University of Toronto - Torontonensis Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada)

 - Class of 1938

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University of Toronto - Torontonensis Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 496 of the 1938 volume:

.J fa- v -.1 1" 4 'T' 0 vr, M, w 4 " i 1, TORONTONENSIS Volume XL 1938 , 1: 1. 'Y r in . , M4 .1 ,g,'n,,. ,. ,., .u.,,., I I .ff - ' s'-p . . . . . N A A , . ". I. , h., ,wp ..- N ...IA-.v.,. h I .:',- Y.-11,1 .. '-' -: 'ylf - ... '.., ,J -I ., . ,.-.r.- .. . MZ' .., Q.. . -1'-- ,. 'tr --A ,, . ,'..1--, -. ,,,,f.1,...4., .. LN-: ...v-, . '-1. . ,s,. ,- .' . . sl 3.-.-Y 1-. - .-D-.51-lla -. .A .., ., .- .Q ' ' 'f-:Q . r 'fu Y IV: . 1.f- -.',--','..,5,Z', IWW. ii?-.1 '75 if -. ..-."" .. ,ax . "H-., '. .. ,- ' -14 ,.. fvo .11 ... , ' "..'1. -."-K, -. '- . . .r.. i ',n .Lb . . v , u .,,..,.,5-..e- f k..,.1 0 -A . ,::"-j.,, ..., - ..,'4',3:' 0 0. .14 U . 1 ' . 1 Z u - X 1 ' X . Kr , ' o DD.i z a ,., ' . f w. ' "'l's I .vz -I a". nn.- G". .'n ,ll ,Liu--i, 1 . . -.4 -,Y ,Q , .,.u.... ,n,. 41 ,.. td' ,113 , ..v ffiff, 'J ' - . r -:., 1.5 A , 4 . f ' n 4- w AJ- m ,., 1 n 1 1 ,.a.. f 1 . . . , r - ,dv ...- -flu -. orf'.,'1, M I .:!5,-.N,,.4V-,- TL. I f X . . rj. ., .Mi . -6 1. ,'.vo. ' Rf.. v. u lpn . 1 1 1. - - J.. ' ' 4 .a. A 1 ' I , f. , .ng . .4- ' . . .W n , . - , xc' ' ' f .'v"".' ' "N" "'r - . I x I I I I it "- " ' , .5., .' '., 1 . ".. fff-Q 4, if A -. . ,y -. . ,. 11.4 ' .4 '. - K f-1 ff-M.. ,--,-,.,. K. ' rv rl .A . ' 5: ,' 'rx 1,411 1-ff 6 'Q 'ig -..- 1 .ff -17' '-fflc' ' " 'ff 7 "lvf'lJ,"" ,.,,..,r-ff ,, 1 " 1 4 1 1904 I N f 1 4 J .t Cn I Cin, UUYW . W6b:fg,EUb54C Lib ., J Er-, 43-bmdyreei r'f'W v M' F. in '- 1 Efm: -,.,f W Ar ' 1 9270 former Editors I 1898: B1gfYi5SG8h31l 1918: J.Bae0nBrod1e me: c-.w.gpse 1919: 11.6-.smpexxs 1900: 15.11. Cwper 1920: 5-reiC.11,56!'gs 1901: No ?11b11:-,ation 1921: my V. Sewers 1992: F.H.Yh3!115 1922: Everetib-Wassnm 1903: W. 3.3115 1923: EVCYCKDWBSSDD : E. A.1N1c1n1gre 1924: i:a1p11B. Cowan 1905: W.N.11ut1o11 1925: Warner A.11igg111s 1-wa: L.B11c11,naD ms: Fraser W.R0bef19911 1901: 1Ni.F.Dun11Bm 1921: Geofge L. 89116115 " " mos: cuss sawn saw: ms: w:1:reas.s1m:e , . 1909: D.E. S.W35hBri 1929: Maurice T. deYenc1er 1910: G.Nl. Willoughby 19302 B'.C.H.Mi1c11e11 1911: B. C. Geddes 1931: W .F.1'ayton 1912: E. A3011 1932: Gordon 12.1912151215 1913: Y.'I.D0w1i11g 1933: S. A.Bf.Wood 1914: A.M6UB011 1934: F.W.?o01ey 1915: Herbert 'Quivey 1935: 3.K.'IhomBs 1916: Herbert 'tuiney 1936: Frederic Bfalswmbe Herbert Turney 1931 : Frederic Branswmbe H: "rf 1911 1 JOHN J 4 VERsc 1 I , I Board of E' ditors I I O WALTER CAno1v J L 'v ONES Editor-in-Chief AMES Hs NRY Assoczkgte Editor WILLIAM THOMAS B , O Lv ODD Y rga niz ' atzons HOYLE DUDLEY W Assist IGM ant Or ' om: ganz ' FRANKLIN Roy KEMP Photography Wmumw R USCOMBE Fraternities osmnr L RALPH REGINA LAND Atlzletics EDWARD ALEXANDER MACDONALD Blcsiness Mana Ln IRL' zatz0'ns 1.4 A .l- ' ,1 rl' ,s , -LJ I' ' ,li , Q n .. 'U ,-s I I. ffl, I 4 r A vf .,. - ger zfw? Jiri' .X ,iw 'r J fiv- 51:41, X131 -Th ' Q1 ' v l 0 DEDICATION To that vast corps of Torontonensis staff members of the past forty years, in whose anonymous service, symbolic of the true University spirit, may be found that sacrifice of self which is, and will ever be, the world's greatest need. " .... The temper in which knowledge is used is often more important than the knowledge itself. No one is going to do his lije-work in a, void .... 'i 11' 3--H DR BRUCE TAYLOR or QUEEN s in message to Torontcmensis 1922 3 sg 'fEf,":. Those Forty Years It may be that the fiftieth or one hundredth anniversary is more properly the time for such a dedication, such a preface. We are not, however, entirely free agents in this matter: long hours spent over the volumes of other years resting in quiet repose- uncomfortably near oblivion- on the fifth floor of the Library stacks have conditioned our action to a point approaching neces- sity. Yield recognition, pay tribute we must. This is not the place to discuss or attempt a judicious estima- tion ofthe value of Tofrontonensis, or to conduct a searching inquiry into the rightness or wrongness of the very bases of its existence. The first, the only court of trial is with each year's graduating classes: that each year the book has met with approval sufficient to render its continued publication highly desirable-a matter of importance, if not of vital necessity- relegates, perhaps, any con- templated probing of its 'raison d'etre to the limbo of academic exercises. Q A What we would do here is focus attention on the inception and evolution of Torontonemis. "Toronto'nensis," remarked The Varsity recently, "brings you the world in pictures." The basis for this somewhat exaggerated statement, residing in what appears today to be the distinguishing characteristic of Torontonensis, could not, however, be found to an equal extent in the initial volume of 1898. For Volume I, containing one-half as large and one-half as many pages as this present volume, boasted only some two dozen group photographs- of clubs and class executives. There were no corresponding portraits for the biographies of the ninety-eight men graduating and of the fifty-two women-whose biographies, incidentally, were divided into four groups of thirteen, the pages of each group being bordered with the insignia of one or other of the four playing card suits' Novel, too, when compared with more recent editions was the first year book s featuring of two or three It is impossible for us, perhaps at this distance to appreciate fully what this first volume cost the editorial staff in time and toil Bur riss Gahan the Editor who was also one of the two Editors of The Varszty for 1898, and the members of his staff among whom were to be found such stalwart members of the Class of 98 as J G Ink ster and E W Beatty must certainly have been confronted with the almost insurmountable obstacles of passive resistance and scar- city of funds-obstacles ever attendant on new ventures. The won- der is not that today their production should appear perhaps small, perhaps amusingly quaint, but that they should have succeeded so signally as they did. Subsequent volumes of Tofrontonensis mirror the development of the University: the admission of new colleges and faculties into the Federation, their entrance into Torontonenszs, itself increasing in size to meet new demands, the effect of the war years' impinge- ment on University life, the creation of Hart House, the celebration of the Universityis centennial, 1927. Yet all these reflections of matters of contemporary importance are as the playing of light and shadow on the course of a swift-moving stream. Beneath the sombre darkness of war, the brilliant aurora of peace, the mellow glow of a century's achievements, there flows through all Toronto- nenses, deep, central, strong, the main current of University life. It is the story of groping, growth, self-realization. It is the heart of Volume I: it is the life-blood of Volume XL. That is why, de- spite surface variations, the numerous editions of Torontonemis remain essentially the same. In the light of after-years it would appear the pioneers of '98 builded better than they knew. THE EDITOR. short stories- one of them the work of one B. K. Sandwell, '97. O 133.9 Tabte oi Conte Editors . A li 31 3 Former Board ot Editors ,A... Dedication ....,,......,.. ...... Foreword ..,...............,.......,... ....... ,.,.4 The Ytesidenfs Message .....,.., 15 ' ity Cotlege ts 392 Un1ve1'S ' phtes ao Bxogta nization5 .... . .,,, . 259 91 I ..,341. 3 Otga lettcs ................ PLTXX ' Cotlege V' ctona mes 64 I Q x B' ogtap D txons .... x ailxza f.'ffIffffffIf. 210 402 1 I Org ettcs ........... Psihl Trinity Cotlege bios .......,. Biograp Organ?-atxoni CS .................... 0 At,hXet.1 St. WchaeYs Cotleg Biographies ...............,... ........,.... Organizations ..................... ..............,.. 21 6 Athteiics ............................... ...... 3 52. M56 and Finance 90 84 2111 Comilletce togtaphies ........ ' tions ..................... ' ' 'I f . 223 B 011-89173 eaohers' Course bias ................ Biogtap ations ............ 6 98 SSA 409 Organif- oi Medlgm w 2 Organ Athletics ........................ Apptieisrience an 0153931-3 ttxletlcs ......... ntistnf Ps oi D0 Faculty Btqgfaphies .............. tions ........ Organ!-9 Athletics . Faculty' ' aphies ......... s ................ 1 88 'Bxogr izatton ulty oi G5 'I 126 Fan Biogtaphl .... ttons ............... 303 '31 1 N ' lvqycli 4 U ge C A . 5 f glographiggege , f . ' A rgahfzatio - --.. ' . ' r' Kn uueffcs .fs ' es - 1 " E1 cs nn ...A.........,,A.'. Bifganuel Coll 140 01- gnfpllie ege , . v 308 ,a' -. ' g .S '..-4A'A 1 . ...-- H Athlangzatlons I . ., 375 4' V T A.. I . , F etlcs :nr- ll , A ' aclllt ' 1 " " ' ' A . 1 . u . . Bio Vfffem, 377 .' , gra ary . ., Organ pines ' College - ' "-" - ' f , Ath1eh!Zati0nS ..., ., .,.,. 1-'JU 7, I ' ' if .-'Q-"1 - . ,' . io ge - A - 1 ' ' graph! of P 31 f 1 I f P - , Athletic GS .AI' barlllac 0 , .I T " M Q I bg. - I Y gj , F S , 78 - . . . . . E' V A ' L of ...AA4"' -- -,.. ,,..' 1 p' f ,A . -I ",q',i 1 'fl 3. ,'.'Q:rz..z . ous .... .,., .4,.. , 4 ' s J x g --yfmxg, W' De ehol 1 , -1 - J ' wt- ' " g. T ' I ' . . .'-- if -1, 4 . S parhnent of . d Science 3365 . 1- gg. .L L ' :' .,1?1!Qff- 1, ' -31.1 4 . M 011001 of N .S0c1a1 . . 4, QA ,I j'-,Qi fn- :K ,1.'j-H.-V' M ' ' A! ' ' giographieursllig' ence ,. 174 1 if.: 71.3 f4',"1'- "'fs:1'7? 1' . . f'. .' ' -' r S - if- T .':- 1 'f' f4--:ff'1iT- N h A .fffgg ,V-,z L' . I 'I-' AtIi fi0nS 178 ff' -Qfjlj ' ix L' -. ,-, 1, V.'.f1,,':" -5.r.'.'ifx J -' w -' ' q ' f - 0 ' ' f -- "' 1. 1 - ft: . -1 . . . - -- Cvupagf A . ff - V V . ,, . ,. , - ,- r . I' N. . I , X-, , 1 ,I-L, I- 1,1 -,- . - -- Ph . 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V -.ff,, F JI .4.-1,7 V J, 104- 2-,1:,,,,y1,,,-yn,-4 15. - - '- 'S 4 4 5 1 4 i 1 1 " " " Q 4 l 1 I .2 .1 If 'i ww THE HONOURABLE AND REVEREND H. J. CODY, M.A., D.D., LL.D ' A Message from the President To the Members of the Graduating Classes: REETING and good wishes! All too rapidly the years fly past and the freshman has become a grave and reverend senior, ending one chapter of his education and looking forward to the stern chapters of life's active experience. A university degree should mean that the graduate is interested in general ideas, that he will not accept or reject an idea until he has sought to understand itg that he is made "capable of philosophy", that he desires to get down to the roots of mattersg that he has come to learn the significance of things in their universal relationships. I hope that the University has stimu- lated, and trained you to think, not necessarily to think alike, but at least to think strenuously about the great issues of right and wrong, of liberty and government, on which thinking for the individual and the community depends that balanced judgment which is vital to all noble and reasonable living. We cannot have today in our land too many citizens possessed of that combination of knowledge and sound judgment which it is one of the University's chief aims to provide. The aim, indeed, of all education is to enable you to do three things: Cab to make a living, tbl to live a life, and Ccj to mould a world. It is a worthy ambition to fit one's self to earn a living. This the Univer- sity has tried to help you to do. I hope that you will soon find a field for your trained abilities in this Dominion of Canada. The State has helped largely to give you this training and has therefore a right to expect your best service. This country while dowered with great material riches demands hard work, if this wealth is to be discovered, developed and conserved, but it is a country worth working for, a country which cannot stand still unless our own folly, disunion or stupidity retards its growth. It is of still greater importance to make a life, to enrich a personality. To do this is to attain real success. Such an enlargement of life is a good in itself. You carry away from college halls a disciplined mind, a quickened imagina- tion, a widened sympathy. You are called and trained also to mould a world. Your culture must issue in service. It is a perplexed and perplexing world in which we live and which we must influence. A great British pro-consul, the Earl of Cromer, once gave this advice to a group of English youths: "Tell the truth, love your country, donit dawdlef' In these three ways you can help to mould your age. The Universities of Canada are bonds of national unity, training-places for national service, and windows which afford an international outlook. No nation today can live in isolation, much less can a member of the British Empire. The famous English historian, Professor G. IVI. Trevelyan, in the latest edition of his history of England, aptly and truly says: "In spite of all our country's errors, the world's best hopes still rest on her." To safeguard all that is best in our heritage and traditions will be your sacred duty. You are called on to defend our democracy from dangers within and dangers with- out. Earl Baldwin well expressed your privilege and your responsibility: "You are in charge of all our honour and all our hopesf' Both university and country make this same appeal to you. Don't stand apart from age and maturity. Age needs you and you need age. Let us strive together for the common good, for peace among men of good-will, for building the Kingdom of God on earth. In the name of this University, your alma mater, I wish you Godspeed and good success. "Love the brotherhood, fear God, honour the King." 15th March, 1938. President, .m 1 f an ...fa ,s 1. VQ ,,.g--vQl""l ,N-I-v"""' - 3 N ti , 'f' 'N l gf 3' . To the Graduating Class of University College By Professor Malcolm W. Wallace, B.A., Ph.D. EW events in your lives are likely to mark the end of one period and the beginning of another more definitely than graduation from college. It is an event that suggests the desirability of mental and moral stocktaking-a fresh surveying and estimating of your programme of life. For four years you have been able to devote yourselves almost exclu- sively to study. Your instructors and your fellow- students have made their contribution to your edu- cation. What value do you set on the process to which you have been subjected? Perhaps a more important question is, W'hat pro- gramme have you laid down for your own imme- diate future? You should know definitely what you propose to seek from life, and you should bend all your energies to its attainment. Whether your goal be riches or eminence in a profession, or success in politics or some more altruistic achievement, you cannot afford any longer to be indefinite about it. Success is almost always dependent on hard work consistently directed toward a definitely conceived end. It is said that many university graduates cease to be students from the time of their graduation. They represent the failure of the arts college. They have wasted four years of their lives, and the state has made a bad investment in them. Unless college has stung you wide awake, unless it has implanted tastes and interests which clamour for satisfaction, all your accumulated information will avail you - little. Information is of value only as the raw mater- ial which will enable you continually to add to and to modify your stock of ideas and of convic- tions. The very existence of the University can be justified only to t-he extent that you prove to be more alive, more intelligent, more devoted to social good than those whose opportunities have been less. Your education must continue as long as your lives. You can continue to grow only if you regard your books, your friends and your work as sources on which you are dependent for greater understanding and for becoming more efficient members of your community. This is a difficult world in which to find your way, for there is no easy solution to the perennial human enigma of the juxtaposition of good and evil in life. I would warn you against adopting easily the attitude of the cynics or of the disillusioned. They will assure you that In headaches and in worry Vaguely Life leaks away. That is a perfectly just description-of them and of all superficial weaklings, who cannot endure the pains of thinking or of strenuous moral striving. I suggest to you that you hold fast to your belief in the reality of goodness, truth and beauty no matter how intimately you find them associated with wickedness and error and ugliness. Angels are bright still though the brightest fell, and your deepest instincts Will tell you that human experience is satu- rated with meaning, to discover it is the only serious occupation of man. I confess that I have but little faith in sermonizing of this kind. Your tastes and inclin- ations are already pretty well determined, and they will bid you seek for satisfaction either in trivialities or in more substantial ways. Very many of you, I believe, will aim at making a contribution toward untangling the irrationalities and injustices of the puzzling world in which you must play your part. I can only assure you that your efforts to live the good life will be watched with the deepest satisfaction and pride by those who for a time have had the great privilege of being your instructors. ,. 18 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Q Qu... T0'VI COLE, President: B1-:TTY CAUDWELL, Vice-President: BEV. GAYNOR, Secretary: PEGGY CARSON, Tveasurer Message from Class of 3T8 HE record, of 3T8 U.C. academically has been high. Possibly the most notable honours have come in our last year with the winning of a Rhodes Scholarship by Alan Jarvis-who is the fifth successive Rhodes scholar to come out of University College-and of a Massey Scholarship by Wilf Smith. Here the augury for the future is fair. In the field of athletics, our men and women have played a prominent part in the sports of the University as a whole, and we have watched our Col- lege intramurally in its ups and downs till now we are no longer the "intel- lectual college" that always loses. In campus life-in the many clubs, organizations, and conferences--for the last four years, we have occupied prominent places. Again this augurs Well. In a literary way, We have made an excellent showing. We have nursed The Undergraduate into a publication with a reputation of which we may with justice be proud. We have had men and women on nearly every debating team sent out by the University, and within the College, we have won the Robinette Debates Trophy. At the University Drama Festival, we have won the Cody Award both years so far. Perhaps we are fitted for heavy roles later on. Varsity life has been grand. We used to smile when Alumni sighed and said the four years at college were the most wonderful experience they'd ever had. Now we know. We've enjoyed them. We're sorry it's through. But let's never be pessimistic-let's enjoy life always. ff 19 s .. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE av. 4 l ' +..Ea-nlif J: ,. ...,,.,, ,M l I 0 335' 1 I Jr it f X. W Sv 1 vi li ." . LW, 2,1 5 . 44' 335 -X . N. ,A t- S N SI 'Lrkiii r qw, 4 f 1 sity. f . ki-5',,Qi2 -,gy , ,. ,ti :ss In 3' fa 'fr f W" M. JEAN ARMSTRONG g Iroquois, Ont. CIYDBJ Household Economics. Was born in Iroquois, Ont. While at Varsity, resided in Whitney Hall. GLADYS D. ASHDOWN St. Catharines, Ont. Moderns. Born in Fingal, Ont. Came to Varsity from St. Ca- tharines Collegiate on a Reu- ben Wells Leonard Scholar- ship. Lived in Cody House, Whitney Hall for four years. Was on The Varsity Sports Staff III, IV, was a member of the Italian-Spanish Club, be- coming Secretary III and Vice- President IV, belonged to French Club I, III, German Club IV, and Alliance Fran- caise IV, was Secretary of S.C.M. in U.C. IV, made U.C. Junior Basketball Team II and U.C. Senior Team IV. Outside activities include dancing-tap, national and ballet. Spends summers as playground super- visor. Plans to teach. DOUGLAS H. BARBOUR Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Penetanguishene High School and Midland High School. Plans to enter O.C.E. 20 X RICHARD STUART ABBOTT Barrie, Ont. CIIIKEJ Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Barrie C.I. Was a mem- ber of the Honour Science Club and the French Club. Hopes to enter O.C.E. next fall. REVA APPLEBY CAKIJEJ Toronto, Ont. Psychology. Came to Varsity from Parkdale Collegiate, and obtained the David Dunlap Scholarship for Psychology III. Was Regina of Delta Phi Epsilon Fraternity III, IV. Was President of Psychology Club IV. Intends to become a pro- gressive educationist. GORDON KERSEY AGAR Nashville, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Weston High School, be- coming a member of the Var- sity Christian Fellowship I. Was a member of this same body II, III, the Hart House Glee Club II, III, the U.C. Players' Guild II, and the Orientals Society II. Plans to study theology in Knox Col- lege. EDGAR FRANK BASTEDO Regina, Sask. QATD Pass Arts. Matriculated from Regina C.I. and came to Var- sity after spending one year at the University of Saskatche- wan. Intends to enter Osgoode Hall in the fall. WILLIAM BEATTIE Niagara Falls, Ont. Moderns. Was born in Dum- fries, Scotland. Matriculated from Stamford C.I., Niagara Falls. Won Edward Blake tFrench and Germanj, James Harris CModernsJ, the Second Carter Scholarships. U.C. Resi- dence I, II, IV, South House III. Was a member of Italian and Spanish Club I, II, French Club I, II, III, IV, being Busi- ness Manager II, Play Ig Ger- man Club I, II, III, IV, Play II, Symphony Orch. II, III, U.C. Follies Orch. II, III. M. BARBARA BEATTY CAFJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. B-orn in Toronto. Came to Varsity from St. Cle- ment's School. Interested in riding and golf, and plans to take a business course follow- ing graduation. I 5: . E, L J. C. ANDERSON Ayr, Ont. Pass Arts. HAROLD M. APPLEBAUM Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. MILTON APPLEBAUM Toronto, Ont. CBEPJ Pass Arts. Entered Varsity after matriculation from Har- bord C.I., becoming a member of the U.C. Junior Basketball Team I. Played basketball, baseball and volleyball II, III. if . luis an-W , v .N nk-N 'Q' . t. .i 3 . if? ik: gm are 3 N .3563 E S.. lr 'b A MARGARET ETHEL BECK Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Branksome Hall. While at Varsity, was active in the French Club and Players' Guild and also played bad- minton. KEITH DOUGLAS BECKETT Windsor, Ont. Classics. Came to Varsity from Patterson C.I., Windsor, on Edward Blake and James Har- ris Scholarships in Classics, George Cockburn in Greek and the First Carter Scholar- ship for Essex County. While at Varsity succeeded in Win- ning the Moss Scholarship I, Mulock II, Grasset Memorial and War Memorial III. Served as Secretary III and President IV of the U.C. Classical Asso- ciation and played Basketball for U.C. I, II, III. East House has served as his residence III, IV, and O.C.E. will keep him busy next year. DORIS B. BELL Collingwood, Ont. Pass Arts. 'R in . f MARY KATHERINE BELL st Thomas, om. qKAop English and History. Came to Varsity from St. Thomas C.I. ARTHUR J. BERNSTEIN Toronto, Ont. Chemistry. Came to Varsity from U.T.S., winning the Second Alexander Fulton Scholarship in Science I. Is an active member of the U.C. Players' Guild, the German Club, U.C. French Club, Che- mical Club, Honour Science Club. Took part in the U.C. Follies II-IV and the U.C. Parliament IV. A member of the staff of both The Varsity III, IV, and The Undergraduate Magazine, IV. His interests in music found expression in the U.C. Music Club I and the Hart House Glee Club II. HILLYARD DOBSON BETT Toronto, Ont. Chemistry. Picked up matricu- lation at C.T.S., Harbord, and Jarvis. Was active member of U.C. Parliament I-IV. Was a member of U.C. Football Team II. Was on the Executive of the Chemical Club three years, being President IV. Has spent summers doing everything from digging ditches to scien- tific research. His ambition is the latter. HAROLD V. BINGHAM Barrie, Ont. Pass Arts. JAMES JOHN BLACK Toronto, Ont. Law. Came to Varsity from N.T.C.I. Was a member of Law Club I-IV, Chief Justice of 4th Division Moot Court IV, Asso- ciate Editor of the "Court Crier" IV. Is fond of golf, ten- nis and squash. Plans to con- tinue study of law at Osgoode Hall. SAMUEL DAVID BORINSKY Toronto, Ont. CBEPJ Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Harbord C.I. and plans to enter O.A.C. next year, hav- ing been engaged in the Dairy- ing Industry for the past summers. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE .WH , I, . U R Q 1 A 'G mf ' Y jg' I gif K iv Tim.. 35- 13" MARY C. BROOKS CKKVJ Peterborough, Ont. Household Economics. Born in Napanee, Ont. Came to Varsity from Peterborough C.I. Lived in Cody House, Whitney Hall, and was Head Girl of Cody House IV. ALICE WINNIFRED BROWN Regina, Sask. CKAGJJ Pass Arts. Was born in Re- gina. Came to Varsity from Regina Central Collegiate. Lived in Cody House, Whitney Hall. Was a member of Women's Glee Club II and III, and of Players' Guild III. FRED ALLAN BROWN Toronto, Ont. CAXAJ Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from University of Toronto Schools. Oil? V ruff -43. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE S A V A 546 1 -v is S: ,, 1 .Gia aa, im, ,, 'WW' . 1? fb.. ef ' . i J fnair as . 5 ff f f m, affix We 5- JOHN HUNTER CAMPBELL Orangeville, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Orangeville High School and took up residence at South House. M. M. CAMPBELL Toronto, Ont. English and History. SHIRLEY S. CAMPBELL Windsor, Ont. CAFJ Pass Arts. Was born in Wind- sor. During her three years at Varsity, resided in Mulock House, Whitney Hall. JOHN BUCKLEY Barrie, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Barrie C.I., having won the Andrew Hay Scholarship in Mathematics in 1933. Was a Member of Newman Club and was actively interested in hoc- key, tennis and debating. His future plans are to specialize in Economics. ANNA BUCOVETSKY CIAIIJ Timmins, Ont. Household Economics. DONALD M. BURPEE Calgary, Alta. Chemistry. Resided in North House where he served as President IV. JOSEPH CARDY Port Credit, Ont. Pass Arts. Attended Port Credit High School. Played Junior Rugby I and II. Was a mem- ber of Intermediate Intercol- legiate Harrier Team III. Has taken an active interest in Intramural Athletics. Intends to enter Theology at Wycliffe next year. MARGARET A. CARSON Toronto, Ont. CHBCIU General Arts. Came to Varsity from the Bishop Strachan School. Was a member of U.C. French and German Clubs I- IV. Belonged to S.C.M. and Players' Guild. Was President on Third Year Executive. D. BINGHAM CASVVELL Midland, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Midland H.S.g is a mem- ber Masonic Lodge, Midland. Played Soccer U.C. III, Hoc- key U.C. I. Was a member Senior Intercollegiate Hockey Team II, III. , Lu A F - s 22 Elk!-r. A. ELIZABETH BURROWES Belleville, Ont. CE'-IDD Pass Arts. Born in Haileybury. Matriculated from Belleville Collegiate. Was Women's News Editor of The Varsity III, President of the Women's Press Clubg and Treasurer of Sigma Phi Fraternity. Spent her summers tray-toting at Bigwin Inn and contemplating that job she's going to get after gradu- ation. Future plans: printer's devil for one of the better Canadian publications. AUDREY IRENE CALEY Toronto, Ont. . Pass Arts. Born in Montreal. Came to Varsity from Bishop Strachan School. Enjoys bad- minton, skiing and swimming. Spends summer resting up for the winter. ALAN ROYAL CAMPBELL Toronto, Ont. Law. Matriculated from Park- dale C.I. Was a member of the Law Club I-IV, and Chief Justice, 3rd Div., Moot Court IV. Was Associate Editor of the "Court Crier" IV. Was a Member of Hart House Glee Club IV. Played Interfaculty Water Polo II-IV. Next stop, Osgoode Hall. M. ELIZABETH CAUDVVELL Brantford, Ont. CAPJ Moderns. Born in Brantford and attended Brantford C.I. Lived in Mulock House, Whit- ney Hall. Was a member of French Club I, German Club I, and Players' Guild I, II, IV. Was on Year Executive III, President of Year IV, and on Council of W.U.A. IV. Spends summers relaxing. Plans to spend more time relaxing. WILFRED EARLE CLUTE Elmvale. Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Barrie C.I., attending the Peterborough Normal School upon graduation. Took up residence at Knox and became a member of the V.C.F. for one year. Expects to enter the ministry of the Presbyterian Church, having acted as a stu- dent supply at Presbyterian Mission Stations in Ontario. MARY EWING CODE CAFAJ Alvinston, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Watford High School. Her residence at Varsity was Cody House I, II, III. Was on The Varsity staff II, III, and summer staff of Jasper Park Lodge II. 'H sy 'm l i l HYMAN COHEN Toronto, Ont. Orientals. Is a Harbord Col- legiate product. Was a mem- ber of the Orientals Society on which he served as Secretary III, and President IV. Also found time to act on the Avukah Society executive as Treasurer in his last year. THOMAS F. C. COLE CLDAOD Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. Received his prepara- tory education at the Univer- sity of Toronto Schools. Was Year Secretary I, Year Presi- dent IVg played Senior Uni- versity College Basketball III, IV. Expects to put in the next three years at Osgoode Hall. ERNEST H. G. CORNFORD Brantford, Ont. Geology and Mineralogy. Came to Varsity from Brant- ford C.I. on Carter and Reu- ben Wells Leonard Scholar- ships. Has been associated with the Honour Science Club and the Rockyfeller Club. Was also interested in track work. His summer occupations have in- cluded assistant to a civil en- gineer and a geologist for On- tario Department of Mines. Hopes to enter the field of economic geology. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE '94 I 1 'B . Q. i s If R S: 'Y xml! M .. 'Q' Q5 - ff we . ..., .. R FREDERICK R. COSFORD Stratford, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Stratford C.I. and took up residence at Knox College. M. PATRICIA COYLE CAXQJ Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Born at Aylmer, Ontario. Came to Varsity from North Toronto Collegiate. Next year will see her at O.C.E. WALLACE DUNNING COX Toronto, Ont. QBOIIJ Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Upper Canada College. Was on the C.O.T.C. for three years, on which he served as Lieutenant. Played rugby for U.C. for three years. .fi . JEANNE CRAWFORD QKKFJ Medicine Hat. Alta. Household Economics. Born in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Came to Varsity from Alexandra High School, and resided in Cody House, Whitney Hall. CLINTON DUFFERIN CROSS Brantford, Ont. Pass Arts, University College, Theology, Wycliffe College. Lived in Wyclifte Residence. Was on the executive of the Wyclitfe College Literary So- ciety III, 1Vg was Prime Min- ister of the Student Parlia- ment VIQ President of the gra- duating Class of '38, and Wy- cliffe's representative on Tor- ontonensis '38, Hoping to ven- ture forth as a clergyman. WILFRED R. CUNNINGTON Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Harbord C.I. Spent his spare time playing squash and his summers in an office. Plans to return to Varsity and spe- cialize in Mathematics and Physics with O.C.E. as ulti- mate destination. 4:25 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE I ' I ir'ik.45?' .2 . 45' ."-F - 4 . v 1. I 'WK ,Mx I Qt . , -. 1 wr, Uv. 1. an - it 1" 152' 'f vw. H. ALDYTHE DODINGTON Toronto. Ont. CKAI-by Moderns. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from Haver- gal College. WILLA TORRANCE DOLE. Toronto. Ont. CAXQJ University College from Har- bord Collegiate. Was a mem- ber of the English and His- tory Club I-IV, Vice-Presi- dent III. Interests: art, bad- minton, dancing and sketch- ing. Has a penchant for boat and train whistles which may lead her to travel, but mean- while believes in seeing O.C.E. ELIZABETH C. EAKINS Toronto, Ont. General Arts. Born in Ed- monton, Alta. Came to Var- sity from Havergal College. Was a member of the Players' Guildg and a member of the U.C. Follies II, III, IV. Spent summers as counsellor at a girls' camp. Enjoys riding, English and History. Came to Sklmg- THOMAS RANDALL DALE Toronto, Ont. English and History. Came from U.T.S. Was interested in drama, rowing and the S.C.M. Likes Vic. and U.C. co-eds Ccollectivelyjg dislikes organ- ized sports. His pet virtue is laziness, pet sin, self-con- sciousness. Future depends on circumstances, hopes he is realistic. MARY FRANCIS DAVIDSON Meadowvale, Ont. Moderns. Born in Meadow- vale. 'Came to Varsity from Brampton High School. Was a member of French Club, and German Club, and of U.C. Swimming Team I, II and III. Made the Intercollegiate Swimming Team III, and be- came President of the Univer- sity Swimming Club III and IV. Held a position on the Athletic Directorate IV, and on The Varsity sports staff III. Plans to attend O.C.E. ELIZABETH L. DAVISON Toronto, Ont. CAFJ Pass Arts. Born in Nova Sco- tia. Matriculated from Elm- wood in Ottawa. Was a mem- ber of the Players' Guild I-III and of the French Club I, II. Uses her spare time to play golf and badminton, and her summer vacations to forget about May examinations. HELEN S. EVANS CAIIAD Hamilton, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Strathallan School in Hamilton. Was a member of first. the Press Club. HELEN PATRICIA DOWNEY Toronto. Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Forest Hills, Long Island, N.Y. Came to Varsity from St. Joseph's Convent. Was member of the Badminton Team I, II. Outside activities include bad- minton at the Carlton Club and swimming at the Granite Club. Plans to spend a year at Columbia University doing J!! . 24 MARY THOMPSON EVANS Toronto, Ont. QIIBCIPJ Modern History. Was born in Winnipeg. Matriculated from Jarvis C.I. and the Bishop Strachan School. Was a mem- ber of the French Club I, II, the Players' Guild III, IV, and the S.C.M. II, III. She was Social Service Representative on the Executive I and Secre- post-graduate work. tary II. ROSE AURORE DAY CKKFJ Hamilton, Ont. Moderns. Born in Pittsburgh. Came to Varsity from West- dale Collegiate in Hamilton. While attending the Univer- sity, resided in Cody House, Whitney Hall. JOHN C. DENT CIIEMJ Parry Sound, Ont. Pass Arts. After one year at S.P.S. he changed his affilia- tions to the Pass Course. His career has been a journalistic one, being on the masthead of The Varsity for four years. Was the first President of IIEM, honour and journalistic fraternity. SIDNEY DILLICK Toronto, Ont. Philosophy. Came to Varsity from Harbord C.I. Won the John MacDonald Scholarship in Philosophy II. Was active in U.C. Parliament and Prime Minister III, IV. Was in the Forum Club III, IV, member of Labour Club III, IV, and Vice-President IV. Belonged to the Philosophy Club II, III and IV. Is a sometime hu- mourist and firmly convinced that people enjoy life more than anybody. Six I . ,,,. ,gi p , X , W ' 5 fli- Q. E. MARGARET FAIRCLOTH Toronto, Ont. CBAEU Moderns. Born in Toronto and came to Varsity from Haver- gal College. During her four years at Varsity, was a mem- ber of French and German Clubs, becoming Vice-Presi- dent of German Club III. Joined the Players' Guild II. In the summer is handy-man around her cottage. MARY ELLEN FAWNS Toronto, Ont. CAAAJ Pass Arts. Came from Har- bord C.I. to Varsity. Intends to go on to Osgoode Hall. VIRNA MARY FERGUSON Lindsay, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Cobourg, Ont. Came to Varsity from Lindsay C.I. and Peterborough Normal School. Lived in Mulock House, Whitney Hall I-III. Was a member of French Club I, Players' Guild III and Psychology Club III. 5. 6 MARION L. FILE fAI'l Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Bishop Strachan School. WILLIAM G. FINDLAY Toronto. Ont. Law. Came to Varsity from University of Toronto Schools. Is a member of the Law Club and is interested in squash, billiards, swimming and ten- nis. Has spent the last few summers travelling and en- gaged in sports. Hopes to do more travelling and eventually enter the legal profession. LOIS FRANCES FLEMING Toronto, Ont. CKAK-JJ Moderns. Came to Varsity on a James Harris Scholarship in Modern Languages, from Oak- wood Collegiate. Obtained the Edward Blake Scholarship I and the George Brown Scholarship II. For three years was a member of U.C. French Club and of University Ger- man Club, becoming Social Convener of latter III and Secretary IV. For two sum- mers did clerical work in North American Life Assur- ance and for one, worked in Department of Education. .1 ,. ,, , .7 5. 2... UNIVERSITY COLLEGE f nl" K ' 'M f V5 5, iff . 03.7 A "L 6? 1' f 1 M ii Qi? .f , is 5' af., l 2 4. , .,. . Q GEORGE HAROLD FORT Simcoe, Ont. Law. Came to Varsity from Simcoe High School on an O.H.A. War Memorial Scholar- ship. Was a member of Law Club four years. Intends to enter Osgoode Hall and then to practise law. FREDERICK E. L. FOWKE Oshawa, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. Is a graduate of Oshawa Collegiate. Has resided at Wycliffe for the past four years. SYDNEY G. FRANKFORT Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. Was a member of the Forum Club, The U.C. Players' Guild, and the U.C. Parlia- mentary Club. Was active in the Avukah Society, being Literary Director II, Vice- President III, IV. I JEAN ELIZABETH FRASER Toronto. Ont. CKKIU Pass Arts. Born in Toronto and matriculated from Jarvis Collegiate. ANNE SARAH FROMER Kitchener, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. Born in Kitchener. Came to Varsity from Kitchener and Waterloo C.I. Was Director of the Joint Drama Committee: member of the Players' Guild, member of the Women's De- bating Society: and Represen- tative on the Inter-College Debating Team. Was a mem- ber of the Theatre of Action. Spends summers as a Play- grounds Supervisor. Hopes to enter journalism-in field of radio, if possible. ALBERT JOHN FYFE Galt, Ont. English and History. Is gradu- ate of Galt C.I. and lived in Knox College and Victoria College Residences. Was in- terested in various activities: C.O.T.C. "A" Certificate, S.C.lVI,, Dramatics. Worked with Department of Education during vacations. At present intends to go to O.C.E. s?'J'. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LUCY-JANE GRABELL Roslindale, Mass. Moderns. Lived in Mulock House, Whitney Hall, for four years. Was First Year Repre- sentative in French Club Ig member of Players' Guild I, II, becoming Vice-President III and President IV, member of University Drama Committee II, III, IVQ Junior Representa- tive on Mulock House Com- mittee III and Head Girl of Mulock House IV. WILLIAM EDWARD GREEN Port Credit, Ont. CKEJ Law. Graduated from Port Credit High School. Was a member of Junior Basketball Team Ig member of Intermedi- ate Intercollegiate Basketball Team II, III, IV. MARGARET L. GRIGGS Walkerville, Ont. KATIJJ Law. Came to Varsity from Walkerville C.I. Was a mem- ber of Law Club I-IV and of Polity Club III, IV. Was on Falconer House Committee II, and Treasurer of Fourth Year Executive IV. Obtained Uni- versity College Alumnae Scholarship I and Carswell Prize in English Constitutional Law III. Hopes and fears to spend some time in the sacred Hall of Osgoode. Montreal, P.Q. General Arts. M. H. GERMAN Toronto, Ont. ketball Team I, II. SIDNEY M. HALPERN Hamilton, Ont. Classics. Came to Varsity from Delta C.I., where he won the First Sir John Gibson Scholar- ship for General Proficiency and the McCaul Scholarship in Classics. Was a member of the U.C. Classical Association for four years, the Forum Club II-IV, and the Sketch Club II, and The Varsity staff II. Is keenly interested in dramatic art. Will likely enter Osgoode. Hopes to do some travelling and to find a satisfactory phil- osophy of life. M. PATRICIA HAMILTON Toronto, Ont. CMU Pass Arts. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from the Bishop Strachan School. Re- sided in Mulock House for a year and a half. LORENZ EARLE HAMPEL Ayr, Ont. General Arts. Resided at Bur- wash Hall. Was a member of The Varsity staff I, II, III, and of language clubs for four years. Does not intend to see the Atlantic via freighter, England via bicycle, or life via O.C.E. 26 ' ESTHER F. GARBE CAKIDEJ Pass Arts. BERTRAND GERSTEIN Toronto, Ont. CBEPJ Political Science and Econo- mics. Came from Vaughan Rd. C.I. on James Harris and Edward Blake Scholarships. Received the Mary Keenan Award III and the first Alex- ander Mackenzie Scholarship II, III. Was Chancellor of Beta Sigma Rho Fraternity and a member of the Historical Club IV. Played on the U.C. Bas- MARGARET E. GLASS CKKFJ Winnipeg, Man. Pass Arts. Came out of the West to Varsity and lived in Cody House I-III. Played bas- ketball and was a member of the Senior Intercollegiate Team I, II. R. W. GLENN Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDi- vision IJ. DORIS KINLOCH GOODALL Toronto. Ont. Pass Arts. Attended High and Normal Schools in Winnipeg. Has had a variety of experi- ences, teaching in Winnipeg and being on the "Y" staff in Montreal. Came to Varsity from Montreal. Spends sum- mers counselling at girls, camps. Music and drama are her chief aims in life. Plans to produce big things: M.A. in Fine Art, to see Hollywood and the Continent. -ft Q . ., x X -a X 23: l F H5-1 l l RIVKA HARNICK A. H. HEYWOOD UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from Park- dale Collegiate, and was suc- cessful in obtaining Elizabeth Ann Wintercorbyn Scholarship II, and Florence Neelands French Prize III. Was a mem- ber of French Club I-IV: and of German Club I, II, on The Varsity staff I, II and IV: and Secretary of Avukah Society IV. Plans to do congenial work in the business world. LORNA ANNE HENRY CAlIvJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Was born in Toron- to. Matriculated from St. Cle- ment,s. MARGARET P. HESS CIWDBJ Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDivision IJ. MYRTLE RAY HILLYER Orillia. Ont. Orientals. Born in Montreal. Matriculated with Leonard and Carter Scholarship from O.C.I. Obtained Gordon Southam Scholarship I. Was a member of French Club, I, II3 Players' Guild I. II, Illg Orientals So- ciety, I, II, Vice-Pres., III, IV, Sec'y 3T8, IV. Played bridge in Mulock House for four years. A. BARBARA HOLDERMAN Walkerville, Ont. CKlil'J Calgary, Alta. Sociology. Born in Albion, In- Pass Arts. Attended St. Hilda's College, Calgary, and then University of Alberta for two years, leaving to attend Var- sity and to live in Whitney Hall. Was a member of Women's Intercollegiate De- bating Team and Executive. Belonged to U.C. Parliament and Players' Guild. Won the St. Margaret's Alumnae Prize II. diana. Came to Varsity from Walkerville C.I. on a Sir John Gibson Scholarship. While at Varsity, resided in Falconer House, Whitney Hall, becom- ing member of House Commit- tee I. Was a member of Soci- ology Club, II, III and IV. Was Treasurer 3T8 Executive II, and Secretary W.U.A. III. Did volunteer work at University Settlement, II. Toronto, Ont. ARTHUR. McD. HUESTON Sarnia, Ont. KATJ Political Science and Econo- mics. He is a Westerner from Saskatchewan, who matricu- lated from Sarnia C.I. and T.S. LAWRENCE HYNES CAXJ Political Science and Econo- mics. Interested in sailng, having served as Instructor at Jr. R.C.Y.C., and as a mem- ber of the Intercollegiate Dinghy Sailing Team, IV. WILLIAM S. JAMIESON Toronto, Ont. CBC-BHD Pass Arts. Was born in Win- nipeg. Came to Varsity from Upper Canada College. 'Z' ALAN H. JARVIS Toronto. Ont. Philosophy. Won the Macdon- ald and Tracy Scholarships Was awarded a Rhodes Schol- arship, IV. Is interested in art. MARSH JEANNERET CAXAJ Toronto. Ont. Law. Came to Varsity from University of Toronto Schools. Played University College Rugby and fenced, I and II. Was a member of Law Club four years. Prefers to aspire to teach Law than to expire attempting to practise it. ARMAS JOHNSON Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Was a promising Second Edward Blake and James Harris Scholarship boy from Jarvis C.I., but subse- quent record merely competent CI-5, II-1, II-lj through un- necessarily indiscriminating intellectual and experiential omnivorousness, making, how- ever, for definitely distinctive deputy-clerkship in the U.C. Parliamentary Club. 7 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE .. ... . . I V - .5f- W, V .l. . , .-.I 'i sm. , '- ' I . N Q JV! N ...Q .V xl. 3. X ROBERT W. KETTLEWELL Toronto. Ont. UDACFU Political Science and Econo- mics. Was born in Toronto. Matriculated from U.T.S. with The Maurice Cody Prize in History. Was a member of the Foreign Affairs Club II. III, IV. and the Historical Club III, IV, was on the House Committee of Hart House IV. Played U.C. Rugby II, U.C. Water Polo III, IVQ U.C. Swim- ming III, IV, and Junior In- tercollegiate Water Polo IV. MARION KOPMAN Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Was on the staff of The Varsity I and II, was Director Dance Orchestra II, was a member of the Univer- sity of Toronto Symphony Or- chestra III. Was a member of the society for "the ridding of next door neighbors"-because she toots those twofinstruments of torture, the saxophone and clarinet. MIRIAM KRONICK Toronto, Ont. General Arts. Played Inter- faculty Basketball I, III and IV. -Winston- 4' DORIS EVELYN JOHNSON Toronto, Ont. Sociology. First saw light of day in Copper Cliff, Ont. Came to Varsity via Riverdale C.I. Member of U.C. Freshie Bas- ketball Team, Captain of Jun- ior Basketball Team, and played on and was Manager of Senior Basketball Team. Be- longed to Sociology Club and was active in Student Christian Movement. JEAN CORNELIA JORDAN Toronto, Ont. QAKDJ Pass Arts. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from Brank- some Hall and Jarvis C.I. Plans to travel abroad this summer. IRVING KAPLANSKY Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDi- vision ID. Matriculated from Harbord C.I. with the Prince of Wales Scholarship. Ranked first , I, II and III. Considers mathematics the best of pro- fessions and music the best of hobbies. E. H. KEARNS Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. HUGH C. KEENAN Kenora, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences. Came to Varsity on a Florence Cody General Pro- ficiency Scholarship from Ken- ora High School. R e c e iv e d Daniel Wilson Scholarship III. Member of Honour Science Club I-IV, Glee Club IV. In- tends to complete M e d i c al Course, and do research, or specialize. REGINALD JOHN KERR Henfryn, Ont. Pass Arts. Is a child of the soil. Came to Varsity from Listowel H.S. Likes many sports, proficient .in none. Played Soccer for Wycliffe II and III, Secretary of State, Wycliffe College Literary So- ciety. Summers on a farm. Studying for Ministry in the Church of England. 15531 f 1 -ie 28 fa M. ELIZABETH LAIDLAW Toronto, Ont. CAFD Pass Arts. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from Bishop Strachan School. CONSTANCE G. LAILEY Toronto, Ont. CAFJ English and History. Was a member of U.C. Players' Guild four years, Secretary-Treasurer three years, member of U.C. French Club two years, U.C. German Club one year, on the editorial committee of Under- graduate one year, assistant editor one year. Summer oc- cupations: Recuperation, re- creation, hibernation. Future plans nebulous. FRANCES LENORE LAIRD Toronto, Ont. CFCDBJ Pass Arts. Born in Regina. Came to Varsity from North Toronto Collegiate. Whenever possible, spends her summers travelling. Plans to take a sec- retarial course. - v .m ' MP5 5, AX I mf, ' , .sweep ' A .A H MARGARET EDITH LANG Toronto, Ont. CKAQD Pass Arts. Started in C. 81 F. with an I.O.D.E. bursary but saw folly of her ways and transferred to Pass Arts. An athletic career began at Hav- ergal College and was con- tinued at Varsity where she played basketball, hockey and swimming, obtaining her first "TH in the latter and culmin- ated as Women's Athletic Di- rector of University College. Her pet aversions are: travel- ling, rugby week-ends and C. 81 F. students. EUGENE LAZAR Oshawa, Ont. Pass Arts. Played on the U.C. Rugby Team I, II, the Jr. U.C. Basketball Team I, and the U.C. Hockey Team II. Has been actively interested in singing which is included along with Osgoode in his plans for the future. O. MARION LEACH Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from the Bishop Strachan School. Was member of the Players' Guild. Plans to take Library School Course with view to library work. O' Qwaywtki Azbh A 5 ' 3, N- E. JOSEPHINE LE PAN Toronto, Ont. C II B110 G e n e r al Arts. Matriculated from the Bishop S t r a c h a n School. Was Music Director of the W.U.A. II, Treasurer of the W.U.A. III, President of the W.U.A. IV, and President of the Polity Club IV. FRANCIS E. I. LEWIS Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. Came to Varsity from Jarvis C.I. Played on the Interfaculty Soccer Team II, III, and IV, and wrestled in III. Was a member of the Forum and U.C. Parliamen- tary Clubs III and IV. Enjoys dancing, winter sports, cycling and reading. Intends to be an interested citizen of Canada. WILLIAM L. LISCOMBE Toronto, Ont. Law. Came to Varsity from Riverdale C.I. Interested in tennis and chess. Intends to tour Europe by way of freigh- ter and motorcycle next sum- mer, returning in the fall to attend Osgoode Hall. H. NELSON LOCHEAD Chesley, Ont. CH EMP Pass Arts. Was graduated by Chesley High School. Likes the North Country, tennis, canoe trips and weight lift- ing. Was educated in The Var- sity Office, Exchange Editor II, Feature Editor III. Aim: jour- nalism, unsteady. Wants to make Morley Callaghan look like a pamphleteer. FRANCES AUDREY LOCKE Toronto, Ont. CAFE Pass Arts. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from Bishop Strachan School. Member of the French Club and the Play- ers' Guild. "Chorined" in the U.C. Follies. Spends summers enjoying herself. Hopes to win a Sweepstake some day. LOUIS SYDNEY LOKASH Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. Came to University of Toronto from Oakwood Colle- giate. Was a member of Uni- versity College Athletic Board IIIg U.C. Holder and U.C. Re- presentative on the Squash Racquets Committee of Hart House III. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE VVILLIAM R. LUSCOMBE Sarnia, Ont. Modern Languages. Is a pro- duct of Sarnia C.I. and win- ner of the Julius Rossin Schol- arship III. Acted as Business Manager of the German Club II, III, IV, and as President of the Societe Francaise IV. Has been actively interested in dramatics. Future plans in- clude post-graduate work in Romance Languages. MARY HAZEL MACAULAY Toronto, Ont. CACDJ Law. Born in Toronto. At- tended Havergal College and Alma College before coming to Varsity. Was a member of The Polity Club III, IV, and of the Law Club I-IV. Was an active member of the Junior Cradleship Creche. Has spent two summers as a camp coun- sellor-in Japan II, and in On- tario III. M. JEAN MCCRIMMON Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from Malvern Collegiate. 29 1 J UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 4- W f. ic. in gs .. - , is 5 vs 2 if? 2'6- W- :DQ-. ix, Q 1 vi-N li . X if W is MARGARET J. McKAY CAD Fort William, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Fort Wil- liam, Ont. Came to Varsity via Branksome Hall. Lived in Mulock House, Whitney Hall, and was a member of Mulock House Committee II. Was on the W.U.A. Council III, as So- cial Director. Future plans in- clude an apple orchard. DORELLE MACKELLAR Toronto, Ont. CIIBCIJJ Pass Arts. Was born in Toron- to. Attended Bishop Strachan School. While at Varsity played Basketball for U.C. I, II, III, and Badminton I. Was on the Year Executive and a member of the French Club and the Players' Guild I, II. Sails through the summers. JEAN MARIE McKENZIE' Toronto, Ont. CAIIJJ Pass Arts. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from St. Cle- ment's School. Member of U. C. F reshie Basketball Team, of the Golf Team. Volunteer worker at University Settle- ment for a year. Is interested in sports. Future plans inde- finite. I JEAN W. MACDONALD Toronto, Ont. CAAIIJ Pass Arts. Born in Kingston on a cold winter day. At- tended Oakwood C.I. Won the Gertrude Lawler Scholarship for English II. Was a member of Polity Club and its Secre- tary-Treasurer II. Fishes in the lakes of N. Frontenac in the summer and delights in viewing Intercollegiate Clashes in any sport. As for future plans, at the moment she is not giving herself away. CHRISTINE M. MacGREGOR Toronto, Ont. CAKDD Pass Arts. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from St. Cle- ment's School. MARGARET S. MacGREGOR Toronto, Ont. CKAOD English and History. Born in Toronto. ROBERT E. MacKERROW Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. GERALD D. A. McPHERSON West Monkton, Ont. Latin CGreek optionl. Came to Varsity on the Second Ed- ward Blake and the Second Carter Scholarships from Wal- kerton, H.S. He won a Reu- ben Wells Leonard Scholar- ship. Was on the S.C.M. Exe- cutive three years, on the Exe- cutive of the Classical Club two years, and on the J iu-Jitsu Squad three years. Summer occupations have varied from farming to work in Dept. of Education. Plans to continue study at O.C.E. KATHLEEN MAGLADERY Toronto, Ont. CII B495 Household Economics. 30 WM. BOYD McGRUTHER Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences. Came to Varsity from Parkdale C.I. DONALD P. McINTYRE Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics. Ma- triculated from Ridley College with a James Harris Schol- arship in Mathematics. Was a member of the M. Sz P. Society. Played Soccer for U.C. Worked summers in a Brokerage House and Insurance Company. In- tends to study Meteorology. ANDREW HILL McKAGUE R.R. 1, Teeswater, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Teeswater C.S. and Wingham H.S. Taught rural school in Culross Twp. and Continuation at Brussels and New Dundas. Took first two years by Teach- ers' Extension. Joined class of '38 for this year. Was a mem- ber of Hart House Glee Club. Will return to classroom. Qi 5- .. -- .....,,. . ,-.. . E 5 , :. ROBERT W. MANNING Maple, Ont. Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryl. Matriculated from Aurora High School and won the Archibald McArthur and the McClure Scholarships in his first year at Varsity. Is an inveterate hitchhiker and loves all forms of wild life. Played Soccer for U.C. Plans to enter Knox College in the fall, hav- ing done mission field work in the summer months. GARNET MAY Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Attended Saskat- chewan University. After teaching a few years he de- cided to "pep up" his academic standing. Is interested in the English and History Club CTreasurer IIIJ, debates, wrestling and hockey. JEAN MAY MEINERS Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from River- dale C.I. Played on U.C. Bas- ketball Teams I, II, III. In- tends to finish Medicine and to practise, preferably not in a large city. -x 1' - vp ,, . C ' wi '-1 ' Y 2 f, . . . 'I' 3 1 X? Xa , 5 . . , x MURIEL LOUISE MELSON Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity via North Toronto C.I. Was member of French and German Clubs for four years, and took part in German and French plays. Outside activities include skating and badminton. SYLVIA MAY MELSON Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity via North Toronto C.I. Was member of French Club for four years. Belonged to University Ger- man Club, and was Social Convener II, Secretary III, and became Vice-President IV. Took part in German and Ita- lian plays. Outside activities include badminton, swimming and skating. WILLIAM R. MEREDITH Burford, Ont. C II EMD Pass Arts. Toronto abode- South House Residence. As- pired to journalism on The Varsity and Press Club. Snap- ped candid camera shots with the Hart House Camera Club. He expounded Liberal doc- trines at the Hart House De- bates, U.C. Parliament and Forum Club. Was President, University Liberal Club III. 'Q sql ' 113'-wr UNIVERSITY COLLEGE fr . , Sr'-if . . Q--4 1. . f ,iff x + 4 i' ,1 , 2 .,, 1, 'Q-f h Y W.. 'xx m We S2 MARGARET L. MICKLE Gravenhurst, Ont. CKAOD Pass Arts. Born in London, Ont. Took junior matricula- tion at Branksome Hall, senior matriculation at Jarvis Colle- giate. Her University Residence was Whitney Hall, Falconer House I, II, Mulock House III. Played Basketball and Hockey at U.C. I, II. Was a member of Players' Guild II, III, The Varsity staff and Press Club III. Was on Jasper Park Lodge summer staff I. Inter- ested in swimming and riding. Plans a business career and hopes to travel extensively. WILLIAM R. A. MILLER Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Oakwood C.I. Played on the U.C. Rugby Team II, and was a member of the Hart House Sketch Class. BEATRICE MIROCHNICK w Toronto, Ont. CNPLJ Sociology. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from Oak- wood C.I. Was on The Varsity staff for three years. Was member of Sociological Society for three years, becoming Pre- sident IV. Spends summers "summering" and doing camp work. As for future plans, who knows? ALAN HUBERT MORRIS Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Parry Sound and came to Varsity from Markham High School. RITA M. MULLIGAN CIIBQJJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. PAUL LOUIS NATHANSON Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from Upper Canada College. 31 I Tw I UNIVERSITY COLLEGE MAX B. NEMOY A way. 'IIS in i .- if JOSEPH N. ORENSTEIN Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences. Came to Varsity on a Morley Wickett Scholarship in English, lost it and still can't find it. Harbord was the collegiate. Likes literature, photography, music and dark- haired girls, chiefly literature. Does not speak Norwegian. VVILLIAM GEORGE PARKER Toronto, Ont. CCDFAJ Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Upper Canada College. Has worked in an insurance office during the summer months and hopes to enter the financial field on graduation. Is a member of the Commerce Club and interested in paddl- ing and skiing. LAURIE ALICE PATTEN St. George, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences. Matriculated f r o m Brantford C.I. Was a Falconer House resident four years, be- coming Senior Representative on House Executive IV. Played Hockey for U.C. I, II. Member of U.C. Glee Club III. After completing Medical Course, hopes to speed the Northern Wastes behind the huskies. 32 study at Osgoode. JAMES PATTISON N ICOL Thorold, Ont. an eyesight specialist. GRANT MURRAY PAULIN Toronto, Ont. Philosophy fEnglish or His- toryj. Received his Secondary School education at Univer- sity of Toronto Schools. Was a member of the Sketch Club and Players' Guild. JOHN G. L. PEARSON CZYPJ Toronto, Ont. Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryl. Came to Varsity from Upper Canada College with the John Macdonald and Tracey Scholarships. Was a member of the Philosophical Club on which he served as President I and IV, and a member of the Historical Club III, IV. Plans post-graduate work. NORA ALBERTA PENROSE Aurora, Ont. Moderns. Born in Newmarket, Ont. Came to Varsity with the Alumni Prize for General Proficiency from Newmarket High School. Guelph, ont. time 8z TEPJ Law. Came to Varsity from Guelph C.I. on a Carter Scho- larship. Was President of TEP Legal Fraternity IV. Was a member of the Law Club I, IV. Plans to continue his legal Law. Graduated from Thorold H.S. Resided at Knox. Was a member of Law Club, Secre- tary-Treasurer III. Was U.C. Parliament Prime Minister II, Forum C l u b Vic e - President IV. Main outside activities are public speaking and executive work. Spent summers in a newsprint paper mill and learned rudiments of its manu- facture. Intends to go on to Osgoode, and eventually? HERBERT J ESSOP N OTT Toronto, Ont. CAXAJ Pass Arts. Born in Winnipeg. Came to Varsity from North Toronto C.I. Was a member of Hart House Camera Club I- IV, becoming Secretary IV. Likes tennis, swimming, skat- ing. Spends summers working for Bausch and Lomb Optical Co. Plans to travel and photo- graph the world, and become 44 '1 an f f ' M ' hi . fs. Q5 ' - fa W t l MARY AILEEN O'BRIEN Toronto, Ont. CKAGD Pass Arts. Matriculated from Jarvis Collegiate. Spends her summers working in Depart- ment of Education. LAWRENCE G. O'CONNOR Cobourg, Ont. CATJ Political Science and Econo- mics. Was a member of Senior Intercollegiate Track Team I- IV, Captain IV. Is holder of Canadian Open, Native, Inter- collegiate record 120 yds. High Hurdlesg 220 yds. Low Hurdles, Intercollegiate record 220 yds. Dash. Member of Canadian Olympic Team 1936, and Canadian British Empire Team 1938. Was Secretary III, Vice-President IV, University Track Club. Was a member House Committee, Hart House, IV, and University Athletic Directorate, IV. HARRY WILLIAM OLCH Toronto, Ont. Law. Came from Jarvis C.I., where he took a Chase Eng- lish Scholarship. Was a mem- ber of Varsity Basketball, U.C. Basketball, Volleyball and Baseball Teams. Was a mem- ber of U.C. Parliament and Forum Club. Bars no faculty or student body member in verbal exchange, Osgoode Hall had better beware. .f 9 5 . E 155. r we . . , .. , W.. 0 fa . ., , ,f -fi GEORGE W. PETERS CAXAJ Lindsay, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. Varied interests were shown in memberships in University Liberal Club, being President III, Commerce Club, Historical Club IV, Literary Director U.C., and Speaker U.C. Parliament IV. Rowed in '37 Henley Cfourj and with Senior Intercollegiate crew in Syracuse. NORMAN C. PHEMISTER Niagara Falls, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Niagara Falls C.I., taking up residence at the U.C. Resi- dence, where he served as Vice-President II and Secre- tary III. Was a member of the Varsity Band I-III, The Varsity staif II, III, and the U.C. Follies I-III. Is the leader of a campus dance band. FRANK O. PLANT Ottawa, Ont. Law. Matriculated from Glebe C.I. Resided at U.C. Men's Residence I-IV CPresident IVJ. Was a member of the Law Club I-IV CPresident IVE, of the Moot Court I-IV, and of the Rifle Club. Other activi- ties: U.C. Follies, Robinette Debates, and the Court Crier. Plans to attend Osgoode Hall. V . I 5 'Z WL OWEN PIERCE PRICHARD Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Chose Wycliffe as his residence. Was Keeper of the Seal of Wycliffe College Literary Society. His main in- terests are debating, basket- ball, and touch-rugby on the back campus. Spent last sum- mer as Anglican missionary in the West. Plans to study Theology at Wycliffe. ROBERT W. PRITCHARD Wyman, Que. Biological and Medical Sciences. Took up residence at East House in first year and stayed there ever since, be- coming Secretary-Treasurer IV. Has been interested at divers times in C.O.T.C., Rifle Association, athletics, blind dates, Hart House Songsters and sleeping comfortably in afternoon lectures. RAYMOND WILLIAM RAE Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics. Born in Finland and matriculated from Jarvis C.I. with a First General Proficiency Scholar- ship. Spent one summer at a summer resort, the others on a farm. Was a member of the M. and P. Society for two years. Enjoys squash and gymnas- tics but is proficient in neither. JOCELYN ANNE REA CAIIJJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from Ovenden College in Barrie. Played Bas- ketball for U.C. I, II, III, and Intercollegiate Basketball II. Member Hockey Club II, Bas- ketball Club III, Athletic Directorate III, Glee Club II, III. Was U.C. Music Director on the W.U.A. III. Managed Varsity Hockey Team I. CHRISTINE RENNIE Collingwood, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Toronto from Collingwood Collegiate. Did settlement work. Was a member of Glee Club II, III. RENE GEORGE RHODES Toronto, Ont. Chemistry, Mineralogy, and Geology CDiv. ID. Matricu- lated from East York C.I. and came to Varsity where he gar- nered the Edward Blake Scholarship II, and the Daniel Wilson and Gordon Southam Scholarships III. Is interested in music, painting and swim- ming. Was a member of the Rocky Fellers Club, and the Hart House Sketch Club. In the summer was a member of party on Ontario Geological UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Survey at Kirkland Lake. Will continue geological work and travel. GRAHAM F. RIDGWAY Ottawa, Ont. Moderns. Came from Lisgar C.I., Ottawa. Won U.C. French Society Prize, won the Jarvis Bursary, I and II. Interests: music, literature, food, poli- tics. Has been exposed to the study of music, but seems to be immune as far as perform- ing ability is concerned. Future plans: O.C.E. MARGARET E. RITCHIE Cromarty, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Sarnia Collegiate. Intends to take up Nursing and then be- come an Air Hostess. During the summer worked in the Department of Education. ISABEL F. ROBERTSON Toronto, Ont. fKK1'D Pass Arts. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from Runny- mede Collegiate. I 33 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE REUBEN O. D. SALMON Erin, Ont. Pass Arts. Has resided for the past three years at Wycliffe College. Plans to enter Theo- logy at Wycliffe later taking up missionary work. ALICE BLANCHE SAMUEL Toronto, Ont. CAECIJJ Pass Arts. Born in Toronto. Attended Havergal College and Oakwood Collegiate. While at Varsity, was Dean of her Fraternity. Spent last sum- mer as a counsellor at a camp in Algonquin Park. Hopes to secure a position after gradua- tion. DORIS LILLA SAMUEL Toronto, Ont Sociology. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from Haver- gal College and Oakwood Col- legiate. Was a member of U.C. Swiniming Team I, II, III. Was Social Service Representative on the Year Executive III. Spends summers as counsellor at girls' camp. Plans to do childrenis work. F' E . . 34 Wil 12"-- JAMES ALAN ROBERTSON Barrie, Ont. Pass Arts. Was graduated from Barrie C.I., went through Peterborough Normal. Taught Public School, and obtained one year through U. of T. Ex- tension Dept. Was on The Varsity staff two years. Was a member of Hart House Glee Club, and U. of T. Rifle Asso- ciation two years. Was a member U. of T. Press Club, III. MARY JULIA ROGERS Essex, Ont. CAFAD Pass Arts. Born in Essex, Ont. Came to Varsity from Essex High School. Lived in Mulock House, Whitney Hall, for three years. CLARA ROSEN Toronto, Ont. Psychology. PETER J. SANDIFORD Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDi- vision IVJ. Matriculated from U.T.S. Was Treasurer of M. and P. Society II, member of The Varsity staff II, of the Players' Guild II, of the University Symphony Orchestra II. Was a member of Hart House Glee Club I-IV, being on Commit- tee IV. Likes sailing and hiking. Plans to do post- graduate work in Meteorology here and eventually to marry Qa girl as yet unknownl. LA VERNE SCI-IUMACHER Buffalo, N.Y. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from the University of Buf- falo. Did Settlement Work I. Was a member of U.C. Glee Club II, III, and on The Var- sity staff II, III, and member of Press Club. JAMES R. SCOTT Seaforth, Ont. Pass. Arts. Came to Varsity from Seaforth C.I. and took up residence in East House. JAMES DAY ROSS Toronto, Ont. Law. Matriculated from Hum- berside C.I. Was a member of Forum Club and Labour Club. Acted as Clerk and Prime Minister of U.C. Parlia- ment. Future plans are inde- finite. FRANCES RUTH ROTSTEIN Toronto, Ont. CAQEJ Pass Arts. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from Har- bord C.I. RITA JUNE HELEN RYAN Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity via Loretto Abbey. Was a member of Newman Club and of Loretto Alumnae. Spends summers in- dulging in sports and reading. Is considering Law. ibm- N ROSE SENDEROWITZ Toronto, Ont. CIA H I Sociology. ALBERT A. SHABERIVLAN Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. Came to Varsity from Bloor C.I. While keenly interested in economics man- aged to take part in the activi- ties of the Avukah Society, becoming President IV. Was a member of the Debates Committee of Hart House III and IV, being Secretary and Speaker of the House IV, be- longed to the Historical Club III and IV. Awarded the Bankers' Scholarship I and shared the Second Alexander Mackenzie II. B. BARRY SHAPIRO CTEPJ Toronto, Ont. Law. Familiarly known as "Bud" since childhood, which at times he faintly suspects having outgrown. Visited U. of T. while en route from North Toronto C.I. to Osgoode Hall. Learned talking: U.C. Parliament, Opposition Leader II, Prime Minister III, Deputy Speaker IV, listening: Forum Club I-IV, Secretary III, Pre- sident IVg writing: The Var- sity I, Editor Court Crier 1'9" CLaw Course monthlyj IV, playing: U.C. Letter in Base- ball, courting: U. of T. Moot Court, Bencher III, Magistrate IV. MARY C. SHAW CKKFJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Baltimore, Maryland. Came to Varsity via Bishop Strachan School. Uni- versity residence-73 St. George Stl! Was President of the Year Executive Ig member of French Club I, II, and of Players' Guild I, II. Played Interfaculty Tennis I, II, III, and Intercollegiate Tennis I, III. Enjoyed bowling III, and riding III. Spends summers chautfeuring. Future plans-? I. SHINER Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. W. L. SHORTREED Allison Park, Pa. Pass Arts. ESTHER. SHUB QIAIID Timmins, Ont. Household Economics. Born in Timmins, Ont. DOROTHY G. SMITH CKKFJ Stratford, Ont. Moderns. Came to Varsity from Stratford C.I. Her resi- dence was Falconer House, Whitney Hall. Was on the Year Executive I, and the House Committee II, III, be- coming Head Girl IV. Was a member of French Club, the Alliance F rangaise, and the Glee Club. Worked at the University Settlement. VANCE CLIO SMITH CKEQ Toronto, Ont. Law. Born in Springfield, Ill., and matriculated from Hum- berside C.I. Was a member of the Law Club I-IV, and of the Rifle Club I. Is interested in golf and tennis. Osgoode Hall appears to be his des- tination. WILFRED C. SMITH Toronto, Ont. Orientalsg English and History I, with Gertrude Lawler Scho- larship to show for it, Greek and Hebrew II. Came to Var- sity with the Prince of Wales and several other Scholarships in Moderns, Mathematics, and UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Mfr' -'v I 5" sh, ,f ' , flhf 'w ! . Tw.. it I W-1r'vQ as if in ,cu a, 5 I f W' ,I , what not. Won Massey Fel- lowship IV. Interest in God and the contemporary world expressed itself in debating: Speaker, Hart House, U.C. "Lit." Executive, Historical Club, President IV, Student Christian Movement, President IV, and such, and he intends to express it eventually in Christian work in the Near East. He pities people who do not know the Orient. MARGARET E. SNYDER Waterloo, Ont. CAQJJ Pass Arts. Born in Waterloo. Came to Varsity from Oven- den College, and while at the University resided in Falconer House, Whitney Hall. Played Basketball II, III, Hockey I, II, and Tennis II. VICTOR E. F. SOLMAN Toronto, Ont. Biology. Came to Varsity from Parkdale C.I. with the Ann Shepard Award in Biology and won the Jean Balmer Scholarship in Science and the First Alexander T. Fulton Scholarship I. Served as Sec- retary of the Biological Club III. For the past summers he has been employed by the Ontario Fisheries Research Laboratories and hopes to con- tinue in biological research. ,41wf, 35 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE ,ff t a mg MOLLY MCLEAN STEWART Ottawa, Ont. CAXQD Household Economics. Born in Ottawa and came to Varsity from Glebe Collegiate. While in Toronto, resided in Fal- coner House, Whitney Hall. MARY RUTH SWADRON Toronto, Ont. QACIJEJ Political Science and Econo- mics. MARGARET A. TAYLOR Toronto, Ont. CKAOJ Moderns. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from North Toronto Collegiate, and was successful in obtaining the Italian Prize I, II. Played Bas- ketball I. Was member of French Club II, IV, held a position on the Year Execu- tive III, IV, and on W.U.A. Council IV. JOYCE E TENENBAUM Toronto, Ont. CAQEJ Pass Arts. Matriculated from Harbord C.I. Was a member of The Varsity staff, Editorial Board II, Women's Editor III. Was a member of S.A.C. III, W.U.A. Council III, and U.C. Debating Club II, III. Was Vice-President of U. of T. Ten- nis Club IIIg a member of U.C. Tennis Team I, II, III, and of Intercollegiate Tennis Team II, III. Was a member of U.C. Basketball I, II, of Interme- diate Intercollegiate Basket- ball I. Is a Senior "T" holder. 36 -- :I ' ' MARGARET W. SORENSON Toronto, Ont. CAFJ Pass Arts. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Branksome Hall. DONALD K. STADELMAN Toronto, Ont. Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology CDiv. IIJ. Came to Varsity from Humberside C.I. Member of the Rocky Fellers Club, serving first as Secre- tary-Treasurer and then as President of this body. Has done Geological Survey work with both the Dept. of Mines, Ottawa, and the Ontario Dept. of Mines. BARBARA N. STARK CAPJ Toronto, Ont. English and History. Born in Orpington, Kent, England. Came to Varsity via the Bishop Strachan School. Spends sum- mers acquiring a tan at Go- Home Bay, Georgian Bay. In- tends to travel-and then??? Was a member of Wornen's Press Club. . ALAN MAURICE THALER Toronto, Ont Mathematics and Physics CDi- vision ID. Came to Varsity from Oakwood C.I. on a James Harris and an Edward Blake Scholarshp. Builds radios as a hobby and spends summers working in a radio factory. THELMA THOMPSON Nassau, Bahamas. Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryh. Was a member of Press Club Ig English and History Club I. Was on Executive of S.C.M. III, IV. Is interested in folk-dancing, correspondence, and psychological bias for elephants! Like people with a sense of humour. GARTH O. THOMSON CAAKIJD Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Upper Canada College. Was a member of Glee Club, and Secretary of Liberal Club for two years. Was a member of Interfaculty Track Team I, II. B e l 0 n g e d to Intercollegiate Sailing Team III. R. FORBES THOMSON Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Is an Oakwood C.I. old boy who won the McClure Scholarship in the Hrst year. He played Senior Intercolle- giate Soccer I, II, and acted as Playing Manager III. FREDA STEIN CAEIDD Toronto, Ont. Psychology. Born in Lindsay. Matriculated from Humber- side C.I. Was a member of The Varsity staff I, II, and of the Players' Guild I. Spent summers as a camp counsel- lor. Engages in group leader- ship Work. MORRIS STEIN Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences. Ambition-to devote his life to work of benefit to Man, to alleviate Man's ills, to . . . etc. Attitude-we view with alarm . . . Firm Beliefs --Cab in the future of this country, Cbj Moscow Gold. JOHN F. H. STEWART St. John, N.B. Biological and Medical Sciences. Came from Saint John, N.B., in '34. Future plans include Theology and Medicine, with Africa as ulti- mate destination. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE ARTHUR A. WELLS Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Came to Varsity from Bloor C.I. A member of the U.C. French Club I-IV, and of the University German Club I-IV, acting as Business Manager III. Was on the U.C. Players' Guild I. Outside the University is actively inter- ested in the Miracle Players and the Alliance Francaise de Toronto. Has spent five unro- mantic summers as a lifeguard at a private pool in the city. Future plans include O.C.E. CAROLYN WESLEY Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from Haver- gal College. Was a member of the U.C. French Club and the Players' Guild. Outside acti- vities include singing, piano, badminton and riding. Spent her summers as a counsellor at a girls' camp. Plans to con- tinue studies in music and dramatics. NORA WEST CAKDJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from St. Clement's School. A. DALTON WHITE Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Was a North Toronto C.I. product. Played for the U.C. Lacrosse Team for three years, acting as Manager III. Was on the U.C. Senior Basketball Team II, III, and the Intercollegiate La- crosse Team. Was Secretary pil the U. of T. Lacrosse Club MALDWYN A. VVILLIAMS Brussels, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in North Wales. Matriculated from Lis- towel High School. Played In- terfaculty Soccer II, III. Is a resident in Knox College, in- tending to stay there to study Theology. Spends summers preaching on Mission Fields. RICHARD H. WILLIAMS Millbrook, Ont. Pass Arts. Lived in Knox Residence. Treasurer of V.C.F. III. Plans to enter Knox. cz p l .. 19' 6 I x :lj 'I 5. . 0 I Toronto, Ont. dale C.I. Toronto, Ont. bord Collegiate. W. M. WISMER Jordan Station, Ont. Pass Arts. at Q . A yfzzvz V i . by i JEAN ELEANORE WOODS I Toronto, Ont. man Club I, IV. IVAN LAVERNE WILSON Mathematics and Physics CDi- vision IIIJ. Born in Hamilton, and matriculated from River- RUTH WINSTON QAKDEJ Biological and Medical Sci- ences. Came to Varsity on a James Harris Scholarship in French and Latin from Har- Moderns. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from River- dale C.I. Was a member of Italian-Spanish Club Ig of French III, IVQ and of Ger- .f- GN pn- . ,' A1 . qi.. . . I 'E ' .s '. ' f X if , f 5 a -z .. f .,5 just 'A 1, Vi 4- ' ef' . , V " "Ti .Q ,ll h , L . ... 'E l 1 JOHN HOWIE WRIGHT Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. WILLIAM A. YOUNG CEXJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from U.T.S. and played Rugby for U.C. I. Also played on the U.C. Hockey Team I, II, III. Served as Interfaculty Rugby Referee in his second year and took part in the U.C. Follies III. Outside of the University his attentions were devoted to the Scarboro Golf Club, the Bel- lettre Literary Club and the Rex Bible Class. Intends to take a short course at O.A.C. and then enter the industrial world. SADIE ZIEDEL KAKIJFJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. LOUIS ZIFF CIIAKIJJ Fort Erie, Ont. Law. Born in Toronto. Matri- culated from Fort Erie High School. Spent a year at Glas- gow University, winning the Certificate of Distinction in History. Enrolled in Law at Varsity. Was a member of Forum Club. His hobby, poetry, his ambition, creative writing, his future, Osgoode Hall. . 37 3, + Q h T' A i l x. ,Y , Y i YW, fr ,YY 4 V 1 l A TT 1836 VICTORIA UNIVERSITY 1938 Academy, College and University in Cobourg N 1936 Victoria University celebrated the one hundredth anniversary of the granting of the Royal Charter by King William IV on October 12th, 1836. The same year marked the centenary of actual teaching which was commenced in the Upper Canada Academy in Cobourg in June, 1936. The corner-stone of the Upper Canada Academy was laid on June 7th, 1832, and exactly one hundred years later this event was marked by a pilgrimage to Cobourg of graduates and friends of Victoria University. In 1841 the Charter was extended to include degree-conferring powers and the name was changed to Victoria College. The first degree in Arts in Ontario was conferred by Victoria College in 1845 on Oliver Springer. In 1854 a Faculty of Medicine was adldedg in 1860 a Faculty of Law, and a Faculty of Theology in 1871. In 1884 the name was changed to Victoria University. During the first half century of Victoria's existence the names of two leaders stand out. Egerton Ryerson was responsible for securing the Royal Charter and he was the first Principal of Victoria College in 1841. When Samuel S. Nelles took charge of the College in 1850 its fortunes were at a low ebb. Under his wise and far-sighted guidance the work of Victoria grew and expanded as additional faculties were added. Federation with the University of Toronto ICTORIA UNIVERSITY was admitted to federation with the University of Toronto in 1890. By that act Victoria was a pioneer in setting up the system of education by which the provincial university and three independent denominational universities and colleges have in the course of time through their federation agreements established the Faculty of Arts of the Univer- sity of Toronto as it exists to- day. No man played a greater part in the development and consummation of the federation idea than the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Toronto, now the honoured Chancellor of the same institution, the Right Honourable Sir William Mulock. Federation became an actual fact when Victoria moved to Toronto in 1892, and at the same time discontinued the Faculties of Medicine and Law, retaining the right to grant degrees only in Divinity. The organization of Victoria University then consisted of two faculties, Arts and Divinity. The Arts Faculty, known as Victoria College with University College, then constituted the Arts Faculty of the University of Toronto, to which federation Trinity College and St. Michaells College were admitted later. 'QW - dip A T il ll liila Expansion in Toronto URING the Hrst decade of its existence in Toronto the number of students in Victoria College was small. With the opening of Annesley Hall in 1903 there was a marked increase in the number of women stud-ents. With larger numbers came the demand for additional buildings. The Birge Carnegie Library, provided through the munificence of Mr. C. A. Birge of Hamilton and Mr. Andrew Carnegie, was opened in 1910. Burwash Hall and the lVIen's Residences, the gift of Mr. Chester D. Massey, were completed in 1913. During the Great War the number of students in attendance was depleted by half and the Menis Residences were used almost exclusively for military purposes. After the Armistice the number in attendance reached ap- proximately the same figure as it had been before the War. In 1926 another splendid addition was made to the buildings of Victoria University with the opening of the Wymilwood Women Students' Union and Residence, the gift of Mrs. E. R. Wood and Lady Flavelle. The task of translating the federation agreement into practice was accomplished by Chancellor Nathanael Burwash who had succeeded Dr. Nelles in 1887 and held office until 1913. During the diffi- cult war years and during the period of greater expansion in 1920-1930 Chancellor R. P. Bowles guided the destinies of the institution. Victoria College and Emmanuel College HE consummation of Church Union in 1925 affected both the Work and organization of Victoria University. There was a marked increase in the number of students enrolled in Victoria College. An amendment to the Charter was contained in the Victoria University Act of 1928 which provided for two colleges, Victoria College in Arts and Emmanuel College in Divinity. When the charter and buildings of Knox College were given to the non-concurring congregations of the former Presbyterian Church, the college body consisting of Board, Senate, Staff and the majority of students was re-incorporated as Union Theological College. The Victoria University Act of 1928 provided that Union Theological College and the Faculty of Theology of Victoria University should be united to form Emmanuel College of Victoria University. In 1929 and 1930 an appeal was made for funds to provide land and buildings for Emmanuel College. Construction was begun in 1930 and at the opening of the session in the fall of 1931 the new Emmanuel College Building and Emmanuel College Residences were formally opened. In January, 1930, Dr. Edward W. Wallace was installed as Chancellor and President of Victoria University, succeeding Dr. R. P. Bowles, who had resigned and was appointed Chancellor Emeritus. '-N -vm: , -W' -wr. ,.l ..f.M'lS?"'A - ,..4' "gil ' 'GY' 'lf . is ' f f A W Q V .. .5 , ' 'M .M M " ' 1 f'2s....s.'2Es.I,.-FA fs VICTORIA COLLEGE To the Graduating Class of Victoria College By Principal W. T. Brown, M.A., Ph.D. HERE never was a time in the history of the world when young men and women were not faced with serious difficulties and challenged by great opportunities. For many years the realistic tendency to dwell upon the immediate obstacles that face youth has eclipsed the idealistic spirit which thrills at the prospect of adventure. I trust, however, that as the Class of nineteen hundred and thirty-eight leaves our college halls the spirit of sanity will go with them, and that without failing to recognize the difficulties of life they may have the vision to behold its alluring prospects. I have no doubt that for some years the immediate task of estab- lishing yourself in your home, and in your professional or business career, will demand a large portion of your energies, and you may be sure that there is no sphere or activity where intelligent, high- minded and persistent labour will not finally achieve significant results. As you are busily engaged in your own specific tasks great changes will take place in the world around you, changes in the social, political and religious world, changes that may profoundly affect your own lives and the lives of future genera- tions. I trust that even at the begin- ning of your careers you will not be so pre-occupied with your own concerns as to be unable to help shape the thought and life around you. You are the heirs of a great tradition of freedom which has worked its way down through the Anglo-Saxon race, you are debtors to the spirit of democracy which has given to you opportuni- ties of development never excelled in the history of mankind, you are the custodians of a spiritual tradition which has ennobled the life of man and shaped the course of civilization. Your Alma Mater will watch your respec- tive careers with interest, and trusts that you will so guide the thought of your age that the rich heritage of the past will be preserved and that the changes which take place in the world will give increased opportunities to all intelligent, high-minded citizens who are willing to labour for the common good. M El I ai Ep' MARGUERITE ABREY Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. MARION JESSIE ADAMS Walkerton, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Walkerton High School. Was a member of the B. Sz M. Club I. Played on Inter- mediate Basketball Team I. Member of the Women's Lib- eral Club III. She plans to ship by freighter to Europe, and then settle down at O.C.E. DOROTHY M. ADSETT Toronto. Ont. Pass Arts. Attended Runny- mede Collegiate. Was a mem- ber of Dramatic Club III. In- terested in music, plays bad- minton. Spends summers holi- daying at beaches and travel- ling. Hopes to do some type of advertising. 