University of Toronto - Torontonensis Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada)

 - Class of 1932

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University of Toronto - Torontonensis Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Cover

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v . ,X , A U44 n ., , M 1 Q 4 V' V f V I. 1 ',. w ., Q1 4m 1 ,x v v ' v ' x ,H a 4, x-5 1 . 1, NL ,Q . V: ,V -J 'L V ' ,gm-wg, -, 'U 'YZF' . 14.4 , I f "If" X, .... ., 4 jlx " X rf 1 - 1 .. gl A .,u- ,mx 1 . 4 v 1 I 4 l ' ws 1 q ul Y , , 1 4 1 ,li ,, 4 1, ., n A., I ' V I, 1 m , 4,1 . X .l , 4.1 ,W-z' ,f xf y , 4 A Mijvi v ,V 1 . +,.z, ,F - .1 whw, 1 .,x.y', 1 um - 1 'fu I.. , 4 , , I . , A., ,I-A 1 1 , , X Q. , 1 'X 1 .- ' ,V ' , fx s w' w 1 'L x 'um' " X , ,, 1 , ,. , , . ., wg' lv' 41 m rv'- V .,,v,X ,tx a My - - 'xl' ' . 1 .nw ., . A f 1 " 1' -A 'Hu ' ng- -4 , , , x Nh. , . ,xl ,U M I . I ..: .,., 5 1 :,,,. -s .5 , 1, ,,. , ' --1- 4 ix 1 .KX fyx , W I 1 pl 1. M, I X 1 'N' . .f, 'J ,1 L I. w' vfmyw ,QV N. ,M . , I . -W... 'Y"' W ., ,, . - w -I1 M ,fl ww ,,J. 1. 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'U' ln. nc I' V .,1U,U.v " 'lr'-,. yin. - ,NRM . 1 H ' H" .J vw , ,. .UN -f 1 , . 17 V Nm 1 . . . Jai. - , .--. , Q. 3 au' X. ' , '. xy 'il -5 X -,, ,Lib ,A ...,Ij ,.,V , , Y-,,,' , ' vm X ,im , ,.:,- '. -iw , ". ,,.' . V ,1'..' -Ml. M ,. ... ,.4- . X - , . ., .-"Q , ',. ,. 'H' ,y , ,-M-e x ' I A11 . 4 I I Ti' Y . M'-2 ga A I' -, 'Hi Y .-" ' A y A , N , .M 4 4 1, ,t nge X , 1- . N , "N, 11' N -4.4 N .j.: ,,y' .2-.r N, 1 , I Q , ,Ag-A "iz, .M r-. ' -1: ' ,"' s XIX-554' N. . 14 A, x J,. ti 4' fu' . A- 'gl .nu1.,,1LiHl ,.,.. 15.33 NJ, Q, Y i , .i. EX LIIBR .Zc'1L4,cff,,ff, "4 'V' Allen County Public Library 2 900 WebstebStre6'f 27 fx Egngffffzine, nw 46501-2270 ix A 9 W 5 ' 'zll ii if R fi. 2. vii. SQ E. 43: A :LT-Q 'A A , ,xX 1 q I l I n .o'00,n-1-..xllfllllr'..x "" "' 1 rw W ' Q .-1- Q . '1 V Y . x 5' A :" WM K s. E ' , Ill" is x Y f if 9 '- 5 - s . . : I 1 I Y - . B O A R D . -' L in rj' 0 f I 1 E D I T O R S GORDQN K. MASTERS, B.A., Editor-in-Chief. S. A. R. WOOD, Sports Editor. J. CRAWSHAW, Organizations Editor. M. E. EISEN, . Pbolograpbic Editor. l W. F. PAYTON, B.A., Publicily Editor. A. GORDON BURNS, BA., A. Business Manager. .A Z .K . H - U 1 111! If f E Q 9 1 E I A A I : w fr if i Q, A pix E. sg -E HQ. Q E, Eff f X , , L:1Lf:i:I L ,K - .. - , I I i -4 -' si gnflluu. . 'LA ... - ,o - -----.H . . T ' N-I YQ . fa -- I -' E if 2- ' .f WX 7 I ev 1 'Wy' ag I . 5 R f " . 5 , . N 5 Former Ed1fOfS I 1 . I , 1 'F . L ,W px. Of TOYOHKOHCHSIS .lv 7 - I . I 211898-BURRISS GRAHAM I. 1899-G. W. ROSS Q-I eg I L X 1900-E. H. COOPER L I 1901-N0 Pzzblimzion ' 1902-F. H. PHIPPS I 1903-W. J. BAIRD 1904-E. A. MCINTYRE 1905-W. N. HUTTON 'I 1906-L. BUCHANAN ' 1907-M. F. DUNHAM 1908-CLARIS EDWIN SILCOX 1909-D. E. S. WISHART 1910-G. M. WILLOUGHBY 1911-R. C. GEDDES 1912-E. A. BOTT 1913-P. T. DOWLING 1914-A. MCLEOD 19151HERBERT TURNEY 1916-HERBERT TURNEY 1917-HERBERT TURNEY 1918-J. BACON BRODIE 1919-H. G. STAPELLS 1920-FRED C. HASTINGS 1921-ROY V. SOWERS 1922--EVERETT L. WASSON 1925-EVERETT L. WASSON 1924-RALPH B. COWAN 1925-WARNER A. HIGGINS 1926-FRASER W. ROBERTSON 1927-GEORGE L. ROBERTS 1928-WILFRED E. SHUTE I 1929-MAURICE T. DE PENCIER . I . 1930-ROBT. C. H. MITCHELL , i 'T' 1931-W. F. PAYTON A-1.-if, I - 21VOlume I .A .1 . i M YN YA Y I, i - . EERE . Y 'I V wx . J wks . I DHA!! f .. .JH-fl' I A, . I , L I .QL 9. I I .. E -I - - af I 4 I , x, ,"WvQ5:?R ,., Exe f 2--X -.-,fu 1 if . ,.., , Y ' f ff I s i MBJ1! x 1 'W ifwwamvigf 1 if . R V wifi! P F WWW ' X ' ' uzulutgg -.-. ,-1 J. up, 5 " uK"'5'1gn. rg-.:3:1""'u XS ,N I b fo' I x Y ,VJ N' f fx E' qi A cownzonengls ' ' THE YEAR BOOK ' OF THE SQ, UNIVERSITY TH 013 TORUNTO if 1 9 3 2 ,Fu -3 agp ADNEFJSSSQIIVE gtg-?'Eq olume XXXIV Q I f l l , - - , Z , -' L N NW' "W-1 " '1'f" ' fi " :iS':,..- -.. -- -...-.----,,----,- Y .---..---. , -- 7----..-.. .... --.. .... ..- ...----..- ' - . ' 9 A. Y.v?TT-4- -Q -. Y Vi' -s'-3-:H ' TFQ, . ' 2 I , ' " at . ' Rv' 'I '- l,-q 4: - Nd' 4 ip j E 49. A . , . . -'-4 5 ------L-- f ff f - 5 1 r Y 4 , -, ,J Sir Robert Falconer op 1 'bf at 1 Nj K DEDICATION SIR ROBERT FALCONER: lt is the wish of the Graduating Class of the University of Toronto to dedicate to you this number of TORONTONENSIS. In doing so it is our hope that you may interpret our action as a symbol of the affectionate regard in which you are held by the whole student body. In this respect we believe that we are merely representative of the successive generations of undergraduates who have passed through the University during the quarter century which has elapsed since you assumed the presidency. At the mass meeting, held in Convocation Hall on February 29, we tried to express to you something of the deep respect and admiration and gratitude which your leadership has inspired in us, and in dedicating this volume to you we wish to confirm and place on record our testi- mony of profound appreciation of your years of devoted service. In a great university it is not possible for many of the undergraduates to come into close personal contact with the President. Nevertheless, we would have you believe that we have been very conscious of the influence which you have exerted on our lives, however inadequately we may be able to assess the value of your services to the University. By example and pre-cept you have held before us an ideal of plain living and high thinking, of free speculation and research, of devotion to the things which are beautiful and true and of good report. And now when you are about to lay down the heavy responsibilities of your high office, we beg respectfully to offer to you this expression of our gratitude and of our pride in your achievements. It is our hope that in the years that lie before you the memory of the abiding influence which you have exerted on the character of the University of Toronto may be to you a perennial source of satisfaction, and that in reviewing your more strenuous days you may feel that it is Enough if Jomeiliizzg from our handr have power To Zizfe and act and ffrwe thefutzzrf hour. V xi Q if bl 10 Q, 1 1 1 1 10 Acknowledgment D l HE etchings of University Buildings and campus scenes on the following pages are repro- ductions from the work of Owen Staples. We acknowledge our sincere appreciation to Mr. Staples for permission to reproduce these works. Q 1 x 1 1 10 . . III ' V 7 7' . . . . I I . . . I' A ' VV' ' . ' ' 1 I ' ... -., I - 'f"I II ,- Ir ' II I - I ,. ' II I ' ..' ' . 'I ' ' - " .V . T ,". ' W' '-4'...J -.' :.- , " ' ' .v.... " II - . '.' .. I ' ' "' " L I .- I- ff, .Q G'YI:ff"?!'f2'.f"Q:," V xl". "5 -v - ' - ' 4'9" . ' " x "'.' ' "-R .".""5. 's"9N..31 I . . I II- ,III I I.7 I I III.II. I . -I ,5.,.7.,.I,,.,II9If.S .' '. A " v ':.- .T' " '. ' . ' . I-x ' '.-- M ' . ' ' l1.'v'-" .ivlvin ' .. A '1r.'.' -" ' ' -.'- J 1- ' . -7' ..'L , Yi '- N3 ww- 'ig pug' 4. 7' . v'- . vx. . u-'.-:4. '44 ' .'!- -.1'1.Y4 1-l...v . . .. , M... I , . ,....Ix.I, ,. . , . , ,M-. .- .. , . . -. , , f, P. I - -.' -. I . M ,. '.. 1 1.3, ,--ru 'lf ' ' ' ' :T?".'1 4. ai , 1 ' '., - '-pf ' ' .. 5 fr-.'. 'J 4. ' , x , . ., . .I . . . . . . . r n I . - I H .,I. n ....I V I4 I .I ,,.- I, .I .r I .XI .III ,..IIIIllII. V . ' " I ,.fIi'..I II' - 'II x . I f ', . I ' IJ.-. ,.'xI,I . . ..1 I'g .'. .I'.I-I'-JIIII' ,. I" I .""'. . j:' I -I ' ' . :...-' 'L -' - T. ',S "5" ". '. II -':I: I I If.I' .-.f . .-. , . .fI. .,,. I . I- I., '. -I . I II . II I. II, III II I .I 1 II,IIIII I ,I III . I :IAI .I . II. - . . ' 1 . . . ' v 'v "5 " I .,.., I, -..4., ,A,.,-.I s ' . . . . . ' . . 'fu--'A'-'I ' I,-., f!'5'I..-,..f,"'f'g,q.'t.I?f--'f'4':,mI4q-Jr-11... 4 .5 -, . I I. xIII. f, ,JP I. ,.I,I. .I..IgI,,5 III .I . II ,. I X- . I. . I--. 3,5 .-.. gIL,-.wI .-.-7.5, 'II wi. 'hm I II HI. .Ij3. I. J' " "J 1' . " ic' -.".' v - .qdl-ff" 77. '1...vf.W" . - , a,-I- 01. ,....' -,Imp ... ixI.Iy III ....,.I . .I -. I I..I IIICIIIIIQI1 .III I. -III. .Im QI IIII:FIIII.?i,II III III. ,.If.mfI wx, J-,II HI .vp .f..b4. .f QI I, :I,I,I.I'v" I ',- IIIII I,I,PII....1. If , .1..I, I ..p.II.?Q..1gI I., - , b.,,- - ,- I-..I -, ' -, - I- -,.II I ,I I. Ig.-.Hg .1.-III.. ,.IIf!f.vL Ib Q: I I . In '. ' .A-'rf '-ew." "-4'.1.' .L ""H3'i9'r..4 'iiih-:5.'.'g?1' .4 ':' W1- - ' , 'F' ' Af"- Q' .5 .IL ' -:. ' -'..:' :f- I, g .I . I . , . .. - ' - . f " ' "5 SW.-..-,g.,,: . . -1 '.. -. f. ',- - f.- k1.....ff. mm., N' P-' .- I . -, III ,I . ...I .I.II-. I. I.I I II I II I,I ,I,,I.IwIII,7f..,L,I II ,III . 4. I I 1. ..- I .IAI .1 I .',nI.I',1- .I..' X. I '7-v, ,- . , I , I. I- I., A I IIIW ,- I ..- -.5I.f- .I-III- .II 4,3 Hg.. fIu.. . ,,.j.I I, . I I-I V V ' '. '4 . 'H-X 1' ...5 JY- . .5 'MU'-3 ' gf' Wa 'rw' . 'Z Q.4 'fg 'Jr' :fig-7: . f , . . I- .' ' 1- . -' - 'fy gl- rf'f.,,q,. y ' A .f In' . .e f . I. 4.1 ' f Jw. ' - .sh -. V.-.-,I . -.,, ' I I. I ' gi.S1I , ' ,Ji IIfg'j,IgE2Ijf"e:2-....:, ,If .-7 Gigi. IIII . , I - . I I II.II. I.I I -.Iggf . - I . .v I.I -.I I.. I. 'I f 1 f' - 4 + ' ? 21: .. " F". ., fx ff?-.M NJ"-i:fva.ff.'-ig: 'ai f: lf.. ' ' ' . - - ,.1- I 'T' ' --" '1"'.' 'fi q-L '4 ' . 'hh' F T ' '1 '.zf"'2"'4!'5'F3 1' "V . - I I 1.-m . - r- -. If-1.-.-.... .- ,,l,- - '.s-,- .1.- , '- ' ' , . -' ' . .fffw ".. 'SF if 'df '-J. M' 50' 1'-'w ', ' .IQQQI sl. " "lf Q r' if" ' 4 I- . . , 1'-Q'-.fy I .-- -' -5, '.-," J-.15 ,f- rf' mi' "Q " .,.g4:.- Q3 if 4" Q, . .I . fn. . 1 . W .I,l.- I 11, -1 . .. X- ul Q, 'Q . ...I 1,41 -- H A.: -.v. .If Iujfqi v., 1 .. -.. I 1 .. I. .I . .I .I. ,. I, . I.,-I.,I4. 4... I I ' ' ' V-v 1'--145' K - .N 57'.,l"'-. if..-f' L '. 1" W a QV.. 1' . . - ' . . '-'.'-f-. ... 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' 'lf' I-I' I-ifl,:cZ1": A -' '- . ." N ' fs. fp. . ' ,I 32'.,'I- I. -yg'Ef'. "I . , 7. .Ii 1 . I, I ' -. -I I 256, .Lf 'jI'i5:"f1 I ' .x " ",I,-If zfigi, I. I" . . QI.. I- 1gIIIJQg,: L71 I-III, 5 +.'.'gs.-.I ,I -DI . A' V., ,QP 'qi ff ' :I - .. 'I . ' ,, 'I 5-I - - I. - iw - fir I . - ' ff? . II ,,,.'.'.-. " Nr.-, . .I.I-I-.34 IgI'f.f...'IIC 'I ..'f"31 ',J5'.: .' I .I ..v'fI4f ' '3 'I 'I ' GU", " - 119' II 1-W IIp:3.3ff-- If-Ifyg:,'5:I::I . I-gI,'..' 2'-' ' I I ' .I, f' ,II.I..1-- I JLQ,-nvI7 'I I I I,.IfI- ,.I '-'I' , , . '-2:1 1 I' :I ' ' I rI . .0 'e ' I ,II I- I I I II III I II. :III II III, I-IIII.-.I:.IvfIIII1I-I ,III I-. :I-Ii? III, ,L-'f ,IIIII I. I III: . 4t.IlII I I.I.I 'f - ' 1- an 'III"I',IIgIgf' II' 1. I: I ',-2'-' . .I- i,'eI , I" ' .II " .fr ,.' 9Q,1:.5gf"1r "I, "-' 2.1. ' I I ,I "5-1 gr-sf'5Q-IffLf7I:.Q,-5- " ..-ff A . ' -' IU, II Q-' I 1 "' 'III ' . . ,w'.I..S' :7T'q lr . J' T 1' .IJFY 3- I1 'L .I I I 12.2. f'4lQ',1 I 91' - ' 41.- g I- '-I. 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I " I P" "f'l'v-" -LI1':'j::"I T I 'I .' M" Y gif: .V . ' ' d .' " I 547' '-it wal ' QI .I I. II II I I In I,IIIIII. I.I .-:IIII II II., I,III.II., I II- I EIIIII, II III I III I, IIL ,II I J' 71 -. ' he "III 4,-.I. II f.--'..II Iv " .. 'IfI. I, .If-,I XrI"C,',5A,1II' 1 I ' 24. I I -MI . I . 3 I I 5:1-" II - I ' ", " -g. IA I I I.I I I n .II I .Iam , JI,-.- If V' I - " J. I ' Y P Q'f'f' 5 i QLI-,'.f-fr' 1 I- fri "1 ' 'ifv II' if " RJ " 'glial-:Iles 1 ,- I . , I I I II I.pIII.I K I. I . II IIII I. IIII,II I, I -Ii. .I IQWII I I I I II, .W I , -'QR " 'u " 3 I. ' ' H , M I '- . '- ..- I 'I Iv.. I I .. - .I - I I 'LI . I .I I I I. I' . I .I ', 'I i"' 5 I-I. 6. nl. , PU, +I - - ' 'Qi' x ' ' I I ' . - If I Q.--Q1 ' " I " 'I,", ' 'If ' ul -I - I I '!4x.1.I55". In, , I , TI: . , II I. I -I . I I III.: I AI I I I , -.II I .I I I' .I I 15' 3 ' T' Iv ""2 I' I "'. ' '. ' ..- . L """Yf. ,' " '.- I ' ' '- ' ' -.I I I 'v Il- 'I K I-K.. 1-. , Tv..-." -.I - 'W 5 H AML-IL I- 9246-f' Fl'f".'f? -If 'L-fi.t'..5f kiwi vt.'!Iff.. ,--f . . . ' I - :fs 1 . QI -.1 I I -:I -I .W-44' .I..s.,..'- I-'.:.f'-ww . I' -- -2:1 - .. . , , ff. ., I J 1 . - ll K . -I II A. .II . I In I III IINL, I . NI., I III, A .IIq'5I II-.IIIIWQIRII ,III I I I w I ,741 . , Qu sl .-.,I. II,I,.Iz- III IIII'I-IIYIIQI ,IIE 1I,72!III,.5JlI. III IIIII.II,II25I .II II ,IIII ,I.I .I,IIII, I J .I - ' I f 1 "QP I-W1 .. .- I I I I 'fl ' III II .UI III .I I 'QI' V "Ilia 'I . .I Xl IL! 10 II, IIIYLI .I I U.'?gIk. -,2.vl31p' ' .15 'QE ' '- Y 1 " .' ' ' 1" H. 'L""' ' "I 'I .1 ' I .Tag-, -i,q,.l' 'I' ,bi '1"1'.I, K I ' I II' I H f . I II IIII II,I1izIII III UII MI I .UIIIIIIII IIIII I .I.I 1. ,5- I.I. . ,xXIIIhvIJ':f l-.HQ QL H .I?tII,,II' 'IL n IIWQJA R Ig ',III,,II.Ii,I,I II I I I I IIIII :II.I jIl,IIIIIIII,..II II .III II IIII-.II.u.,4LIII. I :Inn I PII, II.I.I,II I - - II I-Ig "IQ:-I.II.II .mf I 5 I I. jx' Ig:I ' o 'E' " . I. "VI" 1 ' . Hx' " ' I-H.'J'--"1" .'-' :V 'Cv ii: L' I. gf-I 4 'I I 4 I 3? I' IE I rg .I.I .I ll II: '.,I I' IIIII. "4.I,.I ,IvIIi'II I Ifirk '- 1 . A I I . '.- I --- I, I -J "H -I',- "j, ".'.w, Z .. I II. . -, In ,II I I ..+I,I II. I 1Fr,gIj. 'lf I .I AI,-QIIIQI c-9Ig.y. I3.I I ' I ' I ' I..I jjj" - I. - I II -II II 'I. If: IIIv:', ,-QI.-II pq 2"' sII'f'r.fJ,II'I I I ,I I I I II I -III I II., I, I , 4 I.II . I. .5 ' ' I V1 ' V 'I' I' 'I' If II' H'I' U' 'V 'W-ff' -5' .TV '-' '1' " I " N ll 'Ir FI - I I " II K II' K 5-'Y H I I xl 1 I f Q BOOK 0 E May you set your course for a worthy port and allow neither contrary wmds nor adverse cur rents nor thxck fogs to daunt ou Sn Robert Falrouer Ill lan nal message to the undefgnzduater Mafrb 7119 1932 I! 9 , - 7 7 y H . , r fl . . -' . ' . K I Q ' J Qi 1 we A D O To the Graduating Classes of the University of Toronto T IS with a twinge of regret that I write for TORONTONENSIS my final words of greeting to a graduating year in the University of Toronto. But it is of you that I am thinking, not of myself, and my message must, in the nature of the case, be similar to the many that have gone before. Happy am l to see you in your companies make ready for the world that lies in front of you. The thought of your health, intelligence, character, and initiative refreshes me. Faith, hope and not least, charity are needed to meet the old world-cynical, pessimistic and very often selfish as it has been and still is. You will grapple with and l believe worst its dominating spirit of evil if you only make up your mind to do so. Do not assume for a moment that your generation need be as difficult and disappointing as ours has been. Those who talk thus are the disillusioned left-overs from our time. hlany of them also have been grievously injured in the crash of our social system, and naturally they are unhappy when they see few signs of old things being restored. But that old age has gone, and I almost venture to say to you, Behold! a new one is already coming in. You are on the threshold, l believe, of something better, and among the signs of it is hope, which, like violets blooming on cold ground in spring, is breaking through and persisting in the chill weather of our age. It will be worth all our worry if for a while we shall not find it quite so easy to make money as it was. As the world fills up with people and its material resources are seized upon by larger masses of men, there will be less to go round, and then we shall cease to talk as much as we do now of standards of living in terms of dollars. VVhen we get better distribution no one will be able to amass vast quantities, and provided the fear of penury can be removed, possibly we may be relieved of the present delusion that great wealth is a real good. That materialistic idea having been got out of the way, there will be a chance for new and better things to come into and enrich our life. And if we can attain simplicity of living-for to enjoy a simple life needs education and effort-there will be an even greater demand on the part of the world for just those gifts of the mind and the spirit which graduates of universities can con- tribute to the common good. ln the coming age of greater justicevnot in the sense that everyone shall have the same wages or enjoy the same amount of material goods, but greater justice in the attitude of man to man-a token of that justice will be the wider distribution of the blessings of the mind and the spirit. Universities will become more beneficial than ever, because from them will go forth men and women who will carry things that are true, beautiful and good to gladden the earth. l can hope for nothing better for you than that you will help to bring in and prove equal to the better age that is on the way. Q D Q: 4 rf at 1 lo O3 4 I 76 fl J 10 'X X l xWY Q Q E I' x P! 3' NIVERSITY CULLEGE -rj: L- ,ff . gm. ' fi v i "f ' N., , I sill? -1' :Z u : .il Sxx 'W 'LA.oh V. . N I KA - .X : wa.. -V: -X g .- S N J S. by N" U- Agyxxgs. ,QL-A',Q"i ' fri s 1.1 'uns ffi -'f ' 'Nu Tix X5 'C gh. . 1 ' A Q! :1 ., gf., I x'-,M ' 'i" as-2:25 ' ,f . O, 4 J 4 3 40 ls Pl To the Graduating Class in University College BY PROFESSOR lvlALCOLM W. WALLACE, BA., PH.D. O BODY of young men and women go out to take their places in the active world who are more conscious of the high hopes and good wishes of their fellows than are you. You know that you have the warm goodwill of friends, fellow-students and staff, and that the community expects you tO contribute to its health tO a greater degree than most Other men and women. However, the road that lies before those of you who are graduating now, it must be con- fessed, is not without its difficul- ties and dangers. The problems confronting the world today are very grim problems, and they must be solved in some substantial measure if men are to live satisfying and happy lives. The passive help- lessness of many of our leaders, their incapacity to confer and to decide on remedial action is very discouraging. Perhaps you may take comfort from the reflection that it is possible that we are witnessing the birth-throes of a great new age, and that it is your fortune to live in a period when new and mighty forces are establishing their control over human history. Your personal happiness will probably depend largely on your finding satisfying work and satisfying cornpanionships, and from both of these points of view your opportunities have been unusual. lyloreover, you have made friends among great books and great ideas, your possibilities of companionship extend to all the famous men ofthe ages. You know the story of their lives and of the problems with which they had to wrestle. Nothing renews our own courage and steadies our nerves like this. lt is a world into which we may retire at will from the dust and heat of our own problems, to emerge refreshed and with new energy and understanding. On behalf of my colleagues in University College, I extend to you our warmest good wishes that you may, among the inevitable sorrows of life, find a full measure of happiness, and that you may in your lives justify that faith in educated men and women to which universities owe their existence. Eighteen UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Ov 1 If el 1 GQ O7 1 la pf , to UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 3T2 PERMANENT EXECUTIVE R. O. STANDISH rPresident3, Miss M. M. DIXON fTreasurer9, Miss E. M. RUTHERFORD tVice-Presidentl, J. H. BROUGHTON fSe-cretaryj. Class History of 3T2 University College N THR fall of l928 a large, if not possibly the largest, freshmen class entered University College. Each member of that class cherished the hope that in the spring of l93Z, he or she, would graduate from the college, having become richer in friendship, learning and experience. Some of those who started with us have fallen under the heavy blow of the examination sword, but the majority have fought their way through the various entanglements and obstacles placed before them. VVe now stand upon the threshold of life, not knowing what the future has in store for us, but confident that the spirit and will exempli- lied in our college days will again bring us out victorious. In academic achievements the class of 3T2 holds an enviable position. Some of us have won scholarships or gained other forms of academic honour, while for the remainder the fact that we are in Class 3T2 is ample indication of our ability. The athletic ability of the Class is clearly shown by the fact that we have contributed players to many intercollegiate teams, such as rugby, golf, hockey, track, swimming, basketball and tennis. The members of the Class have also been very active as regards interfaculty sport and activities. Throughout the four years the Class has been prominent along literary and social lines, having been very active in the University College Literary and Athletic Society. The social functions of the year have consisted of Class parties, smokers and musicales, as well as attention being given by the members of the Class to the larger and more important college functions. ln closing the history of Class 3T2, one closes the happy experiences of four years of life which will long be remembered and which will be lived again many times in front of an open fireplace in company with an old friend. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Nineteen V NJ On 4 nf' wt TL - r 40 01 1 r 1 ne IO v,,x,,iL: A -my-""l'?' S . l FRANCES LOUISE ACKERMAN CAD Peterborough, Ont. General Course. ERNEST ADIE Brantford, Ont. Modernsg Knox College, Rugby, III, IVQ Indoor Baseball, I, II, III, IVQ Varsity Band, I, II, III, IV: La Societe Francaise: German Study Club, P. 8z W. Committee, IV: S.C.A., Macdonald-Cartier Club. A. G. ALGATE Toronto, Ont. General Course. H. M. ALLEN Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics. G. W. ALLES Tavistock, Ont. Chemistry. MARGARET ANDERSON CAAIIJ Welland, Ont. General Course, Queen'S Hall, I, II, III, A Whitney Hall, Mulock House, Head Girl, IV, Year President, III, W.U.A. Council, III, IV, S.C.M., I, II, III, IV. S. A. ANDERSON Toronto, Ont. English and History. Twenty MARGARET ALBERTA ATTWOOD CKAOJ Ottawa, Ont. General Course, Queen's Hall, I, II, III, Whitney Hall, IV: House Committee of Queen's Hall, III, S.A.C., III Representa- tive: WOmen's Literary Society-III, Re- presentative, IV, President, Senior Class President. CECIL DOUGLAS BANWELL QQAOJ I Sarnia, Ont. General Course: Junior Intercollegiate Rug- by, Champions, Ig Interfaculty Rugby, IIQ Intermediate Intercollegiate Rugby, III, Interfaculty Baseball, II, III, Vg Inter- faculty Hockey, IV, V. JOHN H. BASCOM Toronto, Ont. General Course. GORDON STEWART BAULCH Uxbridge, Ont. Philosophy Course, Knox Hockey, II, IIIg Vice-President, K.C.U.A. DOROTHY MLISS BEATTIE Toronto, Ont. General Course, Vice-President of S.C.A., IV. GRACE ALEXANDRA BEATTY QKKFJ Toronto, Ont. General Courseg Vice-President, Year Execu- tive, IIg Hockey, II, French Club, I, III, IVQ W.U.A., Treasurer, III, President, IV. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Or 1 v 31 lf 10 of Pl I 1 3 fo ROBERT RUTHERFORD BEATTY CAKE, Hamilton, Ont. General Course, Trinity Water Polo, I, U.C. Water Polo, II, III, IV, Manager Intercollegiate Water Polo, IV. Interests- Music, Dramatics. FRANCES HELEN BEGG CHBCIDD Toronto, General Course. DOROTHY ELIZABETH BELTON CAFAJ Toronto General Course. C. J. BENSON Toronto General Course. SANFORD FORBES BIGGAR QBOHJ Hamilton, General Course. ENA MAY BOON Toronto, Ont. Ont Ont Ont Ont Household Economics, S.C.M. Executive II, III, President, WOmen's S.C.M., IV S.C.M. WOmen's Council, W.U.A. Execu- tive, Anna Howe Reeve Prize, III. H. ESTHER BREITHAUPT QACIU Kitchener, Ont General Course. DOROTHY ELIZABETH FRASER BRISBIN Lindsay, Ont. Modern Languages, Argyle House, I, II, III, Head Girl, Cody House, IV. GEORGE GORDON BROOKS Toronto, Ont. English and History, "Varsity" Staff, I, II, III, IV, Exchange Editor, II, News Editor, Feature Editor, III, Associate Editor, IV, Editor-in-Chief, "Undergraduate", IV, Historical Club, III, IV, University Press Club, I, II, III, IV. EDMUND A. BROWN Toronto, Ont. Law. DORIS I. M. BUDREA CAAAJ Toronto, Ont. General Course, Baseball Clnterfacultyl, I, Italian-Spanish Club, IV. ELIZABETH BARCLAY BURTON QKAOH Weston, Ont. U.C. French Society President, IV, U.C. WOmen's S.C.M., Treasurer, III. MARJORIE MELVILLE MCLEOD CAMERON Beaverton, Ont. General Course, Queen's Hall, I, II, III, Whitney Hall, IV. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Tw67lIfy'0Tlr0 Ol at if at if Ox 4 1 I 1 10 xr ANNA JEANETTA CAMPBELL Milton, Ont. Household Economics, Argyll House, I, II. Toronto, Ont. I, Basketball Interfaculty, IV. Interest-Sports. JENNIE ANNABEL CANTWELL General Course, President, ARNOLD MAYNARD CENTNER Toronto, Ont. General Course. MARION W. CHARLES QIYIJBJ Toronto, Ont. General Course, Players' Guild, I, II, III, IV. BEATRICE HAWTHORNE CHILD Toronto, Ont. General Course, P.E. Diploma Course, U.C. Basketball, I, Players' Guild, I. FRANCES CAROLYN CLARK CAPJ Sarnia, Ont. General Course. ARTHUR C. COCHRANE Toronto, Ont. General Course, Member Sports Staif, "The Varsity", I, II, Sports Editor, "The Varsity", III, Sports Editor, University of Toronto Monthly, III, IV, Sports Editor, "The Undergraduate", IV, Member Press Club, II, Vice-President, III, Presi- WILLIAM GARDNER CONNOR Belleville, Ont. Moderns. JOHN CRAWSHAW Huddersfield, Yorkshire, Eng. General Course, Interfaculty Track, Harrier, Soccer, Thirty-Mile Relay Team, II, Rugger, II, Organizations Editor, "Torontonensis", IV, Wycliffe Residence. Interests-Music, Art, Sports-Basket- ball. AMY LOUISE CROUCH CAAH5 Toronto, Ont. General Course, Junior U.C. Basketball, I, II, Senior U.C. Basketball, III, IV, Inter- collegiate Basketball, I, II, III, Basketball Club, IV. ROBERT JAMES CUDNEY St. Catharines, Ont. Law, Macdonald-Cartier Club, University of Toronto Law Club, Foreign Affairs Club, University College Residence. GRETTA Lois CUNNINGHAM Cooksville, Ont. General Course, Hutton House. Interests- Art, Music. dent, IV, Interfaculty Basketball, U.C., I, ETHEL CUTLER CIAIIJ Toronto, Ont. II, Knox, III, IV. Modems. T wenty-two UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 0: bl Tl 4 P 10 Or I I- 4 , 45 YJ l c94Ca W A. S. DADSON Toronto, Ont. Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology. MARGARET MACFARLANE BELL DAVIDSON Galt, Ont. General Course: Queen's Hall, Whitney Hall, S.C.M.g Head Girl, Falconer House. MARJORIE MAE DAvIs Toronto, Ont. Household Economics OLWEN DAVIES Willowdale, Ont. General Course. DOROTHY DUNBAR DENYES Milton, Ont. Household Economics, Argyle and Cody Houses. W. G. DEUTCH General Course. Toronto, Ont. KENNETH YOUNG General Course. DICK CATJ Milton, Ont. MARGARET MARY DIXON CAXQD Toronto, Ont. General Coursey Treasurer, Senior Yearg S.C.M.g Italian-Spanish Club, III, IV. MARGARET J. Dons QIYIDBJ Alton, Ont. General Course, Players' Guild, I, II, III, IV. JOHN W. H. DOHERTY Toronto, Ont. Modernsg Baseball, I, II, III, IVQ Tennisg Macdonald-Cartier Club. DORIS ISABEL DONALD Brockville, Ont. General Course. PHILIP WILLIAM DOWNER Surbiton, Eng. General Course, Ig Philosophy, II, III, IV, John Macdonald Scholarship Caeq. E. S. Ottleyl, III, Wycliffe Literary Society Executive, III, T.I.C.C.U. President, IV. FRED LoUIs DREGER CEXJ Kitchener, Ont. Political Science and Economicsg U.C. Rugby, II, Secretary-Treasurer, Political Science Club, III, Manager U.C. Rugby Team, IV, President, Political Science Club, IV, U.C. Follies Committee. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Twenty-Ihree I fr I at I IQ Cl 1 I 1 I , I , ex HELEN VIRGINIA KINNEAR EAKIN QAKIDJ Toronto, Ont. General Course. Interests-Current Events Club, I, U.C. Players' Guild, II, U.C. French Club, IV. WILLIAM E. ECCLESTON CEX5 St. Catharines, Ont. U.C. Athletic Board, IV, U.C. Boxing, III, Victoria College Orchestra, IV. ESTHER EINBINDER Toronto, Ont. Honour Psychology, David Dunlap Mem- orial Scholarship, III. MARY LOUISE ELDER Toronto, Ont. Chemistry and Mineralogy, Honour Science Club, Chemical Club, University Chorus, II, House-Party Committee, IV. B. M. EVANS Bradford, Ont. Political Science and Economics. ALBERT MURRAY FALLIS Palmerston, Ont. Biology, President Biological Club, IV, U.C. Indoor Track, IV. CHARLES WILLIAM FILLMORE Winnipeg, Man. General Course, South House. Twenty-four CATHERINE JEAN FISH CAAIIJ Toronto, Ont. General Course, Exchange Student at Uni- versity of British Columbia, III. DOROTHY BLANCHE FLEMING Aurora, Ont. Household Economics, "Varsity" Staff, I, IV, S.C.M., Women's Council Treasurer, IV, Household Science Club Advertising Manager, IV. DONALD FRASER FORBES Toronto, Ont. Philosophy Course, Walking, II, III, IV, Placed, III, IV, Songster Accompanist, IV, Hobby-Piano, U.C. Track Club. JOHN E. FORD Toronto, Ont. General Course. ROSE G. FRAME CFCIDBJ Toronto, Ont. Moderns, French Club, Spanish Club. Interests-Music. JEAN SMITH FRASER CAOH9 Tottenham, Ont. General Course, Class Vice-President, III. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Q: I I bl lf IO Ol fl p 4 , ff, Q.. MYER FREED Toronto, Ont. Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology. MYRA ELEANOR FREEMANTLE Beaumaris, Ont English and History, Whitney Hall. JAMES ANDREW GoRDoN FULTON Toronto, Ont General Course. FRANCES ISOBELLE GARBUTT Toronto, Ont Modern Languages-French and Spanish Language Clubs. HELEN BENTLEY GILLIES QAAHJ Teeswater, Ont General Course, Queen's Hall, II, III Whitney Hall, Mulock House, IV, Inter- faculty Hockey, II, III, IV, Vice-Presi- dent, W.U.A., IV, Athletic Directorate IV, S.C.M., III, IV. HERBERT GIVENS Brantford, Ont Mathematics and Physics, Ramsey Scholar- ship in Physics. Interest-Music. MARGARET GLADMAN Toronto, Ont Household Economics. Interests-Swim- ming, Skiing. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE MARGARET ADA GooDMAN QAAID Aurora, Ont. General Course, Queen's Hall, III, Whitney Hall, IV: U.C. Hockey, III, IV, U.C. Hockey Representative, IV: Introduction Committee, III, IV. FANNY WILHELMINA GoRDoN Galt, Ont. General Coursey Hutton House. HAZEL JEAN GORE CKKFJ Prescott, Ont. General Course, Players' Guild, I, II, IV. AGNES MALCOLM GRAY QAAIIQ Islington, Ont. General Coursey German Study Club, I: U.C. Players' Guild, III, IV: U.C. French Club, IV. MARGARET ELIZABETH GREEN CIIBCIDJ Toronto, Ont. General Course, Players' Guild. JANICE EVELYN CATHERINE GREY CAXSZJ CECIDD Toronto, Ont. French, Greek and Latin, Ig Modern Lan- guages, II, III, IVQ Players' Guild, Hart House Players, Women's Literary Society. Twenty-Jive 0 4 E4 lf Rl n QQ ...f H , l I y .. .,-... 1:33 1 . 1- af N .A if Q .1 4 I I y 49 Q 'YT' A, .. .,, V AAHAAA A N g, W . AA" 42 .Ax ., ' .j --' , an 'L f i " is fgv Rs. W' CLARA MIRIAM HALPERIN Toronto, Ont. Honour Law, Law Club, III, IV. Interests Music. MARGARET HELEN HAMILTON CAXSZJ Peterborough, Ont. Household Economics, Queen's Hall, I, II, III, Whitney Hall, IV. HASEL MARJORIE HAMMOND CKAOJ CECID7 Toronto, Ont. Modernsg "The Varsity" Staff, I, II, III, Women's Editor, III, Women's Press Club, II, III, IV, President, IV. WILMA A. HAZLITT CAAIIJ Toronto, Ont. General Course, Intercollegiate Basketball, I, II, III, Junior U.C. Interfaculty Basket- ball, I, II, Senior U.C. Interfaculty Basketball, III, IV, U.C. Baseball, I, II, Basketball Club, III. WILLIAM CHARLES HEBDON Chippawa, Ont. Philosophy fEngliSh or History Optionj. ERNEST MALAN HENDERSON CAAKIJQ Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Economics, Senior Intercollegiate Rugby, III, IV, Senior O.R.F.U., I, II, Intercollegiate Swimming, II, III, U.C. Swimming, II, III, Historical Club. Twenty-six EARLE MARSHALL HEWLETT West Hill, Ont. General Course. MARY GRETCHEN HEYD Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Interests-Language Clubs. GORDON A. HILL Islington, Ont. Classics, President, U.C. Classical Associa- tion, IV. Interests-Music, Literature. SYDNEY HIRD QAAA3 Wallaceburg, Ont. Household Economics. FRANCES ELIZABETH HOLTON CAD Hamilton, Ont. General Course, U.C. Swimming, I, II, III IV, President of Swimming Club. ! BARBARA A. HOOD CKAOJ Toronto, Ont. General Course. HAROLD EDGAR HOPKINS Toronto, Ont. General Course. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE sl gg S I If 1 Cr 1 if rl .9 .15 'Qs l 3 AE'- , 4 Q V il' if xwi. X- ' 2. g 3- , 6' 7 5 1 ' 'L , W" .. W' ' I ' 1 K' OK K SYLVIA HORWICH Toronto, Ont. ISAREL MAY JOHNSTON CAAAQ Toronto, Ont. General Course. General Course: Queen's Hall, I, II, III: Whitney Hall, IV: House Committee, CHARLES STANLEY HOWARD Toronto, Ont. ' Whitney Hall! Treasurer. UI! ViC9- General Course- President, IV: S.A.C. ORLOFF HARRIS HOWDEN Agincourt, Ont. MAX LOUIS KAPLANSKY Torfmtoi Ont' Chemistry: University Chemical Club, II, Second Edward Blake Scholarship in Science, III, IV. Proficiency 1927: Mathematics and Physics Division, I. ELIZABETH LLOYD HUNTER Ottawa, Ont. General Course: Queen's Hall, I, II, III: Whitney Hall, IV: Art Group, I: Uni- versity Settlement, II, III: Literary Society, III, IV: French Club, IV. Interests -Golf. L. HYNES Toronto, Ont. Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology. G. F. C. JACKSON Peterborough, Ont. General Course: Wycliffe Residence: Presi- dent, University College S.C.A., IV: U.C. French Club, IV. ROBERT ANNIS JENKINS Toronto, Ont. Modern History: Winner R. H. Armstrong Scholarship, 1931: Member League of Nations Club. I UNIVERSITY COLLEGE JOAN EWART KEAGEY CKAOJ Dundas, Ont. General Course: Queen's Hall: Whitney Hall: University Settlement. EDWARD WALTER KENRICK Milly Hamilton, Ont. General Course. GEORGE LAUGHLIN St. Catharines, Ont. General Course: Intercollegiate Track, I, II, III, IV: Intercollegiate Basketball, I, II: U.C., III, IV: Lacrosse, II, IV: University Lacrosse Club Executive: U.C. Athletic Board: Junior Basketball Manager: Italian-Spanish Club, Secretary, III: Presi- dent, IV: French Club. ROBERT B. LAYCOCK Brampton, Ont. General Course. Twenty-seven 01 4 1 1 1 KQ Ol 1 I I k to Qs, W.. to-"C, 5. if 2. R, . R :lg Vigo' ff?- I X rv. vdwg X . 1 5 I 3 S-Y X I far... - be of S. LEVINE Toronto, Ont. MoNA LYONS CAECIJJ Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics. Mathematics. DAVID JULIAN LEES CETJ Hamilton, Ont. Law, U.C. Basketball, II, Law Club. ROBERT HOWARD LINDSAY KCIDKD Toronto, Ont. General Course, Theatricals. J oHN FREDERICK LITTLE Milton, Ont. English and History. ROBERT WILLIAM LOFFREE Brussels, Ont. General Course, Mathematical and Physical Society, Canadian Oiiicers' Training Corps, Sergeant, IV, Senior U.C. Hockey, III, IV, U.C. Lacrosse, IV. S. A. K. LOGAN Sarnia, Ont. Political Science and Economics. FRANK RoBERT LONGSTAFF Toronto, Ont. General Course, Junior Intercollegiate Rug- by, I, Intermediate Intercollegiate Rugby, II, III, U. C. Rugby, IV, Bridge and Chess. GRANT HARoLD MACCARTHY Ottawa, Ont. Mathematics and Physics, Division I, Uni- versity College Residence, Athletic Com- mittee, III, IV, Hart House Billiard Committee, IV, Representative M. and P. Society, IV. RHEA MAE MCCOUBREY CFCIJBJ Toronto, Ont. General Course. MARIAN RUTH MCDOWELL CAD Windsor, Ont. General Course. MARGARET MCFARLANE CHBKIDQ Vancouver, B.C. General Course, Cody House, Whitney Hall, Players' Guild. MILDRED VERNA MCGUIRE CAXQJ Cornwall, Ont. General Course, Queen's Hall, I, II, S.C.M. Twenty-659715 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Ol 1 1 1 I rg QD 1 P -W. f 1 10 we 'X Q . ,f W. JEAN MACKECHNIE CIVIDBJ Toronto, Ont. General Coursey Class President, IIQ Class Secretary, III, Treasurer, S.C.M., II. ELMA LOUISE MCKENZIE Toronto, Ont. General Course. WILLIAM JoHN MACKENZIE Toronto, Ont. General Course, Soccer, I, II, III, IV, Box Lacrosse, IV. J. S. MCKINNON Guelph, Ont. General Course. MURIEL FRANCES MACKINNON CAXQD Toronto, Ont. Household Economics: Member Household Science, Club Executive. G. A. MCLEAN Barrie, Ont. General Course. MARY JEAN MCLEAN CIIBQDJ Ottawa, Ont. General Course, Queen's Hall, Women's Literary Society, III, IV, "Torontonensis" Representative, IV. CATHERINE AUDREY MCLEOD fAI'Aj Kenora, Ont. JoHN WALKER MACMILLAN KTKIIJ General Courseg Boxing, Ig O.R.F.U. Rugby, I, II, WALLACE SPENCE MACPHERsoN Haileybury, Ont. General Course, Vice-President Liberal Club, IV, Life-Saving, IIg Fencing, U.C. Resi- dence. NAOMI MATHILDA MACKIE Toronto, Ont. Moderns. Interests- French Club, Music, etc. -IEANNE FoRREsT MANERY Chesley, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, Scholarships -Edward Blake,IIg Gordon Southam, II, IIIQ Sir Edmund Walker, II, III: David Dunlap in Psychology, III, Honour Science Club, I, II, III, IV, Representative, III, Secretary, IV, Medette Hockey, III, IV: S.C.M. General Course, Queen's Hall, Literary NAN MATTHEWS CAAIIJ Toronto, Ont. Society. I English and History. - UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Twenty-nine if Qi '11 D 4 3 fo 5 OP 4 D 1 3 go X if -, MMR : " . S O ff' I f ,r if nw .ff A 62 V. BEN MEEN Toronto, Ont. MARGARET INEZ MINGAY CAAHJ Mineralogy and Geologyg Honour Science Toronto, Ont. Club Executive, I, II, Treasurer, IIIQ Modern Languagesg George Brown Scholar- President, IV. ship CA.Q.D, II, Julius Rossin Scholarship, III. Interests-Language Clubs fFrench d S ' h . EDITH MARION MERRILL CFCIJBJ an pams D I Toronto' Cm' MARGARET GRACE MITCHELL Guelph, Ont. General Course' General Course. Interest-Music. LOUISE ELSIE MESSECAR GORDON H. MOFFAT Ottawa, Ont. Mille Roches, Ont. General Course: Treasurer of the Student General Course: Whitney Hall. Christian Associationg Assistant Librarian University Symphony Orchestra. NORA IRENE MILLEN Guelph, Ont- MAUDE J. M. MONTGOMERY Chicago, Ill. English and History: Hutton House. General Course. BESSIE MILLER Scarboro, Ont. MARGARET IONA MOODY Toronto, Ont. General Course, Music, A.T.C.M. ARTHUR MINDEN CETJ St. Catharines, Ont. General Courseg Chess Club. Interests-Life General Coursey Diploma Physical Education Course. InterestsSMusic, Players' Guild. JOCELYN MOORE C2419 Toronto, Ont. English and History: Players' Guild, Pub- and Law' licity Manager, IIIQ Vice-President, IVQ Women's Literary Society, Vice-President, BERTHE MINDEN CACIJEJ Hamilton Ont. IV? fffphe Undergraduatey' Staff, III: Classics- WOmen's Editor, IV. Thirty UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 4 1 I 10 A D 1 y go T' 1 I mix Q N Vg, '35 , V 'Q , S HERBERT O. MoRAN Toronto, Ont. Rugby, U.C., I, II, Baseball, U.C., I, II, III, IV, Hockey-Varsity Junior O.H.A., I, Varsity Intermediate Intercollegiate and O.H.A., II, III, IV, Manager, Varsity Intermediate Intercollegiate and O.H.A., II. ARTHUR COOMBS MORRIS Brampton, Ont. Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology, I, East House, University of Toronto, University Chemical Club. FREDERICK WRIGHT MoRRow KAXAJ Hamilton, Ont. General Course. HELEN MARY FOREMAN MUSsoN CAAIIJ Weston, Ont. General Course. MARGARET LAURA NEWMAN Windsor, Ont. General Course. KATHERINE LOUISE O'BRIEN CKAOJ Toronto, Ont. General Course, U.C. Women's Literary, III, IV, Players' Guild, I, Newman Club, Social Service Representative, IV. PATRICIA O'REILLY CKAOJ Toronto, Ont. General Course. UNIVE RSITY COLLE GE ERNEST SYDNEY OTTLEY Winnipeg, Man. Honour Philosophy, Wycliffe '32 ,John Mac- donald Scholarship, II, III Caeq. P. W. Downerlg First Gordon Southam Scholar- ship, III, Wycliife Literary Society Social Director, II, III, Speaker, IV, Wycliffe Graduating Class President, IV, Inter- faculty Tennis, I, II, IV, Wycliffe Tennis Manager, I, Wycliife Basketball Man- ager, II. BORIS TELFORD PARKINSON Orangeville, Ont. Political Science and Economics, U.C. Box Lacrosse, IV, U.C. Athletic Board, IV, Interfaculty Lacrosse Committee, IV, Political Science Club, III, IV, Macdonald- Cartier Club, IV. PERCY JOHN PENTURN Toronto, Ont. General Course. DoRoTHY MAY PORTER CAAII5 Welland, Ont. General Course, Sophomore Secretary, W.U.A. Secretary, U.C. Hockey, I, II, III, Players' Guild. FRANCES RABINOWITCH 15.11935 Toronto, Ont. General Course. MARGARET RUSSELL REDDITT Goderich, Ont. General Course, Queen's Hall, I, II, III, Whitney Hall, Mulock House, IV, House Committee, Queen's Hall, III, House Committee, Whitney Hall, IV, Social Service Representative, III, Players' Guild, II, Women's Literary Society, III, . IV, S.C.M., I, II, III, IV. Thirty-one 0 51 I I I IQ 4 1 :,,. am xg 5 ol Pl If 71 Qc '-6-3 l '53 1 48 mw- ELIZABETH JEAN REED QAFQ Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. WILLIAM OswALD REEVELY Toronto, Ont. Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology, Divi- sion I. AGNES ANDERSON REID Ayr, Ont. General Course, Hutton House, I, II, III, U.C. Hockey, II, III, IV. Interests- Skating. ROBERT PATRICK BRADDON REID CAXA5 Chatham, Ont. General Course, Treasurer, U.C. Men's Residence, III, President, IV. LOUISE ANN REITH Tara, Ont. English and History. HELEN E. RIEDER QACIDJ Kitchener, Ont. General Course. H. J. RIGGS Riverside, Ont. English and History. MARY GILES RIPLEY CIIBCIDJ Hamilton, Ont. General Course. GEORGE WILLIAM ROBINETTE CBOIIJ Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Economics, Political Science Club, U.C. Hockey Seniors, III, IV, Foreign Affairs Club. IRWIN MAURICE ROSEN Toronto, Ont. Honour Law, Member of Tau Epsilon Rho Law Fraternity, University of Toronto Law Club, Winner of James Harris Special Scholarship. ELIZABETH MARY RUTHERFORD CIIBCID3 Toronto, Ont. Moderns, S.A.C. Representative, I, II. MARGUERITE E. RYNARD Sunderland, Ont. General Course. InterestsgArt, Music. RUTH A. RYNARD Uxbridge, Ont. General Course. Thiffyqwo UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Qi DC If 51 If 10 Cz PI r I N69 Wu GEORGE EDGAR SAGE Brantford, Ont. General Course, Rugby, I, II, U.C. Basket- ball, II, Soccer, III, Hockey, III, Wycliife Colours, Athletic Executive, III, IV CWycliffeJ. HELEN JEAN SANDERsoN Stratford, Ont. Classics, Hutton House. WILLIAM SMITH SAVAGE Toronto, Ont. Geology and Mineralogy: Second Alex. T. Fulton Scholarship, I, Daniel Wilson Scholarship, III, Secretary-Treasurer, "Rocky Fellars" Geological Club, III, President, "Rocky Fellars" Geological Club, IV. ISABEL SI-IAVER Islington, Ont. General Course, Music Club, I, II, Agricul- ture at "Applewood". ANDREW WILLIAM SHEARER Gorrie, Ont. General Course, U.C. Soccer, I, II, Finalists, III, Manager, Finalists, IV. J OHN WILLIAM SHEPPARD Toronto, Ont. General Course, U.C. Rugby, I, II, Inter- mediates, III, Manager, IV, U.C. Literary Executive, I, II, Interfaculty Debating Champions, II, C.O.T.C. MARGARET ALISON SHIELL CIYIDBJ Toronto, Ont. General Course, Honour Science Club, I, II III, IV, Biology Club, II, III, Players: JANET CAROLYNE SCELLEN Kitchener, Ont. Guild, IV- General Course, Fabius Club, IV. HELEN SLATER Galt, Ont. E ' H' , H . FRANCES JEAN SCHWARTZ CAEQJ nglish and Istory Hutton ouse Toronto' Ont' BERNARD SOMMERS Toronto, Ont. General Course. Modems IRVIN B. SHARPE Durham, Ont. MURIEL T. SORBY QAGDJ Guelph, Ont. General Course. General Course. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Thirty-three O1 at I I :- O, 'I PQ If ,Q ifffks Wx inw- frs 9. 4 N ' in-A Y Q l I l I 5 ,a 40" 1 5 E lj? as . . . , l 3 lo li if 1 1 , 'Qlv if , fx , as A , , -, N" 1 . x g " ' V ., -1- - x M. X ...Q R , , ' '-"' Q ,saw X l ,. a Q ' ' , fog ' C ' R. WI ,.,. . 'gs A -' Q , av'-W 'lf " , ,xg 5. ' 1 . . 1 . S .N if 'q'F's A .1 'f W f ""' ' 5:".:1xg5,. , M, ' ,gf 142,211 ' 35252121.1 5 "IX:f1.: - . 1, R ,. 1 MARGARET HANNA SPAULDING CAD Toronto General Course. MANNY SPRING Toronto Law, Member of Law Club. RALPH O'NE1LL STANDISH QEXJ Picton Political Science, Library Committee, Ont. , Ont. Ont. Hart FRANCES HUTCHINSON STEWART Winchester, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, Hutton House. ' MARY EILEEN STEWART Seaforth, Ont. General Course, Whitney Hall. ' KATHRYN ALDIS TAIT Toronto, Ont. General Course. House, III, IV, Fabius Club Executive, III, Assistant Manager, University of Toronto B.W. 8z F. Club, II, Manager, III, U.C. Track, II, III, IV, Manager, IV, Int. Track, III, IV, Vice-President, Uni- MARY ELIZABETH TAYLOR Chatsworth, Classics. DOROTHY EDITH THAYER CIIBKIDJ Ont versity of Toronto Track Club, III, Toronto, Ont. Secretary, IV, Athletic Director, U.C. General Course. Literary and Athletic Society, IV, Uni- versity of Toronto Athletic Directorate, IV. HAROLD ROBERT TIMPSON Toronto, Ont. Chemistry. JEAN MURIEL STEELE Toronto, Ont. General Course. HERMAN EDWIN TOTTON Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics, Specializing in CATHARINE ISABEL STEWART Toronto, Ont. Physics, U.C. Soccer, I, M. Sz P. Society, Honour Psychology, Secretary-Treasurer, Class Assistantin Physics Department, IV, Honour Psychology Club, III. Orchestral Work. Thirty-four UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OP 4 lf fl C, I I f j to , si .' ' . yin- f ,, , 11' .. . - , . . ' if I A , . .. 'qv ig, , ' 2 V, ggi. dag?-A I 1, , gif ' " I fvv X mf' 'W if .. - , g 6- . " . 51 -A.1 'MY QM f 'J I il 7' j ,-, ' '-A ":"xA 14" 5 c in , , , J f J I Q A RHETA ELEANOR TOWLE Toronto, Ont. ARTHUR GORDON WALLINGFORD General Course. ELYA MARIE-LOUISE VAN HOOGENHOUCK TULLEKEN CACID3 York Mills, Ont. Political Science, Secretary Year Executive, II. InterestsvUniversity Settlement, Poli- tical Science Club. FRANK AIME VALLAT Toronto, Ont. Law, U.C. Soccer, II, III, IV, Historical Club. JOHN AUGUSTINE VILA CAT5 Hamilton, Ont. Pass Course, I, Political Science and Eco- nomics, II, III, IV, Senior Intercollegiate Track, I, Intermediate Intercollegiate Track, II, III, Vice-President, Track Club, IV, Year Executive, II, U.C. Athletic Board, II, Historical Club, III, IV. CHARLES Z. WAHL Toronto, Ont. Modern Languages. WILLIAM P. WALKER CAAQJJ Toronto, Ont. Political Science, U.C. Water Polo, I, U.C. Rugby, II, IV, Intermediate Rugby, III, Debates, B. W. Kr F. Executive, IV, U.C. Athletic Board, III, IV, Historical Club, III, Vice-President, IV, Alexander Mac- kenzie Scholarships, II, III. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Ottawa, Ont. General Course. HAZEL WANLESS Caledon, Ont. General Course, Recording Secretary, To- ronto Union, S.V.M., III, Out-of-College Secretary, IV. Interests-Meds., Moun- tains, Motor Cars. MARGARET ELIZABETH WARREN Toronto, Ont. General Course, "Varsity" Staff, II, III, Polity Club, III, IV, League of Nations Club, President, IV. LEO WARSHAW Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Economics, Second Alexander Mackenzie Scholarship, III, Intercollegiate Gym Team, I, U.C. Gym, II, III, President of University of Toronto Chess Club, III, IV. Interest-Music. MIRIAM M. WINSTON CIAID Toronto, Ont. Honour Psychology, III, Music, A.T.C.M. LILLIAN AGNES L. WEIR CAAHJ Toronto, Ont. General Course, Italian-Spanish Club. Thirty-five ol El yi sq y qQ Or fm I 1 JA 10 ii ,, .f-"T" ISABEL J. WELLS CIIBCIJJ Toronto, Ont. General Courseg Settlement School. MARGARET WILLOUGHBY QFCIJBJ Toronto, Ont. General Coursey Vice-President of Junior Class. CATHARINE NANCY WILSON CAAIIQ Toronto, Ont. General Courseg S.C.M. CLARENCE P. WILSON Toronto, Ont. General Course: U.C. Track Team, I, IV: U.C. Indoor Track Team, I, III, IV: Liberal Club. MISS E. F. WILSON Hawkestone, Ont. General Course. EDITH JEANNE WILSON Sheridan, Ont. Household Economics: Senior U.C. Hockey Team, III, IV. RUTH DONALDSON WYTHE CFHIDBJ Toronto, Ont. General Course. Thirty-six FRANK NORMAN YEIGH Toronto, Ont. English and History: "Varsity" Staff, I, IIQ Assistant Managing Editor, IIIQ Associate Editor, "Undergraduate", III: U.C. Rug- by, IIg U.C. Athletic Board, III. JOHN H. YOCOM Dunnville, Ont. English and History: "The Varsity", News Staff, I, IIQ Exchange Editor, Assistant- Managing Editor, Music Critic, III: Managing Editor, IVQ East House Resi- dence Committee, IVQ Press Club. JOHN VIRTUE YOUNG Carleton Place, Ont. Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology, Divi- sion Ig University Chemical Club, Presi- dent, IV. ADAM CAMPBELL ZIMMERMAN Hamilton, Ont. General Coursey Knox College, League of Nations Club, Executive, IVQ Liberal Club, Executive, IV, "Varsity" Staff, Ig RiHe Association, III, IV. CAROL L. ZOERN Toronto, Ont. General Course. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Ov bl If at If 10 Cr 1 1,,m,1 1 10 1 . if if f f ' 5 fjfhz' :if 5 2 - W 'ldfyl Z' fl NX lxxrhv. N iq. wx K I ' , , J Wx IA N "1 3, iff y i, I 311 I NH if MJ 1 X. , I J N l A I A KP? , x V, A ff-f -, 5 7- Qi' . BAE iw Qbisifg, : 75 A N1 ' X. ki! ,A , -,q-- VICTORIA COLLEGE J W Q1 1 If bt P 40 OD 1 I: 1 y go To the Graduating Class of Victoria College BY CHANCELLOR E. VV. VVALLACE, MA., D.D. HE Class of 3T2 bids farewell to college halls and goes out into a world uncertain of itself, beset with fears and apprehensions. Perhaps each of you is tempted to experience a similar feeling of in- security for your own future. lt may be that you wish your gradua- tion had come at a time when the world was more settled and you could pass easily from the security of college life to a secure position in the larger life outside. lt is well to remember that the great ages of the world are unstable ages, when the foundations seem to rock, the old ways fail to meet new needs, and the world seems to grope and to stumble. We live to day in one of these great ages, when the world is fumbling for the latch of the door that will open into an era of better and more expansive living than our race has yet known. i You enter this unstable world with great advantages. You are not bound by old traditions which make many of us fearful to change and unable to see the beckoning road to the higher levels, or unwilling to follow it. You come, l hope, with confidence that the truth can be found, if one searches for it with pure disinterested passion, and that the truth can lead us into freedom -freedom from the traditions that hinder the restless, daring, creative spirit of a new age. As college men and women you have shared in the multitudinous activities of agreat brotherhood, where the lessons of successful living, begun in the smaller society of the home, have broadened out into the larger family of college. You have learned to give and take, striving for the right as you see it, yet never unfair to any other person, believing that by the co-operation of many partial insights true vision comes. This confidence in truth, these experiences in solving with others the problems of life, are your great equipment for the future. With them you can do your part in working out, in a small social group, those principles of successful living which alone will solve our wider national and international problems. To be successful in the former is to make one's contribution to the final solution of the latter. l wish for each member of your class success and joy in the great adventure upon which you now enter. Thirty-eight VICTORIA COLLEGE Cv 1 nf at x IO Ox 4 1, H .4 , .5 VICTORIA 3T2 PERMANENT EXECUTIVE R. J. MCKNIGHT 42nd Vice-Presidentd, Miss DOROTHY Bisi-IOP tVice-Presidentm, J. J. R. GRILLS lPresident,l, MISS PAT LIPSETT tSecretaryD, A. M. SMITH QTreasurerw Victoria College 5T2 Class History T2 has passed most of its life sandwiched between what was fondly called the cleverest year ever to be assembled at Victoria, and what was un- doubtedly the largest year ever grouped into one. Consequently, about the second month of our sophomore year, we were taunted and belittled by intellectually vain-glorious juniors and youthfully courageous freshmen. XVhereupon we arose in our might and smote our tormentors in literary, forensic, athletic, musical, dramatic, terpsichorean, and legislative fields, and battled our way to an admission of equality from other yearsvwhich is in reality an admission of superiority. Our year seems to have had an extraordinary number of individuals who have gone quietly about their business, but who have found time to handle various executive positions with unequalled efficiency. VVe have contributed our share of athletes across the park, and more than our share at Victoria. "The Bob" has achieved new histrionic heights, .-Ida Vidoriarzrz new literary excellence. VVe have welcomed a new Chancellor, a new Emmanuel College, new and fine residences. VVe have danced and hiked and played and studied and laughed and wept and prayed and won-and lost. VVe came to Victoria with her glorious traditions, we lived here a glorious life as undergraduates. And now we must say "Farewelll,'-for ahead of us lies a glorious future! VICTORIA COLLEGE Thirty-nme O 1 51 n iQ C1 I bi- 1 I 10 K+' ff Q-E a.f7f:e'-Eff? A . A L , V HWS- m ROBERT LOOHIE ALGIE Toronto, Ont. General Course: Hart House Music Com- mittee, II: Hart House House Committee, III, IV: Board of Directors of University Settlement, III, IV: Victoria Hockey, II: Varsity Band Leader, III, IV: Victoria Box Lacrosse Clnterfaculty Champsj, IV. Interests-Music. DONALD CLARK AMOS Palmerston, Ont. General Course: Burwash Hall: S.C.M., Class Treasurer C2nd Termj, III: Baseball, III, IV: Bob Committee, Rugby: President Dramatic Society, IV. ADA HARRIS ANDERSON Toronto, Ont. Modern History: Class Executive, I, II: Dramatic Society Executive, I, II, III: Debating Society Executive, III, IV: Women's Press Club: League of Nations Society. Interests-English. RHODA ANDERSON Dresden, Ont. General Course: Wymilwood: University of Saskatchewan, I, II: Music Club, III, IV: Literary Society, III, IV: French Club, IV. JOHN DOUGLAS ARNUP Toronto, Ont. Class Treasurer, I: Bob Committee, II, Director, IV: "Varsity" Staff, I, II, III: Assistant Sports Editor, IV: Feature Editor, "Acta Victoriana", III, IV: Victoria Baseball, I, II: Debates Cabinet, III, IV: Press Club, III, IV. LEITA EILEEN ASH Toronto, Ont. General Course: University of Alberta, I, II: Dramatic Society, III: Woman's Literary: Music Group, IV. ' H. S. BAKER Calgary, Alta. General Course. M. A. BALKWILL Toronto, Ont. English and History. ESTHER MARGARET BERRY Caledonia, Ont. Moderns. LESLIE FREDERICK BIEHL Gore Bay, Ont. English and History: Phyrste House, Bur- wash Hall: Classical Club, I, II: English and History Club, III, IV: English Associa- tion, IV. DOROTHY LOUISE BISHOP Belleville, Ont. English and History: Annesley Hall: Year Executive, I: Basketball, I, II, III: Swimming, II, III: Athletic Club, II, III: Athletic Directorate, IV: Victoria College Union, III, IV: S.A.C., IV: Polity Club, IV: Senior Stick. RUTH ALLISON BLACK Toronto, Ont. General Course: Athletic Society Executive, IV. Interests-Music Club: S.C.M.: Swim- ming. JOHN PAUL BLEWETT St. Thomas, Ont. Mathematics and Physics: Burwash Hall: M. and P. Society, I, II, III: President IV. Forty VICTORIA COLLEGE 01 14 I I I IQ CP A D 4 ,, Q Es Vigil A I FRANKLIN GEORGE BOARDMAN Ottawa, Ont. LENORE MARIE BROATCH Trenton, Ont. General Course, Burwash Hall, Hamilton General Course. Fiske Biggar Scholarship, II, Regents Scholarship, III, Victoria Tennis, III, IV. MARION ELIZABETH BURT Toronto, Ont. DAISY GILBERTA BOLTON Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics CPhysics Divisionj. J. M. BOYD Owen Sound, Ont. General Course. W. RICHARD H. BOYD ' ' Toronto, Ont. General Course, Class Vice-President and President, II, Bob Committee, III, Senior Stick, IV. WILLIAM EDGAR BRADY Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Economics, Political Science Club, II, III, IV, Victoria Music Club, III, IV, Fabius Club, IV. A. A. BRANT Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics. JANE ELIZABETH BRIEN Windsor, Ont. General Course, Annesley Hall, French Club, I, II, IV, Classical Association, II, English Association, IV, Literature, S.C.M. VICTORIA COLLEGE General Course, Diploma in Physical Train- ing, Music Club, IV, Literary Society, IV. Interests-Athletics. PHYLLIS ETHEL CALVERT Rainy River, Ont. General Course. EDNA GERTRUDE CARLAW Horning's Mills, Ont. Biology: Class Assistant in Biology, III, IV, Councillor, Biology Club, I. MARGARET ELIZABETH CARPENTER General Course, University of British Columbia, I, II, Fabius Club, IV. MARY ETHEL CARROLL Arthur, Ont. General Course. Forty-one 0' L4 1 1 u IQ O, PI ik if lm , .. ..-L ,,L,,.. Y VL E-. -LE -..L .-.,-,, ,,,, E-.-..,-f,.L,.,.-LL. E. - . L- -W 1 I s Q W- Y A. , .,.. , .. M YVVYA - i- WV H l A , Q f .fo f I , I W 5 my-.-N 3 .3 --,. urs- I I in f 1 if " is f ,ii il-.7 AF ., ., ..,' w e-.: .:i,NX l 555.522 ,I F -1 " ' ,e A- se ' . T.-A, A Jw-' 1 I-. 1 F N ig 'I l ' gi? if E' V 9 ir 3 - r . 2 1 ,, :IV I ,I , f Q 1 .i2.: , ., gif 6, 5, A X 5 "1A A Hr' rj i ' I ia:- l JESSIE MARIE CARRUTHERS Downsview, Ont. General Course. MARY A. CASSELMAN Morrisburg, Ont. Moderns, Wymilwood, French Club, I. N. E. CASWELL Oakville, Ont. General Course. HELEN MABEL CHANDLER Blenheim, Ont. Mathematics and Physics, Division II. Miss A. CHoRoLsKY Regina, Sask. Biology. DOROTHEA AGNES CRAWFORD Pembroke West, Bermuda. General Course, Annesley Hall. GEORGE HERBON CREWE Merlin, Ont. General Course, Burwash Hall, President, Phyrste House, IV, Macdonald-Cartier Club. Forty-two LAURA HELENA CREWS Trenton, Ont. General Course, Annesley Hall, Literary Society, I, II, S.C.M., III, IV, Programme Convenor, Victoria, IV, English Associa- tion, IV. Interests-Swimming. JOHN DARIUS WILLIAMS CUMBERLAND Pincher Creek, Alta. Political Science and Economics, Political Science Club, II, III, IV, Victoria College Music Club, II, Treasurer, III, President, IV. LEILA ELSIE DALGLEISH Moose Jaw, Sask. General Course. LELA ELEANOR DAVY Toronto, Ont. General Course, Victoria College Music Club, II. Interests-Music. Literature, Golf. FLORENCE DONAGHY Orton, Ont. General Course, Tait House, Victoria Music Club, II, III, IV. VICTORIA COLLEGE O1 ll lf at lf IQ OD I P pl - D 19 'S , .ifhl jo v Q. 5' 1 is H t s I 1. 1 .ff Miss H. DUNN Toronto Ont. DOROTHY CORNEILLE GRIFFITH Household Economics. ' Stratford, Ont. Household Economics, Wymilwood. ALVA DORIS ELI-'ORD Port Perry Ont. Cl ' . asslcs MARGARET FRANCES HALLE Cobourg, Ont. MISS F. J. FAULDS Toronto ont. MggeLQHLaf3gu?gS1 Yfimllwoodi French Household Economics. u ' ea O reno Ouse' MRS- M- M- FRANCIS Toronto, Ont ISRAEL HALPERIN Toronto, Ont. General Course. JOHN MACPHERSON GARTON Toronto, Ont General Course, Victoria Rugby, Ig Rowing, II, III, Water Polo, III, Baseball, I, II III, IV, Intercollegiate Water Polo, IV President, University Baseball Club, IV Vice-President, University Swimming and Water Polo Club, IV. Mathematics, Burwash Hall, Music Club, IV, Scholarships-Alexander T. Fulton, I, William Mulock, II, Hamilton Fisk Biggar, III, Tennis, Squash. HELEN MARY HAMILTON Watford, Ont. Modern History, Annesley Hall, II, III, Music Club, II, IV. EVELYN A. E. GIST Port Hope, Ont. TERENCE VICTOR HART Lansing, Ont. Moderns. Oriental Languages, Oriental Languages Club, Ig Music Club, III, IV: Scholarships C. D. C. GRAHAM Hamilton, Ont. -Hamilton Fiske, Biggar, III, Regent's, General Course. III. VICTORIA COLLEGE Forty-three Ox H1 if 51 I KO Ol I 3 fl ji fo 'KJ ff U ss' .:,- ,. - ' - - V H A S- I tx +- .., ' ' ' iiijti . .i,, lET'31+fTT"fi fijf " .gill :tz . E' mg ..,. A 'ZZ IQ. In vi ' VV M y it A' V A . ,.j VA ,L . A Y QQ'V .. . , , i , It A 'fi-? W ' . If I ,O S... H i f In XL ,zz V Vi J!! f W Q N .,. , -.'v 45 -S .ilb I O I 1 I A ' .,:1. , I I , . .E AFV- VW VA X H wr v , Q g . K :v i KS, -4 N- K NOBLE HATTON Penetanguishene, Ont. CHARLES PARSONS HARTLEY HOLMES Philosophy, Burwash Hall, Victoria Rugby, I, II, III, IV, O.R.F.U. Champions, '27, President S.C.M., IV, Manager, Victoria Rink, IV. CATHERINE GRACE HAYDEN Cobourg, Ont. Household Economics. DOROTHY HAYWARD Toronto, Ont. Household Economics, M. Sr P. Society, I, II, III, S.C.M., II. Interests-Music. STEWART LLEWELLYN HIGGS Toronto, Ont. General Course, Lieut., C.O.T.C. Interests -Military. HAZEL AMELIA EULDEAU HILL Windsor, Ont. Moderns, Maison Francaise, II, S.C.M., French Club, German Club, Swimming, I, III, IV. MURIEL BERNICE HODGSON St. Catharines, Ont. English and History, Annesley Hall, Classical Association, I, II, English and History Club, III, IV, English Association, IV. Interests-Literary, S.C.M. Fukui, Japan. Philosophy CEngliSh or Historyj , Year Execu- tive, I, English and History Club Vice- President, III, President, IV, Joliife and Biggar Scholarships, III. A. MARGARET HOWARD Marmora, Ont. General Course, Annesley Hall, II, III. EUGENE DAVIDSON HOWEY Exeter, Ont. Philosophy, English or History, Intermediate Intercollegiate Track Team, I, II, III, Intercollegiate Harrier Team, II, Harrier Club Executive, IV, Member of Victoria College Debating Parliament, III, Speaker, IV, "Acta Victoriana" Stalf, III, Editor- in-Chief, IV. MARY MARJORIE HUDGINS Belleville, Ont. General Course, Annesley Hall, Dramatic Club, IV. ELLA LOUISE HURLBURT Barrie, Ont. General Course, Wymilwoodg Dramatics, II, Secretary, Victoria Dramatic Society, III, Associate President, IV, Asga, IV, V.C.U. Executive-in-Council, IV. THOMAS GARNETT HUSSER Maidstone, Ont. General Course, Burwash Hall, Emmanuel Hockey, III, IV. Interest-Music. Forty-four VICTORIA COLLEGE l K L QD 1 1 C 0 og 1 D 1 2 Nj , , , MWA... , -. .....,,tN... M V D A li? ,.,, ray -.-.-W.. N.-. ...MM jr, vw,,,,,,3wM.m , .,... ' 7 ,,,. 1 gag. s . .airy 1 f . is E? Z? . is ' 4- Q io A 'F' W A .W I K7-5 - S21 lit DOROTHEA PORTIA ALEXANDER JEFFERY Toronto, Ont. English and History. MARY FLORENCE GRACE JEFFERY Toronto, Ont. General Course, Dramatics, I, Literary Society, I, Press Club, I, III, IV, Dickens Fellowship, II, III, Art Gallery of Toronto, IV. KINGSLEY JOHN J OBLIN Stirling, Ont. General Course, Victoria Music Club, III, Burwash Hall, II, III. MARGARET JEAN KENNEDY Georgetown, Ont. Modern Languages, Annesley Hall, I, Regents' Scholarship, III. JAMES WILLIAM KERR Hespeler, Ont. General Course, Burwash Hall, Vice-Presi- dent University of Toronto Lacrosse Club, IV, Bob Committee, IV, V.C.U. Athletic Union Executive, IV, Hamilton Fiske Biggar Scholarship, III, University of Toronto Lacrosse, II, Interfaculty La- crosse, IV, Interfaculty Hockey, III, IV. MARGARET ELIZABETH KEYS Lindsay, Ont. General Course, IV, Classics, I, II, III, JEAN IRENE LUCILLE KINNEAR Cayuga, Ont. Mathematics and Physics, Annesley Hall, V.W.U.A. and W.S.A.C., II, M. 8x P. Society, III, IV, Annesley Student Govern- ment Association, IV, Class Assistant in Physics, IV. MAY SMITH LATHE Ottawa, Ont. Classics, Annesley Hall, Robert Bruce Scholarship, I, Classical Club, Representa- tive, I, Treasurer, II, Vice-President, III, President, IV. K. P. LAWTON Saint John, N.B. General Course. ALEXANDER DUFF LEASK UIDPAJ Moose Jaw, Sask. General Course. MARGUERITE IDA RHODES LEGROW Toronto, Ont. General Course, Junior Baseball, I, French Club Executive, II, Hart House Produc- tion, II, "Varsity" Staff Reporter, III, IV, Music Club, I, III, IV, Dramatic Club, I, IV. Interests-Skiing and Singing Studies. Social Director, IV, Assistant Director, CONSTANCE MAY LEWIS Cardiff, Wales. V.U.C., III, Athletics Society, II, IV, General Course, Annesley Hall, French Club Basketball, I, II, III. President. VICTORIA COLLEGE Forty-five Cm 1 s "f 4 P KO Ol I is at 3 go y . 'rg W at s if . A l W alla I S A SQA aw 2 I cv it of ' A ' s f,-4 V S Q ' 'I 'A, 4- I ' . ... fm w I . , 9 g ."' ciiy x I V .I W A 3 -,iff in l bbbl V . , . Q, ' f -' , MAHEL MARGARET LIPSETT Toronto, Ont. ADA LEWIS MCKNIGHT Aylmer, Ont. English and History, General, Classical Club, I, II, Executive, I, Bob Pianist, I, II, Year Executive, I, II, IV, Pianist, I, II, Secretary, IV, Dramatic Society, III, IV, Literary Society, I, II, III, IV, Victoria College Music Club, II, III, IV, Vice- President, IV, Victoria College Union Executive-in-Council, IV. HANNAH MARIE LORRAWAY Welland, Ont. General Course, Annesley Hall, Classical Association, II, Literary, S.C.M. WILLENA HILDA MCFARLEN Toronto, Ont. General Course, Annesley Hall. DONALD WALKER MCGIBBON CCDAOJ Sarnia, Ont. Political Science, Middle House, Burwash, Junior Rugby, II, Senior O.R.F.U. Rugby, III, IV, Business Manager, Music Club, III, IV, Treasurer, Victoria College Union, IV, Class Treasurer, III, Matriculation Scholarships -Carter, Moses Henry Aikins, General Proficiency. .I H. MCKAY Ottawa, Ont. General Course. GORDON DAVID MCKINNEY Brampton, Ont. Mathematics and Physics, I, II, Mathe- matics, III, IV, Interfaculty Wrestling Champion C135 poundsj, I, III, IV, Inter- collegiate Wrestling Champion C134 poundsj, I, III, IV, Victoria College Athletic Union, II, III, IV, Hall Com- mittee of Hart House, III, IV, First Vice- President, B. W. Sz F. Club, IV. Foriy six Modern History, W.U.A. Executive, I, Music Club, I, II, IV, "Varsity'T Reporter, III, Annesley Hall Residences, I, II, III. RAYMOND JOHN MCKNIGHT Rockton, Ont. House Executive, I, III, President, IV, Bob Committee, II, Bob Quartette, III, IV, Victoria Music Club, I, II, III, Executive, II, Victoria Male Quartette, II, III, IV, Dramatics, II, IV, Class President, III, Debating Parliament, Executive, IV, S.C.M. DONALD RICHARD EASON MACLEOD Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, British Rugby Intermediate, III, S.C.M. MARY ADELIA MCQUHAE Toronto, Ont. Chemistry, University Chemical Club, Secre- tary-Treasurer, III, Honour Science Club. MARGARET EDDY MCROBERTS Brownsville, Ont. English and History, Annesley Hall, Liter- ary Society, S.C.M., Classical Club, I, II, English and History Club, III, IV, Hamilton Fiske Biggar Scholarship, I, George Dennis Morse Scholarship, III, Aikins Scholarship in English, III. MARY EMILY MARSHALL Biological and Medical Sciences, Honour Science Club. Interest-Orchestra, Cello. VICTORIA COLLEGE O, I 7 I - ,f to OD I P 4 p QQ J I 139 ram? W t fb ,- 53237 ,-fl-,K U 1-- A V . T"' Til I 1 -A.- ff , I? , To . ..,- ' , i N f ' 'ao I U Yv I' H Y . ' I 7, fs TAMIKO MARUYAMA Kofu, Japan. General Course, Annesley Hall. Interests- S.C.M., Literary Group, Japanese Stud- ents' Club. EDWARD JAMES RUNDLE MASON Bowmanville, Ont. Biology, South House, Burwash Hall, House At Home Committee, III, Biology Club Talk, III, Biological Journal Club Lecture, IV. ALICE RUBY MASTERSON St. Catharines, Ont. Household Economics, Annesley Hall, Dra- matics, I, II, Class Vice-President, Spring Term, III, Annesley Student Government, Secretary, III, President, IV. JOHN H. METHEREL CKRTJ Toronto, Ont. General Course. LORNE GEORGE MITCHELL Toronto, Ont. English and History, Classical Association, I, English and History Club, III, IV, English Association, IV, Squash. J. E. B. MORRIS Toronto, Ont. General Course. JEAN PALMER MORTON C2129 Hamilton, Ont. General Course, President Sigma Phi: Women's Editor, "The Varsity", Vice- President, Women's Press Club, Columnist "Acta Victoriana", S.A.C., University College Players' Guild, Victoria College Music Club, "Pirates of Penzance". CONSTANCE ELIZABETH NELSON Hamilton, Ont. General Course, Annesley Hall. ELIZABETH THAYER NELSON Windsor, Ont. General Course, Wymilwood, "VarSity' Staff, Dramatic Society, IV. Interests- Westward Ho! HELEN ISABEL NICHOL Brantford, Ont. General Course, Household Science Option Wymilwood, Honour Science Club, I, Household Science Club, I, II, Literary Society, IV. 3 MURRAY NELSON MONSINGER Mimico, Ont. H. E. NIGHSWANDER I Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics, Division II. General Course. V VICTORIA COLLEGE Forty-seven Ol fl I1 Bc I 10 or 1 r -1 pg rg ,,,.: , 1: I , .,. . V. ,", TEE: , .I -I Q 5, V' Y, - I Q , V Zzzvz A V , -I :V L' if -:- Ji A - F' ' ' " i I . 2 V' , Q? 12. i A :A .E ., kv .,...., EUNICE MARGARET NOBLE Toronto, Ont. Moderns, Victoria Basketball, IV, Hockey, II, III, IV, University Settlement, II, III, Bob Cheer Leader, II, Essa Van Dusen Dafoe Scholarship, II, Massey Bursary, II, Hamilton Fiske Biggar Scholarship, I, II, III, Class Vice-President, III, WOmen's Athletic Society President, IV, Victoria College Union Executive-in-Council, III, IV, French Club, III, IV. MILDRED CATHERINE PELAN Toronto, Ont. Modern Languages, French Club, Play- ground, C.G.I.T., Junior-Senior Dinner Committee, III. GWENDOLYN LILA PHIPPS Toronto, Ont. General Course, Dramatics, I, III, Literary Society, II, IV, Year Executives, Secretary, I, Senior WOmen's President, Victoria College Executive-in-Council, IV. In- terestsMDramatics. Miss M. D. PRICE Toronto, Ont. General Course. DOROTHY MINERVA PROUSE Scarborough Jet., Ont. General Course. Forty-eight MARJORIE PRYOR Burketon, Ont Teachers' Course, 1928-30, General Course Literary Society, Music Group, III Current Events, IV, French Club, IV. o 1 - Y DOROTHY BURNS RAE Burlington, Ont. . 9 Moderns, S.C.M., II, Literary Society, IV Asga, IV, French House, III. JOHN WILSON RISEBOROUGH Norwood, Ont. English and History, Classical Association, I, English Association, IV. Interests- Music, Drama, Swimming. MAYSIE ROGER Ottawa, Ont. Philosophy CEnglish or Historyj, Annesley Hall, Women's Literary Society Executive, III, IV, Philosophical Society, II, III, IV Interests-Swimming, Skiing, Fencing. MURIEL EILEEN ROWLAND Newmarket, Ont General Course. Miss H. N. ROY Toronto, Ont. Moderns. DOROTHY RUDOLPH Hamilton, Ont. Q D Massey Bursary, II, III, University Settle- ment, III, French Club, IV. Moderns, Regents' Prize in English, II VICTORIA COLLEGE Qi -1 D 1 J QQ Ox 4 I 4 I fj .,f"' i , l ggi, , Il, X SQ I , if a ll lib' .. 'rx,,,,s ,L V' KATHLEEN MARJORY RUSSELL Toronto, Ont. Modern Languages, Secretary, Victoria S.C.M., II, Secretary, French Club, III, Vice-President, French Club, IV, V.C.U. Executive-in-Council, IV, Executive, Uni- versity Settlement Volunteers' Association, III, IV. Interest-Swimming. ALICE ELEANOR RUTLEDGE Toronto, Ont. General Course. MARGARET ELLENOR RYERSON CECIJJ Brantford, Ont. Modern History, "Acta Victoriana" Staff, III, Women's Editor, IV, Women's Press Club, I, II, III, Executive, IV, "Varsity" Staff, III, IV, League of Nations Club, IV. THELMA MARIE SAMIS Edmonton, Alta. Household Economics, Honour Science Club, I, Household Science Club, I, II, III, IV, Current Events, IV, S.C.M., IV. MARGARET SCHWARTZ Port Elgin, Ont. Household Economics, Tennis, Victoria, II, III, IV, Varsity, III, Athletic Stick, Scholarships-Hamilton Fiske Biggar, II, Regents', III. MARY MACLACHLAN SIBLEY Junghsien, China. Household Economics, Music Club, II, III, IV, Victoria Tennis, IV, Senior Victoria Basketball, IV, Debating Society, III, IV, Fabius Club, IV, S.C.M., I, II, Victoria Executive, III, President, S.C.M. Wo- men's Council, IV. VIRGINIA PEARL SIDENIUS Dundas, Ont. General Course, Grosvenor Residence, S.C.A., IV, S.V.M., III, IV. Interests- University Settlement House, Recreation -Puzzles. SHIRLEY ELIZABETH SIMPSON Welland, Ont. General Course, Wymilwood, Literary Soci- ety, IV. MARY MARGARET SLATER Hamilton, Ont. Moderns, Annesley Hall, French House, III, Literary Society, II, III, President, IV. AUBREY MELVILLE SMITH Delhi, Ont. General Course, Middle House, Burwash Hall, Bob Committee, II, Water Polo, I, II, III, IV, Music Club, II, III, IV, Senior Class Treasurer. MARGARET AGNES SCRIMGEOUR JEAN MARGARET SMITH Hamilton, Ont. Trinidad, B.W.I. General Course, Wymilwood, Literary Soci- General Course, S.V.M. Secretary, IV, ety, II, IV. VICTORIA COLLEGE Forty-nine 0 at I I IQ Or P1 as 1 n KO " ,,,...,L-W '.,,.,.'- .5 I I l 0 Kyl QA Him OLIVE IRENE SMITH Toronto, Ont. General Course, Webster Prize CEnglishJ, II, Dramatics, Press Club, III. RUTH ELEANOR SPARLING Chengtu, West China. English and History, Interfaculty Tennis s II, III, Intercollegiate Debating, III, Year Executive, III, S.C.M., President, IV, George Dennis Morse Scholarship, III. DOROTHY ELIZABETH STAEBLER Kitchener, Ont. General Course, Music Club, III, Press Club III, IV. LOUISE RILEY STEWART Thistletown, Ont. General Course, Grosvenor Residence. In- terestsAMusic Club, I, II, S.C.M. Hockey, II, III, University Settlement House. JOHN W. A. STINSON Harriston, Ont. General Course, Burwash Hall, Victoria Rugby, III, IV. InterestfBoys' Work. BARBARA EILEEN SUTHERLAND St. Marys, Ont. Modern Languages, Annesley Residences, I, II, III, Music Club, IV. Fifty STANLEY JAMES TAYLOR Pickering, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, Burwash Hall, Dramatic Society, Honour Science Club. ELEANOR MARGARET TENNANT Bracebridge, Ont. General Course, Wymilwood, Music Club, II, Women's Literary Society, IV, Dra- matic Society, IV. Interests-Swimming. K. M. THOMPSON Toronto, Ont. General Course. Miss M. M. THOMPSON Toronto, Ont. Household Economics. HELEN CLAIRE TOLL Toronto, Ont. Classics, Robertson Scholarship, I, Music Club, I, II, III, Class Executive, III. DORIS CAROL TROTT Toronto, Ont. Modern Languages, Second Edward Blake Scholarship, French Club, III, IV. VICTORIA COLLEGE Oi 1 lf fl Y 40 OD 1 D I pe iQ 'H f I ,A A, .Q r 9 f , E L I N .I A.. f x A V I. v i K' , .V I. z l a ,A - rn. LAWRENCE HENRY TURNER DELLA MARGARET WHITE Lindsay, Ont. Hesleden, Durham, Eng. Moderns. General Course, Victoria College Music Club, I, II. Interests-Music. RUTH EVANGELINE WILKINS Waterford, Ont. NORMA MARIE URSTADT Hanover, Ont. Eqi1fS2X?fl3,HlSl0riZ I1 131262931 giuit' General Course, Music Club, III, Junior I ' ' lcgorlf uslcd ' '1 ' ' ' Victoria Hockey, I, III, Treasurer of nterests- 80 ogy an mera ogy' Athletic Society, III, Literary Society, Wymilwoods Annesley Hall- RoMA MARGARET HOLMES WILSON Chicago, Ill., U.S.A. MARIAN ALICE WAGAR Bowmanville,Ont. General Course: Music Club, IV: Drama English and History, English and History Club, IV: Biography Club, 1: Art, In Club, III, IV, S.C.M., English Associa- tion' IV' JOHN WILLIAM WITZEL Elora, Ont. FLoRA MAY WARD Toronto, Ont. Bllffljh ian? ihgfsffphgi ,clasfvlfrisgew General Course, Press Club, Classical I resl ent t etlc mon' ' t etlc Association I rr' Stick, III, Interfaculty Rugby, I, II, ' ' Senior O.R.F.U., III, Senior Intercollegi- E. V. WARREN Weston, Ont. settle Rugby, IRI, IV, Interfaculty Lacrosse General Course. amplons' ' HELEN BAULINE WATTIE Toronto, Ont. FLoRENcE ALICE WRIGHT Hanover, Ont. Household Economics. Biology, Annesley Hall, Edward Blake Scholarship, II, Baseball, I, IV, Biology MISS F. E. WEST Burlington, Ont. Club Councillor, II, III, Class Assistant in Household Economics. the Department of Biology, III, IV. VICTORIA COLLEGE Fifty-one OI bl If rc If 10 Ck rl fk V A V rx Al A -X Q P10 I' V A v I' XJ A v IW NA 5 if yr bl ,f 545 ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE 1 Qu"-Y 5. A x - 92' ff - 1 5 Q, 1 'V ' f 0 0 Cl 4 r -4 1 rg l To the Graduating Class of St. Michael's College BY THE REV. H. S. BELLISLE, B.A., NIA., CATH.U.AM. LL OF YOU were either infants in arms or still learning to talk when the war broke out in 1914. For you it is ancient history. You had no part in it. But you have been born into a world which is still feeling its effects. The props of the present civilization have been shaken. VVhether the structure will survive the repeated shocks to which it is being subjected no man knows. Our selfishness, our unwillingness to share with others the good things of life, has divided our people into two groups which are daily becoming more hostile. VVhile our granaries are bursting, many of our people have not sufficient food. VVhile our warehouses are chocked with clothing, and our coal bins are full, many of our people are suffering from cold. Families a year or two ago living in comfort are now destitute and fathers and brothers have joined the army of the unemployed. Into this kind of world, created by our sins of omission and commission, we send you in fear and trembling. Shall you be called upon to face the storm or from some sheltered height shall you be allowed to watch it as it gathers strength? You shall in all likelihood be called upon to suffer with us and for us. It was ever thus. The first man, Adam. sinned and every man born into the world since has inherited the consequences of it. The solidarity of the race is a stubborn fact. For guidance in the present distress, I bid you turn not to Plato nor to Aristotle, not to expert financiers or skilled economists, but to one greater far than all of these, the Incarnate God Himself. He has the word of eternal life. He has taught us how to live in peace with our fellowmen. "I am the VVay, the Truth and the Life". VVithout the VVay there is no going, without the Truth there is no knowing, without the Life, there is no living. Nlay you profit by our mistakes. Nlay you remember that the just man liveth by Faith. He cannot otherwise be just. Benfdicaz' vox, omnipotem Deux, Pater, et Filiuf et Spirituf Sanctzzsf' Fzfty-four ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE Ol 4 r 1 x IQ Ox 4 I 4 , .9 . 'Ai' 'i X . J '3 ,. rs X'R""-'-7 551,41-fgmf, be 2 f. 7 I f .wh 495 -QQQK EILEEN BATTLE Thorold, Ont. Moderns, St. Joseph's College, Tennis, III, Treasurer Italian-Spanish Club, III, Vice- President French Club, IV, Senior Class President. PAULINE JEANNE BONDY Sandwich, Ont. Moderns, St. Joseph's College, Treasurer French Club, Dance Committee, I, Secre- tary French Club, II, House Committee, II, IV, Vice-President French Club, III, Vice-President Sodality, III, Class Presi- dent, III, President French Club, IV. EDMUND EUGENE BURNS Detroit, Mich. General Course, S.M.C. Rugby, Intermedi- ate, I, II, Senior O.R.F.U., II, Mulock Cup Champions, III, Interfaculty Basket- ball, I, II, III, Sifton Cup, III, JOHN DONALD BURWELL Welland, Ont. Law, Interfaculty Rugby, II, Interfaculty Basketball, II, III, Iconoclast Club, Vice- President, IV. JOHN W. CARTER Toronto, Ont. General Course, St. Michael's Rugby, I, III, IV, Baseball, III, Water Polo, III. PATRICIA JosEPH1NE CASHMAN Toronto, Ont. General Course, St. Joseph's College, St. Joseph's Dance Committee, II, Class Secretary, III, Dance Committee, New- man Ball, III, Class Vice-President, IV, Executive Newman Club, IV. EDWARD BLAKE COLL Saint John, N.B. General Course, Sifton Cup Basketball, I, II, Mulock Cup Football, II. JOSEPH AUGUSTUS COSENTINO Toronto, Ont. General Course, Secretary Fratellanza, 1930- 31, President Fratellanza, 1931-32. AGNES J. COSTELLO Toronto, Ont. General Course, St. Joseph's College. ELLA M. COUGHLIN Phelpston, Ont. St. Joseph's College, General Course, "Var- sity" News Staff, "Torch" Staff, Univer- sity Women's Press Club, IV. FRED KING DELL Hamilton, Ont. General Course, Intermediate Rugby, I, Mulock Cup Champions, III, Baseball, II, III, Oratorical Club, I, II, III, President, IV, President, S.A.C., Debates Commit- tee, IV. MICHAEL THoMAs DOHERTY Newark, N.J. General Course, Students' Council Vice- President, IV, Interfaculty Water Polo, III, Dramatics, I, II. JENNIE OLIVA FARLEY CECIDJ Sudbury, Ont. Moderns, St. Joseph's College, "Varsity' Staff, II, Secretary French Club, IV, Editor of "L'Echo du Cercle", III, Sir Wilfrid Laurier Memorial Scholarship, I, Scholarship in Moderns, St. Michael's, II, III, Vice-President University Women's Press Club, III, House Committee, III, President Sodality, IV. Y sT. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE Ffffy-five OJ 1 j 4 , to ,XX ll Co I he -1 D 10 ...-...,.....i7Af . ft COLIN WILLIAM FLANNIGAN Geneva, N.Y. General Course, American Club, I, II, III, IV, Vice-President, III, President, IV, Interfaculty Basketball, I, III, IV, Water Polo, III, IV, Interfaculty Box Lacrosse, IV, Basketball Club, III, VINCENT JOSEPH FULLERTON Toronto, Ont. General Course, S.M.C. Sifton Cup Basket- ball, I, Spalding Cup Baseball, II, III, Junior Intercollegiate Rugby, III, GEORGE EDWARD GILLESPIE Toronto, Ont. Philosophy. MARGARET MARY GLINTZ London, Ont. General Course, Loretto, House Committee, III, Sodality President, IV, At Home Com- mittee, III, Class Executive, IV, Chair- man Finance Committee, IV, Executive, IV, Mathematics and Physics Prize, II. R. JAMES GUNN Lindsay, Ont. Law, Macdonald-Cartier Club, II, III, IV, Law Club, II, IV, Historical Club, III, IV, "Areopagus", II, Premier of Students Parliament, II. FRANCIS CANNING HARRISON Toronto, Ont. General Course, Interfaculty Hockey, I, Jennings Cup Champions, II, III, Mulock Cup Champions, III, Interfaculty Squash, III. MARY EILEEN HARRISON CAAAJ Newburgh, Ont. Y General Course, Athletic Society, II, III, Class Executive, III, IV, At Home Com- mittee, IV, Basketball, I, II, III, IV, S.A.C., IV. Fifty-six ALICE ALDORA HAYES f Peterboro, Ont. General Course, Loretto, Class Executive, III, IV, House Committee, IV, Baseball, I, II, CHARLES JOSEPH HENRY Toronto, Ont. General Course, Faculty Representative, III, Debates Committee, IV, Vice-President, III, Secretary, IV, "TorontonenSis" Rep- resentative, IV. CONSTANCE MARY HINDS Barrie, Ont. Classics, St. .Ioseph's College, University College Classical Association Secretary, III, Representative, IV, "Torontonensis" Representative, IV, St.Joseph's College S.A.C. Vice-President, III, President, IV, St. Michael's Women's Representative S.A.C., IV, Scholarship in Classics, St. Michael's, I, III. JOAN CASTELL HOPKINS Toronto, Ont. English and History, Loretto, Class Execu- tive, I, At Home Committee, III, IV, Debating, I, German Study Club, I, IV. MARY CASTELL HOPKINS Toronto, Ont. English and History, Loretto, Sodality Executive, II, Class Executive, II, "To- rontonensis" Representative, IV, Ger- man Study Club, II, IV. JOHN MICHAEL HUSSEY Walkerville, Ont. General Course, S.M.C. Rugby, I, III, Basketball, I, II, III, Cercle Francais, I, IV. ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE O, gt ,4 S4 l fo OP 1 L ,I , " "'W-'--fy' ' ......, If -L :sf ,M .. lf' HERBERT LEO JOHNSTON Toronto, Ont. General Course: "Varsity" Staff, II: St. Mike's Interfaculty Baseball, III, IV. WILI-'RID MARTIN KEHOE Port Credit, Ont. General Course: Junior O.H.A. Hockey S.M.C., I: Intermediate Football, I: Senior O.R.F.U., II: Jenning's Cup Champions, II, III: Mulock Cup Champions, III. JOHN MICHAEL KELLY Scranton, Penna. Honour Philosophy: American Club, I, II, III, IV: Interfaculty Basketball, I, II: Athletic Directorate, IV. RONONA MARIE LAPLANTEKSCPD Toronto, Ont. Moderns: St. Joseph's College: President, I: President Debating Club, II: "Varsity" Staff, II: Secretary Literary Society, III: Editor "Sparsity", III: President Literary Society, IV: Editor French Paper, IV. ANTHONY PHILIP Lococo Niagara Falls, Ont. General Course: Interfaculty Rugby, I, II, III: Mulock Cup Champions, III: Inter- faculty Baseball, I, II: Billiard Commit- tee, IV:Vice-President, III. MARGARET ELIZABETH LOUGHLIN Hamilton, Ont. General Course: Loretto College: Tennis Representative, II: "Varsity" Staff, IV: Dramatic Executive, IV: House Com- mittee, IV: At Home Committee, IV: Senior Class President. ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE WILLIE ANN LUCKETT IAAAD 122425 Toronto, Ont. General Course: Varsity Intermediate Bas- ketball, I, II: Basketball Club, II: Direc- torate, IV: President St. Joseph's Athletic Society: WOmen's Sports Editor, "The Varsity", III: Polity Club, IV. A NOEL H. MCCABE Toronto, Ont. General Course: Interfaculty Rugby, IV: Oratorical Club, III, IV: Baseball, IV. RITA MACDONALD Alexandria, Ont. French, Greek and Latin: Loretto: Class Executive, I. II, III: Sodality Executive, II, III, IV: Athletic Executive, IV. MARY LORETTO MCGARRY Toronto, Ont. Moderns: Basketball, I, II, III, IV: Tennis, II: Intercollegiate Basketball, III: Senior NTU, AIM!!- MARY CATHERINE MACE Niagara Falls, Ont. General Course: Loretto College: Women's Intercollegiate Debating Union, II: Presi- dent, III: "Varsity" Staff, II, III, IV. BERNITA MARIE MILLER Scranton, Penna. English and History, I, II: St. Joseph's Col- lege: Administrative Council, II: English and History Club, Vice-President, IV: "Varsity" Prize-Poetry I, Prose II: Liter- ary Society, Secretary-Treasurer, IV. VVILFRID JOSEPH MOGAN Toronto, Ont. General Course: Class President. I: Football, Intermediate Intercollegiate, I, II: Senior O.R.F.U., III: Mulock Cup, IV: Newman Club Debates Champions, 1930-31. Fifty-seven 0, 1 jf sl K to I1 1 ,Q PIO if ff . 133 , 'Q .4-may MARY ESTHER MORAN Killaloe, Ont. Moderns, Loretto, Literary Executive, I, II, III, President, IV, House Committee, II, III, Head, IV, Dramatics, I, II, III, IV. DANIEL JOSEPH MORRIS Mount Forest, Ont. Philosophy, Hockey, II, III, Hanrahan Prize, II, Year Book, Advertising Editor, II. MATTHEW THOMAS MULCAHY Orillia, Ont. General Course, "Varsity" Sport Staff, Inter- faculty Tennis, IV, Box Lacrosse, IV, Water Polo, III, IV, Hart House Library Committee, IV. ELMORE FRANCIS MULLIN Saint John, N.B. General Course, St. Francis Xavier Uni- versity, I, II, Basketball and Golf, I, II. JEANETTE MARIE NAUD Smith's Falls, Ont. St. Joseph's College, General Course, French Club Executive, III, IV. HUGH PHILIP NOLAN Windsor, Ont. General Course, Intermediate Rugby S.M.C., I, O.R.F.U. Seniors S.M.C., II, Mulock Cup, III, Basketball S.M.C. Sifton Cup, I, II, III. FRANCES MARY O,CONNOR Toronto, Ont. General Course, Alumni Prize in English, III, Interfaculty Tennis, II, III, IV Interfaculty Badminton, III, IV. Fifty-eight T. P. 0'CONNOR Toronto, Ont. General Course, Interfaculty Rugby, III. IV, Baseball, II, III, IV, Hart House Hall Committee, President Athletic Director? ate, IV. DANIEL JAMES O'GRADY Calabogie, Ont. Honour Philosophy, Areopagus Club, I, II, III, Hockey, I, II, III, Dramatics, I, II, French Club, IV. LORRAINE ALICIA PATERSON Owen Sound, Ont. ' l Classics, St. J0seph's College, Classica Association, Representative, I, II, Tennis, I, II, III, IV, Intercollegiate Tennis, IV, Secretary Dramatic Club, II: Vice-Presi- dent University Tennis, II, President Sodality, III, Secretary, III Year, Hockey, III, Basketball, IV, Vice-President Liter- ary Society, IV, Secretary Debating Club, III, Vice-President Classical Association, IV, Head Girl. EMMA MARIE PoUPoRE Toronto, Ont. General Course, Loretto, Newman Club Executive, IV, Dramatics, I, III, IV, At Home Committee, I, II, IV, Class Executive, II, III. WILLIAM OsCAR REGAN Toronto, Ont. General Course, Mulock Cup Rugby, I, II, Junior Intercollegiate Rugby, III, Base- ball S. I. League, II, III, IV. NORBERT JOSEPH RUTH Hepworth, Ont. Mathematics and Physics, Div. II, Die Deutsche Gesellschaft, I, II, III, President, IV. ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE I CK bl--A I EI Oz I Y' P' D' O A ,J ,, I L-. LL LLL ,,.,,L-..L .L. . I . I I7 3 I I ' 1 -- I-rf 9. A . , g ax. x, , wx ,. ,wig 'E Q- N' JOHN M. RYAN Toronto, Ont. General Course, Intermediate Track Team, I, II, Junior Rugby, III, Third Year Class President, Mulock Cup Rugby, IV, Baseball, II, III, IV. GERALD DALTON SANAGAN Toronto, Ont. Philosophy, Newman Club, Interfaculty Soccer, IV. EVELYN M. SCULLY Lindsay, Ont. General Course, St. Joseph's College, "Var- sity" News Staff, IV, "Torch" Staff, IV, St. Michael's Basketball, III, IV, Swim- ming, III, Executive M. and P. Society, I, II, Women's Intercollegiate Debating Team, III, President St. Joseph's College Debating Society, IV, St. Joseph's College House Committee, IV. FERGUS JOSEPH SHEEHY Peterboro, Ont. General Course, S.M.C. Rugby, Intermedi- ates, I, Senior O.R.F.U., II, Mulock Cup Champions, III, Le Cercle Francais, I, II, III. LAWRENCE K. SHooK Toronto, Ont. English and History, Rugby, I, II, III, IV, Hockey, I, III, Le Cercle Francais: English Scholarship, III. JAMES LEO SLATTERY Annan, Ont. Philosophy, Areopagus, I, II, Interfaculty Soccer, IV. ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE Y .f ,fn ,E x xx 1' N, I I ' l R I .4 Q , i ,,,,. ' ,,. f f I 14 i1,, 1 7 I . I ,,,, if 5... I f i' 'wh I' Q I E' . .... - L..,-., .-.I L-,,,,.,.L..,-L- DOROTHY PHYLLIS SMITH Toronto, Ont. English and History, Loretto College, Alumnae Scholarship, I, II, III, Prize, A Standing, I, St. Michael's Honour English Prize, II, English and History Club, III, IV, Executive, III, Intercollegiate Debat- ing Team, III. STEVEN NICHOLAS SUKMANOWSKY CTEXJ Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, English Rugby Seconds, III, IV. WILFRED ANTHONY TEEVENS Pembroke, Ont. French, Greek and Latin, I.O.D.E. and S.C.B.C. Scholarships, P.C.I. Gold Medal, Jui-Juitsi, III, Hockey, IV. HILDA CHRISTINA TUMELTY Newmarket, Ont. General Course, Loretto, Baseball, II, III, IV, Dramatics, I, III, IV. WILFRED J. WEILER Mildmay, Ont. General Course, Iconoclast Club, Secretary, III, House Committee, Hart House, IV, S.M.C. Soccer, IV. EVELYN MARGARET WHELAN Regina, Sask. General Course, Loretto College, Baseball, II, III, IV, Dramatics, II, III, IV, Class Executive, IV, At Home Committee, IV. IN MEMORIAM: RUTHMARY TREACY Windsor, Ont. Loretto College, English and History, died July 17th, 1930. Fifty-nine Qi fl 1 I " I 4 1 4 Q Ck K v Jw 1 ya D I 1 1 C, 1 I 1 P 1 TRI ITY COLLEGE N I' ff, K 5 Zz Cf? N5 W, V "4 I n 1 ff xl 4 ' cf- X' 'nf-':'. . 211-f 2 , . jx -D 4 . . 1 :N 1, " . - fp' p, will! f 'N I 1 f l, f , ,. f . f , 7 . , 2,1 f, f , - 'Ln '2,' I., f ,Hz N . Z nr. if ,l" Q f Z 9 . 9 3 4, Q' as 1 Q ' 1 1 . ye-is-' d VM H I w..:jj'-F' 5- A. Q3 1 D 34, P 43 Q, 1 1: A 1 10 To the Graduating Class of Trinity College BY REV. F. H. Cosc:RAvE, NIA., BD., D.C.L., LL.D. T IS my privilege on behalf of my Colleagues on the Academic Staff of Trinity College to send good wishes to the Nlembers of the Graduating Class of l932. The pleasant days of under- graduate life are nearly over and they are going forth to make their contribution to the life of their time. lt is a difficult time. hlan is now faced with the greatest of all problems-the problem of adapting himself to the conditions of a new Age, conditions which he himself has created by his increased control over i nature. He has revolutionized his environment and the great question, which for him spells life or death, is T whether he can revolutionize himself i and live with any kind of peace or T happiness in the new world in which he finds himself. It is hoped that the Graduates of 1932 have an intelligent grasp of this great problem and have been fitted in some measure to wrestle e i with it. They will need to be able to think clearly and accurately con- cerning the great issues of their day. lf, in addition, they are able to express themselves in such a way as to be understood by their fellows, they may be able to give the guidance which will be sorely needed amid the perplexities of the future. hflost important of all will be the possession of sound standards of life and conduct. That, above everything else, will be the need of this and every people in the days to come. lf Graduates of a great University have not the power to think rightly, to express themselves clearly and to live in accordance with the best standards, then University Education has not justified itself. To our Graduates of 1932 we offer our very good wishes for long and honour- able careers in which they may do much to deliver us from our present distress and to build up for their fellows and for those who shall follow them a fairer and a fuller life. Sixty-two TRINITY COLLEGE x 1 1 IO Cp 1 i ,I D 10 W., V- , ' f,,,,,.f'....- . , I ga al Wm, '-: . 'J . .--. -- ""- if "' ,, . A - I ,f - I ' . 'ad ' 1 'N "' f .1 1 A I ' fr JOHN GALBRAITH ABRAHAM CCIDKIID Toronto, Ont. Political Science and Economics, Trinity Rugby, I, Baseball, II, IV, Intercollegiate Tennis, Intermediate, III, Senior, IV, Hart House Hall Committee, IV. J. MONTY ARMSTRONG Langstaff, Ont. Law, MacDonald Cartier Club, University of Toronto Law Club, Vice-President, IV, Trinity Basketball, I, II, III, IV. FRANCES MAUD AXWORTHY Mount Forest, Ont. Mathematics and Physics, St. Hilda'S Col- lege, Head of Year, I, II, III, IV, Treasurer of College Meeting, II, Secretary of Col- lege Meeting, III, Head of College, IV, Member of the Joint Executive of the S.A.C., IV. SALLY A. BALLARD Niagara Falls, Ont. Modern Languages, Scholarship, Modern Languages, III, Reception Committee, III, IV, University of Toronto Athletic Directorate, IV, St. Hilda's Athletic Executive, II, III, President, IV, St. Hilda's Basketball, I, Head, II, III, IV, St. Hilda'S Hockey, I, II, St. Hilda'S Tennis, I, II, Head, III, IV, Intercollegiate Basketball, II, III, Vice-President, Basket- ball Club, III, Secretary Tennis Club, II. French Society, III, IV, Interfaculty Hockey, III, W. A. Executive, III, IV, Head of Social Service, IV, Sale Commit- tee, IV. BARBARA PAGE BROWN Orangeville, Ont. General Course, St. Hilda'S College. MARY LAUDER CASSIDY Hamilton, Ont. Modern Languages, St. Hilda's, French and German, German Study Club, I, IV, Trinity College French Society, III, Secretary, IV, Class Secretary-Treasurer, Treasurer, St. Hilda's W.A., II, Head of Sale, IV. FRANCIS HENRY CHAMBERS Toronto, Ont. Law, Law Club, Trinity Water Polo, Lieut. C.O.T.C. HOWARD HEWLETT CLARK Toronto, Ont. 1921-23-Philosophy, English and History, Basketball, I, II, Head of Year, II, 1928-30-Divinity, Basketball, III, IV, Scribe of Episkopon, IV, T.C.L.I. Secre- tary, III, Speaker, IV, 1930--32-Philo- sophy, Basketball, VI, President, T.C.L.I., V, Review Board, II, III, IV, V, VI, Theolog-Science Club, Chess Club. FRANCES CROOKS Toronto, Ont. General Course, St. Hilda'S Basketball, I, II, III, IV, Swimming, I, III, IV, Hockey, I, Intercollegiate Hockey, I, II, III, IV, EDWARD WILSON BAYLY Toronto, Ont. Athletic Directorate, IV, Representative General Course. to Hockey Club, III, President Hockey EVA ROSAMOND BERRY Dunrobin, Ont. Club, IV- Modern Languages, St. Hilda's College, B. CURTIS CUTTELL Toronto, Ont. Ellen Patteson Rigby Scholarship, II, General Course, Water Polo, I, CCaptainJ, II, German Study Club, I, IV, Trinity College III, IV, Baseball, III, IV. TRINITY COLLEGE Sixly-three Q 4 C -4. P 4 J ol l y 4 , to ,K 'Q 5 Q ' 5 ,, K' ir . . ' .3 so . rx : X 'lz' I v I 5933 i A A ., ,v - 2 I gg V! iv .Om , K as V V .. ,J , ,,,V .5 ffl... , A .I I 'T ' . -...R ,. 4-. .ee I 1 ns: CAROL HAMILTON DENISON Kansas City, Mo. CLARA ELIZABETH CONINGSBY GWYN General Course: "Chronicle" Staff, II: Busi- Hamilton, Ont. ness Manager, III: Literary Executive, I, Classics, St. Hilda's College. II, III: President, IV: Trinity Dramatic Society, II, Executive, III, IVQ Swimming, St. HIlda'S, I, II, III, Head of IVth year, PAUL HAMILTON Toronto Ont Representative to Swimming Club, II, . . . ,, . ,, ' ' Athletic Executive III IV Biology and Medicine: Revlew Board' I ' ' ' Associate Editor, III, IV: Literary In- KATHLEEN MARY DICK Milton, Ont. igliie' gVLaii1e??eIIiLub'lTIIf ivirlntefr' General Course: Literary Executive, II: IV. gchciarshi' S' B Ircideglg I enmff Treasurer College Meeting Fund, III: War Memorial 511511 i7V.lC1emE'I ' Secretary College Meeting, IV: Head of ' ' a le ISDH' ' I Year, III, IV, Secretary Women'S Council, S.C.M., III. MARGARET STEWART HOUSTON Ottawa, Ont. JUDITH ELLIOTT DICKINSON Kenora, Ont. General COHISQJ "ChI'0I1iC19" Staff, IH: General Course. Editor, IV, Reception Committee, IV, League of Nation Club, II, III, IVQ Trinity CHARLES LIGHTFOOT MONTEITH DOUGLAS CKAJ C0116-ge DPS-IT12l'CiC S0Ci9tY, U, IU, IV England. Political Science. HARTLEY HOWARD qAKEb Cobourg, Ont. OLA ALEXANDRA ELLIOTT Toronto, Ont- Classics, Interfaculty Rowing, II, III: Year General Course- Executive, III, IV: Secretary, Trinity MCGILL ffm? 2252025153 iii Ctuoiiiglairifliljfsiliii Toronto Ont. ' i ' .'. ' s P , I - Philosophyg Varsity Junior Intercollegiate ,,,Ii,OSIi3ntI1IgnSgE:1nR!Y Representative to Rugby, Ig Varsity Intermediate Intercol- L ' ' legiate Rugby, II, III, IV. EDWARD MORDAN FIELD CAXJ FLORENCE CONSTANCE KELLY Toronto, Ont. Goderich, Ont. General Coursey Hart House Theatreg General Course. Italian-Spanish Club. Sixty-four TRINITY COLLEGE O' 4 I 7 I I qQ Ol 1 11 Y fl I 45 'ff-t . 5 . ,I I ' V , 1 -' - A f , :' 1 IE T , W' w Q l ,JI Q I 4 l 1 . Y w,F -kj ELIZABETH MARGARET LEA Toronto, Ont. HUBERT ANTHONY MARTIN CAACIU General Coursey St. Hilda's Literary Society: Hamilton, Ont. Interests-Girl's Work, Botany. Political Science: Trinity Rugby, II, Inter- collegiate Tennis Senior, III: Intermediate, MoNA WILLIAMSON LENNARD Dundas, Ont. IV: Tmmty Athletlc Executwe' IV' General Course' St' Hllda S' MARY ELIZABETH MATHIESON Toronto, Ont. General Course: "Varsity" Staff, IV3 Trinity ALEXANDER ROSS LITTLE 4139113 Dramatics, II: Physical Education Course Wvofldstockv Ont- for Women, I, II, III, St. Hilda's Literary Political Science- Society, Music, Swimming, Art. EDWIN C. MACDONALD Toronto, Ont. MARY ELLEN RUHAMAH MERVYNNE General Course, Trinity Water Polo, II, III, Pasadena, Calif- IV? Camera Club' General Course: Basketball, Ig Swimming, Ig Trinity Dramatics, Ig Players' Guild, II, HUGH SINCLAIR MACKENZIE CDXU Kart House Theatre, III, "Varsity" Staff, Toronto, Ont. ' General Course' GWENDOLYN M. MURRELL-WRIGHT Toronto, Ont. ALDYTH CLINTON MCLAREN H21milt0I'1,0I1t- General Course: St. Hilda's Basketball, II, General Course: St. Hilda's Hockey, III, III, IVg Swimming, II, III, IV: Athletic A'Cnl9'JiC Executive, IV! Sale COYf1lT1itt6'9, Executive, III: Representative to Swim- I, IV: Trinity DI'alna'CiCS, IV? League Of ming Club, III: President of Basketball NHUOHS Club: German Study Club- Club, IV: "Torontonensis" Representa- tive, IVQ Manager Intermediate Basket- CAROLINE ALICE ADEL MCQUADE ball, II: Manager Intercollegiate Hockey, Omemee, Ont, III, "Varsity" Staff, II, III. English and History, St. Hilda's College, Executive, St. Hilda's W.A., II, III, IV, SHEILA MACLEAN OWEN Toronto, Ont. Treasurer, St. Hilda's W.A., IIQ Secretary, General Course, German Club, I: St. Hilda's St. Hilda's W,A,, IIIg President, St, Literary Society Executive, II, Trinity Hilda's W.A., IV. College French Club, III, IV. TRINITY COLLEGE Sixfy-five O1 1 I I I KQ Ol 1 K 1 y to Q Q.. . ' D 1 T T I 'L f-Qf1.QgQ"" Dfw or :rg,NlJ - ',. ii A K - 'Sew 1371415 A I , :Z Q , it , X ' it - , ly lt .I Q , , ,,,, in, -. ,V I In , . 'T' I A 1 ' 1 If V v , ' '-,.,: Q ""' t i A l f f I- . .' 1 . ww. it W' . zz! , Q V ,,,. K gy .. f. gn, . Tl. , V lll. 2 ' Q ipfi 'xx I. A K .fis,,,f.. A Nl! NX i MARY MARGARET PATTISON Winona, Ont. ROBERT LOWDER SEABORN Toronto, Ont. General Course, St. Hilda's, St. Hilda's Tennis Team, II, III, IV, Head of Tennis, IV, "Varsity" Staff Reporter, III, IV, Sale Committee, IV. EVELYN MARGUERITE PEARCE Oshawa, Ont. Biology: Class Assistant, Department of Botany, IV. ROBERT LEROY PEPALL CAACIDJ Toronto, Ont. General Course, Trinity Rugby, III and IV, Member Perpendicular Club. I DAVID KENNETH REA Toronto, Ont. General Course, Intercollegiate Golf, IV, Trinity Hockey, I, II, III, IV, Rugby, III, Water Polo, I. GEORGE ROBERT GORDON SCOTT Toronto, Ont. General Course, Intermediate Intercollegiate Track, II, Trinity Basketball, II, III, IV, Rowing, III, Water Polo, III. S ixty-six Classics, Trinity House, T.C.L.I. Debating Secretary, II, Speaker, IV, Debates Committee Hart House, III, IV, Secretary, College Meeting, III, Secretary, University of Toronto Harrier Club, III, President, Trinity College Classical Society, IV: Associate Editor, Trinity "University Re- view", II, III, IV, Foreign Affairs Club, Intercollegiate Harriers, I, Intermediate Track, III, IV, Trinity Harriers, I, II, Captain, III, IV, Trinity Rugby, IV. JOHN ALLAN SEABROOK North Gower, Ont. General Course. MARY DOROTHY SIMPSON-RAY Toronto, Ont. General Course. ERNEST SINFIELD Ilkeston, Derby, Eng. Divinity, L.Th. Course, Trinity Soccer, I, II, III, Captain, IV, Secretary, S.C.M., II, III, Trinity Theological Society, I, II, Trinity Dramatics, I, II, Library Stalf, III. GEORGE MOORE WAUCHOPE SMITH Toronto, Ont. Philosophy. RAMSAY GIBSON SMITH CCIDKIIJ Toronto, Ont. General Course. TRINITY COLLEGE 1 if fl I 4 Cy 1 I' 4 l KQ A I '-k' ini I H ff 14 gs, I C ii Q' 7' f' -. ' .. 1 in I V 1 1 as ' . -A ,- K , was an b JB.. R K . y . ' xg p ' F r IL., e v.,.,,, I ? W A ,,,,. ' I? , I . i " N-Q . A .'bN I G nf' WA ' ' X qi., NF . 1 I . -S . i t I .5 I Q A K. CATHERINE I. STEELE Toronto, Ont. MARGARET CYNTHIA CAROLINE WALKER English and History, Executive, League of Nations Club, IV, Polity Club, IV, St. Hilda's Hockey Team, II, III, Staff of "Chronicle", III, IV, Vice-President, Literary Society, IV. J. L. STEWART CAACIDB Toronto, Ont. Law, Clubs'-Foreign Affairs CPresident, IIID, Law CPresident, IVJ, Macdonald-Cartier CPresident, IVJ, Historical, League of Nations CVice-President, IVD, Fabius, Hart House Debates Committee, III, IV CSecretary, IVJ, Intercollegiate Debating fMcGillj, IV, Literary and Debates Com- mittee, S.A.C., IV, "Varsity" Staff, II, III, President, '32 Law, II, III, IV, Scholarships-Prince of Wales, Matricula- tion, Rowell in Law, Trinity in Law, Rhodes Scholar, IV. BEATRICE MARY SYMONS Toronto, Ont. Moderns, Intercollegiate Tennis Champion, II, III, IV, Intercollegiate Basketball, Ig Interfaculty Tennis, Basketball, Swim- ming, I, II, III and IV, Hockey, I, II. HELEN KATHERINE TOMPKINS Welland, Ont. General Course. MARJORIE EDITH TRIPP Arnprior, Ont. General Course, St. Hilda's, Interfaculty Hockey, III, IV. W TRINITY COLLEGE Toronto, Ont. General Course, German Study Club, Secre- tary, II, Vice-President, III, President, IV, Trinity College Dramatic Society. ELIZABETH ANNIE WELCH Toronto, Ont. Modern Languages, Spanish and French. KENNETH DOUGLAS WHATMOUGH Stratford, Ont. General Course. LAURA MATILDA VVILSON Parry Sound, Ont. General Course, St. Hilda's College, Inter- faculty Hockey, I, II, III, IV. Ross FRANKLIN WILSON QAKEJ Toronto, Ont. Political Science, Trinity Rugby, II, III, IV, Interfaculty Champions, Rugby Varsity Thirds, I, Rowing, 150-Pound Crew, III, Senior Intercollegiate Champions, IV, Rowing Club Executive, III, President, Interfraternity Council, IV. ALAN HASTINGS WOODCOCK Toronto, Ont. Physics and Chemistry, Trinity Harriers, I, T.C.L.I., II, "Review" Board, II, III, Science Club, IV. Sixty-seven Ol 1 x I 'D KO 1 :1 DQ :I k Pl Or Q ily . 1 1 uv YK IV U V lf bf mf 24 rf bl of 1 P 4 p M, COMMERCE AND FINANCE N K k f d X iw f' WEB ,EL f.-. 4 ." ' 124315 ,f if ' . ' ff 'V' 4 7 " J ..' .f 1 'd - , . , TL ff ' K xx . if " gp- ,V '-ff'--i I, -f-f4 Ol 4 1 1 1 QQ Ov f as 4 r 10 To the Graduating Class of Commerce and Finance BY PROFESSOR GILBERT E. JACKSON, B.A. HE largest class that has ever graduated in Commerce and Finance goes out into the world this year. lt is not our fault, but our misfortune, that the year of graduation should coincide with a year of world depression, in which stepping stones to careers are a good deal less plentiful than they were in the halcyon days which ended in l929. VVe now live in a much harder school, in which the individual must make his own opportunities, and in which he is scrutinized a good deal more closely than he was a few years ago. Nevertheless, l believe that we may face the future without undue misgiving. ln time past, the graduates of this Course have built up a solid good will on the part of men of business towards Commerce and Finance, which will stand us in good stead from henceforth. They have done this by means of an infallible formula, by seeing to it that so far as possible they did more work than they were paid for, and more than was expected of them, and by refraining from worry as to whether due credit was given them for this, instead of Clike the lesser breedsj concentrating on the rewards that follow toil. XVherever we go we meet with the friendliest reception, because we are connected with Commerce and Financeg and with the expectation that, because we have survived the ordeal of repeated annual examinations in this Course, we too may possibly be not altogether bad. It rests with us not to disappoint this modest expectation. I have every confidence that the Class of ,32 will bear comparison with those that have gone before, and wish for each and every member of it, Bonne chance! Seventy COMMERCE AND FINANCE Qi 4 If at J tO if A Qk 1 1 1 ,A N '51 .il .E 4 1 I I l l I .l DONALD HUME ANDERSON CCCIDAOJ St. Thomas, Ont. Commerce and Finance, University College Hockey, III, IV, Intercollegiate Golf, I. II, III, IV, Manager, III, Captain, IV, Interfraternity Council, III, IV. DONALD MORGAN ANDREWS Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance. MELVIN GRAHAM ANGUS KCIDKEJ Stratford, Ont. v Commerce and Finance. HARRY WILLIAM FLINTOFF APPLETON Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, Interfaculty Row- ing, I, II, Champions, III, Commerce Club Executive, III, Class President, III, President, University College Literary and Athletic Society, IV, Students' Adminis- trative Council, III, Vice-President, IV, Militia fThe Mississauga Horsej. EDWARD LAWRENCE BAKER Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, Manager University Rowing Crew, I, Coxswain, Victoria Crew, II, III, Coxswain University Crew, III, "Varsity" Staff, I, II, III, C.O.T.C., I, II, III, IV, Fabius Club, II, III, President, IV, Commerce Club, I, II, Social Director, III, President, IV, Band, I, II, III, IV, Victoria College Lacrosse Team, Inter- faculty Champions, IV. FRANCES BECHTEL CAPM Kitchener, Ont. Commerce and Finance, Women'S Commerce Club, President, III, IV, "Varsity" Staff, III, Political Club, IV. H COMMERCE AND FINANCE J JoHN ARCHIBALD BENNET CCIDFAQ Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, Rugby-Junior, Intercollegiate, I, Senior, O.R.F.U., II, Senior, Intercollegiate, III, IV, Hockey- Junior O.H.A., I, II, III, Senior Inter- collegiate, IV. THoMAs BOYNTON Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, Interfaculty Squash, III, Interfaculty Rowing, III, Fabius Club, II, III, IV. JAMES HAROLD BROUGHTON Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, University College Baseball, I, II, III, IV, Interfaculty Champions, III, University College Bas- ketball, I, II, IV, Commerce Club Execu- tive, III,Secretary, IV. LEONARD M. BUCHANAN CCIDAOD Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, Junior Intercollegi- ate Rugby, I, Intermediate Intercollegiate Rugby, II, III, University College Swim- ming, II, III, IV, Year Executive, III, IV. NELSON MACDONALD BURNS QQDKHJ Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, Basketball. HAROLD BEVERLEY CLEARIHUE CAXAD Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, Squash, Commerce Club, IV Year Skit-Follies. F. WESLEY CONDLLN Queenston, Ont. Commerce and Finance. Seventy-one O34 El ,4 Sq ,4 fo OP fc l A y WS. EQ-W we QW JOHN VINCENT CRAIG North Gower, Ont. Commerce and Finance, South House. JOHN GALE CREAN CKED Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, University College Year Executive, I, Macdonald-Cartier Club, III, IV, Secretary-Treasurer, IV, Foreign AiIairs Club, IV. WILLIAM Ross DAKIN QEXJ Galt, Ont. Commerce and Finance. JAMES ELDON DAVIDSON Winchester, Ont. Commerce and Finance, Middle House, Burwash Hall Class Executive, I, II, Bob Committee, II, Athletic Executive, I, IV, Victoria Rugby, I, II, III, IV. WILLIAM GORDON DAVISON Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance. HAROLD COLLIER DIXON Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, University College Swimming, II, III, IV. ELIZABETH DRENNEN DORAN CFCIDBI Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance. Seventy-two THEODORE KING DRAIMIN CIIACIJJ Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, "Torontonensis" Representative, University College, IV, Fabius Club, Foreign Affairs Club, Squash, Racquets. A EDMUND FRANCIS FINNINGLEY UIJKIIJ Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, University College Rugby, I, II, Trinity Rugby, III, IV. SIDNEY ALLAN FREIFELD CIIALIDJ Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, University College Rugby, I, II, University College Baseball, I, II, University of Toronto Intermediates, III, Fabius Club, League of Nations Club, Menorah Society Executive, Commerce Club, Foreign AiTairs Club. ROY OLIVER FUNSTON CBOIII Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, Commerce Club, Junior Hockey, II, Senior Hockey, III, IV. SCOTT H. W. FYFE Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance. GEORGE HERBERT GLAss Ottawa, Ont. Commerce and Finance. COMMERCE AND FINANCE O y s4 , to O, ' l -Aj! , gn-vm 'QQ 42. ABRAHAM GOLDSMAN Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, University of Toronto Chapter of Avukah, Secretary- Treasurer, II, President, IV, University of Toronto Chess Club, Champion, II, Secretary-Treasurer, III, Menorah Society, President, IV. EARL GRAHAM Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance. REGINALD JOHN GREER Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance. REGINALD THOMAS GREER Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, University College Hockey, I, II, University College Lacrosse, IV, Commerce Club, I, II, III, IV, Treasurer, III, Vice-President, IV. JOHN JOSEPH RONALD GRILLS ALEXANDER GEORGE HEAKES Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, University College Rugby, I, IV, Varsity Intermediate Rugby, II, Fourth Year President, University College, Foreign Affairs Club, Macdonald- Cartier Club, Massey Scholarship, 1932. PERCY HEIBER Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, Senior University Baseball, Inter-faculty Champions, III. HAROLD JOHNSTON HOWARD Calgary, Alta. Commerce and Finance, Middle House, Burwash Hall, Year Executive, III, House President, IV, Social Director, Victoria College Union, IV. New Liskeafdr Ont- DONALD HERBERT HUTCHESON Toronto, Ont Commerce and Finance, Victoria, North Commerce and Finance. House, Burwash Hall, Bob Committee, II, Year Executive, II, IV, Dramatic Society, III, Victoria At Home Committee, III, WILBERT ARMSTRONG KINGSTON House Executive, III, President, IV, Campbellford, Ont. Board of Auditors V.C.U., III. IV, Victoria Commerce and Finance. Athletic Executive, IV, Senior Class Presi- ' dent, Interfaculty Soccer, III, IV, Inter- faculty Baseball, III, IV. THOMAS CLARK KINNEAR Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance. AUSTIN KENNEDY HAMILTON CAXy Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, Squash Racquets DAVID HENNING KIRKWOOD CEXJ Committee, IV, Dabble in Ping Pong, Preston, Ont. Commerce Club. Commerce and Finance. COMMERCE AND FINANCE Seventy-three 1 I -5 O' 4 I fl I I ff K pl y ,,..f J I l me HENRY B. LATHAM CAXAJ Hamilton, Ont. Commerce and Finance, University College Treasurer, II. WILLIAM ARTHUR LEAK COAXJ Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, Hockey Club Execu- tive, IV, V, Junior, Intermediate and Senior Intercollegiate Hockey, I, II, III, IV, V. ORVILLE Joi-IN MCDIARMID Ottawa, Ont. Commerce and Finance, Knox Rugby, I, II, III, Commerce Club, I, II, III, Liberal Club, III, IV, War Memorial Scholar- ship, II. IAN DUNCAN SMITH MCDONALD Brussels, Ont. Commerce and Finance, Commerce Club, II, III, IV, Fabius Club, IV, North House. ALONZO JOSEPH MCDONNELL CSX, Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, University of Toronto Junior Basketball, I, II, Univer- sity College Basketball, III, IV, Historical Club, III, IV, Music Committee of Hart House, IV, Assistant Manager, Intercol- legiate Boxing, Wrestling and Fencing Team, III, Manager, IV. DAVID NEWMAN Commerce and Finance. Toronto, Ont. FREDERICK JAMES PARKER Commerce and Finance. Toronto, Ont. JOHN ALLEN PosKITT Commerce and Finance. Brampton, Ont. JAMES DUNLOP RIDDLE Commerce and Finance, University College Soccer, III. Wilsonville, Ont. JoHN ARNOLD ROGERS Parry Sound, Ont. Commerce and Finance. MERVYN ESMOND LLEWELLYN SCOVELL Bracebridge, Ont. Commerce and Finance, Victoria, North House, Burwash Hall, Italian-Spanish Club Executive, I, II, Spanish Play, II, Assistant Manager Victoria Hockey, III, Manager Victoria Box Lacrosse, IV. DONALD J. SMITH Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, Intermediate Inter- collegiate Track, I, Senior Intercollegiate Track, II, III, IV, Senior Intercollegiate Harrier, I, II, IV, Vice-President Harrier Club, IV, Manager University College CECIL CHARLES MAY Toronto, Ont. Track Team, IV, Captain, Harrier Team, Commerce and Finance. IV. Seventy-four COMMERCE AND FINANCE OP 1 I Rl 1 IQ l V Cie A re. A , rg v rx FRANK ALLEN STANLEY Toronto, Ont. JAMES C. WILSON CCIDKIIJ Peterborough, Ont. Commerce and Finance. Commerce and Finance. FRANK REID STONE CAMP? TOFOMOY Ont- JAMES EDWARD WILSON Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, Trinity Year Execu- tive, I, Junior Intercollegiate Football Champions, I, Trinity Football, II, III, Mulock Cup Winners, IV, Gymnastics, I, Manager, Junior Hockey, I, Boxing, III, Historical Club, III, IV. LORIE TARSHIS Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, University College Rugby, I, IV, Intermediate Rugby, II, Squash Racquets, Hart House Debates Committee, III, IV, Intercollegiate Debat- ing, IV, Literary Director University College Literary Society. IV, Foreign Affairs Club, II,III: President, IV, Fabius - Club, League of Nations Club, III, IV, Historical Club, IV, Massey Scholarship, IV. HARRY HILLEL THOMSON Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance. WOODBURN STRATFORD THOMSON Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance. 'H COMMERCE AND FINANCE V Commerce and Finance. MURRAY ALEXANDER WILTON CAOCID5 Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance, Trinity, Intercol- legiate Boxing Team, II, 160-Pound Inter- collegiate Champion, III, President B.W.F. Club,III, Trinity, Mulock Cup Cham- pions, IV, Athletic Directorate, IV, House Committee CHart Houseb, IV, Historical Club. HARRY LOUIS WOLFSON Alliston, Ont. Commerce and Finance, E Pluribus Unum. KELVIN FRANCIS WOOLNOUGH Toronto, Ont. Commerce and Finance. HENRY BERTRAM ZACKS CEAMJ Toronto, Ont. Pass Commerce, Victoria College Rugby, I, II, University College Baseball, I, "Var- sity" Staff, I, II, Commerce Club. , Sevenfy-fiz e are at If bl J KQ O, 4 li :f , 10 PASS COURSE in Commerce and Finance N 1929 special arrangements were-made for the benefit of students who had entered Commerce and Finance and had been in- terested only in receiving a training along the lines of Commerce and Finance, and who under the new regulations regarding standing, would presently be transferred to the Pass Course. A special Course was devised for the benefit of such students with approximately the same content as Commerce and Finance. This Course may be entered only in the second year or later, and only by such students as have been through at least the first year of the Course in Commerce and Finance. This new Course is, at the present time, ofiicially a subdivision ofthe Pass Course, but it is a distinct unit in itself, and has come to be known in general parlance as the Pass Course in Commerce. Students in this course as in Commerce and Finance, are members of the Commerce Club. I 1 A 11 x iQ C0 71 D Nj ,W A, "' f .Smit . 4341 O l , - Aw.--gt, ,....A. , Qigg , 1, . . -Q, ,g sz! V -...N 'fizri JEAN WHITAKER ALLEN Toronto, Ont. Pass Commerce, Interfaculty Basketball, I, II, III, IV, Intermediate Basketball, I, Intercollegiate Basketball, II, III, Athletic Directorate, IV, Women'S Commerce Club, III, IV. JOHN LEMESURIER CARTER CKAQ Quebec City, P.Q. Pass Commerce. Interests-Whistling. CHARLES WILFRED Cook CKRTQ Toronto, Ont. Pass Commerce, Toronto, Water Polo, I, Spanish Club, I, II, Music Club, II, Pro- gramme Committee, III, Senior Class Executive, English Society, IV, Art and Music. LESTER ScoTT DAVIS Toronto, Ont. Pass Commerce. ARTHUR EARL SMITH DAv1soN Toronto, Ont. Pass Commerce, President, Victoria College Union, IV, Literary and Debates' Com- missioner, S.A.C., IV, Chairman, Student Committee on Disarmament, IV, Year President, III, Victoria College Orchestra, III, IV, S.C.M., Secretary, League of Nations Club Model Assembly, II, Inter- mediate Track, II, III, Junior and Senior Victoria Basketball, Varsity Cheer Leader, "Tramping". COMMERCE AND FINANCE GEORGE ALEXANDER MCKAY EDWARDS CAKEJ Galt, Ont. Pass Commerce, Intercollegiate Golf Team, I, II, IV, Manager Intercollegiate Golf, III, Trinity Rugby Team, I, II, III, IV, Trinity Hockey Team, I, II, III, IV, Trinity College Athletic Association, I, II, Historical Club, III, IV. ALAN FREELAND FOOT UIDAO5 Toronto, Ont. Pass Commerce, Intermediate Track, I, Junior Basketball, I, Commerce Club Representative, I, Sophomore Class Presi- dent, University College Rowing, II, III, Interfaculty Champions, University Col- lege Basketball, II, III, IV. GEORGE THEODORE HEINTZMAN CAMP, Toronto, Ont. Pass Commerce, Junior Rugby, I, Inter- mediate Rugby, II. HOWARD ROY HENDERSHOT Kingsville, Ont. Pass Commerce, V.C.A.U., II, Vice-PreSi- dent, III, Victoria Rugby, III, IV, Victoria Basketball, II, III, IV. Seveniy-seven vfxc P 10 Q1 if Or 1 ls Q1 D 10 W,,,-. A A P A ,C:.:i.4... .-,.,.... I A.. A4,. -. A . N r ,fi-TTZA1 ,lk Z M, if -ri 1 gal'RM-,.....:2.A-x-,...W.,.- . , fgrgw A M M T W K If lm,Y1Mf?:lli'f"- -y....,,Qw+h Ml-1--nv ' +15 X r I I ' I-M ' '-fgfqikx 6 MQW I . ,V A l -.., 1' "" ' ,- f " ' "V" ' " :il ' fwkr.. 1 Q 'il . E ' I .. 4 . ' . . , 1--.... A ' " - ,..,.. 1 Q ' I K A K Q , t 4 , WSJ - - g I . . ' 1' i -. jfi W 'Q wifi: .if I ef! it 'f" .4.. , X, I , , c 1,AA , - an-I - 3 5- -.. 2- ' gb C ' ' ' 3 T Iii V , ' A I. .fi My , ' "'::': I ,. 'i ' 5 ' QQ 'f f 1 , V. AA , L . g I . WILLIAM L. HOCG OIJTJ ALEXANDER HAIG LITTLE Campbellford, Ont. Pass Commerce, Member, Perpendicular Pass Commerce: Trinity College, Trinity Club. College Literary Institute, Assistant Trea- DOUGLAS FRANCIS KENT UDAOJ Toronto, Ont Pass Commerce. MELVIN WILLIAM LAING Guelph, Ont Pass Commerce, University College Basket- ball, II. HOWARD HERMAN LINDSEY Milton, Ont. Pass Commerce: Victoria Rugby, I, II, III IV. KENNETH JOHN LIPHARDT UIDKEJ Waterloo, Ont. Pass Commerce. surer, III, Treasurer, IVQ Conversazione Committee, III, Trinity Athletics, T.C. A.A.A. Executive, IIIQ Manager Inter- faculty Basketball, II, Manager Inter- faculty Baseball, IV, Baseball, I, II, III, IV: Trinity University "Review", Assist- ant Business Manager, IV. Interests- Sporting Page. A. PATRICIA PRoCToR MACLEAN Toronto, Ont Pass Commerceg Interfaculty Basketball, II III, IV: Intermediate Basketball, III President, Badminton Club, IV, Women's Commerce Club, III, IV. COURTIER VAUGHAN MALTBY Fort Frances, Ont Commerce and Finance, I, II: Pass Com- merce, III, IV. W. LAWRENCE MAY St. Marys, Ont Pass Commerce, Burwash Hall, I, II, III Bob Committee, II, Music Club, II, III President, Victoria Men's S.C.M., III Vice-President, Men's Cabinet S.C.M., IV Married, II. 'I Seventy-eight COMMERCE AND FINANCE ,A D 1 I I lo A 0: :- HARRY SILvERwo0D TIDMAN Toronto, Ont. Ov 4 I I y, ,Jrfj 9 p.. L M I J' . -- 1-Ng -,lf-41' nt, . ,745 um, I, A ffs4'fx...L ..f"'j - F' 4 '-- --.. p,i:,.:qf' A . . "M ' ' I ffl'-S-I KENNETH L. REID Toronto, Ont. Pass Commerce: University College Rugby, I, II: University College Indoor Track dnterfaculty Championsj, III: University College Baseball CInterfaculty Cham- pionsj, III: University College Tennis CDoublesJ Champions, IV: University College Track, IV: Intermediate Intercol- legiate Track, IV. REGINALD HAROLD ROBERTSON Brantford, Ont. Pass Commerce. STANLEY HUBERT SEAL Weston, Ont. Pass Commerce: "Varsity" Staff, III: Secre- tary-Treasurer, University of Toronto Liberal Club, III: Secretary-Treasurer, University of Toronto Lacrosse Club, III: President, University of Toronto Lacrosse Club, IV: Varsity Lacrosse, I and II: Victoria Water Polo, I, II, III: Victoria Hockey, I, II, III, IV: Varsity Junior Hockey, I: Victoria Lacrosse, IV: Italian: Club, III: Commerce Club- Spanish Boxing, IV. COMMERCE AND FINANCE ...asf-A ,- Z Axmqlvf .V ar.. A .4 , - ' 'K 'P 1' , 'I " . ALEXANDER SI-IEARER Toronto, Ont. Pass Commerce. JOHN C. SMITH Toronto, Ont. Pass Commerce. Pass Commerce. JoHN FREDERICK VAN DUZER Toronto, Ont. Pass Commerce: University College Hockey, III, IV. ALBERT FREDERICK WILEY Toronto, Ont. Pass Commerce: University College Hockey, III, IV: University College Tennis Doubles Championship, IV. WILLIAM BRUCE WooD CKE3 Toronto, Ont. Pass Commerce: Freshman Class Secretary: "Varsity" Staff, I, II: Assistant Sports Editor, II. Se ve nt y-nine O, I i L 54 ,C BQ u t A XA A O 1 Q Sf- Q g 3' 1 "' 3 40 O 4 41 "x- '1- 31- -I- - . - 5 i E l X if 's X X i Af. l X S T Q ' 5 S Q 5 E 2 X . X si 0 on I V "4 , 1 XS X X C 'D J I 1 TEACHERS' COUR E DEPARTMENT OF UNIVERSITY EXTENSION - I teal x"'x SVI 17" fr IQ- 9 ,Hi '3 'QQ , 1 ' Q Zi' fy 'Nga 'ff' 1 .P ,lff luig , :gl .- I , 4 4 ,H ' ' Y Q 4' 1 Y f 25 ffl :X I 'ff F5 ., f lizik 4:7414 ,aa I gum ix A ,'ajf.i1Qj-' qi, , , - :Q-.f 4 0 O Or 1 at Q1 y 10 To the Graduating Classes in the Department of University Extension By XV. J. DUNLOP, B.A., B.PAED. N the next page will be found reproductions of photographs of some of those who graduate this year in the Teachers' Course. lt is expected that twenty - one teachers will be awarded the degree of Bachelor of Arts in June, but not all of them are supplying their photographs to TORONTONENSIS. Previousfto June, 1932, two hun- dred and fortv-eight men and vvo- men completed the Teachers Course and graduated During the session of 1931-32i avg hundred and ffirty- i ' Q 11" three teachers have been taking xx orlv. in the Second and Third X ears of the Teachers Course new Pass Course arrangementj. The Teachers' Course was ar- ranged by the University of Toronto some years ago so that those who are employed during the day may secure a university education by means of Teachers' Classes, which are held in the evenings, on Saturdays, and late in the afternoons, at the University and elsewhere in the Province, or by means of the Summer Session. The term "extra-murall' should not be used in describing these students. They attend lectures, just as do students in residence, but they attend them at different times. Naturally, these students cannot take a full year's work in a session. As a rule, a student in the Teachers' Course does the work of three university years in five, six or seven years. The Teachers' Course is an adaptation of the Pass Course and has fewer options. The standard is just as high. The only difference is that, by means of the Teachers' course, the work is made accessible to those who cannot attend the University in the regular way. Under the direction of the Department of University Extension there are three diploma courses, a two-year course in Qccupational Therapy, a one-year course in Teaching and Administration for Graduate Nursesg and a two-year course in Physiotherapy. The photographs of some of the graduates in these courses will be found beginning on page one hundred and forty-six. This Department also conducts a great many evening classes, short courses and Extension Lectures. All students in the Department of University Extension are adults. Last year there were 5,096 adults taking definite continuous work. Wlhen the figures for this year are compiled at the end of June, the total will be considerably larger than this. Besides, more than 29,000 people attend Extension Lectures each year. The function of the Department of University Extension is to serve the citizens of the Province of Ontario. A Eighty-two TEACHERS' COURSE A il Xl Om 1 D1 Bl 3 10 C0 :I 1 1 ,,,.g . 4 1 " V V 0 fr '-, fl? """' ' , if X .. , A Q .4 " 2 'Rx "fs"-ffwa . A Q' A-41. , .'j"'m""M ' QQMJ W-rf we M' f ff - i - v .EQ fn, w Q. X 6- .S V Q w. . 5 Q- A 4 iii 'Za 5 P -ff MARVIN D. BRODY Toronto, Ont. Teachers' Courseg Studied in Europe before coming to Canada in 1924. Interests- Music and Philosophy. GEORGE H. CARTWRIGHT Toronto, Ont. Teachers' Course: Graduate, Toronto Nor- mal, 19253 Bowmore Road School, Toronto. RUFUS W. ELLISON Toronto, Ont Teachers' Course: Toronto Normal School 19255 now at Morse Street School,Toronto. ALBERT WESLEY FAIR Toronto, Ont. Teachers' Course, 1927-32g Normal School Graduate, June, 19265 Earl Haig Public School, Toronto. Interests-Athletics. TEACHERS' COURSE MARY MARGARET MCALISTER Durham, Ont. Teachers' Course, 1928-325 Overseas Ex- change to New Zealandg Rose Avenue School, Toronto. DAVID GORDON MACDONALD Port Elgin, Ont. Teachers' Courseg Taught at Chapleau and Agincourt: now at John Wanless School, Toronto. HAROLD EDGAR REINKE Toronto, Ont. Teachers' Course, Graduate of Hamilton Normal School C1924-2593 Joined the Teaching Staff of Toronto's Public Schools in 1930. ORPHA MURIEL SCOTT Toronto, Ont. Teachers' Courseg Runnymede School. JOSEPH EDWARD WELCH Toronto, Ont. Teachers' Courseg Barrie Collegiate Institute, Toronto Normal School, 1921-223 now at Palmerston Avenue School. Interests- Athletics and Nature. Eiglziy-H1 ree Or be If 51 1 10 I :Q Or 4 1 -4 :Q 10 - N NA s.. -8, ' fv I 1 1 pf D1 y bqg CJ 1 1- -4 y .0 EDICIN f 1'- "' I f ,f ,fzf 'ff ,ff 61 ' 16 'ff. , 1. X, f -v , 4 " 3 421 8 f 4 ' mf' ga 747' zffy 1 , 3 'Z ' ?f-1' WZ , 2 1, an 1 ? kwf, . '-2 f ' -...f- vn,f-Y , 'V - -" !,'1lE-F5m 0: 1 D1 21 r 10 On 1 i- P1 1 KO To the Graduating Class in Medicine BY A. PR1MRosE, CB., M.B., F.R.C.S., DEAN or THE FACULTY OF MEDICINE. ENIBERS of the graduating class in Nledicine of the ' University of Toronto are to be congratulated on having attained their present status in the medical profession. Ere long a licence to practise will be obtained and a new stage in the life career of the individ- ual student will be reached. The scene is indeed changed when the student passes from University halls to engage in practice. Hitherto he has been required to pursue his studies on a plan prescribed for him from day to day and from hour to hour as set forth in a time table of lectures, clinics, and laboratory courses. Henceforth he will be cast upon his own resources. A college course is only the begin- ning of a medical education. The undergraduate in medicine passes through a strenuous period of study. He is required to master the principles of pure science, he must cultivate his faculty of observation at the bedside, he must learn to elucidate problems in the laboratory. Having passed the necessary examination tests he is equipped to carry on his studies in the wide field of private practice. "The hardest conviction to get into the mind of the beginner," says Osler, "is that the education upon which he is engaged is not a college course, not a medical course, but a life course, ending only with death, for which the work of a few years under teachers is but a preparationf, On graduating in medicine from the University of Toronto, a student should recognize that he has enjoyed opportunities for study which are unsurpassed. The facilities for undergraduate work in the University of Toronto have been improved from year to year. liven during the student days of the present graduating class great advances have been made. Thus within the last few years in buildings alone there have been added to our equipment, the Anatomy Build- ing, the School of Hygiene and, still more recently, the Banting lnstitute. Hospital accommodation has been increased and improved so that clinical instruction is now carried on under ideal conditions. Finally, let me remind the graduating class that they have been taught, as never before, the value of books. lf the graduate is to continue a student, he must not only study his patients but he must have access to a good library and he must keep abreast of the current literature of the day. Equally important is the keeping of records from day to day. lt is impossible to do justice to your patients unless you systematically record the clinical history of all those who come under your professional care. VVishing you God speed in your chosen career. Feghty-six MEDICINE Ox 1 D4 bl b 40 ,I I 4 I 10 , if 161 Q.,-'S . fi., g A K ' M 4 -I 1 ,TG .., . I Q .. 1 . 4 I , I I V A I CARL ABERHART KNEN5 CASZAJ Seaforth, Ont. Medicine. RosE ABRAMOWITZ CIAHQ Toronto, Ont. Medicine. Interests - Public Speaking, Books, Daffydil, II, Menorah, III. DOUGLAS LAMONT ADAMSON UIDXD Orangeville, Ont. Medicine, Knox Rugby, I, II, Knox Hockey, I, II, Daffydil, IV, V. ALBERT ELLIS ALLIN, B.A. Hampton, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, Victoria 1929, University of Toronto Liberal Club CPresident, IVJ, Hall Committee, III, Brodie Club. CLARE LYALL ANDERSON CAKK5 Oshawa, Ont. Medicine, Class Treasurer, V, Daifydil, II, III. MAX APPEL Toronto, Ont. Medicine. Interests-Squash, Music, Books, PAYSON BRYAN AYREs UDPE7 Osaka, Japan. Medicine, B.A. Victoria, '29. ALEXANDER CHARLES BAILLIE QAKEJ Toronto, Ont. Medicine, O.R.F.U. Rugby, I, II, III, Cap- tain, 1928, Intercollegiate Rugby, III, Manager, O.R.F.U. Rugby, V, Manager, Intercollegiate Rugby, V. WILLIAM WARD BAKER Campbellford, Ont. HERBERT DARWIN BARNER CCIDXJ Toronto, Ont. Medicine, Intercollegiate Field Team, II, Junior At Home Committee, III, Daffydil Committee, III, V, VI, Senior Meds. Rugby, VI, Councillor, III, Hippocratic Club, V, VI. MILLIE VICTORIA BATES Toronto, Ont. Medicine, Class Secretary, II, Daffydil, I, II, III, IV, V, Women's Editor, Epistaxis, IV. JAMES REITH BAYNE CKEJ Fergus, Ont. Medicine, Datfydil, IV, V. Medical Representative to University of C. H. BEEVOR-POTTS Nanaimo, B.C. Toronto Menorah Society. Medicine. MEDICINE Eighty-seven I I I I IO P' Ps 1 I 10 'KW 615' rf' wx I A ROBERT ASHLEY BENSON QHIDPIB St. George, Ont. Medicine: Meds. Soccer, II, III, IV: Meds. Water Polo, V, "M" Holder: Daffydil Orchestra, I, II, III, IV, V: Editorial Staff of "Epistaxis", III, IV: Editor, V: Chair- man of Daffydil, VI: Class Executive, I: Varsity Band, I, II, III, IV. SAMUEL JUDD BOCHNER Toronto, Cnt. University College CB. and MJ B.A., '29: Medicine, '32. HARRY ALEXANDER BORDEN Guelph, Ont. Medicine: South House Residence, IV, V, VI. KENNETH F. BRANDON Revelstoke, B.C. Medicine. JOSEPH WILFRID BRENNAN QCIDPED Hanover, Ont. Medicine: Hippocratic Club, V, VI: Water Polo, Interfaculty, II, III, IV, V, VI: "M" Holder: Associate Editor, University of Toronto Medical Journal, VI. MARGUERITE BLANCHE BROWN Walkerville, Ont. Medicine: Argyle House: Treasurer of M.W.U.A.: Basketball: Hockey: Daffydil. HOWARD BERTRAM BURCHELL CASZAI Uxbridge, Ont. Medicine: Interfaculty Hockey, II, III, IV, V. Eighty-eight VICTOR EMIL BURN CCIDXJ Chesley, Ont. Medicine: Intercollegiate and Medical Track Teams, I, II: Medical Athletic Association, III: Manager, Junior Meds. Hockey Team, III. HERBERT ALLAN BURNETT CCIDXJ Toronto, Ont. Medicine: Class Executive, I, IV: Inter- faculty Boxing C160 Poundsb, II: Junior Meds. Rugby, II, III: Senior Meds. Rugby, IV, VI: Senior Meds. Basketball, V: Hippocratic Club, V, VI. ALBERT A. CARDISH UIDAED Toronto, Ont. Medicine: Rugby: Hockey: Basketball: Squash. FRANK GEORGE SLADE CHRISTIE CEX7 Toronto, Ont. Medicine: Junior Intercollegiate Rugby, I: Senior O.R.F.U. Rugby, II: President Freshman Class, II: Secretary-Treasurer, Medical Society, IV: Vice-President, Medi- cal Society, V: President, Medical Society, VI: Member Joint Executive, S.A.C., VI: Member Athletic Directorate, VI. BERNARD BENJAMIN COHEN QCIDAEJ Toronto, Ont. Medicine. WILLIAM GEORGE CULLEN, B.A. Kitchener, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences CVictoria, '29D: Hippocratic Club, V, VI. A MEDICINE O 54 D I lf QQ D l O I I ,. 49 fx-ff f 9 ffiqf W . ri Az' , W .U.'X,Tf '1 1 '1,:, g if...m'I.Q'..ff'Qi55 C :Q--1' 7 I A 52 1 qsvtxlgy ' dig, v ,,. . I .,-ae., 5, P N I I 1 f . R' ' Q. 9.9. 5 .. , A if , . . . LQ ABRAHAM CUTLER Toronto, Ont. Medicine: Honours, II, III, Meds. Rifle Team, II, III, IV, Vg Intercollegiate Rifle Team, IV, Granted "M", Vg Columbia University, 1925-27. Interests-Debating, Rifle Shooting, Literature. CLARENCE STANLEY DAY QOKKIIJ Toronto, Ont. Medicine. FORD OLIVER DIXON Wales, Ont. Medicine, South House Residence, II, III, IVg House Committee: Dance Committee: Med. Soccer, II, III, IV, V, V13 Medical "M"g Stadium Overseer. InterestseBOx- ing, Squash, C.O.T.C., Med. HA". WILLIAM LESLIE DONOHUE, B.A. CAKKJ Niagara Falls, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, Victoria College, 2T9. WILLIAM JAMES ENDICOTT North Battleford, Sask. Medicine, B.A., University of Saskatchewan, 1926. WILLIAM ARNOLD FARRELL Toronto, Ont Medicineg Daffydil Skit, I, III, V, VI Squash, I, II, III, IV, V. 9 JAMES KENNETH WALLACE FERGUSON, M.A CAKKJ CAQAJ Toronto, Ont Biological and Medical Sciences, University College, 2T8g Interfaculty Squash, V. MEDICINE SIDNEY ERIC FERREIRA Frankfort, Duncans, Jamaica, B.W.I. Medicine: Newman Club. HAROLD EMILE FOEX CNEN5 Chatham, Ont. Medicine, Basketball, Junior Varsity, Ig Intermediate Varsity, II, III, Vg Junior Meds. Ig Senior Meds. IV, Manager, Senior Meds, Vg Rugby, Junior Meds. III, Daffydil, II, III, V. CHRISTINA AGNES FRASER Vancouver, B.C. Medicine: Daffydil, Ig Class Secretary, II Basketball, II, III, IV, Vg Tennis, II, IV Athletic Executives, III, IV, V. I I GORDON S. FRENCH B.A. Moreton's Harbor, Nfld. Biological and Medical Sciences, Victoria, '29, ARRAM DAVID FROESE Leamington, Ont. Medicine. WILLIAM GARBE CEAMJ Toronto, Ont. . Medicineg Interfaculty Meds. Water Polo, I IIg Varsity Junior Basketball Captain, II Interfaculty Meds. Basketball, I, II, III IV, V, VIQ "M" Holder, University of Toronto Rifle Club, III. Y ! E ight y-nine CP C if at lf IQ l r fl Q 1 , to 60 T CLAYTON H. GEORGE Clandeboye, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, Meds.: Hippocratic Club. HUGH HAROLD GIBB QAXAJ Toronto, Ont. Medicine. DEBORAH GLAISTER, B.A. CAD Wellesley, Ont. Medicine. SARAH GORDON Passaic, N.J. Medicine. GEORGE MACBETH GRAHAM Ottawa, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, University College, '29g Knox College Rugby Team, III, K.C.U.A. Programme Committee, IVg Treasurer, Vg Hippocratic Club, V, VI, Hart House Hall Committee, V, VIQ Board of Stewards, VI. JOHN DOUGLAS MOREOROFT GRIFFIN CNEN7 CAOAJ Hamilton, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, '29g Musical Director, Medical Society, '29, '30, '31g Musical Director, Daifydil, '28, '29, '30, '31. KENNETH PRYDE GRovEs, B.A. Vancouver, B.C. Medicine. GARNET PURVIS HAMBLIN CCIJXJ Toronto, Ont. Medicine, Medical Journal, III, IV, V, VI. ANNA MAY HAUGH Brucefield, Ont. Medicine: Treasurer, Medical Women's Undergraduate Association, IIIQ Vice- President, Medical S.V.M., IV, Extension Secretary, Toronto S.V.M., V15 Basket- ball, Hockey, President Women's Medical Athletics, VI. CARMAN HUNTER HAUGH Bruce-field, Ont. Medicineg C.O.T.C., Certificate "A", I, II, III, IV, Vg Meds. Soccer Team, II, III, IV, V, VIQ Intercollegiate Rifle Team, Silver Medalist, IV, V, VI3 Meds. Rifle Cham- pionship Team, V, VI. RALPH HAYWARD Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, Victoria 2T9g Intercollegiate Harrier and Inter- mediate Track, Vg Second "T", V. In- terests-S.V.M., Track. MAURICE EGERTON HOBBS Harriston, Ont. Medicine, Junior Meds. Hockey, Ig Soccer, IV, V, VI. T. HAROLD HODGSON, M.A. QAOA5 Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences CVictoriaD, '28g Fellow in Physiology, '29, Won Ellen Mickle Fellowship for 19325 Hippocratic Club, V, VI. Ninety MEDICINE Oi fl 1 1 If QQ of 21 lf, D1 f'!"NLq'Nq- fjjggnp-. 'fy--'-H ff-f -AAQ - ,ft I T ,I M WW -Aw Tm V R Q, Q:-ggy ' I R .tg iii I A . , A 'I il. . AAA I - ' . . , , .6 ,,.' M " ,gf . 3-. . 1 KENNETH W. H. Hsu China. Medicine, Daffydil, IV. - JAMES GRANT IRVING CAKKj Manitowaning, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, University College, '29, Meds. Water Polo, II, III, IV, Knox College Soccer Champions, II, III, IV CCaptainJ, V, Knox College Athletic Committee, IV, Hippocratic Club, V, VI, Hart House Sketch Com- mittee, V, VI, Board of Stewards, VI. DOMINICK PHILIP DOUGLAS JACKSON Toronto, Ont. Medicine. ALEXANDER HALL JEFFREY Toronto, Ont. Medicine. JAMES IRWIN JEFFS St. Catharines, Ont. Medicine. DAVID JOHNSTON Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, University College, '28, M.A., Physiology, '29. DAVID WALKER J OHNSTONE qNENj Regina, Sask. Medicine, Meds. Rugby, I, IV, V, Inter- mediate Rugby, II, III, Daffydil, II, III, IV, V, U. of T. Medical Journal, Assistant Editor, V, War Memorial Scholarship, IV. JOHN Dow KEITH CNEN7 A Toronto, Ont. Medicine, Varsity Senior Intercollegiate Football Team, 1927-1931, Captain, 1930, Athletic Directorate, 1930 and 1931, Hockey Team. JOHN KING KELLY CATJ Regina, Sask. Medicine, Interfaculty Rugby, I, II, VI, University Rugger, II, III. ROBERT GORDON CAMPBELL KELLY Toronto, Ont. Medicine, Music Committee, VI, Medical Representative, Rifle Association, VI, Lieutenancy from C.O.T.C., II. VIVIAN O'DONNELL KING Trinidad, B.W.I. Medicine, First Year Arts CUniversity Collegej S.A.C. Representative, Second "T" Holder, Member of Intercollegiate Soccer Team,'25, '26, '27, '28, '29, '30, '31, Captain, '26, '30, President, Soccer Club, '27, '29, President Intercollegiate Soccer Union,'30, President of I.S.A., '29, Rep- resentative to Meds. Athletic Society, '28, "M" and First"T" Holder, '26. CARMAN JosEPH KIRK QOKNIIJ Saskatoon, Sask. DOUGLAS MILLAR K-ARR T01'0nt0f Ont- Medicine, B.Sc., University of Saskatchewan, Medicine, Hippocratic Club, V, VI. 1928. MEDICINE N inety-one Or bl lf at 74 ' I 4 ra 4 A . A f- I . ,,,, .f -:.:2: ' ff. 3:55 . , ".' Q5 I f 'X X '--if GEORGE HENRY KITCHEN CAQAJ Toronto, Cnt. Medicine, Baptie Scholarship, I. Interest- Squash. HENRY KOFSKY Toronto, Ont. Medicine, Daffydil Committee, I. Interests-- Dramatics, Music, Sports. 1 GRAHAM BoWERs LANE Toronto, Ont. Medicine, Year Treasurer, III, Medical Journal Staff, I, II, Daffydil Committee, II, III. EDWIN ROTHWELL LANCs Hamilton, Ont. Medicine. GEORGE GOUINEY LEE Canton, China. Medicine, Meds. Soccer, I, II, III, IV, V, VI, Meds. Basketball, III, Intercollegiate English Rugby, III, IV, V. CHARLES EDWARD LINDENFIELD Parkhill, Ont. Medicine. STANLEY RICHARD LOWREY CCIHPEJ St. David's, Ont. Medicine, Hockey CMeds.D, I, II, III, IV, V, Daffydil, II, V, S.A.C., II, Vice-President, VI. N inety-two JOHN ROBERTSON MCARTHUR COXJ I Toronto, Ont. Medicine. FREDERIC OGDEN MACCALLUM QCDAOD Toronto, Ont. Medical, Meds. Rugby, I, III, IV, V, VI. ROSAMOND MARY MCCULLOCH CAAIIJ C2413 Toronto, Ont. Medicine, B.A., Victoria, 2T9, President, M.W.U.A., 3T2, Class Secretary, 3T2, S.A.C.Executive. Hobbies-Daifydil 'and University Orchestra. WILLIAM DEAN MACDONALD OPT, St. Catharines, Ont. Medicine, Manager University of Toronto Hockey Team, IV, Eastern Canada Finalists, 1928-29, Secretary, University of Toronto Hockey Club, V. KENNETH DUNCAN MCEACHERN CEXJ Alvinston, Ont. Medicine, Class President, III, Secretary- Treasurer, Medical Society, IV, Historical Club. ALEXANDER LEWEN MACKENZIE IOKNIID Toronto, Ont. Trinity College, General Course, 1924-26, Medicine, 1926-1932. MEDICINE 03 4 J 1 I ,Q OD 1 I 1 r 10 l 'f L fxsbx +7 -9,uIg4 fr as KENNETH WILLIAM ASTLEY MCLEOD CCIDKID Toronto, Cnt. Medicine, O.R.F.U., '29, Rugby. ALBERT HAYDON MARSHALL Dunnville, Ont. Medicine, Wycliffe '32, Wycliife Literary Society, Second Vice-President, I, Secre- tary, IV, President and Senior Student, VI, Wycliffe Tennis Manager, V, Wycliife College Doctor, IV, V, VI, VII. ERIC MASSIG CGDPEJ Regina, Sask. Medicine. BENJAMIN EDWARD MEEK CCIDKID Toronto, Ont. Medicine. ROBERT BAIKIE MEIKLEJOHN Harriston, Ont. Medicine, East House, University Residence, Soccer, II, III, IV, V, Music Committee, IV. DONALD HUGH MILNE KQIIXIU Elmwood, Ont. Medicine. JAMES BADEN-PowELL MOFFATT CCIJXJ Toronto, Ont. Medicine, 160-Pound Boxing Champion, '29. JOHN ALEXANDER MUNRO QCIJPEQ Wroxeter, Ont. Medicine, Meds. Soccer, II, III, IV, S.A.C. Representative, IV, Class President, V, Hippocratic Club, V, VI. DONALD GEOFFREY MYATT Saskatoon, Sask. Medicine, B.A., University of Saskatchewan 1925. EVERARD TRYON WHITWELL NASH COKXIIJ Vancouver, B.C. Medicine. DONALD KENNETH NEWBIGGING CAKK7 Toronto, Ont. Medicine. MURDOCH A. NICHOLSON, B.Sc. Ninette, Man. Medicine, University of Manitoba, '27, Arts 9 '28, Meds., 32, University of Alberta, Meds, 3T2, University of Toronto. Interestse Varied and Variable. ROBERT JAMES NODWELL Hillsborough, Ont. Medicine, I.S.A., Secretary, III, Meds. Soccer, I, II, III, IV, V. VI, Meds. Hockey, II, III, IV, V, Coach, Medette Hockey Champions, IV, Intercollegiate Rifie Team, V, VI, Meds. Rifle Cham- Gold Medallist, pionship Team, V, VI. MEDICINE Nineiy-three Q: 1 1 Rl D KJ i 3 1 'Q 7 0, 24 I 1 I F gs JH M1 Q ..iA Wx HUGH ROBERT CHARLES NORMAN Toronto, Ont. Medicine, Squash, III, IV, V. ROBERT FREDERICK NOTT UIDXJ Toronto, Ont Medicine GEORGE WESLEY PEACOCK CHIJXJ Midland, Ont Medicine, Interfaculty Water Polo, I, II, III IV, Interfaculty Rowing, II, III. HOMER MARCEL PEQUEGNAT Kitchener, Ont Medicine, Rifle Association, II, III, VI Medical Rifle Team, VI. JOSEPH RENE PERRAS, B.Ph., B.A. UIHPEJ Ottawa, Ont Medicine. THOMAS STEWART PERRETT CAKKJ Regina, Sask FRANK BURNS PLEWES, M.A. CAKKJ Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, Fellow in Physiology! Daffydil, IV, S.A.C., V, Hippocratic Club, Editor-in-Chief, Uni- versity of Toronto Medical Journal, VI. LAWRENCE WILLIAM PLEWES B.A. CAKKJ ' Toronto, Ont. Medicine, Victoria College, 2T9, President, Honour Science, Secretary H. H. Squash, V, VI, Meds. Squash Team, '29, '30, '31 '32, Hippocratic Club, V, VI. ! BYRON HENRY PORTER Gore Bay, Ont Medicine, Rifle Club, III, IV. Interests- Wrestling, Hockey. . WALTER PYLE Lowbanks, Ont. Medicine, B.A., McMaster, "M" Holder Rifle Association, V, VI. ! ADNA ANSON REEVES Toronto, Ont. Medicine, Class President, II, Medical Club Executive, II, "Evergreen and Gold", III. ISABELLA SINGER RENDALL Fergus, Ont. Medicine, S.C.M., I, II, B.A., '29. HANLEY VAUGHN RENSHAW KCIJXJ Biological and Medical Sciences, B.A. Vic- ' Toronto, Ont. toria, '29, Medicine. Ninety-four MEDICINE Ol 1 4 J Q Or I I I I f is . .- f .fi . . A 'J' J ' 1- , I M X - Y I ' iugjlif "Q f 'III' J.: . if 'Q' aim Phs ARTHUR LEONARD RICE Toronto, Ont. Medicine, Hippocratic Club, V, VI. JOHN CLIFFORD RICHARDSON CAKK9 QASZAJ Toronto, Ont. Medicine, Hippocratic Club, V, VI, War Memorial Scholarships, III, V, "Toronto- nensis" Representative, VI. JAMES FREDERICK ROBERTS UIDXJ Toronto Medicine. GEORGE KENNETH ROGERS COKKPJ Toronto Medicine, Junior Meds. Rugby, II. JOHN WESLEY ROWSON CQIDPE5 Ont Ont JAMES CHRISTOPHER SCOTT CNENJ Toronto, Ont. Medicine, Medical Society Executive, II, III, V, Chairman Daffydil, V, Interfaculty Basketball, I, II, III, IV, Sifton Cup Winners, I, III, Junior, Intermediate and Senior Intercollegiate Basketball, I, II, V, VI, Interfaculty Rugby, III. JOHN ALEXANDER LEVACK SCOTT Medicine. Toronto, Ont. ALFRED HARDISTY SELLERS, B.A. KAKKJ CAOAJ Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, Scholarships -Alexander Fulton, I, Edward Blake, II, War Memorial, II, III, IV, Prince of Wales Prize, IV, Governor - General's Silver Medal, IV, Hart House, Music Committee, III, IV, V, Board of Stewards, IV, House Committee, VI. MAURICE WILLIAM SELZNICK CIIALIJJ Toronto, Ont. Medicine, Sketch Club, C.O.T.C. Rugger, I, Medicine. Ingersoll Ont' II, III, Holder. HAROLD MITSUGI SHIMOKURA Hiroshima, Japan. LILIAN THELMA SCHEINMAN UAH, Pre-Med., University of British Columbia, Toronto Ont. Medicine, I, II, III, IV, University of Medicine. Alberta, Medicine, V, VI, University of Toronto, President, Japanese Students' Club, 1930-31, 1931-32. KENNETH BASIL SCHLOTZHAUER CCIJXD JAMES CHARLES THEODORE SIHLER UNO Stratford. Ont. Simcoe, Ont. Medicine. Medicine, Intercollegiate Golf, II, III, IV, V, Intercollegiate Golf Captain, V. MEDICINE Ninety-five Q, sg I 5 40 I I I I I gg I V' . H 'W -' .- fri j A, -- LM, . ,V,. I ----- ' -o"cc . A-. ,., . . A gf , A,,. , I V , A A , . - . ' . A ' . . 15 'QLD I .lf .- K t l X-" ' L gf' u -iU5b4lT6- " , l ii. 1 -i,. " f I ' , AA" 1 ,, ,.1v I -lr I N : ', . .: -'f' V ' ..,. F .a yr! I ft K VQN " Sf' Z . -.A- gg H: and ln. 6? I MAUDE WINIFRED SMITH Agra, India. BURNLEY WoRDLoW STEVENS COKXPD Medicine, L.C.P.S. fBombayJ. Toronto, Ont. Medicine: Water Polo, Medicine, I, II, III Captain, III, "M" Holder. JoHN SOBOLOFF Toronto, Ont. Medicine: Interfaculty Rugby, IIQ Inter- faculty Baseball, II. J AMES MAGNUS SPENCE COKX10 Toronto, Ont. Medicine: Varsity Rugby, I, II: Medical Rugby, III, IV, V, VI: Year Executive, I, II, Daffydil Committee, I, II, III, V, VI, Medical At Home Committee, II. H. J. SPOONER CNEND Regina, Sask. Medicine: Meds. Rowing, I, II, IIIg Manager Interfaculty Basketball, Vg President, University of Toronto Basketball Club, VI. EARL CLIFTON STEELE CCIJXJ Toronto, Ont. Medicineg Rugby-Junior Meds., I, II, III, Senior Meds., IV, Intercollegiate Boxing, III, "T", B. W. and F. Executive, IVg Secretary-Treasurer, Medical Athletic Society, IV, Quartermaster, Med. Athletic Society, Vg President, Med. Athletic WALTER BERTRAM STIVER CCIDXJ Unionville, Ont Medicine. HARRY STRAUSS Toronto, Ont Medicine. Interests-Sports and Music. MARGARET OATWAY THORPE Toronto, Ont Medicineg Free Lances, I, VIg President Free Lances, II: S.C.M.g S.V.M.g Swim- ming, I, IIQ Hockey, V, VI. FRED WILLIAM TICKETT Toronto, Ont Medicine. THoMAs LAWRENCE TORRANCE UIDXJ Shelburne, Ont Medicine: Interfaculty Wrestling, I, II: In- terfaculty Harrier, I, II, III, S.A.C Representative, III. ROBERT CHARLES WADE Weston, Ont Biological and Medical Sciences. MARGARET AILEEN WATLER CKKPJ Society, VIQ Chairman, Medical At Home Listowel, Ont Committee, VI. Medicine. Ninely-six MEDICINE I 21 I I I IO I 1 I l 3 Af' A 5 f9,Ul'bClT A3f . A Coniston, Ont. Faculty Repre- sentative, II1, IV, Treasurer, V13 Ukrain- ian Students' Club, IV, V, V13 Instructor in English to New Canadians, Evening Classes. Interests-Communism. Hobby -Radio, Dx-ing, Books. JOHN WASYLENKI Medicine, Newman Club, MISS E. G. WEAVER Harriston, Ont. Medicine IONA VICTORIA WELLMAN Harold, Ont. Medicine. ARCHIBALD CAMERON HELE WENSLEY QOKXIO Saskatoon, Sask. Medicine, Senior Meds. Rugby, IV, V, VI. InterestSeMedicine, Music Sport. ABRAHAM MYER WERTMAN Toronto, Ont. Medicine. HARRY YORK WI-IITEHEAD CKEJ Hagersville, Ont. Medicineg University First Colours, Bronze "T" and Award of Meritg Vice-President Medical Athletic Association, Vg President, University of Toronto Hockey Club, Vg President, Canadian Intercollegiate Hoc- key Association, Vg S.A.C. Representative, I, II, Meds. Soccer, III, IV, Senior Hockey, 1, II CCaptainJ, III, IV, V, V13 Intercol- legiate Champions, 1, II, III, Senior O.H.A. Champions, III, IV. MEDICINE CHARLES DANIEL GALBRAITH WILLIAMS CAKKJ Toronto, Ont. Medicineg Camera Club: Class Treasurer, Sixth Year, Hippocratic Club, V, VI. GERALD ERIC WILSON QOKXIIJ Campbellford, Ont. Medicine. THOMAS VERNER O'BRIEN WILSON Shanty Bay, Ont. Medicineg English Rugby, NVrestling, Har- riers: Medical "M", Hart House Library Committee and Board of Stewards. EUPHEMIA DOUGLAS WINCHESTER Toronto, Ont. Medicine: Basketball, I, II, III: Swimming, 5 1, II, 1113 Badminton, V, VIg Athletic Executive, II, III, VI: Tennis, II, Vg S.C.M. CTOronto Councilj, I, IV: National Executive, Vg Class Executive, I, V. LAWRENCE ANTHONY WOODLAND Toronto, Ont. Medicine. MRS. M. W. YOLLES Toronto, Ont. Medicine EDGAR JOSEPH YOUNG QAKKJ Toronto, Ont. Medicine, David Dunlap Memorial Scholar- ship, Fifth Year, 1931. Niinefy-seven O1 bf me bl n IQ 1 Or 1 Q 1 x u .5 5 v 1 L 1 Ok,,,, 4 1 H ,E 1 r 1Q APPLIED SCIENCE NG NEERING 1 L I Bone . Fi CLHIF1 I X V Nu. .. Z5 i ' ,K ff: , , , ,gy at I f -fn 1. - f . 11.5 . X W 55116 Ew fzaz ,-, Z ' ' f M J A. 'Z'f'L-gal' H 7" , XTVTQ' wiffzif' ' - 1' f - l fzaf 7 Jff rmi-X My Q 2 A-Q . " gl TW C7 'Q Eb ,9- : 1 If if O la 21 To the Graduating Class of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering By PROFESSOR C. H. Kl1TcHELL, CB., C.Rl.G., D.S.O., CE., LL,D., D. ENG. S YOU graduate and leave the Uni- versity in 1932 to go out into the professional world at this time, it may not appear encouraging if we are to believe the prevalent talk of depression during the past year. The so-called depression, is however, but temporary and is having only a limited effect upon the engineering pro- fession. On the contrary, the country is now slowly recovering and gradually regaining its activities. Those of us who are engaged in engineering are realizing that if there has been any lessening in those activities, it is but a preparation for an increasing activity in the country's progress. Canada cannot stand still. lt must pro- gress. Vliith its huge material resources, its development will be more and more active as years come. lt is a frequently expressed opinion, however, that progress had better be y gradual, and slow but sure, rather than , hurried by intensive periods with their inevitable reactions. So, if this period through which we are now passing is but a flattening of the curve, we may be sure it will shortly start its upward swing again. To you of the Fourth Year, now coming down the stretch of the last lap, it must be cheering, but perhaps a bit sad. You will shortly be leaving these halls, these lecture rooms and laboratories, and saddest of all, be separating from your comrades and going on your own ways out into the world. Come back again betimes and see usfand perhaps you will be able to help your successors. Your comrades left behind you as you go out from the University will watch your progress and look to you to give them a lead along the next stretch of the road. You will soon get to the turn, and then you can wave back to them that all looks well ahead. One hundred APPLIED SCIENCE Or 4 xi at 1 1 OJ A be :1 if 16 .. fd' if 'WW 5, f gl, f .i if- ,.... uw I' g Q YOURTH EAR EXTCUTIVF ' 4 i , 4 1 V W ., F' 4 l:riL'l1llV of Applied 2 - Scif-rice c, liriqinecrimp " ' 4 f. Av" -V 4 1 i PP Wm,,.H FQ ,,, ,- j' 0 1931 LMT 1952 , ,.,,fX eu.M.,.i me Mu.,-.. nw v.....,,,i,,i .. if ., , ,. . H. i ..- t .......V.. . .... A . .., ..-. v- .-V V ,.,.... vi Class History of 3T2 HE journey's end draws near and with graduation the men of Science will embark on other chapters of experience, wearing iron rings and equipped with the knowledge and training that is required from all who would uphold the profession of engineering. The past four years have been eventful ones, and memory must go back a long time to embrace the turbulent times when, as frosh and sophs, we erred in youthful innocence and brought the wrath of the governing powers upon us. Bowes, Jewett, Black and Donaldson have been the successive presidents, and under these leaders, the co-operation and loyalty of the men has built a foundation of general accomplishments, of which all may be proud. ln work and sports, the members of 3T2 have been duly prominent in upholding the names ofthe Faculty and the University against all comers, and the ties and associations formed here are expected to continue through the following years. "Good luck to all-and here's to the next reunionll' APPLIED SCIENCE One hundred one if N Ol el if fl if 40 Q v in thin- .. .X yi- ,.'1 - .A my Q , . .A , Q,.,,E1 z.. Iii: ff CHARLES HAROLD ABRAY St. Marys, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Hydraulics, Certi- ficate "A", Artillery, C.O.T.C. RALPH ANDREW ADAMS CSX, Hamilton, Ont. Mechanical, Senior Intercollegiate Track, I, II, III, IV, Track Captain, IV, Junior S.P.S. Rugby, I, Varsity Orfuns, II, S.P.S. Track, I, II, III, IV, S.P.S. Baseball, I, II, III, IV, Secretary-Treasurer, S.P.S. Athletic Association, III, President, S.P.S. Athletic Association, IV, Engineering Society, IV, First "T", II, S.P.S. "S", II. WILLIAM EDWARD ALGIE Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, Hart House Music and Library Committees, Editor, "Toike Oike", Transactions Board, Director of Publications and Publicity, School Rugby, Hockey, Box Lacrosse, Rowing, Inter- mediate Intercollegiate Rugby, Hockey, Varsity "Four" Rowing Crew, Intercollegi- ate Rowing Champions, 1930-31. DUNCAN CAMERON ALLAN Camlachie, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Hydraulic Option. JAMES EDWARD ANDERSON Dresden, Ont Mining Engineering, East House, S.P.S. Hockey, I, II, III, IV. One hundred two GEORGE HENRY BARNES Toronto, Ont. Mining Engineering. ERNEST FREDERICK BARRATT Toronto, Ont Civil Engineering, General Option, Inter- mediate Track, II, IV. CAMPBELL MCKINLEY BARRETT Newton, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, Soccer, S.P.S., II. Interests-Music. JAMES HERBERT WALTER BATES Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, Hockey, Senior School, III, Baseball, Tennis, Swimming. ROBERT JAMES BECGS Oakville, Ont. Mining Engineering. A. M. BELL Toronto, Ont. EDWARD WESTLEY BENJAMIN COAXJ Napanee, Ont. Mechanical Engineering. ERNEST ARTHUR BLACK UEFA, Toronto, Ont. Civil Engineering, General Option, Year President, III, First Vice-President, Engi- neering Society, IV. APPLIED SCIENCE Q: 1 1 bl x 1 1 n 1 1 19 O1 71 I 1 , 45 P 'ive -fl gun. ,I X . GQ? CALVIN STUART BOLAND Cache Bay, Ont. Mining Engineering: East House. WARREN HERBERT BoWEs Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, President Fresh- man Yearg Mechanical Club Chairman, IVg Radio Broadcasting, CFRB, CKNC, CFCA, CKGW, CKCL, CKOCCHamiltonJ. WILLIAM HENRY BOWMAN Ingersoll, Ont. Chemical Engineering: Secretary-Treasurer, Ind. Chemical Club, II. JOHN EDWARD BoYLE Kemptville, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Hydraulics, Chair- man, Electrical Club, IV. JOHN KENNETH BRADFORD Ottawa, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Hydraulics Option: Sketch Club, II, III, IVQ Hart House Sketch Committee, IV, South House. BERNARD LUTHER BROWN Paris, Ont. Chemical Engineering. WILLIAM EDWARD BRoWN St. Catharines, Ont. Civil Engineering, Railway Optiong Trinity House. ROBERT B. BRYCE Toronto, Ont. Mining Engineering, School Water Polo: Baptie Scholarship, Ig Historical Club, Chairman, S.P.S. Debates Club, IV. FLOYD CAMPBELL BUTLER Toronto, Ont. Department of Mining Engineering. RALPH WILLIAM BUTTERY London, Ont. Electrical Engineering: Hydraulics. GoRDoN A. CAMPBELL Newmarket, Ont. Mining Engineering. WILLIAM SEYMOUR CAMPBELL Elmvale, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Hydraulics, Soccer, I, II, Indoor Baseball, I, II, III, Spalding Cup Champions, I, II: South House. KENNETH CUMMINGS CLARK Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Radio. APPLIED SCIENCE One hundred three Ol 11 A I 1 I :Q - O1 4 1 1 1 10 sits PERCY LUTHER CLARK Toronto, Ont. Department of Mining Engineering. BENJAMIN COWAN Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering. J AMES STEWART CRERAR Toronto, Ont. Civil Engineering, General Option. BUNTING SNOWBALL CROCKER UDFAJ Toronto, Mining Engineering, Hockey, Junior S.P.S., I, II, Rugby, Junior Intercollegiates, I, Intermediate Intercollegiates, II, O.R. F.U., III, Senior Intercollegiate, IV, Water Polo, S.P.S., II. III, Eckardt Cup, II, Intercollegiate, III, Swimming, S.P.S., II, III, Chairman of Mining and Metal- lurgical Club, IV. Ont. JOHN LOGIE DONALDSON QCIDFA5 Hamilton, Ont. Civil Engineering, General Option, Inter- faculty Track, I, II, Treasurer, Engineer- ing Society, III, President, Class 3T2, IV. i ., 5 M FRANK GORDON EWENS Owen Sound, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, War Memorial Scholarship, I, III. J oHN LAVEROCK FALCONER Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Radio Option, Char- ter-Member of "Wumfutte Club". JOHN ALEXANDER FISHER CKEJ Lindsay, Ont. Civil Engineering, General Option. ALAN WALLACE FRIZZELL Toronto, Ont. Electrical, Hydraulics Option. Interests- Squash, Tennis, Swimming, Music. GERALD WEBBER GILBERT Calgary, Alta. Applied Science, Chemical Engineering, East House. BERNARD M. GRAHAM Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Thermodynamics, Junior S.P.S. Rugby, I, S.P.S. Soccer, II, III. DUNCAN GRAHAM GRANT, JR. Toronto, Ont. Mining Engineering, Basketball, I, II, Man- ager, Junior School Basketball, III, Gull ROY WILLIAM EMERY Hamilton, Ont. Lake Paddling Championship, Summer, Civil Engineering, General Option, East '29, Manager, Senior School Rugby, IV, House. Chairman, Problems and Seminar, IV. One hundred four APPLIED SCIENCE Q1 I 1 bl 1 10 CY 4 I -Q4 , O J' I V 'T Wy ,ww 3' ARTHUR BURT GREEN Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Chemical Engineering, Industrial Junior S.P.S. Rowing, II, Manager, Junior S.P.S. Hockey, II, Third Year Representative, Industrial Chemical Club, III, Chairman, Industrial Chemical Club, IV, Camera Club, North House. WILLIAM MACKENZIE RODERICK GRIFFIN CZKIIQ Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, Royal Military College Graduate, '30, Intermediate Inter- collegiate Tennis Champion, Singles and Doubles, III, Senior Intercollegiate Tennis, IV, University Champion, Singles, IV, S.P.S. Squash, III, S.P.S. Hockey, III, IV, S.P.S. Debating Club, IV, Second "T", III, Qualified Pilot, R.C.A.F. HAROLD L. HAYI-IoE Toronto, Ont. Civil Engineering, General Option. Interests NWater Polo and Work. BoR1s HEIMBURGER Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Thermodynamics, S.E.I.C. and S.A.I.E.E. MAX MORTON HENDRICK Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, Harvey Aggett Memorial Scholarship, II, Editor, "Toike Oike", III, Director of Publications and Publicity, IV, S.P.S. Rifle, II, III, Inter- collegiate Rifle, IV, Debates Club, Hart House Library Committee, IV, Historical Club, Press Club, Lieut. CArtilleryJ, C.O.T.C., P.P.O., R.C.A.F. APPLIED SCIENCE MACNEIL EDWARD HERTEL Toronto, Ont. Metallurgical Engineering. HAROLD LEoNARD HINCHCLIFFE Orillia, Ont. Chemical Engineering. EDWARD JOHN HOW CBOIIJ Toronto, Ont. Mining Engineering, Senior School Rugby, III. GORDON HowE Regina, Sask. Mining Engineering, East House, School Rugby, II, III, IV. MARK WILLIAM HUGGINS Toronto, Ont. Civil Engineering, General Option. VENTON MCLAREN HUMPHRIES CAXAJ Dunnville, Ont. Department of Metallurgy! Ceramic Engi- neering. EDMOND BOEHMER HYMMEN Kitchener, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, S.P.S. Track, I, II, III, IV, Senior Intercollegiate Track, I, II, III, IV, North House Committee, II, III, IV, Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co. Scholarship, III, Hart House Camera Committee, IV, First "T", S.P.S. HS". ROY EDWARD IRWIN CAACIJJ Toronto, Ont. Metallurgical Engineering. One hundred five QV -bl ya sq , to 2,1 mf 6 w Or :I I 1 y H 6-IW! .,,5.. , 'J 5 , ,f .U I L so f " . f 5 ,J F5 - L. ...., ...W ' . Q . S, A, -A ' I S A . , - N Q - - . .. z. f 1 V, , b o f I I H N li-'I .MX I A . A A X I . ,L ' s- V xl C I I ,vvv 1 -,-Ii ' my I ' A I VVVVV dl, ,g W , I ' X J' I ' Y A L., Y f- ' A -f " ' W -- - ' "f-s...1I-S' SIEGFRIED GORDON IssERsTEDT Berlin, Germany. Electrical Engineering, Radio. SANFORD HUGH JACKSON Port Arthur, Ont. Chemical Engineering, Treasurer, Trinity College Science Club, II, Vice-President, Trinity College Science Club, III, Presi- dent, Trinity College Science Club, IV. WILLIAM JAMES JACKSON Ingersoll, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Hydraulics. ALBERT AUGUSTUS J ANSEN Galt, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Radio, Senior School Rugby, III, IV, Senior Baseball, III, IV, Junior Hockey, I, II, Hart House Library Committee, IV, Member of "Wumfutte Club". MISS K. W. JEFFERYS York Mills, Ont. WESLEY ROBERT JENNER Port Sydney, Muskoka, Ont. Chemical Engineering. EDWARD SPENCER JEWETT CATJ Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, President of the Engineering Society, IV, Finance Com- mittee, S.A.C., IV, Vice-President, Engi- neering Society, III, Class President, II, Class Executive, I, C.O.T.C., I, II, III, Interfaculty Baseball, II, III, IV. One hundred six IRWIN JOHN WILLIAM JOHNSTON Toronto, Ont. Department of Mining Engineering. JOSEPH JOHN KELLY Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Hydraulics, Business Manager, "Transactions", IV. JOHN OLIVER KILLER Stratford, Ont. Chemical Engineering. THOMAS ALAN KIRK Toronto, Ont. Mining, Rugby, Varsity Juniors, '27, Varsity Intermediates, '28, Senior School, '30, '31, Basketball, Junior School, '27, '28, Senior School,' 30, '31, Wrestling, School Assault, 135 lb., '30. WILLIAM B. KITCHEN Dunnville, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, South House, I, II' Varsity Band, I, II. ! FREDERICK SYDNEY LEE QATJ Toronto, Ont. Civil Engineering, Railway Option, Inter- collegiate Track, I,II, III, IV, Intercollegi- ate Harrier, I, II, III, S.P.S. Track, I, II, III, IV, President, Harrier Club, Secretary Intercollegiate Harrier Union, Vice-Presi- dent, Senior Year. APPLIED SCIENCE 03 at I 1 D4 QQ Q A D I y TQ "' ' 'Mfg' ' . T'-' "M -f A - - I ' l G as AAAI , R ,I 1, 2: "1'g ' 5 A. FR l l l I 'TF' 'Vw GEORGE ARTHUR LEE Toronto, Ont. Chemical Engineering, School Track Team, I, II, Intermediate Intercollegiate Track, II, School Dinner Committee, II, III, IV, Chemical Club Executive. I. ARCHIE LEVITAN Ottawa, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Hydraulics, Junior School Basketball, I, II, Swimming. JOHN LINDSAY CKE3 Georgetown, Ont. Electrical Engineering CRadioD, "Wumfutte" Club Member. WILFRED JOHN LOCHEAD Electrical Engineering, A.I.E.E., S.M.I.R.E., MELVILLE ALBERT LUCK Chemical Engineering. L. KENNETH LYTLE Mining Engineering. Toronto, Ont. Radio Option, S.M. Boxing, I. Toronto, Ont. Toronto, Ont. WILIIIAM DONALD MCCALLUM Islington, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, Junior School Rug- by, I, Intermediate Intercollegiate Rugby, II, III, Senior School Rugby and Lacrosse, IV, Junior School Hockey, I, II. WINSTON O. MCCAUCHRIN Palmerston, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Radio, S.M.I.R.E., S.M.A.I.E.E. ELMER J. MCDCUGALL Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Hydraulics, Student Member, E.I.C., Member, B.B. 8: L. Association. CECIL STEWART MCILRCY Toronto, Ont. Chemical Engineering. A. CAMERON MACNAB Arnprior, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, Rifle Shooting, Treasurer, The University of Toronto Rifle Association, II, III, IV. DUNCAN RODERICK MCQUEEN Collingwood, Ont. Civil Engineering, General Option, Chair- man of Civil Club, North House. ARTHUR DRUMMOND MANN CKIITJ Toronto, Ont. Civil Engineering, General Option. APPLIED SCIENCE One hundred seven Qlfvil I 31 J 10 Cl l y 4 V" ' A Pigfrlf 'CIT' ,jx CLARENCE DANIEL MARTIN Moose Jaw, Sask. Chemical Engineering: Junior School Hockey, I, II, Senior School Hockey, III, IV, East House. EDWARD MIALL Ottawa, Ont. Civil Engineering. WILLIAM E. MICKLETHWAITE Toronto, Ont Mechanical Engineering, Editor "Transac- tions", IV, Debates Club Executive, IV. GEORGE GORDON MILNE GATA, Regina, Sask Electrical Engineering, Radio, School ROW- ing, I, II, III, Junior School Water Polo I, II, Knox Basketball. I, "Wurnfutte' Club. 7 7 JOHN FRANKLIN MOORE Toronto, Ont Electrical Engineering, Hydraulics Option Student Member, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Student Member, Engineering Institute of Canada, Member, B.B. Kr L. Association. Interest-Fencing. One hundred eight 5 WR- REGINALD EBY NELSON Owen Sound, Ont. Chemical Engineering, Industrial Chemistry. Interests-Tennis, Swimming. . . HAROLD EDGAR NEY Owen Sound, Ont Chemical Engineering. T. Ross NICHOLSON Toronto, Ont Chemical Engineering. C. P. OLSTAD Toronto, Ont BEVERLEY DUHIG PARK Hagersville, Ont Mechanical Engineering. MORLEY CRAWFORD PATTERSON Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Radio Option. In- terests-Tennis, "Ham" Radio-No Con- nection with "Wumfutte" Club. EDWIN ALLAN PEAKER CIIJFAJ Toronto, Ont. Chemical Engineering, Senior Intercollegiate Track, I, II, III, IV, Senior Intercollegiate Rowing, I, II, III, IV. WILLIAM LORNE PEDDIE Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Radio Option, S.M. A.I.E.E. and S.M.I.R.E., Wrestling, II, University Radio Club, I, II. APPLIED SCIENCE sf , 1 v ls fo Ci P1 If rl I IO iw P un.. JOHN RITCHIE PEPALL Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Hydraulicsg Debates Club. IntereStseSquaSh, Golf, Swimmingg Student Member, A.I.E.E. and E.I.C. JOSEPH GORDON PORTER Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering: Hydraulics: Athletic Representative, First Year Executive, School Hockey, I, II, III, Rugby, I, IV. JOHN GILES POWELL Toronto, Ont. Civil Engineeringg General Option. LORNE JAMES PRICE Dunnville, Ont. Faculty of Applied Science, Mechanical, S.P.S. Hockey, Ig Wrestling, S.P.S., Assault 135-Pound Champion, Ig Boxing, S.P.S. Assault 135-Pound Champion, II. WILLIAM BRADLEY PROUDFOOT Russell, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Hydraulicsg Senior School Baseball, III, IVg Secretary, Elec- trical Club, III. -dia.