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Skule 7T7 produced by: Doug Chmara, Lome Cutler, Mark Czerwinski, Dean Etkin, Scott Ferguson, Greg Fitz, Sir Sanford Flaming, A1 ' Flash ' Flancman, Mike Garamszeghy, Gary Gilmore, Lorraine Gleeson, Eric Hartwell, Jasmin, Rick Jones, Karen Kennedy, Owen Kurin, Greg Lee, Gerry Mabson, Jim Marko, Sneaky Pete Noble, Poco Paczuski, Doug Pickett, Jim Picknell, Ellen Rochman, Peter Ross, Mark Silver, Claudia Straka, Mary Volpe, Kathy Wells, Rob Yates, Graham Zwideman. Advertising- Educational Aids: Al Kelly, Billy Bailey. Grad Photographs- Toll Studios: Brian Toll. • Dean Etkin Once again, the Engineering Society, the Engineering Athletic Association and the L.G.M.B. have planned and carried out a year of splendid extracurricular activities for the benefit of Engi- neering undergraduates; including this year some ' extras ' in the form of participation in various alumni and UPDATE events. The University community repeatedly turns to the students of this faculty when it needs enthusiastic, public-spirited participation (such as building a support for $6.6 million in real gold bricks!). We are all indebted to those who willingly accept these extra tasks, for adding impor- tant extra dimensions to life at ' Skule ' . I hope that as you move to new places and new activities you will retain your connection with your Alma Mater through the Engineering Alumni As- sociation. If you are working in the Toronto area, you may find that your own continuing education (in some form or other, individual or institutional, this is a must!) may well be assisted by the variety of programs that we offer here and at Seneca College. To those of you who go on to graduate school, here or elsewhere, may your further learning be illuminating; to those who are going on to jobs, may you find them fulfilling; to those still looking for a position, may your search be successful. To all, my very best wishes. At the Dean ' s Beans " However, there is one drawback to serving beans... " B. Etkin Dean 2 President Jim Picknell From the Captain ' s Log— H.M.C.S. Skule— April ' 77 Another eventful year is drawing to a close here at Skule. It has been a good one filled with many events and activities. There are surely some grand memories of such things as Oktoberfest, Cannonball, Skule Nite, Grad Ball, the Slave Auction, the Chariot Race and more. Our Freshman class was ushered in this year with much pomp and ceremony. The changes in the orientation program seemed to bring us good results. We have witnessed the start of a rowdy four (or more) years. Of course the image of an engineer as a crude neanderthal man, swinging a club and dragging his woman by the hair is not entirely true. We all know that some engineers are really neanderthal women dragging the males around. Seriously though, some of our extracurricular ac- tivities are in a professional vein. The Engineering Society took part in a national conference and hosted a provincial one this year. Engineers made Oktober- fest what it was and Engineers showed that they are socially minded by raising money for the United Way and Shinerama. Our athletes showed their prowess all year and kept the name of Engineering at the fore- front of university sports. This yearbook shows a lot of all this and it is sincerely hoped you enjoy it. If you have been successful in your school work, then the University has achieved its goal. If you got more out of school than an education then you have succeeded. There ' s more to university life than a skuling, and if you are missing it, you are neglecting an important part of your personal de- velopment. Getting involved in the various social activities not only benefits others, but is a favour to yourself. In closing I wish to congratulate our grads and give best wishes to all those still slogging it out. Scite et Strenue Skipper 3 Genuine Editorial Content We are, we are, we are, we are, we are the engineers. For we don ' t give a damn for any damn man who don ' t give a damn for us. This attitude which we get all the frosh enthused about has an appeal because it makes us feel like we are kings of something, technology perhaps, by virtue of understanding it while others do not. Engineering has, in the past seemed to be content with being concerned with the thing, and the users can give a damn if they feel like it. In recent years however, this has done nothing to improve the public ' s image of the engineer. Many people seem to live in awe, perhaps even in fear, of the creations of our predecessors and associates-to-be. They live in the shadows of tall buildings, are exposed to the risks and annoyances of such often ill designed products as stoves, cars, clothes, typewriters, and are hooked to the junk that gushes out of their T.V. set, delivered most efficiently by the wonder of thousands of tiny transistors, advanced antennas, and of course technicolor. And that ' s even without occupational hazards. This trend has to change, and to some extent it has already. It must be realized that all engineering is for people. In fact, people are the most important part of any engineering work. Yet no courses are even available within Engineering before fourth year, addressing this matter specifically, let alone as a core course. This matter to me seems especially important, in light of the attitude I have seen in many (by no means all) students in this faculty. They are not just indifferent, but positively unsympathetic toward others who are not necessarily so at ease with our field. In fact, for these people, the attitude that things are easier to understand than people is probably the reason they headed for engineering in the first place. However, there is no reason why we can ' t und erstand both and especially how the two relate. I am optimistic that the atmosphere will change. A new course was introduced this year, ' The Social Impact of Technology ' , which is attempting to deal with the affect we will, could, and should have as engineers. It certainly seems to be an area of concern with the teach ing staff, starring such distinguished lecturers as Deans Etkin and Jervis, and ex-Dean Ham, plus people from industry and government. It comes as a surprise however to hear some of these people tell how recently it was that they realized the importance of ' sensitive ' eng ineering. They wished they had discovered sooner , and perhaps will try to emphasize this to their future students. I hope the students will in turn welcome and feel more comfortable with this new point of view. SLR ' s at 40 paces. 4 Many of the local, national and global problems today are complicated combinations of social, economic, medical, environmental and technical matters. Gloomy predictions have been made as to when we will run out of various essentials. Engineers have to play a part in solving these problems, and attempt in bettering our world, not to create new trouble. There ' s always time to give a damn. Meanwhile, back to the yearbook, it has been a great experience. The reason is not just the weeks of hard work involved, but meeting all the people who revolve around the Engineering Society, and especially those whose attachment to the Engineering Society through the Yearbook and Toike Oike. In short, a large number of people who do give a damn. As a photographer for this book, I had a great excuse for going to all kinds of events I would otherwise not have time ' for. I was impressed by the co-operation and co-participation of the Nursing students this year in many events where guys and girls can meet in an atmosphere more informal and less demanding than ' The Date ' . On the otherhand, our Engineering women continue to be mistaken for Nurses and are alternately hustled, not taken seriously, or totally neglected by their classmates. Come on you guys, there ' s nothing wrong with ' just ' friends. Someday we ' ll get things straight around here. We hope you enjoy our efforts on the following pages, and good luck to all. Graham Wideman ( JYui ’ ■ { Sy ■ t - May Hanning Meeting On May eighth, the Engineering Society held a " planning” meeting at Hart House Farm. Although only a hardy band of executive and hangers-on were smart enough to come, it was a great success. The beer supply was never quite exhausted, even despite the heroic efforts of Sweve Swigger who wandered off into the unexplored wilds with a friendly tree over his shoulder and a case under his arm. The cat and the Skipper had a sizzling relationship, ideas for capers and the year s events were discussed, and then everyone started drinking. Ellen had ' two wallbangers and Jim started playing with his weiner and Ellen (at the same time, too!). All those present would like to thank the Women ' s Committe for doing the cooking. 6 Orientation Day The year was kicked off with a rousing welcome from the LGMB, practice cheers and some invig- orating speeches.... " I suggest you try the Tuesday $842.50 special. " 7 Nothing like a few calisthenics, before starting off the day with a bang at New College. Then on to the buses for a trip to Hart House Fanu for some work ....and listening to the bnad. (You can tell the ones that are listening, they ' re looking the other way.) followed by play (doesn ' t Scott look worried) Margo and Liz entertain Jim gets a little carried away. ,and Bruce signs them for Skule Nite. R.I.P. to Jas and Gerry, who were 3 deep beneath the Great A W Root Burpee in this picture. 