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A 1.3 ' hw ff' fvf, AMX 1 V 9.5, x I V. 1, in V 'V mfr ' ' var. , ,VVAVV .7 ali., V . 0704" .V 4,1 ,4- ', 'fjnhff 'L 'fs L' V I' V I , 1-'ff FL, if V '-.Nt ffm ' Vw? .w.V.V,,' Vx if wi.. V., Q V ' 'VV 5. 'Q V4V I Q.-'QV Y, Y f:'x- V a ,AJ1 'V lin- V' "3 V, .-.81 , lf., '. -I .V Lina? 'V .wi V A-VUQLI: ilk. 'N V' I : . V ' Q V-K V' j 'V ni-' 7' V 'VV v J"4lf1"-4'V'eI' If - V ' . 4, 1 .V ' W ' I ' .M V .N i 'VL VV , ,I , V,V 1 ' . ' , V . I, "LV vN','V" 'Lge 1 'LV V I MV I I ' I '-f' .1 9741 .w ,V . 'li' V 'A , ' ,I , M V 5 .l.V V V W L 'V 1 ' V '. 3,57-V, ' ' 4-It V V.! -v .V , . ' , ,- V z,- ' ' ! f- 1' V 5:1-"VV EV. M- 1 f fu? 'A ', wil' HYV, 4 V 'V -V,V,.-V. V . wff, ,lp . 1 4'4.r'3 V , VV.. 'j- 'J ,V Vw! "If" V :VV Q? V: ' ,V V ,."M4 ns VV ., ,V V1-gm rig, V ' VVI' f -' . ' J' VV"'V'.,f'FV,l5 '. E ,J ,V Hg r ' V ' V .V " V. .V Vi V JFV-, VVV: .1 I V 4 " 'fy . :.,JJ - ' 'VV V- - V, V. , 4 . , ' 1 V V J.-,Z f,'1r', LV' ' -'QQ' '4V' V V. ,V .V , V MI .A V,, zVV:' Vg V V " ". CV. ' ' ' ,V V ' '-WU..-.. V 1 "N 1 V ' A 1 V V dk V 'lr W V ,eV A ' V V Y V . V 1l"'I'lV 'VV :V V' r.'- V V '1. .M 1 - A -1' V V V ' V ,. 1-V 1. . '14 1, .- .- . V I ,V 51' VK I 'QV' 1 ,YAV V ,V V' V1 'V 1 5 1 c V V V I V xg, A 1.3 ' hw ff' fvf, AMX 1 V 9.5, x I V. 1, in V 'V mfr ' ' var. , ,VVAVV .7 ali., V . 0704" .V 4,1 ,4- ', 'fjnhff 'L 'fs L' V I' V I , 1-'ff FL, if V '-.Nt ffm ' Vw? .w.V.V,,' Vx if wi.. V., Q V ' 'VV 5. 'Q V4V I Q.-'QV Y, Y f:'x- V a ,AJ1 'V lin- V' "3 V, .-.81 , lf., '. -I .V Lina? 'V .wi V A-VUQLI: ilk. 'N V' I : . V ' Q V-K V' j 'V ni-' 7' V 'VV v J"4lf1"-4'V'eI' If - V ' . 4, 1 .V ' W ' I ' .M V .N i 'VL VV , ,I , V,V 1 ' . ' , V . I, "LV vN','V" 'Lge 1 'LV V I MV I I ' I '-f' .1 9741 .w ,V . 'li' V 'A , ' ,I , M V 5 .l.V V V W L 'V 1 ' V '. 3,57-V, ' ' 4-It V V.! -v .V , . ' , ,- V z,- ' ' ! f- 1' V 5:1-"VV EV. M- 1 f fu? 'A ', wil' HYV, 4 V 'V -V,V,.-V. V . wff, ,lp . 1 4'4.r'3 V , VV.. 'j- 'J ,V Vw! "If" V :VV Q? V: ' ,V V ,."M4 ns VV ., ,V V1-gm rig, V ' VVI' f -' . ' J' VV"'V'.,f'FV,l5 '. E ,J ,V Hg r ' V ' V .V " V. .V Vi V JFV-, VVV: .1 I V 4 " 'fy . :.,JJ - ' 'VV V- - V, V. , 4 . , ' 1 V V J.-,Z f,'1r', LV' ' -'QQ' '4V' V V. ,V .V , V MI .A V,, zVV:' Vg V V " ". CV. ' ' ' ,V V ' '-WU..-.. V 1 "N 1 V ' A 1 V V dk V 'lr W V ,eV A ' V V Y V . V 1l"'I'lV 'VV :V V' r.'- V V '1. .M 1 - A -1' V V V ' V ,. 1-V 1. . '14 1, .- .- . V I ,V 51' VK I 'QV' 1 ,YAV V ,V V' V1 'V 1 5 1 c V V V I V xg, EX LIBRIS 457945, BOARDWEDITORS Wilfrid E. Shute George L Roberts 5 I-I eanne Baxter Charles N Carseallen Ahee M Strong W1111am A Monkhouse ohn W McFarlane Warner A H1gg1HS YQ? 27 I r 1 x Y W - J l - r . r r ' 1 1 .I . ' ' Y X 'fl' X Y Y Z" I I 28 THE YEARBQQK I UNIVERSITY I OF TORGNTO hono imli slsl Qf v Y V0 L.XXX. . PUBLISHED BY THE JOINT EXECUTIVE OF THE STUDENTS ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL Allen County Public Library 900 Webster Street P0 Box 2270 Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2270 DE ICATIDN U those who finishing, have just begun, We dedicate this book, in the hope that it may help to keep ever with them, the pleasant hours, the interest- . ing people, the Wonderful associations---the life of their University days. 1 "Help me to hold it! . . . Such ,life here, through such length of hours, Such miracles performed in play." Browning. X X w l F X X - 1 I r 4 3 ADaughters of Time, the hypoeritic Days, Muffled and dumb like barefoot dervishes And marching single in an endless Hle, Brinv diadems and faggots in their hand To each they offer glftf, after hls wlll FNIIIRSON . P Q V T CO TENTS SENIOR YEAR S ATHLETICS STUDENT CGVERNMENT GRCANIZATIONS ERATERN ITIES il. A ga, , 51' ' , -V Q "1 ' - qi L.. s.:-.nw 'mm S -S.-:nw mafia.,-yuan... Q.,-.1-..-.n 333752 swf 555615 z RQ MEWQ ' " Q +-4-ug... --Q Si Huy, W f. 9 1 ' Q , - 4-5' , Y . 4 . . WW! , Y ,' . ,Wt , .,, i , W, um 4- , . , ',, xf , , . f W! . ,,. v , V L , . . 'f X . 'ff "1 , ' ,H ,. , . A , .. - ,' ' y 4' ,qw ,Y A '. s' ,Wy 'X f f -63. , K Q, A , .. in EXWKEQQ' . ruff- ENT' . 'Q ' f:"'ff' Ei' -' F',:F':1'A:sf'3?Q' WT ' viva 1 1. .Q ,A - p. f-Q , MMM Wag 1 X, :r j 1 ' :M ,-' ' 5' was -WV W' :"' . " fl 1 H!-. SK. Qi! Lax: A 4 14 4, eg Q V+ v '1 Q! se 4: ,f Qi Q .fi 74? Q! sf fl .. fi 1 w . mr 3? 45. ,: lt El ,I F1 uf ,f 'gk "' :rw - 2" 1.--40-1.-4 '9-W, una-mania-nueuvm - . .U in X V315 z"'J1.4 'ww HPKAY 'Ar' f A Q .1 'J A -f sf 645 iii Y wh .gm Fm 22 'a 531 wi f , Si. E.: 2 .-R , A Lp -EY? ga ia E? , K 1" i f Q mx 11. Y 5 r fl kg ug ge Q. fu vii 74 4. ga ,. wzwiks. :Q nail-1.-1ff0wxu"' yy-.1.aa-my va.,-.5-v :isg-fu" :ua awmumwzfnllihaifdnneuwdkidhmlvbitstfibimiaah U-IK?-M"N-' , .."' . I 41- ' ffr -' , . -3. , 4 .P vs ' fn F Q 1, m v 'Qi 1 '57 :Y f . 2 , M if f 1 I .,,. nz . .zu A ' ii , .I 0, - it if gf , 1 U My ij, Y '. H, 1 I -f fy 9 fa ' 4 ,y 4, qv I: l, .V 1 ,. 1 . 4 -,,vf,- ,,,.,, :A X Q. I . f rf I fl B I i EU NIOR YE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE COMMERCE VICTORIA COLLEGE TRINITY COLLEGE ST. MICHAEUS COLLEGE A MEDICINE SCHOOL OF PRACTICAL SCIENCE DENTISTRY FCRESTRY WYCLIEEE COLLECE KNOX COLLEGE EMMANLIEL COLLEGE HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE SOCIAL SERVICE OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY ONTARIO VETERINARY COLLEGE X5i'3"' ,. ef. - ag: ,. -f.--,-f-q---- - ' -- A ' V - To l he Members of the Graduatmg Classes tHE N x ears after thrs you casuallv turn ox er the leaves of T0RONITONENbIb T l the faces w1ll recall to you at the trme of therr happrest youth some w o w1ll have proved sour warmest and most loval fuends These at least the record w1ll alwavs keep for you as they were X ou w1ll rev1ew what -Lal comrades have done well that they have performed 1n the Splflt and not merely accordmg to the letter the dutres whether professronal pubhc or domestle whrch have fallen to them to fulhl X our unlverslty has provrded you wrth a gooo foundatron and unless vou should be so unfortunate as to fall 1nto had health you w1ll have to take responsrbrhty for what rrses upon that founda t1on The world does not owe you a lrvmg In prov1d1ng you w1th a un1vers1ty educatlon xt has gn en you more than It grves to most Moreover the man rn the street IS 1mpat1ent w1th those who cast upon others the blame for the1r troubles Thrs v1car1ous rmposrtron creates an unpleasmg and prohtless hablt Some rt IS true are favoured by fortune others enter upon l1fe wrth a handlcap, but as a rule the 1n1t1al advantages only mean a good start and the hand1cap a somewhat delayed get away The real worth of the person soon begrns to show rtself ln our country socrety rs so Hurd that there are no hard and fast barrrers whlch lt 15 drfhcult to break through Though the age of the proneer IS gone there strll remams the Splflt of free movement and the reward for 1n1t1a tue Therefore I glue you mx word of cheer and hrgh hope as you leave the UIIIVGTSITV M irch '7 1028 Preszdent Szxfeen 5 r Zqr f ' ' f' - -3 ' lZ"5-i "fl ' T I Y .1 ' V , -, N s rs N 'A J - - X ' 23 . - 7 ' T . . lf 443' - . ' my has happened to each and w1ll, I hope, be able to say that your old 115' Y ' ' ' 7 Y l 9 1 u i I I ' u , y -K 1 1 n 1 y - in Z 0 7 u 1. -1 - X V v 7 3 . . . I v - v 1 z ' -, . T. X ii?r . V N- ZZIZA ' 'ZX Z !,,- Z?-SZ?-. ff?-fffjxl fx f f ,ff-'-' il 37' f 5- fi-'f-4-X 25 " Z-A ff ,lk AIVUN. UNIVERSITY 'ff COLLEGE "ff H. M. MacCa1Ium, C. G. Mitchell, A. E. Brown, E. A. MacDonald, ,-1ss't Secfv- Treus President Vice-Pres Sec'y- Treas. Class of2T8, University College, 7. PIRIT" Cand let not the vulgar misinterpiret the terml is an attribute I, that 2T8 has never lacked. The enthusiasm of the members of the 19 A 2' class for the year, for the College, and for the University activities has amply proved it. Our re-unions will reaffirm it. The vicissitudes of fortune, and the casualties of the Spring, have slightly thinned our ranks, but not our spirit. Our graduating class is fand still will be after examsj exceptionally large. The keen support of these large numbers has combined with the notable co-operation between the men and the women to place our year parties and functionsyguided by a succession of exceptionally able executives, in the "best-ever" class. Individually, as well as collectively, the year QT8 is outstanding. The dis- criminating gaze of posterity Cbest represented in our case by the class of 3T1D can single out both individual men and women champions in the varying arenas of tennis, basketball, soccer, hockey, rugby, assault, swimming, track and other games whose name is legion. In inter-year, in interfaculty, and not least in intercollegiate sport, the name of QT8 will survive. Posterity will realize, however, that we have by no means entirely run to Hbrawn ". Have we not a Rhodes and other scholars in our midst? Do not our voices rise in debate at Hart House and the VVomen's Union? What year pre- dominated in the foundation of the " U.C. Parliamentary Club", and the "U.C. Magazinen? Have we not done our share, yes and more in the "Varsity" and the "Players' Guild"? Did we not Cdoubtless unwittinglyj do more than any other year to get initiations banned from the University? Yet, as we look back, we realize that although the limelight of publicity and fame may have settled upon us, the principal things have been the friend- ships formed, the continual enjoyment of four happy years and the conviction: "I,ife's more amusing than we thought." Iiiglzlecn '.. , . :.',,. mi . A .' Y -xfzfg. 'A A I A ' 5794 ,. - .J ' ' . 2' l tc- L-.Y ... ' h56?'?Y1, N. A .. 'li-'Q'1. I A ' . f ,wr axx qwwts -f f I .: -W-.:,fA5 ' .A 'iff 5' 'iii' fvgfy k SQA N 53? x X .'.,,,-.XM I ur. X 'Ext' AJ fx Ng. A ' 1'-,,,, A -, if S f '6 fl A 'safari A .52 1 4.561 X 9 3-L9 M X vqpu , . .....,. - .-A... .3 . GEORGE ALAN ADAMSON . General Course. ' ARMINE ALLEY ..............., . General Course: Athleticsg U.C. Lit. Society: S.C.M.: Art. N. AMES ......,.L........ WALTER GILRAY ANDERSON ,......,..., General Course: Archibald McArthur Scholarship IIIQ Squash. MAURICE VVILLIAM ANDREVV QEXJ ............... General Coursey Interfac. Rugby 1, 2, 33 Interfac. Basketball 1, 23 Lit. Exec. 'Wy Exec. Wycliffe, 13 Hart House Debates, 4. JOHN CRAIG ARCHIBALD .....,. Mathematics and Physicsg Exec. II, IV. DOROTHY S. ASHBRIDGE ..... . General Course. Mwwcrs A Clarkson, Ont. Toronto, Ont. Hamilton, Ont. Rutlam, India St. Thomas, Ont. fcliffe, 23 .Athletic Seaforth, Ont, . Toronto, Ont. ALICE BAKER CACIDJ .1 .......... : .....,, Chatham, Ont. General Course: Literary Society Exec. I, II, IIIg Interests:-Languages, Music. FREDERICK GLEN BAILEY ....... ...,,,.... T oronto, Ont. Honour Science: Physics. GEORGE ROBERT GRIFFIN BAKER QGAX .... ...... . . . Toronto, Ont. General Courseg Macdonald-Cartier Clubg Mgr. U.C. Magazine 43 Literary Director U.C. Lit. 4: Jun. Inter-Coll. Rugby 2g Sen. Arts NVater Polo, 3, 4. ISABEL GEORGETTE BALTHAZARD ............. . . . Paris, France Modern Languagesg Edward Blake and George Brown Scholarships QI 8: Iljg Squair Prize QIIJQ Treas., Italian-Spanish Clubxlllg Pres., French Society IVQ Interests: S.C.M., Hiking, Swimming. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Nineteen WII,LI,xxI JOHN BANKS .......... Toronto, Ont. General Coursey C.O.T.C.g U. of T. Liberal Club. C. Ross B.-XRRINGTON .......... Russell, Ont. Mathematics and Physics. HELEN JEANNE BAXTER CAIIAJ .........i...... Toronto, Ont. English and Historyg University Settlement III, IV: NVomen's Editor TORONTONENSIS IVQ Art Groupg Literary Societyg Interests:-People, Parties. FRANCES MARIAN BEAN ......... . Kitchener, Ont. Modernsg Queen's Hall -Head girl, No. 7 IV. H. W. BECKINC. .......... . Long Branch, Ont. XVILLIAM ALTON BEER CAKEJ .....,........... Toronto Economicsg Honoursg Intercol. Boxing II, 112 lb. champion III: Sec. BWV. and F. Club IV, Follies Comm. IV. ARCHIBALD IVIIXCDONALD BELL KATJ ............... Chatham Mineralogy and Geol0gY2 Rugby, U.C. Ig jr. Intercoll. Champs. II, Intermed. IIIg U.T. Rugby IV. FLORENCE IvEs BELLSMITH . . . . . Toronto General Course. DAVID BIDNEY ..... Toronto Honour Philosophy, honours. IVILLIAM ELI BIRD .................... Hamilton Political Science, Div. Ig Economics, Fencing, Shooting, U.C. Rugby IV, C.O.T.C. ALICE ELEANOR BLACK .................. St. Catharines, General Course, Household Science Option: Queen's Hall. ' J Twfnfl' UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Y Ont U.C Ont Eng Ont Ont Ont Ont p, in ,,,.,,,-.,,, ,V, , L ,,,..- ., , D. ...-...,..,.....M-........,.W......,,... ..-R: 'Qu .f . Q M ...M N, .Du Q, I 5 f ll ...A 'Rig ,Q Ourc MR f , 5 ,, .. in Q -2 ff, ,l d z-5 3 ,. f s fl fini dig 1 9 D O H Q w ,af XE- wt it naw: REGINALD A. BLYTH . - ....4.... Royal Oak, Mich. Mathematics, U.C. Track Team, II, III, IV. ROBERT RAYNES BONIS ................,.. St. Mary's, Ont. English, Historical and Classical Studies, C.O.T.C., Varsity Band, Vlfycliffe Lit. Society Exec., III, IV. ELIZABETH E. BRETT , Toronto, Ont. General Course. A. ELIZABETH BROWN ............,,..... Toronto, Ont. General Course, Year Exec. II, Pres. VV.U.A. IV, Finance Comm. S.A.C. IV. JOHN PRICE ERICHSEN BROXVN ,ATB ............... Toronto, Ont. English and History, U.C. Rugby I, III, IV, U.C. Rowing II, IV, Curator, Hart House Library III IV, Library Comm. III, IV. v AGNES HAMILTON BRYDONE ..,.......... Milverton, Ont. Mathematics and Physics, Queen's Hall, Interests!" Problematicalf' MAURICE EDGAR BURCH .......... ' ....... S carborough, Ont. English and History, Pres., Manager Knox Tennis Club III, IV, Knox House Comm. IV, Vice- Pres., K.C.U.A. IV. ALEXANDER YOUNG CAMERON ...... ........ C obourg, Ont. Mathematics and Physics, U.C. Basketball. G-ENEVRA V. A. CAMPBELL ............,,..., Toronto, Ont. Psychology, U. of T. Glee Club I: Literary Society I, French Club I, II, S.C.M. I, IV, Biological Club I, II, III, IV, Players' Guild I, II, III, Philosophy Club II, III, IV. MARGARET GORDON CAMPBELL KAFJ ................ Perth, Ont. Political Science. RACHEL CARP CAfIDEl . Windsor, Ont. General Course. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Twenty-one Y ffl :JW , 4 ,A vga, f , ,N N., ' EL ,. ,- I A new Y 'H -,. If, vi , 'eg . A I . 0: ,,"29x,s+sf,fzi', ' .I ELEANOR MARTHA CARR ...... . Barrie, Ont. English and History, NO. 9 Queen's Hall. HELEN HARDING CARR ................... Toronto, Ont. General Course, Household Science Option, First Year Exec., Second Year Lit. Exec. DONALD DAY CARRICK OPTD ................. Toronto, Ont. English and History, Honours, Aiken Scholarship IV, Heavyweight Boxing Champion I, II, III, Senior Intercoll. Rugby III, IV, Canadian Amateur Golf Champion II, IV, Athletic Director, Uni- versity College IV. GEORGE LEWIS CARRUTHERS ..... . Toronto, Ont. General Course, MacDonald-Cartier Club. CECIL GILLESPIE CASSELS ...........,,,.... Toronto, Ont. General Course, Class Exec. I, Players' Guild II, IV, Interests--Life, Letters. HELEN ROsALIE CHADVVICK Toronto, Ont English and History. ALBERT GORDON CHANNEN ................... Barrie, Ont General Course, Theology, VVycliffe Soccer II, Treas. Lit. IV, I.C.D.U. Rep III, IV, Hart House Debates Comm. III, IV. IVIARION ELIZABETH CLARK CIIBCIDJ ....... General Course, Queen's Hall, Literary Society Exec. IV. GERTRUDE CONRAD CAPAJ ...,...... General Course, Queen's Hall I, II, Players' Guild. LILLIAN RUTH CORNISH .......... English and History. VVILLIAM ALEXANDER CRAW . . Midland, . Waterloo . Toronto Peterborough Twenly-two UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Ont Ont Ont Ont ,. .. . , .. ,, . H I -I ' ' ,, .' I ' f -15' f AAD. 755. 3'i'J7EQ'Ke"f a?f1:'Z.f?6. . N . ' . ' -Y . M g,'..JgC'Arfggtqurft 5- -.wwe -A-f-'If--efmgtr'-'r ffm- f-L--1 MV- A -ff f-,kit-wtyqagiili-gfiqzlwyg-rg-Q ' A5,l3I'Qf..,,.4g " .--' -,,,L-:w..LE.migiuix.ff14lm f N . If W iii 2 ff'-E iilffx I gh .. 1' Alf a . - IV. AI. CRAY ....... ELROY ELLIOTT CREEPER CCIPKEJ . . Economics, Rowing II, III, IV. CATHERINE G. CRINOAN QIIBQJ ..,. .0 X cant Q 4 lb ik ' A E fx B ' E. ,X J 2 il ,Inq ' C' 1-'1 lv C' , 4 u RMI' . 6 in I I Q . A-:Fw I if N 1 ww' Q 2, " H, I General Course, Swimming Team I, II, III, Interests NIARGARET MARY CRONIN ...... General Course, Teachers II, III, French Club, IV. ELLEN M. CROOKS CAFE ...... Modern History, Polity Club, U.C. Tennis IV. MARGARET ADELE CURRIE . . Modems, InterestsMPlaygrounds, pastimes. STEPHEN HOLMES DALE CATD . . J sw- . I, MW. , H' " mm. ii fl i X K U X514 . I Y. L1'.'I, 'H - I .I gg WW Ilrflgififg 'V f , . , 'f,L.?Sf.4, . ,,, we Ms: - ww. -, ' . Toronto, Ont. . Owen Sounrl, Ont. . . . . . . . . Toronto, Ont. A. A. Milne, Rupert Brooke. . . . . . , . . Toronto, Ont. Toronto, Ont. Toronto, Ont. Toronto, Ont. .General Course, Stroke, Senior Eight III, U.C. Swimming II, III, Pres., Players' Guild Of U.C. IV IKVILLIAM DARGAVEL ..... Matlieniatics and Rhysics, Varsity Band I, II, III, IV.I GRACE RADCLIFFE DINSMORE . . . . . Toronto, Ont. . . St. Mary's, Ont General Course, Queen's Hall, Head Girl NO. 9, Interests A-"The Future." DOROTHY JEAN DOBIE QAIIAD . . English and History, Queen's l-Iall, Literary Society. VVILLIAM FREDERIC DOWKES . . Port Arthur, Ont. Owen Sound, Ont. General Course, "Varsity" Staff I, C.Q.lVI.S. "A" CO., C.O.T.C. III, Lieut. "A" CO., C.O.T.C. IV. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Twefzty-tlzree vo , ,, .WMM I .mam Inwmwma, IYIARY IIIETTA DUNCAN ,.....,............ Brantford, Ont. General Course: Household Science Option, Queen's Hallg Interest -"School." INIARIORIE RUTH EOLL ..r,.,....,........ Calgary, Alta. General Course, Hutton House, VVomen's Literary Society, Pres. IV, Players' Guild Exec. III, IV: Interests-reflfiction, footlights. KENNETH CHARLES EVANS . ,.......... ..... S hanghai, China Greek and Hebrew Coursey Honours, Intercoll. Interfaculty Soccerg Executive S.C.M. III, IVg Pres., Oriental Association IV. AMY KATHERINE ESSERY CAFAJ . ,............... Toronto, Ont. General Course, Physical Educational Course: Swimming I, III, Baseball III, IV. INIAURICI5 EZRIN ...,................. Toronto, Ont. General Course: U. of T. Liberal Clubg Menorah Society. MARGARET E. FAIRBAIRN ..........,....... Toronto, Ont. General Coursey Physical Educational Course, Class Exec. Ilg Baseball II, IIIg "Varsity" I, II, IIIQ Swimming I, II, III, IVp Interests--AReading, riding. CLAYTON A. FAREWELL ................... Toronto, Ont. General Courseg U.C. Hockey II, Manager Interm. O.H.A. Team III, Billiard Comm. III, IVg Board of Stewards IV. DONALD GORDON JOUBERT FARQUHARSON OIITD .......... Jamaica, B.W.I. General Course, Secry.-Treas., U. of T. Tennis Club Q27g Secry. Canadian Intercoll. Lawn Tennis Union C3Dg Historical Club. LEONE NORWOOD FARRELL . . . . . . . Toronto, Ont- Chemistryg Interests,-Music, dramatics. JAMES KENNETH WALLACE FERGUSON ........... Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciencesg jr. U.C. Rugby: Gymnastics, Squash. JEAN MONGER FORSTER .................. Toronto, Ont. General Course, Physical Educational Course, Class Exec. IIIg Interfac. Basketball III, IV. Twenty'-four UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Q-' .Q'fji:f"'f' L V ,- 1 H, -A-, A-1, --,,,- .,..- V TA-a-f,,, ,yr A '. ' ' ily A ' ' is ' po -f .-N-M W '..,...s..1..qs,.n 4. 9fw.e,b. ' A "i-Kuff! ' X Q Ag, ,B ri f fi-ff. ""' 3 . V' X2 1 A 2' g fum ,Q r, GOL'-tc f 'J . x S A - 9 :P ' " ' f '. .Mp I f . . . . 2 A ala 5 A A .2 . ' . ' fi, ,mfs ,-,. A 4' W V f W wr-,A 4' i- Q 1 ' V' ,Q W f ,.4:,Aes.J hs K ,- E V. r-- ceq, nf We mg. if 1' xg fl' 0 . , J,-V.-,iss-..f. A l 'Ur ' ' rw r ' y 1 W f - i xv' 'I' ' 4 :Qfii ' ' ' MJL Xia!! 4?-. 1 I' V T 1' 'P"0TX ' r - e g' ' tv.. y t' sf - "t ' .. fsi-M - ' . . , .1 ,r. .t ,I A sw .. .,,,f,,,, ,X ni., . ., . ., .. , . , ., we .Ji Wrirf A 1. vias my ff :gf -' Aw i ff v 255 -3 "fF?f"' 'gSei..1f,F3-,RN f ' 5 ab Of 1. gg'?rx54Ya A- gg,jg.:r,,,jj e., 57 53 2 .1 : w 5 I' " Pfgx-,515 Fil-35'zXIiq?Q' t ,L T ' . .F -.T -A 7 0 ff?-7-1' 'WZ .A :.e,::--if ,A "'.',w 'H'-.L Q " , ' - -- . at ff: ' w.,, , H 1 - ' ' 1? 'rw -.W-,, ., 4 s r 4252: t ul f' N H," ' ' ',' Wg x ., f",,Lng1,f'4?',yi ' eg , , . , NAI' 'jus Sv! myers' 'ffl f 1 .. .. ff 'islet ROBERT IXIACLAREN FGWLER CCIUKIID ....,........ Peterborough, Ont. Mathematics: Edward Blake Scholarship: Honours: Mathematics Scholarship I: University College: Hart House Debating: Hart House Committees: Hall III: Debates IV: Year Exec. III: Common Room Comm. IV: Pres. I.C.D.I.l. IV: Historical Club III, IV. ETHEL MARGARET FRANKLIN CKKFJ .......,...... Toronto, Ont. General Course and Physical Educational Course: Interests 'Music, dancing. GEORGE R. FRASER .................. Lorne, Ont. Mathematics and Physics. NIARJORY HELEN FRENCH ,....... . Caledonia, Ont. General Course: Queen's Hall: Players' G-uild. FREDERICK JOHN GIFFEN ............... Stayner, Ont. Chemistry and Mineralogy: Treas. Honour Science Club III: Pres. IV. E. IsoBEL GODFREY KHBKDJ ,................ Toronto, Ont. English and History: University College Players' Guild Exec. IV: "Varsity" Staff. HENRY GEORGE GOODMAN ......,., 1 . . . . . . . Toronto, Ont. General Course. MARGARET ELIZABETH GORDON ................ Toronto, Ont. Modern Languages: VVomen's Lit. Society Exec. IV: Italian-Spanish Club Exec. IV: Players' Guild: Interest-Drama. SAMUEL GOTFRID CEAMJ ....................... Political Science--Economics: "Varsity" Staff: Chess Club: Menorah Society: U.C. Parliamentary Club: Foreign Affairs Club. MAURICE GREENBURG . . VVindsor, Ont. General Course. DORIS GERTRUDE HAIG ..... Havelock, Ont. English and History: Queen's Hall. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Twenty-five . g , , K A l 'E il ...K , if ,, , . 2 DOROTHY ISABEL HAINES .............. . Toronto, Ont. General Course, Class Pres. IV, Interests-NPalmistry, personalities. DOUGLAS HOWELL HAMLY ..,.. ....... T oronto, Ont. Biology, Biology, Camera Clubs, Music. MARY ELEANOR HARKNEss ...,.. . Toronto, Ont. Household Economics, Interest-Skating. ROLAND ALLEN HARRIS UIDAOD ..,.......,..... Toronto, Ont. Economics, U.C. VVater Polo I, II, Manager junior Intercoll. Football Champions II, Secretary Squash Racquets Club IV, Historical Club III, IV. RUTH ERSKINE HARRISON CAFAJ ....... , Owen Sound, Ont. General Course. EDWARD H. HARTNEY CAKEJ ......... Ottawa, Ont. Political Science, General Course, North House I. O. LOUIsE HAWLEY ............ Toronto, Ont. General Course. I FLORENCE M. W. HAYDON ........ Toronto, Ont. French, Greek and Latin, Classical Association. ROsE HELPER ...................... Toronto, Ont. Modern Languages, French Society, German Club, Convener Music Group II, III, Free Lances, Philosophical Society III, Scholarships-Ajarvis Centenary, First Edward Blake in Moderns, Third Carter, Julius Rossin III. SMAUEL J. HENWICK ...,.............. Oshawa, Ont. General Course, Aspiration, Osgoode Hall, Interests-Boxing III, Music. ALBERT WILLIAM B. HEWITT ................ Toronto, Ont. General Course, Hart House, Sketch Comm. IV, Interests-Art, Advertising. Twmfy-Six UNIVERSITY COLLEGE V ,Ting-I -3 1 A -I Lk- 4. :gb Ax: ,Y A, A, ,. 1 ' fit, k""' ' T""T"'T A an 1 ' ' 392.2 ,y,.., A .. .. A -"--, ',-- 1 0 .ILMQ-'-----teas., - ' Qi ga. .A Q15 TRN .X 9 qf yfp ' If 3' I gi gl Agn' QI, K .M H . "A"-f -fa ........,...W " Ww.,..,......w-M-I"'l HELEN RUTH HIGGINS QAITJ ................. Clinton, Ont. General Course, Household Science Option, Queen's Hall, U.C. Tennis Team II, III, Tennis Team IV, Lit. Society. AUSTIN GROVES HILTZ ...... Classics, U.C. Classical Association. KATHLEEN M. HOBDAY CKAOJ . . Moderns, French Club. IV, Intercoll. . , Toronto. Ont. . . , Toronto, Ont. A. HOPE HODGES .............. Okanagan Landing, B.C. General Course, Victoria College B.C. I, II, Queen'S Hall. ISABEL RICI-IARDSON HOGG ........... . Preston, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, Argyll House. MARY ADELAIDE HOLT .................. Flat Rock, Mich. Chemistry and Mineralogy: Queen'S Hall, Scholarships-First Edward Blake, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Geology II, First Daniel VVilSon, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Geology III, Vice-Pres. Honour Science Club IV, Interests-Music, art. ' HENRY ROBERT HUNT . , . .............,..Brantford,Ont. Philosophy, English and History, Honours, "Varsity" I, I.C.D.U. Exec. I, II: S.C.M. II, Students' Handbook III, VVycliffe Lit. Society Exec. III, IV, Interests-SI-Iarriers, boys' work. FREDERICK PALMER IDE ..............,... Ottawa, Ont. Biology, North I-Iouse, Biology Club, Secy.-Treas. III, Pres. IV, Daniel XVilSOn III, Squash. ALEXANDER HALL JEFFREY .,.......,.. ..... T oronto, Ont. Arts and Medicine. Boxing. MARTIN JENKINSON ..... . Niagara Falls, Ont. General Course. ROBERT DOUGLAS JENNINGS CKAD .,.......,..... Toronto, Ont. Politics and Law, W'ater Polo UNIVERSITY COLLEGE I, II, III, IV, Interfac. Champions IV, Follies Comm. III, Squash. Twefzly-sez'e11 . Y.. -. fn .1 , s SH- H , .Q-qw: I . I-1 '-sf '- I 1,M.::x,,:: sf- , I 73- . ig I-I-' "W .. , ee.,-A ' "-,Mv'9"1' . . , 3...--.-..y. V 2- jf g , . .... . . Q I A S513 w Q ,I ., 'X W ' S 2 ff,f22f Q . 791438 ' V . iv . I is .fsf:m.,ffQ,fM 1 ' 2 , 5, R322 - i H L V sf,,.,.,x ag. X l , ,Q X g N S. 2 I 3 . wwqs PE 1. - 1 ' 'N Q3 . . - I S- ' 0 6' T f ew' 4 r " "- ' A ft 4 f TY " 5 o I if f ' r SQ, 3 . ' I Blix I?f'T1l- 5 . , I V Q 1- 4 r ff, ,J . if I. -qrfsp b I, , A: ga?g , f:igmQf.K3 :5j :Ssgfjg . 5 I If . ! X . J 1 QA ' -' - N ' ,. . f .3 , . V- ,, , . ., . .f,,X,,fi35 f .V . sf Q -:. 1253523 .... 1 Wi-L?MSQ,.I ' ,U I . ' - I' ' X 1 ' is L S12 . I DAVID JOHNSTON ......,........ . . Toronto, Ont. I Biological and Medical Sciences, Honours, Interests H-Skating, squash. I EDITHA W. JOHNSTON .,................. Ottawa, Ont. General Course, Queen's Hall, Players' Guild III, IV, U.C. Women's Rep. TORONTONENSIS IV. J W. WALLACE JOHNSTON . . . ...,. .,...... W 'alkerton, Ont. i Chemistry. HUGH B. L. JONES KKAJ .................. Toronto, Ont. General Course: Mgr. Junior Intercoll. Rugby III, TORONTONENSIS IV, Conservative Club. CHRISTINE ICELLOCK CAIIAJ .,................ Huntsville, Ont. General Course, Spanish Club III, Intercoll. Hockey. ' 1 MARY THOMSON KEMPLE CATJ ........... . New Rochelle, N.Y. i General Course, Women's Press Club, Interests,---Fiction, Drama. I JEAN N. KENNEDY ..................... Acton, Ont. English and History, Hutton House, Tennis Team I, II, III, Tennis Curator III, IV, S.A.C. Rep. Q' III. IV, W.U.A. Vice-Pres., Interests--Music. , PEARL MILLAR KENNEDY .................. Toronto, Ont. ii fi General Course, Year Exec. II, IV, Swimming Team I, II, III, IV, Curator III. . WILFRID EDMUND KENNY ......... I .......... Orillia, Ont. Political Economy, U.C. Hockey I, Basketball I, Debating II, III, Newman Club Exec. III, IV, Honours. I KENNETH G. B. KETCHUM CZNIIJ ................ Toronto, Ont. J General Course, Historical Club, English Rugby Team, Music, Hart House Theatre. ANNA DOROTHY KIDD ............. ..... C annington, Ont I Moderns, Queen's Hall. - I . I V ll vi Twenty-eight UNIVERSITY COLLEGE I If ff . 5- I A ,I 4,151.1 ..,. fl . ,UI f my ' V96 4 1 I '15 X 'X QR f 'QA f is f . X X .W WB.. OLLRG C . 1 I 5 6 I ' I , gg "Un ' , ' ' 15123. L U 3. 53,70 ,vi .1 ... A , .- . - ' a I-:I .ir 2 . . W ' f 'Iv .4 - ...wwf-S. 3 315!-aebig-jf1SxSr3w,f'. -. X A . fa , ' Wi , '1 r:'iI?'y5i5X'ii.f5 I iff. wr . ,, . 1 .f - . " agp' ' I " A- . - 1 . .. 4- 1W 5ff1:2ww..1Cvf,ff'p'I'5m:, - ft . :1aers....' rf A fm. X7 t. .f .. f f.,..,i3...:x M' , . f A f .11 -I ' 'Lis f .Q liil fie..s.2-. 'f CHARLES IVIACKENZIE IQING CKAJ ................ Toronto, Ont. General Coursey junior O.H.A. Hockey Ig Year Pres. II, junior Intercoll. Football II, Manager Senior Intercoll. Hockey Ilg Sec. Football Club III, Sec. Hockey Club IV, Senior Intercoll. Hockey III, IV. HENRY WHITE ICINNEAR Toronto, Ont. General Course. MAUDE LACEY QKAOB ...... Chesterville, Ont. Household Economics: Queen's Hall. KATHLEEN EI.EANoR LAVVSON . . . Toronto, Ont. English and History. ALBERT THOROLD LEHMAN . Toronto, Ont. Mathematics and Physics. ALICE RUTH P. LEWIS ................... Hamilton, Ont. Sec. Toronto University Extension Classes, Hamilton IIIg transferred to Toronto University IVg Interests-fe-Literature, Debating. DOROTHY G. LIGHTHART . . . . Guelph, Ont. General Coursey Hutton House. ETHEL LOUISE LUGSDIN .................. Toronto, Ont. General Courseg Queen's Hallg Interests-Players' Guild, Italian-Spanish Club. HELEN MACCALLUM .................... Toronto, Ont. English and Historyg Interests-Art,Argumentg Class Treas. IIIg Artist-in-ordinary, ZT8 Women's Exec.g U.C. Players' Guild III, IV. EDWARD ALEXANDER MACDONALD CCIJFAD .............. Sarnia, Ont. General Courseg U.C. Common Room Comm. IIIQ Macdonald-Cartier Clubg Interfac. Rugby Ig U.C. Follies Comm. III, IVg Fourth Year Exec. DONALD CHALMERS MACGREGOR CCIJKEJ ................... Economics, College, University Debatingg Camera Club, Historical Clubg Hall Comm. IVQ U.C. Parliament: Chairman I.C.D.U. III: Lit. Debates Comm. IV, Scholarships-Bankers, Second Alexander Mackenzie, First Alexander Mackenzieg Honours. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Twenty-115116 ,129 --il J INEZ A. IYIACKAY ........ . Toronto, Ont General Course. FREDERICK RICHARD MACNAMARA CEXD .............. Toronto, Ont. Modern History, MacDonald-Cartier Club, U.C. Rugby III, At-Home-Comm. III. JEAN GRAHAM IVIACNAMARA ........... Q ...... Arnprior, Ont. Household Economics, Argyll House. CATHERINE MACVANNEL ..... St. Mary's, Ont English and History. NITA G. IVIACKEY . . . Keewatin, Ont. General Course. , ELIZABETH HELEN MARQUIS KATE . Brantford, Ont. General Course. CLARENCE MACMILLAN .....,....,...... . Lucknow, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, Interfac. Rugby, Baseball, Basketball. JOHN EVVING MARSHALL CKR.T.J ............... Orangeville, Ont. English and History, U.C. Residence Sec. IV, Vlfrestling, Interfac. II, IV, Intercoll. III. RUTH REID IWARTIN CAFJ .................. Goderich, Ont. General Course, Governor-General's Medal II, Queen's Hall House Comm. III, Philosophical Society, U.C. Women's Literary Society. EDYTHE LEONA MCBRIDE ...... ' , . . . Port Dover, Ont. Household Economics. IRENE HEPBURN MCBRIDE .........,...,.... I Toronto, Ont. Philosophy, john Macdonald Scholarships for Philosophy II, III, U. of T. Philosophical Society II, Secretary-Treas. III, IV, U.C. French Society II, III. Thirty UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 1, f, I- 55 X ' at wal' i-C' f f27.?kli " l' 'Wi''?'F1"?'-T"Ef-'Wifi-I-?"W3iYY?215 V 1 ., ' Qbs A' f- 2 ov Pc , . I , ,yew-gl , ' ' 6 Q' F .iiivlgg-, if . . ' ' . if 'fcgjgbrfwr LA 4. r R .. 6 ' awgfr . I 'V -gf"."P'-' i .. f,U 1153? ,L xx - , 7 1 pg.. . . M wr ,,f3f'g M L ff A A. . , me an A . A I .3ExQ5HZ.VIifX,,3Lf.' f' A 1.4 0 ', ' Ai QW 2 , ' If 1, ' fl5'2X.'i'.'v'?h' bifff' I 4 - Q 7 'ia mr- 4 Q , , w , . , ' ' f f :gi-3:25 . A ' ' 21' 'ww' . ' . 'f ft y + - ' . . A :rf ,gk ' . ff V v , t 1 w 'AHC 573. '. .' H '. A . wtgx f ff ' I ,Y 'Vagas . 1 f. . . it 3, 4 '. r ,, 'H "'.ig A5t. 5332, if w ,Q sg' - j Q Sw 5' ' ' ag. MQ. Y '. f ' "1'aW'KH if 'Y r aw ,Nor X , . r. M... Av sal ,Ai "'WMslif"' . . . ,,R:.,3,., . . . ,E . .... . MQ, A I. . ' N . ,xi IJ.. ,NAV Q . Mrzggmggv A. .1 um Lt, ' -L I-wi' . L . A ?i?z.:,,,.i1?.2,, ra ROBERT VVILLIAM MCBURNEY QKAD . ' ...............Sarn1a,Ont Modern Historyg Class Treas. III: Macdonald-Cartier Clubg Pres. Inter-Fraternity Council IVg Chairman U.C. Lit. Comm. III. GEORGE ANDREW NICCLELLAN , . . Toronto, Mathematics and Physics Div. II. MARGARET STANDISH MCCULLOUGH . Toronto. Modern History. G FERGUS J. MCDIARBIID ...........,.. Ottawa, Mathematicsp Honoursg Actuarial Scienceg U. of T. Liberal Club. ELIZABETH MCDONNELL ............. Toronto, General Coursey Household Science Option. DONALD LESLIE MCEACHERN CATD Philosophy and English. ARTHUR GORDON MCFARLANE ................. Ont. Ont. Ont. Ont. Toronto, Ont Toronto, Ont Politics and Lawg'U. of T. Liberal Club: "Varsity" Reporter IIIQ Night Editor IVQ Chess Club Camera Club. MCFARLANE JOHN W ..................., Toronto, Ont Honour Physicsg Players' Guild IIIg Camera Club Comm. IVg TORONTONENSIS1 Car and Camera Fanatic. DOUGLAS HULL MCKNIGHI' CAACIDJ ............... Toronto, Ont General Courseg Year Treas. Ig Interfac. Hockey I, Ilg Interfac. Baseball Ilg Interfac. Rowing II III, IVQ Varsity Intermed. O.H.A. Hockey IIIQ Varsity 150 lb. Eight IIIQ Manager Varsity Junior Rugby Team IV. A. JEAN MCLAUGHLIN ......... ,........ . Hamilton, Ont Modernsg Argyll Houseg Publicity Manager Italian-Spanish Club IIIQ Pres. IVQ Vice-Pres. French Society IVg Interests-Dramatics, drawing. DOROTHY EILEEN MCNAUGHTON ............ Household Economicsg U.C. Hockey IIQ Intercoll. Hockey II, III. Toronto, Ont UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Thirty-one L Y 7 1 I nom o, Af1'l . 1 - "err-....... A' I if lfl vv,' .Q ' 'L A ,L ' FQ! Vf MARY EDNA MILLER ...... . Wiarton, Ont. Household Economics, Argyll House. IVIARJORIE ADELE IVIILLIKEN ...... Toronto, Ont. General Course, Players' Guild Il, III, IV. ALLAN MORRIS MILLS ....,... Newmarket, Ont. General Course. GEORGE C. MILLS ...... Toronto, Ont. Mathematics, Actuarially inclined. CHARLES GEORGE MITCHELL KBOIIJ ..........,.... Toronto, Ont. Politics and Law, Macdonald-Cartier Club, Inter-year, inter-College, Intercoll. Debating, Hart House Debates Comm. III, House Comm. Ill, Year Exec. II, S.A.C. III, Pres. Graduating Class. JESSIE ADELAIDE MOONEY CIYIJBJ ........ . . Grand Coulee, Sask, Modern History, Women's Intercoll. Hockey II, III. TREVOR F. MOORE CATJ .................. Toronto, Ont. General Course, Mgr. Sr. O.R.F.U. Team, Varsity II, U.C. Teams, U.C. Lit. and Athletic Society Exec. I, Vice-Pres. Baseball Club II, Pres. junior Year, Pres. U.C. Baseball Club IV, Historical Club, Macdonald-Cartier Club. KENNETH GIBSON MORDEN QKAJ ,.....,..,...... Toronto, Ont. Politics and Law, Alexander MacKenzie Scholarships II, III, Macdonald-Cartier Club, Historical Club. CLARKE RAYMOND MoRRISoN ............... I . . Toronto, Ont. General Course, Interests-Sports' Promotion, Free Lancing. THEKLA BELL MUNDEY CIIKMD ................ Toronto, Ont. General Course, Physical Educational Course, Players' Guild III, IV, Interests-Classical, inter- pretative Dancing, Little Theatre. VIOLET Ross MURPHY .................... Tara, Ont. Household Economics, U.C. Hockey II, III. Thirty-two UNIVERSITY COLLEGE ,.,.,.'3, .. L . ..,,. . A- A . Q, sl 2 l. , .Q , R ...ap ,.s.fa:V ' " of f Q '. :A iiii MALHQ A V 4 :EYE f ' TNQ? 'iff' Uni- .ff aflgiisi 5-,E P""""""'lv-..,h SF . yr, ,V.. .Q . P M ' Q ' . ELEANOR CHAMBERS NORTON ...... ,..,. ....A. I' o ronto, Ont. Modernsg Erench Society Rep. I, Players' Guild II, III, IVQ Year Treas. IV: Hart House Dramatics, Interestsef -Pun, Footlights. GILBERT NUNNS ,,..... Toronto, Ont. Canadian Davis Cup Team, 1927. CSL.-XDYS MAE PALLETT r.......,.....,,, Dixie, Ont. Moderns, Hutton House'-f-Head Girl, Interests Dramatics, Clubs, Teas.. VVILLIAM PARK CQIJPAD .....ii.....,,..,.. Toronto, Ont. General Course, U.C. Rugby Ig Intermediate Rugby II: Junior O.H.A. Hockey I, II: Senior Hockey III, IV UD. MARGARET LILLIAN PARRY QTIBGJJ . . . Hamilton, Ont. General Course. ELIZABETH IVIIRIAM P.-XRSONS ........,........ Toronto, Ont. General Course: Class Pres. II, XVUA. Exec. III: Class Social Service Rep.g Students' Centenary Comm.: Interests 3VVit, Wfomen. ' JAMES MCNIDDER PATON ..,.....,. - ...... Dumbarton, Scotland English and History, U.C. Soccer IIIg Captain IV, U.C. Residence Sec. III, NVar Memorial Scholar- ship II: Robert Bruce Bursary II: Gordon Southam Scholarship III, Honours. FRANCES ELIZABETH PHELPS CAIIAB ......,........ Toronto, Ont. General Coursey Physical Educational Course, Junior Class Pres. FRANK BURNS PLEWES ................... Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, Honour Science Club Exec. II, IIIQ Sketch Classes Sketch Comm. III: Squash. ARTHUR FITZ-VVALTER WYNNE PLUMPTRE QBOIIJ ........... Toronto, Ont. Economics: U.C. Water Polo II, III, Swimming III, IVg Music Comm. III, IV: U.C. Parliamentary Clubg International Affairs Club Vice-Pres., Hart House Debates III, IVg International Minnesota, Marquette Debates IV. HENRY ARCHIBALD PROCTER CCIDKEJ . Toronto, Ont. B. S M. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Tlzzirly-tlzree 'CD Q gl AMC.. ,..,4,,,.,..,,,...,, AMW ..N..W,. ...N .W..,.,,.WR.. --..wg 1' ' ' - f ' Exe 1 Je' 1 ' rx . M4 es-Rm K Sig 3325" X Q' Yv ,I ' D .H ' , T W , E -I X R. 'SI S 1 1 X? tt ' I Z ,Z 'ff V, A , - . , V,,, I -XPMMMW Ili r' .Z VI: X ,V .V In A K I ff I:-45. .f ,, fi efp IR I , ' ' , ., , . 'saw' - - fist K, X A H ' , "'V" I I, , LORNA REID PROCTER ................... Toronto, Ont. Modern Languagesg French Clubg VVomen's Lit. Society, VVomen's Press Club, S.C.M.E. Exec.' P.T. Diploma Course: Interests-Books, Out-of-doors. LOUIS RASMINSKY ........,.......... Toronto, Ont Economicsg Honoursg "Varsity" Staff II, Foreign Affairs Clubg Menorah Exec. DOROTHY VVINNIFRED REYNOLDS ................ Sudbury, Ont. General Course, Queen's Hall. ELEANOR G. RICHARDS QKAOJ . Toronto, Ont. General Course. FREDERICK DONALD RICHARDSON . Nipissingg Ont. LEONARD GRIEVE ROBINSON ........ . ......... Ottawa, Ont Politics and Lawg Pres. U.C. Men's Residence, Interfac. Tennis IV, Foreign Affairs Club, Debating KENNETH JAMES SALMOND CATJ ........... .... T oronto, Ont U. of T. Intercoll. Tennis, Pres. U. of T. Tennis Club III. GEORGE PERCIVAI. SCHOLFIELD CAAKIJQ ....... Toronto, Ont General Course. W. DONALD SCHOLFIELD ............... Toronto, Ont M. X P., Basketball, Interfaculty juniorg Intermediate Intercollegiate. CATHERINE SCHOLES .................... Toronto, Ont General Course, Physical Educational Course, Class Pres. Ig Sec. of W.U.A. III, U.C. Basketball I III: U.C. Swimming I, II, III, IVg Interests--Camp and Calisthenics. FANNY SCHWARTZ CAECIJJ ............... . . Toronto, Ont General Coursey Interest A-Music. Tlzirly-four UNIVERSITY COLLEGE fig-L , Q Sli' I - Lf . . 'f7T'15TIQ?iF?3 ' lliiii-7'?1 'iW ,'-faiii-Wiifr a i Aiiifllfflf51'-2-'sq'I ll' 'N I' hay". .nz fr-A V. . . . ,. . .. . ..,. . - - - Am 1 as Y G X . I Eff' xl film' T5 J Q .W 4. SI EDITH CHRISTINE SCOTT .....,............ Toronto, Ont. English and History, Moral support at the Players' Guild, Mass Meetings, Games, Teas, Class Parties, Plays and Poetry, Expert Idler. LINDEN SHARPE ,................... . Orillia, Ont. M. S: P., Basketball-f-Junior Champions I, Senior O.B.A. II, Intercoll. IV. WILI-'RID E. SHUTE .................... Windsor, Ont. B. 81 M., South House, Sketch Comm. II, III, IV, Intercoll. Wrestling II, Camera Club, Sketch Classes, Vic. Music Club IV, Editor-in-Chief TORONTONENSIS IV, the First "Keeper of the Prints." CONSTANCE ADELINE SMITH .,.,............. Toronto, Ont. General Course, Basketball, Tennis. CHARITY K. SMITH CITBQDJ .,.., Toronto, Ont. General Course. MARY SOMERVILLE ..... . Orono, Ont General Course, Argyll House. 1 REGINALD HARVEY SOVVARD ................. Toronto, Ont. Modern History, Gordon Southam Scholarship III, U.C. Lit. Soc. Dir. III, Class Exec. II, I.C.D.U. Debating II, Library Comm. III, IV, Board of Stewards IV, Chairman Arts Ball Comm. III, Chair- man Common Room Comm. IV, MacDonald-Cartier Club, Historical Club. THELMA JEAN STANDEAVEN ............,.. St. Marys, Ont. General Course, Italian-Spanish Club, U.C. Tennis Team I, II, III, IV. EDITH MARIAN STANLEY .................. Toronto, Ont. English and History, Class Exec. I, Passive Member Players' Guild III, IV, Interests--Rugby and Romance Aversion, Duty. NORAH WVILSON STEVENSON ............. Toronto, Ont. Modern Languages, Diploma Physical Training, Future'-Oxford. ETTA TAUBE CAQDEJ ...........,..... Toronto, Ont. General Course, Menorah Vice-Pres. IV, Interests-Dentistry, Honours. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Thirty-five W Q HELEN E .. J . ef Q15 ' ,A in 3 ' 3 Q MT! X S361 f . I A M-,.....,.L.M..4Hf 'A A . Wwavwn-M, x " -5 LISABETH TAYLOR ..... . Orillia, Ont. General Course, Queen's Hall NO. 9. BERENCE JAMES THOMSON if-TJKEJ ,...,........... Toronto, Ont. Politics and Law, Two Edward Blake Scholarships, Chairman U.C. Debates Comm. III, Sec. Literary and Debates Comm. III, Hart House Debates Comm. III, IV, Pres. U. Of T. Liberal Club III, IV, Rowing. JAMES EDGAR THOMSON ..........,....... Hensall, Ont. Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology, Pres. Rocky Fellers Association IV, South House Exec. IV. WILLIAM Ross THOMPSON CEXJ ............... Peterborough, Ont. ' - ' ' V- I ll. S ' General Course, U.C. Rugby I, II, III, U.C. Swimming, Water Polo I, II, III, I , nterco wim- II III IV P S U C Swimmin Club III, Pres. U. of T. Swimming Club IV, Pres. Canadian ming , , 3 re . . .. g Intercoll. Swimming Union IV. DOROTHY ELGIN TOWLE . . Toronto, Ont. Biology and Medicine. IVIARGARET JANET TRY General Course, Argvll House. 'l ON . . . Priceville, Ont. HARRY IVIUNDELL VILA .............. . Hami ton, Ont. Politics and Law, North House, Foreign Affairs Club, Squash. INA KATHERINE WALES CAPJ ........... . Toronto, Ont. General Course, Interests--Pictures, People. A DAVID JAMES WALKER CEXI ................. Toronto, Ont. General Course' U.C. Water Polo I, II, III, IV, U.C. Debating Team, I II, Intercoll. Debating Team II, III, IV, Hart House Debates II, III, IV, Bristol Award, S.A.C., Historical Club, U. of T., Macdonald-Cartier Club Pres. O EWART ALASTAIR WALKER KAAQJ ......... . Toronto, nt. Philosophy, English and History I, General Course II, III, IV. Thirty-six UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Hn 'V'i' A fi K,1.21. 'Q I , A ' R . I 'f'f" .t':' I .v . J .',' , if '2i1' ' 'T' . Q 15?-7 JAMES W. WALKER ........,........... Toronto, Ont. English and History, Honours: Edward Blake Scholarshipg College Water Polo II, III, IV, Swimming III. JOHN WALLACE WALKINSHAW ............,.... Toronto, Ont. Treas. Players' Guild IVg "Varsity" Staff II, III: Pres. S.C.M. IVg Sr. U.C. Rugby III. W. P. WALLACE ..................... Toronto, Ont. Classicsg Honours, Pres. Chess Club III, Skatingg Squash. f ALINE M. A. WARNAULT ..........., , Toronto, Ont. General Course, French Society. JEAN M. WARNICA ............ . Barrie Modernsg Queen's Hall Head Girl IV: W.U.A. IV. MOIR A. J. VVATERS .......... Toronto, General Course. ISABEL WATKINS ............. . Toronto Modernsg German Clubg Interests-Music, Theatre. A HARRIETT EMMA WEIR CFCIJBJ ................, Toronto 'xt 5 R I. 4 la Iwi X3 1--' sl .fi 5 R i.. 1. 4 A ly?-M-M-F-N rr'-'N I I P-"e'-r'---M 'r T'--'Wires' -- ' W- , ' Cfwtrx fl ' f- ' pf 3' . il , - .i f I " 6- A .. I I Q 1 X . F 5. N L iff' 1, V fl? 'gi i XY ' ff Iii it :P fr X2 Ont Ont Ont Ont General Courseg Intercoll. Basketball I junior, II, III, IV Senior, Interfac. Basketball I, II, III, IV Fourth Year Exec. EVERETT WALTER WEST ............ ..... T oronto, Ont General Course. A ANN FERN WESTON .................... Toronto, Ont General Courseg "Varsity" Staffg U. of T. Women's Press Club, Interest-fjournalism. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Tlzirly-sez'e1z IWILDRED VVVILKINS .................... Toronto, Ont. General Course, Intercoll. Basketball-jr. I, Sr. I, II, III, IV, Interfac. Basketball I, II, III, IV, Interest--Sports. BEATRICE A. VVILSON . . Toronto, Ont. General Course. FRANKLYN OGILVIE WISHART .,...........,... . Paris, Ont. Biological and .Medical Sciences, I Year Philosophy, English and History, Interfac. Basketball, Frontier College Instructor, Honours. DoRo'r1-Iv STEVENS WooD CFCIDBJ ........... . . Toronto, Ont. General Course, Class Executive III, Interests-Aquatics, Life. EDWARD KIMBER WOODROOFE ............... Annapolis Royal, N.S. Biological and Medical Sciences, held Leonard Foundation Scholarships 1926 and 1927, Interests- Squash. MOEEATT ST. ANDREW WOODSIDE ..... . Winnipeg, Man Classics, Ontario Rhodes Scholar for 1928. WINIFRED DORIS WOOLLCOMBE ................ Goderich, Ont Mathematics and Physics, Honours, Mathematical and Physical Society Exec. II, III, IV. GEORGE WRIGHT YoUNG .................. Toronto, Ont Biological and Medical Sciences, Interests--Squash, Rowing, Harrier. MARGARET JEAN YOUNG .............. Scarboro' Ont General Course, Argyll House. V Thirty-eight UNIVERSITY COLLEGE J D ' ' 'N - if ff J X W if ' :WW w fffxffffw A ,M W X ' Ml nu' uf mx fflmff N Xllffii M X W 'IM ,U f f 511 lwx W f!jJ ff ff gf XX ' 2 f Q KDW, N 5? , 29 Z A,.ew1.?iM"VlN WM f M W W f f " 1' X 1 xy, f fr Lf 74 3 ' ' ,sl 'f 'f 1 3 ff 75,4 J f' J f' gg b -Q I Z J X H VK 15 NG O72 I I fa ,cl g v 7 'Wai f f0 'Ffv f49 ' ,, f A 1, J ,..h E M 5 .f ,f?:.if:l-k .1.--- 1 x '5 f k -, f ,, ' X 2 A 1 7 ,,, K X ' 1 11 x Y li: ' f x-XQ X X M 6 'TP ff I X W 'hx g f-f 'cc f',- .. F rf Q, ,-A X I I N E 1- J 111 A ' , w f f'-. A-V . ,- 4, , , if . I WY 1- J I 5 .f f.lL.l'nl I . . . X I I, A I ' . 5 v f,,, l 1 I I, X 9 ml, fl .J . ff K I I .117 X 1 ' ,V limi. ,Q , ,jg - , - . ,u ..-ml :.f-'-v:."m1u 1 N..-1 'Q - v V I 1 ,ff l. ,1:5f55mMq,-.- ,Z f fxpfj JMX In W, 1 ,- , ,fly , ,, Wm. ,, f 'ff ff fr I 'ifwi f" X a ' jj , ?f 31 ,V 1' I JI, N X I . 4 5 f , , ' , if X ' !,f I. ,, J, . Q, Q X X t ffi: 1' . IL-4 . X h i " f X.,Z 1r Q,- b X- fy fxg fi!!! Q . .1 ."f V x ZLL? f 1 W : If If I 5 X F ' ff-T112-if , X '. Q 1 f r f ,, .- r . t , LII: '. I, f 'I f ,f f 5 '53 ffj, irfg In "Av.'! 5 ' ' " ? ' M! A ' f i " 'U' 'YV '-PM V , 1 : , -' A Q .I 4 , X7 jf- y Aff , f l 'LE ml, V at gn .A ,iffy ,' ffii f' ff ' ,' N " 1f"'f . Q' H' ' f 52, P4 7' , ' 'e ,J ' cf! ' WL ja, X . , " fag? 3 ifi , Lf' . X4 ff, ,THAI EU' ,. 'Q ffl .4 X ,JA N! .- ,JJ I 'I fm. ' aff X4 's ' ' ' f f I. ,' uf 1 4' 4 4, Q i --.,., - ' 1 f 1 -' ,Q 1 Ks 1 QM :HQ 'E 5 732- , -W.. -fx f Q5 H l ,. X X 5 gf sq-5 4 'Q '-T.-2. ' M51 x 'Q f ix x i ii, ff? - , PIA ' f - if --'L f- 1- uw-7 ' ' '10 "- ,. ,Q 1,,.i::f , 2 ,QLSZ . . ,Zig ?f " X I lf., -1 ZIJ- --- 1 424' f ' , , fa.-'nz .Y f - Y - 1 -: ff. ' ,Sf 7 , .4 . ff' - ff I-1 ff -2:--W- X-y -I-W lj: I: QNX Ag- P. .. lv 1- - - -, - W .H " ' ii Q ,. ,g gwhx M-ff f Q ffl gigfgwwe: f 4' I I QI.: X I S: A. : .S QINLAQLQS,-,,g:i'1,: fl? -1 -ul. 'll 'fb '.- iii.. 'Ar-219 4 " - .Q X If f ,Mtg .., -tis, n ...Enix L if at ,ln Ill I., ,I N' , -', E.- s .jg-fjfy' ,Lf 7 x 4 N ,.,,,- , 4 , ,I ,1 ,, , If X- A z, ,Wx Y an 'gg-1. , I .-' ai x 1 Z .-11" 'Q-inf' X ' V ' 5ll' f ' . . yy' - ,, . '- . YL?5 .. 2 I ' , ,.. IVI ll. ul :.- 3 CO MERCE Haul: Rtfztx' XY. C. Macpherson, XV. J. Ayers, E. I.. Riggs, H. B. Bell, H. Crossan, D. N. Currie, Noyes. Franz Rfnu: l.. R. Campbell, Dr. Innis, C. Jones, Prof. jackson, J, S. Eakin. Commerce and Finance ZT8 ' Y . . . . . Q J, l i T this section is given a brief portrayal of the last stages in the academic ' career of the graduating year in Commerce and Finance. Reference 4. must also be made to the Commerce Club, which has enjoyed one of its most successful years. The Commerce Club has now passed its eighth milestone, being formed at the inauguration of the new course in Commerce and Finance. Its aim has been to bring together the Commerce students, of all the colleges, to further the interests of the Course, and to voice student opinion. The present popularity of the Course, notwithstanding the high rate of mortality in the merry month of May, is a sufficient indication of the success of these hopes. In the Fall of 1924 some seventy-odd students took their place in the first freshman class to enter the new home of the course at Baldwin House. The hardships were great, and many succumbed to Actuarial Science and Economic Geography. The survivors, their convictions greatly strengthened by another hectic year, began to harbour a feeling of immunity. This presumption was rudely shattered by the inroads of Economics and Actuarial Science. The junior year was more successful and safely weathered a storm of bewilderment in the realm of public finance, banking and foreign exchange. Although the graduating year sets no record in point of numbers, tribute must be paid to its industry and capabilities as displayed in all Fields of activity. Commerce men have always played a prominent part in College activities, and 2T8 has been no exception. Their achievements have been many and varied, but record of these will be found elsewhere in this volume. Suffice it to mention here "Al" Christie and Fred Dundas, who have given their best, both in athletics and various executive positions. i And now we stand ready and willing to accept our responsibilities in the complex organization of the modern business world. Forly ... it 'N KVIV ' . max 'ROBERT LEIGHTON AHARA . Toronto, Ont. Victoria. GEORGE STUART AINSLIE . . Comber, Ont. U.C. ARTHUR ROBERT GEORGE .AMENT . Seaforth, Ont. U.C. JOHN GORDON BARKER . . . Cannington, Ont. Victoria. NVILLIAM FRED. BULL . Weston, Ont U.C. LOUIS ROY CAMPBELL ...... Toronto, Ont U.C., Commerce Club Exec. III, IV. ALAN THOMAS CHRISTIE GIDPAJ ......,......... Hamilton, Ont U.C., Year Pres. I, U.C. Literary and Athletic Soc., Treas. II, Sec. III, Pres. IV, Joint Exec Students' Administrative Council IV, Intercoll. Track C440 yd. champj I, II, III, IV, Captain III U. of T. Track Club Pres. IV, I.C.T.U. Vice-Pres. IV, Athletic Directorate IV, H.H. Music Comm III, Honours III, Historical Club, Macdonald-Cartier Club. GEORGE EDMUND CONN KKED .......... Tillsonburg, Ont U.C., Rugby U.C. I, III, Intermediates IV. COMMERCE ' Forly-one '-1-MINNM JOHN MAIIRICE CONN UIJFAJ . . . Sarnia, Ont. U.C. WILLIAM CECIL CORBETT ................. Fort William, Ont. U.C., U.C. Basketball I, II, III, IV, U.C. Baseball IVg Pres. U.C. Basketball Club III, IVg U.C. Athletic Comm. III, IV, Interfaculty Basketball Exec. III, Varsity Staff, Honours. GEORGE H. DALY QAKEJ ...,.......... ' .... Napanee, Ont. U.C. DARCY BIGGAR DINGLE ............. . . Torontog Ont. U.C., Hart House Hall Comm. III, IV, Senior Class Treas. IAN MACMILLAN DOVVLING OPTJ ...... . Brantford, Ont U.C. FREDERICK NORMAN DUNDAS GIJFAJ .............. Wallaceburg, Ont U.C., Year Treas. Ig Athletic Director Commerce Club IIIg Senior Intercoll. Rugby I, II, III, IV Vice-Pres. Rugby Club IVQ Varsity Jr. Rowing IV. JOSEPH SAMUEL EAKIN .,.......... ...... T oronto, Ont U.C., Sec. Commerce Club IVg U. of T. Liberal Club. ' HENRY Louis GASSARD CAXAJ ........ . Toronto, Ont U.C. EDGAR LEWIS HORNING . . . Toronto, Ont. U.C. JOHN WARWICK INNES .................... Toronto, Ont U.C.g Honours, Interests-Modern Literature, Political Theory and Radicalism. Forty-two COMMERCE i 'fbi 'A I O' igaaf - VfAf , .A ' ,,., , ,,-- -f -. . .. .. i .. :Mi "" Min...-H -,.Q,......w.4 M-.. i 'Q . A 5 I EM' f f , iic ,.Q:q flz . f :'N ""wcL-'IQ ITT' ,,, 'O . 6 'F ff 'fl Q! . "wk " I l I l are I mg .. : ,..k.', -I .X "U . i' WW.. .t . ,. .. , . A 3 -.-. f 727 ,,,. -- I I a CHARLES HARCOURT JONES .................. Bancroft, Ont. Commerce and Financeg Commerce Club Exec. II, III3 President IVQ Class Exec. Ilg Dominion Day Tackweight Crew II: Interfaculty Rowing II, IV, Hamilton Fisk Biggar Scholarship I, Honours II, IIIg Victoria TORONTONENSIS Representative IV. DONALD WHITE IYIACDONALD ........ , Toronto, Ont. U.C. THOMAS JOSEPH MCKEY . . Toronto, Ont. St. Michael's. LEONARD HOWARD IWCVITY ........ . Toronto, Ont. U.C.: Honoursg Interests-Music and Photography. MARIAN GE.ARING WRINCH . . Toronto, Ont. U.C. GEORGE DOUGLAS QUANCE . . Delhi, Ont. U.C. . A EDITH MAUD FRANCES .QUINLAN ..,,............. Barie, Ont. St. Michael'Sg 29 Queen'S Park, Sec. of Lit. IIIQ "Varsity" Staff III, Assistant News Editor IV, Players' Guild, Pres. Athletics III, IV, Interfaculty Baseball II, III, IV, Basketball II, IVp Hockey I, III, IVg Pres. Baseball Club IV, TORONTONENSIS IV: Newman Club, Senior Class Pres. JOSEPH WILLIAM ROSE CATJ ................. Toronto, Ont. U.C. MAX THOMPSON STEWART CATAJ ............... Wingham, Ont. U.C.: Vice-Pres. U.C. Residence IVg U.C. Soccer I, II, III: Manager IV: Committee of Management Interfaculty Soccer IV. ELMER SNIDER STOUFFER .................. Kitchener, Ont. Victoriag Honours II, III, Victoria Basketball II, III, Hockey I, IIQ Year Treas. III. COMMERCE Forty-th ree P Ai IVICTCRIAI Burk Ruru: N. J. XYoocls Cena' Vzre-P1'es.1, VV. S. Hall CSV. Sz1'rlc1, A. E. Powell CPoetes51, J. Bateman Llllzlclif 5t1cl:1. M. E. M. Buchanan CSL Slirk1, C. M. Carscallen C.'lrlix11, J. VV. Keffer CHist.1. Front Row: M. E. Jones Cb'fr.1, F. A. VVansbrough CPres.1, Prof. H. E. Ford CH011. Prcx.1, M. M. Henderson C151 Vzrr-Prf5.1, A. F. Binnirigton CTreas.1. 1 Victoria ZT8 Class History RGD THINK it was our old friend Bill Shakspeare who once made a memor- able remark concerning prophets and false prophets. Some of those prophets have come around Victoria College in the past and had the audacity to claim that 2T-something Victoria as a freshman year was I T T I Y- 1 - - hailed the best ever and that they easily lived up to the advance notices. etc., etc. Therefore let us put all these vain babblings to rest and declare that once and for all the class purporting to graduate in the spring of 1928 heads the long list of aspirants for the title of best class, and that the maximum has been reached. Three conclusive arguments are advanced: C11 excellent freshman material to start with, strengthened by more excellent fresh-sophs and further strengthened by most excellent recruits from 2T7g C21 dittog C31 the same. But to continue the History in true biographical manner, let us say: Hike to the Humber C11g Dance at the Apollo Club C115 Get-together party at Central Y.M.C.A. C11g Hike to the Humber C215 Dinner Dance at the Brown Betty C21g Skating Party C21g Boat Trip to Queenston C315 Party at Annesley C31g Toboggan Party at Islington C315 Girls' Party to Boys, Characters from Books C315 Hike to Scarboro' C413 Dinner Dance at the Piccadilly C41g Boys entertain girls, a Kids' Party C413 Senior Dinner C41. Forty-six .YP10UR"i" ,.y-wmv ------ ----s . - . .- . .. -..-.a.-........,..-'m'.-:xr-..:g5g-QM -'f -f-- ---- N-.-f ..--- i "ii ' -.r.....i:.,.:1 e-.u,.L+4a.-m,.--,- -..,.-..,., -.,...... W-W-wma-. .. ...........,.L., fe W. ' ' I ff, M.M'eZ1fn',,f, .f Q :Zi ,I fa., ' I, nw fw I f lf! . is N 1 7 fir.. Wg , ...... ... . .. 2 a, J Z ., Stes I PM I A A f f: EMILY E. ACHESON ...............,A... Proton, Ont. Activities-Dramatics, Class Exec. III, University Settlement, InterestseTeas, Teasing, Teaching. WILLIAM JAMES ADDIsoN .....,.......,..., Toronto, Ont. Modern History, Year Pres. III, Athletic Society Pres. IV, Vic. Rugby I, III, IV, Business Manager "Acta Victoriana", Year Exec. II, Varsity jr. Rugby II. PHYLLIS THORBURN AITCHISON .,...,... ..... H amilton, Ont. Moderns, Swimming, Art, Music Groups. BERTHA MAzo ANDREVVS ........,.......... Aurora, Ont. Modern Languages, Oaklawn I, II, Annesley Hall III, IV, Interests, German Club, Music, S.C.M., Skating. IVIAY ANNETTS ...................,. Toronto, Ont. M. 8: P., Vice-Pres. M. 85 P. Society III, Pres. M. Sc P. Society IV, Henry Moses Aiken Scholarship I, American Association for the .Advancement of Science Scholarship III. JEAN BATEMAN .................... Mount Forest, Ont. General Course, An'nesley Hall, Athletic Stick, Athletic Exec. III, IV, Asga III, IV, Choral Club I, IV, S.C.M. Groups I, II, III, Music Club IV, Art Group IV. LULU DELL BATES .....,,......,...... Kobe, japan General Arts, Annesley Hall, Tennis II, III, IV, Baseball I-IV, Art Group, Music Club, S.C.M., Studio Club, Acta Classical Association Ex. IV, Annesley Track Meets, Campus Rugby: Nonsense I, II, III, IV. NIXON TELFORD BERRY .........,......... Caledonia, Ont. Politics and Law, Sec. Macdonald-Cartier Club II, "The Varsity" Sporting Editor IV, Vice-Pres. U. of T. Hockey Club IV. ALFRED FERNES BINNINGTON ...,.,........ , . Udora, Ont. General Course, Pres. V.C.T.P. III, Senior Class Treas., Interests'-Handball, Tennis, Hockey. VICTORIA COLLEGE Forty-sevezz A 1 f 1 ity " . 'I I ' I " 'V .. ,, A f . ':"' ' 1 . XYILLIAM ITARCY BLAIR , . Barrie, Ont. Politics and Law. MARION SIQSANNA ISRAVENER ,..... Whitby, Ont. Moderns, S.C.M. Lit., Interests Music, Art. EDITH BUcH.xN.xN ,,....... . ,.,...... Toronto, Ont. English and History, Annesley Hall, Senior Stick, Athletic Directorate IV, Basketball Club Ill: Pres. of Athletics, Varsity, lnterfac. Basketball, Class Vice-Pres. ll, Music Club Ill, IV, Swimming III, Little Vic Rink, Promiscuous Reading, Plays, Music, Maps. HELEN A. IIUIK ...,......,...... Toronto, Ont. Lit., S.C.M. Groups, Swimming, Music. CI.-XRNETT E. CANNON .............,.,,.. Toronto, Ont. Mathematics, Victoria Rugby l, II, Ill, IV, Captain IY, Victoria Indoor Baseball Il, III, IV, Manager III. THALIA CLARKE CANNOM .................. Burlington, Ont. General Course, Oaklawn I, II, III, Annesley Hall IV, Interests Skating, Plays, S.C.M. Groups. CHARLES NEWTON CARSCALLEN ....,.......,... Toronto, Ont. General Course, Class Exec. II, IV, Bus. Mgr. Dramatic Society Ill, IV, S-ketch Comm. III, IV, Art Editor TORONTONENSIS IV. ROSAMOND CARTER ......,.,.,,... ..... P icton, Ont. Household Economics, VVymilwood, Pass I, Household Economics II, III, IV, V, Interests-Art, Music, Rugby, Handwriting, Character, Activities fe-Lit. S.C.M. Exec., Biology Society, Seances, Dietetics, " Parties". KATHLEEN PRESTON CHRISTIE ......,.,......,. Brantford, Ont. Modern History, Annex I, II, Annesley Hall, "Acta Victorianan: S.C.M., Dramatics Exec., XVymilwood, " MonOcle", VVomen's Head of Dramatic Society. IWARGARET PHOEBE CLARE ...,............. Port Hope, Ont. English and History, Activities's4Music Club, Lit. Groups, Classical Association, University Settle- ment, lnterests e-Music, Skating, People. -IA:w1Es IQORDON COBURN .....,..,....,..... Toronto, Ont. Pol. Sci. I, S.I.C., Foreign Events Club, Rowing Club, Twenty Club, Night Editor "Varsity", Hart House Songster Comm. Forty-eighf VICTORIA COLLEGE ' f -J-4uJ..? lit-..,gL,. Y . . 'fx aa. , ,ra- ,ya W 'E - ig V 2 . N?-.'. - f, ' - '1 I n 1' IL g, 17' j jf dr: WR I. 'k1x" I . 2 I 'fi ' 1 . IRIATIILEEN H. COIIVRN . ..,,.........,.... Toronto, Ont. Philosophy, English and History, Activities, fPhilOsOphyf -Volcanic I, Missionary ll, Study Ol' III. Virgilian IV, Vic Baseball I, Vic Hockey I, II. of T. Debating Iinion, Lit. Exec. I, II, III, IV, Phil- osophical Society, Interests- --Poetry, Music, Iliking, Skating, Ilegenerate Institutions, Lame Dogs. AIARION COLEMAN .......,.......,.,,. North Bay, Ont. Household Economics, XVymilwood, Music, Art, Skating, Rugbytiames, Groups, Household Sc. Club. IVA I.oUIsE COURTICE ...,.............. Leamington, Ont. Annesley Hall, Household Economics, Moses Aiken Scholarship '24, Hamilton Ifiske Biggar Scholar- ship I, II, III, Anna Howe Reive Prize III, Class Sec. II, Music, Art, Skating, Tennis. II. AIAURICE CROSBY ................... Uxbridge, Ont. General Courses, University Track II, IV, Intermed. Hockey III, IV, Victoria Rugby I, II, III, IV, Victoria Hockey I, II, III, Manager Little Vic Rink, Baseball I, II, III, Victoria Dramatics, lf. of T. Senior Hockey IV. FRANK IAIARSHAL HOWARD CRYDERMAN .............. Hampton, Ont. General Course, Glee Club I, Music Club II, III, IV, S.C.M. Exec. II, III, Pres. IV, Soccer III, IV. VIOLA MARGVERITE DAWSON .... E . St. Catharines, Ont General Course, Annesley Hall. ROBERT NIILNER DINGXVALI ..,........ . Priceville, Ont Pass Course, Oriental Languages, Arts, Theology, Circuit. RUTH E. DUGGAN .................... Brampton, Ont General Arts, Annesley Hall, Vice-Pres. Music Club IV, Athletic Exec. II, III, Tennis Curator III Interfac. Tennis I, II, III, Class Sec. I, Interests -Music, A. A. Milne, Financial Post, Telephone. ERIC RIOORE ELLIOTT ................... Norwood, Ont General Course, Burwash Hall, Politics, Chess Club, Baseball. PAULINE HENRIETTA EMERsON ................ Toronto, Ont Household Economics, Lit. Groups, S.C.M., Household Science Club, Music, Art. KATHLEEN NIARY ELIZABETH FERGUSON . ............. Caledonia, Ont Modern History, U.C., Queens Hall I, Vic. The Annex, Annesley Hall II, III, IV, Class Vice-Pres III, S.C.M. Exec. III, Acta IV, Baseball I, II, III, IV, Swimming III, IV, Music, Art, Books Tennis, Robert Simpson Co., Roses. VICTORIA COLLEGE F071-V-711.716 ,. . , R. . .MH xxx X XI N91 RWIQBAYQP 4 9 f . A.:-'- 5:32 XXX 55.5, f I. if X. N. . - , L-. . . aw... X W... .-.. N.-...f...w, ...W , . ., . , K.. .. .... , . . . K , Y ,fx ,ski Nw X . X X EX.. 53 A RQ Xxx I 5xgQKnNS 1+.:S. 4 ig: 4 J A X A QQ . 1 Q 35 X I f v. ,v s X N S . ' . A 'esanifri ' if f AX X R- ,. eg ww f S ':g9.S-. iv 'v P X, 4 t lf' W 'sf 4 I 'II 1224 37 I " , Y ' Q? Y , , X is :www I - A ,ss- Q X... . . IXIARION A. FORWARD ................... Ottawa, Ont. English and History, Pres. XVOmen's S.A.C. , Pres. NV.U.A., Interfac. Basketball I, II, III, IV, Intercoll. Basketball I, II, III, Interfac. Baseball III, Classical Association I, II, III, Class Exec., Little Vic Rink, Interyear NVater Polo III. ALICE EDNA FULTON .................. Chesterville, Ont. General Course, English-Webster II, Hodgins III, Hamilton Fisk Biggar Scholarship II, III, Art, Musci, S.C.M. Groups. EDWARD DERRY FULTON . . . . Lindsay, Ont. Politics and Law. JESSIE ELDRED FULTON ......... . Chesterville, Ont, General Course, Art, Music, S.C.M. Groups. .IESSIE LORENE GIBSON ................... Caledonia, Ont. U.C., Queen's Hall I, Vic., Annesley Hall II, III, IV, Pres. Annesley Student Gvt. IV, S.C.M., Baseball, Girls' VVork. LEONARD A. GILBERT ................... Lambeth, Ont. English and History, Gate House, Burwash Hall, Morse, Jolliffe Scholarships. JOSEPH LEONARD GILL .................... Toronto, Ont. English and History, V.C.S.P., Student Court I, Intercoll. Debates Comm. III, Associate Editor "Acta Victoriana" IV. EILIZEN SARA GILLAN ................... Pakenham, Ont. H.licon., Annesley Hall, Music, Vice-Pres. Lit. III, IV, Dramatics, Music Club, TORONTONENSIS Rep. IV, Swimming Club I, II, Basketball, Interests-Irish Folk Lore, Poetry, Music, Little Vic Rink, Puns, Pranks, Prattle. I MARGARET GRAHAM .......,.........,.. Hamilton, Ont. General Arts, Music Club II, IV, Exec. III, Lit., S.C.M. Groups, Interests-Baseball, Rugby, Hockey, Music. H. PEARSON GUNDY ..................... Toronto, Ont. Philosophy fEng. or Hist.J, Philosophical Society II, III, Historical Club IV, Editor-in-Chief "Acta Victorianan IV, Athletics-Tennis, Squash-racquets. HECTOR CAMPBELL HALL ......... . Guelph, Ont- B. 84 M., InterestsHVaried. Fifty VICTORIA COLLEGE , W v ,mg .A ff-4. - 1--1 -A .,w,..f,- if f Y knee' AM- . 0 , - ,I ' . vw, . .X W Ifvt-kv' :if.'f3":?""-I., W' few, dugg'-MPFTXQ ,zg,-",4l,'fnn . - ' 'ii V W .U , . A.-,Q-tif.: rs, . ' A , wppw I.I,s,5v,..,.,-ur.1,,.sw.-...A-m.:n.a. . , . .I 5.0. S, . -. .t I.. . . .3'?'gPW4'.. . -' W-I rw '- I A I ears: I .. .-5' fi If 357' fig, 'A' I ' H , .EI - Half? I 1-.E I, . f", . 4- +.'1w'-' I '- 5 WE V H' Q4 ASQ v. r , L K "h"QEZ'W-'Sf' 7 'tl :ltr . 2 ? I ' ' 1'7if f v'r'. ,i' . f 6,11 41 I J 1 Arie f A g . I f . -' V, we ,, , 4 s If ' ' ' ' ft -. f 5 VVILLIAM STANLEY HALL ......,.. , ........ Brussels, Ont. Honour Biology, Burwash Hall, Vic. Soccer I, II, III, IV, S.C.M. IV, Senior Stick. RALPH HowsoN HAVVKINS ................. Port Hope, Ont. M. 8: P. Div. II, Honours, Interests-as-Camera Club, Squash. IWABEI. MURRAY HENDERSON ................. Waterloo, Ont. Modern Languages, Annesley Hall, Class Vice-Pres. IV, Sec.-Treas. Lit. Society III, Art, Music, S.C.M. Groups, Interests--Little Vic Rink, Fish, Naps, Bobby Burns, Law and the Profits. T. HAROLD HODGSON ...........,....... Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, Students' Handbook II, III, German Club IV, Interests swlfinance, Hockey, Travel. CECIL M. HOFEMAN .................. Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, Sketch Club III, IV, Handball, Tennis. E. RUSSELL HOPKINS ......,......,..... Moose jaw, Saslc. Political Science, Burwash Hall, "Varsity" Staff II, Music Club III, Track IV, Billiard Comm. IV. LAURA BESSIE HORNE ..........i ........ U xbridge, Ont. General Course, Interests-German Sing-Songs, Books. Art, Little Vic Rink, Tea Cups, Butterscotch. JEAN ADRIAN HORYVOOD ............... St. john's, Newfoundland English and History, Annesley Hall, Music Club, Lit. S.C.M., "Acta" CVVomen's Athleticsj IV, Class Poet III, Classical Association, Interests'--Music, Books, Tennis, Little Yic Rink. joIIN WILLIAM HOUSTON .................. Toronto, Ont. General Course, Theology, Soccer III, IV, Hockey III, IV, Founder of K.Y.P.I'. LUCY LIOWARD HUNTER ................... Toronto, Ont. General Arts, Interestse-Singing, Skiing. ROBERT GRANT HUNTER ....... . Clinton, Ont. Physics, Honours, Interfac. Rowing III, IV VICTORIA COLLEGE Fzjfy-one L P r an 9 if E1- .1 'A""'2--:-:- .:, 5 """'-is-bm , -' fsiiwey . . I' i -' -sy W .. NIVRIICI. SM.XI.l.IiY JOHNSTON ............ Toronto, Ont. Moclerns, Swimming, Lit. S.C.M. Groups, Dramatics, Skating. KIARY Ii1.1z.xn1c'rH joN1Qs .................. Toronto, Ont. Modern Languages, Moses Henry Aikens Scholarship I, Dafoe French Prize II, Activities- -Sec. Senior Year, Lit, S.C.M. Groups, Social Service, Recreations --Rugby Games, Bridge, Dances, Music. IIIRACIE Iii.iz.xn1a'rH KEFFIER .................. I-Iespeler, Ont. English and History, Basketball I, II, III, IV, Music Club I, III, IV, S.C.M. II, III, IV, Skating. Ixnias XVIQLLINQTON IQEFFIQR .......,......... Hespeler, Ont. U. of T. M.P.C. I, II, III, IV, Sec. Students' Parliament II, V.C.A.Il. Exec. III, IV, U. of T. BWV. 8: F. Club Fencing Rep. IV, Intercoll. Fencing Team II, Silver Medal Dominion Team Foils II, Bob Comm. IV, Class Historian IV, "Varsity" Staff III, Assistant Sporting Editor IV. NIIELVIN Ii1RKi..xNo IQICNNY KCIJPAJ Modern History, Year Pres. I, "Bob" Comm. Pres. II, V.C.S.P. Pres. IV, Music Club, Dramatic Society, SAC. III, Vice-Pres. IV, N.F.C.U.S. Rep. IV, Chairman, Undergrad. Centenary Comm. IV, Hart House Debates III, Minnesota Debate IV, Vic. Baseball II, Basketball II, III, IV, Soccer II, III, IV, Varsity Rowing Junior II, III, Senior IV, Vic. Athletic Stick III, Historical Club III, Pres. IV, Wlar Memorial Scholarship III. H . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Whitby, Ont. .IOHN Smuzv KITCHING ........... Hornby, Ont Biological and Medical Sciences, Sketch Club III, IV. IfI.IZAI3I2TII M1N'ro LIEITCII .......,.......... Regina, Sask English and History, Annex, Annesley, XVymiIwood, A.S.G.A. I, IV, Vice-Pres. II, VV.U.A. Rep. NVomen's S.A.C., Head VVymilwood IV, Centenary Comm. PIi.1'oN IQBER LENT ............... . Toronto, Ont Chemistry and Mineralogy, Pres. University Chemical Club IV. CIIARI.IiS I.Av12RN1c LIZVVIS ................. Wallaceburg, Ont General Course, Year Exec. II, House Comm. IV, Macdonald-Cartier Club, Theology. Iikmasr LEVVIS .................... Brampton, Ont Philosophy, Music Club II, Victoria College Orchestra IV. ' VIOLA I. LIDKEA .................... North Bay, Ont. Household Ec., Annesley Hall I, II, III, Lit. Groups, Class Exec. III, S.C.M. Groups, Designing Dancing, Posters, Little Vic Rink. F'zj'ly-Iwo VICTORIA COLLEGE 1 If f ' , i . ' , r' w ' rfffwi:1sfwr':fv .1 5 ' " ' X Q' t ' - i fuss.. --W-M-effAf?sJ2Sdfyfglf5 5 V4--4.4.4-aaagx :,..,4f f'3g'f.I3Pf s ' t,1,:M: S Q , t lA . .- X ag!! gr 3' I '+I 32532: E '41 I' ei N ,, Mx . Ar W f , , ge gy H K X , :wx Q 1 . fe M . 1 i f Y X? , vip' X v.-to 'E' z J 'if' -Y ,ef " f . M fbfxris si- ' FRED. R. LINDSAY ................,.. Hagersville, Ont. Pass Course: "Bob" Comm. II: Jennings Cup Champions III: Mulock Cup Champions IV. HARRY JOBERT MAHONEY .....,............. Guelph, Ont. General Course: Theology: Music Club: Intercoll. Ritle Team I: Boxing III, IV: Class Pres. III: V.C.S.C. Rep. IV: Burwash. ISABEL INIAHONEY .................... Keswick, Ont. English and History: S.C.M. Lit. Groups: Music: Art: Current Events: Skating: Swimming: Basketball Manager: Books: Shopping. RUBY H. NIARRIOTT ......... . St. Mary's, Ont. Modern Languages: German Club: S.C.M. SADIE IRENE MARs'roN .....,........... Toronto, Ont. General Course: Interestse-Lit., Dramatics, Rugby Games, Skating, Skiing. CLARA ELEANOR INICCUBBIN ................. Chatham, Ont English and I-Iistory: Tennis Team II, III: U. of T. Tennis Club IV: Athletic Exec. IV: A.S.G.A. III IV: Swimming: German Club: Art: Music: Poetry Groups. BORDEN NICINTYRE .... ........ R evelstoke, B.C General Course. SARA NIADELINE MCKIiNZlE .... Leamington, Ont General Course: Music Art: Skating. HELEN LUCILLE MCKIM .................. St. Mary's, Ont Modern Languages: Annesley Hall: Activities- German Study Club III, IV: Basketball I, IV Interests-Dramatics, Music, "Lit. Groups", Books, Teacups. KATHLEEN NICKINNON ................... Thessalon, Ont General Course: VVymilwood: Classical Association: S.C.M.: Tennis: Skating. YVINNIFRED ALICE NICNIATH .................. Clinton, Ont General Course: S.C.M. Groups: Settlement VVork: Skating: Hiking: Stars: Flowers: Lit.: Music Art: Poetry. VICTORIA COLLEGE Fzfty-tlzrce f IA. -'K . ti: Hit. eff 'Biff ggi I i ANNUE FRANCES IVICNIFLLEN . Toronto, Ont. General Course. HARRY AUBREY A'lEI,LOVV .................. Napanee, Ont. General Course, "Bob" Comm., Cosmo Club, Year Pres. II, Cabinet Member, Lit. Society' Students' Court, Music Club Bus. Mgr. IV, Soccer, Theology. IYIURIEL A. INIILLS ................... Merrickville, Ont. General Course, XVymilwoOd, Art, Poetry, Music, Dramatics, XYomen's Lit. Society. ROGER J. INIONKMAN ......... ......... C ooksville, Ont. Physics. jis.xN MOORE .......,........ . Uxbridge, Ont. General Course, Interests f-Rugby Games, Skating, Theatre. A. E. KIXTHLIQEN IVIUNDY .................. Toronto, Ont. Modern Languages, Music, Books, Basketball, Class Parties, German Club. ' RICHARD GORDON IYEVVMAN ...,............ Spencerville, Ont. Teachers' Course II, General Course III, IV, Music Club, Poetry, Theology. IYIIRIAM RUTH PATTERSON ................... Aurora, Ont. Annesley llall, Music Club I, II, Art, Music Groups, S.C.M., Swimming, "I.Q's". A. EVANGELINIQ POWELL C2492 ................. Toronto, Ont. E. and H., Fr., Ec., Astron., Hockey, YVomen's Editor "The Varsity", Senior Class Exec. IIIZLICN D. REDMOND ................... Toronto, Ont. Modern Languages, German Club, S.C.M., Music, Skating. NIVRIIEL l5i.1z,xB1c'rH REDMOND ................, Wingham, Ont. Household Economics, Annesley Hall, Activities -Class Exec. II, Acta Locals IV, Choral Society IV, Skating, Darning, Interestsee-lVIusic, Drama, Masquerading, Monkeyshines, I.Q's. l:IiHy'fl7IlI' VICTORIA COLLEGE l- Ka. 5 41, ,-. " i f R .. . T R .1 ft.. R ' I ia.. . 4:,. .. ' - W fe - -' " ri. .f-7 I .gi fyxi to-js I 1 ' :Mya A H915 L .Q . . .f ri ll' ' T ,, T ' "' JRE? TZ, 'P H. ai 1 243 wf 'Ia is H. ,' 2. -sg,-,ax-1 " f 6 f sf wa.. I s 't V' k , . t Em Q 2 H fini ,f I r 2 F152 . p M. 5- f1.,.3fe1 ' at " .. ' f il' 'Sr 'a R55 Q.iQ?p'L,i'.'f: ' ' V E 9 ' "M 'SJ sig f 'Y T' 1, Q :I ,E 4. ' 4 ' 1- J R an . ' A ' ' .1 ...r z, igtlh txt. , Q gf, ,gr pjqffb. hi -1 -2w '.F':WR5XWt+i R-N N RQ. M A . ' en- -AR '-2 wh 'SSH +A., I . ., A . ,fa Q.: R ,R Mn jj R ,.., , ,., 93555127 QQ I , b N :XDAH FLORENCE REID ,,..,,.A...4....,.. Brucefielcl, Ont. General Arts, I'.C. I, Vic. II, III, IV, XYymilwOod, Music, Dramatics, Poetry, Literary, SCM. HELEN RICHARDSON ...............,. , . Rosetown, Sask. General Course, XVymilwOOd, Hockey II, III, IV, Athletic Exec. III, Tennis Team IV, Orchestra I, IV, Interests---Friends. SARAH C. R1CH.xRDsON ..4.,....... Rosetown, Sask. General, XVymilwood, Activities- fMusic, S.C.M. Groups. EVELYN IYIAY RICKER ,.........c...... North Hay, Ont. Science CGeneralD, Annesley I-Iall, Interests Lit., S.C.M., Biological Club. LUCY ELLA ROBERTSON .....,,..,..,...... Iroquois, Ont. General Course, Oaklawn I, II, III, Annesley Hall IV, Interests- efLiterary, S.C.M. Groups, Theatre, Rugby Games, People. D. O. ROBSON . . . . Toronto, Ont. Classics. THOMAS RALPH SARIEITNT KNZINJ .....,. i..,..,.. . Orillia, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, House Comm. IV, Social Director, V.C.S.P. IV, Year Vice-Pres. II: Third Year Medical Vice-Pres. IV, Interfac. Rowing, XVater Polo, Tennis, Dramatics. HELEN ROBERTA SHAW ................... Toronto, Ont. General Arts, Music Club, Lit., 9.C.M. Groups, Interests liasketball, Tennis, Music. GEORGE ALFRED SHIELDS ................... Innerkip, Ont. General Course, Victoria Soccer I, II, III, IV, Burwash. GEORGE THOMAS S1x1PsoN .... ..... . Tottenham, Ont. General Course, Vic. Soccer I, II, III, IV, Theology. BRUCE SMITH .............,....... Curries, Unt. Pass Course, Burwash Hall, Music Club II, III, Bob Comm. IV, SAC. IV. VICTORIA COLLEGE I"11fzy-five Q., -A 1: 't .ff 1,--,Q-. e A- ' ,J ragga, yay-sw' -' .3 s. f. ..,,,,,,,, ,.,.......-..-. ..-W .. ..,1,E.,,..,...,..,. I If-w.,W',:f -.Yg:l3f:f,xlSi???i-?5f-sssxsssas -s-was.eL,.ip:rff-e - M- -A - we -' ew Q , , , L .Y iw -I , V ,Q Q - V- if 'i ii Nw . T, . , ' 1 ,, .'2, . . ., A1.,. - A I CARI, G. SAIITII ,.......... ..... . Kitchener, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, Interfaculty Rugby, Honours. MARGARET ALICE SMITH ............ . Clifford, Ont. General Course, S.C.M. II, III, Lit. III, Swimming, Skating. INIARY CATHERINE SMITH .................. Hickson, Ont. English and History, Annesley Hall, Art, Music Groups, A.S.G.A., S.C.M. Exec., University Settlement, Interests- Literature, '4Twilights", Plays, Swimming, Hikes, Little Vic Rink. IXIARY L. SMITIIIZRMAN ................... Toronto, Ont. A General Course, Art, Science, Religion, Domesticity, Little Vic Rink, Books, Theatre. BLANCIIE EIIGINGTON SNELL ................ Londesborough,Ont. English anrl History, AnnesleyHall, Pres. Lit.Society, Literature, Music, Art, Academic, Athletic. Class Interests, S.C.M., China Painting, U. of T. Crests, Etchings. DOROTHEA STAFFORD ,................., Wyoming, Ont. General Arts, Annesley Hall, Music Club, Art Groups, Music Groups, Choir, Tennis, Skating, S.I.C. II, III, Guitars, Ukes, Forty VVinks. NIIJRIEL EMMA STANLEY I .................. Calgary, Alta. General Course, Wymilwood, Activities'fChoral, A.S.G.A. Treas., Interests-Music, S.C.M. Group. jo1IN CARTER STEVENSON ........,......... Ottawa, Ont. Classics, Music, Basketball I, Capt. II, III, Varsity IV, Track I, II, III, Acta III, IV, "Bob" Comm. IV, Twenty Club, Vice-Pres. V.C.S.P. IV, Classical Association Exec. I, II, III, Pres. IV, Athletic Exec. II, III, IV, Vice-Pres. Varsity Harrier IV, Treas. III, Burwash. ROBERT JOSEPH TABIIR CKRTD ............... . Athens, Ont. General Course, V.C.S.P., Bob Comm., Macdonald-Cartier Club, Burwash. AILEEN L. THOMPSON ..............,.... Toronto, Ont. English and History, Activities-Playground, Plugging, Prizes, Plays, Parties, Interests-Little Vic Rink. W. M. THOMPSON . . .Hamilton, Ont. Fifly-six VICTORIA COLLEGE Q ft" A tn-uuunkf Ei: rr --rn A - -AM QM-,-,...s.., u A. . . an V . M x ,Y - F, V... .. 4 0 so '559"'il"""'t""?, f I I I' QQ. 45. 1 I I iE'3'fl'.H: sf. viii, . .N 4 ,.3.',,gw'grw 5. : js , , Q 'ilrlaifiisib N - 'T A - A . 'I I 'W ?fi 'Q TEt?If I ' i.:..iXiffi'1' s - . ' E' t' i -. 9' i . ' - .Q ETTA ANNIE ToI,cII.