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DCZDC3CI3CIJC3CDC3 mzi TT IC r T " i The Book of S kuler ' 8T6 i I Here are many diffe r All roaring with one voice t Beware! Go not too near! Or you will lose your voice And roar with them. - T.W. Earp r • % W 1r " ■» ' -Z2HW T 4 I CONTENTS EVENTS 3 SPORTS 21 GROUPS 39 CLASSES 53 GRADS 74 EVENTS 3 ORIENTATION 4 We knew this year was destined to be different when the faculty granted two days for orientation. This gave us an extra day to put the Frosh through their paces. Orientation Day One began with droves of eager first years arriving at Con Hall bright and early. They were introduced to the many facets of Engineering at U of T, with Deans, Alumni, Eng Soc, Skule™ Nite, the LGMB and Cannon all making their pitch at the new generation of U of T engineers. Afterwards, the Frosh, marked with the official dye, were led on a tour of the campus and the downtown area by Lady Godiva and her escort , Rambo, in a Chrysler convertible. It was an eventful tour ending with a refreshing swim in City Hall fountain. To top off the day, the tired and hungry Frosh were allowed some rest at a BBQ on front campus. 5 j Orientation Day Two began for most Frosh with the English Proficiency Test. Those lucky few who did not have to write the E.P.T. were not so lucky after all when they were subjected to the first annual S.W.E.A.T. exam. Many were relieved to find out that they had been the target of a well-executed ruse. Orientation Day Two saw another first with the largest musical chairs game U of T has ever experienced. About 1600 students fought for seats in this hour-long competition, and in the end, a Chem 8T8 was the victor. The Frosh were rewarded for their two days of hard work with the annual D.J. ' s bash. No one will ever forget (remember?) this event! Kim Hollings Orientation Committee 6 Courtesy of the Toronto Star SHINERAMA Shinerama is the fund-raising event for Cystic Fibrosis research, organized solely by college and university students across Canada. Cystic Fibrosis is the largest killer of children next to cancer, and many victims die in their " university years. " This was a year of many firsts. Through Shinerama, the University of Toronto was able to unite eight colleges and faculties for the first time in fifteen years. This made Shinerama the largest cooperative and intensive orientation event on the University of Toronto campus. Over 1700 people participated, up from 650 people last year. This year also marked the s tart of Shinerama at our Erindale campus. Other participants included the faculties and colleges of Engineering, New College, Nursing, Rehab Meds, St. Mike ' s, University College, and Victoria College. In addition, we raised more money than ever in the history of the University of Toronto--over $25, 000-more than double our $1 1,200 of last year. 7 The events were diverse and many. They included packing Frosh and Orientation leaders from all the colleges and faculties involved, into Con Hall on Orientation Wednesday, to learn about the cause for which they would be shining shoes throughout Toronto: Cystic Fibrosis research. The following day was filled with events including the Bedrace down University Avenue. The race was officiated by Paul Godfrey, publisher of the Toronto Sun, and was won for the third straight year by the Civil Club. This was followed by the Nursing Tea and the Shinerama Pub in the evening. 8 II Friday was proclaimed Hot Dog Day, and saw the staging of the Second Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest. The contest was officiated by Grand Marshall Anne Johnston, who lost out in a mayoral battle with Art Eggleton this year. The contest was chilling and spectacular! At the end of the 5 minute eat-off two teams were tied at 13 hot dogs each. The one minute tie-breaker saw the winning team of SAC President Scott Burk and Vice-President Phil Boland devouring six hot dogs-for a total of 19 in six minutes. The difference between the winning and losing team was one " woofed " hot dog! Our wrap-up event was the First Annual Shinerama Lottery, drawn at Varsity Stadium. It saw the IKEA Moose doing cartwheels and drawing the ticket for the grand prize-a $400 shopping spree at IKEA. This last event concluded the year ' s work done by the Shinerama Committee. We hope everyone had a fantastic time organizing and participating in Shinerama. By simply dropping your name, address, and phone number into the Shinerama mailbox in the ENG SOC you too can become a member of next year ' s committee, and join in the fun!! Shinerama Co-Chairmen 1985 Christopher Harris Jeanette Southwood 9 r HART HOUSE FARM Orientation Week ended with a day-long trip to Hart House farm. After all the wood was moved, the party began. The upperclassmen managed to hold out and win the annual tug-of-war for the nth year in a row. After the mud wrestling at the pond, the troupe packed up and headed back to Toronto. It was a great start to the year! 10 11 A HOMECOMING ’Twas a rainy day and there was a parade. Everyone loves a parade, what more can I say? However, in order that this book in future years will not look like a Yearbook for illiterates, I will elaborate ever so slightly. Every year, SAC runs the homecumming parade, and this year our very own MC-at-large, Bob Seeman, was the Grand Marshal. The theme for the Engineering float was “Glory Days”, but since we obtained some free costumes (three Grizzly bear suits compliments of Amstel Breweries), we had to change our theme to “The Glory Days of Our Childhood” so that the costumes would make sense. Along with the bears, the float had a house and a cute curly-haired blonde, and was called “Godivalocks and the Three Bears.” Beside them were the Cannon Guard who were supposed to dress up like knights. They thought this idea too silly, so instead, they wore black chiffon capes. The LGMB stood at the end of the float amongst trees which were borrowed from the park under the Don Valley Parkway. The trees represented Sherwood forest, and the BNAD was cleverly disguised as Robin Hood and his Merry Men. The disguise consisted of neon green tights, Octoberfest hats, and green garbage bags made to form tunics. ! The float place third in the judging but was disqualified because the BNAD wore garbage bags when it wasn’t raining. Special note should be made that it was raining at the official start time of the race, but because Urindale wasn’t ready, the parade was delayed and the rain stopped. Despite placing third, we had more fun than anyone there, and proved again that Engineers build the funnest, most photogenic and best waterproofed floats in the University. Live wrong and prosper! Wayne M c Phee Blue and Gold Chairguy OKTOBERFEST “Oktoberfest.” Need I say more? I guess I should for those with blurred (hie) memories. We went through e kegs of beer, which could explain the blurs. We had polka dancing, which could explain the bruises. We all had fun which needn’t be explained. By the way, Oktoberfest was on Oct. 19th at D.J.’s. George Kash’s Oktoberfest Express provided the entertainment for the crowd. The Engineers supplied the spirit. 13 GODIVA WEEK And now, another thrilling chapter of the Yearbook, brought to you by the Blue and Gold Committee and the letter N, for Ngineering and Nsigh. The week was a great success, and I could write pages on all the events and competitions but the year (picture) book doesn’t have room for it all so I’ll be brief. The only thing I have room for is a run down of the winners of the main events. The Calculus Race (soon to be a classic) was won by Grant (Grunt), a young Flrosh who cheated better than anyone else. The next day, Wednesday, was the date of two big events: the chariot race and the first Engineering Talent Contest. The chariot race was won by the Industrials, only because their pathetic start let them avoid the riot near the finish line. A special mention must go to Engineering Science who placed second with their indestructible tank, truly a revolutionary chariot design. The talent contest was won by the LGMB (legitimately too) who did dramatic readings accompanied by muted classical music (really). In second place was the band “Artists United Against Rainbow-Brite” from Chem 8T7. Both of these groups later performed in the university-wide Blue and White talent night. 14 1 On Thursday, a group of mixed year chemies beat an overconfident Eng Sci 8T7 team (last year’s winner) to take the boat racing title. Godiva’s Quest was won by Chem 8T7, and in Snow Baseball, Eng Sci 8T8 defeated Chem 8T7 in the finals in what was considered an upset by some. In closing, I would like to congratulate all of the winners, those I mentioned and those I missed. I would also like to thank all the people who came out to the events and had fun, and all the people who worked hard with me so the afore-mentioned people could have fun. Live wrong and prosper. Wayne M c Phee Blue and Gold Chairguy 15 Cannonball this year was a blast! (sorry!) It was held at the Royal York Hotel on January 25th. The evening began with a meal, after which the guests danced to the Sounds of the Skule™ Stage Band (great Blues Brothers imitation, guys!). The LGMB made a surprise appearance, and guests were treated to their world premiere of The Theme from Rocky (and Franco playing Wipeout on a sax case). All in all, the evening was a huge success and was fun for everyone, with guests contributing over $400 to the Variety Club Telethon which was being held concurrently at the hotel (the LGMB presented our gift on national television). CANNONBALL 14 17 y vi ' « 18 19 MONT STE. ANNE SKI TRIP I ' ve got my date for the Grad Ball: open the dishwasher so we can wash the Y° u can ' s see the strings. " Franco " rest of the cabin who forgot the spoons SKI TRIP FROM TI3H Steve picks up babes by baring his belly button Our token " nice " picture 20 FOOTBALL MEN’S FOOTBALL The 1985 version of the Engineering Football Team can be summed up by saying it was another rebuilding year. In other words, the 0-5 season was a disappointment, to say the least, but not because of a lack of effort. Some 22 rookies led the way to an almost complete change over in personnel from the previous year, except for a few invaluable, die-hard veterans who came back year after year. A lot of thanks must go to those dedicated athletes who came out for every practice, rain or shine, as well as to our All-Stars: Tom Slokar, Alex Wong, Peter Barli, Louie Pappas, and Gus Yantsis. Back Row (1 to r): Terry Korec, Brian Skurnac, Shawn Stubbings, Peter Wilcox, Craig Pirie, Gus Yantsis, Alex Wong, Peter Barli, Ron Maruya, Hayden Sinanan. Middle Row: Darius Mavalwala, Ed Zabitsky, Ted Maulucci, Bill Dinan, William Wong, Rohan Gaghadar, Wayne Lowe. Front Row: Ramin Dowlati, Loui Pappas. Absent: Kelly Bell, John Durko, Cyril Kendall, Nazz Cellucci, Ken Gilbert, Joe Morello, Philip Young, John Ceko, Tom Slokar, Dennis Fotinos, Jason Suh. Coaches: Richard Romano, Tim Joness, Peter Baxter. Trainer: Judy Nemeth. Commissioner: Tony Ponzo 22 Photos of the MECH team, who deserve recognition for winning Men’s Touch Football this season, were not available. Apologies to the team. TOUCH FOOTBALL After failing to make the finals in our first season, the GEO FLINTSTONES bounced back! Using the experience learned in our rookie year, we dominated the intramural touch football league, reaching the finals with a record of 7 wins and one loss including a resounding victory over the P.H.E. JOCKSTRAPS (2-0). Members of this year’s team included