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SKULE™BOOK 8T8: A Reflection . . . ncmnivv How quickly a year passes! My first year as Dean has been filled with many pleasant encounters and some that I would rather forget! I am enormously proud of all the good that the Engineering Society does for our Faculty, and the University of Toronto, supported by the Lady Godiva Memorial Band, the Skule tm Stage Band and the various committees. Skule 1111 Nite was one of the best yet. It amazes me that so much time is given by so many in these endeavours, while still upholding our demanding academic standards. You will be pleased to know that Vice-Dean Charles has diligently pursued links with industry to such an extent that the Faculty and its students cannot help but benefit. Our enrollment is as high as it has ever been because of recent changes in the secondary school graduation requirements, and the promotion of the university- industry connection is vital in helping us keep U of T Engineering the finest school of its kind in Canada. You are graduating at a time when technology is changing rapidly and dramatically. This is reflected in industry and trade throughout the world. Your engineering education will help you cope with the challenges of this changing society, but never neglect the opportunity of further education at some future time. A special word to our graduates: keep up the $100-a-year habit. You were precedent- setters on campus by initiating the $100-a- year incidental fee, and I urge you to listen to the same social conscience as a graduate. The students who follow you deserve the best, and one good turn deserves another. Please support Engineering through the Varsity Fund. Get involved in the Engineering Alumni Association and most of all, promote U of T Engineering in every area of your career. You are now part of a proud and distinguished group of alumni. Do not be afraid to stand tall and say it. My very best wishes go with you as you start your career. Keep in touch-you will never regret it. Dean Gary W. Heinke Congratulations on your graduation and welcome to that permanent guardian of the SKULE 1111 spirit - the Engineering Alumni Association of the University of Toronto. Your Alumni Council is representative of some 24,000 members of the graduating years and is committed to the continued support of many student activities including Engineering Society publications, Club projects and Careers seminars. As the graduating class you are continuing in a great tradition. There has always been leadership, enthusiasm and fun where SKULE 1111 was involved. I urge you to continue to take advantage of the rich experience of university life. You will have made friendships that will last a lifetime. Continue to support your profession, your university and your community. We look forward to your continued support of your Alumni Association, both financially and with an active interest and participation. Bill McMullen President Before I start, let me put everything into perspective. It is presently around 7:00 on a Friday in October at Suds just after burning a 25 percent midterm. I ' m trying to write a President ' s message and make it sound like I am sorry to be leaving. I may be depressed, slightly drunk and perhaps even maudlin, but I cant’t place myself in April at graduation feeling sad because I ' m leaving these hallowed halls. And yes, you may wonder why I ' m writing this in October. Let me tell you. Yearbooks are done in stages with lots of pages submitted at different times of the year. Usually the editor likes to put the least important stuff in first, so here I am trying to meet a deadline in October. It is difficult to picture myself leaving, but somehow I don ' t think that I will be sad. I came here for four years of Engineering and now I ' m leaving with my degree and memories of good times in hand. Going out and getting a job is a little scary and I know a lot of my fellow graduates are avoiding growing up by going to grad school. Peter Pan didn ' t go to Never-Never land; he went to grad school. Sure, you say. I ' m just bitter cause I couldn ' t get into grad school and remain a little kid, too. Well, you ' re right; so there! I ' m kinda lookin ' forward to goin ' out into the real world (and learning how to spell). I don ' t have a job while I ' m writing this and I may not have a job while you ' re reading this, but I ' m an optimist. I may not be really sad about leaving, but I will remember U of T fondly. Let me pretend I’m a high school valedictorian - " I ' d like to thank Dean Heinke and all the professors for the fine education we have received, and I would also like to thank Manuel, the janitor, for keeping the place clean so that we wouldn ' t be attacked by ants at Versa. " I ' ve run out of things to say. How long is this supposed to be, anyway? I guess I ' ll end with some touching words: " Y’all come back now, ya hear?! " and if you can ' t come, send money. Verbally abusively yours, IaJ J ' l Wayne McPhee President 6 prQR api Ik ;4l V Y j v’ i 1 K | in S N The roar of the crowd was deafening, and you could feel the excitement in the air as nearly 1800 frosh and upperclassmen (upperclass- women??) gathered one sunny morning during the first week of school -- Sept. 9th, to be exact. Their mission? To shine shoes to raise as much money as possible for Cystic Fibrosis research in 2 1 2 hours. By the time the last box had been returned to Con Hall, the money raised during those hours alone amounted to nearly $29,000. But it didn ' t stop there. Over the following 3 weeks there were numerous other fundraising events. The Bedrace was only slightly hampered by the failure of the police to barricade the road. Undaunted, the members of the Shinerama Committee made makeshift barriers using the materials at hand — primarily bodies and chairs - much to the annoyance of motorists. Once again Pharmacy came out on top and reclaimed the trophy. Though the weather was dull and dreary, Hot Dog Day was still a success, as 400 visiting Erindale students rushed the serving tables and kept us busy for a solid half hour. In all, nearly $750 was raised on that day alone. Our last events were the Pub and the lottery, which were both held at the El Mocambo on Sept. 25th. " Bratty and the Babysitters " played 2 sets to a good-size audience. There was even more than that, as Medicine held a movie night, SMC hosted a charity dinner, and Nursing had their ever-popular Nursing Tea. Altogether, a further $5,500 was raised by these events. This year Manulife requested 6 students to shine shoes in 3 of their buildings — and in exchange, donated $1500. If you ' ve been keeping track (and have been awake), you already know that the grand total this year