University of Toronto - Torontonensis Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada)

 - Class of 1916

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Text from Pages 1 - 350 of the 1916 volume:

--fr. TTA :lr-r v fag..-- t1 ff' -L vi! P' fc J AL! 'uhlldlligll k"'1: i' 1 n I N 1.1 4' ID ., SPH: vw ,y 1 'big' v-4 , vp yy ,B H1 , Q 5 S 1, 1. Il Q. Y K ! , 1 x , mf V X I A V . . V . fy . lg 1 y W , , M w U ', . Q 4 si u - fi H ff AS ?i . il ,,wl I - A , 0 in Il ,.:'l . ,, ,, f - uf X 'V - z , 5. N". fp -. , W 'L 1 f ' .1 uk' V' , 9 ,E "is . 1 -N x, 4-'l!.v 1.1 5211! "xg, ,H E ,Kg ing .rr ' 95 Lf bt-X fl ' 11.1, 1 1 '12 fzl 5-M14 'I -M 'n', VJ. yifxgilf Iffvl if :ILC-pf: :QW PV: "ai Elf' k"'1: i' 1 n I N 1.1 4' ID ., SPH: vw ,y 1 'big' v-4 , vp yy ,B H1 , Q 5 S 1, 1. Il Q. Y K ! , 1 x , mf V X I A V . . V . fy . lg 1 y W , , M w U ', . Q 4 si u - fi H ff AS ?i . il ,,wl I - A , 0 in Il ,.:'l . ,, ,, f - uf X 'V - z , 5. N". fp -. , W 'L 1 f ' .1 uk' V' , 9 ,E "is . 1 -N x, 4-'l!.v 1.1 5211! "xg, ,H E ,Kg ing .rr ' 95 Lf bt-X fl ' 11.1, 1 1 '12 fzl 5-M14 'I -M 'n', VJ. yifxgilf Iffvl if :ILC-pf: :QW PV: "ai Elf' " ,, ,. 5:7m..2wv- , ,ggi jig" , , A V " Z.,-ffh"15"":wQ.f?Zl.TW V f' f " A v- , 1 .. "g'Wf'l fljrfggf.-, Jag -X , W x 155 2313 , qrkq ,..,,53, 3 1 ly: el: , .'..,v:1,:n Y l5f'efff ,ff 4 J ' Q A 'awe ,, Af' -X , rf ', A -5 WEE? " t U b. Y uk , 1, , , as Qggglqiiggf Q - : 1, 11415535 'rf' Kqxfi X i 1 ' Qi. J fr, x 5 , v S 5 ,H 1: " Q F , , . f, -2 ? 4 ,- ' F 1 NJ? 2 f f , J Q F ' X K L E- . g, :. K : X 9 , ,L s- x ..xx ., 5 : Z 4 :. t Q V, ' 5 S 4 - - S ' ni' ' Y 1 2 M, : 5, ,. S L 1 f E , 2 1-ff '- S L '- Q, i X - 1 -I, Jagkfri, - 4 , '- 1 Qs K X ,g : ff' ' - 'K 2 ? 4U ? Y - ' f ,fl 5 1 S P Af . C E L 2 Jw? ' - , - A L 5 .fgrj 1' - V E ,Y , Q- E fl Main Entrance A 4 1 'Wx fff X '777 WVW ,3j'ff'7 '37, ffl 7 ffff f f ff f Q 5,-eg mls f J H3348 Jigs mlm 301934 or me Qfrgtlusres Uirgwv Drs' ry in F 'Pio rem VD puioiisineci the Students Administrative Council iiVmfDl1DlLC.Cl2 A V 1' W Arts, Medicine, ppiied Science, Dentistry Forestry, Pharmacy, Veterinary, ri-imeoiogy, Social SerOice X universig7 of Toronto ---- View of Main Building 4 qs. 9 , -J 'PF v n n 5 In -"P 4 . oh 1 1 V 4 if 4 - gs-' 1 'P 'I w N . I w Y. Hubert Gordon Allen Frederick Gharlesifgkindrews Gordon Stewswiighdrews A . fi I A Basggdo George Ba gs f deffFallot 1 , Gordon Dun n '-K2A1 9 7 - Frederick rrr' L Juifgon Harold Ellis Clarence Gliiildon A, Elliot-Haig Grant Helliwell R Boyd Hodge G llll Frederick Hopkins Xxx yr Hughes A George 'Leycesterfilngles 2"5 lrwin ' Stuart Kennedy A, JM -A Herbert NormanfKlotz if 3 Lawless Alfred Edward Lawton 'fj ffl f 3 ' Stanley Monkman Arthur Edward ruirg, Howard Owen George Ernest vell, A Ronald Mackenzie Richards g.s A fi I A A George Crowther Ryerson is . .tii Charles Edward Sale Geoffrey B. Taf r OX Q A A ss M. Taylor In ' A Mart de Bude Young f A FN Tl A .i -. to ., '- - . s, ., - as W A wk- x v. Mgt Q: ' A . A J ,,,. wir" D X :I A Q Q. ' f - gr 5 "F-+,e -'l g , ' s -1 O 5 Q E O L A '-'-' e -EEN? JU - 2 ea is 2 A as rss A vm W' s ss A Un Gbur Cbrahuatw aah Hnhvrgrahuatrn B285 nn the Zlhrlha nf Illramrv aah ZlTlanhrrn Glhv Gilaaz uf 1915 ham, Ihr hnnnur 'Hnlume nf Efnrnntnnenmz nf hvhirating this Eighteenth 'v"lr : ,- fl ,' ...A , , Ak, 4 ,MMV . , -f A - . .,.u. .Lf Q 'I ' ' '-awe,-f' V w-- - 11k-xii' Y' f f ffm . .web ' 1. I ,Nw .W 1-.uwrm ,..y..f 1 - f--Q-u-Q-1 Xa' 0 THE FIELD 0 HONOUIR 9-. 4' ',,- .K L x L 'W-'lf W" W , H W.. v. 4. 42 R H +3 3 MN , QW-V , ,K f'-at 'liffnfwk 3 Y af 11815 +1 I H.. V 1 .L N ' 0 wi, 'Q 'Q' . ,sw .Q "H 420 - ,A f an , --Q 1 v . if 3 . x. f , s 3 . DI V. 1 tv . . -4. , 5 'V ft 4 . ,Aft ex E-,Saxon ost A31-1 W' 4,3 W3 Chaavilel' cflnil-'Q' HQ, U NPN R 'K' f r '-,k.,,.,, Mu J," pf www , X . MYQM W f . QQ y Mu 5, f My ' , YQ. ,K V., . f x RAW f , LL -' 9 'fi ' -ea. 40:11 m ...m'.fJc-.1 L C Miva x ' I f-. .'.6'G' :rv .1'.",':Lv,'.,-f:QUL"',2'9 U fffzb. Ha f XG! ccf vi! 1- if ,f 4 1 i WG' f 0 L4"7f f VV mr: fever fc-.6 F9 'f G' f 6 VY - v 1014" , X 4 W X Qkxxx Xxx XY ,XX xxyix x 'Q Xfq H! 'xx , K " xx 'iixmf ' ATI .XQA fr. --Sq ,A " fx ' I rmxjrmr ,ZX Q13 X, .X X ff 57 K ' 4 ii! HQNQU R evwutuwx Q! Y J lb! ling -0 4.-1 1.261115 fn N 1-'ff IU Affnf If Lrffll Uhr!! flfuv 7ff7f 1 ,rf fn' L -Je ll Cl! Cl! Yann LMLJPU In J for C Non 1 s Ill, U1 f. V., up f , f!u.54,',1.'n .Ur-' .ff . 1 f,u'J,'1f 5 Ailfqff' U! LI! if ffm-'.' fl4 lf If jf 'fy AJ!! .rv fy ,,-,J ml Mm g wwf !."Wuf1 Jupw mf kr mg, ,bgohiff .J4.',i,I,'1f"'UGU , !i,'Hm!1,'1 uk :IMI ffm! .fu I Q51 Muay! ff" UTTWTU I ' K 1-Jdmf hw-z,','Gs Ju fy, 4" 1 -'U 1 1 M ,ux .JJ A An Ll If f'1.'1fL"U .H Um 141.4 "NLM "1 .X W noivotna, it L 'lit A'll'c'1!lH flfafor 0rcrcfunf.fa'11.'50 I6 f - . , , ' f,4'rL'P.--f.5Z'J1mvy XVU17lfffJJf2 Ll fl cl ff Ill 1 77110 f U L 6 00 I NJ I fm' 4 Qzgf 4711 afmienf IIE tivo or three pages preceding contain the pictures of those men whose names appear on the dedicatory insert, except in one or tyvo instances, where, owing to the obvious difficulty of inserting late material the name of Gordon G. Galloway is omitted from the list and the picture of Stuart Kennedy from the portrait groups. The six or eight pages following contain the names of approximately 1.800 'Varsity men "On :Xctive Service." Since going to press 350 other men have enlisted and their names are consequently not included. There are therefore about 2.150 graduates and students of the lfniversity of Toronto "Clin Active Service" at the present time. Among these are two members nf the liloard of Governors. tivo members of the Senate and eighty-five members of the Faculty. All branches of military service. artillery, infantry, aviation and medical. have claimed these men, and they are identiiied with numerous batteries. battalions and corps. Of the entire company thirty-three have been killed and sixty-three wounded.-E. S ' ' N r Nj- HE names of those from this University? A W who, within the past year, have fallen for their country will he held in per- fqgzlj -AQ petual rememhrance for their honorahle I -N A he of small account that they not -Q6 ' out the span of life that was to he career. ln the next generation it will expected of them when they matricu- lated and that all died young. What they in a few months will he a memory retold in old age lay their comrades to their children, and many a student in the future will wonder what manner of men they were, and will aslc himself whether if the call came to him he also would face his duty as they did, and die as they died. They will lnecome in some sort a concrete standard for their successors, a traditional conscience for puhlic service. ln course of years their contemporaries will grow, old and pass away one hy one, lout these men who went out of life near together at this eventful time will always remain young, rememhered as they were in their prime, of hodily strength unahated, of dauntless courage, of fair fame, the example in this university for untold years of virtuous Canadian youth who, though they lived far from the rumours and preparations of war, did not refuse to yield their lives for the maintenance of those principles which outlast all human life and give suh- stance and worth to the pilgrimage of each, whether it he for twenty years or fourscore. KM I f x . A , 7 ' 2 Y' " " Z F' " N22 - -- f-- ' H ' -' .1 9,f,fgZ2Q,ff2zla5' .fi x 1 "-C, 'r',D:f1:ff' '67-f ,Ji f,f C 'f-J J 'X 'rrffizf-2' if '1:ff1fiz f. -1 'N ' ff 57'- 1 V f . 1 1" Qiffffg Xf-uv'--'."' , A . 11 1' 5" ?""'1 f F" Q'r'CQQ',fQ.'jfgu"'MQC11Q4 11. 5. calmmy. .xl-1. '17 .. . . . . . . ,fy ff,f L fff, V 1 5 L ,lgh l 9,10-FX. rx - ,-jig?-" 2 1 I, , V - P. Axcluudm UAA .15 vb.. NYMEX! Vi X421 ,U gl. E,El1111.1Ol1, .15 11. .x.1am.. .xm '17 ' Fi 1' 'ff""1'1'l -"Rf Q' 1'H' C21'11'.'Q'l'1l" St'g'x17B "4 . - 177454 fn Kg J ',Q ',.,-, ,'z', , f - 1 Tr . . '1 . f. . J. M. Arlamx, M..l,..0-1 . V., M .11. .1 .Mlm ,j4K..Q.w A M Campbell ESR 115. HUAA'k""5' l"gA'5Ci 'U 1 "" " i"'7Za 112' 1 rf 1' N T7' I" Campbell' B' '98 . . - ggutt. SC. ' 7 '17, l"f' -.Hg "'E '1 'X w " ' - X, 'D "--' 1 11. fxikw. M. '10 4 1111111 hm' W' ' P' L" V L1"Ui"MU-, PC-. 11 I Xikl-11 xl-rx '10 fl "11?7 Gill' 1 fp "' M' La"'l"""' L'A'5C' 14 If Ayr! 'lf .F.11A1g 2'11IffQ,L Qciqf , .,.1,,-' ,1. LJ. A. Campbell, HA. '09 Pfpr..H..'.. AQ... -If 195, J 51 -3: RQfmg1'ff'f1'r1f011-L11-'14 I.. 31.11. -1.1 1 5. .f 1, Q' 2311113 U -Q .15 F- Alf .L HHS4 -15 , 5 1, Lf-,XxNv,'-., . . . Campaell, 11.,L.' OJ H' "'Q""' M""' ""' ' - 1 , '1im'l1ll1"" 1" ilf 11"'E'l'3ir31'1HL'x1O1' '11 f ' 1 -.5 ' 'fi ww: .. .f.. rf 1 1111 H--.M XIV -. '. 4. -. . . . 1. 1?1l11'J:.1,'?1'..1i'A13."f"'M'" . fr 11 W W1l"V" 'QS 51- 95.1.21 431.38 'lk Allan, '16 l-',l-j'A'5Xi'V.i"iHL 4154 Ql'1lj'1"I?fN1iS W .11. 11. 111,-ll-11, 1R1gJ.l."30 ,li 11. Ar. 150n.1, rm. 'oo D. 1:"Q2.1'13'1E.'fi1-rs"ls . Xiu, Ji. .i.L.'0,l .xl.I,I.xl..11tu11, 31.11. 11 lx. H. lmllluyczlgtlu. A1.lI. 03 R. A. Carman BA '00 . . fu. ., .w . -. Lam-wick, -xr-1, '07-'ov lbonc W. M. C.- 9' '-x'- '16 lla Allen, B.,A, 14 C H. 1'1E15Clll11, Arte '19 ill E. llotllwcll, 1l.SC.F. '13 XV, L. 1.lC"C'51'1'11le, 'A11min. Staff RnAl1cyiI1E.A.1S1l -li A. liassr-tt. Arts '17 ll, E. Rott. Artx '18 G. H. Carpcutur ILSA '04 . ...H3 .1.. . ., Q. '.xs'rEm.m, 1:,.x. '15 .x. 5. 1'm1-mf. 1'..x. '1: 1,, .r Q -- M 13 - -' ' . LR Klllzwlf. 311-2117.13 13. :jam-.1.g,, UA.. '11 1. 11..,mQ', 11.11, CM. '95 U. Qf1',"1:..kf"1l'x11: '15 rwflf' A mmf, . 12 i:.r-Q, M.l:. 'os .x. 31. 1111, 1z..x. T' " :F "- ' ' ,xx .xmy.,1, 51.11. 151 W. la. H' lz.x'rEs. .Am '97 xr. J. 131231, Fm-. 'rl' 'R.'511'1-'1'i'Q' Q12 XX11Hln-rso11, Sc. 13 Siltil, .Ert-. 'QE-'il 1 Iioyur, 117. 11.17. '11 XY. I.. Carrutllcrs, Alccl. '19 '1U'1'N0U , , .. . .. iflttvy. . 5-C. ' 7 1-. 2-. mr, 1.1. '15, 51 H' '12 A. 1 111.2 ' A L- bf. 16 12. Ifatfw. .wg '17 ' 1. 151. 1:1-2111121-. .W '17 ' ' 1. M. ESI-211211 s'E. 1'1--14 I,.v .A1141L'1'S011. A16-cl. '15 XY. R. Hauer. Sc. '17 lp. -1. lircthour. Artx '17 'l, M, Q31-tml, iguygch '14 AN. .A11f1C1'!i-011, 11.13. 09 512. AY. Buyly. For. '14-'13 H. S. l':1'C1YS1l31', li.A. '14 'Y, IQ. Qgu-twfight M B '06 U, .Al1ClL'1'N4'lI1, Bled, '19 Y. A. lie-acuck. SC. '15 ll. lf. Bridge. Arts '11-'13 ll. S4 Qaqc, A-Xytg"16' ' 31. .XY1nlQrsu11. Arts '17 'l'. A. lleaslcy. Arts '16 A. 11. Bright, Arts '17 H. R. Casgrain NLD., C.M. '83 . lfl. R. Andcrfon: 01.12. '97 F. AN". Beatty, l5.A.Sc. '13 12. C. Brink, 31.13. '13 11. Czxsse-ls. 111' Arts '17 lil, Amlrcw. SC. 11 ll. A. Beatty. lI.S.A. '15 C. A. Brixco. BLR. '13 Al. 1, Cagsm-1v, ALB, ' 3 , .- , . , . , , , , , 0 C. ARIDREWS. 11.A.Sc. 14 1. 11, Beatty, BA. 14. "Capt, E. Uristul, l!.A. '11 M. Catalno .QlXlIl1lLYY?J. 1!,A. '10 bl. 136-atty, Arts '19 R. H. Rritton, Arts '05 ll. A. CatcS. lX-LB. '15 . A Nglll. L .J. '14 P. Beatty. l.,L.11. '1-4 11. Brock, U.C.I,. '99, lf1.C.L, '05 L, P. Cathela OCC '16 . lf. Annie. A1-rs 'w .x. M. 15611. UA. 'o3. Mn. '15 lf. A. 1'11'7C1i31'l.'l11'3, 11.11, '13 NI, 5. Q 11111 D' ,5 '10 'A"c1'C1"'lq"":" '05 hp. S, 11611. M15 '11 S. H. 151'OCliHti'1jfl11'13. .ms '10-'13 fx. H. xw""'c5l'f1nb1d,"?r31?M.B.'o4 . . I'Cl17El1, :,.A. '14 A. BQ-11. D,A.Sc. '14 F. 1. Rrocli-, .X1.l'. '04, A1.l.J. 'Of 1, P. C 59, '16 11. .x.-Q11m..1.91, M.1:.v'vu J. W. 13.11. .51-tj '17 '11 G. l'3rorl1c. MSA. Sm? ' '15, II. ?f'QaW11y1 SC- .06-.OS +L KA-l'11IULl-1'. XMi.X..l 03 -1. Hill, Sltzltti-.Xrtf '11l'1.l T. Ilrooke, Arts '13 . , J. Q1,?m.be1.lain' lilixhscv ,14 -, . xmum. ll. .-. P4 lx. X. lfcll. Stall Autk 01- 11 1. A. Tnouglltou. Nm-nl. 111 A. Lhambms, Dent, 17 Armour. 11.A. '99 'l'. H. llcll. M.17.. CM. '96 li. li. G. Rrouse, 11.A.SC. '15 12. V. Cllambers, B.A.SC. '1-1 in ,:1'l114ll11', Xlflll. '08 R. C. llcnnctt, Arts '16 A. H. llrown, Arts '17 G, Chambql-5, Staff ILA, '36 Q. . rmnur, . .3. '15 S. G. llcmwtt. Il,A.Sc. '14 12. C. Brown, Arts 'IN VV, 1, Cl - , 11111, C,M,, '04 11. I.. Armstrong. 31.13. '02 H. A. Ren-Uliel. Artx '98-'13 11. 17. Rrown, .Arts '17 H. A1-tg '04 H. Armxlrung, AVI5 '17 A. AY. Huntley. Fur. '16 11. E. 111'uxx'n, 11.12. '1-1 Clmgxgelg, BLR, '15 A. Alwnstrrmg, l.7.lJ.S. '90 ll. 13. llcntluy, M.ll.. CAI. '91 1. lil. llrowu, A1.11 '08 L, G, Chavignaud, SQ, '15 E, .A1'1llN1l'lf1l1g'. Sc. '16 XY. 1. Uentlcy. ll.D.S. '00 1. C., llrown. RA'.S. '15 H. AY. Chenev, Arts '17 . lQ1'1I1N11'U11g, 1lA',SC. '15 3.1. l.. llerwlcn. Rl.D., CM. '89 .l. V. Brown, 11.13, '03 S, K, CIICIICVZ SC, '16 . J. . rxnstrrmg. Sc. '17 1. llerkinslmw, R.A. '13 P. G. Rrown, R.A. '06. A1.l1.'05 P. A. B. Cheuv, 13.S.A. '12 11. Arltlmr. Q 12. ?erry. x1L'I,1. A. lllrown, Arts '12 A. CCllCSt11ll11, l1ip.Sc. '10 . 4'S11Ul1, .1 . .1 4 'FH 1. Ierry. . rls ' . '. ll. Irown, Sc, '1 +R, 4. hat t, B.A.Sc. '14 H. Atkgy. l.b,llY.S. '15 F. A. 125-acmlny. Yet. '143 XY, 1. Rrown, 11.S.A. '02 1. M. Cl11'E:l1'0l'111, Arts '18 S. .A1lC111NOl1, 1J.17.S. '15 11. Rethunc, Meal. '17 'l'. 1,. llrucc. R.A. '11 il. S. Chisholm, M.l-3., C.M. '99 CX. ihllcllnsqn, Artx '16 1?1i'1l11111L', Art? '14 C. ill. 121-yan. N1c-rl. '19 1. R. C111'1St1i1l1, lX'I.1I, '09 . . 114, . rtx '16 '. Iutmunc. . .X '07 C. '. lryant, Sc. '18 S. Cieman. J rts '17 Rl. iA11S1111. lARts '18 ll. H. lllutts, SS. '06 11. C. 11L1Cl1Zl1121I1, Arm '17 C. T. Clark. Arts '16 . . 1l91'1l1, E.. .Sc. '15 IC. C. Tevau. . HQ '16 N. Y, Ruchanzm. 1T.A. '15 "11. A. Clark, 31.13. '92 lf. .Xx'rT'y. l1..IX.SC. '13 'l'. 11. llcvau. SC. '04-'05 11. Rusk, ALR, '10 ll. Clark, D.1!.S.'93 7. J y L"iWO1'1l. l,1,.l'i. '04 VV. . 11. llevzm. SC. '05 C, H. 11UClilZ1I1l'l, Arts '96 11. S. Clark, B.A.SC. '10 Ayluwfwtll. ILA. '12 A. llilscf. S1311 '11-'14 1. H. Hull. 11.A. '09 AY. Clark, Arts '17 IV H XII 1. PiCk11cllKA1e1l. '18 AV, H. lluntinq, R.A. '91 AV. 1. Clark, 11.11. '98 1211 iv. . . 1. '07 D. 14. 11g'UZl1'. 11.13. '03 11. lrl. 11ur11iclgL-, RQX. '05 '1'. 0. Clark. 13.S.A. '12 H. 1:fl11lL'SV. Arts '17 lu. R. -1. iliggs. Arts '14 A. 1.. llurch. 11.A. '99 N. D. Clarks. Arts '17 1, llzurfl, 13.A.Sc. '11 R. 12. liinncs, SC. '07309-'13 A1. 13urf0rm.l. For, '12'1-1 "" F. AV. Clarke, Sc. '10-'12 . '11Il11lZlL141. Sturt Arn '14 li. R. liirclmrcl. 11.A.Sc. '10 11. 1. Rurrlun, 1!.A.Sc. '15 1. A. U. Clarke, Arti '11-'13 L. INIH 1m11Fuxi11. l!.A.Sc. '13 Al. H. 13irf1, Arts '18 1. F. liurgcss, 11.13 '13 P, Clarke. .ixrts '18 S. 1:1 . . . 1. '15 1. L. Rislmp, 11,A. '13 F. S. liurke, 31.11. '11 '1'. J. Clarke, for, '17 XY. 1!:1l1:1r41. l,l,.1!. '11 XY. A. llislmp. SC. '17 K. C. Rurm-QQ. SC. '15 ll. A. Clarkson. B.A. '15 :lzllluntynxr I 11. Rlzlck, 31.11. '15 11. H. Rurnham, A1.11. '14 A. S. Cgecves. IERSEX. 'lg 'A 1111111119 A UK- '17 13. 13. 13lHCkif0Cli. SC. '15 S. S. Rurnham, 11.A, '11 F. ' . lumeut. .f.1. '1 lll. 11zu'z1l1.5cr. lil. '1-1-'15 AY. C. Rlzlckstock. 11.A, '02 AY. 1. G. Rurns. TLA, '15 H. R. C1lewCS.qAxE:s E111 9 4- 1211'lL'1', 151. '14-'15 S. 'l'. lllackwoml. Art' '99 C. A1. 1zU1'1'Ol1g11"'S. M.D.. '11 lf. A. Cine, ,tif 1.1. '1 A1. l1:1r1:m1r. lk-nl. '17 -1. F. lilair. l'1.l1.S. 'OR 1. '1'. llurwash. DiD.Sc. '96 H. R. Cluif, B.A. QI0 Cixi F. larfuwt, Artx '18 V.. lf. lilakc. HA. '14 A. Rurwa-11. 11.' NSC '05 H. E. C1L11tC1'1J11C1i. A .D., .l'.'00 li. Iiarkcr. 1!.A. "ll 13. H. C. 11lZl11Cl1Zl1't'1. 11.S.A. 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'17 11. 1.. 11.11-gm-ry. sc. '13-'15 4 .5 H A 511.2111 -..54f11I1I1jIIIr' s. 141f:Nx1c1n'. 1:.s..x. '111 A. R. I'Iagcrman, 3Ied. '16 'f-TtWW?I'1,l--- -1'f7"f"'l "'4l'l" R. Y. K1-11111,-y. 3I.IL '07 1: A311 Hagffy. DIADRS. 9 vt W0 f 11. s. 14...-1.y, '11 .. .. wlggen. J.. . ' J AY. vl. 141-rfttnt. 31.11. '03 R 1.1. Hague, Sc. '04' AY. II. Ilerriflge. ILA. '09 AY. L. Iluttun, 3I.IL '11 -1. II. K1-rr. .Arts 'IN IJ. IL. HAIL., ILA. '13 H. P. Ilerrington. Arts '16 G. 31. Iluyclct-. Arts '17 S. C. S. Kerr, ILA. '11 AA' R. AY. Haight, 31.1L '11 C. S. L. Ilertzberg. Sc. '02-'06 AY. F. Ilnycku. ILA. '13 AA'. I". S. KL'1'1'. Arts '19 ,IQ E.vI'IilIll1, Arts '14 "H, F. H. Hertzlmerg. IJ111.Sc.'15 A. Kettt-rs1n1. .Arts 'Il Il AAL Ilaldenlmy, Sc. '17 12. C. llessell. Agri. '16 C. 11. Ixnrit-. 311-11. SILIII C. Keyes. Arts '15 12. A. I-Iall. 31.11. C.3l.'8-1 S. R. IJ. Hewitt. Stuff 31.13. 14 R. F. IncI1, Arts '10 II. bl. If. Keys, ILA. '06 C. AA". Hall, 31.D., C.31. '05 H. Hewson, Arts '17 LI. II. Ingt-rs1g1II, Arts '17 N. A. K1-ys. ILA. '10 H C. Hall., 31.13. '12 C. G. I'Icwson. SC. '17 G. I.. INKILICS. ILA. '13 I-. C. Kiwlrl. 31.12. '10 13. Hallam. Arts '06-'08 R. R. Iflexvson, SC. '15 .A. IC. AV. IlIg1'illl'l, Arts '11-'I AY. 15. 151111. 3I..A. 'U-I G. H. Hally, ILA.SC. '14 L. -I. Ilextall. ILS..A. '13 R. Ingrznn. 3I.lL '03 A. I. Kilgour, 3Ie1I. '19 D. lx. I'IZ1l11l.IfOl'l, Arts '16 P. K. Ileywootl, Arts '17 R. A. Irelanml, 3l.IL '11 17. 31. K11g'lU1'. 31.11. '00 I-I Hamilton, 31.13. '15 H. 'I'. Iliginbotllam. SC. '13 IC. C. Irvine, ILA, '03, 3I.A. '04 C. IQ. Kilmer. Sc. '13 H Ix. Hamilton, Arts '09-'11 C. E. Ilill. 3le1I. 'IS II. I Irvine, 3Ie1I. '17 11. 11. II. Kilpzitrielc. ILA. '0" R. G. Hamilton. Arts '11-'13 ,I. E. 11111. IL.A. '15 I.. If. AY. Irving. 3I.I.3.. C.3I. S. INZIIIIIIIITI. Arts '17 Hampson, Arts '17 L. R. Hill. 31e1.I. 'Im 'l'. C. Irving. Sc. '1111.'03 A'. King. 1LS.A. '11 11. Hammoml F. Hilliard, Arts '17 ,I. R. Irwin, 3I.IL '02 I.. 'I'. ISZIIIQJ'-IJLI1'gII 11 Aj- IIPUIICY S. IIiI1ie1', Arts '15-'16 'I'. A. Irwin, Arts '13-14-15 31. R. Ki111lNf111'1I. ILA. '13 I1 1-. S. Hanley, Arts '18 C. K. Hoag. SC. '17 O. IRAAVIN, Arts '12 .I A. Kingsniill. ILA. '13 C.. 31. Hanna, Arts '10 A. R. Iloblas. ILA. '10 Y. IC. Ives. Sc. '17 F R. INIIVIQIIIIIII. 31.11. '15 I. I. Hanna. ILA.Sc. '14 H. B. I'IUI.JGIL. Arts '14 II. 3l1:Intyre, 31.12. '14 3. N. Ki1'1ill11. 31011. '17 AY N. Hanna, Arts '17 AV. R. I'I01Ige. 31.11. '15 I.. AY. Klingnt-r. Sc. '07 C. C. Harcourt. '15 AA". E. Iloflgins. 3I.A. '75 'I'. IL jack. Sc. '18 II. N. KI.II'l'Z. I'LA.SC. '10 R. 31. Harcourt. Sc. '05-'06 AY. E. Hotlgins, 3Ied. '16 11. I... Izlckes. 31.11. '10 A. ll. Knight. Sc. 'lx A Harden, Arts '14-'15 C. C. Hotlgkins, Phm.IL '15 A. IL Jackson, 31t-fl. '16 C. F. Knight. 31.12. '13 II A. Harding, ILA. '04 DI. E. Ilotlgson, ILA. '09 II. -Iackstm, 11.115, '98 F. AA'. Knight. Stuff 1C'IIk'III.I E. B. Ilarcly. 3I.IL '05 AY. P. I'IOgZII'tII, 311-rl. 'IS AY. C. Inines. Arts '16 E Knox. 31.13. '14 R. YV. Hardy, Arts '17 R. 'I'. C. Hnitlge. SC. '16 R. A. ,I:11nies1111, 3I.IL '10 11. A. IRLIIIYIIIQJ, Arts 'NU-"11 R. II. Hare, 31ed. '18 A. Holmes. Arts '13 R. C. DIZIIIIICSUII, Arts '10 N IJ. Kyle, 3I.IL '04 'I' L. Hztrling. Sc. '18 tl. L. Holmes I. 'l'. Izinsun. Stan' in Clit-ni. If. -I. Kylie. Statt ILA. '01 C AV. Harris. Arts '16 I. E. Ilqlnies. 11.118, '03 G. R. ,IJl1'lIIIIL', SC. '09 If. A: Harris. ILA. '13 R. Home. -Ir.. 31.12. '13 R. Il. Izirvis, IL1A.SC. '12 AY. C. I.11itII:1xx'. 3I.IL '14 H Ix. I'IHl"1'lS, HA. '09 A. E. Honeywell. ILA. '05 If. S. It-tfery, 3I.IL '14 l'. A. Laing, 1111-. Sc. '05 "R. AA". Harris. SC. '15 E. Ilonsinger. 11.115, '00 Il. IL Ieffs, 31.11. '14 AY. II. I,illIIIlk'I'f. 3I.IL '03 R. I. Ilarris. 3I.IL 'IS I. IL Iloodless. ILS.A. '05 F. C. ,It-nnings. Arts' I8 A. Lant- AA' If. Harris. Arts '10-'12 C. H. IlO11kins. ILA.SC. '09 AY- ICWitt. Arts '17 AY. R. I.1111e. 311411. '17 F C. Ilarrison, ILS.A. '92 F. Hopkins. ILA. '05 11. Iexritt. Ilent. '18 II. IL Lung. 3Ie1I. '10 Isl. 1.3. Harrison, 31.13. '10 R. II. Hopkins, ILA. Sc. '07 Y. ,It-witt. ILA. '10 II. II. Lung, Arts '19 I. A. Harstone, B.A. '15 I.. AY, llqpking, A1-te '16 I. Inlnisun, ILA. '10 AA'. R. Lung. Staff in CIIVIII. E. AIV. Hart, 1l.S.A. '15 R, I'Ioretsky. Arts '98 31. Iolinson, 311-fl, '16 AY. AY. I,IlI'lg, Arts 'IR 31 31. Hart. ILA. '11 R. Horkins, 3I.IL '14 R. -IOIIIISOII, SC. '09-'12 A. I,:1ngfm'1I. Sc. 'IH II E. Hartney. ILA. '11 A. 31. Ilorner. Arts '16 C. -Iolinston, 3I.ll.. C.31. 03 A. S. Lzingrill, 3I.IL '05 I. I. Harvey, Ed. ,I. II. Ilnrning, ILA. '15 P. .IOIII'lSfDIl, Arts 'IS 31. I,:1ngst:11'l'. Stz11'f1Ap11.S R. 31. Harvie. 311341. A. A. Ilorton. Arts '17 If. ,IOIIIISIOIL 3I.IL '10 I. K. I.:1tcI1for1I, Arts '011 F R. Hassard, B.A. '1O. 31.13 17 f. ID. Ilosken. ILA. '15 R. -Iulinsttme. Arts '15 AY. H. I.1IIIIIIU1'. ILA. '11 O. C. Hassarcl. D.D.S. '03 R. S. Ilosking, Arts '13 JOIIIISIOII, 3Ie1I. '16 C. I,ZI1'lIIUlIl'. Ilent. '17 I. Hately, ILA. '13, 3I.A. '14 '. IL Houston. Arts 'IR IC. A. Johnstone, Arts '18 I. F. I.:1s11, I,1.I1. '00 C. T. Hayes, ILA. '14 F. C. II0xvaru. 3Ie1I. '13-'14 AY. ,I01lL'S. Ilent. '17 A. 31. I.:1tcI1f1mI. ILA. '15 I-I S. Hayes. HA. '14 Y. 31. I1owz1r1I. Arts '17 U. JONES ,I. lf. I.Zl111lllk'1'. I'5.S.A. '14 I. I3. Hayes, B.A. '09, 31.13. '11 I. Howell. Arts '17 IOHUS. 31.11. '04 AY. II. I.:1ttin1t-r. ILA. '11 R. C. Hays. Arts '18 . IAI. Ilowell. 3I.A. '14 P. Innes. A1I. 3Iin. Staff tl. Y. I,fl1lgIIIllII. Arts '10 A. K. Haywood. 31.13. '08 R. Ilowitt. 3I.IL '15 AY. Jones, ILA. '15 R. G. Law. Yvt. 'IS II. A". Hearst, ILA. '13 H. F. Iludson. I3.S.A. '07 If. jones, Dip. SC. '11 R. 31. I.Q1xv. ILA. '14 AA7 I. Hearst. Arts '16 IL H. Iluglics. Sc. '17 If. Jones. ILA. '91 N. LAAYLIQSS. SC. '11 JA- H- Heiltley- SC. '19 C. HUGHES. ILA.SC. '10 E. Innes, SC. '11713 C. A. I.1lAA'l'L'lICL', ILS.A. '09 II. A. Heaton, I'LA.Sc. '15 R. L. Ilugltcs. ILA. '15 ,Ior1Iz1n, 31.11. '00 G. AY. I.:1w1'c11ce. ILA.Sc. 'IF C. I'IeivI1i11Utm1. Arts '17 C. R. Ilukins. Arts '17 . . C. IOLIITIZIII, Arts 'IS II. I.ZIAA'I'L'IICL'. Arts '13-'14 J. G. HELLIANELL. SC.Dip. xA. 13. Ilume, Arts '17 If. fl. Iuy. Arts II. H. Lawson. Arts '14-'15 31 R. Helliwell, 1AI.I3. '15 I. N. I'Iu1npI11'ey, 3I.R. '14 11. Iunlcin S. I.z1xx'snn, 3I.R. '10 F G. I'IcIImntI'1, Arts 'IS ,I. C. AY. Hunt. 3I.IL '03 R. I.. Iunliin, ILA.SC. '13 'I'. AY. I,:1wsm1. 3I.A. '06 A. Henderson, ILA. '01 ,I. AY. Ilunt, 3I.IL '07 K. AY. Iunnr, Arts '16 'I' AY. I,fIAA'5lIII, Arts '10 C. IL Henderson. ILA. '11 A. II. Hunter. ILY.S. '14 IC. II. Iupp, ILA. Sc. '15 A. Ii. l,AAY'l'lIN. A1'ts'13-'14 I3. A. Hentlcrson. 31.13. '07 QA. T. Iluntcr, I,I..II '10 I. IL Iupp, 3I.IL '10 F. AY. 1.1-veli 31011. '17 F C. Henderson, Arts '16 A. C. IIusImn1I. 31e11. '10 II. C. I.t-frny. Arts '16 I. P. I'Ienderson. TLA. '12. I. IILISIIIIIIII. SC. '16 II. P. Knpncle. 31.IL '03 II. I. 1.1-grate. Sc. 'IT 31. R. I-Ie-nderson. Arts '16 AY. I. II. I"I1INI4'1I'1, Arts '17 IQ. R. Iizippcllt-, Arts AY, C. 1.1-uuclt 11.-1.1, '11. AA' IL Hendry, Staff 3I.IL '04 H. Iflutchcson. ILA.'12. 3I.A '14 I. I.. INI!Il'lI'lt'IIt', 11.118 01 A, R. Lgggg, D.D,S. '15 R. A. Hently, Arts '15 . C. Hutton, Strut, ILA. '15 ,I. Kay. For. 'll A. IL I.c3Ies111'iu1'. 31.11. '10 L. B. Henry, B.S.A. '13 R. L. I"Iutton. 3I.IL '00 I. Kay. ILA.SC. '14 U. If. 1.1-nnnx. Arts '10 I. AV. 'I'ICI'I118l1, SC. '11 'I'. 0. Hiitton. 3I.IL '07 II. R. Kay R. AY. I.t-nt. Arts '17 ' AA'm1ndcrI 13 ON' A C '1'1Xf 'S 12 11XfI'1C 11 III 1 A ' ' C Y 2 A . v g 1 ff 1 fgv :MQW .Q - 4, 1.1 7-5725? .. 11 XI I Q ? A "xs'I ' ,F L 1 X'. 1......m.1. XI.1L '11 'flfg I' IX' I .1 IX A" s DA R. II. Alfwwv. A111415 . - jk- S-1 9 I " A' "' f -'?i".v.'x4A' 0 , Tfrkl fa . .' , . - f'1I.lLA. 1D .1 J w Alf If 711111119- 7' IIA X6 1 f -I 1.1. AI. AI21ss1.111, Alt: 10 11. 1.1-1111:111. IL5..X. '14 fl -111 '..IW,:J A 1 'bf C. Alastcrs. ILA. '01, M..X. '03 X'. 1.1-sliu. AI.IL '08 -411' I f ., ' I Ze C. AI3.tIlt:I'5, Arts '10 Y X. I,1,'sII13, 'III '- M YL? X7 '7"11 .111 ' X111 3iIiltI1TSfJl1.Li..X.'1-I. AIc1,I,'1E I.. Lens. 31.12 ' 5 " - 1 L ff' gg 11179, ' I . 3. A attww, !l'1S C. I cwis ILA. '15 ' ' HI II' .X C. AIz1ttl1cws. I3..'X.5C. '11 11. XI,1Z, '15 KB, 4 f'IfIy ' ' 11. J. 11.111111-1115, Sc. '16 I.. 1.1-xris. 5t:1I'l' W" ?i'Zm 1 f 4-'- ' K.. 5. AII1.t1I1CXX'5. Alcrl. '20 II. I.1gI1tI111111'11. ILA, 'Il C1k ' NII1.hII 5 ' , , S f ' .X F. AI2lVt'1X'. MIL '12 IL I.1111Is:11', Arts 'IN "'L 2?f.E Vf' I'. C. AIZlX'IJC1'1'X'. SC. '17 Ii. I.i111Is213. Alt-el. '16 1111 11 AEE-l.X'1121l'I.I.X0I.I.I. '1-I IL I.11111.1-xg IL.X. '1-1 ' C X. J. . 1-QQ1. .L rts '16 .X. I.i11t1111. A11-II. '16 ,gm "?" 'wi I. Fx Muck, Arts '17 XX'. I.1ttI1'. .Xrts '0Hv'12 534 xX.aI1-iIillcI1a111. 101111.11 '12 IJ. 1.11111-, 51: '16 'Q '1 7 ' 1. ,. '. 1 egan. L. . '06 AI. I.1ttlc. IL.X. "17 'gl' Ii. Melville. Ucc.A1'ts '17 11. I4111IL', 11115. -111 M , 01 .1 11. 11111111Za11.11, sc. '111 Q- 14i1111.' 110,14 '17 I. XX. .XI21CIII'IXX'L'II. IL.X. '15 II. I'-. AIIlCI,L'l111il11. lL.X.5c. 'Il I'. Ii Alcnzics, 5taFt' AI.IL '10 II. I.11'i11ssl11111:. Sc. 'lx l.qX1, XIu1i:1c111A1'11. Xltwl. '1'1 -I. tl, 1Ic1'.1A1111. 31.12. 'II-I X1 S. M1-1-cur. 11..X. '55 1. 1.111111-s11.111-. 1:..x., 31.11. '11 11-ll' Ql'f'f"'1'If'1"'-I "11'-5 '15 111011-111.ll1.l1j 'I17 12. 11. C. MQ-1-e1.litl1. .11-15 '10 IJ. I.i1'111Qst1111c. I1LA.5c. '1' '- '- . C'z1r11111. L. . '01 V .... c. 211011. I.. . '15 I. R. XX'. AIcre11I1tI1. IL.X. '99 1,1 1J1,,y.1'. 51.4 '13 A. II. 0I2lCFF11'I?1l1L', 51x '10 C. XIcAl:1111-. 11.11, '05 R M51-iqk, QAXC, Il. I.,11'1111, IL.X. '13 .Xi IC. Alclrflul, 111-11. '19 Ii. .X. AICAI1II:111. IL.X. '15 I1 U, A11-1-1-i111g111, l!,A,SQ4 '11 12. 1.11.1111-1. 1:..x.s1'. '12 11f1:11:1f1xl.X11l1711 11 lik 119111111-1111. AI.IiJ., 1211. 'ws 11. II. 11111-1-111. 31.11. 1111. 'ss XX'. IL I.111'ku. A11-rl. '13 - 'A I C 'INV IH -1 V- ' ' .' - CA'1"- - "IN ' 7 '- S- A UTIT- SC. '10 11' 11,V,1.1iL.' 11-11. '11 11. .X. .XIclI11I111. ILA. '03 XX' AIcNz1Ily, IL.X. '11 XX. C. Alicllull. IL.-X. '90 1401-,710 Xg,-1. '11, II. AICt11lI11'1'21y. 511111 1I.IL. "17 .X. X'. AIcN:1ir. AIUI. '15 K 11. AIiCkluI101'1111gI1, 111111. '19 1:1 M1 11.,u,1,,,1' 1111. '15 I. IC. AIC1n11IIIX'1'ilX'. X11-Il. '17 XX' C. AICNHLIIIIII, ILA. '11 I. I. A111Irllctr111. Milk, '13 11. 11.,ug1,q 11.11-S' '13 .X. IQI. Alcl-1-111-1', XI..X. '11-1 XX' tl. AI.ZiCNL'X'I11, ILIQZ5. 'IS 11 -I, A1111Q1-. lji1,,5q, '111 XY, 141,1,1511L.,..1, 11111. '13 C. AIz1cI11111's. AI.A. '95 I. II. AICPI1L'1'I1'fl11. 519111 A1.IL '07 1? S, Milligan. ILA.5C. '11 Q- 111,111-11. Ib. I.. XI:1cI11t11.11. ILA. '11 N. AI:1cI"l11-1-. .Xrts '16 1 N C Millmgm, 13,A,SQ, '13 11. I.-1111-1-. AI.I1,. 1111, -1,1 lj. lg. 11f1.11.1.11. AIL'1.I. '1s .x. 111. AIQQIP111-1-..111. IL.X. 111 5. 11. Mm.. l3..X. 116. 11.11. 116 I.11Q:1s. Art.. -111 Lv ?IcI11t5'r1'i IAI.I!, -13 Ib. AA.x?IcI'I11-1's1111. AI.I:, .WS L. in Mills. HUA-SC' .ll 17. I.111':1s. AI,Il., CAL '01 . . C l11X'l'l', . . L '1-1 5 ..,. IlCI'IIC1'501'1, .Xrts 'IN P. II. Alills. 50. '10-'1-I 11, 1lumC.V1t.uq 1111415 '15 Ii. X'. AIcIi:1q111'. IL.'X.5c. '19 XX' C. AIC1-?l1E11'1'IC IQ D. AIilIyz11-rl. IL.X. '15 tl. 1.31, ,lL.X.51'. '1-I .X. Aluliuy. AI.I1.C.AI. '95 .X. .X. AIcQ11cc11. I.111'1.5C. '11 XX. C. Alilnc, .Xrts '15 11, 11111-1 S11 '13 C. M. Alcliny, AI.IL '113 XX' N. AIC1j11t'L'l1. ILA. '12 C. II. AI1tcI1c-ll, ILA.5C. 'fl-I ' II. I.. AIcIi:13'. AI.IL '10 I. I. AIc5I1,1y, IL.X.5c. '15 1" I.. AI1tcI1t-II, 56. '17 11. 111 11L.11',1uL.. 11.11 '117 IQ. 11. AIuIQ:1y. IL.X.5C. 'll II A. AIC'Illg'g21l'1. ILA. '07. If. R. Alitcllull, AIe1I. '17 5. AI'C.Al'1I11Il'. ILA.51'. '11 IQ. Ii. Alclisty. .Xrts 'IN 512111 AI..X. 'UN R A. AIitCI1t-II, .Xrts '16 XVI Mgliglm, 11.11, 11.1 Ii. .X. Alacliny II. I. A'Iz1c'I':1visl1. I1i11.5C. '10 I. R. IXIitcI1c11er. SC. '18 I.. C. AIt'II1-tl1, AI,II, '00 5: AIL'ISI1'1'. 11.12. "Hn II C. AICX't'Zll1. AIQLI. 'IW 1 H A IL AIuI1'211. IL.X. '10, 11.11, '13 IC. AI:11'II1-tll. I5..X.5c. 'll If. lx. AIz1cIc1'111Ir1cIc, 51: '13 C. 5. AI1'X'1C:11', AI.I'L '07. 5tz11I II IL Moffat. AI.IL '11 5. AICII1'11I1g 111-111, '16 II. C. AIg1cI41-111lricIi. 171111 'IN If. II. AIfX'icIit-r, AI.II. '15 I. XX. Afoffit. IL.X. '15 AIcIIr11I1-. ILX',S, '11 II. I". AI:1cIx1-11-1l1'1clc. AI.I1. I". AIcX'1cIcz1r,-IL5C.F. '13 Y X' C. IX'IolIi11s, I-LA. '97 II. AIuC11ll11111. IL.X. '15 .X. I, AI:1cku11z11'. 511111 IL.X. '99 X'. II. mICAx'IIIIf1III5. AI.IL '00 11 S, AIUXIQAIAN, 11.11, A, AIgCg1m11N, A1-1g .X. If. AI1ICIiL'11ZI1'. AIt'1I. '17 If. II. AI21I1s11l1. IPCC. X'IC. '15 A A. RIOO11, ALB, '15 IQ. Ii. AICCIl1'1I1t'X', XIII. '111 II. 15. Al:1ck1-112113 .Xrts '17 II If. AI:1cl11-Il. IL.X. '13 R, A1111-1'Ig11 X'. AI:11':111I:11'. ILA.5c. '1" II. XX'. AIcIi1'11z11-. Arts '18 Xl I. AIQLCIIQII. IL.X. '13 I. AI01i11'1.'. M.I1.. CII. '99 xI'Ck'lIII5I7I1ItI, AI.A. '00 II. I.. IL Xlnckt-11211-. ILA. '13 .X. II. AIZICIQIIII, AI.IL '90 X' H, K, AI01j11'I1o11sc, ILA. '0S. .X. AIcCI111t111'lc. 5c. '17 I. X'. AIcIi1111z11'. IL.X. W1 C. U. Macltluclc. 56. 'IN 311.11 '10 5. XIuCIi11t1111, X11-11. '17 I. I. NI?lCIiL'IlZI1'. 5t:1t't' ILA. 'NIL IQ. Ii. 11:1gz11111.X5c. '15 Ii C. N111-gan. 11111. '1-I-'15 I.. AICCHII. IL.X. '15 AI.IL "IW .... . Zlf-560. . rts '10 I I.. AI111' 2111. 11.12. '13 5. AIL'X.'tl1111L'II. 511111 IL.X. I. XX'. AI:1ck1-11zi1'. A11-1l. 'IX II. I'.. Alrlgu, .Xrts '16 '15, AI1'1r1s11S ILA. '00 C. AIcC111'Ii1111I:1I1'. Arts '10 IQ. II. AICIQUIIZIIH 11.13. 'I-I I- R. AIQlgu1r1', 5C. '17 IL AI. Alurris. IL.X.5c. '15 .X. X'. XIQC111'111:11'Ic, .Xrts '11 XX'. I.. AIcIic11zi1-. Alf-1I. '18 K. IL Alnguirc. Ilent. 'IS 11, R, XI.-,141-1, ILA, '15 AICC11V, IL.X. 'SQ AI.124'0: Cl, 'I'. AICISIt'11ll11Il. 11.11. 11 QIZ1,RfiX'1.11'1Cl. .F1'tfr'l17 I' X', AI11111111, Arts '17 . CL'I'ZlI.', IL.X. "1-1, 11.11. 'fm . . 1. 'NO S. ,. N. L ZlfI,XX'1N11. . . :. '0f1 11. X'. M111-11111. 1'1.1'1.S. '13 AIL'L'I'2IL'. Al.Il, '03 XX'. 5. Alclit-1111gI1. Ale--I. '17 Ii. A. AI.1lII2lI'I'X', IL.X. '15 N AI0111111, AIe1l. '11-'13 III. X?ICL'1'Il11l11'111, .Xrts '11s'11 I'- XX'. II"XICI5l'I'XX'I1f 515171 'AI-II. Ii. IAIIITIHIHI- I-AVT5 'ISI X 1 C. .X. Aluss. IL.X. '94, I.I..1!. '97 L . CCIIZIIQ. ILA.5t'. '05 C.A. '.-V1 ' D. H. . :1 1'1c1. 5t21tt L. . "1. 'I'. A1111-s. IL.X. '08 I. AIcC11z1111. 5c. 09 .X. If. Alcliilwllili. AI.l!. 'I-1 AI.IL "HI I. Ii. AI11ss111z111. AI.IL '11 I. I'. AIcC11Il11cI1, AI,IL '0-I 'I'. II. Alclfilliv, 11.11. '13 I'. R. AI:1II11ry. I1.I.1.S. '00 XX. Almrlmray. IL.X. '95 XX'. 5. AIcC11II1111Q'I1. AID .Xr1AIcIii111-I1'i5C. 'I7 CII. AI. 112110111-, Arts '09 II IL Aluylu. IXI.II. '10 C.AI. 'v1'1. 1141111 I4 . . .X Q QI11111111 , rts '13-'14 . I'.. . 210116, . rts '17 I, H, A111111-V, Staff .X, IJ, AICC111'lIX', I1i1,,5Q, '07 XX'. 'I'. AI. AIcIi111111111. AI.I'L '03 R. I. AIz1111o11. M.I'P.. CAI. '0-I fx 111, MU111, A1-1, '11 If. AIcC11tcI11'1111. .Xrts '13 I. I AIcI.:11'l1l111. ILA. 'I-I 17. XX'. AIi11111111g. AI.I'L '06 A IQ, AI11IIi11, ILILS, '05 AIuI1i:1r111111, A1,1b.. '86 C, II. AIilCI2l1'k'l1, I.I..IL '03 II. IC. AII1I111I11g. ILA. '11 XX. P. Aluloclc. .Xrts '19 .X. A1:1Q111j11111l1l, 111111. '16 ll. II. AluI.:11'1-11, AI.IJ.. CAI. "11' II. C. AI:11111i11g. 5t:1I'f ILA. '09 WI. I. AI11l1'1111-1111, IL.X. 50. '13 XX'. AI:'1'1I1111:1I1I. Arts '111,.'1'17 1101 111111. ILA. '88, XI.IL "IJ 'I'. R. AI:11111111f4. 50. '10 .X II. AI1111r11. '0..X.5c. '11 'Us '00 . .Iz11'I:11'1-11. Arts '17 "I'. II. AI:1r:111i, 56. '10 .X AI. Alurrav. AI.IL 'OS If. AIz1c1l+111:1I1l. 56. '16 Ii. IL AICI.Jll'C'I1. IL X. '12 XX' I. AI. Alnrcy. AI.IL '09 13 XX'. C. 1XI1I1'l'2lX', Alcrl, '10 XX, AI:1cfI011:1l1'l. .Xrts '0Sf'10 II. .X. AICI.:1rtV, AI.IL '13 'I'. XX'. Alztrling. ILA. '01 ll' fl, AI1'I1'1'ZlX', Arts '13 XY, XIQ1l1111:1I1I, ILILS, '15 II. I. AIQI.:111gI1l111. I! A. '13 If. XX'. AI:11'I011'. SITZIII' lI.l1..C.AI. I, t,, A1111-1-gy, A1-tg '16 .X. AIcI71111:1l1I 5C. '17 Ii. X'. AIcI.:111gI1I111. I11'11t. '17 I. C. AI:1rr1tt. Arts 18 I., IXI. AILl1'l'Z1X', Arts '17 II. AIcI11'111:1l1I. 50. '15 XX'. XX'. AICI.:111gI1I111. .Xrts '10 A. AI. AIZl1'5I1ZtII, .Xrts '19 I'I 5. AI11111111. Arts '17 If. AIz1t'1l1111:1I1I. Arts 'IN I. II. AIt'I.itX'. 'IL X. '11, 11.11. '13 C. C. AI:1rti11. ILA. '15 II, S, A1111-11111. ILA, '07 AIQI11111:1I1l. IL5..X. '14 AI. XIcIl.:1r. AI.IL '10 C. Ii. C. AI:1rt111, Arts '17 G, BIIISSOII, IXI,IL '95 R. AI:1C1lrQ111z1Ifl. ILA. 'I-I 1 . I'- AIz1C1'z111. 5C. '17 If. .X. II. AIil1'1'1l1. IL.X. '13 XX. AI. AIL1SI'Ill'fI. Arts '19 AIA AIg1C4Ifn1g-II, ILA.5c. '13 Il. AI:11'It'Zl11. Arts '15 Il AILIVTIII. AI.II. '15 C. AICIJ1'1L1gg11I. SC, '11 II. .X. AIcI.1-1111. IL.X. '15 I IQ. AIZIVTIII. A1.11.. C.AI. '01 II. C. NZ'l91'l1ItIl, X'I..X.. I"I1.I77. '03 P, XIg1QI1r111,Qff1I. IL.X. '15 Y. DI. AICI.1':111. ILA. '12 XX' AIZ11'1Il1. IL.X. '08 I1 R. Ncdy, 11.11. '99 IL AICI'l1111gz1Il 1151- IT. '11 XX'. 'l'. AICI.L'21I1, XI.IL '10 '11, II. C. AI215O11. ILA.SC. '08 172. A. Ncif. IXIICII, '07 AI. AICI11111u:1II. Arts '13 I'. .X. AIf'I,4'I111J111 C. X'. Alnsscy. 5tz1ff IL.X. '10 II .X. II. Nc-Iles. .Xrts '11-'13 "XX'tl1II1CIl3CI I4 Vagsifxg vww , 6 awww mal vp. ' , . 'I wfaz, -,-S" at I "3lf1's'!"' ,X It xr r I , -, I H ,X 4-my 'v I I , ' Q: 'm, ' 1 1 f :Rf " ' I v J -14 , f I rf Q Y ' ' , If hh -: - .M ,' . ' , Q NN... ' ' 'wn.,,h,-I , A 'Q 1- ,V f K A' -,aw .A E . 5 ' N M X 9 , f-9:n?:.:,,gQ,W 5 1 ' , , A A s wgw ' - v 1 g - er ' opldn "Sf,gz,"'1,. fggf evvxffwwsm, c'hf41J1LdL'g1knEw Czip1'.R-George far lhefronri A Ftehch B Atvvxher The 2 Mile Range . Valcar liter Fmrst Llne 'I' cench 1 m In gh . 1: '2 S The AW you Femmes I5 LJ A I it Rwltiri A 'l I ' ll Tri. L A 1 L' S"'1j A U fif Egffg A sf az. s. reyt.-W. starr 31.13. '75 -, ffm' - 5 .S .. ,MW S' I M.D. '76 3 f.vjHl'11' 4, Nw ff X 'WMI I 4-M J. 12. 13. law-50.1, A1-rs 'oo CQ? Mn f f Q 13. Rrrw. Arts '11-'13 - 1' A..Fl"ls"1I-,Q-1 'R f x li. 11. Saer. Arts '16 - 1 .- -L,W1- A - f , , N W 1 ' -rw c. rc. sxric, rw.D.s. '04 ?.'g'H'vG"CIi. AHA N' 4 X ig! :XX P. A. Sarjeant. Med. '16 4. 1. 711115, . '. . . . 1 frrtllCutc. I., , . . JVXVICII, I ct. ' . I, -lorwiclr ' . . . v . 1. LIUU1'SL', 1.,.. . ' S 1 gf X . n SN M VL. .img-A , 731, .Ly f3 ' I ' I 1. fb . NX I I ,X , ji , Ill -- . - - -- -. Aa P-Q- 612151 115,52 . f A . . ' : rl . ,,ffvf' fff I x ni I , xt 1. '17 " '-1,..Q+f p.1gf.f 4, I Nl Nttll i NI 1' 'lu KL- f K 4 Q 'f- 4, 225.65 " IX 1 N W 14 is " It .Ms -r 1 mi 1 1 xs '11 ?.z,..-224. of ix yy." Q f L X1 1.1 In IJ s 11 3. iv-gpg f - vt' ' ,f xx I v. 1 N11 10 I -' -.g5. s'-f,g, w- I ' x xx N. N1 nt N1 wi ir, ,QV Warmth. xx 1 N II xii iw 11111 ,u , 3.1551 f , I JF' xx I N 1 x 1 ff.1f2..,- .f 2551! ,Li H X N I X .10 .I .I :rf ly rl X t Nt X1 I 16 X s My A A 2 1 I1 1 x st if. E' f 411, C A ,Jff-W ' L I N 1 s x lv I 0111 .H 11 I Nl Muff un t NI ff. .1.,. Mlm' .. ."' 11. A. Ualcus. Arts 'IS 12. S. 11'Ilrian. Arts 'IO .1. VV. Oilcll. ILA. "Il A'. XV. Urllum. Arts C. 1-3, nga.-n. .ms '1H4'1l Y. Ii. 1,1'110I'1I1I11l, 31.11. 'IS 11. 15. 11. O'llrzuIy. Arts '05-'07 ',1. AI. 11, lf1'Grfuly. Arts '07-'03 . 11. 1Y1I1IIIIlIl1. 1'l.A.'IIS. 1.1,.Il.'ll . II. Ulivcr, Arts "1-I-'16 R. J, or-.itz l..,x. 1.. 1 I -1. A. Urmshy. SC. '16 11. AI. Urr. Arts 11. AY. Hrr. Sc. 'IR J. 11, U1-r, 31.11, 'S4 I.. 17. Urr. 1"hm.I1. '96 11. C. 1,1sIJul'IlL'. 'O-I 11. Uslcr. 1.1.C.1.. 1110111 '02, '03 Sir 1.1..1l. K11on.I 1'. AI. 1VSuIIivz1n. Staff ILA. '10 A1 X ' , 11 I.. C. Hutt-rhrillgc-, l1.A, '11 S. A. Uvcrenfl, 11.11. CAI. '011 C. C. 1i1XYk'Il. ILA. '86 1'1. 1'1. 11. 1V11VL'11, Alcfil. '17 11. C. Palmer, A1.II. 'l-I DI. S. 1'antt-r, Sc. 'lu Ii. 15. Pzlnton, 11.11. '41-I IJ. Papa, Arts '15 F. S. 1'arliC. I1.A. '09, 11.12. '11 C. Parker. Ilunt. '18 XY. C. Parker, ILA. '13 X. F. Pilrliinson. AI.A.SC. '15 A. If. IDEIVIUXY, 11.Sc.I7. '13 1. R. I'arry, ILA. ".'9. AIA. '03 XA". XV. Parry, f1.A.'1l. I.l..l1.'15 C. Parsons. SC. '19 11. C. Parsons, ALA. '0-1. ALI7.. C.A1. '92 J. I.. 11. I,Jll's0l1-., 15.A. '97 If.. 11. 1'at.'rson. Phm,1i. '12 I I -1. Iatrimc. Arts '17 A. Patterson C. F. 1'z1ttvl's.o11. Arts '18 1 -Q K , . Q. 1'ZlflL'1'sull. I..A. 13 AI. 11. Pzittcrson. 11.11. '14 P1l1lL'l'srr11. Arts '95-'96 S. Patton. ILA. 'll ly. 111. II. XV. 1. Patton x R. Paul. M.1!. ln R. C. Paul. For. 'IN S' J Iaul. SC. 3 1'. II. 131111. Arts '16 1. A. Pearce, Arts '17 "XY, AI. Pt-arcs. For. '1lf'l4 11. II. 12. Pc-arwn. Arts '16 R. Pa-arse. Sta11 Klcfl. 11. C. Pearson. N111 L 11 9w 11. AI. Pearson. 11.A."'15 'A ' ' 13. Pearson. Arts '17 KI. P. Pearson. Arts '15 m - ' R. Pczmrson. 1..A. 1,1-I Pengelly. Arts 1.. I.. P. C. A. Pennington. I1.A. '11 R. S. Pcntt-cost, l1.A. '07. 11.12. 'IW E. Ia-1.131-. BAK. '11 S. II. Pc-plar. SC. '19 Q.. S. Pm-1-n. 1Z.S.A. 'I 'R ' " f ' -'1zf: u fi'lff'IIlI , f rm. iifmff-1117 ' ' i'2l.g11F.'x1'77' . I! , uf. xl. IR-rry. sc. 'wg Y. R. Pfrimncr. Sc. '16 I. '11 I1mi1i!.., .xi-it 'is . . J f - . .. 5. I.. .C .. . .. 1 .. 11. 1.. Phillips. l!.S.A. '12 11' 1' Phillip I X Sc 1-I 1 R PI I1 I A1 1' 09 .. . ii 1, . . I. , AY. 11. Philip, Arts '18 AY. AI. Philip. 11.A.SC. '13 lf. Ijhilpott. Arts '17 II. Y. Pickcring. AI.A. '11 lf. NY. Pickfoiwil. 11,A. '10 I. XY. Pilchcr. AI.1'I. '09 11. If. 11. Platt. ILA. '13 Platt. Phm.11. '13 Q . U. Plnminur, Arts '17 R. PUZISI. Affi 'lg . Polflwll. Arts '17 II. A. Portcoufs. For. '16 it 111. Poupore. Arts '17 1 . R. .1 1 1. ' 11 11, 1,1't'l1I1L'1'g21N1. Arts' 16. Hell. '1 lf. Prawn-tt, Arts '16 11. II. Prcston, 11.A. '1-1 -1. A. Y. Pu-ston. 1'Z,A.l'S5. .I..1I, ' XY. 1. Preston. ILA, '14 AI. Price. Arts '13-'l-I A. 11. Priest. IIA. '12 A. Priinrosc. Staff AI11. 'R9 XY. 1:'rou4lf0ot. DIY.. ILA. '10 11. S. Putter, Arts '16 lf. If. Ifugsley. Artsi'1-1- C. M. 11. Purchas. Sc. lf R " ' ' C. N. Qua. ILA. '13 tl, NV. Racey. 31.11. '07 C. A. Rae. Heel. '17 R. Raikus. KI.11. 'R1. Al.1l, 'N2 IC. C. Rainhoth. Arts '17 NY. 12. Raley. Sc. '15 If. C. Ramsrlcn. 1211, '13 .Y R. Ramsey. Arts '09-'11 G. 11. S. Ramsey. A11-rl. 'IS NY. Y. Ramsey, Arts '17 11. U. Rankin. Arts '15 1. P. Rankin. 11.13. '73 R. R. Rankin, Med. '07-'08 I.. ll. Rathhurn. 11.A. '15 II. A. Rawlings, Med. '16 17. N. Rcarl, 11.A.SC. '12 Rcaume. Med. '18 Rt-rlclick, Med. '17 ll. S. 1. XV. S. XV. Rt'I'1l11f1I1f1, Dent. '09-'10 I.. 11. Rt-cd. For. '18 XV. I.. 13, Recd. '1'rin. '93 "AV, 11. Redman. 11.A.Sc. '15 1. 11. Ruhclcr. Arts '16 IC. N. I... Rcifl. Arts '06-'10 1. S. Rt-ill. ILA. '1-1 G. IC. RICYELI.. 1Z.A.Sc. '00 XY. 1. Reilly. HA. '12 tl. S. Rcnnic. 11.11, CM. 'S9 .Y C. Rico. ILA. 'Ori G. 11. I.. Ricu. ILA. '14 I.. AI. Rice. ILA. '11. 11.13. '13 R. KI. RICIIARDS. Arts '11 C. 11. Richarrlson. YQ-t. '18 N5 ll . A. Pynvs. A1.11, 18. 31.11. N0 11 15 'O D C. E. P. Richarrlson. AI.11 '07 171. li, Richarflson, A111 '95 T A. R. 11. Richmonml. 11A'.S. '11 II. C. Rickahy, Arts '13 A. R. Ritlrlcll. 11,A. '12, AI.1I, '15 XY. XY. Riflgc. Arts '17 E. 11. Ritllcy. 11.A. '95 XY. Riley. SC. '19 . 1.1. Riric. Arts 'IS tl. XV XY. XV. Ritchic. SC. '16 R. lf. Rivers, Nlefl. '19 11. If. Roilf. 11.11. 'Ol 11.11. 'US 1. A. Roberts. Stat? 31.11. '98 I. lil. Roberts, llcnt. '15 QI. I.. leant.-r, Ixos. 'us A. 5. ROIJCITNUII. ILA. '15 11. E. Robertson. Stait A1.13. '07 E. 1. Rohcrtson, ILA. '1-I F. 11. Rohcrtson, 11.SC.l:. '1-I ,I. AI. Robertson. I1.A.Sc. 'l-I I.. 171. ROI1c1'fsul1. Staff 11.A. '07 31.12. '00 N. R. Roht-rtwn. IZ,A.SC. '07 A. F. Robinson. ILA. '09 C. C. Robinson. Arts '16 17. A. Robinson. Sc. '13 11 ' '04-'06 Robinson, Arts 1. 11. Robinson. Arts 04-'06 .S. 1. R. Robinson, Arts '16 XY. E. Robinson, l!,A.SC. '12 C. E. Rocliereau flu la Sahlierc. UCC. '12 1. 11. Rogt-r. Mt-fl. '18 C. H. Rogers, 11.A.SC. '07 C. Rogers. 1'i.S.A. '13 11. P. Rogers. 31.11. '13 I. 11. Rogcrs, Me-fl. 'IS S. O. Rogers. M.Il. '13 S. Rogers, 151.S.A. '12 G. A. Rosu. Yet. '15 .Y E. Ross. 31.11, '11 F. 1. 11. Ross, Arts '17 VV. Ross. M.B. '15 1. XV. Ross. Arts '17 NV. A. Ross. 171.A. '13, lI.A. '14 fl. Ro-si. Arts '1-I-'15 '1'. C. Routley. 11.11. '15 II. Y. Routh, Staff '05-'12 H. NI. Rowe, SC. '10-'13 A. C. Rowswcll. 31.12. '13 G. Royce. 11.A. '94, Staff N1.I1.'97 12. 11. Ruclmlv. Arts '07-'09 R. 15. Rudolf. Stait 1A1erl.1 N. 11. Russell. Heal. '18 T. A. Russell. HA. '99 F. S. Rutherford. 11.A.SC. '14 H. R. Rutherford ILA. '15 XV. 13. Rutherforrl, Merl. '16 F. C. Rutley. II.A.Sc. '12 VV. 1. Rutley, Arts '12 YV. Ruttcr. 11.A.SC. '15 HI. It Rvan, Arts 12 A. C. Ryerson. Arts 11 E. S. Rverson. Staff AI.17. 11. C. RYICRSON. SC. '02-'05 ' XV o u n fl e cl I6 . H. Richarflson. Staff 11.11. '90 A. Ross. R1.1.l. '92, 1I.1D., C NI 'U' C. C. Saunders, B.V.S. '01 li. 11. Saunders, Arts '17 ' Saunrlcrs, Arts '13-'14 I.. L. R. P. Szzunrlt-rs. 1i1.A. '03 XY. I.. Scanclrett. E.SC.F. '12 Al. 11. Schell. SC. '18 A. G, Scott, 1'l.A.SC. '15 C. V. Scott. B.A. '14 F. G. Scott, Arts '16 . -1. D. Scott, ILA. '13 XV. A. Scott. Staff ILA. '95 XY. 1. Scott. Med. '17 11. 11. Scurlamore. Arts '16 G. Scullartl, Med. '16 E. Sealc. Arts '16 R. I.. Seaman, Arts '16 Scaniorc. Agri. '18 XY. 11. Seaton. 31.13. '13 ll. II. Scgrc-. SC. '09 Ii. R. Selby, 11.13. '10 I.. VV. Shannon. Arts 'SS P. R. Shaunfm. Meal. '17 S. I.. Shannon. Arts '12-'13 1. E. Sharman. Sc. '17 Sharp. Arts '17 1. 11. 1. 1'1. Sharpe, A1I:4'I.V'16 C. Sharps, B.A.SC. '13 C Sh S 1 31. N. . S arpc. -tiff 1I.A. '00. X111 '11 XV. C. Sl1Zl1'1'lt' 41. AI. Shaw. 31.11. '0-1 R. N. Shaw. 31.11. '06 XV. E. Y. Shaw, 1'1.A.SC. '15 I.. 1. Slit-partl. Arts '17 A. C. T. SI1t'l1lf1El1'f1, Sc. '07 I.. P. Slicrwootl. 11.A. '07, LI...13. 'io 11. Shiclrls. Staff ILA. 09. 111 I' '11 1. 111. Sl1icl1QIs. BI.1Z. '13 R. I.. Shiclfjls, 111.11 '11 Sliieri V N . - I.. YV. 1.1. Shier, B.A.Sc. 13 1. C. Shipton, HSA. '15 1-. K. Shirton, 1X'1cfl. '17 XV. 1. Shortreetl. B.A. '09 C. Sifton, Jr., B.A. '15 I.. S. Sifton. Arts '10 VV. B. Sifton, B.A. '10 .-.. AA". V. Sifton, Arts '17 R. Silcox. Arts '09 VV. 1.. Silcox. 111.11 '96 VV. II. Sim. Arts '13-'15 A. VV. Sime. B.A.Sc. '14 1. A. Simmcrs. SC. '18 1. L. Simmons. 13.SC.F. '15 K. 31. B. Simon, M.13. '13 C. Simpson. Arts '09-'10 12. A. Simpson. Arts '16 1. D. Simpson, HA. '12 S. H. Simpson. 'D.D.S. 'OJ T. 1. Simpson. ALB. '15 A. VV. R. Sinclair. Arts '17 C. E. Sinclair, B.A.Sc. '14 II. A. Sinclair, B.A. '15 -xr I. 11. Sinclair. TLA. '15 If. Y. SinClai1', AISCI. '19 R. 13. Sinclair, 13.A.Sc. '15 XV. E. Sinclair. NLR. '14 XV. R. Skev. Arts '18 XV. 11. Skilling. HA. '15 C. C. Slemin. Arts '19 11. A. 11. Slemin, Arts '09-'13 J. C. M. Sloane, 111.11 '95 A. A. Smith. Arts '03-'10 A. A. Smith. I1.D.S. '99 C. II. Smith. SC. '17 1 B l -A -,. I Y 7 3 orfwr ...- ....., ... 11 ON A '1'1V 1E.,x 51E,1QV11C1E 11 4. 1 ,,,.,, ls VY . A,L A- 159' -'-1-2-1..f,,,..-Y L Y Y V 11, -, gb.-. H 77,7771 vm nt ' - 'y , X N7 . WV "" f f . STX? ' 'QF f 1 11 1 1111-f , , I .f L ' -' 1' 'H 'fT"A'. 1 f 1- ' 1 ' ' . . . D I' ' ' 1 Elf' X-'i""' x,, " MQ4 " '36 96" 11- lv- 111111l1"H"1'f'. 15--X ""' . x. b11'llt1l, btafl 11.13. 96 . Q 11111 511 . V- LFP . X R , rj, XI I, .N D. A. smith, 'os .- J ,1f f ,,i'92S"e, 1 fdfgfu . K. R WMMM I, X .H '- F. H. Smith. .Xru '17 1, mn ' 'X 1 J' If Q WMV I, 'X F- R- Smith- MMA '17 "X " ' I' "":f771111 ' 4 11' E' XX'i'Qh' 11.1.1 '17 G. M. Smith. Sum' BMX. '99 'f 1, - gr " wifi. 1615. -ga .1 XX g XX-i,44.,,g.,i ,ki 41. G. SH111111, 'OU 5 , F I," RA ufilllvl ' vis -II '13 H. R. smith, 11.15315 W 1 A .ff .Wt F NNW hx .U 1. R. Smith, 31.13 '11 Q f J, 111- 1' 11, 1 Q 'm,,m ',, 1' Xl X .N J. R. Smith. B..-X. '13 ALA. '14, g 1, 1,,:.fx'W111W y 1 '11 XX'il14i1'15 Um. -if 'A ' Med- '17 N' 111 111 1 "' li. Xx'i1ka1,Q.,,3 X1-1. '11 '11 R- N- Smith, Arts '17 1U11L iir1E1i ff X Xx'1l1Qm-...I 1: X 'ls W. F. Smith. Aw '17 .1 -Q?li f? f XXL xx'111..r.1 X1-lim W. G. Sfnith. F01-. '13 X ., ll. xxw11..1 .1 'nz .X '1 C. Smytw. SC. '11, ,H X, XV' , Q. '- Q. G- Smythc' SC- '11 ll, "11 .'X S1 11 AX. E. Snell, BMX. '99, 31.13. 'oz 4 551 ' ' " ' gm, 11. A. Sl1t:tZ111gG'l', 11.11. '13 N-46' X, Xyillimns I: Xgc 'lg ' E- Snider. BJ- '90 . - . , . . . XX' xx'a111..11H- "XJ-101' rx. S111V61Cy, BMX. 'OG Q. It byktx 11661. 17 11. 11. L1l11L'1'1ll11, 11.1. '11 If 'xynlimnx 'lx R. L. Smith, Arti '18 1'. Sykcs, .Xrls '1'1 11. 11. 1'11wi11. l1.S..X. 'IW lf' XX'ilH,lmx' All R. H. Smith, BLD. '98 ,1. 11. Symingtun, .11ur1. '1'1 R. AX- l'f1C5'- Sf- 717795 11' XX'g111'-,mf 'xgllfy' W. 1.1. Smith. 11.13. 'ss ll. I.. Sym-ms. .xm -13.14 li M. Xfmxlu.-11. 1:..x.s1-. '13 14"11'i11i'1111N' Mi. X :4... '11 C. Sniveley, 15.-X. '06 C. F. Sznnnmmurs, 11111. Sc. 'll K 11. Y:111Nfy1'111z111. 11.11. 'H4 I" Wimglmx' I: X 71 G- AX- SHOW, A1'fS'13"14 "- 11- 1f"1Wf'f- 'UA 'U If. xx'i11mmQ. mis. 'us lf. 1. Somerville, Arts '17 11. XY. Tale, Sc. '09 1 v N1-1? Q Xymi, If X '14 1. C. Sorlcy, Arts '16 .X. 11. '1'z1y1m', 1l..X. '0S. 11.11, '111 1'- 14- XHUX- M-UH UM- 'NS ' 'X XX'i111...H' 'Xyp 'nm,.4px G. 11. Southam. BMX. 'O7 AX. E. Taylor, 1!..X. '02, K1,.X, '03 .X 11. x'L'11lI11. 11.12. '11 QI' xx-iIlUw,IiI,g. I: X In 1. T. Spack, Med. '19 E. 11. Taylor. 1X1-ts '18 31- 1'- 1'K'1'1151 U--1-SC '14 'X' gg XX'mf,,,.,1,'1,. "lf X '1,, 11. B. Spaulding, Ti..-X. '14 F. 1. Tzlylor, Arts '12-'1-1 .X .X, 11. 1L'1'11ll11. Sc. 'IH Xy'm,mN If X' '-14" ' G. P. Spackman. .Xrts '19 F. N. Taylmz .Xl'tS '16 , .N , A Q Q 13' XX'i1Q,,,, ' X,f,',"1., C. J. Spam-ow. MD.. CM. '01 11. iz. '1'.xYI,u1z, sc. '13 M 5- 111vHW1'1u11f- 31,11 '11 lf' Xv.1..,,,' 'Xl 11 '1 C. R. Spencer,B.Af..'O5.M.11.'OS 11. M. 'mylmg .Xl-15 '16 XX. ly. 112116-Drk 'Uber '13 lif xx'11.1mf 111121 -1.1 C. Spencer, B.S.,X. '1-1 11. 11. 'l':1y1o1', 1!..X, '12 K, 11- x1f'1'l1'1'l1- M311-A 11 141, XXHIWH. 515111 AXI.l,. '11 J.vSj21l11iS - 11. 'mylm-, Aux. 'oo ly 11. 11,1-114611 311- .13 lx xx'a1..,.,. 11.115, me Cf. W. bvfagge. RA. 'lv R. 13. '1'Zlj'11ll'. sc. '17 "- 12- 11fl'kf1'- AWN .11 . xl. xx'n..,.1. sf. '11 F. W. Squire, 1-SA. 'SS R. M. 'I',XYI,UR, .xl-1. 'xc '.' Y- Wflllm- -WX .li 1. Xx'n...11 xl.1:. was J- A. Stanley. Mc-11. '16 '11 G.'l'nv1m',.X1-ts '12 5.4 AE- Wl'kf1'- NNY .17 4. xvi1...,f N.. '1r1 N. Stzmfeld. B.S.1X. '14 AX. jr. 'l'Lf1fm.. ILA. '13 IA. 13. xxvIl11it'1', lk-111: .lf 'XX-NWN. -H 11. 11. btz1p1Qs. 13.1. 0" 11. M. 'I'1-nnzmt. .Xrts '17 "' 'I' XXf"l2'C" API" .uf I. 1Yi1wu. ILX. '1.?. N1w1 '1f R- C. H. Staples. If-D-S '13 lf. C. 'll-slu-x', 1:..x. '14 1' 11- 11f'11iifv- 1'-AX 1-M - ix. X1'i1-1-11. faux. '15 U- Stark- H-H '15 .X. M. '1'11H11'lZlN, SQ. '16 -'X H- "- 11 f"'1"1 '- 'VV "1 . - IQ. xx'i1..m, xl.1:. -117 lf- AX. SMYCS. HHS-13. '13 R. .X. '1'11U111ZlS, M,1m,c.Al. '03 . .. . . , MW' "f g. 14. XX'g1.,.,,, 1:,,X, 'ma R. H. Sffnvy. Trim. Div. '99 R. H, '1'11H11121Q, Aux. '09 -" 5' 11i"'1lf- Nj lf. . R. XX'n...H. .xl-1- '11 XY. A. Su-cle. B.4X.Sc. '15 Q. A. '1'1,.,m,,W1, .mg Us -'. 11. Wf"'21ff' "W ."-' ' '11 XX'n..,,1. X1-1- '11 Q. XY. Stevenson. SQ. Q17 Q' IF. 'l'1,,,m1,5m1. yvt. -13,-13 :Qvil11i1g4'. .X11t- Q11 IA XX-NWN' MIM. -My 11. 11. QYCVCUSOU. MQC1. V15 11. N. '1'11H11111SH11, .Xrts '19 'i' .f'Hf1Lf'- 'Fmt 15 . . 11. 11'i11g. ll--111. 'lf A. lf., mcwal-1. 1:..x.f,c. 1: 113. xv. '1'n.,m,,..m 1- 5- 11."".f'S1'- Ng1f1..1:--1 'H' xv. xx'am1.11. 1l.Il.S. '11-1 lv. I.. M. Ste-wart. Sc. '05 lf. 1., '1'11ll111l1N11l1, 11.11, '11 11 QI' 11531115 V512 ,UP , nf, 5. xx'f.1,..,-1, IZMX, -11-1 l1.VStewz11't'. Sc. '10 ll, P, 'l'11,-,m,,,,,,1, 11115. N14 I -H' Jflhf' by 1" Rf XYir1w..w. 11.12. 'IL Al-Vstcwflftv R1-R' '14 '1'11Ul11lr5Ull, 11.11, 'II7 I 'xXX,'H"l"" 11l"' 1':. 11'm1x'11rvL1w'. X1.11..L,R1.'41f 1. Stuck. SC. '08 P. 117. '1'11U11111Si'l11. 11.11. 'SX Q Y"xYf1lE"4i"I,' .QE 11. 1Ymn1. ILX. '111 V. F. Stock. 11.1. '12, l1,lI. '15 R, F. '1'1'IH1111lhl111, 11,.X. '111 'l' XY' xxfffkf' 'QQ ".1..' 11. XX'.,.,41. 11.13. 'us XY. O. Stm14.1a1't. .Kris '18 R, C. 'l'11u1u1Nm, ,Xrtx '17 lr xvf'-"Q X X-14 11. 1111-111. 11..X. '11 1. 17. Stone, 13..X.SC. '15 S. '1'1l111111lS0l1. .Xg1'i. '16 C x"R1'l,',,"'UP -U1 1:1 17. W1-ff-1. 17--1511 '1-' G. R. Stone. 11.13. '10 C. G. Tlmlnsun. 11.11. 'UG H' 'X' XXL' --f"HI',l'x' J15 Xl I, .1 , 14. Xvrurxlx, ,Xrtl R. S. Stone. .Xrts '17 12. 31. 'l'11mnmn, 1l.,X. '11 If xy','1.',',"' ,1'J' ' " XY. 11""'lil'5'. 11.12. '1-. 51-11 11. 11. Storms. Sc. '15 ll. R. '1'114l1119011, .Xrts '18 If I "Nf:I'm'1:t1:u QNX -1 li: 11111--1NxXw1'l11. 51-1111 V1' 1 'l'. 1'1. D. Storms. 11..X. '10, KI, ll. '1'11l'1l1151l11, fX1.1l, '1-1 I,-' I' Xiglvall 6HQ'.1'g-.14 . 11-n'1l1111gt-nm. N 1111-11 v 11.11. '15 A. 51. 'l'11u1'stc'm. Fur, '10 Ig' if uf,-tw. .Mtg .lg I-'I 5, XXm't11I112l"11- 11.11 . C. 12. Stow-. D.11.S. '06 Q. .x. xl. '1'111-11.11, 11.11. um ,. if WQQQQ' X, .1 qi.,-1 . . . . 1-11 ' J. G. S11-acmm. Med. '17 I.. 1:. 'ra11m. 1:.,x.sQ, '15 lj' I' Wjmfil' M1 '-IL ' ' 1,11 112111. Nj 15 G. S. Stratford. Sc. '16 R. S. Timmis, XR-t. Sc. '00-'11 XI '11 19115111 'I' X Qi '11 11"'1i"F- 'XVI' lg- - Stl'Z1f11Y, S1311 T011111, SQ, '16 im' C" xvitgnn' v1'lg1l1. l1,.X' lI.Y rl CM- '05 1. I-1. 'I'U4111. 11.11. '05 XX' 11 XX1qf,.f,,Q AXN, '11, T' 11'i'2'11- Nm'-. .W G. B. Stratlxy, 1l.A. '00, M.1X. 'OZ 1, Q. 'l'.,1mgL, ILAX- '35 XX' W xf',t.n'1 'if Q, I Ph, . 12. NX1j1ght. 11.115 .11 1. M. S11-my, 13.,X.Sc. '14 Ly up 'p.,,,, X,-1. -N w ' , f' Q '11": "'4 R. 11 112111. .wx lf- D. Stratton, D.D.S. '02 1. X. 1-.,,,.,' S, -If 11-Ilx11,'1ffN-X1'-1414.15 11. xy.-igh1. 1:.s..x. '11 K. V. Stratton. Arts '16 11. 17. '1'0l'1'Zl11Ck', 11..X.Sc. '12 1'Q"XX'J1l1-5' Q,-f,"'1' X" xx.""ng' "Hx 1"' YV. VV. Stratton, .Xrts '17 N. 12. '1'UXX'L'1'S, 1111. '08, 1.1..11.'11 Ali 'XyL..H.fn.' 'H X I-H . 411. Wrfnmg. 13.1. .11 12. R. Street. SC. '93 R. 1. 'l'uwc1'Q, ILAX, "JG If AX iydlfj "ln, 1'-,N-11a'1Hw1.111111 11' 111. 1- Stuart, BMX. '11 'I'. I.. '1'mwrs. 11.11. 'OS Q1 lg' XX'k-1,,fU,- AX,-tg '11, 'F' 11f"H1"1- Ng 1" 12. ,1. Stubbs, 11.11. 'OO XY. .X. 'l'mv11e1uy. 13.S..X. 'lrl Q' AX' XX'..1,5u.,.' lg Q'AX -13 5' 11wm-- 111' 14 F. C. Stupart. For. '18 nl. ,X. 'l'1-L-blicock, l!.Sc.1f. '15 lx' If X.X't.1,,tL.,-' X1'f,1' 'Aw . . - Sunnncrs Axrti v17 XY G TVCH-Owl I, D ,Q -12 I 1 ,' ' E ' - , N L'11IlXX'1x'L'N. 411. ,, ' , ' ,-HA - -.'-- - L'1S1k'1. 11..X.5C, 1.1 XII 'HX C. Sutclzlfc. bc. 10 bl. 11. lr111b1u. .Xrts 17 gi XX1-ir, AX1-tg '17 , . , Q fn. M. Surllel-land. 31.13. 'os .x. C. 5. 'lu-m-11. 1:..x:1:. x1..x.'1s ll S. XW.1.,,.. 5, IN '31 F"l"12- 1'-1" ,U 1. VV. Sutllerland, 11.41. '03, C. N. '1'uckc1'. .Xrts '18 LQ ,Xl XXX-llg, ML-.L '17 'X' XUUUQ' Nu" "HX . U' . NLR. '03 .X. 'l'urn1:u11, 11..X. '15 XX', IQ, XX'L-qt ,Xl-1. '15 . . .V . - K IN H C C I P N ' .- '-' w M 1' Xullll' NX 1, 1- f- 4- - bufflv- ANN Of-06 11.11. lumlmll X, 11. Xx'h.1m. SQ. '10 15 Y01"il" 'X' '1 A. E. Sutton. 11.13. '09 1C. ,X. 'l'urnur. .Xrts '17 1, XY, XX'1,L.Ulm.. xlllju LXXIK 'Q ua Y " "Nl'l1."-1. H- C- SUHOH- M-H '14 ll- 'l'111'HfI'- Aw '09 Li 11. XX'1m-lm-11. sc. '16 xx" 11"1""' ' 1111- N1 '11 11. F. Swann. Arts '17 IC. .X. 'l'wif1z111-. 1!..X,Sc. '14 1, XX', XX'hifQ, lfhmjiv 'fm I 'Y ' 'mgf' :N " 'A' A. A. Swijmarton. Sc. '16 R. 'l'yrw11itt, Sc '15 11, C. XX'11i1Q, 11.S..X. '10 " 'mlm' "' ' AA. SXYITZQT. .XYYQ 'lg '1'j'11L'l', 'OU XY11it111n1'g-, AX1'1x '17 17. ZXX1F1i. X1-1.1, '1lv XXM1111111-1'1 17 J C1 ,mf X 'QINQ j0fVBmmf1'1f Lf UL.HQji47'c1f9 7' rv111'11'1' rrwfvnvrrvvv ,Wu for Q V' ,Wqx:s.s-gy" T.jLllJZO1',fX'fLU'UJ' A S TAFI? A UNWERS QV TQRQNTQ QCQNTHNGIENWQQQCIZQV Nuff orcrfly CbfOnQf Corn 279 crlvdz my Off! CGI' ll fgrg-5 f7CyfC0jyQ7-- LlC9Llf f,C7,'29A S ver 9"""vn- at 4 L z'cJutFB,!1'cJn f-M-A' A , , , , A ffm .Lawf 73A lewd Muskeffy 1,115 ffacfof' . HOU AFM-If C fl C Vlfl'J'9'f?75 !70ymc15?'6'ft M D M Q l Qu ar?'of'fm15 far - - 18 THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO CONTINGENT ---- CANADIAN 1915-10316 111e C. U.'11.C 111 11nce l'L'Nl1111Cfl 11s 11c1ivi1ies. Since 111e 1111l11ing111 111e May Canip 111e c111ss 111 IQI5 111111 Q'1'Z11l1lZ11L'1l. V, 111111 sever11l 111e11111ers 111 111e 1111111114 vears 111111 gone 1i1n ZlC1lYC service: 111hers 112111 1111121111611 COININISSIUIIS 111 1111111111 regnnents 111111 were preparing' 111 go 11X'Cl'SC2lS. 11111 as 111C1'C was ' airly large e111ry in 111e 11ew I'l1'S1 N ear. 111e s1reng1h 111 111e c11rps w11s 211111111 111e s11n1e as C-0-'ITC MARCH WWI' las1 year, llZllllCly, 1,5011 Some changes were niacle 111 111e c11n1pos11111n 11f 111e c111np1111iQe. Owing 111 111e reclueecl registration in 111e Faculty of .1Xp1J1i'Sfl Science, 21 large l1lllll11C1' 111 51111161118 11.11111 1111' Ontario Veterinary College were e11rolle1l 111 111. Ciillllbillly. 211111 El 15121101111 111 li. CHllll'JZl1ly was n1acle up entirely of n1en1I1ers 111 111e 'lleaching 311111. '11he L'n1versi1y C11111 pl1111111n was enlarged ancl organized 11s N. QlUl1ll32llly. 'llhe 1w11 19. .X. C. kl111'lll12l1l1CS 11'll1l11llQ 111 Guelph were also a11acl1ec1 111 111e U. 111 '11, contingent. In 111e lXI1Cll2lGl1llZlS 1er111 Il series of Sl1CCQSS1llI nel1l 1l11ys were 116111 111 CC1l2ll'YIllL'. giving opportunities for practice in 1151116-11121l'Cll1llg', ex1en11e1l Ol'1lC1' work, 111111 Zl11ZlCli 1l1OV61'1lCl1'1S. The Corps helcl its Cl1U1'C1l Paracle 1111 Slllllllly, Nov. 14111.'111C11l1X'1,1CZl1i1111 111111, where the address was given hy Principal 141111011 111 Lv111V6l'S11j' College. Uniforms were ZIYZIIIZIIJIC for IIQZIVIY all lll6llll1Cl'S, 11111 1111 ri11es 1111 111e 1irs1 11111111111 111 111e year. I.Yl'Elll12l'EClY "Martini He11ry's" were pr11vi11e1l 111 s1111ic1en1 111111111015 111 611211110 all to l111ve 111e requisite pr11c1ice 111 111e "K1an1111l"111111forp11r1i1111s11f1heliringexercises. The few Mark 111 Ross R111es av111l1111le 112111 111 11e c11ref11lly Sll2ll'C1l 1111 111e l'61llZlll'l1,lL'l' 111 111e Musketry 1llStl'LlCt1Oll. In 111e 111a11er of efficiency, 111e Corps was 1111 111e w11111e 111 ll lllllCll l1e11er p11si1111n 1111111 before. The majority 111 111e 111611117618 111111 2:0110 1hro11gl1 last year's 1l'?lll11l1Q'. so 111111 pr11- longecl 1'CCI'Ll1'E-1111118 on a large sc11le were 1111 longer C necessary, 111111 111e n111re 21flX'Zll1CC1l work w1111 Hllllltlllll 111- St1'1.lC1I1Ol1H co11l11 11eg111 211 once. Many 111 111e o11icers 111 111e Corps l1a1l 1ake11 c1111rses 211 Niagara 1lUl'1llg' 111e 81111111161 111111 were 11e11er C1llEll11l6Cl 1111 111e work 111 1llS1l'LlCt11Jll. -eXn111ng 111e N.C.O.'s .were several 1lllflC1'g'l'2l1ll1Zl1CS 1111w 11011111111 Certificate A. 211111 others l'CC61YC11l CC'1l11ll'llF1S1UllS 111 111e Corps. 1l1eir services lbiflllg' re111i11e1l 1111 111ey left 111 join overseas 111111s. O11 the other 11211111 111e Corps exper1e11ce11 s11111e 1111311- c11l1ies, especially tlllllllgll 111e latter p11r1 of 111e year, owing to 111e loss, co111p1e1e or partial, 111 niany 111 11s 11es1 111611111613 1 who during 111e session were leaving 111 join 111e lfxpe11i11111111rv I ' SI'1R11il'.-KI.x'1K7IQ 1ll'X'l'. ll Years' St'1'X'1L'k', R11v:11 XY11s11 1f11-i1i11's Forces or to take 11p i111p11r111111 1Xc1ive Service 1l111ies in 19 Canada. There is no reason to regret these losses, as the Corps exists to lose its good men as soon as they are found. ' Thus among the officers alone, Major McYicar, Captain Ryerson and Lieuts. Armour, Graham and Gallie had gone with the Cniversity Hospital: Major Le Pan, Captains Bramiitt and Madill and Lieut. lienrick were on the staff of the School of Instruction under Lieut.- Col. Lang: Major Massey and Captain Cochrane were on the Musketry Staff at Exhibition Camp: Lieut. Coventry was assistant Divisional Intelligence Qffieer: Captain C. R. Young was Adjutant of the Toronto Depot Battalion: Captains G. M. Smith, A. NY. McConnell. E. DI. Kylie, XY. S. XYallaee, V. E. Henderson and A. Foulds, and Lieuts. Hagarty, Scott, Pearce, Fenton, Hopkins. Mitchener, Cheney, Robinson, Morris, Heywood, Fennell, Brouse. H. -I. Manning, Thomas, Legge, Philpott, Rosser, Fraser, Dixon, Carlyle, T. R. Manning, Howell, Horner, Macliendriclc, Sinclair, Gilbert and Elder joined overseas units, besides others who held appointments in the C.0.T.C. for a short time and then received commis- sions in the new Expeditionary Force Battalions. The record of the Corps as a means of providing officers may be noted. Most of the successful candidates for Certificate IX. in May, 1915, subsequently obtained commis- sions in the overseas forces. Besides the Certificate men, others were granted Militia Commissions and qualified in the ordinary way by taking courses at the School of Instruc- F1 tion at Niagara in the summer of 1915, or in Ioronto in the winter of 1915-16. The Corps can hardly claim full credit for producing these latter officers, but it may reasonably be argued that the experience gained in the ranks of the C.Q.T.C. was useful to them and proved to be a recommendation to the Commanding C Jhficers of Militia Regiments in making the appointments. Un the other hand, the Corps has in a measure a right W ,.v,., 0 C.O.T.C. Niagara Camp C.O.T.C. Niagara . Camp M i to the credit of their training. the Com- mandant, Adjutant, Musketry Instructor and two of the Staff of the School of In- struction being officers of the C.O.T.C. I 20 'lihe results of the Proficiency lflX2lllllll2l- tions for 1916 are not yet pulilished. Xyith ,N a year's additional experience in preparation. I the proportion of successful candidates should dh! 5 he larger than in 19151 Owing to the urgency + F 'W' of the hour, with a very few exceptions only f1 t I .--Tn?-m,1,T,r1gQ,?.T,.....--- those who are prepared shortly to go overseas .1 ,.,,s have been allowed to present themselves for .1 T' 'A'--W ' " -A 12.5 'A examination. ,y ln Noveinlier an offer canie froin the British XX ar tlttice to accept for provisional connnissions in the Imperial Arniy any niein- Lvfslls UH' PUR NIAGARA- 19111 hers of the Corps who were recoininended liy the Officer Connnanding, suliject to the approval of the Militia authorities at Ottawa. On Dec. 31st the first draft of Sl left for England. Sonie of these received coininissions in the Royal liield iXrtillery. the Royal Garrison Artillery and the reinainder in the lnfantry. A second list was prepared in February and QQ were accepted. Prohahly other drafts will go later. Many have left the Corps to go overseas in the ranks-inore, perhaps, than has lieen generally realized, as they have not left simultaneously in a large liody, but have gone singly or in sniall groups to join various units, such as the Universities Companies rein- 1 forcing the P.P.CL.l., the Divisional Signal Corps. the 43rd Howitzer Battery. etc. Judging front the experience of those who went into the ranks in 1914-15, it may he ex- pected that several of these will become N.C.O.'s and eventually' ohtain connnissions. The following are approximately the figures to date of officers and ineniliers ot the Corps on active service: XYith connnissions... ZIS In the ranks-- I. Artillery .. 145 3. Aviation ... . .iz 5. Infantry .. ... .......... 183 4. Medical .. .... 1 IO 3. Other Cnits ......... .... ........ . . .. 87 XYhat the future of the Corps will he next year cannot he predicted. lt niay lie that in this hour of need it will have served its pur- pose and sent forth to the front all its ineinhers who are fit to go. Unless, however, the war ends sooner than now seenis likely, there will still he work to do, though on a snialler scale. New nien will he coming up front the Schools to the University not sufficiently mature to go at once on active service. These niust he trained and prepared for the taslc still lying liefore Canadians. The appointment of Lieut.-Col. Lang, Officer Commanding the Corps, to he General Staff Officer in charge of lnstruction for No. 3 'lllllf .XR3lUl'RllfS. 'l'UR11N'l'H Zl Military Division, is especially gratifying to all members of the Corps. The importance of his present work can be estimated when it is stated that already over 2,000 officers in the largest Military Division in Canada have been trained under his guidance and super- vision. Col. Lang has also voluntarily relinquished his commission in the Engineers- after nearly thirty years' commissioned service in that arm-and transferred entirely to the C.U.T.C. , All past and present members of the Corps are asked to assist in the keeping of its Record of Military Services. A card index is being prepared of all those who have gone on active service. lt is important that the list of names should be kept complete and the information up to date. Members who go overseas are asked to send news, even if only ' ' ' 21- Yi'- FIRST QUOTA OF C.O.T.C. MEN GIVEN COMMISSIONS IN THE IMPERIAL ARMY. in the briefest form, of themselves and their fellow-members regarding their subsequent services, promotions, transfers, etc., addressing communications to the C.O.T.C. Orderly Room, Mining Building. ln conclusion mention should be made of those members who have already fallen OI suffered in the war. At present most of the casualties among 'Varsity men have been among those who went to the front before the Corps was organized. But already on the Roll of Honour are recorded the names of Bombardier Ross M. Taylor CC. Companyl Divisional Ammunition Column, killed in action: Lieut. T. S. Gordon QD. Companyj Ilth Batt. Border Regiment, died of Wounds: and Private J. S. Ditchburn QE. Companyj 19th Batt., wounded. 22 N . ,' Y A 2 'Q ' X ' ,.'a.5K??1' 'T .- 'W . gg A 1 , ,y1:'X,KQ .455 Ne' , - f e e e , .K X 1 N- ',. 4 n 1 ' J 1- ' ' N. , 2,3 1 Q- A gb. 5,0 ' P fy - I-, - , .-,,,V, A , w VA Y 4, , fLf?'i?' ,,F::'f A 'xii ' I 'Fiqh . a 21554:-ff: M' e -.,.11tgmh:- ' 4 14:-Q-, -. ' -.'-2:1 s ".--"" "Q -. - . "'-'17 N' -1'-f-i f ' , . .--W" 'N ' L ,155 'X - V M' ' "-:"'?:5 V A I' 14' . Q N ! f I, L: 741 , X . ,, ' I ' 1 Q I "IRL ' 1 ,V 1 4 "' 1 . v m W X 4 -M gr l 1 ,. ' I A . h Q 5 -.51 - 1 . , A, Y ' - - L 5 ' - M - if f V K .. "'- ,f-.f,.... ft- .MA Q, . ' " ,. ,hi Wu. x f A ' f" . gy: x ,f -uf " , ..... .... " " - Q-if " " 6 , ,il , gf' y -' ' ' -' ' ..m..... ..... N.. FN NH www' w- e v W' V '. ' W1 -:' . 1-'S "'N-'mz,.?f!b- W :L W., p 'Q' '- I gf 1-A ' A-kr 'ER ,. W Mu, f If ' . ,. V' W.-X-. A f ,. .-. . V - , ' ., iq-A A - N gall' ' - H5 'L -V: f . . HI, 'W' -..,".t-K hu 4 ' W- 1 , ,ff-"" M- W:-. 3 ' K.-'X Y 51,53 ,Q ,N K., V f ' ""'4 I , I -' Y - 'T 5. Q M 1 -X , - V . 4 - Y HRITONB NYXFR 5HXll Ii! Nl AXIN X If Ax. x - -I ' " K x ' 1 K W? . . 1 1 ' I K .. . - ,JI gl ' X Q. . , gg . , -N wL.f'l'1U -U B , ix? ' .. F I - n.,x 3 W, , F . , ' fix 4j NgW . J'-,L ' -f . 11-ale.. A urn, L ' , f . k. 3 JQ-of 5' 7 '--..,'qg-....,,,u ,, H f- -- .-Q. ...Q -,,,, "- -... . N -f J -f .-- .-f M -. an X 'a"" . ""'-' 47 M , ' '1r.,1f, fs , 7 '-.w,a,.,,m. 1 . K' , V X 5, 1 ' J X X I I 1 X I YK . 5' N I . . -.hs ,U ' -' 'xg . , ,- -M. .--,H-we --if-.J 'N-x. .V ' ' ' ., ,F-1 'Q Nz--L.,Lg,7Swy,:g,Ki,5:.?g J. Q LU. , 1, f -, W-4.95 l" 1 'NK F-hm. "-tf'S!'f1,1,,gL-f'?:- , 'gags- :iff ' ' . x ' ,-:. .-' A, . ,,,'-. , 1' ' ""'-gff : ,mn will 4-.5 .llq in A 5' 'ig A J. ,,:v0J'.4 'Qs .fix at I "' - - ' -.-u an-Q vu.. nn ' , ' I ,mn ad , Z- ,,,,,-P - -- j 'ij'-tis.. A .,, , -A TS Pt V, - e High Seas Fleet 1 ,uv ja 'I IMIIIII5 I M I, MRS. LILLIAN MASSEY-TREBLE BORN IN NEWCASTLE, ONTARIO, MARCH 2ND, 1854 DIED IN SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA, NOVEMBER 3RD, 1915 24 DR. JAMES BRANSTON WILLMOTT DEAN OF THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF DENTAL SURGEONS. BORN IN MILTON, ONTARIO, 1837. DIED, JUNE 14TH, 1915. 5 'A' fn-. nf A x fy " ... V, ,Saw I -f, ..' ,-1 4 1 , ' ' ,.." ' '. f 44 , , .- - ' D. 'Q ' 'V , 'V' -. - N ,, ,,A, , . 4 , W , . . , . Convocation Hall 26 U D iQ? 2 W f ,W 9,2 W , Y, 77 1 f f M , f f Z Honour Roll and C. Q. T .C.. . J IAGE l .Milf . 43 'l'1'inity College, Tlieology, iofw Presidents Message. ..... . . 9 Yictoria College, 'lllieology 11,7 "In lIC1T1Ol'l21ll1M ..... ...24 and 25 XYyclit1fe College ......, . 200 Torontonensis Board ..... ...,. . . 29 Social Service l3ClJZll'fl'IlL'lll. .. ..2o3 Students' .'Xfl1Hll1iSU'Z1tiVC Council .... 31 'lll1el.adies- University College . 33 Queenk Hall .. H218 Victoria College, Arts. . . . . 157 .Xiinesley llall . . 222 Trinity College, Arts .... . . 35 St. llilda's ...... .226 St. Michael? College.. QI Lviiiversity l'ul1licatio11s . .2211 Faculty of Medicine ...... Q7 Religiouw Societies . . . .235 Faculty of Applied Scie11ce. ........ 121 Clubs . . . .243 Royal College of Dental SLl1'gCUllS..I.l.3 Residences. 2130 Faculty of Forestry ....... ........ 1 SQ Fraternities. 2113 Qntario College of l.'l1arn1acy. . . . . .153 Sororities . . 3oo Ontario Veterinary College... ..177 Yaledictory . . . 313 Knox College .... . . . . . .192 .XlNlOllllCCl11CllfS . . . . .315 U ... .... .. U 27 na 1 U TORONTONENSIS, 11916 1114 11iffl1t111111t11 V111111111- 111 '1l1.1'1111t1111e11sis is 1vl121t thc 11111111hc1's of this 5 11111111h111's 111 th11 111'11s1111t g1'211111nti11g1'11211 1l11lll1lL' 11121t111'11 lllflxlllllfll 21s 11111 1111111C21t11111 is H111 h11'l11111'i21111" 111 11111' YZ1112 'illxn 1211111111211 1111211.11 1121111 t11 111Jfu1' their fellmx'-st1111c11ts 21fte1' hw 1111i111ths 1111 st1'e11111111s c1Cf111't. 5111111 XY4AJI'1i 111Y111YC1!1 111 its p1'111l11cti1j111 this s11ssi1111 1121s. 1111- 171Jxv11'7115 1'1121s12111s, 136011 111111111111 11Xce1111i11gl1' 11i1:hc11lt 111 t1111 C1g111QCL'l1 111111111111 g1'211l1121t11s 211111 111111Cl'g'l'2ll1112L1C9 1111111 thc 1 111v111mi11' 111 r111l1'1111t11 H1911 .5SC11YLi S111'1'icc." El gw 11 111 1JL'1'CC11121gC 11111 '111111 111i1it211'1' s11cti1111 111'1'11pi11s iirst 1111siti1111 111 th11 1l111V11f 211111 is 21 1111 st11111111t 21ss111'i21t11s 1162111 1111 t1111h211t1111111l11s 111 1:1'Zll1CL' 211111 i1T12l11l1L'l'S. 11csi11Cs 111L' 1l1C1111'L's 111 this 111111111 11211111, 111111 11111 11111111111111g 11111' 1':111lJ1l'L' 211111 th11 c2111sC 111: 1'iviliz21ti1111, t1111s11 p21g11s i11c1111111 the 112111111s 1.11 21 l211'g111' 211111 110 111ss h111'11ic 1'11111 'lZl11Y H1111 .Xctix'11 S111'1'ic11" 111111 21111 11121111 111 t211cc "th11i1"' places. 11116 1111ll11g11s' sccti1111, whigh i111111c11i21t111y 1'11l11111's, c1111121i11s th11 IJ1,l1't1.211tS 211111 11i11g1'211111y 111 1121111 st11111111I g'1'21111121t111g i11 th11 1'csp11cti1'11 f21c11ltics 211111 1111p211't1111111ts 111 .X1'ts, 1X1L'111C111t', 1X13l111C11 SC11'l1L'L' 211111 1Q11gi1111111'i11g, 1D1111tist1'y. 151g11'est1'y 1 1111El1'111ZlCY, Yct111'i11211'y, '11l11111111g1' 211111 811121111 Sc1'vic11. 111 Z1.11111t11.1l1 thc1'11 21111 1110111111111 ph11t11- !V2ll'11S 2ll1'1 W1'1U'-11111 '11 Clilv CXCCIIYYVM. c111111111t11'11s, 11'2l1t'1'1l11lCS 211111 s1.11'111'1t111s 218 well 21s 1111111L'1'11115 L'11l1JN 211111 sucietics c111111cc11111 with 11111 v211'i1111s 1111111211011 211111 21Hi1i21tC11 c1ul111g11s IX 11111 21111111110 t1121111s 211111 11x11c11ti1'11s, 111111'cv111'. which 11s11211lx' ugqupx' El v111'1' 1111111111111 111 1 11121c11, 21111 1'1'2111t111g 111 this C111t11111, 1111- 11111 1-11g1s1.111 111211 11111 "1Z111c 211111 XX hits 1121111 121st t111'111 111-1'i111111 t11 11'it11111'211x' t11111p111'211'ily 1l'1'1111 2111 111t111'c1111cg11 21thl11tic 1'1111t11sts. 111 111111c11111i11g, it 111211 1111 2111111111 th21t 1111-1111g.111,111t thc 11:111tl114 11215 sc1'11p11l12111sl1' c111l11211'11111'c1l 111 1111-s111'1'11 11111 lllglllfj' 111 11111 1l1l1711CI1111.1l1, 21s Zl 111111111 1111 1'11sp11ct 1111 t1111 h11ys 11'h11sc 112111111s 21111111211 1111 11111 1111111c21t111'x' 111s111't. 111' ex1111111i11g' 11-11111 its 1121q11s 2111 11lZl11t11', c211't111111s, 111'2111'111gs 11t1'., which might 11111'11g21t11 t11111'1111'11111. R R r . 111111 '1'111'1111t11111111sis 11111211.11 is c1g111s1it11tc11 21s 11.1ll1.111's: .X11 1111it111'-i11-c11i11f, 21p1111i11te11 115 11111 51111161115 -X111111111St1.21.t1XYL' C111111cil, ch21i1'1112111 111 thc 1111211-11: 21 1Jll5111CSS111El112lg6l', 21pp11111tc11 211s1i1 hy th11 b111111111ts' C111111cil, s11c1'11t211'y 111 th11 11112111121'C'1iJ1'Q5C111Q2l1Q1V1f S1l111C111S,C1CC1U1.1C1111' lllg' th11 X111'112111111121s t111'111 fl-111111 11111 V211'i1111s 11'1'211'11121ti1111' cl'1ss11s. r1111L' p111's111111111 111: this YL'I11'1b 6 b L 1111111-111 21c1'111'11i11g Zlh 11111 1'11s111111ti1'11 scctimis 21pp11211' 111 t11C1511171f,19' University College-l1iss1-s Y. lf. 1RL'1111L'l1j', XI211'j111'ic 1Q11SSf Klcssrs. XY. C. 1'11w1111. AY 1,. Blcliny. Victoria-Misses 11.1. 1111hhc11, 11. XY. S1111111'111': .X1k'5S1'S. XY. XY. X1c1,:111g'11li11. 11. 1'. 171C1-' 1'i1114'11111. Trinity-Miss 131. -1. X11111121111. A111 -11lNQ'Il11 1Ql!QiL'1'S. St. MiChae1's-Kliss li. 1.5. 1J111Cf11y, X111 11. R. 1ill:11'11. Medicine-171's. H. .Y 1Jix1111. XY. C. Givens, H. .Y 1'111ssi2111. lf. E. S1'lOl111,11CC. S. P. S.-X111ss1's. 1 R. 1s1i1'1Jy. XY. L. 1J11h11i11, L. XY. 17111111-1111, C. A. Smith. Dentistry-Drs. B. li. E21i11. R. -1. 17111111-1'L'y, R. G. K1cN1i11:111. 111iR111iR'1l '1lL'RX1fY. ILA.. 1f11i1111'fi112c1111-1. C. C. ll XY11 Zl1'L' 1l11g'f1NL'11 111 1111111111111 1111111111' t1111 112111111s of th11 11,V1C21.1 13111-Zltlwl t11 th11 111111111 s21tisf21cti1111 of thc 131121111 i11 lJ1'1V1f11.1C111g 1'11Oi1'1J 1fX1lR.XY'1iRS 1f111J.. M11.,N-111XG1R1.XM 1"1lG.C1J.,L111. 111111111 1Q11g'1'211'111's. P1'i11t111's. R. Forestry-X112 C. 11. Gill. 1l..X Pharmacy-X111 11. 11. 141J11g'11. Veterinary - R11-ssrs. G. 11 Shull, .Y 17. Klitchcll. KHOX-h1I'. -1. XY. 1'11'L'Il11j'. Victoria-Mr. XY. J. .X1'111s. Wycliife-R111 YY. 1. '1l21yl111'. w Social Service-Miss S11-11:1 11'1-1211111. XX1, RUN.. 1'i11si11css K12111:1g1-1 puhlishiiig h1111scs who C111121 this YCZITIS 211111112111 RR1 JXYN 151RH'1l1t1ERS, L'1l1J 11i111l111's. D I 11 I mn D 28 wmwmm..-www:-, .-- . , . 'I'l IRI IX'I'l IX IQNSIS IHLXRII. 1013-ll-, I XCIQ RHXY-II. R, Ifllzml. II, II. Slmll. .X. If. Nlitulmull. I XY. I211-mly. XY. ll. I'-lxwll, .X. I,. Xlvliqly. L I lull II I I I w XY. bl. .X1'mx. NIIIIIIIJL lillllfll. L. I-mvvlls, II. .X. Ill-Num, II. .X. lhxml, I',. Ip. NIIHIIIIIICV. L, .X. FIIIIIII. VI. lx, Ixwu KICXIIIIQH1. R. bl. llmltn-y, II, Ifzlill, sll"l'lNl3 NY, XY, Klvlxmggllliu. Nliw KI. Huw. Xliw Y. lf. lim-l1nuly. lf lf llrzmt. Il,.X,, Ilu-In xx Nlllllflg I ll ull ll lmu x I X Ifclilm'-ill-L'I1icf: Miss Ilullllvy. Kliw Ilulllu-II. Xli-N SlPl'IIL'l'I'. II lllringllm, SIfX'IlIfI'fS-Kliw If. -I. X1-uIu:n11x. ul, Iiugwnw, 29 Students' Administrative Council ACK in 19013, the .Parliament of Under- graduates, a debating society, was in- augurated and strove to discuss national problems. The membership ranged around one hundred and forty, a huge organiza- tion with little power, and its main function that of being "a unifying force in the University." From this l'arliament of undergraduates, through the faithful efforts of such men as Professor T. R. Loudon. the present Students' .fXdministra- tive Council emerged. The Council is composed of twenty-eight members, with an executive of seven, namely, the li'resident, Yice-li'resident. Recording Secre- tary, Treasurer, Convenor of the Athletic and liliscipline Committee, the Convenor of the Com- mittee on Literary Urganizations, the Convenor uf Musical Organizations and the General Secre- tary. Gwing fu war conditions, the Uratorical Contest, Theatre Night, the Glee Club and the Musical .Xssociation have been suspended. The General Secretary is secretary of all meetings of the Council and committees, and is also busi- ness manager of T110 T7tII'SIifVV, and its supple- ments, Toro11fo11e1151'.f, The Sfrlrfiwzfs' DI-l't't'f't7I',l'. Rooters' Club, etc. This centralization of management has eli- minated a great deal of empty discussion and placed students' business on a business basis. The reign uf the amateur in student money-handling has passed and in future years instead of deficits, there will be eflicient management and surpluses. The compulsory fee of one dollar per male student in Arts, Medicine and Science has been increased to two dollars, with Eorestry and Den- tistry also included. The Council are now to give every male student the Vtlllvlilhx' during his course and a copy of To1'o11fom'11s1'.v upon graduation. The academic year that is passing has been one of greatest activity for the Executive and members of the Students' Administrative Council. The Trafalgar Day Campaign, when 553,404.15 was turned over to the British Red Cross Society, the clearing of the ground pre- paratory to the authorization of a University of Toronto Overseas bnit, the necessity of keeping all faculties, through their representatives, in constant touch with every development in the situations have required the greatest self-sacrifice and loyalty on the part of the members. At the present time, the Council is preparing to launch into another campaign in aid of the Serbian and Belgian Relief Funds. ' The increasing need of a central student con- trol with an organization capable of reaching every undergraduate at an hour's notice has raised the demand for the election of only the most competent representatives. Each faculty must send its strongest men to the Council. Each re- presentative is required to place matters of pan- university moment before his constituents and only men of vision and breadth of perspective should be sent to interpret to their faculties the issues at stake. A membership on the Executive of the Students' Administrative Council is the highest executive honor and position to which a student may aspire. The various functions under the business man- agement of the General Secretary havefiourished this year. The Titrrsrity has been enlarged and the volume of advertising greatly increased. Une thousand dollars, the first instalment of the pro- ceeds from The Varsity VVar Supplement, pub- lished last hliuly, has been turned over to The fviimitri' Base Hospital and another larger cheque will follow shortly. T110 f'm'sity Magagine Supplement promises to eclipse the previous supplement both as a liter- ary effort and a financial success. T01'011t011c1z.v1'.v, bound in leather, changed and improved with a special thirty-two page military section, promises to be a big success. It is essen- tial that every male student should pay his annual compulsory fee each year of his attendance at University or he will not be entitled to a copy of the year book upon graduation. The Students' Directory, which for financial and other considerations was published late this year, has a modest surplus. In future years, an editorial board will supervise the compiling of lists and thus release the General Secretary, who will use his time in solicitation of advertising. The Students' Administrative Council has had no occasion to exercise its disciplinary powers and desires to thank the student body for its splendid co--operation. CoLLnzR C. GRANT, General Secretary. ' H T :I S'l'l'I1ICN'l'S' .XIJXIlNIS'l'R.X'l'lX'lC L'Hl'Nk'II.. IIICIQNMI. I I H H .I SITT1NG+L'. C. ILVQIIII, ll..X. IzL'l1L'I'IlI Sk'Cl'L'Illl'j'I DI. Ilickwu. 'l'1'unx111w.-1': S. L'l1iI1IN, IZ,.X,, Yin ' Y Clcntl .I. I, l:L'l'gllvvll, n..X.Z .I. R. liirlry. llurlwrl 311IIix':u1. FRUNT RUXY- S. Il. Ilru-rxxlzulv. H, hlnclc. li. xIlll'l'1lY. ll IMHQIIN ll II YiI I I1 , . ..k'IUN4'. 3' S'l'.XNl3INIl--R. II. ,Xljm-. ll. NI. l2:n1'1Iim-V, II. lf, XI:lI1:lI'Ix'. F. Smith, Il. Il, Smith ll X' I .X lml ll I X XX I IF llxm I I VVMQS-vwegf. ,x F? ' WH- - 'rf Universitj of Toronto ---- Administration Buiiciing 32 -ca' H232 LLE A ff' w wa.Jnm...v 0 VD D 3 n of II, Og' 7 44, W u O C O L Q' A A ' ' 1 ff lu w "IW .T 0 7 2 glllll 3 Z ' 'I I" Q 'I 71 " e 9 J S --NNN ' . lIl""' Class ---- xoxo ---- History N common with all other interests the Class of llijlfi has felt the influence of the con- ditions arising in a time of great war. The most striking feature has been the depletion of our numbers, for while the attendance of the ladies has not been noticeably affected that of the male element was far below its normal at the beginning of the college year and has since de- creased perceptibly. lnterest in purely academic affairs has been lessened by the absorbing influ- ence of problems which have presented themselves in other departments, particularly in Red Cross and military spheres, while many of the social events, which in normal times would seem indis- pensible to the life of a graduating class, have been omitted from the programme for the year. Nevertheless, custom could not be broken alto- gether, and the annual class reception was held in the l'niversity Schools on November 27. This event, the last of its kind for ITS as a class. was smaller in point of numbers than those of former years, but not less enjoyable, and will be remembered as an unqualified success. On more than one occasion. also, the XYest Hall has laid aside the grimness with which we have always thought of it at the time uf examinations and taken on a more genial aspect when the class has assembled there to "Sometimes counsel take-and sometimes tea." ln the words uf one of our demagogues, "Educa- tion grows from the clash of ideas," and our class-meetings have furnished the opportunity of association without which our education would have been but partially complete. The success of such gatherings has been due largely to an vsfv'1'f de corps which has characterized IT6 from the first, and which in four years has developed into an enthusiasm for co-education as the system par excellence. No sphere of college life has remained en- tirely unalfected by the present momentous hap- penings, but we have been particularly and con- stantly reminded of changed conditions by the military activity everywhere apparent about the University. The front campus, its velvety sur- face once so jealously guarded by signs and bar- ricades, has been worn bare by the tramping feet of khaki-clad men, and stentorian words of com- mand have disturbed us at lectures and in the library. We have seen the jurisdiction of the Registrar invaded, and the curriculum and time- tables altered to permit military drill and Red Cross work a place in the routine of student life. Hut the most striking of all departures from sacred tradition is the change that has made the month of May no longer the dread of our lives, but by curtailing the academic year by a full month brings us face to face with the "Powers that be" in April. Four years ago we came together with not the slightest thought that the year of our graduation would see our country taking her part in the greatest struggle of history. Already our class is splendidly represented among those who have left the University in response to the call of duty, and before the end of the term our numbers will be depleted still further. All honor to these, our heroes! Those of us who remain realize that we also have our part to play in the struggle between liberty and despotism. Wfe realize that we are surrounded by conditions never experienced by students at any previous time in the history of the world. To us there is granted a fuller con- sciousness of our duty as educated men and wo- men than has been enjoyed by any former class. for as graduates of our Alma Mater at such a time as the present we must be prepared to do our part in solving the problems which the war must inevitably raise in Canada. The future is for us, as for all, full of uncertainty, yet it is full. it is certain, of opportunity, all the greater for the tasks it involves. UNIVERSITY CUI,I,ICLlIC If1ll'R'l'II YEXR lCXliCL"l'IYli. l"15-10. ROXV-L. C. R. Patten. Critic: Miss M. L. Sutton, Musical DiI'k'L'l1't'552 Ii, lf. Sumh-rs. lwl Yicc-1'n--iflmutg N11 Nl NI Nh 1111 lst Ilistorian: T. II. Jzmn:so11, Emi Ilisturianz Miss I.. I. Campvxiu. lkwtv-N. IU! YUM RUXY-J. S. Uickwn. rl'i'L-znsilu-1'3 Misa A. I. Silk. lxt XviCt'-1,l'L'Ni1lt'IltI XY. lf. Smith. l'm-xifl--uit: Nli Propliclc-SQ: NY. J. Nclicnna, Sccrvtzlry. 35 PERBIANENT EXECUTIVE, CLASS OF IT6, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE. li. C. liell, SeC1'ctzu'y-Trezlsuref. T. K. Creigllton, Gentleman Councillor. iff 31- -Y SUDWQ. Lady Councillor. C. C. Haddow, President. W Miss l. M. Cassidy, Vice-President 56 i ax NIVERSITY COLLEGE l' - . Tr ' . ti fry. I VU 6.31 uf. .Ii ,XJ . 'F gf? I ESQ I fs, i . Y 5 , ' Wltfflr l- st F0 7 X' K, 5 Q TF X s 'jiri RFQ if h s. wvxvg-xii, ,bf Sgirgxt Us lsfsifkivdf tene db! X Herschel Alt Phyllis A. Anderson Gladys C. Angus HERSCHEL ALT "Freud moi tcl que Tons :'o11Ic:." GIUXIWYS C. lloward R. Armstrong .XNGUS ss s fs i p-'ix A f .. EUHATIQ 'YIVVILLKOQ OUOEV KTTHJ.U. TLILLLUJTEPOV- Born in Russia in '97, At an early age he came to Gladys was horn in Toronto. Received her IIl'L'IIIll'flUJI'f' Canada and settled in Bracebridge. An ambition to tread the education at P. C. l. Inspired by the desire to study higher paths of learning led him to Varsity. Here his classics She decided In come tu Varsity. hut very soon she energetic disposition manifested itself not only in the found that the general was the broader way. ln her liresh- University affairs but also in matters pertaining to the wel- man year she was on the Claw l5XcCL1tiVL'. llvi' llfvhhy is fare of his race. His juristic ambitions are no doubt due synopsizing and ineniorizing religion notes. She is a inenil,i.,r to Mosaic inspiration. of the lieta Delta Pi Sorority. TIUXYARD R. ARKISTRONQZ PHYLLIS A. ANDERSON ".-111 lllillffllg eycg and yet metlzinks right modest." The Model School and Branksome Hall prepared Phyllis for the University. Here she has taken an active part in "ln faith ln' ix ir 'Ix'Ul'flI-V flt'lIflL'llItlH, l1.l't'L'UUi1lljjIj' TURN l'PUd." "Navy" was ushered into reality at Mayfield. lint. .Xfter absorbing a preliminary edneat otherwise, he Continued to satistv his unquenchalile thirst ion. throuigh his head and cogege. life, serying fnf-the' executives of several societies, by Cmcring Apts P' UC Img alxmyx mkcn 8 kwn i,Hk.l-NE an Wmmng umvelea auction- in class activities as well as serving on the executive ot the hl. K P. Society. --Q-' fgufxs ,'1f"'?., A Ei' 'fav 'N 1 rf '. ' ' AF-' U'2s 1113? ' XIX ' YQTZS' ff N 'EL,. f ,i"'Qf1" ,' "H "T" ,fffi "ffl 1 'i' '31-' ' Mr sQ-hiwism-l 554 4-gizff.irigissfsifjgsylll Qs ?p'?,'-if Zfjei? vf'f.'fiw.1as.feb 7fiQi"dSlL3'L .":"'XAl.i':'QLYl'LKycefiK L'-sl sulsfliglgg Ki 'N in 5 f? 5 'lil Qi' 'Rf 'Zi'-Z,'Clf,11i."C f7?'l1lYJ'Cfl i,7fEf.,7ff4i-lffi' 'is' lsrigbmsQ-,Lef.z.i1-f1'QfQQi Qs5NXf?Cs.?'fLssrGsibif.f'B,3ig'f llK5U"'P1f15'C9L if iJsfg39jfQa1l5'f'7s' 7693?-7' 'f A 653153 3 .exe . l Q s et' .1 za,-H0 QV? ifggidf N, riffwgis fi. Q? A ' if-f' ek 2' L-1. 'ffl "Pr IJ 'sjli -1320 'Vs f - Yi df 'Qu ALJ. ig, W i... hr W, .Y X 5 Q ' Xi 4753, , .. . 'F'1s? fr- - s r sssg Wfzgm' 71 Qc-X e Wy ,iq -: ' ,Xl ff iQ il,-,NN 1 'H wi efhwp Llqsgfw 'N Nw-xii' inf c L' ' .,. Qffffy. ' ag Ass -ssl! NS c e WL- gs ti '-rim of 'xy 59,1 .4 .gg yi eswv, ,iq LfXT,:ift., sy ,S - ji,xfj"-Nj eirg V, . .-,iff s ,rsws 4. was Nasa., gif glQs3av,af1Qgl.Qe pisgwg 3 l t1?sf is-F ffgsislisifsstegisl is wg st. we Qu -,, X '- a - ' . .fe l , sJ , ,gt sm N ' vw -'gg - i- U fifirs 1 -H is ii-' ' 'fs .51 gxsr-Y'-. 1 -. x P ak fi - , 4 s ,wai- 1l1iJ3'i,S1fi'5Qg7?ETsifS't srl s .labret-fe:r+ e3slQeslssei t .K f 1 ei Margery I. Austin ' Grace S. T. Raillie T.. Marie Tlateinan l,t-slie C. R. Ratten MARCERY I. .XUS'lllN I.. MARIE lZ.X'l'EXl.XN "ml lIIL'l'7'j' heart 9003 all the Tt'l1'V.H 'A'Yi'eI flnctll little l.'1'11tlrle.v.vt'x .Margery came from Parkdale Collegiate with a scholar- - H1""l' "IU-lf' ll'a'i'L' ""'ll"'L'- ship and enrolled in En dish and llistory. As Class Poqtess lironi Riverdale Collegiate, 'l'nronto Xornial and ri x'e1n"s in her second year her genius was marlfed. -lly eoinlnning teaching Nlarie entered llo. She has brought In her varied work and Jlay sh: has won the rm-mutation ot a good eoni- interests and understandings in college. good sense .ind I . I . . . . s. rade and true friend. eapalnlity. and to her triends. thoughttulness :ind stqninel, frienilsliip. LESLIE C. R. B.X'l"l'lfN , ir ' H 'v : ., . .. 1 GRAND 5' I- lhxllilfu' "fl gfmnilbi' j'ul'Il-V man I ftnflf. f?!lLT1l""' TH fffjif 'WYCWlU"ll,'lf'f"ff" "l.C's" radiates the geniality eliaracterislie 1-I' lllllv' win, ' i Il.fl.flllt sfo!! 17114 4 oqmint, I incline In rivtinidity-lienee his popiilxirity. 'l'ni-into is his "Grace s" optimistic outlook on life has survived the Iiirth ilaee, hut Saslcatehewan the land of his ado vtion. l"-ni-A s . . . . 1. . I . . . . . I struggle at lf,ghnton Puhhe bchnol. -larvis Lollegiate find years at X Ill'iIfj' hznve not 11llCllCllL'1'l lns thirst tor knnwledei. the Household Science Course of the University. Success. as a jurist. 37 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE I ,. sf A pf "'Tf',NQPx my mf f Q7 3? K weffv we of M Welch if 14 E Q -1f , . ess me Kenneth C. Bell Earle L. Biggar Olive M. Blackhall Margaret C. Blagdon KENNETH C. BELL "nl sterling fellow." "Ken" hails from across the border. 