worked with Dad in Blen- heim. First time you meet Al you like him-after that you love him, one of natureis finest. Future fairly secure- women go for him. Member of Executive I, II. Played hockey. Good looking devil. Douglas Owen Clark Owen Sound, Ont. Doug served his apprenticeship with R. J. Conley in Owen Sound. Interested in sports, drugs, and women. In the re- verse order. Charles Grant Cornell Brantford, Ont. Grant started with T. G. Heard, Toronto. This guy was our president both years, also actively participated in hockey, soccer and volleyball. Plenty of personality here, along with a likeable, democratic spirit. 51711 V. Gordon Cuthbertson Goderich, Ont. Gord worked with J. H. Lau- der of Goderich. Holds the swimming trophy presented by Urna Troup. Very handsome chap with an engaging man- ner. Likes a little work and a lot of fun-chiefly raising the blood pressure of any girl handy. Francis Aloysius Doran Windsor, Ont. Preceptor-W. C. Willson, Walkerville. Interests-swim- ming, tennis, gardening. Fu- ture hope-marriage, and that sort of thing. Marie Alberta Dorris Peterborough, Ont. Marie efficiently wielded pes- tles for A. G. Harris, Peter- borough. Darkly attractive- this picture really doesn't do her credit. Presents a combin- ation of personality and quite evident brilliance that should go over. Tom Robert Maclntyre Duncan Thornbury, Ont. Tom apprenticed with Liggett's in Toronto. With typical Scot- tish reserve, gives no hint of future plans, whatsoever they may be they will be well- thought out. Somehow we don't see Tom doing anything but well. William James Albert Dunn Alliston, Ont. Ab hailed from J. M. Pattorfs store of Alliston, Has an en- viable eye for female pulchri- tudeg would just as soon use my towel as his own. Tootles a trumpet with the best of themg pretty fair guy all round. Donald Taylor Dusten Dresden, Ont. Don worked with his Dad, R. R. Dusten of Dresden, and in- herits his father's happy dis- position. Fond of sports, par- ticipating in baseball, lacrosse and hockey. Gord Benson and Don got on together very well. Pharmacy Q ... at fa . A . iil I- Pharmacy .V ,. , Lf, ,ly W. 5- af . t 5 si Qin' f George Hubert Dyer Toronto, Ont. George acquired his profes- sional manner with V. R. Garnham of Long Branch. Takes a lot' of abuse from Judd, and lets it roll off. Plenty clever, and as member of House Committee, materi- ally furthered our interests at Hart House. Philip Eisner Toronto, Ont. Phil lugged packing boxes for W. Isaacson, Toronto. Claims that his heart isn't in drugs but you know that line. Likes photography, woodwork and reading. James Edward Evans Leamington, Ont. Good old Jim was Rexallized under the capable direction of W. H. Willson, Leamington. About 200 pounds of brawny, basso profundo and emulates Kreisler. He and Dunn usually perpetrated their woo pitching together. Earl Allan Farber CPHGIJJ Toronto, Ont. Earl worked with M. O. Peter- man, Toronto. Strongly in favour of Lambeth Walk, also engaged in basketball, volley- ball and baseball for the boys down here. Franklin Ewing Forsyth Orangeville, Ont. Frank worked with R. A. Mar- shall of Orangeville, before taking Toronto by storm. Regular whirlwind at lacrosse and baseball. Serving ably in furthering pharmacy's efforts in these departments, captain of the lacrosse team. Favours more botany for pharmacy. Constance Radcliffe Francis Swastika, Ont. Connie wrestled minersup in Timmins for S. B. Scobell. Has plenty of brains below those tresses, and is a strong de- fender of the North. Could almost write her own ticket in the drug trade-may grab off a medal. f172l ...I . , i X Murray M. Freedman Toronto, Ont. Murray was taught to dis- tinguish copper from bluestone by S. Lyons, Toronto. Intends to be a fireman after his two- year interval at pharmacy. Hobbies are fishing and sleep- 1ng. - Roy Ronald Gazen CPHCIJJ Toronto, Ont. Roy worked his apprenticeship out with Leonard Mehr, Tor- onto. Does not disclose his ambitions but very probably they will involve a drug store. Roy was also reporter on The Varsity, I, II. Homer Duncan Geddes Powassan, Ont. Homer put in three years with O. E. A. Elliot at Willowdale, Ont. Pretty genial sort-but rather evasive as to future plans, according to his own story, intends to "serve sour milk shakes". Jack Albert Gibbins Toronto, Ont. Jack was admitted to the mys- teries of the apothecary by V. S. Lynch of Toronto. Expects to have to work a little. Played soccer and volleyball. Other activities carried on after dark. Aaron Gordon CPIIIIJJ Toronto, Ont. Aaron worked his time out with Vic Himmelfarb, Toronto. His ambition indicates a lean- ing towards dancing and am- atory pursuits. Is also a ping- pong virtuoso. Desires to be a Master Pharmaceutical Chemist. I Ivan Robert Griffith Gore Bay, Ont. Ivan served his apprenticeship with Geo. R. McRae, Gore Bay. Curly, red-headed chap, al- ways cheery. Ivan has a clearly defined system with the ladies-loves 'em and leaves 'emg also a disciple of the terpsichord. .,, .Q if Donald Burton Harding Gananoque, Ont. Don strode the decks for W. E. Austin of Gananoque. Pretty handy man with the lacrosse stick and in the swimming pool. Served on Athletic Com- mittee. Pharmacy's Mutt and Jeff-Blight and Harding. Harold Harley Galt, Ont. Harold served his apprentice- ship with H. F. Cant in Galt. Seems to be a pretty handy guy. Will dig ditches and mix mortar with the best of them. Hopes to raise a family to carry on his drug business. Harold has also taken military training. Donald Hubert Harmer Ottawa, Ont. Preceptor-J. N. Harmer, Ot- tawa. Secretary of Senior Class. Specialty-the correct answer. Winner of First Junior Scholarship. Will make some lucky company an A1 analy- tical chemist. Richard Grant Henderson Drayton, Ont. Grant is a chip off the old block as far as occupation is concerned. Incompatibility- work. His future is certain and we wish him the best of luck. Grant tries to give all girls an even break. Member of Execu- tive I, II. Sports-ping pong. Kenneth Bruce Hogle Odessa, Ont. Weaned on a pestle by W. J. Hunter, Odessa. Incompatibil- ity-wakefulness. The O.C.P. Lochinvar who tells the little girls the answers. Future plan -to marry into money. Roger T. Holroyd Galt, Ont. Roger put in his three years with Geo. Dando of Galt. Was our college editor for Drug Merchandising. Also a pho- tography enthusiast associated with Toronto Camera Club and Hart House Camera Club. 44, Y. V J L .L 11733 Weldon B. Inch Weston, Ont. Weldon received sound in- struction from his father, Dr. Inch of Weston. Sports a car we all coveted. Indicates a liking for R.C.A.F. as well as drugs. Donald John Locke Jackson Cardinal, Ont. Acquired professional manner with D. E. Balrer, Cardinal, Ont. Endowed with consider- able pulchritude-could cut a swath if he wanted to. May take up flying. Very likeable chap is Don. William F. Jones Brampton, Ont. Bill enlisted with V. R. Dale of Brampton. What with vol- leyball, basketball, lacrosse, badminton, in addition to get- ting around socially, Bill's time has been pretty well taken up. Was also our official reporter for one of the drug journals. Dalton E. Joynt Laurentian View, Ont. Scrubbed the floor for J. B. Garrison, Ottawa. "Dalt,' very capably managed Pharmacy Volleyball Team II. Plans to see the world on a bicycle. Leo Ross Joynt Seaforth, Ont. Leo put in three years with Chas. Aberhart, Seaforth. This guy can absorb more notes in one night than anyone else in the college, could take the medal if he wanted to--maybe he will. Coulson B. Judd St. Thomas, Ont. Coulson was held in restraint for three years by his Dad, F. W. Judd, St. Thomas. Big, husky chap -constantly kid- ding. Ably represented the class to S.A.C. and member of Executive II. No one more popular down here. Chief de- light was teasing Lamb. Pharmacy , wt t i L. Pharmacy ,.,,,fs..,3 . ,. . ,.. .. . ..,..,..,., 51 W , . . 4 ,. 95 ' -0 I 1 A Sister St. Kyran Toronto, Ont. Served apprenticeship in St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto. Expects t-o utilize Phm.B. in hospital work. Donald Colin Lamb Toronto, Ont. Acquired knowledge of sym- metry with Frank Jones, Guelph. Likes to sketch and is darn good at it. Loves all girls-from a distance. Don has immortalized the expres- sion, "Isn't that awful?" Very cheery little gent-we like him. Eugene Tait Lamont Glencoe, Ont. Gene went to London to work for C. L. Martin there. Really fine looking chap-has brown eyes that women go for. Worked in Toronto during the summer. Should make a smart druggist. David Layefsky QPHIIJJ Toronto, Ont. Dave worked with M. Haber- man of Toronto. Hobby is electrical work and photogra- phy. Unlike Achilles, Dave's tender spot is the back of the neck. John Charles Lee Toronto, Ont. Jack worked with A. C. Loc- head, London, who must have had something on the ball. Doesn't disclose any future plans but will probably stick to drugs, which he knows darn well. Was a member of the C.O.T.C. and the U. of T. Rifle Association. Edward Charles Liscumb Haileybury, Ont. Ed served his apprenticeship with A. P. Knechtel of Hailey- bury. Still prefers the North to civilization-probably with good reason. Naturally is pro- ficient at winter sports-skat- ing and skiing. 51741 --:ff ,gy ' T , ff .52 4 l Q -I , . . ,,,. . we - A ,A , , V .' ' 3 2" - ' l I f . .S IS " I 2.1.1. ,ff If gv .Nfl .,.. .- e . , . .... .. ..,,, , mi . , , K Ray Price Livingston Barrie, Ont. Ray started his drug career with P. A. Knechtel of Hailey- bury. Good company and clever student. Another one of these guys who prefers not to discuss future plans-maybe a good idea, too. William Edward McAleese Toronto, Ont. Precepted with S. H. Andrews, Toronto. Constituents-a vari- able mixture of fun, sports and pharmacy. Ed is a real worker in every way, aiding the soccer and lacrosse teams, and well on the way to a captaincy in the army. Future plans de- pend on Hitler. William Bartholomew McCann Gravenhurst, Ont. Preceptor-C. J. Parritt, Gra- venhurst. Bill is another of those real boys. Compatibility -women. Soluble-1-1 of 90'Zp alcohol. Future-a little Mc- Cann. William T. McCarten Waterford, Ont. Bill apprenticed with L. A. Sovereign, Waterford. Great guy to have at a party-sings tenor like a Caruso, served efficiently on the Banquet Committee II. Bill is rather reticent about future plans, but he'll do all right. Jack R. McGaffey Windsor, Ont. Washed bottles for E. W. Au- gustine, Windsor. Fraternity- Shag Brothers. Interests - shagging, marriage, D.P.W. Alvin Vernon McKnight Toronto, Ont. Alvin put three years in with H. Waisberg, Toronto. Accord- ing to his own story, is affili- aated with Rho Dammit, Rho Fraternity and captained the college parlor rugby team. """'u William Howard McLachlan Virden, Man. Howard worked his time out with J. F. Ross of Toronto. Very elongated gent with a constant cheerfulness. Admits a liking for travel, golf and shooting, in addition to drugs. Louis Simon McLean Ottawa, Ont. Louis served his three-year period with Geo. Aiken of Ot- tawa. Likes photography in addition to being a clever student. Definitely expresses his intention of owning his own store. Neil Irvine McLennan St. Marys, Ont. Neil passed up an Arts Course in favour of the mortar and pestle, serving under W. R. Watson, Georgetown. Doesn't commit himself on future plans, but we can't see Neil doing anything but well. Stanley Francis McVey Fort Frances, Ont. Stan served his apprenticeship with G. G. Backer, Fort Frances. This lad holds the Senior Stick I, II. Blessed with broad shoulders he is pretty handy at any sport. Associated with soccer, basketball teams, also Athletic Representative. Intends to stick to the North. Ross Edward McWilliam Thamesford, Ont. Ross looked them over from behind P. H. Wray's counter, Toronto. Very clean-cut chap with agreeable personality. Has visions of making his pile and retiring early. Jean Emile Major Ottawa, Ont. Jack is one of our French- Canadians. Served his three- year period with A. F. Astley, Ottawa. This chap really means business. Hopes to continue his academic studies in Europe. Member of Newman Club. Best of luck to you, Jack. Harry Merrett St. Catharines, Ont. Met the spatula at St. Cath- arines. Introduced by R. J. Magness. Activities - Pharm. Committee I, II. Incompatibil- ities-early rising, dish-wash- ing. Interested in lacrosse and basketball. Serenades his new brunette with a saxaphone. Murray J. Morrison Hamilton Beach, Ont. Murray kept C. R. McBride of Hamilton at his wits end for three years. Likes to whoop it up occasionally in a genteel way. Any community that gets Murray for the local druggist will find it interesting con- stantly. Charles Albert Morton Beamsville, Ont. Bert was initiated into the drug realm by F. J. Thomson, Beamsville, Ont. Plenty of grey matter here - extremely well-read. Was associated down here with C.O.T.C., Hart House Glee Club, and Hart House Library Committee. George B. Noble Wellington, Ont. George put in his three years with L. P. Keane of Welling- ton, Ont. This chap is a pretty husky gent-plays a good game of hockey and baseball, having helped the old school in both departments, being Captain of the Hockey Team II. Michael John Notte North Bay, Ont. Mike hails from McDivitts store in North Bay. This chap is our number one piano vir- tuoso-what a touch. Carried this talent in the school's in- terest on the Hart House Music Committee. He is no slouch at drugs either. Elizabeth M. Palmer Port Arthur, Ont. "Betty" sat for three years on the lap of J. T. Stocks, Port Arthur. This Pride of the North just loves keeping house and cooking-or just loves. Compatibility - dates, parties. Known to all as a "Great Guy". Pharmacy Pharmacy if P 1 'tif' 'ff-W f . -f - Q if X.. ' tiki' R Fred. S. Park Windsor, Ont. Fred put in three years with R. F. Goodbrand of Riverside, Ont, A very likeable chap is Fred-good student and cheery. He and McGaffey team up to play Hcherchez la femme"- also very proficient bowler. Beatrice Edna Partridge Burk's Falls, Ont. Materially increased number of male customers for A. W. Part- ridge, Burk's Falls. Has very attractive smile. Likes skating, dancing and tennis. Has designs on the senior stick. John Waters Peacock Oshawa, Ont. Jack was reared pharmaceuti- cally by Jury and Lovell of Oshawa -must have good b o a rd i n g houses there. No slouch at the piano, classics and ballads rather than swing. Admits that his future is in the hands of the gods. William R. Perkins London, Ont. Bill is another London product coming from Cairncross. Not a forward chap in any wayg but really good-natured and good- hearted. Prefers that future plans be not published. Paschel Albert Pigeon Stratford, Ont. Pat put in his three years with H. M. Harwood, Stratford, Ont. Tall, fine-looking chap with an enviable head of hair, rather quiet, but genuinely friendly. Plays no favourites with sports -likes them all. George Pitcher Ayr, Ont. G e o r g e received instruction under W. E. Love of Ayr. An authority on aquatic sports and instruction in life-savingg also managed our Hockey Team. Ought to be and is clever. Roomed with Harmer. Really fine guy is George. 11761 r 5 ii' a w "Q, .. f Helyn Elizabeth Rayfield Huntsville, Ont. Helyn spent most of her life in Huntsville and worked out her apprenticeship there with R. J. Gilchrist. Very jolly sort and plenty clever. Helyn has future ambitions, but with feminine prerogative does not voice them. John Norman Redpath Nottawa, Ont. , Norm. jerked sodas with gusto for J. S. Wolfe, Toronto. Was a member of the Tappa-Nu- Keg Fraternity. Plans to marry into money--no widows. We wonder how he'll do it. J. Edward Rose London, Ont. Ed was tutored by R. Magee of London. Leans strongly to- ward sport. Played a lot of hockey in London as well as for Pharmacy. Member of Class Executive II. Mervyn Grant Rychman Hensall, Ont. Pharmaceutical start - Cairn- cross Drugs, London. Merve has the makings of a real druggist and plans to place his personality and skill in the hands of the public. Good luck, Mr. Rychman! Also has a mys- terious connection with the "G-Men". r John V. Schaffter Brantford, Ont. Jack ogled them for three years at Brantford with H. S. Tapscott. Not a very big gent, but his ambitions cover a lot of territoryg enjoys fondling the pasteboardsg likes tennis and sports. Hopes to get a five- hour day for druggists. Virgil Flock Schier Dunnville, Ont. Virg put his time in with J. W. Nodwell of Dunnvilleg put in the summer with Liggett's in Hamilton. Has a hankering for aviation, although expects to stick to drugs. 4. can W. 6 fa JI , .... .. " Jack Charles Schuyler Woodstock, Ont. Sold toothpastes and peanuts for F. Hyde, Woodstock. Was the ideal student and is going to be a pride of O.P.C. Intends to go to England via cattle- boat. Harry Wesley Seager St. Catharines, Ont. Harry practiced chromatic scales on his trombone in J. W. Ford's back-shop in St. Cath- arines. Member of the deadliest quartette of the year-if only that apartment could talk. Managed the Lacrosse Team capably-also captained B Bas- ketball Team. They don't come better than Harry. Anna Shaw Toronto, Ont. Anna lent charm to M. From- kin's store here in Toronto. Pretty solidly wrapped in drugs, but mentions dancing as an enjoyable pastime. Plans to conduct a modern apothecary shop. Gilbert A. Shaw Mimico, Ont. Gib worked his three years with A. Podolsky out in Mimi- co. Quite a joker is Gib. His red head was generally promi- nent in our little escapades. Doesn't give any information as to future plans. Donald Gibson Shepard Windsor, Ont. Don put in his time with G. McKinley, Walkerville. With admirable impartiality he di- vided his time equally between the Casino, skating, sleeping and homework. Hopes to ob- tain financial security via the altar. Louis X. Sherman Toronto, Ont. Put in apprenticeship with J. S. Charkoif, Toronto. Hopes to operate a drug store without "Kik"-hope he does. Pretty handy with the ping-pong bat. I1771 Harvey Schumacker Toronto, Ont. Broke his first graduate with C. Rapport, Toronto. We ex- pect Harvey to go a "long" way in the drug business. In- compatibilities - short pants, 9 o'clock lectures. Future plans --social parasite. Activities - reader of sports page. Gerald Victor Simmons Bloomfield, Ont. Gerry worked with C. D. Sills, Napanee, between band prac- tices. Plays slide trombone in Varsity Band, also C.O.T.C. Band. Expresses a very com- mendable ambition, 'iTo get the most out of life." No snob about Gerry-always a regular guy. William Charles Snelgrove Port Hope, Ont. Charlie served his apprentice- ship with Geo. Watson, Port Hope. Hopes to get along with minimum amount of work, which requires brains-and he's got 'em. Fond of bowling, bridge, also Nimrod and Isaak Walton disciple. Charlcs Edward Snowdon Toronto, Ont. Ted worked with H. S. Chees- man, Toronto. One of Phar- macy's Robert Taylors, drives a car much to the appreciation of the rest of the boys. Don't know what Ted intends to do, but wherever he locates, he ought to pull plenty of busi- ness from the ladies. John Clinton Spence Waterdown, Ont. A Westerner who came East. Worked for F. G. Niebel, To- ronto. Rather a quiet chap, but a thinker, as evidenced by his primary ambition expressed tersely and ascetically-"Be a daddy". Played basketball for the troops. William James Stubberfield Chatham, Ont. Bill strung along with C. J. Porter, Chatham. Took the sil- ver medal in first year and may have further plans in the same direction again. Bill is pretty well posted on photo- graphyg claims to have person- ally known "Uncle Tom". Pharmacy Pharmacy unsung ,... ,.. ., ,....,.,,s,.. David Joseph Sutherland Hamilton, Ont. Dave removed Hy-specks from W. J. Best's show cases for three years. Felt so good last summer that he became a Benedict-our heartiest, Dave. Has visions of becoming Patri- arch of a big clan. Participated in soccer, hockey and baseball. David Burgess Taylor Hamilton, Ont. Dave came from T. W. Thom- son's store of Hamilton. Ex- tremely attractive and person- ality to burn. Shows up very well on the platform or stage. Dave his his eye on a manu- facturing job. Was our Treas- urer II and played soccer. Elliott Stanley Tolan Niagara Falls, Ont. Worked with J. W. Meadows, Stamford Centre. Acquired his technique by watching honey- mooning couples at Niagara Falls. Won special recognition at college, thereby receiving honorary degree of "Miss Pharmacy"-We tried to con- ceal our envy. Ofliciated cap- ably on Banquet Committee II. Gordon Tolton Peterborough, Ont. Gordon laboured for R. L. Goulet of Forest Hill before appearing for a c a d e mic in- struction. Chief ambition di- vided betwe en sleeping and blondes, is also fond of swim- ming and fishing. Eric B. Toye Toronto, Ont. Eric worked with A. F. Cross, Toronto, Ont. Big tall guy with a cheery disposition. Knows his stuff, too. Played on our Soccer Team. Does not voice his am- bitions or prospects. Urna Grace Troup Niagara Falls, Ont. Lent grace to G. D. Troup's store, Niagara Falls. Diminu- tive and disturbing-merely has to snap the finger, and re- sistance melts. Very prettily donated a swimming trophy to the boys. Likes swimming, rid- ing, hunting and big-appling. 51781 X. .... ..f Lloyd Clayton Van Duzen Grimsby, Ont. Lloyd is a pro-duct of T. L. Dymont of Grimsby, who did a good job. One of our married men and with this associated responsibility, applied himself almost entirely to acquiring his Phm.B. Lloyd is sincere, clever and a good guy. William Melville Watts Kingston, Ont. Mel flourished under the tutor- ship of M. J. Peters of Ports- mouth. Cherishes the ambition of owning his own store- which he will conduct in typi- cal Watts fashion - meaning capably. Very friendly guy with a big heart. Frank Lyle Wickett Hamilton, Ont. Frank is a product of U. Camp- bell of Hamilton. Took his soc- cer seriously down here, and a very good job he ma-de of it. Interests fairly well confined to drugs. Another of these good-looking guys. Hugh Alex. Wilson Arnprior, Ont. Hugh spent three years with F. H. Weldon in Arnprior, Long and lanky, with an engaging grin. Hugh is pretty good with a snooker cue. Also is very fond of badminton and photo- graphy. Albert Earl Wolfe QPIICIJJ Toronto, Ont. Preceptor-S. S. Lean, Toronto. Synonym - "Aubie". Hobby- using his English accent. Ac- tivities-baseball, basketball. Alex Worobess Windsor, Ont. Al worked for H. Naish of Windsor. Plays the piano with vigour, also very good orator. Al has a yen for the north, where he will be prepared to dispense drugs or, if business is bad, will exercise his ton- sorial skill. wir' .izlouziekofcl Sience Household Sczence Jean Marion Clarke Toronto, Ont. Came to Varsity from Runny- mede C.I. Played on Household Science Basketball Team III. Plans to b-e a dress designer after attending O.C.E. next year. Eileen Ruth Elson Mt. Brydges, Ont. Another West China-er al- though born in Kobe, Japan, in times of peace. Arrived at Varsity via London Central C.I. and last but definitely not least, Macdonald Hall, lGuelph. Manager of Household Science Basketball Team III. Margaret Brenda Griggs Guelph, Ont. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Came to Varsity from Macdon- ald Hall. Member of House- hold Science Basketball Team. Madeleine Audrey Linton Toronto, Ont. Came to Varsity from Oak- wood C.I. Born in Gananoque. Enjoys sketching, music and summer sports. Catherine M. Nickle Kingston, Ont. Matriculated from Commis- sioner's High School, Quebec City. Came to Varsity from Macdonald Hall. Plans to do research work in foods. Marjorie Jean Northgrave St. Mary's, Ont. Matriculated from St. Mary's C.I. Another Mac. Hall girl who came down to Varsity to finish her course. f180l 5525- Frances Irene Richardson Vineland Station, Ont. A Macdonald Hall graduate, coming to Varsity to obtain her degree and become a full- fledged dietitian. Member of Household Science Basketball Team. Particularly interested in dietotherapy. Nora de Lille Robinson New Liskeard, Ont. CH Bibb Household Science Specialist. A product of the North. Cam-e from Macdonald Hall to enter third year Varsity. Was Torontonensis Represcn ta t iv e IV and President of Household Science Club IV. Florence Mary Silverlock Hamilton, Ont. Household Science Specialist. A native of Newfoundland. Came to Varsity from Memor- ial College, St. John's, to spend two years in Hutton House and one in an apartment, trying out favourite recipes. Spent summers in relaxation such as studying for supps, tennis, swimming and boating. Dorothea lla Stuart CAO Ill Toronto, Ont. Household Science Specialist. Came to Varsity from Jarvis C.I. and Macdonald Hall, Guelph. Intends to go to O.C.E. next year and then teach. Was active in fraternity, becoming President IV. f Doris Emily Zinkann Kitchener, Ont. A graduate of Moulton College, Toronto, and Kitchener C.I., she came to Varsity from Mac- donald Hall. Is interested in outdoor sports and indoor meals. . . - ' ' ' '.' '7' .f V-'Z-'1' fi"--"5w""'f""w7 T ' .,2'4-WI' iv: A. 12" ,mu L -1 ,, v ,ggummmfg ,,.,Q'v:'5 gN,,...r uK"2"- wifi ' W 5"-V 7, SM, 3 7.4.52 ,' " A 'f A' v .,, - If , .' ' ' , ' ' ff?" V235 v 'f --7mx"' .. V T I ' 1 W .' . .Ag Zi 'U he' -L fzex-5 f ' f' ' we 'f"" ' 2 r uf- ' ,V 1 all ,Q -ffif-f1'1'.'z-7-f s Xxgw, . ,,-.2 1' " 'ov 150 - , " . ,LJ 2 0 wa-auffiu-.,4Q - - - , Y W-psvgy M ......4fv 1 "fi-V, .A - ,, ,g,,,,, f. , 1' ,Mi i . ,Q W, . ,Lua ,Q N497 Y. . I-J si.: -W: ,f. ,wif ,.,,,N', .Q ,V,,5?' 9.41 ' I , , V ,' , A , -W . .MM . V A . V , Wm Q ,,.,,, Q .vi z , ,M ,M 44 ,if w 'A A , w M 4 , ,v qr, V' 'Q . . '. 4' pf Uv 'V' is N- A. V' - ' aww ,PW 4,1 fx, wff ,:AfG" "'W 7Q'?'fwv4 'J,Qaan!W.gj " "M, " -v -, V ff- . . - ' 5 Q ' " "' 4 Www' fm ,W N Y ' V QM if 4 4 ,K W - .5 - V A-9-ZSUGVL J 4' f J, VV- , - .... ,,,, ,W M-'vw , Viz? .4-WA .,.,,. , - .f , ' .40"a... V ' , ' 1-ay.: . ,A .r E-'SLO V ...frm 'fr .Ji ' '- ..- iw! 44" I 5 -4 ll A -5 C34 - vt I . f FI7 'J f 'L Q-- fix. L, 'v., 1 .KN 3 U Aix! I '-,- gf fr 'jj-r Q7 Ffffig tiff 'fig 'X' I x IWIYff'l'l"'l"A,l n1wv'al'llllvv'vuv-'li' . 4 'bi I , 'Y I l1811 ' .iv . 193' --ci .. .J 46:3 Y. wp 5: ,-fp , . . 'R .' ,C y f182j .ginciaf .gzience To the Graduating Class of Social Science By Professor A. E. Grauer. B.A., Ph.D. HE graduates of the Class of 1939 have seen extensions of the curricu- lum in Social Science that reflect the growing importance of the field of welfare in all its aspects, whether in the form of private effort, public legis- lation or industrial relations. It is more and more realized that nothing can more effectively strengthen our weakening social fabric than a constructive attack on the problems of human welfare. This growing realization occurs at a time when, partly because of inability to cope with social prob- lems, governments have been faced with a series of unbalanced budgets. Competitive armament-building is in- creasing the pressure on govern- mental budgets. It is possible there- fore that less rather than more money will be forthcoming for a constructive attack on social prob- lems, important as they are. This prospect makes the quality, perse- verance and vision of those entering the field of social welfare all the more vital. It is easy to make pro- gress when funds are plentiful. It is an entirely different proposition when appropriations for welfare are being curtailed. The Report of the Royal Commission on Penitentiaries shows how pressing are the prob- lems in one sector of the field of welfare. The whole field cries for leadership. Whatever kind of Work in welfare you may do, therefore, make sure that despite present difficulties you do not lose sight of the standards to which you are striving. It will be easy to give up the struggle and fall into a rut. It will be hard to continue fighting against apathy, ignorance and obstruction, especially from quarters where you have every right to expect support. But the latter course holds its own rewards. It is the Way not only of social but of personal salvation. f184j Eleanor Dorothy Albright Winnipeg, Man. Has a B.A. in psychology from University of Manitoba. In- terests include dramatics, girls' clubs, and men in top hats and tails. Spends summers enjoy- ing life and catching up on sleep lost during winters. Dis- likes rainy weather and being quiet. Gordon James Aldridge Toronto, Ont. Was graduated from Victoria College, 1938, having, unknown to himself, absorbed a few fragments of Sociology. Is try'- ing to balance a resultant warped ou-tlook on life with graduate work in Psychology. Looks bleakly at pseudo-face- tious morons who ask: "What is Social Science?" Frances Fenwick Ball CIVIJBD Cedar Springs, Ont. Graduated in English and French from the University of Western Ontario. Final year President of Social Science and S.A.C. Representative. Main ambition to supply official speech thankers for all occa- sions. Jessie Willard Batson Toronto, Ont. Born in Coldwater, Ont. Taught school in Port Arthur and Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Muriel Dorothea Bissell Guelph, Ont. Was graduated in Sociology from Victoria College, in 1937. Received M.A. in 1938. Ruth Eileen Bond CAFAJ Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Moulton College, Toronto. Graduate in Household Science, University of Toronto. 11851 Esther Bull Toronto, Ont. Absorbed early education in London, Eng. Later shunned books in favour of excursions to Europe and volunteer social work in the east end of Lon- don. Is impressed by Canada's scenery and the unconscious- ness of most of her inhabitants. Mary Sumner Burnham Toronto, Ont. Attended Trinity College and graduated in Modern History in 1936. Spent one summer or- ganizing playgrounds out of children and enthusiasm, but appears to spend most of her time sitting on the fence. William Haworth Bury, B.A. Olds, Alta. CATJ Graduated from the University of Alberta. Jean Elizabeth Christie Winnipeg, Man. QHBCIJJ Matriculated from Gordon Bell High School, Winnipeg, and graduated in Arts f-rom the University of Manitoba. In residence at Wymilwood while at Varsity. Barbara Cutting Peterborough, Ont. Was graduated in Sociology from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, class of 1938. Having discovered all Cana- dians do not live in igloos is slowly developing an interna- tional outlook. Margaret Janet Fleming Owen Sound, Ont. CIIFMD Born in Owen Sound, Ont. Graduated from Victoria Col- lege, University of Toronto, 1938. Social Science Vs l Social Science Reuben Goldstein Toronto, Ont. Came to Varsity from Harbord Collegiate. Graduated from University College in 1936. Outside interests include study groups in social problems and the organization of boys, clubs. Camp counselling takes up his summers. Future plans-group work -or personnel administra- tion. Doris Evelyn Johnson Toronto, Ont. Graduated in Sociology, Uni- versity College, 1938. Karl Dwight Kayler Cooksville, Ont. Born in Kingston, Ont. Ma- triculated from Humberside C.l., Toronto. Charles Norman Knight Toronto, Ont. , Born in Margat-e, England, ex- ported to Canada at a tender age, and has been go-ing vari- ous places ever since, includ- ing Varsity CVic. '34J and Vancouver and back by freight car. Net result-a prospective social worker with ambitions to own an airplane. Edith Margaret Lewis Ottawa, Ont. Graduated from Victoria Col- lege, University of Toronto, in 1937. f1861 :mv . , P ,wrath I I ,G I lg . . ,K W 2 r , X l its ,. if 333.2 we . . 5 . .rf ' . t . Q ..,. v ,1iW 1' x , 32 O' . . Q rift 1 , 'mg ., , ,.: 'ri i , N5 . - ' W 'QW 1 , f 'l ewan-i f - A Edith Gertrude McGruder Toronto, Ont. , Graduated in Pass Arts, Uni- versity -College 3T7. Secretary and member of Social Science Executive in first year. Future: hopes to travel around the world eventually. Gertrude Ruberta MacKay Maxville, Ont. Graduate of Queen's Univer- sity CB.A. '37D. Summer occu- pations have included volun- teer leader at fresh air camp, waitress at Highland Inn, Al- gonquin Park, and governess at Murray Bay, Que. In addi- tion to professional aims she admits an ambition to learn figure skating and to play a mandolin. Jessie Gertrude MacKay Saskatoon, Sask. Graduate in Arts, University of Saskatchewan, 1937. Blown east by the drought, and is now burnt up about the whole country. En route to becoming a social worker, spent spare time in settlement, Bolton Camp, S.C.M. National Execu- tive work and sports. Helen Leeming McMaster, B.A. Westmount, P.Q. Came to Toronto from Mon- treal in search of free speech and a diploma. S-till can't see anything the matter with Old McGill. On Scholarships Com- mittee of the Canadian Student Assembly. Member of Social Problems Club. Supporter of "causes". C '- Marion Finch Menzies Toronto, Ont. Born in North China and ma- triculated from the Canadian Academy, Kobe, Japan. Grad- uated from Victoria College in 1936, then took two years' post-graduate work in Theo- logy at Emmanuel College. A member -of the "Studentes Emeritae Victoriaen Club, S.C.M. and Student Volunteer Movement. f1 23" lllltldi 2 Margaret Ellspeth Messenger Bridgetown, N.S. Took her B.A. at Mt. Allison University. During a year at Varsity on an Exchange Schol- arship made the Varsity De- bating and Vic. Hockey and Baseball Girls' Teams. Hopes to get into phychiatric social work and also to travel around the world. Mary Evelyn Nixon Dominion City, Man. Graduate of Wesley College, Manitoba University. Member of the English Club, and De- bating Society. Interested in sports, and roars herself hoarse at hockey games. Intends to become a social worker. Has a bit of Irish wit and hopes to see Ireland at some future date. Edna May Quentin Toronto, Ont. Born in Kiating, China. Grad- uated in English and History, Victoria College, 1937. On staff of Toronto Children's Aid S0- ciety, summer 1938. Executive member, Toronto Student As- sembly and Secretary of the Varsity S.C.M. Council, 1938-9. Is also interested in settlement work. ' Doris Catherine Reuel Hamilton, Ont. Graduated in Honour Econ- omics at McMaster, where she delved into the mysteries of debating, editing, executive- ing and forming Women's Economics Clubs. Discovering at last that woman's place is in the home and not in the busi- ness world, her choice is Social Service. Nora Jean Rowe Toronto, Ont. Came to Social Science via U.C. On staff of Nathanael In- stitute, Toron-to, Church of England Mission, for several years. Active in S.C.M. and Toronto Student Assembly. General Manager of class co- operative tuck-shop. Attends meetings on almost everything on principle. 51871 Meryl Sapera Montreal, Que. Matriculated from Oakwood Collegiate, Toronto, and grad- uated in sociology at McGill University. Rose Senderowitz CIA Il D Toronto, Ont. Graduated in Sociology, Uni- versity of Toronto, 1938. Barbara Helen Smith Winnipeg, Man. Graduated from the University of Manitoba, in 1937. Repre- sentative on Studen-t Council there. Likes open spaces such as Kirkland' Lake and Sas- katchewan. Easily bored by in- telligent speeches and Theologs. Would like to be an opera singer but failing this plans to run an orphanage. Eleanore Lorraine Songhurst Toronto. Ont. Reached Varsity via Jarvis Collegiate. Graduated in So- ciology, Victoria College, 1938. Belongs to Sociology and So- cial Problems Clubs. Dorothea Tait CIIBIIJJ Winnipeg, Man. Born in Portage la Prairie, Man., matriculated from River- bend Girls' School, Winnipeg, and graduated in Household Economics, University of Mani- toba. Worked with Family Bureau of Winnipeg, summer 1938. Was in residence at Wymilwood while at Varsity. Social Science QF H881 -Q L..4 ..... .,. ...,, .,. f A 71:'m- -HC-in-as f 5 , . jr I 1 Q' 2 . -A naming To the Graduating Class of the School of Nursing By Miss E. K. Russell, B.A., B. Paed. OUR school has a message of congratulations and good wishes to offer to you as you approach graduation. In looking forward to the vicissitudes of life in this world of 1939, you know, already, that no smooth road lies ahead, but better than such easy promise is the hope that you are equipped for happy travel no matter what comes. In spite of all that obtains in World conditions, in spite of all fears and forebodings, my belief is that you have as much reason for optimism, as much promise of happiness as any young people have ever had, and certainly there has never been greater need for all that you have to offer of trained and disciplined service. Thus in its deepest values the future is in your own hands. All members of the staff join in sincerest Wishes for your good fortune throughout life. 51901 W g l"'l Elizabeth Hope Adams Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from the Bishop Strachan School. Outside in- terests-golf and tennis. Al- though eiiicient in any sphere of nursing is interested in the public health aspect. Adele Desiree Campbell London, Ont. Matriculated from London Central Collegiate. Interested in life. Fond of outdoor sports. Will continue her career in the field of Public Health on graduating. Sarah Georgina Gastle Milton, Ont. Matriculated from Milton High School. Special interest is music. Diversions are active sports and crafts. Was Class Representative II. Marion Grace Kent Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Parkdale Collegiate. Was Class Repr-e- sentative III. Likes swimming, riding, hiking, skating, etc. Hobby - very amateur photo- graphy. Ambition-to write a book called "Patients, and Patience". Would like to do public health work. Elizabeth Wilson Petrie Oakville, Ont. Matriculated f r o m Oakville High School. Interested in fine arts and travel. Specialty - operating room. 4 ta i 'P H. W .y, , wld? K W, ,M . 1,351 ' ti .ii .. j I ad I gg' - fd f ., ' ,ft . f M .322 Q h 1 V., , . 1 L ,I is X is f . i ff .Q Q '- . f A f 'ti' p H .. .-....., f19lj Ruth Audrey Priddle Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Humberside Collegiate Institute. Interested in dramatics and interpretive dancing. Would like to work in a Red Cross outpost. Spent her summers travelling. Beverly Elizabeth Rogers Peterborough, Ont. Matriculated from Peterboro Collegiate Institute. Activities included swimming, riding, reading and bridge. Played Basketball I. Was Secretary- Treasurer II and President III of the School of Nursing. In- terested in operating room work. Dorothy Evelyn Sparling Toronto, Ont. Born in Chungking, West China. Lived in Chengtu before coming to Canada. Matricu- lated from Alma College, St. Thomas. Took a sabbatical year at Varsity in Victoria College, Pass Course 3T9g Class Rep- resentative I. Diversions- dancing and oth-er forms of light entertainment, good books and music. Frances Margaret -Taylor Burlington, Ont. Matriculated from Burlington High School. Enjoys any sports. Would like to do public health work. Betty May Thom Regina, Sask. Matriculated from Regina Cen- tral Collegiate. Likes swing music and dancing. Was Vice- President of School of Nurs- ing II. Would like to be an air hostess. fi' N ursing L.... ,.,......,7 ,f" . sr , 4,- ff' 'V as, we B sri' . ,J X S. V 531 'Q fn A. vu! l192j -'fp' VR-it 7,-fb.-' ,iyafyr cculaafionaf .7Aeralag fglggriiofkeralag Occupatzonal Therapy Joan Agar Burkis Falls, Ont. Came from the great North country into the throes of city life, but knew her way around, even though the baby of the O.T. Class. Member of the N.B.N. Club and spent two ye a rs in residence - Addison and Waldie House. Her weak- nesses - short boys and big breakfasts. In the summer, in- terned in a mental hospital. Pamela Anglin Westmount, Que. Born in London, England. Ma- triculated from King 's Hall, Compton, and attended Queen's University for three years before coming to Varsity. Elizabeth Kathleen Campbell Richmond Hill, Ont. Born in Delhi, Ontario, but matriculated f r om Richmond Hill High School. At t e n d e d Tr init y for one year. Spent summer as a Norfolk tobacco- hand and interne in an Ontario h o s p it al. Interests: amateur gardening, handicrafts, the Muses and skiing. Dorothy Vernon Despard Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Havergal College. Went to live in Win- nipeg, and attended the Uni- versity of Manitoba for two years. Returned to Toronto, and enjoyed one of the most interesting courses at the Uni- versity. Ambition is a success- ful career in her chosen pro- fession. Jean Elizabeth Doyle St. Catharines, Ont. Came to Varsity from St. Catharines C.I. In residence at Hutton House I, Loretto Col- lege II. Hopes to graduate and to interne in a mental hospital somewhere in the North-West. Marion I. Elliott Agincourt, Ont. Attended Agincourt Continua- tion School and Scarboro Col- legiate Institute. I nt e re s t s- music, handicrafts, sports. Lived in Waldie House II. 51943 .,:, f QI 'fe if S331 f -xc film Y rw MM, gp' ye If 111,1 11 Josephine M. Forbes Chemainus, B.C. Born in England, grew up in Victoria and vicinity. Is en- thusiastic about the East, but still faithful to the West. Am- bition is to be a good therapist -probably in the mental field -and live happily ever after- ward. Dorothy May Harris Toronto, Ont. Came to Varsity from Bishop Strachan School. Is a member of Bishop Strachan Chapter, I.O.D.E. Spends summers at Port Credit. Interests: handi- crafts and books. Nora Kathleen Henderson Port Nelson, Ont. Born in Lethbridge, Alberta. Came to Varsity following ma- triculation from the Bishop Strachan School, Toronto. In- terested in music of all types, dancing and sports. Anxious to succeed in profession and to see the world at home and abroad. Martha Elizabeth Hobson Burford, Ont. Attended Burford High School and matriculated from there. Interested in photography, music, literature and people. A convener in Burford Y.P.C.U., 1934-35 and 37. Likes going to summer camps and spending holidays at home. Barbara Mary Malcolm Hope Pembroke, Ont. Born in Littlehampton, Eng- land, and attended Perth and Pembroke Collegiates b e f o r e coming to Varsity. Seems to have a knack for getting elect- ed to social committees. In- terned at the Ontario Hospital, Kingston, but is most anxious to do Work along orthopedic lines, and some day to go back and hike around England. Audrie C. Hughes St. Mary's, Ont. ' Attended St. Mary's High School, where she excelled in the literary field. Abandoned a journalist's career at Western for the broader field of therapy in Toronto. Made good use of life in residence and presided as head of Waldie House. Noted for her youthful exuberance and poetic license. t m ., A , H r 'no' Larissa Krasnodubsky Montreal, Que. Born in Montreal. Attended High School there for four years and obtained matricula- tion at Oakwood Collegiate. Quite a linguist-speaks French, Russian, Polish, Ukra- nian fluently, and, of course, English. Ambition to win the Irish Sweepstake and not have to work. A. Phyllis McLean Barrie, Ont. Matriculated from Barrie Col- legiate Institute and attended Ontario Library School. Was an assistant librarian in the Barrie Public Library till en- tering Occupational Therapy. Interested in books, music and badminton. Margaret Elinore Marshall Stouffville, Ont. Born in Toronto, but matricu- lated from Markham High School. Enjoyed Varsity and felt the O.T. course offered op- portunity for a useful position in the community. Recreations were music and outdoor sports, especially swimming. A m bi- tion is to travel and see the world. Eileen Neuard Rider Collingwood, Ont. Came to Varsity from Colling- wood C.I. Engaged in Univer- sity Settlement work II. Likes outdoor sports of all kinds- especially ice-skating. Worked in the summer as a waitress in a summer hotel. Intends to use Occupational Therapy to its fullest extent as a vocation. Isobel M. Robinson Hamilton, Ont. Came from McMaster Univer- sity after a long, hard struggle of four years. Her ideal is a life devoid of study, ambition is travel, ad infinitum, and weakness is unusual stories. 51951 Occupational Therapy Nell L. Roy Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from O a k w o o d C.I. Spent summer in teaching handicrafts at a summer play- ground and as interne at On- tario Hospital, Whitby. Hopes to succeed in General Hospital work. Interests: people, music, craftwork and books. Toronto- nensis Representative II. Edith Madeleine Sirett Portsmouth, Ont. Came to Varsity from Kings- ton C.V.I. Resided in Addison House and Tait House while attending the University of Toronto. Pauline H. B. Tancock Burlington, Ont. Gave up a career in the busi- ness world to become a thera- pist. Ultimate aim-Ua useful career of service". Immediate aim-"Fun in form of dates and more dates". Latter was realized by two years of resi- dance life-Addison House I and Waldie House II. "Loves of Her Life"-"Scottie Dogs" and "Bran Muffins". Eula Janet Theal Dunnville, Ont. Matriculated fr o m Dunnville High School. Lived in Hutton House and Waldie House while at College. Class President I, II, Secretary of House II. In- terests: music, sports, crafts. Helen E. Wyllie Scarborough Bluffs, Ont. Came to Occupational Therapy from Victoria 3T6. Interests are ubiquitous and future is unknown. Hopes to be a good therapist in a sanatorium or work-shop. W 'H V Tix , Physiotherapy ,X,, as , ,4, Q Qq A f , f' w1Z Jean Burgess Atkinson CKAOJ Embro, Ont. Came from Woodstock C.I., picking up a B.A. and Senior "T" at University College on the way to Physiotherapy. Played on the Physiotherapy Basketball Team. Future plans, settled. Frances Burrell Auston Toronto, Ont. Born in Lindsay, Ont. She came into Physiotherapy from Harbord C.I., Toronto. Constance Julia Barber Toronto, Ont. Graduated from Vaughan Road Collegiate Institute. Class Ex- ecutive, Secretary Treasurer II. Viola Cecelia Barry Winnipeg, Man. A person of adaptability, she has claimed habitat in the east for the past four years, with, however, the unquenchable de- sire of all Westerners to return to the plains of the middle west. Ambition-to travel ex- tensively, "expressly in pursuit of physiotherapy". Marjorie Etoile Bird Low Banks, Ont. ' Arrived on the scene at Low Banks, Ont., where she con- tinued to exist until she finally escaped to Varsity. Her future depends on two things-can you imagine anything but physiotherapy? "One never knows, does one?" l196j 'L A73 wvf Gladys Mary Boyd Regina, Sask. Matriculated from Regina Cen- tral Collegiate. Lived in Hut- ton House I. Hopes to gradu- ate after which-West again, and children's work. Barbara Irene Brown Edmonton, Alta. Lived in Hutton House I. Lo- retto College II. Class Presi- dent I. Intends to continue her work in the Wes-t, but hopes to keep contact with the East. Helen Nelles Burnham, B.A. Toronto, Ont. Born in Edmonton, civilized in Toronto, and polished at Trin- ity before entering Physiother- apy. Distinguished by an ami- able smile and ambling gait. Played Basketball I, II. Was Athletic Representative I and Torontonensis Representative II. Ilene Winifred Grant Regina, Sask. Although a staunch defender of the West, disagrees with certain famous lines of Kipling and confesses that there is something about the East that gets you. Future plans, to see more of Eastern Canada. Chief interest-arriving at anatomy tutorials on time. N.B.