-IRD .................,, Tororito, Ont. English and History, H. F. Biggar Scholarship, Interests ffhlusic, Literature, Aspirations Peda- gogical, probably. ALBERT IYILLIAM TiicKEIz ......,. . Toronto, Ont. M. X P. I, Il, Mathematics III, IV, Honours. IQATHLEEN TVIQNER ........,...I..I...I Toronto, Ont. General Course, Interests -French Conversation, Music, Drama, Long Distance Walking, Singing. EUNICE N IAUDE TYIIURST .......,.....,,.,. Regina, Sask. General Course, XVynIilwood, Pres. XVomen's Council S.C.NI., Pres. Vic. XYomen's S.C.M.,, Lit., Student Govt., DI-amatics, Little Vic Rink. AALMA ELAINE IYALES .......... Napanee, Ont. Modern Languages, Basketball, XY.U.A., Draniatics. FREDERICK ARTIIUR W.xNsBRot'GH COAXI ..........., flrnnzl Valley, Ont. General Course, Pres. Graduating Class, Pres. Permanent Exec., Students' Parl. Sec. II, Sec.-Treas. III, Vic. Draniatics I. II, III, IV, Hall COIDIII. ll, Ill, IV, Board of Stewards III, IV, VVater Polo, Rowing. i I WIARJORIE E. IVELLS V ........... A ........ Islington, Ont. General Course, Interests - Music, S.C.M., Poetry, Prose, Activities Street Car, Bus, Tobogganing. AIARION A. WELI.s ..................., Islington, Ont. General Course, Interests- -Music, S.C.M., Philosophical Discussions, Activities,-Tobogganing, Street Car, Bus. E. Ii.-XTIILEIEN WEsI' .............,...... Almonte, Ont. General Arts, Annesley Hall, Class Vice-Pres. Ill, Lit. Exec. III, Art, Music, Poetry Groups, Music Club III, IV, Athletic Exec. II, IV, Hockey I, III, IV, Curator II, S.C.M., Tennis, Horses, Basketball. RoBER'r VINCENT WILSON .....,..,......... Toronto, Ont. Philosophy, History, English, Hamilton Fiske Biggar Scholarship I, Vice-Pres. Victoria College Orchestra III. NORVA1. BIOIIN Woons ................... Watford, Ont. General Course, Honours III, Vic. Music Club III, IV, Oriental Assoc. III, IV, II. of T. Liberal Club Exec. IV, Senior Year Vice-Pres., Theology. VICTORIA COLLEGE Fifty-seven 4 W 4 0 Qui. , W? ' ,,, , ,QM 'Z 1 f' xz W . Y N M X x 1 k A, I ev N. . es - M - W5 ,A , , J' x , L-gf-I f Q' ' - , 1 y ya " f' f , 3' , . w - A 5,15 6 , .. . . e S,-,xx .ft Q .. ,.,. A A if ' fx, X ,I f'. , , , , .1 . V f- ' f - . . 4 - it A. nn .- V f. af1's""" Nf- Q 5 E 1 I f,,?'fv,A- - A 4. VICTORIA V COLLEGE Q5 9-H S2521 Fan H157 Eyes 0 as uv- U ' +35 Q1 1lig,"" I 'wk' Fzlfly-6z'g11t X X4 ,. 5 if if hx X A 51455 1 NW Q K- iz ,415 x 'H QA ,., 'gnu - , , , ?- 5 4 'I ,. wr : ' f.. :ff Y ' M ,ff ' ,, Q 1., B 45 sr X S t D , . 4 ., ,, 5 5, 4' 5 4 J ,K ,, Q 5 5? ggvpg ' -ff... V+ gm 1 . .tw gy 1 X fax , .a , ,lx ,,,,L4-"- A, 'R-Zu' '.,'. r 'I,. ln Lf? nan, ,. 'Y fiefif-A A 1 nn K " J' gg fy' 1 " 1 ,r vc 2-fx Y H- .xl Jfw' A ar' V' -8, . l 4 ,Qi if ., ' xx .ff ' ' , 1 I L4 3 3? L Q M el ? ' P X A P , A ' f izf' ' . X .,-TA, Bo .ai M. W iff. 1 Q S A x IV Q - . '- - ' f ' . YV M, - ' - ,W , ,. .1 4 1 I j K If 1- ,I ,YY . tx A V Q 4 N Q, , ' 6 f' X" 1 ' Q Q Q ' A W ! yjsxxi -a Q E ' 0' L ,Q .t 1 ' L, U 1 - lwfh 4 "- fw .. - s . Y .ai ' ' A ,X , i I 2 H- ,, f sw sf 2. .. ' mx ' - H f z-.2 " A ' . H QE. s wg 53-5? L - 'yi X ,. x . L ! ." . r L I M 71 'I . 75 'H' A X P , ' 1 f 3, ., .5 QQ, ' f xv, ,Tc I x ' h I A? YL , 1 gg M g K Q f 1 -0 ' V ,Y ' f ' 'f' I is 1 ' gv 57 . SL' wif I' -1' - V , U 3 f '. f' . , - .,','5"f " k 4 ..,. X ' 1 " A ' '. if Z ' 1 KA K ffl' 1' f 7 .A af 1 ' . W? T, - E-if' 4, 9 A'AA . f 3- 3 N 4' v ig, -. I V - SJ 5" I ival 51 ,L ' Jw. i b Q A ' ' ,.. I 7 rw. f ,, ' Rugbyn aj 3' I - . if - H H , - -:V ge -,f:Q ' Z" 'W , 3' Y .x ' , 'FREE-f -3' , " , 7- 5' , W' 'A 23 'F f l 1 ' 'Y' ' NF 'uf' f i T 91 2: SWE", " - , ,,.4 f JP Y-s. 'if - 1' ' , .V Fr YV: fi 5465, af tl N3 E' V .Bn fi Q- -af ff? 0 ' gk x a ' . P ' ,4 QQ """" 'm 'A I 5 - A'W'W F' i iagra Sllay-Ln, i ,... . ,4 S., Q: fy? , jx K1 ., , X, 'wg J. afar . H 1 - xy 5' 4-riff? we HTH JP? '- L: sz ' fx V avfgxx rf g Y , X I 4. gy 1 ., , ja x- ' 11 ,, ,A if . Lg, W- l . f'!'2,: "fi" 1 ,nf V3 as AP 5 3. lfllf-fj'-711.116 1 K 'X TRINITY .--L ...........M.........,..... , .,.....,..... , , ........,- W ...t..,,,,....... . W H I . ... ,,,, . Eff' 'ef f 'D' ,Tre R if D A v 1653, I ,pi N . ... ft NR V f' PN 'Q X x X X I I gm 1-...Muay 'I+ R K. FLORENCE B. ALLEN ,....A,........... Mount Forest, Ont. General Course, Interfac. Hockey I, II, III, Capt. II, Pres. University Hockey Club III, junior "T", Head of Sale. IV, TORONTONENSIS Rep. IV. ROBERT RICHARD ARCHER B.-XLDVVIN ............... Toronto, Ont. , General Course, Lit. Council II, III, Pres. IV, Dramatic Exec. II, III, IV., Stage Mgr. '27, Sec. Coll. Meeting III, Review Board IV, S.C.A., S.A.C. IV, Centenary Comm., Board Student Publica- tions, College Soccer II, III, Harriers I, II, III, IV, Intercoll. Harriers III, IV, Track IV. EDWARD HORACE BLACHFORD ................. Toronto, Ont. General Course, Honours, "VVicked Uncle", Counseller "Camp Ahmek" I, II, Interestsw -Literary Institute, Mathematics, Hockey, Soccer. HUGH DOUGLAS BRANIDN ................, Dunnville, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, Trinity House, Hall Comm. IV, V, "Varsity" Staff, Reporter I, II, Night Editor III, Librarian IV, Exchange Editor V, Science Club Assistant Curator I, Curator II, III, Sec. IV, Vice-Pres. V, Review Board Associate Editor III, IV, V, Dramatic Society I, II, III, IV, V, Scribe of '27, Permanent Exec. '27, Leonard McLaughlin Scholarship. CATHERINE NIILLARD COCKBURN ............,. Sturgeon Falls, Ont. General Course, Honours, Reception Comm. II, III, IV, House Comm. II, Hockey Captain III, Basketball II, III, junior HT". VICTOR BERTRAM COLLINS .,......,......... Allandale, Ont. General Course, Trinity Theological Society I, II, III, IV, Literary Institute I, II, III, IV, Dramatic Society III, IV, Brotherhood of St. Andrew Il, III, Vice-Pres. IV, Staff Trinity Library II, III, IV, Custodian Scrap Book IV. AGNES C. COMBE ..................... Clinton, Ont. General Course, Baseball I, II, Trinity Dramatics III, Reception Comm. IV. DOROTHY HAVVTHORN Cox ............,..... Oakville, Ont. Modern Languages, Athletics Sec. III, Pres. IV, Tennis I, II, III, IV, Basketball II, III, IV, Base- ball I, II, III, Library Comm. III, IV, Reception Comm. II, III, House Comm. II, Junior UT". EILEEN E. H. DITCHBLIRN ................. Gravenhurst, Ont. General Course, Intercoll. Hockey I, II, III, IV, University Athletic Directorate III, Pres. University Hockey Club IV. FRANK SCHLI'IiTIiR EDGAR ....... Preston, Ont. Year and College Activities, Music Comm. .S'ixly-twn TRINITY COLLEGE ,U """" ies' 'sE"'r on fl' Y A 'Sf ir .J . QQ? .SL i Y 'Till '1',,'fk f-:L 5 .. I ,Ml fl 3?+'Q9g,J'i,li. , ' . in IQ- ' f 3: " . 'I I I A QQ, I 'R -r - , A 4. X'v,' ' ' - CLARENCE CHARLES EVANS .................. Sudbury, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, U.C. I, II, Trinity III, IV, Trinity House, Science Club Curator III, Sec. IV. FRANCIS JOHN LEWIS EVANS .................. Orillia, Ont. Political Science CP0litics and Law Divisionj, U.C. I, Trinity Basketball II, III, IV, Year Executive IV, Treasurer Foreign Affairs Club IV, Lit. Council IV. M. JOYCE JEFFREY FINLAY .,..,............ Niagara Falls, Ont. General Course, Interfac. Tennis Team I, II, III, IV, University Tennis Club III, Intercoll. Tennis Team IV, Manager Intercoll. Hockey Team III, Intercoll. Debating Union III, IV, Pres. Literary Society IV, Joint-Exec. S.A.C. IV, House Comm. II, IV, Head of College IV. IQATHARINE E. FOSTER .,........,........ Toronto, Ont. Moderns, Honours, Polity Club, 'lChronicle" Staff III, IV, Interests-e-Good Company, Revolu- tionary Ideas, Music, Art, Literature, Drama. IvoR XVILLIAM ROELIN HADLEY ..........,..... Toronto, Ont General Course, Honpurs, Intercoll. Soccer III, IV, U. of T. Soccer Club Vice-Pres. III, Pres. IV Intercoll. Soccer Union Pres. IV. IVIARY NIARGARET HEGGIE ,..,....... ...... B rampton, Ont. General Course, Reception Comm. IV, House Comm. IV. ROBERT SHEPHERD JAQUES .................. Toronto, Ont. Philosophy, Honours, Scholarship, Pres. S.C.A., Science Club, U. of T. Philosophical Society, Interests4MuSical. ELLEN LETITIA JERMYN ,.,................. Whitby, Ont. Mathematics and Physics, Honours, Sec. Literary Society, Baseball II, III. ROBERT HATHERLEY LoosEI1oRE .........,...... Toronto, Ont. General Course, Trinity College Literary Institute I, II, III, IV, Trinity College Theological Society I, II, III, IV, Students' Theological Union IV, Associate Editor, Trinity University Review III, IV. DONALD GREY NICCIJLLAGH ............. .... C obourg, Ont. Political Science, Division I. TRINITY COLLEGE Sixty-llzree Coxsrxxcn KI.-.RY AICISIITTRICK ................ Toronto, Ont. Household Economics, Honours, Vice-Pres. IVA. IV, Sale Comm. IV, InterestseeGirls' XYork, Household Science Club. VIRGINIA Is.xHIaI. NICNIVEN ................... A cton, Ont. General Course, Honours, Head Year II, House Comm. I, II, S.C.M., Interests--flfnexpected. PHILIP HENRY NIND ............... . . . Toronto, Ont. English and History, Rugby, Hockey. HELEN EDITH OI.IvIfR ........ I ........... Toronto, Ont. Modern Languages, I.O.D.E. Scholarship, XYar Memorial Scholarship, Basketball I, II, III, Hockey I, II, III, Tennis II, Trinity Dramatics, St. Hilda's Athletic Association, Sub-editor "Chronicle", Junior HT". ROBIQRT DIEVERIQUX RALFE .................. Toronto, Ont. M. and P., Trinity Rugby III, IV, Basketball II, III, IV, Baseball II, III, IV, House Comm. III, IV, Trinity Conversazione Comm. III, IV, '28 Exec. III, IV. RoIsIzRT TURNBULI, KQBOTIJ ................. Niagara Falls, NY. M. and P. I, II, IV, V, B. and M. III, Amateur Athletic Assoc. Comm. II, III, Treas. IV, Science Club, II, III, Vice-Pres. IV, Pres, V, Lit. Institute Council II, III, IV, Interfac. Rugby, Discipline Comm. II, Permanent Exec. '27, Edward Blake, XVilliam Dickson Scholarships. AIARY IQUTH VVHITE .................... Toronto, Ont. Perse School, Cambridge, England, Modern Languages, Sec. St. Hilda's Lit. Society, Reception Comm. I, II, IV, Head IV. JAMES ARTHUR WRIGHT KAAQU ............... Amherstburg, Ont. Trinity Soccer II, III, Captain IV, Hockey I, II, III, Trinity Athletic Exec. Comm. III, Vice-Pres. IV, Lit. Institute Council II, III, Treas. IV, Treas. College Meeting III, Head of Arts. .Sivly-fozu' TRINITY COLLEGE .j 4-ig S' - .. . 14,1 2 egg, 'rn egg, . 1 Q- .-1, ,J lim: ,V r 1 'ea ,X 642, NVQ s V ,oe . .,..,, ' tfwwueevsiswvfisx' ' , K ' Ns. JAMES REGINALD BOLGER ...........,..... Georgetown, Ont. Classics, Interfac. Soccer and Rugby, S.M.C. Oratorical Club, Newman Club. VERNON JOSEPH BOURKE .,..,............ North Bay, Ont. Honour Philosophy IMD, Quindecem, Oratorical Club, Philosophical Club, McDonald-Cartier Club, Chairman Literary Comm., Victoria College Orchestra, Vice-Pres., Sec.-Treas., Music Comm., Sketch Comm., "Varsity" Staff, Business Manager St. Michael's Year Book, Interfac. Debates, Interfac. Squash, Tennis, Kernahan Prize, Hanrahan and Alumni Prizes, Honours. JOSEPH HARRY BRETT .,................. Kenora, Ont. Mathematics, Interests-Checkers, Chess and Actuarial Science, Honours. JOSEPHINE M. BROPHY .................. Cleveland, Ohio Eng. 8: I-list., Loretto Abbey College, Intercoll. Debating III, Lit. Society Pres., Head House Comm. IV, Senior Class Pres., Honours, Interests,--Wide and keen. CLARA H. CARROLL ........ .... . . Toronto, Ont. General Course, Loretto Abbey College. , HELEN KATHLEEN COUGHLIN ..... . Toronto, Ont. General Course, Loretto Abbey College. CLEMENT JOHN CRUSOE .................. Waterdown, Ont. Honour Philosophy CMJ, Honour French, President Philosophical Society, Oratorical Club, Quin- decim, French Club, "Varsity" Staff, Mulock Cup Rugby III, IV, Interfac. Baseball II, III, Captain IV, Interfac. Soccer, Honours. BESSIE CATHERINE DUNN .................. i Toronto, Ont. General Course, S.M.C. Athletic Exec., Year Pres. III, Baseball II, III, Hockey II, III, IV, Spanish Club, Literary Society. SARA TERESO DWYER ................... Toronto, Ont. Moderns, Loretto Abbey College, U. of T. German Club, L.A.C. French Club, Class Exec. III, IV, Dramatics I, II, III, IV, Baseball I, II. Sixty-six ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE 47 : -' . .. ., eyaffi' ...ML ---save ff"'f15.:mi..,-...,,,,,,,?? . , Q . A A ,'-V' fii 1 A A Ist? I . , Y A 114 A if 2 FV E . . l I .Z ,,.,1,, 1 1 . ,Wy .N if I I T we P ,Q Q, f 'f Q tx 4 V' gals 1, N' ff , H, S 2 Q s Jef' 5 a 5 ,F I' I 1. I T, I ,qw Q X T I' I 'E 5 A y r ,I 'hgffx A Q' 5' ' rf, 43 IJ 5 'Q Q Nfl Y Y 'r , i , Q A . 1, ' ,gf V .ff A. ' . .QM fs A Q K, .- . -,, , ...,. s' 'A .fx T I r Y e fl R yoga if 5,1 ff? .1 I ft:-A ' ' mfg, if A 3 .X l"" t sf 1-f""'MM 5 .Ha w"', . ' . V IVIARY RIT.-X FITZGERALD .................. Hillsdale, Ont. General Course: Literary Society, Baseball I, II, Interests Music, Dancing. FRANCES TERESA FITZPATRICK ,.......,.....,.. Hamilton, Ont. Modems, Loretto Abbey College, Treas. II, Sec. III, Pres. IV Sodality, St. Michael's Basketball I, III, Vice-Pres. Loretto Athletic IV, German Club Exec. III, Library Exec. II, Debating I, II, Dramatics IV. PATRICK JOSEPH FLYNN ....... ' .,..,....... Hespeler, Ont. A.B. St. Louis University '24, entered Fourth Year General Course, Areopagus, Orchestra. EDWIN CHARLES GIKRVEY .................. Goderich, Ont. Honour Philosophy CMJ, Vice-Pres. St. Michael's Students' Council, U. of T. Liberal Club, Oratorical Club, Philosophical Society, Secretary III, Quindecim, Chairman S.M.C. Debates Comm. I 'Es 8 r ---.Q RANDOLPH JOSEPH GIBBONS ....... I ...,...,.. Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, Boxing II, IV, Quindecim IV, Sketch Class IV. MONICA G. GOODROW ...,............... Hamilton Ont. General Course, Loretto Abbey College, Class Exec. I, II, III, IV, Debates III, IV, Cor. Sec. Newman Club IV. J A GLADYS IVIARY GRAHAM ............ Toronto, Ont General Course, S.j.C., Interests-A -Music, Art, Theatres. MADELEINE M. HAMILTON .,................ Stratford, Ont General Course, Loretto Abbey College, Class Exec. III, Debating III, IV, Interests' -Music Philosophy, Dramatics, Newman Club. EDXVARD JOSEPH HARTMANN ....,............ Brantford, Ont Honour Philosophy, Pres. St. Michael's S.A.C., joint Exec. S.A.C., Pres. Il. of T. Rooters' Club House Comm. of I-lart House, Editor St. Michael's Year Book, "Varsity" Staff, Quindecim, osophical Society, MacDonald-Cartier Club, Rugby, Soccer. ALICE CECILIA HAYES ................... Phil Toronto, Ont General Course, Secretary S.J.C. Lit. Society IV, St. joseph's Dance Comm. I, III. IV, Newman Club Tea-Dance Comm. IV, Dramatic Society II, Interests-Art, Music and Dances. ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE Sixly-seven -V, C .vagfvi . ' sg x . ,w V N' V , Q ,q5,Mg.i,., .fi. 5 C 1 YT X is P :ra x '- Y 'E' We if . s.1f1.S'Lw x - 'ymsmssr " 'iywww 1 y K .... .V xgx fi 1'..Q... V ....,N, I ,, H N. 1 5 ., , . gif -, ik TX: I ? K .qssnk :,, ,X 2: I . i ts -ff ' Jkt size.: 9,5 f ,, , f , 0. , .,f, N 1 -. ,. J N. 2 MMWQA .1 w ,Y 4, ,gf T M iw Y iw. 'Y' Y . , .K , """-'MMM -- ,. ,aa . ' -, 'X ' ., ' .C -qw 1 .V J . f w my - dup: Q .',v A x XY MQAWH . ' wwe I -A f 3.31, f Y :ff ' "Q"f3f?' p 'ff 'Z' " ' i al :ffl . WELL' jig? 17 0 " :- f if ,. ' N.. ::ff:1v1311:3nifn AQ: ' .f 1 if if 'i' . I ,,,, , W L X ,QI . AA 1 N, ' ,,, ,X - f 'f"'irw'Y.xf2 'iifiw - , lgaiikfgfltua , :fait is Mjfy' ... ,ur I ' I-Q. . 0 , as .- , .. f.f....f .zs...Lkmf, P1 . . . , - ' 7- INIARION CEc1L1.x H.xvEs . ..,............. Smith s Falls, Ont. General Course: Lit. Society Exec. IV: Athletic Exec. II, III, IV: Baseball I, II, III, IV: Hockey I, II III, IV. IQATHLEEN F. HICKEY ,...,,......... .... T oronto, Ont V General Course: Loretto Abbey College: Interests:-Debating I, II: Philosophy III, IV: Scholar- ships ee-K. of C., Loretto Alumnae. RUTH EVELYN HUGGINS ..,....,.......... Toronto, Ont. General Course: Loretto Abbey College: VVomen's Athletic Directorate III: Pres. Basketball Club III: Manager Intercoll. Basketball III: St. Michael's Basketball I, II, III: Tennis II, III: Undergrad. Centenary Comm. IV: Hobbies fDramatics I, II, III: Debates I, II, III. lm. BERNADETTE JoNEs ..,...,........... Ottawa, Ont. Moderns: Joint Exec.: S.J.C. At-Home Comm. II: S.M.C. Athletic Exec. II, III, IV: Basketball II, III, IV: Hockey I, II, III, IV: Tennis I, III. HARRIET RACHEL IQELLY ......... Toronto, Ont. General Course: S.J.C.: Interests---Drama, Music. 4 JAMES IVIAURICE KING .,................. Stratford, Ont. Political Science: Pres. Quindecim: Oratorical Club: Sec. Literary and Debates Comm: Debates Comm.: Year Book Staff: I.C.D.U. and Hart House Debating: Interfac. Soccer: Hockey: Baseball: "M " for Rugby. HILDA C. LAVELLE .................... Toronto, Ont. General Course: Loretto Abbey College: Class Exec. I, II: Vice-Pres. Senior Class: St. Michael's Year Book Rep.: Newman Club Fac. Rep.: Interests'-A-Spanish Club, Dramatics, Debating. Evon JOHN LEONARD ................... Cobourg, Ont. General Course: French Club: Interests---Music and Chess. ' HILDA MARGUERITE LoNG ........... Whitby, Ont. Arts: Loretto Abbey College. J. CYRIL IVICALPINE .................,.. Marysville, Ont. General Course: Mulock Cup Rugby I, II: Baseball I, II: Oratorical Club: Athletic Directorate III: Junior Intercoll. Rugby III: Manager Jennings Cup Hockey Team III: Intermed. Rugby IV: Manage O.H.A. Juniors IV. Sixty-eight ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE , rt- 4 'iii ,ikxixbjl . -F-L., is: 5.12 is 'ink-'K . ' gm' iffy ' , S N . E 1 - F Um . ,: ,K In Q. . , 'Q 'ii 3' ' . nk WR'- Q N K :ff ' .few tgxwf 9 I AW gl.-ag f 4 fa R iw , ,? wlirvixzmx C. ,.,. , , f' H A i ww A: 2. tg, . .fat 5' I, -.:fA -,E . Q - I JM 4 .. AQ V, J X V, ,f .,,,,,, - W. Q - i -A .N L I 3. , sf . if , f.' v: - f .z,,ge.g ' thug . fe A x ,Er:fE' , . Q' Wigsga' Q, Q' up S - iff' I .aw sy' - - .4 A X. W-ww .wx t K ,. V VIR MRs,wmW,, .. . JOHN FRANCIS IXICGIXRRY' .................. Toronto, Ont. General Course, S.M.C. Parliament II, III, Quindecim Club IV, Rugby-Interm, II, III, Mulock Cup Team Captain IV, Hockey, Jennings Cup I, II, III, IV, Orchestra IV, Second HM". RIARY THERESA NICGARVEY ..............,.. Toronto, Ont. Moderns, S.J.C. Lit. Society I, II, III, IV, Newman Club I, II, III, IV, Interests-ee-English Literature, Dancing. .NIARGARET NI.-XRY IVICNAMARA ................. Sarnia, Ont. English and History, Class Pres. I, II, "Varsity" Staff, Baseball I, Sec. of Polity Club III, Players' Guild, Classical Association, Lit. Society Pres. IV, Year Book Staff III, IV, Head Girl 29 Queen's Park. HELEN BARBARA INIONKHOUSE ................. Toronto, Ont. General Course, St. Joseph's College, Vice-Pres. Newman Club IV, Year Vice-Pres. IV, Interests- Debating and Dancing. THOMAS EDMUND NIOONEY .......... , ........ Westport, Ont. General Course, Hart House House Comm., Pres. Oratorical Club, Vice-Pres. St. Michael's Athletic Directorate, Sec. Quindecim, B.VV. and F. Club, "T" and "M " for VVrestling, Macdonald-Cartier Club, TORONTONENSIS Rep., Year Book Staff, Vice-Pres. Junior Year. VICTORIA ELIZABETH MUELLER ................ Hamilton, Ont. Loretto Abbey College, Moderns, French and German, Sec. Intercoll. Debating Union II, Pres. U. of T. Debating Union III, Group Leader II, Sec.-Treas. III, Pres. U. of T. German Club IV, Treas. House Comm. II: Inter-Year Debates I, II, III, IV, Exec. French, Press, and Polity Clubs, Dramatics, Mahon English Award I, Mary Ward Scholarships II, III, Alumnae Scholarships I, II, III, IV, "Varsity" Rep. IV, TORONTONENSIS Rep. IV. Dams O. MUNGOVAN ............... English and History, Interfac. Squash III, IV, Quindecim Club IV. ANITA ALBERTA MURPHY ................. Mount Forest, Ont General Course, St. Joseph's Athletic Exec. I, IV, Tennis II, III, Baseball II, III, Hockey II Interests-Sports, Music, Theatres. ST. MICHAEUS COLLEGE Sixty-nine Toornto, Ont. ,III, CONSTANCE AGATHA NOLAN ....... . Bradford, Ont. French, Greek and Latin, Loretto Abbey College. ANNA OYBRIEN ..................... Lindsay, Ont. English and History, St. joseph's Literary Society I, II, III, IV, U.C. Classical Association III, IV, K.C. Scholarship, English Prize, Interests--Literary, musical. VVILLIAM JOSEPH O'MEARA .........,........ Ottawa, Ont. Honour Philosophy, Year Book Staff III, Oratorical and Quindecim Clubs, Philosophical Society, "Varsity" Staff, Music Comm. IV, Speaker, St. Michael's Students' Parliament IV, Interfac. Squash III, IV, Honours. GEORGE CYRIL POWER .,................ Grand Falls, N.F. Classics, Quindecim, Premier S.M.C.Students' Parliament, Interfac. Soccer, Newman Club Debates. ROBERT lOSE.1?H,SCOLLARD. ...... V . . . . Toronto, Ont. General Course, Interests-4Few, Activities-Less. L I I EDWARD C. SCULLY ,................... Pembroke, Ont. General Course, French Club IV, Areopagus IV, Interests--Hockey, Hand-ball, French. HUBERT PATRICK SHEEHAN ................ St. Catharines, Ont. Honour Philosophy, Pres. St. Michael's Athletic Directorate IV, Manager St. Michael's Interm. Rugby Team IV, Manager Interfac. Soccer III, Varsity Lacrosse Club III, Oratorical Club, Phil- osophical Club, Interfac. Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball. MARGARET MARY THOMPSON ........,........ Toronto, Ont. General Course, Vice-Pres. St. joseph's Literary Society III, Women's Debating Union, III, IV Newman Club Tea Comm. IV, Dramatic Society II, Interests-eMusic, Debating, Dancing. Seventy ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE l'LEUGV.,,,1 X ' Meds ZT8 Class History ATE in September, 1922, some hundred ambitious students made known their intentions to become famous in the Hippocratic calling. Modesty restrained more than feebly voiced words such as "surgeon", "re- search" and the upper classmen, in public spirited fashion, undertook ' -'--- to administer the HI'St clinic in humility. So fair heads, black heads 9 WGN? . ,yt . Z. vp 42:85:52 ff and red heads were adorned by ill-fitting straw hats, and necks and hats with wide red ribbon. It was ignominy. Yet it served its purpose, serving as a badge of recognition in the peaceful pursuit of acquaintances among the year and in the less amorous pursuit, combined rebellion against the sophs. Then initiation, how feared, anticipated, enjoyed that way-actually! Retrospect is even kinder and may perhaps gild the experience too gaudily. But no one would have missed it willingly for once initiated we were real Meds, Meds of ZT8. That year belonged to an almost mythical future. Time passed and with the inimitable Al Young as president the year was well led. A successful dance at Apollo Hall relieved the tedium of labs with rabbits, scales and things practical, such as difference of potential. From that first hectic, tumultuous year we had sincere and remarkable friends in the office. How the Misses jones, Russell and Perry found time to remember each of us and all our worries no one will ever know. Perhaps some day they will disclose the secret. '-Meanwhile and always they have our kind regards and best wishes. Spring came and our first taste of examinations at University. The second year, gathered under the presidency of Menzies McMurray, somewhat depleted in numbers as a result of the casualties of the spring. With all due rites and ritual the frosh were initiated in the lately razed "little Gym". VVhat tales its dingy walls could have told! Soon the soph-frosh banquet at Rectar's renewed our intimacy with 2T9 under somewhat inauspicious circum- stances. However, a howling time was had by all. Long hours of Anatomyg this was atmosphere indeed and closer to our ideas of the study of Medicine. A lively fracas with the freshmen in the Anatomy Building basement will long be remembered. Notes littered the floor and long after the owners sought among the strewn leaves lost lectures. Then came another outlet for pent-up energy in the muddy days of March. This time the ancient foes, Meds and S.P.S., united to demolish the Arts election parade. Before the gates of U.C., before an admiring crowd of co-eds, men struggled for supremacy. The muddy flower beds and soft turf made falling soft and soiled. It was a glorious fight. The year closed auspiciously at a post examination banquet at the Hotel Mossop. The illustrious Tom Belt held the guiding helm of presidency in our third year. That was a period of labs, frogs, turtles, bacteria and vague chemicals provided for our experimentation and learning. The budding theatrical genius brought to light the year before at Daffydil Night blossomed forth at this year's performance. O. A. Kilpatrick made an enduring name for himself, and though the favoured prize was missed at least the competition was close. Between the close of this term and the next Fall we lost one of our original members in the tragic death of Jerry Wood, who was drowned while on a canoe trip. His modest ways and sterling worth had made him esteemed by all. It was a pleasure and privilege to have known him. A As an executive 'fKil" proved to be as capable as an actor filling the chief ofhce of our fourth year. This was our first contact with hospital work, and that Sezveizly-Iwo 4... . pr1v1lege came at a t1me when stlmulus to relleve the purely academ1cal stuches was needed The B and M students jomed us addlng 20 lllustrlous persons to our sadly thlnned ranks A comblned party w1th QT7 at the Pala1s Rox al prov1ded the soclal splurge of the year and a hxghly successful event 1t was Then came Daffyd1l and an opportunlty for our plavwrlghts and actors Thls tlme achlevement crowned long efforts and the prlzed cup was won LX large measure of the success IS due to the work and gemus of Mel Ciampbell md 1 It was a cherxshed v1ctory The pres1dent elect by our hfth year Mel Campbell unfortunately found 1t necessary to stay out a year so we were bereft of h1s worthy leadershxp Mac Master elected 1n h1s place filled the Ol'filC6 w1th exped1ency and CfBClCI'lCV H1s genlal personallty brldged more than one stream of dxfficultles I ong hours of lectures and cl1n1cs filled the tlme to OVCI'liOWll1g but each dav brought more 1nt1mable contact w1th the object of our stud1es Agam the harsh days of Sprmg when all the world should be llght hearted for 6X3.ITl1Il21tlOl1's confined '7Tb to long hours of to1l The regrettable death of one of our members MISS 'Vlary Calro came as a dlSf1HCt shock early 1n the summer In her early passmg Medlclne lost a student of promlse and the vear suffered the loss of an adm1red member The pres1dent of our final year was I R Robertson Robby arranged an excellent graduat1on dance and banquet and IH all hlled h1s office w1th utmost perfect1on Doc W1llensky won the Fllen M1cl1le Fellowsh1p well deservxng th1s the h1ghest scholarshlp The Medxcal journal under the ed1tor shlp of Carswell lxendrlck and Coutts ma1nta1ned 1ts excellent standard Tom Belt as pres1dent of the Med1cal Soclety filled hls role w1th the h1gh degree of tact and ab1l1ty that fortune has endowed h1m The year goes out w1th an envlable record In athlet1cs there are exghteen first T holders representmg every branch of sport 1n the Un1vers1ty The executwe pos1t1ons of the Um verslty have numbered many men from ZT8 Boon we shall be separated from all t IS Of the hundred odd who started there are left only fiftv three of the orlgmals The number graduatmg totals an hundred and elght made up bv the add1t1on of fifteen B and M students many from the Vllest and others from prevlous years for one reason or another These now pass qulckly from the protected world of college walls The days of demanded work are over The outslde world urges no man to work but Judges from results Those who would find success must form the1r own st1mulus for IH the test of compet1t1on there are no supps no second chance W hat the future holds no man can foretell and few care to prophesv Soon now we shall be d1spersed to the four corners of the earth never to meet agam as a total un1t As tlme passes those who follow knowledge l1l1e a smkmg star beyond the utmost bound of human thought shall find unknown causes formulate new theor1es and add to the store of SC16I'lt1l:lC facts The1r names we shall hear of hence Those for whom the passmg years holds but the real11at1on that the1r less spectacular work 1S well done have the1r reward At the end of SIX long years we have the reward of hope, and at our partmg from happy compamons on the path to th1s prospect let us say w1th Casslus " If we do meet again we'll smxle mdeed, If not, 't1s true th1s partmg was well made " Ser mix' three 1 1 . 1 1 . . 7 s - . 1 1 1 1, 1, 1 1, 1, f- , . 1 7 1' T 1'1f c . Q '. Q ' . . T 1' 1 Q 1 "K'l" " ' 1 . V 7 .1 , T 7 11 1 . ' v ' 1 - , ' - Y , 11 4 1 7 .1 1 , c 1, 1 , . 7 . . 4 5 - Y A s, i H I 1 , 1. A , 1 H 1 1 1 . . , u 1 ' Q ff vv c 5 0 I 11 J - 1 . H ,, 1 7 1 V Q . 1 1 , l y - . , . 1 1 . , A 1., 1 1 1 . 1 - . A . 1 1 1 1 1 K' AA ,,' V1 1 1 1 1, 1 . 1 . 1 1 1 1 h . - T. 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 . 1 H ,, L 1 1 , 1 , - L 1. 1 - ' 1 g 1 , 1 1 H V . 7 i. ,. 1 1 L c ,, vw . 7 s u 1, T 0 U ll , 1 a , , - Y.-...K YVYVV Y --.- R. C. Laird, H. F. Robertson, H. E. Rykcrt, XV. M. Master, H. Hethrington, .-X. R. 'I'illey,- VV. B. Ririe, D. S. Hoare, O. A. Kilpatrick. 1 Medical ZT8 HT" Holders BOB " LAIRD-ee-Has been very prominent in the last few years in rowing circles. a member of the Senior Crew for the past two years, and President of the Rowing Club, 1927-28. it Il CY" ROBERTSON-' -Packs a mean left and climbed to the top of the boxing game by Winning the 135 lb. boxing championship for four years in succession. KK BEER " RYKERT -A tower of strength on the line, of the Senior Intercollegiate Rugby Team since 1924. Although he had his knee injured two years ago he stuck right at the game and was always on the job when needed. "WH1TEY" MAsTERe--At hrst on the line of the Senior Intercollegiate Rugby Team in 1923, later moved to snap position where he did valuable work. President of the Rugby Club, 1927-28. Athletic Stick Man, 1928. HAGAR I'IETHRINGTON" -Only a fish when in the water, a valuable asset--to the Intercollegiate Water Polo Team, and prominent in swimming circles. ROSS TILLEY---Also of swimming fame, played water polo for Meds and then moved up to Intercollegiate Team. BILL RIRIE' ---For many years prominent on Intercollegiate Soccer Team. Has done much to keep this sport in a prominent place in the Faculty as Well as playing on University teams. " DEBB" HOARE-A-May be small, but when he gets in the rear seat of a shell he has them all scared. As Coxswain of the Varsity Senior Crew, "Debb" has become a great favourite. "K1L" KILPATRICK----Is known not only in Medicine but throughout the Uni- versity. Since his freshman year has worked hard and accomplished much to put lacrosse on the map in University sport. Sezfenly-four , 5 V Fi ,ff f X3 s, 15931 LESLIE ROBERT ANoUs,IB..-X ...AA.....,......, Ingersoll, Ont. A.O.A. V, Biological and Medical Sciences IU.C.j 1925, M nlock Cup Champions IV. MAHLON L. BEACH .,......,........... Toronto, Ont THOMAS HENRY BELT QOKXIIJ ................. Toronto Ont' A.O.A., Class Vice-Pres. II, Class Pres. III, Editor "Epistaxis" IV, Chairman Daffydil V, CO- winner john McCrae VVar Memorial Scholarship V, Pres. Medical Society and Students' Court VI- Medical Players Guild VI. WILLIAM GEORGE BOYLE ....... . Fergus, Ont C.O.T.C. II, III, IV, V, VI, C.Q.M.S. VI. EDWARD F. BROOKS CQKIPD CA.O.A.l . . ToroIIto, Ont Indoor Baseballewlnterfac. II, III, V, VI. v JAMES ELLISON BROWN . . . . Niagara-on-the-I..ake, Ont. o North House. NORMAN RICHARD BROWN, BA .........s ....,.. R egina, Sask. U. Of S., 1924, South House Comm. IV, V, Pres. VI, Med. Basketball IV. RICHARD FREDERICK BROVVN ........,........ Toronto, Ont. Overseas C.E.F. 13-ith, 15th Can. Highlanders, Lieut. C.O.T.C. I, II, III, IV, V, VI, Band II, III, IV, V, VI, Trinity College Science Club III, IV, V, VI, "Trinity University Review" II, Trinity Theol. Society III, IV, V, VI. WILLIAM GORDON BROVVN .................. Toronto, Ont. International Students, Can. Councillor V, Vice-Pres. VI, S.C.A. Med. Vice-Pres. III, S.V.M. Med. Pres. V, Toronto Pres. VI. CARL A. BROWNSON, B.A. CGJXD .......... ..... B elleville, Ont. COBURN IAYR LAZIER CAMPBELL ICIJXJ .............. Toronto, Ont. Class Exec. I, Medical Society Exec. II, At-Home Comm. I, II, Interfac. Basketball III, "Medical Journal" III, Interfac. VVrestling IV, V. MEDICINE Sevezlly-ji:'e ,3 . ' ' ,...,,,,,.,.ti.,. :rw1.e......-,....... - ...,:,-. V. 5: ,,.,..L:..q-Alf, Inga?-. . I A. 4. 1..i.4.At A SK W- --Rf A V-A-WN f H- - Aff MX 'fy K . - A' ,1,g,,,.!gSgy-A .A A A . .. C , ,.Ax .. rM:-v ig, .NM .f xgg f , Y 345 XRS W xg 2 -. W.. ,,,. . w i ... I. 5 X my N A If if Q S SRE -ff' , .5 A.R SEE? THESE :mai , 6 h fi xx gk x ewfwwawi JU, ji I A9 fx ill- KR X - f AENRACMANAEEEESRR. JOHN ALEXANDER CARSWELL, B.A ...,........., . Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, Vic. 1925, Editor "Medical Journal" VI. GEORGE LEO CASE QOKKIIJ ,............... . . Toronto, Ont. JAMES WALLACE CASWELL CAKKJ ........,l ....... T oronto, Ont. Arts lVictOriaJ I Treas.g Jr. Meds Rugby I, II, IIIQ Varsity "Tackweight" Crew III, Sr. Meds Rugby CMulock Cupj, IV, Mgr. Meds Interfac. Crew IV, Mgr. Sr. Meds Hockey V. ROBERT ALLEN CLEGHORN GIDAOD .....,.....,.... London, Ont. Intermediate Rugby I, II, "Varsity" Staff, I II, Manager Jr. Meds Basketball II, Manager Inter- mediate Basketball IIIQ Class Exec, III, VI, Manager Varsity Track Team IVg Pres. C.I.T.U. IV, Sec.-Treas. C.I.T.U. Vg Sports Editor TORONTONENSIS IV, Historical Club IV, Vg TORONTONENSIS Rep. YI. IVIALCOLM ISINGEMAN COUTTS, B.A ............... Assiniboia, Sask. Arts, Saskatchewan, '21, Interfac. VVater Polo III, V, VI, Honours Vg C.O.T.C. IIIg Assistant Editor "Medical Journal" VI. TREES 'r . A fc KJ 5 5 if 5 5 if A Y 5 . . .Q gk HUGH VVILERID CRAVVFORD, B.A. KCIDXD .... Medicine Hat, Alta University of Alberta, 19121-25, Track IV, V, VI. EDVVARD ARTHUR CUMMINGS KCDXJ ........ Thornbury, Ont Interfac. Rugby III, IV, Vg Interfac. Baseball Vg Soccer II. HAROLD SAMUEL DAWSON ............... I . . Toronto, Ont Board of Stewards, Hart House Vg Sec. Billiard Comm. Vg Billiard Comm. VI. JAMES GEORGE IJILLANIE KQKXIIQ ........ ...... N ewmarket, Ont Hockey Jr. Meds I, Meds Soccer II. ALEXANDER JAMES FISHER GIDAOJ ............... Stratford, Ont Interfac. Hockey Ig Interfac. Rugby II, IIIg Interfac. Baseball IV, Manager Interfac. basketball IV Intermed. Rugby IV, Vg Daffydil IV, V, Vice-Pres. Med. Ath. Society V. CiRANT M. FLETCHER . .... ......... T oronto Sczfmzfy-s17,x' MEDICINE , Ont was ,....,,..,I..........., .. ,.,.,,......x Em. . -4 . .. I-, X-,, . . .. . UW, .. If I I 5 ICQ 7.294 YIQQQ f-5 If ,X x S if 1 T ,7 IQ" jj. yup ,WM f A THOMAS EDWARD FLOMMERFELT QOAXJ .............. Thorold, Ont. Varsity Intermediate Intercoll. Rugby Champions lg Parkdale Senior O.R.F.l7. Champions II, Mulock Cup Champions IV, Eckhardt Cup Champions IV, lntercoll. Water Polo Vg Intercoll. Water Polo Champions VI. JOHN H. FORDE ...,.... . Newmarket, jamaica, B.W.I. Rec. Secretary I.S.A. WILBUR ROUNDING FRANK5 CMAJ CNENJ . , Toronto, Ont. THOMAS HUGH GLEESON QGKNPJ .... . Napanee, Ont. HARTLEY F. P. GRAFTON, BA .... . Toronto, Ont. REUBEN CARROLL f3R.-XNT CCIPXB ................ Toronto, Ont East House, Jr. Med. Rugby I, II, III, Sr. IV, jr. Med. Basketball IIIQ Reminiscencessf-Motor cycle, curve at 70, Yankee hospital, nurses. KENNETH GEORGE GR.-XY ...... Toronto, Ont PHILIP H. GREEY CZIIIJ ,...... Toronto, Ont WILL ADDISON GUEST " ............ ..,... O ttawa, Ont RACHEL KIKTHARINE HAIGHT .....,...,....... Waterloo, Ont A.O.A. V, VI, Pres. M.W'.U.A. VI, Pres. Medical IYomen's S.C.A. Vg Daffydil I, II, III, IV, V Tennis II, III, IV, V. MURIEL EVADNE HALL, BA. IAFAD ....,.....,.... Toronto, Ont Class Secretary IIQ TORONTONENSIS Rep., Hockey III: Tennis ll, III, IY, Y, YI. NIE DIC I NE St'Z't'lIf-X'-5t'Z't"lI . . . . .. . .I . .A ' ' X ' 'N' W 'qseng.f'1Sgf'i3f W' .fi 'Y X S- 1 its . fy ,J I g qtx i ,. 1 , -if . as R W sM..w.....s. Mwawwmww-A A RI.-XLCOLM MACIJZAN Rosiz I'IAl.L ICIPIUAJ ....,....,. . Brampton. Ont. "Varsity" Rep. I, Daffydil I, V, Manager Sr. Intercoll. Rugby Team VI. INILLIAM E. B. HALL .................., Lindsay, Ont. C.O.T.C. II, III, IV, V, VI, South House, Secretary VI, Interests HSwimming, Music. DEI-:Is EDWARD HEALY ,...............,.. Toronto, Ont. HAGAR HETHRINGTON .........,......,.. Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, Intercoll. NVater Polo Team III, IV, V, Captain VI, Hall Comm. IV, V, Secretary, Varsity Swimming Club V, Secretary Canadian Intercoll. Swimming Union, V, Sporting Editor, "Medical journal" VI. DELBURT S. HOARE COIOIID .........,....... Toronto, Ont. Business Editor, "Epistaxis" V, Daffydil I, Il, III, IV, V, Meds. Rugby V, Varsity Rowing jack- weights III, IV, Seniors V, Medical Player's Club VI. HAROLD ALBERT HORKINS ,... . . Toronto, Ont. H. BRUCE Hotou, B.A. GIJXJ ..... . ....... Amherstburg, Ont. LAURENCE MORTIMER HUTNER CIIACIDJ .............. Toronto, Ont. Faculty Water Polo II, III, VI, Eckhart Cup Champions IV, Finalists V, Faculty Swimming II, III, Tennis, Squash. JOHN VVILLIAM JAMES . . ................ Toronto, Ont. RUTH A. JOHNSTONE ................... Chatham, Ont. Pres. W.S.A.C. IV, joint Exec. S.A.C. IV, V, Year Secretary IV, Med. Hockey I, II, III, Basketball l, II, III, Captain II, Daffydil Skits, M.W.U.A. and S.C.A. Executives. SYDNEY KAY ................... . Portland, Ore. .Skmfrzly-1'igl1l MEDICINE ..f?"'!5' 34, il -fl' KN -M-N-m..a.a,.M M XJ I PS-K Xx.. GM N EDXYARD A. KIEIENLEYSIDE, B..-X ...,,,. . Regina, Sask. THOMAS DOVOLAS IQENDRICK, l5.A ...........A . . . Athens, Ont. A.O.A. Vg Gold Medal, Biological and Medical Sciences, 1925, Editor "Medical journal" V, VI. OSXVALD ARNOLD KILPATRICK, KOKNIIJ .ei......e. . . Shelburne, Ont. lntercoll. Lacrosse I, II, III: Year Pres. IV, Med. At-Home Comm. IV, Vice-Pres. Medical Society Vg Medical Players' Club VI, Daffydil I, II, III, IV, V, VI. ".lfTf'7i' 'xE'E"l'fY!.'J. 3631.1 .xg as C r ROBERT HORACE IQINSMAN KAKKD .,....,..., . Hamilton, Ont. GORDON INIACKAY IQIRKPATRICK, B.A. CAQJ .,....... . Vancouver, B.C. University of British Columbia: Hart House Library Comm. V, VI. IRVING DIXON IQITCHEN IAKKD . Toronto, Ont Athletic Rep. First Year. IVIARION D. LAIRD, BA. Queen's .........,.,.... Toronto, Ont .Athletic Directorate VI: Pres. U. of T. Hockey Club IVQ Manager U. of 'lf Hockey Team IV, Pres Medical VVOmen's Athletic Assoc. Vg Vice-Pres. Medical VVomen's Undergrad. Assoc. Vlg Med Basketball, Hockey, Tennis and Swimming Teams, Daljlydil Skits I, ll, Ill, Vg junior T3 M. II. ROBERT CLARENCE LAIRD, B.A. Queen's QOKXIIJ ........... Toronto, Ont jr. Med. VVater Polo III: S.A.C. IV3 junior Rowing II, Senior Rowing Ill, IV, V, VI, Rowing Club Pres. V. GORDON CUNNINGHAM LARGE QOKXIIJ ............. Port Simpson, B.C junior Meds. Rugby, Intermediate lntercoll. Rugby III: Senior Meds. Rugby Champions IV, Pres Med. Athletic Association, Chairman At-Home Comm. VI, Daffydil Il, Ill, V, Medical Players Club VI, InterestsWMusic, Sports. JOSEPH LAVERNE LAUGHTON .......... . Strathroy, Ont Pilot Royal Air Force: Returned Soldiers' "Prep" Class. FREDERIC SAMUEL LAWSON, B.A. ........ Toronto, Ont MEDICINE St'I'6llI-V-111.110 ae' ' - - V - V - ' frm" 6 -.iv -W ff ss r vs--.. , X , ,, saw nm, .. , . .sa..,..,ssa,.,,fW.,.Wsff .T,,.a.Q.,....f-...Nwt,.,,,....a..u.,-,.,,..,.R..,... A..t..s,.,,.., . ....a3.,,, 'EL....,sf S '2gr.,xX. .Q s ,t ' 0 I 'K E X 2., .mf N V- L ,,.,....... V " 4 s mf Ba se K L- MW ..t,,,,....sWs-W' FREDERICK S. l.IiIiI3ER CATAJ ,..,......, , . if x . . . Battleford,Sask. Class Exec. llI, IV, Daffydil Comm. V, Associate Editor "Epistaxis" V, Medical Players' Club VI CHARLES IJoIiGI,As STEWART LEEF ..,...,........ Toronto, Ont. C.O.T.C. I, II, III, IV, V, VI, Commission II, Dalfydil III. LEWIS l'lARTI,IiY LEWIS, BA. .,..... I . . . ..... Oshawa, Ont. LORNE EZRA Ross I.I.'CKEY, B.A. ................ Toronto, Ont. Biological and Medical Sciences, 1923, C.O.T.C. I, II, III, IV, V, VI, Commission IV. JOHN CECIL I-YoNs .............. .... C heltenham, Ont. East House. fiR.XEME SQUIER MACKECHNIE ICIJXJ . HUGH ALEXANDER IYIACIQECHNIE, BA. . Graduate U.B.C., 1923. IQIZNNETH A. MACLEAN QNINJ . . Toronto, Vancouver Harriston I S1 Ont B.C Ont XYILFRID THOMAS IVIACNICOLI. .... Hamilton Ont Served with 38th Battery in France. HARRY IVIITCI-IELL MACRAE CNEND ....... Vancouver, B.C Univ. of B.C., Interfac. Basketball II, III, IV, V, VI. WELLINGTON IXICIQIEE INIASTER ICIJAOJ .............. Windsor, Ont Sr. O.R.I".U. Rugby II, Interfac. Basketball II, IV, Sifton Cup II, Sr. Intercoll. Rugby III, IV, V VI, Manager Intermediate Basketball III, Interfac. Baseball IV, Sec.-Treas. Med. Athletic Soc. IV Daffydil II, IV, V, U. of T. Athletic Directorate V, VI, Vice-Pres. VI, Class Pres. V, Board of Stewards, Hart House VI, Pres. Rugby Club V. Eighty MEDICINE -be Lggveg .veg-5-,:v,, 1' and 5.,g:Aaf.1 1 '65 -2' e -msgq '-11' -u'a1efw:fx.' -.ffz ' I . ., A .N ,si , H f '-Ya. . ,ef W " ,xv -Q ' 1 EM' V A. - M--pwg'QQiP-eg-.Q-,vin 'E i A . I , A. Q. , Q T I , Q S.. W, JAMES LUMBERS McC'OL1.1'M . . . DOROTHY J. IVICCULLOUGII, MA. CACIUJ B..-X., U.C. P. K 13. Course: MHA., Physio 1921, Nl.1VLf.R. Vice-Pres. V. 1 I l I W,,?,.a7,-fM,.,W,g,k ',j fa, 1 i 5, Toronto, Ont. Toronto, Ont. JOSEPH J. TXICINNIS ,................ West Lake, Ainslie, Graduated in Arts from Dalhousie lfniyersityg served overseas with The 12th Canadian Field Am- bulance: completed Third Year in Medicine at Dalhousie Vniyersityg entered present Graduating Class in the Fall of 1925. ERROL LLOYD IVICNIVEN CAKKJ ..........,.... Victoria, B11 Varsity English Rugby Team, O.R.F.U. Rugby Team and Three Years on Daffydil. ISOBEL RUTHVEN TVIENZIES .....,.,.,,...,.. Honan, China Med. S.V. Exec. II, Vg Toronto S.V. Exec. III, IV, Nl.1V.U..-X. Treas. III, II.C. ZT5 I3 M.C. School, VVei I-Iwei Fu, Honan, China, 1911-14. RICE HOWARD AIEREDITH ,.,.... Medical Basketball I, III, IV, Vg DalTydil V. DONALD BEGG NIESSENGICR, B.A. Acad. QCIDXJ . . . . University of Edinburgh III, IV, English Rugby V, VI. EDWIN ARMSTRONG IXIOORE ........, Class Exec. II, IV, VI, Daffydilg lnterfac. Baseball. HARRY A. MOSCOE .......,..... Arts 1921-221 Medical Rep. II. of T. Menorah Society Il. SAMUEL NAROFSKY KIDAEJ lA.O.A.l .......,.... . Menorah Society Exec. IV, Menorah lntercoll. Debating Team to Mctlill V. JOHN THOMAS O'GORM.xN ................ France 1916-19183 Newman Club, Provincial Air Force-Fire Patrol 5 yrs. MEDICINE . Vancouver Bridgetown . Clarksburg, Toronto . Toronto . . Toronto Ez'gl1fy-run' fwwsa,-5 B.C NS Ont Ont Ont Unt . , x- Why... .pf- yv Y bi :AA V ES. AC .O his FREDERICK GERALD PRICE . . . Toronto, Ont. JOHN DOLL.-XR PRIOR ..... . Coldwater, Ont. Jr. and Sr. Med. Hockey, UM". WILLIAM B. RIRIE, BA ................... Toronto, Ont. C.O.T.C. '15, France 1916-1918, B. 81 M. '27, Track and Harrier I, Boxing II, III, Tennis IV, '27 Assault Cup Team IV, Capt. Med. Soccer V, V1, Capt. Intercoll. Soccer VI, "T" V. HAROLD FRANCIS ROBERTSON ................. Toronto, Ont. Associate and Sporting Editor, TORONTONENSIS IV, V, Interfac. Rugby I, VI, Rowing III, IV, Intercoll. Lightweight Boxing Champion II, III, IV, V, Boxing Rep. B.W. SL F. Club V, Manager B.W. Sz F. VI, C.O.T.C. V, VI. JOHN Ross ROBERTSON .................. Blenheim, Ont. Vic. 1917, C.E.F. and R.A.F., France, 1916-18, Commercial Aviation, Post-War, S.A.C. III, Pres. Graduating Class. JAMES DEVERLEY ROBINSON . Toronto, NATHAN ROSEN ....... Toronto, Interests-iLiterature, Psychology. MARGUERITE MARY RUNSTADLER, B.A. .... Toronto, Biological and Medical Sciences 1925, Sec. VI, HAROLD EDMUND RYKERT CZXPJ ........ .... . '. Dundas, ROY M. SARLES ..................... Frankford, SA- 1- "if 4 E '23 ART? f. - -. - S . R . . .. .......,....tC-.,....,..W.., C is :rpm 'Q' ' Aqa- S 5 in Ont Ont Ont Ont Ont Taught P. School, 1912-16, C.E.F., 1916-19, served in France, Pte., 3rd Battn. Inf., Medicine, Class of '27, absent from Course, Session 1924-25, entered present Graduating Class, Autumn '25. JAMES B. SHANNON ................... St. Catharines, Ont. Class Exec. V, Daffydil III, IV. Eiglzly-Iwo MEDICINE V -Q ' T ." A - fm f ' , " , , , ' r ' "1 'fMi"'fQff", - i ....W......,.,LE ...,......,,,.,....,,,.,., WI... . ,.. ,. . -. ....f.a,.aw.mQgrGl.g.J,,45?gd:5,, ' .f ima,-:is hell y Q1-+.,' 'FW Wa sz 49:39 j f 24 Klf' , W f-::,.s.sw,. wwf' - ., fm,-N 'Jr 1' ' I ' A , f 1 i 1' ,Cf A ' ffTf',o.,..:s3f2v?i.fvi' " M 'M' ""' ' ' GEORGE SHARFATZ . . Hamilton, Ont. Pursuits-Sundry. DAVID SHER CCIDAEJ .,..,,..........4........ Biological and Medical Sciences, 19243 Pres. I.S.A. IVg Boxing II, 135 lb. Champion lllg 145 Cham- pion IVg Interfrat. Basketball Champions V. JOHN VVILLIAM SHIER, BA. KAKKJ CA.O.A.l . . . . . . Vancouver, B.C. Graduate U.B.C., 1923. Ross H. SPACKMAN . . . . St. Thomas,Ont. RALPH GILMOUR STANBURY . . Campbellford, Ont. EUGENE STEVENS .................... Chesley, Ont Knox Collegeg Treas. Knox College Missionary Society III, Treas. Knox College Undergrad. Assoc IV, Student Volunteer Movementg C.O.T.C. CARROLL KEITH STEVENSON ...... . Kettleby, Ont MURIEL JUANITA THoMPsoN,. . . Toronto, Ont PHILIP A. TICKTIN CCIDAED . . ,..,........ , . Toronto, Ont ALBERT Ross TILLEY tAKEl ................ Bowmanville, Ont House Comm. IVQ Sec. Vg Board of Stewards Vg Central Comm. Centennial VI, Chairman Under- grad. Centennial Ballg Manager jr. Varsity Hockey III: "T" Holder IVQ Varsity Water Polo IV Intercoll. Champions Vg Pres. U. of T. Swimming Club Vg Med. Hockey I, IIQ Capt. III, Pres Med. Swimming Club IIIg Meds. Swimming Team I, II, III, IVQ Capt., Meds. VVater Polo I, II, III Capt. IV, Meds. Soccer I. FRANK ALEXANDER TURNBULL, B.A. QATJ ....... . . . . Vancouver, B.C University of B.C., 1919-23. MEDICINE Eiglzly-three Nx., NI . K W X X. ,, , , W , ,, . . .,vV . ,.i,,A I 2 2 ff -wif! Nga .. ' H- 1 ' .- 1: . . ' -. ' t Z" V Ni Mm' tf- ru . ' 'f' -. RQ Q-,ff 'N 'I ' atc X " Y? "" ., ., X 1. X, 5 V 4 ' 3 I -.-- "'zI3'R515:q5'?f,2w ,f ' ' Y . R R: Q' . .. .V .. R f - E I . .... Naam V . . ., ffiawwwwwmv -. 'I - , "Rt ,OJ t 12, Q1 ' X, I -2' . K , X 'X Q, R f ,- rs f f, Wm. lm 4 - .R We W- X fa.,-, ., R . 'ffm --Ef!2s2!f.::. ,,,.,,, 'l'+w':" wrwff a :NN ' - R S Sf -J,WNfZf""fT-Q 1 . , I tX , zfdaqtxmkmj f , , by wh,.E,f :vi A ENR 2 f 4, , X yllf 5flw3,qXrXbix?Z Hb in W Li ig? fix if "NJ, Sgt ,X X fs SQ 5 'Ie fdagf X fl QX t sf. of X tx J yy 4 X - ,mf ' :R . X XX M R, R Q f ww 445- x , , , 1 4 f .V , . f U N ' R , f NX 4' " ' I rw! VA -S' :W i , ' N 'X 'A . t, 2" . ,,: I J tw X . V-if f -'TiAr:X.'Qtf ' ' , - ' ' . :' ff I S301-3fK . R AXLX . -'-' R ' R . 'R I it '1 s XX V X , ,QQ , , 4 ,, , V ,4 .,,, L wiq W1LL1.x1u IXIORLEY WAx.1.,xcE . . . . . .... . . Toronto, Ont. l'1zRc1v.u. EGERTON WILLIAMS CNENI .............. Hamilton, Ont. Biol. and Med. Sciences, '25, Vice-Pres. U. of T. Swimming Club, '25g Manager of Champion Intercoll- Swimming and Polo Teams ,'27g Interfac. Polo III, IV, V, VI. BERNARD VVILLINSKY, L.D.S., D.D.S. qHAfI1lCA.O.A.D .......... Toronto, Ont. Graduated Dentistry, 19223 won Ellen Mickle Fellowship for 1928, led class throughout course. ALFRED WILSON ..................... Oakville, Ont. Harriers III, S.I.C. IIIQ C.O.T.C. VVILLIAM LEON Wooos, B.A. QNZTNJ ............... Toronto, Ont B. 81 M. CVic.D '25, Vic. Rugby Teamsg Varsity Sr. O.R.F.U. Rugby VII, Sr. Intercoll. Rugby V, VI- Historical Club VI, VII. GEORGE E. VERITY . . . . Brantford, Ont Eiglziy-folzr MEDICINE ENGINEERS N 45,1 Q gqurzr H- YEAQ EXECUTIVE. FACULTY or APPL1EmScinsCfi1 s4ND.PENc1niiE12W?'3 ,J 0 0' I I 5 . 0 l W BROCV' 4 P PMYQS 'AN MITQQT 7 5 51 fy CCAR,-give A7131 QRN5 G11 5-Rqf. man-CAL nm ztrcwamxt nw X aff. LM, ,lily sec-nuns Amunc nsao.. M, ,M-LLv,N,uL up Applied Science ZT8 Class History Ga? N the early days of October, 1924, a new ship was launched on the college G: sea of Engineering, manned by 114 green, but ambitious freshmen. Yes, we were green, and of there was any cause for doubt, our ties stood out as waving sentinels of the fact----the sophs persuaded us that it paid to advertise. With this noble crew of embryo engineers, our first "ef 7" task was to find a captain. After a diligent and careful search Jack Annesley was elected to the helm. Slowly as the initiations passed and "we learned about the tap" the well- known "School Spirit" was instilled into our ranks. VVe realized that we had no small reputation and honour to uphold in the ideals set for us by our pre- decessors. With these high ambitions we found many of our men taking part in all forms of activities, both for the University and the Faculty. During our first year vacation the tragic death of Douglas Blight, while assisting on a crane which was wrecked, came as a great shock to us all. His sterling worth and personality had placed him as one of the leaders of our year, and his friends were many although his time with us was so short. Our second cruise under the helmsmanship of Morley Lazier lead us into many strange but interesting waters. As we approached the customary port of " rough stuff" initiations, the clouds were heavy and a grave storm was threaten- ing, we could not have dockedg we sailed on and received our freshmen in a very formal and ritualistic manner. Thus once again School-men took the lead and created new precedents where such were necessary. The Junior School Dance proved to be the best in years. Despite the many kindly words of warning predicting unsurmountable difficulties and large deficits at even the thought of such swank----Romanelli and the King Edward, neverthe- less, we finished with a surplus and left a record for history. The most perilous voyage of all, especially from an academic standpoint, was navigated under the skippership of Bill Duncan. Although labs were many and spare periods unthought of, there was still time for social and athletic activities throughout the year. The customary stag social evening was held, where all members of ZT8 enjoyed a large evening of diversities. First there was a dinner and smoker at Hart House. This was followed by a very enjoyable theatre party with a light supper afterwards. There was not a dull moment in Eiglzly-six Al'Pl.lED SCIENCE the whole evening. Even during the intermissions, the rest of the audience, well as ourselves, were kept in the best of spirits by the rousing strains of Henry VIII or other such classics of School. The idea of a year dance which had been lying dormant at School for many years was resurrected by our executive and an exceptionally good time was had by all. This fact is very evident in the popularity that similar dances have achieved since that time. The prominence of our athletic achievements can hardly be doubted when we find at the end of our third year four senior intercollegiate captains being chosen from our ranks to pilot their respective teams during their fourth year. As the good ship QT8 sailed out for its fourth and last great voyage there was a jolly crew aboard. Wlhat a send-ofi' we had in the celebrations of the University Centenary and the Semi-Centennial of the School of Science! Fourth year men were in charge everywhere, with all School behind them to the man. Floats for the undergraduate parade gradually took form under the guidance of experienced designers who spent the summer shaping ideas and arranging for even the smallest details. Dances, dinners and all other forms of social activities were arranged and carried out with the success that always accompanies School functions. The General Centenary Committee for the University looked to Fourth Year School for no small portion of its executive ability. Morley Lazier, "Babe" Smith, "B" Hunt and many others, put their time and effort towards making the whole celebration a series of outstanding and unique events, with success the overwhelming feature of all. The athletic abilities of our last year, add an unparalleled climax to four years of ever increasing prominence. " Fran " Trimble well deserved the honour and responsibility entrusted to him as captain of the Varsity Rugby Squad. Every team can not be Intercollegiate Champions, but they can all make a worthy effort and the true Varsity ending to a hard luck start surely demon- strates that captain and men were in it to the finish. jim MacKenzie, as captain of the Track Team, personally took no small part in bringing the team to a victorious title. VVe also state with a great deal of pride that jim won the Interfaculty meet for us, that is, he obtained more points himself than any other faculty. Many sports have tried to claim Herb Kirkpatrick, but he apparently made no mistake when he chose hockey for his major one. VVhen it comes to fostering a minor sport into prominence a School man is sure to be right there, thus we find Bob Battye the chief of them all with his "jolly old ruggah Not only in athletics have we obtained distinction, but in all departments of undergraduate activities. Bill Duncan, Gord Adamson and Morley Lazier, an overwhelming undergraduate representation on the Board of Stewards, Hart House, will serve to illustrate that 2T8 has done its part. The last great reef began to appear and in the dim distance we saw the port of our expectations-AeCvraduation. VVe dropped anchor, and while awaiting the tide of fortune to waft us into port we cheered our souls with music and with merriment. Our Graduation Dance was the crowning climax to our social events, and as such will long be remembered. Thus we have sailed through four years of troubled waters and calm seas. Some better sailors than others but in all a metamorphosis has taken place. Lives have been molded and characters made. The timid school-boy now realizes his possibilities as a man. He is endowed with the "Spirit of School A-A-a spirit of fair play and co-operation. VVith these qualities we square our shoulders and face the world as Engineers to bring honour to our University and Faculty from the four corners of the earth. Our interests will become diversified, but never shall we lose the infiuence and friendships made behind the doors of the "Little Red School-house". APPLIED SCIENCE Ez'gl1!y-sewzz g Vice 'crew wi' , W was Q , I X.. Mc V WN Huw' fr U A 'S is 4 .,,, ,,,,. : fx.: x J " Q 5 " ifsliis' rs' er? Z2T:l1.f'iiS ,f C V, . I ,.., - ...... V, ,Msg , , gage 2 . , A v 5 2 ,,,y,1Rs.y ,Q fy 41 wwf, AWgt,Y..,. ' " WWE mv' W T . f"i"NT11s' ' ' fiiORDON S1Nc1..xIR .-XD,xxisON ..........,...... Orangeville, Ont. Architecture, C.O.T.C. Band Il, Year Exec. II, III, House Comm. Knox College III, Music Comm. III, IV, Board of Stewards IV, lst Vice-Pres. Engineering Society IV. JOHN E. ARCHI-:R ,................,.. Port Arthur, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Illumination Design, South House, Toike Oikestra II. I,Ii'5I,IIi W. BARNIQS ,......,............ Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Thermodynamics Option, Electrical Rep. M. and E. Club III, S.P.S. Soccer I, II, III, Senior S.P.S, Rugby Manager III. ff :fl R X N .95 ,si X wx Si . 3, .E K X22 if 5, f JXRTHVR RICHMOND BATTYE KIDTI ............... Dalhousie, India Mechanical Engineering: Varsity English Rugby I, Captain II, III, IV, Manager III, S.P.S. Squash III, IV. f.ieoRO1g P. Bi-1.xL ......,.. Toronto, Ont. Chemical Engineering, Industrial Option. fiIiORGli I'IEDI,liY VICARS I31aLYE.x, jr. .........,. St. John, N.B Ilniversity College, 3 years, S.P.S. 2T8, Honours, Mining Engineering. KZODFRTQV MORLEY BERRY ............... . Dunrobin, Ont Graduate R.M.C., Civil Engineering, Municipal. ROBERT EDWARD BERTRAM ......... Toronto, Ont Chemical Engineering. HR1.xN CLIFFORD l31,.ixsDAL12 GIUKEJ .....,......... Toronto, Ont Mechanical Engineering, Interfac. Rowing II, IV, Engineering, University Of Manitoba, 1923-24-25 A. E. STUART BOLTON .,.,.,,............ Toronto, Ont Electrical Engineering, Thermodynamics and Radio, Squash, M. 81 E. Club Sec. III, Chairman Nl. 8: E. Club IV, Chairman School Centenary Comm., Honours I, II, III. -IIQFFRY XAIESTON BROCK CZ'IfD ............... Toronto, Ont Chemical Engineering, Chemical Club IV Year Rep. lfzfglzly-r'z'gl1I APPLIED SCIENCE .L ..n.., .Mm mr. u ... ff-.-ev 1' I I ,L AQ ,fw .' Q CIIARLEs I'IIiRBIiRT BROOKS ICIDKEI ,..........,... Toronto, Ont. Architecture: O.A..-X. Scholarship I: Intercoll. Shooting II: Best Shot C.O.T.C. II: Art Editor TORONTONENSIS III: Interfac. Debating III: Chiiirmln Architectural Club IV. C. FRANKLIN Bt'RR CEXI ........... . , . . Toronto, Ont. Chemical Engineering: Debates Comm. Hart House: Intercoll. Track Team I, Il: jr. Basketball I: Int. Rugby III: School Basketball II, III, IV: School Track I, II, III, IV: Chemical Club. WILLIAM CLARK CAI.DwIsLL .,...,,, , . . . Powassan, Ont. Mechanical Engineering: Ifilliard Comm. III, IV: Chairman Mechanical Section of M. X E. Club IV: Sr. School Baseball IV. EDVVARD JOSEPH C.,XI.NAN ...,,........... Vernonville, Ont. Mechanical Engineering: St. Mikes: M ulock Cup Champs I: Interm. Intercoll. Rugby II: Intercoll. lVrestling: 174 lb. Champion O.R.F.U.: Seniors III: Varsity junior. Intercoll. Rowing IV: Senior Intercoll. Rugby IV: Pres. S.P.S. BWV. X F. Club IV: lst Vice-Pres. Varsity I3.XV. N F. Club IV. IYALTER NIORRISON CA:iIPI3EI.L ....,,........,.. Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering: Interfac. Rowing I, II, III, IV: Varsity 150 lb. Crew II, Ill: -lr. Dance Comm. II:Sr. Dance Comm. III: Grad. Dance Comm. IV: Sec. ll. of T. Rowing Club III : Vice-Pres. III. DoNALD C. CARLISLE .............. ..., ' Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering: Interfac. Rowing I, II, IV: Pres. School HIV. X If. Club III: Sec.-Treas. Year IV: Lieut. C.O.T.C. IV. EIAKOV CHVILIVITZKY . ............... . Leningrad, Russia Civil Engineering: Structural: Chess Club: Year Rep. Civil Engineering Club IV. GERALD RUSSELL CoNNoR .,......,....,.., Campbellforrl, Ont. Chemical Engineering, Metallurgy Option: Chairman Ind. Chem. Club IV: Pres. North House IV. EDWIN VVILSON DILL ...........,,...... Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering: S.P.S. Assault I: I.ife Saving I, Il: XVater Polo II: Debating Club IV, Year Rep. WILLIAM ARCHIBALD DUNCAN ,....,........ . . Toronto, Ont. Civil Engineering: Hydraulics: Senior Intercoll. Rugby I, II: Coach Mulock Cup Champions III: Year Pres. III: Pres. Engineering Society IV: Board of Stewards, Ilart Ilouse IV. C. BLAIR EDMONSON ICIJAQJ ................ Welland, Ont. Metallurgical Engineering: -lunior School Hockey I: Manager Senior School Basketball III. APPLIED SCIENCE lfz'ggl1ly-I1z'I1f' 3 - ' ' agxeaff ii A if . ff Nga .1 ix X I IX x iii, V!! N, . ARTHUR BERTRAM ELLIS ....,............ Leamington, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Thermodynamics and Radio, S.A.I.E.E., South House, C.O.T.C.w-"A- Engineers". CARL W. FABER CCIUKIIJ .................. Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Radio Option, Basketball I, II, III, IV, Honours I, II, III. IlEcToR FARAII ..,,.,............... Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, Senior School VVater Polo III, IV, Senior School Swimming Team IV. CLAYTON GEORGE EMMERICH FEICK .............. Wiarton, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Illumination, C.O.T.C. I, II, III, Fencing I, II, III, IV, Vice-Pres. S.P.S. BAY. 81 F. III. ALLAN F, ITLINTOFF tlXI.O.C.l ................ . Oshawa, Ont. Civil Engineering, Structural, S.P.S. Hockey I, II, III, IV, Baseball I, II, III. HERZI. FORER ......... . Tel-Aviv, Palestine Electrical Engineering, Hydraulics. CTLIZNFORD DEAN FRYE ........... . Wallaceburg, Ont. Metallurgical Engineering, IV Yr. Rep. M. 8: M. Club. CHARLES FLTRBER ................... Irapuato, Mexico Chemical Engineering, Zymology, VVrestling II, 158 junior Champion III, Gymnastics II, Italian- Club Comm. IV, Player II, III, IV. GEORGE IXIICHAEL CIALIMBERTI ................ Toronto, Ont. Civil Engineering, Municipal, jr. School Rugby I, II, Sr. School Rugby IV, Indoor Baseball I, II, lll, IV. NORMAN CoI.vIN CQIBSON ..........,.. . Oakville, Ont. Architecture, Knox College, IV Year Rep. Architectural Club. ALEXANDER INICCALLA GRANT QQKIIJ ................. China Civil Engineering, Hydraulics, S.P.S. Track Team I, II, III, IV, Intercoll. Track III, Treas. Eng. Soc. III, Dinner Comm. IV, Pres. S.P.S. Track Club IV. A Nincly APPLIED SCIENCE fi '.f"'X .'..L2 - '. ,Z-'Lim . ' A A 4 g , I f-.40-. .-.o.w.-,-.,,.5.:...r....Q,.....-.-.W 4 ..-.m.,.,...,......v...:Q,,,a5,,g.g..,-adfd,RfiZa,a... , . .,,N,.,,,,,,. ,,,.,,,aW,,M,,,,, , W 'I an ,'e,4,g'S 3'-2 Jug i THOMAS JOSEPH CTRANTON tM.O.C.l .....,...... , Paris, Ont. Civil, Hydraulics, School Rugby II, III, IV, School Baseball I, III, GEORGE NIERRICK GRAY KBOIIE ...,............ Toronto, Ont. Mining Engineering: Transaction Staff, Assoc. Editor III, Managing Editor IY: O.R.F.I.i. Seniors II, III, IV, Intercoll. Jrs. I, S.P.S. Hockey III, IV, Baseball III, Newman Club. ARNIE W. GRLTNSTEN ............,...... Toronto, Ont. Civil Engineering, Structural, Civil Club Exec. II, Sec.-Treas. III, Honours. STEWART NVILLIAM HALI ,......... ......... ' Foronto, Ont. Civil Engineering, Structural, Sec.-Treas. II, Manager Jr. School Rugby II, School Rugby I, II, III, IV, School Hockey I, III, IV, School Baseball I, II, IY. DOROTHY CHARLOTTE HANNON . ......., . Hamilton, Ont. Architecture. JOHN C. HARRINGTON ..........,., . Weston, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Illumination Design, C.O.T.C.,l, II. HARRY PUTNAM HERHANCE, Jr .......,... Toronto, Ont. Mining Engineering, S.P.S. Interfac. W'ater Polo II, Ill, IY. GORDON ARTHUR HOLDEN OIITJ ................ Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, School At-Home Comm. III, Manager "Toike Oikestrau IV, Jr. School Baseball I, Manager II, Sr. School Baseball III, Manager IY. LEw1s ALEXANDER PIOXVARD, Jr. QAKEJ ............., Toronto, Ont. Mining Engineering, Chairman M. SL M. Club IV, Intercoll. Boxing Champion II, S.P.S. Water Polo I, II, III, IV, Ed. "Transactions" IY, School Night Comm. IY. ALBERT BREWER HUNT CIJAQJ ...........,.... London, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Thermodynamics, Radio, Vice-Pres. Il, Engineering Society Dinner Comm. II, Harvey :Xggett Scholarship II, U. of T. XYar Memorial Scholarship ll, School At-Home Comm. III, School Night Comm. III, IV, TORONTONENSIS Board III, IV, Jenkins Scholarship in Engineering III, SA.C. IV, Undergrad. Centenary Comm., Pres, Graduating Year. XVILBERT ELVIN JOHNSTON ............... . St. Mary's, Ont. Mining Engineering, Rep. M. Sz M. III. APPLIED SCIENCE .YI'7It'fj'-INN' I , A at -M - . Q1 we . - X- ff . f va ,,Q......,,,, g N -. ts sq, ga .. 'S I MW: ' 4' 'W Q , gf... :..... I N.. , . ' '9.fQ3 ,q""'r'msy..,.mnwfM"Wl'MWa y A It SYDNEY C. JONES ....,...A..... Toronto, Ont. Chemical Engineering: School Hockey Il, lll: Baseball II. I,ELI..XND Y. KING ...........,. . Stevensville,Ont. Mechanical Engineering. IIERBERT JAMES ISIIRKPATRICK .,,...,.......... Toronto, Ont. Electrical Eng.: Radio Option: Intercoll. Hockey I, II, III, IV: Intercoll. Rugby IV. GEORGE JOIIANN IQLEIN .............,..... Hamilton, Ont. Mechanical Engineering: South House: School Debates: Fencing: C.O.T.C.: Interests---lVIusic, Aeronautics. DOUGLAS STACNTON LAIDI.Aw ..,.............. Toronto, Ont. Civil Engineering, Hydraulics: Hart House Sing-song and Songster Comm. I, II, III, IV: School S.C.A. Exec. II, III: Pres. S.A.C. IV. IXIORLEY -IOHN C,xIIPIIELL I..-IZIER CCDKED .. ........... Toronto, Ont. "jno", Champus Cat I: Year Pres. II: Engineering Society Exec. II, IV: S.A.C. II: Sketch Comm. Il, III, IV: Board of Stewards II, III, IV: "Varsity" Staff I, II, IV: Historical Club III, IV: Director of Publications, S.P.S. IV: Boiler Inspection and Insurance Scholarship IV: Central Centenary Comm. IV: Undergrad. Centenary Parade Comm. IV: Various Committees I, II, III, IV. HENRY MARTIN I.INKIi QKRTJ ................ Kitchener, Ont. Electrical Engineering: Thermodynamics and Radio: Hockey I, Il, III, IV. JACK G. LITTLE ................... Trenton, Ont. Chemical Engineering. Tuoxias E. LITTLE . . . . Owen Sound, Ont. Mining Engineering. VICTOR CEIzAI.n LoscoMIsE .................. Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering Track, 3 mile, Harrier I, II: Interfac. Boxing Champion I: Intercoll. Team Il, IV: Vice-Pres. B.VV. S F. Club III: Year Rep. Debating Club I: M. K E. Club II. KENNETH VVALTER I.YMBURNER ................ Cayuga, Ont. Electrical Engineering: Illumination Design: East House U. of T. A Ninety-Iwo APPLIED SCIENCE N . fs fy 5 E ia x 5 " f ,V H.,..t..-,-w.....,..-.,.M..v.9-..........k.,. .W ,, ta.. ......, , ...W, v,,R,.5,avwt..f . .. . . 'Kenny V, It -L 'ff-:ge . . .. , r, if RW r I ,B . , , . .A . R, . . 'mwawwuvndmpf IAIV ,D 4 i' fL12oRGri I.12sL11a NI,xcI7oN.xi,n IKM ......A,A, . Iirantlorrl, Ont. Civil Engineering, Municipal: Sr. School Rugby, Baseball Ill, IY. NYILFRID CxMPBfcLI. NI.XCDON.XI.D .,.. ...... ' Toronto, Ont. Chemical Engineering: Chemical Club Rep. II. Cn,xRLEs ERIC BI.-xclilxxox .........i.i,.... Cranbrook, Ii.t'. Electrical Engineering: Thermodynamics Option: Electrical Rep. NI. and E. Club II: House Comm South House IY: Ir. School Hockey I, II: Rugby II, III, IY. H.-xRoI.n N. M.xGN.-tx ,l,..,,.., . . . . . . jamaica, I3.W.I. Civil Engineering: Hydraulics: School Soccer I, II, III, IV: Vice-Pres. IV: Dinner Comm. IV: School Night Comm. IY. FREDERICK j.xsPl-:R KIARTIN IfIJK.Yl ........,....... Milton. Ont. Mining Engineering: Trinity 26: Treas. Trin. Literary Institute II: Curator Trin. Science Club I: Basketball, XYrestIing "TH: Intercoll. 145 lb. XYre-stling III: HARRY ROBERTSON NICIIREGOR CM.O.C.J ....o . Toronto, Ont. Civil Engineering: Structural Option: Tennis: Singing. DoN.xI.D .Intl-Ls NICIQFZNZIE ..........,...,.,. Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering: Hydraulics: Intercoll. Track I, II, III, IY: Captain IY: Intercoll. Champions II, III, IV: II. of T. Track Club, Vice-Pres. IV: S.P.S. Track Team, Langford Rowell Cup I, IY: Toronto Cricket Club Cup I, II, IV. HENRY' IJVNCAN McI..xRrfN IKAJ .,.,.,....,..... Anraster, Ont. Chemical Engineering: Sr. School Rugby III: Intermed. Intercoll. Rugby IY. ERNEST CIEORGE Moook ...............,. . lYeston, Ont. Ciyil Engineering: Hydraulics: Interfac. Rowing II, IY. EARL15 CLIFFORD MoRG.xN ICIJKITI ....... Toronto, Ont. Architecture. -I.-'AMES ALIQXANDHR NIORRISON ....... . Beaverton, Ont. Electrical Engineering: Thermodynamics Option. APPLIED SCIENCE .Yznffty-flzrffr : - -, 959 Ci? 'Nix-1 4- " H V' - T AC. . M '6 X Eff as v.-. ,,1v ,1 f1m....,,,,S,m.,wAw Q... , .N PHILIP S. A. MORTON ............. Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Illumination Design, C.O.T.C. I, II. VVILLIAM A. NICHOLS ............ Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Radio, Class Exec. I, II. CECIL F. PATTERSON .................... Ripley, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Illumination Design, C.O.T.C., House Comm. East House. AMBROSE RAND PHIPPS .................. Richmond Hill,Ont. Electrical Engineering, Thermodynamics, Choral Society I, II, Interfac. VVater Polo III, Vice- Chairman M. Sz E. Club IV. ROBT. EDWARD RICHARDSON QOAXJ ............... Toronto, Ont. Chemical Engineering, "Toike Oike" Staff II. RENDALL G. ROBERTSON .................. Hamilton, Ont. Civil Engineering, Structural, School Wlater Polo I, II, III, Tennis, Swimming, Squash. DONALD A. ROWVLAND ............,...... Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering. JOHN HARLEY RUSSELL ................... Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering, Radio, Track Team II, III, IV, Vice-Pres. II, Sec. III, Pres. IV, S.P.S. Athletic Association. NORMAN SAMUEL QS.A.M.D .................. Toronto, Ont. Metallurgical Engineering, Fencing II, III, Pres. S.I.C. II, M. 8 M. Debating Lab. IV, Chess, Honours I, III. EDVVARD LOWRY SANDERSON .......... . Toronto, Ont. Civil Engineering, Municipal, Jr. School Hockey I, II. W. MONTEITII SCARTH ................... Virden, Man. Mechanical Engineering, Manager Jr. School Mulock Cup Team II, Sr. School Rugby III, Hockey II, Interfac. Skating Relay I, II, Sec. South Residence IV. Ninety-four APPLIED SCIENCE "' ,.,. ft HZX A . x, I, I YQ? g A es., x.31f'l .mo 34351 :Q Ck Q., ,S ,,..,,,,,,,.,.,....... HARRISON IVIARTIN SCHEAK ................. Toronto, Ont. Chemical Engineering, S.I.C. I: Vic. Orchestra, C.O.T.C. Band II, Varsity Musical Activities, "Varsity" Staff, Debating, Camera Club, S.C.M. WILLIAM DUNSTER SHELDON CIXD ....... . Galt,Ont. Mechanical Engineering, Chairman Debating Club IV. BEVERLEY STRAHAN SHENSTONE CCIDIIAD ...,.....,..,. Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, Interfac. VVater Polo II, III, IV, Treas. M. Sz E. Club III, Sketch Comm. IV, Editor "TOike Oil-ze" IV, Camera Club, "Transactions" Board Sec.-Treas. IV. LEONARD ELDON SHORE ..........,........ Meaford, Ont. Architecture, School Rugby II, III, IV, South House. GEORGE BURNS SMITH ................... Toronto, Ont. Mechanical Engineering, Athletic Assoc. II, Mulock Cup Rugby Champs. II, Indoor Track Champs. I, II, III, Baseball I, II, III, IV, Pres. S.P.S. S.C.A. III, Vice-Pres. IU. of T. Federal S.C.A. V, Sec. Debating Club III, Inter-College Debates. HANEY NIORRIS SMITH KIIXAJ ........ . Collingwood, Ont Electrical Engineering, Radio Option, Broadcasting. HARRY COOTE SMITH ....,... .......... S t. Catharines, Ont Civil Engineering, Hydraulics, Rugby I, Mulock Cup Champions II, III, IV, Baseball II, III Vice-Chairman Civil Club III. London, Ont AIACDONALD SMITH .................... Civil Engineering, Interfac. Rugby I, II, Interfac. Baseball I, II, III, IV, Debating Rep. II, Sec Civil Club II, School Night Comm. II, III, IV, Chairman Civil Club IV. TORRANCE BRYANT SMITH UIDAOJ ................ Toronto, Ont Metallurgical Engineering, Sr. School Rugby III, Chairman School Night IV, Pres. I, School Inter- fac. Debating Team II, Undergrad. Centenary Comm., Eng. Society At-Home Comm. IV. GEOFFREY HUNT STANFORD ................. Toronto, Ont Chemical Engineering, Zymology, American Chemical Society, University Rifie Club I, Interests- Photography, Fencing. HARRY JOHN STEPHENSON . . . . Burlington, Ont Mining Engineering. APPLIED SCIENCE Nizzety-five ' W .. ,U l, , WWC x,,. . -,.ca..,,..,W,w......aa..K. SMX in I xx M sp- ,ss V. ',. 1 fl? f W. A x ' I .- ,, :: , ni 1 M, ,i"af', 9 wiaffwf if .. ...Q u T 1 XX xx 2 I' X N N xxx 1 Q., 3, X, A 1 Eg g' X R Y 5 .v 2 at Sis f 5 x I is X XXQ ig 1 1, N l x , X HSI, if s gr XSS! gk ZS fg avi? ,IN R 'fs ' :Ce S .R time fafmkf' Wiz? ' at Www mm Nw "HI : .4:5. V ss I 1 .. ivy ,f "xg -s,.'::?:'j,55 . . . I I . r ': 12254. X A " N, R r l f ' NF 54 I ff f ---- r Q , M sf' E ,- zo 2 ,ef .:',1. ------Q: f--- -. s: I -is .:.s:,415.::Q:.., . . . f..,.::5 ,V , : , -qw, X f E :QA X .- . - ., 5 'AYEMNR-afam,w,gNW,.,MN.g, A Q, x 'gwsw ri:-V-my Q, - I Q Q, 5- :Q . f, 1- .. ,,g,wQ.vNx ,. CLARENCE 'Inomrsox Toronto, Ont. Architecture. CHJRDON FRANCE TRIMBLE COAXJ ................ Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering: Hydraulics: U. of T. jr. Basketball I-W City Champs: Sifton Cup Finalists I, II, III: Varsity I Rugby Team I, II, III, IV: Captain IV: C.I.R.U. Champs: C.R.U. Finalists III: O.R.F.U. I: Athletic Directorate IV: Athletic At-Home Comm. IV. STERLING G. VIZARS ............... Port Arthur, Ont. Electrical Engineering: Thermodynamics: Radio Options. IRVING XYEINICRT ..................... Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering: Hydraulics: II. of T. German Study Club: Menorah Society: International Students' Association: Honours I, II, III. IQALPH ANSLEY WESTERVELT KATAD ..........,.... Clarkson, Ont. Mechanical Engineering: Interests -Thermodynamics: Automobiles: Hockey: Tennis: Activitiesf School's Social Events. IYALTER EDMUND WHITE ..... Toronto, Ont. Electrical Engineering: Illuminating. GEORGE ELMER FRANCIS WICKHAM . . Toronto, Ont. Chemical Engineering. SAMUEL EDMUND WOLFE .................. Cooksville, Ont. Mining Engineering: Honours: Wiar Memorial Scholarship III: Interests -C.O.T.C. Ninety-six APPLIED SCIENCE J IFQRESTRYI gg gg , - 4 - I rii it 'If'1 -1', Q S HR X X' I ag f M, I N I ff x F. . ., ff, 2. '5 -. 5 - ,,. . tp. :W af., , " -xi 'Q ' Qi R Q f , wx R ,lf f w 'vi 5 I 9 . J., Q W , t P2531 N E Nxvfgm RQ' ,iii pw? . , I ' N SY f' I N- X x N.. ' ' 'X R m ' If . X EQ 3' Y if I NU-if r fy f ' ij . . ' .,,V ,I get ' I RN f 1 E. Z R , 'pwssswe M' F F X Q . . 3. f., I. 'gf F ,gssgsh A fa BIETHVEN ALEXANDER ADAMSON ..... . Humberside, P.O. Hockey Interfac. II, IV, Athletic Exec. II. RODERICK FRANK GOODALL ................ York Mills, P.O. NVar Memorial Scholarship III, Treas. Forestry Athletic Association II, Sec. Foresters' Club III, IV, Interfac. Rugby I, II, III. CARI. CONSTANTIN HEIMBURGER .............. Helsingfors, Finland South House, Graduate in Forestry from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural College of Copen- hagen, Denmark, in 1924, III and IV at U. of T. JAMES WILLIAM JOHNSON ........,....... Manchester, England Memorial Scholarship I, II, I.O.D.E. Post-Grad. Scholarship IV, Vice-Pres. Foresters' Club III, Pres. Foresters' Club IV, Music Comm. III, IV, C.O.T.C. Lieutenant I, II, III, Captain IV, Inter- coll. English Rugby I, II, III, IV, Vice-Capt. III, Pres. IV, Vice-Pres. Canadian Intercoll. English Rugby Union IV. XVILLIAM ELDER MCCRAW ..............,... Toronto, Ont. Treas. Foresters' Club II, Interfac. Rugby II, III, Interfac. Basketball I, II, III, IV, House Comm. III, IV, TORONTONENSIS Rep. IV, At-Home Comm. II, III, Banquet Comm. II, III, IV. DUNCAN MCLAREN .................... Toronto, Ont. Sec. Forestry Athletic Association III, Interfac. Rugby II, III, Basketball I, II, III, IV, Indoor Baseball II, Squash and Tennis. , DONALD MCKINNON PARKER ................ Humberside, Ont. Library Comm. III, Pres. Forestry Athletic Association III, Rugby-Interfac. I, junior Intercoll. Champions II, Intermediate Intercoll. III, Hockey'-elnterfac. I, II, III, IV. Louis SEHEULT .................... Trinidad, B.W.I. Intercoll. Eng. Rugby II, III, S.A.C. III, IV, Library Comm. IV, News Letter Comm. II, III, IV, At-Home Comm. III, IV. REGINALD L. SNOVV .... . . I ...... Muskoka, Ont. Faculty of Forestry Ex.-'17, JOHN AUSTIN TEASDALE .......... ' ..... Massey, Ont. Interfac. Rugby, Manager Interfac. Basketball II, III, Squash, Ukelele. Ninety-eight FORESTRY -1-., -4 , . '21 'ij mnziurm I If Ill glam L92 5...f J- Nm 5 lmelllllllnell ' . 'I iillfiiil V , Q Q ' A, t 'Nxt ?! Y x 5 1 X X . xg 5 6 MW?" f Ng ,f 4 f X f 'N Q71 L 25, J , A. ft i 'HO m zulu. X ,R X Af., f Q 'iL.?-QX . RMK, ff .V R .,.k.. 4 l ,,,-.. as W-WAWWMV' is . gg Q ,W 2 wwf .ms " 23, ' . . ' , X on -5- ' f I ' ff r Q 1,1 . I 'wi H , -1 . z f , A A, . K v'f..,k5',,a 1 .. V Q ' I mmf ,F . U ., R 1' S ' , ' of ' If , R... .. . f . , W , aa... ,awww t M C H. N? C? CJR.. If1zRc1'v IIORDUN ANDERSON IEXIKIDJ .,...,A..,..,.. Port Elgin, NB. Intercoll. Rifle Team III, V, Interfac. Rifle Team, DeLury Shield II, III, V, Sketch Comm. III, IV, Ilya Yaka Rep. III, Assoc. Editor, Assist. Business Manager IV. 