9 Since the Scavenger Hunt was organized by a mythical group (the not-BFC), there is nothing to report, since it could not have happened without some organization and it wasn ' t so it didn ' t (the LGMB was there too). OK, I think we should let Jim out now. Scavenger Hunt First you dip her in the Shake Bake... LUMB lifts and separates. Frosti Dance Once upon a time, there was a Flrosh Dance. Some people showed up to it and I suppose they had fun. Fun, fun, fun! Bonnie ' s hat won. What did it win, you ask? I don ' t know. Flow should I know? But she was happy— having acquired fame, glory, attention, a picture in the Toike, several commercial offers, a command performance before the Queen, and obviously, in this case, no money. What else you ask? Flow should I know? Oh, we already said that. Crack of Dawn played some music, but not enough. Some guys played hustlers but not enough. And Rob was ejected for can-handling. ISee Update Breakfast for further details.) Nurses plus Engineers ... Don ' t these nurses look so nice and dry as they prepare for their orientation " slumber " party? Can ' t have that, so... However, later that same night, things were back to normal (?) as we crashed (complete with bnad) the now dry party in the Chem common room. We should note at this point that this year ' s improved co-participation with the nurses is largely due to the organization and other efforts of Joe and Trish 12 Good night, Bruce Nurses vs. Engineers Football Bruce blows, Liz T rish make passes, Freddy Frosh fumbles, and Joe demonstrates a new tackling technique. and Kim and ? etc. etc. 13 Shinerama They may not " ... give a damn for any damn man... " but they sure gave a damn for the kids with C.F. As usual, the engineers and nurses who turned out to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis research— about 75 in all with a strong showing from the nurses— were met with overcast skies. The turn- out was shamefully low for an otherwise spirited Flrosh class like we have this year. Shame! Shame! What may have been lacking in numbers was not lacking in spirit and enthusiasm. The skies cleared, and soon, with the very welcome assis- tance of the truckers from the Canadian Van Association, the undaunted shiners were on the streets. Money cans in hands and hard hats on head they proceeded to divest even the most tight fisted Torontonians (and there are a few) of their cumbersome loose change. We never questioned how they did it. Rumour has it that the come-on lines ranged from " Help give a child the breath of life " to " That ' s a nice pair o ' shoes yu got dere— be a shame if any- thing was tu happen to ' em. " The important thing is they DID do it. Without a doubt the day was a long one. Supplies and food were delivered, teams and locations were juggled and filled money cans were returned to the Stores for counting. And all the while the air waves were filled with typical C.B. chatter. .. " Teabag, this is Shinerama net, come on... " or " Heart-break Hotel, drop off your shiners at location 27 and pick up that L.G.M.B. at City Hall and bring ' em home ' . Final tally C.F. Research over $3000 Casualties none And then there was the Shinerama wrap-up party courtesy of Labatt ' s— but that ' s another story. -Steve Swigger And here ' s the other story... Take beer for the price of a subway token, free munchies, great music and lots of happy people and mix well to give another successful Shinerama thank-you dance. There the nurses, eager to top the Engineer ' s beer-bottle medley, kicked up their heels in a chorus line which was well applauded by the chiropractors, and the high- light of the evening was an unrehearsed concert by the L.G.M.B. before the presentation of the fund- raising awards. All this for shining a few shoes so keep on shining! 14 Oktoberfest " Put her there for a triffic job, Joe " Update Breakfast How many crazy people would show up on a cold September morning (at 7:00 am. yet) to get a free breakfast and a chance to play in the LGMB? About 3 dozen. Why? For money, obviously. But this was not the case. There was no money, only $6.6 mil- lion in gold, some rolls, coffee, margarine, T- shirts, buttons, some pens, and even a little music, played to appease the Captains of In- dustry. During the intermission, Frank Shuster attempted to appease the LGMB with a riotous (for that time of the morning) comedy routine, but the band played on. We should rrtention that Rob was ejected for panhandling. Dr. John ' s Birthday Party Miss Cake 76, Caroline Simons Captain ' s Log, Update Oct 1 76 After a full summer ' s work of planning and organizing, Joe got Oktoberfest off the ground. Despite skepticism from SAC and the Varsity he pulled off the biggest campus- 16 l wide drunk in recorded history of the U of T. The day began at 1200 hrs and went to 2500, included 2 Oom Pah Pah bands, SAC provided " Shooter " , Food Sci ran a food stand, Nursing and others ran gambling and games. Circus type rides were there along with professionally run games, but most people supported the Update student-run part. A big success, a lot of fun and a great drunk! The clean up party was also fun the next day, too. We like to see the smile on your face. Behind the scenes Shooter plays The Clean-Up Party iMIiTBMIil Bnad Opens CN Tower Bnad leaders associate with famous comedian. On October first, the CN Tower attended the its official Bnad open- ing, suffering only minor damage in the process. Disguised as a travelling humming band, the LGMB quickly infiltrated the hordes of RCMP heavies, then, holding a quick concert outside, taunted a local imposter band into full retreat. As the Bnad played on, and on, and on, the onlooking crowd of hundreds began to grow restless. Would the Bnad never finish? What were they waiting for? After a breathless wait that seemed like hours, a certain well known Prime Minister of Canada made a special guest appearance. He was immediately signed up for a ninety-nine year renewable contract, but without his wife. Loud applause filled the air as it became apparent that the Bnad was satisfied with this gesture, as opposed to the one it was expecting. Later that same day, the sun broke through the clouds. UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO TEXTBOOK STORE ENGINEERING textbooks for all courses after first year. A separate ENGINEERING REFERENCE book section containing new books as they become available from major publishers. All the standard manuals, handbooks, tables etc. A permanent SALE area including books on technical and other subjects. Special expanded SCIENTIFIC and TECHNICAL displays each fall for ten days per discipline. Special orders for any book accepted at no extra charge by phone, mail or in person (Phone Reference Section 978-8716) THE TEXTBOOK STORE 280 HURON ST M5S 1A6 14 AVENUE ROAD, TORONTO M5R 2E7 967-7500 The annual women ' s wine and cheese orgy was held in September and approximately eighty women came to meet their fellow colleagues in engineering. An assortment of cheeses and various wines were available. By the end of the evening everyone was in fine spirits, and a good time was had by all. [Note: The Women ' s Committe, again, emphatically denies any knowledge of the alleged attack made on our beloved president following this event.] Allegedly, while in the process of innocently doing an evening ' s work for the greater glory of " Skule " , our Skipper was set upon by eight enraged and drunken members of the Women ' s Ctte. The poor sailor lost his trousers in the ensuing battle for chastity and only with that degree of embarass- ment was he left alone. Comments: " More, more, more! " 20 frg » fc 1 s, 1 More Blues and Cheering “I was just so surprised that I quite lost my pants. " 21 Engineering on top as usual Homecumming Organized by ... Jim Burpee (He got stoned and he missed it!) This year ' s parade was a tribute to the Univer- sity ' s Sasquatch Centennial. However, everyone but us misinterpreted it to be Sesquicentennial, and looked rather odd when they showed up with 150 year old floats. The Engineering float, " A Day in the Life of a Sasquatch at School " was picketed by all 3 members of the SPCA (Sasquatch division), and was disqualified for committing very natural acts in public. The LGMB performed admirably, executing for the first time random Sasquatchian motion. 22 Why are these men smiling? Let me show you what our new model can do! Kathy-with-a K, Lorraine and socks Triennial Dinner and Fashion Show The Engineering Alumni held a Triennial Dinner at the Inn on the Park, on October 16th. The LGMB was invited to crash, and so it did (and very nicely too.) Some Diners CONFERENCE ROOM III Bob is seen here demonstrating the latest in fall evening attire. This piece is fashioned from a subtle combination of serviette and a new material for this fall- plastic. It is suitable for formal or informal occasions, and with the accessory horn, shown on this style, may also be worn to a traffic jam. please en : m PORN INSIDE OF T GRADS ONLY 23 ' 24 in Full Colour Fred wanders around with a silly grin on his face. (As usual) The End If you ' re not colour blind already, after Oktoberfest etc., imagine that you are. Here is how the Slave Auction in full colour would look to you. Eric ' s report... Organized by: Jim (G. A W. R.) Burpee Location: Mechanical, NOT Wallberg (again). Suddenly, before the dust had barely settled, the Slave Auction caught millions of stunned bystanders by surprise. As cries of wonder filled the seething air, the slightly tamed animals watched the strippers do their thing along with the Bnad. Later, all of those suspected of having taken part denied every- thing except that the Bnad was, as usual, simply superb. And untold hundreds of engineers (male) wandered around for days afterward with a silly grin on their faces. 25 Svsrcn 31 0 U, Sys 370 Soc Hop SYSTEM 370 SOC HOP FLOP On October 29, a cold, wet warm or drizzly day. Gnu Collitch was startled by a non-happening (the LGMB was there too). Well, really it did happen, but not many people wit- nessed it. The Soc Hop turned out to be a party for a few lucky people. The group was the Lisa Hartt Band (the LGMB was there too). There were about 3 marshals to each paying entrant. There was lots of beer, some munchies, Jim ' s doll, and some dancing (the LGMB was there too). A good time was had by all (the LGMB was there too). QUESTIONN AIRE P I PERSONAL INFORMATION: YOUR - NAME: £ AGE: want SEX: U lt HAIR: EYF.S: Z. HEIGHT: t+awAi.,. WEIGHT: ' Vl1 FACULTY: all U.p? J (U VJKJ- X ' VC, M ' t • • • II PREFERENCE - HIS HER Uir er NAME: AGE : SEX: All oJty HAIR: ' EYES: HEIGHT: t WEIGHT: ' 1 • FACULTY : f III answer code: 1 - always 2 - often 3 - sonetimes 4 - rarely 5 - never 6 - it depends IV QUESTIONS: 1. Do you like etchings? 1 I Do you like the 45th floor of an office building at 3 in the morning? j - ■ | 1 3. Do you prefer mates with horns? Two 4. Do you draw Flies? 5. Do you warm laps? Ecfo r« O v- 7 6. Are your hands cold? u .vm Wu.rv . 7. Are you active? 8. Do you wear fancy underwear? 0 1 u U rfc " tk Sm. 1 o«u««r 9. Do you like sailors? 