Mr. Safety, Twinkle Toes (Candy Ass) Kulin, Kodiak Kid, Pops, Pumpk in, Mr. Defense, YIP!, Chief, The Stove, Chris, Flowers Enright, Crazy Legs Scott, Hangnail Tonner, as well as our favourite fan Janice the Manice. APHRODESI AC! ! ! Derrick Speakman (Chief) WOMEN’S FLAG FOOTBALL The 1985-1986 season was a very TM enjoyable one for the Skule women. Although we managed a 0.500 season with a 3-3 record, we just missed the playoffs. Better luck next year! But, we did have fun! This team was very enthusiastic and high-spirited. After playing half our games in rain and mud, camaraderie was sure to develop! This year the team gained enthusiastic rookies who hopefully will stay with the team for at least next season. Included with the " new " members were our coaches, Richard and Peter. Their instruction and support (especially for 7:00 a.m. games in the rain) were greatly appreciated. Next year, with a bit more offensive artillery, the tea m will be ready to take on all opponents. Special mention goes to Alex, Shaunagh, Linda, Debbie, Lisa and Karen for their enthusiasm and commitment to the team. Commissioner Carol Low THE TEAM: Back Row: Peter Wilcox (coach), Kim Hollings, Lisa Ing, Laura Easterbrook, Shaunaugh McParland, Laura Martin, Linda Tremblay, Alex Cattelan, Karen Klimaszowski, Carolyn Brown, Richard Romano (coach). Front Row: Carol Low, Laura Money, Anne McPhee, Debbie Yanchula, Janice Munro Absent: Susan Ebata, Yvonne Kim, Eva Lau 23 I SOCCER Back Row (1 to r): Alex Petrusev, Matt Robinson, Phil Perzia, Martin Taylor, Greg Evans, Mike Wald, Ali Mohtashami, John How. Front Row: Alex Nanos, John Richards, Lachlam McDonald, Mohamed Ghidaoui, Wayne Johnson Absent: Solomos Solomuo, Gary McDonald, Glen Pringle MEN’S SOCCER This year, we had two soc cer teams playing in First and Third Divisions of Intramural Soccer. The senior team, who was last year’s champions, did not enjoy a successful season because of a few outgoing members lost to the Varsity Team and to graduation. However, with many new faces this year, next year’s team promises to show good soccer and team work. This season ended with a record of 1-4-1 (win-loss-tie). Contrary to previous years when soccer was finished by wintertime, the team this year is continuing its practices in indoor gymnasiums. The team would like to thank Martin Taylor (MVP), Mike Wald, Glen Pringle, and Mike Galas for their contributions. I i 24 I ! The Junior Team had a relatively good record of 3-2-1. Unfortunately, this was not good enough to make the playoffs. With 7 points, the team ended up 5th in the league. A solid tough defence combined with a very talented, technically super midfielders and forwards, will likely enable the team to have a better record next year. We look forward to playing in the coming year, and to improving our records. Back Row: Tim Sorotschinsky, Gord McKeil, Chris Pereira, Richard Arend, Kevin Brand, Andrew Larkin, Andrew Slawek, Derek Pell, Ali Mohtashami (coach). Front Row: Naeem Ravat, Peter Heal, Faisal Ahmed, Ferid Chabchoub, Werner Artinger, Charlie Martezos, Mark Galas, Tony Ali. Absent: Ammanuel Eyasu, Khaled Hassanein, John Roeleveld WOMEN’S SOCCER For a newly put together team this year ' s Women ' s Skule™ soccer team performed admirably. The spirit and performance were fantastic and all team members deserve a big congratulations. Hopefully, if more early risers can be found, next year’s team will be even more successful. Alex Cattelan Jeanette South wood Barbara Smith Helen Paras Helen Helson JanaMladenoff Marianne Lovicsek Karen Johnson Gabrielle Kauffman Claudia Kauffman Michelle Rach Sue Mclean Karen Klimaszcwski 25 RUGBY The Engineering rugby team once again had a very successful season, distinguishing themselves as the most consistent team in Interfaculty Rugby. In regular season play, a narrow 4 point loss and a single tie were the only blemishes in seven games. A five win, one loss, one tie record left Skule™ in 2nd place behind only Erindale. In the inaugural interfac 7’s tournament, the team finished as finalists, losing by one point to a TRINITY team stocked with young lads from British private schools. The Back Row: Ted Maulucci, Brendan Burns, Nick Stevens, Martin Mintz, Fred Pulver, Peter Watler, Paul Vaarsi, Bob Boothby, Greg Dow, Mike Allen. Front Row: Wayne Iwamoto, Mario Martins, Marc Sungaila, Rob Gibicar, Glyn Jones, Paul Hamel, Alex Wong. Lying: Rod Williams playoffs saw a semi-final win against VIC lead to a rematch against Medicine in the final. It was here in the mud and rain that the engineers fell just short of repeating as champions. Several times, tries were missed by the width of a beer bottle and ultimately, one try left Skule™ as runners up. There were many fine player performances both on and off the field. Special mentions go to perennial MVP Glyn P. Jones and to Rod Williams who finished as CO-NVP in his first full season at scrum half. Thanks to Perry Adebar for stabilizing the volatile pack. Thanks to Peter Watler, Paul Vaarsi, Marc Sungaila, Greg Dow, Fred Pulver, and Brendan Bums for years of dedicated play now sadly drawing to a close. Congratulations to Bob Boothby who raised his level of play a notch to start at Prop for the U of T Varsity team. Special thanks to Mrs. Stevens who stood in the pouring rain to cheer the team and Nick in their final game. Congratulations to all contributing players. The 21 young engineers with origins extending from Australia and around the world to Salmon Arm, B.C. were fine representatives of the faculty. Skills learned on the Back Campus and in the Arbor Room should lead to success in all future rugby football endeavours. Good Luck to one and all! 26 LACROSSE back row (1 to r): Joe Paradi, Bill Wignall, Rob Lee, Rob Deom front row : Dave Paradi absent: Ed Konyen, Paul Hamel This year the lacrosse team improved immensely because of the return of some veteran players and the addition of several new players. After a well played regular season and a hard- fought 8-7 win over Victoria College in the semi-finals, the year ended with a heartbreaking loss with 25 seconds left in the game to Medicine in the Division II finals. Special mention should go to our goalie, Dave Paradi, who was fearless between the pipes, and this year ' s MVP, Bill Wignall, who played solidly every game. Next year we hope to retain all the players from this year and add some new players to the roster. The season starts early so anyone who is interested should watch for the sign-up sheet in the ENG SOC. 27 AQUATICS Men’s Waterpolo Waterpolo went well this year. Although both the division I and III teams had records of 1 and 5 thi s year, all those who participated enjoyed themselves. And even with that record, the division I team made it into the playoffs (kinda like the Leafs, eh?). Congratulations to Geoff Mitchell, our recruit from the Varsity waterpolo team, for winning the Most Valuable Player award. Div I Richard Cobden John Wilson Paul Traicoff Geoff Mitchell (MVP) Tau Wang Fred Gandolfi Scott Thorbum Gordon Roberts Peter Mabee Ian Rowlands Ian Flint Oswin Hall 28 Div III Chris Lewis Paul A. Hamel Bill Dinan Mark Oort Thomas Ankus Glenn Keenan Stephen Halman Chris Yip Peter Ryan Lisa Pugh Derek Feltham James Vogtle Chris Tiexeira Farshid Dvavarmi AQUATICS Women ' s Waterpolo This season of waterpolo consisted of six games. This year the team finished the season with two wins and four losses, an improvement over last year ' s record. The enthusiasm of the team showed through towards the end of the season in two consecutive wins. The teams narrowly missed the playoffs but hope to continue their winning streak in next year ' s season. Front Row: Anne McPhee, Debbie Yanchula, Helen Chau. Back Row (1 to r): Barb Smith, Karen Klimaszewski, Kirsten Vice, Trudi Collins, Linda Tremblay. Absent: Keren Morehead, Elaine MacDonald. 29 BASKETBALL Men ' s Engineering Basketball This year ' s teams put out a great effort in their respective divisions. The Division I squad finished up in third place in regular season play, but failed to advance past their first playoff opponents - the heavily favoured F.E.U.T. team. In Divisions II and III the teams ran into default problems and as a result failed to qualify for the playoffs. Thanks to all the players that came out and supported all of the teams. Next year looks bright. Come out and play! BASKETBALL DiyT Diy II Diy HI Oscar Welcher Dave Murray Pete Athanasopoulos Gary Morris Dan Jerome Gord Kipping Aldo Sperduti Dean Brown Joe Gambino Anthony Milazzo Bill Plaxton Terry Nitchov Paul Van Lauren Ed Zabitsky Jeff Measures Ted OTian Dave Jarman Chuck Walji Brian Lemay John MacQuarrie Tom Mahat Connie C. George DalleAve Bert Melatti Mike Smayra Antoni Wisniowski Matt Robinson Rich Kenedi Dave Johns Steve Wilson Jonathan Wyman Carlos Gutierrez Fred Goah Rich Mills Werner Artinger i | 31 VOLLEYBALL • -m Ut I i n ft Men ' s Volleyball Division I Ken Duffy Ihab Abdel-Shehid Valdis Martinsons Roland Ezers Tony Hong Paul Shimitzu Dieter Gamm John Garofalo Division H Ali Momtashami Mike Wald Mario Martins Armando Mastace Peter Hassan Martin Matawara Bing Young Paul Hammel Spencer Lee Division III Glen Hall Andrew Slawek Tim Reedman Rob Heilegenthal Matthew Elliott Jimmy Wu David Money Imtiaz Ali Arm in 32 Women’s Volleyball This year, our team did not do as well as hoped, but we did give some of the top teams an unexpected challenge in our final games. Our main shortcoming this season was lack of players. For many of our games, our “bench support” consisted only of our coach Ihab Abdel-Shehid. We will use the experience our team has gained this season to improve our game and earn a position for the engineering team in the playoffs next year. 33 HOCKEY Hockey With the season coming to a close, the Engineering A team finds itself in a close battle for first place, while the B tream struggles for a playoff spot. Outstanding players to date for the B’s include the line of Dave Ito, Dave Varriano and Mauro Facca, defensive stars Nick Valettas, Tony Miclaucic and Peter Moylan, while solid goaltending has been provided by the tandem of A1 Koivu and Jon Douglas. 