-Should never be taken for granted. Constance Neville Hamilton Winnipeg, Man. CFIIJBD Born in Winnipeg, she came East to matriculate from Hat- tield Hall School, then back West for a year at the Univer- sity of Manitoba, and East again to finish up with physio- therapy. Her residence was St. Hilda's Collegep W Lois Mildred Haslam Charlottetown, P.E.I. Took her B.Sc. from the Uni- versity of Saskatchewan in 1937, following which she mi- grated East to continue her educational endeavours in Physiotherapy. Played Basket- ball I and was Athletic Repre- sentative II. Marion I. Huddart Toronto, Ont. Came to Varsity via Runny- mede C.I. and Humberside C.I. Favourite pastime-"doodling". Hopes to travel, but future plans are indefinite. Jean Hilda Keefe Toronto, Ont. Came to Varsity from Hum- berside C.I. Secretary-Trea- surer of Class, and Social Convener of Physiotherapy Club Ig Class President and Representative on Basketball Club II. Played Basketball I, II. Favourite saying: "I've got to meet a girl at the Grads." Marian Louise Martin Regina, Sask. All the way from Regina, Sask. after matriculating from Cen- tral Collegiate there. Lived at Hutton House, U.C. I, at Wal- die House V.C. II. Interned at Toronto General Hospital dur- ing the past summer. Still thinks there is no place like the West to "round up" a few patients. f197j Merle Agnes Parkin Regina, Sask. Onset-Born at Regina, Sask. Development-Attended Con- naught Public School. Matric- ulated from Scott Collegiate. Present illness-Physiotherapy. Diagnosis-'? ? ? ? Prognosis -Hopeful. Margaret Mary Gertrude Pirt Winnipeg, Man. Maintaining: "Variety is the spice of life," she intends to emulate many who have gone before, to see the world via Physiotherapy. Chief inter- est-making tentative plans subject to change at any time. Ambition-to meet an East- erner who does not believe that the West is in the Arctic circle. Josephine 'Louise Tock Toronto, Ont. Came to Varsity from Jarvis C.I. Secretary-Treasurer of Physiotherapy Club Ig Presi- dent of Physiotherapy Club Ilg Manager of Basketball Team II. Favourite saying: "Let's eat!" Future ambitions are to hear rhumbas in Spain, eat spaghe-tti in Italy, and tour England via Physiotherapy! Physiotherapy is 3 f 'W X J' E ii I I I i 1 1 f X XX,X X N f .Sv ,f W W' W Q ,w M fxmji ,wx 5 M A' N- wwf WC V7 . W Ag . ,f .Q f NW 1 , , x f N f Y ,, W ' Nix i ' x x, x , xx X 1 1 Q, , ,wwf QQ S pawm xf h , 4 .iw Af 4' 17. x 06, M ,X S gx L jf!! 34 24' COURTYARD FIGURE f2oo1 ff ",'. I ig 'Ng r 'NE arf .jwlouae 'fan . my . 'RJ fb ff ff: JV. 3. . I J , , SZ, fm , my Hart House THE FOUNDERS' PRAYER "The Prayer of the Founders is that Hart House, under the guidance of its Warden, may serve in the generations to come the highest interests of this University by drawing into a common fellowship the members of the several Colleges and Faculties, and by gathering into a true society the teacher and the student, the graduate and the undergraduateg further, that the members of Hart House may discover within its walls the true education that is to be found in good fellowship, in friendly disputation and debate, in the conversation of wise and earnest men, in music, pictures and the play, in the casual book, in sports and games and the mastery of the body, and lastly, that just as in the days of war this House was devoted to the training in arms of the young soldier, so in the time of peace its halls may be dedicated to the task of arming youth with strength and suppleness of limb, with clarity of mind and depth of understanding, and with a spirit of true religion and high endeavour." Hart House is so called in memory of the late Hart Massey. Begun in 1911, it was completed in 1919 and presented, fully equipped, to the University of Toronto by the Trustees of the Massey Foundation. To the Hon. Vincent Massey, Vice-Chairman of the Massey Foundation, is due the idea of Hart House, as well as the form it assumed under his personal supervision. From the autumn of 1914 until November, 1918, it was used for military purposes and within its walls thousands of men were trained for service overseas. On the first anniversary of the Armistice f11th November, 19191 Hart House was formally opened by His Excellency the Duke of Devonshire, who was at that time the Governor-General of Canada. Mr. Henry Sproatt and Mr. Ernest Rolph were the architects of the building which comes as near to meeting the requirements of the ideal house for student activities as any on this continent or perhaps in the world. In its widest interpretation Hart House, which is for the use of men only and is non-residential, seeks to provide for all the activities of the under- graduate's life which lie outside the actual lecture rooms. Architecturally of great beauty and built round a quadrangle, Hart House is unique in that it houses under one roof a finely proportioned hall, common-rooms of every description, a library, debates room, music room, a small chapel together with rooms for the use of the Student Christian Movement, an art gallery, a print room and an arts and crafts room, photographic rooms, a billiard room, squash racquets courts, an indoor rifle range, senior common-rooms for both faculty and graduate members, a few bedrooms for guests, ofiices of the Comptroller's department, the office and private rooms of the Warden and in the athletic wing an upper and lower gymnasium both admirably equipped, separate rooms for boxing, wrestling and fencing, an indoor running track, a room for rowing practice, a large swimming pool and the offices of the Financial Secretary of the Athletic Association, the Director of Athletics and the Director of Medical Services for men students. Below the quadrangle is a fully equipped theatre with foyer, green room, dressing rooms, wardrobe and the office of the Director of the Theatre. Every male undergraduate of the University is required to be 'a member of Hart House towards the upkeep of which he pays an annual fee of twelve dollars. The House has no endow- ment and these fees are its chief source of revenue. The gymnasia, swimming pool and locker rooms are under the control and direction of the Athletic Directorate through Mr. T. A. Reed, Financial Secretary of the Athletic Association. f2021 The care of Hart House and its welfare have to a large extent been entrusted to the undergraduates themselves. There are a number of Standing and Special Committees, the personnel and duties of which, subject to the authority of the Board of Stewards, are as follows: HOUSE COMMITTEE The House Committee is the senior of the stand-ing committees with supervision over the activities of the House and general control of the Great Hall, the kitchens and the tuck shop. The billiard room and barber shop are under its care and it is also responsible to the Board of Stewards for seeing that the structure and equipment of the House are kept in good repair. The annual elections of the committees of Hart House are also under the manage- ment of this committee. The members of the House Committee for 1938-1939 are: Professor W. J. T. Wright, Chairman, the Warden, Professor T. M. C. Taylor, Mr. W. H. Bilbrough, graduate representative, the Comptroller, the Assistant Comp- troller, E. W. Wallace, Jr., Ontario College of Education representative, D. W. Morison, Athletic Association representative, F. Deacon, G. H. Dyer, J. J. Fitzpatrick, B. H. B. Hallam, H. E. L. McLaughlin, F. A. O'Dea, H. G. Ronson, J. O. S. Smith, C. S. Wright and C. R. Silversides, Secretary. f2o31 LIBRARY COMMITTEE The library in Hart House is recognized as one of the most beautiful rooms in the whole building. In accordance with the idea of the Founders, the Library Committee has for the past ten years been engaged in the building up of a collection of books such as might be found in a good private library and! the room has always been a popular resort for all who like to spend their leisure hours reading the casual book. At present there are about five thousand volumes on the shelves about half of which are fiction, while the rest are composed chiefly of biography, history, languages and general literature. Additions to the library are made at regular intervals and the activities of the committee are mainly centred around the selection of new books for purchase. This year two library evenings were held at which the speakers were Bertram Brooker, well-known artist and author and Gilbert Norwood, professor of Classics at University College. The Library Committee is also responsible for the selection of periodicals for use in the reading-room and in this department of the House a wide range of weekly journals may be found. The members of the Library Committee for 1938-1939 are: Professor C. Lewis, Chairman, the Warden, Professor N. J. Endicott, Mr. D. C. Wells, graduate representative, R. A. J. Phillips, curator, H. L. Aboud, W. W. Barrett, W. T. Boddy, G. A. Delhomme, D B. Hicks, R. E. F. Jones, C. A. Morton, J. L. Orr, R. L. Whitelaw, W. B. Wood, and S. McClatchie, Secretary. MUSIC COMMITTEE The Sunday Evening Concerts this year were given by the following artists: The Hart House String Quartet, J. Samaloff, pianist, George Lambert, baritone, and Dr. Frederick Sylvester, organist, Norman Wilks, pianist, Emmy Heim, mezzo-soprano, Margaret Brown, pianist, the Hart House Glee Club with George Lambert, baritone, and the Pipes Group, and Viggo Kihl, pianist. The usual series of Friday Afternoon Recitals took place from October to the end of February. Songsters were again held on certain Sunday evenings during the year in the music room and were directed by J. Campbell-Mclnnes. L2o41 l w l The Friday midday sing songs continued to be as popular as in other years under the able leadership of G. Ross Workman. On these occasions men gather after lunch in the east common-room to sing under Mr. Workman's direction. ' An interesting development this year in the musical life of the House has been the formation of the Pipes Group. During the academic year 1937-1938 Professor H. R. Kemp instructed a number of undergraduates interested in the making of reed pipes which instruction he resumed in November, 1938, organizing classes in the evening. Mr. Weldon Kilburn was appointed con- ductor and the first rehearsal of this group took place in the music room on Thursday, 12th January, 1939, with twenty men present. At the Sunday Evening Concert given by the Glee Club, on 26th February, the Pipes Group gave two short items on the programme. The members of the Music Committee for 1938-1939 are: Professor M. D. C. Tait, The Warden, Dr. A. M. Wynne, Sir Ernest MacMillan, Mr. F. R. MacKelcan, graduate representative, T. K. Cragg, M. Fleming, R. A. Greig, W. R. Grinnell, C. H. Holmes, J. R. Maybee, M. J. Notte, R. L. Riddell, W. H. Simpson and G. J. Millar, Secretary. . GLEE CLUB COMMITTEE Under the enthusiastic direction of Dr. Charles Peaker the Glee Club had a most successful year. They assisted at the Armistice Day service, were present at an evening service at Deer Park Church, sang at the S.C.M. carol service in Knox College Chapel and gave a carol programme at lunch time in the Great Hall just before Christmas. This carol programme was heard by C.B.C. representatives and as a result the Glee Club went on the air the following day from 1.30 p.m. to 1.45 p.m. in a coast-to-coast broadcast. The C.B.C. announcer began by describing the Great Hall which at the time was full of undergraduates having lunch, the programme thus being given in a setting characteristic of Hart House. The Glee Club also gave a Sunday Evening Concert and were invited by the Alumni Federation to sing at Alumni Night in the Great Hall, providing a most satisfactory close to the year's activities. The members of the Glee Club Committee for 1938-1939 are: Professor H. R. Kemp, Chairman, the Warden, Mr. E. A. Ricker, graduate representative, Dr. Charles Peaker, Conductor, the Secretary of Hart House, G. J. Millar, N. J. Abbott, J. C. Bain, K. R. Cowan, W. G. Weare and A. E. A. Ongley, Secretary. 52051 ART COMMITTEE The activities of the Art Committee include the holding of exhibitions in the gallery and the print room, the administration of the arts and crafts room, the management of art classes and the occasional purchase of pictures. The Graduating Year of 1939 presented "Ice Harvest" by Henri Masson to the collection of Canadian pictures owned by Hart House. The exhibitions during 1938-1939 have included the work of Lawren Harris, Jr., Charles Goldhamer, Clarence Chong, Lemoine Fitzgerald, Pro- fessor M. S. Osborne, Goodridge Roberts, Kathleen Daly and George Pepper, photographs by Andrew McDougall as well as the annual exhibition of photo- graphs arranged by the Camera Committee, the work of undergraduate mem- bers, the work of senior members and members of the faculty and an exhi- bition in April consisting entirely of work carried out at the art classes through the winter. On several occasions noon hour reviews of exhibitions were given by the artists concerned. Mr. Charles Comfort gave an interesting criticism of the display by undergraduate members of Hart House. This year for the first time the art classes and the work in the arts and crafts room have been combined under one instructor. Mr. Gordon Webber, whose skill and enthusiasm as an art teacher are well-known in Toronto, acted in this capacity. Eleven pictures from the Hart House collection were lent for the "Century of Canadian Art" exhibition which took place in the Tate Gallery in London and was opened by H.R.H. the Duke of Kent, on 15th October. The Toronto Art Gallery and Hart House were the third largest exhibitors at this important all Canadian exhibition which is in itself a tribute to the good judgment and skill of those who in the past have purchased pictures for Hart House. Three other pictures owned by Hart House were sent on loan to the California World's Fair. The members of the Art Committee for 1938-1939 are: Professor H. R. MacCallum, Chairman, the Warden, Mr. R. G. Riddell, Dr. D. M. Tanner, graduate representative, D. J. Van Wyck, Keeper of the Prints, W. W. Arm- strong, W. B. Burwell, T. C. Daly, J. F. Freeman, R. S. Harris, F. J. Hinds J. L. McFarland, G. A. Northgrave, D. R. Warren and J. W. Barnes, Secretary. 3 CAMERA COMMITTEE The Camera Committee, which is a special committee of Hart House, is responsible for the management of the dark rooms, the care of photographic equipment and the general encouragement of photography among the members of the House. The annual exhibition of photographic work by members of the House, arranged by this committee, took place in January, when ninety- five prints were hung and nearly double that numfber submitted. Each year the committee selects from its annual exhibition a few outstanding prints for a permanent collection owned by Hart House. Each fall the committee makes an effort to encourage beginners in the use of club equipment and instruction classes are given by various members. The interest in photography has increased from year to year and the Com- mittee were forced this fall to give serious attention to the accommodation in the camera rooms. The members of the Camera Committee for 1938-1939 are: Professor A. F. Coventry, the Warden, Mr. B. C. Matson, graduate representative, the Assistant Comptroller, M. A. Ashworth, Q. R. Ball, E. S. W. Belyea, J. J. Brown, M. McMurray, A. J. L. Solway and L. M. Hampson, Secretary. 12061 w 1 x SQUASH RACQUETS COMMITTEE The Squash Racquets Committee, near the close of the present academic year, became a standing committee of Hart House by authority of the Board of Stewards. This committee is responsible for the general control of the squash courts and the arrangement of tournaments with outside clubs. In addition to the two tournaments for members-the Inter-Faculty and the Individual-Hart House was represented in the Canadian Squash Racquets Championship at Ottawa, in February, and in the Ontario Squash Racquets Championship at Hamilton, in March. In the course of the year team matches were played with the Carlton Club, the Buffalo Downtown Y.M.C.A., the Hamilton Squash Club and the Hamilton Thistle Club. The classes for beginners and the team practices were continued this year and have resulted in great enthusiasm for the game and a-continued high standard of play. The members of the Squash Racquets Committee for 1938-1939 are: Mr. A. B. Fennell, Chairman, the Warden, R. Richmond. graduate representa- tive, J. R. Kirkwood, C. S. Lazier, H. S. Wainberg, M. A. Wilson, C. J. Seagram and J. A. Mullin, Secretary. f2071 DEBATES COMMITTEE On 31st January, 1924, the first debate ever held in Hart House took place. This debate was on the open parliamentary system, special Rules of Procedure being drawn up by the committee. The debates room in Hart House was arranged as far as possible similar to the Provincial or Federal House. After the four speakers "on the papern had finished their speeches the debate was open to any member who having caught the Speaker's eye might then rise and address the House. At 10.30 p.m. the House divided on the motion. The aim of Hart House debates is to encourage real debating in contrast to the competitive system by which speeches are carefully prepared for weeks beforehand and also to encourage among undergraduates an interest in public affairs. Resolutions discussed during the past year were "That this House has confidence in Mr. Chamberlain's foreign policyn, "That in the opinion of this House the maintenance of the British Empire is a barrier to progress", "That in the opinion of this House fraternities are a bad thing", "That this House has confidence in the present administration of the City of Toronto" and "That in the opinion of this House an expansion of federal powers over social services by amendment of the British North America Act will advance the cause of Canadian unity". Among visitors who have spoken "on the paper" or from the floor of the House are the Hon. E. C. Drury, G. S. Ewart, K.C., the Rt. Hon. W. L. Mackenzie King, the Hon. J. W. Nickle, K.C., the Hon. Hugh Guthrie, the Hon. Manning Doherty, the Hon. G. Howard Ferguson, Miss Agnes Macphail, M.P., E. J. Garland, M.P., the Hon. G. S. Henry, the Hon. Ernest Lapointe, J. S. Woodsworth, M.P., the Rt. Hon. R. B. Bennett, the Hon. H. H. Stevens, Professor Stephen Leacock, the Hon Major C. G. Power and the Hon. Norman McL. Rogers. The members of the Debates Committee for 1938-1939 are: Professor C. A. Ashley, Chairman, the Warden, Professor V. F. Coe, Mr. G. A. McGil- livray and Mr. J. L. Stewart, graduate representatives, H. J. Beveridge, J. George, P. Gorman, F. N. A. Rowell, C. G. Sanderson, J. A. Seed, G. W. W. Stoddart and R. G. Allen, Secretary. GRADUATE COMMITTEE The Graduate Committee which is a Special Committee of Hart House is responsible for the activities of the senior members. Dinners held at certain intervals throughout the year and the Graduates Ball which takes place on New Year's Eve are organized by this committee. It has a general supervision over the graduate athletic activities as well as the graduate dining-room and sitting-room. The committee is elected at the annual meeting of senior members of Hart House in March of each year. Not only has the senior membership steadily increased this year but there has been a far wider interest in the athletic programme planned by the corn- mittee. A very large number of members have regularly attended the exercise classes and the basketball and baseball games. The golf classes have also attracted a steady attendance and the Revolver Club, in its third year, has developed an enthusiastic membership. The members of the Graduate Committee for 1938-1939 are: Mr. A. M. Bell, Chairman, the Warden, A. E. S. Bolton, A. S. Burton, J. L. Grogan, R. H. Hillery, J. A. McLaren, E. L. Medcalf, C. H. Vinnels, the Comptroller, the Assistant Secretary and H. J. Sissons, Secretary. 52081 BOARD OF STEWARDS The Board of Stewards is the governing body of Hart House and is so constituted as to include among its numbers the secretaries of the Standing Committees and representatives of the chief organizations in Hart House. Subject to t-he superior authority of the Board of Governors of the University the direction, management and administration of Hart House, including matters of discipline, are entrusted to the Board of Stewards. The Board is assisted by a Finance Committee which makes recommendations with regard to financial matters. The general supervision of the whole House is entrusted to the Warden who is appointed by the Board of Governors of the University and is ex-officio chairman of the Board of Stewards. He is assisted by the Comptroller of Hart House, J. R. Gilley, S.P.S. '21, the Assistant Comptroller, W. R. Cowan, S.P.S. '24, the Secretary of Hart House, H. J. Sissons, Victoria '37, and the Assistant Secretary, E. A. Wilkinson, Victoria '38, The members of the Board of Stewards for 1938-1939 are: The Warden, Chairman ex-officio ,the Rev. Dr. H. J. Cody, the Hon. Vincent Massey, repre- sentative of the Board of Governors, Professor H. Wasteneys and Professor K. B. Jackson, representatives of the President, Mr. T. A. Reed, Financial Secretary of the Athletic Association, A. G. Burns, Faculty Union, A. M. Bell, Graduate Committee, A. J. Coleman, Student Christian Movement, J. P. N. Holden, Athletic Directorate, L. N. Earl, Students' Administrative Council, C. R. Silversides, House Committee, S. McClatchie, Library Committee, G. J. Millar, Music Committee, J. W. Barnes, Art Committee, R. G. Allen, Debates Committee and J. R. Gilley the Comptroller, Secretary. ' 52093 THE STUDENT CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT The religious life of Hart House is under the guidance of the men's Secretary of the Student Christian Movement, the Rev. Dr. Wilfred Lockhart, who has his offices in Hart House. The Chapel is always open for private prayer and meditation and there are weekly services during term and a monthly celebration of Holy Communion. A series of addresses are arranged in the music room after lunch and this year the speakers were the Rev. J. D. Parks, Mr. H. Y. Chang, Dr. R. C. Wallace, Mr. K. R. Wilson, the Rev. F. H. Cosgrave, Dr. James Parkes, G. Raymond Booth, the Rev. George Fallis, Mr. J. B. Bickersteth, the Rev. John Frank, Dr. Harold Young, Sir Robert Falconer, Professor John Dow and Dr. J. R. B. Sclater. Under the auspices of the S.C.M. a number of visitors have given addresses in the University including Lyman Hoover, Conrad Hoffman, Gregory Vlastos, and three delegates from the Madras Conference held in India. The outstanding event of the year was "The Religion and Life Week", in March, when Dr. Howard Thurman of Howard University, Washington, D.C., was present in the University for a week and conducted what amounted to a University "mission". The week opened with a special service in Convoca- tion Hall on Sunday, 5th March, and during the following five days Dr. Thurman spoke in Wycliffe College Hall, which was packed with under- graduates to hear him. He also addressed many other special meetings in the colleges and faculties and also in Hart House. It is too early to estimate the result of this admirable effort of the S.C.M. to present the Christian challenge to undergraduates but there can be little doubt that it will be found to have stimulated the religious life of the University as a whole. fzioj asf: 1- 1 - i1'fffGfLv",- - 02 ffiiik V" , , ffl' ' , ' ' ' f'2Fjf"s4"g5z1w: ,V I-2f:f'379.w"'f'r Q?'.iff'1"-55141579 ' Tffil ' 'M -' -'fy N , ' 'L ' ' if " ' x f.. 5' l2111 52121 niuemifg Urganizafionfi STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL Fourth Row: COULSON B. JUDD, Pharmacy, H. M. BAILEY, Emmanuel, JAMES A. PARISH, Dentistry, W. Ross GRINNELL, Forestry, E. A. MACDONALD, B.A., General Secretary- Treasurer, C. C. GRAY, Medicine. Third Row: J. S. CLARKE, Knox, L. NELSON EARL, Victoria, MISS A. E. M. PARKES, B.A., Associate Secretary, A. C. FORREST, B.A., Varsity Editor-in-Chief, JOHN HENRY, Torontonensis Editor. Second Row: MISS FRANCES CARLISLE, University College, MISS FRANCES BALL, Social Science, MISS DOROTHY REDMOND, Medicine, MISS OLIVE MULHALL, Victoria, MISS P. COYLE, Ontario College of Education, MISS L. LAUGI-ILAN, Loretto College, MISS BETTY KIRK, Varsity Womenis Editor. First Row: ROGER V. ANDERSON, Trinity, PAUL C. ANDERSON, Applied Science, WILLIAM M. BOWLEN, University College, MISS MARGARET HUME, St. Hilclais, PROFESSOR J. R. COCK- BURN, Faculty Representative, E. P. HARTFORD, St. Michael's. THE STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL, 1938-39 A. G. Rankin, B.A., President. W. M. Bowlen, Vice-President, N.F.C.U.S. Representative, Representative to the Debates Committee. . Miss Margaret Hume, Second Vice-Presi- dent, Representative to the Finance Committee. Prof. J. R. Cockburn, M.C., B.A.Sc., Faculty Representative. Prof. S. N. F. Chant, M.A., Faculty Repre- sentative. E. A. Macdonald, B.A., General Secretary- Treasurer. Miss A. E. M. Parkes, B.A., Associate Secretary. E. P. Hartford, Publications Commissioner. P. C. Anderson, Finance Commissioner. C. C. Gray, Athletic Commissioner. Miss Olive Mulhall, Women's Athletic Commissioner. R. V. Anderson, Literary and Debates Commissioner. L. N. Earl, Representative to the Hart House Board of Stewards. A. C. Forrest, B.A., Editor-in-Chief of The Varsity. . L2143 Miss Betty Kirk, 'Women's Editor of The Varsity. g John Henry, Editor of Torontonensis. L. C. Swan, Representative to Publications Committee. Miss Dorothy Redmond, Representative to Publications Committee. Miss L. Laughlan, Representative to De- bates Committee. W. R. Grinnell, Representative to Finance Committee. C. B. Judd, Representative to Sporting Activities Committee. Miss Frances Carlisle, University College Women's Representative. Miss Beverley Rogers, School of Nursing Representative. J. A. Parish, Dental Representative. J. S. Clarke, Knox College Representative. C. V. Box, Ontario College of Education Men's Representative. Miss P. Coyle, Ontario College of Educa- tion Women'S Representative. Miss Frances Ball, Social Science Repre- sentative. The Students' Administrative Council HE Students' Administrative Council reports another year of satis- factory accomplishment and amicable conduct of undergraduate affairs. Mr. Alex Rankin, U.C. '38, was elected President at the first meeting in October, and his energy and enthusiasm have contributed largely to the success of the year. Professors Chant and Cockburn have continued to act as invaluable counsellors. The Vice-Presidencies were most capably filled by Mr. W. M. Bowlen and Miss Margaret Hume. The Publications Committee with Mr. E. P. Hartford as commissioner enjoyed a year of quiet progress, among other things inaugurating a weekly broadcast on University affairs, titled "The Varsity Speaks". The Finance Committee, under the commissioner, Mr. P. C. Anderson, was responsible for an inspection of the student service departments of several American universities made by Professor Chant and Mr. E. A. Macdonald. It is hoped that the information obtained will be of value in further organizing this work at Toronto. A new Committee on Student Service was set up under Mr. Hartford's commissionership to deal with this very important phase of the Council's activities. Mr. R. E. V. Anderson acted as Debates Commissioner. Due to the cancellation of the annual McGill series, the work of this committee was lightened, chiefly being concerned with arrangements for the visit of two Australian debaters in November. The Committee on Sporting Activities under Mr. C. C. Gray as commissioner functioned most satisfactorily, par- ticularly making all arrangements for the band, cheerleaders, and football trips in the fall. Dr. and Mrs. Cody most generously entertained the Council members at dinner in the Women's Union, in October, an event which was one of the year's highlights. In addition to the Australian debaters, hospitality was offered by the Council to a group of visiting South African Students at the New Year, and a dinner was given in honor of the Varsity masthead. The Council also represented the student body at the Memorial Tower service on Remembrance Day. The Council once more sponsored the University Symphony Orchestra and the Band, and two Convocation Garden Parties in June were financed and organized by the Council and are being planned for the current year. The various services maintained by the Council in the interests of the student body are steadily gaining in importance. An additional 553,500 was this year added to the Loan Fund, and loans of over 335,000 were made to students. The Rooming Service, particularly the provision of room and board in exchange for service, again proved of the greatest help to many under- graduates. The Women's Book Exchange was also of value to a large number of women. The Employment Bureau has grown to such proportions that it is almost impossible for the present staff to cope with it. In addition to these specific services, the Council ofiices have afforded a clearing house for many other activities, and the student body has benefited by practical assistance and theoretical counsel in many forms. The increased accommodation in the Hart House ofiices, so generously provided by the Board of Governors last June, has greatly increased the efficiency of the work done in the office. l215l The University of Toronto Band NOTHER successful year has been completed by the band. In the fall, about thirty new men jo-ined, and these had to be trained to march. This was quietly accomplished without much difficulty under the expert guidance of Captain John Slatter-Canadais senior bandmaster-and the band made its first appearance of the season at the Richardson Stadium in Kingston. Trips were later made to the rugby games at London and Montreal, where the band was again well received and helped the cheering section in its sup- port of the team. The trip to Montreal was voted the best yet, the new schedule permitting of a good sleep in Montreal, Friday night, rather than sitting up all night on the train as in former years. After the rugby season, the band appeared at the regular C.O.T.C. parades and in February played at the McGill Varsity and Queen's Varsity hockey games. The annual dinner was held in February at Hart House, with Major Watson, Major Wilson, Captain Carswell, Captain Slatter and Mr. E. A. Macdonald as guests. We regretted the absence of President Cody at this dinner, due to illness, and hope that his recovery will be complete and lasting. We wish to thank the Students' Administrative Council for their interest in and financial support of the band and to particularly thank Mr. E. A. Mac-. donald, whose untiring efforts have made the band an established University organization. Those of us who are not graduating are already looking forward with keen anticipation to the rugby season next fall, when another chapter will be added to Captain John Slatter's memoirs. Officers for the year were: Bandmaster-Captain John Slatter. Drum-Major-B. Laski. President-J. E. Richmond. Secretary-W. B. Smeaton. Lziej The University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra HE University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra has enjoyed another successful season. The organization is sponsored by the Students, Administrative Council, and was founded five years ago by Jack Weinzweig, who conducted it for three years. Brock McElheran has held the conductor- ship for the past two seasons. This January, the orchestra gave a concert at the Ontario Agricultural College in Guelph. This is the first time in the orchestra's history that it has played out-of-town. About seven hundred people attended and were very enthusiastic. A reception was given for the orchestra afterwards by the mem- bers of the Faculty and their Wives. The next week, the local concert took place in Convocation Hall, before nearly a thousand people. The featured work was Haydn's little-known Bear Symphony. It is believed that this was the first time that the work has been performed in Toronto. - The orchestra gave the world's premiere of Piece for Orchestra, a work written especially for them by Lou Applebaum, the gifted young composer, who is a student in the Faculty of Music. Other shorter works completed the programme. The orchestra is deeply indebted to the S.A.C., the Women's Union, and The Varsity for the whole-hearted support which they have so kindly given. 52173 TORONTONENSIS STAFF Third Row: E. A. MACDONALD, insert, JOSEPH BENNETT, JIM MAXWELL, TOM BRANDON, NORAH COSTELLO, JEAN LEESON, MARION KENT, O. W. OUGHTRED, DOUG FLEMING, NORM KNIGHT, EDWARD WING. Second Row: WILLIAM BOWLEN, WINNIFRED HALPIN, NELL ROY, HELEN BURNHAM, BETTY HOLLOWAY, JEAN STEELE, NORA ROBINSON, RUTH BROWNLEE, JEAN LOBLAW, IVOR NIXON, IVAN SMITH. Fifrst Row: CLARENCE THOMPSON, SAM LIPIN, JACK BROWN, JOHN HENRY, RALPH IRELAND, ALBERT MALLON, CHARLES WILSON, KEN MACMILLAN, Ross SILVERSIDES. Torontonensis F the Editor of this year's Torontonensis should attempt to claim that he had radically departed from the standard set up by his predecessors, he would be hitting far from the mark. Nevertheless, the trend of the times has manifested its influence on this volume in various ways. Due to the insistence of the Photographic Editor, action has been made the theme of all title pages, a far cry from the sketches which Were used but a few years ago. The kind of ink used in this edition f of Torontonensis is distinctly an experiment, which I may be a relief from the blue of past years. In the biography section, however, it is felt that the greatest advance has been made. In this depart- ment a new arrangement has been inaugurated, which will make biography and picture a more per- sonal thing than it has been. Once again the Faculty and College representa- tives skilfully handled their manifold duties with a promptness whi-ch brought joy to the Editor's heart. They also edited all biographies, and copy wherever necessary. . The members of the Board of Editors, for the most part novices in this type of work, fell to their various jobs with the utmost diligence. They lightened the EditOr's task by their assistance in any problem whatever, especially in the all-important matter of proof-reading. The photo- graphic art work-title pages and Campus Life-was admirably handled by Jack Brown, a newcomer to this department of Tofrontonensis. To the Business Manager, Mr. E. A. Macdonald, goes the sincere thanks of the Editor for his helpful aid and advice. f21s1 THE VARSITY STAFF Third Row: LLOYD G. MCDONALD, REUVEN FRANK, ED GOODMAN, JOHN ROOKE. Second Row: FRANK SHUSTER, HERBERT COWAN, IRMA THOMSON, ALAN HARVEY, FRAN BARBOUR, Lois BRADLEY, CAMPBELL MCLEAN. u First Row: LOU WEINGARTEN, WIN FLANAGAN, E. A. MACDONALD, BETTY KIRK, AL FORREST, BETTY JANE GARDINER, SEABORN ALBRIGHT. The Varsity URIN G a year of grave international crises, The Varsity found difficulty in giving first place to events of purely student interest. But although considerable editorial space was devoted to European affairs, there was a genuine attempt to treat such matters quite academically. Within the University, the paper attempted to Hll the unique office which it has reached and held during the past several years. It endeavoured to develop W a stronger university spirit, by endorsing My -me all U. of T. activities and avoiding such QpbfionvaggkiwblugixewiflgmngmManitoba Buildins issues as would give rise to sectionalism W?:,'.3I'-w""f4',2iL2"l?Qi'igiE'ii1'li within the bounds of the University. The University Honour Society was organ- ized by the Students' Administrative Council on the suggestion of The Varsity. The biggest feature of the year was Qgigjjiirmgynr the famous "Sadie Hawkins" week, in- troduced by The Varsity feature depart- :.:-..:.':':z-::.:-.::-:::llHNIllLLllIlllF1I .151-: T975 w"f'f' SP" AMA' ment and later emulated by many of Canada? Universities- On the recommendation of the staff, Seaborn Albright was chosen to succeed jug Msg!-21203559-4u4iu rcmouow '1-:E-1-nl:-15:5-.:?r , , A. C. Forrest as editor for the following year by the S.A.C., which had given the editors fullest co-operation and support during the year. f2191 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO COMMERCE CLUB Second Row: C. W. BLACKALL, First Year Representativeg D. G. TYNDALL, Third Year Repre- sentativeg W. W. SMALL, Third Year Representativeg P. W. RANKIN, Second Year Repre- sentative, B. C. STEELE, First Year Representative. First Row: R. W. STEVENS, Treasurerg W. W. WHITE, Secretary, G. R. GARDINER, Presidentg C. A. ASHLEY, B. Com. Supervisor of Studies, F. DEACON, Vice-Presidentg P. D. ISBISTER, Second Year Representative. The Commerce Club HE year 1938-39 marks the Eighteenth Anniversary of the founding of the Commerce Club. This Club is the ofiicial organization of under- graduates in the Commerce and Finance Course. Its objects are: To discuss current political, financial and economic trends with those who are in close contact with world affairsg and to serve as a unifying influence between under- graduates, graduates and staff. To do this, a series of smokers were held with prominent men as guest speakers. Many interesting topics were dealt with, and among those we had the privilege of hearing were Mr. C., Lewis of Trinity College, Mr. W., H. Griffin of Southam Press, and Mr. J. G. Johnson of Citizens, Group for Rail- way Action. The Annual Banquet was held in Hart House on December 8th, 1938, at which Mr. J. S. McLean, President -of Canada Packers, addressed a gathering of nearly 200 guests, graduates, faculty members and students. A very successful Commerce "At Home" was held this year at the Royal York Hotel. This dance has become an annual feature and is always well attended. The Club, as usual, was well represented in all branches of sport. The Crocombe Cup, emblematic of the Club Squash Championship, was won this year, after a hard-fought battle by M. C. Murray of Fourth Year. It is of interest to no-te that faculty members, as well as students, take part in this competition. V The Commerce Journal this year makes its seventh annual appearance. Contributions are obtained from faculty members and students, and once more we have maintained the high standard of this publication. This journal serves as an important link between the course and outside commercial organizations. l2201 THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO CHEMICAL CLUB Second Row: R. HUNTER, Second Year Representative: F. M. KENNEDY, Secretary-Treasurer. First Row: F. G. C. WAYMAN, President: PROF. W. S. FUNNEL, Honorary President: H. E. GUNNING, Vice-President. The University of Toronto Chemical Club HE University Chemical Club dates back to the erection of the new chemical building in 1895. For some years after its incipience, the membership of the Club was confined exclusively to graduates. However in 1919, adopting a more democratic attitude, it opened its membership to both graduates and undergraduates. Since that time the executive has been elected entirely from the undergraduate members. The main function of the University Chemical Club is to supplement the members' scientific training with a knowledge of the industrial applications of Science. This end is usually accomplished by means of organized tours through various important industrial concerns, and by bringing speakers to the club who are usually scientists with long experience in industrial chemistry. The Club this year visited the Kaufman Rubber Co. at Kitchener, Seagrams Dis- tilleries, The Neilson Co., and Canada Packers. It was very fortunate in obtain- ing as speakers such distinguished chemists as Mr. C. W. Henry of the Ontario Research Foundation, Prof. Bain of the Department of Chemical Engineering. and Dr. Ellworthy, President of the Canadian Institute of Chemistry. Breaking precedent, this year the Club added a more modern touch to the traditional banquet and sketch by holding a banquet and dance at the Boule- vard Clubg where the members also entertained by a streamlined sketch, written and performed by themselves. The celebration was well attended by the Staff, former graduates, and the members, with their wives and friends. 52211 MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICS SOCIETY Second Row: F. M, KELLY, Fourth Year Representative, S. H. COLLINS, Second Year Repre- sentattveg J. F. C. DIXON, First Year Representative. First Row: C. L. WILSON, Treasurerg Miss L. C. BRANDON, Secretary, DR. H. J. C. IRETON, Honorary President, J. A. CONWAY, President, J. W. DALE, Vice-President. The Mathematics and Physics Society HE Mathematics and Physics Society of the University of Toronto was formed for the purpose of bringing to the students of this course varied information related to the broad Held of Science and Mathematics. Meetings were held bi-monthly during the academic year at which addresses were presented by a guest speaker and a student. We were most fortunate in having among our guest speakers Dr. Synge, Head of the Applied Mathematics Department, and Mr. Beatty, Actuary of the Canada Life Assur- ance Company. A Dr. Beatty, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, spoke on January 19th, and presented medals to Mr. I. Kaplansky, BA., Mr. John Coleman, IV Year, and Mr. N. Mendelssohn, IV Year, who brough-t great honour to the University by meriting the highest standing in mathematical exams, set by the American Matahematical Society, and open to students throughout America. The social activities of the club consisted of a hike at the beginning of the fall term and two informal dances in collaboration with the Honour Science Club, on December 2nd and March 3rd-, which proved to be great successes. The Society feels that the year has achieved its purpose in offering to its members addresses by authorities on various aspects of the course. 52221 .A 1 T VN CLU M op '15-.,ifi3 syfiig? c:7 '9 C690 g""55iu A Cv D H Rfflifum.. -'I'HE- mm . Y O "M HN ' -'GLUE-'EX NE"Ai2fff'U '1'l. J-E5fsk? b IEER6bZZvS2IkISI--L- b4i?6.--k- iE3cE2I:ICI3 V I V 4M I L 6 i if OF 2 ' -' CPCDIQQNCPCJH :ii A , ' . wk, ' t wwf? M f"l958'l9?o9 4 Jenn jpg' ' man 52231 URER Ren 5115 ALUMNI RIP. mum, ffffifggw 717 fl C LAW CLUB EXECUTIVE Second Row: R. E. BARNES, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer: K. G. ROSS, CO1lf7lCiilO'7'. First Row: P. S. FITZGERALD, Vice-Presidentg W. B. WOOD, Presideiitg W. W. LAIRD, Secretary-Treasurer. 1 A 4 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO MOOT COURT Second Row: S. J. MOULDER, Deputy-Registrar: R. L. KAYLER, Secretary-Treasurerq F. B. FALLIS, Bailiffq E. C. GERHART, Registrar. First Row: J. A. RENWICK, Chief Justice, Fourth Divisionq W. S. PERRY, Chief Justice, Second Division: G. D. KENNEDY, Chief Jiisticeg D. G. EISEN, Chief Justice, Third Divisioiig L. GUOLLA, Magistrate. 52241 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO GERMAN CLUB Second Row: MURIEL BROWN, Secretaryg IAN FERGUSON, T1'easu1'e1'. First Row: JEAN MCBROOM, Social Convener: FRED BEHARRIELL, Prcsid.entg PROP. C. LEWIS, Honorary-Presidentg ENID JERMYN, Vice-President. University German Club HERE are few opportunities in Toronto for undergraduates studying German to hear or speak the language except during German lectures. It is the purpose of the University of Toronto German Club to remedy this lack in as entertaining a way as possible. The programmes offered so far this year are typical of the means by which the Club tries to carry out this aim. At the opening meeting in October, Dr. R. K. Arnold of Victoria College gave an interesting address on his student years in Prague. The feature of the second meeting in November was a talk on Germany by the German exchange student, Walter Kanzau. This was followed by a quiz game conducted in German by one of the club members in the role of Professor Quiz. This proved to be so popular that the Professor played a return engagement at the next meeting in January. An amusing German version of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and piano recitals, mainly of well-known German compositions, were the highlights of this even- ing. Each of these programmes was brought to an end by the serving of German refreshments, always a very popular feature of every meeting, followed by a short period of dancing. By presenting a variety of programmes such as these, the German Club hopes to provide its members with many profitable and enjoyable hours that will help to lighten the task of mastering the German language. f225j ITALIAN-SPANISH CLUB Second Row: ED. T1-row, JAMES MCNAMARA. First Row: IDA CULLOTTA, VICTOR DE BoN1s, JUL1o MOLINARO, VICTORIA LONGO. Italian-Spanish Club HE Italian-Spanish Club enjoyed a very successful year and, due to the co-operation of various guest members, did much to achieve their ideal of inculcating the spirit of Latin culture Within the group. Don Guido Colonna, Italian vice, consul in Toronto, favored the club members with an address on history and exploration, with special reference to the voyage of Christopher Columbus. Dr. Willinski, noted amateur photographer, presented his travelogue in technicolor, "Mediterranean Meanderingsv. Professor Goggio, of the Italian-Spanish department, delivered several addresses in the two languages studied by the members of the club. The Executive of the club is grateful to these guests for the assistance they lent in carrying out its ambition to better understand the culture and history of the Italian and Spanish speaking countries. 4 52261 WOMEN'S INTERFACULTY DEBATING UNION Second Row: CATHERINE Rous, GRETTA RIDDELL, BETTY HUNTER, JOY WOOKIE. First Row: BETTY BLAIR, Treasurer: KATHERINE BRYCE, 'Vice-President: DR. MUELLER, Hon- orary-President, GENEVIEVE TAYLOR, President, MARION COWPER, Secretary. VVomen's Interfaculty Debating Union HE Varsity Women's Interfaculty Debating Union is composed of representatives from each of the four arts colleges, and is a part of the Women's Intercollegiate Debating Union, which is at present composed of Toronto, Queen's, and McMaster. Plans were made for the inclusion of McGill and Western universities, and were carried to completion at the intercollegiate executive mee-ting held at Queen's, on February 25th. Activities this year were enlarged to include a debate with the University of Toledo in the spring term. Varsity was successful at Queen's in the intercollegiate debate in Novem- ber, but was defeated at home by McMaster, who won the intercollegiate trophy for '38-'39. The union holds three interfaculty debates during the year to decide the interfaculty champion. This year Victoria defeated St. Michael's on a current political issue and Trinity gave way to University College on the question of the advisability of a university education for women. Both debates were keenly contested, and the final between University College and Victoria showed the high standards set by the others. The Debating Union gives all Varsity women the opportunity of express- ing themselves on questions. of primary concern to them, and also provides practical training and experience in the art of debating and public speaking. In addition, it is a link not only between the various colleges on our campus, but between this and other universities-a link that we feel is very valuable and profitable to all concerned. 