6 af JOHN DONALD AFFLECK Lanark, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. Born in Lanark, Ontario, at a very early age. Has sur- vived four years of residence life in Gate House which is itself a notable achievement. Hopes to continue surviving- at Osgoode Hall, preferably. GORDON JAMES ALDRIDGE Toronto, Ont. General Arts. Mired in Music. Sociology Society, Vic. Drama- tic Club and S.C.M. confess his membership. Teams in- clude Water Polo, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball and Hoc- key. Prime passions-Ping- pong and Ticket-selling. Surn- mer occupation-Director of Aquatic Sports, Sherwood For- est Camp. M. ELINOR J. ARCHIBALD Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Toronto, there to remain. Matriculated from Oakwood C.I. to enter the Pass Arts Course for cul- tural purposes. Interested in S.C.M. I, II, also in Bible Class and Y.P.S. work. Employed by Board of Education for two summers. Her future ambitions are too numerous to mention. I DORIS MAY ARMSTRONG Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Kobe, Japan, came to Varsity from Jarvis Collegiate. Was a mem- ber of Vic Music Club I-III. Outside interests also centre around music. Attended In- dianapolis Quadrennial in 1936, as S.C.M. representative. Plans to take Kindergarten and Pri- mary Course at Normal. H. S. ARMSTRONG Toronto, Ont. Geology and Mineralogy. JEAN C. ATCHISON Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. VICTORIA COLLEGE :gm Ph hd 'Ar-not l.. MARY L. AVISON Toronto, Ont. , Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryb. Came to Varsity from Humberside C.I. Was a mem- ber of Dramatic Club I, II, member of Music Club IV. De- veloped philosophical view of life waiting on tables. Considers Occupational Therapy, even if remote from Philosophy. Doesn't believe in prejudices, but thinks Calgary. Alta., a fine place. ELEANOR W. BAKER Simcoe, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Simcoe High School. In residence at Addison House and on House Executive. Was member of Vic. Baseball Team I, II-Interfaculty Champions both years. Was awarded "V" in I. RALPH H. BAILEY Toronto, Ont. Latin fFrench or Greekl. fa' ifdifl Y UTE13 VICTORIA COLLEGE 'YF' . PAUL M. BENNETT Toronto, Ont. General Arts. Paul was born in Toronto and came from Humberside Collegiate to Vic- toria. Plans to enter into busi- ness but may spend another year in preparation after he graduates. LAURA MARY BENNING Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Born in Montreal and came to Varsity from Riverdale Collegiate. Was a member of Vic. Music Club and Honour Science Club I, Honour Science Club II, III, IV, Vic. Music Club IV. Out- side activities include Church Choral work and dramatics, and camping during the sum- mer. Plans to go to O.C.E. ALEX. NORTON BENTLEY Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Atlanta, G e o r g i a. Matriculated from Pickering College. Interested in gymnastics and trying to read overnight books overnight. Loves to spend the summer canoe-tripping, fishing and canoe-tripping, plays the first two - thirds of RachmaninofI's Prelude Cit, and likes Plato, Spinoza, Schopenhauer and Romanticism, especially Ro- dh JOHN MCLEAN BARR Toronto, Ont. Classics. ALICE BASNETT Toronto, Ont. Classics. Came to Varsity from East York High School. Won the Second Mary Mulock Scholarship and the Flavelle' Scholarship in Greek and Latin. Was a member of Vic- toria Basketball Team. MARION ETHEL BAWDEN Toronto, Ont. English and History. Born in Toronto. Matriculated f 1' o m North Toronto Collegiate. Dip- ped into the mysteries of Life Insurance for one year, but re- tired in favor of "The Artiest of the Arts", English and His- tory. Chief attractions- S.C. M., Women's Literary Society, and the inevitable C h u r c h work. manticism. Future plans - none in particular, h a V in g found the cross-bridges-when- you-come-to-them the least disappointing. MARIAN E. BEST Toronto, Ont. Sociology. Was born at Spring- field, Massachusetts. Matricu- lated from North Toronto Col- legiate, and won Hamilton Fisk Biggar and Joseph William Binning Scholarships. Was on Class Executive I, Women's Athletic Executive II, V. C. U. Secretary III and Associate President IV. Was a member of Sociology Club and Drama- tic Club. Played on Intercol- legiate and Victoria Basketball Teams. Spent summers as Supervisor on Toronto City Playgrounds. ARTHUR L. BINKLEY CKEJ New Liskeard, Ont. Law. Interested in music and antiques. Was a member of the Law Club and on the Kappa Sigma Executive III, IV. Plans' to practise law and later on enter political life. ALEXANDER M. BIRKS Bowmanville, Ont. Chemistry. MURIEL ELVA BEATON Toronto, Ont. Philosophy tEnglish or His- toryj. Came to Varsity from West China and Japan via Jarvis C.I. Was Secretary, Philosophical Club and Secre- tary, Year Executive Hg Clerk of Debating Parliament and on S.C.M. Council IIIg Associate- President S.C.M. and on Acta Victoriana staff IV. Her ambi- tion is to write and see the world via typewriter. Likes a sense of humour and deter- mination in editors, professors, friends. CATHERINE HELEN BELL Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born at Erin, On- tario. Came to Varsity from Humberside Collegiate. Was a member of the Psychology Club and Victoria Music Club. Plans to attend Library School. JAMES DONALD BELL Toronto, Ont. Law. I f wav Q I V X 'QM X X x 5 i x X t -ff . I X Q. ig K 1, f Ax X I EILEEN EVELYN BIRRELL Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born at Toronto, and matriculated from Mal- vern Collegiate. Active in Church Club work. Has tra- velled in Bermuda and Ja- maica during the summers. Plans to attend O.C.E-and later travel in Europe. ELSIE ELIZABETH BONDO Toronto, Ont. English and History. Born at Davenport, Iowa. Matriculat- ed from Jarvis C.I. At Var- sity achieved no scholarly dis- tinction. Chiefly absorbed in, and entangled by, Parsonage life. Has worked every sum- mer. O.C.E. is her path to a career. Would like to study in Denmark. CHARLES EDWARD BROWN Meaford. Ont. General Arts. Lived in South House, Burwash Hall III, IV, and was on House Executive IV. Was a member of Vic- toria Music Club I, II, Honour Science Club and of N.B.N. Club IV. Intends to go to O.C.E. ' VU! ig, mgpuv-v 'V . IVY VERNON BROWN Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Toronto born and bred. Came to Varsity from Riverdale Collegiate. Member of Vic. Music Club for three years-belonged to the Chapel Choir. On Wymilwood Musi- cal Committee II. Enjoyed tra- velling during the summer. Plans to take the Social Science Course. M. JOY BROWNLEE Owen Sound, Ont. Pass Arts. Born at Owen Sound and came to Varsity from Owen Sound Collegiate Vocational Institute. Was in residence at Annesley Hall. Played on Interfaculty Bas- ketball and Baseball Teams for three years, also Intercol- legiate Basketball. Member of All-Star Hockey Team I. Associate President of 3T9 II. Holder of Athletic Stick. Was a member of the Directorate. WILLIAM K. BUCHANAN Warkworth, Ont. Physics and Chemistry. s7'rA ARTHUR JAMES BURNS Calgary, Alta. CIIJKIIJ Law. Member of Victoria Athletic Union I. Law Club I-IV, bencher of Blake's Inn of the Moot Court of U. of T. IV. Likes golf, swimming, badminton and boating. Plans graduate study at Harvard and then to practise law in Van- couver. JOHN LLOYD BURNS Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences. Was a member of Victoria College Dramatic So- ciety I, Honour Science Club I, II, Hart House Camera Club III, Junior Interfaculty Swim- ming Team III. Plans to study Medicine. IDA BLANCHE CALDWELL Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Toronto born and bred. Member of Vic. Music Club for three years and Dra- matic Club III. Ambition is to become a secretary-would also like to travel. VICTORIA COLLEGE Blk 49'- nv- EVELYN MARY CARNIE Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born at Toronto and attended Oakwood Colle- giate. Was a member of Music and Dramatic Clubs. Summers spent working and vacation- ing. Outside activities include work as Captain in the Girl Guides. Plans to go into office or advertising work. Would like especially to make use of biology. JANE HELEN CARSCALLEN Whitby, Ont. Sociology. Was on Vic. Dramatic Club I-IV, becoming Secretary III. On Women's Intercollegiate Debating Team Ig Vic Debat- ing Parliament II, IIIg Bad- minton Team Ilg Baseball Team III, Tennis Team IV, Vic S.C.M. Executive II and S.C.M. Council III, Secretary of A.S.G.A. III, Associate Presi- dent of Year IIIg Women's Literary Society Executive IV. MARGARET G. CHAMBERS Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Norwich, Ont., and matriculated from Malvern Collegiate. X 47 Llp VICTORIA COLLEGE 'hs' ,.f.f:.e ..,. .,., , ,: . NST. MW? sf' " ' N 11'-,222 ' ' ta. Vi' 3 -4 ..,. ali: 38. if . ,Q R: Vx .. ... . V sfpw ' . r X R .. , .53 : www -asus, Q. Xe -R ' - qlus.. x ., . 71 s . , ,. .. ' .1 f ggqzct .5 rg -nw,-. J z so '1l"""""T A ills . ly- U s. . : , My yvs- f' 5' sd he in-.. .... 53. .qdiniwl It I . I- xx I ,F Nw NY Qu 5 ti I XX S Q in f fm , 1 QW'-0 MARGARET K. CONRON Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Born at Toronto and came to Varsity from Humberside Collegiate. Belonged to S.C.M. Interested in C.G.I.T. work and camping during summers. Plans to go to O.C.E. FRED E. COOMBS Toronto, Ont. Physics. Came from U.T.S. to McLennan Lab., getting in by the back door. Hopes to enter Convocation Hall via the front door this year. ELF ORD BRADLEY COX Bowmanville, Ont. Moderns. Interested in languages, music, and espe- cially art. Wants to be a sculptor, but is going to O.C.E. all the same. Likes to talk about art, but would rather do it. f, SAMUEL L. G. CHAPMAN Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDivision ID. Entered Varsity with a Carter Scholarship and a Moses Henry Aikins Scho- larship for General Profi- ciency. Was a member of U. of T. Rifle Association, C.O.T.C. I-IV, Lieutenant IV. Future ambition, to retire young and learn to play bridge. ELAINE MARNE CLARKE Belleville, Ont. Classics. Born at Belleville and came to the University from Belleville Collegiate. Was in residence at Annesley Hall. EDITH MABEL CLYSDALE Owen Sound, Ont. English and History. Class Associate President, Fall Term, II. On Executive of Debating Parliament II and III, becoming Associate Presi- dent IV. Chairman S.C.M. University Committee for Na- tional Student Conference IV. Likes skating, riding, truck- ing and motorcycles. Plans to do post-graduate work next year. MIRIAM E. COLLINS Toronto, Ont. General Arts. After matricu- lating from Central Tech., Toronto, she spent several Ffh WILLIAM E. CURRY Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. Following a predilection for international politics and finance, he entered the Politi- cal Science Course from Hum- berside C.I. Was Secretary- Treasurer of Liberal Club III and Director IV. Chief interest Debating, was on Hart House Debates Committee III. Spent summers canoe-tripping, sail- ing and chopping at Camp Layolomi. Hopes to touch on the more practical side of poli- tics and finance after gradua- tion. HELEN DOROTHY CURTIS Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born at London, Ont., and matriculated from North Toronto C.I. Was mem- ber of Music Club I, of French Club III, and of Spanish Club. EVELYN MAY DAVID Toronto, Ont. General S c i e n c e. Attended Bloor Collegiate. Was a mem- ber of Honour Science Club and Biology Club for four years, being Vice-President of latter III. Active in Vic. Music Club II, III, and IV. Plans to attend O.C.E. 48 years studying life from a stenog's desk. Then came to Varsity to study Sociology. Campus interests: S.C.M., Free Lances, Sociology Society, C.C.F. Club, Vic. Women's Lit., and Women's Interfaculty De- bating. Hobby: Shaw. M. M. COLLINS-WILLIAMS Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Came to Varsity from Bloor C.I. Was a mem- ber of S.C.M. and French Club II, III and IV, Year Represen- tative of latter IV. Plays bad- minton and tennis. Spends summers acquiring a tan at camp, Winters getting rid of it. Has bright dreams for the future-hopes to have a vote in next election and to travel when she has found a school to teach. MAURICE E. COMFORT Beamsville, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDivision ID. Born in Saska- toon and matriculated from Beamsville High School. At Varsity, won a Regent's Scho- larship III, and the William Neil Hanna Scholarship IV. Was a member of the Vic. Music Club I, the M. and P. Society, and Class Executive IV. Plans to raise a large family on a mathematician's meagre salary and to produce one of the finest strains of White Wyandottes. AW XM' I "'4'?!3"" 3 426'-v QP' - J BERYL ISOBEL DAVIDSON Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Won the Hamilton Fisk Biggar Scholarship II, Regents' Scho- larship II, Anna Howe Reeve Prize in Household Science III. THORA JEAN DAVIDSON Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. ARTHUR C. DAYFOOT Georgetown, Ont. English and History. Partici- pated in the Student Christian Movement, being on Council Executive IV. Spent two years in Gate House, Burwash. Helped organize Student Co- operative Residenceg was General Manager III, Dish- washer IV. Amateurismata: debates, tennis, Acta Victori- cma, philosophy, economics. Summers spent as office-boy for C. B. Dayfoot 8: Co. . ini' ,pup l 7' CHARLOTTE R. DEACON Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born at Toronto. Went to Branksome Hall, and thence to Varsity. Was a member of Victoria Music Club in II and III. Was coun- sellor at Samaritan Club Camp during the summer. JOHN ALEXANDER DEAN Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. Was Manager of the Victoria College Senior Base- ball Team III, and of the Vic- toria College Hockey Team IV. Has obtained his Captains papers in the C.O.T.C. Has spent his summers variously: at the Kelvinator Co., at Eaton's, at the Victoria Col- lege Library, the Toronto Art Gallery, etc. Is interested in public affairs, business and sports. DOROTHY MAY DICKIE Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Came from Jarvis C.I. Was a mem- ber of Honour Science Club three years, Victoria Music Club three years. Played Hockey for Victoria two years. Is an enthusiastic skier Cwhen standing upb. Plans to prac- tise dietetics on the poor public. DORIS C. DIXON Galt, Ont. Sociology. Came to Varsity from Galt High School. Uni- versity Residence was Annes- ley Hall. Was on Women's Literary Executive III and IV, also Debating Parliament and Women's Athletic Society IV. L. A. EARLSTON DOE Allandale, Ont. Philosophy QEnglish or His- toryl. A minister's son so doesn't come from anywhere in particular, started in Ber- muda, however. For a couple of years sought significance as a conscientious objector, but in fourth year finally retired into the inconsequence of the V.C.U. as Social Director - and Minister of Child-Welfare. "To am or not to was, dat is ze ask." CONSTANCE C. DONOVAN Oakville, Ont. Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryj. VICTORIA COLLEGE ,jih- W 'Q GEORGE G. DOWNARD Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. NORMA EVELYN FAURE Port Arthur, Ont. English and History. Born in Port Arthur, and attended Port Arthur Collegiate. Was in residence at Annesley Hall, and member of A.S.G.A. Exe- cutive III. Joined Women's Literary Society in III and IV. Future plans include O.C.E. and Europe. LEITH ISOBEL FERGUSON Toronto, Ont. General Arts. ,jf L- V! 49 X Cp by VICTORIA COLLEGE 'TA- q""s ' SW i gf 3 Z... Q N " sg.: ,,. , 2 we - a 2 1 ls? I xr V . . rg Q as l L... F, K1 I 5 'K 5 QM IV.. , , fps X A, " s HARRIET L. GANDIER Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born at Clinton, Ont., and came to Varsity from Clinton Collegiate. GEORGE R. GAYMAN Vineland, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences. Attended St. Cath- arines Collegiate, and at Var- sity, lived at East House, U. of T. Residence. Plans to study Medicine. ELIZABETH V. GIFFORD Toronto, Ont. Psychology. Came to Varsity from Oakwood C.I. First year spent in Philosophy CEnglish or Historyb. Was Secretary of Class IV. Gathered psycholo- gical data and tips in summer hotels. Ambition: to be a psy- chologist. CIt's nice work if you can get itj. 1' vw K' H DOROTHY ISOBEL FICE Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Toronto and came to Varsity from Oakwood Collegiate. Plans to attend either Normal or O.C.E. G. WALKER FitzGERALD Regina, Sask. Psychology. Won David Dun- lap Memorial Scholarship, I and II. Lived at North House, Burwash III CBoyoboy!j. Wants to take Medicine and Psychiatry now. Newspaper work and Hail Insurance pro- vide summer jobs. Still thinks Regina looks good. MARGARET J. FLEMING Owen Sound, Ont. Sociology. Women's Lit. I, II, Secretary III, President IV, A.S.G.A. II, IV, Music Club II, Debating II, Acta Victori- ana III, Hockey III. Plans to continue social studies. M. MARJORIE FLEMING Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Born at Toronto. Matriculated from Aurora High School-thence to Var- sity. Member of Music Club I, and French Club for four years. Took part in S.C.M. activities I-IV. Also swims- and goes skiing, when snow permits. Library School is most probable for next year. ELIZABETH J. FORSTER Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born at Toronto. Came to Varsity from Moul- ton College. JOAN C. J. FRASER Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. Born at Toronto. At- tended Malvern Collegiate. Interested-among other things-in Women's Commerce Club and Vic. Music Club. IRVINE G. GODDARD Dixie, Ont. Chemistry. Was a member of Vic. Music Club, Honour Science Club, and the Chemi- cal Club. Plays squash and tennis, enjoys music and par- ties and is also interested in agriculture. ALLEN CHARLES GOOD Paris, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Brantford Collegiate and re- sided in South House, Bur- wash Hall. Played Softball for Victoria and was on the Acta Victoriana staff. After Varsity, O.C.E. EDITH MILDRED GOULD Paris, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Paris High School. In resi- dence at Oaklawn and Addi- son House. Member of Vic. Music Club I-III, also attended French and German Clubs. Played on Vic. Hockey Team II and III. Suit' 1. ' - ' :J nrumzzr Nant? f at? If Q. 922. if if X 4 Q if 6 iz Q, 3 l ,. IQUQQ V' QQ- FLORENCE M. L. GRAY Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Came to Varsity from Humberside Collegiate. Was a member of French and German Clubs throughout her course. Spent summers delv- ing into the insurance business and playing tennis. H. KATHLEEN HALBERT Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Born in Toronto and matriculated from Runnymede Collegiate. Member of Dra- matic Club I-IV, Music Club III-IV. Was Secretary of her Year III, and Social Directress of V.C.U. IV. Was a Coun- cillor at Bolton Camp for two years and is interested in social service. dramatics and journalism. BETTY D. HARDIE Port Credit, Ont. English and History. Came to Varsity from Port Credit High School. go-13' 51. lan -IW? ROBERT W. HARDILL Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Harbord C.I. For a period studied architecture. Inter- ested also in music. DOROTHY HARRIS Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Malvern C.I. Belonged to Vic. French Club and Musical Appreciation Group. Has her A.T.C.M. in Piano. Delved into the intricacies of French con- versation in Quebec during the summer. MARY ROBINS HARRIS Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Chief interests musical. She has her A.T.C.M. in Piano. ROBERT S. HILTZ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Was a member of Vic. Music Club I, II, III, Dra- matic Society I. Likes Fencing and was in Junior Assault I and II. Has taught Public School in Toronto and plans to go to Emmanuel. BARBARA A. HODGSON Islington, Ont. Pass Arts. Born at Barrie. Attended Etobicoke High School. Was a member of Vic- toria Music Club throughout the three years. Chief extra- mural interest was also musi- cal. Plans to go in for secre- tarial work. CYRL H. HOLLINGSHEAD Kettleby, Ont. Law. VICTORIA COLLEGE 'fv- "f"' if ti? 1 'im fx A fb t"'i' A as 09" , W. BRUCE HORNELL Toronto. Ont. CCDKEJ Pass Arts. Came from Hum- berside C.I. Played a bit of baseball and rugby. Summer- time occupation, Supervisor in city playground. Anticipates a life of ease after attending Osgoode. WILBUR K. HOWARD Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Nurtured in Bloor C.I. Registered in Victoria College, aligned himself with S.C.M.g was on staff of Acta Victorianag on cabinet of De- bating Parliament. Looks upon people who belittle the Pass Course with a featureless gri- mace. Has changed from a freshman, trembling at the ob- fuscous cosmorama of univer- sity life, to a graduate whose feet hit the ground in a new way. DORIS M. HUGH Cobourg, Ont. Latin CFrench or Greek option, Division IIJ. Member of Victoria Classical Club four years. University residence was Annesley Hall. i I rt rv tiff 51 VICTORIA COLLEGE ,Tyger , V f J' .15 ik. QW" xx W, i N X 16 Egg ,X MARY MURIEL KARL Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born at Toronto. Matriculated from Harbord C.I. Was a member of the Music Club II, III. HELEN M. KAUFMAN Kitchener, Ont. Sociology. Was President of the Annesley Student Govern- ment Association IV, and Treasurer III, Music Con- vener for Women's Literary Society III. On Executive of Vic. Athletic Association III and IV. Member of Vic. Swim- ming Team II and member of Vic. Badminton Team every year. AILEEN B. KELLY Madoc, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Madoc High School. Took part in various church activities, Girls' Club, and bowling. Summers spent camping, fishing, boating, tra- velling. Intends to go to O.C.E. -then to travel, especially in Yukon and North-West Terri- tory. MILDRED M. HUNTER Hamilton, Ont. Pass Arts. Born out Uxbridge way. Got her matric. at Ham- ilton Central C.I. Lived at Tait House and Addison House during her days at Varsity. Is upholding family tradition nobly-marks third generation of Hunters at "Old Vic." EILEEN M. JACKSON Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Came up to Varsity from Parkdale C.I., minus all scholarships then as now. Was a member of the German Club I and II, of French Club I-IV, and an S.C.M.'er I-IV. Toron- tonensis Representative IV. Probed the mysteries of steno- graphy during two summers. As for the future-wait and see! MARY ELEANOR JOHNS Thornhill, Ont. Pass Arts. First saw light of day at Thornhill. Came to Varsity from Richmond Hill High School. The Music Club and Dramatic Society claimed her attention while at Vic.- among other things! F. R. KEMP Toronto, Ont. Modern History. Has man- aged to go the usual round of student activities. Found the Camera Club of Hart House to be the niche most attractive- took up photography as a hobby, and found that it remained as an obsession. Spends most of his time writ- ing essays and making pic- tures. FERN G. KENNEDY Unionville, Ont. Pass Arts. Resided in Addison House and Annesley Hall while at Vic. Was a member of Women's Athletic Society, becoming President III. Played on Baseball Team I-III CChamps I, ID and Hockey Team I-II CChamps IIJ. Awarded "V" in I, and Junior "T" in II. Spent summers as stenographer and camp coun- cillor. Plans to sponsor Wo- men's Rugby and Head the Alumni of Tush Pish Phi. WILLIAM CHARLES KENT Chatham, Ont. Law. ISABEL EDITH JOHNSON Humberside, Ont. Pass Arts. Attended Etobicoke High School, and thence to Varsity. Was a member of Victoria Music Club for three years. Chief outside activity is singing. Plans for the future are also musical. JESSIE JOHNSTONE Toronto, Ont. Modern History. But still op- timistic. Was Associate Presi- dent of Class II, IV, member of Intercollegiate D e b a t i n g Team II, IV, Vice-President Women's Interfaculty Debating IV. Was on S.C.M. I-IV- Executive III. Was Head of House III. Was in Debating Parliament III, IV. Held Women's Senior Stick. Ambi- tious to study, and make his- tory. KENNETH PLAYFAIR JULL Brooklin, Ont. Pass Arts. Born at Carp, Ont.: educated at Lakefield, Brook- lin, Whitby public and sec- ondary Schools. Has seen enough of rest of Ontario to prefer it to Toronto. With re- spect to past-silent, present- satisiiedg future-shadowy. Believes, with Horace-"Nil admirari . . . " viz. I ' 3 53 2 Amr" . I .1 X . 3' fir' f 1 I sJ:,lWf.!'7Xm Q . E . . I .. I F!!! 52 wa JEAN R. KERFOOT Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Picton, 'way back when. Came to Varsity from Jarvis Collegiate. Made Addison House her home during sojourn here. ANGUS LLOYD KIPPEN Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Entered Varsity on Edward Blake Scholarship from Malvern C.I. Interested in dramatics and campus language clubsg was Treasurer of Vic. French Club IV. Reads in psychology, distrusts philo- sophyg fights shy of 'youth movements', though in Young People's work. Will tolerate almost anything, extremes in modern art and literature ex- cepted. ALLEN HORACE KLOPP Stratford, Ont. Chemistry. 45' Qian lil an-1' .W 3- JACK FRANKLIN LAKE Timmins, Ont. Pass Arts. Resided in Gate House, Burwash Hall. Was on Bob Committee, Class Execu- tive, and Acta Victoriana staff IIg Victoria Baseball and Vol- leyball II and III. Plans to go to Osgoode Hall. M. ISABELLE LAMBERT Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts.. Born out in Win- nipeg. Matriculated from Riv- erdale Collegiate. Was repor- ter on The Varsity in II, III. Summer occupations include work at the C.N.E. OLIVER D. LAWRENCE Mimico. Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Mimico High School. Won Moses Henry Aikins and Car- ter Scholarships. Likes squash, skating and skiing. Plans to attend O.C.E. ARTHUR LEIGH Toronto, Ont. Fort Frances, Ont. Ja., 2... Qin-f VICTORIA COLLEGE QW 'viii 7-0" 4 , 1 5 V, t 4,51 ,tfpzf My . , 4 . av, . , 'WW-"" , --. zt. a""""' - ,Q W 4 , Ln. J ..,.. i 657 by ' -5 A- l t A 'ai ,-,azz . ' V R- X ... S v V CN ev- ' 'I' " f 'ff' 4 4 Q - I, IJ.. A - Q .....-. i ' r or r -f ta Mathematics and Physics. Born in England. Attended Jarvis Collegiate Institute. Likes golf, squash and music. . Intends to live in England. MILDRED IRENE LLOYD Pass Arts. Came to Varsity to attend O.C.E. Toronto, Ont. from Fort Frances High and Vocational School. University residence, Annesley Hall I, II, and French House III. Was a member of the Music Club and Women's Literary Society. Outside interests centred around music and sports. Plans LOIS ISOBEL LONGMIRE Moderns. Born in Hamilton. O.C.E. 4. Graduated from Moulton Col- lege, Toronto, winning the Governor-General's Medal. , Belonged to Vic. Dramatic Society for four years and Music Club for two years. At- . tended two S.C.M. confer- 2 ences. Expects to study at rfsf' N9 FLORENCE H. LUGSDIN Toronto. Ont. General Arts. Born at Bow River, Alberta, but soon came to civilization. Attended Har- bord Collegiate-thence to Varsity, not burdened with scholarships! Was a member of Music Club I, French Club III, IV, and an S.C.M.'er II- IV. Has been active in camp work during the summers. Future, as yet, undecided. EDWARD THOMAS LUTE Toronto, Ont. Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryl. Up from East York C.I. for study of Philosophy CEng- lish or Historyb. Was on Var- sity I and "Bob" II. Thence to the S.C.M.: Indianapolis Con- vention II, President Victoria III. Hath varied interests: member Canadian Youth Council IIg associate Rochdale Co-op House, boys' and youth work in church, "Y", and camps. Yearneth to wield pen mightier than sword. And so hence to halls theological. MARJORIE McBRIDE Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. To Varsity from Bloor Collegiate. Was mem- ber of Psychology Club and Vic. Dramatic Society. Spent summers in the Department of Public Highways. Future plans point to O.C.E. 53 VICTORIA COLLEGE if ..q-u-- , I 4 . . f Q., it 1 'N ew W ' , f . ' if., X. 3 me-I VB' MARIAN ETHEL MCEWEN Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Jarvis C.I. Has taken active part in Vic. Dramatic Club. Summers were spent in Civil Service. Future plans are wavering between selling brass tombstones and child psychology. MILDRED D. McGILLIS Little Current, Manitoulin Is. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Sault Ste. Marie Colle- giate. Was Secretary of Women's Athletic Club. Played Baseball and Hockey for Vic- toria I-III, and was Hockey Rep. III. Did temporary work in Ontario Department of Education during the summer. ELEANOR G. McINTOSH Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. To Varsity from Northern Voca- tional Schoolg not guilty of any scholarships. Was on Vic- toria Basketball Team four years, Hockey Team two years, Swimming Team one year. Was a member of Vic- toria College Music Club four years, Honour Science Club three years. Plans to attend O.C.E. m RUTH MARION McBRINE Waterloo. Ont. Pass Arts. DOROTHY M. MacCRIMMON Maple, Ont. Pass Arts. Won Massey Bur- sary in English Bible I, and Religious Knowledge Prize II. MURIEL GRACE McCUAIG Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Born at Winnipeg, Man. Attended Vaughan Road C.I., and thence to Varsity. Belonged to Student Peace Movement III, and was mem- ber of French Club I-IV, be- coming President in IV. Imme- diate future spells O.C.E.- with hopes of France in the distance. M. ISABELLE McINTOSH Owen Sound, Ont. Pass Arts. Interested in swim- ming, baseball. Was on Ath- letic Executive IV, Treasurer of Annesley Hall III, Head of Tait House IV, and A.S.G.A. IV. RUTH JOSEPHINE McKAY Owen Sound, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Owen Sound Collegiate. Uni- versity residences were Tait House and Addison House. Played Interfaculty Basketball I-III, and Baseball II. Was Basketball Curator III and be- longed to University Basket- ball Club. J. A. OTTWELL MCKENNITT Owen Sound, Ont. Pass Arts. 54 DONALD S. MacDONALD Toronto, Ont. Psychology. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from Hum- berside Collegiate Institute. WILLIAM L. McDONALD Toronto, Ont. Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology CDivision IIJ. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from East York C.I. Was a member of the Rocky Fellers' Club and the Honour Science Club. Spent summers as a geologist with the Geological Survey of Canada. Plans to do post-graduate work in Miner- alogy. SADIE A. M. MacEACHERN Durham, Ont. Pass Arts. Born at Priceville, Ont. Came to Varsity from D u r h a m High School, and took up residence at Annesley Hall. -rv- ,.,,N 'Y 1 "' ,nf ew M... M 4- QB x it . 6 kwa - ' . Af fi j .. I .si ' 'ai' I 5 1' A, G it is I -. get "' z at +1 . 1 .1 fm W 1 x '39 X E ' i' fi sw . I 2, 9 Q f X . Q f X 4 S Toronto, Ont. DOROTHY E. McKERIHEN Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Parl-:dale C.I. Was a member of Victoria College Music Club I, II, III, and a member of Victoria Swimming Team. Spent summers as swimming instructor, B. of E.. and camp and playground in- structor. Is interested in music and dancing. Plans to special- ize in Physical Training at O.C.E. NORMAN H. MACKENZIE China Sociology. Resided in Gate House, Burwash Hall. Played Soccer, was on the Vic. Track Team and held the Vic. Athle- tic Stick IV. Interested in the work of the S.C.M. and the S.V.M. EVELYN M. MacKINNON Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Began life down at Moncton, N.B. Matriculation acquired at Bowmanville High School. Was member French Club and Dramatic Club. Amidst the worries of life as a Moderns-ite, finds time to be a C.G.I.T. Leader and to play badminton. Spends summers recuperating from preceding May. Plans to attend O.C.E., and then-what? . 452- 'sm' C' l M. H. M. MacKINNON Toronto, Ont. Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryj. Originating on prairies, came to Toronto via Vancou- ver and Regina. From U.T.S. to Victoria. Fond of music and dramatics and sports, but not very effective in any. Entered clubs galore. Future plans in- definite, but Europe seems in- dicated. MARJORY K. McLEOD Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Pittsburgh, Pa. Attended Scarboro C.I., coming from there to Varsity. Future plans include study of commercial French and Span- ish. E. MARY McMAHON Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. MARION J. MacNAUGHTON Q4 "'Q" Moderns. Another Maritimer, born at Chatham, N.B. Came to Varsity from North Toronto C.I. Was member of French Club I-IV, becoming Secretary in IV. Belonged to Alliance Francaise II-IV. More imme- diate future points to O.C.E. KATHLEEN E. MCNIVEN Islington, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Vancouver, B.C.g attended Etobicoke High School, and from there came to Varsity. Was a member of Music Club II, III, and of Dra- matic Society I-III. Attended Vic. Debating Parliament. Also does writing for Acta Victori- ana. Outside activities centred around dramatics. During summer engaged in library work at Boys' and Girls' House. Future plans include children's library work, with visions of travel later. MERWIN E. MALCOLM Campbellford, Ont. Pass Arts. Was connected for a few years with the Com- merce and Finance Course, the Commerce Club, and the Vic. Music Club. Lived in Middle House, Burwash Hall. Played Vic. Water Polo. Summer work with the Ontario Hvdro. VICTORIA COLLEGE l DORIS IRENE MARSHALL Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Runnymede Collegiate. Was a member of Vic. Music Club I. Interested in Y.P.S. work: was a member of church choir. Spends summers holidaying, reading, travelling, and the like. Hopes to be a school- marm some day. WILLIAM ROBERT MARTIN Toronto. Ont. Biology. To Varsity from Park- dale Collegiate. Awarded the Edward Blake Scholarship in Biology II. Was on executive of Honour Science Club for four years, becoming President IV. Was a Biology Club fol- lower. Summers spent with the Ontario Fisheries Research Laboratory. Has ichthyological aspirations. IRIS M. MATTHEWS Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Moulton College. Began in Moderns, but finding the course not to her liking or fu- ture use, switched in III to Pass. Was a member of the Victoria College Dramatic So- ciety I, II, III, IV, and Associate President IV. Was a member also of the Vic. Music Club I, II, III, IV. I VICTORIA COLLEGE awk-dl 395' H. ERNEST J. MOORHOUSE Mimico, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Mimico High School. Convener of United Church Y.P.S. Spent the summer on a mission field and plans to go to Emmanuel. JEAN MERLE MORRELL Islington, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Etobicoke High School. Won bursary in Religious Knowledge, I. Was a member of Music Club III. Spends sum- mers in Muskoka, worked part of one summer, finding it ex- cellent experience. Is deter- mined to be a private secre- tary. ROBERT ELLIS E. MORROW Toronto, Ont. Law. Born at Crossfield, Al- berta, matriculation taken at North Toronto Collegiate and Ridley' College. Worked in summer for Canada Steamship Lines Ltd. Intends to practise law in Montreal. MARY KATHERINE IVIEEN Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Came to Varsity from Vaughan Road C.I. Was a member of Honour Science Club and Swimming Club. Extramurally, is on exe- cutive of V.R.C.I. Alumni. Plans to attend O.C.E. MADELINE M. MIHALKO Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Was born at Saska- toon, Sask. Was a member of Victoria Music Club I-III, be- c o m i n g Associate President, III. MARGARET E. MILLAR Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. GERALD C. MUTTON Greenwood, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity via Albert College. Was in Hart House Glee Club three years, in Vic. Music Club and pro- duction one yearg holds Life- Saving Certificates from Uni- versityg member of Vic. Sr. Basketball, Vic. Sr. Water Polo, Vic. Swimming Teams. Exit O.C.E. GRACE K. NICHOLLS Toronto, Ont. English and History. Matricu- lated from Vaughan Road Col- legiate, coming to Varsity on Margaret,Anna Brock Scholar- ship. Won the Aikins Scholar- ship III. Was Women's Editor of Acta Victovriavw., IV. Plans for the future are somewhat vague. MARIAN A. NICHOLSON Tweed, Ont. Pass Arts. Was in French House two years. Is a gradu- ate of the Toronto Conserva- tory of Music. Is interested in nature study, and all out-of- door sports, especially skating. Spends holidays as waitress in summer hotels. 56 f OWEN BRUCE MILLAR Hamilton, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences. JOHN LLOYD MONKMAN Cooksville. Ont. Chemistry, Extra -curricular ac- tivities included piano lessons and joining too many clubs. Plans to be a chemist or en- gineerg also wants to join a church someday, to learn five languages well and to spend a year in Germany on a bicycle. JOHN C. G. MOORE Toronto, Ont. Geology and Mineralogy. Won the Powell-McCulloch Scholar- ship II, Regents III. Has a Sunday School class and is in- terested in Y.P.S. work. Worked in summer on a geological sur- vey and hopes to do post- graduate work in geology. V 1 1 W 1 A , ,Q-... 1 K x 'Wi 5 . . IAV. ' ' ' A Q3 -. i": f -e-"- , Q nf ,E v 'Q 4 1 Ba. M Y + q MAURICE ROBERT OLIVER Listowel, Ont. Pass Arts. Lived in Middle House, Burwash Hall. Inter- ested in Boys' Work at Central Y.M.C.A. Played rugby I and soccer II, III. HELEN L. OSTRAN DER Acton, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Guelph Collegiate. Was member of Vic. Music Club I- III. Played on Baseball and Hockey Teams. Interested in riding, fencing, and figure skat- ing. Future plans include studying interior decoration. W. C. DESMOND PACEY Glanford Station, Ont. Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryb. Born in New Zealand. At Varsity was interested in debating, writing, and playing soccer. Was Editor of Acta Victoriana IV. Bad habits: tea at four and coffee at eleven. Aversions: people who take themselves too seriously. Am- bition: to write the great American novel. ' WW Q.-f 'll' -1- HELEN E. PARTRIDGE Colborne, Ont. Pass Arts. Born at Uxbridge. Matriculated from Port Perry High School. University resi- dence was Annesley Hall. MURRAY A. PARTRIDGE Brantford, Ont. Chemistry. Entered Varsity to check up on the staff of the Brantford Collegiate. His quest has carried him from his lab through dairies and foundries to link his name with the Chemical Industry. Enjoys food, dancing and good music. His hobby is "having the best time of his life". E. IRENE PATTERSON Newmarket, Ont. Moderns. Attended Newmarket High School and came from there to Varsity. Was mem- ber of Alliance Francaise II, III, and of Victoria French Club IV. Future plans now point to O.C.E. VICTORIA COLLEGE qos ' -- ' .. 5: ' '4' f 4 V. . gy.. M 7 4. ' . 1, ..',?'l 1 -- V . it X ff ' fi 1 .. it 0 n QQ' 3 ,H iii "','S.,"' r , 'Wx 'K . . .. J' P ""1'."' 1 '!"""" 1105 ww WILLIAM W. PATTERSON Millbrook, Ont. Pass Arts. After graduating from an Ontario farm and Peterborough Collegiate, en- tered Victoria as a Church stu- dent. Hopes next year to move across the lawn to Emmanuel and eventually to see life from the manse window. VERNA ROSALIND PAULL Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Born in Calgary, Alberta. Came to Varsity from Humberside Col- legiate. Member of Honour Science four years, becoming Secretary III and Vice-Presi- dent IV. Spare time activities are mostly frivolous, although aims are high and mighty. MARY GRACE PERKIN Unionville, Ont. Pass Arts. Born at Toronto. Matriculation gained at Mark- ham High School. Lived at Annesley Hall while at Var- sity. As to the future-that is a question! A A JOHN DOUGLAS PICKUP Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Humberside C.I. Plans to go to Osgoode. EVELYN HELEN PIRIE Ingersoll, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Ingersoll Collegiate. Uni- versity residence was Annes- ley Hall. HELEN M. PLUNKETT Meaford, Ont. Pass Arts. Attended Meaford High School and from there came to reside at Annesley for three years. ,1-. Eff? F115 57 by Yu 50,24 l QQHV, ' vxI'Z1ll1.1 VICTORIA COLLEGE ., . lf." nf W ww- W wg-war I- 1- "..,.,,, 1 .- A is i Z A ' I V hqlx , UV . A Av :::, it U K' I w -' 'my Q' 1 4.0, 1 """' A l V55 .3 .icy W ,gl - . LLOYD DAVID SANDS Ostrander, Ont. Pass Arts. Worked during the summer as a student mission- ary. Was Victoria representa- tive for the V.C.F. Plans to go to Emmanuel. BERNARD D. SANDWELL Toronto. Ont. Political Science and Economics. Matriculated from Upper Can- ada College. On the staff of Acta Victoriana III, and mem- ber of the Historical Club III and IV. Was on Varsity Track Team II, III and IV. ANNE ELSPETH SAVAGE Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Born over in Dundalk, Ireland, but matriculated from Oakwood C.I. Throughout all four years was member of Honour Science Club. Plans to attend O.C.E. DAVID JOHN PROCTOR Long Branch, Ont. Philosophy fEnglish or His- toryj. Was born in Korea, came to Varsity from U.T.S., Toronto. President of class II, on Victoria Bob Committee II, becoming Director IV, Presi- dent of Victoria Debating Par- liament IV. Took part in Music Club and Chapel Choir. Is es- pecially interested in music, and skating. Hopes to enter Theology. H. VELMA RICHARDSON Weston, Ont. Pass Arts. From Weston High School to Varsity. Lived at Annesley, III. Was member of Vic. Music Club I-III. Is holder of Senior Athletic "T" for ten- nisg was a member of Varsity Intercollegiate Tennis Team I, III. WESLEY GRAY RIVERS Bolton, Ont. Pass Arts. "Out of the Par- sonage-Into the Parsonage", or, "Out of the frying-pan into the Fire"-And if Emmanuel can supply the RIGHT FUEL, the fire should be a hot one! S. ELIZABETH SCHOLES Toronto. Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Runnymede Collegiate. Was a member of the Drama- tic Club I, II, III, Secretary III. Plans to attend O.C.E. ETHEL L. A. SCOTT Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Entered Varsity on a Moses Henry Aikens Scholar- ship. Occasionally attended the French Club, joined it in IV. Prefers to teach above every- thing. She likes cats and dogs, tennis and swimming, the theatre, good literature and fine music, particularly opera. Loves to travel. MILDRED S. SEDGWICK Toronto, Ont. Psychology. Came to Varsity from North Toronto and en- tered Pass Arts, and then transferred, in II, to Psycho- logy. Played basketball for Victoria, I, II. Main ambition ALICE FRANCES ROSS Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Graduated from Oakwood C.I. and spent a year at business college before en- tering the pass course at Vic. Present ambition: to earn money, save money, and travel. M. E. RUTHERFORD Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. CARLTON G. SANDLOS Hanover, Ont. Pass Arts. Resided in South House, Burwash Hall. Was on the Track Team and on the staff of Acta Victoriana. Plans to study at the University of Missouri. RVM' ""!"'V mr . is to be a psychologist without looking like one. I l K1 h 58 54 WR4 Lqqf .lfiyk VELMA C. L. SHAVER Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity after spending two years at McMaster University, Hamil- ton. Interested in tennis, bad- minton and music. FRED KINGSTON SHAW Sarnia, Ont. Pass Arts. JESSIE M. SHORTREED Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. "Dum vivimus vi- vamusf' . . 4 if .f""' AUDREY A. SILCOX Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econom- ics. Born at Newport, Rhode Island. Matriculated from Jar- vis Collegiate. Member of Vic. Music Club I-IV, Dramatic So- ciety II-IV, and Women's Com- merce Club. Interested in handcrafts, advertising, phila- tely. Summers spent in social service work at Bolton Camp and St. Christopher Settlement House. As for future plans- you never can tell! R. ALEXANDER SIM Mount Forest, Ont. Sociology. Quitfarmingto study sociology. Played soccer four years with Vic and Varsity, CSenior Intercollegiate Captain IV.J Was also President of Vic- toria S.C.M., and Rural Life Committee, member of Hart House Art Committee, Year President IIIQ on Sociology So- ciety executive. Future: rural sociology and farming, but how? CHARLES G. SISSONS Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Glenolden, Penna. Attended U.T.S. Was on Class Executive at Victoria II. May go to Osgoode. BARBARA ISOBEL SMITH Toronto. Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Riverdale Collegiate. Was reporter on Varsity II, III. Member of University Spanish Club and Vic. French Club III. Part-time selling job at Cry- stal Beach helped occupy sum- mer. Plans to take a secre- tarial course at Shaw's. Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Was active as Y.M. C.A. leader, Big Brother Move- ment leader, and as a summer camp councillor. Likes music and sang in Hart House Glee Club I, II, III. Was on Public School Reserve Staff while at Varsity and expects to con- tinue teaching after gradua- DONALD McC. SMITH tion. 4 I , V L. EVELEIGH SMITH 'A Belwood, Ont. Pass Arts. Resided in Middle ff' House, Burwash Hall. Was . Boys' Councillor for Central 4, Y.M.C.A. Intends to go to Em- , manuel. ,sw VICTORIA COLLEGE .-as., I ,, :,.,,Q.Y,,j . ' I . 1, 6 1 aw 'ik M -nav ' p is 'QE ff- tir im M I 'N , . 'I A Q i Bi E "" S. ' 0 ELEANORE L. SONGHURST Toronto. Ont. Sociology. Born in Toronto. Attended Jarvis Collegiate, from there to Varsity. Plans to go in for children's work. VICTOR E. SOUTHALL Weston. Ont. English and History. Equipped at Weston for what was brave and new. Spends summers hitch-hiking, winters, commut- ing. Interests include fine music and photography. Has a curi- ous hankering to visit various famous waterfalls throughout the world. Prelude to life, and end of college daze-O.C.E. MARGUERITE F. SPEERS Toronto. Ont. Moderns. Came to Varsity from North Toronto C.I. Member of French Club I-IV: year rep. I, Secretary III, Vice-President IV. Interested in singing, danc- ing, and does a bit of painting in water colours. Enjoys cot- tage life during the summer- swimming, canoeing, fishing. Plans to attend O.C.E.-and study French and German in Europe later. lgqgaf.. ILFEIIIII7 VICTORIA COLLEGE im., JP'-. Ts, Q.. X I viz :. 'Q NE, if figs sqw :N . M' " is BESSIE MILDRED STEELE Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Came from Hum- berside C,I. to Varsity. Was member of French Club I-IV, Music Club III, IV, German Club IV. NORMAN R. STEPHENSON Toronto, Ont. Physiology and Biochemistry CDivision IJ. Came to Victoria from Malvern C.I. Won the Third Alexander T. Fulton Scholarship I, and a Regent's Scholarship III. Spent two summers working at Eaton's and one at Stedman Bros. Was a member of the Vic. Dramatic Society II and Honour Science Club I-IV. WILLIAM A. STICKLAND Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Entered Varsity on Edward Blake and Moses Henry Aikins Scholarships. Was a member of Victoria French Club and Dramatic Society, becoming Treasurer III. Hopes to pursue graduate studies. .IESSIE H. C. STORRIE Toronto, Ont. Modern History. Matriculated from Moulton College. Was a member of S.C.M. I-IV-Year Rep. at Victoria I, Associate vi Q 'I I f X' f . tw f 3 "' A , af f . V U ' ' 'X f bi:-.. - new if M. V Q .rs f .it Q, , ss . .W f WW ' X X 1 N. ' W x X R. WILMOT SWANICK Uxbridge, Ont. General Arts. Came to Var- sity from Uxbridge High School and resided in Wyclilite Col- lege. Was a member of Hart House Glee Club III, IV, Hon- our Science Club IVg manager Wycliffe Baseball Team IV. Summers are spent in agricul- tural lines. Likes squash, skat- ing and skiing. Intends to see life by O.C.E. A. CATHERINE THOMPSON Toronto, Ont. Philosophy QEnglish or His- toryj. GEORGE W. THOMSON Regina, Sask. Pass Arts. Born in Regina. Came from Regina College, U. of Sask., in '36. Won the Web- ster English Prize II. Was a member of the Victoria Music Club II, III, and the Hart House Glee Club II, III. In- tends the O.C.E. to be a step- ping-stone for a career in music, or what have you. MARIE M. THWAITES Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Came to Varsity from Humberside C.I. Member of the Honour Science Club for four years. Has at- tained sufiicient knowledge of the culinary art to boil water without burning it. Otherwise attends strictly to knitting. GEORGE HORACE TIDY Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDi- Vision VJ. Came to Varsity with a Moses Henry Aikins Scholarship in Mathematics and the First Edward Blake in Mathematics and Physics, Year Representative in M. and P. Society III, likes music and was a member of Hart House Glee Club. JOHN LEARY TOOLE CEXJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. 60 .. 'll L4 mfpv-I virrzrlrr If ..z... President of S.C.M. Council CU. of TJ IV. Was President of S.P.M. II, Associate Presi- dent III. Member of Polity Club III, IV. Was Year Rep. in Victoria Debating Parliament IV. Spends summers recuper- ating. Outside University is member of Toronto Youth Council and Canadian Youth Congress Continuations Com- mittee. Plans to do post- graduate work in England. ROBERT S. SUMMERS Uraguay Pass Arts. Was born in New York City and matriculated from Albert College, Belle- ville. Was a member of the Rifle Club I, II. Was on In- termediate Intercollegiate Swimming Teamg played Water Polo for Victoria. Likes to travel abroad and to collect issues of Coronet, but dislikes people who try to be sophisti- cated. Hopes to enter medi- cine after graduation. H. ALEXANDER SUTTON Toronto, Ont. Latin tFrench or Greek, Divi- sion ID. Was a member of Bob Committee and Hart House Library Committee IV: was on the executive of the Victoria College Classics Club III, IV. film. Z, . fa , . f It , ms- . A , . . Z' 'YQ I?w its JACK REGINALD TOYE Toronto, Ont. General Arts. Matriculated from Malvern Collegiate. In- tends to go to O.C.E. LESLIE HENRY TURL Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CDivision IVJ. Came from Jarvis Collegiate Institute on Aikins and Blake Scholarships, later receiving the Ramsay and A.A.A.S. Scholarships in Phy- sics III. Was a member of the M. 8: P. Society four years, executive II and IV. Enjoyed swimming CVic. Interfacultyb and Hart House Glee Club, be- coming Librarian IV. Prefers Natural Philosophy to Physics and aspires to find out some- thing for himself. EARLE LESLIE UDELL Welland, Ont. Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryj. MARGARET A. VAN EVERY Hamilton, Ont. Household Economics. Ob- tained High School education at Loretto Abbey and West- 'K' 1 My llR1,:..x ff ' X1 P Wu dale C.I. Was in residence at Annesley Hall. Member of Vic. Dramatic Club I-IV, of the Honour Science Club I, II. Was on A.S.G.A. Executive III, IV. Extramural interests include amateur dramatics, tennis, and riding. During summer directs dramatics at girls' camp, Plans to continue dietetics in a Mont- real hospital. OMER K. VAN SICKLE Campbellville, Ont. General Arts. So help me Allah, member of Victoria College Music Club II, III, Hart House Glee Club II-IV, To- rontonensis Representative IV. Hopes some day to type with six more fingers. Resided in Middle House, Burwash Hall, top floor for exercise. Future plans-yes. EDWARD W. WALLACE, Jr. Toronto. Ont. English and History. Born in Chengtu, West China, and ma- triculated from Upper Canada College. Was Vice-President of the V.C.U. III, and Presi- dent IV, was Senior Stick holder, Debates Commissioner of S.A.C. and member of Hart House Library Committee, IV. HARVEY LLOYD WARD Toronto, Ont. Classics. Won the First Mary Mulock and Moses Henry Aikins Scholarships. Played Basketball II, III, Interfaculty Volleyball II-IV, Interfaculty Soccer III, IV, Intercollegiate Soccer IV. Was Vice-President of year III, President IV, Busi- ness Manager of Music Club IV, served on Classical Club I-IV, Wymilwood Music Com- mittee IV, University Sym- phony III, IV. CHARLES B. WARREN Mimico, Ont. Pass Arts. Is a product of Mimico High School, un- adorned with scholarships. Was a member of Varsity Inter- mediate Rugby Team I and III and a member of Victoria In- terfaculty Basketball Team, Jr. I, Sr. II and III, coached Vic- toria Jr. Basketball Team II. JOHN STANLEY WENZEL Stratford, Ont. Physiology and Biochemistry CDivision D. Lived in Gate House, Burwash Hall, and was a member of the Honour Science Club and of the Chem- istry Club. Hopes to learn how to put bigger and better peaches in cans. VICTORIA COLLEGE 13 'iv '-W9-ff 7515- ,gn . 4'2',."" EDNA WALKER WHITELEY Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Came to Varsity from West- ern Technical School. Was a member of Victoria Music Club, Honour Science Club, and was Secretary of House- hold Science Club. Interested in music. Engaged in food work at Bigwin Inn during summer. Plans to attend O.C.E. E. ARNOLD WILKINSON Toronto, Ont. CAXAJ General Arts. Matriculated from Malvern Collegiate. Play- ed Lacrosse I, II, III, IV and Baseball I, II, III. Was on the Victoria College Music Club Executive III and IV. MADELINE L. WILKINSON Toronto, Ont. General Arts. Matriculated from Moulton College and North Toronto C.I. Belonged to Music Club, Honour Science Club, and S.C.M. Has her A.T.C.M. and is a teacher of piano, also takes part in vari- ous Church activities. Summer occupied by student work in Bacteriology Laboratory of To- ronto Western Hospital. Plans to do laboratory work in Bio- chemistry or related fields. .,. 61 "7 W Stu' 11 'f-Y - 45. -' , VICTORIA COLLEGE If S 17' Q Q ' N - gpm ' ,, '-4'-"H 5 1 4 -uunn-- . " . "If I at Q l li iw 'X 8 . l , a.. M , . - ,4 DOROTHY E. WILLMOT Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Born at Toronto, and came to Varsity from Jarvis Collegiate. During summers has been Uwaitress- ing" at Bigwin Inn, and assist- ing the dietitian at Bolton Camp. Plans to attend O.C.E. WILLIAM E. WILSON Toronto, Ont. E. MARION A. WINTERS Humber Bay, Ont. Moderns. Was member of Vic. French Club four years, of German Club I, II, of Alliance Francaise II. Hopes to revolu- tionize the business world. Plans for future are rosy, but probabilities are cloudy. M. PATRICIA WORDEN Toronto, Ont. Philosgphy, Pass Arts. Born in Galt. Came to Varsity from Humberside C.I. Was member of Music 3 85' Club II, III, and of S.C.M. III. ip AMY FREDA WYKES , ' if Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from p . ' Humberside C.I. Scholarships f 1 ' M obtained too numerous to men- . - .95 5 f y 7 270. , , Y ,e X I- L. A,n :Livi- Rh 62 tion! Joined Music Club in II and III. 41' 5 Q, 'VT "' pn Iwi Q QR' my ' TRINITY COLLEGE To the Graduating Class of Trinity College By the Reverend F. H. Cosgrave, M.A., B.D., D.C.L., LL.D. T is my privilege to address a few words to the members of the graduating class of 1938. I hope I can express my good wishes for them in some appropriate way. Their life and work in the University have, I am sure, been profitable. Their eyes have been opened to the vast store of interesting things wait- ing to be known and enjoyed. They have been awakened intellectually and spiritually and are conscious of the beauty and glory of human life. They are aware of the manifold problems which face them and their generation in the world around them. They have learned to think quickly and accurately and to ex- press themselves in such a way that their meaning is clear beyond all hazard. In short they are educated men and women. What more do they need for the conduct of life? I would suggest to them that valuable as such an edu- cation is the most important thing is lacking unless they carry with them worthy ideals and standards of con- duct to which they are determined to adhere, such principles as will keep them steady under all circum- stances. We hope that some ofthe men and women who have had the advantage of a University education will take an active part in public life and that they will avoid the attitude which did so much harm in my own generation when so many of the men best equipped for such service came to regard politics as a game which no man could play with credit to himself. The future of our country depends upon an adequate supply of persons of intelligence and integrity willing to assume the burden of office and to disregard the abuse which it is the fashion to hurl at public men. The politician is a public servant without whose aid we cannot continue. If we are to escape from our present perplexities the standards of political life must be raised. We should return to a true aristocracy, the Government of all of the people by the best of the people in the interests of all sections of the people. That is one of the great tasks which lies before the men and women gradu- ating from our Universities at this time. May we hope that they have already resolved to shun private-mindedness, preoccupation with questions of their own profit and pleasure and determined with themselves that they will find and pursue to the end some path of service to their fellows now more than ever desperately in need of their aid? 64 GEORGE E. ABRAHAM Toronto, Ont. CKIHKIIJ Philosophy. Was on Hart House Board of Stewards, Stu- dents' Administrative Council and Trinity College Board of Stewards. Was a member of Historical Club and Philoso- phical Society. Likes tea at 4 p.m. and Aristotle for a bed- fellow. Is seeking a wealthy w i d o w and transcendental unity of apperception. JOHN S. ALLEN Toronto, Ont. Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology tDiv. ID. Matricu- lated from Humberside C.I. His interest in Science has been enhanced by the Geogra- phical Surveys of Canada he has made during the summer, wise enough not to commit himself regarding the future. RUSSELL W. ALLGOOD Toronto, Ont. CAXJ Physics and Chemistry. He came to Varsity from Central Technical School, Toronto. His quota of Clubs includes the Chemical Club and the M. Sz P. Society. His summers have been spent in pursuits such as truck driving. He hopes to continue his studies at Toronto. ' JOHN GREIG ARTHUR Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. He matriculated from Upper Canada College. The Varsity gave scope to his predilection for scandalmon- gering. He was found particu- larly useful to the Trinity Athletic Association. MAURICE O. BEVERLEY Toronto, Ont. UIJKIIJ Geology and Mineralogy. Came to Varsity from Barrie Colle- giate. His interests lie amid rocks and the "wide open spaces", for he has spent much time in Canada's Hinterland. He will probably do post-gra- duate work in Geology. HUGH BOTTERELL QKAJ Winnipeg, Man. Political Science and Econom- ics. He spent a preparation year at Univ. of Manitoba before entering Toronto. Was a mem- ber of Trinity Athletic Assoc. I, II, III, IV. A hectic election battle saw him on H.H. Squash Committee II, III, Junior Hoc- key I, II. He enjoys debating within or without parliamentg and damning superficiality oi' Eastern Canada. BRADFORD H. B. BOWLBY Toronto, Ont. CKDKIID Classics. A predilection, for Motion Pictures, Epicurean Calm, Law and Order, and Horatian Humanism point the way to satisfaction. EILEEN E. C. BRILLINGER Arthur, Ont. Latin and French. Came to St. Hilda's on Dickson Scholar- ship, and the Wellington C 0 u n t y Carter Scholarship. Won Hart-Moorhouse iClas- sicsj Scholarship II, the Latin Prose Prize II, III. Was a mem- ber of the Classics Club I-IV, and of the Alliance Francaise. Her interests: De rebus medi- aevalibusg nec ignoro igitur quae transeo, n e c u t i q u e damno. DOUGLAS I. W. BRUCE Toronto, Ont. CAAQDJ General Arts. Introduced to the University by a Leonard McLoughlin Scholarship. Was Manager of Senior Hockey Team IV, on Hart House Com- mittee III. Has a keen interest in matters pertaining to our national sea defences, enjoys a whirl to a certain degree. In- tends to utilize his argumenta- tive powers in law. TRINITY COLLEGE KEITH CAMPBELL CAKEJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Was a graduate of U.T.S.g member of Trinity Col- lege Board of Stewards, Vice- President, Trinity Athletic Ass'n. He played Intercolle- giate Tennis three years, In- terfaculty Hockey and Base- ball four years. He likes Aris- totle and arguments. Is Os- goode-bound. DOUGLAS C. CANDY Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated at Harbord C.I. Interested in theology, dramatics and phil- osophy. He is Leader of the Junior Congregation at the Church of St. Michael and All Angels. Advocates shorter sermons-Come one, come all. ALICE KENYON CARROLL Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Is a native of Man- chester, England, and came to Varsity from East York C.I. Was a member of C.G.I.T.g of the Music and Literature Clubg of the Chinese Art Group. She spends summer resting, gar- dening and trying new recipes on the family, and intends Post-Graduate Studies in So- cial Science with a year at University of London, England. Q-gg? ' . 65 I M In TRINITY COLLEGE -0? ISABEL S. CREEGGAN Picton, Ont. Household Economics. Matri- culated from Gananoque High School. Was in residence at St. Hilda's College. JAMES S. CUDMORE Ottawa, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. Ottawa gave this bud- ding young economist to us via Glebe Collegiate. He en- tered on the William Hardie Scholarship and has since ob- tained the 2nd Alexander Mackenzie. Plans to enter the Civil Service. JOHN C. CURRELLY Toronto, Ont. CKDKIID Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Upper Canada College. Plans to enter the law pro- fession. . -ft? X 1 HENRY H. CARTER CKAJ Quebec, Que. Political Science and Econo- mics. Was on Trinity Soccer Team II and IIIQ Hart House Library Committee, also en- joys a mild game of Squash. Has worked two summers for Pulp and Paper Company in North Quebec. Dislikes mos- quitoes. Charter member S.P. P.B.A. CSociety for the Pre- vention of the Promulgation of the "Big Apple".J GLADYS W. CARVOLTH Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. 'iTarz" came to Varsity from Peterborough C. I. Participated in Basketball, Badminton, Hockey, Tennis and Swimming. Was a mem- ber of the Athletic Executive of St. Hilda's, and the Univer- sity Tennis Executive. W. ROSS CHAMBERLAIN Toronto. Ont. Law. Was on Moot Court Executive II, III. Was Chief Justice of the Court IV. Mem- ber of Foreign Affairs Club and League of Nations Society, joining C.O.T.C. in 4th year. Is definitely Conservative. And so to Osgoode Hall. l DONALD J. CURZON Guelph, Ont. Pass Arts. BENJAMIN D. DEACON Stratford, Ont. Chemistry. He matriculated from Appleby School, Oak- ville. Was a member of the University Chemical Club three years and of the Trinity Science Club and of the Toronto Chemical Society. MARY A. H. DOW Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Is a member of St. Clement's Alumnae. Won Trinity Scholarships in Pass Course I and II. She spends summers at central office of Neighbourhood Workers' As- sociation. Looks forward to O.C.E. and school once more to teach Mathematics, Latin, and perhaps History. GLADYS IRENE COOKE Guelph, Ont. Pass Arts. Was a member of Trinity Dramatic Club, mem- ber of Trinity French Club, and a representative to St. Hilda's Reception Committee. Future plans include harvest- ing in the Middle West. PAUL CORBETT CKDKIIJ Toronto, Ont. English and History. Came to Varsity after two years spent at the University of Manitoba. Won Sir Gilbert Parker Scho- larship III. Is interested in lacrosse. ALICIA TAYLOR COULTER Port Arthur, Ont. Moderns. Was President of St. Hilda's Literary Society IV, President of St. Hilda's W.A. III. Was a member of St. Hilda's Chronicle staff IV, of Trinity College Dramatic So- ciety Executive IVQ and of Trinity College French Club Executive IV. A Er.. JOYCE ISABEL DUNBAR Barrie, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Barrie Collegiate Institute, to take up residence at St. Hilda's College. TOM D. ECCLESTONE Bracebridge, Ont. Pass Arts. Was an habitue of Trinity House and the R. Y. Tavern. He dislikes listening to cheery chatter at breakfast. He spends summers sun-bath- ing and star-gazing in Mus- koka. His future plans all de- pend on Garbo. FRANCES A. EVANS Orillia, Ont. Classics. Came from Belleville C.I. with a Bishop Strachan Scholarship. Was a member of St. Hilda's House Committee four years. Was Head of Col- lege and S.A.C. representative IV. Was a member of Trinity College Classical Society four years, being Secretary III, and of Trinity College Dramatic Society I, II. . SHIRLEY A. FLEMING Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences. Matriculated fr o m Bishop Strachan School. Was a member of the Polity Club and Trinity College Science Club, and St. Hilda's Hockey Team II. Plans to go into Medicine-and then? MURIEL B. FLOYDE Cornwall, Ont. Household Economics. Was a member of Trinity College Dramatic Society and Head of St. Hilda's Reception Commit- tee IV. "Pardon," she says, "my southern drawlf' EMMA JANE GOOCH Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from St. Clement's School. Is an active member of the Junior Samaritan Club and John Ross Robertson Chapter I.O.D.E. ELIZABETH AMY GRANT Toronto, Ont. Chemistry. Came to Varsity from Bishop Strachan School. Was a member of Trinity Science Club and of the Uni- versity Chemical Club. WILLIAM G. GREENFIELD Hamilton, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity through the kindness of Cen- tral Collegiate Institute. He was President of the Trinity College Literary Institute and a member of the Dramatic and Theological Societies. Inter- ested in anything that doesn't require much academic effort. The future will be spent in saving all heretics, dissenters and even Low Churchmen. ROSEMARY T. GREENING Toronto, Ont. CEIIJJ General Arts. Was born in New York City. Matriculated from Canadian Tutorial Insti- tute. Was on St. Hilda's Chronicle II, III, IV, Press Club Executive III, IV, St. Hilda's Swimming Team I, II, III, IV, Swimming Club Exe- cutive III, IV, Varsity staff II. Spends summer in advertising work or as counsellor in sum- mer camps here and in U.S.A. She plans anything but O.C.E., with U.S. environment pre- ferred. TRINITY COLLEGE fb n l KATHARIN E HARVIE Midland. Ont. Pass Arts. Came from Mid- land High School to St. Hilda's College. Was a member of Trinity College Dramatic So- ciety and University Psychol- ogy Club. ANTHONY R. HICKS Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. Of a naturally lazy dis- position-hence chose Political Science and Economics Course. Is a Political Idealist -i.e., a Liberal. Was Liberal Club President II. His ambi- tion is to make money Cwith- out workingj, to buy a farm and play at politics. Was a member of H. H. Debates Committee III and IV. JOHN R. T. HUSTON CAAIIJD Port Credit, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Oakville. Matriculated from Appleby School. Was a member of the Trinity College Athletic Asso- ciation Executive II and III. Played Rugby I and II. Activ- ities outside the University consist of growing trees and making outdoor fireplaces. 67 ELAINE KNIGHT CEIIDD TRINITY COLLEGE Cornwall, Ont. Pass Arts. Is at St. Hilda's College Residence. Matricu- lated from Miss Edgar's School, Montreal, and Corn- wall Collegiate. Was a mem- ber of St. Hilda's Athletic Executive II, III, IV, President IV, Varsity staff I, II, III, IV, Sportswoman IV, Secretary CECIJD IV, President Univer- sity Badminton Club IV, St. Hilda's Hockey I, II, III, In- tercollegiate Hockey I, II, St. Hilda's Badminton I, III. VIRGINIA L. LANDER Oshawa, Ont. Pass Arts. "Gin" came to Var- sity from Oshawa. She was on the St. Hilda's Basketball Team three years and the Hockey Team two years. She was on the Athletic Executive of St. Hilda's and the Univer- sity Basketball Club. She con- siders that she has written her share of supp's. DONALD JAMES LAWSON Victoria, B.C. Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryj. Came to Toronto after a brief sojourn at U.B.C. He spent First three years waiting for fourth. Then spent fourth year as President Dramatic Society, Speaker of Literary JOHN FREDERICK ISARD Oakville, Ont. CCDKIIJ Law. Won the Riddell Scho- larship in Law I, James Scott in Law III. Was on the Exe- cutive of Law Club II, and of Foreign Affairs Club IV. Was a member of Historical Club, Chief Justice II of Moot Court. Is Osgoode bound. HAROLD WILMER KERBY Toronto, Ont. CAAIIJJ Political Science and Econo- mics. Matriculated from Upper Canada College with a scholarship to Trinity. Was on Trinity Swimming and Water Polo Teams I, II, III, IV, In- termediate Intercollegiate Swimming II. Likes to fly bet- ter than study. Started Var- sity Flying Club. Intends to go into the field of aviation. FRANCES M. KIDD Woodbridge, Ont. Pass Arts. Was a member of University German Club, of Trinity French Club, and of Trinity Dramatic Society. Was a representative to Sale Com- mittee IV, ex-officio member of St. Hilda's Lit. IV, and rep- resentative to Tofrontonensis IV. Institute, Member Trinity Col- lege Board of Stewards, Scribe of Episkopon, and went to a lecture. Does not intend to take Divinity or go to Osgoode. CLEMENT F. LEAMEN Timmins, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Timmins High School, has been one of the stalwarts of the Trinity Volleyball Team. True to the spirit of the North, he has spent his sum- mers working with miners, whose children perchance he may teach when he leaves O.C.E. ALBERTA K. LEHMANN Orillia, Ont. Pass Arts. A resident of St. Hilda's College. Matriculated from Branksome Hall. Was a member of Honour Science Club I, and of Trinity Science Club II and III. ALLAN WALTER LOVE Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics. Matriculated from O a k w o o d C.I. His summers have been spent in newspaper work. A budding Einstein, he will carry on with Research in Physics. BETTY G. F. KINGSTON Pickering, Ont. Classics. Graduated from St. Clement's with a scholarship in Classics. Was Secretary Trinity Classical Club IV, and non-resident Head of St. Hilda's IV. Likes arguments, dislikes people who won't argue. Plans teaching and tra- velling in future. JOYCE KIRK QEAXJ Toronto, Ont. English and History. Just an- other graduate who came to Varsity to get an education and spent the first two years indulging an overwhelming enthusiasm for athletics-par- ticularly Basketball, and the next two in discovering that the pen is mightier-ah tem- pores ah mores. GORDON M. KIRKWOOD Brampton, Ont. Classics. Came to Varsity with high academic intentions which have waned and waxed periodically. Played in Var- sity Band I and II. Won a Trinity Scholarship in Classics III, was Head of Arts of Trinity IV. Is interested in squash and tennis. CELESTINE F. LOWNDES Oak Ridges, Ont Pass Arts. Is a native of Moose Jaw Saskatchewan Matriculated from Newmarket High School THOMAS F. LOWNDES Toronto Ont Pass Arts. Born in Moose Jaw Came to Varsity from New market High School RONALD J. C McADAM Toronto Ont Pass Arts. Graduated from Jarvis C.I. with eight honours. Played Intercollegiate Soccer two years CChampions 19373. Was on Trinity Baseball Swimming Clnterfaculty Champions 1936 and 19375 Water Polo Teams, being Man- ager of the latter II and III. Enjoyed such summer occupa- tions as swimming instructor, playground supervisor, and Bell Tel. Co. Planning canoe trip for relaxation and busi- ness world for sustenance. I i JOHN A McCORDICK CZIPJ Toronto Ont Physics FRANCES M MACLEAN Toronto Ont Pass Arts Matriculated from Bishop Strachan School Was on Basketball Team I Likes music tap dancing and the infinite vaiiety of Varsity Dislikes playing bridge with the radio on Intends to see life abroad LUCIE MARY MACLEAN Toronto, Ont Pass Arts. Matriculated from St. Clement's School. Is inter- ested in swimming and skat- ing. Was a member of Club T.B.K. Spends summers writ- ing "supp's" in General Science. Intends to be good- and let who will be clever! ELMA RUTH McLEOD Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Pass Arts. St. Hilda's College claims her residence loyalties. ROBERT L. MacMILLAN Toronto, Ont. QAAQIJJ Biological and Medical Sciences. Came to V a r s it y from U.T.S. Played I nt e r - faculty Rugby and Hockey for three years. Graduate again in three years from Medicine? For f u r t h e r particulars see Torontonensis 1941. M. G. H. MACMORINE Vankleek Hill, Ont. Chemistry, Mineralogy, Geol- ogy CDiv. Ib. A resident of St. Hilda's College. Was on St. Hilda's Hockey Team I, II, III, President of University Hockey Club IV, member of St. Hi1da's Tennis Team IV, Head of Tennis III, member of St. Hilda's Athletic Executive III, IV, Secretary IV, was a member of the Polity Club III and IV, and of the U. of T. Chemical Club II, III, IV. TRINITY COLLEGE iv Viv KATHLEEN G. MAYES Niagara Falls, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Loretto Academy. Was a member of St. Hilda's Basket- ball Team three years, Treas- urer III, Vice-President IV of St. Hilda's Athletic Associa- tion, representative to Athle- tic Directorate IV, Intermedi- ate Intercollegiate Basketball III, Head of Choir IV. ERNEST EVERET MINETT Toronto, Ont. Physics and Chemistry. He came to Varsity from U.T.S. with oodles of scholarships, to which he has added at the end of each year. He will continue studying for a few years until he feels sufficiently able to cope with 1ife's problems to earn a living. DONALD G. NEELANDS Toronto, Ont. CKIDKIIJ Pass Arts. 69 TRINITY COLLEGE it-f HARRY E. RICHARDSON Campbellford, Ont. Law. Campbellford's contri- bution to 3T8. Born with a silver trumpet in his mouth. Activities outside the Univer- sity-Yipee!! Hobby-trum- peter extraordinary and the Double R CRugby Reparteej. Summer occupations-from swing band to rock quarry. Future plans-successor to the Angel Gabriel-Osgoode. WM. STEWART ROGERS Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Econo- mics. Born in Montreal. Came to Varsity from University of Toronto Schools. RUPERT M. K. SCHIEDER Port Arthur, Ont. English and History. Fun and dances in Trinity House, week-ends in Montreal and Royal York gave bad nerves in June, but a fine year. Sum- mers were spent on canoe trips and comfortable nothings in the bush of Northern On- tario. "Never let work inter- fere with your pleasure. Heaven's not my destinationf' FRANK FOLEY NOCK Toronto, Ont. Classics. Was a graduate of Jarvis. He gained invaluable experience as Secretary of Literary Institute and Presi- dent of Classical Club, and managed the Volleyball Team. Was President of The Brotherhood of Corporations. Intends to enter the profession of "frock-coat and poverty" after graduation-"Nunc est bibendumf' JOHN TYRRELL ORGILL Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics. Matriculated from Oakwood C.I. He got an inspiration while working a comptometer in an insurance firm one sum- mer, hence his future lies in actuarial work. EILEEN ISOBEL PEPALL Erindale, Ont. Modern History. Came to Varsity from St. Margaret's, Eng., having Senior Oxford. WILLIAM L. SIMMONS Frankford, Ont. Pass Arts. To pass the Pass-get the A.B., With rapture fills this heart of me. The years spent in these hal- lowed halls, The years of intellectual brawls, Fit one to hope that even he Become a stammering Ph.D. -Or roisterer in Theology. ELIZABETH J. SIMPSON Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Bishop Strachan School. Was a member of Trinity Dramatic Club and Polity Club. HAROLD ALAN STAPLES Toronto, Ont. Latin CFrench optionl. Came to Varsity as a graduate of Jarvis C.I. Was very active in Trinity swimming circles. Summers spent basking in the sun at Bigwin Inn. He will pursue education at O.C.E. ' 'RT 4. F .0 QS' st a. SHIRLEY B. PETTIT Peterborough, Ont. Psychology. Came from Peter- borough C.I. Was a very active member of Trinity Col- lege Dramatic Society for four years. Likes music, poetry, golf, dancing and law-espe- cially law. J. ALAN POWELL QKAD Ottawa, Ont. Pass Arts. He arrived at Var- sity with a taste for card games, late hours, the sciences, and cynicism. Re- tained nearly all and devel- oped a strong distaste for veal, pork, Canadian spoken with English C'?J accent, and Toronto weather. Is interested in all Trinity activities except the Theological Society and political debates. He hopes to continue his education abroad. WALTER B. REID CCDKHJ Toronto, Ont. Law. Came from Trinity Col- lege School, Port Hope, in 1934. Passed on into the world in 1938. F. KENDRICK VENABLES Toronto, Ont. UIJKIIJ Pass Arts. He came to Var- sity after preparation at Rid- ley with an interest in Dra- matics and public or private speaking. Both were much developed since. His interests included Trinity Review, T.C.L.I., Soccer Team and Squash. He hopes to go to Osgoode. ELIZABETH JANE WEIR Wingham, Ont. Pass Arts. Born on the banks of the mighty Maitland. Came to Trinity from Wingham High School to reside at St. Hilda's. Interests: Just whatever hap- pens along. Future plans: Now please don't ask mel JOCELYN L. WHITESIDE Toronto, Ont. Law. In the Law Course and sober as a judge. WOO DA LING Shanghai. China Pass Arts. Came to Varsity after two years at St. John's University, Shanghai, China. He has resided at Trinity House and has been actively interested in the Y.M.C.A. in Toronto. On graduating will resume his work with that body in Shanghai. MARGARET S. WRIGHT Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Havergal College. Is a native of Montreal. Activities outside University are the Junior Samaritan Club, Club T.B.K., and tripping the light fantas- tic. Splends summer travelling and being good and lazy. Future plans-? W V 71 I f i 1 l QQ x rl . 'Q H Q -,, ii N if' , lffhs -,TPI " MM, ,, ,Nw M. .1 My gsm :A V 'K as n-'I'-me-...,,'b ., 1 A i fl W, , , Q ME W Wm ST MICHAEL'S COLLEGE To the Graduating Class of St. lVIicl'1ael's College By Rev. E. J. lVIcC0rkell, B.A., M.A. NE word more. The Catholic University education which we have endeavored to give you at St. lVIichael's includes two things. The first of these is a love for speculative truth, that is to say, truth for its own sake, whether in empirical science or philosophy a love which the Christian tradition took from the Greek and carried into the modern world, where the time-spirit is entirely against it. It was this spirit of the modern world Maritain referred to when he diag- nosed the weakness of modern cul- ture as a disease of the intelligence, the cure for which no social or politi- cal reform can effect, nor any reform other than an intellectual one. Herein lies the importance of the study of Thomism, so much empha- sized in your college, where pro- fessors trained' at Louvain or in our own Institute of Mediaeval Studies have interpreted for you the teach- ing of the great Mediaeval doctor, and even though the particular courses of studies you have followed may not have included formal lec- tures in philosophy, you have lived in an atmosphere of philosophical speculation and debate, through which the ideas of Thomism have tendedl to become the common prop- erty of all. Through this contact with the vital and sound philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas, you have, I hope, acquired a fresh love for speculative truth. The second of the two legacies which your training ought to have given you is an insight into the relation between reason and faith. The modern world of thought began with a denial of any real relation between them, effecting thereby a cleavage with the Christian tradition. The science of God tTheologyJ is not knowledge in the same sense as empirical science. So says the modern. But the mediaeval man had a different view. Theology is a knowledge of the same kind as biology, and differs only in that it is a higher degree of knowledge. Theology then is a true science and the queen of all the sciences. Having seized upon this old principle, the more true for being old, your study of empirical science, devoted to it as you have happily been, has not inflated you with the idea that your subject is the whole of knowledge, or even the highest part of it, but rather the lowest part, and in this thought, whilst treasuring your mastery of empirical science or philosophy you have remained humble at the sight of its insufficiency, and superlatively aware of a higher degree of knowledge to which faith leads you. Religious Knowledge has not therefore been a mere addition to your course, but an integral, indis- pensable part of it, your reverence for the truths which faith proposes being in no degree diminished by your increasing mastery of the other sciences. If this were not the case I should say that St. lVIichael's has labored in vain. 'ff iilfa W. YW Till' Sf' kr . xg 74 Ulf' if 3fnj3':,jg,-41: J. FREDERICK AGUGLIA Rochester, N.Y. Pass Arts. St. Mike's 'Ace'. Was a member of Fratellanza I-III, Social Ethics IIIQ Italian- Spanish I. He took active share in baseball and Junior and Senior Interfaculty Wrestling Assaults I-Illg Rugby I: Water Polo III. Is a muscle man and lover of lit- erature. He hopes to visit Italy and complete education in Italian at Albany State. RUSSELL G. ALLENZA Rochester. N.Y. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Ben Franklin High of Rochester. His scientific mind earned him the title of "hard- est man to convince." Is suc- cessfully idle in summer. In- terested in politics and travel- ling. Was a member of Fra- tellanza. Spanish-Italian Club. His future lies in the field of medicine. WILLIAM R. BAKER Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Matriculated from St. lVIichael's High School '35. He honoured Varsity staff with his presence I. Is decidedly optimistic with no regrets for the past. He sees college life as the ideal Utopia and will definitely not take post-gradu- ate work. ' 'Kr O' lv 3'-sv' .1 Kim? 'O' ST. MICHAELJS COLLEGE DONALD B. BENNINGER Dublin, Ont. Pass Arts. Don was a member of the Oratorical Club and of the Social Ethics Club II and III. His summer occupations include bee-keeping and fox- farming. Don hopes to enter Theology. AUSTIN JOSEPH BISKEY Rochester, N .Y. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Aquinas Institute. He was a member of Ethics Club III: Tennis Club IIIg Coach Interfaculty Volleyball Team I, II, IIIQ Varsity Volleyball I, Coach II, III. Strives for simplicity and tries to prac- tise what he preaches, now, with ardent hopes of practis- ing what he teaches, in the future-Albany State Teach- ers. FRANK JOHN BOLAND Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Nine years at St. Mike's hasn't quenched his thirst for knowledge so Frank will continue to hunt essences at O.C.E. He Whizzes about the Lake Simcoe district in the summer, especially Atherley and Orillia. He is interested in most everything, but hoc- key, baseball, rugby, history ' and music keep him busy. t I PAUL MICHAEL BYRNE Rochester, N.Y. Philosophy. Came to Varsity from Aquinas Institute. Was a member of Social Ethics Club I-IV, becoming Vice- President IV. Future is more doubtful than past. ALEXANDER A, CERIO Canastota, N.Y. Pass Arts. Born Canastota. N.Y. Matriculated from Cana- stota High School. He graced the Fratellanza, Ethics and Italian-Spanish Clubs. Ad- ventures vary from building school buses to breaking hearts. Will take M.A. in criminal law at University of Bologna, Italy. RONALD J. CULLEN Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Clinging tenaciously to the protective mantle of 22 years of local life, Ron gazes fearfully towards the West. Usually passes the summer carrying ice at S.I., when not playing ball or absorbing radio culture. Has also been found in sing-songs, playing hockey, R. RUSSELL CURLEY Toronto. Ont. Pass Arts. Born Bayonne. New Jersey, U.S.A. Matricu- lated from De La Salle Col- lege. FRANK WILLIAM DOLAN Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born at Montreal. Matriculated from De la Salle, Toronto. Interfaculty Lacrosse I, II, and Interfaculty Hockey I-III. JOSEPH B. DORSEY Syracuse, N.Y. Pass Arts. Came to St. Mich- ael's from his native Syracuse. Graduated from Holy Rosary High School intending to study law, but chose instead higher Fields of labour with the Basil- ian Fathers. A leader in all football or handball and even iieldsg a friend to all. God- studying. speed, Joe. TU! 'HQ "z" 75 yi ti Q ig fNf2lf't.'Iiv"f' ST. MICHAEUS COLLEGE WILLIAM B. GULDENSCHUH Rochester, N.Y. Pass Arts. Came to St. Mich- ael's from Aquinas Institute. An ardent sports fan and per- haps too enthusiastic accor- dion player. He found the lat- ter a perfect example of "How To Make Enemies and Irritate People." GREGORY FRANCIS HOY Toronto. Ont. Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryD. Leaving the fact foun- dry of Toronto to conquer new worlds, he faces life with a B.A. in one hand, a bundle of essays in the other, and an empty head in between, to make his fame and fortune either as a restaurant pearl- diver, or as assistant secretary to Napole0n's grandmother. GERARD P. KAVANAUGH Rochester, N.Y. Pass Arts. Rep. Italian-Spanish Club I, member of Oratorical Club I, II, of Interfaculty Basketball and Volleyball I- III, was on Irish Tennis Team I and II, President Tennis Club III. He aided Gaelic gridders as back I, II, assist- ant coach III. Member Beagle and Quail Club. Off to Wash- ington, D.C., to tackle law. FRANK L. DOUGHERTY Syracuse, N.Y. Pass Arts. A product of Holy Rosary H.S. Was S.M.C. Ath- letic Representative II, III. Was triple-threat man for Irish gridders. Starred for Varsity Senior Basketball Team II, III. Is deservedly popular, friendly and unas- suming. Former life guard, present member of Beagle and Quail Club, future lawyer. PAUL J. DUPRE Rochester, N .Y. Pass Arts. He entered Varsity via Aquinas Institute and Western Univ. Was active in Ethics III, Catholic Action Club II, III, Baseball I, II. One of few who studies for know- ledge and not exams. Is inter- ested in current events, sports and travelling. Future-Al- bany State Teachers. DANIEL PATRICK EGAN Rochester, N ,Y. Pass Arts. Came from Aqui- nas Institute. Was a promin- ent figure in Interfaculty Baseball, Basketball and Vol- leyball I, II, III. Is an accom- plished "Thespian". Member of Beagle and Quail Club. He pastimes at bowling and read- ing. Plans to teach languages. FRANCIS P. KELLY Toronto, Ont. Classics. He trekked from the hills of West Virginia to De- troit and Catholic Central High School in '29, thence to St. Michael's. Is an ardent sports fan. Prefers Beetho- ven, Bucko McDonald and Joe Dimaggio. He expects to get many headaches teaching. PATRICK KERWIN Guelph, Ont, Political Science and Econo- mics. Matriculated from Guelph Collegiate. Was a member of Newman and Poli. Sci. Snooker Clubs. S p e n t summers working to get enough money to go to Europe last summer. Plans: On to Osgoode, for more education? JOHN FRANCIS KINLIN Tweed, Ont. Mathematics and Physics tDiv. IJ. Reached University after attendance at Tweed High and North Bay Normal as a stu- dent, and at a Hastings school as a teacher. Found time for Interfaculty Boxing I, II, Rugby III, Newman Club I, II, IV, St. Michael's Oratory Club IV. Intends to make pedagogy his future field of endeavour. l ,n ik 76 -ff' . V35 ,gf mm 1.6 at + if L! Qixgf lv' 3' o 'ts 6419 6 090' RORY FINBAR EGAN Toronto, Ont. Philosophy. Although born in Co. Monaghan, Ireland, is no- torious for loyalty to the Bri- tish cause and exhibits this in all fields. He assisted English Rugger team's 4-year cham- pionship. First T Holder. Ora- torical Club I-IV, Pres. IV. C.O.T.C. I-IV. Although disciple of Bacchus and the Muses, is transferring devo- tion to Justitia. JOSEPH A. FISCHETTE Rochester, N .Y. Pass Arts. From Aquinas In- stitute of Rochester to Varsity. Italian-Spanish Club Secre- tary I, Business Manager II, President III, for three years, member of Fratellanza, be- coming Vice-President in III, was in S.M.C. Oratorical Club for three years. Has high hopes for a legal career in the United States. GEORGE F. GARGANO Rochester, N .Y. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Aquinas Institute. Was a member of St. Michael's Ten- nis Club I, II, III, and of Ro- chester Club I, II, III, played Interfaculty Baseball I. He plans to enter business. FRANCIS E. KNITTER Toronto. Ont. Pass Arts. Frank is a student from Rochester who made his home at St. Michaels After two years of teaching he still likes it. Frank is a notorious linguist and enjoys discussing any subject at any time, ex- cept when playing cribbage. JOHN HAZELTON LAWLESS Grafton, Ont. Moderns. Began existence at Grafton. Matriculating from Cobourg C.I., John came to St. Michael's where he has spent the last four years in Moderns. Member of University German Club four years, becoming President III. Hopes to gradu- ate in l38 and continue his studies at O.C.E. NELDO L. LORENZETTI Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. He received even his high schooling at St. Mikeis. His sparkling wit CU has made "Nell" a popular man at the Italian-Spanish Club, Newman Club, and the Fratellanza CFinancial-Secre- tary IIID. Hopes of Osgoode Hall are closer to realization from day to day. A great ath- lete and dancer. . PATRICK J. McCARTHY Killaloe, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from St. Andrew's. Was on Interfaculty Hockey I, II, III, Basketball II. He spends his summers selling automobiles. Is fond of baseball, hockey and dancing-cannot figure out which of the three is the toughest. He wants to see the world-especially Ireland. FRANK J. McCARTY Stratford, Ont. Pass Arts. Hailing from the Classic City, "Mac" found his way via Assumption College, Windsor, and St. Basil's Novi- tiate, Toronto, to the Pass Course at Varsity. Was Stu- dent-Prefect of "Gay Nineties" I, II, III. He intends to con- tinue Theological studies at St. Basil's Seminary, Toronto. RALPH J. MacDONALD Toronto. Ont. Philosophy. He was born in Watertown, N.Y., and came to Canada in 1928. Ralph came to St. Michael's from Regiop- olis College High School in Kingston. Niagara Falls. Ont. via Newman Club. JOHN P. MATTHEWS Niagara Falls, Ont. A. Baldwin. Irondequoit, N.Y. Philosophy. FRANK E. MALONEY Pass Arts. Entered University on Second Carter Scholarship and a St. Michael's bursary. Passes summers in Miami catching sail-fish and Winters leading St. Michael's water polo and pep-rallies, enjoys k frequent philosophical argu- ments with Teefy Knightes. Plans to do post-graduate work in Chemistry and Terpsichore Pass Arts. Came to Varsity from Niagara Falls C.I. He spent spare time in winter playing basketball on Varsity Seniors I and Intermediates II, III. Spends summers taking tourists behind the Falls. Plans to enter Osgoode Hall next fall. He believes an apple a day keeps the doctor away if it's ARMAND A, MAURER Philosophy. Graduated from Aquinas Institute of Rochester and then came to Varsity. Member of the Social Ethics Club I-IV, and President IV. He hopes to continue pursuing ST. MICI-IAEL'S COLLEGE JOSEPH A. MORTON Rochester, N.Y. Pass Arts. To Varsity via A q u i n a s Institute. Winter: tries to keep old Ford running. Summer: "loafs". Interests: Flying club, chewing the fat, going to bed early, watching hockey games, proclaiming 'I'm American'. ARTHUR H. MULLIGAN Rochester, N.Y. Pass Arts. He came to Varsity via Aquinas Institute of Rochester and Western Univ. Spends summers rubbing elbows with proletarians of A.F.L. Pet aversion: pseudo- philosophers. He won recog- nition as active kibitzer around bridge games. Created a big splash on St. Mike's Water Polo Team. LEO J. MUN NELLY Toronto, Ont. Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryj. Entered St. Michaells College School in '28 and has been around dear old Clover Hill ever since. Has been triple- threatening in PCE8zHD for the past four years. Spends the summer giving the "nescio" to foolish questions of young campers. ik? 'Q-33:1 .nr 77 as ft J I e'f+l1f'fi'..'2v'3 ST. MICHAEUS COLLEGE - .:vn n ..,., f fi- " 1 if E . . s. --Wm . ' . QQ , 11 ii L S "A' A 'iii fl l it WILLIAM JOSEPH NIGRO Edmonton, Alta. Pass Arts. He came to Varsity from St. Joseph's H. S. and U. of Alberta. Was a member of St. Michael's Oratorical Club II and III, President of St. Michael's Students' Adminis- trative Council IIIg Represen- tative on University S.A.C. III. Intends to study medicine at Varsity. JAMES EDWARD NOBLE Rochester, N.Y. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Aquinas Institute. Jimmy was President of the Freshman Class, and Athletic Represen- tative Il. He pastimed with Interfaculty Basketball, Base- ball and Volleyball Teams I, II, III. Potential professor via Albany State Teachers. JOHN F. O,CONNOR Syracuse, N.Y. Pass Arts. Matriculated from Holy Rosary H. S. Manager of Varsity Intermediate Basket- ballers II and B. W. Sz F. Man- ager III. He wielded a racquet for St. Mike's Tennis Team I, II, III. Spends his summers as life guard, his winters as student Cboth social and intel- EDWARD C. PAPPERT Rochester, N.Y. Pass Arts. From Aquinas to the Novitiate and then to St. Mike's for Pass Course. He expects to do some interior decorating and recuperate at C.S.B. summer resort before taking over professorial duties. THOMAS M. PERSICO Gloversville, N.Y. Pass Arts. Honoured the Fra- tellanza for three years, en- lightened the Ethics Club, III, enlivened the Italian-Spanish Club I, II, and took it out of the red as Business Manager in III. He was awarded Travel- ling Scholarship to Italy for proficiency in Italian, II. LEO ANDREW PERUSSE ' Thorold, Ont. Pass Arts. Leo came to Var- sity from Thorold High School. Was a member of the St. Thomas More Social Ethics Club III. He is a valuable friend and an exterior decor- ator in the summer months. CHARLES JAMES PETERS Rochester, N.Y. Pass Arts. He aided St. Michae1's Rugby Team three years in quest of Mulock Cup. Spent three winters on Uni- versity Basketball Teams. Is an active member of Dramatic Club. Plans on law at George- town U. ALBERT M. PIEHLER Rochester, N,Y. Pass Arts. Performed at tackle for two years, then guided the Mulock Cuppers to the "finals" as Manager. He pastimed with Interfaculty Basketball and Baseball I, II, III. Member of Ethics Club. Is headed for Harvard Law School. JOHN MICHAEL POWERS Troy, N.Y. Pass Arts. "Captain Jack" from Catholic Central H.S., was President 3T8 St. Michaels Was chief scoring threat of Warren Stevens' basketeers for past two years. Will study for his M.A. at Albany State Teachers. EDWARD A. PSUTKA Bamberg, Ont. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity via Kitchener-Waterloo C.I. and St. Jerome's Coll. Athletics- swimming, skiing, basketball and hockey. Intellectual-Pol- ish and German Clubs. He guards life in summer. Is en- tering O.C.E. FRANCIS R. PSUTKA Kitchener, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Kitchener. Matriculated from St. Jerome's College and Kitchener Collegi- ate. Was a member of German and Polish Clubs. He enjoys golf and swimming, hockey and basketball. fc: 1-my Jitu.:2'If'if 73 .fi lii 'if ixifi ik Q! 2, if , 5 lectualj. Will be called "Doc" in future. GEORGE J, OEHLER Utica, N.Y. Pass Arts. Graduate of St. Francis de Sales High School. Secretary-Treasurer 3T8g Sec- retary of U. of T. Basketball Union III. He served appren- ticeship as Manager of Varsity Intermediate Basketballers I, II: became Maestro of Stevens' Cagers in III. Prefers "that voice with a smile". Is pointing for surgery. JOHN PATRICK O'MEARA Rochester, N.Y. Pass Arts. Indebted to Saint Michael's for matriculation. He hopes to summer at the C.S.B. rendezvous, and devote his life to promoting C.S.B. activities. In fact he is a C.S.B. FRANCIS O'TOOLE Peterborough, Ont. Pass Arts. Frank first saw the light of day in Peterborough. Matriculated from P.C.I. En- tered the Pass Course at St. Michael's in 1935. Moderate in social activities, zealous in each endeavour. Intends to go to O.C.E. Q. ASQ . J ' ' Q ix, l fix i . we 4. A . -are A f - 2 . - . at ' F N w Q . , Y. Q ' ' ' ...X fa 40,8 g RAYMOND S. ROACH Toronto, Ont. Law. Came to Varsity from Oakwood C.I. Has active in- terest in baseball, rugby, hoc- key, basketball, swimming and billiards. Was a member Law Club and IVIoot Court. Sum- mers spent in Canada Carbon 81 Ribbon Co. Intends to fur- ther legal education at Os- goode. Was on 3T8 Law Hoc- key and Basketball Teams, and in 'Big Five' Snooker Club. JAMES P. J. F. ROWAN Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". Delighting in feminine company as Life Guard in summer or in a theatrical capacity during academic period, he prefers in- tellectual beauty of U. of T. and aesthetic morality of S.M.C. Hobby: writing son- nets. Future: Litt.D. or theatre executive. JOHN ANTHONY RUTH Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. He sprang from the soil near Watford, Ont. Has been one step ahead of it ever since, except for summer months. He matriculated at J-'ff' X Q' I we' I ,Q A t al' Q. 'W' 5 . Q J WZ L .. 4.1 ' I' , I 'Q . .M V ng, .. , ' x ,-..fJf5a'.. Z3 St. Michael's, then to St. Basil's Novitiate. A good stu- dent, his personality, sound judgment and keen sense of humour ensure his future priestly career. ERNEST ANTHONY RYAN Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sci- ences. Came to Varsity via Barrie C.I. Is an ardent scholar, enthusiastic votary of S.M.C. Oratorical Club, per- ennial gymnast. Is interested in morality. VVILLIAM J. SHEA Sudbury, Ont, English and History. He was a member of St. Michaels Oratorical Club four years: Vice-President IV, member of S.M.C. Students' Council III, Hart House Library Commit- tee IV, University Rifle Club III. Enjoys riding, orating and gunning. FRANK E. SIRDEVAN Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Sarnia. A product of St. Michaels High School. He excelled in Varsity Junior and Senior Football, St. Mike's Hockey and Baseball. Was S.M.C. Ath- letic Director, III. ST. IVIICHAEIJS COLLEGE 'Nw '13 an-suv . -iii., AI y in ff l W9' .Av ,, . , :WMS is O 'fi' af'4"'ha W. J. STUMPFHAUSER Rochester, N.Y. Pass Arts. Came to Varsity via Aquinas Institute. He played on St. Mikels Mulock Cup Team three years, the only Dutchman in the great 'iIrish" backfield. Pet subject: Ger- man. Has hopes of a medical career. THOMAS W. SULLIVAN Rochester, N.Y. Pass Arts. Came from Aquinas Institute. Was Class President I, member of Athletic Direc- torate and House Committee III. Captain and quarterback of Irish Footballers I, II, and III. Was a brilliant performer with Varsity Senior Basket- ball Team I, II and III. Will study law. PETER JULIAN SWAN Duncan, B.C. Pass Arts. Is in a state of flux between England and B.C. He is the exception to the rule, that travel broadens one. Weighed anchor with First Year Proficiency Scholarship. Becalmed in Oratorical Club. Shanghaied into Graduating Year Vice-Presidency, Toron- tonensis Representative. Full steam head to B. Com. in London. ROBERT FRANCIS WALL Wellsville, N.Y. Pass Arts. Was Manager of Interfaculty Basketball I, II, Manager of Track Team III, Lacrosse II. Is a bridge fanatic and St. Mike's own "Torchy Pedenv. His interests envelope sports, politics and the oil fields. After a year's repost in- tends to pursue law at Albany. FERGUS PATRICK WALSH Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. The "Buzzer" is a home-grown product of St. Mike's High School. He was one of the scrappiest linemen ever to wear a Double-Blue grid uniform. Performed cap- ably on the Interfaculty Hoc- key Team for three years. FREDERICK G. WRIGHT Calgary, Alta. Pass Arts. Came up from St. Mary's Boys' High' in Calgary, Alberta. His University resi- dence was More House. ALFRED F. ZAMBELLI Gloversville. N,Y. Pass Arts. Was a member of University Fratellanza I, II, III, IV, and the Social Ethics Club. He was awarded Pro- ficiency Scholarships I and II, and Travelling Scholarship to Italy. Is going to proceed to M.A. VINCENT G. ZENKEL Rochester, N.Y. Pass Arts. Came to St. Michael's from Aquinas Insti- tute. Winner of Proficiency Scholarships I, II, Class Presi- dent and Secretary of Stu- dents' Council, II. 22? 1 ,ni it, 79 we 39. , '93 lui, "zrc'ax69 ST. MICHAEUS COLLEGE -nllullls Jil" EDNA GRAY Toronto, Ont, Her birth, she claims, was eclipsed only by the sinking of the Lusitania, but she made up for this early handicap by coming from St. Joseph's on the Fortbonne for Latin and French and Alumnae Scholar- ships, and winning St. Mike's Scholarship for English and History II. Works for a living all the time, and, as a conse- quence, has been sleepy ever since she can remember. MARY HUTCHINSON Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Loretto College. Was a member of the New- man Club and of the Dance Committee III. Was Athletic Association Secretary I, Vice- President II, President III, Hockey Rep. III. Was a mem- ber of the Basketball Team I, II, III, and of the Hockey Team I, II, III. L. T. KARMALSKA Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences. 715: -PN 80 , mi ya UW? if my Q .- is EILEEN MARY BRADLEY Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Loretto College. Was a member of the Basket- ball Team I, II, III, and the Hockey Team I, II, III. RITA K. F. BURKE Sutton West, Ont. Pass Arts. Born in Dublin, Irelandg spent most of her life in the village of Sutton West. Has been in residence at St. Joseph's College for three years. Was on C.C.S.M.C. Exe- cutive II, IIIQ House Commit- tee IIIg Debating Representa- tive III. Known for her quiet Irish wit and humour and ap- preciation of an original witti- cism. Future plans indefinite but tend toward pedagogy. VINETTA MARY BURKE Toronto. Ont. Pass Arts. Loretto College. Was a member of the Basket- ball Team I, II, III, and of the Athletic Directorate III. KATHLEEN M. G. KILLORAN Toronto. Ont. Pass Arts. Can't remember which scholarship she came to Varsity on. Was on Varsity staff III, Newman Torch II. Was a member of Newman Club I, II, III. Dislikes the Big Apple, also biographies. In- terested in hockey and skat- ing. Intends to set the business world on fire. MARIE AGNES LAMBE Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. Came to Varsity from St. Joseph's Col- lege School. Was an active member of Literary and French Clubs at St. Joseph's for four years and Honour Science Club in IV. Played basketball I and II for St. Mike's and was Sec- retary of Athletic Society II. Hobbies-tennis, music, sing- ing and art, although Dietetics will consume most of her time in future years. FRIEDA LAPLANTE Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Was on Varsity staff II and III, Secretary of Cercle Francais IIIg S.A.C. Represen- tative IV, Won Proficiency Scholarships I and II. She is beautiful but not dumb. i 'iw uv 44,4 'I' M. MARGARET DILLON Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Graduated from St. Josephls College School. Is famous for lab. explosions and French mispronunciation. Likes to laugh, to hear a good story, and to tell one. Plays badminton, and cheers for Varsity at rugby and hockey games. JEAN M. DOWNS Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Loretto College. MARY GERTRUDE DOYLE St. Catharines, Ont. Hailing from St. Catharines as a Rotary Medalist, our Irish colleen's sunny smile and equable disposition have con- tinued to win her countless friends at Varsity. Varied in- terests at St. Joseph's have found her on executives of French and Dramatic Clubs, House and Dance Committees. A prodigious memory bore her effortlessly to a B.A. Q 1 Toronto, Ont. FRANCES M. LISLE Ottawa, Ont. Pass Arts. Loretto College. Was on Varsity staff I, was Torontonensis Representative III, House Committee Head III, and Dance Convener III. WINNIFRED LISLE Ottawa, Ont. Pass Arts. Loretto College. Was President of Literary So- ciety III. FLORENCE M. MCCARTHY Schreiber, Ont. Moderns. To Schreiber she owes her grin, to Toronto her B.A. in Moderns. Intellectual pursuits-French, Spanish Clubs, Athletics-Tennis Team Qlnterfacultyb, Dance Com- mittee III, IV. She was New- man Representative and Head Girl for St. Josephs IV. Won Sir Wilfrid Laurier Scholar- ship in Oral French I. Favour- ite indoor sport-talking Cin French or Englishj. A. ROSEMARY McCORMICK Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Loretto College. RITA M, MCCORMICK Islington, Ont. English and History. Is a native Torontonian. Came to Varsity from Notre Dame Academy, Waterdown. Was in residence at St. Josephls, and Literary Executive there II, III, IV. Interested in anything and everything. Future, O.C.E. and '? MARGARET MacDONALD Orillia, Ont. Pass Arts. It took our "Margy" with her engaging smile and vivacity, via Pass Arts at St. Josephls, to put Orillia on the map, here she has achieved an all-time high in good-nature, generosity and wit! Truly to know her is to love her! M. I. SUNNY McLAUGHLIN Pass Arts. Rebels at "just Pass Arts" and "B+-1-'s" in essays. Enthuses about basketball, badminton and swimming Clnterfaculty Teams I, II, III and I, IIB. Was on Athletic Directorate III, Dance Com- mittee I, II. Events-St. Jo- seph's Alumnae Scholarship, Appendectomy and Aegrotat I, St. Michael's Proficiency Scho- larship II, plaster cast from ankle up III. Maintains that her name refers to her red hair, not to her disposition, and that McLaughlin is Irish. MARION K. MITCHELL Toronto, Ont. Moderns. All the facts she could be prevailed upon to give as worthy of mention were: that she was born in New York and matriculated from St. Joseph's Convent to enter Moderns Course, the lat- ter fact being the only one she really regrets. HELEN M. NEWTON Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. "Good things come in small packages"-and so did Helen all the way from ST. MICHAEIJS COLLEGE 'K 4 I 1 50. Q S f 5 ma 'f. A . 'ig ,f f ff . f t 4 x ,gf ft- a f X af Q O fa if 5 sr f, Q Q . ...-1i , Timmins to glide easily through the Pass Course. Very interested in what the future holds in store for her, and so are we, hoping against hope she gets the break she thinks she deserves. CATHERINE A. 0'NElLL Baltimore, Md. Catherine Agnes O'Neill came from Baltimore, Md., to grace Loretto College and this year heads her College's S.A.C. Having completed Pass Arts, she is very proficient in languages, particularly Ger- man. Her major interests be- sides studying are Newman Club, sleeping, eating, dancing, spaghetti, sleeping, eating, skipping lectures, sleeping. CLARA E. O'NEILL Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Loretto College. Was a member of the Sodality II, III, President III. M. NORAH C'NEILL Arnprior, Ont. Pass Arts. Loretto College. Was a member of the Dance Committee III, of the Baseball Team I, II, III, and of the Ath- letic Directorate III. wifi? -951 -as 1 llll 81 tra - ky: sy, ' 4.4 .fr,f1u3:fr,.v'3 v ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE Q K I . ,A .sv .af M I . - -4 MONICA M. REYNOLDS Toronto, Ont, I Household Economics. Born in Vermilion, Alta. Came to Varsity from St. Joseph's Col- lege School. Rounded out her Varsity years with activities such as the Literary Society, French Club, 20th Century Club, Newman Club. Took an active interest in Women's In- tercollegiate Debating Society CVice-President II, President IIIJ. Future plans include an exploration of the possible fields of Household Science. GERARDA J. RYAN Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. "Gerry" entered Varsity on a St. Joseph's Alumnae Scholarship. Won St. Michael's Proficiency Scholar- ship I and II. Her proficiency covers: Interfaculty Basketball and Tennis I, II, III, Vice-Pre- sident S.A.C. II, President S.A.C. III, Torontonensis Rep. III. Her greatest assets are- "Gift o'Gab" and "laughing Irish eyesf' Hopes someday to be a producer of minstrel shows. EILEEN G. ZEAGMAN Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. Takes everything in her stride-including Var- sity. As teacher of Dramatic Art, she presided over Drama- tic Society II, III. Was S.A.C. Representative II, III. Engaged actively in Newman Club I, II, III, and Catholic Junior League. Was convener of Col- lege At-Home III. Pet hates- Spanish classes and sewing meetings. Lacks redhead's pro- verbial temper but insists she is an Irish-German-but!! -mt 'QM 3 ,ggi Tjll! git grit, il f' 2'-1.,jjg': jp-4 rf 82 P L COMMERCE AND FINANCE To the Graduating Class of Commerce and Finance C By Professor C. A. Ashley, B. Com., C.A. HE celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of the depart- ment of Political Economy has caused us to review the history of the department and to enquire into the records of our graduates. Many of the early graduateshave distinguished themselves in public life in Canada, and many of the graduates of Commerce and Finance have already shown that they will carry on this tradition. We hope that, fifty years from now, you will all actively participate in the centenary celebrations, and that each of you Will command the respect and emulation of the students of that day. In the meantime, We hope that you Will lead happy and useful lives, that you will look back with pleasure on your undergraduate days, and that you will keep in touch with the department. Toronto. Ont. BRUCE REID BAKER Toronto, Ont. Victoria College. To Victoria from Humberside C.I. Was a member of Commerce Club II, III, IV. Worked on farm and in law office during various summers, but prefers straight vacation. Ambition-To be a bridge player par excellence. WILLIAM ARTHUR BALL Toronto, Ont. Victoria College. Bill matricu- lated from North Toronto Col- legiate and entered Commerce and Finance. Played Interfac- ulty Baseball II, and Rugby III CChampionsDg also plays ten- nis, squash and golf. Was Sec- retary of Commerce Club IV and member of House Com- mittee IV. GORDON E. BROWNING Sudbury, Ont. St. Michaels College. Came to Varsity from Sudbury High on K. of C. and Robt. E. Simp- son Scholarships. Was a mem- ber of Newman Club Execu- tive, III, IV. ' l I JOHN LEONARD BULGER Toronto, Ont. St. Michael's College. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Humberside C.I. CHARLES D. BURKE Toronto, Ont. . Victoria College. GORDON ALLAN COOKE Beamsville, Ont. University College. Played In- terfaculty Water Polo Il, III, and Rugby III. Managed the Intercollegiate Swimming Team IV. Was a member of the Commerce Club I, II, III, IV, and Year Executive IV. GEORGE B. DONALDSON University College. Came to Varsity from U.T.S. Engages actively in almost every intra- mural sport and is leading exponent of Jiu-Jitsu. Was Crocombe Trophy winner in Squash, Athletic Director of University College, Vice- Chairman of Intramural Ath- letic Directorate, and member of Hart House Squash Com- mittee. Ambitious for a degree with honours, a C.A. after his name and bigger and better vanilla milk-shakes. JOHN D. A. EVERS Toronto, Ont. St. Michael's College. Came to S.M.C,. via Oakwood C.I. St. Mike's awarded him its C. and F. scholarship II. Spends sum- mers at Canada Packers, win- ters at Commerce Club and Varsity Soccer. JOHN ERIC FAULKNER Toronto, Ont. University College. Born in Brantford. Came to Varsity from Owen Sound C.I. COMMERCE AND FINANCE I . ' N .fig ' If mf QM if 1 iff dwg WI?"' BEVERLEY E. GAYNOR Toronto, Ont. University College. Came from North Toronto C.I. Was Vice- President Commerce Club IV and winner of S. R. Parsons Scholarship III. Recreations are swimming and skating. Aspires to actuarial work. CHARLES G. GREENFIELD Hamilton, Ont. CATD As Treasurer of the "Board" and "Lit" He gained in wealth, bit by bit. On the Year Exec. and T.C. A.A. He kept the auditors at bay. His future plans we do not know, But never trust him with your dough. G. A. HARPUR Lindsay, Ont. University College. .5 , - ' ' COMMERCE AND FINANCE 5 . EDWARD HUGH LOGAN Strathroy, Ont. University College. JAMES ERIC McEVVEN Hensall, Ont. Victoria College. Was born at Hensall. Matriculated from Exeter High School and came to University in 1934. Work and Victoria social functions consumed his time here. Hopes to work in an accounting firm and to visit the Pacific Coast. L. W. McILMURRAY Toronto, Ont. University College. -I- CHARLES A. N. HARVIE Orillia, Ont. CAKED Trinity College. Active in Trinity athletics - Basketball I-IV, Football III, IV. Was a member ofthe Commerce Club, and was Treasurer of Fraternity for two years. En- joys golf and tennis but most interested in sailing. May en- ter Harvard School of Business Administration next fall or work in England. ARTHUR WILLIAM HOLT Windsor, Ont. University College. Came to Varsity from Patterson C.I. Served on the Executive of the Commerce Club I and on U.C. Athletic Board III, IV. Is a U.C. Crest Holder for Inter- faculty Sports. PAUL McC. HUTCHESON Toronto, Ont. CCDKEJ University College. Was a gra- duate of Oakwood C.I. Mem- ber of Commerce Club I-IV. Chief recreations are swim- ming, squash and . . . a pipe! Spent his summers with the Toronto General Trusts Corp. Answers to "Hutch',. Proposes to enter Chartered Account- 86 ancy. PERRY S. MILLAR UDAQD Toronto, Ont. University College. Came to Varsity out of the West. Was Year Secretary II, Year Pre- sident III. Played U.C. Rugby I, II, III, Manager IIIg Swim- ming I, II, III, Water Polo II, III, IV. Was a member of U.C. Parliamentary Club, becoming Speaker IV. Conducted orches- tra U.C. Follies IV. Was a member of Historical Club III, IV, Vice-President IV, mem- ber of Hart House Debates Committee IV. Future activi- ties-"Regrettable, but inevi- table". JOHN FREDERIC MOESER Toronto, Ont. Victoria College. Played on Victoria College Hockey Team III. and IV and was a member of Hart House Squash Com- mittee IV. ARTHUR SAMUEL PEACEY Toronto, Ont. Victoria College. Matriculated from North Toronto C.I. ROBERT WARREN JAMES Oshawa, Ont. CIIJAC-BD University College. Was born in Edmonton. Played Water Polo for U.C. in his Second Year and was a co-winner of the Maurice Cody Scholarship IV. Was a member of the Commerce Club for four years. MAYNARD KERT CEAMJ Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. University College. Came to Varsity from Sault Ste. Marie C.I. Is very interested in squash, tennis, and baseball, playing on the U.C. Softball Team II. Was a member of the Commerce Club III, IV. RICHARD E. A. LINDSEY Willowdale, Ont. University College. Came to Varsity out of Earl Haig C.I. by North Yonge R.R. One of many enjoyments being sing- ing, he was a member of Hart House Glee Club III, IV. For four years was a member of Commerce Club, being Audi- tor III. An energetic squash player that gets nowhere. Was Year Secretary IV. Smokes any given number of cigarettes. , ALEXANDER G. RANKIN Toronto. Ont. CNN University College. Was a mem- ber of Senior Intercollegiate Track Team I, II, IV Clnter- collegiate Championshipj. Was President of U.C. Literary and Athletic Soc. IV., Social Direc- tor III, Year President II, Asst. Sec.-Treas. I. Vice-Pres. of S.A.C. IV. Was on Hart House Hall Comm. III, and House Comm. IV, U.C. Ath- letic Board III, U.C. Follies III, Commerce Club Executive II and III. Was Secretary II, Vice-President III and Presi- dent IV, University Track and Harrier Club. Member of the Historical Club III and IV. ERNEST H. SLINGSBY Toronto, Ont. University College. C. A. STOCK Toronto, Ont. University College. Came to Varsity from Humberside C.I. and won the Reuben Wells L e o n a r d Scholarship 'in his First Year. RUSSEL REID TAYLOR CATJ St. Catharines, Ont. University College. Born in Gananoque and matriculated from Paris High School, com- ing to Varsity with a Leonard Scholarship. While at Varsity played Football for the Varsity Juniors II, III, and was on the Intermediate Track Team I. Was a member of the Com- merce Club for four years be- coming Treasurer III and Pre- sident IV. Served on the Year Executive III. GLENN C. TOMPKINS Welland, Ont. CBGJIIJ University College. Matricu- lated from W ella n d High School and after one disas- trous year in Mathematics and Physics entered Commerce and Finance. Has been notoriously unsuccessful in all e l e c t i o n campaigns, just squeezing into the Year Executive in his Third Year. Was a member of the Commerce Club II-IV, and of the Totrontovzefnsis Staff IV. ERNEST F. TURNER Fergus, Ont. University College. Came to Varsity from Fergus High School. J. KENNETH WILLIAMS Toronto, Ont. University College. Came to Varsity from Runnymede C.I. Intercollegiate Golf Team I, III, IV CCaptainJg University Col- lege Lacrosse I, II, III, IVg Intenested in law, would like to continue in this line. -1- 87 COMMERCE AND FINANCE -if-4 fe"- "M""i gin 'KS , ,.,,x , W., ,...., ,,v,,v., V. ....,.,,..-.,............ ..Y,v . ,, , ,. , . r , , , - ,'.,' ,. - 2 . 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" MV if in-:FR - 'S"':ji1 -g:,5:.1- .gi "-'- f-'??'l Lf,,.f ' ' 'TY :iff 5,,'f,Q 'Q '1 f"b5:W "115 fE J.'2f ,W-g,',,, -.T.,,5ff-sn 1, ,, ....-., MW- Af- f- -wry?---ff - 3fy..-.,::i:' H43 '--f-:fzflj-is-....M:MLN, Y - '...,,fm,-,M - ' w T ,- A . , gm 4 L -fH'1'frf1vxwh in ff:':,'.Wf's'mf",L-'4' '4"""'fN Ti'S" . W-fsifigu' f'g7?"" r 3- fvmzvii-'.:T"h ' ,..,,..,,f V -www Rst W-Xu wwf :gy ,ffl M' """"".,-Qj'q5:.,gjIJl .,,:f::1'Kf1'2Z,.v. .A....,:.., ....u,,LN,ggm,:?4:Ll4 .rn-,ki K Y ff. il, fn- f . lsxqyj .-. , . -mv-urn, . . -- .,. 1-w'f"' "Til: ' '1 .. Il --:ff L 21' '-2:4-f 3 ' ' Em 'fs wuz, -'.,, I"7"c. '.-sw, 5-v.. ' ,fs vvfry. lvnrtgi as-1:4.:nSr.'!""' 4, ,. .r ' -41 F' C' ,Q f f :N L N' ' R -: :"fe-' W' ' fx-.," 21:44 1351 if '-vwfwx 1131.1 'Q .11 Sv- 4--,K ' ' ' .iff f- was-1 .,, YA ' 'M'f+- f' "-VZ" 'rg-M1-'I f iilwj' x f r..-ALJ. .Q -fr i,1aEfA13g,7: 'f""':' "- - ' ' - gif " '23, "'J:g1,. Qs, ' wx.: 1. 1-agen? fi' -1 'ff ..'::Qg?f ' :':3A1:'1 -fmfi ffw k V :2' 5-5 N ,ip 5 I inf' - 'X I -.A r- V - 3 x N ' P 1 x - M v :.! ig!- rmiw V ,,-. v If V mf., Y . ,. , ., ' -- f-' ' ,,,.f.,,. rv? A 'ff " , d'f"".". 41.15 1 I ., . 1 TEACHERS' COURSE To the Graduating Classes in the Department of University Extension By W. J. Dunlop, B.A., B.Paed., Director. University Extension and Publicity O the graduates in the Pass Course for Teachers and to those who are to receive their diplomas in Occupational Therapy and in Physiotherapy I tender my cordial and sincere congratulations on the completion of courses that have meant hard study and much application and concentration. The teachers and others on whom is being conferred the degree in Arts, on their completion of the Pass Course for Teachers, have been ambitious to improve their qualifications and have used a great deal of their leisure time in fitting themselves for better service. Some have studied in Teachers' Classes in the evenings and on Saturdays and some have been students in several Summer Sessions. They have now reached their objective and they may well experience the satisfaction which comes to those who have achieved something really worth-while. Those who are being awarded diplomas in Occupational Therapy and in Physiotherapy and whose photographs fin uniformj appear in another section of Torontonensis are entering upon careers which are relatively new and certainly are uncrowded. I am told that no therapist of either type is out of employment at present and that there are likely to be positions for all these graduates when they complete the six-months' interneships which they must now commence. I am coniident that all these graduates, teachers and therapists, will always be loyal alumnae and alumni of the University of Toronto which has given them opportunity for education and training which will fit them to occupy positions of responsibility in the life of this Dominion. It is my earnest hope that they may all enjoy many years in which they may put into practice what they have learned from their courses. The Department of University Extension is proud of them and will watch their careers with interest. 90 una! A M n X X K. 'A 5- MILDRED G. ALLWORTH Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from I-Iarbord C.I. Has taught school at Lambton Park and York Township. Spends sum- mers having a rest. Plans to continue teaching school. C. MACKENZIE ARNOT Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Riverdale C.I. and U.T.S., all depart- ments, in the dark ages, from Victoria in Classics '13, '14, Graduated from O.C.E. '15. Was Secretary Classical Asso- ciation '13, Vice-President Gymn Team '15. Interests are gymnastics, diving and oat- meal porridge. Always wears a peak cap, having lost a bowler at sea. Is on the staff in maths. at Riverdale. MARY C. BECKSTED Ravenna, Ont. Born in Iroquois. Won third Carter Scholarship and en- tered Honour Science Course. Attended two years and trans- ferred to Pass Course for teachers. Graduated May 1937. Now teaching in Ravenna. In- terests include church work, dramatics, outdoor life. , WTIVW9 . ' -2? VE - -, ,. 3 Q, at '- it ,... " 'I vi, L. , xi,-Q... '. K ' .. .7 E' A . lalzv Y ini ii ' FRED BOWKER Toronto, Ont. Born in Manchester, Eng. Ma- triculated from Omemee H.S. Attended Peterboro Normal School 1918. Taught school at Fenelon Falls 1921, Burling- ton 1923, Dufferin School, Toronto, 1924-37. Obtained First Class Certificate. At- tended O.C.E. to obtain ele- mentary Commercial Certifi- cate. Plans on getting a Com- mercial Specialist Degree. R. HARRY BRITTON Toronto, Ont. Born in Sturgeon Falls, Ont. Matriculated from Lindsay C.I. Attended Toronto Normal School 1926. Is interested in sports and travel. In the sum- mer goes to summer school and travels. Hopes to see the world on the Toronto Public School staff. J. HARRY BROADBENT Toronto, Ont. Won Carter Scholarship at Weston High and Vocational School. Entered Normal to ,be P.S. teacher. Present outside interests are chiefly Rotary Leaders' Boys' Work, and golf in the field of sport. Hopes to travel extensively when op- portunity affords itself. x ar.. .1-1' V, 7. f . - ' 1 94 rf 4 5 f 'i A BERTHA DICK Weston, Ont. Is a graduate of Humberside Collegiate and Toronto Normal School. Is now a critic teacher at Orde St. School. Was on executive of Teachers' Course Association, Vice-President 1936-37, President 1937-38. IVAH HARRIET EVERITT Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from North Toronto Collegiate and on to Victoria College for one year in Philosophy CEnglish or His- toryj - Cyes, successfullyj. De- cided to discover the business world by way of the Seed La- boratory, Dominion Depart- ment of Agriculture, as an analyst. For the past few years has found much delight and many friends in the Teachers' Course. ARNOLD B. FALLIS Toronto, Ont. Born at Nestleton, Ont. Ma- triculated from Scarboro C.I. Has taught at Scarboro Bluffs. Spends the summer in sum- mer courses. Plans to continue both his education and teach- mg. TEACHERS' COURSE N 'Ii If 1 " 6' W.. W 4 ,. We f 1' -s is Y 'Qs 5-.... AGNES M. FERRY Toronto. Ont. Born in Scotland. Matriculated from Riverdale C.I. Is with A. E. Ames Kr Co., Limited. Interests are many and varied, especially music and literature. WALTER JAMES F OOTE Stouffville, Ont. Born at Stouffville. Matricu- lated from Markham H.S. Spent summers in farming and summer courses. Plans to con- tinue teaching, perhaps in a high school. MICHAEL McK. FORAN Toronto. Ont. Born at Belgrave, Ont. Matri- culated from Wingham H.S. Taught at De La Salle, Toronto. Sold bonds but the company went broke in 1929. Wishes to see Ireland via cattle boat and on to Vancouver by the thumb. Likes stringed in- struments but hates brass in men and music. Would rather .sing than eat. Plans on art or P.T. 91 TEACHERS, COURSE l in a w f 4 Q, I 5 1 an 5: ij fx x E p. ..--. 1 .X . t i , we x 5 Sr? fra ' ff? 4442 . ff Q . a- W iv A ,f E. CECIL LONGMUIR Graduated from Campbellford High School in 1924 and from Toronto Normal School 1925. Teaches on Toronto Public School staff. Is interested in science and psychology. Hopes to obtain B. Paed. and travel. JEAN M. McDONALD Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Parkdale Collegiate In- stitute. HELEN I. McDOUGALD Born at Tara, Bruce Co. Ma- triculated from Harriston High School. Obtained a Carter Scholarship. MICHAEL G. FURLONG Toronto, Ont. Born at Montreal. Matricu- lated from De La Salle Col- lege. Attended Toronto Normal School 1930. Is now Principal of St. Paul's Boys' School, and Choirmaster of St. Paulls C hurch. Interested in: music Cviolin and vocalj, athletics, boys' choirs, clubs and camps, poetry, commercial studies. Future plans: Graduate work. G. GLEN GARDINER Mount Forest, Ont. Born at Mount Forest. Matri- culated from Mount Forest H.S. Lived in North House, Burwash. Summers were spent at summer school. Plans to become a specialist in mathe- matics and physics. FREDERICK W. HARVIE. Born at Orillia, Ont. Matricu- lated from Orillia C.I. Resided in South House occasionally. Taught at Coldwater Continu- ation School two years. Was Principal of Gore Bay Con- tinuation School four years and Coniston Continuation School ten years. Thinks he is probably the first bald- headed graduate in the last century. Has two daughters and a son. Plans on high school teaching or similar work. N. ROSS McDOUGALL Toronto, Ont. Born at Drayton, Ont. Matri- culated from Drayton Con- tinuation School. Attended North Bay Normal School 1923-24. Obtained First Class Certificate at Ottawa Normal School 1930. Was Class Repre- sentative of Teachers' Course Association for two terms. At present is teaching at Dufferin Public School, Toronto. JOHN F. MCGIVNEY Toronto, Ont.. Born at Arthur, Ont. Matricu- lated from Arthur High School. Graduated from To- ronto Normal School. Came to Toronto Jarvis School for Boys after being at a country school in West Luther, St. Peter's Continuation School, London, and the O.T.C., Ham- ilton. Summers spent in farm- ing and construction. Hobbies: music and woodwork. PEARL C. MACKENZIE Born at Fairvalley, Ontario County. Matriculated from Orillia C.I. 92 D. JAMES HYNES Toronto, Ont. Born at Wiarton, Ont. Matri- culated from Walkerton H.S. Is interested in badminton, music and fencing. Has spent two summers in Europe as well as qualifying for first lieutenant in the militia and being a lifeguard. Plans to travel as much as possible, whenever possible, beginning with a motor trip to the Pacific this summer. BARBARA T. JAQUITH Toronto, Ont. Was a graduate of Masten Park H.S. and of State Teach- er's College of Buffalo, N.Y. Gave up teaching in that city for the career of homemaking. Is continuing the pursuit of knowledge as a means of be- coming a better homemaker, friend and citizen. Her hob- bies are birds and reading. Is a member of the Council of the Toronto Field Naturalists. LILY F. JENNINGS Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Jarvis C.I. Worked in a business office for two years before attending O.C.E., after which was ap- Dointed to the Toronto Public School staH. Is a member of the Mendelssohn Choir. I my K, Ss? Q ' 'fn W ROBERT A. McLEOD Toronto, Ont. Born at Blackwater Junction, journeyed to Humberside C.I., Toronto, where matriculation standing was obtained. Uni- versity studies were taken extramurally along with teaching. Past showing would indicate a future successfully and happily spent in paths of learning and also guiding the steps of youth along its rocky course. CHARLES JOHN McRORIE Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Chesley, 1926, where he developed con- siderable muscle by taking part in all sports available. Taught P.T. in Windsor two years, incidentally a c q u ir i n g more muscle and a wife. Came to Toronto, 1931, to Adam Beck School. Since then ac- quired two beautiful daugh- ters. JAMES MARSHALL Born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Matriculated from Vaughan Road C.I. Engages in outdoor sports. Spends summers tak- ing summer courses or relax- ing in Muskoka, fishing, swim- ming, etc. Plans to work either towards a B.Paed. degree or to specialize in mathematics and physics. - 5' L. DOROTHY MARTIN Graduated from Orillia Colle- giate in business course as well as matriculation and was employed a few years in a local law office. She then turned to teaching and hopes to become a useful member of that profession. CHARLES A. MUSTARD Graduated from Toronto Model School and U.T.S. Taught first at U.C.C. and later on the Toronto Public School staff. Interested in the teaching profession. SARAH E. NEWTON Toronto, Ont. Born at Bradford, Yorkshire, England. Matriculated from Malvern C.I. SIMON P. PALMER Toronto, Ont. A .. si - "f Q' Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Jarvis C.I. Worked as a theatre usher two years, at- tended Toronto Normal School and obtained position on Perth Avenue Public School staff. Spends summers in study, tra- vel and relaxation. Hopes to obtain a Commercial Special- ist's Certificate. G. LEYCESTER PARKER Toronto, Ont. Emerged at Varsity after gra- duating from Malvern C.I. Entered the Sun Insurance of- fice from that time but came to Teachers' Course for recrea- tion in the evenings. Spends his holidays seeing New York from every angle. CHARLES PEARCE Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Central Y.M.C.A. night school, gradu- ated from Toronto Normal School. Teaching experience- six years public school, three years Central "Y" staff. Hopes to teach in a vocational school. Past jobs include lumbering, warehouse, farming, banking, stock-keeping, tutoring. TEACHERS, COURSE int?" au'- "Vw L, 'ns- .,..... . ' r 'saw Z iff.. . gas! ww cg' 2 4 f f 1 W. MELVILLE RANSBERRY Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Oakwood Collegiate In- stitute. ROBERT RICHARDSON Toronto, Ont. Born in Fergus, Ont. Matricu- lated from Fergus High School. Is on the staff of the Rose Avenue Public School. Was President of P.S.A.A. 1937-8. DOROTHY ADA ROBINSON Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Humberside C.I. Is in- terested actively in badminton and music. Has spent summers taking summer courses, and visiting Europe Ctwicej and the West Indies. TEACH ERS 3 COURSE .fi-. U '- f is Aa ,, . ,. . Sf y . .4 f' ,Wm ' .gala-X I' W I W 'K Z W WILLIAM D. ROBINSON Toronto, Ont. Born in Fergus. Matriculated from Fergus High School. Is on the staff of Givens Street School, Toronto. HOWARD MURRAY SAUL Orangeville, Ont. Attended Mitchell High School and London Normal School. Is on the Toronto Public School staff. Main interests: English and history. His only passion is disturbing private lives with a candid camera. L. CONSTANCE STEWART Toronto, Ont. Born at Brampton, Ont. Ma- triculated from the High School there. Attended Toronto Nor- mal School. Taught a primary class. Interests are tennis and swimming. . 5555 V 94 VVILLIAM JAMES TAYLOR Harriston, Ont. Born at Harriston, Ontario. Matriculated from Harriston High School. ELSIE TEASDALL Toronto, Ont. Is a member of the Depart- ment of the Attorney General for Ontario. Intends entering Osgoode Hall this autumn. ELLEN AGNES WISHART Paris, Ont. Attended Toronto Normal School, O.C.E., and Ontario Training School for Technical Teachers. Teaches Household Science at Dovercourt School. in 7" 6 -.., xxw , 5 3 5 'Nitin-in 5 , a J r N ,- L MEDICINE 98 To the Graduating Class in Medicine By Dean W. E. Gallie, M.D., F.R.C.S. Eng., F.R.C.S. QCJ T IS the pleasant duty of the Dean at this time of year to congratulate the graduating class upon successfully bringing to a close their six years of undergraduate study. It is the hope of the Faculty that all the graduates may find among the various branches of Medicine the work for which they are best suited and which will give them the greatest happiness. In saying goodbye, may I remind y-ou that success in Medicine depends on many things and that it will be well to consider what these things are while it is yet possible to control them. Most of them are in some way connected with character and personality and can be influenced but little by any but oneself. Sometimes, however, the School can be of assistance and I would remind the graduates that the opportunity to help old students never fails to give pleasure to the teacher. On behalf of the Faculty let me wish you every success. MARY E. ALBERTSON Toronto, Ont. Served on M.W.U.A. Execu- tive five years, being President and S.A.C. Representative VI. Also played Interfaculty Ten- nis and Basketball for four years and holds Junior "T" and AQMVS WILLIAM E. APTED CBGJIIJ Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from University of Toronto Schools. ALFRED AUERBACK CII AQDJ Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated at North Toronto Collegiate Institute. Awarded David Dunlap Scholarship in Psy- chiatry V. Head Usher, Var- sity Stadium V, VI. Likes red and blue neckties and toasted salmon sandwiches. Ambition is to write a second best-seller. ii,- 1. J. FRANCIS G. AVERY Grenfell, Sask. Graduated from University of Saskatchewan 1935 with B.Sc. Came to Toronto to obtain M.D. Likes Western ways, Western women, Western horses and Western sand- wiches. JAMES HAMILTON BAILLIE Toronto, Ont. QAKEJ Matriculated from U.T.S. Was connected with Daffydil I-VI. Was a member of the Varsity Band I-V and the Medical Society III. FRED C. BARTON Toronto, Ont. CAAfD,AQAJ Born in Toronto. Matriculated from U.T.S. Was Year Presi- dent II. Was a member of the Intercollegiate Rowing Crew I. First "TU holder. JAMES ENNIS BATEMAN Toronto, Ont. CKIJXD Matriculated from O a k w o o d C.I. Was a member of the University of Toronto Tennis Team. JOHN RICHARD BICKLE Niagara Falls, Ont. CCIJXJ WILFRED G. BIGELOW Brandon, Man. QNENJ Graduated from University College in Biological and Medical Sciences 1935. Played Intermediate, Junior and In- terfaculty Hockey. Was a member of House Committee of Hart House IV. Was on staff of The Medical Journal four years, Editor VI. Presi- dent of 3T8 VI. Interested in Daffydil and the north country. ALFRED BOCHNER Toronto, Ont. Born at Guelph, Ont. Matricu- lated through private tuition at University College. Spent MEDICINE G- -luv' f several busy years in account- ancy and the stock exchange before studying medicine. Outside interests include books, travelling, winter sports and fishing. As for the future, "The morrow shall take care for the things of itself,'l he says. MANNIE E. BORSOOK Toronto, Ont. CAQAJ Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Jarvis C.I. Was Secre- tary-Treasurer AQA IV. Played on Junior Meds Base- ball Team, ushered at the sta- dium IV-VI. Has been inter- ested in social conditions. Summers were spent as che- mist and camp physician. Plans to do research and to do teaching in the field of Public Health. HARRY OLIVER BOWMAN Toronto, Ont. CBEPJ Born in Toronto. Matriculated from North Toronto Collegiate Institute. Was on Hart House Hall Committee IV. Played Basketball and Volleyball for Meds. QF! 99 MEDICINE l l PAUL LAURIE BRADY Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Parkdale C.I. LAWRENCE W. B. CARD Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Humberside C.I. Was a member of the L'Don't Quote Me" Association. Summers were spent in liquidating frozen assets. COLIN NICHOL BREBNER Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from U.T.S. Graduated in Biological and Medical Sciences from University College 1934. Was a member of Seniorlnter- collegiate Rugby Team IV-VI and the Hart House Library Committee IV. DARIO D. CARPENETO Toronto, Ont. Belonged to Newman Club. EDGAR D. CHANKIN qfmm A T f , . sh . VVINSTON I. BRESLIN 'mm 0 Ont Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Oakwood 5, C.I. Interested in skiing and I -. Summer activities are hos- pitals and weaving mills. f I r VVILLIAM BRUCE CHARLES Toronto, Ont. CKIJAGJJ Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from University of Toronto Schools. Was a mem- ber of the Junior Meds Rugby Team IIIQ of the Junior O.H.A. Hockey Team Ig of the Senior O. H. A. and Intercollegiate Hockey Team II, III, IV, V CCaptainD, VI. Was a member of the U. of T. Hockey Club IV, becoming President Vg of the Medical Athletic Associa- tion III, IV, V, becoming President VI, and of the Medi- cal Society VI. Is interested in the Annual Christmas Hockey Trip to New York and points east and west. JOHN THOMAS CODNERE Toronto, Ont. Saw daylight in the "Alex." Matriculated at North Toronto C.I. Also attended Riverdale C.I. Interests: golf, hockey, and stenographers. Interning at Toronto Western Hospital. Ambitions: G.U. Surgeon and Editor of "Hushi'. Knows more about you than you do. ALBERT BENJAMIN COLE Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. MARGARET ANN DALEY Toronto, Ont. Graduated from Biological and Medical Sciences 1934. She has since been associated with the Ontario Hospital Service and has spent her spare time study- ing Me d i c in e. Interfaculty Sports, Tennis, etc., and many varied outside interests keep her proitably busy. SYDNEY J. V. DALRYMPLE Fenwick. Ont. COUNT ARTHUR J. W. von WERSSOWETZ de BYSTRICE OIJPED Vienna, Austria B.A. in Philology, Copernicus College, Thorn, 1930, LL.B., Charles IV University, Prague, 1932g Sc. Pol., Ecole libre des Sciences Politiques, Pragueg Cert. d'Etudes jur. et econ., Universite de Paris. Belonged to Newman Club. 100 4233 P4 COUNT ODON F. W. von VVERSSOWETZ de BYSTRICE CCDPEJ Vienna. Austria B.A. in Philology, Copernicus College, Thorn, 19303 M.B., Charles IV University, Prague, 1932, Certificat d'etudes fran- gaisesg B.A. in Biological and Medical Sciences, University College, University of Toronto. Was a member of Rover Scout Crew, and Newman Club. EDMUN D ARTHUR DOBSON Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from University of Toronto Schools. Graduated from University College in Biological and Medical Sci- ences, 1935. Spent one summer as Research Assistant in De- partment of Physiology, and another, as Medical Interne at Toronto General Hospital. Is a member of Forest Hill Bad- minton Club and the North Toronto Tennis Club. Plans to spend a year as an interne at Toronto General Hospital. JOHN DAVID DUFFIN Toronto. Ont. CAQAD MAXWELL EASON Toronto, Ont. HY FINKLESTEIN Toronto, Ont. Was born in Toronto. ALEXANDER J. FINLAYSON Otterville, Ont. CNENJ Born at Rydal Bank, Ont. Worked as farmer, lumber- jack, miner, until 1929. Then took two years at Albert Col- lege, Belleville, for High School work. Was at Queen's for one year, Varsity five years. Was a miner between terms. MEDICINE l l C. MILLAR FISHER, B.A. Waterloo, Ont. Was born in Waterloo. Gradu- ated in Biological and Medical Sciences from Victoria College, 3T5. JOSEPH FLORENCE CEAMJ Kitchener, Ont. Born in Kitchener. Matricu- lated from Kitchener H. S. Came to Varsity on a Carter Scholarship. Played Inter- faculty Rugby and Baseball I. Is interested in squash. HERBERT L. FOSTER CIIPXJ Toronto, Ont. Graduated fr o m University College in 1935 in Biological BRUCE DOUGLAS FREED Carlisle, Ont Born in Carlisle, Ont. Gradu- ated from Waterdown High School. HARVEY LEWIS 'FULLER Toronto, Ont. CAKIP I1 D JOHN W. D. GARRETT Toronto, Ont. CAQAD Born in St. John, N.B. Matri- culated from Oakwood C.I. and Medical Sciences. . . n H kai MEDICINE HARVEY S. HAMILTON Owen Sound, Ont. Born at Southampton, Ont. Matriculated from Owen Sound C.V.I. Was a member of the Medical S.C.M. I-IV, President, V, VI. Belonged to the Arts and Crafts Club III-V. Lived in the Student Co-operative Residence. Last two summers were spent as camp doctor at Camp Cheboygan, Muskoka. Future is indefinite. CHARLES M. HANISCH Toronto, Ont. UIJAED B.A. from Columbia College. Please pardon the undue length of this history as he had no time to compose a shorter one. GEORGE ARNOLD HARRIS Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Parkdale C.I. Is a Sunday School Secretary and a mem- ber of the Boy Scouts Associa- tion. Plans to be a good G.P. CGeneral Practitionerj. ALFREDO F. GOGGIO, B.A. Toronto, Ont. CAQAJ Came to Varsity with Prince of Wales Scholarship. Gradu- ated in Biological and Medical Sciences from University Col- lege 3T5. Was Treasurer of 3T5 Ig member of Varsity In- termediate Fencing Team II, and Interfaculty Fencing Champion II. Won the Medal of Br. Assoc. for Adv. of Sci- ence IV. Primary F.R.C.S. CCan.D. Was Vice-President A.Q.A. VI. Was Keeper of Prints, Art Committee, Hart House II-VI. Was awarded Ellen Mickle Fellowship 1938. DONALD CARTER GRAHAM Bolton, om. qo1oif,AQA5 Born in Toronto. Matriculated at Weston. Played football with Junior Meds II, III, and with Senior Meds Vg Lacrosse II, III, IV, VI, baseball with the Junior Meds II, and hockey with the Senior Meds III. Was a member of Daffydil V. IRVING A. GRENVILLE Toronto, Ont. CEAMD Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Humberside C.I. Was on the Hart House Music Com- mittee V. Interests include music, tennis, squash, litera- ture. Plans to be a Musical Medico. KENNETH O. HAWTHORNE St. Catharines, Ont. Matriculated from St. Cath- arines Collegiate Institute and came to Varsity after spending two years with the Imperial Bank of Canada as Ledger Keeper. Summer work has been as salesman, cashier, and playground supervisor. Has played under the old rules and doesnit like the forward pass. Intends to practise Medicine. A. LAWRENCE HESSIN Toronto, Ont. CCDX7 Born in Toronto. Matriculated from University of Toronto Schools. JOSEPH EDWIN HOWES Toronto, Ont. Born at Shallow Lake, Ont. Matriculated from Owen Sound C.I. Won the David Dunlap Scholarship III and the John McCrae War Memorial V. Played Interfaculty Rugby I-V. Was connected with Daffydil. FLORENCE A. GRIFFITHS Toronto, Ont. Came to Varsity from Park- dale High School. Spent one summer as camp doctor at Northway Lodge-an introduc- tion to her future as a good general practitioner. 'WILLIAM EDWARD HALL Kingston, Ont. QOKIPJ ELSPIE R. E. HALNAN Stratford, Ont. CAAIID Born in Brampton. Matricu- lated from Stratford and Branksome Hall, Toronto. Played Meds Tennis and Bas- ketball. Resided in Whitney Hall for four years. Activities are swimming and skating. 102 :Pit A H1823 Fix SYDNEY JACKSON Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Harbord C. I. Was a member of the Junior Inter- collegiate Rugby Team Ig and of the Senior Intercollegiate Rugby Team III, V. JAMES GORDON JOHNSTON Trenton, Ont. CGJKWJ THEODORE P. KEAST Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Humberside C.I. Obtained the Baptie Scholarship in Medicine I. Interested in golf and swimming. Has worked in the summers. Plans on a Gen- eral Practice. A fav 6 A RALPH FRANKLIN KEEVIL Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Jarvis C.I. Was interested in orchestral work. Summers have been spent as summer hotel phy- sician 1935, 1936 and interne- ship at Weston Sanatorium 1937. Intends to spend one or two years interneship and then practise in Toronto UD. J. CARMICHAEL KOVACH Kipling, Sask. Born at Kipling, Sask. Ma- triculated from Moose Jaw College, winning General Pro- Ficiency Gold Medal, Univer- sity Entrance Scholarship, and First-class Honours in Music. Obtained B.A. and instructed in Physics two years. Played on, and managed an Inter- faculty Rugby Team at U. of Sask. Worked summers at Weyburn Mental and Toronto General Hospitals. Other ac- tivities include fancy skating, hockey and music. Will prac- tise surgery. CHARLES KRAKAUER Toronto, Ont. Was born in Toronto and ma- triculated from Jarvis C.I. In- terested in basketball, volley- ball and boxing. Was a camp councillor in summer. LOUIS LAMS Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Jarvis C.I. Graduated from University College in 1935 in Biological and Medical Sciences. JEAN K. LANG CKAOD Toronto, Ont. Born and educated in Toronto. Actively interested in women's interfaculty athletics, par- ticularly swimming, tennis and basketball. Is holder of "M" and Junior "T", During six years has always been in Daffydil Committee. Member of her fraternity for five years and president V. Outside in- terests are music, camping and athletics-and does she follow the Blue Team? R. W. LAUBER Wallaceburg, Ont. MEDICINE LOTTIE LEVINE VVhitby, Ont. DANIEL LEVY UIHAEJ Hamilton, Ont. Born in Dundas, Ontario, with a stethoscope in one hand and a percussion hammer in the other. "Collegiated', at Hamil- ton Central, where they pinned a medal on his chest for first proficiency. Came to Varsity to use his steth and hammer and to become a disciple of the great Osler. Ambition is to treat the "psych" people with psychiatry. J. McCABE Windsor. Ont. I .PS .03 yr-I MEDICINE .A ROSS C. MELLOW Uxbridge, Ont. Born in Uxbridge and ma- triculated from Uxbridge H.S. Is interested in tennis, swim- ming, hunting. ERNEST GERBERT MEYER Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Parkdale C.I. Has spent summers in tea sales advertis- ing, and as Assistant Purser and M.O. of the Steamer "Nor- onic". Was Treasurer IV Year. Plans to do post - graduate work in England. J. H. MINDEN Hamilton, Ont. WW' J. A. MccAF1-'REY KOKKPJ Agassiz, B.C. Was born in Agassiz, B.C. Matriculated from Brentwood College, Victoria, B.C. LAURELLA McCLELLAND Moose Jaw, Sask. Entered fourth year from Uni- versity of Saskatchewan. Be- lieves in Varsity activities being supported and also in i'Daffydil". Served on Jour- nal Staff and as Torontonensis Representative VI. JOHN LESLIE McKEOWN Kirkland Lake, Ont. COKIPJ Matriculated at Kirkland Lake. HAROLD HOWARD MINTZ Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Harbord Collegiate. In last two summers was Camp Doctor at Bowmanville and Interne at Ontario Hospital, Woodstock. Intends to do post- graduate work. Interests- sports, music. WILLIAM B. MITCHELL Toronto, Ont. KBOIID Born in Toronto. Matriculated from North Toronto C.I. MAURICE LLOYD MORRIS Oshawa, Ont. Born in Oshawa. Matriculated from Oshawa C.I. and V.I. 104 A. GILLEAN MacKINNON Toronto, Ont. CNENJ Born in Regina, Sask. Ma- triculated from U.T.S. Was a member of the Varsity Band II-IV, and the Hart House Glee Club V. IAN MACLACHLAN CZIPD Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Ridley College. Played Senior Rugby IV, V. Summers were spent as a riding in- structor, stock broker's clerk, life-guard. A. C. MacPHEE Alexandria, Ont. ROBERT A. MUSTARD Toronto, Ont. CNEN, ASJAJ Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Oakwood C.I. Obtained the Second Alexander J. Ful- ton Scholarship. Played Junior Intercollegiate Rugby I and with Senior Meds IV. Was Associate Editor U. of T. Medi- cal Journal Vg Feature Editor VI. Was President of AQA VI. Activities consisted in going to church on Sundays. Summer occupations were varied. Future is indefinite. HARRY G. OBORNE Toronto, Ont. Came to Varsity from Oakwood C.I. Was a member of S.A.C. Ig President 3T7 II. Was a Lieutenant in C.O.T.C. three years and Captain of Medical Company three years. Likes weak women and strong tea. Chooses the Army as a pro- fession. JOHN V. R. ORD Toronto, Ont. Was born in Quebec City. Matriculated from University of Toronto Schools. Was in- terested in wrestling I, II. Out- side activities include skiing and golf. F. B. OVEREND Georgetown, Ont. J. A. PEART Toronto, Ont. VERNE WM. PEPPER Goodwater, Sask. 'K' 4 I 1 MEDICINE A. BAILEY C. POWELL Toronto, Ont. CNENJ Born in Vancouver, B.C. Ma- triculated from Humberside C.I. Was employed in summers by the Canada Steamship Lines. HENRY A. PROCTER Toronto, Ont. CKDKEJ Graduated in 1928 from Uni- versity College in Biological and Medical Sciences. Since then has spent three years in the Department of Physiology. Has garnered in an M.A., Ph.D., a wife and two children. Is Research Associate, Insulin Committee Laboratory. L. D. PROCTOR Victoria, B.C. FRED ALLAN PROCUNIER Corinth, Ont. He was born in Corinth and matriculated from Aylmer H.S. Claims to be a fair boxer in the welterweight division. In the summer has interested himself in the Southern On- tario Tobacco Industry. Is in- terested in General Surgery. J. G. REID Toronto, Ont. WILLIAM JAMES REID Chatham, Ont. Born in Merlin. Matriculated from Chatham C.I. Resided in North House. 10. MEDICINE HARRY LEO SILVERMAN Toronto, Ont. WILLIAM L. SLOAN Toronto, Ont. Born in Aberdeen, Scotland. Matriculated from Humberside C.I. ALEXANDER G. SMITH North Bay, Ont. Born in North Bay. Matricu- lated from North Bay C.I. His University Residence was East House I and Knox' II-V. Was in Daffydil I-VI, on Daffydil Committee IV-VI. Was Vice- President of his year V., and a member of the House Com- mittee, Knox V. WALTER G. RICE Toronto, Ont. Was born in Nigeria, W. Africa. Matriculated from Collingwood C.I. Played Meds Football. Was a member of Hart House Glee Club. Won a Reuben Wells Leonard Scholarship. GEORGE E. B. ROGERS Essex, Ont. CNENJ Matriculated from Essex High School. Hopes to practise in Detroit. JOHN ALLEN ROSS Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from North Toronto C.I. Be- longed to U. of T. Rifie Associ- ation II-V. Short wave radio has been interesting to him. Has summered for the last four years in the Department of Education. Looks forward to a General Practice. SYDNEY SCHEFFER CEAMj Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Harbord C.I. Was on the Intercollegiate Boxing Team I. Future plans are indefinite. JOSEPH SCHEINERT Toronto, Ont. BERNARD B. SELTZER Toronto, Ont. SIDNEY SOLWAY CQDAEJ Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Parkdale Collegiate. Loves good art, good music, good lectures, good food, a good sleep, and cheerful and interesting people, who don't have to be good. FRANCES H. STEWART, B.A. Toronto, Ont. Graduated in Biological and Medical Sciences 1932. Re- turned to Medicine 1935. Has spent the past two summers as an interne in Ontario Hospitals at Cobourg and Hamilton. Outside interests-skating, ten- nis, theatre. HARRY TAUBE CHAKIIJ St. Catharines, Ont. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from St. Catharines Collegiate Institute. Was in Daffydil I-VI. 106 E. BRUCE TOVEE CAQAJ REGINALD G. TAYLOR Toronto, Ont. Was born at Dorchester, Eng- land. Matriculated from North Toronto C.I. Activities con- sisted in seeing movies, sleep- ing and reading. Summers were spent in manual labour. Hopes to be a G.P. with mod- ern improvements. J. W. TOMLINSON CTX? Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Bloor C.I. Was a mem- ber of the Senior Intercol- legiate Tennis Team four years: President of the University Tennis Club VI. Was President of the Intercollegiate Tennis Club meeting at Kingston, 1937. Played baseball for Meds for three years. Summer occupa- tions were bell hop, waiter, purser, camp physician. Future is indefinite. Hamilton, Ont. Born in Hamilton. Matricu- lated from Central Collegiate. Obtained Canadian General Hospital's War Memorial Scholarship IV. Was President MUN iw' -7' 3T8 III: Vice-President Medi- cal Society V, President VI, Chairman Meds' At-Home Vg President South House V. Was a member of Athletic Direc- torate VI and S.A.C. VI. GEORGE X. TRIMBLE UDAEJ Toronto, Ont. Entered Medicine via Biologi- cal and Medical Sciences and an Edward Blake Scholarship. Is intensely interested in phy- sical culture, gymnastics and wrestling. Dislikes people who ask him what the X stands for, or who tell him that many doctors are on relief now. In- tends to remain a bachelor for the next decade, during which he hopes to improve his knowledge of things medical. B. W. VALE Toronto, Ont. P. A. VOELKER Kitchener, Ont. MEDICINE HAROLD L. WANLESS, B.A. Glendale, Cal. CNENJ MURIEL E. WILFORD China MALCOLM F. WILLIAMS Fort Erie North, Ont. CNEND Born in Vancouver, B.C. At- tended Fort Erie H. S. Ob- tained Johnny Copp Memorial Trophy. Resided in South House I-VI, President VI. Was President 3T8 IV. Played In- termediate Rugby II, III, Senior Rugby IV-VI, Captain VI, Interfaculty Hockey III-V. Was a member of Athletic Directorate V, VI. DAVID KHAIM WISE CGIDAEJ Toronto, Ont. Entered Medicine after gradu- ating from Biological and Medical Sciences, the value of which course he never discov- ered. Ambition is to be a good surgeon. Interested in the brotherhood of mankind and the pasteurizaton of the milk of human kindness, also the imperturbable equanimity of complacent old age. RALPH WOLFE Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Graduated from Parkdale C.I. Was an undergrad interne at the On- tario Hospital, Toronto, and spent the summer of 1937 at the Ontario Hospital, Orillia. Other summers were passed with the T. Eaton Co. Plans on Psychiatry. ISOBEL LOUISE WRIGHT Amherstburg, Ont. Played Interfaculty Basket- ball and Tennis II-V. Holds Junior "T" and "M',. Served on Athletic Directorate V and -'S-. ALBERT S. ZARSKY CKIPAEJ Toronto, Ont. Born in Providence, R.I. Ma- triculated from Jarvis C.I. Played basketball for Meds I- VI and managed Senior Meds Basketball V. Played volley- ball and baseball on Meds Teams I-IV. University activi- ties were kaleidoscopic. Dur- ing summers was a playground supervisor and loafer. Future plans-to do post-graduate work and to make a million in the United States. ' B4 45,55 was President M.W.A.A. VI. QQ 107 1 Pi X-S.-.A -- ,, 5,1 V x-- x rms., Y. 1 1 ..-,WA .... 1-A f' ,QW-.X-JLTQQ .,. N, 4 . , M, X ,If xx ., 'gf 'X uh gin x X 3 x. 'V wvk4Ey1'jQ xxx, I. Jil, .l K.. -Q'7"3--f,:' M- ' S :Lf-Ms"" up 1. , faq. ""x:T --., ,..,. p .um .uf -Q., -., -cu- ,. vw. ,, S. . www" . '41, M' 0 , 4-35 0 nu . ,N-:hiv ,ff J' xx 5: 1-vu.. ff? f f .f 1 f f',f,Q , , , fx.. ' 1' ' fl' f. I' A ' ' ' R ' ' "' ,""4 ,nv Z4 .VI 1' ffffff ,f ,w.,,:4,Q,. 5 ,JIJM3 ,MAY 4 MIM 4,6L',4gfV cf lf,-Laika. f 'f I 1 ,' APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING To the Graduating Class of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering By Dean C. H. Mitchell, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.0., C.E., LL.D., D. Eng. O you gentlemen of the Class of 1938 who now go out into the cold world from the warm halls of your university home, I give my best congratu- lations and wishes. You will never say that your university environment was ever cold be- cause you yourselves kept it warm, indeed sometimes endeavoured to warm it up without the aid of thermo- dynamics. You are going out, however, into a world that is not as cold as it was a few years ago-it is warmer in more senses than one. We cannot tell at this writ- ing what is in store for the world these next few years, but it has all indications of being warmish. To you young engineers, however, the outside world hereabouts will give a warm welcome because all of you are needed, some of you needed badly, to help in Canadian business and industry. So good fortune to you. While you have been here at the University you have learned many things, all of them good, let us hope, and all useful. The most im- portant thing perhaps that you have learned, is the ability to think for yourselves and to know your own minds in both the technical and common-sense ways. That is what this univer- sity education is for. Has it ever occurred to you how many of us are indecisive in our actions because we frequently are incapable of making up our minds? So many young men in their desire to progress, are vague nowadays in their ambitions. Re- member that the road to mediocrity is paved with indecisions. Make up your minds. You go out into a world of adventure, both cold and hot adventure. Let me again entreat you that, in your adventuring, you keep cool. A cool head always has the edge on the one which gets hot and excited. The spirit of adventure for young engineers provides an enormous en- thusiasm and interest in oneis work. By adventure in this sense I do not mean recklessness or dare-deviltryg those words are not at all in the vocabulary of the engineer or architect. Rather is it that part of an active life which com- bines energy with useful performance in which there is a joy of working, interest and excitement if you like. Men seek adventure in this sense because sometimes life which is unsalted by strenuous joyous enterprise "has lost its savourv. I extend best wishes for your success in your new adventure. W sf APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING N 4' 0 4 l' sa EV2:9J3RL'tS'5 3-525522. J-'Si5tl.'.e.1:-1 J-etfsesrie '2E.Rs1s2.Y PERMANENT EXECUTIVE E..A.Ru5sEi.i. COUNCILLUP. OF THE CLASS OF ifa 5-9f,'3?.e.ES5FT Faculty of Applied Science 5353953 and Engineering Q is UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I937 i938 J.lLA.L.1-:sun J.C.l.ANGFORD ASME amps. J.CWILSON DW Mcl.zAN COUNCILLOD. " COUNCILLOP. ORC COUNCILLOR COUNCKLLOP. Class History of 3T8 NOTHER year passes into retrospect, and with it the Class of 3T8 ceases to be an undergraduate body of the University. But the Class of 3T8 has by no means ceased to exist, rather is it born for the first time, for it now goes forward to make its mark on the world', not expecting the world to fall at its feet but determined to go forward to carry its share of the burden. 3T8 leaves "Schoolv one hundred and fifty strong. One hundred and fifty Schoolmen that have passed the obstacles, exams-or rather crossed the step- ping stones to a fuller life, together. One hundred and fifty Schoolmen that have worked and played together during four short, happy years. Will the one hundred and fifty part and have no knowledge or interest of each other in the future? No! For the Permanent Executive exists to keep alive that knowledge and interest. In first. year, Art Kingsmill, ably assisted by Al Hewson and Bill Disher gave the Class a good start, although the two hundred and twenty-four Fresh- men Were decidedly green and excellent prey for the confident Sophomores. Jack Millar, George Richards and Jack Langford led the class in 1935-6. 3T8 received the Freshmen in time-honoured custom and added to its prestige and coniidence by winning the push ball game. Already the class had thought of Graduation Ball and? about one hundred dollars were set aside to help balance the budget of that very important event of fourth year. Dunc Ross, Frank Wooldridge and Ron Jackson led 3T8 through that dreaded third year, when lab reports, exams and lectures lurked around every corner. At last fourth year, and Jack Langford took over the helm with Laird Hemphill and Bill McPherson as mates. That all important function, the Grad Ball arrived and passed, iron rings appeared and the chapter closes. The class accepted its responsibilities of leading the Engineering Society to the satisfac- tion of all School. F 111 .i APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING HOWARD FERRIS BENGRY Timiskaming, Que. Mining. Known as Ben. Has a bad habit of groping for small rock samples. G. GORDON BIELBY Niagara Falls, Ont. Civil. On the Board of Editors of Transactions and Year Book III, Civil Club Representative III, IV. WILLIAM H. BIRMINGHAM Vancouver, B.C. CATJ Architecture. Transcontinental racing and mountain climbing took Bill Caged threej to British Columbia, where he stayed to obtain his B.A. ln winter he supervises the Architectural Club from "The Chair of Estaten, in summer, Vancouver, from a pent-house draughting stool. His future plans include innumerable "Little Gray Homes in the West". WILLIAM P. ARCHER Toronto, Ont. Mining. A Malvern Grad. Spent summers mining. Was a member of Intercollegiate Wrestling Team III, IV, Senior School Rugby Team IV. CHARLES W. ARCHIBALD Toronto, Ont. Mining. Born and raised in Toronto and matriculated from Oakwood C.I. Interested in all athletics and active in lacrosse and basketball. Spends sum- mers prospecting and winters trying to sell his claims. ALAN H. ARMSTRONG Toronto, Ont. Architecture. Born at Univer- sity Avenue and College Street. Spent his summers seeking work, his winters evading it. Secured a rounded education in Vic. Music Club, Hart House Art Committee, University Drama Committee, U.C. Play- er's Guild, U. of T. Orchestra, Transactions Staff. Pastime- attending curricular lectures. WALTER C. BLEAKEN Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Came to Varsity from Central Technical School. Was a member of Mechanical Club, and A.S.M.E. Student Branch. Can demolish 40 beers without expanding adiabeti- cally. H. WILLIAM BRADLEY Kenilworth, Ont. Chemical. A born explorer, started in Clive, Albertag ma- triculated with distinction from Arthur High School. Joined University Rifle Club but has not yet discovered his post- graduation target, not being the sort who crosses bridges before he builds them. CHARLES BRIDGES Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Born in the wild and woolly West. Matriculated from Humberside C.I., Toronto. Joined the U. of T. C.O.T.C. I, serving as cadet, corporal, sergeant and obtained commis- sion as 2nd Lieutenant III, IV. Strong dislike for those with radical and extreme pacifistic views who should know better. ROBERT P. BALES Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Started life here in Toronto and laid the founda- tions for his chemical future at Central Tech. Worked with Dunlop Tire and Rubber Co. during summers. Future plans still on the boards. WILLIAM E. BARNETT Toronto, Ont. Architecture. Ed left Central Tech. with a lump in his throat, but no lump will accompany his leaving the School of Architecture. Was Editor Toilce Oilce III, Director of Publica- tions IV,V. He would make a good clergyman, but a clergy- man will make him good be- fore long. Hopes to raise a fortune and no family. GEORGE F. BEARD Toronto, Ont. Metallurgy. Attended Central Tech., and switched to Metal- lurgy at end of II. Won his "T" on the Gymnastic Team, and his "Sn on the Wrestling Team. The "Mighty Atomi' was Secretary, 2nd Vice-President of the En- gineering Societyg on School Nite, School At-Home Com- mittees, and finally President of the Engineering Society. Won the Semi- Centennial Award, 1936-37. Has secret artistic ambitions, and sales- manship gab which he hopes will eventually win enough for a double meal ticket. Is a Stu- dent Member, A.I.M.E. I I 112 ' 'io ERNEST S. BROUGH Toronto, Ont. Chemical. His birth in Toronto was followed in a few days by the outbreak of hostilities in Europe. Matriculated from Runnymede C.I. Played School Lacrosse I, II, III, and Junior Intercollegiate Rugby I. Sum- mers spent in paint factory of Benjamin Moore Co. MAURICE R. BROWN Port Arthur, Ont. Mining. 'Mort' came from Port Arthur C.I. stubbornly insisting that there is no place like Port Arthur-still insists. Was Chairman of the Mining Sem- inar IV. Graced East House halls III, IV. Intends to return North. S. CAMERON BROWN Toronto, Ont. Mining. Came to Varsity from Parkdale C.I. l CALIXTE L. J. BRUNETTE Sudbury, Ont. Electrical. From Sudbury H.S. Summers spent as electrician, water-treating plant operator and lineman. Played Inter- faculty Hockey and Rugby 1932-1934. KEITH RYERSON BUSBY St. Thomas, Ont. Mining. Came to Varsity from St. Thomas Collegiate Insti- tute. Was on Varsity Band I, II, III, University Symphony Orchestra II, School Rugby Team II, III, IV, School Base- ball Team II, III, IV, Varsity Sports Staff lg Editor-in-Chief Transactions and Yeafr Book IV, East House IV. The "Brain" has made honours each year, worked in the mines each summer, and is again going North-and places. ORVAL FERGUSON BUSH New Liskeard, Ont. Architecture. Enticed into Architecture back in 1930. Took three years out digging for gold and spent it in two winters. Won first "T" for boxing. Kicked about a soccer ball for Intermediates and about drafting at night. B.W.8z F. Executive and Class Representative V. Hopes to tour Europe before clients de- mand too much of his time. CLARENCE B. CAMPBELL Leamington, Ont. Engineering Physics. Was a member of Hart House Glee Club I, II, III, IV, and on Glee Club Committee IV. Played Senior School Volleyball. One of the Engineering Physics pioneers. WILLIAM M. CAMPBELL Alvinston, Ont. Chemical Clndustrial Optionl. Born in Alvinston. Went to school at Glencoe. Obtained Baptie Scholarship I. Resides at Knox. Was a member of Hart House Camera Club IV. Industrial re s e a r c h occupied his summers. Hopes to pro- ceed to a higher degree abroad. J. ALLAN N. CARMICHAEL Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Graduate of Oak- wood C.I. Representative A.S.M.E. IV, Rowing Club Executive IV. Was S.P.S. 118- lb. Boxing Champion II, Cox, Intercollegiate Rowing Crew IV. Spent summers working in departmental store, ma- chine shop and manufacturing plants. Interested in books and people. APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Su' ' '4- . 3 4 ' , V , . 1 A 5. , '? 5 4 .-' 3 -, .' 5 . ' ' 'ii- 5 sf . 'L I Qi Ya K fx KM if i 5, WA if ff va .f ' . 4 ff: x 1 ff I I "C" n Q5-.. GEORGE LLOYD CASE Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Born at Newport News, Va., U.S.A., George en- tered Varsity from Forest H.S. He plays a hot tenor saxa- phone, works hard spasmodic- ally and enjoys life tremen- dously. Future plans-a job. EDMUND T. CHARNOCK Ft. William, om. Chemical. Came to Varsity from Ft. William C.I. Worked C?J in pulp mill labs. Be- longed to U. of T. Rover Scout Crew, becoming Secretary IV. Intends to own a paper mill Ceventuallyj and stay in Can- ada. A. GRANT CLARKSON Dixie, Ont. Mechanical. Matriculated from Etobicoke H.S. Was a member of Mechanical Club four years, Student Branch A.S.M.E. three years, Camera Club two years, Rifle Club, Flying Club of U. of T., played Senior Rugby IV. 113 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING GRAHAM A. DICK Weston, Ont. Chemical. Born in Bolton, Ont. Entered Varsity via Weston C.I. Played Senior School Rugby III, IV. Repre- sentative of Toilce-Oike IV. Spent the first two summers at Moffat Ranges and third at Ontario Copper Refinery Co. Intends to follow Chemical Engineering as a profession. H. J. HOMER DIXON Toronto, Ont. Mining. Came to Varsity from Scarboro C.I. Member of the M and M Club. Has spent his summers in mining work in Quebec and Northern and Western Ontario. Hopes to see the world through a transit and finally to become a stock- broker. EDWARD L. DODINGTON St. Catharines, Ont. CZIIJJ Electrical. Matriculated from Ridley College. On Transactions and Year Book staff II, Elec- trical Club Executive III, and Chairman IV. Tried four years to "demolish 40 beerst' but never exceeded 39. JOHN R. CLEMENTS Milton, Ont. Mining. Came to Varsity from Milton High School. Lived at Knox residence. Played Bas- ketball for Knox. Was asso- ciate member of A.I.M.E., C.I.M.E., and the Mining and Metallurgical Club. Worked summers in the mines. THOMAS L. COOKE, Jr. Toronto, Ont. Electrical. First two years in Engineering Physics. A pro- duct of Jarvis C.I. and Buffalo P.S. No. 56. On staff of The Varsity II, III, IV. Three years in Debates Club, Vice-Presi- dent III, President IV. Up and down the lakes for three sum- mers as bell-hop on Steamer Nofronic. His hobbies are music and humourous UD writing. JAMES W. CROCKER OPTJ Toronto, Ont. Mining. Born in Toronto, pro- gressed through U.C.C. to Varsity. Was a student asso- ciate C.I.M.M., member R.C.Y.C., Fraternity Secretary. Summers passed in bush for Dominion Survey, and on business end of muck-shovel at Val d'Or and Kirkland Lake. Would like to do his mining in Toronto or Mus- koka. BARTREM G. DOUPE Port Credit, Ont. Entered Mechanical Engineer- ing with the class of 3T7 but was overtaken III. Now, how- ever, is glad to be in the gra- duating class of 3T8. It might have been worse! He bows to convention when stating:- Mechanical Club I, II, III, IV, A.S.M.E. III, IV. KEITH J. DUCKWORTH Toronto, Ont. Architecture. He has been ex- tending the fame of Victoria Harbour since 1914. He re- cently returned thither bear- ing the Toronto Brick Prize. The only one among us cap- able of elaborating on the labyrinth then, with a mini- mum of rendering, obtains a First Mention. JOHN RANKIN DUNN Regina, Sask. CIIJFAJ Electrical. Lived formerly in Moose Jaw. Interested in ra- dio, aviation and golf. EDWARD JOHN DAVIES Cedar Valley, Ont. Chemical. Came to Varsity from Oakwood Collegiate. Was a member of Boxing Team I, II. Worked at summer resort for fourteen summers but in- tends working at profession after graduation. HAROLD E. LAGRAN oriuia, om. Electrical. Matriculated from Orillia C.I. Spent the summers with Bell Telephone Co., and his future plans are with the same company. Was an oiii- cer in the University of To- ronto C.O.T.C. for two years. JACK M. DETWEILER Kitchener, Ont. Chemical. Born, reared and received secondary education in Kitchener. Left the paren- tal roof for the summers to work for Shell Oil Co., To- ronto, and Lealand Co. Ltd., Simcoe. Played on S.P.S. Bas- ketball and Volley Ball Teams. Future plans? I 114 - I CARROLL AULD ERNST Preston, Ont. Mechanical. Was born in St. Joseph, Missouri, but matricu- lated from Galt C.I. Was member of Mechanical Club and student member of A.S. M.E. III, IV. Resided at South House, U. of T. residence. Dur- ing summers was sub-station operator for G.R. R'y. and L.E. 8z N. R'y. electric railways. DAVID S. FENSOM Hamilton, Ont. Chemical. Came from Westdale C.I. to Trinity Houseg taking part in all major activities of Trinity College. Was Secre- tary B.W. 81 F. Club and in- terested in school debating. Worked for steel and porce- lain companies but wants to be a "real" Illuminating En- gineer. LEONARD C. FOSTER Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Came to Varsity from University of Toronto Schools. In his first year he b e c a m e Secretary - Treasurer of his Year, and was Vice- President II. Was in charge of the ticket-sales for the School Dinner II. He was a member of the Glee Club IV, and a member of the.House Committee of Hart House. He is President and Manager of the University of Toronto Rowing Club. JOHN DUNCAN FOX Toronto, Ont. Mining. Matriculated from Jarvis C.I. Spent the sum- mers working underground and on exploration for Inter- national Nickel Co. Played S.P.S. Rugby I, II. Managed S.P.S. Rugby III. Elected 3T8 Athletic Rep. I, II, Secretary- Treasurer Athletic Association III, President Athletic Asso- ciation IV. Was a member of School Dinner Committee IV. Student Assoc. Member of C.I.M.M.E., and A.I.M.E. A. MUNRO FRASER Galt, Ont. Chemical. Came to Varsity from Galt C.I. and Vocational School. Was Mate of the Uni- versity Rover Crew. Is an ar- dent stamp collector. W. C. GORDON FRASER Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Matriculated from Harbord C.I. Was student member of A.S.M.E. and played on S.P.S. Soccer Team I, II, III, IV. Was with Inter- collegiate Soccer Team III, V, and was Manager of Arts Faculty Cup Champions II. Interested in music and played with dance orchestras in spare time. ALAN EDWARD GALLIE Toronto, Ont. QKAJ Mining. Came to Varsity after ten years at Upper Canada College. Member of C.I.M. and M, and Varsity Ski Team. Chased Rocky Mountain goats tor two summers at Base Metals and Premier. Was chased by lions in S. Africa 1936. Having seen a lot of the world intends to see the rest of it. ALFRED GAMBLE Toronto, Ont. Mining. Came to Varsity from Riverdale C.I. Garnered ex- perience on a muck-stick in the mining camps of Matache- wan, Porcupine and Sudbury. CRANFORD K. GIBBS OPTD Port Arthur, Ont. Chemical. Graduated from Port Arthur C.I. Was a mem- ber of Sketch Club II, III, IV. A keen wit with a keener eye. APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING f s , 1, .... JAMES MOORE GIBSON North Bay. Ont. Chemical. Born at the Soo. His Upper School certificates are marked North Bay C.I. Spent summer days at Falcon- bridge, and winter nights at Carlton Street Church. Plays soccer and baseball. His plans call for a by-pass to S1,000,000. E. W. GARNER GIDDINGS Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Possesses a brilliant academic record and yet found time to play Junior In- tercollegiate Hockey and In- terfaculty Hockey, Rugby and Water Polo. Served as Secre- tary-Treasurer and Vice- Chairman of Industrial Chem- ical Club before being hon- oured with Chairmanship. Being a very ardent sailor has dreams of a South Sea cruise in his own ship. ROBERT J. GILLESPIE Ayr, Ont. Electrical. CRadio Optionl. Graduated from Galt C.I. Lived at Gate House, Burwash Hall I-IV. 115 s, APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING LLOYD NORMAN HARLOCK Mimico, Ont. Metallurgy. Came to Varsity from Mimico High School. Was a Student Associate A.I.M.E. and C.I.M.M. Representative M. 81 M. Club III, Basket- ball Team I, II, III, IV. Sum- mer work at Timmins and Port Colborne a la shovel. Known as "Mike" to his friends. WILLIAM ARTHUR HARRIS Toronto, Ont. Metallurgy. Matriculated from Humberside: Student Associate A.I.M.E.g Hart House Library Committee III, IV. "Willie" developed outstanding charac- ter shovelling and sweeping at Trail and Copper Cliff. Future plans: Ein frohliches Lied, Ein gutes Glas Bierg Ein liebliches Madel Das lob ich mir. JOHN ROY HAYWARD Toronto, Ont. Mining. From Oakwood C.I. Spent his summer mining. A consistent foe of all dishonesty and iniquity. Ambition-to own a pair of Suspenders for each pair of trousers. 'ZX J. E. VICTOR GOODWILL Toronto, Ont. Mining. Came to Varsity to study C?l Mining Engineering. Spent his summers mining at Bourlamaque and Porcupine and also touring the Gulf of St. Lawrence. JOHN ORLANDO GORMAN Toronto, Ont. Mining. Came to Varsity on an I.O.D.E. Scholarship from E. York H.S. and each suc- ceeding year obtained U. of T. War Memorial Scholarship. Played for School Rugby Teams II, III, IV, played bas- ketball and lacrosse for School III, IV. ANGUS FRED GRAHAM Toronto, Ont. Chemical. A graduate of Oak- wood C.I. Didn't expect any Scholarships and wasn't dis- appointed. Spent one summer at Int. Nickel Smelter, and two more in oil refineries. Was on School Boxing Team for four years and Senior Lacrosse Team for two. Slight weakness for blondes, brunettes and red- heads, but beyond this no future plans. JACK PRATT HEATLEY Brantford, Ont. Chemical. Born in Edmonton, arrived from Brantford C.I. Beat up the Sophs as a Frosh and since then has applied himself diligently. Was em- ployed during the summer with International Nickel Co. of Canada. Future: "We live in hope, now in the lap of the gods." JAMES LAIRD HEMPHILL Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Attended Mal- vern C.I. and North Toronto C.I. Was a member A.S.M.E. four years, Year Representa- tive A.S.M.E. Student Branch II: Mechanical Club Represen- tative III, Vice-President on Year Executive IV. Won "S" for hockey Cgoal keeperlg winner of Segsworth Trophy for debating III. Hobbies: none, and interests: scattered. DOWARD A. HENRY Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Graduated from Oakwood C.I. Student mem- ber of A.S.M.E. III, IV, Me- chanical Club I-IV: U. of T. Flying Club: S.P.S. Rugby I-IV. Experimental and in- dustrial summer work with Massey-Harris Co. Likes a good time along with hard work. 116 ROSS GARSTANG GRAY Edmonton, Alta. Chemical. Came to Varsity from Ridley College to be- come learned: Went into Engi- neering to become tolerant: boarded at Trinity House to become cultured. Future plans: to become learned, tolerant and cultured. JOHN MOORE HACKING Tara, Ont. Chemical. Matriculated from Owen Sound Collegiate prior to coming to Varsity. Has rep- resented School on Track Team and on Junior and Senior Vol- leyball Teams. Played guitar in Chemical Club and School Orchestras. Contributed to Ontario good roads by work- ing for Department of High- ways during vacation. Fond of music, dancing, sports and ex- perimental radio construction. JACK MELVILLE HALES Weston, Ont. Electrical. Born at Seaforth, Ont. Attended Weston Public and High Schools before com- ing to Varsity. Member of Electrical Club, Representative on Toike Oike staff III, and Editor IV. Interested in music and stamp collecting. Summer vacations spent on maintenance staffs of several local concerns. ALAN COWAN HEWSON Hamilton, Ont. Mechanical. Graduated from Delta Collegiate with a Steel Co. of Canada Scholarship. Was Vice-President 3T8, Ig member Mechanical Club and Student Branch A.S.M.E., U. of T. Camera Club, Flying Club, and Rifle Club. RICHARD D. HISCOCKS Toronto, Ont. Engineering Physics CAero- nautical Optionj. Came to School from Jarvis C.I. In- terested in everything. Future indefinite. Plans to see the world from the air and retire at thirty. One of the Engi- neering Physics pioneers. JACK W. HODGINS Thorold, Ont. Chemical. Came directly from the home town High School to Knox Residence and the fate of Chemical Engineering. Spent summers on S.S. Noronic and in chemical laboratory of A1- goma Steel Corp. Possibly a M.A.Sc later-life is so un- certain. ' I G. THOMAS HODGSON Toronto, Ont. Electrical. Born in Aldershot, Eng., and matriculated from Central Tech. Won War Memorial Scholarship III. Second in command "CH Com- pany C.O.T.C. Gazetted to the Royal Canadian Signal Corps during summers. Hopes to join the Army and become a Gen- eral so as not to have to work for a living. NELSON HOGG Toronto, Ont. Mining. Name around the campus Hot-Handed Hogg. As a miner, he likes his women, but likes them at a distance. Plays basketball, rugby, water polo, baseball, lacrosse, and is looking around for new fields to conquer. L. EDWARD HOREMBALA Detroit. Mich. Chemical. Born in Hamilton, Ont., and matriculated from Kennedy C.I., Windsor. Active in Inter-faculty Football and Baseball. Spent summers with U.S. Rubber Co. RALPH F. H. HOSKINS Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Modesty prevents further elaboration. GORDON B. HUNNISETT Toronto, Ont. Electrical. CCommunication Optionj. Came to Varsity from Bloor C.I. Interests: Sport CWrestling I and ID and a cer- tain Public School. Summer occupation - building trans- formers. Future plans? Yes. QUENTIN A. JACKSON Simcoe, Ont. Mechanical. Matriculated from Simcoe High School. Repre- sented Debates Club III and was a Student Member of A.S.M.E. III, IV. Ambition- to remember to be on time. APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 44" W. RONALD JACKSON Moosomin, Sask. Metallurgical. Came to Var- sity from Moosomin, Sask. Played on S.P.S. Soccer Team II. III, Softball II. Secretary- Treasurer III Year Executive. Member M. Sz M, Club I-IV, Student Associate A.I.M.E. Spent summers working at Copper Cliff, Timmins and Port Colborne. D. GORDON JAMIESON Barrie, Ont. Mechanical. Matriculated from Barrie C.I. Joined C.O.T.C. in I, II, IV. Was member of the Mechanical Club and a Student Member of the A.S.M.E. II, IV. DONALD M. JAMIESON Port Credit, Ont. Chemical. Born at St. Lam- bert, Que. Entered Chemical Engineering from Port Credit H.S. after obtaining Middle and Upper School Scholar- ships. Is jovial and likeable. , - 117 0 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING E. W. B. KLEINSTEIBER Toronto, Ont. Metallurgy. Matriculated from Oakwood C.I. Summers were spent at "hard labour" but future plans incorporate a po- sition and a salary. FRANK KUBATH Welland, Ont. Chemical. Born in war-torn Roumania, 1914. Special field has been metallurgical electro- chemistry. Hopes to work abroad, where his lingual pro- ficiency will be a great ad- vantage. JAMES LANG CAKEJ Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Mining. To Universitv from Ridley College. Was in Varsity Band for two years. Active on Mining and Metallurgy Club as Second Year Representative, then as Secretary-Treasurer III and in graduating year as Chairman of the Club became a member of the Engineering Society. Plans a future in mining engineering in Northern Ontario. 118 iff IAN LESLIE JENNINGS Toronto, Ont. CKAJ Mining. Born in Toronto. Passed through U.T.S. to Var- sity. Student Associate C.I. M.M.g was First Year Repre- sentative of M. 8: M. Club. Actively engaged all through Varsity in Interfaculty and Intercollegiate Swimming, Captain III. Summers spent muck shovelling at Sudbury and Red Lakeg drafting at Rouyn. Would like to do his mining in a good quiet gravel pit. ANDREW E. JOHNSTONE Montreal, Que. Mining. Originally from Eng- land, was member of Inter- faculty Soccer Team I, III, IV, also Secretary Debates Club III, IV S.P.S. Favourite ex- pression-screw balls. Liked III so well he stayed to gradu- ate with 3-T8 Class. SUEY GOON JONG Toronto, Ont. Electrical. Born in China but educated in Toronto, matricu- lated with distinction from C.T.S. Member Chinese Stu- dents Christian Association. Hopes eventually to return to the land of his birth to prac- tise engineering. ALBERT ELLIS KING Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Matriculated from Oakwood C.I. Was member of Mechanical Club for four years and student member of A.S. M.E. for two years. Played on Baseball and Hockey Teams for School. DOUGLAS CLIFFORD KING Midland. Ont. Electrical. Matriculated from Midland High School after ex- erting supreme effortg East House I, II and IIIQ prides him- self on choice of room-mate. Chief outside activity-waiting for Bloor street car at Dundas after midnight. Spends sum- mers directing affairs of Hydro and Ferrantii Electric. Has an inner hope that his future po- sition Won't require his pres- ence before 10 in the mornings. JAMES PATRICK KIRBY Guelph, Ont. Chemical. Came to Varsity from Guelph C.V.I. Fooled the examiners four years running. Supported Chemical Club and enjoyed the trip to Buffalo III. JOHN C. LANGFORD UIDAOJ Blenheim, Ont. Chemical. Came directly from Blenheim High School to take an active part in school activi- ties including sports and vari- ous committees. Secretary- Treasurer of 3T8 II, President of 3T8 IV. Intends to do post- graduate work at Varsity. After working summers he is an ex- perienced gas station attendant, book-keeper and soap-maker. D. WHITING LATHROP Welland. Ont. UIJFAD Metallurgy. Had outstanding athletic abilities. lst "T" Holder. Familiarly known to intimates as "the Bull Moose". Intends to learn everything about electric steel melting, may go to England or U.S.A. to gain experience. Chief am- bition: to get out into the in- dustry and get going. JAMES EDMUND LEE Toronto, Ont. Mining. Came to Varsity from Parkdale C.I. Was on the Uni- versity Rifle Team I-IVg won outdoor championship I and small bore championship III. Was a Member of Camera Club III, IV. Spent his summers in Northern mining camps and intends to follow mining. 