- ., .JOSEPH VICTOR REID Toronto, Ont Mechanical Engineering, Rugby: Varsity Juniors, I, Intermediates, II, III: S.P.S Seniors, IV: Hockey, S.P.S. Juniors, I, II Seniors, III, IVQ Rifle Association, I, II III, IV, Debating Society, S.P.S., II, III IV. ALAN ROBERTSON Brockville, Mechanical Engineering. JOHN AUSTIN Ross Toronto, Mining Engineering. EVERARD C. RUDD Guelph, Mining Engineering. EUSTACE SHERWOOD RUDDER Toronto, Chemical Engineering. BRUCE HAMILTON RUSSELL Port Arthur Mechanical Engineering. JOHN ROBERT RUTHERFORD 7 Ont Ont Ont Ont Ont JOSEPH EDWARD REID Windsor, Ont. Scarborough, Ont Electrical Engineering, Radio Option. Electrical Engineeringg Hydraulics. APPLIED SCIENCE One hundred nine J I Qi :I I 1 l 13 Cr pm If ,I V--LLL--.A..LL..- .,,, A . . ALA.-- -Mum . A. 4A..,. .. AA..A-L A ..-.......L....LA,.. .. A N - W ..55:Eg.EI h , A . I I ww-WE? , A TS:"i'i," V 1, . lvv, In N0 , Mi-N 4 .k,, iw, -Q 1' ,-v:' ..vv 3 H A Av., 11. 1 5 ba be A Q 1' X Y. ,F A :ff' i.. ',, ,V f Iz: Q ,. . A. . M --vv 1 ,-' ' K 1 W ,X V: .V lxe "gf, L,,, -.v' A WI, - 1:41 I..Ii ' v A A - : , 5' I "2: A X ef 5 'A i , I E. ,VHAAA A2-1 ' i :-,, L A A I I I A :V 15. A f ' , A 'g i .q,. '-, t Q - - Q s I -. x . . H , Q,4, ' , ' . mf , I 1 ..... 1"' I ' . ' . ,,, . as I , , . , I 1. f I ':l"' . ' ' ' ' I A . . "' E ,vA, .. -i v..f, :.', MM' 4 Z V kbtl Mi' V A, A Qc--,,--L,- A. - I -L M I I-siireg GEORGE ROY SAMIs Cannington, Ont. CHARLES GOODRICH SOUTHMAYD, JR. Civil Engineering, General Option. Aurora, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, "Transactions" GEORGE ALBERT SCYTHES Weston, Ont. Board, IV? Hart House Han Committee' Chemical Engineering, Varsity Band and C.O.T.C., I, IV, Wrestling. BRUCE KENNEDY SELI Toronto, Ont. Department of Mining Engineering. GEORGE H. CLIFFORD SMITH CAXAJ Hamilton, Ont. Chemical Engineering. HENRY ARCHIBALD SMITH Toronto, Ont. Chemical Engineering. HERBERT MALCOLM SMITH Toronto, Ont. Civil Engineering, General Option, Intercol- legiate Track, II, III, IV, S.P.S. Track? Outdoor, I, II, III, IV, Indoor, I, II, III IV, Basketball, II, III, IV, Rugby, IV' Camera Club, Athletic Representative III, IV. 7 Y 7 IV, East House. DOUGLAS LEONARD TAIT London, Ont. Civil Engineering, General Option, East House. JOHN ALEXANDER TAYLOR Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Hydraulics. Interests gWrestling, Acrobatics and Swimming. JAMES EDWIN THOM GIDFA5 Regina, Sask. Mechanical Engineering. EINO OsCAR TIGERT Toronto, Ont Mining Engineering. CHARLES WILLIAM TOCHER Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Hydraulics. FRANCIS HAROLD TUCKER Toronto, Ont. Civil Engineering, General Option, R.M.C., '31. One ten APPLIED SCIENCE Ol at I J 10 Cp 4 I 1 D It . gear? .AAA i ' . A 4 .1 r ..I ' , ' -f M" NT yn-V i f. ,:.22?sZiz? ki' A an , . ' Q1 I R - I I I . I izf ,,A1f f vi . 3, I f I N Ex . B so I iveaia . t. . - qv A , ,,,, 1 Xkiva 4,5 1. V 5 PM .,AA? ' I W mr 'W' A' fi' I IQ' I me I , L,, ' ' , A , W f Q' . ii 'Si .H ii I. In cr i if . ' 2 --ei ' .J ,, , ...K - mr I . . ,X I ,i U LAWRENCE KEW WALKOM Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Mining Engineeringg North House, Univer- sity of Toronto: S.P.S. Hockey, I, II, III, IV, S.P.S. Interfaculty Rowing Champions, I, II, Varsity Int. Rugby, III: S.P.S. Rugby, IV, Hart House Camera Club. WILLIAM ARTHUR WALL Smith's Falls, Ont. Mining Engineering. STANLEY GORDON WEBB Guelph, Ont. Chemical Engineering. FRANK WHITLOCK WESTAWAY CATJ Brantford, Ont. Chemical Engineeringg Industrial Chemical Club, Executive, IV. WILFRID BARRETT WHALLEY Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Radio, Special Demonstrator, IV. JAMES WILLIAM WHYTOCK Toronto, Ont. Civil Engineeringg General Option. EVAN OSWALD WITHROW QCIJPEJ Toronto, Ont. Mining Engineering, S.P.S. Water Polo, II, III, IV, Interfaculty Champions, IIg S.P.S. Swimming Team, II, III, IV, Intercollegi- ate Swimming, II, III, IVg M. and M. Executive, III, IV: Intercollegiate Water Polo and Swimming Club Secretary, IVQ S.P.S. "TOrOntonensis" Representative, IV, Hart House Music Committee, IV. THOMAS WHITESIDE WILSON KAXAJ Toronto, Ont Civil Engineeringg General Option: Class 3T1 President, Ig Junior School Committee, I. Chemical Engineering VERNON ARTHUR WOOD Cookstown, Ont. WILFRED JOHN WOOD Lambton Mills, Ont. Mechanical Engineeringg Junior School Rug- by, I, II. HARRY THOMAS WRIGHT Lambton Mills, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, C.O.T.C., I, II, S.P.S. Box Lacrosse, Senior, IVg Debating CS.P.S.D Club, IV, Camera Club, IV. SAM WILSON YUILL Brussels, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, S.P.S. Soccer, II, III, North House and East House, Hockey, II, III. APPLIED SCIENCE Om' eleven QI 1 I 4 P 10 C' 4 V 1 :Q P19 7 K Q 4 .- J, 'iff f 4-32 ' L' L oy 1 ,4 bg yi DQQ Ol 4 V 4 I go I I 1 11 flgjlg 1 , X ff 'V X f We N sXQ X vi Qxw Q .5 Q XAQ w kr-4 DE TISTRY 3 X aw K3 I xx ffl, , Il fltstix x W ' .,9 J l 1- X 0 Mx X Q ." +4 Vl .V s 1, kr '-1 Sf' I. IAQ X xx . ,- x' 't gag- , Q N 3 ,- H'---HX 4 - I Y 5 an ,-g:LL',,-.Q, g,,,'i--- C 1 .. of gg l lg Ci 1 be 24 , gg To the Graduating Class in Dentistry By PRoFEssoR XYALLACE SEccoMBE, D.D.S. OU are on the eve of graduation. l congratulate you. The chief concern of the Faculty is that you may give effect to your skill and knowledge in an honest and ethical practice of your chosen profession. Vile hope that you will carry into your pro- fessional life a broad spirit of culture, of human interest and a desire to better the life of your community. You face this year a period of depression and disturbed world con- ditions. The difficulties are unusual, but it is better far to start in your vocation at the end of a depression, than at its beginning. Today thinking is more sane, more vital. The false stand- ards and foolish hopes always con- comitant with a period of marked prosperity are set aside and for the moment forgotten. You are ready to start your life's work facing realities. You will struggle upward with the changing conditions. Now, more than ever before, the opportunities for community service present themselves. Reconstruction movements are everywhere being launched. You may contribute an important part in their development. Never forget your duties of citizenship. As young graduates you will doubtless be consulted by matriculants regard- ing the profession of dentistry as a vocation. The question of personnel is one of vital importance. The character and spirit of the profession of the future will depend upon the type of the men who are admitted today. There is a movement on foot to exercise greater care in the selection of students for University training. As opportunity presents itself, it is your duty to encourage only the finest type of persons to consider dentistry for their life work. As a profession, we cannot maintain quality of service without quality of personnel. Let courage prevail. Stand guard as a sentinel at the post of your practice. Permit nothing to enter which cannot prove itself loyal to the traditions -and ethical standards of your profession. One fourteen DENTISTRY V V i 4 lf at 1 KQ CD 1 I- jr , ,Q .,p,4vlb 5' ., . 7 V V ' I ' , . f X 1 f . Y - .4 Vw- ,fl ., Vg fail I I ' ' I Y ww I I ff-A X I 4 1. fa F A 3 V A N ,ff 'I I It I I 5 1 , 'A . I 6- , , I M x, :,., W in W ,AAA A ,A , W' . 2 if , , I W' Y ' xg , , 2-- I Kg ' is ' X X TRYGVE ATLO ALSTAD CXIIQJ ' Trondhjem, Norway. University of Oslo, Norway, I, Northwestern University, II, III, University of Toronto, IV, V, Noctem Cuckoo, IV, Cheer Leader, V. WESLEY OLIVER ASHTON OPT, Rochester, N.Y. Dentistry Baseball, III, IV, Dentistry Bas- ketball, II, III, IV, Dentistry Boxing, III, Basketball Representative, IV, Dent- antics, III, IV. FREDERICK JOHN HADDIN BARR Christchurch, New Zealand. Graduate in Dental Surgery, '30, University of Otago, New Zealand. GORDON GEORGE BEESLEY CENPCIJD Moose Jaw, Sask. BALI-'OUR ALBERT BIGGS Virden, Man. University of Saskatchewan, '26-'28, President of University Social Directorate, '27-'28, University of Alberta, II, III, Faculty of Dentistry, '30. DONALD BLACK CENIICID5 Winnipeg, Man. Dentistry, "Hya Yaka" Representative, I, II, Assistant Editor, III, Secretary, IV, Editor, V, Noctem Cuckoo, Dentantics, III. Interests-Interpretation of Life, Hobby-Journalism. JOHN ALEXANDER BLACK CEXIKID5 Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Hockey Representative, I, II, III, IV, V, Manager and Coach, Dent's Hockey, IV: Joint Executive, S.A.C., IV, President of Hockey, V, At Home Committee, V. CHESTER ARNOLD BURNS Australia B.D.S. of Adelaide University, Sports, Tennis and Swimming. GUY PAUL CATERINA KATQQ Niagara Falls, N.Y. Rugby Clnterfacultyl, II, Rugby Repre- sentative, III, IV, Noctem Cuckoo, II, III, Dentantics, II. PHILIP C. COOKE Moosomin, Sask. Dentistry. LoUIs JULIUS COTE Ottawa, Ont. Dentistry, "Hya Yaka", II, IV, B.W.F., III, Rifle Club, Photography, Music, Radio. ST. CLAIR DUNCANSON 011523 Dutton, Ont. Psi Omega. InterestaDentistry, Hobby- Athletics. DAVID BERNARD DYMENT Toronto, Ont. Faculty of Dentistry, Baseball Representa- tive, IV, V, Other InterestsfMusic, Sports, Literature, Orphanage Dental Clinic CClinicianj, Debating Team, Jarvis and Parkdale Collegiate Institute. DENTISTRY One fifteen OI Bc nf' 1 I IO 5 Cp I I I l 10 f,:.-.:fff+-I ' I :iii 'ir . A M' ' J I .AA7 W-vid? j .x,, H A - an .--,iff 2 , . "T" k "S I ' A f A 4. . " if , r 1, , is . . ' ' 'rr i . -ff A I I 'J .. A A-if 1 . E If X. 'Nr I. : V 1 5 V I I4 f I A 'fr W .I I l ' ' ffl W ' . , 4 1 A 'fig .Q ..,. : I , Y I 41 " g .. if by L ,WG H :, i,,e,,', , . , J my-lg. ,:, S. H , ' f 1. ' Q X- gve 3, f , , ' gal. 13' - 1 jug :I ' . 4,57 Q. my K . rs I A ff ua - f A . A - . I SR A . I if " - I , if gy A , St '. L U - A . ,s 'W Simcoe, Ont. CHARLES LEROY HAMPTON Faculty of Dentistry. Interests-Domestic. SYDNEY JOHN HOPKINS CEIIHIDQ ' Vancouver, B.C. Dentistry, Basketball, Soccer and Rowing, I, II, Noctem Cuckoo and Dentantics, I, II, III, IV, V, Treasurer, Students' Parlia- ment, IV, President, Students' Parliament, V, Finance Commissioner, S.A.C., Uni- versity of Toronto. Interests-Politics. BEN HYMAN CAQ, KN, EAD Brooklyn, N.Y. University of Alabama, '28, Pre Med Society, Rifle, Press Club, Atlanta South- ern Dental College, '30, Vice-President, II, Alabama Club, Yankee Club, Stray Greek Society, At Home Committee, Associate Editor "Asodecoan" Year Book, Associate Business Manager Year Book, Glee Club, Vice-President, Pan Hellenic Council. BRUCE ROGER JONES Saskatoon, Sask. Dentistry, University of Saskatchewan, '26, University of Toronto, '27 . RANDOLPH SANFORD KINNEY Estevan, Sask. Faculty of Dentistry, Cheer Leader, III, IV, Secretary-Treasurer, V. JACOB KREUTZER Steinbach, Man. Science, I, II, University of Manitoba, Noctem Cuckoo, II, Dentantics, II, War Memorial Scholarship, III, Canadian General Hospital Scholarship, IV, Class Secretary-Treasurer, IV, "Varsity" Re- porter, V. CHARLES DAVID LEVY Hamilton, Ont. Dentistry. One sixteen COLIN ALFRED MACDONALD Owen Sound, Ont. Rifle Representative, III, IV, Soccer Repre- sentative, IV, V, President, Soccer, V, B.W. Sz F., IV. V. THOMAS LESLIE MARSH Toronto, Ont. C.I.S.U. Champions, I, II, Second T.D., II, Captain and Secretary, Intercollegiate Swimming, Secretary, Intercollegiate and International Water Polo, Representative on C.I.S.U., First T, III, House Com- mittee, III, IV, V, Intercollegiate Swim- ming, IV, Representative on C.A.S.A., IV, V, Manager Intercollegiate Swimming and Water Polo, IV, President, Intercollegiate Swimming and Water Polo, President, C.I.S.U., Board of Stewards, Secretary of House Committee, President of Dents' Swimming and Water Polo, Joint Execu- tive Dents, V. STANLEY ARTHUR EARL MERRITT CKRTJ Toronto, Ont. Dentistry, Rugby, I, II, III, IV, Class Presi- dent, IV, Vice-President, V , Hall Com- mittee, Hart House, V. JAMES BURNS MILNE CEXIHIDD Toronto, Ont. Interested in Rugby, Pres. of Dramatics, V. HAROLD MITCHELL CEXIKIPD Winnipeg, Man. Rugby, II, III, IV, V, Baseball, I, II, III, IV, V, Basketball, I, II, III, Soccer, I, V, President of Athletics, Students' Parlia- ment, V, President of Baseball, IV, V, "Hya Yaka" Staif, IV, V, Dramatic Com- mittee, II, IV, Ash Temple Scholarship, IV, Hart House Sketch Committee, V. DENTISTRY On 1 m 1 OP 21 D I s 1 ' 1 I Y ,, If-II I , 9.442 ,kV. i M' it M . l ff? 1 R r , - rl 2 I uw ' N L i W I A Q, .I ,, I I K E X Y. - ' EER I . XX V 3 , A . AA5, cvg: I V VV r ,.,: 'SEE' I l it A 11i i, 4 I f 1. . " C f ii fi ,.,,. . . Q, Y 19 O I :All . In . . iff' ,,. 1 A, r - '25 3 I .W 2 X R f . lv ,y I I ix 5 WILLIAM MODEL Toronto, Ont. Rugby, II, III, Boxing, II, III, Water Polo, III, Interest-Books. STUART LAURIER OLIVER, B.A. CENIKIDJ Saskatoon, Sask. Dentistry, Graduated in Arts, University Of Saskatchewan, '28, II and III Years at University of Alberta, Dent Rugby, IV, Basketball, IV. CLARENCE JOHN GRTON OPQD Pangman, Sask. President Of Class, III, Billiard Committee, Hart House, V. CHARLES GORDON PEARSON CKAJ Toronto, Ont. Kappa Alpha, Dentistry, Interest-Rowing, Hobby-Dentistry. EDWARD A. ROBERTS CKRTJ CHME5 Lockport, N.Y. Canisius College, I, Noctem Cuckoo, II, Dentantics, II, At Home Representative, IV, Junior "TOrontonenSis, IV, Chief "Varsity" Reporter, V, "TOrontOnenSis" Reporter, V, Cabinet Of Students' Parlia- ment, V, Library Committee, Hart House, V, Literary and Debates' Committee, V, Newman Club, III, IV, V. HAROLD ALLAN SHAVER COAXJ Brockville, Ont. Dentistry, Hobby-Dentistry. GERALD EDMUNDS STAFFORD CENIKIJJ West Lorne, Ont. President of Basketball, V, President of At Home, V, Basketball, I, II, III, IV, V. Ross THOMSON STEWART C1195 Hamilton, Ont. Junior Varsity Rugby, I, Interfaculty Water Polo, I, II, III, IV, Interfaculty Basket- ball, I, II, III, IV, Interfaculty Baseball, I, II, III, Interfaculty Swimming, I, II, III, Intermediate Varsity Rugby, II, At Home, II, President, Basketball, IV. HENRY ARTHUR JENSEN THOMPSON Toronto, Ont. Class Representative, R.D.S., II, III, IV, V, Class Representative, S.A.C., IV, Swim- ming, Varsity and C.O.T.C. Band, II, III, IV, V. GEORGE WILLIAM WILLMOTT 43111117 Strathroy, Ont. Dentistry. LESLIE W. WOOD CXPQJ Detroit, Mich. President, II, Dentantics, II, III, IV, V, Noctem Cuckoo, II, III, IV, V, Cabinet of Students' Parliament, II, B.W. Sz F., II, III. RONALD ALFRED WYLIE CEKIHIDJ Saskatoon, Sask. Dentistry, Riiie I, II, III, IV, President Rifle, V, Dents' Rugby, III, IV, At Home Representative, III, Business Manager, "Hya Yaka", IV, Assistant Editor, "Hya Yaka", V, Class President, V, Vice- President, Students' Cabinet, V. DENTISTRY One seventeen CP 1 I 4 If KQ Obifrf ff lf. P1 ,C ,lo 'N A XA rx 7 U v if bl ,4 54 ,d bl A Ol Qi Yr! 40 I J f IV" If 0 ,fggij ' , ,g,'WQ4, u ff ff' "- WXHW. ,1 'f 6 if 1 ,5 - 'laff' 1 , 2 In . - 'nz-, - 422-SX. YCLIFFE COLLEGE ,fm iQ OD 1 I I 3 1 To the Graduating Class of Wfycliffe College By REV. R. B. MCELHERAN, MA., D.D. HE Graduate of l932 who is able to take up his life work with a proper appreciation of the situation now confronting us is in a very favoured position. Everywhere there is need of men who have learned how to think, and who have benefitted by the discipline of the years through which we have passed. "Sweet are the uses of adversityw. lf we have learned by the financial depression to live within our means, to do without things which cannot be called necessities, to avoid owing money which we are not likely to be able to pay, and to take delight in simple things, the future has for us a happy experience. Let every Graduate make sure that he has a right perspectiveg that he knows how to put first things first: that he sees life in its proper proportions. Let him not be afraid of hard work, and let him be worthy of the traditions of his fore- fathers who were not afraid of hardship, and he will be in a position to render a service to his country that will be worth while. Un every hand he will find perplexities and tasks that will demand clear thinking and self-sacrificing devotion. These should be looked upon as an opportunity and a challenge. They should inspire him at all times to do his best. And chieHy, they will remind him of his need of keeping in daily touch with One VVho is the Wvay, the Truth and the Life. Thus and thus alone the Class of 1932 may face their work with hope, encouragement and determination. One twenty WYCLIFFE COLLEGE OJ 1 1 bl 1 40 QI 4 I 4 I 19 i . H P- W- 'fzwffidf """"' .........,........I""-fr M, V i. Q ll I . , , U 3 Y , g . EMS. - 2 Q A .:.z., 5.5 I ' 4, rl . . '- 5' . "" r'ifliE'vN', XV. f ' ' ' . . A if 'Y K . ., 4 gg 'I I Ii , LLL J V an gg, fr VZ, ,,:,,,. ,,,,. J,-9 fy :AA A I . f W- - . , -. . 't..f in ,r, I . . I E ..,, r - REV. THOMAS BROWN Allendale, Northumberland, Eng. Theology, Curator Wycliffe College Literary Society, II. REV. HERBERT ROBERT DEERING Rosslea, Fermanagh, Ireland. General Course, University College '30, Treasurer, Wycliffe Literary Society, III, Chapman Memorial Medal CWyclifIeD, V, Mission at Grafton, V and VI. ALFRED JOHN FORTE London, Eng. Theology? Critic, Literary Society, IV, Inter-Divisional Debating, III, Interestse Commercial Telegraphy. HARRY WILLIAM GARBUTT Wallacetown, Ont. TREVOR EVANS JONES Burlington, Ont. General Arts Course, University College '30, Fabius Club, III, IV, T.I.C.C.U., III, IV, Year Vice-President, I, Secretary, Wycliife College Mission Society, IV, Wycliffe Track and Field Medal, III, IV, "VV" for Harriers, III, Assistant, St. Luke'S Church, St. John, N.B., V, Mission at Erin, Ontario, VI. ERNEST OSBORNE LANCASTER St. Mary's, Ont. Theology, Wycliffe College, Secretary, Evangelistic Band, I, Vice-President, Literary Society, IV, Manager Basketball Team, IV. ELIAS JAMES OTTEWELL Burton-on-Trent, Eng. Honour Course, Theology, Organist, Wycliffe College, III. ERNEST SYDNEY OTTLEY Winnipeg, Man. Philosophy, '32, Wycliffe Literary Society Treasurer, III, Social Director, VI, VII, Speaker, VIII, Graduating Class Presi- dent, VIII, Interfaculty Tennis, V, VI, VIII, Wycliffe Basketball Manager, VI, Wycliffe Tennis Manager, IV, V. CHRISTOPHER JOHN PASSIKIDES Alexandroupolis, Greece. Special Course in Theology. To Toronto from Shanghai CChinaJ. WALTER FREDERICK PAYTON Walsall, S. Staffs, Eng. University College, 3T1, Wycliffe Harrier, I, Manager, II, Secretary, Wycliffe College Literary Society, IV, University Press Club, III, IV, V, Editor, Wycliffe College "Cap and Gown", V, "Torontonensis", Editor-in-Chief, IV, Publicity Editor, V, "The Varsity" Staff, I, II, Managing Editor, III, Associate Editor, IV, Editor- in-Chief, V, Canadian Intercollegiate Press Union President, V. WILLIAM SELBY POCKNELL Toronto, Ont. Theology, Wycliffe College, Curator Literary Society, II, Treasurer Literary Society, III. GEORGE EDGAR SAGE Brantford, Ont. Course A, Arts and Theology, Basketball, II, Soccer, III, Hockey, III, Full Colours, Wycliife Mission Society Executive, Sec- ond Year. ' WYCLIFFE COLLEGE One twenty-one QD .fl If sq I QQ v CV gt V7----5' kilo iv , N A XJ A - I ' 7 Y 1, M - 7 7 L ll ol- -17 11' " W11 ,Q 540 I L 1 2 'O ' 11 41 .X ' Aff- ' . .. 1. 1-AA If fr'X ify,' eq 4wS:xgLJ1rq..-'Q 'hx' X my Ai' Vfff wr- gi? i ,.-'ia:,:qgN 1' kfiiei ,,',ffff.fg1f?f'Jl.f fr , L glni fl! ' 1, 'fb ,MQ i'.'!9.i 'fi 12,9 T J 1' 'w.. -.fs-as f .. f ' ' ha 'I . " x 'XQTPI if ,I N ikq r 'es-Q..- ' - . J: 1- gg f '--- ' ,V K ft 2 -4.-,A O CGLLEGE Ox if D 1 F g ,,-,,,, . ,M W .. , V c i 'rf Q, of ,,, l y sd. sz 'A,'I'2,, ' , in Q, 1 ,,:, L., .,,, it Y V"""'.,M . 1 H' 4 HQ- X I ,.-:U N '-' - V . ,,,, I -17 1,1- sf ' ' Af' , , ' J ,,.:,: Y X af .,., ' . 1 5-T I f .13 S c ..,, ' WW ,gk ...,. ., 45 - 4ys,.,1f1 .5 T' L Q Eff ' - E. 'ORE' ,T ' . I l 'V 1 .- s' ' t k f AJ' Z I A .Ax i x, . X , " 1 ' ff X 'V ' 1 ' f' l ? far f X ROSS KETCHEN CAMERON Georgetown, Ont. General Course, B.A. from University of Toronto, '29, Knox College Residence, House Committee, II, III, IV, V, Execu- tive of K.C.U.A., IV, President, Knox Missionary Society, '31, S.A.C., '30. ROBERT CURRIE CREELMAN Truro, N.S. Theology: Knox, Graduate in Arts CB.A.l, McGill, '29, JOHN FREDERICK GOFORTH Manchuria, China Modern History, B.A. CTorontOJ, Political Science, M.A. CMcGilll, University College Soccer, II, III, IV, Gordon Southam Memorial Scholarship, III, Intercollegiate Debating Team, IV, Knox Interfaculty Soccer Champions, I, President, Knox Athletics, I, President, Theological Soci- ety, III. One twenty-four SAMUEL KERR Belfast, Ireland. Theology, Graduate of McMaster CB.A.j University, '31. EWART WASHINGTON BROOKS MACKAY Lorne Valley, P.E.I. B.A. '31 CQueensJ, Philosophy and History, Theology, Knox. ROBERT C. H. MITCHELL QCIJKEQ Hamilton, Ont. Editor, "The Varsity," I, Editor, "Toronto- nensis", II. JOHN ROBERT WALDIE Acton, Ont. Queens, B.A., '29, Honour History and English, Historian, Arts, '30, I, Executive, S.C.A. and S.V.B., II, Secretary Q.P.S.A., II, Knox, Vice-President Theological Society, II, President Missionary Society, II, President, K.C.U.A., III, S.A.C. Representative, III. KNOX COLLEGE Q, 1 A 4 W O, 4 5 I to If O ,N ff 4X' Q x MM NUEL OLLEGE Y U N X I 1 X 1 x XX v-- Sxxx tx, .' ' ,xl A V I' ,f' ' X f 'TE' 1 I at 147 .., ,Q If ,V f f - , fr lflgfy, EZ K 1 ' 1 ,. ,Jig ?'f -Fleiii ' '.,x7.'?2?fa5 44 ' 'T K X'- ' 'U' Q 'J " S if ' X Q, 4 1 71 Q Cr WA it rl p 10 To the Graduating Class of Emmanuel College BY REV. PRINCIPAL ALFRED CSANDIER, lXfl.A., D.D., LED. FEEL myself specially linked to this graduating class by the fact that having enjoyed together for one session the splendid new buildings of Emmanuel, Academic and Residen- tial, we together go out from these halls to the larger life of the world beyond-you, after seven years of training, to begin your great life work as ordained ministers of Christ's Church-l, after twenty-four years in the Principalship of the College and fifty years in the work of the Church, to carry on for a time in less arduous and responsible ways of service. As you enter upon your crusade you have a right to ask of an old warrior like myselfgnllvhat do you think of it after fifty years?" ls this a calling worthy of our best? ls the service offered to young men in the Church a man's job and something you can stick to with growing interest for a life-time? l say to you men unequivocally that, so far as my experience goes, "lt is". ln no other sphere of effort could I have enjoyed such gracious comradeships or have been called to such exalted tasks. lt was the strength of the whole Christian fellowship that made my spirit strong and called me to any greatness that ever was mine. The task to which you go is superb. The carpenter works with wood, the mason with stone, the sculptor with marble, the painter with colours, the musician with sounds, the farmer with seeds and soils, but human personality-the crown- ing issue of God's creative hat and nature's long evolution, is the raw material with which the Christian minister worksg and surely he is the surpeme artist who, through the Divine spirit and the human touch, moulds the personality of men to a beauty that is God-like. l have been known as a builder because in the vicissitudes of Church Union I have been twice called upon to lead in the erection of a group of College buildingsg and it is a great satisfaction to you and to me to see our new buildings for Emmanuel College, so beautiful and so perfect in every detail, actually finished and in use before we leave. But my real interest has ever been in persons and now for the twenty-fourth time my love and my longing follow the members of the graduating class on into their great life work. You are my joy and crown. lt is little the best of us can accomplish, in his own brief day, but there is comfort in knowing that if our work, however small, is real and noble, it is an integral part of an infinitely great evolution-the establishment of the Divine Kingdom on earth. One twenty-six EMMANUEL COLLEGE I J 1 Cp 1 lf ,K l I . -fs: "'f'ff'S7?5f'1ff'f - so PIT' ff!-, -If R ---SL, I , H? , . A- V ,VKA is 1 V ' -,., -N I ' 5 I ,Ar--X .e I if if A 1 -A , i Y Q , it ,il i 1: x. ri . - ,, 5 it , X . , R i .6 ' I I rv-gin I 4 1 S I ,awww-A " A A I . is ' 3 X Zi 'T I A Q " . 'V' 6' 1. O ' V ' '11, " ' I ' ' ' I I rx i f Y li '211 f I . . if 5 xv' K . E if ' - V, 4 . 2,-.Y 'lx E b - A xx i - - M ' I I g Hirgi 'A ii A - ' CARMAN EDWARD ARMSTRONG, B.A. CHARLES GORDON HARRIS, M.A. Bowmanville, Ont. Theology, B.D. Course: Manager Emmanuel Hockey Team, I, II: Athletic Committee, II: Centre House, I, II: Dean, Third House, III: Residence Committee, III. GEORGE EVERITT ASHTON London, Ont. Victoria, '29: E.C.S.S. Treasurer, I: Chair- man of Athletics, II: Chairman of Resi- dence, III: Basketball, I, II, III. JOHN K. BRAHAM Jamaica, B.W.I. Orientals, 3T0. WILLIAM HENRY BROOKS Shelburne, Ont. E MMANUEL COLLEGE Niagara Falls, Ont. University College: Graduate Studies, Uni- versity of Toronto: Residence Committee: Athletic Committee: Emmanuel Basket- ball, Interests-French, Versification, Drama. RICHARD VICTOR KENDALL Toronto, Ont. Graduate, University of Toronto 1929 Arts: Graduate Work in Psychology: Assistant Pastor, King Street East United Church: Special Preacher, Parliament Street United Church. LESLIE SEARS MOTT Waterford, Ont. Victoria, '29: Dean of Fourth House, Secretary of Residence Committee: Presi- Y dent of Badminton Club: "TorontOnensis' Representative. ARTHUR Ross MUIR Toronto, Ont Arts, Victoria, 2T9. Cnc twenty-seven a 4 I IQ QI -if V KO OP I 1 I IQ -F --X Q W,,,,,.Q,.... .ww fff--N -'M' "ri .1-fin? fl""""'F-Nl--T ?,j,l ,455 W WW: ,. ' 5 I ' ff ' . .A I-whgicis In A A , T frff MN- - I Aj , ws ' , . ' g--- if , X ' A . V Q I Q i F: gl i I ' Av Sivpwv . 'q" Q I is A up its 14 "" , , 'IM Y M, .- . , g I1 ., - ""' ' ' I 'O A rl.. "R ':.A L A I- . 'I W A ' O f . 2 . il be 7' ,,.:.,L : A ' , A ,, I I . Us - . . 'Q," - f 1'Q ' J ' f A I 1 It , , , VV'II I , ' ' fat.. I ,. ' g " ' - V'+' Q Q,,,,. ,X , ,P 4 I if HV A ... ' X , fe 2 y W . I E , STANLEY LLEWELLYN OSBORNE, B.A. Toronto, Ont. Victoria, '29, General Course, Class Execu- tive, II, First Year Mus. Bac., Faculty of Music, III. WILLIAM FREDERICK RIDING Oshawa, Ont. B.A. McMaster, '29, Graduate Studies, Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto. CLAYTON H. SEARLE St. Thomas, Ont. B.A., '30, Vice-President of E.C.S.S., II, Vice-President, Year, III, Athletic Com- mittee, III, Soccer, Basketball, Coach Victoria Rugby, II, III, John S. Harker Prize, II, Don. West House, II, and North House, III. One twenty-eight GEORGE R. SERVICE Toronto, Ont. B.A., '29 Victoria, Missionary Committee, I, III, Chairman Missionary Committee, II, Class President, II, Rugby, III. GEORGE ISAAC VAN LOON Tillsonburg, Ont. Graduated from Victoria, '30, Victoria College Music Club, II, Victoria College Orchestra, II, President, Orchestra, II. JOHN WALLACE WALKINSHAW Toronto, Ont. Theology: President, S.C.A., I, Board of Stewards, I, S.A.C., I, Basketball, I, Hockey, I, President, Senior Class, III, Dean, Third House CBurwash Hallj, III. EDWARD GLENN WILKINS Waterford, Ont. Victoria, '29, E.C.S.S., Secretary, II, Presi- dent, III. EMMANUEL COLLEGE QI if I 1 I 10 C 1 V-, if J :Q FURESTRY X 1 A fafifmigi ffgjf ,li 1 -LA 'C Q 3' Q6 ,if Ll l' ?'f.glfq,i,1, 2 'ii J 11 X cz 1 ' H X fwfegcnuxlzvffkj ' n XPWKXI lx 0 4 If if r QQ If ,C rl I I Q 4: , 'SL HERBERT WILSON BEALL OPTJ Ottawa, Ont. Forestry: Year President, I: Secretary, Foresters' Club, III, IV: House Com- mittee, Hart House, IV. WILLIAM DONALD BENNETT Toronto, Ont. Forestry: University College '25 and '26: Interfaculty Rugby, I: Interfaculty Water Polo, II: Entered Forestry, '27: Inter- faculty Squash, I and II: Rugby Manager, III: Hockey Manager, IV: At Home Committee, II. JOHN ERTEL BIER Toronto, Ont. Forestry: Interfaculty Rugby, I, II: Inter- faculty Baseball, II, III, IV: Manager Baseball, III, IV. GROVER AMBROSE CHOATE Toronto, Ont. Forestry: Hockey, I, II, III, IV: Baseball, II, III, IV: Stunt Night Committee, III. DAVID WILLIAM CAMMOCK CHRISTIE Fort William, Ont. Forestry: Interfaculty Rugby, I, II, III: Hockey, I, II, III, IV: Basketball, III, IV: Vice-President Athletics, III: President Athletics, IV: Class President, III: Stunt Night Committee, II. CLARENCE COOPER Stratford, Ont. Forestry: Music Committee, Hart House, IV: Camera Club. AUSTEN CREALOCK Toronto, Ont. Forestry: Interfaculty Rugby, I, II, III: Secretary Forestry Athletic Association, III, IV: Senior Class President. One thirty FRED EDWARD EIDT Stratford, Ont. Forestry: South House, Treasurer, III: President, IV: Library Committee, Hart House, IV: S.A.C. Representative, III: War Memorial Scholarship, III: Inter- faculty Rugby, I, II, III: Hockey, I, II. FRED GUY JACKSON Toronto, Ont. Forestry: I.O.D.E. Bursary, I, II, III, IV: Q Rugby, I: Harriers, II, III: Baseball, III, IV: Treasurer Athletics, III: Alumni Scholarship, IV. JOHN CAMPBELL JACKSON Toronto, Ont. Forestry: Treasurer Foresters' Club, II: Camera Club. JAMES WESLEY MCNUTT UIIKID Ste. Anne de Bellevue. Trinity, Water Polo, I: Forestry Rugby, I, II, III: Forestry Hockey, I, II, III: Forestry Basketball Manager, III, IV: I Vice-President, Foresters' Club, III: Presi- dent, Foresters' Club, IV: News Letter Committee, I, II, III, IV. GAVIN FORREST MEYER Weston, Ont. Forestry: Interfaculty Rugby, I, II, III: Basketball, IV: "TorontOnensis" Repre- sentative, IV. t LEWIS THEODORE WHITE London, Ont. Forestry, South House, I, II, III, IV: Forestry Basketball, II: Sketch Com- mittee, IV. FORESTRY Qi 1 If at If IQ OL ,1 lg, Yr! RIO ETERINARY OLLEGE L.,- 1 ff Ji MNOQV A . 'vMff-- ' v.-xf-Mfg, kg: 'pw 'f X gr X'c:.sq I ,'4,,g:Q: ,?9??!E' ., f ff 'wi ' 'M i'f1'fyQU,if 4.11" - '-'1 .i,f.' , f 11.433 ! I f 1' 'H 42524 , :,,-f'-ifi. -:ata 3 l I Ox 4 1 1 D1 Or 4 we 1 To the Graduating Class of the Ontario Veterinary College BY C. D. TNTCGILVRAY, lVl.D.V., D.V.Sc. IGHER education is recog- nized as one of the founda- tion-stones of success and no matter in what occupation a man may ultimately be engaged, his college course will always be a source of satisfaction. To no one does the university offer greater advantages than to the man with ambitions along professional and scientific lines. The young man about to start his career hears so often the cry that the professions are already overcrowded. VVhether that be true in some cases or not, the fact is it does not apply to the veterinary profession at the present time. There was a time when veterinary science did not receive the consideration which its import- ance Warrants. Fortunately for all concerned, modern conditions and developments have directed atten- tion to the increased necessity of safeguarding the health of animals. hloreover, during recent years an additional responsibility is being faced in the prevention of diseases communicable from animals to human beings. These developments have broadened the sphere of the graduate and increased the need for his services. The old idea that very little preliminary education was required to qualify for the profession is being eradicated from the minds of the public with the result that the status of the graduate has been considerably enhanced. Recent legis- lation also provides that in future only those who are properly qualified and graduates of recognized universities will be entitled to enter the profession. As in medicine, so in veterinary science, the prevention of disease is receiving greater attention, creating a demand for increased research and investigation which can only be satisfactorily performed by trained specialists. The profession you are about to enter is worthy of the best of your time and talents. lt should be your aim to forge ahead and to keep abreast of the times in the interests of science. hlay success and happiness be with you in the years to come. One thirty-two VE TE RINARY OP 1 If at n 10 j... . A Mfr OD 1 IC 1 l go I V Vfiilifffg 1233?-. . .'," V ' N ,, 'TT , 'xx' wav- -.E:E:::E:E::' . f' . "-ff , ,. ,, 'D V . A r, r c cr R .R I f 5 'A I " V X'b' "' '5 ,W H I 5, A 'i jj 1 W' ' . f .pf V 'il I 1 . f "1 '- ' ' ' -f . I A i . ...'!.L. In I :A-1 A 1,45 I ' ""' A li I . 1 ,V . , ..., I - if if V, X 1 IQQV Y' All i ' by V. In JN H JOHN MICHAEL BAKER KQTED K.P., SITE Fraternity, III, Science Asso- ciation and A.V.M.A., Manager BasketV- ball, IV. Interest--General Practice. GEORGE FREDERICK ROLFE BARTON CQTEJ Chilliwack, B.C. Students' Council, I, II, III, Basketball Manager, II, III, IV, M.C., QTZI., Grand Council SITE., II, A.V.M.A., Science Association. Interest-General Practice. E. RENDLE BoWNEss CAEF9 Summerside, P.E.I. Prince of Wales College, 1927, A.V.M.A., II, III, IV, Science Association, Oacis, IV: Athletic Executive, II, III, Vice-President, IV, Boxing, I, Trainer, II, III, Manager, IV, Hockey, I, II, Trainer, III, IV, Soccer, I, II, III, IV, Rugby Manager, IV. Interest-Foxes. A. G. MORZER BRUYNS CQTE5 The Hague, Holland. Science Association, A.V.M.A., University of Vienna. Interests- Applied Psychology. GEORGE LAIDLAW CAMERON CAEFJ Inverness, N.S. Member, A.V.M.A., II, III, IV, Member Science Association, IV, Member, A.V. M.A., Board of Governors, IV, Member, Students' Administrative Council, II, III, IV. Special Interest-Doings of J. E. McLean. 7 ROBERT G. ELLIOTT CSZTD Aberdeen, South Dakota. Grand Council SZTZI, I, M.W.M., QTE, IV, Basketball, I, II, III, IV, Basketball Captain, IV, Athletic Representative, I, Rugby, IV, A.V.M.A., Science Association. JAMES R. ENGLISH CQTEJ Treherne, Man. Science Association, A.V.M.A. Interest- General Practice. STEWART HASLETT Toronto, Ont. Honours: Proficiency, Second, I, II, III, Dissection, II, Vice-President, I, III, Vice- President, Science Association, IV, Foot- ball CSoccerJ, I, II, III. Interests-General Practice, Golf. RAM LALL KAURA, L.V.P. Hons. CPunjabJ Punjab, India. Post-Graduate Imperial Institute of Veterin- ary Research, India, A.V.M.A. and Science Association, IV. Interest-General Prac- tice and Breeding. CLYNE KENNEDY MADER CQTEJ Toronto, Ont. Associate O.A.C., '28: Hockey, Science Association, A.V.M.A., Students' Adminis- trative Council, II, III, President, IV. Interest'-Canine and Feline Practice. JOHN EDWARD MCLEAN CAEFJ Moncton, N.B. S.A. Council, IV, Science Association, IV, A.V.M.A., IV. Interest-Everything. DUGALD L. MACLEAN CSZTEJ Winchester, Ont. Science Association, A.V.M.A., Track, Hoc- key, I, II, III, IV, K.P., Fraternity, S.A. Council, I, Member Ride Association. Interest-Dairy Cattle. VETERINARY One lhirty-three QP 1 If -4 , QQ A11 1 s. If IB 3 J Ox I if :I ls as E5 Wi 3 G .Xu '1' 'E I f I K A 'QL ff 1. ' Vi WNIQSZ'-. ' . . ..., ' f-'Sv f . . . I .. , ,. MR H - b . .. gb ifsx- f f' V ffsj I ' Q , . . ,map , ,t K-. ' lf, jf M m,,,,4, . , I .. . K. 'tt' fa '-4, ,.:, l x'w.7h"?5'I3f?,""! - ' . . H I ZVVI f AAA. QW E if . 5 A'AMA,A . ' if? E. . . , A A. r gf? 4, , , X Y ' i 3. ,"' sit: 'Q Q ' . W :..,, .W f WILLIAM C. MCCORKINDALE Guelph, Ont. STEWART L. SHANE CAEFJ Leonard, Ont. Science Association, A.V.M.A., IV. Interest fGeneral Practice. WALTER R. MERRYMAN CAEIU Kerkhoven, Minn., U.S.A. Member, A.V.M.A., Member, Science Asso- ciation, O.A.C. Orchestra, I, II, Resident in Tower, Old Johnson Hall, I, II. Interest fGeneral Practice. JAMES NOBLE MULL CCDAKJ Rushville, Indiana, U.S.A. Science Association, IV, A.V.M.A., I, II, III, IV. InterestsHorses and Cattle. MCCLINTIC NEFF COTE, Staunton, Virginia, U.S.A. General InterestfBible Class. NoRMAN C. PHILLIPS Edmonton, Alta. Science Association, A.V.M.A. EDWARD J. RIGBY, B.S.A. QSZTEJ Winnipeg, Man. Science Association, Secretary, A.V.M.A. III, Press, A.V.M.A., IV, Secretary Science Association, IV, Worthy Master Fraternity. l 7 ! JAMEs F. RoBB CAEF3 Portage la Prairie, Man. A.V.M.A., II, III, IV, Secretary, Class, III' President, Science Association, IV. 7 Graduated from Ottawa University, 1927, Hockey, I, II, III, IV, Rugby, IV, Boxing, I, Member of A.V.M.A., Member of Science Association. Special Interest- Horse Breeding. E. MURRAY TRENOUTH CAEFQ Powassan, Ont. Vice-President, II, IV, First General Pro- ficiency, I, II, Third General Proficiency, III, Anatomy Special, I, Canine Diseases Special, III, A.V.M.A. and Science Asso- ciations. Special Interestf''Theriatrics". WILLIAM EBEN TRUSSELL CAEFD Charles Town, West Virginia, U.S.A. .A. Council, I, A.V.M.A., II, III, IV, Board of Governors, III, IV, Class President, III, IV, Science Association, Associate Editor, Rugby, I, IV, Captain, IV, Track, I, II, Javelin Record. Interest'sAdvancement of "Theriatrics". S BENJAMIN DOUGLAS YOUNG Mansonville, Que. HonoursaCanadian Army Veterinary Corps, Third Proficiency, I, II, First Proficiency, III, Secretary and Treasurer, IV, A.V. M.A., I, II, III, IV, Board of Governors, II. Interest--General Practice. One fhirfy-four VETERINARY Qs ' 4 if at l 40 C, 4 l 4 P 46 ,.,o'N- I I ffi l' A414 HCUSEHOLD SCIE CE fi- f f' I ' ' ,Z I '1, lj 44 l 4 'Y" X K K , q V lfffffgb . ' 4? ,fm , . ,gl f ' 5 , 1, . IW-ffl? xx ' 7 4 Vrgxal x if Q 1 1 4 40 of 1 ls :K j 10 s...- .. Y I wr3' rj - '1V-, A A Q P' A 1' -W' r I .fffgffipi XS? fi N 9 ....i in rf Q.. L. j W -1: ' .,,,f..., " Zi - f 'Y"" ar . 'V - ' KV Emi ii V Z ":: -2 , , . h sk X X , , is mm J, V. xp ,. ' ' I ' W 'rung Ll , Q W NV ' e .N XV 3 4, i fr. ' -fa-. 'I ' A 'ww r si ,R ii it -VII ' W' , ss. . -Xg'9-'QW ' L f A Q rl 'xxx A tw I ,f :,, A Y P, XA, 11" AR XXX, M f M M wwf ff V K A ri-A MARY P. ALGIE Brampton, Ont. EDYTH LOUISE BRAY St. Catharines, Ont. Graduate of Macdonald Institute, Guelph. Household Science: A.S.G.A., I Year Repre- sentative: Treasurer W.U.A., II: S.A.C. MISS M. E. ALLAN Baltimore Representative, III: Music Club, II: Household Science. Dramatics, I, III, IV: Basketball, III: Literary Society, S.C.M. GRACE MARION ANNIS Scarborough, Ont. Household Science: Graduate of Macdonald Institute, Guelph. MARY EILEEN ARMSTRONG CAlpha Gamma Deltal Oakville, Ont. Household Science: Players' Guild, II: W.U.A. Representative, III: S.C.M. Social Convenor, III: Household Science Club, I, II, III, IV. Miss M. P. BARTRAM Ottawa, Ont. Household Science. DOROTHY BISSON Rossland, B.C. Household Science: Macdonald Institute, Guelph. EILEEN MARGARETTA BOYD Newmarket, Ont. Household Science: Wymilwood: Honour Science Club: Literary Society: Household Science Club. Interests-Swimming, Ski- ing. INA M. CHATWIN Vancouver, B.C. Household Science: Graduate of Macdonald Institute: Hutton House. ALICE HELEN CHOWN Toronto, Ont. Household Science: Wymilwood Union: Household Science Club. MARGUERITE CLARK CKKFJ Toronto, Ont. Household Science: President, Household Science Club W.U.A., IV: Treasurer Household Science Club W.U.A., II: Vice- President S.C.M. CHousehold Science Clubb, III: Household Science Club, I: Panhellenic President, IV. One thirty-six HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE of 1 jg 11 , to I Af 0 O, D1 j 1 ' ., , SL. ' ' .sa Q 'Q 7- 3' 'Xe , V 5 A W V 'A ix , . qw' ,K Y l V. '-I - A ' f . "A' ' A, QV' .X A gf, 'R 5' ,S I Q gg? psspfg., v 1,6 ,,. N .aes 4: I if 4 Q, v 5 en i 1 V r lb' be fzh E W , Q i - ww wa, N I 8 4 Q -1.-if I V . 'ff Er as GRACE ELEANOR CooEY Cobourg, Ont. Miss M. E. DEAcoN Toronto, Ont. ' ' B ketball, II, Household Science. Honour Household Science, as III, IV, Hockey, II, III, IVg Swimming, II, IV, Vice-President, Household Science ' ' IV: S.C.M. Undergraduate Association, F CORLEY QFQJBD CARROLL . Toronto, Ont. Household Science. NORMA ANN COUGHLIN Phelpston, Ont. ' ' ll eg Household Sclenceg St. Josephs Co eg Newma Music. n Club, II, III, IV. Interest- HELEN JEAN CROSBY CAOIIJ Vancouver, B.C. Honour Household Scienceg Queen Mulock House, Whitney Hallg Household Science Hockey, Literary Society, IV. 's Hallg II, III, India Group, III, DOROTHY A. DAVIS Weston, Ont. ' ' I titute Household Science, Macdonald ns Graduate. K HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE Shannonville, Ont. DoRA M. D1Es 3 Graduate, Macdonald Household Science Institute, Guelph. AGNES JOHNSTON DRUMMOND QAOIIQ Toronto, Ont. Household Science: Household Science Club, I, II, III, IV. MARY PHYLLIS EASSON QAIXU Toronto, Ont. Household Science, Household Science S.A.C. ' ' ld Science Representative, III, Househo W.U.A., IV. M RY ELISABETH FERGUSON Chesley, Ont. A Household Science, Whitney Hall, Graduate Macdonald Institute, Guelph. MAMIE FRANKLIN Household Scienceg Queen's University. One thirty-seven if bl :L Cy sl Maxville, Ont. Or 1 I 1 1. I ,...s., + A -ef eeeee A . ---M A - Qi. . A ,.,, ' Y Q A -t 52. Q , --A i kquruq ' .41 : . fv V - V in I ' . I ,. W VVV, I -A N f "Q 5.4 : N Q 2: -O" in. 'QA"A da. Q It I? ' - , I. - ,,:.b:b--.b .- - V. I - ' ,.-. ,K , V, l V ll f :,, 4 r . ,fb g- ,,,.4,4 , 3 np 2-' ' -,v,1 H E -1' f b I EDNA LOUISE GARDNER CAXSZJ Toronto, Ont. Household Science: Dramatics, I, III S.C.M., III, IV. Interests-Music, Art. MARY FRANCES GAVIN CAXSZ7 Vancouver, B.C Household Science, Hutton House: Uni- versity of British Columbia, I, II. ETHEL WESTON GILMAN Needham, Mass Household Science: Wymilwoodg Inter- faculty Hockey, II, IV, Literary Society Household Science Club. Interest-Golf. KATHERINE LORETTA GLEESON CAOIIQ Napanee, Ont Household Scienceg St. Joseph's College. MARJORIE ELLEN GLENDINNING CAXQ3 Toronto, Ont Household Science: Household Science S.C.M Programme Convenor, III, Vice-President. IV. InterestseBoOks and Sewing. One thirty-eight PATRICIA ALICE MCLEAN GRANT CAOIID Household Science, Basketball, I, Junior "T" Basketball, IIg Household Science Club Representative, IIIQ Household Science Club Treasurer, IV. AGNES SOMERVAILLE HAMILTON Toronto, Ont. Household Science. Interest-Music. MARION OLGA HARDINC CAXSZJ London, Ont. Household Science: Whitney Hall, S.C.M. III, IV, Household Science Club, I, II, III, IV. DOROTHY EDITH HAWKEN Toronto, Ont. Household Science: Swimming, IV. GRACE ISABEL HEWITT Guelph, Ont. Household Science: Graduate of Macdonald Institute, Guelph. FLORENCE EsME HOUGI-ITON Toronto, Ont. Household Science, Swimming, I, IV. HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE 01 Dx I 1 I IQ is IO Oz I rc, P4 I Ig l l . .AHI T F ,--, :w Q h g AY.. In ' ."+ N V , 'S U i V A C ' ' , - ' I 5' A ...I 5... A .... I ' I ' tt .N 5 'I ,f - . T I" Il 2 , if V, ff! 3 r Y LV ,, f,,..i X ,I , . l 1-I if -f . I .1-1. ,,. re s ' f""f . I , ETHEL M. IRELAND Toronto, Ont ISABEL LOCKERBIE Owen Sound, Ont. Household Science. Household Science, Graduate of Macdonald Institute. ELEANOR G. KENT Oakville, Ont Household Science, Hockey, II, III, IV Basketball, III, IV. EVELYN BARRON MCFAUL Toronto, Ont. MABEL KIM Seoul, Korea. Household Science: Annesley Hall: S.C.M. KATHLEEN ELEANOR KNIGHT QACIDJ Jasper, Alta Household Science. CONSTANCE JEAN D. KNOX CAD Kelowna, B.C Pass, Household Science. FRANCES ANTOINETTE LALONDE CAPJ Toronto, Ont. Household Science. Household Scienceg Literary Society, II, IVg Dramatics, III. JEAN MACKINNON CAXQJ Toronto, Ont. Household Science, Publicity Convenor S.C.M., III, Players' Guild, II. Miss M. B. MCMILLAN Seaforth, Ont. Household Science. JESSIE MCCRANEY MARTIN Milton, Ont. Household Science, Hockey, II, III, IV, Basketball, III, IV. HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE One thirty-nine 01 14 I 4 I IQ Oi I I 4 I I Q .ii V' L I ' gm. . ' , :, :,, . I B A A - , l 1 A, . A wp. j -AA- A .-AA QM y I .1-:L 5 A of E A V ,, ,,,w'f . . Q Vt... A " PL mx , ' :gi " if , I . Q' I my 965 'V K' 14, I faq' .I W .V A ,S X xx I IK K fi . f ,., ' ..' ' 5 ' up F . ::.-:rr I - - . ' .RNS ..-- U V ix HELEN ELIZABETH MITCHELL CKKF5 GRACE SHARPE Sarnia, Ont. Toronto, Household Science. Interest-Art. HELEN LAURENE MOIR Toronto, Household Science. ELIZABETH KENDALL MooRE CAFAJ Hamilton, Household Science. MARION ScoTT ORR CFCDBJ Toronto, Household Science CHonourJ. MARY KATHLEEN PECK Toronto, Household Science. JANE LOUISE Ross CAXSD Toronto, Ont Ont Ont Ont. Ont Ont Honour Household Science, Dramatics, I, II, "Whosit" and "Honeyboy"g Delegate to Model Assembly of League of Nations Society, II, Programme Convenor S.C.M., Choral Society, III, New Students' Repre- sentative, S.C.M. Graduate Macdonald Institute, Guelph. ELIZABETH JOYCE SMITH QKKFQ Toronto, Ont. Household Science, "Torontonensis" Repre- sentative, IV. VIRGINIA PALMER SMITH QHBQIJJ Toronto, Ont. Household Science, Literary Society, MARTHA ELAINE SOMMERVILLE QAXQJ 1 Toronto, Ont. Household Science, President S.C.M., IV, Dramatics, I, III. Interests-Art, Interior Decorating. VELMA LOUISE STODDART Toronto, Ont. Household Science. One forty HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE O, 51 ,C :Q ya to r 1 7 i. L, law , X .guna 4 5 1 i 0' P' ' f 1 16 JN? , I, f-1 , - gmc LL 5,1 if ' -LQ A Hg, N gi A. fy- ' 1 X W 'I .V ,ji.Lf - E ' .. , If lL x If ff " 2-A., y 'F A N. " L ' E if Q ' up :. ,, ff , 'I S ' 'Mile . , I I I . A 'H - .. .. 'Y T' " V I I if---I .gl I . . . xiii :A 4, C - A V Rf' . , ,M , . Y J 5 A - . W as . . 1 , X 1 ' 1 . iv. , bll I Z, an nw , J, is ,.... 5, H 3 gf, 5. If I i A I3 ' Y. NI ' I .ii 'ual S 3. 5 . -+-- x' Y iv i is I -3-2' is s"""" , I f I E xx X' M ff X A A 1 , 'Qu' . -":- " N 5 A, K V Q7 . --Vv 'vii' f xy Y xx war- CARRIE AILEEN TAYLOR Indian Head, Sask. Honour Household Science, Victoria College. BETH EILEEN THOMSON Regina, Sask. Pass Household Science CMacdonald Hall 19283. RUTH FRANCES THOMSON Orillia, Ont. Household Science, Queen's Hall, Whitney Hall, Household Science Club, I, II, III, IV, "Varsity" Staff, II, III, Literary Society, IV. JEAN MELVILLE TUDHOPE CAD Brockville, Ont. Household Science. HELEN GRACE TURNBULL Toronto, Ont. Household Science. MARY E. TURNER QKAOD McGregor, Iowa. Household Science, State University of Iowa. HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE Toronto, Ont. ESTHER E. WALLACE Household Science, Music Club, II, S.C.M., III, Secretary Household Science Club S.C.M., IV, Year Representative, House- hold Science Club, IV. InterestsfMusic, Swimming. HILDA VERRE WHITE Toronto, Ont. Household Science. ELIZABETH MCCOWAN WHITESIDE CFCIJBJ New Westminster, B.C. Honour Household Science, B.A. Degree from the University of British Columbia in '30. Interest-Swimming. CLARIBEL GENEVIEVE WRAY Oshawa, Ont. Honour Household Science, Annesley Hall, Victoria College, Music Club, IV. WILLENA M. C. WRIGHT QAOHJ Ridgetown, Ont. Honour Household Science, Household Science Club Executive, III. One forty-one Ov ef m 1 r KJ Cb: ,4-I li pr k AO 7 7 1 1 4 2 N, ... XY U 1 - ... Vx I' A LL Gy W-L4 ,Cf 5, -,4 549 1' O, 4 D ,rm 1 , if, .3 .1 1.3 ' ' I 1, X, K A 'lk I M dgwsp Q2-K 3 kr I 'lf' S if Y- f x .-Q, -' ', 'gn 'A U'1LL,'Ll "WN 1 ,.Am.Qfx-4? SOCIAL SCIENCE I 1 4 , 43 Ol 4 ls 1 p tg L, -- ,,,,..... - , U .. A ..,,,,....-,.. . ,av J' W' 'M' 5? A f-Ji'-, 5 fi- A , ... .- A as Y? "' X- V """ If W . A . M , y ,,A,, I . f V -' ,' 4' ,, ,gg 'f ,t . 5...-R fr I A 'mi A 'I - ' -ef .. 5 ' . """' f ,M 5 'E """' RAE HELEN ABERNETHY Weston, Ont. Social Science: Class Vice-President, Ig President S.C.M., II. MARGARET M. ARCHER Lamont, Alta. Social Science: B.A. University of Alberta, 1930. DORIS LILLIAN BAYNES QIWIDBD Vancouver, B.C. Social Scienceg Graduate of The University of British Columbia. ISABEL BILLIE BOLTON Toronto, Ont. Social Science, Social Convenor, I, II. InterestseMusic and Camps. SYLVIA CAYLEY Toronto, Ont. Social Science: S.A.C. Representative, II. FLORENCE MCCRACKEN CHRISTIE Saint John, N.B. Graduate in Arts CB.A.J of University of New Brunswick, 19303 Social Science- Apprenticeship Plan, Apprenticed to Big Sister Association, 1931-32. JESSIE L. BELL London, Ont. Social Science. MARGARET E. COLEMAN Burlington, Ont. Social Science. KATHLEEN M. BELL London, Ont. Social Scienceg B.A. University of Mani- EDITH CRESWICKE Barrie, Ont. toba, '29. Social Scienceg Class Secretary, II. One forty-four SOCIAL SCIENCE i fl 14 4 1 10 Ox I is I ,. 9 . up if , H' 3' if WEL -5 K1 ,A tv "" 1' A' 'H 6 W 4 M v Y fi "Q Q -Ig ut.- K . vi ' . ISABEL MIRIAM DAVENPORT Hamilton, Ont. Social Scienceg Social Committee, I. ELIZABETH FRANCES DONALDSON CKAOJ Toronto, Ont. Social Science. GERTRUDE ELIZABETH GooDsoN England. Social Science. JEAN A. C. GRAHAM Montreal, Que. Social Science, B.A., University of British Columbia, University Settlement, II. THOMAS HALL Toronto, Ont, Social Scienceg Class Vice-President. MARGARET JEAN HENSHAW Toronto, Ont. Social Scienceg Frederick Borden Scholarship, Acadia Seminary, '17, Acadia University Ex. '21. Interests- Music, Protestant Children's Homes. SOCIAL SCIENCE JOYCE FLORENCE JONES CKAOJ Toronto, Ont. Social Science, B.A., University of Toronto, '30. HARRY KAY Toronto, Ont. Social Science, Rabbi Brickner Scholarship. HELEN ELIZABETH KENNEY Saint John, N .B. Social Scienceg Class Treasurer, II, S.C.M.3 League of Nations Club. KATHERINE ANNE KERNAHAN Toronto, Ont. Social Science, B.A., University of Toronto, '29. One forty-five OJ bf If 51 I QQ .. X. OP 4 kr 1 y qg Q ..-1 1--1 V, . W' A 4 Y ::' -' .. l L..--x ' QW Lis,-,Q , ' , iii-ififg . N. . , qzun 1 , ,f s. , bn Ii: ., . A. yo' , .,,. ,... 2 '51 us cv , .X MARY ELIZABETH KERNAHAN Toronto, Ont. Social Science. LILIAN BULLER LEVESCONTE Toronto, Ont. Social Science. JOSEPH MCDERMOTT Toronto, Ont. Social Science. WILLIAM JOHN MCINTOSH, M.A. Seaforth, Ont. Graduatein Philosophy, '30, Victoria Collegeg M.A. in Social Philosophy, '31, University of Torontog Alumni Scholarship, Social Science, 1930-31, Burwash Hall and Central HY". Interests-Good Shows and Tobogganing. ARNA MANN Toronto, Ont. Social Science. One forty-six FLORENCE LOUISE PHILPOTT Toronto, Ont. Social Science: Senior Class President. MARY M. POWRIE Toronto, Ont. Social Science. SARAH F. RHINEWINE Toronto, Ont. Born in Poland, Social Science: Rabbi Brickner Scholarship in 1929. Hobbyw Immigration Work. GERTRUDE MARGLTERITE Ross Grimsby, Ont. Social Science. Interests- Athletics, Music. EARL KENNETH RUPERT Leamington, Ont. Social Science, B.A. CMcMasterJ '303 Social Science Scholarship, Ig Class Treasurer, Ig Social Committee, Ig Field Work, C.A.S. and T.M.H.g Apprenticeship N.W.A. Interests-Athletics, Housing and Work. SOCIAL SCIENCE Q: N21 1 el x 19 Cr 1 T 1 , QQ Amr' 6:22 . bh, I 1:"5 9 K' nl EQ! 'HQ I x rg? ,Il , ff. I ,Rf g V N l .., ' 7 A., I i . s I Y: V ' I 1 1:5 A4 Q: .io H .n' W gl' Av, . ANNA HELEN SACKS Toronto, Ont. QMRSD. ELSIE MARGARET CHOWELLD WALKER Social Science: Athletic Representative, I San Diego, Cal. . Basketball Captain, Menorah Society Social Science: B.A., University of Wis- S.C.M., Rabbi Brickner Scholarship, consing Graduate, Canton, China, Union 1931-32. Language School, American Expeditionary Forces. HARRIET RICHARDSON SELBY Toronto, Ont. EDITH MARGARET WALLACE Social Science, Class Secretary, Ig S.C.M. St George Ont Alumnae Scholarship, II. Social Science. MARY ELIZABETH STEVENS Toronto, Ont. WINIFRED ELIZABETH WALTON fK9Tl Social Science, Athletic Representative, II Toronto' Ont- Social Committee, II. Social Science, B.A. '23, University of Toronto. JEAN ISABFL THQMSON' BA' Toronto' Ont' FLORENCE JUNE WARRINER Toronto, Ont. Social Science, S.C.M. Executive, I, II. Social Science. E. A. VAUGHAN St. Martin's N. B DOROTHY AILLEEN YATES Toronto, Ont. Social Science Social Scienceg S.C.M. Executive, I, II. SOCIAL SCIENCE One forty-seven Or 4 D1 """4 1 40 Cya pq pl :Q DL - Y I f f -W R fag Hike.. -' 4. .4 1 '!,5:vg4lf:f,i'f, ,T ' .jflfg a , .,,i1,jw . Af -5 , . X ,- fu' 5 7 " --A- 'f ' f 5-itz.-e,,,i, ,-. ' 'ei'-rx. ,b ,Q , , ,V+ :,,,51 x ,, fa' V 'ff ."vniw-.fZ:35" 523 , - . f , ! , ,,' QS 51' V ' ,L ,5- 4 7 ' ,, if Qbifl' .MT ji 'Z '5 in ' VFW? ' 1 ,Q ., 2 ' "1 .'. fr- , - 4 'V-.1 "- ,QF ' . -"',',g.. ESQ- 4 ,,,,., ca -- . 5 ,1 If- Q lf A - S x bil" 'fx'--""-4 ',.,f- ,-- 573 ' t Nw 2 fb-',r '-eff :ff P Y. ' 'Q-"i 2 H , Q ,Q Q 011,11- A f 5.1" " ' n- ff,'1?','f'f. ,!3Q '-?E,.2Q,5 4 ' . . 1' f 1 4' "1 K ii.-n W: ' vi- 7 J! 1,1915 ,ifllli 3i,:IDH.f',Q-5:1-iv.k:::hM..N.E ,. '- 1 ' 43 , ,fj,H1,.l.', A , je "'- I if," v A! tg -.iff-ff V, ',H,,I!,,fl4,. 5- fgxm,-.,.,.1:,.'L,,'1t,.g,yt-g,,5,, - 'zur ' ygi-N--.-I' 1516" ' . M--"rv -,,-r---fgffxi 3, 125 M az 1 ' ' -:FL . 1 1. X , ' .-.z.-3'-r:j,gK,13: f-161 'J' 7' 1 fifffew' , 41,5 Qi ':f:'?T-Q51 , sg ' iff' .- U' ' .f'1.i' 7-iaf '. I 14 1 , , A . , - 4 ..1,y:.:f,-.vm-q4:,,.f-Q-Tl ,Jr-1 V if- L ,In - '5 'Pfga f l-:"'If5'3' if-,Q -A ,. f ' f" , -9 KA' ' J" 1 ' ' ff,as45". f.W-13.55 5,4 Q .V ,, l g QQ pf, -,V A.,.,.. . air, .. ly. X 31 71" -- yjfqigf : K r A ,, 'ly 9. ,QV k "Q -,, " . 2 Q' W ' ,, - ' ,".r-11 7' 7- - -'aff' -V . . 8 4-.-gc, : 1' 7 ,W ,-g:XE"'a5',' ' 411 ,NL ' ., M," :Q 53?3'i'l?'f.7-m.'7"'x"'71'7?'f:Q'hl ' 3" Z1- A-.I+ . - if? 'Y ' ' vw: -f "gf A ,... if-,Q .. . ,H ,a s 1 .v,:,,. . ,WS . --.-qw Q .fr U 4 ,Z g-- -I' Us ' 'f.f"l1' - .-'sg gui.. , A ., '1,t,':',, 2 V 1 -iff. 9. Z!" -5 g:f'qAf',-',:,:-,. k 3' - ,sf 32 K: si 5555?-'Sf 2471- '?2".Aff'ls' H ff-ni -.ff-f"f A M.. . J-' S R,-5 f-+1-'-,Q-1'-?'5'. 'a: :aff , 21,311 wg 'gglqf' " -4,5 "+A ff 1 ,,,,:4f -1 f,. fsam , ua :""S fl--'T'-,U N,,' .F ' ' ijff..,,3!f'--1-f- AK -Mini, , A! 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U' ' x ".f.1f J ,I - ' '- X . X .. , , A X X 'M4,f.4:" gi .- . I Q. M I .1 Q! Q ,5 , ix- : , XX xx-:lk 6 5 Eu, E L XF' - j- 1 .-X! gif' , .Ib ef .If W: f If I, A 'f:f?:.: 7 x ' vi I - -Q ,ef ,115 f ' I 'f WI, - T r '- "iffy X - 1 'Yi -"'Wi"b' ' , 4-,' df Lx" -. ' -- " - '5 -.. 4-5:,,fi.LQ-1 , fe.-4-' . , - fn ,,-1qs- J l OP 4 r 1 1 7 K Or 1 we A 0 . 4 T V A , . -..W . . . .A .ff - ww' ' . , I WN. g-fi , S ,A.1, W ' . x 1 'X . - . s. QF A , 5 ft.: W is 9 XJV MILDRED BELATZKY Toronto, Ont. Occupational Therapy. Interests-Books, Life and People. L. GRACE BROWN Toronto, Ont. Occupational Therapyg Social Convener, I. Interests-Music, Dramatics. ISABELLE LOCKHART GORDON Toronto, Ont. Occupational Therapy, President, I, II. Interests-Crafts, Sports, Travel. MILDRI-:D HELFAND Toronto, Ont. Occupational Therapy. Interests-Settle- ment Houses, Russia, Canadian Art. MARGARET E. IRVINE Orangeville, Ont. Occupational Therapy, Secretary-Treasurer, II. Interests-Outdoor Sports, Music. LYNNIE LOCKERBIE Owen Sound, Ont. Occupational Therapy 5 Treasurer, I. One fifty MARJORIE S. MACLEOD Mimico, Ont. Occupational Therapy. Interests-Swim- ming, Leather Work. EDITH G. MILNE North Bay, Ont. Occupational Therapy, Sports Captain, Ig Basketball, I, II. Interests-Sports, Crafts, Children's Work, Dietetics. MARY J. ROSSETER Smith's Falls, Ont. Occupational Therapyg "Torontonensis" Re- presentative, II. InterestsBArt, Sports, Books. MAR.roR1E B. STEVENSON Ottawa, Ont. Occupational Therapy, Sports Captain, IIg Basketball, I, II. Interests-Settlement Work, Sports. Lols H. THOMPSON Belleville, Ont. Occupational Therapy. OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Ox 24 1 at ,sux 1 O 'J fgwsn Ei M i lnm X K-X U A 9 M I my ix iq xs'W2?i'?S , I ' J ru -1 ff PHYSIOTHERAPY DEPARTMENT OF UNIVERSITY EXTENSION ,fwmmwh-L 5 H' f 5 X ii xv I - .xN5rf'. 3 l J: A Q T. MI 'I X Q 0 Ov af. ls as ls fo BH: 'IL' ' " " , f,i 1': I riff-W' rs' riff , . , V. f 'Aja , 4' ,iszgjfss , -'S I . 1 A ' sa-ew . is A .I ,, , Af- M. A I N or ,fs ' ja. X. A A y for wif ,M ff LQV , s Q, -'ggyv 5 . sy.: I V W If ? .X , vvyn 1 I do " P A A .,., , a. .. ri P 7 ROSALIND BREWIN Toronto, Ont AGNES MARK Toronto, Ont. Physiotherapy. Basketball, I, II. Physiotherapy: Basketball, I, II. ELIZABETH JOYCE BURT Toronto, Ont. Physicltherapy. Interests-Reading, Bad- JOAN LOUISE MUDGE Toronto, Ont. min on. MARIE MURLEY COLE CBTEJ Montreal, Que Physiotherapy. Interests-Swimming, Bad- minton. FRANCES AUDREY COLEMAN Toronto, Ont Physiotherapy: Basketball, I, IIg Vice-Presi- dent Founders' Club. Physiotherapy: Graduated in Occupational Therapy, 1928. HANNAH STERN Toronto, Ont. Physiotherapy? Founders' Club. Interests- Dancing, Music. MARY BEATRICE WALKER Dresden, Ont. ALICE ISOBEL DUNN , , Toronto, Ont Physiotherapyg Basketball, I, II: Founders' Physiotherapyg President, First Year. Club Social Convenor KATHARINE LOUISE HOBRS Toronto, Ont Physiotherapy: Basketball, I, IIg Founders Club Representative, Ig Class President ANNIE ELIZABETH WOOD Freeman, Ont. II. Physiotherapy. One fifty-two PHYSIOTHERAPY Ol fl 34 sl ,K to 'v 1 1 5 DEP RT EL OF PUBLIC HE LTH URSING A 41 'V I-.f 2.127 .L 5 1 .-', 7 "- , T . 3. ay 1,535 f I ! lg -1 1 " 2 'f UW ' , Af L' Q f- 1,50 - ', 1 5- "V-:J ,n C r 4 x 10 On -4 P 1 1 KO ',f.Qf. i riff- 'PTT LJ ffl W 'W ...A A I . A l twig' ' A Qsgg-Sify i E A.. , 'S' if li . . .... n. A i H V .lqz , . P . O - 1 EVA TROW BORLAND Toronto, Ont. EILEEN PEERS MIDGLEY Toronto, Ont. Public Health Nursing: Course II. Interests Public Health Nursingg Course II. Interests -Swimming and Travel. -People and Books. , HELEN MARGARET THOMPSON Havelock, Ont. DORIS AILEEN FRANKS Regina, Sask. . . , , , Public Health Nursing, Course II. Interests Public Health Nursing: Course II. Interests . - , , -Music and Mendlng. -South Africa, Reading and Rugby. IRENE WILMA VROOMAN GENEVIEVE JANE LUZINE Toronto, Ont. Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont. Public Health Nursing, Course II. Interests -Travel and Art. One fifty-four Public Health Nursingg Course II. Interests -Life and Art. PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING 0: -4 if wi 1 4Q Ku N ONTARIO COLLEGE OF PHARMACY Ol I rf ol , to i To the Graduating Class of Pharmacy BY PRo1-'1-issoR C. F. HEEBNER, P11.G., PHM.B., F.C.l.C. HARKIACY is a combination of Science and Art. The average person thinks of Pharmacy in terms of the average drug store, and he does not even understand a drug store. To him Pharmacy is a merchandising enterprise that distributes a variegated assortment that includes medicines among other items. He does not see the ramifying and intricate processes that finally focus in the prescription department of the corner drug store. The packaged medicine that he purchases there may have had its origin in the depths of an African forest or Indian jungleg it may have gone through manufacturing methods requiring the utmost exactness and scientific skillg it may have been blended with other therapeutic agents that only one in every fifteen hundred is competent to render. But the final buyer, the layman, sees nothing of the complicated and costly procedure that led up to its purchase. The fundamental obligation, the final duty of Pharmacy, is to provide conveniently, quickly and at a moderate cost an unfailing supply of agents that prevent, alleviate, or cure pain and disease. Your aim must be to keep the professional stamp on your store your greatest asset. That is why you chose pharmacy at first as your vocation, love of chem- icals, public and natural salesmen. Catfendo tutzzf. One fifty-six PHARMACY Cn 1 if it A S I If :Q y go . V Y-E, A E ,X FEA ., I M ,, l A ,- , w , A ' If his -, ..--Ann, ? i'f"?1iS , ip A J ? f . A Wi' c A W fy 13 TW I 0 xv ""' IA I ' E, ,' asflllf Il Q 4 E I , . Y E ja ' , 1 is 1 vm . I E ,'.v. Q iq.: 3 xl E , I In lik 1,, f., V ,. Q . E. xl 4 Y ,- 1: ,.-. , V- -41 1 If .5 Q, , ,:i, A 'gg E . Q .... I EV ,inf E JAMES DOUGLAS ALLAN Grimsby, Ont. JOHN ROY BARNUM Campbellford, Ont. Pharmacy. Pharmacy. GEORGE ANDERSON Toronto, Ont. HUBERT LESLIE BISHOP Kemptville, Ont. Pharmacy. Pharmacy- , S N B H 'lt , O t BEATRICE ERIS ARMSTRONG Mimico, Ont. TEig:mag5MAN OOTH arm on n Pharmacy, Executive, Hon. Vice-President, ' I, II. EDWARD B. BRAUND Huntsville, Ont. DOUGLAS E. ARMSTRONG Belleville, Ont. Pharmacy, Basketball, I, II. WALLACE ELROY BROWNLEE Seaforth Ont Pharmacy, Rugby, I, Manager, Hockey pharmacy. Team, II. FRED GILBERT BURNS Perth Ont LEONARD JOSEPH ARNOLD Pharmacy. St. Catharines, Ont. Pharmacy, Representative at Newman Hall, GEORGE G. CALDWELL Newmarket, Ont Squash. Pharmacy. PHARMACY One fifty-seven O! 51 HC bt- D IJ OD f PQ rl I Q 1 A L . S l f Q ,! .R aa, . A. fc 3' 3 I wir? XLILJ rr 2 E Q 5 l . ,, . , -A .K M., . E DONALD HARLEY CALE Elmira, Ont. AUSTIN CHANTLER Cox Beamsville, Ont. Pharmacy. Pharmacy. Interests-Swimming, Thera- podynamics. EDWARD RUSSELL CAMPBELL Ph t R b ,31. Hovfxen Qggnd' Ont J. B. CRAW Toronto, Ont. armacy' ug y' ' OC ey' ' Pharmacyg Vice-President, I, II: Athletic - Director, IIQ Bowling League Manager, Hg NCEIZMAN CAPLIN Toronto, Ont Interfaculty Rugby, Ig Baseball, I, II. afmafy- Interest-Athletics. MAXWELL A. CAPPE Toronto, Ont Pharmacy. JAMES C. CUSTEAU Hamilton, Ont. Pharmacyg Interfaculty Rugby, '31g Inter- CLIFFORD P. CHITTICK Granton, Ont faculty Hockey, '31 and '32, Pharmacy. LORNE W. COBURN Milton, Ont- VIZLLEN ROBERT DALE Brampton, Ont. Pharmacy. armacy' DRUMMOND J. R. COOKE Hamilton, Ont GERALD A. DRURY Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Pharmacyg Committee, Junior Year. Pharmacy. Interests-Sports and Reading. One Jiffy-eight PHARMACY QI at 1 4 y 4Q Op as ka -PI J .PIO - it T ...."' ' iff V I A f f o""'W- 4 , , ,W,,,.5a W , I .WM--1 gf' inf flaw' - ,M M - - ' if Nj- -N., f ' ,. M P 'Zigi 2, V N - . 5 ,fr 1 A V 'A' N G., A I at ,-.:.fg1.: O g V , ig? 'QW .Q ,M V -5 , I , bf 2 Z 7 3, 15 ' J 7? wu z J A, J , f , . V , , 4 N f .gf , tx f 31.5 g 7+ 3 " ' . gif x LH :'. -'QS' A ' SVT-5 I 1 '. , w h v -W , X I 1 ..... A r- .r f I .3 ' I . A I - - - ' , - 5 .f 6 ,. 'Q I ' rw, V we J .vw 5 i" 5 f' 2 A 1 1' ' .jfliga rf! X. Q y 1 '- 1. 5 . 'fi -A 5 ' , " 'N l I Mg f 1 1 I Agfa .Q f x Q ' .1 MORLEY GARDINER DUFF Belleville, Ont. Pharmacy. MAXWELL FIELDING Toronto, Ont. Pharmacy. DAVID FINKELBERG Toronto, Ont. Pharmacy. JOSEPH FINKELMAN Pharmacyg Bowling Committee, II: Manager Basketball, II. InterestsvSquash, Bowling and "Drug Stores". Hamilton, Ont. MURRAY STEWART FISHER London, Ont. Pharmacy: Soccer, Interfaculty Finals, I, II. Interests-Electro Chemistry, Community Sports. JOHN ALEXANDER FOWLER Wingham, Ont. Pharmacy, Served Apprenticeship with L. K. Liggett Co., London, Soccer, I, II. BURTON SAMUEL FREDERICK Powasson, Ont. Pharmacy. ABRAHAM N. FRIEND Toronto, Ont. Pharmacy. HARRY FRONSTEIN Toronto, Ont. Pharmacy. M. F. LORETTA GIBSON Lakefield, Ont. Pharmacyg Winner of Lieut. George R. Parke Memorial Scholarship and Gold Medal, Junior Year. JOHN FOORD Burlington, Ont. REGINALD DERWOOD HARRIS Kenora, Ont. Pharmacy. Pharmacy. PHARMACY One fifty-nine l xi O, :I 5:7 11 lf 5159 l 21 k Pl ,Q S T. 4 p li L .. , .,,. A L. W, b L ' 1A.' 1 ' . A i Vktib f ,,, ,: - af, . J A A 'W A. A: ' ': " wr f . 'W' 1 9. W , . A . ' V, I gzj ' -3, v""" fe vivn A I . 1 A q l- ' Q X, A , .L yvwzak 3 I . fl'-+,ff1 ,' f b " .,-.,, ll 1 ' ..-', 5 it I ' A It .A .: ,g r ' IP ': 'Q' . -: A , ' ff '11 ' - s - . , . ZA. . I . 'PU Q ..,,:., I in zii' r lm ee ' A . . . 2 A . . --::,V -m ira.: I' I 53 ' ,,.: '13 I , +R . . . . . r. f, , j I . f f ...... ' E X I- . F K V '.,: J . If 5 I H V I f 2.1 ef Y. io ,, M,-,Y L. I W, . S -- .L ,,,A,, , S... A ,L . .. GORDON BOYER HEATLEY Brantford, Ont. DAVID MURRAY HYDE Stratford, Ont. Pharmacy. Pharmacy, Soccer, Ig Manager Soccer, II, CLARENCE ETHELBERT HELMER Cornwall, Ont. Pharmacyg Apprenticeship, Cornwall, Ont., Baseball, '31 and '32g Soccer, '32, Hockey, '32. Executive, II. RUPERT HARVEY JACKSON Maple, Ont Pharmacy, Soccer, I, II. . EDWARD ALAN HINDS Orillia, Ont. Mgims LEON JESSEL Toronto, Ont' Pharmacy. armacy' ALLAN CALVIN HODGINS , Sarnia' Ont' CHARLES NELSON KERR Penetanguishene,Ont. Pharmacy, Representative for "TorOntO- Pharmacy nensiS". ' WILBUR JAMES HOLLINGSHEAD Guelph, Ont. CHARLES S. KNIGHT Auandale, Qnt. Phafmacy- Pharmacy. GEORGE EDGAR RITCHIE HUNT Kingston, Ont. CLARENCE J. KONKLE Hamilton, Ont. Pharmacy. Pharmacy. One sixty PHARMACY el If at me 40 Oz 1 re 4 , ,O y A I A . , :NK 'W ff' V A I P My 5.1 gt X N I I 9 K ,,,, I , 3 A f ,A.. 'ab no 5, In - bbrb . , Q " "" 7 ' " f - 5 ,A 1 . ' i f I xg y I . , ,f ,V xxxxr .A 'A N J 4-fort' o I It U d o ,ooo Y ,L fr vhrilloii foo ' Y 1 X ' , ' ' Q'A 'it gyfii F - is I ix Q I . f .3 Alu? .1 -Y ' , 5 I W I I K """ ...A - I , PM H AA7-AA1 1 . ' I , , A V I 1 , 1 4 3 L ,,,. ,,.,, ,, ,... ... , ., , -,, ,,,, Y-.. ,,,.,.......-..n.,.v--.w.,H, ,,.. ' Vi . . MAURICE LANDIS Toronto, Ont. JOHN HENRY LITSTER Burk's Falls, Ont Pharmacy. Pharmacy. AUBEY O. LANDSMAN Toronto, Ont. REGINALD H- LYNCH M211'm01'a. Ont pharmacy. Pharmacy. ARTHUR OKE LAWRENCE Bronte, Ont. Jog: ALBERT LYoNS Toronto, out Pharmacy. armaoy' LEWIS L. MCBRIDE Port Dover, Ont JACK C' LAWSON Fort Frances' Ont' Pharmacy, Executive Committee, Secretary Pharmacy. I, II. SAUL STANLEY LEAN Toronto, Ont- CARMAN s. MACKAY Tavistock, ont. Pharmacy. Interests-ASquash, Tennis, Golf pharmacy. and "Drug Stores". H. KEEFE MCLAUGHLIN Norwood, Ont. WILLIAM MANLEY LITTLEJOHN Pharmacyg Executive, '30, '31, Executive, Pharmacy. '31, '32. PHARMACY One sixty-one O I I at I 49 I :I lc at ,Q rg M V H. KA U , , 4 rn, .QI E - if ,JA 5 f . .. A , 44' ' Qsi??...rff"f?f7.a"lSfI" g - I ,I+ IN HAM- I tp ' - f I. ' :ff , i , I I I an " 'M A- 'sl - t . ,Q ... . . -- ' V I ' '- f vc .Ia . .2 .. " 1. . I V W I I film- 4 . f' IM A ff - sv . I 4 'fi' . ' V' 'L' , . I 1 ' ' A il 'ar A swag 2 . W 4 , I WILLIAM HENRY MONEELY Kingston, Ont. Pharmacyg Bowling Committee. RUSSELL EDWARD MANAREY Duntroon, Ont. Pharmacy. DWIGHT ALEX. MARSHALL Pharmacyg President, I, IIQ Member, S.A.C., '32. LEWIS O. MERRICK Barrie, Ont. Pharmacy: Member of Varsity Band. ABRAM LEWIS MOLOT Ottawa, Ont. Born 24 years ago in Turkestang Migrated to Ottawa at age of 7: Ottawa Boosterg Have Yen for Baseball, Golf, Music and Pretty GARNET EVANS MONTGOMERY Allinford, Ont. Pharmacy, Track, Ig Skating, I, II. WILLIAM MULDOON Pharmacy: Rugby, Ig Hockey, II, Junior and Senior Executive: Chairman of Committee. ANTHONY C. MULVIHILL Arnprior, Ont. Pharmacyg Rugby, I3 Hockey, Varsity B, I, II. ARCHIBALD EWART MUNRO London, Ont. Pharmacyg Lieut. Geo. R. Parke Pharmacy B Second Memorial Scholarship, I. In- terests-Rugby, Hockey. Women, Basketball, Pharmacy H HARRY ALBERT MURPHY Stayner, Ont. ' ' ' ' Pharmacy. REUBEN MOLOT Ottawa, Ont. Pharmacy: Basketball, I, II. Interests- JOSEPH WALTER MURRAY Teeswater, Ont. Golf, Hockey, Bowling. Pharmacy. One sixty-two PHARMACY QI bf lf bl If KQ Y l P H,-I , QQ j A " -. gg . ...A 'Hs A V 3' . ,3 W 1 5 v , .Q .,- Y i . ggi X i -iq 1 ' f Avg' ' wr li ,Z .ar .Q A l Z L' 1.. 1 4 Q: W A l MURRAY C. O'NE1L Caistorville, Ont. WILBUR H. PETERSON Bruce Mines, Ont. Pharmacy: Executive, Treasurer, I, II. Pharmacy. JOHN EDWARD ORNS Stratford, Ont HQILLEY EORTER t H Q Db Algonteignt' Ph 3 S Z Ph H k , H. arm cyg ar ous 1 rary ommi ee, armacy Occer armacy OC ey II. InterestSPArt, Sketch Club. RODERICK FRED PALMER Belleville, Ont THORNELOE JAMES PRICE Lyndhurst, Ont. Pharmacy, Hart House Billiard Committee pharmacy. JAMES MARV'IN PATTON Mansfield, JOSEPH LEO PURCELL StI'3tfOI'd, pharmacy. Pharmacy. Interests-aa Pipes, Particularly Corncobs. WILLIAM PETER PEARSON Woodstock, Ont. ISABEL RAINES Goderichy Ont. Pharmacy. Pharmacy OSCAR J. PERDUE Peterborough, Ont CLARENCE RITCHIE Bradford, Ont. Pharmacy. Pharmacy. i PHARMACY One sixty-three 1 Ol 21 n 11 r 10 Cn C I I :Q ne IQ Q 'Wwe 5 Q , X C I M Y ,,,, 4 . , ,jf , , F .W 'J' RW JOHN FRANCIS RODGERS Simcoe, Ont. WILLIAM H. SMART Renfrew, Ont. Pharmacy, Soccer, I3 Captain, Soccer. II. Pharmacy. A J R ll . L5E3:maii,EPH UEST Comwa ' Ont JOHN WINSTON SPARLING Thornhill, Ont. ' Pharmacy. Interests-fRugby, Hockey. JOHN MANLEY SCHISSLER Orillia, Ont. Pharmacy: House Committee, Hart House, WEBSTER Sq-RUTHERS North Bay, Ont. HC Manager Baseball, H- Interests- Pharmacy. InterestsHArt, Sketch Club. Skiing. ROBERT AUSTIN SCOTT Owen Sound, Ont. EARL G- SWEETMAN Kingsvillei Ont- Pharmacy' Pharmacy, 3T2. RZQQSLD GEORGE SEXSMITH 1 RICHARD EARLE TAPP Exeter, Ont. gagirgiacy. Hart House Hall Committee, Pharmacy. BETH SKY T01'0nt0, Qnt, TAPSCOTT BI'3.I1tfOI'd. Ollt. Pharmacy. Phafmaey- One sixty-four PHARMACY ol 21 ,C 11 ,K to Ol 1 I 4 2 Q 7 yr I ,""""- I ' 1 .',T"',.s"..