1895 is the year of his advent. New York and then Massachusetts claimed him. Senior Matric. at Malvern, and entered '16 in 1913. President of U. C., Y. M. C. A., 1915-16. EARLE L. IIIGGAR "rl friend of the great un:t'asl1ctl." OLI VE M. BLACKHALL "lVlzo mixed reason ruitli pleasure, And wisdom with nzzrllzrf' A Toronto and Harbord girl, Olive enrolled in English and History in IT6, She proved her ability on the first year executive, as well as by her class standing. Many friends attest her good qualities. MARGARET C. BLAGDON "Of serious faith and inztvard glee." The little girl with the big ambitions. Led Toronto at ef A Clllld of lllc llllolllllllllll' ll llllclllle of Klllll Mlllll and entranc' examinations Loathes "labs" dotes on ru b the tnlbert Jackson. In philosophy an idealist, in politics-a drama Cana the dana? Qecretary df Newman Cfug' et ,. f i . . 1 c Y . , . - Bla lil secretary of Dramatic Lluh. W hat may she be 1n future years? W nsisrmv . tv-it-rNC.1:".N .rf YINTKQLTO ixf?s3?J1 sLw?.-if: sgmfgfff FNcgf1i,Pg+iT1RQ7Ni"iS,,Q55'Yjt t+'.4.g:Qfl2f.'.5s FC ill' 1.5 gtg?-g1yE.tpg E'Cff'g5f:w cslelggw K. 1qfQ?cNins2f5.g2Wwf5'31t5jAlgf ' ' A-:E rl Lf X Nl" 5' 13:1 -' sf D-3 T3 4 "' +L -Ii ' f li' ' ' xii! 1' ' 1 ' ,VK fl- P 5-L . ' ' ls ?4ggif.f?2fsst.?3ftSiPr:tt4it-'af 9. Miss 1fPt3iNs ?33Q..fs fir?-Q 4 rife 1 i ' X 11 ' 1,3 , 1 f5:'sr fr " N ll 'INV N - swf Q at if 1 ref:-I tiymfg, X 2' Q . 4f',x,., , A K 3 A G t fi ? favs-v Qififl nw 1 Y tg X gall f,n,4" orfmif 1 .- 5 -ee - Aj ' l . 5' Q.-W5 1, kj -rf' iff' Q -9' ' fro l p X fi""l'P9"5" l-' VW Q 'KO - Q5'1'YN v , Xjllifxf iNN '53 W ,-vigil 'Y sfifasfjg , QQ! rcfjQ5lij,Q,,-gsgngjikewgs, is lp , Q 1 Y To-,Y V -QI .s- WX Q . G L. ,J -A J. -. iv- J I 'ug r f tx 4, 1, W t. . i jr, KT 19, 1 --X - A Uk f Q jk In 1' U' wir'-?,' 'f'?,fM1v',3o1if?!?G:sriif. gtimcfi E:-is.,-as Ariel-ei: -ilfirin Qm9nFTS'f?.f9lgl 5Wl- .rdf-5 Eugenia lllount Georgina M. Bowers Saidee N. Boyd Mary Boyle EUGENIA RLOUNT SAIDEE N. BOYD "Give me a spark 0' nature's fire, Tllafs a' the learnzilzg I desire." Mayhap it was Diogenes' quest. mayhap that of a fount of knowledge with a proper spigot that caused Eugenia to desert Bryn Mawr and other American seats of learning for Toronto. The quotation intends no slight to any of her unliversities. One year gave us in Toronto her "Ave atque vac. GEORGINA M. BOXVERS llGP't1t'L'fIll and useful all Silt' does, Blessing and blest where dvr :lic yous." Born at Mongolia in prehistoric times, Educated at Markham High School. Trained at Faculty of Education, then entered University College. She is famous for her cooking at the Y.NV.C.A. lunch-room. 38 "SIM was stately, young and tall." Transplanted when young. from the Mould sod." Saidcc has grown beautiful-ly. From Riverdale Collegiate she entered '16 in Household Science. Her high intellect and stature have given her a broad outlook. Blay she keep it! MARY BOYLE "Sweet and sincere." Although early interested in Medicine. this Ubonnie lassie," entering Socrates' realms, assiduously applied herself to defeating aims of crafty Arts'-professors. Pink cheeks and a merry smile won her many friends. and. as President of the NVomen's Lit., Molly graduates. all bidding life's success. .jx .-QA"-t' sn' NIVERSITY COLLEGE " ' , : ' ' iii i ' - Q3 V7 ' Wi X 7 f'f'-' 'ff' "T" st' ' XRX1' 'MTS -' 'Y"f':1 W- '- M' r if A LQ iviiisl 1 Stif f: X ivy! .v 3. 1 "fri-' " ,. , . . . A , 5- , X, . X5 "' lb 'A is 'I xl' . 'ltfxlyw u..1,"-RFK l".?'.31il '5.'I3l-Qi p4Q7t5'l',Bj"1 2- KV' 'V' yy J 'VKX' J, . nf- 'ff . - ,Pi Q . f af P J ev -is sauna-S est si 1 4- 'l:','' ,if qw . isfff-if we ff, . 4 ., sw .gif ,.., 123 -A Js i l A5 X E 'kfc ' 'lm Xt. .X--ew ff--Jfsiii .s.f' i kia VA. X grf, D 2 Y ,inf I ' 3 , 1 - fl ' v - N 9 ' ' ,' V . Y i 'cf ng- XX . 4 i - YQ 97 W5 ZS' Qc. A X If 4 we .1 1. 'N Yi 1 :Je fifth . r 'Ee l xfflatil 2522-2 " l " sz' 1549 ! V. : M F ' Q, , xxx!!! ,: . iw A A I R: ,N Q! I. -- 4 . X in ' if K?, .NOX xpwy - Y . U. .s A . .s . f sy. . shi. F. sitggifs ln. GMP -4 fs: i N .-as .-Q - eff. .1 ki. .. " e. L ' Fl? 2 'a','V"-Wits-2f5jl"s:' ff '1 0 :-. IFA sex 1 L - Harold Anthes Braendle Norma P. Lrandon HAROLD .XNTIIES llR.XlCN1Jl.l5 "Not least, but honored of them all." Soup-NVaterlo0 Public School and Berlin Collegiate. Roast-Arts. Special Mathematics. VegetablesfF.O.E.: M.A. later. Relishes-Photography. hun-feeds. parties and skating. Drinks-Flood of friends' best wishes for a useful and brilliant career. NORMA P. BRANDON "Her hair is not more sunny than her heart." Norma is one of our fair Torontonians whose love of knowledge led her to join the famous class of '16, She has proved herself a good student when occasion required. and a merry companion when the time permitted. lYallace lf. I.:-own Florence S. Ruchner L 1 4 4 ' 4 1 Q, ,. V: 'Y' -I X , ,Nh , cf. ,1!,2:, Iv. A 1 fl ' f Z 4 I V . ,Q A f if if f r x J k 2 Dlrilyeai' f - f Y . A5 if lf. Q i F IILKQ 'il 02 EQ9' 'N ghilfi visits l X , A l . NVALLALT' l'. LRUVVN "He hails from the Ilf'cxt." Born in Manitoba, 1895, he secured his inatriculation in VVinnipeg. and entered the general course of Class '16. Examinations have always been his hoodoo hut perseverance has had its reward. He intends practising law in the NVest. FLORENCE S. BUCIINICR "fl :vz'n,rome lass, she's fair and sweet, Her heart is true, she's trim and neat. Bn! best of all, har pies and fake .-Ire sneh as mother used tu make." Such may be said of Florence Buchner. a graduate of liranksome Hall, who has proved an enthusiastic student in llousehold Science. 35 K-T: ws' N HN t-. N elif? Us sl,-tj-me TJ L-'F' -kv' Jnixji Q s' - -Q , ll. lean Bull Loveily I. Campeau Helen R. Carlyle lVilliain A. Carinent M. JEAN BULL li1lCl.l'IN R. C.XRl.Yl.E "Fa1',- uvffll Ilgngyabjg grips Url CfIL'C?'fIll L'0Hlf'dllIiUll 1.5 im'UVf,l gI0liI'.H Sweet and wise." lflelen was born in Toronto. I Preparatory eiliicatio-ii-at From lfVeston comes our smiling Jean. She hug wofi .lliiflgOiglpgegxlxzita. thii,s:?tCILilgkikilI'Sg:?:iiIlK4:ltl11tflliELl Ltliessvotulvlvfi A ' R ' E . , I-l' ll-' " i ', i. ' - ' ' .' L- . " '1 thc hlghcbt hollow m Inghqh ml Html U Hcmf kourse. On the tirst vear executive llclen capalily tilleil the are many. In college societies she takes a lively part. We all expect great things of Jean. LOYEDY J. CAMPEAU . . Bright face erest'ent-liefaivii And throat by muses niouldvdf' Lovedy won a scholarship and was heguilcd into entering Moderns, from which she is firmly resolved to escape by graduating. in spite of the frantic entreaties of the friends she leaves behind. 39 utlicc of prophctess. 'ller ready uit and genial nature hart endeared her to all. XVILLIABI A. CARMIENT "The great felidtg' of life is to lu' :eitliunl fniiffim-I-.i1iuii." Rilllwas his name and it will be safe to sayhtliat no one knew hun as VVilliam, except lns mother. Born in lxaiiihmps. RC., a little over two decades ago. .Xt the present time he is a lieutenant in the 122ml Overseas llattalion. His associated Arts graduates wish him well. Class ---- IQI7 ---- History -4 . . , lllt members nl the Class ot I7 re- turned this year to the venerable halls of University College with their ranks greatly depleted by the ravages of war, that is, so far as the male side of the Class is concerned. There are forty-three of the Class now on active service overseas and several who are at the present time training for otficers. Many of the Class have the intention of joining the colors in the near future, so that to all appearance there will be so few men en- rolled next year that the fair sex will constitute by far the greater majority of students. The sum of thirty dollars was contributed by the members of the Class towards sending souvs enirs to our classmates overseas, in the form of tobacco and chocolate. It is of great satisfaction to the members of 'I7 to know that, with so many of our com- rades on the tiring-line, only one of their names has appeared on the casualty list-that of Lieut. F. ll. Smith, of the Royal lilying Corps, who will be remembered as one uf our hrst year class- mates. Lieut. Smith was temporarily incapaci- tated by having his feet, hands and back frozen while flying at a height of l0.000 feet. I The Class held their regular annual reception on Dec. 4, IQI5. An innovation was made by the third year in differing from the old custom of holding these functions in University Schools. Columbus Hall was secured by the Class and the brilliant success which attended this reception will be remembered for some time. This year the members of '17 undertook a new and extremely necessary duty which, in the ordi- nary course of events, should have devolved upon the Sophomores. These latter, however, being totally unsuited to their task, the very unpleasant yet necessary duty of effacing the bumptiousness of the "frosh" was undertaken by the members of the third year. Several sanguinary contlicts took place which, needless to say. resulted in victory for the third year. The "frosh" may now be observed exhibiting the peaceful decorum and respect due to upper classmen. lliith so many of the Class now serving their country on active service and so many more who will be overseas before the opening of another session, the Class of 'I7 may well be proud of their comrades who are upholding the honor of Old Varsity and unite in wishing them safe con- duct and a speedy return. l'NIX'l'fRSI'l'Y L'UI.I.lflllC 'l'lllRIJ YICKR lCXlfk'l"l'IYli. WI?-111. IUI' RUXX--5. ll. I,:1tcl1Tm'4l, Lrltlcp H. Cy. Fox, lml II1sto1'1au: H155 I. lirycc. Lmllmclllmt Klxw I. NICXIUIKJ, 1'm-lwxg Huw lg, lm-5 lxt Ilistorian: lf, NY. Clairlnont. CHlll1CiHfl1'1 C. S. l,a-ckiu. .Xthlulic lliructm: NTRIC RUN-V-R. U. CllEl!T1llL'1'N, 'lql't'2'lHL11'1,'1'I A. .X, INl1iQtv1'. SeC1'c't:11'y3 Miss N. lf. Ii. l!rig1lun. 151 X'ifk"IlI'L"-illlfllfl I". -I. lflymm Prcxi1,lc-111: .X. C. Fcrgumn, 21111 Yicu-1'1'wi1lc11t: Alix- Y. 11. C?ll'1'iL', l'1'uplu-tow: lf. Sywliu, k'm111ciII1n'. lfVl"I'UKI RUXY Jliw KI. Y, 'l':1ylu1'. Kluxicnl l3i1'vctx'uw: Kliw C. If. Klum'-ll, Ki0lII1k'iHIl1', .ll LL UNIVERSITY COLLEGE .f'-"SWrY ' K-. tw' W 11 T Q ' WL-af' KE: 4 W ' 4 :H L. VR 1' V-1 1' ' X X5-ME? 'V I ' ' ', Q f LIQYL.. L- -fa'-',,7 ',C - cf - ,. K., W..'u C ... ,TS V in ' 'l'-fi r. XL ELXQSEWD ,N 5, ,vfE - 3 Q " gi, ,. g Q I ,mg 4-19, A , -1 ci-. has '-'fi -1" ' t amht? 'ef D 1111 I 3 ' -fi -E -' lf ' bfi ,. ' .-- Il ef . it gi! fe -V ,A 41,6 Sway 0 . K .. , , I . H Q V .bw -. V.- X A ,., - l a 1gF'ff,f-illiltgwj '? i3 r , l. 3, 22 . 'M T 4' - "go,-,T" - w i -'XLR A' ' , If 1 S - "X F" -' ' Af " ' ,, -,' 15' " . " l 0, ,, ,-' I Y: r ' ' K5 , 'eQ3, , ',.' l' ' " . 2 H 5 4-35 - wif ,.,. '1 Carolyn Carson Marguerite N. Cassehnan Isobel M. Cassidy H. XVilliam Cavell CAROLYN li. CARSON ISOBICL M. CASS-IDY "1 :would do alzgvfliiug I0 .verve tl fr1'v11d." '41-,gf me Nay Tjlj51,y togj' Calgary is Camlynis native City' Where 'Jw liecclvcd her The star of the VVomen's. Dramatic Club of which she early educationa After a few years in Westminster College hw beef ,C -dem f t M , I ,A dfhl t , l and Harbord Collegiate, she entered Toronto University. ff-Qlbll P151 gf wOHyearS'dafflTVt'r Hialfllkxan 111165 taking C-eneral Course with Household Science option, l'1w'51 .6 wlnefff an .3 JO y goo L Ou' so C 5 ta ents' and winning personality have made her one of the most AIARGUERITIQ M. CASSELMAN popular members of Newman Club and of Onety-Six. "ll'z'xd0uz of what lzcrxelf apf1ro:'es makes elmirc. Nor is lcd l'a,hfz't'C by the common voice." Y Matriculating from Oakwood Collegiate, Madge came to H- WILLIAM C-XYELL Narsity to satiate- her arduous longing gforuhnowledge. g Her A mind to know itself and ipaq content clxefcthcliiraxctilrlstlcilfs, aptly expressed in lho vanquished, To and its joy in its Own menimcnt' ree X -- 0 Q .- as at . f' ', r Nw. at T- .rife f a -MJD . 5 . N m H l M-' V i . i' l 4, W ' . .. X mi -.4 ,5- vp ' Y P731 ' .fw -X nu, H. l v-- , -ul ,. . .. -fe , l ' 725-xf' Hiilf 5w':X?sa Q' - lf1'.ifQl . l Qt esp . -if - in Av s T191 . 1 .. " lla A 1 ' 'lr . " 651735 Q .V- F' f 'git' 34 .V A nr" Y C. 1 :5 3 JL I F t ew ' r swladi, ,gQo,,e -f N r W-2 l.-l . gg? e , ,ti 71152 ,dag Wagga lime- M . llilfla XV. Christie Gordon II. Code Emily S. Copeland Christina C. Cooper IIILDA XV. CHRTSTIE "Sire t1t'q111'rex .rtrezlyflli ax S110 goes." A Productive Orillia .has sent us another capable daughter. l'ro,m the collegiate Hilda entered upon her university career in loronto, ller four-years have been full of enthusiastic interest in college activities, both academic and social. GORDON H. CODE "Great men arc moulded out of faults." Though small in stature. "Gord" is gifted with a large and generous heart. A born tighter-he knows how to take a joke and pay it back. lle believes in things being up to standard-not down to a price. NVQ wish him all success as Captain-Paymaster of the l69th. 42 EMILY S. COPELAND "To dance fill finclzes clzirrup And xfars sink to the sea." After developing physically in Collingwood, she expanded mentally at St. Margarets. Four years among the elite at Queen's Hall have brought her as near perfection as mortals can hope. CHRISTINA C. COOPER "Plays well the game, and lszzofes the limit, And still gets all the fuzz tlzere's in it." Christina received her early education in Bristol, England, and at Havergal College. Toronto. Besides taking a high standing in her course. Moderns. she has always entered enthusiastically into college activities. NIVERSITY COLLEGE f ii, if O - '1 . 1. 11- Xia, ,.Js,,. r-sua-51-'---.fix 'rf 'sf tis: fistslwtlgmssisss. sissy 1 'Q 1, 1 ff s iz' if -.4 rw ,1 1xlAi1tQ'b5'!g .9 lm il Q 5 -s'iT,ifI DF rj, ilk "lt Fl. fl 31 N 11.-s -iE.."..l' ' s,s5!":x as ' 1' N V Q ulqf.-J' raft Jessie I. Cowan Mary L. Cowan JESSIE I. CUVVAN "For what I will, I willy and tlzcre 1111 e111l." jess hails from Drumbo. Four years ago, graduating from Perth, she entered Classics, taking an increasing inter- est in the Classical Association. May her past good fortune continue through life. MARY I.. COWAN "l think j'0Il!ll force me to become your fiaticzztf' During four years, your sign-board has hung before our eyes. Specialist in examination-passing and friend-making. Member of the Royal Society of Head Girls for Queen's Hall. Edward H. Craigic Thomas K. Creighton EDWARD Il. CRAIGIE "Native I l02'c1l, tlllti nttrt I0 1Yatz1re, Art." lloru june 24, 1894, Edinburgh, Scotland. Pupil at Royal lligh School, lffllllljllfgll. Came to Toronto 19117. Honor Matric. 1912, with tirst Edward Blake in lloderus and Science Parkdale C. l. Pres. Biological Chili, 1915-lo. Honor Biology. TIIOINI.-XS li. CRliIG1l'l'UN "ll'l1,v sl1o11l1l 11 1111111 desire 111 any z1'1z,x' to I'LH'.X' frenz the kindly race of lllC'lIfIH One. who has seen opportunities in college life-in economics and in other things besides. A N11-stern Uutario native with home ties in the far XYest. 41:14 Helen W. Currie llelen lf. 1l'.Xvignon 1'llfIl,EN VV. CURRIE I'l1,v i'011'u is sweet, as 11' 11 tiuifc Its 11111.vi1' from fl1-1' face." Coming from llarliorcl, llelen entered Nloderns rather earlier than the law allows. She was class proplietess as a junior and has won many friends through her gift for music and her sweet disposition. HIQLEN LHXYIGNON "D1'd'xf 1'11I1'l1 II11' 11115011111 1111111e." llelen 1'l'.rXvignon, alias lleleu 1l'.'Xv. Native of NYindsor. In 1912 'was detected entering English and llistory. Seu- tenced to four vears' hard labor in various ottiees. 1915 raised for good lpehavior to presidency of lYo111e11's .Xthletif .Xssociation. Conlirined lmsket-hall enthusiast. Chas. S. Dickson Xxvill. ll. Dickson CIIAS. S. AND NYM. ll. lllCliSUX ".ll111sl1 11111-v lu' saiil on lmrli .ci'1l1'.f." The Dickson cluet was tirst heard ou .Xpril jln-l. lN"i. at Niagara Falls, Out. The concert has been going on exti since. and promises to have an unusual ruu. llarniony some- times prevails. lly discriminating friends called "Clii1l1ly" and "Hill," hut liy the vast majority known eitlier collectively as "the Dickies," or inilividually as Hlliekief' No out recipe for identification available. lfulike most severe cases of 1'l'11 P. N ll. diagnosis reveals entliusiasiu for work. lfqually successful at tennis and eoutroversy. Ilaehelors elect. 1 Class ---- IQI8 ---- History Tlxl: the trees of the held, the Class of Onety-Eight has lost the verdant hue of a season just gone by, and acquired the cosmopolitan air and confident manner be- coming to Sophomores and those who have suc- cessfully baffled all the professors of University College at least once and have good hopes of doing so three more times. The Class returned to 'Varsity this fall fully realizing its new re- sponsibilities and eager to perform the great part it is to play in the history of the University. To begin with Unety-liight has established a precedent in the matter of inter-year scraps which will not readily be set aside. Tn the shadow uf the great world conliict, college scraps have been swallowed up and relegated to the ranks of dead letters. lglut let it not be thought that flnety-Eight lacks the warlike spirit of its predecessors-far from it. Her sons diligently drill on the campus and already many have gone to serve their country: her daughters as dili- gently click their knitting-needles and engage in other patriotic exercises. .Xlso dark hints of dire vengeance to be taken on certain very fresh "frosh" are whispered abroad and already their president has felt our correcting hand in warning. Our reception, while it is still in the future, promises to be a huge social success: and thereby hangs a tale-a tale of an unruly class meeting, of a keenly contested election and of subsequent slander and sedition, causing the hair of the Class oflicials prematurely to turn grey with worry and unaccustomed hard thinking. Athletics probably hold a lesser place than ever before in the history of 'Varsity. Her sons have become soldiers first and athletes and stu- dents afterwardg her daughters are filled with the earnest desire to serve their country in other capacities. Still we cannot forget that in the ranks of Onety-Eight are some of 'Varsity's fore- most athletes. Tennis, hockey, basketball, all other forms of sport, have Onety-Eight's stars in their line-up. T ln short Onety-Eight promises to be a Class which will leave lasting impressions on every held of college activity and will long live in the memories of professors, who will anxiously watch the further rapid progress toward scholastic emi- nence of its many brilliant members. T ii is l'ilISTORl.X Ns. l'NIYIiRSI'I'Y L'UI,I,lCl2IC SIZCHNII YIC.XR I'1XICL'l"I'IX'If. I"I5'IU. IOP RHXX'-XV. I.. Rcnniv. -XtI1IL-tic Ilircctmi XI. KIL'NIIlI'II'Y. I'1'u11In1-Iwi G. I.. XI. Klcliilclmiu. Ixt Ilixluvizllw: R. .X, S:I1n1Nm. Ill Couxlcillnr: KI. I. ML-ck. l'm-tws: Y. XI. Xlilnwr, Mu-ical IIII1-c1m': R. AI1llI7l'I', Jud IIiN1m'izm. NTRIQ RUXYWI-Q, II, 121,11-Ilmi. I.zuIy L'm111uiIIm'1 .Y KI, Iluggzm. 'I.I'l.'1l'IlI'L'I'2 KI. S. I,L-wif. lx! X'iw.'-I'1'wi1Iv11t2 II. XY. Ik-III. I'w'--MIAMI bl. Y. III1'X'lIIIII, Jml X'ic:-I'1'wi1Iu11t: NI. XY. Iiilnrr. I,:n-Iy YIUIIIICIIIVVVI II. I". l'r1wtm'. Sk'tfl't'I1lI'X. lU,l,,l,Ov P . , . .. . . . . , . . . . xfIXX-XX. Ky. I'II"NIIlI'1IlIIf, LIHIIICQ X, XX, ,X1-mNlVm1g, hunt. Y1vllllL'lII1bl'. 45 1 31.0 mc' A A QW 72, QW 2 ' H Q il NIVERSITY CGLLEGE KQZJCQ? fi fyffffffx K 'Q .:f?'f VT ' ig- Van V or 'I K " 1 ' e, "Yr, :'x,3-N s-ith,-' I .' .xp-Q. ' "4 ' , , 'Q M , ,l Az' '. V 11 'U' - N rvgxgfxlfqlcvwn tellin? Q uicflfj i if?f.wlluii1f'Qg?, It A 5 A ip G 1 f- ,A V , iff ,.1tfS"E.Qfi-5Nft159... ii f Q, igzmrxiizxji -- uicgixrl fl 4.57 I - V e f . LQ 1- QQJJ Q H' ' ' K-ff' N-ffgxx in , 'I V, A ' v K I .35 s 1 Sl .. X - ,, f 5 c, , , fit wuz. gre QQ ny- Q ia P". if me -,S EQ. 1- tim VTE RST Kiki'-'E Wm' f it me was 523 . :ifx. w w'GJi A ' ik' Alf... ttf V .. , fx as ,.-51 . .VX I .. 1 Q. g 41:17 .3 ff ie ' '15 3 'te' Ng ikjvwl-,ll . V, ex .3-L. i. iw X.. 'ti .A A , R Ll 1 ,T X E? 3 U: J .11 , .i A.. ' rf Q1 i I f ,K s-' x l Eggs x ' se C. 1 -. vs 1-.IEKTZYQ .x1ll2ffPQlV'iiiA-3, it fuQvf,4gJ'iN3sQ"' i e3m?Q,m.sgQ -4 -V if '- John S. l Dickson llerl.rcrt Y. llolison .Xnnic Douglas Harold Druminonrl lflllx S. lllL'liS4lN ANNIE lJUl.'l1l,.XS "Hr mfizlfl tilfmyx film' xulm' 'zvorff tu ilu, .lull if gnrlx :wry ilzvru, ln' izmx lzulzlly, loin' .lack ll11lll'lC11l1llL'll frmn the Sczifortli C. l. with the 'l'hiiwl lfdwzird lllnkt- Scliolzirsliip in liL'I1L'l'Z1l l.'i'ulicieiicy. llis keen executive :iliilily has heen shown on inziny coininittcvs -in his senior year 21N tiwzisiiimii' uf his Class :intl uf Nlocl: Pmilinntnt xiii iviuiilciit uf thi Y Xl C X intl piisill nt if cf the Coiiiinercv :intl liiiizuicc Clnh. lll'QRlil.fR'l' Y. INPIZSUN " I 1114111 uf .wilful mm' rnilljwxctl Ullillilhvl llerli took his tirst soothing syrup in Oro. Ont. Nlzntric. :it xvlllgllillll, Uni. lfnterwl Il. N I'. in 1'-Pll. llcrlv will continue his studies with 1'l"P Mi-ilicine. 'll link uf gulf! in tin' cliuiu of lifvf' Frmn llunnville. .Xnne entered the llouschold Science Coiirsc in 1911. She served on Class Exccutivcs, Queen's Hall llouse Coinmittucs zinrl. in spite of all distrzictions, pur- sucd the cvcn tenor of hcr way. ll.XROl,ll IPRUMMOND "Bcttur latc than m':'v1'." Only those who do not know l.3ruinmoni.l will say that this quotation is not rippliczihle. Harold has chosen the czilendzir l'ZlfllL'1' than the watch as his Cll1'OI10111Qf61' and this probably accounts for his inaliility to be punctual at lectures and otlier things, Down south with the aviation corps and the lit-sl wishes of the class are cxtcnflcfl to him. of . ffl" is B ww fi' T1Q'.,,,c.N:'ff. gli 5419 , ,gi f .c 1 1 . 1,241 ii 1, it-ff.. lQQg 3E:Q115.1it'.: it rilefflfftlll f A ,fx QJAI ' X- X,.'Q -" Al ' I - 4 ' iflfyi lrkifq fiiimw -ei? UW Qif, ix. lj ggi tizljbif' Ss' Lf'.'-L97 A ah-io L gf lgls ff 'mv wg. i 1 I 1 p .i . s + fel' 1 KSQl fiQ,'.ix..,-VL. wfsieg-,. ,ix-if-gil' P213 'lu qi 'lii ' Q LC swsw, 1914631525 if 5 - -fr 1 Til BQ " gb ' V - ,.i. link A x 4 CL i s -. 'S George H. Duff XYellesley D, Evans XV. Geoffrey Evans S. Albert Fasken GEORGE ii. DUFF W. GIYOFFRICY EVANS "fl Nl!-flllfj' IIIIISC, but not wifliozrt U Plan."---APopc. Born in liiu-kiang, China, Fch. 27, 1893. Iilcnicntary cducation in China. Caine to Ontario in 1907. Honor Klatric. from llamilton C. I., 1912. Member Students' Council, 1914-15. 'I'reasurer Musical Association, 1913-15, Honor Biology. NYELLESLEY D. EVANS "TIM man who sniokcs fliinlcs Iilcv ti sage and arts lilvf' fl SUIl1lll'lifdJlfH Course-Modern Languages. Recreations-Philology, "Five Hundred," Music. Labors-Mock Parliament, "Varsity," The Blast, Class Executive, Modern Language Club. Clubs-The Union, "Midnight Sons." Aversions-Lectures. "Dames," Sleep. Future-- --i i 1 ,H "Tu 'zclluf wld is ull this labofi of judgment art- makc a success business. If a keen sense of humor and sancness of any value to a chemist, Jett ought to of the wooilcn nutmeg and hasswood ham S. ALBERT FASKEN "Barring that nafiiral e.r11r'5'ssio11 of tfillaiuj' 'zciliivlz wc ai! lzarc, the uinu looked lzoizcst cnouglif' Born at Port Elgin, April 30111, '86, Bert matriculated at Port Dover, and entered Varsity, where his love for Science led him into the Physics Course. His past record augurs for him a bright future. , NIVERSITY COLLEGE f. ww. '---fgiloiwv? 113 1'-if 1 2w'f'rVf5f? fl 1 '1-"+WfrQfg9' Lt.. gmftik. ,fxylqxywy XX WHCNQ 'kigyxn f-X'.f 'v1f'j.3QWj'lZiP XR 3.1 K wjyfzpf U f Inf, 1' J lx C ,4- X X. 'NU-, fl 1 . N 1 xv T ' ,A ,,,N,. ,, ,iiwl"3ffwQt1,.lLR. .4J1QllE, Cm --155 xg-A35 V. f?ifwNQ-1.21515 lsQQMf..QZ,f5 15545 HQAQ f'-ff'f:J4..zf-942349 -wtfifw ,,fkAwk1M4- i v tl. N ' K J wwtffffc 1 X ,Q1v'1. f Q-,ch Q 1Lf9jJ5Yz4f'J JD.-uf ff gg.. 5 . ' X "' 1 4 , '5 l xx ,X . Q N4 ,,5,,.xl i , ,lv 4 L55 ith,-:S 1 ff' .4 ji ' L., 67 gf LLkf'.A'. L,-it, G4 HS A2 9 5 Cf, g 'S 'wi .A wil Q!-i U- -' ,J ff"Z' K2 1 y4',f'. Lf .2 'VAL ti K-ex lx vw 2. 0 I L ' "li ,1 i ' SQ i -Q S V!-'Nix ' "if N 'E f V B, L. -5 5.3 'H if X- wwf' ,Qjr-F T' fi ' 'lu l'-'VT' 'ml'fQ yy! it "N fx 5. Fi L 1311 '- 'tax-.f ' 5 xl-.Qllgkjfl"MfYS3.vllE,Q 5951123231229 L w nf.-2. ,Piigwglll glll .QYZJTD T35 Sili71l,'1ffS's?E3c5 MG. K M W :Lf .M -twig gil.--K V Q, sx Sic.. Vg-: xx Ll ,ii 0 RDA s..-A-5 C U IA fg 1 jiryis tl -. Ulf QC' -zgjcvj I 1 Q, .,l ff .. Q' FREN" 1, 'f 9. X: ' li. 11.13232-if J Q35 'fr-T Aff fb All LSHT 3 flax- QQN fvf-TFf,.i2A+255 1 K t i1ffkgEJ Kf3ff1Nl95!vU. Lorne M. Firth A. XVillL-na Foster lXIz11'jm'ic I. F. Fraser lilbiu Xl. llriiwr LORNE M. FIRTIT Rl.XR,lURllC I. lf. l"li.XSliR HUP! np! my friend, and qui! juoni' lwnl:.s." A A-A,,l,m,j,U,- nf my ,num-," . Fjollvnexlnatlifglllated from.YLOndOll,.kollcglmc-' -I2lll'l"'l Kl:1i'ju1'iL"s C1111-ci' linx lu-:gn nnt- nf iinpi1l4i1'ity :intl Ilii- X 2115115 xxitli lla but later tnnntl 111, Il llettui giailnating Lit- Hull lwalmllic Club hm... 1,1-Hmwi iw ilk... rlmmy In ,l,, year. Prominent in inter-faculty contt-sts, presitlcnt of Univ. Coll. Athletic Association, and very succcsmtul in sncinl activities. Contemplatcs law. A' wH'LEN'l F0S"1"5R l'Ql.Sll'l Ai, iqxlsl-31: ".l JIIAY, tlllmitlifm' fclmi uf ffrtlnc. llllllgi. llcr Nnnny Nmilu lizu Wim ln-1' ninny frit-nilx wli-V wixli lim' well. ".-lin!! 5l!lL' slllilcsf' Habitat-Scotland fOntarioD. Haunts-Pliysics Building, 4 Queen! Park. ,Xftt-r nnilricnlziting 111 Lonflnn Lfnllt-g'i:i1t-, Iilxit- L-iitttiml Occupation-Pursnit of the clusivu clccti-nn. Yzngity with Clay 'lu lltfli' tzivnritt' xpni-tp have Im-n Virtues-Optimism, originality, intlufzitigalnility, luquzicity. Nlcziting unfl winning wlnilniwliipx, bln- lim zilxxanw an t-yn Yict-SfAlJscnt-inindetlnt-as, lrlxrliilitilcbs. fm' fun. lint in t-vu-i'y lmrznicli of Xlnllvrnx Im- xlinxvii lim'-vlt Ilohbic-S-L'atQ, spcctrngrziplis. aan apt Ncliolznz gg 'gl vp 4 '13 K 571517 f-,mhZ,,.ENC ,TNQ--I. xt.-l-x fini L?fgijl5',Ji 55? S, X. :DA-txgf. fwxt-Q f-I 5 45,1- +4 CTf'3iiiQwP' a?tT3lg.4wf+l. Af1QfS522fJ9W XQTEEQSD f in-4 N Z3f '. S,m5f ' A-cvQgff:W it . 1 -qv manga: NMQ.Q3,f54stw.g1-M'QTEK ,Y-Sf'g.f'5SL.xi 5 Qlwlgi A u-D' 5 " N .4 -ic i ,EA f Qgx -l.,-.'flK- Q-I fillxgmiyigiq Ni -FU 'lycra UA 5 ffl: 5-5125 .c,-Aw mx-X-"J v- V " ' ,jr -1,4 . " . Sgt? VA' 'N ,l l -' 'WA uf, I ff' QR, 'TN " 14' ' U-. wifi- M 'ff '9 -' 'Y '?"r S744 .-L -Y. N ,fvxrn . vw 'Q Q 'x .1 1 . ,lf , .F 0.1 .- EJ' U JN 7 ' 'vw 51 'P ' 'Xf57'ri 5 . 1 32.12-X 5' t Xb . , ,J .1 Hpbv . f A X Y""1ff" " W- . 'eg f ,fun .-X wimff ' Y" 1 O. 'fl . Jili ff ffngif, fi'1U35'?f+Q9i:'f2' 1 1F'+s'ilQg I 4:15535 T'-X Qfli-GflNfcl'1' 6124115 PSN' NLF ll X ' lilgcli I .Qffli ' riffff' QMQLEIN' .lf-'R if-yr' ' MEQQ .QA J51f?g4-.s:..frfbf.,9f,s-ff fGt,w. .5'1.tCP1nft-,4..,.,a. ' Lf, 'mm of,e1.,f5r5Dn5, .9 -..JJ Eganbi-JG.,--' Ewart I. Cale Hci'lJe-rt ll. Canton Snnniul D. Caiwlinci' ,Xlvxfinwlrinn Bl, Gillies ICXYQXRT l. C.' S.XKlL'l'1l. ll. l2,XRlllXlili "ll'lu1f sigllzt .vu Iurml lllllll ax :vlwrv t't1r'll1'x ifivvzf .mils inln "fl y1t'11lli'umu null tl frm' frivrni nm' 'zvhn llt'I'L'V 511:15 .'fi'ui1s.'.' 1 1" 1" ." . . , . wa ful OU! Img, R , In w btartvfl out in llcccinlrcr. 92. XN:1mlci'wl tlirnngli l'.n'lq- xcmt fo MHIHN flf'l"l5 DCC- --j 1856-V flalc :intl into Clzivics :it Yaiwity. lit-inwwiitul liix Nun' ll?-llllbi m?llUl'- U filvvfvll fafmlx nn Stnilcnts' Cunncil, luis Cnllt-gmt as lcailci' of tllv Lit.. liix Xldlt. llls' lllstflllt Alma Mawr-U' of 1' Llmirsc- as lic-afl nf Clase-ic:1l Aasncintinn. Unfniling gt-ninlity. WCB"l?!i"'i3:32:3111llglJoJa, 1904. fl'1Cl1llb cvei'ywln'i't-. llis aiin-l,:iw at lmnit' ni' zivirutinn ocni. , - ,. Zinkl, Homesteadit in sunny Sask., 1910. Um-U I X Xl 1 IX H H II A .li.'.X.'1i .XX . , tl .. ICS .HERRERI R' CANYON I "Faith, lady, you lm-r't' ii IIIUVVAX' lnwirlf' HH7C'UP'17I!7 all that 'ZK'6'lfIllf of lvarrnng, H l H U , , L,'q1,t1v 1,1-C 0 fjmm-,-5" lomntu .clznmj Ina tor -llL'l' own. lu-p:11'i1ttn'y ymirj- ' ' at lluinhcrsidc Lnllc-giatc. bln' uiitcrcel thc Yliiiu-igity in ECUNUMIC THEURIES 1912. 1On Iilci' lfltisg lfxccntivt-ilniull in tin-IrJr1i1i:itlucxlk'l141I. To URI-,FP Shg has. inzuc lL'.l intlnt-nag tt tf-ion tnnc nn up ut. 'X being ot bcotcll lineage? llic wtrt-ngth nt lici' cliniuicim' ix i II. nl GIXNTON expressed in llcr nlmility to nizikc l1lll'llCl'llllN anal in-rin:nn-nt 1 V Y V W fricnflellipi. 47 Class ---- IQIQ ---- History fortnight after the Ides of September, the traditional halls of University College were filled with a large number of un- sophisticated students, eager to gain all that university life offers. There was racing and chasing through the halls for enrolment, and new friendships started. The gentlemen were welcomed to the Uni- versity in an able address delivered by Principal Hutton, at a banquet under the auspices of the Y. M. C. A. Although the real initiation of the men was dispensed with this year. there were a few minor hustles which caused a small sensation, owing to the fact the the Freshmen were vic- torious. The ladies, however. were welcomed in the time-honored way at the Guy Fawkes party. -Xt this thrilling event little red devils pranced about painting the cheeks of pale freshettes and prodding the unwilling to perform the tasks assigned them by the Devil of Ceremonies. The year soon showed its energetic nature in organizing and withstanding the encroachments of the combined forces of proverbially all-power- ful Sophomores and a few super-abundantly spirited juniors, and in the expulsion of the afore' said disturbers from the polling booth during the elections. The juniors, when they saw that they were being defeated, resorted to that old-time weapon. the tire-hose. But a few athletic Fresh- men soon wrenched this instrument of warfare from their eluches and restored peace. Soon after the elections, we held our first class meeting. which was a brilliant success. The members of the different courses became acquaint- ed and welded together, making a firm founda- tion for the three following years which are to be spent beneath the sacred towers of University College. The Freshettes have shown remarkable ability along sporting lines. notably tennis and basketball. Again, in the "Lit." our young ladies have dis- tinguished thcmselves and have also taken a great interest in Red Cross work, spending most of their spare time knitting. Several of the men have volunteered for active service and have already received commissions. From present indications there is predicted a very successful future for the Class of IQIQ. UNIVERSITY ClJLL'lEl21i FIRST YEAR l'1X1iCl"1'lX'lf, 1913-10. P ROXYfH. I. Connolly. Physical llircctor: C. Mnrcliiion, Kluiitlunizin Cwuncillur: ll. C. Cain. Critic: Rl. C. llczily. hlnilgug -I. lx McMur1'icli, Gentleman Councillor: NV. N, Joncs, Oralor. LINTRE ROXV-T. Shearcl, SCCl'C'tZ1l'yi Miss M. G. Tolmic. ht Vicc--P1'wi-Qlciit: T. NI. S11-ulr. 1j1",'Nl4lL'l1l1 ll. Ll. Stnlmllg. Jn-1 Yue President: Miss P. Simpson, Proplictcss. IOTTOM ROYV-Nlisi Y. l. Howry. llnwical Dircctrussz lliw lf. Orr. l,:uly Cuiiiicilliwi Rliw H. ll. llcfuy. ll1ilO1'lLl11I Mis X Cliainbcrs, l,an,ly Cmincillm', I -19 9 u fi wh' NIVERSITY COLLEGE Ceo, Earle Clover Edward C. Gordon CEO. EARLE GLOVER "The hast of men have c'z'vr loved rcfiosef' Born at Qu'Appelle, Sask., 1893. Matriculateil from Medicine Ilat lligh School 1912. Joined Class of lT6 in same year. lle has the best wishes of the Class. EDNNARIJ C. GORDON " If'orlr-ww-lc-rvorlc, Till the brain lvegiiis to swim." Toronto Model School, the University Schools and some U. C. professors may bear witness to the suitableness or otherwise of this quotation. However, there will probably have to be more truth in the insinuation when Ted goes over to Meds. next year. I. Murray Cordon M. Meyer Cordon J. MURRAY GORDON "The law his aim, thc Bvzzrh his goal." "Joe" was born in Toronto in 1895, A.D. After a preliminary education at Harbord Collegiate he entered Varsity with the usual high-flown ambitions of a freshman. Throughout his course he took an interest in the various college activities, notably the "Lit." and the inter-year debates. The obscure depths of legal points will be his next sphere of endeavor. M. MEYER 11oRlmON "Merit was ever modest known." VYas born in Toronto in 1896, and prepared his way to Varsity by inatriculating from Oakwood Collegiate. Industry and amiability are the leading traits of his character. His aspirations are legion, but he will probably be seen seeking further enlightenment in the sombre halls. of Osgoode. :lf- .fevg YASA' Kathleen ll. flower John K. Graham KATIll.l3EN ll. GUVYER "The slzortesf auszuer ix doing." After many wanderings. Kathleen returned to her native Toronto and entered College. .Xfter the tirst year she thought of retiring from her course but was urged to tinish. The Anglican Club has profited by her presidency. JOHN K. CR.Xll,XM "1-1 man hc' was of Cllcerfnl j'C.YfL'l'LfL'lj'S and rohjideizf to-mor'rou's." Birthplace, Toronto. Homeatown, Hamilton. Recreation. inventions. Course, Philosophy. Pursuit, wisddm. Amuse- ment, "cousin." Pasttin1e.lectures. Destiny, Knox. Para- dise, sleeps and eats. XY. Thomas Graham Alexander M. Curofsky XV. THOMAS GRAHAM H,"1.YIILllllL'Lf of his lmoivlvdge, and proud of his ignorance, he 11115711 much fo he proud of." In application to Chemistry. as constant as- the R in pv:nRT: he has nevertheless taken a constructive interest in all healthy student activities. ALEXANDER M. GUROFSKY "Even though z'aizqui.thcd he could argue still." The Northclitte of the "Lit." Born in Toronto and a graduate of Jarvis Collegiate. He entered Varsity with the motto. never do to-day what can be put off till to- morrow, but he latterly has developed into a real plugger. VVe predict for "Red" a high standing in the legal profession. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE ' Ir I I if-. 9 , A, S 4.551 V' s A f 3, . , I-qw .f- I - -1 zmge tv - -- i,i12evwfT, Af. Egg?-Liao? wats 'E.E Anza! George C, Haddow Marjorie S. Hall GEORGE C. HADDONV "rl man of many parts." Course-English and History. Recreations-Music, Fussirlg, English Literature. Labors-The Blast, "Varsity," Mock Parliament. Clubs-Historical, Interrogative. Aversions-Lectures, Philology, VVork. Future-You never can tell. MARJORIE S. HALL "W'1'tlL genllc, yet f7I'8T'GI-Ilillg force, Intent ufon her desfilzcd e011rsC."' After attending I-Iarbord Collegiate Institute, Marjorie entered Varsity with the Class of IT6. High honors in Hoderns, social activities and the presidency of the Modern Language Club have been part of her course. Muriel IC. Ilall Robert C. Hall MURIISL li. II.XI,I. "Judge me by wlml I um. S0 xlzalt tlmu fiml me ft11'ruxt." Muriel, born and brought up in Toronto. Finishefl her preparatory education at l'ILllI'llDCl'SIflC Collegiate. From hert she came to Varsity, where her only thorn was lleoim-try. It is rumored that she will follow the legal profession. ROBERT C. II.XI,I. "From 1110 great desert to the fees! of Hx."-1'i'of. Coleman. Origin-Portage La Prairie. August lflth. IHQS. Insertion-P. K II. IT6. V Action-Graduated from Calgary C. I. aml .Xlberta Nor- mal School in 1911. "I3ob's" bright western spirit has won him many frientls. Member of Executive l"l5. 35,35 if fjvw,mfg'yf"e-se W N gp ' Lgjf'-?7gg?gr.ikcsfgszyseg. I all It I tcm 1 VII' f . es I Rift' V235 Lf' 'I ,K I eff.. :,3 ii I Sfififx Efifib 'la 1 C7 gf Tee N .Ferl ,. lg W7-gr . T X Y , ' Q G ,., L ,-ig Q53 , I , f . J - s , U- . rt-Z: .f f-- ff :em - v 'a kj 'N N f 1X XE" -IETI , f---' , rv fs -X,r- .. H ,f if .RO , r U, N,5,Nx J, Sq. .A Q, I gf,pffQ,1f5tasq3f A3551 kg, fs? WL Qtemityngj .f , ' ,,f . 'X .5-W., ki I 1.1, 'I I if. .4 .V J 71 .- - V ff T 3 no x V x ,K fmj' J' -Sigh rj '??'d Cf!.:E'1 ..- LCUIPL' ,-Pu, ' -1 'int ,s . I Y 'J - ' Ethel E. M. Hammell NY. Henry Harrison Ida Ill. Harvie Margaret llatfiehl ETHEL E. N. II.XNIRIICI,I, IILX M, IIQXRYIE "Do you not know I am a 1L'0IlIfIIIf7 II'l1en I think I must "If 'ttevm' not for my ini Sjieakf' I think I ronltl nor li':'l'." After a somewhat checkered career our heroine clescenrlecl on the University. Here she has won scholastic honors, anal the esteem of all who know her. VV. IIENRY IIIXRRISON "fl matlzenzatieian-zeifll a flzysfml 1'nst1'nct." .Born at Burlington, Ont.f Matriculated from Oshawa High School, 1911, with First Class Standing, which he main: tained throughout his course. He was an active member ot the Executive of the NI. and P. Society. Ida hails from Jarvis Collegiate and entere-l the Nlorleru Language Course of University College. where her constant cheerfulness has been the boon of her many coinpanions. French conversation classes, Anglo-Saxon grammar an-l cat- are her favorite hobbies. MARG.XRlf'l' lIA'l'FIlfI,lI .-Ie smile 0' llcr would fuinilvlz t'nI!'r'.-I After graduating with honors from livanston .Xeallr-nip. Margaret spent three years at Northwestern University. Evanston. Attracted by our Ilouseholul Science Course. sh.,- came to Toronto to take her degree. 51 ii - 35957. ight NIV ERSI I Y COLLEGE ff 5. l"'j-i1,T1f- fgffstjzw., 'vias f :fine if f iw, Q sw. fe z VV: ' ji ' 1' f Q fi.: -1 Q , .5 . -and 10 " ' ifiif rw s 1. .1 -A 1' ew. . C. C i ff " fl Aywgiffyl Pt ,NIL-CfJQ5,Q C: 'wtgijgt'-1, Jkbefgif . , ikail? .1 J. Sl g,dlC..- 3 I' A- Wifi? vig' is :i Vx', .eu :Aff ff .L ' ':' 1 1 .' ,', 1. fi .s-21, 1 . l .aw all Fl-'tml TLV Wife CU 'il ,. iiiffiil' F423 l i 1 . .X .. M . ,L .gil qw .' pf'z't,- I V V H V Y ,lm it Y V A elfiiil l,j53x'. i i L1 H 1 ln VN' -r f V M Af .Ql?fQ,.-YN u"Jq't jig 3 Ks 'WY A LV' LP .EA "A 'E Q0 Y- ' H13 I . x'!41'q?' 153, . 's ,V g 1 ,N :M-X A ' H 39. X ks 1 . liQi1,'.QfftLlSTM-' js' , 1 Q 155, s W-35321 '16 -9 KEJO , 'SJ I 115' , 54 V i , V' ,Hg L. y . .NWN '. l if i A lj- X' " in-fjfv 1' 4 r f : - 4 . f C-fwii'3's.:.5. fwflbsssf 3Kt5C'z.sut.eQQfQqfr5E1sgfQSeEfU. XV. Irving Hearst Joseph Ililley lVilliam M. Hugill Robert F. Inch XV. IRYING IIICARST IVILLIAM M. IICGILL "L'11l1o111111't'1l rozzragc 111111 c0111j111.r51'o11 jo1'11t'tl, 1-'L1'T,,',,g 0 Mfg of caan, i,,d,,Sf,,y-ff Yhflllfllilljl u11rl1 aflzcr 111 flu' 7'1'r1'o1"5 1111'111l, .-llt1'1'11111cl,v ,'11'0t7la1'11z l11'111 gynotl and 1111111 .-11111 llltllft' flu' lzcro 111111 the llltlll Co111j1l0tU." Irving Hearst is one of a number of students from this ycar's graduating class who decided to don the khaki early in the year. At time of writing he was a lieutenant in a local battalion at lixhibition Park. He has the best wishes of his class. JOSEPH llll.I.lfY "llc 15 tl 1111111 of llllllljl ft'll'lS.H .Apart from stuily, apart from jesting. apart from socia- bility. apart trom rugby, he is thc equal of any man. He could study .and keep it moilerately secret. llc. could be your best trientl without 1't-inintliiig you of it. XX hat better could be said about any man? W'ill came to life some 21 years ago. Harbord C. I. was his stepping stone to Classics at Varsity. His greatest asset li a knowledge of what he wants and how to get it. His aim is single and as a friend he can't be beaten. NVill's fate -"Success" ROBERT F. INCH "Even tlI01lgll z1a11q11isl1cd, lic could argue still." "Bob" made his initial appearance at Hamilton. One morning, early in October, 1912, he stepped off the milk train from there and since then his principal diversions have been fussing, arguing and basketball. At the beginning of his last year he received an appointment with the 36th llattalion. Machine Gun Section. H. John C. Ireton Thomas Il. Jameson Joan Keeler M. Hildred Kemerer II. JOHN C. IRETON JOAN KEELER "Sigh 110 more, ladies, sigh 110 more, "The ki11destfr1'e11d, jlltlllv were der01'zfc1's over." Drummond, Ont., had a double celebration on May 24. After attending Perth C. I.. he entered Varsity with M. S P.. '16. To more assitluously study the caprices of Venus, he took astronomy in his senior year. THOINIAS H. JQXBIESON "Books-a dull 111111 tedious .rt1'1'fc'." "Harry" is not lazy. The quotation implies that his cleverness makes extensive research unnecessary. He "blew in" from the West with a spirit of optimism which has won for him a host of friencls, mostly ladies. "He'll be a lawyer if he can, and he can." -Xlreaily success attenlls him. 52 The best co1zd1'tio11u1l and 1111u1c'111'1'c'd sp1'1'it In doing cozlrtesiesf' Joan's continued deeds of kindness and sunny disposi- tion have won for her numerous admiring friends. Her humor is an encouraging influence among those who know M. HILDRED KEMERER ".-Ill roads are equally good if only they bear towards the same goal." her best. Hildred spent the first years of her college course at the University of Michigan and Sweet Briar. coming to Toronto in her junior year. Secretary-treasurer of the International Polity Club. L1 IVERSITY CCDLLEGE :'5':' 5 'z .E Sgt E , A f 7 I' N sr: -I 'ww -' L ,.wa'3cf'Nf' -. eff ' i its F Nsfev,+:'1-:ffr -F' L -- KWSWSQS D .Q fl? IQ 255 Mfilefsfi . .iiiiglmf ge-if tire afisfbxssl S nv4,sf,s-w.,ffsz- E+ fi 'T J 23 diggs 4 - 1. .2 x - H 1-.'- I ef- NL s 5- it veg--ict'-sibtq X 7 as tpltsqflib w-1 if at il , L -sdltllf 1 -- '- QQ TT . A C1 gil PM .d"k?l'h'S ,fb sklbiig E3 ',,1i'11n?7f X f ll", Q ' L- ' - 5 Q? ii ' . ' . 1 1, ' fadwi 'gk gf i i '-1 i uiirlx,-P"f' Tl . 'fgihll . His, QF ' ' JG QTIQJ W 5.9 me .uf ffgs - V -,mf ax., ??f..9 lima 5 f- ar? we 659551 Qi I a . e s 1 1 . 1 my -.,zaf6Kt?Qrlii.Q,r 3 "t sL.1Q29i.5Ii gsfihdilggeffffgikgg. QP? affSig2iiQQEiSSisffikiliii2 iifgxiiifii525ggfkiiiQ5Qfiff5W5fiiffs Arthur W. Kennedy Velma E. Kennedy James Kingsbui-gh Herbert C. Kinnee ARIIIUR W. KENNEDY The gods 'alll thinl' t'Uz'vc be ore -+ a gentleman- of EWQW Q S' L ' s. at.. 2 I Wrxj. lv- ff-EL Q-Ev F i r '5 , ' .1 1 I y -1 'dl . , w ,g it L? P 1 1, 1 r I eg 'C X if J I . .1 sv Jef af 4, J .- L, .1 H " 1' t 1 f his q11al1't3'." . He is neither a seer nor a saint. It is not the human intellect that interests hnn but the human heart and the great comedy of life. VELMA E. KENNEDY "True of heart, of spirit gay." ' After Honor Matriculation, small Velma joined the illustrious freshies of 1T6. Her unfailing good nature and hearty laugh have made her a favorite with her class-mates. Serving on Class, Athletic and Torontonensis Executives. JAMES KINGSIGURGII "Take ad1'z'cc of a red-lzcarletl man und lvcgozzcf' Jim first began this existence at Ayr, Ont.. Jan. 14, 1594. Moved to Paris 1905 and matriculated there 1911. To Toronto 1913. Entered Varsity 1912. Has taken an active interest in college alfairs. Served on Lit. and Y.M.C..X. Executives in final year. HERBERT C. KINNEE "Hc'll make a stir, Lila' 11 great astrormzzlcrf' Appeared on this planet near Hamilton in 1889. Matricu- lated at Richmond Hill, and taught for four years. Ambition called and Clarence joined the '16 M. Sz P. Class. Ilis many friends predict for him a successful career. 14 U it J Q ur. f ' f :- fe x. .C s X , . 3, , li ' 1 5 -rx 4 1, - vi ' ff V ' s1 1- ' ,.- -lg' - - r , ,,-fiqkxr Tv I ' 1 . - I 1 I 'f 12 CLS PEL J 2 A XJJIE. "Q-l 'CXEQAQ -rss as CST at I sfK? P'vt 143. isa V ki ii I ' Y A' ' V T ' V-1 ' " ' i '- ' V L . V -'Y'-.fx w r , 'Lg N' - 1' - L -if 5 ' I ' t 5 .swept is . Q1i-Ts6?. 5556315 :1SfL'rz1f 'V bs" sims 3KGiC3QiPl3Zf47P 1. My F H lifes Qitzeas--1 QW www- csfaksv' .LQ Yrligeelkzgt, 1 se4ssemJL,s.1Qs.,2f lswsslfitqw -eyed osx-IQ-e9fstt.Lkc.siS-'Ks'E51iQsMC Florence I. Knight Muriel Lee Allen L. Lewis Frederick A. Logan FLORENCE I. KNIGHT "I do not trouble my spirit to zfiizrliratc' itself." Born at Mandaumin, graduated from Seaforth Collegiate Instituteg came to Toronto and was initiated into Queen's Hall in 1912. Is a member of the Y. VV. Cabinet and will graduate in Modems. MURIEL LEE "Her stature tall, I hate a dumpy woman." Muriel's home is Hamilton, her course Moderns. Her interests are numerous and vary from Higher Criticism to Parisian Gowns. She is di lomatic, versatile, artistic, "Mis- tress of herself tho' China Pall." 53 ALLEN I.. LEVVIS "No man bcconzes a ifillain all at once." Came to Varsity from New NVestminster. ILC., with one idea, viz., to overlook nothing. Still has that one idea. Result-success in studiesg his UT" in athletics: many con quests of a non-academic nature. FREDERICK A. LOGAN . . . "I too l1'iIl fast the .vfvur and leave tht' rest to .l0:'c." First stepped before the footlights at Niagara Falls. Ontario, Aug. 27, 1894. Stage name "John." Good-natured. hospitable. The personitication of complacence and non chalance. An indispensable member of P. K B. 1T6. T e Literary Society HE war has affected all University activi- ties, but probably none more than those of the "Lit," Many of those upon whom the duties of oflice would have fallen had enlisted, and four who accepted office an- swered the call during the year. Even though the past year has been one for action rather than talking, it was necessary that the "Lit," should not be allowed to die. Therefore, at the connnencement of the term a coalition executive was unanimously chosen to conduct the affairs of the "Lit" for the ensuing year, The majority of the usual social functions had to be cancelled. Neither the Arts' Dance, Dinner nor Stag Night were held, but Mock li'arliament was held as in previous years. De- spite the difficulties with which the committee in charge had to contend, it was a decided success. The programme was divided into two parts, a peace conference and a skit entitled "Satan -Xgonistesf The peace conference provided ample opportunity for paying off old scores against both students and faculty, while in the musical comedy the men showed how a real chorus should sing and dance. Last year the men held a joint meeting of the womens and men's societies. Following our lead of last year the women took advantage of IQI6 by holding a Leap Year Meeting to which the men were asked. This was the only social event of the year con- ducted by the "Lit," and it was entirely success- ful, bidding fair to become in the future one of the established "Lit." functions. The ladies pre- sented a play: the men gave an impromptu de- bate, and several musical numbers were also rendered. The regular meetings could have been more appropriately termed irregular, for with party questions banished it was hard to interest the students. Only four business meetings were held during the year. The opening meeting in XVest Hall was addressed by Mr. Frank Yeigh. His subject was, "The Span of a Generation: Canada, Yesterday, To-day and To-morrow." Believing it to be the wish of some of the students to form a "Battery of Artillery" the "Lit." under- took to discover the general feeling on the sub- ject. On january zist a mass meeting was held, at which there was a large attendance, all facul- ties of the University being represented. Presi- dent Falconer and Capt. NVallace addressed the meeting, and the former suggested the forming of "University Training Battalion, instead of an artillery unit. No definite conclusion was reached, so the "Lit" having done its duty in bringing the agitation to a head, left the matter in the hands of the Students' Council for further action. Budget night. the time when the executive must account for its sins of omission and commission, is usually an evening when party strife and vitu- peration reign supreme. This year, however, all was changed and the budget was meekly accepted without a stir. And now the men of IT6, having played their part in "Lit," activities for four years, must pass off the stage, and leave its future in other hands. IYIQRSITY COLI.El1l'l I'.1Tl'lR.XRY ANU SCIIQNTIFIC SUCIICTY, 1915-10 TOP ROW'-NY, C. Sllarpc, NY. P. Harvie, P. J, Lyle, II. ll, Fox. TU! IOXI RUXX I ll Spullcn, Frank Sanrlcm. X'YiCL"1jl'l'NiflL'IlfI IT. NY:1H:xcc, 1'n'wi4lL-111: C, XY, Nihhrck: .l. Kingdmm 55 IVERSITY COLLEGE r'1'73"'.w 'fi rf?-if--A OT f .596 f"'r2ff-"Tf4Y 3'-'ii ' 5.N.7'er '12, w -tra? STU - fe .ff rr:---fl 'f 'iw 1- if tif' ,tk 1 gl- 'A Y ! rf ,fig i g vi if 'V 'fr I 5 .lr 'C 1' L15 -'-le 'Nr' ' rg in .1 . . 121, -L. +1'1,ffi lie ,fr ,Q - eiaiiv Qoftkxril -:da QQ--,....iR115.ef9:'Er it 5639? A995 SQ! ri:-efQ"'f:'Zll.f5fwEff -gl M X - Qi .X .4 lilly? '5 . r r l fig Mao Q Q1 My 9 N H f A - 4, W' .' 'N' f Q 9 , Pei AL J ...M if 1. .5 , L--yy of 1 V-f 1 R 'Yu ,W ji M 1 19 . X- ,ee -. 1 -5 Jf,t1j55,f.kl,,5glfjlij.Q"r -1 wNg.f Trgs4?f r.'lffii,lyiljilriilzflgqqv-'ml-:iQ Y-if free wr, ya, U. , , -,ex 'Q r,M.gtR..g,y4ir'g,g j,-gg gm Essays HL Ettcxgl ,5b,l.q1-gsfgqcgggu,-X-359131, ,Q Qs,-553 Q51 gg. 1.1 05,--14-Q, Ov T. H kg? 5tS'?"f.,fx1"LQ-SARA'-LQ? i2l'iif'9iv rllxbkfilqrf-Qij Qtg,Tf5W '-9':QL'ri-if -ffDlt7- 1.5-xf7Vsg2ql'1lV5?f1Q2 fftglixllcfffo R -fl- ' 3 i-g.Cll..i?1xlsl-Eflkf ei-1 -'YSTQSEE Ls. Qf-tes' 5 -QJPSNQ.,-afeihfvrz erciw Mabel C. McConnell Vida I. Macaulay C. Birdsall MacFayden Agnes T. MacGillivray Muzilzi, rs. MCcoNN1iI.L c. BIRDSALL lX'IacFAYDEN "Shu is ll1'4If and uorulflvft' From lzvr lwatl fo l1UrfcUf." Milton, St. Margaret'sQand the GeneralVCourse may share the honors for the hnished product. Constant good humor, trust in human nature and an alarming tendency toward work. VIDA I. MACAULAY H5171 Ul7l''gCHICI1f of all that was jilrfasallt in man." Vida's home-Vancouver. Course-General. Greatest delight-Regulating lives of inmates of No. 4, Queens Park. Her most unique achievement-Demonstration of com- patibility of sound learning and dimples in one temperament. "Tlzvre' is no time like tlze fvleasalztf' Having received honor matriculation at Orangeville High School, "Denny" entered Varsity with the Class of Onety- six H. Sc. College life may be short but by her good nature, pleasing manner and ready wit, she managed to get lots, in and out of it. AGNES T. MacGILLI V RAY "She has wit, and song, and sense, lllirllz, and sport, and eloquence." A graduate of Branksome Hall. Has taken keen interest in the various societies. athletics particularly. Was presi- dent of the VVomen's Undergraduate Association, and first daughter of a woman graduate to enter University College. s ".-lll in all l1c's a fl7'0lJlC'IH to puzzle the dtlf' A "vw 'gr " - I f, I 3- - ,X, .,-j-ffw X-.qevsf -53.--ggffs N 3 --" N 451 .exif ig' Xvig v-f-rx ix -:'Tb+1' lzffxfgv'-sf 'W 2592+ 2-WQST 1l.rQgrrTqri-.rss ii jfiiif tf,E,.QNg5t,fgw. Aa- -ggi ,QQ .157 Vgsxlig .-Ng: .L Q'-?,a.V,, - I.-5-'Ye x ng.-4, A-err 'V JQAEK-,xkgxxpgx .95,-t.fQIg,c.- , k V fx H. SR all VA fa: M. gy g f'5Zsfg3l5fkw.'.f 1935! -Qt: ei 33.ElI'ILg1 li 1-x-lilly? cfdaslflfl gl A '-, '19 0.4L D n i L. HQ. . .5 at are 3... V .gg 1 . 'ig' My-P 1 Qui-at .earn rw-.sfx.?gw re QQ.: tilt? Y-6531 .lfkegl l if e ie - f f J f ' 'ef' 3 i...f ,. :QT -. f . fvf of of fn-'Q .1 ...vw 3 - . X 2- -tl , .. - - , .1- ffsa . 1' . 'ffffll -I .- . o . .. Q-. ' fx . - fff- ff of 1 ffl, F., .f , 1 -,f w . ,f L- 1- ,f gr - . f wx 3 t . V 'fx-YV rs - 1. e ww fr-.3 XYVW3 Xfx'?"'.f Vail! 3 .14 .11 is-.-dg.!v7 l 131,131 Xzajl Q-.f vc Y, ,,w1,L'-X. ' 1 , f.: MK' J, x wx., 'x K 7 -:,, V? . g A .LQ J ,iw -,ix N fbi, il no X... I It g will Qiftffsigaigli -.scfL1f4'f.g5J' ali? gegfai wi .1j5u:., 'Qillisnl VV. Allison Mcliague Alexander L. McKay XVillian1 I. McKenna Russell N. McKenzie W. .xLL1soN 1xtC1qAoUE WILLIAM J. MCKENNA "All was Hof rlzeatiug, sir, I'm 110s1't1'tfe. Born in Teeswater, and matriculated in same place, 1910. Employed with Brent Noxon S: Co. 1910-12. Since then his interests have been in Political Science, play-acting and dancing during the winter. and the Hudson Bay country in the summer. Political Science. ALEXANDER L. McKAY "His brim' old is seldom coldj I-Ie's an OPfl.l7l1.Sl1.L' guy." Alex. joined his father's family in Deceinber, 1894. He acquired the rudiments of learning at. Jarvis Collegiate and V. T. S. He served on Class Executive in sophomore year. "Mac" joined the ranks of P. S: B. 56 On Dec. 28. 1893, the angels dropped "Bill" in Toronto. Matriculating from Riverdale Collegiate, he entered the Class of '16. He was class secretary of the Senior Year. Law at Osgoode Hall. RUSSELL N. McKENZIE "A little 1l011S61Z52, now and then, Is relislled by the wwest menf Born at Brussels, Ontario, July 9,. 1890. .Secondary education at Guelph Collegiate with Junior Matriculation. in 1907. Attended Faculty, 1910-11. Secretary Mathematical and Physical Society, 1914-15. Honors in his course, Arts. Q, U. IVERSITY COLLEGE s- fa Q .- P i 1. Q' ., r ee. +524 . ' sn' if A' 32 rffefffa-ff r, 1 a ga, ge t lsimbaf? X agile ig. ilia c" Ht' fsjfeffffep ' A ef' M : gg?-1 yi Mis, Q -,g time L-'-XSS' cess r sf ef fer l 'lwyj' .Q K Ti' --i 4' 3'-,V- w e NX x iao- L 953 ' Q X 'Lf-Q-' rj N IZ' -1. ' " x 4 I CA " C'f?, D ' 3 flmgijzis j.igi..-glcgrtci-sesefxb -izcriis Q Q ef fsfwCq3k?s3e 'Jw awnings ' asf teas C,C2'E'f. 3980. Charles D. McLellan Helen A. McMillan E. lrene McNeely Elsie G. Navor CHARLES D. MCLELLAN E. IRENE MCNEELY "A man of merit and of modesty." Since coming from Harbord Collegiate, Charlie has spent his time exploring the nebulous regions of philosophy, as a preliminary to Knox. A quiet, reliable man, with a future in the ministry. HELEN A. McMILLAN "E1'Cf3'fl1l'l1g is a source of fun." Helen McMillan in "After Four Years." "A rare inter retation of modern lan ua es."-Ex Jress. U h ' g 3 l, y H In no wa inferior to her former success, 'Lost A am. ls' "I dimly sec my far-off doubtful fizfrfioscf' Elexey Irene Mclfeely was born and educated at Carleton Place. If Lex's hair is not golden. her heart is. and with her cheery smile and jolly laughter she is bound to win her "purpose" ELSIE G. Rl.-XY4 JR 'hllutlt' up of 'Zl'l5tlUH1 mill uf fun, Jllcdlt'-V of all tl1at's dark and clear, Of all tlzafs foolish, all flllllki dear," ln 1911. from Niagara Falls C. I.-to Queens llall. -Bystander. A musician and mathematician. Otherwise normal. Dance. F 'HA former member of the famous Queens Hall players."4 tlirtation. etc. Future uncertain. ' att er. i, if " ' '-- " 11:2-rw - -Q'-W" 'K' .. V Ke- , ' X . fx. . Xi x' ' 4+ 2 f' , -TAGG 'X' tk- T. .Q , ':.fv?'dKT' ' .,.s .-M sg... Q . 3.5 3s.'35ef:gSge3gj?Rs5s5.5Q,i.Qif fs " , . P H P - , .f .. ga" f' 5 ' ,if-1 'e fw '1'-ltd'--:ERB 'X -,A A. 5- xbgl mix e i L- as-if r' ' is We as is wtfiflss tleti N I - i - 0 3 y ' ma fl 1 - 2 X , Y Q N N 'lg ,.X'-"9 yi.. N, , 4 ? Q f X A ts G Qld W 1 wi? in J r' L .e--L . -if' Kiwi-As' , -' .' 'f , .tr . I, .....- X ' 'Q lf s ' if Y ' J . ' A ti f- , 3 t 'e t af ff , '. w if - - .r efs Y s i , F r bl .in g ,CHQ ' 1 'flu lj" ' l , -, -- , me f'm',.e , 'Y ., - ', , . v- ,L- 2 - h' N .51-sv 4 Yr. ' I ty ' G 1 s sill. 4 at ,22e..i.a s4 755.32133 .3 :lies 3 ' John F. Meek Edna V. Millar T. Herbert Milne K. Stella Mott JOHN F. MEEK T. IIERIEERT lXlll.NE "Blessed are the mcvlc, for they shall iiilivrit thc cartlzf' Speaking of many things. there is no end: suffice it that lack is no vocalist. Formerly a modest member of Political Science, but has joined the army and become reckless. May his moustache thrive. EDNA V. MILLAR "One science only will one genius fit . - ,. S0 'Nast 15 art, so izarrow human wit. This is probably the reason why Household Science claimed Edna when she entered '16 at Varsity. High School work at Riverdale Collegiate. Secretary of the NVoinen's Undergraduate Association for 1914-15. 57 "That forwr' of strcugtli that sttzinls f-UlIVSt1lltU't' T0 all tht' Zi'liHLI,5 that l1I0'u'." .Born near Bellwood. 1892. lllatriculated from Arthur High School in two years. Entered BI. X P.. 1912. 'Great ability. noble character. and "the will to do" prt-sage tutnre K. STELLA MOTT ".-lffliclcd ts'1'z'lz the malady of fl10HtIllf.H distinction. Proud of her Quaker ancestry and rural origin in Oxford County, Stella was bound to fulfil traditions in choosing her course. However, the deep thought and wide reading of English and History iClassics-D has not dulled her alert sense of hunior. 1. GH.. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE . . 1 4, A KL e x E, -. - fd A ss.. j I sts .3 i .-V L gov!-511. r 4 t MEA rpg. . ,. 1. tg. .. , Vu ,Us . ,ln y V- V, -., ,, :fc AA - ,E . l A fagyq 1 H 1 it W -' - .4 xr .s..p".m M -A A X... k 9 X- slfgia , . J, c 'JL , fl , -5 D. I -.-flkifii se w n.-. l r I oi Xa . I..-E, 1, b f aagf 1 ,- K' . K ie i .Nr ix : - h, w new f if 'll fl I f iq ' C' H 1- .Q 5 me A ' '-'ml K' JN x" 'i fe-I: l yy eg N 1' gf' 1-gig 'T' 11 l' 575 -K -i ,P 1 V' Ext ' Q I ," ' il. -eagijit A 1' J . is - ls fffff-All -v MN . I . .- Q' f.. sri,--1 tr E it e - 1 Lifffil ix Q 'Q NN.-1 -CYQC' it - mf- wi V reef. f f fir. -X ff WR . A . I rf' ,Q gag? , Tw ' 1 L' A X it. - ye. Vic Lf. ' YN tb afffr- -Qi' , ffh if f"73-'X E- ' -' E7-7' flxjf' --. f't'N..- f VL :RT . eu "V "' Lf Q : C. XXI-lister Niblocl-1 Frederick Olsen Thomas D. Painting .X. E. Marie Parkes C. XVIFQIJSTER NIIZLOCK "l :mint :what I muuf, 'IUllL'll I :wut it." TIIOM.-XS 11. PAINTING "l'lC tuilvll 011 ?t'll1'lC 0fl1L'1'S 5lL'f'f."' Born in Birmingham. England. Came to Canada in 1910 Horn .181-iii :it Fort Wlilliam. Matriculatp-il' from llex- to study .Xrts and Theology. NYhile in residence at VVycliffe andra Iligh Sclronl. Medicine llat. in 1912. luntered kla-s hc was eoccel- Captain' assigtaut Sec,-da,-y of the Lit. and f'f lilly U' ln. Same Yam" flu ?t"l.'0l' 'Mill' lmckey tum' treasurer of the Mission Society. Perseverance and dili- I4- lW'C0l"llll! 5L'CV6ff1l'Y U- 9- lflt- 15- gence are his stc'1r1':ing'stones to success. -.... -. .. ..i.-. 2- 'QS l'RI+,l.D1i,RILlx o1.s1f.r. X ,I ll ml' EIRM4 I 0 "Hull to tlzev, lvlitlw sjnril. . . - , .. . . 5 'f tl 'T' ' I' 'flu Maximum knowledge gainedifUN.I,.KI.-I-lull.lx.+I'.l!..X.idx. , , Fm , will L lm . x blI3l'l11,ll11g'gl'OUwl14l1I arsztj' office. XY! U y I. I 1. Occupation-I'amed as a chaperone. H ' W gul Um 'm UU' 'Nt' ,xVCI'SlUl1TPl'Ul21110 language on the campus. rlihflf DCUVI-'lu' ffllomffly- l'lobbyeEXeCutive meetings. HW UIYFICUI UlClN'lfT- 1 Favorite expression-"I have slews of them." .Xnd when he leaves the L. and Ill. Achievements-Captain lnaskethall and hockey teams, re- lle ever will lie missed. porting editor on Varsity. Lit. Executive. Class Executive. .s A- ,, f--lf' ' .. - fu 'gf " 'f L WW 5? I 'fr W ri-ffl! EZVWSW 1 .fG.kmxQt.lX.1fqfgVeQu Kwok 'tl 1 coil! il X 4553 bijdggg f Licg-fl? ,fl ?,f'- M pai", i ..Nf'gf1N?ii -, AH 4'E4'1N.'.e-.T 'A " 'Cfwe1C,vmfi-C, lx 'll 4 x. 1 f 1 Fxfw 1 ' 1.1-f,-".f'i bl ' IW imeqj v, X Slew 'X l o' ' e k J ,JL Mgxiiq L 'l 'J P05334 Ca fxi-AZKQ 'Ea N jf-if'-I .31 9 1 1 ffm., c J avg .filer 5, I My LST" l 'x -- ,Q I wif - Tp, 'P C 5 Q? .trim I - ' -M .f I we . -. . a .1 lit.- . - A 1. - .- I. a ,.ll .. ..- .. .1 K-A 1- . -'ar' eerie.. i w- - - '- ta' Q' . K 1 :I - :V A,-',-'S 'f ..- xg. . I fi- f ' ' , i "i 451 Q13 s 'Y ' 4. , f 'I A 1 . , X ,e 4 J 4. .I Qkyxydxiu mf C. Marjorie Paterson Edgar VV. Patten Jacob D. Pearlstein Maud M. Peck C. MARJORIE PATERSON ".-l lcnllcr lzvurt, a. loyal nzind, ll'luirlz :with tcnzjifation I would trust, l'ct IIUTUI' ll'llli'CU1 with error full." - Toronto claims Marjorie as her daughter. Graduating irinm llishop Strachan School, She entered Trinity but evi- dently found University College more attractive. Yice- president Anglican Cluli 1'l'5. EDGAR VV. PATTEN ".-lull flzzrx he bore ivlflzozlt almse. The grand alll name of gC'lIllCllltIlI.H 'Horn' in Morriston, March 21. 1891. St. George now claims lnm. .Attending Brantford Collegiate "lid" acquired the scholarship habit. Modest and kindly, his associates pflerict a hrilliant, useful actuarial career. JACOB D. PEARLSTEIN "Nilz1'l trtiglt quad 11011 0l'Hl1Ul.f.H ",l. IJ." horn at Montreal in '9-1. Preliminary education in Hamilton. Of a versatile character, he takes an interest in the many sides of college life. Has served as secretary of the "Lit." and local editor of the "Varsity." Mock Parliament and Chess Club are some of his diversions. Usgoode Hall. KI.-XUD KI. PECK "Nature made her as she is and also made anillzcrf' Kind, dependable and unassuming, this is Maud. Streets- ville H. S. prepared her for '16 M. R P. xllI'fLlC'SfSIl'S won't let them be t0ld:v,. Yices--Undiscoveredrv., Resultelntegral from epsilon to infinity d tv,-I-v.,lI An Anglican. 58 UNIVERSITY CCDLLEGE 1 5 Q. si 3-gg ag, , ' -:gif - Jai? 151 1 'f - ge? 1.-I -sf. flTi'3,fi . f - -. . ' 'V G- 2.0.1 2-'f -Fa -..,. X s. . r -' ' x " t".lIf'Cl'-,N-EN l ' 15' Z r ' 4. ' . 1. -H I it i 1 iff 3 A T . Q- 55.1 Cfri -:YL 1 .x 4, 2 :I KfWfQ'n inlff 4 Qi "" ij. ' , C1 37,4 l . l' 1 - 'rr cs. .A ig f: f ' Qirffwflfv ,N iffiffswj fiyr-fx?xNQ,?,:, , 5Q1hsfs',, gswfigig 'gt ,, Q fi ,igifQa19 ,5fgy,21vfrf'nQ,5x .fifiir wry? -2:59149 Qs-'L -.fGe1SJa4Si2H tt-M,vg.b.acwf1gL.Lli Ria i5EQ,Jl3T Sfwferi.. Il. Mary Pendergast H. llrrnlcy Plaskett XV. Cayner Powell XYilliainina I. Pratt J. MARY PENDERC.XS'l' W. GAYNER POXVELL "Then slit' will lUllU'fIl'L'l1l goals! livin' slit' will talk!" "Lei nllivitv lniil lhc rixiizg .YlllI.H Horn in Minnesota. present home Sarnia. Un Tlianksgiving llay, 1593, the stork replaced the Coursc-Moderns. accustomed turkey in tht- Porvcll family. Gayner spent his Honors-Class Executive, scenarios, dramatics. Yarsity early youth in the Public Schools and Collegiate of the reportorial staff, fencing, dancing, Vice-president of Xlodt-rn "Classic City." St-rveil on Class Executive in junior yi-:nz Language Club, Ilonorable member of P, N ll. Reinarks-Morose, taciturn, doinesticatcd. .Xinerican :it I 't. lea' WII,I,I.XMIN.X 1, PR.X'l"1' .i'r' . ll' HEALLX Pluxblxnl 1 'ATM' ilcvjicsl VI-Z'Cl'S jimi' with lvuxf sifiiiiilf' H, lmmml ll"-l'U'l'l me CNHI' fm' HHH! Und Iwdlllyy llorn in .Xberdccn, Scotland. Prcliininary' cducation. llarry first took an interest in stars in 'l'oronto. llonor Ileathcotc Public School, Mt-aford lligh School, liiiti'1't-il inatric. at Ottawa C. I., 1912. President of Klatlicmatical Arts. Ilonm' Iloust-hold Science 1912-10. .X gnml student and Physical Society 1915-16. He has already given evi- and a staunch friend. dence of considerable ability in his chosen tit-ld uf astronmny. .HWY ling qygsf'-gbx Rgpf gg' ,P T15 c H Gig going egqypv - Y T? 'Iv ., 1 1, 75. 'Q ff 21' ca i I 1 awir' 2 X' . . .-l . ,A , ,Q 'E "fl-ix Y' ' il, V 1- .s - ,sv . . F' ' X "X Q. rl " Y 'gif 1' -- ' V jp jjigvb J' Qnlirb-5f,Qi. dim'-il,-V - nbkxiiwr r Gi ' b 1 '.-JJ Q 9 :J , .A"upg1. lk f " ,fiVs,1 L ' lx ,f , 'I ' i flfbi I , ,.l. . ' 's fl 1 139 's can-. - X?-Ilfvs ,.,. .4111 5 I -AS" wi .Ji ' Hi N111-M' afat s ' lf -sic ' U rw it -afa r ie" r I Xe,...,a .+qg3q,Ps2.Rf.fc.vw iw-a?rws,5'P we bs:QG,Q-XXX, M -'earfbs --'I 1- r' times. ks,-.... R. Rernard Pritchard Horace R. Proudlove R. BERNARD PR1'1'CI'I.XRl1 "Lvl nx ilc:'i.vv of case, mill v':'vrlu.vti'i1g rvsl." "Rug." first tipped the scales in 1896 at North XYnkeHeld, Que. From Cobourg Collegiate, in 1912, he entered Varsity and registered in Arts. Spends most of his time at rugby and niilitarv. Does not like to be overburdened, but fears he is growing that way. Ilis career in .Xrts is preliminary to a future course in Medicine. If bulk counts, hc will succeed. IIORACE B. PROUIDIAJYE "Fur all flint, lie is the lim! lmy in Ilic :um'ltl." XVell known at the 4Union., .Shca's, class-meetings. and "Georges" Can appreciate lxipling and lxant cilually well. Interests are varied as the East and the We-1. 59 Ifilwarrl NV. Rhodes linnna RI. Riddell ICIJXYARI1 XY. RIIOIDISS. 'illvrit was crcr niodvsl l.'i10zvu." llorn in 1394, smnewlierc west of Toronto, liVes. Carly cherished the idea of studying law. XYith this object, in 1911 he graduated from Humberside, and entered Varsity in 1912. His good points,-a regular licnd at the piano, meckness and backwardness. His motto,-trillcs make pur- fection. but perfection is no trifle. .-X worthy recruit for Osgoode. ICNIKIX M. RIDDELI.. ".-In idlv lift' ulrvays fwoilzrrrs 'Z'dVlit'tl iiirIi'i1.i!1'uiis." .Xnalysis--x, the unknown quantity. Klusic-fir-as+gr:inil 0I'lCl'H-i'Xi:X11'llJlt1011 to come from Carlyle, bask.. to Xarsny. x-l-work-Cinusic+tt-as-l-grand opc-ralrllcspair. S0ll1tlO11ASl'lE' graduatvs in Nlatlicnmties :ind Physics. Mock Parliament N Friday, Nov. 25, Convocation Hall was besieged by a mob of seething hu- manity, assembled for the purpose of beholding the annual Mock Parliament. All the cultured and intellectual citizens of Toronto were there, and many of the Arts staff. too. The fair dainsels of Queens Hall were out in full force: S.P.S., Vic., Dents., Meds. and Forestry also sent a more or less full delegation. For weeks a vigorous advertising campaign had kept the public on the qui 'z'1'rz'o with promises of something new, original and striking, and on the big night they came in thousands. Once inside, the "Blast," the slides and the fusser-finder passed the time agreeably until, promptly at 8.15, only a quarter of an hour late. Vllant Everything Smith, F.C.R.D., rolled up the aisle in his IQI6 model luggernaut, and opened the International Peace Congress. Delegates were present from nearly every civilized country in the globe, with representatives of the "yellow" race predominating. The Kaiser and Von Tur- nips were escorted in by two husky cops, and proved as unmanageable shackled as they were when loose. The speech from the throne was a clever bit of purely classical Latin: it was utterly unintelligible to the audience, and was received with great applause. lt was decided to empanel a jury from the audience to try the prisoners, but great difficulty was found in doing so, as all the gentlemen hauled up to the platform by the vigilant cops were discovered to possess very ser- ious defects of character. Some of the members were very undigniiied at times, and the prisoners were always in keeping. As for the individual portrayals, Hebrew Alt, as the member for Russia, was particularly good: he displayed a line line of gibberish, that reminded one forcibly of his distinguished prototype. Mrs. Galt was universally acknowledged to be some queen, and Acrobatic Prohibitionist VVilson was admirably eccentric and profane. After the Peace Council, with fitting ceremony, broke up and left the stage, the Satanic Some- funny Orchestra, to avoid giving the victims any chance to escape, immediately struck up and bridged the hiatus until the event of the evening, Satan Agonistes, a musical agony in three acts, perpetrated by R. D. Tannahill, G. C. Haddow and T. H. Jameson. This diabolic masterpiece started off with a rush and a swing, and ended with a whizz and a bang. The plot was absolutely indescribable. The first scene was laid in the lower regions. and was a great success, as the chorus was entirely at home, and the orchestra quite in harmony. Vllithout any respite the audi- ence was launched into the worst throes of the agony. Some line mimetic art was here displayed by the languid Moreece and the harsh and vil- lainous Reggie Starr. Les Batten, in the part of Percy Tolcum Nearkist, a sentimental under- graduate, made a great hit. George Haddow was certainly stunning as the graceful, graceless Peruna Alcohol, who turned the University up- side down. The male chorus was good, and the females were very fair. The orchestra plugged up all the gaps nicely, and when they weren't killing the time, the spotlight was busy showing up prominent personages in the house. But enough of the horrible detailsq sufhce it to say that the audience, in spite of the imminent danger of their morality being corrupted, stayed to the bitter end. and that the unprecedented sum of S5270 was realized by the committee for the Red Cross, after all expenses were paid. CAST. Satan ........................... XV. D. Evans lllozfccv ..................... H. C. Buchanan --llgcrlzou SIllIl7lll'llL'Cl Soap ........ H. VV. Cavell Paul illazzll ................ ...D. A. MacRae Perry Tolrzz111-Nva1'le1'51' .... ...L. C. R. Batten Izzy fl. lfllltll ........... . . .lXil. E. J. Stalker Billy Kami ....... .... .... A . VV. Kennedy Noah Good. .. ...... W. R. Slee Isa Dc' lllllo .... .... A . R. Stinson Reggie Starr ...... . . .S D. Gardiner Pcrulza .llcolzol .... . . .G. C. Haddow Fostoria Nestle.. .... T. H. Jameson Ella Fanf ...... ...... I . Leonard Iona Ford .... .... E . F. Sanders Polly l'Va1zg .... ........ F . Soward Cecie Alaglrafe. . . .... E. W. Clairmont fl7Z'7l1.C Moss1'fy. . . ..... N. McMurray M abd Budd .... ..... G . Laughton Diana Sweet .... .... I . Kingsburgh Cursiiig Wei1', l,.A.VV., Minister of lligusts and 'lllic gaiig of guiiim-ii fn-ll lin an fullmw: Dry jests. XVant livcrytliing Smith, l".U.R.lJ., Klcmlici' lui' Forlorn Guy Gariliicr, C.O,L'.R.T. 'llircs and Tins. Almighty Horton, K.A.I.S.E.R., Klciiibcr for liulbllst lloy il,l'llCll2ll'rl, ll.K.Y..X.N., Xliiiixtvr ul Himself uml Gott. flrcwl zmfl lfil'Zl1lL"'llllCL'. Rowdy Grabber Cliamlmcrs. C,U,l'., Xliiiistci' of lin-1' lwqiizlciiliiis lliggzir, ll.l'.fl,l Xliiii-uri' Protection. uf Blacilifgiimicw. just Engaged Symlic, G.fX.L.'ll., Xliciiibei' for llclircw .Xlt, Kl.,X.Y.U.lQ., NIL-iiilwi' fm' liiiwizi. lllatrimoiiy aml Divijwcc. -lilhlil -lwlcc Glass, Xfi LN. 'll.l''.S.. Nliiv -Xciwlxitic il'1'0liilnitimiist XXillSOll, S.l'.N.D.4X.Y. istci' of Scraps zmfl SCl'IlllllL'21IJN. Dclcgatc fm' Ihmzc zmfl llzisclmall. joyous Pearlstein C.II.l'.R.C.H., Mcnilicr fin' Nu wliispuring will lac lllflllll. 'llfiiwiitfiw lwfwrsc luck l. 1 MUCH l'.XRl,l.XKllfN'I' L'UNIKll'l"l'lflf. l"'l5-lti. TOP ROW'-I. S. PL'Hl'l5lk'll1, U. .X. Nlclizlu. R. A. Szunpwii, XY. ll. l':Y1lIli. SIQCUNII RUXY-S. l,c'mi:11'il, S, Dickson, R. D. Tzlmiziliill, Cliziirmfmg C. S. l,i-skill. 11, Lf llgulilnu. liH'l"l'UNl R0XV4'l'. ll. ffnniil-mn, l,. C. R. linltl-ii, hl '49 L Lrg' 3 A fi uv: 2, , wo 1.5 i Asc tg, w SH UNIVERSITY COLLEGE as fffsiwsi . ,Y sq' sf14,?iffegcf SQ rev:-'iQ'ifNf.p aff ff'trfaf"1.nn61i,, se'-iff", f f: 3 .. wi P Q 4 ' .Q . -E 'H , it '-'M'l .F I. 1 lbs xy? V , .I , ,- Avg . gs- 4 is 'ft Q X2 .X. L .Arg . si ,vktiC,s.'gf x 'N XL xzfv . LE.. . L-f :XI S11-if ff 1 .5753 'eff-fm .. t. 1 ,- ,.. 'vim :str si U5 be l s " ' it 5291 wi ,A X L -i , v uk '- "Q f -' QNQ ' SO 'pf' ' Q 'TTY' , 3. ' , iii i ,. ,t x ' gf' V . tQ tg Xi: x ' craig kiwi g w X V few af, cf, 0.11 f , u p Q ' Q- ' SQ H f rdsgji. aliFQaPQe.- sm. . isa-QJi1w-e f It Francis G. Ritchie Dalton C. Robertson John R. Robinson Marjorie Ross FRANCIS Cf. RITCHIE "l'll x,heule il, though licll itself should gafic .ind bid mc llold my tongue!" Sept. 5, 1894. Frank later came to Vilinnipeg and matricu- lated from VVesley College. Coming to Toronto he cast in his lot with the Class of 1916. Class secretary in junior year. Law at Vllinnipeg, DALTON G. ROBERTSON "Tl1m'e is a destiny that slzafcs our cmls, Rough licuw them as we will." Novembe-r's chill accompanied when D. C. honored this old globe with his presence at Stroud, Ontario. Matriculated at Ilarrie Collegiate Institute in 1908. An enthusiastic soccerite-he plays a good clean game. Ry his good sense of humor and congenial manner he soon won popularity among his fellow students. JOHN R. ROBINSON "Ubi major fam est, fbi est forum." Jack started to grow tall at Swansea, Ontario, and has been at it for about 21 years. He became a soldier at Niagara in spring of 1916. Jack often calls round at the City Hall to see his friends and get a line on things. Here's wishing him well. MARJORIE ROSS "Such u one do I l't?l7lE'Il1l7C'I', ll'l1om to sec lzcr, was to lon' liar." During her four years here she has shown a I-:een interest in college aflairs hy taking General Course and acting on Class and other activities. I - ' ff 99 ' ' .. S hif-I V. -' 4' 9, . 'Q LL-5 1 'I if Tm' 7 '. ' -I ffxg - -1 1. "U, '17 , 1 Ya 9 K-aw 9 151 1eias,.,.QQ,f.2f. as QQ. 2. ,racist I . i Fri? 9 c . i .fsitar Sikkim L E , 1' , , L 5,14 - K I ,fn , ga 5. . . I . . f i rlj l a S ...J 'Q gg T7 , ,Q I., ' " , gg. , . 1-1' --4. -I Y 2 ' ' -- ' -Tr 'f t 'Q ,Q ,X ' Mt -. p , . pg 1 35. I Q . -' Y -yy f , X 1 . g g i 1? 9 Q L f Ca. , 5, cd. .N-Q' N , .- , -L 'l SM! -all H wh -,' y. V-5. - LC I-' . 3 Xt, 3,1 an-A. ,Y in Q I .1 - a as , f S. fif fr Minnie C. Runians Edwin F. Sanders Linden E. Shannette Margaret M. Shortill MINNIE C. RUNIANS "Silence is zvixdonz wlzcrc' speaking is folly and always safe." Minnie came from London down to Varsity, Chose her course most wisely-English and History. Yes. with Classics option, lonely though it be, Hut she gained at Queens Hall Enough of jollity. EDVVIN F. SANDERS "l'Vl1erc'cr lze met a stranger, There he left a friend." Ottawa, August 4th, 1893-enter NE. F." 1912-Ottawa Collegiate delivers him up to Varsity. As a fusser--hard to beat: as a student and a friend-unsurpassable. Newman Club claims him as a moving spirit, and success ever has, and ever will, share her spoils with him. 62 LINDEN E. SHANNETTE "The sweetest hours that ore I spend Arc spent among the lassi0's."' Born Sept. 10th, ISS9, at VVilliamsburg, Ont. Matricua lated at Morrishurg, 1908. VVielded the birch three years and entered U. C., 1911. Spent 1913-14 on a mission, thus graduating with 1T6. MARGARET M. SHORTILL "Her judgments sober, and lzer principles sz'ucer'e." Margaret Shortill was born in Norval. Early education at Guelph and Harbord C. I. Surprised Classics instructors taking Household Science at Varsity. If the future be by as bright as the past, her success is assured. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE et - .. - - er I - u , 'fs - f If f f-f'f'emaef.- tit ,,E-! ' . fe , ge- -oEQ?fT1sf S523 it 'i5s,?Ti-Ebggffftg .. 37. . g ,3it I 5LQLgfigQ,kw .,,d grass 1 PEN Y Sag W-Rf' , , 5 5 L-.-1 N X eggs ,gi Ar K N l Qu G ' 1 1. ' ff lit I I ,121 Q 1 2 :. I.,-351 '13 ' i' ,- f'iW'!f'ii T 3 "U, " 'Nl' I SM QV' V7 ITXQWNQ'-rv .S'R'w1v'NY. X Cf. If x, -. , Q g d V. f1 X -A 4 -f- ' ' f i I ' 'T Q , 42 ' ef ,L ' A , , .. K , 'M ' .- Q -fb fs.-A 2 'SI 1,flQ,f,.T'4'Q:"lKf"i4le A' 'Cr t a vg . . Gt..X.,- Q, 1' ' Tall 3 -Q 'Q1,-:f'Wf f.fD..f Aileen I. Silk XY. Reginald Slee . NV. Earl Smith M. E. James Stalker AILEEN I. SILK XY. EARL S5ll'l'I'l . . ., "Oli thou! 'w11ate:'er title suit tlwc. Aileen came from Shelburne St. Margaret's entered Varsity and after graduating from with the Class of IT6. hearts of all, capturing the Dainty, winsome, she won the vice-presidency in her fourth year. NV. REGINALD SLEE "He has the taste of beauty, the relislz of what ix decent. just and am1'ablc'." Reg. discovered the new world Ian. 9, 1896. Parkdale Collegiate Institute, graduating at 14. Enrolled in Varsity with IT6. Plays the piano. delights in fresh air jaunts, and has a craving for perfect east and tranquillity. His una assuming capability and genial, independent spirit will win him honors and friends at Osgoode. "Illustr1'0n.r sfion of a noble imc. Adam Smith I I I I Goldwin Smith Gunboat Smith Donald Smith I . U VVilliam Earl Smith Distinguished from the rest of the line by a widow's flip, a sunny smile and an ability to hluff. M. E. JAMES s'r.xLKr:R "Tut0r'd in the 7'ltllliH1CHl.Y Of many desfwnitc 5tud1e.v.' XYalkt-rton welcomed Jim to this planet. Aug. 28, 1893. Nlatriculated there 19123 entered Varsity that year. Minister of Finance in Creighton's Cahinet third year. Never hurrius but gets there some time. Life calling. still undecided. prohahly Medicine. it M 1 mf-'. H "K Q , x . ggi X - -C. - ggi., at ,.. I It x g IW ' V . X. 'N Q-V C iq: ...J 1 1 l i mi? r g it 1 .s f og w -ff' at 53 , x p .r 0 ,kts g 4 . . l if 1 'T' ii F Wi? I A213 Vi REEL.-,gf S, rj . rf N , ,gyitw 'yqL'1 Cir T .L q -rg isa .- 1 -. 9 V t ws as e ,R 'N N- " ' ' 'rr ' .A ' ', 1 -I I, -X ' ,. - - x' fu' I i .. , " tv . 'X fe J 1 H "inf , , t It I . ai is s. . 1 ef Us 11321 Y' s ., -f I ' I . If .E I . C. Marie Stevenson Ifl. Glenn Stevenson F. Klahel Stirrett Fannie Nl. Sturcx' C. MARIE STEYENSON HS0llIL'llHIL'.Y' from liur eyes I did I'L'L'l."fT'f' fair sficcclzlcss HlL'SSt1!IL'.Y.H A Listowel girl, Claire's course is English and Illistory wi-th the Moderns option. She was class historian in her third -year. Fun-loving but conscientious. She has satis- factorily comhined work and play. Dental dances. receptions and Sunday evening tete-it-tetes are her specialties. H. GLENN STEYENSON "Un bon ami Taut mit'n.r qui' Cent f'nrciitx." Harold Glenn was horn in Chatham about two decades ago. Received his early education in that town and then removed to Oshawa. Entered University College in 1012 and now graduates with Class '16. 63 F. MAIIEI. S'l'IRRE'l"l' "l'rUtt-v to walls with, liI'1'tty tu full: rvifll. I'lvasunt, tau. to rliinlw nn." Klahul received her early education atlllavergal. Yarsity later attracted her and she hecaine one ot our most welciwim- treshics. The Class ot '16 showers her with good wish-s tor the future. FANXI E NI. STOREY "ll'ln-ii I Iran' anytliiug to say. I .my it." .X true child of the XYL-st, horn, lured and sclitmled :ii NYawanesa. Nlanitoha. She entered L'niversity College youth- ful and guileless. Spent one year doing llonor Nlatriculati--ii -and her duty. Four more in English and llistory, varit-II hy mental reconstruction and executive worl-2. which cnl ininatcd in the presidency of the Y, XY. C. A. ' 323 NIVERSITY COLLEGE 3 r W I I ' Ajfg " Q - X X A ig 'Lb' 'gfvd' sq-fi?" 1 1 ' f' if L XiQ'1f ' -A' ri TY,-firm' :J--fjtf-fi 'z ffAY MI . N if il. x. 1 4 ' iw' 1 l-U i B' it " '- ' ii: ii 'if ' ' i ll tit.. ' W5-J lil N' 95.1, ' I "i Q 4 L- 'ffsuiivfw :Z . .mp ff P .Jd"-fir 25' ' 3 - .,i, N 71 S2994 l C - i infix-:ggi ,lkgifiif , i - 5 - -2 iff!! A-I Vik' T 751 5-it as 1 J. .A :nf x 2 ... vm it' - ff!! . PQ, :V .,.1..,5gfW XM 4. ,Q xg, y ,K GV .vi P3243 :Pt-gi.. INS: L ' ' 'fl '- I, 1' 15' 'HL A ' ' 'V A in-Hi valriefi Si M463 Q! lltfffifi tx wht' 2557-3 si H:l1:'s1'nf4'7'YXSff, . if Gasp .. 'safe si I 53 li W ft' ' F3 '-'ELPRL A l'f'SX4i15klS-5 GfR.5i'N7g SWL: eff Qfyi will Atf'rT4'5Qgf ' .EJ 7' Y -' --,briigb O f, f . M312 icfaliiieki 'sis xii '3,i'.Q'Qi'hSi5U -swiqgiiw cf- ' V leaf . ifVCC?fg1'd' 990 H N55 Visa! .. e- e,.5gbifsj3sDrS11QL:L Rasa: 1 Qejailme . -Q Hilda I, Stowe M. Augusta Stowe M. Lauretta Sutton Monica A. Swayze HILDA I. STOXVE M. LAURETTA SUTTON "1'lrr lzcart was in lzvr zu0r'kT?" "Ona with lzcr are mirth and duty." .X Toronto. a Harbord, and a Varsity girl! Happy, Graduating from St. Thomas Collegiate with honors Meda smiling, and busy, llilda has held her place in the Class of Ont-ty-six. Combint-rl work and play in admirable pro- portion, 'for work never prevented her from enjoying college life. M. AUGUSTA STOVVE "High is our Calling, Frz'c'nd." Varsity had in Augusta one whose interests in the various college activities were lfcen and normal. The Class, Athletic and Polity Club executives tested her ability with satisfactory results. and as an undergraduate she was genuinely wholesome. came to Faculty. But a still further desire for knowledge induced her to enroll in "English and History" of '1o. Served as musical directress on the executive in her fourth year. Her merry laugh indicates that she does not take life too seriously. MONICA A. SNVAYZE "I call a spade, a spade." l believe that Monica entered Classics, transferred to General, and now sits on the Queen's Hall Committee and judges the late and the forgetful.-Selah! Greek versatility, Roman ability, super-humility char- acterize her. as . x-fx, 1 tp.. .xv wg -t .NNN 4.j xliutg-' ..,k4,-. tw- sites ncaa Robert D. Tannahill Blancne R. Tassie VV. John Taylor M. Helena Thompson ROBERT D. TANNAHILL W. JOHN TAYLOR 1 . HH ff ll haf flat? we hC"Li'H "They say, what say they? Let them say." . Scotland is responsible for his birth, rearing, early educa- , H . ., . . - Q . I tion and incomprehensible accent. Harbord Collegiate did June lfthu 1890, Blu. hove In Slght, Calttured evclythlpg' the rest. Conspicuous tigure in the Lit., corresponding IIGHNS galore- medals and CUPS for readmg and 'iumlmg' secretary 1914-15. High Mogul of the HY." Chief perpetrator of Mock Parliament outrages 1915. Managing editor of the University rag 1916. BLANCI-IE R. TASSIE "It naught avails to worry or ron1pIaz'11, So I just gay and unconcerncd remain." Blanche came to Varsity from Chatham Collegiate and entered the ranks of the Modems Class of 1T6. "Tennis" is her chief delight, "plugging" is her art. By her mis- chievous and funsloving spirit she has won many friends. 64 Leader in executives. athletics, socials. Debater and critic. An "all-round" man. On show at St. Pauls. M. HELENA THOMPSON "HN very frowns arc fairer far, Than smiles of other maidens arc." Helena's terrestrial career began in Toronto and its schools quenched her thirst for knowledge until she was welcomed by Class '16, in which she has always proved herself an apt scholar and a constant friend. IVERSITY COLLEGE 915, 5 io Francis D. Ungaro Dorothy E. Vlfade FRANCIS D. UNGARO "Et mihz' rcs, non me rebzzs, Sllblll1lgUl'U ronorf' Franeiscus Ungarus, natus apud Torontonensis, VI. Kal. Mart., A.D. millesimo octingentesimo octogesimo septimo. Sunt igitur parentes mei Lucani pulcherrima clarissimaque Italia nati.-Yale atque Ave. DOROTHY E. WADE "Size made if a fll'lICl'I,L'C to put all hor 'Li'0l'l'l.L'S tlozwz in the bottom of lzcr lzcart, tlzcn sit on the lid and smile." Dorothy lNade was born in Brigden, but later moved to Sarnia, where she received her preparatory education. Having Margaret If. XYalker Ilelen IQ. Vl'ighani MARGA R ICT IC. XYA I, Ii If R U.,k.-V X 1 .'w.. Luz All .Klllla flzri. X maiden free and gay was she. XVhen first she Came to 'X'arsity. In llranksome Ilall she got her basis For l1ICl1IHI'y-XX'Ul'li and lofty phrases. And now she treads the General way, .Xnd with 'ln has managed to stay. IIELICN If. XYICIIABI "fl lztllc lmlrllilzgl is ti tltzlzyerozzx firmly." This was no doubt the reason why Ilelen entered the obtained her Ilonor lllatriculation from the Sarnia Collegiate Household Science ,Course in 1'l'6. Horn in Toronto. she in 1912, she joined the "freshies" of 1T6, where her unbounded received her preliminary education at Ificlgering Lullege and optimism and geniality have made her a popular member Harbord Collegiate. Iler career at Xarsity was. as usual. of the class. successful. Hay it continue so! " -Ss eslflsl Fi 1 4 I -ci A-I c..,tmS+1-f4ltj?f Tw no-fs.. we lmvwmf e.v.-we X f"1N+1lf:f " 1 . fu I ' '25 wwf f t., F we 1- 5 . f .. - F9 . -as ff. r i ff l C5735 fgfili tl. :fn t 1-1 se 4 , I -- .2 Clif-1 315,111 l 'Q -ff sf? . klv-qr r. 4 g ag M , age Q7 r ...ul if - 1' . is .-'N I 1 ' ew we ""'cq"7 r 1' '7 f faagko H fW XX LN'l'3i1Ai3Nlf3 NMr'c'l's'bfw A ,vwfs,. f- ' L' - JAX, 5 111.7 .fc v-'N wp-,-.J . , 9 1 . , ' ' .W 1 f A J V. -'N l X., ' I - l ' 1. '. I I . A 1 is ik fi' N . fkxff J' - .1 -.56 .Desc JV. -.YD , ' an W- kii. Rial? - 'F Tim N is kXei3gIttgG5weJf.w Arthur P. Wilson Robert H. Wilson Cecil O. Young John F. T. Young ARTHUR P. XVILSON "Cod fulfills himself in many Quays." Intellectual but consistently human-with a big laugh- a man with several recorded successes about several unrecorded. college and ROBERT H. NVILSON "A pipe, a book, a fre, a friend." Though confidence is very fine, And makes the future sunny: He wants no confidence in his, He'd rather have the money. CECIL O. YOUNG "This life is most jolly,"+Shakespeare. "Cy" began his auspicious career May 19th, 15"-L lfx- posed to education in Toronto schools, he graduated from U. T. S. in 1912. Held an ornamental position on second year executive. Has shown the P. N ll, lovt-.for nnisit-gil comedy and the "light fantastic." JOHN F. T. YOUNG "He, modcxl merit sought lo fintl .vornzlvlc and gay." Born Dec. 21, 1893. in Mimico. Ont. Educated in Park- dale Collegiate Institute, Toronto. Ilonor matricnlation with Third Edward Blake Scholarship in General P1'0T1CIL'I'IL'y. 1912. First Class Honors in M. Sz P. Course. .Xrts. 65 God of our fathers, known of old- Lord of our far-Hung battle line Beneath whose awful hand we hold Dominion over palm and pine- Lord God of Hosts, he with us yet. Lest we forget-lest we forget! e Recessiona A Victorian Ode The tumult and the shouting dies- The Captains and the Kings depart Still stands Thine ancient sacrifice, An humble and a contrite heart. Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet, Lest we forget-lest we forget! Far-called, our navies melt away- Qn dune and headland sinks the tire- Lo, all our pomp of yesterday ls one with Nineveh and Tyre! 