0 JOHN R. A. LESLIE Toronto, Ont. Engineering Physics. Went to U.T.S. before coming to Var- sity. Headed his class each year and won the Harvey Aggett Memorial Scholarship II. Was first chairman of the Engineering Physics Club. Played hockey for Junior Var- sity and Senior School. RONALD W. J. LEWIS Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Born in Riga, Lat- via. Came from Jarvis to Var- sity. Has had jobs as junior bank clerk, bus boy at summer hotel, in laboratory of Good- year Tire and Rubber Co., Empire Food Corporation. Looking for a position with a future in interest and salary. CHARLES GORDON LITTLE Walkerville, Ont. Mining. Came to Varsity in spite of himself from Walker- ville C.I. Was on East House House Committee III. Played Junior School Rugby I. Claims to have surveyed S.W. Ontario for the Dominion. Mucked and engineered at Coniaurum Mine, Schumacher. but still hopes to develop Southern in- terests. l DAVID HEBER LITTLE Guelph, Ont. Electrical. CThermodynamic Optionj. Has matriculation certificates from Guelph C.I. Followed his chosen profession during the summers and also worked as a garage mechanic. Future is indefinite. JOHN ALEXANDER LOUTIT Winnipeg, Man. Electrical. Matriculated from Kelvin Tech., Winnipeg, and came to Varsity, spending first three years at University of Manitoba, after five years wan- dering across Canada. Sum- mers were spent on railroad surveys and as electrical as- sistant at Dominion Bureau of Statistics. DONALD A. J. McDONALD Toronto, Ont. Mining. Early education was gleaned at Humberside C.I., Western and Central Technical Schools. Member of M. 81 M. Club, and member of the Rifle Club II. Student Associate A.I.M.M.E. and C.I.M.M.E. Spent summers working un- derground. Vocation: mining. Avocation: mining. Guelph, Ont. I definitely indefinite. Toronto, Ont. he does now. Committee. H. DONALD McINTOSH Chemical. Hails from the West but came to Varsity with Guelph C.I. credentials. His varied outside activities include theatres, concerts, School func- tions and Hart House. Manu- factured ice cream during summers, but the future, well, BRUCE H. MACKENZIE Chemical. Born in New To- ronto. Granted Associateship by Toronto Conservatory of Music while still at the Uni- versity of Toronto Schools. Is an expert on paper. Hopes to work in an oil reinery, and play a piano even better than DONALD H. McLAREN Perth, Ont. CCIPAOD Mining. Came to Varsity from Perth C.I. Was on S.P.S. Box- ing Team II, III, managed S.P.S. B.W.F. IV and Boxing Intermediate Intercollegiate III. Was on editing staff of Trans- actions and School Dinner APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING DAVID WM. MCLEAN Hamilton, Ont. Metallurgy. Was on The Varsity I, II. Known to his friends as the "Irish Madmanu. He looks tough and says what he thinks. Chief interest is to become an open hearth man. Intends to get married as soon as he graduates. Weakness: Brunettes. VVILLIAIVI F. MCLEAN Toronto, Ont. CGJAXD Chemical. A matriculant of U.T.S. Outside interests in- clude sailing, photography and skiing. Summers were spent in research laboratory. Was ac- tive on School At-Home and Grad Ball Committees. WILLIAM H. McPHERSON Peterborough, Ont. QATJ Engineering Physics. Was a South House lad. Played rugby for Junior School I, Senior School III, IV. Became Secre- tary-Treasurer IV and Secre- tary South House Residence Committee. Believes in' the practical side of life and pre- fers people who look after their own affairs. Future plans: some tennis, a long rest, then, perhaps, a little work. An En- gineering Physics pioneer. 119 'Sir APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING THOMAS H. MITCHELL Toronto, Ont. Mining. Came to School from Oakwood C.I. Is "Touchdown Tommy" to his friends. Played Interfaculty Rugby and does a little wrestling. Does under- ground work in summer. Future plans - to make a million. GEORGE KENNETH MORE Kitchener, Ont. Engineering Physics. CAero- nautical Optionj, Won Hon- ours I and II. A graduate of Kitchener C.I. Is a squash and rugger enthusiast, member for three years of Hart House Rifle Association. Spent one sum- mer of ranch life and mountain lion hunting in Arizona and last summer at de Havilland Aircraft Co. Aims to design finer and faster aeroplanes. RYLAND JOHN NEW CEXD Oakville. Ont. Metallurgy. CCeramics Op- tionj. Came from Ridley in 1933, made S.P.S. a 5-year course. Member of Rowing Club 1936. Never missed a Med-At-Home, even if he had to pay. President of Sigma Chi '37-'38, EDWARD D. MADGETT Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. After matriculat- ing from Humberside C.I. en- rolled in Electrical Engineer- ing, but changed to Mechanical in 1935. Was member of Me- chanical Club, acting as IV Year Representative, and stu- dent member of A.S.M.E. IV. Interested in tennis, being member of West Toronto Ten- nis Club. RICHARD D. MARGESSON Toronto, Ont. COAXJ Mechanical. Came to School from U.T.S. Was active in or- ganizing sailing as a recog- nized activity in the Univer- sity, and was a member in the First Canadian Intercollegiate Dinghy Racing Association. Spends spare time in summers racing in "Star" Class yacht racing at R.C.Y.C. Member of Student Branch A.S.M.E. ROSS FROST MARK Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Came to the Uni- versity from Jarvis C.I. Inter- ested in all sports, especially football and tennis. Played basketball for the Varsity Juniors II and for Senior School III. Is an A.S.M.E. and Me- chanical Club member. THOMAS JAMES NOLAN Seaforth, Ont. Electrical. fHydraulics Optionj. Attended S.C.I. Awarded D.C.R.A. and Strathcona Trust Medals for rifie' shooting 1928. Came to S.P.S. in 1929. Worked for the Hydro for five years. Interests: hunting, golfing, music, and work. THOMAS D. NORTHWOOD Toronto, Ont. Engineering Physics. Spent summers building b r i d g e s. F a v o u r it e distractions are playing a piano and reading novels. Was music critic for The Varsity II, III. Art, Music and Drama Editor IV. Future plans vague, but may involve engineering. ROBERT A. OLDHAM Weston, Ont. Electrical. Matriculated from Weston High School. Inter- ested in sound recording, ex- perimental radio work and photography. Spent the sum- mers with Royal Canadian Sig- nals at Camp Borden and Can- adian General Electric, To- ronto. Assistant Editor of Toike Oike. JACK THOMPSON MAW Nashville, Ont. Mining. Came to Varsity from Western High School. Lived in East House U. of T. Resi- dence. Is Associate Member of A.I.M.E., C.I.M.E. and the Min- ing and Metallurgical Club. Worked in the mines during the summer. JACK ROSS MILLAR CCDAOJ Toronto. Ont. Chemical. Came from West- mount H.S. to McGill for two years, then very wisely came to School. Was Year Presi- dent II, School Nite, School At- Home Committees IV, 1st Vice- President Engineering Society IV. Won School "S" for water polo. Only confession to us- Aspirations to radio crooning. HARRY LEWIS MINAKER Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Matriculated from Malvern C.I. Was student member of A.S.M.E. I, II, III, IVQ of S.A.E. IV, and served in Mechanical Club as Represen- tative II and Vice-Chairman III. Entered Intercollegiate Wrestling 1933-1935. Was in- terested in automobiles, being with Packard Motors as me- chanic, tester, and assistant foreman. 120 i 0 MAURICE G. O'LEARY Ottawa, Ont. Chemical. Came from Glebe C.I. to the Newman Club at Varsity. His summer occupa- tions took him from New- foundland to Alberta. Outside activities include such sports as poker, craps and beverage rooms. Likes golf, hockey and football either as an onlooker or player. Played Varsity Junior Hockey I, II. GEORGE EDWARD OTTER Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Matriculated from North Toronto Collegiate Insti- tute. Member of Senior Inter- collegiate Swimming Team I, II, III, Senior Intercollegiate Water Polo Team II and III, and S.P.S. Rugby I, II, III and IV. Became Secretary-Treas- urer of Student A.S.M.E. and Secretary of U. of T. Swim- ming and Water Polo Club IV. Won J. A. Findlay Scholarship III. Worked at de Havilland Aircraft in Canada and Eng- land. Plans to return to Eng- land if and when graduated. VERNON M. PARRISH Medicine Hat, Alta. Mechanical. Entered School on a. Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild Scholarship. Year Rep- resentative of Debates Club I and of Mechanical Club II. Won J. A. Findlay Scholarship II, and Boiler Inspection and A Insurance Co. Scholarship III. Student member of A.S.M.E. and Chairman of Student Branch of A.S.M.E. IV. EVERTON B. PARSONS Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Oakwood C.I. pre- ceded Varsity in "Ev's" aca- demic career. His early inter- ests were photography and chemistry at the same time taking part in various outdoor sports. He supported Chemi- cal Club, wrestling and school track. Spent summers in serv- ice stations and on surveys. His extra-curricular interests include music, reading. Hopes to see Canada. C. E. LEA PARTRIDGE Brantford, Ont. Mining. Lea came to Varsity from Brantford C.I. in 1930. After taking several years out to give Hollinger a hand, he joined 3T8. Spent his summers in Timmins. Runs a Buick in his spare time. Intends to put Northern Ontario on the map after graduation. GEORGE E. PEACOCK Timmins, Ont. Mining. Entered Varsity from Oakwood C.I. Pastime: Stock Market Centertaining Lady Luckb. Hard rock miner at Timmins during summers. Played Junior and Senior In- terfaculty Rugby and Bas- ketball. JOHN ARTHUR PERRY Toronto, Ont. Metallurgy. Came from Delta Collegiate, Hamilton. "Happy", during summers, discovered a talent for bricklaying II, cop- per and selenium research III. Noted for "originality" in ore dressing, a love of the South, and a belief in the green of far pastures. E. ALAN R. PILSWORTH Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Is a matriculant of Bloor C.I., who spent his sum- mers in labs and hopes some day to take time out to see Europe. Was on School Junior Basketball Team II, 140-lb. Rowing Team I, II. T. CLIFFORD POWELL Toronto, Ont. Mining. Came to Varsity from North Toronto C.I. Was a member of the U. of T. Rifle Association and C.I.M.M. Spent several summers in the North fighting Hies and eating ban- nock, and one summer under- ground at Frood. Hopes to con- tinue in the mining industry. APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING DONALD ROSS PRINGLE Whitby, Ont. Electrical. Came to Varsity after graduating from Whitby High School and obtaining leave from O.L.C. Was in East House II. Left East House be- cause of lack of female mem- bers. Chief outside activity: visiting Whitney Hall. Spends summers in a machine shop if there is nothing more exciting to do. Intends that his future business will not interfere with social obligations. JAMES A. PROCUNIER Aylmer, Ont. Mining. Came from Aylmer H.S. Is fond of skating and is also a bridge fiend. Spends his summer vacations working in mines. Has future prospects of being swallowed up in mining industry. THOMAS G. QUANCE Delhi, Ont. Electrical. Born in the West, raised in the East. Attended Delhi Public and Tillsonburg High Schools. Resided in North House U. of T. Dis- likes indifferent people and in- tends to remain bachelor for several years-on his own voli- tion-probably longer. Wants to make things tick. 121 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING .L v.,a,,4w t.. .'I C. HAROLD SALVADGE St. Mary's, Ont. Electrical. Came to Wycliffe College Residence from St. Marys C.I. Employment in a Hydro sub-station and a cement company occupied him during the summers. KONSTANTINE SHAMAN- DUROFF Solia, Bulgaria Civil. Came to Toronto from the American College, Sofia. Played Intercollegiate Soccer III, IV. Holds his "S" for Soc- cer and Basketball. Will re- turn to practise engineering at home. FRANCIS ROWLAND SHAW Wallaceburg, Ont. Metallurgy. Born in Wallace- burg and received secondary education at the local High School. Future plans are vague. L. BRINSLEY SHERIDAN Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Matriculated from Bloor C.I., attended Dominion Business College. Is a member of Mechanical Club and American Society of Mechani- cal Engineers, Student Branch, four years. Served on Execu- tive of A.S.M.E. III. Pianist of Mechanical Club and A.S.M.E. III and IV. WILLIAM ALEX RAMSAY Toronto, Ont. Architecture. Took Architec- ture merely as a means to an end. Boasts of having finished a problem in second year. Helped put School to tront through his activities on vari- ous School Committees and his production of School Nite Revue. Hobbies: New ideas for tout and making you think he'll be at a unine o'clock". ALBERT CARL RIEDER Kitchener, Ont. Architecture. Originally hails from Alberta, a highly signifi- cant name IV, but present home and interest in Kitchener V. Came straight from Kit- chener and Waterloo C.I. and V.S. to win the Mathers and Haldenby Prize, thus uphold- ing the scholastic traditions of East House. Favourite hobby is women, particularly wait- resses III. Hopes to raise a little money and a big family. JAMES K. RONSON CAKEJ Walkerville, Ont. Mechanical. Member student branch A.S.M.E. Played bas- ketball for four years-Inter- mediate Intercollegiate Cham- GARNETT GEORGE SIMMS i Sudbury. Ont. CAXJ Metallurgy. Born at Victoria Mines, Ont, matriculated from Sudbury H.S. Metallurgical and mine plant work were substituted for the regular studies during the summer. HOWARD W. SISSON Toronto, Ont. Mining. Matriculated from Humberside C.I. but came to School from R.M.C. Was on First Rugby Team IV. IRVINE WRAY SMITH Galt, Ont. Mechanical. Vlfas a member of the C.O.T.C. I, II, III, and a student member of A.S.M.E. II, III, IV. Served in Mechanical Club as Secretary - Treasurer II, Vice- Chairman III, and Chairman IV. Won Segsworth Debating Trophy, Jenkins Scholarship b in Engineering, and the Engineering Institute Prize III. Interested in music and drama, being with the Glee Club I. JOHN HOGARTH SMITH Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Matriculated from Humberside C.I. Was a mem- ber A.S.M.E. IV. it 122 IC' pions II. Was on House Com- mittee of Hart House for two years. Was active in Frater- nity as House Manager III and President IV. DUNCAN BOSTON ROSS Toronto, Ont. CAKED Mining. Came to Varsity from U.C.C. Was in M. 8: M. Club II, Year President III. Was Manager Intercollegiate Senior Hockey III. Was C.I.M.M.E. and A.I.M.M.E. Student Asso- ciate. Summers were spent at Timmins, Timmins, and Isle of Capri. Intends to be in legal fog at Osgoode Hall for three years. LEON JULIUS RUBIN Toronto. Ont. Chemical. A clever mathe- matician from Harbord Col- legiate. Won the McLennan- MacLeod Memorial Prize I. Served as research assistant in Department of Chemical Engi- neering during summer 1937. EARL ALBERT RUSSELL Toronto, Ont. Civil. Was Civil Club Chair- man IV, Representative I. Ob- tained Honours I, III. Played lacrosse II, III, IV. Was Man- ager Senior School Hockey III, Junior School Baseball II. l l . NORMAN VVILLIAM SMITH Angus, Ont. Chemical. Got his start at Sandhill, Ont., and matricu- lated from Barrie C.I., but ended up in North House. Ac- tive in School sports, hockey and rugby. Summers were spent with Ontario Forestry Branch and Avoca Dairy in the home town. ROY LINCOLN SNITCH Toronto, Ont. Metallurgy. Came to us from Vaughan R.C.I. Was Student Associate A.I.M.E. Graduated from Fencing I to Wrestling Member B.W. Sz F. Team II. Was Vice-Chairman M. and M. Club IV. Engaged in Social Service through Toc H. Spent summers from stoking freighter to working in a smelter and then a refinery. ROBERT JOHN STEVENS New Liskeard, Ont. Chemical. Came from New Liskeard H.S. Was a member and energetic supporter of the Industrial Chemical Club I-IV, also U. of T. Flying Club. Played soccer for Senior School. Spent summers on geological surveys and as a motor mechanic. Aims to get a Ph.D. and travel. JOHN ELWOOD STOTT Wyevale, Ont. Mechanical. Was in C.O.T.C. I. Was a Student Member A.S.M.E. II, III, and in charge of meetings and papers IV. Ambition: To reform. ARTHUR HENRY TAYLOR Toronto, Ont. Architecture. Art came from Central Tech to collect Scholarships at School: O.A.A. II, Mathers and Haldenby Prize III, Toronto Brick Prize IV. Prefers curricular activities but will fulfil neglected social obligations after graduation when he hopes to visit World Fairs at Paris and Glasgow. EDWARD A. TURNER Niagara Falls, Ont. Electrical. tThermodynamic Optionj. Born in England. Matriculated from Niagara Falls C.I. Resident in South House U. of T. I, II, III, IV. Spent four summers in Niagara with Hydro-Electric Power Commission. On School Squash Team I. EDWARD GREY TURNER Barrie, Ont. Chemical. His experience in wood-working and motor re- pairs, with C.O.T.C. and the University Flying Club make him first-rate raw material as an aviator-we trust. He will forget too much chemistry to make poison gas, but it's not to be settled till April. ERNEST SIDNEY TURNER Toronto, Ont. Mechanical. Graduated from Oakwood C.I. Was a member of the Mechanical Club I-IV and of the student branch of the American Society of Me- chanical Engineers II-IV. DOUGLAS WADDELL Toronto, Ont. Mining. Born in Ottawa. Ma- triculated from North Toronto C.I. Member of the M. gl M. Club, Associate Member of the C.I.M.M.E., member of the Uni- versity of Toronto Rifle Asso- ciation. Has spent summers working in Northern Ontario and Quebec. ROBERT G. A. WEAVER Trenton, Ont. Electrical. Cam? from Trenton C.I. to School, xhere his time was spent doing lab. reports. Grew Ontario high - grade apples Cnothing but No. 1'sJ. Future plans vrry indefinite. -Castles in Spain are not safe at present. APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING "ty--" g an EDWARD HOWARD WEBB Orillia, Ont. Civil. Came to Varsity via R.M.C. Chief amusements are wine. women and song. In- tends to enter the parental contracting firm. JAMES CARL WILSON Toronto, Ont. CATAJ Electrical. CIllumination Optionj Born Toronto July 13th, and still trying to over- come Friday, 13th, jinx. Ma- triculated from Humberside C.I. and Central Technical School. Acted on Electrical Club Executive II and was Vice-Chairman III. Interested in illumination. Associate member Illuminating Engi- neering Society. LOUIS H. VVITTENBERG Toronto, Ont. Chemical. Louis' keen business eye follows with keen interest every product of the cosmetic industry, for which he sees a great future. He hopes to carom into the Head Oiiice of a reputable perfume house. ROBERT E. YOUNG CZWJ Toronto, Ont. Electrical. 123 3' 'J' 1 ,av U' 4 DENTISTRY To the Graduating Class of the Faculty of Dentistry By Dean Arnold D. Mason, D.D.S. T IS the pleasure of the Faculty of Dentistry to extend hearty congratula- tions and to wish God-speed to the graduating class. I know that you will make your presence felt wherever you locate, in the various parts of Ontario, in other provinces of Canada, and even elsewhere in the Empire. I desire the members of the class who came from Australia to realize that you are one with the Canadian students and trust that your sojourn with us has been profitable to you. Your presence has added strength to the class and given the local students an opportunity of broadening their viewpoint so that they may be a greater influence in the profession of Dentistry. Graduation is one of the very important days in the lives of each of you. It is, therefore, a time for you to hesitate, pause, reflect and think. It is not only a passing from student life but a commencement of graduate activities. A challenge is given to you to keep abreast of the advances in Dentistry and to develop your personalities so that you may become leaders in your com- munities in the various duties of citizenship. My sincere hope is that your training has not only made you competent dentists but also has developed your powers of reasoning and judgment that your opinion on any problem will be appreciated by those with whom you come in contact. In these history-making days of social change, may your outlook on life be broad and one of optimism for the future so that your reward will be happi- ness and contentment. May your faith in yourselves be such as to create within you a modest self-confidence. May you ever realize the sincere interest with which your Alma Mater follows your careers and may this interest be reciprocal so that your thoughts will often turn toward the University of Toronto. '1!7F'4't:rp' Si WALTER LORNE BARNABE Hull, Que. Came from Ottawa U. and St. Patrick's Coll. to test Toronto's Coca-Cola supply. Was New- man Club resident I, II, III. Skilled in dramatics, snooker, elbow bending and golf in that order. Will specialize in childrens dentistry and make a million. JAMES GORDON BOOTH g Toronto, Ont. 01425 Prepared for Varsity at Hum- berside C.I. In the summers sells bus rides for Gray Coach Linesg in the winters swims and ping-pongs. Editor of Hya Yaka V. Was President of Swimming Team IV. Is ambi- tious to stay single. JOHN A. C. BROWN QEIIUIID Saskatoon, Sask. Matriculated from University of Saskatchewan. Was Class President IV. Responsible for Dental social activities as Pre- sident of At-Home V. Was charter member of Intercolle- giate "D" Team. WILLIAM GRAHAM BRUCE Kincardine, Ont. OPQJ Born at Kincardine and at- tended that town's High School. Was Class President III, Treasurer Students' Par- liament IV, President Stu- dents' Parliament V. F. G. CHRISTENSEN Australia Born in Brisbane and gradu- ated from Queensland Univer- sity after winning University Gold Medal and Australian Overseas Travelling Scholar- ship. Played for Varsity Eng- lish Rugger Team. On to Eng- land for post-graduate work. WILLIAM LORNE CLARK Bounty, Sask. Matriculated at Battleford Collegiate. Shared War Me- morial Scholarship IV, and spends spare time in making money. Being a Westerner he spends the summers farming and loafing. Gave up teaching school and wants to see the world. Hr. AQ.. .V 535 JAMES WILROD CORBETT Kincardine. Ont. Matriculated from Kincardine High School. Was Honorary President of the 5 O'Clock Clinic. Builds Bruce County roads in the summer and skates in the winter. Ambi- tion-to work 2 hours a day. GEORGE I. CREASY CEIPKIPJ Portage La Prairie, Man. Spends most of his time out- side the Dental College taking care of his pet duck. Played Junior and Intermediate Var- sity Hockeyg Baseball for Dents, Champs IV. Was Coach of Intercollegiate "D" Team. Logs and golfs in the summer. MARIE KATHLEEN DAVIS Toronto, Ont. Graduated from Moulton Col- lege '33. At Varsity her ath- letic activities were limited to being an enthusiastic specta- tor. Most popular girl in class by acclamation. Immediate future-Rochester Dental Dis- pensary. DENTISTRY -ii -1:2 ROGER FERRIS DECK Sydney, Australia Graduated a B.D.S. from Syd- ney University, 194. Resi- dence Cfor next 5 months onlyl East House. Is fond of fresh air. Keen on skiing, sailing, surfing and camping. Intends on graduation, to have a good square meal and a good night's sleep. F. DOUGLAS DEMPSTER Toronto, Ont. Student, musician and athlete. Won the James Branston Will- mot Scholarship '33, Is a pol- ished pianist. Played Dents, Rugby I, Varsity Senior Bas- ketball the last two seasons, President of Athletics V. Was Camp Director in the summer. GEORGE V. GENGOS Australia Graduated B.D.S. from Uni- versity of Sydney with hon- ours and Caird Scholarship. Favourite activities are cricket, surfing. Played on Varsity Eng- lish Rugger Team and Dents Soccer Team. Intends to re- turn home by devious ways. Athx 0 5.2 E ' 125:31 127 ., r DENTISTRY , STANLEY H. GIBSON CEIINDJ Kingston, Ont. Australia Refuses to discuss in detail his previous education. Renowned as the originator of the Huron War-Cry. Likes surfing, cric- ket, golf. Appointed Lieuten- ant-Commander of the "For- eign Legion". Keen student of Maorian folk-lore. THOMAS E. HENDERSON Matriculated at Kingston C.I. Takes no vacations, for he spends his summers mining and playing baseball in the North. Played Rugby I. Plans to "retire" to private practice after his years of hard labour at the Dental College. E. REGINALD HUMPHREY Toronto, Ont. QBQHJ Obtained Senior Matriculation at North Toronto C.I. Favour- ite sports are skiing and sail- ing. Learned to row in dead calms so he joined the Varsity Rowing Crew I. Played Dents Basketball I. Looks forward to JOHN DAVID I. GRANT Australia Graduated from Sydney Uni- versity and lost himself in East House at Toronto. Likes "anything out of doors". Plans to visit England, India, Borneo and then settle down to prac- tice on the Sunny Sydneysid- ersr exploring-for broken roots. , S, WILLIAM W. HANCHEROFF LYNDON H. JOHNSTON i Saskatoon, Sask. OPQJ Australia CEIIH-DD Graduated from University of Sydney. Is a walking Austra- lian Chamber of Commerce and Commander of the "For- eign Legion". Noted for feats of strength and daring after one coke. Will be host at Aus- tralian Convention in 1940. Obtained his Senior Matric and the Undergraduate Schol- arship at U. of Saskatchewan. Spends winters skating at Var- sity Stadium. Was a summer farmer before the depression. Winner of the James Branston Willmot Scholarship II. H. SHELDON LANKIN Toronto, Ont. Left East York C.I. for Var- sity. Vice-President of First Year and limited his sports to Lacrosse I, II, III. Enjoyed Clinics at Western Hospital. In the summer he fishes at Fene- lon. Leaves for Australia or Singapore in '40, he hopes. ALEX CHARLES LEMAN Toronto, Ont. CAXAJ Came south from North Tor- onto C.I. Was on Dental Year Book Staff III, IV, V. Swims and plays squash. Was Pur- ser of the S.S. Kingston. Will try to forget the Thousand Is- lands with a trip to Europe before he goes over in uniform. J. DONALD McASKILE Highgate, Ont. CEYIHIU Matriculated from Ridge- town H.S. Was winner of the James Branston Willmot Scholarship I. Plays ball and manages the Department Store during vacations. Was Trainer Intercollegiate "D" Team. Pre- sident of Dramatics V. Played Rugby II-Vg Baseball I-IV. DAVID H. MacDONALD Toronto, Ont. Came from U.T.S. to U. of T. O b t a i n e d James Branston Willmot Scholarship I. Likes skiing, cricket, tennis and hitch-hiking. Worked for Con- federation Life and sold anaesthetic in Cleveland. Was Chief Varsity Reporter for Dentistry IV. Future-marri- age. JOSEPH W. McHUGH Rochester, N.Y. Graduated from Aquinas Insti- tute. President of Lacrosse IV, Torontonensis Representative Vg Interfaculty Hockey III, IV. Digs divots in summer when not Working. Will practise in Rochester, he hopes. GERALD A. MacPHERSON Waterford, Ont. QEIIHDJ Matriculated from Waterford H. S. Won James Branston Willmot Scholarship I. Was Business Manager of H ya Yaka V. Farms in the summer and does the Big Apple. Will prac- tise at home and carry on the tradition. ' :We t S 3 'Lllllfll 3 128 hw, 1 5 ,3 . Q:mTvi4J:K-2 Ylllf HAROLD W. MASON Simcoe, Ont. Matriculated from Simcoe H.S. Left S.P.S. for Dents. Farms, hunts and fishes in the sum- mer. Won his "S" and "D" and Second and Third "T". Was Interfaculty Heavyweight Wrestling Champion for sev- eral years. Will practise in Hamilton. HILLARD ROBERT NEVIN New York City, N.Y. UIJBA7 Took Pre-med at N.Y.U. Col- lects guns and supports a wife when not taking movies. Was on Varsity Fencing Team IV. On vacation was Laboratory Assistant in Research Chemis- try. Will specialize in Oral Surgery after post- graduate work in England. M. CLIFFORD PARKS CEIINIPD St. Catharines, Ont. Born in Belleville. Took re- fuge in South House I, II, III. Spent summers driving a truck except for summer interneship at Western Hospital. Was Class President Ig Secretary of Uni- versity Band IV, President V. Will have office in Garden City Bandstand. 9' THOMAS C. PETERSON Chesley, Ont. CEIIUIPP Matriculated at Chesley H.S. Played Dents Interfaculty Rugby and Baseball. Was C la ss President II. Dislikes Public Oiiices. Won Clinical Dentistry Scholarship IV. Am- bition-to do less work in less time. ERNEST MICHAEL REY Toronto, Ont. Obtained his honours at De La Salle. Was President of Uni- versity Hockey Club V, and played on the defence three years for Varsity Seniors. Spare time was well spent in searching for fur caps and dig- ging gold in Frood Mines. ELGIN WESLEY SADLER. Wiarton, Ont. QEYPCDJ Is a conscientious student who s p e n d s spare time studying anatomy. Won Canadian Gen- eral Hospital Scholarship IV. Was No. 1 man on Intercolle- giate "D" Team. Was star of Dents Baseball Team e v e r y yearg Manager V. Is trying to extract the best out of life. W. K. SHULTIS OPQJ Toronto, Ont. Received early education at Port Colborne H.S. and Mc- Master University. Played Varsity Junior Hockey II and Intermediate Tennis I-III. Dur- ing vacations he was a Camp Counsellor. Was Honorary President of D.N. V. RALPH MORTIMER SINGER Toronto, Ont. Matriculated at Upper Canada College. Spends all his time mastering new technique to slow down his work and edu- cating his patients. Will prac- tise in Toronto. DENTISTRY .Mak l JAMES ARTHUR SULLIVAN Williamston, Ont. Matriculated from Williamston and University of Pittsburgh. Takes it easy in the summers selling life insurance after hard winters playing hockey with Pittsburgh. DONALD TAYLOR WILSON Fredericton, N.B. OPQJ Graduated from Fredericton H.S. Obtained James Branston Willmot Scholarship III. Was Class President V. Spends his summers in the Bluenose country, bringing back tall tales of the prowess of the natives. 615' YW 129 ' LI.:.7,.LiL9 335 ,, W Jw? J kffv X V- A - 3- N ,4 .. ' 1 f- Tix. ' 1 ' f,:s,Q,-if -'e N if ' NJ, 511 .1 - eggf,-me F-V -1 'lvj':5tJ.x J- ': L' , Dental Nurses DENTAL NURSES ,, , , ,,., , ., ,,-. . , .... , I "we: ' awe, J. DORIS YVONNE ASPINALL Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from Orillia Collegiate. Orillia, Ont. legiate. ' x",' X W' f if ,is ia .. . f R i l 1 F ,, ,,. . . -...J ...r . -WA EVELYN ALICE CROUCH Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from Weston High and Vocational School. M. RUTH GRIMMON Picton, Ont. Born in Port Anne, Ontario. Matriculated from Picton Col- legiate. Is actively interested in tennis and badminton. MARJORIE JACKSON Toronto, Ont. Born in St. Thomas, Ontario. Matriculated from V a u gh a n Road Collegiate. Won an A.C.C.M. Scholarship in piano. Was Vice-President of her Class. Enjoys badminton. Is a member of Allegro Ladies' Choir. E. CHRISTIE Regina, Sask. ALICE RITA KENNEDY Regina, Sask. Born in R e g ina, Saskatche- wan. Matriculated from Central C ollegiate , Regina. Graduated in Arts from Sas- katchewan University in 1937. HELEN LOUISE McKINLEY Parry Sound, Ont. Born in Parry Sound, Ontario. Matriculated from Parry Sound High School. M. RUTH MARSHALL Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Jarvis Collegiate. Lg' 3 132 'L ! nl .' Jr' 3 - 67 ,Jimi JEAN ALEXANDRIA CALEY Born in Markham, Ontario. Matriculated from Barrie Col- X X J, ELIZABETH COLQUHOUN Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from Humberside Col- legiate. MADELINE ANN COOMBS St. Catharines, Ont. Born in St. Catharines. Came to Varsity from St. Catharines Collegiate. BARBARA SCOTT COOPER Orillia, Ont. Born in Toronto. Came to Varsity from Orillia Collegiate. 7' . 5 , J . ,A I 775 ' A ii 49- Q ELIZABETH MARTIN X Xxx Aylmer, Ont. ' if as . ' Ja f v-iq! 'f .. K ,,., V. .,, ,- .315- 'Psi' V, KATHERINE G. MASON Thamesville, Ont, Born in Thamesville. Matri- culated from Ridgetown High School. Is a member of the Newman Club. MARJORIE MAY MORLEY Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Havergal College. Was Social Convener for her Class. Outside her University work she engages in social service work. DENTAL NURSES ANNABEL M. MURRAY Regina, Sask. Born in Regina, Saskatchewan. Matriculated from Regina Central Collegiate. FLORENCE M. PEART Burlington, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Burlington High School. Was President of her Class. Enjoys skating, badminton, bridge. ELSIE PEARL ROSE Colborne, Ont. Born in Colborne, Ontario. Matriculated from Colborne High School. NORAH HAIGHT YOUELL Aylmer, Ont. Born in Petrolia, Ontario. Ma- triculated from Alma College. Was Secretary-Treasurer of her Class. Enjoys swimming and skating. P -14352 .5 1 . 3 'I.l1Il .' lf 'QQ' 1 E :? , Qmv? wmv' 133 In l MY 3 J WYCLIFFE COLLEGE To the Graduating Class of Wycliffe College By the Rev. Canon R. B. McElheran, M.A., D.D. HATEVER else may be said about the year in which the members of this Class have graduated, no one will claim that it is a time when the world has no place for educated leaders. The fact is that if the world does not receive leadership from men and women of trained minds, the break-up of civilization will not long be deferred. The members of the Class of 1938 are, therefore, to be congratulated upon the fact that they enter upon their career at a time when every phase of life is calling insistently for the very thing that they are equipped to give. The agitation that has been going on for some years has revealed great needs. The professions have come to realize quite definitely the nature of their unfinished tasks. The criticism that has been voiced on every hand regarding national and political affairs has merely emphasized the fact that whatever progress has been achieved is only partial. Trade and industry have arrived at the point where clear thinking is necessary, and where strong leadership is required. The partial break-down of democracy, a much more serious matter than it has been understood by the casual observer to be, challenges the present generation to think and to act quickly and with decisiveness. The weakening of conviction on the part of multitudes with regard to ethical and moral standards invites, on the part of the University man, serious and faithful consideration, witness and service. To these tremendous tasks may the Class of 1938 give diligent heed, and may they be instrumental in leading the world from chaos to Christ. '15i'z+i+ s v-g -C Win" ' WILLIAM GERALD BURCH Toronto, Ont. Born in Winnipeg, Man. Ma- triculated from St. Andrewfs College. Graduated with B.A. from University College 1937. Is active in Boy Scouts Asso- ciation. Was Lay Assistant, then Curate of Christ Church, Deer Park, Toronto. Spent summers as a missionary in pioneer areas of Saskatche- wan. Plans to enter ministry of the Church of England. CLINTON DUFFERIN CROSS Brantford, Ont. Arts, University College, Theo- logy, Wycliffe College. Was on the executive of Wycliffe Lit- erary Society, Secretary III, Prime Minister VI. Was Pre- sident of the Graduating Class of '38 and Torontonensis Rep- resentative VI. F. ROY GARTRELL Hamilton, Ont. Came from McMaster, B.A. Honour Classics, '35, Entered Theology, winning the Dyson Hague Memorial, Maurice Cody Memorial, and New Tes- tament Honour Course prizes. Was Assistant Editor Cap and Gown., II, Pres. of Wycliffe College Literary Society and S.A.C. Representative III. DAVID GILBERT HUETHER Southampton, Ont. Graduated with B.A. from University College 19363 came to Wyclifife from Port Elgin High School: interested in ath- letics. Spent his summers doing mission and church work. CHARLES G. KEHLER Bradford, England Theology via University of Saskatchewan B.A. As "Hec- tograph Kehler Esquire" edit- ed Wycliffe Evening Kehle- gram, '36. Skill as cartoonist and illuminator led to Hart House Art Committee ,37. Went West CU each summer -in '37 with Fellowship of the West. JOHN CECIL KNEWSTUB Winnipeg, Man. Born in Winnipeg. Matricu- lated from Evangelical Theo- logical College, Dallas, Texas, and St. John's Technical High School, Winnipeg. Was Speaker of Wycliffe Literary Society, and a Member of Hart House Music Committee. Interested in cultivating a cul- tured English accent! Dislikes latitudinarian theology! Plans a summer home in Chester, N.S. 393+ 1.3! '1'iIlii.m.r.'3," I A 3. 1-Lf' hw.. 137 WYCLIFFE COLLEGE 9 gg Q J 'US SAMUEL ERIC RICHARDS Brantford, Ont. Born in England. Came to Varsity from Brantford C.I. Was a member of the Literary Society I-IV, and of the Ath- letic Society I, II. Spent sum- mers surveying, tobacco har- vesting, working as a sales- man. Future plans include tra- vel, study and work. W. RANDALL STRINGER Winnipeg, Man. CG-JAXD Matriculated from Ridley Col- lege. Graduated B.Sc. tElec- trical Engineeringj from Uni- versity of Manitoba. As "polar bear of Yukon" served on House Committee, Hart House and on Board of Directors University Settlement two years. Athletic activities in- cluded five years Varsity In- termediate Rugby, Wycliffe Hockey, was also Treasurer and President of Wycliffe Athletic Association. 5 . jiifliu Qifaxd I 01' fll KNOX COLLEGE To the Graduating Class of Knox College By the Rev. Principal Thomas Eakin, M.A., Ph.D., D.D. OST of you have been with us six or seven years-years of preparation for the Work to which you go. That preparation consisted not only in studying but in those fraternal contacts which are invaluable in moulding character as well as thought. I hope and believe that you are leaving this College thoroughly convinced that the work you undertake is one of the most fundamental and directive in which you can engage. In these confused and bewildering days when insensate selfishness seems to be the prevailing spirit, we sorely need a supreme loyalty, lives lived in the light of moral values and eternal issues. We believe and are sure that the Gospel of Christ and His Ethic can do for the world what it needs, and so in bidding you God-speed I would ask you to begin your arduous tasks in confidence and hope and faith in your mission. X R. H. ARMSTRONG, B.A. Long Branch, Ont. Attended High School at Long Branch, was graduated from University College '35, Pur- sued Oriental Languages in School of Graduate Studies, 1936-38. Was Knox Represen- tative to the Theological Union and Secretary of the Union 1937-38. THOMAS G. M. BRYAN, B.A. London, Ont. Received B.A., University Col- lege, 1934. Attended Louisville Presbyterian Theological Sem- inary, 1934-35, and Knox, 1936- 38. Was a Member of V.C.F. WILF RED F. BUTCHER, B.A. Winnipeg. Man. Came to Knox from the Uni- versity of Manitoba, where activities were in Debating and the S.C.M. Was Chairman of the Missionary Council of the S.C.M. of Canada from 1935 to 1938, and President of Knox College Missionary Society 1937-1938. GEORGE L. DOUGLAS. B.A. Lucknow, Ont. Entered Knox after teaching school and pursuing Arts , -Q ,. wgfit' . 'ei studies in Toronto and Mani- toba. Undergraduate interests: Journalism, Debating, Glee Club fGilbert and Sullivanl. Perennial interest: Male Quar- tettes. Was President, Univer- sity of Manitoba Alumni Asso- ciation, Toronto Branch, 1935- 37. Was Chairman, Worship Committee, Knox College, 1937-38. J. REYNOLDS ESLER. B.A. Vancouver. B.C. Born at Calgary, Alta. Gradu- ated in Arts University of B.C., where he was a Member Musi- cal Society and Permanent Member Players Club-Rugby. Was a Member Knox Soccer Team. FREDRICK C. KNOX, B.A. Belfast, Ireland. Born in Ireland. Engaged in Textile Industry. Came to Canada in 1928. Matriculated from Pictou Academy, N.S. B.A. McMaster '35. Came to Knox 1935. Won Wm. Peattie and Jane M. Hislop Scholar- ships from Knox. Was on Mc- Master Soccer Team 4 years, Knox Soccer 3 years. Presby- terian Ministry ahead. '4-u'f1f7" , " a 1' 2 . 1 meg? . ' ALEX. F. MacSWEEN, B.A. Winnipeg, Man. Born in Glasgow. Was graduated from University of Saskatchewan 1935. Thence to Knox College, was on Execu- tive of Knox College Mission- ary Society, was Business Manager The Presbyterian Student 1937. D. W. OSWALD, M.A. New Westminster, B.C. Born at Fort Langley, B.C. Was graduated B.A. 1929, M.A. 1931 in Honour Chemis- try. Was an Instructor, U.B.C.g Teacher at Kimberley, B.C. Came to Knox 1935. Won Fisher Scholarship 1936, Jane Mortimer and Brydon Prize 1937. Secretary Knox Mission- ary Society 1937. ROBERT A. SINCLAIR, B.A. Allandale, Ont. B.A. 3T5. Played soccer for Knox three years, and was on the Championship Intermediate Intercollegiate Team III. Played Baseball I and Volleyball I and II. Was S.C.M. Treasurer I and on the Theological Union Com- mittee II. Four years in the I-Iart House Glee Club. Knox Rep. on S.A.C. III. STANLEY E. SMITH, B.A. Auckland, New Zealand Born in New Zealand. Was graduated B.A. Queen's '35. Was Treasurer Knox Mission- KNOX COLLEGE ary Society II and III. Was President Varsity Christian Fellowship, III. Won McLellan Scott and other Scholarships. W. ERNEST SMYTH, B.A. Toronto, Ont. Born at Killinchy, Northern Ireland, came to Canada 1929 and attended Runnymede C.I. Graduated from University College 1935 and entered Knox. Has served on Mission Fields in Saskatchewan. JOSEPH EDWARD TAYLOR Toronto, Ont. Born in Manchester, England. Came to Canada in 1911, at- tended Ryerson Public School, then worked for twelve years. Later went to Toronto Bible College, then to Harbord C.I., attended McMaster University, and came to Knox. JOHN S. WRIGHT, B.A. Innerkip, Ont. Graduated from University College, 1934. Received Boyd Scholarship, I. JAMES M. YOUNG, B.A. Cobourg, Ont. A son of Scotia. Was a meat surgeon for nine years, then back to school, Cobourg C.I. 532 and Varsity '35, Was Keeper of the Tower at Knox six years, member of Knox Soccer Teams six yearsg Var- sity Soccer Team '36. M, Q f x l Y f A 'B' M ,L 3 aww A 1 ' 'H , 5 'iffy n"'if -F'-inf 3' fif,g,f'A' ,5 , Q xii: 2 , nf, as - M saws. ax H., .4 -A ,3..-"Am" ,glfj '- 'S' 1.4 A grf,f7....,,-"?ff' H gf' 11 'Pm , I wwf' ,VL Q .Alu by xml, f Kill'-TM' " Wyfmw my Jnf -uvifi V121 lifizm xwvdv. ma W is ,i,,,:.V . .'2's':?' f 5' Q 'nfiff - Q ff ' Av, N,...f . f fs' . -W. Q13 ., Www.,- 'i Q rin. " mu , Q J , , N , xl'.,1 as f 'Vw am L' .ar.q-- Q' Ffa? 1' X. 9 Mm, al uv' ,'-f,-4 xy 3 l 1 'f.r' xv- 4 2 1 4 1 1 . in 1, Q J', E. in .as -4 mY9nu...'.'L S :..t. , Alfffud f" , an ' fl! ..A,q4". My -i A 4.1 U-.1 1... .4 .'r ' , 4,- L1 'Rf' .A ,uw CAQIMQ ' 7' A.. A EMMANUEL COLLEGE To the Graduating Class of Emmanuel College By Reverend Principal R. Davidson, M.A., Ph.D., D.D. N , . E let you go with a bit of testimony and a piece of advice. First the testimony. The Christian has two pictures before him every day of his life. When he is aware of the tensions and antipathies and miseries about him he sees a Cross set in the midst. That Cross is the focal point of manis conflict and defeat, he sees all sin and sorrow gathered up there. But as he looks the picture is replaced by another, and he sees a living Christ, Victor over sin and death, Master and Lord of life, making glad with his gifts of faith and hope and love the face of the whole world. That is our Gospel-the good news we bear to stricken men-of a God who has revealed himself in Christ Jesus, revealed a concern for us his children that will not draw back from that awful Friday, revealed a purpose so strong as to make that Easter Day a perpetual festival, the festival par excellence of the whole of redeemed humanity. The Church has always been and will continue to be, the Community of the Resurrection. The prayer of your tutors in Emmanuel College is that, as we are sure you will share the fellowship of his sufferings, you may also know the power of his Resurrection. Now the advice. Hold yourselves sternly to your books. Let your mind have a proper quantity of solid food. Read the best books, and be sure you get the meat out of them. Take the Hrst hours of the day, and read five, six, or seven days a week, fifty-two weeks in the year. If you read the right books fincluding the Bible every dayj, you will learn to be happy at home with yourself, you will learn the way into other people's minds and hearts, what you say will be worth saying, and what you do will carry a conviction of integrity and purpose. 2. I igea . Toronto, Ont. bs. JOHN G. BARNARD Corinth, Ont. Born in Calumpet, Philippine Is. Matriculated from Harris- ton High School. HOWARD ELVIN BEARE Pickering, Ont. Born in Pickering. Came to Varsity from Markham High School. HERBERT S. BLEZARD Baltimore, Ont. Completed Junior Matricula- tion at Albert College, Belle- ville, Senior at Cobourg C.I. Came to Victoria, completed Pass Course and entered The- ology. Intends to preach the Word of God in the United Church in the needy West. 385 ss., -af wr 'rf STANLEY H. BRENTON Brandon, Man. Stan, a straight Westerner from Brandon, Manitoba, was grad- uated 1933 with a B.A. degree in Geology from McMaster University. Entered Emman- uel College in '34 and took up residence in Gandier House. Interested in History and In- ternational Affairs. Hobby: a little bit of everything. G. H. CORSCADDEN, B.A. Toronto, Ont. Came to Emmanuel in 1935 after three years at Vic. Always interested in Church work, and spent two summers at it in Alberta, also in Ontario. Expects to have or- dained charge "somewhere" in this Province after it's all over here. RICHARD H. N. DAVIDSON Toronto, Ont. IVAN REX EDWARDS Happy undergraduate years on "The Old Ontario Strand". Spent more time in sports than study, but managed to fool some sheep by finally carrying off his 'skin'. Summers spent chasing about on Church mis- sion fields, falls spent chasing about the Stadium with Var- sity 'Blues' after a couple of gridiron championships, win- ters spent just chasing about. GORDON C. GRAVENOR Toronto, Ont. Graduated in Science, Victoria 3T3. Was a member of Honour Science Clubg Biological Club. Did graduate work in Phil- osophy. At Emmanuel was Year President IIg Athletic Rep. III, Theological Society III. Played Hockey, I, II, III, Baseball, II, III, and Bad- minton. Interested in the Bar- thian Theology and Victoria College Book Bureau. R. GORDON HAZELWOOD Weston, Ont. Matriculated from St. Mary's Collegiate Institute. At present is a student Minister at Har- wood United Church. EMMANUEL COLLEGE an Ili I Q, wi ' ROY F. HICKS Corunna, Ont. Born at Corunna. Matriculated from Sarnia High School. JAMES R. HOLDEN, B.A. Oshawa, Ont. Born in Palmerston, Ont. Edu- cated in Preston Public School and Galt Collegiate. After four years in newspaper work, entered Victoria College as Church student in Arts, grad- uating in '35 in Philosophy CEnglish or Historyh. G. CARLYLE HUSSER London, Ont. Came to Varsity 1931 from Sarnia C.I. Took up residence Burwash Hall. Was a member of Emmanuel Hockey Team four years, volleyball one year. Also likes tennis. Interests- Dramatics and Y.P.U. work. -is 145 . .-file., ' 'I'ul99 EMMANUEL COLLEGE QT? 'if- ""'0!EA. M. JEAN M. HUTCHINSON, M.A. CMrs. J. D. HJ Toronto, Ont. General Arts and graduate studies in English at Dal- housie. Taught school in her home city, Halifaxg married and moved to Montreal, later to Toronto. Was S.C.M. Secre- tary in McGill and University of Toronto. Keenly interested in her home, religion, the church, the social order and the contribution of women to the work of the world. JOHN CLAIR JOHNSON Summerside, P.E.I. Was graduated B.A. 1935 from Mount Allison University. A. WELBURN JONES, B.A. Kitchener, Ont. Came to Varsity in '35, from Waterloo College CWestern Ont. UJ. Took up residence in Gandier House, Burwash. For three years played volley- ball, basketball. Was Director of Athletics for Emmanuel College Interfaculty Sports. Interests are Ornithology and Poetry. JAMES EDWARD MUNSON Alma, N.B. Was graduated B.A. from Mount Allison University 1935. RICHARD SIMPSON Northwood, Ont. Born at Chorley, Lancashire, England. Matriculated from Chatham High School. Took up residence at Bowles House, Emmanuel College. WILLIAM J. VAN GORDER Hamilton, Ont. Graduated B.A. from McMas- ter University. - , 'IIEEI CHARLES GEORGE KITNEY Peterborough, Ont. Graduated in Arts 3T3. Preached two years in Alberta, then returned to Emmanuel to learn how. Worked in Carlton Street Church and attended college in spare time. Lived in Bowles House II. Was Chair- man of Missionary Committee III. ARTHUR JAMES McKAYE Toronto, Ont. Served on several mission fields in- Ontario. Keenly in- terested in Young People's work and in dramatics. De- lights in all the manly arts, baseball, rugby, badminton, etc. Intends to proclaim the glad tidings somewhere in Ontario. BERTRAM MAURA Nassau, B.W.I. Born at Nassau. Matriculated from St. Andrew's College, Aurora. Was graduated B.A. from University College 1931. Spent his summers on mission fields. ,. , , f H ' 1 " ' f 'f' " ' e.',i14?1f'fJ' 358- 'fl 2 fzflf' Wifi 7' 'L -1 E' nav af L .ffzlbggf , ,,.,. .. -W ,, , X ,- , .-..,.,-,,.,..,u..... '- - f- . ,Sf vw WMWWKW--X , ' , ,, 1 . A -4 'W-'W T' '39 Wf"x'?"rf-g1NeS,.5, -g, .f 2?fWf"',n- 1:5f'fgw-'fw,fq-----w1R--m-V,-.Nqw,,.,4,, N., , . . , x ,., I , WN N, ..m,,,..4..-Annp:1,.....,.g,,,,.Q.w NA Mhyywxi -If ,q Q W, ng My . My . gg Aggwfwf-gf-,V,,,,Q,,v,,,wz M., ., 1 -L... f I 34.121 -,w,,,,-4.Mj 'Ml .- 'M -Q N My 1, i - y W xi. .V f - sm. - w 2 W 'Q "A 1'?S:2'Q, 9523, ,HW M ,N V -Q7 ,A H fkww Xrgxww, f. ,, ...,, am ,M .A ,X X, . f 9YW..x., , I A ' X "' ' Q,5.x,"A '.T3l"'Zw,'1"2?..'T3' - X Q . H I ' - X , . ' X Fiyfu 1, In X45 4 Q ,E!.,,+wv"'fY' f ,, ' fl 4' AWN , E, ax ,WW . ' M. . AM M 14 Ns fr-'F aw' ,, K 'N ff M . 4 A 34' x K' X T sd Y- of , , h A, . x ' y X , . si . . -a fi 4.5561 E, Flay, v 'f 'SN 'wi , 5 fwffx fwiaqa - ,, ,, f J I f s h 1 r Y N FORESTRY To the Graduating Class of Forestry By Dean C. D. Howe, B.A., M.S., Ph.D. HEN you registered last autumn for your final year the Faculty of Forestry had completed three decades of training and was entering upon its fourth decade. You constitute the thirtieth graduating class in this Faculty. You entered when the economic situation following the depression which began in 1929 had begun to improve, and thus had opportunity for summer experience in forestry which the classes then graduating did not have. You are also fortunate in that you are graduating when the demand for foresters is satisfactory. You join a body of alumni of which it is significant that nearly eighty-five per cent. is still in forestry or related fields. The work of earlier graduates has paved the way for youg it is hoped future graduates will owe you the same type of debt. A You leave with the best wishes of the Faculty for your success, and one trusts you leave with kindly feelings toward the University of Toronto. 150 I FEV J 1 JAMES BARRON Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from that most prolific source of Foresters, Riverdale C. I. Summer em- ployment with the Dominion Forest Service and Ontario Forestry Branch. Served as Vice-President and President of the Forestry Athletic Asso- ciation. Member of Forestry Rugby, Hockey, Lacrosse Teams as well as Varsity In- termediate Basketball Squad. HUGH J. JOHNSTONE Fenelon Falls, Ont. Matriculated from Fenelon Falls High School and Jarvis C. I., Toronto. Summer occu- pations: Bus driving and re- search with the Dominion Forest Service in Riding Mtn. Nat. Park, Manitoba. Was Torontonensis. Representative and a Member of Interfaculty Hockey, Lacrosse and Base- ball Teams. A victim of pro- crastination, and a hater of executive positions. LLOYD E. McCONN ELL Meaford, Ont. Came to Forestry from Mea- ford High School, narrowly escaping the confines of S.P.S. Spent one year with the Spruce Falls Power and Paper Co. Was an outstanding mem- ber of the Rugby, Hockey and Lacrosse Teams. Treasurer of Foresters' Club II, and presi- dent IV. Thank God for the Irish. ERNEST RALPH SEXSMITH Chatham, Ont. CATJ Came to Varsity from Chat- ham, Ont., after spending two years at O.A.C. Our only fra- ternity and scholarship man. Member of Delta Upsilon and possessor of a Carter Scholar- ship. Forestry experience con- sists of a summer in Northern Saskatchewan with the Do- minion Forest Service. Plays Lnterfaculty Rugby and Base- all. FRANK ELDON SIDER Toronto. Ont. A graduate of North Toronto C. I. Spent last summer in the Rockies doing research for Dominion Forest Service. Managed the Baseball Team during his last two years and was Vice-President of Forestry A.A. in his last year. Ambi- tion: hmm!! PAUL WARD Toronto, Ont. Matriculated from Jarvis Col- legiate. Summer employment with the C.P.R. and Dominion Forest Service in Riding Mtn. Nat. Park, Manitoba. Plays Interfaculty Rugby. His hobby is railroading. it 49 151 FORESTRY if lt :Y vs. wr.. 4.- L uw a u Ka ONTARIO VETERINARY COLLEGE To the Graduating Class of Ontario Veterinary College By Principal C. D. McGilvray, M.D.V., D.V.Sc. HE time of graduation is significant in that it marks the completion of your undergraduate studies and the entrance into your professional career. In the years to come new opportunities and added responsibilities will confront you from time to time. ' -. This is as it should be, and one must be prepared to meet these as they arise with renewed hope andl perseverance. Success in all fields of professional usefulness is becoming more largely dependent on the zeal and earnestness of the individual or group seeking to serve the public interests to the fullest extent. A high standard of education and citizenship is and will continue to be required as a primary essential of those seeking public confidence. Educa- tion should not be judged by the mere technical skill of the moment, but rather by ultimate aims and achievements. In addition to technical skill a measure of liberal education is also required so that a balanced View of things may be taken and one may be enabled to give considered judgment and thoughtful pronouncements instead of unripe statements and snap verdicts. Your professional education should at least enable you to weigh facts care- fully and to give them a scientific basis. ........ FREDERICK JOHN ALLAN Born at Perth, Ont. Matricu- lated from Perth C.I. Was a Freshman at O.V.C. 1930-1. Resumed studies as a Sopho- more in 1935. Was third in General Proficiency II. Pre- ceptor 1937 vacation: A. J. Allott, D.V.M., Newburgh, N.Y. Future plans: general practice. JOHN RICHARD ANDREWS Born at Defiance, Ohio. Ma- triculated from Brown Town- ship High School. Spent sum- mers as Assistant Veterinarian. Plans to enter general practice. JOHN ARBUTHNOTT Born in Scotland. Matriculated from McConnell High School. Won Scholarship in economics at Manitoba Agricultural Col- lege. Was Secretary-Treasurer of O.V.C. Athletic Association 1932-34, member of Hockey Team 1933, '34, '37, of the Science Club 1937-8g of "46" Club. Was penthouse janitor. Spent summers in experimen- tal farming, and mining, "quacking" in Manitoba. Plans to be a real good practitioner in the Province of Manitoba. JOHN F. BLACKLOCK Born in Hamilton. Came to college from Westdale Col- legiate. Was a member of Bas- ketball and Baseball Teams for four years. Was Vice- President of the Science Asso- ciation IV. Spent summers on farm and at Sky Club. Plans to enter general practice. JAMES KENNETH BONE Born at Hagersville, Ont. Ma- triculated from Hagersville H.S. Won the C.A.V.C. Prize III. JOHN CECIL BRADSHAW Came to O.V.C. from Assump- tion College. Was a member of Newman Club for four years, member of Science As- sociation IV. Interest in canine and feline practice. KENNETH EDGAR BROWN Associate O.A.C. 1936. Was Class President II. Belonged to C.O.T.C. six years, HA" Cert. Infantry, "B" Cert. Veterinary, AAU Wing C.S.A.S. Was oiiicial "Walker - Upper" for Ritz Apartments. Was formerly farmer, mechanic, painter, elec- trician, carpenter, clerk, time- keeper, etc. DOUGLAS R. BURLEY Was President of "46" Club sponsored by Dr. Schofield. MAURICE K. CLUGSTON Born in Rocklyn, Ont. Ma- triculated from Meaford High School. Was a member of "46" Club. ONTARIO VETERINARY COLLEGE -if ALLAN A. CONNEL, Jr. Graduated from School of Agriculture, University of Min- nesota in 1933. Int. U. of M., 1934. Won the C.A.V.C. Award II and the Pathology Award III. Interests are general prac- tice and equine surgery. WILLIAM ROBERT DUNLOP Born in Mount Pleasant. Ma- triculated from Mount Pleas- ant High School. Spent sum- mers in practising. JAMES A. EDGETT Is a product of Savannah, Georgia. ,again - 155 - -4 - Z 5 5 ONTARIO VETERINARY COLLEGE um, HAKON HOLM Born in Tyler, Minnesota. Ma- triculated from School of Agri- culture, University of Minne- sota. Came to O.V.C. from Pipestone Indian Training School. Was a member of the Science Association and the Animal Husbandry Club. RONALD THOMAS INGLE Matriculated from Guelph Col- legiate Vocational Institute. Was a member of Science As- sociation IIIQ the Basketball Team I-IV. Was Ping-Pong Champion I, II, IIIQ and Vice- President of the Athletic Asso- ciation IV. Spent summers as a Small Animal Practitioner in Detroit, or in taking canoe trips in Northern Ontario. Plans to bring small animal surgery to a higher level and to graduate from Wayne Medi- cal University. JAY M. ISA, B.S.A., M.Sc. Dauphin, Man. CATEJ Joined Class of l38 in second year. The Department of Ani- mal Pathology and Bacteri- ology, U. of Man., was training ground for number of years RICHARD W. ELLIOTT Born at Richmond, Michigan. Matriculated from Ypsilanti High School. Plans to enter general practice. JAMES GEORGE FILSON Born in Pittsburgh, Penna. Matriculated from Central High School. Spent summers with practitioner. Plans to enter general practice. GERALDINE E. FRITZ CAD Silver Creek, N.Y. Born in Buffalo, N.Y. Matricu- lated from Silver Creek High School. Once attended Cornell but likes O.V.C. better. Spent summers working in a veterin- ary hospital. L. W. GROVES Knows only as "Grub". Came to vet school from U. of Nebraska. Prizes-First Gen- eral Proficiency I, II, Histology before taking final step. Was a member of O.A.C. Graduate Club III and IV, and President of Science Association IV. Veterinary research is the main urge. HARLEY ARNOLD JANSON Born at Clarion, Iowa. Ma- triculated from Clarion, Iowa. Plans to enter general practice. WILLIAM DUDLEY JONES Born at Marlborough, Mass. Was a member of his inter- year Basketball Team II, of the Dance Committee II, and of the Science Association IV. Spent his summer as a veter- inary. Future plans point to general practice and public health. MELVILLE R. KNOX Millbank, Ont. Born in Millbank. Matricu- lated from Listowel. Future plans unknown. 0 qggnlugnc 9 ,ma Q 156 " . Y 5 1 l L I, II, Anatomy II, Second General Proficiency III. Was a member of Students' Council II, III and IV CSecretary II, Treasurer IIDQ and Class Presi- dent III, IV. Was President and master member "Bottoms Up" Club. THOMAS A. S. HAYS CATED Shamokin, Pa. Entered the class of '38 after spending eighteen years in close proximity with the pro- fession. Hoping to specialize in small animals and always cherishing the hope of some day owning that "Ideal Hospi- tal". Science Association IV. CHARLES J. HOLLISTER Montrose, Penna. Born in Nokomis, Sask. Ma- triculated from Montrose High School. Was a member of Students' Council III. Was Class Vice-President IV. Won Second Prize, General Pro- ficiency, II, and First Prize, General Proficiency III. Was a member of the Basketball Team II, III, and of the Science As- sociation IV. Came to O.V.C. from the Pennsylvania State College. 4 i -.av Z WALTER E. LA GRANGE Born in Frelighsburg, Quebec. Matriculated from Feller In- stitute. Was President of O.V.C. branch of S.C.M. Spent summers doing general veter- inary practice. Plans to do general practice and co-oper- ative work. JACK LAPHAM Born at Nashua, N.H. Ma- jored in Chemistry at O.V.C. Was a member of Omega Tau Sigma. Spent summers in De- troit under veterinary precep- tors. Chief interests. trotting horses and hunting dogs, hobby, cigar smoking. Future plans include practice and the purchase of better cigars. LEONARD W. LOBSINGER Born at Mildmay, Ont. Gra- duated from O.A.C. Is a mem- ber of Newman Club. Was a member of the Dominion In- ternational Intercollegiate Soc- cer Championship Team, 1932 and 1933. Plans point to gen- eral practice. .1Q.l' NORMAN LEWIS McBRlDE QQTED Is a graduate of Evanston Township High School, Evans- ton, Illinois. Was a member of the Science Association IV. Belongs to Omega Tau Sigma. Is a resident of Pasadena, Cali- fornia. His chief interest is canine and feline practice. VVILLIAM A. McCRACKEN Born at Brussels, Ont. Came to O.V.C. from Stratford Col- legiate. Resided at King Ed- ward Hotel while at College. Is a Senior Member of "Knights of Grip". Engages in professional wrestling. Spent his summers in general prac- tice, which he hopes to make his future occupation. JOHN GORDON MacKAY Born in Vancouver, B.C. Ma- triculated from Washington High School of Portland, Ore. Was a member of the Science Association, President of the Athletic Association. Interested in swimming, wrestling and the track. Spent summers vari- ously, working on a ranch, in a machine shop, and a veterin- ary hospital. Plans to enter the veterinary surgery field. 155, Q wil' pun-A WILLIAM P. MacKENZlE, Jr. Born in Providence, R.I. Hails from Wallingford, Conn. Spent summers at Small Animal Hos- pital. Won Prize for Canine Diseases II. Plans to do small animal work. DELBERT G. MCKERCHER Born in Maxville, Ont. Matri- culated from Maxville High School. Was a member of O. A.C. Ofiicers' Training Corps II, of the Indoor Soccer Team Ilg of the Intermediate Intercolle- giate Soccer Team III, and of the Hockey Team IV. Outside the University, he was a mem- ber of the Argonaut Bible Class Orchestra, and Executive Committee. Spent summers doing general practice and working in research labora- tory. JOHN HENRY MARTYN Hails from London, Ont. Came to O.V.C. from Albert College. Interested chiefly in horses. Plans to do light horse prac- tice somewhere in Ontario. ONTARIO VETERINARY COLLEGE ' f i? . 7 " f. Q t., 'Si 'lg-J: U ! N it E. X , W is , ' if fi' l Q 6 .W it is .Lf 43' . , 'r MYRT EDWARD MERKLEY Came to O.V.C. from Arling- ton, Minn. Was a member of S.C.M. four years, becoming Secretary-Treasurer IV. Was active in the Science Associa- tion III and IV. Likes argu- ments and good cooking. Dis- likes popular music and to be late for appointments. Intends to do post-graduate work in Surgery, and establish a prac- tice in large animals. MAURICE F , MILLER Born in Brooklyn, Penna. Ma- triculated from Manlius Mili- tary Academy, Syracuse, N.Y. Was a member of his Class Basketball Team I, II, of the Intercollegiate B a s k e t b a l 1 Team III, of the Science Asso- ciation IV, and of the Athletic Council IV. ANDREW GRANT MISENER Graduated from O.A.C. as a B.S.A. in 1935. Was Vice-Pre- sident of S.A.C. III, and Sec- retary-Treasurer of Science Association IV. Is a member of O.A.C. Graduate Club, Class of '35, Alumni Association. 157 2, Iili ONTARIO VETERINARY COLLEGE 'A WILLIAM CHARLES REID Born at Midland, Ont. Matri- culated from Lindsay C. I. Summer occupations were holding a preceptorship with Dr. G. C. Lawrence, Lindsay, Ont., 1936, and with Dr. C. P. Zepp, New York City, 1937. Was a member of the Science Association. Plans to do post- graduate specializing in small animals. LESLIE J. R. RICHARDSON Born in Colombia, South America, of British parents. Educated at Nun's Penn, Ja- maica. Received High School Diploma through the Regent State Board of New York State. Spent several years in the commercial field before entering O.V.C. VINCENT VVISMER RUTH Born at Franconia, Penna. Ma- triculated from Souderton High School. Was a member of the O. V. C. Science Association, and of the O.A.C. Rifie Asso- ciation III, IV. Summer work was varied-working with a veterinary, and with a ceramic company as glazing instructor. Plans to enter into general practice. LISTER MOORE Born at Guelph. Matriculated from Guelph C.I. Was a mem- ber of the Hockey Team I-IV, of the Athletic Council III, and of the Science Association 1V. Enjoys skating. Spent summers working for a veter- inary in Montreal, etc. Future plans are small animal practice or drawing blood samples. CLIFTON ARTHUR NILES Auburn, Maine Born in Litchfield, Me. Gradu- ated from Edward Little High School in Auburn, Me., in 1934. Spent summers at home on the farm and working with vet- erinary preceptors. In the fut- ure hopes to work along lines of Veterinary Bacteriology. Was a member of O.V.C. Science Association, and a member of 'LPatrons of Hus- bandry" in Auburn, Me. EDWIN THOMAS PADFIELD Hails from Toronto. Matricu- lated from Magee High School, Vancouver, B.C. College resi- dence was King Edward Hotel. Was a senior member of "Knights of the Gripn, and a member of the Science Asso- ciation. Summers spent hitch- hiking and doing small animal work. Future plans include small animal practice. RICHARD C. SCHOFIELD Born in Wellesley, Mass. Ma- triculated from Wellesley and Acadia University. Was Class President I. Played Basketball III and IV, was Manager IV. University Residence was Nooky Woods, of which he was President. S u m m e r s were spent in a Small Animal Hos- pital. Future will be with the United States Army. JACK NEVVLOVE SEE, B.S.A. Malton, Ont. CQTED Graduated from O.A.C. with Class of '35. Joined O.V.C. Class of '38 in Second Year. President of Students' Admin- istrative Council IV. Was M. W.M. of Omega Tau Sigma IV. Was a member of O.A.C. Gra- duate Club II, III, IV, and a member of O.V.C. Science As- sociation IV. WM. ROSS THOMPSON Born in Atwood, Ont. Matri- culated from Listowel H. S. Was a member of the Science Association. Activities includ- ed farming, selling and trad- ing horses for a profit. In the summer was an Assistant Vet- erinarian in a Detroit Small Animal Hospital. 1 158 i " .... L MOSS PARSONS Comes from Yonkers, N.Y. His University Residence was Nooky Woods, of which he was Vice-President IV. Was Assistant Manager of the Bas- ketball Team IV. Summers were spent working in a small animal hospital. Future plans are indefinite. HOWARD C. POULIN Came to Veterinary College from Rutland High School. Was Purchasing Agent for "Bottoms Up" Club IV. Be- longed to Science Association IV. Main interest-general practice. JANIES EDWARD RATTRAY Born in Wainwright, Alta. Ma- triculated from Wainwright High School. Spent his pre- ceptorship in Ohio. Was a member of Science Association IV. Plans on a general prac- tice. it in LEONARD H. TOVELL Born in Guelph. Matriculated from Guelph Collegiate V.I. Was a member of the Science Association III. Played Bas- ketball II. Was a Director of Boys, Summer Camps projects and a Ping Pong Expert. Spent his summers on the staff of a Chicago Canine Hospital. Plans on Small Animal work in Chi- cago. ANTHONY D. TRASKUS Born in Wilkes-Barre, Penna. Matriculated from Danville H. S. Summers were passed in Kennel and Small Animal Hospitals. Was a member of Newman Club and the Science Association. Will probably go to the dogs. W. STEWART WAKEFIELD Hardwick, Vt. Came to O.V.C. from the Uni- versity of Vermont. Was a member of Athletic Council IIIg Student Council IVQ Science Association IV. Played Basketball I, II. ' JOHN SAXON WEBSTER Born at Lansdowne, Ont. Alumnus of O.A.C. Won H. P. Hamilton Prize I. Belonged to C.O.T.C. I, II, III, IV. Was member of Science Association IV. KENNETH FRANK WELLS Weston, Ont. Born in Winnipeg, Man. Was a member, Science Associa- tion. Played on O.V.C. Hoc- key Team II, III. Was House Physician of Veterinary Col- lege Hospital IV. Aim and ambition-General Practice. JOHN M. WOODCOCK Born in Ripley, Me. Was an Assistant Veterinarian in the summer time. Belonged to the Science Association. Plans on a general practice. ROBT. HERBERT WRIGHT Otherwise known as Herb. Born at Pembroke, Ont. Came to O.V.C. from O.A.C. Was Class Secretary I, II. Served as O.V.C. Representative on Animal Husbandry Club Exe- cutive I, II. Was a member of Science Association IV. Hobby -Hitch-hiking to Aberfoyle. f' 'E i-- . f 159 ONTARIO VETERINARY COLLEGE. fi .i. 1 'Vina Ng.. -ll . ii' A' - 1-Wi,- 2... ff - View W. 2- 4 f ..,.,4 ,- - -4.-M ff Qi .I 9-. m. .......z 4 1 N 'K .f I , Y, , if 1' ,fix 'Q I ' , ui A , , t Eff 1 '3 F 1 7A "'f'ff ' - fiwf fn' fbi-r pm.-1 K gg 4 ., , , , Q. iv V A ,-' 'I 5 ' 27 1' I' ' 7 C' ' ' --f If fl' I !f .x .i PHARMACY To the Graduating Class of Pharmacy By R. O. Hurst, Dean HE time has come when you must leave our corridors. I assure you that my experience with you has been a pleasant one and I regret that our intimate association must come to an end. During your final year of 1937 and 1938 this College reaches an important milestone. The milestone marks the termination of the active duties of Dean Emeritus C. F. Heebner and the beginning of a new incumbent in his stead. Professor Heebner has given forty-six years of faithful service to this College and the promotion of Pharmacy in Ontario. It is a term of service much longer than that which is the experience of few. It was through his effort and ability that the laboratories were designed and the general scheme of our present course was instituted. To him the pharmacists of this Province owe a great deal and you have the proud experience of receiving his last words of advice as a teacher, and a splendid teacher he was. As one who has tried to take his place, I feel that you have given me a fine spirit of co-operation. I have instituted some changes and new duties and I feel that you reasoned that they were for our mutual good and gave you best assistance. I very often have the desire to have a long chat with each and everyone of you, that I may know you more intimately and learn of your individual ideals and ambitions, and unless some unusual event interferes with such a plan I hope to do this, this year. I trust you will find your future work compatible. I will look forward to meeting you in the years to come to learn that you are a success, that you have established yourself as being reliable and honourable and that you will be instrumental in promoting the best side of your profession. There is ample opportunity for studious and industrious graduates. f I . x"'s..-.. -- "W S PHARMACY Class History of 3T8 Pharmacy E, the members of the Pharmacy Class of Thirty-Eight, feel deeply the great distinction of being the only Pharmacy class for more than fifty years which has served under two Deans. The man who guided our faltering footsteps during our first year in Toronto, and for whom we all felt such genuine affection, has retired. Dean Emeritus Charles F. Heebner who, for over forty years, guided the destiny of the Ontario College of Pharmacy, retired last June dLue to fail- ing health. In his place the Council appointed that dynamo of energy, Dean R. O. Hurst. To Dean Emeritus Heebner, our initial Dean, we owe a debt of gratitude too great for expression, gratitude insp-ired by the hallowed memory of his magnificent sincerity. To Dean Hurst, our graduating Dean, our gratitude is no less great. Faced with the problem af assuming gigantic responsibility in his new role, we feel that he has admirably fulfilled his obligations both to the Council and to the class of Thirty-Eght. The Executives, whose pictures appear on the page, have guided our social activities not only wisely, but at times, too well! In our Junior Year we frolicked at the Royal York Hotel. This dance, provided one's memory is sufficiently clear, was a howling success. In a mid-winter bowling tournament with the Seniors we emerged victorious and expect this year to repeat our Junior Year triumphs. We initiated the Frosh in a manner most fitting to the occasion. This initiation was term- inated by our banquet tendered to them early in the Fall of our Senior Year. In October we held a Year Party at which our own school orchestra furnished the "swing". Our Graduation Dance was, as usual, our "coup de grace" and we feel that we should be quite proud of it. We instituted the Pharmacul Club, the main function of which is to introduce among the undergraduates new topics of discussion apart from the field of Pharmacy. Dean Hurst con- tributed the "Dean's senior stick", an annual award to be presented to the undergraduate adjudged by his ,class-mates as the most outstanding personality in sports, studies and general gentlemanly behaviour. 163 PHARMACY ROBERT S. BALL Hanover, Ont. Bob did his pill-pounding for G. F. Marshall of Guelph. Has a special affinity for wearing a bowler. JOHN ARTHUR BAUMAN Cornwall, Ont. Graduated from Cornwall Col- legiate Institute and then sampled chocolates and broke graduates for W. C. Burns. Was a popular member of Junior and Senior Executive. Ambition is to see Cornwall turn out a championship la- crosse team. CEDRIC R. BENNETT Massey, Ont. Born in Massey but attracted by bright lights so moved to Toronto, where he graduated from Oakwood Collegiate. Ap- prenticed under E. Vogelman. Activities are hockey and dancing and ambition is to win a daily double. REUBEN ABEL Toronto, Ont. Is a native of Toronto and graduated from Harbord C.I. Received his early training under the wing of D. Gordon. EDWARD M. AHEARN Ottawa, Ont. Is a product of Ottawa. Served his apprenticeship under his father, the late Edward Michael Ahearn. Ed. has been very active in all class matters, being Vice - President both years. Was Recording Secre- tary of Newman Club. Inter- ests are blondes and brunettes. Ambition is to carry on his Dad's business and also to stay single-we wonder. WALSTAN AINSLEY Newmarket, Ont. Graduated from Newmarket High School and set out on his pharmaceutical career un- der the guidance of W. J. Pat- terson. MAXWELL BERKUN Toronto, Ont. Max was born in Hartford, Connecticut, but sought his education in Parkdale Col- legiate, Toronto. Served his apprenticeship under S. Rosen- thal. Basketball and bowling served as recreations. GARNET H. BERNHARDT Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto and educated at Upper Canada College. "Gar" received his first in- struction in Pharmacy under Harold D. West of Toronto. Was a member of the Junior Executive. O. KILBORN BILLINGS Cayuga, Ont. Came to O.C.P. from Hamil- ton, the City of Opportunity. Arrived with ambition and a shoe-string-still has the am- bition. Special dislike is ob- jective tests. Ambition is a PhmB., and a desire to be an- other G. Tamblyn. oo-K' ' or f 164 i DOUGLAS F. ASHLEY Madoc, Ont. Madoc is Doug's home town and Chas. R. Johnston his pre- ceptor. To give the orders around an up-to-date drug store is his ambition. REID E. ATKINSON St. Mary's, Ont. Life began at St. Mary's for this enterprising pharmacist, who apprenticed with W. A. McIntyre of that city. Doc, as he is commonly known, has ambitions to marry a million- aire's daughter and, failing that, to win a daily double. THOMAS W. AXLER North Bay, Ont. First parked his high chair in Chapleau, but decided he needed more room for his tal- ents, so moved over to North Bay where he warmed chairs for C. J. Redington. Tommy was flashy left-winger of the O.C.P. hockey team. Second only to his hockey ability was his stirring rendition of The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. F. WILLIAM BOND Toronto, Ont. Bill is right at home in To- ronto, where he attended Vaughan Road Collegiate. Ap- prenticed with his father in the city when he was not off exploring the Muskoka district over the week-ends. Was a member of the Lacrosse Team I. P. KNAPMAN BRAUND Huntsville, Ont. First saw the sun rise in Huntsville. Pete washed grad- uates under the able guidance of his brother, E. B. Braund. Was a member of U. of T. and C.O.T.C. Band. Interests are sports and music. FRANK SENDALL BROWN Hamilton, Ont. Is a six-tooter from the Am- bitious City, Hamilton. Gradu- ated from Burlington High and then dusted shelves and cleaned spatulas for George R. Wood. Frank's main interest is Pharmacy and his only 1'eason for leaving Hamilton. -tig, if EL. , I Y w JAMES JOSEPH BROWN Douglas, Ont. Hails from Douglas, Ont., where he attended St. Michaels High School. Was initiated into early mysteries of Phar- macy at the store of his father, Dr. W. A. Brown. Was inter- ested in athletics, being man- ager of Baseball Team. Joe would like to see a bit of the world before settling down as a successful pharmacist. JOHN RUSSELL BROWN Chatham, Ont. First inhaled oxygen at Otta- wa, then moved over to Wind- sor where he washed windows for Arnold's Drug Store. "Rusty" was a member of Lacrosse, Soccer and Softball Teams and Manager of Basket- ball Team. WM. DUNCAN BUCHAN Beamsville, Ont. Dunc was born in Hamilton, matriculated in Beamsville and apprenticed in Stratford under H. H. Tonkin. Was a member of the Pharmacy Soccer Team and interested in all sports, Plans to see the world if the proverbial rich widow shows up. Senior Class. Byron, Ont. America. l Willowdale, Ont. in the sporting line. fl R. L. CAMPBELL, B.A.Sc. Hamilton, Ont. CAXAJ Is another of the Hamilton representatives to Pharmacy. Graduated from Delta C.I. and served apprenticeship under his father, U. L. Campbell. Lorne was Secretary of the ERIC BYAS CHAPMAN Born in England, but at an early age saw the error of his ways and migrated to Canada. Apprenticed under James Cairncross, London, Ont. Eric is interested in music and also has a desire to do a little roaming around South FREDERICK RUSS COLLINS Is another native of Toronto. Graduated from Earl Haig C.I. and received his early training as a pharmacist under W. W. Taylor and M. S. Fawns. Hopes to be connected with some pharmaceutical company. Hockey is Fred's main activity PHARMACY I FOSTER D. COUGHLIN Smith Falls, Ont. Born in Smith's Falls, migrat- ing to Ottawa, where he licked labels for Charles E. Fraser. Foster was Secretary of the Junior Executive and Phar- macy representative of New- man Club. Is an exponent of the Big Apple and member of T.T.C. - CToronto Trucking Clubl. EUGENE FREDERICK DAKE Woodstock, Ont. Is Woodstock's contribution to Pharmacy. Graduated from Woodstock Collegiate Institute and came to Toronto to show L. K. Liggett Co. how the business should be run. Gene is an accomplished pianist. Hopes to some day be con- nected with a pharmaceutical laboratory. THOMAS ALWYN DEALY St. Catharines, Ont. St. Catharines is Tom's home town and there J. W. Ford taught him the ground work in Pharmacy. Informs us that pitching horseshoes is his chief diversion. 165 'ff " .L PHARMACY 'ZF S rw J .AQPF MYER HARRY FLORENCE Kitchener, Ont. Harry calls Kitchener home but apprenticed with J. J. Breslin of Toronto. Harry was a member of the Volleyball Team. NEVIL ARTHUR FRABA Windsor, Ont. Is a good scout even if he did come from Ruscomb. Gradu- ated from Kennedy C. I., Windsor, and sold A.B.S. Sz C. Tablets for G. Tamblyn Co. of Windsor under J. H. Hanna and C. S. Nesbitt. "Nev" was a well-known member of the Class Executive in both Junior and Senior Years. SAMUEL FRANK Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto and graced the portals of Harbord C.I. Was instructed during his ap- prenticeship by I. Rothbart. Was an inactive member of the local sewing circle. Am- bition is to own an ethical drug store. f MARVIN F. DELLER Brownsville, Ont. Hails from Brownsville and polished brass for W. E. Taylor of Toronto. Aside from Phar- macy, Marvin's interests are skating and tennis. G. EDGAR DICKENSON Wallaceburg, Ont. Brought his genial smile from Wallaceburg, where he dusted show cases for S. P. Brauder. Ed. hopes to favour some pharmaceutical house as its representative. IAN M. DONALDSON Mimico, Ont. Mimico is Don's home town. He obtained his first training in Pharmacy under D. B. Briggs of Weston. Chief am- bitions are to pass with honours and to swim the Eng- lish Channel. Informs us that there is about as much chance of doing the first as the last. Modest gentleman is Ian. LOUIS LEO GAFFE Toronto, Ont. Louis is another of the Toronto boys. Graduated from Har- bord C.I. and got his start as a pharmacist under F. Rein- gold. Was a member of the Volleyball Team. Music is his main interest. HENRY GIALLONARDO Tinunins, Ont. Is the mighty atom from Tim- mins. Henry was a very busy man, being Class Treasurer, Hockey Manager and also in- terested in softball. Has a secret yen to see a perform- ance at the Metropolitan Opera. A fine chap is Henry. ALLEN GOLDIE Toronto, Ont. He is a Toronto boy who ap- prenticed under W. Isaacson. Allen gained distinction by winning the 1937 Intercollegiate Wrestling Championship in the 155-lb. class. Plans to con- tinue studies at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. Am- bition is the 1940 Olympic Wrestling Championship. 1, .ru XX 166 X, ""-.. .,,, ,. 12 K L. SEWARD EMMERSON Toronto, Ont. Toronto is Seward's home town. Graduated from East York C.I. and then served his apprenticeship under P. S. Bustin. Hopes to get a posi- tion up north and start in business for himself as soon as possible. LAWRENCE V. FARRELL Niagara Falls, Ont. Thinks there is no place like Niagara Falls. Apprenticed there under L. E. Hatter. Law- rence was captain of "B" Bas- ketball Team. GORDON LEWIS F EREN Niagara Falls, Ont. On graduating from Stamford C.I., Gordon began his Phar- macy career under the guid- ance of W. C. Newman. Was Manager and played on the "B" Basketball Team. LOUIS GOLDIE Toronto, Ont. Calls Toronto home. Gradu- ated from Harbord Collegiate and started out in Pharmacy under Jack Sky. Louis is gen- erally around when the high marks are handed out. JOSEPH DONALD GORDON Preston, Ont. Spent his early days in Kit- chener. Apprenticed under H. Gaffe, Toronto. Joe is inter- ested in sports and was Cap- tain of the Volleyball Team. Keeps his muscles hardened with a brisk workout of chess, being President of U. of T. Chess Club. Ambition is to tour the world. DUNCAN A. GRAHAM London, Ont. Hails from Strathroy but served his apprenticeship with L. R. Miller of London. Dunc ably carried out his duties as Treasurer of the Junior Execu- tive and then was elected President of the Senior Execu- tive. A fine type of fellow is Dunc and well thought of by all. Ambition is to own a drug store that tis not playing second fiddle to a lunch counter. ...1 GLYNN GUTHRIE Kingston, Ont. Uttered his first lusty howl at Portland, Ont. Matriculated from Napanee C.I. and then assisted F. J. Hoag, Kingston, for the next three years. Sports were Glynn's long suit, being a member of Hockey and Soccer teams. O. NEWTON HACKNEY Bowmanville, Ont. Wore rompers for the first time in Bowmanville where he later attracted customers for Alex. McGregor. Entertaining is his specialty and "Newt" is equally at home whether pounding the ivories or vocal- izing. Was a member of the Junior Executive and Manager of the Volleyball Team. GUYRENE M. HAMMOND Collingwood. Ont. Confirming the old adage, like father like daughter, she served her apprenticeship with her father at Collingwood. Summer and winter occupa- tions-practising the art of the apothecary. Her greatest am- bition is to see the world from a height of five feet three inches. LLOYD HAWKINS Sudbury, Ont. Sudbury is Lloyd's home town and there he apprenticed under L. S. Douglas. Was Pharmacy Representative to the Students' Administrative Council and to Torontonensis. Main ambition is to get back up North again. RALPH ALBIN HILLBORG Tillsonburg, Ont. Graduated from Tillsonburg High School and apprenticed under W. S. McDonald of that town. Ralph was a valuable member of the Soccer and Basketball Teams. Hopes to practice as a pharmacist in Tillsonburg. WILLIAM HUGH HORNER Parkhill, Ont. Came to O.C.P. from Parkhill, where he manipulated a spa- tula for Roy G. Nunn. Sport- ing activities are Hughls main interests. PHARMACY "Tm-""' + 4 " 59Wf"i3f21f ."Jf35' -. Gifmz ' Ei! ' X ' . ll A . QEAGE, xlx f 4 :Y--5 f .a 1" is x wi A I N271 ARCHIE H. HUTCHINSON Orillia, Ont. Archie's original home town was Edgar but changed over to Orillia where he mixed oint- ments for N. Ball. Interests are swimming and soccer. ROBERT GLEN IRETON Renfrew, Ont. "Gus", as he is generally known, comes from Renfrew where he apprenticed under J. M. Russell. Held down the position of Secretary of Uni- versity of Toronto Rifle Asso- ciation. R. GRAHAM IRETON Almonte, Ont. Almonte was favoured by being presented with Graham. Graduated from Almonte High and rolled pills for J. F. Pat- terson. Likes variety so spends the summer working at Nor- anda Gold Mine. Chief in- terests are badminton and soft- ball. Has secret ambition to some day wear a bowler. , ' ' i i 167 N PHARMACY l rgl GORDON H. LA ROSE Orillia, Ont. Hails from Orillia, where he solved the Pharmacy problems of B. H. Price. Desires to travel in foreign countries and see how their pharmaceutical knowledge is progressing. Gordon wrote a column for The National Merchandiser, covering O.C.P. activities, II. BEN H. LEVINE Toronto, Ont. A native of Toronto, where he apprenticed with M. A. Cappe. Photography and bridge with a musical background are Ben's chief interests. JACK LEVINE Hamilton, Ont. Born and grew up in Hamil- ton, where he graduated from Central C.I. Jack apprenticed under J . Finkelman, Hamilton. NORMAN S. JACKSON Petrolia, Ont. Petrolia claims "Norm" as its son and there he apprenticed under his father, R. S. Jack- son. Was a member of the Soccer Team and Captain of Softball Team. WILFRED W. JANISSE Windsor, Ont. Windsor is Wilf's home town and there he apprenticed at Adams Drug Co. Ltd. Was a member of Newman Club. Takes great interest in his work and should carry away a Phm.B. this year. Chief in- terest is dancing. DOROTHEA L. JOHNS Cobourg, Ont. Came to Ontario College of Pharmacy from Cobourg, where she served her appren- ticeship with her father. Had her nickname changed from Dot to Dash. Fond of badmin- ton, boating, dancing. Am- bition-to see this world first. Special affinity-for partying. BERT W. LEWIS KHACDD Toronto, Ont. Bert is a native of Toronto and cleaned spatulas for A. Gold- blatt of this city. Bert is a triple threat man, ping-pong, Russian snooker and snatch- the-hankie. Says his ambition is to find a wife with a good job. HARRY GORDON LUCK Barrie, Ont. Crown Hill is Harry's birth- place. However, Barrie was where he apprenticed under the guidance of H. A. Smith. Harry was a valuable member of the Soccer Team during both years. His ambitions are to own an ethical drug store, and early matrimony. E. BRUCE McCORKELL Walkerville, Ont. Graduated from Malvern C.I., Toronto, and apprenticed un- der L. A. Peterson of Windsor. Bruce was a busy man, being committee member of Senior Executive, member of U. of T. Contingent C.O.T.C. and mem- ber of Volleyball Team. Is also flying member of Border Cities Flying Club. EDVVIN L. JOHNSON, B.A. St. Thomas, Ont. ls a contribution to O.C.P. by the city of St. Thomas. Edwin served his apprenticeship un- der his brother, J. D. Johnson, and apparently didn't fool, as he came to College and grabbed off the George R. Parke Memorial Gold Medal. Is also a B.A. graduate of University of Western Ontario. JAMES S. KERRUISH Kingston, Ont. Saw life at Kingston, where he matriculated and then appren- ticed under W. M. Mark. "Jim" was a member of the Soccer Team and is interested in all athletics. OVILA J. LAJEUNESSE. B.A. La Salle, Ont. Born and educated at La Salle, Ont., where he obtained his B.A. degree at Assumption College. "Vil" as he is known, apprenticed under F. H. Laing of Windsor. l C. DOUGLAS McCOY Madoc, Ont. Got started on the road of life at Madoc, where he graduated in the local High School. Was instructed in the ways of the pharmacist under L. P. Keane of Wellington. DUNCAN G. MacFARLANE Kirkland Lake, Ont. First cut teeth in Scotland, but found there were too many Scotchmen there, so migrated to Canada and graduated from New Liskeard High School. Dunc pounded pills for A. J. Wagner. Ambition is to be- come a pharmaceutical chemist. W. EWING MacKINNON Toronto. Ont. On graduating from North Toronto Collegiate, began his Pharmacy career under Morris Davies. Where chemistry is concerned, Ewing knows all the answers. ar i 1. 