University of Toronto - Torontonensis Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada)

 - Class of 1933

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University of Toronto - Torontonensis Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Cover

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Mix LIBRISL I I A. 9 2 1 is 9 A 9:3 H. it if 'L Q. nfl. Qt-45421: ll? 1: I s s . E J 1. 4. . 1. im' ..--' 7 Ns-'U' lw fi "ll 6 3 .Nh Fmlgfx it ' X S. 3 D ll1"'l V 4 X 5 , J B O A R D E E m mw LIB L is of V v 1 I , 1-. , EDITORS i E S. A. R. WOOD, Editor-in-Cbief. R. S. MORISSEY, Sports Editor. F. W. POOLEY, B.A. Organisations Editor. T. E. ROULSTON Art Editor. F. P. DEWAR, Fraternity Editor. t E. A. MACDONALD, B.A. . Business Manager. . tb -"J E--J V' 1. W gi: i sa i J l 117 J t E 4 53 2 11331 I ' N I ! E1 Wit E. .IL 1. Q. QI-if-'E I A , , ILE: A ,+ x L - S- - I I -1 -1 ' ,,.vllrum . ' -I L J. I W I 1 4' Nm' --.-1... ,!, LA I- .' W ,I-"N 4 ' E , INT .1 L -2 If v v'-- . 5 5, 3 x - I ' 4' 1' . """a. A A s 9' - : ' I 5 Former Ed1tOrS I , Of TOrOntOnc:nS1s I I 'gg 511898-BURRISS GRAHAM lm if 1899-G. W. Ross T ' ' L 1900-E. H. COOPER ... I 1901-No Pnblimliofz - L L L 1902-F. H. PHIPPS ' 1905-NW. J. BAIRD 1904-E. A. MCINTYRE 1905-W. N. HUTTON 1906-L. BUCHANAN 1907-M. F. DUNHAM 1908-CLARIS EDWIN SILCOX 1909-D. E. S. WISHART 1910-G. M. WILLOUCHBY . 1911-R. C. GEDDES I 1912-E. A. BOTT 1913-P. T. DOWLING 1914-A. MCLEOD 1915-HERBERT TURNEY 1916-HERBERT TURNEY 1917-HERBERT TURNEY 1918-J. BACON BRODIE 1919-H. G. STAPELLS 1920-FRED C. HASTINGS 1921-ROY V. SOWERS I 1922-EVERETT L. WASSON I 1 1923-EVERETT L. WASSON I 1924-RALPH B. COWAN 4 19251WARNER A. HIGGINS I 1926-FRASER W. ROBERTSON 1927-GEORGE L. ROBERTS I 1928-WILERED E. SHUTE I 1929-MAURICE T. DE PENCIER I 1930-ROBT. C. H. MITCHELL I I 1931-W. F. PAYTON . W . -A 1932-GORDON K. MASTERS 5:5 L 9 TQ :"VO1ume I ,ll pl W M L 4 . . , 1 1 i , i Y . . , sb - - I O -, ,, - ... , , - - 1, . all DPRK-4 , xiii.-,.1.1.J t I W I . . I I L 1 E fifcfqvl 1vwf'5fC'N1 wfiryfj Q. . wg f f W 3, 'Nd Qljfsu P-PAQgC,44 I I IMD I I I I ---. . I CQPQITCUTIUIISI IW THE YEAIL BUOK ' OF THE UNIVERSITY UE TQILUNTO If 1 9 3 3 L ,L I ff PUBLISHED BY THE 44 LZITLEEZESEELYS ADMINISTRATIVE If COUNCILS "'S'f" l i f" ' ' """ " A" m "-' """"" ' W" ,L .5 Q 5651! nvifi5YC.'N1 My ,gy if ?'32... Q. .5 AW 'wsggw NDS? 524 S9 al A J A V-E-ISI iI54+ H H--1-V art if-lf rf -H H.-fp.: Ha H H +1 tara. Q DICMCIOI2, . TY C Y C Y C Y V J HIS volume of Torontonensis is ,tl dedicated to the Right Honourable sir William Mulock, K.c.M.G., P.c., l LL.D., Chancellor of the University of Toronto, and Chief Justice of Ontario, who through a long life has kept the heart of youthg who, as a Minister of the Crown, faithfully served Canada and the Empireg and who, through application of the idea of Federation to University organization helped to combine variety of academic tradition with unity of general purpose in this University. t e l Q g g 6 Q i 12 J 3 J u fp 31 rp 4: L ui T l F B sr-r exe Acknowledgment Ol lO HE etchings of University Buildings and campus scenes on the following pages are repro- ductions from the work of Owen Staples. We acknowledge our sincere appreciation to Mr. Staples for permission to reproduce these works. vi 'T ff. iw x 111 3 aff I 'V Q N Q 'C A X e Xl ,, 5 rf 'Ki S-x X, 1 . 433 i. 2 ix! -N. K Nu. sl xx .3 X: s Pffifaffi L4 'r . 1 WI' 346 L A.-KA, 3 m ,P Q S 5 QQ' x Q E A. s. N QU N 3 1 1, X , 1 1 ' J' .1 14.3 . ' 1 , 1 X .W I 1 X w I 1' . ,, I .X ,f- 1 1, 1 . 4 I U . 1 . '11 ' -2' - " . 1 1 I .17 M' 11 , 1 I1 I I x 1 ,CI A Il' ' 1 V' r AV. 11 XJX 1 '1' '-." 4' J" I 1 F I 4 ' 1 1, 1 1 I 'rf f 1 1 Kp ' 1 1'4g' ,' '11 , I,u 1113 ' 21 1 1 V V 1 . . - - .X .X 1 1, . I, N, I . . IAQ 1 I l 4' 1 '1 . 4 1 .I 1 . 1 H14 .'11:,K'.'X3..1'z gil Z 3 ' .I I 1.-'Ll"'ikj1,.' 1 :V-5.?".'Q' JL7. ' -' x H X11.. -' . I ni-1 'ui I- I. ' 1, - ' . . .. , . V. I. .I I I 15 . -V . 1. . .V - '. X.,.I, I 'J '- " . " ,.':. 1.'f Wm. -1- . I-re -.1 .. - IX1. , 1 I L' "IW" -i'.". En .. . . ., 31 1 X .-' . X. 1. ,f 11 ' J II. IJ. I .4 I,,. 1 1114, 15 Iy w --'f'.'1:. ' , 1 b J 1 1131 X11'1'y.II',.X'I,I, I., ,I 1 ,IQ . 4 1 f J f .. X11 -- 1- X. 1 "W +11 Q, 1 ,WYNA 1' 1 1 X 1' '4' 111 ' . 1 f 1 H 1Q,.A 1 n 1 N105 1 '91 101 :ffm WM ' , W' lux H , 1 -1 V' 'Wm' 11 ' 'Gi nh 11 jwv I r 1' 11 ,fu 'I . ., ,I. 1 ' X111-.Ix-."' , 3' ,. ' 111' 1 'X ," ' 1 1 X ,SN Y."1',,f" 1 I,.1'. 1 . 1, III . -, , ,f. ,. X-.I . 1 ,ka ,. ,1,1. I I I-1 - 'Z Q II, KX ' I I W I A 4 v 1, 1, ' ,M '. . ' 1" g fa' I l' 119' '1 I L H ' ' Y' u 1' fl . .. , 1rII I1IIv II ,II III: .IBM -I.,II. I .XX 1 IX, ,IX,I IIII. 1.11"-'-Y 4 , 15, . 3 ,1.1,-... 1XIIIII. .'.1jIX'FII.,' ,I'I, .1,I--II I I If 1,11 6 'Tw IIX,1,1'IIIIIyII,1P. ' J 1? IIX1TI.I-. 1 I-I I 1I I-I I 3 '31-'. 1'1.'VaI '-41 IR Y: ' JSM' -nl J' .' .,'.,. . , 11 X-11' 1' .51- j1.F.. Xi,1..f"'7 1111533 .1 5. T 'Wt -,' "fu, 'VAMA IX . I' 1.. .. . .,.. XV' 1' : QI ' .Zum .,. 1. '-,'." 'H' , - ,-A "-1' .'XXf'-f.' y'f.1'.- 4' '1 X'XX , , .3 11 Us ,I1XX.,,g,-",fg :..I,Iwf:' , 'ff' W--' .,1.,I,p.f-IX .X . ' gf.f' , I-.I 1 ' 17112,-,-I.1. I,,,II,I II.I,.L,:. X- .. , . Ig-,IQ-.vxzk 1 1. 11 5. I.: 1. . KW: ,. 11921 ' 'I ., "iw '1'XX. I "U -w' ' - .f - 1-M X - - ""X". 2- " X" 11. .'. ..1- "' I I II- , I II 1I -X 111. 11 f5..:. . IIUII, III.II1I.q . Im' f uf., 'X' f:,'.1 V, 1. .III , III. , I I ,. XI .X-I . I 'I .I1X.. I- mf. I. ni., '. .I II- X.X , ,, ,, .,...l 11. . , , X.,.. . me , ,.X -,-111 1 XX M , - X. XX.+" 'X-.-.1 M nad. 'Mu QI'-II .I 5621.11 X. '- II-.,,.TXI, J.. ..1,XI,X XX X. . MX.--, X... Hz..-, .. .I , . , I XI XWI1 .I I:-Q :I ' . .. " 1-1 -11,1-'.11'r,I.' .II5 :git--11" 5 .1 I II1 , I r W. 1 u 1 A 1 , 1 ' 1. , 11 AI II .I I .X II1 X '.. M., X ,I I I I, I 1 X 1 , . I ' I A J 1 .. ri ,- .1 .--'L.J1:a..1a'f 1' Xl , 1. I .. , I. X L ...1X X 1' 1 H G XX I,I .1 111: .',1I .-1'j. Q . 1 f I . ' '11 I-11' . 1, - 11,5I1II .3 U I 'y?f.I1In1 1".IK 1111- X .1 . ..'-Xu, D V.. I ""'P'- 'ff-:rm-urnpr-v-vrv.sqf: rv-1 Ay- ... ...Mg 1 . 1 w s 1 1.x,Nf' 'f-., A , FQ I ,.-A 1 A 4' ,.-,.n J - jeg friwll , .- " E - 'fi' ff , x , , 'V Q WI",-I . 1 R -- 73.gj,,:.,V I f : Q - . . ,I ,, , , W - ,k ,X Agfa. ' " AMA' ' 1.-' ' ' Q f.f:V,.lf . . ,Frm my L, -. ' 'fifanx . fl. rl - K, . J. rw- ,.. A , JZ41 H Ag 17' ' , 11 -I! 1' ff I . L! L, 4.04 5 ft'1."4H fihw 'fer - 'WN'-. ful? Q 1 ,111,11'1. v I J , 1 W I 1 1 111 ,4 1 1. 1 ' - M 1 11.11 . ,MM X-1' 1 ,, ' ff U J 1 11 1 ' 411111 M11.f."f'5".QQ' Q'311.' 4.1 '51, 611' 1',11l, ' I L -1 -1 1, 1 .4'1 . 11 .. 1.1 JH 141' '1q-Ql1i,':'414 ,. 1 ' . 1. 1 , 1 1- 1.1,, 1 ' 1, 11 - 11 -11111.-u .- f --y :14 144 1' .11-1-1 1-1 1111 1 ' ' i.,1 ' 11 -"""'Q:14C'fq'1 'af 1""" 1.1 -1 -1 .1 Li 11- . 1 ' 1 11111 111111 1-1112? 1, 2:1 1 11111 , 1, 14 1,-41111. 1411 . 1. 1 4 ' -1.1,-1-,4'11,L111 11:1 51- 111.151 .1.m111, - ' 1-fy-1 5 1 1141: - W, 11131 1 '."' '11, 111911: ,'g 1 11 11, ", 11' 1 f' If .1-111,111 11,111 3 1 1 , 11 ,1-11 I M1111 11,114 1.1 I1 J, 11 , :VM 11. , 1 .17 ,,'. xy, 11 5, -f N153 :L ..1f.,1 b ,W-it , .1.1'14'f,: 11. gy.-1111,,-4-,.-1,1., 110'-,, 5, ff, 'Wu I '1g1 1, f!1.',1q1'1.x11:Y X ,1u511'1'1., K .'i'1L , ,. 5, 1.11, ' 1--1'7 "-.' ,-.1 141. u 115- "1 .f.'.1 ' ,131 1- 1-15,1 ,.11,11f111 rj '11 -1.1.10 ,' 1.,,' 11:11. g , .'5'Z1 11 I.p1',11', ' ',11 15' "1'1"', ' ' ' 'f' 'H' . 1 1, . 1, 1' EM 'Z '-ti I ,'- , C' 1 11 Q- ' 1 " 1 ..I - 'Phu 1 V.. 1 'f1fl'A'1.'1'f1r'-!'1 5'. 1' ' '....'! , - ' M1111 115 1' 111, e'- ' 111 '1 "' -1 5 QI17'--,1 19514 11.1 1-1, ' " '45 ', l,1111,."1y1J H 1 .Y 'I' " 1.v3.7A4 1 A' xf' ",1--,121 v'3 ', 1141q,q.,-f11 -11' '11 ' " '1 1 1 ,.111i,1-1 1 1 1111- if 111'Z,..'g:p 11 1 1, 1 11.,,,,1y , - ,. 11 1 , 1 1. .11 V, 1. 14,1 H 1, .,.11 1. .11 . ' 1 , X , ,A1 , 141 1 -I 1 Ik V 1 I 1- 1 ' ' . 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I 11'-1 - ' - 1 .1111 11.11 , 1.11 . 1 1 12 11-11' 11:1 31. - 1. ' ., 1' 1" X . I .-1:- f4 1,,1-1 1 .,- .1 '1 1111: 3 1 1 11 14 , .1 11.. ,, . 14 1- 1 ,A 1 ,I I 1.3. 1 141 1 I: '24 11 .1',L1 V11 41.1 1'f4 11119 ,ft 1 1-1.1-1, 1 X- 1 V 1 I I I :V X X Q If. .1 1 n11, 10.11 . 1- ' 111' 1 1f E' Y 'I-'fin 5,187 "W" N. V: 1 '.. , ,, ' 1 1i1: 1 ' ' 1 "-11a4!31111', ,-' 11 112 -' '- 1z' 14' ' 1- 11 1"'11 'W 1 1 1 1 M 1.111 1111 V 4! I1 ,1 1 1' -f.-- b "".1.,-' 1 V . -I ,' , , 1 -1... X 11 .1 ,, . , p 4,1 11. 41 1' 1 11 . ,111 1 ."f11T-'1,, 1 11111 1 111 V 11 X 4 ' I 11'7f'x'11 1 1 ' 1114 !"17r4 """1 ,' ' v 1-111 - 4 1 11 1 A1,,., .5 :11.11"" -1,,1-'sg,,, 4 1 ,1 , . 4- ., 5 1, . 11 l X 1. X X 1.17.-.1 4.1 1. .,fj41 X, M1 , M .1 11, 1 1 11.1, 1 , :U 1' 1 4 14 ' ,,., 1 ' 5.4.1111-.1 .' -1 11. .1 11 '., 4, 1. , ' ' 1...::,C,,1 1111 '1,, '-19,1-1,1 " , ,1 ,, 1 A 11' 1111, 1 , .Y , .11. 1, 1, 1,-I, 131- -1 ty , 4. , X 111 -1 X M11 . 1. 1, 111111111 14 14 1' ,w , 1 11 . 1 1 1 1 152114 "-'11 ' 1m .11-1 , . 1- XX ,4 A 1251! X4 1 1 X .I "1 ',1.1I .-' 11, .1 - 1 ' . t ,I .11 . 11.' 11 111 , 1 .. ,1,11,v 1 f' V' W I W fn 11 '11 1' '1 H '7' 1 ,P '11 in 1.1- 1 1 4 . ,,, ' 1 1 - 1 .. ' ' x' V 1' 'q1111v.,.. X If 1 ' 1 . 1 k ' 1".:' '11. 11. - , 4 . 1 . ' .f 1' , 111.' -ful? V11 4 1, 1 1 .I .1 11 , 1 4 1 . . 1". 11" 1,1 I'4" 1 1 - -1 . 4 . J' 1 ' 11. 1 ,,..,11 XX .fl - .X ., ., 1 ,g,. 1 - 1 1 1 4 . 1 111 1 .' - X' 1 ' 11 1 'fr' 1,17 4 1.,,,,.,,.1.,, ,.1 XX X X X. , .,,, 1 , 1. , 1 1' 1141 -41N ' 1. 1.11 , , , 1 1 1 'A ' 11 ' 1 , ' .. 1 1 , X 11 , - " '. "-11. 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' 1.11 1 '1 11 1 1 - H, X, 1.-1 1-11, , ,111 1- ..1 . , '1 '-- 1, T1 , --11 5 , 4.1, 7111, , 1 1-1 ,111 ,gn . -1 111 -Ja: 1 1 ' -,' ' '- '1 1 - 1j,, . ' 1-4.4-' f 1' -1,-'-L-1 . " 1, V11 1, .'g f-. , 1.1 . 3 4... ,. . 4.1 " -In' ' ' 1' -,-'11 1 1 115 '.1.M ' . 1' 'f'1Iu -4 ' fly' l'1't'- ffm' "Yi 1-l:'1' 1 - 1 , - . 11-111 .1 - 1 . 1 1 1,1 111l!,1. 1' ' " ' 111 , , W ' . 1 11 1 , 1 1. . 1,1114 ,.g , 5- 1 - Y .3'1,- 1, 1' ,.,g ', " 21 1 , .14 w.,1 1 11- 1- - .1 1 . 191 1-1 - .. 1- - .11 it . N1 1 .10-,1 V, l 114, '11 ,APN -.1.1.,,1.-,-11 Y I 3 1. , 1 1 U 1 .n.1,, , .11. 1, A V -H -,1 .1 A A. 4 I ., . 1 A 111 wr 11.514, - in-1,161 , , 1 1 .41 gr 7.3 1 .1 1' 11' -5, ., 1 1, 1 1- .11. ,1." ' -J., 141-1-14111 1 11"f 1.-, J- 1 11 1 , 1 11.11 - 1 11.11 1- 5-,Lx ' 1, , 9111: ,, , I lv 'Q 11111, .11l11: 11 1 1:13. 1 1- 1 1 '.1 1.11 ' "1 1' ' 11. ,..-1',1- 1111 1- 11... 1 1 4 1 1 - 1 5.1.1 -1 1 11 1.111-, , 1 - 1 1-,. ,191 ' 4 1411 11, -N1 1 1k.'.l11-',. ,' 1 1' 1 . 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I 1 1 ,I 1 V 1 I 1 1 11 I : u P' 1 1 I II .I 1 , II1 I1- 1' 1 II1 111 ' 1 1 .I'I 1 ' I .,1 1 P 1 -11 1 1 lx 1 V I ' 1 ' 1 'rf ' I111- III 1 Q I 1 f' 1 1 'f ' 1 1 1 I I -I II I1 I ,' 1 1"- 1' 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 I 1 1111 111I HI 1 I ' 1 - V ' 11 JJ. 11 111 1 " ' -I C111 '1 Ji? " ' I III - I I.zI 1 1.1,I, , 1 1. 1 ., 1 I 1 - I I ' - 1- "' ' Ig-1 :L-D72 .1511 ' 1' i if 1 1. I 1 1 .,1 L I ,111 1 1 .11 . 1 mg- 1 '-'e11'11-I 3,1 11,11 , 11'I . 'nm' 1 ' I 1. - .J-'rev 1 " ' 5' ' 11 . j-""'1 1 - I gf.: I 1. II I,-. II11 -111. I 1 I ,I ,I 11 I 1 11 1. 115-'11. 1 1 I. f'1IygI,I I1 L 1 I ' '1I 11-1 - 1I..11',,1 1 P114 1, 11111' 1' g. u I LIIQ .11 Q1 I 11I 111 I1I '1I.I1-11' I11,-III I III. 1 ,I.:.11,"I1I11I?I11 1.1II. II I, 1, ,NM I 11 1 11 II 'IjI.11j KL 7-1 --.,vvf.1 1 1.-' 1 ' 1 1 "J 1 - I .Lg I1 'I .IIJIIIII I I Ju I I Y II I I,I1 I I 1 -1.I-'1',1.1I.. A ' " Q :'2f"X , II I 1 I III I, II 1 1" .I1vi:X1 J, 11, Ile,-I 1 .I 1.1 +1 IWI1 II, 1' S BOCK O SENIORS Courage to scorn defeat, pauence that can look forward to the long result, a sense of humour that enables one to laugh at farlure these are all lmportant To smile at defeat and to try agarn verges on vrctory And do not forget that the most lmportant lessons of 11fe are to be found rn adversity 'Io agonlze that IS to wrestle wrth ones self 1n the intellectual and Splfltual sense IS an CSSCHIIHI dlscrpllne Do you recall the words of a great German poet? Wlao neze1 ate wztb tears bzs bread IV bo 11eze1 tbrougb zzzgbt s cafe wracked 1701175 Has u ep! 111 sadness by bzs bed He knows you not, ye Heazenly Powers' ' Srr Robert Borden ' -. Q! ' , . . ,. I ,. ,' 1 .- V . V . . , , Y 9 v ' -r ilfel lVf'5i6.yNl 11-ff' V To the Graduating Classes of the University of Toronto T IS my happy privilege to offer to you, the gradu- ating classes of the Uni- versity, my warmest greet- ings and my sincere good wishes for your future wel- fare. This is the time for both retrospect and pros- pect. You look back on crowded years of opportun- ity, of hard work, and cheer- education has been given you through lectures, discus- sions, books, recreations and personal friendships. You have helped educate one another. If you have gained from your university course l a love of good literature and a group of friends, you have gained much. You will carry , away with you the company of great thoughts, the in- spiration of great ideals, the example of great achievements, and the consolation of great failures. You will have learned both what other people think, and how to think for yourselves. To what do you look forward? In past years positions have awaited you after graduation. Now positions are not so easy to get. Mr. Fairbairn, the chief engineer of the Canadian Pacific Railways, one of our own graduates of the Faculty of Applied Science, told the members of the Engineering Society at their annual dinner, that in all probability there would await each one for some years "hard work, hard knocks, and hard times". I hope that you will all have the speedy opportunity of doing work, even though it is hard work. "Endure hardness as good soldiers" is a timely apostolic exhortation. Hard times make strong men and women. In such days we are challenged to learn anew the avoidance of waste, the privilege of toil, the value of training, and the supremacy of soul over things. You young men and women will have the chance in due time to take over the management of a world which the past generation has in many ways mishandled. We trust that through faith in God, in your fellows, and in yourselves, you will make a better world than we have been able to make. Stand fast in these troublous times. Hold to the great intellectual, moral and spiritual funda- mentals of life. Cultivate clear thinking, and constant goodwill. Be courage- ously hopeful, and kindle the fires of hope in others. Your ALMA MATER gives you her blessing. She is proud of your sterling character and buoyant determination. She is judged by the kind of men and women you prove to be. Be worthy of her best ideals. Gratefully cherish her in your thoughts, words and deeds. Give to her, and to your country and your God loyal and efficient service. Over the gateway into the grounds of a famous university are words which I pass on to you: "Enter to grow in wisdom, ,G Depart to serve thy country and mankind." CAA wiaicw Ifsflllihe ful companionship. Your -'lm fi. ? Nc? Hier-In ' if C? UNIVERSITY COLLEGE -ii -4 5 is E 2 EE, .E An R i 1 W E 1 ii i ,E Li Q limi I fff 1 f n' I . I ik - , lNA'9'Q35AlE VQICN vwf5lC'Nl To the Graduating Class in University College By PRoFEssoR MALCOLM W. WALLACE, B.A., PHD. O WISH you God-speed, if the phrase is to be interpreted as success in a worldly sense, is hardly possible to-day without an uncomfortable feeling that the wish falls somewhat short of perfect sincerity. You are graduating at a time when the disorder of the world shows only faint signs of abating. For the present it is a world which may deny to many of you an op- portunity to pour your energies into those channels to which you are instinctively attracted by your various tastes and capacities. We are beginning to understand that compulsory unemployment is one of the greatest afliictions under which men suffer, and it is a measure of our present disorder that this affliction now selects as its victims, not merely the un- skilled and the ignorant, but a great multitude of those who are specially qualified to contribute to the well-being of society. Many of you will doubtless find more or less satisfactory employ- ment, but I confess that in writing this greeting to the graduating class I am thinking especially of those who may be less fortunate. For you, the immediate future may contain much of disappointment, and you will be tempted to indulge in bitterness and unavailing low spirits. I can say nothing to you that will conjure away this frustration of your hopes, but I can at least recall to your minds the reflections which adversity has always called forth from the wise. Keats was suffering under a much more intolerable burden of frustrated hopes than most of you are likely to experience when he wrote: "The first thing that strikes me on hearing of a misfortune having befallen another is this-'Well, it cannot be helped: he will have the pleasure of trying the resources of his spirit'." Bacon declared that the virtue of adversity is fortitude, and indeed there is nothing else that can avail. You will know that the luxury of indulging one's sense of disappointment and regret is futile and weak, and that there is always scope for choice and self-mastery. Many men have converted periods of disappointed hopes into opportunities for fitting themselves more adequately to play their part in the world when opportunity at length presented itself. You are living in the dawn of a great new era in human affairs, and the very necessity of adjusting your- selves to new conditions may be the instrument for developing your characters and capacities. I know that homilies of this kind must seem to you a poor substitute for more substantial prospects, and I am very conscious of the fact that they can be delivered with most effect only by those who are fully sharing your troubles. Nevertheless, all human experience testifies to the wisdom of accepting the inevitable, of making the best of what cannot be helped, and to the high virtue of heroic courage and of a determination to think as clearly and act as wisely as we may when difficulties have gathered thick about us. - .gg 1 'Q fr g.,. V K . V g Eighfeen UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Cm hwiewfe N933 Cliigivs lvwf5fC'vvn ivpfay Z, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 3T3 PERMANENT EXECUTIVE J. D. AGNEW 4PresidentJ, MARGARET CONBOY rTreasurerJ, NORAH BOWERS QVice-Presidenta, W. G. Ross fSecretaryJ. Class History of ST3 University College E, ST3, constitute the graduating year of University College. Filled with a "spirit", which had its inception in our freshman year, we have carried on striving ever to live up to noble precedents, and determined to leave behind us a record without peer. In almost every phase of University and College activity we have been represented, and have upheld the honour of our College. The success of our year has largely been due to the co-operation of the men and women who have worked together to create an Hesprit de corps" which has developed, despite many difficulties. In almost every branch of Athletics you will find 3T3 represented. Our men and women have always striven to do their utmost for their University and College in their respective fields. We have won our share of honours at the track-meets, assaults-at-arms, rowing, basketball, baseball, water polo, rugby. tennis, hockey and soccer. Along the lines of literary endeavour, we have also been well represented. During our four years the Players' Guild has achieved many new successes. Debating has been encouraged and several speakers of ability have developed. We have been responsible for the revival of the U.C. Parliamentary Club and have placed it on a firm basis. Nor have we ignored the academic side of University life because of lesser and seemingly more attractive extra-curricular activities. ln scholarship we have left our mark and have always tried to uphold that scholastic record of which our College is so justly proud. The Undergraduate History of ST3 is now inscribed on the everlasting parchment of time. Four years ago we entered University College as neophytes, full of hope, and anxious to broaden our minds along various lines of learning. Now we have served our period of apprenticeship, and we enter a new field of life filled with the determination to give of our best. Our future success or failure will be determined in later years, but that which we have achieved while at University is now of the past, and is worthy of our Class. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Nznefeen xe..A4' magcwl 1-2193? I Kewl lVi'5i6?NI ABRAHAM ACRER CTEPJ Guelph, Ont. Lawg U.C. Debating, III, IVg Finalist in Robinette Trophy Competition, IIIg Inter- faculty Wrestling, III, IVg 126 lb. Assault Winner, III, Law Club. ROBERT DONALD ALEXANDER Tillsonburg General Course. FREDA ALTMAN QIAIIJ Toronto, English and History. ISABEL ELIZABETH ANDERSON Renfrew General Course: Whitney Hall. MRS. L. MAY QBISHOPJ ANDERSON Brantford jg' MDAVID KEITH ANDREWS CBATJ Sarnia ul abou---ow Greek and Hebrewg Knox College. FLORENCE GERTRUDE ANDREWS Toronto General Course. WALTER J. ARMSTRONG Hamilton Ont Ont Ont. Ont Ont Ont Ont General Coursey Knox College Residence I-IV. Twenty MARGARET ROSE ARNOTT Proton, Ont General Course. MURIEL KATHLEEN JANE ATKIN North Malden, Ont General Coursey Whitney Hall, III, IV Basketball-Interfaculty, I, II, III, IV Interm. Intercoll., Ig Manager Sr. Inter- coll., IIIg Club Secretary, IV. CHRISTINE M. AULD CAGDJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Course. MARGARET GERTRUDE BARNES Toronto, Ont. General Course. WARBURTON ENSOR BEAMISH Toronto, Ont. General Coursey Fourth Year Treasurer Commerce Club, I-IVQ Players' Guild I-III, Macdonald-Cartier Club, IV Foreign Affairs Club, IV: Opposition Lead- er, U.C. Parliamentary Club, IVg In- terests-Public Speaking. :- I O Q 5 CAA IBQQIGIAI Q Q UNIVERSITY COLLEGE MDN NGN: IVQTSIGPNI nvpffylf Q C14 HELEN JEAN BELL Toronto, Ont. Household Economics, U.C. Basketball, - II, III, S.C.M. Executive, IV. .ggi RUDOLPH JOHN BERLIS Q? General Course, Orientals Society. - F. E. BERTRAM Toronto, Ont. GORDON SHEPPARD BLACKFORD Toronto, Ont. General Course, Junior Intercoll. Rugby, I, Capt. Intermediate Intercoll. Rugby, II, U.C. Baseball, II, III, IV, U.C. Rugby, III, Mgr. U.C. Rugby, Iv, U.C. Athletic Board. MARION CAULTON BODWELL QAXQJ Toronto, Ont. English and History. DANIEL PHILIP BOHNEN Toronto, Ont. General Course, Fabius Club, II, Avukah, II, III, Sec.-Treas., IV. HILDA DOROTHY BONHAM Streetsville, Ont. General Course. Qi 2 fggulqf f 1 I ' M f ,r',3.f.,K,f A - ,ef raw. If NORAH BOWERS CAAID Toronto, Ont. Moderns, Treas. Of Year, II, Vice-President French Club, IV, Publicity Manager WOmen's Press Club, IV, Pres., IV U.C.: Women's Debating Executive, III, IV. RUTH JEAN BRADLEY MAA, Pass Course, Argyll House, I, II, Whitney Hall, III, IV, Basketball, I, II, III, Head Girl-Cody House, IV. MARION BRAYLEY Langton, Ont. General Course. SHIRLEY CHRISTINA BUCKINGHAM Maxwell, Ont. General Course. ROSE BUCOVETSKY CIAIIJ Timmins, Ont. English and History. EMILY BUELL Mallorytown, Ont. General Course, Whitney Hall. - UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Iii? T,,,,,,,y-,,,,e CKCLQAI INQQQMI ASSY: NGN lsfgciiefxfl , Q .si ? VVQA' C. R. BURTON Toronto, Ont. ELIZABETH MARGARET CAMERON KAFJ Toronto, Ont. Modems: French Club. JOHN LITTLE CAMERON KKAJ Toronto, Ont. Political Science, U.C. Water Polo, II, III, IV: U.C. Swimming, II, III, IV, Junior Heavyweight Rowing, III: Interests Deep Sea Fishing. CATHARINE MARY GRAEME CAMPBELL Toronto, Ont. Moderns, InterestseFrench Club, German Club, Badminton. ROBERT ELLIS CAMPBELL West Haverstraw, N.Y. Modern History, Interests-Politics, Public Affairs and Social Reform. HARTLEY K. CAsLoR Cheltenham, Ont. Honour Philosophy: Knox College, Knox Hockey, II, III, IV, Knox Baseball, II, III, IV, U.C. Lacrosse, III, IV, I T wenty-Iwo -www. JONAS JOHN CHECHAK Simcoe, Ont. Chemistry, U.C. Soccer, I, II, III, IV: - President of University Chemical Club, IV. .4 CHARLES H. CHIsHoLM Oakville, Ont Pass Course, Water Polo. HELEN B. CHRISTILAW QAOHJ Blind River, Ont. General Course. HELEN GERTRUDE CLARK CAFAJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. JAMES FLOOD CLARK CDKEJ Toronto, Ont. Jr. Football, I, Intermediate Football, II, U.C. Football, III, IV, Interests-Bad- minton. MARY HELEN FRANCES CLARK Owen Sound, Ont. Moderns. ARTHUR DERYCK CLUTE CANE Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Economics, Liberal Club, III, IV, House Committee, IV, U.C. Water Polo, I, II, III, Rowing, Tack-Weight, III. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 8 Sig? 'NGXQ'Mf 'eldlk ljjcfqvi -rvsfjfiivi vfayjl xc. 0 gi ,Q A A ,- t tw ,,,.,,m DAVID COLDOFSKY Toronto, Ont. MARION MOTAVISH CRAWFORD Modern Languages: Business Manager of Fort William, Ont. Z French Society: Winner Of Several Uni- General Course: Cody House, Whitney tb versity College Scholarships, and of Hall. Ig? French Prize, InterestseMusic. C. A. CREWS Trenton, Ont. ' M E C AFA T ,O . , gi?1'gf3TCOY3SeOLLINS C 3 Omnto nt ANNA LUCINDA CRoss CAAII5 Listowel, Ont. ' Household Economicsg Whitney Hall. MARGARET ISABEL CONBOY KKAOD Toronto, Um- HARLEY RICHARDS CUMMINGS Modernsg Italian-Spanish Club Executive, Bond Head, Ont, If II' III, Ffesldentr IV? U-C- TQHHIS, H? Pass Coursey Hart House Billiard Commit- Year President, II: W.U.A. Secretary, tee, II, Hall Committee, III, Board of III: W-U-A- MUSIC COUVQUOIU IV? Song- Stewards, IV: Varsity Band, I, II, III. ster Accompanist, IV. EVELYN ELIZABETH COWAN HELEN YVONNE CURRAN Orillia, Ont. Toronto, Ont' General Coursey Falconer House, Whitney Modern Languages, French Club, I, II, IIIQ Hall? VHTSVCY Staff, III, IV? U-C- BaSk9t- German Club. II, Interests-Skating, ball, IV? Press Club- IV- Tennis. E. D . Ad? T , . ROBERT ALEXANDER CRANSTON COAX5 GESQQJSSISECCUFSQCK Q 7 Oronto Ont Tottenham, Ont. ' General Course. FLORENCE MARJORIE DALY CIIBQDQ CATHERINE BETTY CRAWFORD Ingersoll, Ont. Napanee, Ont. Classics, U.C. Classical Association, II Rep.: General Course, Whitney Hall: Basketball, InterestseArt. II U.C., Secretary, IV. A 2 - UNIVERSITY COLLEGE '9"' Twenly-three ty. :KQQQAT iuglgmu IAQQK Yftgcfqvl lVf5iE?Nl Q-A -vw" ,,, 4152! '- vIuM""""" KARL GILCHRIST DAVIDSON Hagersville, Ont. General Course, Knox Hockey, I, II, III: - Rugby, III, Baseball, I, II, III. -ig LORNA MAY SARAH DAVIS Schomberg, Ont. Household Economics, University Settle- ment, Ig S.C.M., II: Players' Guild, IIIQ Honour Science Club, I, II, IV. ANNE KATHERINE DELURY QAAAI Walker, Minn. Modernsg Queen's Hall, I, IIg Whitney Hall, III, IV: Players' Guild. H. R. DEYMAN UIDPAJ Oshawa, Ont. Law. ISABEL DICKSON QAFJ Ottawa, Ont. Modernsg Whitney Hall. MARGARET ELIZABETH DIGGINS Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. HELEN JANE DINGLE CAOIIJ Toronto, Ont. General Course, Players' Guild, Ig University Settlement, I, II: Junior Class Vice-Presi- dent. WW-A 'fv- nu 4- Sf AAI? L iwf""'!f"h. HOWARD Ross DOUGLAS CEXJ Hamilton, Ont Law: U.C. Interfaculty Rowing Crew I, II, Class Treasurer, III, Class Secretary, IV, Hall Committee, Hart House, IV. JEAN GERTRUDE DOWNING CAOII7 Otterville, Ont General Course. M. E. DUNHAM Toronto, Ont ROBERT SMITH DURDAN Niagara Falls, Ont General Courseg University College Resi- dence. ALAN EDWARD DYER QATAJ Toronto, Ont Pass Course, Intercollegiate Junior Rugby, I Junior U.C. Basketball, II: Senior U.C Basketball, III, IV. PERCY EASSER Toronto, Ont Political Science and Economicsg Interestsf Politics and Theatre. Hn, 2 ' Twenty-four 'fa -"" UNIVERSITY COLLEGE is 2? vw EYKCM 'NQIQIM' 'ohh IVQCTCINI lvfbw ,,,p-4"- Q ANN- 5 'K ELIZABETH fBETTYJ ALBERTA EDWARDS CAPM Toronto, Ont. Team, I, II, III, Individual Swimming Championship, II, III, Jr. "T", II, Sr. - "T", III, President University Swimming Club, IV, Member of Athletic Directorate, IV. g Household Economics, U.C. Swimming 'ff KATHLEEN ALEXANDRA ELLIS QFIIDBQ p Ottawa, Ont. Moderns, Queen's Hall, I, II, Whitney Hall, III, IV, Senior Class Treasurer. LOUIS EPSTEIN Toronto, Ont. Philosophy. WILLIAM RICHARD EVANSON Toronto, Ont. Moderns, Toronto P.C. Club, Interests- Physiology, Science. ROBERT DOUGLAS FALCONER QKEQ Toronto, Ont. Honour Physics, Interestse Photography and Dramatics. E. GRACE FARWELL Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. English and History, Hutton House, I, II, III, Falconer House, IV. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Cy 151' . -43 g x A A S. WALLACE FEAR QATAJ Toronto, Ont. General Course, Junior Rugby, I, Inter- mediate Rugby, II, U.C. Lacrosse, III, IV. JEANETTE FERGUSON Chesley, Ont. General Course, Whitney Hall. JOHN P. FLETCHER OIISZJ Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences. JOHN EDWARD FOWELL UIDKED Toronto, Ont. Pol. Sci. and Econ., Jr. Intercollegiate Basketball, I, U.C. Basketball, II-V, U.C. Tennis Champion, V, Interfraternity Council, III, IV, Year Pres., IV, Toronto- nensis Rep., V, U.C. Ath. Board, V, "Follies" Committee, IV. MARY ARCHER FowLDs CACD5 Household Economics. IRVING FREEMAN St. Catharines, Ont. General Course, U.C. Soccer, II, III, IV, Sr. U.C. Basketball, III. FRED E. J. FRY Weston, Ont. Honour Science CBiologyJ, Daniel Wilson Scholarship, III, Biological Club-Sec'y., III, President, IV, Interests-Fisheries, Squash. Twenty five ' -ng... A, - :KI-'JA' INQLQJA' 4.353 J l Pi CTN! IVKJIQTNI Inga? ,.,.,oF""' ,, uw! A 0'vr'm"'M"', JOHN TELFORD ARCHIBALD GAMBLE OIIT3 Guelph, Ont. LEONARD FRANCIS GEARY London, Eng. General Course, Wycliffe College. BERNARD GERRARD Toronto, Ont. General Coursey S.L.C., IVg Director Uni- versity String Quartetg Interests-Music, Tennis, Swimming. WILLIAM ARTHUR GILBERT CCIHKEJ Toronto, Ont. General Courseg ex-3T0g I, Debating Champ. U.C.g Soph. Pres.: II, III, House Comm. Hart House, Sec. Lit., IIIQ Track, '28, 2 mi. indoor record, 3 mi. Intercollegiate, Harrier Captain: II, Fencing Champ. U.C., Wycliife, '29g Stage '30g Harrier Pres. and team '32. LILLIAN SoNDRA GOLD Toronto, Ont. General Course. HARRY JERRY GOLDENBERG KBEPJ General Course, U.C. Wrestling-126 lb., II, IIIQ U.C. Sr. Basketball, IVQ Interests- Reading, Tennis, Squash, Rowing. A A E' give-v-m.. GERSHON GORDON Oriental Languages, The Varsity, I: Oriental Languages Association, President, III: AvuKah, Secretary-Treasurer, III: Junior Class Secretary, U.C. Water Polo, III, IVQ U.C. Soccer, IV: Interests-Horti- culture. ALEXANDER LERoY GRAYKTKEJ Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Economics: U.C. Water Polo, III, IV, Intermediate Inter- collegiate Rugby, III, IV. J. GREEN Toronto, Ont. SYLVIA EMILY GREENWOOD Toronto. Ont. General Courseg InterestseSwimming, Ski- ing, Tennis and Outdoor Sports in general. DINsMoRE LAURENCE GRIFFITH Toronto, Ont. Chemistry, 1st Alexander T. Fulton, Ig The Jean Balmer in Science, Ig Arts Chemical Club, II, III, IV. GEORGE WARD GORDON CAXJ JEAN PA1'ERsoN GRIFFITHS Toronto, Ont. General Course. Biological and Medical Sciences. ENN . ,-"WI Twenty six "i"" UNIVERSITY COLLEGE ' RQ' 144-Lw INQIQMI Sr: iijeivl 1vQf'5lC'N1 kd ' 32 1 441-r 'Ii AGNES MCGREGOR HACKETT Amherstburg, Ont. . 2? 2 1,3 , . ' ' MARY LORRAINE RAMSAY HARVEY Toronto, Ont. Z General Coursey Whitney Hall. General Course, Vice-Pres., Ig U.C. Basket- i Q, C ball, I, II, III, U.C. Swimming, Ig U.C. .gm AROLYN ALICE HAEHNEL Waterloo, Ont. H k H, I t t ks -43 Q Occasional, Queen's Hall, 1, II, Whitney Oc ey' ' H eras S ports' Q - Hall' IH' IV' EUGERIA E. HAYLOW QAFAJ Woodstock, Ont. - EVELYN GERTRUDE HALL Clinton, Ont. General Course? Whitney Hall. General Course, Queen's Hall, I, II, Mulock House, III, IV, Interests-German Club, AN16IlEdMACD05GAL HOEGE Brantford, Ont- French Club. A o ernsg ueen's all, I, II, Falconer i House, Whitney Hall, III, IV, Senior E- AUDREY HAMMETPTQ CAFAD Safmef Qnt- Representative, House Committee, IV, General Course- 'tue' 'NM QM' U.C. Softball, Ig Italian-spanish Club, EVELYN HANCOCK Toronto, Ont. HI' IV' General Course, Interests-Badminton and FRANCIS FAIRCHILD HOGG T t O t R-d- i oron o, n . 1 mg General Course, U.C. Rugby, II. PHYLLIS OLIVE HARCOURT QACIU Toronto, Ont. General Course, Household Science Option. ALISIERE EDWIN HONEYWELL I Ogfawaf Cant- ' at ematics and Physics, , g App ied CONSTANCE HARDY Bafflef Ont. Mathematics, III, IV: University College Modernsg Falconer House, Whitney Hall, Residence. III, IV, Varsity Staff, I, II, III: Press Club, IV, Badminton Club, IV. K. B. HOWE Toronto, Ont. Fl2."+ ' - - UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Twenty-seven O 5,0 . 'x H AC-lie' IN,'9,g,aAI lei.-PLT: ,audi gfwu M?5li'.'Nu Ivffjyfb LAURA CHRISTINE HUGILL Hamilton, Ont. Philosophy. IRENE BERTHA HUGLI Coniston, Ont. General Course. FREDERICK ROBERT HUME QEXJ Toronto, Ont. Law, Junior Intercollegiate Rugby, I, Intermediate Intercollegiate Rugby, II, III, U.C. Hockey, III, Sketch Committee, Hart House, III, IV, Law Club Executive, II, III, President, IV, Historical Club. MARGARET LOUISE MARY HUTCHINS Toronto, Ont. General Course, Whitney Hall '31-'32. WINNIFRED GRAHAM JACKSON Toronto, Ont. English and History. ANNIE KATHARINE EILEEN JOHNSTON Walkerton, Ont. General Course. ISABEL M. JORDAN CKAO, ETD Toronto, Ont. English and History, President, I, U.C., Intercollegiate Debating Team, II, III, Anomalous Society, III, IV, President Women's Debating Union, IV, Associate WOmen's News Editor Varsity, IV. ,AA 3' RUTH KATHLEEN KENNEDY CAAIIJ Dixie, Ont. General Course. DOROTHY ELLEN KERRIN Toronto, Ont. General Course, additional work in Philos- ophy. SAMUEL RONALD KERTZER General Arts Course, Psychology Club, II, Varsity Staff, II, III, Fabius Club, II, IV, Parliamentary Club, IV, InterestsAWOrds and Music. GEORGE ALBERT KIDD Cookstown, Ont. Political Science and Economics, Macdonald- Cartier Club, IV. KATHRYN M. KINNEAR QAfIDJ Toronto, Ont. General Course. WILFRID LAURIE KNOWLES Moose Jaw, Sask. Pass Arts, Knox College, Rugby Teams, 1930-31, Softball, 1931. ug lllll AQHA 'PNC.'9,Q,C-LW NDS? if i ivf'5ft?wi iffgvg 4,156 h AA 457g,f',' MURRAY' H. Koi-TEN KIIACIPJ Oshawa, Ont. General Courseg U.C. Rugby, I, II. iw-QQ5 ELIZABETH HOLLINGTON LANG QKAOJ Toronto, Ont. English and History: S.C.M. Executive, Z HENRY ARNOLDS KORETSKY II, III, League of Nations Club, Women's Political Science and Economics: U.C. Polity Club, S.L.S.R., III: Fabius Club, 'X Basketball, II, III: Fabius Club, II: IVQ Anomalous Society: Players' Guild. ' U.C. Parliamentary Club, IV, Avukah, . , IV, s.L.s.R., IIIg Political science Club, A- M- LARGE Wmdsofi Ont- IIg Interests-Books, Music, Swimming, pn J- B. LASH Toronto, Ont. Skating. BoRA LASKIN CEAMJ Fort William, Ont. LILLIAN KRIBS CAFAD Toronto, Ont- Law, Varsity Staff, II, III: U.C. Track, IIQ Queen'S Hall, Whitney Hall. Sr. Rowing, III, IVg Speaker of the U.C. Parliamentary Clubg Registrar of the MARIAN LAIRD gA1'5 Galt' Ont. Court in the Law Course, Literary Director Moderns. and First Vice-President of the University College Literary and Athletic Societyg DONALD HECTOR LINES LAMONT CATJ Avukah: Law Club- G 1 Toronto' Ont' HILDA NEWKIRK LAYMAN Tillsonburg, Ont. enera Course' General Coursey Diploma Physical Educa- tion, Cody House: U.C. Basketball, II, MADELEINE ELIZABETH LANE Goderich Ont. - ' III IV, I d B k tb ll, II. Pass Arts, Queen's Hall, I, II, Whitney ' nterme late as e a Hall, III, IV. LLOYD HOWARD LESLIE Georgetown, Ont. General Course, Varsity Staff, I, II, III: CHARLES WHITNEY LANG Toronto, Ont. Exchange Editor, IV: Water Polo, Ig General Coursey Math. and Phys., I, II. Press Club, University College Residence. pgto . - UNIVERSITY COLLEGE qi' Twenty-nme Cvf' N13 gQC,9fsu INQIQM' gfivl nvu'.'5fC?fv1 lv6'3'Qj fb' -v-""" 'k ,..,M,.-W N 1 . UK' LEO LEWIS CEA MJ Medicine Hat, Alta. Biological and Medical Sciences. A A may-'qsx WILLIAM ALLAN GORDON MCANDREW Toronto, Ont. Moderns: Student Band, Ig Secretary, Ger- 6 GOODWIN LICHTENBERG QBEPJ Toronto, Ont. man Club: Treasurer' U.C. French Club' ii 5? General Course: Interests-Books, Basket- II. ball, Music. . ' . ' gi-L-1 4 - C. M. MCBURNEY """"""" "AmwSaiArH Ont. Z JEAN ALICE LIND CIIBCIDJ St. Marys, Ont. , General Course, French Club, IVg German WILLIAM TANDY MCCALLU1gI,c:'X7 F H O t Club, IVgLiterary society, IIIgSettlement lagara a S' H ' School IH General Courseg Intercollegiate Basketball, ' ' II, III, IV. MITCHELL LITTNER , , , Philosophyg U.C. 135 lb. Boxing Champion, MARIA MCCOLLUM lkhl 7 Toronto' Ont' 1930, Interests-Reality in Any Mode General Course, III Year, Executive: French ' A ' Club. LOUISE PATIENCE LOCKHARTCAAIID King, Ont. HUGH WALLACE MCDIARMID CATA5 Household Economics: Honour Science Club, Windsor Ont I, II, IVg S.C.M., II, IIIg Players' Guild, P A t ' ' III, Victoria College Music Club, III, ass F S' Household Science Club Executive, IV. F. H. I. MCGIBBON Penetanguishene, Ont. GORDON HORACE LUGSDEN QAKKJ HELEN DOUGLAS MCILWRAITII CAFJ Toronto, Ont. Hamilton, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences. General Course. - .TC-47 - Thirty "!"' UNIVERSITY COLLEGE . .QL CKQJAI lrxggggysi Iasgojfq 3' biqfcfgvi lviT3.C?Ni :Wow F. ,.. HHN? 5 A ws KATHARINE E. MCINTYRE QKAOH Toronto, Ont. Moderns, Women's News Editor of "Vars- MARGARET ANNE MCKENZIE Woodbridge, Ont General Course. Z ity", IV, Treasurer of University Women's Q Press Club, 111, President, IV, Vice- PESERSCTUART.1fACIg'fNSfEM LECIEHOWE Ont is President of German Club, IV, U.C. aw Ourse' aw u ' 00 ' our S' ' Tennis Team, III, IV, U.C. Badminton MARION JEAN MCLAUGHLIN CAOHD Team, II. Toronto, Ont General Course: Math. and Physics Society A. C. MACKAY Thamesford, Ont. MARIAN MARGARET PR1MRosE MCLEAN CLIFTON J. MACKAY Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Mi5AQ'gCbl Ottawa' Ont General Course, Knox College, Manager O em lstory' Knox Hockey, III: House Committee, KENNETH DUNCAN MACLENNAN KIIOX College, Sudbury, Ont Law, Knox College, Law Club. HELEN BEAUCHAMP MCKEE CAAII, Efbi Toronto, Ont. MARGARET ISABEL MACMARTIN CFCIJBQ Classics, Secy.-Treasurer U.C. Badminton B2ff1e,0Ht- Ciub, 1, U.C. Tennis Team, 111: Publicity Modern Languages- Mgr. U.C. Players' Guild, III, IV, G R M N ATA Womenys Editor U'C' Magazine' IV? 0lVIIdldIe1rn Ic3IliS3dbri'i1c?bI1resKid3enItMfZ'I'iJ' Plaiyers' U.C. Classical Association-Treas., II, Guild, Fabius' Club ' ' Pres., IV, Moss Scholarship, Classics, I, ' ' William Mulock Scholarship, II, Grasset BURDETT HARRISON MCNEEL Chesley, Ont Memorial Scholarship, III. Biological and Medical Sciences, U.C Men's Residence, Treasurer, IV, Discus- MARGARET Ross MCKELLAR Toronto, Ont. sion Club, Fencing, II, III, Music Club, Household Economics. III, IV. - UNIVERSITY COLLEGE '3' Thirty one INQQQAAI NQSTQ .U--"""' Wes ECN nvvf5fC'Nn 2' if M M ,AA CONSTANCE WELSH MCNEILL CAAAJ Toronto, Ont. - General Course: 3T3 Treasurer, I: Vice- President, II: Varsity Staff, I, II. + "'49'Qu JoHN MCLEAN MAGWOOD OPTJ Toronto, Ont. Law, Year Executive, Ig U.C. Wrestling Team, I, IIQ Intercollegiate Basketballs Junior, I, II, III-Intermediate, IV, T55 Varsity Bandg University of Toronto 3 M E M KOH Law Club. ARGARET FFIE ACNIVEN Cr J Toronto, Qnt. DAVID EWART MARTYN CBATD Ripley, Ont. Modernsi General Coursey Knox College Residence. ARLYNE MATHESON Toronto, Ont. ANNA ELIZABETH MCPHAIL Campbellville, Ont. Classlcs' L. H' H15 Classlfal Assoclatlon' English and History. I, II, III, Moss Scholarship, I. MARY ELIZABETH GERTRUDE MAYCOCK Toronto, Ont. CRAWFORD BROUGH MACPHERSON Toronto, Ont. G. A. MEEK Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Economics: U.C. Year Treas., I: Treas. U.C. Lit., II: Anomalous MSW EEA MEEN , D H , Society, III, IV: Foreign Affairs Club, IV. 'ESQ Old IICfi?0mg2S, fEougSc1eE1ce Cilklfb ep., , , ice- res., , ecre ary, 3 S.C.M. Treasurer, IV. MARY CLARA ENTWISLE MACDUN CKAO5 AUDREY MEHR QAEQJ Toronto, Ont- . Ottawa, Ont. Philosophy. Modern History, Women's Literary Society: Sigma Phi, Women's Honorary and BERTIE IRENE MILLER Waterdown, Ont. Professional J ournalistic Fraternity. Household Economicsg Whitney Hall. .. I 2.4! Thzrfy-two 3' UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Crf' N43 ACJN Iwoicaol NQMA fgicivl wvQC'5K?NI vijyl '-Ll! ,AA MARGARET JAY MILLER IAAA, ECIDJ Fort William General Course. Ont , .W flq 4f.7"l a.-., . lu.. -522 fgfgtillfaf I ia? ROBERT LIHR ORMSBY CKRTI N. Collins, N.Y. Honour Philosophy. CZ -Q J- G- MOORE TOFOMO Ont- M. VELMA ORoK Toronto, Ont. S JoHN WILLIAM MoRLEY KAXJ Chatham, Ont. Modems' General Course, U.C. Residence, II, III ELSIE M. MURRAY CAAIIJ Toronto Ont. ELSIE OWRAN TOTOMO- Ont- English and History. General Coursey Badminton Club, III, IV: Mathematics and Physics Society, I HELEN INGEBORG NIEMI Rep., II, III. Sault Ste. Marie, Ont English and History, I, II, III, Occasional IV, Hutton House, Whitney Hall. JOSEPH S. PALFRAMAN Guelph, Ont. M L N T O Teachers' Course, II, III, Pass Course, IV: ' - ORTHWAY Omntof Ht Macdonald-Cartier Club, IV, U.C. Par- HENRY HALSEY NoYEs Toronto, Ont liamentary Club, IV. Modern Languages, Societe Francaise: Play- ' G 'ldg A l S ' t . ers ul noma ous Ocle y MERN ELIZABETH MARY PARKER ANNE OLTSHER Paisley, Ont Huntsville, Ont. General Coursey Free Lance Club: Players General Course, French Club: Settlement Guild. Work: S.C.M. Aft' " UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 'lil' Thirty-three CV' N43 AQHA' lN.'9,i,C-1541 QQ!! Clsgcfivl lvkfjlfffwl Q FREDERIC MANUEL PAYNE Welland, Ont. RICHARD WHITTAKER REVILLE CEXJ Pass Course: Interests-Boys' Work, Music. BI'aT1tfOI'd, Clit- 2 RUTH MARIE PAYNE KAAAJ Wellanm Ont' Lawg Hart House IDebates Committee, IVg Q, Pass Courseg s.C.M., Ig Hockey, I, Sec't., Debates Commlttee U-C-3 W1 U-C- '55 III: WIUIAI Vice,preSidentI IV' Parliamentary Club, ExecutIve, IV, For- ' 5 ENID AIIICII PIIIACEY Toronto, Ont. eign Affairs Club, III, IV: Historical Club English and HWY' ETX, HS Piisldellrglii oLiiVC1Pi,ui1iferS SIMON MAURICE PERLMAN Toronto, Ont. C U resl ent' ' ' 0 u ' ' General Comsei IntereStSHThe Spoken SHULAMITH EVELYN RHINEWINE Toronto, Ont. Drama' Philosophy. WILLIAM HERBERT PRICE CAKEQ Toronto, Ont. JAMES TATTERSALL RHODES U.C. Rugby, Ig U.C. Jr. Hockey, Ig Manager, Preston, Lancs., Eng. IIg U.C. Sr. Hockey, H15 Varsity Jr. General Course: Wycliife College Inter- Hockey Manager, IIIQ Varsity Sr. and faculty Soccer, I, II, IIIg Wycliffe Literary Intercollegiate Hockey Manager, IVg Society Executive, IV. C.O.T.C. and Varsity Bands, II, III, IV? Interestswlgig Game Hunting. WILLIAM Ross RICHARDSON I Toronto, Ont. WILLIAM PRIOR East York, Ont' M. P.g Astronomyg Matriculationi Scholar- Modem History: Wycliffe College Wye. shIp retained for, II, III: Orginlst, Run- Soccer, I-IVg Baseball, III, IVg Year nymede Baptist Church' nterests- President Wyc., 13 Wyc. Ath. Treas., IV. Photography' Chess' JOHN PUGSLEY TOTOIIIZO, Ont. JAMES MOORE RITCHIE General Course: Junior Intercollegiate Rug- Point Edward, Ont, by, IZ U-C- H0Ck9Y, II, III: U-C- COIOUFSI General Coursey Knox Collegeg McClure II: Interests-Hockey, Boxing, Swimming. Scholarship, III Kngx Rugby Mg!-,I II, ELLEN H. RAXLEN ACIJEJ Toronto, Ont. III: Knox Baseball Mgr., IVQ Secretary General Course. K.C.U.A., IV. ' Thirty-four UNIVERSITY COLLEGE ' QQQMIH If-QIQIQAAI Eiicfgvi ivvf.5fC?vvn lvpfjyii Q' 'C' WILLIAM DOUGLAS BREBNER RITCHIE CBATB Point Edward, Ont. M AA SARA SARESKY English and History. Toronto, Ont. - G l C 3 K C ll . , ' 5 mera Ourse mx O ege REGINALD NEVE SAVARY Hal1fax,N.S. W- MARGARET REBECCA ROBB CAOIIJ General Course: Wycliiefe Residence, Wy- H? if Blind River and Toronto, Ont. cliffe S.C.A. C? ' General Course: French Clubg U.C. Tennis, FREDERICK BERTRAM SCHUH T t O t ' IVQ U.C. s fb ll, 1, II, IV: U.C. H It , I Om 0' H - I 0 t 3 Oc ey General Course: U.C. Rugby, I, IIIQ U.C. ' Basketball, I, II, III, IVQ Intermediate JOHN FARLEY ROBERTSON Toronto, Ont. Rugby, II. General Course: Boxing, C.O.T.C. N. H. SHAW CBOIIJ Toronto, Ont. HUGH ALEXANDER COULSON ROSE lexl Pres. U.C. Lit., IV: Secretary, III, Year W9ll3f1d,0Y1l2- President, IIQ Asst. Sec. of Lit., Ig Vice- Genefal Course? Ufllvefslty College Reel' Pres. S.A.C., IV, Macdonald-Cartier Club: dence, If H3 Law Club- ll- Foreign Affairs Clubg French Club, Sec. ALEXANDER ROY ROSS Toronto, Ont. ?eIfff1fi127.fElUb,fIIIi InlgerfZcul?yIfIockey, Political Science and Economics to General ' ' ' mer aw ty ug y' ' ' Coursey Macdonald-Cartier Club. AVROHOM SHKOP Toronto, Ont. L. M. Ross Toronto, Ont, Oriental Languages, Oriental Languages Association. THOMAS EDWIN ROULSTON Toronto, Ont. General Course, Art Editor, Torontonensis, LOUIS ALLEN SHORE Toronto, Ont. III, IV. General Course, InterestsfDramatics, Books. ,gxu SE. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE ei' Thirty-Jive A JA' IN:Q,9',w N. 35: Pigfwn Ivsf5fC'NI ofa i ..- WWE AA' is . JOHN BENJAMIN SHORTLY OIJTJ Toronto, Ont. General Courseg U.C. Hockey, I-IV: U.C. 5 Wrestling, I, II: Inter. Intercoll. Tennis A Doubles Championship: Singles Finalist III, IV: U.C. Athletic Board, IV, Sec. - U. of T. Tennis Club, IV. a 1 JosEPH DAVID SI-IUMAN HIACDJ Boston, Mass. General Coursey U.C. Wrestling, II, III- 126, 135 lb. Champion, French Club. MARGARET TEMPLETON SIBBITT CAAAJ Ottawa, Ont. General Course. ARTHUR PARNES SILVERBURG CIIACID5 Irvington, N.J. General Course, Hart House Theatre, III: U.C. Players' Guild, III, German Study Club, Fabius Clubg Ski Club, Fencing, II, III. CATHARINE GUILD SIMMONS Toronto, Ont. General Course. MoRRIs SIMON Toronto, Ont. General Arts Course, Fabius Club, III, IV: Parliamentary Club, IV3 U.C. Baseball, U.C. Volleyball, IVQ Interests-Economics and International Affairs. O. P. SMILY Toronto, Ont. ALETHA SYBIL SMITH Guelph, Ont. General Courseg Whitney Hall. EVELYN MURIEL SMITH Guelph, Ont. General Course, Whitney Hall. MALCOLM STEWART SMITH CAXJ Niagara Falls, Ont. Modern History: University College Resi- dence, Sec'y., II, III, President, IV His- torical Clubg U.C. Football, I, II, Base- ball, Ig U.C. Water Polo, Ilg Intercollegiate Water Polo, III, IV. HELEN SOLWAY CAECDJ Toronto, Ont. General Course. SAMUEL DAVID SOLWAY QCIJAEJ Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, Parkdale Collegiate Institute, Interests-Music, Art Medicine, Young Boys' Work, Tall Blonde Women. KATHLEEN R. STEWART CKKFJ Fort William, Ont. General Course, Basketball, Interfaculty, II, III, IV, Senior Class Vice-President. - Thirty-six UNIVERSITY COLLEGE CKCLW INQIQMI 14.935 gfgfivn M'.'5lC?N1 Q. .f--"' f TWH..- ,wmv SHERALD EDWARD STEWART COAXl Brockville, Ont. - Political Science and Economics, U.C. 5 Rugby, I, U.C. Residence, 1, II, Hart '3'i' House Debates Committee, III, IV, cg 2nd Alexander Mackenzie Scholarship. II, III, Political Science Club, II, III, IV, Foreign Affairs Club, IV, Fabius Club Executive, IV. M. E. STIRLING Oakville, Ont. MERLE STOREY CFCIDBJ Toronto, Ont. Modernsg Class Secretary, II, Freshie- Senior House Party Committee, IV, French Club, German Club, Players' Guild: S.C.M. MARION GRACE STUART Flesherton, Ont.. Moderns. HELEN EUNICE STUBBS Toronto, Ont. Moderns CFrench and Englishbg Women's Press Club, French Club, Interestse Reading, Golf, The Theatre. ,cg A f 'ik ' I' ef ' . Q ' . . 1 ' ' an LOIS LILLIAS SHAW TEDMAN CIVDB, Efivj Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts. DOUGLAS CAMERON THOMAS CATAJ Bracebridge, Ont. Pass Arts, Varsity Band, II. AUDREY JEAN THOMSON CAOIIJ Toronto, Ont. Household Economics, Household Science Club Executive, II, III, IV, President Household Science Club, IV. FRANCIS EDWARD MOMULLEN TOMALIN Chesley, Ont. Physiology and Biochemistry, Wycliife Resi- dence, Chemical Club. HELEN G. TREADGOLD CKAOJ Toronto, Ont. Moderns, Varsity Staff, II, S.A.C. Rep., II, French Play, II, Senior-Freshie House- Party Committee, IV, French Club. ROY BRADLEY TROTT CKEJ Collingwood, Ont. Law, Law Club, Foreign Affairs Club, Macdonald-Cartier Club. ELIZABETH SOUTER TURNBULL IAIU . AAI, ' ILL D iQ' I 2?- - C1 4 ra CDES so gg -rr' '4 QE 0 25' O ga F- QE P31 NH E3 5'-2 is Sw if TD O :. 5 O - 3 cg 'Magnolia ' ed U3 5. D' B9 El E? U2 CP 3 fa E S 2 5 SL o '? 5 VJ n 3 - 3 CK IN ' s 'G' f 5553-an nvfD.C?Nu 1? "fn ff-rm mf-In A A Af Aw iw RW W-J A -.X G. R. TURNER Fergus, Ont. DOROTHY DURHAM WALSH Queenston, Ont. JOHN AI EYANDER VANSTONE Toronto Ont General Course: Whitney Hall: English and ri Mathematics, S.C.M.: M. SL P. Society Hlstory Club' H' IV' 5 Squash? Tennis- EDITH OLIVE WARING Toronto, Ont. .4 S VERNA LEOLA VOLL KAXQJ Modern Languages, Erench Club, Italian- 25 St. Catharines Ont Spanish Clubg Badminton, S.C.M. ' Household Economics' Falconer House - . ' , ' M. REID WARNER Islington, Ont. gVglg2eyEHallL, Holisiehold Sclence Club' General Course, East House, I, IIg U.C. ' ' ' xecu We' ' Alumnae Scholarship, Ig Law Club, II. MARION ETHEL WALKER Dutton, Ont. , General Course, French Club, Players, MARY GRANT WATTERWORTH Wardsville, Ont. Guild, SOM. ' English and History, Whitney Hall, Varsity l Staff, I, II: Newman Club, Torch Staff. SOPHIE WALL CAGJEJ Toronto, Ont. .. , U General Course. M. E. WATTS - 5""'V""-l Streetsville, Ont. 'U Cl-An A B-S bv vuadcl-s.. fl Thirty-eight "EW UNIVERSITY COLLEGE ,S U. IN ' 'Egg , Agfggmn leigh: 5KfQ,'qvl -lVlz'5iI.'firJI Ltr . . be .OJ Y 9 .M .mn- K EMM. .,...,.- ' at ,if we N' if N Q Su CLAIR F. WEIR Creemore, Ont. General Courseg Residence at Wycliffe i College: Treasurer Wycliife College Ath- tb letic Association, 1930-315 Interfaculty Iii baseball, Wycliffe, I, II, III, IV. MARJORIE HELEN WEST Toronto, Ont. Modernsg Interests-German Club, Bad- minton, Music. MARGARET E. WHALEN QAFAJ PortiArthur, Ont. General Course, Whitney Hall. GEORGE EDWARD GRANTHAM WHITAKERCAXAJ Brantford, Ont. Political Science and Economics. QI .44 1594? SET. .. X342 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 'T' Cggclidi umglyqgan A A Y -MM Q g,"'WYi iz Y' 59 MINNIE WHITE CAKIDEJ Toronto, Ont. General Course, Fabius Club Executive, 1932-33. FAYGEL F. WILENSKY Toronto, Ont. Psychologyg Delta Phi Epsilon Scholarship, Ig David Dunlap Memorial Scholarship, II. DOROTHY ELVA WILLIAMS Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics, Physics Division. ANNE LoU1sE WILSON Bradford, Vt. General Course, Hutton House: Whitney Hall. M. WINEBERG Toronto, Ont. Thirty-nine T Q, 'wax fgicfqvle 1vsf'5fC'N1 ivifgyf fb I 1 1 A A Q To-ses is 'W 'W LY MARGARET E. WINTER IACIDJ Toronto, Ont. CHARLES DEvEN1sH WooDLEY Toronto, Ont. General Course. General Course, Interests-Varsity Staff, C Cl b. Z E. M. WITHROW Toronto, Ont. amera u DOROTHY EILEEN WoLFsoN Toronto, Ont. JOHN STUART WRIGHT Innerkip, Qnt. j' General Course, Basketball, I CManagerj3 General Course. - Tennis, II: Menorah Society, I, II: In- -- " l' . terests Socia ism, Sports MARGERY WRIGHT CAAA, ECP, FAY YEUNG WONG Toronto, Ont. Mount Dennis, Ont. General Course, Mathematical and Physical General Course, Queen's Hall, I, II: Whitney Society, II, III, IVg French Club: In- Hall, III, IV: U.C. Basketball, I, II, terests-Swimming, S.C.M. Intermediate, II, Women's Sports Editor. "Th V 't III. EILEEN MARY WooDHoUsE QAAIIQ e am y Niagara Falls, Ont. General Course, Argyle House, II: Falconer HELEN M. ZAVITZ Goderich, Ont. House, Whitney Hall, III, IV, House Philosophy, University Settlement, IIIQ Committee, III: Head Girl, Falconer Players' Guild, III, IV, Polity Club, III, House, IV, W.U.A., IV. IV. 5175.433 ' Fort!! 'Gai' UNIVERSITY COLLEGE YQQMT INQEQVSI N354 gig N, MD wa I w Q 6 V67 'VE Q 1? VICTORIA COLLEGE . 5, 5 fb C9 5 Z x' 5 ' 5 f -N - 2 ,, f - ff i Q 7 3 - 11 - gm 'ES ,Af ? , Q an-A Cs'4CL9,,. lwgglgysn IHRDLX Fgicfqvi IVYEYYNI is .'5iC.'Nl 'qw M' To the Graduating Class of Victoria College By CHANCELLOR E. W. WALLACE, M.A., D.D. F YOU, who are about to step forth from College halls in this year of 1933, two virtues seem to be required. One is courage. Whatever your chosen life may be, you will find it overcrowded, with at best a grudging welcome to the newcomer, perhaps with actual opposition that discourages and alarms. For few will the way be open and pre- pared. There will be demanded of you courage of the kind that wins a match against a seemingly impossible score, or the finer type that plays the game to the end when success is manifestly im- possible. That is the test that makes great players-and these are the times that develop great character, based upon an uncon- querable courage that learns from every misfortune, that wrests a deeper victory from the very ex- perience of defeat. Such courage is possible when a - one has developed a faith broad and firm enough to stand any challenge-a confidence in himself won from the most gruelling testing, a confidence that at the last value can be discovered in the most unlikely cir- cumstance and made his own possession and that of the World, a confidence that at the heart of things there is an essential friendliness that is on the side of what is fine and noble and unselfish, a spiritual power with which a man can ally himself in the assurance that, if he gives himself to the best that he knows, he will never ultimately be let down. You have had four busy years in manifold activity, all of which should prove a preparation for the test that lies ahead. May your courage and your faith carry you through the difficulties of these first years into a life not un- worthy of our hopes for you. . May I pass on to you some lines from our own Victoria poet, E. J. Pratt, in his heroic story of THE ROOSEVELT AND THE ANTINOE. K6 The hour had called for argument more rife With the gambler's sacrificial bids for life, The final manner native to the breed Of men forging decision into deed- Of getting down again into the sea, And testing rowlocks in an open boat, Of grappling with the storm-king bodily And placing Northern fingers on his throat. 7? Forty-two VICTORIA COLLEGE if-Lw 'NCQK-394' N955 RQ Gfgvg uvf'5lC'Nl vifj 915 Q O PERMANENT EXECUTIVE OF CLASS 3T3, VICTORIA COLLEGE Standing: D. D. CHITTENDENQ G. W. BIRTCH Silting: Miss M. L. HAMPSONQ W. D. CONKLINQ DocToR W. B. LANE CHonorary Presidentb Miss F. G. CLARE Victoria College 3T3 Class History EPTEMBER, 1929! And the halls of Victoria echoed to the tread of a large, unwieldy year, and the tumult of its long unwieldy yell. Now the Hlivelier iris gleams upon the burnished dove" of 1933. Perseverance, perspective and pep have taught us to handle both our yell and ourselves. As a year we form the second largest that has ever come to Victoria. We acknowledge and bewail our mainfold-registration. Yet we have striven for quality in spite of quantity and believe that we have striven well. Looking back upon our medley of diligence and dancing, skating and debating, we feel that our university training has not been one-sided or stereo- typed-that essentially perhaps we stand for friendship, combined with and based on diversity and originality of outlook. We wish we could imagine better parties in the future than the ones we've had together, but we don't think they're possible. At each successive hike our camp-fire has blazed brighterethat last, glowing with the added warmth of Dr. Lang's hospitality, will illumine many a mile of the road ahead. In the first year of 3T3 the college welcomed a new Chancellor, and now in our last she greets a Principal with equal enthusiasm. And to come to a relation- ship that is ours alone, we cannot imagine a more sympathetic and congenial Honorary President than we have had in Dr. Lane. So the class of 3T3 becomes one more pictorial aggregation on the walls of Alumni Hall. We go out now to make our history and take our share in the world's. A salute to adventurers! VICTORIA COLLEGE Forty three MCLJAI iwgggggml NJN wmv! svQ'.'5fi'TNl lvffjyfb Q. . M LUELLA MABLE ALETTER Waterloo, Ont. General Course. "4 HOWARD WRIGHT ALEXANDER Toronto, Ont. CORNELIUS JOHN LIGHTHALL BATES JR. H' 'ii Kobe, Japan. General Course: Music Club, I, III, IV: ?:1?iE'.'Ll .1-J. 5 Mathematicsg M. Sr P. Society, I, II, III, IVg Dramatic Club, II-IV: Vic Basketball, 56 Music Club, I, II, IIIQ S.C.A., I, II, III, I, II: Vic Water Polo, III: Intercoll. ki' IS IV. L Water Polo, IVg Vic Male Quartette, Z - M S. O. ALEXANDER IL Lon 'ao-'avg-Oa'gE'OCk, Ont. I-IVQ Class Artist, II, III, IVQ Wymilwood JAMES HAROLD ANDERSON Bracebridge, Ont. Musicale Cofnm-' H' HI? House Executive, Pass Coursey Treasurer, S.C.M., II3 First 1IfIU2PfeS1deHtfIV- I Year Theology '32. Chief Interest-Music. ROBERT PHILP BATES Kobe, Japan fl' 'Q fL""'6 EGERTON CORNELL ARMSTRONG Toronto, Ont. Philosophy CEHgliSh OF HlSt01'Y7? C1258 5 A Gene,-ai Course: Rugby, II, III, Muiook Cup, Treas., Ig Victoria Music Club, I, IVQ Vic- IV? S.C.M. Executive, IV: Philosophical toria Basketball, I, IIQ S.C.M. Executive, Society, II, IIIQ IntereStsvSportS, Boys' III, IV? M953 S-C-A- Cabinet, IV? Work. . f'l-3w--l5-- English and History Club Treas., IIIQ MARIE M. ATKEY Owen Sound, Ont. Victoria College Orchestra, II, President, General Coursey S.C.M.g Victoria Dramatic Inj IV? "Bohn Quartstte, UI' IV5 Vic' Society: IntereStsiSwimming, Tennis, toria Teams, IV' Dramatics. - 5--fb HM" """""' ALEXANDER MUNRO BEATTIE Toronto, Ont. MILDRED E. Awami' Grand Valley, Ont. English and History: Biggar Scholarship, I: fl MURRAY WILLIAM BABE St. Thomas, Ont. Aikihs and Biggar Scholarships, II: Morse, '5, Q-T-'-l Pass Courseg Middle House, Burwash Hallg J0lllff9, and Regents' SCh0laFShlPS, IH: Q'k'f'i"" Class Executive, Ii S.C.M. II: 1-Bob" Acta Victoriana, Literary Editor, III, IVQ Committee, II: Music Club, 1, II, III, IV: E. Sz H. Club Executive, IVg Interests- The -fBob", II, III, IV: House Committee Literature, Music, Dramatics, Socialism, -Hart House, IV. Theology- HANNAH ELIZABETH BALFOUR Toronto, Ont. ISOBEL SWANSTON BEATTIE Guelph, Ont. Household Economics. English and History. II - stwlllllm - Forty-four ' zmgm ' VICTORIA COLLEGE 5 . . , EKCQQAI iNs-gigs' NQQYQ lvtflfffwl 9fF'DrYg as 'ff V I' H- MARGARET ELINOR BINNS Toronto, Ont. General Courseg Literary Society Groups, in JOHN DOUGLAS CHARLES BOLAND Ottawa, Ont. V.C.S.P. Cabinet, Ig Dramatics, II, Inter- Z' II, III, IVg Dramatic Society, III, IV: faculty Tennis, I-IV: Athletic Executive, 3 13 S.C.M., III, IV. III, Hall Committee Hart House, IV. pl fd Q' 3 RUTH MARION BOND Toronto, Ont. Z I . GEORGE WELLINGTON BIRTCH St. Mary's, Ont. General Course' Mmutu' Phgosovhi Eilallggclor gisbg Singh DHOUSQI CLARENCE CLARKSON BOUGHNER Simcoe, Ont. urwas a 3 ass resi en , 3 rama- M th t- d Ph - , II. tic Society, 11, III, President of Dramatic a em ICS an yslcs Society, IV, Secretary of University of RHODA M. BOWLES Brampton, Ont. Toronto Dramatic Association, IV. DOUGLAS CHOWN BRACE Toronto, Ont. Pass Course. M' ISABEL MCKILLOP BLAIR T01'0I1tO, Ont. GEORGE GORDON BRADSHAW Simcoe, Ont. General C0UI'Se5 B21SketbHll, I, III. IV! Lawg Law Clubg U. of T. Rowing Club, Hockey, I-IV:H0ckey Club, III: M9-Hagel' Exec., II, IIIQ Vic Dramatic Society, Intercollegiate Hockey Team, IVgAthletic I-IV: Vic Rowing Crew, II, U. Ot T. Stick- Rowing, II-IVQ Vic Water Polo, II-IV Clnterfaculty Champions, IIIlg U. of T. Water Polo, IVg Squash, II-IV. DOUGLAS SINCLAIR BLANOIIARD Toronto, Ont. English and History' JOHN ALEXANDER BRECKENRIDGE Toronto, Ont. General Course, The Macdonald-Cartier RUSSELL FREDERICK BOETTGER Toronto, Ont. Club? S'C'M' Pass Artsg Jr. Vic Basketball, IIg Vic Track HELEN CHRISTINE BROWN Sarnia, Ont. Team, II: SIX Vie B2Sketb2ll Ch2.mDi0I1S, Household Economics, Annesley Hallg Re- IIIQ Vic French Club Representative, IV. gents' Scholarship, IV, -- smiley - 51 VICTORIA COLLEGE 'L 1' Forty-five ,Q Q, KCJS1 INQIQMI MRD!! 56391 1vQ'.'5fC?Nn MILDRED EVELYN BROWN Arkona, Ont. Household Economics, Annesley Hall. 5 THOMAS STUART BROWN Orillia, Ont. 5? General Course. - CECIL THEODORE BUNT Owen Sound, Ont. ,.......L.-.4 Pass Course, Vic Rugby, I, U. of T. Senior B Hockey, I, Vic Rugby, II, Vic Hockey, II, ' Vic Baseball, II, Mulock Cup Champions, IV, Vic Hockey, IV. EDWIN R. BURFORD Toronto, Ont. Pass Course. fl- CAMERON HULL CAEsAR Guelph, Ont.. d Chemistry Mineralogy and Geology, Division u 1' 51 J I, Burwash Hall, Edward Blake and 'L'm'l"5- ' ' James G. Burns Scholarships in C.M. 8: G., II, Daniel Wilson Scholarship in C.M. 8: -, G., III, Analytical Research, IV. JEAN ELIZABETH CAMERON Welland, Ont. English and History, Basketball, Music Club, Class Secretary, III, A.S.G.A. M. MARY E. CARMAN Ottawa, Ont. PATRICIA CARR Willowdale, Ont. English and History. Forty-six CKCLQAI FREDERICK MCINTOSH CAss Winchester, Ont. Pass Course, Middle House, Burwash Hall, 5 rf' 2' Regents' Scholarship, III. E. JEAN CAWKER Port Perry, Ont. General Course, Wornen's Lit., IV, Music .- Club, III, IV. VICTOR MAURICE CHRISTIE Owen Sound, Ont. General Course, South House, Burwash Hall, Baseball, I-IV, Victoria College Athletic Union, IV, Movement for a Christian Social Order. FLORENCE GERTRUDE CLARE Orillia, Ont. H- 'L AJ' GMS Music Club, Literary Society, II-IV, Sr. Basketball team, Vice-Pres. of Year, Executive of Christian Social Order Movement, Leader of Lit. Current event group. IDA MAY CLARE Orillia, Ont. H- '5 Bm cm' U' English and History, Class Vice-President, Ig Rep. on A.S.G.A., II, Music Club, II, III, V.C.U., Secretary, III, Assoc.-Presi- dent, IV, Senior Stick. VICTORIA COLLEGE - we .o, 'Nets-aw RADAR fiffivl IVYCSICWVI uvffjyfb Q. . up M. IS Quan V J. S. G. CLARKE Waterloo, Ont. GERALD BISHOP COLES UIDAOJ l'Yll-u-ala-J-I I Woodstock, Ont. Z IVAN HOWIE CLEAVER Burlmgton' Ont' Pass Course, Vic Baseball, I-IV, Vic Tennis, S Q Gelrilerillfollbrisegl llglogth' House, Buigwaifll II, III, Junior Varsity Basketball, Ig Ig? a ' - ' ,' Oclety' arslty ta ' Intermediate Varsity Basketball, II, Vic Cf - III-Bob Committeeg IV-The Infirmary. Basketball, III, IV. Z CARROLL LANGFORD COBURN Toronto, Ont. Physiology and Biochemistry, I, II: Modern ROGERS G' COLGROVE Strathroy Ont. fllsggii' Igllgi' ifviggigsltgg News Sgafi' Mathematics and Physics, Astronomy Divis- """"' M" 5 1 Ona a ' ' .5 4, ampus a ' iong "Bob" Committee, II: Dramatic Chaz ' ILIV3 Pfcta Vlctqrlana' H' IV: Club, II, Junior Class President, Spring Hart House Music Committee, III, IV. Term: Burwash Music Committees, I, CATHERINE M. COCHRANE Toronto, Ont. UI, IV? Music Club Pfesldentf IV? General Coursey Literary Society, III, IV: AStf0H0myASS1SfaHff IV' Dramatic Society, III, IV: University v fb getlilegpeni, V,9lunteEr'I5I5 S'C'M" IV: W. T. CONKLIN Kingsville, Ont. MAJZJT- e a mg ar iamen , . 1 MURIEL AUDREY CODE Mimico' Ont' LAURA EILEEN COOKE Cannington, Ont. Nl. I-if-V' General Course, Swimming, I3 Literary General Course Society, I, II, Settlement, Ig Dramatic ' Club Production, II, III, Dramatic Club Exec., I-IV, Assoc.-Pres., Dramatic Club, MARIE LORRAINE COPELAND Cooksville, Ont. IV. General Course. .Rlglt ' VICTORIA COLLEGE Foffy-Seven ' W I QQQQAI lmggggysn riggqv. mdicw 45213 kno RICHARD HUMPHREY CRADDOCK Hamilton, Ont. 2 Mathematics and Physics, Physics Division: :gl rl The Ramsay Scholarship in Physics, III. rq ' lim. V. ARTHUR RICHARD CRAGG Calgary, Alta. '1lauMe.. Philosophy CEnglish or History li Treasurer, cam.. Year, Ig Sec'y. Men's S.C.M., II, III: auf I-S, Bob Committee, IIg Acta Victoriana, II-IV: Ex., League of Nations Club, III, Vice-President, U.C.A., III, President, U.C.A., IVQ Publications Commissioner, S.A.C., IVQ Scholarships-Tracy Prize in Ethics, I, Hamilton Fisk Biggar, Ig John Trick, III, IV, Lincoln Hutton, IV. WILLA M. A. CRAIG Kemptville, Ont. Modern Languages, T.I.C.C.U., III, IV. MARION LENORE CROOKER Toronto, Ont. General Course. ' Ross DoBsoN CRosBY Uxbridge, Ont. Philosophy CE. or HJ English: North House, Burwash Hall: III-Vice.-Pres. 3T3, Treas. Men's S.C.M., IV-Pres. Men's S.C.M., Pres. North House. AGNES ADELAIDE CRUTCHER Toronto, Ont. t Mathematics and Physics Division, II.' LEILA ST. CLAIRE CUMMINS Millgrove, Ont. English and Historyg Women's Literary Society, IV: S.C.M., IV. ERLA MARY CURREY Toronto, Ont. General Course: S.C.M., II, III, IV, Sec'y., Movement for a Christian Social Order, IV. P1 . l . - FOTZy-eight VICTORIA COLLEGE lrsgggggwz INQWQD gem -lVlf5iC:iVI avi' in - r'-u fa 1 "AA 1' HsCLARA MADELEINE CURRIE Picton, Ont. CHRISTOPHER ROBERT ALFRED DAY Household Economics. Rockwood, Ont. S Mathematics and Physics, Physics Division. K P1 RONALD RAY DAMUDE Welland, Ont. G 55552 General Course, Burwash Hall, Vic Music RUTH GORDON DINGMAN York Mills, Ont. lj Club, IV, Vic Basketball, III, IV, Vic Philosophy CEnglish and Historylg Philoso- 2 ' Baseball, IV: S.C.M. phical Society: Debating Parliament, II, - III: S.C.M.-S t , III, P . M. DOROTHY LORRAINE DARLING convener IV ecre ary rogramme "' -Blok English and Historyg Class Secretary, II: ' ' Q"""""""""""lVictoria College Music Club, I, II, III: HELEN ALBERTA DOUPE Port Credit, Ont. Secretary, III, Literary Society, IV. English and Historyg Victoria College Music Club, IV. Lois EVELYN DARROCH Toronto, Ont. English and History: 44VarSity,' News DONALD C. DOWKES Owen Sound, Ont. Staff, IV, s.c.M., IV, Dramatic Society, Pass Course- IV? Enghsh and Hlstory Club' II' MARY DOROTHY DREVER Guelph, Ont. M. 15. JEAN FLATT DAVEY Hamilton, Ont. General Course' Biological and Medical Sciences, Wymil- EUNICE MAY DUNCAN T01-Onto, Qnt. Tennis Team, IV, Athletic Society, II, Music, S.C.M. groups' III, Pres., University Baseball Club, III. MARJORIE ROBSON DUNLOP Regina, Sask. MARGARET J. DAVISON Toronto, Ont. Modern History, Annesley Hall. Z VICTORIA COLLEGE Fofzy-me ' 42. :QC-lid' wsgggafsle NQ35: KSN' lvwfjltfwl I 4 A, -W.., -....., E., ,,, N , HELEN ELIZABETH EEDY St. Mary's, Ont. - Modernsg Annesley Hallg French House, I, IIIQ Varsity Staff, II, III: Wornen's S. Lit. Exec., III, IV: Acta Victoriana Monocle editor, IV, University Orchestra, T II, Dramatics, IVQ Interests-Art, Music. RUTH LILLIAN EGGLETON Stirling, Ont. General Course, Hamilton Fisk Biggar Scholarship, II: Regents' Scholarship, III: Interest-S.V.M. JEAN ELDER Toronto, Ont. English and Historyg Class Vice-Pres., II: ff S.C.M.-Year Representative, I, Treas., IIg Polity Club, IV. MABEL EILEEN ELLIOTT Toronto, Ont. Household Economics, Interests-Music, S.C.M. ROBERTA INoUYE EMBERSON Weston, Ont. Pass Courseg Annesley Hallg First Violinist Victoria Symphony Orchestra, II, III, IV: S.C.M., Music Groupg Biology Club, IV. FRANCES E. EWING Toronto, Ont. Pass Courseg Interests-Music and Swim- ming. GLADYS MARION FEIR Uxbridge, Ont. Modernsg Annesley Hallg Varsity Staff, III, IV, Interests-Sports, Poetry. CLARENCE EDWIN FERGUSON Hamilton, Ont. Pass Course: Vice-President Athletic Execu- tive, IIIQ Vic Rugby, II, III, IV, Basket- ball, II, III, IV. HELEN LOUISE FINNEGAN Waterloo, Ont. Household Economics: Annesley Hallg Re- gents' Scholarship, IV. BERTHA IRENE FLEVVELLING Fergus, Ont. Pass Course. GEORGE ERNEST G. FORBES Weston, Ont. General Course: Victoria College Debating Parliament Executive, II, III: Victoria Dramatic Society, II, Class President, III. KENNETH SCOTT FORD London, Ont. Pass Arts, North House, Burwash Hall: Senior Track, I, II, III, IV, Basketball-- Varsity Juniors, I, Victoria Jrs., II, Victoria Srs., III, Varsity Srs., IV. PI-IYLLIS LoUIsE FOREMAN Erin, Ont. General Course, Literary Society, II, III, IV, Dramatic Society, II, III, IV, Music Club, III: Debating Parliament, III, Associate President, IV, Associate Year President, III, S.C.M., Movement for a Christian Social Order. ' Fzfzy VICTORIA COLLEGE c:76fQ1f+' 'bestow' 'NQK "fir Cbgcwi avrf5fCTNi ivpfgyjb MARGARET ERINA FRASER Toronto, Ont. English and History, Music Club, III, IV. Z M' l' ESTHER MARGARET FREELAND Toronto, Ont. .Q B? JM-,Pass Arts, University Settlement, I, Music QC' "' U' Club, II, III, IV, Dramatic Club, III, IV, - Production, III, Group Leader, IV, Vic. Debating Parliament Cabinet, IV, League of Nations Club, IV, Torontonensis Rep., IV. A ARTHUR DOUGLAS FRY Caledon East, Ont. General Course, South House, Burwash Hall, Class President, I, Dramatics, I, Music Club, I, II, Soccer, III, IV, French Club Exec., IV. HERMAN NORTHROP FRYE Moncton, N.B. K,,,,,Is Philosophy, English or History, Gate House, alllld ldlvkubl Burwash Hall, Vic Dramatics, I-IV, Vic .Sv Debates, II-IV, Acta Victoriana Staff, II-IV, Burwash Committees, I-IV, Year Executive, III, IV, Scholarships-Biggar, War Memorial 429, Trick 125, Lincoln Hutton, etc., Interests-Music. ELEANOR WILSON FULFORD Brockville, Ont. General Course, Wymilwood. HELEN LAURENE GALBRAITH Milton, Ont. M' Pass Arts, Varsity Staff, II, Webster English Prize, II, Women's Press Club, III, Secretary, IV. MARGARET ELIZABETH GALLOWAY Mimico, Ont. General Course, InteresteMusic. JOHN ELVIN GAMBLE Acton, Ont. General Course, Classical Association, I, II, Hockey, II, III, IV. MABEL ELIZABETH GARDHOUSE Thistletown, Ont. General Course, Wymilwood. W. HENRY GEMMILL Carleton Place, Ont. Modern History, Dramatics, II, III, Boxing, II, III, S.C.M. Elllllif- - VICTORIA COLLEGE 1' Fifty-one gtfigifil INQQQM' I PIAQNQD fggfw lvlfifiiw orgy: 0' cw lvQ'5IC.'Nr ' E3 ,. 3. 9 I D1 so z ra CD -I O F' as zo E :fi Cl o c I" rs "CJ FD 2. YJ O :I F' I . IJANEEVA GETTY Moose Jaw, Sask. General Course. MARY ELIZABETH GILLESPIE Toronto, Ont. Modern Languages: Matriculation Scholar- ship-Moses Henry Aikensg French Clubg S.C.M.: Jr. Vic Hockey, IIg Swimming, IIIQ League of Nations Club, IV3 Music Club, IV. ALBERT JOHN GLASS Oshawa, Ont. Political Science: Interfaculty Lacrosse, III: Library Committee, IV. MARGARET ELLIS GOAD Toronto, Ont. General Course, Victoria Music Club, II, III. DOUGLAS Ross GORDON London, Ont. English and Historyg Phyrste House, Bur- Wash Hallg Dramatics, III, IV, House At-Home, II, IV, English and History Clubg Victoria Debating Parliament, IIIQ S.C.M. Modern History, Gatehouse, Burwash Hall: English and History Club, II, III, IV, Maurice Cody Memorial Scholarship, III. 'QM HARRY GOULD CETJ Perth, Ont. General Course, I-IV, Water Polo, Cham- pions, III3 Victoria College Orchestra, IIIQ Interests-Music, Bridge, Billiards. WILLIAM CARROLL GRANT Port Perry, Ont. General Course, Phyrste House, Burwash Hallg Dramaticsg L.S.R.g Secretary, Resi- dence Library Committee, IVQ Victoria College Debating Parliament, IV. GORDON CECIL GRAVENOR Toronto, Ont. General Course: Honour Science Club, I, IIg Biological Club, IV: S.C.M., IV. MARION ELEANOR GRAY Guthrie, Ont. Pass Coursey Interests-Music, Skating. WILFRED PALMER GREGORY Stratford, Ont.A ldwrrr Law, Middle House, Burwashg Pres. of"""""'l House: Vic Basketball, Ig Vic Baseball, I-IV, Champions, I, IIIQ Vic Rugby Champions, Ig Vic Athletic Exec., II, III, IVQ President, IV: Sec'y. Indoor baseball club, IV. ELIZABETH LAURA GRIER Toronto, Ont. Household Economics: Household Science Club: S.C.M., InterestsfMusic. REGINALD EVAN HAIST Hamilton, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, Regent's Scholarship, III, Interests-Fencing, Art, Music. . I l . Fifty-two VICTORIA COLLEGE 2?iQ.w 'marvel NJN gf iw. .w'.'jII?w1 Ivffjvi P DONALD FRANCIS FULTON HALL Bright, Ont. ALFRED BIRNIE HoDGETTs CCIDAOI l'-C-l""""' 1 Honour Law. Cobourg, Ont. 2 M M RGARET LOIS HAMPSON Toronto Ont Political Science: RugbyeVarsity Jrs., I, bi, had . A . , , ' I: Senior O.R.F.U., II, III, Varsity Seconds, pl .325 0 L Pass Course, University Settlement, , IV: Victoria College Hockey, I-IV? Vic. gb- 5 E"""" MHSICCIHU H' HI' 1V1League0fNHt10f'S Athletic stick 1931-'32, Class President, Z T' Club, III, IVQ Victoria Debating Parlia- ment Cabinet, IVg Senior Women's Presi- dent, IV. ERNEST MOFFATT HANCOCK Toronto, Ont. Law. HAROLD HEATHCOCK Toronto, Ont. General Coursey InterestSLaw. MADELEINE LILAH HILL Toronto, Ont. General Course, M.IRWIN MCAMMOND HILLIARD Toronto, Ont. G CAJ-ev Biological and Medical Sciencesg Graduate, M nud,w0" Morrisburg C.I.g Intercollegiate Rugger, mt is "1-""""'1IVg Music Club, III, IVg S.C.A. Executive, IV, Scholarships-IInd Edward Blake in Science Proficiency, Moses Henry Aikens, Alexander T. Fulton. IIQ Victoria Dramatic Society, I, IIg Victoria Debating Parl., I, II. EDITH ALMIRA HoLLIDAY Brooklin, Ont. Household Economics, Regents' Scholarship, IIIg Household Science Club, S.C.M. A. E. HOLLING U North Bay, Ont. DOROTHY ISOBEL HossACK Innerkip, Ont. General Course, Victoria College Orchestra Executive, II, III: InterestsYMusic. ELMORE HoUsER Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Economics. JEAN G. HowARTH Toronto, Ont. PAUL JOHN HUGHES Islington, Ont. General Course: Music Club, I, II, Interfac. Soccer, I-IV. 'Kd ' VICTORIA COLLEGE Fifty-three ig, umgglgp 'Hin'-9.55: Fzfty-four KYCNI IVQTSEGYQVI ,mg DOROTHY INNES Clinton, Ont. Moderns, Annesley Hall, French House, I S.C.M., I, II, IV, VVOmen's Lit., II, III IV, Hockey, III. J ESSIE LEWELLA MORRISON JACKSON St. Mary's, Ont General Course, Annesley Hall. STELLA MARGARET JACKSON Toronto, Ont. English and History, I, Pass Arts with Household Science Option, II, III, IV, Interests-Music, I, Elgin House, II, S.C.M., III, IV. E. M. JAGOMBE Westboro', Ont. ELEANOR MAY JARVIS Mount Dennis, Ont. General Course, Biological Club, II, III, IV S.C.M. CATHERINE AGNES JENNER Port Sydney, Muskoka, Ont. Pass Arts, Annesley Hall, Dramatic Club III, Interests-Swimming, Tennis. ELGIE ELLINGHAM MILLER JOBLIN Stirling, Ont. Philosophy. Ilxfiggggyi HELEN GERTRUDE KEMP 4221125 Toronto, Ontfq ' A E14 General Course, Music Club, III, Debating W1 Parliament, III, IV, Canadian Student Editorial Board, IV, Acta Victoriana Staff, III, IV. LILIAN EDITH KENNEDY Georgetown, Ont. Household Economics. KATHLEEN SELKIRK KENNY Owen Sound, Ont. General Course, Oaklawn, I, III, The "Hill' II, Annesley Hall, IV, S.C.M., II, Drama- tics, II, Lit. Groups-Art, III, IV, Ballad, IV. CHARLES GEORGE KITNEY Peterborough, Ont. General Course, Burwash, II, III, Hamilton Fisk Biggar, III. SARAH GERTRUDE KNOX Fenella, Ont. Classics, Robert Bruce Scholarship, Massey Scholarship, Robertson Scholarship, I, Classical Club, Treasurer, II, French House, II, III, French Club, Treasurer, III, Vice-President, IV. MARJORIE ISABELLA ELIZABETH LAING H- - J- Agincourt, Ont.'9 K R J-L-L1 Modern Languages, French Club, I, II, IV, French Club Executive, I, II, S.C.M., Music Club, I-IV, Music Club Executive, IV. I Ifstifba VICTORIA COLLEGE 5 Bfctivl -I vlr'.'jfC'v-21 lvp'D'!E E. :cj -uvG'.'5fc?Nn o U l EHCLM M, JESSIE MARGARET GWENDOLYN LAMBDEN Tillsonburg, Ont. Household Economics: Victoria Music Club, I: Annesley Hall, III: S.C.M.: Interests- People. :XLEXANDRIA GEORGINA VICTORIA LANG D-143' Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Modernsg Annesley Hall: First Edward Blake Scholarship in Moderns, 1929-1933: Moses Henry Aikens Scholarship in General Proficiency, 1929-1933. 'W BERNA LANGFORD Toronto, Ont. English and Historyg S.C.M., I, IV: Dramat- ic Club, IV. ALICE CATHERINE LATIMER Toronto, Ont. Pass Course. ESSIE LATIMER Toronto, Ont. English and History. VICTORIA COLLEGE A .P turf: .