52271 THE TEACHERS' COURSE ASSOCIATION Second Row: MRS. J. C. MCINTYRE, B.A., Graduate Representative, H. H. MONKMAN, Secre- tary - Treasurer, EARL TERRY, Editor Campus Comrnentg MISS J. TROTT, Assistant Secretary. First Row: MISS BERTHA DICK, B.A., Past-President, I. E. DAVEY, President, W. J. DUNLOP, B.A., BPAED., Director of University Extensiong J. H. AITCHISON, B.A., B.ED. fSASK.D, B.Sc. CEcoN.J LONDON, Stag Representative, Economics Department, Miss GLADYS COWALL, Vice-President. Absent: E. LAUGHLIN, B.A., B.PAEn., Graduate Representative. Teachers' Course Association EGINNING in July, the Association conducted social activities for the students attending the Summer Course. A reception tea and dance was held in Hart House Quadrangle and Great Hall. Other activities of the summer included a Moonlight Excursion, Golf Tournament, Softball League, and a dance at Hanlan's Point. The winter activities began in October with the election of form represen- tatives and the Reception Dance and Annual Meeting at the Ontario College of Education. Informal dances in December, January and February were held at O.C.E. and were quite popular functions. Badminton facilities were pro- vided weekly during the winter at North Toronto Collegiate. The ladies held a Fashion Display and Tea at Wymilwood in March which proved very popular. At the King Edward Hotel in March the- Dinner Dance was held. Guests were entertained during dinner by the Saxophone Quintette under Sam Ketchison with variety numbers. The President, Dr. Goldring, and Mr. Dunlop gave brief messages. Dancing followed, with prizes, balloons and novelties, to the music of Stan St. John's Orchestra. During the winter session the Association renewed the campaign to build up a scholarship fund worthy of the Course, and enlarged the idea to include a loan fund for educational purposes. A hearty response indicates the success of the plan in the near future, Lzzsj THE STUDENT CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT Third Row: AL JOUSSE Medical Representative, JOHNHAYWARD, President of the S.V.M.U., DAVID SCOTT, Associate President, University College, JOHN SCOTT, President, Medicine, LESLIE SHEMILT, President, S.P.S., TOM DALE, Grad School Representative. Second Row: GWEN LANE, United Church Training School, BILL FENNELL, President, Vic- toria, MURIEL STRUTHERS, U.C. Representative, MARGARET EASTO, Associate President, Victoria, NORMAN KELLY, Victoria Representative, KATHARINE BRYCE, University College. First Row: CLARE BROWN, Wornen's Secretary, STANLEY BEST, Treasurer of the Council, AMY SCHAUFFLER, Associate President of the Council, JOHN COLEMAN, President of the Council, EDNA MAY QUENTIN, Secretary of the Council, DR. W. C. LOCKHART, Men's Secretary. Absent: MING CHONG, Medicine, JIM GEORGE, Trinity, CHARELS COCHRANE, Knox, ISABEL DEETH, School of Nursing, TED DESPARD, S.P.S. Student Christian Movement HE Student Christian Movement is a fellowship of students based on , the conviction that unity in individual personality and community in human relationships is only possible through allegiance to Jesus Christ, who is the supreme revelation of God. The Student Christian Movement in the University of Toronto is part of the Student Christian Movement of Canada and of the Worldls Student Christian Federation. It includes the Theological College Union, and the Student Volunteer Movement, in the University. In the University of Toronto the Movement seeks t-O include in its fellow- ship the students of all colleges and faculties who are concerned to face the fundamental problems of life, and to know the relevancy of Jesus Christ to their lives and their world. This involves a programme of study groups, lectures, conferences, worship services, and other gatherings planned and directed by student executives who are invaluably aided by two full-time secretaries. During the year the S.C.M. has conducted the popular weekly noon-hour addresses in Hart House and the Women's Union. Among the many outstanding visitors it has brought to the University are: Lyman Hoover, China, J. D. Parkes, London, England, Conrad Hoffmann, New York, Yusuf Ali, India, Dr. Yuasa, Japan, Dr. and Mrs. Manikam, India, Miss Soga, Africa. The work of the year, however, was concentrated in the Religion and Life Week of March 5th to 12th, when Dr. Howard Thurman of Washington was the main leader. f2291 VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP EXECUTIVE Second. Row: T. R. MAXWELL, Treasurerg M. R. HUNT, Music: Miss M. M. BECKER, Socialg T. A. M. BARNETT, Publicity: R. S. NEWMAN, Missions' Secretary. First Row: MISS J. E. Rirci-IIE. Vice-Pfresideintg D. C. HUNT, President: Miss E. D. MCGE1-3, Secretary. The Varsity Christian Fellowship HE Varsity Christian Fellowship is a branch of the Inter-Varsity Chris- tian Fellowship which originated in the Universities of Great Britain in 1877. The organization now embraces groups of Christian students throughout the world. Closely affiliated with the I.V.C.F. in Canada is the Inter-School Christian Fellowship with branches in many of the secondary schools. The Fellowship is founded on the conviction that personal relationship with God is realized only through faith in Jesus Christ, His Son. Its aim is to deepen and strengthen the spiritual lives of its members and to seek to lead others to a personal faith in Him, that they may share the life abundant which He gives to those who commit their lives entirely into His hands. The activities of the group fall into two divisions. The study groups, deal- ing with important phases of Christianity, are designed to establish Christians in the faith. The Open Meetings aim to interest those who have not identified themselves with Jesus Christ. Prayer Meetings are held daily from 1.40 to 2.00 p.m. in Room 38, University College, and in Jackson Hall, Victoria College. Many students are finding that the programme of the Fellowship fills a need in their lives, and we trust that in the coming years God may be pleased to increase further effectiveness for Him. L2301 EAST HOUSE, UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Third Row: J. L. MCQUARRIE, F. FEAVER, D. MINTZ, R. R. SERVICE, G. W. SHORTER, D. FINLAY- soN, A. F. MCLEAN, E. L. HEALY, G. T. Ross, B. G. DAY, C. E. J. JOHNSTON, E. E. WALDEN, J. H. MILLIKEN, W. J. ERWIN, R. S. PURKIS. Second Row: F. W. PARROTT, W. L. ELLIOT, W. G. MILLIKEN, R. A. COPP, N. I. GODFREY, K. MICKLEBOROUGH, C. M. WEICKER, C. BLACKHALL, C. C. J. THEUERLE, J. A. R. LEWIS, C. R. PHILLIPS, C. L. DUBIN, R. LAK1-IAN, J. F. HARPER, B. DAWE, N. T. BARRATT, G. GAYMAN, A. W. BIRNIE, A. R. MCCAY, F. BARLOW, W. J. HORNIBROOK, H. J. MURPHY, J. W. EAKINS. First Row: H. TURLY, W. H. MERRILL, F. N. BEATTIE, R. W. PRICHARD, R. C. WIREN, W. P. BRIEN, J I. THOMPSON, K. D. BECKETT, I. SUSSMAN, T. D. COWPER. East House HE fall of 1938 ushered in another year of pleasure and activity to East House. Thirteen- freshmen entered its corridors to learn in the ensuing year the joys and sorrows' of residence life. A rigorous training season under the sophomores' guidance helped them gain victory in the hard fought bed race when they coupled brains and brawn to nose out their opponents in the home stretch. East House has been fortunate in having an enthusiastic band of would-be athletes. For the first time since the days of Annis they won the interhouse rugby in a smashing 25 to 0 victory over North House. At the time of writing the "wise men from the East" lead in the race for the Athletic Shield. Social functions of the year were well attended with enthusiasm paral- leling that in sports. The banquet, dances, and house meetings took their place among the important events of the year, nor should one forget Sunday evenings with the Housemaster, and philosophy seminars with the Padre and General Scott. Special mention should be made of the contribution of the latter to the monthly drama festivals. Graduation takes its annual toll of house members. Memories of their stay here will not be forgotten for many a day and stand as a proof that the years spent at university are among the happiest in our span of life. Their only regret is that they cannot stay longerg their only hope that those who follow in their steps may find the same joy that they themselves experienced. L2311 NORTH HOUSE, UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Fourth Row: F. M. HANNA, H. F. MOOREHEAD, D. A. OLSON, J. R. REID, A. C. INGRAM, E. BLAI-IEY, A. A. S1-IEPPARD, J. GREENBERG, G. H. MCLAUGHLIN. Third Row: B. M. MIDDLETON, E. H. HYMMEN, L. S. LAUCHLAND, L. V. Llc!-ITY, T. A. SHARPE, J. K. Kmn, J. H. HODGSON, D. B. UNDERHILL, D. T. LAPP, J. M. DUGGAN, C. F. GAVILLER, D. E. WEST, H. CROSKERY, J. J. MILLER, W. H. RIDLEY, G. P. CROMBIE, J. R. COLVILLE. Second Row: C. E. Woons, W. J. LESTER, D. H. MACDOUGALL, W. H. BRYDON, G. L. GOODWIN, O. E. BRUNET, T. S. WILSON, E. C. GRUNDY, J. C. CLINE, D. B. SPENCE. First Row: G. D. MCQUADE, H. H. MACKINNON, W. E. BEATTY, Secretary, R. H. BRUCK, Tutor, DR. L. GILCHRIST, F. N. RIDLEY, President, J. C. COPELAND, Treasurer, L. B. WALKER, V. K. PREST. Absent: T. G. QUANCE. North House HE fall of 1938 saw the usual influx of bewildered freshmen, rowdy sophomores, sedate juniors, lackadaisical seniors, and a sprinkling of sophisticated graduates. Amusing highlights in the lives of North House men during the 1938-39 session were numerous. There was the annual bed-race in which the Frosh, after a brilliant start, seemed to lose all ambition as Falconer House came into view. Then there was the famous "Arkansas Address" of our resident from the Land of Liberty-the unforgettable speech of a certain witty professor at the House Dinner--and finally, the contribution of "The Great J. R." in the field of dramatic endeavor. Following a grand old tradition, the men of North House finished second best in the race for the Athletic Shield, but were nonpareil in many sports unfortunately not yet included in Inter-House competition. 1939 graduates look back with extreme satisfaction on the days spent as residents of North House and, thanks to the intellectual and moral guidance of our Housemaster, Dr. Gilchrist, face the years which lie ahead with every- thing well in hand. L2321 SOUTH HOUSE, UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Fifth Row: E. E. JOHNSON, J. D. BENSON, S. A. SOLOMON, J. B. BENSON. Fourth Row: J. M. Fox, L. ROBINSON, J. Sp FORRESTER, DENYS GARNSEY, V. L. TIDEY, F. J. COLLINS. Third Row: D. E. ACAL, BRUCE KRUG, C. A. ERNST, RON. HARDY, H. T. JONES, R. F. KEELEY, L. R. DENT. A Second Row: D. G. GOFFIN, H. W. HARCUS, R. C. FAIRFIELD, R. E. KLEIN, R. V. AIKEN, L. W. IRoNs, E. D. MAHER, H. A. SKELTON, R. N. WEST, G. M. DENT, W. F. NUGENT, R. T. WADDINGTON, JOI-IN STABLE, W. N. EARLE. First Row: TED MEEK, S. H. CHAMBERS, A. W. CHALK, D. B. KELLY, DR. H. A. HOSKIN, D. W. MORISON, M. L. TRUSLER, J. R. MINGAY, R. A. THOMPSON. Absent: W. J. AKINS, W. F. RIDING, W. H. MCPHERSON, C. P. GLOVER, G. A. HARPUR, TOM JEWELL, J. TAYLOR, J. W. FRY. South House T is with sincere regret that we, the graduating members, terminate our pleasant years in South House. The traditions of the House and the spirit with which every member is imbued as Soon as he enters the great Oak door, is something that will never be forgotten. The years spent here have served to strengthen our attachment to South House and all the things it stands for. The social, athletic and academic activities form a recollection which we shall cherish in years to come. It seems inevitable to announce that this has been a successful year. The House Committee has conducted affairs harmoniously from within, despite fluctuations in the state of the treasury. Regarding athletic activity, it need hardly be said that the House is favoured to retain the Athletic Shield, the symbol of inter-house prowess, which was won last year. To many of us, the Residence Dance remains the high light of the social season, while who can forget the good times had by all at Dr. Hoskin's midnight fiestas. Our freshman days shall always remain clear in our minds. The initiations, tappings, shoe-blacking, running the Horn, house raids, Snowball fights, setting-up exercises, and other indoor sports. Water especially was greatly in evidence and generally came from above our heads, disguised in paper bags and heralding the approach of spring. We appreciate especially the kindly interest shown in us and our activities by our housemaster, Dr. Hoskin. It is difficult indeed to say farewell to the happy and profitable life Of our residence. 52331 THE STUDENT C0-OPERATIVE RESIDENCE Third Row: N. R. BOWLES, R. R. Donns, A. M. Fox, A. E. Sci-IROBDER, J. A. FILSHIE, I. S. FILSHIB, G. B. MATHBR, D. S. FARQUHARSON, N. A. MCINTYRE. Second Row: J. V. FORNATARO, J. R. B. CHARLTON, C. L. FRANCIS, G. UMEHARA, J. W. NEWMAN, B. F. NBWMAN, R. O. HURST. First Row: N. R. KELLEY, F. M. KELLY, H. E. JOHNS, W. ROBBINS, Dong MBS. W. ROBBINS, Hostess, J. C. FINDLAY, G. A. NIcOLsON, E. J. HOPKINS. Absent: R. R. W. SMITH. The Student CO-Operative Residence NSPIRED by the visit to America three years ago of Dr. Kagawa, the Japanese Co-operator, a group of four Toronto students came together in April to plan the organization of -a menis residence on Co--operative principles, for students whose funds would not permit their living in the ordinary residences. The Organization consists of an application of the three "Rochdale prin- ciples" of Consumers' Co-operation to this particular type of service. The residence is democratically controlled by the membership. Capital is supplied by the members, each contributing a small loan. Savings on operating expenses are paid back to them, not according to investment, but according to the amount each has paid in for services. Each member contributes four hours of his time a week to house work, kitchen work, or bookkeeping. These and other economies have made pos- sible the provision of wholesome meals and comfortable accommodation for less than 56.00 weekly. During the last three years the Residence has been very successful, paying at least a 10? dividend to the members each year. Because of the growing demand for this type of residence the members hope to open a second Co-operative on the campus next fall. The Residence has been in an exceptionally favourable position, due to the fact that Victoria University allowed the use of an unoccupied residence at a figure that would merely cover the cost of upkeep, without any margin of profit to Victoria. On commercial terms the cost would have been consider- ably higher. Membership, according to Co-operative principles, is unrestricted on social, political, racial, or religious grounds. l2341 HONOUR SCIENCE CLUB Second Row: T. E. HUNT, First Year Representative: MISS M. E WALKER, Sec-mul Year Representative: Miss R. G. BLAND, Ticket Representative: Miss E. M. SCHUCH, First Yea: Representativeg T. H. DAVISON, Second Year Representative. First Row: F, M. KENNEDY, Treasurer: Miss E. G. HUNTSMAN, Vaice-Presiclentg DR. F. R LORRIMAN, Honorary President: J. P. HARSHMAN, Presidentg Miss D. E. HUBBELRT Secretary. f2351 MODERN HISTORY CLUB Second Row: WILLIAM ROLPH, Third Year Representativeg ALISON CLARK, Librariang MAR- JORII-: BEATON, Fourth Year Representativeg ELIZABETH HARRISON, Second Year Repre- sentative: WILLIAM MCMASTER, Social Corwener. First Row: DUDLEY BRISTOW, Treasurerg JOAN OTTEWELL, Secretaryg GERALD CRAIG, Presi- dentg DR. R. M. SAUNDERS, Honorary-Presiderttg MAURICI-2 CARELESS, Vice-President. Modern History Club HE aim of this Club is to promote interest in History and to encourage fellowship among the members of the Modern History course by such means as club meetings, club outings, speakers on matters of historical interest, reading of historical papers, historical discussions or other activities that will achieve the aim. All undergraduates of the Modern History course are mem- bers of the Modern History Club. A The organization, through its inaugural year, has received the whole- hearted support of students of hist-ory. Its activities began with a trip to Old Fort Niagara and there have been successive regular meetings with guest speakers such as Dr. Griffith Taylor and Professor Havelock. The programme of future activity in the Club is equally promising in its interest for enthusi- astic historians. Added to the academic side of the C1ub's activity is the social life which is also carefully planned. We climaxed our year of mutual interest and fellow- ship with an annual dance. 52363 lf? "N fm-Q, 6U'l'll0lfl6 1-September. Residence life begins in the approved fashion, with freshmen carrying senior's trunks. 2 and 3-Three a.m.-the North House cleanliness campaign. A free trip to the bathtub. 4-Leland Richardson, the University carilloneur. 5-The arts and crafts group at work on a poster. 6-Tea at Dr. Gordon's fireside. 7-Sir Cedric Hardwicke caught at an unfortunate moment. 8-The 'fBob" quartette. 9-Ivor Nixon and Rowell Bowles in the Victoria College "B-ob". 10-The freshman class at Victoria. 52381 Ha T 5' ik , ,J fl 1 ff If if J' .2 P l , Q 4? E t 7 64.1, , 7 jj 5" it . l . V 1 . 'Wav f. ,e7'I:vrm L. 1-The training table, senior football. 2-Senior Intercollegiate Harrier. 3-How football linesmen get that way. 4-Queen's supporters. 5-A crucial moment, judging by the expressions. 6-This completed forward pass was good for thirty yards. 7-A bitter time for Varsity fansg but the gods were with us that day. 8-A friendly tete a te-te in Hart House. 9-Professor Kemp's pipe makers, who make the night hideous when learning. 10-Armistice Day service. f2393 KS QXWK Y vikg ,,1-.nX'ie.Qv'f' A1f"'.S -4 .. 1-The Graduates' Dormitory, Queen's Park. 2-Something new in dinner guests. Medical Soph-Frosh banquet. 3-A little argument over a forward pass. 4-Varsity cheering section. 5-Red Foster giving one of his graphic descriptions from the stadium roof. 6-The kick-off-Varsity vs. McGill. 7-Lord Tweedsmuir and President Cody lead the convocation procession. 8-Sam Lipin, with hands and mouth full, has trouble accepting more cake. 9-After-dinner bull-session in the Great Hall. 10-The President and Registrar watch Lady Tweedsmuir sign the book. 11-We even recommend it to our friends! f24o1 ,,,..-r if ofbfg ,, w l , f , fl .YX ' x M bq, 5 .gauge 4 - i . ji 5 . . 1 " ' 1 'M if 'asf " H" "'fi Hsin , ' . I f-Q . A fl to 6-The famous U.C. Folliesj 1-Helen Gardiner and friends relax in the make-up room. 2-Lou Weingarten gives some motherly advice to his VVhitney Hall girls. 3-The villain makes an underhand pass at our heroine. but all ends Well. 4-Time out between acts for a little bridge. 5-George Stoddard waxes confidential a la Cody. 6-Left to right: Chamberlain, Cody, Mulock. Hitler admire the Follies chorus. Lou is a shy boy. 7-George Lambert at the Hart House Sunday Evening Concert. 8--Against a Linotype background members of The Varsity staff correct copy. 9-Alex Rankin ofiiciates at the Masthead dinner. L2411 Q 1 1-The Hart House String Quartette during rehearsal. 2-The Hart House Swing Quartette at a jam session. CNote for quibblers: the hands represent number fourj 3-Kibitzers Forrest and Kirk stand by to see that the linotype operator hits the right key. 4 and 5-Something new and different around Hart House! The Glee Club broadcasts carols over a nation-wide net- work. 6-Christmas cheer at Burwash Hall. Bringing in the boar's head. 7 and 8-The University Settlement Christmas party in the Great Hall. 8-The Warden fupper rightj vainly tries to rescue the Christmas cake. 9-Johnny Taylor, Varsity hockey star, just about gave himself heart failure when he nearly missed the train to California. f242j ' A AA :ffl MUMV ' 1 . L PX lx SUXOO M10 HWAEER 5 WGA t.ufv'5" it Wa 4 A' evevrH"6'W Uv H 'LL ' --5 i Y 4 P , I ,, ,Q , f xD A :pin V A ' , ' ' lv' Www 'V sg 00 5' V, , 40? , , Z 1, J Q4 ' 'v '3 - 2 l Y fi-V 1 and 2-Richard Himber feels strongly about music, and conducts as though he meant it. 3-A sharp difference in opinion at the U.C. Lit. 4-Thanks, School! 5-Boxing-U.S. Coast Guard vs. Varsity. 6, 7 and 8-Dr. Wookey swings into one of his famous operations at the Toronto General Hospital, while medical students strive to look professional. 9-The head table at the First Annual St. lVIike's At-Home. 10-Basketball, Western at Varsity. 11-2.30 a.m. at the Royal York. Engineers passing out after the School At-Home. 52431 it W J. p A, ' f . W' :Wi is 4 'H in I, 1' 5' ffl l 1 if . f- W "' ' 'IJ f 'fi' . ' f ,Asif ' ,, fi' tx J ' fi' . ' .N Q . Q2 ..+. , V . ,M f . X ,, f sa if If 'A 4 'Q' ' 5 rig' ,L K an W "gL,,' 1-Dinner at Trinity House. 2-The orchestra-"School Nite". 3--Signs of Spring! Fencing in the Quadrangle of Hart House. 4-The electrician's gallery, Hart House Theatre. 5-The punch bowl was a popular rendezvous at the St. Mike's At-Home. 6-Daffydil night. The Medettes sing plaintively: "Medicine or a man, you can't have them both, so . . . ". 7 and 8-Daffydil show. It may not be very clean, but it's certainly funny. 9--Pharmacy student making pills. 10-The canoe artist does his stuff in Hart House pool. L244J ,,,,, 5, Q7 i ' v 1 1 Y 1 Y .4-.L , 5, 1-Paul Anderson and Alex Macdonald at the School At-Horne. Q2 to 7- Pictures taken during the Varsity ski week-end at Limberlost Lodge, near Huntsvillej 2-All aboard the ski train. 3-Square dancing in the main lodge is fun. iPhoto-W. J. Blackhallj. 4-Lunch time at the Trading Post. 5- Doug. Eliott does a gelandesprung while Barbara Burnaby looks on with admiration. 6-A pitched battle between the Chalet and the Trading Post. 7-Members of The Varsity staff take time out for a smoke. f2451 p Jsiilf' if 3 i' Q 1 if Q f 2 J cs. tf+aaf f i . J H fi iffffu I tl! , 1 V V 4 A' J V' X L A li ,-.' fp r Zif 1 'iii be ft+ifa 5555355555 M, W M 5 - a NZ, , e ti R Y Jw, , ..4' N s i r -A ra f y.'s.-Q3 SN N-,N gem 'X 1-Square dancing in the baggage car of the ski train. 2-More square dancing. 3-Alex Macdonald watching the Skeet shooting at Limberlost. 4-Skiers who are tired of life jump off the top of this precipice. Your photographer climbed down. 5-One of the more laborious methods of going uphill. 6-Young dentists learning how to read an X-ray film. I2461 FS- Q Qs , M 1 "4-49 ggi, . '2 2 fn- 'j-Q, Jima . , f, .' ' . - I bg ':k,g,,-.aggziz .tim .x. V Y .4 ,...,.,,,Vhf, VJ!- ,Ju 1 .. K , +1 fy .- '1. - ' rf.'.'Z if' ' .fig Aww, .. f?.f2ff:1:3THLv:'f'i ' f' "iff" A .,..i.':Nffg if Z, ,A 1 A N '7ig 'xl'--If ,f 1-The teaching staff assembled in Convocation Hall. 2-Intercollegiate Fencing Meet at Hart House. 3-Sign in the Victoria College common room. 4-U.C. rotunda. 5 and 6-A little last-minute cramming outside Examination Hall. 7-Itls the Spring weather. 8-May-the nail-biting season has arrived. 9-It all comes to this sad end-Examination Hall, 2 p.m., May 10th. 12471 V,--.Q U 1 LL ll! L I x w w v I i W i, l i I S E i, I I ,I A if fl, 'H -lb 2? K II if 5' , P 3 51 Q , EX 5, if ' L 4 il ,JV NI? I I I 4 'ig' , . 6 ' 'I f ,,. 4 , 1 A, .rm W .pu fan ,wnv-D ' 1, K any X 22 ' v x ,gf Y. an z 4 f xx 32 .izwuhg Urganizafiona UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LITERARY AND ATHLETIC SOCIETY Second Row: E. HARDY, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer: G. M. DENT, Fourth Year President: P. C. MCGILLICUDDY, Treasurer: M. J. AKROYD, First Year Presideutg E. H. SMITH, Third Year Presideutq W. A. COWAN, Secretary: A. J. HARRIS, Second Year President. First Row: K. A. STEWART, Athletic Directorg W. M. BOWLEN, President: L. A. MACKAY, M.A., Honorary Presiderttg G. W. W. STODDART, Literary Director: P. W. BENSON, Social Director. University College Literary and Athletic Society NDER the Honorary Presidency of Professor Louis MacKay the "Lit" has finished a year of which it can be proud. The main objective of the executive was more spirit in U.C. and it feels it has accomplished some- thing. Professor Lewis of Trinity College and Professor Kemp of the Econ- omics Department addressed two open meetings. As usual the joint meeting with the W.U.A. brought the largest attendance with a miniature Freshman Dance following, and the reciprocation in February brought the same crowd and their friends. At the nomination meeting the Robinette Trophy was won by Irving Sussman and William Wood of 3T9. An interesting year for the Parliamentary Club and the excellent work of the Players' Guild added much to the life of the College. Sunday Evening Musicales were inaugurated this year. Under the capable editorship of Harry Tattersall, The Undergraduate rose to its arduous task of two issues, and the last one was acknowledged by all for size and content to be the best yet. This year can be considered a turning point for U.C. athletics, with much of the credit going to the Athletic Director, Ken Stewart. More teams from this college than ever before competed in intramural sports, and the Jennings Cup was almost grasped. U.C.'s first Athletic Banquet was honoured by the presentation of the new Cody Trophy by our President. Socially, too, it was a successful year. The "Follies" again proved beyond doubt to be 'ithe best show on the campus". Its overwhelming triumph was due, among a host of others, to its producer, Tom Daly, its director, Lou Weingarten, and the Social Director, Phil Benson. A delightful cabaret dance in February showed the Arts Ball was swinging back into favour, and the Junior-Senior on election night gayly topped off the evening of an impressive graduation banquet. Lastly, a joint meeting of the incoming and outgoing executives of the "Lit" and the W.U.A. for purposes of discussion augured well for next year. fzsol UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S UNDERGRADUATE ASSOCIATION Second Row: GEORGINA DAVEY, Third Year President, EVELYN BROWN, Music Director, RITA HANDS, Publicity Director, RUTH TAYLOR, Social Service Director, JANET TUPPER, First Year Presiolentg DORIS BAILEY, Fourth Year President, MARY BRUCK, Second Year President. First Row: Miss FERGUSON, Dean of Women, JANE PATTERSON, Social Director, LUCILLE GRAHAM, Secretary, FRANCES CARLISLE, Presidentg' HELEN 'GARDINER, Treasurer, JANIE CHURCH, Athletic Director, MRS. DALE, Honorary President. University College Women's Undergraduate Association VERY woman registered in University College is a member of the Women's Undergraduate Association, the self-government organiza- tion of the women of University College. It supervises and finances the women's athletics, and looks after many other interests in the College. This year the Senior Freshman House Party was held as usual at the opening of the fall term, and was a great success, due to the large attendance and enthusiasm of both seniors and freshies. This event was followed by the Freshman elections and initiation. A popular feature of the fall term was a series of lectures entitled "Per- sonality Hints," given by Dr. Edith Curtin, and supplemented by a fifth lecture given by Dr. Ford of the Biology Department. The Social Service Committee was active in the annual campaign of the Federation for Community Service, and the objective was achieved. Subsidies were given to the Undergraduate Magazine, the Student Chris- tian Movement, the Players' Guild and the Debating Club. The social program of the year included 'a series of concerts held in the Women's Union on Sunday evenings. This is a new undertaking, and the Men's Literary Society deserves much credit for taking the initial steps in making these concerts possible. Two joint meetings were held with the Men's Literary Society. A very enjoyable event was the Dean's Christmas Party, at which the Players' Guild presented a Chester Mystery. Under the direction of George Lambert, the Women's Glee Club have had a most successful year, and gave a concert in the middle of March. With the Graduation Banquet, and the annual Open Meeting for the election of officers for the coming year, the activities of the Association were officially ended for this year. l251j UNIVERSITY COLLEGE MEN'S ST9 EXECUTIVE HOXVARD E. L. MCLAUGHLIN, G. M1Tc1-IELL DENT, IAN G. FERGUSON. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S 3T9 EXECUTIVE RUTH TAYLOR, DORIS BAILEY, JEAN LOBLAW, KITTY GUEST. 12521 4T0 YEAR EXECUTIVE. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE First Row: I. B. MACPHAIL, Secretary: E. H. SMITH, Presidentg F. D, BLACKLEY, Treasurer. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S 4T0 EXECUTIVE EVELYN BIXEL, Secretaryq GEORGINA DAVEY, President: RUTH PERLEY, Social Service Repre sentativeg NOREEN MITCHELL, Treasurer. I 253 1 .11 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE MEN'S 4T1 EXECUTIVE T. E. JARVIS, Treasurer: A. J. HARRIS. President: L. N. SMITH, Secretary. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S 4T1 EXECUTIVE JEAN ROWE, Treasurer: MARY BRUCK, Presidentg S1-IEILA SCOTT, Secretaryg MARY EMMA SKAVLEM, Social Service Director. 52541 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE MEN'S 4T2 EXECUTIVE JACK C. LAIDLAW, Treasurer: MAURICI-3 J. AYKROYD, President: JOHN H. CLARRY. Secretary- UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S 4T2 EXECUTIVE MARGARET FoULns, Social Service Representative: MARNIE MARRIOTT, Treasurerg JANET TUPPER, Presideritg JEAN CLEMENT, Secretary. 52551 - W v- --v ,. ..-- -'--- --- The University College Parliamentary Club HE Parliamentary Club has concluded one of the most successful years in its history. The members throughout the whole session have main- tained the dignity of the House, under the austere eye of the Speaker, and some very serious debating has been done. The subjects discussed during the year have been: Resolved that the City of Toronto should make an annual grant to the University of Toronto, that this House approves of the policy of the C.B.C., that Provincial Governments should be abolished. Other subjects discussed were the Refugee Problem, the Anglo-American Trade Treaty, the King-Hepburn feud, and that present day advertising is a benefit to society. For the first time in its history, two representatives of another University took part in a Parliamentary Club debate, when Messrs. Raymond Lesage, and Jacques Flynn of the University of Laval debated in the House, in January. Victoria and Trinity both sent debaters to the House on separate occasions. One of the most successful debates was when Prof. N. A. M. Mackenzie and Prof. G. de T. Glazebrook participated in the Annual Faculty Debate. The New Year Honours List was again announced, and was favourably received. Lord Bowlen of St. George and Davenport graciously acted as Governor- General throughout the session. The Rt. Hon. George W. Stoddart was the Speaker of the House, and the Rt. Hon. Albert Rose ably acted as Deputy- Speaker, as well as Press Agent of the Parliament. The Hon. Donald Blackley was Clerk, and the Hon. Robt. Barnes was Deputy-Clerk. Prime Ministers during the year have been: The Rt. Hon. Miss Sally Macdonald, the first woman Prime Minister, and the Rt. Hon. Messrs. Irving Sussman, William Wood, and Harold Botnick. f2561,m,g5 WI i n 3 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE PLAYERS' GUILD EXECUTIVE CLIFFORD BLACKALL, ROBERT BURNS, MARGARET BURNETTE, FRANK WYNN, FRANCES HALPENNY, JOHN WATSON. University College Players' Guild HIS year the University College Players, Guild produced an interesting series of plays, ranging all the way from German symbolism to Cana- dian comedy. The Guild opened the season with a performance of Ernest Toller's "Transfiguration," a powerful example of post-war German symbolic tragedy. Then followed productions of Chekov's rollicking comedy, "The Boor," Susan Glaspell's "Suppressed Desires," Galsworthy's "The First and the Last," and Merrill Denison's "Brothers in Arms." During the Christmas season, Miss Noreen Mitchell directed a performance of "The Chester Mysteries" with choral accompaniment under the direction of Mr. George Lambert. The spring term was inaugurated by a production of 4'The Valiant," whose gloomy atmosphere was relieved by the next play, a delightful farce, entitled "Grandma Pulls the Strings." The regular season closed with Philip J ohnson's "The Spinsters of Lush." On those days when no plays were presented, a series of "Workshops" was held, in which instruction was given in various aspects of the theatre. The Guild's major production of the year was a performance in modern dress of Shakespeare's "Macbeth," staged in Hart House Theatre, with Mr. Robert Burns in the leading role. For its contribution in the University Drama Festival, the Guild entered "All Anybody Can Do," a Canadian play by Mr. Louis MacKay of University College. The play was directed by the author. Lz571 t l .4 THE UNDERGRADUATE MAGAZINE STAFF Second Row: J. M. MOORE, J. A. TERRACE, PROF. F. H. ANDERSON, G. W. STODDART, I. SUSSMAN. First Row: ISABELLE WHITLEY, H. N. TATTERSALL, D. B, HICKS, EVELYN BROWN. The Undergraduate Magazine HIS year The Undergraduate continued the practice, inaugurated last u year, of publishing two issues, one in the fall and one in the spring term. That this policy is justified has been eminently proven by both the quantity and the quality of contributions submitted. We feel that The Under- graduate fills a position of some importance in the life of the college, because it is the only medium of expression for those much-belittled souls who have a literary bent, and we hope that the time will come when the journal may be even more extensively used for this purpose. Prizes were again issued for the best work sub- mitted to the editors during the year, and we feel that this policy is both a stimulus to contributors and a reward to those who have Worked so hard in an en- deavour to find a suitable form of literary or artistic expression. The Undergraduate is deeply appreciative of the support of the Women's Undergraduate Association, the Literary and Athletic Society, and the Alumni Asso- ciation of University College, without whose active encouragement and material assistance the publication t f of this magazine would be impossible. 52581 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE MEN'S RESIDENCE Fourth Row: H. E. L. MCLAUGI-ILINV, J. GERBY, B. M. WILLIAMS, W. H. KAUFMAN, W. E. MOORE, W. G. P. MERRIFIELD. Third Row: J. F. REESOR, J. W. GEMMELL, C. H. MACCULLOCH, I. B. MACPHAIL, G. LUCHAK W. W. PREST, W. A. COWAN, G. M. CRAIG. Second Row: R. W. JACKSON, W. L. MACDONALD, R. B. FERGUSON, T. E. JARVIS, G. W. W. STODDART, H. N. TATTERSALL, G. J. SIGURDSSON, W. KANZOW, L. N. SMITH. First Row: R. W. THOMPSON, Treasurerg S. G. M. GRANGE. Secretary: I. G. FERGUSON, Presi- dent: PROF. A. F, W. PLUMPTRE, Dean: D. B. DELURY, Tutor: J. G. LEVY, Vice-Pres1lde1z.tq S. J. KEY, Librarian. Absent: E. H. SLATER. I University College Men's Residence HE ancient rumour of a new University College residence for men has been revived in earnest. The boys of "73" reading the hand-writing on the wall have determined to finish off our history in a blaze of glory. We have Seldom seen a more active or successful year as far as participation in University activities is con- cerned. As well as a virtual strangle-hold on the major political organizations our embryo statesmen have taken over a fair share of the executive positions on the "Lit" and have representatives distributed far and wide in various other societies of the campus. The University seems to have come through the fray comparatively unscathed. In the Held of literary and intellectual endeavour we have our champions as well. The third Hoor of the residence is the proud home of the editor of the Undergraduate and the president of the very exclusive Historical Club. Despite all this, however, the year is chiefly notable for the installation of our new telephone and the tragic spectacle of our chastened athletes. Our former tutor, Mr. Plumptre, who left us to get married last spring, has returned, accompanied by his wife, to act as Dean in the absence of Professor Cochrane. Mr. Delury has become the new tutor. Profiting from last year's sad experience we shall try not to lose him so easily. f2591 CODY HOUSE COMMITTEE Second Row: BETTY LITTLE, Junior Representative: MARNIE MARRIOV, Freshman Represen- tative: ISABEL MCDIARMID, Librarian. First Row: NOELA SEABORNE, Head Girly Miss CAESAR, Dong BARBARA GLENN, Senior Repre- sentative. Absent: BOBBY JOHNSTONE, Sophomore Representative. FALCONER HOUSE COMMITTEE Second Row: FRANCES BARBOUR, Second Year Representativeq HELEN NICKERSON, First Year Representative: CYNTHIA GRANTHAM, Librarian. First Row: Isoam. YOUNG, Senior Representativeg EVELYN BROWN, Head Girlg Mlss BERTRAM, Don: MARIAN HARVEY, Junior Representative. f2601 HUTTON HOUSE COMMITTEE Second Row: MARGARET BIGGER, Treasurer: HELEN SUTHERLAND, Secretaryg JEAN WALLACE, Librarian. ' First Row: NIARGERY. MILLER, Head Girl: MISS A. H. PARSONS, Dong SHEILA SCOTT, Social Convener. MULOCK HOUSE COMMITTEE Second Row: MARY LLOYD, Freshman Representative: HELEN DUN, Librariang ANNE BEN- ALLICK, Junior Representativeg MARY MCKEE, Sophomore Representative. First Row: RUBY FERGUSON, Head Girlg MRS, MACDONNELL, Dong AGNES MULCAHY, Senior Representative. 1:2611 VICTORIA COLLEGE UNION Second Row: A. M. CARTER, Assistant Social Difrectorg D. G. BROWN, Assistant Social Directv-ess, W. W. SMALL, Vice-President, E. H. GOODFELLOW, Secretary, W. D. H. FRDCHETTE, Treasurer. First Row: H. G. PRITCHARD, Social Director, O. M. MULHALL, Associate President, CHAN- CELLOR E. W. WALLACE, Honorary President, L. N. EARL, President, M. C. BEATON, Social Directress. The Victoria College Union HE Victoria College Union has completed nine successful years of student government in Victoria. Formed in 1930 to combine the men's and women's executives, it now co-ordinates the administration of all federated societies. In this responsible position the V.C.U. executive acts as ofHcia1 representatives of the Victoria students to the College and University authorities. W The Union directly finances the Debating Parliament, the Women's Literary Society and Acta Victofriana, the official undergraduate publication. A given proportion of the compulsory fee is allotted to class executives to run their dances, hikes, etc. By a special arrangement of pooling surpluses at the end of the aca-demic year, a fund has been set aside to pay any deficit which may be incurred by a federated or subsidiary society. Donations have also been made from this fund to a special scholarship and for a number of Windsor chairs for Alumni Hall with a view to improving the Hall's appearance. The annual "Bob" was a fitting sequel to the freshman initiation cere- monies which began with a week-end of varied activities in the Burwash and Annesley residences under the direction of some twenty senior men students and all the graduating women. 52621 ANNESLEY STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Second Row: JOY MARTIN, MARGERY EASTWOOD, AUDREY HUGHES, GENEVIEVE TAYLOR, MARY MCLEAN, ELIZABETH DOE. First Row: JEAN WELLS, HARRIET DUNBAR, BEATRICE HUFF, President: Miss J. MACPHERSON, Dean of Womeng JERENE MALCOLM, Vice-Presidentg DORIS BROWN, T'reasu1re'r5 GLADYS JOHNSTON. Absent: MARY BALLACHEY, Secretary. Annesley Student Government Association HE Annesley Student Government Association is the result of a petition sent to the Senate of Victoria College in the year 1912. This petition expressed the feeling then prevalent among the students that it was highly advisable to assume individual and communal responsibility in the life and conduct of the Women's Residences. Such responsibility, it was thought, if given the student would make for the development of character and the promotion of loyalty to the best interests of the residences. It was founded upon an agreement between the authorities of Victoria College and the resident women students, which agreement entrusted to the latter the man- agement of all non-academic matters pertaining to conduct while in residence. Annesley Hall was the first women's residence in Canada to adopt this system of self-government and with necessary modifications it has been functioning steadily since its introduction. Each woman student in the residences of Victoria College is subject to the legislation of the constitution of A.S.G.A. and is in consequence a member of the Association. Representation from each of the four years is a factor in realizing the individual responsibility which each girl owes to the party she herself has helped to elect. It is this spirit of active co-operation between executive and members which is one of the reasons for the 17 successes attained since the inauguration of these systems. The other cause is the sympathetic support given to the Association by Dean Jessie Macpherson and the- Dons as a body and as individuals. With such assistance A.S.G.A. may hope to accomplish even more in the future and show itself a greater power in the life of Victoria College. 52631 VICTORIA COLLEGE BOB COMMITTEE Second Row: E. BEs'r, G. CARTY, J. MORRIS, G. EAGLE, R. MACLAUGHLIN, D. MCLENNAN. First Row: J. KANE, J. BROWN, R. DUNFORD, Director, F. KELLY, R. MILLER. The Sixty-Sixth Bob HE Bob, being fnowh a sixty-five-year-old tradition of Victoria College, must needs be conducted in a traditional manner, preparations, pres- entation and aftermath, all must conform to accepted practice. This yearis Bob was no exception, if anything, tradition was out-traditioned. Preparations, inthe Bob manner, must be rushed, frenzied, incompetent, and late. The director must be absolutely positive after dress-rehearsal that nothing but sack-cloth and ashes is in order. However. the show must go on. It does. It is immediately voted the best Bob ever. In moving to Hart House Theatre this year, it was felt that an advance had been made. Results seem to substantiate this belief. The faculty scene presented our esteemed professors as members of a new political cabinet and showed their attempts to bring about the millennium. The real Bobbing scene showed the freshmen in all their greenness and inappro- priateness just as produced by a machine gone amuck. The last act, an his- torical sketch of the Bob as it has grown through the years, took us back to the first Bob party and introduced the venerable gentleman himself. The Bob Quartette presented their usual satire between acts. This year's committee is proud to have been a bridge between the good Bobs of the past and the better Bobs of the future. I2641 J I lg f 4 Pl ri '3AAmWW '?E Nmouw TREAS GX an I' xnssoc Pass PRESIDENT vac: 55C-y X.. at X fm A527 - A 3' A V 5, .13?,.3'v I Wo.Fgfmi"L ,Y f I H'55HVE.fA510 A'ruLz1:c sncn C' ' seruonsncn simon P -Q 'ix Q Ros TC Q s o . A A P' PH Dom Q Q Hon PRESIDENT E .. QD ,E E'- . f , ' .1 HI i 'I ,, is H OF 9 H H.,-zlAf,.. 5s NL 1 -- J . R,5,5noW ,-og ,-, '-Nuxorf f-" ronmzrz "4 -'?'- 'ronnzv STICK VICTORIA COLLEGE 3T9 PERMANENT EXECUTIVE Second Row: ROWELL BOWLES, Treasurerg JEAN MACFARLANE, Secretaryg Ross DUNEORD. Vice-President. First Row: OLIVE MULHALL, Associate Presidentg PROFESSOR SHORE, Honorary President NELSON EARL, President. L2651 VICTORIA COLLEGE 4T0 FALL EXECUTIVE Second Row: WALTER ROBERTS, Presidentg DAVID WOODSYVORTH, Vice-Presidentq LLOYD WHIT- ING, Trea surer. First Row: MARGARET PICKERING, Associate-Presidefntg PROF. J. D. ROBBINS, Honofrary-Presi- dent: JEAN LOVE, Secretary. VICTORIA COLLEGE 4T0 SPRING EXECUTIVE Second Row: CAMPBELL MCLEAN, Vice-President: JIM KANE, President: LLOYD WHITING Treasurer. First Row: MARY LOUISE BOTT, Associate-Presidentg PROF. J. D. ROBBINS, Honorary Presi- dentg MARION WEYMARK, Secretary. I2661 VICTORIA COLLEGE 4Tl FALL EXECUTIVE Second Row: LLOYD RUTLEDGE, Vice-President: DONALD FERGUSON, Tereasureerg ERNEST BEST, Presuident. First Row: MARGARET EAGLESON, Associate-Pv'esideLntg' MR. G. RIDDELL, Honorary-Pfresidefnt5 MARY CASSON, Secretary. VICTORIA COLLEGE 4T1 SPRING EXECUTIVE Second Row: DONALD RAY, Vice-President: EDWIN GRAY, Peresidentg DONALD FERGUSON, Treasurer. First Row: HELEN KIOUZELOS, Secretary: MR. G. RIDDELL, Honofrary-Presidefntg RUTH THOMSON, Associate-President. 52671 VICTORIA COLLEGE 4T2 FALL EXECUTIVE Second Row: GORDON F. CAVELL, Presidentq RICHARD L. WRIGHT, Vice-President. First Row: MARGARET E. LAVERY, Secretaryg ALAN R. MACDONALD. Treasurer: M. A. FISHER, Honora'ry Presideritg A. ELIZABETH BOYD, Associate President. VICTORIA COLLEGE 4T2 SPRING EXECUTIVE Second Row: MARY CARTER, Associate President: EDWIN KIRKLAND, Presidentq JEANNE BOOTH, Secretary. First Row: ALAN MACDONALD, Treasurer: PRoEEssoR J. FISHER, Honorary Presidentg PETE QUENTIN, Vice-President. fzssj ACTA VICTORIANA Third Row: E. W. SMITH, J. CRIGGALL, R. CHARLES, L. WHITING. Second Row: BETTY QUAIL, W. D. McMAs'rER, F. N. A. ROWELL, SALLY BARTLETT, W. B. BURWELL, ALICE EEDY, MARGARET Av1soN. T First Row: J. R. DUNFORD, Business Managerg ALICE LEONARD, N. R. BOWLES, Editorg DR. J. D. ROBINS, Literary Adviser: ISOBEL ROUTLY, Women's Editor: J. H. BUCKLEY, GLADYS KIPPEN. Absent: NoRA REAN, F. W. HANLEY, F. B. RAINSBURY, E. R. VJILLMOT. Acta Victoriana ILITANT intellectualism gave way this year to a more comfortable bourgeois attitude in Acta Victoriana. As a result, its reception was more complacent than usual, despite a biological scramble on the front cover and the odd startled nude in the magazine. Changes this year have included the creation of a Science Editor, who Colossus-like bestridesthe chasm between the Acta office and the McLennan Building, and the setting up of a new "humour" department, leaving The Monocle free for undergraduate criticism. One of the chief objects of the Editors has been the stimulation of creative writing in the College, so that the policy of criticizing rejected MSS was in- it stituted. The result has been a most cordial relation- ship between editors and contributors. The Editor has been fortunate in having an excep- tionally able and enthusiastic staff. To Isobel Routly and Jerry Buckley especially, are due the literary excellence of the magazine. The increased burden of an expanded magazine has been borne with unfailing stoicism by the Business Manager. 