was nearly $36,000. We have high hopes for next year ' s campaign. As we build on each year ' s knowledge, we get more people involved, as well as more companies sponsoring events and giving donations. Best of luck to next year ' s co- chairpersons, Heather Hinton (Elec 8T9) and Joseph Eratostene (Elec 9T0). Chris Dunsmuir Chem 8T8 Shinerama Co-chairperson 14 17 This year ' s Orientation started out pretty much the same as any other Orientation: you ' ve got yer rubber dolls (oops - did I say that?) yer beers, yer bunch of crazy upperclasspeople etc., etc. This was the year we found out that push-ups on dolls were classified as " gang-rape " . Well, I don ' t know about you but this was something I never would have predicted. Anyways, if you ' ve read the Varsity this year, I ' m sure you know all about it. Next year will be very, very, different... Orientation this year also happened to have its good points (even though it rained the first day). The flrosh still received their purple arms, obnoxiously yellow hardhats and t-shirts and got to show them off to the rest of the University and the city. Isn ' t it amazing to watch 600 yellow people walking bv and stopping blocks of dow ;n traffic (I love pissing off drivers when I ' m not driving!). Anyways, we did finally have a BBQ the first day (for those who didn ' t die of hunger before 5pm). The second day started as 18 usual with the EPT and our " Aptitude " test! Flrosh later played " moonball " on front campus so they could work up an appetite for the refreshments at the Elmo. We were joined by our friendly neighboring faculties of Nursing and Rehab Medicine and a good time was had by all (except for the bouncers who were a little wet by the end!). A few flrosh who were ready for more action showed up for soccer on Saturday and then raced around campus trying to win the Scavenger Hunt. And anyone who attended won ' t forget Hart House Farm. This was the year the flrosh got off easy - only a half hour of log carrying - you wusses! Anyways, you can always help next year on the committee. There was plenty of Mister Piss for all playing volleyball and other Amstel products available for consumption at all times. Lastly, the flrosh finally clued in and threw me in the pond mud hole but I was prepared with my bathing suit - ha! ha! Better luck next time! Keren Morehead Orientation Committee Chairperson, 1987 19 HP fyp W MMW U of T day is the University’s version of show and tell and primarily functions to educate both the general public and prospective U of T students as to what the University has to offer. U of T day is also a celebration of how much work can be done on how little funding. The Engineering faculty put on a great show this year. It was possible to watch robots chasing a flashlight, to hear dust falling using a laser and to see a demonstration of a robot arm. Other highlights of the Engineering display included the Slowpoke reactor and the structural testing laboratory. It was possible for the curious to look inside their bodies with magnetic resonance imaging or to witness an estimation of a human operator ' s mental workload. While the day was undoubtably enjoyable for the visitors, it was no less so for the students and staff who volunteered to show people around and explain demonstrations. For in spite of stories about university wide apathy, anyone who participated in U of T day was proud to be a public relations person for the University even if only for a day ( the free T-shirts were nice too). 20 21 Every year for time immemorial, engineering students at the University of Toronto have gathered together in the beginning of the second semester for a week of merriment and troublemaking, consumption of God ' s own effervescent nectar and frequent worship at the fabled porcelain alter. This year, the ceremonies went exceptionally well . The numerous events held during this week all had an excellent turnout. Suds was open and ready for business every night of the school week selling beer at such low prices that it was altogether far too easy to consume more than any five people should. The usual brilliance and ingenuity were displayed in the creative entries for this years f!rosh hardhat contest- 1 especially liked the life-size antlers on one intrepid flrosh ' s brain bucket. One day, the flrosh will be engineers too! The calculus race was an amazing success- the flrosh who competed proved to be fast, devious and capable of consuming a reasonable amount of beer. On Wednesday, what must surely be one of the most vicious, demanding competitions of all time took place- the infamous chariot race. All of the competing teams showed up on time, with the exception of the flrosh, who were fashionably late. With the roar of the mighty SKULE 111 cannon, the racers were off on their race to destruction. The first survivor to cross the finish line this year was the Mech Club chariot. That evening, the talent contest was held. The contest was won hands down by the Lady Go diva Memorial Band, despite the valiant efforts of the talented competition. Well, I guess not everyone was blessed with such innate talent as the members of the LGMB. The fluid flow lab was held on Thursday, with a large number of competing teams. All teams showed great aptitude in this lab session, consuming prodigious quantities of beer without so much as one whoops in the lab area. All week, winter baseball was played on front campus, and Go diva ' s quest took place. If you can imagine how football would be played if the wide receiver were required to ride in an oil barrel with wheels, with the entire defensive line as blockers, then you have a pretty good picture of Engineering ' s infamous chariot race, In this event, the racer is placed in the chariot and is pulled around a set course on front campus by the pullers on his her team. Each team is permitted blockers, whose sole purpose is to attack other chariots and render them to useless junk while simultaneously defending their own chariot from those who would reciprocate in kind. The results are chaotic. This year, the race was punctuated by several dramatic spills. The f !rosh chariot was assailed at all quarters by the upperclassmen and apparently was maimed beyond repair. But no! The firosh managed to limp home anyways, only to be disqualified for lack of the proper number of wheels at the finish. ij 23 This year ' s Cannonball was held at the Old Mill and was a good time for all 220 students, guests and alumni that attended. The night was highlighted by the superb playing of the SKULE 111 Stage Band and an excellent performance by th e DJ. Other aspects of the traditional festivities included the resounding blast of the SKULE 1 " 1 Cannon, the cannon guard composed of women