- Nasir- K-'-'Ji 29. MRS. E. A. LAUTENSCHLAGER Toronto Ont F. HUGH LAWFORD Vancouver B.C Chemistry. FRANCES A. LEA Toronto Ont. M Passg Music Club, II, III, IV: S.C.M. MILDRED IRENE LEARN Ridgeway, Ont. M General Course. JEAN CECILIA LEASK Moose Jaw, Sask R' HI- General Course. KENNETH CROSBY LEGGECBHIVID Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Economics. LAURENCE PRENTICE LINDSEY Milton, Ont. Division I Mathematics and Physics. DORIS MARGARET LIVINGSTON Weston, Ont Philosophy fEnglish or History optionl Women's Literary Executive, III, versity Settlement, III: S.C.M. uwgiggmn Uni M. fa kQM"'Q Mr Fifzy-me is Sb IAQOM L' QP, ol gflvi IVHTOIOWNI vp'3'y! Q. LILLIAN FRANCES LUZINE Toronto, Ont. - ROBERT RIDDICK MCBROOM Toronto, Ont. 5 Moderns. In CLARA ISOBEL MCCLURE Toronto, Ont. - Philosophyg Year Rep., W.U.A., Ig S.C.M. Publicity Convenor, II, Vice-Pres., III: President of Women's Council, IV: Liter- ary Societyg Philosophical Society, Elgin House Conference, '31, '32. MARY ELIZABETH MODIARMID Ridgetown, Ont. General Course. GRANT CLIFFORD MACDONALD Cannington, Ont. General Courseg Burwash Hall. f1,GRACE ANNA MAE MCEWEN Clinton, Ont. Modernsg Annesley Hall: French House, I: Varsity Staff, II, III, Women's Lit. I, IIQ III, IV, S.C.M., I, II, IV, Drarnatics, IV, Interests-Art, Novels. y WALTER NEIL THOMPSON MCKAY Toronto, Ont Pass Course. AINSLIE ST. LAWRENCE MACKINNON Toronto, Ont Pass Course MILDRED HELENA MCLAUGHLIN Picton, Ont General Courseg Annesley Hall, Activity- Girls' Work. RUTH EVELYN MACPHERSON Mount Forest, Ont . General Course, Literary Society Groups S.C.M., III, IV, Music Club, II. DONALD CARMAN MCPHERSON Toronto, Ont Biology. IJ HUGH CARMICHAEL MACTAGGART Toronto, Ont. ' ' " MURIEL WINNIFRED MCINTOSH General Course: Orientals Association, I, St. Catharines, Ont. II, III, Vice-President, IVg Interests-f Modern History. Biblical Archaeology. ' Ffffy-Sz.r VICTORIA COLLEGE Crf , X-:D pfgfcjf-sl INQQQQAI I jk KQV! lvQf'5lC'NI fl JAMES DELMER MARTIN Honeywood, Ont. Philosophy, South House, Burwash Hall, - Music Club, I, II, III, Dramatic Club, IV, PAULINE EMILY MILLS Sarnia, Ont. Modern History, Wymilwood, Asga, I, IV, Music Club, I-IV, Dramatics, II, III, H, li 4:50-,U f'l'.ll3-l'L"" M. I6 ll-PIN.-.u-.'LI.... 5 Vice-President S.C.M., III, Christian Intercollegiate Debating Association -A F I? Social Order Executive, III, IV, Year Treas., II, Secretary, III, Victoria De- -+3 - Executive, II, Senior Class President. bating Parliament-Sect., II, Cabinet, Q FLORENCE E. MARTYN Stratford, Ont. III, IV, Associate Social Director, V.C.U., I by General Course, Diploma P.T., I-IV, Eu- ' 4'9" rhythmics, I-Iv, f-Bob" Pianist, I, II, LOSUS JOHZSQN MILE? I 0 Ed d Bl k Abodes-Oaklawn, I, "Angel Factory", gniuli g?ncfI.fR10OgE?'S h Tlarh, FH? II, French House, III, New House, IV, IC Oats mi: ' eigen SSC OTS frp' , ' Interests-Amusement and people. Slfjirestsg rgfomcg ogy' quas ' enms' a ing, ro 19 u . ADA QVIAY RQIAEJXWELL TOTOWJO, Ont- AUSTIN DONALD MISENER Kobe, Japan. enefa Oufse- Mathematics and Physics, Victoria Basket- FRANCIS ELLISON MAXWELL ball, I, ll: Ill, IV: Music Club, l, lV3 Pass C0urse,InterestsYMusic, Photography. Matllematlcal and Physlcal Socleliyn IV Rep. H - ' U' GORDON SPENCE MAXWELL Toronto, Ont- HUGH EDWIN MOORHOUSE Peterboro, Ont. Pass Course? Muslc Club, H- Pass Course, Middle House, Burwash Hall, M, DOROTHY MARY MIDGLEY Windsor Ont. Vice-president of Movement for a Christian T, M-4 English and History , Social Order, IV. flfldfm' ' LILLIAS RUTH MOORHOUSE Exeter, Ont. 1 5""' FREDERICK GRAHAM MILLAR Hamilton, Ont. General Course. . . Y, Mathematics and Physics, South House, GEORGE WALKER MORRISON Annan, Ont. N-Mwl'-L' Mftiudou igurwash Hall, Treasurer, Mathematical Philosophy, Burwash Hall, Dramatic Club, Zan. l and Physical Society, II, Sketch Club, I, III, IV, Philosophical Society, II, III, olapzgp I, III, IV, Victoria College Orchestra, IV, S.C.M., Movement for a Christian III, IV, Regents' Scholarship. Social Order, Varsity Staif, II. - VICTORIA COLLEGE Fffzy-Seven ' Cvf' .Nd KQQAA' INQLQAI IQQM qvl P' I nvv'5lC'Nn ,Wim IQ- -f gr fi W A Q 4 ,XB JANET MARION MORRISON Palmerston, Ont. Pass Course. 6 FRANCIS H. MORROW Walkerville, Ont. td General Course, Vic Basketball, I, II, III, 5 .rx IV, Bob Committee, II, Vic. Athletic Exec., III, Pres. U. of T. Liberal Club, IV. ELIZABETH FERGUSON MOUNTAIN ,1,..u........- ALJ-.J-Il-.u-v St. Marys, Ont. M. Vo 5uLl:.General Course, Wymilwood, Basketball, I, LIMBA, II, III, IV, Athletic Executive, III, Year Executive, IV, Music Club, III, IV. MNVILLIAM JAMES MUSGROVE Hanover, Ont. '-'eL-MIM-Jo-M.. General Course, South House, Burwash hum-Raul Hall, Dramatic Club, III, IV, Junior Class Treasurer. MICARMAN ALFRED NAYLOR Chatham, Ont. Mathematics and Physics, South House, Burwash Hall, Scholarships-Second Ed- ward Blake and Moses Henry Aikins in Classics, Alexander T. Fulton, I, William Mulock, II, A.A.A.S., III, M. Xt P. Society Executive, I, Class Assistant in Astron- omy, III. MARY LOUISE NIMMO Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. EGERTON HERBERT NORMAN Nagano, Japan.M. Latin, French or Greek, Curator, Hart House Library, II, III, IV, Classical Society, - I, II, III, President, IV, Historical Club, 5 III, IV, victoria Tennis, III, IV. , -'ily' MILDRED ELIZABETH OLDFIELD ng wl ' - Wuchow, China. NNW' ' Moderns, Gordon Crow Memorial Scholar- ship, I, Mary Ellen Carty Scholarship, III,IV, Music Club, I, II, III, IV, Dramatic Club, III, IV, French Club, I, II, Executive, III, President, IV. JOHN SHERWOOD O'NEAL Welland, Ont. Philosophy, Burwash Hall, Vic Water Polo, I, II, III, IV, Interfaculty Champs '32, Manager, III, IV, Vic Music Club, I, II, III, Coffee- - BETTY JEAN ORAM Toronto, Ont. General Course, Music Club, I-IV, Execu- tive, I, II, Vice-President, IV, V.C.U. Executive-in-Council, IV. HELEN MARY ORAM Toronto, Ont. P1 General Course. KENNETH GARFIELD PARTRIDGE Brampton, Ont. Law, Law Club, Vic. Boxing, I, Interests- Music, Debating. KEITHA SYLVIA PATTERSON Gananoque, Ont. Modern History, Interests-S.C.M. til 6 Fifty-eight VICTORIA COLLEGE - 05 HAQCLQAI INQAQQAI gjcfqvl lvu'.'5lfTwu lvp'Qf9E H orgy., G. E. PAYNE Huttonville, Ont. W. GORDON PRossER Keswick, Ont. - DORA RUTH PEER Toronto, Um- MARGARET ROSE QUENTIN Toronto, Ont. Q Z Household Economics: Honour Science Club, Household Eoonomiosi SOM., Group Con- S I, II: Household Science Club and Music Vooor, IV. Q? Club, 1, 11, 111, iv, s.o.M. 25 - A V R T i . - LEVI HORWOOD PERRY Windsor, Ont. U15IlZ3grnIEIIfgfCOr?INE Omnto' Ont M Philosophy: Burwash Hall, S.V.M., III, IV, ' IntofeS'5SRB0ating- WILLIAM GRANT REAL Toronto, Ont NORA KATHLEEN PIRIE Ingersoll, Ont- Pass Course: Interfaculty Baseball, II, IV General Courseg Victoria Music Club, IVQ Basketball, IV' Baseball, II, III: Hockey, II, III, IV: I , I Junior HTH Holder. SABEL G. RICRER North Bay, Ont M:DORIS EILEEN PRINGLE Toronto, Ont. JOHN DENToN RIELLY Toronto' Ont A""""n'Pass Course, Vice-President of Year, Ig General Course' 'L At V't' ,II,IV3Hd' P" .Eflgiislfc Briana O gms Nze In LAURE E. RIESE Nauchatel, Switzerland ' ' Modern Languages, Interestselorench Club L. D. PROCTOR Victoria, B.C. Literature. I ll 1 VICTORIA COLLEGE umm Fifty-nine C272 0 SL ACLQA' rwogggw N.-923: figcihivl iVHf'jic?9VI ,QCA 52. Z' GERTRUDE JEAN ROBERTSON Cobourg, Ont. VERNA HELEN SADLEIR Toronto, Ont Modern Languagesg Matriculation Scholar- English and History. - ships-Third Edward Blake, Hamilton lg Fisk Biggarg French Clubg S.C.M. WARD EDSON SCHEIFELE Kitchener, Ont Q MARJORIE MAIE ROBINS Listowel, Ont. Philosophy' - G l C . enera Curse VERA KATHLEEN SELKIRK Leamington, Ont. BENSON AUDREY ROGERSCBOIIJ Welland, Ont. General Courseg Music Club, II: S-QM. General Course: Junior Intercollegiate Rug- II, IV: A.S.G.A., III, IV: Senior Hvie' by, I1 Law Club, IS Philosophical SOCIGIY- Basketball, III, IVg "Lit" Groups, III, IV, H3 Baseball, II, III. Oaklawn, I, III, The "Hill", II, Annesley M ROBERT GORDON ROMANS Moose Jaw, Sask. Hall, IV- Ib koi: Physics and Chemistry, Chemistry Division: .ifwmpfw Gate House, Burwash Hall: Debating DOROTHY MARGARET SHANTZ Toronto, Ont. i-. , Parliament, President and Speaker, III, Household Economics: Music Club, I, IL' ' IV: S.A'C' Debates Committee, III, ITT: III, IV, Interests-Tennis and Music. Year Executive, IIIg Bob Committee, IV: Interfaculty Hockey, I, II, III, IVg House MARGARET LINDSAY SHARP Toronto, Ont. President, IV. Philosophy: Settlement, Ig Dramatic Club DORIS IRMA E. ROOKE Toronto, Ont. I' H' Music Club' HI' IV? S'C'M" I' H General Course III, Treasurer, IVQ Class Executive, III Free Lances, I, II, III, IVQ Playground., HENRY EDGAR ROWLAND Edmonton, Alta. Elgin House Conference, ,310 ' Modern Historyg Gate House, Burwash " gflulg if 19 Bgseffau' Huichamplonsk EDWARD WALTER SHAW Goderich, Ont. ' l lc e atmg ar lament' ' General Coursey Burwash, I, IIIg Music DOROTHY MARION RUNNELLS Windsor, Ont. Club, IIIg Interests-Music, Dramatics, General Course. Art. - 'f' Sixty VICTORIA COLLEGE " Cvf' .Nd :KSC-'AAI leigh umtgigpeu ggi lV9f5lCYNI .sfotgy PERCY E. SHEARDOWN Goderich, Ont. MARGARET CATHERINE SHOWLER '08 WILLIAM JOHN SMITH Newtonbrook, Ont. General Course, Vic Rowing, II, Vic Lacrosse Sixty-one - III, IV, Law Club, II, Tennis, Vic Squash, ,Z Toronto, Ont. IV. eg General Course, Athletics, Ig Women's If Llterary Society' H3 III'IIHg,.VIjCt0r1a ADA ELIZABETH SPARLING St. Marys, Ont. College: Dramatlcfoclety' I ' ' eague General Course, Wymilwoodg Basketball, of Natlons Club, V- III, IV, French Club, I, IV. MURIEL FRANCES SIDDORN Toronto, Ont. Modernsg French Club, IVQ Current Events, THEODORE GRENFELL S- Clarkson, Ont- II, III, IV: SCM. Lag: of T. Law Clubg Macdonald-Cflrtier lu 3 Senior Vic Baseball, III C nter- ALBERT PHILLIPS SILCOX Toronto, Ont. faculty Championsbg Squash, II, III, IV' Pass Arts: Boys' work, etc., Church of All l Nat1?3n?5 Cagadian Cilubz IHESFQSSTHU' THELMA IRENE STABLES Toronto, Ont. man emgs, eo ogy, ature, rt, 0 ities. Household Economics. MARGERY ELMINA SIMoNs Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. UNA HELENE STANLEY St. Marys, Ont. , General Course, Wymilwoodg Basketball, ISABELLE MARGARET SINCLAIR Paris, Ont. IH, French Club I IV General Coursey S.C.M., II, III. ' ' ' ' M-JEAN CATHARINE SMITH Ridgetown, Ont. WILLIAM BASIL STASIV Midland, Ont. ft bl:-W Household Economics. General Course. Pd-wv'-J-W E IE I I.. - 4, lp-pf VICTORIA COLLEGE f' f o :KC-'JS' INQQQQA' IAQQSYQ 's H ECN Mf'5fC'?wn Li M.L. BEATRICE STERNE Brantford, Ont. MARY THOM Regina, Sask. I Alva. Household Economics: Wymilwoodg Hamil- b i Z ton Fisk Biggar Scholarship, I3 Vic. 4 CJ fVl,I'IELEN MARIE STEVENS St. Catharines, Ont. Hockey, I-IVQ Baseball, I-IV: Year fs in Jwvwwusi-aBiiPological and Medical Sciences, Wymil- Executive, II: President Victoria Athletic QM' Qrml wood: Music Club, I, II, IV: Hockey, Society, IV: President U. of T. Tennis 4 - l Z Vic, II, IVQ Dramatic Production, IV, Club, IV. ' A , III, IV. Sga FLORENCE ELVA THOMSON Toronto, Ont. General Course: Biological Club, II, III, IV. ERNA JEAN STEWART Mafkdalef Ont- FLORENCE ISOBEL TILTON Burlington, Ont. English and History, Interests-S.C.M. General Course WILMA E. M. TOLL Toronto, Ont. W. G. STEWART Toronto. Qnt. General Course CHousehold Science Optionig Dramatics, IVQ S.C.M.g Music. M M .D T , MARGARET FRANCES STOKES. F H ARGARET C ONALD ORRAN?1?OrOnt0, Om' E 1, h d H, lagara 3 S' Ont' English and History: Musicale Comm., ngls an lstofy- 11, III, A.T.o.M., II. MAIDA ISABEL ToRRENs Tillsonburg, Ont. A. C. STONE Parry Sound, Ont. Household Economics. gm - Sixty-two ' WPFU ' VICTORIA COLLEGE ' r - ,U Kiki umgggymi IAQQEQ PAYIGQNPI IMEECINI elvf' 9 Q. Q5 6 F1 GLADYS VICTORIA TUCKER Lucknow, Ont. Household Economics: Annesley Hall: An- nesley Student Government Association Treasurer, III, President, IV: Music Club, I, II, III, IV. Ivw'.'JIC.'NI NG' Q -5 O H O 2 CP G O F' F' C11 CD P1 S sig 3 Z? ii 1? I ET 66 nc. EDITH LEONOR TUERO Toronto, Ont. Philosophyg Varsity Staff, League of Nations Club, Ig S.C.M., Elgin House Conference, I, III: Philosophical Society. ISABEL GRACE UREN Toronto, Ont. Household Economics, I, II: General Arts, III, IVQ Special InteresteDramatics. BYRON LANGLEY VYVYAN Toronto, Ont. General Course: Victoria College 135 Lb. Boxing Champion, II. JAs. HOWARD WALKER Ottawa, Ont. Pass Course. EVELYN WATSON Dundalk, Ont. General Course, and Household Science Specialistg Hockey, I, II. MARGARET WALKER VVAUGH Stratford, Ont. ftdmpmk Classicsg Jr. Vic. Basketball, I, IIQ Athletic Society, II, Asga, III, IV. fa MARION AGNES WIIARTON Cayuga, Ont. Household Economics: Annesley Hall. EVELYN YOUNG WILLIAMS Forest, Ont. S, Pass Course: Tait House. Z DONALD STEVENS WOOD QAT5 Toronto, Ont. Senior Intercollegiate Football and Basket- ball. KENNETH OsEoRNE WRIGHT East Orange, N.J. M. Maths. and Physics, Astronomy Division: North House, Burwash Hall: Blake and Aikins Matric. Scholarships, Music Club, I. II, III, IV: Central Y, Ig West End Y, II: M. Sz P. Society: Class Executive, IV. MARGARET BRADWIN WRIGHT Stratford, Ont. M- I5 aa V' Modern History: Victoria College Women's Literary Society, II, Sec.-Treas., III, Pres., IV, University Settlement, I, II: Geo. M. Wrong Scholarship, II, Victoria College Debating Parliament, III. EILEEN YULE Mount Forest, Ont. Household Economics. .Q-2 'G 5 figfivn lvG'5fC'Nn 5 Y f 1- ,Z Q. xi XQCM 'wt-zggw milk: gfw' IVVQEJ 3 2' ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE 5 5 3 2 f F?S2a-25,1 MAH 3 ' f L PQCJA' NQ'QA4n 4' ,gf-NI ivffifcfwi vpfjk is Crf To the Graduating Class of St. Michacl's College By THE REV. H. 5. BELLISLE, B.A., M.A., CATH.U.AM. T IS with mingled feel- ings of joy and sorrow that I bid farewell to the class of 1933, joy because you have been successful, sorrow because our ways now necessarily divide. I rejoice with you in your triumph. You have done your duty well and deserve the victory. During the long years of preparation you have met difficulties with confidence, and have over- come with courage. Parting with friends is always diffi- cult. During your many years' sojourn amongst us you have become to us something more than friends. You have become members of our common family. You have followed a vari- ety of courses. You have . approached reality from many different angles. You are like travellers who have been lifted up to the summit of a high mountain and allowed to gaze upon the fertile fields which extend far beyond the powers of the natural vision. You realize now how expansive are territories of which you have had a glimpse but have not touched, nor understood. You appreciate now how much there is to be known and how little, after all, you know. Your university life has opened up to you a kingdom and you see how far-flung are its boundaries and how difficult it is to travel therein successfully unless you have a plan and a guide. May you continue to study. May you continue to accept advice and guidance from your professors whom you have come to know, not as task masters but as travellers like yourselves who have had a little more experience and some measure of success. You have formed friendships amongst the members of your class and with your professors. It is impossible that these endure just in the same way after graduation as before. But it is possible, though our ways divide, for us to see from time to time something of each other, to exchange views, to discuss plans and so to help and assist each other in the journey of life. The College is still at your disposal to use it in any way in which it may be helpful to you. I cannot perhaps do better than repeat the advice given by St. Augustine to his students, Dewm videbit qui bene vivit, bene omt, befne studet. If you follow this advice learning will never turn you aside from virtue but both united will bring you to the vision of God. Sixty,-six ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE SIQQW INQAQSAI high: ilfcfivl Ivv'.'5fi'Tevn wp' '01 LQ. J E KC-LM QA 0 FRED R. ANDERSON Hamilton, Ont. Pass Course, Year President, II, Toronto- nensis Rep., IV, Baseball, I, II, III, Rugby, II, Squash, II, III, Oratorical Club, II, III, IV, Year Book, II, III, Interests-Musicales, Sports, Literature, Theatre. IRENE MARY BAXTER Toronto, Ont. Pass Course, St. Joseph's College. WALLACE JAMES BURFIELD Wallaceburg, Ont Pass Arts, S.M.C. Hockey, I, II, III' Rugby, I, II, Interests-Music, Sports. V DANIEL VINCENT BURNS Sunny Corner, N.B Pass Course. RosE VICTORIA BURNS Toronto, Ont Pass Course, St. Joseph's College. AGNES NOREEN CAIN Toronto Ont Pass Course, Loretto Abbey Collegeyg Atl Home Committee, II, Newman Club Representative, IV. DoRoTIIEA G. CAIN Toronto, Ont. General Course, Loretto College, Executive Newman Club, IV, Debating Union, III, IV, Associate Editor, "Rainbow", IV, Athletics, I, II, Literary, I, II, III, Intercollegiate Debating Team, IV. GERTRUDE VERONICA CAIN Toronto, Ont. General Course, Loretto College, At-Home Comm., IV, Class Executive, III, Senior Class President, "Torch" Staff, IV, 5, Torontonensis Representative, IV, St. Mithael's Women's Representative S.A.C., Z IV, Dramatics. - RITA MARGARET CARROLL Almonte, Ont. General Course, St. Joseph's College, Liter- ary Society Executive, IV, "Varsity" News Staif, IV. MICHAEL JAMES CAVANAGH Ennismore, Ont. General Course, Mulock Cup, II, III, Champions, II, Boxing, II, III, IV, Wrestling, III, Squash, IV, Interests- Light Reading, Sports. MARY AUDREY CHARBONNEAU Arnprior, Ont. Household Economics, Loretto College, Dramatics, II. A. LEoNA CIIARLEBOIS Toronto, Ont. Pass Course, Loretto College. MARY MADELEINE CLANCY Toronto, Ont. General Course, Loretto College, Class Executive, IV, At-Home Committee, III, Dramatics. I, II, III, Music. 8 Sixty-seven - 2 F? 'WZ , ,,,. . 13, 525 it gli' Q 5' ff U ig fwfa -.ff " MICHAEL'S COLLEGE If' .wmv .W lNQ'QQAl 'QED 5 ggcuvl lvt'5f.'Nl ,yfbytgb .5 KK'-Lie' 1 - FREDRICK JOHN PATRICK CONsITT Perth, Ont. Physics and Ge0l0gy9 Interests-Music, softball, basketball. VINCENT JOSEPH DORE Hamilton, Ont. General Course, Hockey, I, II, Jenning's Cup Champions, II, Squash, III, IV, Billiard Committee, IV, Baseball, II, III. LOUIS J. DRAGO Niagara Falls, Ont. General Course, Basketball, II, III, IV, Sifton Cup Champs II, Dramatics Rep- resentative for St. Mike's, III, Public Speaking Club, IV, Ross JOSEPH DUNN Toronto, Ont. Philosophy, English or History, Newman Club, "Torch" Staff, I, IV, Interfaculty Water-Polo, II, Athletic Directorate, II. GERARD JOSEPH DWYER Toronto, Ont. Circolo Italiano, I, Cercle Francais, I-IV, Deutsche Gesellschaft, III, IV. HUGH WILFRID FORD Hamilton, Ont. General Course, Boxing, I, Rugby, IV, Hockey, Squash, II, III, IV, Sketch Committee, Junior Class President, Editor Year Book, 3T2, Oratorical Club, II, III, IV, Latin Society, I, II, III. THOMAS JAMES GALLAGHER Kenilworth, Ont. General Course, Baseball, I, II, III, Rugby, III, Lacrosse, III, Students Athletic Com- mittee, Vice-President, IV. Jr Sirfy-eight - GERTRUDE VELMA GIBBONS Fergus, Ont. General Course, St. JOseph's College, Sodal- ity Exec., III, IV, Literary Society, II. THOMAS EDWIN GILMOUR Toronto, Ont. General Course, Hockey, I, II, Rugby, II III, Interests-Sports, Farming., ALEXANDER JOHN GRANT Toronto, Ont. General Course, Cercle Francais, Schola Cantorum, Hockey, Jr. O.H.A., I, Inter- faculty, II, III, Box Lacrosse, III, Rugby, Jr. Intercollegiate, I, Interfaculty, II, III. ALFRED PRESTON AUSTIN GREENE Toronto, Ont. PhilOsophyfEnglish or History Option, First Course Scholarship, III, Varsity Staff, Newman Club, Editor of Torch, English and History Club, Secretary, III, President, IV, Interfaculty Fencing, I, II, Wrestling, II, III, IV, Tennis, IV. DOROTHEA MARY RosE GREENING Port Arthur, Ont. General Course, St. Joseph's College, U.C. Players' Guild, II, III, House Committee, IV, Dramatic Society, Vice-President, IV, S.A.C., IV, Year Rep., Senior Class Pres. JOHN PATRICK HALLIHAN Peterboro, Ont. General Course, Hockey, II, III, Rugby, II, III, Wrestling, II, Squash, II-IV, Ath- letic Rep., III. Q ek 1-lmsik X :L INQAQBAI 5. il ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE ,U N355 Q: I nvIf'5lC'Na F-XGW' - 4 fi-,soft if -Qi' .. JT' 'H CAROLINE HAMEL Wilcox, Sask. Pass Arts, Loretto College, Debating, I, II, III, IV, Inter-Collegiate Debating, III, IV, Interfaculty Baseball, I-IV, Interfaculty Hockey, II, IV, Dramatic Executive, IV, Literary Executive, IV, Class Executive, III, "Varsity", IV, Dramatics, I-IV, University Dramatics, III, IV. EUGENIE FRANCES HARTMANN CEQJJ Brantford, Ont. Moderns, St. Joseph's College, Mahon Prize Honour English, I, Class President, I, III, S.J.C. Dramatic Executive, I-III, Pres. IV, Vice-Pres. U. of T. Dramatic Association, III, IV, St. Michael's Year- Book Staff, III, IV, U. of T. Women's Press Club-Vice-Pres. IV, Torontonensis, IV, Vice-Pres. S.J.C. Literary Society, IV, Entertainment Committee, Varsity Arena, III, IV. HELEN CLERESE HARTMANN Brantford, Ont. Moderns, St. Joseph's College, House Com- mittee, II, IV, Dramatic Society, II, English and History Club, IV, Dance Committee, I, III, IV, Le Cercle Francais, IV, Torch Staff, IV. MARGUERITE A. HAYES Smith's Falls, Ont. General Course, St. Joseph's College, De- bating-Intercoll. Executive, II, III, IV, Team, III, St. Joseph's Society, III, IV, Tennis-Intercoll. Executive, IV, Inter- faculty, IV, Mathematical and Physical Society. THEO. M. HAYES Smith's Falls, Ont. General Course, St. Joseph's College, In terests-Music, Skating, Newman Club. PATRICIA MARY HEALY Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts, Loretto College. Louis JOSEPH HICKEY Toronto, Ont. Honour Philosophy. MARY MARGARET HUSSEY Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Latin and French, St. Joseph's College, Year Executive, I, II, III, S.A.C. II, III, IV, Literary Soc., IV, Sodality, II, New- man Club, IV, Interests-Music. GERALD MATHEW KAVANAUGH Toronto, Ont. Chemistry, Rugby, III, IV, Interests- Tea Dances, Theatre, B.M. and F. J'f "i3.'f ,L Tl! 5:4 at of: 54 ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE a n Siriy-nine HSM' w.'a,Qw. 14.955 fggfqvz ivs'DZC.'?vu vfbgzy f'5lEf.'Nl l :vw gc KK, JA Seventy KATHLEEN M. KIRKLAND Calgary, Alta. General Course: Loretto College: Students Administrative Council, Loretto, IV: Class President, III: Dramatics, II, III, IV: Badminton, II, IV: "Varsity" Staff, III, IV. DOROTHY LABERGE Sudbury, Ont. General Course: Loretto College. LAWRENCE JAMES LACEY Amherstburg, Ont. General Course: Rugby-Interfaculty, I, Mulock Cup Champions, II: Waterpolo, I, II: Italian Club, I: Schola Cantorum, I-IV: Cercle Francais, I, II. ROYDEN HENRY LAMBERT Toronto, Ont. Honour Philosophy. J OSEPH BENEDICT LAVERE Oswego, N.Y. General Course: American Club, I-IV: Social Vice-President, American Club, IV, Service, III, IV: Mulock Rugby, I: Evacoproc Club, I. MARY J osEPH1NE LYNCH Peterboro, Ont. General Course: St. Joseph's College: Class President, II: Secretary Literary Society, IV: Varsity Staff, IV. AGNES LUCILLE MCALPINE Marysville, Ont. English and History: St. Joseph's College: Head Girl: S.A.C., II: English and History Club, II, III: Sodality, III: Class Execu- tive, III: Newman Club. BASIL FREDERICK MCENERY Sunderland, Ont. General Course: Mulock Rugby, III: Mana- ger O.R.F.U. Team, IV: InterestsfRugby, Hockey, Squash, Public Speaking, Math- ematics. ANNE T. MCGARRY Woodstock, Ont. General Course: Loretto College. THOMAS BERNARD MCGOEY Toronto, Ont. General Course:U.of T. Monthly, Advertis- ing Manager, II, III, IV: St. M. Rugby, I, II, III: Hockey, I, II. FREDERICK JOHN MCKENNA Hamilton, Ont. General Course: Cercle Francais, I, II: Schola Cantorum, I, IV: Box Lacrosse, III: Rugby, III: InterestsfRugby, Agri- culture, Horticulture. MARY ALMA MCKENNA Toronto, Ont. English and History: St. Joseph's: Interests fBooks, Swimming, English and History Club. MARY LENORE MCLAUGHLIN Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts: Loretto College: President of Loretto S.A.C., IV: Literary Society, I, II, III: Associate Editor of Rainbow, IV: Class Executive, I, II: Newman Debating Rep., III: At-Home Committee, I, II, III: Varsity Staff, III: Dramatics, Debating. .,?'t?" 'i2ft r ll Q Uff gg vi? l 5' -gg. - 1 E+, ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE 3 mgggw N.-JM: gggvf -IvQ'5f6'N1 lvpfgyz Q' 0 5 I3 bf' W WALTER BASIL MCLAUGHLIN Cornwall, Ont. General Course, Evacoproc Club, I, In- terests-Sports, Libraries. MARGARET ISABEL MCLINDEN Owen Sound, Ont. General Course, St. Joseph's College. LILLIAN J. V. MCNAMARA Niagara Falls, Ont. Pass Arts, Loretto College, Sodality Execu- tive, III, Vice-President, IV, House Committee, IV, Interfaculty Baseball, II, III, IV, Junior "T" and "M" Holder, Dramatics, III, IV, InterestsfMusic, Philosophy. OLIVE MACKLIN Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts, Loretto College, Diploma Course in Physical Education, Class President, I, II, Athletic Executive, I-IV, Basketball Club, II, III, Interfaculty Basketball, I, II, III, IV, Interfaculty Tennis, I, III, "M" Holder. FRANCIS JOHN MAHER Perth, Ont. General Course, Jr. Rugby, II, Macdonald- Cartier Club, II, III, IV. ISOBEL MALONEY Toronto, Ont. Pass Arts, Loretto College, Newman Club Executive, II. Q- JAMES JOSEPH MATTHEWS Niagara Falls, Ont. Pass Course: St. Mike's Basketball, II, St. Mike's Lacrosse, III, Manager Rugby, III, Sports Editor, "The Thurible", III, IV, President St. Mike's Athletic Directorate, IV, Varsity Sports Staff, IV. HUGH J. MEAGHER Toronto, Ont. Honour Philosophy. WILFRID PETER MURPHY Hamilton, Ont. Physics and Chemistry, S.M.C. Oratorical Club, III. Pres. IV. UNA MURRAY Gravenhurst, Ont. General Course, St. Joseph's College, House Committee, III, Baseball, II, III, IV, Skating Committee, III, IV, President of St. Michael's Women's Athletic, IV, Senior Class Treasurer, Newman Club. LoRNE THOMAS NEWMAN Dunnville, Ont. Mathematics and Physics, Meader Prize, I, II, Interests-Fencing, Bridge, Chess. AILEEN NOLAN Bradford, Ont. General Course, Loretto College. EDWARD E. NooNAN Toronto, Ont. Maths. and Phys, Music Committee, IV: Knights of Columbus Scholarship, 119263, Interests-Sports, Music. .. -. 'mf 13" W. TM W A O5 W we I-L ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE e'rQf'..I.f'f.'l-VT' Seventy one 24.6434 ragglbggmu Agjbg BQGWQI lvEC'5lC'Nn avi' 'V QB. I ' Dm MARY MCDERMOTT O'BRIEN Toronto, Ont. General Course. Quapf PAUL FRANCIS PETREY Wellsville, N.Y. Pass Course, Rugby, I, II, Basketball, I, II, Oratorical Club, III, IV, Vice-Pres. American Club, II, Pres. American Club, III, Class Vice-Pres., II. PATRICK MARY PLUNKETT Calgary, Alta. Eng. and Hist., I, II, III: Pas IV, Squash, Interests-Wines, Disputes, Folk-song, Light-reading, The Tragic histories of Poets, Clubs-Areopagus, Iconoclast, Pre- mier Student's Parliament. MARY O. B. PURKIS Toronto, Ont. Classics, Loretto College, President Literary Society, IV, Intercollegiate Debating Team, III, Scholarships-Loretto Alum- nae, I, Mary Ward, II, III, IV, Robert Bruce, Dramatics. ANNA M. QUINLAN Ottawa, Ont. Loretto, Dramatic Society Executive, III, President, IV, Athletic Executive, II, President, III, IV, Intercoll. Debating Team, IV, Badminton, II, IV, Interfaculty Baseball, I-IV, Captain and Manager, IV, Interfaculty Basketball, IV, Interfaculty Hockey, II, IV, President of University Baseball Club, IV, Junior "T" and HM". LAURA BEHAN RICHARDSON Toronto, Ont. General Course, St. Joseph's College. rf ? ,Eg TM 'iii :fs Us if i'stw.,.a+a-Q " HARRY H. O'CONNOR Toronto, Ont. 5 Political Science, General Course, Political ,AN Science Club, I, II, French Club, I, Q Newman Club Debates, III, Interestsf - Cruising, Cinematography. JOHN J. O'CONNOR Toronto, Ont. General Course, HockeyfJennings Cup, II, III, T.H.L., Football, Mulock Cup, Interests-Public Speaking, Music. MICHAEL CRAWFORD O'CoNNoR Marmora, Ont. Pass, InterestseHockey, Football, Hand- ball. HELEN MARGARET O'DONNELL Toronto, Ont. General Course, St. Joseph's College. ARTHUR J. O'LEARY Toronto, Ont. Pass Course, Interfaculty Baseball, I, II, III, Rugby, III, Indoor Track, I, II, Varsity Intermediate Track Team, II, Third "T", Interests-Critical Essays. MARY ELIZABETH PALMER Toronto, Ont. General Course, St. Joseph's College. JOHN MURRAY PAYNE Port Credit, Ont. General Course, Hockey, I, II, III, Jenning Cup Champions, II, III, Golf, I-IV, Intercollegiate Champions, III. - Seventy-two WLM ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE N.9,,c,w HKQQJR: Glgfcfivl lVf'5iE',yNl 184155253 i FRED. JOHN RYAN Hamilton, Ont. General Course, Rugby, I, II, Baseball, I-III, Manager, III, Hockey, I, Box Lacrosse, III, Oratorical Club, II-IV, Browning Club, III, IV, Areopagus Club, II, III, Billiard Committee, II, Senior Class President. ALBERTA CECILIA SPREEN Toronto, Ont. Pass Course, St. Joseph's College, Interests- Needlework and Music. HELEN AGNES TALLON Cornwall, Ont. General Course, St. Joseph's College, In- terests-Music, Bridge, Swimming, Ten- nis, Skating. RICHARD JAMEs THOMPSON Toronto, Ont. Philosophy-English or History Option, Class Vice-President, II, Interfaculty Water-polo, II, III, P.E. or H. Scholar- ship CSt. Michael'sJ, III. WALTER H. TURNER Toronto, Ont. Honour Philosophy. MARGARET E. UNGER Galt, Ont. General Course, Loretto College, Students Administrative Council, Loretto, IV: House Committee, II, III, Editor of "Rainbow" IV, St. Michael's Year Book Staff, IV, Badminton, II, IV, Represent- ative, II, Class Executive, I, II, IV. JOHN ARTHUR WARREN Niagara Falls, Ont. Honour Philosophy, Senior O.R.F.U., II, IV, Mulock Cup Champions, III, Jen- nings Cup, II, Year Book Editor, III, Interests-Sports of all sorts, Literature, Music. JosEPH CHARLES WEY Houston, Tex. Latin CFr. or Gk.J, El Cerculo Espanol, I, Pres., II, Die Deutsche Gesellschaft, IV, Scholarships, III, IV, Interests-Sports, Music. ARTHUR W. A. WHITE Galt, Ont. General Course, Rugby, I, II, III, Mulock Cup Champions, 1930, Soccer, III, Mana- ger, Junior O.H.A. Team, 1931-32, Sec- retary of the Athletic Association, III, Oratorical Club, II, III, IV, Interests- Musical Comedy, Palmistry. JAMES FRANCIS W1LsoN Toronto, Ont. General Course, Rugby, Junior Intercol- legiate, I, Hockey, Junior O.H.A., I, II. MARIE WRITT Stratford, Ont. Classics, Loretto College, Intercollegiate Debater, Junior T Holder. .'f?:? 'i-Z., ST MICHAEL'S COLLEGE Seventy-ihree ERC-'.9A' 'Napa' N955 fgieqv, M?5fC'Nu sg - Q F .5 QQQAI nnglgysn IHEQSHJ Cfavn :J G Q. E 5 TRINITY CCLLEGE QE Q GW? f P CHKCLMF N,'Q,Q',w NQFAD .gg cursed spiteg that ever I was born KSN' iVG'5lC'Nn - To the Graduating Class of Trinity College - By REV. F. H. Cosoimve, M.A., B.D., D.C.L., LL.D. OUR happy years of under- graduate life are to end With the Annual Convocation in June, when the members of this Class of 1933 will receive from our revered Chancellor the visible token of the approval of their University. At such a time your fellow-students offer to you their congratulations and very sincere good Wishes that the voyage of life upon which you are embarking may be a fair and prosperous one. Just now the waters are unusually rough and the storm is likely to rage for some time to come. But we believe that you are not dismayed. As an earlier generation of students faced the perils of War, so you are prepared to face the hazards and difficulties of your day. We shall hear from you no Word of complaint. You will not say with Hamlet "The time is out of joint: O 5 to set it right l", but rather With - i Rupert Brooke, "Now God be thank- - ed Who matched us With this hour". It is hardly necessary to assure you that We your fellow-students will follow your career with interest, and that We shall greatly rejoice when we see you contributing something Worthy to the reconstruction of social and political life. We may dare to believe that your success in helping your fellows in these difficult days is due in some measure to what you gained in the associations of University and College life and be encouraged to think that our task in main- taining such institutions is one Worth the best that We can give it. - Seventy-six TRINITY COLLEGE ' CPKQMI INAQJSQQAI if fgigwl IVf15fCYNl VFQQYEU DORA LILLIAN ANDERSON Willowdale, Ont. English and Historyg St. Hilda's3 English Qi! WILFRED HANKIN BRADLEY Ottawa, Ont. Classicsg Trinity College Literary Instituteg Z and History Club, Trinity Representative, Clerk of House, II, IIIQ Music Committee, gg? III, Secretary, IV. Hart House, IV: Secretary, U. of T. MJOHN RICHARD ANDERSON Stratford, Ont. Haiiiai Club, IV- -,,.....i....,..... Political Science and Economicsg First CYRIL CLYDE BRAZILL ' 5 Alexander Mackenzie Scholarship, II, III, Gamlshv Newfoundland- f-f'-'f- Trinity Scholarship in Political scicocc T lioologyl Tiiiiity Tlioologioal Sooiatyi ll, and Economics, II, III: Trinity Glcc Club, Ill, IV' Ill: Trinity Theological Society, 11, III, RAISIHEL ETHEgZVYNHlit3CfiANC H Saiogai Oat- IVg S.C.M., II, IVQ Macdonald-Cartier 0 efllsi - l aa 0 egei elmafl Club, IVQ Political Science Club. Study Club, III, IV- ARTHUR EDWARD BARKER Toronto, Ont. MARGARET LEIGHTON BUCHANAN English and Historyg Margaret Anna Brock, , Toronto' Ont' Robert Simpson Company Scholarships, Household Ecormmlcs' Ig Sir John Aikins, Sir Herbert Parker DAVID BUSHELL , Hemeeeyner Ont' Scholarships, IIIQ Trinity Basketball. Gelgjcgziaacgloulg? Zagslty Staff: Interfaculty ETHEL MARGARET BATE. St. Catharines, Ont. FLORENCE ELIZABETH HANINGTON CARTER General Coursey St. Hllda's College, Trlnlty Ottawa, Ont. College Dramatlc Soclety' HI' IV? Trlnlty General Courseg Interfaculty Tennis, I, Collage Ffeneh Cloth IV- II, 111,1Vi Intercollegiate Tennis, II, III, ROBERT WILI-'RED BELL Toronto, Ont- Interfaculty Basketball, Ig Intercollegiate General Coursey Trinity Soccer, I, II, IV, Hockey, 1, II, III: Vicgpresident Univer- Hooltayi Ii IV: Basketball, IL Ill, IV. sity Tennis Club, Ili President University JOHN ROBERT BERWICK CATAJ Tennis Club, IIIQ Women's Athletic Grand Valley, Ont. Directorate, IVQ Vice-President St. Hilda's Pass, Board of Stewards, V, VIg Billiard Athletic Association, III, IV. Committee III, IV, V, VIg Trinity Hockey, EVELYN MANSFIELD CHUROHER Toronto, Ont. Ig Basketball, I-VI, Baseball, IV. General Coursey German Study Club, IV. Wag? TRINITY COLLEGE Seventy-seven , . g7Z,Qjfsl lmkggggol l IVQISICINI MARGOT ELEANOR CLARKSON Toronto, Ont. General Course, Trinity Dramatic Club, " I, II, III, IV, Trinity French Club, I, II, IV, University Players' Guild, III, IV, League of Nations' Club, III, IV. - NORAH ANNE BLAKELY CORBET Calgary, Alta. General Course, St. Hilda's College, Trinity College Dramatic Society, III, IV CSect'yl, Hart House Theatre, III, IV, Sale Com- mittee, IV, Reception Committee, IV, Head of Choir, IV, French Club, III, IV. JOHN ERNEST ALEXANDER CRAKE Toronto, Ont. Classics, Head of Year, I, II, III, IV, T.C.L.I. Opposition Council, I, III, IV, T.C. Classical Society, President, IV. PATRICIA WINNIFRED CRUICKSHANK Moose Jaw, Sask. General Course, St. Hilda's. ELSA CAMILLE DAMM Fort Frances, Ont. St. Hilda's, General Course, Trinity College Dramatic Society, II, IV, Interests- Montreal. 5 fs JOHN CHARLES DENISON CAKEJ Toronto, Ont. General Course, Junior Intercollegiate Rug- by, II, IV, Intermediate Intercollegiate i MARY NILES DENNE Peterborough, Ont. General Course, St. Hilda's College, W.A. Head of Sale Committee, IV, Trinity Dramatic Ccostumesj, III, IV, Reception Committee, II, III, Head of Chapel Flowers, III. DAVID MARSHALL DEWAR CZXIID Toronto, Ont. General Course, Senior Intercollegiate Rug- by, I, II, III, IV, Senior Intercollegiate Hockey, I, II, III, IV. LORNA ELIZABETH DILLANE Schomberg, Ont. General Course, St. Hilda's College. OLIVIA ADELE DITCHBURN Fort Erie, Ont. General Course, St. Hilda's. PAUL ALEXANDRE DUERESNE Perth, Ont. General Course, President, Fabius Society, IV, Vice-President, Macdonald-Cartier Club, IV, Vice-President, Trinity College Literary Institute, IV, Treasurer, League of Nations' Society, IV, Hart House Debates' Committee, IV. JACK LAMBERT ELLISSON Toronto, Ont. English and History, Cockburn Scholarship in Greek, I, Second Edward Blake in Classics, I, Trinity University Review Board, II, III, IV, Anomalous Society. Rugby, III, Trinity Hockey, II, III, IV, JEANNE M. GLOVER , Hannon, Ont. Executive, T.C.A.A. III, IV. Modern Languages, French and German. ,51- Seveniy-eight ii - I TRINITY COLLEGE W 54,CL3f'5l rsgkgxgms ggw Motcw .ivpfjyfb JOHN W. GRAHAM QZIXJ Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Economics, Lived for two years in Trinity House. ANNIE KATHLEEN GRANT Meaford, Ont. General Course, St. Hilda's, Physical Edu- cation Course, I, II, St. Hilda's Literary Society, Trinity College French and Dramatic Society, IV. HELEN WAUGH GRooM Hamilton, Ont. General Course, St. Hilda's, St. Hilda's W.A. Executive, I, II, III, Secretary W.A., III, St. Hilda's Hockey, I, Treasurer St. Hilda's Literary Society, II, St. Hilda's Sale Committee, III, Trinity College Classical Club, II, III, St. Hilda's Reporter to Trinity Review, II, St. Hilda's Dramat- ics, I, II, III. JOHN SHERRATT GUEST CCIDKIIJ Oakville, Ont. Modern History, Trinity Dramatic, IV, Conversat. Com., II, III, Member S.P. F.F., T.C.L.I. Gov't., II. GRACE ALICE MAE HACKER St. Catharines, Ont. General Course, St. Hilda's College. MARGARET FoRBEs HALL Guelph, Ont. English and History, St. Hilda's, St. Hilda's W.A., Treasurer, II, Secretary, III, President, IV. 'M augur MARGARET VYVYEN HAMILTON Hamilton, Ont. General Course, St. Hilda's College. SYLVIA HARPER Lewiston, N.Y. St. Hilda's, General Course, Trinity College Dramatic Society, II, IV. BENJAMIN DAwsoN GEORGE BROCKELSBY HARRIS Hamilton, Ont. Special Divinity, Economics, Banking, Clubs:-English and History, Science, Classics, Philosophy: Psychology! Com- merce, Graduate Economics, Diocesan Lay- Reader, Niagara CCathedralj, Pastor, Saint Luke's Parish, Smithville. ROBERT BALDWIN DALE HARRIS QKAJ Toronto, Ont. General Course. CARCLYN MARY HAWLEY Fort Erie, Ont, General Course, St. Hilda's College. GILBERT THoMAs JACKSON Toronto, Ont. General Course. HELEN DENISON JAMES St. Catharines, Ont. General Course, St. Hilda's College, Chron- icle Staif, I, II, III, IV, Library Committee, I, II, III, Literary Executive, II, Hockey, II, III, IV, Athletic Executive, III, IV, Trinity College French Club, IV, Dramatic Society, III, IV, Representative to Toron- tonensis, IV, "Varsity" Reporter, II. TRINITY COLLEGE seventy-nine 6? 'Nd iacliol INQAQMI 155.251 QQCTN lvC'5fff.'Ni vfbyd Q. 39+ "msn LOUIS BARKER JAOUES Toronto, Ont. THOMAS ANDREW MADDEN Physiology and Biochemistry. GOUVGFHGUT, N.Y- Z ENID MARY CAROLINE KIRBY Th90l0Ey: Chapel Choir I, H, III: Glee If-2 Hawkesbury, Ont. Club, III, Organ Scholarship, I, II, III, Q General Course: St. Hilda's College. IV? ,Chapel C0mmlU3e9v Ir 11, IU, IV? ' MARGARET ELIZABETH LEE Toronto, Ont. Samstan' IH' IV' Modemsy English and French: Trinity MOYNA JASPER MARTIN Toronto, Ont. Scholarship, 1929-30: Gov. General's General Course: Gf?rm?n Study, Club, I' Silver Medal, 1930, Free Lances. H' UI, Ivf St' Hlida S Swlmmlflg Team' DONALD WALTER LEONARD St. John, N.B. gingHfHV1Ce'PreS1dent Women S Swlm' Geggxiafoggsfrsg' Icgjiiemlifglnigy algiuig STUART L. B. MARTIN HIJKIID Hamilton, Ont. 2nd Representative University Chemical General Course' SAC' Representatwe tc? Club: Trinity College Science Club Treas- Board Of, Stewards' Hart House' .V' urer, IVQ InterestseSquaSh, Sailing, Ten- Rugby' Tmmty' LV: Captain' IV: Forelgn His, Music. Affairs Club,.IV, Vg Ass. Treas. T.C.A.A., ELIZABETH SHELDON LOCKE Toronto, Ont. ificgllglii gggegi, Sfgirgf'Ig Modernsg St. Hilda'sg German Clubg Pass T ' C 'He e Meetiil 'HI ' ' Scholarship I. Y mas' O g , g' ' ' ' W IOLET ISABELLE MATHIESON Toronto, Ont. DONALD ALEXANDER MCINTOSH 'SEM O General Course' Ofontoi nt- ANNIE-MAX' MOORE Ottawa, Ont. Law, Billiard Committee IVQ Trinity Base- General Course: St. Hildafs College. ball, Iv Hr IU, IV? Hockey' HI' IV- JASPER ERNEST MOORE Guelph, Ont. JAMES EDWARD TEMPLE MCMULLEN QKAD Mathematics and Physics, T.C. Science Vancouver, B.C. Club: Treasurer, Trinity College Meeting, Law, Intermediate Rugby, II, IV, Trinity IIIgYear Secretary, III,IVgTorontonensis Rugby, III, Squash Committee, IV: Representative IV, Manager, Intermediate Trinity College Athletic Executive, IV: Harriers, IVgT.C.L.I.,Opposition Council, Historical Club, IV. IVg T.C. Glee Club, III. - a s Eighty 'A TRINITY COLLEGE Cy. :!61Q.i4f 'FNQ'-QQQLBA! NQM: xg-pai we15Yc.w Wagga VII iwoic' 276 ALICE ELIZABETH MULLIN Hamilton, Ont. General Course: St. Hilda'sg "Chronicle" Staff, IIQ Business Manager, III: Literary Executive, I, III. HAROLD JESSE MUMBY Stirling, Ont. General Course: Trinity Theological Society, II, III, IV. GEORGE WEBSTER NoRTH Hamilton, Ont. General Course: President of Oriental Languages Society, IV. ANNE MURIEL REDMAN ORD Toronto, Ont. General Course: St. Hilda'sg L.T.C.M. II: St. Hilda's Swimming. I, II, IIIQ Head of Swimming, IVQ Individual Swimming Champion, Ig Diving Champion, II. JOHN PEMBERTON PAGE Toronto, Ont. General Course: Hart House Hall Committee IV: 2nd Vice-President 3T3, Trinity Collegeg Trinity Water Polo, I, II, IV: Manager, III: Captain, IV: Trinity Basketball Manager, IVQ Trinity College Theological Society, III. CHARLES Ross PARMENTER KZIIIJ Toronto, Ont. Modern Historyg Editor Trinity Review, IIIg Varsity Staff, Art Critic, III, IV, Trinity French Club, President, IIIg Trinity Dramatic Club, Secretary, II, IIIg Trinity Relay Team, I, IIIQ Historical Club, Sketch Committee, III, IV. 4 :it-jx ROBERT SINCLAIR PEAT Biological and Medical Sciences. MARY KATHARINE PELLATT Toronto, Ont. General Course: St. Hilda'sg Head of Year, Ig Athens, Ont. Pass Course Scholarship, III: S.V.M. NORMAN PENLINGTON Toronto, Ont. Modern Historyg Intercoll. Track, Intermed., III, Sen., IVg Second "T", IVQ Varsity Staff, II, Trinity Track and Harrier, I-IVQ Tr. Coll. Chess Club, Secretary, II, President, IIIg G. H. Armstrong Scholar- ship in Canadian History fAeq.J, IV. WILLIAM NEwINGToN PORTER Hamilton, Ont. Moderns, I, II, IIIg General Course, IVg Intercollegiate Fencing, II, III, IVg Trinity College Glee Club, III: U. of T. Rifle Club, I3 Frontier College Instructor, III: InterestseArcheology, Swimming, Squash. FREDERICK THOMPSON REAfKAl Toronto, Ont. General Coursey Trinity Hockey, Ig Junior Hockey, II: Intercollegiate Golf Champ- ions, II, III, Captain, III. DOROTHY MAY RILEY St. Catharines, Ont. English and Historyg St. Hilda's College. DOROTHY DEAN RUSHBROOK Guelph, Ont. General Course: St. Hilda'sg St. Hilda's Chronicle, III, IVQ English and History Club, IV. TRINITY COLLEGE Eighty-one 52. E? -43 ILM' N.:g,c,w M9354 556491 lvwfnitofwl CATHERINE CAMPAIGNE SALE Goderich, Ont. Modernsg St. Hilda's College: Library BESSIE ROBINA WEBB Gananoque, Ont. General Course: St. Hilda's Collegeg Hart - Committee, I, II: Head of Library, III: House Theatreg Trinity Dramatics, IV. 5 German Study Club, III, IVQ Trinity ig French Club, IV: Head of College, IV: LALlfgf1eio1YgS?g19LIAMo Toroooo' ooo' S.A.C., IV. ' GEORGE ARCHIBALD STILES Cornwall, Ont. CONSTANL-E CLARKE WILLIAMSON General Course. pert Hope, Ont. GEORGE ROBERT SWEENY Toronto, Ont. General Course. General Coursey Varsity Staffg Trinity Rugby, 1: Ti-inity Hockey, I-IV: Cater- MARY LOETITIO IVILSON Ottawa, Ont. pillar Club: ASSt,-Ti-easiii-er, Trinity General Coursey St. Hilda's Collegeg St. Literary Institute. Hilda's College Literary and Debating MARGOT ISOBEL THOMPSON SCIZY., I, II, III, PI'8Sld9I1t, IV: Trinity Niagai-a-0n-tbe.Lake, Ont- College Dramatic Scty., III, Vice-Presi- Modernsg St. Hilda's Collegeg St. Hilda's dent, IV? Trinity College French SGW-f Basketball, I-IV: Tennis, II, III, IV: II, III, IVQ Staff St. Hilda's Chronicle, Intercollegiate Hockey, I-IVQ Treas. St. II, IH' Editor, IV? St- Hildais College Hilda'S Athletic Ass'n., IIQ Pres. St. Recepfifm Comm-, IL IU, IV2 Head Of Hilda's Athletic Ass'n., IVQ Vice-Pres. R9C9Dti0nS, II, IH: U-T.D-A- ?3t'lThld2,S L11 iciclstoikfllvli Treas' ,Tfmfty ROBERT JAMES WINYARD Toronto, Ont. m?O:1ii,Sr?3Zgketb:.ll' Ch1bnEl,.Ua:ZZ'Z1fi Pass Coursey Hart House Dramatics, IIQ Athletic Directorate, IV. Tnmty Water-polo' I-IV' Ex' 32' JUNE HILDEGARDE WALKER Grimsby, Ont. STUART FREDERICK MACPHERSON WOTHER- General Coursey St. Hilda's College. SPOON CKAJ Port Hope, Ont. MARJORIE JUNE WARREN Toronto, Ont. General Coursey Trinity Rugby, I, III, IV: General Courseg St. Hilda's Collegeg German Intermediate Intercollegiate Rugby, II: Study Club, III, IVQ Trinity Dramatic Trinity Literary Institute, IIQ Foreign Society, IVQ Trinity Coll. French Club, IV. Affairs Club, III, IVQ Historical Club, IV. ' -SEE? Eighty-two TRINITY COLLEGE ey. KQQQAI If-tglglgyau FLSCN fvf':?1 Q 62 COMMERCE AND FINANCE iz 5 6? ?i' Ely x K s I E' W? E J? i il :JK-'..9fn 'QE .ri C? IVQCYEIIWPI To the Graduating Class of Commerce and Finance By PROFESSOR GILBERT E. JACKSON, B.A. OUR years ago, a graduate in Commerce and Finance was "on the top of the world". His predecessors in the Course had made a good name for themselves in business, Canadian industries were expanding rapidlyg the services of the trained man were in active demand. Studentsuwere flocking into the Course from all directions, in many cases, with a conscious desire to share the supposed advantages of Commerce graduates, when their turn should arrive to cross the threshold of business. But, while the Course was still expanding in numbers, the tide of prosperity turned, and those who came in on the flood are now going out on the ebb. Never, perhaps, were the con- ditions facing young graduates more difficult, and it is of these con- ditions that I wish to speak briefly. Three points I would stress. In the first place we are now in a position, at this hour of need, to take full advantage of the good-will towards Commerce graduates, to which I have already referred. In the course of our search for opportunities, and despite many disappointments, we meet with kindliness and encouragement everywhere. In the second place, after three years of increasing depression, which at one time seemed bottomless, it is beginning to be plain that there is a "floor", below which depression is in any case unlikely to go, and even on the worst supposition, if the depression continues unabated, this "floor" Cwhich is not far distantb will soon be reached. We may congratulate ourselves, at any rate, that we know the worst and have already faced it. In the third place, the great Canadian corporations recognize quite frankly that, in good times or bad, they must recruit a minimum of trained young men. In one aspect, every great business executive is engaged in the business of education. He must provide against the time, a generation hence, when he will no longer be directing his organization. He can only do so by securing a continuous supply of such recruits, that he may reasonably expect to find among them a small proportion of first class executive material, and by training the best of them personally. Such recruits are needed in times of depression, no less than in times of prosperity. Much the same conditions were faced by the class of '32, as must now be faced by the class of '33. We are cheered, however, by the knowledge that though some graduates of '32 have encountered great difficulties, an over- whelming majority have already found useful occupation. We hope and believe that the class of '33 will do likewise. They carry with them, as they leave us, our warm good will. IVFDZEJ A fi. ? ' Eighty-four COMMERCE AND FINANCE ' EYZCLQAI lN,Q'Q,354l is Crgcfqvr m'.5lE?N1 4 '6un2t4'DONALD JAMES AGNEW KATAD Toronto, Ont. had - Commerce and Financeg U.C. Basketball, - I II III IV' Athletic Board U.C.: Z 8 Manayger IIC. Basketball, IV: President, -5- IV, U.C. 2 WILLIAM LLOYD BELL Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance: U.C. Rugby, I, II: U.C. Baseball, I. E. G. BLACK Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance. B. BORSOOK Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance. WILLIAM NORMAN BOWDEN Dunnville, Ont. Commerce and Finance, Trinity College Literary Institute, Asst. Treas. III, Treasurer IVQ Trinity College Science Club. Executive, I, II, III, Secretary Trinity College Meeting, III, Trinity College Glee Club, III: Conversazione Committee, IVQ Business Manager Trinity University Review, IV. 4 S. CLIFFORD BURNET Preston. Ont. Commerce and Finance: Interfaculty Basket- ball, II, III, IV, Rugby, III, Intermediate Track, II. D. S. F. CAMERON Toronto, Ont. 2 Commerce and Finance. ROBERT CLIFFORD CARTER Kagawong, Ont. Commerce and Finance, South House, Burwash Hall, IV. DANIEL DAVID CHITTENDEN Brantford, Ont. N- - 54--1-I LL44'-' Commerce and Finance: Gate House, Bur- wash Hall, Year Treasurer, IIQ Athletic Committee, II: House Treasurer, IIIg V. C. U. III, Treasurer V.C.U. IV. EDWARD RITCHIE CLARK Toronto, Ont. Commerceg U.C. Rugby, I, II, IV, Inter- faculty Wrestling, II. JOHN MELVIN CLARK CKE! Toronto, Ont. EDWARD J, BRESLIN QAM5 Toronto, Ont. Interfaculty Water Polo Champs. Ig Inter- Vixilet quem dederat cursum fortuna, peregi. Collegiate Fencing, 11, IU, IV? U-C- Rugby, I, II: B.W.F. Executive, II, IV: G. W. BULL Weston, Ont. U.C. Athletic Board, II, III, Library Commerce and Finance. Committee, IV: Foreign Affaires Club. ' COMMERCE AND FINANCE i Eighty-five ' fy' 'N13 ACJAI 'NQQQJA MDM: GilN?l IVYOICINI ,yp'3'2:D CTN: IVQTDI I lfxbugv 11. BENSON LIVINGSTONE COYNE Toronto, Commerce and Finance. W. CUTLER Toronto, Commerce and Finance. H.DOUGLAS Joi-iN DEMILLE Stratford, gx.......I21oInmerce and Finance: Middle House ""'1L- WM Com. 11, Director IV: vie. Rink, s-Und gkicfqvs Q Treas. III, Mgr. IV. DONALD STANLEY DovE Toronto, q wash: IV Rugby, I-IV: Music Club: Ont. Ont. Ont. Bur- Bob Sec. Ont. Commerce and Finance: Burwash Hall, II: B.W. Sz F. Club: Commerce Club: Dramatic Club, III, IV. WALTER ELLIOTT DUFFETT Galt, Ont. Chemical Engineering, S.P.S., 1928-29: Com- merce and Finance, 1929-1933. HARRY HALL EDMISON UIQAOJ Toronto, Ont. Commerce Club: Victoria Water Polo: I, II, III, IV: Champions III: Victoria Swimming, II, III, IV: Intercollegiate Swimming, III, IV, Champions IV: President, Swimming Club, IV. RALPH EDWIN FOSTER Toronto, Ont. Track-U.C. IV, Intermediate Intercol- legiate, IV: U.C. Rifie, II, III, IV: Fencing U.C. III: Volleyball, U.C., IV. Gi IJ. Eighty-sir LYMAN HowE FRASER CZXIIJ Graduate R.M.C. Kingston: Historical Club. M. FREEMAN Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance. JOSEPH LEONARD GIROUX Toronto, Ont. University College Commerce Club: Base- ball, II, III, IV. THOMAS GRANDIN Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance: Commerce Club, Treasurer, III, Secretary, IV: Victoria College Hockey, I, II, III, IV. DONALD JAMES GRANT QAXD Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance: Intercollegiate Basketball Junior, I, Intermediate, II, III, IV: Baseball Club Vice-President, III, President, IV: U.C. Athletic Board, III, Treasurer, IV: U.C. Baseball Junior, I, II, Senior Manager, III, IV: Soccer, III, IV: Commerce Club: Liberal Club. R. E. STEWART GREEN 411211.15 Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Commerce and Finance: U.C. Interfaculty Rowing, I, II: Commerce Club, III, President, IV: Liberal Club, II, III. COMMERCE AND FINANCE urcgggggggal ' IQQM -'lm 0 Yglcfivs -fvsC'5fiTNl wp' 'yy l .5Ki'Nn I M' CHC-194 ,wtf WEP' I .......- - ROBERT CLYDE GROUT OIITD Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance. JAMES STEVEN HAMILTON Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance. HELEN JEAN HARPER Toronto, Ont. .J . NF' HAROLD JASON GILL .JACKSON CATAJ Windsor, Ont. Commerce and Finance: U. Of T. Liberal Club, President, III, Commerce Club, Vice-President, IV. I Z iz 5 Kc-L34' IN Commerce and Finance, Hutton House, I3 Fabius Club, II, Women's Commerce Club, II, III, IV: Secretary, III. RALPH CYRIL INGRAM CKRTJ Toronto, Ont- Commerce and Finance: Trinity Basketball I, II, III, IV: Baseball, II, III, IV' Commerce Club. 1 v HAROLD V. IRWIN Toronto, Ont Commerce and Finance. fi - 1 COMMERCE AND FINANCE LAWRENCE JACOBS Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance: Commerce Club: InterestseEcOnOmics, Chess. JOHN LAWRENCE JOSE Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Financeg Squash, Commerce Club: Outside InterestsfBusiness, Music, Dramatics. ARTHUR GRAHAM LITTLE UIDFAJ Kirkland Lake, Ont. Commerce and Finance. Eighty seven 'W r'i"1f rg fgffivl :vt .9 C, Nl :viii . t , 64 ,.,.. f 5,49-Y-'Sr GEORGE STANLEY LUCAS CZKIID Hamilton, Ont. Commerce and Finance. 5 ROBERT JOHN MACDONALD Markham, Ont. 'P ' Commerce and Finance, Soccer, Interfaculty ff Title, I, II, Finalist, III, Manager, IV, ' Hockey, I, II,III,IV,Track, I, II, III, IV. JOHN MERLIN MACNAB Uxbridge, Ont. 'Commerce and Finance, Commerce Club, I, II, III, IV, Executive of C.C. III: Interfaculty Tennis. 'IJOHN AUBREY MEDLAND UIDAOJ Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance. JOSEPH R. MILLER Bradford, Ont. Commerce and Finance. JAMES HOWARD MOEBUS Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance. DOUGLAS ROBERTS MUSGRAVE QKAJ Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance. GORDON BAILEY PARKER Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance. ' Eighty-eight Cr' KQCM RUPERT ALFRED PARKINSON CAXJ Orangeville, Ont. Commerce and Finance, U.C. Box Lacrosse, III, IV, Vice-President, University of 5 Toronto Lacrosse Club, IV, Hall Com- Ni' mittee Hart House, IV, Commerce Club, C? Manager Intercollegiate Lacrosse, IV. WILLIAM STEWART PEACOCK Regina, Sask. Commerce and Finance, U.C. Residence, I, II, III, Dance Committee, III, In- terests-Dance Orchestra. GORDON ALLEN PURDY Trenton, Ont. Commerce and Finance. JOHN PAUL RAPSEY CAKE, Toronto, Ont. Trinity Track Meet, I, II, III, "Varsity" Staff, I, Intercollegiate Boxing, 118 pounds, I, III, B.W. Sz F. Club, Secretary, III, President IV, C.I.B.W. Kr F. Union, President IV, Manager Trinity Basket- ball, II, III, Committee of Basketball Management, II, III, T.C.A.A.A. Cura- tor, III, Historical Club, III, IV, Coxswain 2nd Crew, III, Harrier, IV. J. HOWARD RICHARDSON Port Credit, Ont. Commerce and Finance. ,EL I - Q COMMERCE AND FINANCE INAQQQJQAI 1 ggcfivl If-fQf'5lC'Nl lvfayf 5-4.2 Qi J. C. Ross Toronto, Ont. JOHN MACLAREN RUTHERFORD COAXJ Commerce and Finance. Toronto, Ont. - C d F' . 5 LOUIS Ross Toronto, Ont Ommerce an mance +R- C0mm9fC9 and Finance- EDMUND FORREST SCOTT Kapuskasing, N. Ont. S WILLIAM GRANT Ross CAXAJ Toronto, Ont. Commit? 5f1dDFman5e9 gatfetl-101135 gm' Commerce and Finance, U.C. Water Polo, X433 IVR6 Tama 131 E019 y, , us. I, II: Intercollegiate Water Polo, III, gr' ' Ommerce u ' IV, Secretary, University Swimming and N M K S ,PAQ V' - Water Pele Club, IVg U.C. Athletic ELSON C ENDRY ECCOMBE lTOrOgtO Ont. Board, IV? Interests-Canary Raising Commerce Club Rep. I- U.C. Athletic and Deep Sea Dwmg- Board, II, IIIQ U.C. Water Pele, I, II, FRANK ALBERT RUGGLE Kitchener, U.C. Basketball, I, U.C. SOCi2.l North Houseg Commerce Clubg Macdonald- Cartier Club. Director, III, Intercoll. Water Polo, IV, Historical Club. R. P. RUPPEL Elmira, Ont. R. G. SHEPPARD Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance. Commerce and Finance. 'fl IA. ' COMMERCE AND FINANCE i Eighty-me 5233.341 lN.9,gQ,W 'NQF5 Q1-.4 Yifcfqvu Ivw'.'5fCv-11 Ivi'5Qf3 Ld. ' DOUGLAS CHADWICK MACDONALD SMITHQAXM Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance: Commerce Club. 3.44. HUGH HAROLD WALKER CAXA5 Galt, Ont. Commerce and Finance: Senior Intercol- legiate Track, II, III: Intermediate Z RUTH SNURE Beamsville, Ont. Intercollegiate Track, IV: Interfaculty 5 Commerce and Finance: Mulock House, Track, I, II, III, IV: Rugby, I: Basket- '45 Q Whitney Ha11:U.C.Baskerba11,I, wom- ban, I, viwrresidem, U. of T. Track Q T en's Commerce Club, H, III, IV: Club, III: Manager, Intercollegiate Water ' Fabius Club, IH- Polo and Swimming, IV: U.C. Athletic ROBERT STEWART SOMMERVILLE Board, IV: League of Nations Club: ISllf1gt0H, Ont- Commerce Club. First Class Honours, I, II: Second Class Honours' UI- NEAL MAOMILLAN WQESON QBOIIJ Sarnia, Ont. - "7 MARK FREDRICK SPROTT QCDAQD Toronto' Ont' Commerce and Finance: University College.mMIWo'. Commerce and Finance: Intermediate Rug- by, II: U.C. Hockey, II: Intermediate ' Rugby, III. ARTHUR CLAYTON WIIJSON Regina, Sask. wu,.LmE,1, CAROLYN MARY TEMPLE Commerce and Finance: Middle HouSe,c,,Jw,,,, :,,,,'4I Victoria College Music Club, III: IV: Bufwasl? Hall? Vlctofla Colleg? UPIOH' Fabius Club, II, Treasurer, III: Womenfs III, Social DIrector, IV: Acta Vlctoriana, Commerce Club, III, Treasurer, II, H' UI' Busmess Managor' Ivi Varslty President, IV: Secretary, Students' Dis- Band, I'IVi UBobn Commlttoe' IV' armament Committee, III: Class Secre- tary, U, Spring- FRANCIS PHILIP WILSON Waterloo, Ont. , "1 'WILLIAM OSBORNE TWAITSQAKEJ Sarnia, Ont. Commerce and Finance: Trinity College: f' "W M-I-Football, o.R.F.U. sr-'S. I, Sr. Intercoll., Interfaculty Rowing, II: Interfaculty 'Wim II, III, Intermed. Intercoll. CCapt.J IV: Water P010, III, IV: Year Executive, 'Km -05' Hocke -U.C. I, II, III, IV, Senior III, IV: Commerce Club, I, II, IV: is "B", IIII, IV: Sec'y, Rugby Club, III: Macdonald-Cartier Club, IV: Foreign Historical Club: Athletic Directorate, IV. Affairs Club, IV. I-I. v 5 Ninety Xi COMMERCE AND FINANCE T ,QJCLQAI INQEQQAI IHLQBX: 'Q A A 3 hgycfqvl IV9'.'j.CYiVI N 1929 special arrangements were made for the benefit of students who had entered Commerce and Finance and had been in- terested only in receiving a training along the lines of Commerce and Finance, and who under the new regulations regarding standing, would presently be transferred to the Pass Course. A special Course was devised for the benefit of such students with approximately the same content as Commerce and Finance. This Course may be entered only in the second year or later, and only by such students as have been through at least the first year of the Course in Commerce K and Finance. This new Course is, at the present time, officially a subdivision of the Pass Courseg Z but it is a distinct unit in itself, and has come to be known in general parlance as the Pass Course in Commerce. Students in this course as in Commerce and Finance, are members of the Commerce Club. MC-L94 'NQQQMIP 'ek-Pb: ggmvl lvQ'.'5lCNl - 4-lma:3rzmna.e.-arm.-......,....,,. A - lg f .sexi gy,-212 3 5. 'Nd JOHN HUBERT DooL Brockville, Ont. KEITH LLEWIS HAMER Aurora, Ont Pass Commerce, North House, I, II, III, IV, Pass Commerce. " U.C. Soccer, IV: U.C. Softball, IV, , , , , is Interfaculty Tennis, Macdonald-Cartier KATHARINE HARRNESS fkhll Torfmto' Ont f Club: Interestsgggcgolf and Bridge. Pass Commerce, Ist Year Executive, Wom- en's Commerce Club. WILLIAM JONATHAN DUNN Toronto, Ont. , , Pass Commerce, Nothing else to Brag MARGARET ELEANOR HOGARTH lhkm About Toronto, Ont Pass Commerce, U.C. Hockey, I, Tennis H. M. STUART FERGUSON LAACIJD III, Women's Commerce Club, Secre- Toronto, Ont. tary, II, Polity Club, President, III Pass Commerce, Intercoll. Senior Rugby, II, Class Secretary, Ig Women's Under- III, IV, Intercoll. Senior Hockey, II, graduate Association, University College- Intercoll. Intermed. Hockey, I, III, Presi- Treasurer, III, President, IV. dent' Hockey Club' IV' CAMPBELL CARLISLE HOLMES York Mills, Ont. THOMAS AUGUSTUS GAVIN Toronto, Ont. Pass Commerce. Pass Course in Commerce and Finance, U.C. Baseball, II, III, IV, Liberal Club, YETTA KAS1-ER CMJED Toronto, Gnt- Newman Hall. Pass Commerce, Women's Commerce Club 1930-31, Fabius Club Executive, 1932-33 EDGAR HOWLETT GIBSON NIDAO7 Hamilton, Ont. HARRY L. KAY Schomberg, Ont. Pass Commerce 8.1 Finance, Junior Rugby, Pass Commerce, Boxing, I, II, Vic. Champ. Ig Senior O.R.F.U., II, III, Senior Inter- 160 pounds, Varsity Staff, III, Baseball collegiate, IV. IV. 1 - Ninety-two 1 COMMERCE AND FINANCE CKQMI INQQQQJAI 'HSM Sew. .wsiewl fffpgf SHARMAN KETCHEN LEARIE CAXA3 Toronto, Ont. ,1..-A - was BRUCE FOSTER MILLER Toronto, Ont. Pass Commerce: Junior Interfaculty Wrest- - Pass Commerceg Interfaculty Swimming, ling, 134 pound champion, and Senior 5 III: Interfaculty Waterpolo, I, II, U. of T. Interfaculty finalist, II, IV: U.C. Soccer, is Senior Waterpolo, III, IV, Intercollegiate IV. 5 Champions, III, Capt. IV: U. of T. Swim- D- H. NIC-Hoi, Tgrgnto, Gut. ming Club Executive, IVQ U.C. Athletic pass Comme,-oo. Board' IV: House Committee' Hart House' LoU1s CHAIM MAXWELL PALMER Toronto, Ont. IVQ Commerce Club. Pass Commerce. GEORGE ADOLPHUS LEFLER Simcoe, Ont. Pass Commerce and Finance, U.C. Soccer, J' ROBB , Toronto' Ont' L H, HIZ Baseball, IV. Commerce and Finance. Thomas Edward MCDOMQH, Um GX, JoHN ALEXANDER PUDDICOMBE SIIRHTH t Ont Toronto, Ont. Own 0' , ' Pass Commerce: House Committee of Hart Pass Commerce? Basketball Qlub Vlce' House, III, IV: Athletic Director, Uni- President, IV, Intermed1ate"B'Manager, versity College Literary and Athletic II, Interrfledlate Manager' IV: U'C Base' Society, IVgUniversity ofToronto Basket- ball 'Tumor' I' H' Sammi HI' IV' ball Club, Vice-President, III, Secretary PHILIP HARRY TEDMAN CCPK-El IV, Manager, Junior Basketball Team, Pass Commerceg Intercollegiate Swimming, II, Intermediates, III, Senior Intercol- I, IV, Captain, IV! U-C- If1t9l'f3CUl'0y legiate, IV, Interfaculty Basketball, I, Swilllming, I, II, III: ChamDi01'1S, I, II. II, IIIg Manager U.C. Basketball Teams, IV? UC- A011650 B021I'd iswimmillgl, IV: II, III, U.C. Athletic Board Secretary, U- Of T- Swimming Cl'-lb EXQCUIIVQ, IV- II, III, Director IV, Interfraternity HARRY B, TINDALE Toronto, Ont. Council, III, IV, Secretary-Treasurer, IV. Pass Commerce Courseg Interfaculty Row- GERALD JOSEPH MCGOEY Toronto, Ont. ing, I, II: Interfaculty Basketball, I, II, C. 8: F., I, Pass Cwith C. Sz F. optionl, III, IV, Interfaculty Water Polo, II, III, II, III, IVQ Hockey, I, II. IVQ Interfaculty Baseball, IV. Q la. - COMMERCE AND FINANCE 1- Ninety-three r ' N43 p'QQ,jfs1 INQEQM' M532 l9'!1n'jiCyiX'2I 0 RYQWQI ka. -..E if .. MTD. .QD . 14 f ,M li ,QE 1 If Facuffies and fhose ig f 54 S 5 ' " 2 l Q, , ' ,.. ' ' HAY.-'cz 'ffl 1 DRY! -, L 111 f '.,?1mmun" 1 lhirgma - f I 4 5 I ,, ,xg ,,,, g,,W:'g:L:i" "--- -- T ii' " ,Q A f-fn -- my , mi W ,gp I 63 .. 524 . . -' Q if 1 fi 1 if X 1 - 5' X Q 'l 2 2 i I ,F 'gxg ' -f, .im ,gf Q ,l'xmR!'ll'lTA - ' ix" Q "1 E 'Mmm uf E'-ia.5rnxoblc"Qv lf552'?BHI01'iif,. nifwlww '4' ' S ' ' a ' T M "E ' , ,gy IE' if ' uf' X V ,Mp 2 3 . 5 51 , '45 Z y ,iv K lb I i E E .CA IPNRDJY1 . 1NQQQQ-144' CEQA' fggqv. dc: Q. 2 2 TEACHERS' CCURSE DEPARTMENT OF UNIVERSITY EXTENSION 5, x xxxxxx X I 4 f as 'W 52 :6,CLifv .DC Su-Qji fifG'3vn lVf.'5it?iw2l Q. Ni wp' To the Graduating Classes in the Department of University Extension By W. J. DUNLOP, B.A., B.PAED. N THE next page will be found reproductions of photo- graphs of some of those who graduate this year in the Teachers' Course. It is expected that twenty- three teachers will be awarded the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Juneg but not all of them are supplying their photographs to TORONTO- NENSIS. Previous to June, 1933, two A ,R hundred and ninety-eight men and . women completed the Teachers' Aitf'i Course and graduated. During the session of 1932-33, more than six hundred teachers have been taking work in the First, Second and Third Years of the T eachers' Course. The Teachers' Course was ar- ranged by the University of Toron- to some years ago so that those lvif'5ffi' I Z 5 Ig. H H IP G CG' L11 DU U3 O O CI 53 U1 E11 who are employed during the day may secure a university education by means of Teachers' Classes, which are held in the evenings, on Saturdays, and late in the after- noons, at the University and else- where in the Province, or by means of the Summer Session. The term "extra- mural" should not be used in describing these students. They attend lectures, just as do students in residence, but they attend them at different times. Naturally, these students cannot take a full year's work in a session. As a rule, a student in the Teachers' Course does the Work of three university years in five, six or seven years. The Teachers' Course is an adaptation of the Pass Course and has fewer options. The standard is just as high. The only difference is that, by means of the Teachers' Course, the work is made accessible to those who cannot attend the University in the regular way. 1 Under the direction of the Department of University Extension there are three diploma courses, a two-year course in Occupational Therapy, a one-year course in Teaching and Administration for Graduate Nurses 3 and a two-year course in Physiotherapy. The photographs of some of the graduates in these courses will be found beginning on page one hundred and sixty-one. This Department also conducts a great many evening classes, short courses and Extension Lectures. All students in the Department of University Ex- tension are adults. Last year there were 5,159 adults taking definite, con- tinuous work. When the figures for this year are compiled at the end of June, the total will be considerably larger than this. Besides, more than 29,000 people attend Extension Lectures each year. The function of the Department of University Extension is to serve the citizens of the Province of Ontario. iN,Qgg3i4e if-QQM gggfw Motcw. 'vi .- 3 ,4- A Q 4 'i Q fi: 112 'f MARIAN ST. AUBYN BANKS Yarmouth, N.S. Teachers' Course, Yarmouth, N.S.g O.C.E.: GORDON CLARENCE PAUTZ Toronto, Ont. Teachers' Coursey Attended Arnprior High Z Deaconess, College Street Church, Tor- School, Awarded Second Carter Scholar- ' onto: Commercial Specialist, Islington ship for Renfrew County, 19193 Teaching 4 'EQ High, Vice-Pres. Teachers' Course Associa- in General Mercer School. - t' ,'31gU' 't fM 'h,S - ,gan mversl y 0 umc C ummeri HELEN MURRAY QUEEN Toronto, Ont. ' Teachers' Course. MARY EDITH HENDERSON REID Toronto, Ont. Graduate of Toronto Normal, 19273 Grace St. School, Toronto. JAMES HARRY MORGAN Weston, Ont. ELWOOD O. SIMPSON Barrie, Ont. Teachers' Course. Teachers' Coursey Toronto Normal, 1925. AEI!! TEACHERS' COURSE Ninety-seven cv' . -,Q 404' Iwcapaw 159.9354 "V-'MI iigcfqvr lvw'.'5fC'NI wa Q,-A' I, .5 QQ: 1N,gig,w .Q rv N '5vI IV! 0.6 fql C? EDICINE Civ: N -1e5,wE'RE JUST cv.GcmNG uv ON ouv.-nv Aw - c.x.mENTs - T0 sgg xF - ' XF - Eveogl - gf ram TVQNQQS QK TN: M y --i-4. 2 DR BK-BHK SERYKE DEPT - 'l't'i "T , .Q QM INQAQW :Kwik J Biqcflvu nvQf5fi?.'N1 yi? ja Y so To the Graduating Class in Medicine By j. G. FITZGERALD, MD., LL.D., F.R.C.P. l HE Council of the Faculty of Medicine shares with me, I am sure, the wish that you of the graduating class may have every success in the future in your chosen field of endeavour. We congratulate you upon having achieved your first objective. Fur- thermore, many of us confidently believe that the majority of those who in this University receive the degree of Bachelor or of Doctor of Medicine at the annual con- vocation in June, 1933, will con- tinue to progress upon the not easy path which you have marked out for yourselves. It has doubtless been realized by every member of the class of 1933 that the pre- liminary preparation which has required six or seven years of effort in the university is obviously only 1 the first stage in the discipline which you have adopted. Despite constant reiteration C in- dulged in year after year by those who are requested to do so, or by those who permit themselves the luxury of admonitionj it is probable that you will profit by these suggestions only to the extent to which they appear to you to be reasonable. The circumstances which are likely to determine whether you will continue to be students and investigators after graduation are two in number. The first will be conditioned upon the extent to which you are endowed with intellectual curiosity, and the second upon the efforts and sacrifices you are prepared to make to contribute to the welfare of the community and to the advancement of medical science, in the practice of your chosen profession. The first factor is largely a matter of heredity but nevertheless is something which may be cultivated and developed. Those who make this effort will be rewarded. The second depends chiefly on your own initiative. Success or failure in that direction, then, is almost wholly an individual, personal res- ponsibility which each of you will achieve in varying degrees. The practice of medicine, the conduct of research and investigation in the medical sciences and the application of the principles of prevention of disease are, apparently, becoming more and more socialized with the passage of time. Evolutionary changes are occurring everywhere in the modern world, which may have a profound effect upon the status and position of the doctor, whether he is engaged in private medical practice, in public health endeavours, or in the prosecution of scientific research. It may be well for each one of you to give consideration and attention to these developments. This should provide you with useful information for guidance and orientation in your progress and dexffelopment as educated citizens, and as substantial contributors to human we are. That the rewards and distinctions which you receive may be those which you justly merit, is the sincere wish of those who to-morrow will be your colleagues and who were yesterday your instructors, in medicine. E One hundred MEDICINE 8 L9 U I :MLM INQIQQBAI 52.952 , nvtfilffwi 'Www JOSEPH BENJAMIN AIKEN Toronto, Ont. Moderate Interest in Affairs Scholastic, also Squash, Wrestling and Gymnastic. -35 BLANDFORD MEREDITH ELIOT ALLAN UIDXJ Q? Toronto, Ont. I Med Water Polo, I-VI, Med Hockey, I-VI: Year Executive, I, VI, First President of the S.F.T.W.A.H.A. SAMUEL ALPERT Toronto, Ont. Interests-Squash, Basketball. JOHN JOSEPH ANDRAOHUKQTEXJ Toronto, Ont. Medicineg Newman Club, Interests+Squash, Music, Reading. ADRIAN FRANCIS WARREN ANGLIN CAKKJ Toronto, Ont. B.A. CLoyola Collegeb 1927g Medical Journal Staff, V, VI. B. W. APPLETON Toronto, Ont. Medicine. CHARLES ASHLEY ARMSTRONG B.A. Kobe, Japan. Victoria Arts, '30, Vic Rugby 4 yrs, Sr. Meds Rugby, 1 yr., Music Club, Vic, 3 yrs. WILLIAM HAMILTON ATKINSON CNEND Hamilton, Ont. HARRY BAKER Toronto, Ont. InterestseSquash. CLARE MONTGOMERY BENNETT Nelson, B.C. Medicineg Meds. Water Polo, I, II, III: Captain, III: Hockey, Meds., I. WILL KINGSTON BLAIR Aneroid, Sask. Medicine-University of Saskatchewan, '26 '27, Varsity Band, I-VI. FRANCIS STAPLES BRIEN UIDXJ Windsor, Ont. B.A., University College--Biological and Medical Sciences-19303 East House Com- mittee, II-VIQ Secretary, III, President, Vg Hart House Sketch Committee, III-VI, Secretary, IV, VI, Board of Stewards, IV, VI, Pineapple Club, V, V15 Senior Meds. Rugby, V. MEYER CARR UIIAEQ Hamilton, Ont. Meds. Interfaculty Basketball, I, II, Sifton Cup Winners, IIQ M. Holder, Varsity Junior Basketball, IIIg Varsity Inter- mediate Basketball, Cap't, IV, Vg 3rd T. Holder. - MEDICINE V4 One hundred one EKQM INQAQSA- 3 -'lf-I IVQOICNI avi' V ,VW 5 ! Fr 4 . LOUIS HENDERSON CARROLL UIJPE5 JOSEPH CALVIN CRAWFORD DAWSON CBOIID ' Toronto, Ont. Toronto, Ont. - Biological and Medical Scs. ZT9 U.C.: Medicine, Interfaculty Rowing, I, II3Varsity - 5 Sr. Intercollegiate Rugby, I, II, Sr. Inter. 150-lb. Crew, Ig Intercollegiate Crew, II: 5 Sed Rugby Championship, II, Bronze "T", Vice-President of Rowing Club, II. 'g U. of T. Rugby Club, President Medical Z - Athletic Assoc. VI' Coach Jr. Inter. ' ' ' ' T W D T , O t. Rugby Champs., III, VI, Coach, Sr. Hlgggiinel-LLIAM EAN Omnto n O.R.F.U. Rugby Team, IV, Ass't. coach Sr. Inter. Rugby Team, Vg Interfaculty HOQkey and Lacrosse. JOHN HERBERT DEETH Toronto, Medicine, Biological-Medical Sciencese U ' . C ll. '30. RICHARD W. CARVETH Toronto, Ont. mv O Medicine. WILLIAM ARTHUR DOIDGE Toronto, Ont. Meds. Basketball, II, Interfaculty Cham- ALEXANDER HERMAN COHEN CQJAEJ pionsg Soccer, VI: 4-MH Holder. Toronto, Ont. M d' ' . , , e mme NEIL ELLIOTT DUNN MDM Calgary, Alta. University of Alberta, '24-'27g Med. Mulock E. SKELTON CONNOR CCIJPIJ Toronto, Ont. Cup Rugby Teams, 1928-'31g P.C. 1931- Medicine. '32. - mu-ffl, .- 1 One hundred two V4 MEDICINE Qi, Y L9 , ,. . .0 :HCL-PA INQQM' NQ55: Ncfqvl -:vtf'jfC'Nl 1vf'3m Q. .62 1. fr DONALD ROBERTSON EASTON QOKNIIJ M. GOLDSTEIN Hamilton, Ont. Ayton, Ont. Medicine. ' Medicine. - X 5 LIONEL EDWARD ELKERTON ARTHUR GOULD TOl'OHtO, Ont. 2 Chamberlain, Seek. Medicineg Interests-Basketball, Baseball, 23 ' Medicine. Rugby- - JOHN A' ELLIOT CNENP , Vancouvel' B'C' JAMES WALLACE GRAHAM D.D.S.CfIJPE7fASZ.U Basketball, I, II: Sifton Cup Winners. Grimsby Ont 1928429- Intercollegiate Trackg Intercollegiate Har- ROBERT FERGUSON Sarnia, Ont. rierg Bronze T5 Interfaculty Track, Har- Medicine: P, gl Bn View 1, II: Vic. f-Bob" rier, Hockey, Lacrosseg Medical Athletic Com., II? Squash. Stick, VI, Vice-Pres. Medical Society, Vg v President Medical Society, VI, U. of T. ROSS HENRY F LETT tokllfl Toronto: Ont- Athletic Directorate, III-V19 Hart House Medlome- Board of Stewards, IV, Vg War Memorial WILLIAM FOWLER Hamilton, Ont. Scholarships, III, Vg Alpha Omega Alpha, Graduated from Central Collegiate, Interests VI' -Squash, Tennis. Badminton. ROBERT THOMAS GEORGE GRAHAM UIJKIIJ ROBERT JOHN M. GALLOWAY CCIJKIIJ Hamilton, Ont. l e 1 Toronto, Ont- Medicine: Intermediate Hockey, II, III, Vg Med1c1negRugbyeJun1or '27, O.R.F.U. '28, Intermediate Rugby, V, VI: ViCe-PreS. Intercollegiate 29- 30- 313 Rugby Club Rugby Club, IV, V, VI: Class president, Executive, '29-'30-'31, III. OLIVER THADDEUS GHENT CCIJPED Burlington, Ont. ROBERT WILLIAMS GRAHAM Toronto, Ont. Medicine. Interests-Music, Tennis, Golf. W t - 'Leer - MEDICINE V4 One hundred three cy' , SJ, 2434341 lsgglegyen leggji w lifcfqvu lvkfilffivl '9 P. . JOHN NELSON HAGAN Ingersoll, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, 3T0. 1 WILLIAM JOHN HENRY CATD CAQAJ Toronto, Ont. - B. Sz M. Sciences U.C., '30, Hart House 5 JOHN ROBERT FULToN HALL obpm , , Library Committee, V, VI, Associate 'F' M d, , Bllgnl, Ont- Editor U. of T. Medical Journal, VI, og o lomo' Class Treasurer, IV, Alpha Omega Alpha ELMORE GIBSON HARKNESS CCDXJ H0H01'a1'Y Medical F Paternity, V, VI: Winnipeg, Man' Pineapple Club, V, VI: Scholarships- B.A. University of Manitoba, Managing Edward Blake, l3.DlllllaP in Psyclllatly, Editor, University of Toronto Medical ll, V3 Wal' Memollal, Ill, V- Journal, 1929-33, Secretary-Treasurer Medical Society, 1930-31, Intercollegiate CHARLES DAVID HESS CNENJ Hamilton, Ont. Wrestling Team, 1929-30. Daffydil, I, II, III. S' WSSPN HAWKINS opxl Toronto, ont' GEORGE EDGAR HOBBS B.A. CAKKJ CAOAJ o lomo' Toronto, Ont. MATHIAS ANDREW HEILCAUAJ Lemberg, Sask. Boggs: aloggosgiiflglgiglaffligl Iglongogf B.A.,Skh ",12s. I 'f - as atc ewan Umverslty 9 dent, A.O.A., Honorary Medical Frater- JACK M. HELLER QIIAQIJJ Toronto, Ont. nity, Vl? Pineapple Club, V, Vl- Medicineg Jr. Meds. Basketball, II, III' Sr. Meds. Basketball, IV, V, VI, ARTHUR STUART HUFFMAN Blenheim, Ont. Holder. Soccer 5 years, "M" Holder. - H J One hundred four V4 MEDICINE ZKQQQAI Ieeogggaol N991 Cbgcfqvl Ivsfilfffi-11 lvfffjw EDWIN JOSEPH JACKSON OPT, Toronto, Ont. Interfaculty Rugby, II, III, IV, Daifydill, - III, IV, Senior Intercollegiate Rowing 5 Crew CChampionSJ II, III, IV, V, Vice- IE? President of Rowing Club, IV, President of Rowing Club, V, President Inter- collegiate Rowing Union, V. DOROTHY MAY JAMES CKKF5 Bowmanville, Ont. Argyll House, I, II, Daffydil, I-V, Inter- collegiate Hockey, II, III, IV, Athletic Directorate, IV, President, M.W.A.A, VI, Senior "T" and HM". HARLEY DEMING JENNER Charing Cross, Ont. Victoria College-B. 8z M.-2T9, Biochemis- try, Medical 3T3. SAM JOHN JESSEL CQIJAEJ CBEPJToronto, Ont. Interfaculty Meds. Basketball, I, II, III, IV, V, VI, Sifton Cup Winners, II, M. Holder. RALPH PERCIVAL JOHNS CAKKJ Thornhill, Ont. Class Vice-Pres., IV, Daifydil Committee, IV, Torontonensis Rep., VI, Pineapple Club, V, VI. rf , . Ti' l,3!"'t -NA V6 .L 5525: . W 7 ROBERT BEWS KERR QOAXI CASZAJ Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sc., 1930, Editor Medical Journal, VI, Pineapple Club, V, VI. ALFRED JOHN KERWIN COKKIIJ Toronto, Ont. Medicine. WILLIAM STEWART KINNEAR QOKXPJ Saskatoon, Sask. B. Sc. University of Saskatchewan, 1930. JOHN NEIL KYLES CCIJPE7 Orangeville, Ont. Medicine. A. T. LEFTON Port Arthur, Ont. Medicine. OSCAR LEVINE Toronto, Ont. Medicine, Athletics, Social and Literary Interests. ROBERT WILLIAM LINDSAY Weston, Ont. Medicine. KEITH MCDOUGALL MCINTOSH CPT, Simcoe, Ont. Bachelor of Arts, 1930, University College, Biological and Medical Sciences Course: "Pineapple Club", 1931-32. - MEDICINE 5:1 One hundred five . ?KlQ.w - w.z,,c,w f-Q95 iffivf 1vkf5lC'Nl IS-ff'525J nd. v AIM LW :. HELEN IRWIN MCKINLEYCAAIIJ Toronto, Ont. 93 -A., -.3?'P JAMES ALLAN MAHONEY CQXD Toronto, Ont. H? 