'I'uoM.xs IIQRNIEST ARMSTRONG 01197 ......,.... . Brampton, Ont. l'rc-s. At-Home Comm. V, Member Cabinet Students' Parliament V. HARRY IIATTINSON BISHOP CCIJKIIJ ............., Niagara Falls, Ont. S.A.C. I, Jennings Cup I, II, III, IV, Hockey, Interfac. Harriers I, II, III, lVrestling III, Boxing, Wrestling, Dents I, II, III, IV, "D" Holder, Sporting Editor "Hya Yaka" V. , joux lfR12nIaR1CK I3RocK KEYIKIUJ ............... Port Perry, Ont. llockey I, II, III, XVater Polo I, II, III, IV, V, Pres. Swimming IV. l,.xwRiaxC12 IJoL'ca.x1.D CARINIICIIAEI, ........... . Toronto, Ont. IIOWARIJ lXI,xxwE1.L CoRL1srr . . Chatham, Ont Billiards I, II, III, IV, V. ' HARRY ARTHUR CORMAN IAQJ .........,...... Winnipeg, Man Boxing III, Dent. Assault, Baseball II, III, IV, Interfac. Champions IV, Soccer V. CJMAR -IAINIIES Davlxas UIIQJ .................. Rodney, Ont Oriental Club, Track. IXIYLIQS Ilmorla ............ Winnipeg, Man Inter-Year Wfrestling III, V, Dramatics II, III, V. jorm CROFT Dm1PsT12R ........................ Music Comm. II, III, IV, Dental AtfHome I, II, III, Victoria I, Interests A-Music. W11.1.1.xxf IJERCIVAL Devms .................. Aurora, Ont Class Sec. III, Allan Cup Finalist II, Coach Ladies' Intercoll. Hockey Champs. IV. Une IIIHIIIVFII DENTISTRY X' 1' QU' W H J 7? A 0 1'-gd ,fe-N S AA l'.h,wllLAASlsr's5 ,Y n o gi IJ 3 C' I 'i . -r Y uvw sf' T, ' ribs? gsm i"WWm,fa,f-QMWMM' Q V CAMPBELL FINDLAY . . . . Manotick Sta., Ont. FRED ALLEN FLORA 011523 . . . ...... . . Winchester, Ont. IJONALD RUSKIN FREIR UPQJ ,........,.,.. . Niagara Falls, Ont. Track Rep. III, IV, V, Interfac. Harrier II, III, IV, V, Dramatics I. HARRY FREDERICK GALLDWAY ........,.... Toronto, Ont. S.C.A. III, "Hya Yaka" IV. J. NVALLACE GRAHAM CWIIQJ .......,.......... Grimsby, Ont. Intercoll. Harrier I, II, III, IV, Champion V, Intercoll. Track II, III, IV, Champion V, Harrier Exec. III, IV, Pres. V, Track Exec. III, IV, Pres. Dent. Athletics V, Interfac. Harrier Champion II, III, IV, V, Three-mile Champion III, IV, V, Dent. Hockey IV, War Memorial Scholarships III, IV, Interfac. Debating, Knox House Comm., Library Comm., "Hya Yaka", S.I.C. JAMES ALEXANDER GRANT IXPQJ ................. Tara, Ont Dent. Rugby I, II, III, IV, V, P. XV. 8 E. Rep. V, Intercoll. 134 lb. VVreStler IV. JOHN HENRY GILXVES .................. Montreal, P.Q Soccer I, II, III, IV NORMAN GREENBERG lAQD . ...... . . ..... Winnipeg, Man JAMES BRUCE CRREER 011529 .................. Welland, Ont XVinning Inter-Year Rifle Team II, III, Sec. III Year Exec., Pres. IV, Sec. Students' Parliament IV GEORGE CARRICK HARE ................... Toronto, Ont Dentantics Rep. V, Interfac. Debates, Joint Comm. Dental Parliament. Interests ADebates Dramatics. I..oRNE DALE H.-XSELTON B..-X., CENIIAIDJ ............. Saskatoon, Sask Grad. II. of Sask. 1921, Hockey Rep., Captain Jennings Cup Finalist Team II, III, IV. DENTISTRY One IIIHIIIVFII One f I . M. .,. R x Wg 'mera f-,ge-zqggr jf- V VJff.1g5'::f,?-Q-'exe' WX? Q25 X wgrmzr-N .1f...u.ggig5fI'Q'f1 "1 ', I f""IX A'7 t It X r . N r 5, '- , Y . g 'f I iaaewrwwaa . .. I' T ....,.,..m,.. , . ff 2 ' Ig ' f . DoLfoLAs CECIL HAY QEXIICIDJ ................ Peterborough, Ont. Rugby I, II, S.C.A. I, IV, Boxing I, II, Dent. Assault, Class Vice-Pres. IV, Hockey IV, Manager Jennings Cup Team. I JOHN VINCENT HERBERT .......,.. . Toronto, Ont. Dramatics IV, V, Sec.-Treas. I, IVrestling 118 lbs. R. I.ONVELL HEWITT 011523 .......,....,.l .... N ewmarket, Ont. Interfac. Soccer Champ. II, Soccer I, II, III, IV, Hockey I, II, III, IV, Intercoll. Intermediate Hockey Finalists II, Pres. Hockey V. ARTHUR XVILLIAM IRWIN IEXIICIDD . . . . Wingham, Ont. Soccer I, II. IIUGH ALPHONSUS 'IIHoMAs IQEENAN ..,.......... Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. "Hya Yaka" I, II, III, IV, V, Editor IV, V, Rugby I, II, III, IV, V, Manager III, Billiard Comm. II, XVrestling III: 'AVarsity" II, Chief Dental Rep., Newman Club Sec. IV, Interfac. Debating Shield II, Dramatics IV, Inter-Year Debating III. VVILLIAM IDEVERNE LAWSON OIIQJ ........... Exeter, Ont Indoor Baseball Rep. I, II, III, IV, V, Jr. Baseball, Sr. Baseball. GORDON CRAIB LAYTER CEXIIQIPD ........... Toronto, Ont Rugby II, III, IV, V, Year Rep. Rugby III, IV, V. ABE LEITH IASZD ............. Sydney, N.S Dental Soccer Team I, II, III, V, Wrestling 135 lbs. JAMES COYNE LINDSAY .......... . Acton, Ont Royal Dental Society Rep. V. ALEXANDER LIPSON CAQJ .................. Toronto, Ont Dental Rugby Team I, II, III, IV, V, Menorah Exec. I, Sporting Editor "Hya Yaka" IV, HD' Holder, Willniott Debating Trophy I. JOHN ALLAN MACDONALD CEXIICIJJ .......... I ....... Ripley, Ont Oriental Club, Royal Dental Society I, Year Pres. II, S.A.C. III, Treas. Students' Parliament IV Pres. S.C.A. V. One Hzmdred Two DENTISTRY . ,,.....-.-.---W.:---...Y ..,M....a.......- W.-. . ., . .. . Q l Q 5 N at Y' A . 5 FEET 5, wiv EARLE ELXYOOD AIAYNARD IXPSZI ..,...V......... Rochester, NY. Xoctem Cuckoo, Dentantics I, II, Class Cheer-I L le-' II' Cl Oriental Club. JOIIN AIATHEIV MCBRII-:N CXPQI , . . . . . . . llartney. Man. HUGII QXIICIIAEL RICCAFFERY '..,,.,,,.., Calvary' Xlti eic C1 , ass Yice-Pres. III, Pres. Dramatics Y, Dental Rugby I, Debates,---Newman Club, Intercoll. III, Y. I L I DONALD A. ROY 3IcDoL'GAI.L CEIPCIPJ ............,. Ottawa, Ont. Manager Intermecl. Senior Intercoll. Iloekey III, IY, Dent. Ifootball III, IY, Y, Mulock Final IY, Y, Dent. Basketball I, II, III, Dent. XYrestling II, III, Dentantics Rep. II, Pastime-if-Sicle Door Pullman. FRED STEXVART RIILLS .... . . Toronto, Ont. Rugby I, II, III, Baseball III. LEONARD R. NIITTON fxlffll .,.....,,......, . Walkeryille, Ont. Royal Dental Society Year Rep. IY, Member Conseryatory of Music III. HAROLD FORSTER NIOFFAT 011525 .............. 'l'oI-onto, Ont. Royal Dental Society II, 'I'ORONToNENsIs V. RICHARD CHARLES NIOORE ............,. . , . Dents Basketball I, II, IY, V, Rugby II, III, IY, Y, Runners up IY, Y, Captain Y, Wrestling 118 and 123 lbs. I, II, Swimming ,Diving I, II. Toronto, Ont. JOHN VINCENT O'SHAL'GIINEssY ........... . . . . . Ilamilton, Ont. Newman Club, Vice-Pres. V, Dent. At-Home Rep. IV, Intercoll. Debates II, III. HERBERT BADEN POWELL C'EAIffIU ................ Calgary, Alta. Interfac. Basketball IY. THOMAS XVESLEY RICHARDS ...,.I........... Ottawa, Ont. Varsity Hockey Exec. IV, Intermed' t H k ' V ' ' - ' ' ' ' ' ' Ia e Oc ey arsity I, Xarsity Intercoll. O.lI.A. II, III, IX, X, Captain IV, Allan Cup Finalists II, III, Semi-Finalists IV, Assistant Coach Yarsity Ladies' llockey Team, Intercoll. Champions IY. DENTISTRY One Hundred Three fm zi, Agi a Q A wx A, I., M 4- . Rf jpxxw ,,. neg... .. ':ww.". . 'R J u- 'A If' M. 1 ., vs .1 G ' 1 , QS!! ,, A E5 1 . A 5 HENRY INIURRAY ROBB ............ Toronto, Ont. Vice-Pres. II, Sec.-Treas. V, TORONTONENSIS Comm. V. JAMES W. F. ROBSON QEYIKPJ ............. 4 .... Toronto, Ont. Manager Intermediate Intercoll. O.H.A. Hockey I, Vice-Pres. U. of T. Hockey Club II, III, Assistant Varsity Hockey Coach IV, V, Sporting Editor "Varsity" II, III, IV, Editor-in-Chief V, Joint Exec. S.A.C. V, U. of T. Athletic Directorate V, Central Centenary Comm. V, Chairman Undergrad. Athletic Centenary Comm. V, Faculty Football I, II. I joIIN IVIURRAY ROLAND ........................ Dental Rugby I, II, III, IV, V: Basketball I, II, III, IV, V, Captain Sifton Cup Team III, Dental Baseball I, II, III, IV, V, Spalding Cup III, IV, Boxing, Dent. Assault III. INILLIAM EDWARD ROMPH QKRTJ ..... . Hamilton, Ont- Rugby I, S.I.C. I, Oriental Club IV, Sec. V. THOMAS NEIL ScoTT .,................. Toronto, Ont. Class Pres. I, S.A.C. II, V, Royal Dental Society III, Pres. IV, Intercoll. Debating Union IV, Hart House Debating Comm. IV, Memorial Scholarship IV, Centenary Comm. V, Chairman Parade Comm. V, Pres. Students' Parliament V. A. W. SIIERIDAN ..................... Brockville, Ont. Liao R EX SLEMON .................... Ottawa, Ont. "Hya Yaka" Year Rep. I, II, III, V, Sec. "I-Iya Yaka" IV, Rugby Interfac. II, Basketball Inter- med. Intercoll. I, II, III, Manager and Coach jr. Dents Interfac. Basketball Champs. III, Interfac. Basketball IV, V. OW Hundred Four DENTISTRY ' . i 'evil .i lk ' V 6 '55 gif, 1,5 it I 1 y H -'WH Q Q ii , 'f fa .. it fl? if s fi in za f 1? ir 'Q A ..-:fs tif Y Rt , an , X .t 5 5 ff W . 1 Q 'EK sf. It 2, ,, E 2 -fisaliif ' 4 A 'I WM . NNILLIAM GORDON SNODGRASS ....... . Dauphin, Man. S.C.M. II, IV, "Varsity" III, IV, "Ilya Yaka". RUSSELL IVIILLS SPARLING ...........4...,.. St. Mary's, Ont. Wrestling I, III, III, IV, V, B.VV. 8 F. Rep. II, III, Intercoll. VVrestling Team II, III, 158 lb. Cham- pion, Pres. BXY. K F. IV, Holds "D" and HT". STANLEY E. STACEY KEXIKIJI ................ Peterborough, Ont. Dental Rugby Team I, II, Billiard Comm. III, IV, Class Sec.-Treas. IV, Business Manager "Ilya Yaka" V. ALEXANDER AL'sTIN STEWART ...................... Basketball? Interfac. II, III, IV, V, Jr. Dent. Sifton Cup Champions III, Varsity jrs. II, Baseball- Interfac. II, III, IV, V, Spalding Cup Champions II, IV. JOSEPH ERNEST TILSON .................. I3urk's Falls, Ont University Band III, IV, V, Rifle III, IV, V, Year Rep. IV, Intercoll. V, DeLury Shield V, HD' Holder. ' ' CHARLES EDGAR TOLL KENIKIPJ .................. Blyth, Ont Varsity Band, Rifle Association, Vice-Pres. V, Oriental Club Pres. IV, Vice-Pres. V, VVar Memorial Scholarship IV. XVILLIAM ARTHURS XVOLFE QENIKIDJ ........,..... Sault Ste. Marie, Ont BWV. and F. Rep. I, II, Varsity Boxing II, Year Pres. III, TORONTONENSIS IV, V, Year Pres. V Vice-Pres. Students' Parliament. DENTISTRY One Hundred Five Q l 'ph my 0 WYCLI FFE CGLLECE x , ,L rw I 6 R Q ,Q My 2 'V. E Q -"' , 'H K . . H FRI hifi 13 I 1l 4" N f ki? ix N 425. l M A ftaf 6 ffffyf, wiv, J ' ily.-f' . . -"-. ,, A, Q, ,,, N M JOHN IVIURCHISON CAMERON .......,......... Hamilton, Ont. Theology Course G, Athletic Exec. III, IV, Varsity Soccer Team III, IV, Interfac. I, II, III, IV, Royal Life Saving III, IV, Track I, II, III, IV. CLARENCE FREDERICK HEATHCOTE .............. Kidderminster, Eng. TheOl0gy: Special, Soccer II, III, IV, Harriers Interfac. III, IV, Student Theological Union IV, Treas. Stud. Mission Soc. IV. ' JAMES A. NEVVMAN ...........,....... London, Eng. TheOlOgYC Vice-Pres. Mission Society II, Athletic Interests-e-Tennis, Soccer. LIDDON M. M. PEPPERDENE ................. Toronto, Ont. Ass. Sec. Mission Society, Curator Lit. Society I, Treas. Lit. Society II, Pres. III, Critic IV WILLIAM ROBINSON SPROULE ....,............ Toronto, Ont. Pres. Mission Society IV, Vice-Pres. Athletic Assoc. II, 2nd Vice-Pres. Lit. Society III, Chapman Memorial Medal III, Pres. Sophs., Pres. Graduating Class, Tennis, Soccer I, II, III, IV. Toronto, Ont RAY MORRISS VVEEKES ................... . Theology CSpecialJ, Sec. Stud. Miss. Soc. IV. ROBERT MIDGLEY VVITHERS ................ St. johns, N'f'l'd. Theology CSpecialD, Sec. Ath. Society III, Interfac., Intercoll. Soccer I, II, III, IV: Hockey I, II, III, IV, Tennis. 0116 IfZl71Il7'l'd Eight WYCLIFFE COLLEGE I I ,. . .sw -Q LsmwMm wvmwmmmMww, ...WW . ...wa I s, As 3 W ' - f, fgsfvm-A ..,. .. .45 'fr www! .. I g M .fs a 1 . so L' ,.,,,,:, . 1 Q25 s fjgf' x N Y Q if Af . ..,, A IQAA' 9 5, X fa , f. A .cy ff' N S s 4' fi , . x X3 I . ,A ,,, ,, , I' ' 5 I A if c s I V W 4 r W ,. ii . 0 A-x1, Q 2 Vw-ffawuwf.-wmmwwmffi X, .ff . .qmamfnwf Wtawv fees' ,VW -A2094 sway.. sf. y ,Q-Iss-"""""em,4 ' J' y W ,,.. . .... ef . sg x 73.--L iss ? ' ,,... A I fl ,sf J eras ' , K F. . N XVILLIAM NEIL FERGUSSON, F.R.G.S. .... . Toronto, Ont. General Course '94g Missionary, China, 32 yrs. WM. HAROLD REID .................... Belleville, Ont. Assoc. O.A.C. '20, BA. Queen's '24, Theology IQJ '24-26, Pres. Knox Missionary Soc., S.V.lVI.g R.N.C.V.R. EVERETT CHESTER ROBERTSON .............. . Pownal, P.E.I. General Course, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Class '26 Soccer, Basketball. STANLEY NIEREDITH SCOTT ............... Lindsay, Ont Classics '11g Osgoode Hall 1915: R.N.C.V.R.g R.N.V.R.g Pres. K.C.U.A. SAMUEL GORDON XBOUNG ................. Belfast, Ireland General Courseg BA. Queen's University, Belfastg Princeton Theological Seminary 1924-27. One Ten KNOX COLLEGE EMMANUEL COLLEGE s,x,,e.s.f. 1, 1,5 . . -U3 ,ff 'A zfuwu' -' I. ,I . f,-MJ .uw w , , ', . .- "'L.iXff- ff-1 -' wsut' I . 'f ffswmx. f?7gSlRzfI1sefR. X15 ' 1 - - 'wacwfl -I - A-WMHQ. I sfWsN:'v"' r' ff . 'R' I " . ew " f B- , I o r fx l 5 'lm ip f S ' ,. ., 0 - .A . -,-' I- " "" -. 4 . f' - I v- ' X ' . W . 'X F1 Tl- fy f F ,nov I 'WW sw, ,, . ,L-"4" v fl I ' TENNANT HAROLD ACKERT , . Lucknow, Ont. Theology. ROVVAN DOUGLAS HINNING ...A.A,.... Moose jaw, Sask. ZZT5 U,C., Phil. Eng. and Hist., Knox College '25-'27. DEAN KERR BURNS IKRTJ . ,... . BA. '24, MA. '25 McGill. PERCY IRWIN DAVIDGIL .... . Pembroke, Ont. . Weston, Ont. 1. ,A K X IC. 2-5. ROBERT VERNON ARNOTT FERGUSON .............. Glasgow, Scotland Knox College Theology I, II, Union Theological III, Interfac. Boxing I, Varsity Soccer I, II, III, IV, Capt. '25, S.C.M. Sec. '24. IXIELVILLE CLIVE FISHER ....,,,,.......... Woodville, Ont. Ceneral Course I: Theology, Burwash, Interests- Cosmo Club, Y.P. W'ork, Italian Mission, Tennis. Fin al, Ont. FRANK A. GILBERT .....,.,.......,..... g 2T5 Victoria, Vic. Rugby I, II, Mulock Cup Champions III, TORONTONENSIS, Burwash Hall. Toronto, Ont. A RCHIBALD R UssELL GRAHAM ......,.......... Foreign Missionary Central India 1914, Grad. Biblical Seminary, N.Y. University 1923, Member F.M.B. United Church, S.V.M., S.C.M. ARTHUR HAMILTON .........,,, . Toronto, Ont. U.C. ZT5, Knox College I, II, Union Theological III. WALTER l.ITTLIi ....,.......,............. U.C. '25, Knox Theol. I, II, Knox Soccer, Rugby I, II, House Comm. I, II, Union Soccer III, Chairman Athletic Comm. III, Church Music Club. JOHN IXIANCIEL, M.A .,................ Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Philosophy, ZT6 Victoria, Burwash Hall, North, South Houses, 'Fheological Society Vice-Pres., Michael Fawcett Oratory, II, Bob Comm., Head Residence, Dean South House III. One Twelve EMMANUEL COLLEGE so . -- A - .dat f. . as . ff'fA f .W - ,KN 5 7 .-. -"- 'fewer-A M-J-1-....-........7.s-.g.... ' ' 5 :sg V is t . A ,J C .. '. V fa" X-,f',,,,,. r .. . . I ei"N-Q... ,LT T 3,5gge?.1.reQ:,2', A, g xx X R iff' it N if I no kb ff! I 1? '- MR X3 1' .WL ll lf' lp iff' g W, 5? f. muff' ezasir, fl A' h I V A 5 ,mx ,x.,.,g ,NPI ,,- 'K Q V. .,,,i,, ,Yu , Q, . r . f ww 4-f ,,,, f ' X f aff- 1. 'i A i Xl'7f'I 1 : . f to i'Zm'i4fV.f71' 1,1 2-1 ' fgfi A' , . 1 . . ,.i,. ' 'E' rf 1. W " ifIQ",' 33 ', 7 L, E 5, f A xx X4 -,EH ,x,?,,,:,,1 24 L. ts.: ,T ' ,Q A A X ,. ':lfls'S,Q-Qvef, 'f 4' 'Lk 69 . , . . r. - f ' 'I , .l , M. ' or - ' 4 . 4 ' . , " .Q is 'Q 'ff' - "ts-.Qc fx-fir-'.--2'?f? 4. ,. -fm.. A ' V , .- f k1f'fz-J-inf f .rf iff f, my f " GEORGE PRESTON MCLEOD .................. Toronto, Ont. 'ZT5 U.C.: Phil., Eng. and I-Iist., M.A. Philosophy '27, Knox College I, II, Union Theol. III, Pres. Graduating Class. ROBERT IVICROBERTS .,r..............., Belfast, Ireland Queen's, Belfast, Glasgow University, Knox I, Il, Union III, Chairman, VVorship Comm. U.C.S.A. BRUCE SUTHERLAND IVIILLAR ................. Woodstock, Ont. U.C. '26, Knox I, II, K.C.U.A., House Comm., Treas., Vice-Pres., Conv. Program VVorship Comm, U.C.S.A. Pres. ROBERT W. PATON ..... U.C. 2T5, Knox College I, II. LIBERO SAURO ................ Central Italy Canada 1907, Nine years Italian Mission VVork, Montreal, Soo. DELBERT IVIANSELL SMITH ............ Port Hope, Ont. Class Exec. I, II, Sec. U.C.S.A. III. S. ERNEST STEVENSON . f ....,..... I ...... Melbourne, Ont. Grad. Vic. Theology, InterestsfCosmo Club, Glee Club, Victoria Soccer, Union Soccer. RALPH HAROLD TURNBULL .................. Dundas, Ont. 2T5 Vic., Rugby Vic. Mulock Cup Champs., Track, Class Exec. I, II, Chairman Social Comm. III. THEODORE REGINALD TURNER .,.............. Walkerville, Ont. Vic. '26, Theology '28, Students' Parl., Choral, Dramatics, Soccer. HAROLD NICHOL VVATT, B.A. ................ Palmerston, Ont. Grad. U.C., Theology, Knox I, II, House Comm. I, Soccer, Knox II Manager, Union III. EMNIANUEI. COLLEGE One' Tlzirleefz J. P.-TA. , Q.-.,1fA s. Q' P. . A! ,s.4-...,, -.'aA .' ' U . . ..u.- .0,. An. , .L A g . 4 .N11x1'At'.lA.l ..-,n -A, mx. ,A-. Aol... . QQ.. 1 L.: 'f'. si 'A an :A . x :AA "A hsnglyn 'A A.'5'11"'-P 4:1q .5 . sl . 0- - f- . A 'Al A . .'414 ' ' rn nl. ' 1 v1 ' 5 1,4 " 1 1 ,Ma g qv v ,- x-1. llc 'P A A h-.14 - . '...sf,. Ag- A 1'. .AV-,' '.'q:' .-.U AAA .x,K. -. - N 4 n-54.4 ,. ' s ,.-4' - d.'-4 ' 'sl' 1. Y -1-5-1. 4-Av ' 1.1" '4...,"l.,"-"4 -,K.,.x..- .- -,-,hq ,wt-+, kg.-1: ,,,.,. 1,v' ' 1 1"",- s-, v -A 1 ,4.11x11.: X liou EHOLD SCIEN 'Ext-fwxu My Q U 'fl Q ,SX X x fy 1 X 4' wserii-'as 'A If .Q rs. 'ff ., 'r . . Q- X. AW, ., , - s--- 11 , f ' 'A , - FRANCES G. ANGLIN CAFAJ . . . Pres. Household Science Club IV. DOROTHY VVILHELMINA CLARKE KIIBQJJ ...,... Honour Household Scienceg Head Girl No. 4 Queen's Hall. ELIZABETH LAURETTA Conv .......,.. Hutton House, Graduate Macdonald Institute, Guelph. WIILMA M, GEAR ............. Pass Household Scienceg Trinity College. A IVIARGARET HELEN GUNTON ............ Toronto, Ont Windsor Ont . Hamilton Ont , Grand Valley Ont . . . Simcoe, Ont Honour Household Science, Annesley Hallg Victoria Collegeg Music, Skating. MARY FRANCES HUCKS ...,....... Household Science, Graduate Macdonald College, Guelph. MILDRED JEANETTE KAAKE ......... Honour Household Science, Victoria Collegeg S.C.M. HELEN LACEY CKAOJ .......... Honour Household Scienceg Queen's Hall. RHONA IVIACISIINNON ........ Pass Household Science. One Sixleen Harriston Ont Toronto Ont C hesterville, Ont Toronto, Ont HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE UNA M. MCINTYRE ................ . Grand Valley, Ont. Household Science, St. Hilda's College Pres. W.A.g Scribe IHead1. FRANCES SERVICE A................,.... China Household Science: Victoria College: Annesley Hall, Music Club I, Il, Interfac. Baseball I, II, III, IVg Interfac. Tennis IIIQ Interfac. Basketball III, IV, Interfac. Hockey Ilg Intercoll. Hockey Illg S.V.M.: S.C.M. OLIVE H. SNIDER CIVIDBJ . , Toronto, Ont. Household Science. RUTH ELIZABETH XVALES . . . Toronto, Ont. Honour Household Science. HELEN LOUISE WALKER ....r.....,.,. . . . Toronto, Honour Household Science: Victoria College: Lit. Group, S.C.M., Swimming, Skating. MARION ELIZABETH WHVYTE ..,...I.. , .....,.. Toronto, Household Scienceg 'Victoria Collegeg Interests-ffBooks, Pictures, Swimming. MARGARET E. YOUNG QIYIDBJ ...,... ....... . Toronto, Household Science. YVINNIFRED F. YOUNG ......,,........... Minesing. Household Science, Victoria Collegeg Xkymilwoodg Musicg Skating, Rugbyfjames. I-IOUSEHQLD SCIENCE Our St'i'U11l0c11 Ei -ff t ,fi Wh N75 I! Ont Ont Ont Ont if SOCIAL SERVICE f X 1' -ff -K K7 to R X-91 gg Mmf I us IH nmmfb I ll STX X Exif E El , Qgim E1 X L 3 l ll ' J BH affix C1 L -mg- 'K' fi" . I . .- f -Q---A -- "' v 'N - "4 3 rn .. , ra :mu u ll ' J X XXX17 4:.v ' ' f ' ' 41,4 -X af-, ' -R g I f -1f0:?1" X Ex Q X 7 5. .' -N XE? E 5 'A K : iqyx XLR E - Z s ...- ..-,4- I nf yfff - NF 'E ?l4 2:71 ff I I . . . , - ,I . , , Yi n, 1,7 V W V . SOCIHI SCFVICC ZT8 fi, RADUATIOIN brmgs wxth lt a sort of mental stock taknng What have the past two years meant to us? What have we learned of technx que and of ldeals whlch w1ll fit us to serve 1n the broader field of human needs' Have our two years as undergraduates 1n the Umversxty of + Toronto been worth whlle? In prospect to most of us busled over longer or shorter perlods nn some other professxon these two years seemed on the one hand a bore an obstacle to be surmounted wlth as llttle effort as possxble on the other a glorlous opportunlty to forget grown up worrles and to return to our student days of care free lrre spons1b1l1ty In retrospect how dlfferent IS the field of v1s1on' Now we see evolvmg through lecture and readmg through field work and conference the socxal pomt of VIEW the case work concept the technlque whlch IS our tool ln bulldlng human personallty and hand IH hand wlth the acqu1s1t1on of thls wxsdom has come the hum1l1ty whlch reallzes our prlvrlege of sharlng 1n the development of an explolted chlldhood a happ1er famlly llfe a more loyal c1t17ensh1p ln thls our Promlsed I and The past two years have crystalllzed our hazy deslres to help and have glven us the means of dolng lt Wlth such a v1s1on and such tools we stand at the gateway to the future. VVe who are about to liveee salute you. One T Lellly BLSSi6 TIHIZGI CPre5.l. Nora Taylor tI'ire-Pres.J. Mary jennison 45061111 Conrenorjg Lois Faulds KSU.-Treasj I X Y . . . - . C 's P ' 9" 1 ' s 1 s + ' ,, I . V 9 y ,, 7 . , - T A - - . 1 y . v ' r -I - 1 ' s 7 - - I ' 7 4' 7 l s. . . . . H . ,, Y 7 1 'LAL 2. K, . 3,2 ' Y gr U o 56 CS E.:: C'-C 2 2.33 HIT! fr. mi 2. FE? UQ, mn? -E NJ mo UZ F7 :TFC 2? cn. FD 0 .l. '-l "1 CD. DD 51' H. 'rs E! Q. S O '1 F fn fb 3 P+ "Q 'i Z 2. UQ 3' U' O C "1 D' O Q I O C U1 fb V7 ET E. '1 FD I3 m, I" O Il! Ui -E1 as F- P2 ms. UQ QP:- Cc:- ,..o UE ml' ,O O CL '2 O -"1 77' fb ."1 Y' gr-a Z3 'Fu N ':s F? .Uz- : -2 5 .fb e O '! O D .PP 9 Cv ': F' C7 -1 33 Q- C 93 f-r Q "I O -1 O 5 1-v O Z O '-1 5 nl. Cl D3 rn w U7 0 P I "I -1 fb 53 In ii 'fi QI D- 2 O -1 77 UD 5' CU D' 2. cn FY O 'U 5' fb -1 I O C cn fb Cf E C CD -1 If FV 'Q U3 CD f-+ L' FD 5 fb D I' 2. UQ D' O' O C -1 3' O O Q. 2 O -1 77' FD '-1 ff' '4 2 0 Pr F11 D FV FD -a 0 cn fr 'D A .,. E. Q. fb im F7 O L.. '11 In FT Z7 .Q H -1 CD 4 2 5. VF . . . . . . . . . . . . 'l'oronto,Ont. ELIZABIETH GRUBB ...............,,..., England Post-war Relief VVork, Holland, Germany, Field VVorke- Central Neighbourhood House, Division of Social VVelfare, Children's Aid, Class Pres. I. LUCILLE IYIAY HARRIS .l....,.....,...,,. Yarmouth, Nb. Field VVork Hlnfants' Home, Neighbourhood Workers' Association: Interests Music, Art, Tramping. GRACE MAE Hxu ...................,. Woodstock, Ont. Class Exec. II: Y.XY.C.A. XVork-ef-Woodstock, Hamilton: Field Work St. Christopher House, Neighbourhood XVor-kersg Interests-fe Geology, Life. A IVIARY IRICK JENNISON, B.A .,..........,,.... Edgehill, N.S. Class Exec., Pres. S.C.M. I, II, Alumnae Scholarship Ig Field W'ork Settlements, Neighbourhood VVorkers, Canadian Council for Mental Hygiene. I.o1s RATCHFORD KINGSTON ................. Ottawa, Ont. Civil Service: Field VVork--f-University Settlement, Neighbourhood NVorkers, Protestant Ch1ldren's Home, Interests- Bird Study, VVood-craft. RUBY PHYLLIS NIACIJOUGALI. ............... . . , , . 3 Interests-A-Immigration, Travellers' Aid NVorkg Field Vlorke -St. Christopher House, Irotestant Children's Home, Neighbourhood XVorkersg Interests-ee -C.G.I.'I'., S.C.M., Tennis, Badminton. West Gore, N.S. SOCIAL SERVICE Ont' TTLf'C71fj'-0716 , ' . 5 . ffifeflii A V. - igaf' : ' . A .- U ' ' A fiiflfh' . IT' . - ' ii' . Z Q 'E' ' fs i . . i V' . Q A xy if 2 It 3,5 xgxj' . . . f N' f W X We f I V f V .V E M 5 Qi f A Af li It X . ..Q i Qi. ig I- 0' x 2 ' Pa as .awk 9 V' 51 Xi 'RNS .. 'K Q A F-rf sf- .'..v1 W V , . . . 5. , Q x ywwwwmwdwcwmlsg .T A , E A 1 V . b, ,.t,,,!.,4, 1,5 .-we I , ,Y FLORENCE ELEANOR AI.-XCNEILL ....,.,......... Pictou, N.S. , ' 1. I , , b . 7. . . If Associated with Dr. Wlalter E. Fernald, Waverly, Mass, Field II ork Dixision of Social VVe are, Neighbourhood Wforkers, University Settlement. I NIARY SORETTA RAMSBOTTOM, B.A ..,............ Mount Forest, Ont. Graduate Trinity College, New York School of Social Work, Summer Session, 1924, Neighbourhood XVorkers Association, Interests Debating, Tennis, S.C.M., Fairy Stories, Gardening, Tea Parties. GERTRUDE ROTENBERG IAECIJJ ..,,............. Toronto, Ont. Field VVork-A -University Settlement, Neighbourhood Workers' Association. NIICHAEL ANGELO SANsoNE ................. Toronto, Ont. ' I II Iv I ' ki Overseas Service, Supervisor, Toronto Playgrounds, Pres. of Fratellanza U. of T., Fie Wor Catholic XVelfare Bureau. AGNES ELAINE SIMKIN ,...,............. War Office 1916-1918, Field NVorkv-Mlnfants' Home, Interestse -Theosophy, Riding, Travelling. ' Toronto Ont. NORA LOUISE TAYLOR ................... , Class Exec. I, Vice-Pres. II, Volunteer Service, Children's Aid, Field Work'--St. Christopher House, Chepstow, England Neighbourhood Workers, Interest---Travelling. BEss1E EILEEN TOUZEL ................... Ottawa, Ont. ' ' ' ' hb h d Class Pres. II, Field Work--Central Neighbourhood House, St. Christopher House, Neig our oo Workers, Dietitian, Green Gables Camp I, Interests--Debating, S.C.M. One Twenty-two SOCIAL SERVICE . -A OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY 4 1, gg ..f X my OT umlmmmmw Ill lllllllfmlllll ll . gf if-TI l l ' Jan r...:'E G I 'ff' fi" .--" nf I ,, , , .. .... T . ' Hll!'HlI .-- aa' 'u w I ll - QQQXAQ 5 E -' yt 'F E 51 ' , Q 2 X X -1.1991 IE gf Q24 " L A YQ fri: f ,,f, ffaafy Y 1 III 1 - ELIZABETH MARY FORDYCE BARR QAGJJ . Year Pres. Ig U.C. Hockey. GERTRUDE LENORE BRIGHAM . MABEI. VIOLET BURGEss , EDYTHE CLAVIR . . . BROYVNA FINSTEN . . . ELINOR HARRIS CAfIDJ . . MARGARET LANGLEY CHBCIPJ . Secretary '27, '28. HELEN PRIMRosE LEVESCONTE Senior Class Pres.g Dramatics. JENNIE R. LEwIs ..., 'ANN LOUISE MCCUTCHEON . University Settlement Il. Toronto, Ont. Hanover, Ont. Elmwood, Ont. Toronto, Ont. Toronto, Toronto Toronto Toronto . Toronto Kleinburg One Tweniy-follr OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Ont. Ont. Ont. Ont. Ont. Ont. 5 1 I ' 'yy - ,' my E -. rv wut A ' fir" .. ' . 'Qi "UW, 4 .- . . 1. ,t M, - H 1' 35 xii' 75 Q 7 1 ' :J htff'f.I . Y -'wgaqn ,.... vi I w "" 4." , If -...T I., fi J If' I , ., ' -' - ' , X Vglf' "f"""L"' 2x-A WFHQV Q 9 I I Q it x x kEvg1:"f.1I 'i'ff"'1f rx Ivgwi-1 'f-. R, s-I ,g"'-w..,- fisiil, ' f' R A - ' ,., 'M ""'nN' ' I 1, k f fur X 5. Xs by - O A it I L! I' 'Z' is f fx S It "' 40 XP ' Q I L 5 V! X it If P X " ' Y . -'sr' V- . 1. 'mfr , l.. 1- -X , . A, 1 N V 1 V ' I .V ft "3'R?i5s x ff XR f - . . . f V Qs- VVVVV , 5 A - V V-fiilil-EQ I E-V . ,J V YQSWYR- f - . ,fp . . :QM 4' -tn 1 " K' ' ' I, M j mf TV .V 7 A ff'Qf5,.1i:' I' Vex A, A A V. 1 , 'Aviva .U , , - , - Af' .f V. 4, A Ahwiyc A 1 ,E 3 -W: V ,AV .-,Af -A -....... -G V, ' V.. A V, V-,ff .,5, f ,Q N X- A ' V 'ft Q .. , . ' , nf . 1 '-buy V ' Cv-Q1 .1 gm Q "f7i,f"VffQFif.V ,1 ., A. 'VR I z. , 1 I at 9-ff 'G fs' ,- , I ' 'wig ,, - " 'SONG M - "RAAF . 1' ' ' X' 1 'TWT' U '1f,fi,fxf,'ff' f' fs-YEYYGY 1' T- 74 , ww 'Ali' l' T . A. , 'W 1' mfr V of .Rr-V A ..- -'A fv -O ,. I gy. -sw. f -fmvnfaw 2.-V If , ... -x1-ff '-1 Jeff Off? "Y -N. :R ff'-V , Y- .vi -V ,V ' ff, Lf 4 N -At VVfg..a:1 281 , 5 - 5 V. G. ,V VV ' I 'A , - - A f -- I A V ,V STO 'ml ' -Zi'E?'5:QC- Glo YS? wg gmjyxsrgey 'fzffi fi-"i ,V,: V -- - 4 " ' fh..,l-waz. 5, 4 W NIURIEL MCLAREN ..,.,. Interests-Music and Psychology. JOAN LOUISE MUDGE .... IRENE A. M. REID . LEILE RYERSON . MARION ISOBEL SANDERSON ALICE MARY SCOTT . . . EMILY GEORGINA SPALDING MARGARET KATHLEEN SUTER Music. MARGARET BOWMAN SVVALLOVV FLORENCE LOUISE WRIGHT .1 Toronto, Ont. Toronto, Ont. Toronto, Ont. Brantford, Ont. Toronto, Ont . St. ThOmas,Ont Toronto, Ont Dundas, Ont Stayner, Ont Toronto, Ont OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY One Twenty-fve T -i ONTARIO VETERINARY COLLEGE jf f 'R --Qin. ununuuunumm WF Q XX 'SE . .--- 4, 1 Wifi- Sgluuumimmlu 1 nu! :Elf I IH - Il nulu Illlllllfzflllllll u I I Q is 1 X xx su : :Q ., .1 , ' N X 'A "i :" ,ff 1 X xxf x - ,nh ,ff fx I Ati 7 f' I 4 n un nun I J.a.n. ,AY ,V ,Q . , , .....s.,., . ,... a t , , .Z ,3...X.,, -K. 4 is if A- -W - .s wf -.RQ VTP 5 5 L N Z Acts., A f iom il: A' 5 5 A 33 53 A-w....M ,,,4 . Q.. F X MM,,..,.,... A ike' 2 . josE1-n T. AKINS ....,...,......... . . Milton, Ont. Trackg Hockeyg Science Associationg Pres. IIQ Vice-Pres. Science Assoc. XVILMER I.. BENDIX CQTEB ................ Richmond, Virginia Science Association: Pres. Students' Administrative Council. -IAMIcs C. CAREY CSZTZIJ ........,.,. . Millgrove, Ont. Students' Administrative Council '27-'28g Athletic Assoc. E. BARRIE CARPENTER ........... Detroit Alma College: Athletic Assoc.: Science Assoc. CLYDE IJOHNIER fQ'l'El .... . South Bend, Indiana Science Assoc.: Athletic Assoc. SAMUEL P. CEIEBLEHAUS . . . Stoney Plains, Alta. Science Assoc.g Athletic Assoc. CHARLES E. GOODXVIN KSZTEJ .................. Nova Scotia Sec.-Treas. Science Assoc.g Treas. Students' Council '26-'27g Vice-Pres. Senior Classy Interests- Gnernseys. XVILLIAM I.. CQRUBB .......... . . . Science Assoc.g .Athletic Assoc.g Interests---Dogs. ABRAHAM K. jo ..................... Tokio, japan Graduate Veterinary College, Tokiog Science Assoc.g Athletic Assoc.g Interests-Pathology and Bacteriology. AN111oNc A. KINGSCOTE ................. British Columbia Science Assocg. Athletic Assoc.g InterestsMParisitology, Bacteriology, Cartooning, Fox Ranching, Milton. One Twciziy-eight VETERINARY COLLEGE f H A ' ,agea-L.:'M 4- ,,,,,pqgeg?-m1ss,,-.-Y ,g-3-,-gefseesw-rf-.rr . . W, --rgfw ini- "aiu, 'I .,,. N., fx 4 , 'M ist 'Q t ,P ,Hp .A 5 xj f f I I " .st 4 'Q ,4" W .yd A ft ,WMM We 4 lm -I. RONALD AIARTIELL ..,... XYallacehurg, Ont. Stuclf-nts' Ciouncilg Science Assoc. IY. Gtcormiav T. AIUIR ............,....... Laughton, Eng. First General Proficiency Ig lfirst "U" Leaflers Star, Aquatics II: Science, Athletic Assocs. IY. ROBERT Cl'.xRsoN IDANNELI. ..,...i.,.,..,i... Newport, R.I. Bachelor Science, Howard Vniversityg Agriculture, Hampton Institute. EDWARD If. I'racK .....r,,.,..,,,.,., Belvedere, Eng. First "O" LeaCler's Star,Aqu:1ticsIIg Science Assoc., Athletic Assoc. lYg 'Iihirrl ffenerzil Proficiency Ig Special Prize, Anatomy. PERCY AI. C. PI,l'MMICR IQTIAJ ....... London, Eng. Bacteriology: Pres, Science Assoc.: Athletic Assoc. HARLAND R. IIOTTICR IQTEI ........,..,,..,. Ileseronto, Ont Pres. IV: Science, Athletic Assoc. IV, First flenerzil Proficiency Il, lllg lizisketbull, Capt. IY. FRANK RIIDWINTER ST1a.xNIc' '..,......, I ..,..,. Surrey, Eng Canadian Army '15-'1Sg Science Assoc.g Athletic Assoc. III, IY. HAROLD A. IYEBB QQTED ............. . fl-uelph, Ont Vice-Pres. Science Assoc. IV, Athletic Assocg Athletics, Harrier. ARTHUR A, XYHITE ,..........,... Huntingdon, Que Science Assoc.g Yice-Pres. III, Treas. IY. VETERINARY COLLEGE One T'ZL'FIIfj'-lIIAlIt' Mmmnmurmwl IF. E-LNWTWQWHJIILNINL1 umm Z' IJ , s. My Xi X by 1 A Nfx xc 1 Q E , L XXRQQR-'KZ N 2 l lx ll ww N Qgilfl 1? , .X ,fl My 05,4 X V fQ l 1 W A ff lx If if MX a f ky Nl ,'L X anvoeul HE h1gh ob1ect1ve set by the Athletlc Dlrectorate of the Umversxty of lf fb? Toronto deslgned for the development of the student mentally and K physlcally and for the malntenance of the ever present Splflt of loyalty f t -Xlma Mater evlnced by undergraduates partlclpators an on lf? 15 lookers ahke has been well marntamed throughout the season of 1927 and 1928 Too many are ready to gauge the worth of a season s act1v1t1es by the measure of 1ts success on grld rron or hockey cush1on and although durmg the past elght months we have annexed more than our share of mtercolleglate champlonshlps we conslder the sp1r1t exhlblted 111 adversxtv representat1ve of true sportsmanshlp Pre season opmlon cred1ted us w1th hav1ng a Senlor Rugby Team as strong 1f not stronger than the champlonshlp team of 1926 but Queen s and lVIcG1ll both came forward wlth exceptxonally strong teams and dashed our hopes of vrctory to the ground ln splte of the hlgh quahty of the opposxtxons we managed to come out on the long end of the score ln two out of four games The Senror O R F U Team, under the able leadershrp of Les Pearson, agam vrndlcated thelr exlstence by thelr clever play and hghtmg Splflt Although not ultlmate wmners, they forced every game to the hmsh, and once tled the Canadxan Champlonshrp Balmy Beach Team The Intermediates were more fortunate than usual, winning two out of four games. One Tlz 1'rly-Iwo .5 H n , ,,,,,,,v ' 1 Y V ' 1 7:7 T ll M sf-XX N -Q st ff ff ff f f nl XM! X If I 4 15. X' f I , X It X X X, I V f . 'T l X V f f f 1 I I 1 1 ',-.A ff f X ff f 5 A' 1 , , ,f,. f 1 f f I N ., ,V f y'x ff I ,A l li ff ff ' ll' I 1 XV I W fl we , . V ' f 1 l l ll. T 7 fl 'X 1 X 1 J 2 2 fl at Il all as X , - 1.1 f X . 1 's V, -G xvf sf ,I I i", I l 1 it X,-is , I A 1 f Qi. .1 " maps ly 5 1 '- Q'-N Nx t, 'A . y -J ' ' s . -. f , ',,- ' f' ' ' ' A 4 .-N-,-N, K -J:-.N . '--gn. 3 'T 'W lf 4 sa f X X ,- " 5 2. f ff ' f --f,..-T ' ' , yggggg: .' fl. ' ., r 1, -5 I V , Z I - I l ffg XXX will .Haig A If .IL Al fp , 47,7 f -1' l Ill - 7 14' -lfffffl lflfaleff J! -' f -4, ' " 41 V ---ff ' 41112: . 1 ' --'-'fpg?33'f 1421. '42f.1ezf" ' .N , ? .. ff f I ff!! -2' g - :FI-:fre .1 " 1. 'N - X. ft l '. ff-,. I 4 " ' Q21 ' li-All "Fl X if-Zh 'SK ,f E A x ,ch v al-iprkiln ,TQ ,Aff -45 ' sk Vl:.i,i:yI,j.,A?i.:.,,,,. ,f ' L 1 Axis-if , V 'v ' 4 , -Q55 -, f 'xp Q I wr- gf f 15:1 -" UllN ll Wtwllllihla ll E ffl ll llllllf ll 'MS I B - . . . V . . . . . 9 - L 1 A 1 y wx- 4? - I F22 . ' . . . I X ' ' , My ,, . . . l o . f , d - SA . . . 1 fel v , lvl i f v Y , . . . ' 7 7 . - , y -Y v - y K N v . . . , . 9 V ' 1 Followers of the ,lumor Serles wltnessed the hne football that can be played by the youngsters who under the excellent coachxng of jxmmv Douglas once more brought home the Intercollegrate tltle For the th1rd t1me IH tvselye 5ears the trophy for track and held events remamed 1n Toronto Invadmg forelgn fields the X ars1tv teams met and handlly defeated thelr old rn als at the Rlchardson Memorlal Stad1um of Oueen s Um vers1ty mn a meet full of sensatlonal performances the McG1ll teams affordlng the only serlous compet1t1on Great cred1t IS due the hne coachlng staff The Harrxer Team also 1nvaded TfX1I'lgStOl1 and walked off wrth the honours The lntercollegxate Golf Tournament lnaugurated IH 1093 was held th1s year on the Rosedale Course Toronto The Xarslty team under Captaln jrm S1hles defeated thelr McG1ll r1vals ln a closely contested match The Semor Basketball Team fulhlled our expectatlons by wmmng the t1tle for the first txme 1n some years The Oarsmen dxd fa1rly well at the Canadlan Henley They won thexr heat but were el1m1nated by the crew that eventually took the laurels The Sw1mm1ng Team repeated thexr performance of last year and retamed the cup for Vars1ty The Water Pololsts were unfortunately defeated by McG1ll The Tennls Team took a fall out of lVIcG1ll The hne play of Nunns a Davls Cup player featured themr v1ctorV The Engllsh Rugger Team lost to McG1ll 111 a closely contested game Un fortunately popular 1nterest 1n th1s fme game seems to be laclung The Lacrosse Team made 1tS annual trlp to the States and was fa1rly success u McG1ll aga1n succeeded 1n w1nn1ng the soccer tltle but our materml shows great promxse for next year All m all Vars1ty has had a very successful vear rn Intercollegxate Sport One Tlnrty three , , . 1 -, . . , Y V, 7 , - - Q . . . . . , . . ' .1 . . . . . , . 7 - 'Sr sv . . ,. - . . . . , . , LL!! v , . . 7 u , . , v . ' 1 . . . . . . ' 1 , y 1 , . . . , 0 T' f s. , - f l. . . . . . . . e n , c A . . . . . 1 , - First Colour Holders of the University RUG BY G. XY. Beal McA. Bean D. D. Carrick S. H. Carroll E. Calnan F. S. Daly VV. A. Duncan F. S. Dundas G. H. Daly G. M. Gray J. D. Harrison J. D. Keith J. E. Long C. H. Little G. A. Morgan W. M. Master L. C. Mclntyre H. E. Rykert M. H. Snyder J. B. Stewart J. D. Sinclair A. Stollery D. H. Traynor G. F. Trimble G. M. VVilton 'W. L. VVoods A. E. Young B. VV. 8: F. W. A. Beer F. A. Fell H. A. Galsky VV. H. Hills J. T. Jackson J. VV. Keffer V. G. Loscombe J. A. Mahon H. F. Robertson D. Rawson R. M. Sparling ENGLISH RUGBY A. R. Battye One Thirty-four TRACK A. T. Christie H. M. Crosby J. L. Davenport R. VV. Finlayson J. R. Fitzpatrick J. W. Graham R. M. Mitchell E. C. Mabee D. McKenzie F. G. McTaggart J. H. Russell G. R. Sparrow A. A. Somerville HOCKEY W. P. Devens P. H. Greey M. L. Harley C. M. King Kirkpatrick W. M. Park T. W. Richards H. Y. Whitehead BASKETBALL R. L. Currie G. A. Lewis J. R. McGillivray H. R. Ziegler ROVVING H. Dale G. L. Duff D S. Hoare R. C. Laird RNE. Nicholson R. B. Rochester SOCCER R. V. Ferguson J. W. Hadley V. O. King VV. B. Ririe R. M. Withes VVATER PO LO T. E. Flommerfelt H. Hethrington E. G. Sinclair SVVIMMING J. M. Goss L. G. Latchford H. W. Nunns A. R. Tilley VV. R. Thompson TENNIS W. M. Martin G. Nunns K. J. Salmond LACROSSE H. D. Wallace J. E. Smart GYMNASIUM R. M. Lymburner J. A. Williamson R UGBY FRANCE TRIMBLE Captain Intercollegiate Team One Thirty-five As they appeared on paper the Blue supporters had every rlght ln Ca nan D D Carrlck l D Smclalr G A Morgan H F Rvkert tfzrszdeztj F N Dundas KI e Irs :dent XX M Master F S DalyfSerrrlau7 A E Xoung J CarruthersfTra1ner3 I D HWTIISOH LX Stollery M M R Hall Cllauagerj R B McPherson KHOIIOTGVX Coachb G F Trxmble zjvlzuzp I E Blackwe 4 5 rlanlfoarlzh M H Snyder W A Bean D H Traynor C M XXlllOl'1 D lxelill B G Steuar Llttle Stanley 'llasroll C H Llttle F I Hvallam 52,3 Jtffiirt ' - l Semor Intercolleg1ate Rugby 1 earn MOTHER season has passed and the remnants of great expectatnons for Xarsltv s oenlor grldlron representatlves are now but clouds of d1s appomtment The hopes fostered by such an array of stars as one surveyed well on to '1 hundred huskles performmg cond1t1on1ng CXCFCISCS on the back campus last September were dashed to the ground the world to hope great thlngs for the1r team of stalwarts They ranked ln their lme up old veterans stars of many a hard fought gr1d1ron battle Names lxke Trlmble Slnclalr Al Young and Murray Smder are ones to conjure w1th 1n Canadlan football Bes1des these a great mam new stars had appeared ln the Blue sky Al Stollery husky mlddle wmg from U T S brds faxr to surpass h1s brother Howard wh1ch IS some feat as Howard Stollery IS one of the best l1ne men of all tlme IH Canadlan football Don Traynor the Western flash of Regma Pats fame made the fans sxt up and take notlce when he started tacklmg When he h1ts men they almost break 1n half There were also several other pronnsmg new comers Harrlson a rangy half back Duncan a smart outs1de w1ng and Hallam a quarterback Thxs year contrary to custom the h1stor1c game w1th the Old Boys was dlspensed wlth to the dlsappomtment of a great many fans Th1s game was always a great drawmg card especlally for the older fans who del1ghted ln seemg the heroes of yester year come forth to battle once more And they doubtless would apprecxate very much lf th1s tradrtlonal game was renewed agam next year One Thzrty szx E. 'l , . J. , -. . Q . ' , . . . Y , . -. - ' ' ' 1 , . . It - 5 , . ' . ., , 4. . c J , . . . , . g . . Q ' , . . .il , " . . . 1 . , . . ,' , . . l lfr 1 , ,. . ' ll C. S 1. , f . . , '. . . , . . ' , , r' Y' - 1 J. . Y' , . . .f ' t, " ' H C, , . . ' , . -. . . . -, C, g - - - AY I 5 I Q! Q3 V, . , C, . . . H . . ., . . k - ff., ,fl ' - 'vu--' - plug . . . . . g . L gi.: 5 ':li'763E"1. . r . . c . . v . . c. . - V . . . my - ' 1 . ,. . . . . . , R , A . Y , 7 7 . . . . N . . . R , , . . ., . v . . . . , . . . . , . - 1 . , . 7 . . , . 1 . . . . . . Tw" 1 1 1 . i 7 v 1 ' . . . . H ,, 1 a v . . . . . . . . . . 1 1 . . . . . . . . . The first game of the season was an exhibition affair with Argonauts. In spite of the appalling heat the students stepped right into the heavier scullers, and at half time were leading 10 to 0. In the second half, much to the surprise of the fans, the students, supposedly in much better con- dition than the Argo men, began to fade, and befole thex knew it the Qarsmen hid a small lead which thev managed to retain until the end of the game The week follow mg this game was a strenuous one for the teams as thex w ere put through some he ixx conditioning work with the Qrphans This hard work bore fruit the following Saturdax when the Blue teim met the Roxal Militarx College outfit and easilx came out on the long end of 1 49 to 1 score The crucial moment was now at hand X arsitv was readx to put to the test the results of a month hard work md the dreams of a xear The initial intercollegiate clash was with our old rival Queen s The Blue team full of hope and conhdence tru elled to lxmgston and Roxxn? XTCPHLRHON engaged the Tricolour in a mighty tussle The results of that bittle ire now ancient historx It w as a close game but to the gre it disappointment of ill loyalToronton1ans Queen s came through with a w in On the following Satur dax X arsitx receix ed another crushing blow this time at the hands of McGill Vle must give credit where credit is due and the Red men certainlx deserx ed this xictorx They plaved brilliant football and the work of St Germaine and L1ttle was wonderful to see Nothing daunted bx these two heau blows the Blue fullv for the two weeks before thelr next game with Queen s Bx this time they had glven up all hope of winning the Champ1onsh1p but the5 could still ax enge their two defeats by wlnning over ueen s III Toronto and oxer McGill in Montreal And this thex proceeded to do It seemed to be a different team altogether which met Queen s in the third game and easily defeated them This same team apparently now imbued with a new spirit did exactly the Wiki' M J ,544 asia 45,335 an-nil gram aa 4 NINIRI same thing to McGill in Montreal in the final game of the season Fhex met McG1ll and readily defeated them thus windmg up the season of 97 78 in a blaze of glory and thoroughly avenging the first two disastrous games of the SC3.SOf1 One Tlzzrty se en 4 Y v v . fs f 1 Q -, C s. S N - c , c c A sr - T ' - . , : TN y V y T , ' s , , ' 1 , 1 ' c I Q , I c Q' , f f 7 I Ts. V I . I 7 Qs 2 7 v T v v v W c C . T 7 ' , ' K -. c 77 ' T V 2 . . N . Y 7 V u L c , T Q s 2 - c 5 . , , , ,, C I, Y I , X, 5. . V K b L c Q ' , A A ' -4 ' . c . ' ., ' ' V , t. . L , - Y . i v L Q c C ft - T Q c 2 2 t '. ' C f , i Z . Y ' 7- ' -1 ' i I ' ' i , T - - - 1 c T T -Y T s v u ' 'Y ' ' ' .... -t -Nl ' ' f , f - r a 7 1 1' . V- a , M L ,V ' - a ,sl af- 'Isa Y ' '12 KM ' N r ' ' .. , L - .- . . f :pil 1, as . -' ' F ' M a' team stuck to their guns and practised fait - 5 . T 'wif I , ' V ' ' f Us ' -M1 'IVISYFY a- .M - ' , , 'Y ' , ' . 1 s - s - " ' ' s f ? ' " .- ' zz-si ,It '27 v - ' ' . . . . 2 5-alfa " v v y "N I X ,V gf Q I 7 Q. ' 1 Y 5. its A . , - ' I . , . P, , V, V , , , , ,N 4 If , . . . A fl T v C L 7 . K ft' ,4 N5-,X r w N: ,ci-fu.. . s , . , , , u A . . TALL v -T . . . . i f , ,L . ' " y . H ' 4.4 . - U Throughout th1s wx hole campa1gn France Tr1mble once more stood 1n the hmehght It 15 comparatn elx easx to light Jovouslx when vour team IS w1nn1ng but Frame was alwaxs on the attack even when the odds were all affamst h1m Indeed th1s lb the vshole h1storx of the team Izach man gave h1s best Thex vxere glor1ous ev en 1n defeat 'S1ncla1r formed the other half of fm br1ll1ant backheld H1s k1ck1ng was a treat to vxatch and h1s catthmg and runn1ng were alw avs fast and trncln At the foot of th1s page 15 a p1cture of one of the h1gh hghts of the season Trax nor a new man after bucldng through the whole Queen s l1ne as well as the because ltLE1Llgl'1t the famous Red Batstone 111 a verv unusual and unbecom1ng pos1t1on wh1le Baldwm looks helple slx on The Compamon p1Ctures on page one fortv tvso w1ll del1ght those who are mterested 1n the tact1Cs of great games The one p1Cture shows the protectlon the Queen s luck format1on gave to Batstone s k1tk1ng The rest of h1S team are vw ell down The other p1cture shows S1ncla1r gettmg h1s k1Ck away Graduf1t1on once more remox es a great manv famous and 'favour1te players Some of these hax e been four xears w1th the team and have Carrxed the X ars1tx sp1r1t through manv a hard fought battle TRXYNOR BE ws BXCKFIELD One Thzrty e1glzt 1 1 AE? , fl - w , , , 1 fp 1 . l. 1 1 ' . :s 1 ' . . Y '1 V1 Q. 1 1 . m , 1 . "1 - l I 1,1 - ' I . rx . , l ' 1 ' - , X. 'J - J Od '1 l F 1 ' i FD I1 1 Y X, 1-4-, 1 ' , 1 Q , g 1, . 5 , ' f'J rf 1 1 fb 11 1 hd. 1 11' m - , X' l , J 4 og 1 ll N: gi X , 1-1. I n 3 N . 1 UQ I Y - I 1 V 2 . . ' , 1 I C6 11 I i , A '11 J "K N 1 Y - 1- 1 , 1 9 ff 1 . FD ' ' ' H ul ' ,.. . 'X A 1.1. ' ' I il ' 1 '1 r-J ., ,I FD D I . F1 55 . ' 1-1 . ., l . 9-9 ' . rr , K 1 - O , 1 - ' C: 1 . 1 Q 1 . ' -1 D' ' . ' 1 ' 1 1 . . 1 I r-4 sf - . 1-r . , P-lu ' J CD . SD ' l 1 C , l 5 X1 5. . ' . I C-' 1 U, fb .' ,' Q. ff ' . 1 Q U . E' 1 ,-1 . Y 'n 1 CD . 1 Q , E. ' . ' , . U7 N 1 ' O 1 N Q ' t' 4 ' ' W r ' ' ' A - i 4 'A' -.5-sg 11 N-, Buck Row: S. XVcsley. H. F. Jeffrey. S. Cartwright, T. C. Swartinan, I. M. Scott, G. Galbraith, G. Dunn. Second Row: R. Morgan, I.. McIntyre, M. Pearson lCO11L'f1l. T. Moore Ulizrzagerl, G. Gray, XY. XYoods' J. Woods. Front Rina: C. Baillie, G. Kirkpatrick, PI. Davey. Senior 0.R.F.U. Team l?Q?ARSITY'S outstanding team this year, strange to say, was their Second A ii Senior Team playing in the O.R.F.U. series. Although they were the ' yi ultimate champions the series was a nip and tuck affair, with Balmy piQiifFWfQit,l Beach, the Canadian Senior Champions, eventually winning the cup by one game. The first game of the season against Balmy Beach was a 12 all tie, much to the surprise of the fans, who hadn't conceded Varsity any chance at all. The next two games, with Hamilton Tigers at home and away, were easy for the Orphans. Then they stacked up against the Camp Borden Team, the black horse of the series, and overcame them rather easily. The second game with Camp Borden was a real battle. The Harding men were out to do or die, but this game meant everything to the Blue team, so they came through with a win. The O.R.F.U. Team had been getting really good crowds at all their games, and, as was expected, the final game with Balmy Beach was played before a capacity crowd. The game Blue team put up a great but losing light with a team which outweighed them about fifteen pounds per man, and it was admitted by all that they died hard. The team was again coached by Les Pearson, whose earnest ehforts were a decided asset in moulding together such a smart aggregation. But we must also consider that the O.R.F.U. team ranked among its players men like Mclntyre, Geordie Beal and Gay Kirkpatrick, all sensationalhalfbacks who would certainly have been starring in the Senior Intercollegiate series had they been eligible to play. The squad was well balanced and strong in all departments, but more particularly in their half-line offensive play. This team developed a number of good players, who should all go well with the Senior Intercollegiate Team next fall under the very able leadership of Les Blackwell. One Tllliffj'-711.716 i lm.,i,.. The x72ll'S1tV Intermedlate Rugbv Team rg, N le more season has passed and for the first tlme 111 manv wears we are able to sax that the Blue II1t6I'I'I1Cdl21t8S have had a fa1rly successful season Thex managed to Wlll two out of fours games outelasslng if Osgoode Hall and O A C' and losmg to Vlestern Unn erslty and St Th1s xear the Intermedlates eontxary to custom reee1ved a l1ttle more attent1on from the povx ers that be They were outhtted w1th modern new umforms mstead of the old wrecks wh1eh they had been forced to wear the year before and wxhleh had made them look l1ke a team of the Gav N1HCt1CS mstefid of the th1rd team of C anada s foremost L n1vers1tw The added 1ttent1on had the deslred efleet of obtalnmg a fa1rly large turn out and vs 1th C oaeh Bartlett on hand early 1n the season th1ngs looked prom1s1ng for a successful Intermedlate vear Manager Sehoheld was a hard and fa1thful worker and much ered1t IS due h1m j1mmv johnson was the popular Cho1ee for taptam and deservedly so as he was an exceedlngly good half back and a llke able lad wh1eh are two essent1al requ1s1tes for a football eaptaln The aboxe mentloned men kept the team dovxn to hard work all season and It wasn t the1r fault that the team d1dn t walk off w1th the Illtefmedlate Cham p1onsh1p WAIT A MINUTE One Forty .1 J Qs? ,Q il f s - .5 ' ' 1 N ll 5 ' 1' ' ' . lr a s J ' - . . U lf! . c e . -' , 1 M1ehael s College IH two very 111tCI'CS'E1Hg games. Q-l 14 u 'Y Ty A ' 5 , v T T T . . Y! U . . ,, . i V . i , yd T . V . 7 ' ., c J - . , c ' 1 , c 7 7 " ' , S J ' s I ' A ', ' - z , . 7 . V V s Y , ,. .. ...-.,...... G. H. Lugsdin, J. A. Pugsley, D. Slater, G. XY. Gooilcrliam. F. M. Scott, ll. Barrett, XY. S. I-:-gate, F. Jackman fTru1'v1c'rl, ul. R. Baillie. J. G. Eastwood, R. J. Galloway, R. H. R. Gray, XV. lf. G. .-Xrlams' L. G. Bowles, F. R. Stone, T. A. Kirk. XY. J. Spencer, J. B. Burk, J.XY. D0l1fll3SfIIOIl.Cllflllflll, .-X. H. Squires fcufvtfziizf, D. ll. Mcliniflllt 1.114111- agerl. D. S. XYood, R. A. Baker. 8 unior Rugby Team--Intercollegiate Champions Wfsx G s jx KJ? Lie. :Kb e. A LTHOLYGH it may seem rather a far-fetched idea, Yarsity's Senior football battles are in reality won on the back campus, the stamping ground of the Blue juniors. The backbone of the Big Blue team always consists of ex-junior players, men who have learned their football, and acquired their Yarsity fighting spirit playing in the junior Intercollegiate series. Even head coach Les Blackwell started his football coaching career on the time-honoured back campus, when he coached the Blue juniors of four years ago to the first of their long string of consecutive championships. This year a willing and hard-working crowd of youngsters were fashioned intoa smart aggregation of hard tackling, clever ball, handlers by the astute coaching of Jimmie Douglas, whose ability may be estimated by the fact that at the beginning of the season the smart junior Team was just a mass of green. unknown players. Jimmie Douglas, by the way, has quite deservedly been promoted to the position of Assistant Coach on the Senior' Team. We predict great things for the team of 1928 with two such men as Douglas and Blackwell on its coaching staff. To get back to the junior Team again, much of the credit is due the boys themselves. however, anc. their natural ability they turned to good advantage and played as reliable and ingenious football as has been wit- nessed by senior teams of a high calibre. These men will be heard from in future years. so note their names and faces. Om' Fnrly-mze 7 1 N i V a Y i 3 BAxTs'rox15's PIIUTECTION a i N N 5 2 Q i v i Y ,E W 1 w 1 Vx fl V 4 'Nw vi 313 fi M4 SINCLAIR IQICKS A HIGH ONE H V if One Forly-two , y., QAZQQL "':---- .- - f. a'- ff '-L, ' 3 C-' "fi ,TT75C7T'.1"LA-El'S-'Tiff ? lfilf.1'FT.,Xi41fQ3yifJL5XJLYfiif.?L'5YjQlMFff'1QlQZUD Y TRACK JIM MCKENZIE CxPTA11x TRxCK TEAM One Forty three , V! .... . i A... Y 2 4 . xg' R, I b , ,,,e A e, M ' ...S e Yr R 17D rck lvartin or z R -Xrm trnn Cllanugeal R XClXXlI'l P F F 'Nm 1 XX ay 'Xlcie I M Crosay X A Somerxille H XX Cranford G H Jermyn I' S 'XIcT1ggart axenport X Craiam D J Xlclxenzie -X T Christie lPres derzlj E C Ma ee UI11VCfS1ty of Toronto Track Club Intercollegiate Champ1ons, 1997 ijt-2 OR the third consecutive vear the much prized Intercollegiate Track Qgj trophy was successfully defended by the X arsity team X ictory came l -3- l as the result of a great effort put forth by an All Star team which left 1 McGill far behind in second place with ueens in third posi ion ,QW When the last event was hnished it found the l of T team with twice as many points to its credit this their closest rivals As far as Toronto was concerned it was perhaps a new record in the history of Intercollegiate Track competition for every man on the team returned El DOIITE WIHHSY FIVE? DSW faces added to the strength of the team namely those of Fitzpatrick German Crosby Bladwm and Smith It will be rather hard to hll the place vacated by Capt McKenzie who in grad- uating takes with him Al Christie Wally Graham Bob Crosby and P. R. Baldwin. The records of these men should long remain in the minds of the followers of this sport. "Harley" Russell had just recovered from a pulled tendon which he received during Inter- faculty competition and showed true sports- manship when, through uncertainty as to whether he could finish the 100 yard dash, gave way to "Cam" Mabee. Harley has had the honour of winning both the sprint events for the 7 last two years. However, his place was well MHXENZIE filled by 'ljohnnyn Fitzpatrick of Hamilton Collegiate fame, who equalled the record One Forfy-four V - of 10 secs Hat for the tenturx dash Cam Mabee ran a close second P17 19 bexng vxatched wlth much mterest as he 15 expetted to make the Canad1an Olx mp1c Team of 1098 Xqam ln the 090 yd dash Pltzpatrlck shoxxed the xx ax home but xx as tloselx pressed I M C hr1st1e Cnnadxan quarter mnler on the Olxmplc Team of 1094 r gd In the meant1me ack U 1venpo1t and Fugh C raxx ford xxere hghtmq xt out wlth Vx 1llx COI1S1gllO of McC31ll for the pole Vault honours xx h1ch resulted ln a hrst for lack and a tlnrd for Crlvxford Th1s gaxe Xarsltv a hwe pomt lead xx h1ch xx as nex erlost or ID doubt throughout f the meet Bob C rosby Qrabbed the dlscus wlth such determ1nat1on that when he saw what h1s team mates were domg he scored 1 x1ctorx for hxmself It was a mxghtv hne effort on h1s part B111 lilnlayson scored an added poxnt as he placed thlrd The Splflt of vlctory was catching for Freddy lVIcTaggart after bemg behmd on h1s hrst two throws of the Javelln made a mlghty fine effort and hurled the spear beyond the old record dlstance The new mark was dls fp allowed owmg to a strong wlnd blowmg from the rear and faxourmg too much the condltlons for thrownng of the Javelln Much mterest was shown lI1 the half mule event OWIIIQ to close competltlon Mo Mxtchell Canadlan mlle champlon and also of Intercolleglate basketball fame took the lead to score another vnctory He not only scored one for hxmself but he so encouraged h1s team mate Gord ermyn to turn the tables on Bobby Thompson of R Oueen s who was at one tlme Ontarxo half mxle champxon LSQEIL Mo Mltchell redemonstxated h1s class xxhen he took the m1le exent but only after a ha1d fight agamst llck VX alters also of X arsltx xx ho was always close up on Mo -Xll th1s tlme Capt m MCIXCIIZIG was com petmg 1n the broad 1u1:fnp shot put and h1gh and low M hurdles and when he firnshed manx more VICCOTICS were added to those prevlously scored ack Marshall had rather hard luck when II1 h1s l11gI.l1 hurdle event jm MClXCl1Z1C upset one of h1s hurdles vxhlch fell IH lacks lane and almost caused a spramed ankle Coach Frank Halbus found a new athlete nn Pete 9m1th whom he took from the sprlnts and started to teach the art of hurd lmg Pete showed the results of good coachmg when m h1s hrst Intercolleglate race he gamed th1rd posltlon R XI XIITCIIILI xxu BL xx One Fmfx I7 1 s - s Y " 1, " . . , . H , H .. ,, . . U c . t, . . v ' ' - 1 - l- - s ' T' L 4 C. . , , , 1 Q , . . W 4-- . c c , ' . ...f,. J . - ' -. . 1 2 1' H- ' . cc c . T 7 ' C Y -, Y ,C - . N , :N NY 1 ,T N, vv 1 - - . . ' 4 . , c c , fi ' - x -Y , Y , X . c , LH . I ' 11 'H r 4 f 1 c c ,c ' , ,X I . V Y - I . .- . v. v , s A - 1 C ' ' A 55 . . . . ' K ' if-1' V f , . -N l C -v A x , 3 . . - . Q 1 Y C - f K x ' . v ' . . . "' 2 V ' ' 1 . . ' X . ' 'V . Y N , 11 X L ' ce L -, - A, vv 1 K V - - , c lr A , - T Q' ' Q V. Y . . - . H . ,, 74. 1 .. . . c . . Y. . H N ,, , C , , . V . . ,w X Y - Q , , i - .Q . - , 1 4 -- Y . . . . " 1 I - ' f '- ' ' ' Q. 1 - 'Ni : it 'Q xr r V . 1 N . - . . L , , . . H ,, . . . 1 ' y . ' Y Y I ' 'A ll H . C - V -1, ,, -. A -wi, ui J A1 V . Tag A., . ,Qian N - Q R , c . l. 4 U " ' -, 'Q C --w V v ' , . ' H , Y" 7, .. a ' , c N c I .., c Y ' at IP c . 1, Y , ' - - C . 1 ' ' ll ' YU 7 ' r . JI . - . . . . ,QQ , 1 'HJ 1 . . . 3 nu V Y ' , I , , 1 , ., A v V , X el . Y' MJ Vu ' ' .' . . 44" V . it , - 1,, ll i YY r ' -Q lj Y ' ' u V H fi 1 5 c ' ' ' ll vu i ' an vw - ' v 5 xi - ' cl 11 . 1 . . . 1 . 1 ' Z ,. .' VR. f v- -tm , N 2 Q xii' s........ p g VV1: ,.,. -:... . I K., A if . Q qb ' if V 1 CRAXVFORD FITZPATRXCK In the three mile event Wally Graham ran a beautiful race to take first place and although on a slow track he finished within a few seconds of the record. R. Baldwin, of the Varsity Harrier Team, won himself honour by placing second. The big day for the Blue team ended with Al. Christie winning the quarter- mile dash for his third consecutive year. "Sandy" Somerville at the start of the race dropped back to last position in an effort to avoid a strong back stretch wind, but found himself too far behind at the 220 yd. mark and striking his stride sprinted hard to finish his race in third place. It was a fine effort and had it started earlier might have resulted in a second. On the following Saturday the Intercollegiate Relay Race was run off atlhalf- time at the Queens-Varsity Rugby Match. Johnny Fitzpatrick opened the race and passed the baton onto Sandy Somer- ville, going a thirty yard lead, who opened up a similar distance for1"Mo" Mitchell, who ran in third position, and gave."Al" Christie a good lead which he increased and finished over one hundred yards in front of the McGill rivals. On a small soft track, and with a strong wind blowing down the back stretch, the Varsity team were only lg secs. behind the new Canadian record setgby the Varsity Four of 1926. fi MCTAGGAR1' One Forly-six sul: 1u...-......i.... - .. , g,, ,, Un1vers1tv of Toronto I-Iarrler 1 eam l so CTQBPR twentx Hllltll saw the second lnterfaculty Hlrrler Meet run ox er the new course at Upper Canada College Nmetv nxe xsplrants to fame faced the star ter VX ally Craham agaln led the held home capturmg the Brotherton Cup for the 1nd1v1dual chfzmplonshmp for the , fourth SUCCCQSIVC tlme He was closely pressed bv Banks of O A C who led h1s team to vlctory for the hfth successlve xear 111 the team pr1ze Meds were aga n second and Trlnxty a close thlrd CThe first erght runners fmlshed 1n the order mentloned Craham Dents Banks OAC Cromer O C E Mcl ennan Meds Cowan O A C lxerr O A C Bfrldvun Tr1n1tv Grffln O A C J The lntercolleg1ate Meet held the followmg Qaturdav saw several weterans IH actlon Xars1t3 was represented bx Graham M1tchell Crozler and Baldw1n of last Vear s team and McLennan a Med freshman Mo M1tchell was ang 1ncluded on the team on h1s past record bemg unable to compete 1n the Interfaculty It IS fittmq that 1n h1s hnal vear Wally Graham should once more captaln the team He has been a member of the team ex er smce a freshman 'md has been mstrumental 1n brlnglng tne champ1onsh1p to Xa1s1tv 1n four out of flve xears He achleyed the helght of h1s career by wmmng the lntercolleglate lndlvldual Champlon sh1p for the hrst tlme Mcl ennan the freshman from Meds shows great promrse He dlsplaved a wonderful hnlsh workmg hlmself up 1nto thlrd place Mltchell vtas 'lwaw below last year s form when he beat Trenouth for fxrst place F-fi but helped the team out wrth slxth place Baldw1n and Crozler settled the team champ1onsh1p bv placmg elghth and nmth respectlvely X arslty reta1ns the L1ttle Cup for team compet1t1on by scormg 18 pomts R M C were second w1th 30 McG1ll and Queen s counted '35 and 76 pomts respectw ely Thls year sees the passmg of many who have been mstru mental ln malntalnlng Xars1tyS supremacy ln thls sport wlth flve champ1onsh1ps1n SIX vears However wlth prospects AH' Q l1ke McLennan and other developlng stars It IS to be hoped that Varsxty teams wlll contmue to be sucessful m the future XX XLLX GRUIAI Om Furfx 50 uz Q a 4 o 1 .f l ' U 4 . ' 7- I C 2 l ' ' . - . I" . L , 1 if 7 . A - - 7 c . . l .I -, 5 rl 1 I . - , ta J C . ' ' J , 1 Cz. PM c C w 3 . . Q I as v . , ,5 ., E 7 , l V , . c l L . A . . . . , 1 . . I , , c . , . . . , , , , . . . . . . . I . , . . . . , A , - 7 , .. . . , , , .A . . , c , H , , .. . . t C . 7 . . , . 7 V7 . . . y ' w 1 v - , 1 N ' 5 l ' ' 1 . l . . . . , f U , y A f K , f ' . L ' 2, f 1 1 . 1 I , R N V C L. x Q, . . . . , . . V, A . 5 ,D ' .f ' N4 -2 C Q - . . . 1 wp . a 1 Y " F 'W A . . ' . . . f . 5 'g ix gf 3 2 , f W 1 ? - Q : 3 5 . . Q - . 6 , . C v , i - I . . 7 c 7 -. ,. ' ' . ' - ,. 7 'J E - . . . . ' . f " a "ff - 'Q ,. . , ,, . , . . ,Lf me , , ' ' ' E3 -3 2 . . . Y " -, X 43 " ' I , . . . . Y . , . . ,, . . . 7 . ,,- ,V In H , - , , , M ' V - 7 . - v Y ' ' X 7 1 i Y- l if V ' 7 ,, " 1, 7 , i H VK IN mm J E Gundy Wxllam n tcl for U ut re ze a J J Shortreed T P heat Tl Unrversrty of Toronto Sw1mm1ng Team HE Swrmmmg Team of 1927 won the tltle for the thlrd successrve year QGTTCE3 As Coach Roy Lowndes was retmng at the end of the season the boys 1 FQ were all eager to reglster a w1n for h1m There were enough candldates I S turnmg out to make two teams and thelr tlmes m trlals were very good J 5 The McG1ll squad led by thelr veteran Clayton Bourne was eas1lx defeated by the Blue From the start of the meet there was lxttle doubt as to the super1or1ty of the Toronto fish Several records fell that mght johnny Coss broke two records hrmself Fran Lorenzen hung up a new one and so d1d Clayton Bourne of McG1ll The team was composed of the followmg Captam Fran Lorenzen Leo Latchford johnny Goss Ross Thomp son Eddle Smclarr jack Gundy Ted lxeast John Shortreed Harold Nlmmo l rq Curtls Thxs year the new coach Fran Lorenzen developed a strong team The mmd as to who should make the tr1p to McG1ll Munro Bourne a Freshman at lVltC1ll nearly proved the LlI1dO1I1g of the X arslty team for he put up three nevs records hrmself However Xarsrty won the meet due to the all round abrllty of the swlmmers On the other hand the Red and Vllnte team was made up of two or three star performers The vlctorrous Blue team was made up of Captam john Goss Ieo Latchford Ross Thompson Eddle Smclaxr B111 Bertram lack Gundy Don Gunn Lloyd Boddy H C Qcott Tommy Marsh F LORENZEN Om forlx fl 111 . '. li o, . . . I P. Fl. "' i' so frllanagerl L, G. La 1 Cl, .C r is, F. Lo n n CCupl in , . , . . ' s' R. mompson, W -9 . . . . . . . . Z, . . . ' . I S . '. . . . cr V V . , . ' ' . ll YY ' . 1 . , I : . v 7 v ' V Y v 1 v v 1 f y v l squad was agaln a large one and there was much doubt even IH the Coach s C , y ' 1. , ' V ' .7 h ' I . , . ' 7 I i Me l V L Q2 - 1 - 7 ' - v iw" A C ' ' , . If v v y ' ' , 1 1 .' 1 , . . G , . ' E Goss , g 1 1 'mfg 1 m mmcre Sh rtre Tllllim 1 ll 111 lgfll urtnzen 1 LY 1 1 l Het 1 rum., n c Ct r Bla ell ill az o Ul11l7CTS1tV ot Toronto Water Polo Team HP 1027 Polo Team brought the Champ1onsh1p to Toronto for the gag hrst t1me s1nCe the mtroductlon of thls sport to lntereollegl ite elrcles tl'llI'tCSI1 years ago Th1s was also Les Blackwell s last year as eoath 8 l and lt was xerx graufylng to wln ln h1s last year He has worked wlth ta the souad tor sex eral seasons and last year saw the results of h1s work HETIiERINFTON the game here 1n Toronto by the score of lm '7 and IH the return game ran up the larger score of U 1 'I he team was made up of Cap talll lrx lorenzen Fran Lorenzen Tommy lalommerfelt Hagar Hethermgton Ross T1llex IxelSpenee Thompson Edd1eS1nCla1r lohn Qhortreed The new Coach Paul Copeland bu1lt up a xery good team th1s wear out of praet1eallx all new materlal The team worked well together and IH praCt1ee showed hne form 111 passmg shootlng and sw1mm1ng l Montreal the Blue team playlng adefensne game held MeG1ll to a 3 2 vxctorv expectmg to out swlm and outseore MCGlll1l1 the larger tank IH Hart House However playmg the X arsltv style of game lVlCG1ll won -1 1 IH the return game Hethermgton llalker Leo Latchford Johnny Goss Ross Thompson George Baker Harvey Graham The team Captam Hagar Vlfansborough S1ncla1r Thev won I Arc HIURD One Forlx nzfze XV. L. Tl o pS0n, T. E. Flo - f lt, bl. .f o Cd. P. EH " '. S . 1 4 1 ' , F. Lt 1 , A. R. T'lI -j, I. Lorenzer lcillflldllll, l. - le' jto . K. D. Spin 1, M . I.. E. :Claw o .C' urlzh. i . Q I .. ' ' . - . .... 8 1 .I . in T T Y Y C T YT M s K . c v N 1 Y Y i P k X - . . . . . C - T V ' ' ' - ' " . C S ' rf - V ' Q ' , Y M , ,, ' L T Q e " ' the smoothest working polo machine that ever represented Varsity. ' g f -Ad' I . 7 J Y Y . . , ' . Q. ' , . H v V v f 1 '- v Y Y Y . r 1 1 7 bs. v . . . D n . , T . T ' I l ' - . V 'T . 1. . ' T a c G . , T 'L ' , r . ' ' . J. .r .fs ' H X' T ' X 'i f Q J., . . . . . .,, 4.1 v - , 1 . , " A Bel Ro XX F Dewar Cllanaqerb J Carruthers CTrauzerJ D H M km lt T D Qnnclur R T G Graham W D Irwln NV E Smlth N T Berry tlzre Presb F1 vztRoa XV ob on tCoachl Park C H I1 le H lN Cros 5 H O Moran J C Evans M H Snyder tlreszdenlh UH1VCI'S1ty of Toronto Hockey Team ITH the Grads the Umverslty of Toronto Alumm Hockey Team l l overseas as Canada s representatlves at the Olymplc games the X73I'SltV Qemor Hockey squad pract1callw lntact from the squad that defaulted to the Grads rn the Allan Cup seml finals one year ago appeared to be .PL l TLS on the threshold of another brxlllant and v1ctor1ous season Upon the reslgnatxon of Conme qmvthe the mentor who had gulded the destxmes of Narslty hockey teams for four successlve seasons Professor Vllke Pearson was appomted to the vacancy with jxm Robson as h1s asslstant and an earlv call brought forth a host of would be materlal from whlch selectlons for two teams semor and xntermedlate were carefully made The expense of 1ntercolleg1ate hockey forced Queen s to abandon the College serles for a year and the necesslty for more games than those provlded for 1n the ser1es w1th lVlcC1ll and the Un1vers1ty of Montreal were factors that urged the Blue and VVh1te to once more enter the Ontarlo I-'ockev Assoclatlon Xxlltll the addrtlon of several finds the Pearsonltes opened the S PA season w1th a good vlctorv over Nlarlboros the only other senlor entry 1n the O H A from the CltW but then succumbed to the Grads but only after a real battle rn wh1ch both teams were called upon to dlsplay hlgh class form for so early 1n the season The annual Chrlstmas tr1p to New X ork and Boston dlsclosed the fact that the Amerlcan teams were e1ther 1mprov1ng rapxdly or else that the local students had not h1t thelr actual strlde when Harvard and X ale secured better than an ex en break for the hrst t1me1n h1story A wm for lVlcG1ll over Harvard mdlcated that the xflontrealers were strong and xt was reallzed that Varslty would have to look to ner laurels lf she was to repeat for her tenth consecutlve lntercolelglate t1t e One Fzffx FC Tit' 7. . 1 tl . t ' L . ."g1 G. .Q 2' . . . '0 J. f.R s W. f f . .Ju . I. b' . . f . . '. , . 5 I I 'Q r U ,, . . . V C Y Y Q Y . , a s a 2 44-K l ' + N . . V. E ' lu ' - ' . ' 1 , l . . . . z , . , c 4 , 7 ' ' i na' ' 77 , T . . H . ,, . . T 1 V . . . V , . ' ' v - . C , A YA n , . . H ,, . . K H .. , . . . ,y7 A Y 1 . . 7 X . C A 1 . . . f A' 1 , . . . . ,. 7 Prospects for the Blue looked black mdeed when McGill took the opening tussle of the Intercollegiate season by using a superb defensiye system at the Forum Montreal But hope was again aroused when a determined Xarsity squad turned the tables on the Red and XX hite here and ey entually took the lead by beating the U of M in two str ught games Preparations were being com pleted for a sudden death play oli game with fIcG1ll when the Iilymg French men sprang the biggest hockey surprise of many college seasons by beating IXIcG1ll in the hnal game of the schedule and thus assuring the L of T of the Ut 6 Meanwhile with the situation gloomiest in the Intercollegiate all vsas well nearest rivals for group leadership X arsity finished the season two games in front of the second place Ixitchener team but the latter sprang another surprise when they won both games of the play otf series to oust X arsity from the running The second game in Toronto was probably the best and most hard fought to be seen on Toronto ice during the season and it was freely said that the students proved themsely es to be one of X arsitv s greatest teams by winning much glory in defeat Having captured the district Intermediate O H A title the preceding season the Blue Seconds appeared strong contenders for the title until a slump late in the season necessitated a play off series with Newmarket The latter finally won out bv the smallest of margins and the students appeared to be out lucked rather than out played on the series Improved after a rest X arsity entered the play offs in the Intermediate Intercollegiate series where they disposed of XX estern western district wmners 8 5 in a home and home series and Loyola eastern wmners 4 1 in a sudden death game in Montreal the Robsomtes thus capturmg the Intermediate title for X arsxty for the first time within the recollection of the present undergraduate M . .1 S A f N. 1 N. 7 C T S "7 D c 7 ' ' C ' . . ' S Q' 1 ' ' , - . Q - C C 7- -. . 1, . - 7. 4 - . .1 I . ' l . y . v v. E. . . M . . Y C 7 Q in the O.H.A., the Blue having a commanding lead over Preston and Kitchener, v 1 S ' Y I ' . d - 0 S ly J V - ' . . . . . , I Y ' 1 ' ' Bv v 1 I - ' v Wesley' Richards and Herbert Kirkpatrick, two of the Semor's most experi enced and brilliant performers, will be lost to the team through graduation, while Bob Crosby, Bill Park and Doug McKnight will be missing from the ranks of the Intermediates. The Senior Intercollegiate champions will have live proven performers back in the ranks in the persons of Mel Harley, ylimmie McMullen, Bill Stewart, f'Red " XX'hitehead and Murray Snyder, and with these as a nucleus a fine team should again be rounded out for the season of 1928-29. XX'ith probable promotions to senior ranks the Seconds will have to be almost entirely rebuilt but, nevertheless, prospects are not dark for the coming season. Frank Sullivan's Juniors were strong and were contenders throughout the greater part of the season, but Nlarlboros, ultimate O.H..-X. winners, finally' disposed of the Blue. Despite incessant thaws and poor ice the Interfaculty' series, under the management of Nixon T. Berry, was finally completed late in February. when Victoria disposed of the Dentals in the finals for the third successive season. OHL' Fliffj'-0118 THE 'GRADS URLD S CHAMPIONS' C ratlfymg mdeed t therr manv frlends are the 1ch1evements of the Xarslty Crads Only a few short years ago thls wonder team vt ent down to 1 glor1ous defeat 'lt the hands of the lads from Port Arthur rn a heart lileilxlllg struggle loosing the Allan Cup after wxnnmg the lntercolleg1ate 1nd O H A tltles The follovung xear they took the Cup for wh1Ch thev had struggled so hlrd the prevlous se ison and thxs w1nter at Qt MOTTITZ c lptured the coveted Olx mpxc Champlonshrp L Durmg thelr stav lI'l lrurope the frads gaxe minx exh1b1t1ons of hockev as It should be pl 15 ed The smooth COIT1lJ1U'lt10l'l the wonderful CXlNl1lJlt0Il'i of goal tending 1nd the famous Porter rushes were a new thr1ll to the representatlves of all countrles gathered to see them and they were ex en more appreclated abroad th rn It home A ll Toronto turned out to g1ve a royal welcome tothe x lctorlous team on thelr return and colour P l'kXl One Fzfly two ful and Jub1lant were scenes on the busy streets as the now world famous team paraded up to recene the othclal c1v1c welcome Smce thelr return mam of the players hone been offered contracts to jom the ranks of the pxofes S1011 1ls but It IS doubtful that they w1ll he accepted College days for most of them are over and the time to settle down to the11 chosen professxons has xrrlved SLLLHANI Though we are sorrv to see the break1ng up of thxs wonderful team, they go forth to sterner battles wxth best wlshes from all for the men who have done more than any others to spread the fame of the Blue and Vllhlte H1tlRo rntnt er X Bu, 111 111 H 1 In Cru 111 J srroul Rf A rr l11Q 1 H Q 1 on 1rr1c 11111 NI ir ri l C CIIUDDC I' 111 R I lclt wung C 701,71 9 ancx ws 1OI'I1DQ4 n lbfti ir s X ei r 611111111 tl U of T Boxing, Wrestlilig and Fencing Club HF fourth time 1n QUCCCQQIOD Toronto lboxers vlrestlersand fencerswon f Q the lntercollegiate Neet held in 1927 at Mcfnll The boxers as usual Q' " were the most fortunate in the matter of annexmg the V2-lI'lOllS cham 5 pionships the fencers xx on handilv while two wrestlers became tl e .3 holders for the first t1me Thompson, who was in the 11? lb class last -- J xeai winning his second title at 193 lbs As in 1920 the assault was closelx contested with Mcf ill and ueen s showing slight SLIDCVIOTITV in the mat d1x1s1on Theflub commenced attnities in januari with the annuil trip to Guelph The Agricultural College hax ing HU boxers on their roll sent a well trained team of VK restlers against Toronto and as has been fl1C1I' custom for the past few vears xx on a fair majority of these bouts The Toronto men howex er put up strong ind clever exhibitions agamst their opponents and several newcomers showed to adx antage. This trip proves each year to be a great help to Varsity in that the team must be at amid-seson form to compete with the OAL . The wrestlers especially find that the succeeding meets are made comparatively comfortable for them and because of the frequent defeats regiqtgred against Toronto men at Guelph the newcomers have always a chance to mal'e '1 place on the t6'1H1 edge is given to competition and every man has to be con- 1 tinually out and in condition. 1 The VN est Point meet soon ' , 1 . following , gave the boxers each M . , , a hard battle but this division ' ,. ' r of the team won 4 of the sex en . s X' , A -fc , boutsquitehandily. Twofresh- ' -1 DAAVIDSON FL-P ITICII, Kirkland at and 0116 Fffly-l11r1'e Mcflennan at 135 lbs., who were taking the place of Fidler and Robertson, put on ex- cellent exhibitions of hard punching and ability to Htake it," each winning their first lntercollegiate bout in a hard battle. Carrick, as usual, won the heavy bout with ease. The wrestlers, benefited by the O.A.C. trip, gave the Army men much opposition but did not succeed in winning the majority of their bouts. VVith only a few weeks in which to round off training, candidates for the Intercollegiate team turned out in force and prepared for the lnterfaculty assault-at-arms held immediately before this trip. Many new men sought places so that both boxers and wrestlers did not lack in practice bouts. The fencers attracted a large number of candidates to their duel- ling room, and judging by results later on, drilled them rapidly in the finer points of the art of fence. Fmtitiz O.A.C. again won the Davidson Cup emblematic of the Interfaculty Cham- pionship in boxing and wrestling, their mat men turning this trick for them once more. The boxing bouts were chiefly featured by Wilton's win over Jackson in the 145 lb. class and Ken Fidler's victory over Kirkland. Both bouts were marked by their heavy hitting and by the gameness of the contestants. But Wilton gave the spectators an exhibition of cool, heady boxing in addition, thus defeating a stronger opponent who had previously won from him twice, by knockouts. Reggy Hill, 126 lbs., and Robertson, 135 lbs., both intercollegiate titleholders of last year, won their events without difficulty. Of the wrestlers Calnan, Thompson and Galsky appeared to be the most likely to win at McGill and made very credible showings against experienced men. ln Montreal the team was prepared for heavy opposition by glowing advance notices from the two other contesting teams. Queens, in particular, presented a formidable array of experienced talent in their wrestlers, while McGill, with a fair sprinkling of football men among their boxers, appeared to haveagood chance in this division. The preliminaries, however, left Toronto with a man in all but 5 of the 16 bouts for the finals. These latter proved very close for the most part, and until late on in the evening McGill were close on the heels of Toronto. The Varsity boxers for the most part won their contests easily, Robertson winning his fourth consecutive title, Carrick and Fidler their third each. Jack Beer started the wins by his defeat of Schlieffer, lVIcGill's performer in the 112 lbs. class since '22, His hard punching, clean boxing and condition were too much for his more shafty opponent. Raney, who won for Varsity 2 years ago, again defeated Brain, another McGill old-timer. In spite of his years of rest Al. possessed all his former punching ability and speed. The lightweight class was again won by H. F. Robertson, whose long range and usual combination of fast punching with clever defence gave him the verdict without much trouble, although his Queen's opponent had come billed as their one certain winner bya KO. Ken Fidler also won once more in a thrilling slug fest with Hughes, McGill's football half- back. These men have fought before and this was Hughes' chance of revenging his former defeat. As in former contests, he extended himself One Fifty-four to the hmxt but Pldlers greater strength and endurlnte enabled hlm to both outbofc and outbattle hls man Q arrltk met another football play er IH Taylor of McG1ll Thls bout lasted scarcelx one mmute Larrlck drawmg hrs man mto rn open posxtxon and drrvmg 1 hard r1ght to the jaw Tnlm vamly endeax oured to tontmue but another well placed bloxx hmshed the contest whlch had been wh1le1t lasted full ofclex Cl boxmg bx Carnck who fmallx tr1cked hrs heavxer opponent mto leavmg an openmg for one brlef moment The fencers won the team champlonshxp hand1lw bx some clever work on the part of Campbell and Parkmson agunst McG1ll s best foll men Of the wrestlers Thompson Cnlsky were well deserx ed and ww ere the outcome of scnentlhc mat work by boxs vxell tramed bv a ser1es of heaxv earlv season con tests lVlooneX 'xt 118 lbs lost to one of the best men t that Welghtlll Ont l 1r1o after an xnter -if V fxglqygk we To close the season the annual trlp bv Intercollegmte wmners was made to Navy at AIll'lEipOllS the home of I ncle Sam sM1dsh1pmen As hasbeen the case for sex eral vears the embrvo offlcers won the majorlty of bouts ln both boxlng and wresthng The1r men are alwaxs at top form for Canad1an dav and the contests attract a huge crowd of spectators from as far away as New York Unfortunately a few of the Canadlans were unable to make the trxp but thls d1d not materxally weaken the team The Mldshlpmen have a hne sportsman l1ke team of mat and rmg men and the1r vuns are alwaxs clean and well deserx ed Canadlan champions wlll long remember the l1OSpltHl1tX extended to them bx the Navv Rxxm xxn HILL ,..J:..a... One Fzffvfzre V V V ""'1a. l Y . . -. , 4 l N Q. V C 4 ny. . - 1 - AQ A , . z . ' ' A---Q, y ' r ' . 