-Q -I av - E W I Q X .f 'W - 'Y--1 Fl -6 , .? "xiii W . . A ., , 1,, , ' . . . I' W A 1' " ls CHARLES MAURICE THOMPSON Teeswater, Ont. Pharmacy. KENNETH LUND VINCENT Windsor, Ont. Pharmacy, Rugby, Ig Baseball, I3 Basketball, I, II CCaptainJg Soccer, II. BENJAMIN CLARENCE WALKER Wyoming, Ont. Pharmacyg Served Apprenticeship in Lon- don, Ont. NORMAN WALKER WALLACE Toronto, Ont. Pharmacy. BEN WARD Port Perry, Ont. Pharmacy: Hockey, I. PHARMACY l I NORMAN E. WILLIAMS Pharmacyg Basketball, Rugby, Ig Basketball, Baseball, II. Walkerville, Ont. CYRIL STANLEY WILSON Maitland, Ont. Pharmacy. LEONARD G. WILSON Sheridan, Ont. Pharmacy. MURRAY W INEBERC. Toronto, Ont. Pharmacy. JENNINGS DAVID YOUNG Meaford, Ont. Pharmacy, Class Reporter, I, II, Correspond- ent, "Drug Merchandising", Executive Committee, II: Macdonald-Cartier Club. WRAY M. YOUNG Hamilton, Ont. Pharmacy. One slixfy-Jive OI bc lf 21 If QQ ok :l lf Pl IQ Ji? x l X J , fx A L xx 34 :Q jc :Q lf bl Q, 4 v 1 1 'J BOOK TWC UNDERGRADUATE ACTIVITIES "The world is always on the look- out for those who are not afraid of work and who have initiative and who can be left to themselves to carry through a job to the uttermost. It is to this self-discipline that suc- cess is won as much as to inherited brain-power. In fact, brain-power does not show its nature until it tackles something that both creates and reveals it." Sir Robert Falconer in his final ad- T dress to the Lndergraduates, March Stb, 1932. Q1 1 r '1 l 'O xg rx u " v C Q QD 1 remix y eq Hart House THE FGUNDERS' PRAYER "The Prayer of the Founders is that Hart House, under the guidance of its Warden, may serve in the generations to come the highest interests of this University by drawing into a common fellowship the members of the several colleges and faculties and by gathering into a true society the teacher and the student, the graduate and the undergraduateg further that the members of Hart House may discover within its walls the true education that is to be found in good fellowship, in friendly disputation and debate, in the conversation of wise and earnest men, in music, pictures and the play, in the casual book, in sports and games and the mastery of the bodyg and lastly, that just as in the days of war this House was devoted to the training in arms of the young soldier, so in time of peace its walls may be dedicated to the task of arming youth with strength and suppleness of limb, with clarity of mind and depth of understanding, and with a spirit of true religion and high endeavour." ART HOUSE is so called in memory of the late Hart hlassey. Begun in 1911, it was completed in 1919 and presented, fully equipped, to the University of Toronto by the Trustees of the Xilassey Foundation. To Vincent hlassey, Vice-Chairman of the Nlassey Foundation, is due the idea of Hart House, as well as the form it assumed under his personal supervision. From the autumn of 191-1 until November, 1918, it was used for military purposes and within its walls thousands of men were trained for service overseas. On the first anniversary of the Armistice lyllth November, 19199 Hart House was formally opened by His Excellency the Duke of Devonshire, who was at that time the Governor-General of Canada. Nfr. Henry Sproatt and Nlr. Ernest Rolph were the architects of the building which comes as near to meeting the requirements of the ideal house for student activities as any on this continent or perhaps in the world. In its widest interpretation Hart House, which is for the use of men only and is non-residential, seeks to provide for all the activities of the undergraduates life which lie outside the actual lecture rooms. Architecturally of great beauty, and built around a quadrangle, Hart House is unique in that it houses under one roof a finely proportioned hall called f'The Great Hallw, common rooms of every description, a library, a debates room, a small chapel together with rooms for the use of the Student Chriatian Association, a studio for painting and sketching, photographic dark rooms, a billiard room, senior common rooms and dining rooms for both faculty and graduate members, an upper and a lower gymnasium Qboth admirably equippedb, separate rooms for boxing, wrestling and fencing, an indoor running track, a large swimming pool, squash racquet courts, an indoor rifie range, extensive locker rooms, offices for the Students' Administrative Council and for the athletic and medical staff, a few bedrooms for guests and the offices and private rooms for the VVarden. Below the quadrangle is a fully equipped theatre with foyer, green room, dressing rooms, wardrobe and the office of the director of the theatre. Every male undergraduate of the University is required to be a member of Hart House, towards the upkeep of which he pays an annual fee of ten dollars. The House has no endowment and these fees are its chief source of revenue. The care of Hart House and its welfare has to a large extent been entrusted to the undergraduates themselves. There are six standing committees, namely, House, Hall, Library, 1V1usic, Billiard and Sketch. Each of these committees, except the Billiard Committee which is slightly smaller in size, consists of two faculty members tone of whom is the chairmanj, one graduate member, ten HART HOUSE One sixty-nine OP 1 if 51 n iQ Cr 1 ps at , QQ undergraduates and the VVarden. Eight of the ten undergraduate members are elected annually through the undergraduate membership of Hart House. the other two being elected by their own number to serve on the same committee the following year. The gymnasia, swimming pool and the conveniences con- nected with athletics are under the control and direction of the Athletic Director- ate. h1r. T. A. Reed, Secretary-Treasurer of the Athletic Association, has his office in Hart House. The personnel and duties of the standing and special committees subject to the authority of the Board of Stewards are as follows: HGUSE COMMITTEE The House Committee is the senior of the standing committees and has charge of the general management and social acitivities of Hart House. Under its supervision come all regulations governing the use of the House and all plans for the comfort and convenience of its members. The barber shop and guest rooms are under its care. The committee is also responsible to the Board of Stewards for seeing that the House is kept in good repair both as regards its structure and equipment. The annual elections of the committees of Hart House are also under the management of this committee. The Nlasquerade was again successfully held last November. The members of the House Committee for 1931-1932 are: Professor R. Taylor fChairmanJ, the Vlfiarden, C. F. Nlorrison, R. Gilley QComptrollerj, J.N1.Langton fGraduateD, H. A. Wiilliams CAthletic Association Representativel, R. L. Algie, H. W. Beall, A. A. Brant, T. E. N1cDonnell, Jr., 1V1. Schissler, A. H. Sellers, VV. 1. B. Stringer, VV. VVeiler, Nl. A. VVilton and T. L. 1Xf1arsh CSecretaryj. HALL COMMITTEE The duties of the Hall Committee are to exercise a general supervision over the Great Hall, the graduate dining room, the kitchen department of Hart House and the tuck shop. The number of students using the Great Hall is very One seventy HART HOUSE QP 1 ri at r IQ ,Cn :1 large. About one thousand meals a day are served there and if the faculty and graduate meals are taken into consideration as well as special functions and dinners, the total number of meals averages from about twelve to fifteen hundred. The Comptroller and the Assistant Comptroller have given much time and thought to the operation of this department of Hart House and of the tuck shop which continues to do a large business. The committee has given particular attention to the financial statements presented to it each month and to the many problems inseparable from a large and complex organization such as the Great Hall. The structural changes, which were carried out in the kitchens and servery two years ago, have proved very satisfactory. The members of the Hall Committee for l93l-l932 are: Dr. G. C. Cameron CChairmanb, the XVarden, Professor G. P. deT. Glazebrook, R. Gilley lConip- trollerl, H. C. Ireton CFaculty Union Representativej, Wvills Klaclachlan lGraduate7, G. Abraham, H. R. Cummings, G. D. Nlcliinney, S.A.1'1.Klerritt, T. P. O'Connor, R. G. Sexsmith, C. G. Southmayd, C. XV. Tyson, R. S. Young and G. NI. Graham QSecretaryD. LIBRARY CGMMITTEE The library in Hart House is recognized as one of the most beautiful rooms in the whole building. In accordance with the idea of the Founders, the Library Committee has for the past ten years been engaged in the building up of a collection of books It fr" at,--fs Lui? ig? HART HOUSE One sezwnfy one 01 1 lf '11 J 10 I 1 such as might be found in a good private library and as a result of their work the room has now become a popular resort of all who like to spend their leisure hours reading the casual book. At present there are five thousand volumes on the shelves about half of which are fiction, while the rest are composed chiefly of biography, history, languages and general literature. Additions to the Library are made at regular intervals and the activities of the committee are chiefly centred around the selec- tion of new books for purchase. A beginning has been made this year to build up a collection of first editions and private press books. The Library Committee is further responsible for the selection of periodicals for use in the reading room and in this department of the House a wide range of weekly and monthly journals may be found. The Curator, lXflr. E. H. Norman CVictoria '33l is responsible for the care and checking of books, but no other supervision over the Library is exercised. From the first the policy of the Library Committee has been to keep the shelves open at all times and to encourage the feeling that the contents of the library are the common property of members of Hart House. It is by this means that the unique character of the Library has been preserved. The members of the Library Committee for 1931-1932 are: Professor L. C. A. Hodgins fChairmanl, the VVarden, Professor E. K. Brown, N. bl. lV1cLean CGraduatel, E. H. Norman QCurator of the Libraryl, F. E. Eidt, W. Graham, Nl. lXfl. Hendrick, VV. bl. Hendry, A. A. fansen, lNfl. T. Nlulcahy, H. Porter, E. Roberts, R. O. Standish and T. V. O'B. VVilson fSecretaryj. MUSIC COMMITTEE The Nlusic Committee directs and generally supervises the various musical activities of the House. The major function of the hlusic Committee is to arrange a number of concerts, recitals and songsters and thus to encourage and stimulate an appreciation for good music among the undergraduate members of the House. Pursuing the policy of former years, the committee has, during the present academic year, arranged eight Sunday Evening Concerts and a series of Friday Afternoon Recitals. The Sunday Evening Concerts, the most popular musical institution of the University, are held in the Great Hall of Hart House at 9.00 p.m. on Sunday evenings at stated intervals during the term. Owing to the generosity of the leading musicians of the city under- graduates are afforded the opportunity of hearing music of the highest order and it is evident from the very large audiences which regularly attend them how much these concerts are appreciated. From the end of October and continuing until the middle of 1X7T2lI'Cl1 Friday Afternoon Recitals are held each Friday at 5.00 p.m. in the Nlusic Room. These recitals have drawn a large number of undergraduates week by week. A series of eight Songsters is held in the Klusic Room on Sunday evenings when there is no concert in the Great Hall and is conducted by Klr. bl. Campbell lVlclnnes. From the first they have drawn a large and enthusiastic number of students. lXvlr. hlclnnes has again taken charge of the Songsters during the past year and their success is due to his brilliant direction. The members of the Klusic Committee for 1931-1932 are: Professor H. R. Kemp lChairmanD, the lliarden, Professor R. D. C. Finch, Dr. E. A. C. Klac- lXflillan, F. R. hlacKelcan CGraduatel, A. Xl. Bell, C. L. Coburn, C. Cooper, A. Harley, R. G. C. Kelly, A. R. Little, A. hflcDonnell, R. F. lXflills, E. O. Wlithrow and A. C. R. Kl'Gonigle lSecretaryJ. One seventy-two HART HOUSE Q1 1 1: L4 m qQ O, 4 alfa pf J 10 BILLIARD COMMITTEE The billiard room of Hart House is a recreation centre for a large number of undergraduate members. It is under the control of the Billiard Committee. The general idea of the Billiard Committee of past years has been to promote the English game of billiards in preference to other games. VVith this object in view a handicap tournament is held after Christmas each year, the winner having his name inscribed on the Hart House Cup. A snooker tournament is also held, the winner receiving a miniature silver cup. The policy of the Billiard Committee has been to see that good English billiard tables are provided and that the general equipment is in good condition. The billiard room is a source of revenue to Hart House and financial state- ments are placed before the committee which is directly responsible, as are all other standing committees, to the Board of Stewards. The members of the Billiard Committee for 1931-1932 are: C. R. NIyers lChairmanD, the VVarden, C. A. Farewell CGraduatej, A. P. Lococo. G. H. lVlacCarthy, C. Orton, R. F. Palmer, F. Shipp and R. Berwick CSecretary,l. S KETCH COMMITTEE The Sketch Committee is responsible to the Board of Stewards for the art activities of Hart House. They include control of the sketch room and the print room and the holding of exhibitions therein, the winter loan exhibition hung in the principal rooms of the House, the management of sketching classes under an artist and the occasional purchase of pictures. The exhibitions during 1931-1932 have included a representative collection of recent work of Toronto artists, paintings by R. D. C. Finch, Ronald and Douglas NIcRae, F. S. Panabaker and others, Ontario Architectural Drawings, an exhibition of photography arranged by the Camera Committee: an exhibition of paintings and drawings done by members of Hart House and an exhibition of recent pictures from the United States. "Laurentian Village" by Bess Hausser has been added to the permanent collection of pictures, also ten black and white drawings of old Ontario houses by Thoreau KIacDonald. The art classes, held in the sketch room during the winter under the direction of H. S. Palmer, have again proved very popylar. The members of the Sketch Committee for l93I-l932 are: Dr. E. hl. Wialker f'ChairmanJ, the Viiarden, Professor E. A. Havelock, VV. E. Carswell, F. D. Shannon tKeeper of the Printsp, A. Goggio CAssistant Keeper of the Printsl, VV. G. Armstrong, K. Bradford, F. S. Brien, H. VV. Ford, I". R. Hume, F. Lasserre, H. lXIitchell, C. R. Parmenter, L. T. lVhite and G. Irving tSecretaryD. CAMERA COMMITTEE The Camera Committee, which is a special committee of Hart House, is responsible for the management of the dark rooms, the care of photographic equipment and the general encouragement of photography among the members of the House. On the occasion of the hflasquerade a member of the Camera Committee took photographs of the prize-winners for records and the news- papers. HART HOUSE One seventy-three O, 1 ya sq D iQ P: :I I fo 'fr-. if I if In January the committee arranged an exhibition of photography bv mem- bers of Hart House in the main sketch room. This was one ofthe most popular shows of the year. Throughout the winter the committee has been considering the best method of enlarging the Camera quarters which have long been totally inadequate for the increasing number of members interested in photographic work. Plans were drawn up and with the assistance of a generous grant from the Klassev Founda- tion the work is to be carried out during the coming summer. The members of the Camera Committee for 1931-1932 are: Professor A. F. Coventry CChairmanJ, the 'Warden YY. F. Haehnel fGraduateD. R. Learv, G. R. E. Pitts, IV. Shute. F. Mveston and E. B. Hvmen lSecretarvj. SQL1-XSH RACQEETS COMMITTEE The Squash Racquets Committee, which is a special committee of Hart House, is responsible to the Board of Stewards for the general control of the squash courts. The game continues to grow in popularity and several hundred members of Hart House are regular players. The Interfacultv and Individual Tournaments were again held and the names of the winners of those tournaments were inscribed on the boards placed in the gallery. Hart House was represented bv two members at the Canadian Racquets Championship held in XIarch at Qttawa. The members of the Squash Racquets Committee for 1931-1932 are: A. B. Fennell fChairmanJ, the Wiarden, X. F. A. Scandifho fGraduateD, A. Ii. Hamil- ton. L. Leibel. KI. PHSICTUSR. C. Iliilson and L. III. Plewes CSecretarvj. DEBATES COMMITTEE Cn 31st January. 1924 the first debate ever held in Hart House took place under the management of an informal committee appointed for that purpose. This debate was held on the open parliamentary' svstem and special Rules of Procedure were drawn up bv the committee. The debates room in Hart House One seventy-four HART HOUSE gy 4 1 J IQ l rl P 1 was arranged as far as possible similar to the Provincial or Federal House. The Speaker's chair was placed in a central position, members for the motion being on his right and those against the motion on his left. After the four speakers "on the paper" had finished their speeches the debate was open to any member who, having caught the Speaker's eye, might then rise and address the House. At 10.30 p.m. the House divided on the motion. There were no judges and the whole procedure was a definite attempt to get away from the competitive type of debate which is really an oratorical contest by which a team of three men from one university or faculty tries to win a victory over a team of three men from another university or faculty. The aim of debates held under the Hart House system is to encourage real debating in contrast to the delivery of speeches carefully prepared for weeks beforehand and also to give undergraduates an introduction into public life by discussing questions of general interest across the Hoor of the House with the country's ablest men. Among visitors who have spoken 'gon the paper" or from the floor of the House are the Hon. E. C. Drury, bl. S. Ewart, K.C., the Rt. Hon. YY. L. hlackenzie King, the Hon. VV. li. Raney, K.C., the Hon. gl. XY. Nickle, K.C., Andrew Klchlaster, K.C., the Hon. Hugh Cuthrie, the Hon. Nlanning Doherty, the Hon. G. Howard Ferguson, the Hon. W. H. Price, K.C., Nliss Agnes lXflacphail, NLP., Dr. R. P. Sclater, Samuel hfIcBride lex-hlayor of-Torontol, E. Garland, ALP., and Dr. WY. H. Fyfe. Representatives from KIcGill University and from Queen's University took part in the last debate. The members of the Debates Committee for 1931-1932 are: Professor G. NY. Brown CChairrnanl, the Warden, E. XY. Klclnnis, KI. K. Kenny CGraduateJ, sl. C. Clough CGraduateJ, F. K. Dell, C. L. M. Douglas, S. hi. Hermant, S. Hughes, R. L. Seaborn, S. li. Stewart, L. Tarshis and L. Stewart CSecretaryl. HART HOUSE One seventy Jive J t O, I y sq 3 MJ OP l lf fl It + ti' NX .ww sf- , ' -311515 its XXX ' 15 l l if 1' A x ,lf El g ii ll 1 1 1 1 I l . ,....a GRA DKATE CQMRIITTEE The Graduate Committee, which is a special committee of Hart House, is responsible for the activities of the senior members. Dinners held at certain intervals throughout the vear and the Graduates Ball, which takes place on New Year's live, are organized by this committee. It has a general supervision over the graduate athletic activities as well as the graduate dining room and sitting room. The committee is elected at the annual meeting of senior members of the House in Klarch of each vear. The members ofthe Graduate Committee for 1931-1952 are: G. N. Kennedy fChairmanJ, the 'Warden, A. S. Burton, F. C. Carter, D. G. Ferguson, 12. Al. Henry, 31.51. C. Lazier, Dr. A. A. Somerville, A. B. Hard, the Comptroller. the Assistant Secretarv and R. Johnston tSecretarvl. BOARD O F STEWARDS The Board of Stewards is the governing bodv of Hart House and is so con- stituted as to include among its members the secretaries of the six standing committees and representatives of the chief organizations in Hart House. Subject to the superior authority of the Board of Governors of the Liniversitv, the direction, management and administration of Hart House, including matters of discipline, are entrusted to the Board of Stewards. The Board is assisted by a Finance Committee which makes recommendations with regard to linancial matters. The general supervision ofthe whole house is entrusted to the Warden, who is appointed bv the Board of Governors of the University and is ex-oHicio One seventy-six HART HOUSE y 4 1: D1 J 10 N HART HOUSE I LT chairman ofthe Board of Stewards. He is assisted by the Comptroller of Hart House, R. Gilley 6S.P.S. '2lJ, the Assistant Comptroller, XY. R. Cowan l'S.P.S. 'Z-13, the Secretary of Hart House, R. Johnston lvyiictoria '29l and the Assistant Secretary, 12. D. Fennell lVictoria '3Ol. The members of the Board of Stewards for 1931-1932 are: the Harden CChairman ex-ofhciol. Sir Robert Falconer, K.C.K1.G., the Hon. Vincent Kiassey fappointed by the Board of Governorsl, Professor H. Vkiasteneys and Professor K. B. Jackson Cappointed by the Presidentl, T. A. Reed lFinancial Secretary of Athletic Associationl, Professor 11. Thomson QFaculty Cnionj, F. C. Carter lGraduate Comrnitteel, C. Clough CStudent Christian Associationl, XY. Graham lgAthletic Directoratel, H. S. C. Archbold CStudents' Administrative Councill, T. L. K1arsh lHouse Comniitteej, G. KI. Graham lHall Committeej, T. Y. O'B. lYilson lLibrary Committeel, A. C. R. X1'Gonigle lhlusic Committeel, J. R. Berwick lBilliard Committeel, G. Irving CSlv:etch Committeel and J. R. Gilley l,SecretaryJ. STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSGCIATION The religious life ofthe House is under the guidance ofthe Rev. L. A. Dixon who this fall succeeded the Rev. F. Kloore as the leader ofthe Student Christian Association in the University. Afternoon addresses are arranged and groups meet regularly for study and discussion. The Chapel is used for informal services and for celebrations of the Holy Communion. The glass in the windows of the Chapel was collected from the devastated areas of France, Flanders and 1taly and over the altar is a crucilix carved by Eric Gill and presented to the House by Sir Xlichael Sadler. ,f ,xx 'X Rf 4. all eel 1 :X ll I 0 1 1 1 QQ One seventy-sez en V W W , ' 7 i Q,',1fV: f' A A" " ' W ffivlf 'f'1'7P. 4' , , Y, Y win V 'V ol 1 l 4 5 1Q STUDE ADMINISTRATIO I S-':"I-f f' we C 3 - L ,X S x 1 , . 5 ' 7 'Z 4427 1132, ,I ff ffff 'f ' f X ? ff I1 ' L J I 9' 1 I 5 aff ! '77 e' H W2 S f W , . 1 , If ' "if 'JZ Q1 4 1 'init n 10 Or I I I y I0 JOINT EXECUTIVE STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCILS Back Row: J. R. WALDIE, B.A. CKnoxD, G. K. MASTERS, B.A. C"Torontonensis" Editorl, D. A. MARSHALL CPharmacyJ, E. S. JEWETT CS. P. SJ, A. E. S. DAVISON CVictoriaD, F. G. S. CHRISTIE lMedicine9, F. E. EIDT CForestry7, H. S. C. ARCHBOLD qTrinityJ, W. F. PAYTON, B.A. C"Varsity" Editorj. Middle Row: MISS S. CAYLEY lSocial Scienceb, MISS F. M. AXWORTHY lSt. Hilda'sJ, MISS D. L. BISHOP Wictoriaj, MISS M. B. CLARK QHousehold Sciencel, MISS R. M. MCCULLOCH CMedicineD, MISS R. CAMPBELL, B.A. CO. C. EJ, MISS E. P. MIDGLEY CPub1ic Health Nursingl, MISS C. M. HINDS lSt. Joseph'sD, H. H. BERRY, B.A. CO. C. EJ. Front Row: S. J. HOPKINS CDentiStryD, A. GORDON BURNS, B.A. QGeneral Secretary-Treasurerj, MISS G. A. BEATTY CU. C.4Vice-Presidentl, M. K. KENNY, B.A. CPresidentJ, MISS A. E. M. PARKES, B.A. QAssoc. Secretaryj, H. W. F. APPLETON CU. C.-Vice-Presidentl, A. H. MARSHALL CWycliiTeD. Absent: PROF. C. R. YOUNG, C.E., PROP. S. N. F. CHANT, M.A., MISS J. P. MORTON C"Varsity" Women'S Editorl, E. G. WILKINS, B.A. CEmmanuelj, F. K. DELL CSt. Michael'sJ. oint Executive Students' Administrative Council 9 YEAR ONE OF THE NEW CONSTITUTION MEMBERS M. K. KENNY, B.A., President. MISS M. B. CLARK, Rep. to Publications H. W. F. APPLETON, Vice-President Committee MISS G. A. BEATTY, Second Vice-President PROF. C. R. YOUNG, Faculty Rep. PROP. S. N. F. CHANT, Faculty Rep. A. GORDON BURNS, B.A., Secretary-Treasurer MISS A. E. M. PARKES, B.A., Assoc. Secretary A. H. MARSHALL, Publications Commissioner S. J. HOPKINS, Finance Commissioner F. G. S. CHRISTIE, Athletics Commissioner MISS D. L. BISHOP, Women's Athletic Com- missioner H. S. C. ARCHBOLD, Rep. to Board of Stew- ards, Hart House W. F. PAYTON, Editor-in-Chief of Varsity MISS J. MORTON, Women's Editor of Varsity G. K. MASTERS, Editor of TORONTONENSIS F. E. EIDT, Rep. to Publications Committee E. S. JEWETT, Rep. to Finance Committee MISS F. AXWORTHY, Rep. to Finance Com- mittee G. WILKINS, Emmanuel College Rep. J. R. W'ALDIE, Knox College Rep. D. A. MARSHALL, Pharmacy Rep. F. K. DELL, St. Michael's College Rep. MISS C. M. HINDS, St. Michael's College Rep. MISS E. P. MIDGLEY, Public Health Nursing Rep. H. H. BERRY, Ontario College of Education Rep. MISS S. CAYLEY, Social Science Rep. MISS R. M. MCCULLOCH, Medical Women's Rep. MISS RUTH CAMPBELL, Ontario College of Education Women's Rep. ITH the academic year 1931-32, the Student Government of the University began to operate on a new basis. The Joint Executive, Students' Administrative Councils became the sole and supreme student administrative body, replacing previously existing separate Councils for men and women. On the Joint Executive sit the heads of the Student government societies of the colleges, faculties and departments constituting the Student body and in this way the varied opinions and interests of an otherwise disunited constituency are given a focal point. W One eighty Or I I I i IQ lf I During the year under review, the simplified form of student government has operated smoothly and well. The meetings have been fully attended, interest has been keen, and business has been efliciently and intelligently transacted. On only one occasion was the formidable voting system invoked to settle a contentious point, the vote registered being 2027 to 1923. "The Varsity", UTORONTONENSISU and "The Students' Handbook", the publications under the control of the Joint Executive, enjoyed a successful year and were a credit to the University. An innovation this year was a dinner given by the Joint Executive to the staff of "The Varsity" at the beginning of the autumn term. The outstanding event of the spring term was the students' farewell to Sir Robert Falconer, upon his retirement from the Presidency of the University. Held in Convocation Hall under the auspices of the Joint Executive, it was a most impressive occasion, students uniting to pay tribute to Sir Robert and to hear his memorable farewell address. To com- memorate the occasion, a Gift Book containing an illuminated address and etchings of University buildings was presented to the President. The Joint Executive also gave a farewell dinner in his honour in the Great Hall, Hart House, at which one hundred and thirty repre- sentative students were present. The members of the Committee working the arrangements forfthese functions are to be congratulated on their efficiency. This Committee was composed as ollows: MR. H. W. F. APPLETON, Chairman PROF. S. N. F. CHANT Miss D. L. BISHOP MR. M. K. KENNY Miss M. B. CLARK Miss A. E. M. PARKES MR. S. J. HOPKINS MR. A. GORDON BURNS Looking back over the past twenty-five years, we realize what Sir Robert's tolerance and understanding have meant in the development of Student Government. For this and many other reasons, we regret very much that the time has come for him to retire. - l l HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE UNDERGRADUATES' ASSOCIATION Top Row: RUTH SINCLAIR t3rd Yr. Rep.J, JOAN BATEMAN tSecretary-Treasurerj, ELIZABETH WATTS t2nd Yr. Rep.J, EILEEN COLQUHOUN tlst Yr. Rep.3. Bottom Row: ELIZABETH SMITH "Torontonensis" Rep.J, MARGUERITE CLARK CPresidentl, DR. BENSON tHon. Presidentj, GRACE CooEY QVice-Presidentj, PHYLLIS EASSON C4th Yr. Rep.J. One eighty one Qi 1 If be P 19 Ol 1 3 ,1 1 10 One UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LITERARY AND ATHLETIC SOCIETY EXECUTIVE, 1931-32. Top Row CLeft to Righty: J. E. FOWELL 13rd Yr. Presidentj, H. G. SKILLING C2nd Yr. Presidentj N. H. SHAW fSeeretaryJ, A. G. HEAKES f4th Yr. Presidentj, R. A. BELL CTreasurerJ, S. M. HERMANT CAsst. Secretaryj, D. F. DADSON Clst Yr. Presidentj. Bottom Row: R. O. STANDISH CAthletic Directorj, H. F. APPLETON CPresident7, I J. MCCULLEY CHon. Presidentj, L. TARSHIS CLiterary Directory, J. M. WHYTE CSoe1alD1reetor5. University College Literary and Athletic Society HE University College Literary and Athletic Society has completed another academic year full of its usual multifarious activities. The executive may well congratulate itself on their uniform success in view of the unusual difficulties which had to be overcome this year. The new matricula- tion regulations which appreciably lowered the Society's income, together with economic conditions which made the usual social activities difficult to run, necessitated a rigid economy plan which has pulled the Society through one of the most trying years of its history. The Literary side of the Society, under the capable administration of Klr. L. Tarshis, has had an exceedingly successful year. The usual monthly meetings were well attended and interesting. The Robinette Trophy for debating, produced keen rivalry and was finally won by Klessrs. I-lolditch and Ivalton, in one of the best debates heard at the college in some years. The Athletic Director, Nlr. R. O. Standish, has inaugurated a new era in University College athletics, and University College teams have become respected as never before. Uur Rugby team, which won its group, is but one indication of this. The Athletic Banquet for the College athletes was the most outstanding of Alr. Standish's innovations and did a great deal to bring athletic interest to a high pitch. eighty-two 0: 4 1 bl 1 40 flquf ,l University College has always been famous for its social activities. This year's dance enhanced that reputation, though as suggested before. the untler- graduates' linancial situation made it difhcult to run them ivitliout loss. 'l'lie Fall Dance, the lvniversitv College Follies and the Arts Ball could hardly have been improved upon from a social point of view. Our congratulations are due to the Social Director, Mr. Xl. llihvte, for his success under such trying conditions. The retiring executive has undoubtedlv upheld the standard tif those that went before it and have made some contributions to the Societfs constitution which are expected to be a great help to executives of the future. Vie go forward to another year, if not in the hope of better conditions., at any rate secure in the knowledge that we are well prepared for any emergency that may arise. X jvfwm- Q , "' If MQ- ,. til 1 F, I? Z One eighty-llzree QP 1 rf 21 lf cg f rf 10 OP .fl 1C D1 1 KO VICTORIA COLLEGE UNION EXECUTIVE Back Row: MISS I. M. CLARE CSecretaryD, A. R. CRAGG CVice-Presidentj, MISS M. E. KEYES CAssociate Social Directorj. Front Row: H. J. HOWARD fSocial Directory, A. E. S. DAVISON fPresidentJ, CHANCELLOR E. W. WALLACE CHon. Presidenti, MISS D. L. BISHOP CAssociate Presidentj, D. W. MCGIBBON CTreasurer1. - Victoria College Union N THE second year of its existence it can be said of the Victoria College Union that it is no longer an experiment, it is a proven success, both as a federation of student societies and as the governing body of the students of the College. The Union has successfully arranged the financing of the Debating Society, the magazine "Acta Victorianaf' as well as supervising the finances of all federated societies. Social activities have been better than ever. Open meetings have been largely attended, and members have freely expressed their opinions. It has been said that one of the best features of the Union is that the financial, literary and social activities of the students are administered by a small executive of men and Women, resulting in a minimum of wasted effort. The executive pictured above, the members of which now consider themselves graduate telephone operators and committee members, hope that their effort has not been wasted. lVlay the Union continue to realize the best hopes of its founders! One eighty-four O 21 If 51 1 40 CJ 1 D- -1 3 'Q ANNESLEY STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Top Row: JEAN KINNEAR, ELDA BUELL, MARG. SCRIMGEOUR, ZELIIINOR DAVIDSON, NORMA MERRITT, VERA SELKIRK, DOT RUNNELLS, LOUISE HURLEURT, MARG. HALIIE. Sitting: DOROTHY RAE, HELEN STEVENS, RUBY MASTERSON CPI-esidentp, DR. N. FORD MARGARET WHITE, GLADYS TUCKER, MARGARET BERRY. Annesley Student Government Association N THE earfy days of Annesley Hall there was felt by the students there, the desirability of "assuming individual and community responsibility in the life aIId conduct of the IYomen's Residences". Such responsibility, it was tlIouglIt, would, if given to tlIe students make for tlIe development of character and the promotion of loyalty to the best iIIterests of the residences. III 1912 a petition was sent to tlIe Senate with the result that Annesley Student Government was formed. It was founded upon aII agreement between tlIe authorities of Victoria College and the resident women studentsg which agreement entrusted to the latter the management of all non-academic matters pertaining to their conduct in residence. Annesley Hall was the first women's residence i1I Canada to adopt this system of government and with necessary modifications, it has remained in use ever since its introduction. livery woman student in tlIe residences of Yictoria College is subject to the operation of tlIe constitution of "Asga", and is therefore a member of the Association. By realizing her individual responsibility and taking an active interest in student government, each girl may help in upholding its standards. It is this attitude of co-operation which has contributed iII such a large measure to the spirit existing between the executive and members. From the time of its iIIauguratioII, tlIe constant help and advice of hliss KI. li. I. Addison, who up to tlIe present year was tlIe Dean of Wvomen, has been of tlIe greatest value. Dr. Norma Ford, her successor, brings to her position a valuable experience in educational matters aIId a lively interest in all that concerns residence women. Already, her friendly co-operation has greatly aided the executive aIId it is their hope that she will continue as head of the Annesley Residences. One-eight y fit e Qs 4 VY'-el 1 QQ O! 4 ya -1 TRINITY COLLEGE LITERARY INSTITUTE COUNCIL, 1931 D. R. L. CLARKE Clst Yearj, S. H. S. HUGHES fDebating Seeretaryl, W. N. BOWDEN CAsst. Treasurerj, J. D. CROMARTY CKQ-eper of the Maeel, W. H. BRADLEY CClerk of the Housej. O. G. BARROW CCuratorJ, A. H. LITTLE CTreasurerJ, T. P. CROSTHWAIT fPresidentJ, R. L. SEABORN fSpeakerJ, J. C. S. FAIR CSecretaryJ, H. S. C. ARCHBOLD flst Vice-Presidentb, J. L. STEWART f2nd Vice-Presidentb. Trinity College Literary Institute N a College of institutions. the Literary Institute is the oldest. being founded in the days of the Diocesan Theological Institute in Cobourg Cabout 90 years agol. Linder Trinity College it has remained established and vigorous. Debating has been emphasized for some years noxv in the interpretation of its motto, Ffrof Cuftzzr fiom Fornzarf. The regular meetings are held each Friday evening. These meetings are the scene of Party debates under the Parliamentary system with due attention to ceremony and traditional usage. The House is run under a government and oppositionethe government goes out on two successive defeats and the opposition automatically fills the vacancy. Thus there are many changes and many leaders during the year. The Speaker, Secretary and Treasurer are the Permanent Qihcials. The Secretary is the connecting link between governments. An oratorical contest and Conversazione come under the Institute's juris- dietion4the Conversazione being arranged by a special committee which each year has earned increasingly the commendation of the members of Trinity. lnter-college debates are held with St. Hilda's. University College, Victoria and Huron Colleges. These and the regular debates have done much in fostering public speaking. Rlembers of the "Lit." are very active in Hart House debates and several times this year a member has occupied the Speaker's Chair. One eighty-six Ol I lf it 1 cg Ci 1 lf. .ft , ,Q ST. HILDA'S HOUSE COMMITTEE F. STRONG, K. DICK, Miss CARTWRIGHT, F. AXWORTHY, M. MCCULLOUGH. St. Hilda's College House Committee Hlfi House Committee consists of Dr. Xl. Cartwright, Dean of ltomen and Principal of the College, and of the head student in each year chosen in her first year on entering the College with the highest academic standing. ln addition, there are one or two other representatives from each year when necessary. This House Committee has complete authority over student activities and it is from this body that the final decision comes in disciplinary matters. Only once a month is a meeting of the full committee held while the Dean and the four "heads" of the years meet weekly. The "year system" is still practised at St. Hilda's. By this system the head of the fourth year automatically becomes "Head of College". The fourth year is responsible for the management of the College and it is from the fourth year. with very rare exceptions. that the heads of the various organized societies are elected. The third year has no specific duties other than those which fall to it in the apportioning of ofhcers. To the second year falls the very specific duty of controlling the first year. The first year in its turn is responsible for all house duties such as telephone and tea duty, etc. The l,iterary Society and the XYomen's Auxiliary of the Church Xlissionary Society are perhaps the two largest organizations in the College. The principal activity of the Literary Society is the presentation of four plays by the members of each of the four years. lnteresting debates are also held throughout the year. Connected with the latter society is the Annual Bazaar and Tea, the proceeds of which go to missionary work. Various class parties, receptions and the annual dances are some of the activities which make up the social life of the College. One eighty-sezen J L Qi 4 lf Dt 1 tQ Ol 4 b-cn, W,-4 , Mx X v . ' Q an F WB! Je ' Z 'K I tt Q I y Q . S if f t - I N V ,, ' in , .-118 I "' 1 . AA11,AA. 1 A 1:fg:.i,',' Q if f N " A' X Vt "" All 'A I .v I uf, . ,s..i, .H fivfi- 'Q ck A ' 3 ,gf-Qfq., .,e-I-14. . 1 " : ' 1 ,fk5, ,1,, 'LL Q Q SM iw.,"iP K- ii M gffly .. t . . . he a eatvusoe e ' . .FI .l,L , .ig g .,,i,.- 4-Q?: 3 Z-'H :A 4,1 V Q fa -i,. f ' 1 E 5 25792-r"1 -E" El fV :, . 'T 3 'I Q 'UNlVElQSIf'Py:ECTQlQ0NCl'fl" f 3 ' n f - :ov - .4 of s . N ,m,,.1"" ' .1-if Ht? yrcrsfo' The Medical Society, University of Toronto HE medical students of the University of Toronto have had an under- graduate organization, elected for the purpose of administering student activities, ever since lS95. Though time and altered customs have made necessary many additions and revisions to the original constitution, the basic purposes which the first Society served still exist. Elections are held each year in February, and the incoming executive takes office when the fall term begins. Besides president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer and assistant secretary- treasurer, those comprising the executive are the various year presidents, the president of the Nledical Athletic Society, together with the editor of the journal, and the chairman of Dajfydil. Had it no other purpose than that of administering faculty social events, and business matters pertaining to the student body, the Nledical Society would have served a useful purpose. But there is a far broader aspect. lt is the aim of the Society to promote co-operation between staff and students and to arrange educational meetings which may serve to draw the various years together for the discussion of topics, both academic and extra-mural. lt is under the auspices of the Nledical Society that the University of Toronto Medical journal is pub- lished. This publication is the special protege of the Society. The administra- tion of the Nledical Sick Fund is another of the important functions of the Society. Daffydil Night, that annual fun-fest held in Hart House Theatre, is a Nledical Society production, as are the Annual At-Home and Daffydil banquet. One eighty-eight Qi 1 bf' --,4 , ,Q Oy 4 P W 1 I tg MEDICAL WOMEN'S UNDERGRADUATE ASSOCIATION Top Row CLeft to Righty: MARY STEWART CS.A.C. Rep.J, JESSIE MCGEACHY Clst Yr. Rep.J, MARY SANDERSON f2nd Yr. Rep.J, BETTY LowEs f"Torontonensis"J. Front Row: MARGARET BICKLE CTreasurerJ, HARR1oTT GATES CSeeretaryD, ROSAMOND MCCULLOCH CPresidentJ, HELEN MCKINLEY CVice-Presidentb, THELMA BRYANT CDat'fydil Rep.J Medical Women's Undergraduate Association HE Kledical Vlvoinerfs Undergraduate Association, under the able direction of the efficient executive shown above, have taken part in varied activities during the year just passed. Living as we do in an organized age, we must needs conform with the demands of organization, and hold meetings. These meetings, held at intervals of about six weeks, have greatly aided us in getting acquainted with each other and in "strengthening the bonds of friendship". This is more difficult than would be suspected by one who has not studied medi- cine, as each of us has such a full and varied time-table that we have very little opportunity of meeting others outside of our own year. At out meetings we have tried to get away from the tendency to "talk shop", and have therefore got people prominent in fields other than medicine to talk to us about their own work, which in every case was very interesting. We have also introduced innovations into our time-honoured "Nabob Tea", to which we invite all our professors. This year the tea was held at the University College VVomen's Union, in the absence of old Argyll House, where it was held in former years. During the tea hour, the Toronto Ladies' String Quartette entertained with very lovely music which everyone enjoyed very much. Somewhat later in the year, on "DaiTydil Night", we went to Hart House stage, where we scored one of the biggest successes we have ever had-a success which was celebrated to the full at our Dalifydil Banquet. And so to Medicine, that all-absorbing, frantically fascinating existence which demands our all. Our ranks will be depleted, as some of our best place "Kl.D." after their names, and step forth into the world. Although we wish them God-speed and the best of luck, we hate to see them go. VVe have come to know and love them, and this through the Xledical Vlvomenis Undergraduate Association, and thus through this alone the organization has justified its existence. One eighty-nme Qu 1 lffwll D 10 Ol jc he Ji J' ' ' V! mx , 2, - I -Y, . ev V N'l- wfewsc: .f - A W -cfm sms! ' ' .. y 1 r T A 1 A ' J' T r f " s 1 i M l .. EM.- .. QQ I . ,f up . I g AL xSg,lN ELRING , . I P T .. 500 BTV T . i 1 . ,," a l',XliCU'l'IVE ,-A S . V E, 1 lluiilii' ufAnplied fi f f -. f 5rif-nt'e2:-l'lnqiiweriiiq ' A ' ' T ml UQIT 1952 V T I fi The Engineering Society HE Engineering Society is composed of all the undergraduates ot the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. It was organized in 1885, and since that time its activities and influence have grown steadily. Elections are held annually, the lirst Friday in Xlarch. Open meetings are held twice a month. Men prominent in Engineering and in other lines address the Society. These meetings have proven very popular and very helpful to the members. The federated clubs hold seminars, smokers and banquets at which subjects pertaining particularly to their own departments are discussed by prominent Engineers. The Society controls the most important School social functions, which are the Annual School Dinner, School Nite and School At Home. "Transactions and Year Book" is published in the spring, and "Toike Oikef, a small paper, appears every "now and then". The President of the Athletic Association, working in conjunction with the Engineering Society, controls the athletic activities of School. The Engineering Society maintains a store in the Engineering Building, where drafting supplies and other School requirements, with the exception of text books, are for sale. Only a small profit is made, but because of eliieient management, it has been possible to accumulate a surplus. One ninezf y OP bf 1 1 1 40 if 1 le QQ In April, 1931, the Society paid a dividend of one dollar and fifty cents to every undergraduate member. The Society has not always been in such a good financial position as at present. In 191-1 it faced a serious deficit, and appealed to the Board of Governors for a grant. The Board very kindly granted S1503 and a similar grant was made each year till 1930. In November, 1931. the Society repaid these grants with interest, amounting to 753,878 Canon Cody, President of the University, suggested that this money be used in the interests of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. A loan fund has been estab- lished with it for the benelit 'of Engineering undergraduates. Wie are conlident that the Engineering Society will keep up the high standard of efficiency set up in the past. - '1' F . Q i ' 1,4 al ,Q-swfax i . i f' l l . l . ! 1 L s One ninety-one il Qi 1 1 at if ul Q1 1 n e , fo T W., ,,,, K 'I .-A Q 1 rwf' -5 4. T --X A- ' ',,. . :'-: r -N i V. i . Q we f A': ' 5' I U . My if -1 N 4 k V V . f ,A . V " A t . , , s M f - "lt t it Q - W '?AeJbTi2'DEHT1aTR h S bxqu ' ii ir 'i lt e 'eittfserfla I Q S as .L ".73fflfU9U5il'llfll'li" f S' 5 s iifesaa ff Psmwf V1 1 375 'lfgmlszu f A? misss A I Mn., can ummm r. fa-111 - '- 3' W 5i,'.,,,,,,r Hy.. Students' Parliament-Faculty of Dentistry HE Students' Parliament comprises all the students enrolled in the faculty. Its purpose is to provide an official channel of communication between the staff of the Faculty, the governing bodies of the University and the student body. It is the medium through which the undergraduates are repre- sented in social, athletic and literary activities. hleetings are held at least once a month during the school term. The executive of the students' parliament is known as the cabinet. It consists of the president of parliament and eleven other members, comprising the class presidents ofthe live years as well as the presidents ofthe other under- graduate activities. These offices are filled by a majority vote. ln general, the constitution is modeled on that of the Students' Adminis- trative Council, and its actions and powers affecting the dental students are very similar to those exercised by the Students' Administrative Council allecting the students of the University as a whole. One ninety-Iwo p ' Q 1 if 1 10 O1 1 1 1 1 rj WYCLIFFE COLLEGE LITERARY SOCIETY Back Row: B. A. PEGLAR CAsst. Secretaryb, A. J. Forma fCritic1, F. J. COLEMAN C2nd Vice-Presidentb, W. M. TOONE CFreshman Rep.J, W. D. LANCASTER CCuratorJ. Front Row: F. W. POOLEY, B.A. CSeeretaryl, E. S. OTTLEY CSpeakerD, A. H. MARSHALL CPre-sidentj, E. O. LANCASTER Clst Vice-Presidentb, R. C. Good fTreasurerJ. Wfycliffe College Literary Society HE Wvyclifife College Literary Society, under the presidency of Klr. A. H. Klarshall, has enjoyed a very eventful and successful season, its programme has been one of varied interest and enjoyment. The hearty co-operation of the members has contributed in no small way to make the Society the "Voice of the Students". Special speakers have been a notable feature this year. VVC were very fortunate to have as our guest on one occasion the eminent linglish novelist, Klr. Valentine Vivilliams. author of "The Klan Wvith the Club Foot" and other mystery stories. The Rev. A. Gordon Channen, a recent graduate of the College, and a past President of the "Lit," gave usa most inspiring illustrated address on the origin and development of "The Fellowship of The VYest". On another occa- sion, we had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Dyson Hague, of the Faculty. speak on "Xlusic in Words". Debating has received an added impetus due to the fact that the Taylor Trophy has been awarded on a more personal basis, the names of the winners being inscribed on the Trophy and individual medals being presented to them. This new system has not only stimulated interest but it has also placed debating in Wlyclifie upon a much higher plane. The visit of the St. llilda's Literary Society for the purpose of debating with us was a source of great pleasure and satisfacticn to all, and did much to increase interest in this field. Under the editorship of Mr. XY. F. Payton, B.A., editor of The 1'llfJ'', "Cap and Gown" appeared in three issues, eclipsing the record of previous years in literary style and in workmanship. Social events played an important part in the activities of the Society. ln the fall, a hiking party was held at lslington, and an lndustrial Tour was indulged in, in the spring. The annual At Home, the scene of which was laid in the new Leonard Library, was one of the pleasantest and most entertaining evenings ever held in the College. Amid a profusion of colour and dazzling beauty, the Canadian Singers, under the direction of Klr. Campbell Mclnnes, presented a varied and much-appreciated programme. And so ended another year of venture and success! One ninety-th ree O1 4 1 ' it 1 iQ Cr 4 if rl y 19 ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL M. T. DOHERTY tViee-Presidentb, J. MCISAAC, F. DELL CPreside-ntl, H. W. FORD fSeeretaryJ. St. Michaels Students' Council Hli Students' Council of St. Klichael's College enjoyed perhaps its busiest and most successful year. A programme, larger than usual, was planned at the beginning of the academic year, and, due to the co-operation of the student body, the Council was able to carry out all that was intended. The Council, instead of the Sophomore class, took charge of the lfreshnien Reception. The old proyerb, Hlixperience is a great teacher". certainly held good at this initiation, no fewer than twenty-two skits, of a inost extraordinary type. were arranged for the lfreshinen. The .Xrts Banquet was undoubtedly the most important function sponsored by the Students' Council. As well as being the Annual Banquet for the students, it was also a farewell dinner to Sir Robert Falconer. Sir Robert. of course, was the guest speaker, and his remarks were yery touching as he outlined the twenty- fiye years he has been associated with the Cniyersity and St. Xlichael's College. During the banquet, the Glee Club, composed of forty-eight yoices, under the personal direction of Xlr. Gerald Dwyer, gave several pleasing nunibers. The College fifteen-piece orchestra was also in attendance. The banquet was yoted as the finest Arts' Banquet eyer held within the college walls. The Council of l93l-32 feels that it has fulfilled its duties faithfully, and trusts that its successors will carry on the great work. One ninety-four Cm 'ai if at 1 IQ . A71 O, 1 P-f nl p qi, ONTARIO VETERINARY COLLEGE STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL Back Row: L. C. SWAN, W. J. HOLY, G. L. CAMERON, F. J. LESLIE, T. A. DEsI1,E. Front Row: R. J. BILYEA CTreasurerJ, A. F. BAIN CViee-Presidentl, C. K. MADER CPresidentD A. A. BODENDISTEL fSecretaryj, J. E. MCLEAN. Absent: H. A. FRASER. Ontario Veterinary College Students' Administrative Council I-Ili Students' Administrative Council is the student governing body elected by the students. It is composed of eleven members, three from the Senior year, three from the Junior, three from the Sophomore and two from the Freshman. The aim of the Council is to promote a feeling of good will and sportsmanship among the students, to aid them in every way and to form a closer relationship between the students and the faculty. Athletics have come to the fore once more and by the splendid showings made by the various teams and individual men in inter-year competition and O.A.C.-O.V.C. competition, it makes the future look exceedingly bright. Dr. KlcGilvray donated a handsome shield for hockey in the "House League" and this was won by Year '31 The Vet. All Stars entered the O.A.C. House League as a team and won the championship in Hockey of the two Colleges. The O. V. C. is a member of the O.A.C. Athletic Association and it was agreed upon as final that we continue our afhliations with them again this year and till such time as we are able to establish our own Athletic Association with a charter. Our men have distinguished themselves, not only as players on the O.A.C. teams, but as individuals in wrestling, boxing, track and swimming. The Science Association was combined with the American Veterinary Xledical Association, Junior Chapter. this year, with the result that a more varied and more scientific number of papers were read and defended at each meeting. To say that this year has been a successful one is not unreasonable and the Council gladly acknowledges the fact that the men of O.V.C., Dr. Alcfiilvray and the Faculty played the highly important part that made it so. One ininety five ol 1 jd 21 y qQ ol ri If Pl F fo WOMEN'S UNDERGRADUATE ASSOCIATION COUNCIL, 1931-32 Back Row fLeft fo Righfj: MISSES H. SLATER CHead Girl, Hutton Housej, M. DAVIDSON QHead Girl, Falconer Housej, M. ATTWOOD CPresident, 4th Yr.D, D. BRISBIN CHead Girl, Cody Housel, P. RICHARDS CSocial Service Rep.D, E. BOON CS.C.M. Rep.D, M. ARMSTRONG CPresident 2nd Yr.D, B. BEALEY CPresident Ist Yr.J, M. DUINHAM CPre-sident 3rd Yr.j Front Row CLeft to Righty: MRS. H. HEDMAN CHon. Presidentb, M. CoNBoY CSeeretaryD, M. HOGARTH CTre-asurerl, G. BEATTY CPresidentD, H. GILLIES CVice-Presidentj, M. ANDERSON CHead Girl, Muloek Housej, MISS M. B. FERGUSON CDE-an of Womenj. Women's Undergraduate Association, U. C, HE VVomen's Undergraduate Association is the official representative and administrative body of the women students of University College. The initiation party this year took the form of stunts presented by the first year students, followed by the formal initiation by the seniors. The Annual Autumn Tea, which is the official welcome to first year students by the faculty wives, alumnae and undergraduates was a great success. Two Sunday afternoon hflusicales were given by Kiadame de Kresz and Lulu Putnik, and a series of songsters under the leadership of Campbell AlcInnes were enjoyed by a great many. The St. Nlargarefs College Alumnae Public Speaking Contest was won this year by hfiiss lXlary Clark, a first year student. A joint meeting of the VVomen's Undergraduate Association and the iNIen's Literary and Athletic Society, held this year at the XVomen's Union, was featured by debates and skits. One ninety-six Ov 4:4 I 4 1 10 J 1 k-,Ji I lo KNOX COLLEGE UNDERGRADUATES' ASSOCIATION 1931-'32 EXECUTIVE G. BAULCH CVice-Presidentj, C. G. BOYD, B.A. fProgramme and Worshipb, D. D. DAVIDSON, B.A. CAthleticsJ. W. H. JACK, B.A. CTreasurerJ, J. R. WALDIE, B.A. CPreside-nth, PROP. J. D. CUNNINGHAM, M.A., D.D. CHon. Presidentj, W. E. YOUNG fSeeretaryJ, R. C. CREELMAN, B.A. fHouseJ. Knox College Undergraduates' Association HE system of government within Knox College is of the students, for the students, by the students. Every matter relating to the residential life is open to the consideration of this body. Its meetings, both executive and parliamentary, provide an excellent training in legislative activities and in the leadership of young men. The monthly meetings of the Knox College Undergraduates' Association this year have been very much alive. His' Klajesty's Government has upheld the dignity of the House by presenting a wide-awake and well-prepared pro- gramme, His N'lajesty's Opposition has been full of rhetorical power but, in the main, has supported the Government. The House Committee has attained a very high level of CHICICIICY. The Programme and Worship Committee has presented a varied programme, includ- ing the Theatre Party, the Christmas Dinner and the "Purple and White" At Home. The chapel services every morning have effectively promoted the spiritual side of undergraduate life. ln athletics, Knox has taken her part nobly in various lnterfaculty com- petitions. The Soccer team has for the fourth consecutive season won the Arts Faculty Cup. The Rugby team has shown vast improvement over the previous year. The Hockey, Basketball and Baseball teams augur success in their several departments in the near future. g'K110x Zialaber alekenz l60ll, Ki yatio ko! Z0 ililfll, IIZ.7ZF7Zl., hifzfri nur utah Hurrah for old Knoxf Hzirralif IIIl7'7'flll.ll One ninety-seven On 4 if at 1 IQ Om 1 pa at y go 7 .W W 1:4 is r i if 1 , 3 I nf 1' iw NV! X X Z .T N 'V Q ,z Q," ' LJ Xiwng 41.2-4 N r-sxBeucD1vE'eoMmrrfpEe-- are y 'onCPARio--eowbeoeioeinnaiemaesf- D i ev---if -iaai-Loan er T One L". ,.w.m.i,c .. . .. Ontario College of Pharmacy Students, Executive HlS is the governing undergraduate body of the Ontario College of Pharmacy for athletics as well as the major social functions. lt is this Executive which appoints the Athletic Directorate by which managers of the various teams are chosen. lVhile, at this time, many of the lnterfaculty leagues are in full swing, yet a brief summary of Pharmacy's activities, as well as a boastful prediction, might be permitted here. The soccer team was defeated in its own group by the strong Knox team, which held the championship in 1930-31. To date the baseball team have played but two games, which they won. Due to the unseason- able weather, no lnterfaculty hockey games have yet been played, but Pharmacy with the strongest team in years is expected to go considerable distance in quest of the Jenning's Cup. However, it is the basketball team of which much is expected. Last year they went through to the finals only to be nosed out by St. Rlichael's for the Sifton Cup, this year the team is stronger than ever. Socially, the Graduation Banquet and Ball was the big event of the year. Indeed, with the concert and banquet halls of the Royal York filled with guests, many of whom were from all parts of Ontario, it was one of the big parties of the campus. The banquet, which began at seven olclock, was a splendid affair with Will Vllhite and his famous Gipsy Singers and Harvey Robb, Grganist, putting on a most entertaining programme. Dancing began at ten o'clock, and W'right Bros. Wlestern University Band had every one keyed up. ninety-eight Q1 at If si Cr 1 hind is 40 EMMANUEL COLLEGE STUDENTS' SOCIETY Back Row: J. A. PERRY, B.A., W. F. BANISTER, Th.B., G. E. ASHTON, B.A., R. E. SPENCER,B.A. Front Row: C. LESLIE, B.A., E. G. WILKINS, B.A., K. H. CAUSLAND, M.A., B.D., W. C. LOCKHART, B.A. Absfnf: E. NEWBERRY, B.A. Emmanuel College Students' Society HE Emmanuel College Students' Societv is the central student organization which. in co-operation with the Faculty, controls and regulates student activities throughout the vear. The residence, the devotional and mis- sionary activities are under the direction of chairmen elected to thc executive of the Society bv the students. Athletics are supervised bv an elected chairman who is also Vice-President of the Victoria Athletic Lvnion. The vear l93l-32 has been unioue in the history of the College because of the oflicial opening and occupation of the new academic and residence buildings. These beautiful and comfortable surroundings provide an ideal background for the academic life. The residences themselves provide a basis for student fellowship and co-operation which is a steadily growing factor in the college life. Through a representation of the Society on the S.A.C. of the Universitv of Toronto, we share in the larger fellowship and activities of the whole Lvniversitvg and indirectly make our contribution to the broad and diversified interests of a great student centre. One ninety-nine Of I if If if 19 Cl 1 1 1 y gg UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO FORESTERS' CLUB F. G. PATTERSON flst Yr. Rep.J, H. W. BEALL CSecretaryJ, R. I. YOUNG CTreasurerJ, J. A. BRODIE CGraduate Repj, J. W. MCNUTT CPresidentD, DR. C. D. HOWE CHon. Presidentj, A. W. BROWN CVice-Presidentj. The Foresters' Club HE Foresters' Club is the official organ of student government in the Faculty. By means of semi-monthly meetings, it affords a splendid opportunity for the men of different years to get together and become acquainted. This helps to account for a strong faculty spirit which is of inestimable value to such a small unit of the University. In addition, the Club is always fortunate in being able to secure the services of leading men in pulp and paper, lumbering, biology and other fields, as speakers at its regular meetings. Three social functions, Stunt-Nite, the Annual Banquet and the At Home always meet with the approval of the members. Stunt-Nite is featured by Dean Howe's address and a skit produced by the Freshmen. Dancing follows in a woodsy atmosphere created by stag-shirts and moccasins, which are the order of attire. lt is further accentuated by the snow- shoes, muzzle-loaders, etc., which adorn the walls of the Forestry Building. At the annual At Home in Hart House, the forester is seen to have doffed his buckskins in favour of formal civilized garb-and enjoys it tool The Foresters' Club keeps graduates and undergraduates informed of one another's doings by means of an annual News Letter, sent out each spring. Two hundred QP 4 m 4 x 40 C rf ff , ,Q L 1 YEAR EXECUTIVES x A 5.7" - -. . f 'QI ', fx?--. 'J' A-. -H412-,. . -3-'-Q .- -. 2,1559 , ,r ., 92 A "I, , . cgi '-fl if Q 1'Qi'.-44: 'Z -"ff 4. - i' QQ'--',' -if Q . NI-3, --1 .1 -ff , L., . aff nfs! Q 1 I Lk ' s Liv X :li 'gx f,-f K- -' 1-5 'ff-lk J w an 1 J if 51 1 1 UNIVERSITY CCLLEGE MEN'S 3T2 EXECUTIVE L. BUCHANAN CSecretaryJ, T. DRAIMIN C"Torontonensis" Rep.D, A. G. HEAKES CPresidentj C. KINNEAR fTreasurerJ. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S 3T2 EXECUTIVE MARGARET DIXON CSe-cretary-Treasurerb, ISABEL JOHNSTON CVice-Presidentj. MARGARET ATTWOOD CPreside-nth, MARY MACLEAN C"Torontonensis" Rep.J. Tu'o lumdred-two UNIVERSITY COLLEGE MEN'S 3T3 EXECUTIVE R. H. DOUGLAS CTreasu1-ery, J. E. FOWELL fPresidentJ, G. GORDON QSec1-etaryj. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S 3T3 EXECUTIVE HELEN DINGLE, MARGARET DUNHAM, MARIA MCCOLLUM, RUTH PAYNE. Two h Il ndred-Hz ree ffwx, ,Y ,Y V,,- 'Yi SM, - fx, 1 , -'- Y UNIVERSITY COLLEGE MEN'S 3T4 EXECUTIVE P. E. C. BECKETT, H. G. SKILLING, B. M. DRAPER UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S 3T4 EXECUTIVE, ELEANOR PRATT CSocial Service Rep.J, THEODORA BRENNAN fTreasurerJ, FRANCES SHENSTONE fS.A.C. Rep.J, MARY SALTER CSecretaryJ, MARGARET ARMSTRONG fPresidentJ, ELEANOR WALLACE CVice-Presidentj. Two hundred-four OP I lim, -1 jf Nj FIRST YEAR EXECUTIVE, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Menfs Executive: F. WOODS CSecretaryJ, A. GOGGIO CTre-asurerj, D. DADSON CPresidentJ. Women's Executive: R. CUNNINGHAM CVice-Presidentj, B. BEALEY CPresidentJ, J. STEPHENS CTreasurerJ, W. NICHOLSON fSecretaryj. + Two hamdred-five Or 1 1 f 4 bf' IQ On 1 r ,ri y 4 VICTORIA CLASS 3T2 EXECUTIVE, 1931-32 A. M. SMITH CTreasurerJ, D. L. BISHOP fSenior Stickb, J. W. WITZEL CAthletic Stickj, M. SCHWARTZ fAthletic Stickb, W. R. H. BOYD CSenior StickD. C. W. COOK C2nd Vice-Presidentj, G. L. PHIPPS Clst Vice-Presidentj, J. J. R. GRILLS CPresidentJ PROP. A. E. LANG CActing Hon. Presidentj, M. M. LIFSETT QSecretaryD. Absent: PROF. C. E. AUGER CHonorary Presidentl. Two hundred-six Ol 1 - 1 y QQ VICTORIA 3T3 FALL EXECUTIVE Back Row: H. N. FRYE CTreasurerD, M. SHARP CSecretaryj, R. D. CROSBY CVice-Presidentj. Front Row: G. E. G. FORBES CPresidentJ, DR. LANE CH0n. Presidentj, F. CLARE fAssoc. Presidentj. VICTORIA 3T3 SPRING EXECUTIVE Back Row: W. J. MUSGROVE, Mlss J. E. CAMERON, R. G. ROMANS. Front Row: R. G. COLGROVE, DR. W. B. LANE, Miss P. L. FOREMAN. Two hundred-seven 7 ,.. .,,.. .. I.....,,,, ...,...,...,. , sw, , ,.,,.,,, ,,,. , I,,,.,,,, WA, , 7,77 W 7S., ,L ,L , ,All 777 7 777 77777777 VICTORIA 3T4 FALL EXECUTIVE J. MCDERMID, A. SCOTT, H. FAIR, C. DEMPSEY, PROF. J. D. ROEINS, K. CASH. VICTORIA 3T4 SPRING EXECUTIVE JEAN FENTON CSecretaryD, COLLIN TODD Nice-Presidenty PAUL ARMSTRONG QTreasurerJ, BLAIR LAING CPresident7, PROFESSOR ROBINS CHon. Presidentj PATRICIA PALMER CAssociate Presidentj. Two hundred-eight VICTORIA 3T5 FALL EXECUTIVE Left to Right: G. M. MORRISON CTreasurerJ, MISS K. I. MACKENZIE QAsSOciate Presidentj, R. H. N. DAVIDSON CPresidentJ, G. T. PARMENTER. CVice-Presidentb, MISS B. M. EASTWOOD CSecretaryJ. Absent: DR. N. W. DEWITT CHOn. Presidentj. VICTORIA 3T5 SPRING EXECUTIVE E. M. AUGER CVice-Presidentj, MISS E. G. LOGAN CASSOciate Presidentb, C. M. DEVITT CPresidentJ, MISS E. H. RUTNAM CSecretaryJ, J. A. RUNNELLS CTreaSurerD. Two hundred- nine QF. P4 k :K k ,QQ 'X T V v .- .H X X, X. .fix ' . ,X , ff ' .PW-z 1 v S '-Q.,-. K 'N v fx XA A v v IV V V if Bl I1 Bl If 210 Ol 1 J 4 , ,Q AH 5 FAME A LAST K4 f 114 l X117 Xu , V1 'AXANX X' X j 4' f' , "S ,Vx 197 41.1 ' 'M 477 f XM 7!,f!H I """Iy', . ' A 1 " ,I F, ,- SW-' WTSr5x,.5H Wx! Ny' ' ff- H J ' I! ff' 'ig Aj. I 'i I 'MQ .7 . : kim x N XX K. XX A " ' fra, N 'X - Ol 1 1 fl y 10 STUDE BLICATIG Cl fl D: it p qfj HTORONTONENSISH BOARD First Row: M. E. EISEN CPhOtOgraphic Editorj, S. A. R. WOOD CSports Editorj, A. GORDON BURNS, B.A. fBusinesS Managerb, GORDON K. MASTERS, B.A. CEditor-in-Chiefb, MISS CONSTANCE HINDS, J. CRAWSHAW fOrganizations Editorb, MISS MARY ROSSETER. Back Row: T. E. ROULSTON tArt Editorb, H. F. HOWARD, Miss E. G. LOWES, A. C. HODGINS, E. ROBERTS, MISS MOLLY HOPKINS, L. S. MOTT, E. O. YVITHROW, G. F. MEYER. "TorOntonensis" 1932 HE publication of TORONTONENSIS has by this time been pretty well reduced to a routine, which changes very little from year to year. It is largely a matter of collecting the material and arranging it in as artistic a form as possible. Even the form which the University Year Book takes is pretty well standardized. Hence each succeeding editor finds very little that he can say about the particular issue of TORONTONENSIS under his charge. This year, for a variety of reasons, it was found necessary to cut expenses in connection with TORONTONENSIS. As a result the policy of the editors has been, in the main, one of economy. Several economies have been adopted but none, it is felt, which definitely lower the standard ofthe book. The number of etchings has been reduc2d to three, and the "Campus Life" pages to four. In this connection, too, the Editor-in-Chief found it necessary to perform some of the duties which had formerly been taken off his hands by the firm which had contracted to print TORONTONENSIS. However, in this extra work, and, indeed, in the compilation of all the depart- . .. ments of the book he was assisted by an excep- V tionally willing and energetic Board of Editors, whose co-operation in a large part made possible, ., under the new conditions, the publication of a book which is at least the equal of those of former years, we hope. This year TORONTONENSIS has been affec- tionately dedicated to Sir Robert Falconer, who retires from his presidency after twenty-five years among us. All our feelings in this respect A are dealt with in the dedicatory article at the f beginning ofthe book so, we feel, it is unnecessary - to dwell on them here. The Editor-in-Chief thanks heartily all those ' who co-operated with him so enthusiastically this year in the preparation of the University Year Book for 1932. 3 Two twelve Or 1 , ul Ox 1 1 1 , 9 "THE VARSITY" EDITORIAL STAFF, 1931-32 Back Row fLeft to Righty: G. W. POWLEY, M. GELBER, J. M. CHORLTON, KAY MCINTYRE, G. SKILLING, J. D. ARNUP. Front Row: G. K. MASTERS, B.A., C. L. COBURN, JEAN MORTON, W. F. PAYTON, B.A., J. H. YOOOM, MARGERY WRIGHT, DEC. H. RAYNER. Insert: MARGARET MILLAR. Absent: ANNE ADLER, B.A., N. A. BENSON, M.A., P. A. GARDNER, G. G. BROOKS. "The Varsity' 1951-1932 HE past year has probably been the most critical in recent times. It has marked the introduction of the new constitution of the S.A.C., under which all paid members of the staff are required to sign contracts binding them closely as to their actions. It was the year of probation granted by the Board of Governors to decide whether or not the compulsory fee should be levied in the future. The crisis has passed without any serious outbreaks, and the continued existence of the paper is now assured. Its policy has been one of constructive criticism, and nothing has been said about conditions which are beyond hope of remedying. It may result in the accusation of mildness, but that has been thought preferable to complete sup- pression, which otherwise would have been inevitable. One of the outstanding events ofthe year was the formation ofthe Canadian Intercollegiate Press Union, for the purpose of a more efficient dissemination of Canadian University news. This was done through the efforts of the McGill Daily, the Qzzfenbr journal, the University of VVestern Ontario Gazette and The Vanity. The Editor of Thr Vanity was elected President and undertook a tour of all the Universities of Westerri Canada, receiving unanimous approval of the C.I.P. During his absence G. K. lyfasters, B.A., V+ -.-. - AAVM -.?Wa,M- was Acting Editor of The l'arfz'ly. SI'I'Q5 Another new feature of this year's work was vmmmfs,mmvsm-HMLBYIn-I the. absence .of a staff election for next years , ':.n:5L 1..::':r.1. Editor. This was felt to be contrary to previous , 'i""'ff,,4ffQfQil5L1f- tradition, and as such undesirable, but the new "' ' Q .fl I be constitution makes such an action illegal. 3 Owing to this and other minor changes, the year 132 y , . J has been beset with great difficulty. Despite - 'r.' 'vying 5 . . . this, however, for the first time in years there g A fa 9-ff was no change in the Editorial Board at the end 11" Tuff of the Christmas term. Throughout the year ,i A-Ll ' I the personnel of the staff has remained intact, '- and whatever success has been attained is due largely to the loyalty and hard work of the staff. Two thirteen 03 1 D4 bl 1 tg Ol 4 rf sm 1 ,O THE EXECUTIVE OF THE UNDERGRADUATE MAGAZINE OF UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LORIE TARSHIS tLiterary Directqrj, MISS JOOELYN MOORE CWomen's Editorj, GEORGE G. BROOKS CEditOr-in-Chiefj, WILLIAM G. GODDARD fBusiness Managerj. The Undergraduate HE U7IdF7'gl'HdZl6If1' magazine, published once each semester, purports to provide a publishing medium for the literary and controversial-minded students of University College. That, at least, has been the editorial policy of the past year. Since the editors realized that University College as a unit had no opinion, they abandoned the futile effort to express or interpret the non-existent. They strove instead to collect material laboured over tenderly and in measured privacy by its authors for their own satisfaction, rather than material dashed down by request to meet a deadline. As a result, the magazine this year has been criticized, in one or two instances, for skimpiness, but it has not been condemned for inferior quality. The usualpracticeofappointingastaff of year representatives was abandoned on two grounds: one, if you want a thing well done you must do it yourself, and two, it is just as much bother to check up on representatives as on the prospective contributors themselves. As the editors Ca Puritan and a Coffee- Shop Intellectual, according to their own definitionj prided themselves on a suHiciently wide and catholic acquaintanceship among the likely members of the undergraduate body, the plan worked. They do not claim any measure of infallibility for it. Another departure from tradition was the replacing of the elaborately scrolled or illustrated cover on art paper by one undecorated, setting out the absolute essentials in 'fi a definitely chaste manner. The format was designed along the same principles, on a good ."' Q- quality rag paper instead of the usual coated stock, and except for .the frontispiece, decoration was p,g, ' ' . . reduced to a minimum. The favourable comments ss': . i.,f p l received thereon have done much to replace the wf fqw , perpetually drooping expressions of the editors ailxff rfir I , " . with gratified grins. ff , , 1 I They do not claim to have made no mistakes, 4 "iff It to have left no room for improvement. But they do assert with pride that they have profited by the i errors of past generations, and trust that future 'T T" ones will do the same by theirs. Two fourteen V xi O3 1 F el 3 QQ 0, 1 U' l , ff, ACTA VICTORIANA BOARD, 1931-32 Second Row: H. N. FRYE CMonocleJ, B. MACLEAN CCireulat1on Asst.D, M. E. CARMAN fLiteraryJ, D. W. MCGIBBON fTreasurerJ, J. B. HARLEY CPe-rsonalsb, W. A. KINGSTON CAdvertising Managerl, J. P. MORTON CAsst. Editorl, A. M. LAVERTY CPersonalsJ. From' Row: A. C. WILSON CCireulation Managerj, A. R. CRAGG tAsst. Editorl, H. G. KEMP CArt Editorl, E. D. HOWEY CEditor-in-Chiefj, M. E. RYERSON CAss0ciate Editorj, J. D. ARNUP CFeature-D, A. M. BEATTIE CLiteraryJ. Absent: PROF. J. D. ROBINS CLiterary Advisory, C. E. NELSON CMonocleJ. Acta Victoriana VYAY back in the days of hoop-skirts and tandem bicycles .firm 1Vl'L'fOl'l.!17IIl was a happy combination of literary articles by graduate Victorians and local items by competent undergraduates. In this, the fifty-sixth year of publication, the Staff has endeavoured to resume the literary tradition and recover the standard that Jam once maintained. The increasing circulation has made it necessary to adopt a more cosmopolitan atmosphere. For that reason the journal this year has borne more lengthy articles of a serious nature, together with the usual features of local interest. Such timely subjects as Disarmament, Industrial Co-operation, and Socialism have been discussed. Among the most interesting items have been contributions from 'Victoria graduates studying in Europe. The College is well represented by distinguished students at Oxford, Cambridge, and London, and we have had great pleasure in reading their views on conditions abroad and hearing of their travels. In the departments of local interest an effort has been made to present creative ability and provide poignant criticism. The prominent members of the Senior year have been portrayed in all their eccentricities. Tribute has been paid also to those members of the College Staff who are retiring this year. An interesting experiment was tried in the comic features in an effort to stimulate original humour of genuine merit. To embark on such a policy required courage in the face of the criticisms of those who had been accustomed to seeing imported humour invested with a familiar atmosphere. It has been the hope and aim of an energetic and capable Staff to make Acta a journal of recognized literary merit, one for which undergraduates will aspire to write and to which graduates will be pleased to contribute. Two fifteen 01 4 pa 4 , 1 Ov 1 If 1 I 10 TRINITY UNIVERSITY REVIEW BGARD, 1931-32 A. H. LITTLE, S. H. HUGHES, J. L. ELLISSON, T. P. CROSTHWAIT, G. E. GRAHAM, P. B. HAMILTON, R. L. SEABORN. E. A. BROOKS, CRAUFORD MARTIN, C. R. PARMENTER, A. H. YOUNG CChairmanJ, R. V. CHAPPL E. A. BROOKS, CRAUFORD MARTIN, C. R. PARMENTER, A. H. YOUNG CChairmanJ, R. V. CHAPPLE, W. G. COLGATE, H. H. CLARK. Absent: O. G. BARROW. The Trinity University Review N 1888 the Trinity College magazine was called, and had been called for eight years, the Rouge ft Noir. But, unfortunately, at this time a new game of chance suddenly became both fashionable and popular, it also was called Ronge ft Noir. Clearly, this wouldn't do at all-it was an unheard-of scandal that the magazine of a theological college should bear the name of a gambling game. The situation was as impossible as the present situation would be if the Trinity Klagazine was called Cozzirart Bridge. Accordingly, the name had to be changed. The Trinity U1Z1.i'FV5Ilfj' Rei'1'c'tc'1Iot only was a higher-sounding name, but it also gave a clue of the contents, it was, therefore. adopted, and from that year to this the magazine has borne that name. In 1889, the year after the name was changed, Convocation came to its financial aid, and in return for a stated number of copies and space rights agreed to make a yearly contribution. From that time the Convocation Editor has sat as Chairman of the Rfziiffc' Board. The magazine has no definite policy. The editorials generally congratulate Trinity men who have done well and condemn the follies of the rest of the World. As well as the reports of the various college activities, the magazine contains articles, short stories and poems. It is published eight times a year, with a circulation of 1,200 copies. Two Sfxfan oy K jg :Q D fo Cl I p- 4 , I, ST. HILDA'S CHRONICLE STAFF Back Row: H. SALMON, H. JAMES, D. RUsH1sRooKE, M. FARMER. Front Row: B. SCADDING, M. HOUSTON, C. STEELE. St. Hilda's Chronicle HE CHRONICLE is the official publication of St. Hilda's College, which was founded in 1888 and is the oldest XYomen's College in Canada. While presumably but the residence for the women undergraduates of Trinity College, in reality it holds its own charter and is a college in its own right, This fact may in part explain the CllI7'OlZI.l'fc'lf existence quite independent of the Triizzify U1ZliZ't'f5Z.f3' Rff'z'f'ft'. Tha Cllll'OIIlil'ft' made its first appearance before l900, and despite repeated attempts to amalgamatc the two magazines, has kept its own identity for over a quarter of a century. As well as being the first magazine of its kind in Canada, it is the only women's magazine in the UniversitV of Toronto. At first the editor was sometimes an undergraduate, and sometimes a graduate, but for the last fifteen years the staff has been entirely undergraduate, including the liditor and the Business and Advertising Xlanagers. The Cltrozzfcle is primarily a literary magazine containing principally undergraduate work with occasional contributions from graduates. Besides stories and poems there are articles, cartoons, pictures, graduate notes and notes of college sports and other activities. A few years ago a section of Literary Reviews was added, and Dramatic Criticism was made a regular feature of the magazine. Since the circulation was small, for a number of years the financial question was a difficult one. This is easily understood when we realize that there were only eight students in the College when the first issue of The CillI'OlZl.c'If' was published. Recently, however, it has been entirely self-supporting, producing two issues a year from thirty to fifty pages. Tao seveniec n of l y: ug , I of 1 P1 1 , K a. a l'lncultuofApplied - ' ' ScienceGEnqinecrinq ' '5N: y 1951 1932 A 1 'i7dL'vw1' l Af ww 'N WSW-1 " F FMU k tx -1' M--H' 5 NH' uni an-mfs rv-t-,rf N, ' .x.mi..n. fam Transactions and Year Book HIS magazine, which is published annually by the Engineering Society, fills the important function in the Faculty of Applied Science of furnishing a complete record of activities during the academic year. For those interested, copies are readily obtainable at the Society office. A number of theses by senior men on general topics of interest to both graduates and undergraduates maintain the technical standing of the book, while its scope has broadened to include abstracts of the important addresses made before the Engineering Society and various faculty organizations during the vear. The "Year Book", which comprises the second section, presents detailed accounts of social functions, society and club activities and business, with an important section devoted to the achievements of the facultyls representatives in sport where "School" remains, as ever, a strong contender in every branch of athletics. The members of the Transactions, Board take this opportunity of expressing their sincere appreciation of the efforts of all those contributors who have made possible the successful publication of the paper. i. 1 'i I ii- 1 iTRANSAUI'lONS4 it tg u, , ii and YEAR nooki lf' ' , The -it T-funn, Y I-,nam-,trmg sl..-vu 1 , l l l W l l' " N Q A 11 M l il! N 'J , lv.: M " l IQ ' , vi W, rar- if ,ls . ,S I I i ii 4, ..T.,.?, In "-:2 f.::- -.ff 1 :T : Two eighteen QD I V sq fb 1k,tNsAcr1oNs BOARD .. rea 1 lf, P1 Vfsfmvsi 5 sw F mai if2,YYi2fi 951 T01 KE 011413 STAFF 195, if 1 Faculty of Appliedgciixucc 8- Enqineeriuq H - if . -M Eff' - - , . ,wrhw WMM., The Toike Oike HE pall cast over our modest publication last year has not lifted from us yet. However the Toike Oilee has prospered. Though sometimes seeming a trifle boring to those lovers of mirth, it has done its bit for School this year. Each issue has had a mission and has performed its duty nobly. The Freshman Edition was put into the hands of the first year men on arrival and served to enlighten them about several serious matters pertaining to Uni- versity life. Then the Initiation Edition put fear into their hearts, and warned them of impending danger at the hands of the Sophomores. The School Dinner Edition was a good means of publicity for this great event. Then, with Yuletide, came the Christmas Edition bedecked in green to Wish one and all a very merry holiday and warn of approaching exams. in the New Year. The School Nite Edition fulfilled the four-fold purpose of publicity, programme, paper and directory. Then came the School At Home Edition, broadcasting far and wide the excellence, grandeur, and smart sophistication of that great formal function. The final issue was the Election Edition, Whose mass of ads. looked as if the set-up man had gone mad. The editorial staff have functioned smoothly and despite the adversities of censors, club chairmen and limited vocabulary, Toffee Oilee has finished a record year. I .