34 Engineering Wolverines Women’s Hockey This year, we’ve had a very successful season. The team finished regular season play with a 6-1-1 record which gave us a second place standing in women’s hockey. The playoffs are presently in progress and we are eager to win a spot in the finals. Everyone showed enthusiastic determination and team spirit throughout this season. Hellen Helson, Shanaugh McParland, Claudia and Gabrielle Kauffman, Julia Biedermann, Christine Murray, Maurine O Shaughnessy, Laurie Clapp, Trish and Heather Flemming, Lea Steinburg The iceslicers had, as usual, an amazingly successful and enjoyable season this year. We managed to fight our way to the play offs with brutal enthusiasm but were beat out by a midly superior team that undoubtedly took the championship (?). We are enormously indebted to our fantastic beyond words coach of three years, Paul Shinman, who taught most of us all we know. He is a real likeable guy. Women’s Engineering hockey continues to epitomize good sportswomenship and competitive fun. Janet Porter, Judy Wilson, Barb Smith, Laurie Malabone, Anne McPhee, Lisa Verdoni, Yana Mladenoff, Karen Klimaszewski, Kristi Wolbert, Jeannette Southwood, Debbie Yanchula, Linda Tremblay 35 SKIING The E.A.A. skiing program consisted of two events this year - the SKI-PARTY ’86 and the Interfaculty Race. The Ski-Party was an unparalleled and smashing affair as over 150 Engineers, Rehab-Meds, and Nurses converged on the Craigleith Ski Club. A slalom course was set up where a large number of aspiring Interfaculty racers practised ‘Wide World of Sports’ style wipeouts and ran over lots of gates. Others chose to simply run over Craigleith Ski Club members (we won’t mention any names) and several Skulemen and Skulewomen were even spotted in the forests between the runs (no doubt practising their orienteering skills or XC skiing — didn’t anyone tell them this was an Alpine event??!!). After the lifts closed, the party began and everyone danced and managed to make 30 cases of beer disappear in 3 hours. Prizes were awarded to the most ‘creative’ skiers of the day (see above) and a great time was had by all. The slalom practice or the drinking or something must have paid off because the Engineering Ski Teams completely dominated the Interfaculty race which was held two weeks later at Horseshoe Valley -Medonte Mt. The results were as follows: INDIVIDUAL COMPETITION Paul Vaarsi jst - Men’s Experienced Anne McPhee 2 nd - Women’s Novice Patrick Clarke 2 nd - Men’s Novice Chris Hyde 3 rd - Men’s Novice 36 TEAM COMPETITION Women’s Novice: Eng . St. Mikes - 1 st Jana Mladenoff Anne McPhee Maija Stark Christina Cargnelli (SMC) Claudine Hamois (SMC) Men’s Novice: Eng. Right - 1 st Diep Le Patrick Clarke Adam O’ Boyle EdVala Paulo Stefenatti Greg Stairs Eng. Centre - 2 nc Scott Robinson Bemie Tonner Dan Jerome Bob Boothby Tim Lloyd Chris Hyde Eng. Left - 3 rci Derrick Speakman Joseph Paradi Ed Solbach Neil Harper Paul Kalbun Peter Veselovsky Men’s Experienced: Eng. Cro-Magnons - 1 st Paul Vaarsi Brian Blazynski Fred Pulver Murray Fors Jan Kozel Rick Maier Eng. Co-eds - 4 Derek Pell Tom Steinke A1 Paton Rob Heiligenthal Catalina Bratu Dan MacKinnon 37 So far this season, the Women’s Engineering Squash Team has played very well. Though the team standings have not been posted yet, the team should be placed at or near the top of the list. We have had many match victories and, to date, have not defaulted any games (a record that cannot be matched by many other teams). This year, we also have some team members who are learning to play the sport for the first time. Many of them show a lot of enthusiasm and natural talent for the game and hopefully will develop a genuine interest in it. The team will certainly be needing their supoort in the years to come. SQUASH With four weeks left before the end of the season, the Men’s Squash team continues to battle for the glory of Skule™ on the courts. Thanks to all players for getting up for all those 7:00 a.m. matches. Keep up the good play. 38 GROUPS ENGINEERING SOCIETY ENGINEERING SOCIETY Frank: So what did you think of Engineering in 1986? Hank: Are you kidding? I just finished my final exams last week and you want me think about school?! You’re crazy. Frank: Oh, come on! The Engineering Society had a great year. We had an amazing Homecoming Float, wild gambling at those Casino Nights, a fabulous musical comedy show Skule™ Nite, and a whole bunch of great pubs. Hank: Oh yeah! Hey, remember that dumb frosh way back during Orientation who thought he was a lizard? He kept crawling around on his stomach licking spilled beer off the floor. Oh boy! Pubs, hot dog eating contests, pubs, Boat Races, pubs, the Christmas Party, pubs, drinking my face off at — Frank: Wait a minute! ! There was more to the Eng Soc than just booze. I mean, we’ve been around for over a century! There’s tradition, there’s honour, there’s ... uh ... um ... the Toike Oike! That’s right, and the Handbook Calendar, The Book of Skule™, and our newspaper, the Cannon. And did you know that the Professional Development Committee brought in guest speakers from industry all through the year and sent students to conferences in Kingston, Hamilton and Newfoundland to represent U of T Engineers? Hank: Bet you think you know everthing, dontcha? Well, I happen to know that only five people fell off chair lifts at the Annual Engineering Ski Trip in Quebec, no more than eighteen minor traffic violations were handed out during the Spring Car Rally, the band played more that sixty German police songs at the Oktoberfest Bash, and nearly two hundred crazed engineers tried to destroy each other in the Chariot Race this winter. How ’bout that? Frank: I’m impressed! But there’s more. This year will also mark the completion of the Skule™ Cycle — the fastest(?) human-powered land vehicle in Canada, the construction of the Med Sci Wheelchair Ramp, and most importantly, the addition of Earnest the talking photocopier to the Eng Soc. Hank: Well, I guess the Engineering Society did make school a lot more interesting: SUDS pubs, the LGMB, Cannonball, Gradball, the Iron Ring Ceremony — Hey, hold on! D’you think I’ll have to give back my ring if I flunk Fourth Year? Frank: I wouldn’t worry about it. But look on the bright side: if you do fail, you’ll get an extra year of fun and frolic in the good ol’ Faculty of Engineering. And if this year is any sign of things to come, next year is going to be a blast! 41 BRUTE FORCE COMMITTEE The Brute Force Committee faces unprecedented challenges every year. The committee is in charge of security for Engineering events. The main function, though, is to promote Skule™ Spirit and an occasional disturbance of the Mickey Mice’s sleep! This year saw the conversion of Philospher’s Walk into THE PHILOSOPHER’S PARKWAY. Future capers are underway. These consist of (I think) first time ever wall-papering of the SAC dome and the conversion of a park attendant’s booth into a Photomat. Nevertheless, it was a fun year and I expect that next year will be a good one as well. Good to the last drop! Undergraduate Program in Brute Force (program n+1) Term I Number Lee Tut Lab Painting IND 243F 2 1 3 Breaking Entering MEC 101F 2 1 5 Beer Drinking I CHE 503F 0 0 24 Hammering MMS 245F 3 1.5 1 Lunch ART 212F 1 1 9 Running PHE 453F 5 2 4 Term II Hide Seek ART 333S 0 0 0 Cement Mixing CIV 154S 2 1 3 Disturbing the Peace LGMB 202S 2 1 24 Bear Drinking II CHE 504S 0 0 24 Fentonomics IND 370S 3 3 0 Sawing CIV 237S 1 2 3 Partying In Hell ELE 666S 6 6 6 BFC Parking Lot i- 42 BRUTE FORCE COMMITTEE Traffic Jam on Philosopher ' s Parkway Chief: Fr nc M n t l - Be.Er., S.Ex.,Pu.N.K. Chiefs Ass: Gr g D w - Be.Er., X.Chief Ministers: I n Sp ring - Wealth andHellfare Martin Su ch es - Piece J hn H wl tt - Dep loyment K mH ll ngs - Ignorance Bliss St ev Byw t r - Teenage Lobotomies J m Mc w n - Ramboid, G.I. J hn R nn - Communications N ck zz - X-Communications S s n R+chf ' rd - Minds Race Horses W yne M Ph - Plaid J r my B t son - Noise Pollution BFC Chief on Private Caper 43 LADY GODIVA MEMORIAL BAND Once again, in the true spirit of powerful spirits, the Bnad of 85-86 served up a heaping portion of its own particular brand of inebriated entertainment. The senior members, forced to new heights of stamina, managed to keep playing and drinking for the entire new and improved two day orientation. The frosh, inspired by this selfless debauchery, flocked in droves to join the Bnad at our annual practice at Hart House Farm. Swelled by our newest crop of deviants, we were ready and armed for a fun-filled football se ason. The half-time riot at the York game (we didn ' t start it, really; we were just the first on the field...), served as good training for the first annual Vanier Cup Doughnut War. It was fought in the stands against the Western Fans who vastly outnumbered us in all but spirit and spirits (we won, of course!). 44 LADY GODIVA MEMORIAL BAND Many great events were to follow. The Bnad appeared in green tights on engineering ' s magnificent Homecoming float, and as the Blue Jay’s official cheerleaders at a big-screen showing of a playoff game at Varsity Arena. A vicious, pre-mediated musical attack was launched on the wimpy Newspaper staff in return for their blatent anti-Bnad propaganda. Later, Q107 was treated to a rare radio appearence by the Bnad on their morning show. As 1985 came to a close, J.D. Roberts and Rompin ' Ronnie Hawkins opened for the Bnad at City Hall on New Year ' s Eve. The start of 1986 saw The Bnad being the toast of Godiva Week. The Bnad chariot, (not to be confused with a shopping cart), scored a little known win in the Chariot Race. The year was then topped off by three superlative performances at Godiva ' s Wake, Cannonball, and Grad Ball. Cocaphonically yours, Tom Meadowcroft Jeremy Bateson (Bnad Leaders, 85-86) 45 I SKULE™ STAGEHAND Now in its third year, the Skule™ Stage Band has developed from the dream began by Cliff Alexander, Danny Gargaro and Kent Fletcher, to the reality of a continuing institution in engineering at U of T. Starting off the year by opening the new Koffler Student Centre, the band continued its series of Atrium Concerts, plus a Christmas concert at Convocation Hall, a show for the second time at the Cannonball, and a venue at the Jazz Plus Pub at Hart House. The band was infused with the life of a large group of new members in addition to that of the remaining die-hards. Keeping it all under control was the superb musical direction of Bill Piggott and Randy Clark, plus the technical excellence of John Slawek. And of course, always supporting our development has been Malcolm McGrath and the Alumni Association. Through them and the time, commitment and enthusiasm of all the band members, word is fast spreading about the skill (and vigour) of engineering students outside of their traditional roles. The Skule™ Band has survived the difficult period of birth, and is here to stay! Band Members Saxes: Randy Clark Samantha Espley Steve Lang Brian Schofield John Slawek Trombones: Alec McTavish Dan Paradis Dave Reid Glen Swistara Trumpets: Christopher Brown Malcolm Crawford Steve Roberts Judy Spunt Rvthm: Tim Graham Pete Gruhn Warren Lepik Jaimie Miller Bill Piggott 46 Manager Steve Lang Eng Sci 8T6 HIGH MILEAGE CAR The high mileage car competitions bring together students from across Canada and the U.S. to test their designs and compete for the world ' s most fuel efficient vehicle. The cars are required to travel a specified distance given a pre-measured amount of fuel, and their fuel efficiency is then measured. Last year’s winner, the University of Saskatchewan, recorded a figure of 2,199 MPG (U.S.). The 1985-1986 University of Toronto high mileage car team is well underway preparing for this year ' s competitions. The U of T vehicle, aptly named " Spirit of Skule™ " , will compete in two high mileage competitions this year: the Shell High Mileage Competitions held in Oakville Ontario, and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Super Mileage Competition held in Marshall, Michigan. The " Spirit of Skule™ " is a SAE club project built mostly by mechanical engineering students and funded by numerous sources, including the SAE club, the Mechanical Engineering department, and SAC. The car utilizes a kevlar and nomex " sandwich construction " monocoque body and is powered by a highly modified Briggs and Stratton 4-cycle engine. Modifications include an entirely new cylinder head, an overhead valve design, and steering the cylinder to obtain a higher compression ratio. Director: Aame Tork 47 Wm ENGINEERING ALUMNI There is an undeniable link between the past and the present. Nowhere is this more evident than with The Engineering Alumni Association, whose members, all former engineering students, fund many of the activities that keep the spirit of Skule™ alive for you and me. This year was no exception. The Alumni