engineers and an appearance by the LOMB. I should like to take the opportunity to thank all those who helped to make the Cannonball the success it was. Grant McCracken Social Chairman I I This year ' s Professional Development Committee saw a lot of action on all fronts. The committee sent some of the largest delegate contingents in its history to a variety of wild and productive conferences. In company with this, we all watched as the Prof Dev budget expanded beyond our wildest dreams ( and Tom Mahut ' s wildest nightmares). The RESSA and APEO Conferences were completely successful and saw the birth of a provincial council of Eng Soc ' s called ESSCO (Engineering Societies Sued for Crimes of Obnoxiousness ) . In November, the committee proceeded to send eight people to the CCES meeting in Quebec City. Here, we completed the business begun in the previous year and spent the week fighting hard battles of politics and principle (Wayne lost his battle with a bottle of Tequila). As if this wasn’t enough, we were able to send 10 groups, encompassing 20 people to the OEDC in Guelph. It ' s extremely difficult to give full justice to all the things we did in this short space , but let it suffice to say that the Prof Dev Committee had a hand in a great many significant events this year, and provided many people with rewarding experiences as well as good, reasonably clean fun. Professionalism and Tequila! Jeremy Bateson I The letters in BFC stand for Brute Force Committee and not, as most Eng Sci Flrosh think, Bemoulli-Fourier Convolution. Apart from antagonizing Flrosh during orientation, the BFC has many duties. They are to: glorify the Engineer , drink Beer, ensure security at ENO SOC events, drink Beer, and perform Capers (see definition). By the way, did I mention that we drink a lot of Beer? ! The mythical, wholly denied, and amazingly non-existent BFC. It does not exist, has never existed, and will never exist. Please eat this page when finished reading. (CHE Ms may dissolve it in HC1). Martin Suichies Da Chief 26 I iL Caper (ka ' per) n. 1. a wild foolish action or prank, 2. (slang) a criminal plan or act, esp. a robbery, 3.(BFC) that which is carried out late at night. Always breaks a multitude of laws, esp. trespassing, break and enter, etc . Usually requires a multitude of Engineering skills, esp. hammering, sawing, running, hiding. Always requires a multitude of Beers, esp. ex, schoon. ie: Renovation of Dean ' s office into broom closet. Faster than a speeding Mickey Mouse car. More powerful than the force of gravity. Able to leap Med Sci in a single bound. . It ' s a Beer! It ' s a case of Beer!! It ' s the BFC!!! The BFC! Coming soon to a location near you! Chief: M rt n Su ch es Chief ' s Ass: R b W ls n Ministers: I n Sp ar ng - Minister in Exile MoV St w rt - Wealth and Hellfare D v d Ch ng - Procrastination and Laziness Br an Br d - Obsolescence A dr w W ng - Foreign Affairs A l n Br y - Beer and Whine Chr s W lt n - Entry and Exit F!rosh A li§§ WORLD Gorbachev and Reagan sign the first nuclear arms reduction treaty in history. Central American peace initiative nets Arias the Nobel Peace Prize. Voters hacked to pieces in Haiti ' s attempt at a November vote. Mani-doc (Manigat) receives Baby-doc ' s legacy in " adjusted " January vote. Stock market crash October 19. Let ' s just call it yuppie bashing! Glasnost? Mathias Rust sentenced to 4 years in labour camp for landing his Cessna in Red Square. America is back? Irangate, Reagan the bumbler, Olliemania, racial killing in Howard Beach, L.A. freeway shootings. Persian Gulf war continues. ...and continues and continues. Israel takes a ' club, don ' t kill outright’ policy to quell Palestinian unrest in the Gaza strip and West Bank. Klaus Barbie faced his World War 2 accusers for three days after which he refused to attend his own trial. (French Law does not require the presence of defendants). At age 74, his sentence was for life. Explosion during wreath laying ceremony honoring Great Britain war dead in Enniskillen, North Ireland killed eleven. Margaret Thatcher re-elected in British summer election. Not five MORE years of Maggie?!!? CANADIANA Christmas issues included poison mussels and an Air Canada strike. The postal strike in the fall turned nasty with a truckload of mail being sabotaged and acid left on the seats of strike breaking postal workers. In Ontario political furor arose over Bill C5 1 (which eventually bans smoking advertisement) and Bill C54 (the anti-pornography bill with the rather loose interpretation resulting in potential for censorship). CONTROVERSY ALERT! !!!!!! The Supreme Court of Canada declared the current abortion laws unconstitutional under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Equally controversial was the Free Trade agreement with the U.S. A less formal exchange occured with acid rain, of which the U.S. seemed to be a generous provider. Environmental issues were at the top of the news all year with landfills filling up faster than new ones could be approved. Incinerator hysteria continues unabated. Rene Levesque died in the fall leaving Canadians mourning his loss. On a brighter note, Ben Johnson was acclaimed as the fastest man in the world. 28 -0 4 ? ' WMBM 2 A U OF T Polanyi was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. The next day a hugh crowd filled Con. Hall to express their pride in his achievement. Another reason to be proud.. .Ian Shelton ' s discovery of the Supernova from an observatory in Chile. In Korea, university student protests forced a government shake-up In Toronto, a few dedicated students and a handful of protestors, forced the issue of Divestment on to the Governing Council table. The result was a decision to divest the University ' s assets from South Africa. Engineering orientation drew some sharp criticism for the alleged " rape " of an inflatable doll. Semantics aside, the misuse of the doll brought censure from the Women ' s Centre, the university community at large and some engineering students. MISCELLANEOUS Safe sex and condoms ( not in that order) became highly advertised in response to the AIDS crisis. Non-smoking became increasingly trendy. Steffi Graf became the number 1 ranked tennis player in the world at age 18. Van Gogh ' s " Sunflowers " sold for 39.9 million, " Irises " for 53.9 million. Not bad for an artist who spent his life in troubled obscurity. 12 million paid for handwritten E=mc paper. Happy New Year in T.O.