-, ,,-,.. E. ,E .. .. Q.. ..,. I SCHOOL DINNER EDYTICDN I i rouge pins W . .f,.. .. .f.1'J5i'.?Ll'Ll'J'..'i.1!f,-..'7'Z.-.,, g i THE FIRST CALL T0 DINNER ' i 4.1.3 .,4MA.N-gf-A A i 5 l ' ' i V q, . 1 l 'i 5 lf! Q ','- . E ii: it K f l lil ' 9 l., ,.jE... I M L. W... A-- ...,-..... ... .....,. J Two nineteen OP 4 1 51 Q 1Q Cl 1 if 1 HYA YAKA STAFF Back Row fLeft to Righty: B. S. CHADWICK, D. M. MACFARLANE, A. E. LYoNs, D. STOCKWELL, L. E. SPROTT, J. D. FERGUSON. Front Row fLeft to Righty: Miss H. J. BROWNE, D. BLACK CEditorD, DEAN SECCOMBE, R. A. WYLIE CAsst. Editorb, Miss H. L. ROLLASTON. Hya Yaka Staff ITH the present issue we celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of the Hya Yalea. Perhaps no one deserves as much credit for its organization as Dr. VV. IQ. XYillmott. for it was through his efforts that its hrst editorial board Was established. Closely associated with Dr. Oliver Leslie, who has the honour of being its first editor, were Doctors Corrigan, Husband, Davy and Large. Receiving its name from the first two words of the college yell, Ilya Yalea appeared for the hrst time in 1903 as the official publication ofthe undergraduate body of the then Royal College of Dental Surgeons. For a number of years four issues appeared during the school term, later this was increased to a monthly issue. To-day Ilya Yalea appears as a year book, the official publication of the undergraduate body of the Faculty of Dentistry. As a year book, Hya Yalea carries out the purposes of its organizers, and in so doing is indispensable to the life of the college. It stimulates the students to literary endeavour, furnishes a record of all sporting and social events of the year and supplies the students with the latest in dental research. Two twenty or 1 ee-at . .Q Ci 1 J' .go , tg UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO MEDICAL JOURNAL Back Row: R. E. OUTERBRIDGE flilditorial Rep. 2nd Yr.D, H. C. BALMER CI-Editorial Rep. lst Yr.J B. M. E. ALLAN 45th Yr. Rep.J, R. R. BARRETT qlst Yr. Rep.D, G. P. HAMBLIN 16th Yr. Repo, A. H. SQUIRES 43rd Yr. Rep.J, A. B. NOBLE 14th Yr. Rep.J, J. G. MIDDLEBRO 12nd Yr. Re-p.J. Fronf Row: A. F. W. ANGLIN CEditorial Rep. 5th Yr.J, E. G. HARKNESS fManaging Editorl, R. B. KERR CAssistant Editorl, F. B. PLEWES fEditor-in-Chiefb, D. GLAISTER CAssoeiate Editorb, G. L. M. SMITH CAssoeiate Editorj, J. W. BRENNAN CAssoeiate Editorj. The University of Toronto Medical journal STABLISHED nine years ago "to serve as a medium for student expression and to bring to the student recent articles of scientific interest," the journal has striven to live up to the ideals set for it. Perhaps because of the innate abilities of its founders, or because of the enthusiasm present at its birth, the first volumes of the fonrnaf set a mark for future editors to shoot at in the excellence of writing and editing. The more recent and the future editors of the fllealfral journal can rely on none of the enthusiasm engendered by novelty but only on the interest of the undergraduates in the scientific and literary aspects of their profession. 4 The editors of Volume IX have not been disappointed in undergraduate enthusiasm, and have enlarged their staff to include ljditorial Representatives from each of the junior years in order to encourage the Writing of articles by men and women in the first, second and third years and in the Biological and hledical Course. The interest of the Faculty and graduates has always been most gratifying and helpful to those in charge of this undergraduate publication. The lXledical Society has consistently encouraged its ward. One might hazard that, thanks to these factors, the University of Toronto .llfedirfzl fonrnal is unique among undergraduate publications, in that it tn is self-supporting on a strictly voluntary sub- l scription basis. art ii1-- l Klany factors have helped to make the t 1931-32 volume a more interesting one. The Q., It t retirement of Dean Primrose after forty-two 5 ' " l ' T el l ' ' h wg- , years teaciing at oronto ant tie appoint- T ment of Dean Fitzgerald mark an epoch in M ' the history of the Faculty of hledicine. A l particularly enthusiastic and helpful staff of v ... i ...... Associate, Assistant and Business liditors l' made the work of producing the .Mffafiral journal a most interesting and pleasant exper- . ience. Such interest and literary ability augurs v well for a bright and healthy future. Two twenty one Qs 4 mf"i1t D iQ Ok fc pq P4 y O ' 7 R :ww-'Q ' K 'M 5: 4 1 . ' -3 T 513 I ,s ff' ,Li st, A 3 ' 1. rx R' J V A A y at 1,4 bt ,Ji El -2 4 l I D IG f Q Q 4222 MQ ,f 5 1' ZWVA A Er ' 'z ff KZ' V' ' , 1 If I I , ' ' lfz, if Q X, 1.-. , I , ! .I ,1 ,. 1,1 V x. f V I , . -3 , 0- Qx 4 1 O or 1 if 21 , to The University College Players' Guild HE University College Players' Guild prides itself on fulfilling all the functions of a college dramatic society and being, besides, a kind of League of Nations. During the past year it has thrown open its membership to all those of other colleges and faculties, and by so doing has not only improved the quality of its own weekly productions through the influx of new material, but has accustomed the members of the other dramatic clubs in the University to working together, and so facilitated the long-awaited'amalgamation into the University of Toronto Dramatic Association for specific projects at Hart House Theatre. The year's programme of weekly plays was formulated to provide a survey, however cursory, of the national drama since lbsen. America was represented by Eugene O'Neill, Alfred Kreymbourg, and the first two acts of "The Adding Nlachineu by Elmer Rice, Scandinavia by lbsen and Strindberg, Russia by Tchekhov and Evreinoff, Ireland by Singe and "Cathleen Ni Houlihanl' by Yeats, Germany by Toller and several scenes from the Anatol sequence of Arthur Schnitzler. One of the outstanding productions was the last act of g'The Captivew by Edouard Bourdet, of the modern French school. In addition to these were presented original plays by three of the members, lVlr. Paul Gardner, Mr. Selwyn Dewdney and Klr. Henry Noyes. Through a closer supervision than usual on the part of the executive over individual directors the mounting of the plays was kept to an unusually high standard, the make-up and the sets, especially, maintained a consistently high level, due to the indefatigable resource ofthe president, hvlr. Jarvis. The full-length evening production was one of the foremost products of German Expressionism, Georg Kaiser's '4From lVlorn to Midniglit,'. This was performed at the Guild's own theatre, under the direction of Nlr. A. E. F. Allan, a former president of the Guild, with hlr. Robert Eisman in the leading role. The sets were designed by hlr. Nlurray Bonnycastle. The production stressed the nightmare-like qualities inculcated by the dramatist's short incoherent dialogue. The executive for the year was as follows: Honourary President, Prof. Gilbert Norwood, President, Nlr. Colin Jarvis, Vice-President, lXfliss Jocelyn Nloore, Secretary, Nliss Patricia G'Reilly, Treasurer, lylr. Henry Noyes, Publicity Secretary, Nliss Helen lXflcKee. Two twenty-four 1 4 n 'fi 1 tO O Q T P 'O DAFFYDIL COMMITTEE Front Row: J. M. SPENCE CPrOperties Managerj, H. D. BARNER CTreasurerJ, MISS R. M. MCCULLOCH CVI Representativej, R. A. BENSON fChairman9, Miss T. D. BRYANT CLadies' Representativej, E. T. W. NASH fSeeretaryJ, E. S. CONNOR CV Representativej. Back Row: W. W. SIMPSON fAssistant Chairmanb, H. H. CAMPBELL CII Representativej, E. J. DELORME CIII Representativej, D. R. NICOL fEditOr of "Epistaxis"J, P. L. BRADY CI Representativej, E. MASSIG CBusiness Manager of "Epistaxis"J, H. J. SPOONER CHead Eleetrieianl, H. V. CRANFIELD CAssOeiate Editor Of "Epistaxis"J. Absent: L. J. WILLIAMS CMusieal Directorj, F. C. PRESTON CIV Representativej, F. M. SCOTT CPublieity Managerb. - Daffydil Committee AFFYDIL, when the histrionic talent of medical students is given full rein, will be held again this year in Hart House Theatre, under the very capable direction of Mr. Edgar Stone. Judging from the activities of the Daffydil Committee, the standard and quality of Daffydil this year will surpass anything that has previously been staged by the Kledical students. This will be due. in great measure, to the enthusiasm and capable leadership of Rlr. R. A. Benson, the chairman of Daffydil. Hart House Theatre has been booked for two nights in hlarch, following which those who have taken an active part in the proceedings will foregather at the King Edward Hotel at the Daffydil Banquet, to celebrate another birthday of the annual medical show. Two twenty five Q 1 I 4 I iQ PP If 1. ,c , gg DENTAL DRAMATIC EXECUTIVE A. C. BROTMAN, L. E. SPRoTT, E. C. PURDY, D. G. JOHNSTONE, G. K. CLARKE, H. F. SMITH, Dr. A. D. MASON tHon. Presidentb, J. B. MILNE 4Pre-sidentl, G. F. WRIGHT, H. A. J. THoMPsoN. Dramatics and Royal Dental Society OLLQXYING closely on the heels of last year's innovation in the character of Dentantics, another musical comedy was produced with very flattering ' success under the very capable presidency of B. Xlilne. This served further to justify the committee's decision to carry on the excellent work initiated by Dr. D. Xl. Tanner. The comedy entitled "Xlarrying Xlarianw showed a wealth of ability in spite of the relatively small registration in the Faculty. The dental nurses as usual carried oil high honours with their clever dancing and excellent singing. Hhlarrying Klarianu was given Klarch 3rd and alth before capacity audiences. On Xlarch l6th a Royal Dental Society meeting was held in the Dental building and consisted of a musical and social evening. "Noctem Cuckoo" was held in November and very enjoyable skits were given by all the years. The Gaston Brule Cup went to the third year for their performance. The committee is to be congratulated for the time and effort put into this work. Two tzventy-six Cn 1 lf if n iQ O, 4 1 4 r 19 SOCIAL N 1 1 L fga:a:I:i"'56 'ii- - ECS!-EIEEW H . I Em!! IHMHWMNII Ill Z .rAigkf2lMUI!lIJQX'I ll :g.g?2ufi5?5Z'FSi!!' ll' I lhiwklwyvilw' i3"'m l ll ull: .TMI ill fl:.,.n:-iiihl!ll' ' -1ZF'L .5 Eff' ' Qf K 4 'II I A W .5 . -ll! A .f F- . 21. - , L x I I I lEMiMmSiffZ'fg?4l!'IXNDll.2ii - I wa, x my .,'."' ., V ' 5 I femxx x 5.2"--,-.1E - .. ,, ,E - 43-45 ' , 3 Q .. if 4 E Q, 4 y 1 D 19 Ol 4 3 1 O , .3 ,feuy-'Ir,:, MEDIGQIQ QQCLLQW AT HCJVIE GOVIVIVPPEE 19251-92 - Q ay..-...Za fifQobLr'L50fL . ll VQV ' , 3-B - all The Medical At-Home-1932 NDER the able direction of the above committee, another totally successful At Home was held this year, in the month of February. Spacious dancing accommodation and a highly delectable supper made the affair most enjoyable. The whole of the Convention Floor of the Royal York Hotel was given over to the annual hledical formal function, and the culinary department of the big hotel did very well by us. No Sword of Damocles could have been more effective in urging the orchestras to provide an exciting demonstration of their art than the gruesome skeletons hanging over their heads. The music was of the peppiest and the rattle of bones sounded well in the ears of the doctors and near-doctors. Comely maidens, good floors, exhilarating music and a high spirit of gaiety made the evening one to be remembered by those leaving this year, and one which will provide a high standard to be attained by those who will still be with us in the future. Two twenty-eight On 1 if at Ci 1 1: :1 p- 10 DENTAL AT HOME -COMMITTEE M. TWIBLE, T. LEHMAN, E. DORE, T. J. COOKE. G. E. STAFFORD CPresidentJ, DEAN SECCOMBE CHon. Presidentj, J. A. BLACK. - Dental At-Home Committee HE At Home Committee consists of a president elected by parliamentary vote and f1ve representatives elected by their respective years. The president also possesses a seat on the cabinet, to which body he is directly responsible. Perhaps no other committee has a more difficult task than the At Home Committee, but so well were plans perfected that this year everyone agreed that a finer At Home had never been held. A delicious cabaret dinner was a never-to- be-forgotten event of the evening. To the strains of softly crooning music beneath dimly shaded lights the all-too-speedy evening passed into history with many a happy sigh. Nlrs. YV. Seccombe, Nlrs. C. A. Corrigan and hlrs. YV. L. Hugil were our charming patronesses. ln the fall a delightful l-lallowe'en dance was held at the Embassy Club. The usual season novelties of hats, horns, together with suitable refreshments, helped to make the evening a huge success. The At Home Committee was under the able chairmanship of G. E. Stafford. Two twenty-nine O1 1 r 1 n ' iQ D 1 1 dj .. -.-- ni ' fr-X W : iii sf- . 7 ,nf f A Bxhii C' 5 SCHOOL AT Hom: COMM I T TE E , Faculty of Applied Science c-Enqineerinq .Dom QLX, 1951 HOST 1952 ., .,M..i., nv-.niuiimmfw School At-Home HE coming of age of the School At-Home was executed in fine style. On the evening of February 26th over 300 of the University's most handsome and manly students, with an equal number of Toronto's most graceful and beautiful young ladies, gathered at the Royal York Hotel to "offer their con- gratulations". They were made welcome by hlrs. C. H. Nlitchell, Klrs. C. R. Young, lvlrs. R. VV. Angus, hflrs. C. H. C. Wright, Nlrs. VV. T. Wright, Nlrs. H. VV. Price, Rlrs. G. A. Guess, Klr. Jewett, the President of the Society and Bliss Jean Hughes, his partner. Dancing, held in the Banquet Hall, was a superb treat. The excellent music was supplied by the VVright Brothers Orchestra. These boys alternated the slow, smooth, swaying melodies with brisk and peppy encores which brought repeated cries of "more". Besides many delightful coloured lighting effects, the room was strikingly decorated by lighted balloons hung in clusters from the chandeliers. These clusters, looking much like huge bunches of grapes, aroused the interest and admiration of all those present. A novelty was achieved in the sixth dance when the orchestra played, in dance rhythm, several of the "School" favouries, including "Clementine" and f'We Engineers". The numbers were accompanied by appropriate cartoons projected on the screen at one end of the hall. At twelve o'clock we migrated to the Concert Hall to partake of food. The Royal York staff must have anticipated the capacity of Schoolmen, because, instead of the usual dainty "a-la-king", they served real lamb with good potatoes and peas. Blue and Gold hats and noisemakers lent colour and merriment to the party., To the cry of 'Lon with the dance", festivities were resumed in the Banquet Hall. Once more the VVright Brothers guided the steps of the gliding couples. The climax of the dance and the conclusion of the evening arrived simultaneously at three o'clock. The glow of satisfaction and contentment on all faces was conclusive evidence that the School At-Home had achieved another triumph. Two thirty Ol 1 1 4 x 19 0, 4 'fre ,-1 1 19 i Q, ..-. 111 1 v , - -- ' 1312 if ig. ,S V , , vv.. 5 ' "f'- '1 f ' Commrrrniz M Q ' A 5 ,,,. Faculty otapplied Scienceivlinqiiu-eiiraq f i U Y 'U yy V Q uulfr 2 U tirl School Dinner, 1931 HE School Dinner has long since ceased to be a mere dinner. For some time now, it has been an event for which all Schoolmen, and a few enlight- ened men of other Faculties, have awaited eagerly and expectantly each year. And this year they were not disappointed when they gathered at Hart House on the evening of Tuesday, December lst. Although, presumably without culture, School at least showed a desire for it by securing as the principal speaker of the evening, Canon A. P. Shatford, of St. James' Cathedral, Montreal. Canon Cody, who has been present at several previous dinners, introduced him in his admirable way. Canon Shatford's inspirational address held spellbound the 575 men present. In his "Challenge ofthe Crises" he called upon them to meet the present economic problems with the same confidence and determination that they employed in the practice of Engineering. His pleas for unity, sacrifice and the spirit of adventure will long be remembered by everyone present. School has always looked forward to seeing Sir Robert Falconer at the Dinner. We were very disappointed last year, that owing to ill-health, the President was unable to be with us. Consequently, this year's committee was greatly relieved when, on the evening of the Dinner, Sir Robert was able to take his place at the head table. Dean Klitchell, in proposing the toast to 'fThe Universityu, put into words that which was uppermost in the minds of all those assembled-the regret that Sir Robert was soon to relinquish the office of President of the University, which he has so faithfully filled for twenty-five years. Sir Robert, in replying, spoke of his deep sorrow at leaving. He stated, however, that he was confident that the University was destined to accomplish even greater things in the future, and that we were indeed fortunate to have as his successor such an able leader as Canon Cody. Consistent with the fact that upwards of 600 Schoolmen were gathered together, the evening was not without merriment. Each year assembled in a separate room, and with the aid of a piano and the new song sheet, tried valiantly to raise the roof of Hart House. Later, Ross Workman took charge of the com- bined forces, and the Cwreat Hall reverberated with the strains of "The Blue and Whitefl, "Engineers", "Clementine", and other favourites. The unexpected arrival of Santa Claus, accompanied by Ophelia, the "VVonder Horse", topped the evening. Santa, much to the enjoyment of those present, embarrassed several of the head table guests by reading extracts from letters he had received from them. All these features, together with the fine fare that Hart House provided for this event, helped to create the atmosphere of joviality and com- radeship which was so apparent that evening. Two thirty one Ol 4 If el n 1Q C, 1 lc 1 3 19 f gll1il,...+ 1.1 WE" fifiifi UA at seem I TE Facultu of Applied A Science c3Enqineerinq - -. . fl - fu 1 if u WT .m,,. y. lJ5l it 1952 , pk " i 1 M. ,,,,.,.,. a. .,... Mugm School Nite NCIS again the fourscore walls of Hart House resounded with the laughter of the Schoolmen and their damsels on the occasion of our Annual Stunt Nighte-Tuesday, February 26,1932 liven the dust on the topmost rafter in the highest garret of the House quivered with the vibrations. The party was indubitably the foremost function of its kind ever staged. Dancing was enjoyed in the ljast Common Room from 8.00 to 9.00. Then amateur theatricals occupied the attention of the crowd. Skits were enacted in the Reading Room, Debates Room and hlusic Room. The applause rendered and the numbers unable to View the acts were proof enough of their popularity and excellence. At 10.00 o'clock in the tank the mermen made merry to the great delight of the crowd assembled there. The water works were one of the high lights of the night. The east rotunda was as usual occupied by the Chemicals dispensing their drugs and dopes under remote control to the thirsty. Their elaborate glass works were deserving of special mention. School is noted for the introduction of novel ideas at its dances. The prize idea of School Night was the silhouette snipper stationed at the east stairway. ln a short space of time his scissors snappily snipped some smart snozzles. A particularly appeasing buffet lunch was dished out in the Great Hall from 10.30 to 12.00. The Big Gym, East Common Room, hlusic Room and Reading Room were provided with continuous music from 10.00 to 1.00. For those romantically inclined, a paradise was found in the Upper Gym, which was fitted with special dimmed lights. The music from the orchestra in the Big Gym. was broadcast here, and despite the short interruption, proved quite successful. School Nite was under the distinguished patronage of hlrs. T. R. Loudon, Klrs. VV. T. 1Vright and 1Xflrs. VV. S. VVi1son, who graciously enhanced the party with their presence. y Two thirty-two ol 1 34 sg , 45 CAMPUS LIFE Agf 4 . 2 'vii Fnee BEANS 90G'Bu5c,mT 6:21 Ho QE .. - 0 A BE 'APS Conunrei ' DOC'-'HOUSE ,.,,.,.f f ' "K 2 x iii , 1: 24 Or -1 3 ,Pl W A A ww 'bs A 1 Two thirty-four II mls 70 wihww ,W .mw- 3599, f ,ff f ,, f x ww J X A v v Jw L XA Q11 21 If H1 lf 210 Obwnr lf' xl , ,O 1 YU 5 ,gh . - , .Eng . . ,, . V,,1,1 M i s. -. W- , ..'- 1' Q , .W x ' nv .. My ..,.,. A. .-i., Q Y M J fi Q5 t WL. 'Q 5 ,I5 . 2 . , Q Q e ww-,.1.E,:.,,A ,ff-1 N- f J 0,1 ,S H 'fi'-.K Two thirty-jive V W lf- ! yi 4 10 O, 1 ,- ft DQ J 1 1 9 x 'f 1 ,Z -' i 1 I N fif gi 9 ? Two fhirfy-six QP l I 11 y4A"1l5 Pg 1 -pf ff If IO Mall' .. . .- A A-0' -af Q , 44 an fum j e ,, ,xvuw imv 4--. 5 ,,. .4 A K .1 ' , x ,, 5,2 4' ww- amy q'5?f:' fv5g:eQ.:q,f',gf': juv w Neva, E '51 'Z 2 . if 1 ff . o?5??iS21'f' ' A U if 3 gp fmswiwelisannf MR-Yftihmlg W :M gwmmg .q,'Av, .CY V, V' " L 7' "' 6225? mg X. - XA-J, zE:5,,,Q:tf 14 ygqjyl . if SR 014.5 :SW SWA? siifffi fi, QQ? M rant 1 ' l aw' :- , Q k.wx'f53Q1'34i,-3, A X ,Nr Vg, T2 ' 4 " ia wf.4.l'ff,Aa. Q r TQ 1 Viff -Q Wa J Two ihirf y-seven J 2 ' 4 I K0 f qw 4 rf I rx A Ol 51 14 x y 1 O 0 0 UNIVERSITY ORGANIZATIONS I-I if A ffl-fa j f ggi X ' -L1 I. F- 'A .' f 4 ,lf 2 exif' . X 9 -Li" , h . 'T-,N ' .- ,V Q J cv f 1 1 i tg MEN'S CABINET STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Standing: R. COLEBROOK CLibrarianJ, H. D. JENNER, B.A. CS.V.M.J, G. H. Mol-'FAT CTreasurerJ, F. C. JACKSON CUr1ive-rsity Collegej, N. HATTON CVictoriaD, A. H. HART-DAVIES, B.A. CWycliffeJ. Sitting: E. C. APPS CDents.D, R. M. CLARK, B.A. CSecreta1-yy, J. C. CLOUGH, B.A. CPresidentJ, REV. L. A. DIXON, M.A. CGen. Secretaryb, W. L. MAY CVice-Presidentb, T. P. CROSTHWAIT, B.A. CTrinityJ. Absent: B. NEVITT CS.P.S.J Men's Cabinet Student Christian Association HF. Student Christian Association of the University of Toronto is made up of the associations in the several Colleges and Faculties. It is the local unit of the Student Christian Nfovement of Canada, and as such is a part of the NVorld's Student Christian Federation. It is essentially a fellowship of students who are drawn together by a common desire to maintain and develop the religious life during their undergraduate career, and to investigate and discuss the intellectual and practical problems of Christianity. It is definitely based on the conviction "that in Jesus Christ are found the supreme revelation of God and the means to the full realization of lifen. It is open to all undergraduates who share this conviction, as well as to those who are desirous of joining with others in investigating and testing its truth. The outstanding activity of the Association is the arrangement for study and discussion groups. These are conducted in the several Faculties under competent leadership. They are supported and supplemented by series of addresses as well as by individual lectures by outstanding visitors to the city. Among these latter the more notable this year have been Dr. Kagawa of Japan, NIL Arthur Rugh of New York, Senor Alonzo of South America, Dr. Rufus Jones of Haverford, and Dr. T. Z. Koo of China. The Cabinet, which is the federating body of the men of the Association, is made up of representatives from the associations in the various Colleges and Faculties. Its Headquarters is in Hart House. Two forty Qi 4 r 1 i 10 Oz 1 rg., 4 i 15 WOMEN'S COUNCIL STUDENT CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT VIOLA DALY CUnited Church Tr. Schoolb, VIRGINIA SIDENIUS 4S.V.M.J, RAE ABERNETHY CSocial Sciencej, ENA BOON CUniversity Collegeb, MARGARET CAIRNS tO.C.E.J, RUTH SPARLING CVictOriaJ. MARTHA SOMMERVILLE CHOusehOld Scieneej, MRS. J. D. H. HUTCHINSON tGeneral Seeretaryj, MARY SIBLEY tPresidentJ, JEAN THOMSON tSecretary7, ETHEL NOBLE CMedic-ali. In Absenliu: GRACE COOEY CViee-Presidentb, DOROTHY FLEMING CTreasure-rj. Women's Council Student Christian Association Hli Student Christian Klovement is a fellowship of students based on the conviction that in Jesus Christ are found the supreme revelation of God and the means to the full realization of life. The Klovement seeks through study, prayer, service and other means to understand and follow Jesus Christ and to unite in its fellowship all students in the colleges of Canada who share the above conviction, together with all students who are willing to test the truth of the conviction upon which the Klovement is founded. The lYomen's Council links together six local units of the Student Christian Association in the Cniversity, namely, in Victoria and University Colleges, in the Kledical and Household Science Faculties, the Department of Social Science, and the Ontario College of liducation. lt also has representatives from the Cnited Church Training School and the Student Volunteer Cnion. lts object is to serve as an Advisory Board to the various units and to co- ordinate their work. It tries to foster interest and to initiate activities wherever the need arises. It serves as the link co-operating with the Klen's Student Christian Association Cabinet, the Student Christian hlovement of Canada, and the Student Volunteer Cnion. The Council sponsors Cniversity activities in which all the units join, among which have been this year, week-end conferences. study groups, noon-hour meetings, a series of studies in methods of leadership training, and special meetings to hear outstanding visitors to the city. It also co-operated with the Student Volunteer Klovement in their Quadrennial Convention held at Buffalo. Two forty one O1 4 if 11 1 1 Or 1 iq sq , 45 LITERARY AND DEBATES COMMITTEE STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL L. TARSHIS, R. G. ROMANS J. L. STEWART, A. E. S. DAVISON, R. B. BRYCE, F. K. DELL. Literary and Debates Committee of the Students' Administrative Council HERE are many executives occupied with arranging debates in the University. The Debates Committee of Hart House, the VVomen's Debat- ing Union, and the Debating Societies in most Colleges and Faculties all have separate fields. The Literary and Debates Committee of the S.A.C. exists to encourage debating activities, and to undertake all debates not coming within the field of the existing societies. The Committee has sponsored three inter-university debates this year. Early in February lXlr. L. Tarshis and hlr. C. Stewart represented Toronto at McGill, dividing with the h4cGill debaters on the question, "Freedom of Speechu. A lN'lcGill team visited Toronto later in the month. Co-operating with the N.F.C.U.S., the University of Toronto met a team from Eastern Canada com- posed of hlessrs. Nl. Pyke and B. Hoddinott. ln this debate, held in Trinity College Library on February Sth, Toronto was represented by Messrs. C. L. hi. Douglas and H. L. Wolfson, who argued for the resolution, f'That the principle of competition has retarded the progress of the world". Interest was keen, though attendance was deplorably small. A most successful experiment was conducted this year when on two occasions four University of Toronto students debated at lN'lasonic Lodges upon their invitation, and gained valuable experience while providing greatly appreciated entertainment. The Literary issue of "The Varsity" this year was a successful one, especially in discovering new talent among students of the lower years. Two forty-two Or t 1 4 n KQ Cl 4 V' ' :Q WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATFI DEBATING UNION M. PURKIS, M. WRITT, D. CAIN, I. JORDAN fVice-Presidentb, N. BOWERS, M. HAYES CTreasu1-ery, M. THOMPSON fPresidentJ, P. MILLS 1Secre-taryb, E. BORROUGHES. Team: M. PURKIS, M. WRITT, I. JORDAN, M. HAYES. The Women's Intercollegiate Debating Union HE Toronto branch of this organization, which is composed of Queens XlcGill and hlchlaster University, is in grave danger of becoming defunct owing to a seeming lack of enthusiasm. ln such a large University it is practically impossible to maintain a society of this sort without full co-operation of members of every faculty, and due to diversity of activities in the colleges this co-operation is at present lacking. The hrst subject chosen for Intercollegiate debate this year. was: "Resolved, that this house approves the syndicate newspaper". As is usual our debates were held concurrently, on this subject, one at each university. Since XlcGill won in both debates against Queen's and Rlchlaster and Yarsity each won one, the cup was awarded to the hlcGill team, without any further debates. live have a very good team this year and it is very discouraging for them to have to spend a great deal of time on debates when so little enthusiasm is evinced. At the time of writing, an lnterfaculty debate is under way, in which Lniversity College, St. Hilda's vs. I ictoria and St. Klichael's will discuss the motion: "Resolved, that this house deplores Canadian censorship of the stage and 97 screen . If the College spirit would broaden into University spirit, and if a little more support from "the powers-that-be" were forthcoming, there is no reason why the organization might not merely exist, but live and move. Two forty-th ree On 1 li el if 4 Or 1 ls 4 1 19 UNIVERSITY WOMEN'S PRESS CLUB KAY MCINTYRE CIII U.C.7, HAZEL HAMMOND CIV U.C,J, JENNIE FARLEY CIV St. Michael'sJ' Treasurer. President. Secretary. JEAN MORTON CIV Victoriaj, Vice-President. University Womenis Press Club RGANIZED in l9l9 by Elizabeth Cringan, one-time VVomen's Editor of The l'c1r.fz'Zy, the University of Toronto VVomen's Press Club is a group composed of undergraduate women from all colleges who are interested in journalism or some of its aspects. Carrying on its work unostentatiously but surely from year to year, it feels encouraged to continue by virtue of the results it has already seen in the successes of some of its former members. The membership remains small, usually numbering about twenty members. with the express purpose of making the discussion and critical groups more pertinent. The President-elect of the Toronto VVomen's Press Club is auto- matically the Honourary President of this smaller organization. a connection which is developing into a worthwhile bond. There is a definite attempt to encourage first and second year literary aspirants so that they may have oppor- tunity to accomplish something for themselves before they have graduated from college. For admittance into the Club it is necessary to submit original work. to be read and criticised unanimously at an open meeting. For these reasons the programme in the last few years has been attempting a balance by dividing the time alternately in presenting and criticising original work, and by inviting prominent journalists of Toronto or elsewhere to give informal talks. Among the speakers who visited the Club this year were: hlrs. Ringland, who spoke on "Children's Storieswg lXfliss Lois Girvan, on "Publicity',g bliss Bessie Ferguson, ofthe Maz'la1zd Eiizpzreg and Hilda I-lesson, of the 1171.71 nipeg Goffip. Also in the last year or so, there has been a serious attempt made to link up with the MCl1,S Press Club for one or two meetings at least, and it is hoped that a precedent will be set. The Women's Press Club usually carries on meetings upon a smaller scale, however, tending to be of a more personal nature, and the half-hour of tea before business is delightful and friendly. Two forty-four Or i it si , .Q Op fi p' fc p- 10 'S MATHEMATICAL AND PHYSICAL SOCIETY Back Row: MISS M. E. JUPP tlst Yr. Rep.D, J. C. STRACHAN CTreasurerJ, MISS M. A. EDDY 62nd Yr. Rep.J, A. E. HONEYWELL 63rd Yr. Rep.J, MISS J. I. L. KINNEAR CCor. Seeretaryb, G. H. MACCARTHY 44th Yr. Rep.J, J. J. BLACKHALL ttst Yr. Rep.J. Front Row: H. L. COLLINGWOOD tGraduate Rep.D, MISS M. F. HALL fPast Presidentbi J. P. BLEWETT tPresidentJ, PROF. L. GILCHRIST CHon. Presidentl, H. W. ALEXANDER tVice-Presidentb, Miss A. A. CRUTCHER tRec. Secretaryj. Mathematical and Physical Society HIC Alathematical and Physical Society has a very important place to fill in the lives of Science students. Alany of our lectures and all of our "labs," take place far from the College to which we nominally belong. The social functions of the Society enable us to meet our classmates under much less formal auspices than of the classroom. These functions consist of our annual At Home, our skating party, our open fIICC't1IIg and a Spring and Fall Hike. all of which have been very successful this year. A more unique contribution is offered in the regular meetings on alternate Thursdays. Generally, two addresses are given, one by a member of the faculty or a prominent outside speaker, and the other by an undergraduate. The scope of the addresses is very wide, and they provide an interesting diversion from the necessarily specialized instruction of the course, as well as an oppor- tunity to become acquainted with recent developments in the subjects we study. , T wo fo rf y-fi we 1 D57 'lf I I Oi 1 1 1 z is 3' Q V 2 'Z "' . , . 4 - A ' THE HONOUR SCIENCE CLUB Front Row fRight to Leffj: J. MANERY lSeeretaryD, B. MEEN CPresidentD, PROF. H. WASTENEYS CHon. Presidentj, M. MEEN CViee-Presidentj, C. STEVENS CTreasurer3. Back Row CLeftfoRigl1tj: B. ROGERS fII Yr.J, C. SANDERSON CII Yr.J, K. DEWAR CI Yr.J, D. CHITTY QI Yr.J. The Honour Science Club KIUQNLIGHT night! Fifty couples, labs. forgotten, seated around a glowing camplire, comfortably ffl lilled with delectable dogs, olfactory sense tickled with the sweet aroma of collee simmering on the tire, enjoyed each other's company on our annual hike. Thus the year began. To help the toiling embryo scientists to forget the humdrum of lectures, books, vitamins X, Y, Z, and to add the humanizing touch of social life, such is the purpose of the Honour Science Club. This purpose was accomplished by three of our popular dances at U.T.S. Dancing to the strains of Doug. Xlarshall's orchestra, the members widened their circle of friends and, during the novelty dances, proved themselves as accurate at throwing serpentine and papier-mache balls as at titrating permanganate solutions. l932-Leap Year!-brought the girls the opportunity of their college career of which they took full advantage at the unique party at the VVomen's Union in January. Reversed Paul Jones and lemon dances with the women wielding the lemons, gave the men the experience of being asked rather than asking for dances. The year's activities were brought to a successful conclusion at a final get- together party at which the executive for the forthcoming year was elected. Two forty-six Qi 1 n bl 1 1Q Q, 1 pf -1 1 10 The Macdonald-Cartier Club HE aims and purposes ofthe Club are twofold. Primarily it is to benefit the members by addresses on subjects of political interest, opportunity for discussion being given to the members at the meetings. Secondly, it is to promote Conservative doctrine throughout the University. During the past academic year, both luncheon and evening meetings have been held. At the former some prominent gentlemen in Conservative politics have spoken. At the latter, discussions on current political questions have been held. The list of members: E. G. Adie J. P. Agar J. M. Armstrong R. A. Bell A. W. M. Brymer W. D. Conklin J. G. Crean R. J. Cudney J. W. H. Doherty P. A. Dufresne S. E. Fennell G. W. Gordon D. J. Grier R. J. Gunn A. G. Heakes S. H. S. Hughes H. H. Johnston T. C. Keenan K. B. Kennedy T. C. Kinnear F. J. Maher S. F. Mc-Adam C. W. Minett J. F. Morlock W. D. Roberts A. R. Ross J. Summon L. R. Scheult J. L. Stewart R. B. Trott C. W. Tyson G. B. Weiler W. J. Weiler J. M. Whyte M. A. Wilkinson R. F. Wodehouse Two forty-seven Qi 4 1 1 lf iQ O1 pt, Ps 4 1 10 University of Toronto Liberal Club EXECUTIVE: Harold G. Jackson, P1'e5z'de1zt W. S. lVlcPherson, I'z'ce-Preridefzt A. D. Clute, Secretary-Trearzfrez' COUNCILLORSZ XY. D. Scott, I Cv. sl. O'Connor, ll R. E. S. Green, Ill A. C. Zimmerman, IV. U YOUTH Liberalism is the open road, standing as it does for high principles, sound politics and progressive actions." Liberalism is concerned with the Weal of all, the nationls welfare and the common interests of our people. Her policy has ever been to consider all these phases of national life with an avowed intent ,and purpose of neglecting nothing, considering all, and ever striving for a truly representative government. Her actions have resulted in a greater Canada and a fuller realization upon the part of her people that Liberalism is the open road. The University of Toronto Liberal Club, an undergraduate organization, is composed of men interested in forwarding these ideals of Liberalism in Canada. Founded in 1924, it has always striven toward this end, with the result that, to-day, it plays an active role in developing undergraduate thought. I if Two forty-eight i fl if at D 40 OD 4 if ft , iq DI ,- z tlllt5'NtiWlNtAPl' G'bUB'EXEQUfPlVE1 UN lVERSlfl5Y'OF CPQI-QONCFQJ l9Z5l' 2 Newman Club LAYXIAN CLUB was founded by His Grace, Archbishop KlacNeill, D.D. in l9l3, for the purpose of providing for the spiritual, intellectual and social welfare of all Catholic students, both men and women, in attend- ance at institutions of higher education in the city. lts existence embodies an ideal which is successfully fulfilled in Canadian and American Universities by the Federation of College Catholic Clubs, an organization of which the Toronto Newman Club is an active member. The steady growth of the Club in activity and in membership has fully justified the beliefs of its founders. The present spacious Club house is a building of which all the members are proud. The Chapel is an excellent example of Gothic architecture, and represents years of effort on the part of successive executives supported by the unllagging enthusiasm of its line of Paulist Chaplains and the generous interest of those who are prominent in the Catholic life of this Province. To many who graduate this year, the halls of Newman Club will ever be dear. The Club has woven itself into the lives of its members, and the true friendships gained, as well as the acquaintances formed, will, as in the past, profoundly influence the future of all who now enter the ranks of the Alumni of the Club. Theirs will be the memory of many happy hours spent at the dances, teas, smokers and other soirees, held at the Club. ln their interest have many men, prominent in the life of Canada, spoken under the auspices of the Club. Their spiritual life has been well directed by a resident Chaplain, through frequent religious exercises around which all activities of the Club are centred. The present year has been very successful. It has seen the organi7ation of a Canadian Province within the Federation, the initial step of a future of great promise. It has thoroughly proven the value of a Club, constituted as is Newman Club. Two fo rty-nine C0 4 if 'SDI 3 iQ Cm 1 l1,,mf1 r KO GERMAN STUDY CLUB Bark Row: E. ADIE CBus. Manage-rj, MISS E. D. BRUNKE CSoeial Convenorj. Front Row: N. H. SHAW CViee-Presidentb, MISS M. C. C. WALKER CPresidentD, PROF. B. FAIRLEY tHon. Presidentj, G. L. HALLMAN CSQ-cretaryb. The German Study Club HE Club was founded some years ago for the purpose of promulgating the German language and culture, especially among undergraduate students of the University. The membership embraces all faculties and is not restricted to the students and staff-members of the Departments of German in the various colleges alone, but non-students also are given a cordial welcome. The Club offers a particularly inviting aspect to those native Germans who are absent from the Fatherland, for from time to time speakers inform the members of new developments at home, or lecture on different phases of German culture. This year's activities are of unusual importance. Toronto is celebrating, in a fitting manner, the centenary of the death of the great Goethe. Klembers of the Club are most appropriately presenting, as their annual play, one of his earlier comedies, "Die lVlitschuldigen", Written in Leipzig when he was a student of nineteen. It has also been the practice of the Club to give a short play at every meeting, together with a short lecture and a musical programme. Vlie should like to thank those who have brought enjoyment to the Club by their contributions of music and addresses, to them is extended deep apprecia- tion for their part in the programmes. After each meeting, refreshments and informal conversation bring the evening to a close. It is the hope of the Executive that the purpose of the Club, in fostering a spirit of mutual understanding between two great nations, is being fulfilled. Two fifty Q1 1 n 14 0 Oz s P' T' 5 ITALIAN-SPANISH CLUB EXECUTIVE, 1931-32 Back Row: H. DARTE CSeeretaryJ, E. SCOVEL CPub. Managerb, M. CONBOY CViee-Presidentb. Front Row: J. BOOTH CTreasurerJ, G. LAUGHLIN CPresidentJ, PROF. G. C. PATTERSON CHOn. Presidentb. Italian-Spanish Club N l92-l the ltalian-Spanish Club had its origin and it has made great strides with each succeeding year. The aim of the Club is to further the interest in the ltalian and Spanish languages and to promote the study of their history and civilizations. lts membership includes, besides members of the Undergraduate Body and many faculty members, many prominent local people. Among its noted members are: Signor Ambrosi, the ltalian Royal Vice-Consulg the Consuls of most Spanish-speaking countriesg Senora Guerrero and many prominent ltalian doctors in Toronto. The Club holds one meeting a month with a programme of music and speeches in either language, followed by refreshments and conversation. A play night is held every spring when the members of the Club present an ltalian and a Spanish play. This year the Club offers f'Bebere O AfHogare" in ltalian and "Zaragueta" in Spanish. The Executives ofthe Club are obliged to Senora Cwuerrero, Klrs. Cragie, Professor Meek, Professor KlcCallum, Xlisses Elliott and Demery, Randolph Crowe and all those who so kindly assisted in the pro- grammes of the Club, contributing to its success. Two fifty-one Qi 1 r 11 10 ol Pl lf :I , l IV T wo FABIUS CLUB M. E. HOGARTH, H. L. WOLFSON QSec1-etaryi, L. TARSHIS. M. E. CARPENTER, E. J. URWICK, M.A. CHon. Presidentj, E. J. BAKER fPresident9, I. M. Blss, B.A. CVice-Presidentj, C. M. TEMPLE CTreasurerD. Fabius Club H12 Fabius Club consists of men and women who desire by frank examination of the assumptions and methods of the existing Industrial System, to reach a fuller understanding of its defects and the possibility of substituting co-operation for competition". The above constitutes, in so far as a statement can, the idealogy and the philosophy of the Club. The programme throughout the year consisted of a series of fortnightly meetings, held on the first and third Thursday of each month, at which members, one graduate and one undergraduate, presented papers and conducted a discussion on each of the given subjects as listed: 1. An Analysis of the Pros and Cons ofthe Profit Nlotive. 2. Scientific hlanagement and lts lmplications. 3. Forms of Control and Super-Control. 4. The Financial Instruments and Their Difficulties. 5. Qther Forms of Control. The point of view that evolved from these discussions was one with a rather marked conviction in favour of socialistic control in some phase. The member body evidence a sincere interest in the questions and principles involved to an extent gratifying to the executive, and of such a nature as to assure it in the correctness of the plans pursued. At the time of Writing there is a motion before the Club involving affiliation, either as a Club or by individual action, with the League for Industrial Democ- racy, an organization having representation on the campuses of various American Colleges and Universities. The outgoing Executive feels assured that it has given to the Club a fruitful programme and promising course of action and it is with sincere hope that the Club will continue to evolve its functions in the light of progressive thought and action that it gives this message at the close of 1931-1932. fifty-two of at ya QQ i to 1 1 V-ff ' Students' Band HE year 1931-32 has been the occasion of rather noteworthy achievement in the activities of the Students' Band. During the preceding years interest had been at a very low ebb. A movement from within, fostered by the support of the Students' Administrative Council, provided the stimulus which has finally resulted in a musical organization worthy of this University. Qver sixty students responded to the call for recruits last September. After two weeks of constant drilling and practising, fifty of this number were privileged to wear the Blue and Vllhite uniforms. ' From the very first appearance the band was well received by the students. Appropriate letter formations delighted the rugby enthusiasts and the various university songs added colour to the games. On four occasions during the rugby season the band had opportunity to display its prowess in the Varsity Stadium. The complete unit journeyed to London and fully sustained its reputation there. At the conclusion of the rugby season, plans were immediately set in motion to prepare for a concert. After some weeks of diligent practice, the students were presented with a programme of concert music in Convocation Hall. About a month later the band joined the student assembly that gathered to bid farewell to the retiring president. The senior hockey team also received the support of the band in the final struggle with hIcGill for the Intercollegiate championship. As long as the present interest is subtained, the Varsity Band will continue to be an asset to the University in years to come. Two fifty-tnree 1 R 1 V 13 4 5 0, 1 1 i KO THE LAW CLUB OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Front Row: J. M. ARMSTRONG, J. L. STEWART, F. R. HUME. Back Row: N. PIVNICK, R. MUIR. The Law Club of the University of Toronto LRILADY, despite its youth, one of the most active associations at the University, the Law Club, brings to its members monthly addresses on subjects of juristic and legal interest. Formed in December, l93O, as a result of the activities of certain under- graduates, the Club is now composed of all the members and many of the graduates ofthe Honour Course in Law. lts meetings are designed to supplement the regular work in this course. The executive of the Club has always received the active co-operation of the statf ofthe Department of Law at the University. Dr. VV. P. hl. Kennedy, head of this department, is now Honourary Vice-President of the Club. The Honourary President of the Club since its formation has been Hon. N. VV. Rowell, K.C., who addressed the Club at the first annual dinner in Klarch, 1931, on "The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council". Klr. Rowell also spoke to the Club in January, 1932, on "The Permanent Court of lnternational Justicew. Other speakers in the past have included: Charles Nlorse, Esq., Registrar of the Exchequer Court, Dr. C. A. VVright, of Osgoode Hall, George VVilkie, K.C.g Hon. Mr. Justice C. A. hlasteng A. VV. Rogers, lLsq.g Professor Jean Escarra, of the University of Parisg and John Robinette, lisq., of Osgoode Hall. Since one of the purposes of the Club is to bridge the gap between the members ofthe Law course and the older members of the profession, all graduates ofthe course are urged to take advantage of their privilege of becoming members. Two fifty-four Q: 4 1 ' :Q Or 1 CMJ I 10 TORONTO INTERCOLLEGIATE CHRISTIAN UNION EXECUTIVE, 1931-32 P. W. DOWNER CWycliffe and U.C. '32-Presidentj, MISS P. ARGALL CVictoria '31-View Presidentj, A. C. HENDERSON CMed. '36-Secretaryj, MISS W. CRAIG CVictoria '33-Treasurerj. Toronto Intercollegiate Christian Union HF. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, a group of Unions similar to the Toronto Inter-Collegiate Christian Union, though but recently formed in Canada, is one of world-wide afliliations. ln 1877 was founded the now famous Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union, the forerunner of numerous other Unions throughout the British lsles which were eventually to amalgamate into the lnter-Varsity Fellowship of Evangelical Unions. ln 1928 the Toronto Inter-Collegiate Christian Union was formed and in 1929 the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, of which the T.l.C.C.U. repre- sented the nucleus. At the same time the League of Evangelical Students, with which the I.V.C.F. maintains close touch, was becoming established in the Universities of the United States. In 1930 similar organizations were started in Australia and New Zealand. The motive of the T.l.C.C.U. as of all the Unions, is a sincere desire to serve the needs of any who wish to deepen their fellowship with the Living Christ, and its energies are directed in an endeavour to be of practical assistance to any who are perplexed in problems of faith and life. Its activities comprise a weekly discussion group, a noon-day half-hour prayer group and occasional meetings addressed by special speakers. Wihile anyone interested is more than welcome to the groups, those who wish definitely to join the Union are requested to sign a declaration of belief in the Unity of the Three Persons in the Godhead and in Jesus Christ as Saviour, Lord and God. Two jifty Jive l 1 Qi 1 r 1 1 43 ok :K lf Pl k Pl rx A .1 LL A ff! I' fx Xl ,C 51 ja :Q If Elo 4 l fj 1 2 FACULTY ORGANIZATIO I r-1 s A ff X AM .av WZ! Q, V Z' A 1 K . f , , , N-:'4l'I'7' ' :Qsf x. I' ' Qui .I Jw 5. l. 'I 232' ' Q v I' .1 --:Z ,1 A,- E CM! , 27" 3 ' . ai-521 . 111' - 5 ff f' 'if " 7' Z - " if ' f 'gf if Q-f 5' fx ,, A- X 5 f.. ff L' "Z, 1 1 i Q : 1 y 4 lc Jr J 10 COMMERCE CLUB EXECUTIVE Back Row: C. M. MAGWOOD, W. A. PEARSON, J. M. MACNAB, R. C. GIBSON. Front Row: F. W. CONDLLN CAssistant Secretaryy, R. E. S. GREEN, PROF. F. R. CROCOMBE CHon. Presidentj, E. L. BAKER CPres.J, R. T. GREER Nice-Presidentj, J. H. BROUGHTON CSecretaryJ, J. D. MURRAY. Absent: T. GRANDIN CTreasurerJ. Commerce Club N THE year under review, the Commerce Club has maintained and even surpassed the high standard set in the previous year. The annual banquet which was addressed this year by the Rev. Canon Cody, President-elect of the University, was the largest in the history of the Club. The second Annual At Home, held in the Venetian Room of the Royal York Hotel on January 29th, was a most enjoyable function and was largely attended. ln addition to many interesting noon hour meetings, two smokers were held, the first addressed by hlr. VV. H. Nloore, M.P., chairman of the late Tariff Board, and the second by Mr. Emil Sauer, United States Consul. The large attendance at all these meetings was evidence of the keen interest shown by the members. In the field of athletics, a squash tourney was arranged, and the Crocombe Trophy presented for annual competition in this sport. ln extending its best wishes for the future to those of its members who are graduating this year, the Club expresses the hope that they will remember that a warm welcome always awaits them at any of its functions or meetings. Two fifty-eight Q, 1 x 4 V 40 0: 1 1 1 1 10 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE FRENCH SOCIETY .Back Row: Miss R. K. P. WOOD Clst Yr. Rep.D, G. L. HALLMAN QTreasurerJ, J. L. LAY CBus. Managerb. Front Row: H. H. NOYES qSecretary7, Miss E. B. BURTON CPre-sidenty, PROF. L. ALLEN CHon. Presidentj, Miss E. I. BAKER CVice-Presidentb, Miss E. D. BRUNKE CPub. Managerb University College French Society ETVVEFIN the study of French Literature and the actual speaking of the language, lies a gap which the French Society helps to bridge. Its meetings are conducted wholly in French, and though a P6lf1.JZ'E7Z might depart from them with offended ears, the members are mutually patient, with the result that the speed of their conversation increases from month to month. Several short plays have been presented, including one which was written by a member of the Society, and two radio dialogues which were broadcast through the medium ofa curtain. The most ambitious undertaking ofthe year was the presentation of "L'Habit Vert", by de Caillavet and de Flers at the Hart House Theatre. The large cast was extremely well directed by Bliss Cole and Nlr. Finch. Their close attention to the acting and pronunciation was amply justified by the dramatic finish of the production. The Society has had the opportunity of enjoying several interesting speeches. Nliss Kladeline Lake, a former president, described in a humourous manner the difficulties that beset a Canadian student in France. Dr. Allen, the Honourary President, addressed one of the gatherings, and Rl. Laflamme spoke to the joint meeting ofthe four French Societies of the University. hlusical renderings of French composers by lNIiss Brunke, Bliss Cutler, and others have been especially enjoyable features of the monthly programmes. Each evening's entertainment concluded with the singing of French songs. Informal conversation around the coffee cups was always a successful finale to a more serious programme, though the refreshments were usually of a better quality than the French conversation. Two fifty-nme Oi 1 n 1 1 10 Or 1 x 4 1 10 VICTORIA COLLEGE MUSIC CLUB EXECUTIVE Back Row: L. H. CRAGG fTreasurer9, D. W. MCGIBBON fBus. Managerj, Miss H. EMERSON CAsst. Bus. Managerb, W. D. CONKLIN CAdvt. Managerj. F1onfRow: Miss D. DARLING qSecretaryJ, J. D. W. CUMBERLAND CPresident7, MISS M. M. LIPSETT CVice-Presidentb. - Victoria College Music Club NCE again the Victoria College hlusic Club has lived up to the motto which has guided it in all its work: "Just a little bit better". The Club is now looking back on its seventh annual production of Gilvert and Sullivan operas, and very successful productions too. The opera which was chosen this year was "Patience", and the Club showed its ability to bring out the best of this tuneful work in every moment of the performance. The cast of principals was especially well-suited to the particular charm and melody of 'fPatience" and the chorus which supported them was one of the best that the Victoria College Nlusic Club has ever put on the stage. The opera was produced in Hart House Theatre on February the 6th, Sth, 9th, lOth and llth, and the crowds which filled the theatre were large and appreciative. The direction was again in the skillful hands of lVlr. Thos. Crawford, Mus. Bac., F.R.C.O., F.T.C.L., who has, in the past five years, done so much to make the Club's presentations so very successful. Music lovers of Toronto will look forward in the future to further productions by this Club. Two sixty Ov 4 rf el n 1 Cr 4 lf pt 1 VICTORIA COLLEGE DEBATING EXECUTIVE R. MCKNIGHT, K. CASH. E. BURRows, G. ROMANS, A. ANDERSON. Victoria College Debating Society HE Victoria College Debating Society was founded last year, and so is comparatively an infant as campus organizations go. But even in its second term it has become a recognized part of the life of the College and expects soon to put Victoria on the map as regards debates. It took over the debating activities of the old Student's Parliament, when that institution went co-educational and is now a completely autonomous society with no executive responsibility attached to it. As a result, the debating has gained in refinement and interest what it has lost in virility. There were three debates during the year, the last being with Trinity College. All were on topics sufhciently broad to be entertaining and provided plenty of scope for wit and for airy generalizations without insisting too much on erudition. As regards interest and attendance, we cannot report a banner year, but hope nevertheless that we are well on the way toward one for the next session. Two sixty one O if 21 1 KQ VICTORIA WOMEN'S LITERARY SOCIETY Standing tLeft to Righty: ELIZABETH EEDY, HELEN RUTNAM, DORIS LIVINGSTON, MARY THOMPSON. Seated tLeft to Righty: DOROTHY RAE, MARGARET SLATER CPI-esidentj, DR. FORD tHon. Presidenty, MAYSIE ROGER, MARGARET WRIGHT. VICTORIA COLLEGE FRENCH CLUB Back Row: MILDRED OLDFIELD, DOROTHY RUDOLPH, ELIZABETH LOOSLEY. Front Row: GLADYS SMITH, CONSTANCE LEWIS CPresidentJ, DR. H. E. FORD CHon. Presidentb KATHLEEN RUSSELL tVice-PI-esidentj, GERTRUDE KNOX CTreasurerJ. In absentia: MARY CARMAN CSecretaryJ. Two sixty-two LORETTO COLLEGE LITERARY SOCIETY Huck Row: D. CAIN, M. MOSSHAUGH. Fronf Row: M. MCLAUGHLIN, M. MORAN, C. MACE. LORETTO COLLEGE HOUSE CGMMITTEE Back Row: M. UNGER, A. NOLAN, D. LONG. Front Row: M. LOUGHLIN, M. MORAN, A. HAYES. Tao sixty-three ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL Back Row: H. MCHENRY, M. RYAN. Fran! Row: I. BAXTER, E. HARRISON, C. HINDS CPresidentJ, H. MUSSEY. ST. JOSIiPH'S COLLEGE HOUSE COMMITTEE Buck Row: E. SCULLY, U. MURRAY. Front Row: C. HINDS, L. PATERSON, P. BONDY. Two sixiy-fou r ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE ST. THERESA'S LITERARY SOCIETY B. MILLER, R. LAPLANTE, L. PATERSON. ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE LE CERCLE FRANCAIS J. NAUD, J. FARLEY, P. BONDY, E. BATTLE. Two sfirz' y-J? re Ci .1 1- -1 y gg TRINITY COLLEGE SCIENCE CLUB Back Row: H. S. C. ARCHBOLD, H. HAYWARD, A. W. A. BROWN Middle Row: J. E. MOORE, G. H. JOHNSON, D. W. LEONARD, D. S. HOLMSTEAD, J. E. A. CRAKE, J. F. HINCHLIFFE. Front Row: H. V. RICE, A. H. WOODCOCK, H. HOWARD, S. H. JACKSON CPi-esidentj, P. B. HAMILTON, PROF. F. T. H. FLETCHER CHon. Vice-Presidentj, W. N. BOWDEN. The Trinity College Science Club HE Trinity College Science Club was founded by lylr. David A. Keyes, lylr. F. Nl. Turner and Professor Simpson, to fill the need in Trinity College of a club where those men interested in Science could gather and discuss various scientific topics. Since its foundation the club has numbered among its members men who, to-day. are famous for their scientific achievements. Of these men a few are: L. V. Redman, the discoverer of redmanol, G. H. Tomlinson, who developed a process for carbide manufacture, and Dr. B. Collip of McGill University, who is well known for his work in the separation of insulin and for more recent biological discoveries. At fortnightly intervals the Club meets in a students' room where a paper on some branch of science is read by one of the members. Refreshments are then served, during which discussion of the paper is carried on. The interest of these discussions is the element in the club that has the most appeal to the student body. The membership in the Club is limited and care is taken, in the election of new members, to insure that they are genuinely interested. In the Easter term an open meeting is held, to which everybody is welcome. Some person, prominent in science, is chosen each year to address this meeting. Two sixty-six 01 11 1 1 1 IQ ST. HILDA'S LITERARY SOCIETY EXECUTIVE Back Row: M. NICCULLOUGH, M. MCMULLEN, H. SALMON, E. HODGE. Front Row: M. THOMPSON, H. GROOM, C. DENISON, C. STEELE, M. FARMER. ST. HILDA'S WOMEN'S AUXILIARY Back Row: G. PALMER, M. ROSE, H. GROOM, M. HALL. Front Row: R. BERRY, C. MCQUADE, M. CASSIDY. Two sixty-seven C1 J 1 , 1 The Won1en's Literary Society of University College-1951-32 The Executive of the Society for the past year has been as follows: Prf.vz'dmzfYMargaret Attwood l'ire-President-Jocelyn lN4oore Sffrftaryehlaureen hlacoun Trfafzzrer-lXIaud Sexsmith Fin! Year Rfprf.vf1ztr1iz't'f-lXIargaret Lang Two open meetings were held, one in December and one in February. At the former, lXIrs. S. Creighton read a paper on Modern Novels, and at the latter hir. S. S. Brett spoke on Literature and Philosophy in the Twentieth Century. At the regular meetings, papers were given by: Jocelyn lN'Ioore, on lNfTodern Negro Poetryg Isobel Jordan on Humbert VVolfeg Betty Burton on Paul Verlaineg Primrose McLean on Vlvilla Catherg Hasel Hammond on James Joyce and hiaureen Macoun on Edwin Arlington Robinson. ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE DRAMATIC SOCIETY M. GILLOOLEY, E. HARTMANN, J. GRANT, F. O'CoNNoR. Two sixty-eight cyl 1 4 to or ,fl 11- 1 if 19 1 1 CIVIL CLUB EXELLITIVIL Fuculi 11 111- Appl ied i Science L-11-1F11qinee1'i11q I gffm 47, H ,,,, V, . . Y 1 'The CHVH Club NCE again we draw near to the end of a term and for some of us it is the last term of our four years. Qthers are off to a good start and are looking ahead to some of the most interesting years of their life. The present fourth year, twenty in number, is the largest graduating class from this department for several years. The junior years have a registration considerably larger, so it seems that Civil Engineering is fast regaining the popularity it once had. This year our annual fall excursion took in the filtration plant at Niagara Falls, Ont., the arch bridge over the Niagara River, a model of Niagara Falls, the Niagara Power Company's plant and points west. The fall smoker was held last December and was a decided success. Prof. L. Rogers gave us one of his very interesting addresses. At present plans are in progress for the Annual Dinner, which has always been a feature and we are looking forward to a pleasant evening. VVe, who are graduating this year, wish to thank our Professors for the valuable assistance that has been given us by them, in our four years of attend- ance here, and hope that the coming years will benefit by their experience and teaching to the same extent as we have. Two sixfy-nine 0, 'pq yf":q.. lf' KJ ' l ,,wa awww w' l95l UWT 1952 f,,, -1 1 O1 1 if at 3 1 A-vi. :igvi lf sf All -1 .1 LCTRICAL LU B EXECUTIVE Faculty of Applied Y bciencc and Enqirwcrmq I if femft 1 mr.1 11151 uOfT 1952 1 The Electrical Club NOTHER year goes down in history at S.P.S. The activities of the Electrical Club this year have been varied, and the increased interest shown is but one indication that in the near future the main component in the Engineering Society will be those undergraduates in the Department of Electrical Engineering. It has always been the chief aim of the Club to help the members to have a keener insight into the practical side of their chosen career, either by the discus- sion of papers by men prominent in the profession, or by taking trips to plants of industrial interest where production methods are studied. Late in October, trips were held by the different years to plants of importance in Toronto, Peterborough, Hamilton, Queenston, Niagara Falls and Buffalo. A greater conception was gained of the generation and distribution of power with its application to industry, and of the manufacturing and uses of electrical machinery and apparatus. The held is a large one, and some idea of its scope and opportunities are suggested to those who are entering it. The meeting in December was held as a smoker at which Mr. A. G. Turnbull of the Canadian General Electric described some of the newest developments in industrial control systems and their applications. The January smoker was addressed by the Honourary Chairman of the Club, Professor H. VV. Price, who discussed some of the more recent inventions and engineering developments. These meetings are an important phase in the Club's activities, and interest is advanced in a social manner as well as from a practical standpoint. The support given this yearis executive has been sincerely appreciated' With the continuation of the enthusiasm and co-operation shown, next year's executive will have their efforts well rewarded, and we wish them every success in keeping the Club in the foreground at the "Old School". Two Seventy Q1 1 1 4 3 qQ t, W Us ,af Faculty of Applied Scicnccand Rnqmeerinq L Oz 1 if A-fx yr qg 'ZZ' 1 Ft LETHW 3,14 4, X5 X 4 19, N at ll Hemwfl 1 . 5- f' A ' C'0f,pgs1f' wtf cfmmr-:Ara ' BHHHAHY DEBATING CLUB Exlicurlvls 1 U' VV Mun' Y 7,15 in-Au Ru' 4'.1 who .ll i S.P.S. Debating Club HILE debating does not appeal so much to the embryo engineer as to those who expect to enter fields Where talk is more important than action, the forensic art does find a few friends in the Science Faculty. The object of this Club is to provide these men with the opportunity to develop their speaking ability as well as to afford pleasure to those who enjoy discussion. The ability to speak clearly, effectively and concisely is recognized as a necessary part of an engineer's training. Particularly is this so when engineers are being called upon to supply a Wider demand in a more complex world. This Club provides opportunities for this training by several means. During the fall it holds a number of formal discussions introduced by several members. It has a dinner, at which a qualified man talks on some phase of public speaking. In the winter it runs an inter-year debating competition for the Sedgeworth Trophy and an oratorical contest. The Club wishes to thank those of its members whose work has made its meetings Worth while, and those of the staff whose aid and advice have been of much value. Two seventy-one Q1 1 N bl 5 qi O' ' Je f' 1 19 ,gf ' U 6 THUx ff WM: ,V W ANL' MECHANICAL CLUB EXECUTIVE l nr ulty of Appllt d Science GEIIQIIIGQIIHQ K' 1951 lllw 1952 N vi FL f' G , L C Gifwo W Hi' l KN ii 'V 1: fr "' J cn PCL W 5' :Jn-JU' v-I vnu mv 1"'wu'f HH Q57 n- vnu: mv- v--A -Jul H - The Mechanical Club HIL Nlechanical Club is twenty-five years old this year. Long may she live! In 1907 the Klechanical and Electrical Club was inaugurated as the official student organization for those in the departments. Two years ago, the hlechanical and Electrical Club was divided into its two separate departments, owing to the fact that about half the enrolment at the School fell within this Club. Wie may well feel proud that, despite this split, the Klechanical is still the largest club. Our activities this year began with the trip to Niagara Falls, Buffalo and Queenston. This trip is always very instructive, especially to Freshmen, and it may be safely said the excursion was entirely satisfactory. Unfortunately, by ruling of the Faculty, there will be no general trip next year, but the various clubs will be allowed to organize their units to visit plants of interest individually. Two smokers were held, one before and one after Christmas, our speakers being Professor Angus, and Klr. XV. H. D. Clark of the Combustion Engineering Corporation, lylontreal. As a suitable ending, the Nlechanical Club At Home was held at the Silver Slipper, which was well attended and highly successful. Wie hope that the next executive will enjoy every success in its administra- tion, and we would like to wish the members of the present club all success in their examinations. 9 Two seventy-two Q! l lf" DI D la Oy 4 1 4 1 49 P LUMN-Q f''t' dHU"MU if I germ ECTIIML EXECUTIVE s ' lwxculty of Applied P Science and Enqineerinq i f ef?.iz:fg.1 ffiliff 1951 U"1T 1952 The Architectural Club HIS year of grace hais not been one of depression for the Architectural Club. It has been one of satisfying events. To begin with, the annual trip to Gull Lake was even more successful than usualg the work in water--colour this year showing a decided upward trend in standard. Besides which, several of the members came closer to nature than ever before. Yes! indeed, there was more than one who sat accidently on the bottom of Rackety Creek, when the creek-bed was full of water, and not least in interest was the lady known as "Lou", The dinner this year was a decided success. It was held at the Royal York Hotel. The old Architectural custom of Freshman initiations on this night was repeated for one more year. The system of individual effort on their part was discarded. Instead, they put on skits, etc., in groups. The result was a riot of fun and a credit to the Frosh. Our Honorary, or as the menu read, Honourable Chairman, Mr. Craig, gave an excellent talk on the recent legislation concerning Architects. Throughout the year, interesting talks and pictures were given and shown on diversified subjects by men qualified to do so. The annual dance was held at the Embassy Club in February. From the standpoint of music and floor, it was a real success, but the arrangement left something to be desired, in keeping the party together as a whole. This may well be considered by the incoming executive. In conclusion, the writer can only hope that the support given the new chairman by the executive will be as full as that enjoyed this year. Two seventy-th ree Q1 1 11- be 1 iQ OJ 1 jf :4 y fo We Q.. ' Ll 5 6' lNDUSTR it l- , a LHLMNJU CIHB if 2 gist Q a itat aaa, gg lXFLU11VI ,gg- i gaa,a f M 'I , ,. ...:-' va N ti U E ll- S 0 W x ,. A Intl l lllllllltilll l .ff ,Q atkpiffi iosilyyrlosz S 5 g The Industrial Chemical Club S ITS name implies, this, the most active of the constituent Clubs of the Engineering Society, serves as the connecting link between the under- ' graduate Chemical Engineers and the men who have "taken the bumps of life with calm". Periodical gatherings, rightly called "smokers", are held, at which some industrialist is featured as the speaker of the evening. His subject may vary from Disarmament to Dissociation. The social value of these functions lies mainly in the many personal contacts made in the endeavour to secure not only sufficient cigarettes to last the evening but also the next week's supply. lt is in these sessions, far from the discord of the Kled's HHQSM, that the lusty-lunged frosh becomes an adept at the famous slogan "Toike Oikew-nineteen words, no more, no less. The session l93l-32 saw the end of what had, until the present, been the most enterprising of the Club functions, namely the annual Inter-year trip. lt was with mingled feelings of relief and regret that the Club Executive received notification to this effect from the Faculty Council. Following the precedent set during the last season, the Club plans to hold two dinners. lf the enthusiasm for the first is an indication of the success of the second, our efforts will have been well rewarded. And so, in yielding our lockers to the seniors to come, it is our wish that they may reap the same handsome dividends and genuine pleasure that has attended our participation in these activities. Two seventy-four Ol 1 lf ft b IQ Ol 1 la 1 , ,Q 5 1 y . as Iv! 1 'M 1 1 "1 wi zswzseaa 1 xv pf 6. A 1 1. ip " A' "" " """ if-N r A um 5 W ' ME1'ALL111ic.1cA1 1 CIu1sEx1.111f1vE Y FdClIlllI -:jf .flppliml "" l9'il 5C"J!lfe 1952 , 1 - "l - - ,i,.gAl 7 Q,.p'V . 1... lgnq1n'i-ermq 1 1 1 The Mining and Metallurgical Club NCE again the spring examinations bring to a close another successful year in the annals of the Club-the seventeenth year of its existence. liver since l9l5, when the Kluckers Club was changed to the Klining and Nletallurgical Club. it has been growing in activities and number of members. Each year more and more interest is shown in our organization by prominent mining engineers, until this year we were extended the privilege of holding our final dinners at the Engineers' Club. This interest is very much appreciated, both by the executive and members of the Club. This year we continued the policy of having a practising lXlining Engineer as our Honourary Chairman, and were very fortunate in having one of the Club's oldest and strongest supporters, hflr. Balmer Neilly, in that office. hfluch of the Club's success has been due to his energetic and able support. The customary activities of the Club have been held as in previous years. Uur first function was an initiation smoker, held in Hart House early in Qctober. Here the Freshmen were shown the subtle difference between departments 2 and 8 and the "hoi polloi". The Annual Trip was made to Niagara Falls, Buffalo and Lackawanna. The evening was spent in Buffalo ..... Our Honourary Chairman addressed the first dinner meeting in November. The second dinner was held in January, and lN'lr. Hibbert of Noranda was our guest speaker. Our February meeting was held at the Engineers' Club and Dr. A. P. Coleman gave us a very interesting talk. lt is proposed to hold another dinner meeting in hlarch. The social event of the year was the delightful At Home of the Association of Vliomen of the Nlining lndustry. This was held in November. The new Nlill was officially opened in the fall by the Hon. Charles lNflcCrea, with Sir Robert Falconer presiding over the ceremonies. Tea was served in the building afterwards. This year we started the policy of getting new and old graduates out to our meetings. This proved very successful, and we hope the practice will be con- tinued in future. Those of us who graduate this spring would like to feel that BC can come back in future years and see old and familiar faces at the Club inners. Two seventy five oi 1 ,J sq , to OP 4 if 1 1 L WYCLIFFE COLLEGE STUDENTS' CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION J. MCKIBBIN tVice-Presidentb, A. H. HART-DAVIES, B.A. tPresidentJ, L. F. GEARY CSec-retary-Treasurerl. Wfycliffe College Students' Christian Association HE three-fold aim and basis of the lYyclilTe College Students' Christian Association is as follows: ,CID To deepen the corporate and individual spiritual life of the students. llll To co-operate with Christian organizations working among the students ofthe University. Cllll To maintain living contact with missionary movements throughout the world. This was the second year of afliliation with the University Organization, and we may now be considered to form an integral part of that body. Une of the aims of the Association is to create and foster that attitude of heart and mind among the students, which in the past has given the College a reputation for missionary activity. Speakers this year have been for the most part graduates of Wiyclille, who are or have .been engaged in missionary service. India has been represented by Rev. l.. A. Dixon, Rev. C. R. H. Wiilkinson and Dr. G. B. Archer, China by Rev. G. A. Andrew and Yery Rev. A. C. S. Trivett, and the Arctic Regions by Yen. Archdeacon A. l,. Fleming. Une member of the stall and four students attended the Student Volunteer Convention at Butlalo. At the Weekly devotional periods, the communal aspect has been emphasized, and the quality of the meetings improved. The lixecutive wish to thank all those who have supported them in their undertakings during the year, and feel sure that with the full co-operation of all the members, the future holds great possibilities for the Association. Two seven! y-s ix Ov 4 lf be tg Ox 4 r :4 V 40 HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE CLUB EXECUTIVE Back Row: HELEN INGLES CIII Year Pass Rep.J, ANNE LAWSON CI Year Rep.J, PEGGY RICHARDS II Year Honour Rep.D, AUDREY THOMSON CIV Year Honour Rep.J, NAN GIBBONS CII Year Pass Rep.J Front Row: MURIEL MCKINNON CIV Year Honour Rep.D, ANNA STOCKDALE CSecretaryJ, JEAN FAULDS fPresidentJ, Miss A. L. LAIRD fHonourary Presidentj, DORA Fox fVice-Presidenty, ALICE GRANT QTre-asurerj, ESTHER WALLACE CIV Year Pass Rep.J. The Household Science Club HIC "Fall Term" Opened with the usual glamour and excitement of initiation, which took place early in Uctober. This was followed by the lfresliie Tea, at which Bliss Laird and the Club President received the new members. Klonthly teas and luncheons were included in the Club pro- grammeg the monthly luncheons for third and fourth year girls being especially successful and interesting. These were held at Hunt's Yonge Street and promin- ent Toronto Dieticians were guest speakers. The activities of the year came to a gala ending with the Annual At Home, which was held at lCaton's College Street Auditorium. Two seventy-seven OI 4 rf at v ' iQ O9 4 Dv. 1 1 QQ MINISYZ. if F',NQNcs.,N5 plwfn W2 I fb.. f A f LW I Q I-e S.. to 'll N ,ALLL ,X i t K gp ,tx - qL X!! ' K X l li? A ,- lf I X ' I JL W-ff f 55 f I t A ji 0 I . X. I a an nfl , em ,A .jef f at , ll C I aa cf. The Women's Commerce Club of the University of Toronto HIC 'Women's Commerce Club, membership in which is open to women graduates and undergraduates in Commerce and Finance and Pass Com- merce, exists for the discussion of economic and social problems and to provide a liIIk between theory and the practical world. During the year the following meetings were held: October 23-At Home. Speaker, Professor lf. Bl. Urwick. November l2-An Analysis of the Present Business Depression. Speaker, Professor G. li. Jackson. November 2-l!TlIe Collapse of the Gold Standard and tlie llvay Out. Speaker, Xlr. A. NY. Plumptre. December Selfneinploymeiit and lts Remedies. Speakers, Alr. C. L. Burton aIId Professor T. Klorgan. February 3elndia. Speaker, Blr. F. L. Jordan. February Zierlllie Klancliurian Situation. Speaker, Professor N. A. Rlackenzie. Klarcli Svlianquet. Speaker, Honourable Nlr. Rlartin. EXECUTIVE! Ilozzozzrary PfEJZ.d1c'lIf.' PRoIfESSoR G. li. JACKSON Hozzourary IYZHFK-PfF5l.d8llf,f.' PRoEESSoR li. J. LlRWICK MISS N. AUSTIN MISS l. M. BISS MISS L. H. COTTON lXf'lRS. D. B. SINCLAIR MISS M. HIXMILTON NIRS. H. P. PLUMPTRE Pre51'df11t.' Secretary: Trf'f151n'fr.' FRANCES BECHTEL JEAN HARPER PATRICIA DOWLING Firft Year Reprerf'Izfatz'2'f,r.' ILDNA JACKSON AIAY BAGLE Two seventy-eight Ol Lf I 11 x QQ Ol 1 fy- jc D 49 all ll Hwusf , , il GUQQKWI t it ffmtmistgsr it Faculty of Dentistry Senior Hart House Committee Members EVER has the Faculty of Dentistry been so well and so fully represented on Hart House Committees as during the present year. Nothing more need be said to confirm the rapidly growing interest of the faculty in University affairs and in the very intricate management of Hart House. VVe can well be proud that our graduating class has a member on live Hart House Committees. Nlay this inspiring display of faculty spirit serve as a guide and a precedent to the upcoming years, to follow in their footsteps and continue to make the Faculty of Dentistry a credit to the University. lNlr. T. L. lylarsh, in point of service, is the senior member of the group, having been a member of the House Committee for the past three years and a member of the Board of Stewards for the last year. Mr. S. A. li. Nlerritt is a membe-r of the Hall Committee, which has the handling of all affairs relating to the Great Hall. Mr. E. A. Roberts is a member of the Library Committee, which has the pleasant duty of choosing all books and magazines for the library and reading room. Mr. H. Mitchell is on the Sketch Committee, which controls the Sketch room. Mr. C. Orton as a member of the Billiard Committee has a voice in all business relating to the billiard room. Two seventy-nme O 1 1 r iQ Or 1 r 1 3 10 Two eighty VICTORIA COLLEGE BOB COMMITTEE 0: 1 rf bl 1 10 VY, ,, fl RESIDENCES T5 l 72 z X Z ' N 1 Q 2 ' 5 ' T .' I- 1ag:fp'-yi-01.7, , N f 1, 3- Qxsj -'Wal' 1 I ..'