'wa Biological and Medical Sciences, U.C., '30: Medicine. Z Honour Science Club Executive, II, III: Q, Med. Basketball and Tennis, III, IV, V: ROBEFAT VQLLIAM MALE H Toronto' Ont' Varsity Women's Hockey, III, IVQ Wom- Junior eds' Rugby, ' 5 9I1,S Editor, UHd6FgT3.d. JOUI'1'13.l, IVI 'JOHN ARCHIBALD DUNCAN MARQUIS Daffydil, IVQ .Secretary-Treasurer, Brantford' Ont' A.A., IVE President, M.W.U.A., VI: "T" Nledsh Rugby, II, III, IV, V: Daffydil, and " I, II, V. CYRIL RANKINE MACLEAN Toronto, Ont. Ross MUNRO MATTHEWS CBOIID Medicineg Class Treasurer, Vg President Port Arthur, Ont. Graduating Class. Medicine. HILDA MCNAMARA Wvalkerton, Qntl J. RICHARD FRANK MILLS Toronto, Ont. Medicine. Medicineg Jr. Meds. Rugby, III: Hart House Music Committee, V. C A I M .R S k t ,S k. OLIfIIjdiC?iTiiIr2?1l.,7 C5335 as a Con as MORRIS MANNUEL MINK Toronto, Ont. ' ' ' Menorah Exec., Ig Dramatics, I, IV3 In- GWENDOLYN EILEEN MAHON CKKFJ 'C9f9StS-MUSiC- Walkerville Ont. - ' HAROLD FORSTER MOFFATQCIDPLJ Toronto, Ont. Jr. S.A.C. Rep., IIQ Secretary of M.W.U.A., M d- - , D t f D t 1 S IIIQ Women's Daifydil Manager, IVQ e mme' Oc or O en a urgery' Interfaculty Hockey: Jr. T. and M., IVg WILLIAM HARRY MURBH' CAT9 Toronto, Ont. Vice-Pres., M.VV.U.A., V. Medicine. - H J One hundred six V4 MEDICINE L9 f ,' ILCLM 'wich' 'HSM if 'qv M'.'5fC'NI HARRIET JEAN WINNII-'RED MUSTARD WILFRED GIBSON ROBINSON Belgrave, Ont. Scarborough Bluffs, Ont. Interfaculty Soccer, I, II, III, IV, V, VI, Medicine. "M" Holder. - ga. ETHEL AGNES NOBLE Toronto, Ont. GEORGE WALTER ROBSON CNENQQ , S lx -4? M d' ' gP 'd M.W.s.c.M., V,s.v.M. gm' as " - e mme resl ent Interfaculty Basketball, III: "M" Holder: - ROBERT LANCELOT NORRIS Kippen, Ont. yagagr ,gnierfflllfiffail Basketball' IV' Medicine. ' a Ydl ' ' ' ' ' .ALEXANDER A. Rooow UIDAEJ Peterboro, Ont. MALCOLM GRANT RANNEY CKRTD Faculty of Medicine: Member of Alpha M d. ' North Bay, Ont- Omega Alpha, Honour Medical Fraternity. . e ICIHQ. MORRIS A. RUSKIN Toronto, Ont. HORACE JOHN RICHARDSON Toronto, Ont. Medicine- Medlcme' DONALD CAMPBELL SAVAGE COKXIIJ G l H, O t. FRED. GREYSTOCK ROBERTSON QOKNIIJ Medicine ue pl U Colborne, Ont. ' Medicine. MARY SCOFFIELD Midway, B.C. University of Alberta, I, II, III, IV, Inter- ELEANOR MCARTHUR ROBINSON Toronto, Ont. collegiate Hockey, II, IIIQ Associate Medicine. Editor, Medical Journal, VI. :iii YL! , - MEDICINE Pri One hundred seven Cy' Q '23 AQQAI INQIQIAI 'ok-Ib: gfflvl ivefififbvi wi' 'yd Q. Q43 QS' 4 FRANK MOORE SCOTT KATU Toronto, Ont. Medicine: Rugby-Juniors, I, Senior O.R. Sie- JAMES WILLIAM SINCLAIR UIDXJ Kitchener, Ont. Z F.U. Champions, II, Intermediates, III: Sr. O.R.F.U., Ig Intercollegiate Rugby, 52 Senior Intercollegiate, IV, Manager, Med. II-VI, Interfaculty Basketball, II, III, IV, Q Hockey, II, III, IV, Med. Athletic Vg Sifton Cup Winners, II, Intermediate Q - Association Executive, III, Quartermaster, Intercoll. Champs., Ig Year Pres., II: Z Vg Class President, Vg Sec.-Treas., Medical Vice-Pres., Med. Athletic Society, Vg At-Home, V. HObbieseMedicine, Athletics. JOSEPH SELTZER fqip-AE, TON-,ntov Ont' JONATHAN CLARKSON SINCLAIR CQIDPEJ Medicine. Toronto, Ont. Medicine. GEORGTE-CLARK SEYMOUR Bama' Ont' WILFORD DAVID SMITH QQKXPD Stratford, Ont. Medicine. M d, , e 101119. FRANCIS D. SHANNON Barrie, Ont. DONALD YOUNG SOLANDT QAKKQ QAQAQ Medicine, Sketch Committee, II, III, IV,V. Toronto, Ont. B. and M. Sci., Victoria, '29, Hart House IRVING CREIGHTON SHERMAN CAOAJ Camera Club Committee, III, Pineapple Toronto, Ont. Club, V, VI. Baptie Scholarship, Ig Alpha Omega Alpha, Honorary Medical Fraternity, V- SYDNEY ELLIOTT SPARLING Toronto, Ont. Medicine. WILLIAM WESLEY SIMPSON CNQNP B C WALLACE HENRY SPITTEL Toronto, Ont. ancouver . . - - ' M d . B.A. CU.B.C.J, M.A., Ph.D. CTor.J Physiolo- e me ' gyg Faculty, U. of California, 1928-30: DONALD WILLIAM STEWART CQKXIIQ Medicine, 1930-333 Daifydil-Manager, Pense, Sask. IV, Vice-Chairman, V, Chairman, VI. B.A., University of Saskatchewan, 1928. - HO - One hundred eight P4 MEDICINE 3 Cy' 'NSU QQCQQAI INQQQLQAI 'fight rggqve Ivr5ii:?wI Vifarili Le' 'R Y 1? Ivw'.'5lC'NI sl RR ELIZABETH CHRISTINE STOCKDALE CKAOD Toronto, Ont. Class Secretary, II, Treasurer M.W.U.A. IIIQ Secretary M.W.S.C.M., IV: Toronto nensis Rep., VI. WIIIIIIAM HAROLD SMART STOCKTON CCIDXI Calgary, Alta. Medicine. WILFRED ISAAC BOMPAS STRINGER IOAXI Winnipeg, Man B. and M. Sciences, U.C., I, II: Medicine Resident Wycliife College: Third HT' Holder, Ig Junior Intercoll. Rugby Cham- pions, Ig Inter. Intercoll. Rugby, II: Inter- faculty Rugby, III: House Committee Hart House, IV, V, VI, Secr'y., House Committee, VI: Board of Stewards, VI Daffydil, II-VIQ Sec'y. Daffydil Com- mittee, VIQ Meds. S.C.A., V, VI. DOUGLAS TELFORD CNEN5 CAOAJ Vancouver, B.C. B.A. CB.C.jg Interfaculty Rowing, II: British Rugby, II-V, Captain, VI, Athletic Coloursalfirst 'T' and 'M'g Medical Journal Staff, III, Class President, IV, Canadian General Hospital Scholarship, IVQ A.O.A. Honorary Medical Fraternity, V, VI. JOSEPH CHARLES THEOBALD Peterboro, Ont. Honour PhilosophyASt. Mikes: B.A., 19253 M.A., 1926. ALEXANDER THEODORE THOM CAACIJJ Toronto, Ont. Medicine, Transferred from McGill, 1931. WILLIAM DOUGLAS THOMAS Fenelon Falls, Ont. M. Holder. JOHN ALEXANDER CARGLE THOMSON Toronto, Ont. GRANT QUENTIN SUTHERLAND CKIDXJ Medicine' St- Marys, Ont MAO TOMSKY Toronto, Ont. Itf lt Hk,I,IIgWt PI, Medmne- nI?:,??uLZcr0S:, ei, VI. IIMHI 61130135 GORDON NEIL TUCKERCOKXPJ Port Hope, Ont. U. of T. Rifle Association. Medlcme- WILLIAM JOHN VIRGIN Toronto, Ont. JOSEPH TANZER Toronto, Ont. Medicine. 455. 'Z MEDICINE rex L9 KC-iw Iwtggggw Medicine: InterestsfTOronto Intercollegiate Christian UnioneePresident, VI. 531 'il One hundred nine - Isr.'5IYS ECTNI 1vQ'.'jiCfNl. FELIX MILES WALLINGFORD Ottawa, Ont. HAROLD AMBROSE WILLIAMS QNENI McGill University, 1925-28. Hamilton, Ont. - F' t 'T'--T k: S ' T k, II, III, Z JAMES ALLAN WALTERS CCIDPEJ Napanee, Ont. lghampionsracul, egfgcutiifaec III, IV: B.A.-Biological and Med1calSc1ences,TrIn- President, V: Captain, Senior Harriers, Q ity Collegeg Moss Scholar, 19305 Intercoll. IH, Champions Hockey Senior B IV, torical Club. VINCENT CosMAS WEBB B.A. QOKNIIJ Ottawa, Ont. Hart House, Debates Committee, III, IV: Newman Club, Secretary, II, President, IV. CLARK A. WHITE Fenelon Falls, Ont. Medicine. JULIAN WHITE CIIAQ17 Toronto, Ont. Medicine. JOHN CARDY WHITLA Galt, Ont. Medicineg Interfaculty Soccer, I-VI: Inter- collegiate Soccer, III. IV, V, VIQ President, University Soccer Club, Vg Vice-President. University Soccer Club, VI: "M" and "T" Holder. MAX WILHELMSON Copenhagen, Denmark. Medicineg University of Copenhagen Medical School, 1929-19283 Canada, 1928. - Harriers, 19283 Track, 1929, 19303 His- Champions, Intermediate, Vg Finals, Jun- iors, II, Athletic Directorate, V, VI. HARRY WINESANKER CQDAEJ Toronto, Ont. Interests-Music, Yiddishism. ARTHUR WILLIAM WooDRow Toronto, Ont. Medicine. HAROLD LoUIs YOERGER Humboldt, Sask. Medicineg Varsity Hockey, I, IIQ Meds. Hockey, Jr., II: Sr., III, IV. MORRIS ZELDIN Toronto, Ont. Medicine. RUSSELL W. J. ZINKANN QATAJ Kitchener, Ont. B.A., 1929-Victoria Collegeg Jr. Basketball, Victoria, 19283 Jr. Basketball, Victoria, 19275 Intercollegiate Intermediate Tennis, 1930-19313 Doubles Championshipg Senior Intercollegiate Tennis, 1932-1933. Iwo :Ngo N -' One ten 'VA MEDICINE . ,Q CKQM' INQQQSAI nsijji fifcfqvl 1vQC'5fC'?N1 flvpfjm is 'Q' APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING ii! S If C? W5 rl T' is A- f A 1 35592 Q :A 5' I ev, Paw' ,D IAQQSYQD Eijbfqv. ivQ'.'DZC?N. fb' Q ' . . Z To the Graduating Class of thc Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering B3 PROFESSOR C. H. MITCHELL. CB., CMG.. D.S.O., CE.. LLD.. D. ENG. CONGRATULATE you upon graduat- ing from the University at this time. Perhaps you will think this a strange view to express when We are in what will go down in history as the most severe depression in many decades. lf you refiect, however. and if you have been Watching the trend of affairs during the past six months, this may not be such an irony as may at first appear. The signs as presented by financial men, industrialists and engineers, indicate that We are now at the turn, if not past it, and definite improvement in conditions in Canada is approaching. To young engineers this will be welcome and to you especially, now about to go out into the engineering World, such a prospect should be encouraging. lt does not follow that you may immediately have employment in your chosen field or indeed in engineering at all, but it does mean that you will be out in the stream, going with it. and ready to take advantage of fx what may oier. ga, What may present itself in the next year 6? or two may also not be quite what you might choose but I ask you to remember - that in our profession nearly any kind of experience in early employment is good experience, looking to the future. Even if you have difficulty and it is strenuous, discouraging or even unpleasant, remember too, that oftentimes such experiences are worth While in disciplining and stiffening ourselves for a life career. Keep in mind the adage of our forefathers, Who. living in old Eng- land, an island in the tempestuous Atlantic, used to say that "Rough Weather makes good sailors". By all means continue your education by yourself, learning, reading and seeing engineering works whenever and wherever you can. lf you can obtain any kind of place in good Canadian Work do so, looking to the future, making experience the first objective and remuneration the second. Do not let us think so much of today-l9334but keep our eyes on 1935 and onwards. My best Wishes, and good luck to you all. ,ZA One twelve APPLIED SCIENCE A U, YQCLQA lAfQggQAF ll'sQ,Qhq gcfqvl 1vwf5k?Nn fam FOURTH YEAR Exlzcurivt Facullu of Applied Science Enqineerinq 1952 IMT 1915 yg, iii B, .fi as ,.,ii.v,.,-. ,fu Class History of 3T3 Applied Science 8: Engineering HE history of the class of ST3 Applied Science is essentially the history of all preceding classes. We have endeavoured to live up to the traditions handed down to us by those ahead and to inculcate them into those follow- ing. However a feeling of failure is ours, inasmuch as we have seen this year what is apparently the passing of the time honoured custom of handing the fundamentals of these SCHOOL traditions to the incoming freshmen on the end of a barrel stave. The young Knight of old received the accolade, the young ,Z "men" of to-day were initiated but what of the "old women" of to-morrow? -:QQ Surely the White Race is deteriorating. ii 3T3 gave the last Soph-Frosh Banquet, marking the cessation of another - SCHOOL custom, and down-town police dispatches now report "All quiet in Shea's Lobby." We are also men of distinct taste-for having taken a violent dislike, in our second year, to the decorations of Burwash Residence and the residents therein, the massive oaken doors were battered down and the necessary adjustments made, whereupon, at the invitation of the Caput we cheerfully paid for the rebuilding of the outraged domicile. We are also men of determined opinion-We said the editor of the Varsity in '30 was all wet and being School men, meant it. Poor fellow, he had such a lovely brown suit and Hart House Pool was disgustingly full of water. We have also the usual quota of clever lads, with many outstanding athletes and social wizards to complete the circle. Just look the pictures over and be assured that when the "corner" is turned, 3T3 will be there to welcome you back to prosperity, Cor the soup kitchenj. In closing ST3 wish to thank 3T2 wherever the latter may be that they didn't have to leave School uninitiated. F APPLIED SCIENCE One thzrfeen fig' 013 :f5.Q'.941 INQQQBAI. NL-VAS: Ar. I? nvsfjiffwi . rn JOHN HILLOCK ADDISON Toronto, Ont. Civil Engineering? Railway: Sr. S.P.S. Water-polo Team, III, IV. HERBERT KEITH ARMSTRONG Bradford, Ont. Mechanical Engineering: Member of Hall - Committee Hart House, 1932-1933: Senior School Rugby, III. JAMES ALLAN CARY ARMSTRONG CATAU 0:5 Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering. BRUCE M. ARNOTT Dundalk, Ont. Mining Engineering. RICHARD PORTER BAILEY Fort William, Ont. Chemical Engineering-Industrialg Baptie Scholarship, I: Harvey Aggett Memorial Scholarship, IIQ Jenkins Scholarship, III: Industrial Chemical Club Executive, III. IVg North House, U. of T. ,Yew HERBERT LLEWELYN BAYLEY Bridgetown, Barbados, B.W.I. Chemical Engineering, Interfaculty Soccer, I, II, III, IV. JOSEPH ROBERT BEALE B.AE.E. CDetroitJ Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineeringg Band, IV. CHARLES EDWARD BRITTON BEDFORD-JONES Ottawa, Ont. Mechanical Engineeringg Trinity House. JOHN ALLAN BELL CCDKEJ Bonarlaw, Ont. Mining Engineering. JOHN WILLIAM BELL Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Radio Option, In- terestsMTennis and Radio: Owner of Station VE3DY. Z WILLIAM JOHN BEYNON UIPAOJ Toronto, Ont. M. as M-ru-1g"W"'1 Junior Intercollegiate Rugby, Ig Senior School Rugby, III, IV, Ind. Chem. Club Chm., IV. q-Hvv' uc.. JAMES STEWART BALL Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, Vice-Pres. of year I, FRED JAMES BILLETT Hampton, Ont. Pres., II: 2nd Vice-Pres. Eng. Soc., III: Mechanical Engineering: Soccer, I, II, III, President Eng. Soc., IV. IV. Q5 Sir' - ' One fourteen Y" APPLIED SCIENCE Wt: - 'QR AAA+ IAAQLQDAIR 3 -I :IQCTN IvuC'5lC'N1 QB. l I DICYNI ., wi' K ELS' O JOSEPH BIRNBAUM Chemical Engineering. Toronto, Ont CLIFFORD BOOTH Electrical Engineering, Hydraulics: JACK NELSON BOTSFORD Mining Engineering: School Rowing, I Mining and Metallurgical Club Represen tative, IV. Toronto, Ont GEORGE F. BRANDT Toronto, Ont . Brownsville, Ont. Chemical Engineering: Intermediate Inter- collegiate Rugby, III: Sr. S.P.S. Rugby IV: Wrestling. CHARLES JAMES BRIDGLAND CAQIJ Lynedoch, Ont. ,if .gn-s . OSCAR LEE BRITNEY Biggar, Sask. Electrical Engineering: Radio: First and Second Years at University of Saskatche- wan: Interests-Tennis, Radio. WILLIAM DUNCAN BRITTAIN Wyoming, Ont. - Chemical Engineering, Industrial Option: - North House, U. of T.: Torontonensis Representative. WIILLIAM B. P. BROWN KAKAJ Mechanical Engineering: S.P.S. Gym Team, , II: School-at-Home Committee, III: School Dinner Committee, III: School Nite Committee, III: School Dinner Committee, IV. Calgary, Alta. Electrical EngineeringHRadio Option: North House, II, III, IV: Vice-Pres. Fourth Year: Rugby-Jr. Varsity, I, Int. Varsity III, School, II, IV: Hockey, School, III l a CARL BARTLETT BRITNELL CATAI Toronto, Ont Civil Engineering-Highway and Sanitary S.P.S. Basketball, I, II, III, IV: Rugby! Junior Varsity, I, Senior O.R.F.U., II III, Intermediate, IV: House Committee, Hart House, IV. APPLIED SCIENCE v FRANK ARTHUR BRYAN CATA5 Fort William, Ont. Civil Engineering-Municipal: S.P.S. Gym- nastics, II. JACK ALFRED BUCK Georgetown, Ont. Mechanical Engineering: S.P.S. Mitchell Cup - Rifie Team, II. CLARENCE JOHN BULLICK Camlachie, Ont. Mechanical Engineering: Knox Rugby, II. LEWIS EMERSON BURRILL Burgessville, Ont. Chemical Engineering. N Q - C344 N.'a,cw SK I 4, Hi' One fifteen N355 5'fG"" Q IVQf'5fCTN1 lvp'52L! .OJ Nh 'E 5-- Et JAMES HENRY BYRNE Perth, Ont. Electrical Engineeringalladiog TrackfS. STANLEY S. W. COLE New Liskeard, Ont Mining Engineering: Knox Soccer, I, II - P.S., I-IV: Intermediate Intercollegiate, III: U. of T. Symphony Orchestra, IV - 5 II, IIIQ Senior Intercollegiate, IV. Camera Club, IV: IntereSts-Photog- 5? raphy, Music, Travel. FX JACK HARCOURT CAIRNS Toronto, Ont. Z4 -' Mechanical Engineeringafiefrigeration. FRED' B' CONRON Toronto, Ont - HARRY MAYNARD CAMPBELL Hagersville, Ont. Chemical Engineefingmlndustfial Swim- Chemical Engineering. ming, III. DONALD HENRY CARGILL NEW' TOI'Of1t0, Ont. HENRY' HEMPHILL COOK Hensally Ont Electrical Engineering-Hydraulic Option. Mechanical Engineering. ALEXANDER WILLIAM MILLAIS CARMICHAEL Toronto, Ont. WARREN RAYMOND COOLTER Toronto, Ont Electrical Engineering, HydraulicsgJr. School Mechamcal Englneerln-Z3 JT- School Rugby Baseball, 1, II: Sr. School Baseball, 111, lv. I, II: Sr- School Rugby, HL IV: Mechan- ical Club Treasurer, IIIQ Chairman Mech- REGINALD ERNEST CHAPMAN aoioal Club, IV. Mount Dennis, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Hydraulics: Interests FREDERICK HAROLD COWAN Thorold, Ont' -Radio' Tennis' Mechanical Engineering: South House, I, II FREDERICK ROLAND CHARLES Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering: Lieutenant C.O. WILBUR ELLIOTT COWIE Ottawa, Ont T.C., III, IV, Interests-Aeronautics. Chemical Engineering-Industrial. QS? Z One sixteen of APPLIED SCIENCE goyl lmigegg,-ll :egg lifciqgl nvkfujiifiwll IVP 4 9? THOMAS WARREN DARCY Peterboro, Ont. Electrical Engineeringe Thermodynamics' Graduate R.M.C. 1927. vm MEBOURNE ARMSTRONG ELSON CZIXJ Toronto, Ont Civil Engineering-Railway optiong Pres 5 First Yearg Sec. Eng. Soc., II: Chairman SES School Nite, IV, Rowing Club Exec., III S CHARLES GRAHAM DICKSON Dundas, Ont. B'W' F' Exec" H9 Mgr' S'P'S' 83 Electrical Engineeringg War Memorial Schol- F" EV' Seml'Centem?aiIscfloiarshlp' IV erehip, II, III, President of North House, Sf- ntemll-,Rugbyf ' ' ,V' Sf' 0-R-F IV. U., IIIQ Boxing, I-IV, Rowing, II, III. JOHN ALLAN JUDSON ENLOW CBOIIJ Freeman, Ont MURRAY T. DOUGLAS Shelburne, Ont. Mining Engineering: Jr. Intercoll. Basket- Electrical Engineering: Interests-Radio. ball, L H3 Sf- School Basketball, HI- NoRMAN ROTHWELL FASKEN Toronto, Ont Chemical Engineering. EDWARD GEORGE DREWRY Brantford, Ont. Electrical Engineering+Hydraulics Option, FRE? IALBERTFELI' UPAGJ Bronte, Gm Knox Residence. Mining Engineering, M. and M. Club Rep. I, III: S.P.S. Wrestling Champ., II, 126 lbs.: Intercoll. Boxing Champion, 126 lbs., I, II, III, President B.W.F. Club, FRANK ALBERT EDMONDS Toronto, Ont. III, Athletic Directorate, IV, Board of Chemical Engineering-Industrial. Stewards, IV. ...ia lisp - ER' APPLIED SCIENCE 'O' One seventeen ZKQQA nwgigys. gels-ri IVQ'5iII-DVI lofi? VVILLIAM EDWARD FENN Toronto, Ont. Electrical EngineeringfRadio Option: In- terests-Music, Tennis, Commercial Op- 5, erator at Stations VE9DC and VEZSUR. .3,. Q JOHN R. FITZPATRICK CCIJTAJ Toronto, Ont. - Mechanical Engineering: Intercollegiate Track, I: Intercollegiate Football, I, II, III, IV: Athletic Directorate, III, IV: President Athletic Association, S.P.S., IV. ALAN RINALDO FRASER CCIDKIIQ Toronto, Ont. Chemical Engineering: Vice-Chairman, Ind. Chem. Club, III. GEORGE FREDERICK FRY Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering: Manager U. of T. Rowing Club, II, III, IV: Interfaculty Rowing Crew, II: Varsity 140-lb. Crew, III. LEVI FRANK GAUVREAU Blind River, Ont. Mining Engineering, Boxing 160 lbs., I, III, IV. DAVID J oHN GERRIE Ingersoll, Ont. Electrical Engineering: Thermodynamics. 62 One eighteen JJ. :KC-Lb CHARLES GRANT GIBSON CKE: Haileybury, Ont. Mechanical Engineering: School Hockey, I, Manager, II: School Soccer, I, II, IV: Mechanical Club Representative, III: School Dinner Committee, IV. JOHN MAURICE GILLIS Sydney, N.S. Metallurgical Engineering: Library Com- mittee, IV. FREDERICK WILLIAM GILROY Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering. WILLIAM EARL GOFORTH Scarboro, Ont. Electrical Engineering: Radio. DONALD CAMERON GOWCAKED Windsor, Ont. Electrical Engineering: Radio: Graduate Royal Military College. G. REGINALD GRASS Toronto, Ont. Electrical EngineeringiRadio Option: In- terests-Tennis, Music, Radio. JOHN ScoTT GREEN Hagersville, Ont. Mechanical Engineering: Knox College: Student Member, Engineering Institute of Canada. A APPLIED SCIENCE INQQMI NJQSYS Y A v QVC NI .1vwf'jfC'4-JI lwfaiid kpc . 2. '24 5 I L lvfflfbiavl 9 fi-Z S p1A,C'gA .Sigma EDWARD Ross GURNEY QZKIIJ Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, Sr. School Rugby, III, IV. ROWLAND ERNEST HAMMOND CASZIJ Angus, Ont. Electrical Engineering-Radio Option, North House, U. of T., Year IV Electrical Club Representative, Rifle Club, Camera Club. FRANK VICTOR CHARLES HEWETT Toronto, Ont. Mining Engineering: War Memorial Scholar- ship, II, Sedgeworth Debates Trophy, f III, Billiard Committee, IV, Chairman M. sl M., IV, Vice-Chairman Debates, IV, 2' Jr. School Rugby, I, II, Track, I, II: Baseball, I, II, Intermediate Intercol- legiate Track, I, O.R.F.U. Senior Rugby, III, Senior School Rugby, III, IV, Base- ball, III, IV, Track, IV. KENNETH FREDERICK HEDDON Columbus Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Representative, IV. WILLIAM JOHN HENDERSON Owen Sound, Mechanical Engineering. HERMAN CARL HERZ Elmira, JAMES EDWARD MAURICE HILDER Ont. Club Toronto, Ont. Mining Engineering. C. F. HOWDEN Caledonia, Ont. Electrical Engineering-Hydraulics Option. JOHN AUSTIN HowE Port Dalhousie, Ont. Ont. Ont. Mining Engineering, Varsity Band, I-IV, Chairman Debating Club, IV, University Orchestra, II, III, IV, Music Committee, IV. Civil Engineering-Railway Option, Chair- man Civil Club, IV, Intermediate Inter- collegiate Track, I, II, S.P.S. Track Team, I-IV, Manager Track Team, IV, Wrest- ling, III, IV, Baseball, I-IV, Newman Club. PATRICK JOSEPH HOWE Port Dalhousie, Ont. W. A. MACKAY HEWER Tillsonburg, Ont. Metallurgical Engineering. APPLIED SCIENCE Ie-qggggmu Civil Engineeringwftailway Option, Inter- mediate Intercollegiate Track, I, School Baseball, I, II, III, IV, Vice-Chairman Civil Club, III, Member Newman Club. One nineteen TA 'Y .Qi laixojfg 'QVl lVif5iC'NI Q. ,.. V. f ve I , ,Y ROBERT BURNS INKSTER Collingwood, Ont. OTTO A. KLEIN Hamilton, Ont. Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering: South House, U. of T. " ALBERT DONALD IREDALE Preston, Ont. 5 Mechanical Engineering, Interfaculty Ten- ' ',IIgV 't B d,I,II. Q ms am y an MYER MALCOLM LAWRENCE Toronto, Ont. 'I F. MALCOLM JOHNSON Bracebridge, Ont. Chemical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering. ROBERT KEITH JOHNSON Welland, Ont.. B L T O Chemical EngineeringgNorth House,U. of T. WILLIAM ,OLUS 5WRl'?NCE Oronto' nt' Mechanical Engineering. HENRY MASON JONES CATAJ Toronto, Ont. Chemical Engineering-Industrialg Jr. School Rugby, Hockey, I5 S-PS Water Polo, GEORGE W. LAWSON Stouffville, Ont. H1 HI' IV- Civil Engineering. LLOYD BORDEN JONES Leamington, Ont. Electrical Engineering-eIllumination Op- , tion: Jr. School Baseball, IIQ Soccer, II, MAITVFN LEMON , Q S h H Stouffvlue' Ont' III, IV3East House U. of T., II, 111, Iv, Cml Engmeefmg' out Ouse' Secretary, IV. JACK MCLEAN JORDAN Fenelon Falls, Ont. LYALL JOHN LICHTY Kitchener, Ont. Civil Engineering-Municipal and Struc- Chemical Engineeringg North House, U. of tural, Civil Club Representative, III, Fac- T., Jr. S.P.S. Rugby, I, IIg Basketball, ulty Representative, Rifle Association, I, II, Sr. S.P.S. Rugby, III, Basketball, IV, Inter-University Outdoor Rifle Team, III, IVg Varsity, IIg Rugby, IVQ Year Rep- IIg Inter-University Indoor Rifle Team, resentative S.P.S. Athletic Association II, III, IV. Executive, III, IV. - One twenty 4- APPLIED SCIENCE fr' . ,4.fC,Q,-ll IAQQJRCLGAI I .lbs ivsfD!G'Ni J - Z X GEOFFREY SAMUEL LIGHT Toronto, Ont. JOHN KNIGHT MCBRIDE Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering- Thermodynamicsg Civil EngineeringeRailwayg Honours, I, - Interests-Theosophy, relativity, political III. - economy: hobbies-Photography, Fret- .:,.. work, Philately, M0t0rCyCliHg- WILLIAM Ross MCCOLL Sandwich, Ont. CHARLES DONALD LONG Toronto, Ont. Civil Engineering, South House, U. of T. ' Mechanical Engineeringe-Aeronautics. T DOUGLAS MAoPHERsoN LovATT Toronto, Ont. JoHN A. MCCOOMBS Kenora, Ont. Electrical Engineering-Thermodynamic Op- Electrical Engineering- Hydraulics. tion: Interests-Photography and Radio: Member of North Riverdale Radio Clubg MENZIES MCKILLOP Toronto, Ont. UWHGI' and 0D9I'21'C0F Of Amateur Radio Mechanical Engineering, Varsity Jr. Basket- Station VE3YG, and operator of Station ball, II: Treasurer Engineering Socyyl, VESGJ- IIIQ School Nite committee, III, Ist EARL CHARLES LYONS CEANN Hamilton, Ont. Vice-President Eng. Soc'y., IV, Qualified Civil Engineeringg Junior School Basketball, Pilot, R.C.A.F. I. MURRAY ALEXANDER MACKAY CASZIJ GEORGE ROBERT MCMILLIN Allandale, Ont. Thamesford, Ont, Chemical Engineering. Electrical Engineering-Radio Optiong Vice- Chairman, Electrical Club, III, Chairman, EDWARD ARTHUR MAREE Gananoque, 01-lt. IVZS-P-S-GYmf13StiCS,1,H,HI,IVSS011th Mechanical Engineering, S.P.S. Rugby, I, Houses of T-1 Iv II: IV, House II, Hockey, I, II, S9CI'9'03l'Y, IV? R9Sid9l'1C9 "At Home" School Dinner Committee, II, III, IV. Committee, IV. PERCIVAL Ross MCADAM Chapleau, Ont. DONALD STUART MILLIGAN Regina, Sask. Electrical Engineering-Hydraulicsg War Chemical Engineering: Knox College Rugby, Memorial Scholarship, I. I, II, III. -' APPLIED SCIENCE One twenty-one ' Ctf' , '23 AQQAI IN:Qrc.',w 'NQM Yivfcfwu uvw'.5fC'wi lvfa VF lf' 04 3 KENNETH G. MITCHELL Toronto, Ont WILLIAM HEINTZMAN PALM CBOIIJ Mechanical Engineering, Interested in- Toronto, Ont. Rugby, Hockey, Baseball. Chemical Engineering. 5 ALAN W. MoFFAT Toronto, Ont. D. DEANEIPANABAKER' Hespeler, Ont. fri Electrical Engineering- Hydraulics, Jr Mechamcal Englneeflngi Smith HOUSE, U- Of jg School Rugby, I, IIg sr. School Rugby T- HI' IV' NORMAN J oHNsToNE PATERsoN CAKEJ KENNETH L. MoRRIs Toronto Ont , , , , Sarma' QM' M' Mechanical Engineering. Chemical Engineeringg Junior Intercollegiate on u Q Rugby, Ig Intermediate Intercollegiate 5, MURRAY MORRISH Highland Creek Ont Rugby, U. Mechamcal Engmeermg' CLIFFORD PENNEY Carbonear, Nfld. DOUGLAS FORBES NASMITH Port Perry, Ont. ChemlcalEHg11Eef1HgWZym01Ogy1Jf- SC11001 Chemical Engineering: Transactions, III Water'pO1O' ' IV? S'P'S' Swlmmmgr IH' JoHN HARVEY PICKETT Hamilton, Ont. Electrical EngineeringeHydraulics Option. LEWIS REDMAN ORD Toronto Ont. Civil Engineeringvflailway. JAMES PLAYFAIR Midland, Ont. Civil Engineering-Highway and Municipal: CLARE A. OSBORNE Midland Ont. Residences-Knox, I, II, Middle House, Chemical Engineering. Burwash Hall, III, IV. QW? 5 One twenty-two APPLIED SCIENCE .7 'T' fo. G ,YAJCJQA iwkggggmi labgflhg !IQQIG'oql l9'H'q'jiCYV 'fl Le' O4 + Z J 1'f's""' MORRIS MURRAY PULVER Lindsay, Ont. Architecture-Five Year Course, Architec- ROBERT P. RITCHIE Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering. 5 tural Engineering Option, IV, V, Sports- Q 1 B',S' ',Bktbll. ' ,fa Oxmg wlmmmg as e a HERBERT HORACE ROBERTS CKRTD JOHN CHARLES REGINALD PUNCHARD Toronto, Ont. Z4 3 Tomntov Ont- Architecture, Chairman Architectural Club, ' Electrical Engineering-Radio Option, Hon- IV. ours, I, II, III, Boxing, I, Tennis, I, Interests-Tennis, Swimming, Amateur radio qVE3CJ5, ARTHUR GORDON ROGERS Toronto, Ont. 5.13 MIME on a 1 A 2 n n S . - saw. WILLIAM GOLDWIN QUANTZ London, Ont. Cixggall Elffgniigggtrigovgfegmical 0 3 Architectural Design, Vice-Pres., I, Secy. I-IV,'U' of T Rifle Association H 5"'i" ' Architectural Club, II, Toronto Brick ' ' ' ' ' Company Prize, III. L. RABINOWITCH Toronto, Ont. FRASER R: Ross CCIJAOI 1 Stratford, Ont. N. Chemical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering, Jr. School Rugby, I, II, School Hockey, I, II, IV, School MILTON E' REINER Wellesley' Ont' Baseball, IV, Vice-president III yr., Chemical Engineering-Industrial Option. Mech. Representative, II, IV: School JQHN IVAN REMPEL Kitchener, Ont, Dinner, School At-Home Committee, IV. I Architecture-Architectural Design, Toron- to Architectural Guild Medal, IV, Max- ALBERT EVANS SALTER Clinton Ont well Prize, Honourable Mention, IV. Mechanical Engineering ' ' JOHN RICHARD RENWICK Caledonia, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, Harvey-Aggett Memorial Scholarship, II, Boiler In- MELVILIIE S. SAUNDERS Toronto, .Ont. spection and Insurance Company Scholar- Civil Engineering-Highway and Sanitary ship, III, Honours, I, II, III. Opti0rlZ S-P-S Tfalfkf IV- SW? Z APPLIED SCIENCE Ref One twenty-three in b. fi C . J ,go 494-on II-fQ,g:,ml To 'Ny ,Bk ggfivi ivsf5fC.'N1 ivpfgycly 1 .Z fs ' v ,gm Sm.. ARTHUR L. SCOTT Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering. FREDERICK GEORGE SCRIMGEOUR QCIDKEJ Stratford, Ont. Mechanical Engineering. DONALD WILLIAM WINTER SMILLIE CAUJ Toronto, Ont Electrical Engineering'eHydraulicsg Univer- sity of Toronto Hockeyg IeJunior O.H.A Semi-finalists, II, III, IVeeSenior Inter- collegiate Team. WILLIAM DOUGLAS SMITH QCDFAJ Junshien, China Mechanical Engineering: Varsity Jr. Rugby Ig O.R.F.U. Rugby, II, III, Senior Rugby IV, President of 3T3 School, III, IV Intercoll. Wrestling Champ., 158 lbs., II DAVID STRACHAN Port Arthur, Ont Electrical Engineering+Radiog Boxing, I S.P.S. 175-lb. champion, II, Jr. Inter- faculty 175-lb. champion: II, Intercoll Boxing, Heavyweightg IV, Sr. S.P.S Lacrosse. One twenty-four EKCM IAQAQQQQAI MAURICE STRENKOVSKY QEA My Brantford, Ont. Mechanical Engineeringg Jr. School Rowing, I. FREDERICK JOHN STUBBS CBOIIJ Sarnia, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, Rugby, Varsity - Juniors, '29, School, II, III, IV. SIDNEY EPEY SWALLOW Ingersoll, Ont. Mechanical Engineering. THOMAS ROBERT SYKES Bowmanville, Ont. Mechanical Engineering. RALPH BOUGHTON SYMONS Brantford, Ont. Chemical Engineering: Sr. School Rugby, III, IV. FRANKLIN T. TAYLOR London, Ont. Mechanical Engineering. SAMUEL TENENBAUM Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering: Rugby, Varsity Juniors '29g Basketball, Junior School, I, II, Senior School, III, IV: Manager Jr. School Basketball, '30, '32, Manager Sr. School Basketball, '33. JOHN MCBAIN THOMPSON Peterborough, Ont. Mining Engineering. i I tif Mt' - 6 APPLIED SCIENCE 'un 'AGM gcfqvi lvQ'5iff.'Ns .94'jQ if-. HAROLD FERGUSON TINCOMBE Gravenhurst, Ont. Ek.. GEORGE RICHARD WHAI,E IKRTE Wallaceburg, Ont. 2- Electrical Engineering- Radio Option. Architecture-MArchitectural Designg Mathers - Kb I 7 T T H , and Haldenby Prize, III: Third Year 7:5 'AES ', EUEAN, , T amllton' Qnt: Representative, III, Vice-Chairman, IV, S ectillca ngmeermfgn hermiidynamlcs' and Chairman of Architectural Club, V. Z - Chlef IntereStTM1htary Studles' THOMAS CHARLES WHEATLEY Sarnia, Ont. M. li 95 T'--Q JAMES B. WALLACE Goderichy Ont. Metallurgical Engineering, Member Hart rivvb ' Chemical Engineering. House Music Comm., IV3 Vice-Chairman, g 3' ' M. SL M. Club, IV. ""1""" MONTROSE JOHN WERRY 0915 HUGH FRANCIS WHEATON Toronto, Ont. W00dSt0Ck, Ont. Chemical Engineeringelndustrial Jr. School ElectricalEngineering-Radio OptiongNorth Rugby, 1, II: Sr. School Rugby, III, IV. House, U. of T., I-IV, Transacti0HS, Asst. GERALD LANGDALE WHITE Heathcote, Ont. Business Manager, III, Business Manager, Chemical Engineering. IV? Sec- Tfeasufeff FOUFU1 Year? Rowing, ROBERT MCKEE WILKINSON Sandwich, Ont. Sr. School Hockey, ST. School Architecture: South House, of On- Rugby, III. tario Association of Architects Scholarship, ARTHUR CURRIE WEST Windsor, Ont. gi Ofogjtlg Bf1CkPCPmI1j2?'GPf1Ze, 1,115 Chemical Engineeringg South House, U. of armg earson nZe'N ' hylgmasgcs' T., Varsity Band, I, II, Victoria College GEORGE WILLIAM WILSQN I Zrtl ay' bnlg' Symphony Orchestra, H, HI, IV. Micfhalriifzal Engineering, Sc oo Base a , WILLIAM WHITLOCK WESTAWAY YORK IJANG WONG Toronto, Ont. Hamilton, Ont. Chemical Engineering, Associate Editor, Mining Engineering, Honours II, Toike Transactions, IVQ Varsity Sport Staff, IV, Oike Staff, III, Editor Transactions and U. of T., Student Christian Ass'n.: Man- Year Book, IV: Chairman Mining Seminar, ager, Jr. School Basketball, IVg Inter- IV. faculty Basketball, I, II, III, IV. I - APPLIED SCIENCE my One lwenty-jive wb - I NSY? A -si INQQQQA L 'ifgwvl M'.5fC?Nn nvp'3'Vf LQ' .OJ 4 3 Z 5 - .aw 150,-Ls: Ib!QEgL5Al lailqhq l f'3'w. lyfvofvg zivxcrwl ,sry 3,5 Nl .04 LQ' Z I D EL I'I X I R Y 3 2 pl LQ 9 5 rl ,D ITV' 'K' f F B f QP N A f ' ' w i Sg?ff fR , P n ,7, J: A K vfxggx fi - 5:11:33 , -'QQ' ' If ,f 4.7y if 2 ' N' '- " A ? Nix meth' Ib AQQQMI -IMQDLAX ELQGN uvC'5lC'a-an To the Graduating Class in Dentistry By PRoF13ssoR XWALLACE SECCOMBE, D.D.S. IFE'S pendulum swings from one extreme to another. As recently as two generations ago man fre- quently referred to himself in such humble terms as "worm" and "dust of the earth". It was inevitable that such a lowly concept should change. The pendulum then swung to the point where man conceived himself as king, limitless in achievement and suflicient in power. In many ways kingship was attained but, unfortunately, not the kind referred to by Henry Drummond, the kingship of self-control. The scientist to-day freely admits that there is a limit beyond which he cannot go. His researches have brought him face to face with infinity. In all our relations immutable law steps in, . stops the swing of the pendulum, and we are compelled to revise our thinking, and alter our plans in accord with new objectives. Periods of readjustment are never pleasant, but they seem to be the way of progress. They are disciplinary and lead us to face facts and think things through. They send us back to the main road, a new road, wider, straighter, and leading to higher ground. It is my great hope that the members of this graduating class may have learned in their University life that economic, sociological and political concepts, are not really fundamental things, but that they are controlled by something more vital in the heart of man, the spiritual quality. A recognition of "first things first" will result in true success and an abundance of happiness, quite aside from "good times" and "bad". You are to be admitted to membership in a great profession and will spend your lives serving in the field of public dental health. Your teachers have enjoyed their contacts with you and will follow your careers with friendly in- terest. This is a young man's world in the makingAbe true to your best selves and to the highest traditions of your profession! One twenty-eight DENTISTRX 1616394 'N.'9,gQ,w A259233 XQNI eIvt'.'5Yf?Nn 5 if DENTISTRY c:7fQ'.w Q A GEORGE ARTHUR CAMERON ADAMS 011825 Toronto, Ont. Dentistry, Hockey, Ig Water Polo, I, II, At-Home Committee, V. HUGH SUTHERLAND AUSTIN 011523 Peterborough, Ont. Class Secretary-Treasurer, III, Dentantics, IV, Vg Editor Hya Yaka, Vg Interestsf Music. HARRY ALDEN BANKS CENIICIDJ Veteran, Alta. University of Alberta, I, II, III, Disciplinary Committee, '30, '31, JOHN ELDON BRAUND CXIYQJ Peterborough, Ont. Dentistry: James Branston Willmott Schol- arship, Ig Rowing, III, Noctem Cuckoo Committee, V. RALPH CHARLES BREGMAN CAOJ Toronto, Ont. Graduated Oakwood C.I., 19289 Scholarship Dentistry, Ig Interests-Music, Sports. ARCHIE CLARENCE BROTMAN Winnipeg, Man Honors and Medals in Soccer and Track' entered Dentistry, 1928, Soccer, III, IV Vg Lacrosse, V3 Royal Dental Society, IV, V JAMES THoMPsoN CAIRNS Battleford, Sask. Dentistryg University of Alberta, '28 to '30g V Class Secretary, IV Alumni Federa- tion Scholarship. 1 1 "-"'nnuw.qy 'ilrft I' 111-I-' AUSTIN CAMPBELL CARBERT QEXIICIDJ Parkhill, Ont. Dent. Soccer, III, IV, Vg Intercollegiate '- Soccer, II-V, C.I.A.F.U. Champions, II, IV, Vg Pres. Intercollegiate Soccer 'R' Union, Vg First T. Holder. BASIL STURDY CHADWICK OIIQJ Toronto, Ont. Dentistry, Sec't.-Treas., II, Dramatic Com- mittee, II, IIIQ Sec't Hya Yaka, IV: President, Vg Vice-President Students' Cabinet, Vg SportseSquash. RALPH AUBREY CONNOR COAX5 Toronto, Ont Intercoll. Rugby-Junior, I, Intermed. II O.R.F.U., II, III, Hockey-Dents., II III, IV. Uennings' Cupl, Intermed Intercoll., IV, Pres. Rugby, Vg Pres Athletics, V. WILLIAM MCGREGOR CUNNINGHAM Dentistryg Graduate in Dental Surgery, Univ. of New Zealand. ALCIDE JOSEPH DUPUIS B.A. fllffzl St. Raphael, Ont. University of Montreal, '29g Athletic Com- mittee, Vg Pres. of Hockeyg Interfaculty Sportsflrlockey, III, IV, Vg Rugby, IVQ Lacrosse, Vg Camera Club. IVIYER TEDDY EIN B.A. Westmount, Que. Dentistry. I 7 QL mimr ICIZCI on - A :--- D- I l.. 0 9.1.- x 1 -P 1 .. Qmwrgzf wmv lmgglvggml One twenty-nine N953 IVE FLVIGYQ-11 :w'.5lC'Nl .sfffafyii fb Q, Q J L A, 'DICWQI 'Z One thirty 4? gggml NORMAN STIRLING GAGE C1192 Kingston, Ont. Dentistry, Sports--Squash, Interests'-Mw sic. WALTER FREDERICK HANCOCK CEXI11115 Moose Jaw, Sask. University of Alberta, '27-'30, University of Toronto, '31-'33, Dentantics, IV, Noctem Cuckoo, IV, Business Mgr. Hya Yaka, V, Joint Executive, V. ARTHUR ZIMMERMAN HENRY CEX5 Orangeville, Ont., Dentistry, University Lacrosse, II, III, Hockey, II, III, IV, V, Jennings Cup, IV, Manager Lacrosse, V, Secretary Treasurer IV: Rugby, III, IV, V. ALAN EDWARD HOBDEN CEXIKIDD Toronto, Ont. Dents, '33, Rugby, II, III, IV, Sec. Class, II, Interests--Sports and Dentistry. HERBERT MELVIN HUTCHINSON Winnipeg, Man. Interfaculty Soccer, III, IV, V. HERBERT SINCLAIR JAMIESON OPS-22 Moosomin, Sask. Class President, I, Scholarship fAsh Templeb, I, At Home Rep., II, Treasurer Parlia- ment, IV, President Students' Parliament, V, S.A.C. Representative, Sports--Water Polo, I, II. ' '2 ' ' 1.1 ROY ARNOLD JOHNSON CEK11f12J Regina, Sask. University of Sask., 1928-'29, Pres. of Third Year, III, Pres. of Rugby, III, IV, War Memorial Scholarship, IV, Ash-Temple Scholarship, V. DONALD GUTHRIE JOHNSTONE OPQJ Niagara Falls, Ont. Hart House Music Committee, V. RAPHEAL LUKE LAZARECK Winnipeg, Man. Pre-Medicine, University of Man., 1927-29, Entered Dentistry, 1929. TREVOR BOADWAY LEHMAN CIPQJ North Bay, Ont. Dentistry, Dentantics Rep., I, II, At-Home Rep., IV, President of Dramatics and R.D.S., V, Pianist of Varsity Entertainers. ALTON EDGAR LYONS CAT52J Constable, N.Y. B.S. St. Lawrence University, '29, At-Home Rep., III, Jr. Basketball, III, Noctem Cuckoo, III, IV, Dentantics, III, Track, III, Business Manager Hya Yaka, IV, President of Fourth Year, Secretary of Students' Parliament, Vice-President Fifth Year. DONALD MAURICE MACFARLANE CENPCIJJ Vancouver, B.C. University of Saskatchewan, 1928-29, Track, III, IV, Noctem Cuckoo, II, III, Dentan- tics, III, Hya Yaka, IV, Scholarship, IV. .as lixuiir' 5 QHFW DENTETRY ur-gg,g',mi S G 9 1- 45 ,fu 1 with? gviqfwz Q? 9. Z ia E 2 Z 359' a mf-mf lw'.'jlC'v-11 ivpfjvf .OJ RALPH PALMER MARKLE Toronto, Ont. Dentistry, Hya Yaka-CSecretary5, V, C.O. T.C.-I, II, III, V, Certs. A and B In- fantry, Interests-Music, Military Studies. DONALD ROBERT MONABB QEIIMIJ5 Lethbridge, Alta. Univ. of Alta., '27-'31, Univ. of Toronto, '31-'33. MAX NACHT CIIACID5 Beatty, Sask. University of Saskatchewan, '27-'28, Uni- versity Of Manitoba, '28-'29, University of Toronto, '29-'33, InterestsAMusic, Legiti- mate Stage. WILLIAM OSBORNE NURSEY 011525 Toronto, Ont. Dentistry, III, Vice-President of Class, V, Ass't. Editor of Hya Yaka. JOHN BENNETT PEPPER CEXIICIP5 Petrolia, Ont. Rugby, Dramatics, Noctem Cuckoo and Dentantics. ELMER CARL PURDY 011525 Toronto, Ont. Dentistry, Member of Cabinet of Students Parliament, Torontonensis Representa- tive, Chief Varsity Reporter, V, President of Basketball, V, Interfaculty Basketball Committee, V, War Memorial Scholar- ship, IV, Jr. Dents Baseball, I, II, Rugby, II, Dentantics, I, Noctem Cuckoo, I-IV. L4 L- GEORGE ROBERT SIDENBERG QAS25 Toronto, Ont. Sr. Matriculant, Parkdale C.I., 1928, Hon- our Roll, I, II, B.W. St F. Representative. V, InterestsFLiterary, Musical and Ath- letic. GORDON WILLIAM SPINKS CEXIICID5 Treherne, Man. Dentistry. DONALD M. STOCKWELL 011525 Toronto, Ont. Dents, Interfaculty Rowing, II, Interfaculty Rifle, I, II, III. ALFRED NELLES VAN LOON 011525 Waterford, Ont. Year Pres., II, Pres. of At Home Comm. V. ALBERT WILLIAM EARL VIGARS CEXIHIJ5 Port Arthur, Ont. A member of the Graduating Class in Dentistry. He died in Toronto On Saturday, December 10, 1932. EVERETT HARTZEIIII WAUGH CEXIHP5 Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A. Litt. B. Rutgers University, 1927, D.D.S. Medical College of Virginia, 1932. ELSIE ELIZABETH WEARN Sydney, Aus. Graduate in Dental Surgery, Sydney U. 4.5 'Elini E DENTETRY Qi? me-q,5,g,',4-sl E G 04. 0 J 5- One ihirty-one S -12 I1-sbgokdjq Nav' lvkfjfffwl Wpfbytgg if 22 1 AQJ4' lmtglyggmu mQI WYCLIFFE COLLEGE . 44 Du.rEig"' M! i 'BTW f Ull wr If N mv , ' IR' CPKJQQA, nN,9ig,aA. 'NQM NYG wi ivv'.'5IC'wi F 53 ,YL 1 Z l To the Graduating Class of Wfycliffe College fl By REV. R. B. MCELHERAN, MA., DD. 25 VERY Graduate of this year knows that he is receiving his Degree or Diploma in troublous times. Our difliculties have been extremely well advertised. It is, therefore, unnecessary to go over ground that is so familiar to all members of the class. You are also quite well informed con- cerning the many panaceas for the world's ills. You have heard of all kinds of theories whose advocates have been broadcasting their ideas with ever increas- ing zea . The fact remains that the time for theorizing is past. The agonies which people of our generation have endured cannot be alleviated by glib talk or idle philosophies. There are wrongs to be righted and needs to be met which demand the leadership of men who will not merely talk, but will act. You need not only clear thinking but strong will-power to meet the challenge of the hour. The duty and opportunity of our generation are imperative and unique. That throws us right back upon the vital question of personal character. Our country needs men of pure minds, noble aspirations, and wills dominated by Christ Himself. He came to be "the Light for men". He whom you proclaim points. not only a possible Way out, but the only way out of our difficulties. "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life". . As Graduates of Wycliffe College, taking up your work in 1933, you will do so with strong courage and undaunted faith because you know that your Divine Leader will lead us through all the perplexities of the present emergency, if we will only follow Him. To proclaim Him to a perplexed and baffled genera- tion, and to consecrate your life to the bringing in of His glorious day of peace afid good-will, is a task and a privilege that should thrill every member of the c ass. One fhzrty-four WYCLIFFE COLLEGE .Qi 20 Cf' imggggjlei Iabgskhfq Pifcfqvn -lVQf'jlCIxNl ivf'3'yc1 has u 2 ' WYOLIFFE COLLEGE SKC-'.w X HAROLD GORDON BLAKE Toronto, Ont. Theology, Honour Course. ARTHUR CLARKE Derby, England. Special Course, Theology: Soccer, I, II, III: Harrier, I, II, III, IV. GEORGE GILLESPIE Toronto, Ont Theology, Wycliffe College: Wycliffe Soccer, III: Wycliffe Harrier, I, II, III, IV' InterestsePhotography, Travel. v ARNOLD HUTTON HART-DAvIEs London, Eng. Arts, U.C. '31: Honour Course in Theology: Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada, Secretary, III g Vice-President, IV: Wycliffe College S.C.A., President, V: Graduating Class, President, VI. STANLEY A. KIRK Hamilton, Ont. Theology, Honour Course: Vice-President Athletic Association, III: Baseball, I, II, III, IV: Basketball, I, II, III, IV. .SAM I 52 CUTHBERT MUNRO MACLEAN Northam, P.E.I. Prince of Wales College, P.E.I.: Queen's Science, Debating, I: Debating Committee, II: Wycliffe Mission Society, II: Curator Literary Society, II: President Wycliffe Students' Christian Association, IV: Dis- cipline Committee, IV. THOMAS REAGH MILLMAN Kensington, P.E.I. Modern History, 1931: Post-Graduate Work in History: Theology, Wycliffe: President, Wycliffe College Literary Society. WILLIAM STOCKS Toronto, Ont. Honour Course, Theology? Harrier, I: Baseball, II: Auditor, IV: Organist, IV, Wycliffe College: The I.B. McElheran Medal. Homiletics. 4I4i'z+I' , '-1-g:f:.,,,..fq:j ,, L as "MSA f-.,,,,..1 X INQLQMI KAI I C 3 fm -. Z' Q. W -. f? :B Q: fm I NDN lviC5fC'N1 Q ? S2 .Q pdcjf-ss lagglggysu llkftgjjg X Cgkfqvl Cf 2' KNUX COLLEGE , W Im!! U H A , ,X W ff' A ' KECJA' 'wiv' MGM Frggeqvi IVGCYCINI BERTON FRANKLIN ANDREW Thornbury, Ont. Arts at McMaster. ' CHARLES GORDON BOYD Creemore, Ont. .rg B.A. '30g Graduate Studies, English Dept., Hockey I, II, III: P. and W. Comm. Ig Chairman P. and W. Comm. IIg President K.C.V.A. III: S.A.C. Finance Com- missioner III. HUGH FLEMING DAVIDSON Newton, Ont. B.A. '30, Graduate Studies, Orientals, Intercoll. Soccer Mgr. II and III: Inter- faculty Soccer I, II, III, Chairman Athletic Comm. Ig Chairman House Comm. III. PETER WELLINGTON GRAHAM Aurora, Ont. B.A. '29g Philosophy, University College, Honours: Graduate Studies in Social Phil. GRAHAM MOFFATT JAMIESON Islington, Ont. B.A. '30g Philosophy, University College: Graduate Studies in Philosophy. MURDO MACINNES Stornoway, Scotland. Theology. ROBERT ROBERTSON Sherbrooke, Que. B.A. CBishopsJg Knox Interfaculty Soccer II, III Mgr.: Intercoll. Soccer II, III, Union S.V.M. Treas. III: Knox Mis- sionary Society Pres. III. X l - one thirty-eight KNOX COLLEGE fi?- x4,CLw wagon' I-2955 aww .micwl MMA UEL COLLEGE ,ii 523 9 5 Q v- KN Vxewwxq, -VHE PWM Wiif? W ' Q Fw SSW-fdf :t1.1allgn A.':2QeeN2A9k I N-Mix. K -uglglxlgxsmtsxx 4 -N MR3"ffs1w'-K'aff,'Q'WVX , iw wSfa2af'dsffvw 44 , . xx xlwysls hqzaghyijyl X 2, f- if K i "ig xv " 'f "-Fgwfif? XX F I I W , x WC' - NJJSYQ A ,141 lmtihgysl gffqvl 1vwf5ft'Tw1 is To the Graduating Class of Emmanuel College - By REV. PRINCIPAL R. DAVIDSON, MA., PHD., D.D. URING three years you have seen many changes in the College. Professor W. A. Potter died in 1931, Professor J. W. Macmillan and Principal Gandier in 1932. Your fellow- student, E. G. Wilkins, was drown- ed last summer. At the end of your first year Professor Baillie went to New York, and Professor Macleod succeeded to his chair. A year later Professor McLaughlin and Dr. Ramsay retired. When you entered you had neither class rooms nor residence of your owng now you have lived and worked in your own buildings for two years. You leave us to take up your work at a time of great difficulty. There is not only the economic embarrassment 5 the fabric of soci- ety is perhaps more strained at - other points. It is not easy today for any man to see his way and to a constancy sufficient for your- selves and for others as well. ' Both College and Church will expect of you that you do not lose contact with the Pioneer of all right and adventurous living. You go to join the great company of Alumni-a society that endures and yet is ever young. In that society you will continue to share in the life of your alma mater. The ideals and temper of life here will depend in no small degree on your vision and high loyalties. 'kg hold itg you will need a vision and ' One forty EMMANUEL COLLEGE - CKQMI lst.-Q5g,w NQSY2 gp-fi imifiiw vffjglb l lvGf'5lf'?Nl I KU SI ARTHUR PETER SCOLEY ADDISON Toronto, Ont HAMILTON BALLAGH Teeswater, Ont. Diploma Course, Theology, School of Gradu- ate Studies, I, II: North House, Ig Em- manuel Residence, II, IIIQ Year Executive III. WILLIAM FRANKLIN BANISTER COCIDAJ Campbellcroft, Ont Th. B. '30, Southern Seminary, Louisville, Ky., Cosmopolitan Club: Southern Sem- inaryg Worship Committee, Emmanuel II, President E.C.C.S., Emmanuel, III CLARENCE EDWARD BEAcoM Kingsville, Ont. B.A. 3T0, Victoria. JOSEPH KETCHESON BROWN Victoria, 1930. his 13? M ARTHUR CARRINGTON Weston, Ont. General Coursey Interests-Music, Social Serviceg Staff Central Neighbourhood House, I, II, III, Victoria College, and I, II, III Emmanuel College, Victoria Col- lege Glee Club, Ig Wrestling, Ig Emmanuel College Choir, III, Business manager Emmanuel College Male Quartet, III, Prize N.T. Greek, Victoria, IIIg M.A. Philosophy: Emmanuel College, II. ROBERT MAURICE CLARK Smithville, Ont. Victoria '30g S.C.A. Exec., II, E.C.S.S. Exec., IIIQ Wallbridge, Cox, Robertson- Morrin prizes, Meacham Scholarship, IV. CLARENCE HOWARD FERGUSON Bowmanville, Ont. Victoria 3T1g Chairman of Missionary Com- mittee Emmanuel College Students' Soci- ety, III. FREDERICK MERRILL FERGUSON Bowmanville, Ont. Victoria 3T0g Treasurer Emmanuel College Students' Society, Ig President, Victoria University, S.V.M. II: President, Toronto Union S.V.M., III. -1135: A-255' EM MANUEL COLLEGE INQJQBAI 52. Q One forty-one is -29 NDA: kos I MO Nl lvifjgfb 533' fit? .. tfltt CHARLES GORDON H1GG1NsoN Hawkesbury, Ont ArtseMcMaster, '30, GEORGE EDWIN MORROW Delaware, Ont. University ot Western Ont.fArts '30: Basketball, I, II. 51 ARTHUR ORGAN Cornwall, England. Q? HARVEY W. INGLIS Walkerton, Ont. Sociology: Vic Soccer, I, II, III: Intercoll- - Diploma Course: Soccer, I. II. III: Hockey, SOCCGT, I, II, III: B21Sk9'Cb21ll, I, II: Ath- I, II, IIIg E.C.S.S. Executive, III. letic Committee, II, Chairman, III: Worship Committee, IIQ Dean Third Nl CHARLES WHITNEY LESLIE Ingersoll, Ont. HOUSG, III2 CIHSS Y-PFGS-, IU- Smx B-A' 3T0EV1CtONa' REGINALD CARMAN PERRY Windsor, Ont. V B.A., Memorial University Collee, St. SAMUEL ERNEST LEWIS Brampton' Ont' John's, Nfid. and Mt. Allison, Sackville, , . . ' 3 d H , III: NWILFRED CORNETT LOCKHART Dundalk, Ont. Igeicienig C01?f31?ttieC??I Ouse Victoria '29: Vice-president of E.C.S.S., II3 i ' ' Hockey, I, II, III: Secretary to Chancellor RALPH EZRA SPENCER M.A. Brighton, Ont. Wallace. II. III: Tutor in South House, Theologyg Bm-Wash Hall: Member of Em- III. manuel Student Executive, IIQ Basketball Manager, I, III. FREDRICK GEORGE MEEK Toronto, Ont. Artg-ViCtOria. CYRIL ANDREW WARREN Weston, Ont. n l ! " One forty-two HMV EMMANUEL COLLEGE " Aw: INQAQAAI MSM: gpm Mtifcw uvfgzgjj S MOYGN INQQAI FORESTRY Wg i VF!!! ' Z it ,X J X5 Q' J J I W ,I 1 X mf ACLM' .QQ 'AGN uvwf5fE'Nn Q. E To the Graduating Class of the Faculty of Forestry By C. D. I-Iowr, M.A., PHD. In tQ The empQ ation, final in t servi gooc. hare. WELS 1'1 HE Faculty of Forestry is twenty-live years old and dur- ing this period it has grown y slowQy and steadily from a student T body of live to seventy members. ae earlier years the profession ew and untried in this country. students had no assurance of oyment at the time of gradu- yet they persevered anc. y won because they had faith heir profession as a public ce 5 also because they hae. judgment and a capacity for work. They, and the hundrec. or more graduates who have fol- lowed the pioneers, have established, the profession on firm foundations. Although they are being swayec. somewhat in the present storm, the foundations are still firm. It is always to be remembered that 5 this is the first real storm the 5 'tw profession has met in twenty-five -4- 63 years. lt may bend but it will not Q ' be broken. Therefore my parting ' N message to the class of Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-three is: Emulate the qualities of the pioneers of the profession. Have the courage to endure and keep the faith. The psychology of the Canadian people is sound. "' Ong forty-four FORESTRY C5?ZgC,QAr INLQQQQA! Crggwvi ewoiow. vfgg GU- - .... -Q... ROBERT DOUGLAS KEITH ACHESON Elk Lake, Ont. Vice-Pres. Athletic Club, III, President 5 Athletic Club, IV, Hockeyg Baseballg SE? At Home Committee, III. GORDON ELIAS BALL Clinton, Ont. Forestry. ANTHOM WILLIAM ALDRIDGE BROWN CKAI England. Foresters' Club, Treasurer, II, Vice-President, IIIQ Historical Club, Vice-President, IV3 President Trin. Coll. Science Club. ROBERT MACCALLUM BULLOCK Toronto, Ont. Rugby, IIg Wrestling, 135 lb., III, Manager Forestry Basketball, IV, Foresters' Club. QW JOHN ARCHIBALD MACDONALD Tillsonburg, Ont. Forestryg Faculty Hockey, I, II, IIIg Base- ball, II, III, University Rifle Team, IIIg Library Committee, IVQ War Memorial Scholarship, III. RALPH EDWARD SEWELL Toronto, Ont. Rugby, II, IIIQ Baseball, I, IIg Stunt Night Committee, II, IIIg News Letter, I, II, III, IVg Torontonensis Rep., IV. JOHN PERRIN TowNsoN Toronto, Ont. Forestry Rugby, I, II, IIIg Forestry Basket- ball, I, II, III, IVQ Forestry Baseball, I, II, III, Forestry Hockey, I, IIIg Forestry Lacrosse, III, IV, Class Presi- dent, IV. ROY STEWART YOUNG Blyth, Ont. Forestry Rugby, I, II, III: Hart House Hall Committee, IIIg President, Foresters' Club, IV. ' FORESTRY 3' J One forty-five C2765-'Je' wagers' N353 X E grcwvl 1vwf'5ff.'Nl Q 5 glfcwf INQLQD6' 'Nl-PQ f? 6? ONTARIO R VETERINARY C OI ,I ,EGR if ' Z, P f I , 2 Kg: Nxxmsj' g'i4C,94n uN,Qgg,54r asv Kewl 1vi'D.C.'Nu fvgfsilza To thc Graduating Class of the Ontario Veterinary College By C. D. MCGILVRAY, M.D.V., D.V.Sc. S THE time approaches when you have to begin your professional career my earn- est Wish is that you may prosper. In times like these you are truly commencing your life Work during a period of transition, and you may have to overcome many difficulties. Fortunately, it is becoming more Widely realized that veterinary science is enlarging its usefulness in public service. This statement is based on two fundamental facts of major importance to the well being and prosperity of a nation. FIRSTLYZ-Tl19 Welfare of public health is being further safeguarded by the control of diseases com- municable from animals to man with fatal effect. SECONDLY:-By preventing and - eradicating diseases among domes- 5 tic animals the further prosperity 5 'ig of agriculture through live stock "'i' - development and allied interests if is being encouraged and safeguard- g - a ed. Along these lines the achieve- ments of veterinary science are comparable to those of the other learned sciences. This is being accomplished through private enterprise in general practice, as Well as through municipal and government public services. An effort has been made through academic Work to properly train and equip you so that you may realize and perform the services expected of you. At the same time you must understand that your training is not completed through aca- demic studies. To become fully developed it must be continued throughout your life by perseverance and application. It is your duty to prove Worthy of your professional calling. . One forty-eight VETERINARY 233.941 Imogen' 114.955 Kew 194'-BIIITNIV -.... 1.1,-...1. inf- 1.- ALEYANDER FRANCIS BAIN Guelph, Ont. Member of A.V.M.A., III, IV, Sc. Asscn., IV, Sec'y., Student Council, II, Vice- President Student Council, III, Member of Student Council, IV, Prize Second Proficiency, II, III, Prize for Canine Diseases, III. HENRY THoMAs BATT Guelph, Ont. F rst Proficiency, II, III. ROBERT JAMES BILYEA CSZTEJ London, Ont. Member A.V.M.A., III, IV, Sc. Asscn., IV, Vice-President A.V.M.A., IV, Vice-Presi- dent Sc. Asscn., IV, Treasurer of Student Council, III, Interest-Everything, Nick- narne:H"Bob". MARSHALL OBERHOLTZER BINGEMAN Waterloo, Ont . Member A.V.M.A., III, IV, Sc. Asscn., IV, Class Vice-President, III, IV, President of Student Council, IV, Hockey, III, Interest-Cattle Breeder specializing in WILFRID JAMES BoYD Harrow, Ont. Sc. Asscn., IV, Member of Student Council, I, Nickname:-"JimInie". MARVIN EUGENE EPPERSON Washington, D.C., U.S.A. Sc. Asscn. IV, InterestMGolf, Nickname:-A L4Epp,7. HUGH ARTHUR FRASER QQTEQ Georgetown, British Guiana. Sc. Asscn., IV, Member of Student Council, III, Master of Candidates CFrat.J, IV, Canadian Army Veterinary Honorarium, I, II, InterestWHorseback riding, Lassoe- ing, Nickname:-"Laddie". ROBERT THOMAS GILBERT CSZTEJ Moncton, N.B. Sec'y. A.V.M.A. III, Sc. Asscn. IV, Hockey II, Golf IV, Interest-Golf, Nickname:- "Bob". CHARLES WILBUR GoLLEHoN KQTEJ Fremont, Nebraska, U.S.A. Sc. Asscn., IV, Member of Student Council, II, Second Proficiency, I, Rugby, I, II, III, IV, Captain, O.A.C. Rugby Team, 5, it Dual-Purpose Shorthorns, Nicknamez- '33, Basketball, I, II, Interest:kBru- "Mike", nettes, Nickname:h"Golly". VETERINARY one forty-me 'se ACM 'fwlw 'A'-954 fgfivl lviC5Y1'N1 VERNON KENNETH JENSEN KSZTZIJ Montevideo, Minn., U.S.A. - Sc. Asscn., IV, Basketball, O.A.C. I, II, 5 III, Interest - Hospitalization, Nick- H? name:-"Swede". ' CHARLES HAMILTON KABLE CSZTEJ Charlestown, W. Va., U.S.A. Sc. Asscn., IV, Class Vice-President, I, Class President, II, III, IV, Prize Anatomy II, Assist. Manager, Hockey, IV, Nick- name:-"Squire", THOMAS MCCRAE MATTHEWS, B.S.A. Guelph, Ont. Member A.V.M.A. III, IV, Sc. Asscn. IV. ROY ELWYN NICHOLS CQTEJ Utica, N.Y., U.S.A. Sc. Asscn., IV, Class President, I, Sec'y. Sc. Asscn., IV, Sec'y., A.V.M.A., IV, Vice-President Chess Club, IV, Prize for First Proficiency, I, Histology, I, Third Proficiency, II, Histology, II, Canadian Army Veterinary Honorarium, III, Sec'y. of Hockey Club, IV, Interest-Horses and Chess, Nickname:-"Nic". One fifty f . 930 OSKAR SPANGSBERG NORDLAND CSZTE3 Esbjerg, Denmark Sc. Asscn., IV, Class Sec'y-Treasurer, III IV, Special Prize Anatomy, I, Diligence, II, Third Proficiency, III, Interest- Languages, Nickname:-"Dane". GEORGE RANKIN QQTEJ Oakner, Man Sc. Asscn., IV, Class Vice-President, II Interest-Platinum Blondes. FREDERIK ROBERT RASMUSSEN QSZTE5 Hutchinson, Minn., U.S.A Sc. Asscn., IV, Member of Student Council IV, President, Sc. Asscn., IV, President A.V.M.A., IV, Pres. oft Hockey Team IV, Interest- Hockey, Nickname :-"Ras" EUGENE ARTHUR WILLICK QQTED Fort Erie, Ont President Fraternity, IV, Treasurer, Fra- ternity, III, Athletic Rep., II, III, IV, Hockey, I-IV, Interest-Hockey, Nick- name:-"Gene". 5 2 - H' :: pd Je naggigaau 7 ii Zi VETERINARY I NI'-DLE! ELQGWQI vw D C. Nl lvf'D'Q Q 'CT E 2' E U10 9-E rn 25 570 PM-4 U I NQ CLA 441 43 ? f 5 3 9,2 Va A 'N Comum HOMWS PJ. fi. .Q CQZCJAI lwglvggysl laitgjfg W Ygcfivn lVQf5fC'Nl has ' A ELLA V. ALLEN Ottawa, Ont. SARAH ISOBEL "BETTY" CHINN Toronto, Ont. Graduate of Macdonald Institute, 1932. S.C.M. Treasurer, III, President, IV: Vic- l"h.,'- - 'Cll M 'Clb,II,IIIgB k- ' 5 EVELYN W. BANNERMAN Owen Sound, Ont E33 HCT egg uslc u as et 5 .gm Graduate of Macdonald Institute, Guelph ' ' ' Hi' Q 1931. Q ' LAURA IRENE CLARK Hamilton, Ont. H- " HELEN GERTRUPE Blooo fofbl Tofoooo' ooo Household science, Victoria Music Club, I Household Scienceg Badminton, II, III. and H, S C M Groups Convenor IV DoR1s LoU1sE BILGER Kitchener Ont Household Science' MARY ELLEN CLEMENT CKKF9 Toronto, Ont. DOROTHY BOTTOM QAII, Kitchener, Qnt Household Scienceg Torontonensis Repre- Household Science. Sentative, IV' MILDRED LENORA BRACE QFCPBJ Toronto Ont. - O Household Science, McGill, '29, '30. LAURA MARGARET COLQUHOUN C31 Al O oronto, nt. PHYLLI5 CAMSELL CAD Ottawa Ont Household Scienceg Household Science W. Pass Household Science. UIAI Representative, IV- ELIZABETH GOULD CARR CAKIDD Toronto, Ont Household Scienceg Badminton, IIIQ Bad- MARGARET EMMA CONN Hawkestone, Ontj. .Lwblh minion Representative, IV- Honour Household Scienceg Wymilwood.5.1-Mr. me U - w e - One fifty-two HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE we ZKCJAI lN,D4QeQQ94l 1149.51 .Je cbagglcfqvn uw'5fE?Nu ll 1 EILEEN CROVER Toronto, Ont. MARJORIE HESTER GIBBARD Napanee, Ont M Household Scienceg Basketball, IV. Household Science. 5 ELEANOR STUART DEWAR Crlfbb Toronto, Ont. EVELYN ADELE GOSS TOTOMO, Unt- ,E Household Science. Household Science. g KATHRYN RAMPTON DEWAR C ND, LAURA GEORGINA FRANCES GREEN Toronto, Ont. Toronto' Ont Household Science Pass Household Science. Y HELEN NADINE HALL Sault Ste. Marie Ont H H E ARS! ' ELEN ENRIETTA MERSON K Tmlmto Ont Honour Household Science: Hutton House Household Scienceg Treasurer, Household I' H' HI' Science Club, IV. ISABELLE M. HENDERSON Guelph, Ont ANNA FRETZ V, I d O t Graduate of Macdonald Institute, 1932 me an n . . ' FthYPdtfHttH. Household Scienceg victoria Music Club, Ig our ear res' en O u on 'me Victoria S.V.M., III, IV, Interestsa HELEN BETTY HOOEY CAXSZJ Toronto, Ont Country Life and Hunting. Household Science ALICE MURIEL GARDNER Woodford, Ont. EVA DOROTHY HUNTER Pass Household Scienceg Cody House, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont Whitney Hall. Household Science, Honour Course, I. I HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE One fifty-three Cvf' 0 N49 :iii-L941 rewind' NDS: gens. wofow ivp'5'gg Q. is 'Q BEULAH HUTNER CAEQDJ Toronto, Ont. RUTH MILLICHAMP LYON QHBKIDJ Toronto, Ont Household Science. Pass Household Science. Z HELEN VIRGINIA INGLES Toronto, Ont. MARION ELIZABETH MACBETH .QQ Household Science, Household Science Club Hamilton, Ont Q Executive, HI, IV. Macdonald Institute, Guelph. R2-IH JAEIEOQI , Toronto' Ont' ISABELLE S. MAOKAY Embro, Ont Ouse O 'Hence' Graduate of Macdonald Institute, Guelph IsABEL H. LEE North Bay, Ont. Y Graduate of Macdonald Institute, 1932. GLADYS MARIE MCMURCHY KAMZD Brampton, Ont. DOROTHY ALBERTINE LESTER Norwich, Ont. Household Science? 1nterestS-TenniS. Macdonald Institute Graduate. LEAH RUTH LEVI CIAII5 Toronto, Ont. WEIFRED IZIOLAhNg'?1Yg5RD Toronto' Ont' Household Scienceg Secretary, University of Onour Ouse O meme' T t M hS 't,II, III, IV. , Own O enora 0016 y GRACE AILEEN MICHENER CAXQD RUTH LUNDY Toronto, Ont. Calgary, Alta. Household Science. Household Science: S.C.M. Executive, IV. ' One fifty-four W HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE . rc? 2ZgCQ3Ai 'Nappa' High: i aygfcfqvi ivw'.'5.C'Nn 194522 if 3' 5 2 ,nw-' EUNICE SHAW MONTGOMERY QACIU Toronto, Ont. Household Science. MARY DANIELS MoRToN Trinidad, B.W.I. Household Science. MARGARET MILLER MULHALL Toronto, Ont. Victoria College Music Club, III, Council Secretary, S.C.M., IV. ELIZABETH JEAN MUSTARD CKE-IFJ Toronto, Ont. Household Science. MARGARET A. MUTRIE Guelph, Ont. Graduate of Macdonald Institute, 1932g House President of Hutton House. JEssIE ELIZABETH NICHOL Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Honour Household Scienceg Hutton House I, II, III, Falconer House, IV. MARY PELLATT NORTON CAIIDE Toronto, Ont. Household Science. HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE IJ MARJORIE BowER PHILLIPS KIYIHBJ Toronto, Ont. Household Science. GRETA LEONA POLLARD Bowmanville, Ont. Graduate of Macdonald Institute, Guelph. EVELYN AUDREY PURKIS CKKFJ Toronto, Ont. U.C. Tennis Club, II CManaerJg Household Science W.U.A. Representative, IIg Presi- dent, University Badminton Club, III: President, Household Science W.U.A., IV, Secretary-Treasurer, University Ten- nis Club, IV. MABLE SANDERSON Toronto, Ont. Graduate of Macdonald Institute, Guelph. ELDRED MARIANNE SHAIDLE Waterdown, Ont. Household Science, St. Joseph's College Basketball, I, IV: Baseball, I, II, III, IV: Hockey, I, III, Vice-president St. Michael's Athletic Society, IV. Interests-Athletics, Newman Club. PHYLLIS SHEPARD CAPM Ottawa, Ont. Pass Household Science. One jifty-five INAQEQJMI Q C2 If-fi-5555 grfqvn IvQ'.'5IC.'Nu Ivfffyf PF HELEN MARIE SMART CIIBQDJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Household Science. 5 MILDRED G. SMITH Chatham, Ont. ie? Graduate of Macdonald Institute, Guelph. - N ELENA LOUISE STACEY CAXSZJ Oshawa, Ont. Basketball, I, II, III, Athletic Representa- tive, IV, Victoria College Year Executive, Secretary, II. AUDREY LOUISE STEVENS Toronto, Ont. Household Science, Household Science Bas- ketball, II, III, IV. BLANCHE RAY STILLMAN Cobden, Ont. Honour Household Science, Tait House, Victoria College Music Club, III, IV. I4 ANNA ELLEN STOCKDALE CKAOJ Toronto, Ont. Swimming Team, II, Secretary, Household Science Club, III, IV Year Representative Household Science Club, IV. at PEGGY GERTRUDE TENENBAUM Toronto, Ont Household Science. LEONE CLAIRE TRESIDDER fA1'AJ Hamilton, Ont. Household Science. HELEN JEAN WALTER Goderich. Ont Graduate of Macdonald Institute, Guelph ERMA WATKINS CAFAJ Toronto, Ont Household Science. JEAN Ross WILLIAMS Tillsonburg, Ont Household Science, Victoria College. MADELINE F. WOOLLARD Bobcaygeon, Ont Household Science. KATHLEEN MACFAYDEN WYLIE Toronto, Ont Household Science, U.C. Basketball, I Household Science Basketball, IV, In terests-Athletics. - W one fzfzy-Six W HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE CKIQMI Ieeoloaal AQQB: C255-N lmifczw w4'3Z5, SCCIAL SCIENCE .gi 525 Q 25 A-Xu 'N ' 4 WS, if v 3 -ffl' xf 1,4432 -MW- af f -45.72 ' :-' '44 I. - ,av- Nc? QKCJA' fhfgggm' 443,54 Qgflvl 1vI'.'5fC?N1. ivpfjgfy ..,"L n, 40' Ku i f 'Vi .r.M . BIAHLON K. AUGUSTINE Kingsville, Ont. Kingsville CHigh Schoollg McMaster Uni- versity, Social Scienceg Bolton Camp, Toronto Men's Hostel and P.C.H. In- ir terestseAll sports in general, Track and Baseball a specialty. MARY ELIZABETH BARSS Owen Sound, Ont. Social Science, Athletic Rep., II, Pres. S.C.M., II, St. Christopher House, C.A.S. HEDWIG DoRoTHEA HENRIETTA BARTLING Saskatoon, Sask. Social Science, N.W.A. University Settle- ment. MARY ELEANOR BEER CHTMJ Toronto, Ont. Social Scienceg Vice-President, IIQ S.A.C. Rep., Vice-President, S.C.M. Councilg Field Work, Victoria Creche, N.W.A. NORMA FRANCES BUCKLEY Sydney, N.S. Social Scienceg B.A. Mount St. Vincent, Halifax, N.S. 1931. HAZEL IRENE CANNoM Cobourg, Ont. Social Science, Field Work with Neighbor- hood Workers Assoc.g Mother's Allowance Com., and Psychiatric Hospital. KATHLEEN ETHEL CARSCALLEN Whitby, Ont. Social Science: B.A. University of Toronto, '31, Apprenticeship, Mental Health Clinic, Kingston, Ont. RTARJORIE ELIZABETH CAMPBELL CARsoN Orillia, Ont. Social Science: Grad. in Honour Classics, 315 Field Work, P.C.H.g Apprenticeship, Mental Health Clinic, Ontario Hospital, Hamilton. A. IRENE CHAPMAN Clyde River, N.S. Social Scienceg B.A. Mount Allison Uni- versityg M.A. Columbia Universityg Field- workwCitizens' Emergency Relief Organi- zation, St. Catharines. ALICIA ELLEN CREAN Toronto, Ont. Social Scienceg Field Work-Catholic Wel- fare Bureaug Infants' Home. ROSALIE FRANCKEL CAECIDJ Toronto, Ont. Field Work, Family Welfare Bureau of the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies, Uni- versity Settlement House. ELLEN CLAIRE FULTON Guysborough, N.S. B.A. Mount Allison, Social Science, Field Work, Neighborhood Workers' Associa- tion, Children's Aid Society. BEATRICE MAUDE GAMEY Strathclair, Man. Social Science: First Year Field Work- Samaritan Club of Hamilton, Second Year Term Field Work-Big Sister Association, Toronto. out ,nffy-eighf SOCIAL SCIENCE C7 MCLQAI vmggc,-fs' 55495541 grams' Q. lVf5lCYNl fIvf':jZj-if lMRS.l AIARJORIE D. GILLILAND Woodstock, N.B. - Social Science, Simmons College, Bostong Field WorkeSamaritan Club, Protestant Children's Home. S ELIZA GORIE Winnipeg, Man. Social Scienceg Graduate of United Church Training School: Field Work-Infants' Home, Eaton Girls' Club. HELEN GORDON GRANT St. Catharines, Ont. Social Scienceg Field Work with C.A.S., Victoria Creche. Interest-Badminton. MARGARET HARTNELL GRIFFITHS London, Ont. Social Scienceg B.A. University of Western Ontario, 19313 S.C.M. Executive, I. I MRS.l NoRA GURNEY Toronto, Ont. Social Science: Field Work with P.C.H., and B.S. Assoc. HMARION ELIZABETH HAUGH Toronto, Ont. Apprentice Student in Social Scienceg Now Social Service Interne at the Ont. Hospital, Orilliag Honour Graduate in Eng. and Hist. 19313 Vice-President of Year '31-'32. Interests-Debating, S.C.M., Basketball, Tennis. At present doing graduate work in History. Q.. F' ' soCIAL SCIENCE FLOSSIE ETTA HUNTER Exeter, Ont. Social Science: P.C.H.g M.A.C. FREDERICK CHARLES JACKsoN Toronto, Ont. Social Science: St. Margaret's Scholarship, Ig Class President, IIQ Asst. Librarian, II: University Settlement Volunteers Presi- dent, IIg C.A.S., Hamilton, Street Trades Report, 1932. ADELE LIPSHITZ QACIDEJ Toronto, Ont. Social Science: B.A., University of Toronto '29g Field Work-Jewish Federation, Child Welfare Bureau-West End Creche. ANNIE CLARA MCGOWAN Blyth, Ont. Social Science, Sherbourne House Clubg Practical Experience M Children's Aid Society, Family Welfare, Infants' Home, Interests-Travel, Social Welfare. EILEEN MCNAB Toronto, Ont. Field WorkwChildren's Aid Society, Infants' Home. LJIDEF QQ. ACJA! IN 'yo vs. ydbi ..- 62 One fifty-nine flhtjig Bgflv uvw'.'5lt'?v-21 v6'5yj3 FREDA MANsoN CAQDEJ Toronto, Ont. Social Science, Graduate of University of Toronto, '31. Field Work-Jewish Feder- ation, Family Welfare Bureau, Psychiatric Hospital, Children's Aid Society. EDITH GERTRUDE MODEL CIAIIJ Toronto, Ont. Social Science, Graduate in Arts, Univ. College, U. of T., Field Work-N.W.A., I, C.A.S., II: Volunteer Work at Univ. Settlement: Class Executive, II. ELLA GERTRUDE O'BR1EN East Saint John, N.B. Graduate in Arts, Mt. Allison, Social Science, McGill, Ig Field Work-Children's Aid Society. ESTHER PERRY Toronto, Ont. Practical Work-Division of Family Wel- fare, Infants' Homeg Anonymous Scholar- ship, II. LILLIAN PRAGER, QACIDE5 Toronto, Ont. Social Science, Graduate in Arts, U. of T. 19293 Field Work - Family Welfare Bureau, Scheuer Houseg Volunteer Work -Community House and Jewish Boys' Club. Q LILLIAN ROSENTHAL QIAIIJ Toronto, Ont. Social Science, Graduate in Philosophy, U.C., 1931: Field work-Division of Family Welfare, Ig Apprenticeship, II- Neighbourhood Workers. STEWART A. SUTTON Coaticook, Que. Social Science, P.C.H.g D.F.W. MAURICE ALEXIS URWICK London, Eng. Social Science, Field Work-P.C.H., D.F.W. LILLIAN WHITE Toronto, Ont. Social Science: Field, Work with C.A.S. and B.S.A.g Graduate in History at U. of T. HILDA MARGARET WOODCOCK Toronto, Ont. Social Science: Graduate of Trinity College, Toronto, 19313 School of Graduate Studies, 1931-1933: Field Work with C.A.S., Toronto and West End Creche. SARA GERTRUDE ZADKIN Social Science: West End Creche, I, II: University Settlement, I, II, Secretary- Treasurer, II. 1: mn : One sixty SOCIAL SCIENCE :QC-194 :N-,'ggg',w N352 Kewl 'DVC' Q? C? UCCUPATIONAL THERAPY DEPARTMENT OF UNIVERSITY EXTENSION Z - N x ' . N ' .. x I 'Q Vw I wx BM If ' el, GSW .. .'1',s'. , - '-L Z7 . R". """ XQCJAI 14-xgggggwn INQEQ RCN! IVQTSECINI GLADYS L. HANTHORN Carrying Place, Ont. Occupational Therapyg Interests-Outdoor Sports, Handicrafts. 'ig OLIVE IRENE HAWKINS Alliston, Ont. Occupational Therapy. ELIZABETH ANNE HULL CAAII5 Winnipeg, Man. Occupational Therapyg Class President, I, IIQ Basketball, I. WINIFRED M. KNIGHT Alliston, Ont. Occupational Therapyg Basketball, II. GLORIA E. LANGMAID Walkerville, Ont. Occupational Therapy: Sport Captain, I, IIg Basketball, I, IIQ Interests-Sports, Trav- el. AMIE MARION LE DREW Guelph, Ont. Occupational Therapyg Sherbourne House Club, Interests-Travel, Sports. MARGARET JEAN MCLACHLAN Toronto, Ont. Occupational Therapy, ,Interests-Settle- ment Work. 1 DOROTHY R. SNYDER Waterloo, Ont. Occupational Therapy: Basketball, II. JEAN E. TREMEER Little Britain, Ont. Occupational Therapyg Torontonensis Rep- resentativeg Interests-Children's Work, Music and Sports. JESSIE PARISH WALKER Guelph, Ont. Occupational Therapy. MARJORIE MARGARET WEAVER ' Chippawa, Ont. Occupational Therapyg Basketball, IIg In- terests-Sports, Travel, Leather Work. MARJORIE G. WHITON Niagara Falls, Ont. Occupational Therapy, Interests-Nature, and Human Nature Art. ETHELWYN MARY YOUNG Oakville, Ont. Occupational Therapy: Treasurer, I, II. 'Amgen' one Sixty-two OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY U CKQJAF :swicki 'NQX3 DIC. RQ. PHYSIOTHERAPY DEPARTMENT OF UNIVERSITY EXTENSION nvpfgg 5 ,Q 59 If 29 A 3159-Q? WALT? AQQAI lmglggw IAQQQYQ XCWNII nvsf'5fC'Nn 444152 fx V rf il -rain gp ,. 1 ww Qu? I rv' I If , gi :-,,, ,Ki 'x.Z'c'.-5fZ ,fe .Y - W- MARGARET LOUISE CAUDWELL Regina, Sask. DOROTHY HELEN POSNIK KAECIDJ Toronto, Ont. Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy. KQJTSLFEIZ ALICE LSKE ST0r2,nt?' Ent' ZENDA SALTER Clinton, Ont. 5 'P' rffslot erapyi ' Eieaiurinu Hnlgb, ep' Physiotherapy: Junior and Senior Class Hi- Orogtonensls' as et a ' ' 0 les' Presidentg Hobbies-Skating, Tennis. - Tennis. - JEAN BERENICE NICHOL Toronto, Ont. MILDRED SCOLNICK CAECIDJ Toronto, Ont. Physiotherapy: Rep. Founders Club. Physiotherapy. T lil!! A ' one Sing-four PHYSIOTHERAPY C:7gQ'.34I INQLQMI IQQN 2 DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING 5 51 3 3 AH-7'Es.- Hmm TM- RATE Paessvrze xxx.. 1 A NYM Y xxx H WX? K Y? x ML , f T ifcfgvl uviiifiiiwa ,vgffya Q. ,'-kgs. CLARA BALLARD Niagara Falls, Ont. Public Health Nursing-Course II: Physical Education, McGill, Class President, I, II, EILEEN MARGARET FORSYTHE Toronto. Ont. Public Health Nursing, Course IIQ Prize for Obstetrical Nursing, T.G.H., III, Class -Lo 5, President, Public Health Nursing Under- Secretary, Ig Class President, III, IYg - graduate Association, IV: Basketball, IV, Vice-President Public Health Nursing S Basketball Coach, IV, InterestsvSWim- UndergraduateAssociation, IV:Basketball Z ming, Fencing, Camping. IV, Interests-Rugby, Tennis. - HELEN MAUDE CARPENTER Toronto Ont MARGARET MARY GORSTIGE Toronto, Ont. Public Health Nursing, Course IIQ U.B.C., I: Pushc Ifgeggth I1:IuI,Fmg'. Cg,uEeHII3I1?'IIF',G' Prize for Theory-T.o.H., III: Toronto- flak Zi, TRY ,enniffcg H ' Ii. EJ Sze nensis Representative, IV, Interests- Of e lea ursmg' ' ' " , ' as et' Badminton Swimming ball, IVg Interests-Art, Tennis. MARGARET HARRISON ' Mimico, Ont. VEROND IRENE CLEMENCE Stayner, Ont. Public Health Nursing, Course II: Interests Public Health Nursing, Course II, Class -Swimming, Dancing. S t ,II3It t-S" ' ,Skt- Hire ary H Gres S mmmmg a KATHLEEN ETHEL MURPHY Toronto, Ont. ' Public Health Nursing, Course II: Interests -fChildren's Work, Travel, Books. RUTH ALISON CRAIGIE Toronto, Ont. Public Health Nursing, Course II: Class MARTHA HELEN WATSON Toronto, Ont. Secretary, III, IV, InterestsePlayground Public Health Nursing, Course II: Interests Work, People, Books. -Riding, Fencing, Travel. 62 One sixty-six any PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING i 'S' 0323 XQCLQA 'UCQQQAAI Nowak: ,iff-H 2 Q ONTARIO COLLEGE OF PHARMACY 6 ff if K lx, QW fl? 5, 5 166.44 N,'Q'Q1V5' Rvgivi lVY45ia?fVl ivpfjiyc-5 403 : 9 To thc Graduating Class of Pharmacy By PROFESSOR C. F. I-IEIQBNLR, PH.G., PHMB., F.C.I.C. HARMACY has for its primary object the service which it can render to the public in safe- guarding the handling, sale, com- pounding and dispensing of medicinal substances. The practice of pharmacy de- mands knowledge, skill and integrity on the part of those engaged in it. Pharmacists are required to pass certain educational tests in order to qualify under the Pharmacy Act, which restricts the practice of phar- macy to those persons who by reason of special training and qualifications are able to qualify under regulatory requirements and grants to them privileges necessarily denied to others. In return, the Pharmacy Act expects the pharmacist to recognize his responsibility to the community and to fuliil his professional obliga- tions honourably and with due re- gard for the physical and moral Sq well-being of society. The pharmacist should uphold the Z' approved legal standards of the ' British Pharmacopoeia and the Canadian Formulary for articles which are official in either of these works, and should as far as possible, encourage the use of these oflicial drugs and preparations and discourage the use of objectionable nostrums. He should sell and dispense only drugs of the best quality for domestic use and for filling prescriptions. He must be properly remunerated by the public for his knowledge and skill when used in its behalf in compounding prescriptions, and his fee for such professional work shoulc. take into account the time consumed and the great responsibility involved as well as the cost of ingredients. He must not sell or dispense powerful drugs and poisons to persons not properly qualified to administer or use them, and should use every proper precaution to safeguard the public from all poisons and from all habit-forming medicines. The pharmacist shoufd seek to enlist and merit the confidence of his patrons and when that confidence is won, it should be jealously guarded and never abused by extortion or misrepresentation, or in any other manner. He must consider the knowledge which he gains of the ailments of his patrons and the confidence regarding these matters, as entrusted to his honour and should never divulge such facts unless compelled to do so by law. He should be willing to join any constructive effort to promote the public welfare and should so regulate his public and private conduct and deeds as to entitle him to the respect and confidence of the community in which he prac- tlses. One sixty-eight PHARMACY ZWCLQAI 'Maggy' 11495 ff gg Class History of 5T3 Pharmacy iqcfqvl uvvfilfivl ivpjyi Q C3 .af-X. if GB.GOLlxr1g ff SWN1 V Rv cl ns " 1 'Xp .. Q W, I V l ,nllafi ,L jx? ' .j ,, ,s,, ,,,.,,,,. ,,.. was ,.XX,. ,s., 5 W... ,Q www Y. 6 5 , E im g : V ? Z., 5 . i ,. f a aa 5 M W' " ,bi-a s s 1 , ' v,'4'Z'.y -5 fp, sf, W' . 