0r lu u. ' 10. Do you? 0« ( S« vt4.Vii n4{ . □ d □ a a a □ □ Compliments of Continental CONTINENTAL CAN COMPANY OF CANADA LIMITED Continental Can Company of Canada Limited is the largest manufacturer and marketer of packaging in Canada. With headquarters in Toronto, the company has 5,500 employees and twenty-five plants from coast to coast. The company’s packaging activities can be traced back over a century. Its recent history includes diversification into the automotive parts field. Five segments comprise Continental Can Company of Canada Limited — Bondware Folding Carton, Corrugated, Metal, Paperboard and Automotive. Headquarters: Continental Court 3080 Yonae Street - Toronto, Ontario M4N 3N1 416 484-3811 P.O. Box 730 Station K Toronto, Ontario M4P 2W8 Telex 02-2336 26 Auto Follies As tradition would have it, the Nth. Annual Car Rally occurred yet again. True to previous form it proved to be a most challenging experience for all participants. Typical for an event such as this, the organization took quite some time and the final preparations were not completed until 3 am. on the morning of the rally. Undaunted none-the-less, the rally organizers Charles Blum and Alan Flancman managed to arrive out in front of Convocation Hall at the crack of 8:30 am. The first order of business was scrutineering and after all cars 1. B. Doherty M. Morris 2. A. Forrest C. Harron 3. G. Fogliato M. Morrow 4. T. Maio K. Semple 5. P. Ledas C. Widgeny 6. R. Leong S. Leong 7. J. Nenniger I . Popig 8. G. Landa A. Zielinski 9. R. Francis C. Gray 10. J. Beaton D. Love 11. C. Willis E. Boston 12. P. Horn M. Morris 13. D. Walker K. Warga 14. D. Hopper L. Gleeson 15. C. Webber J. MacDonald 16. J. Rasmussen D. Stevens 17. O. Kurin E. Rochman Model 280 Sedan We invite you to find out what makes a Mercedes-Benz a Mercedes-Benz Whenever automotive experts rank the ten best cars, the name Mercedes-Benz is always prominent. The 280 Sedan incorporates many of the features that have been praised: 4-wheel indepen- dent suspension, 4-wheel disc brakes, double overhead camshafts and many significant safety items. We invite you to take a test drive. Mercedes-Benz “The best or nothing " Camaro Honda Civic Fiat 128 Mustang II Pinto Fiat 128 Mustang Celica Valiant Capri Volvo 1 44S Comet Corolla Fiat 128 Malibu Mustang Corolla had passed, they lined up in order of their starting positions . . . facing the wrong way! This was soon rectified, the navigators handed an envelope containing certified fool-proof, EASY to follow, guaranteed correct instructions and the cars were sent off on their journey. In addition to the route in- structions, there were a number of easy questions for each team to answer. Strange as it may seem, none of the entrants could count to 89, the number of ties at a railway cros- sing nor could anyone find telephone pole D5 15. It was only 60 metres into the nearby forest! The rally route took nearly everyone as far east as Stoufville, north to Alliston and west to Hart House Farm. The only excep- tion to this complete voyage was the driver navigator team of Owen Kurin, the cunning Toike business manager and Ellen Rochman, the redoubtable Social Committee Chairtype. Ru- mor has it that just outside of New- market, Owen ' s car decided that it had had enough so it found an icy patch of road and rolled over and played dead. Fortunately, no serious injuries were incurred. In any event, the rest of the entrants continued onward and were treated to a fine assortment of Ontario back roads culminating in one which was unfairly described as a " cow path " . Evidently the govern- ment doesn ' t think along the same lines, as they have the topographic maps classify it as a " loose surface, dry weather road " . Eventually all the remaining vehicles and crews made it to Hart House Farm where they were treated with a variety of wines, cheeses and nourishment of a car- nivorous nature. All together there were 17 starters and 16 finishers led by the team of Brian Doherty and Margaret Morris in a Camaro, and wrapped up with the duo of Jarle Rasmussen and Denise Stevens who, working against all possible advan- tage, accumulated the incredible total of 2110 penalty points driving their Mustang to a solid last place finish. Cannonball The Nth Annual Cannonball, or the first Cannonball 7T7, was held for the first time on January 22 of this same year. Two groups were featured: Stringband returned to the Music Room to sing " Show Us the Length ... " and other such musical delights; meanwhile, the Lisa Hartt Band consented to play their dance music for us again in spite of the out- standing turnout on their previous visit. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of not one, but two, Cannonball Queens, representing Civil and Chemical. This followed the judges ' decision to make things difficult for the lady in charge of the proceedings (Ellen, who wishes to remain anonymous, and whose fault it was not). Eng. Sci. did not win the Intercourse Competition this year— Mechanical won by a small margin of only a few hundred percent. The booze flowed, the LGMBnad played to the cheers of millions, and a good time was had by all. Do a little dance . . . Band gives dancers a Hartt time 28 Chariot ft ace They ' re at the post, they ' re off... It ' s electrical at the start pushing into a quick third pos- ition mechanical, swamped by hordes of screaming blockers, sneaks into the lead meanwhile the inconspicuous industrial entry (running in reverse) wamps its way into second place. ...and the rest was his-tree. That is to say, besides the bone crunching fun of trying to stop the various chariots, which included waylaying the pulling parties by any means available, becoming one of the mercenary breed by joining in with a foreign chariot, or drag- ing oneself under the opposition ' s machine, it was a relatively peaceful afternoon. Mechan- ical hung on to first, industrial came in second, and electrical hobbled in for the third spot. All in all, with the snow falling and flying about, and the super chill in the air, it was Flun to participate in and spectate around. The Cannonizing cerimony; to start the spectacle. Poco ' s pull toy. It was third, but it tried harder. j I - 30 A typical two chariot, ten body pile-up. Is it soup yet? 31 And now the news, " Skule Nite Show Super Success " The members of Skule Nite would like to express their " direct " thanks to Jim Podolak and to the productive Bruce Dodds for their many hours of hard work spent in making this year ' s show one of the best ever. None of the members are from Buffalo. On the 11th of February, students and staff were greeted with a warm welcome from the SirSandford Flaming building. The fire had burned already for about seven hours when classes were scheduled to start and was still in progress, so the day had to be cancelled. A great deal of damage was done, ch aos caused, and the usual crowd of instant experts gathered outside to watch and tell stories. We were all saddened by the loss of much of the old building, and especially for those who lost material for theses, manuscripts and tapes, representing for some perhaps decades of work. Also, many irreplaceable docu- ments were lost, including part of the Engineering Society Archives. Sesquicentennial Fire Sale r Compliments of (paramount A Gull + Western Company ® PARAMOUNT PICTURES CORPORATION (CANADA) LTD. ONE YONGE STREET TORONTO, ONTARIO CRANE PACKING 423 Green Road, Stoney Creek, Ont. 961-8211 COMPLIMENTS OF PITTS ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION LIMITED Best Wishes From ONTARIO ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION 494 King Street East, Toronto, Ontario Phone: 363-5741 HI, w c Victoria c Wood c Development Corporation Inc. 101 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario Building better homes Canadas largest forCanadian families, builder of fine homes. BESTEEL LIMITED CUSTOM FORM ROLLING - CUSTOM FABRICATING OPEN WEB STEEL JOISTS - WELDED WIRE MESH ERECTORS FABRICATORS OF STRUCTURAL STEEL Specializing in SHORT SPAN LONG SPAN STEEL JOISTS BESTEEL. MALTON _ _ _ 30 KENNEDY S 454-1330 BRAMPTON 36 Engineering Alumni Association This organization, which traces its roots back to the 1890’s, exists to support the Faculty and the University, to develop and maintain high standards in professional competence and usefulness, to promote help and fellowship among members and with undergraduates, and to co-operate in furthering engineering education. This latter includes major financial support (scholarships, bursaries and awards) and recognition of worthy men and women who enter and continue in engineering courses at Toronto. A total membership list shows 1 9,000, of whom 1 7,000 are still living. The Association maintains an enviable contact with its members through regular publications and reunion events. Upon graduation, you become a member of the Association, an organi- zation most worthy of your support. Scite et Strenue Compliments of D. V. Group Ltd, 55 Idema St. Unionville Ontario 495-5225 Compliments of Primeau Argo Block Co. Ltd. 170 Brockport Drive. HIGH PRESSURE STEAM CLEANING REMOVES GREASE GRIME - MILDEW OIL TAR BUNKER FUEL FUNGUS LOOSE PAINT SMOKE DAMAGE - ETC PARTIAL LIST OF SERVICES DEODORIZING DE-FUMING DE-ICING 751-8785 AFTER HRS CALL 7S1-3803 3 YOUNGMiLL DR OFFICE HOURS: 8 AM - 5 PM MON - FRI COMMERCIAL • RESTAURANTS KITCHENS EXHAUST SYSTEMS • SERVICE STNS • COILS OF ALL TYPES • SIDEWALKS • ENTRANCES - GRANITE POLISHED GRANITE SANDSTONE • GARBAGE SHUTES ALSO HIGH PRESSURE WASH AND ENZYME CLEANING INDUSTRIAL INTERIOR EXTERIOR CEILINGS WALLS - FLOORS MACHINERY INDUSTRIAL TRUCKS HEAVY EQUIPMENT HEAT EXCHANGERS EXHAUST SYSTEMS CRANES PRINTING PRESSES CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT DRAINS TANKS WE CLEAN ANYTHING - ANYWHERE ANYTIME IN ONTARIO WE ' RE MOBILE 24 HRS - 7 DAY SERVICE 37 It takes energy to manufacture sewer pipe. But it takes a great deal more energy to make plastic pipe as compared to clay pipe. Think about it! Plastics have a thousand applications in industry, L homes, schools, hospitals.