.I' -7 H Y"-- Mi ' - TE- - li -21 Ol 1 k pl 1 QQ NORTH HGUSE Front Row: M. M. FLETCHER, E. B. HYMMEN, J. H. DOOL, W. F. HAEHNEL, D. R. MCQUEEN, DR. L. GILCHRIST, C. G. DIOKSON, W. FOWLER, I. D. S. MCDONALD, A. B. GREEN. Second Row: R. C. MITCHELL, J. R. BALLANTYNE, C. W. TYSON, A. S. DRUMMOND, F. R. WEST, M. D. KNECHTEL, W. D. BRITTAIN, M. J. WERRY, C. J. BRIDGLAND, L. J. LICHTY, R. P. BAILEY, E. R. BARRETT, R. K. JOHNSON, C. MACDONALD, F. A. RUGGLE, E. M. WORDEN, A. J. R. Loos, R. J. MACDONALD, L. K. WALKOM. Third Row: E. J. STADTLANDER, R. HEGGIE, S. E. FENNELL, L. S. LAUCHLAND, C. G. HEUMAN. Fourth Row: J. L. FOWLER, J. W. VILA, K. R. HYMMEN, H. J. DAWSON, G. T. MOMIOHAEL. Fifth. Row: J. D. CALDWELL, W. J. RAE, E. D. GRAHAM, W. J. REID, J. F. MITCHELL. North House INCE last year the personnel of North House has undergone a considerable change, due to graduation and a variety of other causes. The present depression does not seem to have deterred any Freshmen from entering the University and the Sophomores of the house found themselves in the embarrassing dilemma of being decidedly outnumbered. However, as is usually the case, the Freshmen quickly lost all their advantage by their lack of organiza- tion and the balance of power was kept in the proper hands. In many other ways the house has enjoyed a very successful year. Bridge has been the major indoor sport, with many alleged experts and many more critics. The chief social event of the year was the Annual Residence At Home, which was held at the Embassy Club and proved a huge success. Although this was the only oHicial residence dance, many of the University dances were heartily supported. Athletically, the House seems to have a fine chance to win the shield for the third successive time. At this writing, North House is in the lead in the two events that have been run off. A new tutor, Mr. W. F. Haehnel, came into the House and the officers for the year were: President, D. R. lVIcQueeng Treasurer, C. G. Dicksong Secretary. J. H. Dool. Two eighty-two Cr 1 lf it I IQ Cr 1 If . .yr I My N I SOUTH RESIDENCE, UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, 1931-32 Back Row: A. C. WEST, R. E. HENDERSHOT, B. J. BOUCHIER, A. D. WILLIAMS, L. H. VANLOON. Third Row: J. E. HANSELMAN, E. H. TOVEE, D. J. GRIER, R. L. GLOVER, H. D. HIOKEY, M. H. GLOVER, W. E. SHUTE, D. G. MCGORMAN. Second Row: J. W. HADDAD, M. A. MACKAY, F. T. TAYLOR, N. N. HADDAD, J. E. BOYLE, F. W. LOVE, M. R. LEMON, W. T. VROOMAN, A. H. CARTER, R. C. CUMMER, B. H. McNEEL, W. S. CAMPBELL, F. M. VANSTONE, D. D. PANABAKER, P. F. KEENLEYSIDE, A. M. J. MUELLER, H. V. SLEMON, P. C. MURRAY, J. C. VANSTONE, B. N. JOHNSTON, K. F. MUELLER, O. A. KLEIN, C. W. FILLMORE, W. R. MCCOLL, K. B. KENNEDY. Front Row: A. A. JANSEN, J. V. CRAIG, F. W. GONDLLN, F. E. EIDT, DR. H. A. HOSKIN, R. M. WILKINSON, H. A. BORDEN, A. N. VANLOON, J. K. BRADFORD, L. T. WHITE. South House S GRADUATION days approach, the memories of South House which flood through our minds are legion. These much-cherished recollections have been chosen from among the happenings of many years but the ones treasured Inost deeply are usually those of our last year. These attractions whether social, athletic, academic or memories of keen but friendly encounters with the neighbouring Houses, will ever remain with us as priceless gems stored in the golden chest of memory. The Residence Dance, held at the Embassy this year, was a great success'- so much so that South House held a second of their own during the early winter. The musical activities of the House have been augmented by the efforts of the First Floor Quartette. As for Athletics, South House is lighting strongly every game for the return of the much-coveted Athletic Shield. The rugby team broke even this fall. At the time of writing, the swimming, track and hockey series have yet to be run off. The destinies of the House this past year have been ably guided by our very popular President, Fred Eidt-who graduates this year in Forestry. To our House Klaster, Dr. Hoskin, no words can express the appreciation of the men of South House for his true friendliness to every one of us and his genuine interest in the scholastic progress of South House, of which we have been so justly proud of these last few years. This year has seen the entry of ten ofthe finest Freshmen South House has had for some years. They have been true sportsmen-every one. W'e welcome you. "Good old Froshn. VVith their entry goes the passage through graduation of another ten. Associations among us graduates have been slowly but firmly welded throughout the years. Friendships such as these will never be broken, however far we may be separated. To the members remaining we pass the torch "Be yours to hold it high!"-in the same noble manner it has been in the years gone by. lVIay Good Luck be with you. Two eighty-three OF 4 lf at I 10 Ox 1 I 1 1 to EAST HOUSE, 1932 Back Row: J. W. COPLAND, H. L. YACK, R. C. MALOTT, L. R. MORSE, J. R. H. NOBLE, J. E. ANDERSON, G. W. GILBERT, T. G. HOWE, M. J. SETTERINGTON, A. H. CROWSON, G. A. THOMPSON. Second Row: W. D. STEVENSON, B. N. MALOTT, D. J. MCCAUSLAND, J. E. WOODHOUSE, A. N. BLAIR, L. B. JONES, R. E. SANTO, C. S. BOLAND, R. G. MURRAY, R. A. PARKINSON, J. K. BLAIR, D. A. MCGILLIVRAY, D. F. HALL, F. R. SOUTHMAYD, R. E. SMALLWOOD, S. G. FARRAR, D. A. MCCONACHIE, J. E. DIETRICH, H. C. RUMBLE, E. R. EATON, C. D. MARTIN, L. D. PROCTOR, N. K. FIEBIG, A. H. BOGARDUS. Front Row: B. T. PARKINSON, C. H. BEEVOR-POTTS, J. H. YOCOM, R. B. MEIKLEJOHN, PROF. R. D. C. FINCH, B.A., F. S. BRIENbB.IA.,TR. W. EMERY, J. R. HALL, C. G. SOUTHMAYD, . . AIT. Absent: F. M. WALLINGFORD, A. C. MORRIS. East House F EAST HOUSE exists a generation hence, and if the graduates do the usual thing, history will be repeated once more within the red stone walls. The drama that soon will be completed for many East House men will be re-enacted then. Down squeaky corridors will walk Bob Beevor-Potts H. From somewhere in the depths of the building will come howls for UFaX's'7. Roy Emery, Jr., accompanied by Doug. Tait, will be yodelling in a shower that still persists in being unadjustable. Little Francis Brien will be even a better schoolmaster in a house skit than his old man was. Bob Meiklejohn will make the Satfoir-faire of his doctor father look sick. Boris Parkinson, Jr. will be getting law laid down to him by a father who is ever mindful of a detective called 0'Connor. Gordie Howe II will hang a brand new trench-coat on the common-room door, while the son of Mr. Gerald Gilbert will have a private telephone. Charles Southmayd, Jr. will tell about his dad and good old S.P.S. The offspring of Jim Anderson will be the greatest hypnotist that Masters Boland and Martin ever succumbed to. Jack Yocom H will witness it. Perhaps in that generation, East House will not play football, or basketball, or run harriers, or win bed races, or really make Embassy residence dances. Things change so rapidly that we cannot predict too much. But if every four years in one's life makes a contribution like East House has, well ..... Two eighty-four 01 4 4 IQ Oy I JT e l 0 , Wil' UNIVERSITY COLLEGE MEN'S RESIDENCE Top Row: W. A. KEIRLE, D. B. COUTTS, S. P. WHEELOCK, J. C. SAWYERS, M. L. GRAHAM, R. J. CUDNEY, E. C. FORBES, J. W. MORLEY, H. M. KING, A. MACDONALD, R. M. FARMER. Second Row: W. L. BROWN, D. H. CHITTY, G. H. MACCARTHY, C. A. CREWS, R. F. DURDAN W. VON GRUNAU, G. W. ALLES, W. S. PEACOCK, W. A. GREENMAN, T. A. FRASER, W. S. MACPHERSON, A. E. HONEYWELL. Front Row: W. R. MORRISON, C. S. STEVENS CTre-asurerj, M. S. SMITH CSecretaryJ, C. N. COCHRANE CDeanJ, R. P. B. REID 4PresidentJ, G. A. MCGILLIVRAY CTutorJ, J. S. MCKINNON CVice-Presidentb, S. R. WIDDIS, W. M. FLENNIKEN. University College Men's Residence HE lonely ligure stands in the long corridor, gazing through bewildered and dejected eyes at the cheery groups about him. Snatches of conversa- tion reach his ears: g'That was one smooth girl you had, boy"e"How's the course this year"-"Yeah, and I hear Sinclair's out again"-"Good holiday, old man?". Society, study, sport, friendship-all that goes to make up real university life. But he remains unnoticed save for a casual glance of appraisal. So this is University! But what a change a month brings! The lonely frosh has become one of the initiated, talking expansively on every topic, like an Old hand. He attends lectures, debates and meetings, engages in house sports and dances, drones dismal tunes, standing in the circle about the piano. Studies are hard and complex but slightly clearer for the helpful hints advanced. These are the true benefits derived from the four years which form the foundation for maturity. But the university is large, and it is only the residences, the community Within a community, that can bestow them to the best advantage. Five years of graduates unite in praise of old "73',. Two eighty-five , ,f--.4 if to D I Whitney Hall HOUSE COMMITTEE OF FALCONER HOUSE, WHITNEY HALL, 1931-32 Back Row CLeft to Righty: MARGARET MCLEOD, EILEEN WOODHOUSE. From Row: CHRISTINE COPUS, MISS I. M. BISS, MARGARET DAVIDSON, JOAN KEAGEY. HOUSE COMMITTEE OF CODY HOUSE Back Row: AUDREY SMITH CFreShman Rep.J, KATHLEEN ELLIS CSecretaryJ. Front Row: LOUISE LANGFORD fTreasurerJ, DOROTHY BRIBIN CHead Girly, MISS M. FERGUSON CDonJ, ISABEL JOHNSTON fSenior Rep.J. Two eighty-six Whitney Hall HOUSE COMMITTEE OF MULOCK HOUSE B. PRICE, T. BRENNAN M. MACMARTIN, M. ANDERSON QHead Girly, Mlss BOYD, M. REDDITT. Two eigh fy-seven or 1 D 1 D IQ MIDDLE HOUSE, BURWASH HALL Back Row: S.O.ALEXANDER, A. M.SMITH,W.A. KINGSTON,C.P.H.HOLMES, J.E.DAvIDSON, D. W. MCGIBBON, N. HATTON, J. A. ROGERS. Third Row: H. E. BEARE, J. S. G. CLARKE, C. E. SELWOOD, F. M. CASS, J. P. BLEWETT, R. M. HARRIS, M. F. MCGAVIN, J. PLAYFAIR, J. H. WALKER, R. RAMSAY, J. B. ROBINSON. Second Row: A. C. WILSON, B. MACLEAN, D. J. DEMILLE, W. P. GREGORY, H. J. HOWARD, F. A. HARE fDOI1J, R. C. TODD, C. G. KINSEY, H. E. MOOREHOUSE, C. G. KITNEY. Front Row: B. L. SMITH, W. M. STACEY, J. O. WELDON, W. P. DEETH, BILL, C. B. KELLY, H. T. COLMER, A. W. HOWARD, F. B. SKITCH. Absent: D. N. COOKE. Middle House, Burwash Hall IDDLE HOUSE, one ofthe four Older houses ofthe Burwash Residence, is as prominent this year as ever in every sphere of university activity. They have a new Don this year, in the person of Mr. "Archie" Hare, who is carrying out his duties in a very satisfactory manner. Besides being Don, Nlr. Hare finds time to teach French at Victoria College. As usual, Nliddle House is overrun With men on various executives: the Treasurer of the Victoria College Union, the Social Director of the V.C.U., the Secretary and the Treasurer of the Victoria Men,s Athletic Union, the President of the Victoria Men's S.C.lVl., the President ofthe M. and P. Society, besides the Chairman and other leading members of the Student League for Social Reconstruction. ' Furthermore, Middle House men are broad-minded enough to harbour three members of S.P.S. Such has been the inlluence of their environment that one could not distinguish them from dyed-in-the-wool Middle House men now. , ln December occurred the Middle House Party, which equalled and even surpassed those of other years. In inter-house sport Middle House has yet to lose a game this year. Two eighty-eight O, Q y 4 D lo Oz 1 rc 1 1 cg Knox College Men's Residence HE Residence of Knox College houses about one hundred and twenty men, the majority of whom are church or theological students. A sprinkling from the other faculties serves to leaven the group which presents a very heterogeneous aspect, as may be noted from the picture. Student government prevails to the fullest extent. Discipline is autonomous in all details so that only on exceptional occasions is there a need for adjustment through the faculty. This makes for a healthy attitude towards residence life. The broadening influences of such a system sweep into the full circle of the student's activities, calling forth the best of his latent qualities as he undertakes to assume executive responsibility. The variety of his fellowships develops a rounded and well-balanced nature and distinguishes him from the student whose acquaintanceship has been more exclusive. ln such environment the individual learns to evaluate personality, to tolerate idiosyncrasy, to condone inherent prejudice, and finds on examining his fellow creatures that he is able to pierce the veil of externalities and peep within at the true man. Such a residence life is an enriching experience to young men who are preparing to meet the challenge of the world. Two eighty-mne O1 1 1 bl i iQ ,Q pl ng Ja :Q :O YK A A, v V 1 5 i F 2 Y N V 7f.fCmi.' 4:2 L A , A A A A A V v ,K 51 ,g at If 10 'S gi BUCK THREE "Hereafter, when I retire, I shall con- tinue to take satisfaction in watching how as young players you are address- ing yourselves to your ball, and shall hope to see you shaping for a better game than we have played." Sir Robert Falconer, in his fmzl address to the zmdergradzzates, March 8, 1932. OD 1 y Q Op ,Q lc 21 D AO fx li L N Q - I 1 A ff -4- 'I 3315? ' ff y gf Q5 " 4' 'N ' 4. J sm ,, qi, -5 ' . Aff A -sri ,l n ' M 4 N 1' ,Te LSA,-5, s . W X ,v -.. - f.' - 'X A " . ' , tw 1f?Ff J ' f-V I ' ' ' f' v- L' 5' ' vm-,L w.-2,1 F "fV..m, 4 ,Qt Q. 'r' 5,'f.g3a.-eau, , nf.. 'Q Q-1-12 -'f MQ' . - , '- 'x"N" -N ,is , ' , ' 'V -9.-v... ,.' N. 5, ,. . i Q 4 R H..-., , , , is A , -. 2n"fgs:.,.1,j .TA . . .T A M IV! A e'f""H'f'-'fffsg I W , I A , . K . W. ,fi ' if f-,L :fi W- -A -' ,f7QRJ.1,4,'fiiu2s ,g.,,.:::1 Q53-gi? 5,2 as - ' A mei.. if .an.f,T,. I ,JT Q yymyz' . A. E , V 1 E i J I Q E ,I , El , fg f ff gily M i ' 4. i ag 1 PW sq ,f i ' Lf' is-M -F 'Qc' 1 1 I f f N 5 Nl I A wifi' i 'FP ',-31 ' 3 ll- H ' is il I i I 2 N gl Z 'L.ff,L :Jr 'i"V'i'--iiiblfivf 'g ik-ii'Ii?? 5, H E I A rl' ' I " I V9 X 4-g+L ,' 5:'1 I HQ, tag. Ib? ,lhtfw I A i -g. 1 R ,I I F Q 5 V r I- 3 .lik 'Q-Q51 ie1,3g:,3,.g eq- 1'a4afgg::jg,? N.: Lip, .5 3 L i H 3 X' is Wi- 2 - -.S-A ,.,' , 1 f m i'-4.15 1 .,f""l ,gy 6 1' , Y I 4 1 . sx W ' 'I A 1 w VI- - 4- , n, "::.: as --' ' ' gg, ,EB I' 3 : , H ex 'X " Jfiwi '--.X 7.,-W1 - 7 - -. .4 ' ., '-r-r " ' - ,' , --. -I ::, -if 'f -- ' if ,Aff-f - 'fx xx , 'W' 'M "-i'774i' iii?-if ' --if f' f -- cs LM 91. .fg'5.., 1 ,W , X I wg, 'e . N x f'1-'ti'-732-2 -fr-:gg-v ' ' L ff- 'QJ Y ' ' y 'j-TQS?s11"f1?:-12.ff A X Rf. Xbxx K -, XQLX .... J: xmx 'px A In A I X R ' " , '-'K xx Nw.. M-NX "AS IT WAS IN THE BEGINNING" A The first University Gymnasium, 1866, on the campus behind University College ,lvfw .Z -,f"" eff V I' Two ninety-two J v jf' s 4 If fl If 10 5 0 'J MEN'S I TERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS Zak, -r 15. F A ' Q O4 L , K-for 4 . LK ,, ,' .fa ,tfnl 'lg' X f- 242425, I -A F ' bo l' fi ' 69 ' al ll 9411 1 . K' .1 -rea. A Q O ' I 10 duate Re, ,pn-'Q iQu- lC0rLe Member Honorary Hn-esident President 'UNIVER51cQ?T01 ATHLEPIC DIREGIURATE 193152 Ref. A ,564 0.15 A 0 A GJ CQ E vo :Z P Y Q. 3 '23 fi 9 j k -ARBO9 ' Fmandalesecy I-, . " -' ' "cm flgdicalibivector U ,T . - . - , K - A i O' ' P 1 1 40 1 P .,- If f Ii Q, MCGILL AT VARSITY II. I A HUDDLE 1 p 10 HOLD THAT LINE! NOW WHAT? Q ff x W In -vfw-r Ifp- ,1' 'mf I if , ... .- ,,1- -V WELL TACKLED WHERE IS VARSITY? Two ninety-five Qu 21 r 1 1 1Q Cl l IQ Pl I IO a Two Intercollegiate Athletics 4 YEAR of surprises, upsets, and new sensationsf, Such is a description given of the athletic year 1931-32, in the realm of intercollegiate sport, and Varsity got most of the surprises and upsets. Nevertheless, she managed to hold her own in the race for honours with the other universities. Of fourteen branches of sport, five were taken by the Blue and XVhite teams, and one was tied. The Senior Rugby team, after five straight losses, finally hit its stride in the last game, when it gave Oueen's one of the worst beatings in a good many years, thereby handing the championship to the University of VVestern Ontario, who, on the year's play, richly deserved it. Varsity's representatives in the O.R.F.U. ably carried their colours onto the gridiron, defeating Balmy Beach on Thanksgiving Day, but losing the rest of their games, partly because of the loss of some of their best men to the senior team. Both the Intermediates and the Juniors did well in their groups, the former being defeated in the final game by R.lVI.C., and the latter going down under the lVlcGill team in the play-offs. Varsity's hrst title came when the Soccer team defeated the lVIcGill eleven, thus completing a season of IOOQVQ wins. The Senior Track was again taken by the strong NIcGill team, though Varsity had her share of first places, while the Intermediate team was barely nosed out by VVestern. The Senior Tennis went to the University of Montreal, but the Intermediate team brought home an Intercollegiate title without losing a single game. h'lcGill and Varsity tied for the Harrier, Good of NIcGill being the winner of the race. . The Rowing crew, showing that we still have good oarsmen in the Uni- versity, once more defeated lVIcGill, while the Golf championship returns to Varsity after a year's absence. McGill, with an excellent fifteen, easily defeated the Blue and White British Rugger team, and for the first time in twenty years Queen's took the B. W. 81 F. championships, defeating Varsity by one point. Possibly the greatest upset of the year occurred when the strong hfIcGill Water Polo team was worsted by the Varsity six in a home and home series. Tying the score in lVIontreal, and defeating McGill in an overtime game here, Varsity once more holds the Intercollegiate Hockey title. The Intermediate Hockey team were the winners of the Western Ontario Intercollegiate group, but were defeated by the strong Queen's six, and the Varsity O.H.A. Juniors also had a successful season. Taking first place in every event but one, McGill retained the swimming honours for another year. McGill again holds the Senior Basketball title, and O.A.C. the Intermediate, while the Junior team won their group in the Toronto and District series, but were put out in the play-offs. Indoor Box Lacrosse was introduced in the University during the year, and it is hoped that this game will be included next year in Intercollegiate competition. In addition it has done much to further the cause of Outdoor Lacrosse. In the appointment of Mr. Warren Stevens to the new oflice of Athletic Director, the University is gaining the services of a man who will do a great deal for athletics. Outstanding in Rugby, Basketball, Track and Baseball, he should be able to do much towards turning out teams in all these branches, proficient in the first degree. nin ety-six Cm 11 if at U 40 RUGBY Baillie A. C Carroll L H Crocker B S Dewar D M Elson M A Ferguson, H. M .S. Fitzpatrick, J. R. Galloway, R. J. Henderson, E. M. Keith, G. G. Keith, J. D. Laing, G. L. Arnup, H. L. Bennet, J. A.. E McQuigge, E. Reynolds, S. Richardson, H. Scott, F. M. Sinclair, J. D. Sinclair, J. W. Snider, A. Solandt, O. M. Twaits, W. O. Wood, D. S. Witzel, J. HOCKEY Brant A. A Dewar D M F. Bennet, J. A. , . .M Ferguson, H. Funston, R. O. Graham, R. T. Hendry, G. A. Leak, W. A. Lenahan, J. A. MacPherson, J. . S H. Murray, N. E. F. Smillie, D. W. Sinclair, J. D. Stewart, W. R. Whitehead, H. Y. SWIMMING Drury, C. E. Doyle, H. S. Glass, G. H. Marsh, T. L. Middleboro, A. S. First "T" Holders 1951-32 TRACK Adams, R. A. Collins, H. R. Connolly, W. A. Fitzpatrick, J. R. Gilbert, W. A. Graham, J. W. Hymmen, E. B. Maundrell, D. Peaker, E. A. Smith, D. J. Smith, H. M. Walters, J. A. v 'D ENG. RUGBY Archbold, H. S. C. Lee, G. G. SOCCER Aldridge, A. D. Carbert, A. C. Davidson, D. D. Jack, W. H. King, V. O'D. Little, A. G. McCullough, D. Organ, A. Rowland, D. Whitla, J. C. BASKETBALL Collins, H. R. Dawson, J. E. Hynes, B. E. McCallum, W. T. Riggs, H. J. Scott, J. C. Sniderman, H. Wood, D. S. B. W. 8zF. Bannister, C. E. Dinnick, J. S. Fell, F. A. Gray, J. B. Westheuser, R. Johnstone, G. C. Williams, H. A. Longert, S. McKinney, G. D. Robertson, S. F. Shute, W. E. ROWING Smith, D. Steele . Algie, W. E. - ' Gibson, J. H. Wilton, M. A. Jackson, E. J. O,Flynn, J, H, WATER POLO Peaker, E. A. Thomson, J. A. C. Wilson, R. F. HARRIER Graham, J. W. McLennan, J. D. Davey, E. L. Garton, J. H. Glass, G. H. Hayhoe, E. L. Learie, S. K. Middleboro, A. S. Ross, W. G. Smith, M. S. Swallow, S. C. Two ninety-seven 1 C 4 P 1 n 1 Cl 1 1 1 X University of Toronto Senior Intercollegiate Rugby HE season just passed, while to some extent a disappointing one,was, on the other hand, one of great promise for the future, as only five men graduate in the spring. With most of last year's team, and a great many from the f'Orfuns" battling for positions next year, prospects are indeed bright. Dr. Harry Hobbs, who was coaching the team for the first time, was faced with the impossible task of revolutionizing rugby in the University, and of turning out, in one year, a team which could take the intercollegiate title. In this he failed, but he has done what is far more important . . . laid the founda- tion for the future. The advent of the forward pass into intercollegiate rugby spelt ruin for Varsity in practically every game. Against Queen's in the opening game of the series, Varsity led till the last few minutes, when a long forward pass by the tri-colour transferred the play to the other end of the field, and put them in position for a placement, to give them the game 3-2. Against Western a long forward pass which resulted in a try, with only two minutes to go, gave the Mustangs a 5-4 victory. McGill pulled a Victory out of the fire when a forward pass gave them a try and the game in Toronto, and a touch in goal following a forward pass did the Two ninety-eight Qu 4 If fl P 40 DC DC r - same thing in Moiitreal. Thus for Varsity, the forward pass cost four victories out of a possible six. Actually, Varsity received only one real defeat for the season, the last game but one, at Western. Here numerous errors, and Western's ability to materialize on them, gave them a well-earned victory. From Varsity's point of view, the most outstanding game of the season was the last, against Queen's. The result as everyone will remember was a victory for Varsity by the large score of 17-O, a record for some years. To the team, to the coach, and to a great many of the supporters, that victory made up for all the bad luck of the season. The Rugby Club, with much regret, must say good-bye to five of its staunchest supporters, and best representatives. Johnny Keith, Jack Bennet, hlel Henderson, Crocker and Reynolds all graduate this year. The remainder of the team will form the nucleus of the 1932 squad. Coach Harry Hobbs won the respect of every member of the team, both by his ability to impart his knowledge of the game, and by his personality. The team proved to be good losers, blaming no one but themselves. Lou Carroll, who was assistant coach this year, will play an important part in the new scheme for next year, which if successful will make certain that the senior team will have on it the best of every faculty on the campus. The season of 1931 was a bleak one in many ways, but it probably saw the moulding of Varsity's first Intercollegiate winning team since 1926, for certainly no team in the Union appears capable of coming even close to Varsity next year. Two ninety-mne Or 1 if 51 n IQ Ol 1 b 1 , to -S Varsity O.R.F.U. Team ARSITY Orfun's of 1931 started the season by making history repeat itself, when they defeated Balmy Beach, last yearis Dominion Champions, on Thanksgiving Day by a 2-1 score. The game was well played, and Varsity won on her merits. Hodgetts booted both points in the first half, and the Orfun line, with the Wonderful support of Arnup Who, time and again, ran back what would otherwise have been long gains for the Beachers, held their heavier and more experienced opponents for the remainder. Unfortunately the loss of Arnup and Rogers to the Senior team told on the Orfuns, and all the other games were lost. Kitchener Won the second game, 13-11, on Varsity fumbles. Sarnia won the third 9-2, and Varsity was badly beaten in the fourth by Balmy Beach, though most of the Winner's points came from fumbles. The last game of the season, against Kitchener, was also lost. Varsity Orfun line was as good as any in the league however, and with this material on hand the Seniors should have a bright outlook for next year. The team were: Gibson, Smith, Burgoyne, Cutlar, Hodgetts, Hewitt, Leachman, Copp, Britnell CCaptainj, Ruddell, Henderson, Elson, Coleman, McGibbon, Price, Watson, Hees, VVarner, McQuigge, Booth, Gregory, Scott, Doyle, Bell. 1i Three hundred Ol 1 9 1 ,Q CD 1 m 1 , 45 - Intermediate Intercollegiate Rugby ROXI a large number of players who turned out to the practices, most of them from last year's junior or intermediate teams, Coach Murray Graham had great difliculty in weeding out the best squad. Exhibition games with St. Andrew's College and Harbord Collegiate, along with daily scrimmages, gave the team the necessary condition, and made it clear that the name of Varsity would be ably upheld in the intermediate series. In the first two games, costly fumbles proved disastrous to Varsity, and in the third, a game against R.lVI.C., after a heroic struggle, condition inferior to that of the R.M.C. team, and the fierce pace set, took its toll. It was not till the fourth game when they blanked Queen's, and ran up a score of 13 points, that the team really hit its stride. The feature of this game was a great 90-yard run by Bob Graham, which ended in a touch when he passed to Sprott. No account of the Intermediate team would be quite complete without mention of the great work done by Austin, Bryers, Dennison and Burson in the line, the excellent kicking and running of Graham and Bridgeland on the half line, and the spectacular tackling of Sprott, and Hume the captain. The team was made up of Dennison, Burson, Harper, Dille, Salter, Campbell, Bridgeland, Nlclnnes, Ramburg, Hume QCaptainj, Brebner, Sprott, Gibb, Bryers, Austin, Rogers, Farwell, Reid, Corrigan, Monsaroif, Thompson, Brandt, Grey. Graham. Coach, Murray Graham, Manager, W. Sheppard. ' - Three hundred one Ol 1 r 1 1 13 l I ,Q pl fu- - in re i, V A U3 -' t, f 3 v 2 V fa 5 ffl f Q My 'F 1 1 ff. 'T-1 8, ' A' A a E' .. si .f ,ai gainigi W X- Ai x , ,....,,,,,, by f, e "EF If ,V f , ff x g ,. , , - ' , f :I A 1 'A i ft, ' -, R - i i i . X'-, W . X 4 ' 71 7 .- , W l if Q ,if ' 1 lil Q , Q' -ig -12.J , i f , ' ' 1 wi W V 3 V ii V 'i . M4 1 '5 ' ' ia 'i ii ' i Q N' 4 Qs q 'R , 1 ., ':" .:f , Z ef A i ', a ' g , F ' , I f R l ' 5 ' is .TY f if'-flfi' f li? 2:2 V- F' ' time is-fl f is 1 -. E ' .- ,, , V . , -., Q ' J , ,. K, . - V . f .. . -" - aw. 14 f . L ,Q K , 5, K WA N, Q W. ,-, V , . unior Intercollegiate Rugby OR the past five or six years Varsity has been noted for producing very fine Junior Rugby teams, and this year was no exception. Receiving a new and better grouping, the team played a double schedule with their old rivals, Queen's and R.h'l.C. Practice began as soon as the term opened, under the management of coach Billy Bell, and before long a good all-round team was ready to take the gridiron. The first game was played on October 12th against R.hfl.C. Only a strong last quarter attack saved the Blue team from defeat. Vllith the score tied and only five minutes to go, a long forward pass from Fenner to Dawson enabled the latter to make a 55-yard gain, thus putting Varsity in position to kick the winning point, leaving the score 7-6. A week later the Juniors met Queenls, and outclassing the Tri-colour in every department, defeated them 6-l, Boomer and Fenner doing the scoring. The return game with R.Nl.C. also ended in a victory for the Varsity squad, and on Saturday, November 7th, the final game of the group took place against Queen's. ln a wide open game the Blue and VVhite team quite easily won, by the one-sided score of ll-l. ln this game both Rosenberg and Henessey scored touchdowns. Thus the end of the schedule group games found the Freshman squad on the top of the heap with four victories to their credit, and no losses. The team was next drawn against lVlcGill, the winners of the Eastern group, and a sudden Three hundred two of 1 ,4 bg , to Qy 4 a pc 1, 10 2 ' s 1 . ,, - , Q I .. - 'fd 1 - 1 1 KV I ,gsm iffy: t 'ii 1 in f- 1 rx M 5, I E lf 39 X I 1 i 'S 'Y 11 V stall ' STP u u R Us V- W ' S - ii" death game was played in Toronto on Thanksgiving Nlonday. After a hard battle on a greasy field, in which Varsity outplayed the Redmen in every department except extension runs, hleGill emerged victorious -l-2, thus taking the Jimmy Douglas lXflemorial Cup and the Junior Intercollegiate Championship. However, taking the season as a whole, much credit is due to the team for their line showing, and to Billy Bell who gave up his time and his own playing in order to coach. Having gained a good grounding in modern football tactics. we should see several of this year's Juniors on next year's Senior team. UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO BRITISH RUGBY CLUB-1931 SECOND TEAM Front Row: D. S. HOLMSTED, M. STINSON, S. N. SUKMANOWSKY, G. T. A. S. ARCHBOLD, D.C.R. MILLER CCaptainJ, C. G. KINSEY, I. F. BUTLER, D. M. MORLEY, J. A. TRITES. Back Row: B. F. H. GRIMLEY, H. STEELE, E. M. WORDEN, D. A. CROOKS, H. HAYWARD, C. H. ACHESON, J. K. THOMAS, A. H. WOODCOCK, B. S. EVANS. Three hundred three O1 1 -4 ,-bl H 40 I' ' I ' ' l IQ f5"3.v."fi :fit ' v ff 1 . I - W UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE TRACK TEAM 1931-32 Back Row: H. A. WILLIAMS CPresidentD, W. H. MARTIN CField Coachl. Second Row: J. W. GRAHAM CAsst. Managery, K. S. FORD, J. D. MCLENNAN, D. MAUNDRELL, J. E. PETERSON, H. H. WALKER, R. G. WESTHEUSER, H. ATKINSON fManagerJ. Front Row: W. A. CONNOLLY, E. B. HYMMEN, D. J. SMITH, R. A. ADAMS CCaptainJ, H. M. SMITH, E. A. PEAKER, W. E. KIBBLEWHITE. Senior Intercollegiate Track ARLY in the season it was apparent that the Senior Track team would have to depend to a large extent on new material to fill the vacancies caused by the graduation of many of last year's stars. Track supporters were not disappointed, however, since the creditable showing of the freshmen was one of the bright spots in a closely contested intercollegiate meet. The annual intercollegiate meet was held this year in lVIontreal. Once again the honours go to McGill, who piled up a total of 64 points to Varsity's 52. The track was soggy and an intermittent rain slowed up the times con- siderably. Ralph Adams completed a brilliant career as a Varsity athlete by capturing both sprint titles for the third successive year. Great things were expected of Connoly in the 220 low hurdles, as he had equaled the intercollegiate time in the interfaculty meet, but the slow track in lWontreal made things difiicult, and he had to be content with second place. In the field events lVlaundrell showed the way to his more experienced rivals, takingboth the pole vault and shot put,and placing third in the javelin throw, which was won by Ed. Peaker, also a Varsity man. Eddie Hymen gained an intercollegiate title for himself by winning the running broad jump from last yearis holder. Kibblewhite and Malcolni Smith, in two close races, took two second places for the Blue and White team, and in the relay race, which was held on the following day, Varsity got another second, first place going to the record- breaking McGill team. The final score was: McGill, 64, Varsity 52, Queen's 10. Three hundred four Ov 4 1 1 I 40 O3 1 I 1 D VF UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERMEDIATE INTERCOLLEGIATE TRACK TEAM. 1931-32 Back Row: R. N. PENLINGTON, C. CROWLEY, E. R. EATON, R. D. THOMPSON, W. A. GILBERT. Second Row: C. M. JARVIS, J. W. GRAHAM CManagerJ, E. F. BARRATT, G. LAUGHLIN, R. O. STANDISH, W. H. MARTIN CField Coachj, R. D. SINCLAIR. Bottom Row: F. G. STEWART, K. L. REID, W. D. ENGEL, R. L. SEABORN, F. S. LEE, R. D. MACLAREN. Intercollegiate Intermediate Track HE Intermediate track meet was held on October 23rd at McMaster University for the first time. As their track was not quite completed the races were held at the Hamilton Civic Stadium. Varsity were unable to regain the crown wrested from them last year by Western, but the competition was keen and we came second with 44 points to Westernis 61. The day was cool and overcast so no very fast times were made. MacLaren for Varsity was the individual star of the meet, placing first in the 220, second in the 100, third in the broad jump, and being a member of the relay team. In the field events Stewart of Varsity was outstanding, breaking the record in the shot put by 7 inches to take first place, and placing third in the pole vault. Sinclair, after breaking the record in the javelin throw, was forced to bow to a Western man who won by a few inches, and Engel won the 220 low hurdles in fast time. To conclude the day's activities, Varsity's team of MacLaren, Caldwell, Byrne and Reid won a closely contested medley relay race in excellent time. The team owe a debt of gratitude to Gord Jermyn, who took on the coaching duties and performed them in a manner satisfactory to all. Gord's cheering words certainly helped when things weren't breaking right. And now ........ let's beat Western next year. Three hundred five O1 1 p 1 v Q I 1 k pl p go UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO WATER POLO TEAM Intercollegiate Champions Back Row: BEATTIE CManage1-J, GARTON, SMITH, GLASS, SWALLOW, MR. SPENCE CCoachJ. Front Row: Ross, LEARIE, HAYHOE, DAVEY. Inset: MR. WINTERBURN fCoachJ, MR. SINCLAIR tCoachJ. Absent: MIDDLEBORO. Intercollegiate Water Polo AST spring it was decided that the intercollegiate water polo games would be played at the end of the fall term, instead of lXfIarch as was formerly the case. A City XVater Polo league was played, between Central Y.lXl.C.A., lVest End Y.lVl.C.A., Canadian Swimming Club and Varsity. These games served as excellent additional practices and it was only after a hard fought game that Varsity relinquished the Star Trophy to Central Y.Nl.C.A. December lth came and an inexperienced but determined team embarked for Nlontreal. On arriving we were not encouraged by hearing that hflcGill had beaten hl.A.A. Qthe Dominion Championsl the previous night. However, everybody worked hard and as lVlcGill were off colour, we gained a substantial lead of four goals for the home and home series. The next Saturday evening was one that will not soon be forgotten by the record-breaking crowd which witnessed it. It was a clean, fast, well-matched game, and McGill were not able to cut down the lead and so the "Old Mugi' returned to Varsity after having spent a year in Nlontreal. Three hundred six I 0: bl If ft 1 10 C0 1 1 1 19 'W' UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO HAR-RIER CLUB Intercollegiate Champions CTiedJ, 1931-32 Back Row: PROF. L. C. A. HODGENS, E. D. HOWEY, F. S. LEE, REV. P. J. DYKES. Front Row: J. D. MCLENNAN, W. E. KIBBLEWHITE, D. J. SMITH, J. W. MAGLADERY, R. D. THOMPSON. I The University of Toronto Harrier Club I HE University of Toronto I-Iarrier Club held its annual Interfaculty Harrier Race on Saturday morning. October 31, from Upper Canada College. Eighty men started the gruelling hike over the slippery course in cloudy warm weather. Despite these obstacles, however, Kibblewhite navigated the course in excellent time. O.A.C. participated in the Interfaculty competition with their second best men but were not able to retain the Brotherton Cup, which went to Meds. by a handy margin. The local Harrier Club was host to the Intercollegiate Harrier Union for the race this year. The team selected to represent the Blue and Wihite included Kibblewhite, IVIcLennan, Smith, IVIagladery, and Thompson. The event took place from Upper Canada grounds on Saturday morning, November 7th. For the first time O.A.C. sent representatives to the Intercollegiate race. Despite this new opposition. the University of Toronto team was able to tie for points with the strong NIcGill team. Goode of NIcGill won the race with Kibblevvhite and NIcLennan taking second and third positions close behind. The members of the various teams were entertained at dinner at I-Iart I-Iouse. Immediately after dinner the business meeting of the Intercollegiate Harrier Union was conducted by the President, VV. Billborough of hIc:Gill. The matter of the tie was referred to the C.I.A.U. for a ruling, and a recom- mendation was sent to that body suggesting that A.A.U. rules be adopted for the I-Iarrier Union in future. Three hundred seven On 1 1 1 1 10 r F Ov 1 r Or 1 r 1 1 IO I fri 299: ,ggi pas. me '40, M 1 as 1 g , , f' f 1 .7 -1 -' W, .1 .jr I . as f' 'H X V '. Q Y .A M.. 'iff UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERCOLLEGIATE SWIMMING TEAM 1931-32 Back Row fLeft to Righty: H. L. HAYHOE, T. BELL, C. E. DRURY, J. P. HooPER, H. S. DOYLE, Front Row: H. H. EDMISON, E. O. WITHROW, E. M. HENDERSON, T. L. MARSH, P. H. TEDMAN. Intercollegiate Swimming Team HE swimmers went to work earlier than usual this year in an eilort to defeat McGill and the result of the meet merely proves that McGill are almost unbeatable when they enter Bourne against us. This year the meet was held at Hart House. Many of last year's repre- sentatives were swimming again along with some very promising new material. Drury, a newcomer, won the only first place for Varsity, in the 200-yard Breast Stroke. The team finished second in most of the events. Henderson, the captain, lost an extremely close race by inches to Springer. Second places were taken by Edmison, in the back stroke, Hayhoe in the 440 yards free style, Withrow in the breast stroke and Doyle in the diving. Marsh and Bell obtained third places in the 100 yards free style and 440 yards free style respectively. The team was ably coached by Mr. A. S. Goss, Dr. E. G. Sinclair and Mr. W. W. Winterburn and consisted of the following: E. M. Henderson, T. L. Marsh, H. L. Hayhoe, H. S. Doyle, C. E. Drury, E. O. Withrow, H. H. Edmison, T. Bell, P. H. Tedman and P. Hooper. This year Hayhoe, Henderson, Doyle and Withrow combined with McGill in a swimming trip to the States, swimming at Springfield, Brown and Harvard and made a number of points for the Canadian representatives. Three hundred eight 1 3 10 Ol 1 b 1 1 15 N-...f X' Ii Qui' 'P'-l"fi'?"i UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SENIOR HOCKEY TEAM Intercollegiate Champions, 1931-32 Back Row fLeft to Righty: J. CARRUTH1-:Rs CTrainerJ, F. L. SHIPP, J. H. MACPHERSON, G. A. HENDRY, D. MAUNDRELL, A. A. BRANT, W. R. CUNNINGHAM, F. G. SULLIVAN CCoachJ, K. A. DAVIS CManagerD. Front Row: D. M. DEWAR, H. Y. WHITEHEAD, R. O. FUNSTON, N. F. MURRAY, D. W. SMILLIE, J. A. LENAHAN, J. A. BENNET. Absent: W. R. STEWART. U. of T. Senior Hockey Intercollegiate Champions LAYING two of their best games for the season, Varsity Seniors recaptured the Intercollegiate Hockey title when they defeated McGill 2-l here in an overtime game, after playing to a 2-all tie in Montreal, thus, under Coach Frank Sullivan's able tutelage capturing the round 4-3. The season was fairly successful, Varsity taking part in three different competitions. The Seniors defeated McGill for the intercollegiate championship. On the American tour, they did extremely well, defeating Yale, tying Princeton, and losing to Harvard by one goal. In the O.H.A. the team got off to a bad start, but steadily improved till they were very nearly equal to the best teams in the league. Don Smillie was the most outstanding man while Dewar and Funston deserve mention for their vast improvement as the season went on. Varsity will lose the services of Whitehead, Stewart, Funston and Bennet through graduation. All these men will be missed, especially the veterans "Red" and "Bill" who have seen the team through many a hard battle. The consistent work of Murray, Hendry and MacPherson, with Smillie at defence, argues well for the senior team's success next year, when it is hoped Varsity will have one of the best seasons in her history. Three hundred mne Ol 4 r 4 Om 1 1 1 1 IO I UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO HOCKEY CLUB Intermediate Intercollegiate Team Back Row: DR. W. F. DEWAR CCoachJ, W. O. TWAITS CManagerb, H. M. S. FERGUSON, J. A. WELLS, J. D. SINCLAIR, H. A. WILLIAMS, R. CONNOR, J. CARRUTHERS CTrainerJ. Front Row: J. P. HODGSON, H. M. CROSBY, R. T. GRAHAM, W. A. LEAK, R. M. FULLERTON, H. O. MORAN. University of Toronto Intermediate Hockey Team 1931-52 ITH Dr. "Bill,' Dewar as Coach, the team had an excellent season, marred only by the loss to Queen's in a sudden-death final by the score of 2-l. Six games were played in the Western Intercollegiate group, composed of McMaster University, O.A.C. and University of Western Ontario, Varsity winning five games and losing one to NVestern. VVith the schedule delayed by unfavourable weather conditions and complications in the Central group, Varsity and Bishop's College, winners of the Eastern group, played a sudden-death game in Kingston which Varsity won easily, 10-1. Considerable disappointment was felt about the loss to Queen's in the finals and the players feel that their chances suffered by the long wait between games. In the O.H.A., Varsity were less fortunate, being defeated by the powerful Doherty A.C. team. The team was considerably strengthened by the addition of Fullerton, Junior centre player, and the return of Jack Sinclair after four yearis absence from hockey. Leak and Ferguson of last year's Seniors, together with Hodgson and VVells, completed two fast skating forward lines. On the defence Graham, Crosby and 'Williams alternated to form a strong rear guard, equally dangerous on the attack. In goal, Herbie Moran climaxed his final year of college hockey by a brilliant display of net-minding and had an able substitute in Ralph Connor. Three ten i 1 x 4 ! KO Oi 1 I: -4 re 19 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO HOCKEY CLUB Junior O.H.A. Team 1931-32 Back Row CLeft to Righty: F. JACKMAN fTrainerJ, M. MONZON, G. R. BLACK, J. A. DICKINSON, J. R. FOLLETT, R. HEWITT, W. H. PRICE CManage-ry. Front Row: F. L. SHIPP, T. J. LYNCH, R. M. FULLARTON, F. T. REA, N. HADDAD. - unior Hockey FTER holding the strong hlarlboro O.H.A. winners to thirty minutes overtime in the S.P.A. series, much was expected of the Juniors this season. However, the final statistics, 3 wins and 7 losses, show that our hopes were shattered. Six of these losses were by one goal margins, which shows our lack of scoring punch. i Our best fortified position this year was goal, where Haddad and Shipp performed to perfection, the former being picked on the All-Star Big Six team along with Fullerton, our star centre. Dickinson and XVilson formed a fair defence, but were handicapped by lack of speed. Their best performance was when we turned back West Toronto, 3-1. Shipp also deserves special mention for his stellar work in the same game. Rea and Hewitt seemed to be able to find the net better than the remaining forwards, although Fullerton was very steady throughout the schedule. Nlonzon, Follett, VVhite and Black rounded out the squad, and while fast, their performances were for the most part indifferent. Several of the team will be eligible next year when we hope for better results. Three eleven O1 4 r I I IQ . Oi 1 i 21 i 10 if I . i 51. I 4 ? f X .M .ls-al A ... . ... UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERCOLLEGIATE B. W. KL F. TEAM 1931-32 Back Row CLeftto Righty: A. J. McDoNN1-:LL CManagerJ, E. C. RUDD, E. H. SINCLAIR, W. E. SHUTE, W. H. MARTIN 1Wrest1ing Instructory, W. L. WATT, G. D. MCKINNEY, J. M. CLARK, H. B. SCULLY, MR. C. WALTERS CFencing Coachb. Front Row: J. S. DINNICK, C. E. BANNISTER, J. P. RAPSEY, D. E. MAGNER, K. A. MACKAY, H. RUNDLE. Insets: S. LONGERT, J. B. GRAY, G. C. JOHNSTONE, M. ZWEIGMAN. Absent: J. T. JACKSON CBoxing Coachb, W. N. PORTER. Intercollegiate Boxing, Wrestling and Fencing ESPITE the loss of the Intercollegiate championship and the Gibson Cup to Queen's by a single point after a very closely contested meet at Kingston, the club had a very successful year. The Junior and Senior Assaults were both successful in bringing to light several prospects and all the bouts were well contested. Both boxers and wrestlers took trips to the States-the wrestlers to the University of Nlichigan and to lNIichigan State University after the Christmas vacation. Vifhile unsuccessful in winning any of the bouts against their clever opponents, they gained much valuable experience for the future. The boxers had a meet with Harvard University at Boston and managed to win three out of the seven bouts with several of the others also putting up very fine exhibitions. Longert, Sinclair and Rapsey were the three winners. Dinnick, Gray and Johnstone were three of the newcomers who Won Inter- collegiate championships. Longert won his second consecutive title and IWC- Kinney his third, the latter thereby earning his bronze HT". Bannister, a double winner in previous meets, narrowly missed his third championship. VVilf Shute was another old-timer who won a point for the team. The wrestlers made an exceptionally fine showing at the Intercollegiate meet. Four of them won their respective classes and the other four were only defeated after very close decisions. The success of the wrestlers was due in no small measure to the excellent coaching of Nlr. hflartin and Cliff Chilcott. The fencers were again ably coached by Mr. Walters, who has for many years given a great deal of his time and effort towards the advancing of the fencing game. Although defeated, the Intercollegiate fencers put up a very creditable showing against the more experienced lNIcGill representatives. Three iwelve Qi 1 i 1 1 10 QD 1 3 4 , to UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INTERCOLLEGIATE BRITISH RUGBY CLUB, 1931-32 Front Row: P. J. LOSIER, H. B. A. MACFIE, D. TELFORD fPresidentJ, H. S. C. ARCHBOLD CCaptainD, F. O. R. GARNER CSecretaryD, G. LAWSON CManagerJ, M. R. CAVERHILL. Second Row: A. S. MACLEOD, V. E. HENDERSON, J. I. STEWART, R. C. CRAUFURD, G. E. MADDISON, M. G. WHILLANS, R. S. J. DAv1Es, D. E. MAGNER. Absent: A. S. MURRELL-WRIGHT. British Rugby Club HE 1931 season has been an active one for the British Rugby Clubs. There were several vacancies on the line-up of the team at the beginning of the season and competition for these places was very keen. Each week games were played with various of the Toronto clubs. Although the majority of these games was lost, each succeeding Week saw a marked improvement in the team's play. lNflr. Roth, in the earlier part of the season, was kind enough to give several talks on tactics, and the finer points ofthe game. Thus, with daily practice, the team was in good shape for the annual Intercollegiate series with McGill. The first game of the series was at Nlontreal. hlcGill fielded a very fast and experienced team, and although Varsity fought hard, they were decisively beaten. The return game at Toronto was played at the Stadium before the McGill Varsity Canadian Rugby game. lXflcGill again were victorious, but the fact that the game was played at the Stadium represents a great advance for British Rugby. After the Intercollegiate series a few more fixtures with Toronto clubs were played off. The form shown by Varsity in these matches was much improved and argues well for next season's prospects. The second rugby team, also, had a full season and made an excellent showing. Three thirteen 0' 4 v 1 i 40 Oi 1 ve 21 1 10 1?-we--,,........ UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO TENNIS CLUB Senior Intercollegiate Team, 1931-32 Left to Right: J. LEIBEL, J. G. ABRAHAM, R. E. CARRUTH, S. HERMANT, W. M. R. GRIFFIN, P. B. HAMILTON. l Senior Intercollegiate Tennis ITH a record entry of ninety-eight in the singles and twenty in the doubles, the Interfaculty Tennis Tournament held on October fifth, sixth and seventh, was a most successful one. The unusual success of the tournament is a real indication of the major position tennis has taken in Intercollegiate sport. W. M. Griffith won the University Singles Championship, when he defeated R. E. Carruth in a well-played three-set match. Carruth and Hermant Won a closely contested match from Abraham and Hamilton to win the Doubles. The men chosen to represent Toronto in the Intercollegiate Tournament held in Kingston Were: W. M. Griffin, R. E. Carruth, L. Leibel, S. NI. I-Iermant, G. Abraham, P. B. Hamilton. Hermant and Leibel were unfortunately defeated in their first round Singles matches. Griffin, however, scored a notable triumph over VVilson of lNfTcGill, Carruth also scored for Toronto when he easily defeated Cornish of R.lNT.C. In the Doubles the three teams lost in the first round, although only after three set matches. The Tournament was Won for the first time by the University of Nlontreal. McGill was second and Toronto finished third. Three fourteen OJ 1 1 4 P 40 O3 4 If ,gl 3' O UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO TENNIS CLUB Intermediate Intercollegiate Champions, 1931-32 J. B. SHORTLY, H. A. MARTIN, J. C. W1LsoN. Intermediate Intercollegiate Tennis HE Intermediate Intercollegiate Tennis Tournament was held this year on the courts of lNTclVlaster University. Teams from Nlchflaster, Wlestern and Toronto competed for the title, won last year by the University of Toronto. The Toronto team. composed of H. A. Martin, B. Shortly, C. VVilson, Without the loss of a match, were successful in defending the champion- ship. H. A. Nlartin Won the singles final, defeating B. Shortly. lXf'Iartin and Shortly combined to win the doubles event in straight sets from the Wlestern team. VVestern scored a point by means of a victory over Nlchlaster in the singles and thus finished second in the tournament. Three fifteen M Or 1 r 1 P 40 Cr .ft 1: at y to UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO GOLF CLUB Intercollegiate Champions, 1931-32 Back Row: F. T. REA, L. P. JOHNSON, D. K. REA, G. A. M. EDWARDS. Front Row: J. B. NASH, DR. E. S. RYERSON, D. H. ANDERSON. The University of Toronto Golf Club Intercollegiate Champions HE University of Toronto golf team succeeded for the sixth time in nine years, in winning the Intercollegiate title. This year the Tournament was held in Kingston and was played over the tricky Cataraqui Course. lVlcGill, last year's winner, finished second, Queen'S third, and R.hI.C., appearing for the first time, finished fourth. Three of this year's team, Johnson and the two Rae brothers were new members. Anderson, this year's captain, has played for four years, Edwards three and Nash three. Only two of this year's team will be back next year. The individual title was won by Bob Lee with a score of 150. Nash was second with l5l. 'Webster, last year's winner, was not present to defend his title. The tournament will be held in Toronto next year. Three sixteen C el P 1 tQ Cn 4 1-,. ., ,fi 1 19 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO BASKETBALL CLUB Senior Intercollegiate Team, 1931-32 Left to Right: J. C. Scorr, H. SNIDERMAN, W. T. MCCALLUM, D. S. Woon, H. J. RIGGS- J. E. MCCUTCHEON CCoach9. Insets: J. E. DAWSON, B. E. HYNES, J. F. REID. Absent: G. W. ROBSON CManagerJ. Senior Intercollegiate Basketball CGILL UNIVERSITY, flooring a bigger and stronger team than last season, were successful in defending their last years' laurels by another string of six consecutive victories. McGill have been working for some years to build a winning machine and this year's squad was a powerful quintet. University of Toronto were only successful in winning two games of the six Intercollegiate played. The Blue and White bowed to McGill twice, on both occasions by the same score, 21-30. The series with Queen's and Western was split, Varsity losing the home game in each case. Queen's was defeated 25-19 in overtime and in the second game won from Varsity by 39 to 30, Varsity's third nine-point loss in the series. Western defeated Varsity 26-20 in the Blue's most disastrous game of the year. The hflustangs were trailing 7 to 14 at half time but completely routed Toronto in the second period to take the game. Varsity had revenge, however, in the last game of the season, swamping the Londoners by 36-15. It is interesting to note that, although beaten in four of the six games, the Varsity Team scored a total of 153 points to their opponents' 159. Lack of size was the chief handicap suffered by this year's team. The for- wards, Captain Riggs, Sniderman and Hynes played well all season while Don Wood brought to centre from a guard position as an emergency measure, filled the pivot position nicely. Eddie Dawson and Bill NlcCallum looked after the two regular guard positions and did excellent work. Jim Scott did valuable relief work at Centre and defence. Jack Reid, injured in mid-season, was used on the forward line. Of this year's team Scott and Dawson are graduating, the remain- der will be back, Captain Riggs to continue his studies at the College of Education. The American trip, while not being productive from a winning standpoint, proved a valuable training ground. Ten games were played against leading Colleges and Clubs in the Eastern States. Several close games were played, the Varsity boys only fading in the last few minutes of the game, long train journeys and a vigorous schedule telling on their reserve strength. Several practice and exhibition games were held with Canadian senior teams. Three of these were won, one tied and one lost. Three seventeen QD 4 D 1 I KJ Or if at p 49 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO BASKETBALL CLUB Intermediate Intercollegiate Team, 1931-32 Back Row CLeft to Righty: T. E. MCDONNELL CManager5, G. L. LAING, R. E. WILLIS, J. F. B. LOBLAW, H. R. COLLINS CCoachy. Front Row: H. A. HIMEL, D. J. GRANT, M. CARR, J. D. FORSYTH, H. R. NEWMAN. Inset: J. A. PRINCE. Intermediate Intercollegiate Basketball AD LUCK seemed to trail the Intermediates throughout the season. Sickness and injury took its toll and the same line up was scarcely ever floored. One game was won from Western in a decisive manner, 41-26. One was lost to O.A.C., the undefeated champions, by 3 points and one by a Zl-I2 score. Two games were lost to lXdclX4aster, one by 2 points and the other by 7. Western closed the season by taking a one-point victory, lS-l-l. lXfIike Carr of last year's team was the main scoring threat and he and Jack Prince filled the regular forward positions. Prince was utilized at centre with Willis, who also played on the defence and Don Grant saw a lot of service paired with Carr on the forward line. Jimmy Forsyth, Henry Himel and Harry Newman alternated on the defence. Jim Loblaw and G. L. Laing were called upon for relief roles and despite their late start did good work. unior Toronto and District HIS Varsity Juniors, or the Baby Blues, as they were called, appeared to be making a bold bid for the championship. They won the Toronto City League, winning five games and losing one. After advancing to the Toronto and District semi-finals they were grouped with Central Y and in the first game dominated the play and gained a five point lead. However, in the second game, sickness weakened the squad and a twelve point loss was sustained and the team eliminated. Captain John lVIagwood and Lou Shugar were the only ones to return from last yearis crack Junior team. hdagwood and Gold were the regular defence pair while brother Charles lyfagwood trained with Shugar on the forward line. Ian lNIaclean held down the regular pivot position. This Hrst string line up was one of the smoothest working quintets seen at the University for some time and some valuable Intercollegiate material was developed. The alternate line up was composed of lNIorrison, Parmenter and Reid on the forward line, Richardson at centre and Henderson and Cooperman on the defence did fine work all season, taking the floor as a whole team to rest the regulars. Cooperman especially did good work fitting, on occasions, into the regular line up. Three eighteen OP 4 I IO O3 1 J 1 D tO UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO ROWING CLUB Senior Intercollegiate Champions, 1930-31 Left to Right: T. R. LOUDON CHon. Coachj, I. K. CHALMERS, R. N. STARR, H. E. DAVISON, E. A. PEAKER, J. H. GIBSON, E. J. JACKSON, J. H. O'FLYNN, R. F. WILSON, G. FRY CManagerJ, Inset: J. M. BOYD. University of Toronto Rowing Club ITH the launching of the boats on the Toronto Bay, many prospects had to leave town for jobs, and left the Club in a difficult position. Finally, a heavy eight and a four were organized and serious training began. The season opened with the Dominion Day Regatta at Hanlan's Point, and the Varsity Blues gave future promise by rowing a close race in their event to finish second to Argos. The Canadian Henley, featuring a new grandstand and a straightened course, was the best in years from the spectators, point of view. Varsity supplied the main entertainment on the first day when the four Zig-zaged down the course to finish out of sight of the grandstand. The eight, though disappointed at not receiving their new shell, made a good showing but lost to Americans in one of the closest races of the day. For the second consecutive year the annual race with lXIcGill was held over the two-mile course at Lachine on October 17th, following the Rugby game fVarsity vs. lXfIcGillj, and buses and cars followed the race from start to finish, about 5,000 people being present. From a standing start, Varsity pulled slowly into the lead and at the half- way mark had nearly a length over their lighter rivals. Varsity used a longer and slower stroke than lVlcGill and appeared to cover the water with less effort. The finish-the most exciting part of any race-was not disappointing. McGill made several determined efforts, but Varsity spurted and raised their stroke to 36 and crossed the line with open water between the boats! Three nineteen Qi 1 a 1 HJ OD 1 lc Pl j fo XE 19- ' aj Q .W . . Q .I .Q 'TJ in 'A QW.. LQQ UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO GYMNASTIC CLUB Intercollegiate Team, 1931-32 Back Row CLeft to Righty: J. S. CRAIG, A. M. VESSIE, W. R. SIRMAN, J. R. LANGSTAFF. Front Row: H. W. ALLEN, MR. D. M. BARTON qGymnasium Directory, R. M. WILKINSON, QManagerJ, DR. ORVIL ELLIOTT CAsst. Coachj, C. B. KIRK. University of Toronto Gymnastic Activities 1951-2 ESPITE the great swath cut through the ranks of the Gymnastic class, things did not go too badly, due to the turnout of an abundance of new material for the 1931-32 season. Of last year's Intercollegiate Team not a single man was available for the 1932 meet. Graduation took a heavy toll and was responsible for the absence of D. Ivey, D. A. Campbell and R. M. Johnson, all valuable men. W. NT. Jacobi and H. F. Bengry no longer honoured the University with their presence and R. M. Wilkinson the only "old boy" left and whose services were badly needed, suffered an injury to his neck shortly after the Interfaculty Meet, which put him out for the rest ofthe season. VVoolnough was not available for Intercollegiate competition this year but showed great ability and rapid progress and should be on top of the pile next season. He did his bit for the University of Toronto by carrying her colours to fourth place in the Ontario Gymnastic Championship. The tyro team, consisting of C. B. Kirk, H. W. Allen, S. Craig, R. Lang- stalT and VV. R. Sirman, with A. 1Xf1. Vessie as sub. journeyed to Nlontreal, where they gave battle to the lX4cGill team on Saturday, February 27, 1932. The old hands of the latter team were not however to be beaten and Toronto had to be content with the small end ofthe score. C. B. Kirk was high man on the Uni- versity of Toronto team. Nlr. D. Nl. Barton looked after the apparatus enthusiasts as usual, and the gymnasts are greatly indebted to Mr. Allan Keith and Dr. Orvil Elliott for valu- able coaching. Both these men were some years ago members of the Canadian Glympic Gymnastic Team. Three twenty I I 1 I x IO wi 'Q Xi. , A 5 vvvsf iq . ,.,, C 5 ' ' H I Y ' X ,ip I I , Isa- ln Y 1 L Hi 7 H if S It I' ' i PM I ' 'I A . . , ii: A -,A V , A 'V . . . . .i.:.,. H-Y-Lwir ,v,, . M V ,yur . INTERCOLLEGIATE SOCCER Back Row: H. DAVIDSON fManagerJ, A. ORGAN, V. O. D. KING, A. G. LITTLE, D. A. DAVIDSON, A. C. CARBERT, G. E. SCHUETT. Front Row: D. P. ROWLAND, R. ROBERTSON, J. C. WHITLA, D. MOCULLOUGH, W. H. JACK CCaptainJ, A. D. ALDRIDGE. Intercollegiate Soccer HE Soccer team succeeded in regaining the Intercollegiate Championship for Varsity after losing it to McGill last year. The Soccer title is decided by a two-game series, with three teams participating, and Varsity defeated both McGill and R.lN4.C. to emerge victorious. The first game was played at Kingston, on October 17th, on a muddy field, and resulted in a victory for Varsity, the score being S-0. The Cadets were completely outclassed in every department, and were never in a scoring position. In the second game played at home, lNlcGill provided stiffer opposition, and it was not till the last half was drawing to a close that Davidson and Rowland pepped up the Varsity attack enabling Aldridge to score a beautiful goal to make the score 2-l for Varsity, and thus annexing the title for Varsity. It is to be regretted that there is not more competition in Intercollegiate Soccer, but soccer fans will be glad to know that lVIclVlaster and XVestern are considering entering teams in the Intercollegiate Union. Varsity is unfortunate in losing this year, three veteran stars, Rowland, Jack and King, who not only turned in consistently stellar performances in every game, but were also enthusiastic in their support and management of Interfaculty Soccer. It will be difficult to replace these men. The rest of the year's team will be back for another season, and with such men as Davidson, Wihitla, Little, and lNIcCullough, prospects for another winning team are not founded on mere theory. It is hoped that a coach can be officially appointed next year. ' Three twenty-one On at 1 1 I :Q 01 1 li 1 ku 210 v rw UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO LACROSSE CLUB Executive and Interfaculty Representatives, 1931-32. Back Row: J. M. ROBBIE, O.C.E., L. GREER CForestryl, M. JEWELL CSecretary-Treasurerl, B. PARKINSON CUniversity Collegej. Front Row: W. ALGIE CS.P.S.D, S. H. SEAL CPresidentD, J. W. KERR CViee-President.J Lacrosse NDOOR LACROSSE was introduced for the first time at the University of Toronto in the autumn season of 1931. Early in October a meeting of Lacrosse enthusiasts was called and an executive elected. S. H. Seal, Victoria IV, was elected president, J. VV. Kerr, Victoria IV, vice-president, and lNf1ilt Jewell, O.C.E., secretary. An Interfaculty series was formed and the league got under way during the first week in November with two groups, consisting of two teams from S.P.S. and one each from Victoria, University College, College of Education, St. Micliaels and Meds. Forestry requested to be entered in a series after the first week's schedule had been played and their entry brought the total up to eight teams. After a close series, Victoria and Education won their respective groups and in the finals Victoria won the first Interfaculty Championship by ZS to 7 goals. Rules were drawn up to suit the small space of the Hart House Hoor, on which the games were played. Five men with the addition of four substitutes constituted a team. The Club estimates that more than one hundred and thirty-five students took part in the game. Some teams used as many as twenty different players during the season, of which only eleven could be in uniform at the game and only five on the floor at once. But out of these one hundred and thirty-live players over one hundred had never played the game before. Une feature of the League's operations was the enthusiasm shown by the attendance at the games. Very good crowds watched the games and the finals were witnessed by a crowd completely surrounding the track. Never has an interfaculty series in any sport been ushered into being with such enthusiasm and with such whole-hearted support from the student body. The Athletic Directorate has now established the game as a permanent sport and the Executive look forward to an even more prosperous season in 1933. Three twenty-two Qi 1 lf at ls' at f ' 1' A I f I 3 ,, ' fb 1.79511 Q2 - i f ff ,ff x- ,' ,, 'X ff , A 1 -61. O 0 MEN'S I TERFACULTY ATHLETICS 'lug Q 0 Ol 4 I 1 3 IO UNIVERSITY COLLEGE "T" HOLDERS Back Row: ROSS, LEARIE, ALDRIDGE, LONGERT. Front Row: SMITH, HENDERSON, BENNETT. Absent: FERGUSON, LEAK, RIGGS, SNIDER, MAUNDRELL, TWAITS, LAING, KEITH, GILBERT ' I 'X UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SWIMMING Back: S. LEARIE, G. KEITH, J. CAMERON, J. MUNDY. Front: P. TEDMAN, L. GAGE, L. BUCHANAN, H. DIXON, E. M. HENDERSON. Absent: D. CLUTE, S. SMITH. Three twenty-four Ov '21 lf D4 I 40 4 ri -1 1- 40 .J UNIVERSITY COLLEGE ATHLETIC BOARD Back Row: J. FERGUSON, D. SMITH, A. SHEARER, W. ECCLESTONE, F. DREGER, W. WALKER, S. SMITH, B. EVANS. Front Row: M. SECCOMBE, D. GRANT, T. MCDONNELL CSecretary5, F. STANDISH CAthletic Directory, L. BUCHANAN CTreasurerJ, G. LAUGHLIN, B. PARKINSON. "U. C." HOLDERS Three twenty-jive 01 fl D fl v TQ Or I J- pf I 10 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE TRACK Back Row: C. M. JARVIS, G. B. GOULDING, W. B. ENGEL, G. JERMYN CCoachJ, H. H. WALKER D. F. FORBES. Front Row: C. P. WILSON, G. LAUGHLIN, E. W. KENRICK, D. J. SMITH CManagerJ, J. E. WATSON, K. S. REID, A. M. FALLIS. Absent: W. A. GILBERT, R. O. STANDISH, D. MAUNDRELL, H. P. SMITH. U. C. Track HE past year was one of the most successful in track since its inception at University College. Although neither the indoor nor Outdoor champion- ship was won, the team developed a fighting spirit that was second to none and landed University College in the runner-up position for both titles. The team put up a great light for the Indoor Meet and only lost out on the fifth and last day of the meet. ln the Indoor lNfIeet, special mention is deserved by Don Smith, who won three events and Bill Engel, whose time of 5 2-5 seconds in the SO yards tied the existing record and was fast enough to beat such stars as Johnny Fitzpatrick and Ralph Adams, who were members of the 1928 Canadian Olympic Team. Through graduation this year, University College will lose many of her best men, no less than eight taking the cap and gown. These are: Don Smith, Fag Standish, Click Wlilson, Ted Kenrick, George Laughlin, Hap Gilbert, Ken Reid and Don Forbes. University College owes them a debt of gratitude for their unfailing loyalty and for the honours they brought her. Great credit is also due to Gord Jermyn, one of U.C.'s athletes of a few years ago, for the interest he showed and the generous manner in which he gave of his time. Three twenty-six QI 4 I at I IO Cl 1 D: ,,,,:1 3-f QQ 'X "University College Rugby" HE rugby season at University College was a pleasant surprise this year, for the supporters of the Red and VVhite. The beginning of the season showed the usual meagre turnout for rugby but then University College got a break. Alike Rodden, famous Canadian coach, kindly offered to show the boys how to handle the old pigskin and the news spread like wildfire: "Mike Rodden is coaching University College". The team practised hard. The coach gave unsparingly of his time and hit by bit instead of a jumbled collection of players, they grew into a well-coached, smooth-running machine. During the season University College beat the hledical team twice and split the games played with S.P.S. This gave them the group title and a chance to enter the play-offs. A Victoria College were the big rivals of the afternoon and the Scarlet and Gold came through with a bang but were beaten in the finals. Alike Rodden showed us it can be done. He cheered us and booed us and we liked it. If he comes back to us next year, we'll do our best to get a title. University College is finding herself at last. . UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SOCCER Back Row: G. A. LEFLER, F. A. VALLAT, D. J. GRANT, A. W. SHEARER CManagerJ, A. FRANCESCHELLI, A. D. ALDRIDGE. Front Row: W. J. MACKENZIE, J. H. MACPHFRSON, J. R. HOUSTON, R. J. MACDONALD, L. C. RUDKIN CCaptainJ. Three twenly-seven Q3 1 34 sg F to C1 4 1 1 tO 0.14911 TMWH - , Q 0' , I .. -245,4 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SENIOR BASEBALL TEAM Bfzck Row CStanding-Left to Righty: K. REID COutfield1, J. SMITH COutfieldJ, G. BLACKFORD COutfie1dJ, J. DOHERTY flst Basej, E. GIBSON C2nd Basel, J. NASH Clnfieldj, H. BROUGHTON C0utfie1dJ. Front Row CSeczted-Left to Rightj: C. BANWELL COutfieldJ, H. MORAN CPitcherD, D. GRANT CCatcher-Managerj, T. GAVIN 43rd Basel, J. GIROUX CShort Stopb. University College Senior Baseball Team NIVERSITY COLLEGE baseball teams, both junior and senior, have always bid high for the University baseball honours. During the last few years the seniors have been especially successful. In 1930 they lost the finals in an extra game, while last year Cl93lj they were successful in winning the Spalding Cup. This year, with an especially strong team, they are installed as heavy favourites to repeat last year's successf At the time of this writing, they have just emerged decisively victorious from the first game in the semi-final play-offs to the tune of 25-6. ln winning their group they subdued their oppon- ents by the rather sensational scores of 20-0, 21-4, 25-4, and 27-4. The Varfity for March S gives the U.C. Senior Baseball team credit for hav- ing "a very strong infield" and "a sensational battery". The Varsity further reads on that date: "The Red and White have a very powerful squad, experi- enced and capable, and will be hard to beat for the Spalding Cup" ......... '4The Red and Wliite aggregation have been 'poisoni for various pitchers, and if they maintain their batting averages, will be installed as heavy favourites for the titleu. Three twenty-eight Q1 1 1 1 1 40 Qu 1 r 1 1 0 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE JUNIOR BASKETBALL Back: AGNEW, ROGERS, MUTTEROFF, LAUGHLIN fManagerD, ESPIE, CAMPBELL, SLOAN. Front: SKILLING, HENNESSEY, SCOTT, CUBNER, BELL. 0' 'BQ' as -DK- 9? .IK 'KQV UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SENIOR HOCKEY TEAM, 1931-32 Back Row: W. H. PRICE, W. TWAITS, C. BANWELL, A. WILEY, J. PUGSLEY, R. MACDONALD Front Row: F. HUME, R. LOFFREE, B. M. EVANS qManagerJ, J. SHORTLY. Three twenty-nine Q1 4 1 4 uf' 1Q VICTORIA COLLEGE ATHLETIC UNION D. WALKER, W. KINGSTON, F. BOARDMAN, G. MCKINNEY, J. O'NEIL, J. D. BOLAND, J. COLES E. SCOVELL, J. R. GRILLS, E. HOWIE, J. KERR. C. FERGUSON, W. P. GREGORY, J. W. WITZEL, CHANCELLOR WALLACE CHon. Presidentj R. SPENCER, F. H. MORROW, E. DAVIDSON. VICTOR-IA COLLEGE LACROSSE TEAM - Interfaculty Champions, 1931-32 Back Row: SCOVELL, GLASS, BAKER, WITZEL, KERR, BRANT. Front Row: CLARK, BRACE, YOUNG, ENGLISH, ALGIE, LEASK, SEAL. Absent: W. SMITH. Three thirty Q3 4 V- -1 V O VICTORIA COLLEGE SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Interfaculty Champions Standing: J. D. BOLAND CManagerD, G. B. COLES, K. S. FORD, R. BOETTGER, D. MISENER, DR. GRAUER CCoachJ. Seated: D. LEASKE, H. HENDERSHOT, E. DAVISON, J. CLARKE, C. FERGUSON. VICTORIA COLLEGE SENIOR BASEBALL Interfaculty Champions Back Row: GREGORY, AMOS, CHRISTIE, GULLS, SPENCER. Front Row: BRACE, LITTLE, COLES, GARTON, ARNUP. Absent: LEASK. Three thirty-on 0: 1 v 1 I 10 V T1 I lo 7:30 .- A X Q Q? ...f -WL - WESTON, FISHER, Three thirty-two as, We-.' 52 'HS'-, 433' x M, N M. E. ? -. W S , X S w W , Th 'K S. VICTORIA COLLEGE WATER POLO TEAM Interfaculty Champions, 1932 F , Z S 5 W Yi! . N 'S 9, K N A, , jg- 1 f 1 A Y ,amz KQ4 DEVITT, GARTON CCoachJ, BATES, BRADSHAW, SMITH, GOULD, O'NEAL, EDMISON, HAY. Qx '1 4 on 4 P 7 TRINITY COLLEGE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, 1931-32 Fronl Row: S. L. B. MARTIN fAsst. Treasurerb, REV. J. LOWE fTreasurerj, J. H. OYFLYNN CPreside-nth, J. C. S. FAIR lViee-Presidentl, H. S. C. ARCHBOLD fSeeretaryJ. Buck Row: J. S. RAPSEY CCuratorJ, J. C. DENISON fComm.D, L. W. SKEY flleporterj, J. H. TURNER Clst Yr. Re-p.D, W. H. BRADLEY CComm.J. Absent: H. A. MARTIN lCommj. Trinity College Athletic Association RINITY does not allow her lack of numbers to allfect her activity in the athletics of the University in any way, on the contrary this handicap seems to inspire her members to bear the name of the College into every held of athletic endeavor within the University. The result is that we find Trinity men on all ofthe Rugby teams of the University, on the Intercollegiate and Intermediate Track teams, on the Junior and Senior Hockey teams, on the Varsity crew, the Boxing, Wvrestling and Fencing teams which have an Inter- collegiate Champion from this College, and will be captained next year by another member, the Gym team also having a Trinity captain, and the Tennis and Cwolf teams. The majority of the University Rugger players are Trinity men and Trinity has the distinction of being the first college or faculty of this University to field a complete rugger team in any match. Thus, Trinity can never be accused of withholding men, qualilied to repre- sent the University for the benelit of the College. The University athletics have always come first for Trinity men and will continue to do so as long as the University remains under its present organization. Interfaculty sports also hnd Trinity playing a prominent part. The 1931 hflulock Cup went to her Rugby team, and in hockey, Trinity now has just one game between her and a semi-hnal position. In every interfaculty sport Trinity fields a strong and representative team. Both the President of the Rugby Club and of the new University Ski Club are Trinity men, the latter going to the Olympic Games to represent Canada. Three thirfy-th ree Q, 4 n L4 1 IJ Cl I I I , to il ' , 5? f ,T, SOME OF THE TRINITY COLLEGE "T" HOLDERS, 1931-32 Front Row: TURNER, S. MARTIN, S. ARCHBOLD, O'FLYNN, GIBSON, FAIR, PORTER, RAPSEY. Second Row: GREEN, HARRIS, LINFIELD, CLOUGH, ABRAHAM, LEMON, WILKINSON. Back Row: WOTHERSPOON, STEWART, BARROW, BROOK. .,, . . - an X mg , 1, -5- .K -.f.,,,-Wm, .,. TRINITY HOCKEY TEAM ' MURRELL-WRIGHT, KNIGHT, SWEENEY, D. K. REA, MACINTOSH, AMBROSE, MINETT CCaptainJ BRENNAN. Three thirty-four OP 1 1 0: 1 If it I IU ,ii TRINITY COLLEGE RUGBY Intercollegiate Champions LES BLACKWELL fCoachJ, GEO. GOODERHAM fCoachJ, S. L. B. MARTIN, LAUBER, HARRIS, FARWELL, O'FLYNN, MACMULLEN, WILTON, STEWART, SKEY, LEMON, CLOUGH, WILSON, GREEN, NORTON, TURNER, PEPALL, STONE, FINNINGLY, SEABORN, WILKENSON, WELCH, WORTHERSPOON, J . D. CROMARTY CManagerJ. Trinity College Rugby Team, Mulock Cup Champions RONIISES are sometimes made in moments of enthusiasm. Some are kept and some are not! Professor "lWique" hlackenzie, whose word is as good as his bond, said to Trinity men, many years ago, "VVin the Nlulock Cup and I will fill the Howing bowl until it doth run over". And he did! It was a night of exultant joy when Sir William lyiulock very graciously came to the Athletic Dinner and for the first time, presented the hlulock Cup to Trinity. By general consent the victory was a well-earned one, as the semi-final and the final games thrilled the large crowds of spectators, by the splendid skill and sportsmanship ofthe teams. All the greater was the glory of victory because of the excellence of the S.P.S. and Victoria teams. "Stew" hlartin, the third lXfIartin to captain a Trinity team, was superb in rallying his men about him, and in developing in them a unity of mind and purpose. George Gooderham, B.A. ,31, a Varsity Blue of Intercollegiate fame, generously gave his time in coaching the team, and his knowledge and skill combined with that of L'Les" Blackwell, soon whipped a memorable team into championship excellence. And every man gave of his best! Three thirty fire QI 1 I 4 I 49 Cv 1 if :1 1 QQ .1 , 9' i . k 1 hon. rcs ' x V i' V QLLANSF Master 8 'JLCE P19-5 f XJ -' DV4 J , UGCJE 11136 C5?3fear'I?e 'EXECUTIVE l925l l932 yi wk V O ,X 4455, li! year' Rel' ii 0 i X l"PVearRef- V The Medical Athletic Association HE Nledical Athletic Association includes all men in the Faculty of lledi- cine and acting through its executive, which is elected annually, controls all athletics in connection with the faculty. A yearly fee is paid by the members and in this way the Association is financed. The executive is made up of an Honorary President, chosen from the faculty by the executive, a President, Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer from the sixth, fifth and fourth years respectively and a representative from each of the three junior years. The executive appoint a quartermaster, who is directly responsible for athletic supplies. During the past year teams were entered in all interfaculty sports and considerable success was met with. lnter-year competition has been promoted with track, boxing, Wrestling and fencing provided as the medium. These meets have been heartily entered and valuable material unearthed. Two teams have been entered in all interfaculty competitions so that a greater number of men might take part. Senior teams have been recruited from the three senior years and the juniors from the three junior years. During the '31-'32 session all teams have made good showings and the Harriers and the Rifie teams have to date won interfaculty championships. The interfaculty teams have been greatly weakened by the large number of men who have been taken up by intercollegiate teams, Where they have been more than successful in maintaining the honour of 'fhledsf' Three thirty-six O, 1 ye" eg l la O3 1 I l D' lo ,srL.wfu I- a ab! Q Ali, 3'5- gn-I SENIOR "T" HOLDERS Front Row: V. O'D. KING, JIM SCOTT, JOHN KEITH, DR. J. W. GRAHAM, FRANK SCOTT, JIM SINCLAIR, EARL STEELE. Back Row: ART MIDDLEBORO, LOU CARROL, HAROLD SNIDERMAN, H. Y. WHITEHEAD, JACK MUNRO, G. LEE. Senior "T" Holders in Medicine HE Faoulty of hledicine has always had a long list of "TU holders and this year is no exception. In practically every field of intercollegiate com- petition Kleds. have been well represented in numbers and in calibre. It is particularly commendable since at this time when lnterfaculty competition seems to be at loggerheads with Intercollegiate competition, htledical students have expended their energy for the University as a whole rather than in the faculty rivalry. y The "T" is the ambition of every student and the "TN holders of today leave behind a tradition sacred to the men of tomorrow who will not fail to uphold it. Three thirty-seven 0 1 v- 49 On Jr x 4 J KO . Q? as E I -.83 GRADUATING "T" HOLDERS IN MEDICINE G. LEE, English Ruggerg J. KEITH, Rugbyg V. O'D. KING, Soccer: E. C. STEELE, Boxingg J. SCOTT, Basketballg H. WHITHEAD, Hockey. Graduating "T" Holders in Medicine HIS year will see the graduation of a number of men Whose fame in athletic achievement has not been surpassed by any faculty in many years. These men have carried the banner ofthe University through many a grim battle on gridiron, ice, ring and basketball floor. They have lost and they have wonwbut always with that good sportsmanship that makes great athletes truly great. Keith's deadly tackling, along with W'hitehead's flashy rushes Will doubt- lessly be missed, but the members of the faculty combine in wishing these men every success. Three thirty-eight 0: 4 x fc P 10 Cl Pl lf- 21 j IQ .al W .vs tz I 1.,'ii..