Association donated a total of $350,000 to the University of Toronto Engineering Varsity Fund. Part of this money went toward Skule™Nite, Grad Ball, The Cannon, Yearbook, LGMB, C.C.E.S., E.A.A., the Engineering Clubs, and Frosh Orientation. In addition, Skule™’s annual two week telethon raised over $53,000 from alumni — $11,000 more than last year. Students from all engineering divisions, 1 14 in total, took part in this event. Its success proved yet again that engineers, both past and present, maintain the spirit of Skule™. ASSOCIATION 48 ENGINEERING ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Another year has passed since I greeted the Graduating Class on behalf of the Engineering Alumni Association. The honour and privilege of doing so is no less now than it was then. Indeed, after another year of close association with the Engineering Society, and your year in particular, the Alumni Council is impressed, more than ever, with the enthusiasm and dedication you have brought to Skule activities. We especially appreciate the efforts of those undergraduates who helped with the record-setting phonathon fund raising campaign. We want you to bring this Spirit, unabated, into the Alumni activities after your graduation. I am happy to note that the employment situation, while still serious, appears to be improving. Rest assured that the Alumni Council is committed to helping you with this problem through continued support of the Employment Office and improved Job Strategy Seminars. With thanks then, for your past help and support, I am pleased to welcome you to the Engineering Alumni Association on behalf of all graduates. As with your predecessors, we look forward to your continued support, both financially and through your participation in Alumni activities. Please accept my sincerest congratulations on your graduation and my best wishes for every success in your future careers. And most of all - for all graduate engineers — welcome to the permanent guardian of the Skule Spirit: the Engineering Alumni Association of the University of Toronto. Bob Booth President Engineering Alumni Association 49 a § £ 5 cd ji T3 JJ O 5 , D is - s -fi £ f o J 2 c ■2 K j; S oo a •- u 3 r- D V- ■S j: a V. £ -C ■ - o v. -2 3 -O .— a) b ■s | -C OJD l O (_ •O c c s cd 5 -S U c e § g j= _ •g 13 S3 O T 5 r 2 D CO ■S i-i a o o ENTVfc YEARBOOK Finding staff for the Yearbook has been the least of our worries this year. It seemed that everyone caught the Spirit of Skule™ and enthusiasm was at a maximum. Our ads manager, Nick Iozzo, enabled us to make a profit unparalleled in recent years (you mean, we can print the book and go to Florida as well?!) Of the many people who volunteered their services, we would like to thank Marie Im, Giles Orr, Yvonne Jew, Ying Chan, Lee Chien, Jeanette Southwood, Shirley Tan, Arthur “Automan” Goeldner, Ann Li, and Barry Levine of the Alumni Association. Much appreciation also goes to Laurence Breakwell, Liana D’ Souza, Mary Jurkowski, Angela Ho, Hezzy Chi, Jim McEwen, Trinh Dinh, and Don Duong. Special thanks are due to last year’s editor, Carol Low, who contributed her invaluable experience and advice, in addition to handling this year’s sports photos. Darkroom specialist John Rynn shot and printed the bulk of the photos. We are grateful for the photographic talents of Giles Orr. However, many pages would be blank without the photographic contributions from Nick Iozzo, John Howlett, Lingxin Dong, Andrew Butler, and Steve Roberts. And of course, we can’t forget to thank Rob “I Love Joe Jobs” Windisman, who left a promising career with the Toike Oike to join the Yearbook. To those of you who took some time out of your busy schedule to contribute, thanks for making this Yearbook, your book. We hope next year’s editors will find such an amiable bunch to work with. God help and breed you all! Mark Li, Mary Mershein Yearbookies 52 ELECTRICAL CLUB 54 The Skule™ year ’85-’86 has seen the Electrical club continue its recent trend of becoming a more visible group in Engineering. Much of this is due to highly successful smokers, a wild and crazy ski trip, the fabulous Electrical Dinner (the Social Event of the Year), and of course the spacious, relaxing, but always improving Common Room. Other memorable events were the Annual 3rd Year Trip to Ottawa for social and professional development, and a great performance at the Varsity Phon-a-thon. Although we can be quite proud of the improvements to the Common Room, more work can be done and that’s where your ideas can make a difference. On an academic note, the labs are getting better equipment and the number of T.A.’s has been increasing each of the last few years thanks to the special incidental fee and your feedback on areas of concern. The Electrical Club is very thankful to those students who have given some of their valuable time to make this year a very successful one. We also wish those graduating in ’86 the best of luck in their careers, and to those returning for more, we hope you’ll continue to strive to improve. Best of luck. David Varriano Electrical Club Chairman The Mechanical Club is the radiant centre of all intelligent life on campus. In the past year the eminent members of this elitist organization have participated in the most magnanimous events of our time. We ' ve cruised the high seas, dined with cloth napkins, and danced to Muslim music. We’ve studied the water hammer effect on beer bottles and surpassed the intuitively obvious by extinguishing a naked flame with a combustible mixture. Our athletic abilities were unmatched in football, basketball, and interprovincial boat racing. The spirit of Mechanicals borrows from no department, reigning supreme over all lesser gearboxes. How do you think a porpoise sleeps anyway? Anna Shumeko Mechanical Club Chairperson MECHANICAL CLUB 55 ENGINEERING SCIENCE CLUB With the graduation of yet another class of keen Eng Sci’s, so culminates another successful year for the Eng Sci Club, epitomized by the success of our annual Dinner Dance and our high placing in the Chariot Race. Also among our successes were the numerous smokers and our annual hockey tournament. To the Class of 8T6, it has been a trying, sometimes rewarding, often tiring, and generally enjoyable (?) four years. Remember those all-nighters in the computer room and those wonderful Ivey problem sets, or those inconceivable design projects? And thanks to the professors who enlightened our lives: Burgess, Ivey, Greub, Luus ... Good Luck in future endeavours. To all the other years, good luck in the year ahead. Gary Morris Eng Sci Club Chairman 56 The Geo-Engineering Club enjoyed one of its most successful years in existence with Geo’s continually showing the spirit and drive which makes the club one of the more lively, close-knit groups on campus. GEO- ENGINEERING CLUB Congratulations must be extended to the members (and fan) of the Geo Flintstones Intramural Touch Football Team who were finalists this season. Congratulations also to the Shinerama Bed Race crew who, virtually assured of victory, wound up third due to some questionable driving tactics on the part of the CIVILS. The awesome power of the Geomobile was clearly evident in the preliminary heats. Thanks go to all the students and profs who attended the Geo Dinner held at SCTV, as well as the smokers held bi-occasionally. Special thanks go to all the Club reps and individuals who contributed so much of their time and effort in organizing events. Here’s hoping that the Club continues to grow (in spirit if not in numbers) and that all members will enjoy future success. Derrick Speakman Geo-Engineering Club Chairman 57 INDUSTRIAL CLUB You may ask -- why are Industrial Engineers always smiling? It’s because they’re getting enough! Enough what? Well, it could be winning such prestigious events as the Varsity Fund phone-a-thon and the Chariot Race; at because we get enough of the B’s (Beer, Bugs Bunny, and Body slams); at because of their world-renowned Christmas and Hawaiian smokers (that would be fatal to mere mortals). I’m happy to say common room activities strayed far from academics. Table-top hockey and crosswords reigned supreme thoughout the year, and we’ve just been entered into the Guinness Book for the longest continuous bridge session (the cards are never still!) This year, unfortunately, marked the end of our winter baseball dynasty, but was countered by the success of our hockey club (Industrial Robots), under the leadership of “The Crusher.” Perhaps it’s George ... or more likely the great work of Norma, Paula, Monika, and Helena. Whatever the reason, we’re sure the Industrial Club has contributed more than its share this year! Jon Adler Industrial Club Chairman 58 METALLURGY AND MATERIALS SCIENCE CLUB Mere words cannot do justice in describing the many occurrences this year; so we (the MMS Club) give our annual review visually. Douglas Rees-Evans MMS Club Chairman “ North and South Poles’ GROU « n Our Chairman and pop machine ( both out of order) Coffee Fix Doug and Han with their rendition of “Moon Over Montreal” OArJ RAMA Haultian eat your heart out “On the Road Again” 59 This year was marked by the resurgeance of the Chem Eng bed for the Shinerama bed race, and the Chem Eng chariot for the chariot race. In addition, the tradition of bi-weekly smokers was upheld. The year ' s activities also included an attempt to set up a " buddy system " between first and second year students. Although this did not work as well as planned I have no doubt that the same goal will be achieved anyway as a result of the closeness within the Chem Eng department. On the academic side, a study room was set up as a workplace for those numerous lab and plant design groups. As can be seen, this year was a success for the Chem Eng Club. Good luck to next year ' s Club and to all of you aspiring Chemical Engineers. CHEMICAL CLUB 60 Nigel Fonseca Chairman Chemical Engineering Club Thanks to the hard work from this year’s Civil Club; Civil students had the opportunity to enjoy many events. Along with our victory in the Bedrace (for the third consecutive year), our strong finish in the Chariot Race, and the annual exchange trip to Quebec City, the Civil Club provided its students with their first annual Golf Tournament, a Squash Ladder, the n th annual Hockey Tournament (which was won by the ST8 class), the annual Civil Dinner (held this year at Harper’s), and many successful smokers. To complement the Civil Club’s success, the U of T CSCE introduced a variety of speakers who enriched the professional and practical development of the students. We hope Civil students took full advantage of these events and had as much fun participating as we did planning. Nick Caccavella Civil Club Chairman CIVIL CLUB CLASS OF 8T7 CLASS OF 8T8 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 62 CIVIL ENGINEERING CLASS OF 8T7 » • CLASS OF 8T8 63 ENGINEERING SCIENCE CLASS OF ST7 64 CLASS OF 8T8 CLASS OF 8T7 CLASS OF 8T8 GEOLOGICAL ENGINEERING 65 METALLURGY AND MATERIALS SCIENCE CLASS OF 8T7 CLASS OF 8T8 66 INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING CLASS OF 8T8 CLASS OF 8T7 67 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING CLASS OF 8T8 68 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CLASS OF 8T7 CLASS OF 8T8 69 PERMANENT EXECUTIVE President VP Fundraising VP Activities VP Oriental Relations Co- VPs International Relations Electrical Representatives: VP Electrical Robert Cohen Alton Ing Bob Seeman Metallurgy Representatives: Co- VPs MMS Minister of Slavic