-TTC went up to $1.05, stamps increased to 37 cents. All together now... I can remember when TTC stamps were _! ! RELIGIOUS TRIVIA Both conventional religion and the evangelistic movement in the States took a real beating in the last year.... The Pope came to America and Northern Canada and was greeted by protests against the church ' s inflexibility on issues of abortion, homosexuality and female priests. Tammy and Jim Bakker are expelled from Paradise (a.k.a. P.T.L. ministry). Oral Roberts has his worth evaluated (by God no less) at 8 million and the faithful paid up. A 29 Skule " " Nite this year was once again a wildly successful, hilariously funny, sold-out extravaganza. The Engine- ering Musical-Comedy Revue played for four nights of rolling-in-the-aisles solid entertainment for vhe slightly inebriated but highly appreciative undergrads. Highlights of the show included stunning new renditions of two of Bill Shakespeare ' s biggest box office smashes, " Macbeth " and " Ralpheo and Juliet " . The amazing partnership of two dead television stars, Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling, showed that Skule 1 " 1 Nite can still attract the big talent names in the industry. Versa, of course, suffered severe embarrassment and considered libel suits until it was proven that all allegations of food quality were in fact entirely true. Brian and Mila Mulrooney made surprise special appearances as a bumbling Prime Minister and his less-than-devoted wife. And the misadventures of an Engineer-spouse-seeking Arts and Science student were brought to light in the " Phantom of the Skule " " Nite " where she learned that " An Iron Ring ' s a Girl’s Best Friend " . The audience, with the exception of those few who died laughing, all commented on what a fabulous show Engineering was able to put on year after year. Hope to see you at Skule " " Nite 8T9H Tom Meadowcroft Producer, Skule " " Nite 8T8 THE FACTORY DINNER- PARTY THIS STORY IS ABOUT THE OCCASION, MANY YEARS AGO NOW, WHEN THE FIVE ORIGINAL WORKERS IN MY FACTORY WERE, FOR THE FIRST TIME, TO BE PAID FOR THE WORK WHICH THEY DID. BEFORE THIS THEY HAD HAD HOPES AND PROMISES, FREE SUPPERS, AND A PERMANENT INVITATION TO SLEEP IN THE STABLES, BUT NO CASH. AFTER ALL IT SEEMED REASONABLE TO WAIT UNTIL WE HAD ACTUALLY SOLD SOME OF OUR PRODUCTS. BUT NOW THIS GREAT EVENT HAD ACTUALLY HAPPENED, AND IF ANYTHING EVER CALLED FOR A CELEBRATION, THIS WAS SURELY IT. SO MY FIVE EMPLOYEES - ALF, BERT, CHARLIE, DUGGIE, AND ERNIE, WHOSE JOBS AT THAT TIME, BUT IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, WERE THE BOOTLE-WASHER, THE DOOR- OPENER, THE DOOR-SHUTTER, THE WELFARE OFFICER AND THE WORKER- WERE SITTING ROUND A CIRCULAR TABLE WAITING FOR THEIR EMPLOYER, THAT IS MYSELF, TO GIVE THEM DINNER. YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED TO KNOW JUST HOW THEY WERE SITTING AND WHAT THEIR JOBS WERE. NO TWO MEN, THE INITIAL LETTERS OF WHOSE NAMES WERE NEXT TO EACH OTHER IN THE ALPHABET, WERE SITTING NEXT TO EACH OTHER AT THE TABLE, AND CHARLIE DOES NOT HAVE ALF SITTING ON HIS RIGHT. BERT IS SITTING BETWEEN THE WELFARE OFFICER AND THE DOOR-SHUTTER, AND THE TWO DOORMEN (THE DOOR-SHUTTER AND THE DOOR-OPENER), ONE OF WHOM IS Z DUGGIE, ARE NOT SITTING NEXT TO 8 EACH OTHER. YOU ARE ALSO TOLD 5 THAT ALF IS NOT THE 8 BOTTLE-WASHER. 00 WHERE WERE MY EMPLOYEES SITTING AND WHAT WERE THEIR JOBS??? ADDITION LETTERS FOR DIGITS, THREE NUMBERS BELOW IS AN ADDITION SUM WITH LETTERS SUBSTITUTED FOR DIGITS. THE SAME LETTER STANDS FOR THE SAME DIGIT WHEREVER IT APPEARS, AND DIFFERENT LETTERS STAND FOR DIFFERENT DIGITS. L P B R R TLSRR WRITE OUT THE SUM WITH S B R R R NUMBERS SUBSTITUTED FOR LETTERS. RLMPL m hh d 5 d 5 w Q « o 00 00 00 ■ ' 3- 00 00 00 VO CO oo vn 5 VO to ■tj- to f— « cs 00 FOOTBALL FOUR FOOTBALL TEAMS -A,B,C AND D- ARE TO PLAY EACH OTHER ONCE. AFTER SOME OF THE MATCHES HAVE BEEN PLAYED A TABLE GIVING SOME DETAILS OF MATCHES PLAYED, WON, LOST, ETC., LOOKED LIKE THIS: to I u to r— H f-H •4 4 Q Q to to OQ U 32 WM 4t 1. STING 2. MINIS 3. REEBOKS 4 . THE LAST EMPEROR 5. INDIGO JAQUAR 6. CORRUPT EVANGELISTS 7 . OWNING A HOME COMPUTER 8. KNOWING HOW TO USE YOUR HOME COMPUTER 9. PASTA 10. STORIES ABOUT THE ROYAL FAMILY 11. ADAM 12. KNOT’S LANDING 13. CLEAN LIVING 14. SAFE SEX 15. PATAGONIA 1 . 2 . 3. 4. 5. 6 . 7. BOBBY SHERMAN BELL-BOTTOMS (PLAID) WEDGIES EMPIRE OF THE SUN RED CORVETTE INCORRUPT EVANGELISTS OWNING A COMMODORE 64 8 . 9. BREAD 10. THE ROYAL FAMILY 11. BLONDE 12. DALLAS 13. SMOKING 14. ONE NIGHT STANDS 15. K-WAY 33 IS IT THAT ... 1. WHEN YOU DASH DOWN TO THE SUBWAY PLATFORM AFTER YOU HEAR A TRAIN PULL IN, THE TRAIN IS ALWAYS GOING THE OTHER WAY??? 2. THE ONLY THING THAT KEEPS YOU FROM GETTING A JOB IS GETTING EXPERIENCE, AND THE ONLY THING KEEPING YOU FROM GETTING EXPERIENCE IS GETTING A JOB?? 3. WHEN YOU NEED AN ASSIGNMENT PRINTED OUT ON THE COMPUTER, SOMEONE ELSE HAS JUST STARTED PRINTING OUT A 3000 MEGA-BYTE PROGRAM?? 4. WHEN YOU TRY TO OPEN DOUBLE DOORS, YOU ALWAYS PULL ON THE LOCKED ONE??? 5. WHEN YOU’RE PISSED DRUNK, SOMEONE HAS LEFT THE TOILET SEAT COVER DOWN?? 34 6. YOU ALWAYS DECIDE TO WEAR YOUR GOOD CLOTHES ON A SLUSHY WINTER DAY WHEN A CAR DECIDES TO SPEED UP AS IT DRIVES BY YOU??? 7. THE PHOTOCOPIER IS ALWAYS BROKEN???? 8. VERSA FOODS IS ALLOWED TO SERVE FOOD IN OUR CAFETERIA?? 9 . THE SMOKE FROM A CIGARETTE ALWAYS DRIFTS OVER TO THE NON-SMOKER??? 10. YOU ONLY REMEMBER TO CHECK TO SEE IS YOU ' VE GOT YOUR KEYS AFTER YOU ' VE CLOSED THE DOOR TO YOUR HOUSE?? 35 CLASS OF 8T9 CLASS OF 9T0 38 It ' s been another fun filled and action packed year for Che ms, due in part to the continuing efforts of the Chem Club executive types. We kicked off the school year by giving the Common Room a badly needed paint job during the summer, and sponsored a " design-a-logo " contest in January, so that we could fill up one of our blank walls. This was well received and resulted in over a dozen entries. Congrats to our winner, Nim Lee (8T8). Smokers were popular again this year, with 3 special " theme " ones —Hawaiian, Valentine ' s and St. Patrick ' s Day (green beer!). We also sponsored many tournaments, namely golf, basketball, ping pong, hockey, volleyball , table hockey, and darts. Chems also participated in charity events such as the Varsity Fund, and we held a Euchre tournament to raise money for the United Way. An additional $150 was donated by students to this worthy cause. The annual Chem Dinner was held at the Harbour Castle Hilton, and a great time was had by all (well done, Carol!). We even threw in a few academic-type things in this year. A questionnaire was distributed to all 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students to find out what they thought about their courses, profs, TA ' s and engineering in general. The Chem Club also initiated 2 teaching awards this year; for " Best Prof " and " Best TA " , as determined by the students. Thanks to everyone who helped organize or participated, and best of luck to next year ' s crew! Chris Dunsmuir Chem Club Chairman 39 CLASS