'ludge of the Nations, spare us yet, Lest we forget-lest we forget! lf, drunk with sight of power, we loose For heathen heart that puts her trust VVilcl tongues that have not Thee in awe- In reeking tube and iron shard- Such boasting as the Gentiles use, All valiant dust that builds on dust, Or lesser breeds without the Law- And guarding calls not Thee to gu Lord God of llosts, be with us yet, For frantic boast and foolish word, Lest we forget-lest we forget! Thy Mercy on Thy People, Lord! ard A men UGA,-f..4 . W 615 363000 M N STUDIA IN I 4 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIV 5 - YICTORLX COLLEGE LITERARY SUCIICTY ICXTQCUTIVE AND CAIXINET. TOP RUXY-N. XV. VVl1it1nm'v. '17, Min. of Public VVorksg C. lllilian, BMX., AS-at. Criticg l.. G. lluttuu, ILA., Criticz lf. F. Church '16, llliu. of l'.lP1'L'lgll .Xll'ai1's: li. P. Coish, BMX.. Min. of Justicc-3 XY. H. Robinaon, '17, Min. of I11lL'1'1U1'1 F. C. -lcnnings. '18, Min of NYM: S. ll. 4111-mmxlarlc. '16. Min. of Dclmtc-Q: .X. R. Self, '17. Postluaster-General. SECOND RUXV-D. A. Lane-. '17. ,ll1'E'ZlS11I'6I'Q I. E. Mitchell, '16, Lclarlur of Govt.: I. P. S. Ncthercutt. '16, Prcsuleut: Hon. C. C. James C.Kl.G., l,l,.lP.. llmlwlnry P1'eNiflcut:N. E. Luck. '17, Vice-Preeilluutg XV. XV. xl'Cl,?11lgllll11. '16. l,r-mlm' uf fjlb1D09lfllJ1'lZ P. H. Gal laway. '18, SL-c1'ctzu'y uf State. BU'l"l'UBl ROXV-O. G. Iflwmn. '19, Asst. S6C1'cta1'y3 E. Collins. CT.. Min, uf Progranmmeag G. XY. Trimble. '19, Dep. Min. of Pro grammesg XV. L. Keeling, Asst. Pianistg C. L. XVhite, Min. of Publicity. 68 . g M Q 'S' V an-..,- . " " ,M-...f f .fil Victoria College 69 12' A 1... ai" '- -' VICTORIA COLLEGE -s 0'-1,4 " . ' - A . . ' , , I iv N N . X , f,g,?f, -, .Je ' K. ja' , Y Q ..1snu-if jp-sc QT, 'We 5 V ! .1 ' 'f 5,5 ' W A. - A V 'gg , rt. .5 3 f gf' ,.-uns - ,. flpf -gf -i of ' - r "ffl ' --Q , A tx- , i ne ,cir hi 7 1. .i,, ,T jm x iq ,Q 73, ' C1 e l , V.-gn-. 1i.,CS. ZA, 1 f Ig E1 ., lxxy A - , LA S ,, '-1 Zi maj, ..3 sp . -1 L J- is t' Y? -' ii lk - 1 .?ggu!: QQ- " ,LI :R I M WW" , si ft , Q 5 5 F 'ful' Q V Ni A ' V V, xx , . Hrtyr l M -Q 4, B D Mx - .. my n 3,.:'N,, L'x, -. ,K ff f . . 2? . 'i - -ff' " A - cfs! 0 -Q 7' 1 .- "f sf M f 1' - -' " 'X ' - . i it V f 4- if -,g I ,. A Y- x" I ..,A J --..r to Q85 -, Milf' K, mg " :' g 5 , ali? 1 I. Reginald Adams llarworth Atkinson Frederic I. Bell Elvie L. Bishop ,l. RICGINALD ADAMS FREDERIC HELL ".-1 man not of words, but of actions." Reg. was born in the parsonage at Toronto on a ,lune day in 1896. Became an itinerant NVesterner, journeying to Victoria, Port Arthur and XVinnipeg, graduating from there in '1J. His academic course has been as consistent as his athletic career, and his fourth year finds him winning the college tennis tournament, playing on the interfaculty hockey and rugby teams, and carrying the senior stick. Poli- 'iTlIL'l'L' ix so mnrlz good in flu' zeorst of 115, .-Ind so much bad in the best of us." ,Xrnprior was immortalized in 1594 when Fred. First expanded his lusty little lungs. llestiny had him enter 13. X P. in 1912. and now Fred. hopes to graduate with Meds. '19. . ,. . . . 12,'IIC ,. 'S tical Science is lns course and Osgoode Ins goal. ll I Ll HOP ".-I plan' for er'c1'yll11'11g, and U'I'L'l'j'fllIAlIx!j in its fi1acc." IIARXVORTH X'I'1'IN ON , . ,, . . . . . I X A S . ,, Lentres of interest-lhe Physics Building and Annesley lo ft'IIU'ZU lzzm is to 1'esfect lzzm. Hall. Atkie, proudly acclaimed son by Caledonia, has sojournecl Lines of activity-From the study of spectra to the con- at Vic. en route to Osgoode. Freshman for three months, coction of cocoa. he became a 'fresh-soph. in 1T6. Political Science. Ile has Spheres of influence-Ilasketball. student government and served on class executives. is a clever student. a mighty experiment. good head, but nn fusser. 5 -o wt .e ' -f -, Q' rlja-X 71152 5 -islg, 5.1.-'N':-21411 5-'pjw 'f i'X'TNA,7'S'f5k Mi L Whig'-g'1f if Va W" aifffffgfw 'f ,775 .M -fig-4. Q ,-. Q5-.if -are ss..-i1.v1-ima.Dba.-ytsfagteggiglf-is ,ai - a- At 1 -N . -.-.,, Q- -7 4 -. Vg,-X as ' yr: 1., .-,, ---A -9 -A - .' -gf , '-A , , c 1 DQTVJ' 'QQ-flg'1'Qt f.-UQ.4ioepbY?1?gHf,sSfC51K lC:JffIa i'z..-, ,cf ' fs M 0'-1.g'lIi???i?QtZ5Qaf5,s 5 at .Y ix. Af.b Se . sat- JRR: -in 5 K -X. . .,, .vu - -,AJ YJ- 'wi - Y -.L ,, Q, X Lug x has ic' .5 "Q N 2 - -, , v tg e-J 1 il li- e if f i'ltjr,U,, ,ip -tif' -,, Qfqtji L' .,f,,2g -affix --A fi, . . . . 'N' mi , fit e-253 lqife,-Q-,. F-.43 31953 - 532s wegrix sxgllk ' gr fy. . ' 'f K' t. Ku - Q - :, Sfilxvlf 2 esp, .4-,Q - 1 . g2,1hkHn.e1i,- Q52,Qsg,i39 I, .sgajgxgr--fcfikidl, da. - 1 Q Qffsfi w L . 'if2tf+qe.-.ffsfrm QP,-se, my '1-lfllsy 3 157551153212 2 "2'-sf . 41625396 tk. .qu did- as-f.,4e ' L' La.,-f--Q Q9't5Yosx--swelhivtt-Qsf-vga' xYlllIL'll11 li. lilatz 1Yilfred C. ll. llowles Victor R. llutts Clara E. Cawsey X1'll,IlliI,M E. l3L.X'l'Z VICTOR R. IIUTTS Cloud at tl fight, lfut better at tl Play." On june 30, 1895, "Hill" was first introduced to a circle of friends which has been steadily extending ever. since. Scholastic. athletic and social distinctions have failed to weaken this stronghold of modesty. P. N ll. XN'll,FRlCD G. D. IIOXVLICS Ulvliflllf after llligllf Ile xiii, 411111 hleared his crm 'zeitli Iioolrsf' Iiorn 1895. Toronto. Early education in VVinni1:eg and Toronto. At Victoria, became noted for his unerring judg- ment when lecture-room or athletic field called hinl. Captain Victoria Rugby 'l'c-am, 1915. I,aw will liroliably claim liini after the war. "Ei'ery fuel: II Icing." "Vic" was born Nov. 27. 1891, at Lowville. After obtain- ing senior matriculation at .Xlbcrt College he came to Victoria, where his sunny disposition and musical talents shall be long rememberedr. Ile goes out to his chosen tield with best wishes from his wide circle of friends. CLARA IC. CAXVSEY UC'ItII'l'XSIIlIlU." .Xct I.-wScene-Stratford. Unt. Clara acquires the three R's in the Classic City. Act I1.-Scene-Victoria. Clara enters Moderns. .for a change. tlnterval employed in fussing, skating, knitting. and a little study.J 1 Act, III,--Scene--'flip Great Unknown. lfnter Llara. 'fu lilffw ul V V ICI l ORIA COLLEGE V i-'anger C ' - V- W,:mirisff1s'li'Tfsff'TT57If?i7iffri1"? 'f "'fi1"'f fig- fs ti, .-'fs s,T"-'f"'- fx. iz' so s ll fkegfii.-A-I3:'ti-'s QCT-ixsiffcsikif, 3215. kim if f 4 . fi" A . W?" Y ' Q 'Vflf 'A -D X' - l' .xi "i'F 2l'1"iif'6iwiN of f uf- '.d'.i'1" lf' is :outfit ll 3xU'Xi- C V! Vit? iT'i fill -'X a 3 'JW f' of J' "eii621g'i3'Ei1fl-ivtwaff .- .11 1 lv '7 Han fx- 0 N 1 ,ig ,fi f , ll! J.. xy JLQ 1 , , .Y .x v 'gi ' N 1 1 Gm I V . sc-1 f -V ,Ng A . Q, Qi' j frm V., X nn f X M iw x ioiix. .F w - ,Qi S .q , r - .'fL.Xa' wx N W - "I 'f 'A + 7 7 , f- ' '51 "'T. -- .1.. -fri: . X X L J irfikfn i M y it l' .P A ' -f5...,-l' as -,Q .2 , A ur Q '1 ,. 5' ,J Y Y L, ,Ax ,5 Q 'fr -A, V 4 ,- Y ,F xy A V4 A.. f A, K h .Lip cr ' Q 1. , .ff W C- 14-Y j w x X je J lv- , ll! , I X 9 I nrfb-v 1 L-Njjge .Q M? - .i ,, X922 Q r. p:el.A? siff:?4k49'fSflw 1. ii. .. at , 065. hisiv-A Q:3 '5g,,.f , Edward F. Church Wlillmott D. Clark Mary F. Clerke l,ncy Clare Collieck ICIPXYAXRIP li. CllURCll MARY li. Cl.liRlil'1 "Once more, will you hc my reifvru' "NUt'er!" .. 1 ,, -, ,, ,HH , - ,- ..7-hen into HIC VNU, your go!-I.. KSIIIIF-Llhlwlls.,fn4 blumlui IA IIIUIL .mul flzuzz 1011. Not the way Ned bccamc 3 benedict' but 3 favorite bit of lllut in her waking moments Mary occupied her time in the "horrid tragic," inimitahly declaimed. lt is his philosophy llvillllllil the H0lWffh0ld 5C1L'UC4' U'1'l lfflfliflllg 1110 llliskvlllflll of life-brave choice. Yictoria knows him in many roles- team, first as its captain and in her tinal year as president entertainer. "Acta" editor. preacher. .Xt writing, he has of Athletics, volunteered as. overseas chaplain. Fearless, sagacious. genial, sympathetic, hug-hearted, he will he used and loved wherever he goes. Good luck and Godspeed! ' LUCY Cl,.XRlC CULIZICCK WIILLMOTT IDA CLARK "Il'ln'n 5110 ix Ivy :eu leave our iuorls, "That t'i'L'l' 'ivfffl ll fl'011iL' TlA'C1L'UlIIC lonlr Il'p Iorg lim' yo XlilIt'L'l'l'l,l'.H T110 HIIIIIJCI' and flu' x1u1sl1111t'." q V M H . V l'i-om NN est loronto Lucy came to Xie, in 11212. llei NVillmott tirst smiled in the parsonage at Nlilton. Con- suming ambition to hecome a sky pilot turned his face toward "the old Untario strand." Many friends predict his success. sunny hair and snnnier smile won for her many good friends and she "in pleasing others herself has learned lu please." ii' -- Y A-P' ' ffl N.'t,.ili'?'x '5 '.+?:'f-Af? 7'.7"i' fin' 5. '-'7'1':""' T4'2"'5i' -TP 'W V' i'25?9" ' "f'T , . ' ' " 'J -- V . f i Q 1' 'Lim 'f'?i'i "" f'ff 2' ' -- "f"d"" ' X' is A C il 'if "V 1 .' W, Y " if xigcflll s iH " 'r g."f V -.os we TSS! .vmvfgqf Q .tJ7wr7i 1. ' :f Fi x l -A, ix ' 3- V i F' i 3. .A lr! f bf. g li' Q '- P 1 L 0 may tw- .- . 'f ' 25 Qflitl ee -sta i to nf? bk -Qi ,Xl Q'-L . ft x s l? iii if V- FQD I ' sm o i' 3 iii il l f of V N D it i 55535 U ws 'fm ' H ' 'N' ' ii .Y -. if 'v ' 7 'f f i gi. ' fn i Him' . ,V -R " ' "- X -- . f f2fi?iQsPiv,ree Q32 .airf are :Q N if 1 My 5 sl 43635 af QC 732, 14 'P .. 'e:Jg.B,dnA'q,g,,:gg.,,E,t-:fQ.:-xx 1.21-afxef KW, ,Q-4:-'93 - vs:wQ,- ffm- Cgs5ff'QJ'1 Kaffe, O49 ' . ' . Marie Crowe NYilfred l,. Cullis I'erey llaniels xxiillllllll li. llay M.XR.lIf CROXYE PICRCY ILXXIIQLS -- ' -. . , ' 1-Tp , . . 41: ' H ".-Intl .vllll the ivoznlur ore-ze U in ll an-mn H U Hiiiaili uf' U HH KUHHU Himm Q ,Q llmt one small lzeinl would vurry all he lsueie, Iinied wlth Ulf' Hm!Hf'O'1,t0 lcfnn ycuf mlm! than ,U"X'L' X' "Ilan" spent his early life in Toronto and then went Mane 02111010 X lctollai fakmg lfelfflial LOUVW U5 5' WIQ 'BUF' to Allrert College for Senior Rlatriculation. Senlities then HCV flifllwlwi fm' College actwmcs and .hui Cllllllllllflllnllll' attracted. him at Yic. and the Uriental Cluh claimed hiin of the "under-dog" has won her many triends. for president in his final year. Played first clarinet in ull C. U. 'l'. C. band. llis favorite song-"just :1 wearying XN'll,FRl',ll L. , . ful' Vnllfi , 4 , ' NXll.l.l.XNl ll, ILXY Uslllllf, ll'ilfre1l. et Bzmwezzir .. Um.. H ,wwf ..r I7 I H .Q l 1 I V .. Your lleari, 'ex warn: and lcni' um! IVIIU. Tl. , 1 lil Ht ti. lgzf Xi H11 jl.i1L:.x-.yiiittwl-E. P I4 i ' ' ' ' A T. -. -'N . I ' 'J . Born at Vandcleur, Grey County, .Xttended Ne-afortl Nl,wf:,'l:nRl1:,:1' 1ifm.i:,C gtllumtitlffliillljlic ScfloulltanillRlvtkllzblgllr High .SCl100l- Sky ll-HOT lll1'lil'Ul5k3mljlll'- iplolllllfcllt .ln College, St. ,lohn's. Q fiI'I14lllIltL'1l from Toronto in Semities. l3ClJZ-ltlng Club. l.1t.. lJlWl'F1l Qlllb, and ldee Lluh, liavorne 1916. .X solid stud -nt with hroad interests :ni-l highest study-Politics. Recreation-Strnmming a guitar. acliievenients. .X friend never failing. liull of life and dead l:llig'li:1Qm's. 'fl if 15' iCToR1A COLLEG1-3 i wa x s i - as by .' ' I. ,X I .312 2 Y .i ' 'S thi? f-YZM 1 . 1 -. -. i . 225 gfv L 'i ibfiv jb .1 141 C 6 at ixg. .tl '--i"f-bit. gk n S W 'fig 5551+ lwkw gggf . is ' '7X . r'P'1. A fl ww fr- .S 1 4 . tease, i f iff ."'Q,.- " ,,.,.se, "gg,-tg, N y, K All 'ALS . ,wwf ad' i N f ' - 'V . Zi pmt ' 'Z' .' ' ' L,-X. jg U g 'W - -Edgy!!! it ,,i3ly??5NeEg.5f,9g D24 355.3 riff - e .- . ' Q N ywigx, 3. A sg L 'iffy ,. A 'Lx Z 5 9 IRT, l ,-5 1 ng. Af ' ' J 'w , News , ,F , 'Q V' 'X ' X ' a MPXTQQ eela.. .vi Qgwcgiihvif f john F. llocherty E. Alice Fenwick Ethel II. Finch Stella T. Fleming -IUIIN F. IJUCIIERTY ETHEL B. FINCH "l"uult.v ln' luis, but hast thou not'.Jl' " 'Times liar flllllfflillfl of others "Doc" tirst cried in Griswold. Man.. in 1803. Tile fates Alladf -VO" fh"'k of her" orflaint-tl liowcvcr that Si-aforth, Unt., should sutfer the responsil,iility of his education till 1912, when he matriculated with the Carter Scliolarship. The P. N 11. Course has claimed most of his attention at Vic.. hut the "stiffs" have had a few days otf lu give "Doc" an opportunity to win his "VH ill Si'vCCc'I'. li. ALICE FICNXVICK 'Yfonil f1ll'IlllX uri' tlmzu up in small f'art'cl5." Alice canic from St. ,lolin's, Newfoundland. She had given to her, Iry thc sea, a sunny smile and a rippling laugh hv her liomeland, ahilitv to reason, remember and serve. coiiplt-il with a niorlt-st desire to he behind the scenes: hy her college, just cnougli self-conhdence to serve on the V Ethel came from St. Mary's, with an Edward Blake Scholarship. and a happy Irish smile. Thus she was well fitted to maintain a high standing in Moderns and assist on Y. NY. and Class Executives. Her enthusiasm. generosity, and kindness have endeared her to her fellow students. STELLA T. FLEMING "If the 'Z'l'l'f1lL'S were fucked in a farce! Her worth nziglzt be sample for af" A true Torontonian-for whom Victoria is indehteduto Ilranksome Hall. Add to sympathetic sincerity, practicality, and tirmness of purpose. a little Irish humor, and no one will wonder at her host of friends. Y, NY. Cabinet. -.N mf" ' -" -' 'H' V f - 1 A f.. , . 3 - , pzfj1,N., 3 he - -K i--3.5. 53 -' N'-aff, lfrh 3-1 , R93 'ffwg 1 F.. i if -,iw ' X it ef ,f e N' - r li .LJ .Fx e e nf 'ff is 1 V f Lv s v -5 ' f it ' x X 5 fmifglith f ZP L . X . 1 thi . , Q ,C qc LX M . Li ,. fb S-,i K v 1 , Y L .. N' J. 29 52 as we if f . 1 -fl' " 4363? 'Qu-ey nz ' t 5. f . , 1' gy J. . FEM SKU fafibffi tl . - M4915 is 22 f Q ai, Well W7 A 'Sei PA My . . Fai .irq 3 . . is V ,VMII f"L'e,+' ix i5 Q ' ' , if' , x-. N ,f- 1 1 f Y wg 9-4 -"N " '11 w I 1.1, ,, A JQif?f39f:QgZilh5tL,i., -'53 1,3 is:-9.5355 ' Suf i. Leslie H. Floyd Agnes Gairdner E. Rowena Going S. Herbert Creenslade LESLIE H. FLOYD "For lic lu'5m'i11rtlz well of fcrson and of L'0ItHtUlIOI1L'L' that lic shall jirmv a good man." Leslie ll., one of the highly cultivated citizens of Toronto, attended Jarvis St. Collegiate, and despite exceeding great obstacles. has now passed in English and History tMods.J He has imagination, ideas. and the magic touch 'with words, for which Canadian magazines have thanked him. If his ambitions hatch we shall hear of him again. hood fortune, Less! AGNES CAIRDNER ",S'o1fgl1t to climb Parnassus By dint 0' Greek." A Toronto girl. Agnes came from Jarvis Collegiate to Victoria, where she bravely chose that lonely way, the Classics Course. Her classmates have found her "a good companion and as firm a friend." 72 E. ROVVENA GOING "I am tlianleful that my name is 0l7I10.l'l01t5 to no punf' "A rolling stone gathers no moss," yet Erie in her wan- derings accumulated sutficient knowledge to enter college. Her practical nature at once asserted itself in labs. and demonstrations, but with the winter she had to give them up, as the call of the rink was too strong for her. S. HERBERT GLEENSLADE "A noble man among men." Born in VVales. Orangeville Collegiate '09. Northern Mission Fields '11, '12, Victoria '12. President of Class '13. Y. M. C. A. Executive '14. "Lit" Executive '15. President of Students' Council '16. Associate pastor of down town church '14-'16. "A place in the world awaits you. Each man has some part to play." YIC'I'URI,X CUI,I,lil1l2 MENS COUNCIL, 1015-16. P RCWV-XY, L. Cullis, 4th YL-ar Rcp.g J. F. Hickson, C. T. Rep.g VV. A. Irwin, BMX.. Grad. R1-pg ll. Ii. Magus, -ith Yum' Rep. J. ll. Ihuh, Znd Year Rep. IO'l"I'UIXI ROVY-A. Lacey, 3rd Ycar Rep.: J. XV. Oliver, C.T., Trcablxrc-x': S. H. Crcensladc. '16, l'u-aiilulmtg ll, AX. Lam-. '17, Sec rotary: S. M. Swcctman. lit YC-ar Rep. -w IJ VICTORIA COLLEGE l . s o , wwf Q " mow wwe s- gyvivfwm af wg' wi1m.'we'7Lsf agen fu'yfr2vs-'11 cefffffi may fs f wfkfw X507 qtkrfflg earl-jsajfsy-v3fsQ 'Ref f.?fjTf5s'f?j55 tg?-'lla ,N,'l'.3.,. lf g ' sei. 'Tv' g Ax' N ""3.lh+f.. f,' ' Ti! -- um? Niiigtbgi .' Q 1 '.qf-:N Qrf ' 'I 1 :Eff Q .fit if-31.1, 'er'd-f?.- 'Wg' -J KX ' y " 3"-KJLLQ K ,h"h, KD, et Vhkh W. 'J' i'MvgQ,' .fy -.- ff' iv ,I-C71 " flfirf' 'f , A - - , X . iyifxlcisfgfilibx is i QstLQyj,Zq.,7f-ia! Eg J- .,!,!,O?'i't..g 5, V, infill 594' f viva, 1 ' Au- T5 ' X was if jf . A Q twig' 555213 ffel, -new ' X nv "x. In 5 H f. D. 43. Lute ,i.i,Cc. W. X Y ,EJ Pg, I fi' .. foray fix N ' h7'1'3Qi1, rfilbi- i PNN. new , 'L ea.. K xii-'wi ff-bww' P-L,-E' will I'?y: fs sf. A s PNK , M. 'til f. .31 .. 2, ei- 'fyihxi W A -,,....v: ,'aQ'.1..yA., 1' yfigf .gr '-:exe e Q. if A., ..g:.. gg Xiu -.1 'gr we-3, -3 my 1 ff 4 ' erupt s o ff-L. ' 'QA 's Eire-trio H gfgiiifilfslgi Q f - ishietdg 5 1 issf..f.Q--1t.4f-uw . time 4 'wav -rw my-1.. - -its 4 " .. f. Ji .-.g Q 3..,w '0-1-'QSM .-3f?seh:3I'LLws2k?sQesxs'5Seape9y'N5osz94'5Qa sm-ms 1- iihtggfffbc. Lyla Nl. Guest Douglas K. Hamilton E. Alherta Hastie E. Irene Henderson I,Yl..X M. GUEST E. ALBERTA HASTIE uSlV1L'll4'U in Ivouzun is like Xfll'L'Ll1l in man." . .Aly 'mme 15 FWZ' . . , . . 1 XV1th her little pen and notebook. Matriculating from IXt'I'l11'JlfV1ll6' High bchool, Lyla entered From Sheguiandahq Blanitouiinv lfI1gliF-ll Ellllll llistory lCl11SSlCS-5. Sllfii WSIS always 3.11 ll1tGl'- Can-13 thig Sunny Ngrthern niaidgn ested member of Lit. In her final year a representative on To Victoria's halls of learning. Student Government and Classical Association. H0Ck6Y. lJ21Sk6tlJ3ll. Clelllaflilg. These the tasks she did pursue: . .. . . . Y VVhilst for needed recreation T , - A L 1 . ' HULL Iuxb lx' H XNHL1 Ok There were lectures-just a few. Illxlllgtp Il? f1L1L'fl1l1g't'LlilS'c 11fl'UII41'L'd. E. IRENE HENDERSON ' 11' 5 ' .v. . . . . .. V H i ' - V "Oh 5111 .fha smiled, 110 duzzlvf, TE'1IL'IIL'Ul' I Passed her. B"""l. fit tile P31'h0ll3gf- Poft Nanlayi Aliml wth' 1593- .X graduate of Moulton College, honor inatriculant of .Xs a minister s son .he was a bird of passage and -had many Jarvis Collegiate. 1,-Cue emu,-Cd the I-lrougtholil Science Comisc. homes. limb Committee l913. luxecutive three times. .Xn Though 3 busy maiden, she now is successfully managing industrious student. a vi-ry choice friend and a fusser o' pairts. Y. XV. C. .X. finances. For frankness, optimism, and a merry laugh. she is much liked hy all, .1-5. ',fj':'.-,C ua: xy rf ext- " ri f X. . -f wi! xg -H '53-tk 'jg W. i-jg 'VX' ry sp- .fee fy-A --Y-.ten -sy? 5.-. f-' --,.Q,fi5f'i,f fl-sffg 117- wyi' jg ,' P 'Nei 4.332 '6'TxH. 1 Q54 ,Bs'.'5Zff'YT3Pf5?f vi WJ? A4590 it-5,579 '3s5nmiU35t5tCf:S5'V -1 dia C..,f. -i.-..-- .1 ul .ifxff f-f HX--X1 -ff Yixfqqa, Sth .S K7 53' 3 .J Tj . -ySJfs.,.AviX'Ht5vh fs -af .2-'...s.Q'..y at 1 ...rx '.V1.1'7" Q f .+HQr....u-e - A tn fliql ...Q.:4- fy :ft A . fs- dfYf41g.x. Y 5 J Q. -M. f QQDD. 'il ' v..1i. 1 +L do ....x.s-JSM xcqi, l..- C KCQ P- . l'5QM1Nx- -L. -.1 4 ws-in-li.,i is -si Q r,i Xssafisf C ,?i',s5k.5 gy, :ff 1 lt: il 5' -Ai'-N 7x.f'3fXfiLk"ifiil5s Afffqhgigxdf f 'iflfNiHdQ'2+?:w'i 'iVS29ff.?.7'i I' QC LLCNNVA 'f ?" " ' ui X -1 . 'elf 'V .f. ' V5 V ' .1725-at gives was reel el sf' get P P .'j1.".f,v '- if .sf 1' W 61" :' , j . .QL . 4- 1 4-,dilxs . . ,- .f l, u 1' su' S fs-:ffl mwrvse o -' ifiiv l 5 . 5 I., -.vgrrirxji-5 is.-3, i XTV, 'N ' .li cali iligl L 1 .. afghan CEA- sf g . 1 ,M .V x I H I- Q- fs.. Jlff.. Q65 -11 w -- , wr l Ae.. refs i Pa. Q 5,f,..iNu ' Aga XX, who-M. Dv urs J glllkilf, ,A , at ,, Y xl Y - . rc VI. -.SJMJC y -ur, v ,, ,nhl V . A rs ,LA-. 5 ...N . f L- , cog -w L.. -- -U., --- , N is if . QI' l X if, A7 N N J., 22.3 V 5 , . Eff, 4 in X ,W s ,C ,,- . g- ,' fs V , J Sth .xii I XSLXEFPTXV-3 .mimi :Xl A J H I: 1 U C gy 'Y ., 0 iw fC 'S J . X Xe ,Lrg 1 an N .,.. 4 .. ... A so ...Q Jw. L "X1. A gm , 4,51 Kg, C...,,,f sN 'rffS.lWFhhRk1" fles-f'rasQ5Jf .isfwl swf? seal? f A fsziggpllgjggc X swag L X sigi. -spy ill, J 'QQ-xx 5,1-:Af Xie 9513x855-Wi 1216 1-SSX-'iQ f Xkifjkl LQ' Ov" ' Q21 ' lu- K. - ' W ,, , Esther A. llenry Lorne J. Henry Harold P. Herington C. Elgiva Hockey li5'l'l'llfR .X, IIICNRY "Tllt'1'v'.v lllllllllllgl foo gum! for thc' lrfslzf' Natural llalvitat llarric. Favorite Result--"Little Yicf' Sidelinesh-Latin Prose, English Essays. Fudge. llohhy-Y. VV. .Xvcrsions-Fussers. Marked Cliaractcrijtics--lrish wit. ahility to take notes in the language uf question marks and spac.-s. IJDRNE gl. HENRY "Tn llzim' if-:viz .wif lu' I1'1rv-'- llmn mu .vt nn! llfcfz be fulsc fo any man." liiitc-rc-il at lit-ndal, Ont.. in 1893. Educated at Port llope. l'layerl at "school-marm" for two years and is now heading fm thc ministry. lle was always interested in mis- sions and snccf--s lx predictml for him in his chosen calling. 74 HAROLD P. HERINGTON HCOIIZIVZIIIIOIIS, vile COIIIPHIIIAOIIS, 114170 been the spoil of NLC." Harold brought his winsome smile of youthful innocence from Jarvis C. I. Played politics in Democratic Ministry. VVrote, refitted and renewed locals for "r1cta." Displayed a keenness for figures tnumericalj. Hence his assured success as an actuary or in realms of higher finance. C. ELGIVA HOCKEY "So sweetly rfirfzfous and pure, V :ind yet a little ,bert bc sure." Joy reigned in the Methodist Parsonage when a sober. saucy, thoughtful, gay Elgiva came to stay. A true friend. a jolly comrade, and fond of sport. she found outlets for her energy in dramatics. "Acta" locals, Y. W., and finally in the leadership of the Government at Lit. IK. 'Qi V IC l QRIA COLLEGE 1 "' "'L5'ff"A"i.75"f'?4 Ml, HY "'g"WPrC . SGC-,N in 42 3137 'T.N"X.Y?w LE' iT' ff. Nt .NT ' ',"""'f' 1""?7',Zf'f'1f"" I 'ff f " T . , - 651. -t Z?i.y5ftf?f:f:sft125fP1?fm'??g1M 2.'s3rf.f'Qifef5f555'-nfffmi?z1ff7L'-. 11ie'9f.fi57J!" Zz V.Kf-f,wwl.vxif'NQ-Ty. 1 .fgfitfgazwvhgf-tc, Ue5rL5 w,ZT5't3Me:1fYcEQl ?f'lfSN1slfl'Li ' :gtk 1 J'-4'i'-'!ll- if-fi Twill, i,if'?f2Awfl . 5 c' tr QM.-'Til xi's.'-Ve' ligq-xT,.,qNke.Cfe.y1' oesbtyt jlK95.1cjUf,,,ff U tx tiff, 4f,,kijEj,,.f:?gQ5 ,jp y' '15, ,GF ,A 5 te 'ef f 5 if gl F555-gf? i J? ifvfag ' jgtgss 1 tack Qfzteef li f f i YEJ is Q" L-gb lege .1 E :Nil H iebib kgel 'v 1:4 QR Q-5 5k e ' fn., -E D 5 ,- lingo nissan 1 weak 1 'SWF b""i" 5 4 i' "W Q , XX V tk, A M ,D und :QW Vw . Q .. BQ -Y, 1.1.5, W Y, Q H51 5 mb .-.L 1 I. .. ND E -.F - X Tf1-QD1:.i . 37 4,1515 SIADXX 4 will N- W , C , 152 Q J lf? - my ,. '-ssgeiffstttltttw ef 1:1-we igltawne '-111333. milf! fe t' I 4Cs'tee to we we af 1 M 1 vfhfsfw.. .uae ,W +fweQf 3s1 ywenoDN.s..-i.AwhifCt,fer. C' ei, le A. Milton Horner llazel J. Hubbell XVesley A, Hunnisett XV. Crossen Tames A. BIILTON IIORNER lN'l'1SI.1fY ,X. llUNNlSI':'ll'l' 1 Born 1893. lShawville,dP.Q. L3.tCI' CIUZEYCCI JCEIFXQS Col- Hsglwfl' hp 5L"L"l11CL1 411141' qfyry ggflgln 54711-" egiate, where ie achieve matriculation. intere 'ictoria .7 -, -, -, i i I. n .g A Y and became more or less interested in physical sciences. I lfay fI6't4lfl9l'l'tjT 1315-klil'1t,ll'lflyil AY.Q1'A1 .yllollta lull "flu The Lit.. C. O. T. C., and athletics. Captain Sifton Cup Qffimgl yillku 'll' Mm SU Width U" A ,mah 11' xcturia 1-. His best wmlt was clone not in the college Basketball Team 1914-15. Rugby intercollegiate champions 1914. .Xrgonauts 1915. President Victoria Athletic Union. 1-i.xzEL J. HUBBELL "For one may smile and smile, and be a t1iIla1'1z." At college, a devotee ot Household Science. Add to a but in the big city outside. in social service and ltznlinn VV. CRQSSEN JAMES ",lI11r1z study is tl u'car1'1zcss of the flesh." Mission work. "Bill" found a few odd moments apart from his other Smmy diqvosition a measure of Caprice any amount Ot activities to carry along General Course. Quiet and uu- L ' ' assuming he was withal polmlar. llis principal vices: askin: curly red hair ,a dash of freckles and fun, a pinch of spice. .md thwc you have H3761 questions and wearing :t pipe. "Un active service." - r- , -he '- if m ve 4 if f: , fri' 'frft A- . ' , L' 1 Q fi' 'T ' , - .: aff " '- "Qld - it it - W? " '13 Y , 'i ' AEM- way ' 03 45 . ,.. ..e,,.i-1'1f Q 1 -5 X ' '. ' -Q. ' 9 ' . vt' 4. 2 . is 1 s + as 2" 1 1 1 wr:-...Jil , Q xx i s .Y , , fg5-:azz ,W-A' it -ret ev '-S 'rj ' Y "-i' 'P-11' L 'ff QS- "1 A' r as-.z. I a.- . ,N ff -,- i if 'll in My 1 Secs .i it -Paw . L ' ln 'f JU' ef 1- . -- 1 1 ky '51, ff Q itil, 19 A xxx ' " f' V 1 ' 'N ' ' ' iv' ' 'wif' K" i x " I ' 'o we ' 'K LQ - ut SBSQKEZTV c .nw A sl X W1 jx X uf .4 'Q L' 96,1 x f4"K 91,74 " . 'J-fx . ' -5 ' , A Y lv, li -- .fv . 7' Q25 sp?.-1 15. slfgg, .gg 'giipsgig f,lfgg,,+ls H35 ,, W, in x x xx- fs, ,Qs Qi js c.-,4 1 cwww LU., -'wo ,. -' gf . - - ' qfflen-.4 . ?2??iL-Tmgim s+e: Q35ki?5eS5'f,Qr Q-1't?Tv?i3i33beCfQssQ9 Ci.f'E.5f' '- klilfkfvus llclen Kerby 'llboinas H. liCl'1'l.1lSll llenry lf. Magee liretleric Manning lll2l,liN 1. KICRHY lll',NlQY lf. Blkkllflf 'AGl'CQ0l"l', rcnzvmlwr thy SHIUSIII-llfl IvI01v."' H-1 1,m,., ,U ,.A.sw1..,L.I 1, ,wwf ,U t.,,,,,,.,,L.' amy ,, 1,,,,,L,' Helen, inmtennis victorious. t t'.u'ut'1rlt'." lmtoliloiw' Ilorn inq XVrigl1t Llounty. Quebec. Took l1I'L'1lIll'IlIui2' work lznsnaretl into hockey, b at Albert Lollege. lreneliell two years in .Xlbt-rtn. l'.I11v1'wl 'XLCFY dffammg lw0fL'?SOr5' Cifnsoliloug' XYlClUl'l2l Wllll illi. 'lille YIll'l4lllN ulliiCes llc' llfls lllleil lu'-lleilli lx nits also, as all maids dutlous, I I . I' M I' N ll . 1. I Y I K t lb in linvied much for cooking arts beauteous, IH mmf" Ulu 1' 'lu' 'H 'lm '5 111 N U' U' X' Rcpents Of her errors. Before exam. terrors, Yields pleasure to honors illustrious. lflllilmlilqlk' XIAXNNING THOMAS M, KERRUISII "He was u funn, tulsa him for all in all." "nf "'f'1Y'H"'-Vfffflflf- Of flZfyf'Vfl'0H5 "'1-,Uh Horn in Listowel. Ont. Spent enrly life on :1 lillflll'-" X I li" WN U md" "" I, 1 I I I Z1 xvZlllIlCC l.znnb. llzitric.-Listowel ll. S. Flu. Tstuglil . 1621 t ty interest in every sport, com nut-1 wit: sue 1 W . , . . i, N, Y- 1 , M . g, , , Ii - X--, J1C1lflCll1lC achievements as the llankers' Sclmlarslnp and sfhool 95' O?'- 'lo' Ind: Ut. Lldxff 1" lu A UI K' membership in the llistoricztl Club, has made Nlaxs four 3. M- L- AX- lb-10. llvfltlilli' 10" 1ll11l'iU'?'- years at Yarsity :1 success. T5 Class ---- IQI6 ---- History Rumble. bumble. hullabuloo. NVhistle, thistle, hocus zoo, Maxi, caxi, six boom bah. V. C. Sixteen. Rah, Rah, Rah. N the fall of IQI2 the halls of Yictoria were literally overrun with seekers after knowl- edge. Quality as well as quantity was there. and so it has been ever since. As soon as they had overcome their natural timidity and backwardness about coming forward, they were always in the forefront. The Class was soon organized. and then, who could withstand them? Certainly not the Sophsl Even though they did capture a number of the unsuspecting ones, the rest were more than sufficient to tie up a number of the Sophs, and sweep aside the ones who tried to oppose their triumphant march to the alley- board. The only other important event that fall was the "Bob" Here the Freshmen made a name for themselves by their singing. '16 showed them- selves good sports by taking their "l3obbing" in true meekness and humility. The Class ITlil could stand a good deal, but May and its trials proved too much for some of its number and only 120 survived the fray. Qnce more Sixteen put on the war paint and went on the warpath to capture the scalps of the Freshmen. On Satur- day morning some twenty-live Freshmen were tied up in "coliins" and lined up against the alley- board. Some of these were paraded around on an impromptu hearse, while funeral music was supplied by some of the members of IT6. The remainder of the Year '17 failed to appear, so the scrap had to be postponed until Monday. Wlien they did appear, they received a very warm welcome. Sixteen, having been persecuted in the "Bob," the preceding year were now anxious to expose the sins of IT7. Not content with merely finding fault, they procured a machine. which entirely regenerated the verdant Freshmen. This was the first year that the "Bob" was held in Bur- wash Hall. Not only was the "Bob" successful in its effect upon the Freshmen, but it was the greatest financial success that any "Bob" has been before or since. At the Freshmen reception '16 showed their ingenuity by masquerading as Red Cross nurses and soldiers in Queens Own Riiies' uniforms. They also succeeded in mak- ing the reception interesting, by running opposi- tion to the programme with hurdy-gurdy, gongs, and appropriate but mysterious organ recitals. Not content with being studious and quiet Juniors. the year found an outlet for their energy in munerous social functions. Probably no year has ever surpassed the Class of IT6 when they were Juniors in this respect. A corn roast at Fishermans Island proved so delightful in its informality that the executive soon held another. As an attribute to the ingenuity of the Class. this form of social outing has almost become a tradi- tion around Yictoria. Cn Halloween the girls entertained the boys at Annesley Hall and this will long be remembered as one of the best times spent in the whole four years. The Class did not believe in being selfish with their talent, so in hayracks they repaired to Islington, where they exchanged an entertainment for a good "feed," and everyone was satisfied. Qur fame spread and we were invited to Danforth to repeat the This time, sleighs proved the "performance" cosy means of conveyance. Soon after this the seriousness of the war and Canada's part in it was forcibly brought home to us by a number of our men enlisting. From this time on a great part of the men's time was occupied in drilling to ht themselves, if needed, to serve their country, and the girls were doing all they could to prove their loyalty. VVhen we returned to start our senior year. twenty-five of our men were on active service, while others were continually leaving to answer their country's call. As a result of this there were almost as many girls as boys in the senior year. Soon after College opened in the fall a corn roast was planned, but owing to a downfall of rain it was held in the College. Here a num- ber of letters were written to the boys of the Class who were at the front. Each one present added a little message. It was during the fall term that some eighty-live noble Seniors presented them- selves as innocent targets for the photographer, and it was brought home to each one that their College course was fast drawing to a close. and that they would soon be called upon to go forth and face the world. The following is a list of ITTSO men on active service. Since this list was made out in December. and since diiferent members were continually en- listing, it may be by the time that this is pub- lished there may be some whose names are not on it: 1 1 H. Atkinson gl. G. Lumsden R. C. Bennett Ii. R. C. Meredith XV. G. Bowles E. Magee li. I. Crocker S. Puffer bl. Culham H. Rehder S. XY. Dippell Mi. Rossi O. XY. Doolittle C. Scott S. R. Cwreer L. Seaman D. K. Hamilton Simpson C. VV Harriss Y. Stratton F. C. Henderson M. Taylor foffwi H. P. Herington lf. XVatson .eX. M Horner R. Wieber NV. C. james R. XYright VICTORIA COLLEGE FOURTH YEAR EXECUTIVE. 1915-10. TOP ROW-C. L. VVhite, Prophet: VV. M. Musgrove. Historian: Miss L. R. Moyer, Pianist: Miss KI. lf. Clerke. Lady Historian: Miss H. J. Hubbell, Poetess: NY. Zimmerman, Athletic Stickg Miss A. E. Hastie, Prophetess. BOTTOM ROWQH. Atkinson, 2nd Vice-Presidentg J. R. Adams, Senior Slick: Miss E. R. Going. Treasurer: L. H. Rehder. President: Major C. V. Massey. Hon. Presidentg Miss H. J. G. Moffat. 1st Vice-Presidentg L. C. Teskcy. Secretary: Miss N, XY. Spencer, Senior Stickg D. K. Hamilton, Poet. VICTCDRIA COLLEGE llazi-l L. Martin Sidney Ilartin Erma McCullough Beulah C. llcDonald IIAZICL L. RIQXRTIN IQRMA MCCULLOUGH "Thu rims! i'ut1.w1u1l1lt' TUUHIAIII hux hm' limit' iii iwlzirll to ln' lllll'l'Ll.YUlIUl7lL".H Illcnding a true apiwuciatioii of nature and Art with deep sympathy. Hazel entered the Modern History Course at Yic. She has crownetl hui' academic work with the II. Klassuy Bursary and her willingness to serve in Class, Lit.. Y. XV., and Students' Council has been recognized hy adding tht- pix-sitleiicy uf Y, XY. to her responsibilities. SIDNEY M.XR'l'IN "l'2'u :1iuti.v1rr'cil hint front .mic to sulrf HCR jim' ftct lurlyf unit om' foot 'IL'lllC." First natal cry. May 23rd, 1887, Stafford. Eng. Early i-ilucration, Graininar Scliool and llanmlsworth College. Cann- to Canada, 1911. in-zuliiziu-s in Urn-ntals from Toronto University, 1916. Brilliant in studies, genial in coiiiiraiiioii- ship, and a good sport. Hllvllj' SllUIlltl lift- Ull lL'll70l' liCfi'H "Yes, why?" asked Erma. after four years at Markham lligh School. so at "Yic." she chose the General Course. which has left her time to win many a well-contested game of tennis and many an admiring friend. lIEl'L.XI'l C. Mcl.N'lN,XI.,ll "Thr zwrltl belongs to thc t'1iw'g0ti'c." IYith all thc enthusiasm of the Wlcstern spirit. Ileulah entered Moderns and other college activities, displaying un- Hagging zeal as president of Students' Council. Having failed to make an Iiastcrner of her, we are sending her back, with bcst wishes for future success. . , jg ,. It , ,X-V 1 K W ll I, , -WM 25 , -c Q e 5 n-If qv. 'SAX 5, ff-iz'--i In .-x1 V, is Mx ,W N15 . in '11, A A,-ff.,-Y 15 lub-'ff- -' '11 'fb jill! A y T 'cf-P Q if if 'fin H171+?e129n??sife5s12itit?-if.'f' its iistfwaif?-'l?,t96?f'3':.efffL2:"?Lf ,gif ..,.c -Aff-,C-Q isnt 3' Q5QiLT't.,.f 2291 Q I X si" S '- l ,.-fl 'X!'uixXllk1fE Nl - AR- AP'-ff Xaaxfygjg Cmihtglwfff XX-5ff A fill-I wk O ,JEL WV- N51 'l T' 'L ' 'I 1-A f"'J ive gig lx' . V g g,p.,f"J V fry Y' gms . u Q3 W J Q I lj,f?UL4 'Q' int ML 1 iy ge gs. 1 W Mft Ig, 'Qfagj - 3, 35 ' , Z-'U E i gl. Egg, - -2,4 4, , 1- Il . ,N sit , f t Alitalia i lfqif K 3, 35425 'X 5- Txwx W -7-1,317 U L t i . . CT like acfgeipt sc . 1 S. L I - X gd"- Firf-Nss.W'se'.ss, ,wgt33i,'U'l.l 3.234 new 1-.w,,,'?'Ag-if rwTfC-'sfidcl ,Q so g,w'r'7+ , if -n Q 'FS -+C ,A.fs. -,- ' S , C4722 , YYY ,laehvfi5.Eg-tf?es?ff55,egtitgaisizl Qtiesebltg Gig? Q f tE.Ca5,s?fsi ,Y . .f f .. 1- tg as . 1, 'e -J Q .3 sv - 'V vt . ,a gg- .- 1 'sf f - ., A 3. 'Y Q21 J asf fsJt?XwQaE3bif'c isfxgff C1!3E5iQe:f U.. VVilliain M. Mcllonald lX'largaret McIntosh Evelyn M. McLaughlin W. Webster McLaughlin XYII.l..IiXM M. hlclJON,XLD H.ll0l'lIl'lIjl lirigilzt, tvitlz roxy light, hath zvulcctl me from my 5lCCf.' i?D NN'illiam was educated at Chcsley Il. XVell done for C. Il. SA. 'IIe was so undecided as to whether he would become zi niissionary or a politician. that he chose the happy inc-cliuni :incl took chemistry. MARGARET MCINTOSH ln ull thy linnmrx, wlictlzei' graffc or uzvllow, Tlioifrt such a fuirrliy, tasty, flmsaizt fellow, Has! so much wit and mirtlz and xflcwz about than Tlwrv is no IIITILHII zviflz tlzcv, or 'witlmzft flies." And this is "Marg" Chasing the puck, criticizing in Lit., and "Head-ing" the Hall. 78 EVELYN M. IXICLAUGHLIN "If I rliance to tall: a little zvlzilc, f01'gz'z'c mc. I had it from my fllfllL'l'." Born at Oxford, England. in 1893, Evelyn has been surrounded by an atmosphere of wisdom from,her infancy. Behold the result! President of Lit. in her IV. year. She rules, however. by her sweet personality rather than by her learning. XV. XYEBSTER MCLQXUGIILIN "These are the ximfvlc facts of thc Case and I guess I ought to k1z01v." Bill gave his tirst shout for Liberalism in 1894. Lindsay C. I. and Jarvis St. C. I. prepared him for the Class of 'l6. Society and societies claimed him first. Sometimes he played tennis, sometimes he ran for president and some- times he studied. VICTORIA COLLEGE I 3- 'A J .' ' 721-' Ll 1152 's,f'l1Q"?l' X551 L-4-"XC?53"f11'i'1'f"''ri'ffY-'5f'iXl F YT' if " .A Kg-F "' f ' "' l"f"'-m"I1 I ' J' Wir 1' Ze' H' s Ktf Ya' 4 I -C' fv xtdjv-iih-Y7'7J'A,:.kE:Trs :link 'ix 1x"?73lth14 1xAf,1s1Q5i!1T!i1,Q?,Q fiv"1,J, Lbfci , ' iftlfjv Q-J. 4,32 X iQ VITQ-,.1twlK1Q1I qf?JQf11'fJyf-f wifi"-rift? 9e3vQn 'I itiiflf Qj1,'r7f.y1L2.Q-Jf:14?'47,-g,j17f11,'f7r'e xlyxff Af 9 -, .wgsie j i7iI,,5.x?V .SQV Pkfwsl.Vtglivk?-1SXSu1,fN1-1-'N yi-Q Ve-, 71,3 Q, -QqQ,,,:f1 'gil-,gk xg y. Iggy Eg , 1,jlff0ff"3 f' .j 1 ,al fall, I 7 . I . g . . A .C A-, yy 1+ --1 C M75 1,35 1 ' :xg S," Ki7?f,, fy 2, M 'x lr: iixd -1--F4 'tt' "1 ' J? N 'SVA 45-,fly 1 1MfE jf . 1 ' F ' - -f L . 1 ', L, .ff 151,143.1 WI Z, W, 5 54,1 X, x -A 1 5 X. , ff 1-J-41 "iff s L: X1 1- .- ' 1 '1 1- 1 In tif-.1 ,.- in-rs, ws'-ssl. tk 4 1- -ftffw, 'ri-AQ '-"4-:FMU UPHQQ " , tg. Q 1f'X 1' IL ' 'Es 4 XJ.. X" ffm . ' 5 ,- '- . 4 1- , h . 3. 4, '4,VgAj. x 55, , quita Qqxxl E Off Wx PX I: N mit,,..e-fx , .ngqox-,I . Nix gil ,wk risk L 1. ,IAQ Nlzx K 5' x X gimfi-X.5' '1 NX 5 'Ti Ut,-1 735iQrqlJ!:5l 35 , it ll 'f'5HT,I'-ll LJb"4X2Q5:Y ' N Nilfffx ll' .56-'Si1Xg-D'f'-sf. , . 'WIP if 1 5 gQQQ.f?k'f' F' Wye. X lqfb-' Qs Cxuokx X-Ax 1 F-Ii. 4 41-,GNN 15 ery.-U., - at 3 t " 1, Y lei' T lg .ge X NL 'JUW ""W-is ,env f' , s' ,TQ , :. -,. t . 16,6 Lkeysllsqixltg get - .Sy yg-1jsf,,:?m,.QN,N oitW.2Nc.C klkjqlg iQ:x3s.-Iggy Lg I in ag S,?ilq,f2,.x,N,kZQ5A, Q. ,,fil,?1.,x e t 1g,pF,g ., X-H, x ,AV.fQ wg! , QC -, . ,xinrh-Z Nb. Qveek-Q 1:,.' eve: d- Qxij vqgeybd, svYV.gs3,.,g5rX-wt' V -4 eg: .JXZgwJ2'.gf :I tsLgg,gk.,.. Qcqglklx 5r"j'1L 3.1 Ernest C. McLean C. .Xdams hlcllullen Thomas C. Mcalullen John II. Mitchell ERNEST C. McI,.E.XN TIIOBIAS C. XIcXlUl.l.l'iN "Stop not af Sli.l' feet s1'.r or so-aim l1igl1c1', C"I'L'l' lIl'1YfIL'I'." "l.alw1'1'1l1 111111'l1, tllltll I7lIf 111 xe11111'xfv1' This eastern phenomenon appeared January, 1895. Un- BU"':'l-lil Iw'I'ZL'Hi MINI' explained until SpenCerville's literary genius left and hovered with lesser spirits into "Vic," He its moorings always adds brightness to his environment. .Xinen---fo let it lie. G. ADAMS BIcRIUl,l,1SN uCllIfll'LH'fl'SL'd he fo fazwz 01' seek for fl0II'L'l',H Mac first smiled in the parsonage at Romney, Ont.. on Dec. '7, '95. .Xmbition turned. his face toward the old Ontario strand w1tl1 1'I'6. His trankness, honesty and whole-hearted joviality have won a host of friends who enthusiastically wish hnn a brilliant career. Ile isn't Z1 Plato. nor a Newton, lllll' a l,loy1l 1'.e111'ge. but he is Tom Hchlullen, anil those of Ils who ltnnw hini think he is all the hetter for it. JUIIN lf. RII'l'L'lllfl,l. .-I 1111111 111' Ivux 111 all fllt' 1'f11111l1,x' 11t't11'. "Hitch" tirst smiled on lflinwlale lfarin. Klt. lilgin. Unt., Sept. 'l5. Ingersoll C I. lu Yic. '16. llis genial gooclsiiature. pleasing personality. and executive alrility won tleserverl honors as secretary of Yic. Sttitlents' Council l9l-l. and leader of Independent fioverninent U. I., S. 1915. Success as a Christian minister. F9 i51A5"K"' " fir' Y, L 'NN Lf fs-4'-'L - 5 QN fsj'2A1"T ENCQXP "?"fIT'T, sb -iv? -55" w -Shir? Q. TN 2-5? P3i7'f7X' 1 4 for ' - X 1 rv: 1 As. ' new wi west' s NYE as 711:51 1:14. ' 1 I ii i ll' K? I - 1- 1 --I e 2 A- -1 11.13 X" Q1 T 1. 3,,,,lA.s.tfj-g. .ik Alfa X-.fidir-1.s'Yv llfil .u ug r flgtl -1 dial ts 5: w.'k:Q'T!i 'I E, 2.4154 di- -1, X53 stirs l kfaji NNN? s 1 -s ,N - wifi SKK'-' T111-,pl 4 clilfr--s 'Viv ' E ,en 1' ,Y1-Q21 , 1 5 S QW:-, X. ,Q . ff in 07, ff TN, , L .V ff 'X-it tw ji- X yes , ,. , EG, 142 5 N143 fr- u , Q- if, , 1 -1 N - . f, , , , if -: . ,V . -. - , ,A .,.. I g .. 1 , 1' 5315, V V- at ,V .. "PA,- Nf'F9f2a'-' 'fwml T.. "f96:fc 'H WX? "4' 91 "X O 6, r we Wt T 1 Ns 4 N-'K stag, jgL211QlxeQ5 6,.2QsflQ15,1f2, "f .2251 915,531 . 5729 Tv 15. 'fi 'J l 7.9" CY " QW I Ck' VJ 1 A,-'1 ,, '-af 5.5 I' fr, 'jf-f V yn it ' -fl Q ' ,. 1, " A ti Q A i O 7'-'ffbf Q 'W 1 '-x C'Jv'Q V' " ts f 'lv ' ff I it -N ,Q 1 K 1 Qgfigdp Qfff, A I,Sf,'5'vf ,Ay A tk' lla-swjifi-.Q Qogx RL Y? 'Vigil Q3 IF' 1 seg' . Hazel J. C. Moffat Robert C. Mollfatt E. llenry Moss Bessie li. E. Mossnp HAZEL I. G. MOFFAT E. IIICNRY MOSS "A fclzliiless lass wi' a 1411157 f'L't'Il'gI'L'L'.n Household Science proved so attractive to Hazel that she had to desert Peterborough for Victoria. Iler energy and ability found her a place on several executives, and the vice-presidency of her Class in the final year. ROBERT C. 1IOFF.XTT l'Of Scivnirc lllltl Natzfre he cliafters As fine and as fax! ns he can." Born near Ottawa in 1892. Crain completed his High School Course with Honors. Having taught a year he entered Victoria in the Physics Course, where his genial disposition has won him many friends. 79 "Tl1U11 art ftllvlfl' 1111111 the cl11'1ti1'e11 of 111e11," Middlesex, St. Marys and Varsity have comliined to give to the world a student of lliology. a soccer enthusiast and one who is every inch a man. In liis quiet. unassuiniigg nature his fellow-students have found a sincere friend. BESSIE K. E. MOSSOI' "Sl1t"s little 1111! sl1c's zvixv, .S'l1e's ll terror for lzcr size. llorn in VVindsor, Ont. Elementary education in St. Fhomas and Lon don. Ilonor matriculation from London C. I. 1911, with First Edward Blake Scholarship in Science. Yice-president Biologiczll Clnli 1014-15. Ilonor Biology. .. V VICTORIA COLLEGE TllIRD YEAR EXECUTIVE. 1915-16. TOP ROW'-R. XV. llarfly, llistorizing Geo. Howard, Secretary: Miss R. M. McLaughlin, Poetessg C. R. Nimmo, Poetg F. Hilliard Pianist. INJTTOM RUXVYYN. VV. AAllllflllOl'L', Prcsirlt-nt: Miss Y. I. Harris. Tr asurt-r: C. YV. Stanley, B.A.. Honorary Prcsidentg Miss L. R. Smith lst Yicc-Prcsicluiitz C. li, Adams. 2nd Yicc-Prcsidentg Miss ll. G. XYinters, Lady llistorian. VICTORIA COLLEGE SECOND YEAR EXECUTIVE. 1915-16. TUP ROW'-R. Ryan, 2nd Vice-President: Miss L. Pearson, Pianist: J. Y. Sparling, President: Miss H. Sparling, Treasurerg K. J. Shaver Historian. BOTTOM ROVV-Miss J. Sackctt, Lady Historian: M. R. Robinson. Poet: Miss A. VYir1ter, 1st Vice-Presidentg Prof. De XVitt, Hon. Pres-identg J. VV. Austin, Sccretaryg Bliss ll. l. Brown, Poetess. 80 VICTORIA COLLEGE tw J' 'Q TD . r'- I lv -I A fi n A A . IX, .-fiikcfjxj, - ' H'-Xa -'lr ' nf 1, 5X-403 7 -ax N 7 Vff' W fs 5l5r21a'ml9Qi5Mfw.....Q3fv 52J13i3D19l . RW' ,Q - f 1 k of if .1 C A 1... Leer. 1 -Q -it 1 we is .?Ei.Jw-ft ' wt 4,195 I rj 1-gf' .1 w QV ' .5 sig fl t if, 'f -f Q it ,- . aj P 39 -f gpg.. it f . Ewa .tcqglf C . . ,. An 2. W Yi: N- Y? .f fri Q' . M '- , ,, '-'w A f-'uf-X, . , 'H' ff, df -- Q, .fa -K, my . 4 K f " llkfxiqlihqf-6, f Sgtfxg gtg gt ,ffxo at t 4.rfffFi,1Wa2ft3351 If fi 2391 KLQQQM F ifiefilj fi,Q1vW2iS1?ifavi:F?Q'f55i3ff'11:Qt9ft'tM131 n QM Wit-1 ff N f fe hlltf f if" ict'--sf if f-gficrfl-gfv.9i"'i?MiW?it9i5Xf L'P"'h 'V 1- V 1' M544 fifty.-.f..-cr' J .Gf:x1-C:a :M ai.. 4 'Sx,ti.,.SQt'fl1gv to-5 1f.svt.fx,t1wYQ4.tf11 fad. Lina R. Moyer 'NVendcll M. Musgrove Jann-sz P. S. Nethercott .Xnna Xl. Ochx LIN.X R. MOYER "Thu good stars mat in your l101'osr0fu." Dorn in St. Catharines 1893. Entered Victoria in Moderns. Mistress of the Patriotic Tea-Room in her senior year. Always in demand to "play the piano" lfavorite song 4"Refl-lleadul. 'Cl12l1'Zl.CtQI'f5l.-0111111100115-. natural. with a sw,-ct sincerity and a high ideal.. ' XVICNIHCLL KI. MUSCRUVIC "Boo!rx. 'fix fl dull and Cudluxs .v!r1'fv." l.XKllf91' S Yl"'I'lll5RCU'l"l' 4 V . 1 4 A 1 1 "I llL'f'L'l' ffli' Iflt' f-'lxx nj fum' .Vor 1I1LIIt1UlI..Y fltlllzf Ill IIll'llL'.H flcst and youthful iollity will alwayx attend uNl'll1c'l'.u 'lo was happy to call him itx tirxt pn'-iilt-tit. Now he gow forth. a cultured English and llixtory graduate. In ln-ing joy In tht- waxtt-places of earth. "Ca ANNA M, MCIIS V55 4111 wwmt' In life." Horn 1890, Niagara Falls. Entered U. C. IC. FJ NVhen Anne Caine rushing into college life we all :at 1912. ' Transferred to Victoria 1913. Add to above data up and took notice., XVQ have doing to L-wr Nino.-. liver a genial nature, a natural bent .for athletics, politics and iiitt-rested in tennis, slit' soon liticaiiit- rt lioekey t-nthufiait. fussing and VVendcll's popularity is explained. He has won therehy winning her and in Ii.-r fourth yt-ar obtaining his HV". Captain of the H. B. teain and Class lliftorian. the calttaincy. K u -'Ni -v k- f-'A .. ' 1 . f., V . W 1 fffxx' j RJ -ago'-N-.,, " eg.--,jx 351. ,Q J'-Nye? -N 'fx fx.--7 effqg SNS, -2 .5 Af. tb' S., .J A Lag, if-4,4-1.5, It upXfS C .-SIL.: ,jxgyig gif- 5.45 Qik.xg,.tg,d .1 .iii xx-R K, , axkpgf . 45' k , 11 Vggiskc .xq:j:.!lQ V Q"-5-3, QXWMSE D24 -g:hyff3Z:Sl.xl ,.'g'ihbgjT31fW1gyQ,.,il:l:gy1f"k,Y1K.!xxf,3911jEt,Q.gggg'f :ndff-iq -'S Wm tw'-1 we My 33.13 may ve f.,gQ-4 hiftfwlr 1 1 Rst. 3 1. i 'VCA 535735 ft 7-Jf.-fxLf .-' 'l K7-Vmi. S2035 .Y N K. B- fw- NCN , L 4 . "5 fliy, L X fx' ' 915575 t 35111 if F .f Q eff vi - ZW!-1 A the fe 5,-'L x,. 7, 'N N W A .fo .?'x,i,Y- 'F I , ,I H, -: :I 43, .kiwi X ,,.,. Ly Neff-.X ' IYN, 3,0 er w.f5"f?s 'wvxx V in i hy. ,A I N X 19635 g W 5rt.:i':Sf..-.xfzfafj 'iffaxwgfft 4105 Jefcrfixii'-g o,x.Ef-g5mw'ivnQ' QhieieQ2N1Q3ggw.tfeQ.- Cordon P. Pool: David ll. Porter GORDON P. POUR HCQOIIIU wlzat will Ira' .v1t'0ru it still, I'll ne'cr bc n1c'lar1clmly." Cordon has a merry disposition which wins him lasting friends. .X native ot Toronto and a graduate of llarbord. he has honored Victoria. Though hio inte-rt-stQ are many he is now noted ao leader of the Classical .Xasociatioir DAVID ll, POR'1'lfR ".-1 life that lll0'I'L'S to gi't1ri'm:.v wills." Born in Peterborough, Ont., and hrought up in dittcrcnt places in North America, he linally settled in Toronto. where he matriculated from Parkdale Collegiate Institute in '10, The ministry called hiin in '11, and his gifts and graces are such as will do credit to hiw calling. Clara l.. Quancc Lorne 11. Rchder Cl,.XR.X l.. QUAXNCIC "Coil made 'ICI' .wmill in ortlcl' to do .1 more tlzont lift of 'Zs'llI'li'HltlllSllIf'.U Sonic coaxing and tcaaing. :i little fussing and Clara lt-ft llagcrwillc. -X hustle and hustle, with the pattcr of little ft-ct. and Clara arrived at Victoria. Sonic Ntudying, a little worrying. tlurrying and scurrying and Clara graduatt-tl. l'cllnl4l lltt l' Xitl r' " n... l. " Tlu llorn in 1893 in incrcc and Finance up with studies. the and Clan politics, wucct-wtul. l-inancq. SI ORNIQ ll. Rlflllllfli ' HIIIIUS lll'L' fL'IU l Ht' .tvnulti not do In fr:umixl:1'f".v lllllllthn Paris, Ont., and cxixtml tlierc till Coin' called hint to Vic. 'llllC'1't.' he got inixrtl North in all l1lhI'C llousc Gang. girla hast-hall. tennis. of which he haa been eminently or lt-Ns high, will prolizthly call hun. mil he VICTORIA COLLEGE g g . g :i' i?3 ..n A nfs. . J.. 1- .Q 5. x .Ax .Q QP I., . 4 -f X uw fx. ' ly 'V 2. -if Q K I i., f I.. so ' .k a ' W e I -I + testi, I I . ?Je' Q, ' q"L'1ii f . 3 ' "F ," . ' 'Zi .Q r I ' I T A f si Krew I I Q ,I Ti vgsgs- :lt-tw ,. if UGS i .5 as .. s S94S:,?lt5S.N .Q ti . egs.,itv F!n.m, k-, rssst tQb. .QN' egg . g g. . It me ixg55F1f:-af Any: Q23 , g -A ee . 1,.14?fi21sf.c4.13,f2i1i av T dale lwhffcc-Scsi-4 lf CJ. .. if Bennet I. Roberts Marvin L. Schultz Norma VV. Spencer L. Marion Stapleford BENNET I. ROBERTS "How absolute the lcnafc' is!" NVith a sigh of relief Twillingate, Newfoundland, saw him depart for Toronto. where he conducted the tinancial affairs of the city through the Financial Post until he began to stir things at Yic. as Class president and an ardent Democrat. He intends to be either Minister of Finance or Premier. MARVIN L. SCHULTZ "Nosrz'tur c.r s0cz'is." M. L. was born in Toronto in the early nineties. After graduating from Humberside Collegiate with his Honor Matric.. he entered Victoria as a freshman in 1911. and chose Modern Languages as his course. Of athletics he has had his share. having obtained his with the Track Club in 1915. Aloha Oe. NORMA NV. SPENCER "Of thee I boast, Great empire of the lVest." Coming from Vancouver, "Norm" enlisted in the "House- hold Science contingentf' Though in .a perpetual rush of committees, music. labs., receptions and skating, she still has strength enough left to gracefully swing the senior stick which her popularity won for her. L. MARION STAPLEFORD "She is not fair to outward show, As many maidens be. Her 1oz'c'lz'ness I nctfer knew Until she smiled 011 nie." St. Catharines Public School, Jarvis St. Coll., and the Household Science Course. all did their bit towards edu- cating Marion. Success to her. --'ft'-L9 "' X - 15 f-sf' "arf Ve- ? QBTQ TPI? .154 'Q "ev, fi'-4 , i -" 9..lFW' 'f."l7 T ff 2 ., 5 gigs Era 9 r--fi ktffxfi H.. X " Q41 ' pf- F 3 ' ui Z5 ,A ' l , .H ' fx- K. .M 2-' -' , i' 1" 13 I' ' nf' I ft . X .-s .e J-f .. ' i I -42-7, ye Hamer.. oy, fb-P975 1. 'L ' .3 g-U , X . L1 , L T Y '1 N ' t Riva? Lei? I 'fi f 1 itil-Qi f rift an sv ef H Q f K . . ii., - - Laid . R. Q W ,X asses. .. L W . .. f Q -1 s. -' jrpfx affif- vt isps? .ed v cgi 13 V?--jiWlZ" 4:7 sr--5 'tt 1 or -of ji,H3,,Qp -' is gf., ct A , get I -sg:w5..I?ttY9.5. 5 of .t .1lf'.'tQ42str.Q531QtslqEiQs5h tggfaagshse lf xxj '5"' Q.g."yL1 if ,X I-N Ying In LN X' 1'1,f..IQw5 -QS, 'Q ' L.. -'JV '- 'I-N fd ' f .lr I ',h.'- 1 f if Q '11 1' -- 'QL Apgzfii-ev ,' is . ensue .afasi s sslgeisseifg.fe-fesseierkm.t.c,gsf efwssssbl Aleta F. Still Kenneth V. Stratton Alfred L. Taylor Lloyd C. Teskey ALETA F. STILL "Blessed ivith a tvnzfcr whose 1lHL'l01lU'Cti ray Can nzalsc toenmrrozv clzvcrfzfl as to-day." Nothing daunted by the vicissitudes of school life in Port Perry and Jarvis Collegiate, Aleta came to run "the fearful gauntlet" at Victoria. Her cheerfulness. unassuming manner and thought for others have endeared l1er to college friends. KENNETH Y. STRATTON "And many a Icrture he attcmlmi or went not as he those." Born May 3rd, 1896. Residence Committee and Secretary of North House. Burwash llall in 1913. Class Poet 1914. You're nobody's friend if you're not Ken's. S2 ALFRED L. TAYLOR ".-1 czirious child, with wondrous eyes." Corporal "Fritz" arrived in Chatham on Dec. 9, '93, Attended the local collegiate, whence he matriculated, 1912, with two scholarships. An ardent English and History dis- ciple, with distinct pedagogic proclivities. A great reader, a keen critic tapt to want his own wayly and a warm friend. Vivat floreatque. LLOYD C. TESKEY f'Ii"e know what we are, , . Bu! know not what we may be. After matriculating from Jarvis Collegiate, Lloyd engaged in the banking profession for six years. Having placed the financial situation of Toronto on a sound basis, he entered C. and F. at Victoria College. He has finally reached his senior year, where he became secretary of his Class. VICTORIA COLLEGE lk' A v 'aff .K " 5 L3k4L,l'ja',,.-15 - 'iigbzfwifff 3255 la, I 5. - f p D Y O ,J is , N at free , AJ f c . fe-wa E.. Q'A ' 'E ' , ' 'l' ET . , tmws F r. . V X W .i e' Q r .f ' if -- 'T i -f -svtzfr-ff Ella M. Tuck Kathleen E. Tucker Elmer QI. hY3lli0l11 XYilliam F. XYard ELLA M. TUCK "Oh, why should life all labor be!" "Tuck," a jolly compound of work and play, not believing in hiding one's talents under a pile of books, entered whole- heartedly into athletics. Captain of the Basketball Team and an energetic worker in Lit. She has not lacked in college spirit. KATHLEEN E. TUCKER "The greatest happiness comes from the greatest actz'z'ity." Matriculating from Jarvis Collegiate, Kathleen entered Victoria in Physiology and Household Science. In her second year she proved herself a capable Class vice-president, ELMER J. VVALKOM "A six-footer, but that'5 not all." Elmer entered upon the stage of life-"All Saints' Day," '89. At Munro, Ont., he learned the song, "readin', 'ritin' and 'rithgmeticf' Albert College sent him to us. "Yic.' knows him as an Oriental investigator, soccer enthusiast and first-degree "fusser." VVILLIABI F. NYARD "No talent but yet a ulzaraftcr." Hailing from Middlesex, VVill came to Victoria in 1911 Greek has been his chief scholastic foe. His favorite studies v A and has always been actively interested in the Literary History and freshettes, The Independent party found him a Society, Y. W. and Social Service Department. splendid whip. His future lies in law. "W , ' f - 41 ' -ff' '.'t ' K' xt , -' f , ,g .j1,'f. . we ,A .. I' K. .rg my Q'-gg, 15.1, i s 'fCI?iZ,f 1 . aw - if - ff att -f as 1 ess X also Q . YI Av. . -fl 31, -lc U.-.. , -. ' 'Wti K y - - , i A f 1 4 1- 5? I 0 ' 4 . . vi . N C Fi 1 " XIDJ X .ft--f-1 i 1 ffl . is ...Dig 1 ,Q . Q7, lg . My " - Q7 '15 -IW 'qaqgg J ' - Y'-136122: tif?-v - 5f?.f1"5 '- fy My Ryqgs vm K flux- Q ,yi . .1 v .I fl .I , . 1 xv .1 M ax A41 , U Y, . Nl fmdx . Q , XA 4' kg? ' ff f e QQ '2 h 3, ,QQ 533 asap ' I-ww .- - 'f t.. J A i , ., ',1l 2 , . , ge . A 11 . -. ,Q " wb' 5 '4 if A fa , .ff 4. - .dl rv Jas.- at htel ea: Lfffiigslgi-.R?S'leNf:?fvS larch. Q19 W. Ctarence L. Vvhite Arthur R. Xxlilhnott David B. XYilson YVilliam Zllll1l1L'1'Il'lIl11 CLARENCE L. WHITE . "I will buy with you, sell with yan, talk with you, walk with you, and so following." Lear came to Varsity to seek a business education in coma merce and linance. Ile has shown his business ability-as Business Manager of "Acta," and has had the honor of being president C. and F, Club. Lear also fusses a little. ARTHUR R. VVILLMOTT "To live, and art and serve the future hour, Is the great priifllegc of earthly power." Originally from Stouffville, of course 118947 via Sault Ste. Marie H. S. and Harbord Collegiate. Outlived the presidency of the Collegian Debating Club and the locals editorship of Acta. His tact and sincerity will carry him as successfully along life's journalistic path as over the rocky road of the editor-in-chiefship of the "Yarsity." S3 DAVID IT. XYILSON "'Ti5 g1r'1'u:'ou.v f'urt1'l:f1 :with guoil t'ur11f'i111y." Bruce took his first soothing syrup in 1805 at Merrick- ville. lintered IZ. and P, in 1913, class st-c'y '1-1. councillor Biological Club '15 and '16, scientitic editor of "Acta" 'l6. Sci- entific medicine will receive a progressive devotee in D. ll. YV. VVILl.l,XNI ZIBIBIERBLXN "This was a man." "Zimmie" got going in llainilton in 1804 and has been going strong ever since. President "limb" Coinmittee 1013. Carried athletic stick 1915. Captain I'nivt-rsity llaskvtlvall Team 1915-16. On l'nix'ersity Athletic Directorate :intl Historical Club. These are a few of his acliit-xt-:iii-rits. YIC'l'lJR1.X C4 'l.l,lCl1li ,XTlll,li'l'lC UNH PN IEXliCl"l'1X'li. 1915-16. FOP RHXY-Y. XY. P1-:u'wu. '1". 1et Yuan' Rep.: If. ,l. 'l'. Huim-Q. FLX.. HID. limp.: P. II. Qlznllnway. '18, Soccer Capt.: XY. NI. Musgrovf: '1f+. linskutlvrnll Capt.: XY. Zimmurmzm, '16, ,Xtlllctic Stick. lZfV1"I'HNl RHXY-C, ll. AXYIZIIIIQ, '17. SQC11-tary: .X. BI. llurmllx '16, 1'11-wiflmltz Prof. C. E. .x11QL'1', Hun, 1i,1'L'NidQllt: U, XY, Timminc, '17 lxt View-I'r-wiflvruig I. R, .Xrlmnm '16, 'Iil'l'I1N1I1'k'1'1 IW. Kluclnn. '1H, Jml Yicv-I'n:-ffluxmt, Nlilfli -XY. U. liuwlux. '10. Rugby fillvt. ,no 5UL"l'lI liN'l'R.XXCIi X'IC'I'URIA. EAST liN'l'RANCE VICTORIA. 34 0,5 1 IB' 9 6 62 E ? QU? w Class ---- 1916 ---- History Wfelcome, old friend! These many years Have we lived door by door: The Fates have laid aside their shears J HE gods chuckled with glee, the earth trembled, the still, small voice was silent, and the very elements themselves were for once confused when the year of all years, IQI6, entered these antiquated portals and took possession of the pre-historic Jag in Sep- tember, 1912. VVhy? Because they were fully aware that a new epoch in the civilization of man was come to pass. It seemed that the whole universe fand the Provostj had anticipated our coming with exceeding great joy, for they wel- comed us with stretched-out arms fthey always dol. job himself seemed to forget his affliction, and Methusaleh enjoyed his youth as before. Jag House! VVhat memories are attached to three, thou hot-bed of abominations! All the sojourners in the wilderness are gathered together unto thy bosom. For many years hast thou en- tertained the unsophisticated within thy rank and naked walls, and yet we love thee-we rejoice in thee as doth a grouchy benedict his mother- in-law. The first period of our history dates back to IQI2-13, a period of wars and amours. Many wild oats were sown, but few remained to reap the plentiful harvest ton account of exams.J. lt seemed as though the whole college rose up in arms against us that they might obliterate our existence, but fear was never to be found either in our categories or vocabularies tif such there bel. fln other words, we cared very little for what any body or bodies thought or did. VVe were independent and indispensable. Qui' two ambitions in life are well worth noting, because they savor of an exalted, spiritual and intellectual type of entity-primarily, to demolish the remainder of the tincluding the Deanb, and ultimately to hold hands with the Saints fwhen possiblel. VVhat nobler am- bitions than these are to be found in any culti- vated sect, of society? Alas! for they were false illusions. As Sophs. we accomplished wonders QPJ in nearly every branch of University activities, but more especially in athletics. VVC had men on every first college team, and we captured the laurel wreath for that year. Apart from this, the "VVorms" were subdued beyond the hope of Ierhaps for some few more. a thought, but the imposition of a heavy fine soon taught us that our most beneficent ten- dencies were not regarded as such by the more simple. Hence the Frosh was left to consider his own destiny, while we fixed our attention on things above, and not on the earth below. This was perhaps our best year, both academical- ly and otherwise, for in the next two years we were concerned more or less with military activi- ties. As a result of the war we have lost the plupart of our numbers, but we rejoice to think that they have answered the call to arms. How- beit, we have been replenished. It is a sad sight-nay, a dismal spectacle- to see the deserted tables in the dining hall, the vacant seats in chapel Cwhich was always cus- tomaryl, and the solitary few in the lecture rooms. But these things go hand in hand with war, and we must and have made the best of it. A history of this year is impossible. I knew it was before I began the attempt, but some- thing must be said on an occasion of this nature. Those who best know the members of the year fSt. Hilda's, for instancej would be more able to give an adequate account of their virtues and shortcomings. Among their refiections they might possibly say that, firstly, the spirit of the year had always been athletic and not academicg secondly, that they were always refined feven to the point of vanishing altogetherb by exams.: thirdly, that all the heads of the year went to the bow-wows: forthly, that they were always willing thas was Barkisp to raise a rumpusg and lastly, that they were all good heads. And now the memories of the Jag fade away into oblivion-it is only for nuts now, and we never were-the various stages of our course are nearly completed, and we must bid farewell. Before the final curtain is drawn, however, we must pay immortal tribute to the Saints, for what could we have accomplished without them? VVe both have run o'er half the space Listed for mortals' earthly raceg XVe both have crossed life's fervid line, And other stars before us shine: May they be bright and prosperous As those that have been stars for us! fE.1'C'1H1f 0l1Zll6'S.D . 1 T. I-IILDA'S i "' 'VO " V9 A ' U 4 ,-N ,. 'i A N-..rF'f'1 NCQBFY 'f'WS:?'a as e.?c -Wi f Pxxfff ' 'ia'3' fv' ' . it hifi Qi iyfwii- iff-Viifzi 9-.bggwi 'aft-.rv iw fx' . e -1 X 'fi 1 1'-' . Q. , jf-up 'E' Ni K. 'aw' xkrm. , f:f"'1. k, 4 t-.eq fy 'M ti e- " Tfifgff- H .w no , . . I L 5 3,-.F , ,. -J , 1-ti-V ,L .ei k 21 xt QL , I xii, .Xt . . N. VA .AV ,X , , mis? ,-,Sq F fy Qkjgvzf l. is YH", . , 'V N , 'A 1 5 1 - X . . at ea. T Q-wtf ' 2' 4. -- T-L W ,fl K . ' .7-:XQ 1'- at-' i W5 -' 1 ' 'Vit , '. -.L Q' f" 5 . '-if Q 52.25 i KJ ff'-Y. . i- v -f r rf 3, 44 l - - f A , If' . f 4- gy' ' to mf sf' ffv-. ii ' fi- ,i,+1+QQ.o 2ff"vrWl"vsi1iil-PS-5'Qll?'f?D"1'WNNN www . in i.i-:TOY-' T 'fi 5 .a lb '. +. l-A .5 new ,V gf' " 'H '5-fx - 7' M fs, ,, e i. -11 .-f fa, . p Q .5912 i9':iE4Qf5v5QwQRt4fSxQiii.f1 QQ ,. , . ev.. Frances L. D. Bidwell Dorothy Burns .Xnna QI. Coutts Helen Cowie FRANCES L. D. BIDNVELL ANNA ,T.COL"l"1'S "IV1zy tlzen., the worldlv mine oyster, "Homo rum: zzilzil lzzmnuznuz aliczznm julio," Uflzzclz I with sword will 017011. liorn in California. liducatwl at 'flianntwilli-. Cliatliain Born in Leamington, England. Educated at King's Hall, Llollc-giate and Sacred Ht-art Qmivent. Uiizmzht l'liilf.-.wliliy Cmnpton. History Course. Vice-president Athletic, sub- KQUFSC- QNX 0111911 S YIIISUUIIKC 51'CUkCf- 1 gl-ll'V3TQ1f1U-Q H044 "fl Qditgr of hcljfofliclef, president of "Lit-" AIISNIOII 5tllCly lI'l Zlllil l',IlllHl' frl HQl'lI'l1lllCll'. HlfII.l:QN CUXVIE DOROTHY BURNS "lfrtrvmvs are comztcu' 'ttrvf if ' -. . ' I . j UH. "For e-very why 5110 lzax a tul1crvf0rv." T110 gmlderz mean lmm'1'.rf tlzuuz lmtlzf fluff fx my rl1,.f1'rr." Born in Oshawa, where her school days were spent. llorn in T,osQit-nioutli. Scotland, lidncziti-il tlit-rig an-l at General Course. A good athlete and a most capable and Ottawa Collegiate. Vice-prwiiluit uf "" l,l'L'Nl1lL'Ill, ot enthusiastic Head of Basketball. Y. NV. C. A., and Head ot College. i,Y'51'f N' fl fa I f " -5' 17 ,w,fu,x,Q A agfqfix 'N-Qgxif -Pvt-2511 my 1 -Qlgfv -' Zi' 'xxqnw T Wx' n'.N,.TkX::f'Xi QSN-a , "ea i 32 '7 ef: T Vt reall M is 1' is 7 '5'LUi'ffilt5x?3 ,lying fi i L., J in -J . 4 -N A ,, ta A Q3 .1 vu! xt, - . '- . 'ffm aa ie 1 l X.-,Q ' 271.1 To .Q7 k Q.. V1 Nw -.R '-Tc lk PM 1 SQ ff '7'-' -7-" it N M315 ATM Wall E ie five -Q A -A TX5: , W4 'r K kg K I V . , . : s jay? -Ntq 1 lywfl 14: Ni 37" -QA? X ' ' fv ,, irc-if ' Qc' wil i . .. . .i. L -. 1 K N i 'H f . 'U , r . -T fu.. vw-Q . A 1545. Qi' Lv V . V .A.4J in 7.4, W 5- ,V FLW- 1-A It- '. ,',.'. , J 4, .Y ,lf ,Q -gif . ,. fir! ' 4? 'fyr'K"',,f5-ixqiu iKA1.iS'v we 52 f Nj ljhlht N 1 . wfi F Nix 4 X Q , wg nf" "5 1' f Q,7l7lriL f2e?w' 2 Y:-L' ali' -F Swift i f 'T l r ' "" - f' 'Q " '31-'tl' V V9 f' 7 ' ff, RTW "X 37, -- l X A 'TU' 11, lx ,W ' .4714 rf' T. ---' N . 5f F4-L Ji l nf '-5512- .f:'i!j'ff" A -2 ,- .fi-an il, ifiieif ' Ng fLHf.J1j- fri. -N i , 95? 'T Sf A 2 A . - . -1 A f L' In 1 A ' lin-line ,. fa 'l am .Xgni-4 Bl. linlii-i' RIA ' 1. ' Q" , ' 'LUN lfYlfl.lXlQ VI. XICXYIIXXI "I :wt rzly iviffy in ru-'.'ulf, "Ili" irnfiri' :mx .':'i'r Mill, ilwufli' .zuii Zora: But the LLLIIISL' llluf wit ix in nllrcr IllUlI.U .lu u.i't'ulli'l11 rlmm IH -:.wfumu," I jylzjhai' av xx ii 'X ff' 7 xx X '-5?-T'1"?'-"'f' XFN' -ff vu: Mcffw 2 V-gli Q25 .f Nw H 4 if X35 N yt 6,5 cj!! 6,2 1612031 Q fi rev: P mix il lt,'Nj"N-Nil wweai fy 2' U K 1, Rf! eDf'n?'3f'if fflff J -4 JONJCQW Ch LN? fd' J5:"EfPQ5JN Niiffw X LKSNQLVAH M29--N XI'!lg'llCf Hel 'nn K met Nluxtixy l Nuxi ld Xlxll Nltl dll! IL 0 NN r Born in Niagara Falls. lfwliiczitcnl at the Collegizite ln- llnrn :it 'I'horni-. Qing lfilncxilwl at .Xrnprii-r. llt.i-l of Stitute. lloclern Language Course. llvail of College Red 'll-nnix. llitgnl inf lfxtfiisiivii XX'-vrlt in Y. XY. C. ,X.. Svcriigiry Cross XfVO1'lC. of St. llilmla's Literary Socii-ly. 'l'm'niili-in:-iixii llnaul. GRACE MIQSSICRYY K W 1 Q "ll'itl1 clzcvrfnl IIl0l'IIlHjl fllfllljlllfj and tjlllltk iIc'z'z'uc A,Xl'xl'.5 Xl, lxllI.!,1lxl5Ux To find the murlz in lifflvf' 'flll 'I4'fIH jl7,V- ivvllld '1r'lll I Horn in Charlottetown, Prince lidward lxlanil. lidncatwl 'll"'l" "l'l"'U 'Y' I1"Ni""'x'l mlx l'l""' l' INN" there at Prince Street School and Prinec of Xxlllini College. llorn in Niagara Falls. lffliicziti-il ilu-rv :it Sllllfut' Str-,tr subsequently entering King'N College. NX1nc,ls0r. Zlwl fm' hllill School. Loretto .Xcziileiiiy :ind Cullvgiziti- Inxtitntv. lli.1-l year, Trinity College. of Choir and Vice-president of Trinity L'-wlli-ge Glue Chili. S7 fl' 1 - 5-,Q - E1 I ci HZ.. TRI ITY COLLEGE v- 1, xQ . h ' 1 S--N k X -1 , I ,, A AP'-g A N C 3 -1-1 u -4 ,ff 1. I 's -- -1 eq- I 5,1 -v-if ff U61 I A 1.1. V 1 - -163 - evil We 55. 5 15559 RW' I 9 1 .2 ff? 12"?'wJ'f 'V fr11f?if9 '3-. 1111111 1 1 1. 1 O11 1 as H 1 new M - I fr 1 ff x1f'-seem 1 0? 11f11'e 14911 ' Q. ' 1 e.1111'1e,i 11-tmkafkye 1 1..s1i1.fa fkfii, 151. I . wi" 1 1efLff2 -1 39914 1 1 ,fx 75 'iii I -I - rf 1+ 536115 1?- Mn SP2 4 1 , vi I C 2- ff' .f 1 N' SNK' I 1711 ki?-ffxi J' -' t '4 11. 1 was C 1 . - jeg! N 'tk .Y ,,, , , 3, , H153 isis 15' 3 X 1 ' .S 1 Q --Tex 1+"1 -1 1 ' ' ," 3'7.' ef 1 ,514 f iraq - v rf: Q fn? L ' f' 1-'T L1 1' -Q .. 4, 5- 11 7" .N -ii 1 15.2 1913 1.4 fs hmm eews.11....a-NSW1.111.ciQ?ce'swKg'rQ5Q14 Colin IQ. llalqer lfrnest .X. II. Caverllill .Xlliert Dixon XVillian1 Ilazell COLIN lf. ILXIQIQR -XLIZEIQT ,l. DIXUN ".-I 1114111 11' 1'11111'f11'11111'11f 11111111 lx ,v111'1' 11 1111111 for 11 111111. Locate our hero in Prince Alherl, Saskateln-wan, fronl nlience lie enters T. C. S., Port Ilopew-tl1e11 Trinity clanned him. President nt Athletics, Captain of Footl1:1ll, scribe of nl':lll5CUl1Ol'l.H .X man of excellent worth and merit with un- 1l11ul1te1I success 111 his eliusen 11r11tess11,111 of 1.11113 ICRNIQST .X, ll. C.XX'l'iRlIII.I. 'QI 1111111 111 111'1'11x 11111 :1'111'11v, -i'1'1 1111111 111 1'1l1'1'1'." Ilorn lit-:niisville 1891. Xlatric. St. Kitts. Collegiate I11- stitute. T1':1x'1-ll1-1l 1x11l1-ly. gaining much 111'z1ct1c:1l t'X11L'I'lL'IlCk' 111 his siiininers. In llllill, lmrinker. 111-1lz1g11g111', and plzinter. Militqiry t'1lll1Pl' 111 "X:11's1ty Ill hnzil year. ".llyx1'lf 11111 least 1111! 11011111'c11 of 1'111'111 ull." "Nicky" was liorn at Iroquois. Entered Trinity for the purpose of work and play and succeeded acilinirallly in both voezitioiis, Entliusiastic hockeyist, captain 1915-16. Scribe 111' "li11isco11o11" 1914-15. .Xnswered the call to arms and is now on active service. NYII,l,I.XM II.XZlCl,I, T11 s11'11'1'. to XL'L'11', 111 171111, 111111 not fo wl'IL'111. lf1'1'11n l'IZll11llIHl1 and llighheld School doth liill come 141 Trinity, wliere. as an 1lllllkfl'gl'Zi4,lLllIfC. lie took exceptional interest in college aitziirsfcliit-Hy athletics. President of .Xthleties in 3rd year. .Xctive l1Zll'tICl1lll1lOIl in coinmittee work and wo1nan's. CIHITIIIN took his :pare moments. 5 'tt QNQH' t Q21 we -Q--1 Ziff +111 1 N w1fw e11f,11.n11s 111b11.1eew.111111 ws 1 -I mv- 4 1. I 1' f-if 9. 1' ' 9 fO1Qi"'v "r"1"L'Z1.NQ' - '5g.'1Ts15"1::L1 If 555553 M2115 +l1m4r.35QS1f. 3111 ,1wQ1b?a .f1?Fm,1r1 ':11?,11q w-211.11191 --.W 11 .z 1-V X15-5,1 ,Q :iii s QU g A 'Rv -Qi A LTYXLQJJIV ' ' W5 'K .pg ' 3 6 Y .x 'h "5 :ZX 1 I 1121.1 flf, .1 , 'f , -' 1 KLM fftf-91' tziefy in , we 1 gf C' , 'F 1" W yxxg if 511,11-,fever-ee We 'rffir If T 19 fg T W A ' 11 . 1 of 1111 . .11ff1AL: :, '- za., ff- - 511 .1 11111-Q' eoyec. . XY. Richard Ilowaiwl Harry G. Keen Ivan E. Kennedy Roland F. Palmer, L.Th. NY. RICIIARIQJ IIOVVARIJ IVAN 15. KENNEDY "1'111'.v111'x II11' 1'11v11 tenor of 1115 'IK'llAV.H llill came to Trinity from Parkrlale Collegiate and con- nected himself mainly with the musical circles of the College. llas done good uorli in Klilitia llept. of Y. N. C. A. A quiet, unzissuining. :md sterling chap with success ahead of him. HARRY G. KEISN "For 11111511111 is 1111131 11 giriiv. 1111! 11 good figariis 11 smoke." Harry entered this world of woe at Christiania, Norway, December, 1889..- After a migratory existence, he finally anchored at Trinity to assimilate Political Science. Hobby-Evolution Aim-'Illissful l'lZlCllCl0I'llOl1l. UJ1111171' 1111111 1111' 113' 11111111 I 11111. So .v1111lf 111011 f'i1111 1110 fHZ.7'L"SlL.U llorn in Essex County, August 18. 1894. lylatriculated Leamington H. S. Intercollegiate llZl1'l'i6l' team 1913-14, wins ning colors 1914. Captain University llarriers 1915-16. Head of Arts Trinity 1915-16. llestination-Theology, matriniony, former undecided, latter fully settled. ROLAND F. PALMER, L.'1'l1. "Here is 11 110131 Palmer COIIIUV, from 511111111 first, 411111 111s1 from Rome." Mysterious, original, inscrutable, this grand merson has defied calendars and time-tables. Emerging flrom t'Tl1e Grove" in 1910, lie entered Trinity Park. After following devious paths, he emerges a Licentiate and a llachelor. He will seek Holy Orders and walk the straight and narrow way. 88 ,L l ,!....- ,- X N 1 X xx ff f ,-.uX .TK X Trinity College 59 u-1-v-,g TRI ITY COLLEGE 1-'Q r!.f'S2fQ i,i" f QQX 5f'2k w,a?,gyjf3qi3n.--axixw 1 Z 132,91 5' 5 U' vig x IAQ., J 'sq' I VJ! V A all :fwyjlk L l.., bi , N ki .1 it It-Y ykxlgig CCR.-5'-f 1 . ' Cmliigifygf iii il-ai' T J wg,-1111 .rw ef. X :Y Va L.-iglgiy 'islixki iff- Ei' WZ lit X, , MQ Asif 1 Riff' Wag as 'M z 7 29' gr, G' Ugugyr. A A Nl : W-.1-'KZ 4 1 S r'5sf'lA'LJ .ax aw wr we G' " ei. LN . ' ,fl vw-af M 1 wa vera ' I . llama, QQ WEKDEPQ QV' Q 51 Q fit-1: ifffwXQgisf'-f my . Joseph Rogers Cyril M. Smith ,lHSliPll ROGERS CYRIL M. SMITH "fl urcrry fellow, w1'tl1al." "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse." joe was horn in Hamilton. 1895. Received hissearlier Tliorouglily western. Honor Matric. at Manitoba College. education there-anrl in Cleveland, Ohio. RIatr1c.,at.Qakville Entered Trinity second year. Vice-president Athletic Asso- ll. S. U Couqncrllor 'on L. Review Board.. 14-13, and eration. For two years manager rugby team and one year Theolo ical bociety 14-111. Head of Year. 14- 15. Runs manager hockey. Intends enterin Law. g , ,, g well, sings well, fussw well. .X pmspective lheolog. 75,1 'S "TSW wg ' THE OLD BELFRY IN WINTER Trinity College THE CHAPEL 90 .Q f QIIIIHP 1 X ova-Kg Q, MQ X Sip 1 A X J .1 X M ISCIDLIN 6 X X Class ---- IQI6 ---- History HE Class of Onetv-Six has never been ion that the faculty think we're not such a bad hampered in the even tenor of its prog- ress by any precocious young geniuses. Like the Light llrigade. few of us en- tered the conflict and still fewer escaped un- scathed, while most of the survivors were severely wounded by academic "stars" at various stages. To be precise, we are now one less than an even dozen. It will be a matter of heartiest mutual congratulations if all of us prove lucky in the "survival of the luckiestn in May, 19If3. Looking back over the past four years. we are all agreed that we have had a reasonably good time. A great deal of our energy has been de- voted to athletics, "fussing," dancing, theatres and the other serious sides of College life. Occasion- allv we have found an odd half-hour to devote As the to llhilosophy and military training. reader may judge. we go out to face the world in a rather contented frame of mind. None of us have any ambition of directing the political thought of the British Empire. though we haven't the slightest doubt that any one of us could do it well if ljarliament were to insist. W'hat opinions of our ability are held by the faculty we are not prepared to state definitely. XYe have always found it extremely difficult to get the professors' point of view on most things, as our frequent constellations would seem to indicate. Aljmout the only consolation we have ever received from the teaching body was the assurance that there was always plenty of room for improvement. Of course, we hardly know whether to believe this or not, for we have noticed that "profs" occasionally speak largely for effect. lslowever. it is our own private opin- class after all. Really, we are very, very opti- mistic. you notice. This optimism of ours is largely the result of our College training. lt was not always thus by any means. Wle are willing to admit that f1o.v.v1'Zvly four years ago we looked anything but optimistic. llut no matter how green and sick we looked four years ago. we're prepared to swear that we only looked that way. You see, we're going on the assumption that College does not make optimists: it merely develops them-just like fools exactly. In a nutshell, our history simply constitutes a development of the optimistic idea. What are we going to do? We all expect to go in for law. But this law business is a most comprehensive one: it has an ecclesiastical, mili- tary and civil side. We cannot possibly be more explicit for then we might get some of our mem- bers. who visit the fair sex, into trouble and, of course. this is not according to our ethical code at all. at all. Wie reckon that those interested will just have to remain attentive and watch the plot unravel itself. The only assurance that we can possibly give is that we reserve to ourselves the right of changing our minds. This may prove interesting to some of our admirers. However. no matter what we do or where we go, we shall go on in that same old optimistic spirit. each of us realizing that somewhere or other there are just ten classmates ready to help him out in times of difficulty. To-day we are just an ordinary class gradu- ating from little old St. Michaels to-morrow- who knows? St. Michael,s College 93 he , ui? . K QEECJA X T B l 9 ST. MICI-lAEL'S COLLEGE 1 , -S' offs if- Uijii1T.4Of1: -i say - TQIMA rw ' F. f 1 3 E-723 "waives r ff if .s ii tv' tl f R f 5 f 1' Lv Qui? 2 i P 'R9lj'i oi C55 S' 17 an +95 ESQ- A Q l i' Sys CL Q' 1 e C ' ,r F S . I l i t V 291 ' fe 'l T351 M9 K is WD' -si. ' 2 iw sf 1 121 N ' 1-wi - ' P eleJ NCl "1-" 1 f X. ' eff . is .1 Qyibs ' QM' S. Joseph Armstrong Emmett E. Bunyan S. JOSEPH ARMSTRONG "Q-In Irislznmn, from pride and from prejudice freeg .-1 seliolar, yet surely no pedant is he." Born in Tipperary. Matriculated in two years from St. Michael's, winning the College Scholarship. A team in a single harness to study. Naturally modest. Always a gentleman. EMMISTT E. BUNYAN "A little fussing now and then Is rellslzed by the best of men." Born at North Bay, Sept. 23, 1894. Matriculated at North Bay Collegiate. Hockey player-Junior O. H. A. and Jennings Cup. Secretary of State in Parliament '16. Re- tined taste for music, dancing and music teachers. Madeleine G. Burns Joseph P. Collins MADELEINE G. BURNS "O Sleep, O gentle Sleep!" Born-not many years ago--in the Queen City. Ele- mentary education received in City Separate Schools. Obtained Matriculation and Normal Entrance at St. ,Ioseph's H. S. and University Course at St. ,Ioseph's College, Toronto. Editor-in-chief of College Magazine '15. Given to tennis and-sleep. JOSEPH P. COLLINS "Happily to .steer from grave to gay, From lively to severe." Indian River, Ont., first beheld Joe July 8, 1893. Matric. at Peterborough Collegiate Institute 1911. St. Michaels 1912. Speaker in Students' Parliament. Disciplarian. En- thusiast in Modern History. Social intercourse and "Craven Mixture." . ' L TQ E. " QTKQQ f 4- at :nfl I l ' Jij '-A - ' J ' 2 ' . -15 .. I Ser 6' s U v ' I F T 5' V. ff ' . it l ' by ' f l ii t l isllrwfl P12754 LW A ss-J.. ,. f E2 QA ,ng h ju., 353.1 1 ,T E a S- Y' - P Xe g it ill 4143 51 W A . , , , .A ., . . .4354 it ,. . ' Q' I 1 . . I , 9 N as .3 i g -X . ,sg 4, ' ,V -,.-. -All M g - V ,gd '. ' . . b V X. w DV, . . r x, V -, ,, , . gb E A - -,A .V F , J Y? fl e354-agjlhfxc ilSf,1I2Qi:3.v .:1-fs'-3512531 e,QQ+"fQT3b-sf s-,WK Edna F. Duffey H. Raymond Ellard EDNA F. DUFFEY "She lzatli a nimble Quit. I tlzinl: 'tzvas made of Atlu11ta's heels." Came trailing clouds of glory Aug. 18, 1894, to St. Thomas, Out. Matric. Loretto Convent, Niagara Falls. Asst. editor "Rainbow" '14-'15. Asst. everything '134'14. Pres. Class of '16, Loretto Abbey College. Member of Dramatic Club and Cercle Francais. Arts. H. RAYMOND ELLARD "Tut, newer fear me: I am as Tigilulzt as a Cat to steal cream." Born in Toronto. Matric. at De La Salle, winning the proficiency medal. Handball enthusiast. In Philosophy. an eclectic. Socratic in his attitude towards knowledge. "As proper man as ever trod on neat's-leather." John P. Fahey Thomas I. Gallivan IOHN P. FAHEY "Pleasure and action make the hours seem short." Jack received his early education at Elgin, Ont. .Matric. at Athens High School. Entered Philosophy at St. M1c.hael's. A brilliant student. Lover of athletics. Au authority on tobacco. THOMAS J. GALLIVAN "And e'en his failings leaned to 1'l'ffllF,S side."-Goldsmith. "Noise" in Chatham, N.B., 1894. Scholarship matriculant at St. Thomas' College there. Leader of Conservatives al- ways. Has failing for politics, humor and fussing. One of the cleverest and most popular students that ever attended St. Michael's College. 94 9 fs-4-. 4 .i cr, Q i 'fm' T MICHAELS COLLEGE f Q. L 5 William J. Hatrick Irene M. Long WILLIAM I. HATRICK 'klllany are called, but few get uf." Born at Peterborough. July lst, 1894. Peterborough Col- legiate. St. Michael's College 1911. Bill's versatility is a byword. He shines with equal brilliance on the gridiron, on the executive of various college organizations, or in the parlor. IRENE M. LONG "fl maid of cheerful yesterdays and confident to-morro1t's." Irene claims Whitby as her birthplace. In 1912 she became a member of the Class of '16 of Loretto Abbey Col- lege, where she cast abroad a sunshine that gleams outside of biographies. Joseph McCarthy Gertrude McQuade JOSEPH RICCIXRTIIY "Tlzer42'S notliing like being nmiiestf' Born Ilastings. Exists there vacations. High School course at Norwood. Peterborough Normal. Ambitious. St. Michael's 1912. First-class honors always. President I. C D. U. 1914-15. VVorries some and sleeps more. NVill surely make a noise in the world. GERTRUDE McQL'.XDE "A loyal-hearted maiden." Stratford is the birthplace of Miss Gertrude BIcQuade. She received her academic education at Loretto in that city. Her remarkable course has been a succession of scholarships. NVitha1 "She loves a joke, and friends to call around." nbc . in Charles P. McTague Nellie I. Madigan CHARLES P. IXICTACUE "I don't quita' see thai." Mac's early life spent in Guelph. St. fXliehael's 1912. Specialist in athletics. .Xvocation-Philosophy. Hates copys ing notes. Thinks the professors should understand what they teach. First-class honors each year. Class president. Future-the Bar f1..C.l, the legal profession. NELLIE I. MQXDIGAN "Benign she teas and temxtimns diligent." Matriculated from lleseronto High School and entered Loretto .Xbbey College in 1912, distinguishing herself in Mathematics in '13. Loyalty to her friends and devotion to study, Philosophy especially, are characteristics. College theatricals have brought to light her promising histrionie ability. Teresa O'Reilly Henry Payette TERIQSA O'RlfIl.l.Y "I .vfwalc of one from many .vidiifltni auf." XN'ildlield is the birthplace of Miss Teresa O'Reilly. who has been one of Lorettos most successful pupils throughout her academic and' college courses. ,Xn indefatigable and ever-cheerful student, she cannot fail to he a future as well as a present glory to her Alma Mater. HENRY I. P.XYlf'l"l'lf "On with the daizrv, let joy lu' 1fiit'01ifi11.'ti." The memorable slay was June 29. 1396. at Pcnetaiigiiisliene, Ont. illatrieulation Penetang. in 1911. bt.-Blivchacls .Xrts in '12, Recognized modern philosopher. ' Clirct XX hip. l.iIu-rails 'l6. Critic of music and drama. Social lion ot Llass lo. x x I in ST. MICHAEIQS STL'lJl'lN'l'S' P.XRLIARIEN'l'. 1915-16. if X'l'l'Il XY T Hnitrick. Lcamler of Opposition: 'l'. J, CaHiv:m, Prvmicrrz E. E. Bunyan, Sccrctary of S 96 5-4 Pk X Pi e Medical Socie HERE are two red letter days in the Faculty of Medicine-Election Day and Daffydil Night. The pulse and medical temperature gradually rises to a climax through the late fall and early winter until these dates are reached, when it slowly falls by lyses to normal, risinff again at the approach of the 6 cb final examinations. The Medical Society was organized in 1395. primarily to foster anything and everything that would increase the comfort of the Yarsity Med- ical student. The measure of its success can be gauged by the splendid co-operation of the faculty at all times since, and the increasing enthusiasm of the annual elections. .X freshman does not realize what an important and intelligent man he is until the first three weeks in February. when he has the pleasure of meeting a number of good fellows whom the wintry breezes bring out, prodigal with handshakes, cigarettes and artistic blotters, modestly setting forth the merits of the candidate. Somehow he staggers dizzily through it. listening to innumerable speeches, blistering his alveoli with the tobacco smoke and finally puts his X after the name he wishes to honor with the highest honors in his college course. To recount what has been accomplished in the past would take a chapter of its own, so to brietiy outline what has been done this year is our purpose. The big question was the establishment of a Medical .lournal and after a great deal of preliminary work a board was hnally elected by the students and we trust they have initiated something by this time. The usual comforts and luxuries have been added to the Society Rooms in the iioaiieai lluildings, the Hlost important being a lunch room for students who dine at the college. It was titted with comfortable chairs, magazines, etc., and is proving a great convenience. Several rooms at this building and at the hospital have been made more enjoyable with various minor im- provements. Daffydil Night has been kept up to traditional standards and was one of the most enjoyable events of the year. The Medical Orchestra and Chorus surpassed themselves and their numbers received rounds of applause. The inter-year act, "The llase llospital at Salonikaf' refiected the martial spirit of the times and the effect of khaki on the familiar faces of the faculty was Well por- trayed. The Year "stunts" were replete with their usual vivacity and wit and the local sallies made by the "Lantern Fiend" made a great hit with everyone. tlnce again was the Medical Faculty repre- sented in the lnter-faculty Debating Union, but failed by a hotly contested debate to en-ter the semis-finals, being vanquished for these honors by Osgoode. The annual Medical .Xt-Home. held in De- cember, was attended with the usual success. This year this function was made less elaborate in keeping with the circumstances prevailing throughout the University due to the war. .Xmong the speakers at the open meetings held for the literary and professional edificatiou of the "Med," we might mention Dr. Bruce. Professor Powell, l'rof. llinghatn. Surgeon Gen- eral Ryerson, Captain George. and several others. The chief feature has been the keen desire for medico-military topics, which is em- phasized by the fact that from January 1, IQI5. to january 1. IQI6, over 170 medical students have enlisted for King and country. and un- doubtedly this record Will be broken next year. The officers for 1915-16 were: President. James Dickson, ICLA.: Vice-President, Angus MacKay: Secretary, Garnet E. Tanner: Trease urer, Roy Spence: Musical Director, Herbert Sullivan: Curator, B. Deavitt: and Councillors, A. XV. Knox, M. G. Graham, bl. lrl. Agnew, YW. fl. Crehan, E. Nunn. R. L. Niddrie. I V I 5 , N 1 H i a .Q I E 99 ! 5 B4 be f MEDICINE .N ' f' 1 s 1.-2 ' ,' s. . X, .- , ,Jegi fr f' ' 1 xy -' ts'-:st , 9.3, X-me Q' , JNX ss- vow w. ,NI PM . 2313 n 7 -Ci? b,3l"k'- ' f i'3'f"-f"liJ?fC5' LN , 1 -13--1? KY-Slain "SJ il"Rg.lL..s qi' 9' 'Ji-f Xxx 1 795 .1 . ' AGEQQ' " wmL 'JSM 01: L ers 'gllrhm 1. - MM QM cs u, 57N A K' -. , 415 -fr 1 X- 1.1-'ff-if . " 1 '?.f7i'75kfXLl-q,",X,.A1 . 1.-eu-,yells i-21 ,Nxafv fx' ypkk-"A Nkfiw i gblsnuy : XA w Xiwb. 'i - ss, naar gba .wr "INN 1. 1 'cw te er 13f'?'1'v7'1' fab 1 me .1 es -es 111 'Hs , s-2,531 Jw..-N 'VN ' """ fi, T' fir 3 "Fl 'NEFF' C "'5UTf.7 157545 me .51 Ll Q Sigh Vsegll f ...aa -gl., , tw.-',- C '11 -- N 5 .25 if 1. eifssf .sejfa f -'V 1 1 ., , Xffii - ,J .. N ,f - .--F fe . A X Hx. .1 . , . . , fit V N 'Wi in 4 1, R 1 wk ff 1 '62, fff f' .fps 1 '15 sff'siTYfvO 11. .og A Nw 1-15111.11 1.. 'Y 1: 1 Ci 16. srtaiindfl ffnQe'f111't'.f4Vl13?1,.-f-211 '-aL19fe2f3?ie1fl:eER112.cms?1,wI1s1gsef1-.1 f'f.e1t1S1,S1-ifagsiw if FQQQ 29' i'f'i'61fl'zyktFtJW. YCVG ,auf ,lk-Qt,1,1JVf 55,121 i'3Lf4' 41 '1 N' 15TWQ"f'.?7'2lr- lf,gj7 'F'-fe 'ly-X iQif.-32,07 1141.1 . ' wffefefi SIU' 1.92 J'GtZf3sf .t11rW.ff--at NQSHSQ P H gi lei .Wait-b1rt'1 QQ. .1 Gordon XY. .Xrmstrong Robert H. .Xrmstrong Thomas XV. Ballantyne James E, Barry ' LZORDGN W. ARMSTRONG THOMAS VV. BALLANTYNE "Q1ldlIfLI Jill 011111111115 Cdlljftlllll-L1.H "True of lzeart, of sfiirif gay." -Jarvis Collegiate and Victoria Collegeqdcveloped innate llabitat-Stratford, January 27th, 1893. ability for entrance into Meds. '16. Conscientious and Sideline-Medicine. thorough in all things. Gordon has given due attention to Specialty-"Weed, VVomen and Song." academic. athletic and social life. A host of friends wish Attainments-Vice-President Class '16, Med., 1912-13. success. Soloist at all Class functions. ROBERT H. ARMSTRONG Iisepdonying-'iTitteqs." Hgmall 13eer,a' "Shogty,"'ad lib. "1 11111 lCI10'ZCVII all 0'z'c1' 1110 world as H10 l1t't1lv1'." ' m ,mon-'pt m mo ogy' to-Lalyngo ogy an Rhmologf' llorn " upon the farm," Clarksburg, Ont. Matriculated . , . Meaford 1910. ' Chose A Medicine. Representative of Class U JAMES E' BARRY U on various social functions with becoming dignity. Bob is I 54735 fffv TUUVIKI did 5110730 Wllfn- IW TWU b0111- a keen observer and acceptsnonly one viewfthe best. Exams. ",lim" was born in 1893 at Niagara Falls, Ont. Matricu- considered Upassing events. bLlCCCSS'Zl1tl'll'Jl1tCCl to securing lated in 1910 and in 1911 started study of the healing art. the examiners animal this goatj. His rest turns day into In 1913, responded to his country's call and after spend'ing nightinevertlieless he is intensely alert. buccessful career summer in Ezgland returned to graduate in 1916, He is HQQ11l'vf. a member of Nu Sigma Nu. A -gi, . 