Relations Doug Rees-Evans Brian Nelson Mark Sadowski Co- VPs Communications VP Really Retarded Things V atican Liaison Treasurer Publicity Director Pub Manager Photographer Geo Representatives: VP Geo Eng. Sci. Representatives: VP Eng. Sci. Aerospace Representative Minister of Agriculture Social Information Officer Gary Morris Jack Golabek Rob Foster Kathy Moshonas Mechanical Representatives: VP Mechanical Minister of Fluid Flow Chemical Representatives: VP Chemical Peta Gay Kleyn Van de Poll Ministers of W Canada Relations Nigel Fonseca Minister of Employment Timo Makinen Minister Without Portfolio Linda Tremblay Industrial Representatives: Relief Chemmy Allan Chan yp industrial Mary Mershein Civil Representatives: Co- VPs Civil Tony Kasper Greg Dow Chris Harris Cowen Loh Suzanne Leutheusser Mike Lio Jim McEwen Hsiaohua Chi Carol Low Franco Minatel Frank Pospisil Luis Alegre Nick Iozzo Derrick Speakman Bob Boothby Hamish St. Rose Anna Shumeko Anthony Pupin Richard Pinos Mike Wald Dave Gropp Eric Klein Shaunagh McParland Brenda Rawlinson Hreir Sagherian Ministers of the Baltic States Minister of Maritime Relations Fashion Critic Minister of Carnival Relations Minister of Indifference Minister of Cutlery Nick Caccavella Bert Melatti Andrew Baders Ray Bilevicius Leila Sillaste Bernadette Landry A. Koivu Sam Tassone Robert Fornasier John Bostjanck 70 The job of this group is to represent the class, keep the class in touch and together and hold events such as homecoming, reunions, smokers, etc. 71 zoology n - l)The science a branch of Those gravity fluxes affect heads too, Ash. 73 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Taimur Ahmed Ammar Al-Joundi Imtiaz Ali Raffaele Annetta Lisa Anzil Dionissios Bastas Glenn Birch Steve Bitzos David Bland Brian Blaszynski Giovanni Bonaccorso Sandra Cooke Anthony Corriveau Stephen Davies Bernard Desouza Paolo Dottori Larry Brooks James Bums John Burroughs Douglas Bushby Raymond Chan Hsiaohua Chi Andrew Choi Gregory Dow Glen Elliott Harvey Eng Murray Fors Christopher Green David Gropp Ronald Gruszecki Shahnaz Haq Christopher Harris Robert Heiligenthal 75 MECHANICAL Francis Hiew Andy Ho Monica Horawski Steve Hulshoff Glenn Hylton Robert Jacques Jordan Kalpin David K ennard Howard Kikuta Laurie Laframboise Wolfgang Laser Andrew Law Spencer Lee Brian Lemay Anna Leung Henry Leung Kwan Fai Leung Roelant Lobbezoo Robert Lyn John Manley James Mastorakos Gino Menechella Christopher Mettrick Franco Minatel Mark Mozel Michele Murphy Andreas Musing Wing Shcung Chong Wan Ng Raymond Norkus Richard Olszaniecki Mark Olupcr Jane Paulen 76 ENGINEERING Kevin Raftery Taras Riopka Eric Rogers Cheryl Rosen John Santos Gordon Shin Anna Shumeko Gregory Philps Richard Pinos Victoria Popijal Anthony Pup in John Slawek Kenny So Michael Sternberg Heather Strickland Ted Szczucki Norman Tanaka Martin Taylor Daniel Tebbutt Alexander Tompsidis Ioannis Tsilfidis Paul Vaarsi Nicholas Valettas Joseph Varghe se Michael Vassallo Wilson Wai Michael Wald Gordon Watt Oscar Welsher Also Graduating Richard Adam Anna Andrusieczko Nenad Bojic Steve Chomyc Stephen Czank Vahan Keoshkerian Simon Kim Peter Lawryshyn Brian McMillan Andrzej Mierzynski Thomas Noble Ermanno Tasciotti John Waring Alan Woodliffe Benjamin Zhai 77 CHEMICAL Raymond Gonder Oliver Hempel Karin Jacobson Paul Boettger Joseph Britto Aim Castro Katherine Danesi Julio DeJesus Susan Ebata Murray Elliott Nigel Fonseca Carmine Fontana Reinhard Fruchtl Dianne Gaine Dieter Gamm John Garofalo Timothy Giles Albert Chan Alexander Chan Allan Chan Vivian Chan Casey Chant Eddie Cincinnato Patrick Clarke Andrea Cotter-Ridge Liana D ' Souza Also Graduating Harjit Bains Eric Cheluget George Howitt Neville Hugh Yuen William McCloy Jeanette Southwood John Thorpe Grant Wells Christopher Yen Paul Kalbun Dae Ha Kang Rob Kee David Kerr Tae-Kyun Kim Yunghoon Kim Peta Kleyn Van Dc Poll Leszek Kosiak Walter Kraus 78 ENGINEERING John Lash Eva Lau Agnes Lee Julia Lewis Carrier Li Donald Liinamaa Michael Lio Jeffrey Lockhart Carol Low Simmy Lui Humberto Madeira Winnie Mak Timo Makinen g Laura Martin Neil Martin Luciano Masella Robert Mason James Me E wen Rudy Morrone Adam O’Boyle Catherine O ' Neill Francesco Pallotta Jeffrey Parsons Ronald Pegg John Pellegrini Giancarlo Sansalone Linda Tremblay Luc Van Der Meeren Neal Weir Shu Ming Wong Sherman Wu Tacoma Zach 79 INDUSTRIAL Paul Adie Jonathon Adler Luis Alegre Elizabeth Beh David Drascic Carlos Gutierrez Bemy Hildebrandt Annabelle liar James Jackson Eric Klein Marc Koyanagi Michael Kyprianou So Sim Lam Chi Wai Lee Laura Logan Michael MacKenzie Earnest Mak Sarah Mak John Matheson Shaunagh McParland Stephen Boyd Andy Chan Yuet Po Chiu Mauro Convertini Tonino Di Iorio Anthony Di Marco Peter Dravers Paul Eisen Andrew Franklin Andrew Gress 80 Bharat Mistry Paul Stroz Weian Tang Drew Van Camp Laura Money Alvin Ng Flora Ng Thi Thuy Anh Nguyen James Norman Helen Paras Michael Pastushak James Pearce Xuan Hoa Pham Rhea Plosker Brenda Rawlinson Christopher Rolko Hreir Sagherian Mary Schuck Wilfred Skolud David Stormes Also Graduating Raoul Bedi Ronald Bielaska Richard Calland Daniel Deconinck Paul Hiscock Michael Leutheusser Su En Lye Peter Piepcr Jeff Welsh Steven Wagman Rong Wang Regine Weston Ralph Witte Bertrand Wong David Wong ENGINEERING 81 METALLURGY AND MATERIALS SCIENCE Danny Burella Wilson Chai Joe Giamblanco Larry Helwig Anthony Kasper Mark Lenarczyk Brian Nelson Graham Tjoen Han Tseng Doug Perovic Douglas Rees-Evans Alan Rosenthal Mark Sadowski Joan Schwarzfeld Also Graduating Burke Delanty Armin Hackclsperger GEOLOGICAL ENGINEERING Wally Brinovec Edward Cheng John Enright Ian Flint Mark Galas Christopher Hyde Derrick Speakman Hamish St. Rose Roy Sumabat Bernard Tonner Shelton Yip Andrew Kulin Nelson Lee David Mably Andrew Mertens Janice Munro Wai Hang Ng Daniel Parsons William Paton Bryan Petzke Stella Povoden William Robinson Robert Boothby Marion Breukelman Also Graduating Thomas Steinke 83 ENGINEERING I o Richard Arend Donald Arnold Oscar Au Erik Blake David Book Peter Boudreau Robert Foster Wolfgang Gelhard Jack Golabek Sean Haberer Neil Henderson Timothy Braithwaite Carolyn Brown Lap Keung Chan Michael Cheah Kevin Chung Peter Curtis Brian D ' Costa Michael Daniels Barry Devereux Louis Deyong Marc Dignam John Elder Christian Foo Fat Nigel Forde Eric Herrmann Robert Ho Rong Hong Daniel Jerome Derek Jubb Rowland Kao Martin Kiik Also Graduating William Batter Richard Berman Richard Bocckner Childerson Vincent Castellano Colin Chisholm Michael Dimuccio Philip Jew Roderick Knowles Andrew Larkin Peter Lee Stanley Leung Wade Partridge Alastair Rucklidgc Robert Williams Joel Kirsh Roman Kulyk Richie Lai Victor Lai Steven Lang Anh Phong Le Jimmy Lee Paul Lee 84 SCIENCE x -im§ An Lett Oue Ihor Panczenko Alistair Parker Janet Porter Hoi Toh Pung Franklin Quan Kun Chung Ling Laurie Lynden Wallace Maclean Robert MacMartin Matthew Malone Endel Mell Guido Minichini Kevin Morris Gary Morris Katherine Moshonas Burke Nelson Tien Viet Nguyen Ronald Nicksy Terence Nowicki Rasko Ristic Edmond Scicluna Venkatadri Seshadri Inna Sharf Ian Small Edward Sollbach Paul Vyriotes Cheng Tao Wang James Winfield Antoni Wisniowski Samuel Wong Wu Ming Wong Deane Woods 85 : lllill i Fred Angotti Andrew Baders Steponas Bilevicius John Bostjancic Elizabeth Bradley CIVIL Stephen Brown Nick Caccavella Anthony Caravaggio Jean Carriere George Carvajal Daniel Chan Loy Cheah Wilson Cheng Bradford Chin Richard Coglon Walter Corradi Ezio Del Fatti Frank Deluca Ro bert Deom John Diniro Anthony Distefano Karim El-Khatib Thomas Ellison Bernard Farrol Catherine Field Robert Fomasier Peter Gabrielli Reena Goel Michael Goutama Perry Graham Fadi Helewa Richard Humeres Eddy Hung Gregory Jones Sam Katsoulakos Also Graduating Kam Chong William Cooke David Davis Krzysztof Dydynski Gregory Gunby Robert Kohlbcrger Allan Koivu Bernadette Landry Alice Lau ENGINEERING Suzanne Leutheusser Alberto Lim Peter Lin Roberto Lio Dennis Lo Cowen Loh Zanka Maksimovic John Mallovy Umberto Melatti Ronald Ogata Carey O ' Halloran Oscar Orellana Robert Selvazzo Tiang Shaw Leila Sillaste Neil Simpson Howard Pasternack Ronald Pau Frank Pospisil Bryan Prouse Lisa Pugh Paolo Raponi Ian Roger Henry Santos Angelo Sara Italo Savoia Stefano Schibuola Richard Steinke Samuel Sum Mark Tarras Salvatore Tassone Loreto Tersigni Bruce Wilson Trevor Wong David Wylie Chi Ying Also Graduating Clauaia Kauffman Alpha Dixon Ross Charles Stutchbury Peeter Tammisto Harley Verhoeff 87 ELECTRICAL Also Graduating Chung Kin Kok David Kowalski Michael Kropp Philip Lane Diep Le Alton Ing Timothy Nick Iozzo David Ito Arif Kassam Seahoon Kim Peter Knazko Afshan Ally Jonathan Asbury Massimo Cananzi Geofrey Cardoza Douglas Carter Vicky Chan Peter Chau Chu Phoon Chong Amit Choudhury Larry Choy H. Chrissanthakopoulos Michael Cincinatus Roberto Cohen Pierre Couillard Ian Daniels Michael D ' Cruz Douglas Down Sohayla Eslambolchi Mauro Facca Warren Faleiro Gordon Farlie Billy Fong Federico Gandolfi John Gierlach Peter Hong Marcus Horn Daniel Hui Robert Hunt Brian Allen Timothy Bartoo Hugh Bishop Sven Budwill Yan Kit Cheng Jairaj Chugh Steven Dean Bruce Devisser Herman Dooyeweerd Ramakrishnan Ganesan Richard Gelb Robert Graham Bradly Grills Hing Lun Hui 8 ENGINEERING Paul Moosie Brian Luther Robert Lymer Ming Mah Michael Main Joaquim Martins Stephen Merdzan Philip Mok Paul Nardozzi Farnaz Nasri-Ghajari Hoanh Nguyen Bernard Priore Fred Pulver Kiet Quach Tri Quan Anand Ramaswami Amir Raubvogel John Ross Felicetto Santia Robert Seeman Colin Shaw Thomas Shevlin Timothy Smith Wai Man So Simon Taylor John Trac Van Quan Tran Kathy Tung Chor On Ty Caroli ne Van Der Zande David Varriano William Visee Tien-Duc Vo Chi On Wai Belinda Wang Gerry Wang Henry Wong Hoi Yee Wong Raymond Wong Robert Wong Also Graduating Vincent Woong Steven Yang Bing Young Lawrence Yu Richard Kenedi Gordon Koyama Ian Main Harold Murray Tuan Nguyen John Pasternak Mark Pennells Jan Podgorski Simon Pong John Schenk Richard Shannon Kenneth Tang Peter Veselovsky Bing Wong Mark Wright 89 A MESSAGE FROM OUR DEAN Congratulations to the Engineering Society, the Engineering Athletic Association, the L.G.M.B., the Stage Band, and the many officers and volunteers who have planned and provided a year of splendid activities for the benefit of Engineering students. The spirit of Skule™ continues to flourish, providing a lasting bond among students, faculty and alumni. You are graduating at a time of rapid change, not only in technology, but also in management methods, trade relations and international outlook. Engineers continue to be leaders in the initiation and design of change in our society. The liberal education which you have acquired will provide a foundation to help you cope with the challenges of this changing society, but further and continuing education will be needed if you are to achieve full potential. The Class of 8T6 has demonstrated its commitment to quality in engineering eduation by its continued support of incidental fees for improved laboratory equipment and facilites. It has also taken positive steps in improving its linkages to industry through the funding of a Career Counsellor for the Faculty. The Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering will continue to strive for the highest achievable quality. In this it will need your continued support through your involvement in the Engineering Alumni Association, through your contributions to the Varsity Fund, and through your promotion of the Faculty with members of