«y Let’s use energy wisely. NSP Vitrified Clay Sewer Pipe, made with " w at least 50% less energy consumption tions underground. jsJlB ‘ENERGY CONSUMPTION EXTRA STRENGTH CLAY SEWER PIPE VS. EQUIVALENT PLASTIC SEWER PIPE MSI National Sewer Pipe Limited PO Box 1800 Oakville. Ontario, Canada PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE As holds true for any successful.venture, participation is a very important key. Back in 1967, the Engineering Centennial Tournaments for touch football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, hockey and waterpolo were estab- lished for the specific purpose of giving the frosh classes the opportunity to participate in the Skule Spirit. The tournaments were later expanded to allow all classes and departments to participate. This program has enabled the Engineering Faculty to extend its participation in the university interfaculty and intramural programs to over fifty teams and about one thousand participants. This year, the frosh were playing important roles in football, soccer, hockey, basketball, waterpolo, track and field and the championship rugger team. In the Engin- eering tournaments, frosh teams participated in soccer and 1 1 volleyball, even defeating a certain fourth year team 11-0 to win the waterpolo tournament. Was this going too far? Perhaps so, but it is the key to the continued excellence of Engineering teams. And in four years, (or whenever) may another frosh team do the same. I I -i £ - - ! : I! John Mackasey President Men’s Athletic Association 39 I This football season was one of the most successful in living memory(Wayne Maddever ' s that is). Their record for the season was 2-4 which was sufficient to take the engineers into the playoffs. Unfortunately several injuries overcame the team and their Mulock Cup hopes died when they were defeated in a hard fought semi-final game against St. Michael ' s College. Glen Rosborough, injured Blues footballer, who took over coaching the skule football team after their first game, provided the leadership that the skule team has been without for many years. He must be credited with having a superb rookie year as coach of the skule team. Jim Reininger made it four years in a row as MVP, as he once again received the Phene Memorial Trophy. FRONT ROW; Dave Egan, Lome Skelton, Tony Massella, Albert Wong, Jay Reidy, Dave Robson, Jean-Marc Belanger, Bernie Thompson, John Medal. SECOND ROW; Brian Doherty, Stuart Ferrie, Charles Ramsey, Mike Savage, Wayne Maddever. BACK ROW; Glen Rosborough(coach), Brian Cann, Kevin Burn, Ted Symanski, Greg Osadetz, Fred Doza, Jim Reininger, Paul Lietch, Chuck Lilley, Rick Klestinec, Jim Renahan, Bob Hill, Jim Warden, Dave Zing, Tom Maruya, Sunil Tarneia. Ken Mehi. Rick Marks. Casey Bartusevicius(Manager). 40 Rugger The Engineering rugby team became intramural champions again this year for the second time in three years, a fitting end to an undefeated season in which only twelve points were scored against the team. Members of the team were hooker Brian Vigus props Remus Gudelis and Andy Januszewski, locks Jeff Irish and Ron Standish, scrum half Lyndon Humber, stand off Brian Smith, backs Paul Joannou, Fred Pember and Rick Klestinec and fullback Wayne Maddever. The Engineering second team, known also as the Barnacles, narrowly missed a playoff spot and showed tremendous improvement throughout the year. Their showing was especially remarkable when one considers that only five members of the team had any rugby experience of note. The team con- sisted of props Alf Stutzamann, Dave Robson and Kasey Bartusevicius, hooker Jim Bouroukis, locks Dave Egan, Jay Reidy and Jim Reininger, scrum half Dave McAlpine, standoff Dave Hobbs and backs Simon Dodge, Steve Tower and Craig Webster. Although a number of players will be lost through graduation, the strength and depth shown by both teams, indicates that Engineering will continue to be a rugby power at U. of T. (Now if we can only make a few more football players see the light !!) SENIOR RUGBY TEAM FRONT ROW: Brian ' O. J. ' JSmith, Wayne Maddever, Brian Vigus, Fred Pember, Jeff Irish SECOND ROW: Rick Klestinec, Paul Toannou, Remus Gudelis, Ron Standish, Lyndon Humber, Andy Januszewski. 42 BARNACLES (Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) FRONT ROW: Dave Hobbs, Jay Reidy, Jim Bouroukis, A. Nonymous, Dave McAlpine. BACK ROW: Craig Webster, Dave Robson, Dave Egan, Alf Stutzmann, Steve Tower, Simon Dodge. ABSENT : Casey B., Jim Rieninger. 43 SENIOR SOCCER TEAM SITTING: Glenn Pringle, John Mackasey,Seton Chase, Max Steiner, Peter Ristevski. STANDING: Colin Stuart, David Yee, John Gill, Andy Kirk, Keith Francis, Chris G otsis. BACK: Aly Bassit, Sam Hanafy. A BS E N T : Warren Eberlein. lacrosse This year was not an extremely successful one for the lacrosse team, which finished fifth in the six team First Division, with a 1 -9 record. Only three players remained from last year ' s playoff club, goal tender Jay Reidy and forwards Dave Robson and Angie Bacopoulous. The team ran into early trouble when Bacopoulous came down with pneumonia after the third game and was finished for the year. An injury to newcomer Mike London, a few games later further hampered the team ' s chances, as well as a nagging ankle injury suffered by Robson (an injured knee forced Robson to miss the team ' s last three games.) Good efforts from Don Linton (who with Reidy was the only player to play all ten games), Bruce Easter- brook, Mark Gray, Roger Roney and Dale McNeil, resulted in some close games. But being badly outnumbered, the team did not fare well. The team ' s chances may be better for next year, as only Reidy and Robson stand to graduate. How- ever, a replacement must be found for goaltender Reidy, this year ' s most valuable player, if the team is to do better. Soccer This year ' s soccer team, despite being the best in three years, ran into bad luck against the teams of Scarbor- ough and Erindale, ending up in third place, one point out of the playoffs . The team won both games against St. Mike ' s, but were held to a tie and a loss against each suburban team. The forward line of Warren Eberlein, Andy Kirk and Glen Pringle, plus the midfield corps of MVP winner Aly Bassit, Peter Ristevski and Chris Gotsis displayed the offensive power that had been missing for the past two years. Despite some injuries, the backfield of David Yee, John Gill, Max Steiner, Seton Chase, Colin Stuart artd John Mackasey provided a wall for goalkeeper Keith Francis, who only allowed nine goals in those six games. 44 The Juniors had another successful season as they once again trounced their way to the playoffs. Un- fortunately, all hopes of gaining the championship faded away when they were defeated by Innis Col- lege (coached by Phyto Harris, an Engineer of course) in a very close game with a controversial ending reminiscent of a United States-Russia bask- etball classic some years back. Team members were: Angie Bacopoulos, John Medal, Elio Flacalanza, Ed Kuratczyk, Peter Hor- vath, Don Linton, Bernie Amiel, Don Leamy, Ray Spence, Peter Suppa, and Andy Januszewski. Better luck next year, guys. JUNIOR BASKETBALL SENIOR BASKETBALL This year, the engineers once again entered a powerful squad in the first division of interfaculty basketball. Head- ing towards their final game of the season, they now sport a 12-2 win-loss record, and they are assured of a playoff berth. Fine teamwork by John Carlo, Chris Tuepah and Casey Bartuvesicius (who incidentally were all on the all-star team), and guards such as Ray Kopiac and Derek Batty provided the necessary power which has made Skule a perennially form- idable team. Other ' vets ' on the team were Rick ' Rhino ' Klestinec, John George, and Chris Mifflin. The talented rookies were Steve Bobrowick, Greg Sevick and A. Valick- os. We wish Skule the best of luck in the playoffs and hope- fully the championship will be ours again. ui ' ' ' " ... 45 SENIOR HOCKEY This year ' s Senior Engineering Hockey Team, coached by Jim Mourn, had an abundance of talent. The only thing holding them back was lack of prac- tice, and a few injuries to boot. However, even this did not seemto be able to stop the senior Skulemen as they recently pirrouetted their way around first place Scarborough College by a score of 5-1. i i ' I Fine efforts by Ken Kryklywy, Scott Gibson and Mike Bombala (who all made the all-star team) have helped earn the Engineers a playoff spot. Goalies Kirk Nesbitt and Mike Bombala worked behind a strong defence provided by captain Bill Milroy,sTim Bolton, Ken Kryklywy, Mike Fyedora and Dave Mit- chelson. Centres Bob Russell and Scott Gibson col- laborated with Andy Olbrycht, Roy Gibson, Tom Halpenny and Jamie Deluce in their prolific goal- scoring campaigns. SENIOR HOCKEY 1st Row: Jamie Deluce, Mike Fyedora, Mike Bombala, Ken Kryklywy, Dave Mitchelson. 2nd Row: Roy Gibson, Scott Gibson, Andy Olbrycht, Bill Milroy, Tim Bolton, Bob Russell, Tom Halpenny. 3rd Row: Jim Mourn (coach). Absent: Kirk Nesbitt. 46 JUNIOR HOCKEY (Not in order) Charles Ramsey, Bernie Treidl, Jay Reidy (player- coach), Peter Wolfl, John Bate, Brian Laughton, Rick Chorkawy, Robert Olbrycht, Michel Roy. ABSENT: Bob Richards, Doug Fehr, Nick Stark, Steve Annesley, Bob Williams, Dave Salari, Bruce Easterbrook. Women ' s Hockey Team morale was consistently high, the turnouts always impressive and the games very hard fought. However, the Skule Skaters were unable to put it all together and come up with a win all season. The high goal scorers were Shootin ' Sharon Cross and Speedy Sandy Cooperthwaite. The girls can ' t be entirely blamed for their tnisfor- Ttunes, however, as they had to compete against the potent Phys.Ed., Fac.Ed., and Pharmacy teams in the Recreational Division. Special thanks should go to the coaches Louis Auger, John Mackasey and Bill Cocchio. Better luck next year, girls! I i i I JUNIOR HOCKEY The junior hockey team is flying high again this season as they now have clinched first place in the 1 1 A division. With only two losses against seven wins and two ties, goalies Jay Reidy (also coach) and Nick Stark now have four shut-outs between them. This superb team record can be attributed to fine defensive play by rookies Bruce Easterbrook, Steve Annesley, Michel Roy, and Brian Laughton. Of course the opponents also had to contend with the three powerful lines of Williams-Ramsey-Bate, Wolfl- Fehr-Chorkawy, and Treidl-Richards- Olbrycht.We wish the skulemen the best of luck in the playoffs. » FRONT ROW: Sandy Cooperthwaite, Claire Galvin, Ines Popig, Ilona Bubelis, Sue Salari, Mira Miller, Dawn Love. BACK ROW: Louis Auger (coach), Karen Kennedy, Anne Zielinski, Cheryl Gibson, Sharon Cross, John Mackasey, Bill Cocchio (coaches). Women ' s Basketball The Women ' s Basketball team displayed a marked improvement over last season as they dribbled their way into the division playoffs. With Heidi Breslauer playing on the Varsity basketball team, veterans such as Karen Kennedy, Rowena Melcher, Anne Zielinski, Debbie Anthony and Ilona Bubelis had their work cut out for them, but they clearly demonstrated just how much depth this team possesses. Of course the dili- gent coaching of Derek Batty and Chris Mifflin was instrumental for this team ' s success. Good luck in the playoffs. Women ' s V ®eyba The Women ' s Volleyball Team, under the critical eye of ubiquitous Alex Pochmusky, have shown their perennial strength by advancing once again to the div- ision playoffs. With the girls ' unflappable morale, good turnouts, and superb talent, they hopefully should find little trouble in spiking their way to the Rec Division championship. Don ' t let anything stop you, girls! WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL 1st Row: Pat Murray, Ines Popig, Rowena Melcher. 