52691 VICTORIA COLLEGE MUSIC CLUB EXECUTIVE Second Row: WALTER B. ROBERTS, Treasurer, JEAN MARTIN, Associate Business Manager, EARL M. ZURBRIGG, Business Manager. First Row: JEAN Ross, Secretaryg E. S. STEWART BISHOP, Presidentg JEAN MACFARLANE, Associate Presidentg JOHN C. MORRISON, Publicity Manager. Victoria College Music Club OR its fourteenth season, the Victoria College Music Club produced Gilbert and Sullivan's HH. M. S. Pinaforen. This operetta, one in a long line of Gilbert and Sullivan successes, was produced by the Club in the season of 1932-33 and proved as popular this year as it did then. Under the efficient direction of Mr. T. J. Crawford, Mus.Bac., F.R.C.O., each season's perform- ance, to quote Chancellor Wallace, "has been the best that the Club has done yet." Besi.des the high standard of performance that each year's audiences enjoy the Executive and members feel that the real Worth of the Music Club is to the members themselves. They not only enjoy the distinction of being in the production but learn to appreciate music that will be a common bond uniting each successive generation of Vic Music Club members. In this way the Club feels that it is playing an important role in the life of Victoria College. O l270l VICTORIA COLLEGE DEBATING PARLIAMENT Second Row: A. E. LEONARD, Associate President: D. E, WOODSWORTII, Treasizrer: J. BRIDGMAN, Clerk. First Row: A. R. MENZIES, Presiclentg N. R. Bowws, Speaker: PROF. E. A. HAvELocx, Honorary President. VICTORIA COLLEGE DRAMATIC SOCIETY Second Row: JIM KANE, Business Maiiagerg DICK STEWART. Vice-President: JACK SI-IELDRICK Treasurer: TOM PATON, Advertising Manager. First Row: BETTY CUNNINGI-IAM, Secretaryg JOHN D. HILTON, Presidentg DR. J. D. ROBBINS Honorary Presidentg BETTY GRAY, Associate Presidentg ISOBEL ROUTLEY, Social Convenor l27lj VICTORIA COLLEGE WOMEN'S LITERARY SOCIETY Second Row: Lois JURGENSEN, ROSEMARIE SCHAWLOW, MARY LOUISE CLARKE, DORIS BROWN, RUTH COTTER. First Row: JEAN Ross, BETTY MIHALKO, KAY WALLACE, Presidentg Mrss COBURN, Honorary Presidentg GLADYS JOHNSTON, Vice-Presidentg KAY PHILLIPS, Treasurer. Absent: JEAN FRANCIS, Secretaryg AGNES KLINCK. U 52721 QQ' '4-5... ""'-fl -uv TRINITY BOARD OF STEWARDS Second Row: L. J. DELANEY, Athletic Representative: H. L. ABOUD, Second Year Non- Resident Representativeg D. D. OWEN, Fourth Year Non-Resident Representative, R. V. ANDERSON, Students' Administrative Councilq A. H. CROSBIE, Second Year Resident Representative. First Row: J. A. SEED, Literary Instituteg F. F. NOCK, B.A., Head of College, REV. G. F. KINGSTON, Ph.D., Dean of Residence, Chairman: G. W. REED, Third Year Resident Representative, Treasurer. g Absent: C. J. BOND, Fourth Year Resident Representative, Secretary. The Trinity College Board of Stewards P until a few years ago, all matters concerning the male students of Trinity College were dealt with by an assembly of the whole student body, known as the College Meeting. But, as the result of the increase in both the amount and the complexity of the business with which the students were faced, it became apparent that some form of executive structure would be necessary for efficient administration. Accordingly, in the fall of 1935, the College Meeting created an executive body, known as the Board of Stewards. The Board is composed of the Dean of Residence, the Head of College, the Trinity representative to the S.A.C., a representative from the Literary Institute, a representative from the Athletic Association, and a resident and a non-resident representative from each of the three senior years. By its constitution, the Board must report to the College Meeting at least twice each term, thus affording the students an opportunity of discussing the problems with which the Board is faced. In its brief history, the Board has proven itself to be one of the indis- pensable bodies in Trinity College as a whole. f273l TRINITY COLLEGE LITERARY INSTITUTE Third Row: I. DAVIS, J. A. SEED, J. GEORGE, R.. R. COWAN, G. W. REED. Second Row: R.. B. HUTCHESON, F. S. KER, R.. V. ANDERSON, A. H. CROSBIE, G. L. MACINTYRE. First Row: F. G. D. ROULEAU, E. F. ROBINSON, J. R. C. CARTWRIGHT. The Trinity College Literary Institute OR eighty-six years the "Lit" has been one of the mainstays of the academic life of Trinity College. As its motto, "Fe'ros Cultus Voce Formareu would suggest, its prime 'purpose is the encouraging, and hence the improving, of the faculty of public speaking among the students. It is a parliamentary debating society, meeting every Friday night. Strict adherence to parliamentary order is observed, and the "Lit" also has its own constitution along parliamentary lines. The House is divided into the Govern- ment and the Opposition, which hold ofhce at the pleasure of the electors, the male students of the College, and is presided over by the Speaker. Changes of government are necessarily fairly frequent, whether on grounds of motions of defeat before the House or want of confidence. The latter is generally con- nected with some form of laxness on the part of the Government in the pur- suance of its duties as custodian of the reading matter and periodicals in the common rooms of the College and Trinity House. Open meetings are frequently held and debates with other colleges from various parts of the World often take place. In addition to these functions, the "Lit" is in charge of the Trinity College Conversazionne, one of the foremost of the annual dances on the campus. The past year has shown sustained and ever-increased interest on the part of the student body, in this, one of the oldest of the institutions of Trinity College. 12741 THE TRINITY UNIVERSITY REVIEW Third Row: J. N. EMERSON, E. J. BROWER, M. REID, A. E. A. ONCLEY, Assistant Business Manager, A. H. GRIFFITH. - Second Row: J. R. MAYBEE, Associate Editor, R. G.'ALLEN, Editor, WILLIAM COLGATE, Chair- man, J. SEED, Business Manager, D. D. OWEN, Associate Editor. First Row: J. GEORGE, J. G. WARDEN, F. S. KER. Absent: DR. A. E. BARKER, Convocation Editor, E. F. ROBINSON, G. H. SOUTHAM. The Trinity University Review HIS year The Trinity University Review celebrated fifty years of pub- lication by issuing a jubilee number. Originally the magazine was known as Ronge et Noir, a sobriquet derived from the College colours. The name was changed early in its career because prospective advertisers were wary of a title which reminded them of a gambling game, but the policy of The Review has remained constant throughout its existence. Its aim has been to provide a record of the Hliterature, thought and eventsm which constitute college life. bTo that end,,it publishes accounts of the activities of such bodies as the Literary Institute and the Dramatic Society, together with articles an.d critical sketches pertinent to the contemporary worlds of politics and the arts. In addition, it preserves the personal reactions of those more sensitive souls who express themselves in poetry and fiction, not only that their response to this vale of tears may be more widely appreciated, but also that they may be encouraged to communicate their experiences again. While very little is possible for a college magazine in the way of aggressive editorial policy, The Review has attempted to stimulate interest and possibly controversy on matters which are of particular concern to students. It has devoted considerable attention to the problem of college magazines and their role in undergraduate life, but whether or not this policy has provoked its readers out of their alleged lethargy is not known. greater reciprocity between the students and the faculty by persuading members of the latter to contribute to The Review. The success of this measure is manifest in corridor comment when the unsuspected literary preten- sions of a don are discovered by his suffering pupils. It is the secret hope of this year's Board of Manage- ment of The Review that. past generations having pro- duced poets like Archibald Lampman, they will unearth embryonic artists who one day will carry on the tradition. An attempt has been made this year to promote a TRINITV UNIVERSHY REVIEW . I X: 52751 -4? , -wt ,gg 'HQ 'gif ST. HILDA'S HOUSE COMMITTEE Second Row: ROSEMARY ANNESLEY, Head of the Second Year, LOUISE MATTHEW, Head of the First Year. Ftfrst Row: MARGARET HUME, Head of College, MRS. Kmxwoon, Dean of Women, BETTY LINDSAY, Head of the Thi-rd Year. St. Hildcfs House Committee HE House Committee of St. Hilda's College consists of Mrs. Kirkwood, the Dean of Women and Principal of the College, the Head of College and the Heads of the three lower years. It meets to discuss house rules and college discipline, set dates for student activities, and discuss the agenda for college meetings. It also acts as an executive for residence dances. St. Hilda's is run on the year system. Each year is a distinct unit within the college, with its own duties and privileges. The Heads of the various societies are elected from the two senior years, and these years, the Fourth particularly, are responsible for the general discipline and managementof the college. The Sophomore year trains the Freshies who have certain duties to perform. College meetings are held regularly to deal with matters concerning the undergraduates as a whole. The Head of fourth year who is Head of College, is President, the Head of the third year, Secretary, the Head of the second year, Treasurer. The Heads of the years are chosen by the academic standing on which they enter college. The Literary Society is active in promoting inter-year dramatics 'and debating, and brings interesting speakers. to the college. The Women's Auxiliary holds a yearly bazaar and tea the pr-oceeds of which go for missions. It also sponsors a social service department. Receptions are held periodically at St. Hilda's. Each year has a formal dance, and the second and third years give a dance for the graduating year. This year a Jubilee Ball was given in honour of the opening of the new residence. f276J ST. HILDA'S LITERARY SOCIETY Second Row: MARGARET PAINE, First Year N on-Resident Representativeg BETTY BLAIR, Senior Debating Representative, NATALIE LAMPMAN, First Year Resident Representative, CASH ROUS, Junior Debating Representative. First Row: MARJORIE DOUBT, Treasurer-g MARY COCKBURN, Vice-President, MARGARET LARGE, Presidentg MARY MOXLEY, Secretary. Absent: HELEN WORTHINGTON, Second Year Resident Representaative. St. Hildcfs Literary Society HE Society has had a more successful term than ever this year, follow- ing its establishment in the new residence and acquisition of Cartwright Hall and the stage. A full programme kept them busy all year. Each year submitted a resident and non-resident play, many of which were excellently done. The inter-year debates award was won by the enterprising freshiesg and other novelty programmes were presented. This year the Literary Society took over the sponsorship of the St. Hilda's Chronicle, the undergraduate magazine, and initiated what they hope will become a custom of the final literary banquet for the awarding of trophies and prizes. St. Hilda's Chronicle HE incorporation of the St. Hilda's Chronicle in the St. Hilda's Literary Society this year in an innovation which, we hope, will prove in future of benefit to both these institutions, each working for the common aim of promoting an interest and active participation in literary expression. The results so far this year have been extremely satisfactory, and there seems to be every reason to prophesy that the quality and volume of contributions will improve as time goes on, and as the interest of the College is aroused in making this Canadian women's college magazine one of which St. Hilda's may be justly proud. I2771 ss Q , 1313 ,MW- STAFF OF THE ST. HILDA'S CHRONICLE Third Row: NANCY STIRRITT, SIDNEY JONES, Editor: JOAN MCMASTER. WK Second Row: JOAN GRIFFITH, GABRIELLE VENABLES, ELIZABETH WATTS. First Row: BETTY KIRK, GRACE HUTCHISON. Absent: KAY CORSON, BETTY BLAIR. ST. HILDA'S WOMEN'S AUXILIARY Secmzd Row: BETTY HENDERSON, Assistant Head of Social Service: JOAN MCMASTER, Head of Social Service: MILDRED JOHNSTON, Dofrcas Secretary. First Row: IVIARJORIE DOUBT, Seci'etai'y-Treasurei-5 ANNETTE ALLISON, Presidentq MARY IVIOXLEY, Vice-President. L 278 1 ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL Second Row: CHARLES KIEEFER. First Year Representativeg JAMES CALLAN, First Year Athleticsg THOMAS IVIURPHY, Western Athletics: A. THOMAS SMITH, Third Year Repre- sentative: WILLIAM STOVER, Third Year Athleticsg GEORGE DENNISON, Second Year Repre- sentativeg RICHARD RONAN, Western Representative. First Row: JOHN CALLAHAN, Athletic Director: VICTOR DE BONIS, Vice-Presidentq EDWARD HARTFORD, President: JOSEPH BENNETT, Secretary. ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE SCIENCE CLUB EXECUTIVE Second Row: JACK BARRATT, First Year Representative: JAMES EGAN, Western Representa- tiveg JOHN NINFO, Third Year Representativeg SAM GOTTRY, Second Year Representativeq JOSEPH WOBUS, Business Manager. First Row: WILLIAM STOVER, Honorary Vice-Presidentg ANTHONY GAGLIANO, Vice-President: ALBERT CARTENUTO, Presidentg JAMES WALKER, Secretary-Treasurer. 12791 ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE ORATORICAL CLUB Second Row: PAUL FUNK, GORDON MCKINNON, JAMES MCNAMARA, PATRICK GORMAN, JOSEPH BENNETT, THOMAS DODD, ARTHUR MALONEY, PAUL O,NEILL, JAMES SHUTE, VICTOR DE BONIS. First Row: JAMES KELLY, GEORGE DELHOMME, Vice-Ptresidentg JOHN MCKINNON, President: JAMES MAHANNA, Sectretatryg JAMES DUNN. ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL Second Row: MARGARET MORRISSEY, MARJORIE DRISCOLL, MARY BAWN HAMILTON. First Row: KAY BENNETT, NORAH COSTELLO, President: GRACE FRANK. 12801 ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE SODALITY Second Row: HELEN BYRNES. NORAH COSTELLO, WILHELMINA WIACEK, GERTRUDE MULCAHY First Row: HELEN GEARON, ANTTA MARTIN, Presidentg MARGARET FYEE. Absent: LORNA SMITH, GENEVIEVE CONLIN, BETTY GALLAGHER, WINIFRED FLANAGAN. 32821 LORETTO COLLEGE STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCII Second Row: MARY CUNNINGHAM, MARY MACDONALD, JOAN O'D0NNELL. First Row: MARY MANSFIELD, LORRAINE LAUGHLAN, President: BETTY HUNTER. Absent: KITTY DEVLIN. LORETTO COLLEGE HOUSE COMMITTEE JOAN O,DONNELL, Headq MADELINE NOAH. Absent: KITTY DEVLIN. L2831 LORETTO COLLEGE LITERARY AND DRAMATIC SOCIETIES BETTY HUNTER, STELLA MURRAY, MARY MACDONALD, President of Dramatic Societyg MARY MANSFTELD, President of Literary Society. LORETTO COLLEGE SODALITY BETTY HUNTER, LORRAINE LAUGHLAN, Presidentg STELLA MURRAY. Absent: KITTY DEvL1N. f2841 LORETTO COLLEGE SOCIAL COMMITTEE Second Row: JOAN MCLAUGHLIN, JOAN OIDONNELL. First Row: WINIFRED HALPIN, MARY MACDONALD, Contvener: LORRAINE LAUGHLAN. Absent: RUTH CURTIS, MARY O'CONNOR, KxTTY DRVLIN. SCHOOL OF NURSING EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Second Row: M. WOODSIDE, Second Year Representativeg B. WAITE, First Year Representa- tive: M. KENT, Third Year Representative: J. MOODY, Public Health Course Representa- tive. First Row: E. J. DAVIDSON, Secretary-Treasurer: B. Sm-:NsToNE, Vice-Presidentg B. ROGERS Presidentg R. SCO'1'r, Hospital Staff Course Representative: J. E. IvEs, Vice-President H. BROWN, Basketball Representative. l235'l 4... wt 'X f W h'S5b E,REpn0"'0 A550f , Y,EE p Enicab'-socieryv ,,1953in1939,, I-Umveaarzriya EXEGUTIYEH '-Toacrirmn f----1 if f l" A 'AAW A if ,----.1 The Medical Society HE Medical Society has been active for the past forty-four years. During that time the original constiution and traditions have changed but little. As has been the custom in the past, a large percentage of the Society funds will be donated for the maintenance of bursaries. The Society is composed of members from each of the six years. Repre- sentatives of the various medical committees, over which the Society has indirect control, are also members. These committees are the Medical Ath- letic Association, Medical Women's Undergraduate Association, Medical "At Home" Committee, Medical J ournal, Daffydil Committee, Graduation Banquet, and also the committee of the dinner and dance at which the members of first year are formally welcomed. Recently the Canadian Association of Medical Students and Internes has been formed. This organization is composed ,of Medical students across Canada. The importance of such a movement is realized, and the Medical Society is keenly interested in its development. Certain measures of student health have been carried out, and foundations of a more definite nature are now being laid. The Society of this year extends best wishes of continued success to the Medical Society of the next year, and those of the years to come. . fzssl OF MEDICAL WOMEN'S UNDERGRADUATE ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE Second Row: ELIZABETH STERN, Daffydil Representativeg SUE ADAMS, Secretary: JEAN BRERETON, Second Year Representativeg FLORENCE ALLEN, First Year Representative. First Row: JEAN LEESON, Torontonensis Representative, HELEN HOLDEN, Vice-Presidentg DR. ANN CURTIN, Honorary Presidentg DOROTHY REDMOND, Presidentg BARBARA WATTS, President, Athletic Association. Absent: JEANNE MONTGOMERY, Treasurer. Medical Women's Undergraduate Association HE Medical Women's Undergraduate Association had a very active W and satisfactory year. Meetings were held about once a month through- out the term. The October meeting was devoted to initiating the freshmen, and the December meeting was in the form of a Christmas party. In addition, addresses were given by Miss Lea, of the Children's Aid Society, and Dr. Jessie Gray. The Nabob Tea, at which the medical women entertain the Faculty and the women doctors of the city was held early in March. The last meeting of the year was a farewell party for the members of the graduating year. This year, again, the M.W.U.A. has enjoyed full attendance at meetings, and spontaneous enthusiasm for all its projects. We are very proud of our organization, of which every undergraduate medical woman is an active member. 52871 UN NERSITV GP TORONTG 21,52 f:'.II . ,.- l L, :V I K rr I"IE'lDIC-lib JOURFIIUJ "li: .mc::9- i --12581259 Q CUL., University of Toronto Medical Journal LTHOUGH it does not behoove the staff of the Journal to chant the merits of Volume XVI, it is necessary for the purposes of this record to review certain changes during the past year, which we trust may be listed under improvements. A persistent effort was made during the past year to arrange the articles in such a manner that each issue contained something of interest to the members of each undergraduate year. In order to promote an early habit of Journal reading, an attempt was made to obtain interesting and instructive articles written by members of the staff, as well as by under- graduates. The Abstracts Section, which was inaugurated last year, was greatly improved in quality and quantity. The Feature Section, which in past volumes appeared only spasmodically, was represented by very readable material in each issue. The practice of including notes on medical events, athletic, so-cial and administrative fMedical Society and C.A.M.S.I.j was espe-cially appre- ciated by the student body. Sixteen years ago, the U. of T. Medical Journal appeared as the First undergraduate medical publication on this continent. In the February issue of Volume XVI, the Journal featured an interesting article by its original editor, Dr. E. P. Scarlett, M.D., F.R.C.P. fCan.J. We regret to announce the 1-oss of Professor Marrian from the Advisory Staft, who at Christmas accepted the chair of Chemistry in Relation to Medi- cine at the University of Edinburgh. The staff hopes that the scarcity of written or vocal comments during the past year signifies the reader's approval of Volume XVI. fzasj If a' Rs MET? UW my W AT: HOME GOMMPFCIEE: 1959 1959 , jgff ' 413 as I 7, J nw A.n:v, -ff :Ax X - " P ' , Medical "At Home" HROWN aside and soon forgotten were the scalpels and stethoscopes on January 26th. The night of nights had arrived as the annual "Medical At-Home," the party every co-ed on the campus dreams of attending, once more swung into action. It was on this occasion the medicos and their ladies, eleven hundred strong, really stepped out. Once again the Royal York was the setting for this gala annual affair. Merriment and hilarity filled the whole convention floor, which the committee, under the able leadership of Bill McGill, had with great difficulty, been able to reserve. No other party would be interfering with the exclusiveness of the Medical "At Home" fschoolmen notej. Most pleasing arrangements of the hottest swing and the sweetest rhythms were sounded out by America's ace trumpeter, Bunny Berigan and his band. This popular young maestro entered into the spirit of the occasion to the fullest, playing an extra hour, the last half of which was devoted to the maddest and wildest jam session the campus has ever seen. At midnight a sumptuous repast was served with Epistaxis resounding from the balconies. Distinctly honoured were Meds under the distinguished patronage of Mrs. H. J. Cody, Mrs. W. E. Gallie, Mrs. Alan Brown, Mrs. Wm. Boyd, Mrs. Duncan Graham, Mrs. R. R. Graham, Mrs. J. C. B. Grant, Mrs. Wm. Scott, Mrs. R. F. Farquharson and Mrs. E. S. Ryerson. Each year the Medical "At Home" leaves nothing to be desired. The highest pinnacles of success seem to have been reached, yet, to the amazement of other faculties, new ideas are incorporated again and again. Outstanding was the introduction of a caricature artist, who drew loud praise from the guests between dances. A novel checking system, which proved 10079 fool- proof, much to the chagrin of the Engineers, also received much favourable comment. By tradition, the success of the party was assured. However, when the night was ended and the last note struck, the seeming impossible had occurred as the peaks of success were scaled to still higher levels. What of the future, Meds? All eyes are turned your way. More power to you! fzssaj DAFFYDIL COMMITTEE Third Row: L. E. MOTTRAM, Advertising, Epistaxisg T. H. BLACK, Fourth Year Representa- tiveg R. I. P. ROBERT, Banquet Manager, L. E. PROWSE, Fifth Year Representative, W. P. HAIR, Second Year Representative. Second Row: G. L. S. BIGGS, First Year Representative, H. BOLLEY, Fourth Year Represen- tative, D. P. BRYCE, Third Year Representativeg R. L. STIRRETT, Business Manager, W. F. WALES, Sixth Year Representative, K. L. SHAPIRO, Art Editor. First Row: I. Sci-xrrrx-zrz, Editor of Epistaxis, M. H. LITTLE, Stage Manager, B. LASKI, Secre- tary-Treasurer, C. SHEARD, President, J. C. RATHBUN, Vice-President, MISS E. STERN, Ladies' Representative, W. T. WEST, Musical Director. , Duff-,fdii AFFYDIL Night, the annual medical Drama Festival, took place in Hart House Theatre, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, February 22nd, 23rd and 24th. Under the capable direction of Mr. Willard Thompson an exceptional show was presented, which highly delighted the capacity audiences. . A skit presented by each year and the medettes liberally interspersed with inter-acts provided a new high in entertainment. The Fourth year was adjudged the superior skit and the judgment was a most popular one. The Hutchinson Trophy emblematic of the best individual performance was awarded jointly to Mr. H. Bolley and QMissJ Dr. D. E. Redmond, as both received the same number of votes. Epistaxis, the magazine and program associated with Daffydil, even sur- passed the quality set by' previous editions, and much praise is due the editor, Mr. I. Schiffer and his staff for the work on this publication. Much credit for the unparalleled success of Daffydil this year is due to the fine work of the Daffydil Committee. The committee this year were more than beset by difficulties, especially when the Chairman, Dr. C. Sheard, became ill, necessitating an operation, just when the show began to shape up. However, the Vice-Chairman, Dr. J. C. Rathbun, ably assisted by Dr. B. Laski, promptly filled the breach. Much credit is also due to Dr. W. T. West, our genial musical director, who has toiled unceasingly for the past few years to make this show the success it has been. On Saturday evening following the presentation of this extravaganza of medical wit, those who took active part in the proceedings, together with mem- bers of the staff, gathered at the King Edward Hotel for the Daffydil Banquet to celebrate another birthday of the annual medical show which was founded in 1897. 52901 .,g ,,-9, FK, 1491- .gg!g g ,ri"7, "a - I 9 A 9. ,' ii -I iifl.. I? P I gag, la i'3 Fggiim i,. L Egg , .rf an SMDWN A.A.MsA-WL RCi'2'!?.iE?0" ..9J?J3s::::':.., Qiitssf 3rS9!llf?i'ff2" pgggogmrgxc Yliznsumsn in vlcl. rusmun' AN: natxcnf F!-EQ ' 9' ' ' ENGINEERING ' if 1 9 socuaty of , 9 If Elggggwivub nzgfognlyeflbsvun masking? vnu. ' vcil:i:J2r?rLE?TONa C:-gggri v Faculty of Applied Science . and Engmzcdngh , g A A 'S Y J ""' 'Emil V Q- 9 ' UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I A ,Q V . V .-,.A. 1 V . ' f 1938 1939 9 R.ARui.z I'I.DF.vpART9.lDGE WW.RAP5EY LBWALKER WATKiNSON ' Jglz g cnmamnw cn.-.tammy f.nA1w.MAN Asm.z1 Ano clxvvsn cnmnmnn CNAIP-MAN C U'-M DEBATES CLUB ELECTRICAL B 'r NYU MBCMANILAL CLUB M,Q,M. ENG PHYSICS Cl- Cavxc CLUB Engineering Society OUR years have sailed right by since 1935, and 1939, that seemingly far- distant year, has slipped upon us, making graduation a reality. It seems strange, but certainly those few short years have had an influence on all the members of this class, that will last their lifetime. The accumulation of knowledge, friends and experiences that each has gathered should do much towards furthering future private and public affairs. The Class activities in every year have been ably administered and the good financial condition bestowed upon us by the Engineering Society at the date of birth has been carefully maintained. Fights, year parties, School "At Homesn, all University functions, have combined with the knowledge-absorb- ing process, to make School days real days. Despite a jinx on presidents, capable fellows have run for offices in every year, doing much toward making our year card money a worth-while invest- ment. The Boulevard Club has seen a lot of us, and memories of those times should come in handy when mildew, aches and pains have set in. The Engineering Society, with its parties, meetings and other activities, has played a big role in creating that general atmosphere around School that will be remembered when the lowly differential has passed into the dim mist of the forgotten. It is to be hoped that the efforts on its behalf by those graduating will be an assistance to following years. May the hopes and ambitions of all the men of 3T9 be realized and may there be time in the future for many more good times together. L2911 . o . eu H.M.RomNsoN . i s .. ffm-f2f'1ff.'f"" t mm-at W C D D KWM oL.MsoN F C READ fgmolme 5 Pizissolzgwi-E ' vacahviigsnuznr osirieas MLP, Y FOURTH YEAR EXECUTIVE Rigjgamugfpon FBCUHY of SCWDCZ Aslkgpgggarmugpu ,and Engineering UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO me I939 S.P.S. Fourth Year ND so we come to the end of our undergraduate days. But what an ending! The members of the Class of 3T9 were determined to make this last year the most colourful an.d active of the four, and they succeeded. Although the individual members of 3T9 continued as in former years to dominate the athletic field, the spirit of the Class as a whole was best evidenced in its own social functions. The Senior Fall Prom, held in the Boulevard Club, was an outstanding success, not because of the preparations made, but because of that underlying quality of good fellowship, a characteristic of any 3T9 gathering. The major stag event took place in Hart House, where the graduate Engineers welcomed us into their midst with a splendid banquet. Such merri- ment and frivolity and nobody hurt! And then came the inevitable explosion of the social whirl-the Gradua- tion Ball, held in the Crystal Ballroom of the Royal York. This dance, which should have been sad, but wasn't, rang with high laughter until the early hours of the morning. And now as we graduate, we raise our hats to the School which taught us, not only the principles of our profession, but also the fundamental rule of good living-to fight hard and play fair-and we enter the outside world with the iirm resolve that the School will always be proud to call us her own. f2921 J.H.F:e. ENG. PHYSICS REP J.C.ANnsv.soN . A.A.McAo:rnuz RC.ANDEP.SON J.H.l2os1-:ns . PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN , PRESIDENT VICE.'CHAl9.MAN SCHOOL MPHOML T COMMITTEE T T Faculty ofApplizd Science p S.M.S.DuNN GP Dawn C 7435555 TICKET SALES and Engineering, UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I938 I939 . . O SON . G.B.DswAn:r J.EpQllpgQQ7ETv ...My ...MN Qigdcgeentgygl K W Mgbgmggl I Q ACCOMMODATION School "At Home" G HE much-heralded 1939 School "At Home"-party of parties"-took place on the Convention Floor of the Royal York Hotel, January 20th. Over twelve hundred Schoolmen and their ladies danced to the "Rhythmic Pyramids" of Richard Himber and his orchestra. Ably assisting him in the Crystal Ballroom was Toronto's own Trump Davidson. The affair was conducted as an experiment to maintain the prestige of School "At Home", as the foremost social function of the University. Its success was due to the spontaneous enthusiasm of Schoolmen, both under- graduate and graduate. Indeed, it hardly could have ended in such a happy financial state without the support of the graduates. The distinguished patronesses were: Mrs. H. J. Cody, Mrs. C. H. Mitchell, Mrs. C. R. Young, Mrs. C. G. Williams, Mrs. R. W. Angus, Mrs. H. H. Madill, Mrs. J. W. Bain, Mrs. H. W. Price, Mrs. G. A. Guess. Among the guests were: Prof. and Mrs. W. J. T. Wright, Prof. and Mrs. W. J. Smither, Mr. A. E. Macdonald, Prof. and Mrs. C. F. Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Wilson. Contrary to the usual custom, a supper was not served, but the orchestras played continuously until three o'clock, so that everyone had ample oppor- tunity to "swing it" with the music. At intervals throughou the evening, amusing caricatures of the guests were drawn by Mr. Hugh Forbes before an admiring throng. With a final medley ending in the One O'clock Jump, the very weary, but still joyful, crowd bade adieu to School 4'At Home" for nineteen hundred and thirty-nine. May it live forever. 52931 une, JCflif355?oN 5'm'R.'e'f'N A'Ae'gilfiffi'.5J.Hu" 8igfl'39E5?2'Jc. lifll1g3i2'El'N" EF+lifii'?H SCHOOL DINNER COMMITTEE Faculty of Applied Scizncc MLERMN and Enginzcrlng umvansurv or ronomo I938 l939 HGRoNsoN J.F.F o mormrxow MAR-SHAQIENG AsHLEil:lLll:Nni'ocmPPEN M'R're,gggEviEZ'5oN School Dinner HE 49th Annual School Dinner, held in the Great Hall of Hart House, Thursday, November 24th, 1938, will long be remembered by School- men. "School" spirit was the keynote of the evening, and the well-chosen words of the President of the Engineering Society guided the many speakers skilfully through the varied program. , "The Status of An Engineer" was the subject chosen by the guest speakers, Dr. J. B. Challies, President of the E. I. C., Austin Wright, General Secretary of the Institute, and Fred Newell, Chief Engineer of the Dominion Bridge Co. Each talked for a time on the different aspects of the engineering profession. Dr. T. H. Hogg made the presentation of scholarships to the brighter lights of School and the Gold Keys to graduating members of the Engineering Society Executive Committee, and Athletic Association. One of the most prominent and popular of graduates, he was enthusiastically greeted and will always be assured of a warm welcome from Schoolmen. Dr. Cody, the President -of the University, in a brief but inspiring speech, left a message to engineers which will not be soon forgotten by those who were privileged to attend. In reply to the toast to the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, Dean Mitchell made one of his most successful addresses. A short sing-song fellowed the bountiful meal of turkey, with all the trimmings. At intervals throughout the evening, musical entertainment was provided by The Three Strings and an exhibition of juggling and balancing held the audience spellbound. With the booming echo of a resounding Toike Oike, the 49th Dinner came to an end-may the spirit which permeated all those present long flourish for the continued advancement and unification of the engineering profession in Canada. f2941 5 M.S.DuuN , ' RC.ANoan.soN A.A.McAn'rHun. RD.ScoT'r NANCI. PIISIDINT CHARMAN VIC! ' CHAI sc:-nooLNlTE COMMITTEE Emlmman Faculty oIApphccI Scncncc RIVMLNGTON and Engineering' UNIVERSITY OF' TORONTO I9 3 8 I9 3 9 H KORTRIGHT D.R.B.MCARTHUR ASHLEY A cmvnu w.l.C.ANDERSON ' A.D.MO0RF. R EPTION ' TICKKT S LES A TORO 0 PUBLICITY , ACCOMMOD School Nite CHOOL NITE, the annual informal frolic of the men from S.P.S., arrived Q eventually at Hart House, Friday, February 17th. "The Revue" was pre- sented to about 1,500 eager guests in three shows at the theatre. Bob Shuttle- worth played for dancing in the large gymnasium. Bill Fraser and his orchestra, the Modernaires, under Pat Kavanagh, and Norm Phemister and his orchestra, offered a variety of swing in the smaller rooms. For those inclined, old-time music, complete with caller, was available in the Debates Room. In the pool, the Dolphinettes, under the direction of Dr. Duff, gave one of their most elaborate presentations. This was followed by an exhibition of canoe manipulation by Aubrey Ireland. The Varsity Gym team, under Mr. Charlie Zwygard's guidance, offered at intermission in the Gym a stirring display of gymnastics. A welcome supper was served in the Great Hall, and activities continued to two o'clock. An attempt was made to improve the ticket arrangements for seeing the Review-as always, there were more people desiring to see the show than there are available seats. We hope it proved satisfactory. f2951 ri. M.R.MACpHER.SON EDITOR OF TRANSACTIONS FCE!-:AD PHOTDGRAPHI C EDITOR. ' H.L..CooNs SPORTS EDITOR- wf"xg H . , ff' 'w if it L fr ""' 512 Q i' A.G.GlI..LESPIE. WVUSATES JANDERSON ASSISTANT EDITOR EDITOUFIN' CHIEF DIRECTOR OF PUBLICATIONS BOARD OF EDITORS AND YEAR BOOK F PMzscmNo TORONTONENSIS REP. ANU FUBLICITY ' TRANSACTIONS d.B.Mon.1AP.TY ADYLRTISING M ANAGEH. Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering I UNIVERSITY OF ToRoNTo I938s I939 ASHLEY AND CILIPPEN T010 TO I. McCAi.i.uM ASSOCIATE EDITOR. Transactions and Year Book HE undergraduate engineer's life is a full one. He is generally well known over the campus for his hard work and his hard play. One of the means of making him known is through the written word of his events in Transactions and Year Book. . In the magazine we try to give a broad cross section of our year's E activities. The various topics discussed and studied by the students are published, varying from the engineering ingenuity required in the construction of dams, highways, mines, buildings and great indus- I M ' I ,fpi trial enterprises to the manufacture of tin cans, scented T R AN 5 A C T I O N S soap and buttonless spats for the medical students. Herein are contained the achievements of our athletes, the hobbies of our more gifted and the memories of dancing girls, words of wisdom and 1 9 3 9 pl staggering banquets. To call our magazine a great literary work would be an exaggeration QI thinkj. However, to describe it as a School Diary would be more correct. It is made ?gGENffE"'p2 possible through the fine work of our staff and "'l-iii associates to whom many words of thanks and appre- ,ml ciation are directed. H961 F.,-..,,--. ,.-.......i1.-.v V V if J ' J.A.LuNoY slilfiifgagron. C'G'Q6QgslAPBELL nogggggavggtiaenons A535549 saefron. svowromz TOIKE OIKE STAFF VQHIJQQKQQN C.M.MlTCHELL, ,L and Engineering 3RD.YEAR REP. UNIVERSITY or Tol2oNTo . ,fVAQ ' AAIV 1 J I9 3 8 I9 3 9 EBQNHAM Asmav AND csuwan K.KlDD , 280. YEAR lil! TORONTO IST. YEAH. REP. Toil-ze Oike HE past year has witnessed the customary eight issues of Toilce Oike. While making no pretensions to literary value, the paper attempts to provide a medium whereby schoolmen may be amused. At the same time some of the more pressing problems of the engineer are discussed and the usual club notices dispensed. This year's staff have co-operated very well, to maintain and possibly surpass former efforts. Jack Orr, as assistant editor, has produced several ' masterpieces in his column "Alley Cat". This section is the parent of the better known Champus Cat. Bill ELECT-ON em-ON Jackson, Toronto's most popular deb escort, has man- TOUSWEQWQWIKE aged the social news very ably, commenting expertly on S.P.S. functions. Jim Lundy, the "Sportoike" -'e- editor, Eric Bonham, Tom Cooke, Jack Fee and other i z: ",i J members of the staff have contributed freely. Much 1 1- credit is also due Mr. T. R. Loudon, Mr. J. C. Lazier, .. and especially Dean Mitchell, who have represented ' the Stag. We extend to our successors the best of luck and soc hope that they will improve the status of Toike Oike while retaining its traditional brand of htunor. 52971 B.H.M.Tr-:DMAN Ml.GLADSTONE E.vANs E.H.HvmM:N E..H.NoAv.Es VSCE - CHAIRMAN NON. CHAIRMAN CHAIRMAN SEC.-TREAS. ARCHITECTURAL CLUB EXECUTIVE Faculty ol Applied Science ' and Engineering UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I938 I939 L.A.ALLEN Asn-:Lev Ano CRIPPEN J.A.MUP.P.AY A ann. vue new. Toaonro IST-YE-N1 REP. Architectural Club RACED by the presence of four beautiful freshettes, the Architectural Club got off to a rather bewildering start. While most of the activities seem to be confined to the drafting room, a great number of important events have happened outside our Weathered Walls, most of which there is not space enough to mention here. The Gull Lake Camp, one of the highlights of the year, lived up to all expectations with Mother Nature doing her best for ideal weather conditions. A very fine group of paintings was stamped out and exhibited for the benefit of the University. The Annual Dinner can be checked up as a success with Mr. Gladstone Evans as honorary chairman, lighting the match for a bombastic .discussion that settled once and for all the question of good architecture. Some of those touching toasts will be remembered for a long time by those who were present. Every year the club's climaxing event is the Mauvais Art Ball. Being well attended by the staff and students of the School of Architecture and their friends, this year's party was no exception. Much could be said but words hardly express adequately the Mauvais Art Ball. f298l rf! ' - ,ql "A Pn.oF C.R.YouNe - WS1'oxuua R.A.IZui..E. Pn.or.WM.TnsAoeoLn H N CE-CHAIRMAN I'l0N.CHAlP.MAN CHAIRMAN HOYLYICE-CHA CIVIL CLUB EXECUTIVE . smgigegiqgl Faculty oIAppIizdScicncz J.sscU5,.,m9 and Engineering UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I9 3 8 I 9 3 9 .!.'Ml?i2"QEp. 3fT.'lIM19.2'iEp. 'lm"'4oQ2.?w'S"""' VQ,l?,:l53.'l"2.?aF ,Srl-,fzlfcn Civil Club HE Civil Club has concluded another year's activity with pleasing success both in the social and educational realms. This success is due to the work of the executive, the co-operation of the members and the ever- helpful assistance of the staff who turned out to all our functions and made each of them more enjoyable. Mr. William Storrie, consulting engineer, from d-owntown, again favoured us by acting as our Honorary Chairman, and took a very keen interest in all the Club activities. The new members, our freshmen, were initiated into the Club at our first meeting-a dinner at Hunt's on October 12th, 1938. Prof. Treadgold gave us a very instructive and sincere address. The annual trip for the Third and Fourth years was on October 14th, 1938, when the Ontario and Queenston power plants were inspected. The first smoker of the year was on Wednesday, November 30th, 1938. The speaker was one of our own graduates, Mr. J. M. Breen, of the Canada Cement Company, Ltd. He gave an extremely interesting talk on "Cement and Concrete" and showed us slides picturing the road construction pro- gramme in Germany. An exuberant gang celebrated the Christmas exams., on January 5th, at the Royal York Supper Dance. This was held in conjunction with the M. 8z M. Club, which seems to be now a customary yearly. event. . Mr.'W. C. Miller, City Engineer and Treasurer of St. Thomas, gave us an address on "Municipal Administration" at a luncheon in Hart House on Friday, January 27th, 1939. The year's activities were brought to a close with a final get-together in March. l-2991 RE.PAsHLF.R Pn.or.Pmc: HMV PARTILIDGB' A I2.A.GaznG VICE ' CHAIRMAN HON. CHAIRMAN CHAIRMAN 5EC.'TREAS. DEBATING CLUB EXECUTIVE Faculty of Applied Science FCREAD J.C.FINLAYSON 4774. YEAR ll! BRD. YEAR REP. and Engineering UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO AI 9 3 8 I 9 3 9 BLTKIN ' Aam..zY A o cmvvzn D.V.SCI-IMIDT zum vena nav, 'romom' lsr vnu nav, ......... ..................... ..-.......L..,... A ......- .. .E .. , . -. ..-,. . ....-- .......- L--. -. A..- WT.. - .4 Debates Club HE S.P.S. Debates Club swung into action last fall, just before Initia- tions, in time to give the Frosh an opportunity to raise their voices in protest against that age-old rite. Speakers were from first and second years. The Sophomores successfully upheld their views and the ceremony was carried out with due solemnity. "A horse of a different colour,', namely Dictatorship vs. Democracy, pro- vided the serious subject in the Fall Term. No world-smashing decision was arrived at although much lively discussion was evolved. "Resolved that S.P.S. should not employ American talent for Social Functions" provided the vehicle for a fast moving and humorous discussion, punctuated with reminiscences and pleasant memories. The wisdom of the decision in favor of American Talent was amply demonstrated by the success of the School Formal. A joint meeting of the Engineering Society and the Debates Club was held in January, at which papers on Engineering Subjects were presented and cash prizes awarded. The annual inter-year debates for the Segsworth Trophy were marked with enthusiasm. The yearls activities ended with the Impromptu Speaking Contest. fsooj is W C.WAw.o WNMQAPSEY PnoF.H.W. Pmcz D.E.McGw.zf,ow. .-TIIEAS. CHAIRMAN NON. CHRIRMRN ViCE-CHAIR ELECTRICAL CLUB EXECUTIVE HME3-i'5'39" Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering uNlvaRsiTy or ToRoNTo I938 I939i DG JOHNSON ASHLEY M CWPEN Q.K.P1La Ylll REP. T0 NTO IST. YEAR. Electrical Club NOTHER School year has come and gone, leaving behind it for some fond memories of a University life now completed, while for others it means but a further stride toward this objective. We believe the Electrical Club has contributed a great deal to the enjoyment of our strenuous academic year by providing an opportunity for the men of all years to meet socially and to promote a greater fellowship among them. To this end, the Club activities have taken a slightly different form from previous years. We were visitors at the A.I.E.E. meeting, which dealt with Toronto's shiny new I.E.C. street cars, and the talk and demonstration were most capably handled. Smokers featured Mr. Willson Woodside, with one of his intimate talks on the European situation, and Col. Joy, Inspector of Civil Aviation, who gave us a very interesting introduction to Radio Flight Control. Mr. R. M. Thomas, of The Perfect Circle Piston Ring Co., gave a talk on "Don't Make the Mistakes I Made When I Left School", which was supple- mented by the showing of two technical films by the C.G.E. The grand finale took the form of a dinner at the Toronto Hydro-Electric Club, featuring a three-ring circus. Syl Apps brought us some interesting reminiscences of his meteoric sp-orts career. Mr. Nichols Ignatieff, of the School Exploration Society, told us of his proposals for University men in the Society, and our own Al Gloyer brought us some talkie shorts as added enter- tainment to round out a real evening. And so as we pass out of School, we wish those who follow all the pleasur- able experiences that have been ours, and hope the Club continues to receive the active support of all its members. Our thanks for the co-operation received this year. faoiy H.B.Mucnu.F. G. -. Prior T Louocm J L. Ou. H 51'Ama JWHYTE ENGINEERING PHYSICS CLUB EXECUTIVE +?3f5'f555e Faculty of Applied Science 2595595555 and Enguneermg UNIVERSITY OF Tonomo I938 I939 K.KmD TS2g5gg5Qg,9N Engineering Physics Club' N the second year of its existence, with a one hundred per cent. member- ship, the Engineering Physics Club is taking its part in the activities of the Engineering Society. The annual banquet at which the freshmen were officially welcomed into the Club started the year off with a flourish Cfor the freshmen at leasitj. Among the several meetings held during the year, such subjects as "Tricycle Undercarriages For Aircraft", "Summer J obs", '4Dimensional Theory" and "The Electron Microscope" were very thoroughly discussed. The annual dance was held in co-operation with the Mechanical Club after the January examinations, and the boys proved their versatility by "swinging with the best of them". An innovation was the presentations of talks on their thesis subjects by members of the fourth year, thus acquainting the junior years with the work ahead of them and providing lecturing experience for the fourth year. In this manner, such topics as "Photo-Electric Cells", "The Cathode Ray Tube", "X-Rays and Their Application to lndustry", "Metal Aircraft Construction", "Boundary Layer and Its Control", "Airplane Performance Calculations", and "Constant Speed Propellorsn, were discussed. May the Club have continued success and may the graduating class always Hy with "skies clear and ceiling unlimited". i302l ,anim I .WN Pnor. E..A.Sr4u'rH QD.JoHNs'roN H.I?..Gn.EEN GKENNEDY HON. VICE'CHAllMAN HON CHAIFLNUXN CHAIRMAN VlCE'CNAlRMAN INDUSTRIAL CHEMICAL CLUB EXECUTIVE 542222. Faculty of AppIizdScifznce R'W0i'A'2T?J0N and Engineering UNIVERSITY OF ToRoNTo I938 I939 TKINGSBURY R.FuGi.E.P. SRD. YEAR RER ZND. YZAR. RER ASHLEY A 0 CSJPPEN IEE. Industrial Chemical Club OR thirty years the Industrial Chemical Club has played an active part in the life of Chemical Engineers. The prime function of the club is to bring the students into touch with chemical industry. Several features were introduced this year with this in view. A special effort was made to have every member present at the opening meeting. This was a luncheon affair and the speaker was Mr. Leigh Glover, a graduate of 1934. Guests representing various industries were invited to this and subsequent meetings. Each of the regular meetings started with a dinner at Hart House. This gave an informal and friendly atmosphere to the gatherings. Addresses were presented on subjects of current technical interest. The speakers included the Honorary Chairman, Mr. O. D. Johnston, Mr. J. C. Honey, Mr. Cyril Tasker, Dr. R. K. Stratford and Mr. N. C. Hobson. An additional link with the industry was afforded the students by trips to chemical plants. In November the third and fourth years visited the Firestone plant at Hamilton and the Hydro-Electric Power plant at Chippawa, ending up in Buffalo. The S-ophs and Frosh were permitted to visit a local soap factory in February. A luncheon meeting at Hart House in March, with almost all members present brought the club year to a successful conclusion. We hope that the incoming executive may have an even bigger and better club next year. 53031 4- 6, .4"'wn . M ,' M 4 A I I ,v.. .T . sf f 7 ,. , ' - L' ' I , Q in . aya 1 , ... M 1 u ,- ' 3 5. ,r ig, ' p a . QW f ' if . ,. W Y a? , .,'., 5 X A . 