'N ' 1 - Wir- Q 14 s X . .W -fm ,..-,k ,-was -fawwsf-, .3 1,1 l- Ns .sages-rxf5XfX.g,'1'Qg e1'v?'v'4g'-,i'5 il PTQE 'ff .1 oaaplef Qd43f'Q?-ggi ivgiasgard ti.-ifQN25'tys1y2iQNa 775255 J X Qaglkei .- CC , 9 ,ii YQ? Nl ,' 'i"1Lff'iek We Y ?5Hlffajff.Qifs'iX?iXf JK? '29 f f . " 4 .51-tl-11 E51 -SKXQQ' iiidkeflgmrofa ' ,6f'QnM4f "kristi -vc 41 ' ' 1 ' 'kffz-ly X osx " MV? P i as f 1 153 1 u " c. 155 1-4 , 'Li S grail. if fp7L.4.f I xfixqx ,gggsfq In A. N 113 Y-1 ,sp -'I C I ri 101- iw. 'wwftxj fig ' f ' .. fi illrlcll gtssai N Kass ,..E'e. 'fl H51 of ?2?l,1c - fi' Www-N 1fLKQQ so 1--.1 fx-Y-xx'iarxlgfiiidrvs-xf'w.1 - 1 11-est 'g T ,",'Qj'.l, ff 4'-F5 sg 1 ' 1 -yy, 'i L ' . 1, M ga " ,Q Q' ' 'Af' -bf?-fx" ff,-7 .L 1 j'ffr,-11,fS2"f',Ntwfegg-f K. L " 4935511 1,.Qf5,f'55f?A!fQ,fl2f,,afffffA.l.5i4gE f J 5, 5 , Qkfblgikfiail bjiglefzfifm R15 "Qs,e1 ff1:'w1?lJ,... 0 Charles N. Black VVilliam A. Blake .Xrthur M. Blakely Norman VV. Bragg CHARLES N. BLACK "GU111lc I-11 111111111013 H0 1'c11011ts l1Ul', ln' is ll0IIL'Sl." 'Z'IigOl'01I.Y 1,11 fw1'fn1'111t111t'1', 1891, Mount Forest. Ontario. All-round athletic champion Calgary Collegiate '10. Under Varsity's mercies '11, Class vice-president '14, 1lL'1"1'L'9t'l1ti1tlVC to Knox '14, Secretary Medical ".Xt-Home" '15, Qualified lieutenant '13. 5 .ftccepted breath. Sept. 245, benior matriculation in 1911. VV1l,l,l.XM ,X. l,lL.Xlxlf, "His little, 11111 llL"X wzlw, His ll terror for his size." Hill was born July 11, 1886. Matriculated from Hamilton Collegiate 1902. Entered Medicine 1910. He has made many friends at Varsity who predict for him a brilliant future. IOO ARTHUR M. BLAKELY i.F1'0Il1f the Uratllc lie was a scholar .-Ind 11 rife and good 0110, E.1'L'L'L'dlillg ZUIVSC, fair 511011011 and f1Cl'51lfld1'11g.,' Arthur began to make history Aug. 9th, 1888, in the town of Madoc. In later life he resided in Chatham until 1911, when his personality began to be felt round the Medical building. He made a worthy Class president in his NORMAN VV. BRAGG "Take 111111 for all lill all lie was a 111a11." Complaint-Good fellow. Duration-Brantford, March 13th, 1893. Personal history4Baseba1l 111-'12, Medical Athletic Directorate '12-'13, Captain Sifton Cup Champions '12-'13, Intercollegiate basketball '13-'14. Previous illness- Denies rickets or insomnia. Physical examination-Fit. Diagnosis-Passive feminitis. Prognosis-Success. fourth year. MEDICIN 1 4 T I RXEVAKL 'gl xl Percival B. Brown George M. Cameron PERCIYAL B. IIROXYN "His mind dl'z'1'zled is 'tw1'.1't drugs and .vc1:ti111c11t." Perce tirst saw the light of day in Toronto, June 17th, 1889. Matriculated from Jarvis Collegiate. Graduated Yie- toria '13. Made quarter Jr. Meds. '11, Sr. Meds '13 and '1-1. member Dinner Committee '13, Truly said, "He never allowed his studies to interfere with his tcol education." GEORGE M. CAMERON "illi'tli't'i11v vt grati.v.viu1a. On December 16. 1890, George appeared ad lucem. destined for the profession of Hippocrates. After graduating in Arts at University College he entered Medicine and his friends and admirers predict a great future for him, if--? Eric K. Clarke l-aac Cohen ERIC R. Cl.ARRlf "As 17 man, believe tlzuzr 1111 ,-ltlum, plx uri aizinlsl in .llUt'tILltIIll.H liric First saw the light of day in Rockwood Asylum. Ile received his early education at St, Andrew! College, Assiduously cultivating a taste for art and music and an amazing knowledge of motor cars, between times he absorbed enough medical lore to make annually :1 creditable showing. llis bedside manner is exhilarating. ISAAC CUIIIQN lt .NL'L'lllX in 1zal11rc'x filan flint Uaflz of us liux our llltlt' ffluft' fd fillf' "judge" was wafteil iifrom nowhere unto here" in Omaha. Neb.. ,luly 5, 1888. Matric. Sault Ste. Marie High School 'O6. llonors '07. Followed his business interests until his entry into Medicine in '11. lle has been a faithful. earnest worker and 'deserves all success in his chosen pro- fession. VVillis C. Connell Duncan Corcoran l.illias XY. Cringan Percy XY. M. Curry VVILLIS C. CONNISLI, l.ll.l.lAS NY. CRINHAX "Loud, lean and Il'li.VlI.'i "Sl1c'.v flu' l-'intl you Illl-SLU I Bill was discovered in Pl-Qscott in 1892, Wim,-C hu gh-ugglml The Model School, llarbord Collegiate. and l'niversity Wltll liuuowledge until entering IT6, The Outbreak gf yyay College contributed to her early education. A keen sense fOUI1Cl him On duty. and overseas in 1915 with No, 2 C, C, S., of humor and an ability to make friends have eliaracterizt-tl but he'was returned to us in the fall. Our best wishes go llG'1' C0llULIf-' life. Sllk' ie H HlL'111ber ofthe Pi lleta Phi Sornfifi with him. K DUNCAN CURCURAN PIQRCY XY. M. CURRY "Lives of great 111011 all rcmiinl ny." "He is ':'t'l'y feull-fi1':'ur'cil, and he .vf't'al.',v fury ,vl:1't':t'i'xl:ly." That artistic village of l'le1'vworth boasts the liirtl1lilgl.3t- llorn lleq, 5,-tl, 13319, Qt '1'i-L-mlm, Um. Magic. at of Duncan. Born in a Methodist parsonage, had no vices Trenton lligh School. lixchanged his childish innocence for until entering Medicine. 'Usual kid's life. Senior niatric. worldly wisdom during a year's teaching at Sliannonville an-l 06,'VVellanCl. Directed his studies to M. and P. Yic. '1l. three summers' tire-ranging in Northern Untario. llis Seeing a wider field for his talents. entered Medicine, where Rubicon Ywas crossed when he decided tu throw in his lot he has shown good capabilities. with 1'l'o. TOI The Medical Building MEDICINE ' rf-mia-fumfwf: A1 Y "'ff1,ew Q,.i"CCQQ, . ' 110 '79-1' 551.51 i,fn?'1gffc 5, fig Wow s 3?ff??'f fe1'fjifefCff.,I. Z is Yea 1y.fffi.,,1 ,, 'A H ,, V, ,, .- fn A . 'if Q it , -1. W . 1 .- ,lk .1 - f .-, , .ff Q.: -- 'JA 'QRQEJ wi ll i71 i'iNxi?Qaf ' ffiwlffpl L Zlhfjfiia iOA!h5S'2,55filSf5Q'i Q911-ali-sw 14211223 fic. J , s -17' 1 '-pew 9 fl 'Q l . f'ir'fff'f4 'fguff 'FW 11 K' he H ' Eff 12 inn, s.. 1,3 ,I V ' ivy I ilk if! ' L.. -BQ 1 5 l .swf 1 ' RN, l -we. it ei- are fa gg 1 1 1 Qp5g.Q.L,, F gil Q 14 2 1 Lffagi is. 1. Q r . 45.15, A Q d . Ln "' 3. g-,Q A i L X X 'fqg V5.'12"'FA." ,,-,G iv Lies. ' vs N ' ' 'XTX x ef " if ., y-HFl7?2N?5J17"ff1VQXf'.J5QfQf' 'kffN5jT5,LfLf2, I Q 'AL-. Ldkyi riff ', lf-."'f QY! Wx " gk- ,Lifif fh VW .,,. Ti' "JH " f' l " Q5 f V' ,".".'1,'NJ f 4 ' gig A A . 3, J, ' '?,fr,--i-4, ,U slgxlirfiaqrrsi .f.aQ?ils-llx:l44cJ-Qsllxlfz-?fQ'?,sG QEDLC-use L.Q:'f3LQtJ1N-veig-Qi?-Q3 3CUQ5iiNg9f Kf7 1kf+::-'vUl. Lowell XV. Dales G. Albert Davis James A. Dickson H. Alonzo Dixon LOXVELL VV, DALES ,IAMIQS A. DICKSUN "I'V1,g,, fakgu, "b'Utlv1' lwrn lucky llldll l'l-L'lI.H To ln' well .rl1nl:vi1." Goderich claims first honors, 1891. Fourth liilwarcl lllakc Q 1 1 V x Nw 1 7 -- I on r , Scholarship. 1909. liratluate in .Xrts '13, Gooil luck. con- , Halbmd and RitMa:'U'1 f ball Tjomfnl 5 Lmltalfll' siclerahlc jollyi-ng, little work igot him through lleilicinc '10 509116 Qf 111flU5UY Cllfmgcd to X31'5ltY-' lflflduated Wllh without neglecting ".Xl'faires ilu Coeur," llemlier ".X. li. lifi 13. Captained jr. Arts, br. Meds, Made F11'Stl5 11. Athletic and ".X. O, A, Honor" fraternities. l'1-L.-,ifleiit of Mt-.licyil honors culminaterl in Bled. .Xthletic Presidency 1915-16. Society, Hther honors anl infinitum. rs. .xL1313R'r DAVIS H I H' ALONZ0 Dlfflx W, "I-IU ix small, but olz HlJ'lH Z,'7l!i3gCigf,.Ii' In MMA U1 hmm' Not satislieigl with graduating in Arts. P. and ll., 1913, licrt -'jiicly' yyac lioyn in qytmwa. 1394, Mat,4iC,,i:,u.,1 f,-um sauntered into Medicine. lleing a lover of music. he naturally Uakwoml lligh School, 'l1oronto. linterccl Medicine with img-pl-gtg the wailingg Qf the lmljie-5. A gl-Cat futmft- 1. Class '16. l':lk'Ctk'llll'k'2lNlll'L'1' of 'l'hiri.l Year lfxccutive. Klein- expectccl from these small beginnings. her of .Xlpha Uinc-ga Alpha llonor ihlerlical Fraternity. lflucti-fl to 'llomiitoiiciisis Iloaril 1'5l1f'i. Canoeing if- his liohhy. RN - . -c Xihtolx s - A 1 - A f. X il sc -. gy- .QW y -Vx--bw . A KXN : A 'vin KLY1 1 jj X Hn "3 N- 1, Y'N F ' C. X X , . , N A .Q-X5, Llgillli ,Lf Xml. ,, ,fx W x 2"N,- ' 1 of 5 ' T. Lorne Dobson Charles P. Fenwick 'l', LURNE IJOIQSUN "All my jmxl' life ls mint' nu 111ur'v." Born November 29, 1888, at Utopia. Ontario. llecciyeel early education. which was marked by unusual ability in Mathematics. at llarrie Collegiate. .Xfter a successful teach- ing career of four years, entered Medicine with Class of 1'I'o. Cll.XRl.lfS P. FIEQNXVICK "The glvulcxl' Iwlcsxiiig is a pleasant friend." Birthplace-St. ,lohn's, Newfoundland, july 10th, 1891. Past history-llatric., London Univ., Englanrl: 1911, Sr. Med. Soccer Team, Inter-Faculty Champs.: Varsity ll Soccer. 1912-14, Varsity 1 Soccer, Representative Llnde-i'gi'as.l, Parlia- ment. 1915, hlemher U. of 'll. .Xthletic Directorate. Occu- pation-"Fu5sing." lJiagnosise-Bledico-surgerosis. Prognosis -Busy practitioner 5 years hence. 103 Victor P. l"lt-ming XValter S. Foote YICTUR l'. Fl.l'13llNl2 Hl.lfl' is -iirxl Hllt' tl- -111 llll-llil uffvr oniilli1'V." liorn in St. lic-urge. Uni. Caine to 'l'uronto in l"llO. lf+lu- catewl at Klmlcl School anal ,laryis St. Collegiate. Fonfl -if sport anilf at times-of work. XX'.Xl,'l'lf1R S. lfuu'l'li ".5'li'll 'rviltvigv Vim tlt'cf'," Horn in Zepliyr. Ontario. he later spent his gnhh-n rule flays in Rosscau. Muskoka. Froin the country -he is an arilent student sometimes. a staunch frit-nil always. an-l not a had sport when he has iiunicy. B4 W' MEDICINE - rf 1 K L ,LQ 1-PM f. I, 'Q 'V 'issue ii- +615-, tllrffl ii JQWNL, .Y ieiaffi lrlerhert ll, Freel Albert Earl Gillies VVilliam C. Givens Stanley G. Graham IIERHERT ll. FREEI, WILLIAM C. GIVENS "Still waters run deep." llis father being a doctor, "l'3acillus" was born "into the profession" at Stouffville. Unassuming and unobtrusive, his actions have always spoken louder than his words. Pos- sessed of high ideals and qualities of sterling worth, his advent into the practice of Medicine is most opportune. ALIIERT EARL GILLIES "Nvf'e1' tlw Xtlllltl girl twice." "He'll sfeals 11145 mind, when Jzcedcflf' llorn Oct. 1-lth, 1889, East Toronto. lllatriculated from East Toronto. Meds. Soccer Champions 1911-12. Varsity Senior Soccer 1912-1915. Captain Varsity Soccer 1913-14. Medical Executive 1911-12 and 1914-15 tvice-presidentl. Med- ical Y. M. C. A. Executive 1912-13 and 1915-16 Kpresidentl. Torontonensis 1916. STANLEY G. GRAHAM "In fact, in most respects lze's well belzarfedf' Complaint-Maniac excitement for M. B. Duration- 1 , , . Alpha, Omega. Previous lllness-None. Personal history- the 55125 Wil? bogg Lnwgfbolgfgswegflatlilifiated hflxollflig lust 3 . ,little lamb' Etiologyicuplddty' Dlagnogls-' dered valuable servibe ti hisicountryilveRe?ci1ii'1iledeii1 fialleof M!"-'9?U'fl'f'S l1-'U0ll31'l- PVOSUOQIs-l'lODGl9Sf- T1'f'2lUUCUfm 1915 to complete his studies. A member of Nu Sigma Nu "A little gray home in the Vllestf' Fraternity. or Jigs Lwbfw . -- 'ef-Ls IL, Qt , 1' 1-ssl. - as .l ss-Lfs g . '-.iris , S sean - - - 19 ilif-lf " I r f - - saga 'QLQX el' 57,144 . 78,1 -it .Cl 'WTNWK4' I xx ,J . GL?- ffwglflg y QQ .1 K . rs---2 Kill? in 2,59 X -S 4 a l 'f f' ' ze- are , . A ., 4. . - W , , ,Wwe -e rs-11-1 " .fag gag 1 ffl- "3sj,f:-,'QrJv,." iff, J Z! v iff i"'Aj, arc, V ff Qi' -4+ l' ' tg, - ' N "VKX , Q 4 -'14 W". fflalf. -,Q ii' I ' -lr - D L? A ' 4 N Aubrey V. Greaves Alfred C. Greenaway H. Arthur Hessian Harry U. Hetherington AUBREY Y, GREAVES H. ARTHUR HESSIAN "Tl1vre is Hoflzllzg so difficult Tlzaf vlc:'e1'nuss raunot 0'Z'L'l't'0l7LL' if." In 1886 Greaves chose as his birthplace Barbadoes, VV.1. lle went to school until age of 17, developing a remarkable thirst for knowledge. For the next six years he assisted in the management of a prominent Canadian bank, entering Medicine in the year of '16, Since then he has successfully hoodwinketl the examiners. ALFRED C. GREENAWVAY "Still the twazder grew, that one small lzead could carry all lzc' knew." Born at Maplelawn. VVoo1lville, Ont., 1885, Graduated from Parkdale Collegiate 1904. For seven years encouraged the youth of Simcoe and Victoria counties along the flowery paths of rural school life. Entered Medicine at Varsity, 1911. 104 "Large was lifs bounty, And his soul sincere." Clinton claims his nativity, Toronto his adoption. N01 contented with a successful business career. Harry entered Medicine as the "Popular President" of freshmen Class 1T6. True as steel to highest ideals of manhood, of un- erring judgment and keen perception, with a wonderful knowledge of human nature, undoubtedly a brilliant future awaits him. HARRY B. I-IETHERINGTON "V1'rfutz' quae forest 0r't1t1'0 par' 1'11r'e1zir1'." Home training and school instruction in St. Catharines aided by natural ability qualified Harry to enter Meds '16. Beneath his quiet demeanor and reserved disposition there is a sterling character. reliable under all circumstances. MEDICIN Wvx N. tl 'tfiiii " 1 f3Tf"'3N'1U'? ,f fW:f7"i'rf' 'sG5'.f.,?' iQFfQix4.s'Q" Q9-Hi. 'f7',nP'ilY 'Ei -"Nl '57 ' lf! 9' CR.-- . f . - A ' 'iyfftszigeigswalrfia s S 1 File-its gs sity: -offs..effGifqsY+si,iQ'1f.-3. is. ef f .4 X J Q MJ Q- N?e1ff.1g3EsyircLNti'QigD7A yi gfilt 'f3f,i-ee: ttgiqjg.-s ?.L.TtjTfy, gs9:l2itlQ,o..1, 6 5.1-s, gifs rpg 1 ff-1 Q A ri Q ix "Pt: ,", ., s li 4 9 f ., sf 'Q' l lam f fi. is :firm A .uf f, V ilslilwi, f.x:.,'i '. 'i X - nt V Nwifif S bfi ' -t ' ' nge. x J "1 Q s' W 'f s 'salsa . Eff ei. e, 6 e .f si 1 M95 ta, .fe is ifsifi. L 1- f eager .ss 1. S. Fliiia fl ' 3 ,- D 'F ' .Cx lx" - M 9? bf 7,"'Y"i?,'j'-wx lfiiagbfd f69iV:.?XXi Tv QQ? s iktaiyijs ,. ' Z S i sdatwpfl 6.34221 I sys Saws? Qilgttg. twtslft Q it--Q lf Z, ' .'C"7 y 1 '-,A lux. C12 ' -I -A V .. if 1.1 ' s X -Wg. t -f 'haw V b -7- I Q K ' ,fx ,k'Aix.s to "" ,J , -efbififfi -1-fialifffa fl?-ifffsvfivet tt' 19 rsfial flgfetbifskeel kLF,lE4Zifro Gilt- .sean sf., .1 H its J- -' Lawrence R. Hill NVilfred E. Hodgins l,.XXYRlf1NCl2 R. HILL "rl lflllflll is zvortli a tlzousand groans in any n1arl:t'l." "Pat" wore a charming smile when he started this gay whirl, and it hasn't come otf yet. His end runs have featured many games for Parkdale Collegiate and Sr. Meds. Last summer his holidays were spent at Shornclitfe, and he'll dodge the submarines again next May. WVILFREIW E. IIODGINS "Pro zilrtutc Ivcllicaf' Born 1892-still going strong. Matriculated at l,ucan. where "Bill" was a favorite of all. A prominent tigure at .Xrthur Isaacson Alan B. Jackson .XR'l'IIL'R ISAACSUN "Fur one fail' rfisialz env' flell IJUTUII the waste :wafers :lay and llliyllll, .tlntl xlill :uc fallotectl felrcrv she lull ln hope to gain nfinn hw' flrlfllff' V Ijorn in Moliff, Russia, .Xpril 10, 1895. Came to Toronto, Canada, when six years of age. 1899. Jarvis Collegiate Institute Sept.. 1907-1911. Commenced in University of Toronto. Oct. lst, 1911. Member of Ilig Ilrotherhood. Toronto. July, 1915. University of Toronto-Medicine, l9l5f19l6. .XI,.XN R. IACKSUN "HLIlll ll0l the lmy jirajitcdf'-tliing Ilcnry IYJ .Xlan greeted Simcoe. 1894, and received his preliminary education there. XVith Class of '16 has had broad interests. all Class functions and one of the boys who spent the sum- Captain hockey team 1912-13. Overseas as stall'-sergeant mer of 1915 on overseas service for his country. Vile wish No. l C. C. S. Member .Xlpha Omega Alpha Society '13. him every success. Ilas every prospect of a successful career. 0 "ff ff , V v soggy 4 ' v,1s,..p an sxgeffgtx Nam .I iff.-yt-ffifi' -We -.rwv .Fi ss -,digits 1 txsssgp ogg X Tlx vii' ict fc y5V23kY?f32oa'P5 21' 4' theQmf'if5ieeTPS Q-iiytsl-ltfsrfi ftss2?sSs,...e-life s,'N?.st-ggfilffff-sei 9.ilssfso.st1tQg1S?f--'e - .eq fir! .titNCg:.tim5sZs3i'?'sstCQsiwitlbf.1-.ziScffK'eefl'B3,As1Jf?e'tif'it MJD ' J miigilibkbg 451233 J -sie 1sa.,1gc-, .. al Qpmpazvs . ig PKCA it vb RQ cusj Jett c .vs is 1-5 -tyxll-L Ei, Q 1. - 'V ' YJ f WV" ' wlth' 'lf ' Ns Rri, -N .s '-I . 3 Dbl IL si s fs' if:-s fe' tc Qi- .il 1-.kv r N- asa. Q91 S' i- on :st , . ' oc. 'gfj , '.c.-i, ,lk gk N - . . aEfVf'5 I 32 we 1 123 gl Q' if if c 1 A-9 - ' I . e . r 1 Q Q . s as 1 ss ' - ss. N59 '- -' 0.12 Fff- ffWiLSif.l 3590, ' N" ..? 'ri' 5, 'f'q"7'rW-'Y- .FNXN 'H' Li 'W was , Z N NTYF' 1 ssyss' - JQQSQ 5TQ1.ss9i..5T3Qi,sRvf5 itQtvi,-R. .ti-.-A915 .L-XJ f , .,' - . x" , .ff ',f N M' - .n . 'gn K x 'ix '. -tt . , V 'y ' . T? -7 L9 I A ' 'K gig. 0,4 hx- L"'K.f- i' s ' 4, y 1 s QDf?lg53ii24i'-fl 2:52 'HCS sffffikf-"i7f. 10533 sf .a.cs'Sjs L frail XS .iQ3'w flat., .siftwti sit kffsft W Robert INT. lanes VV. Ewart Iones .Xrthur XY. Knox Alexander Il. RUISICRT Ill. ,LXNICS "Of Slt'l'lIillgl rc'nrllr." llorn near lYatford. Unt.. 189-l. lfarly life on farm. Graduated Vl'atford High. School 1911, entering Medicine in same year. President .Xlpha Umega .Xlpba Honorary Fraternity 1915-16. "llob's" Congeniality throughout his course has won him many friends, who predict for him :t successful career. XY. IZXYART JONES ".-I frlrcr frivutl were far to .vet'l.': .-l man of xmzxe null .tyrrr1n1ll1y." Born in Mold, North XVales. Captured a scholarship, giving him free tuition in county school. Came to ILC. in 1907. Member Arts Class ITS. Chairman Medical Debating Society. A successful future. 'US ARTHUR XY. KNOX "ll'lzcrc'cr ln' lllL't'l,N' a slrtzznlcr, llzerc lie meets ti fr1'un.l." Shawvillef Que., was honored with his birth. Yea teaching and ranching experience in Sunny Alberta developed a character remarkable for its strength and all- year rs of have round manliness. Sympathetic. alert. fearless. his tinal presidency ot ITG is a sure harbinger of the bigger suc- cesses in sflil'C tor him. .Xl.lfX.XNlllQR D. I..XI"I' ".-Ind oh! ln' had that merry glance Tha! .tcltlolu latlyft llcarf rt'.v1'.vl.t," .Xlee first made himself heard in the year ISU4 at Clare- mont. He went to school and maticulated from there in due season, entering Medicine in 1911. lle llfls made :ni :uinuqil practice of fooling the exznnincrs and hopes to similarly deceive his patients. Ile possesses :1 fund of quiet Immin- which will materially assist his prescriptions. Medical Book of Chronic es 1- C11.xP'1'1-111 l. 1. .Xnd it came to pass that tl1ey did assemble together eve11 from afar off, Yukon, Newfound- land, blamaica, Italy, Bulgaria a11d Hamilton, yea the uttermost parts of the earth. 2. And they did call themselves '16, for it was tl1e year i11 which tl1ey would graduate. 3. And behold there ca111e from the midst of then1, a leader, and he was called "Hessian, Lead- er of the llerdf' lslessian was a good shepherd and the sheep liked him a11d did follow him. 4. -Xnd Hessian said unto tl1e herd, "Let 11s fH1'll1 a yell that we may know our call, lest the wolves come and devour us." And a yell was formed tl1at all, lltllflllg it, llllgllf believe that the Class was very great. 5. .Xnd there appeared from the wilderness an enemy: and they were called "Sophs." .Xnd llCSSl2lll said 1111t11 his people, "Let us gatl1er together for they have wont to kill us." 6, .Nnd a day was set apart that all might gather togetl1er a11d witness tl1e living sacrifice. .Xnd there was great commotion ill the land for bloodshed was great. 7. lflut, l1el1old, there came a lllilll from the XYest and he was called Knox. .Xnd the enemy tled before him for he was great of stature, and the fragments thereof were many, even eighty hasketsful. 8. Now it Cillllt' to pass, as it was wont, that the Sophs were very angry among themselves and did swear vengeance on their enemies. 9. .-Xnd election night was set apart, that all might come prepared to accomplish the aim. IO. lint, behold, the plans were scattered abroad and the sheep did hear thereof and were prepared. 11. And llessian said unto the herd: "Let 11s clothe ourselves in old garments and organize into groups that the fight may be strong and the Sophs will no longer inhabit the la11d which Pres. Falconer has given us." 12. .Xnd tl1e sheep replied: "Wie will follow thee wheresoever thou goestf' And the night came and all were prepared even to Hector. 13. But the Sophs, hearing of the numbers and strength of tl1e sheep, did give way to fear It a11d trembling lest they themselves should be 1'QlllI asunder. 14. And it was well that it was so: for many of the sheep had taken their first smoke and the gastric eruptions were great. 15. So it came to pass that the night was spent i11 quietness, interrupted only at times by the more uncouth. 16. Now tl1e sheep returned home and were quite satisfied: but the grass around the Medical lluilding soon became tiresome and they did seek for new pastures. 17. And lslessian said to the herd: "Let us wander to the S. P. S. that we may seek and devour." .Xnd a yell was raised that School, hear- ing it, might know that tl1e ffock were at hand. 18. llut behold, when they were yet afar off, a cry of corrupt and vile language was heard and this, together with the ll: S, caused the sheep to pass on, thanking the parents from which they ca111e that their l'llillll5 and bodies had been brought up in sunfiower purity. 19. Xow it came to pass, as time went on, tl1at the l'rofessors did seek the knowledge of the Class and exams. were set. 20. .Xnd great quietness prevailed i11 the land for the condition was grave: yea, even to Mike llrown, they did start to study. 21. And when the day had come, the exami- 11ers were amazed at tl1e knowledge which they possessed. 22. And Prof. Ramsay Wiright said u11to his colleagues: "Let us pass them all, for like our forefathers, tl1e reptiles, they must metamor- phosize and appearin another class." C11.x P'1'1f1R II. 1. .Xnd behold, there came an uproar in the land, for the sheep had become wolves and were roaming about seeking whom they 1nigl1t devour. 2. Ancl it came to pafs, as it was the custom in the land, that some Freshies had come to Col- lege and tl1e wolves did spring for them for they were te11der Zlllll of good eating. 3. And the leader of tl1e wolves made ready for a great feast and lectures were set aside that all might enjoy thereof. 4. But when the appointed day had come, the wolves saw that the Freshies were not clean and so did prepare soft soap and gallons of water for them. 5. And the clothing was torn from them that the soap and water might reach to all the parts of their bodies. 6. Now, when all was ready. the wolves did sit them down to eat and the satisfaction was great. 7. But behold, there came into the midst of them an officer called "Christie," and he declared the feast a pass-over and all were made to Hee from the grounds. 8. And the wolves were furious that they had been taken from their prey: and they betook themselves to the dissecting room that they might console themselves. Z5 , h C HA PTER Ill. I. Now it came to pass that the Class of 'io did settle down to more quiet living after the two years of uproar. 2. And they said among themselves: "Let us cast aside our childish ways and become men of learning even as Prof. Mcphedran would have us do. 3. So all became quiet save one. and his name was "Mack from up country." .Xnd this fellow did keep laughter in his midst, for he was of much humor. 4. And "Shorty Tomlinson," his pal, did urge him on for he loved to chuckle. 5. But behold, "Shorty" did fall by the way- side and take unto himself a wife, for he loved the girl, yea, even better than Mack. 6. Here a little, there a little, yea, Shorty did furnish his house well, for he had done what he could. 7. And it came to pass, as it was the custom, that a Daffydil Night was held, and the year did strive hard that they might win the cup. 8. And a eugenie wedding was put on that all, seeing it, might know and believe that the germs are a hindrance to a happy home. 9. And behold, the prize was won and all did rejoice. ClLXI"1'IiR l. Y. I. Now, behold, a war broke out in Europe and many of the fellows, being of brave spirit, did separate themselves from sweethearts and home and did offer themselves for service. 2. And the Faculty blessed them for they showed good spirit. 3. And Blakely said unto those that did re- main: "Let us all turn out and drill, for we must prepare ourselves to defend our King and Country." 4. And the Class turned out well and did miss labs and clinics that they might do as was asked of them. 5. And leaders were chosen from the Faculty that they might teach the students how to drill. 6. And one of them, whose first name was "Lizzie," did call out in a loud voice: "Right- Left. About turn-.Xs you werefllu and much confusion arose: for the students knew not what he meant. 7. .'Xnd the fellows worked hard that they might expand in body and mind. .Xnd some said: "Let us keep up our sports, for we must keep our loins in good trim." 8. And they did so and great glory did shine on the Class for the athletic honors they obtained. Cn.xP'r1QR Y. 1. .Xnd now, he that hath ears In hear. let him hear: for there graduateth from the Faculty of Medicine, a class of young doctors, yea the likes of whom none yet have been found. 2. .Xnd the professors gathered together and did comment at great length among themselves concerning the many wonderful physicians that were going forth into the world. 3. .Xnd the professors and students did ban- quet together that they might bid farewell the one to the other. 4. .Xnd the students, being of good manhood. did hold their dinner dry as was their custom during their course. .Xnd now that the chapter has ended .-Xnd facing the world has begun, We thank God for the service He tended To us, as we plodded along. 1117 MEDIC SINE ' fin. 1 gc: if-, if fQKi E 38511 kifjlgt L1.,f'NrZ C-VSA QTFJP gf ' Eiffel' 5512? 'J' f"'fQf'L1 '-' "'5"il'l?7"'2 !i,"TI'iZ fe.,-'C"Hf,ffTT'5 il? V - 79 -'1 ,. X-' N 1 i rss - 'Xu 51+ eu. '?'r'ofsi-55451 gin 1'1" -' 1 Jawa' ' VNU' 4-K' -vi . ATI' '41 7ffZI'?ff"-Q-' ' ffl. 1- DQ. mJ.1."' Ab- ' -J. Tv Cfivf. K, q111X9,33,O.!.1e.Q1l.Lf3'C mf 4-:A 'qi-i.1.s,elRQ1g,f1x1-5 ?c 1? eafngj' ,.5Q1u1gf, b jx ,vffil J, 'ff '- V 7 ' ' A 1 I i A N -ff I CNW"-'11.' "' 9' TQ I 19" 1 4" -5 if i FV C WW" 'TA ' 1 sf' L.-Cfig'--CH Q-if l-1 '11 1 7 ?': '--. . '2eQ'-it1i1.1,,-.- ' A ski-il.-cssmfgri Qaxifzgiil 1 43W +794 Eff 7 , 1 a if ji 1 be ef? T NWT' li lif M294 .X A 5 I 1, , ,ff 1 Q-gigs gif .1 A ., 1 11 'KBS .Q ..3 . . 57574 ge U25 s I 'ny-111 Xtra ' U' 1? g Q fi W 1 I I who-igl it-7 sift' 1' K7 iq 1 1 'W ist. 1 1:1 is 1 Q A ,l"' Q.fX.- '-'Ani M' ' . K M ............. Rt, ' 1 -A fm' 3,V7y..Y4,ssV't e.,-fkvgli ye Tbiwgutf-Axs15jiL25.'-STS, Q 9, XATLT- mei .1,5g.g4wg2-xtsfxx alfjvrrlg 4.1! AI ,I M . j lofj, H - . gl- ' 1' 'ffl' W 0 if-,fs ifbgs' ' X 'Rb N 15019, 'FPS1-NLT 'Je L- if 1 4 7f.i!iW?l' 7 .1 'X Y .- -' NWT' bw - uc'-f T. ev- . x tgj4l'111,g":,wgm 5"e'M-QP Quik KRW W- 1' Qijkg his cf 1' tsfl'-fNpf'WQ95'L A Xe'WfiG'-- 'SQ dom-fu 4,501 'ec Qi wi -I R at- X X., -' T-1. rf. -.,- I -,sg -. f Psst f it sag.. f . 1 X- , I fd 1 if 1. ' Pgsxgf '1 '4s:f:d.fI5sP 3 019-1VtQQi::f"Q3N'5 Lfkifkggf si- ca .M Q... x K .. NX.. X , x C , X lx is f X Chas. T. Lewis Geo. F. Lewis A. Robert Lindsay Neville H. Little CHAS. T. LEVVIS .X. ROBERT LINDSAY "lf 1.v 111 111 lIll'Ili'L' l1f111 .vl1'1' 11111655 lic is 11011-:'1'111'v1i of 1110 lIt'L'CSSI-fgl' uf l1ax1t'." "Chil" was horn at VVinona, Ont., on that 27th day uf March, 1892. Reared at XVindsor and matriculated from VVindsor Collegiate Institute in 1911 to be a martyr to Medicine. GEO. F. LEVVIS HSl'1L'Ilt'l' 1.v flzt' OHL' g11'mt nrt of 1'0117'1'1'xr11'1'o11." June 15, 1890. at East View. Virginia, lZ7.S,.X.. "a mother's pride, a father's joy." Matriculated at 1N'indsor, Unt. An ardent admirer of "My Little Girl." Medicine '16, "li'.v tl fum' guy who docs not morzlcvy 1111111 111.5 dCXf1-lllV.,' Bob alighted at Ilagersville in the year 1895. Matriculated in 1911. In Medicine he has successfully evaded exams. Feb., 1915. overseas with No. 3 C. C. S. After six months at Shornclitfe, deported to conclude his course. NEVILLE H. LITTLE "IfV11ar the d-I ca11't lic fir." Descendant of U. E. Loyalists. Bay of Quinte. Matric. at Trenton High School. Entered the freshman year Medi- cine in 1911. Has always considered himself lucky to be attached to the vulnerable Class of 1T6. "Nuff sed." I ii .f ,uk A 53 .l Y ,. VVilliam A, Lowe H. Rcthune Maitland NV. Ernest Martin Arthur J. MacCallum NYILLIAM .X. LONVE 'AN0ffl1'11Q, if IIOf Ul'I'QI.lll1f.H "Arthah" started to kick in 1885. After tl1e usual pre- liminary schooling he entered the banking profession, where his natural shrewdness came in useful. The mining game then called him and he spent the next few years exploring the north country. The third act shows him studying Medicine and the next we hope will find him successfully practicing it. H. BETHUNE MAITLAND "Self-k110tt'Ic1igU, self-1'c"z'e1'e1zcc, self-c011r1'ol." Born in Port Perry, and having received his preliminary education in St. George, Hugh entered Medicine with '16, winning scholarships in 1912 and 1913. Membership in Alpha Omega Alpha Society and has the highest esteem of his fellow-students. May such success ever be his. IOS VV. ERNEST MARTIN "The good dit' young! H7131 'ZK'0Vl'j'fiH .X western bred boy. Caine into our midst in 1911 from Regina. Two years in Arts and later associations with us has improved his wild and woolly characteristics. Studious and a good fellow. Good luck, "Snooks." ARTHUR I. MacCALLUM "Mea1zwl1z'le he jokes or laughs at merry tale." "Mac" first smiled at Rapid City, Man. Graduated from Owen Sound Collegiate Institute in 1906: taught school for four years. Mac's sense of humor and love for his fellow- kind is sure to carry him over the rough spots in life. VVe venture a favorable prognosis for him in his chosen profession. MEDICIN ...-A - H . i f ,, 1-'r' ai - ' X.. , if un Q: 1 1 X - -ye '. - A pax' f ff -Q' f 1 , , .if?i r23f A ' e6tW fa: 1' ef 9 r-1" fifwl ll,-. i 1-xd'f4l 5, mich: ,I "Q .L ,'.. rabkl xif' 'xi X v N I1' ' ii . li su ,'N:.Vf,.If -11 'VLA :f7:ff,l,fjL X- S' is- Q -f.-.iikib sewn -if -, -in 5 +'?9fse:Zi. .az . f f lfgfalvv,-.45 me-'L5'!f5D QT? 5 4 -' ' xy 'x . VZJVQ f' 71 I .1 'W' 1 . f ' fffffff 2 J -, 'Q ip-gb , , f us- U. W ,ii 1 ' aa :ff ag 1. VF - f IQ 3 w X., i 'sw L2,kL.' 'xxegb , .-I0 K' K 5 wx if-f' -7' E P 'JJ "fd f N Q ,sv j "'VJ,J,.',5 ri ff :ZR Q all N Sli-'NRL 6iJ'Q,.x lfegxgli is l X Q gel., ANA. 1, LD74,-LA., QM VA. ,i W sSf,s-C.N :dugg . N. L Ogahg lx k sf Mil . Y ici- 1 1-2:1 iw C QQUJK- C, it s 1 4, 4 Lg,-dx. 4 N W1-Qji Kdfsgifgligxylliismf Vi 'S' 06' x As2w7gI ffl f '-:I .QTQ "'jffQwP,3sl.e,'L'g' xl lime lil Jgers 3,4 1:51 X-Ag 'GQCJ xwtgxgfjtg jgxglgwQ-gig-,Qg,iQZ'ffEQNQQ?.s iwl h'3Y'R-Slediiiiww X lg Ly ST 235352, vmstks 3jKQ,r, i ef if L x ...u pa' I --,u , - N tm N ., -ge LW Yi s?-' . Q feng- PT L -,gg w c' Qnjhx, ef, seg' ts' X V- V, .-vp .A 'TJ . 8 X :VTX N rs: K+f5sS'fiQfisgs. fig? 22 '1l5Kg.l?s:-w":f3T. eel V-1 fglbiiibespis Qfgeflf .fsigqiqe fd, Alexander E. MacDonald Ashley Roy MacDonald Charles Macliay D. Stirling Macl,ennan ALEXANDER E. MacDONALD CHARLES MacKAY H-E'U61Z as Alexander the Great." 'idllllllii the zeorilf' Born 1892 at Hepyvorth. Matriculation at Brantford, Ont. Birthplace, Toronto. Date, June 15, 1881. llas lived in Of a genial disposition, with some executive ability. He the Prairie Provinces since 1892. Taught school for five was secretary-treasurer and later manager of' the .Track Club. years. .Xttended high school in Manitou. Man. Matricu- Vilas with No. 2 Casualty. Clearing Station in England. lation and first year Medicine at Mcflill. lintered Toronto Future-R. A. M. C. commission and then-. University in 1912. ASHLEY ROY MacDONALD i'He's little but l18,5 wise, D- SJIRLING M3CIfl'f5NAXN He's a terror for his size." "IU: lioumze mnzlue il flint." IMay, 1891..ushered Mac. into this world. Primary edu- Graduated in Arts 'O9. and after teaching a while entered cation at Jarvis .and Hagersville. Entered Medicine 1911. Medicine. Not confined to academic work he managed where lie has displayed marked thirst for knowledge and Varsity Rink during his second and third years and during other tlnngs. Prognosis-Good. the session 1911-12 acted as treasurer of the Medical HY." W7-5 'W' ' 1 HP' J 'PLC 7" - fi YC lil TLLBITUWE 'Vifff'-15 PN. Wu 'fxiff P '?"'LERf, TV ' . V' 'j"'Cm'm 757-,HJ In xp. 7:2 'P' V ' x ,Img . fx f i lf, X ,sg JAIVW VL -X '.'.f- - f-.4 ' Q ' :MQ ,iii it , lvkexfgyibf - f Q X 3-3917-L,xJ'f "',s-V.f.f,1,.,'-,yr , Tub ug Z' kiln g: iS4e?i?si its .... .:f1sfLf.ssss1-efeiesfl JX1ifC'i'55ff:...e..s.i5.f.3LftgQ' .iff eQLr14f5.as9j.2isif':'P1','i1112111 4 if 3 W! Wfefarfff 1 ,Wa in-in . l N-1ff:"'Qg' ' 'YJSULJ 1. 17, "" f, gli? i Vif 75135 -1-n Q:,1b'vg9 Q .. 54 like 3151 4:2 X l H11 '. . "Xl f sf X. AW-,a,'5, .KENNY . .1 , i Q-rfS9'5i ifwflfgi Dil .TT 1 " W- 2 lf?'l34 R Efmw ikiiii llnfiq. ' " ,ff 'mlb 'K' .-CQX3 3 Filler -0- ll 1 - X A , S gs AV, gf' twiffxg 3l.Xg,,l'l , , , as .V , ...W . . - - V f f -V . .. . . . . . - X. Q4 ', p,.... 5. -. . Ml' Uv , K ri ., W S .. if, 'J J 1. 'TL .,. na. A ,- Ps .X 1. -.1 . , - .'.-fe Z 1151, Q if ' NM' ff? Qdillwgliif QQ' N -.Zi-'fi 5 Q39 491. ,ix.:.sQf'ji2'd-Jcfs Q Q14-Qgwillrjfj-' Swift 3 1 'i:f.f1jf'.- 1 xm 'w'fc'iiYi'eWQ:b? Cl5f?'igk KYSN "rmN"'iWi4 HiF'iNfl-Psi M191 iii' QSM-over rev?-3-N" Neo or s -' 1 1 K f FLT fl-" .1 ' sf' 5. 'fi 'P' if ' P-3 can 91 'S' "L ' fr 's.d"."'5i7."'-1' i. 9 R'3-tvilslslt 1. Qin ' i - tiff- I EP ' 4. H qkfs, .-1 J silgkb' 1 QFK3 s Kiera F15 s- -e v'J'5lX-334, -LQQY 1 x Lf.. Gi 3 'ec 1 Lib ss' :X s 31 V. Paul MacMahon john .X. MacMurehy ll. llalhraith Macllobert .Xrehie McCallum Y. PAUL MaclXlAI'ION R. G.XI,lZR.Xl'l'1l M:leRORlCR'l' "Good-bye girls, Vin ll1r0ugl1." "Mac" began liking the ladies nearly twenty-three years ago in St. Catharines. He has continued liking them with remarkable success all through his course at Varsity. ln- cidentally Mac. plays lacrosse, rugby, basketball and hockey, getting his colors for lacrosse in his nrst year. Elected captain of the team in 1914, he managed it in 1915. JOHN A. MacMURCIlY "lVlz0's llC'lll1CI' swift nor slow to Cllllllyl',' but firm." AgeMSixteenf?J. M. S. VV.-Single!!! .Xdinitted-'Oct., 1911. Address-Acton. Ont. Pers. Hist.-Born Acton, 1885: Acton High School 1905, Milton Model School 1905. Medicine with 1T6. Prognosis-lixcellent. llischarged- May, 1916. 109 ".lnil still the femiilei' gr'i':i', Tlml one small lleuil eolrlll carry all lie l.'m':i'." "Mac" was born in London. 1390. Matriculated in 1007. Studied Medicine in his own town. graduating in lllll. Since then has studied in Germany. London, Eng.. and New York. lintered the Class of '16 in our linal year. .Xliflllli MeC.XI.l.L'M ".-l gllufl lienrl lzzulwtli u rlnvrfirl rnlfiztrrziiiirv. .Xge and neeupationflloulitful, Complniiit-1M'ei'xx-wlc. lluration---Since entering Medicine. Family llistory-Of lrish extraction. Personal llistory-lleggars ilescriptioii. Physical lfxaniination-Sound in wind and limb. Diagnosis- 'l'oo much fussing. 'l'reatnient-'More work. Prognosis- l lolieful. Daffycfil Night CRE, everybody knows when you say "Daf- fydil Night" you refer to the biggest and funniest University night in the calendar. The explanation is simple-it's the Meds' night-'nuf sed. It dates back to IQI I-12. when the present graduating year were freshmen -and oh so fresh! That year we had a real live Medical Society with R. R. McClennahan, President: Don XYarren, Secretary: F. Fberhart, Treasurer: ll. Kinsey, Curator: T. Routley. President of the Sophomore Year, and li. .l lessian. li'resident of the Freshies, all now over- seas or going shortly. They conceived the idea that the Meds were not sufiiciently demonstrating . 5 their proud position as leaders in University life in all its aspects since they were allowing the "despised" Arts to "put something over" on them in the shape of a funny nighftf, viz., "Mock Parliament," for which the said Meds had no equal or superior-an unthinkable state of affairs --and "DafJfydil Night" was the prescription handed out-and its treatment of the condition described was so effectual that the Meds now don't know what you mean when you refer to Mock li,21I'll211llCllf, for Daffydil Night over- shadows all. The work the first year was arduous and often the Daffydil Committee were tempted to admit defeat, but spurred on by the encouragement. personal and financial, of a fun-loving Dean lDr. C. K. Clarkel they finally produced in a sparsely filled Convocation Hall, with gratis admission, the first Daffydil Night. The Medical Society of the year following slumbered peacefully through its term of office and Daffydil Night was abandoned pro tem. The year following, TQI4, the Old Guard rescued their creation and determined to make it a big and permanent suc- cess, and to this end a large silver cup, donated by the Faculty for inter-year competition, to be awarded to that year producing the funniest and IIO cleverest '15 minute skit. This brought out the best talent in the various years and raised im- mensely the quality of the entertainment. Choruses, minstrels, orchestra, etc., became per- manent features. Hessian that year originated and edited "The Epistaxisf' a comic paper full of llt"ZU jokes and burlesque cartooning of hos- pital and student life. It was printed in the Med colors of red, white and black and since then has been an annual feature, retaining the same editor. That year Convocation Hall was filled to overflowing. The "Daffydil Cupl' was won by the present graduating year, IT6, with the production of "A Eugenie XVedding"-a side- splitting farce. Last year IQI5 with only a few alterations in the committee, a splendid bill was provided and charging a 25c. admission fee, Con- vocation Hall seating capacity was subscribed twice over and a surplus of S150 was donated to the Social Service Department of the T. G. H. The Daffydil Cup was awarded to Class IT7 for presentation of "The Ancient Qrder of Presby- terians"-which convulsed the house. This year, in spite of the fact that Q5 per cent. of the graduating year, IT6 twho were the Freshmen Year at Daffydil Nights birthl and many of the other years are going to the front this spring, Daffydil Night, under the able chair- manship of A. VV. Knox, who labored most unselfishly in pursuit of its success. achieved the pinnacle of popularity with both faculty and stu- dents. The hall again was absolutely inadequate to accommodate the throngs who wished to again see Dafifydil Night and was sold out days before the date set for its production, February 16th. The Cup for the first time was won by the Fresh- men 2To-with f'The Minstrelettesn-a record- breaking piece of clever acting. Many lantern views-donated by Dean Clarke-were shown: everything went off smoothly and Dafiydil Nights permanency assured. J D.X1717YT111, CU'N1K11'l"l'1':1f, 1015-16. BACK ROW'-XI. ll. 11l'I'l.11Elll1. NY. A. Gcdclw. J. NV. 1NIcD0wL-ll. E. RisClm1'oug11. CHX!! RHXX7 -XI. 11. Imlw. lh-1-I1. Su11ix':m, F. S, Farm-y. C. 1'.l'2l1l1. AX. MCIQIIX, 41. ll. .Xgmxxx NIIIINK I 12. Slmulflicc, AX. XY. Kulw, Cl1:li1'1nu11g llunu flzmrlqu-. 11011. I'1'cs.: ll. .X. Ilfwizln, lffl. Iipixtxlxixg I' lx KIU1 .XllSliN'l'--V-I. .X. llickwn, l'1,.X, Ill B4 :fix MEDICIN an 'sf ' 'rv fr . ' ' -J ax ug. .H Axafj' ' -7. ,' pfs -J. Xffx' s si-NA, "Rx-'aggsrr Ntfix xx?-531'-Qs1'.Q-".'r"4Ir'sS1N . V+ ' - 'Sen' - -5 T - 4' A HL Q' s 'TUX is 1-H ' 1 in .ps-N fn f 9' sc , 2:3 L '75 flat 31- j"'k'fha Alf i3qiEqq?,gi'i5'fl11El7' Q-fiTHea6l'iiffil7'l'9AK'f'wqji2'il . . Q 5615? 5154 ' .aw 'sa L ' 1 :glial "gn 1 kgjgwf gut' V" 1 y-.elm ,- fini. 1 1' Q fc-U gkufcjtqf 9724? C- 1:59 iff sul u fi . H- 1 , X- , , fs. . , W , .7 1 , X c A.. ..:'iKe,ssQ,. ,W - W . C , Ax N : V V 7 ,A . s fix " .VI at - Vx, V V if Xi., f NY X, V tt ,xg is V I I ik. I -Ig.. 1 l v,'o gnj, -1 ,fir J ie XV., 'A it ,Q is ,-A . , ' X' Y. 10' " 0532111-f+'mZ2.siff4fiCfff4Wff'2tf Lili .-afifrfiirsi11t+S'?ssi'5i-.H ffL4. S-we-.2.... XY. Porteous McCouan john C. McCullough John L. McDonald Justin lN'1cKcown VV. PORTEOUS MCCOVVAN "Big Bill! Hu'll nlivays ln'-'lung' to ns." A Birthplace. Scarboro, Feb. 7th, 1891. Matriculated from Markham. Arts Graduate in P. and ll. 1913, with highest honors in lns year. Hears music in the bag-pipes, even though his name commences with Mc. He-'ll step over all ulmstilclcs. JOHN C. McCULLOUGH "Tl:cA' 141115111 uf scars who nzczrr had a wo1i11d." Mac. was born in VValter's Falls, Aug., 15491. Received his early education at NN'alter's Falls Public and Georgetown lligh Schools. Entered Medicine with Class of lrflfw, llur- ing his course has played soccer with the senior intcrfaculty and Varsity teams. JOHN L. MCDONALD 'Z-Ind worflz and modesty lic doth possess." ,lack was born in Dresden. Ont.. 1895. Matriculated from Dresden High School. Entered Medicine with Class '16. Elected treasurer of tinal year executive. Representative to London '1S. Member of Alpha Omega Alpha Honour Medical Fraternity. Success is assured. A JUSTIN MCKEOVVN "'Tis not the same to feel and lieal 11 smart. will men F1111 feel: disease is uzzrvd by art." Born 1891. Matriculated at North Bay, 1908. Senior matric. 1910. The following year entered the faculty of Medicine. "Mac" bears out thc truth of the old saying: "Still waters run deep." ffl - fr as 'S af' A .f v 1 ff s ' 1' f.- .. is , bf , - 'sf.4,5f1,. A 5' ' rr fi s Iyiiilffil 1 tizeirff it LQSE-1115.115 , sa wifi 11 ft I X 1: 'fy' ,. 'Wi .-fx 4 . it 119. Tf5:fQ ,i:EiQiZ'f'gg .5 .1 L 7 by iffgj if .' 3' . O '-1' 1' kf":3Q?fl 'Grp-fi if f 7J 3 . :fi X it ffzfpjgfg, ,M . g ,nf lx -vw fc si, ,QL l.6J1aLLM TQ. .1 W JK .- x ' M15 pf I-5 Dv ,..-. ian.- ggg V, 1' 13: L 'QS I, if' 'Y ' 1' All V in R K 'I l 573 vv,f,fj'LQ' E-Q-1 'E d,a7Qit,f.f',,5',lllsgiLC?' Qsxx :fi .11 7 -' Ki mg Cflqw 1isgs.3ri2f?5girgi1?iQqeazfilricl Ps r9li:rvg5?l.-l'5V'iQgsf ' TL 1. N .se ,ip e.1r'':-9-itisicgefct. XVi11iani J. McLean A. Young McNair Ewart E. McPherson Ilcrhert A. Naylor VVlLLlAM nl. hlcLlQAN EVVART E. MCPIIERSON "Lilac sunzt' Xlllllljj tij'f'l'L'A'X, fall and tliirlr and st1'm'gl1t." "Big Jim" was born in Spragge. Ont., 1892. Graduated frrnn Son lligh School 1910. Played on Med. rugby team for three years. llill's constant good humor and his per- severance are his great assets. He is sure to bc a success in his profession. A. YOUNG MCNAIR H.lI1ll'lI NIU-1' be mufle nf a St'Ult'llIlIL1l1 if lzcfv ruuylzt 'l'u:111gf'." Mac. was born in 1893 at London, Ont. Matriculated from Moose Jaw Collegiate 1911. and entered Medicine the following fall. ln spring of 1915 he proceeded overseas. Returned in the fall to graduate with the Class '16. He is a mgniber of Nu Sigma Nu Fraternity. 112 ".1l1zcl1 ran bc unnlc of a .SC0ll'l1ll1l1ll if lla lic' falcon young clmnglzy' "Cy" applied for residence in -Cedar Springs in -the fall of 1892. After receiving his preliminary education in "The tlarden of Canada," he entered Medicine with'Class 1fll6. A man of few words, but a diligent worker. We wish hun success. HERBERT A. NAYLOR "Blessings ou thee, little manf' Herb was born in 189.3 near Lindsay. Ontario. He attended the Lindsay Public Schools and matriculated from the Lindsay Collegiate Institute. Entered Medicine in 1911. B4 4355 MEDICIN ""' P9 945-tVf71Qi V -YY ifv 6111 uf QOL, .'2T'l'nA Ziyi fwiivii M. '1 711' .1 1 it-T10 ' -EZ' " Kd' 'I-171' ' 'iii 'fffrii' 'Y af .1 . 1 , ,-V Li ' - ,, 1 1 - ix 4 , .'- 11' lx Q ,V v A I - 54", " . A H A, 1 f, I. gr 1 If 4 ,I - f . Kat'-S A7295-i'C5DSgE .dttwt RATQN Lilfvif c?wsQ1:f'3Jf 4'lQe3114.,'f 19 f.. sk. 'JfQS5f1 ,f A ' 1 ' 11-iff w inf! s 15. f if 1 S If2'1g1 2 ff --wg JT is . Ms wig' yjwx .. ,Q ky R 'JKCTQY v,,,p,1-3, ,I , 'R 'fe QL- fix' , W, 1 St-2311 asf 11.5 1 K MLK gxyfvtqx 1,51 ,D .,, if 1 e AM -gg .. 1 - 4- . ev. 1 .giv- tisg- 1 ' - it 1 1354 +1--eg.. qv 6:21 11' 'ii . at I f 1-sis: was-+' 5 t'31"'1N, so 1, 2. x Dang' 1' .M w e Q., '-9-y 4' s 1-C' 51 JCR' if Nif"'-A ye-.2..t,,x FQ 1 'Ik 'fr 1 , . ii Y N.. 1. ws '-:M wwgt 1 ,lQleIatUjZfSg,f3tt1R.hf yssvkgrmgm I ,Ei :Q 7tG11.e.e171.fgic1 ., T 3, K -' - fi Q, s ,, T. . w 1 , 'JU ' 'T' 4V,V 'A -L 'HQ 'uf ' fx tix pw., A CSM gg' i.'r. Qt, K 3 13,33-1 t 1 .1 se .effiefee QRERK-xgas.9ifT1Q"' e-ffs1fL1..Tw ertasisv Q'sS:iwssfss.2. Arthur C. Norwich Olive G. Patterson Frederick R. Pollock lfflgill' C. Pugh ARTIIUR C. NORXVICII FREIJIQRICIQ R. l'11I.1.UCK "lft'1'j1.v 111s t'UlllI.i'L'1, 11005 1115 11lI1-V. tl1'11':'1'.r 111 f'1'1t'1111.vf111111' l0':'e111 17t't1Il1j'.H llorn in Toronto in 1895. Arthur received his lnatricuw lation from Parlcdale C. I. and entered Meds. '16. I'Ie has taken active interest in athletics, playing on both iunior and senior Meds. Mulock Cup teams. In the spring of 1915 he enlisted and went overseas with No. 2 Casualty Clearing Station. returning to tinish his final year. Ile is a member of the Nu Sigma Nu Fraternity. OLIVE G. PATTERSON "I'm a bone, a corpuscle , A wee bit of muscle That started to grow, years ago. I End life a hustle And mainly a rustle: lilut yet. with a friend, lt's alright, in the end: S0 I hope to win out in the tusslcf' "lf you 11210 fn'li1'1l tl 1tlII1t' 111t111. y1111'11 1t'tl1'll 111 l1111j1." llegan this life at lit-lhaven. l,ooke1l over many sunnn-1 tourists at Orchard Iieach. Attended Newmarket II. S. and became famous as student, boxer. wrestler and baseball star. Taught school three years. In llluse school sections when his name is spoken all heads are bared. Ile chose Aleflieine and has proven himself to lie one uf the "real" boys. EDGAR C. PUGII Uf1f1f1Ul'flllI1fIiL'S 11t'571t't'1et1 are 1'1'1'ct'1y:'c1'alv1t'." As the stork express passed through Uxbridge townsliip on October 20th. 1890, two passengers alighted. The younger of the two received his preparatory education in the Public School of lluntsville. Ile inatriculated from the Uwen Sound Collegiate Institute and entered Medicine with Class IT5. "lid," is an ardent admirer of the science to which he has chosen to devote his life and we predict that the future llllltls erreat things in store for llr. Pugh. 51 'c-'X' ' on N wa. 1 - as . 5. -'F-'f?Q il 1 Q.-'rx' fsxhtif 5A'l17"9QiiQ'-I" W' ' ff C by lf 2. as-ia eg: 1-iigz iiQg1QswfsvQs9QQss.g3 Q. est. U .1 12, 1-as 0 f Q Sgaf t , -SNS-P , - ' S- -F51 P15 f. Q2 N Qff,'5',e1g'fs.'. 'fvuei ' -3 N if Aevgf- .gf 'A Qjig XTN if '5f'i Qf ' iJ'?'l91 hetgaiis? TQKTXELYB-1l9c11 -Ykiflhin-1 Av' ss-.5ssX1'l' 'iiiQ'W??'Li':s rx . 7 .9 xl 'Q '. 0,5 - f :I N14. ' ' -191 ' 671 S I-1, 1:11 ' 1551915 'A .5191 U ' il . 'Q511 1...:1'wg Qf . . N-SJEQV149 be-EIU Pf f"'i"i is gg 1 S I 1' 117- .9 1 .i 1 tv. 'R x s X -'Y ft "1 7. -'Zvi ef LQTA' ' X' 1 fl 1 fs - 9 'Ps f 9. 1:2 19 K5 'D -4' QDBQN y:J,.f::-'q-,1' M' Qfgi ' , I E V' ,Uv 1"-4-1.-.-zintiiinn. Rfkfv A 4 1 ' . 1 .. A ff 1 . . - C' Ni' . ., . . wvxr DF 113 .5-we '.,1.f'f V een 16 ?2f".,ff1.- 111 if Mew stiff? 1 if tm 'X "E,-.2-sg-ss'f'1 .9 1 is. sv .- 1 4f1:,+'tQ,1W.9Zfi,.1geQwa.1 QQ? M- if tggsftr1M.g2AF.s?4QQ?Q1.sQ1..1.151114.11 .ix5UQv3.-twujtfl -X , . . '- , , .11 . ,z N Y - e . 1 J 1- :Xt 1 h r , 1' Q-'V -Lfc '-.-7 -.H 1 1 1txgi,Jyg ,-.w "X JN ' M. .X W1 'K -'fLK"J57'iPlg4a!5??'lLEDi614fJ' " .fftblsffi 1-Q97 fn",f1-iftigfki, Wahl ',gi?,x5'l1- . MTX.: RFE-- X5F5V.'7 'C YN" 1 mf' . J. Ross Rehill Russell ll. Robson Wilf1'id B. Rutherford Percy A. Sai-jeant J. ROSS REIIILL NYILFRIIJ ll. RU'l'lllfRFORl9 "l'1'11g11'c'ss 15 the Inu' of life." "l":'t' 1.'1111:e11 11 1111 o' :neu 11t'l1t1:'t' tl 11--11 jliflllf :eo1'.v1' 1111111 I Ontario born. Saskatchewan bred. Ross blew into Medicine in 1911 from Luinsden. Regina Collegiate infected his brain with the germs of knowledge. which grew rapidly during tive years' incubation at Varsity. I-lis popularity augurs well for his future success. RUSSELL B. ROBSON H1jl'1lt1CllCC sirjifvlicx the avant of L"Z'L'l'-1' gfootlf' Birthplace-Petrolea, Sept. 4. 1890. Past llistory-lCx- cellent surroundings in Petrolea. Matriculation in 1907. Worried by rugby and children in the schools of Ontario till 1911. Occupation-Consuming "Senator' and studying "hu- man nature." Diagnosis-Surgerosis. Prog1iosis4-Cowl, with an F.R.C.S. after a short stay in London. II3 I ici."-liipling. April 18. 1892. heard Pete making his lirst ilisturbauee. 1 at lllenheini, Unt. lfntered Aledicine i11 1111. and ln-t':nne tanious at once because ot his ability and stature. llas already seen active service ni lfurope. and hopes to don the lxiug's unitorin again ere long. P12 RCY A. SA Rhl EAN T 111111111 111' ':t't'1't' f111l1'1'--- llarrie, Ont., sent Perce to Yarsity :1 verdant freslunan in 1911. ln his fourth year he went overseas with No. J C. C. S. -Returned to graduate with Aleds. 'ltr tlass secretary htth year. Anibitionfhlajor R. A. Al. C. KX-N ff x M' ' 49-V..-,,. Y Hospital for Sick Children 1r4 F .v. ff 1 ,f,. 1 , i 2 In 4 5 I' M fi MEDICINE rf "5'3'N'7i3 739 !fSg,41F?.Xi"gNK-'wqr LITZTJT-2,l3Xt' 013-S4Q,'lvl, ,Qsj1172.3-jx-,:k.TrXX.k"l . 'C A A Tx s ,x f,ffe,.,r2fL...,Ev -1 agoig, sa 60? .lfygzrfij Q Ll Zlbhxgw 1qfEiixiSsl. Amy, 3,5-fwubflgiyg Q1 , f 'i K. g 'f .N ...fl Y AM- N A 1. ix-fig ,K - '.,, 5 ' -C,Q L! , .. ', L- 'N .-Rx A' W, f"1fi' ' 'Nix " Ugg Q '.ggi91mQ3lsg,.5. 5g?glgfSy1.5:t,Qe3 Sgjiiglglt 5,vkbN.,Qk-. i.Q5?'?-F 5 23.1. fluff ,Qijii . Q ' C QQ, A ji ' sw!" I L ' Ei ls 1 KWL-35? all th Qillll ' DQ, K ii , J Nye-ab N-ve. l'T5?:' if Triswx , , -. 5 IQ ' sfjzof 5235! 9 , Qi! 9 N get yy, r- as-.. -tr:-Q, gw1LfQ - ,ll .Q ei " ' '35 . -"Vat I Q55-r , 1 'CBM-f o -I v -vs Q fb- Jfzf Agfa lie 'I . . 3 :1?.g,Q'f--'Ft ii,.Ulj.,zsi" A 'QF 5 2g?,psf5i,y,yk ,ga QQ Wye QHff,ii-gQifX..,.i.t. IEEQQ sr .71-.. W VL . .Nr ,MQETX J fr 1.4 zgfr.-f' ,win fi, gffifygv- 1 5 FQ g if-Q.,5Q5Y,: iii. YS."-lb www. ' f C .oi .ef - st: 'I f ..-.- I . dv., . ni, .3 ,.. ..- L.. .-.f , 1 N if ,- U I 1. I., .if Q X1IX,4?',f -rf. ,f-4, Qjyx .X ,war K, ye , I .. I fs I ffk d'CN'Q'?T1v 'fx Q-XG wif' C? Lf F I 'xylx-'-TNT' '- 'W ',?'.6,t 1 .4 "-1'f-Lf!-X" f ' xg , 'Cf' ff. ,QQ ,L f fs-Lffilg ,,Q:?fff1Aog QJf'i,.-, fi sjjlw ,J f-fiff,,1Qj kf- V' Lei, 2-1, Q rggigix -fje.f,Li7,LC,f-Q 57515 gill-L ,ksift -'ya fs y -,gy , . Charles 1. Scott Garner Scullard james H. Sharpe Earl E. Shouldice CHARLES I. SCOTT 'Kllore ll1ll'5L'.T feed Charlie fudge than this tuorld ilreanzs off Recruiting under the standards of Hippocrates in 1911, the canny bcot with traditional closeness applied himself to defeating the aims of the crafty leaders of Medicine. He has never lost a battle, and his metal is still sharp. Com- rades in arms wish him God-speed in his last campaign. GARNER SCULLARD "He hath a .vubfle wif." "Scully" made his debut at Chatham, March 15th, 1894. JAMES II. SIIARPE 'lC'OI1,Yf1l't'1lUlIS for nzirfli tllltl luizyhferf' "Jack" was born in Toronto in 1892. lle matriculat-:fl from Bowinanville lligh School and entered Medicine in 1911. Enlisting in the spring with No. Z C. C. S. he spent some months in England. returning in the fall to complete his course. llc has the best wishes of all his friend- for the future. EARL E. Sl'IULll,IlIC1C "Keeps his counsel, iloih his tlllll' L'leui'cS fo friends and lrfretlz litulirf-x'.' Preliminary education at Chatham Collegiate. Entered X A-,On of the gone from Chcglev out Oct 1 1500 llednsme ln 11- Enllsted lllth ,hog 3 Laflaltl Cleaning Now one of our Western spirits. Klatriculated troni Lalgary btation and after several months in bhornehtfe returned to ' complete his course. Scully's quiet humor will surely cheer lns patients. Collegiate '1O. Flying wing for Mulock Cup champions 13. Chairman Medical ".Xt-Home" Coinmittexf '15. Secretary of llaffydil Night '15 and '16. H f- 1. , . "--- 5 -s k ps 7, ' a x - ty fl? 7, '-- N' V sr, i 16 -,Tig 7 iff , .,f --L 'tt fiifmtafikoff -- t.sei.9i- 955 fI1Ki:?iff.,.e- .:a'Qf'?wl f s " I ., - r ' T, l -Js' , 'TN 4 I si ff was as I or I ff'-43, Egsab k.,w, l, kv l .. . 3 .K-, ta., ti I K- 2 QAM T135 yililliig' fi- my . y Q25 L? isrgfr 15+ K?-so tw,-is -- wwe' s f ' X 1 f C of L "fr 'QM 4 -' is its ik I 'i ci' Mi' ' 9 "V we - se , -, , 1 .1 0 .. C1531-Few M. .L Wig? - ' P 1? "fs-if +54-QNP3-1. iQfJbE'35i5gfQ?PL53s3X?:3lQK'fG?v9.2. Thomas A. Sinclair ii. il. Vernon Snider Frederick Spearing Austin I.. Speers THOMAS A. SINCLAIR "If rhou do but fvierec his rcsc-we A goodly fellow than finilcfstf' llorn in Paisley, Bruce Co., Ont. Matric. at VValkerton High School. An honor graduate Toronto University Class '11. lVI.A. degree Biology '12, Though quiet and un- assuming yet full of wit and humor. R. J. VERNON SNIDER "A modest youth with cool reflection crowned." He Hrst saw the light of day in Toronto, March. 1892. Matriculated from Harbord Collegiate. He has always been an ardent supporter of sports and college functions and takes an active interest in rugby. II5 FREI JERI C Ii SPI'I.XR1Nt3 "HC could urgfnv lilct' the tle"1l. Fred, better known as Freddie by the profession, com' menced activities May 1st, 1893. Matric. at Collingxr-nu ' ' Entered U. C. '09. Graduated '13, llis keen inte baseball and rugby was marred only by a strange llc-votioii to "Osler." llis chief failing was in doing work for otliers. .VXCSTIN I.. SPEERS 'AThc great physician now is near. He passes from this College. The youngest man in his whole year. Yet famous for his knowledge. .Xt llerton, first did see the sun. Matric. at Oakville, 1'l'1. llright and cheerful-full of fun- Speers is-su rely-Spec rs is. " I os. rest Ill LAWRENCE ROBERT WILSON "l.2lLll'lL',H the eldest son of lf'. Turner Wlilson, was born at 'llcwoiito on June 5th, 1893. Isle entered St. Andrew's College, Toronto, where he was for five years preparing fur university. In 1910 he enrolled in Arts with the Class of '14 Comnierce and Finance, but after one year he decided to transfer to Medicine and join the Class of 1916. During the summer of 1914, while on a canpe trip in Northern Qntario, he contracted typlioid fever, and after one mQnth's illness succumbed on September the 29th. His closer friends will never forget him, and we cannot hut feel that Medicine has lost a worthy disciple. lle was E1 member of Kappa Alpha Fraternity. 116 MEDICINE 1 flux. - 1 'bfi -1. :C 1"'W1 fr-' 1 'I .-f-Hi..-'-17 ul. ,fff-'xx' ' Ti f fW"'f7"" 'T ,, 'r ., ', ff' . 7 'V r' " L OG? if 'Q ifxibt-F 'IC W?Sj2i"'Q9541fS-i,'?"'xtfi:J'i ?lAtl1IX'Z"1l'f' S' 'X' 7,353 1-iii Y "' T41 3 lffitmfl A ft fl- ' 1, . 'I hifi: 1f,A:1'g- . fa ,QL 'A ri ' ' N-I il-' ',-'lay' A Q- '-'tif-f . 'I f,.a EK 1' IW ff--,J LIT' Swag' 1 JK 'rf'-Hu 'J "ff M! It ff 4 T ' .4 1 ,- V ' ff Y1G.,gtitfwMd4Qwx1..4X, UEKQJL 1-,Z tciat.-titf' X:-CSXQJ.. -lfeggwiiq 5 I-.Qt-Ami' mcg CFU? fyXv5ex,.if,!,' Jwmmjfpl ,aff 1 33, llfglpfj 5 ,is1Qf1'5 l' VgZ.tSKk'k5'Kl'? PM tr-12 lh'X,x.',1,-eff if i Cm5Q.Lr1f'k v 'Q X J F1 .fo 4 0 LX--,zf,:' 'f4,1'jif0,f'f 1, 1 .il iff .W "q V1 e, J . A . Q X Aj r Ig' .t fyfjff f Tfxfffg Q35 eww .WW att JCB 'fishy ff, "A , 4. Q, - fi f f ,gg .-een, if Q, wg 5. ., 1 fx At v :NV .ti X"--L. L- ' " ' ir: f " , , f-xiii i N ,. . ,... QM, .- , , ,W K I xg J 4 . 1 sN.'EWa Wijvx If fi I. Life? . tr wt ieffvwl f .nkfit th- mi New Qi' ,I "'L'f. QL. iii I Qi' YQ, 5 Y , V. 4- N L if -X . -' ,JAN Lffsgyilr jx:-?',,A.fC.,x e,ALlE1l-mjxgbtiqtvj T xp-N Q gum w.3??v3TN?1-L it N,fjeff.4..x-lpfxlxfigzkkkI :E we e QQ, ggxfyffe C rjff X- Akewk XltSQg,1tt3tfy:A4g3,gg 5595-55555 gfgk9g1Q4QfQ of pw-1 twine? 41 5-ge 1 ,Ng QQ,ffqi'Iff'i7+j5-Q1'f,p.."Gish...1951 Figsffq. gage: 5 2 . 'wif ef:+f'f1 az L I rf, ' 'A L' Q ' 1 ' ,fc X -, L X - ,Lili-f.1w' gif.. N viz, 1 pi . X ,Q fx Y" ,- xl ' .5 '-,rgfix-34 14 1 'x xf .- f in ' .Qi ,F ' ft gig: rfi'f5Si5fXSZQtfe.f' Q? Qlieafrsf-eerie 3 sible? sex -I in time M . 1. Arthur I. Stanley George H. Stobie Ilertrand C. Switzer Garnet IC. Tanner .XRTIIUR I. S'l'.XNI,I'IY l1IiR'I'R.XNll C. SXYITZICIQ "HC 001110 in like a lamlvq, but We fear llc has t'lza11gt'tl," H HIIIUH HHH' UNI!QVIAVVIIlllXt'1IlIf'c' Nlfflittwl. , ., , , Xfltlll IIIII ftllf Ill :IU flu' IPUXI. Born at Lucan, Ontario, 1893, benior matrie. from , . ,. . . ' , . . 1 . a . V . . . N Y in Linn vlainte I lnrwt tor lcnowlerl-fe. I',tmlf--'velnx tiretl hy I ucan High School I'ntered Nlechcine in 1911 ban' oven' I - -- - - " "2 I 4 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' the aches ut Nuttering humanity. Perwilal llixtory-l..f Lx. seas service with Can. .Xriny Medical Corps during year uf 1915. His disposition and "clever ifleai' made .Xrt a great favorite with everyhotly. .. CICORGIQ ll. S'l'tlllIl'f "-.-Intl U-z'cr'y .vfor-v fold, Ht' t'cll'l'vtl il with a bvffcr mtv." "StolJe" was born in Port Lock in 1892. Matriculatetl from Albert College. llelleville, in 1909. .Xfter two yeare in American Universities entered in the class of '16, In his Final year was Medical Representative to McGill. Ile is a lnemher of Nu Sigma Nu. froxty night. Feli. ll. IHUU. Klatricnlatewl WIS. tlouri-hetl the Inckory tor three yearx. In 12111 Joined the claw ot llf-. Patllologieal ,Xnatonnyflmc.-ration of Xlyneaiwlitnn. 13115. l'rivgntwiNfI'et'sex'e1':t11ce lpatient-I prosperity, KLXRNIQT IC. 'I',XNNIflQ "His lztrir ix fvltilt' um! .ww :Qc llc." liorn in Sarnia. 18022 utl1':rwiwe a pretty fair place. Teachers row to the occa-ion. pnxhetl hint Illfllllgll -elionl. also enahling hiin to get a Xeholarwhip ae he paved along. Ile then served as a pill .pountler for three yt-arf. In Uni- versity he hae been active in Claw, Y. KI. U. .X. and Ht-ilical Society! exeeutivee. Lx. 1 x--if ' i7 2 '- V fq.,i-,fkbc , kjNx,,:..'A':j'ex N"fCCKA.1: 'FF -,J-Q ,Q sri -email xwSj?LlJTTLT.t f .'.v ifxe aj t ik ' ' r krtf S -I ' Ti .- ' X:2'f"t ie if if , nw '.".1N ' ' if e, - f -f 11 'uw fu b T.. R 642 54-5 X -Niiqgd R I kQI,:lTSJiG 1- 4'kk:Q A wg? 5"LF'1k15kk'?xl'11 SEAS? DJIQIU lx -4 ' KTM Lil is I 235' We .1 f a -If wc' .. 1 -at .W 7 -Q.. . - .six I - 431 mg, to aj, fgsfgfj- ,XA N. ""' i 5323 S-2214 X Q If 1 1 '-fflixil -' -' cf? 55:53-,.f.11 T tl r.. -,. 1. Q ,Ar . X V H sy N V 1 W I - .ex 'fgf'-ig., . , N ., , 1 1- .. X ,. . X' S5t -wx' if " if-1 fifig ' rf".-5 "MQ'W7O," ' AZ 5V"""',f'1'X it. S?fff""ffTU'+r'D f .QW Nb, A i Nha?-waNNvfTN f 1 U-R at tkgkp gratify 1... "Q?'9.?- Qwfiefh gqpitel. ttuhvifx - 1' 1, T 1'- -.X A ,Y L , u..,l'. -NR' ., F," X - .J-. S .xo 14 X A '4 'Af' X :tx ,r V 1 ku ' I -,'1 X? Tbfha , -e-V x',xwjfxx'4 H .Y . e:'f' ,rye ,K fcfE!2,f'IQ2aif51'5!ftiT-..1. .2152 fp SCN at wQLQg if5ZETEilGifi?'I?f2f-ff'fE37?27gi We V5 Ware R I e - .Xrthur Tllornson Frederick F. Tiwlall May Tryon CllIl1'lk'9 ll, NYarriner .XR'l'llI,'R 'FIIUKISUN MAY 'FRYUN "To follow L'lm1t'lvtigt' lilsv tl xinl.'iuy XIIII' 'l'hi- little girl will make a hit. BCj'UIltI flu' ufumxf lmnud of lzumtm flI0Ilflllf.H Fm. 51m is full of pluck :mtl grit' .Xrts '03, M.,X. '10, Then as the "coup-de-grace" con- I ,1mu1,1,,'t H-f,m1k.,' 1, Hulk- pi, eentrated on anatomy. .Xftcr graduation he hopes to coinhine a meaiure ot research with the general practice of BIL'tIlCll1L'. FRIQIIIQRICK lf. 'IilSll.Xl.I. "Jn-v rnlml flat' tiny anti lun' llit' IIIijlflf.H llorn in Clinton, Ontario. Matriculated Lafayette, lluttalo. Freddy has innnortalized the annual wraps by a series of views now known wherever the English language is spoken. He emulates McLaughlin, the tennis champion, both in hair and speed and has many fcalpx hanging at his tennie ht-It. II7 If she wonhl net-rl a donlvle hitf Cll.XRl,lfS ll. XXQXRRINICR ".Il1.' rvlzy .vlmnlti lift- all ltilwr' lux " ,Xfter graduating in P. and ll. Arte, 1913. klltflx. wt himself to the Study of Medicine, Following niany thrilling adventures he has cleeitletl to discontinue emiveixiiig with the iinrxes. llii specialitiex are wra and vaceinex. 1 NIEIDICAI, 'EXT HGRIEN COMMITTEE, 1915-16 ' HIP RUXY -II. Sullivzmg C. C. lirownp I. Mdnxmisz I. I.. Sutherland: N. C. Graham: R. I. Spence: I. F. Adams. W '1"l'flNI RHXY- C, J. H. VVilloughhyg E, E. Shouldice. Chairman: Dean Clarke. Hon. Clmirman: C. N. black, Secretary: 12. C. Tate. 'lQl'L'!lH11I'L'l'. ll i 1 l I 1 IIS L E ,R P. I1 'I I: 1 A MEDICIN if 1 '-c'Q..5 li' 'B Y 'N CW? ,.'fC'7'VfXF?3i'w ACU' ENN: ' -Ye" ' ' zwfv 1 " " 'ff ""' --' 'i ff:-. mf . f .tg ,qixr C .1 Hina! vkrx Q its -fur Ik ii. JZAIFK x ix iii XF. ,Ab l. N M QQ, 'w.- N F Q , ki-x:xZ:u,4 ,,.j.x.,-, r,..A',.l,X. -11,2 li: .f J-JI X. g ,.-3599. 1-,aug-'CAQQQ -dial fu 71 113' A ' J 'ffglfgci-cfsehhffc Q5 fl XL.fYvf'f., ff? QQEFQZX 7Lf1,"2'vS',5"'1'f' ffl! if-' !H33'1Jii: ,iw ls Y , -.J 9 4-ng, fed X 1 1 . Cin. , lofi 1 ' ' ' , .Ji 1.-'57'9 . 15 l 2 fha' 1 tg. f, - up kfffejiilq :'l,Y-fy! , ly, ,jul 1k'g93l3? -L.-.lcfgd Q Qi, W, :Sill Plugs, F T -.iv X alla. f Qkw 'EN TV - W? C 'Hx t : Q " WAY? l XL' JXJW it G: 1,1 . . lx fr-.mfg Hwy 1 " PM 5 A -' A 7 iCQ.7R- 'lv' "VM i'S'il'iiiQ P --Xxv wed N "i ' '19 C?" it -1 ' N' i'Xo' atifiadc-Q 17",-f'i'mr"' 1. 1 ANA 1 1 ., .- . N 155' I R .v is, , l, , if xv, JL-xsyltyv ,Ii .M i. - Amy ,7,.:.X XL Falk A 1 V Yrs 3 1,5 Y ,Q mguiyv x, F V5 Ui.. e -xmvfttq 15, .Rely 1. ,A tlQja1W5fi,i2iLggl. w yi C :2f2TDi:9jsgQigl-gwiik fig .1 xx gifts. , . 13.423 ffl ' lf :U lf' 5 C' 1 -'ff53'4'.9i1v'f "Lf ' IU: . - 'qfixif' "1 ' .. 5--tviixv-f L' fl l' - F?'YfE1-2N"f' Y. xxx. aye- 'Ser-M04 Q534 -kilo. S'T.1l'T2.J4 ' ' Q'T5-vti5Q?h1i'Ei:fL,xib-P Qliplgalx'-i?Yl'? V33 Percival A. VYilliamS Charles 1Yilloughhy ll. llazel XYilson lfrerlerick ll. tl, XYilQon PERCIYAI., A. XYILLLXMS 13. ll.XZIf1. NYILSUN "I d0u't sumlsv, and I 110117 rlmfv, aim' I do lovely L'V0t',lL'f." Xly lifft, 1,L.L.n Qhicgy ,lmme :md uw. Beaverton, June lst, 1892. saw the occasion of the first 'l'1'5'lUg Cxflmt- 2'11'l Uffllldllg WIN spanking. Matric., Paris. 1910. Did not cut "a wide swathef' Tull uiiiw 1 tlmik ltwm lim Cigar fall-illll' . , but has made a few wortli-wliile friemlsliips. Km 11 ,Mn l't'e'1'U homf. luauw UQ I' dllmg lll mix them up :ln original pill, .Xml with my hill they'll torget they're ill. CHARLES ,l. XY1I.l.lJUtillllY lflQ1f:Ijla:lQlQ1li ig. 41, XX'II'SfjN ".-I mall llv is to lllllllj' Hltlftlfllj rleurf' "Cum ufqm: !11d11xt1'm." .Xt Cookstown in 1894, Charlie was first introrluced to the H lfrima luce lfeli. 7."S7. 1 medical profession. Ile spent his first few years in growing i?'lll'fllQ il51l"'C-- L51 ?l?'1if""fllv1 03- d ift 1 It - - I-A Et, I - In . . J 1 '1n1. 1. lL'g1iL'k', 1 .. U .HV tl fliigllglg Aran? itllcli Izluolluk td0iIK?l.llFL Iklagflilif lahenlty uf Kletlicint-, Llas-. llo. O ' my L ea ? 'I' ' IS LAXLCU WL all 1 yl lag MSF Cliniex, lzthw. lecture-. :inn il, S. shown on inany committees and his genial disposition will Nliccc M1131 M. lg. assure for him Z1 sucessful medical career. Siglleiiilin lie tznlqen in june, '1fi, wr-ll .lilurwl Dwi. ff X J zffdwvfw Y.-N -- -1 .- -' 7 .fn A 5 f 3 Sfflfjie -4-Qiiigiifljii,-.Rf PYT' T -1 TQ? ii , if+,Qgfff6e6 , K U if-'fgj-'J .Q f'.9'f,1l,,--1 i -Q, jeg' 57 V53 1 t'."r3f'f'ff""l Rfk x?CJ2'lfift.? K+- 922 fmiydl E145 4.5-'14 5 1' N- pi N fE:.l: .sys x 1, 3 2512? WWA fit- , -, Llfiaw f Y., 'IN XR,?.nQx fl :,Qi'g.'-SQL 'P' x Q! -i iq-i'N3i4"i'YXw YN- Lg," " QU- JsY:,'41'-'Y Nlalcolm J. NVilson Agnes Xl. Young llzirx-ey C. Young M.Xl.COLlN'I J. WILSON ILXRYEY ti. YOUNG "For .velilum fln :ve .we in one t'0llll7l'Ilt'tI'.' "Tile t'artl1qnul.'e T'tlfL'L' of 'rnfurbv .el lJec1nfeu11.v Imtlvv and 41 l'Iy1lfL'01lS 1111l1d.' To time flip In-1-gil, uf Iifpf' f. UAQPU NY215rb?l1'11 jl1UNl?lg21"51 glans ij1l1?Q0- lMIfflVliglll?1lUf: llwrn St. Klary's. llnt. Pulilic Qchool. then farm. tlrzztlti- llml 'Qlagala 91 5.Lfl hglqnxfuv L"tE'Ue ' allc " . ali" ated St. Blary's Collegiate 1909. Two years' -elmol leziching on Junioi and' benioi .Sita . u oc kup teams and iw uell .1 S ik t I 3 V E tx-hd M dm. 1911 V. APANIN f known at social functions. Went overseas with No. 1 H, IF aCl"ufm' nut A qi mme ' 'lc' ltslfknt 0 C. C. S. and returned with hopes of graduating with Meds.. his mass lglbfw- Mfllllwl' Pl Tllt' Allhlm Ulnfgil Axlhllll HOU' '16. and rejoining the .Xi-my Medical Corps. orary l'r:uternity, XM' predict tor him xi hright future. AGNES M. YOUNG l've learned to write an 1.0.U.. l've also learned a dose or two, l guess I'm Fit for my degree. 'Guess I'll make a good M.l1. So if perchance you're feeling ill, just Call around for a powder :ind pill. II9 -if-'fx fa f?f'f3-" - X 1 ,. V. :ww-M,'w',gj"fZT1'fQ,.:-.,.' ' .V ' L I g QAM- -i1"""T5 Q-f ,, N'-' ,,,,,,qH'-"""uQ-X .7-,,.'1Mkg5a,,g-,..a', N414 ., M- ,,"'F'i-..4-1,J.,N.a.-9-v'ffw,,,,f. ..,, V f"f4fWf3fgYff'wvn. -1-if-'TT 1 A , "LLLQLwf"':- ' , W -, ,.,,L,,,.., 1 ,, K . 4' ' . ,-,.ff-", , Y- , - 'Q 4 . , , ,...f-f-' .. . V. ,.. - V ' r ,-,,f-,.f- . V, 'V-,,,,,,,x Mg., A , J, -, , , ' Q ,...f-kd' xx ' , Qu..-:M.4""' '-v ' gf, V . , we-rf,--'M ,Q 44 Y , -.N H. 4 'wr '4f"M ,- ,,,-- -f 4 ..,.,1ff,:- ' ,VJ , :v1L,,,...- ,H V, M , 4 .,.W,,,,.d-f"" ' 'X Q.: " . ' M,,,,-f-ff"""' ' ' , . M 4 The Western Hospital 120 wa , ,'s o E -, 2 1 'HII1 O ,xo QQ Q 'ffga-2 54 AO C 5 " Tv School of Practical Science PPLIED SCIENCE :Q 1 -, -fi . ff. Wait' rife 6 '-.LYJJ 1f1.f.gtff17a,'f 'ff IJQ 1.15 ,gg ,1g's,4g- .g Q 11.21 av K? ' ' 31 v' 1 I - , 1. Q. 1 X :J .- .KK t 1-bfic, ci. Lk K1 15' Q15 FTE-?t-v:f'3 VJ- E. Blake Allan Frederick NX. Ball l,. Franklin Barnes liyron XY. llemrose lg. 1lI,.-Xlxli, .Xl,l,.XN "1 11111 tl f'lIl'l of all H1111 I llfI'1'U 11161."-Tennyson. lllake was born in 'l'ruro, Nova Scotia, hluly, 1887. llis varied career in Cobalt and Porcupine has endowed him --'ith personality and the makings of a good "mixer." Y. ll. C. A.'s have made Blake a general nuisance to the students around "School." FREDERICK NY. BALL "Val s1'1'011g wax his I'17li1'L', and lic." 1N7elcomed at Port Burwell, 1892. "Bid" passed through the throes of collegiate life in London. Electrical engineering proved his ambition, '16 his good fortune, popularity his asset, and South Residence his home. L. 1fR.XNKl,lN ILXRNIQS ":l.tls Ilzc 1111111 2111111 lCl1OTA'.i l11'111.' joining the blue and white as an .Xrts man at Yictoria. llarney broke away and entered School with '16 Ciyils. lle has always taken an active part in basketball and rugby. also the "Varsity" and lingim-tiring Society. IIYRON XY. lllfKlRl,1Slf "ff1':'1' CI'L'l'j' 1111111 lliy 1'111', 11111 fun' tlrr :'111'1'c." "Hem" hit this planet in 1892. llc- matriculate1l from llratlford lligh School and after spending a year at llumber- side Collegiate came flown to "School" lle entered the electrical course but afterwards decided tn be "civil," llis unassuming manner has gained for him the highest regard of all. err L , c Y i- if XY. Cordon llirrell Daniel Boyd VV. GORDON UIRRELL "A 1111111 lldf g1"z'1'11 to wo1'1l,t or strife: a 1111111 of .v1'11.vv." Birth took place in June, 1894, at llradford, Ont. .Xttended VValkerton H. S. and Parkdale Collegiate. Entered llept. Y. of the "School" in 'lZ. l'Iere's to future success. DANIEL BOYD "Thy lift' is flzinc, to inalcc ur 1111111 To ll!-f the tics, 01' ride thy auto far." Dan. bid Ireland "the top of thc morn" in 1895. Blatric at Riverdale H. S.. Toronto. Exec. Chemical Club '14-'15, president '15-'16, exec. Eng'r. Society '15-'16, School basket- ball ,14-'15. Dan. has the distinction of being the hrst grad. in Metallurgical Engineering. ,X good scout. so here's to success. 123 Ilarold lf. llreuls Norman ll. llrown HAROLD E. BREULS ".lI111'l: 311111 1111: yoiifli. lllt' .vlmll l11'111' of 111111 a11111'11." llarold was born in llesoronto. Feb. ll. 1892. Later he moved to Toronto. attending Harbord Collegiate Institute. .X liking and talent for things mechanical induced him to enter the "School" and promises a successful engineering career. NORMAN Il. BROXYN "'l'l11'y say tllc 0111111 1l1'11' .vl111l.'1' 1011011 I teas l10l'll.H Began to show life at 3 a,m., Aug. 13th. 1891. Started school when old enough. Nearly killed 1911 experimenting. llelped a friend matric. 1912. Made Kipling a shovel for "My Lady of the Snowff' in 191-1. Chemical. I2 B L PPLIED SCIENCE Q ' 1 . 2 Q ' A -, ' ni' x 1 f 1 ., C fn f 7 my sf, if " sa- ' f 5 11,1 .fa ' N it s D ' Karim-xt? 723 ' ii 'VNV iimigli, : in : fx N - Y :ily i .351 Yau Aglguz 'l ,Y-L12 1 ' '-Q - f' 'P L3-133.3 asm is .3 emi f me mai-. - A431 it 1 S . Hfixkf' T 'ix ' is ' r 2' wa, tv t - , . sw , RTM ' - f -- -- . ff . ' ' Y ' l' L ' .' i'-7 Y fi xi 'I-XJ 'I l"1"' if ,I - NH-X ' awk iQ .L-l - .. xffis- 4- 4 59 ' ' y , - ' 'tgiws will lilkqllfp 'De-V3 gi 3'5" f f - or 356, f 459917 S790 f. Thief' L ' . V"..ggg,li.cgQf'i.'1Ei'-sgiiggk-X ' 7 xg Q35 C Lf Q+ffN.Js:3.'Q5Qff J"CXQ5L,CQL-'Qi ,ELTZKN9-'1fU.2, -l. Ronald Chapman li. N. Cumming J. RONALD CHAPMAN "xl 'cliip' of tlzc old block." "Chip," born in 1894, spent the early years of his life in Galt. On joining Class '16 he picked out Electrical En- gineering but later saw fit to become one of the mechanicals. He dabbled in executives. but still managed to get his year. Good luck to him! K. N. CUMMING "He loved a joke, a quiet smoke, and friends to fall aroznnlf' The "Duke" hails from Chatham iso he saysl. Slaked his thirst for knowledge at the fount of Helicon there. Junior matric. 1908, senior matric. 1910. Entered School 1912, and hopes to graduate with '16. ,l. Nelson Cunningham Roy S. Dale I. NELSON CUNNlNl1llAAl "I do f'I'CSCl1l' you teltlz a man Cllllllllly in music." "Cunny" first exercised his vocal organs in llrandon, Man.. March 29. 1893. After attending public schools in Norwood, Ont., he moved to Moose law. Sask.. graduating from the Moose Jaw Collegiate. lle entered School with Class '15 Mechanicals. and is well and widely known through- out the School. ROY S. DALE "Our greatest, yet tvlilz least fr'efc11ra." Born 1890, London, Ont. Entering "School" in 1912. Caruso's "tenor-eleven" voice soon found its place in the Science Quarter. Prominent member of Phi Sigma Tau Fraternity and contrary to precedents he has always ranked high in "mathematical ability." Good luck. Caruso. old boy. LBJHQ X GX7 L Afxftazu wx j xk va- Af.- lfragdrfffew ifftihif we tw? f me many We 3 N C9 is-Q49-it 'i-fr-NQQbe,e c. sz ij K lA?"dfAn5'2 NJ ef x Q owl x ft Vvgivg K1 A rliball 4-915' XX. l H S Lixx Ak .ff X 'Nic NZ K ki Siykigikl we gy. Q59 ,K L Key' JQYWS 1 ble. K en s, Nl fr 1 1 Kea' ,L Q53 11,4737 W wtifeu gig t was Sets ' . RQ l s 4' ' i N-Ll ff 1 - - , -f :M ' x 'B ,xg ll' l Q07 4 I .VX .. . if-1.-.. -3, f f Bxiw ' 4 - 7 . . ' .-i, Q.: CV' V s. sr. of X W f tw-,-H--1 we 1 Q, .aes ew - fl Qifbbffiff-in of new X Qi , lei sew lxffmQQMst,.t, ,wh mon CW? 725. .sm we 1 .. L f Ext ,Q'Q1S"tf5iCg1Q, ESE., 21n.fl'i4siL5?i9iv 115lfRo"3il'.5QSa1'qg.Qt.Uf ,T.trfaf0?ilQ3'gQfN,1e9-1Mgr. skies-f'fl Q., gsa.+gg.FXLrcSTefet+--tx vfQ2e'efM 349Sf37Q1+- Q- N's.Gs3:s-s .,e'1fwPNss.fQ-is -ftmfrskff O33-fxkPFs:fv9J' Leonard C. Pand:-no Lorenzo Delislc LEONARD G. DANDENO "Ewen tlzo' 2'ai1q111'sl1ed, lic fuultl argue still." Born in Berlin, Ont. Public school in Hespeler. Matric. at Galt 1908. Toronto Normal 1909. After a few months' teaching, looked for an easy job and found it at the 'KScho0l," 1912. J. LORENZO DELISLE "So1's actif, ne t'arrE'tc jamais ct fu fir0sfnirvr'as." Born in Chicoutimi, Que. Graduated in the commercial section of the Seminary of Chicoutimi. Matriculated at Laval, Montreal. His attraction for mechanism drove him to the U. of T. A good friend he was indeed. NY. Leslie Dohbin J. ll. lfastwooil XY. LESIJE DOIHZIN "Circ the a'f:'il his due." At a very tender age "Les" entered the gay wliitc way at Minneapolis, Minnesota. A stormy Hight through schools and collegiate of Hamilton landed him at the "School," En- thusiast. President of the Engineering Society 1913-16. rugby. C. O. T. C., terpsichorean art. and the fair one-. J. H. EASTXYOOI1 "I':'c easily dreamed and little ilonv. ' Born in Peterborough in 1395. Arrived a verdant fresh- man in 1912. He was Class president in his third yt-nr. Obtained a varied education from the "School" and other "halls of fame." 125 Laboratories of the School of Practical Science 126 FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE. FOURTH YEAR LlXlQL'l"l'IYlS.1915-16. H. C. Rose, ,lil'L'2'lSlIl'L'1' C. E. Qlivcr, Chem. Rep. IQ. A. C. Lee. Civil :xml .X1'ct. Rup. ' Ga1'dnc1'. XviCC'Pl'C'SilICllI. .l, R. Kirby, I,l'L'Siflt'l1t. A. If. XYi1hlic1m1lw. HQ-ch. uml Tfluct. RL 127 Class History? IT6 Applied Science their year president. llE coming of Class Irl'o saw the beginning of decreased registration in the Faculty of Applied Science. The preceding year started with well on to 300 members, while ITG began its academic career with a bare 150. llowever, the Class of ITo soon proved itself a living example of that old adage-"quality, not quantity"-and the faculty soon learned that good things are done up in small parcels. Never in the history of Toronto University was there a freshman year that had so many representatives on lirst University athletic teams and, as a proof that grey matter was not lacking, 58 members obtained honors at the tirst year examinations. .Xfter a few lectures had been indulged in and everybody had become more or less broke by constant journeys to the supply depart- ment, the Year arose as one individual and elected that tall, blonde, handsome young man, otherwise known as Klr, Fred. Mathews, as Not long after the vear got under wav a few of the men became homesicl' one night and decided to take a trip back to their old home X .5 C -llarborql Collegiate. Other means of entrance being closed, they used the coal-sliute. Once safely t it inside they began renewing acquaintances and these proved to be very touching Z1i:iZllI'S. The whole proceedings received such attention that manv members of the Year narrowly' escaped being mentioned in the society columns of the press. H i Not satisfied with these few activities some ul the lesser athletic lights of the Year who had not captured places on the lirst rugby team helped -lunior School to win the Xlulock Cup, and as a tina! wind-up before examinations became pressing the Year won the Loudon Shield for inter-year hockey. After the pastime of examinations, so eagerly looked forward to by everyone, was over and the summer was but a period of the long past, the Year found itself safely ensconced in the rear of Convocation llall. llere the proximity of the organ and the platform threatened to rob the engineer- ing profession of several uf its embryo members. Many were the rumors of departure for Knox, XX ychtte, Trinity and other theological centres. .X hasty conference, however, saved the reputation, for the time lircillgt at least, of both the Ugcllooln and Theology. rx V' lhe pred'iminatine' mind behind this conference was the Year president, Xlr. lil. ll. Little, but his 5 name belies him, Nature surely made a sad mistake when she created a creature of his stature to adorn such a diminutive appellation. With the build of a Ilereules and the will of a Czesar, his might become famous and brought honor to himself and distinction to his year. At this period much time was spent in erasing marks from drawings that had been put thereon by the beloved demonstrators. lf they could but have had the slightest conception of the appreciation of this kindly action of theirs! lf they could but have heard the murmured thanks! ln fact, one did-the curtain must be drawn over the tender scene that followed: it was too tender for words. lt is only by such occurrences that the versatility of human nature can be understood. December 5, IQIS, will stand out in the memory of not only the members of Class IT6, but every student in the School, and not a few graduates. The annual "School" dinner was held on this date in the tirst year draughting room and was arranged to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the entrance of the late Dean Galbraith into the Cni- versity of Toronto as a student. Over six hundred graduates and stu- dents sat down that night and well on to the wee small hours of the morning the old red school-house was an echo of oratory and a blaze of glory. About Christmas time the Year were bundled bag and baggage back to the first year quarters, owing to the second ve'1r draughtinv' S , C 5 b IZS 'X 1 Tiifefis 'Q Sig N' E z w Q 63 ,js A 4 9- f - 41. l' 9 . ai - Q wet? if ef? ' .sglfj "kg - - Sf' 5 . -izlgg f -'g f-' P74 -3' . XX X i ' -1.12- X - ' X X1 .a e 'A 'Q uia' . X isnt w-'i '- V "f?umE. 1-4 .sae---sm TW Xeiegvgffekkc-fs-' ' -MQ: "se '-f ' NNY- fsvfgillfh . ,. - -- 7.':f.-g5- . 1 ' 'wtf' I AS' of , . ff, 0:95 l 5 rag 1 in -T '. X 'O-1 Z Q2 o er Ing - ,.. .1 0 A .. .. .N J - .. .. ,... as . - . -- fl '2?: 'iw -Tiff? 2 -3: 0 maj -4 2' I-Nj 'S ' -L T::,.- f 1' 'i '- f ...i e ....:.g .,gT,,-Wx 'iq' V room being required for the Arts dinner. Can you imagine such colossal nerve! A whole school year having to give way to Arts! Looking back on it this incident stands out as one of the most amusing happenings of the whole four years. NYhen they arrived back in the first year the faculty saw that they were so cram full of knowledge that the powers that be sent them back, so fast, in fact, that they nearly landed in the third year-so great was their momentum. lolowever, after an intricate process of integration and differentiation they finally located themselves at an infinite distance from where they started. VVhen the straggling members of IT6 returned for their third year it was to a different, a quieter and a more subdued School. ln any other faculty this would have been but an annual occurrence. but in Applied Science it was, to say the least, a novelty. Two events. each momentous in its effect. had happened during the summer: events that were to have a great effect not only on one year or one faculty, but on the whole University, and one of them on the entire world. On .liuly 22, IQI4, our beloved dean, John Galbraith, HA.. died, and the School and student lost their best friend. The other event was that relationships between the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance had reached a crisis and on August 4, 1914, our nation was plunged into a bitter war, how bitter none of us then realized. Ou November 2, 1914, Ottawa authorized the formation of a branch of the C.O.T.C. nine com- panies strong. This was increased to twelve on December 14. As an index of the manner in which the Science students took hold of this serious problem, ninety-five per cent. joined the corps, a record not equalled by any other faculty in any university in Canada. This year saw few activities outside of athletics and military work, and in both connections members of IT6 quitted themselves like men. It was but a fitting climax that was to prove, for the time being, Charlie Gages last year at Toronto University and should also see him astride the top rung of his athletic glory. In military matters 1T6 was faithfully doing its duty and many officers of the C.U.T.C. were seen taking lectures with IT6. The insistent call for men was becoming louder and as a result. out of about ISO that started the year only So reported for examinations. These changed conditions gave the year president, Mr. llf. Eastwood-the boy from the east- but little opportunity to display his many executive capabilities. Towards the end of the session 1915 it became the duty of the School to select some member of IT6 as president of the Engineering Society. After much smoke had been raised and blotters had been distributed in profusion, Mr. C. E. llastings was found in possession of the keys of office. At the beginning of the present academic year, owing to executive complications, Mr. lrlastings resigned the presidency of the Engineering Society. Mr. NY. I.. Dobbin was subsequently unanimously elected president. No sooner were things under way than the Year president, Mir. -lack Kirby, who is a renowned beauty, sought to endow the rest of y . ex the year with his own unsurmountable qualities. He lined all up Lg., time and prayed that Mr. Farmer do his best, and it is not doubted but , V 'ff , Sf s that the students of the future will gaze with rapture on the like- A SQ ,. nesses of men who once trod the ancestral halls where Toike Oike SO t. is wont to resound. Q The C.O.T.C. thrives still and the call to arms through it is fs? more insistent than ever. Already members of IT6. in the persons S., I of D. G. Hargarty. C. Smythe, R. A. Fraser, li. Allan and R. NAR-12' gf T. C. Hoige have obtained commissions in either the Canadian or if is M Imperial forces. Many a man who as a freshman with lrlifi found ' himself in wrong lectures and doing all the absurd things fresh- fjlif1'f9,. A men are wont to do, is now on the firing line, striving to save 9: civilization from a cruel fate. Once this is accomplished he will put -g 3 away his gun, take up again his transit and level and do his part -4 'if 1 C if in rebuilding out of chaos order and uniformity. 1 l29 PPLIED SCIENCE I. - Kg Q ff-C'Sn . 'xxx .1 .1-Qrfgsxfx Qpxx! gy -bm-iszvf-'L 'NsXs,sN3 JT" v N ffx.. v"f'Q- igirfi 1 S.,g"s ff?ni5AiET?35?3l7557'11N-'Seca-1 fe sxsf- We ff-sis "1-11 -. -wr 1- s -- is . s- yrriiag Q 9. .4 GJ ' W, ERA B VQ'2gTi'w3,k'i5ES, SQLSQXN Sway? 0 N . x .ga-i ' ' A' -8450.1 1 ' ' 9,23 1 egignifat' 21 es Q :Nas Q 1-'gf -f ' ' li 33113. NK, , w USN. TQM.-bf ,567 r .. -'11 .-es. Q tXb'iff Z cz 'c lkspifi '-fag! ' 'f 'f ffjj 1- Sf, f .t 'A ... 'JJ Y ' fi :y , ISMQQ . 5 , xxso . rf? 2-+ 'tl 'TIM i ff P "wel fl ' A' Gi" L' if . ' ' "Be 'Lf' - "1 4 1 'V ill'1'72?t NV " dvi' -1- 8 Ft qJ"a-512111811195 Q Us 1 . -A f4Q .we-?:5 : ' Q 912351 . ,cvwnitf f.Q24i"'fwJ igikfl--YQSPZ' I- 1a!'Ai'f f ' ' -. h e ll? . . . -2 " -' X09 1 egg'-Y .,Y. -. ,LQ 3i5XEEci.5 .4.. 4 X R. Lloyd Flegg Douglas Tl. Gardner Ernest C. Curnett Murray Curofsky R. LLOYD FLEGG "xi 1114111 may snzilu, and 51111112 and x1111'lc,7a11tl bc 11 :'1'llai11." A product of Smith's Falls. "Fleggie" matriculated from the local collegiate and entered "School" with the Class of '16. "just a rattling good fellow." Here's to his success! IDOUGIMXS ll. GARDNER "A 1111111 lic is to 111a11y 111aidU115 dear." Born Peterhoro, 1890, but matriculated from Iarvis Collegiate. The call of the wild lured Doug. to the "School." Won his "T" with the 1914 senior rughy champions. also playing in many inter-faculty contests. ls president of University Rugby Club for 1915. Both old men and maidens wish him every success. It I 11c':'01' annie late to a lecture, how would Ilze profs. ku ERNEST G. CURNETT mv who I wus?" Horn .Xpril 29th, 1895, in Owen Sound. Matric. 1910. Nlr. Curnett gi'aced the city of Owen Sound with his presence until he Uflt' entered "School" in 1912. MURRAY GUROFSKY 1100115 110 1'11f1'0d111't1'011. H0 .vficzllrs for l11'111st'lf.l' On Feb. 4th, 1891, Red first gave a kick, .Xnd from Jarvis Collegiate he got his matric. To the School one day he came without fear, Hoping to become a Civil Engineer. L J 1 Tiwhs 1' V'T.v:-1:1 ' -'-.. - or 1' 1 " 1 . 4 C 1'ri1 ver C. Hagedo 1'ii R. Maxwell Hare L. Wlilliam Harron C. Emerson Hastings GROYER C. HAGEDORN L. VVILLIABI HARRON "Tim 1111111 Ti'I7l'flI wlzilc 1.5 flu' OIIC who will 51111'lc, ll'lI4'II l'I't'l'j'l'llIlIjl 511105 dmnl 7.U1'0llfY.'- Heck hails from llerlin. and has been popular with Toronto boys and girls since 'll In his thirst for knowledge he entered School of Science. Here his motto has been. "Never do to-day what can be put off till to-morrow." He has heen active in both social and athletic work, and is a p1'1'111t' fusser and gen.-ral iavorite. Good luck to you, Heck. R. MAXXYELL HARE "S111't'ly, Slll't'7-1' .cl11111ln'1' is lI1l.7l'F steve! llltlll foil." Matriculated fronrfjakwood in 1912. Desiring tn become a man he entered School with '16 Civils. "Hairy" ha. taken an active part in inter-faculty rugby and basketball. His many friends wish him every success. 