'K "4 . -,'- l' -X . V, . . . . : g ' ' - 6 4 V. r x ll . . - . . ' . .' A .tj 5 c . 1 - 7 I. Q V v v - 1 N V V :IX , ..,,,... Q V- Q - Y V ' ' - . N . Q . , 4 . y i . s . . V V i gh :V . Milf' 1.5 . ' ' . . ' K Q ' f ' 2 . ' VJ ' ,5 52 in - y - N - 1 ,53 Q and Calnan brought champlonshnps to Toronto. These wms ' 1 ,1 r C 1 r , ' ' ' ' i . df, C ir 'Q F . 1 - -, Q Q, ' ' , 21 s 5 " ., isfffirf'-5 , .r - - - 4 ,Q c ,.,. , ' ' ' Q: X ,- f ly J 41 2 .4 Q,Y x A ' ' '-f ' Qxne-wif " f A ' . Q ,F . ' X C ' ' 1 ' .- f .f Q11 ' wQ ' Q, 3 - I - 1 ' 4.geQ1'f'i1 L - "-'IW - U . . .Q 1 - - 1 Nga! I . ' 'L T, y Q Y , r , ! Y 1 , . . - , X K e o ' L. TF' N ' I - l ' 'X - . v . : , px . . . . ' - 5 1' . -fyt' Q gf: f L. ,rp f I - ,S-QQ I- f-w w ,' ' L., 'Q ,j-,-1 'I giihila- 4 ' Y Y . T I Y , T , f j ' : f' . C - A u d . ,,, '11 l 3 W Mart G lXunns D D Gunn UI11X'CfS1tV of Toronto Tenn1s Club ENNIS at Xars1tv has th1s year enjoyed the most successful year It CCE l has experrenced for some tlme Not on y was the mterfaculty tourna I ment a great lmprovement over the past but for the first tlme smce 6 1 1919 the lntercollegxate tenms tltle was brought to X arsltx from lVIcG1ll In the Interfaculty Tournament held the flrst week m October Nlunns won the smgles tltle by defeatmg Martln 1n the final and Nunns and Martm defeated Qalmond and Balfour ln the final of the doubles The Umversxty was rep1esented at the lntercolleglate Tournament by G lbert Nunns VValter Martm Donald Gunn and Donald Beath and thls team won the Intercolleglate Trophy wlth an overwhelmlng score Wrlght of McG1ll won the smgles t1tle but Nunns and Martln won the doubles t1tle w1thout great dlfficulty The pomt score IS as follows Umversxtv of Toronto 13 lVlcG1ll 7 Osgoode Hall 0 Un1vers1ty of Montreal 0 R M C '7 Queen s 1 Regardmg the personnel of the X7ElI'Slty team G1lbert Nunns captaln of thxs year s team played for Canada 1n the Davls Cup matches last summer and 1n addltlon was ranked number three 1n Canada and number one 1n Ontarlo Walter Martm the second man on the Blue team recelved first place on the Saskat chewan and tenth on' the Canad1an rankmg l1st Donald Gunn had several cred1table v1ctor1es dur1ng the past season and was ranked number n1ne 1n Ontar1o Donald Beath another player of promlse played well m the Inter tolleglate at Montreal and w1th Gunn annexed many lmportant po1nts for Vars ty One fzflx sw 14. J. Salmond '. ff in, . Y , . . ' i , . . . . 1' X ' ' J . ll ' - p- , 1 X 1 . . . . l, . 7 . l Qs - the holder for the seven YCVIOUS years. l'Sv'ii'- r?-C' ' cz' no 1 - Y ! 1 , - l 4 1 I , v - n Y . . I J v , Q r ' ' P Y 7 7 f , u 1 n nd, a , . l Y . l l - a u T a , 1 1 '- ' - v s ' 1 . Qlamlzn i cCutcl1eontC0111l G A exxis 'iuc 9-ni frman X I Dce n lllanigerl Szllzm, 1 r c illixmy u c nswn 1 1711 ur le P c Intercollegiate Basketball Hlr season 102b 27 was featured by the closeness of the score in the GENTS? maioritv of the games and by the excellence of the teams represented in the Intercollegiate Union The Unixersity of W estern Ontario comparatlxely newcomers to Senior Intercollegiate basketlnll were successful in carrying ofl the championship Despite the fact that the champions were delelted in both their league QIITIBS by the representatixes of the Blue and Xlhite they made cure of their games with McGill and Queen s 1 suffering their only de- - 'wc feats to the Toronto ' i quintet. On the other M hand the Varsity team Q ,,,, ' ilif g r was unable to stave off T es I , defeat by the McGill V,., T. i live losing two games ' , - t the Fasterners. ' ef i if ueens turned defeat - f into victory on the Hart House court when they came from behind to win by a one point margin. I In the final game of the i V X ' year with McGill at T o ro n t o, Yarsityfs championship hopes were running high as a win would mean tying the series with Vllestern. McGill, however, were Hurcmxsox C. XV. Porriarz e a Ont' Fzfly-smerz L , -1 Q not to be denied, and the Blue and VVhite AA,. 1 championship hopes 'ff' were crushed. Although the cham- pionship was not brought home to Tor- onto it was an eventful and interesting season and one that saw Uni- versity of Toronto re- presented by one of the most colourful teams turned out in recent years. It was a team of veterans, headed by Capt. George Hutchison and W. A. "Biff" Pot- ter, both serving their fifth year on an Intercol- legiate basketball team. Harry Sniderman, a freshman, who previous- ly had starred with Broadview Y Seniors, worked as a regular forward with the two veterans. On the regular defence Roy Currie and J. R. lVIcGillivray formed a guard that was equal to any in the Intercollegiate. Frank Gaudin, C. W. Potter, and G. L. Lewis formed a relief trio that was very useful throughout the long season. Dr. VV. L. Deeton acted as manager of the team and performed his many duties in a very capable manner. ' S,'t5W""'fN SNIDERMAN MCGILLIVRAY Prior to the Inter- collegiate season the team toured the State of New York and engaged some of the leading col- leges and clubs in a s e r i e s of pre-season games. This tripproved very instructive and was wonderful training for thechampionshipseason. Although they were only successful in winning v ' I one of the twelve games A 'L' .1 S ' 7 y.. I 58 .xx by . ' 1 , ff , It K, . i " 15.1 If 3 I played they were by no A I' means disgraced as the 1 j 1 ' scores were in most cases - A very close and only the wearisomeness of a road trip and the playing of several games on suc- cessive nights prevented them from registering in W. A. POTTER the win COIUITU1 m0fe CURRIE frequently. ll One Fzfly-eight E. M E Xlch n c 1 urn H ell ugglc 9m1t1 XX Iangfor R C La1r D e Nr c' S H r ROW1Ilg I-llr rowmg se rson of 1097 was not characterlzed bv any noteworthy Xars1tv vlctorres but as1de from thls fact lt was a successful season I Over one hundred and hfty asplrlng oarsmen turned out on the rnachmes early 1n lanu 1r3 and by the m1ddle of Aprll three well balanced e1ghts Sl TO I Ox er to the lagoon along the 1sland shore and down to the shlp canal hlled up the daxs untll the Domnuon Dav Regatta at the Island when the crews hrst met COI'I1D6tltlOIl The 150 pound crew made up of Baxter Cbowl Mclxmght Purber Starr C anapbell Anderson Matthews Thom tstrokeD and Brandon Ccoxj rowed hrst but hmshed thrrd to Argonauts and Ieanders of Hamllton The Iunlor Heavywelght c1ew composed of lxenny tbowj 91ncla1r Calnan Dundas Bramah Thomson H3lldOfSlI1 Ixe1th tstrokel and C halmers Ccoxj then came up to the l1ne After a false start X arsxty hnlslaed second to Argonauts w1th St Catharlnes th1rd and X arslty Tacks fourth The next day the I lghtwerght crew went to Ottawa to the Centenary Regatta at the cap1tal and lost to lachme The Iunlors went to Hanallton to the hrst regatta of the Leander Rovxmg Club and agam lost to Argonauts just bemg nosed out rn a longer race VK 1th one change rn the L1ghtwe1ght boat trammg contmued The monotony of the tra1n1ng was broken by an occas1onal hard row out to SUI1I1VS1ClC and back so that by the last week 1n Iuly all three crews were mn the pllllx of cond1t1on Then came the Henley Vars1ty crews went over three days early to get ac qualnted wrth the course and to g1VC Debby Hoar the chance to do a llttle road work and so get down to werght The first crew to sw1ng 1nto actlon on Thursday was the llghtwexght e1ght wh1ch rowed a good race but lost to Leanders and Lachrne The same afternoon Varslty jumors defeated Vllyandottes and St Catharmes 1n a dr1v1ng hmsh havxng held the lead from the start One Fzfty mne x - ,,,,,,,,t,,,.,,, Q1., V . W...,,,,., . A , f , 4 l - M ' ' V 4 " X, N Lx... . A .. . . 4 Y b R. . ." olso lfloirl, bl. R. BI 'G'll' f 2 ,', .-X. .B , H. R S, Q ' l, '. -1 tl, . . 4' d, S. al tj! ok l, D. Q. oa e lC'ox.J. y y I ' Q. ., .. . ' , ' ' 1 TON 7 I v . . U Q, r .f c c - L I T L . 'ggfggz x A - . . . .fr , , 1 lla? . . e . . fi... ....,.. l ' . 2 5 ' ' C ' Q were ready to take the water for the heavy tralnlng. ' l gjf' bg ll 7 Y' ll ' g vw rn c . , , T c , ' " Q L jc ' ' ' - C 2 . , 1 U 3 A' v A v o v - v M 1 C 1 v Y A. Y L L , - . 4 q 5 K-I . T Y T x. 1 " v v sv v V O 1 1 I O , v , . , . - . 1 ,Y , . A - c . . c fl c T . I A. Y 4' K ' f , vc -C V. C . Y y y . . 7. C . . . C . . . . y 5 - V V . . l . . . I X . H ,, . - Y Y I . c H D , Friday was a day of disasters. The Senior Eight, with Nicholson fbowj, lVIcGillivray, Bell, Ruggles, Smith, Langford, Laird, Dale fstrokeD, Hoar fcoxb, rowed their first race of the season against Wlinnipeg and Lachine, but went down fighting. The Junior Eight, which had lost its final race to Argonauts, were entered in the ,S next Senior heat two hours later and lost to V v Q . XX XX 5 andotte .. eniors. , is The following Monday, Civic Holiday, 1 5 Varsity juniors and McGill, who were the f ' sensation of the Henley, met in Toronto and - rowed for the Intercollegiate title over the Fxhibition course The race did not get started until seven thirty p m owing to rough water but ex en in the darkness X arsity could not sneal-. in ahead The finish found Mcf ill leading bx '1 quarter length Towxu I OUDON The unsuccessful season spurred the oarsmen on to fresh efforts and from September to November a Qenior Fight took adxantage of the fine weather to get in some extra training After a month s lay off the old grind started again on january 11th the crews were on the water about April 1st and are trying hard to retrieve lost laurels Pverybody is right behind the coach Professor Tommy Loudon and great things are expected of his newly designed all Canadian shell George Smart was assistant coach during the past season gixing most of his attention to the I lghtweight Crew L gfffiiilnn-Q-nm my 1-f-1' uni"- ART BELL One Szxlx wr 'A ' .. , 1 , L . ,4 A , . . - V d . . , . Y - ' ' us, ' I .I ' C . f ' , , , ... c y ' T Y 7 , .C , M ., . . V 5 , . . 4 J y , K ' . 1 . . . , 6 , , 4 v v . P . r . - . . , . L - x L y I Y I 7 , 1 . . 41 ' . ' . , N f- ' ' . - -- , ' qw if Y - V Av, , V my . 1 ' awk A ,-in A , NWN. I .Q a gray, I :. , - ' . ' L H- -.,..' , ' .-. " ' ' ' M ' ' ' I N, 'ff ,L 'fa W ., V " ..., A. .. ' -,W ' . ' 'Q " -1 H x ..,, ,-,,,,,,,, pf., ,, - x A , . - . 4 ,. W W - ,,., ,, g V .. ,- ..,,, - ,M W Q I A-f - - QQ , i' i "' if 1 --if.-e ' i L ., ' i fa .,,,...l . - f ' '- . -.Ev-0' . ' . H' ' ' -. i ' ff. --- V gh ,M.,:, ..,, S.. . ..., . M A rl lamb r - . 4 Wat... ' ' "f """""w-eg H' , -3 '- , .gi "Y-.. """',,,-,g,f,:g,,, JM--if "'W"', ' "1:s.,i..w..-..n....,f,,., . - mf. -ew ......,f V -, . Y -f-1.1. v- ,,. A W . A W Y X -A - , A , - . W-.....i... f ,......Z""'J ff, , "Mm-., ' :vw Y ns- -:tugs ,. . ' , i . There is particular interest in the Canadian Henley Regatta this year as the Olympic Trials are being held in conjunction. Un this account the date has been moved ahead to the first week in july, and the races should be the best in years with the prize for the winning "eight" and "four" a trip to Amsterdam. Une of the finest means for bringing new oarsmen is the lnterfaculty Regatta which is held every year at the palatial quarters of the Rowing Club at the foot of .lohn Street. This year competition was unusually keen with Dentistry being a newcomer. l'niversity College, Yictoria, Dentistry, School of Science and Medicine all had crews. The races were run in heats, and S.P.S. won the title, repeating a feat which is sure becoming monotonous, as that faculty has held the championship ever since the inception of Interfaculty Rowing. During the regatta the Senior .Eight picked up a new stroke in "jerry" XYhittaker, late of llienora. who has stroked Venora eights in western regattas. vi XL 'ily ' s ' """!!'x,t' Q .,Ah,,,...- YY 'f ' ' an X s4Q,vL-pub ,V H -1" WJ-..W' ,. i 3 9191, Varsity Junior Crew NI. K. Kenny lBmvJ, E. Sinclair, E. Calnan, F. Dundas, E. Braniali, Cl Thom on, U. ll. Hollilorson el. Keith l.N'1i'olcf'l, J. K. Chalmers rC'ox.J. 2 fyllt' Sifvtrv-mic NI B Roometllanagrrl 7 OB Vrlson G G E T VV lxash J Fxndlater A C Burton A -X Stewart A X Somervllle G H Raymond 'X M Bel J I Rellv J XV Johnson fPre51de11lD D B Messenger I -X Mahon A R BattxefCafwtz11zb G -X Gale C H Ba tock R R Goldenberg Enghsh Rugby HAT the perlod of mfancv of Fnghsh Rugby IQ now over 1n this part CCT?-C33 of Canada has been well shown bv the mterest taken ln the game thls I 'Qt season In Montreal the McG1ll team has greatly benefnted bv com Q 95 petltlon w1th five newlv orgamzed clubs whrle ln Toronto the Cxty Early ln the season plentv of keen recrults were ava1lable to make good the loss by graduatron rn the Varsrtv team The first game w1th the Toronto Brftlsh Rugby Club resulted 1n a vlctory for X arsrty 12 6 The three quarters play 1ng together for the first tlme showed consrderable promlse The first 1ntercolleg1ate game was played at McG1ll Varsity was handl capped by the loss of lohnson 1n the forward l1ne and by Battye not plavxng on account of an mjury ln a prevlous game Yarslty had bad luck rn los1ng Wrlson who was carrled off the field wrth a spralned leg Playmg one man short X ars ty put up a splendrd fight but was defeated 20 0 Under perfect playlng condltlons the return match was plaved wlth McG1ll the followlng week The home team showed marked lmprovement the forwards tackhng well and the three quarters makmg some clever runs A strenuous tussle resultmg 1n a score of '3 0 ln fax our of McG1ll Th1s was the hrst tlme s1nce Rugger started that McG1ll has won the champ1onsh1p On November 12 a match was played on the Back Campus wrth a strong team from the Toronto Rugby Club It was a very fast game and Nars1ty were nn the lead unt1l a few mmutes from the end when the v1s1tors scored the wmmng trv wlth a good end run 8 6 Throughout the season Varslty benefitted much from the coachlng of Mr Russel Donald a recent Scottlsh Internatlonal The marked lmprovement evldent rn the standard of play of all teams th1s vear IS already strmulatmg great lnterest ln the comlng season Om' Szxly two R.... . ',r.x. uw' , ..l,ce, ..-f , .'r . , . 1', , . . s ', . . . U . . Q I . .s . . Q., ,G . . . 'fu .3 ' ' - K H . . ' . . . . - . ttgrgjx -' T 7 "'f?-?f1'A Club has flelded a stron er team than 1n former ears. C' . J V . . . 7 f, . - 7: " . . . . . ., ,. 5 . . v , v. , . . , 1 ' . ' y n a Q - u 7 u . I . - Q - C 7 , ' , . u 4 . Q n y a Q 7 . , , . .. C 'Xlooney Taylor Sxhler Breclxmbrldgc Eduard Golf as an Intercolleglate Sport HIS year s golf match Wlth McG1ll aga1n brought forth the questlon of Q66 recogmzmg golf as an mtercolleglate sport But as usual nothmg I' N dehnlte has resulted and the golfers are stlll m the same old posltlon 3 thev were before Smce Dr Ruttan donated the Ruttan Trophy m 1921 there has been an annual game between X arslty and McG1ll each bemg represente y a chosen team of SIX plavers These games have been played alternately 1n Toronto and Montreal To date X ars1tv has had very notable success The Athletxc Drrectorate have quxte rnghtly requlred that all members of the team complx wlth thelr regulatlons as well as wlth those of the Intercolleglate Umon as to el1g1b1l1ty IH return for wh1ch they glve them otficlal sanctnon to use the name of the UHlVCFS1tV and represent Varslty as an official team lust what are the objectlons to recogmzmg golf as elther a major or mmor sport and glvlng the lad whose ab1l1t1es l1e along that lme a chance to wln one of the coveted Ts ? The matter of fmances seems to be the outstandmg one but surely thxs cannot be a xerv serlous obJect1on for although no revenue comes ln from golf thls IS also true ln the case of tenrns soccer gymnastxcs and Fnghsh rugbv In fact there IS no Umversxty sport w1th the exceptlon of rugbv that IS self supportmg Thelr teams are composed of many more men also Posslblv the comparatlve lack of 1nterest shown in the golf matches mlght be ralsed as an obJect1on Thls 19 hardly falr however when mt xs consxdered that a great many golfers who would have otherwxse turned out were prevented from domg so because thev could not afford to pav the r own expenses The an ardmg of T s to the members of the team would also do a great deal towards stxmulatmg 1nterest 1n the sport Golf has succeeded verv vs ell Ill both Enghsh and Amencan umversltles where lt stands well up on the l1st of athletmc act1v1t1es The annual Oxford Cambrldge golf match ln England IS an lmportant sportmg event 1n wh1ch a wldespread mterest 1S taken A few Amerlcan un1vers1t1es have adopted golf to the extent of haxmg thelr own pr1x ate golf courses Golf at X ars1tv 19 st1ll 1n 1ts mfancv but lt IS hoped that as lt has done m other un1vers1t1es lt wlll come m txme to take 1ts proper place among the major sports One Szxfx flzru - ' Q' " ' 2 ' s Q I , , . . . . G, c n F 0 I 0 111' fc , v s , y ,gt . . . .. r ' 'X L Q w 41.29. . - r-pulp. cg, . Q , H , . . . - f d b Y K 4, I I , . , . c . 1 . . . . . . x, V ' Y U- 1 I I Q 0 0 Al YV . . , . Y . . . . . . - 7 ve 7 , , 1 U . A A - 0 . . c . . , , . - L. V , , I 4' I y ' Al v v1 1 c 7 O A 5 - n A n vc s . v l A x.: A - V. . . 7 . , . . .... . . . . i . ' , . c . 1 KT' - 7' 71 Gymnastlc Club Intercolleg1ate Ghamp1ons, 1926 27 Q .ww AST year the mtercolleglate gvmnastlc competltxon was held ln Toronto and the X arslty Gym team was successful 1n wlnnmg the champlonshlp 1n thelr own gvmnaslum for the second tlme slnce the mtercolleglate serles was maugurated X arsrtv has now won the Intercollegxate Gym Champlonshlp four t1mes and McC1ll has won three tlmes The Cham p1onsh1p team was made up of R lymburner CMed IXB I W MIX no C Eb I A Wllllamson CS P S Ilj D R Gunn CMed llj W G Heslop KS PS IJ and D A Campbell QDent IJ Of these men MIX has graduated and Lymburner has declded not to compete thus vear lrenus Mlx was mter colleglate champxon Mr A R Caron of Montreal presented 1 verx hmdsome sllver cup to the lntercolleglate Cymnastmc Umon to be presented each vear to the wmmng team 1n the lntercolleglate competltlon The cup was competed for for the hrst tlme last vear and was won as stated by X arsltv The Htrold A XX1lson cup emblematic of the lnterfacultx champlonshlp was won for 1927 28 by S P S wlth Trnntx College second The cup was held by Meds last year The xnterfaculty competltlon decldes the personnel of the X arslty mtercolleglate team whlch IS to meet McG1ll m Montreal The team whlch w1ll represent Varslty thls year IS composed of D R Gunn tMed HU I A W1ll1amsonfSPS IIIJ D lr Adams QOC Inj D A Campbell CDent Ilj and E C Heslop CSPS Ilj wlth e1ther W G Heslop CSPS II or A X Malone CTr1n1ty IJ as spare Of these men Wlllmamson and Gunn are veterans of two DFCVIOUS teams wh1le Campbell and W G Heslop were mtercolleglate men last year The newcomers Adams I' G Heslop and Malone are all excellent gymnasts 'md help to form a very strong team to represent X1rs1ty at McGill this year. One .Sixtyfnzn lv Crone CM'g'r7 Heslop Campbell Lymburner fCapl.l Williamson Gunn Barton CCG c H . . . 5' 'X fx - ' l . . . . . ' E X ' -"viva .... I j - . ' 7 . . 4, kv- fl - A fa-ab 3--4:32-. . . A . ' . . af' 15 , ,ev , - l '25-15' l. . . . -'M f ' -1 . . Q I - L u Q 1 a l Y n 1 A . . . , 5 . . . . .X . , . .. f . , . . '- I - - y . . V - . i .r , .. n n .1 L - 4 . . . , c 7 2 .' 1 ' ' , C , 1 . . c . , - Q . Q I, . - C - , . c , , - . f 7. . . . c . ' . , L I c -7 , 'T l - I p nv -Y u - x - u kf T , . . . . , v . . 5 . . .. . , . . ., . . . , . . , C . , c . J. x- . .C . Y . . , . . . D . l . , . . . . , . . . , . . 1 . . , , 1. . , L , . 7 ' A f 7 C , r ' o D mg lla 1 c rle H ack on R X e Bark Ro I XI mero C o O Cn B Cam X Intercolleg1ate Soccer Cl eam HIS year VX B R1r1e was captaln of the Soccer Team and under hrs CCT O leadershlp the men worked hard and a xery prom1s1ng team was organ g' rg nz d N but an exh1b1t1on game was arranged w1th a country team and th1s game proved to be the mak1ngs of the team Although X arslty lost by 3 to 1 the men learned therr m1stakes and the next week found them practlsmg hard for the opemng of the season whlch took place at Ixlngston The first game at Kmgston 10th Qetober was a gruelllng contest but Xarslty led by 2 0 unt1l about the last J mlnutes when R M C was awarded thelr Hrst goal Cox the Toronto goalle had apparently cleared but the referee clalmed that he had carrred the ball over the lme when he threw lt out The Thursday followlng th1s on the 20th October the crack Penn State team V1S1tCd Toronto and the game was played at the X arslty Stadrum The game resulted 1n a 3 to 1 w1n to X arslty Thls was consldered verv good slnce Penn State had the d1st1nct1on of not losxng a game for many seasons The concludmg game of the SCFICS was played 1n Toronto agalnst MCGITI wh1ch was won by the latter 2 0 Both goals were scored on penaltles The hrst game was at Montreal R M C lberng the v1s1tors Thls game was a tle thus g1v1ng the champlonhlp to McG1ll The 1928 season has very brlght prospects as almost all of last year s men w1ll be back and bes1des the executmve IS endeavourlng to obtam Mr Hall1well as coach A trlp IS belng arranged to the U S for next fall so that a good season IS 1n store W H jackson has been chosen to manage the team for 1928 but as yet a capta1n has not been packed One Szrlg fze Frou, R iv: V. O' .K' 1. IIUQFVT, I. XV. R. Hz dl y, XV. B. Ri ' lCuf1t.J, XV. .J 's , . M. Vitll rs, xv: E. . . Ca n, K. . Evans, XV, A. XX'ilf rd, G. . 43, . I an, AI. .A . Downing. ' ii f , . . . . 1 G9 l . ' ' ' ' . . ' E 1- - al e . f , . . . l 4 On account of the Centenary Celebratlons the practlces were delayed, , Y V . . . . . l Ji g y A v . 7' . , . . V V Y 4,9 . V Y . , ' . v v V ' . . V, . . , . . 1 , . . . . , ' 1 . . , .t V- V ,Y ,W HM memwnmmrj f --- IAXWWWJIIUIITMSI Bark Row: Ix. J. Salmond, J. C. Smart, J. D.S1ncla1r, A. Stollery, XV. A. Bean, S. H. Dale, W. A. Beer, Setond Row: J. D. Harrison, VV. M. Martin, M. H. Snyder, L. H. Carrol, F. G. McTaggart, E. C. Mabee R. XV. Finlayson, L. McIntyre. , Front Row: G. H. Daly, L. E. Latchford, F. N. Dundas, W. R. Thompson, D. D. Carrick, W. Park. A. T. Christie, C. M. King, G. Nunns. , U.C. HT" Holders W. A. BEAN CWALLYJ -A-An athlete of great promise in rugby and hockey. Played on O'.R.F.U. rugby team in 1926-27 and won colours on Intercollegiate Team, 1927-28. Played interfaculty hockey in 1926-27 and played a fine game on defence for the juniors in 1927-28. W. A. BEER CJACKJ----Takes an acting interest in boxing, in fraternity work and in activities in U.C. Won Interfaculty Boxing championship for last two years and won colours by winning the 112 lb. Intercollegiate Boxing champion- ship in 1926-27. D. D. CARRICK QDONJ---Played on Intercollegiate rugby team 1926-27 and 1927-285 won Intercollegiate Boxing championship in heavyweight 1924-25 and 1926. Member of junior Hockey Team 1925-26. L. H. CARROLL QLoUjffPlays rugby, hockey, lacrosse, and was a member of U.C. Swimming Team in 1926. Exceptionally prominent in rugby in 1926. Forced to retire from the Intercollegiate Team in 1927 on account of injuries. A. T. CHRISTIE QALJ --An outstanding man in University. Prominent in athletics, faculty activities and in academic work. Member of Intercollegiate track team 1924, 1925, 1926 and 1927. Awarded in 1926 specialties in 440 yd. dash and quarter mile run. ' F. N. DUNDAS CFREDDIED--A mainstay on the Intercollegiate Rugby Team for the last four years. Entered Varsity from Oakwood and made the team in his first year. Une of the best line players ever in Varsity. One Sixty-eight J D HxRRI ONT QJOHND Came to Varslty from Applebv and pl 1yed Hymg w1ng on tl1e Intercollegmte Team 1927 28 Improved contmuallx through season and should make a hne rugby player C M RING QMACI A good rugby player dur111g h1s hrst two xears at Varslty but gave up thls sport for hockey IH 1924 X member of the Ir1tercolleg1ate champ1onsh1p team that year he managed tl1e hockey team next xear and played agtnn 1n 1926 An all round athlete and 1ct1ve 111 lII1lV6I'S1ty act1v1t1es L G LATCHFORD QI EOD Outstandmg 1n sw1mm111g and water polo Awarded colours 1n sw1mm1ng 1924 25 whe11 he estabhshed a record for mterfaculty 50 yd back sw1m Played on water polo team 1926 27 md 1927 28 VN L M XRTIN CWALTFR LJ Awarded T 1n Tenms 1927 28 played on Inter collegxate Team for last two years and IS one of Canada s hopes 111 th1s held E C MABFI' QCOND Spec1al1zed 1n track a11d baseball XVOI1 h1s T 1n 1926 O11 track team one of the finest spr1nters who ever came to Vars1ty L MCIATYRE CLORNED Awarded colours for except1onal ab1l1ty on O R F U rugby team 1926 27 and 1927 28 played fine football and should be a ma1n stay on the Intercolleg1ate Team for the next two years F G MCTAGGART QFREDDIEJ More promlnent 1n Interfaculty tompet1t1ons than most T holders played Jr U C Hockey Team 1924 25 Intermed1ate Rugby 1925 26 Indoor Baseball Team 1926 27 and awarded the T for establ1sh1ng a new record 1n throw1ng the Javehn 1927 28 G NUNJNS CCIID One of the outstandmg ten111s players 1n the Dom1n1on a member of the TCHHIS Team three years 1n college won h1s colours 1n 1925 and 1n 1927 was runner up 1n the Intercolleg1ate s1ngles and w1nner 1n the doubles Nunns has a Hne future ahead of h1m W E PARP. CBILLD Granted T 1n hockey 1n 1926 after play1ng on Sr Inter COllCg13tC Team for two years M H SNYDER fMURRA1j Appomted capta1n of Intercolleg1ate Rugby Team 1928 29 as a f1tt1ng chmax to h1s act1v1t1es on the O R F U team 1925 and on the Intercolleg1ate Team 1926 27 Equally promlnent 1n hockey play1ng for the Jumors 1n 1925 for the Intercolleg1ate Team 1n 1926 27 W R THOMPSON QROSsD Member of Intercolleg1ate Sw1mm1ng Team 1927 28 played on U C Water Polo Team 1926 27 and 1927 28 A sw1mmer who should do well 1n the future One Szxty nme - Y -gr l , . 1 . . .L 5 L . ,I , 1 L . . 5 . C. ' . 7 . V, . . - . ,T W. 1 ' f 1 . . 1 . , ' , ' 1 L ' . . . 1 . . , . Y 3 , 7 Y V e - ' . c . 1 ' , c . ' . . L . - , , . . . 1 . ' 1 w . 1 n - ' C ' . , , . . , ,, A , W- - - . - . . 1 , . 1 , i . . , . . 4 -.. . . . . . . . . , . s in 4 ' o 1 9 Q . . 7 . ,, . g , A s 0 - 7 Q . - 7 v . . . . . . I J . A' . , ' 1 1 - x . y . . . . . . bi . ' . . . . . ' ---Q . . . 1 - 4 u Q 0 1 - . , A: Q Q u 1 . .TA ' 7 n e 'nd ' 1 x . . 8' 1 '2 Hodg ns X ood anagerj umphreys T K ayor L1 tan X CorbetttC fl S Feuer H D brlndt P Xoung KC pta 13 H Rggs M Cvoldenberg U C Basketball gt JU? OR the hrst tlme smce 1921 the Srfton Cup emblematlc of the Interfaculty gd Basketball Champ1onsh1p will bear the name of Un1vers1ty College for l 4- l 1928 The jumor U C qumtette brought back the t1tle to U C after fy? the frrst game to jr Meds they came back w1th a two po1nt wm rn the second game and later won the play off game In the seml finals w1th X71CtOI'13 College Semors they drd the same thmg w1nn1ng out 1n the th1rd game They lost the first game of the finals to the fightmg Forestry team by seven po1nts much to the surprrse of therr supporters but 1n the second game they d1splayed therr true form and dec1s1vely trrmmed the tree doctors by seventeen pomts All year the team showed 1ts ab1l1ty to stage a flghtmg come back when they were behlnd No member of the team can be smgled out for spec1al pralse Howard Rxggs of last year W1HdSOF Jumor Ontarlo Champxons and Paul Young who capta1ned the team were the hrgh scorers Un defence Mush Goldenberg and Har ry Dobrlndt turned back the attacks of the enemy forward l1ne successfully all season But no team 1S any stronger than 1ts subst1tutes and It was proven 1n the play downs that thls was true The team was ably managed by Arch Wood The Semor U C team prov1ded the much needed oppos1t1on ln practrce whrch played no small part rn developmg the best team that has gone out from Unrversxty College 1n recent years One Seventy Back Row: R, i , A. A. v 4.11 , J. H f, . v. M , P. s ui' , v. c. ou lj. Frou! Roux' ,. , . o ' , . ' Q a i1 , . i , ' . I . I C n u n 1 a Qqx L C . ' . . one of the hardest fought series in the history of the trophy. Losing - . . . . . . 1 . . . Y . . . . . . A, ,, 1 . 1 auoa . y 5 1 ' ' ll 77 7 I ! ' N u . . . , 7 13' "t"" """s 'I Barkli it H Dalytllanzgerj R L Dennl G ermvn B 1+ Sm tl C E Putnam Front Rom R XX Fxnlayson A T Chr1t1e C Mabeeflwsl F C McTay,gart U C Traclx Team 4 MNIX ERSITY COI I EGR has enjoyed another verv successful year 1n pg fl track and held athletlcs She has contlnued to malntaln a prom1nent posxtlon 1n th1s sport among her slster colleges and facultles Many 559 field 1n recent compet1t1ons and some 1ndeed are classed among Canada s l st The Annual Interfaculty Meet held durrng the Centenary Celebrat1ons was Won by the School of Sclenre who secured a shght margxn over the U C team which was hand1capped by the absence of B111 Flnlayson a sure pomt wlnner The Arts team however was a well balanced squad as It 1ncluded hurdlers spr1nters mrddle and long dlstance men several good Jumpers werght throwers and the w1nn1ng relay team It IS a srgnrhcant fact that practrcally the ent1re Un1vers1ty College team found places on the 1ntercolleg1ate team whlch agaln carrled off the honours at Kmgston The Annual Interfaculty Indoor Meets for the past two seasons have been won by UH1VCYS1tV College The struggles have been close and several records have been hung up by the U C men as they have competed from week to week It may be sald 1n concluslon that 1nterest 1n track and held sports IS very much al1ve around UHIVCYSIYV College The younger men are belng developed to fill the places of those graduat1ng and tlme alone wlll tell what new honours thls college may wm nn the years to come One Q61 enig one 0 '.' G. . 4 1 , . . AS, . H. J j , P. . T. i 1, ,1. . 1 . C I 7 rf, M5 vm 'T r ' v - V kgj f R1 X . x . . . . Z Ml? . . v . . L v . . qi ,Ql of her athletes have ach1eved success on the clnder path and athletlc - W r T T- 33 fl be . I 1 I Z , 1: ' 0 . ' I . I 1 , , A I . Q a 1 , Q - 1 1 , 7 . Y 7 . T s . v . . . ' 7 Y 7 'A' " it W ' Bark Row: H. F. Scott, G. H. Lowndes, A. I.. Boddy, I. T. Morrow, VV. E. Bertram. Front Rmv: .-X. R. Poyntz, VV. R. Thompson, I.. G. Latchford, J. A. Curtis, H. C. Graham. U.C. Swimming Team ' HE U.C. Team kept up the good work established by former teams in f l winning the Fitzgerald Cup for the sixth year in succession. We have ,f . uncovered a new breast stroker to take the place of Fran Lorenzen- I -'I:' be who now coaches the Intercollegiate Swimming Team----in Bill Bertram. me l Another new swimmer who shows a great deal of promise is Scott, Ill who was second to Poyntz in the 50 yards free style. The diving honours went to jack Gundy of Meds. johnny Goss beat Leo Latchford by ofa second in the 100 yards free. Latchford and Thompson had a nice even race in the 50 yards back stroke, with the honours going to the former by a very narrow margin. Boddy made johnny Goss step in the 200 yards, which was much slower than he can do. In the Relay Race U.C. First Team of Boddy, Poyntz, Thompson and Latch- ford nosed out the Second Uf. team of Scott, Lowndes, Graham and Bertram quite handily. Uf. only loses one swimmer by graduation, so we can look forward to seeing the Fitzgerald Cup in its proper place in University College next year. Urq. Curtis of polo fame was responsible for the start U.C. got in winning the long plunge for the last time as this event has now been dropped from the list of events. The score of 435 to 145 for S.P.S. indicates nicely just how far ahead U.C. are in swimming. One Seventy-two 7- f .1 -Qi Tia- V -V-. L .1 le nlcut url n rnh I'nnlR1 1 1 m Q r D hun U C Semor Water Polo 1 eam QQ? A R I C thu xear won the coxeted Ft hxrdt Cup rom Ir C who ,CQ ' defeated last xear S cup holders r S P S I nder C aptun Baker and + and Coach leo latchlord the Semors prox ed too much for the ln sterlmg game ascmted bx Curt1s and I1m VX ilker 18 defente ill the forxx ard hne had to do vs is to score xx l11Cl1 thex dld Ihe most notlte able feature of Qr I C C plax was the unselhsh w IX III xxhlch thex tomlnned to defeat the bewt that the other laeultlex tould -end iqaxnkt them In Latchford IGH-HlIlgS Thompeon Poxnt7 1nd C raham S I C hxxe undoubtedlx some hne mtercolleqlate m1ter1al for Coach Copeland to vxork upon For the lunlore max xxe wx thlt Spente lovxnde md ekxers xxlth 1 few more xearw plax should dex elop 1nto hr:-t tlaks plax er lNow that we haxe the trophx back agfun lets get together md keep lt 1n U CI Um ufx I1 mr- Row' 5. 12. xp 1 lv, J. If. C ts, D. J. Xxlllker, A.. R. my rl, u. ri c.: 1 nm. ' 1 mu: XY. I . Tl o p.on, I,. G. I,g1tvl1ford, l-2. R. CQ. Bake- lC'uN.l, R. . K - ings, J. XY. Xllmlkf-r. ' V 1 I O .54 . '. 'Q' 1' ' lik 2 ' f 5 . If ' experlenced LIUHIOYS. Illth Dave XX alker III goal playlng hls usual , 5 . i 1 '. .K f , . 3 Q' ' .i . tk' 9 . , 5 ' .. , j ,Q I 2' ' fr. '. '. 2 f -v K- V .5 C v 1 r y K' r v . 5 3 1' ' Qfc-' z .' ', , f sz . ' L -' S' 1' . f ' e "gig cj 5. C I C YC x K 'V C ' .S'UI'L' -'- ffm' PE s 00 t1e so s amsav a Sne J -X Terry G A Shlelds F H Crydc H Seare VV H u to A Mellow E G Sclafer H C a G T Qmpso -X n en y a A M T Moore Cllunagr D M e t gtor G lx McM1lla V1ctor1a College Soccer Team and supporters as one of unequalled record for many years It was hlghly satxsfactory as productlve of keen pleasure 1n the sport as well as the formatlon of lastxng fr1endsh1ps After a close race 1n the group games the Vlc team entered the seml hnals w1th Guelph A strenuous game 1n that Clty resulted ln a The return game m Toronto ended w1th a 1 0 vxctory for VIC Thls placed the team 1n the finals w1th Knox In the hrst game agamst the1r fast team XIIC won by a 3 0 score The second game resulted 1n a scoreless draw w1th V1c play1ng an mvmclble defenswe game throughout The success of the Vlc team IS noteworthy as v1ewed from the total score of the season Flfteen goals were scored whlle the X IC goal l1ne was never crossed for a goal Thxs success was due not to any outstandmg 1nd1v1dual play though all players were capable of a good style of game but to the unsellish team play exh1b1ted The team played an unexcelled harmonlous combmatlon system wh1ch netted results lt was supremely httmg that th1s team should come through W1th elght of the players graduatxng Wlth a record to uphold and W1th many fine players left there should be a strong team 1n 1928 One Se mmf four Prof. C. B. Sis n Cfoarhh, YV. R. R h , XV. S. H ll, H. J. ' ll, .. . , . . ' , . M, . ' lrman, C. . . 1, J. . o s n. H. . . , , . . 1 , . .H ll. . .ei n, E .... 'X lla , M. K. K n CC plainy, . . . . 1 , rl, . . XV s in 1, . '. ' n. I C49 HE soccer programme of 1927 will remain in the memory of the players 5? ,ry . . . . 1 5 . K K " .- . . . . . ' . 9 . , , . ' Q YO - I ' I 9 1 0 0 - I . 'Y Y Y ' T . , . . ,rl 'U - B kR1 e oclcr 1111111 1 rl. VK luttbrt id llr llzdlle Ro 1cDtn1l l t attx lrt e c mer lCIl ncth lr 'Nur erxuce Xdcl mn Bxrgt lxent Graham Cxmble Brlght Frou! R z Home Xrmstrong Higer Dougla ddlsm mme mn n C zptuml Fr lsby V1CtOT13 College Rugby Team HF 1nterest IH rugby 1n X 1ctor1a was very great thxs year the turnout Q65 to practlces bemg the greatest ever seen on thls corner of the campus "' 'E Vlxth a good many of last year s seml hnallsts to form '1 nucleus and 1 5 such a large group of newcomers to work w1th a coach of the ablhty l of Mr H1ll fbetter known as Sklpperj had no dlthcultv ln roundmg out a strong team Grouped wlth Trmxtx and Sr U C the team had to hght for every game but succeeded xn wmnmg the group wlthout a loss Hard work was the order of the dav untll the plav offs The result was perfect Cflllflltlfjll whlch was '1 arge factor 1n the Wlfllllllg of the seml flnals agalnst School and ln the final trlumph agamst Dents Thxs year s team was a model of a well balanced machlne a heavy staunch holdmg hard hlttmg hne sure tackhng WIHQS and fast tru ky b lcks Much credlt IS due to the coach for hls COIlQCl9IlUOLlb and energetxc labours 111 bulldlng up so smooth worklng a team for It was that quahtx of pl ivmg the game as a team that won the Cl'lE1l'l1D1OIlSl'llp for X IL lwerx man played h1s posltlon and plaved 1t well lt would be 1ITlpOSSllJlC to plck out the stars as practlcally every man on the team would haxe to be ment1oned and that IS bevond our space Let the Mulock C up speak for ltself lll pralse of the team Um 94 cnlx ll f am' fic! NY. Al. little, B..-X., D R I .111 1,1 'l, Pl'0l-..hllf1f'I'l11UH.I,l'l'N.l, A. S. lfl. llill.B-1-X-fllfulfl. Pa 's ' ' - 12 m'l!IAlIl'l'l. , A 1 tv: Rlz 1 2- f. B12 Hz , Fl t l ,I fl -1 o '- , Ct son, ,' fl l, F "A , P. 1 l's1 1, , ' ' , 11 , 7 . f mx' ' , .- , 2 , , rs, XV. A ' 1 , F 1 , Cz o l "1 ' , , 4 ' ' Hatton, Turnbull, Gilbert, Searle, Lindsay. J - ' 4 . . . V,. . N V X x, ,. , . - . ll - ' ' , c 1, 'J 15 ' . l I -7 t . , . . Q V , F . . . . 5 7 Q H . l 7 s L . k N g x . . . S C . - ' Q' th ' 2 U . 1 Y ' - V . 1 C Y , 1 C , Q ' L C, ' C , T ' 2 ' '. . . . Y V. ' . si r . I Z I . 1 1 , , 1 0 , 7-I v 5 I ' v 7 1 Ifztvz 1, Aviv: I. D. A. Cool: l.l1,qr.l. Rev. XV. J. Little Llssor. Courhl, Prof. C. E. Auger 6Hon. Pres. l'.C.A.L'.b, J. M. Bishop Ccvllllfhl, P. XVhitebread, J. VV. Houston, R. A. Stanley, VV. B. McDonald, M. D. Hager, T. C. Sparling, XV. K. VValls, XV. E. Plexvfnan, G. K. ,McMillan, F. R. Lindsay, E. A. Allan CC'u1vl.J. Victoria College Hockey Team gg Jig? the third successive year the Victoria College Hockey Team did 5 not lose algame in the Interfaculty Series. The Jennings Cup captured by Victoria for the fourth time in 1926 and retained last year remains 1 for another year in the possession of the wearers of the Scarlet and Gold. ln winning the cup in 1928 the scoring record of the 1926 team was surpassed. The aggregate score for the six games played and won being twenty-six goals for and only two against. Grouped as usual with Trinity and O.A.C. Vic. encountered stiff opposition. Superior team-work and better condition were responsible for the Scarlet and Gold victories. In the second round Union Theological College-9 ee-- Victoria's younger sisters furnished the opposition, but again experience told in favour of Victoria. In the semi-final jr. U.C. tried hard but were unable to break Vic.'s three years' string of victories. In the finals Dents and Vic., old time rivals, battled once again for the silverware, Victoria winning by the score of 3-0. There was no particular star on the team. All of the eleven players were regulars. The system of play worked out two years ago by our Coach, Joe Bishop, reached the highest degree of perfection this season. The winning of the Jennings Cup in 1928 was the result of the unselfish co-operation and good feelings among the players and management. One S'e1'e1z!y-Si.t ., i. Bark Row- W. IQ. Stuhbings rC0m.m, J. M. ix-1ePi1ers0n ccu-m.i. J. C. Erb CCW!-H, C- H- Little 4C'f"'1-l- A. XYalters fC'om.J, G. Edwards Url Year Reb-L Fro11!Rou'.' F. R. VVilkinson 6.-lsst. Treasy. Dr. VV. A. Kirkwood tTwar.b, E. H. Cosligllfl IPYFS-3. I- A- Wright fI'ire-P1'e5.J. XV. N. Hovey f.9er.J. Trinity College Amateur Athletic Association Qdfgx 'T N9 anti ix." ---. .fig L "N " A LL athletics at Trinity are under the control of the Trinity College Amateur Athletic Association acting through its executive, which is elected annually. It consists of ten undergraduate students and one member of the staff of the college. The executive administers the affairs of the Association, controls its hnances and appoints the coaches and managers for the interfaculty teams. Realizing the value of inter-year competition as a training ground for interfaculty and university athletics, the Association has always made these games a feature of its athletic policy. Handsome cups are presented to the win- ning year in each brand of sport. Much of Trinity's best athletic material has been developed in this way. When Trinity moyed to Queen's Park, the Association at once felt the necessity for an athletic field of its own, due to the overcrowded condition of the campus. Last summer its ground back of the College and the U.C. residences was filled and levelled, and it will be seeded next spring. The playing surface of the field is of regulation football size, and it is hoped to have it ready for use next September. The cost of such an undertaking was made possible by gifts from friends of the Association and the College. The Association was represented this year on the Senior Intercollegiate Football and Soccer teams, the O.R.F.U. team and the Junior Intercollegiate Champions. It also had members on the Intercollegiate Track team and the Intercollegiate Golf team. Q One Sevenly-seven .. -Q r:f.T.5srs1rm:!Uz-x.ns:':,...'f.:-' - I. x 1 i i K .l ll is 'ii l li r5I"f"'!'5Exl'97 v. I 'v l ii a ,i f. . if 1 Nl R I Gig lil l 5'- Trinity College Rugby Team Burk Rmv: R. S. S. Clll2ll:fC IC'ourlzJ, R. D. Ralfe, A. T. Armstrong, C. XV. Nicoll, Fair, S. S. Clarke 1,1141 mrgfrl. , YllII'l'liR1iTi'.' K. Coleman, XY. N. Honey. R. Mervynne, R. Yates, R. K. Perdue, G. Belton, H. A Marlin. .Scfnzzfl Ross: R. Little, XV. A. Cummings, F. F. Cole, J. C. Clough, R. Turnbuil, H. Rapsey. FJ'u11lKoiL'.' R. McLaren, M. Lister, G. Edwards, E. H. Costigan fC'1zfvluiu7, Surnmerliayes, N. Seagram I-. Ostrom. .llusfol-E. Kingston. aw. K gf., pn. if. 'W P' I no ee 31 305- Trinity College Soccer Team Bark Row: VV. K. Morrison f.llan.l, NV. Carpenter, J. C. Erb. Second Rmv: F. D. Cliapplc, D. VV. Gray, C. L. M. Douglas, H. R. S. Ryan, W. L. Smith. From Row: VV. S. Wong, B. E. Twamley, J. A. Wright. CC'apl.D, J. M. McPherson, A. S. Hudson. One Sezienty-eight 'UHF' Trmlty College Hoelxev 1 eam F I D 1 er rx vxew I R Bcrxxl 71 I' P111 rm'-. rung 1111 'X lC L s ll X M Fdvmrf X R 'Xlar Tr1n1ty College Harr1er FI eam .l T lXll5Of1fl1U71l l X Wa re A aldumi apt R Llttle lung ton Hun rm One Qeumztx 711718 mfs Run-: H. . Bak , G. I.. Ellis, J. A. VV 'gl1t, XV. N. H 1 Hg, K. . 1 "Ck. Fr' lR1:v.' N. f. 'pps A. T. R. A .it f 4.11 .J, J. M. JI. Pllfrsrm CC' pm, G. . , 'Q ls A ll. .' . . tin. L57 A . e f 1. . . .4 i . . . . , . . V" 'lte.,J.C.Erb,R...B " C .l, .' ,G.F.",s l .1J'l , 1 f f "5 y l Bark Ron-.' E. Culligan, E. Sammons, R. Morin iSecretaryl. Front Row: T. Mooney fVire-Presidcnll, H. Sheehan CPresiden1J. St. Michael's College Athletic Directorate HE Athletic Directorate of St. Michael's College is an active executive group composed of elected members, one from each of the first three wk? years and two from the senior year. Each and every one of the director- i ate is keenly alive to the trust placed in him by the student body and l gl jealously strives to perform conscientiously the allotted tasks. The l college has always realized that it should lend whatever encouragement is necessary to sporting activities, fully believing that a healthy body is of incalculable assistance to academic work. Among other club room activities, Football night was fostered by the Directorate. The executive accepts the obligation of appointing managers to the various teams representing the college in different sports. Care and deliberation is exercised in the selection in order that each team may have the best man avail- able. Perhaps the task in which the Directorate most keenly realize the great trust placed in them is that of deciding who among the students have merited the HM". The greatest care is taken that the awards are based on unbiased judgment. To be adjudged worthy of the letter the student must have excelled in one of the major sports. The "M " is so carefully guarded that those to whom it is finally awarded are undeniably worthy representatives of St. Michael's and men who will forever keep the highest honour of the college as one of their most cherished possessions. One Eifglzly Lan News Mgrncalu ' X fl WATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 5 WERSITY or TORONT X92 Crm:-150 A71-fKFLb Ng J f UN O 3 3 :r1J1y:g5 famii iMz RM I xLmL.Z.:. Medical Athletic Association HE administration of Interfaculty and Inter year athletics is governed CfTT-15 , entirely by this executive Members are elected annually by a vote S from the entire Faculty One man is elected from each year the President from the Sixth Year Vice President from Fifth Year and Secretary Treasurer from Fourth Year Added to this a Quartermaster IS appointed by the Executive to look after purchasing of equipment for each sport and its disposal Owing to the different years being so scattered in their work it has been very difhcult to carry on Interyear sports we have attempted this year to carry on the good work of last year s executive and the Annual Field Day was held with much success in spite of inclement weather Inter year basketball and baseball schedules were arranged to interest the different years in the picking of Interfaculty teams 4 Time for practice in athletics is very limited IH a course like Medicine but in spite of this the executive is well pleased with the showing of the men who have turned out. A reasonable time given to athletics is not lost, since the physical side of life is very important in the development of good students. This executive has endeavoured to co-operate with the University of Toronto Athletic Associa- tion, which is the governing body of this aspect of student life. One Eiglzly-one rms Ba A Ron lx ith XVl11tel1ead Sparrow Hills 3rd Rott Nicholo Duff Zeigler Robertson Young lexus nd R011 Rxlxert Mitchell lung Lx mburner Hoare Frou! Rmz Laird McG1ll1x ray Masters Kilpatrick Harley Tlllev Hetherin ton First HT Holders in Medicine, 1927 28 HE honour of Medicine in the athletic side of university life has been well maintained this year as it always has been in the past Among the holders of First Colours for athletic prowess the undergraduates 1n Medicine are proud to boast of a goodly percentage to the number of twenty seven good men and true Of these the large proportion are m the final two years and twelve are being lost to undergraduate sport by graduation but there is an excellent representation in the younger classes and it is to them that the task of upholding the honour of the faculty is handed. Of the various sports rugby has the best representation with six holders of First Colours of which three are in the graduating year. Rowing and hockey are next with five and four representatives respectively then the other activities basketball, swimming, track, boxing, soccer and lacrosse in order. K 4 Q One Eighty-two is "I Burk Row: XVright Shaw Foexv Ebbs Scott Hills Crawford Scott Angus King Hutncr Bull XVilfor O'Conn0r Bartlett Smith McTavZsh McGgllivray Robertson Montemurro J1iddleRo1z':Masters Fisher Moore Ririe Prior James Fletcher Front Row: Cock Scandiftio Sturgeon Large Linzdon Grant UM" Holders HE "M" is the athletic award of the Faculty of Medicine granted to V A teams men who haxe plax ed three years on mterfaculty teams or to A l those who in the opinion of the Executive of the Medical Athletic Association have been deserving of special recognition. U . C , those who have attained prohciency in Interfaculty Sports. "T" Q holders automatically are granted this award, members of championship I 1 , rv iv , ' . ' Interfaculty sport is very important, especially in the junior Years, since it is the training ground for intercollegiate material. All men are urged by the Athletic Association to try out for the interfaculty teams and the yearly increase in the number of "M "s granted is very gratifying to those interested in the wel- fare of Medicine in the Field of Sport. One Eligllfil'-HIVFE Ia A R Q urux z oex D Iarr1ttlPrr ll 11 1111 is o I OIIIR R C' enbcrg, Naltlrr Goc 1 1111 I C Scott I N NIcF1chren unlor Meds Basketball Wlnners of Slfton Cup Q ball team Last year they d1splayed marked abxhty 1n addltxon to other qualltles to w1n the much coveted Sxfton Cup emblematlc of Interfacultv l W Champ1onsh1p As the competltlon was very keen the schedule was a hard strenuous uphlll fight for the junlor Med team ln w1nn1ng the1r own group the hardest oppos1t1on was encountered wlth the exceptxon of the Hnals wh1ch were played agaxnst Sr XVIC The Hnals were of the usual hlgh callbre and were lntensely excntmg jr Meds entered the last game of the finals w1th a two ponnt handlcap They emerged from the last game whlch was a hard and clean fought battle the vlctors by the same margln One Iwghlx four 5 1" fmt' j.G. C'ockl,llr111r1gr1'J. H "t , H. E. F .', H. . IX ' ' x. , 0 ..A . . 's 5.5. "V uw: R. . ,fold ' 1, B. Q ' 1 , S. A. rd CC1 1111 ' l, . . . . ' , 5. .'. , -1 . l R. Meds have always put on the floor a scrappy and enthusiastic basket- 1 ' . . . . . . 5 . 1 A L llll f-QQ11 X - - 1 'Q 'flz Qi . . A, . v . 7 ! KU? L 42 we LLIBV' F Y,-,QLECUTIVE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FACULTY or APPLIED SCIENCE R AND l M 1927 ENGINEERWG 1928 School Athletic ASSOC1Ht1OIl LL the activities of School in mterfaculty athletics are dire ted by the Athletic ASSOC13tlOH of which all undergraduates in School are members The executive IS composed of a President X ICG President Secretary Treasurer and a representative from each of the four years Within the Assoc atlon there are several clubs which promote one particular sport Of these the Rowing Track Boxing Wrestling and Fencing and Soccer Clubs are the most active cngz JL 133111 t UL School teams in every branch of sport have given a good account of them selves To date two champlonships have been won namely the lnterfaculty Track and lnterfaculty Rowing The lumor Rugby Team won all its group games and lt was only after a bltter struggle that X ictoria the ultimate winners of the Mulock Cup defeated them in the play offs In Soccer and water polo School teams were serious contenders for the Trophies In addition to interfaculty sports the Athletic Association sponsors inter- year competition. This year a tennis tournament was staged as well as the Soph-Frosh track meet. One Eiglzlyqfire 1ar1Roz XX Duncan CRugbx5 J M Goss Cquzmmzngj G F Tr1mbleCRug'zx Cab! I9 73 G Gray Pf071fR0'1l R B Rochester fRouz1zgb F Calnan Cllrestlmgj J Davenport f7'rackl J VVnll1amson rfgmnastzrsh R BattyefEngl1sh Rzcggerj J H Russell CTrackJ H WV N1mmOfS1U mmmgj School UT I-I olders Cm? ESPITE the loss of fourteen T holders ln last years graduat1on ill! fr School st1ll has a form1dable hst of T holders On that llst w1ll be found many ot the most outstandmg athletes of the Un1vers1ty Cf v the fourteen T holders m School thls year four were Intercolleglate captams Trxmble captam of the Rugby Team McKenz1e captam of Track Team Battye captam of Rugger Team and Klrkpatnck captam of the Hockey Team One Fzghty szx S C 'Z'.' 'Y. -' , . . l d 'I , - . I t,', , ., 2 , . . T '.' . . , "I , 4. v ' , . , . ' - . 1' V , . ' ' ' ' , . . , . , . . 7, , ll H - v - g ITT! fy qs :avi 3 . . . H ,, . . 3 A . lil """' 'ff ,. . . . S o- : . - : L- - AK 77 - ' ' u'..vU,' sf' n Q a ku... . Y . . v . . . . v . V- .l ' I 1 I rant a aciey oo 1 Q N ,1 Fc IR K merson axenport t xc eniie J l P Rus ell School Track Team HE S P S Track Club had a very successful autumn season 65 The outlook at the beginning of the term was not as bright as in previous years due to the loss of one or two stars by graduation At the interfaculty track meet which was hnally held after having been postponed twice School outpomted all other faculties by a wide margin thus winning back the Langford Rowell Cup emblematic of the Interfacultx Championship 1 HQ The outstanding feature of this meet was the wonderful showing made by D J. MacKenzie intercollegiate track star who single handed scored 23 points. This is a record for interfaculty sport. The score made by the faculty second to School was 25 which makes the achievement even more outstanding. A soph-frosh track meet was held after the interfaculty meet and un- covered some promising material for future teams. S P.S. was well represented on the Intercollegiate team by Harley Russell Jack Davenport and jim MacKenzie. This year will see the last of J. H. Russell and D. j. Mackenzie, and it is hoped that someone will step up and take their place. One Eiglzly-5c'z'erz X X XX Enoux fCoa 119 H Hermance lr I Bullen H Connery Cllgib D 'McCarthy D Iruln I Goss lp! H ua d H Farai S P S Water Polo q-qw , R SCHOOL though fortunate in wmning the trophy this vear proved Q N real opposition for the champions The team with one or two exceptions was the same one that won the Eckhart trophy last year playing in the Junior ranks The keen competition and interest in this series brought forth a full attendance of players at all practices and games, and they are to be congratulated on this. The play of the team had a tendency more to individuality than to team play, the lack of passing and clever plays being in ev1dence. This probably cost us the championship Captain john Goss, as centre man, was the out standing plaver on the team. His rushes and spectacular checking, which was responslble for a large number of his team's goals, were particularly brilliant Graduation will remove three stellar players whose places will be hard to fill for next year's team, namely, H Hermance, L. Howard and H Farah, but we feel that J. Cross, L. Bullen, D. McCarthy and D. Irwin, who remain, together with new blood from Junior School, will ably uphold School's reputation of hard workers and good sports whether winning or losing. One Eighty-eiglzl S --- .-., - .. H11i'kKo2t'.' E. G. XYyCkoff, XY. S. fnmpbcll, H. N. Maznnrx, G. Riddell, D. If. Bridge, il. N. Franklin, Frou! Roux' M. XY:1rcl, N. Helper, J. D. Hiuzgurt i.l11l7I.l, XY. .X. Mcliny l6J1fvI.l, l'rof. .Xllcut fC'nf1fhl J. C. McDonald, ,lim Downing. School Soccer Team 'fTTQTlHOLlGH failing to reach the semi-finals, as did last year's aggregation, fix , l, A . . . 553 the School Soccer team acquitted itself nobly, doing honour to the organization and the faculty. l ,4 School waltzed away with two games each, from Dents and U.C. hgfl They met a snag. however, in the formidable and well-organized Knox team. The old School fighting spirit was in there every inch of the way, and on several breath-taking occasions the Theologs almost had heart failure, but Lady Luck turned an inexorably cold shoulder on the boys. Thus Knox won the right to enter the semi-finals. Special mention is due three men whose work places them in Intercollegiate class, "Nate" Helper. stellar goalie of many sensational "saves": ,lim Downing and M. XVard, star performers on the forward line. i This year graduation removes Harry Magnan, our big full back, the only fourth year man on the team. With a little more coaching, this team, practically intact, will have reason to be feared by all. The hearty co-operation and fine brand of sportsmanship displayed by the players, their willingness, sincerity and indefatigable efforts have knit the organization into a unit, upholding the high standards of School endeavour, and adding greatly to her prestige and prominence. Om' Elngflfj'-711.716 . . --3215552515 T 7 Q. Q aff, I ,I .YF ag lg l 'E ii .il il l 1 l i 'f lf! ll' K. l E 6 1 E ': ll l ,l ,W ,Mx lg ll fl l l l l 0 S M. 5 5, .i i 1 Q rl .tl 1 ll 1 l y f l 41 ii Rl Bark Row: l. K. Chalmers CCoxl, D G. XV. McRae 635, R. E. Clark QQD, H. E. Davison CBo'u'l. Fro11!Rou'.' XV M. Campbell fSIr0kel, G. G. lNfIilne 172, E. G. Lfloogk 165, ,B. C. Blasclale 151, XV. A. XVattS I-ll. School Rowing qwrfv CHOOL has again lived up to her fine record in Interfacultyg Rowing, MQ ' but not without strong opposition from the other faculties. During the week previous to Saturday, October 22nd, on which day the Regatta , , was held, the men turned out morning and night to get into as good 5 2 shape as the short time would permit. The Interfaculty Regatta is r - if V cn? V primarily to encourage new men. So great was the enthusiasm that two crews had to be formed to represent School, and it was not until the day before the races that the crews were finally chosen. School's First Crew disposed of Arts and Meds in the Hrst and third races, while School's Second Crew won from Victoria in the second race and lost to Dents in the fourth race. The final race found School's First Crew and Dents on the line at the foot of Church Street. At the crack of the gun every man exerted his utmost, but neither crew gained any advantage from the start. Dents managed to pull out a slight lead andawrn School extended themselves to even the crews again. The race developed into at see-saw affair, and finally School managed to pull out the lead which gave them the race by about half a length. This was undoubtedly the best race the Inter- faculty Regattas have seen. It was a great race to win and a hard one to lose, but it can be said that the winner could not be declared until the finish line at the foot of john Street was crossed. This year the Olympic trials will take place, the winner of which is to repre- sent Canada at the Olympic Games. School men have always been prominent in Varsity rowing and can be counted on to do their utmost to give Old Varsity the honour that was hers in the 1924 Olympics, when Varsity's Eight was second only to Yale. One Ninety Iggl, R IS 6 Ill crx nl :HJ ln lair rm of :mmm N Lang t Oth Clif R Frcn1Rr X organ fl It 9 n Rutbxl ew1ttfP1f ot uh ill 6 zt Dental Athlet1c ASSOC13tlOIl OLLILCE Splflt to a large extent depends upon athletrcs and lt IS on the field of sport that the best fr1endsh1ps of our college days are made Athletlcs 1n Dent1stry are upheld by these worthy representatlves of the varlous sports who are elected bv a student vote and who 1n turn 511 elett one of the1r number as Presldent of Athlet1cs 'ffl JI WALLX GRAHAM of track and harr1er fame 1s Presldent Of Athletlcs GEORGE MORGAN Noted 1ntercolleg1ate snap who coached the rugby team to the finals BOLT HEXXITT Guardlan of the nets for Dental hockey teams Clllflflg four consecutne years S-XNDX SOMERXILLE Vw ho wrll lead the baseball team mto actron for therr n1nth consecutlye champlonshxp BOB LANGQTROTH who wlth h1s rule team brought back the shleld thls year PERC DEVIN5 Pres1dent of soccer as well as a senror 1l1t6I'COll6g18.tC hockey player ROY CURRIE Captam of the senror lntercolleglate basketball team UAL' GRANT Intercolleglate wrestler of note EDDIE SINTCLAIR Presldent of sw1mm1ng and a credlt to Dents ln nearly all branches of sport One Nuzefy one S -' ow: R. I.. Currie KPWS. of 131.16 If Ill. A. A. Som- 'ille fljrvx. uf Bu. in , E. G. S' c.'A CP' . U' Sin" lzgl, R. . gs r ""s. of iyflrl. nv: G. .- .M' ' ,".. f J ,' . R. L. H " fw. nf H 'li' , Al. NV.Gr21l1am llJI'!'Y.Uf.' 11 V19 VV. P. Devins fl'rfs. Of .SHfL'f'l'l, J. .-X. Grant lPrm. of B.ll'. get F.J. i a I . . ly . . . l all ' ' .- . J . . . 7 1 . J e g . . I lf , , ' ' ' 1 T 'C' c c A t . U v,, . . . . N l , A , t, . ,HN ' ' Al vv Al YY V, WH- ' x V i ' H 7,, Y in 7 . r r . . . . . 7 . . H ,, V . . . Y . A ll - G' v 1 . 7 ll yv UNH-. ' ' - - I , . S New J W Gral P Dx s 'XI 'lpa T XX Rcla c 253 'arg r ,Di za 1 Wiis First T Holders 111 Dentistry 0 these four men of the graduating class in Dentistry the University has granted the highest award possible in Athletics Not only have they brought honour to their own year and Facultv but to the whole Um versity which they worthily represented in xarious sports RICHARDb Even as a freshman VK es broke into Intermediate hockey and has skated rings around the boys ever since One year proved enough in intermediate ranks and ever since he has played consistentlv on the senior team Three Senior Intercollegiate Championships and twice 1n the Allen Cup finals IS his record Rus SPARLING An advocate of the strong arm made the wrestling team in his th1rd and fourth years and won the Intercollegiate 158 lb title Rus also proved his strength at Annapolis and VVest Point and his executive ability as President of the Dental B W Sc F Club PLRC DEYINS From intermediate hockey in his first year Devy rose to senior ranks and has been with thechampions ever since. Allen Cup finalists in 1926, Captain interfaculty soccer champions for two years and coach of the girls' intercollegiate hockey championship team is his record. "WALLY" GRAHAM Won his "T" in his third year on the track and has travelled faster ever since. "Wally" leaves with a string of championships after spending five years on the Intercollegiate Harrier team, four years on the Intercollegiate Track team and four times Interfaculty Harrier Champion. One Ninety-two Bark Roux' H. P. Bishop, R. C. INloore. J. A. Lappin, G. C. Layter. T. lf. Hayhurst. Third Ron" J. H. Graves, H. A. Corman, A. XV. Sheridan, J. M. Roland, J. A. Grant, XV. P. Devins T. XV. Richards. Setmzd Roux' J. E. Tilson, XY. R. Lawson, H. A. T. Keenan, R. M. Sparling, A. Lipson, l'. G. Anderson. Fran! Rmzu' XY. A. XYolfe, A. A. Ftewait. D. A. R. McDougall, I.. D. I-Iaselton, R. I.. Hewitt, I.. R. Slemon, J. XV. Graham. Senior HD" Holders ISTINCTIVE and exclusive the Dental "D" is a prominent letter in Interfaculty competition. Only those who have played continuously J for several years on a senior team, or have emerged victorious with a I University championship are entitled to this faculty letter. It is the l ' "" ' highest athletic honour that the college can bestow with the exception of "VVillmott Crowns." which are given to outstanding athletes of the final year. In rugby Dents have fought their way to the finals in the last two years, only to be eliminated in a last hard fought battle. Many men have earned their D's in baseball, retaining the trophy for eight consecutive years. Those UD" holders with the educated toe are worthy of all honour for winning the soccer championship twice in the last four years. The Jennings Cup, emblematic of the University Hockey Jfhampionship, has four times been grasped by eager "D" holders in four consecutive years only to be lost in the final game. Many times has the rifle shield resided in the Dental College during the last four years, and the basketball team has been rarely eliminated before the finals. Credit must also be given to those men who have won their letter by winning for their faculty in the individual sports of boxing, wrestling, track and harrier. Difficult to obtain and the result of untiring effort the A' D " remains a thing of pride to the graduating man and the source of glowing admiration to his grand- children. One Nz'11efy-tllrre Ba It Rru Merrxtt Ma lello keenan Iapprn Luzxne Sxncla r McDougall Chalmers Brown Hawtln kusch Shaver Front Rm: Wats n l lofsltv Iavter Huds n Grant Nlr are fCaplJ Roland Ixpson Rnowles O Rellly Morgan fCourhJ Dental Rugby Team Q-MN AST fall Dents placed on the gr1d1ron perhaps the strongest team t ey 5, lvl Q have ever entered rn the lnterfaculty serres For years Dents have been content to take thrngs as they came but smce 1923 there has been a and Keenan were wlth thls vears team havlng played twenty five consecutlve games Last year s team was a good one and won every game handlly t1ll stopped by jr School bv the score of 1 0 1n the Hnals Thls year Ed S1ncla1r of Narslty Junlor and UTS fame strengthened the team as klckrng half He teamed wxth Hudson Chalmers and Brown Moore thls year s captaln was at the p1VOt posltron Grouped Wlth Sr School and Sr Meds Dents won all thelr games by large scores and then defeated Forestry and St Mrke s rn the play offs The Hnals saw Dents favourltes aga1nst V1CtOYl3 wlth an lmpresslve record of elghty three polnts to thelr opponents three I the finals VlCtOf1a however won by 16 2 and Dents lost out wlthout an al1b1 The game was a heart breaker as erght of the regulars graduate thls year Th1S year s graduatxng class formed the nucleus of a great team Lapp1n McDougall Grant Moore Roland Llpson Layter and Keenan have played thelr last games for Dents Lapp and Mac were the l1ne stars of the team sh1n1ng on the OHCHSIVB Spec1al lT1Cl'ltlOI1 should be made of Grant the 135 lb star llneman George Watson manager and George Morgan coach deserve great cred1t for the way they handled the team thxs year and Moore made a great quarter and captain One Nznely four I ' 1 '.' f 'U , v S' .1 ' , ., l , ' , Q' 'i , 4 , , , 1'-' 9. .0 -, . O, ' , A lf Y I . ' , ro, QQ h l - L wiv - , . I. K.. . I grail-:ia steady 1mprovement 1n the team. But two men of the 1923, Roland 1, rg . . , . 2 1 y M , - c - 1 I 7 I v 1. , . , . . . , . , . . . . . 7 . 0 , . . - 1 v 1 ' ' , D ' . 7 7 7 - 7 Y 1 ll YY ll 77 ' ' ' ' 7 . I , - - Y 7 Y 7 K 1 b kR E Naget H R Der o R C' m R e Ne Wycl1fTe College Athletlc ASSOC13tlOD HE Wyel1ffe College Athlet1c Assoclatxon has just completed one of the CEST?-BQ most enjoyable vears of 1ts hlstorv VVe have not won anv trophles X but the enthus1asm shown bv Faculty and students allke comblned wlth the sportsmanl1ke sp1r1t dlsplayed by all IH sp1te of ICVCTSGN enables us to call It not only an enjoyable vear but a successful one The Soccer Team agaln d1d well It came second 1n 1ts group and only suffered two reverses It was our prlvllege to be able to supply the LlI'l1Y6I'Slty Soccer Team wlth three plavers each glvlng a verv redltable exh1b1t1on Th1s vear we entered a Baseball Team 1nto lnterfaculty competltlon C reat keenness IS dlsplayed by all the players We hope many v1ctor1es w1ll be the happy lot of th1s our new team If support means anythlng basketball IS very much to the fore It s generally posslble to held two full sldes at the practrces Qur Fneld Day was one of the most mterestlng 1n years Mr Vhlkes took most of the honours h1s total number of pomts amountlng to twenty five Mr Gllbert battled hard w1th Mr VV1lkes but he had to content hlmself w1th second place The Cross country race had more entrants thls year than any other year IH our memory M Hap G1lbert won easlly Hap w1ll llkelv make the U'H1VCI'S1tY of Toronto Harrlers next year He Just mlssed the team thxs year One lV171E'fX fl 6 'ar mr: G. . lf ?l!'L'lIS.l, . . . ' kins fC'zu'ulm'J. Fr ul ow: nl. M. ,a eron fl'if'e-I"r'f.f.l, . R. Latim r fPrf5.l, E. XV. E. XVurrall if ul, 6.9 '- va-: YG Q n u A a ' 'yt' 'IX .' ' ' . ' . " J I f I v D . , v . . 7 . V . 7 . V V . . M C . AY . . . u . . V N , 7 . . . , ' . 1 . . . . 7. 1 - u . . ' y - u l I-D ll ,Y 1 c . Al ,y c c T 7 r ' '- 42' WOMEN ,S KK! lg if , S WY V -4---A - Y,-- ' .Y im , H- U , 3 Y Y AA- . - J .,E'3--Uiqi Ba.-ro :nr , -- ---- ATHLETICS r nce Ser ce Io Lexi nma XXer fl ki re ns el J ce It c a an fI'a L I HJ Ed th Black ell fl' kelballl Jesse Mo ney U L E e Poy ell fHo e I O7 Dor tly Fraser Cfe Dorothv langlev lH rl Elee Dtchbur CII kexj Norma ma fl cle Ru s ap,retG tl z Sen1or Womens T Holders XIORVIX BXTFMXN XIIC 30 A fresh sophomore Intercolleglate tenn1s doubles champlon centre Senlor Hockey Guard jr X71C Basketball Brllhant and most energetlc In all sports two years pxtcher U C Baseball Bra1ny player and br1ll1ant shot EDITH BUCHXN N X1c 28 Forward Senlor Basketball 1927 and Captaln 1928 sub 1926 Xlc Forward three years A spectacular shot and unselfish player Drrectorate member 1927 28 INIIEFN DITCHBURN Trm 28 Forward Senlor Hockey 1927 and 1928 sub hrst two years Br1ll1ant checker and Varslty s best shot Presldent Hockey Club 1927 28 JOYQE FINI XY Tr1n 28 lntercolleglate tenn1s doubles champlon 1927 28 Pour years first class Interfaculty tenn1s Senxor Hockey Manager 1926 27 MARION PORXVXRD V1c 28 81de centre Senlor Basketball two years and Seconds IH 1929 Out through Illness 1928 V1c slde centre four years Probably fastest and most brllhant player on team MARGARET CROUT I'r1n 29 Ind1v1dual tenn1s champ1on 1927 28 hrst player 1ntercolleg1ate team X ery steady RUTH HIGGINs U C 28 Second player 1ntercolleg1atetenn1s 1927 28 Four years outstandmg Interfacultv tenn1s DOROTHX LXNGLFY Trm 30 Regular r1ght wmg Semor Hockey two vears Steady and br1ll1ant skater JESSII MOONEY U C 28 Rrght defence Qemor Hockey 1926 1927 and Capta1n 1928 X ery steady defenslvely and strong skater LVF POWELL XIC 28 Left defence Semor Hockey 1928 a valuable sub 1927 Prev1ously played for VIC A tlreless worker FRANcEs SERVICE Xrc 28 Goahe Semor Hockey 1927 Sub Defence Semor Basketball 1928 Catcher X 1C Baseball All round defenslve player EMMA WEIR U C 28 Slde centre Senlor Basketball 1928 Substltuted two years for Mar1on Forward and awarded her T In 27 Very consc1ent1ous and qulck MILDRED WILKIIxs U C 28 Defence Semor Basketball three years Seconds first year Very dependable and a br1llIant checker One Nzneiy ezglzt Bark Row: F a S .f vi if 1" 3 , EI ' i Sas e bulll, Mild d VVilki CBask bulll, oy Finlay 4Tf'111zi5b, Ed' h Bu h n J sre bu , i 'w :as , i f n ' ffl 1"e'5'J, v v ck yl. Frou R an' o I ' nnixj, , . , o ce-vb, i n i n 'or -I, ' Baie n ,l67Z7lIAS and Ho C yi, t h Higgin l7'E7l7ZfSl, M rfa roa fhenrisb. ' 1 gg as ' w W . , y I . . A A . A . I , . v . , . . . . EDITH BLACKWELL, U.C. '30---Forward Intercollegiate and U.C. Jr. Basketball , . . . a ,. , . . 4 - -Tf L 9 ' ' F - 1 1 ' 1 x 7' 7 , . , . . . . 1 4 ' W Y i V T . , ' Y D . - , ,I . , . , , . f N I . . . I . ,L ' . 7 Q 'A Y - ' . , . . . I ,I , . "W , - . 1 - ' C7 - 7. , -1 ' . . . , . . . I , . - . I x 7 . I , . , . . . . - u . J , . A , . - , . . X, D A , . . . A 7 u u 77777 1 - Q y , T l y ,177 J n 1 s A A u an , . ' -I . r T 1 y F --. u I 2 . , . ,. , .U , , : . .V 1 . . -' v ' 'F- I 1 ' ,h . . . . tx 1 1 7. , .. . U - lv 1 ' ' V' - I 1 ' ,. . , n X a n - u , . . . Q 0 0 -1- - , I ' KK va - 1 - - . T 7 D- - , , . . , VVomen s Athlet1cs lj HF end of the '1C'1ClCITl1C yea1 1097 721 once more lvnds I vm Q women s athlet1cs t the L I11XEI'S11X ot To1onto 111 1 most lTOLlI'1Sl'l1I1U COI1Cl1tlOI1 rXthlet1c atla1rs h IX e been B1 L1 carr1ed on most successfully by theVVon1en s D11ecto1 T ate and Club Fxecut1y es D1r ctorate members fm 1997 28 are Dr C C Benson Pres1dent Mrs P A I 1l'lQll X1ce Pres1dent XI1ss X E M Parkes Sec Treas Mr XX A Ix1rkwood Dr lrrhth Gordon M1ss I C Coventry Mrs J D XX1ll1amson as graduate and facultv representatn es and MISSCD Ed1th Buchanan Dorothy Fraser Phylhs Howard MHYIOH La1rd and Ehzabeth Rous as undergraduates The Club Pres1dentsare Basketball M1ssT1ll1eIackman Hockey M1ss E1leen D1tchburn Baseball MIQS Ed1th Uumlan TCIIIIIQ MISS Helen Dore Bw1mm1ng M1ss Marn1e R1eder The Centenarv year was marked bv the hrst women s Intercol leg1ate TCHDIS Tournament Inv1tat1ons were sent from Toronto to MCG1ll Queen s and Western and were accepted bv the latter two A two day tournament was played two players from each un1yers1tv plftymg smgles and one pa1r from each plav1ng doubles The s1ngles were splend1dly won by MISS Olga M1ller of Wester11 and the doubles by MISSGS Joyce Fmlav and Norma Bateman of Toronto Nokxu B11 rxixx The next 1ntercolleg1ate sport played was hockey The beaut1ful Beatt1e Ramsay Cup donated by the undergraduates of the Faculty of Appl1ed SCIENCE and Engmeermg 1n 1999 was won back from Oueen s 1n a great struggle ID 1927 and the 1998 team started pract1ces to defend lt early 111 january Two games were played the first 111 Ixmgston and the second 1n Toronto both Won by X ars1ty a 9 and 3 9 respect1y ely Too m11ch cred1t cannot be g1ven th1s team under the coach1ng of Mr A T R Arm trong of TYlHlty the captamcy of 165516 Mooney and the management of Cec1l Cassels They had lost the1r veteran capta1n and star MHFIOQ Hllllald the1r coach and one or two other regulars and for the hrst game were w1thout IL1leen D1tchburn who was under doctor s orders The fact that several of the players have one or two more years at college augurs well for the future Once more the generos1tv of the men's D1rectorate has g1ven the g1rls regular and convement pract1ce hours at the Arena Basketball was the last 1ntercolleg1ate sport of the year and, though the team d1d not have such success as last vear, the season was a most sat1sfactory one Due to pressure brought to bear by McG1ll and Queens It was neces sary to have a woman coach, and the team was partlcularly fortunate IH havmg MISS Phylhs Gr1Fhths, Cap -sr' UILEEN DITCHBURXI One Nzzzefv fzzfze , . A - Y A 1 , w x ' , 4 M , ,. c c . .1 -.. . , , . lf - ZTT1 ' . , WB, KTM v 's ' q Y ' 1 5' ' V ' ' ' md, .rgxl cn, ' g Y V '- 1 fwfrll ' - fl 2,51 '- ' ' ' 1 ' N ' f f XA mg! ' bl 9 s 5 , . . c .. L , P3 l 'W N fl' 7 . 1 - 1 1 1 X f q N -- , , . - N -- , . lj 'Ry N iss:-1 . . V G 4 ,a l QF Y - Y s Q if 4 L 4. -. e - . -. . H - 1 , ., ,, . 1 , , .. J. . J , v. . - ' 5 , - 1 . , 1 1 , N - s - Q , 1. 1 . . . , . ., ,. ., . . Y' T ' 'f.s. I T V, 1 . , . - . , . . , . , - , . , . T. . 1 ' v ff 1 , , J , c 1 ., c ' a , ' - ' I 1 C 1 , 1 , . o u n ' . ' ' l f - Y y - 1 - , 1 - , 1 Q - . . . . . . I . , AM-, L 1 1 ' .Q 1 -1 . .- . . . . 1 A v1 ' 9. 1 I C s -I A f ' l , . . . ' ' LY . 1 . 'L. 1 .' - 1 1 1 f Y - 1 4 . 4 u y 7 . c . 4 - . . . . i ' 1 . . v v l .1 . . . f . . , , . . , . . . . , . . a Y , I ii' is t Y 1 .4 T T , . V. . 1 -- 1 , . .. . . . . - 1 "-4 z '.a T ' 7. a . 1 . . . 