1 4 , . H f , DNP f 116 165 W if 'iii3'f.:ts:i',' ' ff.f , "MN 'iiceanurer' 'R - rage, M X ' I .g64,,., V, J, was ' OW the time of study and long preparation for our chosen profession is over. We are about to take our places throughout the province as contributors to the health and Welfare of our country, and in the years to come will look back on the time spent at U. of T. and remember the faces pictured in the following pages. As a permanent reminder that our class Was possessed of good fellowship toward the school and for those Who Will follow us, a piano was placed in the common room, a gift from our class. ln future recollections our thoughts Will often bring us memories, of the Dean, and the Professors with Whom We came in contact, at our college and the University. In the Field of Sport, although our teams have not won major honours, they have been keen contestants and hard opposition in Inter-Faculty games. Several of our members have ably filled positions on various teams of the Inter- Collegiate groups. We feel that the affiliation of our College with the University of Toronto has been a great boon to our Profession and because of the extended and improved course, the members of our class consider themselves ably equipped to take their places as Pharmaceutical Chemists in the ranks of the Professions. Let us depart, happy in the knowledge and friendship gained, and hope that some day we shall meet again. "Cheerio!" Class of ST3. PHARMACY One si.rl'y-nine Jw 'Ak iff ID 1 AIN MCLM '',w 'wsu'-DN KEN 1vtf'5f'C'Nl WILLIAM ADAMSON Schumacher, Ont. Preceptor 5 J. R. Todd, Schumacher, Graduated from Timmins High School. HAROLD H. P. ANDERSON Amherstburg, Ont. Preceptor-Thomas W. Moffat, Phm. B. Soccer, I, II, Basketball, I Sz II. JOHN ALBERT ARMSTRONG Tillsonburg, Ont. PreceptOreW. S. McDonald, Pharmacy Hockey, Ig Baseball, I, II, Junior Class Executive Committee: Senior Class Treas- urer, Member Athletic Directorateg Matriculated from Tillsonburg High Schoolg Member of Dance Committee, I, II. TED MARSHALL AVER Galt, Ont. Preceptors--J. H. Prudham, Galt-A. R. Kennedy, Successor, Galt Collegiate, 19285 Secretary, Junior Committee. CHARLES JOSEPH BARDAWILL Aylmer, Ont. Pharmacy. ALBERT R. BARNES Kingston, Ont. Preceptor B L. E. Hendryg Interests f Pharmacy. JACK BASIL Toronto, Ont. Member Victoria College Orchestra, I Sr IIg InterestsePharmacy, Music. HARVEY P. BOCKNEK Toronto, Ont. Preceptor-Harry Bocknek, Toronto, Grad- uate of Jarvis Collegiate, 1927, Basketball, I, IIg "P" For Basketballg Hart House Billiard Committee. ABRAHAM BERGSON Toronto, Ont. Pharmacy, Lt. Geo. R. Parke Second Memorial Scholarship and Silver Medal, Nathanson Scholarship, Interests-Gynb nasticsg Track, Hockey. PHYLLIS LEONE BROWNE Picton, Ont. Preceptors-James Inrig, Phm.B., Picton, W. M. Parish, Toronto. COURTLAND GRAHAM CARMICHAEL Ilderton, Ont. Graduate of Lobo Continuation School, Apprenticed by W. R. Jackson, of G. Tamblyn Ltd. for three years, Entered O.C.P. 1931, Mgr. Interfaculty Lacrosse Teamg Other Interests5Hockey and Baseball. ROBERT DOUGLAS CARRUTHERS Bowmanville, Ont. PreceptOrseR. M. Mitchell, Bowmanville, L. H. Brown, Toronto: Soccer, I, II, KENNETH EUGENE BELCH Kingston, Ont. Manager Soccer, II. Interests-Athletics Graduate of Kingston Collegiate Institute. and Bfidge- 4,2 Owe seventy "" " PHARMACX ,7AC,9a mgicgw 142353 A.. New lVQ6iG?NI tw 0 39 -itil, Q IRVING R. CLEMENS Bowmanville, Ont. Pharmacy. CLEO BOYD COLLING Belleville, Ont. Preceptor-C. T. Dolan-Belleville: Executive CChairmanj, I 8: IIQ Hockey, I Ka II: - Chairman of Sports, IIg Dance Committee, I gl II. HARRY LEONARD COWLING Bowmanville, Ont. Soccer, I Kr II, Soccer Board of Management, IIg Inter-Collegiate Soccer, II. PERCY ALEXANDER CRERAR Stratford, Ont. Preceptors-W. F. Walther. Phm. B., Mit- chell, Ont., J. F. Sloan, Stratford. Fesident in Knox College I, Eurwash Hall II. ROBERT FREDERICK CROWE Ottawa, Ont. Pharmacy: Pharmacy Basketball, Ig Lacrosse, II. FRANK HENRY DANCE Shelburne, Ont. Preceptor-Charles G. Whebby, Phm. B., Toronto, Executive, I, II3 Dance Com- mittee, I Sz II. MAURICE JOHN DICKEY CKRTJ Alliston, Ont. Interests-Squash, Hockey. GEORGE ANTHONY DIETRICH Walkerton, Ont. Lower School at Mount Forest High School: Middle and Upper School at Walkerton Collegiate, Apprenticed to L. A. Willough- by of Leamington. Interests-Chieily Drugs. LEo FRANCIS DOAN Windsor, Ont. PreceptorfThos. W. Ord, Windsor, Ont., Graduate of Windsor Collegiate Institute. JAMES EDWARD DUNCAN PERTH, Ont. Graduate of Perth Collegiate Instituteg Served Apprenticeship with G. L. Walker, Perth, Ontario. J. KELVIN DUNCAN Owen Sound, Ont. Preceptor-W. H. Urquhart, Owen Sound, Ont., Graduate of Owen Sound Collegiate Institute, Baseball, I 8z II. GERALD EUGENE DUROCHER Ottawa, Ont. Preceptor-E. J. Durocherg Jr., Sr. Matricu- CHARLES EDMUND DARBY Harrow, Ont. lation: Arts III, Meds. I-Ottawa Soccer II. University. - , PHARMACY One seventy one Ct" N43 :QC-'aifsv w.',ggg,w 9:9531 SGW" if .5 if svwf'5fC'N1 lvgfjgiy . f avi? fa f ARCHIE EDDY Cobourg, Ont. Attended Cobourg Collegiate Institute: Served Apprenticeship with O. G. Johns, Cobourg, Ont. FREDERICK THOMAS EDGAR Dunnville, Ont. Pharmacy. DANIEL JACOB FIEDLER Port Colborne, Ont. Preceptor-K. E. Warren, Humberstone, Ont., Graduate of Welland High School. FRANK ADOLPHUS FILION Trenton, Ont. Pharmacy Hockey, Ig Lacrosse II: Interests -Athletics. JACK FREED CPIIIIJJ Toronto, Ont. Pharmacy. SAMUEL FREIDMAN Ottawa, Ont. Preceptor-George A. Aikin. THOMAS RUSSELL FREURE Hamilton, Ont. Preceptors-W. G. Henderson-Smithville, Ont., A. L. Kohler, Hamilton, Ont.: Pharmacy Baseball, I 8: II, Soccer II. PHILIP WILLIAM GOLDMAN CPIIIIJJ Toronto, Ont. Interests-Aquatic Sports, Boxing, Debating. FRANK GORLICK TORONTO, Ont. Preceptor-Harry Gaife, Toronto: Graduate of Harbord C.I. ANNE MARGARET HEINBUCH Stratford, Ont. Preceptor-R. J. Easson, Stratford, Ont. CHARLES ROLAND HERRINGTON Picton, Ont. Preceptor-W. A. Wright, Pictong Graduate of Picton C.I.g Softball, I. HAROLD VROMAN HICKS Trenton, Ont. Served Apprenticeship with James Shurie, Trenton, Ont. Interests-Athletics: Inter- faculty Lacrosse, I, II. T. M. GORDON HILL Welland, Ont. Manager of Hockey Team, II. I One seventy-If wo ix... PI-IARMACX f' V U 54,634 INQEQQAI lexigshg if ., , Q., 4' X iv .L -'ff-rg' dfrliq if VICTOR HIMMELFARB Toronto, Ont. Pharmacy. JOHN PHILIP JORY Midland, Ont. Preceptor-P. H. Joryg Pharmacy: Graduate of Midland High School: Baseball, I. T Q ml 'QQYQ 893 IQ W IWW l lvQ.'J.C.Nu 'L 'U 5 :J 5? 5 Q 5 5 Q -U ro '11 ro:-f Z Mag r-4 H 2 Dig Ugg :TE LP pqffww :mg ra Saw ?"Ifc:0E U56 Q EWS'-I 2,53 'Q sm M5332 S32 '4 5535 538 O 20 5:"'S'm SEM 1-"...fD pr-3 F' rt u I "1 I4 Sam? 'Sal P '52 2562015 O--S? '-o--'E i F' S M 'Fang omg OUSC-4 O. Z L4 p-48. ' 5 n-a 5.350 "' 'U 53 5"'?q2 5.351 wb I 9' Pj '11 fb CD m 1-VZ :.:'. z cn L+ U1 3'-"1?'m Sf 3, 985'-fi 52 E 5432. "' Pffm Quo :am Z wooci Hggm vqz F57 fn l'-mr . SUI UI' ,H m rfb-H :wif Emo rf 332.3 3532 F5 ' BZ an ' '-'w L4 lg I-1. O "1m"'l"UC,J 9'1" Eno 'iw' 9' 3531: 'Q' -of 5325 S- gffE53a 3? Z --. N , U.. v fwfbm 5511 I3. 'F' 1: 3 UQ4 Q U2 Ufm :T U3 5-CU' r-45 gm- 2 I fb Guam: 5 f' rf-fb .- yn in kno... 'KD 9 orb' Ufgqj Hgrgm 2' SDH? SNES 9 3f""53 I-9 2 -N F?s-I 5659:-f ff FEETF' rr' Q: f 1?-S SX 1 .ff cn w g gg gf m 595 55 3? 595 35 SP5 P4 mm :U a-1 -gJQ2S7ih.E,'Fn':vEDv2gU'EU'gg.Sigd-42, ONIQU Q.-552 gr' ji, m 33: Q.-405 ,D 22-E55 'Egg mg gms: m2 umggg 3 U2 0 N Q, 0 3,53 QU 'Q-CD4-Dm U, W'-:O 55 SU 1455 '1 1491 Q., ll-f rn 1+ .-I UUE. gps Q- m fvlw 0-"USP O-c W. R 52615 I-QQEP 'A' P35 2 ,qggmm l 295-525 it-an ZQSWF? ag un C3130 :Ev-'5"'5 W Q-E+ m Q U2 UIQ ' :El mms-4 EJ -1-QCD X' fbcrz 2225 5 ggg z 6362 .2 ,qs ....Z.'rp4 K cn..-. Z QWQ5- .. "U fb UQ V4 "TJ E1 3-120 S753 AT EJ Engng. tv 5553 vii? 'U E. '4 1:2552 'I' O5'Ff'C.'l -' 21,231-+ nv'--SLS' 3 959' Sd fe 'S' :F 53- O U' 4-pm 93 dmc V N 2 '4 N W I-P 4 7- ..,,q mfbw -QUJOI-f : 14 Q0 OO H 5-" '-' F' -QQ: -- Q P-4'-:Ev-gg-4 0055 91 ' O mffiw f mms ""' SO 0 . '-1 gd . 8021 'U Ra:-4.1 ,.gm,.5 :s ff ,.--:S D' 5? v-fmgm on 3 " mg S g 212 3 S, :nga-F' 3559 9 3- - :a...fD- 5 3 C '1 ,., Ono .3 2592.559 S fb? S gfwigx 1. :fre-f 91':Lr+ ff 'fr' rr .-:???s+ 'F E 2 65 nb fy' 16, 'N P I-'Vw xgqvn :vw 0.0 NI if X A, V XV J A l ' QR f 'f l Q Q' V, Q , Q- ' - 'K 1 . A, ia ' T7 at O ' P " T' get f 5 .. " V, - ' ' 4g....w W'E ' 'F' ., .. , f 1 Xp M , . f a. , , Ano f V K ,V w Vjt-ig.: f Vi3iVLV, , V V Y V VV A M V V -. gz-,,1VVVx rV, 5, V Q Qfil- 'fi , . , 51" 944-f"" .. ' . , 1 ' -, lt ' , V55 'u fia A XV . 1 . N VVVV VVA k V V, LV., .3 VVQLVVV e .. , . R A ' , . 15. V 'VV" Q' i M S ' K? T f - .O 9' raals a in 1 .ef iftia, . '4-Qi ,... 5 E gi, 5 V 1, ,ic N f V V V ,ve e B X . .,,. V . was X ifja a ,Vi V VVVIQVV, W AV 'ww , r -X.. V V QV MILTON LAUGHLAND Rochester, N.Y. PreceptoreL. T. Best, Kingston: Cheer- leader II: Known as "Doo". CHARLIE P. MALONE Uxbridge, Ont. Apprenticed with R. F. Willis, Uxbridge and H. E. Thompson, St. Thomas. .3,.. LEONARD LUCIEN LEMP Tavistock, Ont. , Preceptor-J. Lemp, Phm. B., Tavistock. HERBERT EDWIN MAW Barr1e',Qnt' - InterestseD1spens1ng, and Merchandising. W. ARTHUR LOWE Owen Sound, Ont. Born in Killarney, Ont.: Graduated from the MELVILLE MERRICK Uxbridga Ont. Owen Sound Collegiate Institute in 19283 preceptor-R. WV Pollock Uxbridge, Ont Apprenticed to H. E. MiddlebrO'. FRANCIS JOSEPH LYQNS North B355 ent- STANLEY BRUCE MILLWARD Hamilton, Ont. Graduate ef North Bay Collegiate In' Treasurer Junior Executive, I: Member stituteg Served Apprenticeship with C. P. Senior Committee II: Dance Committee Smith, North Bay, Ont. Interestsee IV II. Sports, Advertising. SAMUEL LYONS Toronto, Ont. WILLIAM MORE AlIT1OI1te, PreceptoreM. Zakong Graduated from P1'9C9P'C01'mJ21S- F- Patterson, AIIHOHWS Jarvis C.I.g Manager of Basketball Team Bffxingl IZ Graduate Of Alm0U'U9 High II' Intel-eStSApharmaCy. School. Interests--Music, Dancing. GEORGE CARMAN MAINPRIZE Newmarket, Ont. Graduated from Newmarket High seheei REBA ANNIE MUIR London, Om- 19253 Apprenticed with W. K. Buckley, Pharmacy- summer of '27g entered O.C.P. 19303 with H. C. Cheeseman, Toronto, the CLIFFORD J. MCEWEN West Port, Ont. following year, and re-entered in 2nd PreceptOreJury8z.Lovell, Oshawa. Interests year Pharmacy Fall of '32. -Athletics. One seventy-four PHARMACY ' 's C3061 ieeorow NGK lifcfqvl 1v61'5li?Nn vfayi kd -' .'- "4' wgfhr - ,, ara.-, A X ' ,L Nx- iffa .v ' D 1 Ai' 4 A ' I z ' 1 , Q A 1x,,i,2'i f 1 ,G . . 'ln Q5 f as 'W .' 1, 'gf , 53 fgsoxwmii ly i 1 ,f A A f. .ff f f y ' If li r -A si N iz.: ,-.-,1. i K A if W Ng?-4 X V , "1 K ., ,V.A, , 'Q ' 'V CARSON MOOTE MCPHERSON St. Ann's, Ont. Pharmacy: Educated in Smithville, Ont.: Apprenticed with R. J. Magness, St. Sarnia, Ont. HOWARD THOMAS PORTER Graduated from Sarnia Collegiate and Technical School, Apprenticed by Inger- 5 Catharines, Ont. Interests' Music. soll Bros. "Prescription Druggists" Sarnia, 15? C R EJ NE N T t O t Entered O.C.P. '31g Member First Year fLA K . LSO ren on n . . . , ' E t 3 D C tt , I. I - - Pharmacy Lacrosse, 32-33. Interest- teiillsifgugbgngid TZTEL- ee H Athletics and Dramatics. SOLAN WILLIAM NIXON Peterborough, Ont. CAIQIROLL H' RXQINEEI R PPreSCOtt'OO'ltQ Preceptor--J. W. McDermid, Peterbor- rgcelgorid ' Paneyk Iflsfcitts In i' ough: Graduate Peterborough Collegiate ' 'ra ua'e mm tesco t lg moo' Institute: President, Junior Executive: President, Senior Executiveg Pharmacy FREDERIC WILPIAM RANNEY North Bay' Ont' Representative on SAC, Chairman Apprenticeship, under G. V. McDonold, Dance Committee. Toronto' MRS. ,AGNES OLLIX'ER Ingersoll, FREDERICK JOHN REDFERN Belleville, pharmacy. Preceptor - Donald G. Bleekerp Vice- President, Ig Executive, IIg Basketball, LLOYD SINCLAIR OMNET Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. 1, II: Dance Committee, 1, II. Basketball, I, II, Track I. NORMAN R OSBORNE Barrie Ont BENJAMIN RICHARDSON Toronto, Ont. Preceptor-Wm. Crossland, Barrie, Born PreCeptOrfNOrman Sky' Toronto' Ont' in Torontog Education Received in Tor- ALEXANDER RUPERT M d O t t dB ', d tdB 'o.I.,'2s. A a OC' F' on Gan arm! gm ua e angle Born in 19113 graduate of Madoc High GEORGE ARTHUR PLACE Prescott, Ont. School, and served apprenticeship under Pharmacy. Thos. H. Rupert, also of Madoc. - PHARMACY -'-- -' 'A One se'1'e11lZl'Jlle , . Key! lwtglgpai ggqgqv. rmiiiiw. .vfgyg fb 3 - . QNX 1- ' - - I A f. ' r 3 sf l' gy' 415. ' Y , 3 .I V It f .. " V . fl! V A A. 3 . L 4 Ag it , . .. A I I I 'Lf-A A A i . 'F to X ff' , , if ...ff . T, f gg, ""' 4 ,Ev Y .1,A Q x if ., X A ' .' V .T . , A :A ' . A .Wet A f A g , , ., . , HAROLD JOSEPH RUSSELL Orillia, Ont. CECIL CLIFFORD SMALE St. Thomas, Ont. Preceptor-N. Ball, Orillia, Ont: Educated Preceptor-F. A. Lemon, St. Thomas: 2- at Orillia Collegiate Institute, Orillia. Baseball, II. . - GJ ' .. 575 THOMAS EDWIN RVSSELL .LeammgtO?' Ont' MALCOLM ELLIOTT SMITH Strathroy, Ont. Ai' 55 Graduate Leamington High School, Gold G d d f St th C H . t . A - Medallist, I. Interests-Music, Tennis. rsreiigsed rgxth rgtrcfsgs ODE? egtolz' - JOHN OLIVA SABOURIN Hawkesbury, Ont. London, Hart House Library Committee, Newman Club, II, O.C.E. French Club, II. II: Vice-President of Senior Class: Dance C 'tt , II. WILLIAM PHILIP SCHIERHOLTZ Kitchener, Ont. Omml ee Preceptor-F. G. Scotchmerg Graduated from Kitchener Collegiate. M339 SMQLAQE I h O t FTZr0'gt0'1c335' orn In nge art,' n., e. .., I DONALD WINNING SHAW Kearney, Ont- Attended Ogden School and Jarvis Col- P1'9C9Pt01'S-F- H- Bawden and Haffdd legiateg Served Apprenticeship Under A. Smith, Torontog Attended Kearney High Silver. School: Graduated from Malvern Col- legiate' Toronto' Ont' BENJAMIN SOSSIN Toronto Ont JAMES DOUGLAS SHIELLS Kincardine, Ont. Attended Jarvis Collegiate Institute, Served Preceptor-R. A. Cottrillg Soccer, I, II: Apprenticeship Under N. Sky and J. J. Softball, I. Breslin, Both of Toronto. CECIL STUART SIMPSON Toronto, Ont. G Graduated from P.C.I.-Interest-Squash. PETER JOSEPH SPRATT . Lmdsayr Ont' Attended Lindsay Collegiatez Served Ap- THOMAS JOSEPH SLATTERY prenticeship Under H. V. Rogers, Lindsay Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. and D. R. Montgomery, London, Ont.g Pharmacy Hockey, I, Lacrosse, II. Hockey, I, II. . I I A -' One seventy-sil' PHARMACY :GQAM IN.'Q,Q,w NQN fexgffqvu -waicw. fvfgfgg - if V U We - AAAA A IIIW it . -1,V r i ,Sie ere . ,gf NZ r 4 - is A e . Q 1 i A -A V: l ' 1 ' 1 . I? E ':':' I X ,J If ' ' A arv "-: ,f Q "-' , N4 1 ,I 'Q i-. 55 ' g if I I I ..,A. .-SA .. ,, el, ., A ,Q li ,Ld s -' I 1 1-'selrifife 1 ei , 'A 77 M I, Y rl 'll ie ' -- . :rf I xr - ifiimilzttf-f . 'Qi f e K . A 3 Q' at N ,,.,.,, X 3 e I 1 I, A W .. je gif I ' W , e , A M. 6, V 2 ,, e g ' Q ,,. . It . 'nk ,uri ll A W AV ,fy 1. -. . A ga Q' I . . 1 E A. . ' I. A A ' I I, 4 1 . an 1 arrrrr .2 I ri A I ,ee , Q .,-32- ers ez ,uSQ've, Q 'Xa .V Q k q I 913' A"""f'l 'Q-" I ee ,A I x ROBERT MCDONALD STODDART Regina, Sask. GLENN RIED WARNER Fort Frances, Ont. Class Reporter, II. Preceptor-G. G. Baekerg Graduate of F t F H' h S h l. S ALYMER FRED SUGDEN Brantford, Ont. or rances lg C OO - .Q Graduate of Brantford C.I., '253 Apprenticed ERNEST REGINALD WALDIE Gananoque, Ont. A 0 with G. L. Moote and H. B. Lough, Brant- Educated in Gananoqueg Served Apprentice- MI S ford. Interests-Rugby, Baseball, Bad- ship with W. E. Austin, Gananoqueg - minton, Music. Hockey, I, II. MELVIN ALEXANDER TAGGART Brantford, Ont. WILBERT EMIL WANKEL Port Elgin, Ont. Preceptor-R. D. Dymondg Graduated at Interests-Pharmacy Brantford Collegiate Institute. JAMES A. WELLS Grimsby, Ont. CHARLES HENRY THOMPSON Beaverton, Ont. Preceptor-T. L. Dymond, Grimsby: La- PreceptorMU. L. Campbell, Phm. B., Hamil- crosse, II, Hockey-Varsity Intermediates, ton, Graduate of Beaverton Continuation I, VHFSIW, Senior "B", H3 MaU'iCl1laU-Id School, Member Junior Class Executive from GI'imSby High School. Committee, Senior Class Secretary: Rep- 1 resentative to Torontonensis, II, Dance LESLIE GARRETT WHITIY Harrowsmltli, Ont. Committee, I, II. Interests-Dispensing, Served Apffrentlceshlp at Slmmons Drug Athletics. Store, Brighton, Ont. STANLEY GREY TURNER Lgndon, Ont, DOROTHY EDYTHE WILSON Copper Cliff, Ont. PreceptorwF. J. Huffman, Phm. B., London: Pl'6C9D'COr-F11-Bd J. WilSOI1, CODPQI' Cliff. Soccer, I, II: Senior Class Executive, II: Danee Committee, II. MeRE'z1siYvEiGtiv1A15J3fPIICIDJI HTorimnto, Ont. n erco egla e oxlng, , . nterests- JOHN WILLIAM VINCE Toronto, Ont. Modern Pharmacy, Sports, Music, Pharmacy- Physical Culture. "' PHARMACY IS.. .... One seventy-seven ' L9 0 cy' . 1,3 Pfggafffl INRQQQLMIR Ir-E.'-9,954 RCW' gt 'VY'-5fC'ivl ff, KC-1361 'NQJQPQMI , A NGN: avt'.'5fZ?N1 BGOK TWO UNDERGRADUATE ACTIVITIES 5 it 2 We school our manners, act our parts-- But He who sees us through and through, Knows that the bent of both our hearts Was to be gentle, tranquil, true. -.Mmflaew Arnold. CKCJAI Irsggggggys' geffq-21 1vs'.'5fi'?Nn wffig M J 2 5 I' W N N N Ii N I I ,. 4 N v W K f I I 1 A H V , Z S N ' 1 ,S C, 5 Z 5 i ,,, :MC-LQAI IN,',ggg.3afs1 N295 Yiveqvi m'.'5li'Tw1 VP DV' Q C3 Hart House THE FOUNDERS' PRAYER "The Prayer ofthe Founders is that Hart House, under the guidance of its Warden, may serve in the generations to come the highest interests of this University by drawing into a common fellowship the members of the several colleges and faculties and by gathering into a true society the teacher and the student, the graduate and the undergraduateg further that the members of Hart House may discover within its walls the true education that is to be found in good fellowship, in friendly disputation and debate, in the conversation of wise and earnest men, in music, pictures and the play, in the casual book, in sports and games and the mastery ofthe body, and lastly, thatjtust as in the days of war this House was devoted to the training in arms of the young soldier, so in time of peace its walls may be dedicated to the task of arming youth with strength and suppleness of limb, with clarity of mind and depth of understanding, and with ai spirit of true religion and high endeavour." ART HOUSE is so called in memory of the late Hart Massey. Begun in 1911, it was completed in 1919 and presented, fully equipped, to the University of Toronto by the Trustees of the Massey Foundation. To Vincent Massey, Vice-Chairman of the Massey Foundation, is due the idea of Hart House, as well as the form it assumed under his personal supervision. From the autumn of 1914 until November, 1918, it was used for military pur- poses and within its walls thousands of men were trained for service overseas. On the first anniversary of the Armistice t11th November, 19199 Hart House was formally opened by His Excellency the Duke of Devonshire, who was at that time the Governor-General of Canada. Mr. Henry Sproatt and Mr. Ernest Rolph were the architects of the building which comes as near to meeting the requirements of the ideal house for student activities as any on this continent or perhaps in the world. In its widest interpretation Hart House, which is for the use of men only and is non-residential, seeks to provide for all the activities of the undergraduates life which lie outside the actual lecture rooms. Architecturally of great beauty, and built around a quadrangle, Hart House is unique in that it houses under one roof a finely proportioned hall called "The Great Hall", common-rooms of every description, a library, a debates room, a small chapel together with rooms for the use of the Student Christian Association, a studio for painting and sketching, photographic dark rooms, a billiard room, senior common-rooms and dining-rooms for both faculty and graduate members, an upper and a lower gymnasium tboth admirably equippedb, separate rooms for boxing, wrestling and fencing, an indoor running track, a large swimming pool, squash racquet courts, an indoor rifle range, extensive locker rooms, oflices for the Students' Administrative Council and for the athletic and medical staff, a few bedrooms for guests and the offices and private rooms for the Warden. Below the quad- rangle is a fully-equipped theatre with foyer, green room, dressing rooms, ward- robe and the office of the director of the theatre. Every male undergraduate of the University is required to be a member of Hart House, towards the upkeep of which he pays an annual fee of ten dollars. The House has no endowment and these fees are its chief source of revenue. The care of Hart House and its welfare has to a large extent been entrusted to the undergraduates themselves. There are six standing committees, namely, House, Hall, Library, Music, Billiard and Sketch. Each of these committees. except the Billiard Committee which is slightly smaller in size, consists of two faculty members tone of whom is the chairmanj, one graduate member, ten HART HOUSE One eighty one cy , an :aff-'JA INQAQLBA- P43252 3 Sew: iv12'D.C.'Ni Mig .si fi L Q- . undergraduates and the Warden. Eight of the ten undergraduate members are elected annually through the undergraduate membership of Hart House, the other two being elected by their own number to serve on the same committee the following year. The gymnasia, swimming pool and the conveniences connected with athletics are under the control and direction of the Athletic Directorate. Mr. T. A. Reed, Secretary-Treasurer of the Athletic Association, has his ofhce in Hart House. The personnel and duties of the standing and splecial committees subject to the authority of the Board of Stewards are as o ows: HOUSE COMMITTEE The House Committee is the senior of the standing committees and has charge of the general management and social activities of Hart House. Under its supervision come all regulations governing the use of the House and all plans for the comfort and convenience of its members. The barber shop and guest rooms are under its care. The committee is also responsible to the Board of Stewards for seeing that the House is kept in good repair both as regards its structure and equipment. The annual elections of the committees of Hart House are also under the management of this committee. The Masquerade was again successfully held last November. p The members of the House Committee for 1932-1933 are: C. F. Morrison CChairmanb, the Warden, the Rev. E. C. LeBel, J. R. Gilley CComptrollerb, J. M. Langton 6 Graduate Representativej, J. D. McLennan CAthletic Associa- tion Representativel, E. D. Fennell COntario College of Education Representa- tivep, R. M. Archer, M. W. Babe, C. B. Britnell, A. D. Clute, W. D. Conklin, E. R. Eaton, S. K. Learie, T. E. McDonnell, Jr., J. I. Stewart and W. I. B. Stringer fSecretaryi. HALL COMMITTEE The duties of the Hall Committee are to exercise a general supervision over the Great Hall, the graduate dining-room, the kitchen department of Hart House and the tuck shop. A comparatively large number of students use the Great Hall. Taking into consideration the undergraduate, graduate and faculty meals as well as special functions and dinners, the total runs as high as thirteen fl- One eighfy-fzvo HART HOUSE fo W fr: A ,341 uN5ggg3w A .J L. ,gi I. 1 gViQfqvi -rvi'.'5fC'Ni nvpffjyil gr: Q65 ' hundred a day. The tuck shop is an important adjunct to this department of 5' the House, continuing to do a popular trade. The members of the Hall Committee for 1932-1933 are: Dr. G. C. Cameron lChairmanb, the Warden. Professor G. P. deT. Glazebrook, J. R. Gilley QComptrollerj, Professor F. C. A. Jeanneret QFaculty Union Representativej, D. M. Fleming C Graduate Representativej, H. K. Armstrong, J. D. C. Boland, D. F. Cornish, J. D. Cromarty, H. R. Douglas, J. P. Page, R. A. Parkinson, G. L. M. Smith, C. W. Tyson and H. R. Cummings fSecretaryJ. LIBRARY COMMITTEE The library in Hart House is recognized as one of the most beautiful rooms in the whole building. ln accordance with the idea of the Founders, the Library Committee has for the past ten years been engaged in the building up of a collection of books such as might be found in a good private library and as a result of their work the room has now become a popular resort of all who like to spend their leisure hours reading the casual book. At present there are about five thousand volumes on the shelves about half of which are fiction, while the rest are composed chiefly of biography, history, languages and general literature. Additions to the library are made at regular intervals and the activities of the committee are chiefly centred around the selection of new books for purchase. A collection of first editions and private press books is slowly growing in size. The Library Committee is further responsible for the selection of periodicals for use in the reading room and in this department of the House a wide range of weekly and monthly journals may be found. Z .. is S li E' ' HART HOUSE oneeigmy-fhfee 3 cy' , .Ol KQQM. rmglgggaai ,ggjji S? 5 fs lvQf5fC'NI Mr. D. A. Sinclair CVictoria '36J who at Christmas succeeded Mr. E. H. Norman QVictoria '33b as Curator, is responsible for the care and checking of books, but no other supervision over the library is exercised. From the first the policy of the Library Committee has been to keep the shelves open at all times and to encourage the feeling that the contents of the library are the common property of members of Hart House. It is by this means that the unique character of the library has been preserved. The members of the Library Committee for 1932-1933 are: Professor L. C. A. Hodgins QChairmanD, the Warden, Professor E. K. Brown, N. J. McLean CGraduate Representativei, D. A. Sinclair Q Curator of the Libraryb, E. C. Apps, J. M. Clark, J. M. F. Gillis, A. J. Glass, W. J. Hendry, J. A. MacDonald, W. G. Shambrook, M. E. Smith, W. S. Smith and J. W. Graham QSecretaryD. MUSIC COMMITTEE The Music Committee directs and generally supervises the various musical activities of the House. The major function of the Music Committee is to ar- range a number of concerts, recitals and songsters and thus to encourage and stimulate an appreciation for good music among the undergraduate members of the House. Pursuing the policy of former years, the committee has, during the present academic year, arranged eight Sunday Evening Concerts and a series of Friday Afternoon Recitals. The Sunday Evening Concerts, the most popular musical institution of the University, are held in the Great Hall of Hart House at 9.00 p.m. on Sunday evenings at stated intervals during the term. Owing to the generosity of the leading musicians of the city under- graduates are afforded the opportunity of hearing music of the highest order and it is evident from the very large audiences which regularly attend them how much these concerts are appreciated. The Governor-General of Canada and the Countess of Bessborough were present at the concert held on 20th November given by the choir of the Church of St. Mary Magdalene. From the end of October and continuing until the middle of March, Friday Afternoon Recitals are held each Friday at 5.00 p.m. in the Music Room. These recitals have drawn a large number of undergraduates Week by Week. A series of eight Songsters is held in the Music Room on Sunday evenings 5... ? - One eighty-fovur HART HOUSE - 2356.141 'Maier' 'NSN mor' 43 9 IVQi'5iCYNl vpfjpf! when there is no concert in the Great Hall and is conducted by Mr. J. Campbell Mclnnes. From the first they have drawn a large and enthusiastic number of students. Mr. Mclnnes has again taken charge of the Songsters during the past year and their success is due to his brilliant direction. The members of the Music Committee for 1932-1933 are: Professor H. R. Kemp QChairmanD, the Warden, M. St. A. Woodside, Dr. E. A. C. MacMillan, F. R. MacKelcan QGraduate Representativeb, W. H. Bradley, D. H. Chitty, C. L. Coburn, J. F. R. Crowe, J. A. Harley, H. C. Herz, D. G. Johnstone, H. G. Kibble, T. C. Wheatley and A. C. R. M'C1onigle CSecretaryJ. BILLIARD COMMITTEE The billiard room of Hart House is a recreation centre for a large number of undergraduate members. It is under the control of the Billiard Committee. The general idea of the Billiard Committee of past years has been to promote the English game of billiards in preference to other games. With this object in view a handicap tournament is held after Christmas each year, the winner having his name inscribed on the Hart House Cup. A snooker tournament is also held, the winner receiving a miniature silver cup. The policy of the Billiard Committee has been to see that good English billiard tables are provided and that the general equipment is in good condition. The billiard room is a source of revenue to .Hart House and financial state- ments are placed before the committee which is directly responsible, as are all other standing committees, to the Board of Stewards. The members of the Billiard Committee for 1932-1933 are: C. R. Myers CChairmanJ, the Warden, C. A. Farewell CGraduate Representativep, H. Bocknek, V. J. Dore, F. V. C. Hewett, D. A. McIntosh, F. L. Shipp and J. R. Berwick CSecretaryJ. SKETCH COMMITTEE The Sketch Committee is responsible to the Board of Stewards for the art activities of Hart House. They include control of the sketch room and the print room and the holding of exhibitions therein, the winter loan exhibition hung in the principal rooms of the House, the management of sketching classes under an artist and the occasional purchase of pictures. The exhibitions during 1932-1933 have included a representative collection of recent work by Toronto artists, water-colours by Peter Haworth and Mrs. Haworth 5 paintings by F. S. Haines, Franklin Casey, F. H. Brigden and the Group of Seven, the annual photographic exhibition arranged by the Camera Committee, sketches and drawings by Wendell P.LawsongdraWings and litho- graphs by Charles Goldhamer, and two exhibitions of paintings and drawings, one by undergraduate members and one by senior members of the House. In the spring there was a display of work by Marion Long, L. A. C. Panton and the students of the Ontario College of Art respectively. At the close of the previous year Hart House purchased "October Morning, Algoma" by A. Y. Jackson, and the graduating class of 1932 presented "Red House, Winter" by Lawren Harris. A picture by C. F. Comfort entitled "Prairie Road" was also added to the collection. The art classes held in the sketch room during the winter under the direction of H . S. Palmer have again proved very popular. The members of the Sketch Committee for 1932-1933 are: Dr. E. M. Walker CChairmanp, the Warden, Professor E. A. Havelock, W. E. Carswell, A. Goggio CKeeper of the Printsb, I. R. Clemens, W. Garard, J. J. Harris, " HART HOUSE One eighty five 536.441 'wiv-I I-QF? RQGWQI uvsfiffffvn ,,..,w"""" ..---- . , 93 4 - . is , C . L , ,ff . ff' A . e J C5 Z FFR. Hume, F. Lasserre, C. W. Minett, C. R. Parmenter, J. R. Sime, M. A. Wilkinson and F. S. Brien CSecretaryJ. . CAMERA COMMITTEE The' Camera Committee, which is a special committee 'of Hart House, is responsible for the management of the dark rooms, the care of photographic equipment and the general encouragement of photography among the members of the House. On the occasion of the Masquerade a member of the Camera Committee took photographs of the prize-winners for records and the news- papers. , In January the committee arranged an exhibition of photography by members of Hart House in the main sketch room. This was one of the most popular shows of the year. i u ' During the previous year the committee had been giving serious considera- tion to the enlarging of the camera quarters. With the assistance of a generous grant from the Massey Foundation, the work was carried out most satisfactorily during the past-summer. The former camera quarters are now used as a general display room with all the dark rooms in the newly excavated corrldor below. The members of the Camera Committee for 1932-1933 are: Professor A. F. Coventry QChairmanj, the Warden, W. F. Haehnel CGraduate Representative Q, A. R. J. Leary, G. R. E. Pitts, W. E. Shute, J. F. Weston and R. W. Mancan- telli CSecretaryl. one aghzy-Six HART HOUSE Q b ,gQw IINQAQZQQAI IAQ-DLE: ikjcfqvi ivQ'DfCTNl 'VF'D:Yji L Q' 63' SQUASH RACQUETS COMMITTEE - The Squash Racquets Committee, which is a special committee of Hart House, is responsible to the Board of Stewards for the general control of the squash courts. The game continues to grow in popularity and several hundred members of Hart House are regular players. The Inter-Faculty and Individual Tournaments were again held and the names of the winners of these tourna- ments were inscribed on the boards placed in the gallery. Hart House was represented by two members at the Canadian Squash Racquets Championship held in January at Hamilton. The members of the Squash Racquets Committee for 1932-1933 are: A. B. Fennell 4ChairmanJ, the Warden, N. F. A. Scandiffio fGraduate Re- presentativep, J. S. Beatty, J. L. Leibel, J. E. T. McMullen, N. M. Pivnick and M. Pasternak CSecretaryJ. DEBATES COMMITTEE On 31st January, 1924, the first debate ever held in Hart House took place under the management of an informal committee appointed for that purpose. This debate was helo on the open parliamentary system and special Rules of Procedure were drawn up by the committee. The debates room in Hart House was arranged as far as possible similar to the Provincial or Federal House. The Speaker's chair was pQaced in a central position, members for the motion being on his right and those against the motion on his left. After the four speakers "on the paper" had finished their speeches the debate was open to any member who having caught tfie Speaker's eye might then rise and address the House. At 10.30 p.m. the House divided on the motion. There were no judges and the whole procedure was a definite attempt to get away from the competitive type 2 of debate which is rea ly an oratorical contest by which a team of three men from 5 or e Z ,Z HART HOUSE One eighty-seven -S, C9' s 'gb woigwl NJ35: HQJGWNI av6'5iC'N1 I if 1.4 one university or faculty tries to Win a victory over a team of three men from another university or faculty. ' The aim of debates held under the Hart House system is to encourage real debating in contrast to the delivery of speeches carefully prepared for weeks beforehand and also to give undergraduates an introduction into public life by discussing questions of general interest across the floor of the House with the country's ablest men. Among visitors who have spoken "on the paperu or from the floor of the House are the Hon. E. C. Drury, J. S. Ewart, K.C., the Rt. Hon. W. L. Mackenzie King, the Hon. W. E. Raney, K.C., the Hon. J. W. Nickle, K.C., Andrew McMaster, K.C., the Hon. Hugh Guthrie, the Hon. Manning Doherty, the Hon. G. Howard Ferguson, the Hon. W. H. Price, K.C., Miss Agnes Macphail, M.P., Dr. J. R. P. Sclater, Samuel McBride CEX-mayor of Torontoj, E. J. Garland, M.P., the Hon. G. S. Henry, Dr. W. Hamilton Fyfe and the Hon. Ernest Lapointe. Representatives from McGill University were present at the last debate. The members of the Debates Committee for 1932-1933 are: Professor G. W. Brown CChairmanJ, the Warden, E. W. Mclnnis, B. J. Thomson and D. J. Walker CGraduate Representativesj, P. A. Dufresne, S. M. Hermant, R. W. Reville, H. V. Rice, S. E. Stewart, A. R. Tilley, J. A. Walters and S. H. S. Hughes CSecretaryJ. i . Q 1 1 VW A , 1 it! ' ff fi., x ii iii 1,1 Vsifflul 2254 x,5,,.....4 -ikfim :ip UU? . i'2 ii? J 'ii 1,3 ill - z 5 . One eighty-eight HART HOUSE 3. 2 1 n'Nc3 AC-'.94 Imogen' lest.-ah: :QC-js. iwziivwi ffpf,-yg 2 -2 GRADUATE COMMITTEE The Graduate Committee, which is a special committee of Hart House, is responsible for the activities of the senior members. Dinners held at certain intervals throughout the year and the Graduates Ball which takes place on New Year's Eve are organised by this committee. It has a general supervision over the graduate athletic activities as well as the graduate dining-room and sitting-room. The committee is elected at the annual meeting of senior members of the House in March of each year. The members of the Graduate Committee for 1932-1933 are: D. G. Fergu- son CChairmanJ, the Warden, A. S. Burton, B. A. R. Dignan, M. J. C. Lazier, Dr. A. A. Somerville, A. B. Ward, the Comptroller, the Assistant Secretary and C. R. Delafield QSecretaryj. BOARD OF STEWARDS The Board of Stewards is the governing body of Hart House and is so constituted as to include among its members the secretaries of the six standing committees and representatives of the chief organisations in Hart House. Subject to the superior authority of the Board of Governors of the University the direction, management and administration of Hart House including matters of discipline are entrusted to the Board of Stewards. The Board is assisted by a Finance Committee which makes recommendations with regard to financial matters. The general supervision of the whole house is entrusted to the Warden, who is appointed by the Board of Governors of the University and is ex-officio chairman of the Board of Stewards. He is assisted by the Comptroller of Hart House, J. R. Gilley CS.P.S. '219, the Assistant Comptroller, W. R. Cowan lS.P.S. '24l. the Secretary of Hart House, C. R. Delafield CU.C. '30l, and the Assistant Secretary, D. L. Emond. In connection with the convention of the American Historical Association held in the University during the Christmas vacation, meals were served to the delegates in Hart House and an outstanding exhibition of Canadian historical records sent from the Dominion Archives was on View in the East Common- Room during the conference and for the first few days of the Easter term. The members of the Board of Stewards for 1932-1933 are: the Warden lChairman ex-ofiiciop, the Rev. Dr. H. J. Cody, the Hon. Vincent Massey C appointed by the Board of Governorsb, Professor H. Wasteneys and Professor K. B. Jackson Cappointed by the Presidentb, T. A. Reed C Financial Secretary of the Athletic Associationb, Professor J. E. Thomson QFaculty Unionb, D. G. Ferguson CGraduate Committeeb, K. D. Whatmough QStudent Christian Associationi, F. A. Fell CAthletic Directoratey, S. L. B. Martin CStudents' Administrative Councilj, W. I. B. Stringer CHouse Committeeb, H. R. Cum- mings CHall Committeeb, J. W. Graham CLibrary Committeeb, A. C. R. M'- Gonigle CMusic Committeey, J. R. Berwick fBilliard Committeej, F. S. Brien CSketch Committeej and the Comptroller CSecretaryJ. i STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The religious life of the House is under the guidance of the Rev. L. A. Dixon who is the leader of the Student Christian Association in the University. Afternoon addresses are arranged and groups meet regularly for study and discussion. The Chapel is used for services and is also open daily for private prayer and meditation. The glass in the windows of the Chapel was collected from the devastated areas of France, Flanders and Italy and over the altar is a crucifix carved by Eric Gill and presented to the House by Sir Michael Sadler. HART HOUSE One eighty nzne :QQM if-gggggaa' 14.3.51 Kewl M'.5fZ'fN1 f? '35 AIA l LD C-15 I I6 V . if QKQMI lN,Qgg,ys1 IAQQJYQ A of Piffivn M'.f5fC'vvn me-4'3'yLY LQ! n Y 1. STUDE T AD INISTRATIC 2 Q fl .9 9. 5 5 1 'W 'W x y I N Q A F' ,Fi -Vt :a,,:, ' "' T5l42- ' fifgif WV 1 K. pf 69,9111 le- +kQgg,yml laggjfq N W. B. MACMURRAY, B.A., President. S. A. R. WOOD, Editor of Torontonensis Fifcfqvi uvwf5lC'v-11 krbo MCDQITNI I Q : fb 3 3. fl 1: l.. S o JOINT EXECUTIVE, STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL Buck Row: H. S. .IAMIESON CDentistryb, EARL DAVISON, B.A. CO.C.E.J, W. F. BANNISTER, B.A. fEmmanuel7, C. G. BOYD, B.A. CKnoxJ, DEC. H. RAYNER, CVarsity Editor-in-chiefi, S. W. NIKON fPharmacyl, A. R. CRAGG CVictoriaJ, S. L. B. MARTIN CTrinityJ, F. J. RYAN CSt. Michael'sJ. Middle Row: S. A. R. WOOD CTorontonensiS Editor-in-chiefb, MISS ELEANOR BEER CSocial Sciencej, MISS CLARA BALLARD CPublic Health Nursingy, MISS GERTRUDE CAIN CSt. Mich- ael's7, MISS HELEN MCKINLEY, B.A. qMedicineJ, Miss ENA BooNE, B.A. fO.C.E.j, MISS AUDREY PURKIS CHousehold Scienceb, MISS MARGARET MILLAR fVarsity Women's Editorj, MISS MARGARET HOGARTH CUniversity Collegej, MISS CATHERINE SALE lSt. Hilda'sJ, T. R. MILLMAN, B.A. CWycliiTeJ. Front Row: PROFESSOR J. R. COCKBURN, M.C., B.A.SC. fFaculty Memberl, E. A. MAC- DONALD, B.A. fGeneral Secretary-Treasurerb, MISS IDA M. CLARE lVictoria, Vice-Presidentj, W. B. MACMURRAY, B.A. fPresidentJ, MISS A. E. M. PARKES, B.A. CAssociate Secretaryl, N. H. SHAW CUniversity College, Vice-Presidenti, PROFESSOR S. N. F. CI-IANT, M.A. CFaculty Memberj. Inset: J. W. GRAHAM, D.D.S. CMedicineJ. Absent: R. I. YOUNG, CForestryp. JOINT EXECUTIVE STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCILS MEMBERS N.RH. SHAW, Vice-President and N.F.C.U.S. e . MISSPIDA CLARE, Second Vice-President. PROF. J. R. COCKBURN, Faculty Rep. PROF. S. N. F. CHANT, Faculty Rep. E. A. MACDONALD, B.A., Secretary-Treasurer. MISS A. E. M. PARKES, B.A., Assoc. Secretary A. R. CRAGG, Publications Commissioner CHAS. G. BOYD, Finance Commissioner DR. J. W. GRAHAM, Athletics Commissioner MISS AUDREY PURKIS, Women's Athletics Commissioner T. R. MILMAN, B.A., Literary and Debates Commissioner S. L. B. MARTIN, Rep. to Board of Stewards, Hart House DEC. H. RAYNER, Editor-in-Chief of Varsity MISS MARGARET MILLAR, Women's Editor of Varsity H. S. JAMIESON, Rep. to Publications Com- mittee MISS CLARA BALLARD, Rep. to Publications Committee MISS MARGARET E. HOGARTH, Rep. to Finance Committee W. F. BANNISTER, Emmanuel College Rep. S. W. NIXON, Pharmacy Rep. F. J. RYAN, Rep. to Finance Committee Miss GERTRUDE CAIN, St. Michael's College Re . MISSDELEANOR BEER, Social Science Rep. MISS CATHERINE SALE, St. Hilda's Rep. MISS HELEN MCKINLEY, Medical Women's Rep. R. I. YOUNG, Forestry Rep. A. E. S. DAVISON, Ontario College of Educa- tion Rep. MISS M. E. BOON, Ontario College of Educa- tion Women's Rep. CKTQL9,-sr IAFAQQQQA! FAQS? EXW' is -avs'5f??Nn joint Executive, Students' Administrative Councils HE year 1932-33 has been largely a year of readjustment for the Joint Executive, Students' Administrative Councils, as both the President and the Secretary-Treasurer were new officers. The Council suffered a heavy loss when Mr. M. K. Kenny, who had acted as President for two years, moved to Montreal and Mr. A. Gordon Burns, who had held the position of Secretary- Treasurer, was appointed Assistant-Manager of the University Press. The new officers, Mr. Brock lVlacMurray as President and Mr. E. A. Macdonald as Secretary-Treasurer, have taken over and carried through their duties in most satisfactory fashion. The interest of the new President of the University in the affairs of the student body has been keen, and his enthusiastic co-operation has materially assisted many student activities. The Joint Executive this year was invited by the President to be present officially at the Remembrance Day service, and was entertained by him at dinner in March. The undertakings of the Joint Executive this year have been many and varied. In addition to the routine work of the Council, which includes the publishing of the Varsity, Torontonensis, and the Handbook, the sale of rings, pins, etc., the Women's Book Exchange, the sale of Students' Season Tickets, and the administration of student activities such as N.F.C.U.S. and intercollegiate debates, the Students' parades, football parades, trips, cheer- leading, colour schemes, etc., the Joint Executive were hosts on several occa- sions to visiting students from other universities, including a large group from South Africa, gave a dinner and bridge party for the masthead of the Varsity Staff, and provided funds for the concert of the University Band. One impor- tant work of the Joint Executive was the administration of the Undergraduates' Loan Fund which was set up by the Council last year from its accumulated surp us. In this second year, operating under the new constitution, the Joint Execu- tive has succeeded to a marked extent in co-ordinating the common interests of the different student bodies. The year has been most harmonious and the few difficult questions have been settled satisfactorily due to the willingness of all members to co-operate. If it ? One ninety-three X-49 CS?iCJ'9l uzseggggywie Ifst.'9ibN: iqmvl uvwfjiiffwl Q 'CT if 5 I 'DTCTNI UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LITERARY AND ATHLETIC SOCIETY EXECUTIVE 1932-33 N. M. PIVNICK C2nd Yr. Presidentj, S. M. HERMANT CTreasurerJ, D. J. AGNEW C4th Yr. Presidentj, R. A. BELL CSecretaryD, A. C. SMITH Clst Yr. Presidentj, B. M. DRAPER, 13rd Yr. Presidentj, G. I. KING CAsst. Secretaryj. T. E. MCDONNELL JR. CAthletic Directory, N. H. SHAW CP1-esidentj, A. F. W. PLUMPTRE CHon. Presidentj, B. LASKIN CLiterary Directorj, H. G. SKILLING CSocial Directorj. University College Literary and Athletic Society S THE student governing organization and the only body representative of all the men of University College, the University College Literary lic IV! C 3 N 3 S. 3 TB. 5? 5 S and Athletic Society necessarily represents the activity or inactivity of the men of the College in extra-curricular affairs. If we establish this as our criterion, it would not be too much to say that the College has enjoyed an extremely active and Well-balanced year. For, like the proverbial Well-oiled machine, the "Lit." has at all times functioned smoothly and efficiently. Operating for the first time upon a financial plan which includes a budgeting scheme as its central feature, the Lit. has achieved a financial stability, if not opulence, hitherto unknown. Much heralded and much debated, the budget administration has proved an unqualified success, a success even exceeding the fondest hopes of its most ardent protagonists. Its success has appreciably lightened the duties and Worries of a harassed Executive and enabled a proper planning of the various activities of the Society. The Society was most fortunate in electing as Honorary President for 1932- 33, Mr. A. F. Wynne Plumptre of the Department of Political Science. Spurred on by his enthusiasm and guided by an Executive, the distinguishing feature of which was previous experience on the Executive, the Society has passed through a year fraught with many difficulties, in a most creditable manner. LITERARY ACTIVITIES The Literary activities of the Society are under the direction of the First Vice-President or Literary Director, this year, Mr. Bora Laskin. Six regular meetings of the Society have been held in the Junior Common Room with a larger attendance than has been noted for many years. For the November meeting, Miss Agnes Macphail, M.P. for Grey Southeast, made a special visit from Ottawa to speak to a Well-attended meeting of the I INQEQMI ii U INQJQQAAI 'ell3iBTi 7 g . g t c Director 5 "Tommy" McDonnell as Chairman. The new "planned economy" under which rifcfw, M'.'5lCTNi ifflfprff F? 0' lab cyan INQ 9 s 5. 5. 1? is E QM: men of the College. This innovation fone might almost say, revolutionj of having a lady speaker met with the approval and approbation of all. A further surrender to the female of the species took place at the December meeting when the Women's Undergraduate Association were for the second time in history the guests of the Society. Outstanding among the activities of the Literary Department has been the revival after some years somnolence of the University College Parliamentary Club. A debating society, organized in parliamentary form, with a Prime Minister and his Cabinet and a Leader of the Opposition, it has thrived from the very day of its opening in October and now warrants classification as one of the more important debating organizations in the University. Its govern- ments have possessed a marked instability and already five Prime Ministers have occupied the Treasury benches. These are Messrs. M. B. Gelber, R. W. Reville, R. A. Bell, W. E. Beamish and M. M. Marks. The Speaker of the House is Mr. B. Laskin. The University College Undergraduate edited by Mr. W. G. Goddard, has made its appearance and been received with favourable comment. This publication receives special mention elsewhere in these pages. ATHLETIC ACTIVITIES In no other section of its activities can University College be considered so integral a part of the University as in Athletics. With University College in athletics, as indeed in all things, it is the University first, the College next. The names of many of the players on University teams in every branch of sport are most familiar to University College men. Supervision of athletics in the College is delegated by the University Col- lege Literary and Athletic Society to an advisory Athletic Board, consisting - of the sixteen mana ers of the various Colle e teams with Athle i ' of the Athletic Board and U.C. teams are now equipped as never before. The U.C. contributions to interfaculty competition are recorded in another section of this book, yet, the achievement of the track team in winning the interfaculty meet deserves special mention. In addition, U.C. remain the holders of the championship in interfaculty rowing. The winning of the Mc- Eachern Cup for the individual Tennis Championship of the University by a U.C. man, Sydney Hermant, is another record of which University College is proud. And so, University College goes on, contributing her best to University teams and at the same time making a most creditable showing in interfaculty competition. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES The conduct of the College Social functions is another duty concentrated under the Lit. Executive. Under the guidance of Gordon Skilling, the Social Director, the usual three functions have been held. The Roof Garden of the Royal York Hotel was the setting for the opening dance of the year on October 19th, The Fall Dance. Following close upon this were the U.C. Follies, held in Hart House on December 2nd. The grand finale of the social season was the majestic Arts Ball, held in the Royal York Hotel on January 20th. This was the first time that the Arts Ball had been held away from Hart House and the change met with the approval of everyone. In addition to these three College parties, the various years have held a number of year parties at the WOm9HiS Union, all of them being well-attended. The informal spirit with which they are so invariably conducted has greatly enhanced their popularity. Z -Q QQCLQ,-sl iwgggysi lfNfQ,55': J n4L Q the Society is. now operating has increased the amount of money at the disposal ' xgqv iveiifcwi vfbfy VICTORIA COLLEGE UNION EXECUTIVE 1932-33 Top Row: A. CLAYTON W1LsoN, TED L. Av1soN, DAN D. CHITTENDEN. Bottom Row: Miss E. CORINNE DEMPSEY, ARTHUR R. CRAGG, CHANCELLOR E. W. WALLACE, Miss IDA M. CLARE, Miss PAULINE MILLS. Victoria College Union NTIL three years ago the undergraduate affairs of Victoria College were administered by two separate organizations, representing the men and women respectively. Co-operation between the two bodies was difficult and none of the many other undergraduate societies was actively connected with the administrative bodies. In order therefore to make possible greater co-ordination between the activities of men and women and to give closer unity to the affairs of the students in general the Victoria College Union was formed through the efforts of a few zealous and far-sighted students. This organization absorbed the Victoria College Students' Parliament CMen'sD and the Women's Undergraduate Association and became the official undergraduate administra- tive body. All other college organizations have since become affiliated with the Union, so that it is a truly representative body. At first an experiment, it is now a proven success. The Victoria College Union Executive represents the students on the Joint Executive of the S.A.C., arranges all official social functions, conducts annual elections for all affiliated societies, publishes Acta Victoriana, the college magazine, controls the Debating Parliament and exercises financial supervision of all affiliated organizations. lt is also responsible for the Annual "Bob", The Executive-in-Council of the Union is composed of two representatives from each member and meets at intervals to sanction financial expenditures made by the Executive Committee and to discuss student affairs. Meetings this year have been few as all business of the Union has been conducted care- fully and few untoward circumstances have arisen. There have been two regular open meetings, one in each term, at which students may criticize the administration and be informed regarding the pro- cedure of affairs. Changes in the constitution may also be made at these meetings. This year the sessions have been of particular interest as important constitutional changes have been made, and much discussion aroused. Generally speaking the year has been a successful one. The members of the executive have found it a pleasant duty to work together and have co- operated very well. The Bob and the Vic At-Home were just a little above the usual high standard set by those functions and all other business has gone smoothly. The executive pictured above have enjoyed the year's work and trust that future executives may be as happy in their relations with faculty and students as they have been. One ninety-six 146.94 Iseoicwl NSD: CFSG YI I9Q i l K 'Q '.5fC?v lvfyj ANNESLEY STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Back Row: J. CAMERON, D. VICK, E. UREN, M. WAUGH, P. MII,LS, H. CHRISTIE, M. FAULDS. Front Row: N. MERRITT, J. HARLEY CTreasurerJ, G. TUCKER CPresidentb, DR. N. FORD fActing Dean of Womenj, H. STEVENS CVice-Presidentj, E. LADSLEY CSecretaI'yl, J. GETTY. The Annesley Student Government Association HE Annesley Student Government Association had its beginning in a petition sent to the Senate of Victoria College in the year 1912. This petition expressed the feeling then prevalent among the students, that it was highly advisable to "assume individual and community responsibility in the life and conduct of the Women's Residences". Such responsibility, it was thought, if given to the students, would make for the development of character and the promotion of loyalty to the best interests of the residences. It was founded upon an agreement between the Authorities of Victoria College and the resident women studentsg which agreement entrusted to the latter the management of all non-academic matters pertaining to conduct while in residence. Annesley Hall was the first women's residence in Canada to adopt this system of self-government and with necessary modifications it has been functioning steadily since its introduction. Each woman student in the residences of Victoria College is subject to the legislation of the constitution of "Asga", and is, in consequence, a member of the Association. Representation from each of the four years is a factor in realizing the individual responsibility which each girl owes to the body she her- self has helped to elect. It is this spirit of active co-operation between executive and members which is one of the reasons for the success attained since the inauguration of the system. The other cause is the sympathetic support given to the Association by Dr. Norma Ford, Acting Dean of Women, and the Dons' Council, who, following the tradition set by the former Dean, Miss M. E. T. Addison, do all in their power to work with "Asga" for the good of the residence life as a whole. With such assistance "Asga" may hope to accomplish even 161059 in the future and show itself an even greater power in the life of Victoria to ege. One llhlefy-S6Zl?1I lmaglgml ,441 ,u ETKCLJAI INJQQQMR 'ASSY fi ' -ru uvu'.'5fC?Ni 5 C7 1' TRINITY COLLEGE LITERARY INSTITUTE COUNCIL, 1932-33 G. H. JOHNSON CDebating Secretaryj, W. N. TURNER CKeeper ofthe Maceb, A. R. TILLEY QAssistant Treasurerb, C. GARRETT-JONES Qlst Year Councillorj, H. BEDFORD-JONES CClerk of the Houseb, H. V. RICE CPermanent Secretaryl, R. L. SEABORN CPresidentD, J. K. THOMAS fSpeakerD, W. N. BOWDEN CTreasurerD, J. S. WOODS 62nd Vice-Presidentb. Absernt- P. A. DUFRESNE, R. F. WODEHOUSE. Trinity College Literary Institute HE Literary Institute is tfqe oldest institution in Trinity College, having been founded more than ninety years ago. lt has as its motto 'Feros Cultus Voce Formare', and in accordance with this it has always been a medium for student expression. Regular meetings are held every Friday evening. ,These meetings are conducted as party debates under the Parliamentary system, with a Speaker presiding and a Government and Opposition defending and opposing the motions. Due attention is paid to ceremony and traditional usage according to the customs of the Parliament of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Government holds ofiice until defeated at two successive meetings when the Opposition automatically becomes the Government, or until it is voted down on a motion of want of confidence, when a new election is held. There are three Permanent Officials, the Speaker, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Secretary is the connecting link between Governments. An oratorical contest and a Conversazione may be conducted by the Institute, the Conversazione being arranged by a special committee. It is one of the notable events of the term and excellent evidence of the good work of this committee. Special inter-college debates are held with St. Hilda's, University, Victoria. and Huron Colleges. This year representatives of the University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio, were the guests of the Institute on one occasion. These and the regular meetings have done much to foster public speaking, as has been evi- denced by the large number of members of the Lit. who have been on the Debates Committee of Hart House in recent years. One ninety-eiglzf 1-IA CJ imggggan 5 G. ci' Z4 3 .Qi Ia-YQQAYQ lgbfqvl FlVl1'.'jiCfi'3l lvfayf LCN' C7 QNI 'vp I :viii ST. HILDA'S HOUSE COMMITTEE Back Row: C. GISBORNE, E. HOLDEN. Front Row: C. SALE, Miss CARTWRIGHT, M. MCCULLOCH. St. Hilda's College House Committee T. HlLDA'S College House Committee is made up of Miss Cartwright, Dean of St. Hilda's, the Head of College and the heads of the three lower years, who are chosen by their academic standing on entering. The head of the fourth year automatically becomes Head of College and President of the College Meeting, while the head of the third year is Secretary and the head of the Second, Treasurer. The House Committee meets every two weeks and discusses all matters which concern the management or discipline of the College. The College Meetings are held usually once a month and the College has an opportunity to express its views on the matters at hand. ln St. Hilda's, the year system is in effect and each year forms a complete unit with its special duties and privileges, in the larger sphere of the College as a whole. In the various activities of the year, the members are offered an opportunity to prove their abilities and to become assets to the College. The heads of the various societies are usually chosen from the Fourth year, with one or more members of the four years on the executive. The Third year has no particular duty, except to assist the Fourth year in maintaining college discipline. The management of the Freshies is in the hands of the Sophomores. whose duty it is to instil in them the traditions of St. Hilda's, and to instruct them in their various duties. The Women's Auxiliary is a very active society and the girls work for the Annual Bazaar to raise money for missionaries and charitable organizations. The St. Hilda's Literary Society stimulates the intellectual development of the college and during the year, there are usually a few addresses by outside speakers. There is a debating shield, which affords an incentive to the inter- year teams, and the cup which is presented to the best year play, is always keenly contested. During the year there are numerous class parties and informal receptions and two formal dances, the St. HllCl21iS At Home and the Soph-Senior. One ninety mme CFKZCLW w.9g,c,w ifstibii DMG wi 19k'ajiCYiQl 1 'DVA P Q 3. L 5. DHS il . Mggigpisli EW nl3XEC3llCPlVE" ll lfP5.0F" ll UNM? ii 1932 ' 19521 ,Ll M . V F JI:- 7 Y' Q, Q3 S C5 L The Medical Society HE Medical Society is the undergraduate organization of the Faculty of Medicine. Since its inauguration in 1895 its influence and activities have been greatly extended but the principle embodied in the original by-laws still determine the policy of the Society. The Medical Athletic Society and the University Medical Journal are controlled by this body which is also responsible for the Medical At-Home, the Soph-Frosh dinner and Dance, the Faculty Dinner, and Daffydilethat presentation at Hart House theatre which Was so Well received this year. One of the functions of the Society is to sponsor a few meetings at which speakers of note address the student body. The talks are both educational and entertaining and much is done in this Way to broaden the medical students' outlook. We have been fortunate this year in the celebrated personnel of our speakers. The elections are held in February, the new executive coming into office in September of the next academic year. This year over 852. of the under- graduates registered voted. The student body is proud of its society and one may Well speak of "Medical espritv. Every undertaking of the Society was highly successful. And so We close the 38th year of the History of the Medical Society. 7 wo hundred r G FQCJ-41,1 Ih!:QgQ3'4AI Ib J EK CYN, is- w','jfC'4-1 T is r YF so 4 -L MEDICAL WOMEN'S UNDERGRADUATE ASSOCIATION, 1932-33 Hack Row: HARRIET GATES CS.C.M. Rep.J, JEAN LANG Clst Yr. Rep.J, DOROTHY WH1NToN C2nd Yr. Rep.b, ELIZABETH STOCKDALE QTorontonensis Rep.J. Front Row: JESSIE GRAY CVice-Presidentj, DR. MARION HILIIIARD fHonorary Presidenth, HELEN MCKINLEY CPresidentJ, MARY MARSHALI, CSecretaryD, MARGARET HARCOLIRT fTreasurer5. The Medical Women's Undergraduate Association HE Medical Womens Undergraduate Association has been since 1907, the organization which binds together all women in the Faculty of Medi- cine. The executive pictured above is serving forthe term 1932-3.3. Each of the six years has a representative holding an executive position. This body governs the business and social activities of the women students. Activities begin with a tea to welcome the freshettes. A little. later is an initiation ceremony, after which the "infants" are officially recognized. This year the Medical Common-Room has proved itself quite the spot for parties. A most successful fall tea dance was held there and a delightful games party at Christmas time. The five o'clock teas at the Women's Union are perhaps the most enjoyable part of our routine. At the January tea Dr. Edna Guest thrilled us with her tales of a presentation at the Court of St. James and the romance of surgery in Vienna. The formal affair of the season is the annual "Nabob Tea" held the last Saturday in January. This is the time we entertain our professors, their wives and our medical alumnae. As guest artists we were fortunate in having Maude Watterworth, harpist, and Kathleen England, soprano, two charming music- ians. The "Senior Party" in April is the "grande finale",a farewell to our Gradu- ating Glass. This year there are nine Women emerging from the ranks of undergraduate to graduate. May they continue through life with the courage and enthusiasm we have known, is the wish of their own Undergraduate Association. -7 Two h zmdred one r .ACA 1N.Qgc,+ if IM. NC-fgvi P' Y Nm , Q. . Y' -us? . nvs'l5fZ?Nn u?z4.22' . w.:.zrfs:w -- -- ,,.V.,.,, ,T . , , , 'f x jgk ...ff-. ff.-, . g 4 K 'W A "' F - am, 1 N - .. , g , ' 1 ' '1' ,. e- 2.1. .N . -- A 'tx i sf . 4 4- Q I - " Soc new , Exscurlvl-3 . I, - f Y x f.. , I . V, ' 1 1' Q 1 Y. I 'A , . S Fm Illini oil mlvvd -A - Dllfllii' C Pnqimuinq , ' 1 v- . Pl lqijzuqffli 1955 1 A 5 I A S If f Q P.: 1Z'Zx...wiff' 15t3IZaWif.'T2 3'?2'i'5ZzQ The Engineering Society HE Engineering Society since 1888 has been entirely comprised of under- graduate members of this faculty, before which time the Dean acted as President. At the present time by virtue of the constitution, each under- graduate is parted from a small fee at the time of his registration entitling him to be present at all open meetings and make use of the facilities placed at his disposal by the Engineering Society. The Engineering Society Executive is made up of the President, lst Vice- lvGf'5i!C.' CN 'S S O E' S Cl. E Q.. 5 O MLM' President, 2nd Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. Included as members are the four Year Presidents and the Chairmen of the six clubs which are affiliated With, and subsidized by the Engineering Society, also the Chairman of the Debating Club, the President of the Athletic Association and the Director of Publications and Publicity. The President, a member of the Fourth Year presides at both the open meetings and at those held by the Society Executive. He is, ex oflicio, a member of all Society committees. The lst Vice-President is in control of all social events of the years, while the 2nd Vice-President has complete charge of the Engineering Society store. The Treasurer has the financial burdens to bear, While the Secretary answers such correspondence as is necessary. The Debating Club, having gained in popularity during the past few years, is headed by a fourth year man and comprised of any undergraduate members Who care to become proficient at holding their own at public speaking. With the President of the Society as chairman, open meetings are held monthly to bring the undergraduate body in touch with engineers who have made a success of their chosen vocation. The Director of Publications and Publicity governs the Edition of "Trans- actions and Year Book"-a record of the year's major events in the "Red School House". He also supervises the editing of "Toike Oike"-a journal of unsullied reputation. The School Athletics are governed by the President of the Athletic Associ- ation Who sees that competent coaching is given each team, and that School is Well represented at the finishing line. The Engineering Society as a whole deals carefully with each problem, small or large, that crops upin university life, and endeavours to its fullest extent to co-operate with the other faculty organizations of the University. if-wiew' NJN n Blvcflvl :vs'.'5fiT.'Nu 1 ' jd S' 'E' rf if yr ll il if I I Pfifeiifiilfrfy-oEf7i5Eii'i'T1sTL33?-'Ei1iilis1nEfr- off- sruiiliuiis-1D.11x.ii"13'ilZiiMii1j1rfgi5'i5ifif5'5 Students' Parliament-Faculty of Dentistry HE Students' Parliament is composed of all the undergraduates enrolled in the Faculty of Dentistry. This body conducts all student activities through an executive known as the Cabinet which is composed of twelve members elected annually by student vote. It consists of the president of parliament, the class presidents of each of the five years as well as the presidents of the other undergraduate activities. It has the purpose of administering faculty social events and business matters pertaining to the student body as well as to provide an official channel of communication between the staff of the Faculty, the governing bodies of the University and the student body. Meetings are held at regular intervals throughout the school term. In general its constitution is modelled after that of the Students' Adminis- trative Council and its actions and powers affecting the dental students are very similar to those exercised by the Students' Administrative Council affect- ing the students of the University as a whole. Two hundred three MQM' usqgwl eh.-lb: Bi CW 1ve'.'5lC'Nn 1v5'D'9L-'E s 04 WYCLIFFE COLLEGE LITERARY SOCIETY EXECUTIVE, 1932-33 First Row: E. A. HAwKEs fAsst. Secretaryb, R. Y. METCALFE Clst Yr. Rep.J, F. E. SMITH CCuratorJ, F. W. POOLEY, B.A. CCriticJ, B. A. PEGLAR CSecond Vice-Presidentb. Second Row: J. T. RHODES CSec1-etaryb, R. C. GOOD CL. Th. Speakerb, T. R. MILLMAN, B.A. CPresidentD, F. C. JACKSON, B.A. CFirst Vice-Presidentb, L. F. GEARY CTreasurerJ. Wyclide College Literary Society HE Wycliffe College Literary Society, under the presidency of Mr. T. R. Millman, B.A., has enjoyed a very eventful and successful season. Its programme has been one of varied interest and enjoyment. The hearty co-operation of the members has contributed in no small way to make the year a very successful one. The Debates have been well attended and have aroused considerable interest. Under the able management of Mr. F. C. Jackson, B.A., "Cap and Gown" has had a record year. Not only has it paid its way better than in previous years, but under the guidance of Mr. L. P. Hunt, B.A., the editor, it has eclipsed the record of previous years in literary style and material. This year we have been able to secure several notable speakers. Mr. A. Lismer, A.R.C.A., gave a most interesting illustrated address on "The apprecia- tion of Art". Dr. R. J. Renison, the former bishop of Athabasca spoke to us of the beauties of that little known part of Canada, the Peace River country. The social events were not forgotten, though this year they were curtailed considerably. The outstanding event was the Farewell Banquet in honour of the retiring Dean, Rev. B. W. Horan, B.D., at which he presented to the society a gavel inscribed "The Horan Hammer". The Literary Society has had an honourable history. The best wish of 'the retiring Executive is that in the years ahead each member may appropriate increasingly the truth of the Society's motto: . "Magna est adfrmffratefo Copiose sapienterque dicentisn 1 I 5 6 ,14 . .. 