OF 8T9 CLASS OF 9T0 40 This year ' s Civil Club had one main objective: " to induce participation in all our sponsored functions, and to offer hours upon hours of enjoyment, excitement, and pleasure " . And while I suspect we did accomplish what we set out to do , praise and thanks must go out to all those CIVILS who took time to help us fulfill our goal, those who participated, encouraged and inspired. Sure, I can recount bed and chariot races, smokers, hockey, Quebec, Civil Dinner. . . And sure , I can describe what happened, who did what and how, and how many rules were broken along the way. Nope, this article is dedicated not only to the fun times, but especially to those who helped make them. And in my own special way, I salute you. LT JG - You ' re fired! Late for the tenth time this month. JD JB - Isn ' t " oh boy " wonderful? MV NG - Mom always said you can ' t get enough of that As min. MP AO ST - Why slip the tongue , when you can slip the whole hand. GC - Hey Bucky, I really wish you all the luck in the world. BVD - Don ' t drive Dave nuts by years end, dear. TL - The true Donkey Dick. HZ - Abby and Olivia are foxes, and they ' re mine. TLL - Hey Scammer, you really should get rid of that nickname. MR - Hail girls, Hail MB128. MR - Three-zero-nini-four, you are a knob. PP - For the nth time, clean up those damn shelves. JD TM -...the end is really just the beginning. The pictures are tor all to help remember. . . The last four years are to remind you not to forget. Good Luck Loui Pappas Civil Club Chairman CLASS OF 9T0 CLASS OF 8T9 42 The Electrical Club has had another good year. Beginning with Summer Nights back in August, incoming first year students launched their educational experience in Electrical Engineering. The Club hosted its own first and second year orientation programmes last fall . These were well attended and students found it interesting and useful toward their life in the department. The varsity telethon had a great turn out of 24 people this year. The effort and enthusiasm of all who participated paid off in raising oyer $8000 for out department as well as achieving second place of all the eight clubs. Thanks to all who helped. Next year we will beat the you-kno w-whos ! Our Smokers, although not as numerous this year, were special events. On one occasion, Mr. Miro Forest of Northern Telecom spoke to us giving valuable insight from an industrial point of view. In keeping with our tradition, the Club organized its third year class field trip to the Ottawa area, held in the first week of January. A core group of people saw the National Research Council , Bell Northern research and Gandalf Technologies, the excursion served to provide an exposure to various industries as well as strengthen friendship among colleagues. We wish to recognize the efforts of our Vice-chairman, Nicholas Werstiuk for his coordination and organization of this event. Our sports programme was enhanced this year with the introduction of the Squash Ladder. The activity proved quite popular with participation from undergraduates, graduate students and faculty. We had good participation in the somewhat brutal Chariot Race. The ensuing scuffle near the finish line made it difficult to determine a winner. However, some eyewitnesses have testified that the Electrical Chariot was a close second! The unfortunate problem of decreasing morale among the undergraduates lias been addressed seriously by the Club. Upon recommendation from the Club, the Department Chairman has considered the implementation of a mentorship programme pairing each undergraduate with a faculty member. Taking other institutions, Ivy League schools in particular, as an example, it is believed that the rift between students and faculty can be bridged. The Club is pleased by the popularity of the new forms of entertainment, one possibly controversial , introduced in our common room. Best regards to the members of the Class of ' 88 in their futures. Lester Hiraki Chairman II 11 I 43 CLASS OF 8T9 CLASS OF 9T0 44 Although undergraduates of all other engineering programs tend to jeer at us for being so keen, it is well known that Engineering Science undergraduates are among the most outgoing and involved groups of students on campus. From the annual chariot races to the winter baseball tournament, we are always the most prominent participants in Engineering Society activities . Considering the numerous Engineering Science activities that we participate in, such as the Engineering Science hockey tournament and our annual Dinner and Dance, I often wonder how we find the time to reach our academic goals. The Engineering Science Club is the main catalyst behind this Engineering Science Skule tm spirit. It organizes and promotes all major activities during the school year, keeps undergraduates informed of current events and of important information, and acts as the voice of all Engineering Science students. This year I was happy and proud to have been the Club Chairman, and I wish everyone the best of luck in their endeavours. Ken Oouveia Eng Scd Club Chairman i 45 j v CLASS OF 8T9 CLASS OF 9T0 48 At High School they told us that Engineering was hard! We used to believe it too, then we got to Roseburgh. But don ' t get us wrong, Industrial Engineering isn’t without its hazards . Orgasms , killer koolai d , the bio -hazard in the basement, Le Baron suite 176, and exams where you were allowed less than 4 double-sided aid sheets struck terror in all Industrial ' s hearts. As usual we iced the phone-a-thon, held red hot smokers, and set the CSIE conference ablaze. Regretfully, we finished second in the chariot race and unfortunately we don ' t know where the trophy is, really. This year Industrials crossed new horizons. F.W. Taylor ' s feature film, Amazon Cat in Orillia was called " a triple tour- de-force " by one critic. The Industrial Wombat Volleyball team amazed everyone with both their skill and character. As for music (ie. noise), the Industrial Truck Drivin ' Songs are still echoing through Blue Mountain and Via Rail still regrets not kicking us off at Kingston. Best wishes to Jan Laura, Fred Matilda, Dave Yaffa, and F.W. Tessie. Once again special thanks to our favourite women: Norma, Paula, Mom, and to Eddy who ' s still working hard. Arshad Munshi Industrial Club Chairman P.S. Thanks for a great year everyone and once more for good ( luck Wa Wa Wa Wa WA Wooooombat! !!!!!!! CLASS OF 8T9 CLASS OF 9T0 50 Nobody had more fun this year than the Mechs. The fall term peaked in October with the umpteenth annual Mech Dinner, held at the downtown Holiday Inn. The rest of the team was filled with memorable smokers. Thanks to the SAE, ASHRAE, and ASME CSME student chapters. Second term was even more fun with the