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THE BOOK OF SKULE 8T7 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO ENGINEERING SOCIETY CONTENTS EVENTS GROUPS SPORTS GRADS ...23 ...59 ORIENTATION Flrosh arrived early Tuesday morning for the first day of orientation. While they were waiting in line to get into Convocation Hall, the hazing committee made sure they weren ' t bored by encouraging them to do push-ups and engage in fun games like leap frog. Once inside, the Flrosh were welcomed by the Dean of Engineering and other distinguished speakers. They were also introduced to Skule tm spirit by the Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad and the Mighty Skule tm Cannon. Later that day the Flrosh had their picture taken on the Front Campus. Mysteriously, all the Flrosh decided to make the same fashion statement, having dyed their arms purple to contrast beautifully with their bright yellow T-shirts and hard hats. On Wednesday the Flrosh went out on the town shining shoes and when they returned they were greeted with cheap beer and pizza at Suds and entertainment by Skule tm Nite and the LGMB. Soon afterwards, they all walked over to the El Mocombo to consume (and throw) vast quantities of free foamy golden liquid, courtesy of Amstel. Events continued on Thursday and Friday after classes and again on Saturday. Orientation ended on Sunday at Hart House Farm where the Flrosh earned a delicious lunch of hamburgers and corn. The Flrosh were very disappointing to this upperclassman because they were too wimpy to throw the President and Orientation Chairman into the pond — something about it being too cold. Wayne Mcphee 6 SHINERAMA " Are we going to raise more money than last year? Yaaahh !! " Convocation Hall roared with the approving cheers of 1700 students, and Shinerama Day at the University of Toronto kicked off. Eleven colleges and faculties joined hands on September 3rd this year to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis research. At the centre of them all was, of course, the Engineers. The result was the most successful campaign in the history of Shinerama at the University of Torornto: $39,000 was raised. This easily exceeds last year ' s total of $25,000. Practically every street corner in downtown Toronto had a shining group on it, and almost every ' " ' person in the downtown core encoun- tered an eager shiner ready to shine his or her shoes, wallet, car, glasses, head, etc. The next day was the Shinerama Bedrace down University Avenue. The race started at noon, and so did the water balloon sales. For the first (and last) time in years, a non-Engineering team. Pharmacy, won the Bedrace. Geo-Engineering came second, and the defending champions. Civil, were involved in a spectacular crash with New College which destroyed both vehicles. The Hot Dog Day was held on Friday during the musical chairs event on front campus, and was followed by the Hot Dog Eating Contest. Congratulations on a great campaign to everyone involved, especially the Shinerama Com- mittee, who put in a lot of extra time and effort. Best of luck to next year’s co-chairmen, Chris Dunsmuir and Dina Aweida. Nadine Aweida Joseph Paradi Jr. Co-chairmen Shinerama ' 86 U OF T DAY Homecuming this year was part of U of T Day, and was on the same day as the University-wide Open House. Homecuming activities included a parade followed by a football game, ending with festivities. This year Engineering decided to create a float with the Rehab Meds, instead of one of our own. The theme of the parade was " U of T Then and Now, Celebrate Your University " . In order to incorporate the " Then and Now " part of the theme, we became Roman Engineers dressed in togas. The parthanon was built on the float, which was adorned with streamers and balloons. Music was once again provided by the LGMB. Everyone had a great time; the only disappointing thing was that our water balloon catapult did not quite have the range we had hoped for. Open House was a big success this year. Relatives and friends of students, as well as others interested in the wonders lying behind the hallowed doors of the Engineering buildings, arrived in full force. While the Homecoming parade marched on, student tour guides led the way to the different buildings, some decked in lab coats and balloons. Of the many exhibits offered, it was the Huidized Bed bed in the Wallberg Building that took the cake. GODIVA WEEK Godiva Week was a great success this year for those of you who missed the fun , or were to drunk to remember anything ,here is a run down of the events. The Calculus race , that true test of an engineer ' s versatility was won by Helder Bothelho (chem frosh) who proved (by induction) that calculus , beer and cheating really do go together. The T-square miniput , complete with a Jcllo hazard was won by Joe Carusone , Eng Sci 8T7 ,for the second year in a row . The n-th annual Chariot Race was won by the Civils , with the Industrials coming in second place without place without wheels ( they insist the Electricals stole them the night before ). Wednesday was also the day of the 2nd Annual Talent Contest. First place was captured by the " 3 - Skins " , a group of enthusiastic Chem Eng ' s with a very loyal group of Chem Eng supporters . Loris Stcllato , Elec 8T8 , came in a close second place with his piano and vocal performance . These two groups also went to compete in the University wide Blue and White Talent Contest . Third place and honourable mention went to the " Sperm Count 100 " with their extremely wide repertoire . The Boat Races were guzzled up by the Civil 8T7 team , with a penalty plagued Eng Sci 8T7 team taking a very close second place. In Winter Baseball Civil 8T8 defeated the Eng Sci 8T8 team in the finals to capture what was not Civil ' s last victory of the week . Lickily the baseball players were able to warm up with our outdoor barbeque hamburgers . Godiva ' s Quest was won by a team of Civil Engineers, this time Civil 8T7 . They were the only team to get REAL item , Dean Heinke . Of coursethey treated the Dean to an evening at Suds , for being so cooperative . The event was Godiva ' s Wake , at the El Mocambo. All I can remember is that it was amazing . Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to all the people who helped run the events . Party In Hell Steve Kotsopoulos Blue and Gold Chairman 12 CHARIOT RACES With a roar of the Mighty SKULE tm Cannon they were off and running-sort of. The 1987 Chariot race was underway. As is customary in this annual event, the Flrosh chariot had just begun to move when it was attacked by a horde of bloodthirsty upper- classman who left in their wake a mangled pile of boards and other assorted wreckage. The light dusting of snow which coated the ' track ' quickly disappeared as the field was churned into slick mud. Despite the valient efforts of the ' pushers ' and ' blockers ' to defend their respective chariots, the crowds succeeded in stopping all of the vehicles at various times. Finally, the Civil chariot managed to struggle across the finish line, and was declared the winner. The next vehicle to cross was the Industrial chariot, which had been carried for the entire race. It seems that someone borrowed their wheels and neglected to return them. They were subsequently disqualified and second place went to Chemical, with their secret weapon (what was that stuff!?). Third place was garnered by the infamour Eng Sci plywood- wedgmobile. Luckily, no serious bodily injuries were incurred and all participants and observers had a good time. Such is the spirit of SKULE m !! Chris Dunsmuir (Chem 8T8) Designer, Chem chariot CANNONBALL The Cannonball semiformal was a tremendous success this year. It was held at the Old Mill and over two hundred and seventy engineering students, guests, and alumni attended. Everything ran smoothly. (Well, almost everything!) TheBNAD arrived fashionably late to serenade the guests with their chaotic cacophony, punctuated by a stunning aural assault from the Skule tm Cannon. As is traditional, the Cannon Guard was composed of female engineers. A good time was had by all, and I would like to extend my thanks to all who made the Cannonball possible. 14 Franco Podborski— " Skier from Hell " SKI TRIP " Proud to be a Canadian " 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. Snake eyes watching you- The Ace of Spades! Intoxication-To the level of one Klein. Waste Cowboys! Everyone give me the finger! Breakfast of champions. 15 skule t " nite CAST AND CREW OF SKULE tm NITE 8T7 PRODUCER Laurence K. Breakwell DIRECTOR Jerome Madden STAGE MANAGER Warren van Goozen Jovanni Sy Peeter Tammisto John Amadio Justin Amann Richard Arend Jeremy Bateson Frank Battiston Tony Bell Laura Childerson Donna Cieszynska David Clark Randy Clark Joyce Cogswell Deirdre Corlett David Drascic Scott Durffus Chris Dunsmuir Daniela Duriavig Robert Eckersley Brian Fitzsimmons Richard Fofana Danny Gargaro Tim Graham Jim Gutcher Patricia Homonylo John Howlett Nick A. Iozzo David Ishcrwood George Johnson Steve Roberts Peter Ryan Brian Schofield John Schrag Keith Springer Desiree Sy Peter Wong Katherine Zalewski Derek Jubb Rob Kee Ken Kiang John " Kato " Kitamura Floward Kleinberg Martin " Bear " Kuntze Jon Leonard Csilla Leskowsky Zoltan Leskowsky Maryann Lovicsek Paula MacPherson Laura Martin Darius Mavalwala Anne M c Phee Alec McTavish Tom Mcadowcroft Jamie Millar Cary Moretti Julia Moyer Frank Naccarato Hayley Ohlig David Paradi Joseph Paradi Jr. Bill Piggott Jim Prcndergast Les Rehbeli Dave Reid Daryn Thompson Dieter Wagner Carol Wells Rob West Ron Williams 17 Digital in Canada. H Digital Equipment of Canada Limited is a leading manufac- turer of minicomputers. In addition, the company is a major supplier of micro and mainframe computers, per- sonal computers, peripheral equipment, interfacing devices, software packages, and support services. The company serves customers in a wide variety of commer- cial, industrial, educational, medical and governmental pursuits. Since its incorporation in 1963, the company has grown from a one-man sales office to a full-service Canadian corporate entity employing over 1,900 Canadians. Digital Equipment of Canada Limited, 100 Herzberg Road, P.O. Box 13000, Kanata, Ontario, K2K 2A6 Tel. (613) 592-5111 100 BEST COMPANIES TO WORK FOR IN C ANADA Linear Technology Inc (LTI) is a Canadian owned high tech- nology company which designs, manufactures and markets miniature integrated circuits (ICs) for special applications These devices are the largest and fastest-growing segment of the $27 billion semiconductor industry. LTI occupies three custom built premises in Burlington, Ontano and currently produces 3 " wafers convertable to 4 " LTI is the only fully-integrated manufacturer in Canada of linear bipolar ICs and is one of only three companies in the country making silicon chips The company ' s product line comprises audio amplifiers sold to the world nearing aid industry and custom and semi-custom ICs which have numerous industrial applications. Over a 12 year history, sales have grown at a compound rate of 35% per year and the business has been consistently profitable This performance is attributable to the high level of investment in people skills and automated machinery and equipment as well as R D. which in 1984 reached $2 0 million representing 20% of sales LTI employs a staff of 170 of whom 60 are scientists, engineers and technologists Our representatives will be pleased to talk to you about possible career opportunities and to answer any questions you may have about our company mmm Linear Technology Inc. From the world’s leading manufacturer of mechanical piping products to The Engineering Graduates of University of Toronto Congratulations A ■ i ' v s©T iCtauliC CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 87 WE APPRECIATE THE PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE OF A UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO GRADUATE ENGINEER R. E. WINTER ASSOCIATES LTD. Consulting Engineers, Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects (Founded - 1955) 65 WORCESTER ROAD • REXDALE, ONTARIO 4255 Sherwoodtowne Blvd. Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1Y5 “Experimental Stress Analysis is the Quality Control of Design . . . It is as important to Design as non-destructive testing is to Production” Design and Produce for Reliability with TECHNOLOGY INC • Strain Gauge and Photoelastic Stress Analysis • Transducers and Measuring Systems (or shock, acceleration, torce. vibration and displacement • Widest Range ot Hardness and Spring Testers (or lab and in line production testing • Static and Dynamic Test Systems tor Simulated Service Testing • Universal. Impact, Fatigue. Fracture and Wear Testers • In line Robotic Visual Inspection systems for components, assembly correctness and surfaces DIN or ASTM Standards ... we meet them both Withdrawing Cash? Ybu’re never far from where we are! D Th e (jreen lachine. .Decause you have better things to do. 1 SC RSDALE ROAD, DOW MUXS OWT M3B 2R2 • TEL. (418 445-5500 . TELEX 06-B68772 CONGRATULATIONS ! FROM McGRAW-HILL RYERSON LIMITED You relied on our textbooks for ACCURATE, UP-TO-DATE, COMPREHENSIVE information throughout your school years. Now, you ' ll discover the same high standards in our PROFESSIONAL AND REFERENCE BOOKS. Whatever your engineering specialty, McGraw-Hill Rycrson has the reference books you ' ll rely on every day. INDAL INFORMATIVE • RELIABLE • UP-TO-DATE For a FREE catalogue of Professional and Reference books, contact: Carol Remy McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited 330 Progress Ave. Scarborough, Ontario M1P2Z5 (416) 293-1911 Compliments of Indal Limited 4000 Weston Road Weston, Ontario ENGINEERING SOCIETY The Engineering Society has embarked on a brand new century this year. Another hundred years of Engineering students have already started to pass through the halls. These people will help to keep the Engineering Society going through the next hundred years. Every event that the Eng Soc runs, be it orientation, the CannonBali, Godiva week or a suds pub, involves the hard work of many people. There are over a dozen committees that work to provide a range of services to students. The committees are always looking for cheerful faces to help plan events. In addition to the social events, the Engineering Society provides other services like the 5 cent photocopiers, a typewriter to use, and of course the Engineering Stores where your Skule tm supplies can be bought cheap. Publications such as The Cannon, The Toike Oike, and of course our illustrious yearbook help to keep the student body informed and entertained. The Eng Soc wouldn ' t run as such a well-oiled machine without Joyce, our secretary and June Mike, our favourite stores managers. There are things for everyone to do at the Eng Soc. Come around and see where you can vent your frustrations from that last midterm and have some fun!! Engineering Society ' 87 President: Kim Hollings VP Administration: BRUTE FORCE COMMITTEE ARREST REPORT 2.718281828459 Mickey Mice Offence Court University of Toronto FORM 3.14159 CAMPUS CRIMINAL CODE OFFENDEE: The Brute Force Committee (BFC) ADDRESS: of no fixed address ON THE ACADEMIC YEAR: 1986-1987 TIME: Late at night DID COMMIT the following offences: -Renovating the Dean ' s office into a janitorial suppy room prior to a scheduled meeting with space management -€ including - break and enter - trespassing - construction without a permit -Installing giant nursing cap on Stewart Observatory (SAC including - illegal erection of a shrine - prowl by night - Hanging large Skule tm banner in Convocation Hall including - break and enter - issuing false statements - ballooning in restricted air space - Painting Stewart Observatory - Tin Foiling Stewart Observatory - Painting Stewart Observatory including - trespassing (x 3) - vandalism (x 3) - painting without stripping wallpaper (x 2) - failure to sign student card in ink (x 13) -Condemning University College Building including - unauthorized issuance of condemnin g order ( 3.14159265359) - unauthorized contracting of Mario ' s Demolition and Pastry Shoppe - prowl by early morning - evading arrest Contrary to the Criminal Code of Campus Status: released on $101,325 bail,now in default of Bond release conditions 26 Warrants have been issued for the arrest of: Chief: I n Sp a ng - Be.Er.,sEX,Probs. Chief ' s Ass: M rt n S ch s - Be.Er.,EX. Ministers: Ke E Mo E Ead (Nocturnal Events) s EV D uB E At rs (Originality Originality) f na W ls n (Ignorance) E n M C n ld (Piece) d M C Wn (Shock Waves) s EV K t P los (Boardom) E E y MASTER BATES (Environment) g 0 J £j (Wealth Hellfare) LADY GODIVA MEMORIAL BNAD The BNAD got off to a great start this year with a huge contin- gent of eager F!rosh swarming to the annual practice at Hart House Farm. Many of the F!rosh could play inst- ruments (GASP!) but this situation was soon corrected and the LGMB fell into its traditional standards of cacophonic and flatulent excellence. 1986-87 saw an incredible rise in the BNAD ' s notariety. During Shinerama the BNAD was kicked out of all the underground malls and was thrown out of the Eaton Centre not once, but twice (and on TV, too!). Not satisfied with this alone, the BNAD crashed the installation party for Chancellor John Black Aird. Now, most of the BNAD will probably not graduate until 1999, but it sure was fun. In addition to all these special projects, the BNAD continued to make its quasi-scheduled appearan- ces at football games, parades, and Engineering events, and any number of well-watered alumni gatherings. As the new year rang in, the BNAD continued to bang in just about everything under the sun (or cloud, as the year ' s weather was a bit unco- operative). Their smash performance at Godiva ' s Wake left people talking for months , and this triumph was only topped by the Cannonball and Grad Ball for stunning virtuosity and high alcoholic content. Throughout 1986-87 there was no doubt that the LGMB was alive and well (even if it was a bit hung over). Cheers! Jeremy Bateson Tom Mcadowcroft Daryn Thompson (BNAD LEEDURS 86 87) (My God, it keeps growing!) 28 STAGE BAND The SKULE tm stagehand continues in its fourth year. Although practices were only held weekly, performances were numerous and included the Atrium, Suds Pubs, Koffler Centre, Cannonball and Hart House as well as the Florida Jazzfest and Munich Octoberfest. Styles ranged from Bigband to Fusion Jazz with Combo and Vocal arrangements included. This is a talented and energetic band that is always in the mood. Special thanks to the Engineering Alumni Association and Eng Soc for their continued support. THE CANNON The Cannon is the more serious Engineering newspaper, and one whose existence is often overshadowed by the more outrageous Toike. But our newspaper serves a definite purpose to let Engineering students know whats going on their faculty , and to express their opinions. This year we covered issues such as Underfunding, Engineering and Environment , and the Toike lawsuit as well as bringing you the news on upcoming events and intramural sports. Working for the Cannon is a great experience , and I hope that in the years to come more students will get involved with it. In closing , thanks to all the staff , especially Richard Roland Anne McPhee place 3 in the home f nd she should go there directly after work. 31 E iKS -X ' iKS The following persons were major con- tributors for the 1986-87 Toike Oikes! Publishur: Editurs: Photography: Contributors: Greg Stairs Neil Cooper Howard Pasternack Suzanne Rochford John Howlctt John R mn Jeremy Bateson lan Spearing Kim Hollings Adrian Coombs Danicla Duriavig Heidi Herget Helen Wojdnski Nataliya Masinovakaya Maria Athanasoulas Anne McPhee 32 THE YEARBOOK Fun?! Wow!! From beneath a sea of blue paper rise the Chosen Ones — the survivors of the BLUE PENCIL and the infamous glue stick. They come bearing the Book of Skule tm . It looks like a puzzle, you say?? We have tried to piece together the fun, the friendships, the wild times, and the day-to-day grind to create a picture of Engineering at U of T. Though we could not capture everything, we hope that we have at least captured the spirit of every- one of us who has ever donned a yellow hard hat. Thanks go to all the people who helped with last-minute write-ups, and to everyone who put up with our mess and late-night anxiety attacks. Special thanks go to the Engineering Society for helping us with our bizarre needs. Best of luck to the Grads - we ' ll miss you. Kirsten Vice Andrew Butler Co-Editors Thanks go to John Rynn for his help with photography. Laserwriting by the U of T Computer Shop. PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: Leisl Dukhedin-Lalla, PHOTOGRAPHER: John Howlett ( entourage) Kathleen Wong, Lydia Van der Veen, Trudi Collins, Anna Cotognini 33 BUILDING CONDEMNED I 1 Oftlfft Of ▼ Ml MOftM ft AMI M A ft 10 f AM ft C MMI ' . |t N I ft M ||)d T PIK MJftAI fAWA(» f t f ff) II I Mill INII ' .Ufl (ft HA ftlft|,|ftf( r Ml Ill ll I IN ' liN ' .AII M A’. ' ft |L N ' » I .III Aofft Warner-Lambert Canada Inc, " Warner-Lambert stands out as a company that cares for its employees and nurtures their personal growth . . . Warner-Lambert really shines with its people management. " From the recently published book - The Financial Post Selects the 100 Best Companies to Work for in Canada Congratulations to the Class of 19 8 6 CANSTAR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF ' 87 PENTAX SURVEY INSTRUMENTS DIVISION, CANADA SUPPLIER OF TOTAL STATION, EDM ' S,THEODOLITES, AND AUTO LEVELS 3131 Universal Drive, Mississauga, Ontario Tel: (416M625-4930) A Place to Learn A Chance to Grow We are the Ford Electronics Manufacturing Corporation. We manufacture electronic automotive instrumentation, monitoring, control and entertainment equipment for Ford Motor Company products world-wide. In 1984, we opened a unique facility that incorporates leading edge electronic manufacturing technology in a statistically controlled plant. We have the largest production facility for surface mounted devices in Canada as well as extensive robotics applications, flexible manufactur- ing systems, and integrated vision testing. Our commitment to quality goes beyond the technology. On the human side of enterprise, we seek to re-define traditional roles to provide a greater sense of involve- ment, responsibility and satisfaction. Our corporate structure has surprisingly few levels in comparison to other large companies. We practice participative management. We dislike job fragmentation. We promote broad functional exposure to various parts of the business and believe strongly in on and off the job training. We encourage risk taking - believing it to be fundamental to growth and advancement. We have ongoing needs for exceptional people who share this commitment to excellence. mm ) Ford Electronics Manufacturing Corporation 7455 Birchmount Road, Markham, Ontario L3R 5C2 (416) 475-8510 CHEMICAL CLUB In its headquarters (the common room!) the Chemical Engineering Club executive met regularly (or not so regularly!) to organize and take part in a large variety of events. The Chemical Engineering Club Dinner, previously known as a fourth year party, was moved to the fall this year, and became a Chemical Engineering (of all years) party. Students from second, third and fourth year were there, along with a few professors. It was held at the Sutton Place. Good food! Great music (except for some