every community you enter. May I wish each of you a challenging and productive engineering career. Dean Slemon A WORD FROM OUR PRESIDENT This year, the first in the Engineering Society ' s new century, was a new beginning in many ways. The Engineering Society appointed a new secretary (welcome Joyce!), an Engineering Liaison Co-ordinator, and a new auditor. With so many new employees, one would think the Engineering Society had gone into the hiring business! But in fact this is just part of a world trend. Employment opportunities are on the rise. Though it is unlikely that there will be as many jobs for engi neers as there were in the late 1970’s, more and more companies are now interviewing. Companies that had hiring freezes the last couple of years are now returning to the University campuses to recruit. Furthermore, it is important to note that this trend does not appear to be slowing down. However, being an engineer still does not guarantee a job, and most of us realize it, but the training we have as engineers is a powerful tool with which to compete in the job market. Engineers can be found working in almost any field. It seems there is nothing that we cannot do. In addition, engineers are well aware of their obligation to the community. Of paramount concern are the changing needs of society. In order that we may better serve the community, it is our responsiblity to be aware of current legal decisions which affect our profession. Further, we must adhere to a strict code of ethics. With these points in mind, when we graduate, we must realize that our education will not be complete. In order for us to become successful, the learning process must continue. Engineers have always been on the forefront of change, and thus we must never allow ourselves to become stagnant in our thinking by neglecting our professional development. To those graduating, I wish you much success in your careers. For those who still have a few years to go, I hope that you will continue to keep the spirit and tradition of Skule™ alive! Luis Alegre President Engineering Society YOUR EDITORS MARY MERSHEIN MARK LI It ' s coming. Out of the sky, zooming towards the earth, attacking the atmosphere, and preying upon the tomato crop, its. ..its. ..its the end. We have arrived. It ' s very difficult to end a yearbook without falling prey to standard cliches and mushy warm (pass the tissues please) sentiment. So what the heck. Let ' s hear it for cliches and sentiment; it was a good year to be at Skule™. We hope as you read through these pages you will be reminded of the year that was, the people that were, and the achievements resulting (however dubious). The engineers at U of T have always been blessed with the Spirit of Skule 1 M and no matter how many problem sets and lab reports there are to do, they have always been able to find the time to do just that little bit extra. May the pages of this yearbook serve as reminder of this spirit. As for the graduating class of 8T6, we wish you a fond farewell. Though you may be leaving Skule , Skule 1 M will never leave you. And it looks as if we ' ve run out of standard cliches and mushy sentiment, (and tissues), so suffice to say, we wish you all ' scite et strenue. ' m We Have Three Thine s that You Need: 1 1 . A Wide Range of CAD CAM Programmes 1 • o 2. IBM Apple Macintosh 3. The LOWEST Prices in Town!! UNIVERSITY ol TORONTO S ' « : COMPUTER SHOP || || | . . 214 Collpqp Slreel, MOT 3A1 (416) 586 . 7940 : | , Here Today A universe of career opportunities Northern Telecom offers yon your best introduc- tion to the Intelligent Universe the evolution of telecommunications into the universal network of the information society As leaders in the technology of advanced communications systems, we offer new graduates in science, engineering, business and other- professional disciplines real opportunity for personalized and challenging career development You can explore our universe of career oppor trinities, by writing to University and College Relations Specialist, Northern Telecom Canada Limited. 304 The East Mall. Islington Ontario M9B 6E4 northern telecom CONGRATULATIONS I ! ,UUL Congratulations to the Graduating Class and the Faculty of Engineering on a " Century of Skill and Vigour " . . . from the Construction Group of Southam Communications Limited. § Southam COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED Publishers of: CanaData, Canadian Architect, Canadian Construction Record, Canadian Consulting Engineer, Electrical Equipment News, Genie Construction, Heating- - Plumbing Air Conditioning and Southam Building Reports, I | 1 L 1 - I ... - - J. 1 1 1 CONGRATULA TIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS FROM DYSAN CANADA Who recognize that somebody has to be better than Everybody Else Dysan Canada • 80 Riviera Drive • Markham, Ontario L3R 2L6 • 475-8870 i BUILDING ON THE PAST. BRIDGING TO THE FUTURE. Congratulations on a century of achievement CROW NTEK Business solutions through information technology Put Your Career Into Orbit with COM DEV! OUR COMPANY: A world leader in Microwave Technology for Satellite and Defence Systems, located in the Kitchener Waterloo Region. OUR PRODUCTS TECHNOLOGY: - Microwave Multiplexing Subsystems - Signal Processing Digital Electronics - Advanced Antenna Subsystems - Millimeter Wave Systems OUR OPENINGS: ENGINEERS with 1 to 8 years’ experience in the following areas: - Digital Communications Systems Design - Digital Systems Engineering - Space Hardware - Active Passive Microwave Millimeter Wave Components - Signal Processing Devices - Advanced Antenna Design - Ferrite Devices - EHF Design - Optics Engineering - Reliability Engineering - Mechanical Engineering - Software Engineering - Simulation, PCB, or CAD CAM experience SENIOR ADMINISTRATORS with 3 to 10 years experience in the following areas: - Contracts Sub-Contracts Administration MANAGEMENT with 3 to 10 years’ experience: - Production Engineering Management - Hi-Tech Products OUR OFFER: - Unlimited Technical Scope - Opportunity for Career Expansion - Competitive Salaries - Stock Option Program - Progressive Professional Environment - Comprehensive Benefits INTERESTED? To explore further, please do one of the following . . . 1) Contact us by phone (519) 622-2600 between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. 2) Write Com Dev to request further details. 3) Submit resumb, indicating area of interest, to: Recruitment Specialist COM DEV LTD. 155 Sheldon Drive Cambridge, Ontario Canada N1R7H6 Principals Only MICROWAVE TECHNOLOGY FOR SATELLITE DEFENCE SYSTEMS COM DEV C O N G R A T To U L The Class A of 8T6 T I O N S c4l» OI L Inc. OIL House P.O. Box 200, Station “A” North York, Ontario M2N 6H2 (416) 229-7000 Telex 06986505 CeugfuMaliim UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO ENGINEERING GRADUATES 7AVCO FINANCIAL SERVICES Our people make the difference With the Compliments of ITT CANADA W 4f EXC ELLE NCE IN PRODUCTIVITY Garrett Canada Members of your community, celebrating success. i B.E.L-TRONICS LTD. WELDERS SUPPL Y COMPANY o o cane associates limited RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND MANUFACTURING OF HIGH TECHNOLOGY MICROWAVE PRODUCTS 2422 Dunwin Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5L 1 J9 (416)828-1002 1-800-268-3994 Telex: 06-960397 Congratulates all Skule graduates NEW REBUILT TYPEWRITER SALES • LEASING (RENT TO OWN I PLANS BROTHER CANON I. B. M. OLIVETTI OLYMPIA ROYAL SHARP 364-2978 DOMINION TYPEWRITER CO. LTD. ESTABLISH! D 190? 100 ADELAIDE EAST (JUST L AST Of- CHURCH ST ) CHARGEX 8:30-5:30 Mon-Fri 9:30-4:00 Sat. EDP Networking For the past fifteen years, The DGS Group has provided professional computer placement services to some of Canada’s most interesting and distinguished companies. As one of the leading specialists in this field, we are uniquely connected to hundreds of permanent and contract EDP opportunities. As you contemplate your future, consider talking with us first. We can provide you with the vital link to the career marketplace. To find out more, just call 968-0989. EDP DIVISION IN DAL Compliments of Indal Limited 4000 Weston Road Weston, Ontario Thanks for your support in 1 986. Good luck in the future. AMSTEL BREWERY CANADA LIMITED WITH COMPLIMENTS " HELPING PEOPLE AND COMPUTERS WORK TOGETHER cfnyfm 1 0 2 1 the spirit of rad o Bechtel Canada has been at the forefront of engineering construction on industrial developments from coast-tocoast in Canada since 1949, and we’ve put your engineers to the test ... on big jobs -- Churchill Falls, James Bay, Syncrude ... on small exciting jobs too — mining, synthetic fuels, pulp and paper, petroleum refining, chemicals, special services projects, and the U of T Medical Sciences Building. Do we know U of T engineers? ... We employ them. -« CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES We wish to invite all computer science graduates and undergrads to register with us for both permanent and temporary placement. R.P. Holmes (5T3) Vice President Please call 923-5780 1491 Yonge Street, Suite 402 Toronto M4T 1Z4 100 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE Sentrol Systems salutes the University of Toronto Engineering Society in its celebration of a Century of Skill and Vigour. A Canadian company supplying process measurement and control systems to world markets in pulp and paper, oil and gas pipeline control, water distribution and treatment, metal coatings and battery manufacturing. Sentrol Systems Ltd., 4401 Steeles Ave. W, North York, Ont., M3N 2S4, (416) 661-7000 itc i Congratulations to the class of ’86 “Experimental Stress Analysis is the Quality Control of Design . . . It is as important to Design as non-destructive testing is to Production” Design and Produce for Reliability with TECHNOLOGY INC • Strain Gauge and Photoelastic Stress Analysis • Transducers and Measuring Systems tor shock, acceleration, force, vibration and displacement • Widest Range of Hardness and Spring Testers for lab and in line production testing • Static and Dynamic Test Systems for Simulated Service Testing • Universal, Impact, Fatigue, Fracture and Wear Testers • In line Robotic Visual Inspection systems for components, assembly correctness and surfaces DIN or ASTM Standards ... we meet them both Congratulations to the class of ’86 atlas alloys 161 The West Mall Etobicoke, Ontario M9C 4V8 1 SCAASDAUE ROAD, DON MILLS, ONT M3B 2R2 . TEL. (418) 448-5500 . TELEX 08-B58772 SANGAMO CANADA Congratulations to the class of ’86 Congratulations to 1985 86 Engineering Graduating Class SANGAMO Schlumberger l 50 Valleybrook Drive Don Mills, Ontario M3B 2S9 NEI Canada Limited A powerhouse in the Canadian electrical industry V ome know Northern Engineering Industries as: Ferranti-Packard (FP) Transformers A.P.E. Canada NEI Clarke Chapman Canada NEI Parsons Canada Companies with a reputation for commitment and success in the Canadian electrical industry. But the NEI family is more — our companies also include: Ferranti-Packard (FP) Electronics Extel Communications Canada NEI Mining Equipment Ca nada NEI Canada, a powerhouse in the Canadian electrical industry, and more , much more . For more information, write: NEI Candada Limited, 121 A Industry Street, Toronto, Ontario, M6M 4M3. Telephone (416) 762-3661. With our best wishes to the 1986 class Corrosion Service Company Limited 369 RIMROCK ROAD DOWNSVIEW, ONTARIO M3J 3G2 Congratulations and Sincere good wishes CANOX Canadian Oxygen Limited Suppliers of gases and welding products We treat