1 FRANCIS J. McLElSTER Alexandria, Ont. Embarked upon the sea of life at Alexandria. Served his ap- prenticeship under the wing of his father, J. McLeister. Ambition is to follow in his father's footsteps. HOWARD F. MAI-IAFFEY Port Colborne, Ont. Port Colborne claims the honour of being Howard's home town. Apprenticed under his father, H. J. Mahaffey. Earnest efforts were rewarded with the Lieutenant George R. Parkes Silver Memorial Medal in his first year of Pharmacy. BARNET MARKSON Toronto, Ont. Barnet is a native of Toronto. Graduated from Jarvis Colle- giate and apprenticed under S. V. Roth and Leonard Mehr. Interested in rowing. RONALD G. MILLER Napanee, Ont. How they get "Bob" out of that name is hard to under- stand, but to all his classmates "Bob" it is. Hails from Napa- nee where he served his apprenticeship under W. K. Huston. Member of the O.C.P. Soccer Team and played in the U. of T. Band. MARION MINK Toronto, Ont. Graduated from Oakwood Collegiate and learned the rudiments under the super- vision of H. Metcalfe. During the Junior Year found time to change her name from Mink to Mansaroff. Marion occa- sionally startled the class by appearing at a lecture on time. DAVID MOLOT Ottawa, Ont. First had the baby talc applied in Russia. Then moved to Canada and graduated from Lisgar Collegiate, Ottawa. In- terested in hockey, softball, and is a member of the Basket- ball Team. "Jeep" is the local fashion plate - Molot leads, Esquire follows. PHARMACY iA +A. DONALD D. MONTGOMERY Fort William. Ont. Donald graduated from Fort William High in 1933 and re- ceived his early Pharmacy training under F. H. Slack of that city. A versatile athlete, he held down a place on the Hockey and Soccer Teams. Also was Pharmacy Athletic Representative and Captain of the Soccer Team. JEROME E. MULVIHILL Arnprior. Ont. Jerry came to O.C.P. from Arnprior, after graduating from Arnprior High School and apprenticing under Thomas O'Toole. Was a mem- ber of the Hockey Team. Other athletic activities include toss- ing for nickels. HAROLD CLIFFORD MUMA Stratford, Ont. First inhaled oxygen at Strat- ford and in the process of time graduated from Stratford High School. Twirled a pestle in Macartney's Drug Store for B. E. Niles. Cliff is a popular member of the Senior Execu- tive. + as v Q. 169 X .... ..-' PHARMACY live Quark Sw 53- - .il-,Eyre !" . . - . , ,Ri A 1 S at K S :X 15 . fr . -My .M ' X535 .Q ,Q 4 Q va x ALFRED EDVVIN ROBERTS Dutton, Ont. Ed came from Dutton where he apprenticed with his father A. E. Roberts. "Dut", as he was known at the College, will be remembered for his genial smile and good humour, hav- ing composed the book, "How to Influence People and Win Enemies" - written after the class elections. MARGARET M. ROGER Ottawa, Ont. In the fourth year of the reign of De Pression did she set about her father's business. Thence, after three years she proceeded unto the College and was filled with wisdom. And it came to pass that in the first year of Learning there was given unto her a Shop which shall be as a Kingdom to her. GORDON RUCKLE Thamesville, Ont. Spent his early days in Thamesville. Was a handy man around the store of Watson and Ruckle where he learned the early essentials of Phar- macy. Gordon is a neat pian- ist and played in the school orchestra. HARVEY PALTER Toronto, Ont. OLIVER D. PENWARDEN Mount Forest, Ont. Toronto, Ont. Willows. SISTER STE. ROSE, S.G.C. Ottawa, Ont. Besides having learned the art of the Apothecary, Sister has her B.A., M.A., and is a regis- tered nurse. We have all pro- fited by her kindly philosophy -"Any good thing we can do, let us do it now, for we shall pass Hthrough this way but once. HARRY M. SAUER Chippawa, Ont. Chippawa is Harry's birth- place. E. G. Fahrner of Kitch- ener guided Harry in learning the first steps of Pharmacy. Chief interests are skating and music and hopes to become a good "mixer". DANIEL SHAPIRO Toronto, Ont. Born and educated in Toronto, Dan apprenticed with B. Rich- ardson. Interested in athletics, he was Captain of the Basket- ball Team and a member of the Squash and Volleyball Teams. 170 f l .... .. f I Calls Toronto home. Served his apprenticeship under M. Starkman. Growing a mous- tache is his chief activity. "Penny" was born in Port Arthur, but changed over to Mount Forest where he gra- duated from High School. Ap- prenticed with his father, E. E. Penwarden. Pins his hopes on a win in the Irish Sweepstake. LAVERN ALFRED PRIOR Honours Shelburne, Ont., as his birthplace. Heeded the call to civilization so came to Toronto and graduated from Oakwood C.I. Verne mastered the essentials under E. H. EARL PERCIVAL PUGH Hamilton, Ont. Claims Hamilton as his birth- place. Graduated from Hamil- ton Central Collegiate and then assisted William Crerar of that city. Earl is one of those candid camera fiends. Hopes to open his own store in the very near future. CLARENCE D. PURDON Powassan, Ont. No one knows where Powas- san is, but that's where Clar- ence comes from. Received his first training in Pharmacy under E. R. Wigle of Goderich. Ambition is to retire as soon as possible-if not sooner. EDWARD J. RICE Brantford, Ont. Ted thought there was no place like Brantford and H. B. Lough of Brantford thought there was no one like Ted, so they joined forces with mutual benefit. Ted's immediate ambi- tion is to grab off his Phm.B. JOHN ROBERT SHEARER Toronto, Ont. Tall, dark, and handsome is John. Graduated from Jarvis Collegiate and learned rudi- ments of Pharmacy under C. H. Wilson, Toronto. Chief in- terest is literary work, being editor of O.C.P. News Flashes. Also finds time to trip the light fantastic on all occasions. JOSEPH SIPPER Toronto, Ont. Born and educated in Toronto. Joseph served his apprentice- ship under W. Isaacson. JAMES HARTLEY SLED Nottawa, Ont. James was born at Nottawa, Ont., and graduated from Col- lingwood Collegiate. Appren- ticed under A. J. Chapman. Chief interests are basketball and bowling. NEVILLE JAMES SMILEY Brantford, Ont. Brantford is Neville's home town and there he apprenticed under his father, A. W. Smiley. Interested in all sport activities. ALBERT N. SMITH Woodroffe, Ont. A red-head who lets Ottawa call him son. Served his ap- prenticeship and spends his summers in the Medical Art Dispensary under I. H. Derby. Shows a marked interest in Mulock House and it isn't the architecture. JAMES BERTRAM SMITH Uxbridge, Ont. Uxbridge was favoured by being presented with J. B. He kept right on favouring it under the supervision of R. W. Pollock. James is a keen stu- dent and should certainly be around when the Phm. B's are handed out. SAMUEL ROBERT SMITH Ottawa, Ont. Ottawa threw out its chest when Sam arrived. Graduated from Glebe Collegiate and pounded pills under the super- vision of I. H. Derby. WILLIAM SOLSBERG Toronto, Ont. Grew up in Toronto and graduated from Jarvis Col- legiate. Learned the funda- mentals of Pharmacy under the guidance of Harry Shapiro. PERRIN C. STATIA Trenton, Ont. Perrin began his pharmaceu- tical career under the guid- ance of E. A. Simmons of Trenton. Pet aversion is hold- ups - one experience being enough. PHARMACY' .arf JOHN STILLMAN Toronto. Ont. Apprenticed in his home town under S. V. Roth of Toronto. Member of the Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Teams. Keeps in trim by sleeping in Hart House Library. A. MILTON STIRRETT Port Arthur, Ont. Presented to Port Arthur where he received his education and graduated from the local Col- legiate. Milt aided his uncle, A. C. Stirrett in solving phar- maceutical problems and ex- pects to return. W. RONALD SUTHERLAND Bradford, Ont. The stork left Ron in Bradford, but Ron didn't care. Ron is the possessor of a permanent happy smile. Spent his sum- mers displaying and dispensing for Dyers Drugs, Toronto. Future plans uncertain, but hopes to start off by picking up a Phm.B. this year. , . 40" " .ss 5 li 171 X JN. . . -"' PHARMACY -Gly' 11 MABEL VVIEDRICK Mount Hope, Ont. Served apprenticeship in Hag- ersville. Is five-foot-two, with eyes of blue. Hobby is danc- ing-would bowl if she could. Ambition is to introduce a bigger and better line than Elizabeth Arden. JOHN FARRAR WILLIS Aurora, Ont. Graduating from Aurora High School, John received his in- struction in the noble art of Pharmacy under his father, J. F. Willis. C. FREDERICK WILSON Copper Cliff, Ont. Another northerner, "Ted" hails from the smelter town of Copper Cliff. Learned the groundwork of Pharmacy under his father, F. J. Wilson. Was Coach of the Hockey Team and is interested in all sport activities. REEFORD M. G. VVILSON Alliston, Ont. Thought Alliston was a good town so grew up there and began his career as a pharma- cist under E. B. Schell. "Reef" has been a member of the Executive for two years. In- terests are dancing and car- tooning and states he is partial to brunettes. KENNETH B. WINNETT Oil Springs, Ont. First sucked his thumb in Oil Springs. Tiring of this pastime he took up rolling pills for James Cairncross of London. Interests are bridge, dancing and Florida. A. MURRAY WOLF SON Toronto, Ont. On leaving Harbord Collegiate he helped build up the busi- ness of Chas. M. Ellis. Inter- ested in wrestling. NNW . ..f xii' X X I f 172 MARJORIE WRIGHT Picton, Ont. Came from Picton, where she apprenticed with her father. Was Honorary Vice-President during Junior and Senior Year. Has a good time and never gets her dates mixed. Special affinity, golf and badminton. L. 4., 44, . n A - ff xx , " V '1fg.kQ,N.v E sm, f rx, f 1 ug, 'NN N '-, 'Q X I-5 'L , N ' L. b f,ff"11fV,:'f' X ' f "" 5' - X , W-A'x'X""""' "" -r -.., ' 2 ix S -N "wwf, ' w A kr 2 Nh, , 'kww . . i it , lt ., I I HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE 'M' MARGARET E. HARGROVE Sombra, Ont. Is a graduate of Macdonald Institute, Guelph. Summer spent in pupil work at St. Joseph's Hospital, Toronto. PHYLLIS E. HUMPHREY Toronto, Ont. Came to Varsity from North Toronto Collegiate. MABEL EILEEN LINDSEY Mono Road, Ont. A graduate of Macdonald In- stitute, Guelph. Residence loy- alties given to Hutton House. St. Thomas, Ont. Thomas Hospital. -going to O.C.E. ANNA VIOLET BEST Simcoe, Ont. mercial Dietetics. ELIZABETH D. LITTLE CAKIJD Haileybury, Ont. Household Science fspecialistl. Was a member of the Basket- ball Team II and Torontonen- sis Representative IV. ALICE F. MOORE Thamesville, Ont. A graduate of Macdonald In- stitute, Guelph. In summer studied hospital dietetics at Graduate Hospital, Philadel- phia, Pa., and was assistant dietitian at Eagleville Sanator- ium, Philadelphia. Future plans-to find position in field of hospital work or research work. LILLIAN EDNA MO-RE Kitchener, Ont. Graduated f r o m Macdonald Institute, Guelph. In summer was dietitian at Boys' Camp, Bayfield, also in salad pantry at Bigwin Inn. HUF ASX? MARGARET A. AGNEW A graduate of Macdonald In- stitute, Guelph. In summer as- sisted dietitian in the St. E. GEORGENE AUMAN Elmira, Ont. CAO HJ Household Science fspecialistl. A graduate of Macdonald In- stitute, Guelph. Future plans Born in Thamesville. Came to Varsity from Simcoe High School. Won grand champion- ship in Household Science di- vision of College Royal at Macdonald Institute, and Ea- ton's Trophy Cup 1935 and 1936. Spent summers as a cook at Norfolk General Hospital, Simcoe, dietitian at Kiwanis Camp, Paradise Lake, Bam- berg, Ont., and as a dietitian at Y.M.C.A. Camp at Norval, Ont. Will possibly enter Com- LORNA AUDREY DUNKER Kitchener, Ont. A graduate of Macdonald In- stitute, Guelph. In summer worked in salad pantry, Big- win Inn. ERMA LEONE FARLEY Brantford, Ont. A graduate of Macdonald In- stitute, Guelph. Future plans are to do dietetic work. DORA GINSBURG CAECDD Huntsville, Ont. Came to Varsity from Hunts- ville High School, and Haver- gal College. In summer was secretary in a camp and later wants to be a camp dietitian. MARGARET JEAN REID Vancouver, B.C. CAAIIJ Household Science Cspecialistj. A graduate of the University of British Columbia in Arts. Was Head Girl of Hutton House IV. JEAN ANNE ROBERTSON Toronto, Ont. A graduate of Macdonald In- stitute, Guelph. Future plans -to be a dietitian. DOROTHY SALVISBURG Hamilton, Ont. Came to Varsity from Delta C. I. RUTH CAMERON SAWERS Watford, Ont. Came to Varsity to take pass course in Household Science. VIVIAN JEAN SINGER Toronto, Ont. QAEKIIJ Came to Varsity from Oak- wood C. I. NORMA H. STEWART CAKDD Toronto, Ont. Came to Varsity from Haver- gal College. HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE n CATHERINE JOAN TRIPP Edmonton, Alberta. A graduate of Macdonald In- stitute, Guelph. Lived in An- nesley Hall. Future plans-to take pupil dietetic work and then Find a position. IOLA MARY WALKER Merrickville, Ont. Graduated from Ottawa Nor- mal School, and Macdonald Institute, Guelph. Future plans -wants to be a hospital dieti- tian and to make enough money to travel. JEAN H. WHITESIDE CAQIPD Toronto, Ont. Household Science Cspecialistj. A graduate of Macdonald In- stitute, Guelph. Attended Mc- Master University in Hamilton for one year. 'U'rf.,Nf-Ln NX N- was ""V'+M - M, Mn... -4 U. md SOCIAL SCIENCE To the Graduating Class of Social Science By Professor A. E. Grauer, B.A., Ph.D. K OU are graduating at a time when problems of welfare are of crucial importance. You will go into a world where masses of people have had their standards of living shattered and their morale broken. You have, there- fore, a great responsibility and a great privilege. You will need qualities of judgment, sympathy and imagination. You will need courage,--courage not only to sustain yourself throughout an arduous life-work, but also to keep your spirit up when progress seems slow. In the face of what seems to you glaring need, you will run into the inertia of comfortable ignorance and short-sighted economy. To become embittered or acquiescent will be to betray your high calling. As pioneers in the field of welfare you must expect that the road will be hard and progress slowg but always remember that the standards for the future are in your hands. See that they are set high! You will want me to record our deep appreciation of the many years of far-sighted leadership given this Department by Professor Urwick. The feeling of loss occasioned by his retirement has been softened by his happy decision to continue his teaching connection with the Department. You who have experienced his broad humanity and unique personality will join with me in hoping that many more graduating classes will have the benefit of Professor Urwick's irreplaceable qualities. 178 I' ff -'I .'xu'!"1F'UI if qwfa ' A f LJ RUBY GRACE BARRETT Manitou, Man. B.A. from Victoria, U. of T. '37. Transferred from U. of Sask. '35. On Vic. and Varsity Tennis Teams II, III. Senior "T" II, and a Massey Scholar- ship III. Graduated with Prince of Wales Silver Medal, Dunlop Memorial Scholarship in Psychology and Hodgins Prize in English. Favourite ex- pression "You must have phi- losophyf' Thinks she'll prob- ably make a poor Socialist or a good Conservative. KATHRYN PHYLLIS BURNS Halifax, N.S. B.A. from Dalhousie '35 with honours in Political Science a n d H is t o r y. Intercollegiate Debater, Member of Model Assembly, League of Nations Club and Delta Gamma Soci- ety. DOROTHY EDITH CARD Wallard, Sask. Born at Killarney, Man. Ma- triculated from Wesley Col- lege, Winnipeg. Spent two years in Medicine, University of Man. Attended Normal School, Regina. Received two years' training in teaching the deaf at Ontario School for the Deaf, Belleville. Interests- dogs, birds and gardening. Q 1. J ' ...A ISABEL CLERKSON Broadview, Sask. Born in Irvine, Alta. Matricu- lated from Broadview High School and was graduated B.A. in Arts from McMaster Uni- versity '36. ANNE M. DAVISON, B.A. Sudbury, Ont. MONA F. EARLE QHFMJ Toronto, Ont. Was graduated B.A. from Uni- versity College 1935. CHARLOTTE E. EMERY Brampton, Ont. Graduated B.A. from Trinity '36. Was Class President II. ARTHUR B. FINNIE Toronto, Ont. Matriculated fr o m Riverdale C. I. Worker for the Big Bro- thers. MURIEL FRITH Winnipeg, Man. Born in Vancouver. Matricu- lated from Wesley College, Winnipeg. Graduated B.A. in Arts 1932, and LL.B. in Law in 1936, from University of Manitoba. SOCIAL SCIENCE HELEN M. FULTON CIIFMJ Lindsay, Ont. Born in Lindsay, Ont. Lived in Wymilwood and was gradu- ated B.A. from Victoria Col- lege '36, Was on Victoria Bad- minton Team '35, '36. HELEN HACKNER Toronto, Ont. Was graduated B.A. in Arts from Victoria College 1935. MARY LOUISE HART Guelph, Ont. Matriculated f 1' o m G u e l p h Collegiate. 179 SOCIAL SCIENCE EDNA LYLE HENDERSON Cannington, Ont. Born in Gravenhurst. Gradu- ated B.A. in Pass Arts from Victoria College '36. MARY Y. LOWE CHFMJ Winnipeg, Man. Graduated B.A. from U. of Manitoba '36. Was on The Var- sity staff I. MARGARET JEAN McLEAN Toronto, Ont. Came from Vancouver after graduating a B.A. in History and English from University of British Columbia. Secre- tary-Treasurer of Social Science Club I. Member of S.C.M.g Member of Psychology Club. Spent last summer as a camp counsellor and working for the Children's Aid. CHARLOTTE B. MA'1'1'AR Halifax, N.S. Born in Halifax and a B.A. graduate of Dalhousie Univer- sity. Interested in sports- swimming, tennis and bad- minton. Is member of Newman Club. ELLA MARY MURRAY Edrnonton, Alta. A true Westerner, born in Ed- monton and a B.A. graduate of '37 from the Univ. of Alberta, she plans "to clean up on" the West and get enough time to read "Gone With the Wind." Summers spent working at Jasper Park Lodge. CLIFFORD A. PATRICK Langenburg, Sask. Born in Langenburg, Sask., and matriculated from York- ton C. I. Came to Toronto in 1936. Was Class President I. GRACE SMITH CAAAJ Winnipeg, Man. Born in Winnipeg. Graduated B.A. from U. of Manitoba '35. MARGARET E. STEDMAN Brantford, Ont. Matriculated from Hatfield School. Graduated B.A. from Trinity '36, Member of Trinity Dramatic Society. Spends her summers camping and dress- making. DAVID G. STEVENSON Westmount, Que. Born in Dover, Eng. Attended Trinity College School, Port Hope. President Social Science Club '37-'38. 180 W 471 'H ' 4-.. Vx 1 .X Y ij , ' I ' E X Ax 'll kw a, I9 Q 1 'X x fx 1 3 NURSING To the Graduating Class of the School of Nursing By Miss E. K. Russell, B.A., B.Paed. S the Class of 1938, you have worked through three years in which you have seen your school open up a new system of professional training. It has been possible to organize the new school and to get its courses started, but this has not been easy because, as always when new educational methods are in question, the path to progress has had to be cut, step by step, through a barrier raised by tradition and inertia and selfishness. In these early days, and under such conditions, much depends upon the students and the spirit with which they face their difficulties of every kind, big and little, reasonable and unreasonable. You-the members of this Class of 1938-have needed faith and courage and you have provided these abundantly enough to carry you along happily and successfully. In doing this, you have built strength and grace into the structure of your schoolg and quite certainly the period of par- ticular difliculty will be shorter because you have turned away wrath with a "soft answer". There is much turmoil in the professional group that you are to join, for both the hospital and the public health Held are increasing their demands for service very rapidly and there is not a little confusion concerning all of this service and the preparation for it. Nevertheless, for you there is the satisfac- tion of knowing that your professional training has been built upon a sound foundation, in addition you have faced difficulty and discouragement with equanimity, so you are ready for the immediate future and we shall send you forth with confidence. You take with you the deepest good wishes that we can offer. May all your future days give you as much as you deserve of happiness in service. DOROTHY BOYD Toronto, Ont. Born in Hwai King, North Honan, China. Matriculated from Vaughan Rd. Collegiate. Was Class Representative III. RUTH HINDMARSH Oakville, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Oakville High School. Was President of School of Nursing Association III. 1 5, , 4,.," I . .Q 592 I .,... ,. 1 V , +. IE' K' v A. 3 s- . v 'ln Q I ELEANOR M. JONES Toronto, Ont. Born at Chung King, China. Matriculated from Brantford C.I. and Vaughan Road Col- legiate. RUTH KENT Toronto, Ont. Born in Toronto. Matriculated from Parkdale Collegiate. En- joys badminton, basketball, ping pong, tennis, skating, ski- ing and riding. ff . . .N PHYLLIS LARENE KITCHEN Woodstock, Ont. A Born in Brantford. Matricu- lated from Woodstock High School. WINNIFRED HOPE LINTON Toronto, Ont. Born in Buffalo, N.Y. Matri- culated from Bloor C.I., To- ronto. QE-33. Hhs!" 183 NURSING 1-- f QW . Uv I . I Y X vl2""" ELAINE PATTERSON Paris, Ont. FRANCES ISOBEL SMITH North Bay, Ont. Matriculated from St. Josephs Convent, North Bay, Ont. X v P P 1 4 z L OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY -Mm. - A' vz y 5 1 E I A I 1 ! I ,f W- . w-M-Q, ' g ... Ie' -6 V., 1 '-we I :Q ., I . s ,X ,V ii 5. 1. ' .1 .1 ff -- X - 1 '5ig'.z,f 'fw- 'QC' DOROTHY JOY GALBRAITH Milton, Ont. Came to Varsity in 1936, with matriculation from Milton High School. Member of Vic- toria Baseball Team II. In- terested in riding and other sports. Ambitious to see Edin- burgh, perhaps via profession. MARY W. HAWKINS Port Hope, Ont. Graduated from Port Hope H. S. in '35, stayed home a year trying to decide what to take at Varsity. Hopes to earn her living by supervising men's work in a hospital, and spend it by owning a sport roadster. Ambition is to go up in an aeroplane and down in a submarine. DOROTHY HERZER UIBCIIJ Calgary, Alta. A graduate of Wesley College, 1930, B.A. Manitoba '34, one year post graduate French, German, Psychology, one year business college and teaching German in a Girls' School. Plans to do mental hospital work out West and abroad and travel as much as possible. Also aims to stop going to University. 186 eafst ': LUELLA M. ATKIN North Maldon, Cnt. ENID MURIEL BARKER Toronto, Ont. Born in Thetford, Eng. Matri- culated from Humberside C. I. in 1936. Member of U. of T. Intermediate Intercollegiate Basketball Team I. Active leader in C.G.I.T., Y.W.C.A., and Young People's work. Ac- tive in all sports. Envies people with time to read and travel abroad. MILDRED R. BICKLE Port Hope, Ont. A 1936 graduate of Port Hope High School. At present pos- sesses sleeping quarters at Hutton House. Interested in music and art. Immediate am- bition is to be successful in her profession. Later, would like to travel around the world, if necessary via imagi- nation. ALICE FREDA HUGHES Carleton Place, Ont. Honour Matriculation at Carleton Place High School. A resident of Hutton House, Pre- sident of 3T8 Class, Treasurer of residence, graduate of Mac- donald Hall. Is proficient at mixing dates and bush- whacking out of Carleton Place. Plans to go into mental work, and later to "Build a sweet little nest, somewhere in the West." E. ELIZABETH HURLBURT Aberdeen, Sask. Hutton House and Allan House have been her residences. Success of matriculation is at- tributed to North Battleford Collegiate. Has a strong dis- like for silent telephones. Stunmer spent interning in a mental hospital. Present ambi- tion is to take back Eastern Culture to the Prairies. ALICE LOUISE JACKSON Simcoe, Ont. Came to Varsity having matri- culated from Simcoe High School. Is now a resident of Tait House, Victoria College. Chief aversion is essay-writ- ing. Greatest interests are ani- mals, sports and people. DORELLE ANNE BOLTON Toronto, Ont. A graduate of Oakwood Col- legiate Institute. Aims to be a "good" therapist in a General Hospital. MARY GEORGINA CLARK Toronto. Ont. Came to Varsity after matri- culation from Humberside C. I. Favourite summer occupa- tion is camping. Side interests are music, tennis, riding. Still waiting for the day when she can afford to travel and study the pipe organ. HELEN MURIEL CLOGG Toronto, Ont. M V . 5 1 X gy 1 ,., NS Q ,B ,A '-'vw' 'X Sa " ' Mfr V n 1- 1.3 MARION BERNICE MARTIN Port Elgin, Ont. Matriculated from Port Elgin High School. While at Varsity has lived in Wymilwood and Annesley Hall. Member of Victoria College 3T6. Inter- ested in S.C.M. and C.G.I.T. work. NORMA ELIZABETH PEACE Hamilton, Ont. Spent her high school days at Central Collegiate, Hamilton. Toronto residence is Hutton House. Is Occupational Thera- py's pride in the swimming world. Present ambition is to be a successful therapist. 14+-El' ,fi ,Q-HQ. Q91 , Q I I f . . . I . .N N t es , JEAN ROBERTSON QAAIIJ Toronto, Ont. Obtained her B.A. in Modern History from University of Toronto, 1936. Toronto, Ont. OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY -. . ... ,,.,,? ,J . . .l .. i .K X - Wg, . A Eff . - 1 I . P 7 PEARL A. TRESIDDER .s M 5' 1 6' B? 5 ff S,- PHYSIOTHERAPY JEAN B. ATKINSON CKAOJ Embro, Ont. Matriculated from Woodstock Collegiate. Scholarships omit- ted by request. After spending four years playing basketball, tennis, hockey, and incidentally obtaining a B.A. degree at University College, returned to Varsity via Physiotherapy. Looked after destinies of the year in capacity of President I, and Athletic Representative II. Is a Senior "T" Holder. Intends to return to parental fold on quitting Varsity. SHIRLEY A. BERK Toronto, Ont. AILEEN MARION BOLAND Cache Bay, Ont. CAOIIJ Came to University from Alma College. Lived in Mulock and Hutton House. After complet- ing her second year in Medi- cine decided to change her allegiance to Physiotherapy. Her future-who can tell? bn-v f . ELIZABETH A. BREWSTER Owen Sound, Ont. Spent one year in Pass Arts. Lived in residence at St. Hilda's two years. Chief in- terest - art. Chief ambition - a two-hour day. RETA ISOBELLE CLARKE Toronto, Ont. Came down to University Col- lege from Runnymede Col- legiate in 1933 to spend two years in Household Economics. Decided at that time more in- terested in Physiotherapy, so transferred. In spare time plays violin, swims, or reads. FRANCES LILLIAN COWIE Toronto, Ont. Born in Fort William. Ma- triculated from North Toronto Collegiate. Treasurer of Class II. Class Representative Phy- siotherapy Club II. Hopes to do children's work in Physio- therapy. ,r 1 187 PHYSIOTHERAPY .f""""" 't s' I I A I pf ' fs? ' i 6? . St- R 1 fx 2- . ,. ., N 3-gi-M --rx 'ajnfi ff rv Y ,. . N 'Fi f as 5' X W , "5 4 b v, va, if 3,5 S2 1 if 1 1 f f if . ,Y ,if , an , QW' X .QQTYRKX ar, ,swf ful 4 " f I . ,Ii I , V mv. ' JEAN M. FAGAN Hamilton, Ont. Matriculated fr o m Saltfleet High School, Stoney Creek. Interested in tennis, swimming, badminton and philately. Has no definite ambition except the usual graduate's desire to set the world on fire. JOAN M. KELLEY CAOIIJ Listowel, Ont. Born in Boston, Mass. Ob- tained Junior Matriculation in Lethbridge, Alberta, and Senior Matriculation in Trenton, Ont. Lived in both Mulock and Hutton House. President of AOII. Is open for suggestions as to future plans. MARY WHIPPLE KELLY Peterborough, Ont. Came to Toronto from Peter- borough Collegiate Institute, and took up her residence at Hutton House, where she was Freshman Representative I. Chief ambition is to learn to ski. ROSAMUND MCCULLOUGH Sudbury, Ont. Spent a year with the Irish at St. Mike's, but returned to Varsity to be a physio. Makes telephone calls through the capacity of Corresponding Sec- retary of Newman Club. Plays a "bang-up" game of basket- ball for the Physios, also swims, skates and dances well. Returning to the frozen North, "God's Own Country", to practise. 188 MARY ISOBEL MILLER Burford, Ont. Matriculated from Burford High School and came to To- ronto to pursue knowledge further by way of Physio- therapy. Hutton House has been her residence I and II. Manager of the Basketball Team II. Chief ambition is to practise in the far north. MARJORIE B. SPENCE Winnipeg, Man. CZTAJ Graduated from Rupert's Land College, Winnipeg, and picked up her B.A. at the University of Manitoba on her way to Toronto. Lived in the Gradu- ate House. Was Torontonensis Representative. Would like bigger and better holidays, since train rides take time. THELMA B. STEWART Toronto, Ont. Product of North Toronto Col- legiate. Played basketball I and II. Capably guided the class as President II. An active member of North Toronto Ten- nis Club. Favourite saying, "Let's go into Hunt's and get a 'coke'." ARLENE D. VVINTERTON Maple Creek, Sask. Graduate Maple Creek High School, where she obtained a Matriculation Scholarship. Lived in Mulock House I and Hutton House II. Likes swim- ming, dancing, and playing the piano. Dislikes twelve o'clock lectures and people who sing off-key. Ambition to be a phy- siotherapist in a children's hospital. . X . ' r . . I jg 'X ,fn V , a,, . nk if .W e- ' ' 0 ,KS , 'N " as JJ 4' " v 1 I 4 4' 'Q Q Jil we ff A t 11 , , 'f 1 . , V' " 4 'V 1 fp fa. f 7 ,'1i.j 'gr ' V' .M 1' I v,f V '85, I , ' "amy ,X , '57 ff Q4 if , W J If '5 ba, A? Q 1 ,WL f , WEST FRONT, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE by F. Roy Kemp -,.,,,,,., Mgd., ,Y,, , .., .A.., , ,..,,-, V. .........,,? 1, f : xff' e . 2 ' in i f f Rf 1 kx l-X Q -' ,,..,3r::i ' 5016355 ' p - ' 2 x-.XA N if I N X 1 1 , N .fx rg DELU W ND 6 A R808 BUCK II hir' X .4e""-I ,--"""i,',,.-4' X, xfX 1 if 9 , COURTYARD FIGURE by F- Roy Kemp 4 L Hart House THE F OUNDERS' PRAYER "The Prayer of the Founders is that Hart House, under the guidance of its Warden, may serve in the generations to come the highest interests of this University by drawing into a common fellowship the members of the several Colleges and Faculties, and by gathering into a true society the teacher and the student, the graduate and the undergraduate, further, that the members of Hart House may discover within its walls the true educa- tion that is to be found in good fellowship, in friendly disputation and debate, in the conversation of wise and earnest men, in music, pictures and the play, in the casual book, in sports and games and the mastery of the bodyg and lastly that just as in the days of war this House was devoted to the training in arms of the young soldier, so in the time of peace its halls may be dedicated to the task of arming youth with strength and suppleness of limb, with clarity of mind and depth of understanding, and with a spirit of true religion and high endeavour." Hart House is so called in memory of the late Hart Massey. Begun in 1911, it was completed in 1919 and presented, fully equipped, to the University of Toronto by the Trustees of the Massey Foundation. To the Hon. Vincent Massey, Vice-Chairman of the Massey Foundation, is due the idea of Hart House, as well as the form it assumed under his personal supervision. From the autumn of 1914 until November 1918, it was used for military purposes and within its walls thousands of men were trained for service overseas. On the Hrst anniversary of the Armistice 111th November 19191 Hart House was formally opened by His Excellency the Duke of Devonshire, who was at that time the Governor-General of Canada. Mr. Henry Sproatt and Mr. Ernest Rolph were the architects of the building which comes as near to meeting the requirements of the ideal house for student activities as any on this continent or perhaps in the world. In its widest interpretation Hart House, which is for the use of men only and is non-residential, seeks to provide for all the activities of the under- graduate's life which lie outside the actual lecture rooms. Architecturally of great beauty and built round a quadrangle, Hart House is unique in that it houses under one roof a finely proportioned hall, common-rooms of every description, a library, debates room, music room, a small chapel together with rooms for the use of the Student Christian Movement, an art gallery, a print room and an arts and crafts room, photographic rooms, a billiard room, squash racquets courts, an indoor riHe range, senior common-rooms for both faculty and graduate members, a few bedrooms for guests, offices of the Cornptroller's department, the office and private rooms of the Warden and in the athletic wing an upper and lower gymnasium both admirably equipped, separate rooms for boxing, wrestling and fencing, an indoor running track, a room for rowing practice, a large swimming pool and the offices of the Financial Secre- tary of the Athletic Association, the Director of Athletics and the Director of Medical Services for men students. Below the quadrangle is a fully equipped theatre with foyer, green ro-om, dressing rooms, wardrobe and the office of the Director of the Theatre. Every male undergraduate of the University is required to be a member of Hart House towards the upkeep of which he pays an annual fee of twelve dollars. The House has no endowment and these fees are its chief source of revenue. The gymnasia, swimming pool and locker rooms are under the control and direction of the Athletic Directorate through Mr. T. A. Reed, Financial Secre- tary of the Athletic Association. 194 2 The care of Hart House and its welfare have to a large extent been entrusted to the undergraduates themselves. There are a number of Standing and Special Committees, the personnel and duties of which, subject to the authority of the Board of Stewards, are as follows: HOUSE COMMITTEE The House Committee is the senior of the standing committees with supervision over the activities of the House and general control of the Great Hall, the kitchens and the tuck shop. The billiard room and barber shop are under its care and it is also responsible to the Board of Stewards for seeing that the structure and equipment of the House are kept in good repair. The annual elections of the committees of Hart House are also under the management of this committee. The members of the House Committee for 1937-1938 are: Professor T. F. Mcllwraith, Chairman, the Warden, Professor W. J. T. Wright, Professor T. M. C. Taylor, Mr. W. H. Bilbrough, graduate representative, the Comptroller, the Assistant Comptroller, C. K. Carrington, Ontario College of Education representative, L. G. O'Connor, Athletic Association representative, W. A. Ball, L. C. Foster, R. G. Gray, G. R. Gardiner, R. W. Kettlewell, A. G. Rankin, J. A. Renwick, H. G. Ronson, C. R. Silversides, W. R. Stringer, T. W. Sullivan and W. B. Reid, Secretary. 195 LIBRARY COMMITTEE The library in Hart House is recognized as one of the most beautiful rooms in the whole building. In accordance with the idea of the Founders, the Library Committee has for the past ten years been engaged in the building up of a collection of books such as might be found in a good private library and the room has always been a popular resort for all who like to spend their leisure hours reading the casual book. At present there are about five thousand volumes on the shelves about half off which are fiction, while the rest are composed chiefly of biography, history, languages and general literature. Additions to the library are made at regular intervals and the activities of the committee are mainly centred around the selection of new books for purchase. This year two library evenings were held at which the speakers were Mr. W. H. Clarke of the Oxford University Press and Mr. William Arthur Deacon of "The Globe and Mail". The Library Committee is also responsible for the selection of periodicals for use in the reading-room and in this department of the House a wide range of weekly journals may be found. The members of the Library Committee for 1937-1938 are: Professor C. Lewis, Chairman, the Warden, Professor N. J. Endicott, Mr. D. C. Wells, graduate representative, W. B. Wood, curator, P. J. Ambrose, G. H. Bayly, W. T. Boddy, H. H. Carter, W. A .Harris, W. J. Shea, I. Sussman, H. A. Sutton, E. W. Wallace, Jr., and S. McClatchie, Secretary. 196 1 MUSIC COMMITTEE The Sunday Evening Concerts this year were given by the following artists: Wilma Stevenson Dohler, pianist, Albert Pratz, violinist and Leo Barkin, pianist, George Lambert, baritone, and Maude Watterworth Craig, harpist, Viggo Kihl, pianist, Emmy Heim, mezzo-soprano, the Hart House String Quartet, the Hart House Glee Club and Margaret Oliver, pianist, and the Conservatory String Quartet, viols and modern instruments, and Alberto Guerrero, harpischordist. In honour of the Hart House String Quartet on their return from an absence of a year and a half on a European tour, the Board of Stewards and the Music Committee were hosts at a tea in the Great Hall on the afternoon of their Sunday Evening Concert appearance. The usual series of Friday Afternoon Recitals took place from October to the end of February. Songsters were again held on certain Sunday evenings during the present year in the music room and continued to be directed by J. Campbell-Mclnnes. A particular effort was made this year by members of the committee to interest freshmen in these informal Sunday evenings. The Friday midday sing songs have become one of the interesting features of the musical life of the House, owing to the valued services of G. Ross Work- man. On these occasions men gather after lunch in the east common-room to sing under Mr. Workman's direction. The members of the Music Committee for 1937-1938 are: Professor M. D. C. Tait, Chairman, the Warden, Dr. A. M. Wynne, Sir Ernest Macmillan, Mr. F. R. MacKelcan, graduate representative, T. K. Cragg, R. A. Greig, W. R. Grinnell, J. C. Knewstub, M. H. M. MacKinnon, J. R. Maybee, C. G. Sander- son, N. J. M. Simpson, G. H. Southam and G. J. Millar, Secretary. GLEE CLUB COMMITTEE The Glee Club Committee, by authority of the Board of Stewards, became a special committee of Hart House with the beginning of the present academic year. Under the enthusiastic direction of Dr. Charles Peaker, the club had a very successful year. They assisted at the Eaton Auditorium mid-week organ recitals given by Dr. Peaker before Christmas, at the special convoca- tion for the Hon. Cordell Hull and at the Armistice Day service. They gave a carol programme at dinner in the Great Hall just before the close of the first term, assisted at the S.C.M. carol service, and gave one of the regular Sunday Evening Concerts in the second term. Alumni Night of 18th March, at which the club were invited to sing, provided a most satisfactory close to the year's activities. 197 The members of the Glee Club Committee for 1937-1938 are: Professor H. R. Kemp, Chairman, the Warden, M. E. A. Ricker, graduate representative, Dr. Charles Peaker, Conductor, the Secretary of Hart House, G. J. Millar, C. B. Campbell, A. E. A. Ongley, P. J. Sandiford, L. H. Turl and E. L. Roy, Secretary. ART COMMITTEE The activities of the art committee include the holding of exhibitions in the gallery and the print room, the administration of the arts and crafts room, the management of art classes under an artist and the occasional pur- chase of pictures. The committee have this year been most energetic in arranging noon hour reviews of current exhibitions by the artists concerned. Mr. Arthur Lismer of the Art Gallery gave most interesting reviews of the exhibition of Children's Art and of the annual display of work by under- graduate members, and Andre Bieler and Dr. Gordon Pearson spoke on their own pictures. Concerning new pictures the graduating year of 1937 presented "Draped Head" by Jack Humphrey. The exhibitions during 1937-1938 have included the work of A. Y. Jackson and E. H. Holgate, F. S. Panabaker, Bertram Brooker, L. F. Casey, Andre Bieler, Dr. Gordon Pearson and Louis Muhlstock as well as an exhibition of children's work, the annual exhibition of photographs arranged by the Camera Committee, the work of undergraduate members and the work of senior mem- bers and faculty. The art classes held in the art gallery during the winter under the direc- tion of Mr. H. S. Palmer again proved very popular. The crafts room, now called the arts and crafts room, has this year attracted a small group of keen students who have as instructor Mr. Carl Schaefer. An exhibition of their work was held in conjunction with the exhibition of work by undergraduate members in February. The most interesting part of their year's work was a large scale mural depicting various activities in the life of the House. The committee in exercising supervision over the pictures in their care have continued the work of cleaning and repair by the staff of the National Gallery which was begun last year. The members of the Art Committee for 1937-1938 are: Professor H. R. MacCallum, Chairman, the Warden, Mr. R. G. Riddell, Dr. D. M. Tanner, graduate representative, D. J. Van Wyck, Keeper of the Prints, N. R. Bowles, T. C. Daly, F. J. Hinds, E. F. Hurst, C. G. Kehler, J. L. McFarland, J. R. Millar, J. A. Powell, R. A. Sim and A. H. Armstrong, Secretary. CAMERA COMMITTEE The Camera Committee which is a special committee of Hart House is responsible for the management of the dark rooms, the care of photographic equipment and the general encouragement of photography among the members of the House. The annual exhibition of photographic work by members of the House is arranged by this committee. Each fall the committee makes an effort to encourage beginners in the use of club equipment and instruction classes are given by various members. This year a further effort was made to build up a collection of photographic journals for the use of club members. Each year the committee selects from its annual exhibition a few outstanding prints for a permanent collection owned by Hart House. The members of the Camera Committee for 1937-1938 are: Professor A. F. Coventry, Chairman, the Warden, Mr. B. C. Matson, graduate representative, the Assistant Comptroller, E. S. W. Belyea, J. J. Brown, F. R. Kemp, L. M. Hampson, M. McMurray and H. J. Nott, Secretary. 198 w 4 I 4, 4 ew' - ' ' ' , ' ff , V . f- - . ff aff V, p , -5 23 W , . .' f if +2 K, V ,. SQUASH RACQUETS COMMITTEE The Squash Racquets Committee which is a special committee of Hart House is responsible to the Board of Stewards for the general control of the squash courts and the arrangement of tournaments with outside' clubs. Besides the two tournaments for members--the Inter-Faculty and the Individual- Hart House was represented in the Toronto City Squash Championship Tour- nament in December, the Canadian Squash Racquets Championship at Quebec in February and in the Ontario Squash Racquets Championship at Toronto. In the course of the year team matches were played at Hart House with the Buffalo Downtown Y.M.C.A., the Hamilton Squash Club, the Toronto Racquet Club, the Badminton and Racquet Club, the Carlton Club and the Thistle Club of Hamilton. 1 The classes for beginners and the team practices were continued this year and have resulted in more enthusiasm for the game and a higher standard of play. The members of the Squash Racquets Committee for 1937-1938 are: Mr. A. B. F ennell, Chairman, the Warden, W. S. Noyes, graduate representative, G. B. Donaldson, J. F. Moeser, C. J. Seagram, A. A. Steiner and J. A. Mullin, Secretary. 199 DEBATES COMMITTEE On 31st January, 1924, the first debate ever held in Hart House took place. This debate was on the open parliamentary system, special Rules of Proce- dure being drawn up by the committee. The debates room in Hart House was arranged as far as possible similar to the Provincial or Federal House. After the four speakers "on the paper" had finished their speeches the debate was open to any member who having caught the Speaker's eye might then rise and address the House. At 10.30 p.m. the House divided on the motion. The aim of Hart House debates is to encourage real debating in contrast to the competitive system by which speeches are carefully prepared for weeks before- hand and also to encourage among undergraduates an interest in public affairs. Resolutions discussed during the past year were "That the rearmament of Great Britain is a contribution to peace", g'That the expansion of Japanese foreign trade is the best hope for peace in the Far East", 4'That the study of science tends to narrow the mind", "That Canada is the final manifestation of a decadent civilizationn and f'That this House would rather fight for Eden than go fascist with Chamberlain". Among visitors who have spoken Hon the papern or from the floor of the House are the Hon. E. C. Drury, G. S. Ewart, K.C., the Rt. Hon. W. L. Mac- kenzie King, the Hon. J. W. Nickle, K.C., the Hon. Hugh Guthrie, the Hon. Manning Doherty, the Hon. G. Howard Ferguson, Miss Agnes Macphail, M.P., E. J. Garland, M.P., the Hon. G. S. Henry, the Hon. Ernest Lapointe, J. S. Woodsworth, M.P., the Rt. Hon. R. B. Bennett, the Hon. H. H. Stevens, Pro- fessor Stephen Leacock and the Hon. Major C. G. Power. The members of the Debates Committee for 1937-1938 are: Professor C. A. Ashley, Chairman, the Warden, Professor A. F. W. Plumptre, Mr. G. A. McGillivray and Mr. J. L. Stewart, graduate representatives, A. R. Hicks, P. S. Millar, W. C. D. Pacey, A. Rose, J. A. Seed, W. C. Smith, G. W. W. Stoddart and A. A. Shaberman, Secretary. GRADUATE COMMITTEE The Graduate Committee which is a Special Committee of Hart House is responsible for the activities of the senior members. Dinners held at certain intervals throughout the year and the Graduates Ball which takes place on New Year's Eve are organized by this committee. It has a general supervision over the graduate athletic activities as well as the graduate dining-room and sitting-room. The committee is elected at the annual meeting of senior members of Hart House in March of each year. The Graduate Committee this year has been active in extending exercise and swimming classes for senior members, in expanding the activities of the Revolver Club and in keeping the billiard room and tuck shop open on Mon- day evenings for the convenience of members. The thirteenth annual Gradu- ates Ball held on New Year's Eve was particularly noteworthy by reason of the main gymnasium decorations which had been designed and executed by a group of senior members under the direction of Gordon Webber. The Graduate Committee was also asked by the Alumni Federation to assist in the arrangements for the Alumni Night held on Friday 18th March in Hart House. The members of the Graduate Committee for 1937-1938 are: Mr. A. B. Ward, Chairman, the Warden, A. M. Bell, A. E. S. Bolton, Dr. H. J. Bright, C. A. Farewell, J. L. Grogan, R. H. Hillery, J. A. McLaren, C. H. Vinnels, the Comptroller, the Assistant Secretary and C. R. Delafield, Secretary. 200 vi" BOARD OF STEWARDS The Board of Stewards is the governing body of Hart House and is so constituted as to include among its numbers the secretaries of the six Stand- ing Committees and representatives of the chief organizations in Hart House. Subject to the superior authority of the Board of Governors of the University the direction, management and administration of Hart House, including matters of discipline, are entrusted to the Board of Stewards. The Board is assisted by a Finance Committee which makes recommendations with regard to financial matters. The general supervision of the whole House is entrusted to the Warden who is appointed by the Board of Governors of the University and is ex-ofiicio chairman of the Board of Stewards. He is assisted by the Comp- troller of Hart House, J. R. Gilley, S.P.S. '21, the Assistant Comptroller, W. R. Cowan, S.P.S. '24, the Secretary of Hart House, C. R. Delafield, U.C. '30, and the Assistant Secretary, D. L. Emond. The members of the Board of Stewards for 1937-1938 are: the Warden, Chairman ex-officio, the Rev. Dr. H. J. Cody, the Hon. Vincent Massey, repre- sentative of the Board of Governors, Professor H. Wasteneys and Professor K. B. Jackson, representatives of the President, Mr. T. A. Reed, Financial Secretary of the Athletic Association, A. G. Burns, Faculty Union, A. B. Ward, Graduate Committee, W. C. Smith, Student Christian Movement, H. B. Shipman, Athletic Directorate, G. E. Abraham, Students' Administrative Council, W. B. Reid, Ho-use Committee, S. McClatchie, Library Committee, G. J. Millar, Music Committee, A. H. Armstrong, Art Committee, A. A. Shaberman, Debates Committee, and J. R. Gilley the Comptroller, Secretary. 201 THE STUDENT CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT The religious life of Hart House is under the guidance of the men's Secretary of the Student Christian Movement, the Rev. Dr. W. C. Lockhart, who has his offices in Hart House. The Chapel is always open for private prayer and meditation and there are weekly services during term and a monthly celebration of Holy Communion. A series of' addresses are arranged in the music room after lunch and this year the speakers were Shoran Singha of India, Woo Da Ling, Dr. Stanley Russell, the Rev. T. W. Isherwood, the Rev. Earl Lautenslager, the Rev. J. D. Parks, the Rev. Lyndon Smith, Arch-deacon Fotheringham, Dean Riley, Dr. J. R. P. Sclater, Professor G. Wilson Knight, Dr. Gordon Sisco, Dr. Richard Roberts, the Rev. Gerald Cragg, the Rev. E. J. McCorkel1 and the Rev. Cross- ley Hunter. Under the auspices of the S.C.M. a number of visitors have given addresses in the university including Max Yergan, Dr. T. Z. Koo and Mlle. Suzanne de Dietrich. e l Y M 202 . X. cw 'iff ff: , Hs. A . - Wgxg A gif " w'w, . ,U 2 'fix mf Af, 'gg -,Nc , .xl 4 M 5' ,ii aux 1 .9 ,Aww Q' 1, in -,Q fx 4 1, , 551-' ,- 5, , , g,',,Q9,"1E ': 2?i?s' fig' ' , . 1, pu" 1 9' f gf.-W1-, F wi' xgxrcgiggfy 'R - L ' I ' ' i 4 n,.,u,,...n..N,,x wuttsi P NU! wi, X908 1 g 0 'A V' VZHXG YUM 'JMM3 QQ' '11 453 ' D Y :Ax 'kwa ff22Z..WW -4- , ' .A fl Q, W 714 A '25 ni.,,i . STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL Third Row: W. Ross GRINNELL, Forestry Cinsertbg F. R. GARTRELL, Wyclifjfeg LES VIPOND, Varsity Editor-in-Chief, R. H. N. DAVIDSON, Eininanuelg R. SINCLAIR, Knox, L. HAWKINS. Pharmacy: WM. G. BRUCE, Dentistry, W. J. NIGRO, St. Michael'sg F. R. BRANSCOMBE, O.C.E. linsertj . Second Row: GEO. E. ABRAHAM, Trinityg MISS MARIAN BEST, Victoriag MISS RUTH HTNDMARSH, School of Nursing: MISS GERARDA RYAN, St. Josephisq Miss CHARLOTTE EMERY, Social Science: MISS JOSEPHINE LEPAN, University College: MISS JOYCE TENENBAUM, Varsity Wornen's Editor, W. CARON JONES, Torontonensis Editor. First Row: E. W. WALLACE, Victoria: PROF. J. R. COCKBURNJ E. A. MACDONALD, B.A., General Secretary-Treasurer, MISS FRANCES EVANS, St. Hilda'sg DR. F. P. MCINNIS, President, ALEX RANKIN, University College, MISS A. E. M. PARKES, B.A., Associate Secretary, G. F. BEARD, Applied Science, E. B. TOVEE, Medicine. THE STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL. 1937-38 Dr. F. P. Mclnnis, President. A. G. Rankin, Vice-President, N.F.C.U.S. Representative and Representative to Publications Committee. Miss Frances Evans, Second Vice-President and Representative to Publications Committee. Prof. J. R. Cockburn, M.C.. B.A.Sc., Faculty Representative. Prof. S. N. F. Chant, M.A., Faculty Representative. E. A. Macdonald, B.A., General Secretary- Treasurer. Miss A. E. M. Parkes, B.A., Asssociate Secretary. W. R. Grinnell, Publications Commissioner. G. F. Beard, Finance Commissioner. E. B. Tovee, Athletics Commissioner. Miss Marian Best, Womenls Athletics Commissioner. E. W. Wallace, Literary and Debates Commissioner. G. E. Abraham, Representative to Board of Stewards, Hart House., and Representa- tive to Debates Committee. A. L. Vipond, B.A., Editor-in-Chief of The Varsity. Miss Joyce Tenenbaum, Women's Editor of The Varsity. W. C. Jones, Editor of Torontonensis. Miss M. E. Albertson, Representative to Finance Committee. W. G. Nigro, Representative to Finance Committee. L. W. Hawkins, Representative to Sporting Activities Committee. Miss Gerarda Ryan, Representative to Debates Committee. W. G. Bruce, Representative to Debates Committee. Miss Ruth Hindmarsh, School of Nursing Representative. Miss Josephine LePan, University College Women's Representative. R. H. N. Davidson, B.A., Emmanuel College Representative. F. R. Gartrell, B.A., Wycliffe College Representative. F. R. Branscombe, B.A., Ontario College of Education Representative. Miss Gwynneth Sinclair, B.A., Ontario College of Education Representative. Miss Charlotte Emery, B.A., Social Science Representative. R. A. Sinclair, B.A., Knox College Representative. The Students' Administrative Council HE work of the Students' Administrative Council for the past year has progressed smoothly and all Committees have functioned in a most satis- factory way. Dr. Frank Mclnnis was re-elected as the President and the Council greatly benefitted by his experience and tact as well as the valuable advice of Professors Cockburn and Chant who once more acted as the Staff representatives. Mr. A. G. Rankin and Miss Frances Evans proved most cap- able as Vice-Presidents with Mr. Rankin acting as N.F.C.U.S. representative. Matter in connection with the various publications of the Council was dealt with efficiently by the Committee under the Commissioner, Mr. W. R. Grinnell. The Finance Committee, under its Commissioner, Mr. G. F. Beard, had a most satisfactory year in spite of some increased costs and several unexpected grants such as that of S150 given to the Committee organizing the Winnipeg Conference of Canadian University Students. The Debates Com- mittee, under Mr. E. W. Wallace, Jr., sponsored several interesting debates as well as sending a representative on the N. F. C. U. S. team to Great Britain. The work of the Committee on Sporting Activities under its Commis- missioner, Mr. E. B. Tovee, has been greatly increased this year, due to the introduction of the new and' most successful Athletic Privileges fee and the various problems which it raised. The appointment of a marshal to supervise admission to games, installation of a Public Address System at the Stadium, half-time skits, cheerleading, out-of-town trips, etc., were all worked out in co-operation with the Athletic Association, as well as the necessary discipline in connection with misuse of the privileges provided by the fee. A complete set of new and effective uniforms was also designed and purchased for the Band. The Council members were the guests of Dr. and Mrs. Cody at a delight- ful dinner at the U.C. Womenis Union in October and themselves acted as hosts at a dinner in the Royal York Hotel in honour of the masthead of The Varsity as well as at teas for the visiting Australian and Laval debaters, the Finnish Chorus from Helsinki University and the N.F.C.U.S. Exchange students at Toronto. For the first time a University of Toronto Hospitality Committee was appointed this year to entertain visitors to the campus. On the invitation of the President, the Council as a bo-dty attended the Remem- brance Day Service at the Memorial Tower along with the College Heads, Deans and members of the Board of Governors. The Council financed and sponsored the University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra in its most successful concert, and assisted the University Drama Committee with a loan. Half the cost of publishing the University Directory was again born by the Council and it is expected that the two Convocation Garden Parties, which last year were financed and arranged entirely by the Council, will again be held. The various services maintained by the Council in the interest of the student body seem to increase in scope each year. A further amount of 951,000 was added to the Undergraduates' Loan Fund, to bring it up to 58,500 Repay- ments and the additional grant made it possible to loan approximately 83,500 again this year. The Rooming service for men was again maintained and the Book Exchange for women, both of which proved of much assistance to the students. The Employment Bureau continues to grow and both part-time, summer and permanent positions have been found for a large number of students. In addition to these specific services, the Council oflices served as a clearing house for innumerable other activities and an effort has been made to assist in all worthwhile undergraduate activities which are not otherwise provided for. 207 LITERARY AND DEBATES COMMITTEE Second Row: GEO. E. ABRAHAM, Miss GERARDA RYAN, WM. G. BRUCE, A. A. SHABERMAN. First Row: PROFESSOR J. R. COCKBURN, DR. F. P. MCINNIS, E. W. WALLACE, Miss A. E. M. PARKES, B.A., E. A. MACDONALD, B.A. The Debates Committee URING the last few years the cause of debating has been advanced more and more at the University of Toronto. Hart House, College and Faculty debates have all combined' to make the life of an orator a very busy one indeed. The Debates Committee of the Students' Administrative Coun- cil has sought in the past to sponsor intercollegiate and international debates on vital topics. This year's activities of the Debates Committee have resulted in three notable events. On Friday, November 19, Mr. R. W. Wilmott arrived in Toronto as a representative from Melbourne University, Australia. Unfortunately his team-mate, Mr. Benjamin, was prevented by a serious illness from visiting Toronto until December. From November 19-24, the Students' Administra- tive Council was the host of Mr. Wilmott, giving a tea on Sunday in his honour, and arranging for him to meet as many different student groups as possible. On Wednesday evening a special Hart House debate was held, preceded by a dinner. Mr. Wilmott very successfully acted as an ambassador of good will from Australia to the University of Toronto. An event of great interest and importance took place on Thursday, Janu- ary 27, when two debaters from Laval University, Quebec, debated in Trinity College under the auspices of the Students' Administrative Council and the Osgoode Hall Legal and Literary Society. The presence of M. Jean Fournier and M. Raymond Lesage marked the first time that debaters from that vener- able French Canadian University had taken part in a debate at the University of Toronto. On Saturday the S.A.C. gave a tea in honour of the debaters, from Laval, Osgoode Hall, and the University of Toronto. It is to be hoped that that visit will result in closer relations between these two great Canadian universities. In co-operation with the Debates Committee of Hart House, the Students, Administrative Council sent Mr. A. A. Shaberman and Mr. D. J. Proctor to participate in a debate at McGill University on Thursday, March 3. Their reception was most cordial and the debate of real interest. Such exchanges between the universities of Canada are invaluable in drawing them closer together. In conclusion, we would like to express our sincere thanks to Hart House for its kind reception of the various debaters who have visited the University, as guests of the House. 208 THE UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA The University Symphony Orchestra HE UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA entered the second phase of its existence this year, when the conductorship passed from Jack Weinzweig to Brock McElheran. Weinzweig was the founder of the orchestra, and guided its activities during its first three seasons. The organization showed a very gratifying development in the course of the year, and was able to play perhaps the most ambitious program it has yet attempted, featuring the Eighth Symphony of Beethoven, the overture to La Gazza Laolra by Rossini, and several shorter works by Brahms, Mozart, Del- ibes and Johann Strauss. For the first time in its history, the orchestra played a composition by one of its own members-Valse Triste, by E. D, Stuart, first horn, who conducted his own work. An audience of almost one thousand attended the concert, which is tan- gible proof that there is a constantly increasing interest in the orchestra among the students. The University Symphony Orchestra is sponsored by the Students Admin- istrative Council, and owes much of its success to the constant personal encour- agement of Mr. E. A. Macdonald, Secretary-Treasurer of the Council. The orchestra is grateful also to the Women's Union, for allowing us the use of the theatre for rehearsals, and to The Varsity for the support given in its columns. 209 F ,- TORON TONEN SIS STAFF Third Row: L. HAWKINS, C. D. CROSS, A. C. RIEDER, O. K. VAN SICKLE, F. R. BRANSCOMBE, J. W. MCI-IUGH, P. J. SWAN, W. E. ORTVED, H. J. JOHNSTONE. Second Row: G. L. DOUGLAS, E. D. LITTLE, M. L. GRIGGS, M. B. SPENCE, M. G. CLARK, E. M. JACKSON, G. J. M. RYAN, F. M. Kino, F. M. L1sLE, C. E. EMERY. First Row: D. I. W. BRUCE, W. T. BODDY, J. J. T. HENRY, W. C. JoNEs, E. A. MACDONALD. R. R. IRELAND, W. R. LUSCOMBE, F. R. KEMP, G. C. TOMPKINS. Torontonensis IKE all other editors, the Editor of this year's Torontonensis has made it his foremost aim to profit from experience. It is, as a conse- quence, not as a mere coincidence that the editorial policy he pursued has been to consolidate and continue, rather than controvert, the changes in style and general 'design introduced by his predecessor. . This year the Faculty and College Representa- tives in addition to seeing that all the material reached the Editor on time,-itself no mean achieve- ment-undertook to edit all biographies and write all copy Where necessary. This action on the part of the Representatives was typical of their spirit of willing--and gracious-co-operation. It is their Work which, extending over a period of six months, constitutes the heart of Torontonensis. The Board of Editors evinced a similar spirit. Their devotion to, and their efficient discharge of, the duties they had assumed, their over-generous sacrifice of time, their readiness to help in any way -particularly in proof-reading-however far it might technically be from their own particular department of activity on the book, were responsible for making those mad March days at all endurable. The photographic art work-all the title- pages fsave that for Seniorsj, and most of Campus Life has been brilliantly executed by Mr. F. Roy Kemp, Photographic Editor, who this year terminates his long association with Torontonensis, leaving a vacancy difficult adequately to fill. To Mr. E. A. Macdonald, Business Manager, and perennial support to Torontonensis Editors, it is impossible for this year's Editor to express fully his deep sense of gratitude for his sympathetic assistance and experienced editorial advice. It is patent that a volume wrought by the co-operation of many' may fail to attain the sculptureds form, the final unity of an indivi.dual's creating, but, however, only by the co-operative method that the production of such a work as Torontonensis is made possible. In the final analysis this merit must-and will-outweigh all the system's defects. 210 THE VARSITY STAFF Third Row: RAY WOLFE, MEREDITH FLEMING, BETTY KIRK, SAUL ZUKER, HERBERT COWAN, BERNIE SHIEEMAN. Second Row: NER LITTNER, TOM NORTHXVOOD, LOUIS WEINGARTEN, NELSON LOCHEAD, ELAINE KNIGHT, DOUGLAS ELLIOTT, SHARLEE MCLELLAND, JOHN HENRY. First Row: E. A. MACDONALD, A. C. FORREST: LES VIPOND, Editor-in-Chief: JOYCE 'FENEN- BAUM, JOHN C. DENT, BETTY BURROWES, SEABORN ALBRIGHT. The Varsity HE aim of The Varsity this year has been to be progressive, yet not radical, readable, but not sensational. The paper has endeavoured to serve the best interests of the students, and provide adequate news coverage of all student activities. It has suggested reforms, but has been sincere in a desire to offend no person unnecessarily. In the broader field of politics, both national and international, a programme of peace and social justice has been advocated. As in the previous two years, there have been no disputes between the paper and the Students' Administrative Council, or with the students at large. The work of the reporters on the paper is heavy, and the editors give them whatever credit there may be for this year. The firm establishment of the Canadian University Press this year has enabled the paper to publish more news from other Canadian colleges, and has led to better understanding between the universities. It is yet in the experimental stage, but its founders hope it is to become, soon, a leading factor in creating a greater university-consciousness among students and graduates. QITQ5 H.,e,..i0iHo,o..i imEIQ?EJgf..fa4.ES '21, at-'SI'-.i"' lllllr-.:.':"Illp 1' -.- 'ratr -:gp--L:.- mum - :.:: :zfgegges-T U... -:f ':37:?iT:sa:lllI ,gfgiisif igqaiglglu rn un-55.3ffig,. :-.:i5'- 545-45222-L-:'F'ii'f4 7 .::. 323, Eii. ':F21'Fi?iF5.'i:: ni ' 25'-gr 'jig 151. T-SIEME- geav- -:rf ,f-fl' tffi- 'him' fsrf. ---. Eff: -3- are el-E: . -..- Ju'-' ""."' -"':?:'-IMCFSYL2 " nr... . an ....--3. J. -13.11 """' 1221' :Wiz :EEF 1:""if. --- """ vga- E?x3:r 11:5 ...L 3:15, , V uacrn- ggi?-.5 IIQU -:'.'L.'n-.... T5iE:. -":-A 3-T1-VE, 211 ' 44' X " T -A-0481! THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO BAND The University of Toronto Band ESPITE a late start due to the delayed registration, the University of Toronto Band has completed another successful season. Under the expert guidance of Captain John Slatter, Canada's senior bandmaster, the Band has taken second place to none in the Intercollegiate circuit. This year marked the arrival of the long-desired new uniforms, supplied through the kindness of the Students' Administrative Council. The appearance of the Band drew many favourable comments both at home and away. The Band was present at all Varsity rugby games at home and abroad, as well as attending two hockey games at the Arena. The oflicers for the past year were: Bandmaster-Captain Slatter. Drum-Major-Bernie Laski. President--Clifford Parks. Secretary-Jack Richmond. The success of the Band is in no small measure due to the unceasing sup- port of the Students' Administrative Council, which has always evidenced a keen interest in the affairs of this organization. The year's activities were brought to a fitting conclusion by the Annual Dinner held in Hart House during March. While many Band members will be lost next year, due to graduation, a sufficient number of experienced men will be on hand in September to assure a Band worthy of the reputation held by its predecessors, and of receiving a place in the thirty-second chapter of Captain Slatter's reminiscences. 212 THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO FLYING CLUB EXECUTIVE Second Row: D. R. B. MCARTHUR, R. G. N. LAIDLAW, J. W. ROGERS. First Row: N. J. M. SIMPSON: H. W. KERBY, President, PROFESSOR T. R. LOUDON, Honorary Presidentg E. E. ROBERTSON, Secretary-Treasurerg P. B. DILWORTH. The Flying Club HE Flying Club was organized this year by a group of students who believed that there should be an organization on the campus which would encourage the undergraduate to fly. The immediate response put our first year membership at 156, which illustrated that a Flying Club would be a popular extra-curricular activity. The primary aim of the Flying Club is to encourage the undergraduate to fly. Behind this is the desire to establish intercollegiate competition and eventually to compete in air meets with the National Intercollegiate Flying Club in the U.S.A. Regular evening meetings are held, at which guest speakers talk on vari- ous aspects of aviation. To date we have had the pleasure of hearing from Professor Loudon and Mr. Ken MacTaggart, and also have viewed moving pictures of recent transatlantic crossings. Another Club activity is the ground course under the direction of Professor Loudon, at which the members are learning the principles of theory of flight, air regulations, navigation. Negotiations are being carried on for flying instruction, andi it is expected that arrangements will be made which will be suitable to the undergraduate pocket-book. Our ambition, of course, is to own a light aeroplane on which students may put in flying time at a minimum of cost. We hope that steady expansion will follow this very gratifying beginning, and that the Flying Club will take its place among the important University organizations. 213 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO COMMERCE CLUB Second Row: R. W. STEVENS, Second Year Representativeg G. R. GARDINER, Third Year Representative: P. S. ISBISTER, First Year Representativeg P. W. RANKIN, First Year Representative: W. W. SMITH, Second Year Representative. First Row: A. G. ISBISTER, Treasurerg W. A. BALL, Secretaryg R. R. TAYLOR, Presidentg PROF. L. T. MORGAN, Honorary President, B. E. GAYNOR, Vice-Presiclentg H. MACGREGOR, Third Year Representative. The Commerce Club HE year 1938 saw another triumphant page written in the history of the Commerce Club as the largest voluntary organization on the campus concluded its seventeenth year of activity. The club was formed for the purpose of welding together students in Commerce and Finance and to give them the opportunity of discussing cur- rent problems with a view to supplementing the theoretical work of the class- room with a more practical knowledge of present-day business conditions. Several prominent business men addressed the club at a series of smokers which were held during the year in the Music Room in Hart House. The Annual At-Home was held in the Alexan-dra Room in the King Edward Hotel and proved as gay a social event as ever. Mr. G. B. Donaldson was successful in winning the Crocombe Trophy, emblematic of the squash championship of the club. As in former years the club was well represented on the various athletic teams in the University. The highlight of the year was the annual banquet which was addressed by the Hon. T. L. Ilsley, Minister of National Revenue. Over two hundred undergraduates, graduates, faculty members and guests were in attendance. 214 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO CHEMICAL CLUB Second Row: F. M. KENNEDY, Second Year Representative, A, J. BERNSTEIN, Vice-President. First Row: H. D. BETT, President, PROFESSOR W. S. FUNNELL, Honorary President. Absent: F. G. C. WAYMAN, Secretary-Treasurer. The University of Toronto Chemical Club HE University Chemical Club first saw the light of day with the opening of the NEW Chemical Building in 1895. For some years the membership was confined to graduates, but in 1919 the Club was thrown open to under- graduates as well. Since that time its management has passed entirely into their hands. The major part of the annual programme consists of a series of trips through various chemical plants, with an eye to studying industrial methods and opportunities. This year the brewing, cyanamid, paper and soap industries were investigated. In addition to this, interesting lectures were heard from such distinguished scientists as Dr. Westman of the Ontario Research Founda- tion, Dr. McLaughlin of the Department of Chemical Engineering, and Dr. Ellworthy of the Canadian Institute of Chemistry. The club's activities for the year are always concluded with a large ban- quet, which is consistently well attended by graduates. The dinner is followed by the presentation of an original sketch, written an-d produced by the undergraduates. This year it took the form of a humorous exposition of the crying need for a really new Chemical Building, but was replete with the usual libels on the permanent staff. 215 MATHEMATICAL AND PHYSICS SOCIETY Second Row: J. D. BAIN, Second Year Representative, R. H. BRUCK, Graduate Representa- tive, J. A. CONWAY, Third Year Representative: S. H. COLLINS, First Year Representa- tive, L. H. TURL, Fourth Year Representative. First Raw: W. B. RODDEN, Treasurer, MARY M. SEDGEWICK, Secretary, E. E. MINETT, Presi- dent: DR. C. BARNES, Honorary Presidentg P. R. WALLACE, Past Presidentg F. M. KELLY. Vice-President. The Mathematics and Physics Society HE Society again enjoyed this year a program of varied activity. Out- side speakers, as well as members of the staff in M. andi P., addressed the bi-weekly meetings held in the McLennan Laboratory. Among these were: Dean Althouse, of O.C.E.g Dr. J. N. Goodier, of the Ontario Research Founda- tion, and Professor Coventry of the Biology Department. The practice, revived a year ago, of inviting an undergraduate to speak at each meeting, was continued this year. Some eight members of the junior and senior years presented papers. Two very enjoyable dances were held during the course of the term, in conjunction with the Honour Science Club. They took place at the King Edward Hotel on December 10th and on February 25th, both were very well attended. During December andi January a "Problem and Essay" Contest was spon- sored by the Society. Features of this year's contest were the establishment of two divisions, an increased prize list and the basing of awards primarily on the quality of the solutions entered. Great satisfaction was expressed with the large selection of problems made available through the kindness of Dean Beatty, Dr. Synge and our Honorary President. During the fall term a Committee, appointed by the President, investigated the conditions of the course and recommended possible improvements. The findings of the Committee were discussed at a later meeting. Thursday, January 27th, marked the fifty-sixth anniversary of the founding of the Society. Greetings were received from the first president, Professor Emeritus W. J. Loudon of the year ST 1, who regretted his inability to address the meeting. 216 HONOUR SCIENCE CLUB Second Row: MISS D. E. HUBBERT, Second Year Representative: R. C. KING, First Year Representative: MISS D. M. ROGERS, First Year Representativeg B. W. ROBINSON, Second Year Representative. First Row: W. R. MARTIN, President: Miss E. G. HUNTSMAN, Secretary: DR. T. M. C. TAYLOR, Honorary Presidentg Miss V. R. PAULL, Vice-Presidentg J. P. HARSHMAN, Treasurer. nf 574 4 M krrry w"ENcc mc. 1- E M- Don 1 v cn vars e v rs GORUON Baowd ex-orncno Q? Y 3 . If .3 M, uf MQ Euctnz EGHTIVEIQSAN Lada rl . Pnzszozn-r V Q Ong Hgful J'-lsruq HA'-La RECTOR ' --L-I Ng THC ,Ei '-1' connsvonnmc sedy 'ra:AsuRER Reconnmc src? -1:m1v512s1fr'.v- 011' Tolaomro- 217 LAW CLUB EXECUTIVE Second Row: P. S. FITZGERALD. Assistant Sevretary-Treasurer: D. R. SHEARER, Councillor First Row: G. D. KENNEDY, Vice-President: F. O. PLANT, Presidentg S. A. RENWICK, Secre- tary-Treasurer. L MOOT COURT-UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, 1937-1938 Second Row: S, J. MOULDER, Bailiff: P. S. FITZGERALD, Deputy-Registrar, W. G. PERRY, Secretary-Treasurer: R. D. HILL, Registrar. First Row: B. B. SI-IAPIRO, Magistrate: A. R. CAMPBELL, Chief Justice Third Division: W. R. CHAMBERLAIN, Chief Justice of the Moot Court, J. F. ISARD, Chief Justice Second Divisiong J. J. BLACK, Chief Justice Fourth Division. 218 ENGLISH AND HISTORY CLUB Second Row: KEN MAWSON, Victoria Representative: GWENDOLYN PLANT, U. C. Representa- tive, JUNE MARQUIS, Trinity Representativeg ANGUS DIXON. St. Michaels Representative. First Row: OLIVE MULHALL, Secretaryg WILLIAM BODDY, Presidentg JOYCE KIRK, Vice-Presi- dentg GARNET MAY, Treasurer. The English and History Club HE English and History Club is made up primarily of those students for whom English and History are major subjects, although its membership is open to all those who are interested. The club meets once a month and usually a professor delivers a paper or an address on a literary or historical subject, after which the members informally discuss the topic. Academic dullness is avoided as far as possible and refreshments are served at the con- clusion of the meeting. This year the meetings began with a tea at the Women's Union when a number of new members were welcomed and representatives of the various colleges elected. During the term, the club has been very fortunate in securing for its meetings such outstanding and interesting speakers as Mr. Morley Callaghan, Mr. Northrup Frye, Mr. Wilson Knight, Dr. E. J . Pratt, Mr. W. C. D. Pacey and Dr. R. Preston. To complete the year, a banquet and dance was held in March and the executive for the forthcoming year was elected. 219 GERMAN CLUB Second Row: RUTH BIGGAR, First Year Representative: MARGARET CONLIN, Refreshments, GERALD BAUR, First Year Representative: ENID JERMYN, Publicity. First Row: Lors FLEMING, Secretaryg ARTHUR BERNSTEIN, Presicierrtq PROE. J. A. SURERUS, Honorary President: SYLVIA MEI,SON, Vice-President, FRED BEHARRTELL. The German Club URING the course of the year the German Club endeavours to offer its undergraduate and graduate members a taste of everything German- except German beer. In addition to special features at each of the six meet- ings held at various colleges on the campus, the singing of German songs and the partaking of German refreshments, with the above-noted exception, form regular parts of each programme. An exceedingly interesting address on "Modern Germany", by Professor J. A. Surerus, Honorary President of the club, marked the opening meeting of this year. The program for the following meeting, in November, consisted of a description, in German, of "The New German Education," by Karl Weit- kamp, the current Davis exchange student, and a delightful piano recital by Mr. Albert Fuchs. The December meeting took the form of a Faschingabertd, a type of German masquerade, at which the music was provided by a native German orchestra. A demonstration of the Rheinldndertanz was a feature of the evening, which saw also the introduction of the Schnitzelbank, a famous German folk song. A musical programme under the direction of the eminent pianist, Dr. Balogh, constituted the January meeting, while in February Madame Emmy Heim, famous Viennese singer, offered a charming group of German and French folk songs. The final gathering of the year took place in March with the presentation of Einer Muss Heiraten, as directed by Prof. Surerus. An additional feature of this meeting was an informal talk by Father Florian, a Czechoslovakian priest, who has travelled widely. 220 ITALIAN -SPANISH CLUB Second Row: THOMAS N. Psrzslco, Business Manager: JIULIO MoL1NARo, Secretary: VICTOR DE BONIS, Treasurer. First Row: GLADYS D. ASHDOWN, Vice-President: J. Q. FISCHETTE, President, A. MACRI, First Year Representative. The Italian-Spanish Club HE ITALIAN-SPANISH CLUB has, since its formation, made great strides toward a better understanding and appreciation of the cultures of Spain, Italy and Latin America. The meetings, which have always had this great objective in view have this year been very successful and encouraging. Among the speakers who assisted were, the Italian Vice-Consul, Don Guido Colonna of the Princes of Paliano, whose family history can truly be said to be the history of Italy, and who spoke on "Sport in Italy", J. H. Parker, lec- turer of the Department of Italian and Spanish of University College, whose talk "On Mexico" was very enlightening, and Prof. Surerus of Victoria College, who gave an illustrated lecture on his trip through Italy. The meetings are held at the Women's Union, 79 St. George Street, and include musical enter- tainment and refreshments. The members of the Italian-Spanish Club include many prominent people from the Italian and Spanish-speaking colonies of Toronto. To the members of the staff who have cooperated with the club, are due the sincere thanks of the executive and members. 221 WOMEN'S DEBATING UNION Second Row: MARGARET CONLIN, St. Michael's Junior Representatioeg MIRIAM ANGLIN, Treasurer, St. Michaelisg ELIZABETH BLAIR, St. Hilda's Junior Representativeg MARGARET HESS, University College Junior Representative. First Row: JESSIE JOHNSTONE, Vice-President, Victoriag MARGARET LARGE, President, St. Hilda'sg EDITH LEHTO, Secretary, University College. Absent: MISS IRENE Blss, Honorary President and Coach: AMY SCHAUI-'I-'1.ER, Victoria Junior Representative. The Women's Debating Union HE Women's Debating Union is comprised of representatives from the four colleges of the University of Toronto, and it is connected with the Women's debating unions of Queen's, McMaster, and McGill Universities. Throughout this year the four University debating unions have kept in close touch with one another. Their efforts culminate each year in the Intercollegiate Debate. This year it was held between the three Ontario Universities mentioned above, and resulted in a victory at home against Queen's, but in a loss for the Varsity team at McMaster. During the year interfaculty debates are held on moot questions con- cerning current political issues, problems of interest to women, and university matters. The Debating Union gives all university women the opportunity of expressing themselves clearly on subjects of primary concern to them by means of practical training in debate. 222 EXECUTIVE OF THE TEACHERS' COURSE ASSOCIATION Second Row: H. H. MONKMAN, Editor: I. E. DAVEY. Secretary-Treasurer: G. J. BARRETT, Assistant Secretary. First Row: J. E. LAUGHLIN, B.A., B.PAED., Graduate Representative: B. DICK, B.A., Presi- dent: W. J. DUNLOP, B.A., B.PAED., Director of University Extension.: F. A. SMITH, M.A., PH.D.. Staff Representative: R. E. SMITH, B.A., Past-President. Absent: R. H. CHAMPION, Vice-President. The Teachers' Course Association URING the year social activities were organized by the Association for B two sessions-the Summer Session, attended by approximately five hundred students, and the Winter Session in which there were nearly seven hundred. Summer Session students enjoyed the reception at Whitney Hall, the dance at Hart House, the boat trip to Port Dalhousie, the summer dance at the Boulevard Club, the golf tournament, and the tennis tournament. Tennis was played every afternoon. The Winter Session students were entertained at the reception and dance at the College of Education, the Ladies' Tea, the skating party at the Varsity Rink, and the dance at the Ontario College of Education, the men's stag night at the Duke of York School, and the dinner dance at the King Edward Hotel. Many of the students played badminton every Monday evening at the Duke of York School. The Teachers Course Scholarship .Awards were granted to Mr. G. A. Anderson of Toronto, and to Mr. A. D. Brain of Ottawa for outstanding ability in Third Year History. 223 PHYSICAL EDUCATION DIPLOMA ASSOCIATION Second Row: SARAH MERRICK, RUTH THOMAS, MARGARET AITKEN. First Row: MOLLY MOORE, First Year Representativeg GLADYS WAGG, Pfresidentg Miss I. COVENTRY. Honorary Presiclentg YVONNE FORD, Secretaryg ELEANOR HEATHERINGTON, Treasurer. The Physical Education Diploma Flssociation HYSICAL Education Diploma students only are eligible for membership in this association, and the enthusiasm and interest in its activities is noteworthy as they are all carrying a heavy course consisting, in the first three years, of a complete Pass Arts as well as from six to ten hours a week of Physical Education theory and practice, while the fourth year have Physical Education practice and subjects relating to Physical Education amounting to an average of twenty-five hours a week. The Association organizes the various social activities for the course throughout the year, the first taking the form of a banquet to welcome the Freshies. A supper party was held in November, after which Miss Marie Lauder, a graduate of the course, showed very interesting moving pictures taken on her recent trip abroad. In December the fourth year entertained members of the Staff at a tea held at 44 Hoskin, and another event of December was a Christmas Tea at the home of Miss Forster. A feature of February was the badminton tournament in which each year of the course entered a singles and a doubles team. Last year for the first time this Association entered a swimming team in the Interfaculty meet. They made a very good showing, losing out to University College only in the relay. Beth Currey and Marg Hall of the Physical Educa- tion Diploma Team were chosen among others to represent Varsity at the Intercollegiate meet held in Hamilton. The Annual At-Home, previously held at a private residence, was this year held at Wymilwood, owing to the increased numbers enrolled in the course. A camping holiday at the end of May concluded the activities of the Association for the year. 224 COUNCIL OF THE STUDENT CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT Third Row: BLAKE WOOD, President of the Theological College Union, JOHN HAYWARD, President of S.P.S.g TOM DALE, President of University College: JIM GEORGE, Trinity: JOHN COLEMAN, Chairman of the Hart House Committee. Second Row: VERA BINNINGTON, Medical Women, BILL SERVICE, President of Med's Meng EDNA MAY QILENTIN, Social Science Representativeg MURIEL STRUTHERS, President Student Volunteer Movement Uniong AMY SCHAUFFLER, Chairman of the Worship Committee, MURIEL BEATON, Associate-President, Victoria College, NORMAN MACKENZIE, Victoria Representatifueg EDITH CLYSDALE, Chairman of National Conference Forums. First Row: ALEX SIM, President, Victoria: DOROTHY FLEMING, General Secretary: WILERED SMITH, President, JESSIE STORRIE, Associate-President: ART DAYFOOT, Treasurer, KATH- ARINE BRYCE, Secretaryg REV. DR. W. C. LOCKHART, General Secretary. Absent: THELMA THOMPSON, Associate-President, University College: MARIE MCDOUGALL, United Church Training School. The Student Christian Movement HE STUDENT CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT is a fellowship of students who believe that unity in individual personality and community in human relationships is only possible through allegiance to Jesus Christ. They believe that He is the supreme revelation of God and hence the means to the full realization of life. The Movement in the University of Toronto is part of the Student Chris- tian Movement of Canada and also of the World's Student Christian Federa- tion, an international fellowship of Christian students, which has its head- quarters in Geneva. In the University of Toronto the Student Christian Movement seeks to include in its fellowship the students of all colleges and faculties who are concerned to face the fundamental problems of life and to know the relevancy of Jesus Christ to their lives and to their world. This involves a programme of study groups, lectures, seminars, conferences, worship services and other gatherings which are planned and directed by a student executive greatly aided by two full-time secretaries. Notable features of this year's programme have been the two series of noon-hour addresses, one in Hart House on the subject "Christianity Faces a New World" and in the Women's Union, "Women in a Changing World". The Student Volunteer Movement Union and the Theological College Union, both of which have carried on an active programme during the year, are an integral part of the S.C.M. The Movement has also played an active part this year in the promotion of the Chinese Student Relief drive and the National Conference of Canadian University Students at Winnipeg. 225 THE VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Second Row: D. C. HUNT, Publicity: H. F. NEWMAN, General Secretaryg C. A. M. EDWARDS, Secretary. First Row: Miss G. E. JULIEN, Music: Miss M. M. BECKER, Vice-President: S. E. SMITH, President: Miss H. M. DOEY, Missionary Secretary: R. H. WILLIABIS, Treasurer. The Varsity Christian Fellowship HE Varsity Christian Fellowship is a branch of the Inter-Varsity Chris- tian Fellowship which originated in the Universities of Great Britain in 1877. The organization now embraces groups of Christian students throughout the world. Closely affiliated with the I.V.C.F. in Canada is the Inter-School Christian Fellowship with branches in many of the secondary schools. The Fellowship is founded on the conviction that personal relationship with God is realized only through faith in Jesus Christ, His Son. Its aim is to deepen and strengthen the spiritual lives of, its members and to seek to lead others to a personal faith in Him, that they may share the life abundant which He gives to those who commit their lives entirely into His hands. The activities of the group fall into two divisions. The study groups, dealing with important phases of Christianity, are designed to establish Chris- tians in the faith. The Gpen Meetings aim to interest those who have not as yet identified themselves with Jesus Christ. Prayer Meetings are held daily from 1.40 to 2 p.m. in Room 38, University College and Jackson Hall, Victoria College. Many students are finding that the program of the Fellowship fills a need in their lives, and we trust that in the coming years God may be pleased to increase further its effectiveness for Him. 226 EAST HOUSE, UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, 1937-38 Third Row: G. CAUDWELL, H. J. MURPHY, M. R. BROWN, W. FOWLER, N. I. GODFREY, C. E. BEYNON, D. MINTZ, W. J. JACKSON, G. GENGOS, J. D. I. GRANT. Second Row: J. A. LEWIS, E. B. CAI-IOON, W. L. ELLIOT, K. BUSBY, K. BECKETT, E. L. HEALY, C. R. PHILLIPS, H. V. PRITCHARD, J. D. NEAR, F. PARROTT, C. L. DUBIN, B. MERRILL, N. T. BARRATT, H. P. LABERGE, R. F. DECK, T. D. COWPER, J. T. MAW, J. H. Ross, W. H. BURY, G. M. WEICKER, T. C. KEEFER, JR., J. L. COHEN, D. FINLAYSON, C. THEUERLE, G. R. GAYMAN. First Row: J. I. THOMPSON, A. C. RIEDER, J. R. SCOTT, R. W. PRITCHARD, L. N. MACDOUGALL, MR. R. C. WIREN, B.A.SC.q W. P. BRIEN, F. N. BEATTIE, I. SUSSMAN, C. E. SYLVESTER. Absent: D. P. CRICHTON, W. R. TRUSLER, J. M. GREER. East House VERY year brings East House a new record of activity and achievement, and it is no easy task to bring its history up to date. Our house, as always, has an amazingly cosmopolitan population this year with members from as far west as British Columbia and some even from the sister dominion of Australia, and although all these men have a wide range of interests yet we are firmly knit together by the friendly spirit of East House. It is this soli- darity that has built for us a tradition that will go on long after this solid old red pile has fallen victim to the ravages of time, and it is this same feeling that has enabled us to maintain our usual high standard in every one of our activi- ties. Even our freshmen became conscious of the fighting East House spirit and went out and won the Bed Race Cup for us bringing it back to its rightful place on the East House mantel along with the Athletic Shield. The inter- house athletic teams fought gallantly, and as usual, every man was a star. Our social activities have been more successful than ever-particularly the Resi- dence At-Home. We have had a good year, and much of the credit goes to our genial and understanding Housemaster. But the success of this year creates no new standard for us, it only maintains a great tradition that is as old as East House itself! 