unexpected interruptions due to an overheated amp!) Great people! Well done Anne! Our smokers were very successful, attracting a large number of students, and some undesirable groups (like the U of T Mice i.e. Police!) More are planned (as I write this in January) including a dart tournament, etc. ..They are all held in the common room which is well equipped with a ping-pong table, dart boards, and very comfortable (!) couches. Sports! Well, the golf tournament in the fall went very well. Along with the good golfers, a large number of beginners showed up to add to the fun. The traditional Chemical Club Hockey Tournament is coming up in February. The Bcdrace and Chariot Race! For the first time in a while, the Chem Club had its own bed and chariot. Our bed was not among the top three in the race, but at least it did not fall to pieces (hint: Civ ' s!) We came second in the Chariot Race. Our best record in a while! Well done guys! The Chemical Engineering Conference in Sarnia saw a delegation of 20 students from U of T Chem Eng. It was a lot of fun. We will also be at the Engineering conference in Montreal in May! Good luck to the new executive of the Chem Club and to all you Chcm ' s out there. Nadine Awcida Chairman Chem 8T7 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING CLASS OF 8T9 i CLASS OF 8T8 39 CQ P hJ u hJ HH HH U Thanks to the ingenious efforts of the Civil Club, Civil Engineering students from all years enjoyed themselves immensely this year. Our events were extremely successful, especially in realising our main objective: to help Civils enjoy themselves and escape from the multitude of assignments. Several smokers held throughout the year allowed the Civil students and professors to unwind in our illustrious Vince Volpe common room with the aid of ice-cold beer and hot, delicious pizza. Plenty of opportunity was given for Civils to display their athletic superiority with our golf tournament, squash ladder and our annual hockey tournament. Our entry in this year ' s bedrace may have met with some structural difficulty but our determination shone through. We picked it up and ran with it. We rolled into chariot race infamy with obvious victory, putting the Civils in another consecutive chariot race winner ' s circle. The annual Civil Dinner, which was held at the Second City Theatre this year, was a huge success. Our annual Quebec trip was greatly enjoyed. The slopes of Monte Sainte Anne and the night clubs of old and new Quebec City were, as always, amazing and entertaining. Credit goes to all members of the Civil Club executive and all individuals who contributed the time and effort to organize and help at the events. Thanks; we wish you all every success in the future. . 1 IS H nth! K f ■ 5 a a 40 CIVIL ENGINEERING ! ■! ■ . CLASS OF 8T8 CLASS OF 8T9 41 ELECTRICAL CLUB This year has been a very successful one for the Electrical Club. Although we had a rocky start, good financial planning by club organizers and support from our department set the gears in motion for a good year. Early in the year we started by having one of the best turnouts at the Varsity phone-a-thon. We managed to rally our alumni to support our undergraduate program. One of the most important events was undoubtedly the field trip to the Ottawa area in January. What is believed to be a record number of the third year class participated in this trip to see the National Research Council, Bell Northern Research, Digital Equipment Corporation and Gandalf Technologies. All participants found it to be an excellent experience for their career planning and professional and social development. The club wishes to recognize Vice-chairman, Lester Hiraki for his coordination and organization of this event. As usual, the club hosted various smokers during the year with guest speakers such as Mr. Tom Chesscll, Engineering Liaison Coordinator. As the yearbook write-up is prepared early in the term, the author can only look forward to another successful Club Dinner to be held this year at the Hotel Plaza II. Despite a late start in the Chariot Race, we could have won had a few people not noticed we were actually in the race. Next year we will have to improve our cloaking device. Keep your eyes open for continuing improvements to your Vince Volpe Common Room Best wishes and good luck to the Class of ' 87 in their careers. Cameron Grant Chairman 42 CLASS OF 8T8 CLASS OF 8T9 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 43 ENGINEERING SCIENCE CLUB ENGINEERING SCIENCE... need we say more? We ' ll say it anyway! The most spirited club in the faculty endures the books long enough to make it to the next weedend , at which time all Eng Sci ' s break loose. We ' ve had an awesome year, including such highly successful events as our best Christmas Dinner Dance ever, another strong finish with our indestructable chariot, our annual hockey tournament, and the ingamous Eng Sci fluid flow group. ....And, you graduating 8T7 ' s, the last 1339 days have been full o ' fun. A brief recap must mention the good, the bad and the ugly: Dmitrevski, Ivey, Choi, Paul, Bonert and Barbeaus. Desai was right so far— none of us has won a Nobel Prize yet. We can ' t forget design courses, or those Con Hall lectures. Best of luck to those entering " the real world " , and even more luck to those staying around. Oh yea, don ' t forget to study. Keir Buchan Engineering Science Club Chairman CLASS OF 8T9 ENGINEERING SCIENCE CLASS OF 8T8 45 GEOLOGICAL CLUB CLASS OF 8T9 GEOLOGICAL ENGINEERING CLASS OF 8T8 47 METALLURGY AND MATERIALS SCIENCE CLUB In MMS one learns all the important science and technology behind the mysteries of the universe. In our courses we learn valuable secrets such as the metallurgical process of turning gold into base metals or the material science behind making precious graphite out of diamond. The majority of our time was spent in WB143 where the sciences of cribbage, euchre, bridge and darts were mastered. Labs are an essential part of our curriculum; fluid dynamics of beer is constantly being studied and an impact testing lab during a hockey game proved quite popular. Calculus was also studied; as in the integration of consciousness from the coffee machine and the differentiation of good taste at lunch. An invaluable non-technical elective is engineering communication, a course in which we learn the proper use of English (and other languages) to obtain and clone old problem sets and lab reports. Finally, the whole undergraduate life can be summarized by the phrase " Heat it and or Beat it " . MMS Club Chairman Gordon O ' Neill MMS Club Treasurer Jeremy Pong | METALLURGY AND MATERIALS SCIENCE CLASS OF 8T8 CLASS OF 8T9 INDUSTRIAL CLUB It was yet another successful year for the " engineericus industrius " . While the rest of the common engineers played their petty games, zealous pink and gray shirts were busy cavorting, carousing, conferencing, and causing all sorts of trouble. Class spirit was at an all time high, as attendance at smokers and group outings reached astronomical proportions (Windsor is still recovering from our invasion). As usual, the phone-a-thon was a cake-walk victory, and the traditional Christmas and Hawaiian smokers were unparalleled ( in the new and improved common room, which now reflects the official Industrial Club colors). Unfortunately, a second place finish in the chariot race was a forgettable experience (due to the fact that a band of Gypsies stole one of our tires). While n ot proving to others that they should have taken Industrial Engineering, the misfits of SKULE trn were busy battling hockey vermin and battling each other in the notorious bridge pit. Needless to say, academic activities were restricted to copying while in the common room. Special mention to Helen ( " MoM " ), Eddy, the gorgeous girls in the office, gorgeous George R., and the newest club member, Elvis (F.W.T.) the Wombat. Tom Kemppainen Industrial Club Chairman And lest we forget: John, you have graduated with us. Class of ' 87 CLASS OF 8T8 CLASS OF 8T9 INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING 51 MECHANICAL CLUB Club Mcch: What can we say? We hope that you ' ve all taken the opportunity to break from the drudgery of lectures with us. Though we’re the social club for the Mech undergrads (semi-formal, golf tournaments, Montreal, smoker....), we ' d like to give you a few reminders of your stay here, such as... ....Four bar linkages ....The amazin ' team of Lustc, Boson and Schroedingcr ....Turbines (pronounced ter-bins) ....Wailin ' partying guys ....R. D. Venter, " Can you appreciate? " ....Currie ' s coconut joke . ...Monika’s brother: Baby Huey ....The A-Team, Dogs of War and Texans ....Goofy and K. B. Ranger, the pear shaped wonder .... " Come on, come on. Don ' t talk to him " , " What the f — ! " and the whine of " But, sir. " ....The bat party, Geddy Lee and Giles, our class rep ....Mr. Phone, the Golden Chain and Rockin ' Paul Tcnn, the Montreal party animal ....Mooch: " Can I photocopy this? " and " Dthis, dthis, dthis " ....Guido Salustri, Bill the cat and Johnny Nickerson ....The Blue Lagoon, Mark ' s cottage, jam packed ....Materials lectures and photocopiers ....Numerical methods: A varty of a time ....Indecipherable TA ' s, long hours and no women in class but.... ....One damned deserved degree mmL ' u 1 iH I mA jEl fHHHBJE MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CLASS OF 8T8 CLASS OF 8T9 53 Projects for the year 2000 If you re eager to take your place at the forefront of aerospace technology to work in a demanding, dynamic, and exciting envi- ronment to live in close prox- imity to Montreal, m a com- munity renowned for its re- warding quality of life Oerlikon is eager to meet you The year 2000 could begin now If your qualifications equip you to face up to to- morrow s challenges today, please send your resume or letter of inquiry, mentioning refer- ence number UT871000. to: Oerlikon Aero- space Inc.. Recruitment Department. 225 du Seminaire Blvd. South. Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Quebec) J3B 8E9 Oerlikon is an equal opportunity employer. M M A B _ Oerlikon Aerospace - As the Canadian leader in the design and develdpment of low-level air defence sys- tems. Oerlikon Aerospace is forging its way into the 21st century with a commitment to provide the most effective and technologically advanced aerospace products In order to fulfill its objectives of development. Oerlikon Aerospace is seeking the new perspectives and crea- tive ideas that recent graduates will bring to our high technology team Op- portunities are available in Computer Sciences and En- gineering ItCJI A world leader in gas turbine technology for general aviation and regional airline markets. Congratulations to the class of ' 87 mm PRATT WHITNEY ill CANADA 90 Dundas St W., Mississauga. Ont L5B1H (416) 276-8300 Ask about our NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR UNIVERSITY PROGRAM Provides a wide variety of services to universities and their students. Offers components and technical information to keep future scientists and engineers abreast of the latest developments in technology. National Semiconductor Corporation CONGRATULATIONS electro sonic we’re serious 1 1 00 Gordon Baker Road, Willowdale, Ontario M2H 3B3 Order Desk 494-1 555 Fax:496-3030 Telex: 065-25295 TO THE GRADUA TING CLASS FROM DYSAN CANADA Who recognize that somebody has to be better than Everybody Else Dysan Canada • 80 Riviera Drive • Markham, Ontario L3R 2L6 • 475-8870 u JL A. is for Henry. Henry needs a head. Help Henry. Help Henry find a head. Go find a head for Henry. Go Go NOW. Now!.. 56 SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST... No Person Available No Person Available Post exam head count FOOTBALL WOMEN ' S Touchdown!! This