1' Two I1 zmdred four TA as .Q 140,44 lrsfkqggyau If-5,5-big R G' QI 1w'L5lC,'v -11 b"'5W5 5 4 ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE S.A.C. Back Row: R. MITLER C2nd Yr. Rep.J, J. T. OAKLEY Clst Yr. Rep.J. Front Row: J. S. CALDERONE fVice-Presidentb, F. J. RYAN CPresidentD, C. J. KUNTY 4SecretaryJ. Students' Administrative Council, St. Michael's College HE duty of the students' council is to control all the college of the student body. A varied and extensive programme was arranged for the ensuing year, including a return to Dramatics and the re-organization of the Students' Parliamentg two important factors of college life which had been neglected for the past few years. The Freshmen's Reception was held on Oct. 16th in Hart House. Sophs. .Juniors and Seniors were entertained by the buffoonery and versatile talent of the newly initiated. The sense of humor of all being satisfied luncheon was served in the Great Hall. On Feb. 22nd the Arts' students assembled for their annual banquet, the outstanding event of the college year. The Hon. Vincent Massey was the guest of honor, replying to the toast to the University of Toronto. Amongst those present were Prof. J. Moritain of the Mediaeval Institute and J. B. Biekersteth, Warden of Hart House. The College Glee Club and Orchestra supplied the music for the occasion. The Hart House elections took place on March Sth and after a hot election campaign the following St. Michael's men were successful at the polls-eR. J. Miller, Debates Committeeg J. A. Vining, Houseg J. R. Rowell, Hallg G. E. J. Sgcauett, Musicg J. E. Walsh, Libraryg J. C. Myers. Sketch, W. G. O'Brien, i iards. The executive wishes to thank the students for their whole-hearted support during the past year and to express the wish that the same spirit of co-operation will be shown to the executive of '33-'34. Vale! Two hundred fiw ro Q -1A , in-gqggm' NADH: :SY CTN' M'.5lC'wn 'vp' 'y STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL Left Row: A. RICHARDSON, T. L. JONES, B. LAwLoR, F. R. RASMUSSEN, B. F. LEACH, L. E. BODENWEISER. Front Row: A. F. BAIN, C. SWAN fVice-Presidentl, M. O. BINGEMAN lPresidentJ, T. HARPER CSeci-etaryb, A. BODENDISTEL CTreasurei-J. Ontario Veterinary College Students' Administrative Council HE Students' Council of the Veterinary College has a personnel of eleven members. The Senior, Junior and Sophomore years are each represented on the Council by groups of three elected from their respective classes. The Freshmen have two members. Since 1922, the year in which the Ontario Veterinary College was transferred to Guelph, athletics have been carried on in afliliation with the Ontario Agric- ultural College. For some years, however, it has been felt by the students of the Veterinary College that separate athletic activities would promote a better college spirit. The feeling gained impetus this year, owing to a considerable increase in the student population, and, after careful consideration, athletic relations with the O.A.C. were severed. The spring term saw, as a result, the formation of an Ontario Veterinary College Athletic Association and also a Glee Club. The experiment has thus far proved highly successful and it is the sincere hope of the Council that the years to come will witness an increasing unity in the student body, both athletically and otherwise. The welfare of the students has been the consistent aim of the Council and with this end in view we have attempted to create a more attractive and homelike atmosphere in the students' common rooms by the installation of a radio and the provision of varied reading matter. During the past year the relations between the Faculty and the Student body have been completely harmonious, any of the minor difficulties that arose being amicably and expeditiously disposed of, so that as an arbitrator the Council has been almost superfluous. Altogether we feel that we are quite justified in calling our year of school government a successful one and in wishing an equal success to the members of the Council for next year. Two hundred six Q5 Q i si 29 WCM' wagcw' 'NISE ifcflvl nvG'25l5.'Nn flvpfvjw Q' . f4J nvQ'g'5lC'Nu U.C. WOMEN'S UNDERGRADUATE ASSOCIATION N. BOWERS, M. CONBOY, B. SIFTON, M. RICHARDS, K. BRADLEY, M. MCMARTiN, M. MUTRIE, D. MCDONALD, E. WOODHOUSE. MRS. JEANNERET fHon. Presidentj, E. WALLACE, J. HUNNISSET, M. HOGARTH fPresidentJ, R. PAYNE, R. RUTHERFORD, MISS M. FERGUSON. Absent: MRS. D. DEMPSTER. Womcnls Undergraduate Association HE Women's Undergraduate Association is the Official legislative body of the Women of University College. Mrs. Jeanneret was the Honorary President for the year 1932-33. The other representatives on this Council include the dean of Women, the president, vice-president fathletic directorj, secretary, treasurer, a representative of the Students' Christian Movement, a Social Service representative, a music convenor, the head girls from the college residences, and the presidents of each year. The Women's Undergraduate Association arranges all college social func- tions, such as the house-party for the seniors and the freshies at the beginning of the fall term, the Autumn Tea, and the initiation. Literary and Athletic events of the College are also arranged by this Council. An annual public-speaking contest for Women undergraduates is held and for the last few years Sunday afternoon musicales and songsters have been held, which have proved very successful. Every Woman undergraduate in University College is a member of this Association. Two mass meetings are held during the year, and one with the University College Literary and Athletic Society. Two hundred seven I QEQLRAI I lb! Q. h6,C43A' INQEQAAI Iggggfqg EVNGTQ 'Ji 1 V v'.fliO-Tv '1 VPTD 'jg in 04 3 THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, KNOX COLLEGE UNDERGRADUATES ASSOCIATION, l932-33 F. G. STEWART CAthleticsj, J. M. RITCHIE CSecretaryJ, H. G. LowRY, B.A. CProgramme and Worshipj. R. L. TAYLOR CVice-Presidentj, C. G. Boyd, B.A. CPresidentJ, PROF. W. W. BRYDEN, M.A., D.D. CHon. Presidentb. H. F. DAVIDSON, B.A. CHouseJ, W. A. YOUNG fTreasurerJ. ,fi Knox College Undergraduates' Association S fl HE system of government Within Knox College is of the students, for the 2 students, by the students. Every matter relating to the residential life is open to the consideration of this body. Its meetings, both executive and parliamentary, provide an excellent training in legislative activities and in the leadership of young men. The monthly meetings of the.Knox College Undergraduates' Association this year have been very much alive. His Majesty's Government has upheld the dignityhof the House by presenting a Wide-awake and Well-prepared pro- gramme: His Majesty's Opposition has been full of rhetorical power but, in the main, has supported the Government. The House Committee has attained a very high level of efficiency. The Programme and Worship Committee has presented a varied programme, includ- ing the Skit Night, the Christmas Dinner and the "Purple and White" At Home. The chapel services every morning have effectively promoted the spiritual side of undergraduate life. .ln athletics, Knox has taken her part nobly in various Interfaculty com- petitions. The Soccer team has for the iifth consecutive season won the Arts Faculty Cup. The Hockey, Basketball and Baseball teams augur success in their several departments in the near future. "Knox tzfdaber cilckefm kolz, Kzf yarzvo kol lo mfro, H 'Zi'72f6'7Z,Zi, hi'IZi6'7l'Z' onus oftah H'll,'T7'dlZ for old Knozrf H'ZlfTUl2.' H'Zlfl'Gll"' if Two hundred eight 32 si gfAJC,44i imgggys, as ,DAX K Cry 1 iivb'Illfl'v4i VP DYF 5 4 EMMANUEL COLLEGE STUDENTS SOCIETY R. M. CLARK fChairman of Residence-9, C. FERGUSON qMissionaryl, H. INo1.1s CWorshipJ, A. ORGAN CAthleticb. F. FIDLER CSecretaryl, F. BANNISTER CPresidentl, DR. MICHAEL fHonorary Presidentl, E. NEWBERY CVice-Presidentl, J. STINSON LTreasurer7. The Emmanuel College Students' Society N THE few short years which mark the history of the Emmanuel College Students' Society, remarkable progress has been made in the building up of an essentially vital college spirit. Not only have the students themselves been knit together in the bonds of "the noble tradition we hold",but very definite progress in fellowship, and a common sense of mission have been developed between staff and students. Even the difficult problem of the relationship between church students in Arts and the men in Theology has been grappled with and a definite measure of success attained. The student activities of Emmanuel are under the direction of various committees whose work is integrated and made effective by the executive of the Emmanuel College Students' Society. The Worship Committee seeks to deepen the spiritual life of the College by arranging for chapel services, communion services, and retreats. The Missionary Committee seeks to stimulate interest in Missions, not only in the College, but in co-operation with the Church Home Mission Board. to send out men experienced in summer missions to enlist the support of the Church community. The men in residence are governed and provided social advantages by the residence committee. Musicales and other functions enhance the unique quality of residence life. The Athletic Committee endeavours to promote athletics in such a manner as to provide an opportunity for recreation for every student. This Committee develops teams for interfaculty competition in basketball and hockey. This year Emmanuel was well represented on the Victoria team which won the Mulock Cup and on the Victoria team which reached the finals in the struggle for the soccer trophy. The Vice-Presidents Committee in seeking closer fellowship between the Church students in Arts and the theological students, is performing a worthy unction. Emmanuel does not live to herself in an atmosphere of cloistered satisfaction in the contemplation of theology despite the temptation in this direction pro- vided by our more than adequate college buildings. Her students are not unappreciative nor untouched by the cultural atmosphere and wider interests of the University at large. Two hundred nine 'o J' pfdc 4 1 lNLQ1Q,m1e taht gy: S: 5 FORESTERS' CLUB EXECUTIVE 1932-33 Back Roux' J. W. COPLAND CTreasurer7, A. L. K. SWITZER CSecretaryj, V. H. PHELPS tlst Yr. Repj, R. I. YOUNG CVice-Presidentj. Front Roux' R. S. YOUNG CPresidentJ, DR. HOWE CHon. Presidentl. A. P. LESLIE fAlumni Repj. Z E -25 The Foresters Club 5 HE official organ of student government and social activity Within the Z Faculty is the Foresters' Club. Athletic matters, a field in which the members are quite active. are controlled by the Foresters' Athletic Club. Throughout the year fortnightly meetings are held when matters of Club business are dealt with and Where the members are enabled to meet with men who are leaders in state. industry and the sciences. The "Undergraduate Night" and Debate, when the topics are taken by Club members. provide in some measure for the development of self-expression through public-speaking. Soon after the Seniors return from Fall Camp at Achray. the Foresters' Stunt Night is held. This event is featured by Dean Howes address, the First Year skit, and the wearing of bush attire by those present. This year a success- ful departure from custom was made when Stunt Night was held in Hart House. The Annual Banquet is the first social function of the Easter Term and is a very effective method of introducing alumni and undergraduates. The Forestry At-Home, held in Hart House each February would not seem to be the natural habitat for a Forester but annual experiment proves that the Woodsmen find the environment eminently congenial. Graduates and Undergraduates are kept informed of each other's doings through the medium of the yearly News Letter sent out each Spring. Z. Tzro Zen F KQCLQA' iNQ1Q,w gcwl N 9'rf'jlC?i Q , 1 Q -OJ fitcflvi M'.5fo'v-ei ivpfg if Q C7 COMMERCE CLUB EXECUTIVE 1932-33 Front Row: T. GRANDIN fSecretaryD, PROF. F. R. CROCOMBE CHon. Presidentj, R. E. S. GREEN fPresidentl, H. J. C. JACKSON CVice-Presidentj, C. E. DRURY CTreasurerJ. Back Row: G. M. MORRISON, T. J. BELL, J. S. BEATTY, R. J. LILLIE. Absent: F. M. VANSTONE, D. A. FISHER. The Commerce Club N A year in which most concerns find it difficult to report any advance, the Commerce Club has more than held the ground gained in previous years. Subservient to all the activities carried on by the Club, has been its function of developing contacts between undergraduates in the course of Com- merce and Finance, and professors, graduates and men of affairs. The Annual Banquet was addressed by Mr. J. W. Dafoe, editor of the Manitoba Free Press, and the attendance exceeded all previous records. In addition to the Annual At Home, held in the Roof Garden of the Royal York, a Tea Dance was arranged on the afternoon of the Queen's Rugby game and both were thoroughly enjoyed by those attending them. The Crocombe trophy was taken this year by J. Beatty, winner of the Squash Tournament. Several highly successful smokers and noon hour lectures have been held and were addressed by the following speakers: Prof. F. H. Underhill, Mr. Chas. H. Ingersoll, Prof. C. A. Curtiss of Queen's Universityg Mr. J. S. Woodsworth M.P.g Dr. W. T. Jackman, Mr. Graham Spryg Lt. Col. Geo. A. Drew. A very encouraging feature, has been the attendance at the functions of the Club of graduate members. lt is hoped that the graduates will continue to attend the gatherings of the Club, and in wishing our graduating members every success in the future, we trust that we may have the pleasure of welcom- ing them back at these gatherings next year and thereafter. The executive of the Club wishes to thank all those who have co-operated in making the past year a success. Two eleven AC-144 lmgggwf 'AGED gvicffvei 1vw'.jfC'4-A zvgffjiii Q 04 5 A xg - A A A ,LJ HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE UNDERGRADUATE ASSOCIATION VVILHEMINE SLATER QI Yr. Re-p.7, HELEN MEIKLEJOHN CHI Yr. Rep.J, MARY CLEMENT rTorontonensis Rep.J, MARGARET COLQUHOUN CIV Yr. Rep.J, MARIAN WRAY CII Yr. Rep.7. ELEANOR SANSON CVice-Presidentj, AUDREY PURKIS qPresidentb, DR. C. C. BENSON CHon. Pre-sidentj, ELIZABETH WATTS CSecretary-Treasurerb. if ix usfV2'DIGW 1 rx 5316? LORETTO COLLEGE S.A.C. ' MARGARET UNGER, CATHERINE CARROLL, LORETTO PARNELL MARY TILLMANN, MARIE WRITT, MARY MCLAUGHLIN, KATHLEEN KIRKLAND iv Two twelve jg P an fu, . . f, g 1 gb. AKQEQIAA ' .Y I P SPADXAQ i BW' ,A G qv, w'L5fC.'v-11 Pw':jg5J P J Y if YEAR EXECUTIVES z 5. .23 iff 9 S 5- ' sw-Swb A YM wa WESSDENT O V Ox? a x go Ncevxw 1 ff I4 J E" if? 4 , WW G " , H" X Pg .l ,G - My .X umm Tb ll' . 'WW ' af e 2:1 f l 'X 2 , E", 2 i f G rip' D' 'tx PQJCJQA If-kQgg,',m Mk 35: ZQYDQTQNI uvwfifiifaxeu ,ygf va A 53 Xa. ,E ,q - R, 4 A 'v W M M! V , 1 lx 1 ,. M :M 'A :J :N 3T3 U. C. MEN'S EXECUTIVE L W. E. BEAMISH Ufreasurerb, J. E. POWELL CTorontonensis Rep.J, D. J. AGNEW CPresidentJ, H. R. DOUGLAS fSecretaryJ. 1 w 1 I sd I 55 - 2, gb' 5 1 E? 5 V m A H H W li H H ,l I ik iv A U.C. 3T3 WOMEN'S EXECUTIVE A MARGERY DALY Wise-Presidentb, KAE ELLIS QTFQRSUTQFJ, NORAH BQWERS QPre-side-ntl, L KAY STEWART CSecretaryJ. Z Two fourleen cgi if .3p,.11JA A wgggggml IAQXJLAQ Q A6 A 0 ... .. 'O S gfcfwl -lw'.'jfC'Nu Ivbfaivffg P' C-3 E' 5 1 Y 2 E ,H E 3T4 U. C. MEN'S EXECUTIVE R. E. AGNEW, B. M. DRAPER, J. W. WESTAWAY. T H N N I PZ Si . U D ' C3 v-V 11 2 i- i T I I I I UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S EXECUTIVE 3T4 TEDDY BRENNAN CTreasurerJ, ELEANOP. WALLACE CPresident7, ELINOR DQHERTY Wise- I Presidentj, MARGARET ARMSTRONG fSecretaryD. l - Two fifteen 11' 0. .Qi QYQCJA' Ibfk'QgQ',iAl ia!-,DXBQQ SQQGWQQIEE A 1vv?C'5fC'Nn avfjgib a u l UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, CLASS OF '35 MEN'S EXECUTIVE, 1932-33 1 A. A. MUTTEROFF fTreasure-rj, N. M. Pivnick CPresident1, D. F. DADSON CSecretaryJ I .5 fi of - Z U.C. WOMEN'S EXECUTIVE 3T5 DOROTHY FAIRLEY fSecretaryJ, DOROTHY DEMPSTER CPresident7, BETTY PRICE Wice-Pres.J. Abseni: DOROTHY DEXTER QTreasu1-ery. - Two sixteen EYLCM 'NOW' N955 X Kfcfivl 1v1f.'5fC'N1 C?5. . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,I 11 11 11 11 11 1 1 I ,1 11 51 12 11 1 1 1 TTT 11 ,, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 3T6 CLASS MEN'S EXECUTIVE X H. T. BARNES CTreasurerJ, A. C. SMITH CPreSident1, R. A. DALY JR. CSecretaryJ 11 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1,1 1 1 1 f 1 N 1 1 1 1 A , 1 1 1 3T6 U. C. WOMEN'S EXECUTIVE 1 MISS JOYCE BROWN CSocia1 Dizzy, MISS HELEN LANCASTER fTreasurerJ. 1 MISS MARY PAGE CVice-Presidentj, MISS BETTY SIFTON CPresident1, MISS KAY DENNE fSecretaryJ. 1 .A Two seventeen ,U 16.161 1N.oIQ,w NQDEYQ Pifgfq-an Ivf.'5fE'?v-21 avifjm RQ: no Y 3T3 VICTORIA CLASS EXECUTIVE 1932-33 H. N. FRYE CTOI. Repj, MISS E. M. FREELAND CTor. Repj, J. S. G. CLARKE 12nd Vice-Pres.J MRS. I. M. BLAIR fAthletic Sticky, A. B. HODGETTS CAthletic Sticky, MISS I. M. CLARE CSenioI' Stickj, W. D. CONKLIN CSenior Stickj. MISS E. F. MOUNTAIN fSecretaryJ, J. D. MARTIN fPresidentJ, PROF. W. B. LANE CHon. Pres.J, MISS M. L. HAMPSON CAssoc. Presidentj, K. O. WRIGHT CTreasurerJ. if si Z fm 1 5 Two efighleen - EAJCJQSI lmggggysl laigjhg 'K' sinfcfqql ls.fw'.'jiC'wx Ivdfgivgl .I . gm P .5 Q - I I I I I I I I V L A I . . A 3T4 VICTORIA COLLEGE FALL TERM EXECUTIVE V LAURIE H. CRAGG, BERT. MACLEAN, CECIL WILSON. fi EILEEN M. PILE, PROF. J. D. ROBINS, G. V. BECKEII. M Il V I . I ax L Q 7 4- 5 ? T I l .L.. N .i I I II l , ,V A ,V ,. A I SPRING TERM EXECUTIVE CLASS 3T4 VICTORIA J. A. MCDERMID CVice-Presidentj, B. MACLEAN CTreasurerJ. R. M. HARRIS CPN-esidentj, MISS J. I. DOWLING CAss0c. Presidentj, PROF. J. D. ROBINS CHon. I Presidentj, MISS E. J. BUELL CSecretaryD. I I I L .,. 7 Two nineteen 5 Q .Qi f ' I O 'G JAJCJQ,-y lb IQEQJIAI 'Ncvjk 5g'Qf'i3vI AIvIf'.'DZC.?'NI I I I I I II I II I I I I I I II II II II II II I II I II I' 'K II II 3T5 VICTORIA FALL EXECUTIVE I Back Row: EVELYN STEWART ISecretaryJ, DOUGLAS WALKER CVice-Presidentb. Front Row: GEORGE DICKIE ITreasurerJ, GRAYDON PARMENTER CPresidentI, PROP. DEWITT IHOn. Presidentj, JEAN ROSS CASSOC. Presidentb. I II II I L 3 I I I I I I I I II II I II I II I I II II I I I I VICTORIA 3T5 SPRING EXECUTIVE II Back Row: RUTH ROBINSON CSecre-taryj, LLOYD HOWES CVice-Presidentj. I Front Row: GEORGE DICKIE CTreasurerJ, ELIOT AUGER CPresidentI, PROF. DE WITT CHon. Presidentj, HELEN FORBES IAssoc. Presidentj. I Two twenty KQQAQAI INQQIQLMI 'Atl-lib: Z Iw'5fC'wu .Sfb"3'v2i LQ' 'ig 3 W I II M Iv II I I I If I II ,I EI 'I IE II I I I If JI 'I I I. II I I I I II II I I II II I I I 1 , ,I I I I I I VICTORIA COLLEGE, FALL EXECUTIVE, 3T6 JOHN B. MCDIARMID CVice-Presidentb, RONALD W. DALZIEL ITreasurerj. I I I Z E I I I I MARGARET THOMPSON IAss. Presidentb, GEORGE WATTS fPresidentI, NORMA THOMPSON I ISecretaryI. I 4 s O ig 5 Z II I II I W I I 'I II . I I I I II I I I. II I I II II II I I I I I I I I I I I VICTORIA COLLEGE, SPRING EXECUTIVE, 3T6 IA HARRY BEER IVice-Presidentj, RONALD W. DALZIEL ITreasurerI. I MARY LEE CAss. Secretaryb, DICK JOLLIFFE CPresidentJ, DOROTHY SCOTT CSecretaryI. I L Two fwenfy-one Q Q. H3 Abs: INkQgQ,vs' Bifcfq-an M'.'5fC'N1 ivpfjyli gd .OJ 5 1' S S G 9 Q 5YQC',y,u uafgqggpau 'highs A o 4' w 5ifG'qv4 lvb'.'5fC'uQ1 svffiyi LQ' 24 Y 4 STUDE T PUBLICATIONS 1 ' r 'P Q S E fs . . nf' ' H-', 5- 9-! -R ff' f ? r' 1' ' s f 1 1 ,J J f If I X Win X Y -Q ,Q .- eg iffiifwf 12' l ow QAJCJA' IN-Qggw mf, pq gcfqvu lvrfilffwl TORONTONENSIS BOARD Bark: W. D. BRITTAIN, E. C. PURDY, R. E. SEWELL, F. R. ANDERSON, S. W. NIxoN, J. E. MOORE. Centre: A. H. HART-DAVIES, Miss E. M. FREELAND, G. F. WRIGHT, MISS H. WOODCOCK, J. N. FRYE, MISS E. STOCKDALE, J. M. RICHIE. Front: MISS G. CAIN, F. P. DEWAR fFraternity Editorj, R. S. MORISSEY CSports Editorj, S. A. R. WOOD CEditor-in-Chiefl, F. W. POOLEY, B.A. COrganisations Editorb, T. E. ROULSTON CAI-t Editorb, MISS E. HARTMANN. Absent: E. A. MACDONALD, B.A. CBusiness Managerj, MISS M. CLEMENT, MISS H. CARPENTER, MISS J. TREMEIR, MISS H. JAMES, MISS M. DALY, C. E. BEACOM, B.A., J. JOHNS. J. E. FOWELL ' E7 Torontonensis, 1933 S4 ii? HIRTY-FIVE years ago the first volume of the University year-book, Q - TORONTONENSIS, appeared on this campus. Graduates of '98, much as - they like their own little volume, must cast rather envious eyes on volume thirty-five, for it has grown to nearly three times its original size, and now includes practically every activity of the undergraduates of the university. With One or two exceptions the book is the same as it was last year, the only noteworthy change being in the back-ground in the biography section. Each faculty for the first time has its own building for its background. For the first time too, a competition was held in connection with the Campus Life pages. While the response was not as great as was expected, nevertheless the editors had an extremely in- teresting group of snaps from which to choose. L - The contributions of the prizewinners will be found grouped, each on one of the first three pages of Campus Life. The Editorial Staff takes this opportunity of thanking the constantly harassed but ever ge- nial and willing representatives of the various faculties. Without their co-operation the task of collecting such a vast amount of material from so many different sources would be an impossible one. The Editor-in-Chief is particularly grateful for the excellent work done by the editorial board, particularly to Mr. T. E. Roulston, who for the second year has taken on the duties of Art Editor, though last year his name was by an unfortunate oversight omitted from the Editorial Board. Two twen f y-fo zz r INi'QgQ,5Al ggqv envsfififfwi :vp Dm THE VARSITY EDITORIAL STAFF, 1932-33 Standing: C. R. ELLIS, C. R. PARMENTER, M. SHULMAN, J. T. STURRS, M. P. PALMER CWomen's Sports Editorb, M. B. GELBER, L. H. LESLIE, E. C. PHELAN. Seated: MATT MULCAHY CSports Editorb, H. G. SKILLING CNews Editorb, MARGARET J. MILLAR QWomen's Editorb, DECOURCY H. RAYNER cEditor-in--Chiefh, CARROLL L. COBURN CManaging and Feature Editorh, KAY MCINTYRE fWomen's News Editorl, M. M. MARKS CAssociate Editorb. Absent: ISABEL JORDAN. The Varsity HE Va.rs1'ty" endeavoured throughout the year 1932-33 to mirror the news and views of the undergraduates of the University, as Well as that can be done by a Staff of some Sixty students who are able to devote only part of their time to journalistic Work. Individuals and political organiza- tions Were encouraged to express their views in a column given over to that purpose, and dramatic and musical criticisms were given emphasis by a staff of competent critics. Early in the Easter semester "The Varsity" was sued for libel in the student Moot Court conducted by the Department of Law, a case which attracted considerable attention. Perhaps the most interesting evening of the year Was spent on the night on which the Jazz Issue was prepared for publication. On that occasion the attempt of a small party of celebrating students to suppress the issue was frustrated by some of the staff. "The Varsity" again became a member paper of the Canadian Intercol- legiate Press this year, and entertained a convention of delegates from the other member papers in November in Hart House. The Editor-in-chief at present represents "The Varsity" on the C.l.P. as President of the Central Division. which includes the college newspapers in Ontario and at McGill Vniversity. 5 : , ,0'5i..V..iQ.!.......1"5-'J l 2 YARSAITY WINS IITERCDLLEGMTE TITLE Q j 'gl ga nmnmnmmmimsumma 'VLVI N ,,.h,gl aavewumimvmummlw 1125, i mix: mums: mmunnui nm nsuw.. , ,W 2 ,4.'..Z.."IL' J: -,gag-,7-,yt-1-' "Q..'.'i1 t. ff.. V "'T75'5j?iI3....1.,.':,1'1... 'L 'W ' W ' . Qin -.:..:,......... ' ' ' 'Q .A--.S-':Z."' T'-g V- I :fig 6513 -1 1'f'2gs,i'r1 U Y - "riff 'msn ' A A 'f was ..- 5.1 -155:-A, Q v .Ll Tivo fzrenty file Cr' N43 Q34 INQQQQAI AQQLQX it J 5 'R :SGW-an m'.'5li?wi E. J S EXECUTIVE OF THE UNDERGRADUATE MAGAZINE OF UNIVERSITY COLLEGE H. C. HASS fSporting Editorj, MISS H. B. MCKEE CWomen's Editorj, PROF. L. A. MACKAY fLiterary Adviserj, B. LASKIN CLiterary Director U.C. Lit. and Athletic Societyl, W. G. GODDARD CEditor-in-Chiefl. Miss A. L. HOWARD, Miss M. E. MCCUTCHEON, C. R. ELLIS, Miss A. M. BARNES Absent: Miss I. M. E. JORDAN The Undergraduate HE "UNDERGRADUATE" Magazine appeared this year in a form it different from previous issues. Instead of devoting its pages almost entirely to so-called impressionistic Writing, the staff made an attempt to Z' interest as many of the undergraduates and groups as possible. To this end, ' articles were solicited from members of the Faculty and of the student body who were in a position to Write with authority. Mr. Henry Noyes' Jardine Memorial Prize Poem, "The Transformation", was the most important feature of this issue. The excellence of his Work was praised highly by the judges. Due to financial difficulty, the magazine was only published once. The circulation has always been small, but it showed an. appreciable increase this year. If the succeeding staffs will continue to edit it with the interest of the undergraduates in mind, this University College publication will eventually attain to a position of importance. I THE , UNDERGRADUATE 6' Two twenty-six is C539 -2 MC' df-s if-fggggw NQJ5: 5iQ.G1iQl lVE'D:CnY1wJl as-ffoivi P C24 I A 5 ACTA VICTORIANA BOARD Fronl Row: GEORGE MORRISON, PATRICIA PALMER, H. N. FRYE, PROF. J. D. ROHINS, MARX' CARMAN, A. CLAYTON WILSON, HELEN G. KEMP. Second Row: DORIS PRINGLE, MARSHALL LAVERTY, JOSEPHINE HARLEY, AGNES BRUFE, A. MUNROE BEATTIE, ELIZABETH EEDY. Buck Row: A. R. CRAGG, BERT MACLEAN, C. NORMAN KNIGHT, D. D. CHITTENDEN, C.L. CORURN, H. J. FAIR. V 5 Ig Acta Vlctoriana 25 CTA VICTORIANA is one magazine hampered by tradition. lt has come out seven times a year now for so long that it has for some time been regarded passively as a Victoria institution. As it is the custom in Victoria to react rather apathetically to institutions, the result has been to make the periodical a very faint and purely external stimulus to an equally faint interest. Undergraduates would lay down the newspaper funnies to pick it up in its modest and decorous gray cover and hunt for gossip and jokes as the "bright" spots. lf they found no good jokes, or if the scandal were as unintelligible as a Talmudic commentary ewhich it generally was ethey groaned dismally and picked up the funnies again. There is still some of that in Victoria, but, slowly but surely, We think we see signs ofarenaissance. There isagreater self-consciousness in regard to Acta. an awakening of realization that it is, after all, purely what the undergraduates make it, and is no better and no Worse than they are Willing to have it. It is coming to be recognized, too, as the most satisfactory and permanent method of self-expression. It should be no more difficult in a college to start a tradition of active interest than one of a deliberately and painstakingly acquired pose of enrzuf. With this in mind, the present editor relaxes his grip on the torch and Wishes his successor Godspeed. l Two fu'enfy-.Seven Q2 -2 HAJCJAI if-ILQgg,',w if-+,'D3.yq Qcfqvi ivwf'5iC'Nl vfb jd TRINITY UNIVERSITY REVIEW BOARD, 1932-1933 C. R. PARMENTER, J. L. ELLISON, P. M. MORLEY, R. L. EVANS, J. D. CROMARTY, H. S. C. ARCHBOLD, W. LYNDON S1vuTH,B.A., J. K. THOMAS, DR. A. H. YOUNG, M.A., D.C.L., W. N. BOWDEN, W. G. COLGATE, ESQ. Absent: R. L. SEABORN, B.A., O. G. BARROW, S. H. S. HUGHES. The Trinity University Review N 1888 the Trinity College magazine was called, and had been called for eight years, the Rouge et Noir. But unfortunately at this time a new game of chance suddenly became both fashionable and popularg it also was called Rouge et Noir. Clearly this wouldn't do at alleeit was an unheard of Scandal that the magazine of a theological college should bear the name of a gambling game. The situation was as impossible as the present situation would be if the Trinity magazine was called Contract Bridge. Accordingly the name had to be changed. The Trinity University Review not only was a higher-sounding name, but it also gave a clue as to the contentsg it was therefore adopted and from that year to this has borne that name. In 1889, the year after the name was changed Convocation came to its financial aid, and in return for a stated number of copies and space rights agreed to make a yearly contribution. From that time the Convocation Editor has sat as Chairman of the Review Board. The magazine has no definite policy. The Editorials generally congratulate Trinity men who have done well and condemn the follies of the rest of the world. As well as the reports of the various college activities, the magazine contains articles, Short stories and poems. It is published eight times a year, with a circulation of 1,200 copies. - Tu 0 lweniy-eight anew 'wiv' NSN :Qt fy, ivw'.5lC'1-an IVFTDV: ESG Mf5f'C.'Nu ST. HILDA'S CHRONICLE STAFF Back Row: M. FARMER, M. BURNHAM, H. SALMON, W. RALLY. Front Row: B. MULLIN, D. RUsHBRooK, L. WILSON, K. BRITTON, H. JAMES. St. Hilda's Chronicle T. HlLDA'S CHRONICLE, the official publication of St. Hilda's College, is the only women's magazine in the University and was the first of its kind to be published in Canada. Although regarded as merely the women's residence of Trinity College, St. Hilda's has a charter and is a College in its own right, and the magazine still retains its own identity despite the fact that several attempts have been made to amalgamate it with the Trinity University Review. ln view of the fact that, at the foundation of the Chronicle about 1900, there were only eight students in the College, the financial difficulties were at first acute. At the present time, however, the magazine is self-supporting, and has a wide circulation. The Chronicle is primarily a literary publication, containing principally undergraduate work with occasional contributions from graduates. The staff has for many years been composed entirely of undergraduates. The main features of the magazine are stories, poems, articles and a general review of activities in the College, including Sports, Debates and Dramatic Criticism. I Formerly, two issues, from thirty to fifty pages have been published yearly. This year a new policy of publishing a single Spring issue has been introduced. Tivo fweniy mne KCLQA, umgggggga. i 0 life qv' lve'.'5ftTNl tn. 'f-IJ SJ J f Q BOARDQ EDITORS TEAR Booio UTRANSACTIONS A, Faculty of Applied Y ScienceMEnqi11ecrir1q " f L ,. 1' ,te if 1952 U-WT 1035 -S - fy . Mei m'.,mT,,-..w Kew-ww. A X A""""x"f' 1'-f '-aw Transactions and Year Book RANSACTIONS and Year Book is the official publication of the Uni- versity of Toronto Engineering Society. ,Published at the end of the academic session it reviews the events of the past year and records an- 5 other page of School history. A copy is provided for every undergraduate and 3 K5 a copy is also sent to every man of the past two graduating years. dl td ... 5 during the year at the Engineering Society meetings and has recently been broadened to include several of the year's best student theses. This makes highly instructive technical reading comparable with the best engineering journals. The Year Book Section reviews the executive, social and athletic activities and is illustrated with photographs of the executives, committees, teams, T holders, S holders, and graduating years of each department. Thus the six editions available to each man going through School, form an interesting and valuable resume of his student days. The board would like to take this opportunity of thanking all those who, through their co-operation, have helped to bring this edition into being. TR XX Xi ll! NS . mi XR is not V.. A vi - A fi f if: ' 37 i Eg 154' ' 3 Q - so ,s B, B S. Vt Z Two thirty 5 g-9 KJ, r,,.C F Q 16,11 'NQQQM 'own The Transactions part of the publication presents the addresses delivered yew: -:vw'l5fCTN1 Q' 3' , TOIKE Omg N F lincullq oi Applied Science C Enqmeermq A X 1952 HOST 1055 Wi" ,,.T.i".'1f:i'?. - The Toikc Cikc E FTER weathering the storm of Technocracy the modest publication of P? the Engineer has again completed a successful year. It has been pub- Q - lished "every now and then" since its inception away back in 1911. This year the "now and then" publications included such special events in the Schoolman's life as School Nite, School Dinner, and the School-At-Home. In addition, special editions were published heralding the advent of Freshmen, Initiations, Elections and Graduation.. The Xmas edition was tastefully arrayed in Christmas coloursgthe printing was green and the paper was read. Throughout the year the Toike Oike followed its usual policy of acting as a purveyor of news and events and in general being "devoted to the interests of the undergraduates of the Faculty of Applied Science". A final dinner for the combined staffs of Toike Oike and Transactions terminated the activities for another year. - Two thirty-one 3 YLQ341 'Norma' INDIE rxqcjqw .v.f5iC'Ni vpfggb HYA YAKA L. SPRoTT, E. AYRE, A. COWAN, R. MARKLE, D. JOHNSTONE, R. MACKIE Miss I. F. TROWHRIDGE, H. S. AUSTIN CEditoi-H, DEAN SECCOMBE, W. O. NURSEY, Miss A. PHIPPS Hya Yaka HE Hya Yaka was established thirty years ago to offer to the under- graduates an outlet for literary expression and an executive training in journalism. It was mainly through the efforts of Dr. W. E. Willmott that its first editorial board was established. Closely associated With Dr. Oliver Leslie who has the honour of being its first editor were Doctors Corrigan, Hus- band, Davy and Large. The first issue appeared in 1903 as a quarterly of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons. Later it became a monthly publication and now appears as a year book of the Faculty of Dentistry. The editorial staff includes representatives by students in all years. The interest of members of the Faculty and graduates has always been most helpful and gratifying to those in charge of the under- graduate publication. As a year book, Hya Yaka carries out the purposes of its organizers. and in so doing is indispensable to the life of the college. It stimulates the students to literary endeavour, furnishes a record of all sporting and social events of the year and supplies the students with the latest in dental research. T110 thirty-two MCM 'wry' NSE: RQ'C'3v lvs'5lC'Nn vfb X MEDICAL JOURNAL W. A. RUTHERFORD, A. A. BAILEY, E. M. LIMBERT, R. E. OUTERBRIDGE, H. BRIGHT, E. G. HARKNESS CBusiness Managerj, MISS M. E. SCOFFIELD lAssociate Editorb, PROF. E. A. LINELL, R. B. KERR CEditor-in-Chiefj, H. C. FOSTER CAssistant Editorb, W. J. HENDRY CAssociate Editorj. University of Toronto Medical journal HE Journal this year began the publication of the tenth volume. Thus has the pioneer undergraduate Medical Journal on this continent passed its first decade of life, still continuing to play an important part in the life and activities of the Medical Student. The object of the .Journal is to provide a medium through which students may gain experience in expressing themselves in print. The ability to Write a clear, readable article is becoming an increasingly important part of one's medical education, for the organization of medical literature is now such that it is imperative that the contributor of new and original Work must have the ability of clear expression. This year an innovation was begun in the organization of the Journal, in the appointment of a permanent Staff Advisor to the Journal. Dr. E. A. Linell has been chosen for this position. It is believed that by this means a certain continuity will be preserved in the handling of the Journal and much sound advice from the Staff will be obtained. T--Ml'-L-"' "' r-N ' i -I n M...-l.......,-J. l A 'N vm '1 'l A L .iiwi M. T..,...W. k xlEDICAI. Joukxxl. . '.'lv,......'.,'im.'i1'-i'.i4- mm ,i ' l 4. Two thirty three KQC-'JA iN.:ic,w NGN wmv, lvi'5f'C??v1 X 'SRE Wal as 4 9 Ami gn yy wi 'zz fvifzf MM 15" s vii Rishi 'fxf-'9lC'9"' NGK DC' W2 Q 1' DRAMA z 'Q ? LNX M4251 Q - fi .5 q,,- . wa pQQ,9f-sv INQQQMI 'NJHA QW ivtiltfvvl The Players Guild of University College URING the past year the Players Guild. in accordance with its policy of promoting the intimacy of its members with every aspect of the theatre, had the honour of welcoming several distinguished actors to its meetings. The year's red letter day was when Wilfrid Walter, late of the Stratford-on-Avon Memorial Company and Miss Catherine Lacey presented a series of scenes from Antony and Cleopatra and other selections from their Shakespearian repertoire. At a later day Jack Minster of tlie Aldwych Theatre Company spoke informally on the actor's craft. Two other guest productions were: the one,a performance of the"Grave- diggers scene" from Hamlet with Professor G.Wilson Knight in the role of the Prince, and a play of the Worker's Theatre put on by the Progressive Arts Club. An interesting feature of the year was the two revivals of plays which the Guild had done several years ago, Lord Dunsany's Fame and the Poet and Arthur Scnitzler's Lz7teraz'nre. Miss Isabel Dickson played the feminine role in both productions of the latter play. in the hrst supported by Andrew Allan and Victor Wynburne. directed by Mr. Allan, in this year's by Victor Lange and Randolph Crowe, directed by Jocelyn Moore. Though not many new actors were available, several new directors came to the fore and were responsible for excellent productions. The afternoons which proved particularly memorable witnessed the production of an act of Clifford Bax' Socrates by Dorothy Walker. of a scene from Kring John by Robin Godfrey, the Mad Tea Party from Alice In Wonderland by Ted Scythes, David Pinski's Poland, 191 9 by Robin Godfrey, an act of Kipling's The Gaclsby's by Isabel Jordan, and other plays by Jocelyn Moore, Doris Heuston, Kathleen Stewart, Henry Noyes and Randolph Crowe. The Guild was seriously handicapped by the retirement through illness of its president, Colin Jarvis, and secretary, Betty Clawson. Work was carried on however under the supervision of an emergency advisory council consisting of Robin Godfrey, Loetitia Wilson, Isabel Jordan, Dorothy Walker, Ted Scythes, Randolph Crowe, and the honourary president. Victor Lange. Tu 0 thirty-sir 33.9.94 'mapa' QED KSN: ivs1'5ft'.'Ni VF'3 VE ka 0 IvQ'.'5lC'N1 DAFFYDIL COMMITTEE 1932-33 Front Row: W. J. FOWLIDR fProperty Man'erD. R. C. DICKSON fTreasurerD,' F. M. Scwrr cBanquetb, W. W. SIMPSoN IChairmanb, H. V. CRANFIEI.n CEditor of Epistaxisb, R. S. CHENOWETH fPublicity Managerl, L. J. WILLIAMS CMusical Directory. Huck Row: F. P. DEWAR IIII Representativei, R. N. STOREY QII Representativei, E. J. DELORME IIV Representativel, MISS M. I. SANDERSON fLadies Representativei, J. KESHIN KV Representativel, H. M. COLEM.-iN fAssociate Editor of Epistaxisb, T. A. M. THOMPSON II Representativeh. .AF wwf: W. I. B. STRINGER IVice-Chairman and Secretaryb. W. D. SMITH CVI Representativel. Daffydil Committee AFFYDIL, when the histrionic talent of medical students is given full rein, was held again this year in Hart House Theatre on February 16th and 17th under the capable direction of Mr. Edgar Stone. A skit pre- sented by each year, a Seashore scene by the medettes and numerous between- the-acts artists provided the entertaimnent of the evening. The fifth year which won the cup for the fourth consecutive time presented "Alls Wet That Ends Wet". A Slivver and Gullible production. Dr. M. M. Crawford, Dr. A. B. Lemesurier, Dr. G. H. Lougheed, Dr. J. T. Davis and Dr. R. M. Wansbrough acted as judges. E l1J1.SfCl.l"I'S, the magazine and programme associated with Daffydil, even surpassed the standard of quality set by previous editions and much praise is due to the Editor and his staff for their work on this publication. Great credit for the almost unparalleled success of Daffydil this year is due to the fine work done by the Daffydil committee under the capable leadership of the Chairman, Dr. W. W. Simpson. On the Saturday following the two evening performances of Daffydil those who took an active part in the proceedings together with members of the staff foregathered at the King Edward Hotel at Daffydil banquet to celebrate another birthday of the annual medical show which was founded in 1895. Two flzirfy sczcn XCJA1 INQQQA' ISQQSY-f gcwvl ' iv1'.'5iC'Nn DENTAL DRAMATIC COMMITTEE R. COX, C. DOWN, B. JOHNSON, W. CAVANAGH, G. MOGEE, E. HACKETT, G. CLARKE, E. BRAUND, T. B. LEHMAN, DEAN SECOOMBE, H. S. AUSTIN, Miss M. OAKLEY. - Dramatics and Royal Dental Society 5, HIS activity incorporates three main features during the school year- E-Q ff' Noctem Cuckoo,.Dentantics and meetings of the Royal Dental Society. cg Noctem Cuckoo is the dental night at Hart House which takes place in Z the form of an elaborate informal dance preceded by Water Polo and Basketball games. A junior and senior skit competition is held, the Winner receiving the Gaston-Brule cup. T mis activity allows students of the Faculty to give vent to their various talents. Dentantics is procuced every spring in Hart House. lt takes the form of a play or musical comedy in which students with any dramatic ability are Offered an opportunity to express themselves. This activity also includes the dental nurses. As well as Obtaining much enjoyment from the activity, the students receive a training in Cramatics. This year Dentantics took the form of a play entitled "The Heiress Hunters". It was under the able direction of T. B. Lehman and Was a remarkable success. The Royal Dentaf, Society gives the student the practice of taking part in the conduct of meetings and the privilege of self-expression before an audience. The meetings are helc in the Dental building and the latter part of the evening usually takes the form Of an informal dance. - Tivo fhiriy-eight 5 . SJ, ZKCLW Imogcw 'fn'-EAT: -1 w K 5 I N r w W iifcflvl 1"-PI - A mf :Qu 'CE m fi J 5: M bi M I 1 4 A l W E A 1 M W L 4 1 m M M AA LORETTO DRAMATIC EXECUTIVE A l! ,, Back Row: CAROLINE HAMEL, AILEEN NOLAN Rr From' Row: MARX' O,SULLIVAN, ANNE QUINLAN K r 1 1 W ' W 1 x 5 A A RI M Z A N9 .4 5 Zi - W R A 1 A k i A A w W ,m J lx 1, 'V f 1 , x 1 'N V H li I 'z ST. JOSEPH'S DRAMATIC SOCIETY DOROTHEA GREENING f EUGENIE HARTMANN, MARGARET GILOOLEY 61 Two fhiriy-nine' ,Ll pMJC,QAN lMfQgQ,vsr Rlaillgjkg xigfflvl uvv'.'5fi?Nn Q C? JW! .fs .M-,,. I o?" I f J -tt., 5 .w 1' -+R .. CV? ' I I. - g - 42 54. fs Q p 'fig w v-,, - w -.., . Y, A ' A fi 4127. , X. ww, : :iv ,..- .,.,,, 'f::.n?L5.f,:.' - N43 CKnC,94r shaggy: Ycgrcfqvn fM'.5fC'Nu 2 C? SOCIAL if-3 5.2. 2 2' M2 W I , X MIM! f FWA Q!! W W HW x J My ,H ,f ,755 4 1 :izffi A ! G1 . SS'-,f"'n ff" x xi! 1 1 I 1 . K n ,V 1 7Wf77,' If f ' f f J, 'ff ' MDW 'lime H ff A 'xx Q,- I 111 , ' 1 4' XLCAAI Imogen' NQAS: C-MG RQ 'Nl lvkffjlffwl Q? , C2 MEEICPXD SGQIETQY AT HOME CONIVIITHLE 1932-1935 43 52, lf? ? Medical At-Home HIS year, contrary to the custom of former days the committee decided to introduce the idea of a supper dance into the arrangements for the Medical at Home. The success of the party was unquestioned, due chiefly to the new plan which greatly added to the enjoyment of the largest function which has been held for a number of years. The excellent music, soft lights, and the genial atmosphere made the party one long to be remembered as one of the most successful parties that the Medical Society has ever sponsored. The above committee are to be congratulated upon their Work and leave a standard which the subsequent committees will find rather difficult of attain- ment. Two forty-two CKCJAI 'wager' 'NDN RYQYN M'-5fC'Ni DENTAL AT HOME W. WEIR, E. BANCROFT, F. PEARSON W. MCNEILL, A. N. VANLOON, C. ADAMS Dental At-Home-1933 HE At-Home Committee consists of a president elected by parliamentary vote and five representatives elected by their respective years. The president also possesses a seat on the cabinet, to which body he is directly responsible. Under the direction of the above committee, another totally successful At-Home was held this year in the month of February. The many guests who gathered at the Royal York Hotel for this delightful Dental formal functioncvivclire made Welcome by Mrs. W. Seccombe, Mrs. A. D. A. Mason and Mrs. F. fo e. Dancing held in the Crystal Ballroom of the Royal York Hotel to the strains of softly crooning music was a superb treat. A delicious cabaret dinner was a never-to-be-forgotten event of the evening. Beneath dimly shaded lights the all-too-speedy evening passed into history with many a happy sigh. The glow of satisfaction and contentment on all faces was conclusive evidence that the Dental At-Home had achieved another triumph. In the Fall a delightfully entertaining HalloWe'en dance was held at Park- dale Canoe Club. The colourful decorations of the ballroom and the usual novelties of hats and horns were in keeping with the season of the year. The At-Home Committee was under the able chairmanship of Mr. A. N. Van Loon. Two forty-three e1NQig,vs1 Milan imggggggfsi cj svvftififfavi 145213 E i 9 COMMITTEE Facultq of Applied Scienrc l952 U0fT 1955 School At-Home, 1935 NY one entering the School building previous to February Sth, could be blinci in one eye and yet know that the famous School At-Home was once again the chief topic of conversation. Brilliant Coloured signs, novel stair advertisements, coloured glass drawings and a multitude of other signs proclaimed the event. ln the days that preceded that eventful Wednesday six committee men and several helpers were unusually industrious and through their combined efforts the complete and final arrangements were made. Mrs. C. H. Mitchellg Mrs. R. W. Angusg Mrs. C. H. C. Wrightg Mrs. W. J. T. Wright, Mrs. J. W. Bain, Mrs. C. R. Young, Mrs. H. E. T. Haultaing Mrs. H. W. Price, Mrs. G. A. Guess, Mr. J. S. Ball and his partner Miss J. Geddes welcomed the guests in an enviable fashion. Tantalizing music by the Wright Brothers left nothing to be desired, and it was seldom, if ever, that a couple were seen sitting out tas far as the music was concernedb. The Banquet Hall was nicely decorated with School colours, and a delightfully refreshing beverage was served to slake the thirst of the more energetic dancers. The supper served at midnight in the Convention Room of the Royal York was particularly pleasing and the sonorous tones of the hotel organ helped to make the supper even more successful. Hats, whistles and favours served the purpose for which they were intended as the "wee, small hours" wore on. At 3 o'clock the orchestra rose and played "God Save the King" much to the regret of 450 people. A tired but happy throng straggled home, and when the numerous cars had been started with difficulty, the party was over, though the ladies and gentlemen will long remember it. Two forty-four INQZQQA C-L44 Ifsfolczw 'wifi Egew MSTwi vfjw Scnoot DINNER Commrmi IWUQNL 6 D Www G H W""L uofrlx I 5 -I ' Vai., B ,,,,,, ,,Ur,.,,,,,,.n 1,1 ,U K.-.vw 1... ,...,.,,... . ,... School Dinner UR feelings are mixed as we look back upon the one event of 1932, which will undoubtedly remain long in our memories. lf it were not slightly egoistical, we might well say to ourselves that it was the best School Dinner we had ever arranged. In the light, however, of the very noteworthy affair put on by the committee of last year, we are obliged to say that we have kept up the standard that has for many years been maintained. This year we were particularly favoured by the presence of a great many celebrities. The main speaker of the evening, Dr. J. M. R. Fairbairn, is well known in Railway circles as the Chief Engineer of the C.P.R. It was only natur- al that a man of his intellectual standing and unbiased outlook would bring us a message of homely philosophy which is such a necessary element in our present day undertakings. lt goes without saying that the 600 present were all immense- ly impressed by Dr. Fairbairn's address. Sir William Mulock, Canon Cody, Sir Robert Falconer, D. B. MacDonald and Dean Mitchell were all very eloquent. Each one in his turn received an enormous ovation, and it was with no little pride that we were able to present these well-known men to our students. The toasts to the King and the University were proposed and responded to in smart delightful manner, and the whole programme ran so smoothly that the Dinner was over before one could realize it. The success of our Dinner this year was undoubtedly due to the earnest efforts of several of the staff who are too modest to have their names mentioned and to the Committee whose only thought of payment was the Dinner's success. We, who are leaving, pass on to you this great affair. We know you will carry on and make it an even greater success in 1933. Good luck! Special mention must be made here of the wonderful way in which Mr. Ross Workman helped in putting the good old songs across and to the decora- tions' committee who certainly outdid themselves in making the Great Hall a compliment to Dr. Fairbairn. Two forty five 23.3.36 'Nasw sf-'-755 6' gcfqvi nviC5.C.'Nn f5lEi'Nn SCHOOL NITE COMMITTEE liacultu of Applied Science and Enqineeijinq , -. U92 uofT1933,My L . nt 1 VS we FSUEWL L., ,,,. 2-will 'v . 2.1.1. ni ,Mm Q' School Nite GAIN the big event of the year-"School Nite"-ran out into the arena to provide its annual offering of fun to more than fifteen hundred people. composed of Schoolmen, their ladies and guests. Friday, the thirteenth of January was the date fixed by the Schoolmen for their annual informal stunt night. Defying all superstitions attached to Fridays and Thirteens, and confident of applying the well learned principles in which Schoolmen are steeped, the committee with the backing of a faculty strong in support, laid plans to make this the greatest "School Nite" since its instigation some ten years ago. A capacity crowd, reaching the permissible limit, as governed by Hart CTW' we 'S S O B' NK 'ii rl. House, applied the well-known impact loads to the staunch timbers of the University's popular gathering place. Believing that newness of design was necessary, a method differing slightly from that of former years was adopted for displaying the theatrical talents of our energetic actors. The "big gym" was our theatre, and the showing place of a new and "Stupendous Revue". Music, singing, dancing, gymnastics, comedy and tragedy were the offerings displayed to the expectant audience, during the two performances staged. To relieve the overflow from the revue, there was dancing in the East Common Room and the Reading Room from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m. Aquatic events in the colourful pool attracted many of those present and provided a keenly contested water polo game, the tension of which was relieved by an exhibition of fancy diving. Supper was served in the Great Hall from 10:30 p.m. to 12 o'clock, and judging from reports, the larder of the House was taxed to its capacity. The Chemical Club, mindful of our persistent thirsts, dispensed refresh- ments through a varied apparatus to those who could find time to force their way to the booth. From 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. the large crowd danced to the delightful music supplied by Cliff Young's orchestra, in the "Big Gym.". School Nite this year was under the distinguished patronage of--Mrs. C. H. Mitchell, Mrs. C. R. Youngg Mrs. J. W. Bain and Mrs. E. A. Allcut. Much of our success was due to the considerate help of Mr. Bickersteth, Warden of Hart House and his very efficient staff. May I conclude by hoping that the following years will see even greater "School Nites", the "Nite" of nights, a party long to be remembered by every true Schoolman. 52. El i viii? YCCLM 'Napa' vfswh: I D C? 3 2' CAMPUS LIFE gf ? 7 QW? r f -.. , , , mliil W f W my x a f ' Y WW K my fm W S Q. 2 4,6494 uagglgwn NCTQQ, 1vQ'5fi'??Nn Q. . ff'.1"iaT PUT HCM IN THE SCUPPERS FIFTER THE FGLL LOVE ON E ANOTHER N9 E995 .PUT 9 F"Q3 E L3 USED A Afai fA. A E? :Qi , , , -' '4 M - X42 3 5 X. 3 R F QQ- :,, V A- , s ay i , xii Y',Mr,Tf,-""Q E3 .5 Y ,N " X', "' is I , A X 'N , K, ' '25 Q QL ,A J ZX J 'J CONCENM - ,g:i5.p.w:"g w xv .- 4 -w.., , , V WVQ N ,Q . n .5-' , . ' ',,Z.X', 5,34 U ' :4.,Q.Q.3.., .AW .I L .Ln - Two forfy-eight aww' ., - . Zi" I . ' . ,S Q- ,. . ' -rf' - , - 1 .MW,zL, W YAJM , A-N.. uf-'egg 1452 lmogcwl .ii CKICLQA, nmgiggaan 1689.5 XCR! lvQ'.5ff'fNl smrmscfceo MSI! IFN! SGILORS? W ievwf ggmw g 2453 .. -, . wfmmaf 'M ,K x Y gg, - M fx: f' in 1 LQH1 wi -yo -- ,W J, 1 Tl-IOU SHQLT NOT SIGNS OF THE TIMES - ' , .- ' 'if ' i,, - f- W . L, , Qi, . ,X . .x,,, Y i f' f Q ' Q ' ' J -1 7 8 ,' 3 .- 'V S nwon-men uma suseo VN , f ,w ,A I rw 1 ,fx ff ..c,,fff y ,. if-' K , , 3 ' 1' 442 ONE, TWQTHREE, ll-HKE! Two forty-nine - we AQHA' llNff,iQ',5"5l 165,952 iigqfivl M'.'3fC'Nn X s X YR s 'a f " , WS - . 5 fl i T0MOergi?oamn1. W' 'OSC MOVE? i + ,f , ml ax lgykgj yi L 5 tl' A W E wr f if l X, ,gpg iii avian Y' ' yr r -A " 2' N ,.,, , 5 , In ' , f W . X I wt-mane some womf- T1-me urns ONES mcaceo me Bones SOME DONT 2 Q STUBBORN GIRL m"DQoF" m worm MQLKING THE. COW HFUL! l-IFN L! F Two jifty -' 0 KCLMI wsgfwl 'ft'-95, KCNI :vQf5fC'Nl Q ,, xW.,,,. . , E - Q, ,:f'n,, ,,..1,gf4rm 'wr f . A M2 :if WI-HIT Q CQOMJO! E WN OUT ooorz Lccwrzq - Q MUOOLE STOPPED IN HIS SQCKS HCODS Up W X W--A,-M A N . ,- 1, , x . " -' ' 'wflif 5 A '.n 'Q , . 0 TO G0 ' Ts-mio cow. OM WR E3 Two ,fifty-one 5 0 Nt? lQQ'3vn avsC'5fC'Nn nvfbiulg C? 'Q is .Q 1693.44 INQAQMI NDN: KQG NI M DIC' IVP'QiYg P Q Y MDG YI I UNIVERSITY ORGANIZATIONS IN KesPn4gz A, WW-'K 'YAC CBJ? 'TILAUVVNUNS G . Q .., XJ 0 Q -it-7 N59 gm ?K,CL9s' PQ cr M NQLE: QCTNI lvf'5iC'Nn lq4'5y! -as MEN'S CABINET AND WOMEN'S COUNCIL OF THE STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION From' row: MISS M. MULHALL CSe3retaryD, H. D. JENNER CVice-Presidentb, MRS. J. D. H. HLTTCHINSON cGen. Secretaryl, K. D. WHATIIIOCGH CPresidentJ, Miss C. I. MCCLURE iPresi- dentl, REv. L. A. DIXON fG9H. Secretaryb, MISS M. E. BEER Nice-Presidentj, I. M. HILLI.ARD CSecretaryD. Middle row: D. R. E. MCLEOD CMeds.J, MISS P. M. SMALLEY CTreasurerb, Miss H. I. GATES fMeds.b, C. MACLEAN CWycliiTeJ, Miss S. I. CHINN CHouse. Sciencei, J. A. VANSTONE 1L'.C.i, MISS JEAN STEVVART fU.C.T.S.J, MISS M. E. BARSS fSoc. Sciencei, W. L. WONG fC.S.C.A.i. Buck row: F. M. FERGUSON fS.V.M.b, A. J. GOWLAND CKnoxi, R. D. CROSBY tVictorial, F. LASSERRE cS.P.S.D, A. SEGGIE fTrinity7, R. P. BATES CLibrarianj, J. W. E. NEWEERRI' fEmmanuelj, J. G. MCCUBBIN CDentistryl. Absent: F. C. JACKSON fTre-asurerj, G. H. KIOI-'FAT CO.C.E.J, Miss M. J. DAVISON Wictoriai, Q Miss M. A. RICHARDS fU.C.J, Miss M. E. BOON CO.C.E.b, MISS HAZEL WANLESS fS.Y.M.i. The Student Christian Association, U. of T. HE Student Christian Association of the University of Toronto is the local organization of the Student Christian Movement of Canada. It is a fellowship of students based on the conviction that in Jesus Christ are found the supreme revelation of God and the means to a full realization of life. It seeks through study, prayer and practice to understand and follow Jesus Christ and to unite in its fellowship all students who share, and all who desire to test, the conviction on which it is based. There are fifteen local units of the Association in the Colleges and Faculties of the University: nine of these are for men, and are linked together by the Mens Cabinetg six are for Women, and are linked together by the Womens Council. The Cabinet and Council are linked in a common Advisory Board. The activities through which the Association seeks to achieve its purpose include study and discussion groups, lectures and addresses, conferences. Services of prayer and Worship, and various forms of social service. Through its affiliation with the Student Christian Movement of Canada. the Association is atliliated also with the World Student Christian Federation. T110 fifty-four ' Cb' 'Qu ADA' 'NOISE' lfxfggjk :qgw iveifeavl vpfyyk rn 0, LITERARY AND DEBATES COMMITTEE S. M. HERMANT, H. C. HERZ S. H. S. HUGHES, E. A. MACDONALD, B. A., T. R. MELLMAN, B. A., G. ROMANS Literary and Debates Committee of the S. A. C. HE Literary and Debates Committee of the Students' Administrative Council has been quite active during the past year. Sponsored by the National Federation of Canadian University Students, a debating team consisting of Hector MacNeill of Glasgow University and Ivor B. Jones of University College, Wales, visited Toronto in November. This Committee co-operated with the Hart House Debates Committee and arranged that the event should be held as a regular Hart House Debate. The subject was: "Resolved that this house approves of the efforts to make the British Empire an active economic unit". On this auspicious occasion women were permitted to sit in the Gallery of the House. N. H. Shaw and S. M. Hermant were the Toronto representatives, and they divided with the British team. This committee chose Miss Isabel Jordan as their representative on a team that debated in the Maritimes Universities under the auspices of the National Federation of Canadian University Students this spring. A return team con- sisting of Miss Margaret Leonard of Acadia and Miss Elizabeth March of Dalhousie debated With the University of Toronto representatives, Miss Margot Thompson and Miss Margaret Farmer in Trinity College Library on February 13. Their debate was on the question, "Resolved, that radio broad- casting does more harm than good". In the Held of Intercollegiate Debating the committee sent a team to McGill consisting of A. M. Hermant and S. H. S. Hughes. The team divided on the motion, "Resolved, that Canada is in immediate need of a new policy based on the principles of the Liberal Party". Tzrofiffu five Z6C',9fsi nNg,5ggw AQQSYQ RYQTN uvC'5fi'Tv-11 Wonienls Undergraduate Debating Union EXECUTIVE 1932-33 PRESIDENT II I I ISABEI, M. JORDAN, U.C. VICE-PRESIDENT II IIELINOR BURROWES, VICTORIA TREASURER I I I I MARGUERITE HAYES, ST. MICHAEL'S SECRETARYII I I KAY BRITTON, TRINITY REPRESENTATIVES I IIINORA BOWERS, HELEN MOKEE, UIC. ADVISOR I I I, MISS A. E. M. PARKES HE Women's Undergraduate Debating Union had an active year in Intercollegiate debating. The women's team was composed of Dorothea Cain, Caroline Hamel and Ann Quinlan, all of St. Michael's and Dorothy Walker of University College. Miss Cain and Miss Hamel went to McGill in December to oppose the resolution upholding government censorship of the movies. Miss Quinlan and Miss Walker met a McGill team the same night at Toronto and upheld the same resolution. The debate was for the Women's Intercollegiate Union cup representing the championship of Ontario and Quebec. The Toronto team was composed of four women who had not taken part in intercollegiate debates before, and Toronto lost in both places, but the team should be able to do better next year, at least two of the members will be at college. ' In February the National Federation of Canadian University Students fostered an experiment in women's debating and sent two women's teams on tour. Isabel Jordan of Toronto and Margery Rean of Western university made up an Ontario team that toured the Maritimes, debating in Acadia university. Wolfville, Dalhousie, Halifax, Mount Allison University, Sackville and the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton. The Ontario team won three out of four debates, losing only at Mount Allison University. A Maritime team. composed of Miss Betty March, Dalhousie and Miss Margaret Leonard, Acadia debated at Toronto, Western and McGill and were successful in all three debates. Toronto was represented at home by Margaret Farmer of Trinity College and Margot Thompson of Trinity who replaced Loetetia Wilson also of Trinity who was unable to debate. The touring teams debated two resolutions, Resolved that Canada is overgoverned and that radio broadcasting has done more harm than good. Owing to the expense involved there was no interfaculty debating this last year, but Miss Helen McKee and Miss Isabel Jordan debated at a joint meeting of the Men's Literary and Athletic Society and the Women's Undergraduate Association against Mr. Eisener Beamish and Mr. Sidney Hermant the resolu- tion that our college years have been wasted. Tuo Jiffy-six CKCJA wgggow 132.955 Q 'lVkf'5iif?irJl IVF' MATHEMATICAL AND PHYSICAL SOCIETY Back Row: J. C. STRACHAN f3rd Yr. Rep.J, I. HALPERIN CG1-ad. Rep.7,A. D. MISENER 14th Yr. Rep.D, MISS B. ROWLAND Clst Yr. Rep.J, F. C. Hardy 62nd Yr. Rep.J, S. A. JENNINGS flst Yr. Rep.5. Front Row: Miss L. E. PALLETT fRec. Secretaryi, A. A. P. MENZIES fTreasurer7, H. W. ALEXANDER Clgresidentj, PROF. C. A. CHANT CHonorary Presidentb, MISS M. H. HUNT fVice-Presidentj, J. P. BLEWETT CPast Presidentb, MISS A. A. CRLTTCHER CCor. Secretaryj. ii C5 Z The Mathematical and Physical Society OT dogs, doughnuts, apples, yells, initiationeethat is the Freshman Hike of the Mathematical and Physical Society. Then the regular meetings start, being held on alternate Thursdays in the McLennan Laboratory, wherein the embryo physicist or mathematician, after tea and biscuits, laps up scientific knowledge that varies from "The Solar Eclipse" to "The Sour Taste of Acids". ln November the Society gives its At-Home, a delightful dance at which the members prove that on donning evening dress, they forget labs, slide-rules, etc., and remember only, "that last waltz with you". Even the professors are there! Before this event is forgotten, the Skating Party is held. If the Weatherman is unkind, there is an informal gathering at the Women's Union Where, amid the usual laughter and dancing, We reiterate that M. and P. parties are THE best on the campus. The Open Meeting in March gives our friends an opportunity to see our clever skits and to enjoy themselves a la M. and P. Shortly after, is held the Annual meeting with the excitement of elections and the pleasure of an address by Dean DeLury. Then in May, with all exams over, the year culminates in the Spring Hike. Two fifty-seven -' .Q :di-'Jfi 1N.1oIc,wf 'ml-335: XCR! uvsfifiivn N,,+fv A f ' g 5 1' ' - HONOUR SCIENCE CLUB G. Boar GERRANS Clst. Yr. Re-p.H, N. ARMSTRONG 42nd Yr. Rep.b, M. STERON fist Yr. Rep.i, B. ROGERS 63rd Yr. Repj. M. MEEN CSecretaryD, C. STEVENS CPresidentb, DR. LORRIMAN CHon. Presidentb, C. SANDERSON CVice-Presidentl, D. CHITTY fTreasurer7. 5 Honour Science Club HEN is the next Honour Science Club Party? This question is continual- ' ly being asked of the above handsome C?D group by those taking Honour Science courses who know just how much fun an Honour Science Club party is. Just come out on a fine, moonlit October night and you'll see what a huge kick everyone gets out of being plebeian, and how thoroughly everyone enjoys a hot dog when there's a blazing fire in front to keep him warm . . . we won't guarantee how the back feels . . . but it's fun anyway. About every month the word goes round that there's to be an Honour Science Club dance or a "members party at the Union". lt's a splendid op- portunity to meet your fellow worker away from the routine of "labs" when you can get to know him or her socially. So lets have everyone at the next Hon- our Science Club function. You won't regret it!!! - Tu-0 Jiffy-eight A cffliclfefc INQQQBA' Bqeqv ivnf5fC'Nu avifgyjg 'P -TI"IE- ' t 'Ni3WP5fW'GbUi2f 'EXEQUTIVE' -1-:Qvw 'UlXilYEl25l'lZY' 'T0Ro1iT0f -1932 l933' 'F-13-L-fb r Newman Club EWMAN Club, a club for Catholic Students, both men and women in attendance at institutions of higher education in the city, was founded by His Grace Archbishop McNeil, D.D. to provide for their spiritual. intellectual and social needs. lts existence embodies an ideal which is suc- cessfully fulnlled in Canadian and American Universities by the Federation of College Catholic Clubs, an organization of which Toronto Newman Club is an active member. The steady growth of the Club in its activity and membership has fully justified the belief of its founders. Years of effort by successive executives backed up by the unflagging enthusiasm of its Paulist Chaplains and the gener- ous interest of those prominent in the Catholic life of this province, is represent- ed in the present spacious club-house and the beautiful Chapel of Gothic Archi- tecture. To the many who graduate this year the halls of Newman Club will ever remain dear. Theirs will be the memory of many happy hours spent at the teas, dances, smokers and other soirees held at the Club. Their spiritual life has been well directed by a resident chaplain, through the frequent religious exercises around which all activities of the club are centred. This year the club has enjoyed one of its best and most successful years. The large and enthusiastic membership has ensured the success of every under- taking. Two jifiy nine CAA wzgggw 52.355 I 'wi lvQf'5lC'Nn Qc fag, nvsf5lC'?N1 GERMAN STUDY CLUB Back Row: MISS E. M. HODGE CSocial Convenorj, MISS E. D. BRUNKE CTreasurerD. Front Row: Miss F. E. BERTRAM CSecretaryD, DR. H. BOESCHENSTEIN fHon. Presidentb, G. L. HALLMAN CPresidentD, MISS K. E. MCINTYRE CVice-Presidentj. German Study Club HE German Study Club welcomes members of the faculty and students from all colleges who are either studying German at the present time or, having some knowledge of the language, are interested in the activities of the Club. A certain number of Germans living in Toronto are invited to become members. The Club aims to promote an interest in German culture among Canadian students and also to further among them an appreciative understanding of the German people and their national life. The programmes of the monthly meetings are therefore planned with this aim in view. At the majority of meetings there is a lecture delivered in German on some subject in German literature, music or art. Frequently the members of the Club have an opportuni- ty of hearing German music rendered by the best local talent. Informality always characterizes the end of the evening and this year the singing of German folk and student songs has proved very popular. The social hour is valuable for the student wishing to improve his conversational German. Two sixty S Q :df-Lid' Iseg,ggg.',w AQUA: rixgcfg M'.'5lC'.'f-ei avi' Q C2 ITALIAN-SPANISH CLUB EXECUTIVE MADGE SHAW LFirst Year Re-p.J, JOHN LAY CTre-asurerb KIARG. CONBOY fPresident7, PROF. GOGGIO fHon. Presidentb, GORDON HALLMAN CSQ-cretaryi Absent: HELEN DARTE CVice-Presidenti, MAY EYER QPublicityD Italian-Spanish Club N 1925 the Italian-Spanish Club was formed. Its aim is to impart a better EQ knowledge of Italy and Spain by acquainting the members with the arts, music and culture of these two countries, and thus to foster a "bonne Z entente" between Canada and these Old World civilizations. T No small amount of the success and growing importance of the Club is due to the enthusiasm and untiring efforts of Cav. Emilio Goggio and Dr. Juan Cano. Through them the members are privileged to hear educational talks, from time to time, on Italy and Spain, and to enjoy musical programmes from some of Toronto's outstanding artists. The presence of native Italians and Spaniards as members is an important ano valuable addition to the Club. Eifithout these people something of the atmosphere, so delightful for all, would e ost. At the end of each meeting refreshments are served, and the members have an opportunity to converse in Italian and Spanish. These informal gatherings give the members a chance to practise their ability in speaking these languages, and to realize how increasingly important they are growing from year to year. Each year the Club presents one play in Spanish and one in Italian, both of which are always well received. The efficient co-operation of staff and students, to which the play gives rise, is not the least ofthe Club's achievements. Two sixty-one - Q .Q :df-Lw IN.1ogc,-A NJDAH: QQ gfivl ivQf'5iC'TN1 ,off ya 5 ? fic U. of T. Students' Band PRESIDENT: J. R. GAMMAGE, SECRETARY: N. J. S. HoYLEs, DRUM MAJOR: H. B. Knap. HE Varsity Band celebrates the third birthday of its re-organization. The achievements of the past season have even surpassed the eventful record of last year with the result that the band now seems assured of a place among the university's permanent organizations. As the term opened about seventy men made application for membership. Within ten days under the direction of Capt. Slatter they were sorted and moulded into the Varsity Band fifty strong. The usual handicap of inexperienc- ed men was considerably alleviated by a large nucleus of former members who were acquainted with the marching formations. The major function of the band's activities is, of course, its 'attendance at the Senior Intercollegiate Rugby games. All six contests witnessed the per- formances of the Blue and White musicians. The final trip to Montreal was made possible through the thoughtfulness and generosity of the president of the university. On this occasion the bands of the two universities combined forces to perform a rather intricate field movement that was much appreciated by the McGill rugby fans. The Toronto supporters were equally enthused with a re-enactment when Queens visited the Varsity Stadium a week later. At the conclusion of this game the band led a student parade through the streets of the city proclaiming in no uncertain terms a glorious victory. The extremely cold weather on the day of the Tiger game made playing very difficult but failed to hinder the appearance of the men in Blue and White. The martial airs of the rugby field were now laid aside in preparation for the annual concert. On the evening of February 22nd in Convocation Hall a programme of concert music was presented to the students. A unique feature of the occasion was the presence of Dr. C. E. Silcox, author of words of the University song and Mr. C. E. Bush, composer of the music. After being introduced to the students by Dr. Cody, Mr. Bush conducted the band while the entire assembly pealed forth the strains of 'The Blue and White'. Within a few days the season's activities of the Varsity Band were brought to a close with a banquet in Hart House. With a glow of pardonable pride the bandsmen received the congratulations of the president of the university as he reviewed the value of the services which this organization from the 'men of every faculty' had rendered to the university. The members of the band have been much encouraged this year by the support accorded them by the student body and particularly by the Students' Administrative Council. An equally successful achievement is in prospect for the coming season. Two sixty-two 5315-W' QA INA .of 24,341 " -'-'--- ffkogtyai A follkgfq U lifcfgvi .:vs'.T5fC'N1 us4'D'yt-S E' '62 THE EXECUTIVE OF THE LAW CLUB OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO 1932-33 R. G. BURROWS '36 CClass of '36 Rep.J, N. M. PIVNICK '35 CAsst. Secretary-Treasurerj. R. MUIR '34 CSec.-Treasurerj, F. R. HUME '33 CPresidentJ, J. K. BLAIR '34 CVice-Presidentl. .5 5 'ES The Law Club of the University of Toronto LTHOUGH one of the youngest clubs in the University of Toronto, the Law Club has become a very active association, bringing monthly ad- dresses on subjects of juristic and legal interest to its members,who are composed of those enrolled in the Honour Course in Law, the graduates of this course and members in the graduate school for graduate work in law. The Law Club was formed in December, 1930, through the combined efforts of certain undergraduates and the faculty in the Law Course. The meetings are designed to supplement the regular work of the course and the large attendance together with the interest manifested have made the meetings a distinct success. The Executive wishes to express through this medium their appreciation of the help received from our Hon. President, Hon. N. W. Rowell, K.C., who has addressed the Club on two occasions, and of the co-operation received from the faculty of the Department of Law, who have helped procure the speakers. Among the outstanding speakers who have addressed the Club during the last year have been Mr. Justice Sedgewickg Mr. J. S. Woodsworth, M.P. Win- nipeg North Centreg Dean Falconbridge, K.C. of Osgoode Hallg Prof. Balogh, Secretary-Treasurer of the Academy of Comparative Law, the Hagueg Dr. Armour, the noted Alienistg and others. Since one of the aims of the Law Club is to bridge the gap between those at the University and those actually practising law or registered at Osgoode Hall. graduates of the Law Course are urged to take advantage of their privilege of becoming members. - Two sixty-three - CPKQVF usfgqgyan isQQgY A rqgfqv ivsiiicrwi vp'3'p5 TORONTO INTERCOLLEGIATE CHRISTIAN UNION EXECUTIVE, 1932-33. M. W. MURPHY CU.C. '35-Treasurerb, Miss W. CRAIG CVicto1-ia '33-Vice-Presidentb, Miss M. E. BLoDGETT CU.C. '34-Secretaryh, W. J. VIRGIN CMe-dicine '33-Presidentj. Toronto Intercollegiate Christian Union HE T.I.C.C.U. affords to students an opportunity of coming together for prayer and Bible study, of becoming more intimately acquainted with our Saviour, Jesus Christ, and of having in Him that "fellowship one with another" which underlies all effective Christian service. We believe that God has a very definite plan for each of us, and that only as we surrender to His will and listen for His direction, can we attain fulness of life, either in university or in the larger world beyond. The Toronto Intercollegiate Christian Union was formed in 1928 repre- senting the nucleus of the Inter-Varsity Christian F ellowship-a group of unions similar to the T.I.C.C.U.-which was organized in the following year. The I .V.C.F. maintains close touch with the League of Evangelical Students- a similar union established among the universities of the United States. The Inter-Varsity Fellowship of Evangelical Unions in the British Isles is the oldest union of this kind. The activities of the local union comprise a weekly discussion group, a noon- day half-hour prayer group and occasional meetings addressed by special speakers. The members of the T.I.C.C.U. extend an invitation to those who acknow- ledge the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour to join themg and to everyone an in- vitation to "come and see" what the Saviour means to the members of the group. Two sixty-four CAA 'Normal 14.953 IVf'5lCp?NI 19462153 The Macdonald-Cartier Club EXECUTIVE , President SAM HUGHES Vfzce-Presfident-AP. Secretary-Treasurer-R. A. BELL MEMBERS J. R. Anderson J. F. Barrett W. E. Beamish J. A. Breckenridge T. G. M. Bryan D. F. Cornish H. R. Cummings H H . J. Fair . J. Fensham S. T. Flynn L. H. Goodwin Patrick Green Wm. Hills, Jr. . H. Johnston E H. G. Kibble G. A. Kidd C. B. Kirk A. D. Lockhardt B. McEvoy l- C. B. Macpherson C. W. Minette L. C. M. Palmer J. M. Patrick C. E. Potts A. R. Ross W. D. Roberts J. R. Shaver N. H. Shaw L. V. Skey T. G. Spencer J. Stockwell G. R. Sweeney A. R. Tilley R. B. Trott S. R. Widdis F. P. Wilson R. Wodehouse A. DUFRESNE if .. C? 9 -c3"' ,BG- WOMEN'S PRESS CLUB NORAH BowERs CPublicityp, FLORENCE KING CTreasurerJ, LAURENE GALBRAITH CSecretaryJ, KAY MCINTYRE CPresidentJ Inset: EUGENIE HARTMANN CVice-Presidentj Two sixty-Jive - 2163.94 'Nope' MSX Kew IVk'5lCfNl Ivfgfgfl Q lvtf'5lCfNl Nil ENGLISH AND HISTORY CLUB Back Row: F. A. DAVIDGE CU.C. Rep.D, MISS M. E. F. BAIRD Nice-Presidentb, A. M. BEATTIE fV.C. Rep.J. Front Row: MISS H. C. HARTMANN CS.M.C. Rep.J, A. P. A. GREENE CPresident9, J. M. PATRICK ITreasurerJ, MISS D. L. ANDERSON CSecretaryD. Absent: MISS M. A. FARMER CT.C. Rep.J. The English and History Club N THE autumn semester of the academic year 1930-31, the English and History Club of the University of Toronto was formed for the avowed purpose of promoting "a further social and intellectual contact between the students of English and History in the University of Toronto." Membership in the organization, according to the terms of its constitution, is open to all students, graduate and undergraduate, of the courses in English and History, Philosophy C English or History Optionb, and Modern History, and to professors of these subjects. The provision is also made that students of other courses, upon due submission of an application to the Executive, may, at the discretion of that body, be admitted to full privileges of association. In conclusion and by way of valedictory, the graduating members of this year's Executive embrace this opportunity of thanking all those who did so much to make the year such a fruitful one for the Club, particularly do they wish to acknowledge the courtesy of those deans of residence whose hospitality the club has enjoyed from time to time and the splendid co-operation of those members of the faculty and of those other guest-speakers who contributed so much to the value of the 1932-33 meetings of the English and History Club. Two sixty-six Q ? X43 IQCLQAI 'Harem' N-Uhr E 1' FACULTY ORGANIZATIONS Z 3 Q 92, T5 ? f EJ ,V A -mae MORE NME NLE X Tsggetuevxm- " x 'PX X lbg EQ 9 qfiwxxbfl! P 9 MW if Q! J x,fX my KU' QQ, If-ti-PAT: alffqvn avw'.'5fC'.'Nu ivffjkfl U.C. FRENCH CLUB S. RYERSON fPresidentJ, D. COLDOFSKY tBusiness ManagerD, J. LAY CTreasurerJ. M. ARMSTRONG cPublicity Managery, E. BRUNKE CSecretaryJ, PROF. F. C. A. JEANNERI-:T CHOn. Presidentb, N. BOWERS CVice-Presidentb, E. METCALFE Clst Yr. Rep.J. The French Society of University College URING the term 1932-1933 the French Society of University College has had quite a successful year. The meetings, which are conducted entirely in French, have been held once a month, with varied programs. There have been speakers, one-act plays, and musical programsethe latter have ranged from a general singing of French songs to a concert by the newly- formed University String Quartet. At one of the meetings the President, Mr. Stanley Ryerson, who recently returned from spending a year in France, gave a very timely talk on France and the Soviet Union. The social half-hour after the meetings. with refreshments, has as always been very popular. A new financial policy has been instituted, whereby members holding membership cards may have tickets to the play given in Hart House Theatre at half-price-ewhich has stimulated the sale of both membership cards and tick- ets to the play. This year the play which is being presented is "Le Monde ou l'on s'ennuie", by Edouard Pailleron, and it is under the able direction of members of the French staff of the College. There is every indication that it should be quite as successful a production as that of last year. For the remaining meetings, there are plans for having more music, a talk on French art, and the annual recitation contest, at the last meeting in March, which brings the year to a close. When everybody goes to examinations, then, it is hoped that they feel a little more stimulated with regard to French than they would have without the French Society. - Two sixty-eight :CQCJ4 INQQQAAI A0559 F?