227 NORTH HOUSE, UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, 1937-38 Fourth Row: WM. DARK, T. AUSTIN, WM. WARDLEY, C. J. GAVILLER. Third Row: J. K. KIDD, E. C. GRUNDY, M. W. BARTLEY, W. G. ScoTT, D. B. SPENCE, D. W. PATTERSON, M. K. RIDDLE, G. D. MCQUADE, W. RIDLEY, G. GOODWIN, D. B. UNDERHILL, B. M. MIDDLETON, D. T. LAPP, L. V. LICHTY, V. K. PREST, J. R. CoLvILLE, L. S. LAUCHLAND. Second Row: F. N. RIDLEY, H. E. MCLEAN, C. G. HADLEY, R. R. CRooME, D. H. MACDOUGALL, W. J. LESTER, J. C. CLINE, K. M. MACPI-IERsoN, E. H. HYMMEN, N. W. SMITH, M. ORCHARD, J. C. COPELAND. First Row: T. G. QUANCE1 T. S. WILsoN, Secretary, D. M. BURPEE, President: DR. L. GIL- CHRIST: R. H. BRUCK, Tutorg H. H. MACKINNON, Treasurer, W. J. REID, L. B. WALKER. North House ELCOMED once more by our sympathetic and understanding House- master, Dr. Gilchrist, North Housemen faced 1937-38, a year which augured well for true companionship, diligent work, and clean fun, amidst a home-like atmosphere. To some the surroundings were new: to many, time- worn and beloved: to all welcome and awaited. The characteristic initiation was carried on under the capable leadership of our genial House President, Don Burpee, assisted by the more than willing hands of the senior students-much to the enjoyment but also embarrassment of the bedraggled Frosh. The Freshmen of the House fared nobly in the traditional bed-race, and had they not been strangers to the city would have undoubtedly found College Street first. North House is rapidly becoming a Toronto-home for students from all parts of the Dominion, this year more than ever, has we have students in the House representing all provinces except British Columbia and Prince Edward Island. The value of such an arrangement is priceless, as there is rapidly developing a keen understanding of Canadian inter-sectional problems by a gentlemanly fashion, discussion. North House activities have been numerous and varied during the year. Our friendly inter-house athletic contests have been sportingly entered and thoroughly enjoyed. Although on the short end of many engagements we have met defeat in the typical North House manner-smiling! This year has seen keen debates within the House, on timely economic subjects, in fact, many of our "bull sessionsn on Provincial-Dominion relations would put the "Rowell Royal Commissioni' to shame. Our Sunday evening siestas in Dr. Gilchrist's room, and the monthly house meetings have been enjoyable get-togethers. Our social functions have been well attended, capably managed., financial successes, and enjoyed by all. 228 SOUTH HOUSE, UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, 1937-38 Fifth Row: G. M. DENT, H. T. JONES, D. MCPHERSON, G. M. MITCHELL, L. ROBINSON. Fourth Row: J. R. MINGAY, S. A. SOLOMON, G. M. JOHNSTON, C. A. ERNST, M. L. TRUSTER. Third Row: J. G. DIGNAM, J. B. GALBRAITH, S. H. CHAMBERS, J. A. ARNASON, W. F. NUGENT, W. R. MEREDITH, A. R. THOMPSON, D. G. GOEFIN, J. B. BENSON, R. T. WADDINGTON, R. N WEST. Second Row: E. D. MAHER, T. MEEK, W. J. AKINS, B. A. HORTOP, J. L. JOHNSTON, T. K. CRAGG, C. P. GLOVER, R. F. ROBB, C. A. BENSON, J. C. Fox, D. E. ACAL, L. R. DENT, M. A. KILPATRICK. First Row: J. E. BAKER, J. MCCABE, W. H. MCPHERSON, M. F. WILLIAMS, DR. H. A. HOSKIN, E. B. TOVEE, D. B. KELLY, D. W. MORISON, G. A. HARPUR, E. A. TURNER. Absent: J. H. CAMPBELL, A. W. CHALK, V. L. TIDEY. South House HE final year in South House for the members of 3T8 started auspiciously with the introduction of the F rosh to residence life under the capable handling of the Sophomores. This inaugurated a lively year in South House social life. The Residence dance and South House parties, and not least Dr. Hoskin's midnight treats, will long be remembered. To Dr. Hoskin, indeed, we are deeply indebted for his many endeavours on our behalf. The fine academic standing of the House set last May will doubtless be excelled this year. Moreover, the Inter-House shield lost last year to East House, bids fair to return to our mantel. Thus the House, guided by the iron hand of dictatorship under our Lilliputian Emperor, completes one of the best years in its history, despite the fact that, at times, anarchy threatened to raise its ugly head. Unfortunate are those who, from now on, will cease to pay "for paintefs time and material". 229 STUDENTS C0-OPERATIVE RESIDENCE, 1937-38 Third Row: ALEX FILSI-I:Eg ARCHQE MANSON, Manager, Fall Term, GECRGE N:ccLsoN, ROWELL BOWLES, NEIL MCINTYRE, ART Fox, GEORGE UMAHARAJ Roy SINIITH, Secretary, Spring Term: LLOYD FRANCIS: RALPH JAMES, Manager, Spring Term. Second Row: HARVEY HAMILTON, BERT MATHER, HILTON TURNER. JCE LAYCOCK, DoN FAR- QUHARSON, CAMPBELL Down. First Row: BOB DODDS, President, Spring Term: DOUGLAS MODULE, Secretczry, Fall Term Bos HURST, ART DAYFOOTQ NORMAN KELLEY, President, Fall Term. Absent: DAVID SMITH. Don. The Students' Co-operative Residence S a result of the visit of the Japanese co-operator, Toyohiko Kagawa, to E Q America in 1935, a group of Toronto students decided to put into prac- tice the principles of co-operation. They established' in 1936 a Co-operative Residence, with the purpose of providing the advantages of residence life at a cost no greater than boarding-house rates. The Residence has been able to give room and board at an average rate of less than 36.00 per week. Two facts account for this low rate. Each member does four hours' work a week for the Residence. And Victoria University has very kindly provided a building at cost of upkeep. If a student is particularly hard up, extra work may be arranged for him in the Residence, so that his expenses will be even less. The purpose of the Residence is not merely the social and economic advan- tage of its members, but also definite adherence to the co-operative movement as a whole. It follows the Rochdale principles of consumer co-operation in its organization, which means that it is democratically controlled by its members, that its membership is unrestricted on political, social, racial or religious groundsg and that any surplus on operating expenses is refunded to members according to the amount each has paid in for services. In addition, contact with student co-operatives throughout Canada is maintained through the Canadian Student Co-operative Committee. The Residence is an expanding institution, having shown an increase of 202: in membership in its second year. Five colleges and faculties are repre- sented in the House. Interested students who are unable to become full mem- bers may join in the social, educational and other activities of the Residence as Associate Members. 230 1 , 1 U' ' r wif' """"r--Q4 V12 ,,, nf. Hung ma, 4 -1 ,. -X . . ,,-. W 1 fx. ,, . f , ' ., . ' 1 , M Q ,, .. ,, I. ,V1,, . . - Y iN' f., . ' - ,.......... -,.... .1 ! I . f ' 'nfldi Q x -Q .F Q 'M 1? 1: 'Q A little variation on a theme oi "lt's not tor lcnowledge that we came to college." By ROY KEMP. Top: Hart House Choristers Re- hearse. iPhoto-Errol Cahoonl. Special apologies to Mr. Charles Peaker, conductor Cleftj for am- putation. It was a red-letter occasion at the U.C. Lit. The gentlemen sang, Kaplansky played, and George Stoddart out-Cody-ed the Presi- dent. All t-he ladies had to do was register appreciation. You can take it with you. The annual bed-race gets under way- one of those traditions. No, that is not a Fascist salute. It is sim- ply "Bon Soir, lVI'sieu photogra- pher." fPhotors-Telegramj. Ci'rcle.' The Fall Sport, illus- trating the end of a perfect pass. 234 What would a university be without. Marx? tspecial attention Globe 771 Mailj. Photo shows a student rapidly becoming a Com- munist. The strange part of it is that ever since Marx Wrote his three fat volumes of unintelligible p hi l o s o p h y, intellectuals and pseudo-intellectuals have been quarrelling about what he really meant. Top and Bottom: The class struggle goes on every year at Victoria College. The freshmen get just as red as tomatoes can make them. Anyway, they seem eager for the fray fsecond from bottomj. Second from Top, Left: And here are some of those agitators we have been hearing about. Right outside Hart House, too! Looks like material for the Champus Cat. Circle: English rugger, I be- lieve they call it. iPhoto-Herb Nottl. 235 The morning after School Nite. tNorth American Copyright - Torontonensisj . Top Right: Every year it has to be done. The Survey party checks up. Repercussions from the Pro- vincial Legislature have a way of disturbing foundations. Then. and Now: William Mu- lock, aged 22 fCi'rcleI was a militiaman at the time of the Fen- ian raids. Now, aged 94, he is Chancellor of this University. Left Centre: Louder, please! Campbell Mclnnes conducts a Hart House songster. Right Centre: Try this one some time! The University Symphony re- hearses. The Hart House Quartet has returned from travels in Europe. Beth-Forbes, band leader: Western U. is a feature of any rugby game. B o t t o m: One of those fast plays. 4 236 It's not a minuetteg nor is it a gavotte. It's the Big Apple. Looks more African than European in origin. Took the campus by storm this year. Sam Lipin, who popu- larised this dance motif here, demonstrates how it really should be done fcircle, small frectanglel. We owe a lot to you, Sam! Ross Silversides, Mary Carson, appear at the Hart House Mas- querade. For sake of comparison. The tempo of plain ball-room dancing is much slower. Scene: New Year's Eve, Hart House gymna- sium. Fair fans at the Vic-at-home. Left to right - Leith Ferguson, Lucy Jane Grabell, Jean Macfar- lane, Doris Marshall, Meryn Storey, Gladys Johnson. iPhoto- J. Brownl. Bottom Left: After the ball was over. U.C. Follies. Left to right- Margaret Mickle, George Stod- dart, Peggy Abbes, Ed. Wallace. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Macdonald appear at the Arts Ball. "Alec" is foster-father of many student ac- tivities, the Varsity band, the Uni- versity Symphony, The Varsity and Tofrontonensis, among others. fPhoto-Errol Cahoonj. 237 What is it? It's the U.C. Follies of 1937, seen during rehearsal and during performance. Top Right: Lou Applebaum and Perry Millar have a try at song composition. Or maybe they are only looking over the score. Any- way, it seems nice and chummy, whatever it is. Top Left and Right C entre: The bird's - eye view was from the electrician's gallery, Hart House stage. Left Centre: Song routine, I believe. Katie Robertson in the centre. Recess between acts. Time to catch up on your knitting. Bottom: The ladies' chorus seems to be favourite here. Left to Right -Helen Gardiner, Sue Bridgeman, Elizabeth Field, Francis Brown, Noella Sea- bourne, Marg. Grieve, Fran. Mc- Laughlin, Jean Kidder, Ruth Howitt, Mary Carter. 238 Pirates of Penzance. The Vic. Music Club is t-he only organiza- tion on the Campus that attempts anything as presumptuous as a light opera. Perhaps it's too am- bitious. Anyway, it's very good fun, both for performers and audi- ence. Top Left.: The pirate captain sccms to be much in demand. Top Right: Glenn Eagle, Jean Carmichael, listen to Marguerite Spanner, as she rehearses her lines, between acts. Left Centre: The arm of the law. Justice will be done, even on thc high seas. Other scenes photographed dur- ing Act I, from the balcony. 239 4,1 - Top: Seen at the New Year's Eve Alumni Night, Hart House: Mary Evans, Jessie Tompkins, Quita Mennell. Below: Is it permissible to be- come lyrical about the Hart House Masquerade? Bonhomie, convivi- ality, and gallantry, were kings on that occasion. This was the state, this was the condition, as in Spen- ser's Faerie Queefner Then our age was in its prime. . . A very merry, dancing, drinking, Laughing, quaffing, and unthink- mg Time. 240 U.C. AND VICTORIA GO DRAMATIC Scenes from- Elizabeth Bennet-A. A. Milne. Michael and Mary-A. A. Milne. The University dramatic socie- ties have had, in recent years, a predilection for Russian drama. This year A. A. Milne was the favourite. Top Right, Second from Top, Left: Michael and Mary. Second from Bottom, Right: Iris Matthews and Leith Fergu- son apply Finishing touches on make-up before performance. Make-up is one of those rituals . . . The play was directed this year by George Johnson, 3T6, Victoria. Lower Right: John Watson, Lucy Jane Grabell pose for the cameraman before going on the stage. The pictures of Elizabeth Ben- net were taken during perform- ance, from the wings. 241 Winnipeg, here we come! One of the big events of the year was the National Student Conference at Winnipeg. Top: A group of delegates hand t-heir tickets to the trainman. Centre: Seen on the steps of the train. Are you conference conscious? Top Circle: The Varsity cheer leaders do their stuff. Sing, sing, like the ladies sing. The sophomores out-sing the freshmen at the Victoria College "Bob", Lower Circle: Not an ad for silk hosiery. This is the sort of thing that no longer goes on at Victoria. The ladies in the resi- dences all have their own keys. They no longer have to obey the curfew-hour. Bottom: "That's not a car". Grace Genesove and Mary Munro have something to say about Don Long's vehicle. Jack Brower, on the "rumble seat", seems a bit sceptical, too. fPhoto-Tom Whitesidej. 242 Out of the depths of Hart House: The Arts and Crafts Club and the Camera Club carry on. Left: Murray Paulin and Bill Arm- strong go to work on a clay model. Measuring the cephalic index seems to be part of the process. Right: J. Brown mixes one of those photographic brews. Upper Centre: Part of the hulla baloo at the Hart House elections. The cave-men, the Indians, the "long shanksn were part of the symbolism at "School Nite". tPhotos-Daily Starj. Right Centre: "Set 'em up". The gentlemen of the Tuck Shop, Hart House. iPhoto-Herb Nottj. Left Centre: Ross Hoffman "on the air", Hart House elections. Ed. Belyea seems amused at these tactics. Circle: When Canisius came to town. The wrestlers from Buffalo know their holds. Right, Second from Bottom: Silence is requested .... The uni- versity library is always a popu- lar rendezvous, e s p e cially in April. iPhoto-J. Brownl. Bottom: Dolphinets Phalanx. Ornamental swimming by Dol- phinets was a feature of several Hart House parties-New Year's Eve, School Nite, Alumni Nite. 243 1 Q 'a if ff ' E ,V A fffi'-is a P ff , k xt' miie' 4 , ,, 76 , 1 3 ix, 12, -g ' 7 M A " ERR. fm QZW IN X1 In V Q E15 f Y gf f 45 ' lr . Z' fn, . 3 3 W4 Q Lf QM., ,Q K Q21- f Q- ., a ,uf .v 4 A- -4. .rv ,,- 'f.', QF ,A M, Q ' 5,53 5, Sim S ' , 3, mg , wg Q9 ,W 5 -A W 4.-wean n ,, 1 ...x 4-an QQ W I ,400 ..- .W A wr .uw fr 1 -s yi f , A 1 wk -ww: . vi ,qfw , mi S KV, , 4 ' 'f Rmzxs ,Q ,SM Q U L - f 1 YK , ,g A Q 5? M Q J- . 9' . wi ' Q x 'W R x , 4 5 ,p X Q YQ 1 ' aa ,- fx N km k J , ,gi S lk X ' XS? W fs ff X 'f l EXECUTIVE OF THE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LITERARY AND ATHLETIC SOCIETY Second Row: S. G. M. GRANGE, Assistant Secretary-Treasurerq P. C. MCGILLICUDDY, Treas- urer, H. N. TATTERSALL, Secretaryg T. F. C. COLE, Fourth Year President, A. B. MAC- ILMOYLE, Third Year President, T. C. DALY, Second Year President, J. M. WEEKES, First Year President. First Row: G. B. DONALDSON, Athletic Director, A. G. RANKIN, President: PROF. F. H. UNDER- HILL, Honorary President, G. W. PETERS, Literary Director: G. W. W. STODDART, Social Director. University College Literary and Hthletic Society FTER a strenuous and exciting year, the "Lit,' is still alive and flourish- , ing. A combination of good speakers and delectable refreshments at- tracted large crowds to the open meetings. The two chief speakers were P. M. Richards, financial editor of Saturday Night, and the Hon. Leopold Macaulay, leader of the Conservative party in the provincial Legislature. Perhaps the most agreeable meeting was the festive occasion in December when the "Lit" entertained the W.U.A. with skits, refreshments, and dancing. When this ges- ture was returned by the W.U.A. in January, the joy of the men knew no bounds. Under the editorship of our latest Rhodes scholar, Alan Jarvis, the Under- graduate bestirred itself and brought forth two remarkable issues instead of the customary one. The Parliamentary Club managed to have its constitution changed to open its membership to the ladies of the College. This feminine element helped considerably to brighten the task of the Speaker, Perry Millar. In the realm of athletics, the College awakened from its slumbers with so much gusto that the Athletic Director found no difficulty in keeping in the best of condition. It is true to say that a new interest has been aroused in athletics, which augurs well for the "Red and White". In the lighter things of life, the "Lit" has been equally successful. This year, the Follies, produced by Gibson Gray and directed by Lou Weingarten, fascinated three large audiences, and the Arts Ball was born anew in the shape of a cabaret dance in the Great Hall of Hart House. Lastly, the Junior- Senior Dance, taking place on the night of the highly successful co-educational graduation dinner, topped off the year's social activities in grand style. Finally, it would be impossible to conclude without mentioning the great debt of gratitude that the '4Lit', owes to its retiring Honorary President, Pro- fessor Underhill, for the fatherly interest he has shown in the affairs of the society. 246 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S UNDERGRADUATE ASSOCIATION Second Row: GEORGINA DAVEY, Second Year Presideutg BUNTY LANG, Athletic Director: JOYCE TENENBAUM, Publicity Directorg MARY BRUCK, First Year President: DORIS BAILEY, Third Year President: JOCELYN REA, Music Director. First Row: MRS. E. A. DALE, Honorary Presidentg MARGARET MCKAY, Social Directorg EVELYN BROWN, Secretary: J OSEPHINE LE PAN, President: FRANCES CARLISLE, Treasurer: ELIZABETH CAUDWELL, Fourth Year President: Miss M. B. FERGUSON, Dean. Absent: MARGARET TAYLOR, Social Service Director. University College Women's Undergraduate Association HE Women's Undergraduate Association is the self-government organi- zation Of the women of University College, of which every woman registered in the College is a member. It supervises and finances the athletics, and looks after the other interests of the women of the College. Due to the polio epidemic, the Senior-Freshman House Party for the year 1937-38 was cancelled, and a banquet for the Freshmen and Seniors was held somewhat later in the fall term. This was followed in the next week by the Freshman elections and initiation. The usual subsidies were granted to the Players' Guild, the Debating Union, th: S.C.lVI., and The Undergraduate. Further subsidies were granted to the committee in charge of the Arts Ball and to the four representatives of the W.U.A. at the Winnipeg Conference in December. The Social Service Committee took part in the annual campaign of the Federation for Community Service, which achieved its objective. In January, Dr. Gwen Mulock again presented a series of five lectures on eugenicsg but no Public-speaking Contest was held this year. The Social Pro- gramme includeid' two highly-entertaining joint meetings held with the Literary and Athletic Society of University College. The Women's Glee Club continued under the leadership of Mr. E. S. Lewis. The Graduation Banquet, given to each Senior, was held jointly with the men on March the fourth, following the election of the 1938-39 executives for both the W.U.A. and the Men's Literary and Athletic Societyg the banquet was followed by the annual University College Junior-Senior Dance. With the election of the executive of the W.U.A. for the year 1938-39 on March the fourth, the official activities of the Association were terminated for the year. 247 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE MEN,S 3T8 EXECUTIVE R. E. A. LINDSEY, Secretary: T. F. C. COLE, Presidentg G. C. COOKE, TT9flS'lLTC7'. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S 3T8 EXECUTIVE MYRTLE HILLYER, Secretary: MARNIE GRIGGS, Treasurerg BETTY CAUDWELL, Presidentg MAR GARET TAYLOR, Social Service Representative. T248 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE MEN'S 3T9 EXECUTIVE I. SUSSMAN, A. B. MCILMOYLE, K. STEWART. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S 3T9 EXECUTIVE MARY NAGLER, Secretary: DORIS BAILEY, P1-esidentg ISABEL YOUNGE, Treasurerq MARY ADELAIDE ACTON, Social Service. 249 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE MEN'S 4T0 EXECUTIVE ERNEST H. SMITH, Treasurer, T. C. DALY, Presidentg LLOYD FRANCIS, Secretary. U.C. WOMEN'S 4T0 EXECUTIVE GEORGINA DAVEY, President: JANET GRUBBE, Treasurerg JANE PATTERSON, Social Service Representative, PEGGY HILL, Secretary. 250 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 4T1 MEN'S EXECUTIVE S. T. KEY, Secretaryg J. M. WEEKES, Presidentg W. B. C. BURGOYNE, Treasurer. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S 4T1 EXECUTIVE RUTH M. D. BRUNKE, Secretary: MARY BRUCK, President: MARY WILDER, Treasurer: MARY EMMA SKAVLEM, Social Service Director. 251 5-'1 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE PARLIAMENTARY R University College Parliamentary Club OLERANT, rowdy, and radical as ever, the Parliament has acted as clearing house for student opinion for a sixth glorious year, finest little debating club on the campus. The Rt. Hon. Perry Millar brilliantly kept the peace as Speaker. Don Blackley and Armas Johnson profusely kept the minutes of the House as Clerk and Deputy-Clerk. The House learned to love its jovial Governor- General, Alex Rankin, although, as so often happens when the session is closed, some hot-heads attempted to assassinate him. Professors Underhill, Mclnnis, and Plumptre began a popular innovation when they visited the House as guest debaters. Visitors from Victoria and from Osgoode Hall also matched Wits with the students of U.C. By a difficult process of constitutional amendment the co-eds of University College were made official members of the club and on many occasions proved their rhetorical worth. Fascism, the Quebec Padlock Act, co-education at Varsity, foreign policy, divorce, provincial secession and student conferences were among the topics minutely examined and evaluated by a swift succession of liberal, popular front, more popular front and still more popular front governments. The House feels the lack of some stern reactionary opposition on which to expend its energies. Sid. Dillick, Harold Beveridge, Harry W. Olch, Lloyd Francis, James D. Ross, Doug. Morton, Armas Johnson and A. Rose all served briefly as the Right Honourable, the Prime Minister. With Sally Macdonald as leader of the opposition the House may start next year with a government of the ladies of U.C. 252 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE FRENCH CLUB Second Row: S. E. MCDONALD, Publicity Director, MISS S. B. MACDONALD, First Year Repre- sentative: F. M. TOVELL, Business Manager. First Row: W. R. LUSCOMBE, President: Miss J. L. GILLESPIE, Secretary: Miss M. MACDONALD, Honorary President, MISS A. FAESSLER, Vice-President, A. J. BERNSTEIN, Treasurer. University College French Club F IVE meetings out of six of the U.C. French, Club have already been held this year. As usual, We have had a short talk by one of the professors of the French department, a play, singing, refreshments and dancing. The speakers this year have been Messieurs Assie, de Champ, Rouillard, Jeanneret, Houpert. The subjects they chose were either general or: "The Paris Exhi- bition" and "Fashions in France", or literary. We have attempted this year to make the French Club rather more cul- tural than heretofore and have met, rather unexpectedly, with considerable success. For instance, at our December meeting Monsieur Rouillard spoke on La Fontaine, one of Whose fables: "Le meunier, son fils et l'ane'l, was presented later in pantomime. In February, Monsieur Houpert lectured on Musset, the final scenes of whose "Un Caprice" were performed. Our most ambitious venture, however, was a 'iMoliere evening" when Monsieur J eanneret was guest-speaker. The Trinity, Victoria and U.C. French Clubs all contributed in the presentation of scenes from: "Les Precieuses Ridiculesn, "Le Tartuffen, "Le Misanthropev, "Le Medecin Malgre Lui" and "Le Bourgeois Gentilhommew. Besides holding monthly meetings, the French Club gave at Hart House on the 15th of February, a three-act play by Rene Fanchois, entitled "Prenez Garde a La Peinturev. Under the direction of Monsieur Houpert and Miss Cole it achieved both an artistic and fmost happilyj a financial success. The French Club is very grateful to all those who have taken part in her activities, to the students, to the professors for their unfailing interest and willingness to help us and above all to Miss M. MacDonald, our Honorary- President, to whose untiring devotion a very large measure of our success this year is due. 253 .'?:esff. 1 v. , . , ,. a i B! . fir T I 3, I W . POQASAGMU- E Y 1 f .f 24' H- 3 E g E UNIVERSITY COLLEGE PLAYERS' GUILD. Second Row: H. N. TATTERSALL, C. B. WALKER, G. M. PAULIN, J. P. HARSHMAN, J. R. MAYBEE, R. M. BURNS, J. TERRACE, J. M. MOORE, T. C. DALY, W. S. GOULDING. First Row: A. H. ARMSTRONG, N. M. MITCHELL, D. B. Hicks, PROF. V. LANGE, L. J. GRAEELL, A. FAESSLER, C. G. SANDERSON, S. B. MACDONALD, A. J. IBERNSTEIN, F. G. HALPENNY. 1 University College Players' Guild NCE more the Guild is able to look back on a very successful season's work. The weekly plays, on the whole, have maintained a very hig-h standard both in acting and staging. The excellence of the acting arose partly from an abundance of talent in the Guild this year, and partly from more care- ful preparation by the individual directors. As regards staging, the Guild has continued to benefit from the improvements in technical equipment made last year, and from the skillful and faithful work of the stage crew. The plays produced during the year have consisted almost entirely of comedy, although in many varied forms. A new departure was made when the Guild presented a series of four plays tracing the development of English sophisticated comedy. The series opened with Lyly's 'iAlexander and Cam- paspen, written in 1580, and probably not produced for the last two centuries. There followed scenes from Sheridan's 4'School for Scandal", and Oscar Wilde's "The Woman of No Importancen, and the series was concluded with a brilliant play by Noel Coward, "Ways and Means". Perhaps the two funniest shows of this season were a glorious farce called HPoison, Passion and Petrefactionn by G. B. Shaw and a brilliant experiment in impromptu drama, called "Burst of Gloryn. Both of these plays lived up to their names. In the University Drama Festival this year the Guild entered a powerful tragedy called "Bath-Sheba of Saaremaan by the Finnish writer, Aino Kallas. And the season was concluded by a very well acted production, on their own stage, of Emlyn Williams' "Night Must Falln. 254 THE UNDERGRADUATE MAGAZINE STAFF Second Row: I. KAPLANSKY, RALPH IRELAND, PAUL MCGILLICUDDY, A. SHABERMAN. First Row: GEORGE PETERS, CONSTANCE LAILEY, ALAN JARVIS, FRANCES CARLISLE, JOHN PEARSON. Absent: MARGARET Hows, DAVID EISEN. The Undergraduate Magazine T was decided last year, in planning for the Undergraduate magazine, that the publishing of a single literary "year-book" did not adequately express the quantity or the variety of the undergraduate activity in University College. This year, therefore, the magazine has been issued once each term, the publi- cations being only slightly smaller than the former single issue. It was decided, too, that as much should be done to encourage creative activity, on the part of all undergraduates, as possible. To this end the Undergraduate has offered a series of cash prizes for literary and art-work, a substantial part of which money has been subscribed by interested members of the Staff of the College. The work of the editors has also been greatly simplified this year in having a large room given to the magazine by the College for use as an office. The response to the reorganized Undergraduate has been most gratifying and has convinced the staff of the magazine that there is room in University College for a purely literary publication and that there is enough fine work being done in the College to warrant publish- ing at least two, and possibly more, issues in future H years. The financial support of the Literary and Athletic Society, the Women's Undergraduate Association and THE UNDQIQEMDUATE the Alumni Association and the interest of the under- '37 graduates and faculty alike has enabled the present editors to make the Undergraduate a real mirror of undergraduate activity in University College. 255 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE MEN'S RESIDENCE Third Row: J. W. GEMMELL, J. F. REESOR, W. BEATTIE, K. WEITKAMP, S. J. KEY. W. A. COWAN, I. B. MACPHALL, S. G. M. GRANGE, T. E. JARVIS, R. D. MACKAY, H. E. L. MCLAUGHLIN. Second Row: W, G. P. MERRIFIELD, G. M. BRAUER, W. W. PREST. R. W. THOMPSON, L. N. SMITH, W. B. C. BURGOYNE, H. N. TATTERSALL, G. W. W. STODDART, J. M. WEEKES, M. WESTERN. First Row: J. G. LEVY, Treasurer: I. G. FERGUSON, Vice-President, F. O. PLANT, President, PROFESSOR C. N. COCHRANE, Dean, A. F. W. PLUMPTRE, Tutor, N. C. PHEMISTER, Secretary: L. J. VALIN, Librarian, R. J. MARSHALL. University College Men's Residence N recording the achievements of the residence for the past year there comes to mind the words of Plutarch, "If you live with a lame person you will learn to limp." Up to this year there has always been a sort of barrier between "73" and that mighty and intriguing cabal known as the "Executive" of the Literary Society of University College. But the old order changeth. Last autumn two members of the Executive announced their august presence to the house, claiming a share of our harmonious atmosphere. As sharpshooters of a new regime they tainted the freshmen with that dynamic and obtrusive thing known as politics and incited them to seek-and successfully, too-positions on their beloved executive. The residence and the Junior Common Room became a Damon and Pythias. But politics like to slide, not stand still, and now we find that more members have wormed their way into offices for next year. Mirabile dictu! Politics, however, has not been our all-consuming passion. Our genial president has been hobnobbing with the Governor-General. Our Librarian, the affable gentleman from the north, has achieved the reputation of being the unoificial U.C. representative at every major social function of the Campus. And then there is that rosy-checked Englishman who receives letters from the Secretary of the W.U.A. with the heading, 6'Dear Harry". J The only Sad note in our life is the departure of our "father-confessor" and tutor, Mr. Plumptre, who is breaking our celibacy for that noble institu- tion, marriage. Our loss is her gain. 256 CODY HOUSE COMMITTEE Second Row: JANE KNowLsoN, Library Representative: HELEN SUTHERLAND, Freshie Repre- sentativeg BETTY LITTLE, Sophomore Representative. First Row: JEAN CRAWFORD, Senior Representative: Mrss BASSAM, Dong MARY BROOKS, Head Girl: NOELA SEABORNE, Junior Representative. FALCONER HOUSE COMMITTEE Second Row: MARYL BALLANTYNE, First Year Representative: ANN MACDONALD, Library Representative: JANIE CHURCH, Second Year Representative. First Row: LAURIE PATTEN, Fourth Year Representative: Miss MARGUERITE D. MACDONALD. Dong DOROTHY G. SMITH, Head Girl: ANN LEACH, Third Year Representative. 257 HUTTON HOUSE COMMITTEE Second Row: FREDA HUGHES, Treasurerg MARGARET MCFARLANE, Secretary. First Row: MARGARET SMITH, Freshman Representativeg Miss HARRIET PARSONS, Dong PEGGY REID. Head Girl. MULOCK HOUSE COMMITTEE Second Row: MARGARET MCKILLOP, Freshman Representativeg JANE MUNRO, Sophomore Representativeg LAURA WILKIN, Library Representative. First Row: LUCY-JANE GRARELL, Head Girlg DR. H. STANTIAL, Dong SHIRLEY CAMPBELL, Senior Representativeg RUBY FERGUSON, Junior Representative. 258 VICTORIA COLLEGE UNION Second Row: J. D. AFFLECK, Treasurer: O. M. MULHALL, Secretary: N. R. BOWLES, Vice- President, M. C. BEATON, Assistant Social Directress, L. N. EARL, Assistant Social Director. First Row: E. W. WALLACE, JR., President: H. K. HALBERT, Social Directfress: CHANCELLOR E. W. WALLACE, Honorary President, M. E. BEST, Associate President, L. A. E. Dos, Social Director. The Victoria College Union HE Victoria College Union was developed in 1930 as a co-ordination of men's and w0men's existing student govermnents under one executive. Acting on the mandate of the students and as their official representatives to the College and University authorities, the Union has functioned smoothly and efficiently to promote the interests of its constituents. By means of a special fee levied upon all students at Victoria College, the Union is able to finance the Debating Parliament, the Women's Literary Society, and Acta Victoriana, the ofHcial undergraduate publication. A very radical departure from custom was made this year, in the supervision of Class Fees by the Union, and a reduction to the uniform charge of 31.00. It has meant more careful budgeting by the Class Executives, and the Union thanks them for their co-operation. This year's 'Bob', led by a Director appointed by the Union, was a great success, and gave the incoming freshmen a rousing welcome to Victoria Col- lege. The Scarlet and Gold, and Women's Tea Dances probably made all- time records, both in attendance and in unfulfilled demands for tickets. The Vic At-Home proved to be as popular as in the past, and marked the peak of our social season. Interest in the conduct of our student government has run quite high this year, as evinced by the record attendances at two Open Meetings this Spring. A special Commission brought in a challenging report on the pro- jected plans to renovate Alumni Hall. The social and financial policies of the Executive also received the necessary discussion. In conclusion, the Executive of the Victoria College Union extends to the Graduating Class of 1938 its best wishes for a future of development, service and prosperity in the years to come-'Abeunt studia in mores'. 259 ANNESLEY STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Second Row: MARGARET RUTHERFORD, SADIE MACEACHERN, MARGARET VANEVERY, BEATRICE HUFF, KATHLEEN WALLACE, FERN KENNEDY. First Row: ISABEL MCINTOSHQ MARGARET CHAMBERS, Treasurefrg HELEN KAUFMAN, President: Miss J. MACPHERSON, Dean of Womeng HELEN PLUNKETT, Vice-Presidentg HELEN PART- RIDGE, Secretafryq MARGARET FLEMING. Annesley Student Government Hssociation HE Annesley Student Govermnent Association is the result of a petition sent to the Senate of Victoria College in the year 1912. This petition expressed the feeling then prevalent among the students that it was highly advisable to assume individual and communal responsibility in the life and conduct of the Women's Residences. Such responsibility, it was thought, if given the students would make for the development of character and the pro- motion of loyalty to the best interests of the residences. It was founded upon an agreement between the authorities of Victoria College and the resident women studentsg which agreement entrusted to the latter the management of all non-academic matters pertaining to conduct while in residence. Annesley Hall was the first women's residence in Canada to adopt this system of self- government and with necessary modifications it has been functioning steadily since its introduction. Each woman student in the residences of Victoria College is subject to the legislation of the constitution of A.S.G.A. and is in consequence a member of the Association. Representation from each of the four years is a factor in realizing the individual responsibility which each girl owes to the party she herself has helped to elect. It is this spirit of active co-operation between executive and members which is one of 16 reasons for 16 successes attained since the inauguration of 16 systems. The other cause is the sympathetic support given to the Association by Dean Jessie Macpherson and the Dons as a body and as individuals. With such assistance A.S.G.A. may hope to 'accomplish even more in the future and show itself an even greater power in the life of Victoria College. 260 VICTORIA COLLEGE BOB COMMITTEE Second Row: TOM PATON, 4T0g ALEX SUTTON, 3T8g WALTER ROBERTS, 4T0g EARLSTON DOE, 3T8g CAMPBELL MCLEAN, 4TO. First Row: Ross DUNFORD, 3T9g BRUCE HALL, 4T0g DAVID PROCTOR, 3T8g DIRECTOR DES JOHNS- TON, 4T0g RENNIE CHARLES, 4TO. The Sixty-fifth Bob O Seniors the Bob comes as a cold draught of air in a cosy room. It is the first chilly herald of the day when we are to be tossed out into the world, away from the genial warmth of college. No longer do we feel that we belong in the expectant rows of yellow ties. Nor do we belong in the ranks of black-gowned, sophomoric self-assurance. It is for others to shout home-made doggerel at a rival class. Too soon the steam-roller logic of the calendar will push us out into the cold. The Bob makes us realize with a rude jolt that this really is our final year. The Bob exists to welcome the freshmen into the life of the college. As in other years there were the skits holding up to ridicule the foibles of freshman and professor alike. In the traditional vein for strain?J the Bob Quartette sang the glories of 4T1. But the sixty-fifth Bob found a link, too, with the past in J. M. Wilkinson. He recalled the "Bob party" of 1874, the third Bob, when he was welcomed by Robert Beare himself. Like 4T1, the class of '78 was "the best class that ever entered Victoria". In a clear, strong voice that belied his eighty-four years he told of old VictOria's early days. After a frenzied two weeks of work the Bob Committee moves on to make room for another. We pass on the same traditional Bob, enhanced, we hope, to a sixty-sixth committee. 261 M E. Comronv VICE PRESIDENT TREASURER E M JACKSON E.wwALLACE,Jl. TOIONTONENSIS REP. MENS SENIOR STICK J.M.JonNsToNe ASSOCIATE PRESIDENT WOMENS SENIOR STICK HP mm I l - I'I.LNVAno PROEIIBENNETT YEMEN PRESIDENT HONPEESIDENT EXECUTIVE VICTORIA CCDLLEGE WOMLN'5 ATHLETIC STICK ASHLEY AND CRIPPEN TORONTO I'I.5.AllMSTRONG UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, Eggggggo N.H.MAcKaNzn: MLN'3 ATHLETIC STICK O.K.VAN Suomi TORONTONENSIS REP. VICTORIA COLLEGE 3T8 PERMANENT EXECUTIVE Second Row: H. S. ARMSTRONG, Tfreasurerg Miss M. E. BEATON, Secretaryg J. D. AF'FLECK, Vice-President. Fwst Row: Miss H. K. HALBERT, Associate Presidentg PROF. H. BENNETT, Honorary Presiclentg E. W. WALLACE, JR., President. 262 6 VICTORIA COLLEGE 3T9 FALL EXECUTIVE Second Row: HARVEY JONES, Vice-President: AUBREY JONES, Treasurer. First Row: ENID JERMYN, Secretaryg HUGH PRITCHARD, President, PROFESSOR SHORE, Honorary President, GLADYS JOHNSTON, Associate President. VICTORIA COLLEGE 3T9 SPRING EXECUTIVE Second Row: WILLIAM FENNELL, Vice-Presidentg AUBREY JONES, Treasurer. First Row: MARION LEADER, Secretary, EDWARD J ARVIS, President: PROFESSOR SHORE, Honorary President: RUTH BROWNLEE, Associate President. 263 VICTORIA COLLEGE 4T0 FALL EXECUTIVE Second Row: J. W. WILLARD, Treasurerg F. S. SIBERRY, President: H. L. VANWYCK, Vice- President. First Row: E. H. GOODFELLOW, Associate Presideritg PROFESSOR J. D. ROBINS, Honorary Presi- clerttg H. A. SCYTHES, Secretary. VICTORIA COLLEGE 4T0 SPRING EXECUTIVE Second Row: J. W. WILLARD, Treasurer-g A. M. CARTER, Presidentg D. CLUGSTON, Vice- President. First Row: M. L. BOTT, Secretaryg PROFESSOR J. D. ROBINS, Honorary Presidentg MARX' MACLEAN, Associate President. 264 VICTORIA COLLEGE 4T1 FALL EXECUTIVE Second Row: GEORGE CARTY, Treasurer, GLEN EAGLE, Vice-President. First Row: Lois BRADLEY, Associate President, ROBERT MILLER, President: MR. R. G. RIDDELL Honorary Presidentg MARGARET GRANT, Secretary. VICTORIA COLLEGE 4T1 SPRING EXECUTIVE Second Row: GEORGE CARTY, Treasurerg IAN MACLEOD, Vice-President. First Row: AUDREY ELLIOTT, Associate Presidentg ROBERT MCLAUCHLIN, President: MR. R. G RIDDELL, Honorary President, BETTIE MIHALKO, Secretary. 265 ACTA VICTORIANA Third Row: C. G. SANDLOS, Business Manager, J. R. DUNFORD, F. N. A. ROWELL, N. R. Bowuss. Second Row: Joy BROWNLEE, ISOREL ROUTLY, S. A. P. LIPIN, JEAN Ross, BETTY HARDIE VIVIAN WILCOX. First Row: MURIRL BEATON, A. C. DAYFOOT2 W. C. D. PACEY, Editor-in-Chief: PROFESSOR J. D. ROBINS, M.A., Pl-LD., Literary Adviser: GRACE NICHOLLS, Womenis Editor: M. H. M. MACKINNON, W. K. HOWARD. Absent: H. N. FRYE, B.A., Literary Adviserg A. Goon, F. G. RAINSBERRY, MARGARET AVISON. 5 Acta Victoriana N September the prospects of Acta Victoriana for 1937-38 did not appear bright. Graduation had removed most of the literary lights of the college, Dr. Roy Daniells had left for Manitoba, and Miss G. M. Kippen, Women's Editor-elect, was not returning to college. In the face of these difficulties, however, the magazine this year has contrived to maintain its standards at a high level. The enthusiasm and energy of the staff have atoned for its lack of experience, and several new writers of real talent have been uncovered. In Mr. A. N. Bentley we have found a poet of distinct promise, and Mr. W. K. Howard has revealed a satiric verve which has given the Monocle a new lease of life. The annual Literary Contest evoked a gratifyingly M .--. large number of entries. As was to be expected, the quality of the material was not especially high, but we Mm can console ourselves with the knowledge that literary VICTUIQIAIIA activity in the college is not at a standstill. M.-.Mn .m va-un N... Changes in format and policy this year include an experiment with coloured covers, an extension of the Literary Contest, the final disappearance of Alumni Class Notes, and an expansion of the Book Department to give a cross-section of current literary production in the fields of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. I C 'R R i. N it ii - FQ.: The business manager has conducted his duties with uniform dispatch and efficiency. 266 VICTORIA COLLEGE MUSIC CLUB EXECUTIVE Second Row: HARVEY WARD, Business Manager: JEAN MACFARLANE, Secretary: STEWART BISHOP, Treasurer. First Row: CHARLOTTE DEAcoN, Associate Business Managerg ARNOLD WILKINSON, President: MADELINE MIHALKO, Associate Presidentg WALTER ROBERTS, Publicity Manager. Victoria College Music Club HE Victoria College Music Club, for its thirteenth season of light opera. continued its Gilbert and Sullivan tradition and produced The Pirates of Penzance. The high standard of production which has been achieved under the capable direction of Mr. T. J. Crawford, Mus.Bac., F.R.C.O., F.T.C.L., was maintained. The capacity audiences which greeted the players at Margaret Eaton Hall, evidenced not only the ability of the Club, but also the popularity of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. It is the purpose of the Music Club to provide opportunity for its many members to participate in the musical activities of the College. In addition to the production of The Pirates of Penzance, the Club has given financial assist- ance to the Chapel Choir, and has provided talent for several of the Wymilwood musicales. The Club is pleased to think that whatever success it may have achieved, may serve as a basis for further development in the future. 267 VICTORIA COLLEGE DEBATING PARLIAMENT Second Row: EDITH CLYSDALE, Associate Presidentg ROWELL BOWLES, Treasurerg KAY WALLACE, Secretary. First Row: DAVID PROCTOR, Presidentg W. C. D. PACEY, Speakerg PROF. E. A. HAVELOCK, Honorary President. VICTORIA COLLEGE DRAMATIC SOCIETY Second Row: F. B. RAINSBERRY, VIVIAN W1Lcox, W. D. JOHNSTON. First Row: C. H. NAPHTALI, IRIS MATTHEWS, DR. J. D. ROBINS, ELIZABETH ScHoLEs, M. H. M. MACKINNON. 268 VICTORIA COLLEGE FRENCH CLUB EXECUTIVE Second Row: LLOYD KIPPEN, Treasurer: NEWELL LAWSON, Second Year Representative: FRED BEHARRIELL, Third Year Representative: MARY WINCHESTER, First Year Representative. First Row: MABEL WILLIAMS, Fourth Year Representative: MARGUERITE SPEERS, Vice-Presi- dent: MLLE. RIESE, Honorary President: MURIEL MCCUAIG. President: MARION MAC- NAUGHTON, Secretary. VICTORIA COLLEGE WOMEN'S LITERARY SOCIETY Second Row: HELEN CARSCALLEN, Fourth Year Representative: VIVIAN WILCOX, Second Year Representative: ISOBEL ROUTLEY, Publicity Manager: MARY JOHNS, Art Groupg BETTY MIHALKO, First Year Representative: MIRIAM COLLINS, Music Group. First Row: KAY WALLACE, Third Year Representative: GLADYS JOHNSTON, Treasurerg REG. FLEMING, Presidentg MISS COBURN, Honorary Presidentg DORIS DIXON, Vice-President: BEATRICE HUFF, Secretary. Absent: JOAN FRASER. 269 TRINITY BOARD OF STEWARDS Second Row: K. CAMPBELL, Fourth Year Representative: D. J. LAWSON, Fourth Year Repre- sentative: C. G. GREENFIBLD, Athletic Representative: T. C. BAND, Third Year Repre- sentative: D. D. OWEN, Third Year Representative: B. W. MERRICK, Second Year Repre- sentative. First Row: E. F. ROBINSON, Second Year Representative: G. E. ABRAHAM, S.A.C. Represen- tative: DR. G. F. KINGSTON, Chairman: F. G. UNGLEY, Head of College: R. G. GRAY, T.C.L.I. Representative. The Trinity College Board of Stewards P until a few years ago all matters concerning the male students of Trinity College were dealt with by an assembly of the whole student body known as the College Meeting. But as a result of the increase in both the amount and the complexity of the business with which the students were faced, it became apparent that some form of executive structure would be necessary for efficient administration. Accordingly, in the fall of 1935 the College Meeting created an executive body known as the Board of Stewards. The Board is composed of the Dean of Residence, the Head of College, the Trinity representative to the S.A.C., a representative from the Literary Institute, a representative from the Athletic Association, and a resident and a non-resident representative from each of the three senior years. By its constitution, the Board must report to the College Meeting at least twice each term, thus affording the students an opportunity of discussing the problems with which the Board is faced. In its brief history the Board has proven itself to be one of the indis- pensable bodies in Trinity College as a whole. 270 TRINITY COLLEGE LITERARY INSTITUTE Third Row: G. C. C. SCOVIL, Curator: F. K. VENABI.ES, Clerk: W. G. GREENFH-:Ln, Vice- President: R. G. GRAY, Representative to the Board of Stewards. Second Row: C. G. GREENFIELD, Treasurer: R. V. ANDERSON, Deputy Speaker: D. J. LAWSON, Speaker: J. A. SEED, President: F. F. NOCK, Secretary. First Row: E. F. ROBINSON, Assistant Treasurer: F. S. KI-JR, First Year Representative: L. MCQUADI-3, Keeper of the Mace. Absent: D. D. OWEN, Debates Secretary. The Trinity College Literary Institute HE Trinity College Literary Institute has completed its eighty-fifth year as one of Trinity's most integral and important societies. The motto of the Institute is 'Feros Cultus Voce Formare' and its objects are the encourage- ment of public speaking and the fostering of literary studies by a system of debates, and by the reading matter contributed to the Common Rooms. Debates are held on every Friday evening of the term, and include every conceivable type of subject. The debates are carried on under strict parlia- mentary rules, and a Government and an Opposition are elected by the men of college only to be ejected whenever the ire of the members of the Institute is aroused. During the year several open meetings are held when debates with other Canadian colleges and also with American colleges are held. The Institute is also responsible for the annual Conversazione Dance. one of the most important functions on the University Campus. The past year was remarkable for the number of outstanding Governments which assumed power and for the exceptional amount of constructive work accomplished by them. 271 TRINITY UNIVERSITY REVIEW BOARD Third Row: J. A. SEED, Assistant Business Managerg J. R. MAYBEEJ F. G. ONGLEY, Business Manager: M. REID, E. J. BROWER. Second Row: G. H. SOUTHAM, Assistant Editor: J. A. POWELL, Editorg L. C. A. HODGINS, ESQ., Chairman: G. E. ABRAHAM, Assistant Editor: W. G. COLGATE, ESQ., Convocation Repre- sentative. First Row: D. D. OWEN, G. E. Cox, F. K. VENABLES. Absent: R. G. ALLEN. The Trinity University Review HE Trinity University Review is published on the fifteenth of the month, eight times during the academic year, by the men of Trinity College. Its present circulation among graduates and. students is eleven hundred. Founded as the "Rouge et Noir" fifty years ago, the name of the magazine was changed a few years later to the Trinity University Review. One of the first editors was Archibald Lampman, the Canadian Poet. The Review has no definite policy with regard to contributions except in so far as to maintain as high a literary standard as possible. To this end the publications committee consisting of the Editor and two Assistant Editors exercise a rigorous control over the material presented for publication. The Review occupies an important place in the life of the College as a literary medium through which undergraduates may express themselves. In recent years the poetry appearing in the Review has received R B reef much favourable comment. Besides the contributed work in the Review a num- UU' Ulrinitg ber of pages are devoted to accounts of the major College m'i,':'lffr5lLt9 activities, the Literary Institute debates, the Dramatic 4. I Society, the Athletic Association and a number of V. . smaller organizations. Through its "Convocation Notes" I J and "Personals" columns the Review endeavours to 1---mmf keep Trinity grad-uates in touch with each other and with the College. A special semi-centennial number of the Review """' ' was planned this year by the Editorial Staff to mark the fiftieth anniversary of its publication. 272 ST. HILDA'S HOUSE COMMITTEE Second Row: HELEN WORTHINGTONV, MARGARET HUME, ELIZABETH LINDSAY. First Row: Miss CORRIGAN, Warden: MRS. KIRKWOOD, Dean, FRANCES EVANS, Head of College. St. Hilda's House Committee HE House Committee of St. Hilda's College consists of Mrs. Kirkwood, the Dean of Women and Principal of the Collegeg Miss Corrigan, the Warden, the Head of College and the Heads of the three lower years. This committee meets to discuss the agenda of the college meetings with the Warden, to arrange the dates of all student activities and to consider house rules and college discipline. St. Hilda's is run on the year system, in which each year is a distinct unit within the college, with its own duties and privileges. The Heads of the years are chosen by the academic standing on which they enter college. The Head of the fourth year is Head of College and President of the College Meeting. The Head of the third year is Secretary, the Head of the second year, Treasurer. College meetings are held regularly to deal with all matters concerning the undergraduates as a whole. The Heads of the various societies in the college are elected from the third and fourth years, and these two years, the Seniors particularly, are responsible for the general discipline and management of the college. The second year trains the Freshies who have certain house duties to perform. The Literary Society sponsors inter-year dramatics and debating, and brings interesting speakers from outside the college. The Women's Auxiliary organizes each year a bazaar and tea, the pro- ceeds of which go to aid missionary work at several institutions. Receptions are held periodically at St. Hilda's and are very popular. Each year has a formal dance, the second and third years give a dance for the gra- duating year and there is a residents' dance. 273 ST. HILDA'S CHRONICLE EDITORIAL BOARD Second Row: BETTY KIRK, Sports News: BETSY WATTS, College News: ROSEMARY GREENING, Business Manager. First Row: SYDNEY JONES, Graduate Newsq JOYCE KIRK, Editor: BETTY BLAIR, Art, Music and Drama. St. Hi1da's Chronicle HE St. Hilda's Chronicle bears the distinction of being the only women's undergraduate magazine flourishing on the campus at present. It has survived the vicissitudes of half a century of feminine enterprise and two edi- tions a year still give witness to the literary and artistic ambitions of the Saints. It is greatly indebted to Mrs. Kirkwood whose E E 'o"RTRfTRT "prizes" have been very successful in stimulating con- Sl H D S Q tribution. CHROMCLE The magazine was accorded a larger grant from l the College this year which the staff have used to im- ' prove the appearance UD of their issues and to add a iii? candid camera page to its attractions, and which will V l probably permit a third edition in the future. S 5 X mr ,J 274 ST. HILDA'S LITERARY SOCIETY Second Row: MARY COCKBURN, BETTY BLAIR, FRANCES KIDD, PHILIPPA MACPHERSON. First Row: MARGARET LARGE, ALICIA COULTER, President: MARY MOXLEY. ST. HILDA'S WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION Second Row: MARY HILBORN, RUTH MCLEOD, MARY MOXLEY, MARGARET LARGE, JOAN MC MASTER. First Row: KATHLEEN MAYES, ANNETTE ALLISON, ISOBEL CREEGGAN. JEAN HOWSON. 275 ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL AND ATHLETIC DIRECTORATE Second Row: R. J. S. ROULAND, M. M. LAMB, F. E. WIDMAN, E. CAHILL, R. F. HART, J. DUNN F. E. J. SIRDEVAN. First Row: P. J. SWAN: W. J. NICRO, President: REV. E. C. LEBEL, Faculty Adfviserg F. L DOUGHERTY, F. A. O'DEA. Absent: J. M. R. POWERS. ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE SOCIAL ETHICS CLUB Third Row: J. J. F. FIRTH, A. A. CERIO, D. B. A. BENNINGER, T. M. PERSICO, J. F. AGUGLIA. Second Row: L. A. PERUSSE, P. J. DUPRE, A. F. ZAMBELLIV, G. A. DELHOMME. First Row: A. M. PIEHLI-:RJ P. M. BYRNE, Vice-Presidentg A. A. A. MAURER, Pere-sidentq F. E MALONEY, Secretary: A. J. BISKEY. 276 ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE ORATORICAL CLUB Sec-and Row: J. F. KINLIN, D. B. A. BENNINGER, J. A. MACKINNON, F. A. O'DEA, J A FISCHETTEJ E. A. RYAN, Secretary: W. J. SHEA, Vice-President. J. F. A. MAHANNA. First Row: J. E. BENNETT, J. F. DUNN: R. F. EGAN, Presidentq P. J. SWAN, P. GORMAN. Absent: G. A. DELHOMME, W. J. NIGRO. ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL Second Row: FRIEDA LAPLANTE, JEAN MCLEOD. First Row: EILEEN ZEAGMANQ GERARDA RYAN, Presidentg GERTRUDE MULCAHY. Absent: NORAH Cos'rELLo, Vice-President. 277 ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE HOUSE COMMITTEE Second Row: RITA BURKE, MARJoR1E DRISCOLL, TERESA PERDUE. First Row: FLORENCE MCCARTHY. Q' V ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE - LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Second Row: WILHELMINA WIACEK. First Row: HELEN BYRNES, JEAN GRANT. 278 ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE DRAMATIC SOCIETY EXECUTIVE MARY GERTRUDE DOYLE, EILEEN ZEAGMAN, President: MARGARET CONLIN ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE LITERARY SOCIETY RITA BURKE, RITA MCCORMICK, President: BETTY GALLAGHER. 279 LORETTO COLLEGE STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL Second Row: MIRIALI ANGLIN, CLARA O'NEILL, MARY HUTCHINSON. First Row: FRANCES LISLE, CATHERINE O'NE1LL, Presidentg WINNIFRED LISLE. Absent: JOAN O,DONNELL. LORETTO COLLEGE HOUSE COMMITTEE BETTY HUNTER, FRANCES LISLE, Head: LORRAINE LAUGHLAN. 280 . LORETTO COLLEGE DRAMATIC SOCIETY EXECUTIVE BETTY CARROLL, Vice-President: MIRIAM ANGLIN, PRESIDENT: BETTY HUNTER Absent: MARGARET CONROY. LORETTO COLLEGE LITERARY SOCIETY Second Row: ROSEMARY MCCORMICK, FRANCES LISLE, LORRAINE LAUGHLAN. First Row: WINNIFRED LISLE, President. 281 LORE'I'I'0 COLLEGE SODALITY MARY CULNAN, CLARA O'NEILL, President: MARY MANSFIELD 282 QED :i l ,....bL,,,-gg,-A l9?J'7 1938 3 meliiciifif-DEESEELI e Un siiiy- Eiii5T?E515E53H1svo The Medical Society HE Medical Society is in the main an undergraduate organization, being composed of representatives from each of the six years, and from com- mittees concerned with the various activities of the students in the Faculty. The committees over which the Society has an indirect control include the Medical Athletic Association, Medical Women's Undergraduate Association, Medical At-Home Committee, Medical Journal, Daffydil Committee, Gradua- tion Banquet, as well as the Annual Dinner and Dance which formally wel- come the first year men. It is the endeavour of the Society to deal fairly and efliciently with all the problems of the student body and to provide a means of contact between the undergraduates and the staff. The Society has been active for forty-three years, maintaining, except for a few improvements to keep step with the moving times, the same consti- tution approved at its inauguration. There has been an impetus this year towards the coalition of Medical Societies to form a united body of medical students across Canada. This move- ment is of course only in its embryonic stage, but may have far-reaching results within the next few years. The Medical Society will again this year continue the custom of setting aside a large percentage of its funds for bursaries. 283 MEDICAL WOMEN'S UNDERGRADUATE ASSOCIATION Second Row: SUE ADAMS, MARGARET SMITH, BETH HARRISON. First Row: JEAN LANG, DORIS PROWSE, DR. ANNE CURTIN, MARY ALBERTSON, LAURELLA MCCLELLAND. Medical Women's Undergraduate Association HE M.W.U.A. is the oHCicial organization of women Medical students which was inaugurated in 1906 and since that time has led an active existence. The executive is composed of a President and Torontonensis representative from sixth year, a representative from each of the remaining years and a Daffydil representative. Its function is, by working in conjunction with the Medical Society, to further the interests of the Association and direct social activities. Throughout the year open meetings are held, both social and business in nature. Daffydil is also represented by the presentation of the annual skit. The social event of the year is the Nabob Tea at which the members of the Faculty and their wives and the Women Graduates of the city are entertained. 284 pn Lm1xaRSPf9Q0FT0mnr0' IVIEDIG-Ab JOURNAL? 13371333 3 University of Toronto Medical Journal STABLISHED fifteen years ago "to serve as a medium for student expression and to bring to the student recent articles of scientific in- terest" the Journal has striven to live up to the ideals set for it. The Journal is an undergraduate publication made possible by the spon- taneous interest shown by the student, by his voluntary contributions, both literary and financial, and by the articles and criticism so kindly offered by the members of the staff. The editors of the Hfteenth volume of the pioneer undergraduate Medical Journal on this continent have been strongly supported by the Medical Society and the undergraduates in its policy of expansion. Each issue now includes besides many articles Abstract and Feature Sections and Medical Society and Athletic news. To all who have contributed to the success of this volume the editorial staff offers its sincere thanks. 285 ATHOMEEQEIMITTEE' MEBIGAB 5051539 1957 19258 , A . 1 7 T A ATS REP, 4Tb REP -in RER 4 2 REP. Medical At-Home HE Medical At-Home, this year under the able leadership of Cam Gray, upheld the line traditions of past years. The famous, distinctive music of Duke Ellington and his orchestra was enjoyed by everyone present. The party was the largest and most successful in the history of the Faculty of Medicine. 286 6 ,lfjfi "1 1 'su rl-ee -J- DAFFYDIL COMMITTEE Third Row: M. P. TOWNSEND, Assistant Manager: G. D. TEMPLE. Assistant Editor of Epis- taxis: C. C. GRAY, Business Manager of Epistaxis: H. BOLLEY, Third. Year Representative: M. H. LITTLE, Stage Manager. Second Row: R. L. STIRRETT. Fourth Year Reioresentatiiveg W. P. HAIR, Second Year Repre- sentative: K. L. SHAPIRO, Art Editor: W. T. WEST, Musical Director: B. LASKI, Business Manager: J. C. RATHBUN, Fifth Year Representative: L. E. MOTTRAM, First Year Repre- sentative. First Row: W. G. RICE, Editor of Epistaxis: A. G. SMITH, Vice-President: Miss J. K. LANG, Ladies, Representative: J. H. BAILLIE, President: W. L. SLOAN, Secretary-Treasurer: C. SHEARD, Business Manager: P. A. KINSEY, Banquet Manager, D. C. GRAHAM, Sixth Year Representative. Daffydil AFFYDIL, the annual theatrical show of the Faculty of Medicine, was presented, by the Medical Society, on the evenings of February 23rd, 24th and 25th in Hart House Theatre. The committee, under the leadership of Mr. J. H. Baillie and the direction of Mr. George Young, supervised one of the finest shows in the long history of Daffydil. The presentation of each year and the Medettes along with some excellent inter-acts, were very well received by the capacity audiences each night. The cup for the best skit went to Fifth Year, who climaxed their five years of entertaining performances by winning this honour. Mr. B. Laski of Fifth Year was awarded the Hutchison Trophy for the best individual performance. Much of the success of the show may be accredited to the Musical Director, Dr. West, and his Assistants, Dr. Hoffman and Dr. Northover. The Daffydil Banquet was held at the King Edward Hotel on February 26th. Mr. P. A. Kinsey, the Banquet Manager, arranged a very enjoyable evening for the members of the cast and faculty who were present. 287 r,,..,..... .nv We W -1 't " 9' Ph M . ' . . T- I 1 1 -l 7' -sz' 2: - ' f 5 I l A x I K . Q 3 1 - .XE-QEUTNETT Gfigfkiip' f:5of.'P9.ERsoN 655.52339 .:r"RaMi'hQ"' JUAIBZSERS W F2595 ANC Fund LETIC ASSOCIA 'R if QI, il, Y , I ENGINEERING I f ere SOCETY EMQ9l'E'2L'3.?5 Y.'Z'i9l5!tL'i?'!9J'2 E-tgfffais'-L EXECUTIVE lzgigggga EJ:tg?fQ?I9J" Faculty of Applied Science ff- sm and Engineering "A' fa' , Vf1""f. A1 rf""f"?f, as UNIVERSITY or TORONTO . Vf :,?' "Nw is A - '53-Q I937 1936 I JLANG J.C.LANsronn A.A.McAv.'ri-nun. G.M.5coTr G.F.KE1.x E-rfhlfrfjakflglgfi. me Aran neun cm. uw -rea sun vnu. nsm.1.v A CIJPPEN I-ND YEAH- 'SY YU-R , cwa :Mamma vnu:-,loan Pnsnonvr 'ron 'ro PRESIDENY PRESIUENT CUB C"A"U""' Engineering Society HE ENGINEERING SOCIETY of the University of Toronto, founded in 1885 by Mr. T. Kennard Thomson, a student at that time, is the oldest engineering society in Canada, and we, as embryo engineers, regard it as the greatest. Mr. G. F. Beard, President during the past year, was the 50th stu- dent President of this organization, comprised of all the student body of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. The object of the society has always been to create a brotherhood among the various departments in the faculty and to further such ideals of engineering, as honesty, initiative and prudence. This has not been an easy task, but year by year we have been progressing steadily towards our goal. The advancements made this year under the leadership of Mr. Beard and his executive committee have been many and the set-backs few. The constitu- tion revised in 1936-37 under the presidency of Mr. Potter, came into force this year with a resultant beneficial effect. Under the rules of the new consti- tution a new club was created for the Engineering Physics students. We are glad to say that this club under its first President, Mr. J. Leslie, has been one of the most active and most successful clubs this year. It had long been felt in the faculty that there was not enough encouragement given to student en- gineers to participate in public speaking. To remedy this Mr. Beard and his executive committee sponsored essay contests among the student body. There have been improvements with regard to the control of the Engineer- ing Society Supply Department. Legislation has just been passed for an audit to be made of the financial situation of each year and club. On February 24 we climaxed our school year by a joint meeting with the Engineering Institute of Canada. 288 iitlifgtgnizimagsori J Cvlzauugronu Dem C.H.MnTcnr.i.L. N Hoes A A.-'Ns FO U R T H Y E A R F EXECUTIVE Faculty of ..,9E,'?sa': GaF2's::' T W!9f9fzmeU- 'EA-9LesaS.s:'s Applied Science and Engineering umvznsirv or ToRoNTo I937 I938 E.D.MADGETT J.O.GoizmAN i .mu up mm R.DHiscocns D.5.FENSOM uizcmmucn. are umm. nv. 'role 'r :rmvuvsncs ann nzaares 11:9 S.P.S. Fourth Year HE first chapter is ended. The four years that such a short time ago Seemed like a lifetime, have passed in a rush of mad activity. The awe of a freshman gave way to the confidence of a sophomore, to be followed by the uncertainty of a junior and last of all to be supplanted by the mature gravity of a senior, still too close to be seen in a clear perspective. Of one thing we are certain: this is that our last year will offer more than its share in the memories that will be recalled of our undergraduate days. The new innovation of the Senior Fall Prom proved to be a raving success. In the brilliantly decorated Boulevard Club, many of the professors and their wives gazed in awe while some of the more sedate members of the class threw convention to the four winds and gave their own particular interpretation of the "Big Applev as it should be done. The music which invoked such a demon- stration was ably presented by Arch Crosley and his orchestra. The loyal crew, which makes up ST8, finally gathered for their final party as undergraduates in the Crystal Ballroom of the Royal York at the Graduation Ball. Bob Shuttleworth and his orchestra provided the music while the class of 3T8 dined and danced until the approach of the cold gray dawn threatened an end to the festivities. In all it was an occasion which served as a fitting end to our undergraduate social activities. The loyalty and co-operation which has made 3T8 an outstanding class in the past will continue in the future and aid your newly-formed permanent executive in the planning of future reunions where we can re-live these grand years. This spirit will provide the impetus which will help make 3T8 a year to be remembered and a credit to School. 289 'ml5.?.25"-S 5.525350 Jlfakllkkbl YfaElZlSlr.E.'i,'f sc:-loom. AT-Home coMMlTTl-:E M,McA,.,,,,,,, Faculty ol Applied Science pC,M,F55SoN- and Engineering January l4lh. l956 Royal York Hotel W-E.Qes.vsff ..a.'2.'i.fa:.f.... i S A DC EN Bwaflifrzfi tMM,.,,-H W .-.. MM.M,...,... ,-, , -..,.,. , 4...-..- -- . ,.. .M . Y .W .-A,, - .YA Y -WM -H Y ., ... .MMM School At-Home XCLUSIVELY for Engineers, and woe to the Meds that tried to crash it, was the School At-Home on January 14th. For it was on that night that Schoolmen and their ladies danced and made merry till the wee small hours of the morning. The Royal York was the setting for this gala annual affair. Slide rules and studies were forgotten as sounds of a merry clinking of glass and ice came from filled rooms, and greetings were sung across the halls. It was easy to see that there was going to be no rest that evening. Sweet rhythms were sounded out by that popular young maestro, Frank Crowley. Throughout the evening, the engineers forgot their usual "dignity" and Big Appled in a carefree way. The Dean's eyes twinkled as he watched the boys, as if he wished to try it himself in some quiet corner. As to the sumptuous repast served at midnight, accompanied by spon- taneous bursts of school songs and yells, little need be said. The entertaining floor show that preceded it was just another of the many things that made the evening a successful one. School was honoured by the distinguished patronage of Mrs. H. J. Cody, Mrs. C. H. Mitchell, Mrs. C. R. Young, Mrs. R. W. Angus, Mrs. H. H. Madill, Mrs. J. W. Bain, Mrs. A. R. Zimmer, and Mrs. G. A. Guess. And so, with the last toast drunk ffrom the punch bowlj and the last pledge made, Schoolmen completed another eventful night in their traditional spirit. 290 W.I:'.. ARNETT JHel7a9iE"5 D-t'.!4s.5e:ss.N J"5.'! G.'5.9se.sD SCHOOL DINNER COMMITTEE Faculty of Appluzd Science A'A?MSe:ll.E?Ul K'S'!E?w.'TxqcS:gqxE:TH UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I9 3 7 I 9 3 8 ASHLEY AND CRIPPEN I , J l'ollE!3'353?2,I:" M'fz.?ffS?,SG TORONTO ll'f:fl'fl3,fIL'?ii2'? - J CIEQESSORD School Dinner N army travels on its stomach and so, apparently, do Schoolmen, for h after all the advance publicity for the forty-eighth annual School Dinner had gone echoing down the canyons of history falong with the for- tunate soul who got the Medical Building for 5 yen in the Auctionj a mighty throng of tried and true Engineers assembled in the Great Hall on the memor- able night of November 25 to pay homage to His Majesty the Turkey, and to honour our esteemed guest, Sir James H. MacBrien, K.C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Sir James addressed us as speaker of the evening. His opening remark was that he considered it an honour for himself as Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and for Chief Draper of the Toronto Police Force fyou see-everybody goes to a School Dinnerj, to meet the men at the Head Table "unofficially", not, of course, that he would insinuate anything. He gave a most interesting history of the famous Mounties, from the days when they were only one hundred and fifty strong at Fort Garry, up to the present, when they have become one of the most efficient crime-fighting forces in the World, and certainly the most widely known. His story of how the motto "Always Get Your Mann came to be applied to the Men in Scarlet was so good that it didn't take long to spread over the whole campus. However, the real motto, he pointed out, is "Maintain the Right". He concluded by saying that the force is by no means living on its past reputation, but is forging ahead with science in the latest methods of crime prevention and' detection. He followed the address. with a series of lantern slides, illustrating life in the North and West as it used to be and as it is today. 291 r,,,,,,,,,s,,...s,.. UW..- W . , .. .. WAR Amsmr G.FBaA9.o J.R.Mu.1.AD. W.E.BAnnr.1'T 'ATHE ilEVUY." PRESIDENT CHAIRMAN VlCL'CHAlRMAN i L... ........L,. J.H.Roc1zns FINANCE SCHOOL NITE COMMITTEE February 4th, i938 PC.9.'QesssON Faculty ol Applied Science and Engineering EVA' r y 0 W.FMcf we S I LN -.. AA.McAn.1'i-suv. TICKET sinus 'WSW- School Nite HE "biggest event on the Campus" went over with a bang when School Nite was staged in Hart House. Over nine hundred couples took posses- sion from basement to garret and gave the artistically decorated halls reason to remember the "Toike Oikev through another year. First, on the program of most importance was the "Revue,'. This year, the pleasure-seeking Schoolmen and their friends were treated to a well- chosen program of short snappy numbers presented by an all-School cast. From Bruce Mackenzie and Mike Swick to Prof. Adam Nitwit, the acts were accorded an uproarious reception. The "Chorus" in particular deserves a special bouquet. That bevy of pulchritudinous beauties led by 4'Twinkle- Toes" Brisco almost stole the show in demonstrating the intricacies of the waltz. The whole performance was created and handled by Maestro A1 Ramsay and to him should go the largest bunch of orchids. Meanwhile, on the dance floors in various parts of the House, the re- mainder were swinging to the rhythms of five smart orchestras. Someone with an understanding of the engineer included a girl's orchestra among these and thereby earned the approval of all present. Eddie Stroud had charge of the Big Gym, and kept it filled all evening with couples dancing to his distinctive music. What is a dance without refreshments? The committee knew the answer and arranged for a tasty lunch to be served in the Great Hall. Four hungry hordes surged into the hall within two hours, yet the Hart House culinary staff more than met the test and turned them away only when they were satisfied. 292 G.A.Dnc.K WE.BAaN:1'1' R.A.Oi.oHAM 4TH YEAR lil DIRECTOR OF YUILKCATIONS IOITOD. ASSISYANT E01TOR AND PUBLICITY TGIKE OIKE STAFF Faculty oi Applied Science and Engineering UNIVERSITY or TonoNTo l937 I938 J.L.Orm 5 WEWSTEEVES SEUYBAH REP. IST YEAH. REP Toike Oike HE writing of this article marks "Huis" to another volume of that noble and autocratic little journal, The Toike Oike. For well nigh fifty years, it has been the official publication of the Engineering Society and now boasts a total of eight issues per year. It first appears, filled with helpful and fatherly advice to the innocent frosh early each October, and then in rapid succession, Initiation, School Dinner, Christmas, School At-Home, School Nite, Graduation, and School Election issues roll off the press to mark the important events in School. The new style of type added considerably to the appearance of the paper. The highlight of the issues was the School Nite issue which served as a pro- C"'AD'm'o" 'MON . . . TOIKE i. gramme. The inclusion of nothing but Hstoriesn instead .....:.1.:.:.-21-g'lKE --1--..-1...-..- .... ...-...- ., -41. of a mixture of everything made quite a hit with -C312--31:12:33:-3:33 everyone. 533224-rstefifvi Eff? f.?i2Ef?51i? ff?i7-'ifveiiilli The staff take this opportunity to thank all those Q'-M--N who have contributed to its success. To Dean Mitchell we extend our many thanks for the splendid manner 1 in which he responded to the request for articles. To the new editorial staff we extend the best wishes for continued success. 293 T A ix Tf"x" 'P 0' 6 VAA' ...'i.'53.xes... .'5.-Pixar. ...YQ5,?es':si,r...s :li2!i.cADse.?Rr. BOARD or EDITORS reA fr . AND YEAR Boox Rgrlgdggl-E.3SFa..EP. C U I I' Y of A P P I i C d S C i Z n C Q s56l1BrflzEsxi5nag'gyr? and Engineering UNIVERSITY or TORONTO I937 I938 ASHLEY zwvsn l h A A.G.G ittaspae .l? T 'L 0 mm mm A D E- .--.N . -J Transactions and Year Book HE TRANSACTIONS AND YEAR BOOK is the official annual publica- tion of the Engineering Society. A man passing through "School" re- ceives a copy of the previous edition in the fall of his freshman year, and one of each new edition when it comes off the press in April each year of his stay at "School',, and for the first two years after graduation. Thus he obtains a permanent picture of the years enclosing his life at the "little red schoolhouse". The Transactions section of the publication is devoted to articles and dis- cussions on technical subjects. An attempt is made to keep every page of this section interesting for each of the varied courses that compose the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. T R A N 5 A C T ' O N 5 Q' In the Year Book, a record is made of the school activities of the year. Social functions, club activities and athletic accomplishments all have their place. Where it is thought that constructive criticism might l be beneficial to succeeding years, it is made with the V hope that it will be taken in the spirit with which it is glVG1'1. The HBook" is made possible by the co-operation A 5'oGf:NiEeNilS of the Engineering Society as a whole and by the un- ? selfish and whole-hearted efforts of ea-ch member of 0 NTO the Board of Editors. 294 451' 'fi C BHMEQQQPN EitiiLrzi'm.'aN WH-Q1.w.'xs,:"-M ftemliaamsl 9JiE,se3+:, ARCHITECTURAL CLUB EXECUTIVE Q5-R55,A,13 Facuiiv oi Applied Science 11-!3aS2:,e.5J and Engineering umvansirv or ToRoNTo pmt FC..liROUNTHWAITF. Ea?-.iftffatf ' The Architectural Club HE Architectural Club has enjoyed a very successful year. In all its activities the executive has had the generous co-operation of the staff and t-he students. A large group of graduates turned out to the club dinner which was held at the Arts and Letter Club last fall. Mr. Dick Fisher, our Honorary Chairman, held our attention with a thoughtful talk on "The Practical Architectural Education". The evening was rounded off with some humorous skits by the various years. The Mauvais Arts Ball featured some elaborate decorations. The evening was a very enjoyable one and will be remembered by all of us. Our speakers this year included Col. Mackenzie Waters, who gave the highlights of a recent trip to Europe, Mr. Allward, who offered some practical hints on the design of office buildings, and Mr. Guy Mitchell, who explained the benefits of a better understanding between the architect and the interior decorator. We were fortunate in obtaining permission to inspect a number of build- ings while under construction, and in having their special features explained for our benefit. Because we were a small compact body, the various years have become better acquainted this year than has been the case in the past. As a result the meetings and other club activities have been supported in a manner very gratifying to the retiring executive. 295 4 Q? 'X Pnoa C.RYour-as MRWSTORRIE E..A.Russr.s.m. Pnor.WMTneAocoL.o VlCl'CHAlW.MAN NOMCHAIRMAN CHAIIMAN NON.VlCE'CHAlR CIVIL CLUB EXECUTWVE ig4,Q,g3y5tL. Faculty of Applied Science WLggQi.m1?oN and Engineering UNIVERSITY OF Tonomo I937 I938 G9'l5Ji'a?I a'fafif2'a?p. S Y A D C U' SQQSQQMORTP CTQTSSILEQR The Civil Club HE functions of the Civil Club are: to promote lasting acquaintanceship among the members of all years in Civil Engineering, and to bring to the members of the Club, men of wide Engineering experience in order that the latest developments in this field may be obtained and discussed. This year in selecting our Honorary-Chairman, with the object in View of linking the Club more closely with the profession, the Executive were more than fortunate in obtaining Mr. William Storrie, a very prominent Consulting Engineer. The justification of this new venture has been shown by the interest which Mr. Storrie has taken in the activities of the Club. The year opened with a very successful trip to the plants of the Hamilton Bridge Company, and the Steel Company of Canada, in Hamilton, and then proceeding on to Buffalo. At the next get-together of the Club, a luncheon meeting in Hart House, the Freshmen were introduced to Professor C. R. Young, who gave a very instructive talk on "Engineering Traditions". At the final meeting of the Fall term, which took the form of a Smoker, Mr. W. Storrie, our Honorary-Chairman, presented an exceedingly interesting talk, illustrated with slides, on the new Toronto Water-Works System. The apex of social events was reached on January 25, 1938, with a dance held jointly with the Mining and Metallurgical Club at the Boulevard Club. On February 8th at a Hart House luncheon meeting, Mr. J. A. P. Marshall of the Department of Highways of Ontario, gave a very interesting illustrated talk on the Highways of Ontario, both present and future. A joint Smoker with the Mechanical Club, a new departure in Club activi- ties, and a final luncheon meeting in March topped off the year's activities. 296 H. DEV Pmraaoce ttf.-assess M.i,L.!f9ik:,af'1 Tlatizenf DEBATING CLUB EXECUTIVE Qgfagmy, Faculty oi Applied Science EC.l?.zAn SlD.YlAl REP and Engineering umvansirv or ToRoNTo 1937 1938 cw. PPEN B.E.TKlN Cxgngnaggn "S"LE'4,,A,1'3,,,,,,' .,m...., Debates Club HE past season, notable for the timeliness and interest of the topics debated, has been one of the most successful on record. In the first debate Dick Hiscocks, aided by a huge majority of the House 174-61, defeated Garner Giddings' motion that "The present production of Engineers at S.P.S. is detrimental to the profession." "We should have more debates" was moved at the second debate, and this motion was carried, due to the combined efforts of Jack Newton and Dr. McLaughlin, guest speakerg the two of them snowed under the opposition leader, Cy Reed, who could find only one other vote against the motion. Trinity College sent two speakers to the next event, and the guests, E. Cranfield and A. H. Crosbie, obtained passage of the motion that "Canada should participate more actively in world affairs" in spite of the opposition of Lionel Train and Bill Shearer of School. A filibuster from the floor by the self-styled manager of the first year team, Bernard Etkin, swayed the House to support the government control of radio in Canada, at the first Segsworth Trophy debate. However, the judges thought that the arguments of Cy Reed and Allan Wickett of third year had the edge on those of Ed Pashler and Norm Bennett of 4T1, so third year pro- ceeded to the final. In the second trophy debate, second year, represented by Yorke and Jack Williamson, went down to defeat before the onslaught of Bob Bales and Quentin Jackson of fourth year. The result of the final debate between fourth and third is now history, ibut it wasn't when this was writtenl, and with the Impromptu Speaking Contest provided a fitting climax to a most noteworthy season. 297 Q ai.. . T W.C.Moui.L. 5l2Ja':.:1FR E-U3.sasmf0N 'ts,.Q?f..i1.vS ELECTRICAL CLUB EXECUTIVE R.,,i.gT,g,T,a,gg,1: Fa c u I I Y OI A p plied S c i e n c e G,f,5,Qg,gggg and Engineering UNIVERSITY Or TORONTO Dlgkyxfiggpi-53.09. ASHLET 0 gnmvan Sgljngiag Electrical Club ITH the end of another year in view, we look back upon our activities, which, although not many in number, have been of top-notch quality, both in educational value and in entertainment. The first event of the season was the annual fourth year trip to Queenston and Buffalo where the Hydro-Electric Plant and the Huntley Steam Gener- ating Plants were visited. The Official Club activities started with a most interesting talk by our Honorary Chairman, Mr. O. W. Titus, on "Boulder Damn. This was followed by another smoker in November, at which Mr. E. Cecil Budd recounted a few of his travelling experiences in Turkey. The Electrical and Mechanical Clubs this year united in joint effort to put on one of the best dances of the year in the Royal York Roof Gardens. In January, the Club visited the Leaside Sub-Station, and the members were conducted on a very extensive tour of the station, with very complete and competent explanations of all points of interest. At the Annual Dinner, Mr. R. E. Jones spoke on L'POwer Distribution", and the club members spent the most enjoyable evening of the whole year. 298 ,YV V M ..,, , , ,. Y . , ...-..-Y.-...Y -- Y -V ---f may J.L..Ow.n. J'DilEEQ52'.F'5 'Ht5al',5.?."'E PRSEQUHERPNDON V-mmm ENGINEERING Pl-uyslcs Rilaqtiigfzpfgs F-BCUllY of Science i3lhQf,lEgf"R2! E-'T' and Engineering UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO "V" A a t I937 I938 UQ-QgA,g5 E S 2 D T3 EN YEYCQQSQQS' Engineering Physics Club UST four years ago the course in Engineering Physics was added to the Science calendar. The graduates were to be neither Engineers nor Phy- sicists, they said, but something more learned than either. In fact, we soon became known as the Brain Trust. One year ago, we convinced the powers that be of the necessity for our own club, and now we conclude with marked success. The opening dinner, with Dr. Speakman of the Ontario Research Foundation as guest, should be men- tioned especially and the Frosh will long remember their special reception at that time. The science of rhythm was added to the curricula early in November, when a number of us fully enjoyed ourselves at a dance in conjunction with the Electricals and Mechanicals at the Royal York. Our Honorary Chairman, Professor Loudon, should be thanked for his advice and helping hand throughout the years. We have experienced lectures from the staffs in Mathematics, Physics and "Skule", and appreciate their in- terest in us. May the lower years have courage for what is to come, and find time to continue their interest in School's newest organization. 299 CLUB EXECUTIVE - .,,, V...-.., I?.IWAoouNG1'ou . ENMG.Gmmmss Mn.J.E.IMussnAvr.. B.A.5c VlCl'CHAllMAN CNAIIMAN HONORARY CHAIRMAN INDUSTNAL CHEMICAL CLUB EXECUTIVE 653'-'!5?' FacuIIv of Applied Scicncz wiifvmwtf E DR.R.R.MCl.AUGHLlN HON. VICE ' CHAI!-MAN and Engineering umlverzsurv or ronomo I937 I938 H.R.GnasN M.AWu.soN mm AND wma RM.Blsnov BASHOCKETT Y ' :seven an znn. yum. luv. . from N o asv. vu: an CVIIAYOI. ' Industrial Chemical Club HE Club Executive were fortunate in bringing back to School a graduate of the early '20's as Honorary Chairman. Mr. Musgrave's talk on print- ing inks in January was very interesting. Several smokers were held in Hart House. Excellent papers were pre- sented at each one. The annual trip to Buffalo was conducted on October 29th. The Steel Company of Canada, Hamilton, and Proctor and Gamble of Hamilton were inspected. The members were royally received at Proctor and Gamble's and were banqueted at the companyis expense. On the evening of December 4, the girls of the Honour Science took a chance UI on the boys of the Industrial Chemical Club on the occasion of a colossal blind date. The party was a novel one. History was made that night. The final function was a dinner in March. We wish to pay tribute to a swell fellow who graduated from this Uni- versity last year 119371: Knox Beardmore, the hard-working Chairman of that session, who was an unfortunate victim of infantile paralysis last September. His sudden death is deeply felt, especially by those who worked close to him. 300 E , ,-,..., t ag x QM if N Y Pnor. RWAucus Ess5.!Eflenal '-E!2::.'J.H M'2f933Ji2'2LhT2ii'i:"- MECHANICAL W CLUB asf EXECUTIVE Lbwttm acu iv ol Applied Science Hmm' and Engineering umvansury or Tonomo . . Treason W.P..HorrMAN E.9Mzr.2e.e1f DJHEANEJQT '- Me... The Mechanical Club HE Mechanical Club was originally constituted as a purely technical organization. But since the Student Branch of the A.S.M.E., capably led by Vernon M. Parrish, has fostered technical advancement for undergraduates in Mechanical Engineering, the Mechanical Club has deviated from the purely technical Held and has sought to provide for its members greater opportunity of obtaining new contacts both within the School and without. The programme by which this was accomplished included many varied activities. Three smokers were held in Hart House: the first being addressed by Professor R. W. Angus concerning his trip to Italy and Switzerlandg the second one by Mr. D. McCrimmon of the C. A. Dunham Co.g and the third one, held in conjunction with the Civil Club, by Mr. Harkness, who is a prominent consulting engineer in the city. The annual dance in the Royal York Hotel, along with the Electrical and Engineering Physics Club, was considered by those who attended to be a very successful function. A dinner was held in the Oak Room of the Union Station, followed by a talk on boilers by Mr. R. C. Wiren of the University staff. and an inspection trip of the Central Heating Plant on York Street. Other inspection trips included: The Queenston Power Plant and Huntley Steam Station, in Buffalog the Westinghouse Co. and Steel Co. of Canada in Hamiltong the Canada Wire and Cable Co., and the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., in the vicinity of Toronto. The annual dinner was held in the Walker House Hotel with entertain- ment by members of the club, and an address by Mr. W. A. Osborne of Galt. 301 Pao .G. . f....A.S?,'S A-'Z.?.eLe:1,eM A-Ame THe.':L2:aY4f5.9.9s,a.0N O P Toon P Q I I - 'I T, oe A MINING AND METALLURGICAL CLUB EXECUTIVE WCQ JMON xgginmigs Faculty OI Applied Science Mffgfglgigs I Xiimsnil I 'pw and Engineering p UNIVERSITY or TORONTO If I9 3 7 I9 3 a B21-Hera. I A-9.'Jss.20N A J.'5.'Qss.F.eei::'2 LY.lf'x':fY METALLURGISTS Mining and Metallurgical Club HIS year we welcome into our membership another group of under- graduates, namely, the members of the new Department of Mining Geology. May they help to maintain the Club in its present high position. We are indeed fortunate this year to have as our Honorary Chairman, Hon. W. H. Gordon, a former Federal Minister of Mines. He took a real interest in the Club and proved himself to be of invaluable assistance. Mr. A. F. Brigham, a Mining Engineer of world-wide experience, acted as our Coun- sellor in connection with our association with the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, of which We are an affiliated student society. Our activities this year included a Smoker at which the Freshmen were impressed with their position in the scheme of things. The first Dinner was a record-breaking one both for the excellence of the talk provided by the Hon. Wesley Gordon, and for the turnout which jammed the Engineers' Club to OverHowing. The Club Dance was held jointly with the Civil Club at the Boulevard Club and was a decided success. The second Dinner was held at the Military Institute, where Mr. C. C. Huston, a consulting engineer, gave an interesting illustrated talk on his travels in search of gold. The Executive Committee, on behalf of the members of the Club, wishes to express sincere thanks and appreciation to our Honorary Chairman, to our Counsellor and to all our many friends who have co-operated in making this year such a success. 