season ' s Women ' s Football team got off to a promising start, winning the first two games of the season, with the help and spirit of the frosh recruits. Rain or shine, the games were played in the mud bath called Back Campus. However, the enthusiasm of the frosh and the skill of the veteran members was not enough to maintain our victorious start. Facing tough competition, the team slid down the ranks of Division B Women ' s Football. In a controversial tied finish for the final playoff position. Engineering lost in a total point count. A special thanks to our fearless leaders Peter and Richard for their encouragement and for passing their vast football knowledge onto us. Hope to sec you on the field next year. MEN ' S It seems that all those years of rebuilding are finally starting to come together. The 1986 season was a remarkable improvement over the numerous 0-5 seasons. Led by a talented defense and a new offense, team SKULE tm finished the season with a 1-4 record, just missing the playoffs. Thanks go to those that came out and participated. Also, a special note of thanks to Louis Pappas and Peter Wilcox, without whom this year would not have been possible. The team would also like to invite all you players out there to join us for our 1987 Mulock Cup season. It really doesn ' t take that much time. V 1 1 n: j SOCCER WOMEN ' S For a team comprised mostly of newcomers, the Women’s soccer team played extraordinarily well this year. Despite the somewhat soggy field conditions and the lack of practice time, enthusiasm ran rampant among all team members. Congratulations are in order for everybody. With a 3 win, 1 tie, and 2 loss record, the team missed a playoff position by just 1 point. Next year, the team has a great chance if we can recapture the same camaraderie and exuberance that we had this year. Special mention goes to Julia Biedermann for her goals and assists and to " Boom-Boom " Paleski for suffering so many shots to the stomach. Also, thanks to the coaches Dan Gregato and Les Rehbeli, and to the " cheerleaders " Ted Malucci, Richard Ivokitch, and Pete Athanousopoulos for foreiting their sleep and making the games just that much more fun. Team members: Julia Biedermann Vesna Gemazel Marie Hattar Mindy Heaney Cathy Jeung Claire Kennedy Karen Klimaszcwski Deborah Mathias Sue McLcon Jana Mladenoff Theresa Paleski Runa Palm Leis Tracy Reiley Debbie Slone Alexandra Cattelan MEN ' S Team members: Ian Turnbull, Paul Spinado, Sam Dinalto, Phil Perzia, John How, Walter Kenedi, John Persic, Greg Evans, Daniel Aretusi, Ali Mohtashami, Danny Castillo, John Richards, Sergio Nunez, Wayne Johnson, Renato Pasqualoni, Solomos Solomou, Gary McDonald and Dominque Rodrigues Junior Division: The Jr. Engineering team had a very successful year. The team had a 4-1-1 record in the regular season and, during the play-offs, beat MEDS 3-0 to reach the final. Although the players showed a very strong performance, they were unable to beat the Pharmacy I team in the final. However, we must congratulate all the Jr. Engineering players and especially coach John Richards for such a fine season. We wish them all the best and hope they win the championship next year. Alex Nanos won the MVP nomination. Team members: John Silverio, Derek Pell (Captain), John Presta, Chris Pereira, Andrew Slawek, Peter Heal, Faisal Ahmed, Naeem Ravat, Todd Beduar, Gladstone Grant, Atila Mere, Mark Sajewycz, Tim Hirasawa, Joe Tarascio, Mario Torres, Stanley Raimondo, Danny McDonald, Arne Buechling, Warren, Paul Huang, Coach: John Richards. Senior Division: This year the team had many players who contributed a great deal to the team ' s success. Players such as Paul Spinado (Spinner), M.V.P. of the team, and Sam Dinalto are two of the many talented players. The team had a slow start, but this did not stop us reaching the play-offs. Our regular sseason record was 3-3-0 and we placed fourth. By that time, thanks to Coach Wayne Johnson and his dedication, the Senior Engineers had a solid and very powerful team. Unfortunately, in the playoffs we lost 0-2 to Victoria College. This was a great disappointment considering the team had had a 2 win streak. We look forward to winning next year ' s championship thanks to our many talented players. HOCKEY WOMEN ' S This year women ' s hockey had a successful season, both in accomplishment and in Skule tm spirit. Two teams, Eng Beer and Eng Rum, were entered in the Division B play. The regular season began in November with weekly games, and the playoffs began in March. Eng Beer, despite their aggressive and enthusiastic play, could not overcome the experience of their opponents. The team, consisting of several talented first year students and some veteran players, really began working together as a team by the end of the regular season of play. This was not enough to earn them a berth in the playoffs. Watch out next „ year! Eng Rum, consisting mostly of veteran players, finished the season near the lop of the division, earning them a berth in the playoffs. The hockey team took its first road trip ever to Sudbury this season, with a combined team of Rum and Beer. Under the coaching of Paul, we played in the Spad Hockey ' s First Annual Women ' s Hockey Tournament. Keren Moredead won MVP of one game while the team won the Fair Play Cup Award for most sportsmanlike play. A spectacular thanks to Paul Shindman and Jon Douglas, the coaches of Eng Rum and Eng Beer. MEN ' S At this time, the division I hockey team finds itself in a close race for first place. To date the team boasts a 9-3-1 record with only two games left. Odds makers have Engineering as the favorite to win. This year has also been a most successful one for tournaments. The team captured " prizes " , both on and off the ice, in Montreal, Hamilton, Sudbury and more than likely at Queen ' s later this year. Leadership for the team was provided by veterans Tom Chesser and Paul Homel (MVP). Talented rookies Nick Volettas and Ken Ruffo were shown the ropes by steady defenceman Nick Popoff and Tony Miclaucic (Outstanding Tournament Defenceman-Hamilton). Ed (the King) Stroz provided steady goal production and copious amounts of enthusiasm (both on and off the ice). Longshoreman, Mike Floherty, and the photographer from Grossepoint Michigan, Tom Selby, have demonstrated their exceptional skills and versatility again this year. Rob Lee ' s superb efforts at centre reinforced the team ' s strength. Peerless skater Mike Madden and good looking boys Paul Tolomiczenko and Paul Lotocki contributed to the team ' s success as all-star rookies. Stand up goal tending was provided by the seasoned Tony Natale. Team doctor, Len Nesbitt, has aided the success, as well as keeping the big kids in line. Thanks for a great season. Your coach and captain, Tom Chesser. 65 VOLLEYBALL WOMEN ' S This year s Women ' s volleyball team had to be put together in a somewhat " shotgun” approach. Despite the lack of organization, the team settled out and got down to the basics, playing some damned good volleyball. With no coach and a very short team list it ' s surprising we did so well. Next year promises to be even better with this year ' s experience behind us and maybe a few more players to support us. Special thanks to all the regulars (you know who you are) and to Joyce for acting as substitute coach. Team Members: Andrea Ciemiega Laura Easterbrook Marie Hattar Kim Hollings Sue McLeon Carolyn Sokol Joyce Van de Vezte Alexandra Cattelan 66 MEN ' S Skule t,n Ihab Abdel-Shehid Valdis Martinsons Roland Ezers Ken Duffy Gerry Smith TonyHong Paul Shimizu Chuck Walji Godiva ' s Crew Paul Hamel Frank Defilipis Joseph Sum Loui Pappas Rich Mills Peter Hassan Martin Hatanaka Mario Martins Guzzlers Rich Piliounis Howard Pai Bachar Fourate Hichem Kamoun Brian Wiggins Mike Papaulkas Joon-Ho Kang Henry Shum Engineering Glen Hall James Vogtle Tim Reedman Andrew Slawek Ralph Wissborn Youssef Halahel Nick Selinis Dave Money The past year has been quite a good one for Engineering teams participating in the Intramural Volleyball Program. Each of the four teams entered has played very well and, when this article was submitted, three of these teams were playoff bound. Skule tm , Engineering ' s Division I entry finished the season atop the league and is hoping to become the season ' s champion. Godiva ' s Crew, one of the two Engineering Division II teams, finished the season in third place. The players hope to improve on last year ' s performance in the playoffs, where they were eliminated in the semi-finals. Engineering ' s other Division II team, the Guzzlers, played respectably and finished just out of reach of the playoffs. Finally, the Division III team. Engineering, rallied with some good play near the end of the season to make the playoffs. Good luck to all the teams!! 67 BASKETBALL MEN ' S Division A Team: Aldo Sperduti Ted Ofiara Paul van Laren Dean Brown George Cadete Ian Crawford Howard Pai Anthony Jabbour Niel Zohorsky Tom Lietros Not much to say. After making the Division IA playoffs last year for the first time ever, this year ' s team was devastated by the graduation of many previous members. Thus, the 86-87 season was very much a rebuilding year, with only 3 players returning. Due to a number of problems, a team chemistry was never quite achieved. However, everyone will be returning next year, giving the team the time required to form a true unit. Division C Team: Blair, Tom, Ed, Zoran, Ralph, Phil, Rich, Nick, Steve, Wayne. The Division C team is a team j for the non-serious basketball player who is out to have fun, rather than to win. The team always had fun, no matter how badly they were losing. The season was slightly disappointing, with the team only managing to win the last game of the year, but by finishing the season on a j high note, the prospects look good foi j next vear ' s team! 68 TOUCH FOOTBALL When one thinks of football, ane conjures up images of a battlefield peopled with behemoths intent only on maiming and crippling their opponents in order to win. Not the kind of place you would expect ot find the scholarly engineers. Last fall, however, a team representing Mech Eng 8T7 decided to tempt fate and venture off in search of gold in the Division I Touch Football League. At the beginning and indeed throughout the season, it seemed that this motley crew was in over its head. Attendance was poor, play was inconsistent and opponents routinely picked apart the engineers zone defence en route to easy victories. The season ended uneventfully enough with the crew finishing in 7th place; only eight teams made the playoffs. But, urged on by vociferous player-coach John Ceko, the team forged ahead, determined to salvage some respect in the playoffs. In the first confrontation against No. 2 - ranked Emmanuel College, the engineers used a soled defense and some inventive play-calling from All- World quarterback Paul Hamel to wrest victory from the budding theologians. In the semi-finals against No.4 - ranked Phys.Ed., Hamel was his deadly-accurate self, finding receivers like Scott Arnold and the quiet but ever-reliable Glenn Keenan for major scores. A 70-yard intercepted pass returned for a touchdown by Ihab Abdel-Shihid capped off a 26-13 victory and set the stage for a showdown with Law in the best-of-three final. The first hame against the No.l - ranked lawyers was a titanic defensive struggle, in which Law took a 6-0 lead into the last few minutes. Undaunted and cheered on by a crowd of loyal supporters and an exceedingly vocal John Ceko, the engineers mounted a superb drive which culminated in a pass from Hamel to the feisty little James Vogtle for the winning touchdown. Mech 8T7:7,Law : 6. The second game proved to be yet another heart-stopper. The engineers played solid defense and moved the ball well, building a 20-7 halftime lead. Perhaps celebrating a bit prematurely, the engineers watched the title go through thier hands, as Law hung on for the win. Law : 21, Mech8T7 : 20. The third and final game was playued on a bitterly cold November afternoon. As an ever-encreasing crowd of spectators watched in amazement, the engineers answered a Law score with a pass from Hamel to John Mackenzie to tie the score at 6-6. After Mackenzie caught his second touchdown pass of the afternoon and James Vogtle caught the conversion, the engineers owned a 13-6 lead. In a last ditch effort to equalize. Law scored a late touchdown, but failed to convert against the soled engineers ' defense. When the smoke had cleared, the Mech 8T7 crew had engineered the biggest upset of the season. Mech 8T7 : 13, Law : 12. At this point, the assembled crowd went wild and the beautiful girls flung themselves at the feet of their heroes. All in all, a fantastic time was had by everyone. Congratulations once again to Mech 8T7: Division I Touch Football Champs. 