5 , 'X 1 1 . z A, . . . n . , 1 A 1 1 1 V .s c , 1 . FT V tam of the 1920 '76 and 1026 27 teams who most gener ously gave her tlme to the coachmg of the team X arslty seems to have been runnlng rn hald luck th1s year 1n a basketball wav for rn add1t1on to los1ng Phyll1s GF1f:l:lthS through graduat1on XX 1llene XX allace and Pat XX7ood both were lost for academ1c reasons Then Marlon Forward the brrlllant srde centre and plvot of Xarsltvs attack developed mumps Just three weeks before the tourna ment and was lost to the team The tournament was thrs xear held at Toronto and won by X7Vestern competmg for the hrst trme VXestern defeated X7ars1ty the f1rst mght 78 17 whlle McG1ll d1d the same for Queens 34 33 The followrng dav Uueen s won out bv one pomt 111 a gruelllng overtlme wxth X ars1ty 36 30 whxle Western defeated McG1ll for the champronshlp and the custody PNNL' GRUWH of the Bronre Baby 3916 The team was efflclently cflptfuned by Fdlth Buchanan and managed bv Dorothy X7X7ood X arsltv also plflved rn a clty ser1es wlth Margaret Eaton and the Varslty Crads whrch was won bv M E S rn some very close games Th1s ser1es was featured by the hrst appearance of the Grads who d1d remarkably well spl1tt1ng therr games w1th M E S and bexng defeated by X arsrty rn the first game played A second team also played exh1b1t1on games wrth var1ous colleg1ates 1n the city and d1d very well COI1S1ClCl'1llg thelr lack of regular coachmg and practxce The usual exc1t1ng struggles took place rn most of the mterfaculty ser1es th1s year The tenms was partmularly mterestmg as the 1ntercolleg1ate team was chosen from the fmallsts Qt Hllda s won out by a conslderable marg1n havlng the 1l1d1V1ClLl8.l champlon Margaret Grout and two seml Hnallsts as well as a good show1ng all through The rndoor baseball ser1es was not so good as usual as the new rul1ng pre ventmg grrls from competlng on both basketball and baseball teams weakened most of the colleges St H1ldas dropped out and Mc U C O C E, and St. Mlkes were left to battle It out, the former winn1ng1n two close games from U C. The basketball was falrly easlly won by Semor X'1ctor1a 1n the , hnals agamst Semor U C., and the earlier games of the SCFICS were really harder fought St. H1lda's, for the flrst trme 1n years, was a real contender, and wrth a young team much IS expected of them ne'-it year. I The hockey was also won by the Vlctorla Flrsts in a play off w1th U C , but here aga1n both St. H1lda's and Meds had much more than usual to say 1n the orxgmal argument, and It was really anybody's ser1es unt1l the end One notlceable thing was that for the first t1me 1n years the majorlty of games were won by actual scormg and not by one fluke goal. W Em: BLACKXVELL Two Hundred fa - .- QT ' '.f c n ' , - .5 - - f . j , . - L .. . f . I . . . . ' ' Y ., U , . . . . . . 4:12 - - , y- 1 , XMQSQ? Y K 1 . i y , . K ,, 5 var . . . , . . . . , . , ' , ' , 1 xx - c . . I , v - - . , . xl . 5 . . . , v -' ' v - , 2 , . , . ' - ' ' fv k .f . . . . , . , ,, . , v ' 1 . . . e ' Q I . 5 A A V V ' 4 1 7 - q 1 xt c 7 4 L . . 7 l Q u c U V D f ' . - . , c - kv , 4 i . . 5 . . I , . .n . t . .. c ., , , . . . 7 . . c C - . . . ' . . . . . . . . . I C ,Y 5 . Q . . . . . . . 0 K . . , . . . . . s . , 1 X, 1 ' . . . . , . , ,. . N . . , . . , . , . r . . . K The Swimming Meet held in the middle of March, produced a new champion in the long plunge, when Sophie Goode, second year St. Hilda's, plunged sixty-five feet four inches to break the former record of sixty-one feet. The University College VVomen's Swimming Team repeated history loiy winning the meet hy a margin of twenty-two points over Victoria who were second with sixteen points, and St. Hilda's who secured nine points. Marge Macdonald of UC. won the individual championship with thirteen points and Kathleen Scholes was second with eight points. WOIDCH,S Intercolleglate Tennis Team J yce Finlay Ruth Higgins Margaret Grc ut Numa Bateman Two Hundred One - . w 0 - 1 Q 1, 4 .. 19' i7 Women's Intercollegiate Hockey Team Bark Rmc: Eileen Ditchhurn. Dorothy McNaughton, Cecil Cassels fjlanagerl, A. T. R. Armstrong lCoafhJ, Eve Powell, Christine Kellock, Patricia Tilston. . Frunl Roux' Violet Murphy, Dorothy Langley, Jessie Mooney lCaplafnJ, "Leggley" Mascot, Helen Hilliard Norma Bateman Women s Intercolleglatc Basketball Team Fdith Blackwell Iron! Row Frances Service Betty Macdonald Emma Weir Grace kefier Two Hundred Two . . . . S , . I Hack Row: Alice Muckle, Constance Smith, Edith Buchanan fCaptainJ, Mildred Wilkins, Dorothy Ker x W' 0 M EN 5 l INTEQFACULT W ATHLETICS D' L, , ,, 1311016 Roi!" 17111111 Rf: University College Indoor Baseball Team Ethel Hogg, Frzinrtifs Dale, Helen McKinley. Dorothy Batvliellor, Marion Noble, Edith Blackwell H'r1M.l, Amy lfssery, Margaret Hileliie. H ,fs 4 in M University College Tennis Team Mary Mac.-Xndrew, Thelma Standeaven, Ruth Higgins, Ellen Crooks, Constance Smith Cinsetj. ' Two Hundred Four l-.H 'FA ,W-xx L Un1vers1tV College Wfomen Q WZ bemor lpaslxetlwall Fl em ro11lR0z Ft nctanc Nrmtln lx Qc mit: 1fretlXX1Il.1nx'C11flJ x 1 tuarf ml :rs cr N 1 Umversity College VVomen's lunior Basketball Team Back Rou' Be-atnce Clulcia, Jean Robtrtwn Htnel Brtdm NI mon Henflerarm Front Rou' Edlth Blackwell, Louise Mules Betty Nlartdfmnalcl 1Cupl J, Pllyllxb Iwrguwn Frl'th Peake Ttvn II1llIIi7'r"'If Fztfe ' " V H Y ' ' ' ' f' '- -are V . ,f 6 . ,- Pfx x . an , .. Sb 1 v ' C 5 'FX f , X 1 4 1 5 S ,l,. 4 K' -a V A gi - f 5' ' 3' K r ', W ' ' Q ' l Bark Roux' Armine Alley, Vlfillene Wlrllalet-, Emma XYeir. F mx- J , . 2 Q ' , l M'l 'A " 5 ' ., Phgll's H, '. I, jeg ff gt-. 45 'ms W' We F3 - 7 9 'L lx I , K l 1 - , 'X 'X lg. l 4 fl 5 ll ez-, f .Q f l 1. L n1xers1tV College Woxllen s Svummmg Team Ball. Ro 1 C dN Crxngan Amy Fssery Frfn! Ro 1 Cax 'whole Pearl kennedy LC uratorj Evelyn Vkxllmott Ioleen Taylor Universlty College Woxnen's Hockey Team Bark Ro.: Xhlnm Lpccm Dorntlmv Qtarr, Fellcla Andereon, Xdele Ctatten, Bentrxce Crocker Frnn!Ru'w Hnlicn Melxlnley, lxfxthleen Bean, Betty Donaldson Ullanagfrj, Grace Marun, Betty An crson Two Hundrffd 911 B R T XI l C' C I' St H1lda s Athletic ASSOC1Ht1OH FLTHE St Hilda s Athletic Association includes all students in the college and the executive is elected in March for the following vear Dorothx i Cox President for 1927 28 called the first meeting early in October Joyce Muirhead Captain of the Baseball Team reported that there L- were verv few interested and experienced players in the college and it was definitely decided there should be no team entered in the mterfaculty series The Tennis Team captained bv Dorothy Langley again secured the Interfacultv Championship In addition Margaret Grout won the Ind1v1dual Championship of the University At the first women s Inter University Tenms Tournament held this fall 1n Toronto Margaret Grout and Joyce Fmlay were players on the Toronto Team Dorothy Fraser who won the Ind1v1dual Cham pionship 1924 and 1925 would also have played for Yarsity had she not injured her knee in the semi-finals of the Interfaculty series. The Basketball Team Ccaptain Phyllis Tilstonj played its first game November 22 and although eliminated in the first round of the series made a very good showing and was stronger than it has been for some years. The Inter-year games as usual were a source of much excitement and some amuse- ment. The cup was won for the third successive 5 ear by 29. At the time of writing this report the Hockey Series has not yet begun. St. Hilda s ewzpects however to have a fairly strong team captained by Gladys Martin. The Captain of the Swimming Team Margaret Grout also intends to enter several swimmers at the Interfaculty Meet in March. T1 0 Hundred Se' en fi gliff H ff,lQfiri7ffi'If?lUTffffTfi'iw3f J . 5, A -i N Q Y E w N 1 . 1 , , , W .1 . , , . St. Hllda s 'Ienms Team r D. Cox, J. Finlay, D. Langley 4C'up1.J, D. Fraser, M. Grout. B 1 2 N, W Y l 1, k , l St. Hilda's SVV1IT1ITl1Dg Team BI. Grout, F. Turner, M. Johnston, M. Dickinson, D. Fraser. Two Ilzzndred Eiglzl S 13.355-gtugpvl' 'Qfj5l'Z""fz'::'lmz'v'I7-Qggfn-J'6 3..,.,, ' " A ' w-nw Q-v :ii ' me L . Hilda's Hockey Team 'k R 'zz' If, Fosti-r. F, Brigstocko, N. Slate-r, li. McColl. f' on 'vi . 31 ton, F. Cockburn. G. Martin, F. Allen fC'upt.', j. Muirliea-i, St. Hilda's Basketball Team Burk Row: M. Johnston, B. Borbririge, M. Dickinson, K. Cockburn, E. Button. Front Row: M. Lewis, D. Langley, P. Tilston iC'upl.9, II. Harrison, D. Cox, Tivo Illuzdred 371.716 2'ez:LmIQ32Qfgiff-'f:ri'1r1f1?aL:,:Q. . ,4 Bark Row: Eleanor Taylor, Eleanor McCubbin, Isobel Mahoney, Jean Bateman, Marjorie Horwood. Fro11lRoIu.' Helen Hilliard, Mamie Rieder, Edith Buchanan fPres.J, Miss M. McCamus CHon. Pres.J, Dorothy Ker fSer.-Treu5.J, Frances Service, Kathleen VVest. , Victoria College Women's Athletics IEWING the .achievements that Victoria women have made in the l field of athletics one cannot but realize what wonderful results have H vtlll come from the adoption of the slogan, "Every girl in some line of llllp QQ athletic endeavour ". Inter-year activities have been more popular than ever. The shield, presented for the first time last year, for inter-year competition in the various sports, is being keenly contested. The tennis tournament had an unusual number of entries and a merry battle was waged for places on the team. The points to count for the shield were 3T0, 43 2T8, 3. The baseball inter-year games displayed a type of baseball that was amazing, and provided much fun and exercise for many other than the Interfaculty players. The points were: ZT8, 43 3T0, 3g 3T1, 25 2T9, 1. "Basketball for Beginners" has been a feature at Vic. this Fall, and some seventy girls have attended the practices. The inter-year teams were picked entirely from this group. The games have not been completed yet, but 2T8 and 3T0 are ahead so far. Hockey has suffered this winter from lack of ice, but the cold weather has come at last and the inter- year games will be played soon. Last year for the first time Vic. staged an inter- year swimming meet which was wonderfully successful. We hope to have an equally successful meet this year. It is obvious that such interest in inter-year athletics would have a great effect on the teams mustered by the College to compete in the various inter- faculty series. Such was indeed the case. The Vic. tennis team achieved second place in the interfaculty tournament. The baseball team went through the season without defeat. In basketball the Senior team again won the champion- ship, while the juniors were defeated in their group only by the more experienced Senior U.C. team. Hockey and swimming are still to be accounted for, but hopes run high for success in these sports also. Thus we are endeavouring, as always, to include every girl in some sport, to play the game for the sake of the game, and for the sake of Vic. Two Ten Victoria College Wo111en's Tennis Team NOYII121 BZMCHHIII. Lois Reynolds, Helen RlCll11fCl54lll, Jean B2ltCIUklI1, Eleanor Taylor, l-11l11 Bates. Victoria College WOIHCH,S Baseball Team B1zrkRozv: Lulu Bates, D8lSS'Ql13DCG, Myra Jarreett. Fro1zlRo1v: Frances Dean, Alice Tilley, Kay Ferguson, Helen Hilliard. Maude Linqlsny. 43""7"' f'3EiEITb1f-ii-gzziw DLT? Q M 5 ' T7 ' -TT' ' ' Two Ifletwz l B Victoria College VVomen's Senior Basketball Team .Xlice Muekle, Alcan Bateman, Anne XVinglield, Isobel Mahoney CCm'azor7, Edith Buchanan, Helen McKin1. Dorothy Ker. Doris Doyle, Marion Forward, Grace Keffer. Vletoria College Women s unior Basketball Team lx thlrl 1 C mrs ill Hfhn wltfflll Hilcn Beal Minoru Bcnttm Flemor Tavlor Kapil Bettw Dox L Min Parkes 'Nlormi Bxtemm Ruth Moore Iwo I Mlm ..:',. ZZLLTT' Q ' 'K' "W" 1fTJf".T',7!K-f-?,1?',T1 - 'TiZf.I'1'I5Xif27TE1'372L.L.5,'.7.f- . . , . N T v 21 .,, J 1.2 Un' -. . l , V . , ,f Y 2 l ,Z ,' A 2 v ' i D, -.ll ' . g ' . . 2 2 2 , 1. fy, .-, o 'T J.. "" 'K' ', vw 1 1" y x LH' " umm... .s'.g""::h:m:,11' Y - Victoria College VVomcn,S Senior Hockey Team Fmw, E. XYright, K. XYPSK, BI. Jarrett. H. Riclmrclson tflzplfzzul, J. Hntemam, A. XX'ingtielrl. E. Mcfubbin, RI. Rt-ifla-r. lflCIOI'121 College Women 5 umor Hoeltev rl cam luanee Nest amcron Q nolclQ 1 69 o murn Eaton XV. McMall1. Q N15QonQ r x in to Q Houstt n 6Com 19 1' ' w a W I ' i 7 1 D Q ' , E. X' , F. C' - , I,. Rly' ,, I.. Bzta, K. C' l , K. ' . .,. ."1 ,, M. B aj, R. V1 S n -, J. ' g l f 'I . : :1 v i2: T?gTT"e e"e 'f 'e'e' 3'ef'eg.EQ.v...g"w?"2lg ' ' l l AX 'L.'e "e"""f'f" e-L...1 ,AC3,5g51,g,.,.if ggggfi' ti,.1"f"'f4n'siTi:.iii-E11: 'ft 1.2,-1 ' - ' Two Th irteen , ...e-V - V r-,.A.L'vn,sr,.-:.r.' 'WU' St M1chael s VVomen s Hockey Team Bzfh Rau k Dever NX Gardner G Dunn Front Rm: M Haxe I jones F Qulnlan St. MiChael's VVomen's Baseball Team R. I.:1Plante, P. Bondy, M. Hayes, E. Quinlan, T. McDonald, M. Fitzpatrick, A. Campbell R. Macklin, I. VVay. Two F0 urfeen Y. . .. ,V --- ,- --A - - W 3 ,H , Y' 'Liv St. lVIichael's WlJIl1CH,S Basketball Team Bark Roux' ll. McGrath, G. Dunn, E. Mulvilxill, M. Gardner. Fran! Rrmu' E. Quinlan H. Dore. l. jones. Loretto Tennis Team . Quinn, K. Dever, M. Bayes, M. MeGarry, G. Dunn, H. Dore. Two F IifkfFt'7I The Mechcal Wcallmen s Hockev and SW1IDIH1Ilg Teams 411 R X nm 16"-ltl' 15 C17IH71111 lX Thorpe 15 CI?P7?71l71Ll I lard fS'ZA1l7l1?P11?1L,l M bmxtl Q fkml I Nlustard film my C Nlalmn fllorlcxl I H Yanrleruer Lllffkfxi M Patterson 1Hf1rkeU X Hgnrv Cflorkfx fllanrzgm Munzmzngb f5LZlH7l1I71g 11111: J H Cram fHof ex Wy! -,W f we-F 'fm The Medleal Women's Athletlc ASSOLISIIOH Basketball and Tenms Teams Buflx Roz F Wmchcster fBas1.clbaIlj M Patterson flennm 'llaazrlgfrb C Fraser flizlskrtballl M IalrdfBaskrlb11Ilj D James QTc1zmsJ M Hall 1787171159 M Brown fBaskclball Managerl V Henry fBasLelball Cafrtaznj Fran! R011 Q Cordon Cznd leaf Rep? M Brxck fl are Presb M Jackson CPresD Helen Craw CSU lreaij E CLeKS'u1mm1ng, 'llanagerj Two Szxleen I 2 ' V s - .9 . X l 6 y T s 35 5 ff If x f ', 'll 5. . A le ' EMS f 1 f , , 1 , - X y i 1 f Sl F Z 5 , W , ' K L ,,. I ,Q , , . , . w. ' 7 . 1511 wiv: E. X'i il 5 1 .'1"V 'gk 'l. Qi" ' ', IX. -i V ' 1, . 7' 'l f1f'l' ,., ,' 'k,', L. , ' cj. Frm: Ruin: . ' '- ,V Q , f. ' . -' , '. 1 h j 1 ', .""' ' x ' E.Gee fi" ' , 'V fy, . ' f 'k,'J. ,- tj ::f'g,fM !- . Q In 1, X 1 ' I ' 5:.. :' h .4,A 1 W 5 , ' . , 2 ..-. . -. f, 5 T a a aw as 74 Q T Q T A A Q M f 'f H Q if , T ' . . . . . X N N . , . T ,-. 1' ' " lx N 3 Y l A ,. at A , A ky ' i I v I . T , . A . . , . , . , , 1 '.' 1: 1 Y . . - . ' ' 'I - . , . ' . , .- . . , . 1 ' .5 'D I ' . . l '. Y 1Ltor1a College VVomen s bxummmff leam lqrm1lRf mr un rims dr Jrw urxwmr mrs, irc t Ill!! pr Ill igkne 1 Bunh ln m Rao S8LP71fFril7 1 1 , E q' k f N J f Q! 1 Z q . 5 , ' f I, , , Brzvk Roux' .X1.:m:S Yanstrmv, Kay FrfrgL1Srivn, Dwrwthy Kvr. 55 'i ,nur 1,1 I BW", RI' jr '-H ' 1, Ma 7: f ':l', An 1 Ii" -Il, lfclitl 'z 2 . . -' 9 W l 1 K , 1 P 1 i N f 7 ry FV I N 4 Qi Q ITUDE T COVE EIIT CNC 1 un 1 ter fl s 11 ay 1 Be tx Brown Ms I B Jon s T Clris r Hu, in BSC! s oruarc nohue B -X s E NI larkes XI lx ktrnx 1 he o1nt Fxecutlve, Students AdIH1Il1SfT3t1VC Counc1l UT seldom heard of and l1ttle understood the JOll'lf Fxeeut1ve IS nevertheless the moving force beh1nd many of the act1v1t1es that t e A J L undergraduate takes for granted Created 1n the hrst lnstanee to aeh1eve a Jomt respons1b1l1ty 1n H 4 the adm1n1strat1on of hnance the loint Fxeeutlve has smee expanded 1tS provlnce to take 1n all those many affairs whlch Concern the whole body of undergraduates and are not the speclal functlon of e1ther of the Counells C h1ei'lv its duties are the promotlon and management of the pubheatlons The X 1rs1tv ToRovToNENsIs and the Students Handbook as the property of the students are under the control of the jomt Fxecutwe During the past two years the -lO1Ilt E,xecut1ve has worked under the tre mendous d1sadvantage of a large debt wh1ch Came to them as a legacy from the past war years of buslness depress1on The eustenee of th1s debt has neees sltated a pohcy of the str1ctest eeonomv and a Curta1lment of many of the projects wh1th would be of SCFVICC to the students If however the debt has been a hand1tap IH thls respect 1t has also been a great lncentlve to the Jomt lfxeeutlve The student members have been made to feel the1r respons1b1l1ty 1n the task of regamlng finane1al stab1l1ty and It would be proper to say that durmg these lean years the Jolnt Executlve has funct1oned as a str1etly eff1c1ent and lJLlS1flCSb like organlzatlon The first annual Conference of the Nat1onal Federatlon of Canad1an Un1 versity Students was held 1n Toronto durmg the Chrlstmas holldays and the hve Toronto delegates presented to the l:,xecut1ve an exhaustwe report on the vuork of the Pederatlon and ltS proposed act1v1t1es The part1c1pat1on of the hX8Cl,1t1VB1l1 the Centenary Celebrations and the W FC U5 conference 1n additlon to thorough consideration of finance and orgamzatxon has made the dutles of the members of the Executwe part1cularly heavy dur1ng the past year The exeeutwe feels however that the work ac Complxshed w1ll greatly influence the future act1v1t1es of the Jolnt ExeCut1ve Two Twenty 151 flc Ruiz" XY. X. D van, Mss M. P11 t so , Mis J. F'.l , M'ss t J ' , i S . . e , A. . , 1 ' tie. 1:VtJIlR1lIl'.' XV. A: Jig' s, .Q .f., Mis M. F ' l, XV. A. Do , .. Mis A. . . . L' ' , B.A.' ., . . , . . . . I J sz 1 af A i i WK . . . , . h l QW 1 - ' W. ni, . - . . . . . . . . 1 . . 7 . l ' J A. . A . . - V . S . si C . . . , 11 C N 1 vw' A LY LTx Vi 14 v ,Y L , 1, 1,7 Y . ' , 'i ' . . , , T 1 Y ' T7 Y N J 1 n 0 l A A D . D .. , . . . . . 7 5 I 0 . n I , y u n - ' .- D-, Eeeessifts-as Burk Row: A. S. Farber, T. XY. XVilson, G. M. Gray, .X. B. Hunt, G. ll. RIL'X't'Eil'l, l.. R. Sclleult, illiddfv Rota: XV. .-X. Rc-nnic. J. I.. Blaisclell. H. XY. Smith, .X, R. G. .Kms-nt, A. H. Ft-rry, O. I.. Stanton Frou! Row: XV. F. Arnold. XV. A. Duncan. M. K. Kenny. VV. A. Donohue, BMX., XV. A. Higgins. B.Sc.F- F. H. C. Rt-inke. Archer Baldwin. The Students' Administrative Council NIYERSITY history records that the Students' Administrative Council lf came into being in 1914 as a natural development from the old Students' lg Parliament. Fourteen. years of uninterrupted existence will qualify it four an honourable position among student organizations and, further. ,lQg.g.gQq5!g will testify to the useful function that it has served. In its present form the Council is composed of thirty-six members elected or appointed by the various colleges and faculties. The Executive Com- mittee of ten is made up of eight elected by the Council from its own members: the President, who is a graduate still associated with the University chosen by the Council and the Secretary, who is an officer on salary. By virtue of liberal powers conferred upon it by the Caput, the Students' Administrative Council exercises a legislative and governing function for the undergraduate men. The Students' Court, as one of the departments of the Council, is entrusted with the preservation of the general discipline. At the time of writing it has not been found necessary to convene the Court in a single instance. This year the Council, through the Debates Committee, has sponsored a debating tour into the United States, and in conjunction with the Hart House Debates, arranged the visit of the Maritime Team. The Rooters' Club and the Students' Band were more active than ever in supplying the colourful note at the football games. At the present time the Council is assisting the Athletic Directorate in working out plans for a fuller participation of the students in these events. The Centenary Celebration in Dctober occupied the first attention of the Council. Sub-Committees were appointed to take charge of the various phases of student participation. As a result of their efficient and enthusiastic work the students played a prominent part in the celebrations and contributed two very noteworthy features- the parade and the Undergraduates' Ball. By way of experiment this year the Council has inaugurated open meetings. Apparently the male undergraduate has no fear of secret diplomacy for he has shown no tendency to attend in large numbers. The system has, however. proven satisfactory and will be continued for this year. Two Twrzzfy-0111 sw, gf ke i. 1 l i i 1 If i 2 l l i ii a 2 l 1 l l i l I l 2 i l li ii' l 1 l 1. ii 1. l 1 l i l Burk Row: Marnie Reider fl'ir.l, Clara Gray CU.C.l. Gwen. Mahon C.'lIed.l. Jean Cowan fO.C.E.J, mation Jfilinsfm CSI- Iiildffsr, Helen Spence CU.C.9. Grace Patterson cI'ir.p, Helma Wilson un. Hea lzl. Frou! Roni: lcla Jones CSI. .lI.'sl, Joyce Finlay YSL H.'s, Vire-Prox.5. Marion Forward CVM., Pres.D,. A. E. M. Parkes, B.A. CGPH. Ser.-Treas.l, Elizabeth Brown CU.C.J, Jean Kennedy CU.C.l. 5 Women Students' Administrative Council G 9 HE Women Students' Administrative Council is one of the organizations which came into being during the stress and strain of the War years. V -B Until. that time the women of the University had always carried on all I f Q, activities except interfaculty athletics entirely in the individual colleges and faculties. During the War, however, the need for some central body which could discuss and organize affairs of interest to university women as a whole became apparent. After a year of eifort and constitution making, the Women Students' Administrative Council was brought into being in the spring of 1916 with the Presidency in University College. The Council is composed of representatives from the women undergraduates' societies of all colleges and faculties. There are seventeen seats on the Council, each college or faculty having representation more or less according to size. The presidents of the undergraduate societies in University College, Victoria College, Trinity College, St. lVlichael's College, and the Faculty of Medicine, with the General Secretary-Treasurer, who is a graduate appointed by the Board of Governors, make up the Executive, and are the women members of the Joint Executive. The other faculties and departments represented are: O.C.E., Social Service, Dentistry and Public Health Nursing. The offices rotate among the colleges each year, Miss Marion Forward, Vic. '28, being this year's President, and Miss Joyce Finlay, St. Hilda's '28, the Vice-President. The Council is responsible for various undertakings. A free book exchange is maintained, and tickets for the women's sections at games, debates, etc., are handled by the Council. Since 1918 the women have taken joint responsibility with the men in the publication of The Varsity, TORONTONENSIS and the Hand- book, and in all other matters in which the interests of both men and women students are involved. This year the part of the women in the Centenary Celebration was organized by a Committee of the Council and representatives also took part in the annual meeting of the N.F.C.U.S. in order to keep the Council in direct touch with the work of that body. 1 .Q 1 ' Two Twenty-two bark R 'llc eu Ipm X I'lI1l r I tnr r e xr X Sh pfarc Ser Fr nl Rc L D Carrlcl-. Q ilhlel c Dzrerlorl -X T Chr P csl H I XI ll 101 C' Baker fl Ierarx D1 z lon R A F Xnrlers g0ClUl I71 6 UH1VCTS1ty College L1terary and Athletlc SOC1Cty NIX ERSITY COLLECF th1s year enjoyed perhaps the most momentous year IH her h1story The Fall term opened w1th more enthuslasm than ever before The men returned wlth a keen reahzatron that they were about to celebrate the Hundredth Anmversary of thexr College and J the1r enthuslasm was eyldenced by the1r hearty part1c1pat1on IH the Centenary Celebratlon The sp1r1t of enthuslasm survxved the cele bratlon of the first two weeks and It seemed to perx ade the aCt1v1t1es of the L1t throughout the year The L1t had the honour of playlng an 1mportant part III the fest1v1t1es of the celebrat1on A Ln1xers1ty Lndergraduate Commlttee was formed and the L1t was asked to eo operate w1th them as much as posslble The junlor Common Room was offered to the Comm1ttee and It was there that the banquet was tendered to the V1Slt1I1g undergraduate delegates The I1t also co operated Wlth the Parade Commlttee and entered five floats ln the undergraduate parade Three of the floats very fittlngly represented outstandmg events 111 the hxstory of the College They portrayed 1n turn 'I he Q1gn1ng of the Charter The Laymg of the Corner stone and The Advent of Co edueatlon The floats 1n arrangement and sentlment were very much 1n keepmg wxth the dlgmtv of the College There was however a t1nge of sadness felt at that tlme partltularlv by the undergraduates of LTHIVCFSIIY College To our great sorrow durmg the summer we lost our enthus1ast1c and energetlc Honorary Presldent the late Maumee Cody One of the frrst acts of the I It was to establ1sh 1n hls memorv a prlfe whlch IS known as the Maurlce Cody Memonal Pr1ze Th1s prlfe IS to be pre sented annually for pubhe speakmg and 1nterest m the act1v1t1es of the SOCICIY and It serves as a very I'-ltllllig token of our frlendshrp and esteem for the late Maumee Cody When the school term opened we were very fortunate 1n obtammg Mr H J McLaughl1n a former X ICE Pres1dent of the L1terary and Sclentlht Sometv to hll the posltxon of Honorary Presldent lkkik, fwo Tuuztg ilzrte ' r ow: G. A. Gr ljrd Y 1 ' J' tl. R. X '. I' znyson i7'n'm,1, XV, .X. Gilbert f21m' Ym l'rm.l XX'. 'I K. Ross H51 Year I're5.J, E. M. I-I" y QS r.J, C. G. Mitch ll 1,1111 Yu Frmd, J. V. .' If w 1 Cflxsi. J. n .qv D. . ' ' rs i ' , . . . istie! r ., I CI-Z1llI1l in tl 1. Prem, 1. R. G. -5 g 'r f , . A . .Q on Q. ' ' 'r rforl. . . . . . l dxf, 'I J ., 6. in . . . i Q r ' . . . Xl 1 .mv v 17 EA JJ , 'X l Y--f . u . - . na' cf l N g .. , ' 7 , Q ll ' YY U . ,, . . . i . . . N . . 7 . 7 . y T 1 . x tt I 'Q 'I c Q 1 i 0 0 . . . H . ,, 5 ' . A L Y ' :A ' ' ' Y vv . . .C , ll ' " V7 lf ' V7 - l - a Y Y V Y u 1 v T v I I , , , Y H . ,, i . . . x .' . 4 - - H . , ' 1 A '71 n n 0 4 Q 0. . ' 9 ' - ' , v ' 7 Y, 7 The L1t followed the precedent set last year and tendered a receptlon to the freshmen The old form of procedure was however departed from smce the first year nom1nat1ons were held dur1ng the evenmg The result was that a great 1nterest was st1mulated IU the electlons that follovs ed a week later The Soph Frosh Banquet concluded the electlon and on account of a novel scheme of ctllcket selling that was lntroduced the banquet was one of the largest ever he Thls year IH accordance vuth the new clauses xn the Constxtutlon the L1terary D1rector and h1s Comm1ttee were 1n charge of all debates and the 1nterest aroused 1n debat1ng and publ1c speakmg was malnly the result of the1r work The Parhamentary Club held e1ght meetlngs dur1ng the year and on all occas1ons marked 1nterest was dlsplayed The publ1cat1on of the much talked of LlI'l1VCI'Slty College M3gaZ1H6 was one of the greater undertakmgs of the L1terary D1rector It IS many years s1nce Un1VCFS1ty College has boasted a magaz1ne of her own and we belreve that here the L1t set a precedent that wrll grow 1n lmportance as the years go by Athletlcs m Un1vers1ty College d1d not beg1n the year ausp1c1ously and much better and lost the Champ1onsh1p to School by a very small marg1n Unfortunately we were w1thout the serv1ces of a certaln double w1nner who was later Intercolleg1ate Champ1on But with the openmg of the 1ndoor season U C stepped to the front and won the swxmmmg and water polo t1tles wrth l1ttle dlfficulty In the latter Semor and junxor U C repeated their feat of 1926 27 and the two teams played off ln the finals for the trtle Thls year was the hrst ln many that Un1vers1ty College has had a College Assault and the 1nterest shown 1n It was also evldent IH the Jumor Assault whrch was won bv our College for the second consecut1ve year Although there was no partlcular act1v1tv ln tennrs th1s fall in the College U C was honoured by hav1ng two of her men wrest from McGill the Intercolleglate Doubles T1tle that she has held for so long The soc1al programme of the L1t was an extenswe one The Fall dance held at jenkins was the first of its k1nd sponsored by the Soc1ety and the hope has been wldely expressed that this dance w1ll become an annual event The Follles were as usual the popular soc1al event of the College dur1ng the Fall term The L1t th1s year followed the pollcy set last year of fostermg muslcals ln the Common Room and a great demand for t1ckets slgnlfied thexr popularlty The most brllllant functlon of the season was the Arts Ball and It made a very formal conclusron to the serxes of soc1al act1v1t1es of the year We men of Un1vers1ty College reflect w1th a great sense of appreclatlon and prlde when we conslder that we have added another successful vear to the hlstory of our College We are justly proud of the work of our predecessors 1n the hundred years that are past we must thrlll wxth hope as we trust to our successors the years that he ahead Two Twenty fo ur L ll ' IV I , Y T ' 1 ! u N Q 1 o l V x - . Y l . s u v 1 1 u , 7 7 . 7 . . . In u n , ll 4 Y, e 1 Q y 1 . . . . I . . . . , our rugby and soccer teams lost several games. In "track", however, we fared ' ' fl 17 ' Y 1 n 1 - , 1 ! 4 , . . ' . sc ' H ' L I Al ' YY A s ' ' . v r " . KL 1 ,y s v I l 0 7 z . . Back Row: jean Macnamara llfrp. Argyle Ilozufl, Helen Allen 1.N'..1.C'. Refm, Eleanor Smith Civ! l'mr Refml, Anne Harris tend Yeizrl, Marjorie Eoll iIVO7Ilt"7l'S L1'l.l, Lillooet Green Uni Ymzrl, Jean XVarnicz1 fRep. Oueerfs Ilulll, Betty Parsons f.S'otiaI Srrrirey. Frou! Roman' Edith McCollum fTrms.J, Jenn Kennedy 4l'ife-Presb, Betty Brown rPrex.l, Mrs. Cochrane tHon. Pre5.l, Eleanor Barton CSef.l, Dorothy Haines mth l'f'arJ. The U.C. Women Undergraduates' .Association l . W QHE VVomen Undergraduates' Association is the officially representative f I and administrative body of the women students. It is the one organiza- tion to which all women of the College belong, and as such it seeks to unify their interests. 31 The W.U.A. co-operated with the Literary and Athletic Society in the undergraduates' share of the Centenary celebrations, principally by means of the floats for the Student Parade. On enrolment day the XY.U.A. gave out the usual handbooks and information to the Freshies. Later the initiation party took the form of stunts performed by the Freshies, followed by an impressive ceremony at which the seniors formally initiated the first year women. In November the Annual Autumn Tea was held in East and VVest Halls, when the Freshies were introduced to the wives of the Faculty and graduates. A At Christmas time Mrs. Malcolm VVallace and Mrs. Dow very kindly assisted the students in putting on a Nativity Play at the Annual Christmas Party at the Union. The VV.U.A. sent a delegate to the Convention of the Student Volunteer Movement in Detroit. In january a Bridge Party was held with the idea of promoting greater friendliness between the graduates and the undergraduates, and with the purpose of raising money for the U.C. VVomen's Building Fund. The annual Oratorical Contest was held in February, the prize being awarded by the St. Margaret's College Alumnae Association. A gown week was held in each term to foster the academic spirit among undergraduate women. Two Twenly-five U.C. WlJIllCH,S Executive, QT8 Pearl Kgnngqly' mlimma 14111-ir Dorutlry Hainfls Jenn Kennedy Eleanor Norton l'ife-Prev. Sw. Frm. .S.A.C'. Rfp. Treas U L Men s Evcecutne '7T8 H B L Jones 'X R Xment F A Mafdonald D B Dingle C G Mitchell Toronlonenns Rrfv S 4 C If rf Treas Pres Two Twenf x Y1 vc N ! ' I v . . A , ... A . . 1 Rf . S . . . 'Jf'l1'.7"f"'f"U'""w'A"""'L'f""""m'F"""n""'gn nr 'L .l.. .N , 5119, h-9-zua.1.'JuahAllR3xI1L21-2 ' r " ' ' ' " LTC. Third Year Executive Helen Spence Bf-tty Runs lilfluet Green XYilma Fpeers ,lean Mclntwsll F.C'.lU. Rff. Nm. I"rr.:. l'1'fe-Pru. Trraf. T y X w 7 Y - 1 L .C. Men 5 hxeeutlve, TI 9 Bark Row: H. C. Dell QToror1tm1en.sis Rffnj, J. N. Omand lS..4.C'. Rrp.J. Front Roux' S. A. Allan KTreax.l, G. A. Gale 4Pffs.J, G. G. Morrow tSef.J. Two Twenly-seven e f ' A-'f 'H' -Y f- - - - - rf- LA: JH- il - " ' I-1 - Y T 'ulltli 4 , fin. " I 'T ',"""' -'ffgilfl'-f1Ij'-f:2'2l1""'7""5"f:'f1 Q1?V""TL' Y 4 x - I ' 'PH --fh W - -fv--,--,M -'--if-. -'Q' Q--41111:i.:--1:11-m7.1GQ,1z--Q3-4,,f,,N,,,,N,.r..Q..Q 36- f,-...- 7 3 ST- Llqqjl ,:jqgY+,9g.,,.9Q '6:'9'.g,,,, if I X C X 1 1 1 1 l .1 h 1 1 l 1 1 R 5 l l l U C Wcmmen 5 Executlve, STO Clara Fray Elda McFarland Anne Hdffli Helen Reld Violet Maw S -1 C D I we I rex Pres Trms 81 U Q Men 5 hXCCL1t1VC, 310 H B ell XX -X Gllbert XX -X Bean XX F Xrnold frm: Ires ef S 4 C' 17 Il Two Twenlv ezght 'Bly-f+'-L-7 -f.,4f.1'.1'g.-.ETX-.,.,,:..w . ,.,.,.,.,.,,.., ,,.m, V,,,,A, :,,,1,,, .,..-..Y L,,....,,.,,?7,,,,,,-,,:,i,-'LL L , WH-W'2' ' ' "" " -' , 'nf 'L-W U' 1 " "n " if-nzmrrr - 1 W , 1 1 I 1 1 1. 1 Ll 1 .1 X 1 1 f' 1 l ..g l 11 1 2111 al l 515, 1111 "l 1 ,111 Q - lx 111 - Y 1 af' ' ' A dl . . 1 . 1 ' , , f . I x , ,111 gn . 1 Rf . " - ' . .. .S 4. 1 Qlfl li 151: 1 l was 115 5 'Ifi fl? 1 lil 1 1314 1 ll? 1 ihl 5 Q12 1 ll: 1 1 Q lil ' 111 1 11 1 .J l l 14, 1! l l lr 1 11 4 ,W , , ,4 11 : w 7 N X Y ' W . . . '1 . , W1 ' J . S . . . Rc' . il 1: N X l F .F .r'4l'-1--y-,s-een-wg-A '."x.' "'-, -1 - J 1,.., -N-.-.i- ..,.-. -,-,... 3. -Y . U.C. VVOI11CIl,S ILXCCLIIIVC, STI Peggy VVhi1by jean Robertson Elinor Smith Mary Northway Flurcncc' Mathews U.C. Men,s Executive, 3Tl B Barber Dunc. Copus H. Ross XY. CODPILIIIKI S .-1 C. Tfeas. Prfx. Ser. Tivo T'2U6"Ilfj'-Hlhllt' 4---- - -Aww:-,Q-ff' -V --Q Qv! efF7,2f11y-f-::,y,1:Qif-f-Y--1rlvrrwf, - 11- if-1-1 -.1-.Lf - -,WL-.-,, -,,,, . -E.,-A I-v L -5----1.-Q ---:?-- :F--,N J- A'-2--- - ' W ' Q: 'x??..-C.1?..- ".'vAf?11c4..,,TI.f ,:AT,.".1'.-:'. -...LA-1' :pw 7i,?gE?fyi5.j':q-551-3, , Q ,C -5- -- :u2L::.'..n.'w.f. 1.v..r.3a.T-iiiiff.-'. I Q 1 a x N ze x sbor ugl ll ll 1lo1eme111J dlx ZI 1 kxrhx Nxrymn 7 C Qtewenson fl we P e ieutl V1CtOf13 College Students Parhament , ROM the days of Platos Republlc Moores Utopxa and Rousseau ll 4 fy? should gulde the Cl6SflI116S of a people wlth a max1mum of CFHCICHCV and a mmlmum of effort Alas that such men d1d not lne 1n the days of the V1ctor1a College Students Parhament' Thelr worn reeds would be broken thelr th1nk1ng ended as thev recognlzed 1n that organ1zat1on the con summation of the1r dreams reallzed after strenuous and ted1ous processes of evolutlon and development 1n the present constltutlon of that body Desp1te the renowned example of Demosthenes our parl1amentar1ans have dlscovered that pebbles do not even approach Chelsea buns for efficacy rn developlng all that IS latent 1n an orator Only mfrequently however four tlmes to be speclhc d1d the student body consent to partake of the apparently un welcome d1et of guns and bombast The executlve of the Parhament 1ndeed has no small reason to feel pr1de 1n the 1mpl1c1t confidence placed 1n xts admmxs trat1on by the student body IH general when no word of cr1t1c1sm of 1ts Jur1s d1ct1on was so much as breathed at the aforesald open meetmgs Nay more It IS well known ln College clrcles that 1ts presxdent the quondam blood curdlmg despot of the M1kadO commands the love and respect of h1s people rn a way only equalled by the reverent devotlon of the Russlans to thelr Llttle Father And what a group of Lord H1gh Executroners has he assembled to execute hxs every wh1m' Hoary Semors who rn some rnadvertent moment were placed at the head of thexr respect1ve soc1et1es shoulder thenr responsxbrlltles and dellberate ln solemn conclave wrth youthful second year representatxves 'At Homes Freshman tres Oratoncal Contests Floats Parades Debates etc are all sparks from the anvll of thls Cyclopean forge pol1t1cal th1nkers haxe been concentratmg on the 1deal of a representa t1ve government free from factlon fr1ct1on and forensxc fut1l1ty whlch T 110 TlL1ffj Bur: 111111: G. S. Pn1:kl1an1 l.lIIl.Yl'rf C11 111, F. S. D' lj fI,l'tlNlllffI' jot' ljl, F. A. XVan, o 1 K4 1 Ymzr 1'1'c's1'd1'11tJ, F. C. Cryderman 1.5711116111 Christrrz , " , VV. J. A fson K.-111116115 U1 knzl. Frm! Kwan' H. " j H1111 l'1'111' Rvjxl, T. R. Q2 'ft t lS'of1'11I l1'rer!or1, J. . C 1 . - r 5f1 , M. K. Kenny 4l'1'1wi1le11t9, R. I.. Frcdenburg l.S'vr.-Y'1'f'11.v.J, G. A. Dunn ll,I'l't'l'f07' of Dfhalexp. B . . , . I V ' Y ' .,ge, s 1 1 I N . . . V . . - .-1 l . ' . . ' . . 15. ".'J."' 31 Y ' l ' - . . , . . 1 , N ' Y , . ' 7 7 Y .. - A' 1 1 ' 7 . 1 ' ll ' !7 ' ' 7 ' Y ! ! Y ' ' ' s 11 ' I 9 7 Q! 7 7 'Y 1 T 1 Bark R '11 mson Snell uc 1111111 X lu XX Dug Tx Chrx ron! R u C atter on H av R get orxx xrc IL tr F 'Xlunr B V1ctor1a Women Undergraduates ASSOC13tlOH HE XX omen Undergraduates AQSOC13tlOH officlallv replesents and IS Ill 5 3 X charge of the admmlstratlon of all the women students of Xxctorla College On the executlve are representatlves from each year w1th t e '11 LQ ll presldents of all soc1et1es Thus It IS 1n close touch wlth the V3I'lOLlS ? 5 lnterests of all four Sears and can ably express the opunon of the undergraduate women The need for mcreased resldence accommodatlon led the XX b A to sponsor a campalgn for thls It also superwses the XX7omen Students Umon under the counc1l of the Dean The Sunday evemng mus1cales at XVym1lwood have become an lmportant factor 1n the l1fe of the College The programmes are planned by the XV U A These lnformal evenlngs haue been a means of furthermg frlendshlp and good wlll among the students The XX U A IS not only a representatne organlzatlon but '1 Llllll-Vlflg force for all the general act1v1txes of college hfe T 0 Ylzzrlx one 0 L. G'l . , B. S , , E. B la 2 , E. Tv l rst, A. Tales, R. Jgan, '. 'stitn F n 1. P. s , .D v, R. rw 1 S, M. F 'z 1, M. R' -df, L. 4 fm, M. mer. . . , . . 7 v y u 1 . - I - . lbgr- ' H4 ' . .' ' f ' h lg? Nl ' . . . . . . . . -. I 2 ,I 1 -7 L L Q . . . I , , 1 N . . . . , . . . X 7 . . . . 7 . . . - 7 . i . V . . . . - . . C i 'lil T ' ".. v ' ' V ,, B kRo V M Palsley QT l ss ers -X Youn of s B A Rat il oe! ssl F o lR Miss E Trewartha CSecl J T Bryden fPf 5 Dr Jul nston LH 1 Pr sl NI s E T Munro Is lze rexj C Iockharttzrdl el' H1StOTy of Class ZT9 V1CtOf1H A charmmg child' M rs V and such a comfort to has parenls HE Class of 2T9 is now in the third year of its lusty life and Mrs V1c S5755 like all fond mothers has kept a complete account of all the events in yx to the life of the youngster Arriving in the fall of 1926 little 29 was the last of Mrs Vic children to be started on the maxim Spare the rod and spoil the child This class w1ll go down through history as the butt of the last Soph Frosh initiation and light 1n Victoria College At the early age of two months 29 became addicted to parties and since that age has th own four each year which have attained such fame as to be mentioned in the same breath as the School At Home the Vic At Home and the Masquerade Far from becoming exclusively a tea hound the class of 29 early showed signs of athletic ability and bravely shook its rattle in the face of age and experi ence The sophomore year exhibited increase in strength and stature and inter year victories again came to our young hero The girls attained the swimming championship and members of the class were stars in basketball water polo tennis and baseball The child has leaped 1UtO its third year of athletic prowess with characteristic vigour and confidence. All brawn and no bralns? Certainly not as the part taken in Lits S C M and Student Parliament work readily show Whether in social, athletic, or academic spheres '29 will always be found among the leaders. Three years is a rather mature age for a college class, and in the next, and last, year of '29's life we may, judging from previous experiences, expect great things from this great child. Two Thirly-two Back Rau Fred Swavze Fl mrence Reed Ge Jrge Ferrmer Ruth Mckee Xrthur Balfour Front Ron Helen Hxlllard Cllarllt leslle Dr J D R :bln ,lean Pmclnn Douglas Strangways STO Class H1StOTy V1ctor1a Q EPTEMBER 1927 w1tnessed the return of .5T0 to the precmcts of ,Kd N X 1ctor1a just a year before we created a record for bemg the largest year to enter X IC thls year we are even greater numerlcally and of course 1ntellectually The Bob went off wxth a gusto unsurpassed by any former Sophomore year Although we were demed even a tappmg party for the Frosh we made them look the part bv the wmged collar and yellow bow effect The women held thelr annual 1n1t1at1on wlth more than usual success The first soclal event a h1ke was planned for early 1n October but was unavoldably postponed due to the Great Plague whlch passed over us VVe however managed to hold a very successful reunlon at Scarboro Bluffs 1m medlately after the quarant1ne was llfted A bonfire haunted house and nm promptu skxts prov1ded a h1lar1ous evemng Early ln December the year turned out en masse to Annesley Hall for the gayest party ln our hlstory A snappy orchestra dellghted the dancers and the Uptown prov1ded a good tlme for the balance Both men and women of 3T0 have been well represented ln athletlcs Pro mlnent on basketball football hockey rugby and soccer teams are members of the class a number of the men wmnlng thelr V s ln mterfaculty serles A strong sprmg executwe xs presxded over by Earl Lautenslager and under the able supervlsxon of Dr J D Robms the outlook for the future IS mdeed brxght Two Thzriy three '.' ' .T 'h , 1 4 , f ' , ' , ,L . . '.' ' ' , 'f , ' , . . . 4 ' S, ' ' , .. .I . u . . . f . .- Q ff 9 qw my i,. . . .' xx' Q ' f T Q v. . . :Q 4, J - 1 Y f 'v 1 1 u y . 3: 1, ' f,q.:-:Egg 7 ' ! -"- l W ff' V ' - - H - n . . I - 1 a v ' la vs ' ' 1 . . r - ' ' 1 9 ' . . . . . . t, . . . 1 v 9 , . . . , . . . , . . . . . - 1 . . . . . . Class STI Executive-Fall Term Hilde Row: G, li. Milliken fl'oe'lb, lXIiSs J. F. Nelson iHf5ft7ffdP1l, T. R. Finder t1'iu11i'sl?. 1'lI'U7If1fU7f'.' Miss J. P. Crzmstfm f,S'f'r.J, J. A. Falconbridge CI-'rr.v.9, De-an N.'AM. DeXVitt fHon. I're5.b, Miss D. J. Darling Hx! I'1're'-I'rr'x.J, A. E. S. Davison fend l'irr-Pres.l. Y ear 31 1 TFIDIIY College VK"ulding,ton Worth Dnmm Brown Bailcs Baldwin Ruddy Cliapple Douglas Gray Kirkwood Trevelyan Ierdue. Duncan, Fair Farmer Johnson Wong Burwash lull' CI"'.' If urtlz Knit' 7l17Iv7'lI1fflT'.' Rwpsey Archer Little, Lister Mann Saunders Eyre Edwards Belten Macdonald .5'L't'Il7Id Rom: Ustrum McCr'1cken Berwick Yutes Twamlcy Findlater Scheicler Malcolmson Sims. TU: 0 Tlzzfrlj -A our P' 6- Lg l l V 1 ' ' N 5 1 I '11 c ' - A y . - y n - v , - U I r ' . - J c 1 v r 1 - L' 4 1 U I X I 1 7 I I I ll. , 4 , , c V X v 1 v n lfmul lima' Graliani, Coleman. Little, Malone. f- v f f MQ.-Q--"'f-?"' mam' f-QLQQ-..wm,.....' "fm""7' 4,,'mf,,g,':"zm-'fzgfjgiggigfsigggf,f',,W,,,.""" ffm " " " Back Row: R. H. Loosemore Cami l'z're'-Prfrml, R. N. Wlirldington fix! l'f-ur Refm, J. T. XVilson rSrr.5, D. D. Gunn 1.-ivwl. Treaal H. R. S. Ryan fKf'e',fvc'r'ufIl1f' llfzrel. . - s M f .. . Front Row: F. S. Edgar Irv! Ivlitif-PfF.9.J, A. T. R. Armstrong tSpf'f11cer'1, XV. P. Jennings 6I'rr'5.J, xl. .L YVri5:l1t l,Tre'as.J, XV. L. Smith 417611. Seal. Trinity College Literary Institute N a resume of the Lit. the first thought that comes to mind is that this society is very old as University institutions go. For, although it was founded under its present title in 1853, it was descended from the days of the Diocesan Theological Institute in Cobourg. .In the activities 'ff 'Q-I of its new surroundings it still remains established and vigorous, which is shown by the success of our speakers in the Inter-College Debating Union last year, when Messrs. T. H. Taylor. F. M. Reid, VV. L. Smith and C. J. Frank remained undefeated in the struggle for the Kerr Shield. Debating has been emphasized for some years now in the interpretation of our motto, 'tFeros Cultus Voce Formare". At the regular meetings on Friday evenings the Common Room is the scene of Party debates under the Parlia- mentary system, with 'due attention to ceremony and traditional usage. Upon defeat in two successive party debates the Council of nine members goes out of office. It is succeeded by the official Opposition of live members, with the necessary additions, who then form the l'Government". The Council has full executive authority and arranges the Oratorical Contest each year and other entertainments. Lately the combined debates with the St. Hilda's Literary Society have met with encouraging approval and not being partisan the debates allow all members free discussion upon which ever side they choose. The Con- versazione is held annually under the supervision of a special committee, which each year has earned the commendation of the members. Two Tl11'r!,v1fiz'e -an . 1 . ' Y 'H ' i il Burk Row: W. Mogan, R. Hilborn CSecrelaryl. F. Lawless. Botiom Row E. Garvey tlfire-Presidenlj, E. Hartmann CPrcsidcni5. St. M1Ch3Cl,S Students' Administrative Council ' U HE Students' Administrative Council of St. Michael's College has as 65 its formal object the supervision of the conduct of the students in "' N relation to the ordinary regulations of the College and the University, 3 and the organization and promulgation of student activities and societies within the College. The personnel of the Council consists of the President and Vice- President of the senior year, who retain their respective offices in the council, the President of the junior year who acts in the capacity of Secretary-Treasurer, and the Presidents of the Sophomore and Freshman years who function as councillors. With the exception of the President of the Freshman year these officers are elected by their colleagues during the latter part of the spring term. The Presi- dent is ex-officio St. Michael's College representative to the Students' Admin- istrative Council of the University. All student activities apart from the academic and athletic phases of College life, are included under the jurisdiction of the Council. This embraces such affairs as the Freshman Reception, Students' Parliament, the oratorical contests and inter-year debates, and the various societies and clubs flourishing among the students. In all these endeavours the Council has as its aim service to the student body. The Council acts as a nexus between the Faculty and the student body in matters pertaining to student life outside of lecture hall. During this term the Council was successful in promoting a number of interesting and novel entertainments for the students and their friends. The Smoker, held in Hart House in the early part of the term, was an outstanding success and brought favourable comment from graduates and undergraduates alike. Possibly the most important social event of the year is the Arts' Banquet, which this year was held in the latter part of january. From a gastric and forensic point of view it was the most successful of all the various enterprises sponsored by the Council. This centralization of student government and organization probably tends more to the success of the year's activities than any other factor in the life of the student body. to c, :'1 F!:k,: I Two Thirty-six 1 ,- R es F ,rag UXT ,Y MEDICAL SGCIETY JQXECUTWY' 1921 1928 -ls. The Medlcal SOC1Cty ROM the far oft days of 'la the medrcal students of the Unrversrty of QJLJP Q I Toronto have had an undergraduate organrzatron elected for the l 4' l purpose of adm1n1ster1ng student 3CtlV1tl6b Though the changlng W years and altered customs haxe made necessary mam addrtlons to the orrgrnal const1tut1on the baslc purposes whrch the hrst Qocretv served strll exrst Electrons are held each xear 111 Februarx and the 1IlCOI'IllI1g executwe takes orlice when the Fall term begrns Besldes presrdent wrce presldent secretarx treasurer and asslstant those comprlsrng the executrxe are the varrous X ear presldents a muslcal drrector and a X arsrtx reporter together wlth the presrdent of the lVled1cal -Xthletrc Socretx Had It no purpose other than that of admrmstermg facultx soelal ew ents and busmess matters pertarnmg to the student bodw the Medrcal Soclety would have served a useful purpose But there lb a far broader aspect It lb the arm of the SOC16ty to promote co operatlon between start and students and to arrange educatlonal meetrngs whlch may serxe to draw the xarrous xears together for the dlscusslon of tODlCS both acadennc and extra mural lt lb under the ausprces of the Medlcal SOC1Cty that the L nu ersrtx of Toronto Medlcal lournal ls pub llshed Thls publ1cat1on the only one of 1ts krnd 1n eustence rs the specral protege of the Soclety The admrnlstratlon of the Medlcal Suk Ia und rs another of the lmportant functxons of the SOCIBYY. Daffydll Nlrght that annual fun fest held rn Convocatron Hall, lb a Medrcal Socrety productlon, as are the Annual Rt Home and Facultx Drnner Two T11 1 rt v seven nl 1:1 ix I-1 J- 1 ""' ' V Y' -ff--'H' ' - '- , W - 41 , qi, Y, -1 7 ff- , Y,.Y, H-nu, 5- ,- in fl. ' if "1"urr.rxW'3 - 5131 5. .Y . Dshqoe W WY Y . , X rwYY.s,N1 frnwu-,we Y . , Y, Y ,I HR rm-Ys ,lf.Y,,,.. x, T -'mr .f Y . - .9 'fr-" A: r- -Y Hu - ur-mrrl-Yr I M. LmY,rx' Y I rw 1 r sn.4.'n r..-. N N' Q' t . ,Y, N Y in ' . . . . - 1 6 g N. M. x . Q Q: ' XJ I L V T . .Y . Y . . , , A Q- N x J A l - 1439 Aff? XT 5 Y 'f il .' " 0-9 0' f Ygf .,...Y---X 'b57l1Rvf-lb ' ' - lf -' - Q L Gnmmf' , -Y. , Y ' 5' Ho' 'fF'iY.,, -' ,, ,,,. a...'1.'l'f.Y""3 I X L Tyouvo , ' L'f"'A"f R' M'---s--.WY,..Y,.Y-1-""" ' ' ' ' ' I 1 UI on Om or, r 'llfsqgix uuurvsasfrtrly F- a3fQffe,o,utT oi : -' r ., .Y . X112 toomlmos Y Q -- ma-,,.....-Ytw. ' - 7 N I Y 17 J., VV Y . . . , ,, . . . - Y A , 5 Y r v. v c .f . af Q in ' ' Y - Y N Y Y , ' ' - r T . Qge,-s Big . . i . . . . Y N . - . .. A Y k - A Y S u Y Q Y V Y V V Y A ' Y v 1 ' - ' i ' v' - . .. . , . P- pi 5 . N 5 . N . Y . 7 , - ' e . Y . . . A A Y . , , Y a Y - Y 1 , .. c - i , . . . . 1 . . A Y, Y ' -Y 0 ' ' . Y -. ' , - , .. I c , 1 - YY k C Y , . T c T . T - V T V C k l . f . v 'N 7 vf . 4 y '- c . e 1 .. , , . Y c ' . T L Yf Y I VY R Y Y Y S - Y c . , 1 ' 6 3 , .T 3 ' , . y . . N . . , . K 7 , . a yi' ,OX WW i ll f W RNQNEERING YQQFN Extcuwvf E R 192 7 The Engmeermg SOC1Cty Hlr, Unlversity of Toronto Engineering Society the oldest Engineering Society in Canada came into being on February 6th 1885 During its first three years from 1885 1888 the late Dr J Galbraith then Dean of the School of Practlcal Science was the President but ln the ffl followmg year the members of the Society elected their first student president Since that time the affairs of the Society have been entirely in the hands of the undergraduate body The objects of the Society are the promotion organization and control of student actlvitles social and athletic within the Faculty of Applied Sclence It also aims to supplement the technical education of its members as la1d down by the curr1culum by holding general meetings for which the first Engineers and best known public men of the day are procured as speakers These meetings are held regularly every two weeks and in addition meetmgs are organized from time to time by the five federated and affiliated clubs At these latter meetings matters of local importance too technical and detailed for general consideration, are d1scussed The affairs of the Society are adm1n1stered by its Executive, which consists, according to the recently revised Const1tut1on, of a President, two Vice PYCSI dents, Secretary and Treasurer, who are the officers of the Society, together with the four Year Presidents, the Chairmen of the federated and affillated clubs and the President of the Athletic Assoc1ation The Senior Students' Administrative Council representat1ve and the Director of Publications and Publicity are members of the executive ex ojicw. The Presldent and First VICC President and the Presidents of the four years form the recognized means of communication, on behalf of the students, between the undergraduate body and the Faculty Council. Two Thzrly ezght I . , i , . , g - 11i7ii 'r,f3X'F'f" Ng. A-...M A-,. ,,- -.vw W . ,,, ...l Y' Y , - G .. W , W , Y rv C A-,Q .go ' ' 1. pw - 4 , ,t . A G 1 dk N S, .. tx- - as 5,3 599 ,--ti, I l V. -+ r 'i -xx I s V' Q If g A . , , 1 , , '- 1 a Q - ' 4- , . N ,Q i . e L xv Q u 7. f f - sf: ' Q 3 . ,. ,J V, . , v I A , 4 s g v S6 , 3 ,. W - l - .v A, - ,. ,s v- A . . 'll 5,.,,1+ 4- .4 g,,.,,.v Y- if H. -'A f' Bands '- X . 'K ,VH Btvrwfe GN1'.mN0v' Jffleujsiif' WM., 1. K .1... - , f. ,,.f,.. an, H. r. M.. . .. -nw.-.M vnsm. M tfwfmn. rms-nr., t . f ,M L4 -H f ... 1-V Hr. . fu. mt .um .ck U-Hfii-M uw um .mn-1. .,s.x..w,. 1 W 5 ' X la-, if X. f .., if 22 Y- V ' 1 .xx .1 .c 3 '- . . - f ' X 1 z 1 1' 2 af. Iv I, .. , R , ,' 2-' - , N. A ,gg f , y. ar 3:53, r . , egg Q Q , Q ,. : X and ., Pvrjfxii, X V S . . 5 Y- 1 f , V f' 2.1.1 X 5 - F Q il , 3' 1 5' if, X 3 r .5 , t A M-af: sit it GNGFN final wwe ,4:JCLMXq+ 1 01" I , K"'h""'t'N"""'f' H 5 "f'wmn'-ffl AJUADAHV5 7 wlwvf' '15 Lam pixiwszs rnf-,f.,lM . f,Uv-11.0, g .wma ,- -' , 5 1 L ' S vnnnunsn Qtuvcuuxv murmur: vnaswsu A ,. f.. . . in-.1.,.f..-s 1 , f-N I ,,- ,rx ,D K KMQK My V1 in nan x -' Q , efxg 19 A I, . n - vm F - 1 . . . . . . . 1 ml ' I Cv . . . . . ' Tj im 1 1 9 - W . . 'f 5 5' " - l Y 1 ' ' Y l 2 N 1 . . . . l ' v 1 L, Q A' - . . . . . . - . - v . . . . . . . . . 7 g ! ' . . . . . . . . Y 7 Y , . A . . . . 7 Y 'E The Fxrst XICC Presldent bes1des belllg the Presldents ehlef asslstant lb dlrectlv responslble for the SOCICIV s soexal aetlxltles To hns lot falls the assemblmg and the Chalrmanshlp of the Commlttees whlch organwe the Annual qchool Dmner and the Soclety s formal -Xt Home The Second X Ice Presxdent IS the manager of the Souetx s Supplx Depart ment a small store xxhlch Qarrles 1 supplv of statlonerx draughtmg lT11I6I'1dl5 and other merchandlse Calculated to hll the dally wants of the Souetv s members In the hands of the TDIFCCIIOI' of Tllllllldllfjlls lre the l'r1ns1tt1ons md Year Book pubhshed 'mnuallv III the Sprmg and the Tolke Oxke 1 sm1ll paper pubhshed from txme to tlme as ottaslon demands and LOIIIEIIIIIIIQ fresh The X ear Pres1dents fmd C lub Uh urmen vuth IIICII' sex eral exetutlxes are responslble for the aetlwtles soeml and OIllCI'NVl9C of the1r partltultr veir or C ub The SOCICIX through the Presldent of the Athletlc ASSOLIHIIOII takes Care of all athlet1e pursults 1n Qehool Through the C hurm in of the Debatlng Q lub It HQSIQIS one to become an orator of parts If one so deslres Phe Soclety to operates wxth the Qtudent C hrlstlan ASQOC13t1OH the strongest orgamzatxon of 1ts kmd IH the Umx erslty In short the P ngmeermg boelety lb lnterested IH and miiuenees ewerx phase of student '1ct1v1ty 1n School md IH the llI11VCI'lSty as a whole THE EPIGIHEEIQIPIG Somew THE Exeeunvrl Tut OFFICEQS DQESIDEPIT WADUHCAH I YVICL PRESIDENT Z VIC: DRLsIDcr11' SECRETARY Twcnsunnlz Dmzcron or Dunucmnons G 5 Aonr-:son Q B Qocncsvzn N D nnms JD Wnnanr MJCLAz an Pura nm I YI:An Pwr.: nznf II Yann P ss oem' III YEAR P N um TWWLson GHVIVLAN GIVIGQAY AB Hur-1'r CII In-1 CI I. CLUB MIN I I"I:rCIuo Cm: umm l"Ir.cnlfEtm CI a Cum ar-Ian An nn' Cwb M Sr-um L A Hownno AE 5 Bo from C H BR-cons Gemnmr-I Cumnat Cum Pans Aruuzruc Assam-I Cunnan DEBRTINI4 CLUB GD.CoI-Ir-Iocz JHPQus:II:I.I. VVDSHELDOH I I liilllml SEQOPIQ YEAI2 I I ' FIQST Yann 7 wo Thzrtv nzne . N ,. . . V' . . ,i x . W. 1 - v L M L g L v . Q .I N N. ' . , i Q . . 7. . Q . N rv , . K V. . . L . V . 4 A C In vv'A" ' 1 ' vv 1 II , vv .W-A C 7 . x . i C 5 -V S . 'yy I Q . 1 L W .' - ' J ' V k' K. . 'I ' , -f X ' . , C s , X C C -.C s C , 7 ,, .1 , . . I H . . ,, I N I , c H , L L c " ' , Q H 5 C I ' ' ' Q ' Q - man instruction, news, gossip and matters of local importance. , . f, . . . V . K I T c , 2 , 7 .N 7 ' .V T 'V Q, c i . . Y. . :Y i .C C .N y . bc .t E - L l . . j, f . , ' , ' ' 5 a . N . . U ,, , . . ' , . E 2 .. - . , Q T I Q It 7 1 . y - i . K , .K . X . . v Q Q . . 4 7 Q i y A . . .N Q . . 5 v 'V K K4 i C . . . L, K 2 . . . E , - , I I I I I S I I N' I I I I I I - I J I I I I r I n I nnslonr-I1 Y .' .' I . . 5 . . . . I ' I I I n are vu . Ifnmunnn . . A , I . u I I I r 'L I I I If I TA are rv C"V1.i 11" 09111. CLUB EXECUTIVE Nvf FACULTY or PPLIED SCHSNC l9Z7U T1928 lhe Civil Club Q, ED S the latest addition from School to the Civil Engineering profession fffgn we the Civils of 1928 feel that we owe a solemn debt of gratitude f To President Falconer and the University of Toronto for the 1 excellent educational facilities provided To Dean Mitchell and the Honorary Officers of the Civil Club viz Professors Gillespie Young and Loudon and other members of the Faculty firstly for their uncomplaining conscientious efforts in our behalf academically and socially and secondly for their splendid example as gentlemen To the founders of Hart House and to Warden Bickersteth under whose wise guidance The House has given to us privileges and associations to be treasured throughout life and last but not least To the creators of Varsity Tradition and School Spirit which have made these four years the best we shall ever live in that the thoughts of associa- tions we have enjoyed and the friendships we have made thereby are among our dearest treasures. We relinquish to those who are to follow our task of upholding only the best as regards our University. May they go further where we have succeeded and advance where we have stood still. We hope to accomplish in the world of Engineering that which will prove of service to mankind. Thus we strive to prove ourselves worthy of the con- fidence that has been placed in us, and to show our appreciation to those who have given us this splendid advantage. May the sacred memories of "School" and the University of Toronto keep us from faltering in our purpose. T 'wo Forty !"""" """""7x" "?'W!'F ?WM'zWM'x ' m'W?N NZQNXKY WWW' JB Bu?-W Bnvci Q4 Howv-ft 'VLANGYOQ MI N I N G AND MBTALLURGICAL CLUB EXECUTIVE 1927 U T 1918 'win 55m 'YV' uc GDI' '45 The Mmmg and Metallurg1cal Club We are mzners seekzng rzches Wg UT not only rlches for Canadlan M1n1ng has even more to offer than X great wealth All the recent opt1m1sm IS more than Jusuhed bv our M great country to the north and as more and more blg camps are opene -3, 5. up we reallze that thls great reglon bounded on the East by the Atlantlc on the VVest bv the Paclflc and on the North by the Arctlc Ocean has barely been touched JL The lure of rlches IS only a mmor part of the attractlon for there IS no l1fe anywhere qulte as free as healthy and as lnterestlng as the hfe lead by a Mlnlng Englneer It IS no exaggeratlon to say that some of the hnest men 1n the world are those who have chosen to follow what IS now one of Canada s most 1mportant mdustrles The Club was fortunate 1n hav1ng a man of th1s type accept the pos1t1on of Honorary Pres1dent and to Mr Bob Bryce goes the Cfedlt for most ofthe splend1d speakers who have addressed the Club thxs year The Freshman class of th1rty two has broken all records, and lf a cause may be judged by 1tS apostles, the professlons of Mmmg and Metallurglcal Engmeer mg rank among the first. Two Fort v one i , YV V Y - 'W ' ' ' . . ., X A "' "1Kl.'Yg. .. . M . swf-?"'11'f?'f"" -1'5'f'?f7r .'. ,Q ' Q 5 J 717522173 , bs, Vi' .Tis 'F W1 , t , 44 9 PP 0 fr 0 l :sv vena nap non-cnmmn, f' cm-.naman Zum vue suv l , I lg- Us l I 4 , f , . ' OF ' A s I I 5 L 'M l C we I x K 750 Ke?-'L I A ' ' R BRD YEAR PQP VICE CHAXQVIAN MW 'V f 4474i-Igfmkjrir V... Zta-A?,-W V Li Av!-SEC TREA5 UM-N',Q,, 4114 YEARNED ,,n,M,a,, '5,'L,. - . ,. . - ' .. , , ,, ,.,,, .,,. - A , ,. H . ' , ,U . . ,, , . 0 . q SQ , 4? ' ' . . . . . 'l'., ,lf y d '-----' .145 . . . . 'la' 'elif' .n..- E2 ' ' , , ' , v a 1 . . . - . . , . . . J 1 . , . 'iss HAN NEC ANDICAL CLUB EXECUTWYJ YACULTY OF 1, APPLIED SCIENCE JHQ :Wm 1921 U YT l925 The Mechanical and Electrical Club HE Mechanical and Electrical Club a subsidiarv club to the Engineering Qiiv Soclety has operated this year under a new policv Due to the very g X large membership about 250 It was declded to split the Club into two sections Mechanical and Electrical This innovation has met with a great success as it allowed each section to hold small meetings of its own thus encouraging a general discussion and also trips for twenty five to fiftv participants In our estimation this idea should be continued and enlarged upon until the Club is able to offer something of interest to each of its members and thus become a very influential part of the Engineering Society I The sectional meetings were held in Hart House and followed a dinner in the Great Hall After a short sing song the paper or papers of the evening were delivered by members of the section and then discussed by all those present Along with the regular meetings of the Club and sectional and club trips which took in Niagara Falls Dundas the Toronto Transportation Commission s Hillcrest Yards, Buffalo, and a Toronto Telephone Exchange, another innova- tion, a dance, was tried. This took the form of an open meeting held at U.T.S. on December 17th, where all and sundry tripped the light fantastic from eight to twelve with a short stop at ten for eats and repairs. This dance was so success- ful that as a closing function the long halls and library were again visited, en masse in March for another happy four hours well spent. And just at twelve midnight, the short pause before the venture into another day, the year's activities were fittingly brought to a close with a lusty TOIKE OIKE. Two Forty-two HITECTUQ cum EXECUTIVE 921 U T 1928 l7fJ5 15 W Arch1tectural Club HE Arch1tects are like a large family We live on the top floor of the 57 Englneerlng Building for the most part happily Of course 1f one lays X down his paint mug his brother acquires it but then the wronged one 6 ll takes his sister s and all lS r1 ht It t d t f th f l g again IS a ra 1 1on o e ami y as 5 f in all families of thirty five or more that seniors bequeath their cast off smocks to the younger ones We must work If at night you see lights in the Engineerlng Building you will know that the Architects are workmg VVe have our black sheep and our white headed boys We have a family cake of soap Last autumn we had our annual dinner at which Mr W I Somerville the Honorarv Chairman of the Club gave us a humorous speech on what not to do in our profession Professor C H C Wright gave an lnterestlng address on the ideals of the profess1on The freshmen entertained with speeches skits and music Owing to good Weather our sketching trips were many and profitable under the direction of Professor C H C Wright and Mr C W lefferys Every now and then we have meetings 1nv1t1ng prom1nent men to address the Club on subjects relating to Architecture These meet1ngs are very popular Tea 1S served afterwards The Architectural Club has a tradition That IS so but we look to the future In the prosper1ty that Canada most certainly has before her we may build beautifully for her and do our part by a sincere effort to express her nat1onal character in her buildings Tw Forty three ' is . f if C N r' at Xi! f iLFowi,f.NL SUf"1ERVxV CHBRQOVJ 'JFGRELYA OSYYKAR PIP IIQN-CHFIITNAN CHAIRMAN -,NDVfAfxWlP TL sr: I AR AL 5 ,Q ,aim N Of C A xx C T F 6 - mx 0615509 ,Iliff ' DAVWO ' 'PWIDLPW BRD YIAR REP vice-CHAIRMAN Tmznsunm SICRETART . G 9 . I T Y ' 7 av A . . . . . 1 5 . . . . . . n - , - , . . J. , , Y I 1 Y . 0' . . - Y 7 . . . . , . Y , . 1 - , ,J af ,L ig L MAR ART new Y' 5001114 9 HWATSOTX NBR,-, yt INDUSTRIAL CHEMICAL CLUB EXECUTIVE 19 Z8 fm P ul IGRARQ ww mwah The Industnal Chemlcal Club HF, Industrlal Chem1cal Club IS one of the federated and affllxated clubs Q wh1ch make up the Engmeermg SOClCfV and as such represents the students reglstered ln the course 1n Chemlcal Englneerlng of the J X Faculty of Apphed Sc1ence and Engmeermg The Club was started 1n the School year 1908 1909 for the purpose of orgamzmg the students in Chemlcal Englneermg to promote soc1ab1l1ty to possess a means of gettmg IH touch wlth the Faculty ln a un1ted way and to fac1l1tate a means of gettmg m touch w1th the staff of the Faculty 1n a un1ted way and to facllltate the v1s1t1ng of manufacturmg plants throughout the c1ty and elsewhere The meetlngs take the form of Smokers and Dlnners where papers are read by graduates men prom1nent 1n varlous 1ndustr1es or the students themselves In th1s manner the students become better acqua1nted wlth each other and wlth the1r professors They learn much from the experlence of graduates who address them ga1n a greater conceptlon of the scope of the field wh1ch they are entermg and some rdea of the opportunities wh1ch It affords The Club trips are not conhned to th1s cxty alone but often V1SltS are made to mdustrles manv m1les away Th1s glves the members of the Club a practlcal conceptlon of the appllcatlon of Chemlstry to lndustry and an opportunlty to get first hand knowledge of the machmery used methods of handllng pro ductlon wh1ch are otherwlse d1fficult to obtam The soc1al s1de of these tr1ps IS not to be overlooked elther Members get to know each other and for a real good t1me such tr1ps have no equal Th1S year IS a noteworthy one for the Department of Chemlcal Engmeermg because for the first tlme ln hlstory more men reglstered ln Chemxcal than ln any other Department 1n the Flrst Year of the Faculty Th1s IS Just one mstance of the 1ncreas1ng lnterest belng shown Chemlcal Englneerlng. And now 2T8 graduate and leave to take the1r places 1n the world outside. May a full measure of success be thelrs and may they be a credlt to the1r Depart ment their Facultv and the1r Un1vers1ty J Ah Two Port v four L 1 i N :pf . g L 4 fa ' l ' L f 9 6,65 of WD y C 0 'V q C ,151 wfnrfnw ZHDVUH4 vmfvxza K, KL .N xt PRESIDENT ,QMYMR Rt, t .,t.f.w. M ,,,vv M 2 N QE . 2 L i K ' - 1 5 1 L I 5 5 ' 1-1 -www: M... R Z7 f 1 19 in M' 4 9 fa 0 W Q T , at 1 min -, 8 o -W Of 9 .,..,...,......... -F P w.M.-M,W,,M .mmm-p c H 5 P' 5 'D 1 UA Gf'1,MAs0'A summon Hon vncz-was f HON-P1255 su:-xnms s . . 1,51 , 1 1 1 gy gl if 'D S, 'f' E' 55:4 W M . . . . . l El ' . . . - 11,1 fl 1, . ,feel . . . . . . 1 fl , . . . . . y . . 1 1 , . 1 1 C . 1 1 - Y - ' 1 1 , ' B lcRz l'1FClCl'llI er e fre-NS VFX lronlR znz 6 ln 6 o call Foresters Club HP Foresters C lub of the I mverslty of Toronto was founded III 1900 CCT l wlth the object of furtherlng the soclal and techn1cal educatlon of the 7' 'X undergraduates and to promote a feehng of goodwlll among the under I graduates graduates and faculty executmve of the Club and express to the fullest extent the object of the Isounders In a soclal way the Club conducted the umque annual Stunt Nlght the Annual Banquet at whlth Dr Ze1gler of the Pennsylvanxa State Forest School was the speaker of the eyenlng our Annual At Home and the smoker In a techmcal way the C lub has been addressed bx promment men III the professlon and related sclences on hvdro electr1c power development forest pathology lumbermg and entomology Through these lectures the members have an excellent opportumtx to learn some facts that are extra currlcula The members of the executlve are to be congratulated on the programme for the year and the class of 28 smcerelv w1sh the Club the best success for the future The sports of the School are governed by the eXthlet1c rXssoc1f1t1on Irorestrx has teams entered m all the mterfaculty leagues and vxhlle few champlonshxps are won the teams do thelr best The executwe of the Athletlc CTlub for the wear 1021 28 was Hon Prevzdent Prof T VK Uwmght Preszdmzi I S1mpson Secretarx F IN VX llex Yreaszzrer W D Start Cozuzczllor A P MacBe1n T 0 Irnrfx jz 4 ac or-: F. Va - I y sl I' ll R fml, C. H. Bastock tl'ice-I'rc'x,l, G. R. Ani V KT u..l. I F mv: J. V. Stewart Cxllzan ' R ful, J. XV. Jol son KPV 5.3, Dr. CT. D. Howe tllon. 1'rft.l, R- F- G ol l5c'r.J. l 3 L G9 T f . T T . . 'T . T T I Q.. . V, X 1, t il T ' T - ' v C l . . . . ' T . . lll l The actlvltles of th1s year were partlcularly well carrled out by the C' .' T T , J .C Q J T A ' 5 . C , . I L. . y , ' . 5 . . ., I , 4 ' , . . V a C I L 17 . . Q. 5 S ' d - N ' L ' , T f. , Q Q' 4' .T T . C , . . , X i , , d ., , s x A T A ps Tc T Q T C. 17 5 Ty 7 l P- 'T , c . . . . I . ........................... ,. - Y , , I v T ,.......,................. T. . -T C I I . , . ..................... . . . Z :Icy T 'Y' TZ! 7 5: CATSTNIQT Students Parliament ol the Faculty of Dent1stry HIL Students Parl1ament IS the medium through which the under ft graduates of the Faculty of Dentistry are represented IH soc1al athletic and other activities of the University and Dental Profess1on Every H5 undergraduate IS a member and pays an annua ee T5 'Z The Cabinet the executive body of the Students Parliament 1S chosen bv ballot at the end of each un1vers1ty year all the officers being under graduates who are elected w1th regard to their respective ab1l1ty to cater to the demands of their fellow-students their Faculty and their University. The executive is composed of a president and thirteen officers. The President is directly responsible for the Parliament s activities and 1S the Faculty s senior representative on the Students Administrative Council of the University. The President of the senior year is vice-president and is the Presidents right hand man in all activities. Ti' n F0145-s1'.1' Burk Rota: D. C. llill iS'fu'r1lcf'rl, XY. .X. Young lIjl'l7L1I'tI?II?7lL' um! ll'orsl1ifvl, D. K, Perrie: i.l1l1If'!iz'.xJ, .l. D. 4 Smart lllrizrxf' C'mn.j. Front Row: M. E. Burch flrlirl'-1,Ir'f.l, S. Scott tI'rcv.l. Prof. J. D. Cillllllllll-flllllll lllon. I'rc'v.7, A- S- l Stewart l.Nm'.l, J. I.. X enetzi llrtw1x.J. Knox College Undergraduate Association Knox College Undergraduates' Association reports an eventful, interesting and successful year. The fortnightly meetings of the K.C.U.A., following the annual elections in October, have been well attended, and much latent debating ability has been disclosed -especi- fiififi fl ally by the Qpposition. u The Hiouse Committee has functioned ably and well, and has shown remark- able stoicism toward the customary abuse directed against such bodies. livery- thing under the direction of this committee has run smoothly and efiiciently. The Programme and VVorship Committee has clone much to create the proper religious tone in the devotional exercises of the Knox men. In addition they have put on highly enjoyable social functions, which have enabled the boys " to forget dull cares" for a few hours at least. ' Knox athletics have been capably supervised by the Athletic Committee. The Soccer Team-P -the Pride of Knox although composed mainly of new players, battled its way successfully through its group and through the semi- finals to the Interfaculty Finals, when after two hard-fought contests, the Purple and VVhite warriors bowed to the boys from " Vic." The Rugby Team, weakened by injuries, played valiantly and well, although not victorious. At the time of writing the Basketball and Hockey Teams are still in embryo, but we con- fidently predict that they will maintain the proud record for sportsmanship earned by Knox teams in the past. Old Knox goes proudly forward, assured that the future is hers. T100 Forty-srzw zz Bzrl' R VS alter I lttle I Tffllff C ml Howard Nlorman I 11 S zo m x C n P Robert 'VlcRobertsfIl0r51zzp C ml R Turnbull Q30 :al Co nl Jno Manuel lRes denre C n Q I' nl R 7i D M gmllll herb Bruce Mlllar tPresJ Chancellor Bowles f11Ol Iresl F Vanderburgh tl zre Presb R NIcClearyl1rez5J The Unlted Church Students ASSOC1HtlOH Q, J NFVV college known at present as Umon Theologlcal College IS 1n the Aman process of formatlon It wlll be the theologlcal college of the Un1ted '7 Church of L anada IH Toronto The announcement of thls fact was made P last sprmg bx the jomnt Faculty of Knox College and the Faculty of Theology of X xctorla LlI11V6I'5lty There was lncluded m thls announce ment the decnslon to brlng together at once the two student bodles concerned Thls meant that a new student orgamzatlon had to be formed and a commlttee was appomted to prepare the way At the openmg of the present SESSION the Umted Church Students ASSOCIH tlon was constltuted the purpose of whlch 1s to dlrect the varlous aspects of student l1fe It functlons through an EXECUTIVE Comm1ttee which conslsts of the officers of the Assocxatlon and the Chalrmen of the Qtandmg Commlttees The Commlttees are hve mn number namely Resldence Mlsslonary Soclal Athletlc and C ommon WOfSh1p Despxte the dlffxculty of new condltxons many worthy thlngs have been accomphshed Meetmgs have been held at whlch subjects of speclal mterest to men preparlng for the SCTVICC of the Church have been dlscussed a delegatlon of four was sent to the S V M Conventxon at Detrolt communlon servlces d1s cuss1on groups wlth promlnent church leaders muslcales and soclal events embraclng the whole Church student body have been found helpful and enjoy able football basketball and hockey teams have taken thelr places ln mter faculty sports In all a fine sp1r1t of real unlty has been manifest and the developments of the future are awaxted wlth a greater hope born of confidence 7 to lnrfx ugh! 1 K mv: " .' .- if o . . l , 115' 1 rj or . , l ' ' ln ., . fr" 1., . f ti 0 1.. 'rn 0 ': . .Q ' .f ., ' ., r. J ., . - . , . A 1 . . . , . . 6 6, I, . . . . I i V 'J V V W QK Q N9 N c 1 a 1 I 2 ' 11 .: i . . Pa , 1 "--un' . . Tx is ' ' r cliff 7 A ' r L aff ffl ' , , l.T5n5??,4. A 7 v. 1. . . . ., . , H , I , , . . . , . , ., .T . .' y L K v 7 1 v y v v - 1 . Y , ' s . . . , y ' Y 1 , . , . Y - v v ' c. , .T Y 1. V- ,, Back Rcu urne I Sr 7 gc cw 1 UP? NI 'N aclein Cllflfi FrontR e pcrdenclfrmcl H R Hurt ll :re R Bcm Nl'f C nnenf zrz Wx cl1fTe College l1terarv Soc1etw HIM Vlxchrle College lrterarw SOCIETY 19 the othclal representatne O iv orgamzatron of the undergraduates of the college and transacts thelr l buslness gox ernlng most of the non athletlc 3LtlVltl6b of the student l 'l bodx VX h1 e membersh1p IH the Socletv max now bestow upon the modern student those rare advantages whlch caused Boswell such great exclusue Iohnsoman clrcle vet the I It has a most valuable contrlbutlon to malce to the l1fe of the undergraduate bx prox 1d1ng an opportunltv for self expresslon ln a most st1mulat1ng atmosphere The Soc lety plavs a most xmportant part 1n the general educatxon of the undergraduate bv the encouragement of llterarx taste the development of the art of publ1c pealcmg and the trammg, of lts members 1Il the pubhc conduct of busmess and the memory of the hours spent 1n assoc1at1on wlth xts lesser Burke Cfoldsmlths Rexnolds and Iohnsons wlll ex er be treasured as one of the rlchest lCg3Cl6S of college dat s L nder the able leadershlp of Dr H S C oulthard the Souetv has held a verx successful serles of meetmgs durmg the past wear at whlch in 1nc reased mterest m the true objects of the Socxetx has been mamfested bx 1ts members New emphasrs has been placed on the motto of the SOLl6tV M1gn1 est admlratlo coplose SHDICHYCFQUC d1cent1s and the lnauguratlon of the new party debates system has had the result of arouslng an mcreased Interest 1n deb ltmg But although floods of oratorv hax e flowed from the hps of the enthus1ast1c member of the two partles at these debates lt must be adm1tted that some tlmes the debaters follow too closely the example of other worthx pol1t1c1ans m speftlong copxose but not saplenter The forces of the Cox ernment under the leader shlp of Mr M T Newby M A have faced a verx vlgorous Opposmon partx led bx Mr H R Perlcms and so close has been the contest th It the Cox ernment IS generallv 1n the precar1ous pos1t1on of a tree on the brmlc of 1 prec1p1ce from the roots of whlch the earth rs crumblmg In add1t1on to the partx debates and the mter d1XlSlOIldl debates for the Tay lor Trophy the SOC1CtX also prox ldes for an lntere tmg programme of l1ter1rv and muslcal evenlngs an oratorlcal conte t 'ind open meetmgs xuth popullr speakers wh1le the soclal l1fe of the Souetx hnds expresslon m rutumn h1lces and bus rrdes and wmter slelghmg and slcatmg partle II ' Vu' V. B. XVynb .-lvst. .'