302 R.SNlTCH VlCl'CHAlR 8 METALLUFLG ra Q I x 1, ,. K W. .Blau E. H.S.MAsoN J.M.Ci.AnxE. VICl'P?i!jlMDuFli??TH. E R PQZSIDLNS 5:lC.AND PRES. 4TH YEAR TREASURER CABINET OF STUDENTS, R-Rmes:S:'.e'f 5555225251: 522315551 t.52P:?3,E'J.i Faculty of Dentistry I937 I938 J.M.6ARRETT d.D.McAsnu.n Fi3sQPE'm53'lcER Tgiumaibsgiqv. S Y ll P cu-ner VARSITY uzvowxssz DRAMATICS annie-. ,,.. ,s , , ...I ,. , -,i , ,.- . 4. ..-,..,...i.. Dental Students' Parliament HE STUDENTS' PARLIAMENT has a long history which dates from the year 1875. All undergraduates are members of the Students' Par- liament and all student affairs are conducted by this body through an execu- tive known as the Cabinet. The Cabinet is composed of a President, Secre- tary, Treasurer, Presidents of each year, and the Presidents of the different committees in charge of varied student activities. The constitution of the Students' Parliament has been amended at various times to conform to the growth and various changes which have taken place since the founding of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario and its change to the Faculty of Dentistry in 1925. The Students, Parliament provides representative administration of all undergraduate activities and provides an official contact between the student body and the faculty executive. This year has been a very successful one and it is hoped that many more like it are in store for succeeding parliaments. 303 ' ,SA-Z' " 'V' "f:"""' DENTAL DRAMATICS COMMITTEE Second Row: T. K. CRAGG, Miss B. S. Coom-:R, A. A. ANTONI. First Row: H. S. GREY, J. D. MCCASKILE, PTQS'l1dQ7ltj T. C. PETERSON. Dental Dramatics HE students of the Faculty of Dentistry this year showed more interest than ever before in dramatics. This is a notable achievement for those with so little extra-curricular time. Until this year the productions were not considered to be of superior quality. However, the major production of Dentantics, the one-act play "Heaven On Earth", was this year entered in the University Drama Festival. Dentantics of 1938 was a truly crowd-pleasing show with never a dull moment. A large number of students took part and were admirably cast and directed. The production included three one-act plays and three original skits, 304 HYA YAKA Second Row: J. G. BOOTH, Editor: H. S. GREY, A. L. POSEN, A. A. MACLEOD, G. A. MAC- PHERSON. First Row: Miss A. M. MURRAY, DEAN MASON, P. A. CGTIE. Hya Yaka HE HYA YAKA, year book of the Faculty of Dentistry makes its ap- pearance this year bigger and better than ever before. This book containing articles by both staff and students is quite a large production for such a small faculty and is one of the most original and interest- ing works in the University. The articles range from scientific treatises to student humour and ath- letics. The staff hopes that it will be a source of fond memories to the gradu- ate and inspiration to the undergraduate. The Editor and staff wish to thank all those who helped to make the annual a possibility and hope that this year it will be as successful as its pre- decessors. 305 M.C.PAn.xs TC.PE.TI:'.RSON WG.BP.uc1-'. IST. YEAR ZND. YEAR LBRD. TEAR. Z7 ,ffgxxt . ,Adi A Q' ey-ik?-. 15151 1 rw? YS x'f'fWf5-"T . if I mann? Im CLASS PRESIDENTS sJ.A.C.BROWN ASHLEY AND cnwrnu WILSON 4-Tn van. Tononvo STH. vc-:An OW! DENTAL AT HOME Second Row: M. B. KRQNICK, D. E. MCCUTCHEON, R. E. FEASBY, F. J. BAJURNY. First Row: E. W. SADLER, J. A. C. BROWN, President. 306 WYCLIFFE COLLEGE LITERARY SOCIETY Second Row: R. J. KERR, Secretary: H. MARKLE, Treasurer: W. I. D. SMITH, Social Director: C. G. KEHLER, B.A., Critic: O. P. PRICHARD, Executive Secretary: E. SIGSTON, Curator: G. T. BARRETT, First Year Representative. First Row: W. R. SYMONS. B.A., Party Leader: J. C. KNEWSTUB, Speaker: F. R. GARTRELL, BA., President: W. H. SIMPSON, S.C.lVI. Chairman: C. D. CROSS, Party Leader. Wycliffe College Literary Society OR the Wycliffe College Literary Society this year has been one of important changes in constitution and administration. From the begin- ning of the year until December the Cannon Party held office under the successive leadership of S. E. Richards and C. D. Cross, while E. L. Simmonds, B.A., headed the Opposition forces. In December the Parliamentary Club was instituted as the program for alternate Weeks, and, due to the enthusiastic support of the two party leaders-C. D. Cross and W. R. Symons, BA.-and the co-operation of all the members, it has proven to be a most successful venture. The program of the Society has been full and the meetings interesting throughout the entire year. The social program included such memorable events as the Annual Hike, the Sleigh Ride, and Open Evenings. The great highlight of the year was the Annual Dinner and Musicale which was an out- standing success. The S.C.M., which works as an integral part of the Society, has made an invaluable contribution to the development of the spiritual life of the members. Missionary Night, when several of the students related their experiences on the mission fields across Canada, was again one of the most thrilling and interesting evenings of the year. It is a great pleasure to report a most profitable year and to congratulate the members on the fine spirit of co-operation which they have shown. 307 MEN IN RESIDENCE, KNOX COLLEGE, 1937-38 Knox College Association HE Knox College Association is a responsible and democratic govern- ment, representative of the students residing within the College and of all students registered at Knox. As the official organization, it administers the affairs and directs the activities of the residence life of its members. The House Committee maintains discipline within the residence and pro- vides many added privileges and services designed to meet the needs and pleasures of the men. The Worship Committee supervises the spiritual life of the College and provides Chapel Services, Worship Periods and special Communion. The Athletic Committee arranges interhouse and interfaculty sports, and the Knox College teams have always been regarded as strong con- tenders in many branches of University athletics. The Social Committee is active in providing and directing the social life of the residence, arranging for frequent entertainments which are always of a high quality. The meetings of the Association provide opportunities for live debate and are featured with much show of oratory. The cosmopolitan representation of the residents and the willing co-operation of all the men have made Knox one of the finest residences on the Campus. The high standard of its life and the warm spirit of its 'fellowship have established an enviable tradition in Knox College, a tradition of which every man is proud. 308 EMMANUEL COLLEGE STUDENTS' SOCIETY Second Row: R. SIMPSON, J. E. MUNSON, M. G. BUTLER, C. G. KITNEY, A. W. JONES, J. R. HOLDEN. First Row: H. M. BAILEY, R. H. N. DAVIDSON, K. H. COUSLAND, R, J. SCOTT, F. H. JOBLIN. Emmanuel College Students' Society HE EMMANUEL COLLEGE STUDENTS' SOCIETY is the Organiza- tion which controls the extra-Curricular activities of the Students of Em- manuel and is the official body through which student opinion on matters per- taining to College and Church life may be expressed. A number of committees direct the different phases of college life. The Vice-President's Committee promotes contacts between church students in Arts and the men in Theology. The Worship Committee plans for regular chapel services in the college each morning and for -house worship in the resi- dence in the evenings. This year the committee has also held Communion services at the first of each month. The Residence Committee is the body through which the Emmanuel College musicales are arranged and which gives Student government to the life of the residences. The Missionary Committee promotes missionary education and organizes the raising of funds for the purpose of bringing a student from the Orient to the College. The committee also contributes to the work of the S.C.M. Through the Athletic Committee College Sports have been Organized. This year Emmanuel has had volleyball, basketball, baseball and hockey teams. Tennis and badminton tournaments have also been played. The Theological Society is affiliated with the E.C.S.S. Through its meet- ings in the College and in joint session with the Theological College Union of the S.C.M. greater understanding of the teachings of our Faith have been achieved. The student body expresses to the members of the staff of the College very hearty appreciation for the co-operation and aid so generously given. Those who graduate will not Soon forget the friendships they have made with the Professors of Emmanuel. 309 f""""'7""N' 'W' H Y J,V.5ee, Pres. Wiwaketield. ' L.W.Gz'oveS. sri Dall istea-,V-Pres. M'R-Campbell E,5yminQ1ton,Trea5 S,FannmQJ,5eC, Sffhibaudeau. CVC 1957 U7'T 1958. E G.H.Jones. wJ Gay dents' Admi'nistraiive,,Counci,gl N 5 Efhamberlayne, E Stu Veterinary Students' Hdministrative Council HE Students' Administrative Council is composed of three seniors, three juniors, three sophomores, and two freshmen, making a total of eleven members, elected by a majority vote. The Students' Council promotes student activities, oversees student func- tions, and acts as a means of communication between the faculty and the student body. The Council gratefully acknowledges the co-operation given them by Dr. McGilvray, the faculty, the student body, and the Students' Council at Toronto. 310 SCHOOL OF NURSING EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Second Row: PATRICIA FRANCIS, Athletic Representativeg JEAN BATES, Hospital Administra- tion Representative: DOROTHY BOYD, Third Year Class Representativeg GEORGINA CASTLE Second Year Representative. First Row: CATHARINE PELLETIER, Public Health Rejnresentativeg RUTH HINDMARSH, President ISABEL MCDIARMID, Graduate Vice-President: JANET DAVIDSON, First Year Representative Absent: BETTY THOM, Undergraduate Vice-President: BEVERLRY ROGERS, Secretary-Treasurer 1-' Y J, R, I- , 4 Q. z if I i I 1 5 311 ,J , v "IMF A.: f' - . 'af'-,,""' ,,,,fJ" ' I xjddfifcefffj . ,"12m9i M-wi L-00+ 31- jv ifviy-id . Zcflfifv - ff "' 1 K 1 . I K Intercollegiate Athletics HE University of Toronto athletes have again given a very good account of themselves in all types and branches of athletic endeavour. Although they relinquished the senior rugby and senior basketball championships to Queen's and Western respectively they have retained all the other senior trophies they held last year and added the senior track title to their list of accomplishments. Thus we find Toronto holding seven senior championships, McGill four, Western two and Queen's one. The senior rugby championship was the most difficult of all to part with. This year it took twenty minutes overtime before Queen's could wrest the Yates Cup from the Blue team. However, the splendid victory of the senior track team over McGill, McMaster, Western and Queen's more than atoned for this loss. Varsity men placed first in nine events breaking three Inter- collegiate records and tying one. Larry O'Connor set new marks in both the 120 yds. high hurdles and the 220 yds. dash. Dave Crichton set a new mark in the one mile run and Gord McHenry equalled the record for the 100 yds. dash. The senior soccer team was again entered in the Senior A grouping in which Western again finished Hrst. The tennis team defeated McGill again to win the team title. Bruce Hall of Toronto was Intercollegiate singles champion. The golf team also were successful in their annual competition by winning the team title. Bob Reid made it a clean sweep for Varsity by winning the individual championship. The rugger team completed a success- ful season by defeating McGill for the Intercollegiate title for the fifth con- secutive year. McGill University was successful in retaining the Harrier championship although Dave Crichton of Toronto was individual champion. McGill also garnered another victory before the Christmas holidays by winning the water polo championship. Queen's were entered in this series for the first time this year. In rowing, although McGill has withdrawn from Intercollegiate competition, we held a race with Syracuse University last fall which we hope will become an annual fixture. The Boxing and Wrestling championship was retained after a close meet in Kingston. Fencing, which was held as a separate championship this year, was won by McGill, A. F. Garcia of Toronto being individual champion. Our Athletic Association this year presented two beautiful trophies, a team trophy and an individual trophy, for annual competition in this sport. They were named the Charles Walters trophies in honour of our fencing coach who has given so generously of his services for the past 15 years. In hockey Varsity finished fourth behind Queen's and Dartmouth but are looking forward to next year with high hopes. In senior basketball University of Western Ontario were successful in removing the Wilson Cup from Hart House, thereby winning their first senior basketball championship in ten years. In gymnastics, University of Toronto again defeated McGill, W. J. Lester of Toronto winning the individual championship. The swimming team completed the season in a blaze of glory by dominating the annual meet in every race. They also won four dual meets with United States college teams. In Intermediate competition our athletes were again highly successful. They managed to annex titles in Tennis, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Swim- ming and Fencing. However, more gratifying than titles is the underlying fact that nearly everyone is striving earnestly to perpetuate the athletic honour and ideals of this University. The personal sacrifices made by each and every man to pro- duce the best that is in him do much to develop gentlemen and sportsmen. We, the Athletic Directorate, feel this is far more desirable than the mere winning of a game. 314 Wt HA HB5 HIP QENT 1937 IJNIVE PRES . DEHT ROFITO RSPIQY OP-To 938 ATH UETIG DIRECJFORIWE FACULTY HEH BER F NANCIAL SECRETARY ATM LETIC DI R ECTOR HEOICAL DIRECTOQ MEMBER -Bd o gb ,YREG RON RUGBY F. N. Beattie C. N. Brebner J. E. Casson I. R. Edwards C. C. Gray W. B. Gray J. P. N. Holden E. S. Jarvis K. M. MacQuarrie J. E. A. Macdonald D. L. Mumford W. C. Sehwenger B. R. Shuken F. E. J. Sirdevan H. W. Sisson S. D. Turner M. F. Williams TRACK D. P. Crichton J. R. Detweiler G. M. McHenry L. G. O'Connor A. G. Rankin M. L. Trusler HARRIER D. P. Crichton SOCCER J. A. Arnason J. Evers J. L. Self K. Shamandurov R. A. Sim R. Simpson R. F. Thomson H. L. Ward TENNIS B. W. Hall W. P. Pigott First "T" Holders-1937-38 GOLF R. D. Reid ENGLISH RUGBY F. G. Christenson G. V. Gengos C. A. Kyle R. F. Egan S. MeClatchie L. E. Prowse T. V. Rutherford R. E. Young ROWING G. G. Bradshaw J. A. N. Carmichael D. G. Johnson E. H. Noakes J. A. Parish G. W. Peters J. J. F. Smith R. W. Stevens C. W. Yerex GYMNASTICS W. J. Lester E. S. Macdonald J. M. Toye FENCING A. F. Garcia G. Bachert 316 HOCKEY A. R. B. Boddington D. B. Caswell H. Cassels W. B. Charles M. A. Craig C. J. Driscoll I. A. Fremes C. M. MacLachlan L. K. Mcllquam D. W. Morison E. M. Rey BASKETBALL F. D. Dempster F. L. Dougherty D. A. Gordon N. Hogg J. J. Mahoney W. L. McGregor J. M. Powers T. W. Sullivan SWIMMING G. H. Clawson F. J. Dobson J. M. Girvan I. L. Jennings M. W. Murphy G. E. Otter BOXING J. E. DeWolf L. C. Dillon S. P. Parker J. J. Pigott WRESTLING O. E. Brunet A. Goldie W. M. Keefe D. W. Lathrop W. C. Schwenger Zin Memory nf "UL Last summer Varsity lost one of her outstanding athletes. A gentleman, a sportsman and grand competitor, Thomas H. Bickle, Trinity, class of '38, leaves a vacancy that cannot be filled. The T. H. Bickle Memorial Bursary, established by his parents, is a splendid way of keeping him with us. Let us hope each succeeding winner can measure up to those attributes g'T.H." possessed in such a high degree. This year the committee has selected a former team-mate and close friend of "TH," as the first winner. An outstanding member of the Senior Swimming Team, Maurice W. Murphy of Wycliffe is a most worthy recipient of this high honour. 317 The Johnny Copp Memorial Trophy HIS trophy, donated to the University of Toronto Athletic -Association by graduates and undergraduates, is awarded annually to the member of the senior rugby team who, in that season by his sportsmanship, character and playing ability, is adjudged the most valuable member of the team. This year the players selected Cam. Gray, who exemplifies most highly those qualifications as set out by the donors of the trophy. He is truly quali- fied to take his place with Al. Williams, Gus Greco and Bobby Coulter who have Won it in other years. 1 . . r l if , , A . , - 'AY' 5 , gt . - ,I . . . g x5L',X, - V - 7' i gififfif L L gi- 4. E i .,- - -,fury AVJVNRDED ANNll+'Xl.LX nl :HE Mr,HL'-Eli M i HI lJl.NIiJl? VEUGEY TEAIN1 ALIJUDGED wumma: r I9 ISIS 318 . -K - -., .,,- I .., . , ,, M.. . in----W --Y UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE RUGBY TEAM Third Row: S. D. TURNER, J. E. A. MACDONALDQ JoE. CARRUTHERS, Trainer, G. M. Scorr, F. N. BEATTIE, W. C. SCHWENGER, E. S. JARVIS. Second Row: J. P. N. HOLDEN, B. R. SHUKEN, L. W. SOMERS, C. C. GRAY, K. M. MACQUARRIE, D. L. MUMEORD. First Row: WARREN STEVENS, Coach: F. E. SIRDEVAN, J. E. CAssoN, C. N. BREBNERQ M. F. WILLIAMS, Captaing W. B. GRAY, I. R. EDWARDS, H. W. SISSONSQ W. R. CARRUTHERS, Manager. Absent: A. G. ISBISTER. Senior Intercollegiate Rugby ITH only a skeleton of last year's championship team, Warren Stevens was confronted with a rebuilding campaign having on hand much promising but untried material from previous junior and intermediate teams. Therefore it was not until they decisively defeated Balmy Beach in the City Series that it was well proven that Varsity had a first class club for Inter- collegiate competition. The Intercollegiate season opened in Toronto against the Tricolour, Var- sity winning by a score of 9 to 3. McGill was next in Montreal. Varsity held a sizeable lead in this dazzling game until the last second of play when the Redmen threw a pass for a touchdown picking up a 6-5 win. In a snowstorm, Varsity and Western fought to a 4-all draw in London, but in the return engagement the Mustangs went down before the Blues by a wide margin. The McGill game in Toronto was a very closely contested affair, a 40 yard placement by Cam Gray providing the winning touch. The final scheduled contest was played in Kingston in the perennial sea of mud. This was a crucial game, as a win or a tie would have closed the season then and there, taking another championship. But all high hopes were drowned when Queen's won. This loss necessitated a play-off to break a second-place tie with Western, the winner having the right to play Queen's in the finals. Again Varsity took Western in a one-sided game and were thus in line to meet Queen's The final game between these two evenly matched clubs was indeed an epic. At the end of full time the score was tied. In the overtime period Queen's gained the upper hand: and went on to victory and the championship. Toronto had the doubtful distinction of being the first team to lose the Intercollegiate title in over-time. 319 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE RUGBY TEAM Third Row: G. A. SOUTHEE, E. SMITH: J. R. COULTER, Coachg G. MEEN, M. S. MILLS. Second Row: H. B. SHIPMAN, Mamzgefrg B. SHIFEMAN, W. H. MERRILL, H. A. MACMILLAN, C. M. MACLACHLAN, K. M. MICKLEBOROUGH, J. LEACH, A. HOLMAN. First Row: P. D. ISBISTER, N. O. MOFFAT, W. E. BEATTY, C. B. WARREN, D. D. OWEN, W. R. STRINGER, W. O. FENNELL, J. A. MCNEILL. Absent: W. G. SCOTT, W. M. BOWLEN, H. S. GILLESPIE, R. G. GRAY, W. S. SPARKHALL. Intermediate Intercollegiate Rugby HE past season of the intermediate football team was marked by a change in policy. In previous years freshmen have always played on the junior team and only those not experienced enough to make the senior team were placed on the intermediates. This year, in an effort to bolster the intermediates and weaken the juniors and hence provide closer competition in both leagues, outstanding freshmen were placed on the intermediate team. The results this year were not as marked as expected but the continued improvement of the team as the season advanced indicated that the new system had merit. The team lost the first four games of the season: O.A.C. defeated them 19-lg Western eked out a victory by an 8-5 scoreg MacMaster defeated them on two successive week-ends by 15-7 and 16-13. Hard luck featured all of these contests and it was only in the two remaining games of the season that they really showed their ability with well-earned victories: Western was beaten in London, 6-2, and they crowned the season's efforts and reversed the decision of a similar situation of two years previous when they eliminated O.A.C. from the league race by defeating them 8-7 in the last game of the year. This year marked the return of Bobby Coulter to Varsity football. The improvement of the intermediates was a direct result of his good coaching and it is our hope that he will remain as a permanent member of the coaching staff. 320 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO JUNIOR RUGBY TEAM Third Row: J. R. Woons, L. SMITH, J. K. JOHNSTON, G. E. BRIDLE, J. R. SCRIVENER. T. STEVEN- SON, J. L. S. Ross, R. SWALLOW. Second Row: J. M. HARDING, Manager: G. E. MCGILL, C. A. STEPHENS, H. L. CooNs, F. ROBIN- SON, J. SOULES, A. FARMER, G. C. LEE, E. T. GALWAY, R. S. IRWIN. First Row: R. B. PAUL, A. H. HEYWOOD, J. C. MAYNARDQ D. M. GRAHAM, Coach: J. E. HODGETTS, R. DUNFORD, R. D. SWEET, T., JARVIS, D. H. KELLY, G. COULTER. Junior Rugby HIS year the Intermediates took most of the star freshmen from the Juniors, but those who remained were moulded into a good rugby team by the expert coaching of Don Graham. Although he is responsible for the teaching of the fundamentals of the game, the will to win, and the fine team spirit, which characterizes Varsity team sports, were also responsible for the fine showing of the team. The Juniors playing in the Interprovincial Football Union, finished second, losing only two games against heavier and more experienced players. Next year, with a nucleus of some of this year's players, the Juniors should give a good account of themselves, and it is hoped that more students will support this excellent training team for the Seniors. 321 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR TRACK TEAM, IN TERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS Third Row: H. PHILLIPS, Coach, L. J. DELANEY, H. CASSELS, J. O. DAL1-:s, W. H. MARTIN, Coach. Second Row: A. FOSTER, Trainer, G. A. PIPER, D. B. ARMSTRONG, C. G. SANDLOS, B. D. SAND- WELL, A. M. HUESTON, Manager. First Row: J. W. DALES, A. G. RANKINj L. G. O,CONNOR, Captain: G. M. MCHENRY, J. R. DETWEILER. Absent: D. P. CRICHTON, F. J. BAJURNY, M. G. L. TRUSLER. Senior Intercollegiate Track Meet EVEN years of famine for the University of Toronto's track and field team were brought to an end with the holding of the thirty-fifth annual senior intercollegiate meet at Toronto, October 22, 1937. A strong and versatile Toronto team brought to an end the long domination of McGill and captured the title for Varsity for the first time since 1929. In the final accounting of the meet Toronto with 71 points was well in the lead. Next came McGill with 50 points, followed by Queen's with 22, Western with 17, and McMaster with five. Pacing Toronto to victory and responsible for a great portion of the team's 71-point total were Larry O'Connor, Dave Crichton and Gord McHenry. O'Connor smashed two records, winning the 120-yard high hurdles in 14.6, and in the 220-yard dash he stepped home in 22.1 seconds. O'Connor also won the 220-yard low hurdles. McHenry flashed over the line in the 100-yard dash in 10 seconds to equal the record. He also won the quarter-mile in a rousing sprint down the stretch that sent him across the finish line a foot ahead of McGill's Mason. Crichton won the mile in 4: 30.6 to break the record established in 1936 by C. A. Conway of the University of Toronto. He also won the half-mile in 2: 00.6 Other winners were Trusler of the University of Toronto in the pole vault, Detweiler of the University of Toronto in the broad jump, Frankton of McGill in the three-mile rung Morgan of McGill in the discus throw and Peck of McGill in the high jump. The Toronto team of Delaney, Cassels, Armstrong and O'Connor won the mile relay. 322 INTERMEDIATE INTERCOLLEGIATE TRACK TEAM Third Row: A. M. HUESTON, Manager, R. MILLER, J. H. WHITESIDE, H. PHILLIPS, Coach. Second Row: A. FOSTER, Trainer, R. W. CASS, E. H. SMITH, S. THOMPSON, R. LOUTTIT, E. LOARING. First Row: J. AMES, D. F. HUTTON, R. KAYLER, C. MCEWEN, J. EDWARDS. Absent: F. N. A. ROWELL, R. WISHART, G. HUETHER, J. R. RODZIK, R. E. THORNTON. Intermediate Intercollegiate Track Meet POWERFUL Ontario Agricultural College team dominated the Inter- mediate Intercollegiate Track and Field Meet and won the champion- ship by a decisive margin. The O.A.C. team piled up a top-heavy score of 1001f2 points to lift the crown worn by the University of Toronto during the past two years. Toronto was runner-up with 41 points. McMaster, with 91f2 points, was third and the University of Western Ontario, with GV2 points, was fourth. The meet was held at Hamilton, October 29th, 1937. A biting wind that swept the track and numbed the competitors prevented the establishment of any new records. Only one record was equalled and that achievement was made by C. McEwen of the University of Toronto in the high jump, with five feet eight inches. Only two other events were won by the University of Toronto. Stan Thompson won the half-mile with a time of 2:l0.8 minutes, and Johnny Edwards won the pole vault with ten feet eleven inches. Every other event was won by O.A.C. Leading the Guelph contingent in a concentrated attack on the events of the day were Young and Smith. The former placed first in the high hurdles, low hurdles and shot put, while Smith won the 100 yard and 220 yard races. Summers Won the quarter-mile, Fletcher won the mile, Howitt the three-mile, McKay the discus, Holmes the iavelin and McGowan won the broad jump. The O.A.C. team won the relay. 323 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE HARRIER TEAM G. L. GooDwIN, R. LOUTTITQ W. D. MACLEAN, Managefrg D. P. CRICHTON, D. G. HUETHER. Senior Intercollegiate Harrier Team HE University of Toronto Harrier Club held the annual Interfaculty race over the High Park course on November 6th. Dave Crichton of S.P.S. won, with D. G. Huether of Wycliffe second. Wycliffe took the team championship with 24 points, S.P.S. being a close second with 26. The senior Intercollegiate race was held in Montreal over the rugged McGill course. Dave Crichton of Toronto again established his superiority over Frankton of McGill. Crichton finished? the 5 miles, first, in the good time of 31 min. 26 sec. However, the team championship was taken by McGill when they finished four men in the Hrst six. After Crichton, the next Toronto man was Goodwin in tenth place. O.A.C. made a line showing by finishing second. Their first man to finish was Eccles in fifth place. O.A.C. scored 31 points, Toronto was third with 41 and R.M.C. last with 51 points. Intermediate Intercollegiate Harrier Team The Intermediate Intercollegiate Harrier race was held at Hamilton on November 13th. H. Johnston of Western was individual winner. The first Toronto man to finish was J. E. DeWolf in sixth place. The team champion- ship was won by O.A.C. with 16 points, Western was second with 23 and Toronto third with 39. 324 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO TENNIS TEAM SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS B. W. HALL W. P. PIGOTT J. W. TOMLINSON P. A. SNYDER Senior Tennis HE University of Toronto Senior Tennis Team successfully defended its intercollegiate title won last year. The team this year was made up of three of last year's team, Bill Piggott, Bruce Hall, Jack Tomlinson, and a new- comer, Paul Snyder of badminton fame. Varsity placed two men, Bruce Hall and Bill Piggott, in the singles final with the former winning out. This is the first time that this honour has been held by a Toronto man since the days of Walter Martin and Dr. Arthur Ham. Jack Tomlinson lost out in the second round of play to Pierre Dusseaules, the number one man of McGill, and Paul Snyder lost to Geo. Leclerc, the number one player of the University of Montreal. In the doubles competition both teams lost out in the second round. Sny- der and Piggott losing to Leclerc and Dusson, while Tomlinson and Hall were defeated by Pierre Dusseaules and Bill O'Brien, of McGill. And so for another year t-he intercollegiate championship rests with the University of Toronto. 325 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE INTERCOLLEGIATE TENNIS TEAM CHAMPIONS C. J. SEAGRAM K. CAMPBELL R. CAMPBELL H. A. PHILLIPS Intermediate Collegiate Tennis HIS year Toronto acted as host for the Intermediate Tennis Tournament, the matches being played on the courts of the Toronto Cricket Club and for the third consecutive year we were successful in carrying off the cham- pionship. The team was composed of two veterans, H. A. Phillips and K. Campbell, and two newcomers, C. J. Seagram and R. Campbell. At the conclusion of the first day's play Varsity had gained a commanding lead by capturing all its first round matches and dropping only one in the second round. The outstanding player of the tournament was Jack Judge of Western, who annexed the singles title by turning back a fine effort on the part of Charles Seagram, Varsity's dark horse. The doubles title went to Phillips and Seagram, who defeated a strong team from O.A.C. Unfortunately, inclement weather delayed the tournament and made playing difficult but, in spite of this, some excellent tennis was produced and every victory was well-merited. 326 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE SOCCER TEAM Third Row: J. A. ARNASON, H. L. WARD, J. MUCHAN. Second Row: R. F. THOMSON, J. Evans, E. R. SLADE, Coach, R. SIMPSON, R. A. SIM, Captain. First Row: J. A. MULLET, K. SHAMANDUROV, T. V. RUTHERFORD, J. L. SELF, F. C. J. SILLS, W. C. G. FRASER. Absent: J. HONEYMAN. Senior Intercollegiate Soccer HE most important boost the game of soccer has enjoyed since the Great War took place this year when the Athletic Directorate raised the status of soccer to Division I. Having gained this recognition, soccermen are look- ing forward to steady progress for this branch of University athletics during the coming years. Varsity was indeed fortunate in securing the services of Mr. E. R. Slade, Toronto high school teacher and popular mentor of many championship soc- cer clubs in Toronto and Ontario, to coach the blue and white teams. Under his guidance the Senior team just failed to capture the Blackwood Trophy when they dropped the final game of the season to O.A.C. by a 1-0 count. Lacking the individual outstanding players of former years, Varsity fielded a more balanced aggregation, strong defensively and in team play. Only weak- ness around their opponents' nets was responsible for their not taking the title. This year's graduates will include such fine players as Alex Sim, Captain, Shamandurov, Harvey Ward, John Evers, Dick Simpson and R. F. Thomson, Manager. 327 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE INTERCOLLEGIATE SOCCER TEAM CHAMPIONS Third Row: H. W. MASON, R. A. SINCLAIRQ E. R. SLADE, Coach: D. A. DARCY, E. L. SIMMONDS. Second Row: J. B. JOHNSON, H. F. LONGWORTH, R. F. ERRINGTON, M. P. TOWNSEND. First Row: W. C. PACEY, R. J. MCADAM, Captain: O. F. BUSH, A. R. MENZI1-:s, J. I. THOMPSON. Intermediate Intercollegiate So ccer HIS year's team brought to Varsity her first intermediate intercollegiate soccer title. Tied with O.A.C. at the close of the season in points, the blue and white team were awarded the championship by virtue of a higher goal average. Much credit must go to Mr. Slade for this team's fine display. Outstanding all year was the playing of Mason and Simmonds, a pair of hefty backs, the half-line of Johnson, Longworth and Townsend, and the attacking brigade of Thompson, McAdam, Bush and Menzies. R. McAdam captained the team with R. F. Thomson, manager. The Soccer Club executive consisted of D. Pacey, President, A. Menzies, Vice-president, and E. L. Simmonds, Secretary. 328 1 -- MK. M- - v W, V M - .--u-,af .. UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO ENGLISH RUGBY TEAM INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS Second Row: J. E. DEWOLF, W. A. Scorr, G. W. REED, C. A. KYLE, G. GENGOS, B. C. MACDONALD. First Row: R. F. EGAN, P. F. PULLEN, T. V. RUTHERFORDJ D. COUGHLIN, Captain: F. G. CHRIS- 'ri-:NsEN, P. H. SPOHN, R. E. YOUNG. Absent: J. Bowu-zs, Coachg W. B. REID, S. MCCLATCHIE, L. E. PROWSE. English Rugby N the whole a successful season was enjoyed. It was, however, marred by the lack of competition. Local teams in the city which are usually depended upon for competition remained unorganized this year. Twice an All-Star aggregation met the Varsity Team and twice it was defeated. Pro- gress, too, was interrupted by the postponement of the opening date of the University. However, the Intercollegiate title again came to Toronto by virtue of a victory over McGill in a very closely contested struggle. It is unfortunate that Queens for two years past have been unable to field a team. We wish them better fortune in the future. An outstanding feature of the season was a match with the Chicago Rugby Club. While smarting under a 10-0 defeat at home, the team was disappointed to learn that, owing to circumstances beyond the control of the University authorities, a return match could not be arranged. The international tone introduced by the match is highly commendable. This year the largest island in the world again came to our aid. Christens- son and Gengos from Australia followed worthily in the footsteps of their great predecessor Vincent. Their help proved valuable to the team as a whole. Once again we doff our hats to the unfailing energy and great love for the game which is personified in that "little fatman" Jimmy, as he is fondly known to the team. Mr. Bowles' contribution to rugger at Varsity is im- measurable. We hope he will stay with us for many years-his spirit and coaching ability have won many tough battles. Five years we have reigned as Intercollegiate Champions under him, and received our first defeat in as many years at the hands of the Chicago Club this year. Truly a worthy record. 329 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO GOLF TEAM INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS, 1937-38 W. G. BELFRY, J. K. WILLIAMS, D. S. MORSE, J. S. BOECKH, R. D. REID, G. L. SYMMES, W. LAIRD. University Golf Club UE to the delayed opening of the fall term this year, the qualifying round for selecting the University Golf Team was forced to be deferred also, in spite of the increasing uncertainty of the weather for golf. The men who qualified to make the trip to Montreal were Ken Williams, Bill Laird, Bill Belfry, Lee Symmes, Sonny Morse and Bob Reid, accompanied by Jack Boechk, who was Secretary of the club. The Individual Intercollegiate Tour- nament was held at the Summerlea Golf Club in Montreal on October 15th, over a 36-hole route, with an entry of six men from McGill, four from R.M.C. and the above Toronto team. The low-scoring honours for the day went to Bob Reid of Varsity, who turned in a score of 158 under the most unfavour- able weather conditions, to bring the individual championship cup to Toronto after it seemed to have found an almost permanent resting place at McGill. At the same time the Toronto team played match play against the team from McGill, continuing the next day in the form of an eighteen-hole two-ball four- some. Varsity again came through here to make it a double victory for Toronto and capture both cups for the 1937-38 season. On February 11th, the University Golf Club met to elect its 1938-39 offi- cers. The Captain, Ken Williams, who is the only graduating member of the present team, was replaced by Bob Reid, and Jack Boechk was re-elected Secretary. With the team almost intact, they will form strong opposition for the McGill team, who will be entertained here next October, and will look forward to the continuance of a most successful golfing year. 330 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE HOCKEY TEAM Third Row: I. W. "AcE', BAILEY, Coach. Second Row: J. CARRUTHERS, Trainerg D. W. MORISON, H. CASSELS, C. J. DRISCOLL, J. L. S. Ross, C. M. MACLACHLAN, L. K. MCILQUI-IAM, W. B. CHARLES: D. I, W. BRUCE, Manager. First Row: F. L. BLACKHALL, I. A. FREMES, W. G. SCOTT, E. M. REY, Captain, A. R. B. Bon- DINGTON, M. A. CRAIG, D. B. CASWELL. Senior Intercollegiate Hockey NOTHER winter is past, and another hockey season. The cheers for our football team had hardly died in Varsity Stadium when, in the middle of November, the candidates for the hockey team had their first practice. On December 27th-hardly time for our Christmas dinners to digest-we left Toronto for the annual trip to the States, our immediate destination being Minneapolis. Here two games were played with the University of Minnesota, with whom we shared the victories. From there the team entrained for New York, which was to be the headquarters for our remaining games with McGill and Montreal at Rye, with Princeton and Yale. The heart-break of the trip was the game with Yale, from whom we managed to eke out only a draw. From that time till the end of February we were engaged entirely with Intercollegiate games. The following teams, Dartmouth, Harvard, Montreal, Queerfs and McGill, played in Toronto-and McGill gave us our only defeat on home ice. We visited the three Canadian Universities in February, but of these, Montreal was the only team we managed to beat. The season officially ended on March 5th with a game with the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. When one considers the season fully, one realizes that the University of Toronto has no reason to be scornful of its hockey team -especially when allowance is made for the inexperience of some of its players-men, however, who improved rapidly and will continue to do, so. Of the nineteen games played, we Won eleven, lost seven and tied one. We shall not single out players for honourable mention. That seems un- fair in a team whose success depends on the proper co-operation of its individuals. It is sufficient to say that they always came up to the mark, when there was need-none of the team's defeats was dishonourable. 331 Q..-.,..i.,,,.-p L I UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE HOCKEY TEAM, CHAMPIONS Third Row: F. DI-:AcoN, Manager: R. CAMPBELL, Manager. Second Row: J. CARRUTHERS, Trainer: D. DICKIE, J. R. Woons, T. E. STEPHENSON, H. L. COONS, H. T. JONES, J. H. MACPHERSON, Coach. First Row: W. HUNNISETT, T. P. CALLON, W. S. GLYNN, J. C. MAYNARD, D. S. ALLAN, I. G. MACLEOD, W. T. PENTLAND. Absent: D. P. CRICHTON, G. B. Woon, J. C. LAIDLAW. Junior-Intermediate Hockey HE Intermediate Hockey Team terminated a seventeen-game schedule by bringing to the U. of T. its first Intercollegiate Hockey Championship in years. They began the long grind as Varsity's entry in the O.H.A. Junior "A" Series. As is well known, Varsity is at once handicapped when entering competition with these hand-picked city teams. However, with apparently mediocre material, Coach Jimmie MacPherson succeeded in rounding into shape a willing-to-learn team that emphasized team work and fight. Although their Junior O.H.A. record' showed only two victories, the Juniors, captained by Jack "Pest" Maynard, caused many a gray hair to sprout on the heads of the opposing coaches. Marlboros, who romped through to twelve consecutive victories in group games found themselves behind in the score during the regular schedule only once. In their second encounter with Marlboros, Varsity stubbornly overcame a three goal handicap to lead 4-3 until the Hnal three minutes of the game. The ending is now history, but Marlboros won, 5-4. Five victories in their five-game series with Western, McMaster and O.A.C. brought to the Intermediates the I.I.H.U. Cup. Although the competition was not on the whole as strong as in the O.H.A. series, their scoring record of 35 goals compared with 10 scored against them stands out impressively. 332 iff, A " ' . L ' ' ' K. . . .Q UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR B.W. 8: F. TEAM INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS Third Row: MR. CHAs. WALTERS, Fencing Coach: A. F. GARCIA, J. C. BOND, Manager: J. W. CHIVERS, E. S. JARv1s, A. B. SCOTT, DR. L. W. BLACK, Boxing Coach: W. H. MARTIN, Wrestling Instructor. Second Row: J. J. PIGOTT, J. E. DEWOLF, A. GOLDIE, C. D. BURKE, J. L. AMos, W. C. SCHWENGER, D. W. LATHROP. First Row: C. T. ROBERTSON, W. N. KEEFE, O. E. BRUNET, L. C. DILLON, A. D. Hoon, S. P. PARKER. Senior Boxing, Wrestling and Fencing OR the second year in succession, the Boxing and Wrestling teams won the Tom Gibson trophy, emblematic of the senior Intercollegiate cham- pionship. This year the fencers competed for a separate championship. The Charles Walters Trophies were presented for competition in this sport by our Athletic Association, a fine tribute to Varsity's fencing coach. After the Christmas vacation, training began in earnest and all three teams had several Outside engagements. On January 29 the University of Buffalo wrestling and fencing squads visitedf Toronto. The boxing team went to New London, Conn., where they fought the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. The wrestlers and fencers played host to teams from St. Lawrence and Wayne Universities respectively on February 5. The next week-end the boxers and wrestlers travelled south, the former visiting Cornell and the latter Rochester and Alfred. A return engagement with the University of Buffalo wrestling and fencing teams took place on February 19. The Senior Interfaculty Assault was held on the 14th and 15th of February. The senior Intercollegiate championships were held in Kingston on the 25th and 26th of February. Toronto, although not too optimistic beforehand, emerged victorious. The boxing team won three final bouts, Dillon. 118 lbs., Parker, 135 lbs., and Pigott, 165 lbs. The wrestlers won four, Brunet, 118 lbs., Keefe, 125 lbs., Schwenger, 165 lbs., and Lathrop, heavyweight. The fencers lost the Chas. Walters team trophy to a powerful McGill team by a slight margin, but Garcia of Toronto won the Charles Walters individual. 333 Va.. . , O -W f- .. yi f I T T UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SWIMMING TEAM SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS Third Row: G. A. COOKE, Manager. Second Row: W. A. MCCATTY, Coachg G. H. CLAWSON, J. M. GIRVAN, F. J. DOBSON, E. B. BACKMANQ W. W. WINTERBURN, Instructor. First Row: D. B. Hicks, D. A. GREENQ I. L. JENNINGS, Captaing G. E. OTTER, L. N. EARL. Absent: W. M. MURPHY. Senior Intercollegiate Swimming HE Senior Intercollegiate Swimming meet held in Hart House this year saw the University of Toronto team decisively retain its championship by a score of 50-14-13. One record. fell during the evening as John Girvan completed the 200- yard breast stroke in beautiful style to lower the old mark by a full four seconds. Hicks of Toronto came just behind managing to equal the former best time. Murphy again displayed outstanding form in winning both the 50-yard and 100-yard free style races. The latter win retains for him the Neil Buckley Trophy which he won last year. Second place in the 50-yard fell to George Otter of Toronto while Ged. Clawson captured second place in the 100-yard free style in a dash which almost caught Murphy. Dobson of Varsity won the diving from Ivan, last year's champion. Murphy, Otter, Clawson and Earl formed the winning 200-yard relay team and missed a record only through a mistake in timing an underwater finish. This victory marked the climax of Varsity's most successful swimming season for in addition to defeating McGill and McMaster they won 4 out of 6 meets.with U.S. college teams. 334 39 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SWIMMING TEAM INTERMEDIATE INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS Second Row: W. A. MCCATTY, Coach, D. G. HARKNESS, D. JENNINGS, W. G. HARVEY: G. A. COOKE, Mamtger: W. W. WINTERBURN, Instructor. First Row: H. W. KERBY, J. L. JOHNSTON, G. Lovs, L. M. HAMPSON, M. F. CLARKSON, E. H. LOARING. Absent: H. AXON. Intermediate Intercollegiate Swimming HE Intermediate swimming championship will be held by Toronto for another year. In the meet held in the Hart House Pool on March 4, Toronto took an early lead which they were easily able to maintain. The final score gave Toronto 45, O.A.C. 4, Western 2 and McMaster 1. The breaking of three Intermediate Intercollegiate records, two by Var- sity, featured the meet. In the medley relay, D. Jennings, Hampson and Johnston took 4.6 secs. off the old record. Lloyd Hampson took 1X5 sec. off the old record for the 300 yds. free style. Knowles of O.A.C. broke the third record in the 100 yds. sprint by reducing the old time of 60 secs. to 58 secs. Hampson proved the best man on the Varsity team carrying oft first place in the 300 yds. free style, the 200 yds. breast stroke and swimming on the winning medley relay team. D. Jennings made good time in the medley relay and won first in the 100 yds. back stroke. In the diving Clarkson carried oft first with ease. Captain Gage Love took second in the 50 yds. sprint and was a member of the winning 200 yds. relay team which was composed of Love, Axon, Har- vey and Harkness. This is our second swimming championship this year which can be attributed to Coach Wince McCatty,s good work. He has now brought the boys to four championships in two years. 335 fi .1 f ,g f , as Q 5 s , ,. . .M..a.. ,, 0, 1 Q 4' an I f.. . A... 'V f .2 ft- ,' " ' 4. 2 13754- L 3 . - f' ,fy V .. RW UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO GYMNASTIC TEAM, INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS Third Row: C. ZWYGARD, Coach. Second Row: J. E. LEACH, L. A. PATTERSON. First Row: W. H. POWELL, E. S. MACDONALD, J. M. TOYE. Intercollegiate Gymnastic Team HE Gymnastic Club closed another very successful season in February at Montreal, winning the Intercollegiate Gymnastic title, Team and Individual, for the sixth successive year. Bill Lester, of S.P.S., Winner of the Don Barton trophy last year, annexed the Individual Championship this year, as well as third place in the Senior Provincial Competition. L. A. Patterson, also of School, rejoined the team after a year's lapse and by his good work and good fellowship won the Don Barton trophy for 1938. W. H. Powell, also an engineer, was a bulwark on the squad, winning the Intercollegiate Tumbling Championship. J. M. Toye, Victoria II, continued his last year's good work and won fourth place at Montreal. E. S. Macdonald, captain of the team, by virtue of being the "oldest resident", was tied for second place in Montreal and was awarded a Bronze "T" for having won colours three times. The team will be back next year, as a whole, and should continue to prosper and keep thin under the guidance of Mr. Charles Zwygard, who has turned gymnastics at Varsity into a popular and productive sport, and who is chiefly responsible for these six consecutive wins over Montreal. Alan Keith, class of '08, has also given much of his time for years in assist- ing in the coaching of the team and his help has been greatly appreciated. 336 7 , fl vi I UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERCOLLEGIATE WATER POLO TEAM, 1937-38 Second Row: W. L. C. MCGILL, W. LAARI, R. M. TAYLOR, L. N. EARL. First Row: T. STATTENQ N. L. BROWN, G. E. OTTER, Captain, S. E. LIPIN, Manager, J. W. ADAMS. Absent: W. A. MCCATTY, Coach. Intercollegiate Water Polo Team FTER overwhelming Queen's, newly entered in the Intercollegiate U League, by a 10-1 count at the Knights of Columbus pool in Montreal in the annual Intercollegiate water polo series last December, the Blue team was forced to bow to McGill to the tune of 4-1, and to relinquish their hopes for an Intercollegiate championship for another year. The team this year was composed of only three veterans, G. Otter, T. Statten and Nels Earl, all the rest were new men: B. McGill, N. Brown, S. Lipin, R. Taylor, W. Laari and J. Adams. Despite this dearth of experienced men, Coach Winst McCatty welded together a team that in ideal water polo conditions probably could have beaten even the Redmen. In the game against Queen's, Toronto displayed plenty of scoring punch and staying powers, running up 10 goals on a hard-fighting but rather in- experienced Tricolor squad. J. Adams accounted for two of the ten goals, W. Laari one, N. Earl one, and S. Lipin six. Against the Stonewall defence presented by the Varsity defence, G. Otter and T. Statten, Queen's were able to score only a single tally. Against McGill it was a different story. Although Varsity played a great game they lost by a score of 4-1. 337 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE BASKETBALL TEAM Third Row: W. L. MCGREGOR, WARREN STEVENS, Coach, G. J. OEHLER, Manager, J. J. CREGG. Second Row: F. T. MINE!-IAN, J. J. MAHONEY, D. A. GORDAN, P. SINGER. First Row: N. HOGG, T. W. SULLIVAN, J. M. POWERS, Captain, F. D. DEMPSTER, F. L. DOUGHERTY. Senior Intercollegiate Basketball NIVERSITY OF TORONTO,S senior entry surrendered their basket- ball crown to University of Western Ontario after a close and exciting race which saw Western win six straight games and Toronto bow to the new champions for her only defeats of the Intercollegiate year. Varsity's representatives were conceded little chance of being trouble- some in this year's race. Coach Warren Stevens was faced with the problem of rebuilding, as most of his regulars of last season were lost to the team by graduation. Only Captain Johnny Powers and Frank Dougherty remained from last year's starting five. This pair with the addition of Nels Hogg, Frank Dempster, Tom Sullivan, Walter McGregor and D. A. Gordon, carried the brunt of the season's battles. With the exception of Walter McGregor these men will be lost this year by graduation. Four games, two with McGill and two with Queen's were all won by comfortable margins and the first encounter against Western was only lost by two points. The last game of the year was played in London and a win for Toronto was needed to tie the standing. Western's representatives, older and more experienced, had been knocking at the championship door several seasons and were not to be denied. 338 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE BASKETBALL TEAM INTERMEDIATE INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS Second Row: V. F. DE BONIS, Managerg J. F. FLYNN, H. GAYNOR, J. E. MCCUTCHEON, Coachg H. D. AxoN, L. MCLAUGHLIN, R. C. LAMBERT, Manager. First Row: E. HUMENIUK, J. J. BROWN, R. J. ROULAND, J. P. MATHEWS, Captain, R. M. SHEEHAN, W. E. GREEN. Intermediate Intercollegiate Basketball ARSITY Seconds retained the Intercollegiate championship which has been in their possession for the past five seasons. Despite the winning of the championship this year's team was not successful in keeping intact the record of consecutive wins which started in 1933 and. was broken on February 18th, 1938, when McMaster won in Toronto by a 24-20 score. The season opened in the usual manner with the Blue and White winning their first three games by large scores. McMaster were defeated 56-23 in Hamilton and Western were easily outscored on their Toronto visit. Then came the slump unaccountable and unexpected. The next two games were lost to McMaster and O.A.C. and the winning, streak was stopped at 26 games. The Varsity representatives were faced with one more game, Western in London. A win was necessary to take the championship. At the end of the first half Varsity was leading by a scant 3 points but in the last period shook off the slump and: emerged with a 31 to 15 victory. Coach John McCutcheon had almost an even number of veterans and newcomers. Captain John Mathews, Bob Rouland, Ned Green, John Flynn and Jack Brown were all members of last year's championship team while Leo McLaughlin was a member the year before. Eugene Humeniuk who was outstanding all season was a member of last year's Junior championship squad. Harold Axon came to the squad from Simpson Juniors, Toronto, while Hubert Gaynor, Frank Minehan and Roger Sheehan came via St. Michael's College. 339 University of Toronto Rowing Club ROFESSOR T. R. LOUDON'S resignation as coach, last year, made the future of Varsity rowing look pretty black. Rowing was started here in 1920 by Professor Loudon and he coached many championship crews which attained records held by no other club. He started Canadian Intercollegiate rowing and coached Varsity crews that won eight annual races-out of ten-from McGill, who have now given up rowing through lack of finances. In June we were fortunate in getting Dave Soper to take over the mega- phone. There is no more experienced or enthusiastic oarsman in Canada. Despite a shortage of men, due to our late start, a Varsity four made a very good showing at the Canadian Henley. At the end of September we moved our equipment from John Street to the Argonaut Club. Training starting on September 28th, Varsity raced Syracuse University Varsity eight on the Onondaga River fllfs-mile coursej on October 23rd in a Syracuse shell. Our men were outweighed on an aver- age of 25 lbs. per man, yet finished only one-half length of open water behind Syracuse, winning their first colours. On October 15th the First Annual Loudon Regatta proved a success and a good crowd was entertained with an afternoon of amateur racing. Next fall the regatta will be included in the intramural activities. This year Varsity is rowing from the Argonaut Club. The Athletic Asso- ciation has purchased four work boat singles to stimulate recreational row- ing. With this ahead we are looking forward to a most successful season. University of Toronto Ski Club HE Varsity Ski Club has been in existence for some years as a competi- tive club but this year was the first that recreational skiing has been sponsored. All undergraduates entitled to athletic privileges fsome 5,000 men and womenj were automatically members of the Varsity Ski Club. The introduction of an athletic fee by the Board of Governors last fall provided them with the opportunity to develop a real club spirit. Skiing pri- vileges were secured on Newton's farm a mile west of Sir William Mulock's property just north of Aurora. A cabin was built and several new trails were cut. From the first snowfall of the winter the Club was a success. The prac- tice slopes and cross-country trails were used by hundreds of students each week-end until the early thaw in February. This prevented any champion- ships from taking place but the optimists still counted on being able to ski in March. Instructional ski movies were shown early in January which were very successful judging from the large audience that attended. A bus was run on two week-ends so those who did not have cars could reach the Ski Club and enjoy the skiing along with their more fortunate fel- low-students. Looking forward to next year we expect to see student interest reach a new peak of enthusiasm. 340 INTRAMURAL SPORTS COMMITTEE Second Row: F. D. DEMPSTER, Dentsg W. B. GRAY, O.C.E.g D. D. MONTGOMERY, Pharmg S. N. BALLANTYNE, Forestry: F. E. J. SIRDEVAN, St. M., E. C. RODWAY, Vic., M. ROBINSON, S.P.S. First Row: W. B. CHARLES, Meds: G. B. DONALDSON, U.C.g J. E. MCCUTCHEON, Supervisor Intramural Athleticsq W. B. SPRULI-Is, Chairman, Trin.g A. W. JONES, Emmartg N. HOGG, S.P.S. Absent: R. A. STNCLAIR, Knox: W. R. STHINGER, Wyc. Intramural Activities THLETICS and sports for all are rapidly becoming a reality at the University of Toronto. In this, the second year since its inception, the Department of Intramural Activities will again show a substantial increase in student participation and general interest. With the increase of this year following that of 3075 last year, we are running almost to the capacity of our present facilities. The race for the T. A. Reed Trophy, emblematic of the Intramural High Point Championship, has been exceptionally close this year. At the time of publication, School of Science has a scant 24 point margin over Wycliffe College. Trinity College, last year's winner, is a close third. The two lea-ding colleges, despite the great difference in registration, have to date amassed a total of 3,234 and 3,211 points. Designed to give the smaller colleges an equal chance with the larger ones, the High Point Championship has more than served its purpose. The race for the trophy lasts throughout the University year and the standing at all times shows the smaller colleges having an even chance with the larger. The interest is general throughout the University. This is shown by some of the following high lights of the year. Statistics from University College show a 71W increase in Intramural competition and the college is increasing its athletic grant to take care of the rising demand for sports. Wycliffe, one of our smallest colleges, has held the lead in the trophy race for the greater part of the year. At the preliminary swimming races 30 Wycliffe men participated while 20 cheered them On, this from a total regis- tration of about 60. The Faculty of Dentistry reports the greatest amount of participation on record. ' Twenty-one fraternities were organized into a Fraternity Athletic Asso- ciation and operated leagues in baseball, basketball, squash and badminton. Residence, Year and Course activities were supervised by the department and showed a marked increase. The Intramural Sports Committee, composed of the athletic representa- tives of each of the thirteen faculties and colleges, met weekly. This com- mittee handled the general organization of the programme and were of great assistance to the Athletic Directorate of the University. W. M. Sprules, Trin- ity, was the chairman, and John E. McCutcheon, Supervisor of Intramural Activities, acted as secretary. 342 1 w e if it f .s Q aff ff is is ,1 45 ' aim- , 3 ' l If ' 'if . 4 ' Er. ft 1 f f . zu"tff - iii fi i ff' w if'--is i 4 , .. if M f f ,Nt . ' Q ,' i X K xi ' ' fi 2. if F twain-M ,il , i-'V gf! 4 1 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO JIU-JITSU CLUB Third Row: J. ROBERTSON, D. ARMS1'RONG, J. RIGBEY, R. lVlERVYNNE, M. GOODERHAM, K. RAMSAY, L. SEIBERT, G. MACPHERSON, B. KASSIRER. Second Row: W. W. EVANSQ P. E. CAVANAGH, Assistant Instructor: A. M. DIXON, Assistant Managerg T. MA'rsUMoTo, Chief Instructor: G. B. DONALDSON, Manager: A. R. MENZIES Assistant Instfructorg R. L. CAVANAGH. First Row: L. LoMAs, R. STURGEON, J. S. CORCORAN, R. WOLFE. Absent: J. TANTON, E. ARMOUR. University of Toronto Jiu-Jitsu Club HE 'iJudo" Club this year carried a capacity membership of twenty-five men. The work of the two previous pioneer years has shown to great advantage and seven men now are privileged to wear the "Brown Beltn. Art Menzies, George B. Donaldson and Pat Cavanaugh hold the highest rank in this division and are now ready to be examined for their "Black Belt" which is the highest award in Jiu-Jitsu and may only be attained in two places on this continent, New York and Vancouver. The Club was capably instructed by Rev. T. Matsumoto, assisted by Mr. Art. Menzies, Mr. George Donaldson and Mr. Pat Cavanaugh. These men, who are students at the University, deserve great praise for their efforts throughout the year. The Judo Club has become famous throughout the province and has given exhibitions of Japanese Fencing and Jiu-Jitsu at the Midland Winter Carnival, the Children's Ice Carnival at Maple Leaf Gardens, the Alumni Night at Hart House, as well as other places too numerous to mention. The Club meets three times weekly and monthly tournaments are held where promotions are made when deserved. Rev. Mr. Matsumoto, a native Japanese who is a divinity student at Trinity College, and Mr. Menzies are t-he only two who had any knowledge of Jiu-Jitsu prior to the formation of the University Club. It speaks well for the coaching and for the general interest of the club members that seven men now hold their "Brown Belt" and sixteen men are holders of degrees or "Kius" in the "White Beltv division. Rev. Mr. Matsumoto is returning to his native home and will carry with him the appreciation and good wishes of all members of the Jiu-Jitsu Club. 343 xi! sly if UNIVERSITY COLLEGE ATHLETIC BOARD Second Row: W. D. Cox, R. J. MCLAUGHLIN, W. D. FOULDS, I. SHINER, G. L. SYMMES. First Row: E. SMITH, Secretary: A. G. RANKINQ GEO. B. DONALDSON, Athletic Director: W. S JAMIESON, A. W. HOLT, G. A. COOKE. Absent: R. F. ERRINGTON, B. MCLEAN, F. RIDLEY, V. SINGER, D. WHITE. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE "U.C." AND "T" HOLDERS Fourth Row: K. WILLIAMS, G. W. PETERS, I. SHINER, J. DETWEILER, J. K. KIDD. Third Row: R. W. KETTLEWELL, V. SINGER, J. HERSHORAN, F. RIDLEY, J. B. JOHNSON, L. SELF Second Row: G. B. DONALDSON, Athletic Director, G. A. COOKE, F. LEWIS, R. GLENN, A. D WHITE, A. CAMPBELL, B. CASWELL. First Row: A. G. RANKIN, President: L. LoxAsH, B. SAVLOV, M. APPLEBAUM, A. ROSE, R. F THoMsoN. 344 71- ,, 2. A ., K g25,..-' :wg 'g.i.z. ' . fi vfb, ,A1..1r- A A - ' -fi 1 . QQ. LGA gegtvznuvn Smurf I ,H Y 'liar' 2 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE RUGBY TEAM Second Row: VERNON SINGER, RON GLENN, CHARLIE FOWLER, BILL BURGOYNE, EOWDY MCLEAN. First Row: PETE Cox, ERIC MOORE, BOE MACKERROW, BILL FOULDS, BOB MCLAUOHLIN, MUNRO MURRAY, GORD. HALLION, AL HARRIS, SAM FINKELMAN, GEORGE KARRY, BENNY GOODMAN, KEN STEWART, ACE MALLORY. FVWM, 3' 1 fa ...W .. ..I,L,,m -.,,...-....,........ ...M .......-. ., , ,,..........,.E.... ......... 1. i A 5 ? f 2 1 f , UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: D. MACKINTOSH, K. BECKETT, V. CHARLESWORTH, V. C. SMITH. First Row: F. SHUSTER, L. SELFQ A. HOLT, Managerg M. APPLEBAUM, B. SAVLOV. Absent: R. BEATTY. 345 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SENIOR VVATER POLO TEAM Second Row: I. SHINER, Manager: H. Z. SAI-11.12. R. W. KETTELWELL: G. A. COOKE, Goalg GEO B. DONALDSON, Athletic Director. First Row: R. P. SWALLOW, P. S. MILLAR, A. R. CAMPBELL, J. L. JOHNSON. Absent: R. BEATTY. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE JUNIOR HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: GEO. B. DONALDSON, Athletic Directorg G. M1-:ENg M. MURRAY. C. FOWLER, Goal W. DAVEY, W. RIDLEY, J. TAYLOR. First Row: B. BRADLEY, L. SOMERS, R. MOOREQ F. RIDLEY Managerg L. SELF. 346 VICTORIA COLLEGE ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE Second Row: H. L. WARD, F. W. CASSERLY, S. E. LIPIN. G. C. MUTTON, T. L. JACKSON, M. R OLIVER, D. S. TICKNER, W. B. HORNELL. First Row: W. R. WILSON, Third Vice-President: E. S. JARVIS, Secretary: E. C. RODWAY President: PROFESSOR H. E. FORD, Honorary President, J. E. HODGRTTS, Treasurer: R. D SWEET, First Year Representative: F. N. A. ROWELL, Second Vice-President. VICTORIA COLLEGE INTERFACULTY RUGBY TEAM MULOCK CUP WINNERS Second Row: T. JACKSON, Manager: PARKE WHITEBREAD, Trainer: G. DOWNARD, COWPER, Half: E. RANEY, End: F. CASSERLY, Half, J. HILTON, Middle: G. Middle, E. C. RODWAY, Assistant Coach. First Row: B. HORNELL, End: G. REEVES, Inside: P. TEMPLE, End: P. SHULTIS, End: Snap: J. KIMBER, Flying Wing: JOE DALES, Half: JACK DALES, Flying Wing: Inside: D. MACRAE, Middle, W. WILSON, Half: R. MCINTYRE, Captain, Middle: Half: A. FOWLER, Inside, R. ELLISON, Half, D. JOHNSTON, End: R. WILLMOT, FLEMING, Snap, F. POLLARD, Half: R. STEWART, End, J. AYMER, Quarter: E. C. PRINCE, Half. 347 Middle: R THOMPSON F. SIBERRY J. CHIVERS F. ROWELL Middle, M BEST, End . 9 WS VICTORIA COLLEGE SOCCER TEAM INTERFACULTY CHAMPIONS Second Row: PROFESSOR SISSONS, Honorary President, H. VASILOFF, Back, O. SIMPSON, Centre Half: N. MCKENZIE, Half: D. WOODSWORTH, Right-Half: H. WARD, Goal: J. D O'RIELLY, Back: M. OLIVER, Manager-Back: J. KANE, Bavkg DON STEWART, Coach. First Row: W. JOLIFFE, Half: D. PACEY, Outside-Right: B. SMALL. Inside-Right: T. RUTHER- FORD. Captain-Centre: A. MENZIES, Inside-Left: E. ZURBRIGG. Outside-Left: A. SIM, Left- Half. VICTORIA COLLEGE SENIOR WATER POLO TEAM, INTERFACULTY CHAMPIONS Second Row: R. PRESTON, Coach: T. JACKSON, D. GREEN, R. SUMMERS, G. MUTTON, P. HARSH- MAN! S. LIPIN, Manager. First Row: M. MACKINNON, D. BEST, G. ALDRIDGE, M. MALCOLM, S. BEST, E. ZURBRIGG. 348 'Y' TRINITY COLLEGE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Second Row: J. R. Woons, J. S. BOECKH, H. E. BOTTERELL, W. M. SPRULES, C. G. GREENFIELD, J. G. ARTHUR. First Row: K. CAMPBELL, D. W. F. COUGHLAN, J. R. T. HUSTON, Pnor. C. A. Asi-ILEY, R. E. V. ANDERSON. Trinity College Amateur Athletic Association N the field of Sport, Trinity has enjoyed a good year. Although no Inter- faculty championships have been won so far, Trinity has gained a fair number of points in each competition. With the graduation of the last two years, many prominent names in sport have vanished from the Anglican halls. We recall, with a sigh, such names as Conway, lVIcCatty, Ripley, Buck. How- ever, we hope to survive the lean years fhoping they are not sevenj and blossom forth once more into Athletic splendour. It may be that we can, with- out too many twinges of conscience, rest easy upon our oars and bask in the glory of last year's effort. At the beginning of the current term we had hoped for a repetition of last year's victory. Fate decreed otherwise. We can heartily endorse the opinion of the College as a whole, and join in congratulating each and every athlete who enabled Trinity to emerge victorious in the initial struggle for the T. A. Reed Trophy. And to the efforts of the men of College in this year's competition we would direct congratulations every bit as hearty. This year the Athletic and the Old Boys' dances were combined. It was a very successful function and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. It is to be hoped that serious consideration will be given to the advisability of a permanent com- bination, although a precedent was not intended. 349 TRINITY COLLEGE "T" HOLDERS Third Row: G. C. C. SCOVIL, W. J. HAIGHT, G. H. LOVE, H. W. KERBY, D. D. OWEN, RJ CAMPBELL. Second Row: G. R. GARDINER, G. W. REED, W. G. HARVEY, J. R. T. HUSTON, P. J. AMBROSE, R. J. C. MCADAM, G. M. BAKER. I First Row: C. J. SEAGRAM, J. C. BOND, L. J. DELANEY, D. W. F. COUGHLAN, K. CAMPBELL, W. M. SPRULES. wb' D R fl . 'www--. 4 TRINITY COLLEGE HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: H. CASSELS, Coach, H. A. MACMILLANQ A. T. CURLISS, Manager, M. S. MILLS, H. E. BOTTERELLQ C. M. MACLACHLAN, Coach. First Row: R. S. HARRIS, K. CAMPBELL, R. L. MACMILLAN, H. B. HUSSEY, W. M. GRAND, J. S. BOECKH, P. S. FoULDs. 350 TRINITY COLLEGE SVVIMMING TEAM Third Row: A. N. STEINER, G. M. BAKER, R. J. STOCKWELL, W. G. HARVEY, H. A. STAPLES. Second Row: D. H. ROWAN, J. R. T. HUSTON, J. GEORGE, N. J. M. SIMPSON, R. D. TELFER G. A. SOUTHEE. First Row: H. W. KERBY. G. H. LOVE, L. C. A. HODGINS. ESQ., O. B. MABEE, R. J. C. MC- ADAM. TRINITY COLLEGE INDOOR TRACK TEAM Second Row: A. L. SWELL, R. G. N. LAIDLAW, J. E. DE WOLF, R. W. DAVIES, P. E. SNYDER First Row: G. C. C. Scov1L, L. J. DELANEY, G. W. REED. 351 ,, - , , , ,- . - ,,-. ..,. ., .- ,,. ..- -A - ,.. ...VV . . .., , . ST. MICHAEUS COLLEGE MULOCK CUP FINALISTS First Row: PIEHLER, Assistant Manager, SWEENEY, PETERS, GAYNOR, GUEST, CRONIN DOUGHERTY, COSTELLO, SLATTERY, STOVER, STUMPI-IAUSER, REILLY, MCLEAN, GONTER, MINE- HA1vIg SULLIVAN, Captain, MAHONEY, VAN ORNAM, WALSH, MANGINE, RILEY, REGAN, ROULAND VERGO, WALK1-:Rg KAVANAUGH, Manager. Insert: REV. V. MCINTYRE, Coach. ST. MICHAEUS COLLEGE BASKETBALL TEAM Third Row: R. C. LAMBERT, J. E. NOBLE. Second Row: J. M. R. POWERS, D. P. EGAN, A. M. PIEHLER. First Row: M. M. LAMB, J. R. COSTELLO, A. G. REILLY, E. P. HARTFORD. 352 V .QU Q' ST. MICHAEUS COLLEGE HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: P. J. MCCARTHY, W. A. E. QUIGLEY, F. P. WALSH, F. E. J. SIRDEVAN. First Row: F. W. M. DOLAN, G. E. J. SILVESTER, N. L. LORENZETTI, A. M. D1xoN, F. G. WRIGIIT ' 1 353 I WH DETIG Ag TMEWAD DSEXEGUQUME SQQIAEPIQN' 19371938 IU YEAH RIP zzdyznanzrr , The Medical Athletic Association HE Medical Athletic Association is comprised of every undergraduate in the Faculty of Medicine with the exception of the ladies. The govern- ing body is elected annually by the student body. The Executive controls all athletics of the Faculty. The members of the Executive include the following: an Honorary Presi- dent, chosen from the Faculty, a President, Vice-President and Secretary- Treasurer, chosen from the Sixth, Fifth and Fourth Years, respectively, and elected by all the undergraduates, and a representative from each of the first three years. The purchasing and preservation of equipment is the sole duty of a Quartermaster, who is chosen by the members-elect on a basis of experi- ence in this particular field. This past year has been a very successful one for the Medical Faculty, not so much from a View of competitive success but rather from the more important viewpoint of total number of men engaged in competition. The latter aim is the primary one of the Executive, and this year marked the beginning of a new annual competition for the James Kinnear Memorial Trophy, donated by Fourth Year, emblematic of the Medical Undergraduate Squash Championship. An entry list of nearly a hundred men was the encour- aging response to our effort to encourage and foster sports calling for indi- vidual endeavour with an eye to the post-graduate welfare of the athletes. 354 W-.,M,........ ...H - FACULTY OF MEDICINE-GRADUATING "T" HOLDERS First Row: F. C. BARTON, Rowing: W. B. CHARLES, Hockey: M. F. WILLIAMS, Rugby: J. W TOMLINSON, Tennis: C. N. BREBNER. Absent: S. JACKSON, Rugby: I. MACLACHLAN, Rugby. 1 I 4 99 L.-L F AM V V K - Y i My V if i V W X L .. ,- . . --' FACULTY OF MEDICINE "M" AND "Tn HOLDERS 355 , A F. , ,,,,,g,5... W ' 'f SENIOR MEDICAL RUGBY TEAM First Row: P. F. MCGOEY, Captaing D. MCNEIL, H. BOLLEY, A. WRIGHT, W. CAVEN, L. GREEN R. HALL, A. TILLSON, L. E. PROWSE, J. FLEMING, J. GREGORY, B. MCKONE, D. JONES, B WAGMAN, M. SIEGEL, J. EPI-ING, L. STIRRETT1 J. EDWARDS, Coachg G. LINDSEY. Absent: D. BEAN, T. BLACK, D. WARREN. 1 ,A--W "" ' . Q 5 - , "W Wi SENIOR MEDICAL HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: W. BIGELOW, J. WHITE, C. PREECE, A. MIGHTON. First Row: D. WARREN, G. LINDSAY, L. PROWSE, M. TOWNSEND, J. DENNE, M. DOWNING. 356 K.MAcQuAnn.ue VIC! ' PRESIDENT N.HoscZ 41'N.YlAl R P. WSCHWENGER ZNU. YIAP. RIP. F B Q tr' J D F vnzsngfrri' Lrscsrggnnuc F Plzlilbehlxl' SOCIZTY ffl ' ' f If rw: !bq WK . Y Ay X1 ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE Faculiv oi Applied Science and Engineering UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO I937 I938 ASHLEY AND CRIPPEN V TORON O S.P.S. Hthletic Association R.H.GAi.wAY SICJTHIAS. H.M.ROBlNSON SRD. YEAH- RIP. A.LAmsr. IST. YEAR RL9. N the past years "School' has been noted for its high caliberd spirited teams and this year has not been the exception to the rule. Not only has "School" fielded outstanding teams of her own this year, she has also supplied a large number of players to the University teams. The new Intramural Sports Committee is now functioning smoothly and "School" is in the thick of the fight for the coveted "T. A. Reed Trophy," symbolic of Intramural Sports supremacy. In capturing and retaining championships, Schoolmen have had their share of success. School has captured to date, Outdoor Track, Boxing, Wrestl- ing and Fencing, Swimming, Gymnastics and Lacrosse and are still in the run- I ning for a few of the other championships. Our hope for the incoming executive is that they regain a few more cham- pionships. 357 NELSON HOGG The Bronze "S" HIS year the graduating class awarded? the highest athletic honour that is within its power to Nels Hogg and few disputed the decision of the majority. Nels has been one of the really outstanding athletes in the Whole of Varsity, not only because of his versatility but also for his sportsmanship and team play. The "Star" has probably been best known for his achievements on the basketball floor. Starting with the Junior Varsity team as a freshman, he has risen through the Intermediate ranks in second year to the Senior team for the last two years. This year he was one of the leading scorers of the Varsity squad playing centre on the first string team. However, that is only part of the story. Between taking in the odd lec- ture in class and riding the T .T .C. to and from East York, Nels found' time to play rugby, lacrosse, baseball and water polo for School in the Interfaculty groups. On these teams, he could be counted on to do his part as efficiently and thoroughly as any man on the team in both practices and games. The standing he holds with his team-mates is probably even higher than with the spectators. Still that is not the whole story. He vehemently denies it but facts show that Nels is one of those living proofs that athletics and studies will mix. An honour man, he is just as much a leader in class affairs as in sports. The graduating class is proud of Nels' record and sincerely wishes him every success in the future. Judging by his life at School, they will be many. 358 S.P.S. BOXING, WRESTLING AND FENCING TEAM INTERFACULTY CHAMPIONS Second Row: A. D. Hoon, A. H. G. KINGSMILL, J. N. MUSTARD. First Row: W. P. ARCHER, J. D. H. BARNES, D. H. MCLAREN, D. W. LATHROP, J. A. N. CAR- MICHAEL. Absent: J. J. PIGOTT, W. C. SCHWENGER, A. B. SCOTT, W. D. RAMORE, G. S. WILSON, G. K. DYMOND. S.P.S. Boxing, Wrestling and Fencing Teams OR the second consecutive year, School has succeeded in pounding and squirming its way to victory in both the Junior and Senior Assaults. In the Junior, although not winning by quite as wide a margin as last year, still there were enough enthusiastic engineers on hand to overcome the ambitions of the fighting ministers from Wycliffe who placed second. The Junior champions from School were: in the boxing, Carmichael at 118 lbs., and Ramore at 145 lbs., and in the wrestling, Mustard at 125 lbs., Grasley at 155 lbs., and Ford at 165 lbs. When the Intercollegiate teams were chosen, S.P.S. was well represented in both branches of the mitt and mat sport. The successful engineers were: Hood, 125 lbs., Barnes, 135 lbs., and! Pigott, 165 lbs. in the boxing, and Schwenger, 165 lbs., Scott, 175 lbs., and Lathrop in the heavyweight division for wrestling. In February, the Senior Assault was contested and School rose nobly to the occasion to defend the Davidson Cup, won last year in a manner which left no doubt as to the proper trophy cabinet for that emblem of supremacy in the manly art of self-defence. The Interfaculty champions wearing the Blue and Gold in the boxing were: Carmichael, 118 lbs., Hood, 125 lbs., Barnes, 135 lbs., Ramore, 145 lbs., and Pigott, 165 lbs. In the westling, Mus- tard, 118 lbs., Archer, 155 lbs., Schwenger, 165 lbs., Scott, 175 lbs., and Lath- rop, heavyweight, were the championship winners. Schoolmen dominated Varsity fencing this year with Bob Wilson and Al Garcia occupying two of the three berths on the Senior Intercollegiate Team and Garcia again capturing the Individual Intercollegiate Championship. In the Senior Assault, Garcia won the sabre competition and Wilson, the epee, while both placed in the foil tournament, ranking second and third respectively. Dave Fensom was runner-up in the sabre competition and captained this year's successful Intermediate Intercollegiate Team. 359 sais! Hi 5 b as 2.1 S.P.S. GYMNASTIC TEAM J. AMES F. DoBsoN W. MARK L. PATTERSON H. POWELL, Managev A bsetnt: W. LESTER. S.P.S. Gymnastic Team CHOOL for the second year in succession, has lived up to expectations Q in winning the Wilson Trophy, symbolic of the Interfaculty Gymnastic Championship, with a team made up of W. Lester, L. Patterson, H. Powell, F. Dobson and J. Ames, four of whom were on the Intercollegiate Team. School was hard to beat and came through by a wide margin. This year our team was somewhat enlarged, two new men, Ames and Dobson securing places. Both these men made fine showings in the Junior meet, and next year with a little luck, should be near the top of the lists. The individual honours this year go to Bill Lester, who, although he did not do very well in the Interfaculty meet, won the individual honours in the Intercollegiate meet. Bill also placed third in the Ontario Championships. Willie Mark, the "grape nuts boyw of the team, performed outstandingly at the Ontario Championships to win individual honours on the rings. Willie is to be credited for this as the rings were only installed in the gym this year. School at the present time has quite a strong team, but this will not last. New men are needed. Freshmen especially are urged to turn out, to help fill in and retain the cup another year. 360 S.P.S. SENIOR LACROSSE TEAM DAFOE CUP WINNERS M. ROBINSON, S. MURRAY, B. BALLAGH, R. RULE, C. ARCHIBALD, W. ATKINSON, N. HOGG, A. GRAHAM, J. GORMAN, E. RUSSELL. S.P.S. Senior Lacrosse Team NCE again the Dafoe Cup rests for another year at "School", landed there for the third time since 1935 by the same gang of fellows. The team experienced little difficulty in winning the group. made up of University College, Pharmacy and Senior School. Then a round robin series was played off with the winners of the other two groups: Junior School and Victoria. Owing to the fact that the manager was out of the game, due to illness, Senior School won easily, completing the season without a defeat. Ballagh and Murray are without doubt the best two lacrosse players in the league. Bill Atkinson on defence starred in every game as did Earl Rus- sell in goal. These four along with the so-called coach made up the first or "scoring line". The other, known as the "fighting line", was composed of Archibald, Gor- man, Hogg, Robinson and Graham. Every fellow on the team could go both ways breaking into the scoring column in some games at least. Hogg, Gorman and Archibald were much improved' Over last year, as were Robinson and Graham. If this gang, that won the first lacrosse championship back in 1934-35 can hang together until next year, you can safely bet on School keeping the Dafoe Cup. 361 S.P.S. SWIMMING TEAM INTERFACULTY CHAMPIONS Second Row: W. V1-:AL, W. LAAR1, D. JENNINGS. First Row: J. GIRVAN, I. JENNINGS, G. OTTER, F. DOBSON. S.P.S. Swimming Team HIS year has been the most successful enjoyed by the School swimmers in many seasons, and their efforts have been rewarded by the return of the Fitzgerald Trophy to S.P.S. Both the Junior and Senior Interfaculty Championships were captured, and also School contributed generously to the University's Senior and Intermediate Intercollegiate Championship Teams. In the Junior Interfaculty meet held in November, S.P.S. amassed a total of 26 points to lead the field. D. Jennings, Girvan, and Walsh won the medley relay, and other Hrsts were registered by Dobson in the diving, D. Jennings in the back stroke and Girvan in the breast stroke. Veal got a third in the 50-yard free style, and the School relay squad, Veal, Laari, Walsh and Mc- Lean, took third place in the 200-yard relay. The Senior meet in February was one of the best ever staged in the Hart House pool, with School coming from behind to nose out the U.C. team by 6 points, with a total of 28. The medley relay team, I. Jennings, Girvan and Laari, came second, and another second was registered by Dobson in the diving. School's backstrokers stole the Show in their race with I. Jennings winning and D. Jennings third. Otter took third in the 100-yard free style. The stand-out performance of the evening was Girvan's win in the breast stroke, which set a new record by nearly 6 seconds. To clinch the meet for School, the 200-yard' relay team, Laari, I. Jennings, Veal and Otter came in First. Four Schoohnen swam on the Varsity Senior Team and counted for nearly half the total points in the Intercollegiate meet. I. Jennings and Girvan were on the winning medley squad. Dobson won the diving, and Girvan won the breast stroke, here also in record form, to break the old Intercollegiate mark by nearly 4 seconds. I. Jennings and Otter got seconds in the back stroke and 50-yard free style respectively, Otter also swimming on the winning 200- yard relay. In the Intermediate Intercollegiate meet, School was represented by Harkness and D. Jennings. The latter was on the winning medley, which set a new record' and won the back stroke. 362 S.P.S. OUTDOOR TRACK TEAM INTERFACULTY CHAMPIONS Third Row: G. PIPER, A. LAMBE, I. THOMPSON, E. DESPARD, D. HUTTON. Second Row: T. KINGSBURY, H. COONS, J. AMI-is, L. Ronzuc. First Row: G. MCHENRY. Absent: D. CRITCHTON. S.P.S. Outdoor Track Team OR the first time in three years S.P.S. came through strongly to win a decisive victory in the Interfaiculty Outdoor Track meet and once more acquire the Rowell Memorial Cup. It was a team that -depended for the main part on two strong runners but also one which needed and did receive the support of the entire team. In the sprints Gord McHenry displayed great form to place first in the 100-yard, 400-yard Sprints and second to Larry O'Connor, Intercollegiate record holder, in the 220-yard run. In the distance events, Dave Crichton came through with three firsts, the half mile, mile and three mile. His per- formance in the mile set a new Interfaculty record, one of the few broken at the meet. It remained? for the relay team to take the winning points when they warded off a last effort on the part of Victoria, our nearest competitors. Much credit also must be given to the supporting members of the team, who by placing in the events paced by these two stars, kept S.P.S. in the running. In the Intercollegiate meet a week later, McHenry and Crichton were important factors in Varsity's victory over McGill. Gord came through with two firsts and a second and Dave with two firsts and a third, one of his firsts being a new Intercollegiafte mile record. The outlook for the next few years for S.P.S. seems bright and we can look forward confidently to a prominent spot in the track sun. 363 S.P.S. "T" HOLDERS Second Row: A. GARCIA, K. MACQUARRIE, E. MACDONALD, D. TURNER, J. SMITH, N. Hocc First Row: J. GIRVAN, F. DOBSON, D. JoHNSoN, A. CARMICHAEL, O. BUSH. Absent: E. NOAKES. ,T .-., .,.. .,.,., , ,Iv E , , A, .. CM' 7 A "S" HOLDERS Fifth Row: K. MACQUARRIE, E. MAcDoNALn, F. DOBSON, J. LESLIE, A. Hoon. Fourth Row: L. Woon, L. CHAMBERS, C. ARCHIBALD, J. GORMAN, G. PEACOCK, W. FRASER, 0. BUSH, W. RAPSEY, W. MCPHERSON. Third Row: H. POWELL, R. GALWAY, W. ARCHER, W. BURGESS, G. PIPER, J. FISHER, J. DET- WEILER, J. Fox. Second Row: J. SMITH, M. ROBINSON, J. FORD, E. RUSSELL, D. BARNES, S. MURRAY, B. MORI- ARTY, B. BALLAGH, W. ATKINSON. , First Row: W. PRINGLE, D. JOHNSON, J. GIRVAN, W. LAARI, R. RULE, A. KING, A. CARMICHAEL, L. JOHNSON, N. Hocc. Absent: E. H. NOAKES. 364 S.P.S. SENIOR RUGBY TEAM K. BUSBY. R. ALDEN, E. HOREMBALA, W. ARCHER, G. PEACOCK. N. HOOG, G. DICK, G. OTTER J. CLARKSON, E. WATT, W. MCPHERSON, W. DIsI-IER, J. FORII, T. MITCHELL, W. USATIS Coachg H. BENGRY, Manager. S.P.S. JUNIOR RUGBY TEAM W. MOORE, W. MCLEAN, Y. WILLIAMSON, K. CLAWSON, J. MUNRO, G. KENNEDY, P. MORGAN J. STERLING, W. PATTERSON, R. FORESTER, A. BARRIE, H. AMEY, E. REYNOLDS, V. DEPAUL M. KILPATRICK, A. BLACK, J. BARNES, A. RANEY, R. FUGLER, G. MURRY, G. WARNER, J. BRISLEY, I. SLOANE. 365 S.P.S. JUNIOR LACROSSE TEAM SECOND Row: L. WOOD. B. SMITHQ W. C. ATKINSON, Managerg K. MACQUARRIE, J. MURRAY First Row: E. BEGGS, F. BROWN, G. KIRBY, S. JONES, A. DOUGLASS. Absent: S. SIMM. S.P.S. SOCCER TEAM Second Row: PROF. E. A. ALLCUTT, R. WILSON, G. POWELL, C. EDMONDS. First Row: I. THOMPSON, P. HARAKAS, W. FRASER, J. STEVENS, W. KINNEAR. Absent: O. BUSH, K. SHAMANDUROV, D. MOORE, C. MUDIE, A. JOHNSTONE. 366 S.P.S. SENIOR BASEBALL TEAM Second Row: G. GERRY, G. WHEATON, G. PEACOCK, F. QUANCE, B. MORIARITY. First Row: M. HOWE, K. BUSBY, M. ROBINSON, J. GIBSON, R. GALWAY. 'A ' Q1 l " ' 1. W f S.P.S. JUNIOR BASEBALL TEAM Second Row: G. MCGILL, J. REYNOLDS, A. BARRY, J. FISHER, G. KENNEDY, F. HOWARD, W DIAK, J. ANDERSON, Manager. First Row: F. BROWN, J. MILNE, H. COONS, D. MCARTHUR. 367 S.P.S. SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: R. SHAW, G. PEACOCK, N. HARLOCK, J. GIBSON, R. MARK. First Row: F. JOHNSON, S. MURRAY, C. ARCHIBALD, J. GORMAN, B. BALLAGH. S.P.S. JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: J. REYNOLDS, R. PILE, F. ALLEN, W. WALLACE, A. HALFORD. First Row: C. EDMONDS, W. DAWSON, H. COONs, M. KILPATRICK, B. CHALET1' 368 S.P.S. SENIOR HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: D. WILLMOT, Coach: J. FORD, Managerg B. MORIARTY, J. SMART. R. CAVANAGI-I R. GALWAY, M. O'LEARY, G. GIDDINGS. First Row: N. SMITH, W. DISHER, I. THOMPSON, W. PRINGLE. J. LESLIE. Q Lf S.P.S. JUNIOR HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: G. WOOD, Coachg W. ROBINSON, E. BRIDGLANIJ, J. SCRIVENER, K. MACQUARRIE, J. S. MUNRO, E. GALWAY, W. MOORE. First Row: J. GREER, D. MCARTI-IUR, D. TURNER, E. WEIR, H. MOLE. Absent: D. CRICHTON. 369 Q fs., E .ION , A W2 "'w- ,V " " d x Elms kv- ,L S.P.S. SENIOR WATER POLO TEAM Second Row: H. DEV. PARTRIDGE, G. OTTER, Coach: B. TEDMAN. First Row: R. OROK, G. GIDDINGS, L. CHAMBERS, Captain. J. MILLAR. Absent: W. USATIS. S.P.S. JUNIOR WATER POLO TEAM Second Row: F. LYSAGHT, T. KINGSBURY, R. BYRNI-Js. First Row: F. WALSH, W. LAAR1, B. STARCHUK, E. BAINBRIDGE. 370 DENTAL ATHLETIC COMMITTEE Second Row: A. A. CASE, W. K. SHULTIS, H. S. MASON, E. W. SADLER. First Row: D. E. MCCUTCHEON, J. A. PARISH, F. D. DEMPSTER, President: J. D. MCASKILE, B. R. SHUKEN. Dental Athletic Committee THLETICS at the Faculty of Dentistry are controlled by the Athletic Committee. This committee consists of a representative of every branch of interfaculty sport and these representatives are elected annually by the students' vote. The President of Athletics is elected from this committee and holds a seat in the Students' Parliament. This year the Dental interfaculty teams have enjoyed very good success. They have won the volleyball championship and at the time of writing were leading the league in hockey and did creditably in lacrosse and basketball. Dents were close to the top in the interfaculty point standing. l Besides interfaculty athletics, Dentistry is well represented on the various intercollegiate teams. 371 Dental Sports HE past year has been a very successful one in sports for those teams representing the Faculty of Dentistry. In the early part of the year both the Volleyball and Lacrosse Teams qualified for playoffs with the Volleyball Team going on to win the championship. The Hockey Club led their league from the very start of the season, but hit a snag in the playoffs and were elim- inated in the semi-finals. The baseball season has not yet finished at the time of writing, but Dents have a powerful team and may win this championship. As a Faculty, Dentistry finished high in the running for the Reed Trophy. DENTAL LACROSSE TEAM Second Row: H. P. LABERGI-2, W. A. SHAND, J. B. SPROULE, G. E. SMOCKUM. First Row: G. A. DE LAGRAN, D. E. MCCUTCHEON, A. A. CASE, C. D. Goon1soN. 372 , X, as . L if i I 5... . Q.mpwm. . f DENTAL BASEBALL "B" TEAM Third Row: J. B. SPROULE, E. HUMENIUK, R. B. MACKENZIE. Second Row: A. B. KAUKINEN, S. W. WEILER, G. E. SMOCKUM, G. M. MHCHELL. First Row: R. B. CAMERON, D. C. STILES, T. M. D. ROBERTO, G. R. COUEY. Af.. .....-. LW DENTAL HOCKEY TEAM J. L. WARRINER, N. T. GODFREY, T. B. McKEE, J. R. DAY, E. RoLLAsToN, G. I. CREASY, R. D REID, A. E. REY, J. P. BEATTIE, W. K. SHULTIS, A. A. MACLEOD, J. B. SPROULE, R. B HAMBL1-:Y, C. D. GOODISON. 373 Q N., A -h,.2f' -4 Q. Q 12 35 e if A . A .- ip if ' -1: . K ,f 3, DENTAL WATER POLO TEAM Second Row: J. A. PARISH, C. A. SHAFFER, G. W. DANZINGER. First Row: J. F. KILGOUR, A. A. ANTONI, A. A. CASE, M. Conmsu. 