69 AQUATICS MEN ' S WATERPOLO The waterpolo season is going well for the engineers. We have two strong teams in divisions I and III. The Division I team is well on its way to the playoffs, with a record of 2 2. Strong swimmers from the Varsity waterpolo and swim teams have made the difference. The Division III team, in spite of the players ' valiant effort, let a few games slip from their grasp, resulting in a record of 1 3. Both teams are enjoying the competition and consider the season a success. SWIM TEAM Although the turnout for the Engineers ' Intramural Swim Team was less than was hoped for, the team put forth a strong showing individually and as a team. In the individual events we had a 1st, a 2nd, and two 3rds. In the two relay events we placed 3rd and 6th. The team placed 3rd overall in the meet. Oswin Hall Michael Fount Thomas Verduyn Bill Wignall Chris Teixeira Dan Chau Andrew Butler Dennis Bay 2nd 50m back, 5th diving 3rd 50m back 1st 50m free, 5th 100 I.M. 3rd 100m breast Division I team: Oswin Hall Derek Feltham Richard Cobden Ian Flint John Wilson Gorden Roberts Laszlo Lakatos Ken Attard Scott Thorburn Levente Mady Division III team: Chris Lewis Farshid Djajajrimi Glenn Keenan Chris Yip Rob Kleine Michael Fount Dennis Bay Bill Wignall Paul Hamel James Vogtle Tim Reedman Ihab Abdel-Shehid Romain Dowalti 3rd 400m free relay, 6th 200m medley CO-EDS Co-Ed Sports is a great way to get involved without getting competitive. Co-Eds involves a variety of athletic events including basketball, volleyball, inner-tube waterpolo, tennis, and badminton. These are played either as one or two day tournaments or on a weekly basis. Co-Ed Sports give everyone a chance to participate, even if they are novices. In fact, that ' s what makes it so much fun! You can try out something new and who knows, it just might be your game. If not, you still had a good workout and a good time. Teams are encouraged to be unique, whether it be through their style of play, costume or team name. No one keeps a record of the scores, but everyone scores high, because with Co-Eds you can ' t lose! TENNIS In September the Engineering Tennis team took part in the intramural tennis round robin. Enginee ring was matched against Erindale, Scarborough, and Trinity. We defeated Erindale 3 matches to 0 and then beat Trinity 3 to 0. We had only to beat Scarborough to advance to the second round, but unfortunately we lost 2 to 1. Thanks to the six team members: Ed Stroz, Gary Saaranvirta, Jan Bozel, Nick, Dan Davidoff, and Andre Amatori. 71 SKIING The intramural ski meet has come and gone for yet another year. This year it was held at Horshoe Valley on January 30. The day itself did not get off to a brilliant start, as the bus was overbooked and thus those who drove had to contend with one of the worst snow storms of the season. Some arrived at midday, having fought the elements valiantly in order to participate in the meet. The engineering teams competed against teams from Scarborough, Erindale, Pharmacy, and U.C. Skiers also competed individually. In spite of being vastly outnumbered. Engineering made a clean sweep of the day. Individually in the novice category, Dominique Sprogg won first place with Martin Regehr in second. In the advanced category, Michael Ungher, who placd first also, had the fastest time of the day. As for the team standings, Engineering was first in both novice and advanced categories. All in all a good time was had by everyone. I hope that the victorious trend continues next year. Jana Mladenoff Ski Commissioner 72 RUGBY The Skule tm rugby team began the season with enough talent to contest the champsionship for a third consecutive year . Unexpected returnees coupled with notable rookics(MVP srum half Rick Yankowich and the versatile Mike Gross) left Skule tm outscoring the opposition 60-4 in the first 2 games , including six tries against playoff bound Scarborough. Many factors then pulled the Skule m men back to earth - perennial star Glynn Jones left for the western workforce , his talent and leadership were sadly missed. - Perry Adcbar and Ted Maulucci joined the undermanned varsity squad and both became strong starters. - unqualified individuals masquerading as the referees left officiating in the poor to very bad category which led to some very serious injuries throuhgout the league. Our scant player reserves were thus further depleted. The only " on field " loss of the year came in game three . The ultra competitive 12 man Meds team registered a 2 try to 0 win over a 10 man Skule tm squad , with an ineligible Meds player providing the scoring highlights. The best game of the season was sadly the last: 12-0 against a Trinity team . A good time was had by all especially Bob Boothby at Fly Half. With the regular season over and a score of 4 wins , 1 loss, and 1 default loss , we tied with three other teams for 2nd place. To eliminate one of the four teams, Dar invoked the little known " teams with defaults are eliminated " rule and it was muddy boots in the locker for another year . For Skule tm rugby in ' 86 the dedication was not there and a talented team never realized its potential . Still there was only 1 actual loss , many talented players will return in ' 87 and more rookies will join them, the future is bright with hard work Skule tm can rule again ! Thanks to everyone who participated.... stay fit there is always next year ! LACROSSE This years ' s lacrosse team had one of the best seasons in recent memory. The team had a 5 win, 1 loss record, which was good enough for first place in the league and a bye to the Division I finals. In the finals, they ran up against a tough squad from Erindale and were not able to bring home the championship. Thanks to all the players for a fantastic season: Bill Wignall, Rob Lee, Neil Wright, Paul Hamel, Dave Paradi, Wayne McPhee, John Rynn, Mike Papulkas, and the playing coach Joseph Paradi Jr. With some key senior players graduating this year, the team hopes to recruit new blood to continue the tradition. Special mention goes to the Lacrosse Bunnies (Kim, Maria, Suzanne, Daniela, and Debbie) for their support during the finals. 75 1 1 MECH 8T9 MOST YEARBOOKS SOLD IN A 2ND YEAR CLASS Chem 8T8 MOST YEARBOOKS SOLD IN A 3rd YEAR CLASS Minister of Illegal Substances Minister of Controlled Substances Minister of Agriculture Minister of Wildlife in Cartoons MMS 8T7 MOST YEARBOOKS SOLD IN A 4th YEAR CLASS Minister of Defense (and Attack) In absentia: Minister without Portfolio Minister for Senior Citizens Minister of Secret Affairs and Espionage Minister of Goodwill (and Treachery) ' " Minister of Social Interactions KAL Minister of Internal Affairs Minister of Natural Gas Minister of Gravitational Minister of Marital Affairs Leader of the Opposition Minister of Sport and Effects Mental Health 79 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING David Alexander Stephen Allen Pina Ariganello Nadine Aweida Pauline Ayyoub Rocky Bianchi Luigi Boccanfuso Philip Cawkwell Alan Chan Tommy Chan Andrew Chin Francesco Chirigoni Maria Choo Surendranath Chuckaree Catherine Crimi Colin Crooks Michael Denniss Navdeep Dhaliwal Sandro Di Pede Lingxin Dong Ken Duffy Daniela Duriavig Laura Eastcrbrook Suk Ye Fan Guy Gasparini Pamela Gomes Glen Hall James Hamilton Gregory Hatfield Christopher Hibberd Robert Hill Also Graduating: John Armiento Harjit Bains William Bayer Jeffrey Bear Louis Calovini Steven Challoner Matthew Elliott Kimberly Hollings John Howlett Yvonne Jew Anirudc Khelawan Kusam Kohli Edward Konyen Michael Ku George Kumagai Diana Lowe 82 — Also Graduating: Jeffrey Rains Romel Reddi David Reid Ryan Ricker Fred Rodrigues Sooknarine Samaroo Brian Schofield David Tisdale Clayton Truax Nguyen Tuan William Walters Man Wai Wan Christine Wilson Leanne Wong Mimi Wong Peter C.C.Wong Peter C. L. Wong Henry Yeh Jeffrey Young Ben Yuen Robert Sills Douglas Stowe Glen Swistara Chor Huat Tan Chris Tingle Brian Macleod James Makaruk Dominic Mammoliti Bruno Marcoccia Humberto Madiera William Mageau Randy McDonnell Mark Michalkoff Hoang Tuan Nguyen Robert Patterson David Putnam Irena Strzinar Dominic Martinez Anne McPhee Rajinder Minhas Timothy Muldoon Chui Ying Ng Betty Ou Carol Ouellet Riina Palm-Leis David Paradi Joseph Paradi Robert Pozzobon 83 CIVIL ENGINEERING Joe Arcaro Luciano Bettin John Bourrie. Chi Lun Chan Chi Wo Chan Kin Wai Chan Yuk Ling Chan Neil Cooper Robert Cumming Patrick Dennison Tueson Dunstan Silvano Florindi Kam-Kwong Fung Timothy Graham Heidi Herget Loon Meng Huang James Hughes Daniel Kuchma Paul Lavallee Ross Lee Anthony Loumankis Maryann Lovicsek Tony Mauro Darrin McArthur Joseph McKcown Jose Medeiros Grant Meneley Ali Mohtashami 84 Jonathan Newman Kevin Ng Daniel Orrett David Osborne Nakyun Paik Hardeo Persaud Glenn Pitura Anita Porasz Robert Presot Gaetano Presta Costanzo Raimondo Gunars Robeznieks Gary Ruck John Rynn Margaret Smida Alexander Smith Gregory Stairs James Stevens Yuk Tong Suen Kevin Tang Joe Tarascio Mario Torres Dave Volk Paul Wales Stacy Wheeler Helen Wojcinski Mike Won Fanny Wong Kai Cheung Wong Kenneth Yu Peter Zourntes Also Graduating: David Handy Orest Jacyla Colin Leung Robert Macs ween Douglas McWalter Mark Montgomery Garry Ng Solomos Solomou Andrew Stoesser gill 85 ENGINEERING SCIENCE Brian Ahier Harry Amow Naresh Bangia Keir Buchan Alan Buzacott Eric Carruthers Joseph Carusone Lawrence Chan Beta Chun Tak Chau Li Che Chen Tai Ming Chow Rodolphe Dudebout Eric Edwards Thomas Eisa Rolands Ezers Jack Feder Manjit Fervaha Dale Forbes Michael Fortinsky Jay Godse Andrew Gunstensen Robert Harley David Hoe Marc Holness Tony Hong Jonathan How Dianne Howie Pablo Iglesias Andrew Innes Robert James William Jarvis Farid Kanji Jan Kozel Chuin Kuo George Labrakos Charlene Lau Tony Leung Wang Kei Leung Gerald Lindo Gregory Lopinski Brian Lowry Douglas MacMartin 86 Germel Solis Gregory Sullivan Ying Nam Szeto Mike Tamaro Paul Tan Grevork Taschian Also Graduating: Peter Tomaivolo Hong Van Tran Adrian Wintle Alanna Wong Janette Wong Ian Woodbury Timothy Writer Suny Seung Ye Athanasios Zougast William Batter Ka Ching Chan Wang Dong Chen Michael Daniels Stephen Foster Neil Harper Ivan Houle Timothy Lloyd Matti Nummi Wade Partridge Gheorghe Petrini Graham Richardson James Richards Gregory Sullivan Andrew Maidment Roland Mark Mario Martins Armando Mastracci Alexander McTavish Michael Michez Rocky Morra Anthony Mrse Francesco Naccarato Susan Ng Andrew Nicholls Julie No William Park Ojong Partaatmadja Jashvant Patel Geoffrey Peddle Jeffrey Pervanas Gordon Piercy Stephen Piggott Mark Rigolo Ian Rowlands Christopher Rusch Steven Salamon Edmund Sim Henry Singor Jim Sit Anil Solanki 87 INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Antonio