130 His .YIll7llL' fciz doth. f11vCf1ll'f' 111a11's ab.v111'd1't1'es." liorn in Toronto 1894. Matriculated in 1911 from Oak- wood High School and picked Civil Engineering as his future work. Yice-president of his Class in third year. now "Varsity" rep. .X brilliant future in both Engineering and Cartooning predicted. C. EMERSON HASTINGS "They .ray-tvliat say they? Let flllflll say."' On the 23rd of August. 1893. "Tat'.' came to Toronto. He attended St. Andrews College. Meisterschaft. and the School supplemented by summer courses at Harvard Dm- versity. In his fourth year the School elected him president of the Engineering Society. Everybody knows "Tat," so "'nough said." , s -Ag.: E t 'Jo APPLIED SCIENCE 'C rf ff'Z Reginald T. C. Hoidge S. 1. Hubbert REGINALD T. C. IIOIDGE "The name signifies noflzingf' Our Reg., well known to the world of fun and frolic, was born in Toronto in the year 1894. Reg. has elected Archi- tecture as the profession upon which to bestow his talent. Reg. is grand master of the El Roilo Club. He claims to have done nothing worthy of note, but we know he is hiding something from us. S. J. I-IUBBERT r'TllCl'U is a destiny tlzaf sllafies our vntlx, Rough llezu tlzem lzow we will." First saw the light of day at Harrie on Nov. 18, 1891. Member of Parkdale Collegiate rugby and track teams. Matric. 1910. Started with Class '14 Applied Science. Prof's didn't think the same as he did and as a result is finishing strong with Class '16. Kenneth 11. Jackson llerbert C. Karn KENNETH 11. JACKSON Ken comes from bonny Scotland, where the blooming heather grows. Hut what he'll do or where lleill go, w-elli1'1eaven only knows. 11e started out quite sensibly as a civil engineer: Hut switched into astronomy for reasons not quite clear. 4 He was always late. but always there, no matter what he did. And so we wish him all success. tor he's a 11111 good kid. HERBERT C. KARN "The social, friclzdly, lzoiwst man, 'Tis lie fulfils great lVl.'lf1ll'C'X flair." Born in VVoodstock, Ontario, July -lth. 1890. Matricu- lating from Viloodstock Collegiate. he entered S. P. S. as an electrical of 1T5. "Honors" each year was his specialty. Sickness at the end of his third year made him a '16 man. 11is lightning arresters and personal "magnetism" shall surely inscrihe his name in the hall of electric fame. X Geoffrey F, King John R. Kirby GEOFFREY F. KING "ll'llJ' Xlltlllltl lifc' all labor lui?" llegan his career in 1891 at Montreal, where he attended VVestmount Academy. Later resided at Simcoe, Ont., obtain- ing matric. at the high school there in 1910. A loyal student. drilled in the C. O. T. C. His long legs and "School" train- ing are bound to smooth the road to success. JOHN R. KIRDY "For l1c's a nzemlvcr of rlzc midzziglzt crew." Jack came to light in 1890. Graduate of Parkdale Col- legiate. Entered "School" with 1T6 and attached himself to the noisy end of the Year. Stuck with the Class hy plugging for exams. and gained the presidency of the Year in its fourth round. He is tinishing strong. 51 Robert XY. Kirby Russell XY. Kiru ROBERT XY. K1Rl2Y "Of Ill-K men qzlal1'f1't'.v. ti umllvsl num is tlumlif' "Roh" tirst saw the light of day right here in 'l'ormit.w 011 M?ll'ClI 24111. 1894. ,Xtter a normal cliilillioml .if iutqelge and mumps he entered U. T.. S.. from uhieh he l1lJlll'lU1llIllL"l in 1912.1 1'l1s classmates ot '16 know him to lip 5, .wifi- unassunnnlg fellow and a hard worker. llis favoritt li.-libiee are motoring. and exercising a inelmlious hgiss miie, RCSSEL1. NY. KIRN ".-1 fwaecflrl and a plan.: manl?1" "Rusty" first made himself heard in .Xki-on. Hhi--. .Xt the age of eight he inoved to Peterlmro, Uiitario, euiiiplt-fiyug lns elementary education at Peterboro Collegiate. lfntt-rin: Class '16 his "quiet" demeanor has won for hun runny fast friends. Good luek to Rusty. Y F.XCl'I,'l'Y OF APPLIED SCIENCE .-XTIILETIC EXECUTIVE. 1915-16. TOP ROVV--U. NV. Titus, 3rd Year Representative: K. L. Carrntliurs. 1StYear Rcpresentativeg VV. B. Scott, 4th Year Representative VV. I, Parker, Znfl Year Rcpruscntative. f!UT'I'UM RONV-R. A. Ilarbour, SL'CI'CIZ11'j'-Tl'C21Sl1VCI'Q I. Riclnnond, President: Prof. C. H, C. Wright, Hon. Presidentg I. R. Gillcy Vicc'President. f 132 .. C. . . I M ,, , , , I PPLIED SCIENCE Q7 Y4 1 a i s if f, I .Q .Y X r . - .5 ?ie,Qf, i 5 ti eff? fi - J if-1521, R71 Nt P -' 'T fa sees 1- D De Jw i - 'ri i -t he ' S Q ,a cy l ,Ei j, gn-5 f QS N t'1w -- ' . ' ' it-5 3,0 ::g1iVf3"f+ -14-ug 'Ir Q4-1 Y s .P .QcAjiLi1'Z2i iwteiillflttffitt .NF C wiff. if 1 as gl H . Mies -wi. ee-:f N ,,1e,4fL,QilXQgi.m, sg, i 6533 35,31 15.4.0 ycmwiyjluy - , A . QQQZXD . ff, xx- ...Cf qrql 'r?t.fades.e.zg5?Y1Q3'?5c:f4e..s.fA..,2..-testis+2 he . an fewbosc' WM cms ts' CcJi5ekQiQeE!L Stanley J. Krug Leonard A. Lee liyron A. RlcCrodan Roger A. Klac-lonald STANLEY J. KRUG "And ezwry inch a Hula." "Stan," six foot three. Chemical Engineer, dwcller of South Residence, graduate of Chesley High, connoisseur of edibles and "the weed," was born in Chesley, 1893. LEONARD A. 1.1315 "It uzattcrs not if she be rlzirlc or fair." Len. first opened his eyes to the world in 1892. He matriculated from Oakwood Collegiate and entered S. P. S. with a bang in 1910. Prominent in all athletics and all roughhouse. He more than once played with the bunch that copped the bacon. Len's success is assured by his popuf BYRON A. KlcCRUl1AN "Iii a rabiiz, in ri euilyun, Ei't'i1i'ufihg for ii 111irn'." Born in Belleville. 1895, and after showing marked ability in the Belleville schools, from which he matriculated, he joined the '16 miners and with the same marked ability has weathered the blasts and is now about to drill into his lirst big project. ROGER A. MACDONAI. lb "The dnmxv of Offnrfirnity are also uzarlceii PUSH uuil Pl'I.L." "Mac," as he was better known at the School, was born at Stratford in 1893. There he received his early education and in 1912 came to Varsity to develop his talent for things mechanical. "Mac" will probably be found in the thresher business in the Classic City. A 1- .Ng , X . ,, wir' V- X s,- X 3 X xgqx fit -Cvxx ixnx !.- 54-33. M fy, , Tlx ig- N : N 'N N TCT? w"'fb1CcxXf??' TEC. 'lviggtg X 'l!'?"l?ft its 954-'4':'vf 1 -.X Fi CSV' NZNY. t .N 5 9 .fb ' 7 X Ui?-3 33 UD f JIT-' 'l AW 9 4:5 -We l - " b QIYQTW est' N -9' 591153 ii':w,f'xS1 X g .Ng s fi, ,'g1ge, -X, .ss re lv ,ex-'l-. were qi s Y - ,. Q s oi s api-QKRX3 -5 5, gg -L -3mg,i2xgptQsggS, Q. ,XS-.qysaif fcsfgki . t .R e, 2 V as J J xx W kb TCL Q-:,:L"XKg-9 V' 'AWHJ4 'N X-5 K 1- WTR? -l-:sd Tll'ik"9SQ N'X 'ESSEX Y iftuiiflgx va? are est? f its 'il -1-. 'l Y J .I riff!!! 5:3 Q' larity. AQ 'D' Tix 'I ieglfiwtik 777 i - ' T"N . v ' '- H K-'7 - Yi cgi 1 , 1 - E93 lfi i 'fist f r:4"i"4 ' 4 1,22 "'1f'f UT ' f c J mi-f'3"'j' i se? . K Q g - U' if , 7' - "'e- Q ' g . N. 5-X' I A .I f, Vi p,l., -fx "mf ivy?-K Jj 6 f fi. ,gfwz-X , ' ifka-'kxijgx--I f. X Ysr'x,,J:-. 'lgsl'3Ql Ni 'N j YANX-X", 'Xi N J, X, five -U G, Q'TlJ:?N Qsviqliggjdx X ' 28:1-L nf txkkltvlyi ,I ,mlb-ib:.l R '- f vu fue, , ix .X , '..r N 'L . -V . L X711 I, at I ' ry. .K j ff 4: 'jf W. 'api .LTA Y P 1 ' ---x., cs N" 74. - t ,Q.Sf5Q7fQieS3'5ff2,?15.e.v::lf 21',.2'i'2f'c..ipr:3fipffefGi9tQ.1.t Ligipcfflf kgallffgeiffsiigiw wise? wifi C ,b - ss f 5 Oswald Margison W. Bruce Mitchell ,lohn C. Newcombe Cecil H. Ney OSVVALD MARGISON "I-lc's a devil in his own llonzc torch." "Margy" was born in Ilull, Yorkshire, ling.. but in the bogus rush to the gold tields came to Victoria, H.C., where he received his earlier education. After becoming a "mil- lionaire" in the printing business he entered "School" with Class '16. A very successful career in his profession is predicted. VV. BRUCE MITCIIELL "Thvrc's more in him than than 1unicrsland's1." Nature intended well when she endeavored to hide away in the vicinity of London a newcomer. However, "Mitch" finally forced his way into the world and after teaching school for two years joined the Class of '16, Hc has been one of the most prominent students of the Class and his success is predicted. '33 JOHN C. NIEXYCUMBE "In faith hc is ii gycrztleniau E.r6ccd111gIy well read." Born at Toronto, December 22. 1893. Educated at the Model School and Harbord Collegiate lnstitute. lleing keen for engineering he entered Class '15, but an accident due to gravity caused "black" to be in company with Class 'lo. CECIL H. NEY "He .viis above the rlaug and divx! of time, In the cold ,starlight 'wlicrc than canst not i'liml'." Born Dec. llst. 1890, at Tlradford. Educated at Neue market and Aurora. lndulges in soccer, boxing and lsing- ing?1. "Cec." will make his mark. " 4 1" g, , x W 1, if - Sfllliifii, OF PR.XC'ltIf.Xi, SCIENCE JUNUPR RUUIIY TEIXNI xViHI1CI'S of the Nuiock Cup. 1915. TRACK RUXY-F. C. A. lfloubton, IC. ll. Philip, VV. Crane, K. L. CHl'I'l1filC'l'S. I LX. Carvie. H. R. llurtmi, LX. E. Mix. R. T. Gardii Qi. Nl. lil'L'L'lT. S. H. I0illl'4flJl'l. SECUNU RUXY-P. T.. Mtfiaviii. 1-D. G. Scutt. Capt.: I. Richmond, Prof. C. U. C. xxvliflilt. F, lTi1'ds:1ll, J, C. Angus. FRUXT NNW'-I. I.. Cleary. ii. Pctcw. fi. R. limiinlock, T. A. XVo0d. '34 'ICI' . ab A YA PPLIED SCIENCE 1 . . 13, .ego RI.t17,1'l43l ' .N :my keg it jvf5.gL1g 'ij .?:p.i,-'Asijigr' X357 ,gp yfvio T 'x.wff'.,4f!j1 H 'ggff 7 4' 5 43 C in ..g.2,1?j2fQg43L5, . 3 'A 1156.5 1 131,31 Lgfffqgwi '. W. , ,X-ry,-,, .-, ' es '--z -- '- . 1 .ff ' v.w.,f - -Y i . '-GQ, . I, ,jf i,1,,'.3" -y,,,'Q ,f .Rsi'fsijPgJomL.-clw tdslsiiwgqegsfifekdxti-CXJQI c, Ns:f,f-,4 h L' -S:C.J'f1.,g:!9,gyw 5. 4 ,"fl-vf.f,i.? 95- : falls? r 5 e' 'f I 5?-??Lif 85? N "X S giqfsfl 4 , r' , 5 5 X351 if N ,fi Eg tbggxi 2 A the KTA sw fu -D J, .T K, - 4 - 44 kv 1 Nl A C7 .A 1 ' 7 xsy. giving- . ' C. 'f .y N LGPAXX 's,WM .-wx 'w ci fl t "vi bn -1 ' if in W I-fairuivmer-. -1 et' Q ei'1tk.+'w Q V 191155-Qffsk is AQ? G se QTTIESQTQ 194 c ww i91"Kf'?EgAlGs+'3Q li Gordon Nott E. Archibald O'Callaghan Charles If. Oliver XVilliam H. O'Reilly GORDON E. NOTT "Not for the world." Established at Brantford, 1894. Dissolved partnership with London Collegiate, 1912. Incorporated in Electrical Engineering, Class '16, Amalgainated with South Residence. 1912. Assets-House President. Still operating under the old firm name of "Nottie," E. ARCHIBALD O'C1XLL1-XGHAN "Of a clieerfiil Inolr, a pleasing eye." This is Cal, who likes Cal-culus. Specialist in construct- ing air castles. His cares, as light as the smoke of his pipe. and his smile as broad as they make them. CHARLES E. OLIVER "So smile au'ay."' New Vllestminster, HC.. honored on Sept. 17th. 1892. Born again at the Royal City High School in 1908. Held the fencing championship U. of T. 1915. President of the Fencing Club 1915-16. Always smiling in lectures. labs.. sports and forever fussing with Ethyl Acetate. WILLIAM I-I. O'REILLY UTlIl'0'lU flrysilx In the dogs. l'll none of it. Clieuzistry for mine." "Hill" happened along on Feb. 5. 1891. at Penetanguishenc. After inatriculating at Troy Iligh School, N.Y., Chemical Engineering with '16 looked good to him. -Klemher track team 1913-15. Rugbyvinter-faculty cliampions C12 and intercollegiate champions '14, Yieerpresnlent S. P. S. Athletic .Xssociation '14, -f "fi rs 1 ,nf A-fro - , 2. 1f,x..r:'wfe:13x.- fs-eg5?Q vt: ea-X Afw r"XX-N331-TQ: 'li' or ' Q ketjigitqsvtigrii1fw.q5.1i J TNQYCJEQ S135 snags?,gQQb.sf,33v.rg7s5ft ' f .X ' 'efk-I.,-5 P NSN".f'itl'LQfl'i'L3Ci X lf ,wtv.sf'1-' fl 1l'Q14W?i 42351 D' 1:umQ,.Dl'FliC1Y'ts 1'-5lT'xbQ65VN?d 1f,i'1x'?ff1Qi?.,jjleL9- Jrl film 5.7'Q4iz"lf1-F27 'fe TZ Mefiiq'i1bTKe15,s"firCe 4. Q xiii lriigfl, iq l, ,fix A, i xyl , ww I K- ,Na .X 'QQ ix-gpm, F506 Q .1 610 t QNSYSSL Q .aiftg TR- ,, cffgiglxll QU-cl, 4.QiQ"1ff I 21'-Q N. N. ' ef' ,F ' ,ii I , . via. SFWFLQFJ W1 fda -iw' N F . N Af" 5, 7 f, shox, ,,, 4 Y- C ' 'ii' if A gsvif' 1? We . ' fan ug,-.r Xfafj VH Riagg! .Dcfvk 2 ,kit V grwfgpf .1 gm f -'A ., .. . . . VN . J-f X , if fi W-. ti. ,, 1 - , X ...- it oh , - - . .1 1- A 1-wfgigf? e' e ...wiper 52 I 'f6593lSlPQgQ fttmiz 'f ff -fQ"'w'?f Q5-74' . 1' 9'-F" 1 ti'5't'i I-wfftew' I Q1'fF,5f-4-LN WD -el l 11 ' 7111 fo Effizilri -ST :QF Q44 tt- lied, .L lr xfftei X RISRXFSYLCK at Gaz 3 1 eil. - Newton L. Powell john E. Pringle NEVVTON L. POXVELL "His is the curse of the gypxy blood and lic d011't know how to rest." This luminous meteorite fell near Delhi, Ont., in 1887. Since then, it has continued to shine. Five years in com- mercial life. later as construction engineer on Ontario road- ways and latest as president of the School Y. NI. C. A. Popular, perceptive and persevering. JOHN 12. PRINGLE "Happy the youth in EltL'll't1'S nxionix tried, And 'versed in many an- nrt bcszdef' jack is a Hamilton product of May, 1895. Hamilton taught him all outdoor sports and enough to let him enter "School" with 1T6. Experience in Northern Ontario, Northern British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan has given him qualities which indicate a future in thc profession. 135 John Richmond Ilarvey lf. Rose JOHN RICHMOND 'HHIILCII study is Il Tt'L'fll'l'lIC.YX of llle fh'xl1." "Rich," commenced activities on this planet in Smiths l'alls. Nfter graduating from collegiate therehan-il spending a year rn-Arts, he entered School '15, but his toot slipped and' he Joined 1Tfi. Ile was an active inemher in athletics. having been secretary-treasurer.and president of that XQS11- ciation. May success attend his ettorts. ILXRYIQY If. ROSIC A'His talents :vert for uiiisit' ram' His singing matic the lmys fn .v:eviir." . 'Twas in the summer of '94 that "llaliily" tirst rent the air of Seaforth with his lusty yells. 'Migrated to Guelph 1903. niatriculating there 1911. lfntering School with the Class of IT6, he leaves as :i popular grailuate in Civil Engineering. APPLIED SCIENCE 1. i"f ' - ' - ' ' J ' . . - :. . 'X e - -:wx . '11 f N :Q X-I :Q ' e -4 v-N-saw. W. Q . if f - , 1 ,-.k kgfsn , nh' V. if . I 1, D 1 I SCJ N Q-fx' A1 sN .QI Q L ww -x X 7,4 W :fvp lk b K- , V- 1 fi A Eva 2135 -'Q PQ f. 1 we 1 fd ilflii 'gf as Q'?Tf7211f1'c3f12sgi9 . 562 IPM ' ' 'it1+?f1 p - , ,,-. 'W , J - -M 1 I' A v f :wr . r . 113 fp Qrffbsj : .1 I f.?l.N:1 f .- 'ofa 5 -w A - fl- 7SQWHf!1 ,517 31751 155'-. 'xg f 1 dyes v . . . -gi -T N w '71 9, ,fi 2,3623 fn' F 'xggg-'-f.f'? fe L' UG ' 'f 1'..f,'j5"s, 5. 143 pflrises-o.r+' .49-'NPN "X-Ms,f35l1hwff:f sfo. Wg.-'.1 Qt ai ggig , fygespgy i'1gq53i2.,q pg trQ,f,3,Q3.ga13,gk ,I 1 1' Y . F ,X tm .rl kr I, 7,7 M avg. U 1 - I W, .1 XY. . V' X will N .N ,HY K? I ',r ,KTA XT .1 1 - iff- -VA 1.-dig, rgsv U74 11 L ,Q 1 .W ,I4-. K' QQ . , A :M -M 1 1 ,511 ...Hia 4 Crrifivffk' at 1E" 1:32Qff.E iQS.I6tzr13.YfzQ1Gi55 Q23 fieftl-Xe:T1 ff? for Stewart R. Ross S. W'illiam "Fritz" Ross STIQXY.XR'I' R. ROSS "He was 514.1-' foot 0' 1111111, Clear 11111 and 11111114111 lIt1lIlI',.H Q Ilorn lune 9, 1891,4Denver. Col. Moved to Clinton, Ont., UU. Matric. and Junior teachers at Clinton Collegiate '08. tlrad. London Normal '09. Held undisputed sway over youthful minds for three years. Elected Students' Council 13. re-elected '13 and '1-1. which speaks for his worth. Civil. S. NVILLLXM "FRITZ" RUSS "Lands IIL' 51111111 111c'us111'1', t1'1'111s 111111 tides f'1'L'.if1QL'.' But 1115 '1'af'C11'1'fy' 110 11111' 51111111 110ll11L'.n Russia was honored hy his appearance in Sept. 50. 1890. Disagreed with Czar about constitutional matters. Came to Canada 1906. Matriculated "Jarvis" 1910. Joined 'tSchooI'l '14. Stayed out and joined '16, Wfas prominent "grapplcr." Undislvuted champion woman hater. Ilcrhert E. Rothwell I. Percy Russell IIIYRIIICRT li. R1l'l'IIXYIiI,I, "I 111111' A117 1111 that may 17C'L'UI1lC 11 111a11." Ilorn in Calt. Qntario, February 6, 1885. Matriculated at Ilarhord Collegiate ilnstitute. Toronto, 1904. Completed three year course in Chemistry with Class 'O7. Returned to join Class 'l6. I. PERCY RUSSELL HP11111 for T110 51111110115 51111110 1x1'1111 1111t111'u f'01'llIl't1.H Ile tirst graced Toronto with his presence in July, 1895, which place has successfully nurtured him ever since. After a preliminary education in the puhlic and secondary schools, a scientific curiosity attracted him to the "School" with the Nlechanicals of Class '16. 1 - :eff-1 ff fe,-V . he , . as g .,f-0 ., ff-ri S Q X g - .-:fs -sg, A, X :xo , as ff ,Q f- -,-L, T w 1. .Q . fxs - T' P- - m9.s.QitsQ ag-'.3'+sfd We gsbDfa,sfTN .RSESCE f f.:"55f:.i1.aN fi elssgf feftfnswiflxitsse -. 1fQQffis 1 Q ,aff9QQ1Xi1ve:4c1-geosigf 1 - " to -1 re. 1 ' - 9- -J ss lvfsf 1. 'sw 1' 2 . ,s ' - . ' if 5 . .v .. A M "' NQ'fcP Qlekwxix " I1 tick, UVTX '- xcQ3,.gf-l6:Q'.- nikixggqpq QTS1-H V,' c?ihC- EPCLW C ixgfltiji g KJ::1".""' 'QQ 122531 Q IPQW I .- as we 'fsssft 'v-gf l fir f 'I mfr. I 3 '1 1' 5162 r w 1' '39f"31 ff: f . mf as 1.1 fees - are 71", ,J '19 "Nh ' . "W KCC gear' Civil Q33 s X, C 1 .. .4 ,. ' Q N . ,mfs 'gfjdzf' 8 .X Q g f . 7 ,Q QN, A I V cs V' 591. . . 1 'nf 1 If -"X rf ' AJGK7' ffw- gf? if-41TJfsUJ4'v-"xJX'X-'Xt 5. Us l.1'G'i' - XTYFNE or get--FQ 2fp6vk2Q?1 ay.isQsrgp.,g1 ,ff r 'fee 7, 'gg 5 1. ,111 ds' 1. 'gg , 1. .1 if 1 - 5 I'ji.,,1,,, f 5 f' H, -4.5: ,Liv "-11 fi 1' 1" -I - .QA ' J' 1,2291 1' Lf'i1'Qj,5fNt' ifj,,.Q' jf!! ,Q -,ggffig-frg,XA, :LJ .ig Q , Q59 ' 1!TI?lP-15.32 XValter B. Scott R. Lester Seahorne Ralph L. Sievewright John L. Skinner VVALTER B. SCOTT "His jtwial 11111 dispels av11dc'1111'1' gloom." llorn in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1893. Matriculated from Parkdale Collegiate 1911. Scotty's roving disposition has taken him to all corners of the world. His propensities for olitaining the good things of lifc have found him many frienr s. R. LESTER SEABORNE "1f fx I1 Pity fo 1111 C1'ZL'Gj'.' it is bcg1'11111'11g to be a11111s1'11g." On Sept. 25. 1889, the stork started another embryo engineer from Tliorndalc on his way to the Schools. After leaving Picton High School he held an inspectorship with Quebec Forest Protective Service. l'Ie finally arrived at the "School" with Class '16. His affablc nature and energy will luring him many friends and continued success. 136 RALPII L. SIEVEWRIGHT "Sec 1111. IIUGI' 4111, my 11ou't." Mr. Sievewright is a native. of VVindsor, Ont.. and was educated at the Windsor Collegiate Institute. He is now an earliest student in the structural courseuof the 1T6 Class, hut always professes to know nothing until examination time. VVhat escapes his attention is unohservable and the S. P. S. is sure of one engineer from its IT6 graduates. JOIIN L. SKINNER "Soul of C'11c.va1', miter this fierce bosom." ,lack was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1893. Education has been extensive, both in United States and Canada. Presi- dent of the Architectural Club. Won his "T" with cross- country team in 1914. Has equalled the world's short line space record. Otherwise perfectly normal. V UNIVERSITY UF 'l'URON'l'H, SCIIHUI. HF l'R.XC'l'lL'.Xl. SCIENCE, llOl.lllfRS of 'l"S. l"l5. OP RONV-'C. E. Gagc-, '16: ll. Kohl, '15: IC. R. Gillcy, '17: C lf. Ulivur, 'log C. .'X. Huglu-s, '171 J, R. llillcy. '173 R. tl. Sant, 'll W. H. O'Rcilly, '16: R. R. Sinclzlir, '151 F. M. Uryanw, '17: C. C. .Xmlc-rwn, 'l6: R. Rankin, '15g 12. R. XYurkm:m, '09 K IQNTRE ROVV-K. C. Tiurncas, '15: I.. ll. Tillson, 'ISJ J. P. Cavu-rx. 'lfil fl. ll. Gray. 'l5: Prof. C Il. C xxvfllllll. lluu. l'1'c-iylcnt School of Practical Scivnccz C. R. Keys, President: gl. Russ, '15: J. I.. Skinner, '16: li, ll. blupp. 15. IUTTOZXI RONVfD. ll. llarclncr, '16g S. ll. 1'ctc1'l:in, 'ISQ I.. R. Rrown, 'l5: l., .'X1ll1u'1l. 'l5g .X. R. Klk'I1lll71llYk'l, 'Ing R. ll. llucxti-. 'lf J. Gray, '15. XRSENT-Y. R. Pfrimmcr, 'l6: N, Itll1Y'WH5ll. 'l7. '37 e-ie . 3 APPLIED SCIENCE A it 'i -si' ' h-' F aiths T17'11f13i.f 5'5'l'll Coil ,Us9i2?"1Ii ff??J' li X- I fi EW917 2fCh"Y7V' 55 71157 if 7'2" T" 71' --45 4 'A 1 7 . .,fN ' LV i kd 3.2" 5 'L"c,vSlierfif ",i1lZQ9rii'-fl ew 1 l' iq. ' fi gill Q ' 11.3 st 1 QF 371 ,Ji 1 7 Q ?LiI'.l4 . 5 A j C 'N M 1 f-f,yg1'- ' " 1 0- sffieiif XQHASLQ2 CQ -,, 'lt 1 is e It 1 cw. - -ia: F' .,.- --.N Q, 'leak D aus, siLiiCpi,.,Rn N mi 4 . I w ' A- H25 I 'yo.g,Q'egjgigr-icfx C. ,-- L,13'T N H Pc, xi n .Matin . D. - auf . ,ee-iw.. af. 1 C ,--ewan -X5 f 1 QSEgfg,f11iil2ei 5 Xtvb'2?S QgiL,,-XQ?3gxQf:5uSi ,ikngf 'it-acl ' is 1353.3 Eg , I Et, :I-X -Rx A aaaeikcaswzeeyiwsee ncfefffais aa est XV. Arthur Smelser james A. Sureda Cleve A. Smith VVilliam H. Stark VV. ARTHUR SHELSER CLEVE A. SMITH "Au lioiicxf HIHII, close lviittoiictl to tlic rliiii, BVOLl1lL'l0llI uiiflmiifg and 0 ivariii livarf tc'itl1i11." lle gave his tirst Toike Oike in Fieherville. Ontario. in 1383. He learned the toolmakers' trade with the world-fameil XV:-irner and Swasey Company. in Cleveland. .ln llamiltou he worked as instrument maker with the VVe-stinghouse. Electrical. ,l,XMl'1S .X. SUREICLX "lion riiiff fell tht' size by the IIUIASU.-' "Jimmie" was born in sunny Porto Rico, where he re- ceivenl- his primary education. Early in life lie lieziril 'the call ot the North. coming to Canada inY19OS. -.Xfter matricu- lating at St. llichaelk he joineil th: Class ot '16, l'le has ULTIITVUVII To-iiiuwuiu and dead l'v.vt01'day, ll'liy frat about tlzciii if to-day lu' swvcffn Our disciple of Ohmar Khayyam, being possessed of a voice of wondrous sweetness. a head of surpassing brilliance, unparalleled tact and a passion for the illusive feminine, has but one unqualified ambition: to Subject the flute which he now plays but so so. VVILLIAM H. STARK "Nari1i'c uzutlv lziiii, but I1ClCl' aizoflivr like lzi1i1."' llardyk advent. Sept., 1893. at Toronto. He received his early training there and matriculated from Upper Canada College in '11. In Oct. of that year he entered the School as an .Xnalytical and Applied Chemistry student. The en- gincer's rod and chain. however, lured him to the Civils been a ilecfileilly popular nie-inbcr uf the Class and best after a summer's experience. In this he graduates with wishes follow him. Class '16. ef' 2912i , ' " T' S57 Lx X ff 4-V? V314 1'X"x'f ".'TE"'5i"' , 7 'ktff "1'3i,1f 'Z' -'72 1"6't'i, 53 ' i'J"5f"fW?7f" --1 1 i -Y - ,of X 1' s N- '- '-+ " '-'1- f . in 4. C 1 ,C -.J-H. 4 , -'S -.Li A ,. 'J' if 7,4 "1 i1QQjkLfe1'NQ5i'2?f t f3Q!,LeJf24..,,.1f LQ. 53 d ',i51fH"f2C-- -wwf V g f in 1 - 9155321 JDS new ties--an can ew? w-523351 . f- .i Na SQ. Q 'T : 3? C- I7 K J 1 , x XX , -K v T I' GH . , .Z i i, lNi l .I , , Ke, ix UTY 1 , . A :icffgy 1 1 no J 1 1 :1 C an i q 1 e f f 1 .iivtfai , Q f 1 John E. Tremayne Fred VV. VVard R. Cecil VVard A. Reid VVells JOHN li. TREMQAYNE ":lii4l tliv nziisrlcs of liis bmzwzy arms Stood out like iron l70lltlS.'i John blew into Sutton, Ont., on March 30. 1894. Early instruction at Newmarket. Chief characteristics-athletic prowess and a large smile. Played both junior and Senior rugby during his sojourn at "School," A heavy-weight wrestler and 21 gooil frienil. lililfll XY. XYAXRD "l'iiiiily! :'ii1iilj'! .lll ix 'Ttllllf-1'.ll 'llorn :it Toronto, Aug. -l. 1891. Klatriculated at llumber- side Collegiate Institute. Toronto, 1911. Entered S. P. S. with Clasf- '15 in llept. 7, and after completion of second year t-ntereil Dept. 5 with Class '11i. 138 XVARD night and lsveii, lmftlc been." the auspicious occasion in of the north. Soared from another, finally matriculating 1 School pinnacle of scientific educational desire Class of Faculty of Applied Science. R. CECIL "HU 'mix ii si'aliuai't L' 1-liiil lmtl iii iuuiij' a November 25th, 1893. saw smoky Toronto. the Pittsburg one educational institution to from Toronto Technical High 1912. Reached the on joining the '16 A. REID VVELLS "Mark ye his words." farm," Blythe. Ont. llorn March 3, 189-1, "down on the Matriculated from Blythe H. S. 1909. Graduated from the Clinton Business College 1910. and the Clinton Collegiate 1912. Since his arrival at "School" his time has been taken up with studying the mysteries of Electrical Engineering and taking care of the ladies. l,'NIX'liRSl'l'Y HF 'l'flRUN'l'H SCIIUUI, HF PR.XC'l'lL',Xl, SCIENCE- ASSAL'l.'l'-.X'l".XRNlS 'l'1C.X3I Imurfnculty Clmaxnpimn, 1015. NTP RUNY- -J. ROSS, '15, 115 lla. XYrcmtling lntc-rfaculty Cl1:1n1pim11 I. IC. 'l'rcmz1ync. '16. llcuvyxxuiglmt XYrv-stling: ll, liulul, 'l5. 135 lla xY1'CStlll1g' Interfaculty Cllampionz bl. Gray, 15. 150 llv. VVrcatli1g lnturfaculty Cllampion: .X. R. KIQ-nllizzzlml, '10, 145 lla, XYrwtlin S, XY. Ross, '16, 125 lb. XYrestling. CICNTRIQ ROW'-C. R. licyx. Prcsiwlcnt. S.P.S. .Xthlctic .Xswcizutimn XY. l'ffQlmzm. '15. 145 Ill, xx'l'CNtlll1g Intvrfuculty Cllznmpiunz lk-.nn XV. ll. Ellis: E. XY. Savagv. '15, 158 llm. XYrc'Htling: P. 1:fl.Vt'l'N. '10, 125 llm. lluxing lntcrfaculty Clmznnpimw. l2O'1"l'ORl ROV'-AC. C. .Xn1ls,-rsfm, 'l5. lntcrcullcgizltu Fcncing Clmampirmz U. IC. Hlivcr, 'lm lntrrfnculty Funcing Clmzlmpilm. F39 Laboratories of the School of Practical Science 140 , 'S 1 b',y N' : PPLIED SCIENCE 7' "'1 '. i f' " a Q 71 , 'N-Zi ' -' ,X gf ,,f , 7 - -. " vi i i , 4. 5 .1 -4 Fx' fQJ .IJAf-.. f M, uf' : L i' ' J li ii " V4 is pr" ,f ,- Q J., 2 D., ' K ff' Q ,N An! ff PQ, ' cf .I I' - , , f . -, N 9' 1: U -JIMQ-,f,.l, r.,1'?'f,x-g 1 Tyr Q -f-M 5-' 1, , 'X 1 - f .7 ' X 'J xii sl. ' X, . f X ' -'f 'Xt Gf22gr-.'f2f'ZM-2?'iz-4515.E?l5lj,9f:s-o"1MJGf:X'? T. aflfg ,-ac'.. 7 H. Stanlcy VVL-pplci' .Xrtlinr IC. Nliflflicmnlic H. ST.XNI.l2Y XYICPPLICR .XRTIIVR li. XYIIJIDIUVXIILIQ nLl1IJ0l'1'S w0rsl1ip." "Il'lml lufsrx mn' heart muxt HIUIII nur lxvlucfzvf' Native of lianovcr, Ont. Always a diligent studcnt at llorn in ISUJ in St. Catliziriiiw. 'I'Iicrc lP1lNNL'4l -urugu- both public and high schools. Entered "School" originally fully through public anrl high Nclimnlx zmrl olmtaincil hix with Class '15, but witliclrcw to wait for a decent ye-nr - matric in 1910. Canic to Varsity 1-I lukc up liiigiiiigwiiig. Oncty-six. l'7rillc1l in C. O. 'lf Li. Qincc it wax fwg:ni11zwl. - 9 i ii .' gg W Gig fi ' Q4 ' rs-7 x Q Q in 47, X1 I 414' ' X7 lf A' . af 'fx' W 4 eflnl 'f NX l X - .' W ,Ny -W g -4-IWM, I X ,T X N A , A l Ml ' xf' "4 'lvl fl A . 'l 7' llil X 1 J wlvn ' - Elliij 'V' ,7,l.L2J:-. I I Y, 3 - A I , lfllx lmyllij I . 2' " y YL, Sy, lqfl , '12 E , H .nh in ii in U 'i 5' " ' I Q 'n 'Illini' . X ' K I , 'mg , , : M , 1 f -if -,'- -:fd . .fri ', ,ffl A .fish in L V V "L ll' i Y M , ,. ,- .. r i a- f, 54,17 ff. gr' ,," I :I L . V If, :Q M .ii-gg:-. VAXWA , :J ,V r V' ii I' T . I-I B ,- L '-l'f!fll7'1l fZ.:1' 1Qff '1 -2'-if , fff Fi' ,. , ff r 1 'i n-Tfiffi ll-J" 1. 'f-2" '17 ' ' ' ' N. H ' ffff f i :f ig if up " llf gfi, S' lf., .s l fl ' ' uk f iff- wwiiffzzfng Wifz'Jffmwr:?Ei6'i77fF7iIFf c afflfrvrai . f"'2 5' 1, X Nl. Q fl ,HQ Ill K' lf:fN '." K The Toilce-oilxestra ancl Smoking-room D un ,U D 141 ,p Mining Building, Faculty of Appliecl Science ancl Engineering I42 :lr 2- 2 f K XX X + v 3 'Huh' w Royal College of Dental Surgeons 144 Z5 sg sf . 0 I 5 215' DE I IS I R Y , , K, ,V . V , A V Li Aff .5 , x , F K,-C-.W 'N L ..- X V-s-,' Meyer. 5-xt , ,N Vs. iafxw "Q f Q xii- N ' 1' W'f?51lQ5?v,5mgW 333159 +8 L11-nl.-X Qewygs-3'Q5.aQ.ten1ffQ .2 H .1-.S . ff 7231" .. J, ,Q Ilsiiifkie it,tlTiQlTillG1t3E?ii'Lf1sls1itiei"Q:AQ'1 v5.2-ig.s?.f '1kg':1,1f11F2iNs5.i I X - .9-KH. uf L., N V J, :ae ,'b'u!iM'641, X nl.xiQPSl9,1f2l1l',1xk-,AC yoke t ,lj-Xl. 17:9 ii'y,','1 Nflbo .XI ., ' Es ts t v - f. Q. 5,561 .VE ,N ' 'i ' W ' sf " "5 4 w 1'1" asm' -1 ty- W ' .D ' ' 1 qw. A 'Nw' -ziszluisi I0 QE 'wif I' '7"' 1'-..1 f, 6 'e -es 4- N54 N. Yi GLAD - A' ' " ' .13 - '1 Ejffix Q..-QT s 'T AE I 'P' 'J' ' fr 1. 1711 ff NA 'fl X. f -C 1 Z' ' . -I ' ' -. - . - s f ' X515 1 f-. ' LNNL I,-5 , L ,tn X ly, , ., , 'ar' 5 0 -f ,- ,J r . Uffjee, 1! -gig 151-1 W, 'JNJN-if fL'- L 1,ps,J:g,,A 8 if QNsV,j w 1, YN 1 I , - s ti Q ' fffff1fQ'fe.1jf5af.1 L3 .tai fe. 1s51ft.1jIj1 X VR! C, ,YL . f 31. i I, V kid I. 11,1 xy ff- X 1, It jf? 7, ,J ' JV, ,S XS, - ,A J ' V, LT- 1, y E 1 A. M. --1, we sf X , 5.035 sifliat rsY,S.GQffms :fIlf,'52,J P' wwf -list-, -sf 51 . 1 C s .8 , s If - R. Harold Aljoe R. Melville Anderson Harvey C. Arnott C-arnet D. Beierl R. HAROLD .XLJUE HARVEY C. .XRNOTT "That 1111111 is great and 114' 010110, "Thy 1LI11OI' 111113' one day 111111cc 11lL'C great." ' A H . . . . . . 11 110 NU"'i'U-Y 11 !1"f'Uf'1FN-V H01 1115 UTWI- Harvey was born in 'l own of Sudbury in 1892. Loi Dm-ham was the Scene of hig bit-th in 1395, Received pastrtwenty years his home has been in 1.15-l1HXX'fl,A where he early education and matriculated there. Secretary .of Class received his early vL'fll1Clll'l0I'l. llarvey is a bright, fgood- in junior year. Representative to Students' Council in senior llflfkllflilll fellow who is always ready to play Ylns part. During year. Prominent in Y. M. C. A. activities. his hnal year he was treasurer of Ilya Xaka. R. MELYILLE ANDERSON k,1.XRNET IJ. IEEIERI. "1ll11s1'r hath its C1ldl'llISA, 111111 so has fIlS51Ilg.H "1 Nay 11 111111: :e111'1: 11 11'ti1u 111111 111111111 tl 11'l11c." Andy first saw the light of day in Rracebridge, Ont.. liorn at 1IZll'Iil1E1l11. Ullt... Dec. 6. 1393: 'llugilll-llii College Ian. 27th, 1894. Matriculated from llracebridge Continuation career in 19112 at xthel University ot Michigan. from which School 1912. Member of .Xt-Home Committee in his tresh- he rt-ceiyeil a- IJ. ll. S. LlCgl'CC 011 June 24. 191:-. EIHCFCCI man year. On championship Dental hockey team 1913-14. R. L. D. S. m 1913. sifffgisisifitf atZ1'.j.i3f3ai.1eg2X 1323 T TCTRQ 2.51 V15 if 1 1, . - L1 1. .4 1 2. 1 ,-- s '- -' M. A A.. 1. -.asa . .. . ft fi 7115111 -1 diy its 39524. GLTKCQ ?tiW'C1?iHifffer-ie' Q?-sk '+:le.esge1g -t1f..'cit1i.sSf1?1vs1.-A TNS are eo. 4. Y 1193. -'49 e N12 1L1w 1Kw.ale, L-L 1-?3WX.Q-.+4'5 Slffgls-1?fN' P' tv-lei 'e 1 It-Y:N1iQ1C11s':Hs1qT:' Q -1 1 t .- : 1 Nefljl 21-3513 . 1 1 ' .. -'ml 31- - . 1'.s,ff-.3 1 X .sg A 1 Q1-.32 esiei-1 .' Q r. 'IN' X sf. fi Vs-1 ' , 'Que 152' -7 1 oc is .ft 1 2. - 1- '.7..gL5 ' fa -sffib pas, s C if f 1 i frfitw 1 v so 1 ggi it sw We-, rf, ,- ,Irs , 4 1, QW sys-,tl M, f .1 . K- 1 4 1 . s 'r bl-'T' K s Lf v ,M .1 1 a .. ,sv , I - f 'E fit: 1- 55- X , ,, gn .1 A-XG' I. Q, in A: ,gf-H f .-Sky I .f X qi f Lf If fb: ix , Vcxafmt '34-.,, 5is,..,XXR k Qbxhg :LQ my -1-sq-M XX 11,-SVN W tvs Mx:- N -fg '5f115t?'G'f hfvf-'e?1".f?m' 23 of 'll ' D1-'1'?3e.fs1 INV? fs' Uibi- ,ff s :Ni .f"i5ffiC'X' 1' 1 V- 1 1. 1f'N..fl . - J . 1 ,nfl Q . Y D . . KX. . x 1 fl? 153 df fn' E 'ff PV Q-I '4 1 fd x .lui 1 l',?I1t'1gZ 641511 'iff'.-gg fqf.lf"lll5. it IV Vrh Pix, its 'J K 2 -Cf 1' 1' -012111f51T'1f'2.l.fg477l9UQQ.i-?,.,i2!f'ft,QCoy.. el.1Dw,-time gjkg ffsif.1-IflE3Ate4g,'3'f55"f's7.f :TSM fy tkiffl .1 'Y Q 3 S' -5 'Q .I Emerson Cv. Berry E. Roy Bier Dalton M. Boyd XY. Ernest lloyd EMERSON G. BERRY D.'Xl,'l'ON M. IZOYII "Not 11111511 tall:-a great sweet Sl.1L'1l1.'C.U Originated on a farm near Mildmay. Bruce County. in February of 1895. Graduated from Harriston lliglt School in 1912, and entered R. C. D. S. the same year. llc has the best wishes of his Class. E. ROY BIER "Time and 1I10f1lC1' and some f0SfL'1'Ii1lg slar Ill flllgll cabal 111170 made us wlmr we are." Born May 7th, 1889, at New Hamburg, Ont. Matricu- Iated after tive years' banking experience. Yice-president of Class, '12, Associate editor Hya Yaka. Rep. on Debating Society at R. C. D. S. and on Varsity '13. Editor-in-chief Hya Yaka '14-'15. Associate editor of "Varsity" '15. Pres. Debating Society at R. C. D. S. '15, Mingles congenially with the male and female sex. Not ashamed of his marks at final examinations. 145 "A c11uc1'f111 lzcarf 1101411 good like 1l1L'L1liL'11lL'.H Matriculating from Sudbury High School, Dalton joined Class '16 at R. C. D. S. His popularity won for him the ottice of Vice-president of the "At-Home" Committee '1-1. He was a member of last year's champion hockey team and is also a lacrosse and rugby player of no mean repute. XV. ERNEST BOYD "Of l'1IC'L'l'fH1 yvsfcrtitryx and cmrfiticrli' to-1111v1'1'o:v.v. The "Big Fellow" was born in Creeinore. Ont.. in 'OOC but all grcat men have some handicap. Matriculatetl in Sud- bury. Active in hockey and rugby and won with Yarsity lacrosse '15. Secretary ".Xt-Ilomt-" '15. .X true son of the north and success is bound to follow him. 'ITIL' DE TISTRY Bonar Nl. Bracken Thoinas D. Caiinwlwell F. 1Vallacc Canning Edwin ll. Clark BONAR N. URACKEN F. XYALLACE CANNING "Tfm1I1lf1 llzorlcxf, 1111 his 11111'111lm1'l'1l.v.1t'tI' Ivroiv, Hllvlifll U fU1'l1"lt7 fl?" f0l1l7"105ffJ'-H N11r11r'1' 111111 TK'I'1'I"fl'lI 1lL'llffCIIItIll." 1 llorn in Toronto. Received niatriculation at Stratford llonar hails from Orangeville and l11Zlll'1C1llZltL'd there. Flifueglatc gubgltutf vm 1905 I 'Du'-mg Fl161nfXflYlf'3ula yefuig X11 "I1ClA"L'flC student ind faithful Nl1iV!O1'tCl' of his year His Ian Sgugflt Emi' Uymcnt m tw Cmmnelma M Oi l' Lniele ' k 9' ' 1 I ' ' ' ll - ' the R. C D. 5. 111 1912. He graduates VVltll the best wishes energy and keen judgment will soon place l1in1 in the front rank of successful graduate-. THOMAS D. CAMPBELL "Tl1o1111l1is, not words." "Cozy" was born on a far111 March 15th, 1895. NIUYLWI Matricn to the Village of Dutton, seven miles distant, 1896. lated i11 Dutton High School and then to R. C. D. 5. in 1913. Made 100 per cent. once in a tt-rm exam. of Class '16. EDVVIN H. CLARK ".-11111 'ZR'lIUl'U his sunny locks dizfidc The fu1'f1'11g 11,710 is 1111 foo wz'dc."' A Hailecl fronrthe Village of Baldur, Man. Natriculated 11'Ol11 Brandon Collegiate. For so111e years was "Knight of the Hickory." An active 1'I'lCl11lJCl' of Class '16, heing presi- dent of Soph. Year, president of Parl. andgtreasurer of f'At- PI01Tl6U Committee: also a hrilliant orator and withal a coiitiriiied lover of the fair sex. 1.1 fb H' Mi T' ' ,Q ,ff-N: , .3 A 1 - L 5- we U1 A A A . 4 , Y inf!-' 736, .- fL:1Sl'g5Q - 1 J '45 G X' 1. .1 iii Y Bitzi. , 1w i o'1 ,E- X. r ' 4 -l im 4' . 1 . 4 1 1791 5 1 . '. gf! .5 4. I-I yfj .Q s is IQ Ag - fc' .gist 11 it 1721 no i Efsi-ggi Sf 1 J. ,-- . Dv ' 1 KQV fl -,if , Q . F sryvf A : A " .V is Ev- fn: f - V - . 4 1 -'fy t A 'w i ' r K, ' N w X 1625-1 1. 516221441-.-1p5Myw.s4f319o.,sW1,sfa eta L, ew is Ss Jflliw ist H. Rohert Conway John I. Craig Iohn R. Crockett G. Campbell Dewar II. ROBERT CONNYAY "I'V1'rlz clzarify 10ward all." Harry gave his first smile to the world i11 Iune, 1893, at llespeler. He obtained his 1b1't'l11111l1Zll'y education there and in Galt. llefore entering his course in Dentistry he spent a year in the Canadian VVL-st. During his course, by his bright and jovial ilispositiini, he has XVOI1 many friends and was rewarded with several othces. JOHN J. CRAIG "A man of 1c'c1'g7l1f." Born Ridgeville. Manitoba, Dec. 25th, 1888. Natricu- latcd from VVesley College 1912. and entered the R. C. D. S. with Class 'lf3. Iohn has been held i11 high esteem by his classsinates, being vice-1'1reside11t of the Class in senior year. .X good worker, a faithful student, conscientious i11 all his deeds, l1e is hound to he a credit to his .Xlnm Mater and to his profession. I 46 JOHN R. CROCKETT "Hr .v1'1'111.v yra'1'v, but tlrinys are not 'Ii'l1t'lf they seein." From indirect information we learn that Crock was horn about a quarter of a century ago at Charlottetown, P.E.I. Mt. Allison Academy, Sackville, N.l3.. furnished l1in1 witl1 the I'KJt'11.1ll'C1116'l1tS to enter the R. C. D. S. with Class '16, He has niade many friends and has held a l1U1I'lllC1' of offices i11 his Class. h G. c.xMP1zELL DEXNHXR "5'1'1't111gc to H10 world! HC wore a baxlzfzrl look." Qlohn cried for the hrst time at Ailsa Craig, Ont., Jan. 24. 1894. Matriculated Mount Allison Academy, Sackville, N.B., May, 1911. Entering McGill University l1e completed three successful years. Decided to join R.C.D.S. for l1is final. Occasionally he iningles witl1 the 400 set, hut strict censorship prevents us from saying inuch. 7 The Class Histor , R. D. ES. we were freshies once. 'Twas in the fall of 1912 that our boys gathered from all parts of our fair Dominion. We repre- sent practically every province of our country, some are from the cities. some from the towns. some from the farms. a truly wholesome variety and yet all with the one idea. XYell we remember the first time we gathered within our institutional walls and listened to the words of that most worthy man. the late Dean NYillmott, as he attempted to give us such advice as would enable us to escape the pitfalls that would beset our path in the years to follow. During our first days we were surely in a unique situation. physically and mentally. Nile looked at the Sophs with a certain amount of dread for the day of the initiation had not yet come. Wie would almost take our hats off to the Seniors. and as for the professors we believed it almost impossible that they had themselves ever been freshies. Soon we got acquainted and spent many an hour together dabbling in clay, puddling in plaster li every freshman puddlesl and performing veri- table works of art on the ivory. XYhile in lecture one bright morning we sud- denly beheld the Sophs clearing the field of battle and laying up stores and ammunition. Un- daunted by the sight we also prepared and proved as etiicient in handling rouge. face creams. etc.. of a dark shade. as did our worthy Sophs, with the result that after the fray all were of the same shade. Xilhen we came back a year later we were much more learned. of course. During the open- ing days we spent most of our time tormenting the "poor freshiesf' disposing of many of our second-hand books and useless instruments, the aforesaid freshies being easy victims. ln turn we became the chief adviser of "Freshy." The "scrap" of course was the momentous question at this time. Our boys seemed to have some preconceived idea that this was to be the last. and made it one of "Memorable Renownf' Some of the boys were so well decorated and mutilated that in consequence of this and later developments the faculty decided that from this time henceforth such exhibitions should be no more. Hereafter all we can do is to mourn for the memory of dear departed days. .lunior days find us settling down to more serious ways. Wie have dabbled in many of the "Ologies." investigated the mysteries of the hu- man anatomy, constructed many appliances with more or less skill and even become initiated into inlirmary practice and at the same time realizing some of our responsibilities Senior days have come, but all too soon. for associations dear to us all will shortly be of the past. Some of our best and most lasting friend- ships we form in college days. ln our freshman days how we looked in admiration at the senior and yet when we reach that one-time enviable position we find how much we have yet to learn. we begin to realize how quickly the time has gone and how little we have learned. Our boys have always shown a good interest in all college activities, whether in the field of sport. the platform of debate, or the social func- tion. Now at the close of our course we look back over our pathway, we review its dark and sunny spots, we are conscious of our successes and our failures. we think of the good times we have spent together, the friendships formed and we are loathe to leave it all, and yet we look forward with great hopes for the future. VVe realize we have much to learn. and yet we hope that to all the veil has been lifted. that we have caught the vision of our professional duty. and have become acquainted with the essentials that make for success. In closing, we cannot but pay a tribute to our faculty. who have always shown a great interest in our welfare and have by precept and example guided the trend of our ways in such a manner that when we go forth and take upon ourselves the responsibilities of our chosen profession we should be a credit to ourselves. to our profession and to that institution for which we all have the greatest reverence. the Royal College of Dental Surgeons. ROYAL CULLICGIC OF l'llfN'l'.XL Sl'lU1lfUNS. CLASS UFl"lL'IfRS. 1'Pl5-16. P ROW'-BI, Ileebc. SCCI'CtZll'y ht Year: E. O'Lcary, Vice-Prusirlcnt lxt Your: ll. H. Sloan, Pra-Qidullt lat Year: H. NY. Rr-ir Prcsiclcnt 21111 Year: G. I.. Tlmmpsou, Yicc-P1'wirIux1t Jud Year. President 4th Yearg J. J. Craig, Yicu-President 4th Ycarg If. G. Berry. Secretary 4th Year, 149 BOTTOM ROVV-S. C. XYl1ite. Sccrutary 3rd Year: C. Porter, Vice-President 3rd Year: VY. H. Scott, P11-eirlunt 3l'fl Yr-nr: J. R. fwnckctt 'I ki N 5 n 9 o . ,wr DE TISTRY + 51- ig my ri-5 xx gf - '-'f pay 1 'fi N - 'Lf 5,425 --1-"fur "2 xr ' . T?-'fr' ' ' ' Q 1' -"-11,-1 . 'gf'--51 -. Q-4 iff .'.1 - K K. 7-3 v - Y' - ' x . 113191 iff 1 f , egg w Agtxwy 1 V lx .W LA A J GX A Xb, .f H --1, 4,14 X' r ff-r I I: V , .... I 1 ' .A J up n 1'1JXlLfQ1.kK iky-1lFi1,l3 . il- S i.. .cf . a lfkxk' 73.37 .fm . - ' f' 'Y .N d . -- ' 73 ' wtf" . i , A. if -' Ag. 'Ml JTQA ' lx 1 ,di ' 1. jx 23114 A f ' I+ ' Celfkj Y- .V lt ff ' K 'ri we ',,AA:'f5 K. 4 -1 Q,5Z":'Z,:,g tw. -- r ,fvrr , ,. 'A V Kggjlllf 'QW P,-ss X Xv Ury 1 5 ,Sp Sufi gill! . 1 x Vi E 0, 5 Q?-Tia wif l5 'iY4,'-f5'1F"fMVQ 5-" ' YM Lf- N-Q ,. . rf-1-1 ' I - -mfg5:14QQC-5a'QgQge"qxls'-Q011ia. 1f:g3T'Ra.L3'EX53L-fgrgg311 lj f' .rv-1f3x35Q. gtg? fazneje M ,.5e+ fee . :brave 4.1 1' 1 ,m,wJ.'T,Jj1L , -Q .' ,. i '- fc 5-'R , cj, T194 551- -f s.l2"t'1Sxm f 5112+ .W QQ .111-fi N'sTKb1vilaHwi23 gk- 'A aw 1. .wfQfnQ1.Qr 6.1555 KC 'I Fifa . S45 - sf.. X41-ul.. ' xg-fm -' xv' in-T 'na' WCW W - Qt. A--S UN-1-thaw 4' X-K-'5NflC,v,f" 'Q-fl Jsxifmgl J Lfkxif . J N A c.X. 5215 C. XV. Jann-X Eggleton IT. Edward Plaid Frederick G. Garvin G. Franklin Gibson XY. JAMES 1Ct'.Gl,E'I'UN. FREIHCRICK G. GARVIN "He reeurs reel! twirl: 111'qm11'r1I11111'1'." "HU :mx 11 lJIt'I'I'j'. UFHIVGI feng." llern Uctober -lth. 1XN7. in llrouklyn. New York, An Ted. was born in Saltcoati. SaSk.', '91. Entered Dentistry American by birth, he decided to becmne a Canuck and as a matriculant from NVesley College, Vllinnipeg. St21LlI1Cll joined us in nur Ntllllbl' year. Graduated from the l'hiladel- supporter of hockey and rugby. A member of University phia llenutal Cbllege in 19419. and praetixed in Camden. New lland. Ucca-.iunally in his spare moments he has been Alerxey, till thu year. XX e wish him every xnceesx in his lnimtl-winil nn this side ot the line. ll. ICIDXYARID EAIID .fl tltllllfhl' jlt'Ilfft'IlllllI, Hu doubt of ll. llrnce was born in 1891. at Simcoe, where he received hie early education. llis aepiratmnx 500117 outgrew the place. wi he came tn '1'e1'u11tw in '12 to atudy llentiatry. llis pleaaant manner and goocl judgment have made lnm one nf the strong men nt the class, ln his Juninr year he was president of hu claw and M-eretary uf parliament. knnwn to study. G. FRANKLIN GIBSON "Ui':'i' tn 1110 ienrltf 1710 Irvs! you 1ItI'I'L'v, .Jud flze Inari will rmm' bark in you." He first breathed the atmosphere of life in the Village of Campbellferd. Entered R. C. D. S. witn Class '113 of which Cla-.N he wax alwaye an active member, being president of llental Cnllege Y. M, C. A. and Students' Vl'elc0me Club in nnal year. A hard worker and able student. he will be :1 Nure Nnecev. " P ' ' ' f ' " ,fc Y ' ' , - ef-9' 1- 'iv X2 sf -Q 5 , "AX Jw if-'F--Q.. ,Q .. T I -Q lDE5Q'3i'S? Q37vf52YS3mfSw ?T',L-1' . gfgkfieikanwyif Sa-?eF'C c3i.f5?sgg ,l.g,w'e?fe?+. I k j'J3,5m ,gy 95 Q, f15gWyQpi.2.lEsv 1 Q !LC . Pfg 1 , .. -xi, fy N-,ji ...V vm, if-355. Dlq ella v ' kv-A K ! 'V 1-gg Tl!!! '-ilvfjqfju x.,',.f l1',Q?iig3.l,3 AQ NQGEVW ' 5 1 x, 'ww ' 'i ' Q " K 1 .. "' -el - 1 Laaf? 51 . 1 -wifi: 954' wff +1 1 Q7 1 as-ev W. ., tj -fa QQ NAv .. L., tw 5 L EL Bw. 'liz' -1' V' v fic: ,VN - 'Wie 1, ,J 1' fi F iffltyf deli f EQ, Q Q.. 65. f'.:'f'?Q i n A 5, l T, J 2 Q. ,, , ,J f far. Y ,. I 1, if ,YRI .ko , ,, Y' h. . .A w 'I .. -I GX A L: 1 , -fx., i v qg"1',f,.4-LX 1 Rflfttifffgi. 11t.'efp5J3f ' ' . 9. 61 . S Q. 'fffnvb . --.mea ' .15dfS9f'.1' f ft we . R . -1 x . at .1 f 13411 . -eq if LN 11 9. . cviff-'fQ3fZ -'DFi2Q.,lg4?J"eil'-1,.JZ!iCfc,5l...:' 1 3 ' ' A34 'QM , 'ifgifie Qvwf ' f x 51 'ift 415' ,dwh -Come? Richard J. Godfrey lladley C. Goodhand C. Lynn Grant Lloyd E. llarriman RlCllARlJ bl. GHIIFRICY C. LYNN GRANT 'illvllfll l lmzm' nnyflzilly lu .m-V, I say if." "HHH hae HIf.S'f0l'f1lIIL'.Y great allduxunlll, lle hailx from Listmvel. Unt. llnrn Dec. Sth. 1893. Bfff UNL' U l'L'a"f Ullfwe fI'0"' UH- Klatrienlated in 1911 from Elura lligh School. Entered Born in Durham in 1890. Matricnlated from the lligh R. C. D. 5. a year later. llick was always popular with the School there. lle entered the bank, but later resptnnded to boys falw the ladiesl. Yice-presi1.lent nf the Clase in the call of Dentistry, and became a student at R. C. D. S. bupluunore year. A grand student endowed with marked Taking an intereat in athletici, he was elected president of ability. we predict a Nneeevful prnfe'-ximial career for him. the Track Club in his linal year. 1lAlll.1CY C. GHHIPIIAND ' LLOYIJ E. IIARRIMAN "HU fini -YUIHL' fdfllv. .wnzc falunl, .YUIIIC r1'l1':f:'m1 ami .wma "Thu world l7L'lUll1l.Y I0 the Ullcrgcticf' flh'l""H"'0f'3' "1 IHS ,Mimi-I Born in 1892 at Uwen Sound. Unt. Matriculated from Gumly was born in Xlilvertinl. Unt., Alay 1-lth, 1892. Owen Sound Collegiate 1910. Adopted pedagogy for one llc-re he received his primary edueatinn. lle obtained hie year and entered R. C. li. S. in 1912. Member uf lnint matricnlation in lilanphin, Han.. and in the fall of 1911 Cnmmittee for two years. llarrv iS well liked bv all hix entered the R. C. D. S. 150 classmates and hie ability for work 'ensures a successful future. RHYAI, L'UI,I,lfl1li Ulf Il1iN'l'.Xl, Sl'RfllQUXS 'SXT IIHMICH CU1XlXlI'I"l'ICIf, V115-lt, IOP RUXV-II. Il. llalloran, '18: Dr. 'l'. XV. l,lz1wwn. R1-p. of Faculty: II. VV. Ilugg, '1'J, .11-11 X'icv-I'r1-Niqlunxlg ll. li. 1,1-1 Mclizxy, '19: VV. I, Smith. 'l'.9: ll. l,. L'4I1l1'N1L'1'. '17, lfVI"l'UM ROW'-lf. Ryan, '17: IS. II. Clarks, '16. 'l'1'L'21N1l1'L'1f2 IC. F. jzlluicwn. '10, l'1'L-Kink-11t: XY. E. Iiuyfl, '1m, Sn'L'l'L'lIl1'X S I 11111111 '18, 21111 Yicc-l'1'wiw,lu1t. 'SENT-XV. C. Liggutt, '16 ion activc scrviccj, Prvsiflunt Ducrwating Committee: IC. Y. llunmplln-yx, '17. 1-1 X'1CL"I'1'L'N11l ni ISI G! DE TISTRY legyrtt-.t3,fe1QQ...s4..agf:a1 cssa1f..f its .tisfsag Cfet.5trsslz.ffJ . gs traits is Q QS, ps. ' 41539 Umar-A 0 an 5 A xx! 4.15 5 of Us 7, Q 1- Q. , fs. J, .as Q . ts, ' . t, . .1 Q? 'QM tiff?-:.1 X530 -, Lu-2 ' J Qtxfgt V Shxlitw -. scgrliizl C- t x .Qt ft 'filo llcfffiaiiw as "bil-hi-E 'ss K X ' si ' J . ,wtf if 'A . I WSE W.-,.g,f.. ...egg saggy iisgw, .wry xigfif. Ni g1qsxf.f1sfQ KWWQXSSN kts, rcs, U, 1 Utd, so - E' Xlwtsgrrfiagakt sas s wt f5X' ,Helga .Mtg a fheilf I . .4-1.-1.5 tw' Qt ,La sr 5, f-si... ., 'fqsw cas, 'jf f' . -it sp ., i . ., s 1. .ff 1 , ,tl cn g.5s.+..f,1f . .i .1 gg, :sf TsQFX1c.:Ys? ggi? Elitifasfe :P sUi.a..4.Q3s'?st e?ctsfe.s?2,Q1Qss uf . Thomas F. Holt Sidney J. Hughes Frederick E. Humphrey Howard B. James THOMAS F. HOLT "rll1'11glc U lffflt' folly twirl: your ZUI-.SL'lL7Ill.u Ilorn 1892, and after matriculating at Medicine Hat. Alta.. he entered the R. C. D. S. with Class '16, He was a member of the rugby team and a good sport. SIDNEY J. HUGHES "Cool, 1tlIfL'l'llll'l7CLl lu' stress or lzzzrryg Inrliizml to work, but not fo worry." Sid. set sail on the sea of life in the Queen City. Fen. 28th, 1892. After matriculating from Jarvis Collegiate, cast his lot with the freshmen of 1912. He is a born optimist and the boys of onety-six are confident that this characteristic will lead him to a real success in his chosen profession. FREDERICK E. HUMPHREY "Few things are iuzjiossible to diligence and skill." Born near Troy, Ont. After matriculating at Brantford Collegiate he entered the R. C. D. S., where he gained a name for himself as a debater and associate editor of the Hya Yaka. I-IOVVARD B. JAMES "Ho docs all things well or not at all." "Bob" was born in Oshawa in 1892, where he received his early education. He decided to study Dentistry in '13. He is one of our very best students, and his pleasant manner, and untiring energy have won him a host of friends. Has held many offices, being president of R. D. S. and member of Cabinet in his final year. He leaves school with the best wishes of all. ....-- ' f. .X . +I 1. - ff ir' fo ef" , f'-C'-' iv" ofa -. '-- 5 XTRJ -p'f-4, f. f f ' ". -e-.ef if-ffl jf.ff:,l Af.-' -j'---fgffgkj 7... , ,mf Q fp? ls! rJM?Q,5'?ijn,Q 2f.s..5.Z.f sp? c, 'off.lisL,,t S Y.: ""T'i'9i1l'ff T 491 4'-...WT ' ft :sb 9lCf'C?'+ mlliti E"'Z'iKi' 'LC-12 9' ?f.'lf'f5?FfV " lift' ut ,-1y5,GlE5t.:wl5i?tfffimNtsl9+QCXJ55 lb.SCEES..-.iffQe.'ff.... 255 5 w s 1 s 1" 5. 7EEf5'fr 1 if a' +A leases 'ffl sg: . ' mia .- l ' l l . I t fx was 1 -152:31 steam , . " it 1' s., Kee 322 iii iUE?EEl'fTiX1. D .-7--N Xl Kai 1 'tx 'I figf' J fsfxfx, Lkwhj ,aio ndlyfvl fi ' :LIAN Tfxfnef J, ff " ' FUEL 1 55:-QJNQ . ,. L 'SIE' 'EAI' 1 5 4 -. rfl'aZt',tEU Q?-V F- ,J'9'e-.2 4 1 T HJ-Q27 -sol ,Up 'VW' 912' ft L, 'A ,. - '-"DQ ' fffidri' Sv . ' ll' 'M' .. 5, 5 6 .lgrglafgisisi 4-QFQS L'.s4Q4L-:ei is kgK3sQ5bif5kiqgi if Qjlib?-ilfiftgk-1 Lt.yQ, K5iE2g.Rg,QlQsff1sU!4 Ernest F. Jamieson John C. Livett Stanley C. Lucas W. Chauncey Lymburner ERNEST F. JAMIESON "l'Vlzy 'worry about to-morrow?" A native of Rosemount, Ont. Graduated from Orangeville High School '07, Entered R. C. D. S. in '12. He always took a prominent part in Class affairs, being member of "At-Home" in '14 and president of "At-Home" in H1131 year. A good worker and of a friendly disposition. He is bound to succeed. JOHN C. LIVETT "Nor ever falfered in your work." Jack came to John Bull's island with the April showers, 1891. Educated King's School, Peterborough, and crossed the "brine" when fourteen. Entered R. C. D. S. five years later. Representative Varsity Glee Club and vice-president Royal Dental Society. Jack has kept his affections entire throughout his college course, but "still waters run deep." 152 STANLEY C. LUCAS "Young in years, but not in leziowlcdgcf' Born April 18, 1893, in St. Thomas, Ont. Preparatory education in Collegiate Institute, St. Thomas. Matriculated into University of Michigan in 1912 and graduated in '15, receiving D. D. S. degree. Entered R. C. D. S. in 1915. Member of Xi Psi Phi Fraternity. W. CHAUNCEY LYMBURNER "A man with a smile is a man worth 'wlLz'le." The merry month of May, 1891, saw the joyful event on a farm in Lincoln County. Matric. from Hamilton Collegiate in 1908. Then a year at Hamilton Normal, after which he instructed the young for two years. Member of "At-Home" Committee in his junior year. A loyal friend is Bill, and his happy smile will always be remembered by the boys of Class '16, I lv1iN'l',XI, CUI,l,12l2E SOCCER 'l'lC.XNI-SENIOR INTISR-F.-XCL'LTY CHAMPIONS. 1915-16. IUP RHW-XV. U. iNi1l1lfl11Ell1l1, Centre Ilnlf: L. L. Crmvlcy, Uutxidu Right: E. G. Derry, Managerg Dr. VV. E. VVilhn0tt, Hon. Presi 'IL-ut: Il. R. L'mm'uy, P11-si1h-nt of .Xtllh-ticx: A. F. Colvin, Right Full Back: J. F. 1,i1:1+u1't, Innidc Left. L I YTRIC IUJXY--M. G. Robb, CL-ntrc: G. E. Harpcr. Left Half Hack: H. NY. Reid. Goal: S. I. Phillips. Captain, Right Half Back J. Y. Ross, Ilwislc Right: II. C. Roos, Left Full Hack: I,. 'l'l1cmipson, Uutsidc Left. lUI"l'UM RHYV-R. A, St1'atliui'n. Uutsiclu Right: ll. il. RICCHHII, Out'-iilu Right. 154 1 cog' DE TISTRY . V - Y 4 bv, S, ,A , f - X '- k X 1, l 1 U jk 0 A I . f. . X, ,Ly E V -5 ' i v- C -VN, 1 - f i, ,Q Z 14-iff? f, ,rgfr 'rf ly' i I F 111 1 W 1 1 35 5 1151 ' 11 ' 'A , Y 1 1' N X f'.- ., 1 N' ', 53:13 , ., 1 -., 1 , 1" ,' . NC, -'if M N, 'Z ' fd Jw' J, CD 41 'P-. Y 1 N 339 ' 'fb-I 1. . ef. - 1 GT7 SL B V' '-4" L 1 " ' 'V -1.15 '- :gf 1' ., u'?'1'nj'? ' 1f 1 ' fr. --N 11 - rbi 'A 11 11? L in 1 ,gi 1 9 I 'J ,N Q 1 A . '11 E7""z'-Z' 11 ,D DM. .fly-5-v , , 1 L -ny ,N - 5- 1 ,, 15.6, in ' 149 2 . I ., .X U- K - W 1 . Ci' M 71 11 f - fi "N t,..,-X, 71-9 "pl I-1 dw. 1 1.1 'frx I ' CL' 1 1 1 1 1 .y .1 1 h, X J, . 4 . .CL A , i x 1 V- 11- ' I N1 1 go. . 1 A I 3 L G A x,-, , . 1+ 11 " 1 51.4 111 Q 1 1 f H HQ J' J 55?ii3Qg49,11Lf1?Tx71Wf5'?f,,2AlE36QQ,,,1E31-QGQQQG-9A we ' 'QJTW-bxv 1 cfbmig Q 2iQQfEfQt Lloyd D. 1XII1Cl'.,8.llI'1l1 N. llowlzmd 1X1c1,cnag11c11 C16l'Zill,l R. llcklillan -1111111 42. P11141-y LLOYD D. NLICLAURIN GERAIQIJ R. McM1l,l..XN 311011 may 1111110 111111 v1111'11 111113' yu, "fl lllflll of lllflllj' f7Ul'llfX', sobcr, scdrltt' 01111 111'g111fic1l." B111 I go 011 f01'1'i'c1'. i , , . , , , , .UW .-- , , 1 , V Y . -. W V, . 1101-11 111 141-111, Ont. IiEC6lVCCl acadcmlc tl'21lI11I1g at U1'z111gt1- 1 at was 110111 at Xa11k1Qc-11 11111. fll1tIll1U, 511111: t1111c 111 -Hx Q A. t N' U, 1 -1 . t H It t. Q -k I, 1 HA! the "8O's." Attended Vankleek Hill Collcgifate. Matriculated VI. L' fpkin, Devua 111115 1,11 ralhljlil a,"1"1, um ' 'mu 11 at Mcciu. 1161.11-Q5t1111111w .jf .11.f.y111 111111111 Sociuty 111 1912-13. 111111. UN 111- 11'-1111fCf 1f11jff1110'11'11S1S 11f'f11'51-, 11 010111 Founder of the Dental U1'c11cst1'z1 and 111'csi1.lc11t for four ycars. t0 l11S Alma fy1g1f1-1- We pre-dlct for ll11Il a 1111111121111 C1111-t11'. N. BOVVLAND MCLEN,'XG11lfN V IN C Y A , "Not 111a1'1s1-11 Ivy 110150, 'Ui " PH'1XI"l Not 1s'llU'ZK1lI Ivy 171i.VflL'.', "K1'c11 115 111115f111'11," ,UMHCU 51115Wt'1'U1 IWCSCHT to thc roll 1:2111 1111 1,11-C. 31141, C1011 war. lH'Dl'Il i11 thc 1i111cstm1c Citv 111 '9-1 Rccfivwd 1890. This ll2l.1'P1JE'I'lCC.l 011 21 farm nt-zu' thc '1'1'1w11 of I'c1't11. . ' M V 1. " ,. - ,. .,' ' ' -.N 'r fy f '. V 'Y ', J., 1 l N., A U .A 1 1 - Cfllly Cll11Lcl1.1011 1'01t NN11l1f1111. Mz1t11t11l11tQ1,l ll?11h01d 1J1-. llut he spcnt the 111:-t tan Blrllh of hue. hfr-. than 1111g1atcd , . . U ,. . . , ,, to Portage 1:1 Prairie, where hc 111at1'iC11l:1tc1i1 2ll11l decided to NALHS V1Ce'C11f'11'11ff111 AXtv'I1'D'nw 2011111111101 of 1' study Dentistry. Of a quiet 11isp0sitio11, we all 111111 in 111111 Rltle Tcam '12-13. Won Dental D. Q11?11111U1 141U1111'11?111f a CO1111JZlll10I1 211111 11'ic111,1 :md wish 111111 bucccss, C. O. T. C. in 1915. Always activc 111 111i11ta1'y affairs. R. 1'1a1'vey 1N1il1s R1111c1't4L. D. K111Sg:1'11v11- R1111v1'ic1c J. McCallum Hugh G. l1acDo11011 R. I'I.XRV1'CY MILLS ROINCRICK McC.X1,1.l'B1 V"5f1011l.' nf 1111' 11.1 I 1llll-,' 111111111111 1',1'11'111111l1', --HL.'X jfnh. gmt 1,53 n.,'-W' A1111' Vt 111171111 111111111 Ill IlH1Ill'A'. UL-'X 0 fp,-,.L,,, fm. hsx X,'Sl."' Born .Xpril 27th. 1892. Mz1t1'ict1l:1tw1 111 'I'111--.f:111,111. 17111' lf'- A -. -, Y . , U ,A A Entc-1'cd the R. C, D. S. 1911. hliwwl Ll j'4'1l1' 1l11'Ollgl1 111- X ll'3tl.?lLt',kI1' INRINA-1.1 Tflml 'Uth',.1F04'flrlofl' UFS 1i'11 Ht health. Me111I1t-1' of R. C. ID. S, Urcllt-gt1':1 '1-1 and '15. tl1'1'w" I ' fm' ' 1111611 ASU, at 1l1"??1111'-H111 H1211 5LhU"l' Mc11111e1' of C. U. '11, C, 13211111 '1-1 :md '15. C1111gL'11i:11 11l1XL'1 111-- 51111711 l'111U1'1'11 110113 111 511 31011111 11'1l11f1U1'11"l 111 and well lotmkc-11 111.1011 hy thc t-yas of-f:11.1' -1-x. lll'f111lIl1L'N R. C. 11. 5. l'1l-1. .St111 going Qtrung. thc 111011161115 of his mirth by tht- 111:11 111 hm 1'L'1l'lll1. Q I K 1 11L't,11 K.. M11c1lUR1C1,1, N 1 5 1" 1 1 Y" ' n ' 3 . ' A - ' ROIJLIXI 1" ll" ML5l'lxU5l'1 H "l11st'1't'l11111 IX llrt' l11'1'i1'1' fart uf I'1ll111'. 1' 1 .. K, - , 1 . 'lu Y S A M hUHl1a 'HUF Qin ' lmil U Hitt' HHQSQ, xh V NM11111111-t1m'11. Nut., hut sqm' Klzlc jnm- 3111, 181111. 11111110111 "1 ussy win norm Zl .,.0l'1CXVQ . Q 11111 Qibflt ,-. lv V J , I 5 . Q Y N. M, .Q :A ,. he matriculated in 1910. Entert-d R. L, 11. 5. 111 1913. NN :15 'NNI' Nunn IJUSNMO fhlml ,HHH IM 11 ini vicC-I11'cSidQ11t Of thc 1'ughY Q11l1:11'1 1'-f 15115-16. XIQI111111- 11. 1'1111111l 11111111011 11'1.111f11- 111 1 1- I-H111 111' 111' 111113 '1 the Xi 'Psi Phi F1'21te1'11ity. 111'1111Y11'Y 111111 911111 11'- 155 'S WMU 0 4 i n .2- . Hs, ma- 4- in-mr DE TISTRY A. Clarence Pye James II. Reid .X. CINXRIQNCIC PYE "Of all tht' jolly lvoys yozfll Hirst Num' fun our fortly tlortm' limit." llis fliinpled countenance first heained Sept.. 1884. at Toronto. .Xttt-iirletl Tech. and Harboril Collegiate. Klatricu- latefl in the Chicago College of Dental Surgery 1908. Prac- ticetl tour years in Peoria, Illinois. JAMES H. REID "For his n jolly gfooil fallow, For so .ray ull of us." llorn 1891, Toronto. Klatriculateil at Oakwood Col- legiate in 1910. Ifntereil R. IP. S. in 1912-atter two year- of worldly knowledge gained trom commerciahsm. Connected with Ilya Ynka since coming to College, being business man- ager of that pulilication during his third and tourth years, llarolnl IQ. Richardson John H. Scott HAROLD K. RICHARDSON ".5'l1ar'fi as a tivo-vllgvtl x'zv01'tl." Born in Toronto in 1892. Matriculated in 1908. Entered R. C. ll. S. with Class '16 in his sophomore year. Treasurer uf Ilya Yaka for Z years and on ".Xt-Home" Committee. A jolly good fellow. Success. JOHN H. SCOTT "l limi: yur .my not nzncli, lint think the more." Jack was born in Orillia in the eighties. Matriculateo at Midland in '08, Graduated from Toronto Normal in '10. llc wielded the birch and shingle for two years before enter- ing the R. C. ll. S. with Class '16. I , , ,, ff 1 - if fe Qfefos Q. rF2TFi'N Xfs. ew as .-ffgfe Cuff leger:-...r'u11fae ff ff, if Y Fqgf ,X-Qxxlqfe if Qf,i,LA-,-51.132-i3jdlV,, Q SQL J, ,233 ifriji, fl- 1 'affix ,A 33.5.5 .sgxhgqii ' - l-va yo :px .jvyll P s- .1 fp c+wf..vs-X .Ji tsfwi-F. da 4,4-fflefffs Ffa We mwmrffii'fLff.P'v,xvyW lf -K ,Q - ..'l.!S'1 - N V' ,m 'rug v,,'ff,. V '+---if -vw 'iil'QT',f i 5 gff -QR!" JJ9- V if-Z. ilyfaf, gfzw- fr" 7' ' f'C.Jfsfu": -fix,-2. ,lik .gggx 9. ig, ., r,-.,.:. fqgm-.2 Xi .x.,.f . ,src sims.. X ff, . I co . ,ff 1,6524 ff-a fv -' e lass r+.a1.f? it h ,I i,f'QU'L SVS. J W- 111 LL ..Zo'1!.Av if z,i1,tg+-v f elif! X lx L iwgfsi llgxfsg-J 3 l Q E . - .. . f . s .F town: 2 if RQQL-" 21, l 1 L 'QR Pl - 9-:Sf?A5r Y'-4-D' fYtiE,tz4 ' . 9 ws - -T ee , STAR J 'Q fact' I 'go 7 ..-1 rs Lett is as W5 egg.-Llltgir ,si -, 1 , . V. fig, sfimdltggi y-if sy+f"e5k ef- fr' 1if13sN.-. V - Soho I E V, il-?'iii"ii5W73li Q li Stew! me me 5595-5358 fd .s?sf.iQ iss 24ts:ta.'Q?..sZ i X gS.g,3?Q1gf1tsfiVtGQQNQ'Ef,.'Q ' ygq 'bqQ,,Eqi, 'oig,T,fgQ,s"., tgqsigjs .333-I if 7-if ,j-QsQ'frq04fssQsfi pl- gg? 'Qi sy-sifiiriswlei-x1iM.o"we.s+k,,.3 'Skill-zr -2.k1H:,s.e14iiEs ocwsg- Musick xp-f.1fN'QJ"Jx'-'iZ.'Y3' -5 L-Q93 -D vs.. -15 0 David I. Siegel VVilliam Slater I.. Stanley Smith Harry S. Smith DAVID I. SIECEL "ll'liSd0Hl and worth were all he had, But these were all to me." .Xt Suwalki, Russia, October, 1887, began his earthly career. Continued it at Chelsea, Mass., where he matricu- lated from the High School in 1905, and in the R. C. D. S. 1914. Local editor on the Hya Yaka staff. XVILLIAM SLATER "It is my duty and I will." Born near Galt, and after obtaining his matriculation in the Galt Collegiate Institute, he entered the R. C. D. S.. where he took an active interest in all branches of college life. 156 L. STANLEY SMITH "Faint heart never won fair lady." Leonard was born in Galt, August 17th, 1891. Matricu- lated in 1909. Entered R. C. D. S. with Class '16, Known by everyone as a good fellow and possessing the right spirit. He is quite unassuming, but somewhat of an orator. HARRY S. SMITH "Counts not ilzc cost but doeth. all things well." Harry drifted in with the snowflakes, Jan. 29, 1894, on a farm in Kent County. Matriculated from Chatham Col- legiate Institute. Prominent in athletics. Won his colors as a member of inter-faculty hockey team, 1915. Elected president of Hockey and member of Hya Yaka staff in his last gear. A brilliant student and a good pal among 'His rien s. RHYAI. lP1fN'1'.X1. SUCIICTY. 1015-16. UDP ROW'-lf. Y. Elliott. 'IRQ llr. NY. TQ. XYi11n1ott, IIOI1. P1'C91l,1L'111I ll. I,. lla-Inally, '171 l". N. fluff. '1". TTUBI ROW!-N. B, 3ICI.i'11Z1gl1QI1, 'lfjz ul. C. Livctt. Vice-Px'csi11c11t. '1fr: 11. li. jzuuw. l'n-Nhlumt. '1h: XI, 11. Ilzlguy. Svc '57 DE TISTRY George A. Sproul Arthur C. Steele XYilliam J. Taylor VVilfred VV. Weir Q Q A WILLIAM J. TAYLOR GEORGE A. SPROUI, "Natz1rc made lnuz what lzc is and never made anotlzcfrf' ".1 heart fo rt'.v0li'C, a head to C0lIf7'liT'L', um! u lmud to e.rcrHfC."" "George" was horn in 1895 at Chatham, N.13. Matric. at St. John High School 1910. Entered McGill 1912. Trans- ferred to Class '16 R. C. D. S. 1914. He has made many friends through his genial disposition, pleasant manner, and high standard of mental ability. His side-line-"Night hawking." ARTHUR C. STEELE "Fare rvitlz lsnozelcdgc so 1'1zforr11ctI." Artie was horn in Fergus, January, 1895, where he re- ceived his early education. Entered the R. C. D. S. 'in 1912. He is quiet and has a most pleasing manner, which has won him a host of friends. who wish him success in his chosen profession. "Curly" arrived on the scene in January, 1895, at South- ampton. There he received his preparatory education and in 1912 he decided on Dentistry as his -life work. His free and off-hand manner has won for him many friends. Has held several offices: in his last year that of secretary of the Hya Yaka. NVILFRED W. VVEIR "Circ every man thy car, but few thy voice." Bill received his primary education at NVroxeter, Ont. From there he wended his way to Clinton Collegiate and matriculated. He entered R. C. D. S. with Class '15. Owing to unavoidable circumstances he was unable to attend session 14-15, hut has he-en a congenial addition to Class '16. 513 548, l ' if:-' 4 . 453355. i X EDJ ggg3a3gg: QE? 'HBP 'HN 'W' ff. . N 'Ml' ax 52 rm f f r ': 4-i ary 1 wg S ff 'A awiil 2Ift,,..,.M1'se a.2f...fa..f'f M' ,.,, F. Milton VVilliamson F. MILTON XYILLLXMSON "Ami still they gazed and still flu' :wonder grew. Thar 011C small head could carry all he knzcwf' Bill was horn in Roland, Han.. March 17th, 1885. Re- ceived his elementary education in Wleyburn, Sask., later matriculating in Saskatoon. Entered R. C. D. S. 1911. His cheery, affahle manner made him popular with all. He is a member of the Xi Psi Phi Fraternity. 15 f 9-F-57' x X fx ,, '9 40 -X J- History of Class of VIQI6 ' ' function of University life antl the Forestry sec- lllf forester must be an optimist: he must have faith tu work for results tion of "K" company hail good attendances. "I'orty" anml 'Z-Xilceu set the example by going into which cannot complete themselyes for training for Imperial commissions. "lslughesy" many years. His work is to aiil nature mil to ilo this he must uuilerstanfl natures methoils, whether iii 'fmu1'CNt primeyal, ilrifting entereil an aviation school, and on its break- up entereil the seconrl ilraft of Imperial oflicers with "Mao" "Dal" secureil a commission in sauil-plain, or mountain pasture. ln the fall of 11,212 st-yen enthusiastic embyro D the 95th liattalion, and it is whisperecl is about lu join the ranks of the benemlicts. Gill joined itiresters-gXilqeii. liurforyl, Dallyn. llughes. Klc- lgwen, Porteous, anil Thurstiin-were iuitiateml the. Imperial Motor Transports in Xilinnipeg. "Yic" Gilbert. of hockey fame, ancl "Hob" Lyons into the mysteries of their art. ln the following year Gilbert, liill, anll Lyons entereml from -Xrts :mil "Hurt" misseil his year. The thiril year expect to follow suit shortly, making a complete transformation uf the whole gracluating year from scientists to, let us hope, but temporary was enliyeneil by the presence of "li3utch" Ger- man, but he enlisteml with "Thursty" as artillery signallers. warriors. They leaye their natiye lanfl with the deter- mination to flo or flie for its protection, but with The fall of 114915 saw the Lvniyersity imbueil with a feeling of the seriousness uf the country's situation, as shown by the call for ollicers anil men. The Cf l.T.C. became the most important hopes of returning to enjoy the task of protecting anfl ileyeloping its natural resources. 1 3 '1 C TJ L1 XA l i 160 FORESTRY ,,,, ' . .' " - rf x V '1' .Q 1 "9 w:"t " ' - '-.- ,N A w A W 'Q Lf .' V' 'f ff. A '17 n ' JV P 'fr 12- 1 ,f were 'illliiltfji z1r11.f ry il - if 1 1 1 1,, I VK A .ktkcgk - ,-I W fr- VV xnb- Align 'QK ,V lggnkl F-I tmvufilzjg 1 fi 1-fvfiqliillc: YJ I Q 12,3 2 1,', , JV K ltigfifflleitv Germ? Qi Q15 fG"Plfp.M12ff,ffl'e1t 1? 71 1" fl f 1 . e -31 S 1 f is 1 -N N15 .4 51-on 1 'J 1 1 1,921 1 lymggl Ze 'eh ef Q21 .or . .1 -- . at 11 to Jig. ......k.i M1391 Chi.. 1,4531 y W 1 ,-,.1?.f !qx.1,?K 1 N t, 1,1311 ,K 3 . WIQMNL1, 1 ek: 1 ... 21215 L4 .. KN 'N 7 as 'l'l ,5Y kms eg! 5,4 .- ft 1,-gage any i3fWifq.fiVYLN.,??LLi..S gy toe-iff, :-j-fqMl.iiii 71 tw 1' Pvf7tk ?f1iWi91tfvf it '11 it 1 . . Q ,. 5-1,1 .- is -X V - ,O . tl '.: Z- iii 1 r A 'Y gl 1 ex Q -ZW :TV X 1 I 1 iLyi. ,1 -1 i ,UQ L-5 X mtg. .1 39321: 9mQe3sf:i7Q5X?A-4:fte'vQ 3.3 Kefwtffe.-r4L1.f f.4i.:N-1 1 i5'1Lliff'E?'f1QNfS-r or 1. I. Douglas Aiken Gordon M. Dallyn A. V. Gilbert Clittord ll. Gill J. DOUGLAS AIKEN A. V. GILBERT "He rlzall dzvcll safely in the zeildcrucss and slvef lil! the 'AHI1'-fl Wifi? U fUHIl'C" INIOSL' 1f'1l'1'Y1'1ff'd 'YD' wo0ds."sEzekiel, tau make to-nzorrow t'llt't'7'fZfI ax to-day. ' "Doug" was born in Cape Town, S. Africa, in 1390. llorn at Seeleyk Hay, Ont., 18911. Q Klatrie. at ljling-ton Hatriculated at London, Ont., in 1906. Entered the Clas-2 Collegiate 1907: ' Four years at Queen x Lniversiity in Arts. of '16 in Meds., but the lure of the wilds became too strong. Played goal XVlfl11Q2LlCCl'l'S hockey team, Allan Lup liolders. A member of the Track Team for two seasons and president 1910. Entered Faculty of Forestry 1913. of the Foresters' Club in his tinal year. CLIFITORIJ 12. GILI. "Dri111.' Jeep or tnurlz nm! the spriizg of A'll0fl'IL'tl'gL'.n GORDON M. DALLYN S0 gallant H1 Iam: and so daunflms 'H war' Awbcott' .X son of Klariitoba. Matriculatefl from llranilon College. Born at I-Ianiiltong attended Collegiate there. Moved Graduated froni'Cniversity College 1913. Spent-two Num- to' Toronto: matric. at Parkdale. where he was president of iners with Iloininion Forestry Branch. Revel: in nature. Qiterary Club. Forest survey work in Northern Saakatchewan. intlulgea in h15tory. but ' thrives on Lille iiewepaper. llie becretary of Foresters' Club '15-'16. Lieutenant in C,O.T.C, ability and genial disposition assure hun a sucet-Qsful career. in - V' "Q 1 fr- -- 1 ' 17 fa, ,f ', 1 ,X ej:f"ig" " AA, , - X , 1- , jr-Nusp, v '- 5--'.X.v.. -ff' 'D'-AN 144 10,1F.H1.r55 QT:1gtd-wieQfttitiigsaieif?.gg5.,12tSi,f53f1ffirQg1 r Q5 - 'Q H if-Q: 4xL1kFJN-xN v Lggijz A 73.1 K if-Q -NK-Xi, fi Cixi' irwkk CJ 1 Agxgo, Af I 4. in Ai fmt -411 li X-f 1' 111 Mfbiy? m..5f'1h1e.... f2'l.15iWm1S355erife. at-1: l?Qi.1:'w 11.1 .fill tgfafii QRTQ' -iff. ...QQ 515.511 t im we 123 X. ff M- " , 1 -11.5. .vw x.- - .g7.,fG'TR1lCI .Qi-7141 feritf Xvi"'t hi ,Ve Q 'xxoef-'1 H, 1- fu vw -. Veer. 15-3 J .e -Q .rfyff ,, Wx... ,S 1 New lf S 1 J 1 -wr - f '1 . '.,, K 1 1 K. - liner fq,!?1 .Q Fi 1.1 .- 1. 'fi--?'i 97775--'pi l0:"31f' . x' 'Q' f it K gjvjv ..,..g,7jff1 7.16,-ER X slexfkf ww r - we fin.. it - . Q1 C41 4 1. .1 1- , . , .uf - f' ,frifvf XQQ' f fy.. ,-5 1 5 .V 1 -34-O.. .V -, -A-. X yy. ,'S'15l1-1, 5,5 .N 'N N N fxf 9 te1M1'fff.Q52Wwi'-ia,2, YQ Q10 1 1r711eTifSM 11: 33. v wexeat 1 '1 pl fjzvfftfg fsqgnl gg. tiger, ,y A2 - Gif., :qi tl N35 gifs ftqfkg '11 1, ,Vg . R'1i.,Qg,'..,4f..' A., ei 4- Xt We ,A 5, Wy. 1 f"'f ""f -' -1iiQ'gf:,ef ji 15. ful 'jf 'f4,! fffffik MV " 3:5 -'UgK1QX,1s.,-L5tffflf-'l'lY':'l2EJ!f."O 71TSfg.f5g'Cg2ii'lQ Ce? f 'J ' 'f.. i...1 Donald Greig Rfvlleli XY. l.y011S Peter Klelfwen Hugh .X. Porteous DONALD GREIG 1'li'l'liR Ale1iW1iN "BW f0" fl"'gVf' 7710 UW'-V I H "I 11111 11 it'u1f1lI111111' f1'1lo:1', sir, fllllf t1l':t'11-rx l1f:'1'ti 11 fllfilf H i Ht' ruonltl ,lIIl1.YL'1f l1a7'e been a .mI1l1t'l'. f-,,-I--" ,,,,, '-'tug yyuil 'phat Emlg XYCIIDU X1 rfnmi' .bsiai t.18liiJ'..I'tCY.lg" Qllifliu 'xltfilli Myllali ful A llorn Aug. Zlet. 1887, at lYroxete1'. Ont. Klzitrietilatetl QMC 'I ' M llllglf' Q 0. 01015 -m .. 'V .N Aldfmou. 0.1, troni xvlllgllillll ll. S. in 1911. Peterk grand pxlwion wax bout' dough has not in the least affected his tbianelnng NCCU. fmmnll Hqlf-hqck in tht. dum ,ilmshil tkvuug uf habit while late-nt buds of genial good nature spring liapplly 'mm and l9i4' :md 'mzmhgw' fm, .N iwtlc WM 1,1 mimi Nm, trom their mantle of inagnannnityflus greateet awet. tlvm and gL, tlzwmitc. ' " ' ' Rt1lgIER'll NY. LYONS .. - - A lIl'Gll .X. POR'l'1fHl'i l'a1'11111 111111111111 the jorexf ' ' ' L'l1e71'iHy H10 01111 of .YTUl't'f tllltl' lviftvl' f1111t',x'."-- Shalcewlieare. H-'I "W" IU' fV'4""-V L'1f,f"v1-1:1111 .1'L'-ffF"1f11.1'-Y U"-1 U"l."lf"-"'f .Of good llighlantl Qtoek. Horn and received early eslu- """'f"""'7"-'- Catton at Lucknow. Ont. llonor niatrie. at Clinton. Country Horn in Galt in '93. wliere he proeureil hie early eiln- petlagogue two years. lfntererl liniveriity College, but cation. lfntereel Forestry via .Xrtm .X nn-inliei' of the track divinity lost a shining light when he NXYllCllL'1l to Forestry. Ielllll and allerountl zithlete. hsllJll'l11llUl1 voyagenr of Nlanitolrzi. 161 N w FORESTRY CLUB EXECUTIVE, 1915-16. G. G. Bricker, WV. R. Haddow, 2nd Year Representative. lst Year Rfpresenrative. G. M. Dallyn, J. D. Aiken, G A. Mulloy, Secretary-Treasurer. President. Vice-President 162 OLLEGE O LJ kj 4' 5 WQPFB on 1 ORATED A9 o P ,O O ' 'Sf Q35 -J 79 A '4 2 ' T' 7 O lv! -In ,L 5. QQ, f .1 F gh R: 'L 2 ., if Q, I . O 1? o wx fl-he Class History, Pharmacy KR term is short. The many new acquaintances we have made here, the reiterations of the days gone past at school, the new surroundings, have linked themselves together and passed the time so quick- ly that now we find ourselves about to step out into the world and take the places which we have been predestined to fill. lt marks an epoch in our lives, passing from the frivolities of youth to the duties of safeguarding the lives and health of the public. No doubt the students of previous years have been imbued with the same national spirit of patriotism as we, but never before has such an opportunity presented itself that they might show their appreciation for the liberty and freedom afforded them by the British fiag. Patriotic spirit has been in evidence throughout the whole year at the College, the students always responding gladly and whole-heartedly whenever called upon to assist in the alleviation of the sufferings of our fellow Canadians and all those who have offered their services to check the rush of the ravenous hordes of Huns. In short, it has been "khaki" year at Phar- macy. A large percentage of the class have pre- sented themselves at the U. of T. C.O.T.C. for military training preparatory to going overseas. Our first representative to go overseas was XV. XYallace Watson, of Cornwall. Having passed his military examination at the close of the junior term. the New Year found him on his way to England, where he has received a com- mission with a Yorkshire regiment. His further training will be completed at Oxford Rifie Col- I w lege. Good luck to XVat! XVe're all proud of him. During the first few weeks at school we organ- ized our class, placing H. B. Lough at its head, assist him, and we feel with an able staff to assured that we have judged our officers rightly. It has afforded us great pleasure to appoint as honorary vice-presidents the three ladies who have honored us by attending Pharmacy with the IT6 Class. XVe feel that we should make par- ticular mention of this fact, since the IT5 Class were not so honored. Having elected our officers, the soccer pro- moters formed a football team, but unfortunately after a deal of hard work they discovered that they had harder working competitors. The winter season opened with a series of social events, con- sisting of theatre night at the Royal Alex. on Nov. 9, an informal class dance on Nov. 25, and a banquet on Feb. 23 at the St. Charles. These were all enjoyed by the students in general and were carried out successfully by an efficient com- mittee. NVith the vvinter season also came the hockey and, backed by the crowd of enthusiastic rooters, the team skated fast, but the fates were against them. Now all we pray for is the help of the gods in the coming exams. Having imbibed from all the text-books to be found in the city, let us trust in Dame Fortune to carry us through and send us on our way rejoicing. But should We fail in this attempt it is not because Dean Heebner and his staff haven't given us a brilliant tutelage. I A Guam: 9, A v Z, 1 C Q 1- Pl-l RMACY 1 fl ' .- lim it PW S A Stiff? .stelb .Q 1 5' u '- K' E K 3. in ' T'i9??'f2 W' W C K .. .. , H -A ,Mex e E .1 , I It KES? . ii ef .Wav 'M' ' 9 9 dl, , X 9 X S' Q -if NN A. 'mf' lgfib V- " "l ' ..f'.l ii " CW ' - 1 l't5ei5vUf '32 eel. sf? LXL.o?fIf2..osSif9 it '?iZ..:.1 . vt' es . i vis a re 'r EX ,L 4 kgiijkg, Y- N f.-,.gS ,Law 7 -nj '15 , T, , V I 'A-X . .QE ,, .G U ., 4.5.4141 .sa.mi.5w1XiSFtfeJ- ss.. eetvyewrwnsse , L5 Harry S. Abar Stanley P. Anderson Peter J. Ballantyne VV. Jennings Best HARRY S. ABAR PETER J. BALLANTYNE "He knows where he came from, But where is he gozngl' ' First noticed at Brighton, Ont., May 17, 1893. Matric. at Catnpbellford High School. Apprenticed in the same town for four years, then arrived at O. C. P., Toronto. Final destination unknown. STANLEY P. ANDERSON "A .S1fH:1'L'lUllf reason is his motive for action." Jan. 2, 1893. saw the auspicious event at Aurora. Re- ceived inatriculation and Normal entrance in 1911 at Aurora lligh School. Took up the slab and mortar in his home town. Caine to Pharmacy 1915. "Tha Scotch will not down." Attended Strathroy Collegiate Institute, graduating in 1907 with honors. Taught school in the VVest two years, then entered drug business in Strathroy. Took part in different sports. Always a leader because of his popularity and oratorical ability. W. JENNINGS BEST "The best is none too good." Born in the ambitious city. Hamilton, Ont., in 1894. Matriculated from H. C. I. in 1911 and has rolled pills ever since. A brilliant future is assured this energetic young man. iam W'f' wi 07 TGS 1 ff if 'Pettit as J 1 'efvsfcu 1- 'f of 1 tar" if"7T?Z'l- ': 'iff fair .f w e "i4mQ.. 'Wrist -Q .T2'tiiFi?hlU6MtaeE?fl at eeirfl .4..fdL 1 -. 5 -5 glenfgliliew V 2 553 bi. X32 Ni! .bi L. X.: f Tw VFW fef,?e1S ' 55 1 X - ev 9 it Qgkg i, 1 p h. , N, M ik .. sv-N, sr 'Q we ff 1'-ml nk ' C , l H55 "Sk 9 Hr xi Q V ' et I. ,Uv www! owen M N Lim, gd- M H ,iff .LW ,,!, .. N . bv tw' LA ,, Q Lx t Dorothy Birkett Frank I. Bourke Fredrick VV, Bryan Frank Caswell DOROTHY BIRKETT "fl little beam lhat always shines for the happiness of others." Dora. after graduating from Niagara Falls Collegiate, chose Pharmacy as her profession. During her apprentice- ship she always had a cheerful and winsome way, which made her very popular, and during her college term at the O. C. P. was a favorite among all. FRANK J. BOURKE "The al-chemists in their search for gold discovered other things of greater value." Entered on his troublesome career June 25, 1892. Got the inspiration to be a pill roller in 1910 and acquired great fame as "Two Bit Bourke" at the O. C. P. "God bless the Irish." I 66 FREDRICK W. BRYAN "Wiedy" matriculated St. Andrew's College. First became famous in Medicine, Class '1S. Has won his way in the world and accumulated a great wealth-of experience. Now a charter member of the Mortar Club. Drives a Ford, plays the piano and fascinates the ladies. FRANK CASNVELL "The only 'way to have a friend is to be one." Was born in Smith's Falls in the 90's. Educated in that town and upon deciding to study drugs served his apprenticeship and is now attending Class '16 Pharmacy. 'saw ,,,..if.1 f., .L Yi-.3 I s PHARMACY ss! X sas rv is f sr New ,,, fe 1- rw are We s X'-CT' ,. - ' be-as is-ezffms 'eff + 1 f X .gp I X I N Y HFQA- 1 ,ff A Pip? I ,A 17 HUF- Y! N. X Q15 S - t -sax jv?xsft. si xt A.,':x.1'. D J fl s l 'gil if'-"7 1 YHXJ L ini Glu fd 2 'f:?3?'lfll't film U if smell: N -'Kilt 'Sly i H A ' - + 1 W af- Q .F aids sf.. tw"-Vi ,-. " e go we .sse- 'i"T m , X . fig?-Lf KC' 771 r f - - -gg. .4 . A x .ff5H"e?'2:"1f' f- f f . . s e 'pe 5 ffm' of f . ,LO - 1 - YNY we ss P. HWY A ' . fgz trZ5hsQyt Kraft s sir. O tigQfs1f6f.iRs ' -f :fa v . W - - it 'i W ip Qha eff? 1 .. Sift Archie Chisholm Graham A. Condie Reginald H. Crane Melvin .X. Craven ARCHIE CHISHOLM "It's always fair weather l'Vlzen good fellows get together." Born one unfortunate evening in Erin, 1893. Matriculated 1910. Attended Guelph Model School the same year. Teach- ing didn't appeal to him. so l1e joined the Pill Rollers. Sad but true. GRAHAM A. CONDIE "He came like water and like wind he went." t'Con" was born Jan. 15, 1895, at Manotick. Ont., where learning found him a student till matric. gave him an en- trance to a Pill Foundry in Ottawa in 1911. REGINALD H. CRANIQ "Is ffdflllillg your auzlu'timzf" "There is no royal road." Born August 25th, 1892. Educated in linderby. li.C., passing the McGill matric. in 1910. Deserted the printing business to learn the mysteries of a "pill" foundry. Cornetist in the C. O. 'l'. C. Band. NIELYIN JX. CRAYICN "lf nacbody caros for me 1'll Care for xztivlvotlyf' Born some miles north in the cold village of Shelburne. l matriculation teaching and of these pro- hnn-and as present he is spring exams. "Mac" obtained his entrance. second class an: here. After modelling at Bradford he tried banking. but after a few years decided neither fessions had long enough working hours-for the best remedy entered the drug store. .-Xt trying hard to come out near the top in the Y " 73 F7 I f 1-qw A y fry. ne- '.1-QQTL55 -ff. :full 5X'eSF.11f"T5'x""7?f'L5V k' .3?r5.Q5 1 4 rigttls - .W . at - - V .-. f V ' - -- va we r ' pvc, 1 f 4 M an . N 1... ,. ,651 9--61.2. 1' 1 ..- f ri Qiliv-ai,fciSfN2.k'??f7,fras Sas..-wel-"stakes ' .yy W , A w my ' NL, li, I .7 fq gWS 'Q 4 'md i T571 ft' ri ff ,arg Q ' . .. be ., h r ' N: Y K it fo s K" :ba Q - 'sf 1 5321. ai Q uifsiift Q+g,i,t9Nsii5?ls Gordon F. Cunliffe Robert A. Cunningham GORDON F. CUNLIFFE "Ol1! slr-cp it is a. blessed thing." "Con" was born in Medicine Hat, a sunny prairie city in Alberta. He attended school at his home city. where he received his First lessons as a pill-pounder before coming to O. C. P. ROBERT A. CUNNINGUAM "He sleeps yet lie sla:ef's not." Born within sight of the beautiful waters of Lake Simcoe some time toward the end of the 19th century. He matricu- lated from Newmarket High School and shortly afterwards joined the ranks of the pill pounders. 167 L. XYilbur Davis Orval Xl. lluncan L. XYILBUR DAVIS "E1'vry dark cloud 11115 tl 5I.ff't'l' llilHAllf7.H L. VVilbur Davis, born Dec. Sth. 1891. Chatham. Ont. .Xfter passing through the Public School. he spent tive years at the Collegiate Institute. Chatham. llaving been employed by a drug firm for tive years. finished his education at Pharmacy. Ile has always been popular and makes friends quickly. ORYAL M. DUNCAN His. 1125. Pllt1l'IlItlt'-X', ftlnirumry they are the lwst. Orval first opened his eyes on this tempestuous world in the early nineties. He received his early education in Sarnia and after niatricnlating from S. C. L entered the drug business in XYhite Front Drug Store of that place. Graduates with Class '1o. Ilis many friends xvish hiin success. ' fv' w ...I o. so +8 1 2 1 PI-IARM -. sg.. -i'sr5,yg .Ns -lv . - Q 5,57 3 -- h - -- .yfwff - . D --J . Vg , -, if ,-3 A J fd 5,115 f 1- C to I 'P im! 'T Q . . .fe 0? 71 ,x'x W Jfy ' f JM! rsN4'1L zffwi ,Y W F1-Weis., . .. sf KW: ' PM 1. Elisa Q sq Jyftniilfjx I x ish' 13:-:LR i r 3 xvv v N. . - ss 11' v-'ann s-'-'xv' -1 f-W. 1-4.x-..-:V -:. -f f- . W .. .. V fi c' - . - sf-sl ' as .1 if X' ' :L -,w1cf-'i-..V-r-91.1. . - -sw 'f-.1f1. 1' ,VN '-1+ 1 . f' fi'1te-.chi 'il MQ , i 2' ' Sv?-1w'23: iiiilixslfiib I '. 'FT"t3'Cl'-Jif5.T - if "wf,2.-J,fQ'f1'5" fl! I' .Sql N Egfr? 55 MAX, VI 51?'Tf','1' 1. - - Q X'-'QTA' kfi.!'.i'aQXx9"'iJf', QMKQLM gig, ei . .QR u Xk kr -'Nui 51955.-rc' 1.51111 X fir, Hai", 3.02 KPCJN' if-ficitiu 4 -li-if of ?.V'l"i T' 'X " "C. iii ' DY' 1 .U Lvl-""" NM--' N H-3.-'L-i...f" -llieisv 'MJ' PL- -5 w5""i'v'7lcff XX 1' 1 Fi' 1 5 I I " 'f5f""' cgi. NY Q .sin ,l imwilx iltvx M QQ Qgth- .-L, KC? Q ,ixg gc iff t.. ,,,,:v,5, ,XQQF 'sx.sj1y5fag -- Q- ,,"1.NgPi,,QJ,Q,k.. .WL Qccggizaf NVilliam E. Eagles Anna M. Ferrari Edwin R. Foster Benjamin Franklin lVII.LI.XM E. EAGLES EDXYIN R. FOSTER ".1l111l .vlill 1110 Qriiirzilvr grew, , Yllllll' 0111' .vuiull lwud could carry all ln' ls11c'zc'." Meaford. Ont.. was forever made famous when it was made known, on june 27, 1892, that "Hill" had arrived. Matriculated from Mcafortl lligh School in 1911. Ile was then sentenced to tive years' hard lahor, four of which he spent in lie-rrier's Drug Store. College St.. Toronto, and is now serving his last year in the O. C. P. ANNA NI. FERRARI "ll was l11'1' 1115111111 111 fuck ull liar 7U0l'l'IiC5 1.11 flzc 1101111111 of lim' l11'111't, 1l1i'11 sir 011 the lid, and 5'l!1l.lL'.l' Little Ferrari came to O. C. P. from VVindsor. where she received insight into the drug business under Col. F. H. Laing. Her sunny nature and ready wit mailed her :1 popular ineinlxer of Class Onety-six. i'llIllz?l'6 tl1a1'0'5 lift' filC7'C'S 1I0f'L'.U lfiOl'I'l March, 1894, at Port Rowan, Ont. Graduated from High School in 1911. Served apprenticeship in St. Thomas for four years. Entered Class Port Rowan as pill roller of '16 at O. C. P. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN "For l1c's a dll in his own lzomc totem." "Ben," as he was familiarly known, hrst saw light near Port Rowan. in Dec.. 1895. Matriculated at Port Rowan n 1911. after which he labored for four years High School i in a drug store in the same place, and then entered the Class '16 at O. C. P. ix. A . . .gc 21 wzjrwf pg - 'frg 'K c fxfgguf Q yuywfwv- ' 'ygf 1 3 A Aft wwf , fi ,gf W if-f if 'Q' 'fr 14,047 4 - ff? Q. 51,55 222 .gf21gQ5ffQ,fp5r'2QB ull Ng, gi f,fZ,?3il 1 - . ? .-Qfij. fi fm.. ffmj' X U 'Qsiwxji-, .As Q.-,Ltux.' Cfidj-'Q -1,55 iegj . is -3 :fri :iii it H . 1 f..f,5 '1,5-.y7j.,r':F3l"riff-,qfijiiip - X . fqfjii .1. 91-:if .wwrEyj.2lf4?clsF.iY57 1Ks5f7Lf,i"j3iL gc. 29 Si: 3 if .ilffl elif' ,X A 1 1 'sl ji "f 1. ,J . Eff, . M.-1595, f' I+ is 1' P .Ipw 13s"Sf:. g1.g1a,qj ,3.l,,Q L Wx I Q E ii 1:9 1. K 111. S" P 9. Nix oil 'S X1 N m i . I 635 .A ,ji - xx, . 5 AY N N .i.p..HX X j . X V EQ, s . N 1-ve , --T s kv- X F' sew fmgfvi x.w'b, L 1 L, -ir 1-N . ,43, C-,, A ,. 4' I Q. U r -fr .13 L--ga. c 1 '1' 1: r if' is .1 .: .C f 1 .. 5.9 N. 4 Mfr 1 - .-41v1,f-fn' '- -- ,fx , - - swf- 1-ss .Ls-'Ui'-5' . 9.-Q3 1 ' I it 'Q ..,, '-Q ffl I . - Y 'L - -Q ' W . T' f "ld scfai 337 4 if sb L, UF:-' ' Q-Llilfx-3'N'x1-L-Qlbmtyk' 5 C Qsfikgvio' Cecil C. Franklin Crawford I. Gould Frank A. Granat L. Clarence Gubb CECIL C. FRANKLIN FRANK A- GRANAT "lI'l1o loves not .... lives not." First emitted yells March 21st, 1894, at Port Rowan, Ont. Received matric. at Tillsonburg Collegiate Institute. Also served apprenticeship in that town. Attended '16 Class of O. C. P. CRAWFORD I. COULD "Cie fools their silk and knawes their wine, But always H20 for mine." Curtain.-Tonawanda, N.Y., 1894. Succeeding scenes in NVaterford, Brantford and O. C. P. Is "some pumpkins" at soccer, a favorite with all, and sadly prenuptial. Here's to success, "Crawf." 168 ".-1 litflc lsnowledgc is a da1zgc1'o11s flllillgfu From Revelstoke, B.C., came the auspicious Frank, ardent in his praise of Canada's VVestern Province. In this far- famed wooded land he received his preliminary tuition in preparing for that piece of parchment, the 1915-16 O. C. P. diploma. L. CLARENCE GUBB "I love my bed." Born Walkerville, Ont., 1893. Matric. Windsor Collegiate Institute 1911. Chose Pharmacy tor his profession. Having spent four years at the practical side is now here to get the whys and wherefores. Treasurer of Class '16. 9 .TPTAZ .1 V S 1 . 13, '49 vo PHARMACY 'W , J r X: .... .. LN ' "r f ' ' ' 1 H., "X I ' +3 " ' X L21 Iv V X .9 .-' ,xu. 5 .r -U U- J fix- 'M ' A " I' ' - yr -fi. A J-, , . ' X , K- -,r x sf. ,: 'N 7+ .5 L N -1 ' N- R AP , 11' f ,, E255 VQJSJQ, flfclggasikl' 154,35 ja LH - ,mg-llc-Sri. 995355 59525 1 QA-'.lfPif!P2:,.t . JJ. , - ' I VF' ' ' -I of . ft f -121. W I t my U wwrwxxii 1. ' Ksisog Qty, , 'rggy si' nil :TY-06' l L 1551 'f,4,, lag Q 5- , 5 A16-Qi' h I 7.18 -2 exif I 51, , ll 9 .fi 'f 1,195 J4 to ' 151 x lis- 5 W. W yr gf" 'fa fi 1 1 "Mg: 7, 1 ,Q -ep' figfff. S-. 