1 4' V' If ,fl gift . aww 1 1+ I , A r,,,,,.,,,.----.-, O O 4 , 'T.E25.?fBf,f5f:SH.S L'Ea2!:.5::m it-lk'i:1.?A'.?. PESSEYEE-!99.':.IaSH M E C H A N I C A L C L U B E X E C U T I V E Weiifiitffi Faculty of Applied Science AiiiQ9'lii35"' A2 e and Engineering .Qe , UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I 9 3 8 I 9 3 9 Q+?':?,?i'23' 555522215 "'s"L'i2QE2fZ"""E" lfE'?'ZlE'2?p. Tia-l:b5Q'E'Ei Q Mechanical Club HE Mechanical Club began the fall term this year with a bumper crop of about 80 freshmen to swell its ranks. The lordly group of fourth year men who grace the top of this page embarked on a bus for Niagara and Buffalo, to view power plants, on October 21st. Needless to say the next day was a dead loss. The same day, the third year were off to Hamilton, inspecting Westinghouse and the Steel Co. of Canada, so that school must have looked deserted. First and second year trips were arranged early in January, to Canadian General Electric and Massey-Harris, and to Canada Wire and Cable respectively. The smokers were well attended, one of the highlights being the visit of Mr. H. Thomasson of Westinghouse, who taught us a great deal about welding. All who were there will remember the "Double Feature", when the Crane Co. presented a magnificent technical film and Mr. Ignatieff inspired us to be explorers. A celebration was held after the Christmas exams, when about half the club in conjunction with the Engineering Physics Club turned up at the Embassy Hotel for a dance. The year was ended by a trip to Bell Telephone and the Annual Dinner. t304l 7 . 1-1 PQQSQQIA-asses +M.2.'s2.2s" W-CstT.:e'.':.?0" . 933522: Missa MINING AND METALLURGICAL CLUB EXECUTIVE. F-3.?ausN Faculty of Applied Scienccit-2:!'.Li'.?.!z2. .'S.I:2:A:.2e.::. and Engineering umvanslrv OF TORONTO I938 I939 ..E4b29m:. - ......9.'.!te.s.2:..... ....3.'l'l'+'!tltE.!t.. n ...Y QM .AJ A Mining and Metallurgical Club HIS year has been a very eventful one for the Mining and Metallurgical Club. Starting the year off we met with C. G. Williams, successor to H. E. T. Haultain, as Professor of Mining Engineering, and at this point the executive would like to express their thanks to him for his sincere interest and helpful guidance to the club. We were very fortunate in having as our Honorary Chairman, Mr. J. Y. Murdoch, whose executive positions in the mining industry are too numerous to mention here. Our councillor, C. W. Drury of the Deloro Mining and Smelting Co. Ltd., has also taken a keen interest in the club. Our activities this year included a Smoker at which the Freshmen were introduced to the club. The Hrst Dinner was held at Hart House, on December lst. Dr. Joliffe of the Department of Mines, Ottawa, gave an illustrated address on the Northwest Territories, with particular reference to the Yellow- knife, Canada's new mining field. The second dinner, held at the Military Institute, was very outstanding. Mr. J. Y. Murdoch talked to the club and left us much to think about. At the time of writing, future activities are rather indefinite. We plan a student program for the March meeting of the Toronto Branch of the C.I.M.M.E. We also hope to hold another dinner. During the year, the fourth year were the guests of the Orillia Manufac- turers, and also took a trip through the Canada Wire and Cable Co. plant at Leaside. The Executive Committee wishes to thank everyone connected with the club for their co-operation. 53051 . ..- .-.-M-rn Nw. -an is-mn wus svvngnr: umnnznr Mass sfuogm-.s nn-msn sec? snmsnvs ummm vac: 2:2 vnu cmmrmu num su-vs-an nas: vrveau CABINET 1 QF zu srunenrs RDUWEN WDEHT FA 58-19 TRY J M , 1 1 ,. . L-vs wuts- cnmnmu- N munulas vnu nasvruz ' 'A -rononvoucnsns Rev Annum Ar non: ionnnv ucv, 'Q Dental Students' Parliament HE Students' Parliament has a long history which dates from 1875. All undergraduates are members of the Students' Parliament and all student affairs are co-nducted by this body through an executive known as the Cabinet. The Cabinet is composed of a President, Secretary, Treasurer, Presidents of each year, and Chairmen of the different committees in charge of the varied student activities. ,S The constitution of the Students' Parliament has been amended at various times to conform to the growth and various changes which have taken place since the founding of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons in 1875 and its change to the Faculty of Dentistry in 1925. The Students' Parliament provides representative administration of all undergraduate activities and provides an official contact between the student body and the faculty executive. This year has been a Very successful one, and it is hoped that many more like it are in store for succeeding parliaments. fi?-061 DENTANTICS COMMITTEE Second Row: G. WERRY, Second Year Representativeq P. P. ANDRACHUK, Fifth Year Representative: A. FYFFE, Third Year Representative: E. D. FYFFE, Chairinan. First Row: MISS B. A. B. SWADRON. First Year Representative: DEAN A. D. MASON, MISS E. WINKLER, Dental Nurses' Representative. Absent: E. ROLLASTON, DR. D. TANNER. Dental Dramatic Committee HE Dramatics Committee of the Faculty of Dentistry has for its primary primary object the production of the annual Dentantics Presentation in Hart House Theatre. The committee are to be highly commended for their efforts in producing a very entertaining and profitable show this year. The Support and appreciation shown by the faculty and students this year augurs well for future Detantics Shows. f3o71 HYA YAKA EDITORIAL BOARD Second Row: E. D. FYFFE, Fourth Year Representative, M. LUYCK, Assistant Editor, J. A. GREENFIELD, Fifth Year Representative, E. T. CARROLL, Business Manager, C. A. BENSON, N. L. ROBINSON. First Row: Miss M. NIXON, Dental Nurses, Representative, D1-:AN A. D. MASON, H. S. GREY, Editor. Hya Yaka HE Hya Yalca, Year Book of the Faculty of Dentistry, made its appear- ance this year bigger and better than ever before. This book contains articles by both staff and students' ranging from scientific treatises to student humour and athletics. The staff hopes that it will be a source of inspiration to the undergraduate, and Of fond memories to the graduates. The Editor and staff wish to thank all those who helped to make the annual publication of this book possible, and hope that this year it will be even more successful than its predecessors have been. f3081 ,,,,, ,-, ,, H P , WEL? 0 .'Q'CiD1X88 Pl' EA PRPiU2.1i?1T5 A sw yen ji - PAGUIQTABW' DENTISTRY PERIUSHEEYEEXEGUTNE 53093 dl fag J WYCLIFFE COLLEGE LITERARY SOCIETY 1938-39 Third Row: O. P. PRICHARD, B.A., Minister of Justice: G. PARKE-TAYLOR, Minister without Portfolio: J. R. B. VANCE, Minister of Education: W. I. D. SMITH. B.A., Social Director. Second Row: G. T. PATTISON, Keeper of the Seal: E. S1csToN, Treasurerg J. R. FLAGLER, Minister of Internal Affairs: V. D. WIGMORE, Party Whip: F. C, SUTHERST, Minister of Foreign Affairs: H. MARKLE, Secretary of State. First Row: J. NEWTON-SMITH, B.A., Party Leaderq E. L. SIMMONDS, M.A., Spealcerg L. C. SWAN, lVl.A., President: J. CARDY, S.C.M. Chairman: W. H. SIMPSON, B.A., Party Leader. Wycliffe College Literary Society HE success of any democratic government depends on its ability to rise expediently to the present demands made of it with an optimistic outlook toward the future needs of the body it represents. The House is ruled by parliamentary procedure and consists of two partiesg a government party under the leadership of W. H. Simpson, BA., and the opposition under J. Newton-Smith, B.A. The Society aims to develop the administrative ability of its members, individual expression, and to serve the needs of the College. It rejoices in its responsibility and contribution to the life of the university as a Whole. The yearls program included parliamentary debates, an annual hike, open evenings, a sleigh ride, and the Formal Dinner. The Society enter- tained His Excellency, Lord Tweedsmuir, when he visited the College this year. The Taylor Debating Trophy has helped greatly to stimulate an interest in debates. The devotion and prayerful attitude of the S.C.M. has influenced the spiritual life of every member. Its program includes an annual Missionary Night, at which students relate their summer missionary experiences, and Saturday morning prayer meetings. I310l KNOX COLLEGE ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE Second Row: P. A. FERGUSON, B.A., Worship Committeeg R. D. MACDONALD, B.A., Social Committeeg R. C. VINCENT, Athletic Committee: C. C. COCHRANE, B.A., House Committee. First Row: F. R. COSFORD, B.A., Treasurerg J. S. CLARKE, B.A., President: PROFESSOR J. D. CUNNINGHAM, M.A., D.D., Honorary Presidentg T. A. M. THOMPSON, Vice-Presidentg G. B. MALLION, Secretary. Knox College Association HE Knox College Association is the official organization representative of the students residing within Knox College, and as a government it administers the affairs and directs the activities of the men. The House Committee with the willing co-Operation of all the members has succeeded in maintaining the position -of Knox as one of the best residences on the Campus. The Worship Committee promotes and conducts religious worship in the residence with evening worship and morning chapel services. During the year communion service is held in the College chapel by the members of the faculty for all men in residence. The Athletic Committee promotes all inter-mural and inter-house athletics and has at all times ably represented Knox in University athletics. The fine facilities of Knox are very conducive to an 'active athletic spirit. The Social Committee conducts all the social activities of the College, providing an informal fall party, the annual Christmas dinner, and the formal Knox 'At Home' in the spring term. The monthly meetings of the Association are parliamentary in form pro- viding opportunities for debate and ,development in extemporaneous speaking. The constructive criticisms from the opposition benches not only enlivens the meetings, but make for proficiency on the part of the Government. While representing the symbol of government. the Association holds as ideal, a democratic and genuine fellowship for the whole student body. 53113 Knox College Residence NOX COLLEGE RESIDENCE, while mainly for those men who are - preparing for the ministry of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, is also a university home for many students of other faculties. Almost every faculty of the University is represented in the Residence, as is almost every stage of college life, from the freshman to the post-graduate, and among her numbers Knox is proud to possess many men who have won high scholastic awards. Consequently, there dwell in the Residence varied interests, each of which does its part in contributing to the corporate life of the student body and at the same time tends to broaden the outlook of every man. Student government prevails in the Residence, and without any severe measure -of discipline it aims to provide a congenial atmosphere in which last- ing friendships and pleasant memories will be cultivated. In this work there are many opportunities for administrative experience. Knox College is one of the most beautiful buildings of its kind and it also provides the facilities required to satisfy all the needs, spiritual and physical, of those who enjoy its hospitality. The gymnasium is very conducive to inter- mural and inter-house athletics and Knox is unique among the university resi- dences with its athletic facilities. Thus men leave it this year do so regretfully, but with them they will long carry treasured thoughts of old Knox. f312l EMMANUEL COLLEGE STUDENTS, SOCIETY Second Row: R. J. SCOTT, B.A., Missionary Comniitteeg N. F. LANGFORD, M.A., President, Theological Societyg G. A. AFFLECK, B.A., House Committee, M. G. BUTLER, B.A., Worship Committeeg G. G. SMITH, B.A., Sec'retary,.TheologicaI. Societyg J. C. THOMPSON, B.A., Athletic Commissioner. First Row: D. J. PRoc:roR, B.A., Treasnrerg H. M. BAILEY, B.A., Presidentg REV. J, Dow, M.A., DD., Honorary President, F. H. JOBLIN, B.A., Vice-President, T. V. RUTHERFORD, B.A., Secretary. Emmanuel College Students' Society URING the past year there has been felt among staff and students a deep sense of fellowship and unity. The student activities function through the Emmanuel College Students' Society which is organized into various committees made effective by the Society's Executive. The Worship Committee, under the helpful guidance of its chairman and the staff, has helped to maintain and stimulate through a daily Chapel Service, evening prayers and a monthly Communion Service, the spiritual life of the members of the College. The Missionary Committee has kept the Missionary task of the Church and the College constantly before us, climaxing their work by a very stimu- lating Missionary Conference held in February. The Vice-President's Committee has been active in strengthening and deepening the bonds of friendship between students in Theology and Church students in Arts. The Athletic Committee has been responsible for aiding men to mix study and sports according to their taste and inclination. During the year a new Athletic So-ciety has been formed. In the future this will function as a separate Society and not as a Committee. The Residence Committee has sought to make the life of men in residence as congenial and mutually helpful as possible by fostering a friendly spirit between the three Houses. Musicales, sponsored by this committee, together with teas provided by the wives of the faculty, and functions arranged by the classes of each year, have been instrumental in broadening and enriching social fellowship. The Theological Society has held four meetings at which there was a helpful discussion of pertinent matters pertaining to theology. As a member of the Theological College Union, it has co-operated with Knox, Trinity, and WycliHe in the meetings held by that union. 53131 Vm...Imrssc.E, , ,4A -. ML, VETERINARY STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL pp Third Row: G. JONES, Second Year President, E. L. SYMINGTONQ J. LESLIE, Fourth Year Presidentg R. GAHAGAN, First Year President. Second Row: W. D. PERSSON, Vice-Presiderttg E. PALLISTER, Presidentg W. PARKHILL, Secretary. First Row: D. MACDONALD, C. PHILLIPS, W. GAY, Treasurer, D. A. BARNUM. Veterinary Students' Administrative Council HE Students' Administrative Counciltis composed of three seniors, three juniors, three sophomores, and two freshmen, making a -total of eleven members elected by a majority vote. The Student Council promotes student activities, oversees student func- tions, and acts as 'a means of communication between the faculty and the student body. The Council gratefully acknowledge the co-operation given them by Dr. McGilvray, the faculty, the student body, and the Students' Council at Toronto. 53143 ' 4 UNDERGRADUATE ASSOCIATION OF OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Second Row: EULA T1-IEAL, Second Year Representative, YVONNE GALT, First Year Repre- sentativeg ELIZABETH CAMPBELL, Editorial Representative. , First Row: PATRICIA CARSON, Treasurerg ISOBEL ROBINSON, President, MISS HELEN P. LEVES- CONTE, Honorary President, PAULINE TANCOCK, Secretary. The Undergraduate Association of Occupational Therapy HE Undergraduate Association of Occupational Therapy was formed in November, 1938. The purpose of this Association is to promote fellow- ship between the students of the first and second years in the course of Occu- pational Therapy, to further such enterprises as might from time to time present themselves, making it possible for the Undergraduates to enjoy Univer- sity life to its full, to aid financially, as far as possible, such enterprises of the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapy as may require assistance, and to elect one student to be a member of the editorial committee of the Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy. In 1918, Professor H. E. T. Haultain of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering was appointed Vocational Officer for Ontario under the Depart- ment of Soldiers' Civil Re-establishment and, with a committee made up of the members of the staff of the Faculty of Applied Science, established a six weeks, course- in Occupational Therapy which was later extended to three months. The last of the military courses was given in September, 1919, within which time three hundred "aides" had been trained. At the suggesti-on of Dr. Goldwin W. Howland and the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapy, the University of Toronto, in 1926, established a two-year diploma co-urse, the entrance requirementts being in accordance with the standards of the Faculty of Arts. This is the only course given in Canada, and' in a recent survey was listed as one of six courses which met the requirements of the American Medical Association. 53151 A"l"lvf5vt,L MKII-14lD'f'5'J'L'4f 395 s -"""'q" A-N I f3161 Wen if ,gnfercofdgiafe ..f4fLLfic:S Intercollegiate Athletics S we review the record of the wearers of the Blue and White during the past season of athletic activities, we find many exceptional perform- ances. In both team and individual competition our representatives have worn the Blue of Varsity in an honorable and praiseworthy manner. The sterling display of the Senior Track Team in defending their cham- pionship will live long in our memories. The meet was decided by the final relay with the closest score in years, 56-54. Senior Soccer also enjoyed a prosperous year, being undefeated in nine games, winning the Western group and defeating R.M.C., Eastern group champions. The Golf and Tennis squads won decisive victories in the annual cham- pionships by sweeping team and individual events in both sports. Bob Reid of Varsity winning the golf title and Bill Pigott winning the tennis crown. Bruce Hall and Bill Small also garnered the doubles title. a In English Rugby, Varsity men maintained their superiority over McGill by taking a close verdict in the annual championship game. Probably the most surprising result was the failure of the Senior Football Team to make the play-offs. Pre-season favorites for the title the boys dropped two important games and thus were forced to Watch McGill and Western battle it out for the title, an inspired Red Team rose to the heights to sweep the Mustangs aside for their first title in ten years. It was a grand victory for a great team. In the remaining fall sports McGill was a dominant factor, decisively winning the Harrier race with Varsity third and O.A.C. second. In the Water Polo final, a game Blue team went down before the veteran McGill sextet 7-5. With the coming .of the new year, all winter sports got under way and following a successful series of exhibition games the Senior Hockey and Basketball squads entered league competition. Both teams faltered as they entered the stretch and thus we find McGill again champions of the I.I.I.H.L. and the Basketball team forced to share first place with McGill and Western. Varsity completely dominated all other winter sports, capturing 11 out of 16 bouts to retain the Boxing and Wrestling championships. In Fencing Al Garcia of Toronto again was individual Champion and Varsity also broke the McGill strangle-hold on the Walters Team Trophy. The Swimming Team culminated their most successful season in years by retaining the Dougall Trophy, defeating McGill and McMaster easily, Captain Nels Earl winning the Neil Buckley Trophy awarded to the winner of the 100 yards free style. The Gym team won their seventh consecutive title defeating McGill and Queen's, with Stew. Macdonald of Toronto again Individual Champion. In Intermediate competition with O.AC., McMaster, and Western, Varsity athletes again gave a fine display, winning championships in Tennis, Golf, I-Iarrier, and Basketball, with O.A.C. winning Rugby, Track, and B.W. 8: F., and Western capturing the swimming title. larsl H1958 v-li, T:-. 'UP?Y5R51'3f'jZEi'T0R0NT0 P N---AL-4 -1939" ..7V... l3IT?IbETlC DIRECTED ,I-ff' f319j RUGBY F. N. Beattie W. B. Beatty C. C. Gray J. P. N. Holden E. S. Jarvis G. A. Meen D. L. Mumford J. E. A. MacDonald C. M. MacLachlan H. A. MacMillan K. M. MacQuarrie D. D. Owen C. G. Prince J. N. Rowland W. Rogin W. C. Schwenger G. lVl'. Scott B. R. Shuken F. E. J. Sirdevan L. W. Somers S. D. Turner TRACK G. W. Brown W. H. Brown J. W. Dales G. M. McHenry HARRIER W. M. Hogg GOLF R. D. Reid TENNIS B. W. Hall W. P. Pigott W. W. Small P. E. Snyder First "T" Holders - 1938-9 SOCCER D. B. Baird J. Convey A. Dodds G. H. Fraser J. Honeyman J. Muchan J. H. Mullett R. D. McDonald G. C. Powell T. Rutherford F. C. J. Sills R. F. Thomson H. L. Ward ENGLISH RUGBY F. P. Alford C. D. Garnsey C. A. Kyle S. McClatchie B. C. McDonald L. E. Prowse T. Rutherford GYMNASTICS W. J. Lester E. S. McDonald L. A. Patterson FENCING A. F. Garcia R. T. Wilson 53201 BOXING J. E. DeWolfe L. C. Dillon A. D. Hood S. P. Parker J. J. Pigott W. D. Ramore WRESTLING F. J. Dobson J. N. Mustard S. H. Phoenix W. C. Schwenger A. B. Scott SWIMMING M. F. Clarkson G. H. Clawson L. N. Earl D. A. Green HOCKEY A. R. B. Boddington T. P. Callon D. B. Caswell M. A. Craig H. Cassels R. A. Copp W. J. L'I-Ieureux J. C. Maynard D. W. Morison C. M. MacLachlan J. L. S. Ross T. E. Stephenson J. R. Taylor BASKETBALL G. Aitcheson E. J. Cahill J. W. D. LaVarnway J. J. Mahoney W. L. McGregor W. Rogin P. Singer The Johnny Copp Memorial Trophy HIS trophy, presented to the University of Toronto Athletic Association by graduates and undergraduates, is awarded annually to the member of the senior rugby team who, in that season, by his sportsmanship, character and playing ability is adjudged the most valuable member of the team. One of Varsity's outstanding football players, Frank Sirdevan, S.P.S. I, is the winner of the Johnny Copp Trophy this year. Sincere, and modest, a great team player and a grand competitor, Frankie is indeed a worthy recipient of this high honor. AWIYYDELJ ANNU Xt...Y 'u11HL M1h.I'1!.1E.l1v't? 'mst 'il' Nmsf FSUETSY TEAM AUJUDQLD wuRTHfE::'r l3211 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR RUGBY TEAM Fourth Row: E. JARVIS, J. CARRUTHERS, Trainer, J. Ross, D. TURNER. Third Row: W. ROGIN, F. SIRDEVAN, N. BEATTIE, G. MEEN, J. ROWLAND, K. MACQUARRIE. Second Row: H. MACMRLAN, L. SOMERS, W. SCHWENGER, D. MUMFORD, M. SCOTT, C. PRINCE, J. MACDONALD. First Row: W. STEVENS, Coach, W. BEATTY, D. OWEN, J. HOLDEN, C. C. GRAY, Captain, DR. H. J. CODY, B. SHUKEN, C. MACLACHLAN, A. ISBISTER, H. B. SHIPMAN, Manager. Senior Intercollegiate Rugby HE football season of 1938-39 was one which all Varsity supporters have since classified as upsetting. For the first time since 1932 the team failed to gain a playoff berth. Queen's, for five years their perennial playoff rivals, finished in last place without winning a game, to complete the upset. This year the Senior Football Team was visited by extreme hard luck in the form of serious injuries to three of her most able and valuable players, and I think any fair-minded opponent will agree that this had some bearing on the final result. R While the team was in training in Burwash Hall, prior to the opening of the season, appendicitis struck the group in the person of Don Mumford, who was being counted upon heavily for the coming season. Bad luck again struck in the second half of the City Series final with Balmy Beach, when Doug Turner was carried off the field with a badly wrenched knee. Toronto won the game and the city championship, but Doug's injury kept him on the sidelines for the balance of the season. The following Saturday Varsity invaded Kingston. For the first time in six years we managed to conquer the Tri-colour on their home grounds, but the victory was too costly, for Jim MacDonald broke his leg. In the next game Varsity entertained McGill and the Redmen won 10-7. Western University of London were hosts to Toronto the following Saturday and, in a haphazard exhibition Varsity lost 3-2. Returning to Toronto a week later the same two teams played a highly exciting game, won by Toronto by a score of 8-7, also slightly haphazard. During this time McGill had been going merrily on her way without the loss of a game and consequently Varsity's visit to Montreal was of the "crucial" variety. With a sell-out crowd jamming the stadium, nearby trees and all available hospital veranclahs, Varsity lost 23-2. The final game of the year was of the consolation variety, Queenis playing Varsity in Toronto. With nothing at stake it was a wide open affair, Varsity finally winning 13-10. l3221 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE RUGBY TEAM Fourth Row: H. BAILEY, P. ISBISTER, J. CHIVERS, C. STAMPE, J. BELL. Third Row: R. DUNi-'oRD, R. SWEET, R. MCINTYRE, W. DUNCAN, J. MURRAY. Second Row: M. HARDING, Manager, J. PLAx'roN, R. PAUL, W. DAVEY, R. IRWIN, J. PAISLEY, D. WEBSTER, W. BRYERS, Coach. First Row: S. McK1NNoN, T. JARVIS, M. THOM, R. GALWAY, T. Honcnrrs. Absent: M. MILLS, Captain, H. GILLESPIE. Intermediate Intercollegiate Rugby OACH Bill Bryers is probably still wondering what happened to his team last fall. The Intermediates were well coached by Bill, but somehow during games they only showed flashes of form. When this happened, they played well, and proved that the coachis work was not entirely in vain. The games with Western were both very close and with better luck, we might have won them. The McMaster and O.A.C. games were all sad affairs. In these games Varsity .usually started slowly and by the half-way mark, some remarkable scoring had been rolled up against them. However, during the second half, the team always came to life and played good sound football, doing some scoring themselves, and giving their opponents plenty to think about. Unfortunately, the Intermediates were riddled with injuries throughout the season, and this made it hard to efficiently drill a squad with new men constantly trying out for positions. Our trainer, Frank Jackman, deserves to be mentioned here for his hard work in this connection, and also for his untiring efforts to rouse the spirits of the team. The team was made up of the freshmen who turned out for pre-season training, and a great number of last year's Junior team. Despite their mis- fortunes, every member thoroughly enjoyed the season. and they are looking forward to next fall with renewed enthusiasm. L323J Q l w 1 i i V I 1 . i. 1 s l V ,WN A wqgsi '99, ' UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO JUNIOR RUGBY TEAM Third Row: B. DAY, D. GROSSKURTH, C. WELLS, D. BEATON, W. HoDcsoN, E. ROGERS, J. PAISLEY. ' Second Row: D. GRAHAM, Coach, J. MCNEILL, J. SCRIVENER, P. ROGERS, J. BREEN, G. MORLEY, A. RANEY, J. BONNEAU, D. MAGEE, Manager. First Row: E. WEBB, R. HAINES, W. FLEMING, J. PLAXTON, C. LEE, J. SPENCE, K. GILBERT. Junior Rugby HIS year Coach Don Graham turned out a better than average Varsity Junior team. All the men who turned out were enthusiastic, and this certainly helped Mr. Graham to mold them into a smoothly working team. The Juniors started to practise the first day after school opened and continued until about the second week in November. There was no organized league in which they played this year, but Mr. Stevens managed to arrange two exhibition games with Western Juniors, one in London, on October 15th, and one in Toronto, on October 22nd. Varsity won the game in London by a wide margin but just managed to tie the game in Toronto one all. In addition to the games with Western, Mr. Graham arranged several exhibition games with St. Mike's freshman team. All were won by comfortable margins. All together the Juniors had 'a very satisfactory season this year and we hope that they will provide some excellent material for the Intermediate and Seniors next year, l3241 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERCOLLEGIATE SENIOR TRACK TEAM, INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS Third Row: A. FOSTER, Trainer, D. CRICHTON, G. WATTS, W. MACLEAN, Manager, H. PHILLIPS, Coach, H. MARTIN. Second Row: J. W. DALES, L. DELANEY, J. B. SPROULE, R. O. BRETT, R. L. KAYLOR, J. O. DALES. First Row: H. BROWN, F. J. BAJURNEY, W. Hocc, G. M. MCHENRY, Captain, F. N. Rowizu., H. L. COONS, W. BROWN. Absent: M. L. TRUSSLER, W. S. THOMPSON, A. C. FORREST. ' Senior Intercollegiate Track HE 1938-39 Senior Intercollegiate Track Meet was held on Friday, October 21st, with McGill University being the host. After one of the closest and hardest fought meets in years, the University of Toronto squad came out on top to retain their championship crown, which they won last year in Toronto. The final score of the meet was Toronto 56 points, McGill 54 points, with Queen's and Western obtaining 34 and 20 points respectively. McMaster was unable to break into the scoring column. After all the events, except the relay, had been run off, Toronto was leading McGill by 53 points to 52, and thus the meet depended upon the outcome of the relay. Queen's, pace.d by Bill Fritz, actually won the event with plenty to spare, but the big duel was between Toronto and McGill for second place, with the Toronto team of McHenry, Delaney, H. Brown and Laidlaw coming out -on top to win the meet. Two records were broken during the afternoon, both by their previous holders, and one was tied. Courtright distanced his old javelin record of 181 ft. 9 in., and Wallace Brown of Toronto set a new mark of 23 ft. 23A in. in the broad jump, after Harold Brown had also broken the old record. Lloyd Cooke of McGill equalled Dave Crichton's time of 4 min. 30 6X10 secs. in the mile, easily outdistancing the field. The Brown boys scored 19 of Toronto's 56 points, Wallace scoring firsts in the discus and broad jump, and Harold seconds in the 100, broad jump and javelin. Bill Fritz of Queenis and H. Brown gave McHenry a close battle in the hundred, but Gord came out on top with Fritz ending up in third position. To Coach Hec Phillips we again extend congratulations for a well-coached and finely-conditioned squad. 53251 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE INTERCOLLEGIATE TRACK TEAM Third Row: W. MACLEAN, Managerg J. G. EASSON, D. MARSHALL, H. PHILLIPS, Coach. Second Row: A. P. STINSON, R. W. CAss, J. Hocc, W. J. ORR, E. H. D1-:sr-ARD, J. BROWN. First Row: R. G. PRODERICK, D. F. HUTTON, R. LoUT'r1'r, G. A. PIPER, B. E. MARTIN. W. BROWN, Assistant Manager. Absent: L. N. SMITH, R. F. WISHART, F. P. SHAND, R. O. Moons. Intermediate Intercollegiate Track HE Intermediate Intercollegiate Track Meet was held at the University of Western Ontario, on Wednesday, October 19th, 1938. O.A.C. won the meet with a total of 80 points, winning eight events out of fifteen. University of Toronto was second with 45 points, while McMaster got 16 points and Western 13. Cass won both the 120-yard and the 200-yard hurdles, and Hogg won the high jump. Piper was second in the half-mile, Loutitt second in the three- mile, and Moore second in the discus throw. The Relay Team ran second in the half-mile relay. The weather was bad and no new records were established. f3261 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE HARRIER TEAM H. MARTIN, S. H. PHOENIX, WM. Hocc, H. PHILLIPS, Coachg G. L. Goonwm, R. FOULIS, W. MACLEAN, Manager. Absent: A. C. FoRREs'r. Senior Intercollegiate Harrier HE Senior Intercollegiate Harrier Meet was held at Toronto this year, on November 12th. The defending champions, McGill retained their title over the High Park course with a low score of 17 points. The O.A.C. team placed second with 27 points and Toronto third with 41 points, with the fourth entry, R.M.C. counting 65 points. Lloyd Cooke paced McGill's team home in the time of 27 minutes 32.5 with team mates Todd in third place, Cowan in sixth place and F rankton in seventh place. Hogg, Toronto's first man home placed fourth, Forrest tenth, Goodwin twelfth and Phoenix fifteenth. Young and Ec-cles of O.A.C. took second and fifth places respectively. In addition to the senior championship Varsity met Alfred College and Buffalo State in two international meets. Losing to the former over the mountainous Alfred course and- defeating Buffalo handily in a meet held in conjunction with the Senior Interfaculty at High Park. Toronto was again coached by Hec Phillips and trained by Abbie Foster. Intermediate Intercollegiate Harrier HE Intermediate Intercollegiate Harrier Race was held at the Univer- sity of Western Ontario, on Saturday, November 12th, 1938. Toronto defeated Western by a small margin to win the meet. O.A.C. came third and McMaster fourth. The order of finish was Loutitt, second, Taylor, sixthg Hanna, eighth, Kaylor, sixteenth, and Macdonald, seventeenth. f3271 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR TENNIS TEAM, CHAMPIONS G. SHORTER. W. W. SMALL, W. P. PIGOTT, B. HALL, P. E. SNYDER. Senior Tennis HIS year, McGill conducted the senior tennis tournament, and on the courts in Montreal, Varsity decisively swept aside all opposition to take the championship for the third successive year. Winning 18 out of a possible 21 points, Toronto cinched the team cham- pionship early to lead McGill, University of Montreal, and Queenls, who finished in that order. In the play-offs for the singles' title, Pigott and Hall met in the finals, and this year Pigott reversed last year's final and decisively defeated Hall in straight sets. Hall and Small, however, were victorious in the doubles, defeating Dussault and Derome of the University of Montreal, who had previously defeated Varsity's number one team of Pigott and Snyder. This year, a round robin system of team matches was introduced, and was very favourably received by all the teams. The Varsity team was com- posed of three last year's players, Bill Pigott, Bruce Hall and Paul Snyder, plus the addition of Bill Small and Gordon Shorter. 53281 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO TENNIS TEAM. INTERMEDIATE INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS C. J. SEAGRAM, R. D. NAsH, R. CAMPBELL, R. M. YOUNG, H. A. PHILLIPS. Intermediate Intercollegiate Tennis HIS year the Intermediate Intercollegiate Tennis Tournament was played at the London Tennis Club, our gracious hosts being the University of Western Ontario. For the first time in several years the players enjoyed perfect weather throughout the tournament. Varsity emerged the winner for the fourth consecutive year, it being an all Toronto final in the singles and doubles. The team was captained by H. A. Phillips, who has played on the team for three years. The rest of the team was composed of C. J. Seagram and R. Campbell, two veterans, and R. Young and R. Nash. two newcomers. At the end of the first day's play, Varsity was in the lead with two singles players and both doubles teams still in the tournament. R. Young won the singles title by defeating his team mate, C. J. Seagram, in five long hard-fought sets. Al Phillips and Charlie Seagram won the doubles title for the second time by defeating Ross Campbell and Bob Young, the other Varsity doubles team. f3291 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE SOCCER TEAM CHAMPIONS Second Row: J. H. MULLET, D. B. BAIRD, T. RUTHERFORD, H. WARD, F. SILLS, R. MCDONALD. First Row: J. Mucl-IAN, R. F. THOMPSON, A. Donns, J. CONVEY, Captain, G. POWELL, G. FRASER. Absent: J. HONEYMAN. Senior Intercollegiate Soccer HIS year's Senior Soccer Team brought to the University for the first time the Blackwood Trophy, emblematic of the Intercollegiate Cham- pionship of the Western Division. Fielding the strongest team to wear Blue and White colours for many a year, this year's eleven went through the season undefeated and untied in regular competition. In doing so, they piled up the remarkable total of 31 goals scored and only four against. The first year men that made the team this year were the answer to a coach's prayer, and Mr. E. R. Slade made the most of his material, the newcomers were D. B. Baird, right-half, R. McDonald, forward, Alf. Dodds, centre, Jack Convey, Captain and centre-half, Geo. Powell, left-back, Geo. Fraser, inside-right, H. Ward was again in goal, Joe Muchan, right-back, Forbes Thomson, left- half and manager, forwards, Jack Mullet, Tommy Rutherford, Frank Sills and Jack Honeyman. In a play-off game with R.M.C., Eastern Champions, the U. of T. took the game 9-0. On a visit to Buffalo State Teachers' College, the Varsity team were held to a 1-1 draw by a strong American team. With graduation taking only two of this year's squad, H. Ward and G. Powell, we are looking forward to another big season next fall. fasol UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE SOCCER TEAM Third Row: E. SIMMONDS, J. KAN:-3, R. F. THOMSON, M. TOWNSEND. Second Row: J. B. JOHNSON, E. ABBOT, A. MENZIES. First Row: J. I. THOMPSON, R. ERRINGTON, A. BOYD, W. W. SMALL, A. A. ANTONI. Intermediate Intercollegiate Soccer ARSITY'S Intermediate Soccer Team came very close to making it two championships for the Blue and White Soccer Club, but they were nosed out on goal averages by O.A.C. Tied at the end of the season in points, O.A.C. were awarded the title because of a higher scoring average. This reversed the situation of last year when Varsity came out on top. In two years of competition neither college has been able to defeat the other. It is hoped that in the near future some more satisfactory way of deciding championships in this series will be worked out. Much credit must be given to the coach, Mr. E. R. Slade, for this team's good showing. The Soccer Club Executive consisted of A. Menzies, Presidentg J. J Ohnson, Vice-Presidentg and E. L. Simmonds, Secretary. l331j UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO ENGLISH RUGBY TEAM, CHAMPIONS Second Row: L. E. PROWSE, S. COPP, B. MACDONALD, F. ALFORD, C. KYLE, D. M. BOYD, C. E. ROBERTSON. First Row: D. COUGHLAN, Coach, P. PULLEN, H. MACKINNON, P. SPOHN, T. RUTHERFORD, Captaing S. MCCLATCHIE, H. F. FORD, B. BEVERIDGE, W. Ram, Secretary. Absent: R. P. MACCAFFERY, D. GARNSEY, I. DEWOLF. English Rugby S usual the lack of competition marred an otherwise successful season. The club fielded a strong team, but without a definite schedule, interest was not up to its usual standard and towards the end of October declined visibly. In all, four matches were played, three against the Toronto Irish and the fourth against our old rivals, McGill. We secured three victories, losing one game to the Irish. The match against McGill was the best in many years of competition. Varsity played topnotch rugger and emerged with a 4-0 triumph. This is the more notable when it is remembered that McGill had already played six games to Varsity's two, and were, at that time, undefeated. This is the sixth successive intercollegiate title which the club has won. The cosmopolitan personnel has persisted. The Maritimes, British Columbia, Australia, Japan and England all had representatives on the team. Many of these players will be graduating this year and the gaps will be hard to till. Finally, a word about our coach, "Dan" Coughlan. An old member of the team, Dan has taken over his arduous duties with his accustomed vim and vigour. He has proved a very capable successor to Jimmy Bowles and we all wish to take this opportunity of rendering our thanks for his hard work and the great interest he has shown. 53323 . I M. - u K ,iff :v,X ti,- 5 -, . A I ll .,. . ,V I K . ,ii.....-.. D 1 .I . ,i ..- , ...i ...,. I- . . 4 . , A . , . -, -.. ... ... .., .. , UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR GOLF TEAM, CHAMPIONS W. LAIRD, R. B. SPENCE, R. D. REID, D. S. MORSE, D. H. STEWART, C. A. STEPHENS. Intercollegiate Golf HE York Downs Golf and'Country Club, Toronto, was the venue of the 1938 Senior Intercollegiate Golf Championship. Competition for places on the Varsity team was very keen, and after the trials had been held, it was found that the team chosen to defend the Ruttan Trophy consisted of Bob Reid, Bill Laird and Sonny Morse of last year's team, while Clint Stephens, Dave Stewart and Bob Spence were the newcomers. In the thirty-six hole, individual matches held on Friday, October 7th, Toronto obtained a goodly lead over McGill in the team match, while at the same time Bob Reid, with a total of 157, retained his Canadian Intercollegiate crown, D. S. Morse, also of Toronto, being runner-up, one stroke behind. In the two-ball foursome play, the following morning, Toronto again dominated the situation, and the final point scored found Toronto again in possession of the Ruttan Team Trophy by a margin of 1815 to 8V2 for McGill. This year, an Intermediate team was also formed and it succeeded in winning the Intermediate Intercollegiate Championship, besting teams from Western, O.A.C. and McMaster o-ver the course of the London Hunt Club. The Intermediate team consisted of Jim Trow, Captain, Bill Belfry, Robin Harris, and Ralph Stuart. Another innovation this year was the staging of an Interfaculty tournament at the Woodbine Club. Dents, S.P.S., Trinity and U.C. finished in that order, the winners being materially aided by Bob Reid's dazzling 70. This tourna- ment was definitely a success' and should be repeated on a more ambitious scale next year. At the annual meeting of the University Golf Club, W. W. Laird was elected President and Team Captain in succession to R. D. Reid. C. A. Stephens was named as Secretary, succeeding J. S. Boeckh. fssay -. .nrvw ,.. . Vw... .., ,. . i. ,V . xf. ' ' Q, , -s .5 1 , ,V , A eww . -. 4M..., ... gzzxzavlkau . ....,. ....-- . 1-t:2L...L.,n.4...g.4........-....f...,.. . . M... f . ... rr UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: J. CARRUTHERS, Trainer, T. P. CALLON, G. B. Woon, J. L. S. Ross, IRVING "ACE" BAILEY, Coach, T. E. STEPHENSON, R. A. COPP, J. C. MAYNARD, F. DEACON, Manager. First Row: W. HUNNISETT, A .R. Bonn1NG'roN, W. J. UHEUREUX, C. M. MACLAGHLAN, Captain, D. B. CASWELL, J. R. TAYLOR, H. CASSELS, M. A. CRAIG, D. W. MORISON. Senior Intercollegiate Hockey OACH "ACE" BAILEY'S pucksters warmed up for a long hockey season by winning three out of four exhibition tussles against senior O.H.A. clubs. Just before the Christmas holidays, University of Southern California, on tour over the continent, paid us a visit, but were forced to leave with their unbeaten record marred. Not to be outdone by U.S.C., Director of Athletics Warren Stevens arranged for the Blues to do some touring. Between December 18th and January 10th they played ten games and travelled some 8,500 miles by rail and air. First out to the Pacific Coast where four games were played-and won-against Gonzaga University at Spokane, Washington, New Westminster Cubs at Vancouver, and two games against Loyola Univer- sity at Los Angeles. Regretfully leaving sunny California, we hopped across the continent to New York, where we immediately ran into McGill, St. Nicks, and University of Montreal. Off to Boston and the Blues took a game from the Olympics. A wonderful trip was touched off by I.I.I.H.L. victories at Harvard and Dart- mouth, leaving a tour record of eight wins, a tie fSt. Nicksj and a loss fMcGillJ. With the exception of a tie game with Clarkson University at Potsdam, N.Y., and a win over University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, I.I.I.H.L. games occupied the remainder of the season. In two thrilling games in Montreal and Toronto we broke even with McGill. But it was Queen's who put us out of the running by pulling surprise wins both at Kingston and Toronto. Victories in the remaining league games against Yale, Princeton and U. of Montreal ftwoj left Varsity in a second place tie with Queen's and Dartmouth. each winning seven and losing three. McGill, after a hard fight, once again hold the International Intercollegiate hockey title. But the fortunate Blue-s hold the record of being the most travelled college team on the continent, in addition to which they won 22 out of 27 games played-a most commendable and successful season. If3341 Q '1 'isa ' f' v """ L, ,..v m.,,1,., , UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO JUNIOR-INTERMEDIATE HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: J. S. BROWN, Assistant Manager, H. A. MACMILLAN, A. J. DEsRoc1-Iss, W. A. QUIGLEY, J. R. FULTON, E. S. SMITH, H. T. JONES, R. CAMPBELL, Manager. First Row: W. HUNNISETT, D. E. BOXER, D. S. ALLAN, K. A. HIGNELL, J. C. LAIDLAW, W. G. SCOTT. Absent: J. H. MACPHERSON, Coach, W. E. YOUNG, R. L. WRIGHT, W. PENTLAND. Junior-Intermediate Hockey HIS year, Varsity's entry in the O.H.A. Junior "AH Series was truly a hard-luck team, with the unhappy faculty of consistently adjusting itself to the quality of the opposing team and just as consistently coming off second best. In a fourteen-game schedule the Juniors lost eleven games, tied two with Guelph and finally concluded fthe series by defeating Lyons 4-3, but it is a well-known fact that this unimpressive looking story of .defeats is not indicative of the "fight" and ability which Coach Jimmy MacPherson invari- ably instils into any team which falls under his able care Early in February the Juniors entered a six-game schedule in the Inter- mediate Intercollegiate Series with Western, McMaster and O.A.C. The team was here augmented by several valuable players but at the same time greatly handicapped by the loss of what had been regarded as the best and hardest- hitting defence in the whole Junior Series. To a lesser degree the Intermediates were dogged by the same- hard-luck which had clung to the Juniors, and the result of the series was that the number of wins and losses were evenly split, decisive defeats being meted out twice to McMaster and once to Western in the final game. O.A.C. won the title with the loss of only one game. It is almost undisputed fact that the Intermediates would have retained the C.I.H.U. Cup which they won last year had it not been for the loss of the defence. L3351 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR B. W. SL F. TEAM INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS Third Row: DR. L. W. BLACK, Boxing Coach, MR. C. WALTERS, Fencing Coach, J. N. EMER- soN, R. T. WILSON, A. F. GARCIA, N. A. CREET, Manager. 