2nd Row: Debbie Bartolini, Sharon Cross, Alex Pochmursky (coach), Livia Cesario, Dawn Love, Anne Zielinski, Julie Tingarova, Barb Shykoff, Karen Kennedy, Ilona Bubelis. Absent: Heidi Breslauer, Valerie Welesnicki. iiM WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL 1st Row: Karen Kennedy, Anne Zielinski. 2nd Row: Barb Zdasiuk, Julie Tingarova, Rowena Melcher. 3rd Row: HonaBubelis, Pat Murray. Absent: Debbie Anthony, Valerie Welesnicki, Claire Galvin, Barb Shykoff. Coaches: Derek Batty, Chris Mifflin. Men ' s Volleyball The engineers have once again shown their great depth by entering three volleyball teams in the inter- faculty league. The first team finished third in Div- ision I. Having been plagued by injuries and other minor calamities, the team was only left with three members, and it was necessary to recruit players from the second and third teams in order to stay in the playoffs. The second team, under the coaching of Mike Hantzsch, is currently headed for the quarter final round of the consolation playoffs. With the pinpoint setting of Ang Bacopoulos and Gearge King, and the explosive spiking of Don Linton and Brian Lim, they should have little problem in reaching the finals, and hopefully the consolation championship. The third team had less luck (and Alex more headaches), as they were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs in a game against Architecture. Mem- bers are: Peter Svilans (captain), Gerry Giffin, Dave Egan, Chris Thurgood, Kevin MacLean, Dave Walker, Mike Savage, Roger Ranieri, Bruce Sellars, John Nen- niger, Mark Silver, and Mark McGaw. SENIOR VOLLEYBALL 1st Row: Jim Antonopoulos, Mike Hantzsch, Chris Tuepah. 2nd Row: Alex Pochmursky (coach), John Kita, John DiGiambattista. Absent: Renato Taconelli. JR. VOLLEYBALL 1 1 A 1st Row : Angie Bacopoulos, George King, Peter Wolfl, Brian Llm. 2nd Row: Paul Gri, Don Linton, Thomas Selinowicz, Doug Barbour, Peter Svilans, Mike Hantzsch. Absent: Ararat Hecetoglu. 49 BROOMBALL Every Sunday evening for the past five months, John and Claire , Barb and Arthur, Kevin and com- pany have been getting together for some broomball (without the Molson ' s). Broomball is similar to hockey in that the rules are exactly the same, except that brooms and hollow balls take the place of sticks and puck. It has the advantage that you can hit the opponent on the head as hard as you want ' cause he probably won ' t feel it anyway. Of course, all your violent tendencies should be curbed, as this is also a co-ed sport, unless you enjoy hitting women, but that ' s another story altogether. This year the engineers sport a 4-11 record as they had troubles after the Christmas break and couldn ' t win a game after that. However, they ' re in the playoffs, so we wish them the best of luck. Next year, we would like to see more people give up a few evenings of Walt Disney and come on down to Varsity and join in on the fun. You won ' t regret it! ENGINEERING ' A ' SQUASH TEAM John Nenninger, Kevin MacLean ENGINEERING BROOMBALL 1st Row: John Nenninger, Claire Galvin. 2nd row: Barb Ham, Arthur Ham, Kevin MacLean, A.Nonymous. ENGINEERING WATERPOLO The Engineering water polo season has pro- gressed well with a playoff berth in sight for the team. After last year ' s third place finish, the team displays both the experience of the seasoned veterans and the youthful exuberance and talent of freshmen Geoff Brown, Richard Hooper and Cameron Series. With one game to go, our record stands at 2 wins, 1 tie (against last year ' s champs, Law) and a loss. The Annual Inter-class tournament provided thrills for many as the freshman Group C D team took first place leaving fourth-year Chemical with second. ENGINEERING WATERPOLO TEAM It was Sunday afternoon, February 13, and as the ashes of Sandford Fleming were settling on the roof of Varsity Arena, a more important event was taking place underneath. It was the nlth Engineering Hockey Tournament. This year all departments entered a team except Geological. Obviously this " helped” scheduling as now seven teams were to play each other in the first round. Somehow, (and noone to this day can figure out exactly how,) Industrial was chosen to play by itself in the third round. That being done quite efficiently, they went on to beat Engineering Science, who had beaten Metallurgy 3-0 in the first round. Meanwhile, Mechanical demolished Civil and Chem overloaded Electrical, but the Civy ' s came up the winner in the second round. This only left Mechanical who played two games and Industrial with only one game. Well, Jim Burpee didn ' t want to take any chances. Refueling between games with pizza and beer, his condition was constantly maintained at its peak. This program paid off well, as the game ended in a 2-2 tie, and penalty shots would have to deter- mine the victor. Of course, Jim kicked out three consecutive shots which gave the Mechs a chance to score the winning goal. Move over, Rogie! ENGINEERING HOCKEY TOURNAMENT Aquatics It was a cold, damp November evening when deep in the bowels of an ancient wing of an ancient edifice, a medley of mercurial macho mooners mutilated, mas- sacred, mesmerized and merrily made minced meat of all those who opposed them. It was time once again for the annual interfaculty swim meet at the Hart House Pool. This year, without Some Moons Galileo didn t discover. the ever powerful Phys. Ed. contingency present, the skilled Skins skewered Victoria and Trinity Colleges by a score of 84-61-33 respectively. Meds, Erindale and Forestry unfortunately suffered very poor turnouts, and subsequently very poor scores. Being a well stocked team with three members also on the Varsity team (Cap ' n Bill Chisholm, geumpin ' Geoff Brown, and Joe Wright), the Skulemen effortlessly took five out of seven heats, along with a few interfac re- cords to boot. Special mention goes to our breastmen Rob Mitchelli and Nick Temple, those mean medly men Henry Vehovec, Richard Hooper and Dave Rudniski, Tim Maryou who did a lot of stroking on his back, and of course Bruce Sellers and Frank Kemeny. FRONT: Frank Kemeny, Richard Hooper, Nick Temple, Bill Chisholm(captain) BACK: Henry Vehovec, Dave Rudniski, Bruce Sellers, Tim Maryou, Joe Wright, Rob Mitchelli, Geoff Brown. I 52 HOWtD get the most from the lease. Get the Ford Leasing Sy stern, at most Ford and Mercury dealers. It ' s called a system because it does much more than just provide the cars and trucks. 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RAIL CAR DIVISION, 2001 Speers Road, Oakville, Ontario. | -ijr j ' t I i peering $ 0 v Executive President Vice-President I Vice-President II Treasurer Secretary Civil Club Chairman Mechanical Club Chairman Geological Club Chairman Industrial Club Chairman Engineering Science Club Chairman Chemical Club Chairman Electrical Club Chairman First Year President Social Committee Chairman Professional Development Committee Chairman Communications Committee Chairman Women ' s Committee Chairman Executive SAC Representative Executive Fac. Council Representative Engineering Athletic Ass. President Fourth Year Chairman Blue and Gold Chairman Jim Picknell Scott Ferguson Joe Lstiburek Anne Zielinski Rodolfo Monteforte Brian Semkiw John Kapinski Jay Reidy Alfred Waldner Arthur Ham Ron Gladysz Michael Vogel Lorraine Gleeson Ellen Rochman Kathy Wells Doug Chmara Claire Galvin, Val Welesnicki James Richardson Louis Auger John Mackasey Debbie Waddell Jim Burpee TOP ROW; Jay Reidy, Jim Burpee, James Richardson, Michael Vogel SECOND ROW; Kathy Wells, Lorraine Gleeson, Scott Ferguson, Rudolfo Monteforte, Louis Auger FRONT ROW; Joseph Graf, Doug Chmara, Ellen Rochman, Joe Lstiburek, Anne Zielinski, Jim Picknell, John Kapinski Alfred Waldner, Bruce Dodds 57 s%$5£ 5ft$S££: zHssttss sa sagfgi I 8 | LGMB | I JJ For the 29th consecutive memorial year, the world-famous Lady Godiva Memorial Band, triple- prize winning, played its way into the hearts of millions and the apartments of some, performing and canning musical instruments around almost non- stop. Usually referred to as the LGMB, but having affectionately, with some trepidation been dubbed ‘the BNAD’, this mottley crew of high-level musicians and incredible beer drinkers played at virtually every major, minor, dominant or suspended occasion or opening in Toronto. Among these being, Flrosh Orientation with Dean Etkin and Bill Davis, Oktoberfest, Shinerama, Skule Nite, Cannon- and Grad- ball, subways, streetcars, Union Stations, Update breakfasts galore with John Evans and Frank Shuster, Engineering Triennial at the Inn on the Park, Varsity football and hockey games, numerous parades, including a Santa Claus parade, College Bowl, and the Grey Cup (CBC, CTV, nationwide) as well as at the Grey Cup Game, the Eaton’s Centre and of course, the David Crombie concert and gala opening of the ever-popular multimillion dollar concrete phallus, the CN Tower. At this function, the LGMBeers were all made honourary prime ministers by King Pierre, so as a reciprocal gesture, we offered his majesty an honourary membership in the BNAD and commissioned Margaret to pen a musical composition of tribute to the BNAD. She im- mediately went off looking for a shower. The LGMB’s forth-cumming album is indeed fourth. Recorded secretly in the Annex recording studio and Commoner’s Room, the record is expected to have two sides and be black. It should be available in September, 1977 for the low low price of about $4.00 and will have a cardboard jacket with a picture and some words on it. (Buy our records, buy our Cokes!) The record, aided by not too many ringers and free flowing liquid music, contains the BNAD’s latest hits, which everyone knows and loves. The BNAD is planning a cross-campus pub crawl and concert tour to coincide with the release of the album. Those who don’t believe the BNAD has actually recorded three other albums, are invited to come to the Stores where the third album (1967) may also be purchased, for a paltry $3.00. (Buy our records, buy our Cokes!) Highlights of the year were on top of the standards at Varsity Stadium. 