- an "4.-' 'K 'wx M, flfffr Q4 nl- af' rg A 4 i " " Holders HE "Xl" is awarded to undergraduates in Xledicine in recognition of athletic ability ofthe highest order. lt is granted to outstanding members of interfaculty teams and men who have been consistent performers on the same team for several years and also to men who have shown ability in several sports. In order to place the University as the primary focus for outlet of ability, the "Xl" is also granted to holders of the hrst HT". Qthers who have not been so fortunate as to gain the major athletic award but who have nevertheless upheld the honour of Kledicine in intercollegiate sports are granted the privilege and honour of wearing the Rledical letter. Three thirty-nine Oh bf lf ft 1 10 p 1 b 1 x 1O .1 ,fe MEDICAL HARRIER TEAM Interfaculty Champions, 1931-32 R. D. THOMPSON, J. D. MCLENNAN CCaptainJ, DR. J. W. GRAHAM, J. W. MCGLADDERY M. A. CONTWAY CManagerJ. pl- --- - MEDICAL RIFLE TEAM Winners of Mitchell Cup and the De Lury Shield. Back Row: H. M. PEQUEGNAT, W. PYLE. Front Row: C. H. HAUGH, R. J. NODWELL CCaptainJ, O. HOFFMAN. Three foriy Or 1 x 1 m 10 Oi 1 if fc r 10 , 15,1 Il LETIQ ASSOCIATION Facultq of Applied Science-Elinqineerinq if-'i'Fif.1pfy1N"lL -I M1104 u"lll K C' N 'illllxttlvl it HBE-4: ffl A M ,mm ,... ,.,i....i ,M ,MM .. , .-..- i - School Athletic Association .P.S. in Interfaculty athletics again took a prominent place. Five champion- ships found their way to the "Little Red School House". The Outdoor Track team started the season in fine style by winning the Rowell hlemorial Cup. The Senior Rugby team, although they didn't win the Niulock Cup, proved that they had one of the best teams in the series. The Junior Assault was won by School but unfortunately the Senior Assault proved a disappointment. During the second term, the Engineers were also very busy. The Gym- nasium team and Swimming team came through with nice victories. The Indoor Track team staged a sensational finish to relieve University College of the cup. The Senior W'ater Polo, Senior Hockey and Junior Basketball teams all won their way up to the play-offs. Both Junior and Senior Baseball teams are in the running. and hopes for victories are high. Next year, under,the guidance of Johnnnie Fitzpatrick as our Athletic Association President, we are looking forward to a very successful year. Wfith the assistance of "Beef,' Lichty and Harp. lNflcNichol, the Association should procure results. Three foriy one if R Qi 1 lf 21 v iQ , .,. . ' EXECUTIVE CD I jet 1 ' to S.P.S. "T" HOLDERS Back Row: C. E. BANNISTER, W. D. SMITH, E. A. PEAKER, H. L. HAYHOE, E. B. HYMMEN, J. R. FITZPATRICK. Front Row: D. W. W. SMILLIE, H. R. COLLINS, M. A. ELSON, R. A. ADAMS, W. E. ALGIE R. G. WESTHEUSER. Inset: F. A. FELL, H. M. SMITH. S.P.S. "T" Holders HERE are in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering 17 holders of the first letter of the University. This is a good indication of the pro- minent part which Schoolmen are taking in the Intercollegiate Athletics. Of this total there were three Varsity captains. , Murray and Smillie won their letter for hockey. Both have played sterling hockey for the past three years with Varsity, and Nlurray was chosen captain. Fitzpatrick and Crocker were with the Intercollegiate Rugby team and received their letter for their valuable services. Elson, who is rowing now but boxed earlier in the season, was awarded the coveted 'LTU for rugby with the Intercollegiate squad. Algie and Peaker were with the rowing crew. Bill won his letter for this sport but Ed received his for weight events. This year he doubled up and the day after winning the javelin throw, he rowed on the victorious Varsity crew. Bannister, Doug. Smith and Fell won events in the Intercollegiate assault, the latter being a boxer. Collins is the only first team basketball player. He is a high jumper of note and has won this event in the intercollegiate meet. Hayhoe captained the Intercollegiate VVater Polo this year, and also won points in the swimming meet. Track claims more HTH holders than any other sport. Peaker, Fitzpatrick, Collins, Wlesthauser, lNIal Smith, Hymmen and Adams have all been with track club. Perhaps this is the reason why the lnterfaculty 'meets came to School. There will be seven of these men graduating this year, and it is hoped that new men will take their place. Three forty-two Or 1 1 1 x IO I N Q3 1 l 1 I QU -lik 'W as k A If , ' A 1 ,f QII..1,' TM m"l""" V 'Y ' , A A ws,-"0 -' ' , if .A , .... , 'N ' f .. , A ' av A U M 'W'-' , . ,,.., .. , 5 .b , .. . . A. E AM M W '- ,. . . ... - , - H x..4r.ff" Af' . Y Y rr M7 A - "Mr S.P.S. JUNIOR ASSAULT TEAM Interfaculty Champions, 1931-32 Back Row: H. J. HOSEASON, H. MASON, E. C. RUDD CManagerJ, G. DIMITRIEFF, C. S. BOLAND. Front Row: O. F. BUSH, J. J. HOWE, J. B. GRAY, E. R. EATON, E. H. SINCLAIR. Absent: C. C. THOMAS, V. ZACHANKO. 1 S.P.S. junior Assault Team CHOOL'S laurels in B. VV. and F.,circles were garnered from the Junior Assault, which was won from Trinity after two evenings of closely con- tested bouts. The bulk of the credit must be given to the freshmen class for three of these came through in the finals, contributing the majority of the points for the match. If anyone could be singled out for individual praise, it would be Sinclair, for he not only finished a series of boxing bouts by a nice victory but also made a creditable showing in the wrestling. The other boxer to win his final bout was Thomas, the Hyweight entry, who is also a freshman. In wrestling, the unexpected occurred when Zachanko, another freshman, defeated Demitrieff after a spectacular bout. Although both men were from School, the bout drew considerable attention as the sensational Zachanko was a strong threat, although the bout was conceded to Dimitrieff because of his experience. Kel. Howe was victorious in the one-thirty-four pound division, winning a deserved decision over Oille, the picked' winner. Kel. is a well-known School athlete and should place on the team next year. Others members of the team were: Bush, Gauvreau, Eaton and Wallbridge in boxing, and Hoseason, Boland,Jor1es, Mason and Gray in wrestling. Although not ultimate winners, these men contributed preliminary points and gave sub- stantial assistance to the victors. Three forty-three O' 1 lf bl 1 :Q Q Y S.P.S. SENIOR HOCKEY TEAM of Pl k 1 1 1 'YQ',5qE'f3" 'Xf3fl.3Q. , Y' IPM y' S ""LW ',5'LW- 4? . 5' 'if Q f iw. .nav S. 4. .If fi , xi -I Sw. ...M f S.- w 1 1 row 5l...,...'. .. '..g A E ZS 1 3 Back Row: C. D. MARTIN, J. A. FISHER, E. A. MAYBEE, K. G. MITCHELL, J. H. W. BATES J. G. PORTER, W. M. R. GRIFFIN, M. J. WERRY, J. S. CRERAR. Front Row: J. E. ANDERSON, L. K. WALKOM, C. J. BRIDGELAND, W. D. MCCALLUM, J. V. REID S.P.S. SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM D. L. TAIT, H. M. SMITH, C. B. BRITNELL, Y. L. WONG, T. A. KIRK, L. J. LICHTY. ' Absent: H. M. BROUWERS, S. TENENBAUM. Three forty-four Ol 54 I fl y IO QD I he 4 p IO SENIOR S.P.S. RUGBY Back Row CLeft to Righty: GRANT, MOFFATT, HEWITT, BEYNON, COULTER, WERRY, LICHTY, CCaptainJ, MAYBEE, SMITH, MITCHELL, REID, MACMILLAN CCoachJ. Front Row: MCCALLUM, KIRK, HowE, PORTER, WEST, WALKOM, WHEATON, STUBBS, GURNEY, HALLETT. Senior School Rugby ' usua cus om o 16 enior c ooi u v eam is o o mos o is HE 1 I ftl S S h R gb, I I d I f I practicing during the games, but most certainly it was not the case this 'n year. The boys were out early and often, and each man had to fight even to e reco nize amon e s er in a 'ers w o res on e or rac ice. was b g d g th t 1 g pl y h p d d f p t It always a toss-up whether the best men were on the field or on the side-lines. As everyone knows, the team suffered defeat because they had too little opposition. They won their group hands down, piling up 76 points and allowing not a single point to be scored against them. So it was a big surprise when they lost the semi-finals to Trinity, that much under-estimated dark horse, which went right through to defeat Victoria in the finals. Perhaps if a defeat or a good scare had come along earlier in the season, the Hhlulock Ning" would again be back where it is much more at home. No resume of this team would be complete without mentioning the untiring efforts and whole-hearted support of their coach, "Scotty" lVIaclVlillan, and the brilliant playing and steadying influence of the rest of the players in their popular captain c'Beef" Llchty. ' The old "School Spiritn was always abounding in the team, and the splendid and enthusiastic way that each man turned out for practice was most encouraging. The players were mostly third year men and, although the services of all the present seniors will be greatly missed, there is still plenty of material to create a team which may easily recapture the cup. ln other words, '4WatclI Senior School next year". Three forty five 1 4 if si I to Or Q1 1 1 3 40 SCHOOL "S" HOLDERS S.P.S. JUNIOR WATER POLO Standing: T. BELL, L. D. DOUGAN, J. S. CRAIG. Sitting: WOOD, D. F. FRASER, S. M. ARCHER CManagerb, C. E. HAWKE, F. R. ADAMS Three forty-six Qp Sq 1 4 O C, 1 jf- :I V O S.P.S. SWIMMING TEAM Interfaculty Champions Back Row: J. C. TOWERS, T. BELL, J. A. FISHER, C. E. HAWKE, A. M. VESSIE, J. G. POWELL. Front Row: E. F. JULL, J. H. ADD1soN, F. B. CoNRoN, H. L. HAYHOE, D. F. NASMITH, J. P. HooPER, E. O. WITHROW. S.P.S. Swimming Team, Interfaculty Champions 1952 CHOOL this year, by means of a large team of enthusiastic swimmers, managed to take the trophy from University College by a mere one point. Unlike last year when University College took the relay and won the meet, this year Nieds. just edged out the School relay squad but leaving the team ahead in total points. Hayhoe pulled the surprise of the evening by winning the -l-IO-yard free style from Glass. He also took second place in the ZOO-yard free style. T. Bell swam third in both events. Towers was just beaten by inches in the back stroke. XVithrow came close to the record time in,the 200-yard breast stroke. The other members of the team made noble attempt but were given very keen competition. Powel, Fisher, Conron, Nasmith and Hawker swam the sprints and the relay with Vessie helping Towers in the back stroke. The divers, Gurney and Juli, made a splendid showing. School congratulates P. Hooper, a freshman, who this year won the Durnan Trophy. Three forty-seven 1 1 If 40 iNi t.l5lfNC- OD 1 1 1 , , ll' QF" man. -945- no so We Pa. EW S.P.S. INDOOR TR-ACK TEAM Interfaeulty Champions, 1932 Back: J. R. FITZPATRICK, M. E. HERTEL, J. A. M. AUSTIN. Centre: F. KRAILO, J. H. BYRNE, J. L. DONALDSON, J. J. HICKEY, F. S. LEE, T. G. HOWE. Fronf: R. A. ADAMS, E. R. EATON, PROF. E. A. ALLCUT CHon. Presidentj, H. M. SMITH CManagerD, J. J. A. HOWE, E. B. HYMMEN. S.P.S. Indoor Track OT until the final event was run off were S.P.S. acclaimed the champions. As the score indicates, the meet was very close, and as a result of this, the enthusiasm shown reached new levels. The final score found S.P.S. leading with HIS points, U.C. next with 43 points and Meds. third, having 25 points. - School scored most of their points in the sprinting and field events, while from the half-mile up they failed to register any. Ralph Adams led the men with two firsts. He won the 220-yard dash and broke the record in the 100-yard, covering the distance in I0 2-5 seconds. Johnnie Fitzpatrick and lVIal Smith did their share in assisting Ralph in the sprinting events. The relay races were real features for School. The half-mile team, composed of Fitzpatrick, Hymmen, Howe, Hickey, Smith and Adams, easily won the race but won the meet for School, as it was the last event on the programme. In both relays S.P.S. HB" team took third place. In field events the Engineers had a large advantage over their f'rivals', from U.C. who failed to score at all. Due credit must be given to Jack Austin, Harry Byrne and lyfac Hertel for their efforts. h4uch credit is due to the U.C. team for their showing. At all times the friendliest of feelings prevailed and Don Smith, Click VVilson and Bill Engle should be congratulated. It is to be hoped that for next year this enthusiasm shown for track work will continue. Three forty-eight OP 4 1 4 40 0, 1 ,Q if ,Q 710 v ll -P OK PD IQ-'. il S.P.S. OUTDOOR TRACK Interfaculty Champions, 1931-32 Back Row: E. A. PEAKER, R. G. WESTHEUSER. Centre: M. MCKILLOP qManagerJ, J. A. M. AUSTIN, R. D. WALDEN, J. J. HICKEY. Front: R. A. ADAMS, H. M. SMITH, E. R. EATON, PROF. E. A. ALLCUT qHon. Presidentj, F. S. LEE, J. H. BYRNE, E. B. HYMMEN. ' Inset: D. S. HOLMESTED, W. A. CONNOLLY. S.P.S. Outdoor Track HIS is the fourth successive year that School's track team has won the Rowell lVIemorial Cup. The team found keen competition from U.C. for the earlier part of the meet but towards the end they demonstrated their superiority by gaining a well-earned lead. The final score found S.P.S. leading with 54 points, U.C. second with 36 and Trinity College third, having 18. Une record was broken and the honour of so doing fell to a School man. VValt Connolly clipped two-fifths of a second from his own record in the 220-yard low hurdles, and the new mark of 2-I 4-5 seconds is the equal of the Intercollegiate record. In addition to this, VValt won the 120-yard high hurdles. Second to Connolly in both hurdle events was John Hickey, a freshman, who shows great promise as a track star. Ralph Adams demonstrated that he is still Varsity's fastest runner by repeating his victories in the 100 and 220-yard dashes. Mal Smith again showed fine form in winning the quarter-mile. One weakness, however, in the team was the complete lack of good middle distance men. The results of the half-mile, mile and three-mile proved this, as School did not score a single point in any of these events. In field events, the Engineers had a slight advantage, scoring 19 points while U.C. made 18. Westheuser, a freshman, won the discus and took second in the shotput. Eddie Peaker took second in the javelin and third in the discus, while Eddie Hymmen won the running broad jump for the fourth successive year. Graduation this year will take Ralph Adams, lVIal Smith, Eddie Hymmen and Ed. Peaker. hoped, however, winning ways. In addition to this, VValter Connolly will not be back. It is that in spite of this, Schoolas track team will continue its Three forty-nine 7 OP lf sa V ls., 43 Op 1 if .21 D 10 Wa 3 W S.P.S. GYMNASTIC TEAM Interfaculty Champions W. R. SIRMAN, R. M. WILKINSON, E. H. SINCLAIR. S.P.S. Gymnastic Team, Interfaculty Champions HE Harold A. Wilsoii trophy, the award for the Interfaculty championship in gymnastics, will remain in the 4'Little Red School Housev for another year, at least. And all because School has for the past several years successfully outclassed all rivals for honours on the high-bar, parallels, sidehorse and mats. This year's team was composed of Wfilkinson and Sirman, who both Wore the Blue and Gold last year, along with Sinclair, an 'cup and coming" athlete who is proficient in boxing as Well as gymnastics, as his position in the B. W. and F. Club will testify. Sirman was a regular member of the 1931-32 Inter- collegiate team, while Wilkinson, who placed first in the Interfaculty meet, was unable to compete on the Varsity squad this year due to having sustained an injury during practice. School is taking a great deal of interest in this particular line of athletics as is attested by the number of men who regularly turned out and trained from early fall all through the year. In View of this, the chances that S.P.S. will retain the title for n-ext year are exceedingly bright. Three fifty 01 1 J 10 O, 4 n 1 lf- 10 'X l S.P.S. SOCCER Back Row: JONES, FRASER, MASON, PLAYER, JOHNSTON. FrontRow: BOWEN, BILLETT CCaptainJ, PROF. ALLCUT fCOachJ, BRAWLEY CManagerJ, WARD QAsSt. Coachj, SMITH, DAVEY. Absent: BUSH, BAYLEY, KIBBLE. S.P.S. Soccer N BEGINNING the season of 1931-32, S.P.S. Soccer enthusiasts felt keenly the loss of such valuable players as Gregg, Ward, Franklin, Lawrence, Haggart and Graham. Grant Gibson started the ball rolling this year by rounding up much new material and getting everything into shape. Pressure of studies and other duties, however, forced him to resign as manager. Bill Brawley, who played last year, was named as his successor and carried on the work well. As a result, S.P.S. fielded a strong team, which, although not entering the finals, gave U.C. a run for group honours. In the group, consisting of U.C., Wycliffe, Dents. and S.P.S., the team only lost one game, and that by a score 2-1 for U.C. The second game against U.C. went full time and resulted in a scoreless tie. A Professor Allcut, as always, lived up to his position as coach, and gave the team many helpful suggestions. He was ably assisted by Matt VVard, who was out on the field with the team for every practice. The season for 1932-33 should be a banner year for S.P.S., for if the onslaught of examinations is not too great, every man who played this year will be out again next year. This fact, backed up with the good work of Davey in goal, should take the team well on towards the finals. Three fifty-one y 1 5 1 5 40 or' rr P1 16 JUNIOR SCHOOL BASEBALL TEAM Back Row: K. KENNEDY, R. L. MILLER, D. N. COOK, H. T. TURLEY, J. C. ANDERSON B. H. CARVETH, J. J. DUTTON, W. S. SMITH fManager9. Front Row: -J. C. KNAPP, V. D. MACLACHLAN, J. P. BORBEY, H. W. MASON CCaptainJ E. R. EATON, T. J. WELLS, H. H. JOHNSTON. 'tR1N113 A ING ' jjj fir Jjlgf .EJ A KTQWZT' W1 rr fr 1 WMA. S.P.S. SENIOR BASEBALL Back Row: W. B. PROUDFOOT, A. W. M. CARMICHAEL, E. S. JEWETT CManager9, R. A. ADAMS, W. S. CAMPBELL. Front Row: T. J. CARBONE, J. J. HOWE, P. J. HOWE, A. A. JANSEN, G. W. WILSON, F. V. C. HEWITT. Three fifty-two Or bl v 1 r 40 -555 C7 4 le ,...,.71 p MJ '-NNN S.P.S. SENIOR WATER POLO TEAM Back Row: J. C. TOWERS, H. L. HAYHOE fManage1-J, R. B. BRYCE. Front Row: J. A. FISHER, J. H. ADDISON, J. G. POWELL, E. O. WITHROW, H. M. JONES. Senior School Water Polo HIS year lnterfaculty Wvater Polo was played after Christmas instead of before as in other years. This enabled Senior School to turn out a full team and no more as the team would have been short handed in the fall because rugby usually gets the call over water polo. However, the team had all the earmarks of going through for the championship, as, with the exception of Eddie Peaker who guarded the big cage, every man had played for School for the last three or four seasons. The schedule was short, there being only four games to play of which Senior School won three and tied one to head the group. ln the semi-finals Victoria, the cup winners, taught School the lesson that team play and condition as well as experience are necessary to win championships, as they took the boys for two straight games. Jack Fisher was the eagle eye of the team, getting Schoolls only two goals against Victoria. Jimmie Towers played a steady game at centre, and Bun Crocker kept things humming as rover. Bob Bryce, the old iron man and big splasher ofthe team, with hflase Jones played on the defense, with Ev Wiithrow and Jack Adisson providing the relief. Eddie Peaker in goal turned in some great performances, handling his job like a veteran. Credit is due to Hank Hayhoe, the team manager and coach, whose untiring efforts carried the team to the semi-finals. J. G. POWELL, Captain. Three fifty-three of 4 J bl 3 QQ Cr 1 1 1 l 10 DENTAL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Back Row: T. L. MARSH CSwimmingb, J. A. BLACK CHockey7, G. E. STAFFORD CBaske-tballj, G. W. WILLMOTT CBoxir1g, Wrestling, Fencingl, R. A. WYLIE CRifleD, C. A. MACDONALD CSoccerb. Front Row: C. G. PEARSON 1Rowing7, DR. W. E. WILLMOTT CHon. Presidentj, H. MITCHELL CPresident of Athletics and Baseballl, R. A. JOHNSON CRugbyl, J. E. PETERSON CTrackl. WR. T. L. MARSH Dental "T" Holder Three fifty-four Qi 1 1 1 1 40 SENIOR "D" HOLDERS Back Row: G. E. STAFFORD, S. A. E. MERRIT, H. A. SHAUER, R. T. STEWART. Front Row: C. G. PEARSON, T. L. MARSH, H. MITCHELL fPresident of Athleticsb, J. B. MILNE, R. A. WYLIE. DENTAL SENIOR BASKETBALL Back Row: C. W. PFANNER, W. A. BRETT, M. KAHN, J. KAY. Front Row: S. L. OLIVER, H. A. SHAVER, H. MITCHELL CPresident of Athleticsb, G. E. STAFFORD CPresident of Basketballj, G. F. WALDEN. Three fifty-five Oy F1 if :1 3 19 WYCLIFFE COLLEGE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Back Row: L. E. HAWKES CCuratorJ, G. E. SAGE CTreasurerJ. Front Row: S. A. KIRK CVice-Presidentj, L. P. Hunt, B.A. CPresidentj, S. A. R. WOOD CSecretaryJ. Wfycliffe College Athletic Association NOTHIQR year has come to an end in the athletic history of Wiycliffe College, and while we cannot boast of any inter-faculty championships. we do feel that we have made some small contribution to sport in the University. Under the able leadership of the President, Rlr. L. P. Hunt. B.A., VVycliffe has been able to enter teams in five interfaculty competitions-Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey. Since our registration is only sixty-ive, we feel that we have had a most successful year, and look forward keenly to the future. ln addition to interfaculty activities, we have also been busy in the College. The field day, held in the fall, saw Kibblewhite of track fame in action, and ' our Cross Country Run over the regular University course, was a very great success. Inter-Hat competition for the Isherwood Trophy has gone on as usual, the upper Hat being the winners for this year. As the new executive comes into oH71ce they are, as usual, faced with the task of finding men for teams which compete with far larger faculties. Three fifty-six On 1 n 1 1 1 Ol I If ,J , gg ONTARIO COLLEGE OF PHARMACY SOCCER TEAM J. D. SHIELLS, N. E. WILLIAMS, J. A. FOWLER, C. E. HELMER, H. H. P. ANDERSON, K. L. VINCENT. H. L. COWLING, J. E. ORNS, D. M. HYDE CManagerJ, CHAS. F. HEEBNER fDeanD, J. F. RODGERS qCaptainJ, M. S. FISHER, S. G. TURNER. O. C. P. BASKETBALL TEAM, 3T2 S. S. LEAN CASst. Managerj, A. L. MOLOT CGuardD, E. B. BRAUND QCentre-D, R. F. CROWE CCentreJ, H. P. ANDERSON CGuardD, F. J. REDFERN CGuardJ, H. BOCKNEK CForwardJ, J. W. FINKELMAN CManagerJ. N. E. WILLIAMS CGuardJ, K. L. VINCENT CForward-Captainj, DEAN HEEBNER, R. MOLOT CForward7, L. S. OMNET CFOrwardJ. Three fifty-seven X QI 1 I 4 lf IQ ONTARIO COLLEGE OF PHARMACY HOCKEY TEAM, 1932 D. E. ARMSTRONG CManagerJ, B. WARD, J. W. SPARLING, J. ARMSTRONG, J. B. CRAW tDirectorJ J. E. CUSTEAU, T. J. SLATTERY, D. A. MARSHALL CPreSidentJ. H. R. LARSEN, F. A. FILION, DEAN HEEBNER, J. E. ORNS, P. J. SPRATT, C. B. COLLING Absent: REG. WALDE, A. C. MULVIHILL qCaptain and Coachb. PHARMACY SOFTBALL TEAM Back Row: J. M. SCHISSLER, J. B. CRAW, R. F. PALMER, W. E. BROWNLEE, C. HELMER C. S. KNIGHT, G. E. R. HUNT, D. A. MARSHALL. Sitting: C. R. HERRINGTON, M. G. DUFF, T. R. FREURE, DEAN HEEBNER, L. ARNOLD J. P. JORY, J. K. DUNCAN. Sitting on Floor: K. VINCENT, N. E. WILLIAMS. Absent: J. ARMSTRONG. Three ji f ty-eight O1 1 1 4 p 4 KNOX COLLEGE SOCCER TEAM Interfaculty Champions, 1931 Standing: PROF. W. BRYDEN qCoachJ, D. ROWLAND, D. GOWDY, W. DAVIDSON, D. MOCULLOUGH QCaptainJ, H. ANDERSON, W. JACK. Seated: C. HEBDON, G. CUTHBERTSON, R. ROBERTSON, D. DAVIDSON, M. LONG, W. WEIR CManagerJ, R. TAYLOR. Absent: W. MCCLEAN, S. COLE. Knox College Soccer Team HE Knox College Soccer Team this year captured the Arts Faculty Cup for the fourth time in succession. ln taking the interfaculty championship the Purple and Wliite eleven were forced to overcome keen opposition, especially in the semi-finals. Knox met the Ontario College of Agriculture in three games in the semi-finals, the extra one being made necessary because two of the games were tied. The Presbyterians won the right to meet University College in the finals by a two-goal margin over O.A.C. in the third game. University College did not prove such strong opposition and the Purple team came through by five goals to one on the round. The soccer team worked together in the splendid combination style that has been the characteristic of the Knox team during the past four seasons, and every man deserves credit. for his performance. Bill Jack, one of the most efficient fullbacks seen in intercollegiate soccer, and a member of the Varsity team, was the mainstay of the Knox team this season, being a powerful factor defensively. His graduation leaves a vacancy on the Knox team that will be hard to fill, but with the other players remaining the Presbyterians look forward to taking the honours for the fifth time next season. Three fifty-nine O7 4 1 1 p 49 "W ' ' Y Y ,iiln 'Lfilili L Y in ' ' - -,.YgL'lL,Q." W" "'g"'1jJ-m1"-"'-'-f-- Y K , H' .J v I O, , ' D cfj N'S TERCOLLEGIATE THLETICS ,vfi ' 1414, 2' '4 ' - ' ff? :ix f M mum an fpgig X I If ,qg Q f hfb- 7 W Zffiepa " f ' 'A AU " if gm, W A L5 fgmmff mf? 1-if , 2' 1 19 Or 4 li -1 x 1 Women's Athletics HE year 1931-32 may be set down as a particularly interesting as well as successful one in the field of women's athletics. Several championships changed hands and various alterations were made in the regular schedules. The Association was fortunate this year in having outstanding undergraduate representation on the Directorate and in charge of the various clubs. Nlembers of the Directorate are: Dr. C. C. Benson, President, Mrs. W. A. Kirkwood, Dr. Edith Gordon, hfliss 1. G. Coventry, Nlrs. F.. A. Linell, hfliss Nlarjorie Fenwick and hliss A. E. 1X'l. Parkes, Financial Secretary, as faculty and graduate representatives, and the Nlisses Jean Allen, Sally Ballard, Dorothy Bishop, Frances Crooks, Helen Gillies and Wlillie Ann Luckett as undergraduates. The Club presidents are: Basketball, Miss Gwen. hlurrell-Wright, Hockey, 1Vliss Frances Crooks, Swimming, Miss Betty Holton, Tennis, Miss Betty Carter, Baseball, Nliss Jean Davey. Due to bad weather, it was not possible to complete the interfaculty tennis tournament, but St. Hilda's had three players in the semi-finals and so won the championship. Again led by Beatrice Symons, the Varsity team, composed of Jessie Gray, Betty Carter and Lorraine Paterson, won the intercollegiate championship at London. The interfaculty basketball trophy changed hands after its two-year stay at St. Hilda's and was won by the clever Victoria Juniors, coached by Don VVood, in a splendid two-game series with St. Hilda's. St. Michael's again afforded strong opposition in the semi-finals. Nine teams competed in the series. This year the intercollegiate basketball tournament was held in Toronto for the first time in four years and Varsity for the fourth year in succession won the "Bronze Baby", defeating Westerri in the first game 43-17, and 1XflcGill in the finals 53-25. Nliss hflarion Forward once more coached the team, with the assistance of Bliss Eleanor Sedgewick, and Muriel Atkin acted as manager. Louise Crouch not only captained the team efficiently but starred throughout the series, scoring a total of 62 points. The loss of five regulars by graduation will be a stunning blow, but the splendid intermediates, this year coached by Nliss Nlarjorie VValsh and managed by Nlabel Curiston, will help to fill the vacancies. This team defeated the Hamilton Normal Grads.' Seniors as well as the Mc1Vlaster Intermediates in two games. Three sixty-two Om 1 lf at D 40 Oz 1 V' 11 r 0 For the first time in years only one or two games of the interfaculty hockey series were played, due to lack of ice, but the "Beattie Ramsay Cupl' came home after its year at Queen's. VVith only four old players available, a splendid new intercollegiate team was built up under the coaching of Bill Leake and the management of Carol Denison. Fran. Crooks not only captained the team but scored all five Varsity goals of the series, the scores being 2-2 at Toronto and 3-2 at Kingston. Her loss by graduation will be keenly felt by the team. The City League with Toronto Ladies is as yet unfinished. For the first time in history, St. hfIichael's won an interfaculty championship by defeating Victoria in a three-out-of-five series for the Baseball Cup. Con- gratulations are very much in order. The usual successful interfaculty swimming meet took place in Hart House on Kfareh 2 and was won by St. Hilda's with a total of SO points. Wihile Univer- sity College lost the cup which they have held since swimming first started in the University, the individual championship was won by Betty Edwards of University College with a total of 25 points. Second to her came Bea Symons with 18 and third, Nan Ord, also of St. Hilda's, with 1-1. Betty Edwards set up a new record of 30" for the SO-yard free style. As in previous years, the grateful thanks of the women athletes are due to the hIen's Directorate for their generosity in providing accommodation for the various important women's events. - WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE TENNIS TEAM Intercollegiate Champions BEATRICE SYMONS CCaptainJ, BETTY CARTER, J Essn: GRAY, LORRAINE PATERSON. Th ree sixty-three Qi 1 nfffbc KQ O1 1 T, 1 , , WOMEN'S SENIOR "T" HOLDERS Back Row CLeft to Righty: MARGOT THOMPSoN,JEss1E GRAY, JEAN ALLEN, LORETTO MCGARRY ELEANOR WALLACE, LOUISE CROUCH, WILMA HAZLITT. Front Row: FRANCES CROOKS, BETTY CARTER, BEATRICE SYMONS, LORRAINE PATERSON, SALLY BALLARD. JEAN ALLAN, U.C. '32-Three years inter- collegiate basketball. Most dependable guard. Directorate '31-'32. SALLY BALLARD, Trin. '32-Four years intercollegiate basketball and St. Hilda's tennis and hockey. Splendid playmaker. Directorate '31-'32. BETTY CARTER, Trin. '33-Three years intercollegiate hockey and two years inter- collegiate tennis. Keen and reliable player. FRANCES CROOKS, Trin. '32-Four years mainstay of intercollegiate hockey. Captain '30 and '32. Brilliant basketball player and good swimmer. Directorate '31-'32, LOUISE CROUCH, U.C. '32-Four years intercollegiate basketball, captain '32. Re- markable scoring player. JESSIE GRAY, Med. '34-Three years inter- collegiate tennis. Very consistent player. WILMA HAZLITT, U.C. '32-Four years intercollegiate basketball, captain '29 and '30, A splendid field general and playmaker. DOROTHY JAMES, Med. '33-Alternate intercollegiate hockey, '29 and '30. Direc- torate '30-'31. Three sixty-four LORETTO MCGARRY, St. M's. '32-Two years intercollegiate basketball. A fine jumping centre. HELEN MCKINLEY, Med. '33-Sub-goalie intercollegiate hockey two years. LORRAINE PATERSON, St. M's. '32- Intercollegiate tennis '32, Also intermedi- ate and St. Mike's basketball. MARGARET SCHWARTZ, Vic. '32-Inter- collegiate tennis, '31, DOROTHY STARR, Grad. Stud.-Two years intercollegiate hockey. Reliable player. BEATRICE SYMONS, Trin. '32-Intercol- legiate and university tennis champion four years. Intercollegiate basketball '29. Out- standing in swimming, basketball and hockey for St. Hilda's. An unusual all- round athlete. MARGOT THOMPSON, Trin. '33-Three years intercollegiate hockey and St. Hilda's basketball. Good skater and stick-handler. C3 I 1 fQ ol 1 P fr! y gf, WOMEN'S JUNIOR "T" HOLDERS Back Row fLeft to Righty: BETH JENKING fBasketballJ, BEATRICE LONGLEY CBasketballJ, GRACE BECKER fBasketballj, ANN QUINLAN CBaseballJ, MARIE WRITT fBaseballJ, RITA MACDONALD CBasebalD, BETTY EDWARDS CSwimmingJ. Front Row: KAY PIRIE CBaseballJ, NORMA BEECROFT CBaseball and Hockeyb, PATRICIA PALMER CBasketballJ, GWEN MURRELL-WRIGHT fBasketballJ, ISOBEL WRIGHT CBasketballJ, LILLIAN MACNAMARA 4Baseballj. Q. we 2 I X i I WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE BASKETBALL TEAM Intercollegiate Champions Back Row CLeft to Righty: MARION FORWARD CCoachJ, KAY MACKENZIE, LORETTO MCGARRY, ELEANOR WALLACE, MURIEL ATKIN CManagerJ, ELEANOR SEDGEWICK CAsst. Coachb. Front Row: SALLY BALLARD, JEAN ALLEN, LOUISE CROUCH,CCaptainJ, WILMA HAZLITT, PATRICIA PALMER, BEATRICE LONGLEY. Three sixty-Jive QP 1 I I If KQ OV P' P: -ri p go Y IV QE , ,,,..qEi.i1W Q4 WOMEN'S INTERMEDIATE BASKETBALL TEAM Back Row CLeft to Righty: MABEL CURISTON CManagerJ ELEANOR KENT, HELEN GARRETT, LORRAINE PATERSON. Front Row: GRACE BECKER, HELEN SMITH, QUITA MENNELL, GRACE GRISTWOOD, PAULINE BONDY. Absent: MARJORIE WALSH QCOach7. f ' ., f' oz, H I are - Ti... ,.,,, - .... ,- - Y A I- w'uf-.f ,,,, ,fb I f , . A A -I A . 'ff' ,, " , ' ggi' ij: . :Q , .. .M , fi ' ML Azmgg, ,f f . iff f ,- .nf -. ', X , ' A ' ,717 '. 'Y up ' 5 'V "- " , 'W " -95 "SY ,-. fl ' T f- a I if 2 '. if 1" 'GS f L .. A. X' . M'-'Af 'P f I M A 1 1. M -rf I 5 'O " V' 15- Sf 5 0 Yi 4 C C ' -I .., . H , W 1 f nlvfwwunf WE ' . A .. If , 7 14 ' Y 5 Q -Mg: Q 5 Q Q 'ev MSS 7 X fig? .L 4 A . ENR ' i, S' I ' x A if fi ZH? 4 1 E5 ,.'fiEZiNi'K 4 'if I iff if.. f If A A- , ' , . V , 15.1, , I ' - 'vw 4 1 f " SC ' A A . -A ... - A 1. A' " ... . A m,,5 fe -.:...- " au' - .Q 1 -T-'X ,R vs. 5' are ,Q ' 42' '-----2' gawk A ' ,fi f ff" , .A 'f is Q'-I-H f' ' JS' nt: 'A --I . 51-L ' - ,L - A V' Q-. "' , A- Iwi: . ' Q ' ' , 5 fi'3 iff Qi ' 1 fr ff - f . If ' - Sires. W :if-' - ' A , , E I ff fr Q ,, , - ' ii . V a ""' N . ., if .mx , If R . 1,1 f -. m y 2. -'Jw V , .,.' qv -. ,- 1 N -I, ,,,gQ.., ,,,, . ,gym A f MQ. . . 34 - .V -,., -1 ., ,Aff f I R. Sw. I .. m 4 I ... ' , ' '- - - If ' ' y X , - -. A -' ff. If - " T' -f:Z' -P54133 iff , I , , A , .1 N1 , , mb I-if Y R S... j Q 'r x U . , I " V 1 A ' ""' , 1, ,gf 'S , 3, , E 2- -Nw fi A ff- 'ZM WEN., 13 , w .K TN K f., V, . ' '7 . W .THA .' , Wy. V 5. 1 4'Z,frQj qjefo 57 -L . . .- - f X. if I. , K If , Av, Q., .. Ling, Im ... .-f'9x, , "I, j1.,1I5 5, - SWS, , . I flgvm, K I g ' , 1 ' ,if Q A I . ,f ua ,f ., ,-1' I E 'G . " .14 , Mg, A ' A ' 'Af - ' i 4 ' 'Q ' 'A A, - M 'A-fx ,xffu S- - ' ' I . 1.2 A' , UNIVERSITY OF TCRONTO WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE HOCKEY Intercollegiate Champions C. DENISON CManagerb, F. CROOKS fCaptainJ, D. LUMLEY, D. STARR, J. Gow, P. THOMPSON, M. ROUS, B. FOWLER, M. THOMPSON, B. CARTER, M. MORRIS, E. SANSON, BILL LEAK fCoachy, "DOC" JACKMAN QTrainerJ. Three sixty-six Om 11 K , ,Q WOMEN'S INTERFACULTY ATHLETICS ,- ,,,--is C' A " if -ff r 10 1 ,, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S TENNIS TEAM Left to Right: D. BROWN, M. HOGARTH, H. MCKEE, L. BOEHMER, K. MCINTYRE, P. MUssoN UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Back Row: KATHLEEN STEWART, WILLENE HOUBURGH fCoachJ, JEAN BELL, WILMA HAZLITT MURIEL AIKIN. Front Row: LOUISE CROUCH, PAT MCLEAN, JEAN ALLEN, LORRAINE HARVEY, HILDA LAYMAN Absent: JENNIE CANTWELL. Three sixty-eight Q1 '24 x 1 9 10 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Bottom Row: DOROTHY DEMPSTER, RUTH CUNNINGHAM, ELEANOR WALLACE, QUITA MENNEL, BLYTHE SPENCE. Top Row: PHYLLIS HAMILTON, ANITA CARNEGIE, WILLENE WALLACE CCoachJ, GRACE GRISTWOOD. Absent: PAULINE ANGLE, MARY STEWART. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WOMEN'S SWIMMING TEAM BETTY EDWARDS, RUTH LEVON, HELEN MCGIBBON, EDNA JACKSON. Absent-B. HOLTON. Three sixty-nine O lf rl , 10 EXECUTIVE OF VICTORIA COLLEGE WOMEN'S ATHLETIC CLUB Back Row: ISOBEL MCKILLOP, JEAN DAVEY, RUTH BLACK, BETH JENKINS, MARY THOM, BETTY KEYS, BILLY FOWLER. Front Row: BESSIE MOUNTAIN, SUZANNE CURRELLY, EUNICE NOBLE, DOROTHY BISHOP, PAT PALMER. Victoria Women's Athletic Club HE Victoria College WVomen's Athletic Club Once again enters these pages still holding a proud position in Interfaculty and University sport circles. In basketball, Victoria entered three teams, of which the Juniors, eliminating University College Seniors after a strenuous group play-off, went on to win the title from St. I-Iilda's, who were highly favoured to repeat their win of last year. Three members of this Junior team subsequently made places on the Intercollegiate. The Seniors and Freshies lost out to high-class teams in their respective groups. In baseball Victoria dropped the odd game in five to St. hlike's, thereby losing the championship they have successfully defended for the past few years. The hockey team, by eliminating St. Hilda's, had bright prospects of retaining the Cup won last year, but lack of ice prevented the completion of tlIe schedule. In this branch of sport too, Victoria was represented in Inter- collegiate ranks by one player. An increased interest in swimming, shown by the large turnout of com- petitors at the meet, augurs well for greater success 111 the Interfaculty meet than we have been having. The tennis tournament was run off with the usual enthusiasm, although we were unfortunate in not getting anyone placed on the Intercollegiate team. Badminton, in its first year at Victoria, has created quite a stir and we are hoping for a large measure of success in the Interfaculty Tournament which, at time of writing, has not yet taken place. The year 1932-3 holds equally great things for the society, under the capable guidance ofthe new president, Suzanne Currelly. Three .seventy Cl 1 lf at I QQ VICTORIA COLLEGE WOMEN'S SWIMMING TEAM Back Row: SUZANNA CURRELLY, BETH JENKING, DOROTHY BISHOP. Front Row: PHYLLIS CALVERT, FLORENCE EVELYTH, JEAN LEASK, ELIZABETH GILLESPIE. VICTORIA WOMEN'S BASEBALL TEAM Top Row: MARNIE FOULDS, MURIEL EASTWOOD, GENEVIEVE LOGAN, GEORGE BEAVERS CCoachJ, FLORENCE WRIGHT, JEAN BLUNDELL, MARG. MOODY. Bottom Row: REBA GILHAM, NORMA BEECROFT, JEAN DAVEY, MARY THOM, KAY PIRIE. Three seventy-one v 1 1':"'M var VICTORIA COLLEGE SENIOR BASKETBALL ISOBEL MCKILLOP, FLORENCE CLARE, MARY SIBLEY, VERA SELKIRK, JEAN CAMERON CCaptainJ, GERALD COLES fCoach5, UNA STANLEY, BESSIE MOUNTAIN CManage1-J, ADA SPARLING, EUNICE NOBLE. L JUNIOR VICTORIA BASKETBALL TEAM B. LONGLEY, B. JENKING, D. WOOD, K. MCKENZIE, G. BECKER. G. MCCLINTOCK, J. HARLEY, P. PALMER, H. SMITH, D. MCDONALD. Three seventy-two I CP 1 PS I 1 W mf, VICTORIA FRESHIE BASKETBALL TEAM Back Row: HELEN HUGHES, VERA MISENER, SCOTTIE FORBES CM3H3g9F,, LILLIAN UREN fCoac-hy, MARY ROLLS, IRENE PEEBLES. Front Row: ELEANOR HART, RUTH COOK, ELEANOR THICKSON fCaptainJ, ZELLINOR DAVIDSON, EILEEN MITCHELL. VICTORIA COLLEGE BADMINTON MURIEL LESTER, GWEN MCGILLES, ROYCE ROBERTSON, DOROTHY MACDONALD. Three seventy-three O I Rl y 1Q Ol - D fl 4 lf, VICTORIA COLLEGE TENNIS TEAM Left to Right: GENEVIEVE LOGAN, ISABEL ALEXANDER, MARGARET SCHWARTZ, MARY SIBLEY ALMA BURFIELD, FRANCES FULTON. Af Af 7 .I ww Kg . . Jia f ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM Back Row: P. BONDY, E. SCULLY, L. PATERSON, O. MAOKLIN, E. HARRISON. Front Row: M. DARTE, L. MCGARRY, M. LOUGHLIN, C. DUNN, H. DARTE. Three seventy-four Q, . ,rw w 40 ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE WOMEN'S TENNIS TEAM Hack Row: M. MOSSISAUGH, A. SHEPPARD. Fronf Row: F. O'CONNOR, P. CALLEN, L. PATERSON. ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE WOMEN'S BASEBALL TEAM E. WHALEN, A. QUINLAN, M. WRITT, U. MURRAY, D. LONG, L. MACNAMARA, H. TUMELTY, R. MACDONALD, C. HAMEL. Th ref' sevfnf y-Ji vc Ov .fr H f kf HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE BASKETBALL TEAM Left to Right: ELEANOR G. KENT, EDITH L. BRAY, BETTY QS. IJ CHINN, ELENA L. STACEY EDYTHE PEAKE CCoach9, GRACE E. COOEY, JESSIE M. MARTIN, WILMA I. CUMMINGS, MARION G. WRAY. '?' HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE SWIMMING TEAM F. ESME HOUGHTON, WILMA I. CUMMINGS, GRACE E. COOEY, DOROTHY E. HAWKEN, MARY M. WILSON, I. ELIZABETH WATTS, N. JOAN BATEMAN. Three seventy-six 4 1 1 1 40 QI 1 r- fi r -vs' 'C ST. HILDA'S ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE Back Row: M. THOMPSON, H. JAMES, M. PATTISON, M. ROSE, M. GLASSCO. Front Row: B. CARTER, S. BALLARD, A. MCLAREN. St. Hilda's Athletic Society HE year '31-'32 began very successfully with the lnterfaculty Tennis Tournament, in which St. Hilda's was well to the fore, though the last rounds were not finished. hliss Carter and Bliss Symons were members of the Intercollegiate team which competed in London, where the latter again won the Intercollegiate Singles. The Basketball team, captained by Xlargot Thompson, reached the finals of the lnterfaculty Tournament, where they were defeated by Victoria in two closely contested games. Badminton is every day becoming more popularg this year a gymnasium has been secured and many enthusiasts are turning out in anticipation of the tournament to be held in February. lnterfaculty Hockey has received a serious setback because of the lack of ice, but the lntercollegiates are busy practising, Nlisses Crooks, Carter and Thompson are assured their original places on the team and hliss C. Denison is this year's manager. Hopes are high for a successful outcome of the lnterfaculty Swimming lNleet, to be held near the end of February, and the Lilian Massey pool is a favourite rendezvous for St. Hildians. This year for the first time a rule forbidding members of the first year to participate in lntercollegiate sports is being enforced at St. Hilda's. It is hoped that this will help to promote more interest in lnterfaculty competitions and give the girls a year's experience on the college teams before playing for the University. The year's activities will be brought to a close with the annual Athletic Dinner in Rlarch, where cups, shields, triangles and University awards will be presented. The Athletic Executive for the year '31-'32 consisted of the following: President, Sally Barnardg Vice-President, Betty Carter, Secretary, Klargaret hlcCulloughg Treasurer, Aldyth hlclaareng Head of Tennis, Betty Carter: Head of Basketball, Margot Thompsong Head of Hockey, Helen James: Head of Badminton, hlargaret Glasscog Head of Swimming, Carol Denison, First Year Representative, hflargaret Rose. Three seventy-sez en O 4 11 14 u iQ 1 1 ST. HILDA'S TENNIS M. THOMPSON, B. CARTER, B. SYMONS, K. SYMONS, M. PATTISON, S. BALLARD. ST. HILDA'S BASKETBALL Back Row: A. BUTLER, I. WRIGHT, F. CROOKS, M. L. CARRE. Front Row: S. BALLARD, B. SYMONS, M. THOMPSON, G. MURRELL-WRIGHT, M. ROSE Th ree seventy-eight Ca 1 1: ,L Q1 If rfj ST. HILDA'S SWIMMING M. MARTIN, B. SYMONS, C. DENISON, F. CRooKS, R. KNOWLTON, N. ORDE, G. MURRELL-WRIGHT. XXI its . j I 2 'G I K . . X M I 5 N 2 3 X at .v , , up f J ST. HILDA'S HOCKEY Back Row: M. GEE, C. STEELE, M. TRIPP, N. MACLEAN. Front Row: L. WILSON, E. PALMER, H. JAMES CCaptain9, C. SYMONS, M. MORRIS. Three seventy-11 ine 0: 1 If 21 I IQ OP fl D 1 , 4 MEDICAL WOMEN'S ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE Top Row CLeff to Rfightj: BETTY STEWART CBaSketball Managerb, JESSIE GRAY CTenniS Managerj, MARY SANDERSON CSwimming Managerj. Front Row: HELEN MCKINLEY CSecretary-Treasurerb, ANNA HAUGH CPreside-ntb, DOROTHY JAMES CVice-Presidentj. Absent: EFFIE WINCHESTER CBadmintOn Managerj. . V I S . A 3 R X - , "AEI, C,,, W Af ii 2 " MEDICAL WOMEN'S ATHLETIC TEAMS Top Row CLeftto Righffp.-HARRIETT GATES, MARJORIE DAVIS, BARBARA BROADFOOT, ELEANOR RIGGS, ELSPIE HALNAN, VERA PETERS, RUTH BRADLEY, MARGARET BICKLE, BETTY STEWART. Bottom Row: MARGARET THORPE, ANNA HAUGH, CHARLOTTE SMALL, HELEN MCKINLEY, Three eighty MARY MARSHALL, JESSIE GRAY, JEAN MANERY, AGNES JAMIESON. C0 1 J 4 Q OV Sl Q1 bf 34 3. k Pl k Pl k -74 ,, O 'X A V u VX U IW ur IN V A 5 V --'l1..T' ' In trainin we all nee e rv, -1 ' g or out of it xtra E ERGY -. .,, ,- l , .f,. 0 When you are nearing the end of a f ,.,.,,.,:, - . 5 fL1CC+Wh6D the tape is only a few yards f 5 aWaY"Y0U llke to feel YOU have 21 fe' AVZ' - f - 1' " ' serve of power in your system to enable I f fx you to flash home a winner. X Ay- ' as fe!! ' 9 How are you going to get this reserve , Q , 4 , . - II . f f of power. Its easy! -just acquire the X 3 T" i 4,1 . . Q . i f pleasant habit of eating a bar of M " XXX Q A - fa... NEILSON S delicious Jersey Milk Choc- . l A - V X , . . 4-I. 51' , olate every day regularly.-Dont miss a gl ' v , jsefgemi - - My - ff ,'-. I I day.-A regular ration of Jersey Milk 5 l Chocolate will give you that extra energy i,yi f A5 'Q -that added punch for any emergency. J I Q W I W KIIV X ,,.- , K 4 J 9 Extra energy. We all need it. Ath- 55,5 , if " . . f MQ ,X letes or not. Here is the way to get it- fl ' i l . .. A -.. l , mf!!! ffl f t X"-3-'ff,'51 ,-', 53 , e ,..' ati X ye 5 X N, l if in , .11 K, .O , -'-, f f ' I WX KN s. ' mm ll 0 Q ob Q . 551221 l t C " A , i J' V - 'l f " We ' . . Y , , H M.: .Eg 1 .1 - :- Three eighty R 01 bf ilsnns Chocolate Bars xi 24 ,4 yo BUCK FCDU "As I contemplate your energy and earnestness I come to the belief that the problems of our present distress are to be solved, not by my old, tired gen- eration, on which they were thrust and which has had to live through them, but by a fresh company of youth." Sir Robert Falconer in his fnal address to the Undergraduates, March 8, 1932. o ee-2 .Q O, 1 ,Q If y Q The Interfraternity Council of the University of Toronto IQRTAIN fraternities, sharing a common purpose in the academic and social welfare of the University, and desiring co-operation between themselves for their mutual benefit, organized an interfraternity council and established a constitution to govern its proceedings. Article No. 2 of this Constitution reads: Purposes: "To insure co-operation among the fraternities. "To discuss questions of mutual interest. L'To promote interfraternity sport and social intercourse. '4Toi establish a permanent executive representing the fraternity body of the V University. "To further the interests of the University." The lnterfraternity Council of the University came into being in 1922, established by the fourteen charter members. lts activities since that time have fully justified its existence. Many of these are carried on from year to year, others are undertaken where it is believed beneficial to all concerned. ln sports the Council has filled an important role, organizing hockey, base- ball, squash racquets and basketball competitions, and awarding trophies. But not only here, the Council emphasizes scholarship and an award is made every year to the fraternity having the highest academic standing as a result of the preceding yearls work. It is altogether desirable that the men in the different fraternities should get to know one another. With this object in view, the Council arranges the time and place for an exchange at lunch or dinner. On such occasions the members of a fraternity are at the same time guests and hosts. There are many concerns upon which the fraternities can combine for their mutual benefit, for instance, in dealing with merchants for supplies and in the matter of securing reliable help. Three eighty-two 0' 4 P x 10 Cr 1 w 1 n .10 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Front Row 1Left to Righty: R. P. DOUGLAS, M. A. SPENCE, G. E. ELLSWORTH Nice-Presidenty R. F. WILSON CPresidentD, J. A. VILA CSecretary-Treasurerb, W. A. LEAK, D. H. ANDERSON- Back Row: T. C. ROGERS, R. J. GALLOWAY, T. E. MCDONNELL, J. E. FOWELL, A. S. MIDDLEBORO, G. G. MILNE, J. C. TOWERS, A. F. W. ANGLIN, J. G. MOINNIS. Absent: D. M. DEWAR, D. E. MCQUIGGE, W. A. WILLIAMSON, CHAS. WALKER, J. D. MCLENNAN. INTHRFRATERNITY COUNCIL UllT?'Ff51-tj' of Toronto OFFICERS President: R. F. Wilson Vice-President: G. E. Ellsworth Secretary-Treasurer: J. A. Vila MEMBERS Beta Theta Pi-MW. A. Williamson Delta Tau DeltaaG. G. Milne Phi Gamma Delta-C. T. Rogers Theta Delta Chi-W. A. Leak Sigma Chi-T. E. McDonnell Delta ChiaC. Walker Kappa Sigma-J. D. McLennan Phi Rho Sigma-A. S. Middlebro Theta Kappa PSl+J. M. Spence Lambda Chi Alpha-J. C. Towers Phi Kappa Sigma-J. E. Fowell. Zeta Psi-D. M. Dewar Kappa Alpha-D. E. McQuigge Alpha Delta Phi-G. E. Ellsworth Delta UpsilonwJ. A. Vila Phi Kappa Pi-R. J. Galloway Delta Kappa Epsilon-R. F. Wilson Psi UpsilOnaR. P. Douglas Nu Sigma Nu-J. G. Mclnnis Phi Delta Theta-D. H. Anderson Alpha Kappa Kappa-A. F. W. Anglin Th ree eigh Iy-th ree Q1 1 a 1 x wwf v x A 3 N 'UN IVER5 ICPYOFTCDRGNTGH on 1 n 1 y 19 MS- H. G. Armstrong F. G. Banting W. W. Barraclough C. H. Best E. F. Brooks A. Brown M. H. Brown H. A. Bruce G. C. Cameron I. H. Cameron W. R. Campbell W. G. Carscadden C. E. C. Cole W. G. Cosbie J. H. Couch G. M. Dale H. K. Detweiler H. A. Dixon J . H. Elliott I. H. Erb R. F. Farquharson E. Fidlar J. G. FitzGerald FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE C. Aberhart K. F. Brandon H. B. Burchell J. K. W. Ferguson J. D. M. Griffin W. J. Hendry G. E. Hobbs Three eighty-four ADDHA CJIYIEGA ADDHZ3. A FOU H DED 1902 'ADPHAIQELQHTARIGK l .L , OQGAHIZQED-19061 55 n A "'J93l-32" "7F" ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA FRATRES IN FACULTATE A. A. Fletcher D. T. Fraser W. E. Gallie R. K. George D. Graham R. R. Graham F. M. Greig R. I. Harris W. B. Hendry J. Hepburn G. W. Howland A. G. Huntsman R. M. Janes C. I. Junkin O. Klotz F. I. Lewis D. M. Low J. C. McClelland J. L. McDonald J. A. MacFarlane K. G. McKenzie N. E. McKinnon J. P. McMurrich A. McPhedran W. F. Mc-Phedran D. W. G. Murray J . A. Oille W. H. Piersol A. Primrose C. A. Rae G. E. Richards W. L. Robinson J. W. Ross R. D. Rudolf W. A. Scott E. S. Ryerson F. N. G. Starr H. B. Van Wyck W. P. Warner J. C. Watt C. B. Weld G. E. Wilson D. E. S. Wishart D. J. G. Wishart H. W. Wookey G. S. Young T. H. Hodgson R. B. Kerr G. H. Kitchen J. C. Richardson A. H. Sellers I. C. Sherman D. Telford ,sl a . AQ A 1902 if N . i 1 1 1 H 10 O1 1 F P 'J OMEGA TAL' SIGMA PROFIQSSIONAI. YICTICRINARY lfRA'l'liRNl'I'Y Founded at l'niversity of Penrz.syIz'r1rrziu, 1907 D IC I .TA Esioblished at Toronto, 1913 I. THE OMEGA TAU SIGMA FRATERNITY-DELTA CHAPTER 1931-1932 FRATRES IN FACULTATE C. D. McGilvray L. Stevenson F. W. Schotield H. D. Nelson F. J. Cote H. E. Batt R. Gwatkin J. G. Glover J. N. Pringle FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE R. G. Elliott G. F. R. Barton E. J. Rigby D. L. MacLean A. G. M. Bruyns J. M. Baker J. R. English C. K. Mader McC. Neff S. L. Shane C. W. Gollehon E. A. Willick V. K. Jensen R. T. Gilbert H. A. Fraser J. F. Maclean A. A. Bodendistel L. H. Squirrell C. K. Francis D. S. Hasson C. A. Moore J. N. Perry W. H. Philipsen J. W. Sutherland PLEDGES: C. L. McGilvray M. Young H. H. Habel J. E. Blake D. L. Diamond Q I 1 Three eighty-Jive L rg ff Or 1 1 1 p 19 i Three eighty-six XI PSI PHI PROFESSIONAL DENTAL FRATIQRNITX Founded at Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1889 0 5 61 i 2- " tggf'-rqfg 'i ff '75 61' CMI CRON Established at Toronto, 1899 FRATRES IN FACULTATE H. K. Box G. H. Coram C. A. Corrigan J. H. Duff W. T. Holmes H. A. Hoskin P. G. Anderson C. A. Kennedy L. F. Krueger A. D. H. Mason E. W. Paul W. G. Switzer C. H. Williams W. E. Willmott FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE C. C. Beesley J. A. Black D. Black S. J. Hopkins J. B. M. Ine S. L. Oliver H. Mitchell G. E. Stafford G. W. Willmott R. A. Wylie A. Carbert A. L. Hobden R. A. Johnson D. MacFarlane J. B. Pepper E. A. Vigars O. W. Spinks H. Banks D. MacNabb W. Hancock H. Dickson C. Shillington J. Peterson J. Drummond W. Brett A. Gardiner E. Dore H. Hardy H. Smith Q1 1 1 1 1 KO Cr 4 1 1 , ,J T1ff, XX XIX, 1,1 f . - V, X . -A x 25 fC 7,5 , ,W xx-Xl' g Q 7 f Xxx ,l , f Task ' I ' - , , " 'HQ' y, v .,5o! Og, g, Ig. A10 Xxxfol ' 0 0 , ' M7 ,S 'D -ab IM. ' N IZ-HJ nd V T,-xxu-'NK' it I 'I' L 8 XI PSI PHI XI PSI PHI FRATERNITY JOHNSON, DORE, BLACK, GARDINER, DRUMMOND, HOHDEN, PETERSON. SMITH, PEPPER, MACFARLANE, HANCOCK, DICKSON, SHILLINGTON, WILLMOTT. STAFFORD, SPINKS, VICARS, MCNAHB, BANKS, HARDY, BRETT, CARBERT. BEESLEY, OLIVER, WYLIE, HOPKINS, BLACK, MITCHELL, MILNE. Th ree eiglzi y-seven Cl I ps " .1 V' to 0 1 1 I IO NU SIGMA NU PRQIWQSSIONAL MEDICAL FRATERNITY Founded at Arm Arbor, 1882 :IG ft 55.51. i Establ CHI ished at Toronto, 1.902 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Alexander McPhedran Alexander Primrose James Playfair McMurrich Andrew Hunter John Gerald Fitzgerald Oskar Klotz Herbert Alexander Bruce Frederick Newton Gisborn John Allen Oille James Crawford Watt Alan Gowns Brown Norman Burke Taylor Malcolm James Wilson Edward Fidlar Noble C. Sharpe Albert Robert Hagerman Roscoe Reid Graham Charles Herbert Best Milton H. Brown Herbert K. Detweiler Egerton Stanley Ryerson William Lipsett Robinson George Ewart Wilson Emerson James Trow Ernest Fulton Risdon Herman B. Van Wyck David Edwin Robertson Charles R. B. Crompton Hugh Stanley Douglas Edwin P. Lewis Frederick I. Lewis George Rowe Philp William W. Barraclough Wilfred Parsons Warner George Florian Boyer Clarence Edgar Hill Gordon Campbell Cameron Eric Ambrose Linell Joseph A. MacFarlane Cecil Alexander Rae Donald Logie McLean Harry Mitchell MacRae Starr George Carswell Ferguson FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Harold John Spooner David Walker Johnstone Carl Aberhart Harold Emile Foex CJr.J John Douglas Morecroft Griffin Charles David Hess William Hamilton Atkinson William Wesley Simpson George Walter Robson James Grey Mclnnis John Dow Keith James Christopher Scott Douglas Telford John Alexander Elliot Harold Ambrose Williams Three eighty ezght Robert Clark Dickson John Willis Merritt Charles Edward Vaughan John Vernon Murray William Moir Gartshore Wilson John Drennan Hamilton Henry Stuart Dunham Mervyn Ritchie Caverhill Bertram Cameron Blackhall Charles Harold Jaimet William Arthur Oille John William Leachman Ralph Douglas MacLaren Frederick Plumman Dewar Roger Secord Chenoweth Or 1 1 1 1 KO 1 I 1 p 10 wx, .i, - ' - ":f' . ..j . ": - ' IIm""0 ri. -i ' :- I ,il , .L 5 -1' :J ' 'ie' 2 ---- ' -li' . I I . - JEIEEEEEEEEEEEEE :'3:'- -. . .::::::::::::::: - ." ' 1:::::::::::::: - ' ' :E5EEEiEE5:"2f .. .' - '::::::: T--.'.' -- 1-. . ' ," Q , Q3 NU SIGMA NU A , 5 in IP 'il -.1 ,Q " 5 , f if -ff 'f an kt A 1, Q 7,1 Vfw I V! K,Kv Q5. , V ,. t ,A ,LA T .A E f1X1wg5riG1YIP3'i1fgj3 EQPQHPKDWEQ' JT-'K ' as S J.. X I V 4 X' . A + , Y A 3 AJ-xl' Th ree eighty-nine 1 4 4 49 C1 4 1 1 1 10 Three ninety ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA PRUIVICSSIONAL MEDICAL FRATERNITY Founded of Darlmouilz College, 1888 -"2f"2"X 15 J :za ,-.M -Q.. .,. Yi Wf- V .. Q5 , -- NIE: - . 'nf fs- 'qrg .1 ,, v as 3135 '-- , W 'Wx 'five 'YQEIQ 7' .3 .IJ ,J 'X E 'f"4lnuD' lk" 'T fm e 3 ' ALPHA EPSILON Established at Toronto, 1905 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Herbert Bertram Anderson Waring Gerald Cosbie John Taylor Fotheringham Franklin Arnold Ireland Alexander Smirle Lawson Albert Ernest McCulloch Kenneth George McKenzie William Edward Ogden William Albert Scott Charles Buckingham Shuttleworth David Wilfred Pratt William Thomas Noonan Wilhelm Emmet Blatz Stephen Jemmott Evelyn Norman Beechy Gwynn Gladstone Wilfred Lougheed Vincent Arthur McDonough Edward Archibald Morgan Wallace Arthur Scott Charles Sheard Harold William Wookey D'Arcy James Prendergast James Kyron Latchford William Brodie Edmonds FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Clare Lyall Anderson Adrian Francis Warren Anglin William Russel Cameron William Joseph Coughlin Andrew Lawrence Chute William Leslie Donahue Henry Colley Foster James Kenneth Wallace Ferguson Kenneth Pryde Groves George Edgar Hobbs James Grant Irving Kenneth Kendall Jackson Ralph Percival Johns George Henry Caldwell Joynt George Williams Lewin Gordon Horace Lugsdin John Ferguson McCreary Donald Kenneth Newbigging Maurice Wilfred Nugent Thomas Stewart Perrett Frank Burns Plewes Lawrence William Plewes Frederick Charles Preston John Clifford Richardson Alfred Hardisty Sellers Gerald Lucian Morgan Smith Donald Young Solandt Omond McKellop Solandt Overton Aaron Stephens Clark Argyll White Charles Frederick Wilcox Charles Daniel Galbraith Williams Edgar Joseph Young Qu 4 na bl l 40 I 0 P 1 A 'e Q AGE if 3 BEER ALPHA,KAPPA KAPPA ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA Back Row: WILLIAMS, NEWBIGGING, JOYNT, GROVES, IRVING, LUGSDIN CAMERON, SMITH WIIICOX, YGUNG, ANGLIN. Middle Row: RICHARDSON, MCCREARY, COUGHLIN, B. PLEWES, JOHNS, D SOLANDT, BONNS, O. SOLANDT, JACKSON, WHITE. Front Row: SELLERS, NUGENT, PRESTON, DONAHUE, FOSTER CPreSidentJ, ANDERSON, PERRETT, L. PLEWES, FERGUSON. Three ninely-one Q 1 li "4 fn- IQ Cr jc x 1 p 10 Three ninety-two PSI OMEGA PROFESHONAL DENTAL FRATERNYTY Founded at Baltimore, 1892 E' 9970 'fefv ef can DELTA.CHl Established at Toronto, 1919 FRATRES IN FACULTATE H. A. Ross, D.D.S. F. L. Cole, D.D.S. W. L. Hugill, D.D.S. J. H. Johnson, D.D.S. F. M. Lott, D.D.S., BsC. Dent. J. H. Ante, D.D.S. FRATRES IN BACHELOR OF SCIENCE CDENTJ J. H. Russell, D.D.S., L.D.S. CScotlandJ R. L. Twible, D.D.S. J. G. Perkin, D.D.S. , J. G. Johnson, D.D.S FRATER IN MASTER OF SCIENCE CDENTJ L. Davis, D.D.S., BsC. CDent.D FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE A. S. Duncanson W. O. Nursey T. A. Alstad H. S. Austin G. A. C. Adams A. E. Ward L. W. Wood W. R. J. Moore D. G. Johnstone N. S. Gage T. B. Lehman D. A. King A. N. VanLoon E. L. Apps E. C. Purdy J. E. Braund M. R. McNeill B. S. Chadwick R. T. Stewart G. K. Clarke D. Stockwell C. J. Orton H. S. Jamieson P. C. Cooke Ov fl 1 1 r :O ol 1 L l p 6 I 5,-"W PS1 OMEGA PSI OMEGA FRATERNITY, 1931-32 Back Row: A. S. DUNCANSON, A. N. VANLOON, W. O. NURSEY, E. L. APRS, T. A. ALSTAD, E. C. PURDY, H. S. AUSTIN. Middle Row: J. E. BRAUND, G. A. C. ADAMS, M. R. MONEILL, A. E. WARD, B. S. CHADWICK, L. W. WOOD, R. T. STEWART, W. R. J. MOORE, G. K. CLARKE. Front Row: D. G. JOHNSTONE, D. STOCKWELL, N. S. GAGE, C. J. ORTON, T. B. LEHMAN, H. S. JAMIESON, D. A. KING. Absent: P. C. COOKE. Three ninety-three' 0' 4 D 1 1- :Q On 1 1 1 J 10 Three ninety-four PHI RHO SIGMA PRGFESSIDNAL MEDICAL FRATERNITY Founded at Norihwestern University, 18.90 '35, Us ga .1-v E ' .. 9 ,xi f ff i QQ Qs.-"le.'nW "Y"1iQ.v-' I LQ ALPHA IQPSILGN Established at Toronto, 1922 FRATRES IN FACULTATE J. B. Bates H. E. Clutterbuck H. M. Gray R. M. Janes D. M. Low G. W. MacGregor G. C. McIntyre G. E. Richards R. W. Simpson A. C. Singleton R. M. Wansbrough FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE P. B. Ayres R. A. Benson W. V. Bremner J. W. Brennan T. O. Byrnes L. H. Carroll R. V. Chapple K. C. Charron E. S. Connor R. G. Clark W. J. Fowler O. T. Ghent J. W. Graham P. R. Kyle J. N. Kyles E. O. Withrow J. R. F. Hall A. U. Lowrey S. R. Lowrey J. D. McIntosh E. A. J. McKittrick E. Massig A. S. Middlebro H. F. Moffat J. A. Munro J. R. Perras J. W. Rowsom J. C. Sinclair R. M. Thomson J. A. Walters V. L. Wincott Q1 1 m 1 P 40 :I veg, lf 2 sg V KC-11-3+ li-I PHI RHO SIGMA ,, 4 4 " 3 J " Q if 1 " L Z ' 1: s X 'V 5 ' , ,fri , O , 9 Q gg M, X H P52 Q 'X , . 5 Q Q . 5 V If, V 't V . - ' 1 V T .V . 1 A ' M ' "' ' "' JL qq., tlr, Q b l,.,.. 3 ' WA if f fd .A Lx Y 1' 2' ADpHQQg?5IbON' V J f' N v 1vn1 - 1wo hs1emA' l 1 --'19a12a2 -1 O 1 Th ree ni nety-fi ve I1 J. N O1 1 Three ninety-six F 1 PHI CHI Founded at Louisville, Kentucky, 1891, c"Q on ,. 4: Y' Q hi ci I v gf? W I-54 H ps..-.4 Nfl isnt F A. . TAU CM I CRON Established at Toronto, 1.922 FRATRES IN FACULTATE G. D. Porter, M.B. P. G. Goldsmith, C.B.E., G. W. Howland, B.A., M.B., M.R.C.P. G. E. Smith, B.A., M.B E. E. Shouldice, M.B. N. S. Clark, M.A., M.B. D. L. Adamson B. M. E. Allan J. F. D. Bailes W. W. Baldwin H. D. Barner K. P. Bonner K. F. Brandon F. S. Brien V. E. Burn H. A. Burnett H. H. Campbell O. J. Clark A. G. Crisp W. H. Cruickshank G. D. Dixon N. E. Dunn J. M. N. Dunsmore P. W. H. Ferris D. B. French G. P. Hamblin E. G. Harkness L. W. Hilborn R. W. I. Urquhart, M.A., M. D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE E. M. Limbert J. A. Mahoney J. R. McArthur J. T. McCormack N. B. McGillivray J. B. P. Moffatt A. B. Noble R. F. Nott G. W. Peacock H. V. Renshaw J. F. Robinson K. B. Schlotzhauer J. W. Sinclair G. F Smith D. E Starr E. C. Steele W. B Stiver W. H. Stockton G. Q. Sutherland J. W. Tomlinson T. L. Torrance R. G Warmington A. W. Watts M.D., C.M Or 4 Q 1 49 D 1 qw? 'AX .4 1 I s ' , , 'E ,Q Q39 Q3 5 :Atv C PHI CHI 7 M 4. , 1 ' X- LAQ 14 ,4 , '13 ,W Q i ,, "5 ' ' 4' A , , I Q 5 1' .- - 4 S J' f 4 Xa A . ,A '4 q I - - M A 1.'V.4V - Q V W 4 vm .1 ' .. Q - gb ,- , "f':f.,p:1"a 'x x f i!HiV . ev - sf ' ' b V " 9 DI'H'CHI',VIEDICfXIJF12IkcPEIQHl'P- K ' I T u 'fi " AZQ -'1931l52" V J Three 'ninety-seven Q , 4 :fu D' tj Cr 1 Three ninefy-eight Founded at I 1 ZETA PSI University of Ne 4:52--15 o 12 'IU '14 .5, I 2-414' . . THETA XI York, 1846 Established at Toronto, 1879 FRATRES IN FACULTATE O. P. Edgar D. J. G. Wishart G. McGregor Young H. S. Hutchison F. A. Cleland Wm. Goldie Oscar Klotz D. King Smith C. Martin A. E. Grauer J. Royce E. Boyd A. B. Le Mesurier J. W. Ross R. G. Armour J. J. Spence P. H. Greig H. H. Langton H. M. Cassidy FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE L. H. Fraser D. S. F. Cameron G. S. Lucas C. H. Chisholm F. W. Shipp G. E. Boothe D. M. Dewar C. R. Parmenter D. S. Holmested J. E. A. Smith J. G. Cleland N. C. Norton E. R. Gurney G. H. Hees S. R. Robertson R. K. Wilson E. B. Rogers J. F. Ross M. O. Klotz J. S. Graham W. M. R. Griffin J. S. Wright FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE I. S. Johnston F. M. Griffiths John White Qu fl P 10 yaage. L-I Mya, I' 7. 'iiafk If I -eo' , , T. S? I if f A T25 kt x' .5 , Af we if g g , 'r X G , A ' - ,w ff: Q G -1,352 X . F65 V ' A L -7 'W f i f .- .5 . . L 4 , A T vi . .5120-qi U '- M ZI'I'l.'A PSI ZETA PSI, 1931-32 Back Row: J. WHITE, J. F. W. ROSS, J. S. GRAHAM, S. R. ROBERTSON, A. G. S. GRIFFIN G. H. HEES, C. G. COWAN, D. M. DEWAR, J. G. CLELAND, R. K. WILSON, C. R. PARMENTER, Third Row: J. E. A. SMITH, P. M. BOULTON, D. C. ROSS, W. M. R. GRIFFIN, F. L. SHIPP E. B. ROGERS, J. F. R. LANG, N. C. NORTON, D. S. HOLMFSTEAD, A. J. R. MAY. Second Row: M. O. KLOTZ, G. S. LUCAS, I. S. JOHNSTON, L. H. FRASER, D. S. F. CAMERON, C. H. CHISHOLM, G. E. BOOTHE. Firsl Row: J. S. WRIGHT, E. R. GURNEY. Absent: J. G. BOEKH, D. K. CASSELS, H. W. CALDWELL, F. M. GRIFFITHS. Three windy 1 -nine Ol 1 D 1 KAPPA ALPHA SOCIETY Founded of Union College, 1825 O b CQQSNQ ALPHA OF ONTARIC Established at Toronto, 1892 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Walter W. Wright Walter W. Lailey P. V. Jermyn J. G. Breckenridge FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Wilson Dorland Samuel Morden James Edward Temple McMullen Charles Lightfoot Monteath Douglas Edward Gregg Mc-Loghlin Peter John Baldwin Lash John Hodgetts O'Flynn Donald Edmund McQuigge Douglas Roberts Musgrave Charles Gordon Pearson John David Ross John Little Cameron George Edwin Beament Stuart Frederick MacPherson Douglas Gordon Cunningham William Beatty MacDonald Four hundred Wotherspoon Gordon De Salaberry Wotherspoon Hamnett Pinney Hill, Jr. Edward Platt Coy Robert Baldwin Dale Harris John LeMesurier Carter Anthony William Aldridge Brown Frederick Thompson Rea John Savary Dinnick Bryce Sheppard Evans Philip Redmond Horcomb Robert Laing Noble Q1 1 m 1 x 10 I F C 1 '3 KAPPA ALPHA THE KAPPA ALPHA SOCIETY Back Row: D. G. CUNNINGHAM, W. D. S. MORDEN, R. B. D. HARRIS, J. S. DINNICK, W. B. MACDONALD, R. L. NOBLE, F. T. REA, W. P. COY, B. S. EVANS. Middle Row: C. G. PEARSON, D. E. MCQUIGGE, J. E. T. MCMULLEN, J. L. CAMERON, G. DES. WOTHERSPOON, E. G. MCLOGHLIN, S. F. M. WOTHERSPOON, P. R. HURCOMB. From Row: P. J. B. LASH, D. R. MUSGRAVE, A. W. A. BROWN, J. LEM. CARTER C. L. M. DOUGLAS, G. E. BEAMENT, J. D. Ross, J. H. OYFLYNN. Abseni: H. P. HILL. Four hundred one Op 4 n 4 1 4g Or 1 1 1 p 49 Four hundred Iwo ALPHA DELTA PHI Founded at Hamilton College, 1832 fm 1832 IIIIIIII TORONTO CHAPTER Established in Toronto, 1893 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Alfred Baker Norman Beachy Gwyn William Warner Jones William Fletcher McPhedran Allan Gowans Brown FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE G. T. Heintzman F. R. Stone E. M. Henderson M. A. Wilton R. L. Pepall R. E. Irwin W. P. Walker J. W. Magladery J. M. Bain H. M. S. Ferguson G. E. Ellsworth A. D. Clute H. A. Martin G. B. Wily W. S. Thomson J. S. Innes J. A. Prince Peter White H. A. Henderson J. C. H. Copp J. S. Corrigan G. G. Keith R. M. Greene H. A. Syer G. D. M. Boddington R. W. Armstrong W. D. Flatt H. M. Kerr G. T. Boomer J. L. Stewart G. R. Black , A I 1 3 lQ 'R RIN GQ .Nl li fy! ,A".3g.IfYQ.,I,'QNX lm W ,. . . ff f", :A ,I ' X77 f S IA.'XS1.5blA.1-IW ' W f rv A Q '06,c,-'-U ,I , ' ,Q,i1- 4 iii. ffyf ,,fZ:7fjg?5f1. SSA.-QF. ' - ' . ,' f- .?4'3f,5'L1Lf. --1-g2gxS,g-my .,,. 3 - ' "- f ' . Y .1-55115-1 ng - A ...yn-Qfrir' V j5zii?.:x',G1:- F. it S7355 A- ,,V, i A4125 !P-i.2?f- 'iT'Tl4- I .r iigyf I- ' i sg? ' "--' A ' ' A 'I I X Es, ll. ,gf . .A .cl 5311.191 A i f ,SEQ ,ivaff I' 'H N A 5 f ff " qv lg,-qilw NE. I P I . 31 P 1151-Q 'X X- ffm V A X ALPHA lDICL'Jl'A PHI r J ALPHA DELTA PHI, TORONTO CHAPTER, 1931-32 G. G. KEITH, G. D. M. BODDINGTON, J. A. PRINCE, R. W. ARMSTRONG, H. A. HENDERSON, PETER WHITE, W. S. THOMSON, J. S. CORRIGAN, G. T. BOOMER. H. M. S. FERGUSON, A. D. CLUTE, G. E. ELLSWORTH, J. M. BAIN, G. B. WILY, H. A. MARTIN, J. C. H. COPP, J. W. MAGLADERY. R. E. IRWIN, R. L. PEPALL, F. R. STONE, G. T. HEINTZMAN, E. M. HENDERSON, W. P. WALKER, M. A. WILTON. H. M. KERR, W. D. FLATT, J. L. STEWART, G. R. BLACK. Absent: H. A. SYER, R. M. GREENE. Four h Il ndred three Om I I I I 10 Or 21 1 1 J lO Four hundred four PHI KAPPA SIGMA Founded at University of Pennsylvania, 1850 L . V- ' ',1'l?1:'R X Orff' 2113. X A L PH A B ETA Established at Toronto, 1895 FR-ATRES IN FACULTATE W. S. Funnell, M.A. D. C. MacGregor, B.A. G. W. Jacobi, B.A.Sc. M. J. C. Lazier, B.A.Sc., H. A. Proctor, B.A., M.B. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE M. G. Angus J. A. Bell G. E. Burson W. J. Canfield L. A. Dorfman Dunlop Espie Farwell J. G. Fee J. E. Fowell R. C. Gibson W. A. Gilbert W. D. Gossett A. L. Gray R. B. R. G. S. M. W. E. Wasley W. A. Higgins G. C. Hunter D. A. Kay W. B. Lemon R. H. Lindsay K. J. Liphardt J. D. Murray A. T. Olmsted C. N. Paget D. G. Ritchie F. G. Scrimgeour C. M. Spencer P. H. Tedman G. M. Watson On 1 i 1 r 1 Cn I ,nf 1 I I6 f' my I ,,,. , I AN I C X I3-. b E,3ig' a:, man X I V v 5' ' 1' W' I x -Z A P' A 4 V M: 1 '52 Y I Q fins ' gukfxe' young PHI KAPPA SIGMA PHI KAPPA SIGMA BELL, DORFMAN, WASIIEY, KAY, HIGGINS, HUNTER, WATSON, FEE, TEDMAN. MURRAY, LIPHARDT, FOWELI., LEMON, BURSON, SCRIMGEOUR, DUNLOP, GIBSON. GRAY, OLMSTED, LINDSAY, ANGUS, FARWELL, PAGET, SPENCER. CANFIELD, ESPIE, GOSSETT, RITCHIE. Four hundred five Cl 1 rg 4 I I Ox 1 ls ,4 1 46 DELTA CHI Fozmded at Cornell University, 1890 f , X. I U TORONTO CHAPTER Established af Toronfo, 1897 FRATRES IN FACULTATE H. W. A. Foster, D.S.O., M. C. lwith barb James Pitt Agar William Sidney Beatty John William Boegel .E Robert Clifford Craufurd Edward Mordan Field George Ward Gordon Gordon Richmond Hall Austin Kennedy Hamilton FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Velyien Ewart Henderson Leonard Hynes Hugh Sinclair Mackenzie John William Morley Hugh Alexander Coulson Rose William Howard Kelly Ross Malcolm Stewart Smith Charles Tyrrell Sutherland FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE Henry Nicholas Earle Curry Hugh John McDougall Robert Holt Roberts Gray James Laidlaw McLennan Arthur Otto Klein Charles Walker Four hundred six Peter Edward Robinson Wright QD 'I if bl 3 40 r 1 b 1 p 16 .6-. S o.L6A.o. . . Mo copy. ml .E A 0 1 270 000' fwooloog 6 'I" ln' I O rl " .U I Nl INV All-,Q .R N mp3s O ,1m.a"A l"i'!in":I1:ifI', . :Ig 'I -' 'Mil .+P DELTA.CHI DELTA CHI FRATERNITY, 1931-32 Top Row CLeft to Righty: V. E. HENDERSON, G. R. HALL, M. S. SMITH. Middle Row CLeft to Righty: E. M. FIELD, A. O. KLEIN, G. W. GORDON, J P. AGAR, Front Row fLeft to Righty: C. T. SUTHERLAND, L. HYNES CDy, C. WALKER CBy, H. J. MODOUOALL CAy, W. H. K. Ross, R. C. CRAUFURD CEy, H. A. C. ROSE. Absent: W. S. BEATTY, H. N. E. CURRY, R. H. R. GRAY ccy, A. K. HAMILTON, H. S. MACKENZIE, J. L. MCLENNAN. Four hundred seven 3' 4 1 1 3 1Q Oi 1 yfM,,1 y 49 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Founded ai Yale University, 181,14 LW 4' 44 ,153-X J fri 4' W veit XX. 1: qt Q ,N 'I it t W l' 4. J . -Gil uf" 1 - A ' lx. t lil! , N lcv. H. YI, 51,11 X. ALPHA,PHI Founded at Toronto, 1898 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. A. H. W. Caulfield Dr. D. T. Fraser Dr. G. B. Ross Dr. L. Irving FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Norman Ernest Phipps George Alexander Gale John Westman Millar Alexander Charles Baillie Douglas Burk Decks William Harvey Sims George Alexander McKay Edwards Ross Franklin Wilson John Alexander Gow Henry Allister Lackner Robert Rutherford Beatty Arthur Hunter Squires John Paul Rapsey William Herbert Price Frank Hamilton Little Norman Johnstone Paterson William Osborne Twaits Four hundred eight James Flood Clark Burrett Lyman Anderson John Charles Denison Sydney George Fearman William Frederick Greenwood Gordon Fripp Henderson David Mason Woods James Hamilton Baillie Frank Wilton Baillie Henry Bruce Squires Donald Chester Baillie Robert John Brennan Donald Cameron Gow John Jefferson Hickey Keith Aylmer Mackay Edward Jerome Dietrich Harold Penman Smith 01 1 If 51 x 10 Cl 1 If rl V rf, , Y , .,.....,Y W -I-JWWIIIIIIII In I I I? 1I,3Ww,: IITKSSL-. mn,,,,,,:I,:I,a,I.A AI:::QI:aI:.I:II::IImS Q d3i4353'E55f' .511-g1:Q.ff,, ,.:g.4':f:4f'-' lm:-I-5 r-, f::?.:1'.'.L3-' -:ggi-...I-A R .. . It -sr .1 1 ig J 1 'I ' G44 52- ..IIh3aP:I1L ahh. . I 9 L F'-f uIiPI.Q,Qg.Il kj g A , OC ! I XXXX RE cv 0 ok Wmwnxn DELTA KAPPA EPSILON DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Back Row: FEARMAN, S. A. SQUIRES, MILLAR, DEEKS, HICKEY, BEATTY, HENDERSON. Second Row: Greenwood, C. BAILLIE, LACKNER, TWAITS, EDWARDS, DENISON, LITTLE, D. BAILLIE. Third Row: ANDERSON, WILSON, CLARK, SIMS, GALE, RAPSEY, J. Gow, PATERSON, WOODS, BRENNAN. Front Row: B. SQUIRES, D. Gow, F. BAILLIE, P. BAILLIE, MACKAY, DIETRICH, SMITH. Four hundred nine CP 4 xf'M'21 lf IQ Cl 1- Four len l:- ,I DELTA UPSILDN Founded at Williams College, 1831, Q34 Q3 o Ge cn' lx 4, rl' sg 1:5 f oif-, -n - o I QYQKUQE lllxlyi P DELTA UPSILON Esfablished at Toronto, 1899 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Maurice Hutton CProfessor Emeritusj Joseph Stanley Will William Belfry Hendry James Frederick McCurdy Herbert Alexander Bruce CProfessor Emeritusj CProfessor Emeritusj Malcolm William Wallace Thomas Richardson Loudon William Alexander Kirkwood George Maitland Biggs William Turnbull Wright Woldwin William Howland William Stewart Wilson Andrew Alexander John McKenzie Almon Andrew Fletcher George Robinson Pirie John Fair VanEvery William H. McNairn William A. Dafoe Robertson Gordon FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE James Whitlock Westaway Edward Walter Kenrick Frank Whitlock Westaway Archibold Hadley Dickson Kenneth Young Dick Denneth Westrup Peacock Brock Macdonald Evans Robert Duncan Appleford Howard Jennings Riggs John Augustine Vila Ernest Joel Robert Wright John Stuart Gray David Douglas Ross Ian Gordon Hodge John Donald Caldwell John Wallace McNichol Edward Spencer Jewett William Harry Murby Frank Moore Scott Frederick Sidney Lee Donald Stevens Wood Donald William Winters Smillie Donald Hector Lines Lamont George Ainslie Hendry John Wesley Swan Vila Duncan Douglass Bruce Thorpe Lindley Ian Maclean Hugh Ballard Scully Donald Ross MacKay m 1 1 1 i QQ rf -1 Kuna 11 ..---:: L -. . 35 si 2:2225 . rflmmmli ' DIf:I.'1'A UPSILON DELTA UPSILON FRATERNITY, 1931-32 E. W. KENRICK, D. W. SMILLIE, K. W. PEACOCK, W. H. MURBY, F. M. SCOTT, I. MACLEAN, J. W. MCNICHOL. E. J. R. WRIGHT, W. S. VILA, D. MACKAY, D. DOUGLASS, E. S. JEWETT, I. G. HODGE, J. D. CALDWELL, R. D. APPLEFORD. H. B. SCULLY, D. H. L. LAMONT, J. W. WESTAWAY, J. S. GRAY, D. D. Ross, F. S. LEE, B. T. LINDLEY, G. A. HENDRY. B. M. EVANS, F. W. WESTAWAY, D. S. WOOD, J. A. VILA, A. H. DICKSON, K. Y. DICK, H. J. RIGGS. Four eleven Q: 1 x 1 v KO Oi -4 Q 1 3 4,3 Four twelve PHI KAPPA PI' Founded in Toronto, 1901 frat... 44 f-.xy it ITF, 1-X !l.2ll slllpflsl FRATRES IN FACULTATE G. W. Brown C. N. Cochrane A. F. Coventry W. E. MacPherson V. W. Bladen G. P. deT. Glazebrook G. E. Jackson A. H. Boultbee FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE J. G. Abraham E. H. Ambrose A. R. Aylesworth N. M. Burns B. E. Meek K. W. A. McLeod J. W. McNutt H. A. Hunter D. E. Jemmett S. L. B. Martin J. D. Cromarty J. F. R. Crowe E. F. Finningley R. G. Smith A. R. Fraser E. M. Stewart R. J. M. Galloway J. I. Stewart F. O. R. Garner G. N. Stewart C. D. C. Graham C. R. Welch R. T. G. Graham A. L. Wilson J. S. Guest J. C. Wilson J. H. Hunter J. S. Woods FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE J. H. Amys F. F. C. Cunningham L 01 1 a 1 oy I b If O ' I 1-N N W in 3 M1 If T Q 4 , ' f ' 5 g A , llln F .I Q HV gf . PHI KAPPA PI PHI KAPPA PI TORONTO CHAPTER, 1931-32 Back Row fLeff Io Righty: A. R. FRASER, J. S. GUEST, D. EFF JEMETT, H. A. HUNTER, J. S. WOODS, E. H. AMBROSE, J. I. STEWART, G. N. STEWART, F. O. R. GARNER. Second Row CStrmdingJ: A. R. AYLESWORTH, R. T. G. GRAHAM, R. J. GALLOWAY, E. F. FINNINGLEY, R. G. SMITH, J. W. MCNUTT, C. D. C. GRAHAM, S. L. B. MARTIN, E. M. STEWART, J. D. CROMARTY. Second Row CSittingJ: F. F. C. CUNNINGHAM, B. E. MEEK, J. G. ABRAHAM, K. W. A. MCLEOD, 4PresidentJ, N. M. BURNS, J. H. AMYS, J. C. WILSObT. Firsf Row CSittingJ: J. F. R. CROWE, C. R. WELCH. Four thirteen J 1 P 'Tl li iQ Cr -1 1 1 1 QQ Four fourteen BETA THETA PI Founded in Miami, 1832 f-. xv.. ,. I .59fCQ'f or .3 xx THETA ZETA Established in Toronto, 1905 FRIATRES IN FACULTATE Thos. Eakin Beverley Hannah J. Eustice Shaw A. F. W. Plumptre John J. Robinette John E. Gundy Robert Turnbull FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE A. R. Little R. M. Matthews S. F. Biggar J. O. Damm N. M. Watson K. L. Campbell W. H. Palm E. J. How W. A. Williamson H. M. S. Tait F. J. Stubbs G. W. Robinette N. H. Shaw J. J. Enlow R. C. Snilfen W. T. Houghton R. O. Funston L. H. Goodwin B. A. Rogers R. H. Lumsden W. B. Mitchell H. F. Miller K. C. Legge J. H. Gillespie J. C. C. Dawson FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE S. L. Howell J. G. Humphrey J. M. MacPherson QD 1 Y s D iQ K D K CI I I 'D . BETA THPITA PI BETA THETA PI FRATERNITY Back Row: J. H. GILLESPIE, R. O. FUNSTON, R. H. LUMSDEN, L. H. GOODWIN, J. J. ENLOW, W. T. HOUGHTON, B. A. ROGERS, R. C. SNIFFEN. Middle Row: W. B. MITCHELL, H. F. MILLER, W. H. PALM, W. A. WILLIAMSON, N. M. VVATSON, K. L. CAMPBELL, K. C. LEGGE, F. J. STUBBS. Front Row: E. J. HOW, A. R. LITTLE, G. W. ROBINETTE, R. M. MATTHEWS, H. M. S. TAIT, S. F. BIGGAR, N. H. SHAW. Four fifteen QI I I I IJ FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE on 1 1 1 y 1 Four sixteen PHI DELTA THETA Founded at Miami University, 1848 CNTARIO ALPHA Established at Toronto, 1.906 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Duncan Archibold Lamont Graham Harry Hague Davis Clifton Durant Howe Harold deWitt Ball Cecil Douglas Banwell Fred Albert Fell Alan Freeland Foot John Aubrey Medland Leonard Buchanan Nelson McKendry Seccombe Donald Hume Anderson Douglas Francis Kent Harry Hall Edmison William John Beynon Charles Beverley Willson John Harold Malcolm William Young Marsh Gerald Bishop Coles John Bryan Nash Edgar Howlett Gibson Robert Walter Tisdale Mark Frederick Sprott Donald Walker McGibbon Alfred Bernie Hodgetts Christopher Pearce Wilkinson John Kerr Rhynas Harold Douglas Hayden Edward Hubert Sinclair Stanley Grey Farrar John Frederick Reid Francis Clifford Lennox Q1 1 D 1 I 10 I 3 1 5 'J A vs F 21 A Ntxfaxpff' a glq ' 'sfffxif G 41 x 0 K-J. ' xiii? if ?!'a-. ' ag I'- ," . . PHI DELTA TI-IETA PHI DELTA THETA FRATERNITY, 1931-32 C. D. BAUWELL flnseib, S. G. FARRAR, J. K. RHYNAS, D. W. MCGIBBON, J. F. REID, C. LENNOX, C. P. WII.KINSON, C. B. WILLSON, H. D. HAYDEN. Middle Row: E. H. SINCLAIR, M. F. SPROTT, J. B. NASH, E. H. GIBSON, W. J. BEYNON, A. B. HODGETTS, H. H. EDMISON, G. B. COLES, W. Y. MARSH, R. W. TISDALE. Seated: J. H. MALCOLM, J. A. MEDLAND, D. H. ANDERSON, L. M. BUCHANAN, F. A. FELL, D. F. KENT, N. M. SECCOMHE. Four sezfenieen O 1 I 1 I tQ D , 1 Four eighteen lf. ji THETA DELTA CHI Founded at Union College, 1847 M We rw V A xy ...geek ,. :fav 121 it 'CQ IW, its ff BAX xx!! Arif, X H5 I LAAIBDA DILLTTERON Established at Toronto, 1912 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. G. V. Morton Dr. F. E. Tisdall Dr. W. H. Dixon R. E. Richardson Dr. J. C. Goodwin J. R. Millard FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE William Arthur Leak Harold Allan Shaver Ralph Aubrey Connor Alan Fowler Taylor John Alden Upper Charles Chalmers Austin Sherald Edward Stewart William Herbert Fleischman Murray Edward Corlett Alvin David Whiteoak Medlock Robert Matheson McKiggan Robert Bews Kerr Archibald Cameron Wilson John Maclaren Rutherford Edward Wesley Benjamin Wilfred Isaac Bompus Stringer John McDonald Austin Thomas Seymour Coryell Charles Harkness Gordon Thomas George Davis Harold Leeson Arnup Robert Alexander Cranston Ox 4 n bl D 10 Cr 4 ' 'J I 12:6 Y wg .F Lf I A ZY if -I A , XMI Di A 'WY In 'z XX 'Vx R ' . ,S Q1 L' 'IH .7 Xiw-209 s A ' fb A f- I pr 1 Y N 7 4 .QIG Q , 1 :.: 1 . E1 'PY If 'flnssv ' 'A 2 I . 