'E Second Row: L. C. DILLON, S. P. PARKER, J. E. DE WOLFE, F. J. DOBSON, J. N. MUSTARD, J. L. BUCHAN, S. H. PHOENIX. First Row: A. D. Hoon, W. D. RAMORE, J. J. PIGOTT, DR. W. E. BROWN, W. C. SCHWENGER, A. B. SCOTT, O. E. BRUNET. Senior Boxing and Fencing N February the 24th and 25th, at Toronto, the Boys in Blue tackled a job for which they had been preparing themselves since the beginning of December. They came out of this tussle, the Senior Intercollegiate Assault- At-Arms, with six titles in boxing, and five in wrestling. winning the cham- pionship and the Tom Gibson Trophy for the third successive year. Boxing titles were won by Dillon, 118 lbs., Hood, 125 lbs., Parker, 135 lbs., Ramore, 145 lbs., De Wolfe, 155 lbs., and Pigott, 165 lbs. The winning wrestlers were Mustard, 125 lbs., Dobson, 135 lbs., Schwenger, 165 lbs., Scott, 175 lbs., and Phoenix, heavyweight. The Fencing Team won the Intercol- legiate championship and Charles Walters Team Trophy with Garcia and Wilson, both of Toronto, leading in points and tied for first place. Garcia defeated Wilson to win the individual trophy. The schedule for all three teams began on January 21st, when O.A.C. came to Toronto. On the 28th the wrestling team visited the Mechanics Institute in Rochester, on the same day in Hart House the boxers welcomed their friends from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. A week later the wrestlers and fencers met the University of Buffalo in Buffalo- and Queenfs University sent its boxing team here. The fencing team travelled westwards on the 10th of February, defeating Western in London, and Wayne University and Lawrence Institute in Detroit. On the 11th the wrestling team visited St. Lawrence University. The return engagement with the University of Buffalo wrestling and fencing teams took place on February 18th. Toronto's senior wrestling and fencing schedule ended with the Intercollegiate Assault, but the boxers carried on, and on March 3rd, they hopped a train for Annapolis, where com- petition was renewed with the midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy. On Saturday, March 4th, at Toronto, O.AC. won the Intermediate Inter- collegiate Championship. Varsity won two titles: McAdam, 135 lbs. boxing, and Wachsmuth, 155 lbs. wrestling. Heartiest congratulations are due Dr. Les Black. boxing coach, Cliff Chilcott, wrestling coach, and Mr. Charles Walters, our fencing coach, for their untiring efforts and boundless enthusiasm which alone makes such success possible. 53361 . VT: ., f Q' UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR SWIMMING TEAM INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS Second Row: W. MCCATTY, Coachg G. H. CLAWSON, J. .M. GIRVAN, S. LIPIN, Mamzger. First Row: R. R. MENZIES, D. A. GREEN, L. N. EARL, M. F.iCLARKsoN, W. J. STAPLES. Absent: L. HAMPSON, E. BACKMAN, G. MEEN. Senior Intercollegiate Swimming LIMAXING a pre-season series of exhibition meets with American colleges, the University of Toronto Senior Swimming Team journeyed down to Montreal the last week-end in February, and decisively captured its third successive Intercollegiate title, amassing fifty-one points to McGill's eighteen and McMaster's eight. The meet was a triumphant indication of Coach Winston McCatty's coaching methods. The Blue swimmers captured a first place in every event but one. Ged Clawson, as had been expected, broke the 200-yard breast stroke record setting up a new time of 2 minutes, 36.6 seconds. Captain Nels Earl also distinguished himself in his last appearance on the Blue swimming team before graduation, by placing first in two events, the 50 and 100 yard free style as well as being on two winning relay teams. In American competition Varsity natators found themselves up against much stiffer opposition. Against Rochester University in Rochester for the opening meet of the year Varsity piled up 37 points to the Kodak College's 38. Against Buffalo State, two weeks later, Varsity won by a 47-28 count. Meeting a strong team from Penn State the following week end the Blue swimmers bowed to a 51-24 tally but redeemed themselves the next week by taking the powerful Syracuse University splashers 44-31. Altogether the season was a most successful one and saw the develop- ment of several swimmers who will undoubtedly aid in keeping the champion- ship at Toronto for many years to come. Several o-utstanding members of the squad however, competed for the last time: Capt. Nels Earl, Doug Green, Lloyd Hampson, and Earl Backman climaxed useful point-garnering careers on the Blue team this year. l3372 ram, tx aaa, 3. ,S UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE INTERCOLLEGIATE SWIMMING TEAM Second Row: W. WADDS, S. E. LIPIN, Mamigerg J. E. BROWN. First Row: W. LAAR1, D. HICKS, F. N. ROWELL, O. MABEE. Intermediate Intercollegiate Swimming HIS year the Intermediate Intercollegiate Meet was held in the Hamil- ton Municipal Pool on March 4th with Western, O.A.C., Varsity and McMaster finishing in the order mentioned. The Blue team lost their title to Western by six points, needlessly as a matter of fact. However, for the sake of future competition and the maintenance of the Intermediate League, the fact that Western Won the meet and O.A.C. came second was definitely a good thing. Both these colleges had very good teams considering their inadequate training facilities and their coaches are to be congratulated on the results of their work. Cressy McCatty and Sam Lipin, who organized the Intermediate Team just one week after the Senior Intercollegiate Meet in Montreal, deserve credit for the manner in which their team did perform in the Meet. With only seven competing swimmers Toronto managed to win several events and Doug Hicks established a new record for the breast stroke event. Fred Rowell, pressed into service in the diving event at the last moment, also performed very creditably. H3381 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO GYMNASTIC TEAM, INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS D. M. Coyu-3, E. S. MACDONALD, W. MARK, C. ZWYGARD, Coach, S. D. SIMPSON, W. J. LESTER, L. A. PATTERSON. Intercollegiate Gymnastic Team HE Gymnastic Club closed another very successful season by winning the Intercollegiate Gymnastic Titles, both Team and Individual, for the seventh successive year. E. S. Macdonald, Meds V, Bronze "T" holder, won the Werry Cup, emblematic of the individual championship, for the third time and thereby established one of the most enviable records in Intercollegiate Athletics. With an outstanding display he also won the Intercollegiate Horse Championship. L. A. Patterson, S.P.S. III, winner of the Don Barton Trophy last year was runner-up for the Individual Championship and won the Intercollegiate Tumbling and Parallel Bars Championships. W. J. Lester, S.P.S. III, who won the Don Barton Trophy two years ago and the Individual Championship last year stood third this year and took the High Bar Championship. Wilson Mark, S.P.S. III, known over the whole campus for his picturesque slow movement on the High Bar was runner-up on that piece of apparatus and stood fourth for the individual. D. S. Simpson of Sarnia and interscholastic fame, was fifth in individual standing. D. M. Coyle, Trin II, shows promise of future attainments. R. O. Brett, Dents II, was awarded the Don Barton Trophy as the most improved gymnast for the season. The Gym Club boasts 50 members and competition for places on the team was very keen. Mr. Charles Zwyard, who is chiefly responsible for the pros- perity of the club, is certainly to be commended and due to his efforts on such occasions as the U.C. Follies, School Nite, Alumni Night, etc., gymnastics is becoming one of the most talked of sports on the campus. I339j UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE BASKETBALL TEAM Back Row: WARREN STEVENS, Coach, F. T. MINEHAN, E. CAHILL, W. FLAHERTY, T. M. BANNI- CAN, J. J. MAHONEY, R. LAMBERT, Manager. Front Row: P. SINGER, G. AITCHESON, W. L. MCGREGOR, Captaing W. ROGIN, J. W. LAVARNWAY. Senior Intercollegiate Basketball OR six thrill-packed week-ends the largest basketball crowds in Inter- collegiate history watched their representatives battle for supremacy only to have the season end in a three-way deadlock. The Blue and White Quintet won their first four games in convincing fashion beating McGill in Montreal, Queen's twice and taking a surprise victory from Western, last year's champions and pre-season favourites. The championship seemed assured for Varsity when they gained a seven- point lead in the return game against Western with only seventy seconds of play remaining in a thrill-packed game. But history was made in those seventy seconds as Western scored nine points to Varsityls one to snatch a one point victory three seconds before the final whistle. The championship was again within Varsity's reach when, on the follow- ing Friday, McGill eked out an unexpected one point win on the Western floor. The next night McGill played in Toronto and a win for the locals meant the championship. But McGill were not to be stopped. Shooting with uncanny ability they led the Toronto team throughout most of the game. to emerge as winners and force a three-cornered tie. The Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic Union ruled that no play-offs be held, and for the first time since the formation of the league the championship is shared by three Universities. The team engaged in thirteen games against Canadian teams, eleven of which were won. Seven games were played against American teams. Buffalo State was defeated for Toronto's only win. The team was captained by Walter MacGregor and managed by Robert Lambert. f340J -..Q..... .Koh N ir' f 0 ogowf .QRUN WNV? Yujilv QHONJ- 'R It O 7- fff' Atbr. UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE BASKETBALL TEAM INTERMEDIATE INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS Back Row: J. RONAYNE, Assistant Managerg J. K. WINTERS, K. SPRATT, Manager, J. DUNN, H. V. BAILEY, F. D. GODLING, J. E. MCCUTCHEON, Coachg W. L. AVERY, G. ANARELLA, Assistant Manager. Front Row: F. J. MATHEWS, J. F. FLYNN, J. J. CREGG, Captain, W. BE:-ms, L. H. MCLAUGHLIN, D. M. FERGUSON. Intermediate Intercollegiate Basketball APTAIN JIM CREGG, a veteran of last year's Quintet led his team to Varsity's sixth consecutive Intercollegiate championship with a record of six straight wins. This year's squad, a mixture of veterans and newcomers, showed that they ranked with the 'best of the championship teams of recent years and: several of the regulars will undoubtedly make their place on next year's senior club. A veteran and freshman forward line alternated in bearing the brunt of the attack. Eugene Humeniuk and Leo McLaughlin, regulars from last year, divided the duties with Bill Avery and Fran Mathews, newcomers to the squad. Capt. Jim Cregg played the centre position seeing service for forty minutes in the majority of the games. After three games Bill Flaherty was moved to the senior squad, leaving Bill Beers and John Flynn to form the highest scoring rear guard in the league. Hugh Bailey and Don Ferguson saw considerable service throughout the year and should make regular positions on next year's team. Jim Winters, who graduates this spring, gave valuable service on both the defence and forward lines. Leo McLaughlin and John Flynn are the only other members of the squad who receive their degree this year. Both have been regulars for three years on three Intercollegiate championship teams. In the six Intercollegiate games the team ran up the impressive total of two hundred and forty-one points while the opposition was held to one hundred and fifty-nine. Cregg, Flaherty and Humeniuk contributed greatly to this total, with Cregg the most consistent, scoring a total of sixty-seven points. The team was coached by John McCucheon and capably managed by Ken Spratt assisted by Gerry Anarella and Jack Ronayne. L3411 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERCOLLEGIATE WATER POLO TEAM Second Row: W. MCCATTY, Coach: D. A. GREEN, R. R. MENZIES, O. B. MABEE, W. L. MCGILL, S. LIPIN, Mamiger. First Row: J. W. ADAMS, W. LAARI, L. N. EARL, R. M. TAYLOR, T. L. JACKSON. Intercollegiate Water Polo N Saturday, December 10th, the McGill Senior Water Polo Team arrived in Toronto fresh from a victory over Queenis, and that night handed Varsityls championship aspirations a setback by taking the U. of T. Senior Team 7 goals to 5. The Blue splashers had spent the two months previous to the Intercol- legiate classic competing in the newly-formed Ontario Water Polo League. Needing only a win over Central "Y" to get into the Ontario play-offs 'and then into the Dominion finals, Varsity couldn't overcome a 2-2 deadlock with the "Y" team and the season ended with Central finishing on top of the league. In the game with McGill, despite the Blue team's experience in local games, the Red and White poloists ran up four goals to Varsity's one in the first half chiefly due to the Blue team's nervousness over meeting the renowned and feared' Redmen. In the second half, however, the Blue natators overcame their ,timidity and began to show Shragovitch Bourne and company what Varsity could do. Two goals by Mabee and one by Green made the three-quarter time score 6-4, Bourne and Shragovitch notching two counters to keep the Montreal team in the lead. The last quarter saw Varsity striving desperately to tie the score. With only two minutes to go Mabee notched another counter to make the count 6-5. Playing every man up the Blue boys were pressing hard to tie the score. On a reboundfrom the goal posts McGill gained possession and Bourne added the final goal, making the score McGill 7, Varsity 5. Next year, however, Coach McCatty has hopes that McGill's reign will end. With many good prospects coming up from the Interfaculty leagues it appears as if our hopes will not be in vain. S IB421 Rowing Club E were again fortunate during the season of 1937-38 in obtaining the services of such a well-known coach as Dave Soper. At his suggestion, classes were held at Hart House during the winter, and a good turn-out resulted. However, as so often happens, most of the men were out of the city during the summer. Despite this handicap, a four was selected and they worked hard for the Lachine Regatta, the Dominion Day Regatta and the Royal Canadian Henley at St. Catharines. In the Henley, competing against eight of the best crews in the country, they did very well, coming second in the first heat and third in the finals of the junior fours. As a diversion during July, the boys bought a boat in Hamilton, and, being short of cash, rowed it to Toronto one moonlit night. In October, the second Loudon Regatta and Dance was held. The interest shown by the faculties was most gratifying. Races for Interfaculty fours were held, the winners being the S.P.S. team. Singles races filled out the program and were run in four classes, according to weight. The regatta closed the activities for the year. ' University of Toronto Ski Club HE University of Toronto Ski Club again had a very active and success- ful year. ,The Club grounds at Sir William lVIulock's place was the site of activity and many improvements were made. The clubhouse was furnishedi a little more conveniently. Early in the fall volunteer workers started cutting new trails and constructing a jump which were completed in good time for winter use. The jump is of intermediate calibre and has a maximum distance of about 65 feet, while some of the trails tax the ability of the best. Excellent crowds frequented the grounds every week end. For the first time in the history of the Club Ladies' and Men's Interfaculty meets were held at the club which were given very enthusiastic support by both the male and female members. From the results of the Ladies' meet, a Ladies' Intercollegiate Team who chosen to represent the U. of T. at McGill and this team distinguished themselves by winning the International Intercollegiate Invitation Ladies' title, and we are very proud of them. On two different week-ends the University reserved Limberlost Lodge for a week end of winter sports and both were very successful. It was a weekly feature of the club to have a movie night at which instructive and entertaining films were shown. We are looking forward to a bigger and better year next year with the new, capable and enthusiastic executive. 53433 .., ,M --,,, 7 ff' f' ' ' pg L lk-..L....:-,M. 'Trzgg L 344 1 Nba 4 , ,M S 3 5 W Q 4., , A Rmwk Rx I was en fi ,9nframura!.f4fALfic5 INTRAMURAL SPORTS COMMITTEE Second Row: J. CALLAHAN, St. Michaellsg R. C. VINCENT, Knox, E. C. RODWAY, O.C.E., E. V. ABBOTT, Wyclifeg G. H. BAYLY, Forestry, C. GATES, Aeronautics: S. F. MCVEY, Pharmacy. First Row: J. E. HODGETTS, Victoria, J. C. BOND, Trinity, K. A. STEWART, Chairman, Univer- sity Collegeg J. E. MCCUTC1-IEON, Supervisor Intramural Athletics, A. L. LAMB, S.P.S. Absent: T. D. MCCOLL, Dentistry, J. C. THOMPSON, Emmanuel, B. LASKI, Medicine. Intramural Activities LTHOUGH the final standing for the T. A. Reed Trophy, emblematic of all year Intramural supremacy, has not been posted- at the time of going to press it is safe to assume that School of Practical Science will repeat last year's victory. With several championships still to be decided the School- men have amassed a total of 4,052 points. Wycliffe and Knox are staging a close race for second position although their point totals are well back of the leader. Evidence of the ever increasing interest in Intramural Athletics is best illustrated by the fact that the T. A. Reed Trophy was won last year with approximately 3,000 points while this year four faculties will probably be over that mark and School of Science will finish the race with about 4,500. Last season 3,000 participants took part in the programme. This year 3,500 registrations are expected. Eight team sports are operated during the University year. Lacrosse, volleyball, soccer, and rugby are played during the fall term and indoor baseball, basketball, water polo and hockey are played in the spring term. This year 140 interfaculty teams played 464 games in these sports. This is an increase of 24 teams and 52 games over last year. Various tournaments and meets are held throughout the year in the individual type sports and the programme is so arranged that instruction lasts through practically the whole University year. The list is a comprehensive one and includes boxing, wrestling, fencing, outdoor track, indoor track, swim- ming, gymnastics, tennis, badminton, golf, rowing, jiu-jitsu, and figure skating. As well as the interfaculty programme intramural sports were organized and operated for the fraternities and residences. Inter-year and inter-course tournaments were encouraged. Twenty-one fraternities were organized into an active Athletic Association and participated in a programme which included leagues in baseball, basketball, table tennis, etc. The programme was in charge of the Intramural Sports Committee which met weekly throughout the year. The Intramural Committee gave valuable assistance to the Athletic Directorate in recommending regulations and in formulating the policy of the department. Ken Stewart, U.C., was Chairman of the Committee, and John McCutcheon, Supervisor of Intramural Athletics, 'acted as Secretary. 53461 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO JIU-JITSU CLUB Second Row: A. IRONSIDE, H. TEDMAN, J. S. CORCORAN, J. E. MCCUTCHEON, J. GARDINER, A. W. BEARISTO, A. BRUCE-ROBERTSON, J. V. RIGBY. First Row: D. S. ARMSTRONG, B. M. KASSIRER, A. M. DIXON, A. R. MENZIES, I'llSt'l"lLCfO'1'j R. L. CAVANAGH, J. A. ROBERTSON, S. MCCLATCI-ma. University of Toronto Iiu-Jitsu Club OR the first year since the introduction of Jiu-Jitsu as part of the Physical Education programme of the University, the Club has been without the services of native Japanese instructors. Arthur Menzies, Vic. IV, a charter member of the club, was this year appointed Instructor and deserves great credit for the manner in which he conducted the affairs of the Club. The Judo Club is the only one of its kind on any Canadian campus and is in fact the only active club in Eastern Canada. Affiliations have been estab- lished with the New York "Dojo", official headquarters for Eastern North America, and the University Club has been made an official Judo Branch. Art Menzies travelled to New York, where he passed his "Black Belt" exami- nations and qualified as an official Instructor. Thirty enthusiasts work out three times weekly and tournaments are held monthly. George Donaldson, Pat and Ray Cavanaugh have all been promoted to the first rank in the "Brown Belt" class. This is the highest ranking obtainable outside of New York City. Five others hold the second rank in the Brown Belt class. Special mention is merited by B. Kassirer and R. Mervynne, who were successful in winning their Brown Belt this year. All awards held by members of the Club with the exception of Mr. Menzies, Black Belt have been gained through instruction offered at Toronto. The Club has a right to be proud of the record of its members. Eight men hold the Brown Belt, five the Green Belt and seventeen hold various ranks in the White Belt class. As well as jiu-jitsu several of the senior members of the Club have learned the art of Japanese fencing. Popular interest in these Japanese sports is widened by the numerous displays which the members have been asked to give throughout the city and province. Ls473 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE ATHLETIC BOARD Thilrcl Row: L. SMITH, Baseballg E. SMITH, Track, J. DETWEILER, Basketball: G. Boonv Hockeyq C. FOWLER, Baseball. Second Row: D. BLACKLEY, Rowingq J. EZZRY, Basketball: J. JOHNSON, Soccer, B. FoULns, Rugby, Hockey: G. PIM, Water Polo. First Row: R. MCLAUGHLIN, Baseballq F. RIDLEY, Lacrosse, Hockey, B. MCLEAN, Basketball. K. A. STEWART, Athletic Director: L. SYMMES, B.W. and F.: A. ROSE, Volleyballg J. M TROTT, Secretary, Tennis, Golf, Squash. Absent: J. CLAWSON, Swimming: I. GOULD, Volleyball. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE "U.C." AND "T" HOLDERS Thifrd Row: H. Z. SABLE, W. D. FOULDS, K. A. STEWART, F. N. RIDLEY, N. B. MCELHERAN, S E. MCDONALD, E. J. MEEK, R. J. MCLAUGHLIN, L. W. SOMERS. Second Row: J. D. MACINTOSH, W. C. FRASER, E. B. BACKMAN, J. SILVERBERG, W. SOREN B. SAVLOV, G. H. Boony, B L. IVICLEAN, W. V. CHARLESWORTH, J. M. MURRAY. First Row: M. R. FLEMING, J. A. MULLIN, G. H. CLAWSON, A. R. MACDONALD, F. SHUSTER F. D. BLACKLEY, C. N. FOWLER, J. B. JoHNsoN. f3481 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE RUGBY TEAM E. MOORE. W. FOULDS, Manager: I. FERGUSON, B. MACLEAN, R. LEDINGIIAM, M. NIURRAY. G MALLION, C. MORLEY, L. SMITH, N. CUTLER, E. GOODMAN, A. TUCRER. Inserts: A. CLAVIR, V. SINGER, A. HARRIS, B. MCLAUGHLIN. J. ESSAY. K. STEWART, C. Box Coach. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SENIOR VOLLEYBALL TEAM. FINALISTS Second Row: E. PEART, W. MCGREGOR, V. CHARLESWORTH. First Row: B. SAVLOV, W. SOREN, J. SILVERBERG, A. ROSE, Captain. M. MURRAY. lf349j UNIVERSITY COLLEGE JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: F. BALMER, R. MOORE, W. SCOTT, M. KATZ, H. AXON. First Row: H. BURT-GERRANS, G. PYNE, J. DETWEILER, Managerg N. JONES, E. KLEIN UNIVERSITY COLLEGE FIRST HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: W. RIDLEY, M. MURRAY, W. DAVEY, H. NICHOL, A. ISBISTER. First Row: D. GROSSKURTH, J. Tonns, T. JARv1s, F. RIDLEY, Managerg L. SoM1:Rs. L3501 VICTORIA COLLEGE ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE Third Row: A. W. JEFFERIES, D. A. REYNOLDS. R. CHARLES, D. S. TICKNER. Second Row: J. G. SHELDRICK, E. M. ZURBRIGG, J. C. ADAMS, A. G. EAGLE, S. E. LIPIN H. A. PHILIPS. First Row: W. R. WILSON, Treasurer, E. S. JARVIS, First Vice-President: R. D. SWEET Second Vice-President, DR. H. BENNETT, Honorary President: J. E. HODGETTS, President F. N. A. ROWELL, Secretary: J. M. HOGG. First Year Representative. VICTORIA COLLEGE LACROSSE TEAM Second Row: J. R. KIMBER, A. C. FARMER, H. W. LANDELL, G. C. LEE, T. L. JACKSON, Manager. First Row: F. W. CASSERLY, A. G. HOLMAN, Captain.: W. HUNNISETT, J. W. AYMER, A. R. MCINTYRE. L 351 1 28 B? fvv? VICTORIA COLLEGE TRACK AND HARRIER CLUB, JUNIOR AND SENIOR OUTDOOR AND INDOOR INTERFACULTY CHAMPIONS Third Row: P. L. SAUNDERS, H. J. A. BROWN, E. A. RICE, R. G. PRODRICK. Second Row: J. W. DALES, G. L. BLACKWELL, R. W. CAss, J. M. Hoccy C. E. KING. First Row: O. B. ARMSTRONG, W. H. BROWN, F. N. A. ROWELL, G. W. BROWN, A. P. STINSON. Absent: H. V. BAILEY, J. A. E. BENNETT, J. O. DALES, R. W. MILLER. SENIOR VICTORIA WATER POLO TEAM, INTERFACULTY FINALISTS Second Row: DON MACRAE, DAVE WOODSWORTH, MEREDITH FLEMINC., BILL FRECHETTE, FRANK HOFFMAN. First Row: DOUG BEST, Manager, STAN BEST, MAC CARTER, LLOYD KERR, SAM LIPIN, Coach. l352j TRINITY COLLEGE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Second Row: L. J. DELANEY, Committeeg C. J. SEAGRAM, Vice-Presidentg H. B. HUSSEY, Reporterg R. V. ANDERSON, Committeeg J. C. BOND, Cornrnitteeg J. C. SNYDER, First Year Representative. First Row: R. F. JONES, Assistant Treasurer: PROFESSOR C. A. ASHLEY, Treasurer: W. M. SPRULES, President: G. W. REED, Secretary: B. R. MORGAN, Curator. Trinity College Amateur Athletic Association HIS Association is comprised of every undergraduate male student enrolled in Trinity College. Each year this body elects an executive committee to control its business, which includes management of finances, purchasing and recording equipment for teams, electing managers and coaches, interpreting the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association and convening General Meetings, in which the opinion of the members maybbe voiced. Once again this year, our athletes are combining in their tireless effort to keep the position of our College high in the Intramural sports standing. At the present time it is not beyond the realm of possibility that they may be successful in repeating our victory of two seasons past and obtain the T. A. Reed Trophy for a second year. The executive joins me in congratulating each and every man in the Association who has participated during the last year on the field, in the gym., or in the tank, in Intramural or Intercollegiate circles, and has thus added further to the already enviable record established by our members of former years. The Association as a whole would like to congratulate J. E. McCutcheon for the manner in which he has developed the intricate Intramural sports pro- gramme. His willingness to co-operate with the individual executives and his interest in the mediocre, as well as the distinguished, athlete have given rise to a high standard of sport within the University. 53531 TRINITY COLLEGE "T" HOLDERS Third Row: R. J. GALLOWAY, A. F. W. HODGINS, R. B. HUTCHESON, W. A. E. MCBRYDE, D. H M. STEWART, R. I. HENDY. Second Row: H. F. KIMBER, A. T. CURLISS, J. A. SEED, G. W. REED, G. C. C. Scovn.. First Row: J. C. BOND, L. J. DELANEY, S. P. PARKER, W. M. SPRULES, W. S. THOMPSON, G. A NORTHGRAVE. TRINITY COLLEGE SENIOR HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: J. R. WooDs, Coach, J. W. DE C. O7GRADY, M. S. MILLS, I. S. BAXTER, J. C. LAIDLAW, R. S. HARRIS, L. E. ANDREWS, G. A. NORTHGRAVE, Manager. First Row: P. S. FOULDS, A. F. W. HODGINS, W. R. CARRUTHERS, Captain, C. J. SEAGRAM, J. S. BOECKH. I 354 1 TRINITY COLLEGE WATER POLO TEAM. INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS Second. Row: A. G. CARDY, P. R. L. CHARLES, O. B. MABEE, V. N. HARBINSON. First Row: A. N. STEINER, D. H. ROWAN, G. H. LovE, J. GEORGE. TRINITY COLLEGE BADMINTON TEAM, INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS R. J. GALLOWAY, W. A. E. MCBRIDE, R. I. HENDY, P. E. SNYDER. f3551 I In X. V-, 7.-.....,..... ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE MULOCK CUP TEAM Second Row: H. T. SWEENEY, Assistant Manager: F. J. K1-:EI-IAN, R. F. MALEY, J. W. FLAHERTY R. T. BRODERICK, D. J. MACKINNON, L. F. O'BRIEN, J. O. SHANAHAN, J. L. BARRETT, M M. LAMB. Manager. First Row: T. M. BANNIGAN, J. W. GURNOW, R. J. GONTER, C. D. BARRY, J. J. RONAYNE G. C. RILEY, J. J. WTLPERS, G. W. HIGGINS, R. M. SI-IANTZ. Absent: K. A. DOYLE, F. C. BUCKLEY, L. H. MCLAUGHLIN, A. G. REILLEY, P. J. O'HARA. .. ..,, 1 A , rl . QS' .if f . ft , ' Vg 4 1 , vL 1 '4,,1 'V , 'Sw 5 yr nf -. U 'f I 2 ff - if . ff 'E A .... . . . ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: GEORGE RILEY, Manager, JIM COSTELLO, MARTIN LAMB, BILL EIGO. First Row: HARRY SWEENEY, ED. WIDMAN, JACK ALGER, CHARLEY BARRY, Captain. yt 356 1 ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: DON HECTOR, PAUL LAVERY, LEON SLOT'-NINSKI. First Row: ALLAN GENDRON, HAVENS ANDERSON, ANGUS DIXON, Captaing LEO MCLEAN GEORGE SILVESTER, GERALD HORGAN, TOM SMITH, Manager FRANK SILLS. ful 4 , 111 13 l3571 6113217105 'UNIVERSITIQ3 cr'T0R0UT0' 'f'-f-P -l955"lQ'59 - "'-f z,2,nAn RER IETYEAR REP. Medical Athletic Association HE Medical Athletic Association supervises the athletics of the faculty and comprises all the undergraduates of the faculty, the ladies excepted. Its controlling body, the Executive, includes the following: an Honorary President, chosen from the Faculty, a President, Vice-President and Secretary- Treasurer, from the 6th, 5th and 4th years respectively, and elected by all the undergraduates, and a representative elected from each of the first three years. The purchasing and preservation of equipment is the sole duty of a Quartermaster, who is chosen by the Executive- on a basis of experience in this particular Held. This year, the faculty has been particularly successful in intramural sport, winning in the early part of the year both the Mulock Cup by the Senior Rugby Team, and the Arts Faculty Cup by the Soccer Team. The Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball and Waterpolo Teams also have been very fortunate in their encounters. Increased interest in interfaculty athletics was shown by the faculty, with the result that four more teams than usual were entered in competition. Within t-he faculty, the squash tournament for the Kinnear Trophy, donated last year, was repeated with much interest shown by the undergraduates. A tennis doubles tournament was also carried on, with medals donated by the Executive for the Winners. f3581 5 GRADUATING "T" HOLDERS, FACULTY OF MEDICINE KYLE, HOI.DEN, GRAY, GRAHAM, FREMES, .... 'P' vu FACULTY OF MEDICINE "M" AND "T" HOLDERS 13591 SENIOR MEDICAL RUGBY TEAM-MULOCK CUP CHAMPIONS L. GREEN, W. R. S. WILSON, Trainer, D. MCNEIL, P. MCGOEY, C. COWAN, M. J. O,BRIEN C. BELL, B. STEPHENS, M. FINKELSTEIN, B. GUYATT, H. BOLLEY, T. EMMETT, L. PROWSE T. FLEMING, R. HALL, G. LINDSEY, B. MCKONE, A. MIGHTON, F. CLINCKETT, Captain, J. R EPPING, Mamzger. SENIOR MEDICAL SOCCER TEAM J. GREEN, H. L. JOSEPH, K. G. HENDERS, S. J. HOLMES, T. A. B. BOYD, J. D. ROGER, T. J. PASHBY, G. E. COOPER, H. J. KLINE, Captain, L. E. PROWSE, H. P. TOWNSEND, H. W. LORE, B. H. SEYMOUR, G. A. LANE, C. M. ROUTLEY, J. E. EMMETT. Absent: N. S. PARK, D. MILLER. L3eo1 SENIOR MEDICAL HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: TOWNSEND, STEPHENS, OYBRIEN, BUTTON, WHITE. DENNE, GILLESPIE. First Row: WARREN, PREECE, LINDSEY, DOWNING, WASYLENKI. SENIOR MEDS BASEBALL TEAM. MULOCK CUP CHAMPIONS Second Row: LANGER, FRASER, FLEMING, MCGOEY, NASH, CLINCKETT, MIGHTON. First Row: EMMETT, COWAN, GREEN, WRIGHT, MAHOOD. l36l1 PM ' ' an sm , f. l:Is..I.DOBSON J.FFow.n f 5, Psion Smrruan A PC.ANoen.soN VICE'PlZSIUENT Y2lSlUZNT .mx 96 f HQN, PRLSIDINT V PRES. ENGINEIRING SDCSBYY ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE, ' W5ilf2i3'!m'E Faculty of Applied Scicncc A093-f+'af?+'2'2a. and Engineering umvaresury or Tonomo I938 I939 5.MU52.RAY C J.cI.PneoT'r -A ' A 4Tn.YtA1 naw. snuvsnm. uv. ASHLEY1' 'AND Edlnm Liheefntlahgesg' p Tgixgaitilia ' S.P.S. Athletic Association E are, we are, we are the Engineers --and we don't give a damn for any damn team that doesn't give a damn for us. Once again School has shown its supremacy on the campus, when it comes to athletics. After winning the "T, A. Reed" Trophy for intramural sport last year, S.P.S. started off with a '4bang" this year, and appear to have it "clinched" again. This year it is believed that more Schoolmen took part in sport than ever in history, due to more teams entered in "Mac MacCutcheon's Leagues". The Engineers have won the Harrier, Swimming, Rowing and Junior Assault events to date, put up a stern battle for others, and are still fighting for more. Then School has given its share of men to intercollegiate teams, who have made their presence felt to no end. , f362j ' i The Bronze "S" CHOOLMEN of 3T9 take "hats off" to Bob Galway, who was declared their outstanding athlete about to graduate. Not only is Bob popular among his team mates but also with his other class mates whom he always greets with his Hashy smile. Bob graduated from Jarvis C.I. to take up engineering at S.P.S. with lots of sport thrown in. So in his first year, he played Interfaculty Rugby and Hockey with the Varsity Intermediates. In his second year he played Inter- faculty Hockey and Rugby, moving up to the Varsity Intermediate Rugby Team during the season. During his third year Bob had the misfortune to break his ankle playing rugby for School. However, he came back to play Interfaculty Hockey and Baseball. Then in fourth year, we have Bob playing Varsity Intermediate Rugby and Interfaculty Lacrosse, Hockey and Baseball. During this time, Bob also played T.H.L. hockey, and baseball in the summer months. Besides these athletic feats, Bob took time to be Second Year Represen- tative and Secretary-Treasurer of our Athletic Association in his third year. Summing this up we have the final results: Star quarter-back in rugby. Star goal-getter in hockey and star pitcher in baseball. So with these results behind you, Bob, we take "hats off" again and wish you the very best of luck in the future. f3631 QW' QR S.P.S. HARRIER TEAM, BROTHERTON CUP WINNERS W. Hocc, G. Fouus, D. FINLAYSON, D. CRICHTON, J. Goonw1N. S.P.S. Harrier Team LTHOUGH vanquished in the Interfaculty Track Meet, School runners came back strongly to wrest the Brotherton Cup from Wycliffe College for the first time in several years. Paced by the veteran Wm. Hogg, Don Finlayson, Roy Foules and Jeff Goodwin came in with the first few to make the victory decisive. Three of these, Hogg, Foules and Goodwin ran with the senior Varsity team and made a very creditable showing. Prospects for the coming year are bright and S.P.S. may look forward to seeing a powerful harrier team in competition. 53641 S.P.S. ROWING CREW, INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS W. BRYCE, Stroke, J. MCGRATH, F.-ROUNTHWAITE, D. JOHNSON, Bow S.P.S. Rowing Team NTERFACULTY crew racing was an event at the Annual Loudon Regatta last Fall for the first time and was such a success that next year it will probably be an eight-team race instead of a four. After training for three weeks, crews were put on the water by the Faculties of Dentistry, Medicine, Applied Science, Wycliffe College, University College and Victoria College. The preliminary races saw the U.C. and Dentistry crews eliminated. In the semi-finals, the Vic and Wycliffe crews had to take the backwash from School and Meds. The finals saw these two arch-enemies at the starting line. The Engineers took the lead at the gun and held it till the last quarter mile, when the Surgeons raised their stroke to a killing 40, then to 42, and were taking the lead 100 yards from the finish. Then those stalwart sweep-swingers from School turned on that smooth surging power for which they are so famous and raced across the finish one-quarter boat-deck length ahead. The medals were presented by Prof. T. R. Loudon at the Regatta Dance that evening, and the winning crew received the famous McGill-Varsity Barber Pole as their trophy until next year. 53651 S.P.S. SWIMMING TEAM Second Row: F. DOBSON, J. GIRVAN, D. HARKNESS. First Row: W. VEAL, R. HARDY, D. JENNINGS, Manager, W. STAPLES, W. LAARI. S.P.S. Swimming Team OR the second Year in a row School this year completely dominated the swimming Tank. Capturing the Junior Interfaculty Meet in November and the Senior Meet and Fitzgerald Trophy in January, S.P.S. made a suc- cessful defense of her swimming titles. School was also well represented on the Senior and Intermediate Intercollegiate Teams. In the Junior Meet School scored 28 points to give them a 7 point lead over their nearest opponents, Vic and Meds. Firsts were registered by the Medley Relay Team of Staples, Finlayson, and Laari, by Ames in the diving, and by Staples in the backstroke. Laari came second in the 440-yard freestyle and Finlayson was third in the 200 yard breaststroke. In the 200 yard relay School's first team of Hardy, Bell, Staples and Laari took second, while our second team of Boyd, Byrns, Finlayson and Marshall came fourth. After a slow start School came from far behind to win the Senior Meet with 29 points as against 20 for their nearest rival, Meds. In the Medley relay Staples, Girvan and Laari took first. Dobson came second in the diving. Possessing the two Senior Intercollegiate backstrokers, S.P.S. took an easy first and second in that race, Staples and Jennings placing in that order. Girvan swam the best race of the night to beat Clawson of U.C. in the 200 yard breast stroke. To clinch the meet the School Relay Team of Veal, Hardy, Harkness and Laari came first. On the Intercollegiate Teams, Girvan and Staples swam for the Seniors, while Laari and Hardy performed for the Intermediates. 13663 S.P.S. UT" HOLDERS ' Second Row: W. LAARI, G. POWELL, R. WILSON. First Row: W. RAMORE, A. HOOD, W. HOGG, F. DOBSON. S.P.S. "S" HOLDERS Fourth Row: G. WHEATON, P. PATTERSON, G. POWELL, G. KENNEDY, T. KINGSBURY. Third Row: G. CURRIE, R. WILSON, D. HUTTON, W. RODZIK. Second Row: R. RULE, R. GALWAY, W. RAMORE, J. AMES, J. ANDERSON, R. OROK. First Row: W. LAARI, A. Hoon, W. Hocc, J. F. FORD, F. DOBSON, F. PHILPOT, M. ROBINSON 13671 X s i' i S.P.S. FENCING TEAM. INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS G. PERRY, M. D. STEWART, R. WILSON, A. GARCIA, J. GOODWIN. S.P.S. BOXING AND WRESTLING TEAM Second Row: W. WACHSMUTH, A. B. SCOTT, B. SCHWENGER, J. PIGGOTT, J. M. CURRIE. First Row: B. RAMORE, N. MUSTARD, D. BARNES, A. Hoon, F. DOBSON. f3681 S.P.S. GYM TEAM D. CRAIG, T. A. JULL, W. MARK, L. PATTERSON, H. POWELL. Absent: W. LESTER. z, i Wg. .5 O .- Q. 2 'Ag S.P.S. SOCCER TEAM A. D. MOORE, J. I. THOMPSON, C. E. P. MUDIE, N. J. MOULD, J. B. MACMILLAN, E. B. WILSON C. H. VATCHER, R. S. SMART, J. B. MOORE, P. A. HARAKAS, PROFESSOR E. A. ALLCUT. Absent: GEORGE IQENNEDY, J. GROSSKURTH. I 369 1 ' S.P.S. SENIOR RUGBY TEAM W. MURRAY, W. PATTERSON, T. KEEFER, A. CHISHOLM, E. BRIDGLAND, E. WATT, J. CHRISTO M. CREET, R. FORRESTER, A. HOLDEN, A. BLACK, G. WOODS, J. FORD, M. MCPHERSON, R. MILNE, Y. WILLIAMSON, Captain, E. GALWAY, J. BUSLEY, J. GROSSKURTH, J. RODZIK, L. CHAMBERS, F. COOKE, Manager. ' S.P.S. JUNIOR RUGBY TEAM F. STUKUS, Coach, S. MUNROE, J. SLOANE, D. CAMPBELL, J. S. STIRLING, A. LAMB, V. VINCENT A. BARRY, G. REEvEs, D. ALLEN, R. FUGLER, Captain, W. GRAHAM, V. SMITH, E. REYNOLDS C. BAKER, F. PHRIPP. Absent: F. PHRIPPS, G. WARNER, N. DE PAUL, I 370 1 1 J , Q, , . Q - '.4'9'f' ' .. : Q, . 1 . . , . V f s . 1 -- ' il ' r.5 . 1 ' P. , ' . f A S.P.S. SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM W. S. THOMPSON, H. RONSON, R. RULE, B. BALLAGH, Mdnageofg S. MURRAY, L. JOHNSON G. KIRBY. S.P.S. JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: J. E. REYNOLDS, C. E. DOERINGER, N. T. BARRATT, J. W. BELL, D. G. FINLAYSON. First Row: W. WALLACE, M. A. KILPATRICK, L. PANCER, G. W. E. SHORTER, A. W. HALFORD. f3711 j' S.P.S. SENIOR HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: G. Woon, Coach: J. SMART, B. GALWAY, E. GALWAY, E. P. BRIDGLAND. First Row: R. SCRIVENER. W. PRINGLE, D. TURNER, B. MORIARITY, H. MOLE. Absent: J. GR11-:R, W. DISHER. Q9- S.P.S. JUNIOR HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: R. SPENCE, J. MCLINDEN, S. MUNRO, G. Woon, Coach: E. WEIR, W. ROBINSON First Row: W. GLYNN, D. CRICHTON, Managerg W. MOORE, D. IVIARSHALL, A. LAMBE. I3721 S.P.S. SENIOR BASEBALL TEAM Second Row: W. C. KRANE, P. J. MCCADE. G. KENNEDY, J. C. ANDERSON. Manager. G. M SCOTT, F. R. GERRY, W. DIAK. First Row: F. W. PHu.POTT. F. G. BROWN, G. A. RENSHAW, 13. J. IVIORIARITY, R. A. RULE M. W. J. HOWE. S.P.S. JUNIOR BASEBALL TEAM Second Row: J. E. REYNOLDS, J. S. MUNRO, W. A. ROBINSON, B. J. MORIARTY, Manager A. J. J. BARRY, J. R. FITZPATRICK. First Row: H. E. PERKS, H. L. COONS, O. K. SMITH, W. A. ROBINSON, J. HIRCHORN, C. L BAKER, J. M. LEITCH. L3731 151 1 .QM Mig WQIN K W 'xx' W My ' Wy A -UR' 'W . UN? ws' Y QF' C S.P.S. SENIOR LACROSSE TEAM L. WOODS, W, ATKINSON, A. DOUGLAS. R. RULE, B. BALLAOH, S. MURRAY, F. BROWN, M. ROBINSON, G. KIRBY. S.P.S. JUNIOR LACROSSE TEAM B. K. SMITH, J. E. QUIST, G. E. W. REEVES, F. S. RODMORE, F. I. BELFORD, H. D. CORNISH, J. K. MAGOR, H. M. ROBINSON, Manager. Absent: E. W. BEGGS, C. F. STARR. IS741 S.P.S. SENIOR VVATER POLO TEAM Second Row: B. H. M. TEDMAN, W. VEAL. First Row: T. KINGSBURY, W. LAAR1, Manager: H. DE V. PARTRIDGE, L. CHAMBERS. f S.P.S. JUNIOR WATER POLO TEAM Second Row: L. CHAMBER, Manager: F. LYSAGHT, F. EDENDEN, R. BYRNES, G. REEVES, W WALLACE. First Row: J. FOWLIE, D. ALLAN, J. H. TURNER, J. W. BELL, F. DEMARCO. Absent: J. G. BELL, W. HARDY, F. G1RvAN. l3751 S.P.S. TRACK TEAM Second Row: G. FOULIS, W. HOGG, H. COONS, D. FINLAYSON, W. THOMPSON, J. THOMPSON First Row: T. KINGSBURY. G. MCHENRY, G. PIPER, D. CRICHTON. J. GOODWIN. F1551-,,,, za? -gf L376j DENTAL ATHLETIC COMMITTEE Second Row: A. CASE, M. CORNISH, C. NEFSKY, F. E. DAWE. First Row: A. A. MCCLEOD, B. MCKENZIE, T. D. MCCOLL, Chairman: R. HAMBLY. Absent: O. E. BRUNET, R. D. Rmb. Dental Athletic Committee S in former years, Athletics in the Faculty of Dentistry have been controlled by the Athletic Committee. This committee consists of representatives of every branch of interfaculty sport elected annually by student vote. The Chairman of the Athletic Committee is elected from this group and holds a seat on the Cabinet of the Students' Parliament. This year, the Dental Interfaculty Teams were quite successful in the different sports. Although no championships have been acquired as yet, hopes are running high that such will be the case, and that a very creditable showing will be made in the T. A. Reed Trophy race. 53771 Dental Athletics HE past year has been a very successful one in sports for the teams representing the Dental College. Early in the year, Dents were eliminated in the Mulock Cup semi-finals by Junior School, and the Soccer Team lost out to Medicine in the finals. This year two teams in Basketball and Baseball were entered. A triumph this year would give us three consecutive wins in the baseball world. Besides Interfaculty Athletics, the Faculty of Dentistry was well repre- sented on the various Intercollegiate Teams, Ben Shuken playing Senior Rugby, Oscar Brunet in Wrestling and Bob Reid winning the Intercollegiate Golf Championship. DENTAL SOCCER TEAM Third Row: E. RACHER, S. FEAGAN, F. Auvonn. Second Row: B. RoB1:R'rs, D. WINDELL, R. WISHART, J. WINTER. First Row: A. MCCAY, J. Brcstow, D. McCoLL, A. MACLEOD. Absent: R. SCHWALM, D. CLI-:x-1, H. MASON, P. MACFARLANE, L. Sco1"r. f378j ,QW fs' wr- DENTAL "A" BASKETBALL. TEAM Second Row: C. NEFSKY, J. KULYK, O. BRETT, J. ANDREWS. First Row: J. MULLETT, R. BROWN, N. HURWITZ, B. SHUKEN. ---.hgh 4? in DENTAL "A" BASEBALL TEAM Third Row: P. SINGER, C. NEFSKY. Second Row: W. HAMBLEY, G. SMOCKUM, S. WEILER, J. SPROULE, D. CHAPPLE. First Row: T. D. MCCOLL, J. KULYK, F. DAWE, E. HUMENIUX. l3791 DENTAL LACROSSE TEAM Second Row: D. GOFFIN, J. SPROULE, G. DBLAQRAN. First Row: W. SHAND, A. CASE, C. GOODISON. Absent: A. MCCAY, C. BENSON, G. SMOCKUM. DENTAL WATER POLO TEAM Second Row: E. LOARING, A. ANTONI C. MCGOWAN. First Row: G. MORROW, A. CASE, M. CORNISH, E. TURECK. fssoj WYCLIFFE COLLEGE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE Second Row: J. T. HOOTON, Secretary: J. H. MORRIS, Curator. First Row: R. E. LOUTTIT, Vice-President: E. V. ABBOTT, President: W. R. COLEMAN Treasurer. WYCLIFFE VOLLEY BALL TEAM INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS Second Row: W. R. SYMONS, H. F. NEWMAN, M. W. MURPHY, Captaing J. D. PATERSON, T. A. M. BARNETT, J. CARDY. First Row: E. V. ABBOTT, Presidentg DR. W. E. TAYLOR. 53811 1- . f VM. ...ww . .,.... ,.A2'w11"-W' . .W . 5'-,M .V 'f A Q? a L 1 , meg. .ilk . R..,..w,. 5' A, 8 V.. ,N-,fax V .F QF' ? .. 'Q-'FAM Q B " gc..,.,,.... . Q if -gr 1, , V.: P 5 , , . .,,...,, 5 . Q 9 " "5?gy- .J 554, 1, -,iw ff 1 Z gi mx, .... 7 K 1. . Ha w ,U 10-. . I fizvm M 3 Y, R f '-?5?':i , ' 7 "i an W' mr: V M if I .PTI "" '43:f" . ,-. ,cm xy A If ,-5 ! fhifit ..., 1 :Y 1 1g ,:.j'h if w' ' fi JP 4 V ., 1 ,.,. S ,ja V' 'H ' i,..,....mIM:-1-1---w...9 " A. Q ffl " .j x 5 QM U --f g n " I- M , if 1 ' W NAR ES KNOX COLLEGE "A" BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: B. BOOTH, M. TAYLOR, O. WEIR, C. Cocl-IRANE, Coach. First Row: J. RICHARDSON, E. KEITH, J. STILES, C. VINCEN, F. BARR. F l I. Y E Q In ! . f3821 EMMANUEL COLLEGE ATHLETIC TEAMS Third Row: N. A. HEALEY, W. G. RIVERS, F. H. JOBLIN, A. R. JONES. Second Row: M. E. ROWLAND, W. W. PATTERSON, J. A. MCKIM, W. D. GOODGER, H. C. LINSTEAD, H. F. CURRIE. First Row: A. F. THROWER, D. A. BRYDON, J. C. THOMPSON, J. A. O. MCKENNITT, T. V.: RUTHERFORD, G. D. PETRIE. EMMANUEL COLLEGE ATHLETIC TEAMS Basketball: D. BRYDON, Manager, D. ELMSLIE, E. DAVIDGE, D. GOODGER, M. ROWLANO, E. SMITH, D. JOYCE. Volleyball: M. BUTLER, Manager, G. AFFLECK, D. BRYDON, H. CURRIE, E. DAv1ncE, D. ELMSLIE, D. GOODGER, H. HERBISSON, F. JOBLIN, O. MCKENNITT, W. PATTERSON, M. ROWLAND, R. SCOTT, E. SMITH. Baseball: G. PETRIE, Manager, H. CURRIE, D. GOODGER, D. ELMSLIE, H. LINSTEAD, C. GIFFORD, O. MCKENNITT, J. THOMPSON, A. THROWER. Hockey: D. MCKENNITT, Manager, E. DAVIDGE, F. JOBLIN, A. THROWER, G. RIVERS, D. CLUGSTON, S. HENDERSON, T. JACKSON, R. MCINTYRE, A. JONES, H. PRITCHARD. Harrier: D. BRYDON, E. DAVIDGE, A. C. FORREST. Intercollegiate Teams: A. C. FORREST, Track and Harrier, T. V. RUTHERFORD, Soccer and Rugger. 