374 WYCLIFFE COLLEGE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Second Row: R. E. LOUTTIT, Secretary: W. R. COLEMAN, Curator. First Row: E. V. ABBOTT, Vice-President: W. R. STRINGER, BSC., President: J. CARDY Treasurer. f Q , . . -r T f' WYCLIFFE COLLEGE INTERFACULTY HARRIER CHAMPIONS Second Row: THE REV. PRINCIPAL R. B. MCELHERAN, M.A., D.D., Honorary President: W. R STRINGER, B.Sc., Presidentg DR. W. E. TAYLOR, PH.D. First Row: J. NEWTON-SMITH, J. Momus, G. HUETHER, R. LOUTTIT, J. CARDY. 375 KNOX COLLEGE SOCCER TEAM Third Row: PROF. W. W. BRYDEN, J. FERGUSON, R. CURRIE, R. SINCLAIR, R. ESLER, J. MCKEE, E. HANSEN. Second Row: D. MACDONALD, D. EVANS, F. KNOX, J. HONEYMAN, M. WILLIAMS. First Row: F. BARR, G. LAMONT, J. YOUNG, F. THoMsoN, J. Mucx-IAN. 2156? KNOX COLLEGE BASKETBALL TEAM, GROUP WINNERS, 1937 LEADING CONTENDERS, 1938 Second Row: B. MCLEOD, B. Bootmg G. MARSH, Coach, H. LLOYD, J. McKEE. First Row: F. BARR, E. KEITH, C. VINCENT, Captain, J. STILES, J. RICHARDSON. Other interfaculty teams entered by Knox include Volleyball, Badminton, Baseball and Hockey. 376 W-frwafff . R , , .--A-v -X5 EMMANUEL COLLEGE ATHLETIC TEAMS Third Row: GOODGER, KERR, VAN GORDER, ROWLAND, FORREST, SIMPSON, ROWLANDS. Second Row: THROWER, HEALEY, HUSSER, BEARE, MCLUHAN, JOHNSON, ELMSLIE, DAVIDGE. First Row: GRAVENOR, STEED, EDWARDS, JONES, BUTLER, JOBLIN, RUTHERFORD, SCOTT. EMMANUEL COLLEGE ATHLETIC TEAMS Tennis: Singles, KERR, Doubles, JOBLIN, MCLUHAN. Volleyball "Av: ROWLANDS, DAVIDGEQ JONES, Captain, HUSSER, Manager: BUTLER, SCOTT CURRIE, C. JOHNSON, MCLUHAN. Volleyball "BU: BRYDON ELMSLIE GOODGER HOSSIE MUNSONQ ROWLAND, Captaing STEED, J J 3 ! VAN GORDER. Basketball: DAVIDGEQ CURRIE, Managerq ELMSLIE, H. JOHNSON, JONES, ROWLAND, STEED' ROWLANDS, Captain. Baseball: EWARDSj BEARE, Captain, JONES, JOBLIN, KERR, ELMSLIE, THOMPSON, THROWER FORREST, STEED. Hockey: DAVIDGE, ROWLANDS, JOBLIN, MCCORMACKQ STEED, Manager: Church Students in Arts, MCINTYRE, JACKSON, JONES, CLUGSTON. Members of Intercollegiate Teams: EDWARDS, Senior Rugby, SIMPSON, Senior Football, RUTHERPORD, Senior Football and English Rugby. 3 377 it ,l it L 3 fi,-12523 1 . A A i rirfigffefzivg 4 'files ' fqsa V-w if r ..,, , if 'Q 'N 154321 .-aj V . - Rywollner F C Nelson , Si! ff Ga if if it A 5 if Q ff 'Q X , 'if M: 4 5 Mackay, Pres. R Inble, Vicepres. M,Miller X - Q Z lfgge, l3r,MCGilv1'ay. D D H ui O er. 5hiAtl1lQticAssocii1l1on ' Executive 1957 Du Mc Into Hliribbs Gillioli Ontario Veterinary College Athletic Association HE Ontario Veterinary College Athletic Association is proud of its pro- gress. Although hampered by the lack of athletic facilities on the campus, the association has two fighting teams, a basketball and a hockey team, entered in inter-city and intra-city competitions. Both teams have in the past turned in very creditable records and this year are sure to better themselves-with the basketball team under the coaching of Doctor Potter, an ex-star himself, and the hockey team under the sincere tutoring of Doug. Burley, an active fourth year student. Last year a new award sweater and crest was inaugurated which is very desirable to the graduating athlete. This award is difficult to obtain, requiring three years of competition with fifty per cent. of the playing time. Inter-year sports had the enthusiasm of those students less talented in the individual activities and these games are not lacking in pep. The O.V.C.A.A. looks forward to a bright future. 378 D.Gamble, Treas. Bhcitrawser, Sec. ONTARIO VETINARY COLLEGE BASKET-BALL TEAM Second Row: SCHOFIELD, Manager: CADY, BRYSON, CHAMBEHLAYNE. B. HOI,LISTER1 PARSONS Assistant Manager. First Row: C. HOI,LISTER, DONOVAN. DR. POTTER. Coach: INGLE. PALMER. ONTARIO VETERINARY COLLEGE HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: BURLEY, Coach and Trainer: KEALEY, Assistant Managerg ARBUTHNOTT, BISHOP SCHMIDT, SKELDING, WOLLNER, HESTRAWSERQ MORROW, Manager. First Row: Grass: GAMBLE, Captainq INGI-IAM, MCKERCHER, ELLIOT, O'CONNER, BARNUM. Absent: COLEMAN. 379 PHARMACY SOCCER TEAM Second Row: A. HUTCHINSON, H. LUCK, R. MILLER. G. CORNELL, F. WICKETT. S. MCVEY, J GIBBINS, G. GUTHRIE. First Row: G. PITCHER. J. KERRUISH.' D. MONTGOMERY, Captain: R. HILLBORG, R. BROWN, D BUCHAN. PHARMACY BASKETBALL "A" TEAM Third Row: D. GRAHAM. President: R. BROWN, J. STILLMAN, H. SHUMACKER, S. BEDERMAN L. GOLDIEJ E. A,HEARN, Vice-President. Second Row: J. GORDON, A. GOLDIE, DEAN HURSTJ D. SHAPIRO, Captaing M. BERKUN. First Row: D. MOLOT, S. MCVEY. 380 ! PHARMACY BASKETBALL "B" TEAM Second Row: G. FEREN, H. SEAGER, C. SPENCE, A. GORDON. First Row: J. SLED, W. JONESQ L. FARRELL, Captaing H. MERRETT, F. DORAN. PHARMACY HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: D. GRAHAM, Presiclentg C. WILSON, Coachg J. MULVII-IILL, G. NOBLE, G. CORNELL M. SNODGRASS, M. ENGLISH: E. A,HEARN, Vice-President. First Row: D. MONTGOMERYQ T. AXLER, Captaing DEAN HURST, H. GIALLONARDO, F. COLLINS 381 PHARMACY LACROSSE TEAM Ser-and Rom: I.. FARRr:u., H. MKRRETT, H. SI-TAGER, F. DORAN. First Row: R. BROWN, B. JoNEs,' E. DICKENSON, Captaing D. HARDING7 M. ENGLISH. PHARMACY SOFTBALL TEAM Second Row: D. GRAHAM. J. STILLMAN, M. ENGLISH, R. BROWN, D. DUSTEN, L. GOLDIEJ E A'HEARN, Vice-President. First Row: D. Mo1.o'rg J. BROWN, Captain: DEAN HURST, S. GOLDIE, M. BERKUN. 382 PHARMACY VOLLEYBALL TEAM Second Row: D. GRAHAM, Presidentg J. SIPPER, B. MCCORKELL, L. GAFFE, M. FLORENCE, M WOLFSON, D. SHAPIROQ E. A,HEARN, Vice-President. First Row: D. Monofr, J. STILLMAN, DEAN HURSTQ J. GoRnoN, Captain: H. SHUMACKER. if 383 f , H r g ,.Af,A,, :J U,ywy5f 'vw ,WW Q 1 N K wrfxhfhx A N N Y' Six f , 14 -JSVw'f'f'5"Y' 4-' SGF4' "1i:,4YjY-QQIYQF' :.,-'.x-1'1':1i'.-i,1":i?tfw, 'Qf.,'v, -g1'Am'Tf-5,55 ,gi--.zz-4:2116-',,,g,.,.g,,,'w,',,,Q1' vc- 1. E .1 f-3 , H L X,-NN. ' 7, Y -,,,-X 1 ., ,V ., . , . ' ff :f ' 1 J IU I , w I x r ,i Y i 'Q 1 i, I 1 i I iV I w P l 41 I 4 Ill I, Y 4 L. WOMENS INTERCOLLEGIATE SWIMMING CHAMPIONS Second Row: MARY CAssoN, PEGGY BAILEY, GERTRUDE EVANS. First Row: BORRIE MCDONALD, BEATRICE HARRISON: MARY DAVIDSON, President, ELEANOR MCINTOSH, MARGARET HALL. Womerfs Intercollegiate Flthletice HE programme of the various sports sponsored by the Women's Athletic Association, with the exception of bowling, was completed by March 14th and it may safely be said that competition was never keener than it has been this year nor have the participants had more enjoyment. Intercollegiate championships were well divided, Western retaining the basketball and Toronto the swimming,'while Queen's won the tennis, with McGill providing the individual champion, and McMaster winning its first intercollegiate cham- pionship in the badminton tournament which was started only this year. The interfaculty championships were also much more evenly distributed than last year, with Victoria retaining the tennis and baseball and U.C. the swimming. St. Hilda's won back the hockey cup after a number of years' absence and U.C. for the first time won the badminton. Most popular of all was St. Michael's first winning of the ,basketball cup which was most generously applauded by all teams in the series. Unfortunately the weather offered for the interfaculty golf tournament at the Ladies' Golf Club in October was as unfavourable as it could well have been and only a small entry braved the elements. The college and interfaculty tennis tournaments had large entry lists and Claire Walsh once more won the University championship. The intercollegiate meet in Montreal provided an upset when Claire was beaten in the final by Barbara Barnard of McGill. Queen's won the doubles and the championship with 11 points, while McGill and' Toronto tied for second place with 10 points each. Once more only three teams were entered in the indoor baseball series, two from Victoria and one from St. Michael's, but the players had great enjoyment from the games. Victoria retained the cup. Eleven teams entered the interfaculty basketball series, Physiotherapy, Junior Victoria and St. Michael's winning their respective groups. The latter team finally won a most popular verdict under the capable coaching for the second year of Miss Margery Rean and the captaincy of Gerry Ryan. Miss Rean also coached the Senior Intercollegiate Team, with Kay Mayes as Manager and Jean Miller as Captain. The team made a splendid showing, defeating McGill in the first game and bowing to Western by a small margin 386 in the final. Ill-luck was again the fate of the Seniors when two first-string guards were prevented from playing by doctor's orders. The Intermediates had a most enjoyable year playing a regular schedule which included trips to Guelph and Hamilton and even boasting a victory over the Senior team. Miss Erna Laing acted as Coach and Molly Moore and Margaret Pickering shared the Manager's duties. The interfaculty hockey series was interesting and very hard fought. Victoria as usual entered two teams, and St. Michael's, U.C. and St. Hilda's one each. The latter two 'colleges provided the finalists and after tieing two games, St. Hilda's finally won the third by a 1-0 score. Swimming retained its place as one of the most popular sports and the college meets, held as preliminaries to the interfaculty meet, uncovered some excellent new material. University College again won the championship, having the best balanced entry, although the individual and the diving trophies were again won by Peggy Bailey of Victoria. The intercollegiate meet was held in Hart House this year on the same programme as the men's intermediate intercollegiate meet. Toronto won a sweeping victory, coming first in all events and second in every one except the ornamental swimming where only one entry was permitted. New records were set in the 50 yardl Free Style by Gertrude Evans, in the Relay by a team composed of Peggy Bailey, Margaret Hall, Mary Casson and Bobbie McDonald, and in the 100 yard Free Style and the 50 yard Back Stroke by Bobbie McDonald, who was the high point scorer of the meet and has the distinction of winning her Senior Colours twice in her first year as she was also an outstanding player on the Senior Basketball Team. Another sport which was taken up with great enthusiasm was bowling, which was made possible by the new athletic fee. Nine teams were entered, bowling an hour a week for ten weeks, when champions will be declared on the basis of gross and handicap scores. Badminton for the first time became an intercollegiate sport this year and much interest was aroused for this reason. Each college held its own tourna- ment and sent six players to the interfaculty meet. From these the four final- ists were chosen as the University team, two singles players and one doubles pair. Unfortunately one singles player was taken ill just before the meet and a substitute wassent in her place. McMaster won the meet due to their out- standing singles players, with McGill second, but the Toronto doubles team of Pat Downey and Rosemary Annesley won the championship in this event in convincing style and gave us third place in the tournament. The thanks of the women athletes are gratefully extended to the many coaches who so kindly gave of their time and skill in the various sports and also to the officials of the men's Athletic Association for their co-operation and generous assistance in so many undertakings, particularly in the use of the Hart House facilities. ' DIRECTORATE, 1937-38 DR. C. C. BENSON, President MRS. W. A. KIRKWOOD MRS. W. B. ELSLEY DR. E. H. GoRnoN Miss J. M. FoRsTER MISS A. E. M. PARKES, Secretary MARION BEST Joy BROWNLEE MARY DAVIDSON KATHLEEN MAYES SUNNY MCLAUGHLIN JOCELYN REA ATHLETIC CLUB PRESIDENTS, 1937-38 Basketball ,.,,....,.,.,...,..,....,.,..,........,......, Tenms ....... ........ ,,... Badminton ...,...,.. . .... . Baseball .,,......,. .,...,.. .JOCELYN REA, U.C. 3T8 HILDA MACMORINE, Trin. 3T8 Hockey ....,..,..... .,..,,.. ' ' ...CLAIRE WALSH, Vic. BT9 MARY DAVIDSON, U.C. 3T8 Swimming ........,., ,...,.., .ELATNE KNIGHT, Trin. 3T8 .MARJORIE EASTWOOD, Vic. 3T9 387 Women's Senior "T" Holders JEAN ATKINSON, Physiotherapy '38- Hockey, three years intercollegiate and "all star", manager '34-'35, captain '35- '36. U.C. basketball three years, tennis two years, hockey one year. Physio- therapy basketball two years. President Baseball Club, ,33-'35g President U.C. Athletics '35-'36, Directorate '34-'35-'36. PEGGY BAILEY, Vic. '39-Swimming, three years intercollegiate, individual champion '36 and '37. Interfaculty in- dividual champion '37 and '38, ALICE BASNETT, Vic. '38 -- Basketball, one year intercollegiate, four years Vic. JOY BROWNLEE, Vic. '38-Basketball, two years intercollegiate, three years Vic. One year hockey, Vic. and City League champions. Presi- dent Hockey Club '36-'37, Directorate, '37-'38. GLADYS CARVOLTH, Trin. '38-Tennis. one year intercollegiate, three years St. Hilda's. Hockey, one year City League champions, three years St. Hilda's. Basketball, three years St. Hilda's. Swimming, three years St. Hilda's. MARY DAVIDSON, U.C. '38-Special ears UC Award. Swimming, four y . . Holder of Long Plunge Record. Style swimming champion '38, President Swimming Club '36-'37-'38, Director- ate, '37-'38. PATRICIA DOWNEY, U.C. '33-Badmin- ton. Doubles champion at first Inter- collegiate Tournament, 1938. Three years U.C. badminton, interfaculty semi-finalist, '37-'38, MARGARET GLASS, U.C. '38-Basket- ball, three years intercollegiate, three years U.C. MARGARET HALL, Phys. Ed. '40-Swim- ming, two years intercollegiate, diving champion '38, two years Phys. Ed. In- terfaculty ornamental swimming cham- pion '38. ELAINE KNIGHT, Trin. '38 - Special award. Hockey, two years "all stari' and City League champions, four years St. Hilda's. Badminton, four years St. Hilda's, interfaculty doubles finalist '37. Four years St. Hilda's golf and inter- faculty prize winner. Women's Sports Editor The Varsity, '37-'38. President Badminton Club '37-'38, BUNTY LANG, U.C. '38-Swimming, one year intercollegiate, three years U.C. Hockey, one year City League cham- pions, three years U.C. Basketball, two years U.C. President U.C. Athletics '37-'38. JEAN LENNOX, Vic. ,39--Basketball, one year intercollegiate, one year inter- mediate, two years Vic. JEAN MILLER, Vic. '39-Basketball, two years intercollegiate, Captain '37-'38, two years Vic. ELEANOR MCINTOSH, Vic. '38-Swim- ming, one year intercollegiate, orna- mental swimming champion '38. Three years Vic. swimming, basketball four years, hockey two years. JOCELYN REA, U.C. '38-Basketball, one year intercollegiate, two years U.C. Manager City League Hockey cham- pions '35-'36. President Basketball Club '37-'38, Directorate '37-'38, VELMA RICHARDSON, Vic. '38-Tennis. two years intercollegiate, three years Vic. GERARDA RYAN, St. M's. '38-Basket- ball, one year intercollegiate, three years St. Michaels, Captain interfaculty champions '37-'38, Tennis, three years St. Mike's. POLLY SHAW, U.C. '38-Tennis, two years intercollegiate, three years U.C. JOYCE TENENBAUM, U.C. '38-Tennis. two years intercollegiate, four years U.C. Basketball, one year intermediate intercollegiate, three years U.C. GLADYS WAGG, Phys. Ed. '38-Special Award. Hockey, two years "all star" and City League champions, three years Vic. Baseball, three years Vic., basket- ball, one year Vic. champions. Direc- torate '36-'37. Coach U.C. Sr. basket- ball, '37-'38. CLAIRE WALSH, Vic. '39-Tennis, three years intercollegiate, champion '35 and '36, three years Vic. and university champion. Has held Junior champion- ships of Ontario, Quebec and Eastern Canada. Ranked Canadian No. 6 for 1937. President Tennis Club, '37-38. WOMIlN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE TENNIS TEAM JOYCE TENENBAUMj CLAIRE WALSH, Captaing POLLY SHAW, VELMA RICHARDSON. WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE BADMINTON TEAM MARY BECKERQ JOHNNY MARSHALL, Captaing ROSEMARY ANNESLEY, PATRICIA DOWNEY Absent: HILDEGARDE GOODFELLOW. 389 if f 14.41- WOMEN'S SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: GERRY RYAN, KAY BENNETT. MOLLY MooRE: KAY MAYES, Managerg JocELYN REA, PT9S'fd97lf. First Row: BOBBIE MCDONALD, MARGARET GLASS: JEAN MILLER, Captain: JOY BROWNLEE, JEAN LENNOX. Absent: MISS MARGARET REAN, Coach. ,,., V xx T"?'7 Wu N' It I L--1 WOMEN'S INTERMEDIATE INTERCOLLEGIATE BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: ANN MACDONALD, MIDGE MUNRO, PEGGY MCLARENQ MARGARET PICKERING, Man- agerg BEATRICE HOWE. First Row: BETTY STEPHENS, HELEN GURNEYQ MISS ERNA LAING, Coach: JOCELYN REA, Presi- dent: ELLA WILSON, BERNA CI-IRISTIE. 390 N N University College Women's Athletics HE year 1937-38 started off with the open golf tournament arranged by Phyllis Poyntz and Bunty Lang. Owing to the lateness of the tourna- ment few were present, but those who were termed it a success. U.C. won their share of the prizes but failed to retain the cup for the low gross. The tennis tournament was played in October under the management of Polly Shaw. U.C. were runners-up to Victoria College in the interfaculty intercollegiate team which unfortunately lost to Queens. U.C. was represented by three basketball teams in the interfaculty compe- tition: Seniors, Juniors and Freshies, coached by Gladys Wagg, Ruth Thomas and Erna Laing, had a strenuous season. The teams were managed by Mar- garet Glass, Helen Scott and Catherine Bryans respectively. On the senior intercollegiate team U.C. was represented by Margaret Glass, Bobby Mac- Donald and Jane Church, who unfortunately was forced to retire when in- jured in the badminton doubles finals. On the intermediate intercollegiate team U.C. was represented by Helen Gurney, Peggy McLaren, Betty Stephens and Anne MacDonald. Swimming again has been very popular and Mary Davidson, the Presi- dent of the University Swimming Club and Manager of the U.C. team, was very capable. Gertrude Evans, first year, won the individual honours in the U.C. meet, followed closely by Helen Scott and Mary Davidson. U.C. re- tained the interfaculty swimming title by a substantial margin due to the great swimming of Bobby MacDonald and Mary Davidson. Three of the members made the Intercollegiate Swimming Team. Hockey has been more successful this year due to the continuous cold weather. Cay Robertson as Manager and "Grenny" Henderson as Coach have been very eflicient. So far we have won three games and lost one, which should put us into the finals against St. Hilda's who as yet are undefeated. The badminton tournament was very well handled by Patricia Downey, who also succeeded in winning the singles tournament and paired with Mar- garet Glover to win the doubles. U.C. won its first interfaculty badminton tournament with Johnny Marshall carrying off the individual honours. This year badminton had been made an intercollegiate sport and we are proud to have Johnny Marshall and Pat Downey on the University of Toronto team which went to London. On the whole U.C. has had a very successful year in athletics, winning two interfaculty titles and being runners-up in two other interfaculty competitions besides being represented on every University team. Senior "T's', are held by the following members of the college: Margaret Glass, Bunty Lang, Jocelyn Rea, Polly Shaw and Joyce Tenenbaum. 392 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S ATHLETIC DIRECTORATE Second Row: MARY DAVIDSON, HELEN SCOTT, MARGARET GLASS, JOCELYN REA. First Row: PHYLLIS POYNTZ, CATHERINE ROBERTSON: BUNTY LANG, Director: PATRICIA DOWNEY CATHERINE BRYANS. Absent: PoLLY SHAW. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S TENNIS TEAM POLLY SHAW, BETTY FILE, JOYCE TENENBAUM flnsertj, EDITH MARSHALL, HELEN TRIPP. 393 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE BADMINTON TEAM, INTERFACULTY CHAMPIONS DORELLE MACKELLAR, EDITH MARSHALL, PATRICIA DOWNEY, MARGARET BIGGAR, JEAN WALLACE, CATHERINE BRYANS. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: PEGGY SNYDER, BARBARA GLENN, DORELLE MACHELLAR. First Row: GLADYS ASHDOWN, MARGARET GLASS: GLADYS WAGG, Coach: MARY NAYLOR, VIOLET PETTYPIECE. Absent: JOCELYN REA, MIRIAM KRONICK. 394 4 - ., ug A , . it M. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: JANE CHURCH, RUTH GORDON, HELEN SCOTT, MARGARET MITCHELL, ANNE MACDONALD. First Row: MARY KIRKLAND, IDA EMPRINGHAMQ RUTH THOMAS, Coach: MARION HARVEY, KAY ScoTT. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE FRESHIE BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: CAY BRYANS, PEGGY MCLAREN, PATSY MCLAREN. First Row: FRANCES BARBOUR, ROBERTA MACDONALDQ ERNA LAING, Coachg HELEN GURNEY, BETTY STEPHENS. Absent: MARGARET TENENBAUM. 395 Wi' fu 1 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WVOIVIEN'S HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: PEGGY SNYDER, PEGGY FORGIE, VIRGINIA ALEXANDER, FRANCES BARBOUR, BETSY TREES, RUTH BIGGAR. First Row: JANE WARWICK, CATHERINE ROBERTSON, BUNTY LANG, BETTY MCCLELLAND, MARY CARTER. Absent: LUCILLE GRAHAM. Insert: 'hGRENNY" HENDERSON, Coach. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S SWVIMMING TEAM Second Row: GERTRUDE EVANS, RUTH BRUNKE, HELEN GARDINER, BOBBIE MCDONALD, BETTY STEPHENS. First Row: HELEN GURNEY, HELEN SCOTT, ANNA MARIE SMART, MARY DAVIDSON, BUNTY LANG, MARION VANSTONE. 396 VICTORIA COLLEGE WO1VIEN'S ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE Second Row: JOY BROWNLEE, CLARA WALSH, HILDEGARDE GOODFELLOW, MARJORY EASTWOOD. RUTH MCKAY, MARGARET PICKERING. First Row: GLADYS JOHNSTON: PEGGY BAILEY, Treasurer: F1-:RN KENNEDY, Presidentg MILDRED MCGILLIS, Secretary: ISOBEL MCINTOSH, DORIS DIXON. VICTORIA COLLEGE TENNIS TEAM, INTERFACULTY TENNIS CHAMPIONS JERENE MALCOLM, ELEANOR WALKERQ CLAIRE WALSH, Captaing VELMA RICHARDSON, HELEN CARSCALLEN, NORA REAN. 397 VICTORIA COLLEGE WOMEN,S BADMINTON TEAM BETTY JANE GARDINER, HELEN CARSCALLEN, HILDEGARDE GOODEELLOW, HELEN KAUFMANN, MARY LEAVENS, BETTY AUSTIN. VICTORIA COLLEGE WOMEN'S BASEBALL TEAM Second Row: LILIAN IRWINQ JACK LAKE, Coachg RUTH SMITH, DOROTHY ROGERS. , First Row: JOY GALBRAITH, JOY BROWNLEEQ MARGERY EASTWOOD, Managerg FERN KENNEDY, HELEN OSTRANDER, 398 VICTORIA COLLEGE WOMEN'S SENIOR BASKETBALL TEANI Second Row: ELLA WILSON, MARY LOUISE BOTT, JOY BROWNLEE. ROSAMOND BAILEY. First Row: JEAN MILLAR, RUTH MCKAY: ALICE BASNETT, Captain: ELEANOR MCINTOSH, MARION BEST. VICTORIA COLLEGE WOMEN'S JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: BERNA CHRISTIE, JEAN LENNOX, BEA HOWE, JEAN HAMILTON. First Row: DOROTHY CLARKE: MARO. PICKERING, Manager: MOLLY MOORE, Captainq RUTH THOMPSON, BETTY JANE AUSTIN. Absent: BE'I'I"Y JENKINSON, Coach. 399 VICTORIA COLLEGE WOMEN'S HOCKEY I Second Row: MARY CARSON, MILDRED MCGILLISJ ART BRANT, Coach: ELEANOR MCINTOSH, DOROTHY DICKIE. First Row: MARION BEST, VICTORIA HORTON, GLADYS JOHNSTON, PEG FLEMING, MARION NICHOLSON, FERN KENNEDY. VICTORIA COLLEGE WOMEN'S HOCKEY II Second Row: FRED MACDONALD, Coach: MARGARET WALKER, HELEN SAARI, DORIS BROWNQ LLOYD CHAMBERS, Coach. First Row: RUTH STEWART, DORIS ANGLIN, JEAN FREEMAN, HELEN OSTRANDER, EILI-:EN SHEARER VIOLA NODEN. 400 9 VICTORIA COLLEGE WOMEN'S SWIMMING TEAM Second Row: RUTH PUBLOW, DOROTHY MCKERIHEN, MARY CAssoN. First Row: ELLEN BEATTY, PEG BAILEY, ISABEL MCINTOSH, ELEANOR MCINTOSH 401 ST. HILDA'S ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE Second Row: JOAN GRIFFITH, First Year Representativeg JOYCE DUNBAR, Head of Badmintong JOYCE KIRK, Head of Basketballg JOAN MACMASTER, Head of Tennisg BETTY KIRK, Head of Swimming, GLADYS CARVOLTH, Head of Hockey. First Row: VIRGINIA LANDER, ex offictog KAY MAYES, Vice-President, ELAINE KNIGHT, Presi- dent: MARGARET LARGE, Treasurer: HILDEGARDE G. M. MACMORINE, Secretary. St. Hildcfs Athletic Association HE athletic season started off with the selection of the tennis team which was engineered with a good deal of difficulty as the new residence was rising where the tennis courts used to be. With the games being played in a hurry at t-he Vic courts, a team was finally chosen consisting of J. McMaster, K. Hilder, G. Mann, E. Kirk, G. Carvolth and H. Macmorine. Their efforts in the interfaculty tourney were creditable but not startling. Joan McMaster won the Saintls championship with Kay Hilder runner-up. Even with the loss of most of last year's stars the Saints managed to put two basketball teams into the league with a good deal of help from the first year. "Gin" Lander for the Seniors and Rosemary Annesley and Joan Grif- fith for the Juniors turned in fine performances. Unfortunately Joan Mc- Master was unable to finish the season through illness. The hockey season got under way in January, with the Saints having the best team for some years and hoping to bring back the interfaculty trophy after four years' absence. All the players are worthy of mention here but space does not permit. In the interfaculty swimming meet our only points were won by "Chris- sie" Gilchrist in the long plunge and Joan Griffith in the style events. The rest of the team must be commended for their performances. This year is the first time that there has been an intercollegiate badminton tournament and two of the Saints have won their laurels by taking two of the four positions on the team. Mary 'Becker was runner-up for the University championship and Rosemary Annesley reached the semi-finals. However, we lost the interfaculty championship to U.C. Rosemary Annesley defeated Mary Becker in the college tournament to take the badminton cup. Well, here's hoping you have good luck in the new residence, Saints. 402 ST. HILDA'S TENNIS TEAM GLADYS CARVOLTH, KAY HILDER. GERTRUDE MANN, HILDEGARDE MACMORINE. JOAN MACMASTER BETTY KIRK. ST. HlLDA'S BADMINTON TEAM Second Row: MARY BECKER, ROSEMARY ANNESLEY, ELAINE KNIGHT. First Row: GLADYS CARVOLTH, JOYCE DUNBAR, JEAN HOUSAN. 403 ST. HILDA'S SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: KAY MAYES, PAT SCOTT, JOYCE KIRK, MARY BECKER, EDGE MUNRCE, JOAN MACMASTER. First Row: HILDEGARDE MACMORINE, JEAN HOWSAN, VIRGINIA LANDER, BETTY KIRK, GLADYS CARVOLTH. ST. HILDA'S JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: JANET ROBERTSON, ROSEMARY ANNESLEY, MARG. MAYES, MARG. LARGE. First Row: WINII-'RED BAXTER, KAY RIDOUT, JOAN GRIFFITH, CATHERINE ROUS. ' 404 ST. HILDA'S HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: MARG DONOVAN, ROSEMARY ANNESLEY, ELAINE KNIGHT, MARGARET LARGE, VIRGINIA LANDER. First Row: KAY RIDOUT, JOAN GRIFFITH, GLADYS CARVOLTH, HILDEGARDE MACMORINE, HELEN WILSON. ST. HILDA'S SWIMMING TEAM Second Row: MARY HARRISON, MARGARET PRATT, VIRGINIA LANDER, GLADYS CARVOLTH, JOAN GRIFFITH. First Row: KAY MAYES, CHRISTINA GILCHRIST, BETTY KIRK. 405 ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE ATHLETIC DIRECTORATE. ROSEMARY BURKE, MARGARET CONLIN, SUNNY MCLAUGHITIN. ST. MICHAEL'S WOMEN'S TENNIS TEAM WINNIFRED FLANNIGAN, MARGARET MORRISSEY, GERARDA RYAN, BETTY CARROLL 406 l"X 4, A 'iw' 'Q 'Nur' w- ST. MlCHAEL'S WOMEN'S BASEBALL TEAM Second Row: MARGARET CONROY, BETTY TURNER, KITTY DEVLIN. First Row: HELEN HUGHSONJ NORAH OQNEILL, Captain: MARJORIE MOSEAUGH. .fi 33 fem WPS .QQ 'LO- ,we- we ST. M1CHAEL'S WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM Third Row: MARY HUTCHINSON, ROSEMARY BURKE. Second Row: MARY BENNETT, VINETTA BURKE, KAY BENNETT. First Row: ANNABELLE MACKLIN, GERARDA RYAN, Captain: EILEEN BRADLEY. Absent: JEAN GRANT. 407 """' --ew' ,,,...-- 'Nr' 'WK' fo- IF' Wir' JW ST. MICHAEL'S WOMEN'S HOCKEY TEAM Second Row: MARJOR:E DRISCOLL, MARGARET CONLIN, JOAN MCLEOD, JOAN O'DONNELL. First Row: GERTRLDE MULCAHYJ ELIZABETH READ, Manager: GENEVIEVE CONLIN. SCHOOL OF NURSING BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: HARRIE'f BROWN, MARY GULLY, LAURA DRYDEN. First Row: JANET DAVIDSON, MARGARET MANSELLJ MARIAN WOODSIDE, Captaing FLORENCE POOLE. 408 MEDICAL WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Second Row: JEANNE BRERTON, GRETA RIDDELL, MARJORIE MOSBAUGH, HELEN HOLDEN, LILY SUGARMAN, DEBORAH POLOWIN. First Row: JEAN LANG, DoR1s PROWSE, Isoazr. WRIGHT, BARBARA WATTS, MARGARET MCFARLANE. Medical Women's Hthletic Hssociation HE girls on the basketball team were very enthusiastic this year with Miss Dockter as their coach. Although they did not succeed in scoring suflicient points to win a game they put up a good defence. Miss Marjorie Mosbaugh brought honour to our Athletic Association by winning the University of Toronto Women's Golf Championship. The Athletic "M's" were presented to Doris Prowse, Margaret McFarlane and Lily Sugarman at the girls' Daffydil banquet. Our Executive: Isobel Wright, Presidentg Barbara Watts, Vice-Presiolentg Doris Prowse, Secretary-Treasure-rg Margaret McFarlane, Basketball Manager. 409 1 5 4 I 1 i 3 J. ALPHA.DELTA.PHI Founded at Hamilton College, 1832 .C . V. M 3: .- ,r f :J ,- 0 , . . . If I n fl ' ' 1 IH 1 5- 1 f : : GAG' g Z I 1 1 . if . , 1' f TORONTO CHAPTER Established at Toronto, 1893 F RATRES IN FACULTATE Alfred Baker Allan Gowan Brown William Warner Jones Henry John Burden Norman Beachy Gwyn William L. Holman William Fletcher McPhedran Clarence Dana Rouillard FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE H. W. Kerby P. E. Snyder W. E. Ortved N. M. Simpson R. L. MacMillan W. W. Barrett J. L. McFarland D. R. B. McArthur R. G. N. Laidlaw G. H. Love D. I. W. Bruce W. G. Harvey D. D. Owen C. E. Edmonds A. B. Boddington M. F. Clarkson J. M. Macleod C. S. Lazier P. J. Ambrose H. A. MacMillan ' G. M. Baker C. Maynard J. R. T. Huston ppowm A. McArthur H. Spohn M. MacLachlan R. B. Boddington H. Rowan W. H. Grass J. C. Laidlaw N. D. Moffat R. S. Harris J. George D. A. Webster X 1 'QW A 5? II x my A 'SX' Ys 51 ,X av f 3- M I N' T 1, fpfwf 'R 4' 1 W ,T . 1x.1.x'.',Y 1 'RWM ,J V! f,,'MZ',i,v'f,j'jy4 . sg.. -xfi-.'i15Q.YT.'f s, ' ,7QCZ7f .. x 'if 1 ffffff I., R A XF - 4, ,Y 1 .3221 'X -Qixgifxi +4 I 'ff . -lifgxgwxx ON -X if' HIT? -lr: -. ,pn .5155"fjjf5g1L f ff., I :Psa - '21.,V..ff-.. Y .g N,-.1:. I , FQ kj?-' If , 4 In ' E iv 2ea.m'.1 ' 'E 45' l 5-ey, I 92:54 I ag xl-A Vi zf iid, :I , lN'Q'f1f E-X "fx 5 L" N5Al'. L Q-'L ,oaqfmc '.r!f: --'mx x ' .51 wh -1.1, MIN ' RX - I, 5: .7 "bf CO ea I f ' fy Tl' W. A X. 1 f A ff.. fy ' Nfl 1 . . . ' H51 T' ' ALPHA DELTA PHI TORONTO CHAPTER, ALPHA DELTA PHI Fourth Row: P. E. SNYDER, C. E. EDMONDS, A. R. B. BODDINGTON, A. B. BODDINGTON, J. M MACLEOD, C. M. MACLACHLAN, W. W. BARRETT, C. S. LAZIER, D. A. WEBSTER, G. H. LovE D. R. B. MCARTHUR. Third Row: J. C. LAIDLAW, P. H. SPOHN, A. A. MCARTHUR, J. GEORGE, P. J. AMBROSE, D. H ROWAN, J. R. T. HUSTON, N. M. SIMPSON, G. M. BAKER, W. G. HARVEY. Second Row: D. D. OWEN, R. G. N. LAIDLAW, W. E. ORTVED, H. M. KERBY, R. L. MACMILLAN D. I. W. BRUCE, J. L. MCFARLAND. First Row: M. F. CLARKSON, J. C. MAYNARD, H. A. MACMILLAN, N. D. MOFFAT, R. S. HARRIS W. H. GRAss. 413 BETA THETA PI Founded at Miami University, 1839 Ya 'bt argl or it is THETA ZETA Established at Toronto, 1905 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Ernest Edgar Cleaver Beverly Hannah Thomas Eakin Arthur Fitz-Walter Wynne Plumptre James Eustice Shaw FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Glenn Charles Tompkins Scott Lynn Kenneth Carlyle Greer John Douglas Clarkson Robert Doan Hill Charles David Robert Dick Wallace Dunning Cox William Stanley Jamieson George Luther Symmes Hugh Hamilton Neilson Bowden Lloyd McLean Norman Burwell George William Patrick Hair Charles John Robson William Locke Dark Richard Philip Eyres Baxter O'Connor Dick Taylor Murray Renough Maynard Robert James Galloway Robson Hughdeburgh Mills Black Bruce Edward Neilson 414 45? 4' f, , . Q 1 -15,5 'f'-51 v ', 4 , Tig? y ' rip s f - A wi-fig xii? M-:TS-"5'5mJQii5 ' quit? 533315 s ' Sf: ji J M' ,,i,4 ' 'VV' 37 , ' fy .... AZZA L , gf, , ' y 'F Q . , Q -- H :,: ,zf bf Q, f 'ig ' Q L 4 g'A : I ',A. A ' A If ff 4 1 .3 ..,.- is M ,V gi I 1 .V r A 1 , Sig? V ' . " - ,".P 5 ' I 4, . . 'Oc DK! P H CSUZQBSOE .JGALLOVUJ 5 LYNN fVC'Gnf.?.9- Q50-JAMPBO Wi. Dani ' , g " if M' ..,A , ' . 4 . ' J , I ' "ff- 'L H U Q ' U ' 'I 'i f I ' . G5 NE1L50'A QLMCLEFQ 1 A 4mMAvNP-V9 'quiwai , THETA ZETA CHAPTER 9 gl ' Ai W . ' , 73' , ar OF ff V , lrvlk 1' 7 .4 H ,. B E T H E P ' V 'V A V? 5 -in in ,, ., WPHM1 WQQQ1- A 1104-L,,,,5o+ 64A5, M,,v.'Q J' 'nm 3 I X if 19 HM B1-"dh QC Tomw"5 Q Dunn- CDDIU- '7"iNm.fv0'x We G. Tm vo' nm 415 DELTA CHI Founded at Cornell 1890. K .ai Ai .- f - -.ass-n X Ln-.- Al h-.....uI TORONTO CHAPTER Established at Toronto 1897. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Russell W. Allgood Laurence Hynes Melvin W. Bartley Thomas J. McQuaid Albert C. Deeks Clifford Miall Garnet Simms FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE John I. Armstrong Norman H. Berlis John R. Brimage J. D. Burk-Robertson Wallace C. Card John Easterbrook Donald J. Egener Frederick T. Egener Gregory T. Evans Terrence F. Flahiff Douglas A. Hardtman John H. Harrison Robert A. Kingston Warren Lynch 416 Lloyd C. MacCallum Grant R. McCready Walter B. McManus William L. Moore David J. Ongley Rupert A. Parkinson John F. Palmer Melvin H. Ramsay Roy C. Sharpe John L. Stewart Malcolm J. Smith Carl R. Watson R. Scott White A. Walter Winter . . N 42.21 to 0.0.01 . .,o9 '?pn,0.o92 Q I i h,fa:iInvyg 4. IW' Y"lJ'-5 gqmwmmmi 2Qlw"D"'1' QR QS 'IIN Q 'QM-I I O9 qblmllll -09' rw OREQQP' RK 'Ulf' 1 A MU DELTA CHI TORONTO CHAPTER OF DELTA CHI FRATERNITY Fourth Row: CARL R. WATSON. LLOYD C. MACCALLUM, WARREN LYNCH. NORMAN H. BERLIS J. D. BURK-ROBERTSON, WALLACE C. CARD, THOMAS J. MCQUAID. LAURENCE HYNES. Third Row: MELVIN W. BARTLEY, ALBERT C. DEEKS. DAVID J. ONGLEY, JOHN H. HARRISON CLIFFORD MIALL, ROBERT A. KINGSTON. JOHN L. STEWART. GARNET SIMMS. MALCOLM J SMITH. Second Row: RUSSELL W. ALLGOOD, MELVIN H. RAMSAY, R. SCOTT WHITE, WALTER B MCMANUS, FREDERICK T. EGENER, JOHN F. PALMER, JOHN I. ARMSTRONG. DOUGLAS A HARDTMAN, A. WALTER WINTER, GREGORY T. EVANS. First Row: DONALD J. EGENER, "F".' WILLIAM L. MOORE, "D': ROY C. SHARPE, JOHN R BRIMAGE, "Aug GRANT R. MCCEADY, "CT TERRENCE F. FLAHIFF RUPERT A. PARKINSON A bsent: JOHN EASTERBROOK. 417 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Founded at Yale University, 1844 ,ails fl 455: Q' ,fi Tux ,fx ALPHA PHI X1 Established at Toronto, 1898 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. A. H. W. Caulfield Dr. G. B. Ross Dr. D. T. Fraser Dr. W. Irving H. H. Beach FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE James Hamilton Baillie Holton Butler Shipman William Bruce Wallace James Lang William Carruthers Duncan Boston Ross James Kenneth Ronson Walter Leishman McGregor Hugh Kivas Attwood Charles Alexander Norman Donald Evans McGregor Kenneth Kershaw Hay-Roe Stewart Douglas Turner Herbert Gordon Ronson Harvie John Murray Harding Donald Lockstone Mumford Lloyd George Halverson Charles William Eaton Howitt Hugh Mortimer Lyon Geoffrey Plummer Dewar John Evans Bone Norman Albert Creet Thomas Cottrin Keefer Robert Evans Barnes David Alexander Campbell Harvey Cockshutt Baker Keith Campbell Ross Campbell FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE William George Middlebro' Henry Robinson John Mitchell Sutherland 418 Howitt 'Sf' Wm: ff? 1. ' xNXkW'1:- M0!lIlllwmHm:ln':?' :2,ZH::::H:mmKltkXXw an I. ' .1 'nl "' li IH' Ifllil II' ...ullIunhR5QiQ.i53ull1.,. A Q '7 CN ma y 1: Lv mm' f. DQFQ OU DELTA KAPPA EPSILON ALPHA PHI OF DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Fourtlz Huw: K. CAMPBELL, H. K. ATwoon, H. G. RONSON, T. C. KEEFER, D. L. MUMFORD K. K. HAY-ROE. Third Row: W. G. MIDDLEBRO., D. A. CAMPBELL, J. M. SUTHERLAND, G. P. DEWAR, S. D TURNER, D. E. MCGREGOR, C. W. E. HOWITT, H. M. LYON. Second Row: H. R. HOWITT. W. L. MCGREGOR, W. R. CARRUTHERS, J. K. RONSON, C. A HARVIE, D. B. Ross, J. M. HARDING. First Row: H. C. BAKER, R. CAMPBELL, R. E. BARNES, N. A. CREET. J. E. BONE. Absent: L. G. HALVERSON. 419 DELTA TAU DELTA Founded at Bethany College, 1859 X fn if if W DELTA THETA Established at Toronto, 1926 FRATRES IN FACULTATE K. B. Jackson T. A. Frankish FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Charles Austin Monteith Willard Irvin Graff Louis Mason Sebert John Earlstown Williamson Yorke Harvey Williamson James C. S. Anderson Harold J. McK. Butterill William J. H. Disher Austin Lefurge Johnston John Edward Casson David McLean Jamieson Hubert Lloyd Kerr Harry Fitzgerald Kimber Frederick C. D. Wilkes Richard D. MacDonald William K. Clawson James Carl Wilson William Tate Sargent Hilliard Lee Foster Murray Allan Kilpatrick Alan Fowler Wilfrid Langan McLeod Archibald Craig Cecil Herdman Wastle . ' ,f . LIAQO A DELTA TAU DELTA Third Row: W. I. GRAFFI, W. T. SARGENT, H. L. KERR. M. A. CRAIG. L. M. SEBI-IRT. H. F KIMBER, H. L. FOSTER. Second Row: J. E. WILLIAMSON, A. L. JOHNSTON, J. E. CASSON. J. C. S. ANDERSON, A. FOWLER C. H. WASTLE, M. A. KILPATRICK. First Row: H. J. BUTTERILL, J. C. WILSON, W. J. H. DISIHIER, D. M. JAMIESON, W. LANGAN Y. H. WILLIAMSON, C. A. MONTEITH. Absent: F. C. D. WILI-IES, R. D. MACDONALD, W. K. CLAWSON 421 FRATRES IN FACULTATE DELTA UPSILON Founded at Williams College, 1834 jx G L i500 f Q Q'C'D:. QQfQiC'3f ." lf-' DELTA UPSILON Established at Toronto, 1899 Maurice Hutton CProfessor Emeritusj Herbert Alexander Bruce William Belfry Hendry Goldwin William Howland William A. Kirkwood Malcolm William Wallace Joseph Stanley Will FRATRES Howard George Ambrose Roger Vair Anderson James Preston Beattie William Henry Birmingham William Michael Bowlen Douglas Paterson Bryce William Anderson Cowan John McGill Currie William Douglas Foulds Philip Steele Foulds Charles Gamble Greenfield Arthur MacDairmid Heuston Allan Gordon Isbister Philip Douglas Isbister Warring Laird Jennings William Walter Warring Laird William Jamieson Martin George Frederick Martin William Allan Dafoe George Maitland Biggs Almon Andrew Fletcher George Robinson Pirie Richardson Loudon Turnbull Wright Stewart Wilson Robertson Gordon Thomas William William Andrew IN UNIVERSITATE Stewart Edward McDonald Leo Hartman McLaughlin Malcolm Robert MacPherson William H. McPherson Michael Justin O'Brien Lawrence Gerald O'Connor William Prince Pigott Jean Jacques Pigott Gordon Powis Pim Alexander Gormaly Rankin John Leslie Russell Rowland Alexander Scott William C. Schwenger Ernest Ralph Sexsmith Perceil Adam Shultis Russell Reid Taylor Alan Parry Vila Robert Ch. A. Waddell FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE Kenneth Archibald Foulds William Goldwin C. Howland 422 W i i""' mr- . f'FIZ l f A v ' r fl mmm I' ' DELTA UPSILON DELTA UPSILON Fourth Row: J. J. PIGOTT, W. C. SCHWENGER, R. C. A. WADDRLL. W. A. COWAN. A. P. VILA Third Row: E. F. BASTEDO, W. D. FOULDS, W. H. MCPHERSON, P. S. FOULDS, S. E. MCDONALD G. F. MARTIN, P. D. ISBISTER, J. M. CURRIE, G. P. PIM. Second Row: R. V. ANDERSON, W. M. BOWLEN, J. L. RUSSELL, L. H. MCLAUGI-ILIN, W. J MARTIN, P. A. SHULTIS, W. L. JENNINGS, W. W. LAIRD, D. B. BRYCE. L First Row: R. R. TAYLOR, E. R. SEXSMITH, A. G. RANKIN, M. R. MACPHERSON. A. M. HEUSTON C. G. GREENEIELD, A. G. ISBISTER. Absent: L. G. O,CONNOR, R. A. SCOTT, H. G. AMBROSE, M. J. O,BRIEN. 423 KAPPA ALPHA Founded at Union College, 1825 J' Wm wok bu 3 NVQ ALPHA OF ONTARIO Established at Toronto, 1892 FRATRES IN FACULTATE J. G. Breckenridge A. E. MacDonald P. V. Jermyn D. L. Selby W. W. Lailey W. W. Wright FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE W. H. Adams J. H. Belton J. S. Boeckh . E. Botterell IIE W. B. Burgoyne G. C. Brown H. H. Carter H. Cassels A. E. Gallie M. E. Gooderham I. B. MacDonald M. S. Mills G. C. Powell J. A. Powell FRATR A. B. M. Bell F. H. Britton W. H. Broughall B. S. Evans J. M. Gunn C. J. Seagram W. L. Shortreed L. N. Smith G. H. Strathy J. R. Woods . F. Graham . H. Griffith 'PDP J. G. Harcourt H. B. Hussey T. E. Jarvis I. L. Jennings D. C. Jennings A. H. Kingsmill O. B. Mabee ES IN AULE OSGOODE H. C. Kingstone Z. R. B. Lash P. B. Parker S. F. Ross W. L. Somerville KAPPA ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SOCIETY Fourth Row: D. C. JENNINGS. H. CASSELS. JR.. G. C. POWELL, I. B. MACDONALD. H. H. CARTER, M. E. W. GOODERHAM. Third Row: H. B. HUSSEY, J. S. BOECKH, G. H. K. STRATHY, G. C. BROWN, J. G. HARCOURT M. S. MILLS. W. H. ADAMS. Second Row: A. E. GALLIE, O. B. MABEE, A. H. GRIFFITH, A. B. M. BELL, H. E. BOTTERELL A. H. KINGSMILL, I. L. JENNINGS, W. L. SHORTREED. First Row: S. F. Ross. W. B. C. BURGOYNE, C. J. SEAGRAM, L. N. SMITH, J. R. Woons, T. E JARVIS. Absent: J. A. POWELL, H. C. KxNcsToNx-3. 425 KAPPA SIGMA Founded at University of Virginia, 1869 -My he- A Q. sigma 0 if 'L " :IA "W ., QF?-l,.': 525 My 445- 3 tam-as i'X' m,-ff N" Ya .3 ,, DELTA EPSILON Founded at Toronto, 1924 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. James Gilbert Falconer Dr. Stuart Allan Thomson FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Arthur Lorne Binkley Bruce Arthur Seymour Ronald Desmond Nash Fraser Deacon William Edward Green Vance Clio Smith William Dowdall Dawson William Clarke Campbell Murray Alexander Woodside Harry Douglas Roberts 426 Alan Fraser Raney Donald Mackay Deacon Grenville Bruce McKendrick William Limbert Andrews John Albert Collett Earl Thomas Smith Gerald Gordon Farnell Frederick Archibald Dobson Robert McAmmond Burns Gordon Edward Peter Willan -7-.r4' ff-fn ' l' U"' A .ul 'umm Hamlin I llllw 5 ASB 4 'XS' 'Z KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA SIGMA Third Row: R. M. BURNS, N. J. THOMPSON, F. A. DOBSON, G. G. FARNELL, B. M. KINNEAR, D. M. DEACON, G. E. P. WILLAN, W. L. ANDREWS. Second Row: J. W. DAVEY, H. D. ROBERTS, J. A. COLLETT, A. F. RANEY, B. A. SEYMOUR, V. C SMITH, E. T. SMITH, G. B. MCKENDRICK. First Row: W. E. GREEN, M. A. WOODSIDE, R D. NASH, A. L. BINKLEY, W. D. DAWSON, F DEACON, W. C. CAMPBELL. 427 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Founded at Boston University, 1909 , so lk I gzffv. 'a it li T2 ,C EPSILON-EPSILON ZETA Established at Toronto, 1927 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Cecil Alexander Rae Dr. Samuel Beatty FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Alexander Charles Leman Herbert Jessop Nott Chester Dodd Beatty William James Burgess Robert Greenshields Marcel Jeanneret Ernest Arnold Wilkinson James Stuart Lang Fred Allan Brown Raymond Leigh Cavanagh Kenneth Geikie Jeanneret Robert Walton Stevens William Frederick Walls Edward Julien Brower Philip Wordsworth Benson John Lewis Watson Eric James Muir James E. A. MacDonald John Leavens Warriner John Muir Brown Jack Knutson Brower George William Peters Alan Johnson Harris Philip Baker Harley Jack Edmund Harley Frank Earle Dawe David Marshall Coyle George W. Danzinger Ernest Rollaston FRATER IN AULE OSGOODE George Edward G. Whitaker Wg' L if 1' M.. ,uwx t lx Wit- ,asf .,g.Q,1 4 Q-0,1 LAPITE Cigna LAMDA CHI ALPHA LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Third Row: F. DAWI-3, G. DANZINGER, E. J. BROWER, A. HARRIS, P. HARLEY, R. L. CAVANAGH D. COYLE, J. HARLEY, P. W. BENSON. Sec-ond Row: J. L. WATSON, W. F. WALLS, J. K. BROWER, F. A. BROWN, G. W. PETERS, M JEANNERET, E. A. WILKINSON, H. J. NOTT, E. ROLLASTON. First Row: J. L. WARRINER, R. W. STEVENS. K. G. JEANNERET, J. M. BROWN, E. J. MUIR, R GREENSHIELDS, A. C. LEMAN. Absent: W. BURGESS, J. S. LANG, J. E. A. MACDONALD. 429 PHI DELTA THETA Founded at Oxford, Ohio, 1848 '--at I9 G ....i.,..,. A ONTARIO ALPHA Established at To ronto, 1906 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Harold Dewitt Ball Robert Allen Cleghorn Henry Hague Davis Joseph Harvey FRATRES IN UNI William Bruce Charles Leonard Burleigh Sharpe Morton Eldred Hall Taylor Statten, Jr. Arthur William Jefferies Roger Montague Hall Robert Warren Kettlewell Thomas Frederick Cooper Cole Frank Austin Wooldridge Ambrose John Denne Jack Ross Millar Joseph Alan Greenfield Norman Allin Terwillegar George John Millar Perry Simington Millar John Clemens Langford Donald Howard McLaren Murray Pardo Townsend James Edward Carson McGowan David More Clarence B. Farrar Duncan Archibald Lamont Clifford Durant Howe Johnston VERSITATE Wesley Gibson Gray James Alexander Renwick Robert Warren James Graham Arthur Lyman Meredith Fleming Douglas Stewart Tickner John Edwin Hodgetts John Berverly Moore Robert Hamilton Welch Page Statten Rowed Alfred Greig Albert Gibson Gillespie William Watson Evans Joseph James Brown Edward Blake Thompson Ernest Hamilton Smith Robert William Hannaford Thor Eyjolfur Stephenson James Keith Johnson George Lee Williamson Nicolson FRATER IN AULE OSGOODE Stanley Champion Biggs 430 flsqff' L QQYQ Q y + P 611100123545 PHI DELTA THETA PHI DELTA THETA Fourth Row: E. B. THOMPSON, G. L. WILLIAMSON, R. W. HANNAFORD, D. M. NICOLSON, J. K JOHNSON, E. H. SMITH, T. E. STEPHENSON. Third Row: F. A. WOOLDRIDGE, J. B. MOORE, W. W. EVANS, R. H. WELCH, P. STATTEN, R. A. GREIG, J. E. HODOETTS, A. G. GILLESPIE, J. J. BROWN, D. S. TICKNER. Second Row: M. P. TOWNSEND, W. G. GRAY, R. W. JAMES, J. E. C. MCGOWAN, J. A. RENWICK, G. J. MILLAR, J. C. LANGFORD, D. H. MCLAREN, A. L. M. FLEMING, P. S. MILLAR. First Row: A. W. JEFFERIES, T. F. C. COLE, J. R. MILLAR, T. STATTEN, JR., R. W. KETTLEWELL, R. M. HALL, A. J. DENNE. 431 PHI GAMMA DELTA Founded at Jefferson College, 1848 TAU KAPPA Established at Toronto, 1923 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Frederick Lorne Hutchison Walter Stirling Anderson Theodore Corbett Graham John Everett McCutcheon Edward Alexander Macdonald FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE WTU2E?U9'U7" OQFSEW 525555 3'Q:.::5-'as 3 3 3 3 3 'cs F12F'?U?UP1P1 miiwgw U1 QFD oxgfww I3 ma 5. FUOPPPU gpwow W9 UJSU '11 DU E USU gz CP H SS gm O ia O O U E11 A. Stewart S. Siberry H. Bradley . M. Carter H. Rogers . W. Patterson . G. Holman R. Kimber W. Ness M. McLelland B. Moore Hunnisett M. King . J. Young D. Handley . L. Davis 432 W PHI GAMMA DELTA 4 1 'ff Q ,ik KW . ' '-5' 4 .wp 6 . 1 Ttwmm Jrxlxamuw V ,E V cmmaam.-.1 ki .xr m.++.n.f,.fr V1 . .. V V , .U , -'x A 'vt' C V K. ' - :r ,tr f Z ti 'R.4l.mnnaz Y j K 1 V bl - fl,-1K.Zuilun 4:mr..4u,..,a, -. ff 4' 'S I ' :,'!I1..mus an 'vs gamma r QI: .,',nL,av W5 W fs.-2 Q -2? - 4 ' ,"" 9 :Z J.'2Il.fVrvl'l'fM1 Q 2 fq ' fx.sasfWf 'Y DM P114 im f.1rhf.? PHI GAMMA DELTA mmm - f i 7??P g 2 J V . ,S X K gl, 1 5, . I Qijngfgn A ,L'K,Q,,.,, C.'ZU.'Yln6 QU. , arkfr 'Rl Zin-riff' 433 W,- Q if 'R.'S4.'ur5 wma 1' it ' a. 2--f ' v -:Ty , fin' ndlg, 4. n o ff: r C, W, 3-usradliy Sir Ernest C. MacMillan Alan Freeth Coventry George Williams Brown Vincent Wheeler Bladen Harold Alexander Hunter Ralph Leaney Jamieson Robert Forbes McRae John Charles Currelly Paul Bernard Dilworth Clarke Dickson Steele George Edison Abraham Walter Brechin Reid Arthur James Burns George H. U. Bayly James Innes Stewart Alexander Reid Tilley PHI KAPPA PI SIGMA PI Founded at Toronto, 1901 SQQQ QTL 1,1 l.,f'X. 'algal hifhli HTS! fit-ff. FRATRES IN FACULTATE Charles Norris Cochrane Andrew Hill Clark William K. W. Baldwiin John Hornibrook Sunley George P. de T. Glazebrook David Carlton Williams Charles Allan Ashley FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Lawrence H. G. Kortright Bradford H. B. Bowlby Charles Graham Sanderson Donald Grant Neelands John Frederick Isard Francis Kendrick Venable Maurice Outhit Beverley Donald Youell Ferguson Geoffrey Murray C. Dale Robert Allington Bowlby Frances Eustace Hill John Angus McLean John McGee Porter Peter Burton McCurdy Campbell Revere Osler John MacKinnon Leitch Daniel Aiken Lang Paul D. Corbett J. Edward De Wolf FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE John Harty Osler Thomas Drummond Thomson Ernest Bradley Griffith 434 f, 'NX Q2 1.52. 5533 ! xi ' 7 C '34 ,L N 'O 'ul' y .-0 E. 4 ix ' lIl" lllw . Sa' PHI KAPPA PI PHI KAPPA PI Fourth Row: G. M. C. DALE, D. Y. FERGUSON, M. O. BEVERLEY, G. H. BAYLY, F. E. HILL. D. A LANG, J. A. MACLEAN. Third Row: C. R. OSLER, R. A .BOWLBY, H. A. HUNTER, J. P. ROBERTSON, J. F. ISARD, B. H. B BOWLBY, P. B. DLLWORTH. Second Row: F. K. VENABLES, L. H. G. KORTRIGHT, G. E. ABRAHAM, C. D. STEELE, W. B. REID A. J. BURNS, D. G. NEELANDS. First Row: J. M. PORTER, J. M. LEITCH, P. B. MCCURDY. 435 PHI KAPPA SIGMA Founded at University of Pennsylvania, 1850 'X . Q , fl, N 1 ,ffxxt fl- . ku '1 'wi-.Q 2 ' ., ' VC -'3 rf! f 'nfs kd lilf: C ALPHA BETA Established at Toronto, 1895 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Colin Gordon Campbell John Gordon Gourlay Garden Sperrin N. F. Chant Henry J. C. Ireton Reginald Crawford Carlisle Morley J. C. Lazier William Stanley Funnell Donald Chalmers MacGregor Harold Archibald Proctor FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Richard Stuart Abbott Andrew Edmund Johnstone Wallace Viner Bedolfe John Clement McCulloch James M. Stockford-Careless Howard Marshall Maynard John Nelson Cunningham Thomas Richard Pearce John Butler Cockburn George William Ridpath Arthur Worden Evans Frederick Andrew Rose John Douglas Gardner Thomas G. Hawkes Robinson James Andrew Douglas Gray Henry Melville Scott William Bruce Hornell John Russell Taylor Paul McCulloch Hutcheson Freeman Massey Tovell Jackson Sanford Hart John Denton Vance Harold Wallace Warner FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE Edmund Courtney Benson John Borden Hamilton William Allan Campbell William Arthur Sutherland George Taylor Gale Walter A. Tanner FRATRES IN ONTARIO COLLEGE OF EDUCATION James Coates Sutherland Cecil Arthur Alderson Carley 436 .Eg . V V , nf- 4g ff+f A D k in 7154, -NV 1,93 N QUU 3 6 u ' 15 mx X R L "W" ,Iv TE 4 Ky ,W X .1 , 'W X K s if ,Q 'ff X Q PHI KAPPA SIGMA PHI KAPPA SIGMA Third Row: MCCULLOUGH, LINE, TANNER, BEDOLFE, MAYES, GRAY, EVANS. Second Row: MAYNARD, TAYLOR, SCOTT, LANCASTER, ROSE, PIERCE, CARELESS. JOHNSTONE Fi-rst Row: ABBOTT, VANCE, HUTCHESON, HORNELL, GARDINER, RIDPATH, TOVELL. Absent: HART, ROBINSON, COCKBURN. 437 PSI UPSILON Founded at Schenectady, 1833 'V -'-- "-.5 HR ,L ,-', n' '. '-. 5' a 'al' , J 1' 1. 2. 3- .V -'ti ' a riff'-'19 f I .EER .. ffffv ah .R ll 0.4 'Eiga if D: '23 'kt f 'I' 'Lila' '-gf "I "Q1.'o' NU CHAPTER Established at Toronto, 1920 FRATRES IN FACULTATE E. F. Burton G. A. McLarty A. W. Ham D. E. Robertson J. C. McClelland L. J. Rogers George Shanks FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE U . S. Armstrong M. M. Lamb E. W. Beggs W. D. MacLean W. E. K. Brown J. N. A. Powell J. D. Bryce E. E. Robertson H. L. Coons S. K. Sheldon J. W. Crocker J. L. Smart C. N. Fowler O. K. Smith C. K. Gibbs B. H. M. Tedman W. H. Hewson C. H. Vatcher A. D. Hudson G. MCL. Wilson D. B. Kilgour M. A. Wilson A. R. Wright 438 Hb X VRS. 4' 'gf Q gf? caqwyrpgfi .J ., w .f -- II ' I 'T 3' " ' we o N I i5'.Qw55Q 1 .F ' 5 Nairn 5 ll .. " :,' T ',.- A X5 K ., -5- - .-:Li J -I ia... Tv. - S K s' M" .-,. 'ilq 2- T If f' NL' NQE 24,099 PSI UPSILON PSI UPSILON Third Row: D. S. ARMSTRONG, O. K. SMITH, M. A. WILSON. H L COONS A R WRIGHT F L BEGGS, W. E. K. BROWN, D. B. KILGOUR. Second Row: C. H. VATCI-IER, J. D. BRYCE, J. L. SMART, B. H M TEDMAN C N FOWLER S K. SHELDON, A. L. HUDSON. First Row: W. D. MACLEAN, W. H. HEWSON, E. E. ROBERTSON C K GIBBS J W CROCKER F. N. A. ROWELL, M. M. LAMB. Absent: G. MCL. WILSON. 439 William T. Jackman Frank J. O'Leary Roland R. McLaughlin George A. Morgan Donald G. M. Nelson William Burden Phair Ryland John New John Leary Toole William Dean Howe Lloyd K. Macllquham Arnold Johann Andreae Arthur Benjamin Scott Alexander Banfield Chisholm William Martin Grand William F. Heaslip James D. G. Schroder E. C. Colter SIGMA CHI Founded at Miami University, 1855 in LX In ML . BETA OMEGA Established at Toronto 1922 FRATRES IN FACULTATE David R. Mitchell Alfred W. Farmer Kenneth D. McEachern George E. Hall Alexander M. Fitzgerald Harold H. Cook William J. Gardiner FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE John Herald Whiteside George Ryerson Gardiner Donald Raymond Clark Clinton A. Stephens William A. Young James Correy Bond Vincent William Usatis Cecil Edmund Chesher Ian Arthur McCallum Robert Wright Davies Pledges Gordon D. Tiller Lloyd G. Richardson James Robert Detweiler Ronald James Stockwell John James Fitzpatrick Gordon Maurice McHenry Robert Bazett Hutcheson George Brown Wood John Robert A. Leslie James Bowman Galbraith James Foster Kilgour William D. Coxson Bertram R. Morgan Kenneth M. MacQuarrie FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE A. R. C. Walker 440 Q . JG7' , .. L Q... E--2-E i f R 6,710 .. '55 A036 6' 0 SIGNO SIGMA CHI SIGMA CHI Third Row: J. F. KILGOUR. W. D. COXSON, J. R. A. LESLIE, R. W. DAv1Es. W. V. USATIS, G. R GARDINER, I. A. MCCALLUM, R. B. HUTCHESON, R. J. STOCKWELL. Second Row: D. R. CLARK, G. M. MCHENRY, J. R. DETWEILER, C. E. CHESHER, L. K. NIAG- ILQUHAM, J. C. BOND, J. H. WHFFESIDE, J. J. FITZPATRICK, J. B. GALBRAITH. First Row: A. R. C. WALKER, J. L. TOOLE, W. D. HowE, R. J. NEW, W. B. PHAIR, W. M. GRAND W. A. YOUNG. Absent: A. B. ScoT'r, A. B. CHISHOLM, C. A. STEPHENS, A. J. ANDREAE, G. B. Woon. 441 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE THETA DELTA CHI Founded at Union College. 1847 as .fa IW' LAMBDA DEUTERON Established at Toronto, 1912 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. G. V. Morton Dr. F. E. Tisdall R. E. Richardson William Edward Allan John Donald Pollock William Flavelle McLean Richard David Margesson Charles Frederic Graham Harry Parks Wilson Ross Elwood Hofmann Robert Cecil Kilgour Glen Allen Northgrave Robert John McLaughlin Thomas Arthur McLean Thomas Cullen Daly William Alexander Scott David Richard Tennent Vincent Noble Harbinson David Howden Stewart Peter Robert Charles Arthur Rutherford Kilgour Donald John Wormith Robert Gordon Tamblyn Alvin Alton Baker John Mickler Wachsmuth Fabian O'Dea Murray Edward Corlett Charles Harkness Gordon James Bicknell Keachie cy fl . 1 1 ww H R' 'Q 'Q 9 L-fa v THETA DELTA CHI THETA DELTA CHI Third Row: V. N. HARBINSON, D. H. STEWART, P. R. L. CHARLES, A. R. KLLGOUR, R. G TAMBLYN, J. D. WORMITH. Second Row: D. R. TENNENT, W. A. SCOTT, T. C. DALY, T. A. MCLEAN, R. J. MCLAUGHLIN G. A. NORTHGRAVE, R. C. KILGOUR. First Row: R. E. HORMAN, H. P. WILSON, W. F. MCLEANQ C. F. GRAHAM, President, R. D MARGESSON, J. D. M. POLLOCK, W. E. ALLAN. Absent: A. A. BAKER, J. WACHSMUTH 443 ZETA PSI Founded at the University of New York, 1846 -..5e.....:..,.,4,,-,,., N, ' 9 3 Q 3 QQ" ' .1 0 Y F5 ' . V:..n0! fri-"L' D ' ,- 1 f"Rf:1 " Q5 -O in 1 G THETA XI Established at Toronto, 1879 FRATRES IN FACULTATE R. G. Armour H. H. Hyland E. H. Botterell A. B. Le Mesurier E. Boyd Chester Martin Pelham Edgar H. E. Rykert P. H. Gracy J. J. Spence E. H. Graves E. S. Wishart Mackenzie Waters Wm. Boyd FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE J. L. Agnew F. H. Howard D. S. Allan S. T. Jamieson M. B. Allan F. S. Ker H. E. G. Bull P. J. McCabe G. A. Cooper F. F. McEachren A. H. Crosbie J. R. Mitchie F1 F' U O f-L 91 :S an FP O : P' 5 Q Q '1 35 E. A. Dunlop J. G. L. Pearson W. F. Gordon C. E. Pratt E. A. Grange J. L. S. Ross S. A. Grange W. L. Sanson A. G. Heighington G. H. Southam H. L. Henderson T. R. B. Watson R. I. Hendy G. E. Wodehouse G. E. P. Wilson FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE J. A. Falconer W. L. Powell J. S. Kilgour J. D. Doolittle H. R. Park J. M. Godfrey 444 ,-. ,f - 1,41 . ff Jr L 4 La x. 'SWR .T .Lf 5 1 l -cv 4 g. Ja. W -N:-el gg ff .f A .fu A " R if-i . sz- ge ' - . 4 img' T X - A J.-, X? ual -. ' 5 . . Qs" ' ',. I ' X N If ' . M- 7':1fQ .Y fi iff ' If . ."' A R' N Y. ' '51 Q' 3.11 ..... 7 - , as THETA PSI THETA Xl OF ZETA PSI Fourth Row: E. L. DODDINGTON, J. L. AGNEW, J. A. FALCONER, F. F. MCEACHREN. A. H CROSBIE, E. A. DUNLOP, W. F. GORDON, F. H. HOWARD, S. G. GRANGE, E. A. GRANGE. Third Row: P. J. MCCABE, T. R. B. WATSON, J. L. S. Ross, J. S. KTLGOUR, H. R. PARK, J. R MICHIE, W. L. POWELL, W. M. SANSON, M. B. ALLAN. Second Row: G. A. COOPER, J. M. GODFREY, R. I. HENDY, G. E. WODEHOUSE, G. H. SOUTHAM H. L. HENDERSON, R. E. YOUNG. First Row: J. W. OyGRADY, D. S. ALLAN, H. E. G. BULL, A. G. HEIGHINGTON. Absent: C. E. PRATT, G. E. P. WILSON, J. G. L. PEARSON, S. T. JAMIESON, F. S. KER. 445 air'-1 TN xxx X ,- WL K 1? -F -.X , L E x4Hz ., R - ' A: -T 1-x. , W'-i f-0-4i'1,A,, i:L :kg2-414-1 , , im W., 'H' - Q? "fi: 'v 'Af f' , g : , S S i .QXQX -3' fl?--17-' - f. Q "if t ' if-Q: ,-lg:-.x ff' ix Mx " E31 X BQ . X 5 uf w Q Q., xx Qi -- fy ri: ix ' - if Q? 'X fb v-.,Y-:ggx 47 V--, is - ,. -- 4,11 JA X ..g:..f Tl -ffl QV- Q Q- nv--i?lV:4 gy-' " - '-J S -J 4-Q, -4- f - , , Y ,Y ' - I , 3Q'ET 5X' A ' ' f. ff 5 1 . , ! I A ,N - .M f , , , 1 - - 5, xx J ,Q ,,,,, 'BVI- -s' A -T:1,,,iA-Q "U - -- T' - - , .,, X f nw.. -fra 1: . 'E , : 1:42 , LT," pri- lg 1 A - Haj ' "1 Vx ?'xc.f .-V fig, , 'L :SR-Y, s K ,WJ-K ix J-N-5-L, - ' 'L-ffi E, f J lm' f Q f-, Q iii X f U64 gf:-Q - A ' V f 'f f: 1 7: NX V -f - - Q -J-'V -5-M, - W, 2 N, Mn x -, g,, 5 3 s f ' 5 7 Q 2 vttfffl. Hill ,, , E K ...Q .f:iT:b- A "'J'Z . J.. ' 3 ,I .' f 1 ' ' AL' - - ,., Ufpxfff L1 "'4i"- ,-. I oQ5 RX X, If If Q i X, . f Vi? I, X unrfj O' . ' 419509 ' Honorary and Professional Fraternities H. G. Armstrong F. G. Banting W. W. Barraclough T. H. Belt C. H. Best E. F. Brooks A. Brown H. A. Bruce G. C. Cameron W. R. Campbell W. G. Carscadden W. G. Coskie J. H. Couch C. R. B. Crompton H. K. Detweiler H. A. Dixon G. L. Duff J. H. Elliott I. H. Erb C. B. Farrar J . G. Fitzgerald A. A. Fletcher D. T. Frazer W. E. Gallie F. C. Barton M. E. Borsook D. H. Copp J. D. Dufhn LZ3.bl3HZ3. ON EG!! ADDHA' "li-T -HONOR-MEDIC-AL'5OCIET.Y' 1-:Ld - FOUHDED-1902" Abpnm- OPlfl?Z3.RlO' IH THE 'UlfllVER5lT.Ygf3i'TOROlXlTO' .l95.7- -DRGAHlZ'ED-l9OS- - ALPHA.OMEGA.ALPHA FRATRES IN FACULTATE R. K. George Duncan Graham R. R. Graham R. J. Harris W. B. Hendry G. W. Howland A. Hunter A. G. Huntsman R. M. Janes C. I. Junkin W. S. Keith E. A. Linell F. I. Lewis D. M. Low J. C. McClelland J. C. McDonald J . B. McMurrich W. F. McPhedran John Mann D. W. G. Murray J . A. Oille P. M. O'Sullivan W. H. Piersol A. Primrose C. A. Rae G. E. Richards W. L. Robinson R. D. Rudolph E. S. Ryerson W. A. Scott N. S. Shenstone C. E. Snelling H. B. Van Wyck W. P. Warner J . C. Watt C. B. Weld W. K. Welch G. E. Wilson A. W. Farmer 259mg F. Farquharson Fidlar A. MacFarlane G. McKenzie E. McKinnon D. E. S. Wishart H. W. Wookey N. M. Wrong G. S. Young FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE J. W. D. Garrett R. F. Gerred A. F. Goggio D. C. Graham 448 C. C. Gray J. H. Minden R. A. Mustard E. B. Tovee djyififfifl Xx' QV . 'l . 'J ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA PROFESSION MEDICAL F RATERNITY Founded at Dartmouth College, 1888 01013: 6 52: V elf"-' '-. '. . .q.- --'f . 1 Q N-, i ,Lf -- 21,1 -F' -fe B ' a- an 4 'v-1-.4 .V , palm WX? YH' vw' -E -' - .J A -f , 0. Y- A ' beef., K 'J ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER Established at Toronto, 1905 ,335 W-.aa-' Jr ,rllbl3lflD4 El?5lljC5lXl' CUP y?QD,l.pl9lfll3l' KAPPA' KAPPA 1 1 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Herbert Bertram Anderson Gladstone Wilfrid Lougheed Darcy I. Pendergast Wilhelm E. Blotz Kenneth George McKenzie Wallace Arthur Scott W. G. Cosbie Edward Archibald Morgan William Albert Scott Michael A. Cox William Thomas Noonan Carl G. Smith S. J . Evelyn William Edward Ogden Donald Y. Solandt John Taylor Fotheringham Thomas Stewart Perrett Harold William Wookey Merlin W. Hicks David W. Pratt 449 NU SIGMA NU PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL FRATERNITY . Founded at Ann Arbor, 1882 ,gl . WQQQX 3 ' at. K I l 'lx - .' lx , xx RW. ' 'fi' .L ' .1 N Q-Xa' Kali' CHI Established at Toronto, 1902 FRATRES IN F ACULTATE W. W. Barraclough C. H. Best G. F. Boyer Alan Brown M. H. Brown Hon. H. A. Bruce-Prof. Emeritus G. C. Cameron H. A. Cates C. R. B. Crompton H. K. Detweiler F. P. Dewar G. L. Duff E. Fidlar J. G. Fitzgerald R. Franks W2 R. Graham C. B. Grant D. M. Griffin A. R. Hagerman C. W. Harris R. I. Harris John Hepburn F-'F' C. E. Hill Andrew Hunter W. S. Keith F. G. Kergin E. P. Lewis F. I. Lewis E. A. Linell J. A. MacFarlane D. L. MacLean J. P. McMurrich-Prof. Emeritus H. M. Macrae A. Oille M. O'Sullivan fd?" A. Primrose-Prof. Emeritus C. A. Rae F. E. Risdon D. E. Robertson W. L. Robinson E. S. Ryerson L. J. Sebert L. N. Silverthorne C. G. Stogdill N. B. Taylor E. J. Trow H. B. Van Wyck W. P. Warner J. C. Watt G. E. Wilson M. J. Wilson N. M. Wrong FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE D. B. Albertson W. G. Bigelow A. C. Cody R. S. Doerr G. M. Downing C. Evans . J. Finlayson IPF D. A. Garrett C. C. Gray G. C. Gray H. S. Gillespie J. S. Hill N. L. Hillary W. F. Lumsden F. G. MacHattie A. G. MacKinnon K. M. Mickleborough 450 R. H. More R. A. Mustard C. W. Parker A. B. C. Powell G. E. B. Rogers J. W. Rogers C. B. Shier P. M. Spence C. G. Stewart F. B. Thomson E. J. Trow, Jr. W. P. Turner D. J. Van Wyck P. A. Voelker. H. L. Wanless J. G. Watt M. F. Williams ,NNN - ZZZIIIIZEEIV' 5 '::::::::::::::: 4. .... ..... , . ,L-.1 1 NU SIGMA NU Qgglillllll IIIIEQ ..:,. Q I, V -M. - -.. . ,. ' , N 4 G ' ' N ' . I ' K 1 4 5,1 0 2 1' 4 Q E, I U' wi 4 W iff f k l www' J WRQJ FLLMS9 -1 ov' H E-ML QS vpmrnf K-.W Q Jfww 2 S x ' r Q W g 1 tv Q' v , ,. 4 5 - .14 a . f V I . .I 1 Q v1 R0 5 H 1 .- . J , "SWF '1'f"Lf'90 Nl Srew' Bnegwfo , Ccmfx' '4'foowf"" Ecevf. K, f , v Q , I 1 ' Y v 3 r 1-1 A Q - Q' C W'-'J' B'-on50"'B R P1 H04 M'R1'uaHf-R J C Hun. 'L I-,5,,,,1Y'i pm wind "7,f., 555.001 Q ' ww E an I , Z 4 , 1 rf V A Jim-M00 4Cn5rv""D -ln. 4 5PowfLL C Ccfw' P4 voaufi' S4m,rM'l G H Fw A .U n I th ,3- i 'GH H Of- ER' A R ' gggff.. V, 1 ',-.:......' -, .' . ' , X .. U f pw PRO .J 1 MH 'HUIQ N ' PSAINTLIH P 6 PQ X gf Fw Au 1: Pagan'-g S R L Dr ,W -nr H V , L 'fefncslf Hogrffgxcw Egkpjr 'R -19372 4938- 451 OMEGA TAU SIGMA PROFESSIONAL VETERINARY FRATERNITY 5. Founded at University of Pennsylvania, 1907 wifi x, gf7"'Ci I 1' If aah., -Qi x " 1' 9: f . L 7-if Q, Z , wil, 41 Q Q 35 45" W.-lr 1 C. XlEI X DELTA CHAPTER Established at Toronto, 1913 4 ik. .. - 'w ,fl . It I ,565 B, F 1 .a - it 2" 1 . . ' .. rf-I A I ta . -V 155 I ' ig' A J , 'ip' H J 5 "Revay YL McBride KP. ' Q l J ' . J"lsa'5SAFif RVWJ ' ' lawn- fv": ' 'tis 3 W M .F ST. -V 'Aff' 'f.. , 7 W .tfzr 3 b Q ' . that R.:-, A -rsh VA f Q LA-...X '. V 1 4- , 7 6 7 X " ' ... 2.5. Q-I ' 'iiffil . A A ' . it ' , N., 2 1 4- .Q . L R lv D Ki- A -f I , -.gk Q f -Q I -5 n "T " J--. gl.. 5...-il " 2 " si. si: -fav-'+V ts. '-. " 'I "W " K- wltgiiisl D 29' T,L"e1.S EC - - S L .QL 9 -'A - Qi . 6- K .QV "fx A 1 ' 'N -. 12' ' A .jf -.'e.:!i!:-L, ' WA CampbQllKRS f 5 7 Y' .Q ' I" 'I' 'Z 9 .Tf -'QJGJ' ' 5 ' , xl' A R ry ' 1' l T57 rv" -, ,my 1- . W' ' f L Y J A 9 Q ' if ' ' X " Q. I JAGalIaQhQr , . . N 6 3:-1 , , . K Burns . is 5- RJ.D.:xU'.:L.x V H E Dalmif EH 5pro5ton JAFDODOV3 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. F. J. Cote Dr. J. S. Glover Dr. H. R. Potter Dr. L. Stevenson K. Burns J. K. Bone W. A. Campbell R. J. Devcreux J. F. Donovan G. S. Elliott FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE J. A. Gallagher C. W. Lapham W. J. Gay J. G. Mackay T. A. Hays D. C. Master R. Ingham N. L. McBride R. T. Ingle A. Morrow J. M. Isa H. E. Palmer 452 V. W. Ruth J. N. See G. L. Shultz E. H. Sproston L. H. Tovell PHI RHO SIGMA PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL FRATERNITY Founded at Northwestern University, 1890 . if fi ly ci ALPHA EPSILON Established at Toronto, 1922 svnvnno 'mill 1 I J. W. Brennan A. E. Clutterbuck J. W. Graham H. M. Gray R. M. Janes nl blink ,aff 1937 1938 !AX FRATRES IN FACULTATE D. M. Low W. R. F. Luke G. W. McGregor H. F. Mowat FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE J. D. Birrell Kenneth R. Blanchard John F. Button Arthur J. W. de Bystrice Odon. F. W. de Bystrice Colin G. Ferguson Clarence A. Kyle Arthur H. Lyon William S. Metzler Kenneth W. Milne Lorne M. Phillips Evan Powell C. T. Robertson Ralph S. Stubbings John T. White R. J. Douglas Williamson 453 AbPHl3f.Pi3IbUH DHI RHCD SIGYU3. C-C PER - sggy nscnnocn E. Richards C. Sinclair C. Singleton . M. Wansborough . R. Wilkins :amps-Q Pledges T. W. Armstrong A William F. Cunningham J. G. Dignan L D. W. Hamilton G. A. Lane A. K. Mighton PHI CHI Founded at Gainsville Kentucky, 1894 9,0 H F fa ,. . . Q. I 'l."4f5?5fI ' -Q 1 xi x'5g'Q-?f'sg51' 'Y:.. .MQII7 Q fo- TAU OMICRON Established at Toronto, 1922 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. George D. Porter Dr. George Smith Dr. E. E. Shouldice Dr. Perry Goldsmith Dr. R. W. Ian Urquhart Dr. Goldwin Howland FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE R. G. S. Arthurs J. W. Kettlewell J. E. Bateman R. A. G. Lane J. R. Bukle B. R. MacKay E. Cahoon G. W. Manning R. J. Cowan D. K. McElroy H. L. Foster C. G. Preece J. R. Fraser R. W. Salmon A. L. Hessin F. W. Sears D. A. Hewitt J. T. R. Stewart T. P. Keast J. W. Tomlinson W. K. Kerr J. S. Walmsley W. J. Weigand 454 X I ff . M, , fix ,ff W JAY-ml A Y r 1 ., . Wim gk. 6 TQ Q5f3?AiL2.f,'b 3 1 PHI CHI 2QlI79Nf51fcur1 T A PHI CHI FRATERHITY -1937-1938 5 .A- 455 45. . lv THETA KAPPA PSI PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL F RATERNITY Founded at Virginia, 1879 lf? GKUJ 'W uf 0 F 0 ,. fa .4 - x fy . I GAMMA ZETA Established at Toronto, 1920 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Edward F. J. Brooks Ernest Alfred Broughton Walter Gerald Carscadden John Harold Couch James Thomas Davis Hammett Alonzo Dixon Thomas Alexander Jamieson Jabez Henry Elliott Ray Fletcher Farquarson Ross Henry Flett Gordon Sutcliffe Foulds Nicholas D'Arcy Frawley Kenneth George Gray Lorne Macdonald Gray Hugh Charles Hair Frederick Carruthers Heal Harold Watson Johnston FRATRE Ernest Werner Arberli Arthur Harvie Ball George MacDougall Beall William Hilson Burnett Malcolm Gain Cameron Alexander Douglas Campbell John Sandford Corcoran Joseph Edward Cowle Duff Robert Clarence Laird Robert James Avery McComb John Laing McDonald John Harris McPhedran Desmond Edward Magner William Magner Samuel John Newton Magwood Eugene Montgomery Alonzo Lloyd Morgan Lawrence McCheyne Murray Charles Bemister Parker Thomas Arnold Robinson Wilfrid David Smith Burnley Wardlow Stevens Ambert Hastie Veitch Robert Watson Wesley George Sills Young S IN UNIVERSITATE Robert Francis Frederick Demary John Henderson Fleming Robert Roy Forsey Donald Carter Graham William Edward Hall Lloyd George Hisey James Gordon Johnston Peter Albert Kinsey 456 Robert Woodrow Louber George Wesley Lindsey Marcus Harvey Little John Alexander McCaffrey Robert Peter McCaffrey David William McCullough Kenneth Fullerton MacEwen Paul Francis McGoey John Leslie McKeown James Arthur Peart James Stewart Plant Lemuel Ewart Prowse Gerard John Quigley Robert Lyle Riddell Philip Archibald Ryan Charles John Traifry l QSQMMQZ f M -Ag 1EP.l Xik 3,"6 1 Z Q. t MWMW THETA KAPPA PSI G1x1'1W-3 ZBJBA B375 31935 M 457 XI PSI PHI PROFESSIONAL DENTAL FRATERNITY Founded at Ann Arbor. Michigan, 1889 4 6 f- " Wg' -A 1' H1 is ' " ' 'iv X e OMICRON Established at Toronto, 1899 P. S. Anderson W. D. Cavanagh J. H. Duff G. V. Fisk J. H. G. Harwood W. T. Holmes L. A. Kilburn E. W. Paul C. H. M. Williams 458 'fi SU D' P-3 'JU E11 U7 2 '11 3' O CI F' H E U?'FU?U0FF7E S. Switzer W. Spinks K. Box A. Corrigan G. Ellis A. Hoskin D. A. Mason Tanner J i 5 F 5 i X X MX 11 XXL ff , . , 4, ff! , M 1 -- UW' 0 Las ' usuxss XI PSI PH Ccnc asfu DNC 'l ! it A bl AEA., w S at fm L K . . , ,.., 2 ' K vb V N GHQ Tfiiiiil Q,,Wf,,,af 4 V, XI DSI PHI FRAYBERHIWY1957-1938' ,,cHf if 459 a sf n 1 4 1 i 1 l 1 s Yi 1 fi A xi il ' l i I if I I I -i 5 4 u i S 5 1 5 A 4 I S 1 w 4, 1 a ALPHA CHI OMEGA Founded at De Pauw University, 1885 3 fe BETA IOTA Established at Toronto, 1930 SORORES IN FACULTATE Ruth Gregory Nora Loeb Mary Salter SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Graduates Evelyn McAndrew Norma Sommerville Georgina Stokes 3T8 Patricia Coyle Willa Dole Molly Stewart BT9 Mary Acton Beth Curry Marion Haws Margaret Kinsella Janie Munro Margaret Perry Doris Rose Betty Tatham 462 4T0 Barbara Black Jean Brydone June Corman Margaret Grant Marion Gregory Betty Graham Doris Prowse Ruth Tytler Elsie Twining 4T1 Francis Anderson Margaret Fletcher Eileen High Marion Near Catherine Campbell Betty Wehrley wif' ui -N IN I ' 0. .5 U, ," li I A , "' xf'b5ln?i ""A't f'..'?'bf ALPHA DELTA PI Founded at Macon, Ga., 1851 f f BETA ZETA Established at Toronto, 1929 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T8 Jean Macdonald Jean Robertson IO.T.J Alberta Milne IO.C.A.1 Grace Irvin IO.C.A.I Mildred Porter fO.C.A.J Peggy Reid T0 Norah McCully 4Tl Catherine Smith Fern Goodison Margaret Braidford Louise Griffith 3T9 Mildred Botsford Margaret Fraser Dorothy Leadlay Helen Fielder Charlotte Horner fMed.j 463 4T3 Mary McDowell fMed.j ALPHA EPSILON PHI Founded at Barnard College, 1909 K W ,. ""'1"F' ity gr ALPHA ALPHA Established at Toronto, 1927 SOROR IN FACULTATE Dr. Cecilia Krieger SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Dean-Alice B. Samuel Active Members Pledges Doris Dworkin Phyllis Baxt Dora Ginsburg Amelia Brownstein Phyllis Greisrnan Grace Genesove Rita Hands Ruth Kesten Jeanne Langman Grace Lichtman Vivian Singer Sybil Pullan Freda Stein Roslyn Singer 464 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Founded at Syracuse University, 1904 mzllflznrzzi 0 flnuCll,l1Hp!er bf' Established at Toronto, 1919 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T8 4T0 Mary Code Helen Evans Mary Rogers Audrey Levy 3T9 Doris Bailey Ethel Bamford Betty Burr Helen Dyment Barbara Evans Anita Faessler Mildred Gausby Fannie Hamilton Marie Hearn Mary Kirkpatrick Jean Loblaw Catherine Mathews Ruth Meldrum Noreen Mitchell Betty Ryan Evelyn Bixel Wyn Connally Margaret Detweiler Mary Perrin Jeanette McVickar Doris Mullett 4T1 Shirley Hill Mary Booker Gwendolyn Plant Enid Robertson 4T3 Margaret Smith 095 4 x 523 rg' WL 4 -. v I I JKQX, 9 ff , 9 1 f f-I ALPHA.ONHCRON'PI Founded at Barnard College, 1897 BETA TAU Established at Toronto, 1930 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T8 Georgene Auman Joan Tripp Joan Kelley Aileen Boland 3'l'9 Dorothea Stuart Elizabeth Coyell 466 4T0 Isabel MacBeth Dorothy Dorman Genevieve Hamil 4T1 Margaret McFarlane 4T2 Margaret McKay 4T3 Janey McLeod egos lv' ga D Q05 N 756 mix 3 vim Us 9. fi Q 9 Q4 'Qian E 'P iv-2 , 'la . p V 1 ,' lb, ' . 1 9 ., :JAY f"g1 5 05:6 xg' - l 0 'Q 'B Q P., an ., to Qu 4 'ke ALPHA PHI Founded at Syracuse University, 1872 tif l XX 1' if 1? XI Established at Toronto, 1906 SORORES IN FACULTATE Eileen Parr Kitty Shepherd Violet Taylor Marion Stanley SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T8 4T0 Margaret Griggs Lorna Henry Jean Jordan Elizabeth Little Mary Macaulay, President Christine MacGregor Jean McKenzie Jocelyn Rea Margaret Snyder Norma Stewart Nora West Jean Whiteside 3T9 Susan Bridgman Alison Bennet Frances Carlisle Elizabeth File Margaret Glover Ruth Gordon Kitty Guest Clarine Hughes Jean Kidder Ann Macdonald Margaret McLart Y Audrey Piddington Phyllis Poyntz Catherine Robertson Dorothy Sorley Helen Scott Wilma Young 467 Helen Gardiner Marion Harvey Anna Stewart Pledges Virginia Alexander Ruth Biggar Gwen Millar Ruth Paul Betty Stephens Mary Wilder Joan Woodcock DELTA DELTA DELTA Founded at Boston University, 1888 , nno. : -' H: Q 76 , n'T.. Eiga - 1' fl 'K l. NE is K' 'lun t . '. A 'P 1 Q. ,M 56.9. fe 'u v svt ln w 1 :W 3.1 ,, : Xz- iz l ' ' 4 if ' x I K 'x 1 ' X E 'gl 5 'fix of V, Q agus ZQHSE4 K Y E? A f 0 I I ' X gf fo at . La. if f 1 2 J., 0 4 C- f' if f y s 11' Q X Y , fl Xlfliw '-5,4 Nix, Eggst, cztw r 1 W, , ,- . CANADA ALPHA CHAPTER Established at Toronto, 1930 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T8 4T1 Mary Fawns Iris Grigg 3T9 4'1'2 Marjorie Grieson Ruth Van Geel Barbara MacLaren '?251ge6'Vi?SI:1nCer Architecture Ann Gauthier 4T0 Macia Campbell Pledges Helen Dorfman Margaret Biggar Betty MacLean Beth Stowe fall .far X g. Z 3 t..y E X DELTA GAMMA Founded at Oxford, Miss., 1874 ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Established at Toronto, 1913 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T8 Barbara Beatty Shirley Campbell Elizabeth Caudwell Elizabeth Davison Marion File Patricia Hamilton Elizabeth Laidlaw Constance Lailey Audrey Locke Margaret McKay Margaret Sorenson Barbara Stark 3T9 Mary Beaton Margaret Clancey Barbara Glenn Joan McLaughlin Patricia Naylor Mary Sherwood Helen Stephens 4T0 Gladys Ecclestone Mary Hemphill Elizabeth McLelland Margaret Page Eleanor Winnett Pledges Margaret Allan Maryl Ballantyne Elaine Brown Evelyn Brown Elizabeth Chambers Jule Eveland Jean Kitchen Joan Lailey Margaret McLaren Catherine Pringle Sheila Scott Mina Shirriff Mary Emma Skavlem K I 0 ' i x DELTA PHI EPSILON Founded at New York University, 1917 1 Q1 Q B-Sm -mmf ZETA Established at Toronto, 1924 SORORE Reva Appleby Bess Bender Esther Garbe Gertrude Gotlib Roslyn Greenspon Lillian Janis Lillian Koretsky Beatrice Mirochnick Frances Rotstein Mary Swadron Joyce Tenenbaum Ruth Winston Sadie Zeidel S IN UNIVERSITATE Pledges Bernice Cohen Lillian Feldman Sylvia Glazer Helen Potash May Rotstein Margaret Tenenbaum Susan P. Ulster Mary Vanek Edith Winston 470 Bang fri! 0 Q UUIHUUUB i,gf5'Clf '30 ,Kb A EV fn., GAMMA PHI BETA Founded at Syracuse University, 1874 'FBS V was N . ' Z' 1' Q x ' 'N Q. T' fl ALPHA ALPHA Established at Toronto, 1919 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T8 Frances Laird Jean Armstrong Margaret Hess 3T9 Helen Oaten Eleanor Shaw Marion Hunter Rosamond Jackson Nora McMichael Kathleen Grierson Delphine Shipp Jean Trethewey 4T0 Cynthia Grantham Zia Creet Helen Irwin Ruth Robb Norma Ross Audrey Thomson 4T1 Frances Irvine Beverly Bushell Betty Sparling Peggy Gratton Pledge Amy Disney -271, fi JY ,fs . ' A QF .ig 513' , ,gy- Q' 'I n . Qt ' X gg 0 .A ,A KAPPA ALPHA THETA Founded at De Pauw University, 1870 L fix E-":-3 Q xi! 1 fy x QW I X AACPA 5' SIGMA Established at Toronto, 1887 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T8 Mary Bell Winnifred Brown Aldythe Dodington Peggy Faircloth Lois Fleming Bunty Lang Jean Lang Margaret MacGregor Margaret Mickle Aileen O'Brien Margaret Taylor 472 3T9 Phyllis Ross 4T0 Margaret Burnette Margaret Mitchell Edith Lehto 4T1 Jean Wallace Virginia Cook s 1 I V I . g. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Founded at Monmouth College 1870 Nora Bailey Ruth Briggs 9 ,,,a r 3 as 11 -I C7 ? JN. Q I an It .. 'Sf' , ' sw. 'ii 34' A 4 BETA PSI Established in Toronto, 1911 SORORES IN FACULTATE Helen Coatsworth Mona Lavell Dorothy Mulholland SORORES 3T8 Mary Brooks Jeanne Crawford Rose Day Jean Fraser Margaret Glass Barbara Holderman Isabel Robertson Polly Shaw Dorothy Smith 3T9 Peggy Beauchamp Betty Duncan Kathleen Dunne Mary Gooderham Mary Northway Ruth Partridge Jessie Roberts Joan Stephens Dorothy Thompson IN UNIVERSITATE 4T0 Frances Barbour Hazel Brown Grace Blundy Janey Church Georgina Davey Reina Faed Roberta Johnston Peggy Hill Ruth Perley Jean Rowe 4T1 Ruth Brunke Mary Roberts Janet Grubbe agp Margaret Hincks Barbara MacBeth jf- yfiillt - 'gt' Philemon McSweeney fi. ffl Ki'K"Rl'I Jane Patterson 53:19 Ruth Taylor 1 Qfw ' I' 6' , I 04 o f , 4+ M ,A , I 473 IH BETA PHI Founded at Monmouth College, 1867 rp' , s 11. Q1- xx- 5 ,fin Ksxsss If gl ss I 1, E . Xi. I 1 S B .NN ll S VA I ls N0 1, sis Ll: xx ll YI ONTARIG ALPHA Established at Toronto, 1908 SORORES lN FACULTATE Katherine Ball Edith Gordon, M.D. Mary Clark Margaret Husband 3T8 Margaret Beck Peggy Carson Mary Evans Josephine LePan Dorelle Mackellar Kathleen Magladery Rita Mulligan 3T9 Nadine Baird Barbara Campbell Mary Carter Betty Cook Mary Harding Gwen Husband Mary Nayler Jean Scott Noela Seaborne Ruth Sutcliffe Jane Urquhart Isobel Younge 4T0 Frances Brown Marion Collins Elizabeth Fields Lucille Graham Elizabeth Little Olive Popplewell Joyce Simpson Joan Knowlton SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Pledges Kathleen Baker Catherine Bryans Helen Carpenter Isobel Carpenter Patricia Cole Helen Colter Margaret Corkett Jean Edwards Gertrude Evans Peggy Forgie Marion Gallie Norma Gershaw Mary Gow Eleanor Greene Betty Harrison Gwen Jardine Phyllis Kelk Mary Marshall Patsy McLaren Martha Reesor Nonie Robinson Helen Sutherland Anna Marie Smart Phyllis Thompson Betsy Trees Frances Trees Marion Vanstone Molly Vila Eleanor Jane Warwick Joyce Wookey 474 0 , H .. ',0 eeaeeeege c nl I U x I 0 s 0' l 5 I 'Y I ' r.. v . Q--Q. 1 3 ,Q-'S'-'Ai - Q I . Ax 11,1 I E PI GAMMA MU Founded at Southwestern College, Winfield, Kansas, 1924 1933 Helen Algie Amo Bell Dorothy Black Dorothy Borland Laura Doherty Mary Dunn Norah Latchford 1934 Eleanor Fulford Eloise Green ONTARIO ALPHA Established in 1932 FRATER IN F ACULTATE Prof. E. J. Urwick SORORES PRAESENTES 1935 Helen Chambers Margueritta Deary Helen Fry Christina Goodwin Gwenneth Emerson Richardson 1936 Irene Allen Gertrude Cain Margaret Escott-Beal Margaret Loomis Margaret Dodds Jackson Alice Selyan Mary McMullen Marie Riddell Margaret Wilson Norma Thompson 1937 Mona Earle Charlotte Emery Helen Fulton Mary Lowe If , 475 .., J' Q ntl? ' SIGMA PHI WOMEN'S HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTIC FRATERNITY ECI? UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO CHAPTER Founded at Toronto, 1924 HONORARY MEMBERS Mona Clark Mary Lowrey Ross Sallie Creighton SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T8 Muriel Beaton Betty Burrowes Rosemary Greening Gladys Kippen Joyce Kirk Elaine Knight 3T9 Cynthia Grantham Betty Holloway Sharlie McClelland Helen Procter 4T0 Margaret Burnette Edith Lehto C 'K i l f ' ' "L"s"5f'5'Gfew,r.w1tq:f , I 1 J 1 476 . 1 4' ' V , , -.iff ' f'-1 1 I , N W 1 '. K , Y 1 . I' '. . ' ' 1 ,' " ' ," , 5 E F , A i 1 . if f A C' ' f 1' b , ,V . f J . .K I x, A J 'I xi fHA:f,f,, if I f- -0 f f ,' ' ' 1 1 , 5 'J , ,f ff ,. f' h . .fx .vf -!",g,f,, Q- ' .u .K ,j f ' ff . f V I if , . ,If Ay.: Y I .ff 4 , Q, ! - pn-ig. ...., - D - 41' 1 2 Acta Victorirma . Alpha Chi Omega , Alpha Delta Phi . Alpha Delta Pi , Alpha Epsilon Phi . Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Kappa Kappa Alpha Omega Alpha Alpha Omicron Pi . Alpha Phi . . O.V.C. . . . S.P.S. . Annesley Student Government, Architectural Club, S.P.S. . Athletic Associations: Medicine . . Medicine, Women . St. Hildas . . Trinity . . Wycliffe .... Athletic Board, U.C. . . Athletic Committee, Dentistry Athletic Directorates: Intercollegiate, Mens . Intercollegiate, Womens . St. Josephs . . . U.C., Womens . Athletic Executives: Vic .... Vic., Womens . At-Home Committees: Dentistry . . Medicine . . S.P.S. . . . B Badminton: Intercollegiate, Womens . St. Hildas . . . U.C., Womens . Vic., Womens . Band, The U. of T., Baseball: Vic. . DEX Pharmacy, "A" . Pharmacy, "B" . St. Hildas, Junior . St. Hildas, Senior . St. Michaels . . . St. Michaels, Womens . School of Nursing . S.P.S., Junior . S.P.S., Senior . U.C ..... U.C., Womens Freshie . 260 U.C Womens Junior 295 U.C Womens Senior Vic., Womens Junior 354 Vic., Womens Senior Beta Theta . . . 378 Bob Committee, Vic. . Boxing, Wrestling and Fencing: Intercollegiate . . . S.P.S. . . . . 315 387 406 393 347 397 389 403 394 398 212 375 344 371 Bronze "S" Holder . Campus Life . . . Le Cercle Francais, St. Josephs . Civil Club, S.P.S. . . Cody House . . Commerce Club . . Copp Memorial Trophy Dafydil Committee, Medicine Debating Club, S.P.S. . Debating Parliament, Vic. 306 Delta Chi . . . 236 Delta Delta Delta . 290 Delta Gamma . . Delta Kappa Epsilon . Delta Phi Epsilon . Delta Tau Delta . . Delta Upsilon . . . Dinner Committee, S.P.S. Dramatics Committee, Dentistry Dramatic Society, Loretto Dramatic Society, St. Josephs Dentistry . Pharmacy . St. Michaels, Womens . S.P.S., Junior S.P.S., Senior Vic., Womens Basketball: Intercollegiate, Intercollegiate, Intercollegiate Intercollegiate Knox . . O.V.C. . 1 i Intermediate . . Senior . . . Womens Intermediate Womens Senior . Dramatic Society, Vic. . . E East House .... Electrical Club, S.P.S. . . Emmanuel College Teams . Engineering Physics Club, S.P.S. Engineering Society, S.P.S. . English and History Club . F Falconer House . . . Flying Club . . . French Club, U.C. . French Club, Vic. . 480 380 381 404 404 352 407 408 368 368 345 395 395 394 399 399 414 261 333 359 358 233 278 296 257 214 318 287 297 268 416 468 469 418 470 420 422 291 304 281 279 268 227 298 377 299 288 219 257 213 253 269 T01VIORROVV'S MAN . . . laces a very different world from 'rhar of filly years ago info which his larher was born. Then il was a novelly Io hear a voice Ihrough Ihe Iele- phone . . . There were few eleclric cars, no elecfric ranges or refrigeralors, no sound piclures . . . The family wash was done by hand and a lanlern lighled his way inslead ol a ilashlighl . . . The buggy and sleigh were his conveyances. There was no radio, and The organ was a cumbersome inslrurnenl blown by hand bellows. Today's youlh sludies music on Ihe Norlhern-Hammond Organ which uses no pipes or reeds and cannol gel our of Iune . . . A new inslrumenl Ihal is revolulionizing music. More Ihan 4,000 have been sold 'rhroughoul Ihe world:-over I,000 of Them for religious buildings of many denominalions. A Norlhern-Hammond Organ is an ideal gill for your church or home. MANUFACTURED IN CANADA BY No ffl I1 Elecfri' CQMPANY LIMITED 50-802 su'PssnEM9g-H iii" I Gamma Phi Beta German Club . Golf, Intercollegiate INDEX- Q Continuedj G Vic., Women's, II . 471 Honour Science Club . 220 House Committees: I 330 Loretto College . . Gymnastics: St. Hilda's College . Intercollegiate . 336 St- J0SePh'S College - SRS. t . , I , 300 Hutton House . . . Hya Yaka, Dentistry . . Harrier: H I If1teI'C0He8iHfe - r 324 Industrial Chemical Club, S.P.S Wycliffe - - 375 Intramural Sports Committee Hart HO'-159 f - 193 Italian-Spanish Club . . Hockey: Dentistry . 1 . . 373 J Intercollegiate, Intermediate . 332 Jlu'Jit5U Club- U- of T- - Intercollegiate, Senior . . 331 K Medicine . . . . 356 Kappa Alpha ' . I h O'V'L" ' ' ' 379 Kappa Alpha Theta . . Pharmacy . . 381 St. Hilda's . St. Michaels St. Michaels, Womens . . 408 S.P.S., Junior S.P.S., Senior Trinity . U.C. . . U.C., Women's Vic., Womens, I Kappa Kappa Gamma . Kappa Sigma . . . Knox College Association . . 405 . . 353 Lacrosse: L Dentistry . . . Pharmacy . S.P.S., Senior . S.P.S., Junior . Lambda Chi Alpha . . 369 . . 369 . 350 . 346 . . 396 . . 400 Worth Knowing About . . We Tiiinic Fine printing, with a proven background of helpful ideas, understanding co-operation, swift service and 24-hour production, enable this organization to offer superlative craftsmanship at moderate cost. We are proud to have been selected as printers for this volume of Torontonensis. K D AGE PUBLICATIONS, LIMITED Printers n Publishers v Artists 31 WILLCOCKS ST., KI. 3115 482 INDEX- C Continuedj Law Club ...... 218 Literary and Athletic Society, U.C. . 246 Literary and Debates Committee, S.A.C. 208 Literary Institute, Trinity . . . 271 Literary Societies: Loretto College . . 281 St. Hilda's College . 275 St. Joseph's College . 279 Victoria, Women's . 269 Wycliffe College . . 307 M Mathematics and Physics Society 216 Mechanical Club, S.P.S. . . 301 Medical Journal . . 285 Medical Society ..... 283 "M" and "T" Holders, Medicine . . 355 Mining and Metallurgical Club, S.P.S. 302 Moot Court ...... 218 Mulock House . . 258 Music Club, Vic. . . 267 N Newman Club . . 217 North House . . 228 Nu Sigma Nu . . . 450 O Omega Tau Sigma . . 452 Oratorical Club, St. Michaels 277 Orchestra, U. of T. Symphony . 209 P Parliamentary Club, U.C. . 252 Permanent Executives: S.P.S. .... 111 University College . 19 Victoria . . 262 Phi Chi . 434 Phi Delta Theta . 430 Phi Gamma Delta . 432 Phi Kappa Pi . . 434 Phi Kappa Sigma . . . 436 Phi Rho Sigma .... 453 Physical Education Association . 224 Pi Beta Phi .... 474 Pi Gamma Mu . 475 Players' Guild, U.C. . 254 Psi Upsilon .... 438 R Rowing Club, U. of T. . . 340 Rugby: Intercollegiate, Senior . 319 Intercollegiate, Intermediate . 320 Intercollegiate, Junior . 321 Medicine . . . 356 S.P.S., Junior . 365 S.P.S., Senior . 365 St. Michael's . 352 U.C. . . . 345 483 ny boy can malce a motor For a thing so important to modern life, an electric motor is an amazingly simple device. Just a few pieces of steel and iron, wound with coils of wire. Any bright boy can follow instruc- tions and make one that will run. Yet the most romantic story ever told could be written about the electric motor. It runs prac- tically every mechanical device in use today. It turns the wheels of industry-carries people to work from the suburbs to the topmost floors of tall buildings. The daily lives-even the liveli- hood-of most of us depend in some way upon it. The job of fitting electric motors to the world's work is an exacting one. What makes it com- plicated is that every task, to be done efficiently, requires a certain kind of motor. Westinghouse, for example, offers over 20.000 different types, sizes and ratings. If none of these is exactly what is needed, a special model will be built to order. These same standards of electrical efficiency are applied to the manufacture of EVERY Westing- house product, whether it is a Westinghouse refrigerator, range, radio or one of the many other electrical servants for the home. Westing- house research is constantly at work developing new and better applications of electricity in the home. CANADIAN WESTINGHOUSE CO. LIMITED HAMILTON - - - CANADA estinghouse The name that means everything in electricity. Only In P H 0 T 0 R A P H will COLLEGE DHYS always be remembered Graduation pictures receive preferred attention in our studio. All negatives are carefully filed and extra copies may be had at any time. FREELAND STUDll0 Portrait Photographers 89 BLOOR STREET WEST PHONE KINGSDHLE 0304 INDEX- C Continued J Vic ......... 347 Rugger, Intercollegiate . . . 329 U S Saint Hildafs Chronicle . 274 School Nite, S.P.S. .... 292 School of Nursing, Executive Council 311 "S" and "T" Holders, S.P.S. . . 364 IULALRN I Sigma Chi .... 440 Sigma Phi . . . 476 Ski Club' U' of T' ' ' ' 340 Graduation should not mean Occer: . . f d - Intercollegiate, Intermediate . 328 the end 0 education an m Intercollegiate' Senior i 327 tellectual development .... sgrimagy "" Subscribe to the UNIVERSITY OF SPS' u G ' , 366 TORONTO QUARTERLY and enjoy Vic ,.,,,,, 348 its informative articles .... Social Ethics Club, St. Michaels 276 Sodality, Loretto College . 282 52.00 Per Year Three Years S5-00 South House .... 229 Stewards, Board of, Trinity 270 0 Student Christian Movement . 225 Students' Administrative Councils: Sample COP!! OH request L ' l .... 00330 C0 lege gig UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO PRESS St. JOSeph's College ..... 277 T0I'01'1t0i Canada CHATEAU RIPPLE STATIONERY Featuring the New SELF SEAL ENVELOPES They seal without moistening O Made in Canada by W. J. GAGE 84 CO., LIMITED Winnipeg TORONTO Montreal The Cover and Binding ol this Volume of Toronto- nensis are specimens of our workmanship. BLACK:-:ALL 8. Co. Established 1873 77 PETER STREET, TORONTO INDEX-CContinuedD St. Michael's College . University of Toronto . Students' Co-operative Residence . Students' Parliament, Dentistry Students' Society, Swimming: Emmanuel Intercollegiate, Intermediate Intercollegiate, Senior . Intercollegiate, Women's . St. Hi1da's . S.P.S. . . Trinity . U.C., Women's Vic., Women's Teachers' Course Tennis: Association Intercollegiate, Intermediate Intercollegiate, Senior . Intercollegiate, Women's . St. Hi1da's . St. Michael's, Womenls . U.C., Women's Vic., Women's Theta Delta Chi Theta Kappa Psi "T" Holders, Men Extra Copies of this volume of TORONTONENSIS may be purchased from the S.A.C. Office, Hart I-Iouse, at 55.00 each. Members of all years are invited to taice advantage of this opportunity. ACT NOW- THE SUPPLY IS LIMITED l ZZ '57 74,47 - 72z.,4gK,7e.e.fW4afgze i Vice-President and Managing Director l JENKINS BROS., LIMITED 617 ST. REMI STREET, MONTREAL l l , D, INDEX- Q Continuedj "T" Holders, Women's Senior . Toilce Oilce, S.P.S. . . . Torontonensis .... Track: Intercollegiate, Intermediate . Intercollegiate. Senior . S.P.S. ..... . Trinity ..... Transactions and Year Book, S.P.S. . Trinity College "T" Holders . Trinity University Review . U "U.C." Holders . . . The Undergraduate . . . University College Men's Residence . V The Varsity .... Varsity Christian Fellowship . Victoria College Union . . Volleyball, Pharmacy . . Water Polo: W Dentistry . . . Intercollegiate . S.P.S. Junior . S.P.S. Senior . U.C. . . Vic. . Womens Association, St. Hilda's Women's Debating Union . . Women's Undergraduate Association, UC 210 Women's Undergraduate Association, Medical X 323 Xi Psi Phi . . 322 Y 363 Year Executives: 351 Dentistry . 294 Pharmacy . 350 s.P.s. . . 272 Victoria . . . University College . . 344 Z 255 Zeta Psi . , , 256 211 226 ASHLEY 84 CRIPPEN 259 383 PHOTOGRAPHS 0 374 337 370 83 BLOOR STREET WEST 370 346 ToRoNTo 348 486 if .F -uf? ,JP .Q vw s " 2198 Y WA nv' ,f'W'3 2 M, 1 ff' f' 3--. +, H A4 f fw A ,..r"""' rv- fx ' 'KX ff . -.J .- gf b"6d44,1'5 kQ"'l1w'1. fffr.. fn 'H Xf- 1 57474. -xi, GTV Q-v. nf L' vl 1 1,. 4 L ,, I :WJ . -. fn. . Af X I I y 5 , ' ' '-I. " A. "' .rl hgh ,' . .I ' ' .HW V W. 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Suggestions in the University of Toronto - Torontonensis Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) collection:

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