'fa v THETA DIELTA CHI THETA DELTA CHI LAMBDA DEUTERON IN THETA DELTA CHI, 1931-32 W. E. CORLETT, R. W. MCKIGGEN, C. H. GORDON, A. D. W. MEDLOCK, T. S. CORYELL, R. A. CRANSTON. H. L. ARNUP, T. G. DAVIS, C. C. AUSTIN, W. H. FLEISCHMAN, J. A. M. AUSTIN, J. A. AUSTIN, J. A. UPPER, S. E. STEWART. W. I. B. STRINGER, J. M. RUTHERFORD, H. A. SHAVER, R. B. KERR, A. C. WILSON, E. W. BENJAMIN, A. F. TAYLOR. Inset: R. A. CONNOR, W. A. LEAK. Cu I I 4 Four nineteen I 49 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Cm 4 Four twenty 7 1 THETA KAPPA PSI Founded at Virginia, 1879 E GK!! 9 0 LM g . Q! GAMMA ZETA Eslablished at Toronto, 1920 Thomas Henry Belt Edward F. Brooks Ernest Alfred Broughton Malcolm H. V. Cameron John Harold Couch James Thomas Danis William Howard Dickson Hammett A. Dixon T. A. Jamison Duff Jabez Henry Elliott Raymond Fletcher Farquharson Gordon Sutcliffe Foulds D'Arcy Frawley Philip Weld Hardie Harold Watson Johnston Robert Clarence Laird Robert J. A. McComb John Laing McDonald John Harris McPhedran William Magner Samuel J. N. Magwood Alexander Eugene Montgomery Charles Bemister Parker Thomas Arnold Robinson Robert Watson Wesley Charles Harvey Hair George Sills Young FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE William Arnold Douglas Anderson Cecil Robert Baggs Oliver Ladbrook Bailey Herbert Moore Coleman Harold Vivienne Cranfield David Wilson Davies William Edward Dillane Clarence Stanley Day Donald Robertson Easton Ross Henry Flett Lorne MacDonald Gray Hugh Charles Hair Frederick Carruthers Heal Alfred John Kerwin William Stewart Kinnear Carmen Joseph Kirk James Frances Livingstone Alexander Lewen Mackenzie Desmond Edward Magner Donald Hugh Milne John Andrew Lawson McCullough Ever Tryon Whitwell Nash Donald Ross Nicol Robert Henry Bruce Reed Frederick Greystock Robertson George Kenneth Rogers Fergus P. Rossiter Donald Campbell Savage Wilford David Smith James Magnus Spence Burnley Wordlaw Stevens Donald William Stewart Alec Wilhelmi Sturgeon Donald Charles Thrush Gordon Neil Tucker Vincent I. Webb Archibald Cameron Hele Wensley Leonard James Williams Gerald Eric Wilson Qu 4 1 4 1 40 0 O 'W " W x nfl H1 THETA KAPPA PSI Q b b A., 1 4 Q 1 i,:bb1 , A sg' H I . V ., SK, ,Y ,.,q Q J WL -QHETALH, Efiiigi .5 A il 5 ,Q ,L X1 , ....,b 5 2jFrQQlIIYIA1'ZEfPA' iff Q ,r 'ZX' ,, I - J .,., W fgg7N?,,s,g,, V Xb, l ' . . L , I W , I 1 f my 0 Q 01' 4 H Four Twenty-two l I 1 PSI UPSILON Founded at Schenectady, 1833 WF! f J .' Xxxzf fl." i"- ,A .54 ... .. ka .t R 3 -3.-V . .six - .AI 'I' 117: llgllxxs I A v" .ggi W if .EEYX-if. ,- 'I-rf' U'l NU CHAPTER 4 Established at Toronto, 1920 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. E. F. Burton Dr. G. H. McLarty Dr. J. C. McClelland Dr. D. E. Robertson Dr. G. Shanks FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE C. J. G. Carroll H. W. Beal W. L. Hogg W. D. MacDonald J. W. MacMillan A. D. Mann J. C. Sihler J. T. A. Gamble R. C. Grout E. J. Jackson J. M. Magwood J. A. D. Marquis K. MCD. McIntosh J. B. Shortly R. Heggie J. Loblaw E. F. Macintyre P. Robertson R. Muir J. A. Orr R. G. Phelan G. H. Skilling H. C. Slemin F. J. Tobin K. Black D. L. Cowan R. P. Douglas J. N. Howell W. R. Keating J. R. Langstaif W. T. McHugh J. F. Perrett W. L. Smart C. R. Burton J. P. Fletcher x 4 1 1 1 4Q of 2 D 1 p ij xgx I if'7'iLY'3EVff'3 fflszs zoobvp Xa . 1 QQ-T ':. J'-f'-W! X v .-,, .13 ,4 Mfr.-W - A ?f7'Q'E3e'SS , ' 5 Hema 2 v'T'-rXi.' K . V ' fu ' .- -05 -.5 I Q4 ,- .lg PSI UPSILON PSI UPSILON Back Row: H. G. SKILLING, W. T. MCHUGH, E. F. MACINTYRE, R. C. GROUT, H. C. SLEMIN, J. W. MACMILLAN, E. J. JACKSON, J. F. B. LOBLAW, D. P. ROBERTSON, J. T. A. GAMBLE, D. L. COWAN, J. R. LANGSTAFF, C. R. BURTON, S. P. FLETCHER. Second Row: C. J. G. CARROLL, R. MUIR, J. B. SHORTLY, K. M. MCINTOSH, J. M. MAYWOOD, J. C. T. SIHLER, R. P. DOUGLAS, W. L. HOGG, A. W. BEALL, R. D. G. PHELAN, J. A. D. MARQUIS. Front Row: F. J. TOBIN, R. HEGGIE, W. L. SMART, A. D. MANN, J. F. PERRETT, J. A. ORR, J. N. HOWELL, W. R. KEATING, H. K. BLACK. Four twenty-three Q1 1 , --4 , 1 CP 4 D 4 p 40 Four twenty-four PI LAMBDA PHI Founded at Yale University, 1895 H iggxxxxss le' 1 W We i 1 Q4 lt- fl , , . ,fx 'eco KAPPA Established at Toronto, 1922 Gurston Sidney Allen Arthur Caplan Sydney Arthur Caplan Bernard Isaac Cooperman Theodore King Draimin Sidney Allan Freifeld Jack Maurice Heller William Bernard Herman Daniel Jacobs Louis Allie Kohen Murray Kohen Bert Walter Lewis Jack Low Milton Murray Miller Max Nacht Harry Newman Joseph Rice Leo Edward Schacter Sidney Scher Alfred Charles Schwartz Morris Walter Selynick Joseph Shuman Harry Sigler Arthur Silverberg Julian White Irving Wintrob of 1 ' f jc bf , to i 'J 1 W X . f QI ma Qiffoa' war is ' Z Mffivg Z' QS jQ-Q Nosflaos AMY-YA - PI LAM BDA PHI PI LAMBDA PHI FRATERNITY, 1931-32 J. Low, A. SILVERBERG, S. SCHER, J. RICE, M. MILLER, D. JACOBS. B. COOPERMAN. I. WINTROB, H. NEWMAN, H. SIEGLER, A. CAPLAN, L. KOHEN, M. KOHEN. S. FREIFELD, S. CAPLAN, B. HERMAN, T. DRAIMIN, A. SCHWARTZ, L. SCHACTER, G. ALLEN, Absent: J. SHUMAN, M. NACHT. Four fu'enfy-fire CP 4 v 1 r rg ..., G Ol ff 1 4 , 19 Four twenty-six SIGMA CHI Founded at Miami University, 1855 2 x '25, .M if qilvxfsi , ,-Wy, ,, .XS BETA OMEGA Established at Toronto, 1922 FRATRES IN FACULTATE William T. Jackman Francis J. O'Leary Roland R. McLaughlin J. Leslie Uren David R. Mitchell Alfred W. Farmer FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE John Campbell Dunlap Ralph Andrew Adams Ralph O'Neill Standish David Henning Kirkwood Robert Duncan Sinclair Thomas Edward McDonnell Alonzo Joseph McDonnell Harold Frederick Richardson William Ross Dakin William Richard Graham Halder Ross Collins Frederick Robert Hume Frederick Louis Dreger William Edward Ecclestone James Morton Mather Melbourne Armstrong Elson William Tandy McCallum John Webb Graham Graydon Leonard Laing Richard Whittaker Reville Alliston Melborn Anderson Howard Ross Douglas Lawrence Wilton Skey Harry Hemphill Cook D'Alton McCarthy Gilpin Alexander Campbell Turner Donald Alexander McIntosh Ernest Milne Worden John James Ferguson William George Shambrook Wilfred Melvin Kellett Arthur James Skey Brenton Frederick Hazelwood QP al r 4 1 QQ 3' 1 Q .ii QE: 1 fx 5? Q f. ':-5' . 4990, : ecfffg c 0 SIGNO SIGMA CHI BETA OMEGA CHAPTER, SIGMA CHI FRATERNITY, 1931-32 Back Row: A. M. ANDERSON, A. C. TURNER, J. M. MATHER, H. H. COOK, D. M. GILPIN, E. M. WORDEN, L. W. SKEY, D. A. MCINTOSH, J. J. FERGUSON, R. W. REVILLE. Middle Row: H. R. DOUGLAS, B. F. HAZELWOOD, H. R. COLLINS, H. F. RICHARDSON, R. O. STANDISH, W. R. DAKIN, W. E. ECCLESTONE, J. W. GRAHAM, F. L. DREGER, M. A. ELSON. Front Row: R. D. SINCLAIR, D. H. KIRKWOOD, R. A. ADAMS, J. C. DUNLAP, A. J. MCDONNELL, F. R. HUME, T. E. MODONNELL. Seated in Front: W. M. KELLETT, W. G. SHAMBROOK. Absent: W. R. GRAHAM, G. L. LAING, W. T. MCCALLUM, A. J. SKEY. Four fweniy-seven Cn 1 1 4 'T KO Or f r 1 , ,O Four twenty-eight KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE Founded at McGill, 1901 CASTLE CAERLEON Established at Toronto, 1922 FR-ATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Kenneth Martin Baird George Francis Barry Robert Wilfred Bell Robert Leslie Broad William Seymour Campbell Lester Robert Chauncey Charles Wilfred Cook Ian William Davidson Maurice John Dickey William Erle Everitt Cecil Thomas Hambley Gerald Joseph Hayes Ralph Cyril Ingram Frank Middleton McAteer FRATRES Donald Cumberland Rose Stanley Arthur Merrit John Henderson Metherel Gordon Loney Mitchell Alvert Norton Morgan Robert Linn Ormsby George Leslie Pallett Harold James Peakin Malcolm Grant Ranney Edward Alphonsus Roberts Herbert Horace Roberts John Thompson Stubbs Clemens Jackson Wade George Richard Whale George William Wilson IN AULE OSGOODE Raymond Franklin Willson QP ' 1 4 QQ CB 1 P 1 . .... . I, . ..... . . ..... . . . .. ......., !I:::::: ,. ....- fix.. ":::t:::::.. a,..... ............n ....,.. ,...,... .....,. . ....: , ....... . . ..... . - .. ..... ,.. ..:.: ,, ........ .. . 1 . .... . ,... . . ,... . A "'IIII!If III!! .I "xx: CII 51:1 Q 00000 f0v ,iii ..... .... -... ..... ... .. .....,... . ....., .... . ,... K N IG H T S 0 F T H E R OUND TA BL E h fig , ' q X A "AQ1 x xi W F V f , V ,Q l1Y! I D sr nsy, . . ,, M 4, .,f51,, .. ' . ,, H 1 , ,11 , F' ,, X I W. I J 'V - Ah? 'Q' , "V Gficp A Q , E2Qi . ,, 5- I if ,ZZZ ' i CP 1 'IQSHERDUDQK 32' fem Eg. f I X. TLA' I ,C , D ' I F Ou T tw en -nine F l J D 'J OP D 1 , ,Q Four thirty PHI GAMMA DELTA Founded at Jejerson College, 1848 CIXITA Gwyn TAU KAPPA Established at Toronto, 1923 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Frederick Lorne Hutchison Malcolm MacLean Rose Hall George Argo McGillivray Theodore Corbett Graham FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE John Alexander Carlyle Thomson Wilse Gibbs McKay John Richardson Fitzpatrick William Stephen Legate William Douglas Smith James Edwin Thom Ernest Arthur Black John Logie Donaldson John Archibald Bennett Bunting Snowball Crocker Edwin Allan Peaker Alexander Duff Leask Harry Roswell Deyman Arthur Graham Little Ol 1 'Q Kenneth Campbell Harpe r McN1chol Robert Edward Stewart Green Wesley Cutler Cairn Timothy Rogers Struan Francis Robertson John MacDonald Oswald William Bull Parsons Walter Stirling Anderson Clifford Llewellyn Ash John Henry Salter Robert William Morrison Glenn Weir Mundy Robert Edward Smallwoo Eric Victor Tidman d CP 1 I 1 , ,Q W PHI GAMMA DE LTA PHI GAMMA DELTA FRATERNITY 1931-1932 W. S. ANDERSON, R. E. SMALLWOOD, R. W. MORRISON, J. A. C. THOMSON, E. A. PEAKER, T. C. ROGERS, W. G. MCKAY. W. D. SMITH, W. CUTLER, B. S. CROCKER, C. W. MUNDY, C. L. ASH, E. V. TIDMAN, J. M. OSWALD. S. F. ROBERTSON, J. H. SALTER, J. R. FITZPATRICK, E. A. BLACK, H. R. DEYMAN W. B. PARSONS, J. A. BENNET. A. G. LITTLE, W. S. LEGATE, A. D. LEASK, J. E. THOM, J. L. DONALDSON, R. E. S. GREEN, K. C. H. MCNICHOL. Four fhirfy-one or 1 1 p QD Qi as ll O3 1 ,7 4 , to Four thirty-two KAPPA SIGMA Founded at the University of Virginia, 1869 "' sf 3 va 1:13.55 S5 .' A 2 .V?74s -fV"' N' 'ig ""' 5, ijt 1 ...,. lf: 9. DLLTA ILPSILON 1 w 4 Established at Toronto, 1921, FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE John D. McLennan John A. Fisher W. Bruce Wood James R. Bayne Harry Y. Whitehead John G. Crean John Lindsay M. Frederick Murray Robert D. Falconer C. Grant Gibson John S. Deacon John M. Clark Winston S. Mahon Roy B. Trott Herman C. Hass Francis F. Thompson John A. Ketchen Kenneth A. Davis Howard T. Cann John F. Morlock Walter E. Binkley Ernest M. Jarvis Carl A. Roebuck John L. Kenney F. Morley Vanstone Jabez C. Vanstone FRATER IN AULE OSGOODE Charles C. McGibbon P 1 x 10 Cz 1 P ' 'U 0 ,H I U uv , ' """'2IlIlIS"'lIll hllillvwigb X ,Z E . KAPPA SIGMA P KAPPA SIGMA FRATERNITY, 1931-32 Back Row CLeft fo Righty: MAHON, KENNY, JARVIS, CONN, M. VANSTONE, DAVIS, FALCONER, THOMPSON, J. VANSTONE, ROEBUCK. Middle Row: MURRAY, MCGIBBON, WHITEHEAD, BAYNE, MCLENNAN, DEAOON, CLARKE, LINDSAY, KETCHEN, BINKLEY. From Row: GIBSON, WOOD, FISHER, CREAN, HASS, TROTT, MORLOCK. Four thirty-three Q 1 If I I IQ P 1 J dj Four thirty-four DELTA TAU DELTA Founded of Bethany College, 1859 ifc-223 Inu N9 'kNJi X 0, Ax ATA! DELTA Established in THETA Toronto, 1 926 FRATRES IN Arnold De Merritt Welch Karl Stanger Moeser Kenneth FACULTATE Graham Chambers Howard McCart Jackson FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE P. A. Ballachey T. Jukes R. Zinkann W. Fear H. Jackson H. McDiarmid C. Hawk A. Dyer J. Elliott J. Armstrong D. Thomas P. Thomas D. MacNamara K. Zinkann J. Berwick E. Bell G. MacNamara F. Brian M. Jones C. Britnell D. Heeney H. Herring D. Agnew G. Milne T. Frankish C. Montgomery K. Howe D. Mulholland B. Begg R. Dufton L. Duggan 0 1 K w Q C3 1 J 4 , ,Q T V1 H.. la d DELTA TAU DELTA FRATERNITY Back Row: FEAR, JACKSON, MODIARMID, HAWK, DYER, ELLIOTT, ARMSTRONG, D. THOMAS, Middle Row: D. MACNAMARA, ZINKANN, BERWICK, G. MACNAMARA, BRIAN, JONES, BRITNELL, HEENEY. Front Row: HERRING, AGNEW, MACALPINE, MILNE, FRANKISH, MONTGOMERY, MCKINNON, HOWE. Four thirty-five J T I 1 gf iQ of JL Four thirty-six D l LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Founded oz' Boston University, 1909 CQ f-5 A - 'lo fl 'a t it EPSILCN-EPSILON ZETA Established at Toronto, 1927 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Cecil Alexander Rae Thomas John Wright FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Henry Boys Latham George Clifford Smith Thomas Whiteside Wilson Venton McLaren Humphries Hugh Harold Gibb Frederick Wright Morrow Harold Beverley Clearihue Robert Buchanan Gibb George Edward Grantham Robert Patrick Reid James Cyril Saddington John Alexander Vanstone Sharman Ketchen Learie Whitaker Douglas Chadwick Macdonald Smith Henry Douglas Llewellyn Morgan William Brenton Payne Brown James Crawford Towers Charles William Minett Hugh Harold Walker Paul VanKleeck Kingston Edwin Ross Edmison William Grant Ross Philip Arthur Chubb William Gould Armstrong Allan Willson Troup James Archibald Harley Harold Ewart Woolnough Robert Aiken Webber John Murray Burgess John Stonehouse Beatty Frank Edward Pearse Griggs Philip Kenneth Griggs Ralph Edward Hendershot Jack Henry Dawson Norman Henry Bell Kenneth Ward Smith Ol I 7 1 y iQ D 1 I I M uf 'I I . mi ' V A fx V+ - X t 13 , 931 ' ., P Q 'ff 5551, LAMBDA CHI ALPHA LAMBDA CHI ALPHA, 1931-32 Fourth Row CLeft to Righty: D. C. M. SMITH, J. C. SADDINGTON, W. G. Ross, S. K. LEARIE, R. E. HENDERSHOT, J. C. TOWERS, N. H. BELL, F. E. P. GRIGGS, E. R. EDMISON, W. G. ARMSTRONG, J. A. HARLEY, H. D. L. MORGAN. Third Row CLeft to Righty: C. W. MINETT, J. A. VANSTONE, V. M. HUMPHRIES, H. H. GIBB, T. W. WILSON, F. W. MORROW, H. B. LATHAM, G. H. C. SMITH, R. P. REID, P. V. KINGSTON, A. W. TROUP. Second Row CLeft to Righty: H. E. WOOLNOUGI-I, H. H. WALKER, G. E. G. WHITAKER, W. B. P. BROWN, R. A. WEBBER, R. B. GIBB, H. B. CLEARIHUE. First Row CLeft to Righty: J. S. BEATTY, J. H. DAWSON, K. W. SMITH, P. K. GRIGGS, J. M. BURGESS. Absent: P. A. CHUBB. Four thirty-seven Cn 1 I I pf tg Cx 4 3 1 Four thirty-eight SIGMA PHI WOlXIEN'S HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL -IOURNALISTIC FRATERNITY Founded at Toronto, 1921, UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO CHAPTER SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Marjorie James Anne Adler Isabel Warne Nellie MacBeth Jean Morton Willie Ann Luckett Margaret Ryerson Hasel Hammond Jennie Farley Jocelyn Moore Ronona Laplante Jane Grey Primrose McLean Maureen Macoun Margaret Millar Lois Tedman Isabel Jordan Margaret Dunham Helen Kemp Marjorie Wright cw cl . 1 ,hw 3 'f 4'-r1G2evzf3g,....,,V, f. V. , -'Aeh' O3 1 I 4 r 10 Or 1 1 1 10 KAPPA ALPHA 'l'HIC'l'A Founded 111 De Pouw Univcrsily, 1870 CSD 1-,9 -lf AACDA +- Q :v f' QQ, Q9 I X SIGMA Esiablished at Toronto, 1887 SORORES IN FACULTATE Jessie Barber Esther de Beauregard Sophie Boyd Alison Ewart Freda Fraser Freya Hahn Elizabeth Hargreaves Florence Hargreaves Kathleen Hobday Erskine Keys Winnifred Simpson Hope Smith Lorena Wellwood Gertrude Wright SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T2 Margaret Attwood Elizabeth Burton Hasel Hammond Barbara Hood Joan Keagey Katherine O'Brien Patricia O'Reil1y Mary Turner 3T3 Margaret Conboy Katherine Clark Isabel Jordan Elizabeth Lang Maureen Macoun Primrose McLean Katherine McIntyre Anne Stockdale Helen Treadgold 3TJ, Carol Clark Medicinie Elizabeth Stockdale 3T3 Architecture Dama Lumley 3T4 Pledges Anita Carnegie 3T4 Rosemary Martin 3T5 Eleanor Riggs 3T5 Primrose Sandiford 3T5 Mary Wicher 3T4 f.. . 'iv sus ' T92 15 e am Four thirly nme OP 4 1 1 I IO SORORES IN FACULTATE I 1 C 1 Af 1 10 Four forty ALPHA PHI FRATERNITY Founded at Syracuse, 1872 N9 111W tif XI CHAPTER Established at Toronto, 1906 Grace Bell Carol Langstafl' Dorothy Millichamp Elizabeth Parsons Kathleen Russell Violet Taylor Irene Trowern Edith Webster Helen Webster Olive Ziegler Graduate Studies: Elda McFarland Margaret Donald SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3Ti2 3T!, Christine Auld Esther Breithaupt Helen Eakin Kathleen Knight Helen Rieder Muriel Sorb Y Elya Van Hoogenhouck Tulleken 3T3 Helen Biggs Elizabeth Carr Geraldine Dack Eleanor Dewar Kathyrn Dewar Mary Fowlds Phyllis Harcourt Kathryn Kinnear Eunice Montgomery Mary Norton Margaret VVinter Mildred Barton Patricia Dowling Anne Gibbons Hildegarde Harris Elizabeth Hunt Mary McFarland Katherine Palm Eleanor Sanson Marguerite Stewart Mary Stewart Jean Waldon 3T5 Dorothy Dempster Gloria Gardiner Mary McDonald Blythe Spence Sally Sorby 0 1 1 4 r 40 QD 1 lc jf P C 3 T2 Francis Begg Elizabeth Green Margaret McFarlane Mary MacLean Betty Rutherford Mary Ripley Virginia Smith Dorothy Thayer Isabel Wells 3T3 Marjorie Daly Jean Lind Ruth Lyon Elizabeth Palmer Helen Smart PI BETA PHI Founded at Monmouflz College, 1867 Q "JT 112' IIA I I yi ss. fill N ,IQ E . ssh I X 'so xxx M 1" ts VJ X ,fl ss xx Il N 1' ss I1 ss If 'M ONTARIO ALPHA Founded al Toronto, 1908 SORORES IN FACULTATE Catherine Ball Margaret Fraser Edith Gordon, M.D. Dorothy Harding Kathleen Treacy Margaret Husband SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3 Tl, Grace Gibson Jean Lovering Joyce Lyon Ruth Rutherford Francis Shenstone Marion Tope Elizabeth Watts Norah Williams Pledges Dorothy Bastedo Sylvia Granger Betty Hara Joan Knowlton Mary McLean i X -jlgqyeoeaeeeegfs DD f V : - ' s f' 0 , ' I I o I M' J .K-,'j1'.,, I ' I W 1 Q 1 Four forty-one Cl 4 1 4 r 10 OP 1 1 4 , gg Four forty-two KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Founded ai Monmouth College, 1870 63 , zfxx . f fffr e:.QoxW i ggi' ,.,.,., - WX. .. ,naw is " it of 1 2 :fa 3 as 4 K BETA PSI Established at Toronto, 1.911 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T2 Helen Mitchell Grace Beatty Marguerite Clark Hazel Gore Elizabeth Smith 3T3 Kathleen Bredin Mary Clement Kathleen Harkness Margaret Dunham Margaret Hogarth Maria McCallum Audrey Purkis Elizabeth Mustard Marian L. Roe Kathleen Stewart 3Tl, Margaret Pirie Nora Bailey Joan Bateman Dorothy Bryce Betty A. Clark Betty M. Clarke Elizabeth Fisher Jean Hunnisett Marjorie Jenkins Dorothy Mulholland Meds. 3T3 Gwendolyn Mahon Dorothy James 3T6 Mary Sanderson Pledges Ruth Baldwin Theodora Brennan Justina Campbell Evelyn Cowan Ruth Cunningham Margaret Gourlay Eleanor Pratt Joan Stephens SPQQ1. 102-' ff1j'H K,iK,.I2lll'o,g0.'v 9?-V: M20 Q99 A ex ,ligliivf -, 1 Oi 54 If 1 x 10 Cy 4 PCT, rl O DELTA GAMMA Founded at Oxford, Miss., 1874 ti' dif f gripe--E-W' 0 N . W A nr 'Q W S 5 Fo tri U ' D E L T A ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Established at Toronto, 1913 SORORES IN UNIVE RSITATE 3T2 3T3 Dorothy Bottom Margaret Cameron Phyllis Camsell Isabel Dickson Mabel Dunlop Marion Laird Douglas Mcllwraith Elizabeth Turnbull Frances Ackerman Frances Clark Elizabeth Holton Constance Knox Antoinette Lalonde Marian McDowell Elizabeth Reed Jean Tudhope Margaret Hanna Spaulding 3TZ, 3T5 Ruth Beatson Janet Gow Elizabeth Duthie Wilma Nicholson Mary Gibson Ruth Wood Mary Rous Betty Wilson Meds. 3T2 Joyce Lownsbrough Deborah Glaister Phyllis Hamilton Exchange Students Aileen McGuire Beta Beta Chapter, University of Alberta Maude Sexsmith Dorothy Brown Patricia Thompson Allison Grant A I ig it ive ' ., " X -Q.. Q15 Na Q-v' Four forty-three Q: 1 n bl ' 40 CD " 1 Four forty-four D 1 ALPHA GAMlX4A DELTA Founded at Syracuse University, 1901, .2 A, .gg ,lah Q 'G ii . I 3 I I aaullhapfw Established at Toronio, 1.919 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 1 932 Eileen Armstrong Frances Bechtel Dorothy Belton Phyllis Easson Betty Moore Catherine McLeod 1 933 Helen Clarke Eva Collins Margaret Colquhoun Betty Edwards Audrey Hammett Eugenia Haylow Lillian Kribs Phyllis Sheppard Ruth Sinclair Margaret Stirling Leone Presidder Erma Watkins 1931, Adele Broadhurst Aileen Colquhoun May Eyre Lois Coryell Wilma Cumming Grace Quinn Margaret Somers Ruth Sparrow Louise West Eleanor Watt Eleanor Wilson O OO ease 'ee' o l ei we 1-nvli Of -4 1 Q , P 1 GAMMA PHI BETA Founded al Syracuse University, 1874 La Qty, W ynn' 9yu sv ALPHA ALPHA Established at Toronto, 1919 SORORES IN UNIVE RSITATE 3T2 Marian Charles Margaret Dods Betty Doran Rose France Rhea McCoubrey Jean MacKechnie Edlth Merrlll Marlon Orr Alllson Shlell Margaret Wllloughby Ruth Wythe Dorothy Baker Beth Bertram Lenora Brace Kathleen Ellls Margaret Huston Dorothy Jenklns Margaret MacMart1n Marjorle Phllllps Merle Storey Lols Tedman Helen Wllson 3T4 Betty Dixon Carol Graham Eileen Harris Jessie Johnston Jessie McPherson Harriet Mills Janet Moffat Margaret Russell Reta Stollery Dorothy Trano Carolyn Tucker Mary Westbye 3T5 Betty Holland Rowena Ph1ll1ps CP 3T6 Iedgej Betty Stewart CM eds J if Nj qw, liar. -. 3, -fr Four forty five . I," 1 . . I ' ' 2 ' .ZQAQ Q42 QQ!! ,af . 3T3 Eleanor Wallace 4 . gg, gf, 0 . M 4 I 5 ' Q . I I ' , .A .A Q1 4 n 4 1- 13 J Ol I Y f D fo Q4 Four forty-six DELTA' PHI EPSILQN Founded at New York University, 1917 .f r N225 65:25, , l r rr 'DER' 2 QUAM ZETA Established at Toronto, 1921, SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T2 Bertha Minden Frances Rabinowitch 3T3 Sophie Wall Yetta Kasler Minnie White Ellen Dworkin 3T!, Lulu Landau Frances Blumenthal Jeanette Petegorsky Ruth Alter Molly Rabinowitch Louise Keshen Lillian Soskin Rosetta Hollenberg Sophie Mannis Dorothy Rabinowitch 3T5 Ruth Marin A .qi .00-. 0 to 0O0UO000x if 66 .e, e'a. Ol ri rr 10 D 1 ALPHA EPSILON PHI Founded at Barnard College, 1909 Z '-P' "I Y PA! AGP A mom es f e .:. ,ur , ' 5 ALPHA ALPHA Established at Toronto, 1927 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T2 Mona Lyons Frances Schwartz 3T3 Beulah Hutner Audrey Mehr Helen Solway 3T.!, Sylvia Cohn Carol Cohen Florence King Ruth Levin College of Art Dorothy Marks Posf Graduate Beatrice Centner Ruth Schwartz Pledges Rhoda Breslin Rosalie Franckel Doris Granatstein Dorothy Posnik Mildred Scolnik ik 10 57-'T lil 2- -I? llffaw . 77' ff"?'.,' 3 ...,4LY.T'lI,ldigg1Q L-fn- all-rf ,- -' ' 3.1 in I iii' 5:21 ' ltr tri?--5-12, . I 155154-xu -, 7 zrl-"ink Four forty-seven if 31 1 19 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE D 'Q it 1 Four forty-eight ALPHA DELTA PI Founded at Macon, Georgia, 1851 1 U X ' , '7 f ,, , , ,, 4 rf' ' '- X 3 me s- , 1. 00 Jiri 'fl BETA ZETA Established at Toronto, 1929 3T2 Margaret Anderson Louise Crouch Catharine Fish Helen Gillies Margaret Goodman Agnes Gray Wilma Hazlitt Nan Matthews Margaret Mingay Helena Musson 3T!, Helen Grey Patricia Musson Margaret Orr Doris Parmenter Helen Patterson Marjorie Payne Verna Sheldon Lucille Thom Helen Williams Dorothy Porter 3T5 Lillian Weir Mary Clarke Nancy Wilson .I J. Meds. .,. :ax :!, we Rosamond McColloch '.fA5,.' Norah Bowers Jessie Grey 'U' Anna Cross Helen McKinley Ruth Kennedy Dorothy Whinton f,,,,wt"'y Louise Lockhart Helen McKee Elsie Murray Eileen Woodhouse O9 if r 1 m 40 Founde 1 1 1 49 IGTA ALPHA PI d at Hunter College, New York, 1903 QW9 SWK 5 0 0 f' 7 lli.-55-igifm 5 Q92 L., ,. 1,31 nF fglx 47.3.51 .Qui 5,254 ne ' .g , me ' r- . . 1 , ' .O, .Om 4m ,', F x .. 0. .0 'Jaxx 3 o I Q .J 99 , f rf 07, QV 4 ALPNAP' -Z .1- KAPPA Founded at Toronto, 1929 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3T2 Arts Ethel Cutler Miriam Winston 3T2 Medicine Rose Abramowitz Lillian Scheinman 3T3 Social Science Edythe G. Model Lillian Y. Rosenthal 3T4 Arts Louise Topp 3T7 Medicine 3T3 Arts Hilda Marcovitz fi9fg3Qg',, Freda Altman ,rr 'ti' , Rose Bucovetsky 3T!, CPledgesJ 'ge I A ' .Q Dorothy Fish Sylvia Lichtenberg ' gi , ' Lillian Segal Pearl Lischinsky , 3T3 Household Science 3T5 Arts CPledgesj "' .. Leah R. Levi Belle Forman Norma Sanderowitz A is I lg- J U ' . Q Q- I, it Four forty-nine 0 1 1 1 r- 1Q Ol 1 l 1 ,Q to Four fifty ALPHA CHI GMEGA Founded at De Pauw University, 1885 it ' " MX. as' Q In X 5 5 N4 4 Z"07iou'0d0wuw Til dvwwlu Established at University of Toronto, 1930 SORORES IN UNIVE RSITATE 3T2 Margaret Dixon Edna Gardner Mary Gavin Marjorie Glendinning Margaret Hamilton Jean McKinnon Muriel MacKinnon Mildred McGuire Martha Sommerville 3T3 Marian Bodwell Helen Curran Helen Emerson Betty Hooey Gladys MoMurchy Grace Michener Audrey Smith Elena Stacey Verna Voll 3T!, Marian Bond Julia Cundick Dorothy Green Ruth Gregory Mimi Gould Jean Hughes Elizabeth Kennedy Phyllis Kimber Marguerite Landell Mary Lugsdin Gwen Morison Mary Salter Marian Wray 3T5 Dorothy Fairley Evelyn Graham Wilhelmine Slater Margaret Stokes Dorothea Thatcher Dorothy Trollope Pledge Dorothy Dexter 410 Q 'om 9090 'P-xg, Oi bf 1 bl If 40 Or 4 is ,jf 1 19 3T2 Muriel Bartram Doris Budreo Eileen Harrison Sidney Hird Isobel Johnston Willie Ann Luckett Louise Messecar 3T3 Ruth Bradley Anne deLury Constance McNeill Margaret Millar Ruth Payne Margaret Sibbitt DELTA DELTA DELTA Founded, Boston University, 1888 viii " 'hr ,- fs ,RIA ,TQ Zffiifgt' A,"VgZf"f,-'ki ig"v'rg'f'g"x fm 1-44 3'7'L?51" x C' ' I 1 ' . .J4-hau...a..-....n--a.u-- 'Qgyg we I 1, ha: irq Hg E K Q 1 N I iff! X ag E 111' gi 'Q , . f at . ESE! X 1 Kp' Yi gf 54: V f' 1 ? D? ft U. I6 A 53 X. fir' , E 's ,af J. L X " is ihfwkikif Gras'-nw CANADA ALPHA CHAPTER Foundedf University of Toronto, 1930 SORORES IN UNIVE RSITATE 3T1, Helen Cornish Ruth Hara Louise Langford Mildred Martin Gladys Rutherford Ruth Warren Wilhelmina Young 3T5 Architecture Phyllis Cook 3T6 Dentistry Hazel Rollaston Amy Mulholland CPledgeD 'wg-Q-t,,. ' v95:'v I 3 X .,!.,i 0' I 1 1 i :O Or 4 1 1 1 10 Four fifty-two ALPHA OMICRON PI Founded at Barnard College, 1897 BETA TAU Founded at Toronto, 1930 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 3712 Helen Crosby Nancy Drummond Jean Fraser Katherine Gleeson Alice Grant Willena Wright 3T3 Helen Christilaw Helen Dingle Jean Downing Margaret MacNiven Marion McLaughlin Margaret Robb Audrey Thomson 3T.l, Madeleine Coyne Eleanor Doherty Margaret Hill Ruth Jenkins Mary Keeling Helen McLennan Mary Willson 3T5 Dentistry Margaret Cowan g Pledges Margaret Chadwick Margaret Christilaw Ol K I 1 D 40 O 1 I I 0 ADVERTISING AND I DEX "Advertisement is too big a thing for lying-too big a thing. It's the web of modern life .... For most people, flat statement in advertisements is warranty, absolute warranty. And it ought to be." -I-I. G. Wells "The World of William Clissold". Q1 1 r 1 D :Q INDEX In thc hdlowing index organizadons and acthutkm pertahnng to the Ihuvcrity as a xvhcde arc hsted alpluibetkndlyg Uiose winch are dislhicdyffacldty Organizatkbns appear under the faculty or college in thc index. A ADVERTISEMENTS AND INDEX, BOOK V APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Architectural Club ---- Assault Team ------ Athletic Association - - At Home Committee - - Baseball, Senior - - - Baseball, Junior - - - Basketball, Senior - - - Biographies - - - - Civil Club - - - - Class History, 3T2 - Debating Club - - - Electrical Club - - - - Engineering Society - - Gymnastics ---- - Hockey, Senior ---- - Industrial Chemical Club - - Mechanical Club ----- Mining and Metallurgical Club - Dean Mitchell'S Message - - Rugby -------- "S" Holders ------- School Dinner Committee - School Nite ------- Soccer ------- - Swimming - - "T" Holders - - Toike Oike - - - - Track, Indoor ------ Track, Outdoor ----- Transactions and Year Book Water Polo, Junior ---- Water Polo, Senior ---- ATHLETIC DIRECTORATE ----- ATHLETICS, BOOK III ------ ATHLETICS, MEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE - ATHLETICS, WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS, WOMEN'S INTERFACULTY - ATHLETICS, MEN'S INTERPACULTY - - - 453 273 343 341 230 352 352 344 102 269 101 271 270 190 350 344 274 272 275 100 345 346 231 232 351 347 342 219 343 349 213 346 353 294 291 293 361 367 323 B BASKETBALL, MEN'S INTERMEDIATE INTERCOLLEGIATE ------ BASKETBALL, MEN'S JR. INTERCOLLEGIATE BASKETBALL, MEN,S SR. INTERCOLLEGIATE 318 318 317 BASKETBALL, WoMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE 365 BASKETBALL, WOMEN'S INTERMEDIATE INTERCOLLEGIATE ----- BOXING, WRESTLING AND FENCING - - BRITISH RUGBY, FIRST ----- BRITISH RUGBY, SECOND ----- C CAMPUS LIFE - - - 366 312 313 303 233 COMMERCE AND FINANCE Biographies ----- Commerce Club - - - Prof. Jackson's Message - Women's Commerce Club - D DEDICATION - - - DENTISTRY Athletic Association - At Home Committee - - Basketball ---- Biographies - - - "D" Holders ------ Dramatic Club ------ Hart House Committee Members Hya Yaka ------- Dr. Seccombe's Message - - - Students' Parliament - - "T" Holder ---- DRAMA ------- E EAST HOUSE ---- EDITORS, BOARD OF - - EMMANUEL COLLEGE Biographies ---- Dr. Gandier'S Message - Students' Society - - F FABIUS CLUB ---- FACULTY ORGANIZATIONS - FIRST "T" HOLDERS - - FORESTRY Biographies - - - Foresters' Club - - FORMER EDITORS ---- FRATERNITIES, BOOK IV - ALPHA CHI OMEGA - ALPHA DELTA PHI - ALPHA DELTA PI - ALPHA EPSILON PHI - ALPHA GAMMA DELTA - ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA - - ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA - ALPHA OMICRON P1 - ALPHA PHI - - - BETA THETA PI - DELTA CHI ------ DELTA DELTA DELTA CCon1'inued on page 1,563 71 253 70 273 7 354 229 355 115 355 226 279 220 114 192 354 223 234 2 127 126 199 252 257 297 130 200 3 331 450 402 443 447 444 390 334 460 440 425 406 451 Four fifty-four W ,,,. ju .t fi :."'u t c E ag-3? 'si A 'VN rttsf st LINES . i':"3rgxQ""L" ft:-frlzeimf-.ziw-M I .A,:v-,vsxl-Q. vm 5 - I - M,--- 1--'.-:c,n'Y,m , , , . 'af W" ' A,-WW-'-'P' Ceaselessly, tirelessly, the worlf to protect Eaton H N U w,,,,,i3g5g1" bfanded Pfoducts goes for- --! V Ward. Comparisons are made, 'W Eff tests are carried 1-H6 . a is'f4Afff"i' i ' Q r4a+2tiii2ftv' t ' F 'AWD' Af1I3LJKY7v'J"'w' ' Aw' 'nit N' ,T f? ll 1 , I 53 ffQ,Tl'?II...w-H' N , ,s , I s V 4.4 A , fl" , . r- -' ' ' -. l, ,.., . ,,,,-,,,ms-' 'ff .J . ijt! .ff s u " ' 111 Q'2.'ff5Q?gf4'fm'f11v.".f'3 9 ' ' g . . . ., ,, , 'wr ' 1" ' out, researclr IS never stillxxall this energy is directed to wards malring Eaton branded lines A uxgr tlwe best regula ' 33117 tlreir r valu own . 'zjirkif ur' .,.'-u"""" .A 1:-rqnyumqqlk f,..s.f e in parti Wire cular n yo M..-rv,'. class. U lbuy an Eaton firanded article you automatic enSUl'e sati f ' YOU 'wiki L Any, 'm s action for rself 'R , mf-.-.P in 1 vl H301 ' aff-'1v:4i2fz.,wN??W 'I 'vvlis 0 ,.'f33f m,,,,,.t:.s-y .1--1 , .un ,miatnz fv f .1 th M135 ftlmif-.' M . QMITED QT EATQN C Four fifty-fivc INDEXffConfiI1uedJ xl' -,Z 4, I gr I 'III' IIIl'l FRATERNITIES fConiinuedb , P Q I, , , , 1 1 H DELTA GAMMA ---- - 443 I I ' will Jig ' ' I DELTA KAPPA EPSILON - - 408 El, il, V v I f '- ,AT T T DELTA PHI EPSILON - - - 446 P I r A DELTA TAU DELTA - - 434 A f 4 4, DELTA UPSILON - - - - 410 I if I . 1 ' - I , ' GAMMA PHI BETA ---- A 445 - I 5 z I1 ' I INTERFRATERNITY CoIINcIL - - 382 A ff ' I IoTA ALPHA PI ----- - 449 t ' , ' A - KAPPA ALPHA ---- - 400 I KAPPA ALPHA THETA - - - 439 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA ---- 442 ' ' . IQAPPA SIGMA ------- 432 , nrdtjcf ,LQ ' 355 In - In f I 1 KNIGHTS OF THE RoUND TAIILE - 428 I-firfi ICQIIE-'El mmm ur-In LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ----- 436 1'n'Xg T " E E ' 5 NU SIGMA NU ------- 388 I I 0 OMEGA TAU SIGMA - - 385 -Ig -'5 A :f PHI CHI ----- - 396 I "" "M PHI DELTA THETA - 416 I , , PHI GAMMA DELTA - - 430 comblnlng Conserva- W . PHI KAPPA PI - - - 412 2 ' ' 1 ' ' 1 . PHI KAPPA SIGMA - H 404 tlye muslca prlnclp es PHI RH0 SIGMA - - 394 wlth the most modern PI BETA PHI - -I 441 1 , h ' It h ' 0 , PI LAMBDA PHI - - 424 I A2 IC mee anlca ec nlque fr TQ PSI OMEGA - - - 392 I I A "'01 PSI UPSILON - - 422 SIGMA CHI - - - 426 SIGMA PHI - - - - 438 THETA DELTA CHI - - - - 418 Qzagahggibfretzg Cfonfimwd on page 4585 St, Hyacinthgl P,Q. Canada . MIC HAEL' COLI ,EGE Federated with the University of Toronto ALL COURSES LEADING TO DEGREES IN ARTS REV. H. S. BELLISLE, C.S.B. REV. B. SULLIVAN, CSB. SIIPFVAOV Regifmzr INSTITUTE OF MEDIAEVAL STUDIES znzder the Jireffion of PROFESSOR ETIENNE GILSON, PI-I.D. Four jift y-six ll I I Nine-stoned Pagoclas rise brick by brick" X wi' ,I 4 1 Q ' 1 ' ll Ki. WI -Q 'ra -Chinese P7'01'L'l'fJ AND sizable Savings Accounts grow dollar by dollar! Many fortunate people have learned this simple rule to their intense satisfaction and peace of mind. Don't wait until you have collected much money. The important thing is to make a beginning NOW. Start with a one dollar bill and decide to build the edifice of Independence slowly and con- sistently. Every week add a few dollars. You will be delighted to learn how quickly your Savings Reserve, when left at interest, grows higher and higher. Sezfenteezz Bmzzcbes in Ontario Yam?-li' novmce or Olff f I9tSAVlNGS Omcs fViRYOEP05lT6'llfPA r f :ir wocovfmrfffr 0 ' PA R L I AM E N1 HEAD FFICE eunnomcs TORONTO BRANCHES--Bay and Adelaide Sts.g University Ave. and Dundas St.: Danforth and Fenwick Aves.g 2048 Danforth Ave. F0 INDEX- ffonfirl ucdl FRATERNITIES rtforzfirmcclb THETA KAPPA Psi - - - XI Psi PHI ---- ZETA Psi - - - G GERMAN STUDY CLUB - - - GOLF CLUB ---- - GYMNASTIC CLUB - H HARRIER, INTERCOLLEGIATE ---- HART HOUSE ------ - - - HOCKEY, MEN'S JR. INTERCOLLEOIATE HOCKEY, MEN'S INTERMEDIATE INTERCOL- LEGIATE ----- - - - HOCKEY, MEN,S SENIOR INTERCOLLEOIATE HOCKEY, WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE - HONOUR SCIENCE CLUB ----- HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE Basketball ---- - Biographies ----- - Household Science Club - - - Swimming ------- Undergraduate Association - - Qtlonfinued on page 4605 420 386 398 250 316 320 307 169 311 310 309 366 246 376 136 277 376 181 WYCLIFFE C O L L E G E TORONTO A RESIDENTIAL Theological Col- lege for the training of young men for the Ministry of the Church of England throughout Canada and in the Foreign Mission Field, in accord- ance with the principles of the Refor- mation. The courses of study provide for instruction in Arts at the University of Toronto, with Theology at Wlycliffe College, leading up to the degrees of B.A., B.D., D.D., and the L.Th. Cer- tificate. Wycliffe College is situated in the University Grounds. Its students have full access to all privileges of the University Library, Hart House, Gym- nasium, Athletic Grounds, etc. A number of Bursaries are available for .vtudeuls in need of financial assistance. For Calendar and information as lo Conditions of enlrance, Courxex of study and Bursaries, apply to the Bursar and Registrar, Mr. Harry Burch, llnyrliffe College, Toronto, or to REV. R. B. MCELHERAN, M.A., D.D. A 5K 'alll v 'llwv 19 l sim' l DQ loqolr X I Erfviovl Q n H. ' uw fr + I , igfllli -ff,rl,l, -'3 QE!! 5570, I ,ll 2:1 fs ' vi 19 flwlffllii' E .lil 1 W 4 QW " A fSorner'Sfone Ns! of the Coinmunif HE Bank is indispensable to modern civilization. Its activi- ties are bound up with the welfare of the community, to which it both gives and owes its life daily. It must be conserva- tive, yet it must move to meet the times. It must fill worthily a position of honour, responsi- bility and trust. You will like banleing at the Royal The Ro al Bank of Canada Four fifty-eight , -'MW XS X-C, Axkk 1 ,1 U:-,5g,,,1,' as O15 ' 110 V R upp? F very! mg ectnca l CAN ADA ROM the giant generators which develop our water power - - to the lamps which illuminate our towns and cities - - "everything electrical" is made in Canada by Canadian General Electric. In factories at Toronto, Peterborough and Montreal are manufactured hundreds of products bearing the G-E Monogram - - motors that turn the wheels of Canadian industry - - Refrigerators, Ranges, Washers and Cleaners that save time and labor of modern housewives - - Radios that offer the best in entertainment - - Clocks that tell "electric time" - - Sunlamps that help maintain health. Because General Electric products are Made in Canada f V they save you money. Buy what you need NOW - - and ff ,Z buy Canadian-made goods. In doing so, you will quicken ,gg f , the return of better times. XX X I N A C ,,,, y . --" We-' ' U4 A . , A, . i friifss 6 A A C ' V9-l 1 AP A ,Tm r , . 1 K. , 4 . ,F -'-l qigqtaifs ja, g wt, rirr ,st A A Xa it fill? L i X- . ' ' i A ii fhiorvgsnviiil Q ' Vkdrbfggf . . X . ,ma .so-24 ' g ,X CANADIAN GENERAL ELECTRIC CO, LIMITED Four Jiffy-nine INDEX-fC0nfinuedJ l ITALIAN AND SPANISH CLUB - - 251 J WITH JOINT EXECUTIVE STUDENTS' ADMINIS- 1 TRATIVE COUNCILS ----- 180 THE K COMPLIMENTS KNOX COLLEGE Ol: Biographies - - - - 124 Men's Residence - - - - 289 A Soccer ---------- 359 Undergraduate Association - - - 197 FRIEND L LACROSSE ----------- 322 LAW CLUB ---------- 254 LIBERAL CLUB --------- 248 LITERARY AND DEBATING EXECUTIVE - - 242 LoRETTo HoUSE COMMITTEE ---- 263 LORETTO LITERARY SOCIETY ----- 263 M MACDONALD-CARTIER CLUB ----- 247 MATHEMATICAL AND PHYSICAL SOCIETY - 245 CConfinued on page 4625 Only in PHOTOGRAPH will COLLEGE DAYS always be remembered. All negatives are carefully filed and extra copies may be had at any time. GEQRGE FREELAND Portrait Photographer 89 BLOOR STREET WEST PHONE KINGSDALE 0504 Four Sixty Q J K 5- W KJ Q F f HL all Q 3:12:24 in Q J X rf s j YJ may ue offer our congratu lations to the Editor and to the Students' Council of the Uni- versity of Toronto on the corn- pletion of this their 34th Year Book and Saturday Night Press for their nzasterly hand- ling of the mass of detail. I f we have contrihuted to the success of Torontonensis hy putting our hest into the Engravings we are a in P l y rewarded. S-J SQEVIC6 QHGBHVQPZS Ll IT! ITED l1l'1 JOHH ST. ToR.on'ro wone funn 7309 -,D Four sixty-one INDEXfQf'Or1finucdJ MEDICINE Athletic Association, Men's - - - Athletic Executive, Women's - - Athletic Teams, Women's - - - At Home Committee - - - Biographies ---- 3T2 Class "T" Holders - - 336 380 380 228 87 338 4' .H x J K . A xr r My-, ' .Q I P, ' Daifydil Committee - - 225 Harrier ----- - - 340 0 CTS - - - - ' 35d122?in?3555yMeagg - - 1 1 TCDRO NTONENSIS afffH-rd- - - - - A - A ers ------- . Woirgireris llnfierlgraduate- Associa: 189 1 9 3 2 N NEWMAN CLUB - - 249 NORTH HOUSE - - - 282 t has been a O real pleasure to worlc OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY I . Biographies -------- 150 WItI'l tI'IC CdItOI'S of CCO'nIinued on page 1,645 great university annual in the produc- tion of this its thirty- fourth edition. Charles Aylett CPI - 1 - IOIL Og I Il 10 161 lfzzfiiing N I G I I T Patronage Of Students 73 Richmond Street West Sfudio: 96 Yonge St. ELgin 6714 T O R Q N 'I' O Four sixiy-fwo The Wnihersitp uf Uinruntu CTIII3 PROVINCIAL UNIVERSITY OF ON'FARIf5l The University of Toronto has the following Faculties: Arts Cinclud- ing Sciences and Commercel, Kledicine, Applied Science and Engineering, Household Science, Education tOntario College of Educationl, Forestry, KIusic, School of Graduate Studies, Dentistry. Arts Colleges: University College, Victoria College, Trinity College, St. KIichael's College. The School of Hygiene,ihoused in the building provided by the International Health Board of the Rockefeller Foundation, embraces the Department of Hygiene and Preventive hfIedicine, the Department of Public Health Nursing, and the Departments of Biometrics and Epidemiology and Physiological Hygiene. The Connaught Laboratories. which consist of Research, Antitoxin, and Insulin divisions, are intimately related and in close affiliation with the School of Hygiene. Teaching, research and public service are the functions of this School and of the Connaught Laboratories. Special Departments: Social Science, University Extension. Federated Theological Colleges: Knox College, Wiyclitfe College and Emmanuel College. AfI'iliated Colleges: Ontario Agricultural College, Ontario Veterinary College, Ontario College of Pharmacy, Ontario College of Art. Other institutions controlled by the University: Royal Ontario Kluseum tin conjunction with the Provincial Cwovernmentl, Toronto Conservatory of IN'Iusic. The University has very close affiliation with the Toronto General Hospital and privileges in the Sick Children's Hospital, St. lNIichael's Hospital, Wfestern Hospital, and the Psychiatric Hospital. Hart House, a unique recreational, social and athletic centre for male students. Residences for men and women students. Students' Union for women. The average annual enrolment, apart from that in affiliated colleges and in extension courses, is approximately 8,000 fifddzfss .' UNIVERSITY OE TORONTO, TORONTO 5, ONTARIO Four sixty-three INDEX-ftionfilrzzzedj ONTARIO VETERINARY COLLEGE Biographies -------- 133 Dr. McGillivray's Message - - - 132 Students' Administrative Council - 195 O.R.F.U. ----------- 300 P PHARMACY Baseball - - - 258 Basketball - ---- - 357 Biographies ----- - 157 Dean Heebner's Message - - 156 Hockey ------- - 358 Soccer ------- - 357 Student's Executive - - - 198 PHYSIOTHERAPY Biographies ----- - 152 PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING Biographies ----- - 154 R RESIDENCES ---------- 281 ROWING, SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE - - 319 RUGBY, INTERMEDIATE INTERCOLLEGIATE 301 RUGBY, JUNIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE - - - 302 RUGBY, SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE - - - 298 Ctwonfirzued on page 1,665 Stationery that is orrect Those wbose tastes are most fastidious will tell you that tlaere is a Holland Linen style or size to suit every occasion. Wflaen next buying your writing paper. be sure and ask or Holland Linen, 0 .444 'Kal o r' '4 P 1 5-ilk-2 f . . qu-QRS? the statzonery in the ' 'H-44' - blue box. Made in Canada by W. GAGE 8: CO., Limited TORONTO - MONTREAL - WINNIPEG . R6 L 'IIQAEG .. . ai rr-'wil' wnfwml U- s - rw , iii M., nuslnrss lSTABI.lSNED1B42 SINCE 1843 WE HAVE HAD THE H O N O U R OF SUPPLYING THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO WITH HOODS, GOWNS, ROBES, Etc. Harcourt 8: Son Limited Toronto Established 1842 CLERICAL TAILORS -- ROBE MAKERS -- MEN'S FURNISHINGS 103 KING STREET WEST EXTRA COPIES of this volume of TORONTONENSIS may be purchased from the S.A.C. Office, Hart House, at 85.00 each. Members of all years are invited to take advantage of this opportunity. 'Y' Act now- tbe supply is limited Four sixty-four 1836 - Hittnritt Hniuvrnitg - 1932 COMPR ISING victoria Qllulltgt Emmanuel Cllulltgt IN FEDERATION IVITH THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO 1856 Upper Canada Academy, Cobourg, opened. 1892 Victoria College federated with University of Royal Charter granted. Toronto. College removed. from Cobourg to 1841 Faculty of Arts established. Name changed to Faculties of Medicine and Law dis' Victoria College. ' , . I , 1903 Annesley Hall Women's Residence opened. 1845 First degree in Arts in the Province conferred 1910 Birge-Cqrnegie Library opened b' V' ' C ll . X ' ' y lemma 0 ege 1913 Burwash Hall and Men's Residence opened. 1354 FHCUIYY Of Medicine e5fabli5h9d- 1926 Wfymilwood Women Students' Union opened. 1860 Faculty of Law established. 1928 Victoria University Charter amended. Victoria College-Arts. Emmanuel College- 1871 Faculty of Theology established. Theology. 1951 Emmanuel College Academic Building and Men's Residences opened. REV. E. W. WALLACE, M.A., D.D. PROF. C. E. AUGER, B.A. Chancellor and President Registrar CO ER The RROW BROTHER Limited Superfinish Process Wvholesale Stationers : Bookbinders : Paper Dealers 100 SIMCOE ST. TORONTO Four sixty-Jive INDEXfeffonfirzucdb S ST. HILDA'S COLLEGE Athletic Society - - - Basketball - - - - - Hockey ---- - - House Committee - - Literary Society - - St. Hilda'S Chronicle - Swimming ---- - - Tennis ----- - - Women's Association - ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE Cercle Francais - - - - - Dramatics - - - - House Committee - - Literary Society - - Students' Administrative Council - ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE A Baseball, Women's - Basketball, Women's - Biographies ---- Father Bellisle's Message - - - 377 378 379 187 267 217 379 378 267 265 268 264 265 264 375 374 55 54 Student's Administrative Council - 194 Tennis, Women's ------ 375 SENIoRs, Book I - - - 15 SOCIAL SCIENCE Biographies -------- 144 SOCCER, MEN,S INTERCOLLEGIATE - - - 321 SOCIAL ------------ 227 SOUTH HoUsE ------ - - 283 STUDENT ADMINISTRATION - - 179 STUDENT'S BAND - ------- 253 STUDENT PUBLICATIONS ------ 241 STUDENTS' CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION, MEN,S EXECUTIVE -------- 240 STUDENTS' CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION, Wo- MEN,S EXECUTIVE ------ 241 SWIMMING, MEN,S TNTERCOLLEGIATE - - 308 T TENNIS, MEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE - - - 314 TENNIS, MEN,S INTERMEDIATE INTERCOL- LEGIATE --------- 315 TENNIS, WOMEN'S INTERCOLLEGIATE - - 363 TORONTONENSIS --------- 212 ToRoNTo INTERCOLLEGIATE CHRISTIAN UNION --------- 255 TRACK, INTERMEDIATE INTERCOLLEGIATE - 305 TRACK, SENIOR INTERCOLLEGIATE - - - 304 TRINITY COLLEGE Amateur Athletic Association - - 333 Biographies ------ - 63 Hockey --------- 334 Literary Institute ---- - 186 Provost CoSgrave's Message - - 62 Rugby ------- - 335 Science Club ----- - 266 "T" Holders - - - - 334 University Review - 216 U UNDERGRADUATE ACTIVITIES, Book II - 167 Four .sixty-six ust a tiny jet of TER to cut the hardest steel! STRANGE things take place in the busy Westinghouse Research Laboratories where the eyes of modern science search out the amaz- ing fundamentals of physics. Here you may see a piece of Cobalt steel defying the laws of gravity by fioating in mid-air. Here are instru- ments so sensitive that they can measure the amount a man can stretch a heavy iron bar barehanded. Here, for example, you may see a piece of nickel steel, famous for its hardness, gnawed in half in four minutes by a tiny jet of water! In the experiment illustrated above, a plug of hardened steel was fixed in a disc revolving at 20,000 r.p.m. or about ISVZ miles per min- ute! At this speed a thin stream of water was played across its path which cut the metal in two as easily as if it had been cheese. This torture of metal was but one of a series of tests made to determine the endurance of metals under the increasing stresses of modern engineering. Through research, Westinghtmuse contributes inestimably to modern Industry . . . for re- search is the reconnaissance party of industry, roving the unknown-seeing for the first time things that will benefit the whole world in the years to come. A A v t. Q Everytlaifzg Elefiriml for Home llzzlllslry and T7'z1I1SI707'fdfi0l1 Athletic Board - - - 325 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Baseball, Senior ---- Baseball, Junior ---- Basketball, Women's Junior Basketball, Women's Senior - Biographies ------ Class History 3T2 ---- French Society ----- Hockey, Senior ----- Literary and Athletic Society 3T2 Men's Executive - - - 3T3 Men's Executive - - - 3T4 Men's Executive - - 3T5 Men's Executive - - Men's Residence - - - Players' Guild ---- Prof. Wallace's Message - Rugby ------- Soccer- - -4 - - - Swimming, Men's - - Swimming, Women's - - Tennis, Women's - - Track ----- "T" Holders - - - "U.C." Holders ---- Undergraduate, The - - 3T2 Women's Executive - - 3T3 Women's Executive - - 3T4 Women's Executive - - 3T5 Women's Executive - - Women's Literary Society - Women's Undergraduate Associa- tion- - - ---- - UNIVERSITY EXTENSION QTEACHERS' COURSE, Biographies ---- Mr. Dunlop's Message - University Organizations - - V VARSITY, THE - - - VICTORIA COLLEGE Acta Victoriana ---- Annesley Student Government - - Athletic Club, Women's - - Athletic Union ----- Badminton Team, Women's - - Baseball, Men's ---- Baseball, Women's ---- Basketball, Men's ---- Basketball, Women's Freshie Basketball, Women's Junior Basketball, Women's Senior Biographies ------ Bob Committee ---- Chancellor Wallace's Message Class History, 3T2 - - - College Union ----- Debating Parliament - - - 3T2 Executive ------- 3T3 Executive, Fall and Spring 3T4 Executive, Fall and Spring 3T5 Executive, Fall and Spring French Society ----- 328 329 369 368 20 19 259 329 182 202 203 204 205 285 224 18 327 327 324 369 368 326 324 325 214 202 203 204 205 268 196 83 82 239 213 215 185 370 320 373 331 371 331 373 372 372 40 280 38 39 184 261 206 207 208 209 262 THE PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE GRADUATING CLASS OF ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE, "ST. MIC,HAEL'S, LORETTO AND ST. jOSEPH'S" WERE MADE DY Frederick William Lyonde and his Sons 112 Yonge St. at Adelaide PLEASE COMPARE- NVE ARE PERFECTLY TO STAND BY THE RESULTS. WILLING Lacrosse ------- Literary Society ---- Middle House-Burwash Hall Music Club ------ Permanent Executive - - - Swimming, Women's - 330 262 - - 288 260 39 - - 371 Tennis, Women's - - Water Polo W - -374 - -322 WATER PoLo,INTERcoLLEG1ATE - - - 306 WHITNEY HALL - WoMEN's DEBATING UN1oN - WOMEN'S JUNIOR "T" HoLDERs - - - WOMEN'S PRESS ASSOCIATION WOMEN'S SENIOR "T" HoLDERs - - - WYCLIFFE COLLEGE Athletic Association - Biographies - - 286 - - 243 365 244 364 Literary Society - - Principal McElheran's Message - Students' Christian Association - YEAR EXECUTIVES Y 356 121 - - - - 193 120 276 - -201 'S-ml Z , w 6? QPZLQW-I ? , ff?-"I ,X GJ, '- Four sixty-seven . if-'rn V . ,.4. -1-, Kee. ' ,HT 1:1 ....,,. 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Qu. 11 .1 ,V , ,J ,, 1 W , ,. . 1 , I . .1 . . .X . -Mu '1.vv it lm . M, , 1,-,Q , 1 Q1 M14 HL -,R-1,1 , , ,J 1 11 1' 1 1 .. .1 .1 1 111 4 1 . J, A 1 -. .,. .1 . A 1- .I-f.A1,"1g 2 ," - ---1 Htnlut lx-hh . r .IW '11 ,, -1 .1 - 11 K ". "" f1'r:r' -PM , ,Q Q ,Q ,1 ...nj 1 .Q 11--,, -ms.. ,mv 1 f 2 'Ph ,1 '1... 1.1. ., .,: - I-11. .V .1 1 p li , ' X1 1 I 1 1 MJ, ,.1.1',f. , 15. lv' .1 1 ?fl z' :"'.'11'- .'C .V -"1 :F ' vf- -get 6153-"' ,J 1 A-'Q 14 ' 'xu1Qi1'l 1qiri.'1'.',h..1-i.j'T' 1 'S 11" . YYXWI Ps 111 ,- .-:gas .z.1f11!r:. ,.,j,+' -+9-':1 '-1 123. ' 1 '- 'A ..,-.ywf . v..1 ..1:. ,1' 11-4 111.31 if-11, .1-11 1: ',-1g"1in1-'. ' L-12' 11111- 11, ' 'wwrf 151,11 1' - ,' 'S-fx' 11.1115 ,i11!' 9? 315 " -It tg... ., 1-,.:..l,,g 2 ugijfv, -- .11-111 11.1. - 4 f ,N 1ps1-,vi-1,3 'Q .1,,. K ,..5gH,1,45 I .17 J' - --ig. .-15361. 1 .1,r,-- V 1.1.. , .1 "' eK"1?e:, M1511-. . 'F- , 1L111..'.1. All ,11 1 11, Y 3.1. 4..1,5x.1.,-1, ",":"q 11,19.,,J. !" '1,fiJ1 .3 A-45.111,-14' .f152.,4 -7:5,-1,1- ,I ,1w111- 1 . , .' - ,. -1 1 .1 ff.: s.1.'i.f-51 ,151 'I.,1 ' 'Q Mg, -514 . -A. - L.-Je ' -:L '. ..f'1Q"?"7f7I'-c 1 ., . -1., , 1. ,1. , . 1 -1 11 111, -1 .1 '1.111i, 1, ,.- -1.111 , 151 .1 " ' 1-.1 .141 .- - J- ttf .11 1- '1- , '. 1: .1 "1 - .R '.- :1 ' 1 , , 1' 1111, -JA! '1 ".X'1fflf'11'H'fL:' 1f?.1l3..-012.1-311.5511 gr w.13r:g:.Q fig, J V U -yr 1.1.1 11 .r - 9- -. 1. 1 1.,,vx,1A..'. L 1.-' 1f' 1 1 1, 1 'w 1 MV11 1 Q 11 .u. . .I 1 ., 1 . 111::, '.1' 11, ' K, ,"' 1 1 -- 1. 1..,11-1 -:1 , , '41 11 1 11 1-'1, '. -1 ,'Z' 11" ,,'.,. ,' 1 1 1 , yn., A ,, '1 J' .1 1 .1,1- 1 . .,,. X ., 4.5, U 1 7 . A I' ll. Mu- . 1 1311 1 .131 ,MI Fai, i I P, 11 1-.- 1- 'lv ,,m.'7-I In-,Ing ,rape , .glfllkli ,1 J J ' o 1 , ' Ani l P -I- 5 J u p n i . 5. I .,. T. E .51 I ' ' N - 0 was ,4 -L J ""'N.: ' v V. '1 " 1' , ff . . -. . 1. I . 3 I I, f I . 1 .P x T' I I ' 1 na 4' x ' Q I,. u . 5 I, . I II , 1. 1- II I 1 1 ' ' I' , I ' -Q I I, r ,. gi I .. . 3 ' ' I -5. w I +- 1 ' r.I II ' - I 5 1 V I . - , " uf! ' sl 'L' ",- 4 I I,"IIIZ' ' 'I 4 ..,....5,,..,?,,-I - fII'III II'-SL .'I'-3 V 1 I . ,I-. -V 4-N-Bf.j.:,tIIA I X l ' x MY I-'I I' I I I,.. 9 . ' 'X - . . -MQ. Y ' ' I1 F 'I r - - ' I .rn " , , I 5, I I ' I ,. ' I . .I K. - . ' I. gf - v r' ' ' 1 I s A I II x . I I Jn 1 , ' I ' . .. ,- ' ' Q . ' ,, . ' I ,Q-Pl' ' . Isl . 1 ,III - f -,I 'II I . ' 1- , . 0, '- 'cp ,-l7q .- 7 ' .Y ' ar. , I. .v-I,..Ii.u-4 I , ' x ' fr ' L , ,. I "- A - f ', 1" , 1 KI 1 II I .gf-Q, I 'Q . ' HY' al:.I! 1 71: s AN 7' -' .I ' , , , v-- O , , la ,.: I . , q . . .f .I f '. I I 1' fa-I t h fdatg, " In QI L'? wlwuq HA' 961 4. w he 1 W I,,! I 1 ' 1 W as A + Ti- J ,x 1'1" ' 1 VV' 1 1 Q 1 '. 1 11 1 .1,,,. . 1. 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' ' ' F 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' X- ' 125' ' '. M ' .fzhyf -' h "' , , 4, Q . , . 4 A . , Q., , ' ,',,, ., 1 .' . 'f 15.' ,A s .. - .' "" , 3' -T l J. 11,1 " q f ,, Lw z, ,- ,, yn , W V 1 J, , I ,, 5 K gf' - 1'-M ' wr ,,-"Hi, 31 .,.-JG., A ' ". , 4 . I .. I ' . ' '. X L ' 'A ". " 1 -:Z - ' .',.7-Ml Q' U '-f , -. . - , .- ,. 1 , ' , -' -' ff- x N. . ". ,' , ': Q' -'- " 2 ..I ,V . , 1-2 '41 V ' ' ' A Iv ' X 4-, - ,. .' 4'-4v.I1.IfX in " ., '1 ' I " v' , I' I X' a v" " 'f .' ,G - ' T , "5" ' - ,Wh QM Au! ' .w,,1"hy Yf' - ' ' ' 1 , ' . , r .1 1. ' u 4 . . . -1 . ' X i I . Id. . 1 I. . x , 4 ls' ., fl. A . II- u Y: 1 . v f . . ' . ' 'f . H A I V. ,V .n . f., mx - '44 1 4 ' ' - 21 -if . 2 - J- . -, 2,1 mf' , - 1 - . I -f . A ' ' ' .,.,A.. . ' - ' 3 , -A . I , ' , 9: s , . 5-, ,W , - . f. - I ,P . I I .1 X f X . ,, U , i, I 2.7, . - fl, -r'-. M . , .Uv ' ' , .- , 41 . ,. 1. ', -.3-1 , . ,.'f' 1 - '-- , . - . b, ,, : -. 'Q-9. .'-' ul ' 1, S- ' . " v- V' V .' ' fl . 1 .. ' . M 2 , N 6- A I 1 -1, .1 E . , l V Q 4 A . jgzj V 1 . R 4 V, I 5 A I . , V. A A . ,Nl l , . X, -l , N 5' 5 ., , f 5 .if . ,QW ' G V . ', . .x,, I .1 ix , A' I A , -f,..:,g :ng . " xg--27 A, ,.,' .- ,. ,, w.. ' " 'f ' , " fa V '- - X Y EQ ,fl .-Q. xl ' " -" ' , fl ,- QV' - '. ' f " ,V x I . , 4. . X 47 ,nl Q, I ' , , . H, X uf , , - - rr., , I ' .- K . ' 1. .- ' ' , ,-Y, --.uv n,',1,ff, .,- . , . - x,..N .' -X V . - - , ,, E, X- ' 9,3 ' , 7 V 1 , V ,, 4 ,,, , A . g I K . . P ,, AQ, s n I .1 . . 4 1 I -, -1 ,, . ul? r " ,Z .74 -. 1' X . ., ,", V, 'lu -' 1, h 1 , dr.. , I - J t 1-V? " - .f 1-, I Y A .T AAI v- - x V ,. .: ,g ".r :L 'lf .. , . -,c , I I J, , .4 ,, gf I .Z .F ., I .4 I ' ' ' ' ' . -'2 "1 V 1 , . J' . I, , .. Q, , -, f - ,-I .V , V .Q '-,- gn 2. ', Y .. ' , H - r 1 '1. 5 J' - J ' 17 . X . - - 7 ,A , X . f .' 1 -. ' , 4, D 1. ' ' ' ' . . . lv. . . J-1 --' A A , ' ' '4 i 1: ' - . ' - ". - 1 'A ' , ..- H' '- -. 1" . W .. ,Q , . I my . -,. . L, 3 X -,. J ' ,. ' 1 , W . -QM - ' x ,,. - vw- -a..,'.x'. . -, - 1 JI., A . ': ,.- I .xx X V - ly.. . . 1 . W V J 4 4 . , ' V ,UI-,., I I . ' ' i ' " X - , V . 1 ', " ' S. ., V fl-f , 7' ." ',' , ' .' -V 1" . , ., . .L . Y. M. -I w, . I ,- , - . , ., , x .3 f 5 f 'Af 1-V ,. - , -.., , Q, -'wg-. .1 '- 2 ' , ,- . -f -., 1 1 1 - - ' , . , 1 - vw . 3" 1 L, , 1 . , , ' " . , 1 -x :I ' ,s , ' 'f.. V - N . -1 lv .Iv . .4 ,iv .- , . . X: ,- -. .'. . I . ,, .. -' N gr . ' '- '. 1 1 ,ff 4 , . -- , ' A .l I I . C W W f ,, T A . .1 1 L pa' X, ., ' ' - . . 1 f ' Q v .v . . - .,. . ,f . f J. s J - . A . ' ' - . - .. J -"' M ' U . X, . .5 ,, . nl 1 1 Juv X, . ff ,rwx vm I . ,- ' wa-L ,a 3, .. , Q I f ., 'qif J 11. f , , x I -3,."'.d ,V - . wan" 3: ' A 3' W - xwt '., M 1. i ,- V54 v fy A 1- x S'-r-+45--N I v. 1 v A Q4 A J r Hlf , 1 o 'xp if 5 I 'S '-.rn I Mn If .,., V 'ii Q, .3-'Pia' y!,.' 1 h h !"n' "' ff ' -:QV vu--iq ' 'Q,,gnx. , puma .QM f1,,!-F-.,":.-,- , . f -hw un, - 14, f P1 1.11. ax' if WY fx . .-I Gc 971 . 302 '1'63ut 1932 UNIVERSITY GF TGRONTO CQMMENCEMENT ARTS FRIDAY, JUNE THE TENTH NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TI-IIRTY-TWO 1 W I,,! I 1 ' 1 W as A + Ti- J ,x 1'1" ' 1 VV' 1 1 Q 1 '. 1 11 1 .1,,,. . 1. ' 1,1 My .1 . , ,1 1 L 1 1x 1 1 1 'I .r1- 1 1, .i ' ' Vx ""- ' ' ,Y f 1 1 1 J 1 1 ' x ' I 1 H 1 ' ' V . 1, xf q 1 1- 1 E11-1, 1 f 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 L w f 1 1 P ' L s 1 -1 ' 1 1 1 1 W U 1 1 1 a L 1 . 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 x 1 1 11.1 1 1 5,11 1, 1 '1 V. 1 ' 1 . ,, .i ' f 1 . , xl 1 1 ,. .K I1 .1 14 1 111. 1 11 J L1 I 1 'u HIV' 11' 9' V1 1 N ' I. M114 " 11,141 .1 ,. i1." 'va' 1. 11 4 - 1 1.11m .1111 1 1 f x 1 51 1 , 1 ' 1 11 ' 1 11, 1 ' 1 1 1 11 11.11 1 L XX I 1 , 1 1. i 1 1. 1 3 1 1 1 1 "D F 1 n"1 ' 11j1-1 1" I 1 .1 1 1 . 1 12' u 1 , 1.1 1'1" 1' ' 1, 1' 1, 9,1-1: L, 1- 5. Alva Doris Elford Bertha Minden 3 1833 03576 7679 ADMISSION T0 DEGREES Bachelor of Arts Classics Presented by Professor J. C. Robertson With First Class Honours Clara Elizabeth Coningsby Gwyn Helen Claire Toll Gordon Armstrong Hill Constance Mary Hinds Hartley Howard May Smith Lathe Lorraine Alicia Paterson Helen Jean Sanderson Robert Lowder Seaborn Mary Elizabeth Taylor Oriental Languages With First Class Honours Terence Victor Hart French, Greek and Latin Rita MacDonald Wilfred Anthony Teevens Modern Languages Presented by Professor Lang With First Class Honours Elizabeth Barclay Burton Ethel Cutler Margaret Jean Kennedy Margaret Inez Mingay Eunice Margaret Noble Ernest Adie Sally Adelaide Ballard Eileen Battle Esther Margaret Berry Eva Rosamond Berry Pauline Jeanne Bondy Dorothy Elizabeth Fraser Brisbin Mary Almeda Casselman Mary Lauder Cassidy Dorothy Emma Rudolph Kathleen Marjorie Russell Harold Robertson Sneddon Doris Carol Trott William Gardner Connor John William Hugh Doherty Jennie Oliva Anna Farley Rose Gwendolyn Frame Frances Isobelle Garbutt Evelyn Alexandra Estelle Gist Janice Evelyn Grey Margaret Frances Halle Hasel Marjorie Hammond Mary Gretchen Heyd Hazel Amelia Euldean Hill Ronona Marie Laplante Mary Loretto McGarry Naomi Matilda Mackie Mary Esther Moran Mildred Catherine Pelan Dorothy Burns Rae Hannah Noelle Roy Elizabeth Mary Rutherford Mary Margaret Slater Bernard Sommers Barbara Eileen Sutherland Beatrice Mary Symons Charles Zachariah Wahl Elizabeth Annie Welch Della Margaret White English and History Presented by Professor Hodgins With First Class Honours Jocelyn Moore Stewart Arthur Anderson Alexander Murray Balkwill Dorothy Louise Bishop George Gordon Brooks Myra Eleanor Freemantle Muriel Bernice Hodgson Joan Castell Hopkins Mary Castell Hopkins Dorothea Portia Alexander Jeffery John Frederick Little Caroline Alice Adel McQuade Margaret Eddy McRoberts Nan Matthews Nora Irene Millen Bernita Marie Miller Lorne George Mitchell Louise Ann Reith Howard Jennings Riggs John Wilson Riseborough Lawrence Kennedy Shook Helen Scott Slater Dorothy Phyllis Smith Ruth Eleanor Sparling Catherine Irene Steele Donald Urquhart Marian Alice Wagar Frank Norman Yeigh John Henry Yocom Modern History Presented by Professor C. Martin Ada Harris Anderson Helen Mary Hamilton Robert Annis Jenkins Ada Lewis McKnight Margaret Ellenor Ryerson Political Science and Economics Presented by Professor Jackman With First Class Honours William Petty Walker Leo Warshaw John Galbraith Abraham William Edgar Brady John Darius Williams Cumberland Charles Lightfoot Monteath Douglas Fred Louis Dreger Brock Macdonald Evans Ernest Malan Henderson Alexander Ross Little La. Shirley Armstrong King Logan Donald Walker McGibbon Hubert Anthony Martin Boris Telford Parkinson George William Robinette Ralph O'Neill Standish Elya Marie Louise van Hoogenhouck Tulleken John Augustine Vila Ross Franklin Wilson W Presented by Professor Kennedy With First Class Honours Edmund Abner Brown John Leslie Stewart Frank Aime Vallat Johnston Montgomery Armstrong John Donald Burwell Francis Henry Chambers Robert james Cudney Robert James Patrick Gunn Clara Miriam Halperin David julian Lees Irwin Maurice Rosen Manny Spring Philosophy Presented by Professor Tracy With First Class Honours Howard Hewlett Clark Philip William Downer Stuart McGill Farwell Gordon Stewart Baulch Donald Fraser Forbes George Edward Gillespie Noble Hatton John Michael Kelly Daniel James O'Grady Philosophy CEnglish Daniel joseph Morris Ernest Sydney Ottley Gerald Dalton Sanagan James Leo Slattery George Moore Wauchope Smith Stanley Taylor Henry John Wilbert Valiquette John William Witzel or History Optionj With First Class Honours William Charles Hebdon Charles Parson Hartley Holmes 5 Eugene Davidson Howey Mary Isabel Martha Roger Psychology With First Class Honours Catharine Isabel Stewart Esther Einbinder Miriam M. Winston Mathematics Presented by Professor Burton With First Class Honours Israel Halperin Mona Lyons Gordon David McKinney M athematics and Physics With First Class Honours Frances Maud Axworthy Jean Irene Lucille Kinnear John Paul Blewett Sam Levine Daisy Gilberta Bolton Grant Harold MacCarthy Arthur Albert Brant Norbert Joseph Ruth Herbert Givens Herman Edwin Totton Max Louis Kaplansky Headrick MacLaren Allan Murray Nelson Monsinger Helen Mabel Chandler Physics and Chemistry With First Class Honours Alan Hastings Woodcock Biology Presented by Professor Wasteneys With First Class Honours Albert Murray Fallis Florence Alice Wright Edna Gertrude Carlaw Edward James Rundle Mason Anna Chorolsky Evelyn Marguerite Pearce 6 Biological and Medical Sciences With First Class Honours William Caswell Vining McCutcheon Jeanne Forrest Manery Paul Barnard Hamilton A Frances Hutchinson Stewart Donald Richard Eason Steven Nicholas Sukmanowsky MacLeod Stanley James Taylor Mary Emily Marshall Chemistry Presented by Professor Allan Gordon William Alles Mary Adelia McQuhae Orloff Harris Howden Harold Robert Timpson Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology With First Class Honours Alexander Stewart Dadson Arthur Coombs Morris Myer Freed William Oswald Reevely Victor Ben Meen Mary Louise Elder John Virtue Young Leonard Hynes Geology and Mineralogy With First Class Honours William Smith Savage Household Economics Presented by Professor Benson With First Class Honours Ena May Boon Margaret Schwartz Edith Marguerite Ellis 7 Anna Jeanetta Campbell Marjorie Mae Davis Dorothy Dunbar Denyes Hilda Dunn Flora Jean Faulds Dorothy Blanche Fleming Margaret Constance Gladman Dorothy Corneille Griflith Margaret Helen Hamilton Catherine Grace Hayden Dorothy Hayward Sydney Hird Muriel Frances McKinnon Alice Ruby Masterson Elizabeth Jean Reed Thelma Marie Samis Mary MacLachlan Sibley Marjorie May Thompson Helen Pauline Wattie Frances Evelyn W'est Jean Edith Wilson Pass Course Presented by Dean DeLury With Grade A Standing Kingsley John Joblin Douglas Francis Kent James William Kerr Robert William Loffree Willie Ann Luckett Leslie Alexander Bruce MacLean Mary Margaret Pattison Aubrey Melville Smith Margaret Frances Hanna Spaulding Jeanne Muriel Steele Frances Louise Ackerman Arthur Glenholme Algate Robert Lochie Algie Jean Whittaker Allen Donald Clark Amos Margaret Anderson Rhoda Alexandria Anderson John Douglas Arnup Leita Eileen Ash Margaret Alberta Attwood Harold Stewart Baker John Heintzman Bascom Edward Wilson Bayly Dorothy Mliss Beattie Grace Alexandra Beatty Robert Rutherford Beatty Frances Helen Begg Dorothy Elizabeth Belton Charles Joseph Benson Ruth Allison Black Franklin George Boardman Marjorie Ramona Bonney Lester Gerolamy Bowles John Melville Boyd William Richard Hamilton Boyd Jane Elizabeth Brien Lenore Marie Broatch Barbara Page Brown Doris Ida Mae Budreo Edmund Eugene Burns Marion Elizabeth Burt Phyllis Ethel Calvert Marjorie Melville McLeod Cameron Jennie Annabel Cantwell Mary Ethel Carroll Jessie Marie Carruthers John LeMesurier Carter George Henry Cartwright Patricia Josephine Cashman William Rentoul Castell Norman Edward Caswell Arnold Maynard Centner Marion Wilson Charles Presented b Joseph Augustus Cosentino Agnes Josephine Costello Ella Mary Coughlin Dorothea Agnes Crawford Jack Crawshaw Laura Helena Crews Frances Louisa Crooks Amy Louise Crouch Gretta Lois Cunningham Billie Curtis Cuttell Margaret Macfarlane Bell Davidson Olwen Davies Lester Scott Davis Arthur Earl Smith Davison Lela Eleanor Davy Warren Perkins Davy Fred King Dell Carolyn Hamilton Denison William George Deutch Kathleen Mary Dick Kenneth Young Dick Judith Elliott Dickinson Margaret Mary Dixon Margaret Jane Dods Michael Thomas Doherty Florence Edith Donaghy Doris Isabel Donald Walter james Dunbar Helen Virginia Kinnear Eakin Beatrice Hawthorne Child Frances Caroline Clark Arthur Caspersz Cochrane Edward Blake Coll y Principal Wallace George Alexander McKay Edwards Ola Agnes Alexandra Elliott Rufus Williams Ellison Albert Wesley Fair Harold George Feasby james Gordon Fee Catherine Jean Fish Colin William Flannigan Alan Freeland Foot John Edward Ford Mary McCreary Francis jean Smith Fraser Vincent joseph Fullerton Helen Bentley Gillies Margaret Mary Glintz Margaret Ada Goodman Fanny Wilhelmina Gordon Hazel jean Gore Charles Douglas Campbell Graham Agnes Malcolm Gray Margaret Elizabeth Green Gerald Francis Canning Harrison Alice Aldora Hayes Wilma Alice Hazlitt George Theodore Heintzman Howard Roy Hendershot Charles Joseph Henry Earle Marshall Hewlett Presented by Chancellor Wallace Stewart Llewellyn Higgs William Livingston Hogg Frances Elizabeth Holton Barbara Alison Hood Harold Edgar Hopkins Sylvia Horwich Margaret Stewart Houston Almina Margaret Howard Mary Marjorie Hudgins Elizabeth Lloyd Hunter Ella Louise Hurlburt Thomas Garnett St. Clair ' Husser John Michael Hussey Hugh John Hyland George Frederick Clarence Jackson Mary Florence Grace Jeffery Herbert Leo Johnston Isabel May Johnston Joan Ewart Keagey Wilfrid Martin Kehoe Florence Constance Kelly Edward Vtfalter Kenrick Margaret Elizabeth Keys Melvin VVilliam Laing George Laughlin Robert Brown Laycock Elizabeth Margaret Lea Alexander Duff Leask Marguerite Ida Rhodes LeGrow Mona Williamson Lennard Constance Mary Lewis Howard Herman Lindsey Kenneth John Liphardt Mabel Margaret Lipsett Alexander Haig Little Anthony Philip Lococo Frank Robert Longstaff Hannah Marie Lorraway Margaret Elizabeth Loughlin Mary Margaret McAlister Noel Herbert McCabe Rhea Mae McCoubrey David Gordon MacDonald Edwin Charles Macdonald Marian Ruth McDowell Margaret McFarlane Willena Hilda McFarlen Mildred Verna McGuire John Helps McKay Wilma Jean MacKechnie Elma Louise McKenzie Hugh Sinclair Mackenzie John Stuart McKinnon Raymond John McKnight Aldyth Clinton McLaren Amelia Patricia Proctor MacLean Mary Jean MacLean Presented by Professor Kirkwood Catherine Audrey McLeod John Walker Macmillan Wallace Spence Macpherson Myrtle Mary McQueen Mary Catherine Mace Percy Sutherland Rutson Malcomson Courtier Vaughan Maltby Charles Manders Tamiko Maruyama Mary Elizabeth Mathieson William Lawrence May Edith Marion Merrill Mary Ellen Ruhamah Mervynne Louise Elsie Messecar John Henderson Metherel Bessie Miller Arthur Minden Margaret Grace Mitchell Gordon Hamilton Moffat Wilfrid Joseph Mogan Margaret Joan Maude Montgomery John Earl Bruce Morris Frederick Wright Morrow Jean Palmer Morton Matthew Thomas Mulcahy Francis Elmore Thomas Mullin Gwendolyn Maud Murrell- Wright Helen Mary Foreman Musson Jeanette Marie Naud Constance Elizabeth Nelson Margaret Laura Newman Helen Isabel Nichol Howard Ernest Nighswander Hugh Philip Nolan Katherine Louise O'Brien Frances Mary O'Connor Thomas Patrick O'Connor Lilian Patricia O'Reilly Sheila Maclean Owen Percy Penturn Robert LeRoy Pepall Gwendolyn Lila Phipps Dorothy May Porter Emma Marie Poupore Eva Aileen Power Marion Douglas Price Dorothy Minerva Prouse Marjorie Pryor Frances Rabinowitch David Kenneth Rea Margaret Russell Redditt William Oscar Regan Kenneth Lowry Reid Robert Patrick Braddon Reid Helen Elizabeth Rieder Mary Giles Ripley Muriel Eileen Rowland Presented by Professor Bellisle Alice Eleanor Rutledge john Michael Ryan Marguerite Elsie Rynard Ruth A. Rynard George Edgar Sage Janet Carolyne Stewart Scellen Frances Jean Schwartz Orpha Muriel Scott Margaret Agnes Scrimgeour Mary Evelyn Scully Stanley Hubert Seal Irvin Benjamin Sharpe Alexander Shearer Andrew William Shearer Fergus joseph Sheehy John VVilliam Sheppard Virginia Pearl Sidenius Shirley Elizabeth Simpson Mary Dorothy Simpson-Ray john Carrington Smith Jean Margaret Smith Olive Irene Smith Ramsay Gibson Smith Muriel Talbot Sorby Dorothy Elizabeth Staebler Louise Riley Stewart Mary Eileen Stewart Robert Shaw Stewart Kathryn Aldis Tait Dorothy Edith Thayer Kenneth Morton Thompson Harry Silverwood Tidman Helen Katherine Tompkins Rheta Eleanor Towle Marjorie Edith Tripp Hilda Christina Tumelty Norma Marie Urstadt john Frederick VanDuzer Margaret Cynthia Caroline Walker Arthur Gordon Wallingford Flora May Ward Margaret Elizabeth Warren Wilfred joseph Weiler Lillian Agnes Lotta Weir Joseph Edward Welch Isabel Justina Wells Kenneth Douglas Whatmough Albert Frederick Wiley Ruth Evangeline Wilkins Margaret Florence Willoughby Catharine Nancy Wilson Laura Matilda Wilson Roma Margaret Holmes Wilson William Bruce Wood Ruth Donaldson Wythe Adam Campbell Zimmerman Carol Lillian Zoern MEDALS, PRIZES AND SCHOLARSHIPS - IN THE FACULTY OF ARTS AWARDED BY THE SENATE OF THE UNIVERSITY IN THE THIRD AND FOURTH YEARS M EDALS The Governor-General's Gold Medal ..... P. W. Downer The James Loudon Gold Medal in Physics.A. A. Brant The Coleman Gold Medal in Geology ..... 'Sig-12525 aeg. The B.A.A.S. Bronze Medal in Science .... I. Halperin PRIZES The Quebec Bonne Entente Prize ........ Miss E. B. Burton The Italian Prize of the Third Year ...... A. F ranceschelli The Carswell Prize in English Constitu- tional Law ......................... J. E. M. Hancock The Carswell Prize in Federal Constitu- tional Law ......................... F. A. Vallat The Anna Howe Reeve Prize in Household Science ............................ Miss C. M. Currie SCHOLARSHIPS Fourth Year The -Sir Wilfrid Laurier Memorial Scholar- ship in French ...................... Miss M. L. Cassidy The David Dunlap Memorial Scholarship in Psychology CHonour Coursej ....... G. M. W. Smith The David Dunlap Memorial Scholarship in Psychology CBio1ogical and Medical Sciencesl .................... ,...... M iss J. F. Manery The David Dunlap Memorial Scholarship in Psychology iPass Courseb ..... ..... M rs. M. F. H. Spaulding The Marion Dickenson Scholarship in Household Science ......... ......... M iss E. M. Boon Third Year The Aikins Scholarship in English ........ A. E. Barker The Maurice Cody Memorial Scholarship in Modern History .................. E. C. Gould The G. H. Armstrong Scholarship in Cana- dian History ....................... R. A. Jenkins The First Alexander Mackenzie Scholarship in Political Science and Economics ..... J. R. Anderson 12 The Second Alexander Mackenzie Scholar- ship in Political Science and Economics. C. B. Macpherson S. E. Stewart iaeq The Dent McCrea Scholarship in Law ..... J. E. M. Hancock The David Dunlap Memorial Scholarship in Psychology ...................... Miss M. L. Northway The A.A.A.S. Scholarship in Mathematics and Physics ........................ C. A. Naylor The Ramsay Scholarship in Physics ...... H. Givens The Daniel Wilson Scholarship in Biology. .F. E. J. Fry The Daniel Wilson Scholarship in Bio- logical and Medical Sciences .......... j. Green The Daniel Wilson Scholarship in Chemis- try, Mineralogy and Geology ......... C. H. Caesar The S. R. Parsons Scholarship in Commerce and Finance ........................ B. Borsook OTHER AWARDS The Rhodes Scholarship ..... ............ J . L. Stewart The Maurice Cody Research Fellowship. . .O. J. McDiarmid L. Warshaw l deg' The Maurice Cody Scholarships ......... 1. F. A. Vallat 2. J. E. M. Hancock The John H. Moss Memorial Scholarship. .F. A. Vallat The American University Scholarships. . . .A. G. Heakes L. Tarshis The Elizabeth Ann Wintercorbyn Award in Botany .......................... A. A. Hildebrand The William E. Wilder Fellowship ....... H. L. Wolfson The Bourse d'Etudes ................... Miss K. M. Russell AWARDED BY UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Fourth Year MEDALS The Governor-General's Silver Medal in Modern Languages .................. Miss M. I. Mingay The McCaul Gold Medal in Classics. ..... No award The Breuls Gold Medal in Political Science and Economics .................... L. Warshaw PRIZES The Tracy Prize for Ethics of the Pass Course ...... ....................... M iss J. M. Steele The Fletcher-Johnston Prize for Latin of the Pass Course ..................... Miss J. M. Steele 13 SCHOLARSHIP The van der Smissen Scholarship for German .............. . ............. Miss E. B. Burton ' T hird Year PRIZES The Florence M. Neelands Prize for a French Essay. ...................... D. Coldofsky SCHOLARSHIPS The Grasett Memorial Scholarship in . Classics ............................ Miss H. B. McKee The Moss Scholarship in Classics ..... . . . .No award The Julius Rossin Scholarship in Modern Languages .......... ............... A . Franceschelli The Elizabeth Ann Wintercorbyn Scholar- ship in English and History .......... No award The john Macdonald Scholarship in Philosophy ......................... L. Epstein ALL THE YEARS The Squair French Prose Prize .......... Miss M. I. Mingay The St. Margaret's College Alumnae Prize for Public Speaking ................. Miss M. P. Clark AWARDED BY VICTURIA COLLEGE Fourth Year The Prince of Wales Gold Medal CPasS . Coursej ............................ K. J. Jobhn The Prince of Wales Silver Medal CPass Courseb ..... ....................... J . W. Kerr The Edward Wilson Gold Medal CClassicsD .Miss H. C. Toll The Regents' Gold Medal COriental Lan- guagesj ........... ................. T . V. Hart The J. J. Maclaren Gold Medal CModern Languagesj ......................... Miss E. M. Noble The S. H. Janes Silver Medal CModern Languagesj ........ ................. M iss M. J. Kennedy The Regents' Gold Medal CPhilosophy, English or HistoryD ................. C. P. H. Holmes ae Miss M.I.M. Rogeri The Regents' Gold Medal CMathematicsD . . I. Halperin The Regents' Gold Medal CMathematics and Physicsb ....................... A. A. Brant 14 The S. H. Janes Silver Medal CMathe- matics and Physicsj ................. J. P. Blewett The G. A. Cox Gold Medal CScienceD ...... Miss F. A. Wright The S. H. Janes Silver Medal CBiological and Medical Sciencesl ...... ......... W . C. V. McCutcheon The S. H. Janes Silver Medal CHousehold Economicsj ........................ Miss M. Schwartz The Reginald Heber Manning jolliffe Gold Medal CEnglishj .................... Miss M. I. M. Roger Third Year The Hamilton Fisk Biggar Scholarship . CPass Coursel ...................... C. G. Kitney The Hamilton Fisk Biggar Scholarship CLatin, French or GreekD .... ......... E . H. Norman The George Dennis Morse CEnglish and Historyj . . . The Hamilton Fisk Biggar CHousehold Economicsj. . The Regents' Scholarships: A. M. Beattie Miss H. C. Brown F. M. Cass Miss R. L. Eggleton Miss H. L. Finnegan R. E. Haist Scholarship ............A.M.Beattie Scholarship ............MissC.M.Currie Miss E. A. Holliday . P. Lindsey F' F. G. Millar L. J. Milne E. H. Norman The Reginald Heber Manning jolliffe Scholarship CEnglishj ................ A. M. Beattie The Hodgins Prize CPass Englishj ........ Miss D. E. Pringle All the Years The Lincoln Hutton Scholarship Cl-English Essayj. ............................ H. N. Frye The Lily Denton Keys Prize CEnglish Essayj ....... ...................... N o award AWARDED BY TRINITY COLLEGE Fourth Year The Prince of Wales Prize in Classics ..... Miss C. E. C. Gwyn The Prince of Wales Prize in Mathematics. Miss F. M. Axworthy The Governor-General's Silver Medal for the Best Degree ............. ........ A . H. Woodcock The Governor-General's Medal for the Headship of St. Hilda's College ....... Miss F. M. Axworthy 15 6 .. ' 4 Third Year The Scholarship in Political Science ...... J. R. Anderson The Scholarship in the Pass Course ....... Miss M. K. Pellatt All the Years The Prize for Latin Prose ............... H. Howard AWARDED BY ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE Fourth Year The Mercier Gold Medal in Philosophy. . .D. J. Morris The Sir Bertram Coghill Alan Windle Gold Medal in Honour English ............ Miss M. C. Hopkins The McBrady Silver Medal in Pass Course. Miss W. A. Luckett The Daniel Meader Gold Medal in Mathe- matics and Physics .................. N. J. Ruth The First Carnegie Scholarship in Medi- aeval Studies ....................... D. J. Morris The Second Carnegie Scholarship in Medi- aeval Studies ....................... G. D. Sanagan Third Year The Scholarship in Latin CFrench or Greekb .... ......................... J . C. Wey The First Scholarship in Philosophy CEnglish or Historyj. ................ A. P. Greene The Second Scholarship in Philosophy CEnglish or Historyj ......... ........ R . J. Thompson 16 Ani l P -I- 5 J u p n i . 5. I .,. T. E .51 I ' ' N - 0 was ,4 -L J ""'N.: ' v V. '1 " 1' , ff . . -. . 1. I . 3 I I, f I . 1 .P x T' I I ' 1 na 4' x ' Q I,. u . 5 I, . I II , 1. 1- II I 1 1 ' ' I' , I ' -Q I I, r ,. gi I .. . 3 ' ' I -5. w I +- 1 ' r.I II ' - I 5 1 V I . - , " uf! ' sl 'L' ",- 4 I I,"IIIZ' ' 'I 4 ..,....5,,..,?,,-I - fII'III II'-SL .'I'-3 V 1 I . ,I-. -V 4-N-Bf.j.:,tIIA I X l ' x MY I-'I I' I I I,.. 9 . ' 'X - . . -MQ. Y ' ' I1 F 'I r - - ' I .rn " , , I 5, I I ' I ,. ' I . .I K. - . ' I. gf - v r' ' ' 1 I s A I II x . I I Jn 1 , ' I ' . .. ,- ' ' Q . ' ,, . ' I ,Q-Pl' ' . Isl . 1 ,III - f -,I 'II I . ' 1- , . 0, '- 'cp ,-l7q .- 7 ' .Y ' ar. , I. .v-I,..Ii.u-4 I , ' x ' fr ' L , ,. I "- A - f ', 1" , 1 KI 1 II I .gf-Q, I 'Q . ' HY' al:.I! 1 71: s AN 7' -' .I ' , , , v-- O , , la ,.: I . , q . . .f .I f '. I I 1' fa-I t h fdatg, " In QI L'? wlwuq HA' 961 4. w he

Suggestions in the University of Toronto - Torontonensis Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) collection:

University of Toronto - Torontonensis Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


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