January jaunt to Montreal. The students from Ecole Polytechnique returned the favour with a visit to Toronto in Febuary. During Godiva week, the Mechs won the chariot race. Again. We wish the class of 8T8 the best of luck, now that they ' re out. The best of the Mechs have our prayers. CLASS OF 8T9 CLASS OF 9T0 52 As we write this, it is hard to believe the year is drawing to a close. No more contending with late night problem sets and continuous phoning of classmates for solutions. But the backbone of survival, the MMS Club, will continue on for future classes. Although it is one of the smallest clubs, it has been quite active with once-a-month smokers (free pizza and cheap beer) in our Common Room (WB 143), a field trip to Kingston, a Club Dinner and a guest speaker. With a hard-working executive and active participation from a number of Club members including flrosh, these events have been a success. More important is the class camaraderie that arises from the MMS Club, with the amicability present between all years from seniors to flrosh. This, in itself, has made the MMS Club a vibrant organisation. We wish our colleagues in the other divisions much success for the future and hope you won ' t forget the " Men of Steel, Iron Maidens, and the Materialists " in the east end of Wallberg. MMS Executive 8T8 David Walker-Chairman Ron Delmas-V. Chairman Alex Monsour-Secretary Treasurer 53 Congratulations Imo Delaval Inc. a new name, a new era. IMO Deval Inc. 6845 Rexwood Rd., Unit 1 Mississauga, Ontario Canada L4V 1 R2 Phone: 416-678-6141 Telex: 06-968851 Fax: 416-678-0147 Congratulations CANADA Ludwig Engel Canada Ltd. 545 Elmira Road Guelph, Ontario, Canada NIK 1C2 Gore Sl Storrie Limited Congratulations Graduates of 8T8 1670 Bayview Avenue Toronto, Ontario Canada M4G 3C2 CONSTRUCTION CONTROL LIMITED Congratulations CONSULTING ENGINEERS lOO SPY COURT MARKHAM, ONTARIO L3R 5H6 Congratulations LEIGH m GROUP OF COMPANIES LEIGH INSTRUMENTS LIMITED 260 Hearst Way, Suite 500 Kanata, Ontario, Canada K2L 3H1 UNIT 9, 1445 BONHILL ROAD, MISSISSAUGA ONTARIO, CANADA, L5T 1V3 Congratulations Congratulations BEST WISHES from the 27 engineers at EASTERN CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD. ENGINEERS PLANNERS ARCHITECTS A NATIONAL INTERNATIONAL COMPANY OFFICES ACROSS CANADA OVERSEAS GENERAL CONTRACTORS CONSTRUCTION MANAGERS 133 WYNFORG DRIVE. NORTH YORK TELEX OB-9B66-89 COAST TO COAST EASTERN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED BOX 440. STATION Q, TORONTO. ONT. M4T 2R8 N. Congratulations from DUFFERIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 505 NORTH SERVICE ROAD EAST, OAKVILLE, ONTARIO L6H 1A5 SIEMENS We manufacture, market and service elec- trical and electronic products and systems for utilities, industry, business, medicine and science • Electrical Systems • Standard Products • Medical Systems • Hearing Instruments • Communication Systems • Electronic Components • HELL Graphic Systems • Specialty Light Sources Siemens Electric Limited 1180 Courtney Park Drive, Mississauga, Ont. L5T 1 P2, Tel. (416) 673-1 995. Telex 06-968841 Together, we can find the answers. Honeywell CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 88 ENGINEERING Honeywell and Sperry Aerospace have united to form an even stronger presence in the aerospace and defence field in Canada. Join this dynamic team building for the future. Send your resume, ia confidence, to: Personnel Manager Honeywell Limited Sperry Aerospace Division P.O. Box 1300 Rockland, Ontario KOA 3A0 All you’ll ever need to know about ballasts Philips Nark ID energy saving ballasts. Available in Rapid Start, Slimline, High Output and Octolume Octron T8. And featured in thousands of key construction projects across Canada. Why? Their reputation for quality, long life, full light output, stingy power use, and cooler operation. And that they’re backed by 100% dynamic and static on-line testing. Add to this an extended warranty, versatility and a range that no one else offers, and you have all the reasons you need ... to look to Philips for all your ballast needs. For the complete facts contact your Philips distributor or representative. Why compare ... when there’s no comparison ! Lighting Leadership Worldwide PHILIPS ! ; ; ! i ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS A KNOT NO ONE COULD UNTIE. It was a huge, hopeless tangle of rope and vine that had defied the best efforts of people from all over the world. Ancient soothsayers claimed the knot was formed by Gordius, legendary King of Gordium. “Whosoever shall untie the Gordian Knot,” said the soothsayers, “shall have all of Asia as their reward.” All of Asia, the fabled land of mystery and magnificence - what a prize! Yet for centuries, no one had succeeded in unraveling the Gordian knot. Kings and wisemen, warriors i and wizards: they all tried, and they all failed. Then, in the year 333 B.C., a mighty Macedonian King arrived on j the scene. Flanked by thousands of 1 his troops, and armed with one of history’s finest and most creative minds, Alexander the Great stood transfixed before the great Gordian Knot. A hush swept through the ranks as all eyes turned to Alexander. Suddenly a flash of inspiration lit up his face. And with one bold and innovative stroke, Alexander untied the untie-able. Grasping his sword, he slashed through the knot with a swift decisive blow. And went on to rule all of Asia. Today, the world has changed. Dramatically. But the need for innovative thinking remains the same. Especially at BNR (Bell Northern Research), where our R D expertise has enabled our parent company, Northern Telecom, to become the largest supplier of fully digital communications systems in BNR«i the world. At BNR, we not only appreciate the bold new ideas of our engineers and scientists - we also reward them. As a world leader in the evolution of telecommunications and information management products, we are committed to maintaining a solid lead over the competition. If you are a university graduate interested in telecommunications, office products or related fields, we would like to hear from you. Please send your resume or personal profile to.