13831 ONTARIO VETERINARY COLLEGE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Third Row: H. Glass, Secretary: D. M. GAMBLE, Presidentg B. HOSTRAWSER, Treasurer. Second Row: R. W. WOOLNER, C. D. MCGILVRAYQ M.D.V., D.V.Sc., Principalg R. A. MCINTOSH, M.D.V., D.V.Sc.g R. E. INGHAM. First Row: H. L. BRYSON, J. NORQUAY, J. SCHRODER, K. BURNS. Ontario Veterinary College Athletic Association HE Ontario Veterinary College Athletic Association is comprised of every undergraduate in the Faculty of Veterinary Science. The gov- erning body is elected annually by the student body. The executive controls all athletics of the College. The main effort of the Athletic Association this year has been to create interest in all branches of sport among the students, not so much from a View of competitive success but rather from the more important viewpoint of total number of men engaged in competition. In spite of drawbacks of incomplete facilities on the campus, competition was keen in intramural sport of all kinds. There are prospects of better accommodation for the coming session. To the incoming executive may we extend our hopes for success in the 1939-40 session. A f3a41 ONTARIO VETERINARY COLLEGE BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: F. L. CLARK, Manager: M. H. GRAY. F.. C, CHAMBERLAYN12, J. F. DoNovAN K. C. CAMPBELL, P. F. LINGUA. Coach. First Row: J. A. GALLAGHER, J. D. SCHROEDER. B. E. HOLLISTER. Captain: V. PREST. J. H. EADY' ONTARIO VETERINARY COLLEGE HOCKEY TEAM Third Row: G. C. BISHOP, R. W. WooLNER, N. P. SCHMIDT. Second Row: R. C. MORROW, Manager: W. T. CAWKER, B. HOWSTRAWSER, R. E. INGHAM, V. C KEALEY, Assistant Manager. First Row: G. C. CARNEGIE, W. P. BRISBANE, F. G. HESLCP, II. F. GIBBS, D. M. GAMBLE Captain. Absent: W. P. O,CONNOR, H. W. ROTH. 5385 .1 PHARMACY SOCCER TEAM Second Row: G. PITCHER. F. CALLAGHAN, G. CORNELL, E. TOYE, T. ARMSTRONG, D. SUTHERLAND G. RYAN. First Row: S. MCVEY, J. Woon, R. LIVINGSTON, Capmion: DEAN R. O. HURST, E. MCALEESE F. WICKETT, Managerg D. TAYLOR. Absen t: J. GIBBONS. PHARMACY LACROSSE TEAM Second Row: M. SNoDGRAss, H. MERRETT. F. FORSYTH, Captaing D. HARDING, D. DUSTEN, H Sr-ZAGER, Mamlger. First Row: B. BOGGS, B. JONES. Dx-:AN R. O. HURST, A. FRY, G. HOGAN. L3861 PHARMACY SOFTBALL TEAM Second Row: B. COTE. G. SANGSTER, F. FORSYTH, W. REWBOTHAM, C. POWELL, S. MCVEY. H WIGHT. First Row: B. DUQUETTE, G. HOGAN, M. ENGLISH, Manager-.' DEAN R. O. HURST. D. DUSTPlN Captain .' J. Woon. F. CALLAGHAN. PHARMACY HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: J. REITH, G. PITCHER, Manager: M. SNODGRASS, C. JUDD, P. SOUCY, B. BARKEY. First Row: S. WILLFORD, J. CROSBY, E. Ross, DEAN R. O. HURST. G. NOBLE, Captain: G. CORNELL, B. M. O,HEARN. I 387 1 PHARMACY BASKETBALL "A" TEAM Second Row: S. MCVEY, Manager: F. CALLAGHAN. I. RITZ, B. BARKEY, M. WALTMAN. First Row: J. Woon, A. LEVITT, DEAN R. O. HURST. S. BEDERMAN, Captain: G. RYAN. PHARMACY BASKETBALL "B" TEAM Second Row: A. COLLINS, L. LIPTON, E. COULSON, M. WARNER. First Row: J. STARR, N, FINCH, Captaing DEAN R. O. HURST, G. HOGAN, Manager J. SHUSTERMAN. Absent: J. GIBBONS. l388j PHARMACY VOLLEY BALL TEAM Second Row: F. CALLAGHAN, J. WOOD. H. SHUMACKER, G. HOGAN. First Row: S. MCVEY, D. JOYNT, Cuptaing DEAN R. O. HURST, F, WICKETT, S. BEDERMAN, PHARMACY VOLLEYBALL "B" TEAM Second Row: G. SIMMONS, G. TOLTON, G. CUTHBERTSON, J. GIBBONS. P. SOUCY. First Row: B. BARKEY, R. LIVINGSTON, DEAN R, O. HURST, G. CORNELL, Captaing G. RYAN 13891 l390j omenii .gnfercofdgiafe .x4fALficf5 WOMAN'S SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Second Row: JEAN LENNOX, NORAH REAN, BOBBIE MCDONALD, Captain, BERYL POLLOCK, KAY BENNETT. First Row: MISS BEATRICE LONGLEY, Coach, MARGARET PICKERING, President, PATSY MCLAREN, HELEN GURNEY, JANIE CHURCH. Absent: JOAN MCMASTER, Manager. VVomen's Intercollegiate Athletics ROM an intercollegiate viewpoint this has certainly been Torontofs year and no less than four championships have been carried oft by the wearers of the Blue and White. Starting with the tennis in October, Varsity won a sweeping victory, with Claire Walsh as captain regaining her singles championship from Barbara Barnard of McGill, and the doubles team of Marjorie Mosbaugh and Ann Macdonald winning all three of their matches. The tournament, most ably managed by Joan McMaster, was at Toronto and the finals on the excellent new Trinity courts were watched by the largest gallery in history. Pro-bably the year's highlight was the return of the Bronze Baby to Toronto after five years' absence. The basketball meet was held in London and the splendidly coached and conditioned Varsity team defeated the three- times champions from Western 18-11 in the Friday game, then took McGill 19-14 in the final on Saturday afternoon. Miss Beatrice Longley is to be congratulated on the success of her first year'S coaching. Bobbie McDonald proved a most capable captain and floor leader and Joan McMaster was the eihcient manager. The Intermediate team this year made a particularly fine showing, even winning two out of three games against the Seniors. Miss Erna Laing again coached the team and Molly Moore acted as captain with Eileen Elson as manager. The swimming team carried on tradition by winning every event at the Intercollegiate Meet in Kingston, and new records were established by Dot Hobson in the 100-yard Free Style, by Mary Casson in the 50-yard Free Style, by Bobbie McDonald in the 50-yard Back Stroke and by the relay team. Peggy Bailey, the captain, and Margaret Hall tied- for first in the Diving and Freddie Baxter won both the Ornamental and Style. Toronto entered only one girl in each event except the diving in order to promote better competition and also entered a different girl in each event. The team was as usual splen- didly coached by Miss Aileen Cochrane. The badminton team, captained by Mary Becker, also gave an excellent account of itself. At the intercollegiate meet in Montreal, Toronto defeated Q f392j McGill by one point, to take the point title. Rosemary Annesley won all four of her matches, Mary Becker won three and .the doubles team broke even with two wins. A new intercollegiate sport this year entered the field when McGill held an International Intercollegiate Ski Meet and invited Toronto to send a team. While McGill did not enter their "AH team, the feat of the Toronto skiiers in carrying off the trophy is noteworthy as they accumulated the best aggregate score against outstanding teams from various American colleges as well as McGill. The team was composed of Marion Gallie as captain, who won firsts in both events, Joan Griffith who won two-thirds and Peggy McLaren. All intramural series were very keenly contested except the baseball which was Once again won by Victoria. The golf tournament was held at the Mississauga Club in October and boasted a large entry list. Marion Walker, U.C. I., had the low gross for the day. The intramural tennis tournament was won by Victoria for the fourth year, with Claire Walsh as champion. The basketball series had thirteen entries, the largest in history, and when the long season was over, University College Juniors, cleverly coached by Miss Erna Laing, were declared champions. The hockey series was increased in in- terest by the entry of Meds. and a hard fought playoff between St. Hilda's and U.C. The Saints once more emerged victorious and retained the battered cup. In spite of the lack of courts, badminton continues to interest more players every season. A particularly fine intramural tournament was conducted this year, with 36 entries from the four colleges, Meds. and Nurses. St. Hilda's won the championship with Mary Becker as the university champion and Rosemary Annesley as runner-up. The four semi4finalists made up the inter- collegiate team. Varsity at the present time is unusually rich in outstanding swimmers and the intramural meet this year provided some of the most exciting races ever held in Hart House. The Physical Education Department won the meet for the Hrst time in the three years they have entered, amassing 50 points, while Victoria made a very fine showing with 38 points, of which Peggy Bailey, who retained the individual and the diving championships, accounted for 26. A great increase in interest is noticeable in all the sports which have been made possible by the Athletic Fee, and riding, golf and figure-skating attract many students. The bowling, which was started last year, has again about forty entries, of whom the majority participate in no other form of sport. The high scorer is again Ruth Publow of Vic., who bowls consistently at scratch with an average of about 170. The men's Directorate and Officials Of the men's Association have again been most generous in granting the use of their facilities and in offering co-operation and counsel on many occasions. Sincerest thanks are also due to the various coaches who have so generously given of their time and skill in training teams. The success of the year's activities bears witness to the value of all the help received. I DIRECTORATE, 1938-39 DR. C. C. BENSON, President MRS. W. A. Kmxwoon MRS. W. B. ELSLEY DR. E. H. GORDON Miss J. M. FORSTER PEGGY BAILEY MARGARET CONLIN JOAN McMAsTER OLIVE MULI-IALL MARGARET PICKERING MIss A. E. M. PARKES, Secretary HELEN SCOTT ATHLETIC CLUB PRESIDENTS, 1938-39 Basketball ..,.,.,.. ,.,.,........... .,...,......,.,....,. M A RGARET PICKERING, Vic. Hockey ....... Tennis ...., A Swimming Badminton ., . A .. . I ..JoAN GRIFFITH, Trin. 4T1 CLAIRE WALSH, Vic. 3T9 . .... . PEGGY BAILEY, Vic. 3T9 MARY BECKER, Trin. 3T9 l393j T0 Women's Senior "T" Holders ROSEMARY ANNESLEY, Trin. '41-Bad- minton, two years intercollegiate, doubles champion '38, Second Series Intercollegiate champion '39, two years St. Hilda's. Basketball, two years St. Hilda's. Hockey, two years St. Hilda's. JEAN ATKINSON, Physio. '39-Hockey, three years intercollegiate and "all star" manager '34-'35, captain '36, U.C basketball three years, Physio. three years. U.C. tennis two years, hockey '33- '36' ' 9 1 one year. President Baseball Club, '35, President U.C. Athletics '35 Directorate '34-'35-'36, PEGGY BAILEY, Vic. '39-Swimming, in '36 dividual intercollegiate champion and '37, University champion '37, '38 39. 7 and '39, diving champion '37 and President Swimming Club '38-'39. Directorate '38-'39. WINNIFRED BAXTER, Phys. Ed. '41- Swimming, one year intercollegiate, two years Physical Ed. Ornamental and Style champion, '39. MARY BECKER, Trin. '39-Badminton, two years intercollegiate, runner-up in singles '39, University champion '39, four years St. Hilda's. Bask-etball, three years St. Hilda's. Badminton Club President '38-'39. KAY BENNETT, St. M's. '40-Basketball, two years intercollegiate, two years St. Mike's. MARY CASSON, Vic. '40-Swimming, two years intercollegiate, 50 yard Free Style record '39, two years Vic., 50 yard Fre-e Style intramural record '39. Basketball, one year intermediate, one year Vic. JANIE CHURCH, U.C. '39-Basketball, one year intercollegiate, one year interme- diate, three years U.C. Badminton, three years U.C. Swimming, three years Physical Ed. GERTRUDE EVANS, U.C. '40-Swimming, one year intercollegiate, one year U.C. Basketball, one year U.C. HELEN GURNEY, U.C. '40 - Basketball, one year intercollegiate, one year inter- mediate, two years U.C. Swimming, two years U.C. 13941 MARGARET HALL, Phys. Ed. '4O-Swim- ming, three years intercollegiate, diving champion '38, three years Physical Ed., University Ornamental Swimming champion '38 and '39. JEAN LENNOX, Vic. '40-Basketball, two years intercollegiate, one year inter- collegiate, one year intermediate, three years Vic. ANN MACDONALD, U.C. '39-Tennis, one year intercollegiate, doubles champion, one year U.C. Basketball, two years intermediate, three years U.C. BOBBIE MCDONALD, U.C. '4l-Basket- ball and swimming. Two years inter- collegiate basketball, captain '39, two years U.C. Swimming, two years in- tercollegiate, 50 yard Back Stroke record '39, two years U.C. PATSY MCLAREN, U.C. '40-Basketball, one year intercollegiate, two years U.C. JOAN MCMASTER, Trin. '39-Special Award. Basketball, ranked for inter- collegiate team, manager '39, one year intermediate, captain, three years St. Hilda's. Tennis, two years St. Hilda's championg intercollegiate manager '38- '39. Hockey, one year St. Hilda's. President St. Hilda's Athletics '38-'39, Directorate '38-'39. JEAN MILLER, Vic. '39-Basketball. two years intercollegiate, captain '37-'38, two years Vic. President Vic. Athletics '38-'39. MARJORIE MOSBAUGH, Med. '40-Ten- nis, one year intercollegiate, doubles champion '38-'39. University golf cham- pion '37-'38. Four years St. Mike's tennis and baseball, two years Meds. tennis, basketball, one year hockey. CLAIRE WALSH, Vic. '39-Tennis, four years intercollegiate, champion '35, '36, '38, four years Vic. and University champion. Has held Junior champion- ships of Ontario, Quebec and Eastern Canada. Ranked Canadian No. 6 in '37 and No. 8 in '38, Ontario No. 3 in '38, President Tennis Club '37-'39. WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE SWIMMING CHAMPIONS WINIFRED BAXTER, MARY CASSON, PEGGY BAILEY, Captain and President: MARGARET HALL, BOBBIE MCDONALD. Absent: DOT I'IOBSON. Mlss AILEEN COCHRANE, Coach. WOMEN'S INTERMEDIATE BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: PEGGY MCLAREN, RUTH DANARD, MARY BENNETT, MARY CASSON, ERIE ARMSTRONG, AGNES CAMERON. First Row: ANN MACDONALD, Miss ERNA LAING, Coach, MOLLY MOORE, Captain, EILEEN ELSON, Manager, ANNABELLE MACKLIN. 53951 WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE TENNIS CHAMPIONS MARJORIE MOSBAUGH, ANN MACDONALD, BETTY FILE, CLAIRE WALSH, Captain and President WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE BADMINTON MARY BECKER, Captain and Presidentg KAY BRYANS, ROSEMARY ANNESLEY. HILDEGARDE Goon- FELLOW. I 396 1 - Y- A A 1,1 2' . "ff ,N '. 1, ,,.,,nf" X ' V , , L 1 mf an . 4 5 'fff , W ,, Q' A ' V M' Y? Q V' ,V "R 2' ' 5 4, ,', .. I y ,Z qw y 1 I X f - 1 43' f QW , 44, 1 A 7' f I ,away in M2 1 I .fy , 1-nf M5 ff' , , , if QW ..,,, 4 .,f ,,, lv fy .K . A, ,2 Wifi! ,143 L ,J Ja ! , 521, . , J- ' if-4 , gk 'Z ff af J f3,.?f' A 33: !' 716 amen Zi .gnframura .!4fLLficA University College Women's Athletics HE 1938-39 season started with the Interfaculty Golf Meet, in which Audrey Piddington had charge of the U.C. players. There was an exceptionally good turnout. U.C. won the meet, headed by Marion Walker, who carried off the individual honours. The increase in numbers in the tennis tournament may be accounted for by the fact that we were able to obtain the St. Hil.da's courts. In the Inter- faculty Tournament, U.C. was runner-up to Victoria College. We were also represented on the winning Varsity Intercollegiate Team by Betty File and Ann Macdonald-Ann being one of the victorious doubles finalists. As usual, U.C. entered three teams in the Interfaculty Basketball League. The Seniors were coached by Gladys Heintz, Captain of last year's Inter- collegiate Team from Queen's. They were managed by Ann Macdonald. Irna Laing, former Varsity star, coached the Juniors, with Helen Sutherland as manager. Last year Irna coached the same team as Freshies, and this year they won the Interfaculty Series, bringing the cup back to U.C. for the first time in several years. The Freshies were coached by Jo Rea, another Varsity player of fame, and were managed by Mary Emmett. The team shows great promise for the future. Senior Intercollegiate players from U.C. were, Bobby MacDonald, Helen Gurney, Patsy McLaren and Janie Church, and on the Intermediate Team were Peggy McLaren, Ann Macdonald and Agnes Cameron. Swimming was managed by Gertrude Evans. Individual honours at the U.C. meet went to the manager, with Marion Harvey as runner-up. Bobbie MacDonald,,another outstanding U.C. swimmer, was unable to compete, as she was busy training for basketball. We expect several of our swimmers to make the Intercollegiate Team, but it will not be chosen until after this has gone to print. Hockey was very popular this year. Jean Atkinson coached the pucksters, and Cay Robertson managed them. Competition was keen, with St. Hilda's and U.C. once more contending for first place. The final results will be too late for record here. Badminton is becoming increasingly popular each season. This year a regular club was formed. Cay Bryans was the able manager, and also winner of the tourament, with Gladys Ecclestone the runner-up. Up to the present, Cay is the only U.C. representative on the Intercollegiate Team, however, there may be still some challenging before the final choice is made. Skiing was made an Intercollegiate sport this year, heightening its interest considerably. If the meet at Montreal is a success, we hope to inaugurate next year a ski club, which will provide transportation, etc. Punch Gallie, Peggy McLaren and Hazel Brown are U.C.'s three hopes in the coming meet. Term exams. were changed to February, which retarded many of the schedules, but this did not hinder U.C. from a very successful year in the field of athletics and sports. We were well represented on the University ,teams and were able to capture the Interfaculty Basketball Trophy. l3981 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE W0wMEN'S ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE Second Row: CAY BRYANS, GERTRUDE EVANS, HELEN SUTHERLAND. First Row: ANN MACDONALD, CAY ROBERTSON, JANIE CHURCH, AUDREY PIDDINGTON, MARY EMMETT. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S TENNIS TEAM BOBBY MCDONALD, BETH STEWART, BETTY KETTLES, BETTY FILE, ANN MACDONALD. L3991 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE BADMINTON TEAM JEAN IVALLACE. MARGARET BIGGAR, CATHERINE BRYANS, Managerg JANIE CHURCH, MARGARET GLCVER, GLADYS ECCLESTONE. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: BARBARA MACLAREN, VIOLET PETTYPIECE, KATHERINE ROBERTSON, RUTH GORDON. First Row: MARION HARVEY, HELEN SCOTT, Coach: GLADYS HEINTZ. JANIE CHURCH, MARY NACLER. Absent: ANN MACDONALIJ, KAY SCOTT. I 4001 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: MARY KIRKLAND, PATSY MCLAREN, KAY BRYANS. GERTRUDE EVANS, PEGGY MCLAREN, ANNA MARIE SMART. ' First Row: FRANCES BARBOUR. IRNA LAING, Coach: BOBBIE MCDONALD, Captainq HELEN SUTHERLAND, Manager: HELEN GURNEY. 736: A-3432 3 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE FRESHIE BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: BETTY CHRISTIE, EVELYN TANTON, ELIZABETH SECCOMBE, JEAN CLEMENT, EDITH CASTER. First Row: AGNES CAMERON, JOYCE LAING, ERIE ARMSTRONG, Captain: MARY EMMETT, Man- agerg BETTY KETTLES. f4011 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: BETTY MCCLELLAND finsefrtl, LARRY NEGLER, Assistant Coach, ADA SMITH, JEAN ATKINSON, Coach, MARGARET FOULDS, PHYLLIS HALL, LUCILLE GRAHAM finsertj. First Row: MARY CARTER, VIRGINIA ALEXANDER, KATIE ROBERTSON, RUTH GORDON, FRAN BARBOUR, JANE WARWICK, DORIS ANKENMAN. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S SWIMMING TEAM First Row: HELEN GURNEY, MARIAN HORNEJ GERTRUDE EVANS, Manager, BOBBY MACDONALD, HELEN SCOTT. Absent: MARION HARVEY, L 402 1 VICTORIA COLLEGE WOMEN'S ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE Second Row: VERA ARGUMENT, First Year Representative: BETTY AUSTEN, Badminton Cura- torg MOLLY MOORE, Second Year Representative: PEGGY BAILEY, Directorate Representa- tiveq RUTH SMITH, Baseball Curator: HILDEGARDE GOODEFELLOW, Third Year Represen- tative. First Row: CLAIRE WALSH, Tennis Curator: MARGARET PICKERING, Basketball Curatorq ROSA- MOND BAILEY, Swimming Curatorg MARGERY EASTWOOIJ, Treasurer: JEAN MILLER, Presi- dent: JEREME MALCOLM, Secretary: GLADYS JOHNSTON, Hoc-key Curator and Fourth Year Representative. VICTORIA COLLEGE TENNIS TEAM First Row: MARY LEAVENS, ELEANOR WALKER, CLAIRE WALSH, Captaing VERA ARGUMENT JERENE MALCOLM, IDA TIPP. f4o31 VICTORIA COLLEGE BASEBALL-TEAM A Second Row: RUTH HONEY, AUBREY JONES, Coach: MARGERY EASTWOOD. First Row: GRETTA RIDDELL, RUTH SMITH, DOROTHY ROGERS, ELEANOR FREEMAN, ANN MACPHER- SON. VICTORIA COLLEGE BASEBALL-TEAM B Second Row: LENORE WILSON, JEANNE FORBES, LAURA MCLEOD, CHRISTINA CARSON. First Row: GENEVIEVE TAYLOR, RUBY WORTON, AUBREY JONES, Coachg BETH MOORE, JEANNE WELLS. L4o41 VICTORIA COLLEGE WOMEN'S SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: JEAN LENNOX, KAY WALLACE, NORA BEAN, MARY LOUISE BOTT. First Row: GLADYS KIPPEN, MARG. PICKERING. JOYCE TENNENBAUM, Coach: ELEANOR HEATH ERINGTON. VICTORIA COLLEGE WOMEN'S JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: BERNA CHRISTIE, RUTH PUBLOW, RUTH DANARD. First Row: DOROTHY CLARKE. MOLLY MOORE, JOY BROWNLEE, Couchq RUTH THOMSON, Cap tain: BILLY STEELE. P1051 to VICTORIA COLLEGE FRESHIE BASKETBALL TEAM Sec-ond Row: PATTY PERRIN, GRATIA GORDON, MARGARET HUBBARD, WINNI1-'RED HARDY, CELIA CORCORAN. First Row: JEAN CRAWFORD, PHYLLIS HULSE, BERYI. POLLOCK, ELEANOR JOSE, LOIS DAVIDSON. JEAN STIRLING. VICTORIA COLLEGE WOMEN'S HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: ELEANOR HEATHERINGTON, DORIS SARGEANT, RALPH SWEET, Coach: CHRISTINA CARSON, VIOLA NODEN. First Row: HELEN SAARI, MARY CARSON, JEAN CRAWFORD, GLADYS JOHNSTON, FRANCES FAULDS, DORIS ANGLIN, BETH MOORE. Absent: ALEC PEARSON, Coach. I 406 1 VICTORIA COLLEGE WOMEN'S BADMINTON TEAM JEAN STIRLING, BETTY JANE GARDINER, JEAN Ross, BETTY AUSTIN, HILDEGARD GooDEELI.ow BARBARA GIBSON. VICTORIA COLLEGE WOMEN'S SWIMMING TEAM Second Row: RUTH PUBLOW, MARY CAssoN. First Row: MARDI BLACKHALL, ROSAMOND BAILEY, PEGGY BAILEY. f407j ST. HILDA,S ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE Second Row: CONSTANCE HARRISON, F irst Year Representative, GERTRUDE MANN, Head of Tennisg JOAN GRIFFITH, Head of Hockeyg JEAN HOWSON, Head of Badminton, ROSEMARY ANNESLEY, Head of Basketball. First Row: CHRISTINA GILCHRIST, Head of Swimming, JANET ROBERTSON, Treasarerg JOAN MCMASTER, President, MARGARET LARGE, Vice-Presidentg MARGARET MAYES, Secretary. St. Hildofs Athletic Association HE athletic season started off with our annual tennis tournament on our new courts. The tournament was run oft in fine fashion and the team finally chosen consisted of K. Hilder, G. Mann, M. Becker, E. Kirk, R. Annesley, and J. Grifliths. Their efforts in the interfaculty tourney were creditable but not outstanding. Joan McMaster won the Saints' championship with Kay Hilder runner-up. We were again able to enter two basketball teams in the league, one being exclusively a Freshie team. The Senior Team gained the se-mi-iinals of the Tournament, onlyto lose by two points. Joan McMaster. Rosemary Annesley, and Joan Griffiths turned in fine performances for the Seniors. The hockey season got under way in January. The Saints, although losing many of their former stars, came through to win the coveted Interfaculty Hockey Championship. All the players are worthy of mention, but space will not permit. ' In February our annual Swimming Meet was held, and the team was chosen. The Interfaculty Meet has not yet taken place, but the team is ready and out to win. This year again two of our Saints have won laurels by taking two of the four positions on the intercollegiate badminton team. Our team carried off the interfaculty championship, with Mary Becker winning the University Championship, and Rosemary Annesley as runner-up. Table tennis was introduced into our athletic activities this year. A great deal of interest was shown in the tournament, and Joan McMaster came out on top in the singles. Joan Griffiths and "Chrissie" Gilchrist were the winners of the doubles. ' Here. is more power and luck to you next year, Saints! f408j W6 1 I X --W I W - , X V -.. . "" "'-R' 'Q ' .V " E ' ' - ' Nw . 'fb Tia: Qi".-rf A' - , , y ' ,, ,R 1 Y ' s Y f '-, f -35- l ST. HILDA'S TENNIS TEAM Second Row: BI-:TTY KIRK, MARY BECKER, KAY HILD1-:R. ' First Row: JOAN GRIFFITH. GERTRUDE MANN, Head of Tennis: ROSEMARY ANNRSLRY. ,A ,jr wifi 775591, -' 'f x 'f 'Za KW," , 4-N, q ff: ff A ,fg 'fi ST. HlLDA'S BADMINTON TEAM Second Row: MARY BECKER, DORYTH EMERSON, ROSEMARY ANNESLRY. First Row: ELIZABETH WRIGHT, JEAN HowsoN, Head of Badminton: BEATRICE SAUNDERS. f409j 9 H-ul' ,.aF x 'WY ST. HILDA'S SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Sec-ond Row: MARGARET MAYES, PAT SCOTT, MARY BECKER, MARGARET LARGE, MARGARET MUNRO First Row: JOAN GRIFFITH, ROSEMARY ANNESLEY. JOAN MCMASTER, Captain: WINNIFRED BAXTER. f C? .2 53? ST. HILDA'S FRESHIE BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: MARY COOMBES, ELINOR MCLAUGHLIN, AGNES IRELAND, LEATHA YOUNG. Fiv-sz Row: CONNIE HARRISON, BETTY BRODIE, Captaing MARY SKEELES. Absent: YVONNE WELLS, NANCY TYRRELL. L4101 half -vw. , .mer 'EY' :- f I -.S nvi- TP -- ' -fr- QW' in-. lU'Wh Aw l 1239 21' ST. H1LDA's SWIMMING TEAM Second Row: MARY HARRISON, BETTY KIRK, ROSEMARY ANNESLPIY, JOAN GRIFEITH. First Row: JEAN HowsoN, CHRISTINA GILCHRIST, Head of Swimmiengg LEATI-IA YOUNG Absent: NEVILLE HAMILTON. ST. HILDA'S HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: MARGARET MOEEAT, MARGARET DONOVAN, MARGARET LARGE, ROSEMARY ANNESLEY First Row: HELEN HARVIE, HELEN WILSON, JOAN GRIFFITI-I, Captaing LEATHA YOUNG, NATALIE LAMPMAN. H1111 ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE ATHLETIC DIRECTORATE MARY BENNETT, JEAN MCLEOD, GERTRUDE MULCAHY, President: MARGARET CONLIN. ST. MlCHAEL'S TENNIS TEAM WINNIFRED FLANAGAN, MARGARET MORRISSEY, EDITH BALDWIN, BETTY KIRBY, MARGARET CONLIN T4121 ST. MICHAEL'S BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: GI-:RTRUDE MULCAI-IY, JEAN GRANT, ANNABELLE MACKI.IN, JEAN DI COLA, ANITA MARTIN, Manager. First Row: KAY BENNETT, MARY BENNETT, Captain: EDITH MCGOVERN, VICTORIA LONGO. ST. MlCHAEL'S HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: JEAN DI COLA, GERTRUDE MULCAI-IY, MADELINE NOAH, MARJORIE DRISCOLL, MARY KER MICKLER, MARGARET CORKERY. First Row: EDITH MCGOVERN, MARGARET CONLIN, NORAH COSTELLO, JEAN GRANT, TERESA KNOWLTON. Absent: JOAN O,DONNELL, KITTY DEVLIN, Captain. L4131 SCHOOL OF NURSING BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: P. DAWSON, E. A. ROGERS, S. A. STILLMAN. First Row: D. M. Sromvrs, M. E. BURLAND, B. WAITE, Captaing E. O. COURTNEY, H. BROWN ,.,.,,.-,. I414:l MEDICAL WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Second Row: ELIZABETH STERN, ISOBEL GRIMSI-IAW, EVELYN JOHNSON, JEAN MEINERS, HELEN HOLDEN, ELIZABETH JACKSON, FLORENCE ALLEN, SUE ADAMS. First Row: LILIAN KARMALSKAQ MARJORIE MOSBAUGH, Basketball Manager, MARGARET MCFARLANE, Secretary-Treasurer, BARBARA WATTS, President, LILY SUGARMAN, SHIRLEY FLEMING, JEAN BRERETON. I Absent: DORIS PRowsE, Vice-President. Medical Women's Athletic Association HERE has been an active interest in athletics shown this year by the medical Women. Many of the girls engaged in basketball and hockey, and there was also enthusiastic participation in golf and tennis during the fall term. Although it is difficult to find time for athletics with a full academic curriculum, those who did so found it a valuable means of relaxation from their more arduous duties. Marjorie Mosbaugh, who played hockey, basketball and golf, brought us distinction by qualifying to play on the Intercollegiate Tennis Team. Medical "M's" were awarded to Jean Brereton, Macia Campbell, Helen Holden and Marjorie Mosbaugh. 14151 F-fi-W aa- H 1 gh X .... VN AV. . f416j C.. en if Jrafernified ALPHA DELTA PHI Founded at Hamilton College, 1832 ,Q-gggpunelmi QL 5 il 0 ' T :. I . . YI I I . : - : 1832' E TORONTO CHAPTER Established at Toronto, 1893 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Alfred Baker William L. Holman Allan Gowan Brown William Fletcher McPhedran Henry John Burden Clarence Dana Rouillard FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE D. D. Owen A. A. McArthur J. L. McFarland . MacLeod U?OW?9 FWSWWB OD-In-I rese- sg cg' Es I5 P. E. Snyder N. M. Simpson W. W. Barrett D. R. B. McArthur G. H. Love C. E. Edmonds M. F. Clarkson C. S. Lazier H. A. MacMillan Hwi J. C. Maynard W. H. Grass J. C. Laidlaw R. S. Harris T. George D. A. Webster J. C. Snyder D. E. Boxer W. B. Edmonds A. R. Armstrong R. G. Grey W. E. Moore D. M. Holman ALE. H. Walker H. H. Henderson Rowland J. N. J. R. H. Kirkpatrick Q, .wrt M E25 Q 0 Xxxvx X A qwxqz, O. A ff f .. . 'DE -' ,f Af 'Rigflffff 3'5" ' ' f'23?5?7l:fi qfffzgtliiiifii, f ' " Yf fff 'iijzjaygi SEV- ' Ng f 1555311 Soflz gfffgt. '.'l!glt.Jw,l1,5w X5 . ,517 t v Jr X' X xx ,V -' .ant T 5 'X -X " JV, Q , X ERA. I ' I A ALPHA DELTA PHI TORONTO CHAPTER. ALPHA DELTA PHI Fourth Row: J. W. ROWLAND, J. R. H. KIRKPATRICK, W. E. MOORE. W. H. GRASS, D. H ROWAN, J. GEORGE, R. S. HARRIS, C. M. MACLACHLAN. D. A. WEBSTER. H. A. MACMILLAN Third Row: A. R. ARMSTRONG, M. F. CLARKSON, J. C. LAIDLAW, C. S. LAz1ER. P. E. SNYDER A. R. B. BODDINGTON, J. C. MAYNARD, G. H. LOVE, W. W. BARRETT. D. R. B. MACARTHUR J. C. SNYDER. Second Row: N. M. SIMPSON, A. B. BODDINGTON, J. M. MCLEOD. D. D. OWEN. A. A MACARTHUR, J. L. MACFARLAND, P. H. SPOHN. First Row: W. B. EDMONDS, H. H. HENDERSON, R. G. GRAY, D. E. BOXER, D. M. HOLMAN A. E. H. WALKER. Absent: C. E. EDMONDS, W. G. HARVEY. I 419 J BETA THETA PI Founded at Miami University, 1839 flTlf"iX Bon' cron? 'P ..7nf"i. Q4 THETA ZETA Established at Toronto, 1905 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Ernest Edgar Cleaver ' Thomas Eakin Beverly Hannah Arthur Fitz-Walter Wynne Plumptre James Eustice Shaw FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Robert Doan Hill Charles David Robert Dick George Luther Symmes Robson Hughdeburgh Mills Black Hugh Hamilton Neilson Bowden Lloyd McLean Norman Burwell George William Patrick Hair Charles John Robson Richard Philip Eyres Baxter O'C0nnor Dick Taylor Murray Renough Maynard Robert James Galloway Bruce Edward Neilson Gordon Grosvenor Caudwell Ross Mackay Brown Patrick Stanley FitzGerald James Murray Cook James Drummond Grieve Graham Morden Neilson John Basil Essery George Lockhart Watt FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE Wallace Dunning Cox William Stanley Jamieson Arnold Bickell Cliff 54201 , YH? - ., AL 1--Q' I .5 'A 4' 1 3423? , , . .4 S iff H gh 4 . 535155 E52 ui PM ss 1 f iff 1 LE' 1' if 'z if Z Q y .gg 1 7 .,... j3f'il'3i5 5 5, . 'M2535 , J- V: :'.'f:m4-4,,::f-4,1 'rifvq Q ...,M.,.Wi ,, I-f 1 JK. lg! ' :th rl K5 f' grlpii 'f 'ini I' I, ! Q Uv J Q ' -H 4-..--wh ,.... ,.y jr. L " Lx b1i,f.,' - -' BETA THETA PI .. XFN x l, Y ' A, 332 1 WPI-ww 'QHM awe' 64McL.U"x WSG ww' QQHM - ,yHNElL.50'x GLsyM1" Comm In N r V, f V ,,,,, A gg 2 5 OQQQBSGXA 80CD1c',Y- ' QUGALLONEQ QPEYU-9 Q dz, 5. V . . OF 'M , , H Q Bl-:TA THETA Pl ' 85N5u.S0'A QGC?Auov19'v I 9 3 8 -' I 9 3 9 ABCUYF QQMAYNPWQ ,few -' L 3 if ' A T ' ' f. .1 Q ' ,.,, N3 Q1 5' Q- x ,O 0 4 ,y 'W-Cool 'J0Gar,N" qafssv-" QL.WA1'4 eM.BIL0"9 GM-NEW-,oe H7169 In 421 1 fvW.vw.-f-vq i 1 1 l i i 4 1 1 DELTA CHI Founded at Cornell, 1890 f '!-l - 4... Q. 7 1r...--.LI TORONTO CHAPTER Established at Toronto, 1897 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE M. Bartley C. Miall R. Allgood M. Gardiner H. Bett A. Deeks T. McQuaid FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE J. Harrison Addy . Ongley Ramsay . Lockhart Weatherston J. Burtch Scott White K. Maki L. Stewart D. Hardtman W. D. G. Burke-Robertson faogogn f4221 D. Egener L. MacCa11um R. Sharpe N. Burlis W. McManus R. Kingston F. H. Hamer D. Elliot G. McCready R. Parkinson J. Armstrong A. Winter .-292. I 'io.l.0.0g'h -1 E.. 'Rio - 009099 IIODQQ' ' X h,fl"Iun y O . Ill: 1' .' I' . I . Tmlllks -o g 1 'ly .uw I 'Q - . 'ON0 3 4' Il' ' 'S 3 I' I V .m xl S2 Qu l:QzIn!"4 .i..llg 09 'uh cog - '- 1 all fill? DELTA CHI TORONTO CHAPTER OF DELTA CHI Fourth Row: J. HARRISON, G. ADDY, D. ONGLEY, M. RAMSAY, O. LOCKHART, F. WEATHERSTON. Third Row: M. BARTLEY, J. BURTCH, SCOTT WHITE, R. ALLGOOD, H. B1-ZTT, K. MAKI, LAMONT STEWART. Second Row: D. HARDTMAN, W. D. G. BURKE-ROBERTSON, D. EGENER, R. KINGSTON, F. H. HAMER, M. GARDINER, D. ELLIOT, G. MCCREADY, T. MCQUAID. First Row: C. MIALL, "D"g L. MCCALLUM, "H-M"g W. MCMANUS, "Bn: R. PARKINSON, "AN: A. DEI-:Ks, "C": J. ARMSTRONG, A. WINTER, Absent: R. SHARPE, N. BURLISS. I 423 1 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Founded at Yale University, 1844 - Q In ' . 'A' fn 'N fax Q A W :H '-1 ,-:ff 'ax ,Q Qfzx 'Q' ,-Y' fin yv 'KL ,flf ALPHA PHI Established at Toronto, 1898 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. A. H. CaulHeld Dr. G. B. Ross Dr. D. T. Fraser Dr. W. Irving D. C. Baillie H. H. Beach Dr. W. F. Greenwood F RATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Holton Butler Shipman Norman Albert Creet William Bruce Wallace Thomas Coltrin Keefer William Rhys Carruthers Robert Evans Barnes Walter Leishman MacGregor David Alexander Campbell Hugh Kivas Attwood Harvey Cockshutt Baker Donald Evans MacGregor Ross Campbell Stewart Douglas Turner Allan Edward Doig Donald Lockstone Mumford George Arthur Meen Lloyd George Halverson Kenneth Aird Cameron Charles William Eaton Howitt Donald Leslie Magee Hugh Mortimer Lyon Charles Stanley Wright Proctor Herbert Gordon Ronson Robert Tendar Magnus Tamblyn John Murray Harding Ian St. Clair Baxter Geoffrey Plummer Dewar Austin Seton Thompson FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE Henry Robinson Howitt William George Middlebro, John Mitchell Sutherland f424j My . .I - '--- ,,.4-' by ,,,,.,, ----- -W,,M,,, Y 5,-,,.,W '--4 "gl v Mx N., -wh ffwfm .' ii WXXVSB 0ff111wfffffffHf:f3? 2.1ff:lf2:ll25ilT1fxCxxRKQs'-X" ' Q e?.iZf'5215f ' 'Yf.1'.2':-ssyfx . .'g:.y35ig.11 ' r . . 'Z' 7:. - 9: " 4: M L. ff 'f 2 'lllllllf' , 'ill ll' Tis' .-lllllaalwb-SLM-Zallnl. l lI5' J ,V 1' 'fe ,, . NX ' A 0641 ,J DDO ' 6 0 Cx wma", DELTA KAPPA EPSILON DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Fourth Row: H. C. BAKER, C. S. W. PROCTOR, K. A. CAMERON, H. K. ATTWOOD, R. T. M TAMBLYN, R. CAMPBELL. Third Row: A. E. DOIG, R. E. BARNES, G. A. MEEN, I. ST. C. BAXTER, W. G. MIDDLEBRO, A. S THOMPSON, N. A. CREET, K. CAMPBELL. Second Row: L. G. HALVERSON, H. G. RONSON, G. P. DEWAR, J. M. HARDING, D. A. CAMPBELL D. L. MAGEE, H. M. LYON. First Row: C. W. E. HOWITT, J. M. SUTHERLAND, W. L. MACGREGOR, W. R. CARRUTHERS, D. L MUMFORD, S. D. TURNER, D. E. MACGREGOR. Absent: T. C. KEEPER. I 425 1 DELTA TAU DELTA Fo unded at Bethany College, 1859 X. ' lr Q , Y l 1915? -at A Y l5f:'iiw1?t'-,ti I 2 ffr' 3 2 V '. 5 - W - f -2, DELTA THETA Established at Toronto, 1926 FRATRES IN FACULTATE K. B. Jackson T. A. Frankish FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Charles Austin Monteith William Hamilton James Disher Wilfrid Langan Frederick Joseph Langan James Frederick Chantler George Hobart Crase Sydney Dunn David McLean Jamieson William Tate Sargent McLeod Craig William B. Cranford Alan Fowler Harold John Butterill Lloyd Kerr 54261 Willard Irvin Graff Keith Hamilton Tucker Phillip Howard Nesbitt Cecil Herdman Wastle Frederick Chauncey Wilkes Louis Mason Sebert Donald Murray McBane Charles Edward Doeringer Yorke Harvey Williamson Quentin R. Ball Murray Allen Kilpatrick Harry Fitzgerald Kimber Hilliard Lee Foster Charles Harrison Townsend 1 , DELTA TAU DELTA DELTA TAU DELTA Fratres in Facultate: K. B. JACKSON, T. A. FRANKISH. Third Row: KEITH HAMILTON TUCKER, SYDNEY DUNN, FREDERICK JOSEPH LANGAN, LLOYD KERR, CHARLES EDWARD DOERINGER, YORKE HARVEY WILLIAMSON, CHARLES AUSTIN MONTEITH, FREDERICK CHAUNCEY DOUGLAS WILKES, WILLIAM CRANFORD. Second Row: PHILLIP HOWARD TATNER NESBITT, WILLARD IRVIN GRAFF, WILLIAM TAIT SARGENT, CECIL HARDMAN WASTLE, LOUIS MASON SEBERT, JAMES FREDERICK CHANTLER, GEORGE HOBART CRASE, MURRAY ALLAN KILPATRICK, QUENTIN BALL. First Row: DONALD MURRAY MCBANE, MCLEOD CRAIG, WILERID LANGAN, WILLIAM JAMES HAMILTON DISHER, HAROLD JOHN MCKEAVER BUTTERILL, ALAN FOWLER, DAVID MCLEAN JAMIESON. Absent: HARRY FITZGERALD KIMBER, HILLIARD LEE FOSTER, CHARLES HARRISON TOWNSEND. I 427 1 DELTA UPSILON Founded at Williams College, 1834 e o Qc fx PI u 71' 1 f 6?g+ 1 'Q1Cfnf '- 'V lp.D DELTA UPSILON Established at Toronto, 1899 FRATRES IN FACULTATE William Allan Dafoe George Maitland Biggs Almon Andrew Fletcher George Robinson Pirie Maurice Hutton CProfessor Emeritusb Herbert Alexander Bruce CProfessor Emeritusj William Belfry Hendry Goldwin William Howland William Alexander Kirkwood Malcolm William Wallace Joseph Stanley Will Thomas Richardson Loudon William Turnbull Wright William Stewart Wilson Andrew Robertson Gordon FRATREs IN UNIVERSITATE Howard George Ambrose Roger Vair Anderson Donald Ross Beaton William Michael Bowlen Douglas Paterson Bryce William Anderson Cowan John McGill Currie William Douglas Foulds Philip Steele Foulds Allan Gordon Isbister Philip Douglas Isbister Warring Laird Jennings William Walter Warring Laird William Hutton Kaufman Bruce Arthur Krug William Jamieson Martin George Frederick Martin Stewart Edward McDonald Leo Hartman McLaughlin Malcolm Robertson MacPherson Michael Justin O'Brien Jean Jacques Pigott William Prince Pigott Joseph Michael Pigott Gordon Powis Pim John Leslie Russell Frederick Jackson Rigg William Charles Schwenger Rowland Alexander Scott Perceil Adam Shultis Alan Perry Vila Robert Charles Arthur Waddell FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE Edgar Frank Bastedo Wm. Goldwin Carrington Howland Kenneth Archibald Foulds Lawrence Gerard O'Connor 54281 W v guns mp, .um " Y- . Y, is f Mil li 'z DELTA UPSILON DELTA UPSILON FRATERNITY Fourth Row: J. M. CURRIE, W. H. KAUFMAN, D. R. BEATON, P. A. SHULTIS, J. M. PxcoT'r W. A. COWAN. Third Row: P. D. ISBISTER, J. J. PIGOTT, G. P. PIM, G. F. MARTIN, W. D. FoULns, W. W. LAIRD D. P. BRYCE. Second Row: W. C. SCHWENGER, W. L. JENNINGS, R. C. A. NADDELL. H. G. AMBROSE S. E. MACDONALD, A. P. VILA, P. S. FoULDs, E. F. BASTEDO. First Row: R. A. SCOTT. R. V. ANDERSON, W. J. MARTIN, A. G. ISBISTER. L. H. MCLAUGHLIN J. L. RUSSELL, W. M. BOWLEN. P1291 FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE KAPPA ALPHA Founded at Union College, 1825 GJ l gait 5 X93 ALPHA OF ONTARIO Established at Toronto. 1892 FRATRES IN FACULTATE J. G. Brekenridge A. E. MacDonald P. V. Jermyn D. L. Selby W. W. Lailey W. W. Wright FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE W. H. Adams H. A. G. Kingsmill J. H. Belton O. B. Mabee J. S. Boeckh M. S. Mills M. D. Boyd W. F. McCarthy G. C. Brown A. A. Macdonald W. B. C. Burgoyne J. B. Macdonald H. Cassels, Jr. W. L. MacDonald E. G. Devlin G. H. Parke M. E. W. Gooderham O. C. Partridge A. F. Graham G. C. Powell A. H. Griffith J. A. Powell G. B. Hamilton J. P. D. Rogers J. G. Harcourt C. J. Seagram H. B. Hussey R. S. Smart T. E. Jarvis L. N. Smith D. C. Jennings G. H. K. Strathy S. J. Key J. E. D. Stuart A. M. Kingsmill J. R. Woods F. H. Britton W. H. Broughall B. S. Evans H. C. Kingstone W. L. Somervi f430j Z. R. B. Lash P. B. Parker S. F. Ross W. L. Shortreed lle KAPPA ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SOCIETY Fourth Row: A. A. MACDONALD, H. B. HUSSEY, M. S. MILLS, L. N. SMITH, J. P. O. ROGERS I. B. MACDONALD, M. E. W. GOODERHAM, J. S. B01-2cKI-I, E. G. DEVLIN. Third Row: R. S. SMART, M. D. BOYD, H. C. KINGSTONE, W. B. C. BURGOYNE, J. G. HARCOURT H. CASSELS, JR., C. J. SEAGRAM, S. F. Ross. Second Row: O. B. MABEE, J. R. Woons, G. H. K. STRATHY, A. N. GRIFFITH, A. H. KINGSMILL W. L. SI-IORTREED, W. H. ADAMS, G. C. BROWN. First Row: D. G. PARTRIDGE, W. L. MACDONALD, J. E. O. STUART, H. A. G. KINGSMILL, C. H PARKE, S. J. KEY, G. B. HAMILTON. Absent: O. C. JENNINGS, W. F. MCCARTHY, T. E. JARVIS. I 431 1 KAPPA SIGMA Founded at University of Virginia, 1869 3l5b5e'?iQe Sqft S? so time if A3 KXQN ,Jaa- DELTA EPSILON Founded at Toronto, 1924 FRATRES IN FACULTATE James Gilbert Falconer Stuart Allen Thompson FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Bruce Seymour Ronnie Nash Fraser Deacon Bill Dawson Clarke Campbell Murray Woodside Harry Roberts "Bud" Raney Don Deacon Bruce McKendrick Earl Smith Bob Burns Gord Willan Wilkey Davey Martin Kinnear Fred Pollard Jim Winters Dick Stewart Henry Laberge Ross Clarence Paul Temple Larry Redman "Mick" Dawson Jake Reid Len Andrews John Clarry Bill White F RATRES IN AULE OSGOODE Arthur Lorne Binkley William Edward Green 54321 S. A IIIJ II x ...I W1 lnnlllvw. . shy 4 B s X if E A KAPPA SIGMA DELTA EPSILON CHAPTER OF KAPPA SIGMA Third Row: R. M. BURNS, R. D. CLARENCE, L. E. ANDREWS. P. W. TEMPLE. B. M. KINNEAR G. E. P. WILLAN, D. K. DAWSOM, J. W. DAVEY, R. A. STEWART, L. T. REDMAN, M. A WooDsInE. Second Row: J. H. C. CLARRY, H. D. ROBERTS, J. K. WINTERS. A. F. RANEY. J. R. REID E. T. SMITH, F. J. A. POLLARD, R. D. NASH. W. J. WHITE, H. P. LABERGE. First Row: D. M. DEACON, G. B. MCKENDRICK, W. D. DAWSON, A. L. BINKLEY, F. DEAcoN W. C. CAMPBELL, B. A. S. SEYMOUR. Absent: C. A. BENSON. I 433 j LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Founded at Boston University, 1903 is -ajxaxx Q If ..J -X 4' D6 .Off 'K 9 325 ' ' ull , EPSILON-EPSILON ZETA Established at Toronto, 1927 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Cecil Alexander Rae Dr. Samuel Beatty FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE William James Burgess Phillip Baker Harley James Stuart Lang John Edmund Harley Raymond Leigh Cavanagh George William Danzinger Kenneth Geikie Jeanneret Clifford Wakefield Blackall Robert Walton Stevens Douglas Ronald Hardy William Frederick Walls Charles Merril Weiker Edward Julien Brower Donald Graham Harkness Philip Wordsworth Benson Frederick Gordon Kellam James Elwood Alexander MacDonald Robert Wylie Campbell Eric James Muir Lawrence McAuley Brower John Levens Warriner John Woodward Humphries Allen Johnson Harris William George Milliken David Marshall Coyle Robert Beatty Spence 14341 A ' 'hi ' a r nl'-. CQ Q!!! 59 . SM". . .1 L A V NEJ . U fi. V WM ' .' . A LAMDA CHI ALPHA LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Third Row: F. G. KELLAM, L. M. BROWER, D. R. HARDY, J. E. A. MACDONALD, R. L. CAVANAGH J. E. HARLEY, J. L. WARRINER, C. W. BLACKALL. Second Row: R. S. CAMPBELL, J. W. HUMPHRIES, A. J. HARRIS, W. F. WALLS, W. J. BURcLss E. J. MUIR, K. G. JEANNERET, P. W. BENSON, R. B. SP1-:NcE. First Row: D. G. HARKNESS, E. J. BROWER, D. M. COYLE, R. W. STEVENS, P. B. HARLEY, G. W DANZINGER, J. S. LANG. Absent: W. G. MILLIKEN, C. M. WEIKER, J. L. WATSON. f 435 1 PHI DELTA THETA Founded at Oxford, Ohio, 1848 "'5n... 0 A9 l -'ff '2', Q lg, ,A g. lvqvvx ONTARIO ALPHA Established at Toronto, 1906 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Duncan Archibald Lamond Graham Clarence B. Farrar Clifton Durant Howe Harold deWitt Ball Robert Allen Cleghorn John Harry Ebbs Joseph Harvey Johnson Henry Hague Davis Robert Warren James FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Norman Allin Terwillegar Morton Eldred Hall Joseph Allan Greenfield Taylor Statten, Jr. Roger Montague Hall Arthur William Jefferies Frank Austin Wooldridge Ambrose John Denne George John Millar Murray Pardo Townsend James Edward Carson McGowan Wesley Gibson Gray James Alexander Renwick Arthur Lyman Meredith Fleming Douglas Stewart Tickner John Beverly Moore Robert Hamilton Welch Page Statten FRATRES IN AUL Stanley Champion Biggs Hugh McMillan Thomson l436j Rowed Alfred Greig Albert Gibson Gillespie Watson William Evans Joseph James Brown John Edwin Hodgetts Ernest Hamilton Smith Robert William Hannaford Thor Eyjolfur Stephenson James Keith Johnson George Lee Williamson David More Nicolson Gerald Nickolas Garland William Edwin Gilpin Young William Dunning Butt William Spencer Westman Arthur Renwick Cooper Cole George Farrington Break Gerald Hall Clawson E OSGOODE Thomas Frederick Cooper Cole George Charles Robson A' xrfl, - 5' v b W Xifxi iff' -. .A rl k -ur? . O5 5!'?1f2.E-. 6' in PHI DELTA THETA PHI DELTA THETA Fourth Row: W. E. G. YOUNG, G. N. GARLAND, W. D. BUTT, G. F. BREAK, A. R. C. COLE G. H. CLAwsoN. Third Row: J. B. MooRE, D. M. NICOLSON, R. W. HANNAFORD, E. H. SMITH, T. E. STEPHENSON J. K. JOHNSON, G. L. WILLIAMSON, J. E. HODGETTS. Second Row: D. S. TICKNER, A. G. GILLESPIE. R. W. WELCH, J. J. BROWN, P. STATTEN R. A. GREIG, W. W. EVANS. First Row: J. E. C. MCGOWAN, A. L. M. FLEMING, W. G. GRAY. M. P. TOWNSEND. G. J. MILLAR J. A. RENWICK. A. W. JEFFERIES. 14371 PHI GAMMA DELTA Founded at Jefferson College, 1848. 'AX -4 . Gwyn X Q Ti A, NMR 1 : .X ,Xiu if TAU KAPPA Established at Toronto, 1923. FRATRES IN FACULTATE Frederick Lorne Hutchinson John Everet McCutcheon Edward Alexander Macdonald FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE James Murray Trott Robert James Merritt Paul Chenery Anderson Kenneth Archibald Stewart John Henry Rogers Albert Grundy Holman Charles Wright Ness Eric Bristol Moore James Malcolm King Franklin Davidson Handley Edward Bollivant Potter Robert Bruce Mackenzie Rex Harold Tirnms Joseph William Knox William Richard Wilson Frederick Stewart Siberry Archibald McGilvery Carter Dougald Woodley Patterson John Robert Kimber William Hunnisett Robert James Young Bruce Lumbers Davis Edward Sherlock Smith Robert Frederick Patterson Lawson Arnold Kaake Ronald Osberne Moore Thomas Edwin Howson William Lloyd Wheler Wilbert George Bowen Frederick Herbert Newman Frank Wilson Casserly FRATER IN AULE OSGOODE Donald Milner Treadgold f438l W4 :A-It PHI GAMMA DELTA 1U 1 'whaclar -ur . glounq TAU -R-n.inmmsA K p1X.6:Holman PHI GAMMA DELTA IQ39 l N ig: , .f-Q5 f f E' as X L tf '2.U.'RrwlIson 'clhfkoqers --'Ps-cs. 14391 f 1.91 Hvrson PHI KAPPA PI SIGMA PI Founded at Toronto, :Q 5 gif. L I CIS NX IMF . 'wx ll ll YT fire-,wi lift si ggifff' 1901 FRATRES IN FAC ULTATE Sir Ernest Campbell Macmillan Alan Freeth Coventry George Williams Brown Vincent Wheeler Bladen Charles Norris Cochrane Charles Allan Ashley George Parkin deT. Glazebrook FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE George Henry Bayly Bradford Hugh Bowlby Robert Allington Bowlby Geoffrey Murray Dale Paul Bernard Dilworth Arthur Gordon Eliliott Donald Youell Ferguson Frances Eustace Hill Harold Alexander Hunter George Frederick Kelk Lawrence Hugh Kortright Daniel Aiken Lang John MacKinnon Leitch Brian Robert Magee John Hamilton Martin John Angus MacLean Peter Burton McCurdy Maurice Adderley Murphy Campbell Revere Osler John McGee Porter James Parkes Robertson Charles Graham Sanderson Bruce Clarke Steele Warren Ernest White FRATRES IN AIJLE OSGOODE A James Innis Stewart John Charles Currelly John Harty Osler Ernest Bradley Griflith l' 440 1 Thomas Drummond Thomson Walter Stewart Brechin Reid Donald Grant Neelands John Frederick Isard 4 J A f A A ' p N PHI KAPPA WPI SIGMA PI OF PHI KAPPA PI Third Row: M. A. MURPHY, A. G. ELLIOTT, W. E. WHITE, B. R. B. MAGEE, D. A. LANG, J. H MARTIN, G. F. KELK, B. C. STEELE. Second Row: C. G. SANDERSON, P. B. MCCURDY, D. Y. FERGUSON, J, M. LEITCH, F. E. HILL G. M. C. DALE, G. R. OSLER, J. M. PORTER. First Row: J. P. ROBERTSON, J. A. MACLEAN, D. G. NEELANDS, P. B. DILWORTH, R. A. BOWLBY H. A. HUNTER, L. H. G. KORTRIGHT. Absems G. H. BAYLY. I 441 1 PHI KAPPA SIGMA Founded at University of Pennsylvania, 1850 X 5 -gx 1,-5 LTR ' rf. N0 . 'V- Q '3'.f"fSf'.fgZ-'Jin-,fy 1' vii "XA, V01 s 'X fl-Wr'ff'X ALPHA BETA Established at Toronto, 1895 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE S. N. F. Chant H. J. C. Ireton W. S. Funnell M. J. C. Lazier W. A. Higgins D. C. McGregor J. M. J. B. J. N J. R J. D J. A. J. S. J. C. J. E. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Careless Cockburn Cunningham Doyle Gardner D. Gray Hart Henderson Lancater H. M. Maynard J. S. Morse T. R. Pearce G. W. Ridpath F. A. Rose H. M. Scott D. G. Simpson J. R. Taylor F. M. Tovell H. W. Warner J. E. Work FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE E. C. Benson G. T. Gale W. B. Hornell I 442 1 W. A. Sutherland W. A. Tanner f,wfY43L Msg. , ' ING! 'J 1 ..f 1 ' C' ,, il' , A 5 5" 1 q,g.!:'s 1' . . 1 . -pi 'fifl ,fd . . ' : ,r'h5Rl1? I lx 1 R "1-1' -I , V , : Q . , 5' Oz'-3'2" , X N 'Q ffwfifviu'-.' H, T, rg .' .w- 'IH . 2,3 , V K 'Lfiblifgf ' v' Q . 'fe ,Ns PHI KAPPA SIGMA PHI KAPPA SIGMA Third Row: TAYLOR, SIMPSON, HENDERSON, GARDINER, DOYLE, SMITH, MORSE. Second Row: FOULIS, LANCASTER, ROSE, GRAY, PEARCE, WORK, TOVELL. First Row: WARNER, SCOTT, HART, RIDPATH, CARELESS, CUNNINGHAM, MAYNARD Absent: COCKBURN, BROWN, SUTTON, MCLEAN. M1431 E. F. Burton D. E. Robertson A. W. Ham L. J. Rogers J. C. McClelland George Shanks P. A. D. S. J. L. T. E. F. L. W. E. J. D. H. L. J. G. C. N. P. D. A. L. T. A. D. B. C. H. PSI UPSILON Founded at Schenectady, 1833 'Z 41 1 nl' '11, ff s 37 .2 me fl an .', so in w' 'Ik ln. J' . ,lg 2. 13123 lf U 114, 7 1 rf 'EASY vi :JN X .I 22. SS 'I in i ,J A232 Q ,I Y 'c n I Established at Toronto, 1920 FRATRES IN FACULTATE G. A. McLarty FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Alley Armstrong Andrews Austin Beggs K. Brown Bryce Coons Easson Fowler Gibbs Hudson B. Jamieson Kilgour MacCulloch W. D. McLean f444j A. D. McLennan W. B. Merrick O. B. Millar D. C. Robertson E. E. Robertson W. S. Robertson F. N. A. Rowell S. K. Sheldon J. L. Smart O. K. Smith B. H. M. Tedman C. H. Vatcher G. M. Wilson M. A. Wilson A. R. Wright JN X N .L X 414' vm. WW: ai W5 xi: .,- F-5 ' 'A' '- ' 1 h ' ' I I ' - K 5, 4 fir 2' "' 'g. ., '...' N "Y ' 4' ,Q .V ,f 5 ummm s iq .. Nl , 2. - T -I: ' X5 Q S 4, .uh 4, .- QW .?. YJ 1. J , 59" f17kkk2Z"3QK'-TN, 7 Nf nfl e 242009 PSI UPSILON NU CHAPTER 0F PSI UPSILON Fourth Row: T. A. B. JAMIESON, O. K. SMITH, J. D. BRYCE, J. L. ANDREWS. P. A. ALLEY T. E. AUSTIN, W. B. MERRICK, P. D. GIBBS, D. S. ARMSTRONG. Third Row: M. A. WILSON, C. H. VATCHER. D. B. KILGOUR. H. L. COONS, O. B. MILLAR F. N. A. ROWELL, W. E. K. BROWN, F. L. BEGGS. C. N. FOWLER. A. L. HUDSON. Second Row: E. E. ROBERTSON, W. D. MCLEAN, G. M. WILSON. J. L. SMART, B. H. M. TEDMAN A. R. WRIGHT, S. K. SHELDON. First Row: A. D. MCLENNAN, W. S. ROBERTSON, J. G. EASSON, D. C. ROBERTSON, C. H MACCULLOCH. I4451 SIGMA CHI Founded at Miami University, 1855 ' M .Sfmt . gap BETA OMEGA Established at Toronto, 1922 FRATRES IN FACULTATE William T. Jackman Frank J. O'Leary Roland R. McLaughlin G-eorge A. Morgan Kenneth D. McEachern David R. Mitchell Alfred W. Farmer Alexander M. Fitzgerald William J . Gardiner George E. Hall FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Donald G. M. Nelson William Burden Phair William Dean Howe Lloyd K. Macllquham Arnold Johann Andreae Arthur Benjamin Scott Alexander Banfield Chisholm William Martin Grand Gordon Douglas Tiller Kenneth Murdoch MacQuarri-e John Herald Whiteside George Ryerson Gardiner Donald Raymond Clarke Clinton A. Stephens James Correy Bond Vincent William Usatis Cecil Edmund Chesher Pledges John Leach Eric Ha Hutcheson William Hincks Ian Arthur McCallum Robert Wright Davies Lloyd George Richardson William Arthur Robinson Richard Crawford Biggs James Robert Detweiler Ronald James Stockwell John James Fitzpatrick Gordon Maurice McHenry Robert Bagett Hutcheson George Brown Wood James Bowman Galbraith James Foster Kilgour William D. Coxson Crawford Sydney Anglin George Stewart Patchett Arthur Pratt Harrison William Hodgson Hugh Ashton FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE E. C. Colter I 446 1 A. R. C. Walker 6? XX 3 ,W kwa Digg 'AQQEIIQQ - L ' a ff? 4159 W if' O6 NNI' SIGNO SIGMA CHI SIGMA CHI Fourth Row: G. S. PATCHETT, C. A. STEPHENS, J. B. GALBRAITH, J. R. DETWEILER, L. G. RICH- ARDSON, W. V. UsA'r1s. Third Row: G. B. WOOD, W. A. ROBINSON, C. S. ANGLIN, R. W. DAvIEs, A. B. SCOTT, G. D TILLER, R. C. Blccs, A. B. CHISHOLM. Second Row: W. M. GRAND, J. F. KILGOUR, W. D. COXSON, I. A. MCCALLUM, A. P. HARRISON, J. B. MCKAY, R. J. STOCKWELL, J. H. WHITESIDE, J. C. BOND. First Row: C. E. CHESHER, G. M. MACHENRY, A. R. C. WALKER, D. R. CLARK, J. J. FITZPATRICK R. B. HUTCHESON, G. R. GARDINER. Absent: K. M. MACQUARRIE. I 447 1 THETA DELTA CHI Founded at Union College, 1847 cgi' 7 J If 'F , M, A ,ko,, . .MM Y tk, fl up asf, LAMBDA DEUTERON Established at Toronto, 1912 F RATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. F. F. Tisdall Dr. G. V. Morton FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Ross Elwood Hofmann Alvin Alston Baker William Edward Allan David Richard Tennent William Alexander Scott Thomas Cullen Daly Robert John McLaughlin John Alexander Simpson Robert Cecil Kilgour, Jr. Glen Allen Northgrave John Mickler Wachsmuth Peter Robert Leslie Charles Arthur Rutherford Kilgour Vincent Noble Harbinson Fabian Aloysius O'Dea Jack Leslie Kerr Buchan William Owen Brown William Alvin Wachsmuth Harold Bernard Guilfoyle Lawrence Aloysius Doherty Joseph Robert Gundy Frederick John Arthur Coleman Andrew Gordon Cardy Russell Boyd Ferguson Everett Frederick Jackson Clark David Lloyd Featherstone David Howden McFarlane Stewart Donald John Wormith 14481 Kenneth Douglas Meeke Wixmg .tj EVE -. g 'jffg -ff T. 'Nb WWW I L 'A' Xa-A-A W L' 1 gy. X? 'Q Isa ? 5 QTm.EE - -LR- Qlfgqg. 011765 ,aol-Q V 5 THETA DELTA CHI THETA DELTA CHI Fourth Row: D. L. FEATHERSTONE. Pledge R. C. STUART. JR., Pledge F. S. BARRETT, E. F. J CLARK. R. B. FERGUSON, K. D. MEEKE. Third Row: J. L. K. BUCHAN, W. O. BROWN, H. B. GUILFOYLE. L. A. DOHERTY, J. R. GUNDY W. A. WACHSMUTH, A. G. CARUY. F. J. A. COLEMAN. Second Row: A. R. KILGOUR, F. A. O'DEA, R. C. KILGOUR, JR., J. M. WACHSMUTH, P. R. L CHARLES, T. C. DALY, D. H. STEWART, D. J. WORMITH, V. N. HARBINSON. First Row: R. J. McLAUGHLIN, W. A. SCOTT, A. A. BAKER, R. E. HOFMAN, W. E. ALLAN, D. R TENNENT, G. A. NORTHGRAVE. Absent: J. A. SIMPSON, Pledge J. C. LAIDLAW. mmj ZETA PSI Founded at the University of New York, 1846 f f1f' l' .15e' gf I 7 .8 ,ge 'ru Qi 'f f . QQQ' gf V' 4 ,. ? ' 1' af' THETA XI Established at Toronto, 1879 FRATRES IN FACULTATE R. G. Armour A. B. LeMesurier E. H. Botterell Chester Martin Wm. Boyd H. E. Rykert E. L. Dodington J. J. Spence Pelham Edgar D. E. S. Wishart H. H. Hyland Mackenzie Waters FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE J. L. Agnew F. H. Howard D. S. Allan S. W. Jamieson M. B. Allan F. S. Ker J. D. Bell G. R. G. Lindsay H. E. G. Bull P. J. McCabe G. A. Cooper F. F. McEachran A. H. Crosbie J. R. Michie E. A. Dunlop J. W. DeC. O'Grady E. A. MCD. Grange W. T. Pentland S. G. MCD. Grange G. E. B. Renison W. F. Gordon J. L. S. Ross A. G. Heighington J. F. Stewart H. L. Henderson C. F. S. Tidy R. I. Hendy R. G. Waldie FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE J. D. Doolittle J. S. Kilgour J. A. Falconer H. R. Park J. M, Godfrey W. H. Powell H501 L. ,f-x,-x A Wi' wg 1 . J E L., V34 1 R -1 , A E9 0 J ' Q xi 1? W 1' ? W -. we ' - V ,J ,, 5 1-' " .. .'f.,.:QS" ., -' . . T A-u .Il i ii. 'jvgf' -- - b 1 , ' Q ZETA PSI THETA XI OF ZETA PSI Fourth Row: J. F. STEWART, W. T. PENTLAND, G. E. B. RENISON. J. D. BELL. J. R. MICHIE G. R. G. LINDSEY, R. G. WALDIE. Third Row: A. G. HEIGHINGTON, S. G. MCD. GRANGE. F, S. KER, D. S. ALLAN, E. A. MCD GRANGE, J. L. AGNEW, E. A. DUNLOP, F. F. MCEACHREN. Second Row: J. W. DEC. O,GRADY, F. H. HOWARD, S. T. JAMIESON, M. B. ALLAN, C. F. S. TIDY H. E. G. BULL, A. H. CROSBIE, H. R. PARK, W. H. POWELL. First Row: P. J. MCCABE, T. R. B. WATSON, J. L. S. Ross, R. I. HENDY. H. L. HENDERSON G. A. COOPER, J. A. FALCONER. Absentees: J. M. GODFREY, C. H. DOOLITTLE, J. S. KILGOUR, W. F. GORDON. f4511 K A E PP sta A blished oron U to , 1916 ,,... .C.., .mx .,.... ,......A ,......:. nano' '.. . nmgz j....,. R .cox . ...u..o:. ,Q ,....... -H pow, ..,....u:.'.. , ,,..-a ww, pon.. ,,,' pon.. ,,,..n-.-,W ,annul ,,. -anon' w"",,. wi "'I .1 pn" O. ,ga '. ,aonuoowl 9... ', 1 """"I:.u PW" is ""' ..4 00" 1..- A 'IIIIMQ gf! 2.01 B., 9.4 'SIZI -3:5,,'Z3I "ff :-MXIIIIIIS " 5?I.,.y...- S 'me' X CA E E R Gd in TCHAP Oron to R , 192W Th Seifd Fi C01idROw ATSt R I bs R 0 A entow wi ' T : 5 M 'S G E .J M ' C' C ' XAETI-I . V' B A , A AIR?I23CL"LIIil?'- F ' L ' J' JYFE , ' L ILETTLINHKCISATPE D0 f C. TT1,Mv5YLR M n R . ' EY' IB TL , W' J SON ES ' AP ' F' . HPS . E ABQ J - M Is' W IL ' J ' L LER . REEE , R . 'H - S . Ro MIL RAB LIE ECK L4521 C.. onorary ana! no erifiiona Jrafernified ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL FRATERNITY Founded at Dartmouth College, 1888 .4wQf. ' v ar-Jn I' W W 6 ig. '- Q fig -Q "fm V' .U..,i,f"3 'fa N-5 ukuxdf - "QwV 1 at 5 U 0.1 tg.: fa. ,X 1 1 W ap, UN 'I 9:5 '25 Flin Q7 3 " vu ao' ' I J 551 flwfr' ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER Established at Toronto, 1905 K c KmG 1 V 4 H K U XNN R T XXSPA Y im! A-L.PuR00 'm:As. v-csrnzs. 'Fil' 'N--'-4' Pass sl:c'.v . ' ADPHA' EPSIBUH' ClaIZl.PTE4l2'OF'1fX.l:Pl'll-li' KAPPA' KAPPA' . -l958'l959' FRATRES IN FACULTATE Wilhelm E. Blatz Gladstone Wilfred Lougheed J. C. Richardson W. G. Cosbie Kenneth George McKenzie William Albert Scott Michael A. Cox Edward Archibald Morgan A. H. Sellers S. J. Evelyn William Thomas Noonan J. G. Strachan John Taylor Fotheringham William Edward Ogden Carl G. Smith J. K. W. Ferguson Burns Plewes Donald Y. Solandt P. E. Ireland David W. Pratt O. M. Solandt Gordon Jackson Darcy I. Prendergast Harold William Wookey Smirle Lawson S. Reid 54543 1 F ADPHA OMEGA Z-XDDHA ' -HOHOR-MEDlC-AL'5OClET.Y- ' FOUHDED ISOZ 'AbDHA-OF-OHTARIG " -lNTHE- UHIVERSITZY TGRONTG -l958- - oRcAmzEo-1906 - 4 -1959- ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA FRATRES IN FACULTATE His Honour, Dr. H. A. Bruce F. I. Lewis H. G. Armstrong F. G. Banting W. W. Barraclough J. E. Bates T. H. Belt C. H. Best E. F. Brooks A. Brown G . C. Cameron W. R. Campbell W. G. Carscaden W. G. Coshie J. H. Couch C. R. B. Crompton H . K. Detweiler H. A. Dixon G. L. Duff J. H. Elliot I. H. Erb J. G. Fitzgerald A. A. Fletchei D. T. Frazer W. E. Gallie R. K. George Duncan Graham R. R. Graham R. J. Harris W. B. Hendry G. W. Howland A. Hunter A. G. Huntsman R. M. James C. I. Junkin W. S. Keith E. A. Linell 54551 C. B. Farrar D. M. Low J. C. McClelland J. L. McDonald J. P. McMurrich W. F. McPhedran John Mann D. W. G. Murray J. A. Oille P. M. O'Sul1ivan W. H. Piersol A. Primrose C. A. Rae G. E. Richards W. L. Robinson R. D. Rudolph E. S. Ryerson W. A. Scott C. E. Snelling H. B. Van Wyck W. P. Warner FUPQSOP' 255950 5329-" 2 'J' F. Farquharson E. Fidlar J. A. MacFarland K. G. McKenzie N. E. McKinnon D. E. S. Wishart H. W. Wookey N. M. Wrong G. S. Young J . X 3 Q ilk: A Q -X tiii . AGA NU SIGMA NU PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL FRATERNITY qw-f K. JW. V551 ', . A-. - 'W' fffwgal xg gg! Founded at Ann Arbor, 1882 . .jx-3 M W . lil. 1 Sul ' XXI. rw ,O I ' is l: i "ying c fft' its vi - 6' CHI Established at Toronto, 1902 FRATRES IN FACULTATE W. W. Barrachlough C. H. Best G. F. Boyer Alan Brown M. H. Brown Hon. H. A. Bruce, Prof. Emeritus CFC? . C. Cameron A. Cates R. B. Crompton H. K. Detweiler G. L. Duff E. Fidlar J. G. Fitzgerald W. R. Franks R. R. Graham J. C. B. Grant J. D. M. Griffin A. R. Hagerman C. W. Harris R. I. Harris John Hepburn C. E. Hill Andrew Hunter W. S. Keith F. G. Kergin I456l ZSQ9'2DI.'P1:'ZO!"F'?t12U?10P'f'U?'FUF'P1315 P. Lewis I. Lewis A. Linell A. MacFarlane L. MacLean M. Macrae A. Oille M. O'Sullivan Primrose, Prof. Emeritus A. Rae E. Risdon E. Robertson L. Robinson S. Ryerson J. Sebert N. Silverthorne G. Stogdill B. Taylor J. Trow B. Van Wyck P. Warner C. Wat E. Wilson J . Wilson M. Wrong N Q T X Rx.. f-:.-. fi g.:Egwlru1nnuuIaxlImz.fQ NU SIGMA NU CHI CHAPTER OF NU SIGMA NU Third Row: J. B. ARMSTRONG, C. S. WRIGHT, C. W. PARKER, D. J. VANWYCK, W. F. LUMSDEN T. C. BROWN, A. D. MCKELVEY, G. R. WALKER, J. W. ROGERS. Second Row: D. B. ALBERTSON, A. C. CODY, H. S. GILLESPIE, E. J. TROW, C. G. STEWART R. S. DOERR, K. M. MICKLERRROUGH, N. L. HILLARY, D. B. STARK. First Row: C. B. SHIER, F. B. THOMSON, W. P. TURNER, P. M. SPENCE, F. G. W. MACHATTIE C. C. GRAY, G. M. DOWNING. L4571 s ,E wp H.V, Skelding GJ. Bannister OMEGA TAU SIGMA PROFESSIONAL VETERINARY FRATERNITY Founded at University of Pennsylvania, 1907 0531 N, T33 J . I RJ! If' cl . 1 px S n NA " if 9181 I R 7-0,1 , lr ,E I v::T YL is J- I X -Qn,'v"5: DELTA CHAPTER Established at Toronto, 1913 f le ff .W A KA. Thomps K.C.Campbell KRS ster LE. Hendry' RJ. Devereaux D.C FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. F. J. Cote Dr. J. S. Glover Dr. L. Stevenson L4581 PHI RHO SIGMA PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL FRATERNITY Founded at Northwestern University, 1890 RECQRDER T55 NLM !! I Pl' Q I A, f y, X- X -1-K l A' in -:- KV + P ALPHA EPSILON Established at Toronto, 1922 . ' 'M x41 X 'ilk' + "T:":::m"', , Xghifhrxw A' 1---xV 1-av S kill- -"--2-'29 -ALPHA'EDSlbI9N'f'l3l'll'RH0'5lGl'lA" I A. J. Blanchard J. W. Brennan A. E. Clutterbuck J. W. Graham H. M. Gray Thomas W. Armstrong John D. Birrell F. John Button John F. Cork Colin G. Ferguson '11 Pmwewwg WSPUSSQ 5,9555 5 5.95522 UQ JSR? oo S: E H- Q Lo C, ow ri KO S I H wrbwsm SOOQP1 ww Eggs? 'f'f'E'f3.3W assai- 5' M UQ D' . R. Wilkins FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE D. William Hamilton Clarence A. Kyle Arthur H. Lyon William S. Metzler Kenneth W. Milne lQ4591 Lorne M. Phillips C. Evan Powell Charles T. Robertson John T. White R. J. Douglas Williamson 'WG is 6 9 fix . ff: M 1.3, 35 6 an Q sf' N, . Wx! ,W 4- .,,.6 Q f lam fi! +15 W e, X.. .. PHI CHI Founded at Gainsville, Kentucky, 1894 rg is! QQ we :fn 6163 Ea: afar 'lin ,o , Q "NIJ TAU OMICRON Established at Toronto, 1922 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Burnett Dr J. McArthur Dr. N. Clarke Dr B. Moffatt Dr. French Dr G Porter Dr. P. Goldsmith Dr K. Roberts Dr. G. Hamblin Dr G Smith Dr. F. Hamilton A Dr E. Shouldice Dr. G. Howland Dr J. Urquhart Dr. R. Mackenzie Dr. L. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE R. G. S. Arthurs G. W. Manning E. B. Cahoon B. R. MacKay R. J. Cowan D. K. McElroy F. C. M. Forster C. G. Preece A. D. Foster R. W. Salmon J. R. Fraser F. W. Sears D. A. Hewitt J. T. R. Stewart W. R. Keeler C. E. Sylvester W. K. Kerr J. S. Walmsly J. W. Kettlewell R. A. G. Lane I 460 1 W. J. Wiegand Hessin 1 Esx - v Q w r-9 'Q Q QXW, Q NKi0nL,, 455 J xmxmc A f gw'm9fA,:g :DQ if A " Km 'nk PHI CHI :i.b x 958 -1959' 'Q "5 9714. 4. V if , , ' ' 1, ,. I x 'PAU"S19ZIlf-QQQQRGPI E. 1: f r. tl R 'fp rl DHI SHI FRZYFERNITU " "N " wiiiff f461j -W5 H 7' THETA KAPPA PSI PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL FRATERNITY Founded at Virginia, 1879 GKCIJ 0 o X ! GAMMA ZETA Founded at Toronto, 1920 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Edward F. J. Brooks Ernest Alfred Broughton Walter Gerald Carscadden John Harold Couch James Thomas Davis Clarence Stanley Day Hammett Alonza Dixon Thomas Alexander Jamieson Duff Jabez Henry Elliott Ray Fletcher Farquharson Ross Henry Flett Gordon Sutcliffe Foulds Nicholas D'Arcy Frawley Kenneth George Gray Hugh Charles Hair Harold Watson Johnston John Francis Alan Johnston Robert Clarence Laird John Laing McDonald John Harris McPhedran Desmond Edward Magner William Magner Samuel John Newton Magwood Eugene Montgomery Alonzo Lloyd Morgan Robert James Avery McComb Charles Bemister Parker Thomas Arnold Robinson Burnley Wardlow Stevens Ambert Hastie Veitch Robert Watson Wesley Frederick Miles Woolhouse- George Sills Young George Wright Young FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE E. W. Aeberli . G. M. Beall T. H. Black W. H. Burnett M. G. Cameron A. D. Campbell J. S. Corcoran J. E. Cowle A. S. Deacon R. F. F. Demary T. P. Dixon W. P. Doyle J. H. Fleming R. R. P. Forsey J. M. Foulis L. G. Hisey R. D. Jolly f 14621 P. A. Kinsey L . F. Koyl G. Kruger G. W. Linds-ey M. H. Little K. F . MacEwen R. P. McCaffrey D. W. McCullough P. F. McGoey R. R. Menzies L . Murray J. S. Plant L. E. Prowse G. J. Quigley R. L. Riddell A P. . Ryan C . J. Treffry W f ,L X fp P17'f5f'b45"Q1n ,,,, ll!lQm ' mn ZFULQ HW THETA KAPPA PSI GM ZPPA' V fleaef fiezen- MPPJSQPSI' f463 1 XI PSI PHI PROFESSIONAL DENTAL FRATERNITY Founded at Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1889 GGG GG G Q Go OMICRON Established at Toronto, 1899 FRATRES IN FACULTATE I P. S. Anderson W. D. Cavanagh J. H. Duff G. V. Fisk J. H. G. Harwood W. T. Holmes L. A. Kilburn E. W. Paul 14641 SUOZEQ cob: W. Spinks K. Box A. Corrigan G. Ellis A. Hoskin D. A. Mason Tanner H. M. Williams ,..- X ' V X H ff! xx ,' f f' X . 5? X n f ibn ' " ' OK? X V 1 X X40 ,gf Q -J: W 51 do 1 A' M Z T' 65 Ax .Q uc. Q , I -7 mm , A :W vm, XI PSI PHI ' Lip: , W 'fDM1c9IlG9QIQ C9f'LlX1vmEfl' XI PSI PHI PRATERNITCY 1958 1959 - ' , X I A X' ' -6'H-W5-f,igff,'5fU'i:4. l4651 14661 vm js Wg if Qi C.. omen if .nlrafernified 5 Q ALPHA CHI OMEGA Founded at De Pauw University, 1885 BETA IOTA Established at gpm g , 4 ' ' . . - ' 0 2WH0U6a0wusvtuGYW'm Toronto, 1930 SORORES IN FACULTATE Ruth Gregory Mary Salter Nora Loeb Isabella Anderson Georgina Stokes SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Graduates Willa Dole Patricia Coyle 3T9 Mary Acton Beth Currey Marion Haws Margaret Kinsella Margaret Perry Doris Rose Betty Tatham 4T0 Barbara Black Jean Brydone June Corman Isabel Ericson Margaret Grant Mary O'Brien 4 If -A Hixefvlis, " r -may .'ff .,..4" :ff uf-f"-"I" i A i':X-"BVI '. -,I -'su s. X -"X" . ?"r 'Y MI' 10103 vt -,a. f,,.... or f468j Doris Prowse Elsie Twining Betty Wehrley 4T1 Frances Anderson Catherine Campbell Pat Clark Margaret Fletcher Marion Gregory Eileen High Beatrice Kennedy Eleanor Lowe Vera Mason Marion Near Ruth Tytler 4T2 Pauline Rigg-Storey ALPHA DELTA PI Founded at Macon, Ga., 1851 , 3 2? I BETA ZETA Established at Toronto, 1929 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T9 Helen Fielder Margaret Fraser Margaret Griggs 4T0 Dorothy Leadlay Norah McCul1y e , XX : Vs' 0 n 4T1 Fern Goodison Louise Griffith Mary McDowell Katherine Smith 4T2 Mildred Botsford 4T3 Wilma Allison 0f:'o 0 '4 Q' 'V 0 9' " Q f . Diff-- 54691 ALPHA EPSILON PHI Founded at Barnard College, 1909 ' 1. hs..-u ll PA! I xx , V Il lmrplm fini , .:'... I' AIXOA ENVVXON WI ALPHA ALPHA Established at Toronto, 1927 SOROR IN FACULTATE Dr. Cecilia Kreiger SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T9 Doris Dworkin Jean Langman 4T0 Phyllis Baxt Grace Genesove Phyllis Griesman Rita Hands Ruth Kesten Sybil Pullan Roslyn Singer 42 r:.::g ,-.V Jeff: ..' " 'f..."5 45. Q . 1? , .I .1 - 3--1 7 'X-,f - 'KX f .J Wil X . ' f...f1.., S V ja,Qg..Kx f470l Pledges Edith Borinsky Anita Freedman Joy Halper Sylvia Kadesky Ruby Kreiger Alma Levine Frances Leibel Miriam Marin Eleanor Pullan Yvonne Sadowski Jewel Schwartz Mildred Turofsky Faye Zivian ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Founded at Syracuse University, 1904 -94 5 7-51' 7" H2 M gjfq 'ei I W fluutlhapfw TAU CHAPTER Estabilshed at Toronto, 1919 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T9 Betty Burr Mildred Gausby Mary Kirkpatrick Ethel Bamford Betty Ryan Catherine Matthews Fanny Hamilton Doris Bailey Ruth Melclrum Jean Loblaw Barbara Evans Anita Faessler Helen Dyment Marie Hearn 4T0 Doris Mullett Mary Perrin Wynn Connally Jeanette McVicar Evelyn Bixel Merle Turnbull Noreen Mitchell Dora Follett Margaret Lamont Pledges Jean-Anne Bastedo Doris Prentice Peggy Rice oem A' 52,3529 fl' w u 1 'n K! Al., H. fig .' .A XX AY Trl, ,A-5 ,731 ' A 9' u 6 ax ,' I I I l . I In I 14711 4T1 Enid Robertson Mary Barker Gwen Plant Shirley Hill Pat West Mary Martin Betty Gregory Peggy Spall Dorothy Williams Betty Pauline Jean McCormick Jean Allen 4T2 Marion Horne Peggy Sherritt Jane Richardson Marjorie Rutland Kay Hagmeier Mary McArthur Mary Graydon Eleanor Teasdale Exchange from U.B.C Phyllis McEwan ALPHA OMICRON PI Founded at Barnard College, 1897 BETA TAU Established at Toronto, 1930 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T9 Dorothea Stuart lsobell McBeth 4T0 Dorothy Dorman 4T1 Genevieve Hamil F9443 'HSL :RW '75 ea Qnnvinwvli Q ig? G A' 4T2 Margaret McKay Margaret McFarlane 4T3 J aney McCleod . ' ,l ' N' ,. .W 5 - 'il .'3f373e.: 'ima w - '. IX!! .fig , '- - "Wi fl -' 9 .I 5 Fxxifgujuag nge? X33 Pf',:-vfflv-fJl?f.:'y ,V 54559. .', M- xg., ij ld. .JRJJ A 'LJ r4723 ALPHA PHI Founded at Syracuse University, 1872 ,J ,gi law f . f W J Nutt x ff xx! XI Established at Toronto, 1905 SORORES IN FACULTATE Eileen Parr Violet Taylor Marion Stanley SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T9 Alison Bennet Susan Bridgman Frances Carlisle Betty File Ruth Gordon Margaret Glover Kitty Guest Clarine Hughes Jean Kidder Ann Macdonald Margaret McLarty Katie Robertson 4T0 Virginia Alexander Helen Gardiner Marion Harvey Margaret Lang Gwen Millar Audrey Piddington Phyllis Poyntz Helen Scott Dorothy Sorley Anna Stewart Joan Woodcock f473j 4T1 Betty Stephens Mary Wilder Pledges Betty Blackwell Edith Castor Joyce Chisholm Marion Dietrich Dorothy Ellis Beverley Fleming Arm Gimple Harriette Hilton Noreen Laing Joyce Lang Frances McFarland Alison McTurk Pat Milliken Dorothy Summers Joan Tamblyn Janet Tupper Marion Walker Marcia Wallace Dorothy Woolnough DELTA DELTA DELTA Founded at Boston University, 1888 -:find 'K ' lf'-1+ v LIS' gU',,a'4b-3.23-,v ink ri -- ' - A .fp-.:fm,l. .V ,.., t.. .,, ..-,1 M.. l 4, --lv 331 ' A ,lf m, ..,-, Y . cw Aatgffzgfgpg, .rw .K., 'VJ' QHQ ww va -"':'fx': 4 rv , ' ' ' f ' O 4 mt, Z X ,X . 'Qu 'H S S4 A Q QQ I K I . 'fx at Q . , , , arg E 7521- fc -,Qc 1 Q K .HL 'N 1 if Q H -ft 1-1 fgkx Yi M if 'gi f cl , 'S t N, Q' ,ff I 5 Whxg- .x,.j-XX5-.10 ,gg .. r 2h?Nlffk 'sf Hzsffifbr f ii in . . N I KN. DA, S Q31 , X5 I tiff L . M , . Q, 5611 01 1'l74io'3' 7 CANADA ALPHA CHAPTER Established at Toronto, 1930 soRoREs 'IN UNIVERSITATE 3T9 Helen Dorfman Barbara MacLaren 4T1 Margaret Bigger Mary Cleaver Betty McLean Iris Grigg Shirley Spencer 0.C.E. 4T0 Betty Brunke Macia Campbell Elva Ring Ni' . - ! 4, vii ? A 1 X! r A K , 1 l474I DELTA GAMMA Founded at Oxford, Miss., 1874 li' an .gfl 1 x 1 aArm - 5 2 g ig 9 ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Established at Toronto, 1913 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T9 Mary Beaton Margaret Clancey Gladys Ecclestone Barbara Glenn Joan McLaughlin Patricia Naylor Helen Stephens 4T0 Elaine Brown Mary Hemphill Jean Kitchen Betty McClelland Peggy McLaren Margaret Page Mary Sherwood Eleanor Winnet ii-gill 'lf' l -. t I 9. 572131 .V sei 'Josh 'agp , S n Ff- 1 f475l 4T1 Maryl Ballantyne Betty Chambers Jule Eveland Joan Lailey Mary Emma Skavlem Sheila Scott 4T2 Helen Ballantyne Jane Cowan Frances Drake Gwen Garner Phyllis Hall Peggy Hitchhon Katherine James Mary Lloyd Lenore McClure Doreen Ross DELTA PHI EPSILON Founded at New York University, 1917 I! 3 S 16 1 E QUAM Kerr ZETA Established at Toronto, 1924 SOROR IN FACULTATE Graduates Beatrice Mirochni Mary Swadran Sadie Zeidel Wise Joyce Tenenbaum Ruth Winston Frances Rotstein Esther Garbe 3T9 Lillian Koretsky Gertrude Gotlib Bessie Bender 4T0 Roselyn Greenspa Lillian Janis Bernice Cohn Helen Potash Pearl Ulster Sylvia Glazer Lillian Feldman Reva Appleby ck n Eisen xml? MQW lfril M f476J ,921 1' . ,fi on ,fee "fi'f'-gm y F rr a,Q"f3'Q!'Q?9l560?5 4T1 May Rotstein Cecille Ratney Beatrice Steinhart Julia Breslin Ruby Pledges Joyce Lester Dene Stancer Rose Schwartz Eleanor Saunders Mary Lipton Sylvia Zippen Beatrice Lokash Ruth Goldberg Betty Swadron Fanny Feldman Edith Winston GAMMA PHI BETA Founded at Syracuse University, 1874 Wx' Aw : il, if .3 lan: XX? .4 ,W wmwx invy ' t wg:-f I - : U . . ALPHA ALPHA Established at Toronto, 1919 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T9 Marion Hunter Helen Oaten Eleanor Shaw Rosamund Jackson Kathleen Grierson Jean Trethewey 4T0 Cynthia Grantham Zia Creet Ruth Robb Helen Irwin 4T1 Peggy Gratton Norma Ross Betty Sparling Audrey Thomson Amy Disney Kathleen Tanner "',fgv"n lqjg -IJ 3 "" 3 -fr 4T2 Frances Irvine Beverley Bushell Barbara Lawler Mary Leitch Eleanor Kerr Lenore Todd Helen Nickerson Laura Higgins Gertrude Greer Pledge Joan Reany ,f'..'.9 5 5 . I up if s g1fbQ,5i3 V2 'f 2 ' 'L ':,L'f"'? 0 .A ,A 54771 IOTA ALPHA PI Founded at Hunter College, New York, 1903 SWQ QUIZ Z S 1 . " - R f F. 1' . 'ful-A -Q. 01,3 " V ' 4 '. -:- Wk- M 'EPP -. -. EJ: .4 05. -, - f 15 9 ff 4 ALPYNFN O X O .- f N. 'gin Q S F?f""' ' " 1531 ' .7 1 ,. Egg I Q" I' uh ' .469 -Qs, '05 gun, A', - .Qin I ,.., I pee-' I- .Q 314 454 p 1 ,'W '-4 .g- -g. " 71 X 'QQ . QP' 7.5 'viz i- 1 ' CV Q 2' ' Q -, - - KAPPA CHAPTER Founded at Toronto, 1929 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Honey Applebaum Miriam Dworkin Zelda Dworkm Frances Glassman Fanny Gula Bessie Hadler Rivkah Harnick Elizabeth Horwitz Miriam Kopman ,, . -Q . 1, fl, fl!! .sei el Vail U' s! .Q Miriam Lipson Miriam Mayson Vera Rosenblatt Riva Salkin Rose Senderowitz Esther Shub Ruth Silverhart Sylvia Wilks Frances Zener u A-Q 'l 's V l l J ff' Q16 I 9 l4781 KAPPA ALPHA THETA Founded at De Pauw University, 1870 M K 'C':-'.'L?-:J C1 xi' 1 9- AAQTA 4' SIGMA Established at Toronto, 1887 SORORES IN FACULTATE Winifred Simpson Hazel Hammond Molly Gray Freya Hahn Elizabeth Hargreaves Freda Fraser Mary Millman Kay Hobday Barbara Finlayson SORORES RT9 Lorna Brown Patricia Duff Mary Landon Alice Lethbridge Margaret Mickle Bethea McGill Phyllis Ross 4T0 Margaret Burnette , Helen Evans Margaret Mitchell Prue McKim Beth Stewart Jessie Barber Moya Jameson Alison Ewart Gertrude Wright Dr. K. W. Baldwin Dr. Helen Vanderveer Dudley Martin Rosemary Martin IN UN IVERSITATE X . I .ffl V 4? Q! Q 6 Q . an . 3' a J V X ,. L4791 4T1 Phoebe Bashore Virginia Cook Edith Lehto Jean Wallace 4T2 Phyllis Stewart KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Founded at Monmouth College, 1870 f 'fi U45 "3 f 75: C7 -f NX? ,fat ,Q Q 'E -r ,EM H r if if frills, 4 .b BETA PSI Established at Toronto, 1911 SORORES IN FACULTATE Ruth Briggs Helen Coatsworth Marion Hanna Anna Barbara Holderman Mona Lavell Dorothy Mulholland Mary Northway Laura Ockley Ruth Partridge Ruth Ratz Jessie Roberts Helen St. John Joan Stephens Dorothy Thompson SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T9 Rosemary Beauchamp Janie Church Elizabeth Duncan Kathleen Dunne Mary Gooderham Janet Grubbe Margaret Hincks Barbara Macbeth Philemon McSweeney Jane Patterson Ruth Taylor 4T0 Frances Barbour Grace Blundy Hazel Brown Georgina Davey Reina Faed Marguerite Hill Roberta Johnston Ruth Perley Mary Roberts Jean Rowe ' 4Tl Ruth Brunke Jean Burns Marion Dean Adele Gillespie Joyce Hopkins Margaret Marriott Janet McMillin Joan O'Sul1ivan Phyllis Pettipiere Dorothy Robb Shirley Robinson Marion Smith Elizabeth Jane Teagle Mary Walker , 4T2 Margaret James Mary Macneill Eileen Russell Marjorie Schuch Barbara Thompson 4T3 Louise Blaylock Martha Stewart :file- ln, Q, V xv -ffifu K.K.IZlH'0.,LQ'n' fgmjf' Ano Q' , ' 0? f r f' 1 ml-. A 1 '-sc f480j IH BETA PHI Founded at Monmouth College, 1867 B fx 1 S In Q I' 'X S f Q. Q fi- - lil .ls !,, W I Nxb s ,I XNTXY ll 5 "all I' as I, NX ,Ill ONTARIO ALPHA Established at Toronto, 1908 3T9 Nadine Baird Mary Carter Barbara Campbell Betty Cook Gwen Husband Nonie Robinson Noela Seaborne Jean Scott Ruth Sutcliffe Frances Trees Jane Urquhart Isabel Younge 4T0 Kathleen Baker Frances Brown Helen Carpenter Marion Collins Helen Colter Jean Edwards Gertrude Evans Norma Gershaw Lucille Graham Elizabeth Field Mary Harding Betty Harrison Gwen Jardine Betty Little Mary Marshall Patsy McLaren Phyllis Thompson Betsy Trees Mollie Vila Eleanor Jane Warwick Edith Wilson 4T1 Nancy Baker Catherine Bryans Elizabeth Callow Isabel Carpenter Elizabeth Christie Patricia Cole Margaret Corkett Margaret Foulds Marion Gallie Mary Gow Eleanor Greene Phyllis Kelk Martha Reesor Jean Robertson Anne Marie Smar Cringan Trimble Helen Sutherland Marion Vanstone Barbara Watts Joy Wookey 4T2 Evie Armstrong Jean Clement t Barbara Crassweller Elizabeth Seccombe 4T4 Peggy Forgie 0 Q- , e f.0 eoeeazee,3 D DD I PM : 1 ' 3 m l s 6' I . ,., 1 ,.-ff .,. ' I " ' 9Lg,g1f ' i ' 1 L4mJ PI GAMMA MU Founded at Southwestern College, Winfield, Kansas, 1924 e R NAT' o 4, 'iff' 1 xl f' , . f' 3 xg E? ull- ZGEAXXQV, S 'l' r , u . -'-' "" 45 "", 4 f'Q ' "x' Lf' Q, C E H O N O ONTARIO ALPHA Established in 1932 FRATER IN FACULTATE Prof. E. J. Urwick SORORES PRAESENTES Helen Algie Amo Bell Margaret Archer Buchanan Kathleen Carscallen Katherine Kernahan Connolly Mary Kernahan Delaire, Laura Doherty Dorothy Borland Doyle - Mary Dunn Eleanor Fulford Eloise Green Mary McMullen Hamilton Margaret Dodds Jackson Joyce Jones Mullendauer Norm Buckley Mclsaac Florence Philpott Marie Riddell Gertrude Ross Eleanor Beer Sanderson Mary Stevens Spears, Dorothy Black Wells Margaret Wilson Isabel Davenport Wooton Z' div, gases' X s,l'l"5 O f'5"1v'Q Q In F l 'mi??""1yl' 54821 1935 Helen Chambers Gibbon Margueritta Deary Gwenneth Emerson Richardson Helen Fry Christina Goodwin 1936 Irene Allen Gertrude Cain O'Connor Margaret Escott-Beal Margaret Loomis Alice Selyan Norma Thompson 1937 Helen Fulton Blair Mona Earle Charlotte Emery Mary Lowe 1938 Jean Christie Doris Dixon Margaret Fleming Edith Lewis Dorothea Tait SIGMA PHI WOMEN'S HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL J OURN ALISTIC FRATERNITY UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO CHAPTER Founded at Toronto, 1924 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Margaret Ashe Mary Burnham Muriel Beaton Betty Burrowes Margaret Burnette Frances Campbell Rosemary Greening Betty Holloway Gladys Kippen Joyce Kirk Elaine Knight Edith Lehto June Marquis Sharlee McClelland Helen Procter Evelyn Rusby Barbara Walker Eva-Lis Wuorio Eleanor Wrenshall O ami? 54831 q X -x S' ' xfxalhfff 'vi V ,Q J' ,mn I ' W -- ' f 1 f::TV Q ff xi., ,INQKN :ln . 'A W 1 , :EQXX If . . 1,4455 ' 7 V -Q5 , -s, Y 3 1 : , FQ, f , fl Qfxf . x X 'mf V- X . .f f .x N., I-xx. XX V r X Y X... ' xixxff' . ' -X Nix' X ' my ,,,5t xx 5 - X r . 'AQQX ,bg fx' xx xx , VN A f 7. .4f1z'X:" xxv xx ' - 'N' J,:'?ll"ff"- , jifgg- :Kind P N V qfqffi f . -i-FTE? QT ' -Ei?-YJ", A ' X5 . . X -J f :i 1 -AX ,-QQ, 1, ' ,V x.f7 IV: 1, Y, T15 'Plz K - , W., .T - 'Y i, ff. 4- X - . Q 4 , 4 X- 3 .L,'fx V' ' f fxxif C5 Q Q! I ,N Mx ,-S X rj - . gf , :L ' -A . A LLK X ' V- M x,4-sig i X XX X " N L J 1 1 Yi at Y ff f-jx!! ,Z 5 W K A . :X X 1 Y i-1 V -v Lt Q, fly' : Vg. X , -. , . X1 if 1 ff 504 --f -L . .f X f -+1f:,QQ:f- 1 ' Qg -if KX, -xirf ' E' f i ,Q fx Xxx li. ' iii? Y 9775.5 xi 3 gigilgigi. -i , ,Yi - Y , ' " , A, 17 1 - 1 ' K:-wfaegx - F ff'--4 X -'XL : ,. .- f' V' 'g-i,'..,l.T,'liL ---Xf " Y Nfl' , ,L f ,. ,Q ,Eff T-',:" T .i,, .f-A 'flQ1g41+a W . , X . ff f'-.1 -' rin' . .1-'.",-Y' -Q..- .vw XM-,Qin x Q- -H , Q-F, . -- ,I 4-'Q' -N-1 L64 ' - 'A ' :A lt f -.N ii f'--NAA.: f ' -- .ff -6, ig fri 'E-f...1:fI?-31:-1: Q3 ,lvg,L,,-5, fl., " ' " - 'f ifz f":-AJ' K- -f ,A Yr,-3 ,J-,-::.-I 4 56, f - , -V 11'-Zigi. jLL-7 N-....,N JV, . , L1-.,.- t -1 'E :: N-5 ? A.. '-fn V'-3-Q5 i -ii' Xlxlf'-'-xg' -'avi - xf'N'xx.'-,- xx X. ' ' f 'TL f -57i??.1- . iz- Q . H-fy . ',Qs:1:,-. - . M - fd L of -lg-r-1 -- N ' Xvvxg-i f 1,-1 xxfsv xx ,A X' -Y lv' -,.w-vx-2 1- r ':1:.....,- M - 5 A' ' W? - e iN":.'. ' X M' ,rf if., I .L -xA Y-, fggc-:E-f' ' is W, . fo i N. cafzffflt . . , Lf',,lV:',Ll YQ-gf :rc ,I I I ' 11" LA Q, ' if .1 ' ' Q.- J. 54841 .x4c!uerfi5ing anc!.9nc!e Acta Victoriana . Alpha Chi Omega . Alpha Delta Phi . Alpha Delta Pi . Alpha Epsilon Pi . Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Kappa Kappa Alpha Omega Alpha Alpha Omicron Pi . Alpha Phi .... Ann-esley Student Governmen Architectural Club, S.P.S. . Athletic Associations: Medicine . . . Medicine, Women . O.V.C. . . . St. I-Iilda's . S.P.S. . . Trinity . . . Wycliffe .... Athletic Board, U.C. . . Athletic Committee, Dentistry Athletic Directorates: Intercollegiate, Men's . Intercollegiate, Women's . St. Joseph's . . . U.C. Women's . Athletic Executives: Vic .... Vic., Women's . At-Home Committees: Medicine . . S.P.S. . B Badminton: Intercollegiate, Women's. St. Hilda's .... Trinity . . . U.C. Women's . Vic., Women's . Band, The U. of T. . Baseball: Dentistry . . Pharmacy . S.P.S., Junior . . S.P.S., Senior Vic., Women's Basketball: Dentistry . NAU, tsB7! 1 t, Vic. . li DEX Intercollegiate, Intermediate . . Intercollegiate, Senior . . . I 269 Intercollegiate, Women's Intermediate 1 468 Intercollegiate, Womenis Senior . 418, 419 Knox ...... 1 459 O.V.C. . . 1 470 Pharmacy, "A" . 1 471 Pharmacy, "B" . 1 454 St. Hilda's, Junior . 1 455 St. Hilda's Senior . 1 472 St. lVIiChael'S . . 1 473 St. Michaelis, Women's . I 263 School of Nursing . 1 298 S.P.S., JL11'1lOI' . . S.P.S., Senior . 1 358 U.C .... 1 415 U.C Women's Freshie 1 384 U.C Womenls Junior 1 408 U.C Women's Senior 1 362 Vic., Women's Freshie 1 353 Vic., Women's Junior 1 381 Vic., Women's Senior 1 348 Beta Theta Pi . . . 1 377 Bob Committee, Vic. . Boxing, Wrestling and Fencing: 319 Intercollegiate .... 1 412 Bronze "S" Holder . . 399 . 351 . 403 Campus Life . . . , 289 Le Cercle Francais, St. Josephs , 293 Civil Club, S.P.S. . . Cody House . . Commerce Club . . Copp Memorial Trophy . . 396 . 409 Daffydil Committee, Medicine . 355 Debating Club, S.P.S. . - 400 Debating Parliament, Vic. . 407 Delta Chi .... - 216 Delta Delta Delta . Delta Gamma . . . 379 Delta Kappa Epsilon . . 387 Delta Phi Epsilon . . 373 Delta Tau Delta . . 373 Delta Upsilon . . . . 404 Dinner Committee, S.P.S Dramatics Committee, Dentistry . 379 Dramatic Society, Vic. . P1861 E nduring Friendships - - - are to be considered one ol the most valuable assets of your association with Toronto University. To lcnow that they will last regardless ol time, place or position is one of the greatest pleasures ol your graduation. Your friendly dealings with The T. Eaton Co. can continue too . . . for wherever your profession may talce you from Calgary to Halifax, you will find EATON'S ready to serve your needs . . . eager to solve your purchasing problems: and always in a way that should assure economy and satisfaction. ff T. EATCN CCBWE.. f487j E East House . . . Electrical Club, S.P.S. . . Emmanuel College Teams . Engineering Physics Club, S.P.S. Engineering Society, S.P.S. . F Falconer House . . G Gamma Phi Beta . . German Club . . Golf, Intercollegiate Gymnastics: Intercollegiate . S.P.S. . . H Harrier: Intercollegiate . S.P.S. . . INDEX- C Continuedj -Q- Hart House 231 Hockey: j 301 Intercollegiate, Intermediate . . 383 Intercollegiate, Senior . . I Medicine .... u 291 O.V.C. . Pharmacy . St. Hilda's . . . St. Michael's . . - 250 St. Michael's, Women's . S.P.S., Junior . . S.P.S., Senior . t 477 Trinity . . . 225 U.C .... ' 333 U.C., Women's . Vic., Women's . . 339 Honour Science Club . . 369 House Committees: Loretto College . St. Hilda's College . St. Joseph's College . i 327 Hutton House . . 364 Hya Yaka, Dentistry 201 335 334 361 385 387 411 357 413 372 372 354 350 402 406 235 283 276 281 261 308 A VALUABLE B NKIN CONNECTIO et Q Q The Bloor and Bay Streets branch, To- ronto, is particularly convenient for students. Recognizing the prominent part University graduates are taking in the progress of Canada, this Bank Welcomes their banking business. The sound, progressive policies which have enabled The Bank of Toronto to successfully meet the chal- lenge of changing conditions throughout a period of 83 years, are the policies recommended and applied when assisting clients in the development of their financial affairs. You will take a step of vital importance to your future when you open an account with this Bank. 'HE BAN KOFTORON TO Es,z'abl1's:h ect I as 5 f488l 2 few kv 5 ' U-'rw ,xv ' v 1 2 T' .S ' ,121 'GINT-z':'fw4f'QY Qdrwfoedr l THE HHIHHI H I Hi' it is permanently installed in CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL Since the year 597, when St. Augustine arrived in Canterbury and established a Church on the site of the present magnificent Cathedral, that English city has been the ecclesiastical centre of England. Nearly a hundred men have been Archbishop of Canterbury, who is primate of all England, and whose duty it is to crown successive English Kings. Mr. Knight, Organist at Canterbury, states that a recent service confirmed in a very noticeable manner the particular claim of the Hammond Organ of being excellent for congregational singing. The three thousand present sang like one person. Dr. Alfred Whitehead, Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, well known organist and composer, declares "I consider the Hammond Organ to be one of the most remarkable developments of our time in the realm of music. My use of the Northern-Hammond . . . demonstrated to me the splendid capabilities of the instrument in the accompaniment of choral works . . . I am sure there is a tremendous future for this epoch-making innovation. I recommend it and congratulate you on your part in making it available to Canadian music lovers." 'l'The Hammond Organ is called "Northern-Hammond" in Canada and is manufactured by Northern Electric under license from the Hammond Instrument Company. Write us for full details and the name of your nearest dealer. No th II E ect 1? COMPANY LIMITED USED IN OVER 2,000 CHURCHES. THE APPROPRIATE GIFT FOR YOUR CHURCH OR SCHOOL. 54891 INDEX- Q Continuedj I Lambda Chi Alpha . . . . 434, Law Club ....... . Industrial Chemical Club, S.P.S. . . 303 Literary and Athletic Society, UC. t l Intramural Sports Committee . . 346 Literary Institute, Trinity Iota Alpha Pi .... . 478 Literary Societies: Italian-Spanish Club . . . 226 Loretto Ceuege t t St. Hilda's College . J Victoria, Womens . Jiu-Jitsu Club, U. of T. . . 347 Wycliffe College. K M Kappa Alpha . . . . 430, 431 Mathematics and Physics Society . . Kappa Alpha Theta , , 479 Mechanical Club, S.P.S. Kappa Kappa Gamma . . 480 MECUC81 Journal . . Kappa Rho Tau , , , 452 Medical Society .... . . Kappa Sigma ,,,, , 432, 433 "M" and "T" Holders, Medicine . . Knox College Association , , 311 Mining and Metallurgical Club, S.P.S. . Knox College Residence . . 312 M0d91'H HiSt01'y Club - Moot Court . . L Mulock House . Lacrosse: Music Club, Vic. . . . . Dentistry . . 380 N Pharmacy . . 386 S.P.S., Junior , 374 Newman Club t S.P.S., Senior 374 North House t ViCt01'ia - - 352 Nu Sigma Nu . . 456, Will you want it yesterday . That College Publication of yours-what are the most important factors to be considered when you select a printer for it? Are you interested in moderate prices? Does convenience of plant location influence you? Do you pause and reflect at the thought of speedy production on a 24-hour per day schedule? Do you utterly break down and dissolve at the mention of error-free workman- ship and a clean svelte job? Don't you think it's time you consulted us? GE PUBLICATIONS, LIMITED Artists of the printed word 31 WILLCOCKS STREET KINGSDALE 3115 t49oI 435 224 250 274 284 277 272 310 222 304 288 286 359 305 236 224 261 270 223 232 457 FLOW SHEET OF JENKINS VALVES I vs YEARS EXPERIENCE I I CONSTANT ENGINEERING AND MECHANICAL RESEARCH I HIGH GRADE RAW MATERIALS-BRONZE, IRON AND ALLOYS I ONE OF THE MOST MODERN FOUNDRIES I SPECIAL MACHINERY-CLOSE INSPECTION I OUALITY VALVES FOR PRACTICALLY EVERY SERVICE MADE IN CANADA BY JENKINS BROS. LIMITED, MONTREAL IN DEX- C Continuedj O Omega Tau Sigma . . , Oratorical Club, St. Michael's Orchestra, U. of T. Symphony P Parliamentary Club, U.C, . Permanent Executives: Dentistry . . S.P.S. . . . University College . Victoria . . Phi Chi . . Phi Delta Theta . Phi Gamma Delta . Phi Kappa Pi . . Phi Kappa Sigma . Phi Rho Sigma . Pi Beta Phi . . Pi Gamma Mu . Players' Guild, U.C. Psi Upsilon . . . R Rowing Club, U. of T. . . Rowing, S.P.S. . . . 458 280 . . 217 . 256 . 309 . 117 . 17 . 265 460, 461 436, 437 438, 439 440, 441 442, 443 . 459 . 481 . 482 . 257 444, 445 . 343 . 365 Rugby: Intercollegiate, Intermediate . Intercollegiate, Junior . Intercollegiate, Senior . Medicine . . S.P.S., Junior S.P.S., Senior St. Michael's . U.C ..... Rugger, Intercollegiate . . S Saint Hilda's Chronicle . . School Nite, S.P,S. . . School of Nursing, Executive Council Science Club, St. Michael's . . "SH and "T" Holders, S.P.S. . Sigma Chi . Sigma Phi . Ski Club, U. of T. . Soccer: Dentistry . Intercollegiate, Intermediate . Intercollegiate, Senior . l Medicine . . Pharmacy ..... . . - S.P.S. ..... . Social Committee, Loretto College I491j Through the tireless efforts of Westinghouse re- search ideas, born of thinking into the future, are gradually taking concrete form. Thus the needs and problems of the future are even now being solved by an organization dedicated to electrical progress. This fact is of particular significance to you-since the world of tomorrow is the heritage of the youth of today! CANADIAN WESTINGHUUSE C0. LIMITED HAMILTON - ONTARIO INDEX- Q Continued D Sodalities: Loretto College . . . 284 St. Joseph's College . . 282 South House .... . 233 Stewards, Board of, Trinity . . . 274 Student Christian Movement . . 229 Students' Administrative Councils: Loretto College .... . 283 O.V.C. .... 314 St. Joseph's College . . 280 St. Michael's College . 279 University of Toronto 214 ASHLEY at CRIPPEN PHOTOGRAPHS Above is shown part of the latest and most powerful weapon in the war on cancer. At the right is a million-volt transformer, and beside it is the upper half of the tube in whichl the penetrating rays are generated. The lower half of the tube is in the treatment room below. Extra Copies of this volume of - TORONTONENSIS may be purchased from the S.A.C. Office, Hart House, at 55.00 each. Members oi all years are invited to take advantage of this opportunity. M ' ACT NOW- 83 Bl-OCR STREET WEST THE SUPPLY IS LIMITED TORONTO T492j I I Only In r P H 0 0 G P H S will COLLEGE DHYS always be remembered 'A' Graduation pictures receive preferred attention in our studio. 'A' All negatives are carefully filed and extra copies may be had at any time. 'A' lFRlElElLAND STUDIU Portrait Photographers '89 BLOOR STREET WEST PHONE KINGSDHLE 0304 INDEX- Q Continuedj Students' CO-operative Residence Students' Parliament, Dentistry Students' Society, Swimming: Intercollegiate, Intercollegiate, Intercollegiate, St. Hildais . S.P.S. . . U.C., WOmen's Vic., Women's Teachers' Course Tennis: Intercollegiate, Intercollegiate, Intercollegiate, St. Hi1da's . Emmanuel Intermediate Senior . WOmen's . . . . - T Association Intermediate Senior . WOmen's . St. Michaels, WOmen's . U.C., Women's Vic., Women's Theta Delta Chi Theta Kappa Psi "T" Holders, Men . 234 . 306 313 . 338 . 337 . 395 . 411 . 366 . 402 . 407 . 228 . 329 . 328 . 396 . 409 . 412 . 399 . 403 448, 449 462, 463 . 320 U wifi? :Tv or TORO To QUARTERLY Graduation should not mean the end of education and in- tellectual development. . . . Subscribe to the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY and enjoy its informative articles. . . . 32.00 Per Year Three Years 35.00 0 Sample copy on request UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO PRESS Toronto, Canada f4931 in the genial W -' Y0u'll yetvel INDEX--QContinuedj I -.-n O ,climate gf- S I5lfI2 f"' 1 g"n'x"'-' " "'- ., .'v."-e:::,:., f ', 1 g- iff 1, '1e?112f:s1:,-21912 ijlp "ffl ' i fi-r"': A - , . ' -1- ri' - -517,4 V-aL1L, 'Si - .. pil'-UV . " 'es at gt ,"'Nw fi' I "5 N 'MN' 531-5. . . ,,.L , . , r -X H M ,-.L- ,-"N lv , I- Q- I! 5 I: , 11 I f-Tllifu " fl R+" I-nie!--1 '- ' -. " , W.. 'M w I gl , ,Z 'i .. And, at these leading hotels, overlooking the water, you'll enjoy golf at its best on Bel- mont's sporty course-only mem- ber of Canadian Ladies' Golf Union in Bermuda: sea bathing from our own luxurious Beach Club and in private poolg all out-door sports. Congenial com- pany, delicious food and cour- teous personal service. BELMONT MANOR 8g GOLF CLUB wi Q INVERURIE uf Sha A,.gC Ask Your 8t COTTAGES OPEN ALL THE YEAR Travel Agent Canadian Representative L. G. GIRVAN - 67 Yonge St., Toronto TN DEX- Q Continued J -9- "T" Holders, Womcn's Senior . Toilce Oike, S.P.S. . Torontonensis . . Track: Intercollegiate, Intermediate . . Intercollegiate, Senior S.P.S. . . . Victoria . . Transactions and Year Book, S.P.S. . Trinity College "TH Holders . . . Trinity University Review . . "U.C." Holders . The Undergraduate . 394 297 218 326 325 376 352 296 354 275 U 348 258 Undergraduate Association, Occupational Therapy . . University College Men's Residence . . The Varsity . . Varsity Christian Fellowship . . Victoria College Union Volleyball: Medicine . . Pharmacy "B" U.C .... Wycliffe . 315 259 V 219 230 262 . 361 . 389 . 349 . 381 i T W Water Polo: Dentistry . . 380 Intercollegiate . . 342 S.P.S., Junior . . 375 i S.P.S., Senior . . 375 Trinity ..... 355 Vic ....... . 352 , Women's Auxiliary, St. Hilda's . . 278 4 Womens Debating Union . . . . 227 T Women's Intercollegiate Sports . . . 392, 393 Women's Undergraduate Association, U.C. . . 251 Womens Undergraduate Association, Medical . 287 X Xi Psi Phi . . . 464, 465 Y Year Executives: D-entistry . . 309 Pharmacy . . 169 S.P.S. . . . 292 Victoria . . . 265 I University College . . 252 I Z l Zeta Psi . 450 451 The Cover and Binding of this Volume of Toronto- nensis are specimens of our worlcmanship. BLACKHALL 8. Co. Established 1873 77 PETER STREET, TORONTO L4943 vm. Q nr Ya, I Q :S in M -...,,,- 3' - si Hs '- -. Sh-.,..,,-W 1 , 1,3 3515 'X f lu U A s J". 'Wg'-. P1951 . -. p x ,J . , y b I W . ,., "' .. .331 . . 'ww -f ff.-xg . ik Q ' ' J.: J... , 54961 h 1 1 1 1 : V11 l 1 , , 1 1 1" 4-W '7-"F T'1'1VYTV'15l1-.IfZ."755 V' 1 -I A ,1 ,J-1, 1- 'I 5 .QV . vi: f".11 1.3 ' f'. X 1,5 ,rv 'HG 11 I 11 1 1 A 1 mt- P. '.U,'.'-'--. ' 11' 1 1 41, , l 1 11 5 ,Y .-' 'z , ,I 1 1 ' ' 'H1' 1 . '1.111 111 14' 1 1 ., .F l 1 1 I 1 -I , 1 1 , L f ,W I ' 1 1 X 1 1 1 'I 1 'C , 1 M., 1 Iv 1 I 1 J 9 W I 1 ' ' 1 11 . ,, 1 V 1- 1 1!,,.iy.-L 2 I x K X 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ' 'Jr A11 .X V: 1:--5.4 '1 1. ' 1 1 1 ' X1 1 R 1. H ' 1 11, '1 1', ,-1. 1 W vu K 1101 ' f ' "'aw' 1. 1013 1711? V 1 11 g.,1.1u1 1,1515-gg-'11Q.',,, 1. I M xl xt 1 5 .i1,'.11l 13 .Hg H1113 ' C .1 Ju 1 1,1 +1 1. ,Nvr-'1'1i1-1-xf.V1',,. 111 1 ..1-Ma.. , 5 1 1 . 5 1 1 1 ' f 1 ' ' 1 .11 U '1 1 , 1 1 11 .1 1 1 1 . , ,11,-, 11 ' ' '15 11.5 1: 11 V 111 f.K ,. lj.- : .WY ' ' , ,E ,1 1 fx' 1 1 . . 41 f W 1 ' '1 1' , 1 "4' "1i,"' 1' 1 '21, 4 11 ,I ,111 V 1 -114 A B ,fk I' 1 N5 rf' H --1 .1 l ,1:j"l TW, .1 3111 15 1 ," 5 1 1 I' 115 . -ul, Aw . 5 I 1 1 ' x I " ' ' ' I1 1 4 , 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 , 1 I ,V ry, 1 1 N I 7 K 1 ' 1 ' I 1 1 1 " L N V K 1' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 N ..: '1 1 . ,0- ' Y . I x 1- ' I , 11.-A '1f, 11 Y. P Q 1 1 ,Q . I 1 J UB- , .1 I.. 1 f ' ' 1 1 1

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