.r.l, C. N. Gigf-ly tend l'1'c'f-l'rex.b, S. D1 'clncfy ur! ll1:'- 5 - . C. A . ll ..E l T 1 o'b. nw: l,. M. M. P p f 1 " , C . l tl l" -Prrvl, H.S.ClJl1ltl12iTll, M.,'x., M.B.l1'rf'5.l R. . m 's if .J, A. G. ha T' cs.J. I . . . r J I I I ,fetal . N V . i . K X . . . 1 1 V315 Biffq B rr' I C R ' ' wiv? gglfsaf . . . . . a f,iQ4?J dehght at hls electlon to a place IH the famous Llterary Club of the . . . H . ,, . . ' 1 7 ' ' Y' X . C Q , v , . C s 7 u X Q Tr rn I 1 f Y , v - L v C . C . . l I C TC S, T Cf I ', 1' C' c 5 .' .T C' C ' ' ' ' A C C , " 2 ' T C' ' C' ' n C f C .7 f 5 C l ' ' .4 ' ' 1 N. H' ' I X . I . C L , :C c C - v . . . i,, . r . ' Y i . , 4 f . Cf C Q 2 . s - V ' Y. xc., S. ' C S 1 A ' XV A' 7 l . x.: Ls . ks C r. T 44 ' yv 44 - vv y V V .T . . . . lv , . ., c H' 'I .X Y I. c '7 ' . . . ' C C C' E ' V S . . S :. . I . Y 2 N. . x V . . -V S A . - . y.S. I C T V ' ', f j 1 f C . .e K C Q 1 C ' 3, C , C C 1: ' 2 C :Q C . ' j Cr .' C3C 2 ' C' C ' ' C' ' g s. T100 Forty- inc Iv ri Ix 1 a tl 1 son 6 I Fergu on F T Leenerts 30 R Pthnnlntzl X Daxldson I 11 R F Qullest 2 en1 Pre C Thlbeault 9 O V C Students Adm1n1strat1ve COUHC1l HIM Students Admlnxstratwe COLlI1C1l of the Ontarlo X eterlnary College F Nl members three of whlch are representatwes from the sen1or year tl 1 three from the jumor three from the sophomore and two from the freshmen Its offlcers constxtute a presldent who IS a senlor year representatlxe a NICE presldent secretary and treasurer Meetlngs of the Councll are held every two weeks at whlch t1me all matters appertalnlng to student act1v1t1es are d1scussed and dec1ded upon The councxl IS able to veto or sanctlon any movement brought before It by members of the student body as xt has full power to act on all such matters Any dxssenslon exlstlng Wlthm the student organ1zat1ons IS brought before the Students Councll the dec1s1on of whlch IS final Student act1v1t1es are governed by the Councll none takmg place wlthout 1ts rat1ficat1on All athletlcs are controlled by thls board of student ofhclals whlch furnlshes full equlpment for every branch of sport Athlet1c fees are pald to the Councll annually whlth are to be used at 1ts d1scret1on IH a manner most advantageous to the student body Suth a governrng body xs absolutely essentlal to student l1fe as It stands for co operatlon and r1g1d d1sc1pl1ne among the students Wlthout the exlstence of th1s organ17at1on xt would be dlfhcult to handle matters of paramount consequence relatlve to the academxc llfe of every student T1 0 fzffx ,ll c 'ou' J. R. Mfrtll VQSJ, J. B. H xt '31b, G. I-. s. f'31J, . . C' J, .R, . Civ. ' ' 'joy S. .-. C " .. l'2Ql. , "ro I wc: J. fl. Carey V2-YJ, XV. L. . 'z '31, Se1.l, XV. L. B d' V28, 5.5, . ' C2 J, L. N. Brown Vey, Trea5,J , . . . . O C 0 fr L 1 1 , . . . - . I7 . fc? gxpjl' . . . IS the executlve head of the student body. It IS composed of eleven iff 2 ?IgfW ' ' ' l . wjl ' . . ' lzcjf flll V ' . 7 7' - I V U ' Y , . , . I . , . . . . . U ' . . 1 . . y . Q , . . . , . N . . . . V . L1 ' . 'V 1 I 'KBC - 1 4 PROGRAM ME 1927 28 H1stor1cal Club of the UH1VCTS1ty of Toronto OFFICERS 1927 28 Honorary Preszdent Nlr C N Cochrane Facully Uenzber Mr L B Pearson Preszdent Mr M Ix Kenny IzcePres1denl F St L Daly Counrzlior D I VValker Serrefarx Treasurer W D Matthews VK C Artken U--4 IPU.P'1'JCU" C37-1U1OOf' H Blggar D Carrrck M Cowan S Cartwrrght St L Daly T Chrlstre M Fowler P Cundy W Bladen W Brown N Cochrane E deChamp Flenley P Glazebrook ACTIVE MEMBERS D D Gunn R A Harrls IV S Ixerth NI Ix Kenny M Ixrrkpatrrck M C Lazrer D MacGregor T F Moore FACULTY MEMBERS V E Henderson G E Iackson H R Ixemp W P M kennedy W S Mrlner L B Pearson Ix G Morden D I Walker D G Farquharson VV I Woods R H Soward VV D Matthews N E Phipps G M NV1lton G M Smrth W S Wallace F Id Underhrll I C P Proby D G Crerghton I B Blckersteth I Thursday October 27 1927 174th meetrng Subject That the abandonment by the Unrted States of the Monroe Doctrme would be rn the best xnterests of the W'estern Hemrsphere Afflrmatxve Mr R H Soward Negatrve Mr R M Fowler To open drscussron Mr R A Hams QAt the resldence of Prof C N Cochranej II Thursday November 10 1927 175th meetmg Subject That thus club approves of the leader selected and of the programme lard down at the Wmnrpeg Convention as bemg rn the Negatlve Mr D C Macf regor To open dlscusslon Mr W G Axtken QAt the resldence of VV E Rundle Esql Thursday November 24 1927 176th meetmg Subject That the present regrme 1n Russla constxtutes a growlng menace to world peace Affirmatrve Mr T F Moore Negatrve Mr D D Carrlck To open drscussron Mr G S Cartwrxght QAt the resldence of Srr joseph Flavelle I Thursday December 8th 1927 171th meetxng Subject That mrssronary enterprlse ln Chrna has been largely mlsguxded and futlle Affirmatlve M I H Brggar Negatrve Mr H P Cundy To open dlscussron Mr I M C Lazler QAt the resrdence of Prof G M Smrthj V Thursday Ianuary 12 1928 178th meeting Subject That the Peace Treatres should be revxsed rn the lnterests of European stabrlrty and of justrce to the Central Powers Aflirma trve Mr A T Chrlstre Negatrve Mr W D Matthews To open drscussron Mr K C Morden CAt the resrdence of Hon N XV Rowellb Thursday Ianuary 26th 1928 179th meetmg Subject That the modern tendencres of Canadlan education largely exaggerate the value of science and utllrty Affirmatlve M I M Cowan Negatrve Mr W I Woods To open drscussron Mr G M Krrkpatrlck CAt the resndence of Canon H I Cody J I I Thursday Februarv 9 1928 180th meetrng Subject That the Club approves of the actron of the House of Commons ln rejectlng the proposed Prayer Book Afhrmatxve Mr G M Wrlton Negatlve Mr D D Gunn To open drscusslon Mr D G Farquhar son CAt the Senror Common Room Xrlctorxa College I VIII Thursday February 3 19215 181st meetlng Subject That the anarchlcal tendencles of modern art and hterature are an evrdence of the decadence of the age Affirmative Mr N E Phlpps Negatrve Mr F St L Daly To open drscussron Mr W S Kerth tAt the resrdence ofI S McLean Esqj Annual Drnner of the club rn March 182nd meetxng Tun Fzflx iuo Y i ...t.,.,.,t,,... lf . . I . II I I .,.,,.....,..,.....,... . . . . AT - V- -........ ........ Y u s V. Sr. ' ' . . '. . - . . I . I . . I . . ' 'T C. . " ' . . .C . . I I UI. . . . . ' u . J Y Y ' . l'. . . ' . . ' I - , I . . I ,, . . , , . . , . . . . . ,, , I . . I H . best interests of the Conservative party in Canada." Affrrmative-Mr. D. I. Walker. III. , , - : ' . ' : " ' ' . . . ,, . IM . -A r. . . . - u 1 . J . 'W . 1 n . Q - u , I . . I ,, . . , , .. . . . . . . . . . . ,, I r. . - . . f . . . VI I . , . I H . . ' . ' . ' ' ' ' . ' .. I,, . - III XI . , 1 ., . : ' . ' , : " . I. . . I ,, . I- I . . I I ,. . I Y ' 1 w, ' 1 ' , u ' 5 . , I , . . I . . II I H . a u Y 1 IX. ' . ' I : ' ' . I 6 I- I ..-' A -in iazgun Bark Roux' G. XV. Jacobi, l.. Sherwood, D. l-I. Coney, G. D. Leggett fffupj, P. G. Anrlerson, Geo. Kingman, J. E. Tilson, J. C. Annesley. Front Row: D. R. Gunn, F. C. Foley iTf6'1l!lt7l'Vl, Mir. F. Utton iclflflflll, Lt. T. E. Hayhurst tCupl.1, Prof. G. H. VV. Lucas CI'n'rz'11'erztJ, .X. A. Somerville fSFfft'lI1f1'l. R. S. Langstroth. Universitv of Toronto RiHe Association Intercollegiate Champions 1926-27 1 TJHE University of Toronto Rifle Association was organized in 1904 by such men as Dean DeLury, Dr. Henderson and Prof. Lash-Miller for igll the purpose of creating within the University the means of taking part in the competitive sport of rifle shooting without the need of joining one of the Militia Units. The Association built up a membership of over three hundred and became one of the most active clubs in the University. The organization of the C.U.T.C. found many men who had become skilled in the handling of the riHe through their membership and participation in the activities of the Rifle Association. The 'War caused a suspension of the Club's active work, but the task of reorganization was taken up in 1919 by a small body of enthusiasts. To-day the Association has a membership of around one hundred. The majority of these are expert rifie shots, as is shown by the winning of the D.C.R.A. Intercollegiate Trophy by a score which raised the record 14 points and would have done credit to any military rifle team in the country. This match was fired on the Long Branch Rifle Range. The Hart House Range on which the winter activities of the Association take place, is classed by the shooting fraternity as the finest indoor range in Canada. The Club is under the following officers: Hon. Pres1'dentefGen. Mitchell. Hon. Capt.e4Major Utton. Directors-Dr. Henderson, Dean DeLury, Prof. Lash-Miller. President'-MProf. Lucas. Captainfe-Lieut. Hayhurst. SecretaryefA. Somerville. Treaszzrerw-Lieut. Foley. Two F zlfl y-three Bark Row: I. A. Macdonald CDer1tsJ, R. S. Jaques fT7'flI.l, F. M. H. Cryderman U'ir.l, J. N. Walkinshaw QU.C.l, D. S. Laidlaw CS.P.S.J. Front Row: P. B. Ayres CTrea5.J, W. L. Smith CPr0s.J, Rev. F. J. Moore Cbireclorl, G. B. Smith CVz'ce- Prerj, K. C. Evans CSer.J. The Student Christian Association U HE Student Christian Association of the University of Toronto is a fellowship of students of all colleges and faculties in the University who are drawn together by a common desire not only to maintain and develop their religious life during their undergraduate career, but also to investigate and discuss the intellectual and practical problems of Christianity. It is, accordingly, open to any undergraduate who is at all interested in religion or in questions related to it. No confession of faith is asked for, not the least part of the value of the Association being the oppor- tunity it affords to individuals of searching for Truth in company with others engaged in the same task. To this end, one of the main activities of the Associa- tion is the arrangement of Study and Discussion Groups in all faculties under competent leadership, and covering a wide range of subjects. I Another important element in the programme of the S.C.A. is the series of addresses by prominent speakers that is arranged for each term, and the occasional noon-hour talks by outstanding visitors to the city. In addition, services are held in Hart House Chapel, and from time to time in one or other of the College chapels, for both men and women. T Each College and Faculty in the University has its own local association, and the men's and women's Cabinets respectively are comprised of the Presidents of the local units together with an executive committee. The Headquarters of the Men are in Hart House CRev. F. J. Moorel, and of the women in the Household Science Building CMiss Mary Rowellj. The Student Christian Association of the University of Toronto is itself a unit in the Student Christian Movement of Canada. Two Fifty-four . 1, l Bark Rr clxn Gee Ulf! l n xttxe tl fr 11, C Hr J Nlirgiret Xustcv Hana! benz e lr x NI xrgaret. Rltder CI F ont Ra tn Xllm tl C R uth J hnstnne 4 Uri ef Fumce T mr t F N 1 P we 41' aus HLClmlH Mtn I S 1 The Women s COLlI1C1l of the Student Chrlstlan ASSOC13t1OH HF XX omen s Councll of the Student C hrxstran Assoclatlon ns composed of two representatxves from each of the local unlts of the S C A IH the colleges and afflllated facult1es of the LlI'11VCI'S1tV and also from the Unlted Church Tralnlng College and the Nurses 1n Tra1n1ng of the gil Western Hosprtal where act1ve SC M work IS carrled on Four graduates also act on the Counc1l 1I'l an adv1sory capaclty The Councxl held a conference at Oakvmlle early 1n October to outl1ne plans for the year and has s1nce met once a month Its purpose IS to provlde an opportumty for fellowsh1p lnterchange of ldeas and co ordmatlon of plans and to co operate w1th the Men s Cab1net 1n any Jolnt undertakmgs The arfn of the Movement IS to lead students to an understandmg of lrfe and 1t1s based on the convlctron that 1n jesus are found the supreme revelatlons of God and the means to the full real1zat1on of l1fe Thls arm IS pursued ID the local organlzatlons through study groups SCFVICCS of worshlp general and soclal meetmgs soclal serw 1ce work etc Durlng the SGSSIOH 1927 28 act1v1t1es of the Councll mcluded Internatlonal teas for forexgn women students noon hour addresses and 1n conjunctlon w1th the men the br1ng1ng of speakers such as Dr Bruce Curry who held a serles of study groups on Llfe Problems and Max X ergan the well known Negro student secretary Two conferences have been held wh1ch drew the 1nterest of many students Toronto women were represented at Elgln House the Central Con ference of the Canadlan S C M rn September by some forty delegates and about thxrty went to the uadrenmal Conventlon of the Student Volunteer Movement wh1ch was held ln Detro1t at Chrxstmas tlme Th1s has created a wlde 1nterest 1n mternatlonal and mlsslonary affa1rs Two Fzfly five EVA j T I , rx. , Gven S1 ' 7.C'. ' 'llI71I-74' all gf , , z 2 .- h .fn ' " My J, M2 g. Lu 'att ll'.C.l. -1 '1 itll. r mu: Heli .' 2 '. ., rr01'f1.Sf'r.I, R o 6 , . fx., Vit. Pr Ly, , ' yl S CI'ir., Pr 5.9, liz ry o ' ll Lx-.Sf'r., JM' ' 1 2 .fr All .'f'1'1"fel. 1 g o ' n Q . . v , . 1 . . K . . . ' -1 I ' ful l - - - A ,' - ' " ml h V . a 0 u l I t A Y L A Sm, , ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' -i' afar . . . cr ' 'l 7 ' ,Z y L . V. . . VX . . . . , . . . Y ' 1 . , . . . . . A v . , 7 T 7 7 V 7 ' Y ' 7 V N Y ' ' Y . l v 7 - - , . , J y - . . . , , The Newman Club L kj, EWMAN CLUB is a club for Catholic students attendant at institutions QW of higher learning in the city of Toronto Founded by HIS Grace Arch '5 A bishop McNeill D D in 1913 it has just completed one of the most X JH successful years IH its history The intention of the founder and t e patrons of Newman Club was the union of Cathol1c students for their common helpfulness in promoting their religious intellectual and social welfare From small beginnings the 1nst1tut1on has grown 1HtO a powerful orgamzatlon and 1tS advance has been very rapid The Hrst club house on St joseph St served the purpose admirably for a few years but the increase in membership made a removal to larger quarters necessary The directors of the Club accord ingly purchased the old Matthews residence at St George St and Hoskm Ave This magnificent home made a palat1al club house and affords accommodation for twenty men as well A beautiful chapel has been erected which has received a great deal of praise from architects who have exammed it closely While lt follows Gothic lines strictly and may be compared with many small churches IH England it is not modelled after any existing example In point of beauty it IS in keeping with the other Un1vers1ty buildings The spiritual exercises of the student are well dlrected by a resident chaplain The intellectual advancement is fostered by debates public speaking contests and addresses by men prominent in professional and political l1fe The social activity of the Club is one of its most pleasing features. Dances teas smokers and other entertamments take place with agreeable frequency giving the members con- genial assoclatlons which they would not otherwise obtain Under the leadership of the Chaplain the executive of the Club has worked to ensure the most successful year 1n the Club s history signalized by the greatest membership the institutlon has known and the introduction of many novel features both educational and social Two Fifty-six Ba it Lore: M. Levy ll,.MLf1N7Ift' Repm J. Gringorten ljr., I-. Rasminsky t.S'r. .lr1.iJ, Miss I.. Prailvr l.llzzi1'raIIfJr'r 4 M. Zzickheim tDe11ti1I Reiki, S. N. Goldhar, B..-X. ll7ri1v1u!1'r l7ire'r'IorJ, B. Pollock CSL .'l'lfilv.l. II ill Row: Miss F. Gordon 1.-lrlvw, I-.Gilberf2ni1 I'1're-I're.s.J, Miss E. Taube tlst ivlifc'-I,l't'.N.l. S. Ciglen, B..-X. KVI' Miss F. Shleser IRM. .N'rr.J, F. M. Catzman, I-LA. ff'i1r..Se'r'.5. Miss R. Ellias tTreux.7. Fro1zlRorz': M. XVolfe CPlzarm.l, M. Mink IJr. .lIef1.x.J, I. XVeinert IS.P.S.J. University of Toronto Menorah Society it , IHE University of Toronto Menorah Societ' was founded in the vear X . ' . y , . '- 1916, practically absorbing the Toronto Hebrew Students Association, 'iff 'gil which had been or anized some ears revious. It is the local cha ter I6 .g y .D . p ly, huiq of the Intercollegiate Menorah Association, founded, as the Menorah g if.-T, crest indicates, " For the studv and advancement of Iewish culture and gg fiyiy . ,, ' . . -- ' 1,113 il ideals, and except for a few social functions all efforts of Menorah are bent in this direction. The Menorah Society furthers its purpose through study circles which meet under capable leaders, through lectures on relevant subjects by authoritative lecturers, through debates, both local and intercollegiate, and through "The Menorah Mentor," a magazine published locally by the members of the Society. It endeavours to promote open-minded discussion of jewish life and thought, past, present and future, that its members may arrive at intelligent opinions and convictions, and may be prepared for intelligent participation in the solution of jewish problems, although no particular point of view. whatever, is imposed. It maintains a splendid :section at the University Library and makes available to its members the Menorah journal, a cultural magazine of the highest type. And through its eliorts, the Menorah Prize, the gift of B. M. Greene, Esq., is ohfered for competition to all undergraduates. The literary programme, this session, following the form adopted last year. has consisted of alternating "open " and 'fclosed" meetings, at fortnightly inter- vals. The open meetings, open to all undergraduates, graduates, and the public in general, have been occupied with lecturers of sufficient merit. The closed meetings, available to undergraduates and graduates only, have taken the form of debates, Hart House style, upon subjects of jewish interest. In addition the members are staging a play, which will be accompanied by a lecture on jewish drama. Then there is the annual debate with McGill, the victors, being awarded the "Bennett Cup," won last year by Toronto. Of course, there is sufficient social activity, the smoker, teas, soiree and dance, being annual events. Tal so Two F zlfty-xezwz X B11 I R Q B1llC191le11' Repl M1 s -X E XVdtSOflfI5l1C1J Repj J C -Xrcl11baldl4l11 leur Rep P Smart is I len Repl F M E Holmes QT1 eas J Xllss M I Sutherland fRecg Se B Leppard C I leur R pl 110111 Ru D B DeLu1'y1l1 e Pm J Mlss M Annetts fP1esl Dr F F Burton fII07I P161 D Miss E -Xllm 1G1ad Rep! NI1ss VV D XVoolcombe fCor Se 1 Mathematical and Phys1cal Society HIS year has seen the Mathemat1cal and Physical Society safely launched gi-GQ on the second hfty year period of ltS eustence Keeping in m1nd the 1 X 3 'Z development of some branch of mathemat1cs or phys1cs up to the trme of the found1ng of the Un1vers1ty Bes1des th1s the regular custom of hav1ng a speclallst 1n some branch of sclence address the 5OCl6ty was adhered to with excellent results The large percentage of the membershlp present at each meet1ng was a comphment to the executlve s good fortune 111 obta1n1ng such 1nterest1ng speakers each of the regular meetings were 1ntroduced by a short talk on the The soclal events wh1ch form a pleas1ng part of the function of the SOC1Gty were of 1 C2ll1l7l'C wh1ch fully Justuied the hearty support of the membe1s The hike at wh1ch the members of the hrst vear were welcomed was enjoyed by all 'I he annual At Home was held at the Women s Union th1s year The curves traced out by the figures present wrought feel1ngs ranging from the amazement of the frosh to the unbounded delight of the membe1s of the Faculty present 'I he skating party set a new h1gh standard of enjoyments for events of ltS kind The soc1al act1v1t1es of the year were happily terminated by the open meeting at which followmg the nom1nat1on of ofhcers the members spent an enjoyable hour or so dancing T to lfzflx 615111 rc 0111: J. .. 2 , "1 ,, 's 1' . . ' '1' ,, , .1 ' ' ',j, J. I. Q 1 x1'1 ' 1 ' . , . . . ' . , 1 ' . . T ' 5, L. . 2111 Y 6 . . , 7' tv: J. .Q , f"1' - ' ' . ' ' . ,5 - . J. . - . ' , " . . 1 . . , 1 . . 1 . d 1., . U K. k . . . 57" '76 . . . . . . r, 1 ' 1' - ?' E fact that the University had celebrated its centennial in the autumn, i . - - 1 1 K . A 1 1 i - C - Y I . u 7 D Y I , - U Y Y BML Ro Marv NIcN'1m1ra1Sl Jo 617115 C II Rfpl Victrrra Mueller CL 16110 C II Rep? Front Ro Marx CJlem1n Qqer lzeasb Gunn Carter Ure D 'XI try XValkertC1ud Rep? The Polity Club HE Polity Club is a club for university women open to all colleges QT? faculties and graduate members It was organired in December 1923 I S 4 ' rv: 1 ' j .r il 2 Q. 5 ' o. ., " J' f - of o. ., 1 tin' , j c 4 C .-"' ., ' . 3' 5. , 4: Y " ' I' . .. I . . . . , G9 1 'D'-' VG- . . . ry 'X - - v y Q Q due to the efforts of Miss Reid, of the History Department. Miss l Mildred Walker, first president of the club, is this year's Graduate . l Y ' . 7 7 Y 1 , 5. ' . . . . 7 . 1 . C ' K 1 l ' KK ' 79 ll ' 'i Y! Y Al ' 7' K4 V ' 9 1 - C Y! ll ' Y! v Y Q . - Y - 1 7 Representative The aim is to encourage discussion on political economic and historical subjects and the meetings held every two weeks take the form of two papers one on each side of the question which IS proposed in the form of a motion This is followed by an informal open discussion The colleges are visited in turn in order to ensure a fair representation from each and to preserve a cosmo politan nature in the club This year the subjects have ranged from lighter papers on matters of genera interest such as Censorship and Capital Punishment to more profound current problems such as Disarmament Canada s Place as an International Power and China Membership is restricted to the three upper years the hrst year being ad mitted on the motion of a member There has been a great increase in member ship this year the full quota of forty active members being attained during the three open meetings at the beginning of the Fall term In addition to these one of the last meetings IS also open to which all interested in Joining the following year are cordiallv invited T to Fzflx 711716 B L R Bes IC Atom i411 leaf Repb Ed1tl1Mart1nf fd 16111 Rep! Ix Crowe CIS! I ear Repj Marlon Clark K-ith len Repj Ifro zz R zz Ims Rob n 186 7 Marjorle Eoll lP1e5 J Mrs Ixlrl-.wood Clflon Prfsl Margaret Gordon l 6 PH' J Agatha Chapman 4111155 U C Women s Llterary SOC1Cty R7 ROMINENT among the var1ous act1v1t1es of Unxversrty College IS the Women s Llterary SOC16ty wh1ch has a w1de appeal for most women W undergraduates In the begmnmg the Soclety mcluded 1n nts scope ll separate soc1et1es It was concerned solely w1th llterary subjects As the a1m of the SOClCty IS to create an lnterest nn hterature especlally 1n contemporary wr1t1ngs the modern novel has been dlscussed from every angle Authors representatlve of nearly every land were the subjects of mterestmg papers prepared bv the undergraduate members john Erskme the Amerlcan, Arnold Bennett the Engllshman, Dostoevsky the Russlan, Tagore the Indlan, Maw de la Roche the Canadlan, and many others typlcal of the countrles to wh1ch they belonged were 1ntroduced some for the flrst t1me to the L1terary SOCl6tV The wldely dlscussed Vers Libre was the subject of anlmated d1scuss1on at one meet1ng whlle at another short storles proved an mterestlng feature At the annual open meet1ng of the SOClCty Mrs Carroll A1ken well known advocate of the L1ttle Theatre movement gave an 1llum1nat1ng address on the subject Art and Entertalnment 1n the Theatre wh1ch attracted a large and mterested audlence Last but not least must be mentloned the regular custom of tea drmklng wh1ch alwavs provldes the necessary stlmulus to lnformal d1scuss1on Tun Szxfx ac' ow! 'SA -T 1 1 ' . , ' ' 3' ' ' . , '. , " . , ' ' ' 7 L ' , . ' 1 o f: " i son Q' f. , f ' ' ' ', , L, " - ., , , tm-- 5... r we.. , . . U I QW , . . . . su a f 2 . . . . . . . 1-S .5 . . ' . debatmg and dramat1cs, but as these aspects became the nuclel of Ajllg Dy U . . V . . . . I 7 , , . 7 . . ! . . 7 . r 1 . . . . 7 7 , . . 7 ' . 7 . . . , ' A. - - YY - V 7 Q v , . - . . Ba k Rc trnert flu 1 6 IX Ctuar Ur 71 Rr Fro11lRr M r Ser fn t eru 111 e Mun tr re Unrversrty of Toronto German Study Club HE, present year has been a banner year for the Unrversrty of Toronto ST?-C2 German Study Club Not only rs rt celebratrng the hfth annrversary of K X rts formatron but enjoyrng a membershrp whrch has doubled srnce last Unrversrtw Srx monthly meetrngs of the Club are held durrng the year at Wymrlwood The October meetrng was held rn commemoratron of the centennral annrversary of Ludwrg Beethoven whrle rn November Professor Barker Farrley spoke of hrs rmpressrons of Germany of to day In February the programme was devoted to Franz Schubert whose centennral annrversarw rs berng unrversally celebrated thrs year Two plavs rn German were presented rn January to a large and enthusrastrc audrence at the VN omen s Unron Dre Mersterschaft of Mark Twarn and Wrlhelmrs Frner Muss Herraten The Club rs very grateful to Professor Surerus and Mrs Surerus who drrected the plays so successfullv An mnoxatron whrch has proven werv enjoyable rs the formatron of a Swedrsh Group under the drrectron of Professor T Hedman Thrs group meets each week and rs raprdly acqurrrng fluency rn readrng Swedrsh besrdes recervrrrg delrghtful rnsrghts rnto Sccrndrnaxran mx thologv Perhaps the most enjoy able part of the Club rs the socral hour when nur Deutsch gesprochen wrrd and when srngrng and laughter and manv xalrrrnt attempts to express ourselves as echte Deutschen make an rntrmate and frrendly crrcle Whrch envelops all T 0 Wzxlr one 1' rm: I. VVV 3 S. ,l1f111.b, H. Alle! fl'ire'-Pr 5.5, I. C- . t 'i . 11.7. me E. , rursson cg ,-rf U, llfrrf. J. A. sur S1111 .121 rg, v. srr- 411 tr. J .9 - . . 31' 'lg . . . - . 1 N 1 P year. Now, rt has members from every College and Faculty rn the J t . . Y . Y Y . . , V he ,. ., U . . ,, . ,Q c 'U Y . v v At 1 V, v r . . r 4 C rt' . B rk Rc raser C1 t I or Miss F M VV Hayden C411 I a Couzr IIJ I M G Gou 1 r F NV Burton d l Cou zc llorb I 0 NI St A Woods de fl es 7 Prof Norwood CHO Presb M ss I H Ramsden CI ce Presb UH1VCTS1ty College Classical Association HE Classical Assoc1at1on of University College has revelled in an un , x X 5 Deucalion a reputation highly unwarranted and long overdue for most K U emphatic repud1at1on For whatever may be the erudition of t e classical lecture hall however rarefled its atmosphere though the thermometer climb to one hundred and ten degrees Mommsen still in these informal gatherings the white glare of Olympus becomes merely the friendly glow of a mortal fireside and like Bottom we can gleek upon occasion The occasion has been found at the homes of our professors who have for many years extended to the Society the1r kind hospitallty Mark Pattison on being asked for his autograph above a suitable quotation was much exercised in mind Fancy going down the ages he said arm in arm with Carpe Diem It is with similar dlffidence that one borrows further from a charter member Vos exemplaria Graeca Nocturna versate manu versate dlurna Two Szxty tuo ,iz mn' J. F 5 'ear Counrill 'J, ' . - . . 1 'e r 1 1' rr , . . ld qTrz'us.J, A. A. D.y lSe J, . . ten 'ear 1 i . Frou R ir: 1 . Q . . i Jr . , . n. . , i ' . . 'I - . . S5 deserved esoteric reputation ever since the day of its traditional founder, 1. . . . . 5 5 z ' ' ' . ' ' h :':" 5 . . , 1 ' v x 7 Y Y ' 5 . Y . . . . Y , ' - ' u - as ' xc ' - 1 v ' ' '77 u A - I i ' Y, , . ' v-, 1 BckR1 c el rgt s L C mpbellfll The French SOC1Cty of UI11VCTS1ty College HE French SOC1Cfy of Unlversxty College pa1d Hymg V1S1tS to France QT? this year 1n search of entertamment On several occaslons French K E provmces were explored as though by a mag1c carpet a speaker actmg l as guxde to an entranced aud1ence A charade a rec1tat1on contest and short plays afforded a change from voyagmg At the s1ng songs always a feature of the meetmgs the songs of Bntanny were espec1ally popular and the Women s Un1on resounded to the strams of La Pa1mpola1se and Le Pet1t Grego1re untll th txmely arrlval of refreshments The annual productxon of the Socrety took the form of two plays L Cxgale chez les Fourmrs and L Ecole des Belles Meres wh1ch were ably drrected by M de Champ An enthusxastlc capacrty audlence applauded the performers to the echo The Socxety owes 1ts successful year IH great part to the Presrdent M1ss Isabel Balthazard who has devoted both t1me and labour 1n the mterests of the Soc1ety and ass1sted by a competent executrve has contr1ved to otfer a serles of st1mulat1ng and enjoyable meet1ngs Tuo Szxtx ilzree a o vs M. Lak fSer.3, R. Reade US! Year R fn , L. Ausman QTrea5.D, C. VV i h Cliusines. .lIazm,'erl- M. a ,Il rlitzfy Alarm. Fron!Ro1v: I. Balthazard CPre5.l, Prof. St. E. de Champ fllon. Pf'e5.J, J. McLaughlin fl'ir'e-Presb. 4 D N . I5 Ss . Y . . ' . was ..v, H 1 2.9 1 . - , 7 . 1 Y Y ' ' ll ' ' V7 It . ' , . ,, . 9 . . , c . . . ,hy H a - ' YY 14 v ' - sr - 4' I v V ! l Y 1' 7 Bzck R 4 M1 s Helen L Web ter C9663 Mr Charles M Furber Cl ubhczlv Uanj Mr F A Hare tTreasJ lvlxss Dorothy lx M Ixvesay Ist lea: Repl Fr01zlRow QPMISS Margaret E Gordon Wzce PM 5 Professor Cana CHo1z Presb Mlss A Jean McLaughI1n res J The Itallan Spanlsh Club Wztlzozzt a consiztulzon tim cf ran be little progress or pw manenl zmprozemenf C ALHOUIN HE Itallan Spamsh Club formed early 1n 1925 has th1s year rece1ved QE 1tS formal const1tut1on As lf thls outstandmg event were a tal1sman Q' 'E the mterest m the Club has mcreased cons1derably and now the 4 Q5 attendance numbers nearly a hundred at every meetlng J 1 Although the Club IS mterested prlmarlly m Un1vers1ty students 1tS membersh1p IS not restrxcted to them but mcludes students professors and the1r frxends who are mterested ln Italv or Spam Among those who by the1r k1nd ass1stance have contrlbuted to make the Club a success are General Medma Barron MGXICHH Consul Mr Sauer Amer1can Consul Dr and Mrs Cra1g1e Dr Coleman Maestro Carbonx Ferrar1 Fontana Mr Guerrero and Mr qtupm Too much cannot be sa1d of the splendld manner ln wh1ch the Faculty 1n the Department of ltalxan and Qpamsh have co operated w1th the execuuve of the Club The meetmgs have been exceedmgly mterestmg and there has been the greatest Vaflety 1n the programmes 1n wh1ch the hterature art mus1c customs and hlstorv of Italy Spam and Spanlsh Amerlca all had the1r place There have been lllustrated talks readmgs and mterpretatlons of works of hterature muslcal selectlons plays and mot1on p1ctures lt seems as though there has been some mysterlous Aladdm who rubb1ng hls lamp has conjured forth gen11 to mlmster to every wlsh for many artlsts and others have appeared as 1f bv maglc to offer the1r QCFVICCS The same romantlc and fascmatmg charm wh1ch has character1zed the meetmgs of the Club from ITS beg1nn1ng has st1ll pervaded the atmosphere of the gatherlngs durmg the past year Two Szxly four 1 ow: 's . s . ., . . 9 ., . .. . . , Q . ' . . .' ' . " - ' 5. , c . 4 , , . ' ' B . . g. . . ' . ' . J r CC. r V . QQ ' 1 ' 1 a" 'G , L , 1 X1 . . . . K' 'S v I X - 5, C - . .-iii. ?'2ih'1!IF C' 5 R 1 Q a n , a v . ' 1 - , . . . , . 1 - 1 ' 'f 7 v ' ' 7 ' 1 V V ' Y . K . K - R -Y v - v v 1 H , . . s v K 1 1 C y . ., . L , , t , ., , I ' , , I . - . . Q . ft! Y y T C Bark R11 Car C1 len av 1rv J ror1lR .1 1 in Sntll tl r Jurn V1ctor1a Women s Llterary SOC1Cty HE Women s Llterary Soclety of V1ctor1a College has thls year carrled 4 QE? on 1ts work under dehmte departmental groups a system whlch was F th begun 1n a small way three years ago and whlch was adopted thls There are hve departments Art Muslc Current hvents I1tera ture and Debatmg whlch take 1n twelve groups wlth an approxlmate tot 1l attendance of two hundred and fifty One of the most outstandxng groups has been Mr AtklHSOH s m Muslc wxth a compulsory attendance of one hundred Promlnent artnsts of the C1tX have Jomed w1th Mr Atklnson 1n presentmg an attractlve and mstructlxe programme every two weeks Mr Arthur Llsmer has agaln taken a group of twenty hue 111 Art for tl'llI'Cl and fourth vear students Modern B1ograph1es the subject of Mr Underhlll s group of the Current Events Department has been both popular and mterestmg from the st1rt whxle Dr Lawlor s Brownmg group has been a declded departure 111 llterarv study among UHlVCFSlty students The Debat1ng Department has 111 co operatlon w1th the Students Pf1rl11 ment arranged a mrxed debate whlch promlses to draw a large audlente Groups of spec1al lnterest have been opened to others than those enrolled 111 them thereby prov1d1ng the opportunlty for a w1der appreclatlon The change to the group system has been a most successful one md tlns form w1ll no doubt lnfluence the tvpe of organ17at1on of the I lterarx Socletw III the future r vc K. s al r , M. jackson, H. D' ,, L. G' an, K. Dol son. F frm' E. G'llz . B. f I 'rf5.J, M s. E. J. Pratt 111011. I'n'.x.7, K. Col , N. Holden. . . , . . -g , . . . . . . hy . 5 . I n . Q! ' y Y 'j pg year 1n 1ts ent1rety. V? C91 ' f , ' . T u I - nn . . . Y E . N . . y 9 0 Q a n 9 o w i c ,- It 1 . J . ,, . A . , 1 V 1 , . v ' . l T rl C v . , . . . . 7 a a v - - . . . - N , . . - ' X .K Q Z ' , . . . s v 'S .M y. H .1 . 4. L js. N. JY. Tim .9z'.v!y-five B fk Row I Van Loon Cb c I 3 F easur rj W R Buchner CBus ess ll a erj R B Davey fPres de up I' o lRou Mr Frank E Blachford fCona' cl J Mxss Add1so CHon Pre denj Mss E S Blaxr fl re P r drnl M ss H Rlclardson KL br r ani V1CtOf13 C ollege Orchestra HIS season of 1927 28 IS the n1nth IH the h1story of V1ctor1a College C3 l Orchestra The Orchestra was organ1zed 1n October 1919 by the late 5 Dr Vogt to whom It IS parucularly grateful for hav1ng secured the 3 CE-J The trad1t1onal schedule of the Orchestra s sess1on IS a SCFICS of two hour pract1ces held one even1ng each week from the beg1nn1ng of October untll the end of january when a concert 1S g1ven Each year the programme 1ncludes a var1ety of numbers from such em1nent composers as Mozart Beethoven Wagner MacDowell L1szt Dvorak Th1s year the orchestra played selectlons from Mascagnl s famous Cavallerla RUSt1C3H3 and some selectlons from German s Henry VIII Dances The tra1n1ng afforded 1nterested amateur mus1c1ans 1n study1ng under the able d1rect1on of such a splend1d mus1c1an as Mr Blachford cannot be rated too h1ghly The organ1zat1on offers an excellent opportunlty to anyone 1n the UH1VCfS1ty of Toronto who plays an orchestral 1nstrument Mlss Addlson Dean of Women of V1ctor1a College has been Honorary Pres1dent and constant fr1end of the Orchestra from the beglnnmg and has been encouraged 1n her efforts by other frlends of mus1c who help to support th1s organ1zat1on Membersh1p and executlve pos1t1ons 1n the orchestra are open to students 1n all colleges and facult1es 1n the UD1VeFS1ty There are splendld poss1b1l1t1es 1n the future of the Orchestra both because of the excellent leadersh1p of Mr Blachford and because It IS the only orchestra 1n the UH1VefS1ty wh1ch IS do1ng ser1ous symphomc work Two Szxly szx a .' G. . ' we re ar f-' r e , . . in 1 an g , . . yi n . 'f 71 1: . ' . u or , ' ' n . , si t, i . . ' A 'i - r si I , i . ' 1 i a i . 5 9 - o a 0 u n I QI' 1', . . Q- -: ' . . -. , . , tu,ytf , S ' . ' serv1ces of Mr. Frank E. Blachford as conductor. 1 J . . , . . . , . . . K . Y 7 1 I 1 ' . ., H . . ,, . 7 Y ll YY ' ' ' - r 7 7 1 Bark Row: Al. Young, Ralph NVilkinson, XV. S. Hall. Afliddle Row: Clayton Searle, Geo. Ferrier, Constance Stevens, Lilian Mclnnis, Luis Girvan, Kay Dobson. Grace Cranston, J. K. Brown. Front Row: M. Rieder, Ev. Ashton, Eunice Tyhurst CIVomeu'x Presfl, F. M. Crycle-rman 6Pres.J, Mary Smith, Ronald Fredenburg, Jean XVheatley. Victoria College Student Christian Movement Q 9 HE S.C.M. of Victoria College is an integral part of the Student Christian Association of Toronto, and through it a part of the Student Christian 5' Movement of Canada, a unit of the World Student Christian Federation. It exists that students may find fellowship and assistance in their ,i f ' pursuit of life, truth, beauty'-efcall it what you will. Study, worship and service are included in its programme. Through study groups under competent leadership the S.C.M. offers an opportunity for students to prepare themselves to cope intelligently with Christian problems. The group work is complemented by open meetings. Outstanding events of this year have been the visit of Margaret Crutchfield, the travelling secretary for the Student Volunteer Movement, the report of the Detroit Convention and the S.C.M. dinner held in Burwash Hall on November 9th, A service of worship, led by Dr. Edward Wallace, was arranged for February 19th in the College Chapel. This was the response of the S.C.M. to a desire expressed by many studentsg and it is hoped that such services may be continued next year and become a part of the life of the College. Two Sixty-severz .. . . -... .T.,,. . Burk Roux' Jaques, J. T. VVilson, R. V. Chapple, R. D. Mervynne, VV. H. Bilbrough, W. K. W. a win. Jlliddle Row: H. D. Branion, R. F. Brown, F. D. Chapple, C. C. D. Pringle, R. C. McGonigle, A. H. Sellers, M. T. de Pencier. Front Row: H. A. Martin, VV. L. Smith, R. Turnbull, Canon Rollo, C. C. Evans, 1.1. Bowden, F. T. H. Fletcher, R. E. McLaren. ' , Trinity College Science Club QD CNG before the days of confederation with the University of Toronto 5-om . . . . . the students of Trinity College were deeply interested in Science. "iii '--- Many of these have since made a name for themselves in the scientific Q, ,VUH f rt world by their inventions and improvements. This interest in Science continued to develop after federation and fi' took concrete form in the organization of the "Science Club," which later became the Trinity College Science Club. C The founders of the Club were Mr. David A. Keyes, Mr. F. M. Turner and Professor Simpson. A whole issue of the Trinity University Review, at the initiation of the Club, was given up to Scientific articles contributed by members. The Great War interrupted the continuity of the Club during the period 1916- 1919. In the latter year, 1919, the Club was re-established at the instance of Mr. Percival Warren, and since that time has been very fortunate in the keen interest taken by Canon Rollo. Among the members who have contributed to scientific research there may be mentioned: L. V. Redman, discoverer of Redmanalg S. H. Tomlinson, who developed a process for the manufacture of carbide, and Mr. Bertram Collip, Ph.D., D.Sc., recently appointed head of the Department of Biochemistry, McGill University, who was associated with Professor MacLeod, Dr. Banting and Mr. Best in the development of Insulin. The Club meets once a fortnight in College during the college year, usually in a students' room. The members in this way take their turn in extending hospitality to the Club. Papers from all branches of Science are read and the ensuing discussions prove very interesting. Refreshments are served during the discussion to complete the evening's programme. The interest is well-sustained and good fellowship characterizes all pro- ceedings. Two Sixty-eiglzf .T1 1 4Q9 xQs!llsB9iHll!rB2!F!'1'1't!'vwwvrJaw:ovn.enfw.1fff1f0f:'f":'N'-gixf'vii-13.2-fl '.'4'ff' F'f.LeS2 1 f 1 ': : -T 23355.-L17 'lv---"...z-:L-f..-----,. , .--. . :-',,42-.:1-.-1-,,::-i:--..-4,f-ff .- -- - N --- f P.--Y ' 12-' - e'-f-- 'f--N ' J- St. Hilda's L1terary Executwe Burl: Rmv: K. Crm-ggzln f.??ld Year Refnh, .-X. .Xmys 121111, Yfur Refnb, P. Hnrwiisly 1C'ffrnw. .S'ef.J, M. Ray 1TVf'4l,X.P. A I'iV1'P7I1 Ruff-,' Ditchburn lI'if'e-Prfmw, -I. Finlay C1'rf'5.J, M. XVl1ite' 1.N'r4'.1. , St Hllda s VVumen s ALIKIIIQIW IN xenutlxe In :A Iv Bonus I lfl 1 N U x II QQ 'sa gg, sr. 1, N. W .., . , , . . 1 . . . v , - . , u K x, . .IA ,1 ' Mizz' M. M. ic. 's, F. Tuxm-r, M. XVI 51:1-Jr, M. . litvlu-ll, Ifmnt Rfmu' XVL-Lzenast, M. Ednws, D. Fraser 1l'rfw,1, Cl Nlcliittrick, Ii. Cn-1-qg,u1. Tzu 51'x! '- fm' ,, , Y, ,3n.,1W...qq..fgw-..,. ,,,,,,.,,.,..,...S.m,,.E.--,FQ Nftfifafvffj-m.L...ry-1--T, ..,----.Q-. w.q....,-....--W-....--w---..,--W-..-Y. , -..N ,,,,.. if-f . i -d-11 -55 x91 .I -mf, - -1- ., 47-.1 ' ' J f '23 J.-I' 'sr nf. ur. . -J.-f s :sg un. fm un, .. - , ' 5 f " H44 441, Q " ,- . , --Liza,-J.-1 Lg? -AZ .i,,,I:fi:.LL-iLYYZZALEZDII1."i3T1.1L5::'5:s?!!QPw"if'TJ'f':T.'1ZrEC'1E3JzsfjF'7 7bg,3'7W3TDi ,, , , . , , , . ...., . . .A . . . .1 , .1-,,c11.u.r ---f wwf- X -.11 ,., L-.4.L:,nz,:,--.vw-1.4..T:agw-vvgf-:-ffesib-fv.:-3:4121 fee-gun 1. 1- rv x E. X: st so St. Hilda's House Committee . Bark Row: M. Brewster tend Year Rep.J, M. Goode tend Year Rep.7, M. Tamblyn CHead of First Yearl- FroJ1lRow: .-X. Brett iHfad of 21111 Ycarl, M. Heggie 44111 Year Rep.J, J. Finlay fHead of Collegej, M. mston lI1e'adoj'3r1i Yrarj, F. Turner Cjrd Year RCp.j. Honour SCICHCC Club Executive I.. VV. Plvwt-s, Miss Cl M. Bosworth, R. V. Chapple, Miss M. E. Copp t.S'ec.7, W. G. McKay CTreas Miss R. M. Mivfullocli, F. J. Giffen fPrr.v.j, Dr. E. H. CraigieCI1on.Prf5.l, Miss INI. A. Holt CVife-Pres Two Sc'z'el1l V B. Plewes 1' ,iE:J.fv"1' 'illidfli ,r--s ,i if 3 ii '- I. y 3 ' X . i 5 H .M i V i i Q 1 ! v i 3 Q il S 3 Li 5 i 1 ,L Q i I1 H .3 F J i ii ' 4 i i i in I A fi i ie i i f 1 9 i s I i -i .J. .J- . . ,. .- V.. :,. . . . .- . , -- K ..., I-Turk Roux' lf. Sammons, C. Mc.'Xlpinc, Fcollard, Y. Bourke, C. Daly, Y, Ht-nnwly, T. McIXIahon, H. Sheehan, F. Matthews, C. Burns, R. Bolgcr, E. Hartmann. Front Row: F. Garvey, ,l. MacCartlxy, T. Mooney tl"rfsz'fIrf1tI, tl. Ord tNPr1'f'1r1r,vl, G. Power. C. Crusoe St. Michael's Uratorical Club FWS each year goes by one sees new clubs spring up like mushrooms and Qs die as quickly, their days of usefulness done, and their guiding genius departed. One by one the older clubs quietly drop out of sight and there is no one left even to mourn their departure. Through all this upheaval the Oratorical Club continues on its serene path with its reputation enhanced and its prospects bright. The oldest club in the College in continuous activity, it has as its guiding principle the fostering of the art of public speaking. At first its membership was limited to fifteen, but due to the number of applicants for the vacant places, this year it was raised to twenty. Meetings are held weekly, and every member speaks at least once a month, and as the members criticize each other's speeches. the opportunity of speaking comes much more frequently. Occasionally we have a critic from the faculty present who delivers particular and general criticisms to the members. For a criterion of success, one has but to look at the success and activities of the members outside the club. The winner of the Harris Gold Medal for oratory, the interfaculty debating team and nearly all the prominent speakers in the College belong to this Club, and received their early training and experience in it. VYe have been represented in the Hart House Debates, and in debates and contests at Newman Club and kindred organizations. The success of the Club would seem to justify whatever labour is demanded from its membersg it takes time that one needs for other things to prepare a speech to deliver before a score of very critical fellow-students, but the results far out-balance the hard work. The vision of the founders has been realized, and were they to return to-day to see the fruits of their labours they would certainly believe that theirs was not a case of Loves' Labour Lost. Tim .qffzwzfy-nfzc 'Q' C il 'Q Q? l , I l r .1 l 1 I l l 5 l ll 3 l l l i i l l l 1 l 3 l L 3 r l I M l l l s i l v l l i l J l l l l l 1 l v 5 A ,n 1 I W, 4 A l l K. 1 l A . l Bark Roux' C. Crusoe, V. Bourke. C. Daly, R. Gibbons, V. Kennedy, R. Fortura, F. Mallon, D. Mungovan, T. McKey. FVlJ71fRlJ7f'.' E. Garvey, P. Scollard, G. Power CVire-Presidenlj, T. Mooney'CS'erre1aryl. C. Matthews. E. Hartmann. The Quindecim--St. Michael's College ' W INCE we believe that the study of the Political relations of men is only second in its importance to that of the relations of God and man, 4- and since we believe, moreover, that true and worthy citizenship in a democratic country demands that we train ourselves to render to that country whatever talent or ability we may have, we herewith organize ' ' for the purpose of political studies to be conducted with the one desire of obtaining the truth, and of avoiding the errors and prejudices of persons or parties." Such is the preamble to the constitution of the Quindecim, and it is our duty to hold aloft this torch which has been handed on through a succession of characters long since famous in St. Michael's traditions. If there is any one characteristic which may be said to distinguish members of the Quindecim, it is sincerity. A meeting of the club is a time when one is only too anxious to realise, and to prepare himself for, the responsibilities of the life he will soon be facing outside the college halls. Definite contact is established with the concrete problems facing men to-day by inviting some eminent authority to read a paper and lead the discussion on the subject of his special study. The opening meeting of the year was one which best illustrates the ideals and achievements of the club. It took the form of a banquet at Hart House at which the Reverend Canon Cody presented for consideration a very stimulating and inspiring account on "Canada, its Background and Problems." In the discussion which always follows, many embryo ideas first see the light of day, thus is thought formed and directed and any conclusions or suspended judgments reached by this group invariably have the prestige of having given its most meticulous consideration. It is this feature of the Quindecim which wins for it the admiration of those acquainted with it, and the enthusiastic co-operation of its distinguished guests to do all in their power to aid its advance. 1 W? Two .5'cz'enly-two Y I .Q , , , , H ,lBpy RNICRI Loretto College L1terary SOC1Cty HE Llterary SOC1Cty of Loretto College resumed 1tS act1v1t1es wlth the QT? openmg of the Fall term At the 1n1t1al meetmg Brother Gabr1el ln a I Q most enjoyable talk transported the members v1a the 1mag1nat1on to of the Metropohs w1th lnterestmg 1ns1ghts mto the prnvate feehngs of the great actors The lnter year debates wh1ch always play such an lmportant part m the l1ves of the students were attended wxth even keener 1nterest than formerly The subjects were of a novel nature and so expert were all the debaters that It was xmposslble to foretell to wh1ch year the coveted sh1eld would be finally awarded Thxs year the SOClCty has been agaln honoured by havmg one of 1ts members chosen as an Intercollegmate debater on the Vars1ty team MISS Helena McGrath was one of the Un1vers1tys representatxves on the team wh1ch debated on Montreal and as a shght token of the apprec1at1on and gratltude of her fellow members for the d1st1nct1on thas brought to the College a souvemr of the event was presented to Mlss McGrath at a general meet1ng T L0 Sei P1113 Hzree V. arris. . ro h , C. Carroll. . - a ' in. G ? . . . . . . . I g. ,R . . . . . K - Y . 7 1 New York. There he revealed some of the var1ed features of the theatres ,Z . . . . . . . . . R L Pl nte M McNam ra N Hay L D scoll St oseph s College L1terary SOC1Cty fx HE Llterary Socxety of St joseph s College was reorgamzed ln 1922 and CT 'Q begnnnmg agam on thls new basls recelved the name of the St Theresa s Q Lxterary Soc1ety The Executwe declded on the exemplary course of l f 5 supplementmg the work of the class room by study1ng the more recent llterary developments and ln fhls way d1scover1ng what was worth wh1le 1n contemporary hterature Thls programme has been admirably carrled out by the executlves of the ensumg years In the beglnnmg a short but thorough study was made of the Modern Poets because It was generally agreed that poetry was the first and the hxghest form of lxterary expre s1on Robert Lou1s Stevenson Walter de la Mare H1la1re Belloc G lx Chesterton john Maseheld S1r Henry Newbolt Alfred Noyes W B Yeates were all g1ven careful cons1derat1on ln var1ous papers Speclal emphasls was lald on the works of the Canadlan Poets And 1n the second year the study of poetry gave way to that of the modern novel The great works of Conrad Hardy Meredlth Galsworthy Wells Walpole were touched upon But there were many among the members who wxshed to concentrate the1r attentlons upon the Modern Drama So last sesslon was devoted to a revlew of favour1te dramat1sts of the day Papers were g1ven on Barrxe Tchekov Synge Mllne Inugene O Ne1l G B Shaw by enthusxasts who aroused 1n the1r hsteners a deslre to know the works of these men and the executlve felt that the purpose of the Club was bemg fulhlled The 1927 28 sesslon of the SOClCfy was characterlzed by a few changes 1n the pol1cy of the executxve wlth regard to programme The new members were deslrous of try1ng out the1r dramatlc sk1ll and so the Soclety turned deflmtely to dramat1cs The Fourth Year g1rls led the way and each year 1n turn pre sented a play for the enhghtenment and enterta1nment of the other members The final meetmg took the form of an address by Dr Gertrude Lawler who has always taken a frlendly 1nterest IH our organ1zat1on and to whom the Executlve IS deeply grateful Two Seventy four . a a , . a , li. 'es. . ri . , . . . . , . . G 9 - v 17, 'Qi - . . Y . 0 If t, u , lf W - - 4! - . yn .5 C",'t5Q5 . . 1. - . . 1 . . Y . . Ov .' S . , , , . 1 ' ' 9 ! 7 Y ' Y Y Y ! Y , . ' I 7 . - , . . . . ! Y 7 ' ' 1 i Q , , . . . . Y o , - 4 I o o 1 I , 0 7 Q I Back Ron IcCl1nton CSN S C Ml Thorpe 1 ezr Bffv S I 1 Batt qTf30 5 C V5 I Sml h il ur x epo ery r un rm lN oronlonensis Rep! G Hyndman Uv! I rar Rep ll U L 1 l c r 1 r R N C C NVeaver lznd leur Rep 'll ll L 4 J Front Rau -X ohnston fVzre Pres S C All H Van erveer Cl fre Ire L R lx Hal ei U H L 4 ee res I 'ur F 6 l NI Patterson CDaj'5d1I Rep Sr Rep S 4 CJ Medical Women s Undergraduate ASSOCIHLIOH 9 ,HE Medical Womens Undergraduate Association of which all the QQ women in medicine are members has a dual objective both social and I i cultural Throughout the year the organization holds monthly meetings iff 8 to provide a meeting place for students in various vears and at t e same time brings before them prominent speakers who address them on subjects of medical and general interest This year has been a partlcularly active one under the able leadership of Miss Rachel Haight the President The Association has also been verv fortunate in havmg Dr Edna Guest as Honorary President Her interest and ready helpfulness at all times are greatly prized by the undergraduates The meetings this year have been varled in character taking the form of a supper party the initiation a tea at which Mrs F A Bott spoke and the annual tea for the members of the Faculty their wives and Medical Alumnae The VVomen s Daffydil Skit which occupies a unique place in the activities of the Society was this year directed by Miss Margaret Patterson. The Student Christian Movement is active under the Presidency of Miss Evelyn Gee. Monthly meetings with outstanding speakers are held throughout the year. Two Severity-fire , 7 j.- Ba A R T R 'warjeant G XV Young C M Huffman H X Procter D Johnston lI1idIeR 1 C MacMillan F O XV1shart C G Qmnth H D Bramon J 9 Ixxtchm T H Hodgson F B Plewes H C al Fron!Rm XV Ferguson R 1 1on C Fvan D E Towle F lx Wrcdroofe H H jeffrey VV E Qhute ZT8 B1OlOg1C3l and Med1cal SCICDCCS IGI OCICAI and Medxcal Sc1ences more frequently known as B and M to the un1n1t1ated may We explam? we are 1n combmed Arts and UL Medlcme Looked on w1th dlsfavour by Meds d1sowned by Arts we 17 are orphans' Dr Olmstead d1sowned us and sought refuge m marrlagel W1 However we have struggled on even though the genlal Bursar has acqulred the hablt of late of demandlng double fees one hundred dollars extra for the pleasure of draw1ng two masquerade t1ckets or votmg 1n two facultles The bhnd god removed one of h1s two v1ct1ms 1n our good fr1end McLagan Ballantyne s overseas servlce gaxe hrm h1 B A one year ahead of us Less subtle mfluences have accounted for five more and so we graduate twenty one of us nmeteen male two female These are we expert rn Mendehan ratxos cr1ss cross 1nher1tance protozoan consc1ousness loga r1thm1c sp1rals copper sulphate one 1n one thousand accuracy thermometer constructlon P D N1colpr1sms vrtamm F prote1nrequ1rement cerebralcortex eutectxc pomts neuro muscular act1v1ty benzene rmgs superficlal fasc1a and the nerve supplv of the sole' These we remember D1d xou luke IH the buke? I could look at th1s all day' J O H Nl Now when I was overseas Take a sawse of hght Th1s cat was a well er a very old cat Who threw that snow' Do you cons1der these tutorlals useless? And so we graduate D I and weather perm1tt1ng from Umverslty College X1ctor1a Trm1ty and St Mrchaels College May Dr J M D Olmsteds partmg token serve as our ep1taph You are the most umque class I have ever known w1ll you nex er grow up? Two SF167lf1 wx 1' ' ow: . . Q ' , . . ' , . . 1 , . .L . , . .. . '1 0 U: . L - ' , . . '. , . .C ' , . . ' , f .,. " A g, . . , , . , , . H I . 1 '.' K. ' . . . . -I. G'bl S, C. . 4 5, . . , 4. '. 'f 1 , . . jg 4 I 4 l l , o 4 ? 44 KA . . . 7 Y . IH- . . Al ' " Y 1 Q... ji, . . . --In I . - ' Dr. VVasteneys alone clalms us. A u 7 1 1 -D' I ' ' f ' 's . . . y -Q. - I , . . . 1 ' 1 1 ' Y , I - - n l Y ' Y ' 'Y Y JY Y l A 7 v ' 1 1 IK ' Y ' 7 VY iq' ll ' 72. Ax- K M ki'-lllngiul l HTH l ' 11!-gill ' 7:1 'V 'QU ' . 1 1 . 1 H ' L , . V. , y Y. . . . . , , , . . . . . . . . I H . . - V 1 11 , . sam? X -.jf 4511 Y' Q ? M EACFSEL K G C LARGE NU Jkzneirw c 5 14 Pzrzsnff E Y AT HOME CO-A'lD1ITTEE 92Q?yAl?GM ,N vi Medical At Home N Tuesdav January 31st the Crystal Ballroom re echoed to the gay voices and laughter of youth lntermmgled with the ravishing melodies Hovung from the baton wielded by Gib Vllatson and the liquid notes of the dusky king of Jazz The Medical At Home is the most outstanding social event of the medical year On this night of all nights all these fortunates Ctransfusions or pokerl don thelr best attire and sally forth to do honour to their faculty This year the h1gh callbre of this annual event was maintained at 1ts highest pinnacle Into the small hours of the morning the gaiety persisted and when the last strains of the Home VValtz died away many a heart had but one w1sh that such a glorious revelry might not come to an end And now this night is a remembrance the memory of it is placed with those all too few which form the jewels of the aura which surrounds our undergraduate career Some of us will be here to enjoy another of these gorgeous displays while those of us who go forth this year cherish the haunting thoughts of pleasures past, and resolve to some day return and for one night live anew the glamour of our student days. Tico Svzrezzty-5021011 -.-1.. 1 Y I al? 'Y AIR - 1' . , CD LAW of -57AnAr'-SUT W4 DUNCPF 6f'1.MfviP'i o E5 , NY- Z a , , 'Vw of 395,10-R SEKQLTEEAS ESMW -"QT DAVE L- i -.-.. - M. . .. -!-Af .. YA. -,,,, .. . . .. ..., - li --...,.+-.....,4,..:s,,::.L.Qv- School At-Home USIC, laughter and the glamour of rainbow lights, laughing eyes and I . If dancing feet, the Crystal Ballroom resounds to the strains of violins, .' ,f 5 and the sobbing of saxophones. A mad, glorious fantasy of swaying forms and shimmering lights. How far away are lectures nowh-stuffy lff sei' labs, drafting tables and books are forgotten, slide rules are discarded. The dance is on. T The next is a waltz, the lights are dimmed and a silver moon shines on the gay revellers. The novelty dance, streamers drifting, laughing couples dodging pith balls, and tripping over serpentine. Gay ladies put up diminutive parasols for it is raining confetti. Then the nose-dive to the Pompeian Room to supper. Clinking dishes and an army of waiters, favours for the ladies, and fruit cocktail for all. Cigarettes and chat. Then back to the Ballroom. The lucky number dance and an embarrassed Lochinvar and a blushing maid have to dance while spectators show their approval in showering them with balloons and streamers. Then the prize- "Oh, Charlie, how lovely --let's dance." And so on into the wee hours, till the orchestra will play no more. The long ride in the taxi. "Thanks so much-it was a wonderful party," and so it was. But all is forgotten now. Long days of lectures, long nights of study, but the School man thinks as he puts out his light, after a grinding day of slide rule manipulation, "Oh, well, it's not so bad, there will be another At-Home next year." Two Seventy-eight Q ALGK. 4n,m2- "7 DUNGPF D R 957 YINRRI CHAIRMAN PRISIDEHT ENHNEERING. SOCIETY Q 'NN N512 M .raw we 6' 0 fb Q , f' 4 1 4 e anncliingsff szgizliixgnxf 'l ' ' 'jifhl' vilggsgz 4vuc1El,?pqN:gp HAGGA The Annual 'cSchool" Dinner Q5 3 HEAD table across the dais of the Great Hall, with the dignitaries of V'V . . . . the Universitv, the State, and the Faculty makin cheerful conven- igllill - g tionalized black and white silhouettes against the arms on the wall, and all this in a light of becoming dimness, under that window, is a setting which would be difficult to du licate anywhere on earth. P The School Dinner is always a satisfactory affair, but the one this year was exceptionally so, not only from the angle of the crass matter of eating, but from that of the more important matter of what was said. The toast to the University was proposed by the Rochester. high Gummy, with a most engaging smoothness. Sir Robert replied, with great good nature, and told of the vicissitudes of eight o'clock lectures from the standpoint of the Faculty. He complained that the earnestness of the debate at the Council meeting had kept him awake. The Faculty was proposed by T. B. Smith, and responded to by the Dean, while Douglas G. VV. Mc-Rea gave the Profession. Professor Haultain responded for Mr. A. B. Cooper, the President of the Association of Professional Engineers. Harry T. Pritchard said nice things about the Sister Societies, and the representa- tives replied with happy thoughts about us, and pleasant stories. The guest of the evening was the Honourable VVilliam Finlayson, who gave a very interesting address on the work of the Department of Lands and Forests, especially with regard to reforestation, how it is being carried out, to what extent, and the great importance of this work to the country. He pointed out that heretofore the practice had been to regard timber as an exhaustible resource, but that by propaganda and instruction by the forest rangers, helped by a few well conceived laws, the crop idea was becoming, fortunately, more prevalent. That is, that only mature timber is cut, and only as much as is desirable from the standpoint of good forest economics. Two S8Z't'IIf-V-711-71? Bzfk R 1: E A C1rrf31dle11RepJ H A Thompson CH lea1RepJ Ircnllfo I Cllffle th ear RHP? Q C Shantzf nd leaf Repl I YV LIHCVICZI' Presb Ci 3 Jtffiil 'C J C A L 2 cussed I mdsav fsllz len Repl Royal Dental Soc1ety N undergraduate soclety of the students of the Faculty of Dentlstry for the purpose of furthermg an act1ve 1nterest 1n UH1VCfSlty and publ1c EIHHIFS In thls SOC18ty every student may find proper scope for h1s term where the problems of the students college and nat1on are d1s Debat1ng was mtroduced some years ago and now comprlses the major part of our programme The W1llmott Shleld IS open to 1nter year debates Th1s st1mulates an 1nterest among the debaters bes1des tra1n1ng them for 1nter colleglate debatmg and preparmg young men to take a rlghtful place 1n the1r com1nun1ty upon graduat1on Bes1des the debate 1t IS customary at each meetmg to have another speaker usually a member of the Faculty It IS wxth plesaure that We recall such 1nterest 1ng speakers as Dean Seccombe Drs Webster, Clarkson Amy and Cowhng who are well known among the students for the1r popular addresses Each student 1S pr1v1leged to 1nv1te h1s fr1ends to these meet1ngs where they hear not only debates and promment speakers but a good mus1cal programme as well Afterwards an hour of danc1ng IS enjoyed the mus1c be1ng suppl1ed by the College orchestra Y to Fzglllx c'o'.' ...L k' '1' ., .. .!" ,. l f 1 'lik' Rh. .. ' 14 1' ., 4. .4 2 ' ., . . " Q . , J. c- , D p 1 . . Q! Q . - .1 . 1 . - I-1... l .lg . . . . 9 nn-JI , 15 .I - . . . . orator1cal amb1t1ons. A number of meetmgs are held durmg the College y - I 7 7 Y U ! ' t 7 D 3 7 ' 7 Y .il A. J buick 'K uxr 1 ear 1' my 6 1 RM tfre ?ld!F1fRf l If nIRor E rm ron rr 1 etc rv L ll X N ra xr Re Dental At Home lHE At Home Comm1ttee IS composed of an Honorary Presldent along fa SQ l w1th SIX members of the student body the Presldent of the Comm1ttee S nal IS a member of the Students Cabmet and 15 elected for ofhce at e l annual parl1amentary electlons at the end of each xear The duty of the Comm1ttee IS to arrange and carrv on the soclal funct1ons throughout the year The Comm1ttee of 27 28 have met w1th marked success commenclng on October 28th wlth a Dental Hallowe en Dance the attendance breakmg all records s1nce the days of the war classes the decorat1ons were umque the ITlLlblC the best yet and the entertamment bv Mxss Parker of the RUSSIHH Ballet School of Danclng added to the enjoyment of the ex en1ng On Fr1day February 10th the Pompe1an Room of the Ixmg Edward Hotel looked most becommg draped IH garnet and skyblue the Facultv colours and grads undergrads and frlends voted 1t the best xet and thus qu1te 111 keeplng vuth Dents soc1al status it the t1me of gomg to press elabo1ate preparauons are bemg made for the annual graduat1on dance th1s funct1on IS essentlally for the graduatmg class and thus no efforts w1ll be spared 1n makmg the dance rn attractlxe one for the class of 28 wh1ch has been noted for lts soclal act1v1t1es throughout the entlre course The co operat1on of Dean Seccombe the Honorary Pres1dent has been mvaluable as he has always been ready to asslst 111 everv wax posslble Thus the soc1alact1v1t1es of the Faculty for 1928 w1ll l1ve long as a precedent 4' Tun Fzglztx one ' 1' mv: F. X'. De 'z CTV1! Y R ful, C, C. Pearson 1111 Y 1 ' R fr. , E. J. Bftllllllll l.!ll1 l'f'11r e , S, A. Ma' f gor I2 '1 f.,. " U ix' T. . A st g QP sidrnil, Dr. XVzllace S , o .b- lI1UIl1F7'llY-X' l'1'ew11lf1 H, A. X '. fhe 'dan ljlh Ym 17.3. fliq , , , lt an - lf? W., W,:,N . . u D . . Timm ' 1 Q, L pkyxl . . . - Il l ,V ' , th lvfl fill' 'fu "ft .1 ' Af-lj' . . . C' Q il , 1 . ,. . , , . . Y. Y , A M N 7. C 2 , V - v 1 - , 1 - J v V 1 K 1 I Y v J 1 1 T My Y 7. . Al Q , ' C Q8 2 c ' 7 , . ' v 1 'fl 1 l Y- Bark Roux' T. E. Hayhurst, P. G. Anderson. I Fran! Rauf: G. D. Leggett, R. S, Langstroth CPrexidenl Denial Rifle Clzdn, J. E. Tilson. Dental Rifle Team i g HE Dental Team were again successful in annexing the DeLury Shield, emblematic of interfaculty supremacy in rifle shooting on the outdoor ranges. The matches were closely contested and a small margin decided the T T winners. The Dents are also champions and holders of the Mitchell Cup. The Dental Team will suffer by the loss of Anderson and Tilson, who can always be depended upon to give a good account of themselves, but with such a brilliant new-comer as Leggett we have every confidence of retaining the trophies. Tommy Hayhurst, the regular on all Interfaculty and Intercollegiate rifle teams, is to be congratulated on his remarkable showing at the matches under the handi- cap of a recent fracture of the wrist. The President of the Club is getting plans under way for the annual inter- year competition, and it is possibly due to the stimulus of these matches that the Dental Rifle Teams are always dangerous contenders. This year the team had the unique distinction of every man making a place on the Intercollegiate squad. Two Eiglzly-lzvn Y . . Y -, , ,. -W ,, ' Y Y H - -- V - ' ' ,W W, W, V v.-- - - : , ,Y Y, , -wr-.Y f.--Y-.- W V -W V-vw , ..,-,w,,,,- Bark Ro 1 1 ln ll c1m1r1 1 11n runnnl. cl 1Ltn rc my up Nmr er XX1nn1tr1fl C or1n Frxcc 'XI1rt.1n 7'071lRu'li 1ud MGX ean Prince-5 Xnghn !IrP1 5 N155 ll Ro Jcrt1 mp: rt lx my Xb ott H ousehold Science Club HE, zum of the Household Sc1ence C lub 15 to l3I'lI1Q betore the 5tudent5 Q.peaker5 from varlous fields to 1ntere5t them 111 the work open to them l J flftel gr1duat1on and to promote umty and fellow5h1p among the l l Studen 5 SQ I The Club exetutlve IS composed of the Honorarx Pre51dent wlth eleven membere of the 5tudent body who are elected fo ofhce lt the close of the precedmg xear Its dutx IS the conductmg of the 1neet1ng5 and 5oc1al fLlIlClQl0lT5 throughout the year The co operauon of M155 A I la1rd the Honordrx Pre51dent l'ld5 been 1I1N2llL12lblC Qhe vs alwax5 ready to ass15t IH every wav pos51ble 7 n flgflfl lhnf 11: .lx M:'Nf . 2, I.'ll'z G -- lz ', K'tlI-- T -QM, Ol' H 'l . W' " - 3 ' g. F M: 1 ' , ' . .- ' J ., 1 if I,z 'rd, l 1 RW - , 'L ' .- b . lgellll , 5. - L I 5, " ,gg 'g +41 n I . . V I x . X .XM c L , 1 , ., f l - tl' 1 - Yj. Vggnf' ' 1 . . . . ui 'YY 1' X Q' Q df' x, ' . S ' r N 2 - " 1 . J. . , ' if I , '. S . 7 u . rm Y . X . lfidvr L. -1- 'hx 1 , V V V I L.,, it Y. Back Ro anlxs Cl c rc A H Dans 6455151 9 W Fiour Ron C is Heathcot ifreasj VV R Sp oule CPrcsl R M NVeekes fSecD Wychflfe College Students MISSION SOC1Cty HEORY without practlce like faith without works is dead This Gb if? Mission society therefore fills an essential part of student life Year 5 'Q bv year many men are given the opportunity of performing some definite ' ir: G. F. B ' '1' P-P 5.5, . . . f' . ' .-ec. , I . , . . . ez ' ' hr . , . . .u v . I . . Christian work. During the academic year the sphere of activity geographically is limited to the parts of Ontario in the immediate Mir 7 7 I n u , K ' KA 15 x r 1 .H vicinity of Toronto but the summer vacation finds our members scattered throughout the length and breadth of our Dominion Who can tell how far reaching is the extent of spiritual influence for spirit knows no barriers? An outstanding event in this academlc year was the annual meeting which synchronized w1th the visit of the Right Reverend Blshop Taylor Smlth lx C X O D D the late Chaplain General of the British Forces who was the guest of the College for the Jubllee Celebrations Bishop Taylor Smith on his last evening in Toronto gave in a graphic manner first hand 1mpress1ons of mlsslonary endeavour On the same evening representatlve students presented reports on summer act1v1ty These showed that there was much cause for encouragement Three members of our Executive wlll leave us entering upon their life work ln the Spring The problems whlch have been faced the experience in leadership gained the privilege of serving their fellow students will afford memorable recollections in the davs that are ahead They carry with them the manifold good wishes of the Society Those who will shoulder the responsibility for another term will we are sure at the conclusion of their term of office entertain with us the oplmon that it is a duty Joyful and satisfying to carry out in some measure the motto of the SOCICYY fmpu are TO eva'y'yeMov Tao Fzglztv f011r SCISHCC ASSOCIHUOII of Ontar1o Vetermarv College Ilorzorarx Preszderzi Dr C D Mcfllyrav Preszdenl P J G Plummer Vue Preszderzt Harold A VVebb Secretary Treasurer C E Goodwxn HIS Assoclatlon was nrst organlzed whlle the College was located ln 25 R l Toronto under the dlrectxon of the late Andrew Smlth F R C V S who I Q founded the College dur1ng the year 1862 When the College was yr ' if ' rr . . . 3' ' J f V y- . . I n . . 9 . .... A . 2 lr , , .... ., rt R or ' - acqu1red by the Government of Ontarlo, 1n the year 1908, the Assoclatlon ,l t ' . . . , . ., . Y l . . 1 V . . , . . ., . . ., . . . , . 1 C . y . ' y ' . A x , Y y 7 . C L Y . . . . . UN ' J Z' . , . 7 Y Y . . v . . . , g . w Q Q- z' was reorgamzed under the patronage of the late E A A Grange V S and he cont1nued as Honorary Pres1dent unt1l the year 1918 when he was succeeded by C D lVIcG1lvray M D N D V Sc as Pr1nc1pal Throughout all these years the Assoc1at1on has sery ed a useful purpose and has cont1nued wxth unabated zeal to fulfil 1ts obl1gat1ons The Assoc1at1on has for 1tS object the promotlon of class fellowshlp and the furtherance of sc1ent1hc knowledge among 1tS members The const1tut1on pro v1des that the ofhcers of the Assoclatlon shall conslst of an Honor 1rv Presldent who shall be the Prmncmpal of the College and by electlon each year of a Presldent 'VICE Pres1dent and a Secretary Treasurer Any student of the 8en1or Class rn good standmg IS el1g1ble to membershxp To become a member c1nd1dates must prepare present and successfully defend 1n debate at least two SC16I1t1lTC papers at regular meetlngs durlng the sesslon Regular meetlngs are held twlce monthly at whxch members 1n turn present the1r papers for d scussmon The cert1f1cate of membershlp IS awarded at the end of each sesslon to successful candldates upon the majorxty vote of the class that the papers plesented are of sutflclent mer1t and have been successfully defended 1n debate The Pr1nc1pal and members of the Faculty frequently attend the meetm s and do every th1ng posslble to promote lnterest 1n the Assoc1at1on Th1s adds greatly to the success of the meetmgs whlch are usually well attended by the students as a body The rneetmgs afford members an excellent opportun1ty to further develop the1r l1terary talents to acqu1re practxce 1n debate and to am add1t1onal knowledge of sc1ence through an mterchange of thought and expresslon T 0 Fzglztx jf e .,,4r' ' r r- g ' ' fi ev 'Ci Q Back Roux' Sheldon CS.P.S.b, McCullagh CTrinity7. Lindsay fDents.J, Boyd tWycliffeJ. Front Row: Dunn CVictoriaJ, Howard 1McMasterD, H. G. Stapells, Fowler tU.C.D, Clufie COsgoodeb. CSecrttary- Trtasurerl Hon. President President ve. Inter-College Debating Union is HE historic Inter-College Debating Union has for its object "the encouragement of debate among the colleges of the city, and to this gi end the carrying on of a series of Inter-College debates, including the awarding of the championship of the union." 3 1' Eight colleges retained membership in the Union during 1927-28, these being University College, Victoria, VVycliffe, Dents, School of Science, St. Michael's, Osgoode Hall, and McMaster University. The withdrawal of Trinity College, winner of the series last year, was a source of much regret to the Union. It is a sad fact that the interest in the Union seems to be on the wane. For this a number of reasons might be advanced, not the least of which is the growing popularity of the informal style of debate used in the Hart House contests. Nevertheless it is really almost inexplicable why so few students support their colleges in competitive debating, especially since the enthusiasm a few years ago was very keen. As we write this the winner of this year's series is still undetermined. Colleges still in the running are McMaster, Dents, Gsgoode, and Wycliffe. The trophy awarded the winner each year is known as the Kerr Shield. It has been won on seven occasions by McMaster and at present hangs in Trinity College. The following is the Executive for 1927-28: H. G. Stapells ..,............... Honorary President W. A. Donohue ..... . . .Honorary Vice-President R. Fowler C,U.C.j ............ . . .President C. H. Howard CMcMasterj ....... Secretary-Treasurer Two Eighty-six . J, 1 Bark Ro Ma garet Spurr Hele Qpe ce Margaret Tlompson H le Radg n 'NI a H li CP bl I 'lla age J R Joyce F nlay r lxatl er ne Coburn CI de zt s Cat Up ake oda Ho CI d lb Cora Smlth CS r lar The Women s Intercolleg1ate Debatmg Unlon Q 3 LTHOL GH the act1v1ty of the Women s Intercolleg1ate Debatlng Jlffxyff Umon IS l1m1ted 1n quant1ty 1n qual1ty lt more than makes up for th1s 3 l1m1tat1on P ThlS year the Intercolleg1ate Debate w1th McG1ll and Queens Ln1vers1t1es Th1s House IS of the op1n1on that the present system of educat1on affords adequate preparat1on for modern l1fe took place on November 21 1927 The afiirmatwe 1n Toronto was upheld by M1ss Mary WIHSDGQF and MISS Tmlma L1ttner and the negat1ve IH Montreal by MISS Helena McGrath and M1ss Nora Holden McC1ll was successful 1n w1nn1ng the trophy con sequently the chlef a1m of the Debatmg Llfl1OI1 IS to brmg th1s much pr1zed award back to X ars1ty next year An lnterfaculty Open House debate was also held at St Joseph s College on January 18 The subject reveals why the parhamentary style of debat1ng proves so popular Th1s House 1S of the op1n1on that lectures are helpful Such a debate IS of 1nterest to all un1vers1tv students and the open house d1s cuss1on afterwards affords opportun1ty for anyone who chooses to express her VIEWS M1ss N1ctor1a Mueller Loretto Abbey College and MISS Mary Coleman V1ctor1a College upheld the aflirmatwe and M1ss Helen Monkhouse St Joseph s and M1ss Rhoda Howe UH1VCFS1ty College the negat1ve The vote of the House 46 26 1n favour of the mot1on proved that the present lecture system st1ll has staunch supporters The many excellent speeches from the floor and the 1nterest shown by all the facult1es certa1nly Just1f1es the change 1n the method of carry1ng on the 1nter college debates from the formal to the parhamentary style Two Ezglzty seven r , n -, n , 1 , e n ia , 1 or' o ren u ici y 1 71 r . Front ow: i tTr Llillfffu, ' 1 i . "ire-Prfsi 1 J, Mis r wright .T 6 rj' Rh we 'rfsi en , Sec e 313. , . . . Y . . , . . I 5 I ' Qf O Y? . . . . . . . . . . F 1 17 u' y.. lvl . . . "un-" . 1, ,1 . . . . , cz-J r f-,'i2,.,,1,..3?' 5 7 . . . H . . . . 1 LL- "--- ' . - . . . ,, . . . . , . . W , . . . . 1 . J T - , . 1 , LA ' ' ' ' Y, -MC- D 1 y - - . . , . . ,. . O . - 1 1 1' . . . . , l 7 Y ' V , - 1 1 ' 1 - y I . . 4 1 1 ' . DSHELO rv.va0 P5 R149 UEBATING CLUB f .fy- pp 15050 Girl?-lm 6 rr: WEN PW' L""" 1921 EXIEZCEEJTIVE 1928 aww 'UTY S P S Debating Club gn CD N such a highly specialized study as Applied Science the cultural 1dea of University life may easily be neglected through constant drilling on I 1 1 technical matters BCl1CV1I'1g that ability in the persuasive art is essential in any walk of life and particularly IH the Engineering profession the Debating Club of the Faculty of Applied Science furnishes the student with the opportunity in which he may develop his latent talents in debating and public speaking in conjunction with the intellectual actxvity whlch lies beyond the range of his own profession Open meetings are held wherein any student may express his op1n1on on a subject whlch has been briefly introduced bv some well informed speaker Inter-year debates for the Segeworth Trophy and the debates of the Inter- College Debating Union provide a proving ground for "School men " to measure their ability in the forensic art. The annual oratorical contest, held at the close of the year's programme, is a means of judging the degree of proficiency attained by rising orators, and it invariably draws a goodly number of men to vie with each other in exposition of a variety of impromptu subjects. Two Eighty-eiglzl 'rr 1 - 1 UPUBILK!