1 SS ""5,f'f- 'y sf-P . -fn ,xii f fig 4 'RN "1 3 s-VN, X ,Q r sits f'ff3i1f Dirt. fff: 4175595 '.Q ffQ??'3aii6. Q 9544 SAUQQSIL ijrisfisl no R553 R2VQ1sa.'l51 sk? A. Guy Harris Reginald S. Harris Frank VV. Hawkins Leslie E. Ilendry A. GUY HARRIS "Labor is the f01lIIdHl1'0IL of .v1zcCc'ss." "Guy" was born April 14, 17893. at Verschoyle, Oxford Co. Matriculated at Ingersoll Collegiate Institute. Served apprenticeship under F. G. XValley, Ingersoll. Follower of outdoor sports. especially baseball. Member of the O. C. P. football eleven of '16 Class. Pharmacy. REGINALU S. HARRIS "l sleep ciglzt lzonrs, tlzvu work eight hours, and lcaee eiglzl hours for l1'1'z'1zg." Reg. was born in XN'est Toronto in 1893 and received his early education there. In 1906 he migrated to North Bay. Ont.. where he matriculated in 1911. After four years labor in a "pill factory" he arrived this year in Toronto to learn FRANK XY. IIAXYKINS A'LL'liSlll'L' is ilic 1'e'zeul'tl of lalmrf' First smiled at Oshawa, Ont.. Nov. 22nd, 1592. IIaving received his early education in this town he chose Pharmacy as his profession. Spent four years at the practical side of it and is now at O. C. P. to learn the whys and wlierefores. LIQSLIE Ii. IIENIIRY "Cool, ItlIfCl'lIH'bc'd by stress and lmrry, lm'l1'1zcd to ieorlrg, buf not In :efvV1'y." "Tack" first caught a glimpse of this world at Cornwall, where he attended High School. In the land of sport he favors lacrosse and hockey. the art and science of Pharmacy. N , rr -' . -Xa, , ref fi .Nam 'X on -fe 9-sf, af' T V?'i+e'Swe:ffiL T1'f33t71lf"ffQx'fTT'tf'T?3b 23925 RQ'ggS3t Q seas.. se.f3S.s.,or:v1eabi4ff Y fi n JE - I ffQe5.,.f' f on .- .2-. 'Q L4 I3 NC f J 1 '-'1Cf'ieg . X fvcSf'2fsQeqffgtk?,.- me Aw X t -9411 I ya, s -I 1 - .J s es i ., ..i.rfasfff -fs: me 1- f' - " - -usa :saga t ' Q7 Ca Sf " :M fa I 1 et rect ofss: Z' ' 5? s 4615 "5 ., Sigh WN ' 59 ' ' tm. I it . -- ' ps s ff X Msn. :f . . - - ff - X as 4 fl s we-'sf ffif'-'offs iffseess I 'P fw'-we .. Gt- '- 4 5 . fc-i5sdQt.o3'r , ,. iff iowa" V w gf, Ss?-sas-it Hq1??sE 53-Jil,Ki his ' as V ,pf af at I s. . ...Q fsebreifsgvgisgwfieeefsse 1 4 G+ C fJjlf?:g'1p12:5JD,Q.g.i-fig-ffGtAl..' by .4,QJmsf..a, Tigkii. vase QS --jfffw A 'tis-:ofQh-- Eyliim-in F. James Huffman Oscar E. Jack F. JAMES HUFFMAN "l'Vlza1' is 1110 'zeorfli of anytliing, But for the lzafifvincss tlzerciv in iff?" Born May 25. '94, Matric. from Ridgetown Collegiate '11. Presence at Pharmacy due to business aspirations and a disregard for late hours. Le bon temps s'annonce. OSCAR E. JACK "Good goods are done up in small quantities." Born at Greenbank, Dec., 1890. Matriculated Port Perry, 1908. Attended Victoria two terms. Decided to join ranks of mortar and pestle, commencing his study in Fillmore, Sask. Returned to Ontario College of Pharmacy in 1915. 169 John R. Johnson Stanley J. Kirkland JOIIN R. JOHNSON "Munir can be inzade of a 'bluenose' if lie be ranglzt young." Born Oct. 31st, 1891, in Upper Stewiacke. N.S. Received his education at Pictou Academy. Graduated from Calgary Normal School in 1911. After teaching for some time he decided Pharmacy offered better inducements, so served his apprenticeship in Daysland, Alta.. and entered O. C. P. STANLEY J. KIRKI..XNl'J "Take no thought of the m0rroze." Generally known as Kirk. Born in the fall of 1894 at Perth, Ont. Here he received his education and matriculated from the Collegiate Institute in 1911. Choosing Pharmacy as his profession, he entered the business of F. .-X. Girdwood. of Perth, and finally. to complete his training. came to Toronto and registered at the O. C. P. in Oct., 1915. last autumn. LU? PHARMACY , v-6.-D - 1 SCM. Clarence O. Kruspe Robert C. Lang CLARENCE O. KRUSPE "Labor omnia i'i11rit." The joyous news was noised abroad on July 11th, 1893, at Hensall. Ont., later residing at Tavistock, Ont. Matricu- lated and served apprenticeship in the same town. Generally very quiet but has his little to say now and then. ROBERT C. LANG "You rau't yr! u':my from the bonds of affinity." Entered in the race March 7th, 1894, at Victoria. ll.C. Pharmacy apprenticeship at Esrluiinault and Victoria. l1.C. Hacks his own word every time and would rather argue than sleep. Howard B. Lough VVilfred B. hianning 1-iow.xRD 11, 1.oUcH 1 "A man among men. .-1 far'or1'tc of the ladies." llorn 1891. Hastings Co., Ont. .Xt tirst destined to be a farnier, but his own ambition changed destiny. Received matriculation at Trenton H. S. llccided to be pharmacist. Spent four years in XVindsor, Ont. Now holds coveted position of president of his Class at O. C. P. VVILFRED B. MANNING "Much study is a weariness of the flesh." Blade his debut on the world's stage Nov. 5. 1895, in NYoodstock. Ont. Matriculated from VVoodstock College in 1911. After washing bottles for two years here, he coni- pleted his apprenticeship in 1N'allaceburg, Ont., and entered O. C. P. in 1915. 513V F. Arthur Maclienzie William D. MacKenzie F. ARTHUR MacKENZ1E "Co1zsia'er.v life a drama and people the actors." Born Feb. 17. 1891. Served his apprenticeship in "Medical Hall," Chatham, N.B.. and has come to the O. C. P. to increase his knowledge of the nimble art of Pharmacy. 11ere's wishing him luck. XVILLIAM D. Mac1iENZIE "There is no royal road to lcaruiugf' That ever memorable 25th of June, 1895. saw the auspic- ious event at Forest, Ont. Matric. at Forest in 1911. Bill, while pill-rolling under the supervision of Ralph E. Scott, of his home town, found ample time for outdoor sports, especially baseball and hockey. Pharmacy. 170 F. Christena McLaren Cecil VV. McLean F. CHRISTENA Mcl.AREN "PVC aim to please." Chrissie hails from Port Elgin, Ont. She had the advan- tage of getting all her early training in this beauty spot of Canada. After matriculating, in 1910. she struck out in a manner peculiar to her clan and ere long had served a most successful apprenticeship. Her record socially and as a student assures us that she will "please," CECIL W. MCLEAN "OIL wad .tome power the giftie gie us To sec oursel1'es as others see us." Born, July 25, 1892. Matriculated at Dutton. Appren- ticeship at London Collegiate Institute. Fond of and excels in athletics. Pharmacy 1915-1916 Class. I X 1 The Ontario College of Pharmacy am , .0 'P D' : 'Q : K 0 0 X- s PHARMACY J! i -v..,- 'T ' --"" . ' ' - H K , Affdfs m X V - 'ks-isa A '-. f' 'S , X3 .95 . RHS 141. -T T-' T. "-vm. X-'I':E,'.T.f Lf ,QNX-wk qQ x 64: rs Ali, ff Vivyff gig.- gd 'CQWJL-sxfko f -KA 031 V AN- My ,U 4 ,gig . I: 2 365,552.62 -1 its ees Q. 19 . esflxs.:?ie fr' ss if K e o ?Di.ifi if-21125 as flea..-1.1 H slilg 1- M or .W f .wal A ..i, xt , HDERSSQQ . , li" all Qgfgs- l ' in-XA' . ,,. ,V Qlistzl X g kt if v f ,J :X 322195 z - w Siggljl "'2.'xQ 'fx N .wi as .... ...a r ,. 1 f ' 'J' " , 'fi'-'L' ' w 'N X L-a, Q v I fx? . , . . f7'i?' - . ffl .. . . - i ii . . Q- Ji' N qw xg , if-At. ff,.,,f 2-. wjllii, !1T??,cYv,r,.1fg X 5 Q f ,Xxx i fi, ,js i ,..-,lygtqpfyfff iz, Vu. ,. nt yfrx' ,x.'....-X4 'Q H.ff1iffwf'.. .gf M? e5ff4f'ee-'isa'bi.Q1eLff? .5ffZigfevQaiii.Ts 1- fft isgi saQMf:tt.gr5f.a f X i . 461:57 222-5.e,i.1.fg..f,1Wfi,'f,.fs:feW4cvwf9Qafff..2 'Q ,eg 5 Roy L. Mcyanclless Alvin M. McCullough Milton J. Mcllivitt R. Howard Rlcflillivray ROY C. MCCANDLESS "Sonic day the pall: will lvrigflztvr grow." Strathroy, Ont., was his privileged hirthplace. llerc he received his education, graduating from the Collegiate ln! stitutc in 1911. Undisputed champion athlete in hockey, haseball and lacrosse. .X1iDlll'CllIlCL'SlllIJ served in Strathroy. lintert-1.1 Pharmacy Class 1915, wliere success has attended him. ALVIN Bl. MCCULLUUGII But lzis rvglllar name is Mau. First caused trouble -lan. 25, 1894. at St. Marys Ont. Natriculateil with honors at St. Mary's C. I. XN'as chief puck chascr for that town. Sold pills for four years in Toronto. Undoubtedly champion fusser in Pharmacy, 1915-10. MILTON I. MCDIVITT "fm little but fm wise, 1'm a terror for my size." "Mac" was horn in North Bay, Ont., 1892. It was l1ere that he received his education, graduating from the Col- legiate Institute in 1911. Lured by a desire for pharmaceu- tical knowledge, he came to Toronto to become a real "pill- pounds-r." R. IIOXNCXRD DICGILLIVRAY "And L"I'Ull fhougflz z'a1zqu1'slzt'd he could argue st1'll.', years ago. After drug profession in his most pleasant P. as a last hope Came to this sad world some twenty matriculating at Arnprior he entered the 1911. From that time pill-rolling was pastime. In 1915 he came to the O. C. of becoming a registered pill-roller. Xl If Mai- -Ny ., f,-.-. ' 1 , ,jk 7 f wtvfts-5 5 Q ,-X' N .SAME -V-.AQQXR L 1.59 . kay, 'Q 1 .QQ AS- . AQ smvglit xx..i-ks Al, -cf:-55.7. Q. .K-. iis.,-.Yi - . ggi 335:-ff 333553 Q3 '3-i,'i'filfi,l,?-.Yi g..l'jls'41c 'ef if fi 4.14 T115 Atty snap? i :Q fsgifiiilxgijjl - Z Q ' A f N 59 'CE r 15' S " l'lN'3'c "i"'x'k.'rl: " ,-VT 'F . '.gNL X:-1 or 11' 25-fb' ii. ' I- K .. 1' A keel-'M-1 f' rf elif an H vssxi-xltQxEF li wifgzftgx tix .5 git ,X'L5Q5g' H .Q:,-,gi iikfss .3,fifzh--jx5rffm1.g,1lL,..ggf ' Xizg-Sri Wi of. 'W Y xifwu fly ' Y "- -.,:. w '. . ' JD wig. -1 9-Eff iflii - 7 5 'l 6, I L , SQ-Q' ti. c mm . hr' his ls.. at -V 'RTQQN 1 1 v . 5 I Q9 .f 124. 5 ,.rcg.j. egg s , 1 .gs .fc-I .VN 'i f 'igbl f .tw ' at ,.2:' - T iifey . gf JA '12 Sql! . fx X Xl Veer? S,..Qf?, 'vw I if 6 fl,-4' rliwihj. , Qs wx isnt? L S WA K Q 1 1 YG w fff2if 4fffr"f 1 -1 'f f A ss 1-axle 1 ff-.raw JizvitgsaaliH422Rfsiv+HfNoft-.cfs Q EQJJ 4, gilgiifiziigfi 1Qf..N.,,,4i.,3ji 9315 ,ifsgiv figjgjx .sQgE5t,iij- y.,f'ir533, g,,,b,.75Qg., gs F, Q UQg,,5fQ,i5.rqi' ?,f 4, ali,-.1 phage xx xl Q--fs, ex '17 Ji gc ,A if Q 1,14 U1-D XS. V V-LQLgtN?3,gf' 'gli it yn ,fiffwf xjfgxfn- I ,- 4.4-2-L,,iLN7C ,f yn .,Q,.A,. ,Q i.:..iX,Q, JL- fy K A, . XJ Ai U, ,-, it 'J' --eg Jf lx .il , -f, , ,AQ J lf. . L ,gigs ik ,ti .-uf, ff -, .mg PQ Nxtf, .1 QA. txt, A--.lf .-ef.-,ff.1l..L .2,J.H?,-..:-.r,f fe-tg-1.4.,.lf .1 t,,pf1Q-If fi we .at fsI.s.e:g.em15.slf,..1a1.,ef+17 log 11--. - mi. f - s:-..s.a... Clifford A. Marshal Wallace L. Moore Geor e R. Munro Stanle G. Maclleth g Y CLIFFORD A. MARSHAL GEORGE R. MUNRO 'AH012' Gfv ww, vid Tot'-" f'Szil1 waters mn deep." Born Ioronto in 1892. Educated at St. Andrew s Lol- Born on 3 Stormy night in Eloray 1890. Matriculated School. Apprenticed with his father, M-r. Entered Ontario College of Pharmacy in and now graduates with "the bunch." lege and Model Geo. Marshal. September, 1915. WALLACE L. MOORE 'A czuuzing old fox, this." April 19. 1893, Iarvis, Ont. Date of teething and early history obscure. Attended Brantford Collegiate. Matricu- lated in 1910. Deep interest in parlor athletics. Jugglecl incompatibles in Brantford, Welland and Hamilton. No excuse to offer for being in Pharmacy '16, 1 from Elora High School and Hamilton Normal. Came to Ottawa, where he took up the noble profession of the pill- rollers. Alas my poor brother. STANLEY G. MacB ETH "It is by attempting to reach the top by a single leap that so much misery is produced in the world," Born in Toronto and apparently thought it a good-place to stick in, because he never wandered. Pharmacy is his goal. 172 PHARMACY if . ' l N. , '-i6f15?4v3jN1xSQ?1i'-eb'5e'lYi" . fe1rf1t16zvPff.1f JiffiQtjg5g5-weft 1f'Nga5f13i:1Fel'1 ef.s,. fe- 'flair wi The assi ., W 3.73 1 5 L31 Q we in f- 7 5 QW It 9- Fw Wli"l9'l Elf.. eh w Civi- l em- gl ,- ami s 'ffl iff N, Ju K V .KSN-' .xf.fAx.'J X IWZVM .Q is rg? illlifx Z'-Eff , I 3. ff H iw .71 f, ll 'fwfr Wie is QR! el' Yflvvt M A V, E. .4 . , X rm- 4 DT., , I 6 N, K x 1 51.5 A .LA .gravy , V, . X .J .X Vqkv K A S5-iq-ax l. V5wff.f'+lilwwf322i 1 ' f C3231 xi i.ii'w1f. cm few-2. fi-JCCCXQZQ 1 -, Q0 N 1 ,. J fxv-f, t x Nj 1. K u N , ,A lv .. t x Q... 4-. -. 1.91. K 9' -. JV D fa 4. 1 at if 1 -iw 1 Q.1W fi it fo as it M 0155! ,eff -Joan .CW ae. .mt .L 3 .fps Hts, it-5LcQH'Q-,g,Khwr.fc' ,. - Guy P. McNinch Harold R. McTavish Frank A. Newbauer Edmund F. O'Donnell GUY P. MCNINCH "Only here on a 7'isit-Paradise tN.S.J his llUUZL'.U First saw the light of day Sept. 6th, 1894. Received his preliminary education in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Inspiration to wash bottles, etc., in 1910, and now "Pil.'c's Peak or Bust." HAROLD R. MCTAVISH "It is far from 'll111.'Ul?l'5Ullj' true that to get a thing you must aim at it." Born Shelburne, Ont.. 1893. Received his early education in various places. Finished matriculation at Albert College, Belleville. Apprenticeship in St. Thomas. FRANK A. NEVVBAUER "I would t'0l1t1l071f' many things in one ana' irvciity, that 1 dealt hardly with at middle age." Born Clendive, Montana, some few years ago, hut decided to become a Canadian and moved to Grand Forks, HC. Here he received his education and first instruction in drugs. Now striving for the O. C. P. diploma. EDMUND F. O'llONNlfl.l. Hlytlltllgj in yvarx, but old 1-11 c.rfvc'1'iC11fc'." llorn in Hamilton. 1896. and matriculated at Il. C. 1. in 1911. Started his pill-pounding in the same year. NYC are assured that he will meet with success in the future. tl wg if TNI' 'Sift wtfokavi ffwf. r 5 ls ,. 7 ' 'iz-' if r"u,'enln . '91 e .7 1 ,A -X, .. - , by .L. y1.,.,3 ,..1QV.yg. 1 I , .N ,V ,.,-,f' 411 fa, ,' 13,1 , A -gui , l'53..iiiv it .1NifL.welfl ta.f. f1-5 eQ?5?2'fa.i.-S122 . 79 32335. Wfbiffs if ff mf . f 's - :XJ 1. veg 1, Nr Q. gs! Ki- X A. Add P! wizvl - W -la was X Ng 3 ' 7 N 'XVDQ . 5.-"NL . R KRS Q 1 n , A , , . X L' L'i - ' Qu -fx.1C Lt, eL"'f, 'F rw 1-x Q- 3 'X Be t lfgxiit li 79111515 g t 1 KX. A ttdfx T-gg ' 'GQ nlifq. - s X tv wet,-1.x .Nyrlkfj t,Ll'k.l C2-ff iw, R7 -F ,N - ' ,FTC rf' N lb 1' QT-' 'QwX'llqi,xg 1 Qkii? 'X 'Q s 1 '-wiwkcu -'bs '- N , Rfgsfgf H3 " " uri s' i.. . f- ww, .0 'r 1 ' L. - W1 . 1- gg is 1 M, w s 6-1 's C yt K Tris-' ,- X l . vj M CFL? NS? if 'Q ,A ' Qqgis. . TQ XQLQNS . bwlxi x tb L:-H4 L , .L .Z 'LSM , " , rf My C- 'Q' H, , N t .C 'L kf ' 73 N c 5 QP' A gk ', ' ,I X xi' 11 - '27 1 fe N A ' R- 'l .Vi -N. A .-' 15" A s A s1:..'i Ti.. .Q J QS! Ss-J fi Q53 Q lkirigf -'l"T3s 'iii QLZFX 'iikfix-W1-ii -JLLQ X 1 i.wQ'5 :'Q.i!EA.Q77Nl5f"1' M4 AVllllZll11 Parkinson C. LeRoy Penfonnd it., g VVILLIAM PARKINSON "Old friends are the best friends, Their' is'0lC011n' rings un! true, l'Vlieru athcrs lmxx you mzzuartl, Yozfll find they'Il sficls Ivy yan." Born Kemptville, Ontario. Apprenticeship with phar- macists in Vllestern States. llis classmates wish him well. C. LEROY PENFOUND illyxvlf iulwu young ilid vatycrly frvqliwzt Dortor .and saint and heard gran! argimzvut About if and about: but CT'Ul'lll0l'L' Came our Ivy the xamc door' as in I 'IUL'l1f.u-Ldllllll. Entered Ontario College of Pharmacy in autumn of 1915 and has the best wishes of the Class for success alter gradua- tion. Eber A. Powell lloulton ll. Price ICB li R A. Pt Ill' If 1.1. ".-1 rolling stone gtlllivrs no iimxx. llorn at lif'IllI1IYlllC, Ont.. not many yt-an ago. lleri he received his public and high school educzntmn and set out to serve his ap wrenticesln v as a elruggist. llis toni' .1 I . . years completed he is now learning the why and xxllert-ti-1'e vt flings it tht U C P 1 ' ' Z A . . . llt,lL'l,'l'f,1N ll. 1'RlCli "I?usf't't'l vz'm'y muifs tmiriiuiz-tzrf ull your 0'ft'lI.H Horn at Price! Corner, near Orillia. Uni.. Oct.. 1801. Receive-tl education there :md at Orillia Collegiate. Served apprenticcsliip at Orillia and Xt-winarkct. .Xttemleil U. C. ll.. Toronto, 1015-16. Fond of luaeelmll. football and lacmsse. '73 D, , ,of ' 1 5 o f , .X I i PHARMACY N of "4" Vw . fr- N ' ' 7 5 .ss x .. x, 1 -11 Q-Xt" - .-KNO AN-fs ef' -X X g.,-iff .sy ,C5 S- xx, .. X-A .- ja-qgxu '7 f H "N 7,5 ,155 :TQ-ll Q xlf'7wfS':RiRX'i,lc'i-'Kf- .wkmff Y Lvallit' lifvsq-I CS .Jimi Sgxwiv 7,-.Gi 5 fi' LQENQE Qi of f :sn H f-ru 'tx S -..f'iw4v-s vs ...few ff' egvs.. +L- at - .1 . , ts . --for-1 X W- gc s ' MJ -it 's-rx - 1 .R-fa ' SVI Xtliv .Q xx. vt 1' 3 'wir 'lt X-I-sw. x .L 1 K-. 1 'Qt f "9-Q'-wists 3.19 - -. 'tv..xs.- rl' FNS-aww t . lk N N 9 W 1 1 1 ,fisifwf--' lf.. we fs-v "9lll9B1O.5.lll'1iKG. as elfflgflw J- . fsirnssx M 4 t . .fi--Q.-121159. Nara'-i K 1 N 1 ,QM 0 r 01 L X N 1 Q a 1 .e .lwf3wiif I- , ' t . 'q lu, X- L A -.Trait 1 gill? it by M Q. O 1 1 1 1 1 fgxf. .,fv.f5 T 2. Y lf9Q "IS fist 175 yt lf""f 'iff Nlffr i 'X Ll' -Lf if Pi' 0"'lfY-E ,,,! :hah .ff ,CL. . '- A gpkgh -' Qing 1, vie' -A' Cp ffef- ,ft k i i V. 511. -X i -Sisiiw , X. C FXVTY ' its. 111- f ea fn- 4.f 4 1' 7. yr- 1' ,--S'-3 rf -' ,f .T ' I 'ft Q. , .-fy. fx 9-f ,','..'t'.- Q-SKS? H. -. . ,Y N, ufrx 1. XV' feltsluf 21-iflimai'ff1ff2awg?:Qe.sinh?' M f TD r7l'Pf-Vela is i.G'.-.s,1 . if H521 .gp 4 5-,Le-',',' fy ,yiufi f VN Q -gg! ui- ' gylr Xe. time-I t xjde 1 Li.-,V giza-1 Q .17-wk 1-. ,px V-fr. ff g ., it f-jr . fag:-z,f.L.i.fiLlZ 2gfi?g',f-.fezitfi-Se. ' .2 sxfsvc- his S-Ci'iigAefQg1f -3 s-55 ijstlpla it fl ji -. Spf Roger S. Roberts Arthur O. Rogers George A. Ronson Laverne R. Ross ROGER S. ROBERTS GEORGE A. RONSON "It is easy fur men to tulle and write lilrt' f'llIilUSOfll1c'I'Sf lint to nrt 'zvitli tvistloui, 1l1er'v's the rub." Officially known as "Colonel" tlatest edition of British Pliarlnacopfeial. Home, Parkl1ill,Ont. Here's luck. ARTHUR O. ROGERS .lll o:'cVflow1izg with tlzc sun of life. Art brightened the morn of April 10th, 1895, at New XYL'S'Cl11l11SlCl', I-LC. He attended both public and high schools on the bonnie banks of the Fraser, until in 1910 he started life as a Pliarmacist. ln business and sports Art has Z1 bright future. "lXYUL'f'llIg7 cz'crlasti'i1gly at it brings success." October Sth. 1892, was the lucky day. Habitat-Court S. and lanrl. Norfolk Co. Matriculated at Tillsonburg H. served apprenticeship in the same "burg" with C. O. Thomson. A member of F. Company C. O. T. C. Unparalleled example of happiness, but even so studies not a little. LAVERNE R. ROSS "ll'oiild fliers were more like him." Born in Wloodstock in 1894. lVlatric. at Hamilton in '11 Entered the drug business the same year. Of a great height, he has a lofty outlook on life. He has our best wishes. U A 'fre N11-wx 4-Q .9 . WN . X ' iffl mtff Q-klfga 'Sufi' by is iwr tj. f -Q v.. , vig. Q5 tignc-',LgL YN' -K--lit XFFLKD xx A x rn kt jne get 41' I. Lorenzo Roussel Thomas Sanders J. LORENZO ROUSSEL "My only auiliifiou-to fuss." May 7th, 1882, announced his arrival at Hull, Que. En- tered college at Ste. Therese, P.Q., at the age of 13 years. Entered Pharmacy six years later. Labored at Sherbrooke, Lowell, Mass., and at Ottawa. "Soloist" of 15-16 Class. THOMAS SANDERS "Thu u'ay's l10t easy wliere the price is great." Born at Exeter, Ont., in 1893. Obtained matriculation at the high school there in 1909. Chose Pharmacy as his profession. serving his apprenticeship in Toronto. Entered O. C. P. in 1915. T74 Oscar E Seegmiller John C. Sinclair OSCAR E. SEEGMILLER "The fates will decide." Born at Otter Creek, February lst, 1892, and received early education there. Obtained Normal entrance at VValker- ton in 1910 and taught school near Neustadt till 1911, when he entered Hunter's Drug Store, Walkerton. He is fond of hunting and fishing. Registered at the Ontario College of Pharmacy September, 1915. JOHN C. SINCLAIR "Night after night He sat and bleared his eyes with books." Made his debut in Port Hope, 1893. Soon migrated to Barrie, where he matriculated in 1911. Favorlte Pastime- Wearing out shoe leather. Favorite Expression-By Jovel 1 11' PHARMAC Y 1 1 ' 'Q . s. .whfrrr 145 .sf -been M ' iff' eff- L rv-zwfimrse r 1. 3DfQE13g1'?11.,.v1s .f 19.0.gif1112w12z11f.5f2Qf 1 1' 1-mfgjyefeia.114:1g1.t 11 rszffref. .111ieW.f1.1s1feewttriiisvek .w iv - ' 1 S491 17. 11 D , . . ia.. sa 14' ' Sv A ffl"-QI1 hrmqftw N., . ' we! 1 A hr194j xl :J f1g7,:NL "1 XY A f Cf -" . - as 94,111 W4 U1 :Vera ' 3515 5 QM 45? n rn-X . 5 A . 7 . .. idk . .5 Q - '. , --gf 53 A .' -I.-I, 5' f .M -' if -, - 1 ' xl . 1 yy.-'Q .x,qJ-.Y f NN-rxx, ',y.K1 1,1 Lfkkg. Nw wxf-fffg .-fr , ,Jfi 11fg1,5ff,f.,',f1,gSf?aiLgffi'?f1a 1111 425, jsppQ'?fgf'1?qi5'Li,1:.157ff931 l ijt" ' ij 1-Y ' ' . wk . O, 1" ' xy. ref ','li A1711 1 -I' f' .ling ft..--9 ' Xfn-"sl f?"?'s1T' ' 1 12505-J I' rf x4fwk viii'-111' 1419 ,- 1Gordon S. Smith Chas. S. Stanley I. Lloyd Steele Dougald A. Taylor GORDON S. SMITH J. l.l.UYlJ S'l'lClil.l'I "Bl1'.v.v1'11g5 for 1110 1111111 that fIIi'C7IfUd x1c1'f1." AiTIIl'lIgS are 11111 ful111f 1111'y x1'1'111." Native son of HC. First saw the ligl1t of day at xvllflll- 1il'l!'11 ,luly 26. 1894, at Carlet.-111 Place, fmtgrin. .Xttt-11111-.1 nock in 1895. Served 2l1Jl11'C11flCCSl1lp with J. I.. hxvlllfi' i11 high scliool i11 that town. Graduatetl in 1911. .Xiilireiiticefl the copilner metropolis of the llountlary, Greenwood, ILC., and to W". I. Ilughes, I,ll1l1.1i., Carleton Place. PllZI1'1112lLff,' gradu' still claims it as his home. 1511t1-red Pharmacy Class '16. :ating Class of 1916. CHAS. S. S'1'.XNl..EY 11OL't2,Xl.l1 A. '1'.XY1.HR "fl Illlgllf, 41 1110011, H1141 11 girl." '21 1111111 111' 111155 11 111'11y1g11'5f 111' 111111111 Im," Born on a hreezynnight at Ottawa. 1890. lirlucatenl in liorn Muskoka. 11491. Matriculateil tlraveiilnirst 11. S. the collegiate. llllatriculation 1910. The girls" pride. the 1911. llere he was first initiated into the secret nf "pill- Champlon tiddly-wink player. A-10111611 the Plll-111lXL'1'5. .Xssoa rolling." Later he went to 1'1aileyl1ury and Klilton and finally CIHUOH lmmedlmelb' after matric. to Ontario College of 1'harn1acy. Next ilestinatioii unknown. . . 1 . 1 . :egg of g ee ' -, , " ' s- 52:3-W-1 " -Y. 1 ,l ,gl ,ff -, f Q. x 'lr J' -- .," 1: ' "flu "Q,-141 i,'J7,'ff' u 1. 1 5 1 'fir ,1?1.ii55f11 w tffrfeweif fkglaf 1 .. , .k' ' ' ,- V " " ' ' 15-L -'. ' " if ,I R I l y r x. 1 ' N . ' : Q .5 ffsffr fel ., '-f, S " g a - ,QW -N. 1 1 :'- 1 .4 . ' '- 5 -: .1 UX14 . A 'Wai ' Q'q3NQl 1'sf1.,1 K imap ,V . S. N ' 5 5 - N .. mt, . '- , . f 1 Q 1 "f if-lif' 1 i' 44 ' ,. 'Ja VQILQNX :1 W ' 1. 1- iw' -1 - in 1 1' L 1 s 1 m .. 1 wwf 1 11... 2 Wo' 41- YY . 4- , ' ' 3. 225 +. Q fi i ei e. 31fwLiw21fifsE,'i'STSb1i3 13364 171,157 1 1 2 511- , XL 'P Rf f 'Rf Cfsfi 'Q O' "ll T 1 S3141 Q. ' C' IC' 'F f .5'-' 1 - T1 a .- . -55 +--Qifeqgef..-M Qwfbiff- e:k5CLQC-kgQ7 lQL:3.Q Clarke P. Taylor Charles VV. Toms Victor F. Vernon XV. Leslie XV:1lker CLARKE P. TAYLOR VICTOR F. VERNON "fl 1111111 YU!-ffl a 5111i11' is ll 1111111 11'111'tl1 zv111'l1'." "l1'o1'1: IS 1'1'11.i'vr." Born in Boyvmanvillc, Feh. 4, 1894. where he received Victor was always a very sturlious lad. even in puhlic his early education. Mat1'iculati11g from the high school there school. He matriculated at Newmarket High School and in 1911, he ohtained l11s.tra1ning there at the hands of after having liverl a few years i11 the NVest he tinally settled jury and Lovell. llis Sllllllllg disposition a11d genial nianner down to four years' labor in a 'lluronto drug store. assure hini success i11 his chosen profession, XV. LFSLIIC NV,Xl.K1fR A B CHAIlLhb W' 10315 - "P111ys 111011 the fart 111111 1:111111's the llillll-1 I M11 1.1 Ctlbilfi' forgo wit tolkcefv fzre 1.71 ,115 1110141311 1114111 to 1-11111 still gets 1111 the f1111 tI111r's IAH it." l0lv1lI 11 witty saying that le IJ 17117711719 to 1011. EnterV,,CCm,gU.,. Origin-London, Ont. Matriculated at lNewcastle, Ontario., Received early educationxhere and London Collegiate Institute. Received initiation to drugdom decided. to enter Ontario College of Pharmacy. Served his under 1QXnderson X Nelles. Studious in spells. he will yet apprenticeship in Toronto. make lllS mark in the pliarniaceutical world. 175 X 9 ' ' . 'z-"fe fy - 5 M-ff txj . X r.,!Nf-"1"'.- Q' fi" A Q wrff- w : ,"f WW" 'ff' 'eff f:"1'i'i l vt i: .. 1' X 1 ffg fi 9, 1 tr. zz.. .5Qgl3w+x 1' A 9' ' -V ws-H Q-at '-eff F Q mir, lt- w 'Q-f1.7iL1,,f. fwfzf f V.: fi 1"'3sc'L?J'u7?-'fiy1Q,Ei? 'of'-,197-f no 1 F ,. , 1 , -. J- L, ., N, ,A -. .V ,Y U fc 1 15.1.1 ,QS Cir , Fx, .. ,., A , ,Xa , .a,. ,J J, . 1 X- A, , as , Q Mx .QQeik.z4rgx?.3if at Q L xi,'f4'ifZ L ..3.4fw - 4901 vifalwjf-i Ji? in Ls.: f ii Q 1 1 I ,AWK ff .,:e5:I',k .V , 1 "':". N " 4 13 L 'L N, ,f Yellu fkxex ., if W. nat ' or zfwxt 9-"W-' L"f?'5' rv . .cfzx . .in ,X Q el! H V f , , :- bf .U 1 4- 1-.95 ,awww W X X H EX iliiq-,. ,M W , 1 t V' Q.xTi.I-NX VK W Q Q I WFJL ,, . ,N 3 5 wx.. s--'X . 'xv N.z.,'i.6.E' ks ,nl ,Xw,tf:,,,Q' l, ,-K, Z I-, L, ,Sh 1 X A.- ll -mr -1 . . 1 Q ww f . 1 if L idly wwf-fe 5125 -fbi ft f f' LTV ' M .ra 5 if 5-1 Y Y, . L11 If txt vk . for QSRG K i 652120 -N od,,m,,, , s 2 I 4, f Q. x xx K ,KJ X ,N J' f Txxby ,Q A 'v I J ' xr fqxfil 111 xi ' J A, X, 1 K, 1 Q X x KC ,-.4 c X Q X x 4+-Q V 1 li '11 'sL'k kk I lu' A e. s A vw x Wx x ltr l , QI: M e 'ii L ' t PHARMACY Q51 v gp, jj N li eg' 4 gf QC' ll lf ,Iliff 3f. 1Q5Xi1s-A EQQJQ-f Cv use 4 be liek! V W Q31 J-xfgjfi A 5 Q-Jes ll Joseph R. Wallace XV. VVallace VVatson ,lt JSEPII R. VYAI.I..XCE "Thu honrx I spent at O. C. P. H711 Nw' rural! fum! H!L'H1L7l'ICS." First appeared at Old Sol. in Toronto, July 12. 1893. Fooled the teachers at Humberside Collegiate for three years and matriculated 1910. Entered Pharmacy with the '16 Class. I'lere's to success. VV. NVALLACE VVATSON "fl gum! uuifuruz must :curls its :my with the womvu soozicr or later." Born down in Cornwall, July 11th, 1894. "Matricked" in 1911, and lived there four years more. Now he's here studying Pharmacy. though he'd rather be a soldier across the sea. Has taken the C. O. T. C. work and been accepted In so to England as a lieutenant. XY. Claremont Willson XValter H. S. Wfilson NV. CLAREBIONT XVILLSON "Blass flw dear girls, lic loves them all." XYas born near Berlin on Dec. 13, 1891, Obtained his early education in a rural school and at Berlin Collegiate. First handled the pestle in Berlin and later in Port Col- horne. XVhile at college was a member of the C. O. T. C. NVALTER H. S. XVILSON "Many arc called, but few get up." Especially in the morning. . Then journeyed to Moose law bask in 1907 'lhere received his early education Entered the ding bI.1S1I'!CSS in 1911 and attended O C P 191516 His fiicnds ale many and they wish him well U VValter was born July 14th, 1895, at Ottawa, Ont ,. ,g5m,L, ,, ,M The university Front Campus 176 xx g "W, 4 1 Q ' r X' 5 4 I 'Y N 'Q N OR O uxxN"' o pf... ..u....."'o Q .0 J. Q.. 9 5 :: 1 f M 9 zo., .'n'. O: wang., gggq sono : Q Q " Class ---- IQI6 ---- History I. Some people think to be a Vet. you don't have to go to school, W That you need no education to treat a horse or mule: lluf if y4lU'1'C from Missouri, just take a tip from me, .lust come across the border and attend the O.Y.C. If. XYhen you've gained a little knowledge of the things you ought to know, ,lust take a li'ullman sleeper and back to Mis- souri go. .Xnd if you are successful. don't tell every Tom and Dick, i liet them think that you're a genius if science does the trick. ' "1 1'm W. l. O Bizrlix. Let us gm back to the fall of TQ13. and we find that the old D.Y.C. again opened its doors to welcome students from all parts of the globe. all with the same object in view: that to become a veterinary surgeon. Not only from all the Provinces of Canada. but almost all the States of the Union, Great lilritain, West lndies, and far-away New Zealand we came. fill tl1e evening of Oct. 2. TQI3, the formal opening of the session of IQI3-I4 was held in the .Xssembly llall. NYe were met and greeted by Dr. li. -X. A. Grange, l'resident Falconer. Yenerable .Xrchdeacon Cody, and Dr. D. King Smith, all of whom delivered very inspiring addresses and set our wheels of ambition in mo- tion. Wfe were introduced to our upper class- mates at lO o'clock on the morning of Oct. Ioth by an unwelcome initiation, which had a ten- dency to metastasis for we were again attacked two weeks later in a little more virulent form, but evidently the previous attack rendered us immune, therefore their attempts were futile. Dui' course through the first year was directed bv I. O. Nicholson and an efficient executive. After the Christmas vacation most of our time was spent in the anatomical laboratory and all too soon came the time to write our final examinations. During the last week of the session one of our most promising fellow-students, M. bl. Stafford. passed to the great beyond, and during the sum- mer vacation we lost another member of the Class, E. Spearman. I7 Det. 1. 1914, found us together again, as juniors, in our new home on University Avenue, which afforded us better accommodations to con- tinue our professional course. Wie found that Drs. Saunders and Richmond had responded to their country's call. their places being Hlled by Drs. Caley and Klcliichan respectively. Much to our sorrow we learned that I5 of our former class- mates were absent at the roll-call, but we were glad to welcome three former students to our Class. D11 October 15th we formally initiated the members of the Class of '17, using the new ana- tomical laboratory as the scene of our activities. NYith XY. A. Robertson as president we began our second year, but in the spring he, and the vice-president. H. J. Davis, joined the C.A.V.C., leaving these offices vacant, but F. E. Maxwell, the secretary, filled the vacancy. Realizing his worthiness as a leader, the Class elected him president of the Senior Year. During the sum- mer of 1915 three more of the staff had joined the colors. namely, Drs. .-Xmyot and Smith and Mr. Shaver, their places being most efficiently filled by Drs. Schofield and McCullough and Mr. llell respectively. The various social activities have been well looked after and patronized by students and faculty. the Class of '16 having surpassed all previous classes in this respect. The Class was also foremost in the organization of the College Y.M.CA. in the spring of '15, Athletics have not been neglected, the Class of '16 has ever been in the lime-light, having won the College Shield during the sessions of 1914-15 and 1915-16, the cup winners for both years being members of this Class. The few years spent together have been ex- ceedingly pleasant and will long be remembered. The prediction for all members is a bright future. full of usefulness both as good citizens and pro- fessional men. There may not be a man who will attain a world-wide fame, as Rutherford, Grange, Melvin or Liautard, but all will be good average men, the mainstay of a community. A man who does his duty by his family, his friends and his business associates gains fame enough, and in these ways the men of Class '16 will lead. Should old acquaintance be forgot. Wfherever we may be. Think on the good old times we spent At the dear old 0.V.C. SENIOR CLASS 1QXl'1C11'l'IY1C U. Y. C.. 1915-16. 'VHP RUXY-f.X. If, llzuwling, Music: .l. S. lhvwic, Social: J, H, Niulmlwn. I,ilu':11'y3 Lf S. SIIIIIHXXZQ, M1111-luv. TTOKT RHXY-J. P. Iik'1'1', rl11'l'I1.Nl11'k'1': 17. XYum1, X'1CL"P1'L'N14ll'l1t: 19. K1:lxwv11, l'r'm-siflcnti lf. l.:uitim'n, S1'k'1'4'1ll1'f1 11. ll. Stxu I 179 I VETERINARY X JR 'V , N twigs-c 1 5 ' ti - fe? .4 f , . 1 A. f ran, tk A iffy JJ W. l -rss' A N UKJLCLEZL 1 2- 3 .Qin 1 - ' qZ'E"'iLJ '9ffi53.9xl 'ff-ttf T31 K '- . .. 6 a - or .ge - Q Vj fig- A Rfk" ii i. 7, rp , fturj Q, -QS 2, 65 - 1 I V Ci9 QQQlNiFw i X XKIZ its YT,,,-,mix . . LP A , - ,,, s ifrfq-, J K . i i V- .. - A , 1 . fxy' . . ,Q .V 1. 'c M41 'A , . ,, . ' If .. . if . ,-fs,-A , ,. " i- Jizafs-1 Xwlkusfm 'assed tactic' i .tai?N1QSe.eeaft 1- ll ft:2LeQQb51ws1' eh-K zfmsix 921053 Joseph A. Allen ll. Leslie Anderson Allan T. Andrew Carl W. Babcock JOSEPH A. ALLEN "lVhe1z there is a scarcity of water there is a .scarcity-of milk." The important event of Joe's life occurred in Toronto. Graduate of Toronto Technical School. He does not intend to doctor, but to prevent "doctoring"-milk inspection being the work to which his life is to be devoted. The kiddies will benefit. H. LESLIE ANDERSON "They mary they Ioolcedg they loved." Omega Tau Sigma Fraternity and the Science Association are his hobbies around college. An unanalyzecl compound of kinetic and potential energy. Sparks a little. Often keeps late hours. Has a pull with executive clerk of O. V. C. ALLAN T. ANDREW "fl little iionseizse now and than I5 relished by the best of men." "Allan" was ushered into the world on July 10, 1893, at Benton, N.Y. Subsequently the young hopeful was brought by his parents to Oakville, Ont. Received his public and high school training in the "Strawberry" town. The lure of the VVest called him in 1910, where he spent three years tilling the soil. As a practitioner of Veterinary Surgery he is sure to make good. CARL VV. BABCOCR "Like a poizdj still but deep." North Fairfield, Ohio. Commonly known as Bah, a shark in Chemistry and Zoology. A great Ju Jitsu wrestler and an authority on lead poisoning. Favorite song, "Daisies Never Tell." Member of the Science Association. iqys ff , by Shias ' sr y , 1 1 ' W1 11? 4 'c it 4- oz. SN if Liffimli , K at.: i M 1 c ft , xxf -' Yu."-53 W V 'J f-,fs-av, Q . -, et. ,- ,., , . . 1. Ay., . , . at ' f W- Q 1 t , f , y 1 s ., L. ,. . X., , . .. . M - i ' ,, - ,- V ? xg ,IL -2,1 QJHA J D, f Ii .:-.v-,.,,' - 6. xl QV nn X Fr oi .. . .zifsv 2333.3 , V, NJN, XX 1 4 N A 4, - 7 Nl Nw: 5 X g ,C x 3AW t f CTR f' .V C" 11. 1' V 'V' T' ek '11 .V J. -.,, fi? if --f.-V ' '1 '17,-'i A' VJ. ' 'T -I' '-'R ' -Q . f' Lei . 27919 QK GQBJ -,',1'Ef eCi15f,e,2a2'vQk.i9..Q-'iisil-iii D: f Eg lg,ssiga3Qas.1,Q'hNfei WW' Russell E. Beggs VVilliam G. Bentham Angus S. Black Harold O. Bond RUSSELL E. BEGGS ".-1 maifs a man. for a' that." Born at Linwood, County of Waterloo. Left in his seventeenth year for the VVest to homestead. Three years later, seeing the necessity of providing comforters for dumb animals, entered the veterinary profession. His intelligent appearance indicates a graduate of Class 1916. VVILLIARI G. BENTHAlN1 "Full of memory 1'izspz'red with lzafief' The month of Nov., 1886, at Enniskillen, Ont., marked the beginning of "Bill's" life. Graduated from the London Business College in '11, In '13 he gave vent to an ambitious desire by entering the O. V. C., graduating in '16. I8O ANGUS S. BLACK "Let every man do what he was made for." Born in Scotland-a true Highlander. Soccer captain 1914-15. Tied for college championship 1914-15. Joined colors spring of 1915, when he qualified as first-class rifle shot. Returned to College Nov., 1915. HAROLD O. BON D ".-1 horse! A horse! My kingdom for-a sick horse." July 9th, 1891. was a red letter day in Toronto, for a future "Vet" made his debut in that community. He received his primary education in his home city and later decided to follow his father's profession. . VETERINARY f-"f f,,' 'QEHI J sm 1 -1 ' f-f'emd7f 'K we -niesmsgf liixi-s newswire 1 ii.3g:,'Qil1 w ? 'eIS2155 .sa .a ss i f liggmcfggnaiv.mqggiyggghi-NvQSfanQEE3wwn3g5A,sbmlglmqbit,' Qe,1.9kiL -'i ' ' Q vf 'Yl:1 ' V-l ' " N 1.4 . :1Y:fe'. mail S' - '23 X1 :get ,. 'N' Q7 4 8-f lf? 1 ea R . We 1 ,, I-uf., " - ' - W ff. y Teil . ,, . , is , .e i-2' t-'L . . , Te J , J if 1 9 .,.. 4 S , . . 1 .asf 1. 'ew ' fA.b leaf: .X , " Hr from -C so - , VN ls Niro: W'T.'i"k-s as F4 1211922 A . . p, :steaks :ll asia sfiixs, 69... I. Stanley Bowie Stanley J. Brent C. Arthur llurnette Melvin L. Carey J. STANLEY BOVVIE C. .'XR'1'HUR BURNETTE ".-lud slill fliey gased and siill the wander grew, "E'z'er'ytlzIug mines in him :mlm waits. if lie lenxlles relnle That one small lzead eould Carry all llc lCI1U'IU.H lie zuuiisf' Born at London, Ontario. Moved to the XYest in the Born at Brimfield, Mass., May 7, 'NL .Xttendeil lligh following year and resided in Winnipeg until taking up Veterinary studies. His unassuming manner has won the admiration of the boys. VVas convener of Social Organization Committee in his final year. STANLEY I. BRENT "l"c'sfe1'day be darned, wlzafs doing to-day?" The County of Lambton has the distinction of being the birthplace of S. J. Brent. Prep. school knowledge gained in VVyoming, Ont. Enrolled at the Forest City Business College, London. Continued his professional ability by entering O. V. C. Uct., 1913. Gained senior year with many credits. School, College of Pharmacy and entered O. Y. C. 1911. Several years a "pill-roller." llis knowledge of drugs will make him a distinguished therapeutist. MICLVIN L. CAREY "If you Tllllllf ln li'lIO'2U wlm'5 boss arnunfl liars, .rlarl s0111etl11i11i7." Melvin first saw light near Millgrove, Ontario, in 1891. where he reeeivedihis early education. later attending the Canada l3usiness.College at llamilton. Soon -lesertefl it for Veterinary Science, entering the O. Y. C. Class of 1913. vvell llliC4l liy all Ille l10yS 21I1fl fl gfitril lilil sport. lle Wull a bet once. TQQ N' x C"'XN f , 4 A 5--.1 4 x 'Cl C . . ny, ,afuexei Y1 lx 3 Y ENR! 1. NY-C, sw-s Tv L-L 1 ,yfflk William F. Carey Baxter T. Carmichael Russell D. Catt Charles C. Corbett WILLIAM F. CAREY "A rambler by z'nclinatz'on, A farmer by birth, A horse doctor by profession." Born 1891 at New London, VVisconsin. After spending time in different parts of VVestern U. S. and Canada, en- tered the O. V. C. Secretary-treasurer of Class in freshman year. Worthy master of Frat. in senior year. BAXTER T. CARMICHAEL "Small but ivise, and a :wonder for his si:e." Received his preparatory education in Sudbury H. S. Desirous of increasing his knowledge and proficiency, he left the frozen north to be enrolled at the O. V. C., Oct., 1913. Quiet but very popular among the ladies, his reason being surrounded with obscurity. 9 x81 RUSSELL ll. CATT "lVez'er felt the lslss Of l07'e, nor maii1'cn's hand in urine." near Forest in the year 1894. for some time, but his great enroll at the O. Y. C. with Class '16. VVe predict for him a bright future, with every possible success. Russ. was born on a farm School walls surrounded hnn love for animals led lnm to CHARLES C. CORBETT "Lives of great men all reuziml :rs II e ran make our lives sulvlimef' Krug, as he was commonly called, was horn at Crystal City, Man., in the year 1889. Professional ability caused him to join the 1913 Class at 0. Y. C. lly merit of hard work and careful study, success is sure to come his way. , l 1 X Q Nw ie. .w 'u h - f "H ong . -' nl " . ,- 0-0' ' ---, -S' 'Pa 5 .- 2 S o , m . . . VE TE Rl NARY N-,sat-" t 'flfsctf 1 tiff? .-aft -Nigfbffeesfs 1, . . es? -KEN-'faster QgimQ.fgeiftit1iQr'v'a:2 iam -t'-f1m-Z5:5.azPl?fz.- A ' ,gm M ' ' 1 :gl f s aging' ah l 'Z-3-, lfxii i as " -Cir 'E 7' I 1 if We Sei! tl aaa Mfg . - . 1 is. K .. : , - ,x . Q J g b X52 1 5. chef 51 0 'E . 92 ' L'U ii'f ' A .-to VW2' -' f i will e. t.3 .tx?Qffftff5eS.1?fite+.?239 lg vi.-f . with if .- 21322-f'r' .1 f J X55 .e f: 'jj . , FW, me . N L, , ' X -19 29- . - ,KM xl f 'tw Xffn N. j 1 -1 . -Q 1 - , Ernest R. Corbett lVilbert H. Croft XValter I. Dill Lawrence A. Donovan ERNEST R. CORBETT "And still they gazed, That one small head and still the teander grew could uarrQx' all he knew." VVALTER 1. DILL "He is wise who little sayerlzf' Born Manitoba, July, '92, Attended VVinnipeg Central Business College. Joined '16 Class O. V. C. At urgent request of Sam Hughes took charge of veterinary hospital at Niagara during '15 vacation. President Science Associa- tion. Good luck, Ernie, in your chosen profession. VVILBERT Il. CROFT "Broad of stature and broad of mind, Croft is one of tlze profea' kind." Born in Ontario, 1892. A good hockey and football played. A true lover of sport. Ile decided upon his father's profession--one of the best-and therefore entered the 1916 Saw the first rays of sunlight in 1892 at Newport. N.S., where he received his early education. Spent the days of his youth on the farm and lumber camps. Good luck, Vilalter, is the wish of your classmates. L.-XXVRENCE A. DOXOYAN "Let a horse drink when he will, not what he will." Born Coldbrook, St. John. the Foggy City, June 4th, 1892. Educated St. John Public School. Later St. John High School. Entered O. V. C. 1913. Better known as Class of the O. V. C. " Steve. " hx N-Q7 ,I FET ,E fa., jlxc. Ng ll 'Q 'Sallie S 'gf L yglqsx kg?-sn ,V -T ii 91 1 I , 25 13' A f A r '14 k"'.a?""' .Q f 5 , - , -375' 11.13,-j, T "Je 'N d ' X 4. 9 , ' F r" 2? I V ' " 9 -sw . sea 2eaf5e....fzh,1.Hbs ,a p .ffff iset .M ft 1 .ff m ir- ft v- 'ai -X. -vp - V M. . 1' H g., ' qi, Q mi t he has NYU Ju . , 4 l Q 5 gs i - If-rf'-vi, - Af-R bnjx, ',v41,:: A 1 h it N g no H it 1 r' 'hr L ,-ZAAL . 1, X .. . I 09' ,. 1 'Nl - ' V- -. , s '-" 'G -?- - " Q' f, .LX Di ' " A 'T 7' ' ' N ? C 'Vg' A 1.1 'Q fri" -' ,MZJA 'X , ' g"b:3lt'SY' ,. V31 '1 'Q .t . ' -that ..5Mx..tfa,?ftf1 1 39 9225 F539 sw fewvbleif-' sill fwrrdhrrs-t'uQ+L mtl i- Q? 9764215 Claris -1 vw Vs df WW cfgf1:,a.1fdlS1F k?i2Qf ia, .- 44.23 l tener, ,esgakgglfw LfZi,ta..9y7,,yf 'eGfErcQ1-..ff..Qaf?s2D5f?4Lfaairfafjiuezfi Lexi! ..Cow.seg-a es1k.Lififfgba Esc15?sSgtg51Q.L5,gsf.'feQ.-..- XV. Carlyle Dottin John Ducey Michael D. Ducey Joseph A. Edmunds W. CARLYLE DO'l"l'lN MICHAEL D. DUCEY '14 L'lI1'U?'flIl rfirit at all times is one way of otfcreonzzzzg "Gcrz1'Hs begins great fvorle. fllfIit'llll1'C'S.U .lI1'lse's labor alone finislzes tlzem." Dot. was born in '94, at Trinidad, B.XV.l. Educated at Naparima College. Entered the Ont. Yet. College, 1913. Dot., being a lover of horsetlesh, is sure to make a success as a practitioner. JOHN DUCEY "Tl1a' z'anq1r1'slzed, lie could argue still." Jack, as he is commonly known, hrst saw light in the State of Ohio in 1881, where he received his early training. After spending several years of strenuous labor at farming and on the ranches, he decided to be a horse doctor and entered the O. V. C. in 1912, where his hearty laugh has won many friends. I82 M. D. Ducey, born at Ottawa, Ohio, 1884. Entered the O. V. C. in fall of 1913. The knowledge he obtained was like salt water to the thirsty, viz., the more he drank the more he wanted. JOSEPH A. EDRIUNDS "He's a great lltl1llZ1Al'C?' of tlze gentler sex." July 11, 1890, saw arrival of brilliant youth near Smith's Falls. Ont. Boyhood spent in rural public school. 1913 entered O. V. C. Summer of 1915 spent in H.M.S.-Can' adian Army Veterinary Corps. Success to his military inclinations. Q'-1 " '46- ETERINARY X . TNX . ,-NN F. J. Emmer James VV. R. Fasken F. J. EMMER "Optimism is his slogan." F. J. Emmer, born 1876, at Williamston, Mich. Received his early education at VVilliamston District and High School. Graduate O. V. C. 1908. Post graduate '15. The genial doc.. whose "Bill Taft" bulk of personality, good nature. and wit leads one to give a good prognosis as to his professional career. JAMES VV. R. "On the field of atlzlctics, ln' October 20th, 1893, saw the Ontario. Rural school education. y . Entered O. Y. C. 1913. Vice-president of the Science Asso- FASKEN is a boy with tlzc boys." stork at home near Elora, Varsit matriculation 1911 H. Lawrence Forbes T.. Rates Ford H. LAVVRPINCE FOR HES "lf you want to sci' 'lUl10'3 boss arouml l1i'r'1', start something." Professional ability caused him to sever his relations from farm and village when on Oct. 1..1913. he entered the O. V. C. Popularity increases. demanding wealth and liros- perity. Quiet. but a favorite among the fair sex. L. BATES FORD "Still Qcurer runs deep." ln the little town of Knoxboro, N.Y., occurred the birth of "Little Fordief' July 19. 1893. lle received his early education at Vernon High School. ln 1912 became a studious member of the O. Y. C. Could not return in 14-15, so becanie a mt-mhi-r of Class of '16. ciation in 1915. Wx N rf gf, ,, at-fers1qamafgo+ fj'eas jest? Nw tex--ffriis. 'ss 1 at 5 gs --4251 .1 I s3CN Qvg.Q. ? .. T, .. 'FQQ I ' ,HQ , fe- -. gli S ,Y 'Vim f ,igilfiki . fs: -Q-3 sg fa ' ' , A A J .QM if iiii C 'lily ' ' l '49-sf 31. ' Sr' -Tr-rl , ryigf, Q ,X W' ,if s .1 ,1 g QA , 'el' tsyfs i s Ref: f b 'co 42 -4.1135 1 2 , wgssv gX1:3ENQg'v RiJO9UJ'sl' 1. s J9lr'5f1,1fy-51-f rAf9lA54',., 'fCrf,N1i -c f' ' 1. iiksiiil' iff-0,-5 5 Q--i Raymond C. Goss Ray I-lanagan RAYMOND C. GOSS "Hes little, but his wise, Hc"s a terror for his size." Goss, the man from Vermont, was born in Peacham, Caledonia County, in 1895. After graduating from Peacham Academy, Raymond decided to be a "horse doctor." Ile Joined the boys of the O. V. C. in 1913, wliere with his quiet. impressive nature he has won many friends. RAY HANAGAN "He wins who will." Born in Kirkland, N.Y., 1895. Received his early edu- cation in Vernon High School and then came to Toronto to take up Veterinary Surgery. He was a member of the Omega Tau Sigma Fraternity and in his final year held the office of secretary of the Frat. A. lfarl Harding John L. Hctfron A. EARL ll.XRDlNG "To lciiow our miisifal friend uzorv, is fo lilsu liim nina-1' Entered this world Feb. 27th. 1894, at Jerseyville. lll, Attended Jerseyville High School. Being a lover of horses, he entered the 0. V. C. in 1913, Cndisputed musician at college social functions. Couvener Klusic Committee. St-cre' UWB' Y. M. C.-A. Here! wishing him a safe and prosperous Journey henceforth. JOHN l.. IIEFFRUN ''l"i'r'si":'c1'11l1ri' is f'r1'ilu1iii1ii111f." liorn at Toronto, March 3rd, 13491. ljl'L'lllllll1l1lij' training in beparatc bchools, Completed in private academv. lfnteri-il U. Y. C,, 1913. On executive 1415. Most xxmifiiiy Nlzisti-r of Omega lau l'ratern1ty '16. Jack! optimistic uays souu iron him popularity. Hy his stuilious pcrseveraiice success is assured. 183 4" .55 :' '-, VETERINARY ffiligf-3':'l1iiSg2,'T'6-5, Lg".r17fi3QC'lfQf' 7469 .13 C-554 ' " I ",.??TfWfi'l3ff 'fe Wi 'Q ,T .5..,51,a..-5,..,Qy's.L N, ,W frfma- . , cyl: as - Wm -A -s , .I as . 51. ,fic :ik-.rjv ,H ' H 3, -ffegiceiafetgag,sa..-I ctlf7s.ii2rffZfe'e32'fe,a , F-V334 ' ,, Q.- Q gg -o1rQ"fs..frt.iS'sLL-we 111564, --.J1usGa?7i .1 'osx EA. Q-. Q-1. ,X We .9 . , w gfv 1'-1-1.94-f'1'?.-'M - .m 2k?i4.,, it Xi... - , .. . . , 'nf ' W 1 1' 'X giijhyi Kg. ii C J Ah 1. 14 'lie .1 k. i gi Q ' as-1 5 Raw ! iififfva Qtr? QQ eff wing. . fgfc K i iw-Ii S- ik-' .Lk gs ,f 1 - .qs 532421 sgf it V 1 ' 3' ' v ' . get .. ffesgl Q ' -1 9? H-.f.'-ilt. v,vt1t.f,s,-,'f' , sw w P515 V5 'T-F Fli.f'1' 7 P X1 ' I 3 "5 ' 'A 1 213115 f -- ftrtiv 1tN5fi.F171'?,fsa51Ti eesms-.11 fs .-gee. lb- N le 1 hi- testis . Qs F5315 y..1gwEf-'RQ' U- 3:55, 'SJ ' ,iQE,,'i"?1xgQ-fi'1 pg, if -C , .. Q in ' XFQ1-fi nl wfgfkxsl 1.'e:-"iw s 3Q-::. e..2- Jen' nw PLCSQCNQ-66 V- QQQEJLC Cecil H. Heslop E. Maxwell Hill VV. Herbert Johnston George N. Jull CECIL II. HESLOP XV. HERBERT JOHNSTON "ll'lmt's gtmll enozrglz for fatlwr, is good enough for me." ".-Ill the n'orl1l's ii stage, tl dull. dull farce, but why should "I-Ieggig' was 1501-U at Appleby, Ontario. Received his we l'0f1I'llUA, fl1erc's time between acts to change zhe scenes." early education at Oakville High School. His great interest in live stock encouraged him to join the boys of the O. V. C. in '13, where he gained many friends who wish him success wherever he may hang his shingle. E. MAXVVELL HILL "llIt'.i'i'rarz Pete." liorn at Carholme. Ontario, where he received his early education. ,loined the Q. V. C. Class of 1913-191-1. En- listed in the A. V. C. in the spring of 1919. VVhile stationed at Niagara Camp he received the above appellation, due to his dare-devil exhibitions of horsemanship and broncho busting. Returned to college to Complete his studies Nov.. 1915. Home at Brigden, Ont. Graduate Petrolea High School. Likes to sleep. Fond of dancing with "the queens." Best wishes from the Class. GEORGE N. JULL ".-15 he sfolre the farmers' amazeuzeizr grew, They wurulcwil lion' a head so small rozzld carry all he lsueztff' Born Aug. 6th,4 1887, at Nesbit. Manitoba. Received his education at Minnewawa Academy. Lived in Manitoba until he was twenty. Then migrated to Norfolk County. Ont. Being a lover of live stock all his life, finally led him to enter O. Y. C. in 1913. By his winning ways he soon became popular with his fellow students. hx., ri'-.Lk L9grQ?p5i- j X 5, X N D I., . f .V F, J QV- ,,,--7 A, -15 .AIM up.-L., dw ny If I .V I., T f ,, A a.3,,,f1-gggf .1 green.. il, MY ta Y K .' VX x W: X W Lys ,- .fxy V.-,f x 'ff - 'A 5" . 5' 1, 1, 1 1? X S ,J W f 0 -cfs 1 Hari '3 ' fl' .1 "'f,.. A fr-f- V O' M - .. - ,lf .QSXQ5 Ki,7f .Q J--57 A ' .iaf 1 iff-fmfil . f ' I -'Q . QT--2' .sf Vi- if fi alas- ' 1' A-Q .rg .mg . if 71 lil W1 I 5'T7iF917, 1' l QIVQ- I J Qwlif 7, 4 Q 1 511 M ,- , L: ,JA S" -' nn , .,. 1 f3. 1 7, w -3'-5. , ,.. ., - . if U ' - . "ll A- 5 -. -f H - . - , - ' -- ' , . - '1' . ' -f1' W N ,f L, 5 1 - if, 3? ,.U". QQ- M .1 " k -L S .. - ' -ae ' ' , ','l"', I "' 1 ' X 1 . 5 - ....f5a.'fwigg- 1 greg-Lfegfggfzgatf 3591 A f - .. is .1 L: EM., . -4. .1 - in 1 . Charles A, Iigddy W. John Kee J. Percival Kerr Edwin Laitinen CHARLES A. KEDDY "He came here for a purpose and realises his aims." Born June 12, 1890. Halifax, Nova Scotia. His cheer- fulness won him many friends while at college and we feel sure this proclivity will insure him a bright future. W. JOHN KEE "The Kee Ckey1 of Veterinary Science." Born Jan. 9, 1894, at St. John, the City of Fogs. Went to Conshohocken. Pa.. in 1902, where he finished his grammar school education. Returned to St. John 1907. Entered O. V. C. '13, I8 4 J. PERCIVAL KERR "If honor is greatness, Jack 'was a king." Born near the Village of Newton, in the County of Perth, Ontario, and remained there the greater part of his life and engaged in farming. In the fall of 1913, entered the Veter- inary profession. Was treasurer of the Graduating Class of 1916. , EDWIN LAITINEN "A heart to resolve, a head to contrizfe, a hand to execute." Entered at New York City-as first class matter-in the middle 90's-all rights reserved. Received his preliminary education in that city. Migrated to O. V. C. in 1913. Secretar to the Class: social service convener to Vet.'s Y. M. A., 1915-16, He will win success like "lightning" , , 1 "1 'sn :4, . .xngl-fy 1 -siye vu . QKNJQ- " 4. . . gxkx gf .V -.- ----f. -v '-'FH'-"", 7 f -' 7 . , . -,A mi ,,...,........ - Nw' Tv.. , Y A V , . , ,,.- , ""' """' , - , - - .' le- f Nr -4, L The Ontario Veterinary College 185 'N - .4 kr ' - .15 ' uf 'E .: 1 " 4 igfg, 1 Ag 4.7 4354 .5 'I 'ha ,I - ...nh-H' 1 . L T 'Jn - S' E l ERINARY 1 A "1 'ST he NS? . , , is x-,'fvf'fsNsif . as 1 ,TQEXH sms. T fs:3.,fx1x, f'-Q. .. M 1 1 fad i sh' 'Agri' ,P Q22 1 ,Tai as ll W -1 1541 gg. "' 5:c.ce? y Q53 ke? ffjffGiT53 'QS l G' ef- ei 'fi bf. z. N M- J :Q f'r.1"'gi' f. N ffl, 'i'-,.,7f'fxT f a A xi mai 'rt'-err 1 v',5rs.w,f Sie-re . QQ? 'A or f A ZS. . s rl W nw. If 3: 45X,1f in 1 . - . ., ?v ! .-Y , j. . V, . if --N ,!' if V .,-jg N 1:1-i kb, l I, y N V: lr ' I 6435 ,, ., XX-1 A K ' I W i if 'Figs ei? Go G. C. Laurence Arthur W. Lehman Richard M. Lee Robert H. Lay RICHARD Nl. LEE "Bc slow to choose your friends." Gained his terrestrial existence in '92 at Crewe. England. Attended Holmes Chapel College 1906 to 1909. Crossed the pond in the same year. Entered O. V. C. 1913. Soccer star 1914-15. Took up colors during an ardent collector of prehistoric relics. vacation 1915. Is ROBERT H. LA Y "He smiles for miles, and miles, and miles." came into existence his early education. C. in 1913. Class In Burks Falls, Ont., in 1889, there a Veterinary embyro. Here he received journeyed west in 1906. Entered O. V. G. C. LAURENCE "Life is what you make it." George started his life's career in the month of Sept., 1885, at Myrtle, Ont. Love for dumb animals brought him to the O. V. C. in 1913. May the success of his college days continue through life. ARTHUR W. LEI-IM AN "He likes music to the jill and we fall him 'little Bz'll.' " July 3rd, 1889, saw the auspicious event at Victoria. B.C. Followed agricultural lines until 1913. when he com- treasurer in 14-15. May he ever tread the paths of success. menced the study of Veterinary Science at the O. V. C. - , :W e 4 .g,. ligu fk gi E bh3xii5S?rlli1!?'l'l?fgi' wi ,BCE mx-OzQ,,,.x.j, e -- ' -.,,- nc' N. K' . out . .. A. . A .. N. - 4333? IQU' ii tai? g35-iris, 1' 'Sail sea 'lf ' f' 'Q 'qc' " xr .Q 'J Q.. -J, gf .l , 'Q-2" Inf Q ,q i ' es ' -r . .-.. . . 2' f .s-i , -..- Y . --1 W- - as . -. wfex 1- -- N. i5JB'ia'wr-1 ' " W .f x. se , f s fi ' ' f i 1 f '. f- 'fs ' P' .. fig? J f , . 1 1.'l7'e-r , lv " NL f 'li 9"'S. 1 A kg 'Q Raymond E. Libby Cyril Mackie Angus H. Macleod VV. Francis McDougall RAYMOND E. LIBBY "Cool, imperturbed by stress and hurry, Irzclined to work but not to worry." Born at Litchfield, Me., Aug. 5, '91, Later lived at Richmond, where he received his early education. Graduate of Richmond High School, '08. After four years of hard labor decided to obtain a way of earning the almighty dollar easier and entered O. V. C. '13. Symptoms of becoming a great surgeon, but these are still wrapped in obscurity. CYRIL MACKIE "Every little movement has a meaning all its own." Born April fifteenth, '89, Bendigo, Australia. Went to New Zealand same year iwith a chaperonej and returned in 1910, en route to America. Aspiration-Mere parchment. I 86 ANGUS H. MACLEOD "Large of stature, broad of mind, Mac is one of the proper kmdff Born at Camlachie, Ont., in the year 1893. Pursued agriculture for .some time. when his great love for animals caused him to Join 1916 Class of O. V. C. Every success. W. FRANC1 S MCDOUGALL "I-le's small and he's wise, I He's a terror for his s1ze.' Mac. first declared his independence in May, 1892, on a ranch in Saskatchewan. Educated at the Wallace Col- legiate. The year 1913 witnessed his arrival at the O. V. C. We wish him success in his chosen profession. lm, ga, . 'L Nl ETERINARY 3v.1"i"'4o, Q, S Q- r r -I .- 1 . Q . g P ' 'User-9-I -1 Y s7j"'u on X ffYfW fsf2122',f +1 iw--"iv 'X ' .. w-'rift .r, H Y- 51' ,' ff? ' ski. ' ,. 1 ' HGV lfjisri-11 imhaii V if ,whdlgxiffbfv-:Q"'Tkl9319 if X: ' F1 f 1, 15 K ij"'f'.f ifi"'l"4 J-ff'fef'5: .- fiifl A "' i f -' '7'f'-'N -'ffksvlfgi ' - c7CWfeWf:1fu'24 shit 'fcieefl cF-1s93'5ff'?11tlil 'f?Lri?t5-saw 1125? 'f' "W J Nfwr ,pf K . , - '1'ff't7 ' at 1 :rt1'Q'f- V .1, try ich: 't K If.-1. nie- 3 ,V - 1-V 1. Q13 gg, Aw 11.1 1 sf- my -'M,,,As,,- 'i"',,1f,f,1' iw ,ffm L. 1 eh vac 1 islhfbikxsf . Qi3Y7,zc5i9 Q 3f...1"lcF't5.sF?..f7 1 Q37 ' SP1 afff' vfgqkifb. ' gfiyffm err -3' 1 1" '1 " 7231--f 'f '- X-, f ' K Q' LW! i fajifffl 'Q X 1 z-A-Lccyzs 'Q-.fffrg s.,1D! , I1 3 '5' u- ff-,ffm qi -K . , , . ' 1 X if -A595 F 19?lt,LQf" V71 8 repel v T' W . f- Q ff .41 ff 144 s-Q L . "f J3e'12 Tl - f- 1 ".. l' .Sit f f s e Q . Z1 ' as f . U Y S, fi., 1 2 W 1855-.. ,'gff,-ii 1' .- ,. . I 1 42.21 0 .X 'lf-ws? , I .,-W f I lvl- ' A ' : . ' K , Q V . V pgs!! 3 Y, ,- - , ' vv I , . 1 . ' ,1 ai:-3 U f-si 'A I s 1 . .s ' in A I vb g 9 '11, -5 ,E K- .y -f ya- 'A ' . ' Q: g g , Y- ' . ' , 'f 'us X ' ' ,V , as , cfm. iframe. C 'l a 14. S. Cochrane McKee NI. Gregory Mclieon Andrew J. Malmas Earl C. Martindale S. COCHRANE McKEE ANDREW J. MALMAS UNH Desperandumiv "From the-'wild and woolly wus! lu' rtruzr, Sept. 29th, 1886. A little village in the North of Ireland was the birthplace of this "Murphy," Educated in Belfast. Came to Canada in 1907. Farmed in Alberta for five years. Entered the O. V. C. 1913. There is hope for this Irishman. M. GREGORY McKEON "A truer friend 'twerc hard to find." Omega Tau Sigma and Science Association. Finished school and became a real "Casey Jones." Entered O. V. C. for many reasons. Cupid found him a target par excellence, and now Mac. has a future all radiant, .elrmed with books and loads of brains, To seek the knouilcdge of men of fame." Born May 16, 1891, in Alberta, where he received his early education. His love for dumb animals and his desire to pursue a course of studies which would lead to their betterment caused him to enter the O. V. C. in 1913. gradu- ating in 1916. VVe all wish him success. EARL C. MARTINDXL15 "It is better to wear ont, than rust out." Born Coleman, Michigan, June 18, 1894. VVas educated here. Later entered the drug business, in which he became very proficient, and decided to make use of his knowledge by the administration to the bovine and equine species, so entered the O. V. C. fall of 1913. "5 'ro . ' lijqjw rw V . .154 .. 33, 53:75 XQQQXNWQ afgtefgfh ,reefs ' 'lxifzrq se, ' Ng-gj3.j'Wx ,,fZX1'c'izsr -Qvfiss 49:75 f ' -34175 QBI, -A -sawiif 1? rsh w.3,,ff'iLS 1L. 4 Eilkigis ,-Qcsklthife. f ,, f7g7v21fi ffsHsl.tcCg7f?lYQQzl,fzg9 "Qs, Ass, 9 9 if ig I ' knot? 614 ea My -flx,..m .' . ' 973 1 fe.-4 M f-es? - -1. Q . . I . , Q 1 3 f?kf-".3 4. C11 1 2 ' "1 if gm! Q1 X .- g, .W 4 fi " J . es . .k .. - .1' Li ,,f V- --- . - , 3 i -,-.4 , . . 4' a.. . V - . .A sit.. N711 14 ,zi L? , .AY gi Lx-, '?fS,.,,4 IFMNTIXC Dx- M 3 if f IZ, f3 -N lx . 91,9 Qgxvj ,J X,-N . Y . 1 185 Q xxij! ,4 S eIiy4fffffae5ih4.efDf3'?i f..51f'is1PV si 1 J' I .'ts53M sir fs? 'ft Q51 55?-f 'ds 1 . ff. si4m11Qt . 12521 ,X 'if "k'9.f ivsg 'Af 3,51 'dj 5 the 21 7' 1 1, ' .fs 'fi -if le. 2,2 LQ'-1232 4 ts 1-5.1 j weziftt .5.1Lw,,i'?fGt:Yl.C,61fLCOo,fri-Qwis! .1 -Vigil.. -We his Sbzgnfk wtfs Lush XQQQIK Frank E. Maxwell Longmuir Millar Louis L, Rleehan Athol F. Mitchell FRANK E. MAXWELL LOUIS L. MEEIIAN "lIlany are called" "l't'l'sm'vr41Hu' lirinys sm'rvss." But few get up' llorn at Lakrct Valley. Snsk.. june 18th, 1887. Cow- Born Aug. 4, 1892, at Brentwood, Ont. Matriculatcd at Barrie, 1911. Grand Trunk "Shackie" for two years. His desire to improve shipping conditions in livestock industry led him to O. V. C. in autumn of 1913. I. LONGMUI R MILLAR "A Sfotchman by birth but not by nature, for the lassivs were his greatest terror." "Jack" was born in Glasgow, Scotland, but has spent most of his life in VVestern Canada, where he received his early education. He later chose his father's profession by enrolling as a freshman at the O. Y. C. in the Class of 1916. NVe wish him success in his chosen profession. IS7 pnnchcr, range rider, vet. student, and last of all a soldier. Lou. was of mature years when he entered O. Y. C.. but by his persistence became a tirst-class student, showing that he can accomplish what he sets out to do. .XTHOL F. MITCIIELI. "Largo of stature, broad of mind: He's a friucc' of the rare old hi'11o'," .X son of Erin's Isle. Crossed the water at the age uf 10. His greatest ambition conducted him to the O. Y. C.. 1913. Member of Torontonensis Board 1915-10. Social Committee 191445. Member of Frat. and convener Finance Committee Y. M. C. A. 1915-16. 1Ye all wish him success. c,l VETERI ARY A QS K Vi VV. Logan Morrison Joseph O. Nicholson YValter P. O'Brien Robert F. Osman W. LOGAN MORRISON NVALTER P. O'P-RIEN "lfl"hat is it." Shamrock forever!" "A poet lie is of great renown. "Bill" was presented to this long-suffering world in Tlwlii' UW few better 'll 1115 1101116 VUTWY-H Arundel, Quebec. where he received his public school edu- Born May 4, 1886, at Elmsdale, P.E.I. Farmed till 17 cation. Completed preparatory work at business college in years of age. A wandering disposition resulted in his landing Montreal. A few years later his great love for dumb animals in New York City. and he became a railroad man. Love of turned his steps towards the O. V. C. His many friends wish him success. JOSEPH O. NICHOLSON "The world belongs to the energetic." Horn June ll, 1890. Entered O. V. C. fall of 1913. Elected Class President for freshman year. Assisted in literary work in second year and elected Chairman of Literary Board. "Varsity" reporter and local editor third year. horses brought him to O. V. C. Oct. 1, 1913. VVe all wish O'l1rien continued success. ROBERT F. OSMAN "Men of genzinx are dull and inert in society: as the blazing meteor, iulzeu if descends to the earth, is only a stone." Born at Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sept. 23rd, 1884. Expert horseman and knows his business. VVe wish him success in his new profession. i.f.1Qffwtg. es.t we so 'ffr' :view s -A vrseef A - . 22 , A5 ets. 'ff . A 'yi V ef ,l' sf tifxwa N 3Q57,.,g gg an 1 To , ' Us A " ek 1.5.1111 .sei s ree T? Ct' -' fir I-rss c 5 - 11 1-as riff ' LQ' -xii "" ., " . C A ,- "' 512 KM L fee - ' .. assi ' K i " 5F'sQ e-" 4-fi?-.July A ges 3 :fffi e TWC .m 3 , ,L ,L f 7- ,. . . -A - 4, 5 f I- w,l, H, v .s f g 9- . C 3S'.'..-aerQi,'s?'g2lfgS3f'flff ,.,. . we-fsNW3se QMf?t.m. g Q i s .5 Edward R. Owcn A. Edward Page EDWARD R. ONVEN "lfVork before play." May 15, 1874, saw the commencement of this life's routine, at Rushville, Pa. Was a thrifty agrriculturist and in the year 1913 commenced the study of Veterinary Science. A. EDWARD PAGE "A boy on the street, .-In old man in the class-room." Born in Buckinghamshire. May 31st, 1886. Son of a Veterinarian. Emigrated at the age of 17 to Manitoba and took up farming. Then decided upon profession of his father and entered O. V. C. in 1913. We wish him success. 188 E. Spencer Pickup XVilliam A. Robertson E. SPENCER PICKUP "Look up to the top rung of the ladder, then climb." Born in Cattaraugus, N.Y., Jan. 2, '95. Early life on farm. High school education. Entered O. V. C. 1913. Owing to his natural application to business "Pick" will be among the leaders of his profession. VVILLIAM A. ROBERTSON "Respect every man's opinion-act on your own." Born Aug., '86, at Elgin, Scotland. Educated Elgin Academy. Emigrated to Saskatchewan in 1906. Entered '16 Class, O. V. C., in 1913, Class president '14-'15. Joined colors in Feb., 1915, but returned from England to com- plete course. Frat. member and soccer player. VETERINARY . . 3 :- S l 0 f ' f 0 ' -' Qugnfo bu ,3 ,.1 ' -' V f . Uh ': s . V ' :IJ Qfff? 'v'Bjp ' rl ' Q : um ' ,S I Y s-'I' 'zz A-:jeg ff? ffgfv 1, I, f I 2 ss .a f 1 , Q. rw 92 m y f MM :J 'J-:iswf 19125 1 as . c i 17 ,J fsfeffig AQ ee H 1 I if +2 Qfiiy f A . ,ti R QW' -1.4 x ' I, A- C ...r '. '- , l5f! . ,' K I tfgla - L QD EN FET , , f W3 FM W 779, Cro . H fo, - 1' Y at Fi -t '11Cl'f'f'ii1f' G , si 1' QW' 'e I are lilfdt f We Qllxoex Lawrence R. Robinson Alfred L. Rooks Luther II. Roth lpdward -I. Salisbury LAWRENCE R. ROBINSON "From tltc '51Holry City' and froutl of it." Graduate of Knoxville High School. One year at Penn. State College. Continued his professional career by entere ing the O Y C Oct 1 1911 Verv oiular both anions' student 1914-15 . . ., . , e. 7 p 1 . . body and faculty. Undisputecl athletic champion of . Elected president of O. Y. C. A. A. of 1915-16. ALFRED L. ROOKS "To fJE"llllf'0l0QlSf.H The 1. 1888 great event occurred at Trinidad, l1.VY.I.. on Nov. . Educated at Tranquillity Boys' lligh School. Trini- dad. Timekeeper Culebra Cut, Panama Canal, 1908. Slow but sure. Ye1'y stern in disposition, but unassuming in his ways. LUTHER II. RUTH ".4d1'fv0s0 tilvxitc firodurvs a jolly tlt.vfw.w'tim1," Born Oct. 20. 1888. Spent early life on stock and frui. farm. Entered O. Y. C. fall of 1913. Acted on executive hoard freshman year. Second year applied his well-developt-fl muscular fibre to the initiation of freslimcn, EDXYARD I. SALISUURY "The fruit dcrizfd from labor is tlzv sweetest of till flru.rnri'.f. llorn llirkenliead, England. July 17, 1589. Arrived in Canada Sept. 23, 1903. Came to Toronto 'tive years later and took a coinmercial course. which he followed until lit- cntered the O. Y. C. in the autumn of 1913. 1 x fx- ' -5 'fs fx- 'wig K fm.-C,fi:,,sC, , Tfifx 'xcixgjs -63 Acgigfmk Q jx 15JQNiTxy wqmiez w jx TQ? if 3.1: ii. . "QL .-V .X is 2 ' " . 'N - ' ' K 59-T f ' 'X . ' I . 'Cf A 9.1-Q 1 'V Q 7.191 iii 'Els 'Q "YV - il ffsa fbi . i ,-X 'sy Y ' L-si' . gi ,.-4,51 1, .P XV? wvwcsjsguqgggkb :KH .glrfjb-1 Lwigitlfgv MQ F .,c5s,,T:?F-.-'sg,',.k jig f' x' .. sus .. , ,Iliff Stggglivig lx ' f.jq,,.M Neo? ' ' A... Tl-L31 ' - A wxfiiffw ,ga I Qing QQ?-ti xc qs Lgqtx txkvsl 4, ., J .-, 5 E'-51 i Stk " 'Zi' f iv' 1' ' ws" , ft. ,af N 4,.C, -N , vs, 5. N 5. 1 f-' . N ti 1-43's-W ,I if 'N f .ofa ' N 'i Q 'A ' ' H.. 1 5 ' 92? 55.55 to J 1 't . fix. 1'2" ' A 1 f ii i ' fsv' L xvf- 1 Suklixmli 1 H" .. A ' ' 1. "' "wi f 'UQ.g5,fj,,.,5 4 1 . -' a ,tj he-F 3,9-+ s .f I I at is .. , -is-W at 9 r 20.191 ee. .zc?'19Q2.2.Sqi.c .scslielliisas-2ief4P'f-sfm'iskssfii-.s Q-31 Clarence C. Schilt VVilliam J. Shaw G. Hubert Shull Conrad S. Slnnnway CLARENCE C. SCHILT "Theory and 6'.'l'f1L'l'lL'llC0 nzalcv sztcrcssf' Schilt was born in 1888. On receiving primary education he concluded he would educate himself to aid those who cannot speak for themselves. Entered the O. V. C. and graduated in 1908. Possessing the experience of the itinerant horse doctor. entered Class '16 as a post-graduate. WILLIAM J. SHAVV "The rolling stone gathers no moss. But the 'wandering lice gets the honey." Born April 27, 1882, at Owen Sound, Ont. He travelled west, where he took to "cow punching" like a duck to the water. His love for dumb animals led him to Toronto in the fall of 1913, where he became an O. V. C. freshie. IS9 C. HUBERT SHULL "It is better to :rear out than to rust nut." Nov. 11, 1892, tirst appearance in the "Sunny South" at Horatio. Arkansas, U.S..X. Grad. l1raughin's llusint-ss Col- lege, of Little Rock, Ark. Matric. at Toronto. Pres. Y.Kl.C..X. and meinhcr Torontonensis Board 191546. CONRAD S. SIIUMXYAY "I'm ii yanlc from tlzc green niainitams of l'urmont." Left llradford, Ycrmont, Oct. 1. 1913, to attend the O. Y. C. Graduate of Bradford Academy 1910. Spent two years at Dartmouth University. Member of Sigma Nu Fraternity. Prominent in athletics. Quiet but often expresses his opinion, Athletic champion 1915-16. Ycterinary. f f 'Wa . ,. 5' J- 2 5 S! ! -I , ' r 0 .i- x I ETERINARY C. E. Siemer F. VV. Bruce Smith Stanley F. Spurr O. Howard Stanford C. E. SIEMER STANLEY F. SPURR "Knowledge ir the key to .v1ruccss." Oct. 8, 1899. marked the date of his nativity, in Lyon Co., Minn. Ed. graduated from the Dept. Agriculture University Minnesota. As a result of his unsuppressible- desire for knowledge he entered the O. V. C. '13, graduating '1ffi. F. VV. BRUCE SMITH UIJGIHIH 11011 sim' jwlt'vrc." Born 1890 in Shetland Islands, Scotland, where he matriculated. Attended Central Business College. Vancouver. B. C. Later associated with Dominion Health of Animals Branch in ILC, Entered O. V. C. 1913. Senior representative to Students' Administrative Council 1915. Leading light in Science Association discussions. Clever student and a good friend. "Gunboat" has the best wishes of his pals in his future career, "Let thc best horse leap the hedge first." Born in 1894 at Round Hill, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia. Graduated from Nova Scotia Agricultural College in 1911. Deciding that he would rather do the "farmer" than be a "farmer,' he entered O. V. C. in 1913. O. HOWARD STANFORD "Knowledge is more than cquirulcnt I0 stature." Received education at Edinboro State Normal School and Erie Business College. Taught six years in Crawford Co., Pennsylvania. Acted on executive board the first, second and third years at O. V. C. Always active in the orchestra. X Y, 1: vi V. .-gimp fx-jzsgb, x ,fx . :tif-ii qaggyj'-f?.3isAx psig'-gyQN.55,+55 sgxyis,-:,, ,N rxx, ,fa pi..-TE L seg? gl, . N ss W ., ,' r",a-vtys .-- Q -eve-15 'ar 5 ., u ' ' -,-X-4,-3 -ap -it X. ' .GQZSE 'si'-71 if 4 ffC1f5iFN5S.733 fi-all iN-?..Eie1S:'-'- fi'KQhiW3'?eN -Qlitfig' LQ aklKi'iC?qi:1iDXW'8Ciet'F1.? :lf 'X 1-+f??H2Q-fdffa if f Nfiiw ml 1" ' align 2' f' U 3, sk sr" . . Mfr-' iv- v Q IQDUTE. 5 1 Ffvxu . .- ,Q 'rp-9-im Nix Qq hgh, 'Q-:W ,rx 4' N 2 Q Q92 . Q VWTJY- - -7 . f .4 if if. 'gli ELF' I Hr.. .fee 'wid .-. , fa -1 4.4 X .. f - 'L P , s r X HW f ifs""'bss1 - . rfffhwx 'K 'T'Nb"' - Y' 2 . "" Q L 97 i mga. 1,2 Q J- Qi f I a t ietfqf lag M531 ff eff, 'cuififgfjj-1' Hqa,tfYaj',g3l152.q ,Q-f,fg,.,-4-eQW:ff'g?sg uae g ,ys f Jnzgifixf'Qgvf.5"XafTTigf--.T-.!9f'iff17'f:4,f-fGt.N1Q1g cCr1ik',-a. ffQLL..ei- e..f1'ZiM.PxQsgjllDj5DQjQi A 9 ,CLA s- - :Hrs -. - ,cy Miller H. Taylor H. Everett Ward Frank VVood William H. Wood MILLER H. TAYLOR sir foot six or so-aim higlzer, ercr l11'gher." of Western Canada. Born 1889, Oak Lake. graduate M. A. C. '09, Winnipeg. Baptized 1913. In football. basketball and hockey an all-around sport. Treasurer O. Y. C. A. A. 1914-15. "Tip" is destined to gain tame. H. EVERETT WARD "C011sf1ic11rJu.r for mirth and laughter, The ladies hrs! and--ladies after." First saw light at Lisbon Falls, Me., Oct. 15. 1892, but soon moved to Pittsfield, where he received a common and high school education. Then decided to be a Vet. and entered the O. V. C. in 1913. Harry was always a great lover of the fair sex and during the summer of 1915 decided to take one unto himself. "Stop not at A product Man. Honor as a Vet. in :go FRANK WOOD "Frank by name, frank by nature." Born in early nineties, Peel County. Received his pre- liminary education at district school, completing it at Hum- berside Collegiate. Was vice-president of '16 Class. His congenialty was much appreciated during college life, and we feel certain that history will repeat itself. WILLIAM H. WOOD "A heart to resolve, A head to contrwe, A hand to execute." Born in Manchester, Eng., in the year 1894. Sailed for Canada spring of '95, Raised on a farm at Baldur, Man. Obtained "Diploma in Agriculture" in 1912. Entered Ont. Vet. Coll. in 1913. I Cz, mm 31 A ' 'ff ' n.,- Ih fl ,.:r D Knox College 192 K OX COLLEGE ,Ty ' 1- twf' 4- ' A:'l ' - - X711 f'-' 'c'1'v.' T' -"Y " ' vf'4'A.1' 11 7 .' '-1'f'l'f,g .' ',' I T 1', -' ,.- '5f1?'. viiwg-G.iQ111t1f1f1PE5f1 55112151.1iWff11"Jff1f1-5219? 1:1 F1: K- 19163. 'NMAJ Q. ilibl Lf If 'NkUgTf',,.F 1 .1 x i"2ff'iQ11q1 11 Silibfvl CQf".i1'- ' 1f'J2,Q17f2f'f'1i . C - if ',f', -I ',: Cf 1 if'l J ' 1'1" " 1.1111 QQ? QQ L 15951 .vlanQg.j2'fg5:1QlsSN71RkQj' ,491 agilir, 'fc-fcf, 2' 1' 11 ' N " 3 .- 1 VM9. 'r' V 'N ' 'f '11 111111 33121 f 1 ' -.1 L vi-Q11 LLM .Q- K V 'S . ,Q - . 1, fp' w-AJ -' K " . fgygflfifi QL N K1 'mc' 1 xiii- N,gi?E,9, HAQ1 5,11 wg Y., .I 'Xi 1 1511 52' ku' 5 1 .-. xt 'f-.nw 1 x ' S 1 'lfxllifg -1 .1 w ' ' 1 'iiS':5h1o '.-"?1'1-if' N N-1' 1 'f R i15Ril"1'?1 ' JK- "Q-1" -- ff' gllisig 513 xetgfgffgigu-,jTgqmQ2.w1a si fm1g1fwQ.51F?l's. 9451? f.1kl193?fHim 223231 swifiwilc. 'iw-1151191 , ,INV h 'Dt 1 .Ji " 1 Y -- x .IUK4 -, Z-.4.1.-Nl: r 1V ,lj,o'1'l . ,I ef -1,7 W- nw cgrz W1.- Lyagifnb JX5? 9 1' 'eiifnwf '35-S373 lslcffiliw illi :fL1?3' :541'a51'QW1+lSf WP? 1 S115 Q 'of 1- alfa L1 1. .xm .qge ,An Rf- D, R 1Q'r X ' ' Q' .XR X f -1 Q- f-1 - . 5 . ,A ,,,f, L, y c NY if - X 1--4 " X, . . 1-.A,Y f - X' Chas. H. Rowman john NV. llrczltly C. Murray Chifllcy ll:1rol1l S. Clugston Cll.XS. ll. HOXYMAN G. MURRAY Cl1ll1l,liY "1 11111 11 f1111'1 of 1111 1111111 11a1z'c s1'1'11." "fl f1'1'CIIl1 170111 real 111111 11'1111." Niagara Falls South Public School, Stainfortl lligh School. Born Stratford. lligh School, Calulonia. 'll .Xrti Toronto University, linox Collcgc. Rcsted a ycar at l,l1lYllKlL'N Co. Ht-art 1IiN1,-11511 1912. Curwl ".Xn' forward tho' l canna sec, Nov. 14, l'1l-1, Klargari-'t liahclla horn Sclit. 31, l'1l3. I gucss an, fear." JOHN XV. l!RIf1.Xl'1Y 1511111011 111'.v -11'1'K11 11'111l11'1' 1'11x1' 11160 311151, HC 1'a1'1'11 for 11C1't111'1' 1111111 11111' 111'c1s1." Born at Drayton. 'Chilclhoorl at Mount Forcst. Grarluatc of Harriston Puhlic ancl High Schools. Schoolmastcr at Raysvillc. Arts at Quccnk. Missionary among Ontario minors, Wilderness lumhcrmcn. Wannipcg iinmigzranti anal Nova Scotia nslicrincn. His chccrful face and rcady wit make hnn a genial companion. lruc. ClL'Zll"llL'ElflCLl, analytical. with a wonclcrtul 1111,-111111'y. Chicl will inalcc a rt-al iniinstcr ot 1..11tl. lI.XRUl.l1 S. Cl.UllS'l'UX 'll IISU1-111 11f1' 11111x1 111'1'11x 111' 111112 7.11111 11f'1'x 111 115111 lllif j1'1111:1' 1111'11." llarolcl cam: to Varsity with thc- claw of '13, lvnt illnl,--X 1'1rt-vcntcfl his gracluati11n. llis goorl work on thc Klixjion- ary anfl.l,it1-rary Socictit-Q of Knox anfl also on thc lxnox Collcgc lmxpsl '1lCZ'llll forwliailows a uwtul carccr in tht- lxirlc. FYI," V 'TWV Q fi. 1' 1' 5 1 Lmf l Ji V 96,394 1-'fig :jf limi- W: 1 ' QQ! Sf, 5 2.1.11 ,fascia Q in fb- . A- 1 - A f. V .-, f-as 1, -.- 1. f .A-.ff ., . . .- SS ,. . A. . .wx Af' 731,11 15h 1' , lg," 545 '-ff-Te 'ff F. 20 '1'-T2 . 5 '3 ffoTQ.'c'1 CL' 1 "-vlf W-1"'f 21 iikw X0 1 -A W 19,1253 1j1i1r'lQ5l :f1't1-141.1 if-fI1ff1fa SQA M123.114?11g11wEE.11.QK..Z51k11wg1:fz,8 1.23195 5321521 .Q'wQ2a1.n 1:3 Na+-1 - If .X x 1-. 'A '?",'1', ff ' G ,ff ' .1 1 111.44 11 1 ', ox, 2-'f - r 'Lv -. 1 1 ,gf '1 T 19 1' to '. 1 'Qyj -U ,. '-fx,' xg' , ff, -0 fr-1' 1-11 '11, ff 4i1?ffm: J' 19 1 2 1 Q.:x2.c ix'5..?1:fPi1iE?2ff3'if1n R-fvllgxxaicw QQ H on 192 ,S - lVilliam Coutts xxvlllifllll Croth Ccorgc S. Easton Rolmcrt K. Fairhairn NVILLIAM CGUTTS GEORGE S. EASTON "7'111' fi1'1'f1v 111113' X1II.11L'S 111111-11 1111 11111 'ZU11lfl,' "l11' 11100111 f11111'5q11111'1' I0 1':'1'1'3' 71111111 111111 1111":c'," So with the 111i11d, 'wlzen 01100 1:10 rest wc d111'1.'1-11," A Mathematicg and Phygicg grad, U, Q, AX Liclmm. Victoria! Knox! VVhat next ? NVILLIAM L'R0'l'll H.llI01l at some 1111111 are 1111151115 of their farm." Onc of thc multitudc from thc County of llrncc- who will surely succcccl. Many talcnlcclg hc canic in 1913 lu Knox. Strong in will to strivc, to Q1-ck to 111111 and not to VielCl." Strator in Physics during Knox coursc. Now a captain with thc Y. M. C. A. ovcrscas. ROBIFIRT li, lf.Xllil!.XlRN UIfL'l"f5 1115 1'r11111.v1'1, 1111129 111s 1111133 C1c'm'1'5 10 f1'1'1'1111's 01111 I11f'1'f11 111'11111y." Chosc Klilflmay. llrucc County. ax llin lirgt alwifling plac-'. 3 May. 1880. lluron County gfavc him lnlwlic School uw-rlq. Iarvis anil llarhord C11ll1'giz1l1w, 'l'oro11lo, conlriln111wl in giving him Natriculation. F1111-1-1-d 'l'11r11n111 Univt-reity, gl'll1lllIlllll2 in Plliloaopliy, l913. lfour ycars in Rlixsion Stzltionx .nnl thrcc in 'llhcology gavc him training for thc ministry. 193 V , Q.1...1,., 5111515 GX COLLEGE v.314?AW . , fi SJ .jo Cx'Q igixf 7,1-,Q cfxcxg.,, k , X110 -Yee-41,1 L kv 1, 'X 4711, A , , , ',,- ,L Roland B. Ferris Xyilliam .X. tilarcliner Kfax XV. Goodrich l,1lXY1'4311C? 1, llunter ROLAND ll. l:l'1lllilS '21 111'1111 fo 1'1111l1'11'1'. K1 f111111111' 111 j11'1t511a111' 111111 fl 11111111 111 l'.1'l'l'Il1C 111151 I11151'11ess." Claw 1911 Vz11'Nity-Afresll, unknown. Plungerl immc1l1z1tely into 0rientals+aurvivecl. Prowess in footlmfill and various college activities. 1VU7.k'f'I1l1l1U1lgl1 1Z..X. and "Pa"-he. as General Secretary Y. M. C. A.. 19 "Roly"-pi-11ve1l, respected, of time manly qualities: marked ability. XVILLIAM A. CAXRTHINER "Only L'.lAf7C1lS1'I'C f111'111f111'e has 11 111a1'111e 1'11f1." Four llillf llc! Scotch! Forgive him! Ile never in-'ant to ne. ln lluron County he learnerl to milk Cows, chase hutter- ilies and pick potato bugs. Ilut llillk ambitions were too big for such ordinary pursuits. ln 'llOl'OI'l1O Univeraity he chaxwl Greek anrl Latin anril picked the fruits of honext toil. MAX XV. COOIWRTCTI "F11.v11i11111'11 of l1'111'f11111ess, Ie11111'1'111'5.v, 1'111'1'1'f111111'ss, t'111111111'11l111', s11y 115 11111 TL'U-V5 of 11 111c1i11." ' Vermont. Matric, Montreal. Graduated McGill, 1914. 1914-15 atudied Theology Preshyteriau College and tutor in altiliaterl collegea. 1915 entered graduating claw Knox. LAVVRENCE 1. HUNTER H.'1lIf1 111' 01111111 11l11111xl 110111 11 111'11ke11 111'111'f." Shelburn and even Dufferin County were too small for him. hence hii sojourn at Varsity and Knox. Keen. opti- miQtic, scholarly, brilliant, and withal a Christian gentleman, "Lawrie" i-a awurecl a useful and clistinguishecl career. .1 lk' 1- 1 ,far 1 -' - 1 1 if f X 11 M1 x 1 mcQa.'-1"-' '1,fa11fi'N11'N'w -1-'A 11 .. 1 ' ,J ff' I-501-if .451 4.3 'Q 14'TX??1-15Xi"f' f'?f?:5,f?f,,fe95atX1FixviizfjfQ55 ,g5'f4tgHl1 52755 KUQKQ1 5 ,ffL4Z1?3' Q1 1 xt 1 . 1 ,115 V111 X ,-'1g3':'.,c J 15? .-51111911 swab 1' ug,,,f.a' M-41 1n.1f21- ,'f,:1..,111,. fwfvgfc V 1. af if -it 1- Hi.: DHLJ li 3213- 'LA 'fflx1xSlQ7,f1 if 11' .Jeff C107 'lhtwyfaffif+e3M'5'ff''15sf-'aff'-11-7f'1'1fl57' Ax- 1 N C 1 x1 -X, f11Q1x3,exF gt ...- X, .X .ff 'N!'uw'i..- f 1 Y- R- fff, J QQ 1-.iw ef1,,s 39.143-.f v- 4- 1 '11 --11 171 -- 'D 1 Zllllj 1:6611 fiiyifff - 1 -1 ,fa L-X-' 571 ?'flJ'XrgQ vii . 121 1 15315. - '13-WW" A 1 ':'r'f A 1 , 4 ref- L-'inf-111 f.efs41 , l N. -' 1t't'k" '-4918" 1? 11 Efrfsdz. 1 -2,35 . A ew. 31 f-,Q 1 , L. 51-' .-1 EM". , ' lfqwvx. 'Ur 1 .lk 'Q--1 ' i' ' 117-1-WE ol' ,Taye ' , .ebjk i. JV. 1 1 A X LU , -'-L 'Q W Q ik 'PEW .1 V55 X 3 1 v-91 Q .1 M 1- 11. X. wwe.-1 - 1 aaa -1 ff.1Y'2,.- 1 . 1- 1 1 -H51-Turf 1111.151 111 . . 1 A. qw-, 'A ' N 1-e,1,v'C'li-1 F41 11ff'o1+:1,,1 4 cg QEAEX1 1 Q1 Aw?-11 of -'-aycigyg ,llglw fy 1'iS3'Kll'lF1i U fN"1'iEt3T?l?'Ct -'l1i1:yQ'NQ1f 132 i-211' 5:1t5Qil2EELfLS1Q CSQLQ fffff.-g,1'.-gg.-.111x 3:11-S115 1f1f.C.?3?1'F11 X e11X,, x4:,.1.i,Q11x-1-x 1 j ' o"ieQIY1.N11,N .l- fic Y-F, :X .' -4. 1 QX V 1-31. Q ,V xr1'5j,lc.1Q i-71' -1, 5 ox ,itil A 12,11 ex -, -L ,1f:ilA,3 .E K Lx .N IXFABTYX, I 4 xl ' Tf'og1i-:L1e1. Sig? lQ?1iQf'f lil-fllteefle ftsf-1.451111 H124 51Qf.fl1?f53U2ftw1 ti1tefeL1'v5X-+1Q1fw- 11111111-lglv C. Katzunoft Grover S, 1.loy1l Charlei ll. 1lIZlCl-10118111 john McCartney lt.Xl1USI4AV C, K,x'1'ZUNOFF CHARLES II. MacDONALD "ll'1111f 11 piece of 1:11111 is 17IL1lI.,1 Surviving the lilalkan warS, Rarloalav lfatzunofzf turnefl to the peaceful XN'est, Tlorn and achooled in Sofia. Peda- gogue anfl clioirmawter. TLA. of Rohert College, Constanti- nople, Entert-11 Knox 1913. lnnguimt, poet. mu:-ician, and preaclier. CROYER S. LLOYD "Hn 1111.1 wil 111111 501117 H1111 5011511 11111111 and 5111111 111111 1'1o1111e11111'." C1l'E1Ill1Z11CCl in Greek and llehrew '13, M.A. '1-1. Prominent in "l,it." and Bliasionary Society, -president of Athletic Association. I:HVOl'lfE' work-Evangeliam. Leacler of lxnox Favorite C'Xji11'CSS10l1iUPlC-fZ1CC., Powerful preacher, pre- centor, parodist. 194 "True as 11 d1'c11 to 1110 SIIII, ' .-1111111111711 if he 1101 s111'11'11' 11f1011. ' Charlie was born on a farm near Teeswater. For some time he followe1l the occupation of his father. Later he pursued academic work at University College and Knox. His rugged Cletermination, genial personality, anrl modest hut genuine loyalty insure for him markcml Quccess in life. IOHN MQCARTNEY "I-Ioldfasf is 1110 only dog." County Tyrone, Ireland, lost a promising teacher when lohn McCartney joinerl the New VVorld. Entered Univergity College 1908. Moved VVest, three years shone in 'the Milky VVay of Saskatchewan Universityg HA. Entered Ixnox 1913. Q , .,., K ox COLLEGE W L - l ' i 5: ','.'.X.,. H' ig' l X- -l ,frlxl lf' - ' .-, --- ft eff-ff f'.--'I--J ,cn rwfa-ff Y, , ri?-f M c ltf4Q,.ff :jff.7yi,3f z.,f1.6k QEWQIB,f,ffJ?fA?,rfffy5Qt,AZb ,-, ,fJ42,Q:igg5Lj25l fl, 'oiwllff T4 x. . L',-'i'X25i1ii.'f' 9,1 ,Ll ttf' L4 l r'fQfil,f3-wife -Q N ffl J J'JfJfylf" if. tfofl' -' 'ffffvd-ji'f 'ff' Q91 'V m- foci .,,.,,wdNw nj ,ffl df: Maw, ,Q . c M, f.ff.fQ,.- t,f1?,f yi J . S ' 1"lx+f'3 , 1:-cry if A gig-Q61 5-.L A-pry no c,Jf.pfv45g?9::!LV'5- 3' f ,-'flfryl N 5 cg., ,: ' S Yr,-4-'V ., ff-J U M1443 153g 1 5'-LQ -veg, wg. fr Nf- Wfqi K, L EPR L fs ,. A I ll 1 N xlffpwll ri-if-'95 Xxlfi 'i 'flfml' vox'-5 ' ' 'h N 'X ' Bl'-All l 2 -- 9 fir ' ,. 'A if xl3iWii.'?QS1i'gf3Vfg3L3'c Q2 Nfiq N rf 5 ,nw N 2'-Spill-.'-,.s' X ffl.. 971-wxm 1 lv wr- P' , 'iykfu L , 2 " Q-YC" X-5, 'U vw wee'-3' owe w e 'ffl' -cite? GRE'-VQLLQQL XXV 554 QNX VQTJQQI1' A' XY-553'-, X92 vit! to Q7 '9Ll UN- -SJ 1 4... X x' Hugh D. McCulloch Charles R. lXlIacCillivray Anflrr-xv l,. Sibhalfl 'llziylor Strachan HUGH D. MCCULLOCH "The baby jigurv uf the giant mass of fllflljjj lu comm." Bruce County has unique honor ns his hirtliplzice. rl1llOlIgll 21 ILA. from Quet-n'5 his Scotch blood could "tl1ole" iioiie but Knox theology. Mac. has a genial dispoaition and lovex passionately. CIIARLES R. MacGIl,l,IYR1XY "B1'Ui'i!'y is the soul of wif." l l Y l Kincardine High School, University College, E1 year'- teaching in Port Angeles H. XYash., Knox College--2 ,XNIDRIQXY I.. SIl!lZiXl,lw "Ol1.' Ilzcy lou' lcusl ffm! 101 msn lumfu flzuir lo'r'0," Vpon his nativily. Klzinitonlin lelnnil flifl not rlivint- him, fiinrliirntwl from Om-n Sonnrl Collt-uizltv :mil t-ntl-rwl Yzirsity in '15. Thorough Hcliirew research added to his lanrels an XIHX. 1916 Knox. I. '1',XYl,OR S'l'R,Xllll.XN can any gfuufl llzingy fonzv un! of Hnrozr' XYhcn autumn glories decked the hracs of Huron, John was horn. There he grew in stature. ,XtAVl'iIlgll2.1ll. Varsity and Knox he incrcawrl in- wisdom, emerging thcrefroin. LIU- spoilccl liy theory. il nizin torsooth. low' ' fx i QF? jf Af ff-'j jx w f,1.'XA jffjjliuo 'lxvjxgi il- L t' ' x " i Y I ,- ,-f .5 l Qtowl N We wwf, H to t if . l ' in 'rwmffieii - l lx.-.f'llv'g...,.Jv fg.f.,. Q,-Q x ' M v' nl' ' fqgff Q V, lpgff' fifyqg 'A ff ' ff 2 'Kffa ,wr""f'- lu ,yy tt .c Q N, Lili' QM s ,Lilo '19 V'-fi 7 ,uf K scui, TVYIM5 clinging! fi? J SQ. iw Y if? C mix" fl lirliio do-4:3 ll li? ,N i K 1 55518 --e FT., ' 0 "XM wb--Trix' '1 'az if 1 4. " ' 1-5 N ui 54- f,.',ww-.1-C 9. X' v e' Wnflmj' X'-5 ' y J, 2, 4, lk cv wp?y,:S,QF52q mzgiati 5gQ'i5,c3w T .y .fiflS:3g 5.123 iriswkj 5 lg rg, iplf,iQbg?gQg:q SQQLQ EN mg 1ffQJXCgKf2L. dfflww 936, lkvf Aol win iw- Q .Ali-g-Q:tliLQgaQ'K-or ' A get Elm Qi..5Q3QlgETJ"Q1r e-YQ? Q -Lf-'4iHl'2?JFbN."ff-tQ9YxiT+wX1'.f- WJ K 'Q'f5J--S241 Albert lf. Swanston Rt-grinzilil U. 'l'urnhnll XY, ll, Victor lVnlkcr ALBERT E. SWANSTON NY. ll. X'lC'l'HR XX'.Xl,lilfR "1'l'U lim' in dccfix, not Tears." "gl youll l1m11'l'.v rvorfll gold." Sincere, hut not Saintly: zilcrt, buti notl hrilliant: un llorn ini Port llojw. llnrhrnn County. lirznlnnlwl from iclcalist, yet synlpzithctic: flll apology for Lilirixtianity, yet not ite lligh bclrool in l'11'l7. Taught Nchool for lliru- yt-gn-N, an apologist-all in all, his- goodncbs is irrewixtihle. his lite liiilt-veil Yzirxity 1010, :mil lfnox 1013. Vic. wut gi-m-mug innnacnlatcly cluun, his USL'tlllllL'55- zissurefl. and lciinl-llcartcrl :mil Ntooml tor he-I in college life. RICQZINALID ii. '1'l'RNHI'l,l, ET'L'I"l' iloy has lzix tiny," D D Z llr- was horn-when and wln-rc tht- lnograpliur conlrl not il"Ck'l'i2llllI is now niucll alive-ilccorrling ln the coinlnitlvi- Ill clinrgu of Knox College Ilining llnllg :intl k'XllL'ClN sonic tnnc lo die-prornling ln- can ouzllilv IQ5 1 -. .1 52? , of TRI ITY THEOLOGY -Q' . 1. f 1. "T . semi. 1 e -- A 1 ,sw to - C -1 ' fl- 1 twain.. .ifijeffi ri..fisfLc' 1 1 "' i ' 1-.. is v " 5 ' U . fvf 9' Tiff 4' ' . T7 . Q3-1 his . N595-,SQQ ,f...fg ,.,.Q7v,. 'yi .,..t...' As, -4 . ,, .A gf I Q3 .' 1.151 5. .f ' ii: I K 1 T 3 Q I :,, A A 1 fi,7?i.51 431 X L 1 , 2.A A I t ea s' vm 1. ev- will 1 : na .else S11 .'1'+x1:gs11r's'v'-.12 we ei' 1 53.14-.N . ' 1 ,iQgjf,?g,.,1.hQ1g1SQ gg,:s1kf3 3211251 .. 1gs.+e.s QX:l.Sf.sf,,xq+ QJi5Bs1..y.tre:. 1.e1.C221f QQBE-F. QQSNEQ1 Ilarry P. Charters S. Noble Dixon HARRY P. CII.-XRTERS "lt is 'ZVIQILII rt'o1'1l.r as rw1'tl1 51llIl7l'tIlIlS,' 1'l1c IIIOVL' llzoy arc 61111- ilvlzscd, thc 1l1'1'fu'r they l7Ill'II.n llorn l:1'Zll'I'll1l0ll. Untario. lfflucatecl at- the local col- legiate. Trinity College Divinity class acquired him a year or so ago and now he makes his dt-hut. S. NHBLI-2 IPIXUN "I11.vlc11d of zucll sc! l1a1'1', l7t1lLllIC.Y5.H Came to Trinity from the XXX-st 1013. liducatcrl at Titles- well llrannnar School, Derhysllire, Matric. llanitoha, 1911. South African veteran. Ordained LlL'IlCtlll in Bloosoiiec diocese Anglican, 1915, where he will rcsunic his work after gradua- tion. v Spencer VV. Gooding William E. Mackey SPENCER W. GOQIJINC UIfl.'l7X0ll 1'11111111t slzonf ifxelf more 1'cu.vo11nlvlc 1111111 to leave rca.vo111IIy on tl1111g1s alvom' 1'v11so11." "Spencer," "the not-hrief in stature." landed at Trinity in 1912 from Consecon. A careful and illSCl'1l'lllll3.tlllg student, exanis. are to limi hut Il tritle. The future of this man of power will unfold in Ontario Diocese. XYILLI .XM li. RIACIQICY " .... 'llltl .vtlll flzc 11111111111 !ll'L'TU Tlmf one .vumll l1c111l 11011111 rrzrry 11ll ln' l.'11cfv." XYho does not know Mack? llorn Aug. 25, lH8S, in Mont- real. licluczitczl lVestmount ll. lllontreal, and llumlierside C. I., 'l'oronto, before he appeared at 'l'rinity. Enthusiastic. sincere and moralistic. Theolog, . i 411.1 2' . 4' lt - YV is fIifS..5W1, Were?-Y 16 Lf tk 9 'lit 2 'ff-Afiw Q1 SFCC,-lflf'f, fx AM 5 Q.- 1 1. - . f 1 1 1 peas-f Jigs X. :TQ iw A T-Pl 1 cl. 2"'K.J M - X ix., , L. I Yyfwx JA sgfv, All A , -.1 . 12- tl Milf' . I-ifffvrc 21 . . 1 I C. 1 gf - Q. 3311 f ' 15. -U" +5 1' Hell l1,",,.:, .4 XQA ,pl ., ' ,xyksij 'I X lille c Qflk , ills. C N " vml 'M . .Mi I xl I U .