-XSCWQI uvGC'5lC.'Nn sfpfogl lvGT'5lC?N1 VICTORIA COLLEGE DEBATING PARLIAMENT C. WILSON, C. N. KNIGHT Miss E. E. BURRows, R. G. ROMANS, Miss P. L. FOREMAN Victoria College Debating Parliament HOUGH not old enough-to be one of the essential Victoria traditions, the Victoria College Debating Parliament has shown itself worthy of a recognized position among the societies of the College. Instituted by the class of '31 the society has survived successfully the current depression, and now an increased attendance indicates a growing interest in its existence. The policy of the society, as outlined in the speech from the throne at the formal opening of Parliament, was to give opportunity to each member of the house to debate on any current topic. The co-operation of the junior years was particularly requested. The five meetings of the Parliament during the year have given use to exploitations ranging from a proletarian pursuance of Representative democracy in Canada, to a risque ramble through a co-educational residence. Those debating up to the present date included Misses Phyllis Foreman, Pauline Mills, Esther Freeland, Lois Hampson and Messrs. Norman Knight, Bill Grant, Bill Conklin and Cecil Wilson. And for the future, "Spem successus alit". Two sixty mne KQJA' wggggyw' H9519 KY C7391 lvh'.'jlC'Nl wp' 'QF VICTORIA CGLLEGE MUSIC CLUB L. H. CRAGG CTreasurerj, MARJORIE LAING CAsst. Bus. Managerb, B. MACLEAN CBus. Managerj JEAN WELFORD CSecretaryl, R. G. COLGROVE fPresident3, BETTY ORAM Wise-Presidentb, A. M. LAVERTY CAdvertising Managerj Victoria College Music Club O ONE who was an active member of the Victoria College Music Club will ever forget the sensations that they experienced during the pro- duction of "H.M.S. Pinafore"-the fun of the noon hour practices in Alumni Hall with Mr. Crawford imitating the wheezing efforts of timid so- pranos or the bawling throatiness of husky bassosg the energetic rehearsals with maidens "gaily tripping", and the sailor-men rendering a stiff-legged horn-pipeg the gaiety of the Conservatory parties with Paul Joneses and rye Waltzesg the excitement of the never-ending dress rehearsal when the principals forgot their parts and the chorus sang "damme" in the Wrong place and the final thrill of the performances with all the glamour of backstagefcostumes and cosmetics and hoarse Whispers to "pipe down, the curtain's up!" and that uncertain feeling that accompanies the glare of footlights and the satisfaction of a good Work Well done. ' "Pinafore" Was a blazing success, and We're already Wondering what the big attraction Will be next yearvsee you there! Two seventy Qffq uivggyir ., .Q :df-LMI rmgggggw NQ35: VICTORIA COLLEGE FRENCH CLUB Buck Row: HELEN JOHNSON, DORA VICK, ROYCE ROBERTSON qSecretary7, GLADYS SMITH Front Row: DOUGLAS FRYE CTreaSure-rl, MILDRED OLDFIELD CPresidenty, PROP. LASSERRE CHon. Presidentb, GERTRUDE KNOX CVice-Presidentb, RUSSELL BOETTGER Victoria College French Club N THE arrangement of the programs of the French Club this year, the aims of the society have been kept Well in mind. While fluency may not be a marked characteristic of most of the conversational efforts, yet those who attended the meetings could not fail to gain a definite appreciation of "things French". This year's activities have been, for the most part, quite informalmcharades, sing-songs, the presentation of a number of playsg these have all played their part in maintaining the atmosphere of friendly informality. The plays, directed by Mlle. Riese have offered, to all those who wished to avail themselves of it, an opportunity of gaining the experience and having the fun of play-acting in French. The club has appreciated especially those parts of the program devoted to music. Mr. Norris Frye gave a sketch of the development of French music, pointing out the Way in which it reflected the French mentality, and illustrating at the piano. Artists on other programs were Miss Jean Evans and Professor Lasserre, the honorary president. Very interesting speakers were secured for other meetings. Mr. Ryerson of University College spoke on "La Jeunesse du Vieux-PayS"g Mr. Arthur Lismer gave a talk on French art which he illustrated with slidesg Mlle. Riese gave a number of readings from French authors. "Pleasant and profitable" may be a tame and terribly hackneyed phrase, but it really describes very accurately the club activities for the year. Two seventy-one E O 2 3 .,,. NJN 7 .- 393 :Ng jay izsrgggvsi IAQJN '43 EQIQVQQI IV'!v5iE.Irf"2I n 0 I I I I I I I I II QI ,I '4 I I I I I I I I . VICTORIA COLLEGE WOMEN'S LITERARY SOCIETY Back Row: JEAN LINDSAY, JANE EARLE, MILDRED REDMOND, ELSBETH ROGER Front Row: FLORENCE CLARE, MARGARET WRIGHT, DR. FORD, ELIZABETH EEDY, DOROTHY DREVER I I 5 L QE I I I I I I I I I HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE CLUB EXECUTIVE K. NODGE CIII Yr. Rep. Passj, M. BRICK KIII Year Rep. HOn.D, N. LANE C1 Yr. Rep. HOn.J, H. LAWSON CII Yr. Rep.J, R. GALVIN CI Yr. Rep. Passj, A. STOCKDALE QIV Yr. Rep. Passb. M. RICHARDS CSecI-etaryj, A. GIBBONS CVice-Presidentb, MISS A. L. LAIRD CHOII. Presidentb, .I A. THOMPSON fPreSident9, L. LOCKHART QIV Yr. Rep. Hong II Absent: H. EMERSON QTreaSurerJ, H. INGLIS CPublicity Rep.J. I I W Two seventy-two Cmj' ' DS-2-D EQQBMI INQQQMI IAQLQXQ lggffivl Mo ix-?l I Z 'YI' Wd? Q , I M fb Q 3'-:L C - EE EE E EE 3 H W 1 I f w 'Q I X W af M Y' EN N F , w q L Fi , li l If i H 5 U i Qi Q Ei H M 1 H W H ff rs fi M EM 1 ,g F V Li V 1 ai fl I E r LORETTO COLLEGE LITERARY EXECUTIVE Qi Back Row: CAROLINE HAMEL, GERTRUDE TACKABERRY ji' 1? W Front Row: MARY PURKIS, RITA KAHEN lw:-SYCI E M U H Mr V N v J H Ma :M if I x , 1-ll Q Z is Ms ? 4 E ' , l i M i i V' W 1' I, 5 , 1 , 1 , V 1 1 O C C r ' L LORETTO COLLEGE HOUSE COMMITTEE E REGIS TEEHAN, E11,EEN WHELAN. LILLIAN MCNAMARA, AILEEN NOLAN. l E Z. Two seventy-three - U U cy' 'wo 24,3141 lN.'Q,QQL54' IHLIQQN ggigfqvl wditml .vpf-jg Q' 9 -E A A L- A T T N , I T 1 T M N H T f T ST. JOSEPH'S S.A.C. HELEN MCHENRY, MARGARET RYAN JUDITH BURROWS, MARGARET HUSSEY, DOROTHEA GREENING T , L .Q - ge 2 Z W ST. JOSEPH'S HOUSE COMMITTEE HELEN MCHENRY, DOROTHEA GREENING. MARGARET FLAHIFF, LUCILLE MCALPINE QHead Girly, CLERISE HARTMANN. 1 - - Two seventy-four G. -QA :PKICZJAI IlNffQ2Q,V5I 'Night gfgqvl w.5it.w wvefpfgj if' f 5 1 N 1 ll M 1 1 n A, 1 5 W W 14 21 4, , in ,YNY ST. JOSEPH'S LITERARY I r j JOSEPHINE LYNCH, RITA CARROLL ,l EUGENIE HARTMANN, MARGARET HUSSEY I 2 A' I EL L M gi 0 ..,e. R1 ff 5 Z U V4 1, ,A 1 e 1 l L l CCC ' 1 P 1 l ST. JOSEPH'S FRENCH CLUB HELEN EGAN, HELENE DARTE, MARION DARTE, CLERESE HARTMANN A Two seventy-Jive - . -UA cv , D Nw QQQQA swgegyu Iwi, jk 3' RCN lvQ15.C.'Nl Offs 25 TRINITY COLLEGE SCIENCE CLUB Back Row: B. D. G. B. HARRIS, C. B. RIGG, R. L. JAMIESON, J. E. A. CRAKE, A. B. LOCKLEY, G. A. STAMMERS, R. S. J. DAVIES, W. N. BOWDEN, J. E. MOORE, F. G. ONGLEY, J. F. HINCHLIFFE, J. F. POWELL. Front Row: H. V. RICE CCuratorJ, D. W. LEONARD CTreasurerD, H. HAYWARD fVice-Presidentj, PROF. A. F. COVENTRY CHon. Presidentb, A. W. A. BROWN fPresidentD, K. J. R. WIGHTMAN CSecretaryl, H. S. C. ARCHBOLD CScience Editorj, G. H. JOHNSON CReporterJ. Trinity Science Club N DAUNTED by depressions, and more or less unaffected by World crises, the Trinity College Science Club has enjoyed a successful year, marked by a decided revival of interest. The object of the Club, to quote the Constitution, is to "facilitate the exchange of ideas among members of College who are interested in Science, either generally or particularly". This laudable aim is carried out through the medium of fortnightly meetings held in the rooms of the various members in turn. Each meeting is given its special significance by a speech along scientific lines from either a member or an outside speaker. The inner man is sustained by refreshments, and intellectual impetus is supplied by live discussions, full of interest, if not of relevance, for these are informal and range all the way from the mundane to the wsthetic. Leading these discussions We are fortunate in having as Honourary President, Prof. A. F. Coventry, Whose breadth of outlook and Wise tolerance combine to provide stimulus, and dispel the natural diffidence of undergraduate members. Besides these so-called general meetings, the Club entertains such members of College as may desire to attend at an open meeting, held this year on Febru- ary sixteenth. At this meeting, an address of general interest is given by a man of some repute, and the College as a Whole is given an opportunity of learning the significance of the organization. Refreshments and dancing serve to round out a pleasant evening. Two seventy-six 233,34 uesegicysi 55355 1 1 11 1 '1 1 1 4 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 ,1 1 1 1 W. 1 xfqvs 1w'.5fCTw1 0 M Q 1 1. 11 .11 1 11 11 1 11 1 1 .V 1 ST. HILDA'S LITERARY EXECUTIVE Burlf Row: H. Rats, O. WILMAN, M. THOMPSON, M. FARMER. F1-our How: B. MLTLLIN, K. BRITTON. L. WTILSON, B. MCMULLAN, A. BUTLER. 11 1 1 1 1 I - M Z S .-S2 Qs fo 5:3 S Z ST. HILDA'S WOMEN'S AUXILIARY Back Row: M. HARDY, O. WELLMAN, N. ARMSTRONG. Front Row: M. ROSE, G. PALMER, P. HALL, H. GROOM. I Two seventy-seven jfS1 1Ngg5g:,m. IINEQEYQ Kicivn nvQ'.'5fC'Nu vpfbyb Q. LIVIL U IIB EXECUTIVF 7 1 I I g I932 Il fl 1955 g vngu The Civil Club NCE again signs of spring will soon be appearing and With them the thoughts of impending examinations Will come. For some it will mean the ending of four happy years spent in pleasant surroundings and amid congenial acquaintances, While to others it will serve to bring them one step closer to the top. The third and fourth year members of the Civil Club had their annual trip to Windsor this year. Although only a limited number attended, the excursion Was a success from an academic point of view. The tunnel between Windsor and Detroit was visited and much interesting information on the ventilation system employed was obtained. The Ambassador Bridge was also inspected and several facts in connection with the erection and special anchor- ages were told by the guide. It was unfortunate that all could not make the journey as many practical points Were learned. Around the first of December a smoker Was held in Hart House, which several attended and thoroughly enjoyed. lt Was the belief of the executive that the boys could best become acquainted by discussion among themselves, and so no speaker Was provided. Professor Treadgold joined in the exchange of views and also reminisced on interesting happenings at Gull Lake. At present, plans are being made for one of the best dinners the Civil Club has had. A large attendance is expected and, no doubt, it will again be a success as in the past. The support given the executive both by professors and students this year has been greatly appreciated, and it is hoped that this will continue when the new executive takes office. In conclusion, it is an ardent wish that everyone may enjoy the fullest measure of success in the forthcoming examinations. V Two seventy-eight 5 :rdf-L36 INQQQAAI M3254 gc 1 M NI 1 DZ-ily Ria: - tiff? vp' 'i 31 'fd X 1 Q P Ecrmc EL C Ll1B Al EXECUTIVE. lixcullq of . 'A X pplivcl Science .md Emu necri :iq Electrical Club S THE session 1932-33 rushes along toward examination time we see another successful year pass by for the Electrical Club. This club, having become a separate organization three years ago, has been striving to give its members that which is connected With their work and not included in the curriculum. This year, for the first time, the day for club trips has been set aside and one bright spot has disappeared from the various shining lights in our careers. However, as a substitute, the club members held a very enjoyable dance early in the fall term. We have been very fortunate this year in being privileged to hear at our monthly meetings such men as Mr. B. De F. Bayly of the radio department of S.P.S., Mr. J. E. Bateman of the Canadian General Electric Company, and Col. W. A. Steel of the Canadian Radio Braodcasting Com- mission. Also, for the first time, a dinner was held at the Toronto Engineer's Club. An excellent address was given by Col. Steel, the guest speaker and in all the affair was very enjoyable. We feel that the Electrical Club is gradually coming to the foreground in S.P.S. activities, and with the same hearty co-operation that has been in evi- dleniegg the past We are confident that the Club Will soon reach the top of t e a er. Two seventy nme C-'Je wzicwl 55493: 'S INT 1933 ,L..5'.i. 1341 Rvgqvi .vf'5iE.'N. VKDDH EBATING CLII D IZXECUTIVE B l:dC'llliNj cy' Appllcrl Science and Pnqnnccrinq ocraw. 1 L FAM A in 'l L www 'ffm-f' . ,,,,,,,, ,.. ,f,,.,,., ,Al-4 if- wi-.f -if L- .gr . , f The s.P.s. Debating Club HERE seems a specious gulf between the ways of the Engineer and the field of eloquence. The year completed, another page is turned in the history of the efforts of this Club toward bridging this gap. There are times when this high purpose seems doomed to a discouraged end. Neverthe- less, the vigorous support of the few Schoolmen and the commendation of the profession outside, furnishes hope for a more thriving future. School debating has always differed materially in character from the form generally followed in the University. Here, as in all things, reigns the great god "Use". There is no oratory for oratory's sake. Nothing is done but with a definite utilitarian purpose. To realize, then, the practical value of this ability to speak is perhaps the first object of this Club. A series of Inter-year Debates, discussion groups, an oratorical contest and a dinner comprise the activities of the year. Sincere gratitude is expressed to those members of the Faculty and the students whose support contributed effectively to the success of the year's work. Two ezghiy :AZQM 'wiv' NDA: sq 'N ivw'.5'Ei'wu ivpfgyjf GK G ' AA .51 AY ., Q qi K I . .4 tk N ECHANICA M Ctuii EXECIITIVI.-l lltj 'ln "f' Leif K' J -uv-Vi hh, f'Cmcif-C' K ,i"moi.1" '-f f -fl ,- ff-...if ,- -Q.. , K. -W .U up The Mechanical Club HE Mechanical Club, as a separate club of Undergraduate Mechanical Engineers had its beginning about Hve years ago. Its purpose is and has been to promote social and intellectual comradeship among the mechanical engineering students of this University, and to give the students a chance to meet and listen to some of the men who are engaged in their chosen profession. Unfortunately the club's annual visit to some out of town plant was cut out this year, however the fourth year Mechamcals paid a visit to the vast power developments along the banks of the N iagara River. The club's real activities began in November when a smoker was held at Hart House. Instead of the customary speaker, two members of the fourth year, Mr. Charles and Mr. Morris gave short talks on the subject of their thesis, which in addition to providing an interesting evening gave the junior years a chance to see how much or how little the seniors really do know. Just before Christmas, the club held a supper dance at the Embassy, and the lusty shouts of the joyful merrymakers left no doubt as to their identity. On Feb. 1, 1933 the first Mechanical Club dinner was held at the Engineers' Club. After enjoying one of the best meals of the school year, and after watching and listening to the clever tricks and snappy chatter of "Toronto's gay Magi- cian" the club was treated to a brief but exceedingly interesting talk by Mr. F. W. Paulin of Hamilton, and a graduate of '07. Early in March came the closing function of the year, and the cessation of all activities, since another year had passed. Although the year's activities had to be somewhat curtailed owing to the widespread financial depression, it was generally voted that the Mechanical Club had one of the most successful years in its history-the result of the excellent co-operation of the executive and members. Two eighty one A611 wesjcaai 1-A955 xqgwel Mfifcml vfgyd HIIECTURAL C EXECUTIVE B l-'ucullu of Applied Science and l'll'llTlf'CYillQ 1952 U WT 1955 , wi-, ,.-,- M. U . , - ' 'U' "' .I ,,... .,.. 4-., fun'-U. The Architectural Club, 1932-33 HOUGH strictly not a function of the club, I feel that the sketching trip to Gull Lake and its results should be mentioned here. This trip, starts the year for those in Architecture, with the exception of the Freshmen. The weather at Gull Lake this fall was particularly bad for outdoor work, but even so the best results that have been produced by the students were brought forward this year. An exhibition of their work was held in the Engineering building in October and was very largely attenced by an appreciative crowd. The opening meeting of the club was in the form of a dinner at the Royal York. Mr. A. S. Mathers, our honorary chairman, gave a talk on the existing conditions of Architectural design. The Freshmen and Freshettes were formally introduced to the older members of the club, and they put things over with a bang in their several skits. In December, Mr. John M. Lyle gave us a very interesting address on Canadian decoration and details which he has designed and used on his many buildings. On February 15th the club held forth at the Grange, during the Biennial exhibition of the Toronto Chapter of the Ontario Association of Architects. On this night a feature was made of student work of the School of Architecture. A goodly number of drawings were hung, and a large crowd attended the exhibition. Now comes the nite of nites-the club party-that something which everyone was waiting for-except one member of the Fifth Year. The dance was held at Malloney Art Galleries and everyone enjoyed themselves thor- oughly. Something new was started this year, a floor show, which proved to be a big successg and as I understand it, next year's party will see the best floor show, bar none, on the continent, sponsored by one of the "staff". The chin-dig proved too much for a couple of the members who left early to spend the rest of the wee hours by the "fireside". For the term 1933-34, I wish the new executive all possible success and sincerely hope that they may have the whole-hearted support of all members of the Architectural Club. Two eighty-two QACLJAI Napa' NSN 3 BAIQN V.c5.erN wi-595 I I I CQ 5 fs fr' .-f ui, 1 Qs faq., lNDl,l5IlllAL CHEMICALCLIIB EXECIITIVE i ulllpplied Sci n 6fl'.Iu1lnw'rit1q uofr 1952 1953f 4-M ' The Industrial Chemical Club HE visiting activities of the Club this year were narrowed down to the IV Year, these consisting of a well represented trip to Hamilton and a small group craving the hazards of a weekend excursion to Windsor. The fall Smoker was quite successful and well attended. The Christmas Banquet, which has become one of the Club's most interesting and enjoyable functions, was the scene of two excellent addresses. Mr. McEwen gave some of the soundest words of advice, to which Dr. Boswell added, presenting the "Old Professor". To those who were fortunate enough to be there, the "Old Professor" will long remain a very real personality. The Dance, a new Club activity, proved a worthy project, and might well be added to the functions of the Club. It was held at the Embassy Club, and enjoyed by about seventy of our more aesthetic members, particularly some fourth year men at a Wall table. I sincerely trust that the remaining functions will receive at least the support of those up-to-date, and that the executive of next year will enjoy every success. - Two eighty three gdQyis INQQQMI Bqcfqvl M'.'5lC?Nu svffjm Ml N ING METALL11 RGICAL Ciuu EXECUTIVE Faculty of Appl le d Science CJ Enqmec rmq :g::ai."f 1952 llof T 1955 :assi C: Jizz? The Mining and Metallurgical Club MOST successful year of interesting activities and pleasurable events was experienced by the Club. "The Proving and Enlightening of Sweet Innocence" summed up the hilarious reception to the freshmen, capably and admirably carried out by the sturdy men of second year. A good turn-out on a storm night attended the first Club dinner and heard a fine discourse on "Silicosis" by our Honorary Chairman, Mr. G. C. Bateman, Secretary of the Ontario Mining Association. The second dinner evening was the best attended in recent years, and Mr. J. Y. Murdock, President of Noranda, gave a fascinating talk on "Noranda, and Its Early Days". At the final dinner, Mr. Fraser Reid, general manager of Howey Gold Mines, delivered an interest- ing address before a large group on "Low Costs at Howey". An added feature on that occasion was the presentation to Professor Haultain by the students, marking the twenty-fifth year of his official connection with the department of Mining Engineering and the University. The social side of the Club's activities was Well looked after by two functions. The first was the annual tea-dance kindly given to the Club members by the Association of Women of the Mining Industry. Numerous leaders in the Mining game were present, including the Hon. Chas. McCrae, Minister of Mines for Ontario. The second function was an informal supper dance held at the Savarin Restaurant, this was a new departure for the Club and it was thoroughly enjoyed. This year the Club has upheld its active and vigorous record of the past. Credit is due to the student members for their loyal support and to the executive for their work and co-operation. Particularly is credit due Mr. Bateman, who was unstinting of time and interest in his paternal guidance of Club affairs. All dinners were held at the Engineers' Club, whose facilities were kindly made available to us, at each dinner, a number of down-town mining men were present, and contributed largely to the interest of those functions. Two eighty-four 43.34 'NJQQQLMI NDN: BQCWQ :VCD CTN: 9 QQ? WYCLIFFE COLLEGE STUDENTS' CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE 1932-33 JOHN MCKIBBIN CSecre-tary-Treasurerj, CUTHBERT MACLEAN CPresident7, W. GERALD BURCH CVice-Presidentj. Wfycliffe College Students' Christian Association HE constitutional basis of the Wycliffe College Students' Christian Association is as follows: C19 To deepen the corporate and individual spiritual life of the students. CIIJ To maintain living contact with missionary movements throughout the world. KIIIQ To co-operate with Christian organizations working among the students of the University. The weekly devotional periods are still the principal means of accomplishing our first aim as outlined above. Again this year the informal communal aspect was emphasized, with a consequent sustaining of the quality of the meetings. Also in this direction, a new experiment was tried in the form of a series of lecture-discussion groups dealing with various aspects of the thought of to-day in relation to Christianity. As far as it went this was a successful ven- ture. The missionary side of our activity took the form of a weekly study-group led by the Rev. L. A. Dixon who is a missionary graduate of the College. A series of ten interesting discussion periods afforded a detailed review of the problems and accomplishments of Christian Missions in the present day. As an integral part of the University Organization, our Association has assisted in the formation of study-groups on the Campus, and in arranging for several joint meetings. Some help was given in the S.C.A. clothing campaign in the Fall and a little work done in two of the city hostels. The Executive wishes to thank all those who supported them in their various undertakings during the year. Two eighty-five AQ9 nmggggyar leigh: Z ,,. Nc? KY CN Ive'.5fC'NI BOB COMMITTEE GEORGE MORRISON '35, DAVE HOWES '33, DICK DAVIDSON '35, DOUG WALKER '35, WELLAND GEMMEL '35, MARSH LAVERTY '34, GORD ROMANS '33, JOHN DE MILLE '33 IDirectOrb, CLAYT WILSON '33, GERRY VANDERLECK '35, Abseni: MILLER FISHER '35. 5 Victoria College Bob 5 HE Bob of 1932 was particularly interesting as the Sixtieth annual, the Diamond Jubilee of Victoria's most distinctive function. For Sixty years the Bob committees have maintained an atmosphere of tense excitement on the Vic campus for the most colorful two weeks of the term, culminating in the show which formally baptizes the Freshman into the life of the college. It Was obvious even to a prejudiced observer that the Diamond Jubilee Bob was quite up to standard this year, its director proving as capable as the college could wish. From the standpoint of the ordinary observer, there is always something magical about the working of the Bob, suddenly raised up as it seems out of nowhere and set down on the stage, running without a hitch after a hurried two weeks' work. ln this sixty years Victoria has grown from a small theological college into a big university, and the Bob has grown with it. It is laboring under the diffi- culties of its growing pains to some extent-the faculty scene no longer goes home to everyone, many of the jokes on the freshmen are hardly obvious to anyone out of residence. However, we are promised an investigation this year, and if it materializes there should emerge from thence a newer type of show which is more adaptable to the still steadily growing college. The north-east corner of the campus may therefore continue less hampered by traditions to produce its one peculiar and characteristic entertainment which is never forgotten by an alumnus, the Victoria College Bob. Two ezghty-six cy , S. A I INQQQQHAI IVQQYTNI Liz. C34 3 1 5 5. L4 1 f 0, Z ' N A ' 4 2451 Dx.: , x , 3 f, , , L: L I f IL J 8 CZEAQRV CQKQMI lmggigysl IAQQQQ RQGW nvC5li?f-In EAST HOUSE, UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Back Row: J. F. LLOYD, D. A. MCCONACHIE, D. M. JAMIESON, H. T. TURLEY, J. K. BLAIR, . A. G. SMITH. Second Row: B. N. MALOTT, A. H. CROWSON, E. W. SMITH, W. D. STEVENSON, W. TURNER, J. F. WESTON, L. R. MORSE B.A., A. D. BRILLINGER, J. B. GRAHAM, W. A. R. MOCREARY, A. N. BLAIR, H. J. MIDDLETON, C. E. LEWIS, J. R. BICKLE, R. E. W. LEWIS, G. K. MCKEOW'N R. G. MURRAY, J. W. COPLAND, R. E. SANTO, R. C. MALOTT, H. L. YACK, L. E. LOTIMER. Front Row: M. J. SETTERINGTON, J. E. WOODHOUSE, L. D. PROCTOR, L. B. JONES, E. T. WATERS, B.Sc., Ph.D., P.L. MCKAY B.A.Sc., D. A. MCGILLVRAY CPresidentJ, F. S. BRIEN B.A., F. M. WALLINGFORD, J. R. N. NOBLE. Absent: B. DAVIS. A fi. Q ? East Housc, University of Toronto, 1932-33 NDER the genial guidance of our new Housemaster, Dr. E. T. Waters, We welcomed the noisiest group of frosh since the post-War days. One by one they were led through the mysterious rites which made them members of EAST HOUSE. KAS usual the courtesy of the annual Christmas Bath at three A.M. was extended this year.b For the first time in history We were honoured by a visit from the fair maidens of Hutton House at the Witching hour of midnight. Ping pong swept the house by storm at the close of the rugby season, ending in a barrage of Wild shots and mutilated spheroids which caused the local Observatory authorities great concern as on several occasions there was abundant evidence of Wide spread terrestial disturbances recorded on the Seismograph located in the base- ment. On numerous occasions stealthy nocturnal visits Were paid to cars, ap- parently disabled, near the stadium when invaluable assistance Was rendered to the distressed C?J motorists. With the gaunt spectre of examinations hovering over us an ominous silence has pervaded the halls of the House. No longer is the carefree laughter of Varsity's cherubs heard. No longer do the ping pong balls flit about on the Common Room table. The day of reckoning is near at hand ...... Two eighty-eight A. , ,sp ,QQJA nwtgeggysf N, hq KEN' 1ivQf'5YC'N1 SOUTH HOUSE-UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, 1932-33 Front Row: F. T. TAYLOR, W. T. VROOMAN, R. M. WILKINSON, DR. H. A. HOSKIN, MR. G. V. JANSEN, N. D. C. MCKINNON, M. A. MCKAY, A. C. WEST. Second Row: M. C. PARKS, A. H. CARTER, F. G. WELSH, F. W. LOVE, E. H. TOVEE, D. D. PANABARER, W. E. SHUTE, D. L. FOREHT, E. L. RAYNER, R. F. HANEY, A. M. WEST, O. A. KLEIN, W. R. MCCOLL, K. B. KENNEDY. Third Row: N. N. HADDAD, H. R. BUTTON, J. W. HADDAD, M. R. LEMON, J. N. ROBINSON, W. L. M. KING, R. L. GLOVER, P. C. MURRAY, H. D. HICKEY, H. V. SLEMON. Back Row: M. F. WILLIAMS, J. C. DAY, A. W. BAGNALL, A. W. HESLER, A. D. WILLIAMS, D. HENDERSON, E. B. TOVEE, J. R. SHAW, R. P. BIGGER, B. M. JOHNSON. Absent L. H. VANLOON, P. F. KEENLEYSIDE. 17 'ti S South House, U. of T. T IS with mingled pleasure and regret that We find the time drawing near when we must say "au revoir" to South House. To quote from the im- mortal freshman song Written by one of our grads, "our Stay in South House groweth ever dear". The spirit of unanimity has prevailed Within and without its walls very noticeably and becomes more firmly fixed as time goes on. Thepresent year has shown that interest is not lacking in sports and with the winning of the annual bed race, a much harder run than in former years, the boys have been striving for the top rung of the ladder and the Interhouse athletic shield. The Annual Residence Dance, held this year in the Royal York Roof Garden was a great Success even though some of the boys did not have beds or furniture on which to rest their Weary bones when they arrived home. We appreciate especially the kindly interest shown in us and our activities by our true friend, Dr. Hoskin. We feel that Without him as House Master, South House could not exist as it does in our thoughts. We regret that illness has again made It necessary for Clyde MacKinnon to temporarily give up his studies here, but We hope to see him back again soon. Under the able leadership of our president, Bob. Wilkinson, South House has Weathered another Season, and as We go forth, may We ever continue to uphold its honour and prestige. - Two eighty nine KQJ,-il izseggggjafsie IPNEQBYKD QCP 1vsf5lC'Nn NORTH HOUSE, UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, 1932-33 Front Row: R. J. MACDONALD, R. A. RUGGLE, R. C. MITCHELL CSecreta1-yy, L. S. LAUCHLAND tTreasurerJ, Dr. L. GILCHRIST, E. B. HYMMEN CTutorJ, C. G. DICKSON CPresidentD, J. H. DOOL, R. P. BAILEY, L. J. LICHTY. Second Row: R. K. JOHNSTON, K. R. HYMMEN, R. E. HAMMOND, J. L. A. FOWLER, M. J. WERRY, M. M. FLETCHER, C. J. BRIDGLAND, W. J. RAE, E. J. STADTLANDER, G. L. D. UPHAM, J. F. MITCHELL, A. MACDONALD, J. B. KEE, H. J. DAWSON, C. MACDONALD, C. W. TYSON, A. C. STROUT, E. R. BARRETT, A. J. R. Loos, J. A. MCMILLAN, W. J. REID, G. T. MCMICHAEL, W. D. BRITTAIN. Third Row: A. S. DRUMMOND, M. R. WILsoN, D. M. BURPEE, W. H. XVESTLAKE, A. E. JOHNSTONE, W. A. SALTER, J. R. BALLANTYNE. Fourth How: J. A. KIDD, M. L. SHERWOOD, T. R. PREsT, K. C. TWACLEAN. North House-If. of T. HIRTEEN new men entered the house this year to take the place of those who had graduated or who had left the house for other reasons. The sophomores outnumbered the frosh and were quite able to enforce the house regulations. Bridge was the most popular indoor sport and at this Porter Bailey and Hubert Dool should receive honourary mention. Rudy Loos also Sessrves mention for his success at cards, incidentally his best game was not ri ge. The house extends its congratulations to Jack Dawson who won his first T playing intercollegiate rugby. Mr. E. B. Hymmen was appointed tutor in the residence this year and so the high academic standard of North House is again assured. If Eddie wasn't in his room it wasn't hard to guess where he was. The house athletes will have to work hard if we are again to capture the inter-residence shield. Up to date we are a few points behind South House but several events are yet to be run off, and we are trusting in Heaven and a couple of sprinters to win the shield. Two ninety AQ? 'N.D,i,Q,54l 3 :SCN Ivf'5.C'NI avifjyfy UNIVERSITY COLLEGE MEN'S RESIDENCE 1932-33 C. R. P. SCHOTT, W. A. SUTHERLAND, A. F. ARMSTRONG, H. BUCK, M. L. GRAHAM, W. D. RANNIE, W. P. PIGOTT, G. S. LEVY, M. S. ELLENZWEIG, E. L. MEDCALF, J. C. SAWYERS. W. S. MACPHERSON, J. C. SUTHERLAND, S. R. WIDDIS, J. MIRSKY, M. MIRSKY, G. H. POTTS, R. F. DURDAN, W. A. GREENMAN, L. H. LESLIE, W. M. FLENNIKEN, D. G. MCGORMAN. A. E. BIRNEY, B. H. MCNEEL CTreasurerJ, M. S. SMITH CPresident5, C. N. COCHRANE CDeanJ, A. E. HONEYWELL CVice-Presidentj, D. H. CHITTY fSecretaryJ, R. P. B. REID. Absent: G. A. MCGILLIVRAY CTutorJ, E. C. FORBES, W. E. RIGG. University College Men's Residence HO are We?" This is the gist of the first part of our unofficial yell. The reply, again omitting embellishments, is "We're from seventy- threef' To most people this reply is not very lucid. But to some thirty men of University College this number has, and always will have, many associations. It is the number of an old house on St. George St., the term time home of a friendly crowd of students. It is a place where many good times are had-at the dances, at house meetings, at the Discussion Club, in singing I ?J around the piano. It is a place Where Cin moments snatched from studyj no problem is not dealt with in wordy Warfare. Here one learns, if not to love one's neighbour as oneself, at least to tolerate him, to work despite his raucous voice, to sleep despite his noisy head. In- valuable are the lessons of residence life. Where are they more pleasantly learned than at SEVENTY-THREE? L Two ninety one Q34 INQQQQA' gkyicffqxal lvr'.5fC'Nu Q C? 7 WHITNEY HALL M 1? T TI Nl S! I WI Il II N N I M HOUSE COMMITTEE OF FALCONER HOUSE Back Row: DORIS HUSTON, PEGGY RICHARDS, MARGARET BLACK. I Fr01zfR0u': GRACE FARWELL, EILEEN XYOODHOFSE cHead Girly, MISS T. M. BISS, ANN HODGE. ' r I5 El vc-D C5 X Z T ,- I I 1 1 I T 1 i I I T W TI HOUSE COMMITTEE OF CODY HOUSE Back Row: LEONORE FRASER CFreShman Repj, RUTH WARREN CLibrariar1D, GLADYS RUTHERFORD CSecretaryD, AUDREY SMITH CTreasurerb. Front Rou-: RUTH BRADLEY qHead Girly, MISS M. FERGUSON CDonJ, MARGERX' WRIGHT 4Senior Rep.D. '-77 Two ninety-two T QIAJCLQAI uwgggggw NIQJH: gcfgw IH'.5fC'NI 3 J? T WHITNEY HALL I N 1 1 I I I V 5 1, IN E ii iN . li ELL ll , HOUSE COMMITTEE OF MULOCK HOUSE 91 R. MACMARTIN, H. MCINTOSH A. CROSS, MISS HARGREAVES, M. MACMARTIN CHead Girly, R. BALDWIN. I II ,I Q E .QQ if 9 5 it I I I HOUSE COMMITTEE OF HUTTON HOUSE JEAN MACWHIRTER, MAILJORIE LEDERMAN MARGARET MUTRIE, MISS GRACE CRANSTON, DOROTHY BASTED0. Absent: ISABEL HENDERSON. '- Two ninety-three ' 3- . 53 PQCLQAI INQAg:,Afs. IHYLQX: rgcfqvi uviiifwi .vpf-QLD MIDDLE HOUSE, BURWASH HALL, 1932-33 Back Row: J. ROWAT, G. FERGUSON, G. A. WRIGHT, P. CRERAR, C. FERGUSON, J. H. WALKER, J. D. BOWERMAN, D. HALL, C. P. HOLMES. Third Row: J. D. GREGORY, H. T. COLMER, H. BEARE, G. KINSEY, R. HARRIS, J. PLAYFAIR, W. P. DEETH, C. SELWOOD, F. M. CASS, H. MOORHOUSE. Second Row: D. N. COOKE, M. W. BABE, A. C. WILSON, B. HOWARD, W. P. GREGORY fPresi- dentj, F. A. HARE CDonJ, R. C. TODD, D. J. DE MILLE, B. MACLEAN, J. S. G. CLARKE, S. O. ALEXANDER. Front Row: B. MORROW, A. W. BOLAND, N. K. FIEBIG, "BILL", H. BEACH, G. WILSON, G. R. MACCREADY, D. MEYERS. Middle House, Burwash Hall IDDLE House, in common with the other houses of Burwash has gone cosmopolitan this year. No longer can we claim the distinction of hav- ing only Vic. undergraduates meandering along our corridors. Among those present this term we have five men from School, two from Osgoode, one each in Pharmacy and Dentistry, and one in the business world, as well as two enterprising males doing Post-Graduate work. But this cosmopolitan tendency only adds to the spirit of the house and our anthem resounds with even more vigour than in past years. Looking back over the year just gone we find that although the Athletic Trophy for inter-house competition slipped through our fingers into the hands of South House, we more than made up for this loss by annexing the celebrated candelabra symbolic of academic prowess. With a Strong personnel we hope to see, not one, but both of these trophies adorning our mantelpiece next fall. The House Party held on December 2nd, was as usual a huge success. Dinner at six-thirty in Burwash and dancing in Wymilwood were included in the evening's festivities, which were helped along by the second edition of the "Scandal Sheet" C am I blushingb, and the Moonlight Serenade on the Wymil- wood Terrace. A great deal of credit must go to the committee in charge, Messrs. Clarke, MacLean, Howard, and J. D. Gregory. Our executive this year consists of our popular "Don" Archie Hare, who also lectures in French, Wilf. Gregory CPres.iJ Collin Todd CTreaS.D and Bert. Howard CSec'y.Jg a fine bunch of chaps who have fully justified our Selection. We might also add that Middle House is fairly well represented on executives arohund the college and university, and you don't have to take our word for it eit er. Needless to Say, we are as prominent as ever in social affairs and there is nary a party but at its conclusion several voices are heard rendering Csometimes even murderingb our anthem, "I Called on a Lady Named Browne." Two ninety-four QWCLQAI -- v - .AI-Q2g,3ysI- .J !iQ'G'qvi ervwfiftfwl ivi'D'yf Knox College Men's Residence HE Residence of Knox College houses about one hundred men, the majority of Whom are church or theological students. A sprinkling from the other faculties serves to leaven the group Which presents a very heterogeneous aspect, as may be noted from the picture. S'5'E'i35'5ff'9E-'E' Bda-D-'C :D-'Wm 'gxug-a5gcLfDo:m 359. mg5b-,UGO-C fDH::mo.3f'toD'2,Q. Hugo mwmdmrb Us as me-:za rum' fD0'Df'DUP 415-82.2-g:rE.H,mUg 433990 CD9-'EEfSQ""0QO4-v4 L'n""U29JrD":f.'. C1 FD Of'3ffe:S"a5'F5E """Of'3E:-fi' :rating Qgmwmggc ga, Uzncrgooqfbiow iaimmw-smgsg -- raw woo m4 U2 .-. Si 55.--s'-wgsobcm 232525935256 93 Qcbiffffnmhcjd 3205335533-O 9953 rf 9915 25,2-Qggggfmmsif? ff EUQQ-f2E14"'1g5LQrT -- Oomimg-'31-f U: 4-HI' --Q-rj.-. 5-2.4-r E,7:5'gg5'r'DmmQ4Oc'D r'Df',,Q4gjt4c+cDt-,.m'fTD' 551:mfD5'ogfD:f.5:: Q-+235 :J-"1-Cdgf-fs-f 1 Cf' 5fD5g?925'25?5r: Eiiefaetiosii' fD4"'4'53:S'.ggg5"' S o 'U EQQLTQSWDSFES mmggowmgqmg :si-rU243E-im:m"'1... ':-14--1:7 wgw PAVEL-ff'1'D2.2 sw f"'6":5D"Q-'Cf'1""g.C fgfbfiicifbmggs wzicglamdo 5399- 9.11399 D-OL-fmm,w-ffggmo rbfbfbf-rSDwfD.4-rm 'cs "1 Sm 5.2 EZ PY' Ora 32. LES' :S PPO rm CD14 Q-. 5-765 fi-. 5-rn Dm fig: FD 91: E92- 'DEQ :s in 'lm :lx -'cs FD 5. FD :s 8 5' Q o s : UQ 5 fD :1 2 :r o sw "1 VD ivGf'5f -:Ng 'H 's O E' 3. 2 CE 'Ss Q N QA: - . .of Wlddf 'Nope' H-h.'-li? 4 v gcfivr nvv'5fi?9vn nvffjgib Q. . S ? pf, 5 EYZQLQA1 lmiggyvsa ESRI 6 C? if if BUOK THREE ATHLETICS T t th b e renow I' 1 th g bove the prize. Sir Henry Newbolt. Q. .5 :KLQAAI lN,'QlvQ',54l IAQQQYQ 5fG'+" Ld fifvva MC5 Nil fb. Haw' 1vvf'5fC'Nu r I i fx E? Q39 ,f, is q f " Q., 1 ' L. ' gt- of 4ffqfi32rf.:s if9:Wi7'f:' 'f 6. 3 ' 15,391 Q-4'Y'f5'i"' ' 5. f: X - .:-f:W,.--:..-'5zfc:l- wwf--f'-it -Qi A . . ,2xi,h:3,.yg1-.:'.q,e?Z Q -. - , V, A , :,,gi',.g,' .KW M ,. is Q, ' f 4' ,.,4ff.!,, U ,fi ,H f ' ' 4 jggf ff - I 99 'L' 'Q if ""y-'Nlkfb ' .-:xiii . if , if 1 'Will' -'I' 'N sf' "'-l":i34f- .. 4' x 2 V4 'ff 4142- - gf' ' -',s,.'f-,.a. ' -sv 5 5 s 4 fijf, 0",0!','1' L' -ffilrqi i'f,,,i'ff V 1 f, . " .4 4,564,155 fi ' if 4. 1 5 1 1f,Lf ' 1' If-twill' ' ,4'?',- '.'-"",' '-A "et ,f , ,Hu 1 . ,xr ,,,- Q wr F A' Pia'-'.'f bf'1f,5'3!f 0 ?'f4f 'f?1i'e"' fx. ,fi-1' ., Wff M x f 5 ",i!f'7'f. f I ffcxf ,. . fr.-ef. 5.4" -,ff 1. H riff" 74,p5fm-b 1 , 513 . '22 4, 'M 'ff ,, ' . ,,, tl ,fi-gf . ' 'N 37,4 aid. 1 fj.-,-,A - . e . V ,, ,yf.!',l, I by L- .47 I f-3 A . ',,. -ni. -"' i ff' 2 ' . P. '- 3 "' - 4 x'f',J5':2"Z'5"'.:' ',sf'i.:V-17"f - 1 wi' ,. 'V i. ,I "K 1' Jf53f?:fffl', - ,' "X H+ . 7- ' iffzg f" ' .i2??tiW5f a X, . 2 ' ,fm f f , 1 Q,'1f1g'zT fy .-f-1-isffff A a . 419 1 7 2 ' ' ip.. ' is 1,1 -f "SC, ' ,Q 'f- af,.,- 'f5" s'Z 2 r .if a ,. X ' I' Tiff - 4 T"-fl ii 5 , ' ' .1"" . V - ,'i7"'f"".f73x: 51' " fi , -42' ., fl FG: - mfr '4L'5,?5f, Mi' 4 -4' ,fi 'GTE 15"-'li-ifllxckrf' ' lu. ,IJ J7??i1'1-fr,..,.....1.., X -1 .5 'KL Q my fl H319 'j -'-4. ,-,419 If Li Y! , ,Ph ""1.-.,+y. .. i' 1 f1v??7.. ', ' '1' -5' -f:,,,- L" 1:35.-5' 3 'Ks X1."n!" ,u ?,. 53.1 ' .',.1.."w 4 ' Q Q , f":' " .- L . lf.: M- ?"?. Z. f f -iii ' f' KJQIVSS' -X A filif 5. ff frrfv Q 1 ' . ... ' .. .W--H ,Hs Hg, Q-M- sv , a. f A St' -.fwmfwf . 1-41, yufkfzlxii i1,EST:g-nf: zxz r ' "--1-:41'f,g,.Z?Y.' ' L'-ffl' ,-I ,iw QQNQ' 156554 - " 2-:ff-. 1-V 'f? is'if2af'2-'ff'si"i 5225191 ,jr -Lf " Sf'1,',---'A' . -2 Ei is n A ' 1f52'gi?g "2'5'i'f?aP A v-f'JfZi'i " ,N . I . .I 'gl ..- ,v ,. I ..-1 n ., '-:Q ,:...':' - l ,ti sw - .1' -Q, ,,.,,.,a.,- ' ' . Q.-4."gf..,w Wi-sp 1Qi'5hl,f'i ,Al:,4::v,:-jifkw-x Q W F.. jvllfik' , 3.:, ' .- gf. task. J 1 fimlu il! il 'f -z if- t ,is .., .Ai-,:f j':,,.' fi I W vi 1- -5. , 4" , J.-a .1 3,-i,j,,' Q .f,-, ,,,,s ,E JY. -f'.F:""'ffEv fv-- da- -,J t ,. .51 HO: 5 . , M at .. Y si fi. gf-59-,f.. H ' - ' J' 1 42" f Hs., :H f ,, g ff ly , Q ja. ji E, X' fu '.g. f .:.h 4. E z'-iixv t ::'f,:l'1 i.,"?f7 sz. , 3 ' Sf?-f 5 Q Q eg H2 This is the front doorway of University College. All teams, in the following pages, photographed in front of this doorway are Inter-Collegiate Cham- pionship teams. ,CJ w.9'c:,w 'fstl-9153 A 7 BQ CHQ' lV'!fn'jiE?iVI 'VP Q C32 Intercollegiate Athletics ARSITY'S representatives in Intercollegiate sport in 1932-33 brought new honors to their Alma Mater. Outstanding performances were given by every team which wore the Blue and White. In competition with other universities, the University of Toronto carried off its share of the honors. Eight championships were captured this year which is an enviable record. In all our sporting activities a spirit of keen competition and true sportsmanship upheld the honor and dignity of our university. The Senior Rugby team won the much-coveted Intercollegiate champion- ship for the first time since 1926. Varsity drew the bye in the play-downs and met Hamilton at the Stadium in the Eastern Canada final. After sixty minutes of superb football the team was forced to accept defeat at the hands of the mighty Tigers. The Intermediate team won its group but lost in the play-off to O.A.C. Varsity's .Junior team made history by capturing the Canadian Rugby Union championship for the first time since its inception in 1903. Thus climax- ing one of the most glorious rugby seasons in Varsity history. McGill won the Senior Tennis in a play-off with Varsity, but the Inter- mediate team retained the championship won last year. The Senior Track was again taken by McGill. The meet was held this year at Toronto and a Varsity man furnished the only record-breaking performance. The Intermediate team bowed to the prowess of the athletes from McMaster. The Soccer championship was retained this year as were the Rowing and Golf titles. Varsity's Harrier team was forced to accept defeat from the McGill cham- pions. The Rugger championship remained at McGill for another year. The Boxing, Wrestling and Fencing team won a splendid victory from McGill and Queens, and the Water-polo team repeated its triumph of last year. By tying Varsity at Toronto and defeating them in Montreal, McGill took the Intercollegiate hockey title. The University of Montreal was welcomed back this year into the Intercollegiate series. The Intermediates tied the University of Western Ontario in games won and lost in the Intermediate Hockey, but by taking advantage of an Inter- collegiate ruling Western won by virtue of having a one goal margin in the two games between the teams. The showing of the Juniors in the O.H.A. was disappointing. Only once during the season did they play the hockey they were capable of and in that game they gave the strong Marlboros their first defeat of the season. McGill captured the Swimming meet. Their last minute win in the relay wiped out Varsity's lead and gave them a two-point victory in a thrilling duel. The Gymnasium team brought the championship to Toronto after an absence of six years. Varsity furnished the individual champion and runner-up. The Senior Basketball team had an extremely successful season. Although losing the Intercollegiate title to McGill, they gave the Redmen their first setback in nineteen games when they defeated them in the final game at Toron- to. The team entered the Toronto Basketball League this year for the first time and succeeded in capturing it after a spirited play-off series with St. Michaels. O.A.C. won the Intermediate Basketball but the Juniors were undefeated in winning the newly-formed Junior Intercollegiate series. The Athletic Directorate made no mistake in creating the new oflice of Athletic Director and in appointing Mr. Warren Stevens to that position, the year 1932-33, athletically speaking, was one of the most successful in the history of the University. Two ninety-nine HAI QQ, :Ng I EYXCLQA uNg,g3g,w N354 gag. 1vQ'.'jfC'NI ...Q 6 ew e a E m S23 Q0 Q4 an A 09 E H JA, 'WR H Y ref we QV M H MB ' ,'f,', Hon sjdenk .Ill Eiacultynembe 'UNNERSIMTGE TP0' Af17HI5f1'TC"PlBiT'U'RAT:E' Faculbf e A Athletic 'Dirac Q QGQDIQC Qffffenlf - ' . inaruzial Secretary ' ' '-"',--,T-' ' Medical 91:-ecfor ,r"' - Three hundred " CIZCJQAI elNQJQBQ15Al MQLCHY WOTWAKY5 karaham H-Hwllllamj ggfbn uwifkm s4fy5 Z 52 I? SVGA RUGBY H. L. Arnup J. A. Bennet G. E. Boothe C. B. Britnell L. H. Carroll J. C. H. Copp B. S. Crocker W. Cutler J. H. Dawson D. M. Dewar M. A. Elson E. B. Fenner H. M. S. Ferguson J. R. Fitzpatrick R. J. Galloway E. H. Gibson G. H. Hees H. A. Henderson A. B. Hodgetts G. G. Keith G. L. Laing D. E. McQuigge R. H. Miller K. W. Peacock F. Richardson H. E. B. Rogers F. M. Scott J. D. Sinclair J. W. Sinclair O. M. Solandti W. O. Twaits D. S. Wood TRACK H. R. Collins J. R. Fitzpatrick K. S. Ford C. M. Fulton W. A. Gilbert J. W. Graham E. B. Hymmen F. D. Maundrell R. G. Westheuser H. A. Williams HARRIER J. W. Graham W. E. Kibblewhite J. D. McLennan R. G. Thompson LACROSSE J. W. Kerr S. A. Seal First "T" Holders-1932-33 SOCCER . D. Aldridge . C. Carbert L. Cowling gww D. D. Davidson A. G. Little D. McCullough A. Organ R Robertson ic.wmua ENGLISH RUGBY H. S. C. Archbold D. Telford GYMNASTICS J. L. Farrar J. A. Williamson WATER POLO E. L. A. Bancroft E. L. Davey S. K. Learie W. A. McCatty B. A. McLeod A. S. Middleboro W. G. Ross N. M. Seccombe M. S. Smith S. C. Swallow SWIMMING C. E. Drury H. S. Doyle J. P. Hooper C. A. McCatty W. A. McCatty A. S. Middleboro P. H. Tedman ROWING C. L. Annis G. G. Bradshaw H. Gibson P' S. H. S. Hughes E. J. Jackson L. W. Skey B.W. SL F. C. E. Bannister G. Dimitrieff J. S. Dinnick F. A. Fell M. M. Fletcher J. B. Gray E. P. T. Green G. C. Johnstone H. B. F. Miller J. P. Rapsey S. F. Robertson W. E. Shute W. D. Smith BASKETBALL H. R. Collins B. E. Hynes W. T. McCallum FU?9 UHF zPP'm wwe ' wwio M5 Q33 Q FEQ 555.5 350' F' P4 5 9-3 3 SDSU M. S. Ferguson . T. Graham . A. Hendry J. A. Lenahan J. H. MacPherson N. E. F. Murray J. D. Sinclair D. W. W. Smillie Three hundred one Q ' weggmf NQQX ggjjiva M'.6ft'.'w1 ivgf if Q? C35 D, - T Q T T ,T Q I 1 1, 1 L T Z T' 52 Q. S9 Q: 'IVY IN ., , 'viii' ' " I 1 fx . , V X, - UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR RUGBY TEAM - 6 3+ C,-1 C QW :Q ,361 umggggvsl xaiiljyq A w rgcfgvi Mf'5fE'f.'Ni iivpfjw - UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR RUGBY TEAM- 1932-33 - INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS EASTERN CANADA FINALISTS Buck Ron-f C. E. VAUGHAN fManagerb, H. M. S. FERGUSON, J. R. FITZPATRICR, J. CARRUTHERS CTrainerJ. Second Row: E. B. FENNER, R. H. MILLER, H. L. ARNUP, J. H. DAWSON, G. E. BOOTHE, G. L. LAING, G. H. HEES. Third Row: M. A. ELSON, E. H. GIBSON, W. CUTLER, H. A. HENDERSON, D. E. MCQUIOOE, K. W. PEACOCK, E. B. ROGERS, J. C. H. CORP. Frou! Row: D. M. DEWAR, J. W. SINCLAIR, DR. H. J. CODY, J. D. SiNr'1.A1R lCaptainJ, DR. H. E. Homes rCoachJ, WARREN STEVENS CAth1etic Directory, D. S. WOOD. Absent: H. F. RICHARDSON. Senior Intercollegiate Rugby Team HE Senior Intercollegiate Rugby Team of 1932, winners of the Senior Intercollegiate Championship and Eastern Dominion Semi-finalists will long be remembered as one of the greatest teams which has ever carried the colours of the Blue and White in quest of rugby honors. Varsity opened the Intercollegiate Series with Queen's in Kingston on Satur- day, October 8. The day was fine and led by Jack Sinclair this year's captain, the blue team amassed a score of 24 points to Queen's 8. The victory was marred by an injury to Captain Sinclair early in the third quarter. McGill at Varsity the following Saturday was another great day for U. of T. The Team was by now in splendid condition and easily defeated the strong Red machine by a score of 15-6. The Blues were without the services of Jack Sinclair for this game and the two subsequent games with Western. Western came to Toronto on October 22nd. They proved to be the strongest KAI Z opposition yet encountered but the Big Blue Team was able to cope with the .5-2 situation emerging on the long end of a 7-6 score. 5 Q The return game with Western was the only blot on the record of the team. 1-D203 CN! H .F 4: fb Cb Pr' 2 s Q. 'K 'Q Q.. .Ei W U: Cb I IN In Montreal the following Saturday with Jack Sinclair again in the line-up the Varsity squad took the field determined to win. Playing in heavy mud the Blue team came back to give a splendid exhibition of football. Sinclair had to leave the game in the first half after some heavy tackling by the McGill out- sides. Bruce Fenner took his place and coolly booted over four points to break a tie and give Varsity the game 8-4. On the following Saturday with the Intercollegiate title safely salted away, Varsity opened up the play and defeated Queens 21-2. Two weeks later, with a bye into the semi-finals, the Blue Team met Hamil- ton Tigers on a hard field. From the kick-off it was evident that it was going to be a struggle between two great teams. The Tiger line which was counted on for big things was useless against the Blue defensive. Time and time again a phalanx of Blue swarmed through to overwhelm the Tiger ball carriers before they even got started. Varsity ends tackled hard and deadly and Jack Sinclair's long hoists more than made up for Frank Turville's superb kicking. The Varsity stalwarts crashed the Tiger line successfully for short gains. The Tiger tanks, Sprague, Reed, Timmins, Small were ineffective against a stubborn Blue defence. Hees, in the centre secondary position for the Blues played a splendid game. At half time the score stood 3-1 for Tigers. In the third quarter Varsity scored a single against the wind. Varsity was travelling at top speed against a tiring Tiger team. Attempting to block a Tiger kick Laing was knocked out by a Tiger player and the Varsity backfield made its only error of the day. Tigers scored a touchdown which was converted by a drop kick. The Varsity team fought hard to the last minute, but were unable to score, Tigers winning the game 9-3. Wlcyi Imgggggw IAQQSYQD WG NI IVQTJICTNI UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO JUNIOR RUGBY TEAM, 1932-33 JUNIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS-JUNIOR DOMINION CHAMPIONS J. A. UPPER, R. M. FULLERTON, S. G. HENNESSEY, F. JACKMAN CTrainerJ, G. E. BURSON, K. S. HARRIS, B. C. TAYLOR, E. A. GRECO, J. C. DENNISON, G. W. HICKS, C. H. SWEENY, H. B. SQUIRES, J. W. BRYERS, R. G. ALISON, I. K. MACLACHLAN, B. T. LINDLEY, A. D. MCKEE, F. L. SHIPP, G. H. SCOTT, L. H. CARROLL CCoachJ, J. R. COULTER CCaptainJ, J. D. CROMARTY CManagerJ, B. GRAY, J. K. PHILLIPS, S. JACKSON. Absefnf: D. M. JAMIESON. junior Intercollegiate Rugby, Dominion Champions, 1932 HE season just passed was the most satisfying in the history of the Uni- Versity's Junior Rugby team. For the first time since the institution of the series in 1908, Varsity Won the C.R.U. Junior Championship. And for the eleventh time in twenty-two years the team Won the Junior Inter- collegiate Title. Practice started on September twelfth under the able direction of the amiable Lou Carroll, and before long a Well drilled squad was ready to take the field. The first game was played on October 15th against Queens. The Varsity men played Well throughout and after the final Whistle were on the Winning end of a 33 to 1 score. TWO Weeks later the Juniors met R.M.C. and defeated them 55 to 0. On November 12th, the return game with Queens Was played on the Back Campus. The results of this game came as quite a shock to the somewhat over- confident Varsity players. They were hard pressed to Win 13 to 0. The final game of the group was played against R.M.C. in Kingston and Varsity won 53 to 5. Thus at the end of the group schedule Varsity was on top with four wins and no losses. Then to the great disappointment of all it was learned that the Eastern group Winners were defaulting to the Blue team. Varsity was again holder of the Jimmy Douglas Memorial Cup. After a Weeks lay-off the team was again assembled. Varsity was going into the Dominion Playdownsl Three hundred four '43 5. ? :QQ34 INAQQQAAI RCW' 5 fs 1uvv'.'5f?i'wi The first game was played in the Stadium on December 3rd, against Malvern Grads. It was hard going all the way and only in the last few minutes when Upper intercepted a pass and carried it over for a touch did the Varsity men feel safe. Final score 7 to O. The next game was played against lVI.A.A.A. juniors on Wednesday after- noon in the Stadium. The field was wet and the ball greasy but by now Varsity felt at home under any conditions. Montreal was downed for a safety touch and Upper kicked two singles in the first period. Again in the dying minutes of the game Varsity intercepted a pass, then a long Coulter to Taylor pass over the goal line and a convert made the game certain. Final score 11 to 0. The final game was played on Saturday the 10th in the Stadium with mer- cury well below freezing and a gentle snow falling. Varsity was not used to the cold and fumbled in the first five minutes and Moose Jaw scored a touch. There were twenty-five minutes of hard football until just before the half- time whistle when Coulter on the end of an end run got a touch, tying the score. All through the second half things were very even but Upper was out kicking the westerner. And the final score was 8 to 6. And now for a year at least the Leader Cup stands in its place in Hart House a silent but impressive tribute to a great team and splendid testimony that Varsity can win Championships. - University of Toronto Intermediate Intercollegiate Rugby Team, 1932 ECAUSE of the University withdrawing from the O.R.F.U. this year the Intermediate team was, for the first time in years, truly the second foot- ball team. As a result it can be said without any reflections, that a much better type of rugby, from a Varsity point of view, was played in the Inter- mediate series. Although Varsity did not win the Intercollegiate Championship the team made an excellent record. In their own group comprised of Queens, R.lVI.C. and the University of Ottawa, Varsity scored 141 points against 6. In the play- off Varsity was drawn against O.A.C. The game was played in Guelph under very unfavourable weather conditions and the Blue team came home on the short end of a 35-5 score. However, this abrupt ending to the team's victorious march, did not change the view of their many loyal supporters, that this year's team was one of the smoothest and best-drilled second teams ever turned out in the blue uniform. To Harry Bales the coach, goes the greatest credit. He, ably assisted by Lou Hayman, spent countless hours instructing and drilling the players in the science of modern football. It would be futile to try to pick any one star on the team. Suflice it to say that they all did nobly, and any who are coming back next year are sure to be in then lineup when the first team goes out to defend the Intercollegiate Cham- pions ip. ... 5. ? Three hundred five - CKY-'JA' Imogsw' NQQY3 NGN' 1vwf'5iC'N1 Q-3914 assi UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR TRACK, 1932-33 Back Row: C. M. FULTON, J. E. PETERSON, E. R. EATON QSecretaryD, N. L. PENLINGTON, H. B. MOFIE, H. H. WALKER QVice-Presidentb, C. P. CROWLEY, R. G. WESTHEUSER, W. G. SHAMBROOK QAsst. Managery. Second Row: MR. FRANK HALBUS CCoachJ, J. H. BYRNE, F. G. STEWART, I. HAMILTON, J. J. HIOKEY, E. W. KENDALL, J. W. GRAHAM fManager7. Front Row: R. G. THOMPSON, W. E. KIBBLEWHITE, E. B. HYMMEN CCaptainJ, J. D. MOLENNAN CPresident5, F. N. SMITH. Absent: J. I. STEWART, K. S. FORD, E. G. DORE. Senior Intercollegiate Track, 1932-35 T THE beginning of the training season it looked to Varsity supporters as if the Varsity Team would again be dependent upon new material, since graduation and scholastic disabilities had claimed such a large number of outstanding athletes. The team that took the field on the day of the meet made a very commendable showing against the almost invincible Redmen. This year the annual Intercollegiate meet was held here at Varsity Stadium. McGill repeated their display of prowess in the realm of track and field to retain She coveted trophy. The day was clear but cool, with the track in fair con- ition. It was unique that the only record breaking feat was accomplished by a Toronto man, "Ronnie" Westheuser, with his team mate Crowley, a good second. This was in the Discus Throw, where a new mark was set for future aspirants to attempt to better. In the shot put Fulton and F. G. Stewart placed first and second respectively, while Ken Ford won the high jump easily. Hamilton and F. G. Stewart took second and third places in the pole vault, and "Bill" Kibblewhite with R. G. Thompson took the second and third places in the three mile event. Eddie Hymmen, the team captain, repeated his win in the broad jump, show- ing exceptional ability. It was unfortunate that his best jump lacked but 14" of the record of many years standing. In the sprint events, "Freddie" Smith, a newcomer to Varsity, ran well, but was eliminated in very close finishes, taking third in the 100 yds. and fourth in the 220 yds. In "Freddie" Toronto has the makings of a first class sprinter, who should be a sure point winner in the future. The outstanding race of the day was the Relay. It was remarkable in the fact that Toronto won from McGill and Queens, who had won all the Track Events. Byrne, Pennlington, Macfie and "Hud" Stewart all deserve a great deal of credit for their outstanding performance. The final tally of point was lVlcGill 733 Varsity 47, Queens 15. Three hundred six umgcgaf-in .. .Qi :KC-LQA if-tgqgyin l1'4!Q,h: agcfgv nvw'5fC'Nu UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE TRACK TEAM, 1932-33 Back Row: R. D. THOMPSON, E. R. EATON CSecretaryD, C. F. NEWTON, J. G. VANDERLECK J. D. MCLENNAN CPresidentJ. Second Row: D. G. MCKERRACHER, J. C. M. GANDIER, N. L. CAMPBELL, J. S. FERGUSON. Third Row: MR. FRANK HALBUS CCoachJ, G. LAUGHLIN, W. T. JOYNT, L. H. MORGAN, R. E. FOSTER, A. E. S. DAv1sON, W. G. SHAMBROOK fManagerJ. Front Row: L. F. GREER, C. W. DOLBEAR, L. MCKAY, H. T. COLMER, H. H. WALKER. 1 .Z Intermediate Track, 1932 HE Intermediate Track Meet held this year by the Ontario Agricultural College at the Olympic Club grounds in Hamilton, resulted in an undis- puted success for McMaster's contingent of fine new athletes. 'Led by such seasoned stalwarts as Shaver, Moore and Holland, they were victorious in fourteen out of the fifteen carded events, breaking seven intermediate records and equalling two. It will be seen what our team, composed mainly of young, inexperienced men, were up against if we note that eight of the marks surpassed those made a week before at the senior meet. We were overshadowed in everything but spirit. Newton and Davison were our only men to win points in two events. The former scored a third in the Javelin and after breaking the record in the Shot, had his fine put overreached by Laughren of McMaster, the individual champion of the meet, our cheerleader, Davison, was second to Downes of McMaster in the 220 and ran third in the century. We are very grateful to Gordon Jermyn for the unstintehd time and interest he took in the coaching duties and hope that his efforts will bear fruit in our greater success next fall. Three hundred seven CKQM INQAQMI 143523 Kewl lVic5iE?iVI vfb ji Q6 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO HARRIER CLUB SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE TEAM, 1932-33 Back Row: DR. R. B. MCELHERAN CHOnorary Presidentj, W. H. BRADLEY CManagerJ. Front Row: D. G. MCKERRACHER, W. KIBBLEWHITE CCaptainJ, R. G. THOMPSON, W. A. GILBERT QPresidentJ. Absent: J. D. MCLENNAN. .5 5. C? QV University of Toronto Harrier Club HE University of Toronto Harrier Club held its annual Interfaculty race on Saturday morning, Oct. 29th Over the Brotherton course, Upper Canada College. Approximately eighty men responded to the starting gun, and the race was keenly contested at all points. R. G. Thompson of O.C.E. set a new record of 29'49 1f5". Kibblewhite finished second, and Gilbert third in the long cross country grind. The team scoring highest number of points in the race this year was that of O.C.E. The team chosen to represent U. of T. at the Senior Intercollegiate Harrier Meet in Kingston, Nov. 5th, consisted of Messrs. Thompson, Kibblevvhite, Gilbert, McLennan and McKerracher. The race was run over the R.M.C. course under very bad weather conditions. The dirt roads and pathways were sodden and heavy from recent rains, and the runners had much difficulty in getting through. The honours this year Went to McGill Who took first and second places in the race, and piled up sufficient points to capture the meet. For Varsity, Thompson finished third, and Kibblewhite fourth. This year for the first time a team was entered by Varsity in the Inter- mediate Intercollegiate Harrier Meet at McMaster in Hamilton. A team con- sisting of Messrs. Seright, Wilson, Thompson, Seaborn and Stone competed in this event which took place on November 5th. McMaster easily Won this meet, placing four out of the first five men. Seright Who placed seventh Was the first Varsity man to finish. Three hundred eight ,KCLjAs INQZQMI High: gps: rw'.'5lC'f-an vffjy-5 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO GOLF CLUB INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS - 1932-33 T. V. STEWART, J. C. BOECKH, R. G. PHELAN, F. T. REA, F. J. CORRIGAN, S. F. MCADAM l .si 5. Q z Intercollegiate Golf OR the second successive year University of Toronto Won the Inter- collegiate Team Golf title defeating a strong team from McGill by the very close margin of 5 points to 4. McGill were the only challengers for the team trophy, the Ruttan Cup. The individual championship was contested by the members of the two teams, and players from Queens, R.lVl.C. and University of Montreal, the title going to J. Archambault of University of Montreal with the remarkably low score of 77-73-150 in a heavy wind over the difficult Royal York course. In the Varsity-McGill team match Varsity took 4 of the six f6J 36-hole individual matches, Corrigan, Rea, Phelan and Stewart winning their matches, and in the two-ball foursomes Corrigan and Rea obtained the necessary point to Win. Five of this year's team will be eligible next year. Three hundred nine Cz7ifC-'JA iwgggggaa. AGR' :yew iveoitfwi vpfggq Ld UNIVERSITY OF' TORONTO SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE TENNIS TEAM 1932-33 J. L. LEIBEL, R. W. J. ZINKANN, R. E. CARRUTH, S. M. HERMANT Z 5 Senior Intercollegiate Tennis HE Interfaculty Tennis Tournament was again held on the courts of the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club. A large and representative entry list shows ' the wide interest being taken by the undergraduates in the game Playing under ideal conditions, S. M. Hermant defeated J. Leibel for the McEachren cup and the University championship and paired with R. E. Carruth to win the doubles. The Intercollegiate Tournament, which was this year held at Toronto brought entries from McGill, Queens, R.M.C. and the University of Montreal The Toronto team was composed of George Le Clerc, Sid Hermant Elliot Carruth, Jack Leibel and Rus. Zinkann. The final matches saw Toronto opposed to McGill in each event. Unfortunately, McGill was able to win both the matches and tie Toronto with each team having won 13 points A playoff was decided upon, which McGill won, and were declared Intercollegiate Champions. Walter Martin-Canadian Davis Cup star and former Toronto captain coached the team, and had them in fine shape for the matches, as shown by the excellent showing they made against the strong team from McGill. 5 Three ten fb. se! KCLQA iheagsw 'ef-'M Eifcfqvl ervQ'.'jfCTN1 lvfofyf if UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE INTERCOLLEGIATE TENNIS CHAMPIONS, 1932-33 W. P. PIGGOTT, R. S. J. DAVIES, J. B. SHORTLY, J. A. VANSTONE, H. K. BLACK. 2 r QQ E31 10 qv 5 Z Intermediate Intercollegiate Tennis - HE Intermediate Tennis Tournament was held this year at Toronto under varying weather conditions. Teams from McMaster, O.A.C., and University of Ottawa were welcomed. The Toronto team was composed of Shortly, Vanstone, Pigott, Davies and Black. Toronto retained the champion- ship by a large margin of points, and was represented in both finals against Ottawa. Ottawa Won the singles, and the doubles match was called about half way through because of a heavy downpour of rain. The result of the match was of no consequence to the team standing so it was not finished. - ' Three eleven Q- 'Y' '9 INAQZQLQAI 13,93 J xfgqv .v.f5fif.w vffjy! UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO ENGLISH RUGBY TEAM, 1932-33 Back Row: J. BoLEs fCoach7, G. T. A. S. ARCHBOLD, W. M. G. WILSON, D. S. HOLMESTED, I. M. HILLIARD, M. G. WHILLANS, R. HARCOURT, P. M. MORLEY, P. R. KYLE fManagerJ. Front Row: P. J. LOSIER, G. LAWSON, D. E. O. MAGNER, D. TELFORD CCaptainJ, M. R. CAVERHILL, J. A. TRITES, A. S. MACLEOD. Absent: S. MCCLATCHIE. English Rugby HE most important advance in the furtherance of English Rugby lin Canada for some time took place when Queen's fielded a team for Inter- collegiate competition last season. Although only one game was played with Queen's by our Club, the precedent has been set, and a foundation laid for a full-fledged Intercollegiate series. Several good games were played against local clubs during the first part of the season with little success. Mr. Boleshwho at one time played the game in the Old Country-then took the team in hand. A close game was lost to the Hamilton All-Blacks, and the following week a decisive victory was obtained against the Wanderers "A" team. The first game with McGill was played at home, and a keen hard fought game resulted in a McGill win. Subsequently the team lost to lVlcCill and Macdonald College while playing away. At home Varsity met Queen's, and in the closest game of the season the visitors were successful. Next season augurs well for the club as there will be few losses by graduation and Mr. Boles will be coaching the team from the start. - Three twelve if Cm Imoicw' 11493: nvi15fC'N1 I UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SOCCER TEAM INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS, 1932-33 Back Row: H. F. DAVIDSON CManagerJ, W. M. TOONE, H. L. COWLING, D. D. DAVIDSON, A. G. LITTLE, A. ORGAN, D. MOCULLOUGH, A. D. ALDRIDGE, W. H. COCHRANE. Front Row: R. ROBERTSON, R. JACK, J. C. WHITLA CCaptain9, A. C. CARBERT, G. E. SCHUETT. F. L. ROWLINSON. 5 fr. Q 9 ' Intercollegiate Soccer T HE Soccer team under the expert coaching of Mr. Art. Halliwell was Successful in defending the Intercollegiate title which they won last year. After winning the Eastern Group by defeating R.lVI.C. 2-0 in Toronto and McGill 3-I in Montreal, Varsity was challenged by O.A.C., winners of the Western Group. This is the first year that the winners of the Western Inter- collegiate Soccer Group was allowed the right to contest the Senior Intercolleg- iate title and that they merit this right is evidenced by the fact that two games were necessary to decide the championship. The first game played in Toronto ended in a draw after ten minutes over- time. In the second game played on a Snow-covered field, in Guelph, the more experienced Varsity eleven proved their superiority over O.A.C., 3-1. Next year's team will be without the services of Little, Organ, Carbert, Whitla, Cowling and McCullough. All of these were Outstanding players and their places will be hard to fill. A Three thirteen - 36.41 'Notch' M1355 ifeqvn lvtf5iC'Nl ivffjm Q. uvsiifiwen QI 'i 3' SI fm fm 3' 2 1. fm fm 3 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO HOCKEY CLUB SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE AND O.H.A. TEAM, 1932-33 Back Row: J. CARRUTHERS fTrainerD, F. G. SULLIVAN CCoachJ, J. C. STAVERT, J A BENNET A. A. BRANT, D. M. DEWAR, P. O. JEFFREY, W. H. PRICE fManagerJ Front Row: F. L. SHIPP, W. R. CUNNINGHAM, J. H. MACPHERSON, G. A. HENDRY D. W. SMILLIE CCaptainJ, R. M. FULLERTON, G. G. KEITH, C. P. CAIN Senior Hockey HE season 1932-33 did not prove very bright from a Varsity standpoint Although always giving its best and in the front till the final bell the team seemed to lack that certain experience which would have pulled them through. However we succeeded in defeating Kitchener once and Nationals twice, but lost to Marlboros 4-3 and 1-0, to Hamilton and Niagara Falls 2 1 and twice to Port Colbourne 4-25 and since the difference between victory and defeat is only one goal, we ended up in the rear of the "Supreme Seven In the Intercollegiate, although only losing one game, we finished IH second place. University of Montreal were beaten by us twice and we played a 2 all tie here with McGill. In Montreal we lost to the Red team 4-2 and were thus eliminated but with the one consolation that we were beaten by a fine team Our invasion of the States at Christmas turned out to be most successful for we came home undefeated for the first time in at least three seasons Prince ton and Yale bowed before us while Harvard was overwhelmed by the one sided score of 8-1. Next season the team will lose the services of Captain Don Smillie one of the best defencemen in amateur hockey. Along with him will go Dewar a regular defenceman for the last three seasons. Both will be missed and at present Maundrell is the only defenceman left with senior experience Frank Shipp in goal was a standout all season. His play showed remarkable improvement over that of last season, and he will be with us for two more years. Of the forwards, Hendry and Cunningham were probably the most con sistent, although Brant, Fullerton and MacPherson turned in some fine games They were all with the team last year, with the exception of Fullerton who came up from the Juniors. Two freshmen, Jeffrey and Stavert along with Keith completed the squad and with this year's experience should be very useful next season when we hope for better things. .J 7?-IQCLQAI Ibfsgggghdl high: lifcfq-an uvw'.5lC'.'Ni iv Sql lsr if ivQ'.'5l'G'Nl Senior B' Hockey Team ITH Dr. 'Bill' Dewar as coach again the team had a successful season, despite the disappointing conclusion to the Intermediate Intercollegiate series. As formerly Varsity competed in both the Intercollegiate and Senior 'B' O.H.A. schedules, constituting a fairly heavy program. For this reason it was generally felt, that in future the team should begin practising at an earlier date. After a weak start, when two games were lost, to Western and Oshawa, the team was considerably strengthened by the addition of several members of the Junior team. In the Senior 'B' series, Varsity defeated St. Michaels to break a second place tie, and earned the right to meet Oshawa for the group title. In the play-off Oshawa won the first game rather easily, but Varsity had the satisfaction of winning the return game in Oshawa, although losing the round. . In the Intercollegiate Intermediate series the only loss sustained during the schedule, was to Western, and the group finished with Varsity and Western tied for Hrst place. Due to an Intercollegiate ruling that permits goals to count in case of a tie, Western were awarded the title. The team were considerably disappointed that the group winner should be thus arbitrarily decided, es- pecially in View of the fact that taking the series as a whole, Varsity had more goals 'for' and less 'against', than Western by a goodly margin. Three fifteen 5 '3 CEZCLQA' IN,-Qgggafii AJR? 653639 avi'.'5fiTNn iv U. OF T. JUNIOR HOCKEY Back Row: E. H. AMBROSE qManagerJ, C. H. SWEENEY, J. M. LAVERY, E. M. REY, J. CARRUTHERS CTrainer5. Fentre Row: W. B. CHARLES, J. A. UPPER, DR. HORACE MACINTYRE CCoach3, L. H. MORGAN, W. A. CAMPBELL. Front Row: J. S. PoUPoRE, P. WHITE, D. R. OWEN, J. P. McCoNvEY. junior Hockey Team HE Juniors were the disappointment of the season. When Dr. Macintyre of West Toronto fame was secured as coach, and several hockey stars with enviable reputations and previous O.H.A. experience enrolled at Varsity, championship hopes seemed not too remote a thought. However the final statistics read five wins and seven losses, five of these by one goal margins. The team never seemed to function properly, and at the crucial moment the defense would weaken or the forwards would fail to locate the net. In only one game did the team show its expected form, and that late in the season when it gave Marlboros their initial loss of the schedule. Nevertheless many good prospects were uncovered. Campbell on the defense was consistently effective all year, and his partners Pringle and Charles, while inconsistent, had their brilliant moments. These were ably backed up by Owen and his predecessor Haddad in goal. Of the forwards Rey was outstand- ing and should have a bright future. Sweeney and Upper were next in line, while Poupore, White, McConvey, Lavery and Morgan showed occasional, though all too infrequent flashes of brilliancy. The team gained much valuable experience, and it is hoped that these same men will regain in the near future Varsity's former prestige in the hockey world. Perhaps even next year, if our teams can shake the unfortunate luck which seems to pursue them, this may be accomplished. To Dr. Macintyre we owe a great debt for his constant enthusiastic efforts "day in and day out" to build up a fine team. Three sixteen ACM 'mimi MDS? Kew 1vQ'5fC'Nu 546253 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR CREW INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS, 1932 Left to Right: PROF. T. R. LOUDON CCOach9, S. H. S. HUGHES, J. H. GIBSON, R. E. WILLIS, E. J. JACKSON, L. W. SKEY, W. E. WARREN, G. A. DOWLING, C. L. ANNIS, J. H. O'FLYNN, G. G. BRADSHAW. z .Q Q University of Toronto Rowing Club HE rowing season for 1932 was highly successful. Keen interest was shown from the time work started on the machines until the finishing gun was fired at Montreal. Practice started on January 18 in Hart House with about sixty men turning out. The number decreased as the season Went on, but three crews took the water near the end of April. The first race was at Hanlan's point on July 1st. Two crews entered the junior heavy eights and the first crew also entered the senior heavy in the afternoon. It placed second to Argonauts, beating Westsides of Buffalo by a Small margin. There was also a junior 150 lb. crew entered that day. At the Henley the 150 lb. crew was down to 140 lbs. and came in last in its heat. The second heavy also came in towards the rear. The first heavy crew was more successful. lt placed second in its heat in the junior race and third in the finals. ln the senior race it won the heat and was fouled in the finals, placing third. Training was resumed in September to prepare for the Intercollegiate race. Of the nine men making up the crew, three were on last year's crew. One of the remaining six had rowed before, and the others were all new to the game. The showing made by this crew at Henley and at Montreal spoke well for the coaching. The Intercollegiate race was held on the Lachine Canal on October Sth. The Varsity crew outweighed the McGill crew by a good deal and finished about six lengths in the lead. Three sez enteen 3.0.34 INQQQMT H3311 BKYGTWI nw'.5fC'?Na ,effigy UNIVERSITY OF 'TORONTO BASKETBALL CLUB, 1932-33 SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE TEAM TORONTO "BIG FIVE" CHAMPIONS Back Row: B. CAPLAN, K. S. FORD. Front Row: J. E. MCCUTCHEON CCoachJ, J. A. WAGMAN, H. R. COLLINS, T. E. MCDONNELL QManagerJ, P. GOLD, H. R. SNIDERMAN CCaptainJ, D. S. WOOD, WARREN STEVENS CAthletic Directorj. Absent: I. ALLISON. 