-WlONSl Back Rou IN T Berr5 lhf1OTll1l1, Fdrlorb W M Fawcett C O Mnrrell VVrxghl Hugh Bran1onCAssst1 Van Falnor Sfwrzugl S Ntocl'.we'l LX C1 McFarlane I H Grlngorten Hzddle Ro C J Dalx P Lssher 1-155:51 'Veus Edrlor Qprznql Edxth M Qnmlan Ions Gxrvan Rosa mond McCullough Edith Martin CAsvor Edrlorl kay Sutton J keffer tAs5zsl Sporting hduorl Fron1Ro-u N J DeVV1tt Utrlu I'd11or Spruzgj Helen Allen fllomen 5 Vrws Edulorl S Qanofsky fManag mg Fdztor Fallb james Robson lErl1lor in Chfffl Exe Powell CU omen 5 Edxtorj L J Ryan CNruw Fdfror Fall! W Qanders Cllan Fdztor S'pnm,J The V3fS1tV HIL medrum of the dav The I arsziy, opened 1tS season s campalgn 'fl ln an ausplclous manner, matchmg the peal of centenary bells w1th NS an early CCll'ElOI1 that carrled an appeal to the students to throw them selx es whole heartedlv 1nto the sp1r1t of the occaslon The reslgnatlon of R L H lVl1tchell as FdltO1'lI1 Chlef wlth the rcs fr 1 to begmnlng of the fall term, followed bx the appomtment of james W F Robson as hls successor marked the establlshment of a new area 1n whlch act1v1t1es of '1 purely undergraduate nature recen ed greater prom1nence wh1le the lntroductlon of the personal note rnto the news columns was m ev1dence The arrlval of D1ognese uncovered the fact that the average student possessed a tremendous fund of 1nformat1on, Tl'l1S1HfOl'IH3tlOIl, lmagmatlon, humour and tact and many learned, lf perhaps caut1ous, theorles were advanced The larsztv also la1d clalm to the d1StlIlCtlOf1 of scoopmg the world on the hre 1n the MEd1Cdl Bu1ld1ng As 1s customarv, the ed1tor1al column took the lead 1n 1n1t1at1ng many con troy ersles wh1ch xx ere contmued at length and wlth heat through the medlum of the Correspondence Column C ompanlonate marrlage was decrxed and the c1ty da1l1es were scorned xx hen the latter screamed thelr fears of commumstlc ten dancles throughout the lTl1lNCI'Slty The C hampus Cat more darmg after a summers adventure, returned to cast challenges whlch were accepted bx all and sundry and the felme truly had need of 1ts reputed nme llves Although handlcapped by the graduat1on of manv of the more expenenced members of the stan Ylze nazszlv was famlhar 111 appearance the probat1oners showmg an amazlng adaptahlllty to the requ1rements of thexr senlors Typo graph1cal and other techmcal errors st1ll occurred to the annoyance of the edltors, but an att1tude of tolerance was mn evldence and the 1mposs1ble was not more than falntly urged or suggested fwo Nimlv '.' l. . ' . i A 7 2 ' . . 1, . ' r ' U, , v 1 ' 1 V 1- ' 1 ' v 1 , . - , . , . . .. . , A . . ,, 5 . . , . , ,W , . I I . . . . . . , u. , . -', . K. l . 4 , ., 4 , . , 4 , - v - ' v 7 I ' - I U . 7 My . . , Y , , . . . . A , . , . . . . , . . ' ' 1 ' ,' , ' ' v V 7 ' ' - . . 4 . . . - - - I A 1 7 I . '1 . . , , . - . . A , . X . c c ' ' f J A 1 H . H ., . . . , . e V N , v . -i jx . ' . . . . l 7 'WML' f -uf" . . . fa 4 ,rg i W' 'Y W ' ' ' Qt . . . . l X 7 - f., Al , y ' l fg, '11-3-,, f' 2513 . . . .1 ' ' , 541124 T X - - - ll: 4 l " . . v . K , ..V A . . . . 1 . . U N . ,, c .. .f - I ' ' V VN. N . 7 . Y. . s 1 .... . 1 . Y 1. Y 1 . , - - 1 - . - . . v ' 1 f l , 1 , 1 A . . - , ' I , . . f I , . . . . , . T l Ba k Ro -Xlkcn Sprdu right 1 x Il 111 e Cllbtfl lI1u1I Ro 0 Jb F H utlltr 1 an Ha billan Shuttr ll tgli r un axt r S u R b rt Xlclf B T O1'O11tODCHS1S ORONTONINXSIS 28 lb the fourth of its kind ltrom its concept1o11 CTE in 1808 up to and including the volume of 24 it was a book devoted "' 'Q almost entirelx to the graduating vear ln 1023 there was a peremptory 5 demand for a book of genuine interest and more drastlc change has seldom been made In sho1t the volume of that xear w ts something, nexx an attempt on the part of the editor to interpret the spirit per The editor of two xears later found a xerx unique S-1tll1t10l'l confronting him with a still more successful book published the xear before lmprox ed in lax out and character of work The Board of Cox ernors had decreed that the work should cost iust 1 little more th ln half the expenditure of the vear before Moreover the inclusion of the Campus I ife QCCUOIT w as forbidden bx the powers that be He realized that this was the crucial test of the book that whether there should ex er be another depended on him It speiks verx well for his earnestness and capabilitx th it TORONTONEXSIN 21 besides existing xx as a still greater improx e1nent on its predecessor The present xolume 1 the still further dex elop ment of a book for the undergraduate and gi aduates published under the dithculties of the DFEVIOUH xolume Tne -Xrt work was 'ill done bx students Photographs bx members of the C tmeri Club are because of frequent requests included l its other departments it is a realization of the ambition of former editors to establish a consistent and workable lax out Future dex elopment depends to a great extent on the executives of the Cl1l:lCI'CIlt organizations A l1ttle thought on the11 part would make their pages more interesting to themselx es as well a vastlv 1mprov1ng the book The two pages it the end of the X ictorla C ollege biographx section are a step in the right direction nhnxr L4 iL'.' 1 i 'J S. .T t lc, XV ' g , Blow 10,1 ,lc li' S, B ll, J' ' . "L c' Iv: R l , . . Jones, M ' ' , G'll' , ll. T' ' . -X 3 - Frm 1 Rnqyg Cla o n, H t, B' .' 1? , Q11 tc, o 12 S, 71 cf. H. . jones. , . F? . A A 'A T if . . i , ' . T X "G 1 . . , f - i , c .T , a' is ., 1 i . .' . 1 1 ik . I N Qs- is Y L L 1 ---' - . . , 1 c 'c. ., -, K V I . . w . . - meating undergraduate life throughout the University. lt was a decided success. . V J g g Y . S. E . . J . 7. , . " Y it: 1 i V - 7 . V' c '. 1 c f . c C ' ' 5 5: A 5 L 2 .' ' I . c ' ' Q 4. k . Tc d g . 'Y V L ' u A C ' . . 2' ' j ' '. :ga C 2 I X ,T '..', c 3 3 J Q k, 'cs : L C ' ' 5 - ' is 3 ' f 1- I , , 7 -Z S, T V I ' 1 Y T rl T C -V si S. .t If 1 I 2 ' , ' :i -. ' . n c ' C .ic I , B. C lv . . L4 X k 7 l S Tn' . 7' 1 '!,'- Nil' Bzrk Rm Stevenson XX ddl ogers qxryeant L ates Horxxo c H kung Crrgg J SCJ rz M Redmond J Lvxll lx Ferguson P Gundy B Rat H Langford Is. Chrx txe Acta V1CtOT13I13 OR htlf a century Acta Xlctorlana has reflected undergraduate l1fe " and letters at X utorla Founded at Cobourg 1n 1878 the magazme has passed through all the stages to whlch humanxty xtself lb he1r Its l hrst decade IH the qu1et college town reveals a perlod of plous and self consclous youth X1ctor1a 1n those early days compr1sed three flcultxes Scrence Theology and Arts Students 1n the latter depart ment were ln cl mlnorxtw and thus Acta largelv reflected the rel1g1ous and sclentxflc lnterest of the college lmposlng reflecuons on the Ala 'LC of the llzrrosfope and the lfvvterx of llelalzz edek appeared sermllx and kept the undergraduates rn a In 1809 X lctorla mox ed from Cobourg The Arts facultv became federated vw 1th X arsrty the faculty of Scrence was drscontlnued and the faculty of Theology rem uned lncorporated as X 1ctor1a LlH1VCYSltX Acta now became more speclflc llly an Arts magamne though for a number of years the pohcy of publlshmg we1ghtw theolog1cal d1SQUlb1tlOI1b and sclentlhc survevs w1th approprlate mottoes and d1agrC1ms was pursued bx enterprlsmg ed1tors An era almost purely l1terary followed durrng wh1ch Acta counted ltself one of the most vltal and formatwe rnfluences 1n our nat1onal lrfe Buslness men h1stor1ans wrlters and poets ACTA eagerly subscrlbed and sent 1n manuscr1pts for VICTORIANA S?bll5E1tlCJI1 The edltor was a ver1table Arbzter um 1 H Suddenly about 1910 the magazme suffered a well earned nervous breakdown Acta was gradually showmg s1gns of recuperatlng from th1s perlod of 1nval1d1sm when the war caused a DhCEMBffU92" SCFIOUS relapse A surglcal operatlon was per formed IH 1923 whlch proved hlghly successful Acta took a new lease of hfe, and 1f the removal t,,Cm,,,,Co,,m,E of her 1nh1b1t1ons led to the acqu1s1t1on of a 'NTH'uN'Vm'TYoFTO'o"'0 super1or1ty complex at any rate the batterles of dullness were effectlvely sllenced ,r zu' J. I A , '. A 'son, R. R 1 , R: az ' , . B , J. ' ol, . " , G. 2 ' , . Q rtt. 1 Fm 1RC,w.- . , . 'Q , '. , A , . 2, . , '. 'S ' . if , 7 77' ' lc ' f gfll' C 4,, 'LN - . . F1 : y . , . C ,M X E i y K . . . .N . i J 'Ill ' A 11' ' H ' ' l-, 1 ' ' ' f . Y. . . . M I A- - - ' . 1 '- 'lliff lllff' A C -' , L c, s , C A C . ' ' V ' -KT, A ' yi x N. . M t . , J . 1 Y. -' Q 11 ' 2 . C . C ' state of chron1c neurosis untll the next lssue appeared. Q- " ' f . ' 4 C " fl 5' , C N C f C' C 'J C ' , - C C X 1 i A - C , ' . C , , y . ' C . i A. 7 ' yy . . . -,,- k . , . . , . 7 J I S . . V f rt l T13 y V ' , , ' , I, ...- . l ..s......w 1 Nos ' D K' , I - Q i . . , i . . . ' .', X----Lf:----""""""""""', . ' , Tian ,X'1'11vly-1100 1:1 - ,Q , V i Bark Rou G Robins VS Kendrick X Egan G Cass dy P Sccllard FfonlRoi1 E Hartmann H Lavelle Uzreil J C Burns 11 dxtorj T MacDonald KS! Jo eph :J J Ord Cbus 1 a 1 l The St Michael s College Year Book CQ X position of merit in the truly representative class of college annuals Not only does the Staff endeavour to set up a record and pictorial of the College activities under an ideal of high standard but they are also succeeding in the creation of a literary section the character of which elicits criticism of a most favourable nature As the motive of such Year Books is to furnlsh a chronicle of student activities during the course of the academic year so also can this be recognized as the essential factor underlying the publication of St Michael s Year Book And in working out the pictorial side of this principle the Staff has done much to incorporate with photography a decorative art of true merit taking pleasure in the fact that this art work IS the creation of St Michael s students It is also worth while noting that the Staff has inaugurated an Alumni section in the Year Book The Alumni have always subscribed generously to the Book and in consequence of this 1nterest a department has been set aslde in which it IS proposed to publish such matter as w1ll form a more personal connection between the Alumni and subsequent edltlons of the annual The literary side of the publication is given special attention with the view of enhancing the value and character of the Book as a un1t ln this regard the Year Book Staff are grateful to the many prominent men in the world of learning who have so generously contributed articles on philosophy education and articles of general interest Works from the pens of such men as Dr Gilson of the Sorbonne and Professor Lton Noel of Louvain are to be recalled with special appreciation. Y The current edition of the Year Book will be of particular interest due to the ' V ,- fact that much valuable data in con- . nection with the Diamond jubilee Cele- brations of St. Michael s College is to be published get q-qv T MICHAELS COLLEGIL YEAR BOOK is rapidly attalmng a Two Nirzefy-tlzree 1 1-, 2, , Y Back Ron NV Robson HT? Reph G B Lane C3T Repj G C McGarrx C211 Rfpb L VS Sturgeon C3T0 Repb Front Ron XX B Stxwer C-Lvrrslanl Buszness lllanagfrj G H Crant CBuwnevs Alarzugerl M B Coutts B A Chsonale Edzlorb Marlon Ialrd B A HI Omen 5 Edxlorh J A Ca smell B -X CEdzlor m Chzefj T D kendrlcl. B -X f4SS'lfllff Fdflflfl H H6ll1CflDgt0H B X Hporlzng Fdztorb UH1VCfS1ty of Toronto Medlcal ournal HIL orficlal publlcatlon of the LIfllVCI'S1tV of Toronto SOCICYY xs publ1shed CT?-DQ seven tlmes a year November to May Its chlef a1m IS to serve as a M Wk medium for undergraduate expresslon and to brmg to the student recent 1I'tlClCS of sclentlfic mterest The ournal was founded n December 1923 by Doctors F P Scarlett D M Meeklson and R P Stone at the tlme when Dr B I ohnstone was Presrdent of the Medlcal Souttx It IS now m the m1ddle of volume five The lournal has found favour among a great many pract1t1oners and promlnent staff members of lVIed1cal Qchools of thls country Vle smcerelv hope that It has fulfilled the ercpectatlons of lts founders whom we wlsh to congratulate on launchlng thls most useful pLllJl1C3.lQlOIl The Journal has manv loyal frlends and we are mdebted to them for the1r trmely 1dx1ce and help Many recent graduates throughout Canada are on the c1rculat1on l1st as well as most of the staff and students of the Toronto School of Medlcme and It 15 now past the thousand mark Mrmcu. Jol mx xl. We hope that the journal w1ll contmue to mcrease IH value to 1ts SUDSCYIDCFS Construc t1ve cr1t1c1sm of any kmd IS 1nv1ted By con srderatlon of such cr1t1c1sm the journal w1ll best be able to serve 1ts readers Tuo Nmelx four G. . no ., .. 2 ., ., ., .'.C. ' '.' '7. . 4 ' . A I f , . . 1 . I .. ' , . . . , . . . . V, , . V . . ., . ., , .. rt -- , , . . ', .Q . . .1 I L , . , .Q . . J . va 0 . . I I - 1 - . . . . . 1 - . . s G D . 'ai' '-'G I a Q l lx X I , . 1, ,Q . . . N. - 53-n!fmi' L ' -wfigffr 31515 I ' ' ' ,N 3 y 1 0 , D. . x y . - . X . . . - , . . . J . Q a N. E VY . . . . . - . . 7 . . Y 1 n . . . . . . , , ,................,.1.. ...... ai.-h . ' 2 rl q:-:.....F2......q..,,,::.- ' .nn Ny. mr . x Uwwnrlulrx or Toncovso C - ' 1 I y vi ' ' ' A?-TNlA.....,l,.,.or.-i'-...... . 1 r , ' C h V lmuumu one , W 1 .. .,... . ........... . ..,.,..., X , 1 , I - - ""' '1121fl1"1 ' I . . . -. u , -IM 'I I T L , , ' no ww. M- mon .mn-,l. . ., . . . . . . . . 1 .M l , ,....-...........-... . . S . . . . . . - ,iv -- I , . . r ' r- A., , . . AA, ,..., 4 mia: ....,f....-.- - .1 g-....Lf-- ,..,,.:a2 .- .., Q' Bark Rmv: H. P. Bishop f.N'fvm'li11,i5 l'Iil1'tm'J, T. I,.VlXlarsl1 flxl. Ymzr Rrporliulq liffilorl, D. Black f2i1:1' Yau, Repnrfing 1i1z'iforb, XY. l'. Gruer f-ffl! ul mr Refwrlzug Iiflzforj, F. lf. Harris fRrpnr1z':z,Q Iiflilorl. XV. G. Fraser iiirfl Ywir Rf'por!1'r1g Iiiilforl. Frou! Kms: J. XY. Graham f.N'fvw't1'11,:1 1id1'1w1'l. fi- .l- P21lL'fSf'f1 flworiufe lifffforl, S, li. Stacey fliuviuetv lllumlgrrl, H. X. T. Ki-ciizlii li2fillfill'-fl!-Cifllil'-lil, I.. R. Slcmon f51l1 Ymzr Refvorliuig liffflorlr R. N. Brownlow f.N'f'rrf'lf1r-vi. Hya Yaka N the year 1903, due to the efiforts of Dr. XY. E. XN'illmott, the first lg. editorial board of Hya Yaka was organized. Dr. Leslie Oliver had the GL E? LC. honour of being first editor of this official publication of the under- agr if ag' K? Nj QI W graduate body of the then Royal College of Dental Surgeons. k,:,ug: The fall of 1927 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of Hya Yaka. if 7 Till then it had been published six times a year, but on account of the decrease in registration and the Financial obligation involved, a radical change in policy was undertaken this year. The year 1928 will usher in Hya Yaka as an annual publication e-the official publication of the student body of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto. This year's editor, H. A. T. Keenan, who also held the position last year, is mainly responsible for the change and will have the duty of embarking Hya Yaka on its new journalistic course. lt is thought that in this way that the purpose of Hya Yaka will be filled that of promoting literary talent among the undergraduate body. V513-?ZNC5f?'. ml 53423 HYAYAKA as 2 1 i' 'TTC-d in ' V r N D1 snmws I! ru B C? DENTAL SCFKPNI "' GGNTMLIG , V . WL ' J V L' .i I.. ' - ' - .r- . 4-. Tian ,Y1'm'ty5fi we L -e M D D WN -5HEN51 J LAZ6' Gm GRP5 L f 5ACTI0NS N 5244, QU WDAVQO YP' APPLU5 Transactlons and Year Book i VERYTHING that 1S worth doing IS worth remembering and the 1-'TT T tl n d Y a B k f th En meerin S ciet o tams l ransacosan er oo o e g g o ycn an account of every line of activity undertaken by School during the 'D if year X " Originally instituted as a book of record for the speeches delivered before the Engineering Society Transactions now consists of two parts the first devoted to technical speeches and papers and the second to an account of social life and athletic achievement of the year The Club section contains a detailed account of the activities of each School organization In last year's issue was publ1shed a paper, written by a recent graduate of School and the interest which it aroused was fully justified by the excellent manner in whlch he treated his subject Such articles facilitate co operation between the graduates and undergraduates, and brings School activities before the eyes of professional men Such a magazine forms a connecting link not only with the graduates but between the undergraduates of the Faculty, and as review of all the activities undertaken by the men of Science it constitutes the only permanent record of undergraduate life. In publishing each year at least one thesis written by a fourth year man, it not only forms a medium of undergraduate expression but also serves to ' show some of the various lines of research under- taken by School men. We hope that "Transactions" may always ' . remain as valuable and interesting in the future ' as it has been in the past. 1 Two Ninety-six J C LAN' 'SHENSTO 471' ffl WE Al.-GW' omzcroa or Puaiicmous ED:-ron QNURQESRE IST YEAR REP 1921 TQIKE OIKE STAFF 1,938 Toilce Uilce Qi? our University It dehes what mlght be called the good practice I X of publishing Instead of the editorial staff wear1ng themselves out in chasing up ads under the eagle eyes of the Business Manager thev 5 5 dispense with ads altogether Instead of worry1ng about the DYICC and ways and means of 1ncreas1ng c1rculat1on the sheet IS given away free to all Schoolmen However what IS the most lmportant detail about this paper IS that It IS not planned as papers usually are but when the word goes round that the day after to morrow it is desired to have an issue lt is suddenly conceived and appears exactly when wanted Before such happenmgs as the Greetmg of Freshmen the Centenary Chrlstmas School N1te Elections a Tolke Oike appears giving all informatlon in a most understandable d1alect So even its per1od1c1ty IS variable which makes it something to be d1sda1ned by honest periodicals but to us it IS the interest of the unexpected Is not that sufficient excuse for the existence of TO1kC Oike P 5 Two N znet y seven n ,, - ra '3 . me '54 . Q2 41 Q' 457.3 ef' ' . i A 7114 D A wr P yy,, A .. 111,t 1. V ' N' A 1 g - " ' U OIKE OIKEH is not like the other periodicals and publications of J. :K . . ' . . . H i rf I . . 0 . . r -B ac- mt- ,m,. ,. L 8 at ,- B I 7 gi ISU WU Y, J 50' x I I 51513 Q . if F , -. - ' f v n-. 1 I ' 2 . "" . f in V, - - ' ' . l :rw ' r 5. I A N v-1 , . . - Si L, 5 M 1 X F ' 5. ' y 3 Aim ' A 'A '1 gg -. -A . J - A ' E . ' - -1 ' . A A - I A 5.7- , A A r Fr ' x'h . . 1 Y Eg' W - .'f' X, N A 4 . K1 Q Q K A . UQ . 1 . C, ' ' - , - ' in . 1 .- . ' . Q , . U UQ ' . f rn , ' . .. I ' 1 Z - - . , CD . I D , ' - . I . , cro FD. .. . FD rv V . . :J A M. h Pr N ' ' D' ' P ' , , ' - C 1 Q . , S-U . U1 R - . . X. . Q. . Q - ' . Q' ' . 0 - f' E- Q ... . . ,-, 4 b . ' 4 , . L4 . F p l ' U v . m 6' Q.. - . Q . I 'U . I K f-P ' 1 n VD - ' ' Y Cl. .V ' r--. -' , X , - . . ' Q3 ' . -. . T D me Q.. A - O . . v-1 .. . . . Bark Rm H I r emo e C' O Murrell VVr1ght R R -X Baldwln R T I-Iallockllthlrtrc Fixlorj Brmnl n S Ed ar C J Frank n R C McCuIlagl1 Cfxrha :gr ldztorh G B Armstrong 6 Idzerl s ng, Uanagrrj NV Is Morrison X lfrlr n Chrrfj M T cIePenc1er B A CB14 ne llanzgerl R F BrownfScfenceEd1!orD The 11r1n1ty UD1VCfS1ty RCVICW O, xg N 1880 three undergraduates Mr Travers Lewxs Mr VV M Cruttenden and Mr F P Howltt started a paper known as Rouge ef Now After nlne Vears It reflected the oplnlons and act1v1t1es of the student body 1 Among 1ts hrst contrlbutors at that tlme were Archlbald I flmpman and Slr Cllbert Parker In 1888 the name was changed to the Trznzty Ufzrzersdv Revzew because It was thought that the name Rouge et Nozr had undeslrable assocratlons that bemg the name of the then most popular game of chance and because It was felt that a name whlch explamed 1tselt would attract advertlsements In 1880 Convocat1on came to 1ts Fmanclal a1d and In return for a stated number of coples and space rlghts agreed to make a small yearly contr1but1on From that tlme the Conxocatlon Fdltor has sat as Cha1rman of the REVIEW Board The Revxew appears elght tlmes a year w1th the threefold object of stlmulatlng Journahstlc and llterary actxvltv of mlrrorlng student act1v1t1es and of provldmg a med1um by whlch graduates may keep 1n touch w1th thelr Alma Mater The present C onxocat1on Edltor IS Prof A H Young Treo Nznety ezglzt Mary Kemple Doris Dandcneau Edith Martin Marion Heyland Mary Dewey CUndergrad. C'oun.J lGr'41iI.C'oznl.J lljrexidenti 6I'irf-l'rrx.p Ser.-Tref1x.J, University Wome11's Press Club fs jHE XN'omen's Press Club was organized in 1919 by enthusiastic Univer- fl sity women who were interested in various phases of journalism. The gi membership of the Club has never been large, but eachgmember is keenly interested in the Club's activities and she gives of her best. i f voluntarily, to promote its interests. Few University organizations can boast of greater faithfulness or deeper loyalty on the part of its members who are attracted by the Press Club solely on account of their definite journalistic ambitions. Original contributions have always been among the requisites for admission to the Press Club. Half the number of meetings are devoted to the reading and criticizing of these contributions and competent critics are invited to attend. Such prominent critics as Napier Moore, J. Vernon MacKenzie and Fred Jacobs have acted in this capacity. Miss Marsh, Miss Mona Clarke and Mrs. Mary Lowry Ross have met the members of the Club over the inevitable tea-cups. and with them have discussed their own particular branches of journalism. Until recently the membership was conhned to undergraduates on the staffs of college publications, but this excluded women who were unable to devote any time to these activities although interested in this field. The con- stitution was amended and now all those interested in journalism are admitted although they may not be on the staff of any publication. The great advantage of the Press Club lies in the fact that it offers to its members the pleasure of meeting women from all the colleges who have one bond in common as -a love of writing. Two .Yz'r1ety-111519 Bark Row: M. Spurr, R. Harrison, F. Turner, L. McMillan, M. Grout. Front Row: K. Foster, H. Oliver, M. Chisholm CEd1'to1l, E. Clarke, G. Carter. St. Hilda's Chronicle ,Q HE Chronicle is the official publication of St. Hilda's College, which " was founded in 1888 and is the oldest women's college in Canada. While presumably but the residence for the women undergraduates of Trinity College in reality it holds its own charter and is a college in its ,.y..i4- own right. This fact may in part explain the Chronicle's existence quite independent of the Trinity Review. The Chronicle made its first appearance before 1900, and despite repeated attempts to amalgamate the two magazines, has kept its own identity for over a quarter of a century. As well as being the first magazine of its kind in Canada, it is the only women's magazine in the University of Toronto. 'wa . cs.-1...i J ti: At first the editor was sometimes an undergraduate, and sometimes a graduate but for the last fifteen years the staff has been entirely undergraduate, including the editor and the business and advertising managers. The Chronicle is primarily a literary magazine, containing principally undergraduate work, with occasional contributions from graduates. Besides stories and poems there are articles, cartoons, pictures, graduate notes, and notes of college sports and other activities. A few years ago a section of literary reviews was added, and this year dramatic criticism has been made a regular feature of the magazine. Since the circulation was small, for a number of years the financial question was a difficult one. This is easily understood when we realize that there were only eight students in the college when the first issue of the Chronicle was published. Recently, however, it has been entirely self-supporting, producing two issues a year of from thirty to fifty pages. Three Hundred X Z X? NX lf D QA MDN Mant ne Dale Stephen Dale ,lack Walklnshaw Prof E A Dale Eleanor Barton The Plavers Glllld ot UH1VCTS1ty College HIM Plavers Guxld of Unlverslty College wlll next Fall enter upon the seventh year of 1ts so far robust eustence w1th a present act1ve member shmp of about a hundred and twenty The a1m of the Gulld IS to stlmu late an mterest IH and appreclatlon of all forms and branches of dramatlc l l art more partmcularly modern tendencxes mn the theatre A regular meetmg IS held each Wednesday at four thlrty ln the audltorlum of the Women s Umon when a short plax IS produced by a member Settlngs and technlcal arrangements are necessarnly slmple all stress bemg lald on the play 1tself and the actmg Interest th1s year has lam Cl'1l6Hy IH modern drama and an 1nterest1ng number of ougmal plays were produced by the1r authors Mr Raymond Card Mr Nl A Benson Mr Imdsay MISS Margaret Gordon and Mr Paul Gardner Mr D B Beam1sh afforded the Guxld an unusually lnterestmg meetlng when he gave is Ill extra CV6I1lI'lg productlon hls three '1ct tragedy Ferrara For lts evenmg productlon of the autumn term the Gu1ld produced wxth COIlb1Cl6I'21lJlC success Clemence Dane s Wlll Shakespeare perhaps the most worthy attempt at serlous drama that lt has made For the spr1ng term A A Mllne s comedv Phe Lucky One was produced Several amendments to meet changed condltlons were made ln the con stltutlon whxch has not been revlsed for some tlme Much of the success of the Players Gumld IQ due to the COfltlI1U6d help and 1nterestof1ts Hon Presxdent Prof E A Dale and of1ts Dlrector Mr Raymond Card Three Hzmdzrfl 7 cn J ' . A .I , ' ' . . . . , B 1 , n ' 0 o ' I - , . . . . v X ,, J . y . V. . . - I -v v - 1 , , . . . . . l , 1 , . - ,wg fl . W' f J 4 . . . . . ylf V Y , , , l L4 Zin' 'rl ' ' ' ' 10 QQ-l . . , I . . , . . 7 7 -, ' C l , , , . , - ' v -. . I . t , . , W , N . . . r . . , . ,, , . . . . . . . . I f V . . . H ,, C s C A C 'C 1 4' N 1 1 ll ' vw Y C 5, . . 1 0 ' V AL' 7 V1 Q . . . . C s, C - . , c . . . . . K . . , . ., . . . . , , . C , . 'J tri? 751' ll... Ba k R011 -Xrthur Hackett Helen DeR Ache Ruth R Mr Q hxrles Car cillcr F cr! Ro He en Price 'lthleen Chri tle P t I D Helen D'1y Wictoria College Dramatic Socletv HE obyect of the X 1ctor1a College Dramatic Qocietv for 1921 ZQ was the 65 active participation of every member in the work of the year A series of one act plays were produced at the monthly meetings and on special l open nights which included Fame by Lord Dunsanv PX A Mines XX ur7el Flummery Lascelles Abercrombie s The Deserter Stuart VValker s Sir Day 1d ll ears a Crown and Danger by Rupert Hughes These led to the discovery of much new talent Is well as to the keener appretiz tion of modern drama I 1' 'x 1 l The major production for the year was M triners by Clemente D me It was under the very able direction of Mr H li Hitchman and vns put on in Hart House Theatre on lanuary the twentieth and twenty first The under taking though an ambitious one for an amateui caste prox ed successful md in keeping with the high standard set in former years -Xmong the past productions of the Society have been Lilies of the Field by Turner The Discoy cry l y Mrs qhendar Fanny s Flrst Play bv Bernard Shaw d -X -X Miln s Romantic Age The year has been a felicitous one in the histoix ol the Society both from the point of view of the interest and enjoy ment of the members themselx es 1nd the support accorded them in their undertakings. The executive comprised: Frederick Daly' Ixathleen Christie Helen Deroche Ruth Rogers Charles Carscallen William Deroche Hclen Price Helen Day' Arthur Hackett and Charles Birge. YTIZVFF 111111111111 Tim 6 trier 1r y l Brt 1 E Iauten lager '30 B W Smxth cr5.,11 on I a cr lx lX c 1 an I' B Gamble IW relarx I H McCull ch Tre: urerl V1ctor1a College Bob Hb X 1ctor1a C ollege Bob IH the trad1t1onal X 1C welcome to the 1ncom1ng if 'Q hrst year Its approach lb heralded every autumn by the appearance of Hamm g vellow t1es on the freshmen and by vague hlnts 1n the a1r of lg the lAlOlClll'lg of secret verv secret song practlces by both freshman 'md sophomore years It IS usually late 1n Qctober when the long prepared for ew ent 19 held 111 Burwash Hall The programme IS both long and gay and conslsts mamlx of sat1r1cal entertalnment dlrected agamst freshman and freshette facultv and promlnent members of every year ahke and when 1t 15 over the hrst ve lr hnally enters 1tS recognwed place 1n college l1fe A hoary old custom IS thls Bob lt IS related how over half a century ago Ill the old X 1ctor1a C ollege 'rt Cobourg the Jamtor one Robert Beare used to gather the newly arrlved freshmen together to g1V6 them a hearty welcome to the college Phls lnform il ICCGDUOII soon grew 1nto a recogmzed college enter tamment called IH honour of Robert Beare the Bob It IS a long cry from that first Bob to the hfty hfth annual one held last fall It however contmued Ill much the same old trad1t1onal way There were a few lI1l'lOV3tl0l'lS such as the frttempt to glve a l1ttle more form to the programme and the lntroduttlon of p'1ntom1mes Then also 1n accordance w1th a newer age co educatlon was s1t1r1Led or bobbed and radlo broadcastmg was made the lJE:1QlS for one sk1t As usual the freshman year marched ln IH a body to run the dreadful gauntlet of the sophomore vear and as usual the two years waged a fierce battle of 1lJl.lSlV6 songs w1th the freshmen bearlng up bravely under the loss of thelr song leader kldnapped beforehand by the trlumphant Bob Com mlttee The mam dram1t1c actlon of th1s year s Bob was a SCFICS of three scenes wrltten III blank xerse deplctlng varlous X71ctor1a 1n1t1at1ons Three Ilzmdnrl 10111 Y V ' J J. XX', K ,'2P4g F. XX'. Leslie, 'XUQ H. D. K' b , '31 Q C. i LO 1, 'ang . 1 S ,'- 1 . Y. Q ' , l 'Qsg R. F1 1 S. ,Wang L . D. H'gl , 'soy G. '. 1 M'll ,'30g 4. . J 1- ,11,':stg Il. R. XX'hite ll"ff'Xl'lf!'7IfJ, 'ISUQ A. . ' o C ' ns ' , '3ll. 1 v. . . .H . . 1,. . . ,X . 1' . e c .gg 1 . q . . . . fy 5 '. H I Qi s ' ' 1 ' L s 4 C 5 j .. ' ' ' ' - Y, C K W 1 . '7 I . . I . . . S V I Y V . K . V . Q . S Y E - V A . . . J . 4 . . 1 y ff ' 1 . Q . 'V T T C 1 V v v 1 7 ' . 1 . x . f . L A . N . . - , Y l 1 V V i . . N . l . . 51 S 1 I :Q C . . I . x . C . X l . C . . I 1 W . .V H V ,, . . . 7 - L 'C s S .' . 5 5 , , , k - Y I E 1. v . . 1 4 . x C Y . . - . . v I . . . , . . c p . . V I 7 L1 y . . C . . . . . . . u , . . hh! Bark Roz 1 on C oo u on t iXlNl o lnrn 1 r Nmxth Irvn!Ro1z H Grant C' ss 1 or n wls XXI er G C Ferguson Daflx drl 1928 RXIDITION has It th rt twentx nme xeus ago 1 group of 6Illl'lllSliSflL and talented medltal undergraduates orqamfed 1 I unch and Iudx show to sat1r17e tertnn of thelr professors and to GIHDIRINIIC tertaln tannot he estlmated t1ll one knows th lt the Ihhxdxl performance whlch thev lnaugurated IN now annuallx one of the Olltntflflillllg ex ents Ill the me-d1cal student s hfe The contrast of the xears 15 III grow th not nn sp1r1t In 1ts emhrxo daxs the performance wlewed by scores w lb held m a modest room, but now hundreds attend a show whlch hlls C onx OCHUUII Hall on successrwe mghts X et the sp1r1t remams the same It 15 at D rrfx dll th lt the humble professors md lnlpfll tant demonstrators see themselves as others see them For Vears the pLll7llC2ltlOI1 ot Isplstaxrs that Journal of II16Cl1Cdl humour and satlre has swnchromfed w1th the IJ1Hxd1l performance In 1t what those the stage dare not sav 1s prmted, for the censor knows no ture for In p1st1x1s Thxs wear the annual fun was held on Februarx lb and 11 and who ls there to sax the OlltStEUldlI'1g qualltx of prexlous performances was not ftttamed' llmr IIIHIIIIH I I1 . -- o. r.. sum , .I-x. c per, css. H, H rr ,wx .x. N1tTz all , .x. F. 1-1 ll' gk-, .x. .x. ow- mr, ff ': .l . , 1. B. Lane, D. M. Campbell, Mix M. K. Iatt so , I.. II. I.e .X. II. 'zlk , f , f . X . .' c' ' 2 ' j- ' j 4 2 Q f q " IS I fu C ,. , J. . L 2 H 1 . , if S . c . Q L - . l i,W:1,'- . v . p - . p . k 1d1osyncras1es of thexr fellows. How' well thelr venture succeeded va s? sf Q f ' Y mf 2 A' '- f , ,' V, 1 V 3 - ' x. 5. ' i . 'S 1 ' 2 s 4 gg' 3 2 l ' - ' ' 1 'I Q ' . Y' . I' , ' I . ' sf - 1 4 ' 'I - I lv .Z rl C A-iv I V 1 s . ' f S, on ' 1 'Q' ' ' 5 ' I 'Q' v . . v Y. Q 4 xt H 3 Q I f. . :L f , , , ' . F M ' H' i ' Bark R 1 T J -Xrm trong 12nd Iear Repj E G Sxnclaxr Cznd Yexr Repb W I Wt od Us! Year Repj Front R u A D Mclxee Uri Year Reph O B W'h1tman 64111 Year Repj E E Maynard iPres1dent of D amulzr 7 G C Hare Qjth lfzr Rep? C M Fmlav 14111 Year Repj Dental Dramat1c Club H11 Dramatlcs Commlttee has under lts charge two 1mportant events l V dur1ng the school term the management of Nloctem Cuckoo the ff l , IS blgger and better Founded IH 1990 by Dr Agnew who presented a shleld for annual competltlon Dr Hoskm the Faculty representatlve has done much for the organlmtlon and has made for us a very envlable reputatlon for good clean performance Fach year the competxtlon for the sh1eld IS becom1ng keener May xt cont1nue to be so ln the future dramatlcs n1ght DGHfHHt1CS IQ now 1n 1ts exghth year Each year It Noctem Cuckoo the faculty n1ght for Dent1stry was maugurated 1n 1923 and at the present tlme leads the way 1n functlons of 1ts klnd lVI1rth and Joy and a good nlghts amusement for all 13 the slogan of the commlttee 1n charge The Gaston Brule cup for annual competxtlon th1s year was very closely contested for and was won by the of class QT8 Three 111111111 ed Svc nm.. s ', ., . .-f' ' '1 ., ... v . .. o '.' . . . f ' 5 1 . , . . ' ' . , ' . . ' ' r ' 5 , . . ' 1 . , . . ' , ' . . - fl HA vv 1fffl',Zl gift, ' ' A ' fgfgql annual stunt n1ght of Hart House, and of AlD6Ilt3Ht1CS,l, the amateur l We will . . . . . . . . l L' ' . , , . grgggfl . . , . L lv A . 1 -1 . A y . . . . l . Y 1 7 .lc . C . . ' Y t Y ESIDENCE I amte u n mxs VVbxte E L Cro thwalte I F Simpson If Hiehnel C X H Lamond I F Smar -X H xVllP'if.l6W E Jackson llfddlf R011 rx-nn How en IN B Metcalfe L Blalsdell E Tx Beam VV Fowler VV I Rambo T V O B Wxlson I H L Brennan H Dyble C H Bastocl-. V M Martmotf IC ean S rancx H Gnbbs G 'S Andrews E X Rlerler D C Savage XV D Thompson frrn! Rm j F Brox n R F Stanbury C XV XVoods1de VS T tyrant D B Del urx I NI -Xnderson I xc mst onnor P upper K uest P North House dlstovered North House the Centre of the llIl1VCI'SltW of Toronto 15? 5 1 SIIICC then our coneept1on of the Lll'llVCl'S1tV has grown, and the mysterx of yesterday has become the 91mpllC1ty of to day And so, e er long must we wend our way hlther, thxs t1me, not wlth a Compass, but wlth a lamp whlch we have betunes pol1shed and Cleaned, but newer fllled I Vle depart not wxth that trep1dat1on and uncertamty whlch aecompanled our arrlval, but w1th a feelxng of eonhdence and satlsfactlon that comes onlv from four years experlence mn dolng as llttle as posslble and yet sutnexent Ijllflllg our sojourn 1n North House, our 3CtlVltlCS and experlences have been many and var1ed VVe have co operated 1n socxal funct1ons and have com peted ln most of the reeognlzed forms of sport, mcludxng that glorlous, but perhaps better forgotten lHStltl,ltlOI1 house ralds Inter house Competltlon has always been very keen, and It was only after many a hard hght that North House earrled off the Athletlc Challenge Shleld Thus we have a torch to throw to sueceedmg generatnons and perhaps a word of w1sdom before we set out agam, new worlds to Conquer Memorles and assoclatlons formed ln Resldence wlll ever remaln wlth us as Cherlshed gems stored m the golden treasurles of thought Three Illnzrlrrrl I zglz Hare Roux' F. M. Pl'l ', L. V. XVI 'to , J. H. A -1, E. V. ' , . . A s " , ,. -. " , y s 1.-14.1 A.J. Va , 1. .- ,J. . 1 , .1 . .. ' , , . . ' . " , . , . , R. . , . . - -, . . ' , lx. P. M2 B , H. rf G. . ' -, .... . ' . , . . ' , Dr. .. G'l 1 4 , G. R. C . , 14. 1 T , xl A. G -, F. .ma I T is now almost four years since we consulted our trusty compass and .i . , v . T V N . . . , -.-' I eyes' ,V , . ki, 7 . . . - . 4 . . I bark Rom ll rn 1 C 0 T Chc n' W M1 Ixcnz1e I zflh Ro z B Nic-1l.leJol1n D I IYICCEIIIEIILYIX D I' Bndgc IrurllzRr1z S 1tc L rcs on v 1 Iv Itn II Hurd Ron X Montgomery 7 F Brown X r'11am arncr C ou lx T 1cdleton I' 9 Br1 n R F Rogers C R Bar er I R1 Q Nno11dRot F n R rxff a er X5 en X Southon C H R Swayn I' armnn 1 gs N r y X B Mc1klc3o1n H B Iohnston Fun! R C Crant Ix W Iwmburner C F Patterson F Edsxll C D Quance flresulrnll of X VK Bludrn K 'Xms 2 men r w C I yo 1+ ast H ouse QQ ll C AC IHS labuntur HIIIII The past vear has been for Past House an " era of xast change and unparalleled achlevement Progress IS the kex note progress 1n all departments, progress that would read hke a fa1rx tale to one not acquamted w1th the h1gh character, unflmchmg honestx IIOl31lltV of purpose and general sa1ntl1ness of the mmates Insplred bv the sound common sense br1ll1ant dbllltV and personal magnetlsm of the House Presldefnt and hls Commlttee we have soared on wmgs of flame to h1gher thmgs t1ll we are what we are Our act1x1t1es are manv s1ded SOC13llV academ1callx athletlcallx and spasmod1callx our representatlwes have attamed prom1nence to a chque that has e t the world gaspmg The glonous tI'3dllfIOIIS of the past are our boast and our pr1de But are we content to rest on our laurels' No' Past House faces e future w1tl1 conhdence Our graduatmg members sav to the1r successors L phold the loftv standard we have set and the latter Wlth grnn determ1nat1on Wflt large upon the1r faces, answer, Indulntably we w1ll Ilzrff Hznzdrfd V116 ' " VV. L. D tu , E. ,I. MI hcl, . . 1 ' ., '. s ' - ' , f' 12' R. . . " ' , . . - . I. ' - "1 1 F. R' hi: C. D. P xt , J. N. Kjles, VA. P. Blar, D. I. '- lzll. T ' E. Xl. . , VS. . , 1 . E. G . l ' , F. VV. VV f, M. 1. G. ld, '. . M'l . D. .f. 'e , . 4. ., y. . z b , E. ,. 'g11.. Q ' 12' M. .Alla , H. .G 1 , P. H. B I: , P. .A 'l , D. V. I , . . ..' ' ,-, I. R. -I' z' , H. bl. R'g , A. Q. B 11 , 1. . 1-' ' 1' l , . .A . . 1 UTIL' .. 1 , '. V. ,-' , . . ' c , -. .2 , v. . ' , U , Pr . '. I. 2 1 , C. .V :lic-, A. I. G. A t, VV. .-X. C a , ,I. . , ns. .J H T T ' ' " ' , ' " - ', I A 1 1 I , ,L - , . l T-19 H u I 1 f F 1 F ifhuff' --ill Il I . . . . . V i ,' v K V . 1 . x . 'Y s V . .' I . . F S 1 , A I .S V . ' I . J . f. . S i -L. . S . tv 1 . dy, C . -7' 1 l f 1 ' . ' . ' ' . ' ' th ' A . ' ' q 1 ' Q ., H T ,, I I . . . . -K Y V . . U Y. . ,, - - -1-1 Bark R01 R Mathews A XVIIQOH Clemens Fotherlngham L E 'ihore Fourth Rou RI TRa'fx1ney F R Hayward W Qhute L T Whlte J Dowler N D C MacKxnnon lgert Thzrd Row W G Clarkson A A Numbers C R Delaheld J V Craxg A H Arral Q Howel H T Ahearn H Sm1th E A Frejd F W Condlln J E Archer Second Ron W A Hawke G A Cunmngham A J Mueller G Holden R Wxdeman Y Jansen W G French R Wllson A Wrddls R E Martn G A Mxckle FronlRou S G Vlgars I E Thompson C E MacKinnon N A Brown Dr H A Hoskln W M earth W F B Hall J Thwartes A B Ellxs G J Kem South House NCE more the end of the year looms IH sxght and wxth It the departure' to parts unknown, of many of the old fam1l1ar faces May Good Luck be wlth them No more Wlll we be awakened from our beauty sleep by the wall and moan of Mont s phonograph or w1ll the after eatlng hours of the House Meetmgs be enl1vened by the art of that great tragedlan Mac Unfortunatelv we lose our worthy pres1dent, Norm Brown The soclal l1fe of the House has been greatly enhanced by one of the finest bunch of freshmen that ever went around the Horn 1n nothlng much It has been largely due to them that our real dances and share 1n the Resxdence Dance were so successful Good Old Frosh As for Athletlcs the ISSUE IS st1ll somewhat IH doubt owmg to the unexpected and unusual actlvltxes of the other two Houses However, by the end of the year the Athletxc Shleld w1ll undoubtedly grace once more lts rlghtful and accustomed place the mantelplece 1n the Common Room of Qouth House T11 rr ff Ten 5'-' - . - U . . . ' . . . . . .V V . . , . . . , . . , . C , . . , . , . . . , .' . . , q . . . , . . . , . . ' , . . . , ... , . . , . , . . , . . , . . . ,. - - r . . . , . : I , I . . ,. . ,. . , . , . . A , . , . , . . 1 , . . ' . '-' - - f - - v D- ' I v - - , - . . , . . S , . 4. . , . , . . , . . l . . . . . -. 'fs c -QQ . . "2 iw: 'll . , ' g 'I 1, , ,- '. E . . 'Q N ' ,-- ' rc 1 H ' ' 9 ,I I . .',QE" .4 eil ' ' -' ffl L , f ? ' LL u - . .f U 1 1 ' ' i It 1 1 , r , be . 1 W 1 1 im ur- Bark Rona' F. A. Haight, R. S. Hodgson, H. F. McCulloch. H. Dobrindt. J. M. Gage, 1.8. McKinnon, J.J.Gilf1llan, J. T. Bell, VV. R. S. Groves, T. H. Reid, T. J. VVright, C. Heppler, G. XV. Alles, L. M. Sprung, P. V. Kingston, M. S. Robertson. Seroml Roux' D. A. Styles, J. H. C. Laing, G. H. Weber, J. Fraser, A. C. Medcalf, S. G. Sanders, J. M. Paton, H. C. Dell. Front Row: D. A. Douglas, R. P. Milligan fTrea.mrerJ, J. E. Marshal! tSerreturyJ, C. N. Cochrane, M.A. fDeiznJ, L. G. Robinson fPY?SI'tiF1lll. G. A. McGillivray, B.A. fTulnrb, M. T. Stewart fVice- Presidentl, G. H. VVillox flfislnrmnl. C. E. Hodgson. U.G. Men's Residence M Mp-XX'ING successfully survived the perils of its infanthood the University College residence for the first time opened its College term with a quota L uvgul of veterans to direct its affairs. These initiated with due ceremony Q5 the nine bewildered freshmen who had succeeded in passing the eagle Q Q eye of the Dean of Residence, Mr. C. N. Cochrane, M.A. Another newcomer was the Tutor in Residence, G. A. McGillivray, B.A.. the former tutor, VV. S. Milne, MA., having joined the faculty of the University of Western Ontario. A series of highly controversial house meetings under the chairmanship of Grieve Robinson, led :to the formation of a thriving debating society where subjects moral and immoral have been hotly discussed. Nor have the discussions been confined merely to the residence. On one occasion the ladies of Hutton House honoured us with their presence at a joint debate, at which Principal Hutton was a visitor. On this occasion they learned that the residence men strongly approved of those masculine tendencies in modern woman, which are sometimes deplored by less enlightened members of either sex. House dances are highly popular and three have been held in the course of the term. Residence traditions, too, are fast establishing themselves, and it is gratifying to see that our fame has spread even to the columns of the Brantford " Expositorf' Timm' lilezwz Bath Roz Btttx Stewart Amy XX illace Gwen Mackennt Catherlne Croxu Nell lung Clmrnstlne Flmslle Marlon Hclrcllng Eleanor Hosttrman Helen F1sher Irene F1tzS1mons Ena Hunter 1h1fl1R1Ii Xgnts Read Heltn Cowie Florence Dymtnt Dorothy Garwood Amy Xourex Phvllxs ltrguson Heltn MacDonald Mary Mc Xndrexx Ora Sharp Franus Sttvuart Isobel Prxce gf'fO71d Rot Fleanor Patterson Fdrth McEwen N11l'1,dl'Ct Schell Irmgarde Westerman Ixathleen Calhoun Ins RKITJIIISIIH Ixathryn Bean Ollxe XVlntelv Marg,1rttVDeans Iror1lR0z Dorotlpz Ixghtheart lt In kennedy Nllss Panton fDf'4I11l Culys Pallett Niaryorle Foll laura odw Hutton House Q D rf ISTRPXTIONI dav found some twelve worrled and woebegone sur l I l NIVOTS of graduatlon and examlnatlons welcomlng to Hutton House double that number of asplrmg co eds Soon the clatter of tea cups and the hum of conversat1on mtroduced the newly acqulred resldents to the most popular pastlme of the house The confuslon of unpackmg and settllng was superseded by the routme of lectures, labs and PT as the occupants found thelr nlche ln resldence llfe D1re threats and Machlavelllan strategy alded the mgemous sophs 1n thelr task of subdumg the meek freshles untll after 1n1t1at1on, where orlglnal and entertalnlng stunts were a prom1nent feature Multl coloured hghts and frocks of rambow hue, combmed wlth the throbbmg strams of an orchestra to make Hutton House soclal functlons umque events Toasts and speech maklng marked the jumor Semor party Whlle the sophs and freshettes played havoc wxth thelr sen1ors possesslons and were properly pumshed for thelr mlsdemeanours on the return of the revellers The shadow of exam1nat1ons havlng darkened the otherwlse peaceful horlzon of resldence lxfe the forty hour a week programme was rellglously observed and gradually lncreased by the more ambltlous members The last mtermmable weeks finally ended, graduat1on loomed large for the Senlors, ltS Joys sllghtly tlnged wlth regret by memorles of four happy years spent w1th1n the congenlal atmosphere of Hutton House 7,17'I'I" 7 welt 6' V . V V. , V ' V 'V , V , V V' ' V, Y -' ' V ' I V ' s y A , ,C V 1, V A V 5 A - V A 1 ' 1 ,V ' ,V ' ' V V K V ' . 7'-' - , ' V ' - V ' V . ' V A I 'V , I ' ' Y V , Y ' V' ' , . ' I ', , ' k , 4 T V, ' ' , ' ' V M T'.' V ' . V , 1 V 2 7' t, , , ' ' V V -'V V V ' , V ' ' 'l A - ' Tl' Q V r 1 ' , 1 'Z ' , A at ' , Ik '- ' . , A ' 4 V T VT YT WA 1 1 x u V - ,A J ,I t V A ' Uk . I H Il V11 .F V V ' .V ' , Vl ' ll l xl , Q V V ,fa Y fx , ll j i... ,A V- V V V . l ffl' if V rw 1 1 fl I 12? Q' rl V V, . . . l, f-' V , f V V V t V . V V V V V . , V V.. . V V V V , - V V V V V V V , , V V V V VF M , ,,, ,. , ,. . ,. , .. , .. -. h-s- s,,4..- -. . , Bllllx Roz 1rr1ct D1l1,ctx fir Rffvl xt rlx r xr 111 Ni rt11 xxfl Y ffl 4111 My fxtlffl R from R11 orotllx Cllrk lIIf'111i C :rl No 41 lnu 111 111 s 1 L ln X'1rn1c1 4Hf141' C171 iurrn x 11111 xcr znsmon 4 fu Oueen Q Hall QU, C2 'X xoung n11nds there IS Cflmllllllllx a strong prope11s1tx to partuular X' 'J 1nt1mac1es and frlendshlps X outh llldeefl 15 the season xx he11 frlenc 'V' 'Y' x 1 shlps are sometlme formed wh1cl1 not onlx co11t1nue through sutteedlng I U l1fe whlth glow to the last wlth 1 tenderness unknown to the co11 1 ' nect1ons begun 1n cooler xears Al-YEI lO0lxlI'lglJdLlx0Il fourx ears ofllfexn We cher1sh the old Hall 11ot onlx for the good t1mes she has g1x en us but for the manx happx fr1endsh1ps we have made Of all the llflglnll spots IH our memorx of college l1fe those vxhuh xxlll remam brlghtest are the oncs xxlnth are petullar to l1fe IU resldence There IS an lndehnable somethxng 1bout the trad1t1ons of Oueen s Hall that ex etx g1rl feels lltllllld to uphold ln x1exx of the fatt that Queen s Hall ha recentlx bee11 sold It should be 1 xerx x1tal lnterest of exerx res1dente g1rl to do her share 111 the LdI'l1IJdlQI1 for the new XY omen s Bllllfllllg For lf th1s campalgn fa1ls the n1embers of Oueen s Hall vxxll be scattered and the tradltlons we 11ow ther1sh so h1 hlx xxlll onlx be 1 vague memorx 111 the x ears to come And there lb not .1 slngle person xx ho would llke to tllllllx that there would no longer be the mad rush for breakfast it 8 70 the exclted crowd awaltmg the mornlng ma1l the last flllllllfe dash to make a Q o clock lecture fa dlthcult feat lndeedl tl1e cup of tea and the 1IlCX1tdlJlC fortune telhng the mldmght partles and those mformal t1llts wh1ch last t1ll the wee sma hours tls sa1d these are some of the Cldllx ex ents the n1emorx of wh1ch the xears can11ot erase Now, as another graduatlon approaches each sen1or gots out expressmg the w1sh that 1n the future there w1ll always be a uee11 s H lll to wh1ch she max look back as the sx mbol of all that was happlest and the warder of hlghest 1deals IH college daxs fhree Y iz z rteerz " tx' H: 'A 2 '- j , . . . jvx'-I C aj KJ . I' ful, Sylf . il '1 t1xt llftlf Rrfua, linnl ':lkf'r 1.1 . R . , Vi l' M2 ' .' I. rfnl. ' 112' D 3 ' z ' I' . ' . , Fri Us Bt-2 411-1 lCi1'rl,Yu. 71, Mis: V. lf. X'QllQ'!lllIlt' fl! w1r11, ju x '. ' 1 1 Q' ,Q ' 1. , Gr? AD' . - ll' 11'C1'1r1,N'o. 111. 5 CY L we N ' Q .fs ' ' ' .Q -- ' 99- Qc . . . cj'g,g3535 , ' .T , ' 2 ' - r"Ef7'-- ' ' Q ' 't ' ' 1 ' " "' 'J 5 l l Queen's Hall we can fully appreciate tl1e significance of Blair's statement. 4 5 Z lr . Ls J ks . 7 Ls ' ' ' ' Q' l f ' ' . lr L l ' Q , lf 8 ' ' ' C 'Q . ' ' f ' 5 . 15 - v' 7 , , V: V , .V S V, ks ' L- . ,S . . ' - V . .T 4' 1. I . :V V L: R .S 1 . y Q g ' 1. fx 7 Y ' ' ' ' . 5' ' ' Q z ,.1.. 3 . . . . . gi . ' Q A, V ,, . K , .. ., , . -- . . . - . Z . . . S 1 S . I 2 T .X v . H - ll - l . ' s , 1 ' y r ' Y 1 g . S, ' 5' ' ai 1 .' D174 , - ' D I , , P' as fs' : l E ... lu. ,, . ' ' ' ' 1426- .4 .. .1 ' - 755' X ' f ' . . ' A' I '- x.. , . Q b Y. ' 1 i ' , .. R i Q . - . , ' . . ' 1 ' . ' I - ' 5 i . , X h l . .. " ' , I . , ' ., X l . ' , , I ' Back R011 Henry A Inkster M Cosens J Russell A Beattre M Porter H McPherson Newman M Tr3on Thzrd Row James A Moffat M SlllllVdI'l J Millar A Moyse Second Row Jenmngs M Templm M MacDonald D Foster M Brown Front Row L Y M L hl M P t M H P d I ewxs J oung J c aug 1n aerson J acnamara K ouse res: enj Mrs Howard CRes:denlHeadJ M Sutherland S Thomson M Mxljer M Somervxlle Argyll House Q fp RCY LL HOUSP Umversltv of Toronto thus reads the brass plate Jlgjzn on the door 100 Queen s Park one may read on the gate post 'f And that IS all the xnformatlon whlch may be extracted from the P JC exterlor or from the ne1ghbour1ng oaks of the old grey house 151 Argyll one of the newer womens resrdences began 1tS career as such under the stress of a war trme srtuatron The war had lncreased the reglstratlon of women students 1n all facultles and the problem of findlng more accommodat1on was a serlous one MISS Wrollg then head of the U C Women s Umon at last managed to secure Argyll House for a women s res1dence The problem of a name was qurckly settled The Campbell famlly the former owners had belonged to the Clan of Argyll there was the name' In the fall of 1918 the house was opened wxth Mrs Atken as res1dent head After It was dehmtely taken over by the UHlV6FS1lfy the house was ruled by the un1form regulatrons whlch apply to all women s resldences Normally the Semor House Commrttee replaces a dean the house belng under the gurdance of a res1dent head Mrs Howard and 1n mmor matters of d1sc1pl1ne under a Junlor Commrttee composed of students Argyll IS umque m the fact that It houses land quxte peaceably tool students of three facultles Arts MCdlClHC and Dentlstry Its trad1t1ons are many the ghost that haunts the common room dragged forth for the benefit of the trmld freshette, the annual Chrrstmas breakfast party wlth such grfts as no oarklng srgns and other approprlate artlcles from Mr VVoolworth s Then there IS the story of the Argyll flood now long past but stlll told w1th gusto by grads water rushmg down the front starrs and rn the corridors and a fresh1e dashmg w1th outstretched arms to a sedate Rhodes Scholar who happened to be the neat man to rmg the doorbell saymg Oh' are you the plumber? Three Foznflfen agreement between the author1t1es of X 1ctor1a College and the students BackRo1L Lextch G -Xbbott R Saryeant M Coleman hornlsl-.3 H er cme lx D bon I'rontRou E McCubb1n Iucas L Glbson MISS -Xdd1smn I Biteman jame J Wltatlcy 9.3 113311 ' f Annesley Student Government Assoc1at1on NNESLEY student government was formed 1n the autumn of 1906 upon the petltlon of the students to the Senate Inspxred by and founded somewhat upon the lmes lald down IH the Wfellesley College constltutlon lt has been 1n cont1nuous operat1on ever slnce It 15 founded on an 1n Resldence whereby the powers and scope of student government are clearly defined Many other 1nst1tut1ons have made 1ts organ1zat1on and rules the basls for thelr own After twenty one years of experlence It IS the hrm bellef of all concerned that student government makes for honour 1n the student body dex elops just Judg ment and deal1ng 1ndependence of thought and act1on corporate sp1r1t and loyalty to College and Un1vers1ty It has been recognlzed that true government conslsts 1n co operat1on among those who are governed and that one of the essentlals of educat1on IS to learn to l1ve 1n harmony wlth ones nelghbours A S G A unltes these two funct1ons 1n 1tself even wh1le 1t serves as a natural tra1n1ng for women for 1n A S G A they face problems of gox ernment slmllar to those they w1ll later meet 1n the outs1de world Annesley Hall IS the first VVomen s Res1dence 1n Canada to adopt th1s system of Government and to cont1nue It wlthout a break a record whlch the Student Government feels 15 largely due to the understand1ng and co operat1on of the Dean MISS M E T AddlSOH BA Three Fzftten '.' M. ' , .. , .C " , . L ' , A.C 1 ", .Dlol , '. o s l 1 'J . ' , I. . , . ' , " . ' 1 , . 1 . G. ' S, . 1- 3 '. . . 4 v . , ' G 5 I " ', 'QV' X9 . . . H 2 - 1 I-in . . . 5 . . .'lii9' Y L ,S . . . . . . cgi.-.:L?b . . ,-. . kfv':2sgafjf f - Y - 7 ' A v I 1 ' - Y Y . . . - - C Y . . , A 7 . . , . . . . . , . . . , - Y , . . . , . . I 7 - , ,,, - - d Bu I R Xelnert C elmburger T C Crovx M Plalxte N Faber A kru UD king Fr nlRo R T Nddvfell CSN Yreasj J H Forde fRrr Serb Prof N Mackenzie-fHon Presb G-eo Nflfld nald Q1 re J Rtv If J Moore Dr H A Goldfxnch V M Martxnoff J Cluvlxvxtzlty Internat1onal Students A ssoc1at1on H11 purpose of the I B A IS as follows C15 To promote frlendly relatlon QCTTQ shlp among students of other countrnes IH the Unlverslty of Toronto "' Q and to create mutual understandlng between Canadnan students and 3 those of other countrles Czzj To study Canada from the standpolnt pare these 1nst1tut1ons wlth those of other countrles represented 1n the ASSOCIHUOII Th1s Assoc1at1on was organ1zed durmg the SESSION 1918 19 under the name lrorelgn Students Assoclatlon to promote a close bond of fr1endsh1p among students from other countrles at the U of T In 1921 lt was reorganlzed takmg on wlder slgnlhcance as the Internatlonal Students ASSOCl3flOn Any student attendlng the U of T who ls mterested ln xnternatlonal affalrs and good w1ll IS el1g1ble for membershlp The members of the ASSOClat10n are enrolled 1n three d1v1s1ons vlz aj Act1ve members Students 1n attendance at the U of T fbj Honorary members Persons mterested xn the purpose of the Assoc1at1on but not necessarlly ln attendance at the U of T Cal Correspondlng members Those act1ve members who are no longer 1n attendance at the U of T Officers for 1927 1028 H011 Pres Prot N A MacKenz1e Pres George Macdonald Scotland Vzre Pres C W Brown Canada Sec Yreas R J Nodwell Canada Recorder, J H Horde jamalca BWI Lozmczllors F J Moore England, W R Shaw Chlna X OD klflg Trlnldad BWI Ix Evans Macedoma, C Krug Canada Dr Choy korea Tlzrfe S1 1610611 ff uw: nv , . C. H ' , . . V, F. . r , V, o. , c. .. ' g, V. ' U 'ZLL' . . ft ' ,- ' . , . . . .fl . , , . ' ' . . , . . 2 o ' " s. , f . 1. . , . .. . , . . ' , . ' ' ' ' 5 . , . . GD 1 .R . I :I 1 u I - 9, ,G Qt URS . . 1 x, . .. . 6.6 .,.f ob ' , o er polltlcal, soclal, econom1t and 1ndustr1al 1nst1tut1ons and to com- J' 1 3 . - . . - . u - - - v - - sv ' ' x L l ' ' - 1 ', ' .2 ' . . ., '. . . g ' 3 ., ' , 5 A -' N., J. . . , . , Q ..- ., . . , Q .4 . . , , . . .3 , U. . , ' . . , 1 - . V7 , 7. . - ' y ' . it 7 '. . , y . . ., - y - y g . , . HART HOUS 'The Foundem' Praver 1 ff HE f'l'1Ij'L'l' of 1111' Fl71l11dl'1'.V 15 111111 111111 11011513 1111111'1' 1111 171111111111111 of 115 IIVf11'lIl,11, 1111151 51'1'1'1' I-II 1115 g1'111'1'1111o115 10 1111110 1111' 1111111151 11111'1'1'515 of 11115 U1111Z'1'1'51'1,x' 113' 111'11'Zu111g 111111 11 1111111111111 'ft'110'Zl'.Y1lI.f71 1111' 1111'111111'1'5 of 11111 5c'I'1'1'111 Co111',111'5 111111 F111111111'5, 111111 by g111111'1'11117 111111 ll 11'111' 5o1'11'1y 11111 11'111n111'1' LIILCZQ 1110 511111o111, 1111' Q1'0C1l1U1C 01111 11111 111111o1'g1'1111111111',' f111'1111'1' 111111 1111' 7lI1'IlI17L'l'S of H1111 House 1111131 1115101101 1111111111 115 11111115 1110 1l'IlC 0111111111011 111111 15 1o 1111 1750111111 'I.lL good f1'11o'z1'5111f1, 111 f1'1v11111y dl.5f711fll11'0Il 111111 dlwbllflw, I-11 1111' co111f1'1'51111'1111 of 'IU151' 111111 1111111151 111011, 1-ll 11IllSiL1, p11'1111'c5 111111 11111 f71t1j',, 1.11 1111' 111511111 book, 1,11 5110115 111111 111111105 111111 ,ll-L, 11111511'1'y of 1111' 170f1j",' 111111 111511-V, 111111 j.1lSf 115 1111 1111' 1111-V5 of 'ZUHI' 11115 1101151 IV115 111'1'o11'11 1.1 11111 11'11111111.17 1,11 fll'l1ISl0f 1116 young S0Id1.L11',, 511 111 1111112 of p1'a1'1' 115 11111115 1111131 111 111'1111'1111'11 1o 1111' 1115k of C1l'llll-Ilg j'0Zlf1l 111111 511'1'11g111 6111161 511f1f111'111'55 of 1111111, 1111111 11111'11y of 11111111 111111 -d1'f1111 of flf11dl,1'.TfU11d1.11f1 111111 Tfllfllv CI 5111111 of fl'llC 1'f'1I.g1OIl 111111 1111111 1'11111?11'1'o111'." an 4'iN ,x - 'A T11 1'1'1' .5'1f1'1'11!1f1'11 H ,al Hart House HART HOUSE is so called in memory of the late Hart Massey. Begun in 1911, it was completed in 1919 and presented, fully equipped, to TI- the University of Toronto by the trustees of the Massey Foundation. To Vincent Mas- sey, Vice - Chairman of the Massey Foundation, is due the idea of Hart House as well as the form it assumed under 'his personal supervi- sion. From the autumn of 1914 until November, 1918, it was used for military purposes, and within its walls thousands of men were trained for service overseas. On the first anniversary of the Armistice-November llthi, 19199-Hart House was formally opened by His Excellency the Duke of Devonshire, who was at that time the Governor-General of Canada. Mr. Henry Sproatt and Mr. Ernest Rolph were the architects of the building, which comes as near to meeting the requirements of the ideal House for student activities as any on this continent or perhaps in the world. HART HOUSE FROM THE PARK In its widest interpretation, Hart House, which is for the use of men only and is non-residential, seeks to provide for all the activities of the undergraduates life which lie outside the actual lecture rooms. Architecturally of great beauty and built round a quadrangle, Hart House is unique in that it houses under one roof a finely proportioned hall, called "The Great Hall," common rooms of every description, a library, a lecture room, a small chapel together with rooms for the use of the Student Christian Association, a studio for painting and sketching, photographic dark rooms, a billiard room, senior common rooms and dining rooms for both faculty and graduate members, an upper and lower gymnasium, both admirably equipped, separate rooms for boxing, wrestling and fencing, an indoor running track, a large swimming pool, racquet courts, an indoor rifle range, extensive locker rooms, offices for the Students' Administrative Council, also for the athletic and medical staff, a few bedrooms for guests, and the office and private rooms for the Warden. Below the quadrangle is a fully equipped theatre with foyer, green room, dressing rooms, wardrobe and the office of the director of the theatre. Every male undergraduate of the University is required to be a member of Hart House, towards the upkeep of which he pays an annual fee of eight dollars. The House has no endowment and these fees are its chief source of revenue. The care of Hart House and its welfare has to a large extent been entrusted to the undergraduates themselves. There are six Standing Committees -House, Three Eighteen Hall, Library, Music, Billiard and Sketch. Each of these Committees consists of two Faculty members, one of whom is the Chairman, one graduate member, ten undergraduates and the VVarden. Eight of the ten undergraduate members are elected annually by the whole undergraduate membership of Hart House, the other two being elected by their own number to serve on the same committee the following year. The personnel and duties of the Standing and Special Committees subject to the author1tV of the Board of Stewards are as follows House Comnuttee The House Committee is the senior of the Standing Committees and has charge of the general management and social activities of Hart House Under its supervision come all regulatlons governing the use of the House and all plans for the comfort and convenience of its members The Barber Shop and C uest Rooms are under its care The Committee IS also responsible to the Board of Stewards for seeing that the House is kept in good repair both as regards its structure and equipment The annual elections of the Committees of Hart House are also under the management of this Commlttee The Masquerade was again successfully held last November Hart House played a prominent part in the Centenary of the University last October The Undergraduate Centenary Ball and the Graduate C entenaiy Ball were both held in Hart House At the former about 1 800 persons were present and it being a fine night the quadrangle which was specially lit was used with great effect The Graduate Centenary Ball was attended by about 3 O00 persons This IS the largest number of people that have ever been present at any single function in Hart House The Comptroller of Hart House Mr J R Gilley QS PS 215 and the Secretary of Hart House Mr I Hornil CU C 943 were welcomed back to Hart House this fall after many months of sick ness and the appointment of Mr W R has greatly strengthened the administrative staff of the House The members of the House Committee for 1927 1998 are Professor I H Parkin CCl1E11I'IDElHj the Vffarden Professor C H Duff bl R Cjilley CComptrollerl Ai C Lang CGraduatel J R McC1ll1wray CRep Ath Assocl IL Ir Creeper J U Curtis T E Hayhurst C L lewis XX lr Mc Craw W R Mclntosh T F Mooney R D Ralfe T R Sarjeant lx P Perfect QSecretaryl 'NIE IORIAL TOWER Three Nzmteuz L K C . 1 . . Y xg C C: : S A . . . C . g . g C . v. . . . g R C . . L D C, 3 U . . ' . J . f ' . . , . Y Y 1 y P y , Y , . , C . . . . . .-5. 1 , . Y I f Y . . - 4, r t D c fi' '- i frm ' ' ' ' - Cowan CS.P.S. '24D as Assistant Comptroller - .. : L . . " l ' , , :s 3. . , . . , A . I.. V' , . . J' ' V . y . . , 1. 1. 1 , . 1. 1 I, , , X 4 0 0 x , 0 Q 4 my p 4: - , . . i , . 4. , 0 1 7 1 l I y A 41 1' N . l Hall COHIITIIIICC Rs ln former years the dutles of the Hall Commlttee have been to CXCFCISC a general supervlslon ov er the Great Hall the Craduate D1n1ng Room the Kxtchen Department of Hart House and the Tuck Shop Durmg the present vear the numbers of students uslng the Creat Hall has agam mcreased About fourteen hundred meals a day are serx ed there and rf the Facultv and Craduate meals are taken mto cons1derat1on as well as speclal funct1ons and banquets the number of meals served on some days 1n full term tlme does not fall far short of two thousand Thls number 1n 1tself IS proof of the quallty of meals serxed bx Mr Campbell and the moderate prlces charged The Comptroller and the Asslstant Comptroller have gn en much trme and thought to the operatlon of thls department of H 1rt House and of the Tuck Qhop wh1ch contlnues to do a large busmess The Commlttee has glven partlcular attentxon to the hnanclal statements presented to It each month and the many problems 1nseparable from a large and complex organ17at1on such as the Great Hall have recexved careful consxdera tlon The members of the Hall Commrttee for 1927 1928 are Professor H B fComptrollerj A H lVIcBr1de CGraduateD H D Bramon D B Dmgle D C MacGregor J F Mallon J F McCullough E W M Parsley KN A Rooke L F Slmpson A A Somervxlle F A Wansbrough CSecretary Llbrary Comm1ttee The Llbrary IH Hart House IS recognlzed as one of the most beautlful rooms nn the whole bu1ld1ng In accordance w1th the xdea of the Founders the Lnbrary Commlttee has for the past nxne years been engaged 1n the bu1ld1ng up of a collectlon of books such as mxght be found IH a good prlvate l1brary and as a result of thelr work the room has now become a popular resort of all those who l1ke to spend thelr lexsure hours readlng the casual book At present there are 2 900 volumes on the shelves about half of wh1ch are hctlon wh1le the rest are composed ch1eHy of b1ography hlstory languages and general llterature Addltlons to the Llbrary are made at regular mtervals and the actlvltles of the Commlttee are Cl'l1CHy centered around the selectlon of new books for purchase G1fts are also recelved from tlme to tlme and IH the last year Hart House has been partlcularly fortunate 1n th1s respect The Lxbrary Commlttee IS further responslble for the selectlon of perlodlcals for use 1n the Readmg Room and the Graduate Common Room and 1n these departments of the House a wlde range of weekly and monthly journals may be found The Curator an undergraduate member IS responsxble for the care and check mg of books but no other supervlsnon over the Llbrary IS exerclsed From the Three Twentv T :1 D I a Q ' T f -I I v . ' J Speakman CChairmanJ, the VVarden, Dr. H. A. Hoskin, Leo Smith, J. R. Gilley , . . ' I 4 , . .. l , . . . If , . . . ,. ' r- , . . ' , . . J. 1 1 1 . I ' hrst the policy of the Library Committee has been to keep the shelves open at all times and to encourage the feeling that the contents of the Library are the common property of members of Hart House. lt is by this means that the unique character of the Library has been preserved. The members of the Library Committee for 1927-1928 are: Professor L. Allen tChairmanD, the lVarden, Professor J. F. Macdonald, H. O. E. Asman fGraduateD, J. P. E. Brown tCurator of Libraryb, R. C. Bertram, J. L. Daven- port, H. S. Dodgson, D. G. Guest, D. R. Gunn, J. R. Hilborn, G. M. Kirk- patrick, F. H. C. Reinke, L. R. Seheult, R. H. Soward fSecretaryl. Music Committee The Music Committee directs and generally supervises the various musical activities of the House. The major function of the Music Committee is to arrange a number of concerts, recitals and songsters and thus to encourage and stimulate an appreciation for good music among the undergraduate members of the House. Pursuing the policy of former years the Committee has, during the present academic year, arranged eight Sunday Evening Concerts. and a series of Friday Afternoon Recitals. The Sunday Evening Concerts, the most popular musical institution of the University, are held in the Great Hall of Hart House at 9 p.m. on Sunday evenings at intervals of three weeks during the term. Gwing to the generosity of the leading musicians of the city, under- graduates are adorded the opportunity of hearing music of the highest order. and it is evident from the very large audiences which regularly attend them, how much these concerts are appreciated. From the beginning of October, and continuing until the middle of March, Friday Afternoon Recitals are held each Friday at 5 p.m. in the Music Room. These Recitals have drawn a large number of undergraduates week by week. This year the Songsters came under the management of the Music Committee. They are held in the Music Room on Sunday evenings when there is no concert in the Great Hall and are conducted by Mr. Campbell Mc- Innes. From the first they have drawn a large and enthusiastic number of students. The members of the Music Committee for 1927-1928 are: Professor H. J. Davis lChair manj, the Wfarden, Professor H. R. Kemp, Dr. E. C. MacMillan, F. R MacKelcan CGradu ateJ, E. J. Bramah, F. S. Edgar, J. VV. Johnson A. J. Mueller, VV. J. O'Meara, A. F. VV. Plump tre, F. Van V. Snell, W. M. Thompson, M. St. A Woodside, G. S. Adamson tSecretaryj. Billiard Committee q The Billiard Room of Hart House is a recreation centre for a large number of under- graduate members. It is under the control of the Billiard Committee. The general idea of the Tim Noicrn Coiuuooiz Tl: ree Twenty-0 H6 B1ll1ard Commrttee of past years has been to promote the Englrsh game of B1ll1ards 1n preference to other games W1th thls object xn VIEW three tourna ments Open Ladder and Handrcap have been held thxs year ln the fall and wmter months To each w nner and runner up IH these tournaments IS glven a surtable pr1ze such as the Hart House cup for the Handlcap Tournament The pohcy of the Brlhard Comm1ttee has been ln the past to replace the smaller tables wlth Engllsh Bllhard tables unt1l the room now has elght full slze bllllard tables and one pool table An exh1b1t1on game between two professronals wh1ch aroused much rnterest was held 1n February The B1ll1ard Room 1S a source of revenue to Hart House and hnanclal state ments are placed before the Commlttee wh1ch IS drrectly responsrble as are all other Standlng Commlttees to the Board of Stewards The members of the B1ll1ard Commltte for 1927 1928 are Professor R K Young QCha1rmanD the Warden H C Rrckabv T L Campbell QGraduatel F R Brebner W C Caldwell H S Dawson E H Dewart D G Hrlllard E R Hopkms J R Mooney J R Perras VV D Regan C A Farewell CSecre tary Sketch C OIDHIIIICC The Sketch Commlttee IS responslble to the Board of Stewards for the Art act1v1t1es of Hart House They lnclude control of the Sketch Room and the Llttle Sketch Room and the holdlng of exhlbltlons therem the Wmter Loan EXh1b1t1OH wh1ch IS hung rn the prmcrpal rooms of the House the management of sketchlng classes under an artlst and the occaslonal purchase of pxctures The Exhlbltlons durmg 1927 1928 have lncluded French Canadlan plctures water colours from England one man shows by leadlng Toronto art1sts and prctures from Br1t1sh Columbla The Exhrbxtxon wh1ch have changed every two weeks have attracted large numbers of students The annual Exhrbltxon of work done by members of Hart House themselves was held as usual rn February and proved very popular The llghtlng ln the Sketch Room has been entlrely changed and thls room IS now one of the best ht gallerres 1n Canada The Sketch Room IS accumulatlng so many possessrons rn the shape of prlnts books and frames that an under graduate member has been appomted permanent Keeper of the Prrnts Several Canadlan pxctures and a number of prmts have been added to the permanent collectlon owned by Hart House A serles of sketchmg classes were agaln held under the dlrectron of Mr F S Halnes and were partrcularly well attended The members of the Sketch Commlttee for 1927 1928 are Professor W S Funnell CCha1rmanJ the Warden Professor E R Arthur D F MacLaren CGraduatej F D Shannon CKeeper of the Prmtsl V J Bourke J T Bryden C N Carscallen A W B Hewltt H F jeffrey R M Mxtchell S V Raxlton B S Shenstone W E Shute M j C Laz1erCSecretary Th ree Twenly two Y 1 Y I . . , . 7 Y ! , . - I . . a 0 1 v v - - ,v -- 1 , .. . . , ,.. ,. . ,. . , .- ,.. ,.. y. . yy. ' N . , . . . W. .va y Y 7 - ' 'f 1 ' zz nv - ' ' r ' r . 7 v 1 - 1 . . . , - I .. . , , . . , . . . ,. . ,.. ,.. , . . ,. .. ,.. ,. . ,.. , .. ,.. , J. I .-.... ...1.... Camera Lomnuttee The Camera Commlttee wh1ch IH a spec1al Commlttee of Hart House 1s responsxble for the management of the dark rooms 1n Hart House the care of photographxc eqump ment and the general en among the members of Hart House Last November the Camera Comm1ttee a past vears operated a stud1o 1n connect1on w1th the Masquerade and took about a hundred and hfty photo graphs In February the Commlttee arranged an exh1b1t1on of photographs by members of Hart House mn the Llttle Sketch Room Th1s 6Xl'l1Dlt1OI1 was held concurrently wlth the annual exh1b1t1on of work by members 1n the mam Sketch Room A A number of the Club s members co operatxng w1th the EdltOYldl Board prowded the photographs from whlch some of the lllustratxons for TORONTO NEXS1S are made Membershlp 1n the Camera Club lb open to any member of Hart House there are at present forty hve members The Club s quarters OppOS1tC the Bllllard Room are equlpped Wlth lockers for the use of members separate rooms for developlng negatlves apparatus for contact prlntlng enlarglng camera copylng camera and other accessorles The members of the Camera Comm1ttee for 1927 1928 are Professor A F Coventry CCha1rmanj the VVarden J F Ph1ll1ps CGraduateD VV T Crant J XV McFarlane D X Solandt lx F Tupper J L Lehman CSecretaryD Squash Racquet Commlttee The Squash Racquets Commlttee whlch IS a Speclal Commlttee of Hart House, IS responslble to the Board of Stewards for the general control of the Squash Courts The game has stead1ly lncreased IH popularlty durmg the past few years A most successful Interfaculty Tournament and also Indlvmdual Tourna ment have been held this year Mr john jennmgs klndly presented a cup for the Interfaculty Tournament and a cup for the lndlvldual Tournament was purchased wlth subscrlptlons from members The members of the Squash Racquets Commlttee for 1927 1928 are A B Fennell QCha1rmanj, the Warden, J F Woods CGraduatej, D D Gunn, R B Robmson, R A Harr1s CSecretaryj. Th ree Twefzt V three --- -.. -f f - - K r-- , K f O' 'Y N . 1- A I. tl .N ,EE c . ' . . . . ' 5 l 1 . 335, jj 1 A , ' A , 5' ' . 1- A ,.: 1 couragement of photography wvg , ' , s in A , THE CH. Pal, J L7 , , , v - . . . .I Y Y. . . . L N u Q . . .5 3 , , . . . Y . . Q 5 ' :Y T V 1 T . ' ' - , , . . l i , . . 1 , - f . y . I. , 7. . , . . T . 7 Debates Committee On 31st Januarx 192-1 the first debate ever held 1n Hart House took place under the management of an 1nformal Commfttee appomted for that purpose Thls debate was held on the open parllamentary system and speclal Rules of Procedure were drawn up by the Commlttee The Lecture Room 1n Hart House was arranged as far as posslble l1ke the Provlnclal or Federal House the Speaker s cha1r was placed 1n a central pos1t1on members for the mot1on bemg on h1s rlght those agamst the mot1on on h1s left After the four speakers on the paper had Hnlshed thelr speeches the debate was open to any member who havlng caught the Speaker s eye mlght then rlse and address the House At 10 30 p m the House d1v1ded on the mot1on There were no Judges and the whole procedure was a dehmte attempt to get away from the competltlve type of debate whlch IS really an oratorlcal contest by whlch a team of three men from one L1n1xers1ty or Faculty tr1es to w1n a vlctory over a team of three men from another LlI1lXCI'S1ty or Faculty The undoubted success of thls flrst debate led the Commr-ttee to plan further debates of a s1m1lar character Durlng the present academlc year they have been contmued and have now become an mtegral part of the l1fe of Hart House and of the L n1xers1t5 The a1rn of debates held under the Hart House system IS to encourage real debatmg IH contrast to the delxvery of speeches carefully prepared for weeks beforehand and also to glxe undergraduates an lntroductlon mto publxc lxfe bw d1scuss1ng QLICSUOHS of general lnterest across the Hoor of the House wxth the country s ablest men Among y1s1tors who have spoken on the paper from the floor of the House are the Hon W E Raney K C the Hon J W Nfckle Doherty the Rt Hon W L lVlackenz1e Klng CPr1me MlH1StCF of Canadal and the Hon Hugh Guthrle Cat that tlme Leader of the Oppos1t1onD Thls year the Hon C Howard Ferguson Prlme Mmxster of Ontarlo took part 1n a debate speakmng on the resolutxon That lt would not be 1n the best lnterest of Canada to assume the rxght to amend her own Constltutlon The elect1ons for the Debates Commlttee are held at the last debate The members of the Debates Commlttee for 1927 1928 are Professor X W Bladen CCha1rmanJ the Warden Professor N A lVIacKenz1e C H A Arm strong and E H Blake CGraduatesj W T Altken C F Burk J G Currle F S Daly R M Fowler H Grlngorten D D Gunn M Klmg B Thomson D C McCullagh fSecretaryj Board of Stewards The Board of Stewards IS the governmg body of Hart House and IS so con stltuted as to 1nclude among 1ts members the secretarles of the sur Standmg Committees and representatlves of the chlef orgamzatxons ln Hart House Subject to the superxor authorlty of the Board of Governors of the Umversxty the dlrectlon management and admxnnstratlon of Hart House mcludmg matters Three Tu enfy our 'YV I 7 . S . . . . . ,, H ' - 7 7 Y v ' 7 v i ' ' V 1 .7 . 7 W' v y- - H H . . . , . .5 . . . ' , K.C.q Mr. Andrew McMaster, K.C.g the Hon. E. C. Druryg the Hon. Manning . 