- K 'Z ly" X -71,i'Q"-T 251 Q KX Y . tail , . kv . . .3 R., X i . . KBSJCQXX ' is ' YQ, -'15 .X 'gg ' XV :FN Q w. -,551 , fc". df, X :lvl 1 ,-I Rr: R: 165118 fl . .2 X -, D' 3, N ... , ' 1 j, .fa . - L Cv, ,A Y H 'si f x .Li V 'I ' ". K 'A 'U Q 155- ii '.- NL- P' C -1 'pl ' f 4 S1 cs-E 2s.?'-CNEQLQYP Q 94iilg'f1l5s'lf:i5siA'lxlf?:1s.5fg.U' wiF5X1?'A-552 Francis II. Paull Ilerhert II. Parkinson VVilliam C. Turney FRANCIS Il. PAULL ".-ll1! flzv poor, little dcars, 1-lrclz dL'L'L'1"IfI?l'S of the 1111i1fe1'5c!" Yea, he breathed his first Dec. 26. 1892, London, .Ont. Matric. I.. C. I. Undergrad. XVcstern University and Huron College. 1912-13, prior to his entrance at Trinity. Lieut, 7th Fusiliers. Undisputed genius as songster, lover. Theolog. HERBERT WILLIAM C. TURNEY "It did a Slllllfl' good to hear him." St. Catharines handed "Bill" on to Trinity for academic honours. After some business experience and an Arts course, he decided to .become .a dispenser of sound religion. He has taken a great interest in all college activities and we predict a brilliant career. H. PARKINSON "A goodly partly man i' faith." "Parkie" was born in Ireland. Rumor says he has caught hig fish and chased the hear. Gained experience of life on a New York daily. Hopes to "catch men" in Albany, N.Y. 196 F Victoria Conference eology Class E do not propose to ransacl: the phil- osophies. or to exploit the masters of literature in analyzing and describing the outgoing Conference Theology Class of '16, They are hyper-modest men. They do not vaunt themselves, nor are they puffed up. They insistently prefer to depart from the col- lege halls unheralded and unsung. The grace of humility may be said to have reached its high- est degree of expression in their unobtrusive circle. Yet the "ultimate decency of things" de- mands that the shrinking asceties receive the due meed of recognition they have won in their col- lege term. VVe do not exhaust their excellenciesl such a feat is beyond journalistic compass. NVe merely offer an index to their undisputed Worth. In 1913 the Michael Fawcett Prize, the Liter- ary Soeiety's award for oratory, and a prize in Homiletics went to two of its members. 1914 saw the gold medal for oratory go to the Class again. In the first term of IQI5 we were honored in furnishing one representative in the inter-college iate debate between Victoria and McMaster University. .-Ida fvfCf07'I.tlIItl also is used as the medium by which one of our fellowship attempts to further mystify an already thought-wearied student body. The Students' Council, the Y. Xl. C. A. Executive, the Union Literary Society Ex- ecutive and the Collegian Debating Society have all been augmented by its deputies. Rugby and soccer, the alley-board and basketball and other frivolities of an unecclesiastical and unreiiective order have received the worshipful devotion of the fraternity. .lint what of the future? Prophecy is always a hazardous venture. Your most promising Morley Punshon may become what the Methodist discipline euphemistically styles "located" But close observation of the personnel of Class 191.13 warrants us in predicting that the high traditions of Canadian Methodism are in no danger of com- promise by the men who go to serve her from this Year. lrl.xRRY llxwsox. VICTORIA CUl,L1iGl2 Y.Rl.C..X. lfXl'QCl"l'IX'l2, 1015-lil. TOP RQVV-D, O. Arnold, New Student Convcner: E. Griliith, 'l3.4X., Church Relationship Convtner: F, T. Haines, BMX., Student Volunteer Convenerg IP. A. Lane, Social Union Secretaryg PI. li. Church, .llilile Study Convenerg J. P. S. Nethercott. Klission Studv Convener: E. Magee. Memberslnp Convent-r. BOTTOM ROW-L. H. Rehder, Social Union Convener: P. N. Caven. Secretary: ll. Pawson, Vice-President: Prof. ,X, J, joliiisfon, B.A., Honorary Presidentp F. Manning, President: Rev. bl. XV. tlraliani, lX..X., D.D., Society iQt'lhI'C'9t'lll!lllYL'I lf ll. llzillmiay. Treasurer: XV. R. KIcVVilliams, BMX., Missionary Convener. I T f' OEIS! i 'G 0" VICTORI Tl-IEOLOGY ,' 9 , '79 ' 'NHXU T f-W ., .1 f s'1"5iFf's ' . si."-'Qc-gg c-'Z 963. -as t 7 -ssxwv-N- .e , .1 .sw--:C . 5, Q , 3 NF' ' VX 9339? 'LJ N J - fi ff, 'Ei -wif' v N .jf , 5' VX-'l 'Li Lit'-E AX 1.',.Ne 0. sf' 2 -' 'J H -"" KRXTB-3 1 f s? rss- 5 tw drugs me as ...ia we . is es-w e Sstlszkttf. ,gt " 1.9, f , - 'y Q t .5 61 :Ness ss, 'His if-Q t ' cfm- 7' ,V H T-Qui ' "FYR -Y QQ 'v 'W l Qjid, fksziisfep Hwvf.-'N XJ of f .eff 1.6 Y0,.1 B'NE'f47 13-KL JQ954, N iff! Q. .i sf-fm ,t .sr sv 1 1 fs lf-'Q ,xv . 'fy ,J ' sl 5 1 Q We 'T eisfi ' 'fr' V .ff - -7 TT' X 'fx -"' Q55 L, 'F -'sf 1 iq, -if 5 Nr Lf ' 'fe -I 4 , 4, fgil L fxvsxzf ' -Alxwllfxlxl A --,X -ff , ,ef , -X 15.693123 rfa2.+Q:ZifS.iiQ QQ jj fffiwv 11EGe:5,g. giimfa 1" f ifffln Ui? ' I ' Q ' HV 9' s T if fl f.if,',f1 X ff " 'YF75 fx" 'fav i7.,f'Cf.f"u--1 1142-"r'T,'. 1-5 ' 4.-ff 'fi lf -Qfiftf DlT?g.5.Q,2r3PffJ Cesffiisinlelu mise 313.631-sL73zQ issgfi C1211 si,-.1 ff T. VV. F. G. Andrews XVilliam J. Arms Thomas C, ,Xusten Elmer A. Belknap T. XV. F. G. ANDRENVS 'l'llUM.XS C. AUSTEN "rl twin' that 1,11 fin' llkiflllltit' fur utuay rerrlrezzx the .rlrzzzllvnzlfff A-E,,,1L.M.0,- hath wall " tlfltlv, ' ' .. H , . .. . ,' . . - U 'I' in.: 'z'-.li1l,o1il 1, E ., '89 C. t St. C-1 ' A. 'Jacf.1.::.2,:..2U'Qf..,.at..i:lzWi.923. f11if1..S11iaaf...F1're:'.a".:s1 152210. lgiiiielf 1255.31 three ,MVN Xxfml that lhgdql. Lin Osama , A Qcptalivkf? to-prepare for the ministry and by persistent and consecrated 5 1 " ' " 5 5' 'C L - ' ettort matriculated at St. George '12, Mission in the NVest C. T. Class '14 at Yietoria. Member of C. O. T. C. W'll.l,l.X'M I. ARMS "Do I 'Z'I'L"ZK' ll1e.wm'Id as L1 vale of iearsj' Ah, 1'e1'ere11d sir, 11015 I." v Birthplace Vllalsall, England, 1890. After two years in Newfoundland ministry, Bill came to -Victoria. Served on Bob Connnittee '14, delegate Northhelrl Conference and treasurer Mlsisonary Society are but a promise of future honors. '15. Vic. '13-'16. ELMER A. BELRNAP "A marry heart doeth good like r11cd1'ci1ze." A Torontonian by birth. Iunior niatriculation in Albert College, Belleville. Preaehed two years in Alberta. Regis- tered in Theology at "Yic." Athletic representative for Theological Class in his tirst year. Member of Alberta Conference. .Q ' rs 'rf 1 r 1 wmv ,fe fF iC' was sgffffssfsgsy s -s5,.g:s,:s'sCiNsssm,fffe51N-Weffsii 'lgfwf' if qffzgei G2 1g, v.jsTQ?avtq3jQg.eS, A " . ' '-'cu-g . ' , 1. , ', A ' 1 ' , -I -X, 'jet W EX: 1-'Q r A ' X VV:-x 1 9- i 'L 1 F f x -, ' 1 k i9f33 l O x?-L? 9 eh QMS G?Jfi'k'F.5gWnQi1Ni2"Y?3's 37xffl5?s f3b5f17iZW 3121 Resell sf'--f-5k'l3i. 59, 'W 'ls' "ff vi 'Slfvvff , V 1 - , ,. -, " vo gif L 1 tsgsx :A ' Libr I Adv- ' WHY' was-', N tai cis, 5 tk ,ffl "www vet-'KIM ' we e A my 1.1 - gg, ,nj -7343? ., -1. Fl effwi in 2521-5 , fer . ,. 'm ,L ,g ,, ,. :KW J --- 1, ,, . , .,f -, 'z ' , - .- . - -U - ., ,. . . -C, ,-. -1 ' A1:'7,iC', 5 , N' Rf, 3' -7 -A ".'fffj7lfP, A N19 .r L .ffl . Q ' irfxl GSW " f J .' ,WAV . ' th' fl, so - was sf .asit 'Q Cordon W. Butt Jonas E. Collins I. Nelson Gould Ernest Harston GORDON XV. BUTT A "But me 110 buts, Sirf' Gordon, "son of the hlansef' a dreamer of dreams, and a "lover of hard work. XVhat shall his future be? Cordon is attable. indifferent to examinations, and shall always inspire hy his equanimity. lle is the friend of all. JONAS li. CULLINS ".l man may he Peruzilfeil to so many startling flllillfli will: 50 fvlmsunzf an iz1f0uarm11." Silver medal from Alberta University, Michael Fawcett prize from Victoria College. mark I. E.'s penchant for oratory. A good college man, interested in all student affairs. Sein- tillatingly keen, persuasively earnest, alive to modern needs, always debonair, we shall interestedly watch his career. 198 J. NELSON GOULD HSlH'1'!?l1dU7' to the lzz'glzcst." Born in Zorra. Attended Stratford Collegiate. Entered business, After some years answered the call of the min- istry. Spent two years in Alberta Conference. Registered in Victoria 1913. Strong character: always ready to help the other fellow. ERNEST HARSTON "Tl1vy are llvrw' alone that are accouzfazzieii' 'wilh noble flIUIIQ1IfS.,' Born May 5, 1890, Littleborough, England. Matriculated Manchester, England. Came to Canada July, 1910. En- tered Bay of Quinte Conference. Registered at Victoria College, 1913. A man of high ideals and noble purposes. Success assured. x v VICTORIA TI-IEOLOGY X 1 - .-1. 1 , W .1 1 f- 1 , ,s .fa I 1 - -s., 1 - . . g - -es.. er-rfw' 1 . ff ' T-3? A' --,1iQ,,AI1es:3f,'5f1,Q5E. -1.155't3f?s -1 ' St-s, ,w My 19:11 1 1 ' if 3 ' 1 it X, F Vixw. ' Q 156311 e211 wa jr L 19917 LQ s.l.f , 'f O0 7' T LV. 1 . ' 4 J ,P z D 6 -L .fa I 0,3 6 . gr ,- L! fn yigixg-s?,xNg, Mm 11tQ,:ef"x ay 1fxx.,'. Wt' 'Cf 1 if 12fhw5ff?2?4a:' 12-4-??,,i5fC1,s2'i'3'619 1L211,g..Q.ewSS1Qi.s'Xb1 effflfsggifi Obvif 1Qw'l2ie5ovH 'QQ si:-1,-152 John F. Hickson Ilarry Paxvson IOIIN F. IIICICSOIY "E'I'L'1'j' 111111111011 to 1'1'111' 1.'1111:e!1'111ye 15 1111 lldlll-11011 10 11111111111 f0'iKIC1'.' J. F. H. was born in 1890. VVhen a student at Ricl1- mond I'Iill High School, qualifying for the teaching profes- sion, he received the call to the Methodist ministry. I:Ie entered "Vie." in 1912, winning the respect of all who knew him by his thoughtfulness and gentlemanly hearing. Ile graduated in 1916, with promise of a life of Christian ser- vice. HARRY PANVSUN A'T1IC1'L' 'Zi'U1'C 1111111.va1111s 111111 1110115011115 of 11111111111 1:11111 In that 1105017 of 17l'1t'1F 111111 310110, B111 .vonze 'ZUCVL' 111'af 111111 some were 1111'1zd, fllld 111' was t11c1'1' alone." Harry resolves our doubts of the super-mundane: he be- longs to another sphere than the terrestrial and his exist- ence is the evidence. Literature alone holds Harry in a domain where eating and drinking are a neeessityg but for it he would depart to contemplate the .Xhsf1lute, even though it meant drinking the hemlock. WValter Rackham J. O. Leslie Spracklin XV.XI,'I'I2R R.XCIiII.XKI "He 111113' is 11 711011-111111i1' 1111111 1111111 11115 11 11111111 11c11'1'1111'11a1'1o11." xYZltfl1l'fl, Iingland. 1888. ,Xcquirell a thirst for knowl- edge which he strove to satisfy in lledford. In 121113 Canada lrecame the land of his ad1111ti11n. In 13110 he re- sponded to "the call" and entered Victoria, 1913. .Xs secre- tary and life?-ll.lC111 of th.: C. 'I'. Class he displayed great thoroughness. Success to him in the M1-tlintlist ministry. I. O. LESLIE SPRACKLIN "fl ze111'1v1111111 111111 111'1'11c111 1101 to 17L' 1'1s11a111e11." Ilorn in XYoodstock '86, but raised in XYin1,lsor. Machinist '05-'09. Realizing his call, went on circuit '09-'10 and '13-'14, Matric at XYin1,lsor Collegiate 'll Victoria '1l. "Bob" committee and executive '16, Interested in sports and a jolly friend. 5- 151 uf7iV 1, jf ' X 'if 'NN N'-1.12, ',"sT-"jLA4'2n y.'fryy,.vfAj1N1 YNQ, N 11115121 ss? 1. lf asMdiif-M1159--13121137-1111112411-1: 11iQ1"f-1Y'3"4fNY11 -1 -.-1.1:JCL.f 1 :tit---111' 1:16 'Wt 'vwstf 911 1 1 hu. 1 1 1 -.1 1 K, xv-QI .X -fe .1 1- 91.1-'rf'-hast J 5 fojxt 'Y-N565 1. --S e ff wicking., W., imku. s -we ,g-1,IwQXi,2 1 .-.,f .1-L 91 ,g-f- ,Q 1 Xl- 1. ' . .1 91 1 "3 , . T N wus- 1 1-NN f'Y-D g '11 ' 'e' Qzfk x 11 s. '1 7- I , 1.1 ,YQ 31,15 11:11 ,lr c-jltlkf 1 'QLVSL 6 ffl 111 g-' was lk 1 - 11--151 Ciisit ' ' si te Q: ' 111' -- e ext. 'it 111-Q - ,' sl? 1, - w 1 1 is 1 1 Itixilfix -,rNLx11-t'f,?: ew-fe,p52,g- ,Dk gf, ywgiy T 1N1:'y g gl g xixle- 1. -1.511 1,5--., 'ri crfefcl 'ei -41 iql,--T1 11.55 -, 1 f1Nk,-. 1.2 x Q 1 . 'X 1, Q A U' skkext e 5 it Ny . 15M -:,..1.1q New k -, gaxew, ,F - . 59. 1 ' 1 .Lg Y, .. 1' Q3 - txuj s-1 gs- Q .25-f 30'-1-if s vgie' J. Dryden Taylor I. DRYDEN TAYLOR "The 1111111 ay 1'1'f1e11s for 1110 deed." June 9th, 18.82, I. D.'s star arose over Lucknow. Ontario. In 1883 he migrated southward, locating on a farm near Galt. In 1909 he graced ,Xlhert College with his presence In 1911 to Alberta, where he achieved fame as a preacher and now, after three years at Vic., we'll watch his rising star 1 I IIartley XY. Wiatts HARTLISY XV. NY.XT'I'S ".-1 111'a11zo1111 1-11 the 1'O1lg1L is CI 1111111101111 sure 1'11o11g11." Hartley was born in Blyth, Ontario. .Xttended Clint11n Collegiate Institute. Senior matriculation at .Xllmert College. llelleville. First year .Xrts Vic. Poet fur 'ln "Il11l1." Klein- her of London Conference. 99 ' UM. K iii' tm ' s ww WYCLIFPE COLLEGE Henry Alderwfmrl XY. R. Ramsay Armitage HENRY ALDERXYOOIJ "ll'111'il1,i' In be l01'1'1i." "And thou art worthy: full of powerg As gentle: lilreralaminded, great, Coiisisteiitz wearing all that weight Ut lllllllllllllll lightly like Il lelowei'." XY. R. RAMSAY ARMITAGE "1ll11g11ls11.'1' 1"111'1t1'11111." ll.A, lllzilhousicl. M.A. l'l'orontoJ. Priest and President of the Lil. "l'hol1ewra" hath mixed tastes. Ile loveth lVeymouth and Leaeockg he dt-lighteth in cotton and corn- tlakes, he yielcleth him-elf with joy unto Chil1l's, but at Gordon C. Drown Iohn J. Callan GORDON C. IXROXVN '31 l111111if11I of good Iifc is worrlz a bushel of 1L'fU'lll'llg.n Halifax, the Gateway to Canada. was l2rown's birthplace. The chief companion of his youth. his mother, has been supplanted in his affections by another. Sports are llrowu's 111-light?? By burning much midnight oil he has accumulated his bushel of learning. Arts course at Dalhousie. and then lu NN'yclill'e for Theology. After a brief sojourn here of two years he is now turned loose on the world. Wle wish him success. JOHN I. CALLAN MCJIIL' Tflfllf 111"z'c1' f1ll'lIC'4d his lltlfflf, But 111111111011 b1'1' f111'w111'11'." Johir was born 1890. A true .son of Erin, eager to oppose injustice or wrong. Easy-going to casual eyes. to 'l'a:nl1lyn's his In-art runneth over. friends an earnest wrestler. and withal lovable. , . f 1 , -V' . , 1 gf, .3 r' 1 :ks-N. x. x-A r., X bg 1f.'j-,3 wg -' 1 x . iv . 1 A . rr .1 --...fin -. 10 ' , ' it ff eff? A1221-122' Pm? pgs i2t+aPf3132f11 I 1 lm.-feat Elifleykfrfiii U rfwffil'-t ff iq 4.12 1 kiqyr 'wrfgSfLf'.+-1:ff':"wZq'E1it.1' Ev 1, iff-aH'-t1lww,:NJ1r H9 A f Medf-" QA G -3" 'ff' TP ji ' '- I Qu , -N XL l , we fi- 1.1 Q 11 M lf - .,xa,,lf',,Q.,e-O gt! UN f '1-flwl --fjyi 1 Fl .5 CUC a 44.4 -'-vfff N- :JNQ .J gf'-iv e - JQQQ .il l vii"-W" QCR -4 M-WX--'.'c-X ff -' lsrlffif.-lf:-""' RFQ J 'jxflt f 111 .U 3.. 4.5-f"J44ft5ZZfyf-1 , M 1. " ' '17 'T ' A 5' ' it . L ' 1 ,eilltl 7 USCG? V 'bl of gens -, . -asa 715 'F 'jfgk DWG Gite" gy-' '-01'-' 1 -, ,H 1vl,' W ' - ii gk 'fit' '-'Q 1 x -Q , .,'1,Q 1 ri' -JU . s nv-: 5x 1 1 5-it 1 J ., X hui . 21119-1 - , ffssv .Y 151-1 iv? S Q A eff' M 9 gig, 1 . t se we-zxg . . .4 K gs ' '-SA' ' . LLQ:2'l:y,, A' MAI,- Vf.. T 1-S -1-S X 11? A ' W" llfit f 5 X-ffriwf.f?"'iL'15-A'l"l'ilS " fRfc fiQV'Fi-'iw:7' Q 1. A. 1151311 Rf 1- V 91- Ti' 253836. M919-isifrw' A- ui 1-1 imma? is e1mh's?sauMi Q' efilfdff 1 U f1iw.:-MW Y 55?f1Y2t!ef,w3wf'x1X1 JMS 21 6514.657 A Kqjkol vw xf:x,tbLx'ix E ,Q,,i+i Sb R-NQLQC 1 F , Ast?!1,.g,wk' ki 5 .Thy 5'1g.x15V,X,,f . .1 MQ ,L X35 N .ifgqqyv KQ'N.,.Qc,i N. Gig, ,CTM --if , 1 1 " w .- L Q' sw N- f 11 441. fy 1, L Vu '1,s.p4,w11 A. Hg' I 1 t- r vt vii 1 ,ig - 1 - -f W -' T"' -.1 Yign :Q Jia!-N1-:ALR .1 milk.: ess' NP .xciftsl-sitisf v'4lNlQ:1EQl'NlY-Ggbldffigs.-Q V eff-X121-LJ-STH c'vs1.sgb ui.s'fr?lNQL:2sQi- Alfred Clark XVilliam H. Fry Fred Glover 11. Arthur Green ALFRED CLARK 1111110 111 1111117 111110 flzc fflfllf, and say." In l,oudon, England, my hrst glance Looked on this world's felicity. Entereil the liresliies' gay romance In naughty-nine at Varsity. I thought to Old XVyelitTe's llut three yt llns made it "1 leave in onety-three halls and bricks, -are in the north country onety-six. XVI Ul,L'llli, I'1'd1, Vici! Unlike most freslunen, Fry's reputation preceded him to college. lVe knew him as thc dauntless missionary of the Arctic. His sterling devotion, ability, and faith, have left an indelible impression on all who knew him. "Frizl" returns to the Eskimo. l,l,lAM Il. FRY 200 FRED GLOVER "Of stzldie fools he moost ciwe and 11100513 l1cede."-Chaucer. Liverpool ejected him in 1910. Motto: "Thorough," Suc- cessful with the tongues-M,A. in Orientals '15. Also with the tongue-best oratorial infliction '12, Vice-president Athletic Association '13. President Mission Society '15. E. ARTHUR GREEN 'lTllfflll.l1g the green one red." l1Voking, England, will some day be proud of Ted. A hard student and track champion in winter, a popular "par- son" beyond the "end of steel" in summer, his prospects in 1ife's race are bright. Wycliffe College 'KY WYCLIFFE COLLEGE ,I -i-f.:af'v ,V-fe: 5' ' 4 V 5 4 j- Xgf. ws,-s -f Y , ea .f sys, gnsgagigaibfrgmigggqfggag.,igygok aoqjymgol ,,i 1-sa-vue . ,ng ' ,N .L 'LA i,,fj4. ' JX -Q-' N Q vgfj X115 13.35 7 1,5 are ? 9 'Sy' 'Gigi aiyfst.'G1f?'hwQ??lL" XG? at fi id 559581 niet' cs " wx :rw Lv W 5.71 are H xs..-w1'v ' Hx J.: f , - is-wvxe V . 'xl . ., fx . Vg-ww 4 ry-5 , Kr? is ' T, 1 skip 1 Elilf l 13 fl! f ,'-'.'. ,-lf "ru Y gfieid Fig-28 F' V ' 1' 1154-fi i r i 1 -,. l, f A . N f ., jeff ,.... .. K ,, Aim pf: . -ig, 5aE'1 'f?.' af fj,7G f 21132-..Itl'c'f4fvfl:J'wf?ef39i'v .CLfQ'P1fJ9' :ff-f. wi' if xf -CJlfGr5iQf'fx'ei if we.MJnf'li.JE2L-f . ,511 - 1,1.,!f-Laid?DfT?f-:4,2.f vwfzd., ftnfg uk 'Wyatt 1 James S. Harrington Ernest E. Robinson JAMES S. ll.XRRlNC'l'0N "lf I do you a f1'1'cml.tl11'f', l'l1 j'wrfm'nz if Io the last t11'lirlc." Though his heart's in a sailing dinghy on Halifax harbor, "Pl1oher" has served the l,it. and the Mag. these hve years like the "llluenose" that he is. ERNEST E. ROUINSLJN "To ilzuxc :elm lsrmfv lim: lfcxf well lu'llf-Iwi." "Robby" comes to us from Margate, leaving behind a dear vicar and the dear lads who still lament the loss of their faithful fellow laborer and friend. During his sojourn at WVycliffe he has taken an active part in athletics and did good work as secretary of that society in 1915. RoblJie's geniality has gained him friends everywhere. Ile leaves us single and a sworn celilmate, but time alone will show his duplicity in that regard. Henry Roche T. VValter Scott HENRY ROCHE "E.i'ucedz'ny wire, fair .Yf'0iL'L'H, and f1L'l'51lC1Ll'fIIg.H llenry matriculated at Jarvis Collegiate. Served on the class executive U. C. and Y. M. C. A. Director Boys' llepartinent University Settlement 1913. Temperance orator 1914-15. A liberal education and broad outlook are a suihc- ient guarantee of 1larry's success. T. XVALTER SCOTT " .... el Ivan and lzuxzgry look." "Scotty" hails from Lancashire. First a schoolmaster. Migrated to Canada 1909. Indulged in mission work in North-XYest. Treasurer of Literary Society and editor of Magazine. VVell known around Deaconess House. Good judge of tea. Man of conviction and sound judgment. K Y, A Hyde- uf .i .,.x'.NX ,SV ,X .A .Ji 1,5-TD ,Q W I f ,Nav 7 ,L QS! .1 . if r--A eh, 5,771 ' g3G?'.c'-153' wE1a:s..t.-as f?dffH+iQQil'j9o1Ji?ffiZ:f' f2QfgfE'3 ,ea ggrilfik 5i5'g95'6r'Qf . 9"'4.95xQ"1i"'fr5ifl K1-fm "4 we 'i,'wSViT-'. vl-T 'Ag' . V'-'i"'riS Hin Six? Di"l.U'ci. oily" A L '!fTf3i1..Jf Kggvflr iuefftf we-Sim 1eigQqii.f4LF1QaSf?:'if- t:iss?.P1 - 'iet.sw.,fff'? QQ? 5-sac ,sts Q 4 ffff -sr' 'A--as ."Lz'f V815 " ldilpf' Lblfifbl lllrrjl' 5106.91 VQKLPJS T ' 1 1-ixls. wi-i . Eli. ffm' f1QU3,"fp.4j Qual CTL-A L .L Qjfxl me Ui A ANS! 5: xl- gig 1-signs lf.-me-, - f Q 95:41, ef lx .- -I . .adv tease pw? 's,Qf., . A ggi xKgf3E,tgATs1.f.A, Llx e,'1,gl5Q X5 Qsum-9 .kilghei h21f'QNN5'71 -0, 'f,.QWLRXN-,Lf E, 1.:,:XT3,I-,SIQK MY-17 ,.RgL'1,, .1 - ,' v' fs , K SH' '- ff, ' N i fe-uf '1' M ',' 1-X w '2 df ' 'X sl, ' I." V ' . i ajax X515 QL Llvlwi Ch?-fff 9' is, l Q twfiilii. ill Qlgg-Egti9Q.gQc,V Q NNY-. fprgglx Q-K v O -Tk-q sl AAT- -W1 Or' HN lit K' 941 USA f- 'tqqfl f kv- Qi' QAQZ, F Fifi! 'RXTSLETZ TQEXEXQ .'e+l'Qff s'-M193-tai sgbiil- QLRX1i"s5fi31.Yi:if.gJf t"w'J'fR-V-ei '-73 G. Napier Smith XY. Jolm Taylor XYilliam F. XVallacc G. NAPIER S-lXlITll XNll.LI,XlVl F. XVALLACE Ulf yulfm, .tmwd mc, East a'L.aU1-H- "Dozen to Uclzcrzinl or up to the l1ll'0llL', U you won-1. NNW, ,MV Hmmm EISCDH Hu travels flzc fastest, rcrlzo flazfchlx alone. , A 1 . , i , , , A distinguished graduate. a guileful politician, founder of Born 3 LIUFJJWQ' amgmg to l?C.a -lll'f5fOn3l'3f m Lllma- the Sociological Club, a smooth orator, W. F. has mounted VVh1l6? llyerc. Pl?b1ilC'l1t 0 tl1e1LEt.. -rC1'lCbCm3UVf'.,x9U U10 Parnassus in a bright-hued aura.. An accomplished fusser. Studenfs Cmmcll and a,gcne1a avollte' He 9311105 away on pastoral visits will be not without interest. Our hope with him a B.A., a B.A. ess and the good wishes of all. for him, NIU C0610 quiesf' VV. JOHN TAYLOR i'T7'UJ' SUN: what say they? Let them say." June 17th. 1890. Bill hove in sightg captured everythingg hearts galoreg medals and cups for reading and running. Leader in executives, athletics, socials. Debater and critic. An all-round man. On show at St. Paul's. 202 203 X yr QJUJ ,.y,:,'.21L5'. P.. A 1:4 5- , ?-n:':1Q:v-- .r-,L-. 4,,,,,- 1 1- "" V1 0' T11 -'- --uv-K 1. .1 ..:. LX'-'.'!."':f-'??,1f c-51. ,1, . . --' xx! T 9 ' ' s ' K ' 1 fit'-.if:,.f - ' N 7 Q , n . Y I v Q I rf 'F' Social Service Department Class History S0 F ti? PRUF, FRANKLIN JOHNSON, Ji-. Director of the Department of Social Service. O those interested in the social welfare of Canada the opening of a department of social service in the University of Toronto was felt to be an event of great significance and promise. Lectures were held last year in the Depart- ment of Domestic Science and the numbers and enthusiasm of the students enrolled showed that the department was filling a long-felt need. The vague rumor of last year that the Depart- ment of Social Service was to have a building of its own became greatly intensified as the new 20 4 term approached, An eager throng of students came from far and near to enroll their names. Vlfhere was the building? Somewhere in Queens Park! Each day might be seen earnest, serious- minded CPD individuals wandering vaguely in search of the elusive building. After many in- quiries and much patience the Social Service Department of the University of Toronto was located. Since these early days the department has manifested its presence by a beautiful brass plate-with its name inscribed thereon! Any further information may be found in the tele- phone book! The building, an old residence, is nobly adapting itself to its new status as a seat of learning. The large rooms on the main floor lend themselves very readily to class-rooms, while those upstairs were easily converted into library and reading-room. The "rest-room" at present hardly lives up to its name, but there is hope for the future. But the library is the "piece de re- sistencef' There are still a good many empty shelves, but there is a brave show of books al- ready and the promise of many more to come. The students, in their insatiable desire for knowl- edge, have to be restrained from carrying away too many of the precious volumes at one time. There are twenty-four students this year who are taking the full course and two hundred and eighty-seven part-time students, deaconess', Young lVomen's Christian Association workers, etc., who attend various lectures. The work is wide in scope and character, also very practical as it is obligatory for each student to do at least ten hours' Held work during the week. The full-time students have organized an association called Social Service Students' Or- ganization of the University of Toronto, which meets once a week for lunch and discussion of topics bearing on the work and interests of social workers. These meetings have been greatly en- joyed and have given opportunities both to those who wish to revive the inner man and to those who desire to exercise their oratorical powers. Now that the Social Service Department has been definitely established, surely the coming years will prove its value and the work of its qualified graduates aid in promoting the welfare of the nation. CLASS ICXl'1CL"l'IYIC Ulf SUCIAI, SIZRYICIC D1fQI".XR'l'RIl2NT, l'NIYICRS,l'l'Y UF 'l'HRHN'1'U, 11115-lo, Dorothy Eddis, Ste-lla Trclzmd, 14-nm-tic Rnthhun, Hzlxmmllm IZ. N:1tIu'w President. C0l'l'K'91N'lINlil'lg SL'Cl'L'fZ1l'j'. I liwtwrizln. '1'x'u1lru 1'u1'. XISSENT-.Xgucs Macgrcgor, Scc1'uta1'y: Mr. E. P. Stewart. Yico-Presidcxlt. 205 ,gist if o 2 s o 5 'Zu' SOCIAL SERVICE -A-I flvg' x It WSLX LRISY' -w N95 XR W t f If C QLQ-L-.k,S7,f., 5' ,PT SR ,f I . .J f-"fe li., 1. lf" , '.T3-'CEOVHI' . ALQEZT5 511 ""' Q,7",1" Jq'f:"T"f.,? L' moi, 2 3.11229 -. :fa C iagzeg .I lf TT -:ii . , ,N A. , af- I is 1-cw "FS : .1 1 v f fries- 1,4 "L, -2- ., +.,:s-1,.fQl',,'5-'- ff Vygairf fi, K llysjs "7 ,Q...xt.OgfQ4sSEL'5E, S.. VQE45? 'KWKRQEZQ7 fs Wd j ', ' Qgdfgf-,fffiiyPf..lfJ.fJb. 159510 "Q .E3'iYl!"7...j:ijfC f ogg L :ik 3 '-QQ? fi Qgxl . X. 2 435 . iW.Tf1xfl.i. e.r',f,.fgwi, y.5f'e,1Qs fi' ,I rich- It 34 fag ,. tr, ijfitwf :N-S551 L-'52 5- .'FfIHs3s' fi TW ' " s:.,-we ae ' - 'f L14 l liixii lg' i,"L' J I-X,-.Qi ' I 'Milf tags K- ,.,1"y, L-'Ml-L1 -,+A-,.E,1 4' .gg gpifx- Mx C, Y. dsx - . 2' s , . - . ., f. 'ie sf aft.. rg uf- r.. - 1 'A f, 441,71 is t-'Z 's - ,' 34.5 A-,, Fwy .3- ., In . -a ,. 25. tqRa2iQ5satItSt:QQ1 fi ef.fssf?tfQ9 wwf! -I . is --sf Efiij-QEQYFKAQ fielffl' fisSt.'E1250? flftr fi-M125 N- -H il . .. 1 ,fo s -. Lev' ai , r . - . : .w Q-"L 1. si- CT-,':ff,ifli J . . wr... t N rtzfffd sl? Q13 it fssifi veeff?? rt.tfZicQi3tifg'ms-RtfxQttsfs?wl'. Charlotte E. Black Dorothy XY. Eddis Marion Elder V illarjorie Gould CHARLOTTE E. BLACK MARION ELDER "gl 7'0SL'l7IlLl1 .ict almzzt wifi: little nvilful f1II7l'llS,n "But varlz for HIL' joy of the 'IUO7'l?1l1g.l' Born in Toronto. Graduated from the Presbyterian .Xfter graduating from Grace Hospital, Detroit, hlarion Ladies' College. After travel alvroad and much golf she Elder. of Streetsville, was attracted, as other nurses with entered the halls of learning once more with the Class of high ideals have been, to the tield of Medical Social Service. 1916 in the .Social Service Department of the University of The profession she has chosen is noble and she is well fitted Toronto. by nature and by training to be successful in it. DOROTHY XV. EIIJIUIS MARIORIE GOULD "SU lou!! as we lore, :vc ser-rc." "1-Ind still the zvmidcr grew. H .Xustralizfs gift to a sister Dominion. Educated in Toronto, lfmf OW' 5"'f'H !'f'a'l Wflff mr"-V UH 5,197 klmitl' ' studying art also in New York. Entered this course with .Xfter doing excellent work at Harhord Collegiate and eager mind to seek a remedy for social ills which she had St. Margaret's College, Marjorie Could entered Social Service, long perceived. The gracious President of Class '16, to specializing in Child NN elfare.- In this important phase of her a youthfiil organization stands indebted for much earnest the work her winning personality and broad sympathies will care. stand her in good stead. "Y "i ' A f " ' ' - fe. , 5 A- N-J.'ftVs:f' is N 3, was -tg ,, . to ,sy 1 :-'fy exxwt se"'r- 'sie-N is ': i:ivFExii1.1sw'?4s1''.Srrfi5:fitlgwlt1?-j?sfE,:SfQg.s4:iggf3?fQit,'v:f'ffg1 2 f"'eFfse-+s'fQ1 'aNS'?ial 75I"'t'fi, 'r I TCNLR sfwrifil s F my ARMA'-'F Sf: -f - it ' is sf ft Vlfeeftsrsl 5219.1 '-eff1'Q2..21ssEEf...ftllgpigi .s?flXQf1i3e. fee-is xlhiolfzlfnifw ltiw ii fctlagsll 2521 Tse 1' 415 ts SIAM f or L as als N' -7 I 424. hifi' N211 iff lm' 'QS WN-f Hai .L ffkzfii . f faq .ti -: N 4:5 f :Pi Wig' ANY 1. 'ww 4.115 ...ap A .is If .asm iff- pm f 5772 Q9 Qugf - X hiv-1 5.-'scsi .fliiff 9.511 s 'ffl' ff'-ss s ?,g..M.wr g-app: f' 'aiffgfwgrfeg I MQ. up Q4 f t, s eff I 5 imsi, gt i1Qt9feiuL2D1r.. f 5 jevl Tjki 1-1 'LZ ' - I , +jcg'g.,,i'. 1' xv' am, Atrfflx is-,gm-.j Q5'fvr..fQ1,gW. 'Qgix-ft-'i'.Q' ,Q-Q' ,J xg j 1 -.1A-8f4.fI.Q..f,gqQ,ji:-"t, ff.:i,'Df :gjfQ4ff.eg5f.Jaiy:i4 .M 19 21,5 sig .?.5c.,ug3gi5gaff5fwu ji-.ef igaifg igefwi Q3,LiQ9::fQlP7fl.' Stella IT. M. Ireland Elizabeth lfamlie Ethel C. S. T,ovclI Hannah G. Matheson STEI,l,,.X R. M. IRELAND ETIIEI, C. S. LOYELL "II'1'f11. . . . IIUIIX and barks and turcnflzcd SIIIIICN,U--Rlllttlll. "T!11'x jim' old ttwfrlfl of mnxr is Iliff' a cl1ild."f-Tlle Princess. To Havcrgal and later to Social Service Stella brought scintillating jollity and enthusiasm as well as real purpose. She is rightly considered one of the "stars" of the Class. EI.IZ.Xl3l"l'I'I'l IHXBIIXE "Leaves lzcl' IVVUIISES z1m'.i'fu'csscd and leaves hm' grvallless fo Ive flI!CXSClI.U Elizabeth, Bessie, Iletty, and Hess, popular alike at Rrank- some Hall, Margaret Eaton. Lillian Massey. saw in Social Service her real scope for usefulness. In this broad field her versatility and Winsome nature will mean much. 20 6 A temperament that digests Thackeray with Bernard Shaw, and does not preclude Florence Barclay. Accomplishinents, of which bridge and lleethoveu are not the least: a cheery disposition-hut aliove all a conviction that promises not to stop with tl1eO1'y. HANNAH G. MATIIESON "One must bc SOIIICHIIIIIQ in order to do s0mf'fl1z'11g." Born in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Came to Toronto as a student at Glen Mawr. From here she entered the University, enrolling in U.C. in Class '09. Dropped out for two years, finally receiving her Arts degree in '12. SOCIAL SERVICE wir Q03 .T 5'. . . V f -If f A -1- X, L vi- sr V, 1 :ev-A s, pf. ix! sy nf- 'v H ,-34453.51 g 'wg 'jf"f"fifji1 ff 17 IT 1' ' 2'Q,ifQ'Db'EsqM:ti1iE?gNQ' ,cfkip -, 5:31.51 rliX'T.9'2 ,ZJJCLQK 1 "0" 7'f 2. . An. -'.' . 1 Q 'K o .4 Q 0 -1. ,f'o"f-' .:, 9940 M11 fl fm 1 :am x, tf'N23 Lift .lvl ,K 7'w shy. "T-Wg 1 ' if fc! 1x4 Z, X . 1 STL flfqil HLMLRN1 lt klfff rf'-1, i'll'i F' 'V , .ua-5.4.x 3 QQQS. . 'tra , ki ft .- 3439. We sgt ,gg it -55. ' , I-913 LAQWQY wh' 4' - Wd?-f . , . . X X' . . lf' W3 7 'NTI' i rv-,-2431-e'X-Q.'1'91S-,i5.t17'2L'A4s- 5' S 1-.12 4 v U x-115315-F-.!1,,"i"t5i 10" '5'oTwi 'TX1 ' Q1 5 kt cgi' Mt-f Loitf' MW ll?-f f 'QQHQ ,lMhQl7gfr,,Qjit.Q t3.w.Sfv5sfQtiti5fi'Q,t..:3 gyglrye '35 ts 6? ff?5Q23'vQ5s1S sigloitri fag .gat letra lligfsfl . N-J' '. "- 4 ' 1 JL- " , H-' 'r 1 Q ' ,A ,' 1 ,-X 'V' :ev L 1" , 1 ,gl 1 ei!-Qffuii Q' K ,' V .f V e -' cf W' ' " f is 'K riff QSM-1gfls?,f ei? ef Q--fowl .i..ik.f.f-Q ewE:.fe.14fJe:9sf?i.e.- few J-1-t'1N2-ttmisd' :SM Iwi-5, lXIcFa1-lane Agnes C. Tl'ICG1'Cgt11' ll. lCniily Miiln' Jeanette Rl. Rathlnm MRS. McFARl,.'XNI.2 tNee Margaret llunterj "Size that is born liandsonn' is born l7ll1I'Vl.CLl.U Born at St. Catharines, Ont. Educated at llrantforrl anfl Toronto Public Schools, Jameson Avenue Collegiate Institute, and University of Toronto. B.A. 1898, lVl..'X. 1900. Curtis Scholarship Barnard College, N.Y., 1900, English. Married 1904. Has two sons. AGNES C. MCGREGUR "Glad heart, wifliont refirourlz or blot." Born in Tillsonburg, receiving her early education there and coming later to Toronto she entered Varsity. Her father, the late Rev. Malcolm McGregor. editor. of the "Prcsbyterian.l' was a strong--influence in her life. As Secretary of Class 16 her etticient work has been much 11. EMILY Monk Hrvnl' t"I't'l' ftIlfCVc'1f Iill. -Villll' It'1fl'fi', Nor crew' jailed a fi'it'11fl." -Miss hlolir, whose home was originally in .Xrnpi'ior, tirst came to Toronto to attend the Conservatory of llusie, ,Xt this institution she receivetil the ilegree of .X.T.CKl. Later she took a course at the "Shaw" school anrl followerl a business career for a short time. 'lErXNlCT'l'l'Q Nl. R.XTllll1'N "B1es5etl is lie who has folmd his teorkf' .Xlthougli horn in lleseronto, she is at home in the Queen City. liducatecl at llavergal and in England. -Socially popular, she is a thorough sportswoman and brings the ,WPI-Qciafedv same keen interest to her chosen tielcl of work. 1 VI ' 'Y -' ' .- 'NWW7 W W-ffl. " - N' N ffff'7"'1fs.?YN -' 'fi-r Z?'T Fl ' fi JV' C""'o1 s -17 'T 77' 'iii M3'3 Sfmt? L15-5 o1QW?NEl'5FsI1i iff? il Weif5bI1i1fm'iSfQito-salt? wt FsTFe1fi3l'ft2liS . ,st 'f ttf..-fifg A , f H 354' -3 rf LNk-Q1fgJi'1-E kzeieii ist 1Q.i6mfR,, 'I 15t,S"TSfs5',q' 9 ' 'ge 1 4Qcg6ik"5-D0 ' 'xii C'1f7'i.3iQ3Q'T'Q-Q iillgblgnki Vt 'ggi LOC? 'ax i'?ff'.'T?5 f"TiT1 if inf' 4 'T 'Kiwi its ' li gel V or ' X ' fi Y gm 5 png ' wQww7 fl , ,, "- gl ' 1 if ' ' .f ff 1 1 fffl'r2 1 'fit x 1 Lf 10 Q-"HH w N5- . Mi 'xgfvwk kos t f es NE jtef QVQK f it -' . Xu, 'AZT 'fr ff M... it f- .Rf W 1 .1 , , fs f . ' 5911!-YV, ." it QQ' 1 s 52015 Y, X 7 Crfffa ' .13 -11 -. , ,f rw If A"'4,f7fF'7,a. ""' "' if fx ' A " 'TTY-if--'iQ 1-f rf, f VL-.1 ' RilC"v All - X 'N. , r' N155 3 ,4ffffiQjg.gt15:e.4gz3z, ,Qrg7Q:i,.Y5f.g ,Botti-rlsgggq gfwvQ.x'fa, .s 4 ff Q0 'A is jbf' -'i s- ,, EX l'-M45 --fy N t, 'V-' ' V5 Q- ftcfi .1 xx ,' ry ' 'Y M 'IVAFI ",fK,QfT5 "QQ--' LS, " Ti 1. -x., ' f,' JGf52fgffrQ,541tgf5:j3-tg2ffs.f?iLf,.ji'.fjitififffgwfff pvc -?uk'19,1:T X. ft 2 sffjS.LT'fiCfcJ wi?Qsgf5'v1o ffSlfsS"fiu'f C jr. Q- Q55-.s Edmund T. Stewart Lilian .X. Skinner ,losie C. Sannrlers Rl. Marjorie Sypher EDhl'UND T. STlifWV,XR'l' .lU5llf li. 5.Xl'Nlll':li5 "Ilan is of 50111 and hotly, fnrrmwi for fleet1',r Of high 7'L'S01'2'C',' 011 ftllltfjlki lmltiesl TKltIlt1.', Horn in the early cightics at 1Vyoining, Ont. hlatrie. at VVooclstock College, 1905. Fresliman and Snphoniorc years xN7CSlC1'I'l University. Arts at hlchlaster, '15, Social Service. LILIAN A. SKINNICR "VV1zal I a.rf'ir't'd ln- he And was not romjorlx me." Born in Montreal-a product of the gootl. oltl Model School and Harhorcl Collegiate. .Xn irresistihle craving for more light and knowledge brought her in 1915 to the Social Service Department of the University ot' Toronto. 207 "Tlw' I'tlIIl1Ill'SlIt't1 xln' enuhl Ilfjllit' full," lironi the hi gal and was the qualities for chilflren she is now c storic town of tlotlericli, Josie came to llayer- later attracted to Social Service. Cracerl with of genuine entlnisiasnl and zeal :intl a real love , she is pai'ticnl:n'ly titterl for the profession -ntering. Rl, MAR-lORll'I SYPlll'fli Ivy lIt't't'f7fl'IlgIZ hy Julwziftiizg xirmiyx."--Pope. 'l'he spirit of tl g X marks the disposition of this hcantiful antl lirilliant daughter of the XVest. From Brandon. Manitoba, Marjorie came east to study niusic. llut rliplonias in Pianoforte, Voice antl Theory failed to satisfy. and now in Settlement work she tinds the "lasting joy of making others happy." HfHllt7VIllS ie waving prairie-even. yet ever clianeine- F ' Q ' ff S' :Mfr 0 f V ' ' V X Lv., .. , f ' u.1S11f,. ::g,.,.1.. .,... .H . ' Social Service Department 208 !f'X 7 209 s g4x,gwEQ,,ffg,- ' 3, f "v'gf,,fgvQg,, , , ,L , ,X H ix is X, A ., , 4 ,, fi f W- X M Entrance to Household Science Building 210 WOINIISNS UNDERGR.XDU.X'l'lC ASSOCIATION UF UNIVERSITY COILIQCIC. Marjorie Cooper, Verona 'l'aylor, Klary Cowan, Mary Hoyle, Stella Hamilton, I3.,X,, Agnes Maellillivray, lit-len d'iXvignon, Fanny Storey, Florence llardie, Elsie McPherson. Llniversitj College Womenis undergraduate Association UR four years the NVomen's Undergradu- ate Association has been fulfilling its functions of controlling and unifying the interests of the women of University Col- lege. livery woman undergraduate is a member of this organization, and all questions which arise touching the interest of the women of the College are thoroughly discussed in the meetings before receiving the approval or disapproval of the whole association. llv means of the "Rest Room" teas. the XY. LY. .'X. has endeavored to bring the women of the various courses more into touch with one another, and has been particularly successful in regard to the women of the science courses, who have otherwise very little oppor- tunity of meeting those of the Arts courses. This year the Red Cross work has absorbed much of the attention of the Societv. lt has endeavored to work in co-operation with our own University 'P ,- Base llospital Association. Many of the under- graduates have helped faithfully with the supply work carried on at the l'hysics Building and at Examination lolall. The .Xssociation has also supervised the various Tag Days and Red Cross collections. The XY. lv. .X. has taken an active interest in the formation of the XYomen's Student Council of the Liniversitv of Toronto, which in- cludes representatives from Yictoria, St. llilda's. St. Xlichael's, Medicine and Liniversity College. This Council will, however, in no way interfere with the work of the XY. Lf AX. .Xt present. the Rest Room is scarcely adequate for the various y needs of the women of the College, and it is to be hoped that when larger and more suitable quarters are found, the NY. lf AX. may earrv on its work to even greater advantage than it has hitherto been able to do. TIIE EXEe'l"l'IX'E UF THE XYHRIlfN'S I.lTER.XRY SOCIETY. 1915-16. Till' RHXY'--lf1litl1 tlrant. 'lil'L'214llI'L'l'l Klarjorie King. 3rd Year Rep.: Nlarie Parkes. Critic: Pearl liLlCllIll1?1I1. lst Year Rep.: Mary Imlltfy, Cnr. Secretary: tllarlys lilliott. Znll Year Rep. l1U'l"llHKl RUXY-li11tl1 Ross. Rec. Sec1'et:11'y: Mrs. Lang. ll1lI11J1'Ii1'j' l,1'k'H14lL'lllI Klzxry Hoyle. 1,l'CNl4lL'IllI Phyllis .X111le1-s1111, Yice-Presb 1lf-111: Kllll'.llllAlk' Ross. 4111 Year Rep. Womenis Literary Society of llniversigl College H12 114115-I6 seaso11 of the 1Yo111e11's l.iterary Society of l,vI11VC1'S1tj' College CU1ll1l1L'llCC1l with tl1e annual autumn tea, helcl i11 1Yest Hall. i11 October. Tl1e tea was ll splenmlicl success, and will be rememberefl by tl1e women of ITU as one of tl1e most enjoy- able events of their freshman year. .Xt tl1e fol- lUXY1I1g meeting a mock parliament was fl1L' pro- Q'l'Zll11lllC for tl1e CYC11lllQitl1C go1'ern111e11t bring- ing i11 a bill tu enforce eeo11o111y on tl1e women Sfl11lL'1l1S. This was hotly wlebatecl by tl1e opposi- tion, who 1lefeate1l the bill. The hrst meeting i11 iliiJL'CClllliJCl' was given over to Reel Cross 11'ork i11 L'1jllllCCllUll with the LYl11VL'1'HltY Base Hospital. 212 Mrs. Hensley addressing the meeting. The second meeting i11 December was a Christmas one, when a portion of Dickens' Christmas Carol was staged. Tl1e oratorical contest took place at tl1e nrst 111eet- ing i11 January and 311 013611 meeting was held on .lanuary :Sth at wl1icl1 tl1e Heirs Lit. of UC. joined with XXIOINCIITS Society and helpefl to Spencl a very enjoyable and memorable evening. The iXll1111112P took one evening, when tl1e interesting subject. "Yocations for XY1f1l1'lC11,H was cliscussecl. The last meeting of tl1e Society, which was purely literary. closerl one of tl1e most successful sea- sons of YYOl11t'l1.S Lit. of UC. N. A. D,1L1,1i1' 1Cor. Sec.l. Library, Household Science Building 3 University College YW. C. A. Cabinet Members llon. l'resident. . . ....... Mrs. Y. Massey ls resident ...... Yice-lr'resident. . . Treasurer ......... .. .Xssistant Treasurer .... Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary. . . liible Study Convener.. Klission Study Convencr Social Study Convener. . Xlissionary lfinance. . . l.unch Room ......... .Xlembership Convener , . . . . . . . sonal discipleship that shall be studious, welleinformed, catholic in sympathy and service, yet practical withal. The Association aims at carrying out this pur- pose in various ways. .X meeting for intercession is held every morning. The attendance has been small but regular, and those present have fe'lt rewarded. General meetings have been eliminated as much as possible, but three interesting and suc- cessful ones have taken place. The first, on Oct. 14th, dealt with the purpose of the Y. XV. C. A. and the responsibility of the individual student. lt was addressed by the president. Later in the term we were addressed by Miss Harvey and llli purpose of the Y XY C X is a per- Miss llart, of St. Christopher lflouse, on social questions and the Settlement. On vlan. 2oth Miss Rouse spoke to a joint meeting of the different college associations on "The Association in Wfar- time." 214 . . . .Fannie Storey . ..Norma Mortimer . . . . .loan Keeler . . . .Yera Skeene . . ..lIelen XValton . .Margaret XVilson . . Helen d'.'Xvignon ...Leila Maxwell . . . .Caroline Marsh . . Phyllis Anderson . . .Caroline Carson . .Christina Cooper Informal teas are held on Sunday afternoon in the llousehold Science lluilding. These are chietiy in order that the women of the upper years, and especially the Cabinet, may meet the freshettes. Everyone has been enthusiastic- in regard to these teas, and we consider ourselves more than fortunate in having the use of the llousehold Science Building. flible Study groups have had interested mem- bers: Social Study groups discuss such questions as municipal government, or vocations for women. For reasons difficult to discover, Mission Study does not arouse much interest among the women, and it has been no easy task for the convener to organize classes. The Elgin House Conference is the link be- tween the college years. It will be a good augury for the coming year if the delegation to the Con- ference in june be as large and as happy as was that of IQIS. 'Q W fra 11991135 2:5 .xi wiv r Q G31 F' Uv nl" ivy' - '---vwnqg..- 'A i'.dqfs....b. , , . , L1G91'1,S L1S81'l,S 1 thtn ntullex they tnnhfl Into the lecture stepped the girls of Queens Hall, 'lb clrnwn the lecture' A' -. Smiling first a little smile As if they knew what magic In their knitting needles the Then like musical adepts slept while 1 You heard as if an army nnntereil, And the muttering grew tw a grumbling, Anil the grumbling grew tw a mighty rinnhhng of neetlleap 3 P , ,M 'xxl X I ,lil W lxzl 2 I xx 'I ,Aww hir? will .I yy fit- Jef y n- N . It -N I file aa- ' A i ,155 i it X' fi l' XM i f' Ni- .-ae i n bye, Wi!! , 2 M N '- Lk I- ,jst- , w, .ily 'Af-i. .M y 571: 45,1-1 iw.-19 1 'Ny F, v limi ll., .f Wxfwml- 1 J i ,L-.Y 1:-f . I A 1 .X ' i ,, 'f I r XM' 11 " , I XXX L - , -J , '. l I ," -ea X M f,- ,Q X I 4 5- .J M- i Anil out of their kits the yarn came tumbling, "Knit on, knit nn, layer U11-lZlf'Cl'S Grey yarn, white yarn, hlaek yarn, hlue yarn, .Xt fhnner, lnnehewn. lrreiaktawt anil prayeix Gold yarn, rose yarn, reml yarn, yellnw yarn. ifaspecl a plnchling' prentiee in an hys -' 'z lun ll N11 nn just as methought l'cl slip out of the noise, at U li-l, what have we here, "pnrl nr plain ' I Saying tn myself in a lmyerefl vw" ', ds' ,,: ND.-'l'he writer wisln-H it lu he flisline H See SllIlilU'SlH'I1I'4'. ily llll1lt'I'SllblNl 1h:u1 this is nut IDIIIQIIIVINIII, lint :n msn nl'eoll:1hn1'aIh 217 l7NlYI'IRSl'l'Y COlllft'1l1Q XXHXIVYN X'l'IlIlf'IllL' I7YlfCU'l'lX'l" 111 , . . . . 1. 1 . , . ,. s A 1 1 1s 1 ' 1- l.t-ssie Igwan, l', t.i'ali:ini, Xioli-I Lzirrie, All-:in I.ryee. llelen il'.Xyignon. .Xugusta Stowe. Klarjorie King. Velma lit-nnetly. The Womenis Athletic Association of University? College I K ' - . I is to be hopecl that the time will come when every girl will feel that she must not only be a ineinher ul. the .Xthletic .Xssocia- tion but that she must also take an active interest in it. To he sure, the number of mem- bers is increasing every year, anal the result of our etlorts is becoming more apparent, but we urge those who are still intlitl'erent lu come anrl join us. Yery few stutlents can take part in all ile- partments of athletics, but just see the witle choice there ishtennis, basketball, fencing, hockey, swimming antl physical culture. ln tennis, we have been doing exceptionally good work, having won the cup for the last two years: in basketball antl hockey many splentlitl matches have been playetlg in swimming, four s' , rv. 1 . f-., . f' -U , X of the six I s xx ei e giantecl lniveisity College I girls, one nl' whom won the championship: in physical culture, the classes have been well attentletl, antl there has been a great increase in the number taking part, but the .Xssociation will not be satislietl until everyone has joinecl, be- cause it is for mutual benefit that this Associa- tion exists. 'llhe question of inter-collegiate athletics for women was raisecl this year. NYe clecitlerl it was impossible, as long as the war lasts, both on account of the shortening of the acaclemic term antl the expense it woulcl involve. llut we would recommencl to the subsequent Athletic Executives lu work for it as soon as they see their way clear. One thing we do urge, autl that is-turn out ancl support the teams. lilut, again, clo not be satislietl with mere rooting, but get into the game yourself anfl become "physically fit." I UNIX'lQRSI'I'Y L'UI.l.l'Ql1lQ TENNIS 'lxlC4XH, 1915. ll'it'l 1,1-wia lilsic QEVIIIIZIHI. YL,-111111 k'lm111hc1'w. Iixlilll Klrfult. hlvzm llryu .Xgu lTNIX'ICRSl'l'Y CfJl,I,lCl2l'Q lZ.XSlil'l'l'l2.Xl,l, 'lxlC.XM, 1015. N. I'm'kcS E. Kcys A. Lcwis IZ. Ewan M. 'l'ul1ui1-A Il cl Xxx ll 11 1 rN1y1.g1qg1'ry g'ul,l',l-ju!-i IIUCIQICY 'l'I'fAXNl. 1015, Vmlui' K'Ill'l'iL'. l5ul'Ullly' NIVIIKIHXYN. Xlrlriv ljJll'kt'N, AI4-ml lima-. XXvillIliI4l't'l1 Silllllx-HII Ruth R-vw, ,Xgu N11 1 :Huw rx 319 1 'l'l1li 1XX11l,lL'.XX t'1,L'l1 Ulf '1'll1T 1.'NlYlfRSI'l'Y HI? 'l'HR1f1X'l'11, 11111111 IQ0f1111 l?111l1l-1'-1'11c1: l1l'111l1L', lst Year li1'111'es1-11111tiv1-Q lflsie 11I'l1l1IllIl, Se1'111'1111'y: 111111111 lfi111ll11y, Y1ee'P1'usi1'1e11t: Mrs. Griftitli I 'l'l11'1111:1s, 111111. 1'1'1-s11l1-111: 1i11tl111-1-11 1111111-1', 1'1'1-si1'1e11t: Nliss11a111111'1-, 111111. Yice-11'esi1l1:111: 111:11lys lilliott, 'ltl'CZlN111'L'l'1 li:1tl1e1'1111, li1I1'11N. 1'AflL'11l1j' R1-111'1-s1-11t:11iv1'1 1:l'1'1lfl St:111l1111'y, 31111 Yr-111' Re-11111-s1'11t11ti1'1-. The Anglican Women,s Clula of tl1e University of Toronto lllf .X11g1ic.1111 XY1'1111L'l1,S Clllll was 111- A . 1 , 1 . . 2l11g111'll1Cl1 111 IQOQ. 1l1e 11111111 p111'pOSQ ot 11111 1111111 is to luring 1111- w1u111e11 of the C11l11'Cl1 of 1f11g'1111111, Xvllll 1111- st111le11ts 111 1l1e ll111VL'1'H11Y, 111111 11111011 with 1111111 1111- 11t11e1'. ,111 111'1le1' 111 1-111'1l1L'1' 11118 111111, 11111 Clllll 111 its present year meets 1'L'g1llZ1l'lj' 1111111 ll f111't11igl1t. ,li1l1L'SC 1111-et111gs 111'e fl1tC1'l12l1'C'ly 116111 111 11111 Cl1l1I'L'l1 111' lqtllglilllfl 111-111111111'ss 111111 'Nl1ss1111111ry ,ll1'Z11l1111g Tlwe Executive ll1l1lH1'1l1'j' l'1'1-si1l1-111 ...... QXl1's. f11'i11'1l11 ,l1l111l11:1.S ll,1Vl1l111'211-y Y111-l'1'1-si1l1'11t ......... Nliss Cizlllfllixll li1'L'S1llC111' ............. . .li11tl11c-1-11 C111ve1' X'11'1-el'1'cs11l1-111. .. . . 111111111 l'1111ll1lj' 220 ll1,lLlSC, w11ic11 is 1113f11111tec1 with tl1e club, 111111 at the l111111e of t11e ll11111'11'111'y lf'1'es1111e11t, Mrs. G1'11:11t11 T11o11111s, w1111 for some time 11215 s11ow11 il lc111111y interest 111 the club. 1t is also the 111111 of the Clllll to 1e1111, as 1111' 118 111pp111't11111ty pe1'111its, some slight 21111 to tl1e poor of t11e city. The meetings 111re1111y 11C111 t11is j'C21l' 11flVC 111-1111-11 very C11jOy2l1J1C, 111111 11 is 1110 Qll1'11CS1 wish 1111 1111 1111- prc-se11t 1111-111111-1's tl111t 1110 111111111 1711? 1'l1L' 1111111 111fly be bright 111111 long. of 11915-16 Se1t1'1-1111'y . . . . . . . .lflsie 1711111121111 ,ll1'C'2lS111'L'1' .............. . . . .Gladys 11111011 31-11 Nftill' RClJ1'CSL'111Zl11VC.. ..l1'1'e11:1 Sta11lJu1'y isle Y1-111' RCDl'CSCl11?l1'1VL'.. ..G1'2lCG 131'o1'11e M'OMEN'S lJR.XM.XTlL' Cllfll lfXlfCl"l'lYlC, 1015-ln. M, D, Tytler, llelen liirby, Isabel Cassifly, .Xgllvs Mulvlr--w The Womenis Dramatic Club UM ENS Dramatic Club of the Uni- versity of Tuiwmtn has been in exist- ence almost ten years, The Object of the Club is to prntluce one of Shakespeaies comeclies each year. The plays which they especially favnr are: "As You Like lftf' "Midsummer Nights Dream," "Twelfth Night," "Much Arlo .Xbnut Nntliiiigf' These have been founcl the must successful prntluctibns. The play unrlertaken by the Club fur the year IQIS-I6 was "Much .Mlm Minut Nntliingf' Thuugli the parts were nut very evenly fliviiletl ancl the great burflen nf the prniluctinn fell nn a few, we have enjiweil prntlucing this play very much. Ur. Kirkpatrick iilleml us all with enthusiasm by his viviml stiggestiwiis fur inter- preting each character. The part nf lleatrice was most gracefully filled by Miss lfflna llach. ltler teasing-banter antl easy movement un the stage was quite delightful as a cnntrast tn the flebunair self-assurance of our complacent lleneilick, Miss Dorothy McMillan. Mfe hatl a must jnvial antl whole-hearted Don Pedro in Miss Mabel Chilil. 221 Hur gluwering, sulky Dun slnhn ailflefl his bittei tuuch tn the laughter anll wit ul' this sparkling 1 1 cuinerly in the persnn ul- Miss Margaret Mvilsiui Une ul the lllusl attractive features abnut' the Lvuiversity prncluctiuns is the cuinic parts. llug- berry with his silly ewnceit, his iwvariiie' anwl bluster was excellentlx' pnrtravefl lw Miss Mar- ,. garet lytler. l7ngl1eri'y's weak anil tinif :ri ills partner, XvL'l'gL'ls, Miss Margaret l'hilips aclefl. lhis rarely assnrtetl pair kept the auihencc in cnntinnnus lauffhter 5 . Miss llelen lxirlw flare 'ni excellent inters - EC 1 . pretation of nlcl Leunatn. Miss lsnbel Cassitlx lllllywl the part tif "Sweet llei'ii," wliiise lllk'k'ix anml unassuming grace was nllset by the p- helical . , . . . :incl sell-centrefl Llauilin. which characttr Miss lavuise liennetly plareil. Swine excellent niusit was renflerecl by nur snlist, Miss Mcfiw. nui pianist, Miss Mauser, anml Sclinnl nl' Scienct tlrchestra. The Club eunsiilers this tn have been . . , . , a verx' satislactnrx' Year. llhe surplus llllllls will be ilevutetl to Rell Llrnss purpnses. ,J f' I 4, uf RRR fYiTi'Ti ,u nm 'Z' rs-ff Pmnesley Hall YIC'l'URI.X CUl,l,l'1Kll'Q XYHXlliN'S I,I'l'l'QR.XRY SfJCIli'I'Y IiXICL'l"l'lYlC. IHI' IUHY-lflfrlm-llcu Irwin, ,Xthlutic Ifrlitm' of glllug llp-lull St. hlnlm. 11.1-yn-x1m111lil1g Su'l'vlzl1'y1 l,m'y fnllwvk, I'i:mixI1 lflmwrlm- XXUIIIX-1 'l1I'L'ZlSlIl'L'l'Q XYinniu AIZISHH, Locals IM, nf ,lflug liznllmrim- St. julm. l-I Yr, L'1m11cillur1 illmlyx Slmvphnrfl, .Xwixlznxt kfritiv. lU'l"l'lJfXl RUXV- -llculzlll L'l'blll1Ul', l,c:1Llu1' of t,llINY5i1i0H1 Marg, Hclutu-ll. f1'iliC1 l':Yt'lj'l1 XlL'l,IlXlf1llIi11, I'1'vsi4lL-1113 lQh.uH,,,. lumix' Hin urzlry l'1'csiflunt1 I':l'l11Il Blckhllmxgll. Yicv-l'1'wi1h-111: lin-:llricv L'ul'1'igm1. IQt'k'Hl'4lil12 f1l'4f1'L'IIll'j'1 Iflgixgl IIN-In-y, l,1Agl.IL-r of 1'..,v.-1-m11.'111 YlC'l'HRl.X CHl,l,l'Ql'.lQ Y,XY.L'..X. L'.XlIlNlC'l', 1915-lu. HH' RHXYW -lf. .X. lfvnwiqk, Sucizll Sn-rvicc: IZ, bl. LiHl'l'i11lll1. Ililmlu Study: 'II. bl. il. Klnlfrlt, Sfwinlg C. liillwxmm, l'i4miN1: 11. ll. 511111.11 I Nissinn Study: li, .X. Ilustiu, Religious: IC. ll. Finch. .XNNUL'iEl1i4IIl Num. H U ' I lUl"l'HNI RUXY--VII. U. Klclhmzllnl, KIL'IlllM'l'Nl1ilIQ li. I. Ilvlnle-1-wil, l"1m1m'c: IC. l':rl1'ick. -I-1 X uw:-l'1'u-.uvlq-111: ll, I.. Klznrtm. ht l,l'L'Nl4lll1l Mu, Lung, Ilun. l'l'L"iIlL'l111 lf. .X. llvllry, lull 1'l'cximlq111: lf, .X. .XNIL SL't'l'1'1ZllAj'YI ly. lf. Wzltvvlw. 'I'!'L'JlNl1I'l'I'. YIC'l'HIU,X CHl,l.lfl'.lf XWlNllfN'S S'l'l'IDlfN'I' L'Hl'Nk'll., WIS-ln, IOP ROXYA--Miss H. L'n1's.CZ1CldL'l1. Miss I,, lhlvst. Miw Xl, Kx-l11plhm'l1c, Miss ll. NI-UI-t-Ilt, Nliw lf. llilnlrzuwl, l"1'0AIIUfJVY-Miss Y. Sp:11'li11g-Mis-xR. IXICI,ilUglllil1, SCCI'L'fLl1'j'-'lql'L'ZlNlll'L'IAQ Xliw Ii. C. Mclmumilhl. l'rwiLlu-ul: Huw lf. Wlallu 225 Y. C. A. lf. lCXl'lL'l"l'lX'IC. HH RQPXV Smith, ht lh-lv.: I.. Pcurwn. 2111.1 KL-lv.: li. Tuck, Bzlskctlrull Cap.: E. -IHSIIUIY, -ith Rep.: M. Higgins, Swillllllillg Cap. lx lrxvm, Srml lv,-lr. ,ilv 1. IHI IUNI RHXX' -ll. licrlry. 'llllllis Cup.: Rl. flL'l'kL', 1'1'wi4l1-111: Hrs. Siabons. Hon. Prcsidcut: AX. Hammil. Sccy.-'l'1'casu1'c1', A. Ochs HKKIKX Cllv X'IC'l'URl.X LADIISS' TENNIS TEAM. II, L'm111m'. ll. Smith. E. Mcfulluuglm. KI. Cllislmulln. A, Ochs. Il. Kcrby, Capt. X'IC'1'URIA COL1,li1,lli B.XSKI5'l'L2.XLL TEAM, 1915-16. L. l,CZll'5Ull, 1.2. Bimup. M. Fairchild, E. Tuck, Capt.: M. Clerks, A. llamil, B. Flanders. 224 St. Hildzfs Ladies, Residence, Trinity College 225 1 ,mi Wien as ST. lIIl,IJ,X'S f,l'l'IiR.XRY lCXI2CU'l'lX'Ff. iv XNQUX, gurl Yi-ur RL-Ii.: Nliw Klilne, Cor. Sccy.: Kliw Cowiu, Vice-Prw.: Him Bidwell. Pres.: Miss Newham, Roc. Sexy.: Miss Str-Wggyf, 'l'1'g'11x,1 Nlisx Twill, lxt Xvtill' R611 ST. II,IT.DA'S Y. XV. C. A. EXECUTIVE. iw XUXYIIIIIH, llczul of I':XtL'I1STUl'l1 Hifi Pringlc. ,liI'L'IlSlll'l'I'I Nlixx Cuuttx. llurul of Nlivion Stunly: Klisx Cowis, P1'CSif1L'lltQ Miis Ross, Yin--P11-wiilcilti Blix- Huw, Sccrctflry. ST. IIILIJXS CIIRUNICIJQ STAFF. 'Nfias Kanuncrcr, MUX., llrzuluatw lfilitfiwi Miw Klux-., .Xilvcrtising Manager: Miv Stewart. 2nd Sub.-EQ.: Miss Iiiflwull, lst Sub.-Ed.: Bliss Coutts, Eilitrwg Bliw Xuwlizmi. St. Hilflzxk Notes: Kliw Xlilmf. IHINTIIC'-S Manager: Miss Kidd, Athletic Nutw: Misb Fortier, 15XCllZ1I1gl' lid.: lliw Pringle. Litcrziry Nutr-x. 226 ST. HIT,D.X'S ATIH,li'l'IC IQXICCT."lXIYI'f. X. Hanes. E. Newham. D, Ilurns. N. Trapp. ll. llhlxwll, Il, Kimi. Lf Rinhmt, I". R055 ST. IIll,UA'S TENNIS TEAM. R. Eager D. VVhitticr E. I. Newham K. Crrvasluy bl. T.L-nnauwl ll, Ill-Qxwl ST. IIlI.Il.X'S I!AXSKIC'l'lX.Xl,I, 'l'lf.XRl. Z. llurrml R. lfagm' N. Trzlpp Il, llurux ll, Kifhl ll, XYl1i1tnv 227 Lillian Massey-Treble Department of Household Science 228 ev f-X T- W ff ,4- X X, f,f 7- .f X -4 ff! X ff ff A4-,vw '+I 36 f'7'77fKq' N AN N 'Q X N f 'P1-X X F674 fcfbr 0 S Ii f'X Q9 22 THE VARSITY S'l'.XFF. 1915-16. PACK RHXY-.X, tl. lit-rguson. bpm-ts Reporter: ll. C. llonley, Sports Reporter: F. G. Gardiner, Sports Reporter: -T. Y. lirynan Rcportcrg ll. Xl, 12:11-r,li1n'i'. lioportorg XV, Mgligmm, Ilglml-frfrg ul, R, Stirrott, Local Editor: F. A. McLennan, Rcportcr: ll. Fox lQk'1Nll'lk'l'. - 'l'lllRll RUlYgRliss ll, R. Klacklillan. Reporter: I. M. Mclionalil, Sr. Nt-dicim-1 F. L. Taylor. Reporter: Bliss I. M. Pcndergast Rc-portur: E. R. llicr. .Xssociatu Editor: Bliss It-ss O'Ncil. Eclucation: R. .X. Jamieson, Reporter: Bliss E. Graham, Reporter: E. .Nl Johnson, Local Editor: S. l,Clll'1llZlI'l, Reporter. SECUND ll0lVkC. S. Lcckic. Sporting Editor: L. C. R. llattcn, News Editor: Miss A. E. M. Parkes, Assistant Reporting Editor: 'l'. K Creighton, Managing Editor 1Fall Termbg A. R. VVillmott. Editor-in-chief: tl. G. Nlacdonald, Managing Editor lSpring 'll-rinl Miss D. I. Fc-rricr. HA., Associate Editor: C. C. Grant. TLA., Ilusinwss Manager: ll. R, Kay, HA., Reporting Editor. FRONT RUVV-L, L. llaviilson, Local Editorg ll. R. Clewes. Local Editor: ll. Y. Fisk, Local Editor: C, L. NVliitc, Excliangu Editor R. A. Sanipsnn, Military Editorg VV. R. Salter, Local Editorg F. Sullivan. Rcportcr. .Xl3SlfN'l'-Hill. ll. Tannrlllill. .Xssociate Editor: R. S. Cornell, Associate Editor. 2311 - ,, .,,,,,,, , . , , , AW, ., . , , , .d , 1XL"l'.X X'lC'l'HRI.XN.X IHLXRIP. 1013-111. mv ' ' A RUXY-ll. I,flXY5U11.kx.'li., Al1SN.21l14lRL'11j.fIU1IN1 ll. 11:11:11-:n1,'18, Avi. Ilus, Mgr.: IP. li, xxvilwill. 'lm Srivnlitng Rf K. Num 11 11 In k'i1'cu1atinu Mgr.: NY. 41. lluxwly, '17, lIk'1'NU11Il1N :mul l':XC1l1ll1fll'NI ll. l'. llm'ingt1n1, 'Im Imcanlx. QIQCUNIJ RHXY-Kliw XY, Xlnsun, '17, l,uC211x1 lf. F. ki1111l'L'11. '1tm, lf'lilm'-in-Claim-f1 lx. lf. .Xllj.IL'l'. IIMX.. .Xv1x'1--1131 V. l,. XYI1' v. ' Mgr.: Miss F. Irvin, '17, .Xtllln-tim. IOTTUKI RUXY fli. C. KIQIA-2111. '10, l,11C'l'Il1'j'1 ll. C. llvzwlvy, '17, ,Xll11vti1-N. XBSIQNT -Xliw ll. Sll11lk'l'1llI1!l. '141, l,11L'1'Il1'y. 231 HY.-X YAKA EDITORIAL BOARD. S'1'.XNI'9ING-U. Smith, R. XV. IIOHIIIHII, F. E. Iiuniphrey, H. XV. Hogg, F. Deans, J. S. Gibson. ITTING-H. C. Arnott, Treasurerg I. H. Reid, Business Manager: E. R. Bier, Editor: XY. I. Taylor. Secretaryg D. I. Seigel FRONT-II. H. I'Ialloi'an, G. Y. Fisk. 232 NVYCLIFFE COLI.l'IGl5 IXIAGAZINIC EXECUTIVE. 1015-16. S'l'ANDING-VV. H. Fry, VV. J. 'l':xylo1', ll, liright, S. K. Stilcx. F. G. Liglwtlml PING-L. C. Harrison, Business Managcrg T. XV. Scott, E1litor: -I. II. lluutiug. I,itu11x l4l1tn 233 XVYCLIFFE COLLEGE LITER.XRY SOCIETY EXECUTIVE. TOP RUVX'-Y. fi, Lewin, Curator: XY. J. Morgan. Znrl Divieion Rr-prwciitativoz A. Nzarchant. Assiwtnnt Secrctnry: I. B. Bunting 2nd Vice-Prcsirlentg H. I. Pearson. lst Division Reprcqcntativc. BfiJ'l"FOIXI ROVV-I. I. Callan, Criticg H. .'Xldc-rwood. lst Vice-Prcsirlent: Rev. VV. R. Armitage. M..-N., President: E. A. Green, Secretary I. S. Harrington. Tre-asurer. , 234 ,A 25 , 22165 E Q - E I Exim fxif f L F i S Li M ' T v-Q 5 l 0' xiii, 'Z ' ,li 1 'fl i ' -' 2 kff- E- A il!!-Y! I ' I rx lx I 719599 SP5 'lf 5 llniversigl of Toronto, Y. lvl. C. A. HE Young Mens Christian Association of the University of Toronto has for its peculiar purpose and special duty the promotion among the men students of religious interest and activities. lt is natural and to strive for to better and consciousness student days. The University spirit is that of earnest inquiry after truth: the atmosphere is that of intellectual freedom. During student days a man's outlook is broadened and his sympathies are enlarged. and at this time he is most open to the influence of the Christian ideal: most responsive to the Christian conception of life, and the Christian doctrine of service. Therefore, the University period of a man's life is a golden opportunity for the presentation of the claims of ,lesus Christ: for the study of his message: and through these, for character- building: as well as the all-important problem of the means of continuing and spreading the knowledge of the Christ-ideal and Christ-spirit throughout the world. It is the function of the Y.KI.C..-X. to do its "bit" in making the best of the opportunity at hand to encourage the study of the liible, and the study of mission needs: to promote a desire for better living: to encourage participation in practical efforts for the betterment of the lives of men. Surely this is a field of supreme im- portance and value. During the past year the work of the Associa- tion was carried on under circumstances altered by the war. ln the minds of everyone, the war's demands pressed as tl1e first duty. Red Cross and kindred appeals, military drill, study of the war, and, above all, the constant drain of men for overseas enlistment militated against con- tinuity of work. However, in looking back over the present year, the various departments show up well in a comparison with normal times. The Bible Study groups in the various colleges were well attended throughout the year. The Mis- sionary Conference in December stimulated war- time interest in missions. Volunteer workers were supplied to the down-town settlements. normal for men to be religious, the realization of ideals, to aspire higher conceptions. The religious is best developed during a man's 2 The outstanding feature of the year was the visit of Raymond Robbins to Toronto in Janu- ary, while on a tour of American and Canadian colleges. Mr. Robbins was brought into contact with a large number of men in college groups and in Convocation Hall meetings. The appeal he made for men to follow the Christian ideal could not be ineffective. strengthened as it was by the character of the man who made it, and the practical efforts he is making as a public man in the service of his fellow-men. His outlook and appeal are so sane and on so high a plane that he could not fail to inspire high resolves in the hearts of college men. The Y.M.C.A. aims to be and really is the most effective unifying force in the University. lt is the only organization in which large num- bers of men from different faculties meet on common ground for common purposes. Yet one cannot but feel the desirability for the sake of a "Toronto spirit" as opposed to a local college loyalty of closer knowledge and sympathy among the men of the several faculties. Much of the work of the Association has perforce to be done in separate college groups, even where it would be, if practicable, of much value to broaden the views of all through contact with men of different interests. The greatest factor in the past for the de- velopment of a united sentiment has been the association of students in work. The great- est hope for the future, I believe, is still the Y.M.C.A.. with the much greater advantage it will have through the new Hart House. This building alone, which has been so admirably de- vised and planned with such a clear appreciation of the needs of the students and of the University. will be the unifying centre needed. The Associa- tion will have the use of quarters in the building in close touch with all student activities. The Y.M.C.A. will be a common centre, the expres- sion of a worthy interest, and will be more than ever a force for the good of the University and the individual student. J. P. FERoUsoN,. President. v lfIfIlI'QR,XI, L'IXI1INIf'l', 1915-10. I'NIX'ICRSI'l'Y HF 'l'URHN'l'H YHVNH MENS L'IIRIS'I'I.XN .XSSHL'I.X'l'I11N, IUI' RUXY-C. II. UIQ-iiiiiv, ILA., lfziciilty of lifliiuzitimig G, F. llihwii, Iluiitzil Cullvguq Ii. C. IIQII, L'iiivviwit5 CUIII-gi-: NY. C. liiuii UH Klwlical CQIIL-gr: ,I. R. Gilluy, SumI:iy Sn-i'vicvw: N, I,. I'mi'cII, .Xivliliwl Scii-iici-1 lf. II. .XIIJIIL k'Iiiii'cli Ri-Iziti-iiisliiiwg 41. If. Iiiiig BI..X., Trinity Collcgc, QNTRIC RUXY-G. S. Ifzistoii, ILQX., Knox CUIII-gui I. I'. NIcN:iInIr. ILA., Fiiiaiici' Uuiivciicix: U. IC. Ifrziiii, Yin--I'i'wiiIviit: I. II. Ifcrgu ii BJX.. President: XY. .X, Sim-Iscig Rn-cmwliiig Sn-Q11-t:ii'y1 R. Il. I7L'I'l'iN. l!..X.. Ui-m-ml Suciw-tzii'y1 I. If. I1i'il'i'i1Ii. Il..X., Yiiliiiitfiiq' S 'FTUBI RUXV-Fix-ml Slimming, Yicturia Cullcgcg -I. Il. juliiistmi, I'Iim'iiizicy3 II. II. Sliiill, X'ctvi'iii:ii'y Ciillugci III-i'Ivi-rr Tiiriiry. I X XII-iiilwiwliip. ISENT--F. Glover. ILA., XYycIiH'cg R, Il. Tziiiiiailiill, Ilmik Iixcliziiigcz ll. Il. Ifiwwt. Kluxicz I'. I'. Zimiiigni. Stiiih-iii Ynliiiiii-uix 237 UNIYlfjRSl'l'Y COLLEGE Y.M.C.-X. l'2XICCL"1'lYl2- 1915-16. HP ROXN'-G. A. llzxllzmtyne. Nuw Student: I. F. Anderson. Student Yoluntcurg F. L. Morton, llillle Study: XY. R. Salter. Secretary C. E. llycr. -Xwistant 'lSl'L'flSlll'Cl'. LICNTRE RHXY-R. .X. XValter, Zud Yice--l'rueirlux1t: il. S. C, lliclcsun. 1st View-Preside11t: K. C. Dell. President: R. B. Ferris. Genera , Sccrctnry: ll. ,X. NCRGQ. 'l'reasurcr. lU'll'l'UNl lilrlll'---ll. liingslaurglr. Social Scrviccz I. Mcliowu, RlL'I1llfPCl'b-l1ll'I. 238 N RHYAI, CHI,I,lCGlf HF l!I'QN'l'.XL SURHICHN5 Y.Kl,L'..X. lCXI'fCl"!'IYlf. WIS-ln. IOP ROV'-H. .Xljuu, Mmxmln-1'sl1ijn1 1. Il. Rcicl, llaxlxllpmwki Craig, Suttl:-11m-nt: lf IlllHllrIl1'L'y. Ni-N1-l1:11'5' Ifin lllk XX I x ml llilvlc Study: II. L'1mway, NL-xx' Stullunt. IUlVl'UM RUXY--L. R. llZlVilIQOl1. 'l'1'cax111'v1': R. U. lfwrix, th-In-1':1l Sk'k'l't'l1ll'j' l'11ix'r1'Nily Y.Nl.L4..X.: 11. If, Hill 11 lu lhm I ll Clzmrlc. X'iCL'-Pl'L'Ni4ll'l11I XY. II. Scott. Sk'C1'l'1Jll'j'. AIN-nlvrllr, XX':lIlg1mg Sm'L'g'1I1UlIt'. llu ' 239 APPLIED SCIENCE Y. M. C. A. EXECUTIVE. 1915-113 TOP ROVY-G. E. Stephenson, Mernbersllipg C. M. W'illey, New Student: L. E. NVillmott, Bible Study: E. VV. McLeod, Finance: J. I. NVeiclcer, lst Year Councillor: T. XV. Penhale. Secretary. X BOTTOM ROVV-R. A. Barbour, Treasurerg N. L. Powell. President: Prof. R. VV. Angus, Hon. President: R. B. Ferris, General Secretary: A. E. Berry. Vice-President. 240 i ,W Y W .. . Y , W V--- --.?, -........M, ..,.- , . .., ., ,. .. . , ,, , . , .. -.. .4.., .. .. .. , . - ONTARIO YE'l'ERlN.XRY C1Jf.I.EGlf. Y.ll.C.,X. l'1XlCCU'1'IYIf. 191540. P RUNY-S. C. MCKQQ: IC. Laitincn: F. XY. H. Smith: A. F. Mitclu-ll: C. If. I:llL'llZ111Zll'lQ O. ll. F0l'ClNZ1I1l vl. XY. R. Faikcn. IOTTOM RUVV-S. E. XVilQy, '1'1'easu1'c-r: J. S. Glover, XviCL'-Pl'C9illCllt2 F. XY. Schofield. ll.Y.Sc. l'I'or.b, Iloaxwl of lliux-Ctors: Principal li. A. .X. Grange, Ilan. P11-simlclmtg G. Il. Shull, P11-Niflcrmt: .X. lf. Ilfnrfling. SL-c1'ct:11'y. 241 XVYCLIFFE COLLEGE MISSION SOCIETY EXECUTIVE. 1915-16. A. C. McCollum, H. W. Dickinson, Vice-President. Assistant Secretary. L. C. Harrison, B.A., Rev. F. Glover, M.A., T. D. Painting Secretary, President. Treasurer. 242 lnternational Polity Club HE International Polity Club was prob- ably more directly affected by the war than any other University association. Avowedly founded for the discussion of international relations, for the purpose of getting at the points of friction between countries, it saw the whole reason for its being undermined and destroyed by the contlicts now raging. The Club faces a second year of war in healthy condition, and with a programme drawn up to lit the needs of the time. Though there has been a drastic change in the Club's policy, yet the spirit and pur- pose, that of mutual helpfulness, is the same. Tt is a time of action, not of words, and realizing this the Club mapped out a year of useful and patriotic work. A register of volunteer workers was prepared to assist the Red Cross and other organizations in their regular work and in emer- 2 gencies, when responsible workers are needed on a few hours' notice. The scheme which appeals most widely is the "Save Your Paper" campaign, by which the Polity Club, with the co-operation of the students, has undertaken to furnish regu- larly University men on overseas service with copies of the Varsity, college magazines and scrap- books. The latter contain "News from Home" and are compiled by the women of Queens Hall. Many letters have been received from Varsity men at the front expressing their appreciation of this thoughtfulness. lily this means it is hoped to utilize the surplus University energy. and to give everyone an opportunity of "doing his bit,'i and to carry on some really useful work for the sake of the common cause. A. R. M. LowER, President. M. H. IQENIERER, Sec.-Treas. N K . , W - ...v- ... .. .. ,.. ....,... Y ..., - U. OF T. INTERNiX'l'IONi-Xl. PULITY CLUII, 1915-16 JP ROVV-VV. A. Smelser, Applied Science Representative: Miss A. Stone, Univcrsity College IlCllFL'NCIllIlllVL'Q Miss N. XY. Spcnct-r Victoria College Representative: Miss L. Hanna, Faculty Representative: M. R. Robinson, Victoria Cnllvgv Rt-prcst-iitntin-. 1 BOTTOM ROVV-NVV. NV. McLaughlin, Assistant Secretary: Miss D. C. Ferrier, ILX., lnil Yicc-Prcsidcntg A. R. Nl. Lower, ILX.. Prcsi dent: Miss M. H. Kemerer. Secretary-Treasurer. 245 COMMERCE AND FINANCE CLUB OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO. 191546. FIRST ROVV fTopJe-K. B. Read. '19, G. L. Pearce, '19, C. Mullett. '19, E. Gunn, '19, J. H. Ratcliiife, '19, E. I. L. Coles, '19 H. Bull, 19. SECOND ROVV--J. W. Alexander, '19, Ist Year Representative, W. M. Musgrove, '16, T. R. Merritt, '19, L. C. Teskey, '16, C. L XVhite, '16, G. S. Bere, '17, C. S. Leckie, '17. TIIIRD RONV-R. NV. Wfilkinson, '18, 2nd Year Representative, E. VV. Thomson, '18, Treasurer, J. S. Dickson, '16, President, M. -X Mackenzie, M.A., F.I.A., Honorary President, H. P. Herington, '16, Viee4President, C. R. Nimmo, '17, Secretary, A. G. A Spence, '17, 3rd Year Representative. BOTTOM ROW-C. W. Mclieown, '19, E. B, Lowndes, '19, B. M. Scott, '19, L. XV. Miskelly, '19. ABSENT--L. II. Rehder, '16, M. G. Gunn, '17, C. B. Fisher, '17, V. H. Emory, '19. . N EXECUTIVE OF UNIYERS-I'l'Y COLLEGE MODERN I,.XN41L'.XGE C1.l'R, 1915.15 XNDING ffrom left to right!-Miss H. H. Iloffmzm. lst Ye-zu' IqL'll1'C9CIltZ'lfiVL'1 Miss U. XY. Curriu. Ihixiiiwx Manager uf Play-: Mix G. M. Bruce, Znd Year Representative: Miss V. A. Robinson, Jud Yicu-Prcsidciit. "PING llc-ft to rightb-Miss A. M. Cordinglcy, Sccu-tary: Miss M. S. Hall, Presiilcntg Mr. F. C, A. jczinm-ret. HA., II-in. Prwiflcnt Bliss M. Penmlergast. lst Vice-Presidentg Miss M. R. Squair, 'l'1'vzw11i'e1x 247 EXECUTIVE OF MA'I'IIEMATICJXL AND PHYSICAL SOCIETY, 1915-16. TOP ROXY-J. G. Sharp: M. Y. Powell: T. H. Milne: II. D. Lang. BOTTOM ROVV-H. H. Plaskett, President: Miss J. Holmes: A. T. DeLury, Hon. President: Miss E. G. Mavor: VV. S. Jenkins, Secretary-Treasurer. bas 44 INDUSTRIAL CIUQHTCXI, CLVIZ TfXTffl"T'IYif. 1"l3-Ill, P RUNYMAD. TSoyd,Rctirc1lPrcgiwientg C, C, RiZlCli0I1Ilili. Yice'PreSidcntg C. E. Oliver, 4th Year Representative: J. E. Fasken Sccrctary-Treasurcr. TTUM RUXY--J. Y. Ilickeon, Srd YL-nr 1Qk.'IlI'CiC!ll1ltiVL'1 Tir. XY. II. Ellis, Hon. President: N. B. Brown. President: Prof. I. XY. Bain Hon. Vice-President. 249 Newman Club T is much to the surprise uf a freshman when he is told that Newman lrlall was founded but three short years ago. lfard is it to believe that any association could in such a short space of time attain such great popularity and acquire such a solid foundation. The reason may be that there was formerly a heartfelt need and Newman llall worthily supplied the want. lts work has been conducted during this period somewhat after the fashion of a Catholic Y. Nl. .X I L. .X. lior the first two years the rector was lxev. T. F. llurke and he must be given due credit for to him the Club owes much of its success. The new rector is Rev. Dlno. llurke, a man of action and character, who in a short space of time has added new interest to every Club activity. The ultimate objects are many, chief amongst them the encouraging of the members in the prac- tice of their religion and its duties. There are three services on Sunday, Xlass at nine, after which is served a light breakfast. .Xt ten Mass is again said and evening devotions are conducted at seven. At these latter services important topics are dealt with in the instructions. The world at large expects every student with a university edu- cation to be able to give some account of his religion. To enable him to do this the topic usually consists in the explanation of some funda- mental doctrine of the Church. Monthly Com- munions have been introduced this year and afford a reunion for over two hundred members of the Club, as there is a full attendance. So through the year every religious need is looked after by timely devotions and the annual retreat. lilut the Club does not confine itself to reli- gious activities. ln the literary and social fields it has progressed with great strides. Each Friday evening are given entertainments which are var- 25o ied to sustain the interest. One, however, is reserved each month for the Club dance. As usual on XYednesday afternoons the ladies give their tea. The proceeds this year go for our boys at the front. The Saturday afternoon musicales are gaining a well-deserved and widespread popular- ity. The talent obtained is the best in this country. llut to mention a few: The stars of the liloston Grand Qpera Company, the Cherni- ovsky Brothers, Miss Evelyn Starr: these and many other artists of rare ability willingly ren- dered their services to the Club and carried away with them the sincerest gratitude of Newman I lall. The "Year Hook" campaign this year is a great success, owing to the earnestness of the members. Their motto is "Ten thousand or bust." Seven teams were organized and the rivalry be- tween them is much in evidence. This work is a material aid in keeping up the maintenance of Newman Hall. Members of both sexes are doing their bit for their country. In the khaki-clad ranks of the army in France are seen the faces of many Newman Club members among both officers and men of the ranks. The majority of those left behind are training in the C.O.T.C. :Xt teas and receptions the occasional click of the knitting needle tells the part the fair sex is also playing in helping our soldier boys. Much of the effectiveness of the Club con- sists in its hold upon the graduates. The under- graduate body is backed up byapowerful Alumni Association, which holds its regular meetings in the Club building. This constitutes a strong link by which the influence of the Club is extended beyond the limits of the University. On the whole, in a short space of time Newman Hall has accom- plished vastly more than the common majority expected. W ga 0,1 'U GUN SRNUU L The Tovouto Newman Glub dd my 1915 ' 1916 M ODIHJN S? gm' Wwg f-wb . N HN LHLUUM UHN L 251 Hff1Ef1lf'?5 ' 7'Uj0,vfn EXECUTIVE INTERCOLLEGE DI21T.X'l'lNf2 UNION, 1915-16. Hon. VV. H. Hearst, Hon. President iabacnty. TOP ROVV--II. E. Orr, Trinity: J. McCarthy. St. Micliael's3 F. VV. Kemp, Nlcklawterg 12. L. Biggar, U. C.: H. Herington, Victoria VV. J. Beaton, ILA., Osgoodeg VV. E. Jones, Medicine. BOTTOM ROW-W. B. Honeywell, S.P.S., Vice-President: A. Lane, HA., Knox, President: I. A. Paterson, K.C., Hon. Vice-President VV. F. Wallace, M.A., Wycliffe, Sec.-Treasurer: J. P. Ferguson, RA., Students' Council. 252 DENTAL COLLEGIQ ORCHESTRA, 1915-10. P ROVV-R. J. M. Montgomery: R. F. Taylorg T. Jones: Dr. XY. li. XYillumtt, Hon. I'1x-xirlumtz S. Kg-nmpg II. I.. Rlclnnlly. TTUM ROVV-A. Couture, Librarian: R. PI. Laing, Lcaclurz L. Drake MacLaurin, President: C. Y. Fiwk, Sccrctary-Trcasu R. C. VVood. 253 H.. 5 'va CONVOCATION HALL SUNDAY SERVICES USIIERS. TOP ROW'-C. Atkinson, N. C, VVood, O. Eade, WV. C. ManSon, E. R. Cilley, G. S. Hammond, N. C. Hart, Ti. Summer, C. E, Buchanan CENTRE ROW-A. O. Rogers, G. A. McEwen, C. E. Oliver, J. R. Gilley. Convenerg Pres. Falconer, R. B. Ferris, Sec.-Treasurer L. E, xViIllI10tl. J. Souter, I. J. Craig. BOTTOM ROW-S. Taylor, A. E. Berry. H. McTavish, D. NV. McKay, E. R. Foster. C. T. Moyle, C. Frain, R. D. Tannahill, G. H Shull. 254 l'NIYlCRSI'l'Y SERVICES CHUIR, XTEU IN FRONT-Grenville 13. Frost, Urganist: PI'CbilIUl1t Falconurg R. ll. lfcrrix. Gum 255 ST. MICI'IAEL'S TRACK TEAM. 1915-16. STANDING-I. Forrestal, L. Markle, J. B. Blorrisscy, G. V. Shea. Y. Gillogly SEATED-F. McKenna. E. E. Bunyan. XV. J. Hattrick 4KIg1'.3: N. Anderson. 256 O. Y. C. fx. ,X. 1'1XEL'U'111Y1f CU1X1R11'l"1'Iflf, 1915-16. TOP ROW-I. XV. lfcpplcstoll, R. Stewart, I.. ,X. 110I'lZ1VZlI1, T. 11. Lavrc. ll. Ca1+1xx'611. TON1 ROW'fC. S. Shumway, M, L. Carey, T11-aQ111'c-1': I.. R. Rolninwn, IJ1'k'Q1l1L'I11: IAP. Ilogzm, Scum 257 llll l .XPl'l.ll'ill SCIENCE AND lCNG1NlCl'IRlN1Z.1S'l' YEAR EXECUTIVE. Ullllvli. P. lmwm-y, RL'1PI'CNt'l1f1lflX'C on Stucl.-nts' Council: VV. F. lrvin, Civil Representative: VV. D. Stalker. Electrical Rep l'L'HCllfflllVL'. IU! HMI 'IUIXV--li. l,, C!ll'l'lllllL'l'N, .Xtlilutic 1iL'lJ1'k'9C1ltZlflVl'I bl. ll. Rogers, Xlicc-Prcsiclent: P. T. Seibert, President: E. ll. Philip Sccrctrlry :unfl 'liI'L'Il'wlll'Cl'. 258 L-WDal65 GN A WM A V. S 500 0 535257 ai ,225- F o N .!XX.-abreau-T5uvuDuHq4 et JXXEDIC3PLLq,fXIjIfIEEPTTGlf2CEG14ffPVfQ'itm. 1- t 6: Q , f 1 9 yn--fs. NORTH UNIVERSITY RESIDENCE. TOP RONYaK. Bell, XV. C11-chan, H. IXIcQuarrig. C. A, Spence, J. Reginal. J. P. McClelland, I. VVales. P. M. Ballantyne. SECOND ROVV-J. Fraser, S. Coulter, G. A. Vlfhatley. H. S. Spencer, I. D. Kinsman, L. R. Shoebottom, H. Fenwick, F. B. Kecliie G. T. VValmsley. N. F, Morrison. G. V. Ryckman, George Lyon. THIRD RONV-T. Carley. D, C. McLean, L. Boulter. I. Orechkins, H. L. McLelland, V, I-I. Tilson, G. McPherson. G. R. D. Farmer II. Forman, S. Silverman. A. WV. Smithson, XV. H. Reilly, G. S. Bier, L. A. Brown, T. J. Mclnnis. SITTING-C. V. Mulligan. W. B. Dickson, Frank Flynn, Arthur Blakely, Pres.: Dr. L. Gilchrist, Roy Rankin, C. S. Dickson. P BICRIZIIIOII, Herb. Ezwtwoofl. Y 260 I x QM. A .,. 3. .Q ,. .. EAST UNIYIQRSITY RICSI I FICNCIQ. IUP RUXN'-lil. XY. Stewart, Ii. C. Curaua, R. XV. Urquhart, ll. KZOIICIIIII, II. .X. Tuttle. F. Pnllnck. F. If. julmnwnm, XY. II. l,HI'tk'I F. I... YVu1'4l. XY. Henry. F. Free, R. .X. ,I2lIlliL'SUll. I. .X Swwst. Otto Niuuwcjaar, P. .X, Sykw, 12. Iillix. nl. Cwlw. C. ll, Gill J. Beatty. P. T. lleikur, Il. .X. PZ!l'l', UNI! RHXY-C. NY. Kern. T. S. lluuglax U. XY. Titux. lf. XY. lforgic, C. S. 1'z11'su11w. XY. ll. 11l'llllI, NY. M. Smith, If. IF. Klclnuu R. Il. Taylor. R. XY. Iluvllvurt, XY. KI. AICINJIIZIIII. l'INC-Cmwlon llamiltun Curly, Capt. Paylnzwtcl' 169th llatt.: IF. lynn-. 41. .X. Scullnrwl, N. U. 'I'lw1u:1Q. 'l'1'vnQ11ru1': Dr. Il. Ix De-twcilcr, Doug VV. D. Logic, Sec.: E. L. Riggar, Frm.: J. C. Collg-1A:n13 G. .X. Iluutluy. Yicu-I'1'u-5 26I SOUTII UNIVERSITY RESIDENCE. IILXCIQ liUXVfW'. 'l'wol1cy. ll. ll. Stalker. I. A. Jackson, G. l.. Stapler. R. Il. Ratz, C. I.. Parncy. I.. C. McMurtry. SECOND RWVV-ll. .X. llollgins. A. I.. Livingstone. IV. P. XxlZll'I'l6l', Licut. A. I.. llorton, I.. Kurt. Lieut. C. ll. Wlilley, .Xlcxanxler I X lI'n uit XV II NIlll61 I N I gin I I lxlc I XX I ,. I. 'eco ', .'. . ', .o.. 2 ,. 2, ,. '. 100. FIRST ROW'-J. C. Cummings, R. C. Ratz. K. M. I'lcz11'4l, Ql. XV. Iles, l.icut. F, BI. Mitchell. NV. Geddes, S Krug, VV. Ilall, NN". II. Rllfl1Q1'f0l'tl, ll. Nicholson. E. VV. IxlCPlIC1'SlJlI, ll, Ii. SfC1lllCI'lFOl'l. Sergt. IQ. F. Samlurs, I. Hill. Cordon Bell. I. C. Minus, G. Xv4ilUIItOlI, R. A. Carson. SITTING-G. R. Scott. NV. E. Blatz, Sec.-Trcas.: Capt. Adj. li. bl. Kylie, lion.: Cm'flm1 Nott. Pres.: F. S. Parney. F. A. Logan, I'le1'lJcrt Turney, IIA. .XIISICNT-C. S. l,L-ckic-, Ilrmw Committee: YV. l-I. Swan, IV, P. lrlalc. C. K. Dull, .Xlc-x. Crcgory. C. BI. Huyck. 262 ZA , 1 I., X M f 440,11 efngggf.-4, 42,9 ,,mm',o,, W .' "A f C 1 ' big? sg 1 ' . Q A I S' . QFQWQQZBM '!Lc!i'g9!a!?w.. 45 we' W' 91J W livnffksw. 5 'Wil ' "" j' f V- Q: . Zeta PS1 fi ff, if -Z A ' W ' ' 4 -g....-t,f yy 'X :X ...5.X.. -V f,.,.,,,.. ...... KN E W I-LJ.-Vg? Tw gm . :VV A ........, ,.,...,.. X N 'X-N.,,V X ',l pa X . R. 1 5 Q f I VAX' i X. Nl , -I I, 0 , 1' . I, N v ilk im i N 4 W ww -4 A L 4? , 25' , I I 'V ' -, A f vm 'A' ' - "K ' Q' 1 ' V : 5651: fi! f " f i f - a" w i ff ,J rw -gw wx - is QM xg I 1 ,W ' Rf XM .X.X fl, Q1 f Q f fki21 f M ,Q-f ? Up, I K K FM ll I 1 W ff Q M f lax- I Y! , xx Ili, ,V 1 13 E' b - I Fw "ll, as , i' 45 ': QQ V. ! fi N 4 M Qi J gg. M, 1? f y 4 P f Ig!-N.4 TF? 4' " ,jf If lg!! 1, ,LIS 1 ff-Wm mu , ' x.4.4n1,.g4,, 7,11 ,- S 4" 26 Zeta Psi Fraternity Founded at University of New York, 1846 University of New York. . . lYillian1s College .....,.. . Rutgers College ........... University of Pennsylvania. . . Cnlliy L'niversity .......... lfimxvii University. . . Tufts Cullege ............... Lafayette .... ............. . University 01 N0rtl1 Carulina. . University 01 Xlieliigan ....... Bmvrloiii College ........ University 01 Virginia. . . . Cornell University ....... University 01 Califurnia. .. University 01 Syracuse. . . University 01 T0r0nt0 .... Culunibia University ......... Mietlill L'niversity ............ Case Seli00l of .Xpplietl Science Yale University ............ . Lelancl Stanfortl University. .. University 0f Minnesota. . . University 01 Illinois ..... University 01 Xliiseonsin . . . ROLL OF CHAPTERS 264 1846 1848 1848 1850 1850 1852 1855 1357 1858 1858 1868 1868 1869 1870 1875 1879 1879 1883 1885 1889 1892 1399 1909 1910 H O. L. L. D. G. F F A A . XV . G. H of H. K . R . F. H. Langton P. Edgar G. Campbell L. Lindsay King Smith Royce O. Bolte G. Mathers R. XX'haley XX. R. Sinclair XX7. Stratton kD'.I31'I211I I. lXIaclaren Heighington Blake Y. Sinclair A. Brown G. Hellmuth Henry Brock Douglas Armour Q X l le Theta Xi Chapter of the Zeta Psi Fraternity Founded at the University of Toronto, March 27th, 1879 FRATRES IN FACULTATE D. G. XXfishart UI. McGregor Young II. S. Hutchison F. A. Cleland FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE A. A. Bolte R. R. Flemming 5 I. X'. Drynan R. AIcAIurrieh FRATRES IN BELLO XXY. G. Illackwtotk A. F. Ayleswortli L. Il. Robertson A. AI. Iiloyd D. UI. Armour S. Temple Illackwood I.. AI. Rathhun AI. R. Gooderham R. Ii. Barker C. A. Mobs T. XXX Lawson R. G. Armour T. AIo5S FRATRES IN A. Il. Cameron I. G. Alacliay ' I' Fhx I. RDZIC Aix. . ot' C. A. Boone D. Ii. Edgar H. N. Gzowski R. II. Parmenter H. S. Qsler, KC. Hume Iilake. Sr. I. H. Moss, K.C. G. G. S. Lindsay, ICC. C. S. Gzowski, .Il F. A. Drake N. C. Gzowski C. Gooderham G. F. De St. R. Burton A. I.. McAllister E. XM H. Illake XXX Gilmour XXI. H. Hargra ft P J, C. Ansley M. C. Cameron F. D. R. Melielcan Porsten XX. P. Thompson XX7. Smith H. F. Gooderham A. LI. Alackenzie IZ. Il. Cronvn IJ R cw R. S. Northeote . Ileverlx' R1 vIminSon .I . v A . A. XX. AI. Izllis E. N. Armour H. II. Ilarwick II. AI. XX ilson u N g ' S. Ggoxxaki S. C. S. Rerr G. Illackstock If. AI. XianAlIen D. If. S. XX'ishart E. Ilristol A. II. I.eAIesurier URBE E. I'. Ili-own R. IZ. Fudger C . C. Rohinson . bl. Kiely G. It AI1mw II. XXX Aliekle Ilayley. ICC. I.. Doyd A. J. xraxiiisit-ie X, D, Crooks Y A Ii. IITISIMI, IX.C. G. E. Goomlerham F. C. ,Iarvis . S. XX'aldie 1. S. Ilolmsteail XX'm. Goldie G. A. Sullivan XX'. II. Crehan n. n. Fllis I. C Alavnarfl -I. Ixay R. T. Ilethune C. Il. I.indsaX' LI. XXX Rov I. AI. Ix. Sinelan' E. Ryrie A. Ii. Aloliat G. A. Gooilerham AI.S.Il.1a- G. P. Dunstan IHI. I.. Symonx G. S. Gregorx' N. R. liieal 4 I. IL. Robertson E. Rovd I. Leyf Gooderhzun X. Gilmour II ID I ui . . liolerham 5. G. Iililflull Hume Illake. Ir. Ii. D. C11X'l1C R I 4 idf n . AIID' il I. D. Ileailey A. II. Royce E. A. Greent AI. -I. Spence XXX II. Czlliluell I.. Ilowl I,. D. I.L'Tl'ox' ALPHA PSI CHAPTER R. Il. Henderson H. Howitt Douglas Ross G. T. .Ienning John XAI. G. Greey O. T. Maeklem D. S. Robinson N F I Dey' XI CHAPTER KAPPA CHAPTER ALPHA CHAPTER Dwight Turner R. C. Drown E. L. Green R. Cooper 265 , . X p.NQ'-fan. Wg' 4 new '0q?ax'? 40' -i' Q , Us M3 ' ai' "h'w"4H M , .a 2 a , , , a.-. E , ,, Q .... ...,. a .:-" I U ' Y v - - - - - - '1-LE r "'-. X Kappa Alpha 1 " if by . . ma ' ' WL -' j ax ' a,,a,,.-,Mfg Q f' '- 1. ' --9'WiMf' 1'Q Km " if g. -.-:.,f fx gpg .x ...7... ffm...- ........, . ........ ....... -.-..-- .... .gg " ,v,,V if '23 1 ......... .. ,.... .. ........ ..,.,.,.. .1 ....,.f.. an +-ri Jax'-gb--p'--" ,N f -v, .- a , pq - 'Q f up ' .aff ',ff,,-"1Q,.fiJ f f,'la '1 ff' 3 a as ' ' ' i x bxfi 3 , . ,aw al um ni A5 1 6 K , a xl K-?gXi 9 '-l g' Mg A -',U X ."' ?,wg,W 1' -A fhfiq ,Qxlf mxf W u, -g f K W a '- W 2 ffl-1 5 gi' fl fp I' ' Q I a Qi J Hxallflw " ' 5 Vj 'ilq v qgfg W :sf-ig -f A f , ,Q fig? NL' mf ff K-'?,'44'!! 4 Y 266 New York Alpha. . . Massachusetts Alpha .... New York Beta .... New York Gamma. . Ontario Alpha ...... Pennsylvania Alpha. Quebec Alpha ...... Pennsylvania Beta. . Kappa Alpha Society Founded at Union College, 1825 ROLL OF CHAPTERS . . . .Union College. . . . ... Xlfillianis College.. . . ... ,llohart College. . . . . . . . Cornell University. . . . . . . . .lvniversity of Toronto. , L-high University... . . . ...AlcfhllUnive1'Sity........... . .. . . L'nivt-rsity of l'ennsylx'a1 267 18.25 1833 1344 19159 13192 Iggy-1, IW? 1915 Kappa Alpha Society Founded at the University of Toronto in 1892 FRATRES IN FACULTATE -X B XVri0'lit Georffe Sevmour l von 5 V s -. 4. eX F 3leLaug'lilin HNXBmMQe F. M. ifm-1-1-y F. R. Street C. G. Biyan A. B. i D. Coelirane A. C. Snively N. U. Leslie D. ll. C. Nason S. C. Snively l. F. Lasli Dv. C. Coclirane F. .X MeGiverin . F. Sll61'WUOCl Wlriqlit L G. H. Wallace R Y. Cory R. lil. Saunders . D. Hague L. XYliitteniore R. M. .Harcourt Q W. C. Scott D. llerriilge G. lf. D. Greene H A. Driseoll R ii' S C. VV ood Hi. L larker G Larratt Smitli Maefionfiifi A. F. Barr C. S. Macdonald F. B. F. Benson ui Miner Lash D FRATRES IN BELLO H. Mi. Tovell S. Beatty' .X. lf. Duneanson .l- R. bl. Gill R. C. Lee ' XY. T. Nliiillison XY. L. Scanrlrett N. C. Milllman bl. P. .'XleXander H. M. Harman C. F. Kilmer XV. G. 'Burns Seott v. XYrong R li Thompson .11 D. H. x A Gi NY. Rutter F. L. Arinstrong E. A. Greene G. B. Taylor G. E. Blake C. H. A. i-Xrinstrong il ll S. . Crawford H. H. Wlrong N. H. Daniel FRATRES IN URBE I. T. Richardson tl. XV. Hobbs F. M. Rutter F. C. Smallpieee H. E. Beatty ul. C. Boeckli F. A. MCGiverin 268 .'-U.. ,on ,mmLFT4i 4. fffagilfii ' L. --a-,,..i ' :tm..fff xt? :wmftij 4' ""'1 .4 1,11 lf: P-Af: 1:1 S701 'f'-1 i . P" .-.L-4FTl U09-J ,-4 1.-an-AL 1- n"""ZLl. ILT"-' 'ELF-if WE 1 i .-A fi 2 -' 5:2452 721 5 2' 3 lo FV -ns:L'-1 ff, C 5 57 5 Lv E ff fffy FU .+5l444- Dv 5 7-,.......,...C, -ff::g:: H 'h-l- Ab-In :-N'-:Mgt FU jj'-'EG'-,."J m fa -L:V3 zflhihmq- U2 715. 1 .IIESDV-HFD.-4 C5-'Q-+2-gf'Tl i-i '-"j M , u . 'TC ref? -167,126 W 717'-P H Cl ' v-4'.- e-r 7 'T A" 'DTI i-4 gg :-Cifl-24:-. - F-fD'jf!1 4 F5 .I ,,, gl- QQ' E11 fb 1-f I :U U2 3 rl L O Coyirwf "1Ff'o'-1i.f- Q3 '31 " 3: P 2 o 5-Te -J A .- S 53 P-P.f-.S3D,..g,.- Q'-'E IZ: . ',-.A A ...FD 0 Z."-i H ,i,..'