you FIRST CLASS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1986 GRADUATES 6 6 6 Canada Colors and Chemicals Limited Industrial Chemicals and Solvents Plastic Resins and Additives Canada rapproche les gens el les continents bringing people and continents together BEST WISHES ON YOUR 100TH ANN IVERSARY Maple Leaf Mills Limited CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES OF ’86 CARRUTHERS WALLACE LIMITED Consulting Structural Engineers Since 1920 250 Merton Street Toronto, Ontario TEST EQUIPMENT MADE IN CANADA • Insulation Resistance Testers • Dielectric Strength Testers • high Voltage Testers • Contact Resistance Testers • Transformer Oil Testers • Transformer Raliometers • Relay Test Sets • Cable fault Locators • flot Sticks (Phasing Sticks) • Power Supplies AC DC • Panel Meters CRITERION INSTRUMENTS LTD. 30 Progress Ave. Scarboro. Ont. MiP 4W8 Phone 416)299-6666 WAREHOUSED PLASTIC SALES INC. " THE HOUSE OF PLASTICS " 1 11 1 DoALL WE WISH TO OFFER OUR SINCEREST CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE 1986 ENGINEERING GRADUATES. WORLD FAMOUS MACHINE TOOLS-GAUGES-CUTTING TOOLS-INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 8T6 1 i La valin DoALL CANADA, INC., 10 MERIDIAN Rd. Rexdale, ONT., M9W 4Z8 ■I OTHER LOCATIONS ACROSS CANADA - HALIFAX-MONTRI ' AL-LONDON-WINNIPEG-EDMONTON VANCOUVER Congratulations 1 Congratulations idi V. 1 5) Consulting Engineers 1 Wl I 1 The Mitchell Partnership Limited ■ 1 1 1 I Toronto Calgary Association of JSSiStb Professional Engineers of Ontario v 1155 Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario M4T 2Y5 Congratulations Congratulations Ideal Metal NORTHERN DYNAMICS LTD. Congratulations Congratulations Pallet PENTEL STATIONERY OF CANADA, LTD. 5900-C 2 ROAD, RICHMOND, B.C. CANADA V7C 4R9 k J VARTA Bui Batteries Ltd Ltee MARY THOMPSON Personnel Officer MICRO METALLURGICAL LTD. W Lp) LraLsLlli; J-B-REID INDUSTRIAL SALES LIMITED 3209 Orlando Drive Mississauga, Ontario L4V 1A8 (416) 677-5000 m Wheelabrator Corporation of Canada Limited 401 Wheelabrator Way. Box 1000, Milton. Ontario L9T 4B7 Telephone 416-844- 1550 Telex 06-960283 I Compliments of o MULTICULTURAL RADIO CHIN Radio and TV International Congratulations from Deskin Sales Corporation Electro Sonic Inc Telephone Area Code (416) Distributors of 1 100 Gordon Baker Rd. General Office 494-1666 Electronic Willowdale, Ontario Telex 065-25295 and Electrical M2H 3B3 Components Bob Pitblado General Sales Manager MTS (CANADA) LTD PLAZA 4, 2000 ARGENTIA ROAD, SUITE 1 OO MISSISSAUGA. ONTARIO L5N 1 P7 J R PAUL LANTHIER P ENG Sales Manager Phone 416-821-7811 • FAX 416-821-7971 Spence Electrical Products Co. Ltd. EXPANDED METAL CORPORATION 20 FASKEN DRIVE Telephones REXDALE, ONTARIO (4 1 6) 6 5-631 1 mq a ik-s 110 TORBAY RD., UNIT 3 MARKHAM. ONT. L3R 1G6 Rexdale - 20 Taber Road. Rexdale. Ont M9W 3A5 746-129) Concord - 293 Rayetle Rd.. Unit 1. 2. 3 L4K 2G1 6694357 Service is Always in Stock ILBEKT’S 1111 481 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Canada M5S 1X9 J. F. COMER INC. ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT §e £Mbe Brungtotcfe $ou it Congratulations Canon Calculators ‘Computers Electronic Typewriters Facsimiles Photocopiers Canon Canon Canada Inc. A. Data tel • SALES • INS ' S ervic es Inc. TALLATION SERVICE AMP of CANADA Ltd. AUTHORIZED CABLE MAKER • Authorized Distributor, Datacom Northwest, Inc. • Datacom Test Equipment Breakout Boxes “THE COMMUNICATIONS CABLE WIRING SPECIALISTS” FOR ALL YOUR SURVEY NEEDS SALES • SERVICE • RENTALS SUTER INSTRUMENTS (1977) LTD. 201 SHEPPARD AVENUE, EAST WILLOWDALE, ONTARIO M2N 3A8 225-4994 225-2251 J NACHEMIA ANACHEMIA CHEMICALS LTD. 3549 Mavis Rd., Mississauga Ont. L5C 1T7 (416) 279-5122 Congratulations to the class of 8T6 Congratulations DE HAVILLAND AIRCRAFT kA Technical Service Council Industry’s Own Placement Service for Professionals Congratulations Nedco to the Class of 8T6 from Nedco Control Systems The Single Source Solution One St. Clair Avenue East Toronto, Canada M4T 2V7 Automation for the 90’s 1355 MEYERSIDE DRIVE, MISSISSAUGA. ONT. L5T I C9 Congratulations CONGRATULATIONS FROM ft BDH Chemicals Canada Limited Produits chimiques BDH Canada It6e 350 Evans Avenue Toronto, Ontario Canada M8Z 1 K5 AMARI AMARI METALS INC. service centre for aluminum and stainless steel 7261 VICTORIA PARK AVENUE MARKHAM, ONTARIO L3R2M7 CHIPS Congratulations HUMPTY DUMPTY FOODS LIMITED REXDALE BRANCH 195 REXDALE BOULEVARD REXDALE, ONTARIO M9W 1 P7 TELEPHONE (416) 743-9191 (also in Montreal and Calgary) Congratulations HOUSEIHOUD RNANCE 55 City Centre Dr. Mississauga, Ontario L5B 1 M3 P7H-4Q1 A You never know! Sometimes it takes extra effort to get an idea off the ground. At Honeywell, were not afraid to go the extra measure. We believe we’ve been successful in large part because of an attitude that says: “Maybe pigs can’t fly, however . . . ” Honeywell, 155 Gordon Baker Road, North York, Ontario M2H 3N7 Together, we can find the answers. Honeywell For 25 years. Commercial Inertial Navigation Systems • Flight Inspection Systems • Automated Test Equipment • Military Inertial Navigation Systems • LED Liquid Crystal Displays • Integrated Security Systems • Airborne Search Radar • Radar Training Simulators • Command Control Communications Systems When it comes to high technology, Litton has proved that Canada can produce world class equipment. As a result. Litton Canada has won commercial and mil itary contracts from around the globe, including the United States, England, Saudi Arabia and China. Over the years, our success has helped support the Canadian economy in many ways. Providing employment is one of them. In 1960, Litton Canada ' s small staff of 41 was assem- bled to provide Canadian content in a $23 million military contract. Since then, Litton Canada’s steady growth has enabled us to increase our staff to over 3,000 highly skilled workers. We also maintain full time training schools, apprenticeship and co-operative programs and offer education assistance outside the workplace. This better enables our people to handle fulure challenges and industry developments. Litton Canada also supports the economy through our continuous investment in research and development. Last year alone we spent $19,308,000. Combined with our various education programs, this money helps Litton develop a great deal of technology right here in Canada. In addition to this, Litton supports more than 1,200 Canadian sub-contractors through annual domestic purchases in excess of $71 million. Litton Canada ' s tirst entry into the competitive export market came in 1962. With the support ol our parent company and the Canadian Government, we won contracts to produce over 1,900 inertial navigation systems for NATO. Since then, the company has exported 84% ol its $1.77 billion in total sales to date. Just last year we were presented with the Canada Export Award in the high technology class. Our commercial navigation systems are flying on the majority ot the world ' s airlines. Our flight inspection systems will help increase flight safety around major airports in England, Holland and China. Our airborne search radars are the eyes of coast guard aircraft on all continents. In addition to servicing our international customers, Litton Canada has enpyed serving various Canadian companies in addition to Ihe defence and commercial needs of the Canadian government. We are proud of the contributions our people have made to Canada over the past 25 years and the success they have brought our company. We are looking forward to achieving even greater success in the future with protects such as the TRUMP and Low Level Air Defence Programs. We also hope to enpy the opportunity of sharing our future success with Canadians. LITTON SYSTEMS CANADA LIMITED 25 Cityview Drive, Rexdale, Ontario M9W 5A7 Tel: (416) 249-1231, Telex: 06-989406, TWX: (610) 492-2110 Litton-Oerlikon . LLAD-Team jt The sum of its parts... Computer Intelligence Universities around the world rely on the computer intelligence of Control Data. For more than a quarter of a Century, Control Data has led the advance in the application of computer technology for researchers and scientists. Today, CYBER computer systems that are made in Canada are key resources in the advancement of science and engineering. Control Data is also the company behind the CYBER 205 supercomputer and the ETA - 10, the world’s next generation of supercomputers. And now Control Data is leading the advance in the retooling of Canada through innovations in Integrated Computer- aided Engineering and Manufacturing, a further advancement in the integration of engineering and computers that relies on our considerable base of computer intelligence. §§ CONTROL DATA »lu : Ifr i . nifiitri irarlli -!. r li. ( jlkfl .1 ( t |||. ( hllknvJ-Ts equals the many ways in which Philips touches the lives, endeavours, and futures of Canadians from coast to coast The diversity of Philips is unified by the source of id products: electronics. By devoting its energies, resources, funding, to thd development of products that grow from a complete understanding and application of electronics, Philip: has created a world-wide network of companies each o which is dedicated to serve the market in which i resides. In Canada, Philips is a major Canadian entity with factories producing incandescent and fluorescen lamps, ballasts, quartz crystals, word processors, am bank terminals. For industry, science, education and government Philips provides analytical instruments, electron micro scopes, medical and dental x-ray, and a very wid range of electronic and semi-conductor components. Philips serves Canadians personally through a rang of products such as Philishave electric shavers, hai dryers, curlers and others. In the Home, Philips provides small domestic appli ances, television, audio hi-fi for complete entertain ment. Outdoors, there are products to provide safer, mor effective street lighting. In these and so many more ways. Philips serves. We Have A Way With Electronics PHILIPS PHILIP Congratulations to the Class of 8T6 Westinghouse Canada Inc. A Place to Learn A Chance to Grow We are the Ford Electronics Manufacturing Corporation. We manufacture electronic automotive instrumentation, monitoring, control and entertainment equipment for Ford Motor Company products world-wide. In 1984, we opened a unique facility that incorporates leading edge electronic manufacturing technology in a statistically controlled plant. We have the largest production facility for surface mounted devices in Canada as well as extensive robotics applications, flexible manufactur- ing systems, and integrated vision testing. Our commitment to quality goes beyond the technology. On the human side of enterprise, we seek to re-define traditional roles to provide a greater sense of involve- ment, responsibility and satisfaction. Our corporate structure has surprisingly few levels in comparison to other large companies. We practice participative management. We dislike job fragmentation. We promote broad functional exposure to various parts of the business and believe strongly in on and off the job training. We encourage risk taking - believing it to be fundamental to growth and advancement. We have ongoing needs for exceptional people who share this commitment to excellence. m m Ford Electronics Manufacturing Corporation 7455 Birchmount Road, Markham, Ontario L3R 5C2 (416) 475-8510 Congratulations to the grads from the staff at Industrial Disposal Toronto Industrial Disposal Toronto 151 Cherry Street Toronto, Ontario M5A 3L1 416 469-5575 SANDVIK Steel WORLD WIDE EXPERTISE CANADIAN MANUFACTURED QUALITY stainless steel plpe tublng duplex austenitic- ferritic alloys high nickel alloy tubular products ho l low bar welding consumables hardened tempered strip steel heat and corrosion resistant alloys SANDVIK CANADA, INC, A Waste Management Company TORONTO. MONTREAL. VANCOUVER. CALGARY Digital in Canada. P CONGRATULATIONS! Texas Instruments Inc. would like to express their sincere appreciation to all supporters of Texas Instrument products. Digital Equipment of Canada Limited is a leading manufac- turer of minicomputers. In addition, the company is a major supplier of micro and mainframe computers, per- sonal computers, peripheral equipment, interfacing devices, software packages, and support services. The company serves customers in a wide variety of commer- cial, industrial, educational, medical and governmental pursuits. Since its incorporation in 1963, the company has grown from a one-man sales office to a full-service Canadian corporate entity employing over 1,900 Canadians. Digital Equipment of Canada Limited, 100 Herzberg Road, P.O. Box 13000, Kanata, Ontario, K2K 2A6 Tel. (613)592-5111 As your future unfolds you can benefit knowing that Texas Instruments provides hundreds of quality products to serve you better. 