- BNR Dept. 8G50 Stop No. 1392 P.O. Box 3511 Station C Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 4H7 So come join the quest. And help us untie the Gordian Knots of today’s technology. WHERE FINE MINDS MANAGE INNOVATION. ACRES INTERNATIONAL Over Sixty Years of Engineering Excellence • Power and Energy • Water Resources • Transportation • Industry ACRES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED 480 University Avenue Toronto, Ontario M5G 1V2 CONGRATULATIONS TO 8T8 ENGINEERING GRADUATES (Especial ly Electrical ) c FISCHER PORTER 134 Nor f i nch Dr . Downsview, Ontario M3N- 1X7 PROCESS nERSUREHEMTS CONTROLS HATCH ASSOCIATES LTD. 21 St. Clair Avenue East Toronto, Ontario M4T 1L9 Toronto, Montreal, Hamilton, Buffalo N.Y. Consultants to Management Engineering Architecture Project Management Procurement Construction Management Steel and non-ferrous metallurgical, transportation, pulp and paper, mining, chemical and manufacturing industries. f w V. A. WOOD ASSOCIATES LIMITED Consulting Geotechnical Engineers 151 Nashdene Rd., Unit 2 Scarborough Ont. M1V4B9 Tel (41 6) 292-2868 Concord Scientific Corporation AN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY COMPANY PROVIDING PROFESSIONAL SERVICES IN: • Chemical Hazard Risk Assessment •Toxic and Air Quality Monitoring • Industrial Hygiene Surveys • Indoor Air Quality 8urveye •Analytical Laboratory Service! • Dispersion and Add Deposition Modeling •Model Development end Evaluation • Industrie) Pollution Control Head OMei: 2 TIPPETT I0B0NT0, ONTARIO NON 2V2 (416) 630-MJ1 Brancft ONIon: CAlflANV • OTTAWA Congratulations 1988 Graduates from IS L.H. Schwindt Co. Limited Burlington Ontario Chemical, Civil, Mechanical Electrical Consulting Engineers Since 1948 MICRO METALLURGICAL LTD. MTS HHHHH oo MTS (CANADA) LTD. PLAZA 4. 2 □ □ □ ARGENTIA ROAD, 5UITE 1 □□ MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO L5N 1 P7 41 MAPLE AVENUE RICHMOND HILL, Paul Norman ONTARIO L4C 6P4 President TELEPHONE: (416) 889-6231 l-M-llall Associates Inc. Suite 21 1 , 35 King Street Weston, Ontario M9N 3R8 (416) 246-1048 CONGRATULATIONS! 1 A. B. CHANCE COMPANY OF CANADA LTD. 100 HOVVDEN ROAD, SCARBOROUGH, ONTARIO M ' R 3G1 PHONE: TORONTO 416-288-9444 TELEX: 065-24063 Tnppmn Compliments of m 1320 ELLESMERE RD., SCARBOROUGH ONTARIO M1P 2X9 (416) 291-7707 Topping Electronics is one of Canada’s leading Electronic companies, specializing in developing and producing electronic equipment since 1956. The com- pany’s services, supervised throughout by top pro- grammers, engineers and technicians, Include Marshall Macklin Monaghan Consulting Engineers Surveyors Planners 275 Duncan Mill Road • In-house CAD System • Electronics Development Laboratory • Electronics design and prototyping • Electronics product manufacturing and testing • Microprocessor development system • Micro-memories Programming • Engineering Microcontroller prototypes • Production and test of microcontrollers • Traffic signal control equipment • Pipeline inspection equipment • Frequency synthesizers Don Mills, Ontario M3B 2Y1 Toronto • Edmonton • Multi-channel tape recorders • Telecommunications equipment Burlington • Mississauga • Whitby We call it the Intelligent Universe, and we’re building that vision into reality. Our vision at Northern Telecom is to build the Intelligent Universe. A universe where people will easily transmit, store, access, and use all the information they need, where and when they need it. As the world’s leading developer of fully digital telecommunications systems, we constantly need innovative and talented people to play a role in pioneering future concepts and tech- nologies. People like you. As an important member of the Northern Telecom team, you’ll be joining a corporate family where your career can grow in a stimulating, creative environment. You will use the latest, sophisti- cated technology, tools and concepts like CAD CAM, CIM, ISDN, and extensive mainframe and remote computer facilities. You will be on the leading edge of digital communications technology. Together we will build the Intelligent Universe. Investigate the potential that Northern Telecom holds for you. For further information, you may contact: Manager, University Recruitment and Liaison, Northern Telecom Canada, 304 The East Mall, Islington, Ontario M9B 6E4 m northern telecom i At Dow, were proud of our relation- ship with the University of Toronto, but prouder still of the engineers this university produces. We know that if you can make it in here, you’ll make it out there. No question about it. The future belongs to you. DOW CHEMICAL CANADA INC. Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company AT PETER BURDON WE CARE ABOUT YOUR AUTOMOTIVE FUTURE FOR GRADUATES ONLY $500 CASH BONUS or FREE EXTENDED WARRANTY ‘may be applied as a down payment further -Towing and road Service reducing the cost of ownership -Car ren , a | a || owance -Reduced deductable TO BE THE BEST,, something worth striving for. Whether the quest is for the attainment of personal goals, or, as in our case, the building of fine cars and hard working trucks. Tbday ' s consumer has a world of choice. That ' s why at Chrysler, we just want to be the best. CIIK’l SI ,KR CANADA LTD Warner-Lambert Canada (nc. " Warner Lambert stands out as a company that cares for its employees and nurtures their personal growth . . . Warner Lambert really shines with its people management. " iA imK ' i ' r tnrl - The Financial Post Selects the 100 B est Companies to W ort for in Ca nada Congratulations to the University of Toronto Compliments of (§ j§) CONTRpL DATA Control Data Canada, Ltd. designs and manufactures high-performance computer systems and computer-based solutions for many engineering disciplines. Our Data Storage Products Group provides high-capacity, high-performance storage devices for other computer manufacturers. Our Education and Training Services provide universities with CYBER computers for research, while our training programs help build a technology proficient workforce for business and industry. §g CONTRQL WE ARE VERY PROUD TO BE A SUPPORTER DATA Call Future First for: mSemiconductors •Passive Components • Computer Products © MOTOROLA Semiconductor Product t Inc. Authorized Distributor FUTURE ELECTRONICS 82 St Regis Crescent North Downsview, Ontario M3J 1Z3 Tel.: (416) 638 4771 When school administrators demanded a cost-efficient energy management system, Johnson Controls did it. Here’s why an energy management system from Johnson Controls is the answer to your energy problems. Saves You Money. By keeping your energy costs in line Easy to Use. Because it ' s designed with the user in mind Time Proven. Delivering a reliable system that eliminates worry about your building ' s performance. Flexible. Allowing your system to grow as you grow. Start saving money now with an efficient energy management system. Call Johnson Controls today. JQHNSON CONTROLS 7400 Birchmount Road Markham, Ont. L3R 5V4 494-1575 Mack on the Move! Connect with quality performance and delivery Connect with JAG Electronics 213 Dunview Avenue, Willowdale AMP Ontario M2N-4H9, Canada AMP of CANADA Ltd. FORD IS IN YOUR FUTURE Ford Electrical and Electronics Division is a world class automotive supplier of electronic, electrical and mechanical components. Industry wide we have a reputation for