Darolfi Bart Gogarty Alfred Grosselfuenger Janice Bodnarchuk Sophie Boutsikou Rod Brumberg Monica Cantillana John Carnduff John Ching Martin Hatanaka Paul Held Andrew Hum Hai Thanh Huynh John Lee Christopher Leggett Grace Leung Manuel Leung Meta Adams Lisa Aldham Louise Bachand Maria Balaton James Jung Clement Kang Steve Karagiannakis Tommy Kcmppainen Anne Lee George Chong Foo Peter Clarke David Close Stephen Curry 88 Ping Tong Leung Kai-Sheng Liang Helen Lin Daphne Lobo Wayne Mah Linda Makk Je Won Oh William Paolucci Joseph Parente Timothy Pinnington Bob Popadiuk Robert Quail Kristen Rassell Andrea Richards Suzanne Rochford Jonathan Soberman Taebong Song Mark Switzer Sean Symons Andriy Szpynda Cindy Tang Steve Tsou Ihor Tropak Scott Walter William Yeh Nelson Yu Eric Zhelka Arden Warling Edward Witzke Peter Wong Jimmy Wu Also Graduating: Anelia Borissova Ronald Dizy John Durko Paul Ceerts Dagmar Kamenar Joseph Laface Ian Pretty 89 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Harinder Atwal Graham Babe George Brooks Russell Cagas Robert Campbell Vito Casola John Ceko Ihab Abdel-Shehid Peter Amanatidis Thomas Ankus Radu Apostolache Scott Arnold Raffaele Celio Cheuk Hung Chan Robert Chan Chao Yu Chen Mark Cvet Joe D ' Angelo Nikolas Dafopoulos Frank Defilippis Renzo Dicarlo Rudy Dietrich John Drossis Timothy Flint Gustavo Gonzalez Linda Gowman Lloyd Hall Paul Hamel Ayman Hassan Robert Hayward Chi Shing Ho Cliff Holtz Jim Hou vardas Yae Ming Kan Clenn Keenan 90 Also Graduating: Donald Kerr Philip Kung Ki Chung Lam Walden Lee Mark Lenius Tho Chiam Liew Paul Lupinacci Colin Mackenzie Francesco Magisano Edward Furness Steven Giles Keshavarz Golshani Ryan Gough Francis Hiew Joseph Kosichek Thomas Kropp Jan Kruyff Andrew Kukurudza Tai Wai Lee David Lloyd Riina Makk Darko Matulic Geoffrey Mitchell Sandry Mutheardy Paulo Nunes Giles Orr Tony Porretta i £ Jagdev Puri j Glenn Robertson Gerald Smith Kong Son David Steinman Paul Tenn William Thomas Aarne Tork David Tressler Eduard Vala John Van de Vegte Frank Van Den Bosch Eugene Vara Schin James Vogtle Paul Wickett Larry Wilkens John Yuan Also Graduating: Roelant Lobbezoo John Lowery Timothy MacKenzie Daniel MacKinnon Colin McArthur Jean Morris James Munro Timothy Reedman Stephen Shard William Siragusa 91 METALLURGY AND MATERIALS SCIENCE Michael Allen Ashwani Angra Philip Bragagnolo Lucas Dmysh Charles Lee Timothy Lim Robert Marshall Miroslawa Mclech Gordon O’Neill Rick Packer Jeremy Pong Manuel Rocillo Michael Schorpp Kyle Smith Also Graduating: Stanley Libera GEOLOGICAL ENGINEERING B Marc Alton Danilo Castillo William Devey Mark Diederichs Bruce Jacobsen Nick Lapadula David Money William Morgan Kaan Oran Mark Pachura Renato Pasqualoni Kim Pham William Plaxton James Red ford John Roeleveld Michael Romaniuk Ben Shepherd Paul Shimizu Steve Wilson Dave Wren Mike Zeeb Bill Stamatopoulos Maija Stark Bruno Timpano Ian Turnbull Peter Turylo Doug Wilson Also Graduating: Lisa Aid ham Matthew Liard Stella Povoden ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Imtaz Ali Wasim Aziz Benny Chan Joseph Chan Ying Chan Michael Chau Tsz Ting Chau Jamson Cheung Lee Ling Chien Ho Kee Chiu Kayson Chiu Sammy Chow Charlie Chua Randy Clark Ian Costanzo Rodney D ' Silva Gregory Da Silva Mario De Facenis Renato Discenza Charles Doma Carlo Drudi Scott Duffus Tu Doung Eftychios Eftychiou Hcnnedy Eng Omar Fattah David Foster Dannis Fung Richard Gclb Cameron Grant James Gutcher Tong Hahn Donald Harman Nicos Herodotou Angela Ho Edmond Ho Wilfred Ho Also Graduating: Petr Bandas Ha Yan Chan Gary Chi Christos Dcrvcntzis Sonny Djayakarsana Herman Dooyeweerd Ronald Faggetter Tuan Hoang Bobby Hordij Charles Hsu Francis Hsue Chi Wai Hung 94 The Linh Huynh Bruno Jesus Eric Jones Shalini Kapoor Frank Kawos Susan King Dennis Kong Gregory Kulchin Robert Lansdale Jackson Law Michael Lee Michael K.M. Lee Mark Li Vincent Lo Stephen Lui Philip Mak Nicos Manesis Marlene Mangaroo Jerry Mar Carmine Marcello Robert Marcuzzi Walter Mo Paul Molinaro Chang Hwan Moon Harold Murray A, Nguyen Vuong Nguyen Rock Niem Vassilios Pantelidis John Papadakis Ashwin Patel Chris Pesce Predrag Pesikan John Petrou Kok Chung Quan Mark Rugman Michael Sadowski Paul Scheidt Tiara Setiadi Evan Sidoriak Jeffrey Skoll Bill Sotirakos 95 Also Graduating: Ramakrishnan Ganesan Luis Goncalves Jai Hce Lee Ming Mah Anees Munshi Ka Sheung Ng Quang Loc Nguyen David Ogryzlo Tak Choi Pang j Rakto Rakic Minh Tuan Vu Dieter Wagner James Peter Wales Mike Walker Eldon Wong Peterp Wong Ronald Wong Mark Wright Chester Yen Christopher Yoshida Deborah Takeuchi Jae Jee Koon Tan William Tom Duy Khiem That Ton Thanh(Sam)Thieus Van Warren Van Goozen IN MEMORY OF JOHN LEE This past year, John Lee, a member of the fourth year Industrial Engineering class, passed away. His death occured so | suddenly and unexpectedly that we find it difficult to realize he is gone. ■ However, he is with us in our memories, ■ in that world of deep and lasting i impressions, that make him so real to us. John ' s involvement in university life extended well beyond books. It is true that he was an honours student throughout his university career, ; entering the program on an open scholarship, but he was also actively involved in athletics and extracurricular activities. He played Division I hockey for both Engineering and Devonshire House. On both teams, he demonstrated his scoring ability and was one of the best players . He was also actively involved in volleyball, basketball and touch football. John lived in Devonshire North House for three years. He was a good friend to all members of the house. John T was also the secretary treasurer for the | house, demonstrating his strong ; leadership skills. In spite of all these qualities, John will be best remembered for his kindness and compassion. He was always willing to be of assistance to anyone at anytime. He put his friends first because he believed that friendships are forever and he wouldn’t have wanted to jeopardize these bonds. John had an infectious charm, to which we were all exposed. It has been said that charm is " The quality in others that makes us more satisfied with ourselves " . All of us feel better about ourselves for having known John. His quick, witty sense of humour frequently left us with smiles on our faces and laughter in our hearts. In a sense, John has not left us. A part of him lives on in each one of our hearts. If John were able to console us, perhaps he would use the words: " We have met before, we will meet again. " So young, so strong and determined was he. That he couldn ' t just let everything be. A resume, an assignment, a letter. Always improved, corrected, made better. Yet his strength was softened by his nature, gentle and kind. The concern for others on his mind. Willing to help, comfort and share. Letting you know he would always care. And no matter what challenge life would bring, John had a smile for everything. Life to him was an experience-full of fun. And his good nature, loved by everyone. John became a part of those that he touched. Those that will miss him so very much. But his laughter and memory will live forever, In each who knew him, when remembering their times together. A1 thought we won ' t be able to touch Your warmth; kindness which meant so much You will remain an important part Of the memories shining within our hearts. You never know! Sometimes it takes extra effort to get an idea off the ground. At Honeywell, we ' re not afraid to go the extra measure. We believe we’ve been successful, not only because of an attitude that says: " Maybe pigs can ' t fly. however... ”bul also because we work unusually closely with our customers. So whether you want to automate your office or factory 7 , or implement systems to improve your organization ' s productivity. . . Come fly with us! Honeywell, Information Systems Diyision. 1 55 Gordon Baker Road. North York. Ontario M2H 3N7 Together, we can find the answers. Honeywell 98 Electronics Like the University of Toronto we are committed to excellence in engineering. To ensure our automotive Air Cleaners, Cooling Fans and Emission Control Products, are industry leaders in technology and value, we provide our engineers with training and tools, in state-of-the-art techniques such as: Design of Experiments, Statistical Process Control, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing and Computer Aided Engineering. We are committed to Ensuring Education Does Not End With Graduation! No th fn Engme rir q Industrie NEI Canada Limited ...for products you can take for granted. We are perhaps better known by our operating divisions of: -Ferranti-Packard Transformers -Ferranti-Packard Electronics -FP Displays -APE Canada -NEI Clarke Chapman Canada -NEI Parsons Canada -NEI Mining Equipment Canada -Signs of the times Ltd. -Beiliss + Morcom ... Companies and products with a reputation for quality, reliability and superior service. ... " Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Technologies” Contact us at: NEI Canada Ltd., Corporate Offices 121 Industry Street Toronto, Ontario M6M 4M3 100 AT PETER BURDON WE CARE ABOUT YOUR AUTOMOTIVE FUTURE FOR GRADUATES ONLY $500 CASH BONUS may be applied as a down payment further reducing the cost of ownership FREE EXTENDED WARRANTY -Towing and road service -Car rental allowance -Reduced deductable ON BROADVIEW NO DOWN PAYMENT PONTIAC • BUICK • GMC TRUCKS 1099 BROADVIEW AVENUE TORONTO, ONTARIO M4K 2S4 PHONE: (416) 422-3322 Special finance rates Buy or Lease: the choice is yours To qualify for this plan please consult with Steve Wilkinson Specializing in Graduate sales leasing. FREE ROAD BUTLER SERVICE WITH EVERY CAR NEW USED or LEASED. Conditions subject to change without notice-on approved credit. 101 DY-4 SYSTEMS INC. DY-4 systems Inc. founded in 1979, is involved in the design and manufacture of specialized computer processing modules with industry standard architectures. Experience gained through winning significant design contracts with industry, government, Fortune 500 companies and the military, has strengthened DY-4’s Management Team. Our involvement in programs such as the New York Tracon Program (Air Traffic and Terminal Radar Control) demonstrates the company ' s corporate capability in the international market. A comprehensive AQAPI quality assurance program and rigorous manufacturing standards, complimented by sound program management, have placed DY-4 in the top 5 of some 120 VMEbus manufacturers worldwide. DY-4 SYSTEMS INC A great company to start a career! DY-4 SYSTEMS INC. 21 Credit Union Way Nepean, Ontario K2H9G1 BUILDING ON THE PAST. BRIDGING TO THE FUTURE. Congratulations on a century ot achievement “ CROWNTEK Business solutions through information technology XEROX is a rrgistrrrd irademaA of XEROX CORPORATION used by XEROX CANADA INC. as a regfcwred osar. XEROX To soar. Tb achieve as you’ve never achieved before. Surely the soul of competition. For to consistently outperform Others, you must consistently outperform yourself. At Xerox, we embrace this concept as a way of life. In our business. In the community. In our support for competition and the values of sportsmanship. We’ve found that it yields, among Other laurels, a victory of the spirit. Perhaps the most durable victory of all. Whatever your challenges, whatever the opposition, may you first succeed against that toughest of competitors. Yourself. May you soar. Team Xerox AMDAHL COMMUNICATIONS INC. In the challenging world of the 1980’s there is no more exciting field than the field of high-speed data communications. For the rest of this decade and beyond, rapidly advancing communications technology will be the driving force behind our emerging " Information Society " . Amdahl Communications Inc.