0 Senior Intercollegiate Basketball 5 CGILL University again took the major basketball prize of the year when they repeated their Intercollegiate win of the past two seasons. However it was left to the Blue and White to break a nineteen game winning streak when they defeated the McGill team at Hart House 31 to 30 in the final Intercollegiate game of the season. Varsity were only able to finish tied for second place with Queens, due to a disastrous road trip which opened the season. In the first game of the trip McGill trounced the Blue and White by 47 to 25. On the following night Queens upset the dope to win by 21 to 18 to practically eliminate Varsity from the contention. The teams suffered a one point loss in their game at London. Western winning by 27 to 26. In their home games Toronto took revenge on all three teams defeating Queens 26 to 22, Western 28 to 25 and lVIcGill 31-30. A new departure was made this year when Varsity entered their Senior team in City competition. Grouped in the '6Big 5" league with St. Michael's College, Hobberlin's Lizzies, Riverdale Grads and St. Catharines, University of Toronto were able to swamp all before them winning the "Big 5" championships and also winning every Individual Series, two out of three from Lizzies, three out of three from Riverdale, and with St. Catharines, winning by points, breaking even in the two games. Six games were played with St. Michael's College. Three in the regular league schedule, and three in the play-offs, St. lVIichael's having finished in second place. Varsity were able to take both series, two out of thrlfee, to add to their laurels and win the Toronto Basketball League cham- pions ip. Three eighteen EK 434' INQQQMI 5525: gvigfyvi uvwf'5lC'N1 .lvgf-32: Q' '04 E if ' Varsity again took an American trip playing seven games against leading - Colleges in New York State. University of Niagara, University of Buffalo, Union College, Cornell University, John Marshall College, New York Univer- sity and Columbia were on the itinerary. While no games were won the team gained valuable experience which was used to advantage in their Canadian games. Difhculty was experienced in rounding out a team and a total of fifteen men were tried out. The following eight men survived, Forwards: Allison, Collins, Wagman, centres: Ford, Caplang Guards: Wood, Sniderman CCaptaini and Gold. Of this group three will be lost by graduation, Ford, Allison and Wood. All three will be greatly missed as they along with Collins, Sniderman and Gold played stellar basketball for the University. Caplan with two years to go will be back to hold down centre position while Wagman should find himself next year when teamed up with Collins on the forward line. S 'S ? Intermediate Intercollegiate Basketball HE University Intermediate entry had to be satisfied with an even break in the Intercollegiate series which was won by O.A.C. Six games were played consisting of home and home games with Western, O.A.C. and McMaster. Two were won from Western, 32 to 27 and 34 to 21. With Mc- master both teams took their home games, Varsity winning 26 to 41 and losing 27 to 30. O.A.C. won both games from the Varsity entry 24 to 20 and 36 to 30. Twelve players were used during the season. Prince and Applebaum made up the regular forward line with Grant at centre. Two veterans, Himel and H. Newman, made up the defence. Hennessey and Levy alternated on the forward line and played exceptionally well. Boettger, Magwood and Reid each played in two games. Of this squad Grant is the only one to graduate. Three nineteen ' :6,C,3AY imkggggw N-,QQN KQGWV lvi'5lfTN1 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS 1933 Back Row: R. D. APPLEFORD CManager5, A. M. ANDERSON CManagerJ, R. B. MCKIBBIN CManagerD, J. E. MCCUTCHEON CCoachD. Front Row: N. NEWMAN, J. C. RUTLEDGE, E. E. HIGGINS, W. J. GLADISH, H. A. H. MULLIN, G. W. TOOLE, H. A. PRICE, J. CULINER. Absent: F. CORRIGAN, J. A. ROLLS. g junior Intercollegiate Basketball UN IOR Intercollegiate made its first appearance this year and Varsity's entry justified itself by taking the championship with an undefeated record. Entries were received from Western, O.A.C., McMaster and Varsity, rounding out a compact four team group. While the team retained a clean slate several of the games were very close. the Blue and White scoring one point victories over O.A.C. and McMaster, 26-25 and 30-29 respectively, and at London where a two point win was pulled out in the last few seconds, 22-20. However in the remaining games of the series Varsity left no doubt as to their superiority, defeating Western 30-19 and McMaster 29-16. ln the final game of the year O.A.C. conceded victory to Varsity and by mutual consent cancelled the game. Toronto's squad of ten men are all freshmen with the exception of Culiner, who is in his second year. Norm. Newman, was the outstanding performer on the team. He played on the forward line and teamed up with Price, Higgins and Gladisli. Toole played the pivot position for practically forty minutes and filled the position capably. Rolls alternated at centre. Culiner, Corrigan, Rutledge and Mullin filled the guard positions. Three twenty 169.94 wagewf NQM WSF fivQf5fC'Nn UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO GYMNASTIC TEAM INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS 1932-1933 ALAN KEITH fCoachJ, W. H. BARBER, M. L. SHERWOOD, C. B. KIRK CManagerJ, W. H. GREENWOOD CHon. Presidentb, G. BEARD, J. A. WILLIAMSON CCaptain5, D. M. BARTON CGymnasium Directorb. Ahxbnl: J. L. FARRAR. University of Toronto Gymnastic Team ' HE Gymnastic team have had a very successful season this year thanks to the excellent coaching Mr. D. M. Barton and Mr. Alan Keith. They won the Caron cup emblematic of the intercollegiate team championship, defeating McGill, for the first time since 1927. The Werry cup for the individual championship was won by a Varsity man for the first time since it was donated five years ago. Jack Williamson, captain of the team this year, competing in his fifth intercollegiate meet, was intercollegiate champion, winning by a good margin from Farrar, another Varsity man, who was his nearest competitor. McGill sent down a strong team, four of whom had been in intercollegiate competition before, and they won the first three events-the high bar, parallels, and horse, gaining a lead of thirty points. However in the last event, which was the tumbling, Varsity showed its superiority, and gained enough points to overcome lVIcGill's lead and win the meet by fifty-six points. The gym. team consisted of the following, Williamson, fcaptainh, Kirk. Farrar, Sherwood, Barber and Beard. The last four named are all freshmen. and this fact gives us confidence that Varsity will be represented by a strong gym team for the next few years. Three twenty one 16.0.44 warm' M2253 fggfqvl M'.'5fC?wn UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERCOLLEGIATE SWIMMING TEAM 1932-33 Buck Row: T. BELL, C. A. MCCATTY, H. H. WALKER qManagerb, J. A. MCCLTAIG, C. E. DRURY. Front Row: H. H. EDMISON, F. F. HoGG, J. P. HooPER, P. H. TEDMAN CCaptainy, W. A. MCCATTY, T. C. WEIR. Absent MR. R. H. IJOWNDES, DR. E. G. SINCLAIR, MR. W. W. WINTERBURN fCoachesj. University of Toronto Swimming Team WIMMING Activities at the University during the past season have had few startling features although there have been a number of progressive and successful ones. In the three competitions of chief interest to Varsity Swimmers, the intercollegiate title went to McGill. The interfaculty honours were captured by S.P.S., and the individual championship of the University was won by Winston McCatty of lst Year Trinity. The intercollegiate meet was held in Montreal and was acclaimed one of the most thrilling encounters ever seen at the Knights of Columbus pool. The issue was not decided till the relay event which McGill won by a very close margin. This result wiped out Varsity's three point lead, giving the Montreal- ers the championship. The final score was 35-33. Varsity showed superiority in the breast stroke, backstroke and distance events and the 50 yard free style while McGill's strength was particularly seen in the diving, the 100 yards free style and the relay. Undoubtedly the feature of the whole meet was the outstanding performance of Winston McCatty, freshman star of the Varsity team. "Win" took first place in the 200 yards free style, second in the quarter mile, and succeeded in breaking the intercollegiate breast stroke record by some 6 seconds. Phil Tedman, the Blue captain, swam a great race in the 50 yards free style to take first place. He also turned in a fine effort in the relay, just failing to overcome lVIcGill's lead. Cressy McCatty was also prominent, winning his backstroke specialty. Paul Hooper won the 440 yard race and also took third place in the 200 yards free style. Growing interest has been evidenced in swimming as well as in waterpolo at the University this year, and we may confidentlyhope that the 1933734 season will witness an even greater development in this branch of University at 1 etics. Th ree twenty-two CQWQQAI INQQQAAI N952 bifcflvn ivw'.'5fK?v-H ivifgrg UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO WATER POLO TEAM INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS, 1932-33 Back Row: H. H. WALKER CManagerJ, E. L. A. BANCROFT, S. E. SWALLOW, W. G. Ross, N. M. SECCOMBE, DR. E. G. SINCLAIR CCoachJ. Front Row: W. W. WINTERBURN CCoachJ, E. L. DAVEY, M. S. SMITH, S. K. LEARIE CCaptainJ, W. A. MCCATTY, G. H. SPENCE CCoachJ. Absent: B. A. MCLEOD. .5 it 6? 3 - Intercollegiate Water Polo - MOST successful season this year opened with a series of reverses for the Senior team. They finished third to their old rivals Central Y.lVI.C.A. in the Toronto and District race for the Star Trophy. However proof that this was no discreditible showing lies in the fact that during a six-game schedule Varsity scored but three less goals than her competitors. The Juniors met a better fate. They defeated all teams twice to win the Aubrey Ireland Trophy in the newly formed Junior City League. Later this team played home and home games with Queens. The first game, in the beautiful pool .at Kingston, was played to a six all tie. However Toronto came through in their own pool and won a 7-4 victory. The first game of the Intercollegiate series was played in Montreal and left McGill with a 3-2 score to carry into the second game. The return game was the longest in Intercollegiate water polo. Varsity tied the score with but 30 seconds to go, and after four overtime periods emerged with a 3 goal margin, and so the Hershorn Trophy remains at Varsity for another year. - Three twenlz'-th ree - 2'fQ9fs1 INQSQSI IAQQQE Q' nvQf5lf'?Nl V515 J: UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO BOXING, WRESTLING Sz FENCING CLUB INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS 1932-33 Back Row: L. W. SKEY CManagerJ, J. F. FAIRLIE, J. I. STEWART, MR. J. T. JACKSON qHonorary Boxing Coachj, J. DINNICK, W. L. WATT, J. B. GRAY, E. J. DEITRICH fAssistant Managerj, J. H. W. BRADFIELD CAssistant Fencing Instructorj. Middle Row: M. A. ELSON, E. P. T. GREEN, H. B. SCULLY, W. N. PORTER, J. M. CLARK, G. DIMITRIEFF, E. S. DICK, MR. C. WALTERS CFencing Instructorb. Froni Row: MR. H. HENNING CAssistant Boxing Coachj, L. K. LOSSING, E. H. SINCLAIR, F. N. SMITH, J. P. RAPSEY CCaptainJ, G. C. JOHNSTONE, M. M. FLETCHER, H. B. F. MIIILER, W. E. SHUTE, MR. W. H. MARTIN CWrestling Coachj. Senior Boxing, Wrestling and Fencing Team, Intercollegiate Champions HE Boxers, Wrestlers anc. Fencers began training this year with the prospect of a strong team, but without any indication of the spectacular victory which they were to achieve at the intercollegiate assault-at-arms. At the Intercollegiate Senior Assault-at-Arms held in Montreal, it was the wrestling team that carried Varsity through to score a complete victory over a field of strong contenders from McGill and Queens. With a total of seven Varsity Wrestlers competing in the eight final wrestling bouts, Varsity threatened Queens for the championship as the final night of the assault com- menced. N or did these seven men disappoint the team for six of them returned with intercollegiate titles and the seventh gave an exceptionally fine exhibition against a former intercollegiate champion. Varsity owes much to her wrestlers for they won her six points of a possible eight, a feat that it will take many years to equal. Mr. Martin and Mr. Chilcott are the men responsible for the coaching of the wrestling Team and deserve the heartiest congratulation for the fine showing made by these men. The boxers came through stiff opposition to produce three intercollegiate champions and give some of the gamest exhibitions of the Assault. Ned Sin- clair's bout with Merv. Peever the Queen's knockout star comes under the latter heading. Sinclair kept his opponent well in hand for two rounds, only to be downed by a stray one in the third round. N o man has given Peever as close a bout since his winning of the intercollegiate championship three years ago. Mr. Jackson, Varsity Honorary Boxing Coach deserves a great deal of credit for the three boxing wins. The fencing team faced by McGill's intercollegiate winners intact from last year were unable to dethrone the title holders, but they did credit to Mr. Walters their coach and presented McGill with strong opposition scoring eighteen points as against McGill's twenty-four. Three twenty-four U rw Ihwicul Shih? I Q 1' MEN'S INTERFACULTY ATHLETICS 5 51 fffkx E F5 Cv-':. x fr I Z2 I h - 1' 2 f 9 X CQ? 1?yQ?""L' Q gs isgly, :ugly N3 5'-W WN: 1vwf5fC'Ti-21 I W .EQ T Q53 bil E - N I if W N T yu W UNIVERSITYACOLLEGE ATHLETIC BOARD 1932-33 Back Row: FOWELL, WARNER, SCULLY, LOBLAW, TEDMAN, Ross, MACDONALD, BLACKFORD. Front Row: WALKER, SHORTLY, SCOTT, MCDONNELL, GRANT, AGNEW, LEARIE. Absent FULLERTON. L - , T V9 qw Li Z W T 3 T UT" HOLDERS IN U.C. 1932-33 Back Row: LEARIE, LAING, SECCOMBE. Front Row: Ross, CUTLER, FERGUSON, TWAITES, GILBERT, SMITH, MCCALLUM. Z Three twenty-six S Q Q39 , I. x . , ,f?3,Q,M INQQQMI IAEQLAYQ BSCQQI -fvs'.'5fi'?N1 1vf'3'5Qj Sa. QOJ A - - if I I 1 "U.C." HOLDERS 1932-33 Back: LEFLER, MACDONALD, SKILLING, SCULLY, MCCALLUM, GRANT, M. SMITH, LOBLAW, WALKER, CUTLER, GILBERT, J. SMITH, R. AGNEW. Middle: ROSS, HASS, FOSTER, MUTTEROFF, GOULDING, D. AGNEW, FOWELL, TWAITES, LAING, 1 SECCOMBE, LEARIE. Front: HAMILTON, SCOTT, FREEMAN, 'WATSON, TEDMAN, FERGUSON, SHORTLY, BLACKFORD, LEISEL, MCDONNELL. I I N 6 .22 E31 IQ C5 'I 2 I UNIVERSITY COLLEGE TRACK TEAM I INTERFACULTY CHAMPIONS, INDOOR AND OUTDOOR, 1932-33 G. B. GOULDING, N. L. CAMPBELL, W. A. GILBERT, R. GROUT, H. H. WALKER lManagerJ, R. E. FOSTER, W. L. MACKAY, D. G. HUETHER, J. E. WATSON, G. H. .IERMYN QCoac-hy. ' Three twenty-se ven ,K E- gfQCL9fsz 1.-Qglgggfsu lhkgghg A w 'w Y 'Q' QSQNI lVf1D.CYNI Z - A 52. fe? 29 VICTORIA UNIVERSITY ATHLETIC UNION Back: G. R. DYKE, W. S. GEMMELL, V. M. CHRISTIE, D. C. BRACE, C. M. DEVITT, B. MACLEAN. Fentre: J. S. O'NEAL, S. O. ALEXANDER, G. H. YOUNG, D. E. WALKER, D. J. DEMILLE, N. G. NICHOL. Fronf: R. E. SPENCER, A. M. LAVERTY, J. S. G. CLARKE, W. P. GREGORY, A. ORGAN, D. A. FARRELL, R. C. WILLIAMS. " Th ree twenl y-eight '- EYZCJQ,-yr INQAQAI INQN Kewl lvi'5f5fN1 Z - 'QE Qi' VICTORIA WATER-POLO TEAM INTERFACULTY CHAMPIONS 1933 Back Row: BATES, WESTON, HAY, BRADSHAW. Front Row: FISHER, EDMISON, O'NEAL, MENZIES, DEVITT. Absent: GOULD. - Three twenty-nine - CEQA' wsagswl lf-fl-DFS Filfcfqvn uvwf'5fii'Nn Q? I M5lC'Nu I 3' -z fu cm Q. 3 RQ. fx 95 92 TRINITY COLLEGE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, 1932-33 S. L. B. MARTIN, J. A. SEABROOK CCuratorJ, J. H. GIBSON, J. E. T. MCMULLEN, J. I. STEWART, J. G. WARDEN Qlst Year Rep.J, J. C. DENISON fReporterJ, J. H. TURNER CAsst. Treasurerj, REV. LYNDoN SMITH CTreasurerJ, H. S. C. ARcHBoLD CPresidentJ, L. W. SKEY CVice-Presidentb, W. H. BRADLEY fSecretaryj. Trinity College Athletic Association I HIS year, Trinity has sent more men than ever into University athletics, and she can claim no small part of the success which the University has achieved. To bear this out one need only to examine the personnel of the various Varsity teams. Trinity men played on all three Rugby teams, on the Senior and Junior Hockey teams, and on the British Rugger team. The crew, Intercollegiate champions, had Trinity men in four places, including stroke and cox. The B. W. 8: F. Club is captained by a Trinity man as were the Golf and Gym teams. In fact, throughout all branches of University athletics, Trinity Inen can be proud of the support her men have given the University. Despite this drain on her man power, the Red and Black of Trinity has been equally prominent in interfaculty activities. For the second time in succession she has been in the Hnals of the Mulock Cup series, although this year Victoria reversed last year's decision and removed the cup from Trinity. The Hockey team is preparing for a serious attack on the Jennings Cup and the Basketball team is rapidly rounding into championship form. In Water Polo and Indoor Baseball there is much enthusiasm being shown this year. The Lacrosse team, for its initial season has been very successful and next year should provide a serious threat for interfaculty honours. In all forms of ath- letic endeavour Trinity fields a strong, hardworking, representative team. QPYQQQAI nsfggibggaau ggcfqvl M'.5fK?N1 Vi LQ. 'Y 3 I I I I I I I I I I I 4 V I P I I TRINITY COLLEGE "T" HOLDERS 1932-33 3 Seated: F. T. REA, S. H. S. HUGHES, L. W. SKEY, D. M. DEWAR, H. S. C. ARGHBOLD, J. H. GIBSON, J. P. RAPSEY. Standing, First Row: J. H. BELTON, C. A. CONWAY, W. J. RUDDOCK, N. PENLINGTON, I B. T. ROGERS, W. H. BRADLEY, S. F. MAGADAM, D. R. MUSGRAVE, R. F. WODEHOUSE, C. B. Kirk, W. J. MILLYARD, J. E. T. MCMULLEN, L. W. MORGAN, C. R. PARMENTER. , Standing, Top Row: S. F. M. WOTHERSPOON, G. LAWSON, M. A. WILKINSON, J. C. DENISON, R. L. SEABORN, E. D. FRASER. IV i i L 2 S ,wr 'Ulf' TRINITY COLLEGE BASKETBALL TEAM J. R. BERWICK, T. A. WHITBREAD, R. J. BRENNAN, R. I. O. STEWART, R. W. BELL, A. E. BARKER, R. C. INGRAM tCaptainJ, K. L. LOSSING, W. A. MCCATTY, W. T. NOBLE, M. A. WILKINSON, B. N. HONEYFORD, J. P. PAGE tManagerJ. - Three thirty-one - CQKQQAT INQJQQQAAI IPSRQLNQ Sggfflgvu IVITDICTNI I II .IK I--W I I I ' -wsmwsnlwmf -n 9'-mr i ,NKMW I I II I "' I II ,. II ,......fw,. TNI-K I I I II ' I I I TRINITY COLLEGE RUGBY TEAM MULOCK CUP FINALIST, 1932-33 I First Row: WELCH, FRASER, L. E. BLACKWELL fCOachJ, L. SKEY CCaptainb, WILKINSON, SEABORN. Second Row: BELTON, ROGERS, GREEN, GIBSON, HARRIS, KIRK, WOTHERSPOON. I Third Row: MILLYARD, RUDDOCK, TUOKER, JEMMETT, WODEHOUSE, DAVIS, MARTIN. 'I Inset, Top Left: Mascot: Inset, Top Rigid: I MINETT TEMPLE KINGSTON BRENNAN . -uf' I I I I - Threeflzirfy-f1z'O TRINITY HOCKEY, 1932-33 - U 1634941 INOIGLMI NGN: fgiffqvi D nvG'5YC.'N1 fffgilfy W yllfEllflG" Msaicllll if A350GIf1fPiori HEXEQUTIVE " it Ur? l f Q32 H33 'fs The Medical Athletic Association HE Medical Athletic Association includes all undergraduates in the faculty. It is controlled by a group of men who are elected annually by its members. They control all athletics of the faculty. The executive is made up of an Honorary President chosen from the faculty by the executive, a president, vice-president and secretary-treasurer chosen from Sixth, Fifth and Fourth years respectively and elected by the Whole Society, and one representative from each of the lower three years elected by their own years. A quarter-master Who is appointed by the executive and who is usually a fifth year man-looks after all the purchasing of athletic supplies. During this past year, our faculty has been Well represented in faculty sports and, although no championships have come our Way, yet there has been a keen spirit and interest shown by all and the turnout for the various teams has been very encouraging. Three thirty iluee WCAG' INQQQQA' N992 Xfire: nvQf'5fC'N1e nvpfjyfj Q. L. 5. R. J. MEDICAL 3T3 HT" HOLDERS E. J. JACKSON, H. A. WILLIAMS, F. M. SCOTT, J. A. WALTERS, J. WHITLA, L. H. CARROLL, D. TELFORD. Absent: J. W. GRAHAM, R. T. G. GRAHAM, R. J. GALLOWAY, J. W. SINCLAIR, W. E. SHUTE, J. A. C. THOMSON. H. CARROLL-"Lou" was a member of the championship team of 1926 when he won his award of merit and bronze HT". Since that time he was unable to compete in active sport because of injuries but continued his football activities as a coach. Probably his greatest achievement in this field of endeavour was his success with the junior team of 1932 when they won the Dominion Junior Championship. He also played at lacrosse and hockey in the interfaculty series. J. GALLOVVAY-"Bob" was a member of the O.R.F.U. Champions of 1928 and everyone will remember the game effort that this team made against the mighty "Tigers" up in Hamilton. He was captain of the Senior Intercollegiate Team of 1931. W. GRAHAM-"Wally" leaves his Alma Mater with a string of track and harrier records to his credit. Wally's executive ability was demonstrated by his record of four consecutive years on the University Athletic Directorate. Medicine honours this athlete in his departure from the faculty in presenting him with the "Ath- letic Stick" emblematic of the most out- standing sportsman in the graduating year. He also has his award of merit and bronze HT". - Three thirty-four R. E. J. F. T. G. GRAHAM-"Robbie" won his colours on his outstanding ability with the Intermediate Hockey Teams, playing on several championship teams. Bob also spends his leisure moments during the fall with the O.R.F.U. and Intermediate rugby teams. During the past season he made a name for himself as a receiver of forward passes, while playing with the intermediate team. J. JACKSON-"Joe" received his colours through his prowess as an oarsman. He has been several times on championship Intercollegiate Crews. W. SINCLAIR-"Jimmy" played for the past five years with the senior Intercol- legiate Rugby team. He also supported the faculty in basketball and water-polo playing on the interfaculty teams, as well as holding his award of merit and bronze KKT7! M. SCOTT-"Frank" in his junior years gave great promise of being an outstanding performer on the grid-iron, but because of injuries was forced into retirement. He received his colours while with the Senior Intercollegiate Team of 1928. bf' Nc :QCLQAI Ifstggggw 'Stl-Din: yew: uvG'5fC.'Nn Q. ' VV. D. J. E. SHUTE-"Wilf" won his colours for his efforts as a "grappler" in 1932 in which year he was a member of the Intercollegiage Boxing and Wrestling Team which won the championship. TELFORD-"Doug" came to Toronto from the U. of B.C. an accomplished English rugger player and since that time has continued his activities in this sport. During the past season as captain of the team his play was noteworthy and the University honoured him by awarding his colours. A. C. THOMSONe"Carl" made a name for himself in his junior years as an oarsman, He received his colours for rowing with the Senior Intercollegiate Champion crew of 1928. J. H. J. A. WALTERSa"Al" brought glory to himself and the faculty by winning the three mile Intercollegiate Championship in 1930. He was also a member of the Intercollegiate Track team and the Harrier team of 1931. A. WILLIAMSa"Hal" has been promin- ent in track, harrier and hockey during the past four years. He was also a member of the U. of T. Athletic Directorate in his fifth and sixth years in the course. WHITLAv"Johnny" has been prominent in soccer circles for the past four years, during which time he played on several Intercollegiate Championship Teams. 'F' 1' MED. VOLLEY BALL TEAM Front Row: W. CRocKoWER, J. GREEN, C. M. GoULD, J. MORANIS, S. Wisi-3. Back Row: E. LEVENSON, A. ZARSKY, A. KRAKAVER. Three thirty five CKQAI lN,'QiQ,34' 14.93 Vi Civ lvC5fi'?N1 "T" HOLDERS, FACULTY OF MEDICINE First Row: J. JACKSON, F. SCOTT, J. WHITLA, J. W. SINCLAIR, B. FENNER, J. W. GRAHAM, J. A. WAIJTERS, L. H. CARROLL. Second Row: A. MIDDLEBORO, H. S. DOYLE, E. DAVEY, J. COPP, J. MCLENNAN. Third Row: C. M. FULTON, A. HENDERSON, G. A. HENDRY Absent: R. J. GALLOWAY, R. T. GRAHAM, J. C. JOHNSTON, S. F. ROBERTSON, H. F. RICHARDSON, W. E. SHUTE, H. SNIDERMAN, J. D. SINCLAIR, D. TELFORD, J. C. THOMSON, H. A. WILLTAMS- Medical First "T" Holders EDICAL "T" holders have comprised over one third of the total number of "T" holders in the University for a number of years. The under- graduates of 1932-33 represented the Faculty of Medicine in every sport in Which the University took part. Not only in the senior years but also among the juniors one finds many "T" holdersH-yes and the lowly freshman class boasts of having its "First T" man. Despite the fact that on graduation the year 3T3 boasts fourteen "T" holders, prospects for Medicine in athletics seems to be brighter than ever. May the record of this year be an inspiration to the years to follow, the goal is one which the years of the immediate future Will have to Work hard to reach. as will those classes of the distant future-even the year '7O. Time flzirty-sir CAA Ifsfoioafv HSQB: 6:73041 'swivels 'NSBA gtgffqvs M'.5Ycw wqygg 5 Holders 5 'Cf' -4 if HE "M" is the athletic award of the faculty of medicine, granted to those Q " who have attained proficiency in Interfaculty Sports. "T" holders are ' automatically granted this award as are all members of championship teams, all who have played on an interfaculty team for three years-or, who in the opinion of the Executive of the M.A.A. have been deserving of special recognition. Interfaculty Sport is very important, especially in the Junior years since it is the training ground for Intercollegiate teams. All men are urged by the Athletic Association to try out for lnterfaculty teams and the yearly increase in the number of "M's" granted is very gratifying to those interested in the Welfare of medical athletics. vp ' Three H1 iffy-seven ' N43 RCN! nvefildwm 1 1 . f ATHLETIC s ASSOCIATIUN EXECUTIVE liocul l u ol' Appl icflv Science- ci, Enqiiieerinq L V O l952 HOST 1953 H M 4 .W .f...,- 1---ff.. --if M. .., lim. ,... Athletic Association lS.P.S.j Z " CHOOLH while not having an exceptionally successful year as far as 5 ef- championships go, still holds its prominent place in Interfaculty Athletics. HZ' if The Gym team and the Swimming team were both victorious, both Q bringing their championship cups down to School. A As yet, the Sr. Basketball, Sr. Baseball, Jr. Baseball and Sr. Hockey have not been decided. It is to be hoped that since all these teams are "in there" with a real chance of taking the silverware, that two or three will be successful. Just to show how strong Athletics have been, we have had runners up in the Sr. Waterpolo, B.W. 81 F., Soccer and Track. As for Interfaculty Semi-Finalist teams, which have put up real battles in their respective sports but have just been unable to snatch victory from the lap of "Lady Luck", we have three. The Jr. Waterpolo, the Sr. Rugby and the Jr. Rugby. Beside lnterfaculty Athletics, School provides a large representation .on the Intercollegiate teams. Our wish is, that they continue to hold their high place. ' Three thirty-eight T 5, pQC,3f-sl uwgglggyai gm' Mofew. M5525 S.P.S. "T" HOLDERS , Back Row: G. A. DOWLING, C. L. ANNIS, D. W. W. SMILLIE, S. C. SWALLOW, R. WESTHEUSER, B. S. CROCKER, K. A. PEACOCK. Front Row: J. B. GRAY, W. D. SMITH, C. E. BANNISTER, J. R. FITZPATRICK, M. A. ELSON, R. H. MILLER. Absent: H. R. COLLINS, C. B. BRITNELL, F. N. E. MURRAY, F. A. FELL. .sg S. P. S. "T" Holders - N CE again School men have played an important part in Intercollegiate Q Athletics. Although the number is not as great as perhaps one or two other years they made a creditable showing and their contribution was by no means unnoticed or unappreciated. Prominent on the rugby .field with the Senior squad. were Fitzpatrick, Pea- cock, Elson and Miller, while Smith, Crocker and Britnell played high class football with the Intermediate Intercollegiates. Among the oarsmen Annis and Dowling were pulling hard for the Alma Mater. Hal Collins has not lost any of his old-time ball handling ability and still continues to get the odd basket with the Senior Cage team. Among the matmen Bruce Gray took the Intercollegiate heavyweight title this year while Bannister and Smith did not compete. Ted Fell who won his "T" boxing in the Intercollegiate Assault, remained out of competition this year also. Don Smillie was School's sole representative on the Senior hockey team this year as Fredie Murray chose to put his studies first. It was through no fault of Smillie's that his team did not finish on top. He starred from first to last. Sid. Swallow showed up well on the Intercollegiate water polo team, and Westheuser broke the record for the discus throw to win his first colours. These are only a few of the representatives from School who competed with Varsity teams this year. - Three thirty-nine '- jf5l uhgkgggysu RCN: IVQWNI gvfbyjg If reall Q - HE "S" is awarded to Schoolmen in recognition of their athletic ability - as Well as their support of the faculty. It is granted to outstanding mem- bers of interfaculty teams, to men Who have been consistent performers for the same team for several years, to men who have shown ability to uphold the School colours in several sports, and also to first "T" holders. It is a great honour and privilege to Wear the School letter and that is probably Why the picture above is filled to overflowing. L - Three forty - CHC-'JA' 'swivel M3253 .rg S. P. S. "SU Holders icitgifwn D IVQWETNI SCHOOL TRACK - Back Row: G. R. BRUCE, C. W. DOLBEAN, J. A. MCARTHUR, R. D. WALDEN, F. N. SMITH, J. J. HICKEY, M. SAUNDERS. Front Row: J. S. FERGUSON, F. KRAILO, J. H. BYRNE, T. BICKFORD, J. A. HOWE CManagerJ, R. WESTHEUSER. b if QE QF' 59 08 :IF .211 S.P.S. B.W.8zF. TEAM Back Row: J. F. FAIRLIE, R. H. MCKILLOP, G. H. FETTERLEY, S. G. FEARMAN, J. M. TROSTER, P. M. HEDLEY. Middle Row: G. DIMITRIEFF, E. R. EATON, W. D. SMITH, F. N. SMITH, H. J. OSTROWSKI, E. H. SINCLAIR. Front Row: C. W. TYSON, J. J. A. HOWE, M. A. ELSON, C. E. BANNISTER, O. F. BUSH, J. H. GRAY. ' Three forty-one " ZH-'.dA+ INQLQHA- 149333 Rfgfqvl 4vi1'5lC'r-21 lygfyg JUNIOR SCHOOL WATER POLO TEAM Back Row: H. B. CHARTERS, R. A. BOYLE, J. P. HOOPER, D. B. BRUCE, E. D. HELLER. Front Row: V. ZACHANKO, J. N. LILLEY, W. A. WOOD CManagerb, K. H. J. CLARKE, D. F. FRASER QCoachJ, M. W. HOLLANDS, E. R. EATON. junior School Water Polo ITH only one regular left from last year's team, Jr. School appeared to be due for a lean year, but under the coaching of Fraser and with consistent practice a team was finally built up. Little difficulty was experienced in beating Jr. Meds in the first game by a 3-1 score, and Dents were whitewashed to the tune of 3-0. In the return game with Meds, some good goalkeeping by Boyle and a battling forward line saw the School team win by 4-O. The final game against Dents was won 1-0, but only after a real battle with the tooth-pullers. The School defense gave Boyle good protection, and only a single goal was scored on him during the group games. However, in the semi-final against the championship Victoria team, lack of experience told its tale and before the game ended, Victoria had scored 7 goals and blanked the School team. The second game was different, with the School team checking much closer, and Victoria finally won with the only goal scored. In goal, Boyle showed great promise and was ably assisted by his hard- checking defense, Lilley and Charters. Bruce at rover combined well with Hooper, the fast swimming centre who rarely was beaten to the tip-OH. The wings, Clarke and Zachanko, made life miserable for opposing defenses. Eaton, Heller, Hollands and Hoag rounded out a typical School team. Too much credit cannot be given to Don Fraser, the coach, who spent so much time and energy, and who was in no small manner responsible for the good showing of the team. Three forty-two 245194 nwggggyysi 1 9354 K ' . ' csc NI ive NI SENIOR SCHOOL WATER POLO TEAM Back Row: W. A. WOOD, J. C. TOWERS, T. BELL, R. A. WERBER, F. H. ADAMSON. Front Row: L. D. DOUGAN, H. M. JONES, D. F. FRASER, S. E. SWALLOW CCoachJ, C. E. HAWKE, F. R. ADAMS, L. R. BROWN. Senior School Water Polo ITH almost all the Jr. team of last year moving up to Sr. company, a well-balanced team was entered in the group with Sr. U.C. and Sr. I 'S T 'K 'E 'B 'B' 1 it 1. Zi' 'K 'B fb ' IN Meds. ln the first game with Sr. Meds, close checking prevented many scores, and the game ended in a tie, 2-2. Against Sr. U.C., the more experienced School forwards scored enough goals to win by 7-3 margin. The return game with Sr. Meds was the classic of the season, when after a scoreless first period. the School defense took over the burden with the Score tied 1-1, and ran in two rapid goals to win the game 3-1. The group championship was only won after a real battle with U.C. by a 4-1 score. after the U.C. defense mistook "Tubby" Bell for a line-plunger and "downed" him. Having drawn a bye into the finals, Sr. School played the defending cham- pions, Victoria, in a two-game series, total goals to count. An off night and a Victoria team playing championship polo resulted in an insurmountable lead of S goals for Victoria. ln the return game, Victoria pulled the game out of the ire with less than 30 seconds to go, winning by the odd goal in five. The School forwards of Bell, Hawke and Towers combined well, with Fraser at rover starting many plays. The defence of Jones and Wood made life miser- able for opposing players and even scored the odd goal -emuch to their own surprise. In goal, Brown ably backed them up. The alternates of Webber, Adams, Dougan and Adamson rounded out a typical School team. Sid Swallow, the coach, deserves a great deal of credit for the Successful season enjoyed by the team, even falling into the tank during one game in his anxiety to help. 24,6434 1559593541 Kfcfiv lvi?3fC'N1 SENIOR SCHOOL HOCKEY TEAM Back Row: FINCH, ELLSWORTH, MOFFAT, MITCHELL CManagerJ, BELL, KENNEDY, WERRY. Front Row: CALDWELL, MACLACHLAN, BRIDGLAND CCaptain7, HICKEY, WHEATON Senior School Hockey LTHOUGH the Weatherman has been "an old meanie" this winter and not allowed us to have outdoor ice, We have carried on at Varsity Arena. Due to this our practices have been limited greatly, but nevertheless we have a team which is working together very Well, with good combination and lots of fight. To pick out stars is very difhcult because every one of the players gives all he has at all times. But in the games so far, Chuck Bridgland, the captain has been going great guns on right Wing and has been capably assisted by Mac- Lachlan, Ellsworth and Finch. Kennedy on defence takes delight in stepping into any opponents who dare come close enough. Werry in goal is playing a very steady game and some of the saves he makes are marvellous. l would like to take this opportunity of thanking all the players vvho turned out with the team, for the splendid spirit shown and the Way in which they all co-operated. May Senior School have as good a group of boys next year. - Three forty-four ,JCJA 'bestow' ' .hm clgiegvl IViC'5l,G3Vl avfbyfb Q 2' 1 QS' SCHOOL GYM TEAM SHERWooD, BEARD, SIRMAN. S. P. S. Gymnastic Team CHGOL was again successful in capturing the Harold A. Wilson trophy for Gymnastics, the team being composed of G. F. Beardg M. L. Sherwood and W. R. Sirman. The first two were successful in Winning a place on the victorious Varsity Intercollegiate Team. School has been Well represented at the regular Workouts and provides, especially in the first year, an excellent choice of material that should stand a good chance of coming out on top again next year. d Three forty-five 5 Cr' ACM' Imaicul NDF? figggfivi nvQ'5fC'Ni SENIOR SCHOOL RUGBY Back Row: WEST, HAYHURST, BIGNON, MITCHELL CManagerJ, MACMILLAN CCoac-hp, MOFFAT, SYMONS, HEWITT. Cenire Row: FARQUAHAR, BoYD, GLOVER, MONSAROFF, WHEATON, MABEE, FINCH. Front Row: COULTER, BRANDT, FREELAND, HALLETT fCaptainJ, WARING, MCNICHOL. Absent: HILL, BRIDGLAND, GURNEY. 'E 3' - Senior School Rugby - HIS fall when the Hrst rugby practice Was held, it looked as though Senior School was bound to Win the Mulock Cup. But when the Champions were declared we were not present. The fact that We did not Win was not for the lack of co-operation and light, but to several tough breaks. By breaks I mean, injuries, Weather and lack of good competition in the group play-off. The first practice resulted in the loss of Pete West and Jim Eaton, two very good men, for the rest of the season. Then the intermediates took "Beef" Lichty and Harp. lVIcNichol our stellar halfback had his shoulder dislocated just before the play-offs started. We Won our group Without any trouble Whatever, but in the semi-final against "Vic" We were beaten but not disgraced. We were defeated ay a mighty good team and We Went down fighting. The Work of lVIcNichol Was outstanding, both individually and in team play. Bridgland and Hallet, the captain, capably assisted him on time half line, While "Dewey" Hill, Who Was seriously injured in the last game, Glover and Boyd Were a very good tackling brigade. In the game against "Vic" George Brandt played a marvellous game along the line. Waring and Wdeaton, the quarterbacks, handled the team very Well and had the record of being out to practice every night throughout the Whole season. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Scotty lVIacMif,lan Who so capably coached us, and also the boys for their Whole-hearted co-operation. Z Three forty-six ' U Xiu' ihwicwi 152.953 3 CNl lvififfwn JUNIOR SCHOOL BASKETBALL Back Row: H. WILKINSON CCoachJ, SHARPE, PEACOCK, O'FLYNNE, L. WONG CManagerJ. From Row: SMYTHE, WALDEN, CARRUTH CCaptainJ, C. MILLER, D. MILLER. Absent: LILLEY, WOOD. - 5, 5, J? Q JR. S.P.S. BASEBALL TEAM Front Row: B. CARVETH CManagerJ, D. COOKE, W. LOWE, P. HAWKER CCaptainb, J. TROSTER, J. DUTTON. Middle Row: H. TURLEY, R. WALDON, H. MASON, A. UPPER, R. MILLER. Back Row: A. JACOB, A. MCLAUGHLIN, P. PURCELL, L. EGAR. - Three forty-seven QYKCJQAI umkgggyu 'NQN igcfqv avefiiffwi ., A SENIOR SCHOOL BASEBALL TEAM GROUP CHAMPIONS 1933 Back Row: K. B. KENNEDY, C. B. BRITNELL, W. O. MCBRIDE, A. W. M. CARMICHAEL, T. C. MUIR, F. V. C. HEWETT. Front Row: J. P. BORBEY, W. S. SMITH QManagerJ, J. J. A. HowE CCaptainb, T. J. CARBONE CCoachy, T. J. WELLS, A. A. JOHNSTON. Absent: P. J. HowE, G. W. WILSON. .5 4. Senior School Baseball Team AINTAINING a long established custom, Senior School again won their 1 group title in Interfaculty Baseball. Pharmacy and Dents were good contenders for this honour but with proper persuasion conceded us two victories each. Six members of the team have been playing with S.P.S. since 1928 when they assisted in the procuring of the Spalding Cup for School. George Wilson, the veteran pitcher controlled the mound and Hugh Johnston as catcher took everything coming his way. Austin Howe on first base, Keith Kennedy on second base, and Joe Howe on third base, with Tom Carbone and Tom Muir filling the gaps between at short stop, composed a perfect infield. Bill Carmichael, and Frank Hewett were very proficient at catching the hot ones off the back wall and the rafters. Bill McBride, John Borbey, Jack Wells and Carl Britnell were always prepared to meet any emergency and filled in at any position Without weakening the team. At the time of going to press the team is playing a two game series with O.A.C. for the honour of getting into the semi-finals. Although the series is incomplete the team is rather confident of bringing the Spalding Cup to School again after an absence of a few years. Three foriy-eight 5,1 Nc? AC-'11 'scope' AGM: SP SPS PS Eixgcfqvl lvQC'5llf.'Nl 94' Q15 lvQ'.'5lT?Nl SENIOR SCHOOL BASKETBALL Back Row: A. HAGERMAN, R. CAHOON, L. LICHTY, B. COOPERMAN, K. BLACK, H. WILKENSON. Front Row: J. HALL, L. WoNG, S. TENENBAUM, C. BRITNELL, T. DOUGLAS. Senior School Basketball EN IOR School were represented by one of the strongest teams gathered in years, under the School banner. The team was composed of four of last year's players plus five juniors who graduated to higher company via the examination route and three others who had previously confined their basketball activities to other spheres. However, games are not won on paper, and in their first contest the School- men succumbed to Sr. Vic, last year's champions, by a 27-17 score. The game was closely contested and it was only in the last 10 minutes that the team faltered and Sr. Vic Went on to victory. In the next game, the Schoolmen showed a complete reversal of form and trounced Sr. Dents by a 49-10 margin. In a trip to Hamilton, an exhibition game was played between a combined team from the McMaster University Intermediate and Junior squads and the Engineers flashed their best form to win, 36-22. The long looked for return game with Sr. Vic next followed and School received ample revenge for their first defeat, with a 23-7 triumph over their ancient rivals. The game was featured by the hard checking of the Engineers, who confined the Vic men to one point in the second half. The return game with Dents was a repetition of the first, the Schoolmen returning with a 53-8 victory in the highest scoring Interfaculty game to date. ' At the time of writing, Sr. School are now tied with Sr. Vic and a third game will be necessary to decide the group title and the right to enter the playoffs. It is difficult to single out any individual stars since all the players give of their best when playing, which is all that can be asked for. Expectations are high, and it is the hopes of the team that they will be able to return the Sifton Cup to the Little Red School House, from which it has sojourned for some years. Three forty nine nba: iNgQgg,3w ELXCTUVI IVQijiQ9VI S. P. S. Soccer, 1932 ROSPECTS of a good Soccer season for "School" were bright this year. Most of last year's team were available and we had the makings of a strong team. There were a few vacancies for freshman which were filled before the schedule of games began. Our confidence was rudely shattered in our first game, which was won by "Meds", 2-1. Although we had practised consistently, this game showed us that we must do more work if we were to improve our position. For this extra effort we were well rewarded, being successful in winning the remaining regular games. This left us tied with Wycliffe College for group honours. After a hard and somewhat rough struggle "School" won the Group title and privilege of playing Victoria College in the semi-finals of the Interfaculty Series. Realizing we had a hard road ahead of us we practised diligently. The semi-finals are two games and the team with most goals is the winner. The first game was played on an icy field at the Stadium. Each side played cautious- ly owing to the slippery footing and "Victoria" won, 2-0. The second game was played on the Front Campus with a slight improvement in ground con- ditions, and ended in a draw, 1-1. Victoria College thus won the round and "School Soccer" was over for the year. The team is indebted to Professor Allcut and Matt. Ward who came for- ward again this year to assist us in our endeavours to become a better School team. Three jifty YZ, I INQZQQAI G f4'J if 'lvl -IVQYCINI u lvQ'3l'G'Nl SCHOOL SWIMMING But-If How: RIDLEY, SWALLOW, WEISISER, NASMITH, W. WO0DfMHHHg9Tl, B. WOOD, VESSIE, CRAWFORD. Front Row: CONRON, HAWKE, BRUCE, FITZGERALD fCoach7, FRASER, KEITH, Hoi.i.ANDs DANCE. S. P. S. Swimming Team-Intcrfaculty Champions, 5 1953 CHOOL again annexed the Fitzgerald Trophy, emblematic of Interfaculty champions, but only after a strong finish in the relay, nosing out UC., the runners-up by 2 points. Practices did not start until late in the season, and for a time things looked dull. However, the acquisition of Mr. Fitzgerald as coach, a good turnout, and the showing of some first year men worked wonders. In the 200-yard free style, Swallow annexed t.he first point with a third place. Due to sickness, School was not represented in the diving, but Nasmith swam a beautiful race in the 100-yard backstroke to gain a first pface. Hawke and Conron boosted the total to 12 points with a first and third respectively in the 100 yards free style. Wood finished strong in the 200-yard breast stroke to gain a second place. In the 440-yard free style, a win for U.C. and Sid Swallow's third place tied up the meet at 16 points each, thus making the relay the deciding event of the meet. Webber, Vessie, Keith and Conron all swam a great race to win the relay and with it the meet. The second relay team of Bruce, Dance, Hollands and McCatty made a great try for third place, but were nosed out. Crawford made a good showing in the breast stroke as did Ridley in the back stroke. To Mr. Fitzgerald, the coach, the team owes not a little of its success, and with the formation of the School Swimming and Waterpolo Club this year to foster these sports, practices will be started earlier next year in defense of the trophy. Three fifty one XCLQA uN,g35g,w skjjff f43 gfgwi w.6iQ-.wi .vfgy Q. . DENTAL ATHLETIC COMMITTEE A. E. CARBERT, M. R. MCNEIL, ED. DoRE, E. BAUCROFT, G. SH1LL1NGToN, D. FERGUSON, A. E. WARD. A. Z. HENRY, E. PURDY, DEAN SECCOMBE, R. A. CONNOR fPresidentj, A. J. DUPU1s. Z Dental Athletic Committee 5 P 'fi HE athletic committee of the Faculty of Dentistry consists of a representa- Mi' S tive of every sport in which students in dentistry partake. They are 29 elected annually by student vote and control all athletics and equipping of teams in connection with the faculty. The president of athletics is elected from this committee and has a seat on the students cabinet to which body he is directly responsible. Dental teams have been entered in all the lnterfaculty sports this year and in spite of the small registration of the faculty all teams have met With remark- able success. Interfaculty teams in dentistry have been considerably weakened in hockey and other sports due to a number of men taking part in Intercollegiate sports Where they have been greatly successful in maintaining the honor of "Dents". T Three fifty-two 236.94 Imaggxw MQW? my... -.V.f.5ieN. fvmjyg, fs 9 DENTS INTERFACULTY HOCKEY TEAM Back Row: J. K. GARRETT, H. B. SQUIRES, W. T. JOYNT, M. G. MCCARTNEY, A. Z. HENRY, J. C. SP1-:NCI-1, E. J. KLASEN. Front Row: R. A. CONNOR CPresident of Athleticsj, R. W. MACKIE, B. P. KEARNEY, W. C. CLARK, F. C. LANKIN, A. J. DUPUIS CPresident of Hockeyb. Absent: A. P. MCDONALD, W. A. WEIR, DR. SHELDON CCoachD. ' Three fifty-three ' to EYQQCAAI Imggggafsl NSF Kewl nvw'.'5fC'Nn DENTAL BASEBALL TEAM 1933 Back Row: L. MASON, DR. J. H. JOHNSON CCoachJ, A. GARDINER. Centre Row: L. ROLLASTON, W. WEIR, G. OSWALD. Bottom Row: E. HACKETT, M. MCNEILL CManagerJ, J. KAY, M. HARRIS, S. CHODOROOFF. A 52. 9 DENTAL SOCCER TEAM Bock Row: H. G. LUCAS CCOachJ, H. HUTCHINSON, L. SPROTT, A. GARDINER, W. YOUNG, F. STAPLETON, M. MCNEILL, R. MACKIE, DR. S. M. RICHARDSON CCoachJ. Front Row: F. PON, A. BROTMAN, A. CARBERT, M. BOYES. - T11 ree' fifly-four Q c:76fC.34' waeaggaol o'f43.W New M?3fC'Nu ivpfgm o a l WYCLIFFE COLLEGE ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE, 1932-33 W. E. KIBBLEWHITE fSecretaryJ, K. H. FAIRWEATHER CCuratorJ. R. S. MORISSEY CVice-Presidentj, S. A. R. WOOD QPresidentJ, W. PRIOR CTreasurerJ. Wfycliffe College Athletic Association 5 ITH the small registration of sixty men Wycliffe did well to field teams 5 , in seven inter-faculty competitions. No championships were gained but .4 in every endeavor our teams acquitted themselves creditably. - The Soccer team was a well balanced aggregation and played well, only to lose out to the "School" men in a sudden-death game for the group title by a one to nothing score. In the inter-faculty Track and 'Field Meet three Wycliffe men took part and every one placed. ln the Varsity Harrier Run we had men place second and third, thus gaining places on the intercollegiate team. ln Tennis, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey our teams placed well up in interfaculty standings. Athletic competition within the College itself has also been very keen. Teams from the Upper and Lower Flats have had many evenly contested matches for the possession of the lsherwood Trophy. The Upper Flat proved the winner for the second successive year by four wins to two. Athletics in Wycliffe have their "Ups" and "Downs" and although winning teams may be few and far between, the interest in sport never lags. it - Three fifty-five ' CKCA41 Ifse.Qgg',w 1fsh.'-IPF? qv: :vw NI 19ff J BC A' PHARMACY HOCKEY TEAM 32-33 Top Row: E. R. WALDIE fCentreD, J. C. INCH CL. Wingb. Middle Row: D. A. RUPERT CL. Wingb, J. S. MCDOUGALL CR. Wingj, F. A. FILION CDefenceJ, V. W. EVANS CCentreD, D. W. SHAW CDefenceD. Bottom Row: C. B. COLLING CGOalD, P. J. SPRATT CR. Wingb, G. T. M. HILL CManagerJ, DEAN C. F. HEEBNER, H. R. LARSON CDe-fence, "Captain"J, J. E. BRISCOE fGoaD. E .- Q 3 O.C.P. SOCCER TEAM, 3T3 C. DARRY, H. ANDERSON, J. ARMSTRONG CAthletic Representativeb, J. MCDOUGALL, W. MILBURN R. FREURE, D. SHIELLS, H. COWLING CCaptainD, J. BRISOOE, DEAN HEEBNER, V. EVANS, D. CARRUTHERS, H. WILSON, S. TURNER - Three fifty-six - . .v CKCLMI 'Nagy' NEB? ww Rfimwf Ga-C ... TT Y Y N 3 u Y 4 15 '1 N vi. H U .5- . E A W 1 M . 1 .Z A 11 PHARMACY LACROSSE TEAM 32-33 Top Row: J. S. MCDOUGAIJL, J. A. WELLS qCaptain3, C. G. CARMICHAEL qManage-ry, F. A. FILION, T. J. SLATTERY. Boltom Row: C. J. NELSON, V. W. EVANS, DEAN C. F. HEEBNER, J. C. INCH, H. V. HICKS. il M i fl 5 ' L lf' Z 'QR Q2 95+ T? 'Q . V N I 2 I O.C.P. BASEBALL Top Row: J. A. ARMSTRONG CAthletic Directory, V. W. EVANS, J. D. SHIELLS, M. HAMMOND, L. D. STRINGER, C. F. CRAWFORD QCoachj. Bottom Row: J. P. JURY, H. PERRY, W. R. HUGHES CManagerJ, H. V. HICKS, E. A. GARDNER. " Three fifty-seven - ,Q 42- . - QW ,f6Q.3,,, :Ng,g,g.',vs. N. .BR QTQQI IVQIGNI 454' ya me ae 1 N l I I 1 w , N I w , I V I XCD 3 - sl V 1 I . ' I O.C.P. BASKETBALL I Top Row: V. COHEN, F. J. REDFERN, J. E. HAMILTON, L. S. OMNET. . Boilom Row: I. KATZ, S. S. LYONS fManagerJ, H. BOCKNEK fCaptainD, R. F. CROWE ICOZICIII, V. W. EVANS. 69 A e f if H ' - I fi I I I T HOLDERS IN PHARMACY Lcft: J. A. WELLS CSeni0r "B" and Intermediate O.H.A. 31-32 and 32-333. Rigid: H. L. COWLINC. Clntercollegiate Soccer 32-335. Z Three fifly-eight 'S .G pfA,QQf?fH -ubgkggggmn uafgizgfg 2? gym -zvefifiiwu nvffgjgy . il Q . KNOX COLLEGE SOCCER TEAM INTERFACULTY CHAMPIONS Back Row: D. ROWLAND, J. YOUNG, H. DAVIDSON CCaptainJ, H. ANDERSON, D. MCCULLOUGH, D. GOWDY, J. DUNN. Front Roux- G. CUTHBERTSON, R. ROBERTSON CManagerJ, M. LONG, D. DAVIDSON, W. MCKEOWN, W. WEIR. .5 it 'li 29 - Knox College Soccer Team - NOX won the Arts Faculty Cup for the fifth consecutive time, which is noav the record number of successive years for any team to hold this trop y. The team also acquired the distinction of going through the season without losing a game, repeating the achievement of Knox teams of the last three years. All opposition was easily overcome until the final two-game series with Victoria College. The first encounter resulted in a draw, and the deciding maiieh gave the verdict to Knox by the narrow but well-earned margin of one goa . With only two exceptions the same players will wear the Purple and White next Fall, and indications are that Knox will add further laurels to her name. -' Three fifty-nine is Q3 2'6CQ.w 'swim' if-KDE? xcfqvr nvGf5f5?Nl Q? 6? 5 2QgQ,g,-N umglxgysu Lgtciiv' ' Q WOMEN'S INTERCCLLEGIATE ATHLETICS if Q Q ? fwdwvxq 5 dk .xf3 - sitcj .. NO h N I 7 X WI ff M W N' X X bgqcfg I nvhf'5iC'Nn Women's Athletics UTSTANDING events in women's athletics in the year 1932-33 were the loss of the intercollegiate basketball and tennis championships, long held by Varsity, to McGill and Queen's respectively, the winning of the intercollegiate hockey in two straight games, and the entry of eleven teams in the interfaculty basketball series. The interfaculty tennis was once again won by St. Hildafs, but the showing of St. Michaels was noteworthy, Agnes Gardner of that college winning the individual championship. Queen's strong team captured both singles and doubles in the intercollegiate meet. Dorothy Bishop's capable Senior Vic. team took the interfaculty basketball title held last year by Junior Vic., with Senior U.C. as the other finalists. The feature of the series was the showing of the combined Meds. and Public Health team. An inexperienced intercollegiate squad lost the 'Bronze Baby' to McGill in Montreal, but defeated Western. Sally Ballard was coach of the team, Kay Stewart, manager, and Eleanor Wallace, Captain. The intermediates won one game and tied one, losing three others by close scores. The interfaculty hockey series is again incomplete due to lack of ice but the intercollegiates again won the title from Queen's, under the able coaching of Stewart Ferguson, with Isobal Blair and Marnie Faulds as managers and Margot Thompson as captain. The City League is still unfinished. Victoria won back the baseball cup in a three-team series with St. Mike's and U.C. An interfaculty badminton series is being played with a number of outstanding players competing. The interfaculty swimming meet is scheduled for March 8 and will undoubtedly bring out some outstanding talent. Directorate members for 1932-33: Dr. C. C. Benson, President, Mrs. W. A. Kirkwood, Dr. Edith Gordon, Miss I. Cf. Coventry, Mrs. W. B. Elsley, Miss Adele Statten and Miss A. E. M. Parkes, Financial Secretary, as faculty and graduate representatives, and the Misses Betty Carter, Betty Edwards, Jessie Gray, Beatrice Longley, Audrey Purkis and Margot Thompson, as undergraduates. Club Presidents: Basketball, Miss Margot Thompson, Hockey, Miss Eleanor Sanson, Swimming, Miss Betty Edwards, Tennis, Miss Mary Thom, Baseball, Miss Ann Quinlan, Badminton, Miss Peggy Glassco. Three sixty-two :ISC-lie! 'N!D.i.9"' 3. 2 NLDLIFS if QQ, IvI'.'5fC'NI Iybfgivjg G C? I I I I ! I I LI N 9 If-E if LC-Ti? WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE BASKETBALL TEAM Back Row: KAY STEWART CManage-rj, ALICE BUTLER, PATRICIA PALMER, MURIEL ATKIN. Front Row: DOROTHY DEMPSTER, GRACE MCCLINTOCK, BEATRICE LONGLEY, BETTY LOGAN, HELEN SMITH. Insets: MISS SALLY BALLARD CCoachJ, ELEANOR VVALLACE QCaptain. I L 2 S O Si 'ES G S E N WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE HOCKEY TEAM INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS Back Row: ISOBEL BLAIR QManagery, PATRICIA THOMPSON, DAMA LUMLEY, STEWART FERGUSON fCoachJ, JEAN ATKINSON, MARNIE FAULDS fAsst. Managerj. Front Row: BILLY FOWLER, JANET Gow, MARGOT THOMPSON CCaptainJ, ELEANOR SANSON, DOROTHY STARR. L' Three sixty-three Q ,,. . -Sb AQ94' INQQAAI INAQSF: ww 1546253 WOMEN'S SENIOR "T" HOLDERS Back Row: DOROTHY DEMPSTER, JANET Gow, DAMA LUMLEY, PATRICIA PALMER, ALICE BUTLER, PATRICIA THOMPSON, BEATRICE LONGLEY, GRACE MCCLINTOCK. Front Row: BILLY FOWLER, DOROTHY STARR, BETTY CARTER, MARGOT THOMPSON BETTY EDWARDS, MURIEL ATKIN, JEAN DAVEY, ELEANOR SANSON. MURIEL ATKIN, U.C. '33-Four years U.C. and one year intercollegiate basketball, manager 1932. Effective guard. ALICE BUTLER, Trin. '35-Two years St. Hilda's, one year intercollegiate, basketball. Steady guard. PATRICIA CALLEN, St. M's. '34-Fourth player 1933 intercollegiate tennis. Steady and hardworker. BETTY CARTER, Trin. '33-Three years intercollegiate hockey, two years inter- collegiate tennis. Keen and reliable. Directorate '32-'33. JEAN DAVEY, Vic. '33wThird player 1933 intercollegiate tennis. Very reliable. DOROTHY DEMPSTER, U.C. '35-Played intermediate basketball 1925, several years under men's rules. Intercollegiate one year. Very experienced player, outstanding refer- ee. BETTY EDWARDS, U.C. '33-Special swim- ming award. Holds Canadian record at 1,000 yards and one mile. Member 1930 British Empire, 1932 Olympic teams. Dgrectorate and President Swimming Club, '3 -'33. Three sixty-four BILLY FOWLER, Vic. '34-Two years inter- collegiate hockey. Good skater and stick- handler. JANET GOW, U.C. '35+Two years inter- collegiate hockey. Good defensive player. JESSIE GRAY, Meds. '34-Three years inter- collegiate tennis. Very consistent player. Directorate '32-'33. DOROTHY JAMES, Meds. '33-Alternate intercollegiate hockey '29 and '30, Direc- torate '30-'31, BEATRICE LONGLEY, Vic. '34-Three years Vic. and intercollegiate basketball. Splendid playmaker. Directorate '32-'33. DAMA LUMLEY, Ap. Sc. '33-Three years intercollegiate hockey. Dependable goal- keeper. GRACE MCCLINTOCK, Vic. '33-Two years Vic. basketball, intercollegiate '33. High scoring forward. HELEN MCKINLEY, Meds. '33-Sub-goalie intercollegiate hockey two years. PATRICIA PALMER, Vic. '34-Three years Vic., two years intercollegiate, basketball. Strong defensive centre. 3795334 'bestow' A1953 Kewl -uvsiifchvn .s 'DQS Q C7 MARY ROUS, U.C. '34eTwo years inter- collegiate hockey. Strong defensive player. ELEANOR SANSON, H.Sc. '34-Two years intercollegiate hockey. Hard checking wing. President Hockey Club '32-'33. DOROTHY STARR, Grad. Stud.-Three years intercollegiate hockey. Reliable and hard-working. KATHARINE SYMONS, Trin. '35fOne year intercollegiate tennis, finalist. Very con- sistent player. MARGOT THOMPSON, Trin. '33-A Four years St. Hilda's basketball and intercol- legiate hockey, captain '33. Splendid skater and shot. President Basketball Club, Directorate '32-'33. PATRICIA THOMPSON, U.C. '35eTwo years intercollegiate hockey. Good de- fensive player. ELEANOR WALLACE, U.C. '34iThree years U.C. and intercollegiate basketball, . captain ,33. Strong defensive player. l uvQ'.'5l!C.'Nl WOMEN'S JUNIOR "T" HOLDERS A Back Row: DOROTHY MACDONALD QHockeyJ, ISOBEL MCKILLOP BLAIR CHockey and Basketballl. Front Row: MAREL CURISTON fBasketba11J, HELEN SMITH CBasketball7, KATHLEEN STEWART, CLARA BALLARD, Insef, CSpecial Awards Basketbally, MARY THoM CBaseball and Hockeyj. - Ca-f' Three sixty-five :QCJAI INQQQA' fifgfivl M'.'5fC'.'Nu lifpfjyjb Q. . WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE TENNIS PAT CALLEN, KAY SYMONS, AGNES GARDNER, JEAN DAVEY. A3 E Q ? 'X ,Y WOMEN'S INTERMEDIATE BASKETBALL TEAM Back Row: BETTY SHANAHAN, ELEANOR PETHICK, HELEN MCGARRY, LORNA REID. Front Row: MARGARET ROSE, MARGARET LAMEE, HELEN GARRETT fCaptain5, MARY LOUISE CARRE, QUITA MENNELL 4Manager7. Absent: Miss JEAN ALLEN CCoachD. " Three sixty-six X fy- -3 :QQMI WNQQQLVSI IAQQM: nvQ'.'5ff?Nl E 8 xv .y . I WOMEN'S INTERFACULTY ATHLETICS 2,- U III gi Mm 6, Q55 wkfivn IVQfjiC?iN?I Q. uvvf'5iC.'Nl U.C. WOMEN'S ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE Top Row: LoLo BOEHMER, BETTY SIFTON, MARG. ROBB, HELEN MCGIBBON. Boitom Row: ELEANOR DOHERTY, BETTY PRICE, RUTH PAYNE, MARY PAGE. Absent KAY STEWART, PAT. MUssoN. University College Women's Athletics OMEN'S athletics at University College were carried on this year under the direction of the Women's Sports Executive. Although no Interfaculty championships have been won, it is expected that the Ewiciinming and badminton teams will attain great honours in their respective e s. , - Tennis was the first scheduled sport of the College. The tournament was carried on very enthusiastically considering the difficulty U.C. experienced in obtaining courts. U.C. had three basketball teams this year, showing that this sport is very popular in the College. The Senior team lost the Interfaculty champion- ship to Victoria in a closely contested battle. The other two teams did not win many games but contain much good material for future Senior teams. Four U.C. basketball players won places on the Senior Intercollegiate and three on the Intermediate Intercollegiate teams. Baseball was revived at U.C. this year after a lapse of two years. The team was unable to regain the championship which the last team had won but sufficient enthusiasm was shown by the players to indicate that the College may regain its position of leadership in the near future. After two years' trial in the College, the U.C. Badminton Club was ofiicially recognized by the W.U.A. this year. In the latter part of February the Interfaculty swimming meet was held and U.C. sent a very strong team to compete in this event. Practically all the members of last year's team were eligible this year and in addition there are a number of girls in the first year who have shown up very well in the practices. U.C. has four players on the Intercollegiate hockey team, including one freshman. U.C. sporting activities were brought to a close this year with the Annual Athlefici Banquet on March 16 at which the shields, crests and T's were awar e . Three sixty-eight CHC-'.w 'NQL194' 52.9235 ZYCC-'JA' IN.Qgg,w NQSB: Cfgifivl Aavwi'5fE'f-2: 'WDM Y Xe FALUCT 1 SENIOR U.C. BASKETBALL TEAM QUITA LIENNELL, GRACE GRISTWOOD, ELEANOR WALLACE, HELEN CURRAN, . MARY STEWART, HILDA LAYMAN. JEAN ALLEN CCoach7, HELEN GARRETT, MURIEL ATKIN CCaptainJ, RUTH CUNNINGHAM, KAY STEWART fManagerJ. .. '7 .33 -A U.C. WOMEN'S JUNIOR BASKETBALL. MARY PAGE, EILEEN PARR, HELEN MCGARRY, LORNA REID, DOROTHY DEMPSTER, KATHARINE DEWAR, DENT CASSON CCaptainJ, BETTY PRICE, ELEANOR PETHICK. ' Three six! y-71 Ai ne ' 1 N43 c?SC:'qvn uvwfvfiffwn T .. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE TENNIS TEAM K. MCINTYRE, M. ROBB, MRS. SCOTT GRIFFIN. M. SALTER, L. BOEHMER, P. MUSSON. I l U.C. BADMINTON TEAM DOROTHY DEMPSTER, LEONORE FRASER, MARGARET DEWEY, LoL0 BOEHMER. ' Three seventy 4 fy- 32: ACLQAI laeg,ggg,w 'Highs crgicfqvl HM'.'5fC'N1 avi' U.C. SOFTBALL TEAM D. CASSON, A. MACKAY, H. LIEBLER. R. PAYNE, R. JOHNSTONE, M. ROBB CManagery, L. FRASER, J. ATKINSON. Absent: M. HOGARTH, M. DEWEY. - - .5 H. 9 ? U.C. WOMEN'S HOCKEY HELEN MCGIBBON, STELLA LILLICO, HELEN CURRAN, GENEVIEVE ST. AUEIN. CONSTANCE BROWNE, ISABEL KLEIN, H. LIEBLER, BETTY GUEST. Three seventy-one Cafe I 'NA-3 Aw' Imggggw ADM: xcfqvp IWSICYNI lvfgyfb A A UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S SWIMMING TEAM MOLLIE STEVENS, JOAN KNOWLTON, HELEN MCGIBBON, BETTY EDWARDS. Absent: D. CASSON. .5 A Q U.C. FRESHIE BASKETBALL TEAM MARGUERITE DUNCANSON, KEITH MCKERROL, GENEVIEVE SAINTE AUBIN. FRANCIS HARKNESS, BETTY SIFTON fManagerJ, BETTY LOGAN CCaptainJ, MADGE SHAW, BETTY GUEST. Three seventy-two CKCJA1 w.:Tc,w 'NDN MTN' 191'.'jiIf?N! Q CT Z - VICTORIA COLLEGE WOMEN'S ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE -I BILLIE FOWLER, MLTRIEL EASTWOOD, JEAN DAVEY, BEA LONGLEY, DOROTHY MACDONALD, JEAN CAMERON, MARGARET FAULDS. KAY MACKENZIE, JEAN FENTON, MARY THOM, PAT PALMER, ROYCE ROBERTSON T ' Th ree sezvent y-th ree - ,QCJQAIO 1N,9ig3ys. INQM 3 if mv vc5f.w ww .QQ ' ' ' Ziff. W WL I A i VICTORIA WOMEN'S SENIOR BASKETBALL Front: M. QUENTIN, J. CAMERON CManagerJ, B. LONGLEY QCaptain7, D. BISHOP CCOachJ, B. MOUNTAIN. Back: M. GUNISTAN, H. SMITH, D. MACDONALD. Absent I. BLAIR, A. SPARLING, V. SELKIRK, G. BECKER. Z - 's fb 5 Z VICTORIA WOMEN'S JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Back Row: DAVIDSON, MACKENZIE, WOOD CCoachb, CURRIE Front Row: MCCLINTOCK, BERNHARDT, COWAN CCaptainJ, BROBST, THOMPSON. Absent: JENKING, ROLLS. ,Z Three seventy-four ,S , 93193 :Q ,jfs INQQQAAI lexkvgjq T' '3- 6 -T' 'ggi .4 'S QVC"q-as -:w'.'5fO'w1 mfgF'3'?iS n E, 2 ,f HL, ,Q 1 A w ' I W. 1? Ml 1 I I V , V 1 'N H H , 1 'I ,I ll ,J I M H1 if L1 A Il wg AH I T 1 I I I , I VICTORIA WOMEN'S BASEBALL Back Row: MARGARET FAULDS, HELEN SMITH, D. BRACE CCoachJ, MARY THOM, MLTRIEL 5 EASTWOOD, JEAN BLUNDELL. Q Front Row: ANN SCOTT, NORMA BEECRAFT, JEAN DAVEY, MARIAN TAIT, BILLY FOWLER. ly H w ' N 1 1 ' A1 1 Q? if f 5 W IRI J Y if I 1 l 6 M I 1 M JE it il L N I N M A M VICTORIA COLLEGE TENNIS , ANNE SCOTT, BILLIE FOWLER, FRANCES FULTON, ALMA BURFIELD, JEAN DAVEY, H XP GRETA MAXWE.LL. E A 1 I 7 J l 2, Three severity-,fizve Q4 P1 f L+, Magi Sffrzgif 1 -A4-AAA A -INQQQJWIY W +R M AQAAA - R AA- 5- E J Ygfival 1vQ'5fC'Nn avp'3'QjJ kan 6 C? S? VICTORIA COLLEGE WOMEN'S SWIMMING TEAM Top Row: DORIS TRAILL, BEATRICE LONGLEY, FLORENCE EVELETH. Front Row: ELIZABETH GILLESPIE, PATRICIA PALMER, ANNE SCOTT, JEAN FENTON, HELEN SMITH. - ' Three seventy-six - Hgh, INQJQQ-154' N955 EQ' 'Nl IVf'5iCYNl C-RS .5 M T.. Q 2? - VICTORIA WOMEN'S HOCKEY 1933 T Back Row: J. BATHO, R. SWARTZ, M. MACKAY, A. BRANT CCoachJ, M. SCLATER, K. STRUTHERS, I. BLAIR. Front Row: D. MACDONALD CManagerJ, K. PIRIE, M. THOM, M. EASTWOOD, M. CURRISTON. A Three seventy-seven ' KCJQAI INQAQLBAI lifcfgvl nvwifffwn ivffgyalg To 3 - ST. MICTHAEL'S WOMEN,S TENNIS TEAM HELEN TALLON, MARGUERITE HAYES, DOROTHY SMYTH, AGNES GARDNER, PATRICIA CALLEN. 5 - Q ? ST. MICHAEL'S WOMEN'S BASKETBALL ELIZABETH SHANAHAN, RITA DWYER, ANNE QUINLAN, AGNES GARDNER, CALLIE DUNN, HELINE DARTE, FLAHIFF. - Three seventy-eight " 3 O, . QAJCJAQ nhfgglgyal 1ab,'DgYq3 ifcfqvn M'.5fC'NI ff-fF'QfYi L 6. '04 3 z ST. MICHAEL'S WOMEN'S BASEBALL DORIS MARCH, LILLIAN MCNAMARA, EILEEN WHELAN, MARIE WRITT, PAIILINE SIMON, IRENE ALLEN, ANNE QUINLAN, MARJORIE MOSSBAUGH. Z E 52,1 ,G 4 5 Z LORETTO COLLEGE ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE MARJORIE MOSSBAUGH, PATRICIA CALLEN, ANNE QUINLAN, CLIVE MACKIIIN. Z. Three seventy-nine 3 fig' 0 'Qi pdf-'jfs' Imggggysl NJN: KSN: avGf5fCfNl lvifjgg Q. . HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE SWIMMING TEAM, 1933 ELEANOR SAMSON, JOAN BATEMAN, WILMA CUMMING. Absent: BEULAH HUTNER. 43 52? 9 3 1933 HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE BASKETBALL TEAM AUDREY STEVENS, WILMA CUMMING, EILLEEN CROVER, BETTY CHINN CCaptainJ, EDITH PEAKE CCoachJ, MARY HAY. Absent: ELIZABETH HUNT, KAY WYLIE, BARBARA METCALFE. ' Three eighty '- 'vu 233.441 E'N.'QQ,C-254' NQB: Nl 94' Q - MEDICAL WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION HARRIET GATES, ELEANOR RIGGS, ELIZABETH LOWES. AGNES JAMIESON, VERA PETERS, DOROTHY JAMES, BLISS MCQLIARRIE, CHARLOTTE SMALL. A, 2 it f G. U lf Z I E- , an 'A f' ' " f' r ,T . as-A m., wa' l, f f i 'Q T .,, 1 5 I 1 - K jj " xl i MEDICAL WOMEN'S ATHLETIC TEAMS Top Row: MARGARET HAROOURT, DOROTHY JAMES, JEAN LANG, JESSIE GREY, HARRIET GATES, AGNES J AMIESON. Middle Row: BLISS MCQUARRIE, MARY MARSHALL, VERA PETERS, DOROTHY STEVENS, MARY ALBERTSON, HELEN MCKINLEY, ELEANOR RIGGS, MARGARET BICKLE. Bottom Row: MARION SHERWOOD, HELEN CUMFORT, CLARA BALLARD, CHARLOTTE SMALL, MARGARET GORSTIGE, M. FORSYTHE, L. READ. Z Three eighty-one - U . r ' Nd 57QQ,4fsl lmggggymz 'Night KY Qfivl M'.5lC?Nu Mfpijd P ST. HILDA'S ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE Back Row: N. ORD, A. BUTLER, M. KIRRY, P. HARRISON, E. ARDAGH. Front Roux- E. PALMER, P. GLASSCO, M. THOMPSON, B. CARTER, H. JAMES. The St. Hilda's Athletic Association NOTHER year is nearly gone, and once again the past is being dug out to become immortal on the pages of Torontonensis. As usual, Tennis occupied our time during the first few weeks of the Michaelmas term, and as usual weather conditions were unfavourable to the completion of the College tournament. In the Interfaculty competition we made a good beginning by winning the tournament by a considerable margin, while one member of the team played for Varsity in the Intercollegiate matches. In spite of the fact that four regular members of the basketball team of last year graduated, the almost-new squad, through splendid coaching and hard work, reached the Semi-finals but were defeated by the "eminent Vic- torians". Several members of the team are now turning out for Intercollegiate and Intermediate practices. There seems to be little hope of playing out the Interfaculty Hockey Series but if the weather is favourable, we are pinning our hopes on Betty Carter who is not eligible for Intercollegiate Hockey this year. Badminton, while not yet recognized as an Interfaculty Sport, will this year receive some sort of recognition by the University. The comparative ability of our team will be known at a later date. With four places to be filled on the swimming team, it remains to be seen whether we shall be able to keep the cup so hardly wrested from UC. last year. In March we will officially bring to a close the Athletic activities of the year by our annual Athletic dinner and distribution of awards. Th ree eighty-two IAQ, uwggigyax A ,Ml ,Qi gd ,dnl uwgggysm ua-sr,QH4 N hiifgvl :vs'5fC'Nu flvffgg LQ' 3 - ST. HILDA'S SWIMMING FARMER, E. PALMER, M. MCCULLOCH, M. LAMBE, R. KNOWLTON, N. ORD, K. GRUHB. ' f if 9' 5 .4 1. i i' i A i P 'A ST. HILDA'S HOCKEY B. CARTER, E. ARDAGH, M. MACDONALD, M. ROSE, K. SYMONS. H. JAMES, E. PALMER, P. HARRISON, M. MORRIS, K. GRUBB. ,Z Three eighty-three - U, ,U WICLQAF IIKPQQZQJQAI Ale-blog XCR: lvifjfffwn Q. ST. HILDA'S BASKETBALL TEAM Back Row: E. ARDAGH, M. ROSE, M. LAMB, L. STAFFORD. Front Row: A. BUTLER, E. PALMER, M. THOMPSON, M. L. CARRE, K. GRUBBE. 5 L Q. T? 2 ST. HILDA'S TENNIS E. HODGE, C. GISBORNE, M. KIRBY, C. SYMONS, B. CARTER, M. THOMPSON. -D Three eighty-four 2K:CJ34f INQEQAT clgtcfivl 'IVQ'DxiyC?Nl zvffjigln ST. HILDA'S BADMINTON Back Row: M. LAMBE, P. GLASSCO. Front Row: I. PEPALL, E. PALMER, S. MCEVOY. nvGC'3f'C'Nu 'N.'Q,QQ,54 IV. - Three eighty-five - 276fCm' IN.1a,gQwI INQSYS aeevgiffgfavl 4g?,,1T" iw W 5,52 ou too Will w ui I V V N Y wt 1 F x -:H M i 1 5211112 .5 L., ol" C H o C H Q i CHOCGLATE V L Q! , 1 S, V 1 M w 6 N x is the best N 1 W M , V 5, , jx ho colate I Wx V , Y V, - - rwggglgfal P' cw ,Nfx 1 W 4 J gfgfqvn uvwf'5fC'wa Q 1' B 0 0 K F O U R FRATERNITIES 7 5 "No receipt openeth the heart but a true friend, to whom you may impart Grief, joys, Fears, Hopes, Suspicious, Counsels, and whatsoever liveth upon the heart to oppress it." Bacon. I KQMI umkgggyifs IA if 'gal lVf'5iCYNl The Interfraternity Council of the University of Toronto ERTAIN fraternities, sharing a common purpose in the academic and social welfare of the University, and desiring co-operation between themselves for their mutual benefit, organized an interfraternity council and established a constitution to govern its proceedings. Article No. 2 of this Constitution reads: Purposes: As To insure co-operation among the fraternities. To discuss questions of mutual interest. tl an To promote interfraternity sport and social intercourse. sn To establish a permanent executive representing the fraternity body of the University. "To further the interests of the University." The Interfraternity Council of the University came into being in 1922, established by the fourteen charter members. Its activities since that time have fully justified its existence. Many of these are carried on from year to year, others are undertaken where they are believed beneficial to all concerned. In sports the Council has filled an important role, organizing hockey, base- ball, squash racquets and basketball competitions, and awarding trophies. But not only here, the Council emphasizes scholarship and an award is made every year to the fraternity having the highest academic standing as a result of the preceding year's work. It is altogether desirable that the men in-the different fraternities should get to know one another. With this object in view, the Council arranges the time and place for an exchange at lunch or dinner. On such occasions the members of a fraternity are at the same time guests and hosts. There are many concerns upon which the fraternities can combine for their mutual benefit,.for instance, in dealing with merchants for supplies and in the matter of securing reliable help. 1 Three eighty-eight 1vp'5?Qj3 Z MCLM YNCDQQBA' 'MN IvQ'.'jiI'fivI INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 1932-33 Back Row: J. BOEGEL, D. DOUGLAS, C. C. AUSTEN, J. I. STEWART, O. E. A. STEPHENS, R. SMALLWOOD, I. W. DAVIDSON, H. V. CRANFIELD. Front Row: A. H. SQUIRES, J. A. PRENCE, D. E. MCQUIGGE, R. P. DOUGLAS, J. M. CLARK, I. M. DUNSMORE, J. C. TOWERS. 1 Absent: G. H. HEES, R. S. CHENOWETH, R. W. TISDALE, W. A. WILLIAMSON, K. L. ZINKEN, T. E. MCDONNELL, A. MIDDLEBORO, J. D. MURRAY. - INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL - Z University of Toronlo 5 Q: -4- S' - Q fg 1V 1 OFFICERS President: R. P. Douglas Vice-President: D. E. McQuigge Secretary-Treasurer: T. E. McDonnell, Jr. MEMBERS Zeta Psi-G. H. Hees Delta Tau Delta-K. L. Zinken Kappa Alpha-D. E. McQuigge Phi Gamma Delta-R. Smallwood Alpha Delta Phi-J. A. Prince Theta Delta Chi-C. C. Austin Delta Upsilon-D. Douglas Sigma Chi-T. E. McDonnell, Jr. Delta Kappa Epsilon-A. H. Squires Delta Chi-J. Boegel Psi Upsilon-R. P. Douglas Kappa Sigma-J. M. Clark Phi Kappa Pi-J. I. Stewart Phi Rho Sigma5A. Middleboro Nu Sigma Nu-R. S. Chenoweth Theta Kappa Psi-H. V. Cranfield Phi Delta Theta-R. W. Tisdale Lambda Chi Alpha-J. C. Towers Alpha Kappa Kappa-O. E. A. Stephens Phi Kappa Sigma-J. D. Murray Beta Theta Pi-W. A. Williamson Phi Chi-I. M. Dunsmore Knights of the Round Table-I. W. Davidson - Three eighty-nine - A , -gf isffivl lvG'D.C'Nl lvffgilq I-IDPHRI o E -AlllDllli:i5l'i5iiilj'r.fxlQlof- unlveglggllgglgomonro lvl GD-r' -FRI-XTERH IT-.V 1902. HHS H 1932433 -A - ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA Z FRATRES IN FACULTATE I ip His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor, Doctor H. A. Bruce 5 H. G. Armstrong R. K. George A. Primrose F. G. Banting R. J. Gibbons C. A. Rae W. W. Barraclough D. A. L. Graham G. E. Richards J. E. Bates R. R. Graham W. L. Robinson T. H. Belt F. M. Grieg R. D. Rudolf C. H. Best J. D. M. Griffin E. S. Ryerson M. H. Book R. I. Harris Wm. A. Scott E. F. Brooks W. B. Hendry C. E. Snelling A. Brown G. W. Howland F. N. G. Starr M. H. Brown A. G. Huntsman H. B. Van Wyck G. C. Cameron R. M. Janes W. P. Warner I. H. Cameron C. I. Junkin J. C. Watt W. R. Campbell W. S. Keith C. B. Weld - W. G. Carscadden O. Klotz W. K. Welsh Q-Q W. G. Cosbie F. I. Lewis G. E. Wilson J. H. Couch D. M. Low A. W. Farmer . C. R. B. Crompton J. C. McClelland R. F. Farquharson I Q' G. M. Dale J. L. McDonald E. Fidlar . H. K. Detweiler J. P. McMurrich J. A. MacFarlane l - W H. A. Dixon W. F. McPhedran K. G. McKenzie . 7 7 'A J. H. Elliott A. McPhedran N. E. McKinnon X 5. grbG ld D. W. G. Murray Vgishart ' . . . itz era J. A. Oille . . is art f A. A. Fletcher P. O'Sullivan H. W. Wookey . A Q V D. T. Fraser W. H. Piersol N. M. Wrong E . W. E. Gallie G. S. Young , FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1 Miss J. C. Gray T. Kajiyama - R. C. Dickson R. B. Kerr h H. C. Foster R. L. Noble J. W. Graham A. A. Rogow M. A. Heil I. C. Sherman W. J. Hendry D. Y. Solandt I G. E. Hobbs D. Telford 2 Three ninety 3 252' rig :1A,C,4f lbpkggggml lr-23334 wiciivl -:vkf'jfI'.'Nl gygfowjd bf? .SJ 2 1' OMEGA TAU SIGMA ' PROFESSIONAL VETERINARY FRATERNITY Founded at University of Pennsylvania, 1907 DELTA A Established at Toronto, 1913 OMEGA TAU SIGMA 5 Back Row: R. T. GILBERT, V. MENSLER, R. BILYEA, G. RANKIN, F. POWLEY. K 55 Centre Row: C. KABLE, G. BITGOOD, V. JENSEN, F. RASMUSSEN, A. BONACI, R. NICHOLS. 9,25 If Front Row: J. BLAKE, A. BODENDISTEL, C. FRANCIS, E. WILLICK, J. PERRY, W. PHILLIPSEN, C9 ' H. FRASER. Z FRATRES IN FACULTATE C. D. McGilvray L. Stevenson F. W. Schofield H. E. Batt H. D. Nelson R. Gwatkin F. J. Cote J. G. Glover R. J. Bilyea G. E. Bitgood J. E. Blake A. Bodendistel A. J. Bonaci C. K. Francis H. A. Fraser R. T. Gilbert W. C. Gollehon H. H. Hahel D. S. Hosson V. M. Hensler V. K. Jensen CKCAA J. N. Pringle FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE C. H. Kable F. J. Leslie R. E. Nichols O. S. Nordland J. N. Perry W. H. Philipsen F. J. Powley G. Rankin F. R. Rasmussen E. A. Willick L. H. Squirrell J. W. Sutherland Th ree n inet y-o n e - sm. I 'NQIQM' N95 bifcfqvl nvwf5lC'N1 Ivifgiji LE. 'C39 6- ? .4 ' XI PSI PHI PROFESSIONAL DENTAL FRATERNITY Founded at Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1889 GGG Q G.. QQR Q G G OMICRON Established at Toronto, 1899 FRATRES IN FALCULTATE H. K. Box C. A. Kennedy G. H. Coram L. F. Kreuger C. A. Corrigan A. D. A. Mason J. H. Duff E. W. Paul W. T. Holmes W. G. Switzer H. A. Hoskin C. H. Williams P. G. Anderson W. E. Willmott - T' .ci 532 IES FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 25 S A. E. Hobden I. Calder ' D. MacFarlane D. Ferguson A. Carbert G. Hudson R. A. Johnson R. Galbraith J. Pepper E. Hackett G. Spinks T. Cooke W. Hancock G. Oswald H. Banks H. Smith D. McNabb G. Millar E. H. Waugh D.D.S. Ed. Dore J. Peterson W. Cunningham G. Shillington W. Brett J. Drummond G. Harwood A. Gardiner H. Hardy IN MEMORIAM ARTHUR WILLIAM EARL VIGARS ' Omicron '33 Died December 10, 1932 "Beloved Brother and Classmaten - Three ninety-two 2?gCl9,,, INQEQAAI NSQQDJX Cfqvz Q. 9. 