41 Shelley Road Richmond Hill, Ont. Texas Instruments t Tearing useful products and services tor you. t CONGRATULATIONS Matheson ( Gas Products Canada World Leader in Specialty Gases Equipment Congratulations on your Centenary, and our very best wishes to all the graduates. Electronic transformers Priced to suit your budget As a transformer buyer or specifier you have your K; own special requirements. We understand these requirements. That’s why we have three different plants with specialized equipment to suit a wide variety of needs. We can produce high volume, economical transformers for cost critical applications, or we can produce the highest quality transformers built to the most critical specifications. We also have a complete line of in stock catalog transformers to suit most off-the-shelf applications. or engineered to suit your most demanding specifications Life doesn’t have to be so hairy!... Professional care is beautiful hair. Call for an appointment... Mention this ad and receive 30% off any hair service. Ask for Johnny. Hello Hair 7 Yorkville Ave., Toronto iH H 4MMOND H 4NUMCTURING- 394 Edinburgh Rd. N. Guelph, Ontario NlH 1E5 (519) 822 2960 Call us for a quotation to your specifications or send for our free 5C-1 catalog. Congratulations to the Class of 8T6 ©AN RON EASTERN STRUCTURAL DIVISION 100 DISCO ROAD, REXDALE, ONTARIO M9W 1M1 TELEX 06-989198 TEL. 675-6400 Call Future First for: m Semiconductors ■ Passive Components ■ Computer Products © MOTOROLA Semiconductor Products Inc. Authorized Distributor FUTURE ELECTRONICS 82 St-Regis Crescent North Downsview, Ontario. M3J 1Z3 Tel.: (416) 638-4771 Congratulations to the U. of T. Engineering Students on your 100th Anniversary SOLA CANADA A UNIT OF GENERAL SIGNAL e @ Hitachi Denshi, Ltd. (Canada) Performance Proven Electronics 65 Melford Drive, Scarborough, Ontario IM1B 2G6 Tel: (416) 299-5900 Would like to congratulate the University of Toronto’s Engineering Students on their Centennial Year Congratulations to the Class of 8T6 P.O. Box 83, Toronto-Dominion Centre Toronto, Ontario M5K 1G8 fais The Federation of Engineering and Scientific Associations 72 Carlton Street. Toronto, Ontario M5B 1L6 416 922-7612 r ] Compliments of BURMAH-CASTROL CANADA LIMITED ' ■ The truth is. you can ' t beat the good old torture test for making absolutely certain a business copier ' s perfect in every detail and going to stay perfect in every detail That’s why we won ' t let a single Toshiba business copier into your office, until we ve subjected the test model to not iust one, but fifty-nine extraordinary torture tests Some of the tests demano supenor performance under sucn extreme climactic conditions as are found in the North Pole, the Sahara Desert or even a tropical ram forest Other tests check for performance amidst the worst possible industnai pollution Safety, noise level, ease of operation and service, and. of course, copy quality, are monitored under ail these severe conditions And again after simulated travel by air. land and sea Finally, perfect copy quality is ensured by subjecting thirty models of each high-speed prototype, to a test run of 6,000000 perfect copies 3.000,000 for low-speed models After these and other stringent torture tests at the Tosnipa plant our copiers are shipped to crties around tne world for further testing m the held And if the slightest weakness shows up at this late stage, just as at any one of the 59 torture test stages there s only one option: it ' s back to the drawing board ' it ' s through exacting testing and standards like these that we ve been able to mane Toshiba business copiers tne superb machines they are today, with supenor perrormance features like the ingenious clamshell design, and on some models, multiple colour cnoices at just one-toucn Ifs also the very best way we know to make absolute certain every Toshiba business copier can withstand the mot . important torture test of all - your office 1 TOSHIBA EXTRAORDINARY STANDARDS MAKE EXTRAORDINARY BUSINESS COPIERS. • • • ••• «••• • •••• • ••••• • • • • • American Hospital Supply Canada inc. Buxto n I)a w k Ltd. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Towards Service Excellence MonctorvQuebec CityMontreabT oronto Winnipeg Edmonton Vancouver Ottawa LEO CUNNINGHAM 1701 DUNDAS ST. WEST TORONTO M6K 1V2 BEAVER ENGINEERING LIMITED Head Office: 2345 Stanfield Road, Suite 300. Mississauga, Ontario Congratulations to the Class of 8T6 from Who, me sell financial products? Why? Here Are 10 Good Reasons ... for men and women who can qualify: A Rewarding Career — As a New York Life Agent, you ' ll be helping families achieve basic financial security. Unlimited Income Opportunity — You set your own pace and income objectives as a New York Life Agent. Last year our top 1,000 Agents averaged over $114,000 Lifetime Income Anengement — Agents are eligible for a lifetime income after 20 years of continuous service whether they continue selling or not. Training Programs — New York Life training programs have enabled both men and women — many without previous experience in selling — to achieve success. Even after you are established. New York Life continues to help you improve your knowledge of the business. Prestige — You ' ll be among the best in the insurance and financial services field. Year after year, New York Life Agents lead in such honors as the Million Dollar Round Table. Independence — As a New York Life Agent, you ' ll choose your own clients, set your own hours. Wide Range of Products — You will sell financial products and services. Among the products are Life Insurance, including interest-sensitive products. Universal Life, Health Insurance, Group Insurance — and if you are a specially-licensed Registered Representative — you will sell Mutual Funds. Unit Investment Trusts, Variable Life. Variable Annuities and Tax- Advantaged Investments. No Capital Investment — All you need is the willingness to learn and the willingness to work. Work Where You Want — We do business in the fifty states, the District of Columbia, and Canada Opportunities In Management — After serving as an Agent, you may qualify for an opp ortuni- ty to enter management. If you ' re Interested, we’ll be glad to give you more Information. Your Nama Naw York Ufa loauranca Company Your Addraaa Plaaaa aand ma mora Information about opportunltlaa with Naw York Ufa. Nama Addraat City Stata Zip Talaphona . An oqua! opportunity amployar NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 2 Sheppard Avknuk East. Suite 404 W illowdale. Ontario M2N ! Y7 DESIGN HYDRAULICS 3241 Kennedy Rd. Scarborough, Ontario M1V2J9 298-371 1 CANADA LIMITED Providing systems management, from design to in-service product support, of aircraft landing gear and microprocessor-controlled hybrid actuation systems for aerospace, marine and ground applications. Dowty Canada Limited 574 Monarch Avenue Ajax, Ontario, LIS 2G8 TEL: 416-683-3100 TELEX: 06-981295 Member of Dowty North America Aerospace Division I LEADER IN TH E WORLD OF ELECTRONICS Fffrrn amp “™ an SIEMENS OK Industries ' Inc. 1 - 800 - 361-9046 (OueDec and Ottawa Vaiiayi 1 - 800 - 361-5884 (Outside Ouebeci 4 MAILING ADDRESS: 1 MONTREAL 73174411 MONTREAL 2567538 OTTAWA 728-7900 TORONTO 977-7892 TORONTO • " " TCik 630-0400 CA LEAHY 235-5300 ««™™_438-5888 VANCOUVER 438-3321 j Compliments of PRATT WHITNEY CANADA P.O. BOX 1 0 Lonqueuil, Quebec J4K 4X9 AMDAHL There is no more exciting field in the high-technology world of the 1980’s than the field of data communications. For the rest of this decade and beyond, rapidly advancing communications technology will be the driving force behind our emerging “Information Society.” Amdahl Communications Inc. (ACI) was founded in 1973 as Tran Communications Limited. Rapid I growth in both the Canadian and international data communications markets allowed ACI to grow from a staff of four people to nearly 500 in 1986. In 1980 the company became part of the world-wide Amdahl Corporation and subsequently changed its name from Tran to Amdahl Communications Inc. ACI’s line of high-performance products includes time division multiplexers, digital data sets, and network support equipment. This equipment forms the backbone of Canada’s Dataroute, the world’s first national digital communications network. Dataroute was first put into service in 1973 and to this day remains one of the largest digital networks in the world. By making innovative use of structured software and custom LSI design, along with the latest in microprocessor hardware, ACI is creating products that are among the forefront in data communications equipment. We operate in a challenging and exciting engineering environment, designing, manufacturing, and marketing products for today’s and tomorrow’s markets. THE YEAR IN RETROSPECT Published by: JOSTENS NATIONAL SCHOOL SERVICES LTD. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada A NEW ERA IN 35mm PHOTOGRAPHY MAXXUM AUTOFOCUS SYSTEM THE WORLD ' S EASIEST TO USE 35mm SLR • World’s first 35mm SLR with built-in autofocus • Automatic Multi-Program Selection (AMPS) • Quick Program Shift plus Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual, Program Flash, S Flash Mode, A Flash Mode M Flash Mode • Built-in motorized Film Control System • Fast 1 2000 second shutter speed • Wide range of optional autofocus lenses and interactive accessories • Two year Minolta warranty on earner J 5 year warranty on lenses • Advanced Touch Control Panel ONLY THE HUMAN EYE FOCUSES FASTER i or more information on the Maxxum and other fine Minolta products, i.oni.i. t Minolta Canada Inc,. 1344 Fewster Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 1A4 ONLY FROM THE MIND OF MINOLTA MINOLTA L I H JCU C DCD3CDCUCUCUCUUX □a )c 2 COCUC ?cdduudczdcdddu UUDUDCI DDDUDi CDCU r — t n in 1 jcinizD mao 1 . V r L. ( LJ JC DU — A V -) ( ir a! JL ]( )l H ;Ul IDD 1! _JL : ]□[ jr jo . i .. 1 )C73 ( ii ' JL n )) 1 ' i ] JZh_ . i If r ddd j( ' « )( L y r . ; ii JL —

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University of Toronto Engineering Society - Skule Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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