providing quality products backed by state-of-the art technology. We have Engineering locations, manufacturing facilities and customers around the world. At the Markham facility we manufacture electronic automotive instrumentation, monitoring control and entertainment equipment for Ford Motor Company products world wide. Our plans are ambitious but sound; our Managers seasoned and innovative. We prize initiative and innovative thinking, have shortened the lines of communication between top and bottom line management, and vest new employees with significant responsibility. The automotive electronics industry is at a transition point, where one level of technology has been achieved and the thrust toward a new level is beginning. In the future we will continue to design and manufacture a broad array of electrical and electronic components that meet our customers needs. Ford is destined to remain in your future, why not put yourself in ours. FORD ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING CORPORATION 7455 Birchmount Road Markham, Ontario L3R 5C2 ret RENMARK ELECTRONICS LIMITED 110 West Beaver Creek Road, Unit 7 Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1J9 AL ASKEW President Telephone (416) 881-8844 FAX: 416-881-8848 Salutes the University of Toronto Engineering Society Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management 2200 Lake Shore Blvd. West Toronto 416-252- 5311 Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Montreal T.E.S. CONTRACT SERVICES INC. TEMPCPABV ENGINEERING SERVICES TOTAL EMPLOY MHMT SERVICES Tescan Management Services 2300 YONGE STREET SUITE 1202 ( A_ ft O TORONTO, ONTARIO M4P 1E4 (ft ±0,1 ft 191 The West Mall Suite 108 Etobicoke, Ontario M9C 5K8 ( 416 ) 620-9326 3228 South Service Road • Penthouse (A 1 g) 639-2600 Burlington, Ontario L7N 3J2 V ' 246 Queen Street - 3rd Floor Ottawa. Ontario KIP BE4 " OUR BUSINESS AT T.E.S. IS PEOPLE’ ( 613 ) 238-8778 mm TeleVat Telesat Canada New Horizons in Communications Horizons Nouveaux en Communications 333 River Road (613) 746-5920 Ottawa, Ontario TWX: 610-562-8926 KlL 8B9 TELEX: 053-3204 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 87 WE APPRECIATE THE PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE OF A UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO GRADUATE ENGINEER R. E. WINTER ASSOCIATES LTD. Consulting Engineers, Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects (Founded - 1955) 4255 Sherwoodtowne Blvd. Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1Y5 WHERE TOMORROW IS MADE Canadian Marconi Company — a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of avionics, commercial and tactical communica- tions, specialized components and radar systems. One hundred and thirty-eight countries worldwide rely on our expertise in state-of-the-art electronics. jmc CANADIAN MARCONI COMPANY 2442 Trenton Avenue, Montreal, Canada H3P 1Y9 Telephone: (514) 341-7630 Telex: 05-827822 TWX: 610-421-3564 Canadian Standards KAUFMAN CONSULTING SERVICES LTD. Computers Telecommunications Association safety and performance through standards , testing, and certification. 2 SHEPPARD AVE E . SUITE 20? WILLOWQALE, ONTARIO M2N 5Y7 CANADA (416) 222-6112 The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) would like to wish the graduates and students of the University of Toronto much success in their future endeavours. B A Consulting Group Ltd. Transportation Planners and Engineers Formerly Barton-Aschman Associates Limited • Traffic Engineering • Transportation Planning • Parking Facilities Design • Civil Engineering • Transit Facilities • Pedestrian Circulation 111 Avenue Road, Suite 604, Toronto, Ontario M5R 3J8 (416) 961-7110 FAX: (416) 961-9007 112 28th Street S.E., Calgary, Alberta T2A 6J9 (403) 248-0211 FAX: (403) 235-4565 Congratulations Canada Brick DIVISION OF JANNOCK LIMITED Congratulations Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario O 0 1155 Yonge Street Toronto. Ontario M4T 2Y5 ■ It WORLD WIDE EXPERTISE CANADIAN MANUFACTURED QUALITY stainless steel plpe tublng duplex aus t enl t l c- f er r l t l c alloys high nickel alloy tubular products ho l l ow bar welding consumables hardened tempered strip steel heat and corrosion resistant alloys SANDVIK CANADA, INC, TORONTO. MONTREAL. VANCOUVER. CALGARY Aircraft Appliances and Equipment Limited 150 East Drive Bramalea, Ontario, Canada L6T 1C1 Telephone (416) 791-1666 Telex 069-7540 FAX 41 6-791 -721 8 ‘Distributors of high technology aerospace products ‘Designers and manufacturers of marine fuel filtration and surveillance support equipment. ‘Repair and overhaul servicers of military and commercial aircraft and associated ground support equipment. Litton Canada, a High Technology Company Creating Jobs as it Creates World Markets When it comes to high technology, Litton Canada has proved that Canada can produce world class equipment. As a result Litton Canada has won commercial and military contracts from around the globe. Over the years, our success has helped support the Canadian economy in many ways. Providing employment is one of them. In 1960, Litton Canada began with a small staff of 41 . Since then our steady growth has enabled us to increase our staff to over 3,500 highly skilled workers. We also maintain full time training schools, apprenticeship and cooperative programs and offer education assistance outside the workplace. This better enables our people to handle future challenges and industry developments. Litton Litton Systems Canada Limited 25 City View Drive. Etobicoke. Ontario Canada M9W5A7 Tel (416)249 1231 engineering. To ensure our automotive Air Cleaners, Cooling Fans and Emission Control Products, are industry leaders in technology and value, we provide our engineers with training and tools, in state-of-the-art techniques such as: Design of Experiments, Statistical Process Control, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing and Computer Aided Engineering. We are committed to Ensuring Education Does Not End With Graduation! 1 — Congratulations to the Class of 19 8 8 CANSTAR X ■ II Sisvnvs ONiiHon oth • saawaoaSNvai ndis nosn • SiiNn nanj aaNans no • a3waoaSNvaji nouinem aawane no • ea£9«-90 on »i®i 16U-S9Z (91®) 2HG 0®W ouejuo OlUOiOl 1 PU PIWJUBJQ cc P MMn t» — W lO U0SU9||V ujojj suoijBmjEjSuoo ino ‘vonvssissiw OVOd N3MQVH 010Z oni svnowoa 6SS 32H oijbjuo ‘Sinn uoa aAijQ oojqjCsn ' BA 09 snoiiBjn;BJ§uo3 $3nddn6 a3MOd • Sa3JJd3ANOO a3MOd • saaoavHo Aaanva • sisvnva ANaosaaon-ia • seqsjM iseg pus suo!iB|niej6uoQ e 10-161’ (9lfr) XVd 01U0J0J. 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University of Toronto Engineering Society - Skule Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


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