1 I. , . . . . y . . . ,L . . , . . y 7 . . I 3 1 s . ' t . . , . . , . . , . . , . . , . . , J. . ' , . . , J. . , . J. , . J. , , , , P r.f of Cl1bClpl1Fl6 ire entrusted to the Board of Stewards The Board IS assxsted by a Flnance COI'I1I11ltfC6 whxth makes recommendauons w1th regard to hnancml matters The general superx lblflfl of the whole House 18 entrusted to the Warden who IS appomted bx the Board of Covernors of the Lll'llVEI'Slty and 1S ex ojicw chanman of the Board of Btewards He IS asslsted by the Comptroller and Assmtant Q omptroller whose dutles are chletly E1ClI'l11I11StI'3.tlV6 The members of the Board of Stewards for 1097 1928 are The VVarden tCh11rman ex 01754105 Slr Robert lfalconer lx C M C the Hon X lncent Massey tappomted bx the Board of Cox ernorsj Professor Q N Cochrane Professor H VK astenexs Cappomted by the Presldentl T A Reed Cl-Tmanual Secretary Ma ter Q-Xthletlc Dlrectoratel ll HX Duncan QS -X C J Professor C A Cormsh qFacultx lmonl lx I1 Perlect lHouse Comm1tteej lr A W3IlSbFOLlgh CHall Commltteel R H Soward llnbrary Comm1tteeJ C S Adamson QMUSIC Com mltteel C -X Farewell fB1ll1ElI'Cl COl'I1I'll1tt6Cl M I C Lazler fSlxetch Com mltteey I R G1llex CSecretar3j Three Tweniy jwe .x . . V Q 5 L. M . - 1 Q "", . : 'Q ' , C Q' f ,.. - : T c ' .'- 5 'n , C- P , 7. . . J., . Y. . -I c J 7 .. , T. . , B . Athletic Associationl, G. N. Kennedy lGraduate-D, XV. L. Smith CS.C.A.J, VV. M. -"Y Y . y Ya Yin - T . Q it J , . - . ' , . 5. T. ' ' - . . ' 7 X, A nf wlr m mm O ICU 5 ZETA.PH Founded at lnzuezsztx of Aew 2 'Qeeee THETA XI Esfalvlzslzed af T0101 to 1819 In R XTRES IW FACULT -XTE P Edgar J G Vlxshart NIcGregor X oung S Hutchlson A Cleland m foldle Oscar Ixlot7 CII D lx1ngSm1th J Royce E Boyd R C' Armour A B LeMesur1er J W' Ross J J Spence FRATRES INI UNIVERSITATE H Greey J H Thomson XV S Johnston B Ixetchum Hawke Rykert I Grelg . Cre1g V. Brock J. R. Lind Burns G. VV. Beal VV. S. Hargraft VV. R. Johnston C. A. Scott K. T. Chisholm E. VV. B. Cross Three Twenty-eiglzt Zf'7fUUU"1'1 F1'171IUU"U Boothe Osler Llttle Rumsey Fraser W D Mexkle I G Hungerford G. L. Mxtchell R. E. Baker W. L. I awson J. H. Holton J. E. R. Wood J. G. Cassels N. G. Slater D. M. Dunlap S. C. Balfour G. W. K. Macdon Iork 1846 ald Q '-4 -.-.WUI-TU . . '1'I?r11P1o.. H . . NMA .1 I - - , - . iw .JI Q -as .NN U . 1. . , J ii , it -we A ' gi jiflfa 1 l A 4 ff: B I N -'1- 'QRS ' . X , P. . ,,-Ln! f ' . - 5 - ' ' ' . . . ' , A ' . - . - ' ' .S . F' f L l . ' 'E 51 4- x? ME V55 0 Wx' ,L--.1 ,f N922 M wwwgif N ga gf 'Q ZETA PSI lk 'fiv- C H Grelg XX Jud Os r FhIS1lOlI'I1 Caswls Nlltchg ll Dunlap 91 xter MacDonald Nlukle krmbtrom, Biltour ketchum I1 tre I dwbon B mkcr Ho on Hungerlord C'rosQ Johnston Brock Scott M Fr I md Three Twenly nzne 5N3J,".j 1 ggxwo Sf? 4 ff H. 'fill 8 ir N2 'L INN J Lf N - ' wif! . . - o A :J S.. , ' A , ,, , fp Q . . -' .. fm? 1 . my , if '13 , K-553 o .' v - ' A ' 'I ,o K ' f ,fa ,N If-'I , f N135 f ' 7 N ' V V . R' ' Know W ' '. ' ' 1 if ,Lu g :fi f' A 1' ' W . . . ' U - 1.3 v ' ,- , ' 1 1 fa 1' , 4 2' , ' , Jt' 1 'o 1" ll- ! . , f ' . '. Q . F- . 1 Gig. I KAPPA ALPHA SOCIETY Founded af Union Colleve 1829 tk 'fav ALPHA OF DNTARIO Esfablzslzed of Toronto 1899 FRATRES IN FACUI TATE Walter VV Wrlght Perc1val V Jermyn Ohver R Mabee Walter W Lalles Arthur B xvflgllt Alexander E MacDonald FRATRES IN UINIVERSITATE W1ll1am T Axtken feorge H Belton G Steven Cartwrlght John A D Cra1g G L Monteath Douglas Alan O Glbbons Donald D Gunn G G Kent Harrlson John David Harrxson R Douglas jenmngs Hugh B L Jones MCFVIH F L Jones Archlbald W Kerr G MacKenz1e Kmg Alexander G Log1e Three Thzrty George L MacDonald Robert VV McBurnev Henry D McLaren F Donald McMurr1ch kenneth G Morden G Graham Morrow Rupert S Oakley Wllll3mJ Palmer Ralph B Robmson Dax 1d L Selby G Graham Smclaxr R Nelles Starr Colm M A Strathy J Douglas Watt F Robert Wxlkmson Ian H C VVotherspoon as 1 'V a Q I -I QQ? ' T Spence A. Allan W. Donald Matthews J . . 1 . . l J. ' KA lxAPP A ALPH A XlChILll'I'ICll Douglxs Niclnrnn gll'lClllI' Toms lx Hxrrusnn T Hnrrlmn Gbhnn-. lo IL Pxlmfr nl r VK att 'Xlurrmx Nl mtthc-xx jones lung, Xxtknn Xlcliurnu I Hlllllwtbll Nfllhx Three Tlzzrlx one L A. A. L ' 1 1 Q - Q' 1' , 1 '. Q ' ,. 1 'g, i : ,QW 1 1 far Belton Km-rr Jennings Craig: MacDonald XV0therspoon Gunn Oakley Allan Cartwright lvlorrlc-11 Strntlny f' 1 K' li 's " Y Q '- 4 1' 1 ': j . '- L W , V , ALPHA DELTA PHI Founded az' Hamilton, College, 1832 E .. QT' :ll N V ! f ir Le ,-fi.. y iigfsl , 3 5 , ,. w1,:g,183'2 'ff kv- fig: Wenw.-ba',,',,' -Q - C, ,X TORGNTO CHAPTER Established af Toronto, 1893 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Alfred Baker Norman Beachy Gwyn VVilliam Warner jones VVilliam Fletcher McPhedran Allan Gowans Brown FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE john Crawford Annesley james Hamilton Biggar Geoffrey Perry Clarkson Roger Herbert Clute john Lash Coburn Earl Robert Davey john Gibson Eastwood Hugh Ernest Fleming james Thompson Garrow George Wlilliam Gooderham Arthur Sturgis Hardy Albert Gay Kirkpatrick Lorne Harrison McIntyre Three Thirty-two Douglas Hall McKnight XVillson Alexander McTavish George Percival Scholfield Norman Gliver Seagram John Donald Sinclair Anthony Larratt Smith Murray Hartman Snyder Alfred Stevenson Frank Reid Stone Ewart Allister Walker Glen Macaulay Wilton James Arthur Wright Q 1 3 14 1 ff f X X x 7 1 1 ix!! Q ij f Ziff xv x X X 5 f X fm, II I X 1.55. -is idxtx I-. 1 4, ,A 'Wig ff Q ' 5 9, Y , H'-' , " V nec I I I Y x 1 AI PHA DEI IA PHI Dm ex brwodu l1.1m XX rlglmt C lutv Cnburn Nmddxr Fmt xumcl Stevenwn klrkpatuck Stone Iflcmmg Snulpr Sc-dgrnm B1g1.1.4r Fldrkwn bcholfield, NhTax1bh, Hardy Garmw, Nickmght XX llkvr Xnnf sh y Y hrffe Thzrl v three -r ' 'V Q f A-ff 5 ' :flu . -.K f 7 1 I H K A H , 1 .Q-1,TQ:.QiQf' 7 .1 il! W any 7" .1-X, Xy Q,3wg,,+QN 1 fffff' N, 24 f1f ',4'474' x x g1X1lSvx,x " ., f X X ' - VN Q i , 5 ' ,,' KX Xie f,f 12:23 Q,-1 X iwgqx ' :N ff ,ff C f ,LqQ',3:1:L sfx x NW f ,f f.fff1f.faf42f 'fiiegwg g.LL ' ' U -"iiiiffF2aN." 'T . - ' - W, . ,-i,Ti5-352:33 Q ' - . 1 me. 21iATZ'f1i1:-, 0 -' ".E1r- "ff" 2-11- oa V- assi' - ' L , --, Qpkv 1 I-sv'-. '-- -M? 'QQ' f- 159 '. - -ATV Xi," Q. is" - - -.1 W . 5-tiff' 12, '., Q: "m,:'4'f..v:Qf X A 1" -' J' 4 'ov 'wk X " . 1 N-"'vIl' fm X, ' ,ff XX L 0 g ' X uf - ' X ls , " lf, - f gm fl I N' l ,L . ,tiff 1 N, , , V ,I q - . ' N 7 1 A J L 1 A PHI KAPPA SIGMA Founded at Unzzferszfy of Pevznsvlvanza 1850 E 5 P' ALPHA BETA Estabhshed at Toronio 1899 FRATER IN FACULTATE VV1ll1am Stanlex Funnell FRATRE9 IN UNIVFRSITATE Morley john I azler Robert Jaffray Berence James Thomson Charles Wllham jenmngs Edward Wllham Paget Robert Charles Nlxtchell Elrov Ellxott Creeper Wllllam Arthur Gllbert Donald Chalmers MacGregor john Harry Lalng Walter Franklm Arnold Evelyn Stevs art james 'Nforman Johnston DeW1tt Maurlce Henry McCurdy Douglass Robert Strong Scot Stockwell Henry Archlbald Procter john Adams Paterson Three Thzrty four Frederxck Jasper Martln Charles Herbert Brooks Brlan Cllfford Blasdale Charles Franklm Farwell VV1ll1am Theon Plnkerton Carl Race Boehm John Edward Fowell Henry Edmund Alexander Robert Gordon Galbraxth Charles Henrv Cane Regmald Joseph Bull john Allmson Marshall Walter Allan Renme Arthur Llovd Boddy Gllbert Ostrom George Derwm Thomson john North Kennedy james Gordon Fee Y V i 'TQ Ylyl- ---- f- -Y I . ,, V Y W V ' ' " " V' 7 ' ' ' ' ' . 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OSGOODE HALL CHAPTER Establzshed at Toronto 18.97 FRATER IN FACULTATE HaroldW A Foster M C FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Duncan Stewart Copus Edward Morden F1eld Robt Holt Roberts Gray wllllam Stevenson Noyes FRATRES Edward Frederrck Anglm Robert Cochrane Balrd Charles Holden Blalr Francis Andrew Brewln Mathew Murrel Brown Jr Alexander Foster Burr1tt Rlchard Edward Butler Alfred Gordon Buell Cameron Robert Bruce Fulton Three thzrly ezghl Edward Lewls Parker Wrlllam Howard Ross James Ross Albert Tom Sylvester IN AULE OSGOODE john Monroe Harrrs George Edward H111 Duncan Brodle McIntyre Charles Prmgle Erxc Hamilton Sllk Kelvm Davmd Mam Spence Charles Kenneth Waugh Arthur Alllson Wrshart john Frederxck Woods O' QI I .' . O GLAD. i ' 90 0. 9 'i0.n,0,o9o 4- ,u 1 4- kmlllnmz, '1 gn uv 0 l 1 OXO DEI I'-X CHI 91 k R085 Spence Bla1r Gr ly Brow n Prlngle Qylwester F1eId XX xshart 'NoyeQ Bllfflif. Bfnrrl H xrrx: Cameron Copub H1 Xnghn P irker Brc-mn VkondQ Tlzrer fhzriv nine fo A . 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XQQCDQ DELTA UPSILON Establzshed at Toronto 1899 FRATRES IN F ACULTATE Vlaurlce Hutton James Brebner VV1ll1am Belfry Hendry Joseph Stanley W1ll Alexander Grant Brown james Frederlck McCurdV Herbert Alexander Bruce Thomas R1chardson Loudon Malcolm Wllllam Wallace Wllllam Alexander Ixnrkwood Alexander john MCIXCHZ16 George Maitland Brggs Almon Andrew Fletcher FRATRES Trevor F Moore Donald Leshe McEachern Joseph VV1ll1am Rose john Prnce Erlcksen Brovnn Stephen Holmes Dale Arthur Rxchmond Battxe Arch1bald McDonald Bell kenneth Salmond John Ixlng kelly James Tudor jackson John Hendry joseph Evans R J Van Hoogenhouck Tulleken John Gordon Galhe George Robmson P1r1e VK xlham Herbert Carveth john Fa1r Vanl-Ex ery XV1ll1am Turnbull VVr1 Stewart Gordon Bennett Golclwm VV1ll1am Howland Andrew Robertson Gordon I ester Bowles Pearson W1ll1am Stewart VV1lson Alvln Sherlock Mathers Phlhp A Chlld VV1ll1am H McNa1rn UNIVERSITATE Samuel VI esley Regmald Mclvor Barry Roome Charles M1chener john R1gsby Whlte Donald Henderson Traynor Mxles Burnett Rawson Ar hur Thomas Balfour Donald R MacIxaV Thomas H Marshall james Welr Thomson Robert E McIntyre Walter Melv1lle Martm Donald M Buchanan Harvey McCullough Th ree Forfy two , I 6 v J' Sgzil ,. 4, s ' ff I 1 7, f ' 'A .1-IN4Qv'.'l , , , V l . . 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' .L ' -' 1-ll: L . f L ' ' Rum- ,I.1W'wn JA HK H V JH BO XI PSI PHI Founded at Ann Arbor M1Ch7gd1l 188.9 Bothwell Box Coram Coram Duff F1 e W T Holmes G G Hume Anderson Brock L Bonnell A Buchanan R Butler J Conn R Culbert E Dlprose R Edmunds D Haselton C Honey M Hawton C Hay H Heron S j Hopkms A W Irwm W 1 S jackson W G Ioynt Three Forly four 'fa If OMICRON Fstablzshed at Toronto 188.9 'Tl :cf -P -a za rr: JY 2 'Tl P rw E A as he rn 'UDPVOII H Halloran A l-loskln A kennedy P Ixrueger VV Paul W G Swxtzer VV G Trelford W E, wVIllI1lOft FRATRE9 IN UNIVERSITATE C C Layter VV G Mahaffy I A Macdonald D A R McDougall G A Morgan I B Mllne J H Merrel H B Powell J W Robson E Stacey W Sherldan G Smclalr A Trotter E Toll W H Walton Ball VV A Wolfe O G Whxtman C' A Watson D M Tanner 5f ' of f f f ' J. V . . . ' C. A. Corrigan . D. A. Mason '. '. 'f M. f ' P. G. 1. . J. F. M . . N. . . A . G. . . . . R. . . . M. . . . R. . ' . . l, 1 si 5 , D. .' HI '. VV. . 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Manley Adair Shipley Charles Buckingham Shuttleworth Henry Alan Lawson Skinner Harold William Wookey FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Claire Lyall Anderson Adrian Warren Anglin Kemlo Renwick Baxter james Cecil Bennett Frederick Norman Blackwell james Wallace Caswell William Leslie Donohue John Morton Fleming Henry Colley Foster David Gemmell Three Fifty James Grant Irving Robert Horace Kinsman Irving Dixon Kitchen George William Lewin George Elroy Clifford Logan Errol Lloyd McNiven Thomas Stewart Perrett john William Shier Clark Argyle White john William Wallace Q I A U IESQJQ DICE! D313 'CYP 'fin' . -L ' ' J ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA Lewin Blackwell' Irving Gemmell Fleming Perrett Anglin XVl1ite Baxter W'allace Foster Donohue Bennett Caswell Kinsman Kitchen McNive.n Shier Anderson T12 ree Fifty-0116 BETA FI I-IETA PI Founded at Mzamz 183.9 X b ga swf? 9 .,,?P"i THETA ZETA Establzshed of Toronto 1909 FRATRFS IN FACUI TATE Beverley Hannah James Eustace Bhavs Thomas Eakm Edu ard Xxf1lll3H1 Hagarty FRA'I RES IN UNIVERSITATE Iohn Evelem h Gundv Ceorge Merreck Grav Paul Whltesrde Matthews Robert Turnbull Henry Robertson Moffat Wlnston Ralph McIntosh Ronald Cameron Bertram Wxlllam Allyne Rooke Arthur NVynne Plumptre John Murray McPherson Douglas Alexander Johnson Wllllam Anson Cummmgs Charles George Mxtchell Edgar Welllngton Smffen John Gladstone Currxe Wllllam Nlsbet Hovey George Henry I owndes james Sutherland Llttle joseph Calvxn Dawson Davld Alexander MacAlp1ne Wxlham Brock lVIaclVIurray Morson Scarth Iaothermgham Donald Herbert Clemens VV1ll1am Paul Symons James Gordon Humphrey Alexander Ross Llttle john Urquhart Curtxs Sldney Llvmgstone Howell Three Fzfty two '1 7 - , A N... Y , Y. ' , 5, N 2, V 5 ' Q - . 9-" "Bl I V 23' 54 . r ,, M ,, if i wave, 5- '5 I 1 ,U 5 I Y! 42, ,. V Q 'x-Xl I "QQ ,' I "f , ' . N. ' , , Y , 1 , . ,V C ,. . ' 1 1 I .04 4 . J D 1 J' ' i l . 7 7 4 1 . . x. sa... ,Yo 1.4! r 'G ,-7 v -bqfgr .V gb 0 L 'S- -pf S? I r J Q N913 XY- Kfllff ,.,.f BBT-X FHET-X PI Currxe Curtxs Dawwn Hmcv Nh Xlpxnn Humphray Hmxcll Bertram 9ymonQ -X R Ilttle J S Ixttlc Iowndes Cummings Fwtllsrlnglnm Ilffllxf XlcNIurr1x flunlnuw Turnbull Moffat Nlclnwch XIcPhfrsfwn I I4 Lundy Crmy Iwklnwn Xlntchell Smfff-n Threw l'zftv three Q s 'J :lx . 3. A iv. ,gh 5s:fx,, -'gf Y ' vs . , ' 'QP ' in ,tr , H K ' '- TlE'e'?"Z"i'L "' , f F5 :Myer ' frgazhsgif 1 i 2 Q--T1-1333555 1- 'FE' :bd x . Q" Wfiffiii fxigiiix 6 Ui 69 'fi V 'YM 1 ZZ." A . V' ' V x ' , A I 3 ' 1 V, LA. 44' .f.d' .4 . 'K .' I ,.,A,-A, ik PHI DELTA THETA Founded at Jlfzamz U7Z1Z'67YZfI 1948 ONTARIO AI PHA Estabhslzed at Yozonto 1906 FRATRES IN FACUITATE Duncan Archibald I amont Graham Henry Hague Davis Harold deVN1tt Ball joseph Harvey Johnson Clifton Durant Howe FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Torrance Bryant Smith Robert Allen Cleghorn Roland Allen Harris Wellington McKee Master Alexander james Fisher Clayton Blair Edmonson Gordon Alan Lewis B.A. Reginald Baillie Rochester Albert Brewer Hunt Arnold Elliot Cook William Allan Neal John Harry Ebbs William Charles Kirkland john Pulsiver Murchison Three Fzfty-four Cecil Douglas Banwell Frederick Lloyd Hallam Herbert Brownlee Bell Cerald Henderson McVean Frederic Ogden MacCallum Richard Chalkley NVilliamson john Frederick Green john Little Davenport Perry Hubert Sprott George Alfred Reid Fdward Anthes Rieder Richard Arnold Irwin Fraser Robertson Ross Frederick Albert Fell r 'Tl V M? Wk wif- f E "' 'mm d1npovbSl' PHI DELI A IHETA Fe Rleder Irvwm Neal Ebbs Rochester klrkland Roca Qprott MaCCallum Wnllmmson Hall lm Crcen Davenport Banxvell Cook MCE eau Bell Niurclnson Izdmonson Master Fleghorn Hunt F Qher Iew 5 Harrm Smith Three Fzflx 71 e V3 4 QE . u Q- Qi o Q4 'V N BQ v lay- Xu. V 2-5.-.E ' 5 EL, 5' 'Q A 4' ll ' L' ' " j -- ,, THETA DELTA CHI Founded at Schenectadv 1847 QQ www an 79 91' LAMBDA DEUTFRON Esfablzslfea' at Toronto 191 9 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr G V Morton Dr F E Tisdall Dr J R McGarr5 Dr W H Dickson Dr VV F Armstron IHRATRE9 INT UNINERSITATE Donald koser Tow Thomas Edu ard Flommerfelt Cordon France Trimble Howard Henry VIcGarr5 Francis James Qtodgell VV1lliam Welland Dickson Williams f eorge Robert Friffm Baker Robert Edvx ard Richardson Edward John Pramah George Colson McGarry Lewis Hiram Smith Joseph MCG-regor Higgins Edwin Mackie Henry Frederick Arthur Wansbrough Hugh Ratcliffe lnksater Three Fifty-six VK ilhfim Arthur Leak John Reesoi Millard Thomas Reid Scott lNormau Lox ell Murray Gerald Miller Wright William Hamilton Alewcan Eric Reginald Grifhths James Robert McMullen Robert Bews lxerr Allister Hart McCulloch Robert Byron Bradshaw Eric Randolph Henry der Thorburn William Frederick G-eorge Adams Bruce Hamilton Murray George Nelson Sheppard , 7 0 'Q X , ' .. -' . 5, ., lf ' .. f 'Q ' . .,,,,, .lgq E , my 4 'QMS' . get M y ,Wx 'tif VSV? f. ,l ' 4' -J C4-TJ .A 'swf' cs. . , v 1 .wi xwflj "-AJ .. . 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K. - -- Y -YM ,- u. ei if-""'3 PSI OMEGA McBrien Moffat Stewart Davies Wetmore Morrow Paterson Chalmers XVarren McKee Shultis Mittun Freir Carr Hewitt Grant :Barker Davis Armstrong Langstroth 'Ruulstrm Moser Hertell Robcrtsnn Flora Fraser Moyle Muylmrd Greer MucYicz1r Hind Lawson Grahzun T11 We F zlfty- n ine Three Szxty THETA KAPPA PSI Founded ai Vzrg1ma 1879 fb SKID .XM GAMMA ZETA Establzslzed at Toronfo 1900 FRATRES INT FACUI TATE George Harvey Agnes Ernest Alfred Broughton VIalcolmH V Cameron James Thomas Dams Hamnett A D1xon T A Iamleson Duff Jabez Henry Elhott Raymond Fletcher Farquharson Gordon Sutlllffe Foulds D Arcy Frawley Charles Harvey Halr Harold Watson Johnson Robert J A McComb Iohn Lalng McDonald John Harr1s McPhedran Wxlham Magner Samuel J N Magwood Alexander Eugene Montgomery Charles Bemlster Parker Thomas Arnold Rob1nson Robert Watson Wesley George S1lls Young FRATRES IN UN IVERSITATF Austm George Allen Ollver Ladbrook Balley Thomas Henry Belt George Murdoch Blols Edward Francxs Brooks George Leo Case Ceorge Wllmot Cragg Maurlce Theodore de Pencler james George Dlllane Gordon Alexander Duff Donald Robert Easton john Alphonsus Fallon Thomas Hugo Gleeson Kenneth Gordon Gray Phlllp Weld Hardle George Arnold Henry Archle Duncan Irvme Llonel Mortlmer Ives Iohn Francls johnson Oswald Arnold Ixllpatrlck Cordon Cunmngham Large Robert Clarence La1rd Frederlck Samuel Lawson Thomas Ivan Moffatt Donald Hugh Mllne Joseph R1chard McRae Robert Eldred N1cholson Arthur Archlbald Overholt john Robert Oswald Robert Edwln Smart Donald Campbell Savage james Magnus Spence Gordon Ne1l Tucker Donald Charles Thrush Wllllanl Greenhlll Young 1 r , , , au, . -1 5 2 ik 's T ,y N , . . . l . Y . N 4' . ' ,. . 7 . I . J . I fflnnlxnlx Q A oe 'gang ling G W +293 ww "ll ug ul W THBIA IXAPPA PSI Duff Irxme 'XICRHQ Blom XIIIIIC X ung Xllc-n nc Nmirt Savage Bailey 'XI Jrfat Nlchclbon Spence I dst ll Cmgg., Osxx llcl Iv 5 H nry Lalrl I aw Un I lrge Cr'1y D111 me B c k II J Tu ker P1 1 Overhflt Iulf itrlck ns Ihrl L Three Smtv one X X " if 'AV Three Szxty two PSI UPSILON Fozmdea' at Srlzeneftardv 1833 His QQMNQY NU CHAPTER Evtablzvlzed az' Toronfo 1970 FR ATRES IN FAQ ULTATE Eh Frankhn Burton Gordon Arch1bald McLarty Ceorge Malcolm STI11tl1 Thomas Rlchard Hanley james Clarence McLelland Alexander Dunbar Mclxelvey Dax 1d Edmn Robertson FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Robert B Burgess Frank W Burton Jack A Carrlck Donald D Carrlck C11lbert Nunns Ian M Dowling A Hamllton Mxller Ralph G Henderson Paul M Read W Dean Macdonald Brlan W Doherty D G Farquharson C A. Holden R W Irvme J A Ixllgour Malcolm L Harley W1ll1am G Stark W1ll1am A Monkhouse james S1hler Lawrence MacLennan Kelth McIntosh Alexander Robertson Leo Latchford A Stollery W T McHugh J Johnston R A F Anderson , 7 1 . Q, z ',- 'il a , 1 'X 1- - Q . n f- 1. .-, g 1, ., J 'I 2 Q 'vi K v' TH T- a .11 1 . Q . , 2 2. I. ,Je Kun: , As. H F 'U 'H f afg 25 . .1 - . . fs, 3 ,1 -' . 15 xx Y. :Ts H 0 .3 1 4 'Z K I. an .. , ' Ye, , 4' .AH ah' . U c . , lv 1 A I 7 '- ,. . . ' J . . . 1. . . . .mr ,E ro 1- 49' VWNNA .Wauwxw x Niall! K + X F0516 wilbvp Nywy' I Qi I W Y: 2' 51- --35 'Ev fu' . HIII il: 2- .e, Q: xx.-Srfi-.45 W: .I N K I' 49, aw ' : 1 -ffl 3 , -f v - I- X. .. l ' 5 . ... ' - V X 5 ..N so 4, .R .,, br , W P - Ffh Q ,S PSI UPSILON McIntosh Harley Carrick Stollcry Miller McHugh Johnston Latchford Burton Sihlcr M:1CLennz1n Nnnns Robertson Stark BIII'gL'S'? Monkhouse Henderson Macdonald Dowling Read Carrick Doherty Three Sl..X'fVX'-f1Il'6'F 'R A Y I SIGMA ALPHA MU Founded at the College ofthe City of New York, 1.909 ear, ' A 190' ,A,' j' I "QQ Q r 'S fin, M' ,Z I. n ,', OMEGA Established ai Toronto, 1.920 Adolph Appel Montague C. Beder Herman C. Bennett Lloyd Bernstein Oscar Cohen jacob M. Dick Elfred P. Feltenstein William Garbe Abraham Golden Samuel S. Gotfrid Benjamin Grossberg Edward Harris jacob Kaplan Mortimer M. Kasler Percy Kopman Meyer Lerner Three Surly-four FRATRES IN FACULTATE Henry Borsook Samuel Soskin Norman Levy Joseph Lieberman Albert A. Pasternak Harry Pasternak Maxwell Pasternak Harold Pritzker Jacob B. Rockman Harold Rothbart Irving Rumack Norman Samuel Marshall Silverman Lionel A. Singer Coleman B. Solursh john J. Strenkovsky Harold N. Taube Benjamin Yuffe ii V ' nal' 1, 1127 nut' 1:- may' 4-Y - 'jg' 346 'ie U QV WWQNNQ 1 - xii 14: .numb " W ff llmnn HMA f ANPA , SIGNIA ALPHA NIU Gclden Pritzker Pzifternak Kaplan Rumzick Silvt-rlnzm Strenknvsky Pasternak Yuffe Kopmari Kusler Taubc Rockman Snlursh Harris Bernstein Dick Lit-berrnun Gurln Pasternak Cullen Bennett Beder Singer Grossberg Gfwtfrirl Lf-vy Lcrn L lr Tl. rec .S'1'.x'lyf fi vt' I ,I Y, ,I , 5 ,Q PI LAMBDA PHI Founded af Yale Unwerswy 1890 1 1554? KAPPA i Establzshed at Toronto 1.900 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Mllton C Merctsky Bernard Lavlne Samuel Sanofsky Earl A Fauman Joseph Rosenfeld Maurlce Greenburg Kenneth I Levlnson Gurston 9 Allen Three Szxty szx Bernard Cohn Sldney A Frelfeld jack M Heller Bernard W Herman Arthur M Hutner Carl Keyfetz Alfred C Schwartz Juhan Whlte Hart D W mtrob in Jr . . ,, ' 1 , he K Gw nxsxs ' W5 'il sg , Q a,-,K fl? f . f , NM fh-4' g WNV? vf Q M wi I wolf f M wi-?:Qsap fl? 'S NOSTROSAMUAUS ' M i -4 'W' 91 E Q Qs Q4- PI LAMBDA PHI Herman VVhitc Cohn chwnrtz I I t XFX' 1' Z Heller A!len VVintrob Sc-lznick I-f'ViUSHl1 H1 t Ifrmtelfl Fauman Luvim- Merctsky R 'vntvlfl Sumnsky Three .S'IV.X'f'V-St"I'f'7I Three Szxty eight PHI RHO SIGMA Founded at Northwestern Unwerszty 1890 OG 00,82 smgw 0. 62955 M-.5451 ALPHA EPSILON Estabhshed at Toronto 1999 FRATRES IW FACULTATE Dr G E Rlcharcls Dr R M Janes Dr R Srmpson Dr H E Clutterbuck Dr D Lou Dr J B Bates Dr Geo C Mclntyre FR ATRES IN UNIVERSITATE George Bastedo Thomas Beath John Telford Brehn Stuart Alexander I oode Russell Albert I-Iawkms Thomas C eorge Ixnowlton Stacey Ixoenemann james Edward Long Robert MOFTISOH Mltchell John Norman McEaChren joseph Rennle Perras John Reglnalcl Roger Donald Beel Smlth G E Wllson Van Vhet Fellman Snell Balfour Beverly Sparks Harold Melvyn Taylor Arthur Hastmgs Walker ja nes Black VVhaley M1sener Rallton L Brennan N Smxth Lowrey Benson T V Peck J G Cock , ' I , , W,25'A- mf.: U . 5 'W' 0 AQ r.., I 41, ' ff Lf . ' f , NN 4 1 A . 3 ' 1 r' -I 3 ' C. C. ' ' ' S. V. ' , f H. . ' S. R. ' R. A. ' s . . ' l . 1 qxi QW my 'wily PHI RHO SIGNI A Whaley Mlsener Rwxlton Hxwluns BrPnn1n gmllll KIQE1cl1rPn Blclm Npfmrk Taylor Snell Roger B1 tedo XX alker Cond XX xlmn Three Szxlx mm L I A Perras, Lowrey, Koennemarl, Benson, Mitchell, Pcck, Long, Baath, Cock, Krmwltnn , Q , ' Y s. .s , ' - , 1, , " fl . SIGMA CHI Founded ai Illzamz Dnzverszlv 1850 'F BETA OMEGA Evlablwhed at Toronio 1929 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Sxr Bertram C A Wlndle Dr Clarence L Starr Wllham T Jackman Dr Frankj O Leary FRATRE9 INI UNIVERSITATE W1ll1am Dunster Sheldon Dav1d james Walker Cornellus Franklln Burk Chfford Thomas Young Frederlck Rlchard MacNamara Wlllnam Ross Thompson VV1ll1am Beverldge Cormack john Russell Egbert Morgan George Alfred Morgan Robert George Hall Cormack john Campbell Dunlap Kenneth Duncan McEachern Regmald Wlllram Fmlayson Dav1d Hadley Ward Rlchard Gordon Knowles Frank George Slade Chrlstne james Bruce Wxlson Maurxce Wxlllam Andrew John Harry Collms Arthur Znmmerman Henry Douglas Menzles Park Wilfred Carter Newman C eorge Francxs Rxshor Irvmg Kennedy Chalmers Ralph O'Ne1ll Standxsh Three Seveniy . . ,, . .I Z, , ,v 1 , 5 .Y , K ,Q . ' 5 .. jfwr' 'fzfxch 1,1 J f , .,..7l .x..,,, ,, .- W F' ' 41 if K. ' , :SJ Y x 1 ,. . . . . . . . . 1 Q If x X . ,j 1 I - f 7. W mm --- - . ..S E-E 55 Q 1 '-X Eg- f '1I." 499 " cf'-5' Oc 0+ SIGNO SIGMA CHI Henry Morgan Dunlap 'Neva man Xoung Chrlstlc XX 1rd St unch-Nh Xhlwn Ixnowles Colhrw RISIIOX Cornmcl-K Niorgan Cormagk Fxnllyson Pxrl-. Ch xlmvrs bheldon NI1cNamara Thompson Burk Andrew W alkcr NICI lchorn Three Shell!-3 one 1 sun sau is J . V 1 U I 4 1 1 u L 1 F 1 ' 1 ' ' , M . . 1 '. A j , , ' , 1 , 1 ',, L , . 1 , ' , . f , r. F! V- , , , - . -1 Q Y U A Y Y , , , , V H. , ,, ,, ,, W, ,.. -W A H. -.V -----v..V.V-W ' i V I TABLE KNIGHTS O14 THE ROUND T Alek Lucas Dean lx Burns Henry M I mke lames C Mllne FergusA Hatch Edgar M Murphy Clarence M Smnth M G Ranney Founded at 7l1'zGz1l 1901 CAQTLF CAERI PON Estabhvlzed at Tozonfo 1997 FRATRP Q IN UN IVERSITATE Norman O Donor Gabr1elA Montemurro J Everett E Thomas Robt J Tabel Arthur WV H Taber Wm A Campbell VVm S Campbell R F VV1llson Wm F Romph FRATRES IN AUI E OSGOODE Three Seventy two J F Ross Douglas G A Beale .lack K. W'illiams John E. Marshall ' 0 1 0 . f 1 O 1 - ',-:.:,f:q.-..5.:.:,:2f:o:.g 'Z-I-239: -2-I-I-'26-If 9 o JJ. L- o fs' o 64-2 I-2-:-'I I-' ,,.,.,'1 ,:,. . .. . ,z O O O 0 D 0 . ' O 6 O I O - ' 0 D O O O I 0 Q 1 , . . . ,. , . I 0 O O n O 0 ' I-246 '. ' -,.g.g.,. 0,o:, 42, 32'-'-' 1 fi' I-, 0 0 O Vo ' O a 8. :SQA , , , 25.3 -.-3.3 3" - g.g.'.v." 5 ' 'ap " vx . ....33:: 5.3. V. A o 4 0"I - . 5 . .x J -':"',' -ooofx . 1 Ido" .1 9.40 " 1 ooo. g,! KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE 'Romph Nlxlm Tabf-r Hatch Campbell I ml-.0 Rqnncy Belle Clmpbell Xv1llS0!1 Donor 'Xl.1rQlnll Tll0H11Q Doughs Faber Niontgmurre xIlll'DllV flznc Sc um three 1 A A , , , ' 1 ' 2 2 Q K . ' ..l 1. 1 ' 4 ' . r 1 fm v- L 1 FRATRES IN UNTIVERSITATE P H I C H I Founded at Louzsmlle Kentucky 19.9 0 N,-X ,Q Y' 'S '51 TAU OMICRON Establzshed at Toronto 1909 Dr Golclwln W Howland Dr R W Ian Urquhart Dr Perry G Goldsmlth Dr N S Clark Dr George D Porter G Harold Jackson Carl A Brownson Donald B Messenger Hugh W Crawford CoburnA L Campbell H Bruce Hough Graeme S MacKechn1e E Arthur Cummmgs R Carrol Grant Leslne M Mullen Ross G VVh1te Dana R Hlllery W Henry Hllls S Jackson Hawkms John W Wright T Crosby Klrkpatrlck Luke A Loree Alvm G Lambert I Walter McCutcheon George E R Anthony Russell K Magee Arthur E Parks R MacGregor Parsons Adna A Reeves Leland W C Sturgeon I Allan Bull Vlctor E Burn XV Bertram Stxver Three Sevenlv four W1ll1am N Hardman Joseph H Lee Ross G MHCIXCHZIC Clalre R Rapp Thomas L Torrance EardleyS Allm Charles L Crang VV H S Stockton J Baden Powell Moffatt I Allan Mahoney H A Burnett H D Barner Kenneth F Brandon Robert F Nott Earl C Steele H Vaughn Renshaw George W Peacock Ix B Schlotzhauer G P Hamblm F S Brlen J W Smclalr CharlesA Cooper W W Baldwln RossS Malton Grant Q Sutherland Douglas L Adamson J R McArthur B M E Allan D I v v 9 4 313,53 . V6 .--"S: ,X gay' a 'Q 'l lhxlj -Q. -'.. A V' 1 ivfuimzalq ,Q FRATRES IN FACULTATE V ,L '-'H' 'Y ' ' "' IINVW 1 - 612225149 EECDA 7 Y ' M PHI CHI orkwn Qtpele B lrmr Huff :tt I c Xltlllll' uxgurn umm u mr' l.I'lf mtv 1 XX ntl Lrang VN right Burmtt Hdxxkxns Xl 111 RUNLY ll xmblm Bull run I I itll lrlxpitrxcl-. Burn I orcr' NI lhomv xr 5 Revue. Nl lgen M mkeuzu u NC,lllUl7ll'lllf r wbenqer Crgmtorrl ummmgb rom nwn iclxsrm u lun mm me rm L erx 'X u R I I 1 Hwrdmwn Cooper Nutt Brmflfm lime Selenlx 71 f Q9 I. X zu C, I fn 1 , St ' .,1 2 ' J, -2 'Xl.' St Bill." Sf.l'.L l llal I 'l" 5 Y ' ', '- ' I : l' C ' " L ' B W 'la A Ck lhrsuxu "L " . x fs -, Pak' Hi Az, f ax' 'f I.-1 .I - NIR' I . ' " , C ' V" B ' -' ,Il ' KI l ' CL Il ill GL t H'll' -' A1157- 'X 7 ki' 'V I- Nil1 PHI GAMMA DELTA I'0Ill7dFII at JF 675071 Collevf' 1849 fI1I'A TAU IxAPPA Esfabllshed at Yoronto 1993 la RATRES IN FACULT ATP Frederick Lorne Hutchison Charles Austin Morrlson james Melford Hershey IERATRES IN UNIVFRSI I ATE Alan Edward Young John Russell McG1ll1vray Malcolm MacLean Rose Hall William Arthur Turner William Park Edward Alexander Macdonald Frederlck Norman Dundas Frederick Burdon Cuddy Alan Thomas Christie Ernest Campbell Mabee Beverley Strahan Shenstone john Maurice Conn Cerald Maxwell Gray Arthur Ross Poyntz John McDonell Kelth Ceorge Russell Armstrong Nlelvm Kirkland Kenny john Alexander Carlyle 'Ihomson Geor e VV1lfred Hamilton Wllse Gibbs McKay John Gould Langs George Morley Thompson 'Nlathan David Adams john Richardson F1tzpatr1ck Philip Bull Faulkner Smlth Nevin Shirley Sivers NVilliam Stephen Legate Ceorge Laidlaw Dunn Carman George King Three Sezenty-six 1 w 7 - .svfl 0 0 0 1:1 I ll X X 7 r ' ', ,fl , ,,N , I 4 - vvv, ,- I I r . I - , 1 .1 ' ' . I .. , .. U . . za I J 1 Y I Q4 PHI GANIN1-X Dhl F-X SivPrQ NI 'I liuinpeon D liumpwn Smith M13 bw c 11119 dx iv imi ti I'liuinpwm Turner P05 ntz kcnnv keith Dundas Nhfillixru Christi: Xuum, H ill Nine Beifzzlx S6 eu I I A Q i L , A Q" , , . ' i . ' : .' ' 1 ' , .-X12 .5 ARIN Z, Ii: 'I in F. ' Q Shenstmne King Dunn Lcgzitf- Gray Macdonald Langs Fitzpatrick funn Arriistrrmg Fuddy v ' , ' ' 1' A X 1' ' v i -v ' 'hi ' . ' 1 2 ' I K ' FIV Y- TI! KAPPA SIGMA Founded at Umverszfy oj Vzrgzma 1869 DELTA EPSILON Establzshed at Toronto 1994 IRATER IN FALULTATE Theodore Allen Sw eet FR KTRI' Q IN UNIVERSITATE Peter Monr Case Ceorge Edmund Conn XVatson Henry Copeland Arthur VVh1tley Dawson john Alexander Flsher Kenneth Beach Mackenzie Douglas Flndlay McCarthy FRATRE9 IN AULF Frederxck Allen Beck Gordon Robert Brock John Wesley Burgess Three Sezenly ezghl Charles Campbell McG1bbon Iohn Donald MCI ennan Douglas George Wallis McRae Fgerton Mxller Shnelds Ernest Edward Thompson Stuart Allan Thomson W1ll1am Bruce Wood OSGOODE Heath Robertson Fletcher Lachlan Randolph Ian MacTavxsh Charles Edward Woodrow ' ' ' . '1 Q ' o , , N, 1 5 L 4 I Y . 4. J , f 7. . . . J v . I 7 C I . f . I - . 1 nl ' ----- - - - - ----f-- 4--Y -- -7- - ,.v,Jl J' gl 1 'Iii -Pwri' I' .f pm, 1.-XA Q x .Q xx- Q xxx e-ww ml law' Mbillgs IHWZN' x xx' X Z IXAPPA SIGM A McCar hx XX ood Burgebb Brmk D zw mon McTavxsh Case 'NIcG1bbon NICR ll Shu ldg NIQI enn mn F mpc! md D1 her Thomson Thompwn Fletcher Beck XX oocirou Conn XILRCHZIL Time bmentx nzne l lull --111 is-Q-1 5, lllu 1 I DELTA TAU DELTA Founded af Betlzanv College 1? 1 ff.-5 af ATA 'khli' DELTA THETA Establzrlzed at Toronto 1.996 FRATRES IN FACUI TATE XXVIIIIHITI Alfred Costaln Ixenneth Bell jackson Howard Wllllam David lVIcCart Graham Lee Chambers Glvndon Owen Parry FRATRES IN UNIIVERSITATE D Arcy Graham Hilliard Arthur Douglas Mckinney Ralph Ansley Westervelt Vlelville Robert Scriven Frederick Saskatoon Leeder Alexander George Ballachev Laurence Dunsford Irwin William Gerald Harding .Iephcott Robert Kenneth Cunningham John Dumbrille Wright Vlax Thompson Stewart Ivan Carpenter Hardy Russell William john Zinkann Edwin Glover Howe Hubert Clark Dell Thomas Macrae Fergusson Charles Albert Rudell john William Hicks Norman Meldrum Anderson Norman Sutherland Meldrum Rupert Frank wvflght Panayoty Allen Ballachey Richard Norman Cunningham John Barclay Gordon Stewart Harold Grenville Sprott William Kenneth Walls Harry Seymour Dobrindt James Allen Cary Armstrong Frederick Robert Saxby ' Three Eighly f Y -f , L 59 X M I ' 'flrrrsisxxf 5 . f , 7 lv L , . . ,. 7 I . . . . . l f .V U i 1:4 i I it . i i E DEIKII-X T.-KU DELTA Ferguson Armstrong J. XVrigl1t R. XYright XYnlis Zinkzmn Balluciic-y Irwin Stn-wart jcffcutt Hicks Anderson Dobrinclt Me-lrlrum Hardy Rude-li Cllflflillifilfllll Stuart Dc-ll Sproit Cunningham XYQstervc-It Saxjmy McKinney Lf-eric-r Hilliard Scrivun Hows Bnllncliey Three Eighty-one LAMBDA GHI ALPHA Foundedg Boston University 1909 islmvn' A I W if-P' '111' E suv' Q, mga A AQ?" EPSILON-EPSILON Established at Toronzo, 1927 FRATRES IN FACULTATE William Kenneth Gibb Cecil Alexander Rae ZETA FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE john Roaf Barber John Stuart Gemmill George Douglas Kendell Henry Louis Gassard Gordon Hobbs Hutton Frank Henry Pounsett Haney Morris Smith Robert Lawrence Bullen Hugh Harold Gibb james Johnston Gilfillan Henry Danvers Gracey Frank Arnold Haight Douglas Hartwell Varey John james Armstrong Harold Campbell Cobban james Patrick Grant Charles john Halliwell Richard Watson Lundy james Irwin Henderson james Gladney Hodge Venton McLaren Humphries Harold Stewart Shipley Thomas Whiteside Wilson Thomas John Wright Three Eighty-two john David Montgomery FRATRES IN AULE OSGOODE john Charles Risk Norman Aubrey Todd QUICKHW GRE Qu X W LU? V7 'W 'Q Fm SI ,LM A f A0243 Axoux L L-XNIBDA CHI AI PH-X Gracey Shxpley Cobban G lssird Rendell Bullen Iounwtt -XrmQtrnng Ilumplmee Vvdfd Hodge Rlel. Gxbb 'Xobbs Todd Dowler Hewderson II1l'1wfll Duncan XX ll-,r n Smith Vdrey Gllfillan Grant Montgomery Glbb Haxght I undy Hutton Three Ezghty three e s ' Yagffe QQDSS 1 ET 1 MN. - neMkW'smC'N X W ., wa E d ' e d -. cf, .NX XV " N. by '. 'UV A X ' A A' A a Jlvww N Q ' Qi J ., X Hx W "' M I 'fd' N . J pq V Y EA fa-'Xi f' , c. ' --f Q 1 A A A J -I ' A 1 . ' f I f I . . , b ' ,, V' 1 ',' .' L 'e."f "SJ Dun Mxs Cohen N s H11 It llcgler AIPHA UMEGA ALPHA HONORARX MEDIQ XL I RXIERNIITX Founded ai College of lfedzazfze of Lf1ZZ7.'6l'SlfV 0fIlIz1z01s Chzcago 1907 I II Agnew f Bantlng, E Bates I Bell H Best Alan Brovln I H Cameron C1 C Cameron W R Campbell I A Cleland C E C Cole W C Cosbxe H Ix Detxxeuler H A Dixon If,ll1ott Erb Farquharson In ntzberald Fletcher D I' Fraser I hree lfiglzlj-four XIPHACHTONTARK3 Esfablzvlzed at Torofzfo 1906 PR-XINRES IN In XLIILFXTE 7527355 F Calhe A L C raham R Graham B C wxn I Harms XV B I-lendrx J Hepburn Hunter XV Howland I Huntsman M Janes M jeflrex 9 jeffrew Ixlotz M Low j C McClelland j P McMurr1th UOWDPFUPADP Alexander McPhedran XX F McPhedran IN In Mtlxmnon FRA PRES IY UNIVERSIIVXTE J L McDonald J A Oxlle W H Plersol A Primrose C A Rae W L Robmson J W Ross D Rudolf S Ryerson L Starr N G Starr B Van VV I C Watt E Wllson E S Wnshart J G Wxshart XVooke3 S Young E"11Ol'1'l7U CBIUUCD rag .... nw 611:52 QoOgw2w Brecon UQ :rf w CU D FWFWHZF wiiiomw QEQQE 517521: F3.5'Ef9Hro' 2','g:1 Wg, fTJ"L49,-' U1 'T -. ODI Prog. D' F? iv-1 -44 51 'T 4 ' L-4 u-H14 ?' f,w., I H Gwen.. f -swarm A, 4 , , ' . ' - l WMI. ' , ' . ' ' f" f I ,, A A ' An A X4 - ,- I ' A . A w n-4 . . ' : xii l I ,,f , 1512 1 , ' wr . V ' x , , , . ' 1- ff, U: L., 4 11 I k VCX Pi w , P 77- , - I A - P A ' - ' .4.r1 . - ' . . ' 7 . ' 'A . .i- . -1 I . ' A 7 I -' 1 A '- . 1. f1's . , k 'A ' ' . - . . . ' ' ' . , 1 , C 'I Ml '. A l 1 ix A7-1 I ' ,w r ' X wif: ' .',. x.,, A4 ' :T 5 , f ' - ' ' J .Z Q, t Q 'Q tu ,A 5' ' ' . : -- 77 . I l 4 N ' X H , L I Q C Q- ' 11 ' ' , ' V3, P ' 'S re F-UQ . X UQ 5, 1 A it ' ' . . . ' 3, ' l I l ' l ' u ' 1 Q fu 4 ' I ' ' 1-4 tl"C . . ,. ,. .-. ,Q . . , . ' . H FU ' H 7- 1 .. - . . U I 1 . . f ' . . ' S33 Q . 5 'C O O ' 7 71' D- 5 A 5 -. U7 7' I SIGMA DELTA CHI PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTIC FRATERNI FX Founded at DePauw Unwerszty 1.909 X 'af TORONTG CHAPTER Founded at Toronto 197 FR -XTRES IW FACULTATE XX llllam James Dunlop PRATRES IN UNIVERSII ATE Nathaniel Anketell Benson Donald NV1llxam Buchanan Norman Johnston DeW1tt john Francxs Flaherty Robert Charles Harvey Mxtchell john Gordon Patterson W llfred Sanders Scott Stockwell John james Thornton Patrnck Edgeworth Ussher FR -XTRES IN URBE Ewart Robertson Angus Charles Gamble Ashworth Rxchmond Secord Atkey Glenney Franklxn Bannerman Morley Edward Callaghan james Alexander Cow an Duncan McNab Hallxday Warner Allen I-Ixggms Albert Edward Carter Jameson Maln Johnson Martln McMurray Ixelso john Frederlck Blxgh Llvesay Theodore Cyrxl Bernard deLom Archlbald Lorne Mclnty re Herbert W1lll3m McManus Bryan joseph O Boyle VV1ll1am Irwm Stafford Prederlck Brltton Strangvsavs Harold Francls Sutton Thomas james XVheeler Three Ezghtx fzze , . l l Y bil? . ' "" x -,.., V if I , M3 , , I I ,. . - X - Y . 1 A . . . ,. X I . . v I Y . - . f ' ' . 7 . . . V Y b r 1 . . , . . 7 Y . SIGMA T AU Lxw FRATERNITY Founded at New York Umrerszty 1919 Harry Marvm Sherman Norman Wolfson Harold A Mmden joseph J Mmsky Wllllam Flenberg Louxs Herman Hyman M Swartz Establzshed at Toronto 1925 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE FRATRES IN AUI E OSGOODE Harry S Mandell Kevey Koskey Irvxne P Dxckler Harry P Green Norman Bormsky Jack K Wahl 'Nlathan A Taylor FRATRES IN URBE Sldney Tennenbaum Davld A Robmson Herman Moscoe Herman M Goodman Three Ezglzty szx A OE U Q30 5 Harry A. Merker . . . l . LQIIII II FXXIIZ F rm an Swap rx Cro nbnrg I3 1 nc Grpcnberp Iicrn tcm rtl 1 Im C H Bernstem I' Beube A Corman H Creenberg Freenberg B IIOYXNKZ -X Brodv Broun NI L Dyment Chas I4e1der J Pmmark B D Garfield Q J I-Iellen Nl Ixates AI PHA OMEGA Fozmduz' at Bulfznzoze 1909 QQ avg Q ll PIOIHIIIIUI at Yoronfo 1991 IR XIRPS IN INIXI RSITXTI' IRAIRPQ IN S Stmuss Ielth Ilpson -X Nlalcoxe I Portlgal Qhaperd NI III Vanhnovy IRBE H Iandsbexg Iaxlne XX Leslle Nlodel Ierlman A Sherman Simon NI I Slmon Three fzglzlv sewn ' , ww " ,U 2 . .1-I 2 C f' ' 1: ll' ' Lipsrm -1 1 - S f' Pu 'gal XYLC uw M111 OV!! 1 L I J' I ' , . I. li? Hg! ' ta!" Ag- Qfii '03-. .49 ' ':-:Qv eggs' J . , . f. A. 1. ' , A. , ' A F. 1. A. Q H. . . H. I . .I ' N. . 1 S. .. ' IT. I - ' H. . " I . L. .. ' ' ' R. ' . " . Q c .' . " 1 . . . S. -' 1 I , I McClennan Bett Swales Plummer Carlson Seale Bodendistel Secord Dingman Bett Curray Farrall ' Cot Holloway Martell, Thibault, Goodwin, Bendix, Potter, Akxns Dohner Griffin, Erickson, Carey. Three Eigllfy-eiglzt OMEGA TAU SIGMA Founded at University of Pennsylvania, 1907 DELTA Established ai Toronto, 1913 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE J. T. Akins J. J. Farrall A. VV. Belt C. E. Goodwin T. P. Belt M. J. Griffin S. H. Holloway J. R. Martell W. L. Bendix T. Bodendistel S. J. C. Carey J. C. IVIcClennan E. E. Carlson H. R. Potter M. H. Cox P. J. C. Plummer J. R. Curray E. K. Seale I... NI. Dingman A. C. Secord XV. E. Swales C. C. Dohner I. Erickson . Thibault H. A. Webb THE INTER FRATERNITY COUNCIL of the UNIX ERSITY of TORONTO OFF I C ERS Preszdent R NV MCBURAEY Kappa Alpha Soclety I zce Preszden! P VV NIXTTHEWS Beta Theta P1 Fratermty SCCVFHITQ Treas1 ref X7 R. A. F. Anderson, Psi Upsilon Fraternity Zeta PS1 Kappa Alpha Alpha Delta Phx Delta Upsllon Delta Kappa Epqxlon PS1 UpSllOH Ph1 Kappa P1 Nu Slgma Nu Phx Delta Theta Alpha Kappa Kappa MEMBERS Delta Tau Delta Phl Gamma Delta Theta Delta Chx Sigma Chl Delta Chl Kappa Slgma Ph1 Rho Slgma Theta Kappa PS1 I ambda Chl Alpha Phl Kappa Qlgma Three Ezghtx mne KAPPA ALPHA THETA Founded at De Pflllil' lf!!!-7.'FI'Sif-V, 1870 Ngllx l'I""IJ 1-,Q -4,2 Q If 5' QA. Q9 I AAQA 1- SIGMA Extablislzed at Toronto, 1887 SORORES IN If.-XCULTATE Jessie Barber Esther de Beauregard Rhoda Bird Sophie Boyd Beatrice Reid Deacon Alison Ewart Freda Fraser Adeline Lobb Haddow Freya Hahn Elizabeth Hargreaves Erskine Keys Adelaide Macdonald VVinifred Simpson Marion Squair Frances Trent Elizabeth lYalton Gertrude Xliright SORDRES IN UNIYERSITATE 2TS Kathleen Hobday Helen Lacey Maude Lacey Eleanor Richards :TQ Hope Smith Helen Spence Marie lVilSon 3 T0 Mary Campbell Beth Conboy Isobel Cleland Charlotte Dinnick Nora Doran Three N met y Elizabeth Fraser Maragret Howland Joyce jones Margaret McKay Marion Niven Euphemia XYalker M a ry lYyn dow 3 TI Betty Donaldson Barbara Hood Mollie XYoocl llferls. Katherine Baldwin Molly Grant Helen Vanderveer Clw rggv 1 ' HD ALPHA PHI Founded at Syracuse University, 187.12 XI CHAPTER Erfczblzslzerz' af Yozorzfo 1906 SORDRFS IN I aurle lddI'I1S Helen Ixeens Ixathleen -Xggett Grace Bell PXCLII TAIP Nlargiret N103 es Ixathleen Russell Violet Taylor Irene Tron ern SORORPS IN UNIVIIRSITPXTE Arnnne Allex Allce Baker Betty Brow n Helen Carr Cec1l Casselsy Dorothy Hames Loulse Hawle5 Betty Parsons Catherme Scholes Ed1th Scott Occupafzofzal Tlzerap5 Babette Barr Elmor Harrls 2T9 Eleanor Barton jean Brow n Mary lackson Chledsj Helen lVebster To NllI'l'1l'I1 Brlck CMeds Isabel Curtls Anne Harrls Elda NIcParland Dorothy lXI1ll1champ jane Nlurray Nlarjorle XX atson Theda XV1nter ,TI Grace Brxclt Isobel Brown hlxzabeth Cudd Mcrrgaret Donald Nlarnn Henderson Elxa Van Hoogenhouck Tulleken "J Three N zmfx one J e 'I' I I 1 ' P I 4 . ' 'I c c ll 7 e - v , 1 ,4 A L A 21,18 'I c L 'P X . 1. D -7 V ' ' ' . . 3 . G If . .D . V 7 y f . L 1 Y Marian Stanley Edith Xlfebster 2TS , . Y X ' fu-.-. 3 IU BETA PHI Founded at lllonmozrtfz College, 1870 A 1 s 1, 5 1 'A sy 1' .5 1' 5 'll ,L E . NSN I Q Ea 11 qCYi I ' I ONTARIO AI PHA Founded at Toronto, 1908 SORORES IN FACULTATE Dr Edlth H Gordon N1taI Carson Exleen Boake Jessxe W1lk1ns SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 2T8 Marlan E Clark Dorothy W Clarke Catherme G Crmgan E Isobel Godfrey Margaret Parry Charlty K Smlth Mxldred W1lklHS ZTQ Helen M Appelbe Margaretj Barton josephlne E Booth Jean H Dow A G Margaret Fraser Patrxcna Godfrey Wmmfred Gormg Jean L McIntosh Dorothy McM1chael Ruth M Mltchell Syb1lM Turner Marlon W Wlbby 3To Eleanor E Fearman MargaretH M Husband Ruth T Pearce Kathleen A Treacy Pledges C3 Toj Violet M Maw Vlfglnla O Potter 3TI Ehzabeth R Anderson Helen I Anderson Flora C Featherstonhaugh Margaret L H Hunt Grace C Martm Grace A Matthews Marjorie M Medland Margaret E RObln50n Dorothy E Thayer Isabel J Wells Occupahonol Therapg 2 T8 Margaret W Langley 2T9 Drlna M Donald Three Nznely two .0 eoeooeeoae fx X X N ykv , 1' 5 .fx 1 5 ox ,I Ns If s 1 Q I S I sv, .J Q . - .I 1 n Aileen Purvis Mary L. Trainer ' D , " I , I 0 . ' f ' ww s,,- RV, . 00 I ' , V 1' , U x I 0 P I 5 ' I I .al 1 ,,v .. ' . . 415.252-,.. V. Q I H r my 1 I KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA f'0lllIIl1F01 at llmzmozzllz Cnllcffe 16111 Jeff' On 1 BETA PSI Fvtczhlzxlzeu' ai Yofonto 1.911 QOROREQ IN UNIVI: RSITATE 2T8 Margaret Falrbalrn Margaret lfranklm Helen Maefallum ZTQ Elxzabeth Ancler on Pelxcla Anderson jean Bauslaugh Agnes Clark Eleanorf nbson Berxl Foethler Helen Hurt Margaret jfinntson Edxth Nlefollum Helen Nh lntosh Phyllxs Plaxton Eleanor Xlallter J To Margaret Colvm Done Harvey C race Macauley Beth Macler I llxan Qtaples 1 Helen Qolvm l363.fI'lC6 Crocker Dorothv Dawes Beatrlce C age Vloreme Matthews I OLIISE Nlxles Nlary Northway Roberta Read lean Robertson I4 leanor Smnth -Xdile Statten Nlargaret VK alter Hleclsl Three Nzmffv three ZT8 Margaret Campbell Ellen Crooks Ruth H1gg1HS Mary Kemple Helen Marquls Ruth Martm katherme VX 'iles Liura McDougall Mary McTaggart Eleanor Ross Betty Rous Earla XVl'11te 3 To Vlfglnla Beatson Agatha Chapman Betty Coulthard Three Nmety four DELTA GAMMA Founded 1874 X WAW lr Y5 x ALPHA GAMMA Esfabizshed az? Toronto 1913 SORORES INT FACUITATE A E Marle Parkes Audrey Cordxngly SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Margaret Denton Sylvla Eby Isabel McKay Maude McKenz1e Mary Ruddy Lenore Sklnner BESSIC Stone A1Ieer1 Turner fpledgel 3T1 Mar aret Altken Ann Farwell Frances Gurney Katherlne Arnold Cpledgej Ruth Haldenby Cpleclgej Anne von Mawr Cpledgej MeTs 3TI Reba VV1ll1ts W iff : -751--?-TN' I N . I lf ll 'J' A 8 fa ful -U' yn' ll ti .M y Y Helen Smith .?T9 L ' g I GAMMA PHI BETA Founded ai Syracuse lf1II"U61'SI'f,X', 1874 ff , ,, Ax V lan X'!'mg+ W ml 'M W I 3-.Rl QQ.-r 'ff X9 Esfablzslzed at Toronto 1919 Xlarx Copus SORORPQ INT PFXQIJI P-XIE Charlotte X7'1lCIItll16 Xlxldred Sherrln Ilamxlton Bonme XX 1ClxXXE,1I'C SORORE9 INT UN lXf ERSITATE PT JCSSIC lXIoonex Loxs Poyntz Ol1ve Smder Emma XX e1r Doroth5 XX ood Xlargaret 51 ounb XX71lma Ingram Kathleen Ixeeler Xlargaret Xlclullop Ruth Orr Moss1e Snnth XX 1lma Speers Xlargaret Thompson Emd XX alker XX 1llene XX allace T0 losephine Bull Audrey Carx eth Anna Connor Xlargaret Copp Cwen Fleurx Xlarjorle XI lckechnne Dorothy Xlolr Jean Moonex jean McElroV lXIaud XICXfean Constance Sll61ll Sherla Thompson ,TI Xlar aret Charlton Xlirxon Charles Carol Corlex Lesley Lertch CDentsj Ruth Xlacllonald Rhea XlcCoubre3 Ed1th Xlerrrll Xlargaret XX 1lloughby Ahce X oun Xlarlon X ou ' ,QW 34' Three X 1.11613 -jf' e . ' X, , A lg. wqu-'lu QQ! , ALPHA ALPHA u L 3 I A A , , 17. lf'.'.4 2-'V . f ' Q ' , 2T9 f 1' . l' . " P .T Margaret Scott l 1 g ' 7 v if I 5 7' I 1' f I fu N' " G L 1' Y. : ., . . , U l . - ' :- lf nb I fha ii... ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Founded at Syracuse U1zi1fzferSiiy, 1904 2T8 Christine Kellock Gertrude Conrad Frances Anglin Dorothy Dobie Amy Essery Jeanne Baxter Elizabeth Phelps Ruth Harrison 2T9 Virginia Dowler Margaret Hilchie Mary Muir Ruby Francis Ethel Hambly Edna Cress Dorothy Haight Ruth Bond Gladys Arthur 3710 Isobel Griffiths Kaye Gillies Norma Hewitt Evelyn Creed Three Ninety-six fllaullhapfzr TAU Established at Toronto, 1.919 SORORES IN FACULTATE Anne Keast, B.A. Muriel Lawson, B.A. SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Janet Kennedy Jean McBurney Elizabeth Gowling Mona Logan 3TI Elizabeth Gibbs Mary Keast Catherine MacVVhinnie Hazel Bredin Margaret lvhitby jean Hall Rhona McDonagh Dorothy Belton Adelle Rees Florence Cumming Grace Byers Helen Macdonald Lillian Meighen Jlleds y gil .QT8 ' ,. Muriel Hall, B.A. O :YQ 3T3 24519 A9- Catharine Dods . -J :en-9 DBLTA PHI EPSILON Founded 1.91 7 0 00 IWUFUDUOO ZETA Establzshed at Toronto 1.924 SORORES IN URBE Pearl Rotstem Tessle Lavme Rotenberg Dene Plke Rabmowxtch Esther Sadowskl Eva Sadowskx Eva Thomas Lllllan Sher Alpern Ruth Rotenberg Brown Esther Mxchaelson Cooper Ednth Etlgson Ethel Hoffman Haberman Sara Kaplan SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Adele L1psh1t7 Murlel Messmger Lllllan Prager Etta Taube lVI1r1am Waldman Ida X udaskm Dorothv Llpshxtz Borsook Sadle Blumenthal Rae Carp Florence Feader Fanme Gordon PLEDGES Beck Garbe Mary kaplansky Bertha Kaplan Lllllan WVh1te Frleda X udaskm Three N z net y seven N ,fa fn Q ff? 'D ,fb so ,115 V or 7 lull ii, J -1-1-11:11 ' ,nn , n-nn -nu inq- ALPHA EPSILON PHI Founded at Barnard College 1909 ....-EL". - AGPA awmom fm ALPHA ALPHA Establzshed at Toronto 1927 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 2T8 Fanny Schwartz 2T8 Gertrude Rotenberg 2T9 Lxhan Garfunkel Gertrude Houzer Florence Hutner Freda Schwartz Ruth Qchwartz Three Nznety ugh! 3T0 Beatrlce Centner Helen Pullan Llla Rotenberg Hnlda Rotenberg Mmam Garfunkel 3TI Florence Kmg Ruth Lavme Merle Rosenberg Ruth VVe1ss , , , , , , IIIQIIilllllllllllillllllilllllllllllllI l .,,,, ...,.,.,, , . .M ,...-, , mt 1 ' Im flmw Y cm. r4 1 ! Pm! ' - I il g I I . kt' E-ll"l'E V ' ' ,I L . ug f 1 'fix' f..- o,? .-,..,.,.rf ia vxx Y SIGMA PHI WOMEN S HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTIC FRATERNITY UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO CHAPTER SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Ann Fern VVeston Marxon Heyland Frances M Stmson Ednth V Martm A Evangelme Powell Grace Burmll Dorls 'B L Dandeneau Lols E Gxrvan Rosamond McCulloch SORORES IN URBF Mary Lowry Ross Mona Clark Three Nznety nme 7 - . ' a'- . v A4 A X wr- .IDEX. ALPHA DELTA PHI - 332 CTAMINIA PIII BETA - 395 ALPHA EPSILON - - 398 GERMAN STUDY CLUE - 2151 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA - 396 GOLF CLUI3 ---- 1153 ALPHA ICAPPA IMAPPA 350 CiRADS OLYMPIC CIIAMPIONS - 152 ALPHA OMEGA - - 387 CrYMNASIUM TEAM - - 113-1 AI.PH.'k OMEGA ALPHA ---- 334 :XI-PHA 1,111 ------- 391 TTARRIER - 1117 ANNESLICY STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIA- l1ART1'1OUS1i ----- 317 TION ------ 313 TTISTORICAL CLUI1 ---- 252 ARGYLL HOUSE ------ 314 HOCKEY, TNTERCOLLEGIATE 1AlEN'SJ - 150 ATHLETICS, INTERCOLLEGIATE qMEN'SJ 131 HOCKEY, TNTERCOLLEGIATE CWOMENS7 202 ATHLETICS, INTERCOLLEGIATE QWOMEN'S1 187 TTONOUR SCIENCE CLUB ---- 270 ATHLETICS, TNTERFACULTY CNIEN'SJ - 107 IIOUSEHOLD SCIENCE ATHLETICS, INTERPACULTY TXVOMENYSJ - 203 Biographies - - - 1113 HouSehOld Science Clulm - 233 BASKETBALL, SR. TNTERCOLLEGIATIE f1VlENiS 157 IIUTTON HOUSE ,,.- 313 BASKETI3ALL, XVOMEN'S TNTERCOLLICGIATE 202 B- M- CLUB """ 275 lNTERCOl.I,EGIA.T1Q 1J1ili,X'I'ING UNION - 280 BETA THRU P1 ' ' X ' ' ' 353 TNTICR-1:RATERN1TY COUNCIL - - - 389 BOXING, XYRESTLING A: 1'1iNCING - 153 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS' ASSOCIA'I'IoN 3113 S ITALIAN SP.XNI.'I'I CLUB ---- 21'-1 COMMERCE S: FINANCE S I Biographies 'I ' 41 JOINT EXECUTIVE, STUDENTS' ADMINISTRA- Class I711StOl'y - TIVE COUNCILS , - , EELTA Em ' ' ' TQAPPA ALPHA SOCIETY - 330 ELM ,AMMA f ' ' TQAPPA ALPHA THETA 390 DELTA IXAPPA BPSILON - 340 r ' - . . IXAPPA IXAPPA GAMMA - 39.3 DELTA PHI EPSILON - 397 V - 2, XAPP.-A SIGMA - - - 316 DELTA TAU DELTA - 380 r , I , ,, I , -, D 4 U j Y .349 TXNIGIITS OF ROUND lA1il,l-. 312 U31 fS"4?N ' ' ' H KNOX c'OLLEGE DEN IISTRY . 1 . , , , 13IOgr.IphICS - - - 110 Athletic Aisoclatfon - 191 1,lINlE.'I'gI'21C1lllltC Associulion - 247 At-Home Committee 281 Flographles ' ' 100 LAMBDA CHI ALPIIA ----. 332 D Holders - 193 i , . Q Q , . 1 rm, , 1,0R1:TI'O C OI,I.IaGE LIIERARY SOCILII - .110 Dmmzftlc Club - 306 1,0RE'I'TOCOI,I.EG1i TENNIS '1i1i.XBI - - 215 Hya Yaka - - 295 e ' - - - qrwrz V1 R166 Club . . 'S lN'1ATHEM.XTICS AND PIIYSICS SOCIETY - 253 Royal Dental Society 280 MFDICINF Rugby Team - - 194 J A 1 A . . r ,,, , , , r 1 . t-Home Committee 211 Students Parliament 240 . r . . , H ,, Athletic IXSSOCIIHIIOII - 151 T Holders - - 192 ,, , , Baskctlaall loam, jr. 184 DRAMATICS ---- .301 Biographies 2- ' ' 10 EAST HOUSE - - - 309 Cilass F113 ' Z2 EM MANUEL COLLEGE 912155 -,IP 1 ,Holdem ' '4 Biographies e - - - - 112 Daffyflrl gOl?1I11ltt6C - - United Church Students' Association 243 12151 lr Older? ' , r ' ' V ' ll" ENGLISH RUGGER ----- 162 TllriitlteffkrfdSwimnnng lezini 111 UI1lCI1'5l I ' O crS ----- 155 FIRST HT" I-IOLDERS 134 Medical journal - - - 294 FORESTRY Medical Society - - - - - 237 Biographies - gg Tennis X Bzisketball Tcnm KXYOITTCIESJ 2113 Foresters' Club - 345 XYOmen'S Undergraduate .AxSSOC1Ll110!1 "TS FRATIZRNITIIES - 327 Conlz'nz1Pd on fmgi' 110-1 Four Illllllllftfll 0111 o You Know? That Eaton's is the largest retail store within the British Empire? That it employs over 26,000 people? That eighty per cent of the merchandise sold by Eaton's is of Canadian manufacture? That it has its own factories for the manufacture of men's, women's and children's clothing, stockings, sweaters, knitted fabrics and underclothing, thread, harness, leather goods, perfumes, drugs, candies, school books, stoves and furnaces-thus making possible lower prices, under the factory-to-consumer method? That the plants of these factories rank among the finest in the world? That the entire output of Eaton factories is sold in Eaton stores? That Eaton buying offices are maintained in London, Manchester, Belfast, Leicester, Paris, Zurich, Berlin, New York? That a Research Bureau with well equipped laboratories and a staff of chemists and merchandise experts, tests all kinds of merchandise? That such an institution, with its numerous ramifications, offers countless opportunities to young men and women who are desirous of embarking on a business career? AQQTI Cgmrrzn Four Hundred Two lf l Rt, 'Q fn 4 E A -i V li 'lik " ' . . ' '4 '- . 5 : ' I E J fr L l : i Q l 1 X 1 , , 1 ill rnll l l f w V, is l ll xl l W 1 N ll l l, l ll iv. ll 'I l 1 gi ll Q15 JllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIF 'illlllIllllllllllllllllllllllllg 5 l il y Like All Good Habits- 3 ,f if Saving only needs I y if cultivating l Y i A little persistence at first-regular visits to the 1 il it teller-avreal determination to have something to . E ,pi I show for the salary you've earned. E E And Presto! The habit of saving is established! E i L: lt becomes as simple as putting on your hat, then, : ,Wy 5 i to put away something each week. i E 7, .: 5 il l And what gratification to see your money E M I accumulate- earning interest- giving you that E N A E i thrill of self confidence. E 'W E , : l E N ot far from you is a branch of the Province of ? E3 gi' y Ontario Savings Oliice. A dollar will open an I E ,fl r account. By mail or in Person. And the Ontario l E MU - Government guarantees the safety of all deposits. f E N E E ill i TORONTO BRANcHEsg cor. Bay and Adelaide st., cor. E QM g Danforth and Fenwick Avenues, Cor. University and Dundas St. g fy E OTHER BRANCI-IES AT: Aylmer, Brantford, Hamilton, E : Newmarket, Ottawa, Owen Sound, Pembroke, Seaforth, St. S E Catharines, St. Mary's, Walkerton, Woodstock. E 5 33 E wl E E . It y 5 ffl' Pnovmcs OF XAVINGSOFFICE lil. i fVFRYDEP05l7'GIlAP .11 5 Y 0fl7ARl06'0VfRl0ffNT E 'll l HEAD Ofnce I5 Queens PARK y K t qllllllllll llllllllllll IllIllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllIllIIlIIIIllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllfi , f., iff, L-1, -,k I, ak, :Sex e alzffit-3.-,-3 'A Il mlrml ' ESTABLISHED 1570 ' INCORPORATED IN 11310 - CN, Af I Sl I I I TEIITIJIIIIS ST. HYACINTHE, QUE. PIPE ORGAN BUILDERS OVER 1200 ORGANS BUILT BY THIS FIRM IN CANADA, UNITED STATES and SOUTH AMERICA IN DEX- feQC01z1'i1zzIea'D IXIENORQXII SOCIIQTY ---- NIQWMAN CLUB - NORTH IIOUSIQ - NU SIGMA NU - OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Biographies ----- OMEGA TAU SIGMA - - - - - ONTA R IO VETERINARY Cl JI .LEG E Biographies ----- Science Association ---- Students' Administrative Council - O.R.F.U. TIQAM - ORGANIZATIONS - - PIII CHI - - PHI DELTA PHI - PIII IJELTA THETA 7 PHI CIAIXIINIIX DELTA - PHI IQAPPA PI - IDIII IQIXPPA SIGMA - IJIII LAMBDA IIIII PIII RHO SIGMA PI BIQTA PHI - POLITY CLUB - Corztirzued on page 406 257 256 308 34S 124 388 128 295 250 140 251 37-L 336 354 376 346 334 366 SGS 392 259 X I 'f K . f zxlfwiybllillllllll-illl 'Ei I 2 I 2 I H Tlilffw l r-1--'I IT' ' ' ' O I I' . .. -I gy--wk-Izgffigifgffzgj :Q PV" 4 T l ef Pill - - IMIIIIQ I I ' f lt lf ' ,Ct' P I Tllsilfi , 'xiii it' " . 'iw is-gl 6.. J I " f ' I I, Af l m sn TPI " 'llf "You Ask How I ' 'Il 9 w ut- 1 2 5-I ' I , 'r ,, 'IFQZ Succeeded? Q 5' h 4'., . il .. A 'I EV J 7 ' -- l fyffifijf J I F1rst Thousand Dollars gave me I y X wQ W , -my TJ' my chancef T' M7 Banlung a few dollars a Week WIII 49 A, I I wi' , 3' f Ilfhff' W hung you a Thousand Dollars sooner 70 , - -f" than you thmk. X -fa' 4 'JJ If Ask for our booklet, A'The Measure of Your Inco1ne" M01z6y Q ":4 4 n Q .SlIbl'1IdYV0lH' E h Bax R In IL Bank M H OVER 30 BRANCHES IN TORONTO Four IIIHlIl'1'f'd Four ill - Springtime . . ana' the Lure of an Open Roaal The first warm day . . . a taste of sunshine in the air . . . the last vestige of snow completely gone . . . then, that indetinahle urge to step into a swanky road- stere-that car you have pictured in fancy--and head for the open road. A car low swung and graceful . . . a car just built for youth and Springtime . . . a car that responds to your every mood . . . a car whose engine sings of speed and power--sure and untiring. sterMsmart colorful alizfc New Reduced Prices Sport Roadster fwith rumble seat: S685 Coach and Coupe ----- S695 Cabriolet Coupe- ----- S705 Sedan ---- ----- SS 760 Prices F.O.B. Factory Toronto. Taxes Extra Willys-Overland Sales Co. Limited, Toronto, Ont. Branches: Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg. U Such a car is the VVhippet Road- i See 'it to-day 1 I WYCLIFFE OLLEGE TORONTO In Federation with the Universrizfy of Toronto ARESIDENTIAL Theological College for the training of young men for the Christian Minis- try of the Church of England' throughout Canada and in the foreign lvlission Field, in accordance with the principles of the Reformation. The courses of study provide for instruction in Arts at the University of Toronto, with Theology at lllycliffe College, leading up to the degrees of B.A., B.D., D.D., and the L.Th. Certificate. W'ycliffe College is situated in the University Grounds. Its students have full access to all privileges of the University Library, Hart House, Gymnasium, Athletic Grounds, etc. A nunzbfr of Bursarics are available f07'XllldC1IlS in nrrfl ofjnancial assistance. For Calendar and information as to Conditions of entrance, Courses ofsludy and Bursaries, apply to the Bursar and Registrar, Jllr. Harry Burch, IVyrlij'e College, Toronto. CTELEPHONE TRINITY 43805 THE REV. CANON O'MI-IARA, D.D., LL.D., Prinfibal j. SHIRLEY DENISON, Esq., K.C., Chairman ofCouncil HARGGURT tk SUN Qjflriczil Robe illalecrs COLLHGE GowNs, HfKHDSand CAPS 103 KING STREET WEST, TORONTO Business Established 1842 Four Hunclrad Fire INDEXHefCo1zti1zzzedl Psi OMEGA ---..... 353 Psi UPs1i,oN ----- 362 l'L'BL1c.xT1oNs - 239 by Ql'EEN's ll.Xl,I, - 313 , RlzSIlJl'lNCliS - - - 307 RGWING, INTICRCOLI,lCGlA'l'l'1 - 157 RUGBY, INTlfIRCOLLEGIA'1'li - 135 . I RUGBY, JR. INTERcoLLEG1.x'rE 142 h3.VC dignity, Cl1al'aCt6l' and the RUGBY, INTERMEDIATE - - 141 crowning virtue of Sincerity. ST. HILDPUS COLLEGE Athletic Association - 207 Basketball Team 209 Chronicle Staff - 300 Hockey Team - 200 llouse Committee 270 Literary Society f 12450 Swimming Team 2108 Tennis Team - - - 1208 Milne Studios XVomen's Auxiliary s- - 1200 ST. JOSEPIIVS l,,I'I'ERARY SociE'1'Y - 274 106 YOHSC Street sr. MICHAEIXS COI,I.EGli Torgnto Athletic Directorate - - - 180 Baseball Team QVVomen'sD - - - 214 C0l7fZ'lZZl6'd on page 408 he John Bertram 81 Sons Co. Limited MACHINE TOOLS Lathes, Planes, Drills, Punches and Shears Steam hammers, Shapers, Slotters, etc., etc. SPECIAL .MACHUNERY BUILT TO ORDER he Pratt 81 Whitey Co. of Canada SMALL TOOLS Taps, Dies, Reamers, Milling cutters Jigs and Fixtures undas - - - Ontario Four Hundred Six WESTI GHGUSE RI-SEARCH ACHIEVEM NTS fa lhe Know es Grid-Glow Relay I 1 D. D. Knowles, llfeslingliozxse Engineer W'ithout even the incantation of mystic words, a practitioner of the modern black art of electrical Wizardry may pass his hand over a necromancer's crystal ball and presto!-a large motor is set in motion and electric lights will be illu1ninatcd. This amazing feat is made possible by a tiny tube, closely resembling a radio tube in size and appearance. This is known as the Knowles Grid-Glow relay, a power-controlling device so sensitive that the mere wave of a human hand will operate it. lt is the product of the inventive genius of D. D. Knowles, a 28-year- old research engineer of the Vtlestinghouse Company. For this invention Mr. Knowles recently was presented the John Scott Medal and a 31,000 award in recognition of his valu- able contribution to scientific knowledge. This device figures in one of the last public acts of the late Judge Elbert H. Gary, then chairman of the board of the United States Steel Corporation. Seated in his office in New York, ,ludge Gary passed his hand over the crystal ball, immediately setting in motion a new electritied steel mill in Pittsburgh. The Knowles relay has an amplifying power of about one hundred million. The energy required to operate is about one- billionth of a watt, or about one-fortieth of the amount of energy exerted by a tly in crawling vertically upwards one inch in one second. This inlinitesimally small amount of energy is sufficient to start a current of as high as 25 lnilliainperes Howing through the tube. This latter current is sutlicient to open or close a switch handling' upwards of 25 amperesg and this, in turn, is ample for controlling almost any operation, CANADIAN WESTINGHOUSE CO. LIMITED HAMILTGN, ONTARIO e fngho s Everyllzifzg Efeefriral for Home, Izzdzzsfry amz' T7'fZ7Z.Yf707'fKZfi07Z Four Ilzozdred Sew 71 INDEX-ACC011ti11uedJ Basketball Team CXVomen'sD - 215 Ph h Biographies ---- 66 S Hockey Team - - 214 Oratorical Club - - - 271 . Quindecim Club - - - 272 F 7 Students' Administrative Council 236 IJIVC OYCY CI' Year Book ----- 293 SCHOOL OF API'l.IIiD SCIENCE Architectural Club - - - 243 Athletic Association - 185 At-Home Committee 278 Biographies - - 88 Civil Club - - - - 240 Class History of 2TS - 86 Charles A lei! Debating Club ' A 288 Dinner Committee - - 279 y Engineering Society - - - 238 PIf0j'OGRA PHER Industrial Chemical Club - 244 Mechanical and Electrical Club 242 - - M" IIXI ,ll '.lCll 241 II1V1t1I1g Patronage Rxifiianc A cr? UTSIC1- Us 100 of StLlClCf1tS Soccer Team - 5 - - 189 "T" Holders 186 mm' Toike Oike - 297 STUDIO: 96 YONGE ST. ELGIN 6714 Iransactlons ' ' ' ' 296 Continued on page 410 To the Graduating Engineers and future plant managers We extend our congratulations and the assurance of every assistance both engineer- ing and operative in applying the oxy-acetylene process to their future endeavours. DOMINION OXYGEN COMPANY LIMITED TORONTO - MONTREAL Four Hundred Eight 5' . 'gi' .v- Ein., 'Fir Arni- ,.f,,,, ,VI Lx.: ,f 11.361, ff. ,inf-115, , 4, , J' ,- AA"ff'Sf327 'tif fLf"f"- , A L-ff' :V idal-'f'g1-lfril,'5'f ' .- , , A g.-A,..'1ff,35!g4wrQfgi.1ff',.f.,v,.,,fD' Q1 tx'-,5.g.' gyigf .52 gffijgsfkgIAS?-f4"yZ?i1'fP',zf:f.ii.1 7' j .-,- W E., -A re- ,ef jf LfAft?Zff - 'AF'x:f1-1fy,!Af44f.s"2A.FJ if .F ff I 1: ,71 3 r. ,' ' .AP H ,-. ,gl ' tfflih' 3" ff mf," ,gi-:..'iF3zig2'fEj5g":.::a5f :', 'nigh' pfgifhif 45. 'ff 4 1 tj rdf fbi- 1' fif' ? 5'l'.??j :FA 'fry' . 1..,,-M-f miff':i"5'hiQw.fv2:efffiAa5'7r9A' ,Aff ,fWf.1f:'A ' L ?' A 631- ?e?f'.1fQv .ffgar p. - A ,!,ffvffl!'?7Qig1 ' ' X f y -iii-A'ffffT5?j'i1 .0-. 'filib' E ff ,igtf-ff ,xf"",e-iA" .sv it ' .gf A-1 ,'Ql"'f -Ajf q. welt. li4gga,jg,Q:gl5.a2:L,,A' " -' - 5-5 '-' '.l 1- f ish ',1V'.5b' l -it-is rig' fam- ' , ' "M 4 "W 4':"r'L4:'5'3r,Zf?YffT .- 1" -"lift-+7-'1x'."" flilhffj' H .' -- .f A iff", 11-'l9f'3'7L E' ' f'fLm':T f f ff 1 mf a.i4j,f'4ga9if,A':?:--fa vi 1 ' - -"fft1--+- ' ,f.wY62-'.J:it',iAMin. cggff' -F 1-nf, -'fir' 1 . r'JAvh"'ll,' A it-:.e'z1n9z.2gw if A -M gags 42 4,,w:,f.f.,wp f :,, .-1-A545511 lid! I A v '-.f at-2-'.AA1-Wie' 1:1 ' K. - .i-lf 'ef -1239+-... . f 'ff f ' gf 'ix'-'E1:f"xQd,aih f Q,-1g,'j3i:3' A:,i"1'i gfflf- ,Q ', 'T' gfslv Ewa I 'l, :,,,"'g-f ' -"eff-. 1g..U'4'aZ4' 5 gl ...fl 8:4 .ri 25,24 'ff' 'ze Z' ff' if fr i" it " f"?'x??fh ff.. ' - 'fmfwh ,"Q- ' wif .r ' ff f 1. f3f:22Q75'5f2 ' rail" 2 ' if- 'gf Q T at Yer f i- ,fel if if f-y,::1LO5igy3 ,isfilsiziii sg, f- fs j , gg-ra l -'v f1A:A i -I uf I f H. Asfhiff fL',:tj7': E . ff' f'ffl?f'i5ttfzf rea is tal - hi " l A l f l? . dl jf 5145- -'A .,,. fyy ir ih 55 ,. ir ,,. AS, i,,'5. ': 12 , tif: I 'Q f ' 1. 5? f , ' ":' ,,' :He CA -H152 eflex 1 . MS-ff f ffrfzl 'HA -A fl ' 'sf yi . I ,L ,-,,,gt',L, .f, b. ::J?:x.i': dw. R.: mg. I A , .ti yi- il., S.:x..if 31,4-lit' .il, , Q ,z 5- . A .3 'EH ,I-. fa.. -45, , ff ., 5525 'tiff V- Ar elif 5? . ,J-ff . l iw, E 3 vel'-5 3 J' 42749937 'Y " 455' Y HF i f , A I f fangeizff . - ,gs .1-,, .74 V.,-,, -I vm-153, 5315, ry., ::aq.?E?M,.l:V-:i:i.7alA.:::5 :vii-gglegen.-I-,1:r'pEwfsfmxxf T V . , K. ,li M 45" 5, ' v ' 71 .64 f In . my l 7. 3 jill' 1 A ' wel 324 -if fi 'A . " 5 W7 ff' 3 'ft' . ' A 17' Q Eh? all-. f .y . 5 T 'l"F"ffE1-..t.S--5:25 fi? Wiki 7 'I it Q M? .ff 9124 Qi if 1. l' f 1 5 effffisff if lm .ffffffftjiiels sv i .f5if4fffff.o 1' wil ff . f . " b- ."A:'A' . ' .- ' . . ,-?i5'l.1'ts .IPL 243:-ig.,fA5'ki'g 'e'i'E3 '- " W 11, if 1,7 ' 3. Avi '+. Q ..' ,, 4' . with Q , Q' f -.61 Vhfiwf -1.fYi'- " -r7'15'-- ' A17 1 ' J -:l",i?f-52 X 4525 ' " M351-F-wife,-1 .1' fA it 'iAs"' e'??' ' 6 5" J' - . A. E . 'N ' ' 7 if K" P- 0' -' -'fl-'K1ffff'A'i,teivi 25" 5k'l'23?s --221555. " i11fff'v?.f f' f V f Aw, -' 'r " as f. fr. .tt-?':-A "ai 'frf . gnftgf. Y f ' s g. - gff As:2s:25a5a irfi f'5"A' f ' f 4' E f A' h bfi : Vial livin 1 X ,y ,W f .I ap:-' FA .- ' 51:2 jig, 1 'QQ sf 5- ,' , ,rv riff' ,fo A X fl l h i k ! if ' "' X -Ailihk 'ff-'f 1 'F' l f' X ljlylll I Xl! I - I J- 'K ,V - ,H 3.1 hyylf 1 Aft, ffl. fig V x MV A 1 l. W I 'V xg- .T,,3,t ij... Y P - jf I I: V N Q f r MM' l 5 ,,..,.,. -.:f -- . ffffgil 1 ' F l A -A - f' .- . 1 ' " 'A s ' . . f' X up K - f AA From the Painting by Norman Qockwell -I Q Y I e- Y qi i F " 1. - -, , f? - -- ,, --Y , , -Y Y ' N1 7 f fl? -f E ' ii if E :V A ., X 3 K X - ew f o xx, 4 - ff" A f f 55 " ff- ' ---x 9 7 'E -- - , f ,f RX! f flu- ' in X 1L.f'4tg01F"'N L'Z AY . V S mii! Q- ' W - -,aye , W o! V tl f wjfyig ' ' o A I." ,,! Quill' , Yfky ,--. The foundations of the Canadian General Electric Company were laid on a few feet of land 36 years ago. To- day itsjactory premises alone cover a hundred acres and with its chain of sales branches across the Dominion give em- ployment to over 4,500 men and women. HE burning pine-knot, the feeble glimmer of the candle, the Hick- ering flame of the oil lamp, the harsh glare of the gas-jet . . . these are stages through which humanity has struggled in its efforts to vanquish darkness. It remained for electricity to furnish a light which would rival the bright- ness of day . . . a light that would not fail. All over the civilized world, millions of bright, happy homes, well-lighted workrooms, handsome public build- ings, light-protected thoroughfares, stand to witness how perfectly elec- tricity has performed its task. In the history of electric lighting two names stand out pre-eminently-A Edison, inventor of the electric in- candescent lamp-SMazda, the symbol of a research service. These two names are linked together insepar- ably in an outstanding product of Canadian General Electric Company . . . the Edison Mazda Lamp. C,G E 7.:'aT CANADJI ' GENERAL IELECTRIQ CQ' Limit d .gl-:EAD OFFICE TORONTO, SALES OFFICES IN ALL Pgujglgx. Cly-lisp Fo It 1' U11 mtnvi ,YIIII PARK BROTHERS Four Ten INDEX-CCo1ztinuedD TraCt Team ---- Water Polo, Sr. ---- SR. "T" HOLDERS, INTERCOLLEGIATE CWoMEN'SD ---- SR. "T" HOLDERS, TNTERCOLLEGIATE CMEN'Sl ---- SIGMA ALPHA MU - SIGMA CHI - - SIGMA DELTA CHI - SIGMA PHI - - - - SIGMA TAU ------ SOCCER, INTERCOLLEGIATE QMEN'Sj SOCIAL SERVICE Biographies ---- Class History 2T8 - - -, STUDENTS, ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL STUDENTS' CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION STUDENTS, CHRISTIANIASSOCIATION, WOMEN'S COUNCIL - - STUDENT GOVERNMENT - - - Telephone ADf'1a1'de 9710 Portrait Photographers SUMMARY ------ SWIMMING, INTISRCOLLEGIAATIE CMEN'Sl TENNIS, INTERCOLLEGIATE flViENYSl 3285 Yonge Street, Toronto TENNIS, INTERCOLLEGIATE QWOMEN'Sl Corztinued on page 412 187 183 198 134 364 370 385 399 386 165 121 120 221 254 255 219 132 148 156 201 Give ' Panat op The Entire Musical Scale The only instrument in the world to reproduce EVERY NOTE ofthe ENTIRE MUSICAL SCALE. Exponential type as low as 3115. Electrical type 35675 up. BRUNSWlCKEL5553lT4i3SI'YRECORD A11 10 in. Records 75c. - 12 in. Records 31.00 Hear them at your Brunswick Dea,1er's. THE BRUNSWICK-BALKE-COLLENDER COMPANY OF CANADA, LIMITED Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver 'l'll IC Ontaf10 Veteflnafy UNIVIAQRSITY OF 'roRoN'i'o College PRIQSS GUELPH, CANADA A O Lvlldfl' flip 17t'f411'f111v11f of :1lQ!'iCIlH1ll'L' of fi? Q Agia Ontario and fljjilfalfed with the 2 2 U1z.i2'er,vit-' of Toronto .O i Gi f' It offers a complete course of instruction and training in Veterinary PRLNYAEIQ5' - PU13LIAS'jfERS Science. Calendar, containing full HCXUQBINDERS inforniation as to entranccw tuition fees, and courses ol study, inailerl on ........,. application. p p This Yolunie is 21 sainple of our work C. D. NrC11f,llx'.-ll, 1lf.U.l ., Ill ..5t'. Ipfliilfffllll HON. JOHN S. KUARTIN, B..-1. ,7l1i1ZfZ-SYUI' of tigfl-C1tIf1l1'L' R. J. HAMILTON, BA., iX"lANAGER 41.13-Il'-E745 Lf mi. o S H OITIPHSSAAA -is the guidance which the A A C A ' ' ' unexcelled facilities of The Canadian Bank ol - "-' 1? Q N . Q Commerce oder to those who are embarking upon 9 N - - 9 3' the sea of Commerce or professional endeavour. Ill As during sixty years this Bank has served and advised men who have attained prominence in Canadian affairs, so today it offers its facilities and its unceasing personal attention to the newcomer in hnsiness or professional life. THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE Capital paid up, 320,000,000 Reserve Fund, 3l120,000,000 576 Branches in Canada and elsewhere lfonr Jilezw II INDEXA-K Ca1zt1'1z11r'zi1 -4 The cover ol this volume is THEN QELTA CHI ---- - 356 Truim TXAPPA Psi - - - 360 - ' ToRoNToNENs1s ----- 291 3 Speclrnen OT Gul. TRACK, TNTERCOLLEGIATE tMEN'si 143 TRINITY COLLEGE WOTTQ Amateur Athletic Association 177 Biographies - - - bl 3T1 Executive - 234 Harrier Team - 179 Hockey Team - - 179 Literary Institute - 235 'V' Rugby Team - 178 K Science Club - - - 268 Soccer Team - - - 178 Trinity University Review 298 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Baseball Team CVNlomen'sD - 201 f liaslqetball Team jr. CVVon1en'sJ 205 B L IX H A IJ If SC C 0' Haslcetball Team Sr. QXVOIUCIIYSJ 205 Basketball Team tlVIEen'sJ - 170 BUOIXYBIJVIJEKS, TC. Biographies - - - 19 ESTABLISHED isvss CIHSS History 2Ts ' ' 13 CST1 Men's Executive 229 77-70 PETER ST. TORONTO, ONT. 3T0 " A' - - 228 C01ZiI'7ZIl6'tli 011 pug -1113 The GEORGE FREELA D STUDIO Wishes to thank the many graduates and other students whom we have had the pleasure to serve this college year for their kind expressions of appreciation of our worlc. Your negatives are carefully fied and extra copies may be had at any time. GEORGE FREELA D 89 BLOOR STREET WEST - - RANDOLPH 7470 Four Ilrmdred Twelve M, ' 1m ,3, -sftf me s ,, x ex 1l 3 ,c ' , l 11 W . Q, -..F , ' 'f ' I Peg .,V,,Z I " ' "'A' ,'P, ,. '1" 'AA- ,-": ":" ' V s , hb' asitaa 1 .. ' f1f, J fs: ,iix , 'F ":'i '2" ,L,.'. '1s'i :,Q "l: J 9 ,A"" Z., A1'A s , v s s f M1 s , y cn , s s a M .':, ' Qffq ZA- f2,lf 11 .1'Q :A': 'AA','1-f ra 1:'A5 2 '.,1Lg 1221Aif iiff' ffrl A11- 1 V2f'. : ' ..., .. , ,.,. ,,,,, ,,..,,,. ,,,::,.:. , ,,,,.,. .,,..,:::,.,, Q ...,,,, . ,,,, ...., .1.Q.,,C , ,,, ,.,t , . .,,l,,,, .,,,.c lL,, , . ,, ,.,,.:,,T..., :,?1c., I ' r,1'Q Q PPA' In q'. QQ'A a 5 ff A '- - 7 P VPPQ ilfjfff, I1 l 1 , en Qu Get 11t0 BUSINESS - - - it "' r'ii' . .QQ ",,1Q OU are going to learn some- 1 thing about the many things ,ag ""t 3 s'1s3 t'tf that printed advertising can do. A i'1.. - t ,.i, LQ 'Qb' Probably, you w1ll want to know the name of an advertising 5 fs- r s 1 w . . . , l 'lit, i organization of experience, Q sf' "1i. ":, ' if f . . 2 1 resource and ability, that can .5 A :-f' N 'ir lf' 'i If .. ,f o sv Li' ' help solve your problems. ig When that time comes, it will gg ' A. . 5' --ZA pay you to call us in. if BJ L :VK Sgz RIGDEN 5 IMITED H Uflrtists, Tbotogmpbers if 5' gf ' Engravers and Trinters :ii .f f. 160 Richmond sf. W. f f TORONTO,Can. Zgyz I N iff: if Branches at Montreal and Winnipeg 3 A . V 1 zii a.Q's i 1 sr, Ii sa i t 4 s s s, c rs s ra rsa r7 r 5555 -' ' fgf s",. czz izf ..s,i:, ii "f :': bqgbzilgl i A 4 . ':'::. ",' - A blizllzl Abpp bqlqlv VIA: ,,E5 1:-: ,n a a ws s s,, ' rs s 1 is .. .V V . ..i.:, ,.,',, 0 , ,:,,,.I, , ,,,,,,. nizl, , ,., , ,E ,r,A. ,,A,, 1 .,i- .,,, V -,.,, .,,,. -,,.:,, ,.,,. . , , E, ,:,, ..,,.'1, , M . 44 ., V ,,p1E, ,5,,, Zjig, uvpvc ,.:,3 l.,,,5 2 I li U Gfq'ffX Q',o K ' 5253-Q0 'JY5 L J 6 M' 'y Q43 6 1 vp A A A X V A' fi, J ' Qvpl E , . llzi I In .i j XX A :A Q 3 , Izpnilv lv s Qqfifif ,,,3., .Li " . A .z It "'. 'V qvpli V VA Vvqliu ' , 3 ,Q . " .A as ' f , . 1'1 ,u ,vvf 'Cc sf, ..-,' A f.., 1.2! f - V- Q- .fa , , 0,7 I I I V 1,.: '.:- . I. V N ,. ,v,, ,v,, 5 v,v-,,,:, E I , I ? '- " -' f "" -ff' T Q.+f P ,,,,, v , 5 s ,Z - 5 r f gp -,', rvfa i , be nihersitp nt uruntu The Provincial University of Ontario The University of Toronto has the following Facultiesf Arts Cincluding Sciences and Commercel, Medicine, Applied Science and Engineering, House- hold Science, Education tOntario College of Educationb, Forestry, Music, School of Graduate Studies, Dentistry. Arts Colleges: University College, Victoria College, Trinity College. St. Michaels College. ' The School of Hygiene, housed in the building provided by the Inter- national Health Board of the Rockefeller Foundation, embraces the Department of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, the Department of Public Health Nursing, and the Departments of Biometrics and Epidemiology and Physiological Hygiene. The Connaught Laboratories, which consist of Research, Antitoxin, and Insulin divisions, are intimately related and in close affiliation with the School of Hygiene. Teaching, research. and public service are the functions of this School and of the Connaught Laboratories. Special Departments: Social Service, University Extension. Federated Theological Colleges: Knox College, Wycliffe College. Affiliated Colleges: Ontario Agricultural College, Ontario Veterinary College, Ontario College of Pharmacy, Ontario College of Art. - Other institutions controlled by the University: Royal Ontario Museum tin ccnjunction with the Provincial Governmentj, Toronto Conservatory of Music. The University has very close affiliation with the Toronto General Hospital and privileges in the Sick Children's Hospital, St. Michael's Hospital, Vlestern Hospital, and the new Psychiatric Hospital. Hart House, a unique recreational, social and athletic centre for male students. Residences for men and women students. Students' Union for women. Average annual enrolment, apart from that in ahiliated colleges and in extension courses, approximately 6,000. Address: University of Toronto, Toronto 5, Ontario fr 114114111 1836 1836 1841 184 5-- itturia ullege 1928 in the University of Toronto Founded by Royal Clzczrfer in 1836 "for the general 6Il1IlC'CZliI.0lZ of youllz in the tiarions brafzrlzcs of Lziterafzzrc and Sriwzfr 011 C'l1r1isf1'a11 Prim'1'fJlex." -A-Upper Canada Academy, Cobourg, opened. Faculty of Arts established. Name changed to Victoria College. First degree in Arts in the Province conferred by Victoria College. 1854-Faculty of Medicine established. 1860-We-Faculty of Law established. 1871-Faculty of Theology established. 1892--Victoria 1903 1910 1918- 1926- College federated with University of Toronto. College removed from Cobourg to Toronto. Faculties of Medicine and Law discontinued. Annesley Hall Women's Residence opened. Birge-Carnegie Library opened. Burwash Hall Men's Residence opened. Wymilwood VVomen Students' Union opened. REV. ll. P. BOWLES, 1N'I.A., D.D., I.I..D. PROF. C. E. AUGER, ILA. President Registrar 2T9 NIen's Executive Al 41 - 3T1 1Yomen'S Executive - .VT ii II .J 1 0 2,119 2T8 I1 Ll Classical Association - French Society - - Hockey, XYOIIICIIYS - - Literary and Athletic Sorietx' - Players' tluild - - - Sr. Water Polo - - - Swimming Team lhlen'sJ Swimniing Team l1YOl11CI1lSl Tennis Team f1Yonien'SD - HT" Holders - - - Track Team - - - 1Vomen 'S Untlergracliuite Association 1lNZIVIiRS1'I'Y 1,i41I,I-EGli RIQSIIIIIQNCIQ - - l'NIVlf.RSI'1'Y Rlrfric ,'kSF,Ut"l,X'lill IN Xfx RSITY, Tina - - - YIVTURIA tiUl.LliKLlQ Acta Victoriana - - Baseball lvxv0l116'11iSl - - Basketball CWomen'S7, Sr. Basketball iXVOl116lllSl, -lr. Biographies - -' - Bob Committee - Class History 2TH 3T1 Executive - INDEX- --CC'0n1'Iz'nz1edl - 227 226 229 228 227 226 262 263 206 223 302 173 172 206 204 168 171 - 225 31 1 253 290 292 211 212 212 47 304 46 2 3 -fl 3T0 Executive - 2T9 Executive ---- Hockey Team, Sr. CVVomen'sD Hockey TeaIn, jr. CNVomen'sD Hockey Team ClVIen's1 - - Orchestra - - - Rugby Team - Soccer Team ---- Student Christian Movement - Students' Parliament - Swimming Team l.Women'sj - Tennis Team fWOH1CHlSD - W'omen'S Athletics - - NVomen'S Literary Society 1Vomen'S Undergraduate Association VVATER POLO, INTERCOISLEGIATE Q1VIEN'SJ XVOMIENYS INTERCOLLEGIATE DEBATING UNION ------ XVOMIiNlS PRESS CLUB 5 - - i XYUMIQN STUDENTS' ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL ---- WYCLIFFE COLLEGE Athletic Association - Biographies - Literary Society Mission Society - XI PSI PHI - ZETA PSI - l 1 233 232 213 213 176 266 175 174 267 230 217 21 1 210 265 231 149 287 299 222 195 108 249 284 344 328 nr S z'.x'1wf'11 ww' ,Mun X " -' 9-,xi Y? f 'f"-1 3, M H if V45 H4-JM f, .,- :RV LSB Qi' . i' A- N ,J 4"f:?1,f' . r M1 ' 555: 1 " ' 4f'?9'fa A ,au 1 , fag",-. , '51 . 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'n , V-Fl .N- 1',Q 4, 'rp'-' K' . I ,. . Mg' ,ag- ,.+1',x1, -. Q vm 1 9111- 3 Y' ,1--fl 4- .4 ,Q A .1...,f- w. Y 1 1' w x21 1, . ,A 1. 71 1. '.-' X11 AN -51 1. .1 - .'1"' v- "V:-.-Q" 'H,rl E541 ff - ' . 1 "J ,, - 1 v. -,.n.. --l X. 1. 1 1 a. l ll 1 I 1 f 4 A , - 1 4 .1' ' , 1 X 1. 1 1 , 1 . -,A 1 ' ' 1 "-11. Il A i 1 - 2 I 1 firg - 1- X, h Y., I ' Aw 1' X A . -, ,1 . .: L ' 1 1 I ,Y- .g, ' ,-. xrv rl, 1 ' . r- ,WH - .A , ,1 - ' 'e is :' '45 f ,4'- f -' ff " , 1, .. ,, v x' x " .elf V . J, V 5 - r . .' ' J 1 Q ge? I ' ' 'r .14f"f': . 1 ,V 1" '. ' 'n ' . , 1, , , , . . . Y- 'K . if ,221 LE- ' 5 iv: 1 in jf-,-.!L .1' A 5. It ff-,1-.. .f .4 1 J- . 1 , . . 1,1 A iq, - . 141 .il ' I 1 ' '.' ,ww '1 .j I' I , t l xv, ,V w, . f , ,nf- -'4 '.,' 1., 'L,,f.4. ww '. K.: -51, L Q, E funn 1 . Q 711

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