....,-,H -rm-1 : 5 UQ: VO Cf? :zi- FQ:-Sa? ri' " .L ff:"i i-4' :Cuff 6: ',- 5, Odd Frm 5, xg .4 Q' 94: :z . '-1f'D: ,- IQ ... Y ,D O rg 111 ff, O ,... QV 5 rn : 071273 G. May . Dasliwoocl C. Fergusson . VV. .lunor R. lj21SllXVOOfl F. H. llarani A. E. MacDonald L. L. Youell H. L. Devlin Benson Wlriglit Hamilton Cassels, li E. P. .lolinston H. S. Gooclerliam G. R. Marani G. S. Lyon I. H. N. Drope M. H. Bird R. H. Massey A. H. Vernon H. Thompson W. H. Denton VV. P. Muloelc . C. Cossitt C. Dean . G. M. Grier opal-fi J. A. D. McCurdy A. E. Gooderliani . T. Fergusson M. Macdonald NV. B. MacPherson C. S. Crawford S. S. Mills J. C. Hope T15 . f-'QM' 1:1 I L sig? 0, X L7 ff --S H "" is A ' gxfvzf 1 lpha D1 N ' e . , . 4 1 gi ' o"2fnaM, fx . ix Y fi, fx 3 ' 'I n'M-MM v f - J vsmpogf fg Q wxw ...., wif fi o , . lx .,,. Q ,J :gy L, ,Ik XV ' 1 'J ' 4 , - 1 I ' I Jgijl f, L! I K ' ' ' If 1 X 12? " 352' EQ - ,gli II I, ! 45 J' "1 X, 'A H I ,f 2 L' lg, 'QI ' Iv' , ij e g Q. 'N fk- , - ffm: 'fi-f'5:f lf, If 1QAJ L? zip! f,f,f! X Q aff' 259 'WWW I ' S4 :D hs lilannlton . Coluinbia ., Yale . . . . . Amherst . . Brunonian . . . Hnflson . . . Bowdoin . . Dartn1o11tl1 Peninsular . Rochester . XVillian1s . . Miflflletown Kenyon . . . Union . . Cornell . . . Phi Kappa. .lohns lsloplcins. . .. Minnesota . T01'0lllO , Chicago . . Meflill . . Wfiseonsin . California . Illinois .. . ... Alpha Delta Phi Founded 1832 . . . .lflEllllll'EUll College.. . . . . . . .Columbia University. . . . . . .Yale University. . . . . . . . . .Amherst College. . . . . . .llroxvn University. . . . . . .Adelhert College. . . . . . . .Poxvfloin College. . . . . . . .Dartniouth College. . . . . . . . . .University of Michigan. . . . . .University of Rochester. . ....xYllll21lllS College. . . . . . .. . . . .Wlesleyan University. . . . . . .Kenyon College. . . . . . ....Union College. . . . .. . . . .Cornell University. . . . . . . . . . .Trinity College. . . . . . . .. 5 . . . .hlohns llopkins University . . .University of lllinnesota. University of Toronto. . . University of Chicago. . . . . . .McGill University. . . . . . . University of VViseonsin. . . . .University of California. University of Illinois. . . . 270 1832 1836 1836 1836 1836 1841 1841 1345 1851 1851 1831 1836 1858 1859 I 869 1878 1889 1891 1893 1896 1897 1902 1908 1911 Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity TORONTO CHAPTER-FRATRES IN FACULTATE Alfred Baker ,lamca MZIYUI' Louis llcanfort Stcwart M illiain M arner ,lOHCS Iol in D. lialconbrirlgc FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Milliain Earl Sniith limlward .Xlcxanflcr Dirfl Ccorgc Ropcr Gouinloclc llilliarcl Droolcc Rcll Capt. T. D. Archibald Lient. G. M. Doycl Lieut S. S. Burnham Major H. H. lflnrnhain Licut. P. IV. lleatty Lieut. H. il. Durclcn Licut. A. S. Bonrinot Capt. H. l. Bird Capt. G. Mtv. Chaplin Lient. C. T. Clark. Lieut. E. C. Clarkson Lieut. N. .X Clarkson Lient. O. D. Cochranc Lieut. C. P. Cotton Capt. H. Coulthard Lieut.-Col. bl. pl. Crcclniai Capt. A. T. Davidson Lieut. IV. M. Davidson Lieut. E. M. Dann Lieut. H. Douglas Lieut. K. C. Fcllowcs Lieut. Foy Lieut. A. D. Garrow Licnt. bl. U. Garrow I FRATRES IN BELLO Capt. -I. S. Galbraith Licut. R. D. Galbraith Capt. G. R. Gcary l4ICl1t. liiil'DS0lI Licut. lf. R. Gibson Capt. XY. I.. l.. Gordon Clci Ill action l Licut. D. S. Graham Licnt Capt. Licut Licut Lient "1 x . C ti. llarincr Y. bl. Hastings . T. li.. llarling' . A. l'lQE1t4'nll . NY. D. lolnrlson Sappcr ll. tl. Keys Licut. M. R. Ringsforcl Licnt. .X. ll. Linrlsay Major bl. Mills lgicnt Licut Licnt Licnt Licnt Lieut Lient .-Col. MclQarcn . .X. XV. McDonald . .X. P. McLean . li. Mi. Macdonald . li. M. Macclonncll . A. C. Matthews . T. R. Manning , l Maior XV. l. D. Malloch Col. G. T. McFarland l.icnt. .X. S. Mc.Xrthnr Capt. bl. R. Mcrcilith Licnt. D. .X. lol. Ncllcs Major -X. ll. tJ'llricn Major l.. C. filiitcrbridgc Licnt. Il. .X. N. Orinsliy Licnt. C. Y. Orinsliy Licnt. pl. ll. l'hippcn Licut.-Col. R. D. l'anton Capt. ll. lif. Roaf l.icnt. E. lf. Ryerson Capt. G. C. Rycrson flfillef action l Licut. .X. ll. Smith Licut. -X. G. Scott Capt. C. ill. Schwartz Capt. G. S. Strathy Aiiajm- G. Fl. Yansittart Licnt. C. I. YanNostranrl Licut. l'. L. Mashington Lient. H. C. Mallcer l,icnt. hl. R. Mlmrls l in ,Q Wfiffwi 4 451, DU- "' 4 Main? 101404: mg, C 'A'F'i"' ....... .... -It A, it j l Nl- X I n : v Y v ,.,4...., XA Delta U . fl: . xj " lx ' -- 9 it - 5 U17 ' 'Wm Q-V "g ' .QI , X le, g ,N-5 ,-A Q X. , Y N - ..,.. " 0 J J ' .-....,. ..,,,: , U E'd50?QfE ' N f L-X X " 9 Q1 X ' 2 1"k . , 1 'A--Ax" IS? ix fu I .W X 1 J A my , I? if . W ,. "' ,VI - fr' ' I 'IX fa xv gx -I !WL f.,,Af S16 . 4 1 Xxx . .fp Nw W0 - . 3 f-. in E f f ,,gff 13" -5 J x " A Q-, '- 1 I ff -ff-5227 43 yx 'il l l I' ,IA X 45' H A v '+!1'V u- ' 5 gfimm J J- .3-l -gf f A fl 1 .A, ea: , 'uw- V A ., ia: fix rw ,, 1 ci f QM? If I mm., kg! , , : - W?" Z xi' , gf I - Lg. 4, 'ii 272 NVillian1s College. . . Union College .... Anilierst College. . . Hamilton College. . . fXtlell1ert College ....... Colby University ........ University of Rochester. . . Miclcllebury College ...... Bowdoin College .... Rutgers College .... Brown University ....... Delta Upsilon Fraternity Colgate iL'niversity ......... . ...... . . . University of City of New Miami University ........ Cornell University. . . Marietta College ....... Syracuse University ...... University of Mieliigan. .. Nortli-YVestern University. Harvard University ....... University of Wliseonsin. . . Lafayette College ........ Y o r lc Founded 1834 1838 1847 1847 1847 185o 1852 1856 1857 1858 1860 1865 1865 1868 1869 1870 1873 1876 T880 ISSO 1885 1885 15 1834 Coluinlnia College. . . l,el1igl1 University. . . Tufts University .... De i.J3llXY University ..... .. University of Pennsylvania. . . University of Minnesota ......... Massaelnisetts lns. of Technology Swartlnnore College ............. . . . L'niversity of California ........ Ivelancl Stanforcl L'niversity. . . . . . McGill l'niversity ....,........ University of Nebraska .... Lvniversity of ,1ilJl'UlliU. . . Cliieago l'niyersity .... Oliio State Liniversity. . .. University of Illinois ...... L'niversity of XYasl1ington. . . Penn. State College ...... UDHYI State CNHlege... Purilue Liniversity. . . lncliana . . ..... . .. 1885 1885 1886 1387 1888 ISQU INQI lSty4 1895 1890 181538 18o8 1809 TUOI 11104 11105 IUIO lflfl lfjlj 1o14 lfll Q Delta upsilon Fraternity TORONTO CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE Maurice Hutton blames Brebner Alexander Grant Brown James Frederick McCurdy joseph Stanley VVill VVilliam Alexander Kirkwood Malcolm Wfilliam Wfallace Hiram job Crawford FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1916 1917 1918 1919 A. B. McKay Banigan H. Proctor T. R. Merritt IV. Zimmerman R. A. Ilvalter G. Cummings A. E. Mix A. S. Mathers C. C. Richardson A. R. Gordon NY. E. Doherty John Gunn I. Hendrie T. C. Irving A. -T. McKenzie Fred. Young Gordon Gallie H. M. Nicholson J. G. VVeir S. G. Bennett A. A. Fletcher . H. VVood NY. H. Tytler D. B. Webster' A. C. Spencer is I T. VVilliams W. N. Hanna R. J. Drde C. Keyes F.. C. Bevan J. A. Ramsay . M. Robertson FRATRES IN BELLO Nl. ll. Brebner ll. E. McCutcheon D. Maclean P. A. Laing J. Clarke S. Beckett H. A, Bruce Alex. Wiilson Geo. Ballard Thomas Gibson Percy Biggs E. vi. Kylie tl. M. Xliood Arch. Foulds Lester Husband M. M. Hart Harry Bossiter E. V. Graham H. Wlebster Lisle Le Sueur J. H. Clark C. B. Henderson 274 E. C. Sheppard M. A. Seymour G. T. Evans C. C. Thompson IV. C. James T. R. Loudon XY. Preston J. E. Sharman Gerald Megan Max Kerruish XV. C. Laird Hubert Brown R. Jameson V. C. Gordon C. C. Bell L. R. Shoebottom C. E. Baker P. F. McIntyre A. A. VVOod W. T. XVrigl1t 451'M.3' 'Q ,yijai-xv , Il I0 , V, W ,,,, W, Zg,1g, ,,,..- u...-....,-- -" .,,.....-" in , I .- 'W?i?"'o5o1 5 , Qu M: ivwgfgtanmgfw 6 'f . glfiw 1' ff. , ""IL'w A---M ,. .,, .IS F, - '-. ' 1 X 1 1 'C f ' ' 1 ' , f -2 Pl if U! - 1 N Q' pig Nu Slgma Nu if 'H gf 1 1 rpnnnx K mum, ' Fixx H vi.--.1215 rj ,-Q 'Q 15 L ....... .,.,.. .... .,. U ......, - 1 .: 1 AWA - 171 . vow' f xx . fx V' , , Q14 .9 if - - 141 1 1 1 1912341 f 5 wWl5?5 3fw ,Q ' ,137 7 A Q . ' NK . , fu ,fri Q, , . I 1 I I - ' 'ffm ' , -1.x N H Q' . I 5' ' ' 4' ' . iw' ll 11 ' I f . K X TV' f Q - 1 1 4 1 Q? .. 2? X 'Y 'P We 'lf 1 fri? Jn 7 4 A Q A U , . fx' 4? i V I : 1 ' L y , 11 , V 1 .V , 1 -. ' , , f 1 A- 1 L Y I In I .1 ' - A ,Q - X HI 1 1 x wggn- - -I - 'H In' 1- 1. X ja gb ff N , if x , L, I I Q I I X g 4 my jg' r I 'J If XX1 ,N a lll' 4 'fn X, I s 4- H 14 1 J ,ff -ff-bg in ll. I S X N K is ffw . J 1, .X qt! f-4 ff 5 mt IH1? si 1 ULN . I Z' AK I 1 1 Eli A I- L? 0 Q 'X ' w V Z fl, 1' 7 F-4- 451,555 ,I 5 275 ,Xlpha . . Beta . . Delta . . . Elhllull . . Zeta . . . . Eta . . . Theta . . . lota . . . . Kappa .... lgainlwla . . . Mu . . Nu . . Xi . . . . . Vlinici-on . . Pi . . . . . . . Rho . . Sigma . . Tau . . . . Ypsilon . . Phi . . . Chi . . .. Pi Mn ..... lileta .Xlpha. lleta lleta. . l. C. l. . . . . lileta Delta. lrleta Epsilon 'Delta lipsilo Beta Eta . . . Beta Theta. lietil lota. . . liieta Kappa Nu Sigma Nu Fraternity Founded in 1882 University of Michigan ........... . . . Detroit College of Medicine ......... XYestcrn University of Pennsylvania. . . . . . University of Minnesota ...... . .... . . . - ' - -Xortliwestern University. . . . . . lvniversity of lllinois ...... . . . Medical College of Ohio .... . . . ----Columbia............... ---1Rush Medical College. . . . .. ... L'niversitv of Pennsylvania ........ . . . Svracuse University ............... .... llniversitv of Southern California ..... ..... Universitv and lilellevue Hospital Medical Col- A . lwe ........................ . ........ . b Union University ..... . . . . . . . .Miashington University. . . . . . . . . . .jefferson Lvniversity. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .XXX-stern Reserve University. . . . . . ....Cornell University. . . . . . . . .. ... . . .Cooper Medical College. . . . . . L'niversity of California. . . . . . University of Toronto .... . . . L'nivcrsity of Virginia. . . . . . University of Maryland .... . . . . . .hlohns lrloplcilis University. . . . . ...UniversityofNehraska............... lliliillil... Nj University of Buffalo .... . . . University of Iowa ...... . . . Tale University ....................... . . . lndiana Lfniversity School of Medicine.. .... . University of Kansas School of Medicine .... . . . .Tulane University of Louisiana. . . . . . . . . . . . . . lrlarvard Medical School ....... . . . 276 1882 1889 1895 1881 1891 1892 1892 1893 1893 ISQ7 1397 18-D7 T397 T399 19oo 19oo IQOO 19oo 19oo IQOO IQO2 IQO4 1994 IQO5 IQO5 IQO6 IQO6 IQO7 1908 1999 IQIO 1912 I, . , . Alexander McPhedran Frederick N. G. Starr Gideon Silverthorn IQI6 Stanley G. Graham James E. Barry G. Hubert Stobie Arthur C. Norwich Allan Y. McNair Malcolm J. Wilsoii Harry B. Hetherington Lysle O. Shaw George N. Cameron Graham Chambers Andrew R. Gordon Irving H. Cameron Alexander Primrose John Amyot C. Stanley McViear Frederick E. Watts James A. Roberts Norman J. Yellowlees Noble C. Sharpe J. George Campbell Percival lf. Menzies Stanley G. Mills Fred Adams Wilfred lXl. Ecclestone A. Grant Fleming Nu Sigma Nu Fraternity PHI CHAPTER Founded in Toronto, 1902 FRATRES IN FACULTATE J. Playfair NcXlurrich Geoffrey Boyd Herbert A. Bruce Andrew llnnter FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE l917 Cecil O. Miller Percival R. Shannon W. W. Barraclough, M.A. Frank J. Adams XV. T. B. Mitchell Frederick S. Parney 1918 John R. L. Eede FRATRES IN BELLO George R. Philp Clare G. Brink John M. Nettleton H. Allan Snetzinger Harold D. Courtenay Edmund P. Lewis H. Clayton llall P. Victor Graham Thomas lXlorrison VV. George Coulter ll. Frank llassard C. Fraser Knight FRATRES IN URBE llarold lleitering Alexander D. lXleKelvey Oscar A. KleNiehol Joseph X. Robert 377 James G. Fitzgerald Roscoe R. Graham Herbert K. Detweiler Glen E. Coulson Robert B. Kennedy 1919 Arthur B. KlcCarter Jolm L. Sutherland Harold l. Palmer lYilliam F. Johnston VVilfred P. llfarner IQZO Xllilfred l.. Graham Clarence -X. Brisco Seyman L. Alexander Orie Finch Murray H. Patterson J. Edward Knox P. Michael C J'Sullivan ll. Carl Xlartin 'lf llarold IJ. Storms Cecil A. Rite A 1 . l' . Al. Ji rllllsrnl llerman ll. Yan XYyelx Charles R. ll. Cromptwn I lenry Crzlssweller Emerson J. 'llrow George Nl. Watt Jolm B. XleCorx'ie 'WI' ik 00-Qi 49- X . EF" 505 F3945 "9 'W5"w -.M- 1 ,... ' E D ig N I E1 Beta Theta pl XY ! if -i E '21 . .: .. WW - ,Z X i 'V """" "' -- A :..... ....... ,,,, ,arg X -NS f:.m:: J 1 . qamib fy, ,Qea jg 1-f---1 ..A... . f ...A.,.. ..,. .,., .. . ' f - ff Quia P . fi M Ms' MDN, ff XM I 1 f' , Egg! ' fx 'M 1 ,A ,J ' f 1 'vw ' QQ ' ,b J , ,Q M ' f' - . - 'ffm .. . .1 f ' X , ' Qi W i N'm if ff Efii fi' Y " W' ' 7 ,f"L:.E :f f ak I I - - V .nfl 3f, J ff V' ' I M A 1531 Ni K-fA'h In 14154 ca jf K g I .xfi-ig: 'IV 9 ' 7 jx,.f , X , fl h ,f-4 4AA!S' flff 5' 278 Miami . . .... .. Cincinnati . . ..... . . Westerii Reserve ....... Ohio .... .............. VVashingt0n it JeiIers0n .... De Pauw .............. Indiana . . . . Michigan . . . Central . . . NVabash . . . . . . Brown . . .... .. North Carolina Ohio VVesleyan .... Hanover ....... Ixn0x........ Virginia .. Davidson . . . Bethany . . Beloit . . . . Iowa.. VVittenberg . . W'est1ninster . . Iowa VVesleyan. . . Chicago.. ..... Denison . . . . . Wfashington . . NV00ster . . . . Kansas.. VVisc0nsin . . . North-VVestern Dickinson . . . . . . Boston . . .... .. Iohns Hopkins .... California .... Kenyon . . . . . . Rutgers . . . Cornell . . . Stevens . . Beta Theta Pi Fraternity Founded at Miami, 1839 ROLL OF CHAPTERS ...1839 ...1841 ...1841 ...1841 ,..1845 ...1845 ...1845 ...1845 ...1845 .....1846 .....1847 ...1852 ...1853 ...1853 ...1855 ...1855 ...1858 ...I86O ...1862 ...I866 ...1867 ...1867 .,.1868 ...18G8 ...1868 ...1869 ...1872 ...1872 ...1873 ...1873 ...1874 ...1876 ...1877 ...1878 ...1878 ...1878 ...1878 ...1878 St. Lawrence . . . Maine . . .... . . Pennsylvania . . . Colgate. . ... Union . . . . . Columbia . . . Amherst . . . . . . Vanderbilt . , . . Texas...,... Ohio State ..... Deliver . . ...... . . Nebraska . . Pennsylvania-State .. . Syracuse . . ...... . . Dartmouth ....... Minnesota . . . Xvesleyan .... Missouri . Lehigh .. Yale.. .......... .. Leland Stanford .... NVest Virginia Bowdoin . . . . Colorado . . . XVashingt0n . . . Purdue . . . . . Illinois . .. .. Case . . . . . . . Iowa State .... Toronto . . . . , . Oklahoma ........ Colorado Mines. . . Tulane . . .... .. Oregon . . . . . . . South Dakota .............. Utah . . ................. . . Mass. Institute of Technoloffv 25. 1878 1878 ISSO ISSO 1881 1881 1883 1884 1885 1885 1888 1888 1888 1889 1889 1890 1800 1890 1891 1892 1394 1900 IQOO IQOO 1901 1902 1902 1903 IQO5 1 Q06 1907 1908 IQOS 1909 1912 IQ 1 4 1914 1 Beta 5-Hweta Pi Fraternity FRATRES IN FACULTATE T. Ealfin, PILI3. E' XX- IIHQZIWF' IMI. J. D, Suthcrlaml DI. T. Ilwward FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE F11-II XXX Ilryan Ilarstmx' II. Miller Xliltun A. Taylm' I.IewcIIyn Sltinnu' CIaytnn G. Ilryan Artlnn' XX'. Ilczuncnt Gcmgc E. XX'ait EVIQ II. Lowndes Dnnalcl XX'. RIO1'l'I5Ol1 Iqenltgt- Xtrt Rayncr CZITHIZIII II. Ikapt-1' Ccfwge A. XXIEIIIQCI' Rnbcrt Davy Xlzlczxnlay ,Iznncs XX'. Alcxanflur IQzux'rc11ce D1'cw-IXI1'owI: II4I1cI1Iwn Il. Iiinghznn XXIIIIIZIIII Ii. Ilall I'IZ1l'I'X' R, Nidlnlson XX' 4 It A. R. If. IJ. X Ii. I I II R. .I - rr ID I I R XX G A bl. IfIIiutt If. Ii7ctI1e1'st4mI1 V m . Ix. I-..1II A. Ilzlrtlctt XXX I.1uz11nt-nt Ii Ilrwlf HI XX'. IIIIVIIIIZIIII II. Carlylc S. Cz1uIIwcII Xf CIIZIIIIIJCVS IZ. Uzlviclsnn C. I3I'ZlI3t'I' I. Fincllav tl. IIz1gz11'ty XI. Ifi1'StIJ1'n0Ic If. Grass . II. IRI enderson C. Rennie II. Robertson EI FRATRES IN BELLO Ii. XX'. Ilulclenbx' F. C. Ittlzunilton R. G. Ilzuniltun II Ii. Ilzunilttgmn I. IIIZIITIICX' II C. S. I.. IIertzbe1'g II. I7IigginIJntI1zun I.. XXI. Ilnpkins A. G. Knight II. II. R. AIac'IDOnzxIfI I. IXICLCIZIII '. A. RICI,ZlCIII21II . Mzlrlatt Ia. XI. Malone XX Ii 4 FRATRES IN URBE XXI. C. Skinner II. II. L. SVINIIICS G. A. XXIOOCI A. XXI. Iiairfl B. IHIZIIIIIZIII F. T. Malone 281.1 . F. II. I'IC'1'tZIJL'l'Q, IID.9.U. XI alt Inc . A. AIm'pI1y OsIm1'11c XI. Rcifl A. Silnpmn U. Snnpsnn A. Snnw A. Steven S. S'El'21'Ef01'c'I F. Tclfer G. XXIEIIAIICI' F y 'V.. . ll. IHNI X. XX'4n'tI1ingtIm X'. Rzlvnt-1' B. B. MQCOII IJ. S. Stavner R. XX'. Itltagarty A. F. XX'eIIs XX'. 'If XX'oncI fn. 'WIA' f1lFQf10l0r6u f I, .. . ...ff f1EQQig5:lm3m i 1 .. ..... 5 .-"v 'hll .' ,f . Y - - - - - - ' "'. Alpha Kappa Kappa X . Y, V- 54" A . ,"' LF i ..-A V, ,gy f 1 p . a a fp a . '1 f Y, U01 11' I' v Kiel " ' , E AX H A 5' 71 ' XS rx A I I Y fl -Y! 1 . . 1 N53 . y - E ff ' . A . N y'W'N V 'K ' -.1 ..l f XX X XXX I . -2 .1.--1. . - Kmnnm mann :mm ---:I-K 'N , ,ill f imma mmm CUTE 1 - N I P, f x X ' I Q 1 X Q ' X 4. X v.g UUAC' 'R XAN.,lx1,Fk ' ' y ,I I ,fy Aff Q., .o W Q ' Va l M .M H gl X J n f 1 1 on' 5 X I, X A f. Hb, r' "N f fl I 1' 1 'N X IJ ' Q J 49 "N . - spa 1. A ff X 'A hx Xa: Nt , f . 'Rf , 1 ' S bw . 411 X 1 S ' 1 K' a .A L. N p 5 QQ, Xgfb p 'l 1' ,' " fy! f , .Hg Ah - .31 IM. ,ll f f l , V ! E' gx M fi Q ik! p X ff fi V K ' I if Qf A H17 Q fzifgifi tg -.1 '," J '!,f,f' Vfiyjvl 1 af: bl Alpha . . Beta . . . Gamma . . . Delta .... . Epsilon . . . Zeta . . . . Eta . . . Theta . . Iota . . . Kappa . . Lambda . . Mu . . . . . Nu ..... Omicron . . . Pi . . .... . . Rho . . . . Sigma . . Tau . . . . . Upsilon . . . Pln..... Ch1.... Ps1....... ljniega ... .... Alpha Beta ...... Alpha Gamma Alpha Delta .... Alpha Epsilon Alpha Zeta . .. Alpha Eta .... Alpha Theta .... Alpha Iota ..... Alpha Kappa . .. Alpha Lambda . .. Alpha Mu ..... v Alpha B u .... v. Alpha X1 ...... Alpha Omicron Alpha Pi . . Alpha Rho . . . Alpha Sigma . . . Alpha Tau . . . Alpha Kappa Kappa Fraternity Founded at Dartmouth College, 1888 ROLL OF CHAPTERS . . . .Dartmouth College ........... . . .. ... .College of P. K. S., San Francisco. . .. . . . .Tufts Medical School. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . ,University of Vermont. . . . . . . . . .feiierson Medical College. . . . . . . .Long Island College. . . . . . . .. . .University of Illinois. . . . . ....Rowd0in College. . . . . . . .. . . . .University of Syracuse. . . . . , , .lilarquette University. . . . . . . , .Cornell University. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .University of Pennsylvania. . . . ...,Rush Medical College. . . . . . .. , . , ,Northwestern University. . . . . . . . . .University of Cincinnati. . . . . . . . . . , , , ,Starling-C Jhio Medical University . . . , , , ,University of Colorado. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .University of California. . . . , . ,University L. of South .... . . . . .niversity of Uregon. . . . . . .University of South. . . . , , , .Vanderbilt University. . . . . .University of Minnesota . , , ,University of Tennessee , , . ,Tulane Un , . , ,University ivcrsity ...... of Georgia. . . , , , ,McGill University. . . . . . . . . .University of Toronto. . . . . George AVashingt0n Univ . . . .Yale Medical School. . . . University . . . .University of Texas .... of Michigan. ersity . . . .Medical College of Virginia. . . . . .South Carolina Medical Colleg .. . .St. Louis University. . . . . . . .University of Louisville C . . . .AVestern Reserve University. . . .Kansas City University Medical College .... . . . . . .University i of Pittsburg. . . .Harvard Medical School . . .University of Southern California .... . . . . . . ...Atlanta Medical College. 282 1888 1899 1893 1394 1900 1896 1399 1897 1399 1900 1901 1901 1901 1901 1901 1902 1903 1899 1903 1903 1903 1903 1898 1903 1903 1904 1904 IQO5 IQO5 IQOU 1906 1906 1906 1908 1909 1909 1909 1911 191 1 1912 1913 1914 Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Kappa Kappa Fraternity. J. T. Fotheringham W. A. Scott VV. P. H. McKeown N. K. VVilson Gordon Rice B. P. Vkfatson H. L. Jackes W. L. MacBeth G. G. Greer XV. G. Cosbie H. W. Wookey A. V. Leonard M. G. Thomson I. M. Stewart H. C. Davis George Arthur Bingham Allen McKenzie Baines Robert Joseph Dwyer john Taylor Fotheringham Patrick VValter H. McKeown Harry Bertram Anderson Charles Sheard William Aliohn Wilson Thomas Whitson Ballantyne Norman VValter Bragg Percival Beckett Brown Frank Herbert Boone VVilliam Patterson Boles Robert Francis Cain Douglas -Tohnstone Coulter Michael Armacost Cox Percy VVilliam Mark Curry Robert Everett Dalton FRATRES IN BELLO W. E. Sinclair QI. G. R. Stone R. W. Young ,lf K. Mossman F. W. Manning G. W. Lougheed O. J. Day F. Livingston L. A. Carr J. F. McLay L. M. Rice G. Allison K. G. McKenzie R. Paul H. P. Hamilton FRATRES IN FACULTATE Brefney Rolph O'Reilly Chas. Buckingham Shuttleworth Benjamin Philip Watson Frederick Christopher Harrison Gladstone VVilfred Lougheed Frederick Sidney Minns FRATRES IN URBE Lorne Hall Cook Charles VV. L. Clarke FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Daniel Davis blames Archibald Dickson Charles Philip Fenwick Donald Roderick Finlavson Albert Earl Gillies George Douglas -Ieffs Harold Alexander Mitchell Harry John Quinn VVinlield Holmes Miller 283 V. F. Stfwli -li. S. Reid G. W. Crow T. L. Butters A. S. Lawson A. E. McCulloch R. E. Dalton XV. B. Edmonds. R.N. -T. R. Smith R. H. Doyle . VV. MacKenzie J G. F. Sykes J. G. Strachan VV. C. Little R. Lane XVilliam Edward Ogden Charles Sheard lr. W'illiam Albert Scott Marchant Beckett VVhyte Harold IVilliam Wfookey Hfilbert H. Eby Arthur Belton Holmes Vincent Arthur McDonough James Kryan Latchford Ernest Charles Riseborough Russell Beattie Robson Lionel Marshall Stuart George Frederick Sykes Charles Everett Thompson Alfred Andrew Thompson Herbert XYilliam Turney James .-Xrthur Yanderburgh Thomas Esmond NYhite 09 649 '05""9A Nr W3 ' 'Q ' ,f.. W Q ' WN ,'9Q?f7""ii"' we-v5' -.img ' A AM . .. . ...-- L-Lim - - X '--V A' ' 1 -f S'--1. . W u -I-" V ,- ,Y Y, vw .Y , -- - , . i f Z QI 51 N ff CIM Delta P51 x' 'ff I tx xl JZ' L U 1 A 1, ffl. gi f s? x f ,, 1 ,x ' 2 If W I-,' 1, 'Ag-S, . ' N, . H .f',. , W 1 ., - - b- v' No 53429 4 fi f f Q ' ' " 1 g d' LZJW' , xv . ,t W, m fg ? ' faa'w gl 4.192954 S' 'n f ' , f xf 1' Q1 3 QW gs ff I if M J '25- ' x - i ul ,ff W W x J 4.-I XJX JQ A J ' eve' A . - 1 fs'-' ., -I , ' ILM' 'V e X ' 1 : KX ' f I? 1 . ,f wkx K 5 9' ,X age ,J . in r X im!! 284 A 1 lrl. P. Fricl G. M. Clark F. H. Honeywell D. E. Robertson A. F. Mavety F. P. Page C. M. Scott J. E. Hodgson E. G. McMillan T. R. Malone G. Al. Smith Nl. L. Ellis S. T. Wfarrington R. A. Paul R. D. Torrence N. l. McDonald K. H. AleCrimmon C. F. Burton G. S. Hodgson . N. Phelan E. A. Hay tl. A. McEvoy A. D. MeKelvey F. C. Lewis C. B. Jackson F11 Chi Delta psi Fraternity Founded in 1900 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1 1 Ll. C. McClelland lf. AV. Smithson D. B. Gardner A. AY. Macpherson ll.. M. Firth D. Ellis FRATRES IN BELLO R. K. Northey ol. S. Reauine P. C. Alnlhollantl F. R. Alarsliall bl. R. Guntly lol. l.'arlce ul. A. Al.eCamns AY. K. Campbell R. R. lelewson ll. lf. Kenneth' R. IE. Johnston K. A. AleAlillan G. A. Alel.artx' Al. li.. Douglas H C. Cameron l'. ll. German I. A. D. Slemin l.. ll. Sannilers S. lol. leh'oeklehanli G. AY. Davis G. AY. Grant R. G. AleAlnllen Al G. Gunn D. S. Carrie AY I. AVatts R. C. Paul T. AY. Alaelilowell C. C. Slemin E. lol. .lnpp G. F. F. Sweet A. Al. AleCrimmon li. P. Snaelcman AY. U. Gibson FRATRES IN URBE 1 C 1'- X. . .nlton F 'r E. O. Alailflen R. ltlanley G. I lewson L. Rogers AY. R. Coryell R. AY. l'larris G. ISK. Richardson A. S. AICCorrl1ek 285 kl. ll. llanley C. F. Corvell AY. F. S. Trent AY. F. NYil1ler S. ll. Ullara Ali. XY. Grant D. A. lxevs F. Al. Turner . ,- pg, 9 4 NL , , I :N vfrfquax . T Q' If J ' V B J 's f 11,,f.-1534294 . .. 5 Alpha Cmega Alpha 14 Y . , W . . .. if - 1 - 1 vim-mfg wa am'- go 1 1 Q 2 5 ' iw 'f -A L f z W e f" W ffl is ii . ,F , if J I X X sb f q I Q , . , ....,.,. w, ,ii - , A e- , 25, - ' . if f ' X4 V it '.-. - K g J XH X' 5 N., ta QA 9, 2 .. . 1 , f 75' 3 L' 59 ',ix, X IX, I Mfg I l W 9-554,51 'BW J.. ' V " f' w za Q ' L' Q7 f' iffy 1 f ZW QW ' 1 ' F M 2 X f Iv-E99 l V' X' XXX?-ig f , f, . r X J X 11' xdk' III rx CRL ., 3 ' f IQ J -7' 5 , X xr' 1 g I . , - 'ir I f f I .I 'I ,X 17'-k E K EX 'wig I I rd w -A EM, IH liq 0- 24 1 I J. fKf Q ' Q' ,A f - ' , jf if Q '-., , .- f fm' S ffl ,J 'ff' !o7 1, U I g as jJV5ff X 1 . X ,- K, ff., .2 286 Alpha Qmega Alpha Honor Medical Society Irving H. Cameron Thomas Gregor Brodie Alan Brown VVilliam Edward Gallie Goldwin VVilliam Howland WT. VVray Barraclough Beaumont S. Cornell George Albert Davis James Archibald Dickson Hammett A. Dixon H. A. Elliott Archibald Bruce Macallum WValter Ruggles Campbell Graham Chambers John Joseph MacKenzie Duncan A. L. Graham Alexander Primrose Benjamin Philp VVatson Fred Macnab Johnson E. Cooper Cole W. G. Cosbie C. R. B. Crompton G. M. Dales ALPHA CHAPTER, ONTARIO Founded Nov. 12th, 1906 FRATRES IN FACU LTATE Archibald Gowanloch Huntsman Archibald Byron Macallum Alexander McPhedran James Playfair McMurrich John Allen Oille Vlfilliam Hunter Piersol FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE J. A. Gilchrist VVilliam Clarke Givens A. Murray Jeffrey Alan B. Jackson Robert Merrideth Janes FRATRES IN URBE Leslie Campbell Skeeles FRATRES IN BELLO A. Fletcher D. Fraser R. I. Harris VV. R. Hodge Ed. S. Jeigfrey A. J. McGanity C. T. Galbraith NV. J. M. Marcy VV. VV. MacKenzie P. M. G'Sullivan J. W. Ross 287 Clarence Leslie Starr Frederick Newton G. Starr James Crawford Matt Andrew B. Hunter Herbert K. Detweiler Hugh Bethune Maitland Williaiii Porteous McCowan John Laing McDonald James C. McClelland Garnet Edward Tanner Harvey Gordon Young Frank L. Eberhart A. Brodev T. C. Routlev K. M. B. Simon T. J. Simpson V. F. Stock H. B. Van Ivyck F. M. Walker H. IV. Hlookey H. B. Yan IVyck L. M. Rice Alan Ernest Mcliibbon flu , f 'Wfqgoggitib K fsf do-' 1' 1- fir 0. 1. A 592249453 XQWY mm Q-Q 0 .1!-'p'5?'.J N GW Mfiiei. - - , X --11 .I 1 - - ...Z 1 M My "'3': H X i f 5 ' PS1 Delta PS1 :gg 1 M if 1:5 ' ' L, 2 g l I- , - - - -' as n R L r V 5Z":::QQ5 pf' 1 .ggflfj '- ff K! '- ff ...,.. fi ? i 5'Q Llr' 4 ' I : QQ .... ,.,.. 0 1s4A!3" 53fV i ' A WV If V Q U ' , ,QQ H 5 , .f , if ' ., Q45 QQ' 'W' sf , v if, I ' Li, . A ,-4, . I Y .R x- . l qy ' 1-L X"3 " ,J ' ff, 9' 93 M J -'f f , Q93 ,2QFx f,J f?n N , W cg, 'A ,' ' -x 'Ql I ! Q QSET-Q X , I' ' - I I 4 IL- . - ,V Q X 'Q I . X f ff xqf 2-STI. 1. . 1 ' 5 - vu--.I-f J . V, ,V gjf fl LQQVTVT m , 288 101111 510861311 -1-2111168 Rfmzllcl C1121Dl112111 F1'z111eis Gorclou Ritchie 117111121111 1a111es 31CIqCl1l12l 1ie1111et11 Rell .12lC1iSOl1 1117111121111 Gavner Powell C. H. Rtigers CR. G. Brown G. 117. .AI1ClC1'SOl1 111. A. Costain F. S. Milligan R. A. Mae13et11 T. S. Gordon 11. R. Cluff E. 1.. Cousins 1. Nl. 1N11SOl1 A. E. K. 111111111611 R. 11. 112111 1. 111. Minus C. W1 Powers K. A. MacKenzie G. XV. NV1'igl1t G. A. 11'1E1l'1i1C -1. A. 1V2111iCl' 17. C. Fux E. D. XVilkes C. M. 11i11ekS S. 111. Fields Psi Delta Psi Fraternity FRATR1-as IN FACULTATE K1ZlC1qL'11Z1C 111111121111 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Roger .Xllzm N1aec11111a1c1 Clarence E111C1'Sf'1l1 11asti11gs Cecil Uswalrl Young C11z11'les 1711111121111 1Vel1i11gt011 Ray111011r1 QX1gC1'l1011 1311105011 Malcolm Eclwarcl D1C1iCl1SOl1 FRATRES IN BELLO R 1211'vis .X. C. .Xl1fl6l'SOll 11. 13. 13. Platt C. H. R. Fuller . 11. Q R. 13. Siuelail' C N. Ge-ale D.. R2ll11i111 FRATRES IN URBE G. T. Clarke R. XY. 11'l1e1'1'v 13. VV. llarvey XY. 111. 11111111 1. 11. Ferguson A. 11. FOSMI' lf. 111. Senior '11. E. r11O1'l'2111CC 11. C. C1'z1wf01'4l G. A. Ra111ci11 Tom Brown XV. C. '11m1gl1 1'1l1g11 Gall R. 111. 1Yi11cie G. 1-1. l'1m1f1e1'11:1111 259 111 Mlgv F11 1211i+ Gemge 1.11C2lN A12lC1l11C1'wlJ11 Tlltfrlllilw X1111'1'ax' Steele 1-lowzml 111111111111 11 " . ' Y Y Yi 12111105 11131-11111 C4111 1111111 1:1111es Carter '1Xl1111tK11I 111-111' XY. 12. 1.11e1q11111't 11. .X Sinelaii' 11. S. Grin' C. 12. R1Z1Cf1H11ZI lr. 11. Sewtt XX' 17 w . 1.. 1lrmx'11 3 C. 5. 1ez11's1111s i4 1.. 11. 11'il111.1tt XY. 11. 112111 . . 1. Hutt 11. D. Clegg lf. G. R. tl. .X. M Dixon Beattie . Duvle 11. 1. G. K1z1e11et11 .A 1.. 11. Si11111so11 1'. 1.. Stevens 17. .X. S11e11pa1'11 1fz11'1e Rell R. 13. lleustis 11. XY. 1TL'1'I'1L'l' 'lf S. Gr:111:1111 , ,, 'I Q4 if , Mai' i ' f . ' 5 T - .J ? N5 l,:i':m ' "' 6 i ,. Xxx.. 1 -L4 fi ' ' i ' f f Xi Psi Phi . .V M E is gi . .i-,.... ......... -....... --.... ...ugg r 5 , ff Mi '57 ,O ' mmm mm mum, .-.-M. 'X Q3 iff ""'l'Q "- , ,' T' " fl, A- ii- ' .V - W 1 ' 1 .T 149. , 'f wi ii ii A Wi". ' ' Ri ff ' -T i if? i .i 'L-ii ' 'x x K IQAMNM 15 ii ! h V 1, XXL 5 vxix LY- X 7' f "'x,, i i if vf, it f l iii, M x E53 :Si 4,1 ,f '- .1 f 1 If f i Sw i ,gi iff , ', 'H ff nw?-3-if Nz, i 'gf , ., u f' - I7 X44 4 'gy' ' ff i X .LEJ f iglfizfff , 290 if i is vbgkkiqlgilx K if x,k xiX x ,iq NX K ' WMA " QE 'H if '7 W f if Tl 'V X VA I V N an R I 5 9 1 S li n bvj, , N,,.Z , i , ip fy? I N -rf LES ' 'M jf V f ' ' if fi ,FQ x s x GG 1 I", K fxsxxl, 4' Y X ia fl UM i 3 C fi? C Rm 'I 155 , ,PX 'ig' J Q f f f 1 I J A - , X X uf. ' 5 X Alpha . . . . . Gamma . . . Delta . . . . Epsilon . . . Eta . . . . . Theta . . . Iota . . . Kappa . . . . Lambda. . Mu...... Qmicron . , . Pi Rho.. '. ' Tau.. .. Phi . . Chi . . Psi.. ..... .. Qmega . . Alpha-Epsilon Alpha-Zeta . . Alpha-Eta . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity Founded, 1889 ROLL OF CHAPTERS ....University of Michigan, Dental Dept., Ann Arbor, Mich .....Philadelphia Dental College, Philadelphia, Pa. ....Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, Baltimore, Md. .. ...University of Iowa, Dental Dept., Iowa City, Iowa. ....University of Maryland, Dental Dept., Baltimore, Md. ....Indiana Dental College, Indianapolis, Ind. ,,,,University of California, Dental Dept., San Francisco, Cal . . ...Ohio State University, Dental Dept., Columbus, Ohio. .....Chicago College of Dental Surgery, Chicago, Ill. . . ...University of Buffalo, Dental Dept., Bultalo, N.Y. ....Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Ya. . . . .Royal College of Dental Surgeons, Toronto, Qnt. . ...University of Pennsylvania, Dental Dept., Philadelphia, Pa ....Northwestern Llniversity, Dental School, Chicago, Ill. . . . .Vllashington University, Dental Dept., St. Louis, Mo. ..-University of Minnesota, Dental Dept., Minneapolis, Minn . . ...Vlfestern Dental College, Kansas City, Mo. ....Lincoln Dental College, Lincoln, Neb. ....Vanderbilt University, Dental Dept., Nashville, Tenn. ....North Paciiic Dental College, Portland, Ure. ....Southern Dental College, Atlanta, Ga. .. .... -X tlanta Dental College, Atlanta, Ga. 291 II. ll. Rlcliloncll .X Plunkett R. G. B. Klnsgrove XY. S. II. Sinclair R. .X. Sheehy Xi Psi Phi Fraternity FRATRES IN FACULTATE Il. lx. Ilox Il. U. Fife QI. XY. Coram I. NY. Ilermiston G. IH. Coram A. D. A. Mason IV. Cuminer A. .X. Stewart Geo. Coveyfluc E. WI. Paul If. H. Campbell NY. If. IYillmott II XY Dawson FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE f 4 4 II. I.. Smith I NI. Wlilliamson XI. Il. Irlagey T D. Campbell A It NI. Deans I. S. Girvin R I- R I .armon r Furlong I IN. Mellonalil lx. S. Atkinson I' Stone C I7 Sale C Ii. Stover I. II. Duff A. R. Poag .X. G. Wicks FRATRES IN BELLO ' 'X rx ' IN. II. I1'cIIol'cl G. LX. VVilcox ll. G. Ilnme 'N ig IICH. CIUIV I. G. U'Neill X. llailey lf. iimgm IQ. IU. Maililen XY. .X. XIcI.aren C. Il. Rell If. C. -Xlblbotl C. .X. Ifennerlv IC. Ilenmlerson .X Cerswell . IV. Anderson ID. .If Iliagsliaw If. S. Ilall XV. .X. Rlack C. Corrigan .N 'Elliott XY. II. Ililliofl I. II '12, I.. XYaslihnrn FRATRES IN URBE F. lil. E. F C t CI. .I- C. F. A. lol . XV . I -I . IMI XY. How C. Ilusbancl C. ,Iones lX'IallorV E. Pierson C. Phillips A. Slade Y. Snelgrove C. Vanclyzer F. NYebSter E. VVatson G. VVoocl Graham Robb 292 R. M. Anderson .X. Klvles KI. I. Mulvihill S. NI. Phillips G. R. Murray II. E. Smith . C. Graham S. C. Lucas C Ii. NI. Iohnson I.. I.. Matcliett D. QI. Bagshaw R. II. Wling R. M. Barbour UI. G. Larmour DIWTGS I. S. Chambers VV. JX. Elliott IXI. I.. Laidlaw F. G. Law F. I.. Sehnur I. La Flamme D. R. Callum P. PI. Healey F. PI. Iones I. C. .Xllen H. E. A. I-Iolmes IV. VV. lNICDonalcl I. V. Gordon . 'M' A jp main! 5"9m f-W' f mwwmkw - 1 Q n,ng,.,g 5 -- - -- -f- . . L- Jig? 'W x My ' . 1 f v , -... ,, --x ..,,.. -I x!gZ,ff 'L . wf 2 ' - xy . E H- I TI, K . Tir. fl Q - X lgcf' -7 N,-3 1' I Hff1fUf,rf+fafnFwwL gf " ' f Xg I b .i l fb -5 . QU m ,J - " J 1 54 L Rgfxprk f f, X. N E1 ..,..., . . U .."'f 'Lx 3 9 Q' fp' ', A if Q ,,lJ, f y X , fhg9g251M1'n"4, f ,X -43,3 5 -Th v . 5431, " 5 l "'Q ' ' J' ' " ig 57 BMX FLLZ E fpJ I X Lug N47 4 , ..Wmase f M Mx A. f 'L -1 ' 'yi ' L V" 1' x4 55, if mr! I M 91 1 ' I L- 'Lia 1 - '-ff 2.1 2511 ,' -X w ,j V: iff I 'J' nf V l !'fx1',! 1 44? 1?-.5 Vp' if l 'fi 1' f X M fficy if QQQf225 Mlwtanlgnsi X 293 Phi Sigma Tau Fraternity FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE S. Dale H. E. Rurmly A. MeCroflan XV. A. Speiglit FRATRES IN BELLO H. F. Arlains ll. li. Legate A. Bishop Al. H. Legate F. Burgess XY. Y. Olce R. Dixon Al. F. Perkins li. Longwortliy G. Archer tl. Calvert VJ. Deyell li. Grady C. Gullen E. .lanney ,I Lamb G. Leslie 'lf Stuart X. ljrown I lx. C fir l e FRATRES IN URBE A. bl. Dates F. R. Fitldes Il. D. Fvfe I. R. Hamilton E. A. Kelly lf. C. Lamb ll. L. Longwortliy G. S. MieAlpine E. li. AlCColl C. A. McDonald C. XV. 3lacNeil R. Aleljlierson 294 H. Spencer blno. Stirrett H. C. Rose F. S. Sternberg O. E. Trunibell I. F. Young l. D. AVilson H. N. lXlePlierson N. A. Neilson H. Al. Qlieefe H. L. U'Rourke XY. B. Paterson ll. S. Price T. MQK. Sloan G. P. Stirrett R. R. Stirrett I. R. Stronie XV. F. B. Sutlierlanfl A. H. Young J .ffif of ,X ., ,. .Su 6 9 , f t 'R Q filth! iv-'-Mg +920 QMM sw.- vw-Egqw , . . ...-- ivmriiimnmgdfm. 5 "N -- --Ali QQ? "" -I , W - - . Y - T ff wi., It x gf M Theta Delta C111 k vb V E - 1' , X .5 " A ff' j AJ f Ag1'f !'?r1s ' '4-91 N - 1313? J W we N mQvi3W? ' ?4ff ,H . A -1 . I- W- yy g H 1 -h ' N., i fi, Q, X bf' v!,,!1x 11 ,QW I l a A Q -'X -x,',3 L N , N -P' Tx ,"1 ' U4 Q 5 Y , 1 I , 'wi wg 'W m 'I. wtf! Y-HY, ,e V . f l 5 gfl 1 f Z ,Sf - C "f ,Q N I , ' I il R 'lg7qi,'- .122 dx "yN H ,RF-dh. J,A 4 V s 2 W! F" ix fir,- -V -5 1 . 'Jr C V C5 l I' Wf Nik' L I -,sf - I 1, ,f f lfff--X A if J-bij Q71 'iw 7 - 5477 7, ui. 395 Epsilon . . Zeta .... Eta . . Iota . . . Kappa . . Nu . . . . Xi . . . Phi . . Chi . . . . . Psi ............. Umieron Denteron. . . Beta . . ........ . . Pi Deuteron .... Rho Denteron. . . Nu Denteron ..., Mn Deuteron ..... Gamma Denteron. Theta Deuteron. . . lota Denteron. . . 'Ilan Denteron .... Sigma Deuteron.. Chi Denteron .... Delta Denteron. . . Zeta Denteron. . . Eta .... ..,...... Kappa Denteron. . Lambda Denteron. Xi Deuteron ..... Phi Deuteron .... Theta Delta Chi Fraternity Founded at Union College, 1847 CHARGES College of Xtilliani ancl Mary. llrown University ........... lkowcloin College . . . . . . llarvarcl University. . . Tufts College ......... University of Yirginia. . . Hobart College ........ Lafayette College ..... Rochester University. . . llainilton College. . . . illartinonth ................ .. . .Cornell University ........... . . . .College Of City of New York. . . . . .Cohnnhia University. . , . . . . . . . . .Lehigh University. . . . . . .Nniherst College ......... . University of llliehigan ....... Massachusetts lnst. of Tech. .. Xflvilliains College .... . ..... University of Minnesota ...... University of Wisconsin ...... George NYashington University .... . .. University of California ...... Metlill University ..... Stanford University .. University . . . .University 296 . . . .University . . . .University 7 of Illinois. . .. of ,llOl'OlltO ..... of lVashingt0n. . . of l'ennsylvania. 1853 1853 1354 I856 1856 1857 1857 18137 I867 1868 1869 1870 1881 1883 1884 1885 1889 1890 1891 1892 1395 1896 1900 1901 1903 1908 IQI2 1913 T915 VYilliam Hewson O'Reilly -lohn Wfilbur Crane Frederick Fitzgerald Tisdall Donald Douglas Wlilliam lfiruee Honeywell David Graham McIntosh Charles Harwood Meliimm joseph Grant Helliwell George Victor Morton Wlilliam Hamilton Wlvlie Arthur blames McLaren Eric Montague Abendana Frazer Edward Chestnut Harold Austin Cooch Theta Delta Chi Fraternity FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE lilugh NVilirid Reid Douglas G. Robertson Lawrence Samuel 'Beatty Archibald Dtis Grass Earl Douglas FRATRES IN BELLO XYilliam Harold Wiatson Carlton Main Clement NVilfred Lawrence I l elienzie Charles Kenneth Neljherson Wlilliam lohn Bradshaw Peter 'Douglas Klclntosh Hugh -larmon Wlatson Francis Yivian Morton Kenneth lelugh Chamberlain FRATRES IN URBE Alexander George Trees I-Iarry Edmund Harcourt lVlorton Moore Keaehie Harold VVilson Maxwell Hubert C. Mvers Alan Morris 297 Howard ,Kenneth XXX ll .tl Lyle llowie Vatterson Joseph lfleber Rogers Walter Stanlex' Palmer Frank Dion loseph Flrnn 4. lohn llasliett lfirstbroolc Frederic 42 " 221 "- ' - William l uxitncc l u llu XX ilm t Frazer I ladlex' Yivian Stewart KleClenaghan lohn KleFaul KleFaehern Alan Miller Thomas tlenry .Xrehibald l'rquhart .Xrthur XYillouQ'lihx' Chesnut William -Xl lan KleCarthx' llruee XYalton ,Xrthur G. 'Penny Zeta Deuteron Lincoln l.. Cleares lleta l,i01'cl1111 l"l21V Phi . 9,09 x ' 0944 if 9 N- fifbibi-.- 451, i?Meg,zv49m:-wf 21,3-ww .. . .. .-. msgwpgfmmamdflfm. 3 'N W-- "" x A... --' f' .-C ' ---, Y ,1 s K 'E , v Z! J ff Qmega Tau S1gma f, bf if if x 4 3 v ' . ' N , .J " 1 'rw-M-he Af' ' M QXJ Q V ,,1lf 4an12Hif-wx ,ff . f W ,g lx mu... X .... .. H ...L--iff? Tx! ! 7 l -.-pg.. X f . W "f f "fl" "ff 4 0 J' " MQR1. HN A W X W i'W73v"9'1 W 'Nd fx ,'n,, f I ' Q L.- LAIJ 1 Jfrwxiitwa x is ' Q Q. " lj H1 I 'X iu ' if M Q 4, J A.. Y Qff iiq 1 Q I 1' 3 E-K 'x dx u 'Y 5 1 .f 49 - g 1, I, wha-f,,, iwfigym' ff t u. Q' -' ' 1 51 YQ? Q J by 'NL-f"'a'ffAn3-qff-zs X :g irth M N , ff f 1- -- . I XXEQS fr l M gif? I fffpxf ' V ,nv .ff wp ' 'f M, ,, , 298 Dr. Prin C. A. Burnette M. D. Ducey L. A. Donovan Dr. Eninier xl. A. Eclniuncls H. L. Forbes C. H. Heslop XV. H. .lolinston XV. J. Kee R. M. Lee R. E. Libby A. H. McLeod A. Malinns E. C. Martindale Omega Tau Sigma Fraternity DELTA CHAPTER Most Wlortliy Master .......... Qlolin L. Heffron Vlfortliy Master .............. XN'illiani F. Carey Keeper of Recorfls ancl Seals ...... Ray Hanagfan Master of Finance ........... Earl G. Templeton Alpha Master of Cancliflates .... Melvin L. Carey Beta Master of Cancliclates. .Horace L. .Xnrlerson Master of Portal ........ ......... L lolin Dncey FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Sclioiielrl Dr. Nelson FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE M. G. Mclieon nl. L. Millar XV. L. Morrison lf Q. Nicholson XY. G. O'Brien NY. L. Robertson L. R. Robinson C. S. Sclnnnwax' lil. E. lN'arrl G. R .Xrinstrong nl. F. Boswell H. L. Calclwell E. M. Eckert M. .l. Farrell 299 Dr. Calev XY. H. Fitcll l XY lu . . Fo 2' Q. H. Foreman T. Laveri' Y X. L. Maliallx' X L. Vl. RlCl.E1ClllLlll D. Al. McLellan lj X Q nl l. 1. 1 . . ect '4 F. S. Steiner G. L. lYatters NY. H. .X. Zelantl lol. Spearman - . D. Mc.'Xllister Alpha Ph 500 '16 Annie Douglas Stella Fleming Margaret Hatiield Mabel Stirrett .17 Beatrice Becker Katherine Begg ,lean Bryce Mrs. T. R. Rosebrugh Mrs. Hugh Scully Florence Lang Irene Trowern May lVatson Josephine Carlyle Mrs. Rogers Edith Ferguson Vera Parsons Alpha Phi Sorority SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Yiolet Carrie Constance Dingle Fdith Grant Marjorie King Ruth l.anglois Norma Mortimer Ruth Potter Ruth Ross '18 lclilda Best SORORES IN URBE Mrs. Lloyd Mrs. lclowitt, Kathleen Baird Mrs. Baird Gladys Cotter llannah Matheson Adeline Hilbnrn Marion Findlay Gladys Mflood 301 M Mariorie llnelc lfdith Littlefield lessie l.neas Mariorie Schell 'TU arjorie linrge M ' ' ' '- Z1l'jUl'lL' Coupe! Mlillena Crawfi id lohanna I '1 wtvliet Xlfw. -ltillll llfulgsull lfthel Stockwell ean Steedinan Inez Mlmfiml Xnnahel .Xnld . -U-. -, , . A 1 31.0 ' Maigaitt Matlani llilda l nn Ulive Ziegler Kathleen Rnsse l Xi Chapter of Alpha ROLL OF CHAPTERS Alpha. Syracuse University Lambda . . Beta . . Northvvestern. University Mu . . . . Gamma De Pauw University Nu . . . Delta . Cornell University Xi . . . . . . . Epsilon University of Minnesota Omieron . Zeta . .. Goueher College Pi . . . . . . Eta . . . lioston University Rho . . . Theta . University of Xliehigan Sigma . . Iota . . University of XYiseonsin Tau . . . Kappa . .. .... Leland Stanford lr. Univ. ALUMNAE CHAPTERS Chicago Alumnae Southern Alumnae Central New York Alumnae Ithaca Alumnae Boston Alumnae Detroit Alumnae Minnesota Alumnae San Francisco Alumnae New York City Alumnae Southern California Alumnae Indiana Alumnae 302 University of California Barnard College University of Nebraska Toronto University University of Missouri University of North Dakota Ohio State University University of XVashington University of Oregon Columbus Alumnae Wfiseonsin Alumnae Kansas City Alumnae Philadelphia Alumnae Portland Alumnae xf C Kappa Alpha Theta 3 :.u:zL- 3 I6 Alpha . . Beta . . Gamma . . . . Alpha Eta ..... Alpha Chi... Delta . . . .. Tau . . . . . Cpsilon . . l'si . . ..... . . Alpha li'i .... Alpha Psi. . . Eta.. ...... .. Mu.. ......... .. Alpha Gamma .... Alpha Tau .... . Iota . . .... . . . Lambda . . Sigma . . . Chi . . . . 1 l'hx'llis Anderson Marv Cowan I lelen d'Avignon Katherine Gower Marjorie Hall llelen McMillan Marioric Ross Eaimy Storev Gertrude Lawlor Ruth Cameron Bertram Mary Garbutt Millichamp Mabel Millman Hincks Mabel Steele Grubbe Edith Henderson Yandersmissen lessie Barber Laura McLaughlin Ethel Chalkley flfappal Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority ACTIVE CHAPTERS . . .De Pauw Kappa . .. . . . . .Indiana Pho . . . . . . . . . . . . .Butler Alpha Iota , . . . .Vanderbilt Alpha Nu . . . . . . . . .Purdue Alpha Pho . . . . . . . . . .Illinois Alpha Upsilon . . . Northwestern Phi . . ...... . . . . . .Minnesota Omega . . . . . . . . . .Vklisconsin Alpha Beta . . . . North Dakota Alpha . . . .Lawrence Alpha . . . .Michigan Alpha . . .Allegheny Alpha . . . . . . . .Ohio Alpha . . .Cincinnati Alpha . . . . . .Cornell Alpha . . . .Vermont . . .Toronto . . . .Syracuse Alpha Alpha Delta .... Kappa .... Theta ..... Omicron . . . . Phi.. Lambda . . Nu ... Xi .. .. Sigma . . . SIGMA CHAPTER .17 Elizabeth Hargreaves Erskine Keys llelen MacKay Marjorie Reid Helen VValton Adeline Lobb Agnes Muldrew TORONTO ALUMNAE Mrs. Lalor fflinegal Alice Ball Mary Anna Kentner Dora Mavor lllanche Steele Jessie Ferguson Gertrude Wriglit Alice .lane Anderson Clare Murphy 304 CHAPTER . . . . . .Kansas . . . .Nebraska .Wfashington . . . .Missouri South Dakota . . .W'ashburn . , . .Stanford . . .California . Swarthmore . . . . .Goucher . . . .Adelphi .......Texas . . .Oklahoma . . .Newcomb . AVashin,qton . . . .Montana ........Oregon Akiasbington Edith Alexander Gladvs Elliot Elsie Graham Elsinore McPherson AA7innifred Simpson Freva Hahn Dudlev Martin Elizabeth Dainty Martin Mary Beatrice Millman Muriel Cameron Lois McPhedran Mildred Macpherson Elspeth Middleton .lean MacRae Marjory McCurdy Fraser xf ,QQQ pl Beta P111 ,.m:5mJs K-- KE! 305 Pi Beta Phi Sorority Founded 1867 ALUMNAE DEPARTMENT DIRECTORY Secretary for the Alumnae and Grand Yice-l9'resident-Nina Harris Allen CMrs. F. jj, 6417 Lake Street, Oak Park, Ill. Il Alumnae Frlitor-Anna Ixolminson Nickerson lMrs. D. D.l, 74 Rockland Avenue, Malden, Mass. ALPHA PROVINCE Vice-President-jennie B. Allyn, 286 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington, Mass. lioston, Mass. New York, N.Y. Rochester, N.Y. llurlington, Yt. Rhode Island Toronto, Canada Northern New York Svracuse, N.Y. IYestern Massachusetts Alumnae BETA PROVINCE Vice-President-Liluise Yan Sant. .LII Hawthorn Road, Roland Park, Md. lilaltiinorc, Md. Lewisburg, l'a. Pittsburgh, Pa. Carlisle, Is'a. Vhiladelpliia, Ra. XYashington, D.C. GAMMA PROVINCE Yice-President-Harriet A. Briggs, 2.259 XN'arren Ave., Toledo, Ohio. Ann Arlmor, Mich. Cleveland, fillliu lfranklin, Ind. Ohio Gamma Alumnae Club Athens, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Hillsdale, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio Coluinhus, Ohio Indianapolis, Ind. DELTA PROVINCE Yice-President-Milllred Steele, 791 North .Xcadeiny St., Galesburg, Ill. Carthage, Ill. Central, Ill. tgirl .T In Madison, XX'is. Chicago, Ill. Decatur, Ill. "I L5 Huh' ' Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn. EPSILON PROVINCE Vice-President-AIary Pliillippi, 2510 California St., Omaha, Neb. Ames, Iowa lndianola, Iowa Little Rock, Ark. Springfield, Mo. Ilurlington, Iowa Iowa Citv, Iowa Mt. Pleasant, Iowa St. Louis, Mo. Coluinhia, Mo. Kansas City, Mo. Omaha, Neb., and Council Rluiics, Sioux Citv, Ia. Des lVloines, Iowa Lawrence, Kan. Iowa. Topeka, Kan. Fayetteville, Ark. Lincoln, Neli. St. joseph, Mo. Tri-City Alumnae ZETA PROVINCE Vice-Presiclent-Maude McKenzie, lloulder, Colo. Dallas, Texas Denver, Colo. Austin, Texas IIUIIIIIQT, Colo. Houston, Texas Sioux Falls, S. Dak. Laramie, IYyo. Wraco, Texas ETA PROVINCE Vice-President-Leda Pinkhain IVilbur fMrs. H. 13.5, 528 18th Ave., N. Seattle, Wfash. Pi Beta Phi Register Northern California Pi Beta Phi Register Seattle, VVash. Los Angeles, Cal. li'ortland, Ore. Reno, Nev. Spokane, VVash. SORORES IN URBE IXIarguerite Chapman, HA. llazel lelletcher, RA. Anna MacLachlin, RA. Margaret Anderson, BA. Minnie lilarry, ILA. Lilias XY. Cringan M. Gordon Lovell, IIA. Muriel Stuart, HA. .Iessie Starr, MA. Annie Edgar, HA. Minnie W'right, HA. Marjorie Caniphell Cladness Chapman, RA. Loreen Ifennelly, Firenze Cilray SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 'I6 '17 'IS Dorothy McMillan ,IQ Marie L. Bateman llessie Ewan Marjorie Collins Lucille Stewart Bertha Ferguson Marjorie I. F. Fraser Christie Sneath Marjorie Fraser Norma Stuart Marie Reterkin Mahel McCannell Margery Stauffer Florence Flett Margaret IVilson Madeline Snider Mary Fletcher 306 ' XE Q" "2-' ,VQ, x I ..... ...,,.. "-L .....,, .. :zg?g'-l-'.i,.--- T .... ggi ' 1. fl .,f, , j V jj . 1 X 1, Vg 5 t ' Nl Kappa Kappa Gamma Q p an 1 a a a ' ffl - ---.--- ,minds 1' num -----I -.-er--' if :mmm mm ummm mm --A---- Qr, ,r Qwwwpggi X , 1 5 I fx -f" ,,, X -if A m '6"Q"f1'g ff" f 'Am Q X ,cz p p. M aww' 1 a af fx af r a aa l!"g3',?l1'fv glg, 1 AML, rl L .f n'ig 1 J" 'uv XX " aff 'U V 1, av sliiezv pp Kg af -4 ' ww ff, slam XS-R , V ' , aanixfj ,Iv V36 k Q M " 1 , r' A f ,p .V ""' L 'Xu vii- ' fl ,' , x , L - X! Z-,.. W Fgvfiif a-p H ff p 1i"1':1 , .f ,I N , ' ff 'I 'X I n ' 3 .W '5 , X '7 N f a ,4 .QQ X f ff A , X X V gl h'Xw5f'? Wg S ,N ,g 49 ' 'Y Q f 1 I 'ix Qf - ,H ,Q JJ ' V, . tp- :M Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority Founded October 13th, 1870 ROLL OF CHAPTERS Phi . . ........ .lioston University Kappa .. . . . lleta Epsilon.. . . llarnard College Chi . . . . . . . lleta Sigma .... Adelphi College Eta . . . . . , lleta Alpha. . ...liniversity of Pennsylvania Epsilon . . . . . . . lfleta Iota .... ..Swarthmore College Epsilon ...,.. . Psi ...... . . .Cornell lfniversity lleta Lambda. . , Qllcta Tau ...... Syracuse l'niversity lleta Zeta ...... Ileta Psi ....... Yictoria College Theta . . .. . . . . Gamma Pho .... Allegheny College lleta lfpsilon. .West Yirginia tfniversity Lambda ....... Municipal University of .Xlcron lieta Nu ....... Ohio State University Lvniversity of Cincinnati . . . . ..De Pauxv University leleta Pho ...... T1 ata ..... Nlu.. .... llutler College Delta .... . . . Beta Chi. . . . .......,.. Xdrian College lndiana State University . . . . . . L'niversity of Kentucky lleta Delta ...,. .Lfniversity of Michigan Yi Omega .... Sigma . . . . lieta Blu . .. . lleta Phi .... lleta P1 ..... SORORES IN FACULTATE Laura A. Uclcley v 16 llelen lferby .17 Alice Haniill Marguerite Kemptliorne Mrs. C. E. Alilis Gladys Burns Laura Denton Lily Denton Phyllis Denne SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Renata Knechtel NVinnifred Mason Edith Patrick lleatrice W'inters '18 Agnes Qlenner SORORES IN URBE Mrs. J. Horace Faull Mrs. Roscoe Graham Velma Hamill Mrs. C. D. Henderson 308 lleta Theta ..... Deta Xi ........ lleta Omicron.. . lleta Omega. Pi . . ..... . . lfleta Eta ....... Hillsdale College University of Minnesota University of Vlfisconsin Nortluvestern University lllinois Wlesleyan University of Illinois lowa State University Missouri State University Kansas State University Nebraska State University Colorado State University Oklahoma State University Texas State University Tulane University lfniversity of Montana 'University of lllashington l.'nive1'sity of Oregon University of California Leland Stanford lr. University M ary lrlolmes Eleanor Mews Van McConnell Helen St. John .19 Katharine St. John Mrs. O. C. Lailey Mrs. Thornton Purkis Mrs. I-I. E. Rowell I-lelen E. Scott Muriel VVallace QW' 14' f?Q'f02-- 4f"o1Z1s?iWi'- Wzinifsllfi a QQDIA Ph 4-94.45 Jqpkn 4p4lNg,6-N. Aj gg,3f4eg'q'n-mum X xg 4gaMf:,,4m,-9,3 1. 3.g..3y4wu'mQ1l , ,... ...... --N ...... X hm!Qg4kQyll490m5,' "" 1.,., Qfmyazf.- ' w:'.--- -"' ,Q-if a E' a' a - -K, 715511 if , lj ' 3 :fi X' 7 eflfl Delta Gamma 9. K ' if 1 ."f X f ' -' .1-LTL J , K r ..fd..,.- ...,., ou.. ,ggniz-' mini " anna-' --'--- -.-ef.--- gm ' V? 5 ........, am mm :sm ---- QSY, ,r pw-wggg wp -.ff n'sf'x1'?fw'q '7' Wiirw"a35iv: , , a A, X 2?5iW"4.:f.fv i f 1 LI. ' -L-" f ' I LM - jhl fjlyldsb' mr ,' Qfkailall xy J '- 1- 5 0 bag? gihnazf w a XX ff -M ' 1-azw ffm snow A V ,' E li Jf,,:x,7N 3451? k 'QU V If gf? fi 'H Q L gffff f, jf K 0 ' f f. ff, VT W A k fa 1"l'I" - I7 ' , I .' x, xl , V 4 '-A, kff' . V ' N ,f my X 5 ikgga H E, 1 , LX X, A' 97 2.5 .55 " QW' N " ayjglflf 54 'Y A Q uf!! F H Q! - fn 1 . 6.- 5 3' '9 Delta Gamma Sorority ACTIVE CHAPTERS VVashington State University ........... Seattle University of California ............... Berkley Ohio State University ...... . . .Colunibus, Dhio .Xlbion College ........... .. . .... Albion, Mich. Akron Municipal University. . . . . .Akron, Qhio University of lm liana ....... . . .Bloomington University of 'Illinois ..... . . .Champaign University of Nebraska .... ...... l oincoln L'niversity of Minnesota. . . .... Minneapolis University of Missouri. . . ..... Columbia University of ldaho ..... ....... K loscoyy University of Mi Adelphi College. University of Montana. . . chigan. . . ....... Ann Arbor . . ..... .... I Brooklyn, N.Y. . . . . . .Missoula Syracuse 'University ...... Northwestern University.. University of Iowa ........ . Leland Stanford University University of Colorado .... Cornell University ..... . Goucher College .......... University of XYisconsin.. University of 'lloronto. . Oregon University ...... Wlasliington University. . . Lawrence College .... ALUMNAE CHAPTERS .Syracuse NY. ..Evanston, Ill. . . . . . .Iowa City . . .California . . . . . . .Boulder .....Ithaca, .l3altiniore, Md, . . . . . . .Madison Swarthmore, Pa. Swarthinore College. .... . . . . . . . .Toronto, Ont, . . . .Eugene-, Oregon .. St. Louis, Mo, . Urkppleton, IVis. Q . St. Louis lialtiniore Pittsburgh 'llaconia Champaign, Ill. Detroit Dallas, Texas Seattle Indianapolis Denver New York City Los Angeles Evansville. Ind. Chicago Milwaukee Akron, Ohio Minneapolis lelhiladelphia ALUMNAE ASSOCIATIONS Spokane Cleveland San Diego Lincoln Portland Kansas City Appleton, VVis. Iowa City Columbus 'Boston Omaha Madison San Francisco Syracuse Albion, Mich. SORORES IN URBE Mrs. U. A. Cole QHJ Isobel Caldwell Mrs. R. P. Dryer CED Muriel Sparks Ball Margaret Boyle Kathleen Caldwell Post-Grads. Laura li. .Xitkin Dorothy Ferrier '16 Mary H4 iyle Hildred Kenierer Muriel Lee Marie Parkes Doris Dignuni Nellie Evans Francis VVebster Godfrey lflelen Henning SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Qlessie Robinson ikileen Silk Monica Swayze .17 Marjorie Brigden .Xurlrey Cordingley Ruth Frost ,lean Mearns Edna Mitchell Margaret Scott '18 Helen Hemingway Mabel Kilner Marjorie Lee lVluriel Lewis 3ro Violet llyland .lean Maclaren Anne McLaren Grace McCormack Marjorie McMahon Gladys lVlcRitchie Muriel Meek llazel Stobie 19 Mildred Folinsbee Margaret lrlfanna Dorothy McFaul Hannah Booth Trainer J Beta Delta P1 5. ,.m.d:::b I l Alpha. . . Beta .. Gamma Delta .... Epsilon. . . '16 Ethel Vllallier Gladys Angus .lean Bull Isobel Cassiflx' Helen Currie Beta Delta Pi Founded 1887 . . Lewisburo' Pa . , . . .Phi1afT51p11ifL . . . . . .New York Citv .F-tanfmrd, Cfmu. Eta .... Theta .... lota . . . . . , . Lamlwcla .... ......Cl1evy Chase IN UNIVERSITATE Claire Steveusfm Muriel Hall .17 Yera l'QlJl'JlllSOll '18 Velma Mauser IN URBE Mary Dow -lessie Lau I2 PCE'liSlClll-tfill-tll6-HLlClSOIl . . . . . .Hollitlaysburg Pa. ...........Atlantic City . . . . . . . . . .Toronto Gertrurle MaCTavisl1 Gladys Bruce .19 Margaret McCoy Lorna lfVilS0n Yera Mowry M n- u- ff- -- i- H- - H- -- - Q Valechctory f 1974 '1 GAIN the time has come to say good-bye. Our Alma Mater has sent , many sous and daughters forth throughout the years, but never has she f felt the heart-pangs of farewell as this year, and never have her children D-if gone forth so sadly, and, aye, so bravely. f l For .many it is good-bye forever.H Some have already sighed out young lives "somewhere in Flanders, sending a brave farewell across M the water to the old mother who let them go for God and the lxmg- 'S 91 5 proud as the ancient Roman matrons, who gave their sons their shields and bade them go. And then, like Rachel for her children crying, she hides her head and weeps. Four happy years we have spent in this mimic world. Its grey old towers and its sunny campus have seen many battles fought, many victories won-battles of books, battles of men, and victories in that inner life which no man knoweth but himself. .Xs each suc- ceeding generation packs up its books and play-toys and departs, it leaves a record of these things behind. Into the brick and stone of hall and tower there goes a mysterious and nameless something. lt is the "familiar" of the place. Each freshman greets it in- stinctively. Each senior leaves it regretfully. Here, in the easy comradeship of the republic of letters, we have lived and laughed, struggled and sighed, and dreamed dreams-and great things have come from dreams. Qur lives have been a record of high achievement and not ignoble failure. From the store of precious things which our Alma Mater has opened up before us, we have taken as our gifts warranted, as our likes and dislikes dictated. Some have come and gone, like ships that pass in the night, but their numbers are few. Some bear away trophies of wholesome and stimulating friendships. Some have seen vistas of new and undiscovered country open up before them, glimpses of great and eternal truths, whose margins fade forever and forever as we move, and lead us on to fresh endeavor and fresh conquest. For all it has been a story of imaginations kindled, of activities stirred, of hearts touched. Now what does all this mean? lt means that every man and woman who goes forth this year, goes forth a little more serious, a little better, a little happier, perhaps a little sadder. lilut where illusions are lost, hopes and high resolves are gained-resolves for uns selfish service and wholchearted citizenship. ln it let there be no place for pedantry or arrogance or self-conceit. Over it let the spirit of aspiration, reverence and humility con- tinually abide. Let us refuse credence to all that is unworthy, sufficiently conscious of fallibility to be tolerant of all opinion, with a faith too wide for doctrine, and a benevo- lence untrammelled by creed. "Noblesse oblige." Our nobility is not born of the sword of kings-but of honest study and struggle and high purpose to be true to the best that is in us. Our obligation is to leave some corner of the world a little better and happier than when we entered it. There are two choices open to us. One is the voice crying in the wilderness, away from men-the man clad in skins-the ascetic-the radical-the agitator. His mission is to destroy, not to construct. The other. like the Man-Son of old, lives the normal life of men-a man among men-accepting the standing order-paying tribute unto Czesar-touching elbows with all men-respecting the conventions of society-healing and helping mankind from the common standing ground of human life. loleedless of the passing fashions of the day or century, he sees his work in the long history of human endeavor after truth. Let us make our choice and go-to live, to love, to labor for the good of all and add our little store to the pyramid of human happiness and achievement. So, "mother dear," farewell! The Vestal Virgins of our memories shall heap perpet- ual incense at thy shrine. :ltr afquc vale, .slfnm dlrrfur. XYe look at thee, once more, sad to leave, and glad to go. Wle turn our faces towards the rising sun. Y .XR'riii'1: lsiixxrinv. I 313 F' succfss fff5il - ' -ff f X, ' XV A W v:4Affw, iff' F J" N xx, X, i X 13221 2 ' f1?:f15MASQ53 Qi? 4 MRM' - 1 xxwww NX ll M 7 555 K Y A jfvf n if ' 4 C,1'.F:T D H l fi ia' L - E+-if 3I4 D D fi-be members of tbe Torontonensis Board wisb to direct tbe attention of students to the advertisements Without which this publication would be impossible - -'ps L ' I - '-xvfxa , N 41, 4h4?e,!s.SF?: .1 -Yifin., - .,., Ei is Wi :v .15 . E . I 5 5 H . . I xi: 2 v-Qfv D U ln University of Toronto and niversity College Victoria, Trinity and St. Michael's Colleges FACU LTY OF ARTS Instruction in the courses leading to the degrees of B.A., M.A., and Ph.D., is given in the University, University College, Victoria College and Trinity College. The Colleges provide instruction in the Classical, Modern and Semetic Languages and Literature, Ancient History and Ethics----the University gives training in the remaining subjects of the Curriculum. FACULTY OF MEDICINE Complete courses of instruction with ample opportunities for clinical training at the General Hospital, St. Michael's Hospital, and the Hospital for Sick Children. FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE Courses of three years for the diploma leading, after an additional year's work, to the degrees of B.A.Sc. and M.A.Sc. IU' 'I If U1 infornzuliozz apply fo Hu' Ifc'gi.s1'1'a1' of fzv c111z'6rs1 If fo Hu' Sc'r'1'c'ff11'i0.s' of H10 R6sj1c'c'1'iZ'c' lflaclllficfs. 316 U D University of Toronto and University College WITH WHICH ARE FEDERATED Victoria, Trinity and St. Michael's Colleges FACULTY OF HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE Courses for Normal and occasional students. FAC ULT Y O F ED UC ATI O N Professional training for Public School. High School and lnspector's Certificates. FACULTY O F FOREST R Y Course leading to the Diploma and clegree. AFFILIATED INSTITUTIONS The aliiliatecl Colleges and Schools train Candidates for University standing in Dentistry. Pharmacy. Agriculture, Blusic and Veterinary Science. For fllfUl'llIlllLiOH apply fo flu' Ifc'gi.vi1'a1' of ilu' lYlII.I'l'l'Sill'1f, or to H10 iS'c'c1'c'fa1'ia'.v of H10 1'4'.vpc'c'fi2'r' llillflllfili-S'. U I nl In D 317 Hirtnria Qlnllvgv in the University of Toronto , 1 , 5 li T rftv y V O FF I C E R S President: Dean of Divinity Faculty REV R P BOVVLES, M.A., D.D., LL.D. REV. F. H. WALLACE, M A D D Dean of Arts Faculty Registrar l C ROBERTSON, M.A. A. L. LANGFORD, 'VI A Librarian A. E. LANG, M.A. THE ARTS FACULTY Offers to students all the advantages and honours of the University, and, in conjunction with the University Arts Faculty, makes full provision for all the courses leading to the degree of BA. in the University. THE DIVINITY FACULTY Makes full provision forthe course leading to the deg ree of BD., as well as for the course required for ordination to the ministry of the Methodist Church in Canada. D nn lm nu D 318 lm lm lm I llll Illl nl lm un un nu nu nu nu ull lm llll I H" "Q M' School of Dentistr Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, TORONTO. 'YW , ,sm X l r Affiliated with the University of Toronto since 1888. it offers through its large and thoroughly efficient staff, up to-date equipment anfl large clinic, opportunities for the study of Modern Dentistry not excelled anywhere. Three huntlrerl and tliirtyetwo students in ztttenrlance, ses- sion 1915-16. The course is four acarlcinic years leading to the Degree of Doctor of Dental Surflery from the 'University of Toronto, and Licentiate of Dental Surgery from the R. C. D. S. of Ontario. ' The College Czileiirlai' giviiig' lull Amin-ess-1vAI.l.A1fE slitiumllslfl. ll.D.s.. Supl.. Wfticiiiiii-Q win he glidny inailerl 2-I0 f'0llt':.50 SI., 'l'0l'0llt0. upon request, nu nu nu i nu mi nn n u u .in ci '-'- U WYCLIFFE COLLE J , TORONTO, ONTARIO ln federation with the University of Toronto A Residential Theological College of the Church of England in Canada XVYCLIFFE COLLEGE exists for the training of young men for the Christian Ministry of the Church of England throughout Canada and the Foreign Missionary Field. The Course of Study of the College provides for instruction in Arts at the Yniversity of Toronto, with options at XVycliffe College, leading up to the Degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor ol' Divinity. Xllycliffe College is situated in the Yniversity grounds. Its- students have full access to all privileges of the University library, gyninasium, athletic grounds, etc. For Calendar and information as to conditions of entrance, courses of study and bursaries, apply to the Bursar and Registrar, MR. H. lVlORTlMl'fR, XYycliffc College, Toronto. Telephone College 4380 N. W. HOYLES, K.C., LL.D., THE REV. CANON O'MEARA, LL.D.. President Principal D ml Nu u u un D 319 un ml lm ml un lm ml nn ull un un un un nn un nu un ll lllen or VVon1en Students proceeding to a Degree in Arts JT. University of Toronto Blay enjoy the Social and Educational Advantages of Collegiate Residence by enrolling in Trinity College Write for inf ships, and for Illustrated Booklet lffreel 'or send 53.00 for 7 Portfolio of Views, containing thirty exquisite Photogravures. ormation about valuable Matriculation Scholar Rev, Dr, Magklem, Provost, Trinity College, Toronto. nu nu u nu un ml un llll nu nu ull ull li llll un un nn un ml un un ST. MICHAEL'S CoI,1.EGE TORONTO, ONT. 1' ERATEIJ XYITH VNIVERSITY oif ToRoNT RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE for CATHOLIC STUDENTS Faculty of Arts makes full provision for all courses leading to Degree of B.A. in University of Toronto. Academic Department prepares for Matriculation. REV. H. CARR, C.S.B. SUPERIOR lm ul nn 320 gn Im E ntario College of harmaey Ailihated with the University of Toronto for Degree of Phm.B. I Incorporated in 1871 FAC U LTY: CHAS F HEEBNER Ph G CNYD Phm B CT D . . , . . . . , . . or.j- EAN Pmfessm' of Theory and Practice of Pharmacy and llispensing, llirector uf the l'l1:1r111:1ce11tic11l and Dispensing' LlllJtYill'1ll1'll'lCS. J. T. FOTHERINGHAM, B.A. fTor.D, M.D., C.M. CTrin.J Professor uf Materia Medica. GRAHAM CHAMBERS, B.A., M.B. CTor.D PAUL L. SCOTT, M.B. CTor.D Professor of Chemistry, Physics and Toxicology. Professor of ljotany and l'l1ar1nacognosy. GEORGE A. EVANS, Phm. B. CTor.J Professor of Analytical Chemistry. Director of the Chemical Laboratory. tThe Work of Professors l7otl1e1'i1ig'l1a111 and Chzimhers will he taken hy Nlessrs Gen A. lxvans, Phm. B.. and O. R. Hurst during their absence on active service? Accepts students of Ontario, also students who are registered and have served four vcar 1 1 ' K 1 , 1 . w - s 1 s a 1 apprentice 111 the other Provinces of the Dominion, Great Britain and the Colonies, and if they attend tl1e two courses of lectures and pass the final exaininations, they will he granted tl1e diploma as a l'har111z1ceutical Chemist of the Province of Ontario. Full information i11 re fard to entrance and fees is ffiven in Curriculum, and same is mailed on a licatiou. 6 l All COlllllllllllCZltiOIlS sliould he addressed to W. B. GRAHAM Registrar Treasurer 44 Gerrard Str t E T , - , ee ast, oronto, Ont. al IIII llll Illl IIII Illl IIII I IIII IIII IIII IIII Illl Illl IHI Iltl llll I IIII IIII IIII IIII Illl IIII llll VIII gil IIII IIII O T RIO ,'2:i,!l'f 32? R ' A p. 'lp ."y.,4N.F1i:A fl ETERI ARY coLLEGE ' V4 12 ' , p. '? ffl- as '1 Q, , we H 15 ' , ' lx ., '0 K, UNIVERSITY AVE., ToRoNTo ' H i' 1' if H ""f I ' 54' l, '.'zZ. . lf' - - s 1 T't:iY"1:,1. We -' ' 7' E741 '20 ' 'f 1' AML . .1 sd' , -ax , 11-' N. ' -1 -. -. DIMENSIONS: Jgj.--1, U , -If 1 r l 53 A N. I in V! 01: Nw0Z,X'f: l -0 Q. It V, Q - so . 155, ,ff A ',,' i ,g , l il , Frontage - - - 134 feet , :,,m:.j.3K,, ,Q W- 1 'gage pg l Q.. 4, 1 .cl R W. lm , ., . -Q I P A lu ! fig fix? -511 ,1 Height - 82 feet - Cubic 0000 - - 000000 b'QiWYlgn1,DT5 ' Floor Space - - 1 acre ' V1 -"ff-T'f: fi I "-19" .- -ffl I .Q M lf- 1' 1 . Qfglgggf l in g l l I 1114: Q I College Re-opens F1rstofOctober, 1916 .1 I 1 -" ' ' ' fi... i..,,.', ' , ffl, v3 10. ' . . 5 1 gf f fi 1 g ' 0 - A ill Sifslpglg 5 Calendar on application. - l fra" 33 il E R 'T W " 1'A:', ... TI." " .l ,jj 10,0 ' rh l - 112-:-.. lf .i, ls, -. ' II For further particulars apply to 1 W-, .1 0000 -- 0 E. A. A. GRANGE, Principal. THE NEW BUILDING. u nll lui ull ull nu nu un ml ull ull ull III lll llbl 321 D U OX COLLEGE, TORO T0 A Residential Theological College of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. ATraining School for Ministers, Missionaries E? Deaconesses CURSIQS Of study Zlllfl Class Lectures in every department Of llih- hcal Zlllll Tlieologieal l4CZll'Il1llQ lead to the Knox College Diploma and the Degree of Bachelor of Divinity. Students who are Gradu- ates III Arts may take their ILD. work along' with that ut the required course. lxnox provides :I course 111 the English Hihle. covering the Lit- erature of the New 'llestament in four years, and specially adapted to University students. who may take the COlll'SC for One, two, three Or four years as :I Religiuus linuwledge Option. The magnilieent new buildings on tlIe University Campus are superior tu those Ol any Other Theological College iII the British Empire. Acconi- Inudation iII Residence for 130 men. Students should make early appli- c:ItiIIl1 lol' VOIIIHS. For Calendars and any information desired, apply to the Principal, Knox College. SIR VVM. MORTIMER CLARK, REV. ALFRED GANDIER, D.D., LL.D., CHAIRMAN OF BOARD PRINCIPAL un IIII nu Inu I IIII IIII Im U Q PARK BRCTHER 328W YONGE TREET TORONTO. Telephone Main 1269 3,22 U D FARMER BROS., LIMITED PHOTOGRAPHERS 'O ART PRINT . PICTURE IMPOR TERS igglrf FR A M E S 492 SPADINA AVE., TORONTO PHONE COLLEGE 2869 freelanh The Students' Photographer Special Rates to Students. 436 YONGE STREET Opposite Carlton Sr. TUDIO equipped with every facility necesf sary to produce the highest class of work in every branch of Professional Photography. 1' 0 bf'Kl"a5'? 5, 'v ba' 4 I wfigbmg X Telephone M ain 6887 nk' 5. ogsgwim-vtgvg 5,02-sh LJGN -I 4. . U I i I ' 1 if - . - 93 a- ' -get u u uu I un n D un un In I I 1 D J. '. 1,1 wt, , A ii 41 F 'kai'-va-gi - Q if' -I . 1, r r f-Iv' . nil gi 1 5 - lE5 !l'.3-wg-lift' d -If 3 -,Q 35 3,23 sag ' " fi 5 -' 3' .1 G' "'i. ' H DEI. '. 5-?r"'i' if . F?'.qiif.f . .Q .X - ' ' "WV ' he Ro al ilitar College of Canada. ITTCRF are few national institutions of more value and interest to the country than the Royal Military College of Canada. Notwithstanding this, its object and the work it is accomplishing are not sufficiently under- stood by the general public. The College is a Government institution, designed primarily for the purpose of giving instruction in all branches of military science to Cadets and Officers of the Canadian Militia. In fact it corresponds to lVoolxvich and Sandhurst. The Commandant and military instructors are all ofticers on the active list of the lmperial army, lent for the purpose, and there is in addition a complete staff of professors for the civil subjects which form such an important part of the College course. Medical attendance is also provided. Wfhilst the College is organized on a strictly military basis the cadets receive a practical and scientific training in subjects essential to a sound modern education. The course includes a thorough grounding in Mathematics, Civil Engineering, Surveying, Physics. Chemistry, French and English. The strict discipline maintained at the College is one of the most valuable features of the course, and in addition, the constant practice of gymnastics, drills and outdoor exercises of all kinds, ensures health and excellent physical condition. Commissions in all branches of the Imperial service and Canadian Permanent Force are of-tered annually. The diploma of graduation is considered by the authorities conducting the examination for Dominion Land Surveyor to be equivalent to a university degree, and by the Regulations of the Law Society of Ontario, it obtains the same ex- emptions as a IZA. degree. The length of the course is three years, in three terms of 915 months each. The total cost of the course, including board, uniform, instructional material, and all extras, is about 55800. The annual competitive examination for admission to the College takes place in May of each year, at the headquarters of the several military divisional areas and districts. For full particulars regarding this examination and for any other information, application should be made to the secretary of the Militia Council, Ottawa, Ont., or to the Commandant, Royal Military College, Kingston, Cut. Ho. 94-5. l2-13.-52332. U I I I ll ll llll llll ll l Ill llll ll I G 324 .....,.....2 O' 4' K sy , f ,aftouas mst Cifompany aiinznieb Paid-Up Capital, - - - 01,500,000 Reserve, - - - I 500,000 Assets Under Administration, - 59,330,000 J. W. FLAVELLE, President. 1 Z. A. LASH, KC., LL.D., E. R. WOOD, Vice-Presidents W. E. RUNDLE., General Manager. Head Office: I8-22 King Street East T O R O N T O . ' SASKATOON REGINA MONTREAL WINNIPEG EDMONTON U U U Q CASAVANT FRERE ORGAN BUILDERS Over 600 Organs constructed by this Firm Electric Electric and Tubular Pneumatic and Hydraulic Action. Motors. QUALITY FIRST D U l S. S. White Dental Mfg. Co. Manufacturers of Wo1'ld's Premier Porcelain Teeth Diamond Chairs Electric Engines and the Finest Quality, Highest Standard, and most Complete Line of Appliances and Instruments for Dentists extant. CANADIAN BRANCHES: TORONTO : MONTREAL: ODDFELLOWS' TEMPLE, BIRKS BUILDING, 227-231 COLLEGE STREET I4 PHILLIPS SQUARE IllIlllClll?ltL'ly Opposite the R.C.IJ,S. Z - llll IHI llll U 326 Illl I H D I ua 11131-and the part it plays 9 UU 11s Z1 Ql'llC1llZlfil'Ig 5111116111 Ili 'V11rsi1y's111111l1l go l'1.11'tl1i11t11t11el1u5i11ess 111' 111'11fcssi111111l ' ' w1,1r11l much more 1111p1'ec1:1tive 111 111111l1ty 1111111 1111--111-1-1'1111u l11.2lII or W111111111. 1 1111 woulfl QLUE 1111tur11l1y '1111111'ee111te- the 1'c111hly t1111g11111--w111't11 111 tlllllllly 111 such things 11s "Kyrie Q Q? IDIZIIIIYOIIIIS' or 'ARB'-l'lC-IIIILCIC S1IX'L'l'XKf2l1'L',I 1111' 1I1911l11CC. ' I l -1- -11111 must realize. 11lso 111111 it IS 11lw11ys- ll 11111111 1111111 11-111-11 huyiug 1111 .Itl'l.lL'lC,.llI ' 11-111011 Llllillllfy 15 so 1ll1l3l.ll't1ll'lf 11 co11s11le1'11l11111, to have Il 1111111e IIII th11t 11rt1cl1- whlch so tleliuitely 111011115 quzility 111111 is 1111111-1's:1lly so LIl1tlL'l'St1HJlI. T111- "Ryrie" I11Zll'li 1111 your E11g11g'e111e11t R1lIg'1f3lI the S1111-rw111'e you huy for the new 11111111---w11c1'1-1'e1' y1,u 111111 it-will 2llXVElyS be 1111 C1ILlOl'SCl11C11t oi your good taste 111111 111111111 jlltl4Ql1'lL'11I. The Siltlsl-ZICIIIII1 you will have 1111 lcuowiug, 1QDCyOl'lCl itll possibility oi doubt. tl111t your 1Jlll'C112lSCS 11re l'C2llly gg111j111, ig i11l111f in-lv worth while, VVl1ere1-er you 11111y go after le11vi11g' "Old 'V11rsity." EIS 1111151 11s 1111111 Q1111 l'C2lCll you. you 111111- the 11111 i11C1l1t1es ot t111s est11hl1sl1111e11t 11l11cc1l 111 your 111s11os111. tl1l'1'11I!fl1 our 1111111 111-111-1' system. .-X11yth111g orclerecl here is clel1vere1l 1111y1v11erc- 111 Qllllililll 11t our l'ISIi 111111 1-X111-11se. 11111ler our guar- z111tee of exchzmge. Have us se11cl our czitzilogue to you, wliercvcr you 2ll'L' 111111 write us 111 lllly time we 01111 111- of service to you. Diamond 19Wer-chants -R 1 Q fefwelers and C-I-Oronto Silfversmitbs Limited D 1 1-1- --1 -11- .1 U -- --11 11- -- o TIIRIINTII CIINSEIIVATIIRY IIF MUSIC SIR IOIIN ALEXANDER BOYD, K.C.lXl.G.. I'1'esi1lc-111. J. A.'MACIJONAI,D, I,I,,1J., 1 ,. M , MR. W. K. 1113011111-2. 1 VCU 16511101111- A. S. VOL3'1', Mus. Doc., BIIISICHI Director. A National Institution llevoted to the Highest Interests of Canadian Musical Art. The largest 111111 one of the most sp1e1111i111y equipped schools of 11111516111 1l'IC1CIII151l'C. IvllI'lV1lllCll facility in 1111 lICp1ll'ill1ClItS. Sellfl for YEAR BOOK. LOCAL CENTRE SYL- LABUS AND WOMEN'S RESIDENCE PAMPHLET. Conservatory School of Expression. F. H. KIRKPATRICK, Ph.D., Principal. Public Reildillg, Physical lllltl Vocal Culture, I,lr:1111:1tic Art 111111 Literziture. SPECIAL CALENDAR. I ml ull ml ull lm nn ml University of Toronto Dining Hall Presiclent, Superintendent, Dr. R. A Falconer. Miss V. Ryley. Committee: Prof A. L. Laird Prof. E. Kylie Supt. Campbell Herbert Turney Pupil Dietitians : Miss Jean Whyte Miss Ruth Neff Miss Grace Gallinger 191 5- I 6 Forty-Sixth Active Year. Established 1859. Re-opened 1900. Reorganized 1907. ri nl. . D 32 ml ml un ull ull nu 1111 nu 11 Du IIII IIII Im nn IIII IIII m III I II IIII II I III III IIII IIII IIII IIII IIu IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII IIII HI IIII IIII I IIII IIII IIII III IIII II D fhzitt' in my X P 11- fi , ,. 'fri' iwmimi mi is Q'ig.!'jqj.Pl Z. Icppg , v1y !xQ,iM ONTARIO DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION ENLISTMENT AND THE SCHOOLS From time to time, especially since last September, young men who have been attending the Provincial Secondary and Normal Schools and Faculties of 'Education in preparation for teachers' certilicates have asked the Department of Education to grant them their cer- tificates, although they have not completed the courses therefor, in order that they might enlist at once for overseas service in the present war. To have complied with their wishes would have meant in most cases a lowering of the standard for such certilicates and a resulting injury to our schools. Recognizing, however, the patriotic zeal of these young men and intending that the Department also shall do "its bit" in the momentous struggle in which the Dominion is now taking part, the Acting Minister of lfducation has decided upon the course set forth in the Regulations below. lle promises also on behalf of the Ontario Government that, in carrying them out, as much sympathetic consideration will be shown for those concerned as is consistent with the educational necessities of the l'rovince. Rl2GUl,.X'llltlNS Oil? 'lllllf DlfP.XR'ViXlEN'l' Oli lCDUC.VllTON. tll On the conditions prescribed in tgl below, candidates in attendance at High and Continuation Schools and Collegiate lnstitutes in preparation for the next ensuing Middle or Upper School examination who enlist for overseas service in the present war, will, on application to the Department of lfducation after their return to Ontario, be admitted to one session of a Summer School for said examinations with exemption from fees and with an allowance for their travelling expenses to and from their ordinary places of abode at the beginning and close of the session. 123 Un the conditions prescribed in tgl below, teachers-in-training at the Normal Schools or Faculties of lfducation who enlist for overseas service in the present War and other candidates for teachers' certificates who also enlist for such service and who hold the necessary entrance certificates. obtained either before or after enlistment, will, on application to the Department of lfducation after their return, he admitted 'for one session to a Normal School or a Faculty of lfducation, as the case may he, the former at or about the same time as that of their withdrawal, and the latter at the beginning of the session. with exemption from fees and with an allowance 'for travelling expenses as in tl J above, and an allowance at the rate of qC5.oo a week for board and lodging during the whole uf part of the session, as the case may be. 631 The conditions referred to in CU and tzl above are as follows: tal YVith his application for admission to a Summer or a Normal School or a Faculty of liducation the candidate shall suhmit to the Minister of liducation a certilicate of honor- able discharge from the Department of Militia and Defence. Ottawa, and, when required hv the conditions, a certificate from the Principal or Dean, as the case may be, stating the date of his leaving the school or the Faculty, with his standing therein. tbl The candidates application for said admission shall be made to the Minister at as early a date as the latter may deem practicable after the candidate's discharge from the service. Note-lt is expected that. before, or instead of, entering a Summer School, the candidates will utilize the opportunities ottered by the local Secondary Schools, as may best suit the stage of their preparation for the academic examinations: and, in the judgment of the Government. it will he eminently Iitting for the Inunicipalities to which they belong to recognize their claims hy granting them financial assistance during the period of their preparation. Such assistance by the Government or by the municipalities may be accepted as a just tribute to honorable and Cf4Ul'21Q'L'OllS patriotism. I I III IIII I I l IM -Y IIII IIII III IIII III II I II I Il --I IIII IIII 328 n ull U'-' '-" n n in "T ii I i Parke, Davis 85 Co 's N X eil 1 A X . 1, - -f- TN' l I 'H '-'ii - Mm? . - . -J -j "", "IWW tp. 'A up V I' I 1" ' 14 -B-v e: .Rai .cw 11' ., . l' 'I i I I i T N ' T X 7 ' lkli I di mzrannsv-unnw 'F' TT? ii 5 3, 4 HE Underwood costs a little more than other typewriters, but wh at of it? It is worth inore. And notwitlistancling the higher initinl cost, the Unrlerwoorl is more generally used in Canada than all other makes eoinlminecl. United Typewriter Co., Limited Underwood Bldg., 135 Victoria St. ToRoNTo. Olf1"ICl'i3 IN ALI, CANADIAN CITIES. Harcourt Sc Son Business Established I842 - O Ili cial R o b e p 'E Makers College Gowns, Hoods and , I 3 I Caps 103 KING ST. WEST TORONTO. ll lr I ul U il n D o E3 3 3 llbbarmaccuticals MADEIN CANADA BY CANADIANS Correspondence Salirited on all Medica - Pharmaral Subjerts Home Offices and Laboratory WALKERVILLE, ONT. Eastern Depot 378 St. Paul St., MONTREAL, QUE. TORONTO OFFICE WINNIPEG OFFICE 422 Ryrie Bldg. 301 Keewayden Bldg. Ill nn u The Merchants' Bank of Canada Head Ofhce ---- lV10I'I1l'63I Sn' II. .Xlontzigii Allan, I'resnIenI li. If. II4-Iulen, ILL-iierznl Mxinngei' PAID-UP CAPITAL - 57,000,000 RESERVE FUND - 7,Z45, I40 205 Branches in Canada. GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSIICTEU SAVINGS DEPARTMENT AT ALL BRANCHES. Deposits of SI and upwards received and interest allowed at best current rates. III TORONTO OFFICES : I3 WELLINGTON STREET WEST 1400 QUEEN STREET WEST Iparl-cdalet 404-408 PARLIAMENT STREET 981 DUNDAS STREET COR. DUPONT AND CHRISTIE STREETS In nu nm nu nn nn nn un nu un nu um nn nn nn nn u n 1 In I un ml llll ul Students' Book Department University of Toronto A COMPLETE LINE OF TEXT BOOKS IN Arts, Medicine, Education, Forestry and Applied Science Graduates of the University may order any book they wish at Students' Rates. : : . rr.--in R. J. HAMILTON, B.A., MANAGER. li ll ull ul UPPER CANADA TRACT SOCIETY BOOK SHOP Headquarters for Theological and Religious Literature from all the leading English and American Publishers. : : UPPER CANADA TRACT SOCIETY 2 RICHMOND ST. EAST, - ToRoNTo G nu ull nu ml lm ml ln ml ml mi nn nn lm un Illl G U D D D U D O u nu nn u lm ml nu llll lm Central Canada Loan and Savings Company Assets - - 59,822,000 Capital lPaid Upj 1,750,000 Reserve Fund - 1,750,000 Deposits received in sums of 31.00 and upwards and interest added half yearly at the rate of 3 F270 ON THE DAILY BALANCE. Debentures issued in sums of SIOO and upwards, payable in from one to live years, or upon sixty days' notice. These Debentures are Authorized as a Trustee Investment by Special Order in Council. Surplus for Depositors and Debenture Holders - - - 54,316,900 E. R. WOOD. President. Vice-President, Vice-President, G. A. MORROW. H. C. COX. Al nn un COLE Caterer and Manufac- t u r i n g Confectioner 719 Yonge Street, TORONTO. Dm nn lm lm ml ml ml I ln U "VARSITY" the newspaper of the Uni- versity of Toronto. Graduates keep in touch with your Alma Mater. ADDRESS: "THE VARSITY" University of Toronto Subscription price, 51.00 U U" "" "" " " " D 1873 l9I6 - The Q Young Men's Christian Association of the 2 : J. University of Toronto Desires to extend to the men who graduate this year from the University, and who, as a result will probably withdraw from the active membership of the Association. A Standing Invitation to call around on the occasion of any Future visit to their " Alma Mater. " FERGUSON. B.A., R. B. FERRIS, B.A President. General Secretary. ll llll lm ll llll I lui llll llll ll ml IU Dill llll Ill! nll un nn ni nu un lu D lln llll ull Illl Il Hn i 1 lill D arsity a azine Supplement Published under direction of Students' Administra- tive Council and proceeds devoted to Red Cross. An illustrated publication containing an accurate resume of life among Professors. Graduates, and Students ln Universitate et ln Bello with pertinent articles and short sketches from tlie pens of many inincnt incn who are in possession of the facts and know the signs of the tiincs. Editorial Board: SIDNEY CHILDS, B.A., Miss D. FERRIER, B.A., Managing Editor. f Associate Editor. W. R. WILLMOTT, HERBERT TURNEY, B.A., Editor-in-Chief " VARSITY." Editor-in-Chief " TORONTONENSIS." COLLIER C. GRANT, B.A., Secretary and Business Ill ger. U nn nn un un n nn D 33' D D 'H 1 University of Toronto and Uni- S. S. White De11tal Mfg. Co .... 326 versity College ........... 31617 Ryrie Bros .... ...... 1 ...... 3 27 Victoria College ..... 318 Toronto Conservatory of Music. 327 School of Dentistry .. 319 University of Toronto Dining- yyydiffe College 319 Hall. ....... .... ...i.... 3 2 7 Trinity College. i l i . 320 Ontario Department of Education 328 St' Michaeps College. 5 ' . . I ' 320 United Typewriter Co., Limited 329 J Y '. 1, ,, Untario College of Pharmacy 321 Iarlxe' Davh K C0 """ ' ' ' ' L9 . . H2 t SL S .... .......... - Ontario Veterinary College. . 521 Plrcour on 379 Y The Merchants Bank of Canada X29 knox College ..... . . . . 322 1, ' ' btudents Book Department .... 3 30 Park Bros. .... O22 , A Central Canada Loan and Savings Farmer Bros" ' 323 Company ................ 33o ll reeland ................. ..., 3 23 Upper Canada Tract Society' I n 330 The Royal Military College of Coles ............. 330 Canada .. ... ........... 324 ,. Varsity 331 Nati011fl1Tf11Sf .- 325 v.M.c.A ..., . . . ...,....,. .. W Casavant Freres .... 326 Varsity Magazine Supplement. . 331 Q f il . O jg 22 C, U 2 Il llll Q 332 4. '. l'? .r qw., 101 0 3: ,- I 1'1" :I gl, in .A EFL' " ' ra 'P 1:4 Ay iff ,-. - ,QV A 'X -Viv , 5 - N, - 5 4,53 ,Av . . 1' , ' ' 5 -9 L , ,, ' , Q' ' , , . -'ix I ., ..f , 'F .,, I: 'o 5. 1 -x 4,1 r I V K ' :- ' v 1 Q . 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Suggestions in the University of Toronto - Torontonensis Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) collection:

University of Toronto - Torontonensis Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1913 Edition, Page 1


University of Toronto - Torontonensis Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1920 Edition, Page 1


University of Toronto - Torontonensis Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Page 1


University of Toronto - Torontonensis Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


University of Toronto - Torontonensis Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


University of Toronto - Torontonensis Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


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