58 The University of Toronto Engineering Society Brute Force Committee does not exist and never shall exist, and continues to emphatically deny every- thing. However, since the B.F.C. does not exist, we bring you the story of a nonexistant caper which did not happen, brought to you through the miracle of Techni-Black-and-White is the amazing Mickey Mouse Caper. Once in a while Bruce and Joe and the guys and gals get together for a caper. In the first picture they are seen after the 3 am construction of the Flying Mickey Mouse. (Not to be confused with the real one, see below) Since the F.M.M. does not exist and never will all we can say is that this is an aerial view of it trans- porting the crew to their next caper. Meanwhile back at the Annex, Detective Bob is thrown completely off the track as he tries to inves- tigate the terrible Almost Naked Dancing Lady In The Common Room Scandal, which didn ' t exist either, as the second picture clearly shows. The third picture proves that the above never could have taken place since Bruce was elsewhere. In any case, if the statement ' I think therefore I am ' is true, the B.F.C. could not possibly exist. 5 ■ Professional Development Committee ! i I i i The Professional Development Committee is responsible for informing and educat- ing undergraduate engineering students. This year, we were involved in two conferences and the editing of a national newsletter. In early January, the Ninth Congress of Canadian Engineering Students was held in Winnipeg, hosted by the University of Manitoba. The theme of the 9th CCES was " Energy Our Life Blood— Technology and Economics " . Our delegation, consisting of eight students, presented a paper entitled " Solar and Nuclear Energy, a Regional Study- Southern Ontario " , or " Our Sun Goes Fission on a Nuclear Day " . Papers were presented by other universities from across Canada. Businessmen, politicians, and professors were also in attendance, to lecture on and discuss various topics related to the theme. A good time was had by all; the experience certainly was an education in itself. The Ninth Annual Conference of Undergraduate Engineering Societies was hosted by the University of Toronto Engineering Society later in January. Twelve universities sent delegations to discuss " Health, Safety, and the Engineer " . This conference was spon- sored, in part, by the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario. The planning and running of this conference was educational in many aspects to the participants. The national newsletter did not meet with much success, but we are hoping for a better response next year. We asked for input from each undergraduate engineering society in Canada, to be printed and distributed across the nation. All in all, the Professional Development Committee had an interesting and active time and would welcome your participation next year. i j Pete goes berserk on one beer. Lorraine, with Claudia who wishes to remain anonymous. First Year Council This Year ' s First Year Council refused to tell us what they had done, however it is known that Presi- dent Lorraine and V.P. Claudia are good at making tea. They also organised a First Year Nick Nite, but unfortunately both were too sick at the time to attend. Here are some photos taken when the Year- book staffers got bored with layouts and went to the Nick for a break. fil Chinese Engineering Students Association The Chinese Engineering Students Association was founded last year by a group of Chinese Engineers to promote a better understanding between the Canadian and Oriental cultures. This objective is being achieved through a number of successful activities held over the past year. I love to dance! Gee! I finally got them on. Annex Events In case you didn ' t notice, the Engineering common room was beamed into the Annex this year, and none too soon, since it was situated in the near disaster part of Galbraith. Eng. Soc. came up with the money for new chairs, carpeting and those absolutely wonderful acoust- cal baffles, that swing freely from the ceiling. Meanwhile, down at the other end of the Annex ' s second floor there is the continuous melodious murm- mer exuding from the LGMB stateroom, the constant clanging of the bells on the pinball machine, and the sweet ka-ching ka-ching of the cash as the monetary stability of the Eng. Soc. increases, under the luving care of June, and Stores manager Brian. Across in Jan ' s office, animals and scenery adorn the walls(created last summer), plants flourish on the window sills, and four horrible parrots swing from the paperclip chain hung across the room. President, Jim, and VP ' s, Scott and Joe, reside in the north-east wing, while the constant chatter from setting machines in the ' committee room ' pour forth the ' light ' hearted, whimsical, engineering humour known as the Toike Oike. Following the stream of ' Nit ' s and ' Get stuffed ' s into 211a, one finds the Toike Office, and under the many feet of paper are the various staffers of toike and yearbook. Next year join the yearbook or Toike staff and spend all night typing this stuff I Bin shoppin ' ? | ■ ■ | H • a. r n— 1 flit ] nit 1 nitl nit M c. it’ x 5 ? a’ T o. £ • 8 „ »o s 2j 3 „„ 5 i V.S X» Qj » p|up r piOAF o) paq ui ■ paAJa ws aqs isa) aqi aJOjaq iqaiu aqi Manj |o jaiiEiu r sy o I s0 1 s jaAup joq 3ui |n) )noqr snoAjau spaa oqAA upuioaa ai|l inoqp JPai| noX p!Q IsjipBOjg Best Wishes to the Engineering Society and U. of T. on its 150th Birthday from ... LA CONTESSA STEAK HOUSE 720 Spadina Ave. 961-5421 WEXFORD RESTAURANT LTD. 2072 Lawrence Ave. E. Phone 755-1229 Scarboro, Ont. FAMOUS PLACE FOR BREAKFAST ACT SECURITY SYSTEMS ... Security Specialists for over 100 years. Head Office: 92 Adelaide St. W. Toronto Phone:416-363-5601 Pirelli Cables Limited, 77 Richelieu St. St. Jean, Que. 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The cabinets contain 50 ' , 75 ' or 100 ' of IV 2 " Underwriters labelled hose, com- plete with attached couplings, valve and nozzle. Most cabinets contain the appropriate Under- writer Approved Extinguisher. SMITH WESSON ELECTRONIC SIREN SYSTEMS Stephenson, a member company of the Smith and Wesson Law Enforcement Group manufactures the most modern combination public ad- dress and electronic siren systems. The easy- to-read, colour coded con- trol buttons eliminate error in selection of radio, P.A. wail, yelp or hi lo warning signals, plus a manual control to independently sound the siren. TARGET QUICKIE RESCUE SAWS There is a choice of four models, gasoline or electric powered. They offer a new standard of per- formance, for Fire and Police Rescue Squads and Emergency Crews. QUICKIE saws cut wood, metal, concrete, asbestos, roofing, etc. Optional 14 " blade cuts to 5 " depth. Quickie Model 12 50 5 H.P. Gas Powered 6 H.P. Models Available ELKHART JUMBO SELECT-O-STREAM CONSTANT-FLOW MYSTERY NOZZLES New, constant-flow nozzle eliminates line surges when the stream pattern is changed. It throws the same amount of water in all stream posi- tions. The exclusive Select-O-Stream Braille-like pattern indicators for stream selection can be distinguished in the dark or in smoke. New alloy construction is remarkably tough yet is only Vi the weight of brass. STEPHENSON SCOUT RESUSCITATOR Usually the first equipment at the scene of most respira- tory emergencies, the Scout is simple to operate with a minimum of training. Step-by- step instructions are listed on the inside cover of the compact carrying case. THl SIGN OF SHVia L SINCF 188 1 Write for our complete-line catalogue to: WILSON COUSINS Division of Purex Canada Limited, 145 Orenda Road, Brampton, Ontario L6W 1W4 VANCOUVER • CALGARY • EDMONTON • WINNIPEG • MONTREAL • MONCTON • HORSHAM, P.A: i l«i W il i i 1 | Monica Aquan-Yuen Gerardo Arciero Mayan k Ashar Louis Auger Heidi Breslauer Robert Cann Bob Chachel Soi Chang Sammy Chiu Man-Fai Choi William Cocchio Charles Crawford John Cunningham Christopher Emberson Bruce Fawcett Mars Flaugnatti Claire Galvin John Gaston Harry Gatley Ronald Gladysz Bernard Goldberg Larry Green Brian Hudson Victor Juskevicius Harry Kondratas rrfr Carmen Lombardi John Mackasey William Martin Antonio Mazza John McClintock Philip Persaud Jolie Phillips Allan McFarlane Edlyn Menezes Mira Miller Kathleen Murray Gabriel Odushola Annette Pingot Alexander Pochmursky Fernando Preto Luis Recchione James Richardson George Riesenfeld Robert Rosati Michael Savage Bruce Sellars Ton Joy Shim Stephen Shimizu Craig Shugart Thomas Snowden Wayne Toole Deborah Waddell Mihkel Waher William Wainberg Valerie Welesnicki Robert Wright SLOW REACTORS Alfred Chiu David Hendry Jerry Hussain Jim Johnson Terrance Persad Wolfgang Pfeiffer Robert Sheng Robert Skelton Kevin Snively Gordon Torrie 71 Civil Club The Civil Club organized social and athletic act- ivities, as well as educational lectures for the staff and students in Civil Engineering. This past year, we organized a get-together pizza bash for the staff and students, and second year held a small party in the Annex Common Room. The rowd- ies in third year had a couple of parties, as well as sending two representatives to the 1976 EIC Congress in Halifax. Both reps, had an entertain- ing and educational week, from what they recall. Fourth year has not been particularly active, for everyone is frantically searching for a job(ho! hoi). The traditional Civil Dinner will be held next month, where the professors and students can roast and toast each other. The lead time of the yearbook unfortunately does not allow me to tell you the results for this year ' s Concrete Canoe Race (the canoe is really made of concrete, folks!). I ' m sure our Civil canoeists will avenge their loss of last year and return to U of T as the No. 1 Concrete Canoeists in North America. We ' re trying to organize a Civil Hockey tourn- ament again, this year. We hope to see ' Flash ' Selby, ' Moose ' Kenney and ' Horrible ' Heinke melting the ice with their blinding speed. Last year ' s tournament champions, the Class of ' 77, are anxious to defend their title. The Civil Club is an important factor in main- taining the togetherness of the staff and students in Civil Engineering. The members of the Club would like to thank Brian Semkiw, this year ' s chairman, for his time and effort spent in making this school year more than just attending lectures and doing problem sets. We would also like to thank Professor Hienke, the chairman of the Department, and all our professors who take an interest in, and participate in our activites. 