(ACI), located in Mississauga, Ontario, is a leader in the design and manufacturedata communications technology. As a member of the world-wide Amdahl Corporation ACI is poised to take advantage of the coming explosion in communications networks. Our line of Canadian-made high performance products includes time division multiplexers, digital data sets, and network support equipment. ACI employees work in a dynamic and exciting engineering environment, designing, manufacturing, and marketing products for both today ' s and tomorrow ' s markets. To work at ACI is to be part of a team of dedicated professionals ready to meet all the challenges our customers can provide. 103 Litton Canada, a High Technology Company Creating Jobs as it Creates World Markets [Jfl j S r’ When it comes to high technology, Litton Canada has proved that Canada can produce world class equipment. As a result Litton Canada has won commercial and military contracts from around the globe. Over the years, our success has helped support the Canadian economy in many ways. Providing employment is one of them. In I960, Litton Canada began with a small staff of 41 . Since then our steady growth has enabled us to increase our staff to over 3,500 highly skilled workers. We also maintain full time training schools, apprenticeship and cooperative programs and offer education assistance outside the workplace. This better enables our people to handle future challenges and industry developments. Litton _ Litton Systems Canada Limited 25 City View Drive Etobicoke. Ontario Canada M9W 5A7 In the past 75 years the UMA Group has become established as one of Canada ' s largest and most diversified engineering companies. UMA Spantec and its sister companies in the UMA group have been associated with the University of Toronto’s Engineering Department for more than seven decades. Ed Underwood graduated in 1909 and Roy McLellan in 1911. Since then, numerous graduates have joined us, helping to maintain our position as a leader in the field of engineering, design and project management. UMA Spantec Ltd. a member of the UMA Group 89 Carlingview Drive Rexdale, Ontario M9W 5E4 Tel (416)249 1231 EDP Networking For the past fifteen years, The DGS Group has provided professional computer placement services to some of Canada ' s most interesting and distinguished companies. As one of the leading specialists in this field, w e are uniquely connected to hundreds of permanent and contract EDP opportunities. As you contemplate your future, consider talking with us first. We can provide you with the vital link to the career marketplace. To find out more, just call 968-0989. EDP DIVISION group 104 COMPUTER SHOP 214 College Street, M5T 3A1 (416) 586-7900 COMPUTERS: APPLE, IBM ATARI, ZENITH, TOSHIBA PERIPHERALS: IBM APPLE, ZENITH PRINTERS: EPSON, APPLE TOSHIBA, CANON UNIVERSITY of TORONTO UNBELIEVABLE LOW PRICES FOR THE U OF T COMMUNITY OVER 500 SOFTWARE PACKAGES EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS, DISKS AND HARDWARE HARD DISK DRIVES FOR IBM AND APPLE RESERVE TIME ON OUR LASER PRINTER i Congratulations to the class of 8T7 Congratulations to the class of 8T7 Linear Technology PO Box 489 Station A Burlington, Ontario L7R 3Y3 Congratulations to the class of 8T7 from Rogers Broadcasting Ltd. 25 Adelaide Street East Toronto, Ontario M5C 1H3 Canadian Standards S Association safety and performance through standards, testing, and certification. ©AN RON “T L Steel Structures Fabricated and Erected Major Equipment and Machinery Installed Construction management — FromTradeSupervIslontoSIte Management Tfld aupervlilon — Including Ironwork, Steelwork, Mlllwrlghllng, Bollermaklng Engineering eervlcei — Design and Development ol Construction Procedures and Special Erection Equipment and Techniques Planning Computerized Critical Path Planning, Scheduling, Purchasing, Expediting, Inventory Control, Quality Control and Quality Assurance Programmes 100 Cisco Road, Rexdale, Ontario M9W 1 Ml Telephone (416) 675-6400 The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) would like to wish the graduates and students of the University of Toronto much success in their future endeavours. 105 Congratulations to the grads from the staff at Industrial Disposal Toronto SANDVIK Steel WORLD WIDE EXPERTISE CANADIAN MANUFACTURED QUALITY . stainless steel plpe tublng . duplex aus tenltic-ferri tic alloys . high nickel alloy tubular products Industrial Disposal Toronto 151 Cherry Street Toronto. Ontario M5A 3L1 416 469-5575 ho l l on bar . welding consumables hardened . tempered strip steel . heat and corrosion resistant alloys A Waste Management Company SANDVIK CANADA, INC, TORONTO. MONTREAL. VANCOUVER. CALGARY Congratulations to the class of 8T7 Congratulations to the @ MITEL Unusual. Possibly Unique. An Essentially 300-year old, $16 billion phone company (British Telecommunications pic) and a 14-year old, $350 million PBX manufacturer (Mitel Corporation) have combined their considerable talents to create a major new force in telecommunications. The combination provides some tasty opportunities in (very) high technology voice data etc. communications. So we hope (A) you consider a career in our industry, (B) that you consider us in particular, and (C) that one way or another you find a career at least half as rewarding as (A) or (B). Graduating Class of 1987 Power Generation Prime movers rind generators o! every type and all power station components Power Distribution Equipment tor the transmission and distribution ot electrical energy from the power station to the user lor all voltages, alternating or direct current Power Utilization Machines and systems that put electrical energy to work in every sphere ot industry, trade, transport, communications and environmental protection BBC Brown Boveri Canada Inc. 755 The Queensway East. Mississauga, Ontario 14Y 4C5 Put Your Career Into Orbit with COM DEV! OUR COMPANY: A world leader in Microwave Technology for Satellite and Defence Systems, located in the Kitchener Waterloo Region OUR PRODUCTS TECHNOLOGY: - Microwave Multiplexing Subsystems - Signal Processing Digital Electronics - Advanced Antenna Subsystems - Millimeter Wave Systems microwave: technology for SATELLITE DEFENCE SYSTEMS COM DEV Electronic transformers Priced to suit your budget HAMMOND MANUFACTURING 394 Edinburgh Rd N Guelph. Ontario NlH 1E5 (519) 822 2960 Call us for a quotation to your specifications or send for our free 5C-1 catalog. Just a wont about the future. For over 75 years Ontario ' s emergence as the industrial heartland of Canada has been spurred by a plentiful, highly dependable and most economical supply of electricity. Its source. Ontario Hydro, is one of the world ' s largest and most pro- gressive of electrical utilities. Almost daily, new and exciting electrical processes and lech digues am unfolding to serve industry, com mei( . tinnspoi lat inn and ( nmmunical ions Old ways me getting old M faster Mote than over c|i ( | in il y and pro gm- s will qn hand in hand As an engineer or scientist, business or computer specialist, there could well be a rewarding place for you in upholding Ontario Hydro ' s record for technical excellence, inno- vation and readiness to meet challenge in the electrical future Thlk with your Cam pus Placement Pffir oi about a i airoi wrl h fin ' aiio I ly I ' m v Compliments of Castrol Canada Inc. Congratulations Canada Brick DIVISION OF JANNOCK LIMITED 107 Congratulations ACHIEVING from WmLINDE « UNION CARHDt Achieving. can mean the sum total of your goals, aspirations and tomorrows. It can demand every ounce of drive and ingenuity youhave. And, without a team committed to making it happen, it may not happen. Union Carbide Canada Limited Gas Products LINDE, the technological and marketing leader in the industrial gas industry congratulates the graduating class of 8T7. We will be recruiting on campus soon. Watch for more details at your placement office. Call Future First for: wSemiconductors m Passive Components ■ Computer Products MOTOROLA Semiconductor Product Inc. Authorized Distributor FUTURE ELECTRONICS 82 St Regis Crescent North Downsview, Ontario M3J 1Z3 Tel : (416) 638 4771 MICROTEl P 1CIFIC RESEARCH uwmo 8999 Nelson Way. Burnaby. British Columbia. Canada V5A 4B5 Phone (604) 294-147 1 Aircraft Appliances and Equipment Limited 150 East Drive Bramelea, Ontario, Canada L6T 1C1 Telephone (416) 791-1666 Telex 069-7540 FAX 41 6-791 -721 8 Distributors of high technology aerospace products Designers and manufacturers of marine fuel filtration and surveillance support equipment. Repair and overhaul servicers of military and commercial aircraft and associated ground support equipment. 108 Choose the modern way to research. Congratulations from SANGAMO WESTON Schlumberger SANGAMO CANADA Cl c 5a?ctte Financial limes Southam News THE TORONTO STAR DataTimes The Windsor Star ' ©lt ' Vanwui’criiun J THE OTTAWA Citizen Infomart Online. ..Canada ' s fastest growing full text online news retrieval service is pleased to sponsor the University of Toronto Engineering Society Yearbook. 2 (Division of Schlumberger Canada Limited) 15 LAIRD DRIVE TORONTO, ONTARIO M4G 3X1 TELEPHONE: (416) 425-3330 TELEX: 06-219593 For more information call: 489-6640 or Toll-Free 1-800-268-8817 164 Merton Street • Toronto, Ontario M4S 3A8 a division of Southam Inc, k Congratulations to the class of 8T7 from Bell Bell Canada provides a wide range of telecommunications services which are renowned for their excellence. The success that Bell Canada has achieved as a leader in the telecommunications industry is due in large measure to the dynamism and enthusiasm of the company ' s employees. Thanks for your support in 1987 Good luck in the future AMSTEL BREWERY CANADA LIMITED To continue to meet its commitment to excellence, Bell Canada is constantly on the look our for tomorrow ' s leaders; people who seek challenges and who can recognize opportunities. 109 DIGIlAL Dvrumics Innovative Precision in Electrical Discharge Machining CNC WIRE EDM CNC SINK EDM CNC CO-ORDINATE MEASURING PRECISION INSPECTION 3-D PROGRAMMING CAD CAM TECHNOLOGY CNC LASER CUTTING Congratulations from TEKLOGIX TELOGIX INC. is pleased to congratulate the graduating class of the department of Engineering. We would like to extend our best wishes for the futures of all who serve the engineering profession and express confidence in the continued excellence of engineering education at the University of Toronto. TELOGIX INC. designs and manufactures the unique TEKSCAN ' radio-linked ' Data communication and provides ' turn-key ' computer solutions for industrial applications. no 95 Frederick Street, Stratford, Ontario, 519-273-3061 Box N 5 A 1331 Crestlawn Drive Mississauga, Ontario L4W 2P9 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS When school administrators demanded a cost-efficient energy management system, Johnson Controls did it. Here’s why an energy management system from Johnson Controls is the answer to you energy problems. Saves You Money. By keeping your energy costs in line. Peto MacCallum Ltd. is a consulting engineering firm which has provided professional services and expert technical assistance for the past thirty years. Our principal fields of specialization are: - Geotechnical Services - Materials Engineering - Quality Control, Inspection and Testing - Building Science and Maintenance Consulting Services Easy to Use. Because it ' s designed with the user in mind. Time Proven. Delivering a reliable system that eliminates worry aboi your building ' s performance. Flexible. Allowing your system to grow as you grow. Start saving money now with an efficient energy managemei system. Call Johnson Controls today. We are indebted to the University of Toronto School of Engineering for the graduates who have joined our Company over the years, and have contributed to our growth and success. JOHNSON CONTROLS 7400 Birchmount Road Markham, Ont. L3R 5V4 494-1575 Congratulations Ideal Metal Inc. 4289 rue Maieau, Montr al-Nord. Qui H1H 2V7 DoALL Machine Tools • Gages • Cutting Tools • Industrial Supplies BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1987 DoALL CANADA, INC. 10 Meridian Rd. Rexdale, Ontario M9W 4Z8 and DoALL Industrial Supply Centres across Canada - Halifax • Montreal • London • Winnipeg • Vancouver • Edmonton J. F. COMER INC. ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT WITH COMPLIMENTS Congratulations [030.0. UBSOISI 0 SEDO aSQIBflSBi Congratulations to the class of 8T7 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1987 CARRUTHERS WALLACE LIMITED Consulting Structural Engineers Since 1920 250 Merton Street Toronto, Ontario Sb Canada Colors and Chemicals Limited Industrial Chemicals and Solvents Plastic Resins and Additives WHERE TOMORROW IS MADE Canadian Marconi Company — a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of avionics, commercial and tactical communica- tions, specialized components and radar systems. One hundred and thirty-eight countries worldwide rely on our expertise in state-of-the-art electronics. Congratulations m .QMC CANADIAN MARCONI COMPANY 2442 Trenton Avenue. Montreal, Canada H3P 1Y9 Telephone- (514) 341-7630 Telex: 05-827822 TWX: 610-421-3564 HCXJSEHOLD RNANCE 55 City Centre Dr. Mississauga, Ontario L5B1M3 270-4914 in Congratulations Pen tel PENTEL STATIONERY OF CANADA, LTD. 1750 Courtney Park Drive, Unit 1 .Mississa ga.Ontario L5T1W1 Telephone (416) 673-0126 FAX 673-1577 We wish to offer our sincerest Congratulations to all the 1987 Engineering Graduates Lavalin ! Congratulations to the class of 8T7 from WAREHOUSED PLASTIC SALES INC. " THE HOUSE OF PLASTICS " Salutes the University of Toronto Engineering Society Engineering, Procurement. Construction Management 2200 Lake Shore Blvd. West Toronto 416-252- 5311 Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Montreal TEST EQUIPMENT MADE IN CANADA • Insulation Resistance Testers • Dielect ic Strength Testers • Migh Voltage Testers • Contact Resistance Testers • Transformer Oil Testers • Tr ansformer Rauometers • Relay Test Sets • Cable fault Locators • Mot Sticks (Phasing Sticks) • Pce er Supplies AC DC • Panel Meters Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduates of 8T7 CRITERION INSTRUMENTS LTD. 30 Progress Ave. Scarboto. Ont. M1P 4W8 Phone 416) 299-6666 Corrosion Service Company Limit 369 RIMROCK ROAD DOWNSVIEW, ONTARIO M3J 3G2 Nedco Congratulations and Best Wishes Congratulations Nedco Control Systems The Single Source Solution Automation for the 90’s 112 1353 MEYERSIDE DRIVE, MISSISSAUGA, ONT. L5T I C9 Wa P d) Consulting Engineers The Mitchell Partnership Limitec Toronto Caigar Congratulations and Best Wishes ine of the ways an institution of higher learning can 3imain active over time is to consi stently educate apable and productive graduates who benefit ociety as a whole in the practice of their respective isciplines. he University of Toronto has over the years met tat challenge, and we are certain will continue to do pi MPEX CANADA Inc. Congratulations and Best Wishes STANLEY DOOR SYSTEMS A DIVISION OF STANLEY CANADA INC. 42 QUEEN ELIZABETH BLVD. .TORONTO ONTARIO, M8Z 1M1 Congratulations Congratulations A CHRYSLER W CANADA Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario 1155 Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario M4T 2Y5 Congratulations to the class of 8T7 Congratulations to the class of 8T7 REICHHOLD Reichhold Limited, Mississauga Executive Centre Four Robert Speck Parkway, Suite 700 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4Z 1S1 Congratulations Telenet Telesat Canada New Horizons in Communications Horizons Nouveaux en Communications 333 River Road (613) 746-5920 Ottawa, Ontario TWX: 610-562-8926 K1L 8B9 TELEX: 053-3204 Congratulations BDH Chemicals Canada Limited Produits chimiques BDH Canada It6e 350 Evans Avenue Toronto, Ontario Canada M8Z 1 K5 113 LEIGH Congratulations and Best Wishes Leigh Instruments Limited 115 Emily St.. PO Box 82 Carleton Place, Ontario Canada K7C 3P3 Tel: (613) 257-3883 Telex 053-4148 DOMGLAS INC. 2070 HADWEN ROAD MISSISSAUGA, ONT. Fax (613) 257-3936 Congratulations Congratulations from ROYAL BANK OF CANADA BRUNSWICK HOUSE Congratulations Congratulations ENGEL CANADA Ludwig Engel Canada Ltd. 545 Elmira Road Guelph, Ontario. NIK 1C2 Phone (519) 836-0220 Telex 069-56541 Congratulations THE ECE GROUP LTD. CONSULTING ENGINEERS 205 Lesmill Road, Don Mills, Ontario M3B 2 V 1 114 from DUFFERIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 505 NORTH SERVICE ROAD EAST. OAKVILLE. ONTARIO L6H 1 A5 i □a MICRO METALLURGICAL LTD. Congratulations MTS MTS (CANADA) LTD. PLAZA 4. 2 □ □ □ ARGENTIA ROAD, SUITE 1 □□ MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO L 5 N 1 P7 Congratulations 50 Valleybrook Drive Don Mills, Ontario M3B 2S9 Congratulations to the class of 8T7 Westburne Industrial Enterprises 1355 Meyerside Drive Mississauga, Ontario L5T 1 C9 ' Congratulations from Deskin Sales Corporation Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1987 Hitachi Denshi.Ltd. (Canada) Performance Proven Electronics 65 Melford Drive.Scarborough, Ontario M1B 2G6 Tel: (416) 299-5900 Gore S. Storrie Limited Consulting Engineers Architect WATER ■ WASTEWATER WATER RESOURCES DRAINAGE ■ ENERGY RECOVERY SOLID HAZARDOUS WASTES 1670 Bayview Avenue, Toronto. Ontario M4G 3C2 Telephone (416) 485-7715 Ottawa St. Catharines Barrie Congratulations 0 I MARSHALL Marshall Steel (Ont.) 3555 Erindale Station Road Mississauga, Ont. L5A 2Z6 Telephone :(41 6)-279-8000 Telex: 06-961400 Best Wishes from Samsonite Congratulations from AMIanson DtvWon o4 jMMck 33 Cranfield Rd., Toronto Ontario M4B 3H2 (416) 755-1191 Telex 06-963723 115 In Support of a Network of Excellence At Northern Telecom, we recognize that our future begins with the exploration of ideas that lead to innovation and technological excellence. And there is no better investment to secure this future than a commitment to a superior information age education system. The future is being engineered with energy and dedication ... a future that sees the merger of sophisticated systems with human achievement. In addition to other forms of cooperative interaction with educational institutions. Northern Telecom strongly supports efforts that make a significant contri- bution to the development of a Canadian Network of Excellence. We are proud of our associations with programs, schools and courses of study and encourage other businesses to support these efforts IXt northern fclccuni 116 It is very difficult to encapsulate the experiences of four years in only a few short paragraphs. It seems as if only yesterday the class of 8T7 lined up outside Con Hall to be indoctrinated into Engineering at U of T. We, as graduate engineers, have learned the basic engineering fundamentals and most importantly, the skills of problem solving. As professional engineers, we will face these challenges using our knowledge, but knowing the right formula is not enough. We are entering a complex and dynamic world which demands that we, as engineers, take social responsibility for our work. As professionals, we are guided by a code of ethics, but , in addition, it is necessary to increase our social awareness. 1987 is the year of the engineer. With the focus on our profession, it will be important to reinforce the publics ' s trust and respect. Looking back at my old yearbooks, I have been reminded of the many good times I ' ve had while at SKULE tm . I have had the pleasure and honour to serve all four years actively in the Engineering Society. There has been a trend in the Society to become more serious and professional while upholding some fun traditions. It is a good combination and is possible because of the many responsible and competent people who work very hard in the Society. The Engineering Society serves a very important purpose: to allow students the opportunity to develop the skills not taught in the classroom that are essential to a well rounded engineer. I hope that those who are graduating will take with them not only their technical knowledge, but also many fun memories. For those students who remain, make the most of your years at U of T. Get involved and take away more than just memories of books and classes. To those I ' ve had the good fortune to work with, thank you all for making the year a great success. To all: keep the Skule tm spirit alive wherever i you are! Kim Hollings Engineering Society President PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE 117 FROM THE DEAN As a new Dean, I learn something new every day. One very pleasant and reassuring piece of news is how the Engineering Society and its many components enrich the life of the Faculty. The ever present Lady Godiva Memorial Band is a splendid ambassador for the Faculty at many University and community functions. SKULE tm Nite and the Stage Band provide good fun and many sporting events which help break the cycle of demanding academic requirements. The prompt " renovations " to my office (last September) were an example of how the Engineering Society does things efficiently and effectively. You are graduating at a time when technology is changing rapidly and dramatically. This is reflected in industry and trade throughout the world. Your engineering education will help you cope with the challenges of this changing society, but never neglect the opportunity of further education at some future time. By continuing to support the $100 per year incidental fee, you have shown that you care about providing top quality education here at SKULE” 11 . When you graduate, keep up the $100 year habit by supporting Engineering through the Varsity Fund. The students who follow you deserve the ! best, and one good turn deserves another. If time permits, get involved in the Engineering Alumni Association and most of all, promote U of T Engineering in | every area of your career. You are now part of a proud and distinguished group of alumni. Do not be afraid to stand tall and say it. My very best wishes go with you as you start your career. Keep in touch— you will never regret it. Dean Gary W. Heinke 118 A MESSAGE FROM THE ASSOCIATION One of the many privileges as President of the Engineering Alumni Council is that of working with many of the members of the Engineering Society, Class Years and Departments on behalf of SKULE tm . As the Graduating Class you are continuing in a great tradition. There has always been energy, enthusiasm, common sense and fun where SKULE tm was involved. The Engineering Alumni Council, representative of all the Graduating Years is committed to the continued support of Student Activities, including Employment Liaison, and Job Strategy Seminars. I urge you to take full advantage of the rich experience of University life. You will develop friendships and contacts that will last a lifetime. Your academic effort is paramount but do participate in and support SKULE tm and community activities. Congratulations on your Graduation and welcome to that permanent guardian of the SKULE tm spirit-the Engineering Alumni Association of the University of Toronto. We look forward to your continued support both financially and through participation in Alumni Affairs. Bill McMullen President ALUMNI Published by JOSTENS CANADA 119 Let not the waves of the sea separate us now, and the years you have spent in our midst become a memory. Kahlil Gibran • Sr a- it., I

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University of Toronto Engineering Society - Skule Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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