5- 3 .Qi QR HAI lb NI I wxww xx N 'f if Ii ,,,.A Q? X X X f 7 fmqagx , f 'F Qow, , 60' 124 8 I7 6, 0. HL! 5 I -7 mmm 1 gr- gm,., XI PSI PHI 5. y :is lvsfifrd' 3595 X9 ' fs ,-"" , . ' ,P ' -bi? ",' . W, K x . :VH 5 : W A V X IN 'qv' Q 3' 'I 2 E 3. fs. CQ I 3 'K S Qw ,N "72v:- ,J wx Q my 1 A' 4 Q , . , l n U A, V . gm ' 7. A 4. X Va H AZAW '? Q A 1 q ., A E .,,.A A 'f 'P H wiv: is X Q 3 S fl ' 3 - . K Y ,' ' f - W 1-,',,umfh mg, bn J1,,,,r,,,f,f1 ff"wj"" Tl? :m'i"f,' ' Wffi in-Jl, if-fgss 'V fa ,1:A: 'N I 'ii' , P ty, y , Fir! H A Tjrnwvfl Y' ' 9 rrffm-fr f -M 1.1:-f A1 Y'35f'f 'CDlYIICi1QON'GHADTE1'Q 'XI'D5I'IUHI'FR1lfPERNIfPY1932153 8 . MQW' INQiQ56l laiiljyq 7 Fifelvl Q. 1vG'5IG'Nl - NU SIGMA NU PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL FRATERNITY Founded at Arm Arbor, 1882 "'N. .Af ,fl Isa :jf f'Z.'f"'xj'f f fl' OW-,g .Ni N, Nl' 5-. . 'lf 1' CHI Established of Toronto, 1902 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Alexander Mcphedran Alexander Primrose James Playfair McMurrich Frederick Newton Gisborn Star John Gerald Fitzgerald Robert Inkerman Harris Malcolm James Wilson Edward Fidlar Albert Robert Haggerman Milton H. Brown I' Z Edgerton Stanley Ryerson Emmerson James Trow Q, Herbert Alexander Bruce Ernest Fulton Risdon 5' ' Oskar Klotz Herman B. Van Wyck Q James Crawford Watt Charles R. B. Crompton - James C. Boileau Grant Hugh Stanley Douglas Charles Herbert Best E. P. Lewis Norman Burke Taylor Frederick I. Lewis William Lipsett Robinson George Rowe Philp Eric Ambrose Linell Wilfred Parsons Warner George Ewart Wilson George Florian Boyer David Edwin Robertson Joseph A. MacFarlane Roscoe Reid Graham Donald Logie McLean Alan Gowns Brown Harry Mitchell MacRae John Allen Oille Norman M. Wrong Herbert K. Detweiler William S. Keith FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Charles David Hess Bertram Cameron Blackhall William Hamilton Atkinson Charles Harold Jaimet William Wesley Simpson William Arthur Oille George Walter Robson John William Leachman John Alexander Elliot Ralph Douglas MacLaren Harold Ambrose Williams Frederick Plummar Dewar Douglas Telford Roger Secord Chenoweth Robert Clark Dickson Arthur Wallace Bagnall John Willis Merritt Ronald Evans Shaw Charles Edward Vaughan Alfred Johnston Elliot John Vernon Murray Milton Stout William Moir Gartshore Wilson Harold Wanless John Drennan Hamilton Robert Alexander Mustard Henry Stuart Dunham Wilfred Gordon Bigelow Mervyn Ritchie Caverhill 5 Three ninety-four S2 , N0 :fA,CL!fwf 159,041 52935: ylgicfqvl uvI'.'5ffTNI' 'VF'DZVLf ..2'.i ?"9 'A TSIIIIIIIIIIIIIII NU SIGMA NU 2 i iz Qi If Q NU SIGMA NU CHI CHAPTER, 1932-33 J. W. LEACHMAN, C. H. JAIMET, R. E. SHAW, A. ELLIOTT, F. P. DEWAH, M. STOUT A. W. BAGNALL, W. G. BIGIJLOW, H. WANLESS, R. A. MUSTARO R. D. MACLAREN, J. D. HAMILTON, J. V. MURRAY, W. M. G. WILSON, M. R. CAVERHILI. C. E. VAUGHAN, R. C. CHENOWETH, B. C. BLACKHALL, H. S. DUNHAM, W. OILLE R. C. DICKSON, C. D. HESS, H. A. WILLIAMS, G. W. ROBSON, W. W. SIMPSON, D. TELFOIID, J. A. ELLIOTT, W. H. ATKINSON, J. W. MERRITT - T11 ree ninety-five - Cg'KC.l94I INQQQBAI liffivl ,w'.'5lC'.'v-In ivfayjl TS' 0 5 2' -l ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL FRATERNIT Y Founded at Dartmouth College, 1888 5 34 P 2' Nw K2 10f"gx ,H . s :ii JZ? N M, 1 ow.-J.f. 11. XQX . . K-J ,A e ,Img rg-f QQXAE, . Q, ,IM 'I .qflq 0 gl ...f -1 x'1v4cJ -'kg Q 'ff'-nan' sf' . Q . , VV-5 Ag!!! ALPHA EPSILON Established at Toronto, 1905 7 FRATRES IN FACULTATE 5 Herbert Bertram Anderson Wilhelm Emmet Blatz Waring Gerald Cosbie Stephen Jemmott Evelyn John Taylor Fotheringham Norman Beechy Gwynn Alexander Smirle Lawson Gladstone Wilfred Lougheed Albert Ernest McCulloch Edward Archibald Morgan Kenneth George McKenzie Wallace Arthur Scott William Edward Ogden Charles Sheard William Albert Scott Harold William Wookey David Wilfred Pratt D'Arcy James Prendergast William Thomas Noonan FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE George William Lewin Andrew Lawrence Chute Clark Argyll White Kenneth Kendall Jackson Henry Colley Foster Maurice Wilfrid Nugent Adrian Francis Warren Anglin Charles Frederick Wilcox David Gemmel William Russell Cameron Reginald Murray Taylor George Henry Caldwell Joynt Frederick Charles Preston Gordon Horace Lugsdin John Ferguson McCreary Amos John Laverne Wright Gerald Lucian Morgan Smith Clifford Carey McLean Ralph Percival Johns William Bertram Henry George Edgar Hobbs Edmund Arthur Grise Overton E. A. Stephens William Lyon Mackenzie King Donald Young Solandt Wallace Traill Muir Ormond McKillop Solandt Edward Robert Barrett William Joseph Coughlin 7 Three nine! -six 6' y 'B QS- 91 c: A - 0 in, ,fa is-,sew Iss. is fifciivn ,w,'.jfC"'9' Wfaivf, LQ' C24 S Q E1'E':i:E CIZZIID Cb cs qi- uh ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA S ix F' Q J S ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA Back Row: WHITE, WILCOX, WRIGHT, BARRETT, MUIR, LUGSDIN, HENRX', MCLEAN. Middle Row: O. SOLANDT, CHUTE, GRISE, NUGENT, TAYLOR, GEMMELL, CAMERON, JOYNT. Front Row: HOBBS, D. SOLANDT, MCCREARY, SMITH, PRESTON, JOHNS, JACKSON. 1 Three ninety-seven 7 CJ pfdjcgfsw Ibft'QgQ,-XA' "K 351 ECT' nvvfilifwa PSI OMEGA PROFESSIONAL DENTAL FRATERNITY Founded at Baltimore, 1892 -pl mfr? ei 9 5643? was EJ Q DELTA CHI Established ai Toronto, 191.9 FRATRES IN FACULTATE H. A. Ross, D.D.S F. L. Cole, D.D.S. - W. L. Hugill, D.D.S. J. H. Johnson, D.D.S. F. M. Lott, D.D.S., B.Sc. CDent.D I. H. Ante, D.D.S. .5 ? ' FRATER IN BACHELOR OF SCIENCE CDENT:J L. Twible, D.D.S. FRATER IN MASTER OF SCIENCE CDENTO L. Davis, D.D.S., B.Sc. CDent.J FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE G. A. C. Adams H. S. Austin J. E. Braund B. S. Chadwick A. J. Dupuis N. S. Gage H. S. Jamieson D. G. Johnstone T. B. Lehman W. O. Nursey E. C. Purdy D. M. Stockwell A. N. Van Loon Th ree ninely-eight E. C. Apps G. K. Clarke M. R. McNeill A. E. Ward F. N. Bennett D. A. King M. G. McCartney D. A. Messersmitl N. A. Weldon W. C. Young J. O. Brown W. M. Twible Wife' INQQQ,-AI 59.3551 fi. ,KC fifcfivn IVkf5fE',?Nl uvpfjyf P 2' I Q ' I er A iz P Qzaggimnv PSI OMEGA up X 4 - 3354 X TIN' Q S .. sl .fy 53' 'P Z Y, . r Q, I I 'DEUIAGHI' . QHADTEQ- W .Qt 1 ' A 'DSI' 0IXlEGA'Fl?!fXfPE1QNIfPY'l93f2933' lQ.T.5Qi T11 ree llf'lI6'fZl-711116 5 JA! uwggggyw lh J fiihfivi nv'Q'.5lC','v-ri no 'OJ M Q THETA KAPPA PSI ' Founded at Virginia, 1879 I E U lb 0 V GAMMA ZETA Established at Toronto, 1920 FRATRES IN FACULTATE ,Z Thomas Henry Belt Harold Watson Johnston X 52 Edward F. Brooks Robert Clarence Laird if Ernest Alfred Broughton Robert J. A. McComb CD .L Malcolm H. V. Cameron John Laing McDonald Z John Harold Couch John Harris McPhedran James Thomas Danis William Magner William Howard Dickson Samuel J. N. Magwood Hammett A. Dixon Alexander Eugene Montgomery J. A. Jameson Duff Charles Bemister Parker Jabez Henry Elliott Thomas Arnold Robinson Raymond Fletcher Farquharson Robert Watson Wesley Gordon Sutcliffe Foulds Charles Harvey Hair D'Arcy Frawley George Sills Young FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE William Arnold Douglas Anderson James Francis Alexander Livingstone Oliver Ladbrook Bailey Desmond Edward Magner Herbert Moore Coleman John Andrew Lawson McCullough Harold Vivienne Cranfield Donald Ross Nicol William Edward Dillane Robert Henry Bruce Reed Donald Robertson Easton Frederick Greystock Robertson Ross Henry Flett Fergus P. Rossiter Durward Rutherford Freeman Donald Campbell Savage Donald Carter Graham Wilford David Smith Lorne MacDonald Gray Donald William Stewart Hugh Charles Hair Alec Wilhelmi Sturgeon Harrel Lee Harrington Gordon Neil Tucker Frederick Carruthers Heal Vincent I. Webb Alfred John Kerwin Leonard James Williams William Stewart Kinnear F- Four hundred Ce- -fa gfgcljfsi I1-qglcivsf IAQQQHQ Yifcfqvn 1vs'.'5fC'N1 4VF',j9Li Q' 65' NNW Gi"4fWW ' KWNXX5' flllllmx 'Ill Uk Ill mt THETA KAPPA PSI 5 0 - jf . q1QA KAPPe3f2 TEHNIXZETPZT A 1932 1935 v Z F h d done Q QCLQAI INQQQMI 'Aki-DLE 1 Caigifwl IVCJICNI PHI RHO SIGMA PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL FRATERNITY Founded at Northwestern University, 18.90 we -,Q as . Gly, Wil A V gym ...G 'YQ If ALPHA EPSILON Established at Toronto, 1922 FRAT RES IN FACULTATE G. W. McGregor J. D. McIntosh G. A. Richards R. M. Wansborough FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE ig J. Edgar Bates H. E. Clutterbuck H. M. Gray R. M. Janes M. V. Bremner D. L. Campbell L. H. Carrol R. V. Chapple R. G. Clark E. S. Connor W. J. Fowler O. T. Ghent J. W. Graham J. R. F. Hall P. R. Kyle J. N. Kyles Four hundred Iwo Mba A. V. Lowery J. D. McIntosh E. A. J. McKittrick A. S. Middlebro H. F. Moffat J. C. Sinclair V. L. Wincoff MacDonald K. M. Philips H. S. C. Archbold B. A. McLeod R. M. Thompson umggggpaxe Q effsfiii avfiiffffv-an Q C? 5 I I C-E+ I I ' I mm! ww PHI RHO SIGMA 1 f 1? q,., 'ALTER 'EPS I DON ' 12141-R140-SIGMA' '195253' 7' " F I d dfhree '- fgiegnr INQEQA: Cfqvl lvb'.'jiC'NI 196525 P ,J Y 4 PHI CHI Founded at Louisville, Kentucky, 18.91, 'D U33 mi". Q1 T if-if 92:-'.i:sf,9g 'Til TAU OMICRON Established at Toronto, 1922 FRATRES IN FACULTATE G. D. Porter, M.B. G. E. Smith, B.A., M.B. G. W. Howland, B.A., M.B., M.R.C.P. N. S. Clarke, M.A., M.B. E. E. Shouldice, M.B. R. W. I. Urquhart, M.A., M.D. Z P. G. Goldsmith, C.B.E., M.D., C.M. iz if FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE B. M. E. Allan J. D. F. Bailes W. W. Baldwin J. Bateman K. P. Bonner F. S. Brien H. H. Campbell O. J. Clark A. J. Crisp W. H. Cruickshank G. D. Dixon N. E. Dunn J. M. M. Dunsmore P. W. Ferris D. B. French E. G. Harknin S. J. Hawkins L. Hessin L. W. Hilborn T. P. Keast J. Kettlewell E. M. Limbert J. Markham D. J. McCausland J. T. McCormack N. B. McGillivray G. Pennal J. F. Robinson W. Rutherford W. Salmon Jas. Sinclair H. V. Slimon G. F. Smith D. E. Starr W. H. Stockton G. Q. Sutherland J. W. Tomlinson R. G. Warmington A. H. Watts Pledges H. Bell J. Bickle F. E. Dawe C. Jessop A. D. Lovett W. McCreary D. McLaren W. D. Stevenson H. G. Swan W. Thornton E. E. Watson A. B. Noble J. E. B. Watson - Four hundred four f,- Ei MQCLQAI Iaegggaal NQAE: gfcfq-ei fw'.5fC'-N1 lvp',j9f Q' 'CT fs 5 X M L. ' f-"' "1 . 'E 'EJ' PHI CHI d H f M 4 ,Q 9, -l 2 V PHVQHI V il v FRZXFE QQQR Z Four hundred five S .Q pfdplifv nNQ3g,m na-QQBT4 J GN! Q. ivfiifiivvi KAPPA ALPHA SOCIETY ' Founded at Union College,i18Q5 G7 2 ' QU :, 99 ALPHA OF ONTARIO Esfablished at Toronfo, 1892 " FRATRES IN FACULTATE - Walter W. Wright J. G. Breckenridge P. V. Jermyn G. G. K. Harrison Walter W. Lailey FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Peter John Baldwin Lash Frederick Thompson Rea Donald Edmund McQuigge John Savary Dinnick Douglas Roberts Musgrave Bryce Sheppard Evans John Little Cameron Robert Laing Noble Wilson Dorland Samuel Morden Edward Drummond Fraser James Edward Temple McMullen Zebulon Robert Baldwin Lash Gordon de Salaberry Wotherspoon John Arthur Victor Turner Montogomery Gunn Hamnett Pinney Hill, Jr. William Elmwood Harrison Moore Edwart Platt Coy Edward Drummond Taylor Robert Baldwin Dale Harris Franck Holton Britton Anthony William Aldridge Brown John H. Belton FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE Stuart Frederick Macpherson Wotherspoon Philip Redmond Horcomb Charles Roger Archibald gk Four Hundred sir 3 0. G WLM nmkgggwu Ygcfqvu -1vs'.'5fC'NI Ivfjpg 0' C' Y 2' KA KAPPA ALPHA 2 E f Q, 3 KAPPA ALPHA Z Buck Hou-: J. E. T. MCMULLEN, J. S. DINNICK, H. P. HILL, F. T. REA, R. B. D. HARRIS, F. H. BRITTON, E. P. CQY, B. S. EVANS, C. R. ARCHIBALD. Hliddle Row: D. R. MUSGRAVE, E. D. TAYLOR, P. R. HLTRCOMIZ, W. D. S. MORDEN. P. J. B. LASR, D. Fl. MCQLYIGGE, S. F. M. WOTHERSPOON, J. L. CAMERON. Front Rolf: Z. R. B. LASH, W. E. H. MOKJRE, J. M. GUNN, J. H. BELTON. Alwnt: A. W. A. BRUWN, R. L. NOBLE, E. D. FRAZER. - F011 r 1114 mired .wrflz - X ev' 2451941 umglgaev I.-Qjgyg 3QQfWvi uvKiC?v1 n9ff5QE pu .TJ Y 4. '5lC'N1 ALPHA DELTA PHI Founded at Hamilton College, 1832 IVY 55. 1832' ,, A . .- I -.. 'I sl 0 ' 1 I . I ' rn f . . . : - : I I , TORONTO CHAPTER Established in Toronlo, 1893 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Alfred Baker William Fletcher McPhedran William Warner Jones Allan Gowans Brown Norman Beachy Gwyn F G. G. Keith R. Harcourt D. R. Owen J. C. McLeod S. H. Ambrose R. D. Wainwright G. R. Black H. M. Kerr G. T. Boomer J. C. H. Copp R. W. Armstrong J. S. Innes H. A. Henderson P. White J. S. Corrigan l 'TJ e 2 'Q :- 2 3 Q. Y 'B Q.. fm '57- we z- 'TG RATRES IN UNIVERSITATE J. A. Prince L. E. Ellsworth H. M. S. Ferguson H. Martin J. W. Magladery A. D. Clute F. C. Barton R. I. O. Stewart J. G. Warden D. H. Copp J. A. Jackson J. F. Barrett G. D. M. Boddington W. Flatt nN,Qgg,',w 52, C,KCljAr INQSQMI Ng, bg fifG'wI 1vI'.5fC'NI Isfpfvjyg LQ' CT 4 E Z . ,JR QVf,0"fy1f,f, . Q ",f'.X,',U I ff ,lffif'f,fQ 1 ,. A1.Q21Qf335?i2s,IfY'3I 'W I ZW fo I - H' if iii? F ifil' A .- fff..i.'-Q. ,gi r', 57 'L Lak., . A XJ: - 'K S:?. QAr.- Rif f? V.., 1'ImI1fi .fA ' !" Sf! WW me Q0 be A I .du e X-." ,xX X ,ZO E af if I - il xlxx XT-x , b . K N I - I ' ' A I: I . ffm: X ALPHA DELTA PHI Z E ,Q Q, Q Z ALPHA DELTA PHI Buck Row: G. G. KEITH, R. HARCOURT, D. R. OWEN, J. C. MCLEOD, S. H, AMBROSE, R. D. WAINWRIGHT, G. R. BLACK, H. M. KERR. Second Row: G. T. BOOMER, J. C. H. COPP, R. W. ARMSTRONG, J. S. INNES, H. A. HENDERSON, P. WHITE, J. S. CORRIGAN, G. D. M. BODDINGTON. Third Row: J. A. PRINCE, L. E. ELLSWORTH, H. M. S. FERGUSON, H. MARTIN, J. W. MAGLADERY, A. D. CLUTE, F. C. BARTON. Fourth Row: R. I. O. STEWART, J. G. WARDEN, D. H. CORP, J. A. JACKSON, J. F. BARRETT. Absent: W. FLATT. A Four hundred nine - 49- -91 PQCQQAI INk'QJlg.',5AI IQQQYQ . ggfwl 1W3CNl WTQQ PHI KAPPA SIGMA Founded at University of Pennsylvania, 1850 X fv' 5 if irzixtfff' 3 ffftfz:-pfgf " im" .fs fel -'. 5 .' 'f-?"?P A ALPHA.BETA Esfablislzed ai Toronto, 1895 FRATRES IN FACULTATE S. N. F. Chant, M.A. H. J. C. Creton, M.A. W. S. Funnell, M.A. D. C. MacGregor FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE John Allan Bell George Edward Burson Nelson Maurice Kelly Malcolm Arthur Jull Moysey 5 Colin Gordon Campbell John Douglas Murray 5-1 Henry John Canfield Archibald Trew Ulmsted Q Robert Bruce Dunlop Charles Norman Paget ' Robert Grant Espie Donald Gordon Ritchie Edward Colin Forbes Frederick George Scrimgeour John Edward Fowell Chester Mervin Spencer William Duncan Gosset James Coates Sutherland Alexander Leroy Gray William Arthur Sutherland John Borden Hamilton Philip Henry Tedman Walter Allan Higgins George MacKenzie Watson Andrew Edmund Johnstone .7 Four ten 5 G 27QC-LM 'mimi of-335: agjcfqvl 'lV'vffjit'?iw1l Ld. 'O Iggf, ," may S . M? xx 5 WWW lm, ep X ' C12 1 A I if -rj? 4 f"' A 9510 L15 A U , SQUGB I uw PHI KAPPA SIGMA if 'If' PHI KAPPA SIGMA Buck Row: SPENCER, SCRIMGEOUR, DUNLOP, HIGGINS, JOHNSTONE, W. SUTHERLAND, FORBES. Sfcond Roar: FOWELL, PAGET, J. SUTHERLAND, GRAY, BURSON, GOSSET, KELLY, CAMPBELL. Front Row: RITCHIE, MOYSEY, OLMSTEAD, BELL, MURRAY, CANFIELD, ESPIE. Inset: XVATSON, TEDMAN, HAMILTON. - Four clevmz cy' . we IQQQ4' INQAQMI A gfgfqvu ive'.'5fC?f-In P. if P ZETA PSI Founded at University of New York, 1846 M532 THETA XI OF ZETA PSI 1932-1933 In Fronf: S. H. S. HUGHES, W. D. ROBERTS, E. N. HEIGHINGTON. Seated: C. H. CHISHOLM, W. M. R. GRIFFIN, G. H. HEES, I. S. JOHNSTON, C. R. PARMENTER N. C. NORTON, J. G. CLELAND. Z First Row: F. M. GRIFFITHS, J. M. R. MAY, R. K. WILSON, E. B. ROGERS, J. E. A. SMITH 5, J. F. R. LANG, J. WHITE, D. S. HOLMSTED, R. M. ARCHER, W. E. ARMOUR. fd Second Row: J. S. WRIGHT, G. S. LUCAS, J. F. FAIRLIE, P. M. BOLTON, G. E. BOOTHE, 5 J. F. W. Ross, D. S. F. CAMERON, S. R. ROBERTSON, D. K. CASSELS, M. YOUNG, A. G. S. GRIFFIN. Absent: SHIPP, D. C. ROSS, D. M. DEWAR, M. O. KLOTZ, E. R. C. GURNEY, J. S. GRAHAM. THETA XI Established of Toronfo, 1879 FRATRES IN FACULTATE O. P. Edgar E. Boyd H. M. Cassidy Fig"- D. J. G. Wishart A. B. Le Mesurier P. H. Greey Oscar Klotz J. W. ROSS C. H. Greig A S C. Martin R. G. Armour F. M. Greig 22" H. S. Hutchison J. J. Spence H. E. Rykert Xa ' . Ik L! J. Royce MCK. Waters A. E. Grauer he I .eg D. E. s. Wishart e"S g Bc' FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE . ,Ig A -gig, Rx, D. S. F. Cameron D. S. Holmsted J. S. Graham f SAI' fgf V ' ' 3. . as N5 C. R. Parmenter J. E. A. Smith J. S. Wright , gf ' 15,4 C. H. Chisholm J. G. Cleland E. N. Heighington 7 I , I X gg E. B. Rogers N. C. Norton W. E. Armour i f Q. , uf D. M. Dewar F. W. Shipp J. F. Fairlie ,, J 513 3, G. S. Lucas E. R. Gurney R. M. Archer Q I ,ji M. O. Klotz G. H. Hees S. H. S. Hughes . -s fff l if ' 7333 j s., G. E. Boothe J. F. W. Ross W. D. Roberts 'jf'-1 ' FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE I. S. Johnston F. M. Griffiths J. White McG. Young ,Z Four twelve QD CZKC-Q94 umgggggmi I wg 'SI 55 .Aga-5 Yifciyvl lvw'.'5fC'Nl vb'3'VLf fb C3 .2 5 ngikyn 1 Vil.l!.l."A .-.sac ns. f!? '0D9 'E9bgo,of? 1 I 1 ,fl:'m' 0 3 4- IM-ll gl' I I .xhlillulkg Q lf., ' ,q 2!L.J5'.1 M ---Tn A DELTA CHI 5 - .Q Q. Q J Z DELTA CHI FRATERNITY, 1932-33 Top Row: F. WOODS, W. A. KEIRLE, S. CLUNIS, J. W. MORLEY, D. J. GRANT, H. R. H. GRAY. Middle Row: J. W. BOEGEL, TILIIGIBSON, R. PACIEKINSON, J. CRAIG, H. S. MACKENZIE, W. . FLENNIKEN, . R. HALL. Front Row: A. O. KLEIN, P. E. N. WRIGHT CDD, H. A. C. ROSE KBD, W. H. K. ROSS CAD, G. W. GORDON CCD, M. S. SMITH CEJ, W. S. BEATTY CFD. FZ Four Hzirteen - f'-2 . incdsv rmkggggw INQEAYQ 3Vl IVQfq'jiCY1'Vl DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Founded at Yale University, 1844 4 or' 'X 64 5 .A Y . ,A are I G nd . 'J 1.1 sn 0, i' W A72 " 4. ' , x 5 , 4. ff t ,gf ,L ll, it 'L' S 51 g ALPHA PHI Founded at Toronfo, 1898 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. A. H. W. Caulfield E Dr. D. T. Fraser if Dr. G. W. Ross Dr. L. Irving- .. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE William Harvey Sims George Alexander McKay Edwards John Alexander Gow Henry Allister Lackner Arthur Hunter Squires John Paul Rapsey William Herbert Price Frank Hamilton Little Norman Johnstone Paterson William Osborne Twaits James Flood Clark Burrett Lyman Anderson John Aldworth Daly John Charles Denison Sydney George Fearman William Frederick Greenwood Four fourteen CQYZQQAI iwgigpai Gordon Fripp Henderson David Mason Woods Charles Akin Adams James Hamilton Baillie Frank Wilton Baillie Henry Bruce Squires Donald Chesley Baillie Robert John Brennan Donald Cameron Gow John Jefferson Hickey Keith Aylmer Mackay Edward Jerome Dietrich Alexander Bertram Pirie Leney Herbert Gage Howard Small George Powell Hamilton :QGYNI Ivw'.'5fC'1-'I "4'QfYLf 3 - WJJWIIIIIIIIIIA. . . AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAAN "I IU' -I 'illlllll' wk.. ..nIlllqfQ,4'Q-SMIIIII.. II. vkhimlgy-Zn! ' 3 A ,ty MW ' 0 llama DELTA KAPPA EPSILUN 5 fl 0 9 IVE I II'- DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Buck Row: J. J. HICKEY, S. G. FEARMAN, F. W. BAILLIE, H. B. SQUIRES, J. A. DALY, C. A. ADAMS, W. F. GREENWOOD, K. A. MACKAY Third Row: D. C. BAILLII3, J. H. BAILLIE, A. H. SQUIRES, N. J. PATERSQN, W. H. PRICE, J. F. CLARK, G. A. M. EDWARDS, J. C. DENISDN, E. J. DIETRICH. Swami Iimvg D. C. Gow, G. F. HENDINIIQSIIN, J. A. Guw, W. II. SIMS, J. P. RAPSIMIY, W. U. TWAITS, D. M. WOLJDS. Froni Row: L. H. GAGI-3, A. B. PIRIE, H. SMALL, G. P. HAMILTKJN. Four jiflvvn u'Q'29 NJ Q,Al lwgigysl I D: 1 v fsgfivl m'.5li?Nn ' DELTA UPsiLoN ' Fozmdcd ut Willirzfms Collcgc, 1834 mv '. lx oi-' frpcgi 1513 Nl .gl A S5 fl: -" :P l ' .1 Q-Q.. QQD-OTCBS INNAQC7 DELTA UPSILON Estublrislzcd ut Toronto, 1899 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Maurice Hutton CProfessor Emeritusl Joseph Stanley Will - William Belfry Hendry Herbert Alexander Bruce l Z James Frederick McCurdy Malcolm William Wallace ' Q, CProfessor Emeritusj Alexander John McKenzie 5 'iw Thomas Richardson Loudon Almon Andrew Fletcher 'Ai' Q William Alexander Kirkwood George Robinson Pirie Q "' George Maitland Biggs John Fair Van Every - William Turnbull Wright Andrew Robertson Gordon Goldwin William Howland William A. Dafoe William Stewart Wilson FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Robert Duncan Appleford Leonard Reginald Brown Duncan Douglass John Donald Caldwell John Stuart Gray Kenneth Archibald Foulds George Ainslee Hendry Ian Gordon Hodge Edward Spencer Jewett William Goldwin Carrington Howland Donald Hector Lines Lamont Bruce Thorpe Lindley William Harry Murby John Wallace McNichol Kenneth Westrup Peacock George Matthew Morrison David Douglas Ross Graydon Thorold Parmenter Frank Moore Scott William Prince Pigott Hugh Ballard Sculley Donald William Winter Smillie John Thomas West William Stanley Smith James Whitlock Westaway John Wesley Swan Vila Murray Arthur William Bosley FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE Edwin Delbert Hickey Ernest Joel Robert Wright Four sixteen iC?ZQ34l INJQSQQAI Pifcfi-In GI95'.'5i'?iN-Pl avpfaii O to Q 2 ' I qlzltftxylj J . .p isf i Q '-12512 fpifkifhy' I I' . . Q I D 9 DELTA UPSILON 5 A - L3 51 53 if 2 5 DELTA UPSILON Back Row: M. A. BOSLEY, W. S. VILA, W. G. C. HOWLAND, N. S. SMITH, L. R. BROWN, J. W. MCNICHOL, K. A. FOULDS, W. P. PIGOTT, J. T. WEST. Third Row: H. B. SCULLEY, J. D. CALDWELL, J. W. WESTAWAY, D. DOUGLASS, R. D. APPLEFORD, J. S. GRAY, D. D. Ross, I. G. HODGI3, E. D. HICKEY, E. J. R. WRIGHT. Second Row: G. A. HENDRY, K. W. PEACOCK, W. H. MLRH, F. M. SCOTT, E. S. Jim LIT D. W. SMILLIE, D. H. L. LAMONT. Front Row: G. T. PARMENTER, G. M. MORRISON, B. T. LINDLI-JY. 62 Four seventeen rg? . -3 A ,MI INQQQMI IAQSQX A v gjtgivz ivwf'5fC'Nn ' PHI KAPPA PI ' Founded in Toronto, 1901 MLK' n Ll 'I N .54 -. W FRATRES IN FACULTATE G. W. Brown C. N. Cochrane W. K. W. Baldwin ' W. E. MacPherson A. F. Coventry G. P. deT. Glazebrook V. W. Bladen A. H. Boultbee G. E. Jackson FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE E. H. Ambrose r H. A. Hunter A. F. Armstrong D. E. ff. Jemmett A. R. Aylsworth R. L. Jamieson - J. D. Cromarty S. L. B. Martin - 5 J. F. R. Crowe W. E. McCormack 5 5- A. R. Fraser R. F. McRae -41' Q R. J. M. Galloway J. I. Stewart Q ' J. R. Grant E. H. Walker - J. S. Guest C. R. Welch R. T. G. Graham J. S. Woods J. H. Hunter A. R. Tilley F. O. R. Garner FRATRES IN AULE OSGOGDE J. H. Amys F. F. C. Cunningham - Four eighteen -R 2?glC,3As IAQAQZQLQAI .5 'S , Eavw'.'5fC'vN-In Q. xrlux N 1" xxl ff X Q9 , XL -- PM +2 Q -A A ' - Xif f 'Q 1:5925 ' W J YN um. A Q 'HV' PHI KAPPA PI PHI KAPPA PI, TORONTO CHAPTER, 1932-33 Burk How: J. R. GRANT, S. L. B. MARTIN, R. L. JAMIESON, W. E. MCCORMACK, A. F. ARMSTRONG, A. R. TILLEY Middle Row: J. FITZ, R. CROWE, J. D. CROMARTY, A. R. FRASER, H. A. HUNTER, J. H. HUNTER, D. Eff. JEMMETT, R. F. MCRAE, E. H. WAIJKER. Botfom Row: A. R. AYLSWORTH, C. R. WELCH, E. H. AMBROSE, R. J. M. GALLOWAY CPresidentJ J. S. GUEST, J. I. STEWART, J. S. WooDS. Ahsenf: J. H. AMYS, R. T. G. GRAHAM, F. O. R. GARNER, F. F. C. CUNNINGHAM. - F011 r rzirzefemz ' 2,319,941 'NJQQM 'Biggs SI gfcfgvn 1vs'.'5fif.'Nu ,gffwli P 0 I BETA THETA PI ' Founded in Miami, 1832 . X-xv. 4. . 1 , 'XX Xi - .LQ .Xi ly ,150 S.4fwl3f lfilfffqf ' THETA ZETA Established in Toronto, 1905 FRATRES IN FACULTATE 2 Beverley Hannah A. F. W. Plumptre E Q3 J. Eustace Shaw John J. 'Robinette G 5 3' FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE R. M. Mathews B. A. Rogers N. M. Watson W. B. Mitchell K. L. Campbell K. C. Legge W. H. Palm J. A. Romeyn E. J. How W. E. Apted W. A. Williamson E. R. Humphrey H. M. S. Tait I. S. Smith F. J. Stubbs A. E. Robinette N. H. Shaw D. C. Carter J. J. Enlow A. C. Smith R. C. Sniffen J. H. Leckenby L. H. Goodwin FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE S. L. Howell A. R. Little J. G. Humphrey G. W. Robinette FRATRES IN COLLEGIO EDUCATIONIS W. B. McMurray C. N. Haldenby Robert Turnbull Z Four twenty i fy 3.5 mi ,MI INQQQAIA IAQQQQ Bifcfq-2. R.w'.'jfC'wl lvpfjyil kde 00.1 I 5 ' L V JZ' I 25 s - N , Sf' V , iii. 'gk' " -3534" 35-' 3 iiiifggsggifg I ,am Q, I IIN .,- A ,,Q R i"5i' R ik w ',A' ' , 5 1 "" fi v yy'L BETA THETA PI 2 3 T22 S21 70 qv S Z BETA THETA PI Front Row: SHAW, STUBBS, PALM, WATSON, WILLIAMSON, ENLOW, ROGERS. Second Row: ROMEYN, CARTER, HUMPHREY, CAMPBELL, LEGGE, TAIT, SNIFFEN. Back Row: ROBINETTE, S. SMITH, LECKENBY, A. SMITH, GOODWIN, APTED, HOW. ' Four twenty-one ' fig? Q ACLQAI 'NQIQMI HSQJDAS: Frederick Albert Fell Stanley Gray Farrar lviC5Ki'Nu - PHI DELTA THETA ' Founded of Miami University, 1848 A oNTAR1o ALPHA Established at Toronto, 1906 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Duncan Archibold Lamont Graham Clifton Durant Howe 5 Harry Hague Davis Harold deWitt Ball - I? FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE - Fraser Robertson Ross Edward Hubert Sinclair - John Aubrey Medland Nelson McKendry Seccombe Harry Hall Edmison William John Beynon Gerald Bishop Coles Edgar Howlett Gibson Robert Walter Tisdale Mark Frederick Sprott Alfred Bernie Hodgetts John Kerr Rhynas Harold Douglas Hayden - Four twenty-two John Frederick Reid Francis Clifford Lennox John Jacob Dold Brunke William Wallace Seccombe William Bruce Charles Thomas Wilson Winter Stanley Champion Biggs Kenneth Sear Harris Angus Moring Mackinnon George Wessely Hicks David Alexander Stewart A usggiyggmu 4 Dm 3 gjcfqvl -:vw'l5.C'N1 ivpfrfyi 1 'CT E 1' 3wr zo y N? . MP 'Qira 4 -5-4- E :Q A --Rza:-'Q '. U PHI DELTA THETA E 2 PHI DELTA THETA FRATERNITY 1932-33 S. C. BIGGS, G. W. Hlcxs, AgfI.Vl5IAv?kK1NNoNvJ.V13. BRUNKE, K. S. HARRIS, W. B. CHARLES, . . INTER, . . SECCOMBE. E. H. SINCLAIR, S. G. FAIERQJR, J. F. EEE, B. COEEE J. BEYNON, R. W. TISDALE, F. . ENNOX, . . AYDEN, . . HYNAS. M. F. SPROTT, J. A. MEDLAND, F. A. FELL, E. H. GIBSON fPresidentJ, F. R. Ross, H. H. EDMISON, A. B. HODGETTS. - Four Iwenty-three 1 cy' , KJ. zdflid :NQLQQAI N,'Qji FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. G. V. Morton 'fifG'3vl lvsfjlffwl Ld A- THETA DELTA CHI Founded at Union College, 1847 .M 3? 'ev 1,1952 W 4 IVLVV x If U'-1 BAX ei G5 LAMBDA DEUTERON Esifzblislzed at Toronlo, 12912 .tg A-, Dr. VV. H. Dixon Dr. J. C. Goodwin Dr. F. E. Tisdall R. E. Richardson J. R. Millard FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Robert Bews Kerr Ralph Aubrey Connor Alan Fowler Taylor Wilfred Isaac Bompas Stringer John McDonald Austin Thomas Seymour Coryell Charles Harkness Gordon Tom George Davis Harold Leeson Arnup Robert Alexander Cranston James Winslow Kerr Ross Maddough Agnew - Four twenty-four Archibald Cameron Wilson John MacLean Rutherford John Alden Upper Charles Chalmers Austin Sherald Edward Stewart William Herbert Fleischman Murray Edward Corlett Alvin David Whiteoak Medlock Robert Matheson McKiggan William Cameron Clark Edwin Reid Downey "'f'Q'2i fi. ? 2'dQ',3fsi lbPi'QgQ,V5I acigicfqvl IvI'.'5fi?v-In 194255 .7 IDQ J, IQ, as , NI, fy 15114, fgvml Qg r ,545 KFQISVQS ...:,., ,,, ,ff-X K CI Af ' I T V I 1 .4 H ,six J ' ,fl f A 'I I 1 I I 2 K l5 IKLg: tD'F Qmgggifilpi '-':.- ,,-APP! . 2 E . , ' Ez5i?imI:j'qFtA THETA DELTA CHI - I .52 A Q '29 LAMBDA DEUTERON CHARGE IN THETA DELTA CHI, 1932-33 T. G. DAVIS, W. C. CLARK, C. H. GORDON, A. D. W. MEDLOCK, W. H. FLEISCHMAN, C. C. AUSTIN, J. A. UPPER, J. W. KERR. H. L. ARNUP, R. M. AGNEW, M. E. CORLETT, J. A. MCD. AUSTIN, T. S. CORYELL, R. M. MCKIGGAN, E. R. DOWNEY, R. A. CRANSTON. J. M. RUTHERFORD, S. E. STEWART, A. C. WILSON, R. B. KERR, A. F. TAYLOR, R. A. CONNOR, W. I. B. STRINGER. - Four twenly-ji ve E 2?4iC.w MQIQLMI NQJF5 5553... mf.-Slow ivpfjgg o ' PSI UPSILON - Founded at Sclzeneclady, 1833 1 it X A K. - I ' 5 lj -f XL .-at-1' :fl Q' 'J 2 .':1.. J nf. F xi - It A 1 H ' JK fi. - Q guards . . . . li. N - '.-SI.:-.,.snN'l -5. ,I hi. .,' A 9 1. 'v' A. X 'i' A1 A A, .I -Q J nik an i n NU CHAPTER Esfablished of Toronto, 1920 52. FRATRES IN FACULTATE Q ' E. F. Burton G. A. McLarty ' A. W. Ham D. E. Robertson J. C. McClelland George Shanks FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Four twenty-sir J. M. Magwood J. T. A. Gamble K. MCD. McIntosh J. A. D. Marquis R. P. Douglas H. C. Slemin J. B. Shortly E. J. Jackson R. C. Grout J. R. Langstail' C. R. Burton J. P. Fletcher S. B. E. Ryerson H. G. Skilling E. F. Maclntyre J. F. B. Loblaw Robert Muir R. D. G. Phelan F. J. Tobin Robert Heggie W. L. Smart J. F. Perrett J. A. Orr J. N. Howell W. R. Keating H. K. Black W. G. Goddard R. A. D. Berwick A. F. MacLaren G. MCL. Wilson D. H. McKay G. O. Watts 5 Q, ,QAl lngglgycyal KYWGWQI Al Vkffjicwi I-ll ' ho A 2 A IX, N I . Tl n : Q.. "',-'ff X T'-'F R - . . il' W- 4 ww If 5 'E HFS!! 5 I X A4 ' ,- h X4 I 4- 5.54 .N AY I v 54.5 ,599 Aff A B L qv f17iKk2lf' 'Qdfi A fl ICYQQOD PSI UPSILON - I 0 9 5 5 NU CHAPTER OF PSI UPSILON 1932-3 Back Row: C. R. BURTON, J. P. FLETCHER, J. R. LANGSTAFF, W. L. SMART, J. N. HOWELL, H. K. BLACK, J. F. B. LOBLAW, J. F. PERRETT, J. A. ORR, R. MLYIR, R. D. G. PHELAN, H. G. SKILLING, F. J. TOBIN. Seated: R. C. GROUT, R. P. DOUGLAS, J. M. MAGWOOD, J. T. A. GAMBLE, W. R. KEATING, E. J. JACKSON, E. F. MACINTYRE. Front Row: A. F. MACLAREN, G. MCL. WILSON, R. A. D. BERWICK, G. O. WATTS, R. HEGGIE, D. H. MCKAY. Absent: J. A. D. NIARQUIS, W. G. GODDARD. Z Four lweniy-seven - ACJAI In-.o3gL-AI N. JE: I v XCWQ ivQf'5fC'Nu SIGMA CHI Founded at Miami University, 1855 BETA OMEGA Established at Toronto, 1922 FRATRES IN FACULTATE William T. Jackman Frank J. O'Leary Roland R. McLaughlin Robert G. H. Cormack FRATRE Thomas Edward McDonnell Harold Frederick Richardson Halder Ross Collins Frederick Robert Hume Fred Louis Dreger James Morton Mather Mebourne Armstrong Elson Brenton Fredrick Hazlewood William Tandy McCallum John Webb Graham Graydon Leonard Laing Richard Whittaker Reville Alliston Melborn Anderson Howard Ross Douglas our tweniy eight David R. Mitchell Alfred W. Farmer Alexander M. Fitzgerald S IN UNIVERSITATE Lawrence Wilton Skey Harry Hemphill Cook D'Alton McCarthy Gilpin Alexander Campbell Turner Donald Alexander McIntosh Ernest Milne Worden John James Ferguson William George Shambrook Wilfred Melvin Kellett Arthur James Skey Oscar Hedley Rumpel Marvin Lorne Sherwood Charles Abbott Conway ACM 'NQLL54' NQSTS FKCNI- 'IVH'.'5fCYi'2l lV6','j?2Q RQ: 0 .'5YC'N1 Iwi' Q X r 1' .4 1 uf 7 ' " -' 2 4' Q, 'E--" .9 ao... ' +C 0 0 SIGNO SIGMA CHI BETA OMEGA CHAPTER, SIGMA CHI FRATERNITYA1932-33 Back Row: A. M. ANDERSON, D. A. MCINTOSH, J. W. GRAHAM, E. M. WORDEN, G. L. LAING. A. C. TURNER, W. G. SHAMBROOK. Second Row: W. M. KELLETT, R. W. REVILLE, B. F. HAZLEWOOD, J. J. FERGUSON, W. T. MCCALLUM, A. J. SKEY, H. H. COOK, M. L. SHERWOOD, H. R. DOUGLAS. Third Row: M. A. Elson, F. L. DREGER, H. R. COLLINS, T. E. MCDONNELL, F. R. HUME, L. W. SKEY, J. M. MATHER. Front Row: O. H. RUMPEL, C. A. CONWAY. Absent: H. F. RICHARDSON, D. M. GILPIN. ' Four twenfy-nine " KCJQAI lwggggyvsf Z SCN imiicrwi ivpfgyg Q' 0 Z 52 9? We Four thirty KNIGHTS CF THE ROUND TABLE Founded of McGill, 1901 I Qfx 'iii .!!'.,' ,hiirsvyfb .v 'A' ZFX :ffl 5.-I E" . ii iff, 6? Q. if 4 'E xl T, 1 -Xgibixux gf 151,-j!,f 'sf CASTLE CAERLEON Esfablislzed at Toronto, 1922 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Harold James Perkin John Alvin Surerus FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Ian William Davidson Kenneth Martin Baird Malcolm Grant Ranney George Richard Whale Horace Herbert Roberts Lester Robert Chauncey Robert Linn Ormsby Kenneth Morris Valin William Earl Everitt FRAT Donald Cumberland Rose Gerald Joseph Hayes Maurice John Dickey Ralph Cyril Ingram John Thompson Stubbs Frank Middleton McAteer Cecil Thomas Hambley Gordon Loney Mitchell Albert William Howard RES IN AULE OSGOODE Raymond Franklin Willson AMF Imggggw AQQM IA ry J QC 4' 1 -ff fj' Sf: r 4' , E ,II 78000001 P A ' ,:::::::::'-:Q Y. ..ow.-.- Q-4.5 -uw, n::.:::::::'., O 3:23. pm- .om U iuooooonq -- afffffw' 0 E :fix L Rx E T D fc Iv, E ,x 10 T TS 7 E W Y Z i QQ A bf TAB EROUND 05 5 HT EWG 3 A 25 195111 ff: Q . ,CA M ASTDEWHEFN C in-wi 5 ,iv e on . fy' T thlr 11 F0 Q: 35: Q. In .cial af' IN 'icy EPZ, DHD gcfqvl lVlzf'JiG?ir-?l GN: PHI GAMMA DELTA - Founded at Jejerson College, 1848 CIAITA. S4595 TAU'KAPPA Esioblished at Toronto, 1923 -fd Qi 5 FRATRES IN FACULTATE " Frederick Lorne Hutchinson Theodore Corbett Graham James Melford Hershey Edward Alexander Macdonald FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE John Alexander Carlyle Thomson Clifford Llewellyn Ash Wilson Gibbs McKay John Henry Salter John Richardson Fitzpatrick William Robert Morrison William Stephen Legate Glenn Weir Mundy William Douglas Smith Robert Edward Smallwood John Archibald Bennett Eric Victor Tidman Bunting Snowball Crocker William Mark Toone Harry Rosewell Deyman David Lloyd Howes Arthur Graham Little Harry Edward Robinson Kenneth Campbell Harper McNichol Robert Hewitt Robert Edward Stewart Green John Lorne J owsey Wesley Cutler Henry Stanley Hunnisett Struan Francis Robertson Donald Nelson Gain A John Macdonald Oswald Marsh Alexander Cooper William Bull Parson Richard Albert Brown Walter Stirling Anderson Four thirty-two kd 2'ZgfC,9Ar usgggggaav IHEQM: XCR: -lvQ'.'5fC'Nl IVF' ll Hmmm PHI GAMMA DELTA L M. 5? 2? TAU KAPPA CHAPTER OF PHI GAMMA DELTA FRATERNITY, 1932-33 H. E. ROBINSON, W. S. LEGATE, W. CUTLER, G. W. MUNDY, R. HEWITT, M. A. COOPER E. V. TIDMAN, R. E. SMALLWOOD, J. L. JOWSEY H. S. HUNNISET, R. BROWN, R. W. MORRISON, D. N. GAIN, A. G. LITTLE, J. M. OSWALD, W. M. TOONE, W. D. SMITH, D. L. HOWES H. R. DEYMAN, J. H. SALTER, J. R. FITZPATRICK, W. B. PARSONS, W. S. ANDERSON, K. C. H. MCNICHOL, S. F. ROBERTSON ' Four tlziriy-flzree ' mzcjfsl INQQQMIR IAQQBY HQNI lvsfjfiffwn KAPPA SIGMA - Founded at the Unizversity of Virginia, 1869 L-"if-9'g3?6f-'? fir M365 4 .9 was Kiss . DELTA EPSILON Established at Toronto, 1921, FRATER IN FACULTATE - Dr. J. G. Falconer FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE R. B. Trott J. F. Morlock J. M. Clark W. E. Binkley C. G. Gibson C. A. Roebuck W. S. Mahon J. L. Kenney K. A. Davis F. M. Vanstone E. Jarvis J. C. Vanstone N. F. Murray D. S. Walker J. S. Deacon J. R. Scott H. F. White R. T. Cattle H. C. Hass D. A. Farrell F. F. Thompson B. Beck H. T. Conn FRATER IN AULE OSGOODE C. C. McGibbon Four thirty-four I 1NgglyQ,341 :AQ 15 :vw'.'5fC'v-21 ESG va C? 0 ,mul .T A i7- ,4- S xxQNixXs IIIIIW S AQ 4 My W ,SX O Q s 4 E KAPPA SIGMA ? iz KAPPA SIGMA FRATERNITY 1932-33 WHITE, HASS, J. VANSTONE, DEACON, CONN, WALKER, KENNEY. BINKLEY, ROEBUCK, THOMPSON, M. VANSTONE, SCOTT, FARRELL, CATTLE, MORLOCK. DAVIS, GIBSON, TROTT, MCGIBBON, CLARK, MAHON, JARVIS. ' Four thirfy-five - CKQMQ 1N,Qgg35AI XCEQI IVHIDECYNI fvffsyi ' DELTA TAU DELTA ' Founded at Bethany College, 1859 X-2 fq'- - V. ,,.,.,, , ..,. , ATA 'k Sli DELTA THETA Established in Toronto, 1.926 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Graham Chambers Karl Stanger Moeser Kenneth Jackson Arnold De Merritt Welch Howard McCart FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE .5 fl Q Donald James Agnew James Allen Cary Armstrong John Charles Beecher Edwin Thomas Bell Thomas Bell John Robert Berwick Carl Bartlett Britnell Frank Arthur Bryan Robert Elliott Carruth John Richard Leathes Crawford Lee Dodsley Dougan Russell Dufton Alan Edward Dyer John Sibbett Elliott Samuel Wallace Fear Wallace Fields - Four thirty-six Charles Edison Hawke Kirkwood Howe Harold Jason Gill Jackson Henry Mason Jones Cyril Hewson Knight Maurice Lunau Gordon R. MacNamara Hugh Wallace McDiarmid Herbert Elgin Mitchell Gordon Robinson Edwin Woollatt Scythes James David Sutherland Douglas Cameron Thomas Aubrey White Kenneth Zinkann Russell Zinkann MQW! usgggggggaie .o, xfcuv' lvy',jfC,'i-JI 'mi Q5 I D5 DELTA,TAU'DELTA QE J Z DELTA TAU DELTA FRATERNITY 1932-33 R1 E. CARRUTH, A. WHITE, T. J. BELL, G. R. MACNAMARA, S. W. FEAR, J. C. BEECHER, J. R. L. CRAWFORD, E. W. SCYTHES. E. T. BELL, H. J. G. JACKSON, H. W. MCDIARMID, K. ZINKANN, D. J. AGNEW, H. M. JONES, A. E. DYER, L. D. DOUGAN, C. B. BRITNELL. H. E. MITCHELL, F. A. BRYAN, J. R. BERWICK, J. A. C. ARMSTRONG, C. E. HAWKE, J. S. ELLIOTT, D. C. THOMAS, C. H. KNIGHT, J. D. SUTHERLAND. ' Four thirty-seven - EZLQI INQQM. INQEQ gcfivl IVQCQCPYNPI E - LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Founded at Boston l'11iz'ersity, 1909 'ignite EPSILON-EPSILON ZETA Established at Toronfo, 1927 Z - f . 4, ii Q FRATRES IN FACULTATE Cecil Alexander Rae Thomas John VVright FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Thomas Whiteside Wilson Frank Edward Pearse Griggs Paul VanKleeck Kingston Philip Kenneth Griggs Robert Buchanan Gibb Ralph Edward Hendershot George Edward Grantham Whitaker Jack Henry Dawson Sharman Ketchen Learie Kenneth Ward Smith Douglas Chadwick Macdonald Smith Charles Francis Newton William Brenton Payne Brown Albert Walter Jacob James Crawford Towers Alexander Charles Leman Charles William Minett George Archibald Campbell Hugh Harold Walker Gordon Thomas McMichael Edwin Ross Edmison Robert Lorne Campbell William Grant Ross George Wishart John Murray Burgess John Alexander Wilson Philip Arthur Chubb John Edwin McEachern James Archibald Harley Robert Aiken Webber William Gould Armstrong Ralph Gustavson John Stonehouse Beatty F2 Four thirty-eight 3 ,gg :f6,Cl3f1 fsegggwi llkfvaxq XQFY-QT-QQ.. A.. .. .-':.-- ' ' ,ML 1:12171----A-:ff-:.Iy-f ,',f:Q?iQg,. ,K MXN .V Q 1 f- ......--- ...':-.... - 2' ae s ,A Arwflam Grieg IB LD if N, in K L I ,. ' 1 V, 'Aj' C5 I . . Q i ?" + I. ' ff X. M t I , A: 19 , V ' gf 'I M I FII Af . . . Af 9 , .M 4 7555 2 Sl 5 'G .-.,.L 'B J-A AGILBB 'Nl It QQA-YTQGAI sljii-T., LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 51 2 2' LAMBDA CHI ALPHA, 1932-1933 Back Row: J. A. WILSON, A. W. JACOB, A. C. LEMAN, J. H. DAWSON, C. F. NEWTON, F. E. P. GRIGGS, R. GUSTAVSON, J. E. MCEACHERN, J. A. HARLEY, R. A. WEBBER. Third Row: P. V. KINGSTON, J. C. TOWERS, E. R. EDMISON, G. E. G. WHITAKER, S. K. LEARIE, H. H. WALKER, W. G. ROSS, D. C. M. SMITH, C. W. MINETT. Second Row: K. W. SMITH, P. K. GRIGGS, R. E. HENDERSHOT, J. S. BEATTY, R. B. GIBB, P. A. CHUBB, W. B. P. BROWN. First Row: G. WYISHART, J. M. BURGESS, G. A. CAMPBELL, R. L. CAMPBELL, G. T. MCMICHAEL. Absent: T. W. WILSON, W. G. ARMSTRONG. " Four thirty-nine - 3 . 1 5 . 'Q'-29 . JA INQAQQAI IAQQD: J NGWQI lVl1'q'jlt?il"?l lvpfgii pu 0635 Y Q WOMEN'S HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTIC FRATERNITY UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO CHAPTER SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Willie Ann Luckett Helen Kemp Jocelyn Moore Marjorie Wright 2- Primrose MacLean Gerda Hiebert - Kb Maureen Macoun Helen McKee '75 Margaret Millar Eugenia Hartmann bf Si Lois Tedman Mary Carman Z, Isabel Jordan Betty Brunke Margaret Dunham C la f ' four-Forty ' FQCLQAJ lmkgggyml Ilkfgxhg gc?-iv, M'.5fC'f-In nsfpfizg E 1' - KAPPA ALPHA THETA. - Founded at De Pauw University, 1870 cu X? D fr rj QTL ,QW AAQA 4' SIGMA Established at Toronio, 1887 Z S MEFF 'fe 5 Z SORORES IN FACULTATE Jessie Barber Hasel Hammond Nora Doran Elizabeth Hargreaves Alison Ewart Florence Hargreaves Barbara Finlayson Kathleen Hobday Frieda Fraser Winnifred Simpson Mollie Gray Hope Smith Freya Hahn Gertrude Wright soRoREs IN UNIVERSITATE . , 9 Sophie Boyd Kathleen McIntyre Elizabeth Conboy Primrose McLean A ' i I I' Margaret Conboy Isabel Price fi I' Carol Clark Eleanor Riggs 1 Katie Clark Primrose Sandiford Marjorie Drummond Anna Stockdale ' 'I Kathleen Hobday Elizabeth Stockdale ' Isabel Irwin Helen Treadgold K Isobel Jordan Margaret Lang .Ioan Keagey ' - Elizabeth Lang Plf'd99S ' A Maureen Macoun Jean Atkinson l Rosemary Martin Elizabeth Barber Marion Maclaurin Jean Lang - Fourforiy-one - sec , A ,W INQAQBAI lesggjyg lvt'.'5fC"N1 Four forty-Iwo gkfffivl evfiiifwn fvifjyfy Q. E ALPHA PHI FRATERNITY Founded at Syracuse, 1872 if it ., is -k Xl CHAPTER Established oi Toronto, 1906 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T3 Christine Auld Helen Biggs Betsy Carr Kathryn Dewar Eleanor Dewar Geraldine Dack Mary Fowlds Phyllis Harcourt Kathryn Kinnear Eunice Montgomery Mary Norton Margaret Winter 3T!, Mildred E. Barten Patricia Dowling Elizabeth Hunt Sally Sorby Hildegarde Harris Jean Waldon Nan Gibbons Mary McFarland Katherine Palm Eleanor Sanson Mary Stewart Marguerite Stewart Kathleen Shepherd 3T5 Dorothy Dempster Mary McDonald Blythe Spence Pledges Ruth Agnew Maureen Broade Oldeth Murphy Ruth Galvin Alison Mallowney Helen Chapman Shirley Ross Aileen Parr ACL!-as ilNI,j,Q',54l 49,55 RQCTQ-an --- - 1vQ'.'5lC'Nu 'Wiz-25 Q 1' PI BETA PHI Founded at Monmouth College, 1867 rpx ' s lla I ' W S 1, N .5 1, X I 1 S ,F Q. E 5 55 f X 5 Q, ,BD NX Xu I1 Ns 1' s 1' 5 1 5 1 sv: ONTARIO ALPHA Founded at Toronto, 1908 SORORES IN FACULTATE Catherine Ball Margaret Fraser Edith Gordon, M.D. Dorothy Harding Kathleen Tracey Margaret Husband SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T3 Marjorie Daly Jean Lind Ruth Lyon Catherine McBurnie Helen Smart 3Tl, Dorothy Bastedo Bethy Hara Joan Knowlton Joyce Lyon Ruth Rutherford Frances Shenstone Marion Tope Elizabeth Watts Norah Williams 3T5 Elizabeth Beck Mary Clark Joyce Edwards Margaret Hill Mary McLean 3T6 Elizabeth Armstrong Ruth Cooper Elizabeth Graham Aileen Musgrave Mary Owens 3T8 Frances Mulligan CMeds.J INQlg,jAI gg I ' : 0 S35833f30f2,fi2 N.-I 5 0 l Ts I 9 , , I I l , I TXT'x,,l'- -.... 1 'Xff : i I I Four forty-three 0 'NCD 'PKRQSYZ fifG'3vn M'.5fC'N1 uvpfgm Q P KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA - Founded at Monmouth College, 1870 Cl J -'fx it px 1 ,,. E, i v: .kdm 1 'J KI BETA PSI Established at Toronto, 1911 SORORES IN FACULTATE Betty Anderson ' Honour Tett Ruth Partridge Florence Mathews Ruth Briggs SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Z 3T3 Medicine S Q3 Mary Clement 3T3 Q, '7' Evelyn Cowan DO Oth Jam Q Margaret Dunham G r lei h QS Z ' Katharine Harkness Wen a OH ' Margaret Hogarth 3716 Maria McCollum M r S d n Eietty Mustard 3 y an ergo ary Nort way Pl d Audrey Purkis Betty Eafjr Kathleen Stewart Margaret Black 3TL Kathleen Denne Nora Bailey gorotllien Jowsey Ruth Baldwin Hora. tineM I t h Joan Bateman J ennid 3' h? tn OS Kathleen Bredin Ngag giw lr er Teddy Brennan a ge aw Dorothy Bryce Betty Clark Betty Clarke Ruth Cunningham Betty Fisher ,,, Hora Fox G aft argaret ourlay Q -L , 3' - . V - . Jean Hunnisett gm K"'Ke'Rl'l ' Dorothy Mulholland 'QQIQ' A Margaret Pirie ' ld Q 7 Eleanor Pratt tt- fl-Jw--Q - 3T5 T ,Q Marjorie Jenkins fwqwrf- 5 Joan Stephens Xml - Four forty-four 5 Aw is-agw 'Atom Xvcfivn uvs'.'5fE.'a-11 vb','jVE 5 cw , if DELTA GAMMA Founded at Oxford, Miss., 1874 t A uv 70' 'jiamv--',"5G5sT' K l 4 A A 5. 2. E A Q? 1 Q fa ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Established at Toronto, 1913 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 1933 Dorothy Bottom Phyllis Camsell Isabel Dickson Marian Laird Douglas Mclwraith Elizabeth Turnbull Margaret Cameron 1934 Mabel Dunlop Mary Gibson Joyce Lounsborough Aileen McGuire Mary Rous Maud Sexsmith Elizabeth Wilson 1935 Ruth Beatson Janet Gow Phyllis Hamilton Wilma Nicholson Patricia Thompson Ruth Wood Pledges Elizabeth Clancy Mary Gibson Winifred Gibson Geraldine Gundy Doris Hamilton Mary Hunter Mary Page Joan Parmenter nm sie S. 51-T131 V6 'Jo Ne 'QQ-9 s .x WL , I Q . Four forty-five I imggggmu Q .ei g'KQ',js INAQQQA' 'Highs ECN rm- m'.'5fZf?wi awww ' ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ' Founded at Syracuse University, 1901, sig' lfrr gif! ,Nb - 'Q V - N Q? 15 5 ii t G 0 K' . N 9 I K? rf K JG A i A I Q UP tg., flauflhapfw Established at Toronto, 1.919 - SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE A Q fer: Four forty-six 3 T3 3 T5 ' Helen Clark Eva Collins Margaret Colquhoun Betty Edwards Wilma Cumming Nadine Awrey Kay Lea CMedsJ Audrey Hammett Pledgfs Eugenia Haylow Joyce Arnold Lillian Kribs Joan Burr Phyllis Shepard Margaret Stirling Leone Tresidder Erma Watkins Margaret Whalen 3Tl, Velma Breen Adele Broadhurst Eileen Colquhoun Lois Coryell Muriel Quinn Grace Quinn Ruth Sparrow Eleanor Watt Louise West Marjorie Carter Margaret Dawson Kathleen Nesbitt Lenora Robb Helen Rogers Isobel Smale Edith Siver Bare. 19 L. - A i ,V . 669 S29 5 . xx AX A A. 'xl . L get 1 I 'F sf- ' . it ? -Us A 43'5l"" Al" - ----Af 4!l'sPkQ3g'!f5I1T4'-'.i..."' -----M-----.!p,QtD5SE ggi?-PI 'lVQ'5iCyNI nvpffim S Y ' GAMMA PHI BETA A ' Founded at Syracuse Universily, 1874 . e wr . 66. ruiggr ALPHA ALPHA Established at Toronio, 1919 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 2 JT3 3T1, 5 ,QQ Dorothy Baker Betty Dixon G Beth Bertram Carol Graham CS' S Lenna Brace Eileen Harris Z Kathleen Ellis Jessie Johnston ' Margaret Huston Jessie MacPherson Margaret MacMartin Janet Moffatt Merle Storey Margaret Russell Lois Tedman Reta Stollery Dorothy Trano 3715 Carolyn Tucker Betty Holland Eleanor Wallace Pledges 3T6 Mary Arnold Betty Stewart CMeds.J Christine Copus Edith Dowler - Audrey Howard 'fm' 3 Q Dorothy Leary ,gp J figl? his Q ., ,Z 'SK Q ' skbaf, -J 4 A ,U ' 51' I ' , ., .. .L .A - Four forfy-seven ' f ' 0 QYKJCJAS -'Mwst'-or uwgggggw NASH BYCWVI lvvf5lC'v-ra vpfypl LQ' of A J ' DELTA PHI EPSILON Founded al New York Urniversily, 1917 1 fl , . in ,A .eri n l fi 5, -'-,wif ' l Wig V .f'EgX,N E ,L rcffi ' ' :O nw- , . ax: , 1 1 .,. I N- A 1 ' A H! ' . Q e ' wif' ' fl '-We ' M Established at Toronto, 1924 Z 422 Q J " SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Ellen Raxlen Yetta Kasler Sophie Wall Minnie White Ruth Alter Lulu Landau Jeanette Petegorsky 'Z Four forty-eight rt! 'ilu Ruth Marin Louise Keshen Milly Rabinowitch Sophie Mannis Frances Blumenthal Julia Breslin Helen Tobias 0 00 0 ,mise 6 , 'q L '6 o V Q 0. A ,e e o o o evo. QQ S ni-fgggggms NQSQ gcfqvn avs'.5lC'w1 - ALPHA EPSILON PHI ' - Founded at Barnum College, 1909 - -'ii' E3G7 V'?"I 9 Gt?-, far wig hella mp I N oi ALPHA ALPHA Pi Established at Toronio, 1927 is 952 'Q si N-A1 Z SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T3 3T3 Rosalie Franckel Doris Granatstein Beulah Hutner Audrey Mehr College of Art Dorothy Posnik Dorothy Marks Mildred Scolnick Helen Solway Post Graduate Beatrice Centner 3T!, Carol Cohen Pledges Sylvia Cohn Laura White Florence King Dorothy Willensky Ruth Levin Pearl Wiseman Ruby Yolles Z Four forfy-nine -I 3- -2, PQCLQAI lmegggysl IASQQQ HW! 1 lVYf5f5:P-?I e e 'V. P -Q -V -'Q-'ef ALPHA DELTA PI Founded at Macon, Georgia, 1851 'Tm fi 5 2 f BETA ZETA Established at Toronfo, 1929 4? SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 5 Four fifty 3T3 Norah Bowers Anna Cross Ruth Kennedy Louise Lockhart Helen McKee Elsie Murray Eileen Woodhouse 3Tl, Helen Garrett Helen Gray Patricia Musson Helen Patterson Verna Sheldon Helen Williams 3T5 Mary Clarke Irene Morrison Margaret Orr 3T6 Jane M cKee Jean Robertson 3T?' Dorothy Whinton 1MedsD Pledges Elizabeth Leitch Doris Parmenter June Porter lf QQ' IO ,Q Q X eg? i ynyvwyr 'JJ- WCJA' fmzroehf A A 141.952 grew-A M - A A A Aaw'.'5lf.'i-1a:.----W-'-Ae'-A-MLM F IVVQX no -. IOTA ALPHA PI S - Founded at Hunter College, New York, 1903 SXIIQ QUIZ 7 I " Q f P- " .i-..5L- 'lff '-3 aus ' 1 ' . 2- I .r l Ni?--' 'E . 6"'5 ' ' TD r.-.1 097 21? 4 ALPYXP' O 1 0 f' X V 151:59 y , Q IO N',xx ' .J X n ..5 H 1533 is 'Z "1 ob ... ll. ng, V- ' .. 5 '71 .J hi rziiv 'lkf-' " Q 1. 6' I ij. . 4 P ' ,. " -'L fb. I '5 -25.-' ' , , 79111 , H- .Q- .g. ug - T 'vo -4 -. ' "' f' y .1 X - I'xg:fl if-4' ' 3 3,39 K pyl 29 xl ', - - - KAPPA Founded at Toronlo, 1929 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T3 Arts - Freda Altman 5, Rose Bucovetsky 'F' 3T3 Household Science - Leah R. Levi S3T3 ocial Science Edythe G. Model Lillian Y. Rosenthal 3T3 Ontario College Education Ethel Cutler 3T1, Arls Sylvia Lichtenberg Lillian Segal Louise Topp of T35 Arts Norma Senderowitz 3T7 Medicine Hilda Marcovitz 3T5 CPledgesJ Fanny Goldhar 3T6 CPledgesl Pearl Altman Minnie Dover Gertrude Hirschorn Fanny Schwartz :P A . .fr it -lineal' , gi' 'mfg Q Ii I T QW A 4' v" Q O l I U U. S Q i "uv I Q I . 5 s , I O .f on l ' , Four fifty-one AQM1 'N.'Q,Q-LVSF IRQ!! Bifcfqvl uvw'.'5fC'wl ff is-fag 2 ALPHA CHI OMEGA 2, Founded at De Pauw University, 1885 , gf: , - fx A f . ,ag rv k I xt Established at Universriiy of Toronto, 1930 SORORES IN FACULTATE Audrey Park 2 S, SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE ,J E .QT3 .QT5 5 Marian Bodwell Marian Bond Helen Curran Dorothy Fairley Helen Emerson Evelyn Graham Betty Hooey Jean Hughes Gladys McMurchy Mary Lugsden Grace Michener Gwen Morrison Elena Stacey Mary Salter Audrey Smith Wilhemina Slater Verna Voll Margaret Stokes Dorothea Thatcher 3714 Dorothy Trollope Julia Cundick Mimi Gould Pledges Dorothy Green Grace Campbell Ruth Gregory Doris McDonald Elizabeth Kennedy Marg Heather Phyllis Kimber Dorothy Salter Marguerite Laudell Isabel Telford Marian Wray WQQQ Rf' -"I 555 0 i 90:9 Q59 63273 ACLJAI IN.Qgg:,w ANQJHQ xicvhn iw','jltj,'vw11 lVQ'D YF gi. " DELTA DELTA DELTA' Founded, Boston University, 1888 my , ifzgs W ui oo'-1 ,li S Hr 9' , s 1 " v xii J sex ' " S 4 qu' X, 1, We f, xl mxin Pawn A-41, U fm 1-mf' Si' .,, X ' ' 1. Q sign T x x 1 ' in V-.9 It 1 E x g7 3. . E . . M, 5 , H elf., 'N' 5-11 A W: .tw , -ff--:,,f: pg j 'cl g '52 4 6 5:5 .s 3 R f , .. , qi " F Q xx ll z B f :5 i A Y, 9, 4. f X i , i s. S . . xx- x, i ,xr 1 3 I v-0 'v CANADA ALPHA CHAPTER Founded, University of Toronto, 1930 -Z SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T3 3T4 5 Constance McNeill Helen Cornish " Anne DeLury Ruth Hara Margaret Millar Ruth Payne Margaret Sibbitt Margery Wright 3T5 Phyllis Cook Carchitecturej Elaine Cunningham Cmedicinej Pledges 3TJ, Elizabeth Brunke 3T5 Margaret Eddy 3T6' Betty Fraser Margaret Patterson Louise Langford Gladys Rutherford Ruth Warren Billy Young 3T6' Ruth Bradley tmedicinel Noreen Gaudette Hazel Rollaston Kit I ,Gi-. 2' A ' V 1 J Q' QJCLQA, istkgiggaa. leigh: gkfivl lVfC5lCwNI ,iyffvg 5, 2 Four Jiffy-four ALPHA OMICRON PI Founded al Barnard College, 1897 BETA TAU Founded at Toronio, 1930 SORORES IN UNIVE RSITATE 3T3 Helen Christilaw Helen Dingle Jean Downing Marion McLaughlin Margaret MacNiven Margaret Robb Audrey Thomson 3Tl, Margaret Christilaw Madeleine Coyne Elinor Doherty Margaret Hill Helen McLennan Mary Willson 3T5 Margaret Chadwick Ruth Jenkins Mary Keeling 3T5 Denfisfry Margaret Cowan Pledges Ruth Johnstone Thais Lamb Margaret McHattie Jean Snider Alice Rogers 53 9 5979. K -'Qi' 1 2, ini" Q 0,1 .., .135 WAA -'lm Z ei. ' 5, KQ34 umggxgggmu Eiicfqvl 1vf'.'5lC'Nl ivifjvf fb ff! A, - 2 DVERTISING AND I DEX 51 .Q , si 25 Business is closely similar to a tri- motored aeroplaneg one of the engines is advertisingg another is personal sales- manshipg and another is the mere motive force of primitive needs. When you kill the advertising engine, the busi- ness craft can neither speed nor climb. -Roger IV. Babson. ' Y 'Y XQJQQAI INQEQHAZ willy: INDEX In the following index organizations and activities pertaining to the University as a Whole are listed alphabeticallyg those which are distinctly faculty organizations ap- pear under the faculty or college in the index . A ADVERTISEMENTS AND INDEX, BooK V - 455 APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Architectural Club ----- 232 Assault Team ----- . - - 341 Athletic Association - - 333 At Home Committee - - 244 Baseball, Senior - - - 348 Baseball, Junior - - - 347 Basketball, Senior - - 349 Basketball, Junior - - 347 Biographies - - - - 111 Civil Club - - - 273 Class History, 3T2 - - 113 Debating Club - - - 230 Electrical Club - - - 279 Engineering Society- - - 202 Gymnastics - - - - - - 345 Hockey, Senior ---- - 344 Industrial Chemical Club- - - 233 Lacrosse, Senior ------ 345 Mechanical Club ----- 231 Mining and Metallurgical Club - 234 Dean Mitchell's Message - - - 112 Rugby, Senior ------ 346 "S" Holders ------- 340 School Dinner Committee- - - 245 School Nite ----- - 246 Soccer ------- - 350 Swimming - - 351 "T" Holders - - - 339 Toike Oike ---- - - - 231 Track --------- 341 Transactions and Year Book - 230 Water Polo, Junior ----- 342 Water Polo, Senior ----- 343 ATHLETIC DIRECToRATE - - 300 ATHLETICS, BooK III ------ 297 ATHLETICS, MEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE - 299 ATHLETICS, WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE 361 ATHLETICS, WOMEN,S INTERFACULTY - 367 ATHLETICS, MEN'S INTERFACULTY - - 325 B BASKETBALL, MEN'S INTERMEDIATE INTERCoLLECIATE ----- 319 BASKETBALL, MEN'S JR. INTERCOLLEGIATE 320 BASKETBALL, MEN'S SR. INTERCOLLEGIATE 318 BASKETBALL, WOMEN,S INTERCOLLEGIATE 363 BASKETBALL, WOMEN,S INTERMEDIATE INTERCCLLEGIATE ----- 366 BOXING, WRESTLING AND FENCING - - 324 C CAMPUS LIFE -------- - COMMERCE AND FINANCE Biographies ------ - Commerce Club ---- - Prof. Jackson's Message - - D DEDICATIoN - - - - DENTISTRY Athletic Association - At Home Committee - Baseball ---- Biographies - - - Dramatic Club - Hockey - - - Hya Yaka ----- - - Rugby ------- - - Dr. Seccombe's Message - - - Soccer ------- - - Students' Parliament - - - DRAMA ------ E EAST HoUsE ----- EDITORS, BoARD OF - - - EMMANUEL COLLEGE Biographies ----- - - Dr. Davidson's Message - - - Students' Societ y .- -. - - English Rugby ---- - - English and History Club F FACULTY ORGANIZATIONS - FIRST "T" HOLDERS - - FORESTRY Biographies - - - Foresters' Club - - Dr. Howe's Message - FCRMER EDITORS ---- FRATERNITIES, BOOK IV - - - - ALPHA CHI OMEGA - - ALPHA DELTA PHI - ALPHA DELTA PI - ALPHA EPS'LON PHI - ALPHA GAMMA DEITA - - ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA - - CContinucd on page 1585 247 33 211 84 7 352 243 354 127 233 353 353 123 354 203 235 233 0 ..4 139 140 209 312 266 267 301 143 210 144 3 387 452 408 450 449 446 396 Foil 1' fifly-sir GETTI G TO THE HE RT or THINGS The quest for knowledge is a never ending story. Through the ages man has carried on perpetual efforts to become informed concerning the hitherto "unknown". The greater the results-the greater the efforts to en- large upon them. In their own field of endeavour Eaton's too are ex- plorers. Their continual search for fresh avenues which will lead to better values for customers, is a task in which all departments of the store co-operate to the full. The Research Bureau-Comparisons Office-Systems Department--as well as the various merchandise units, are all vitally concerned with new means and methods of ensuring that our customers shall enjoy the added satisfac- tion which the latest discoveries, and modern ideas of merchandising put within our power to bring to them. Go exploring in Eaton's yourself . . . and you will Hnd such values as will convince you of the truth of the state- ment that:- IT PAYS TO SHOP AT EATON'S WT. EATON CQMD F014 r jff! y-sew' Il INDEXP- Ufonfirzuedi FRATERNITIES qConiinuedI ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA - - ALPHA OMIGRON PI- - - ALPHA PHI - - - BETA THETA PI - - - DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA CHI ----- DELTA DELTA - - GAMMA ---- KAPPA EPSILON - PHI EPSILGN - - TAU DELTA - - UPSILON ---- GAMMA PHI BETA ---- INTERPRATERNITY COUNCIL - IOTA ALPHA PI ----- KAPPA ALPHA ---- KAPPA ALPHA THETA - - KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA - - - KAPPA SIGMA ---- P - KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE LAMBDA CHI ALPHA - - - NU SIGMA NU ----- OMEGA TAU SIGMA - - PHI PHI PHI PHI PHI PHI CHI ---- DELTA THETA - GAMMA DELTA - - KAPPA PI - - KAPPA SIGMA - RHO SIGMA - - PI BETA PHI - - - Ctionfifnnned on page 5605 -390 ooks .... publications 414 Q 32132 .... printed -416 -3 advertising . . . a complete service inclurling planning and designing, printing. binding and mailing 447 388 451 406 - 441 444 434 - 430 438 394 - 391 - 404 - 422 , -0 -iii SATURDAY NIGHT - 410 - 3125 PR E S S 73 RIClllllOl1d St. West, Toronto 0 'X ST M C11-I IS CGI, EI Federated with the University of Toronto ALL COURSES LEADING TO DEGREES IN ARTS REV. H. S. BELLISLE, C.S.B. REV. B. SULLIVAN, C.S.B. SfflI7eI'IffI' 1eegAff.1,- INSTITUTE 0F MEDIAEVAL STUDIES nmtw' five Jifeflinzz of PROFESSOR ETIENNE GILSON, PH.D. Four fifty-eight "A Straight line is the hortest distance" g INDEPENDEECE .1 REGULAR DEPOSITS Q -- - - IRREGULAR DEPOSITS ' 5 1 ,silk Q V L: "'i""l . -' uv. A-Q ' ,,f?hI, TUN- iy , 1- I, M i I , 3: N ' 1' -l .... 1 -. , i .. -, 1 .1 .. 1. i. i- i.. --1 i .1- 1 10 r--' it .an na-' ll ,- , , V - , A V 1 EUCLID proved that a straight line was the shortest distance between any two given points. The same axiom applies when one travels the path towards Independence. The young man or woman who deposits a few dollars every week and who leaves his or her savings to grow at interest is moving in a straight line towards security and happiness. Set yourself an objective now. Every week deposit a definite percentage of your salary. This is a safer and more direct route to a substantial balance than by casual saving. 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INTERCOLLEGIATE - HOCKEY, MEN'S INTERMEDIATE INTERCOLLEGIATE - - - HOCKEY, MEN,S SENIOR TNTERCOLLEIGIATE 314 HOCKEY, WOMEN'S TNTERCOLLEGIATE - - HONOUR SCIENCE CLUB ---- HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE Basketball ---- Biographies ----- CC0niIinued on page l,6':2l - - 398 - - 426 - - 428 - - 440 - - 424 - - 400 - - 392 - - 412 - 260 - - 309 - - 321 - - 308 - - 180 316 - -315 363 - - 258 - - 380 - -151 WYCLIFFE COLLEGE TO RONIO A RESIDENTIAL Theological College for the training of young men for the Ministry of the Church of England throughout Canada and in the Foreign Mission Field, in accordance with the principles of the Reformation. The courses of study provide for in- struction in Arts at the University of Toronto, with Theology at Wycliffe College, leading up to the degrees of B.A., B.D., D.D., and the L.Th. Certi- licate. Wy'cliffe College is situated in the University Grounds. Its students have full access to all privileges of the Uni- versity Library, Hart House, Gymnasium, Athletic Grounds, etc. A number of Bursaries are available for students in need of finanvial axsislunfe. For Calendar and information ax to Conditions of entrance, Courses of study and Bursaries, apply to the Bursar and Registrar, Mr. Harry Burch, llqyvliffe College, Toronto, or to REV. R. B. McELHERAN, M. A., D.D. X , f Qu Six -I J 4 N 1 L-2' XSTT--I XENA 1 Q Peace of Mind O man can enjoy the leisure hours for which he strives un- less his investments are secure. For peace Of mind, keep an adequate reserve in a Savings Account. It pays SQ. interest, is always ready for use-and never depreciates. Whether your account be large or small, The Royal Bank of Canada is ready to give you interested and efficient service. The Royal Bank OF Canada Over 35 Branches In Toronto Four stixly ue' I ki. f ii' vvq Q. Q , - . A. a :Q .Q fir I fl 2. I A im 6 X' 2 if YS, Q GENERATORS TRANSFORMERS WI RE AND CABLE SWITCH GEAR MOTORS WIRING DEVICES HOME LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT REFRIGERATORS RADIO SETS AND RADIOTRONS VACUU M CLEANERS HOTPOINT RANGES AND APPLIANCES EDISON MAZDA LAMPS MADE IN CANADA You can always trust this trademarlcl UALITY . . . dependability . . . outstanding dollars and cents value . . .the essential features which appeal to buyers ot electrical merchandise are symbolized by the G-E Mono- gram. Everything for your electrical needs-whether for home, in- dustry or transportation-is made in Canada by Canadian General Electric. These prod- ucts are the result of intensive researchand experienced man- ufacturing. The G-E Mono- gram identities them. Whenever you buy electrical products turn confidently to those bearing the G-E Mono- gram. They have established in all parts ot the Dominion an outstanding reputation for efficiency and reliability. CANADIA C O M P A N Y L I M I T E D Head Office-Toronto-Sales and Enqineering Offices in Principal Cities Four sixty one INDEX ffw0'1'l,fl'I1llFdl Household Science Club Swimming ---- - - - "THE ST.-ITIONERY IN THE BLUE BOX" '7 7 0 Undergraduate Association - - -212 I ITALIAN AND SPANISH CLUB - J JOINT EXECUTIVE STUDENTS, TRATIVECOUNCILS - - FOR Q SOCIAL ' 461 CORRESPONDENCE Yr ADMINIS- - - - - 193 XV. GAGE it COMPANY LIMITED XYINNIPIEG TORONTO MONTREAL Charles Aylett INDEX+CC'0nfin1IedD K Photographer KNOX COLLEGE Biographies - - - - 137 Q Men's Residence - - 295 ' . Soccer ------ - 359 Ifllllflflg Undergraduate Association - 208 L Patronage of Students L LAW CLUB ----------- 263 Y, LITERARY AND DEEATING EXECUTIVE - - 255 . . CC 1' d f '6 l Studzor 96 Yonge St. ELgIn 6714 on HMC on page 4 A Only in HOT GR PHS will COLLEGE DAYS always be remembered. All negatives are carefully filed and extra copies may be had at any time. GEORGE F REELAND 89 BLOOR STREET WEST Portrait Plootograplner PHONE KINGSDALE 0304 Four sixty-two PHOTO IENORAVJERS Sz, JEUECTROTYPERS L I NI I T E D The Complefe Org I PHOTOGRAPHERS ARTISTS ENGRAVERS A ELECTROTYPERS and STEREOTYPERS 91 GOULD ST. TORONTO L' C 1 Ph WA 1 8 F fy! INDEXH- Clfonfin ucdl LORETTO ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE - - - LORETTO DRAMATIC EXECUTIVE - - - LORETTO HOUSE COMMITTEE - - A- - LORETTO LITERARY SOCIETY ---- LORETTO STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL ------ - - - M MACDONALD-CARTIER CLUB ---- MATHEMATICAL AND PHYSICAL SOCIETY MEDICINE Athletic Association, Men's - - - Athletic Executive, Women's - - Athletic Teams, Women's - - At Home Committee - - - - Biographies ----- - 3T3 Class "T" Holders - - Daifydil Committee - Journal ---- "M" Holders ----- - Medical Society ---- - Dr. Fitzgerald's Message - - - "T" Holders ------- Volley Ball ------- Women's Undergraduate Associa- tion ------ - - - N NEWMAN CLUB ---- NORTH HOUSE- - - O OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Biographies ------- ONTARIO VETERINARY COLLEGE Biographies ------- Dr. McGillivray's Message - - Students' Administrative Council P PHARMACY Baseball - - - - Basketball - - - Biographies ----- - Class History, 3T3 - - - - Dean Heebner's Message - - - Hockey ------ - Lacrosse ------ - Soccer - - - - "T" Holders - - PHYSIOTHERAPY Biographies ----- - President's Message - - PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING Biographies ----- - R RESIDENCES --------- ROWING, SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE- - RUGBY, INTERMEDIATE INTERCOLLEGIATE RUGBY, JUNIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE - - RUGBY, SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE - - CCont'inued on page A655 379 239 273 273 212 265 257 333 331 331 242 99 334 237 337 200 100 336 335 201 259 290 161 147 148 206 357 358 167 169 163 356 357 356 358 163 16 165 287 317 305 304 302 Four sixty-four To men who ant to retire at 60 . . . Would you like to quit work on your sixtieth birthday and retire on an income that you can't outlive? If so,you will be interested in a North AmerieanGuaranteedLife Income Here,s what it will do for you Pay you at age 60 a monthly Income of Pay you In Cash 3144 470 Pay your Family fd tl 1 egtiefiffurs 3100 0 P y your Famzly If death l dCClFOI'll Il Pay you 1 disabled payable as follows 3100 a month for 50 months S50 a month for 100 months S10 000 at the end of that period If you become disabled you pay no more In PUIIIIIIIS hut you continue to recen e dividends Investlgate the benefits of ASSIITIIIU Manually ln North American Life North American Life Assurance Comp ny Toronto Ontario MAIL T HI S Without obligation plea e send me full details C OU-PON NOW of your Guaranteed Life Income Plan We 3 'N u m 0 SDLID nlddress NORTH AMERICAN USHE Assets S47 298 633 surplus so 035,328 I EUNTINENT TUAL COM F U P4NP TORONTO CANADA Qguaranieed for lifeji , OR I 9 . i A 0 4 . 9 . ' I 'I 0 I 0 s O i V . ' . a ' . . . ' S . I I Y , ,........., .................................... ......................... T . .,.............I.........,...,.......................,.......,..... . l l f D ,409 '00 I I I Q, 1 1 hw 1 I rw ARI - A :OIJELTPSIIIIEDN Hninvraitg nf Glnruntn THE PROVINCIAL UNIVERSITY or GNTARIO EACULTIES:-Arts Qincluding Sciences and Commercej, Medicine, Applied Science and Engineering, Household Science, Education fOntario College of Educationj, Forestry, Music, School of Graduate Studies, and Dentistry. Attractive two-year courses leading to diplomas in Occupational Therapy and in Physiotherapy are offered to young women of eighteen years or over who have the prescribed Pass Matriculation and Honour Matriculation standing. For bulletins on courses in the Pure Sciences, in Applied Science and Engineering, and in the diploma courses, write to the Director of University Extension. For Calendars of the various Faculties write to the Registrar. INDEX-CCOrzti'nucdD S ST. HILDA'S COLLEGE Athletic Society - - - Badminton - - - - Basketball - - - Hockey ---- - House Committee - - Literary Society - - - - St. Hilda's Chronicle - Swimming ---- - Tennis ------ - Women's Association - - ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE Cercle Francais - - - - Dramatics - - - - House Committee ----- Literary Society ------ Students' Administrative Council ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE Baseball, Women's - - - Basketball, Women's - - Biographies ------. Father Bellisle's Message - - - Students' Administrative Council Tennis, Women's ----- SENIORS, Book I ---- - - - SOCIAL SCIENCE Biographies ------ - CContinued on page 4665 382 385 384 383 199 277 229 383 384 277 275 239 274 275 274 379 378 65 66 205 378 15 157 . RK I, 'iriiiaf .:- . M'fPll'Il4- ' umgqivin ' . css ESTABLISNCD 1842 SINCE 1845 NVE HAVE HAD THE H O N O U R OF SUPPLYING THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO WITH HOODS, GOWNS, ROBES, Etc. Harcourt 81 Son Limited Toronto Established 1842 CLERICAL T.-IILORS -- ROBE MAKERS -- MEN'S FURNISHINGS 105 KING STREET WEST Four sixty-five 1836 - Hirtnria 'Hniuvraitg - 3333 1856 1841 1845 1854 1860 1871 comprising Eitturia Qiullege Emmanuel Qlullege in federation witla THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO 1892 Upper Canada Academy. Cobourg, opened. Royal Charter granted. Faculty of Arts established. Name changed to Victoria College. First degree in Arts in they Province con- ferred by Victoria College. Faculty of Medicine established. Faculty of Law established. Faculty of Theology established. 1931-Emmanuel Colleg -Victoria College federated with University of Toronto. College removed from Cobourg to Toronto. Faculties of Medicine and Law discontinued. 1903-Annesley Hall Women's Residence opened. 1910-Birge-Carnegie Library opened. 1913-Burwash Hall and Men's Residence opened. 1926 1928 e Academic Building Rev. E. W. Wlallace, M.A., D.D., Chancellor and President. C. E. Auger, B.A., Regislrar. -Wymilwood Women Students' Union opened. -Victoria University Charter amended. Victoria College - Arts, Emmanuel College -Theology. and Men's Residences opened. W. T. Brown, M.A., Ph.D., Principal, Vicioria College. Rev. R. Davidson, M.A., Ph.D., D.D., Principal, Emmanuel College. INDEX--CCo1z1'3i3nucdj SOCCER, MEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE - - SOCIAL ---------- SOUTH HOUSE ------- STUDENT ADMINISTRATION - - - STUDENT'S BAND ------- STUDENT PUBLICATIONS ------ STUDENTS' CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION - SWIMMING, MEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE - T I - 313 - 241 - 239 - 191 - 262 - 223 - 254 - 322 - 310 TENNIS, lVIEN,SINTERCOLLEG1ATE - - TENNIS, MEN'S INTERMEDIATE INTERCOL- LECIATE -------- - 311 - 366 TENNIS, WOMEN,S INTERCOLLEGIATE - TORONTONENSIS -------- TORONTO INTERCOLLEGIATE CHRISTIAN UNION --------- - 224 TRACK, INTERMEDIATE INTERCOLLECIAT TRACK, SENIOR INTERCOLLECIATE - - - TRINITY COLLEGE Amateur Athletic Association - Basketball ------- Biographies ------ Hockey ------ - Literary Institute ----- Provost COSgrave'S Message - Rugby --------- Science Club ----- - "T" Holders ----- - University Review ---- Kwoniinued on page 1,677 264 E - 307 306 - 330 - 331 - 75 - 332 - 198 - 76 - 332 - 276 331 - 228 A. E. ANSTEY 8t CO EDITION BOOK BINDERS is This issue of Torontonensis bound by us. sf' GURNEY BUILDING 510 KING STREET WEST Phone: EL. 3938 Four sixty-six INDEXetC0nfinuedj U UNDERGRADUATE ACTIVITIES, Book II UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Athletic Board ------ Athletic Executive, Women's - Badminton ------- Basketball, Freshie ----- Basketball, Women's Junior - Basketball, Women's Senior - - Biographies ------ Class History 3T3 - - - French Society ------ Hockey, Women's ----- Literary and Athletic Society - 3T3 Men's Executive ---- 3T4 Men's Executive ---- 3T5 Men's Executive - - - 3T6 Men's Executive - - - Men's Residence - - - PLAYERS' GUILD ---- - - PROF. WALLACE'S MEssAGE - Softball, Women's - - - Swimming, Women's - - Tennis, W0men's - - - Track ----- - - "T" Holders- - - - - "U.C." Holders- - - - - Undergraduate, The - - - 3T3 Women's Executive - - 3T4 Women's Executive - - - 3T5 Women's Executive - - - 3T6 Wome-n's Executive - - - Women's Undergraduate Associa- tion --------- - UNIVERSITY EXTENSION QTEACHERS' COURSEl Biographies ---- Mr. Dunlop's Message - University Organizations - - - V VARSITY, THE ----- - VICTORIA COLLEGE Acta Victoriana ------ Annesley Student Government - Athletic Club, Women's - - - Athletic Union ------ Baseball, Women's ----- Basketball, Women's Junior - - Basketball, Women's Senior - - Biographies ------- Bob Committee ------- Chancellor Wallace's Message - - Class History, 3T2 ----- College Union ------ Debating Parliament ---- 3T3 Executive ------ 3T4 Executive, Fall and Spring- - CContinued on page 469D 179 326 368 370 372 369 369 17 19 268 371 194 214 215 216 217 291 236 18 371 371 370 327 326 327 226 214 215 216 217 207 96 97 253 225 227 197 373 328 375 374 374 41 286 42 43 196 269 218 219 O sleep, O gentle sleep, Natures soft nurse, how have I frighted thee, That thou no more wilt weigh my eyelids down, And steep my senses in forgetfulness? Why rather, sleep, liest thou in smoky cribs, Upon uneasy pallets stretching thee, And hushed with buzzing night-flies to thy slumber, Than in the perfumed chambers of the great, Under high canopies of costly state, And lull'd with sounds of sweetest melody? O thou dull god, why liest thou with the vile In loathsome beds, and leav'st the kingly couch A watch-case or a common 'larum-bell? Wilt thou upon the high and giddy mast Seal up the ship-boy's eyes, and rock his brains In cradle of the rude imperious surge, And in the visitation of the winds, XX'ho take the ruthan billows by the top, Curling their monstrous heads, and hanging them With deafening clamour in the slippery shrouds, That, with the hurly, death itself awakes? Canst thou, O partial sleep, give thy repose To the wet sea-boy in an hour so rudeg And in the calmest and most stillest night, With all appliances and means to boot, Deny it to a king? Then, happy low, lie down! Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. QKING HENRY' IV, O PART 2, II, 1.5 The three most common causes of sleep- lessncss are QU blood congested brain cells QQ digestive unrest Q51 nervous irritabil- ity. Whether you sutfer from one or all, Ovaltine brings you sleep. When taken as a warm drink at bed- time, Ovaltine tends to draw the excess blood away from the head, and combats mental over activity. Ovaltine is high in "diastase", a food property of malt, which has the unique power of digesting the starch content of any starchy food lying heavily in your stomach, thus relieving digest unrest. While you sleep Ovaltine nourishes your body, brain and nerves. It supplies Or- ganic Phosphorus, Vitamins, Calcium, and other food elements required for complete nutrition. UVA LTINE The British Empire Fond Beverage Brings Sound, Natural Sleep A. WANDER LIMITED, PETERBOROUGH, CANADA AND LONDON, ENGLAND Four sixty-seven Extra Copies of this volume of TCRONTONENSIS may he purchased from the SAC. Ohfice, Hart House, at 335.00 each. Members of all years are invited to take advantage of this opportunity. Act 11010- tbe supply is limited 44 44 44 57 57 PP by The BRoWN BROTHERS Limited Superflrlish Process Wholesale Stationers f Bookbirlclers f Paper Dealers Ioo SIMCUE ST. 1 TORGNTO IJ JH A Great ame X Electoficall From the early days when Westinghcmuse gave the world the present system of alternating electric current . . . the name of Wfesting- house has been closely asso- ciated with every phase of electrical progress. X -4 Today. the Westinghcmuse name and trade-mark iden- tify electrical products of unfailing dependability and up-to-date development. Vifhether it be a mighty generator, a giant trans- former or any one of the many electrical devices for the modern home . . . re- frigerators, radios, ranges, vacuum cleaners, washers, lamps, tubes or appliances ...The XVestinghouse name is the recognized guar- antee of quality and value! X. I lax, - , .X pf . XX A V s X xx IN xx X c .X s I Xe R . X - XXX Txfx X C X f f f' ICANTAFIDMIAN A STINGHOUSE aff Z. Lf' ELECTRIC APPLIANCES FOR THE HCME INDEX- Ulflllllllllfldl ZBT5 Executive, Fall and Spring- - ST6 Executive, Fall and Spring- - French Society ----- Hockey, Wornen's ---- Literary Society ----- - Middle House Burwash Hall Music Club ------ - 220 22l 271 377 272 294 270 .4 THIS PHOTOGRAPHS OF THIZ GRADUATINC CLASS Oli ST. MICHAIEIQS KQOl.LliGlf. HST. MIK,HAliI.'S. LORIQTTO AND ST. ,l0SliPH'S" XYISRE MADE BY Frederick Williani Lyonde and his Sons 112 Yonge St. at Adelaide Permanent Executive - - - - 43 Rugby ------ - - 328 Swimrning, Women's - - - 376 k1Q?Etf2z1ST,mi'i'm9n S ' ' ' ' 333 Ilrmsr c1oIvIPARI-1 - we ARIS PIiRrI:cTIY 'xY'ILI.ING f' t f - - - - - . ... Y J J 'ro s'I'ANo BY TIII: RESUITS. W WATER PoI,o, INTERCoI,I,EGIATI: - - - 323 g WHITNEX' HALL ------ - - 292 WOMI-3N's DEBATING UNION - - - - 256 WOME,N'S .JUNIOR "T" HoI,DI-1Rs - - 365 I ps WtfJMEN,S PRESS CLUB ---- - 265 'Q I9 W JMENYS SENIOR UT" Hr L ERS - - - 364 if' 2 - ' f J D Q KY PHI WYCLIFFE COLLEGE Q: Athletic Association - - - 355 .4501 I Biographies ---- - - 133 rA.,.,'5 li Literary Society ---- - - - 204 X 9 Q. Principal McElheran's Message- - 134 C ' I H.. e 5-F Students' Christian Association - - 285 QX ,F I i ' -. I1 W It YEAR EXECUTIVES - - - -213 wi 4 Four siriy-nine ' A I Q , ' 4 n 1 - r , I ' af I ' n 'N I , r I o I Q . .. 1 4 L. -3... - 1, b I gi 1 . ,- I n s 1 5 " 3 x J A., 1' v i Qi 1 nl P I ' I mga, - '.., . .- w n ,'v '7' 1 - 1' at 1 1 ' ,1 1 1 1 1 " "fx ' 1 11 'r ' N 'Z If ffige t I 1 ' '1 1 L 1 1 1 1 1 111. zz 1 . E 1 1 1' 1' 1 r-1 1 1 -g ' 1 xx I W 11 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 , - 111 'Il 1 .- -1 'I 1 X 1141 .'. 11 4 1. - '1 1- X I .I , 1 1!. W I, 1 1: ' 1 .' ' ' 1 ' r 'I 1, 1 1 X 1 I 14, - 1 ' b .1 1 11 ' 11 . A1 ' " ' 1 1 I 1 1. 1 1 X 1 1 '1 ln' 1' '1 1 0.. 1 1 1:1 -, -1 U . '1 ll 1 4 1 I .1 , . Li: ai .V ,1 .1, '.-'11, fs 111. Q1 Lf., , 1 1-h Uf' 1 5. 41' '- X' vi". I 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 3 1 51 .1 1.' . 1 1 '1 '14 ' 11 f5,+ " 1'1- , ' 1h'. s 1- Us 1 1' ' . .A.,. 1 1 111 1 1 1 A 1 i '4 1 1 1 ,- N 4 . , . 1 1' 111 4 ! -11-H I-I 4. ,1- -'i 1 I 1 .11 1 1 1 - F 1 11 V 'n ' 1 1 1 M' 1 1 f 1 1 s 1 11 n 1 1 1 1 ' 'O' 1 1 1 X 11 1. ' . ' ,1 -1 . 1 1 . 1 .' 1 1, '. 5" 1 .1 1 " ' . V. 11 11 " H1111 ' ri ,, U 1 - 1 . 1 .1, ,111 .1 1 " 1-.1 '.11 Wu" .'- ' 1 1.1 . 1 41, Q! I. ' 'vrlw Ar? rv .'q,', 'insulin . ,ly-' . ,, ' 1. , ..A , . ., , qg,.,. . , . , J - I I V jf.. fl. V A , I. ' an 1 ' A . L . A V N K 5. . 1 I V ' Q 74 .- 0 l A I? 13- 4-1 1 'if' ,x' 5 Y, , P' ' W - ,V A V J 0 J I 10 1- 1 x v .I '1 ,J 1 -v l , A .- v I , 1 L v .Q Q Y. . I L -,, Pu .R f ' ' ' u , D t s w . 1 n , i . ' , ,rg-:M3 " - .4 A .K , I .fi all lk X V n . 4 W n A C '1 " -'k' - r V. . n .' u .V ' 4' A ' , , 5,1 . '- 4 'SM VF Q- 'B m', f 'T I 1 , ' ff, ,..,w,'7"'f'f'+ " 1- -' , ' . 1 ' Q 1 . ,CN ,-., 1,5 'l 5 I A I 1 'L H 'U 5 W L4 '4 W d ' ' SM i A 'E' FP?

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