72 73 Lou Abbruzzese Geoffrey Addison Steven Andrews Nick Bada David Bailey Frank Baldesarra I (Ml Kestutis Bartusevicius Lucio Battiston Stanley Bertoia Hugo Blasutta George Burton Anastas Candaras Terry Canning Oliver Chan Yoke Kuan Chan Caesar Corvinelli Michael Damianc Realdo Didonato Janis Dreifelds Stephen Dunlop John Fair Michael Feodorov Mike Flatt Gino Fogliato Herman Fong Peter Forsythe 74 Edward Fung John George UmL Jw kdl Scott Gibson Craig Glen f. ' Brad Gray Peter Hal sal I Norman Hann Robert Hardy Dean Kagawa Kasson Khoe Gordon Ko George Kousiouris Patrick Ku Stephen Kwan Ancel Ladner Margaret Large Zigmund Latosik Raymond Leung Stephen Li Robert Lojk Ciro Maccarone Antonino Maio Brian McCormack Sheldon Mecklinger Stephen Medd John Miolla 75 David Mitchelson STATICALLY INDETERMINANT Karl Nitsch Luigi Pagano Peter Pecchia William Piersanti I Eric Piitz John Atkinson Dominic Chan Ashley D ' Silva Francisco Echavarria Raouf Hanna Matthew Kazdan Charles Kirby George Metaxakis Jan Pedersen Wayne Piper Eleonora Porobic Walter Robertson William Tessler Daniel Yamashita I Lody Pontisso Thomas Redmond Harold Reinthaler Waldemar Schickedanz Brian Semkiw Robert Shelton Gary Slye Allen Smoskowitz 1 Christopher Solecki Ronald Standish Yuen Kit Szeto Elmars T rizna Aldo Valenzano Joe Van Langen Scott Wiggins Andy Wong Koon-Ming Wong Paul Young 76 ‘ c Jhe cfinancial post is Canada ' s best underground newspaper” That’s what journalist Alexander Ross wrote in the Toronto Star. Perhaps an unexpected statement about Canada’s leading fi- nancial and business newspaper. But our readers have come to expect the unexpected. The Post reports on a surprisingly wide range of subjects from contin- uing coverage of the ill-fated, ' cash-short Bricklin car project to a myth-shattering series on the real position of women in business. Interpretive journalism that investigates cause and projects effect. Take advantage of a special half-price offer to students. A one-year subscription to The Financial Post (52 issues) for $7.50 (regul ar price $15.00). The Financial Post, 481 University Avenue Toronto, Ontario M5W 1 A7 YES, please enter my half-price subscription to The Financial Post for one year. □ Payment enclosed. □ Bill me later. Name Address City University or College Faculty Province Postal Code Year of graduation !_ FP EYB ' Elio? Service de room? Plus de Caribou! ' I know it ' s only lemonade, but I ' m allergic to beer. Electrical dub Sure I ' ll lend you my thesis! 78 Just the thing for a man down under. What makes an Electrical ' s eyes light up? Ship wreck on the Mariposa Bell. 79 Electrical Gary Cleghorn Sharon Cross Heinz Czychun Zaheer Dossa Tremayne Drieberg Robert Dudley Christopher Evans Gordon Fountain Gabriel Fritzen Bernard Galler Glenn Grandin Richard Greszczuk 80 Peter Hartmaier Randall Heaton Christopher Helyar Walter Hirt Stephen Hunter Hasan Huwito Gunther Jeschke Ken Gee Jung Terrance Karaim Andrew Kerr William Lane Leonard Lansing Tom Lavrisa Kin Lee Karl Leung Thomas Ma David MacAlpine Manuel Maciel John Mark Stephen Markson John Marshall Carmen Martino John Metcalfe David Newman Michael Ottewill Phillippe Park 81 Arthur Radacz David Rudniski Steven Skelton Robert Skolnik Thomas Smith Peter Spasov John Taglione Tony Tam Arvo Tanner Peter Tanur Krzysztof Wierzbicki Walter Wong John Yeas Wai Fung Yue Robert Thiel James Ti ng Bernhard Treidl Lincoln Vaz Peter Vizmuller Michael Vogel Graham Wideman WENT OHM Nicholas Beck Adrian Boie Carlos Campos Eva Chaves James Colquhoun Andre Coriat Angelo Cormpilas Cvetan Cvetkovski Ian Duff Brian Ferguson Gregory Goheen Neil Greco Terence Henry Siu-Ning Ho Chiu Kwong Lee-Ka Lau Charles Law Doug Lee Gordon Lelacheur Wing Pi ng Ng F rank Pell i ni Dinh Chi Phan Erwin Pototschnik Daniel Rehak Joel Rodrigues Ulrich Schmidt Edward Seto Andrea Sinclair George Stefanou David Tennenhouse Mario Vitti Shabbir Walji Steven Woodward When you’ve invented the computer - what do you do for an encore? Since we produced the first commercial com- puters, we have been hard at work developing the performance, the capability and the versatil- ity of our Sperry Univac ' computer systems. There have been important improvements made as business and industry assisted in the collec- tion of experience, and this experience has been instrumental in the design of computer systems which have a future. Sperry Univac believe that building equipment which has a future is more important than just selling more of the same ordinary machines or systems. Not just selling the most, in other words, but building the best! As a matter of fact, the recent purchase of our outstanding 90 30 Sperry Univac Computer System by a number of major Canadian compa- nies speaks for itself. We know we ' re the best, because we can prove it. Encore!! COMPUTER SYSTEMS The First Computer Company We invented them and we’ve perfected them ♦ Word and design in Canada of Sperry Rand Corporation — Sperry Rand Canada Limited registered user " Scite et Strenue " Westinghouse helps make it happen 83 Engineering Science niuh Note the typical first year expression. What is this man thinking? We mourn the passing of an old friend. What did I volunteer for!!?? Some one just sat on my squash balls. Gone but not forgotten. 84 AAYY HHM Dealing. No you idiot, the other way! l! I Rick Appugliese Harold Asmis John Bate Peter Beggs Bernardus Budiman Anthony Busigin Ian Cameron Colin Chan William Chisholm Davy Choi Paul Chow Marty Cohen Fernando Conforti Robert Craig Igor Danyliuk Engineering §cienee Hermann Enderle James Fairgrieve Mark Federman David Galloway Arthur Ham John Hamer Glenn Heppler Stephen Hume Neale Hunt Paul Johns 86 Frank Kemeny Thomas Koch Ian Leslie Yiu Wing Leung Donato Lewicki David Lewis John Liska Dawne Love Gerald Mabson Kevin Mac Lean Paul Mannone Stephen McKinnon Brian Monaghan Ghasem Mostaghel Glenn Mukli John Nenniger Richard Sotnick Lai Wan Szeto Tze Wai Szeto Stephen Turner Brian Uffen Tie Hwee Ng Alexander Roth Mario Ruggiero Valerie Scott James Service Gordon Slade TENDING TO INFINITY Madeline Fok Jerry French Chung Yiu Kong Paul Maasland Robert Meyer Susan Salari Robert Varty Mary Volpe Andy Von Flotow William Wiener Antoon Vander Vooren Michael Watters Andrew Welch Mark Wright 87 Good Morning Paul Be It Ever So Humble Oh, Lord — Won ' t you blow up The City of Tweed ! We hate all them Outcrops, We wish we had weed We hate geology, We hate the artsie! Oh, Lord— Won ' t you blow up The city of Tweed?. 88 r Little Red Riding Hoodavytch Strikes Again Congradulations For A Job Well Done To Those That Went Before The Pause That Refreshes How Dry We Am We ' re The Boys From Option-A The Agony And The Ecstasy Cedccical i 90 Wi Iffert Bowen Donald Carey Sandy Couperthwaite Jt ' t CRAWLED UNDER A ROCK Robert Albino Edward Frysztacki John Gill George Multamaki David Robson Roger St. Louis Glen Davidge James Farquharson Ivan Fil ion David Folkes Roman Gaber Ross Griffiths John Moffatt Timothy Orpwood Herman Oussoren Jay Reidy Peter Shilton Istvan Szoke Wayne l srsons Today he’s in third year I5O years in the niakin engineering. But tomorrow, who knows. Maybe hell build dams in South America, look for oil in the North Sea. Or maybe hell stay right here in Canada. And with any luck even have a hand in shaping the future of our company, Abitibi. But whatever he decides, hell be one of the best there is. Just like the University pm pi ARITIRI PAPFR C.C he comes from. ABITIBI PAPER COMPANY LTD Industrial Club r, 92 The Industrial Club, under the directorship of Alfred J. Waldner, finished 1977 in good spirits, after a year of moderate school work. There were many highlights in the club ' s activities, all of which contributed to our high closing rating. We managed to generate a considerable amount of capital internally, for use in redoing our common room. The coke machine continued to make lots of money together with our new coffee-tea-hot chocolate and cookie bar. All this activity in the common room has left the reading room quiet for studious types, and it seems our Sunshine Girl collection will have to be moved to a more appropriate location. The A.I.I.E. student chapter, dedicated to the pro- fessional development of Industrial Engineering students, was active in promoting plant tours, an ' Engineer in Industry ' program, guest lectures, and in cooperation with the senior chapter, a ' dinner and speaker ' series. In an attempt to sell the image of ' IE ' s ' as something other than a seedy looking bunch of card sharks, ' IE ' s DO IT BETTER ' buttons were distributed to chapter members at the beginning of the year. Rude and obviously false com- ments that ' IE ' s ' stood for ' Impotent Engineers ' were coolly ignored. Skule spirit was high this year as the Industrial 7T6 chariot was resurrected for this year ' s race. A rough and tough contingent of students came back from the race battered but happy (literally) with their 2nd place finish. 93 Mike Bomballa Karen Booth Murray Cass Stephen Chan Chung-Len Chu Wayne Arthurs Melvin Battiston Timothy Bean Frank Blum Timothy Bolton David Colussi Rich Cornacchia Philip Crabtree Marek Czerwinski Garry Deacon Eric De Buda Fred Dozsa Ronald Francis Richard Fung Brian Gillespie Irdustrial Alessio Giosa Philip Gonsalves Michael Goodfellow John Granata Roland Hafenstein Robert Harries Glenn Iwasa Kevan Jefferies Richard Jennjngs Alex Keshwah 94 Ben Kwee John Larsen Robert Leigh Harvey Lewi William Lytwyn Dave McCready Henry McKinlay Murray Metcalfe Danny Myhal Andrew Olbrycht Robert Olbrycht Frank Palermo Zenon Petriw Ines Popig David Rea James Reininger Raymond Romanish David Rourke Stephen Sandrin Mark Schnier Aldo Sist Jeffrey Sugar Brian Vigus Timon Voyatzis Alfred Waldner Jack Weinberg Glenn White Mechanical dub be ME WINNER OF THE " INTERCOURSE COMPETITION " DESIGNED BY MECH 7T9 96 PRE-CHARIOT RACE STRATEGY PARTY WINNING CHARIOT THREE YEARS IN A ROW DEFINITELY " CHARIOT OF THE GODS " CANADIAN PINBALL ASSOCIATION PO. Box 6708 Terminal “A " Toronto TOURNAMENT REGULATIONS • Place entry box (with slot on top) near pinball machines • Place entry forms beside box • Entry forms must contain the following: name of player, name of machine, score obtained, date, signature of official witness. 76 77 MECH CLUB EXECUTIVE Chairman J.C. Kapinski Vice Chairman S. Conquergood Treasurer R. Jackson Fourth Year Rep G. Butterfield Third Year Reps C. Mackie C. Forrester M. Ewen Second Year Reps D. Williams J. Weber 97 Bruce Abugov Aly Bassit James Beaton Sven Blomfeldt Michael Boyle Richard Budny Michael Burke James Burpee Gordon Butterfield Victor Di Carlo Amine El-Semine Bermard Ennis John Etherington Antonio Fenuta Meclianical 98 William Keith Heng Kia Khoo Young Hai Kim David Knutson Joseph Lam Guy Dick Lam Tom Lapczynski John Leewis Seung Wing Li John Loach Scott Ferguson Richard Holli Douglas Humphris Douglas Jackson Graham Jackson Thomas Jelinowicz John Jesenak John Kapinski I an McGregor Normund Mierins Rodolfo Monteforte Martin Murray Bradley Nash John Neal Norman Ngai Yukichi Otsuka James Picknell 99 Nigel Purvis Olaf Raiskums Jarle Rasmussen Fausto Rossetto Yehuda Rotenberg John Saringer Alan Sliede Barry Steinberg Ping Chi Tang Stephen Taylor John Tojcic Emir Vidjen Mi ke Vi llemai re Ian Wall Moshe Wertheim Lawrence Williams Leyland Williams Victor Wong Vinson Yu ABSENT WITHOUT LEVER Peter Ailing Frank Benko Dennis Ferguson John George Douglas Jackson Ronald Jackson William Lougheed Wayne McKenzie David Morton Christian Pal Karen Rice Colin Stuart Hin Tsang Glenn Verkindt 100 The valve specialist Metallurgy and ' All my men wear Big-B-Brother, every one of them. ' A picture containing one of the And here is the latest in fall fashions, guys on the executive who wasn ' t in the other pictures. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts Why are these people smiling? I solemnly swear I do not know who stole the magazines. ' ' What ' s a nice boy like me J§l f doing in a place like this? ' Dialogue on drinking: You are your own liquour control board. Getting the shaft in Sudbury. ' My boyfriend ' s is TH IS long. ' 103 Metallurgy and w im y Karl Feller Joseph Graf Richard Hajdu kiewicz Thomas Lau NO FAULTS Patrick Chan Kin Leung Cheung Edward Chung Robert Dawson William Evans Peter Maak David Neudorf Gary Scott Robert Storey John Szivek 104 EXCITING ADVERTISING SECTION Seriously though, you will have to read this section to find the funnies cleverly concealed within. an Engineer! Here’s Anne to explain why we need an advertising section: “Why of course the Toike needs a new delivery vehicle” update " Mmm... Update Margarine... makes me feel like Gompfcnents of Gompiiients of World of Billiards DOMINION ELECTRIC COMPANY 50 Titan Road Toronto 92 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, Ontario 239-1251 363-5601 105 COMPLIMENTS OF DISTRIBUTORS OF HEATING AND VENTILATING EQUIPMENT TO CANADIAN INDUSTRY 67 Steelcase Road Markham, Ontario 1 416-495 1400 fine art reproductions original graphics custom framing specialists DAVID V. WEISFELD 34 Egjfnton Ave.W., Toronto, Out. M5N I B4 ' tel, 489- 1762 ECONO DISPOSAL SYSTEMS 5277 Creekbank Road Mississauga, Ontario L4W 1W3 Offices 624-0230 K. A. Carrigan Executive Vice President A Division of Null i Secundus Enterprises Ltd. MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS LTD. 37 Duff law Rd. . Toronto, Ontario. MBA 2W2 Tel: 787-1141 (area code 416) Five thousand man years of professional experience salute U of T Engineering Society 150 year anniversary. WHY LET YOUR PARTY BE A DRAG CALL OUR DISCO D J ’s In Your Home. Cottage or Apartment WE GO ANYWHERE, ANYTIME Mobile Disco with ROLAND Disco Studio is Available for All Occasions IN duc footiy mbvki CALL : 767-2275 ALBION BOWL 962 Albion Road Rexdale 741-2240 COLLONADE RESTAUR ANT TAVERN 131 Bloor West 924-8884 B. F. C. Ltd. Dome paintings, clock repair, traffic jams, nurse wetting TAKE OUT SERVICE For further information call 411 CORPORATE FOODS LIMITED 1 243 Islington Ave. 236-191 1 tosXvacccfs w L 25 John St. 275-9100 Excita A little ribbing can be a lot of fun. JULIUS SCHMID OF CANADA LIMITED Excita-the new ribbed prophylactic Also Fourex Fiesta Nu-Form Ramses Sheik Sold only m pharmacies 106 PARAGON Industrial Photographic Reproductions Limited 1 160 Ellesmere Rd., Scarborough Ml P 2X4 Phone:291-2542 BELCRAFT AUTO TRIM 974 College Street - Toronto 4, Ont. 534-9742 ALLEGRO M USIC -I SALES - LESSONS - RENTALS 483-7203 2045 Avenue Rd. (South of 401 ) Owner Joe Gillon MECON INDUSTRIES LIMITED 17 MALLEY ROAD, SCARBOROUGH, ONTARIO M1L2E4 PHONE (416) 7 5 1 - 1 9 0 1 ELDON INDUSTRIES OF CANADA INC. 50 PRINCE ANDREW PLACE, DON MILLS, ONTARIO M3C 2Y7 Spaulding Subsidiary ol Monogram Industries, Inc M. P. KOMAR Markeling Export Manager Spaulding Fibre of Canada Ltd. 130 The West Mall Etobicoke, Ontario, M9C 1B9 Telephone: (416) 622-3524 Telex: 06-967500 GOLDER ASSOCIATES Consulting Geotechnical Engineers TOM PRESSLEY taiBJ 444-8497 S.ENTRON1X LIMITED H.Q. Colder Associates Ltd. Toronto • London • Ottawa • Windsor Colder, Brawner Associates Ltd. Vancouver • Calgary • Kamloops Golder, Gass Associates Inc. Boston Colder, Associates Pty. Ltd. Melbourne • Sydney • Brisbane Colder Associates, Inc. Seattle • Grand Junction • Atlanta Golder, Hoek Associates Ltd. London, England 1 1 Ientri ISO DUNCAN MILL RQAD □ ON MILLS • ONTARIO • CANADA ► Japanese restaurant tavern THE ECE GROUP Consulting Engineers 205 Lesmill Road, Don Mills, Ontario M3B 2V1 (416)449-1030 Incorporating the practices of Jack Chisvin Associates Ltd G. Granek Associates SOURCE DATA CONTROL LTD, 2 SHAFTSBURY LANE, BRAMPTON, ONTARIO L8T 3X7 TELEPHONE (416) 7 1-3151 S. J. ROSS National Sales Manager Total Concept Service in Data Processing Supplies TORONTO KITCHENER SARNIA LONDON WINDSOR THUNDER BAY Best Wishes... NOBILIUM t DOMINION SOIL INVESTIGATION LIMITED CONSULTING ENGINEERS 104 CROCKFORD BLVD. SCARBOROUGH, ONT. CANADA TELEPHONE 751-0509 TELEX 09-803570 1366 Bathurst Street Telephone 654-6611 Toronto M5R 3J1 m MONROE Litton The Calculator Company J. W. (Jim) Potter Director — Programmable Products 4500 Dixie Road, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 1W4 Telephone: (416) 625-7240 Emco Plastics Limited 80 Stafford Drive, Brampton, Ontario Area Code: 416 457-5300 Plastic Injection Moulders mi POWER SYSTEMS SERVICES AND CONSULTING ENGINEERS K-TEK ELECTRO -SERVICES LIMITED BOX 291, 31 11 KENNEDYROAD, AGINCOURT, ONTARIO M IS 3B9 TEL (4161291-8881 107 “5 ■] J Accessory products designed for quality construction V JOLLY MILLER TAVERN 3885 YONGE at YORK MILLS 489-6864 12 Noon to 1 AM Plenty of free parking! SUPERIOR CONCRETE ACCESSORIES, CANADA, LTD. 230 BELFIELD ROAD REXDALE, ONTARIO M9W 1H3 □ H C3UAIM, c Consulting Er 887 Islington c David F. Quan, P. Eng. VRRUTHEBS, KING S. QUAN LIMITED lgineers Ave., Toronto, Ontario, M8Z 4N9 (416) 255-8501 AA . FRANK ' S GARAGE CAR AND TRUCK REPAIRS 575 KEELE ST FRANK VENTURA south of St. Clair Bus.: 767-9420 TORONTO, ONT. Bus. 741-3338 ngnp paul marshall Asst. Service Manager Overhead Door Co. of Toronto Limited 300 Signet Drive, Weston, Ontario M9L 1T2 indusm in Nicole McManus J limited Communications Manager 365 Bloor St. East, Suite 200 Toronto, Ontario, M4W1H7 (416) 967-1900 4 SPEL CO - ' K idtone (Zok uic vm £td. 214 NANTUCKET BOULEVARD, SCARBOROUGH. ONTARIO UAL ZED GENERAL CONTRACTORS COMPLETE INTERIOR RENOVATIONS ORDINATED LABORATORY MECHANICAL FURNITURE INSTALLATIONS THE ELECTROLYSER CORPORATION LTD. 122 THE WEST MALL, ETOBICOKE TORONTO, ONTARIO M9C 1B9 CANADA M. H. KILPATR ICK ASSOCIATES LIMITED 4 LANSING SQUARE. SUITE 221, WILLOWDALE, ONT. M2J 1T1 | V| HATCH ASSOCIATES LTD. VM JP ENGINEERS • INGENIEURS otL METALLURGICAL PROCESSING, FEASIBILITY STUDIES PROJECT MANAGEMENT S F Head Office: 21 St. Clair Ave. E., Toronto (416) 962-6350 P.O. HATCH OUELLETTE ASSOCIES HATCH ASSOCIATES, TORC 1224 Ouest rue Ste Catherine, Montreal Ste 1630, 107 Delaware Ave, TORC (514) 861-0583 (716) 853-1414 Flakt lads Canada Ltd. PRODUCTS CANADA LTD. BOX 34 UNTO DOMINION CENTRE BU S : ( 4 1 6 ) 3 6 1 -06 70 NTO, ONT. M5K 1B7 TLX: 02-21585 WESTROC INDUSTRIES LIMITED 2650 Lakeshore Highway, Mississauga, Ontario • Area Code 416 • 274-3484 TWX 610-492-4304 108 Publishers of Fine Canadian Books Fitzhenry Whiteside 150 LESMILL ROAD DON MILLS, ONTARIO M3B 2T5 449-0030 60 NORTHLINE ROAD BOX 160, POSTAL STN. “O” COMPANY LIMITED TORONTO, ONTARIO M4A 2N3 DIESEL GENERATOR SETS 1 KW - 1800 KW (416) 7517740 JOHN D. WEATHERSEED AND ASSOCIATES Custom Printing Design • Production w 326 ADELAIDE STREET WEST TORONTO, CANADA M5V IR3 I (416) 368 3805 Where WEATHERSEED’S© DAILY APPOINTMENT and ENGAGEMENT BOOKS are designed and planned. KsHj V. KANGAS SAUNA HEATER VIEKKO KANGAS Manufacturers of Electric and Wood-Burning Sauna Heating Units WILLOWDALE ONTARIO Phone (416) 222-7142 SEVEN STAR BILLIARDS Congratulations from ATLAS COPCO CANADA LTD. 57 Atomic Ave. Toronto Telephone — 259-1 131 Suppliers of Compressed Air Equipment 508 LAWRENCE AVENUE WEST LAWRENCE PLAZA - BATHURST LAWRENCE Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd if — rr 77 — 5 ) la Precision and custom machining tools, jigs, and fixtures 310 Steelcase Road East, Markham (Toronto) Ontario, L3R 1G2 MACHINE TOOL ART 0RCHANIAN TEL. 745-0125 104 KENHAR DRIVE UNIT 10 WESTON, ONTARIO SHOE LACES • BRAIDS • ELASTICS TIE UP WITH TEX-STYLE TEXTILE MANUFACTURING CO. LIMITED 1384 DUFFERIN S T. TORONTO. ONT M6H 4C8 14161 5 3 4-796 7 BOOK ROOM ► 10 %« Academic discount— on many books! ISO Bloor St. West, Toronto- TUEHMUE 922 3S57 DAGMAR CONSTRUCTION LTD. KSM CANADA. LTD dc 2085 MIDLAND AVE. SCARBOROUGH, ONTARIO Telephone (416) 291-6461 OMARK INDUSTRIES 425 A TTWELL DRIVE. REXO ALE (TORONTO). ONT TELEPHONE (416)677 3650. TELEX: 06 217882 CONRAD METAL SPINNING COMPANY LTD. Phone 233-9153 18 ADVANCE ROAD TORONTO, ONTARIO M8Z 2T4 Honeywell Honeywell Limited — Honeywell Limitee 740 Ellesmere Road, Scarborough Ml P 2V9 109 The living room of the University fo Toronto. Night after night, we have a lot of fun. Introducing this year— special lunch at $1 ,25-$1 .50 for students. Drop it into our place. Fast film service. i T ALLIED PHOTO SERVICES LIMITED 481 Bloor We st Dealers throughout Ontario. PARTITION COMPONENTS 1 71 Dennison Street 495-6023 CONNOLLY MARBLE, MOSAIC TILE COMPANY LIMITED 140 Ahswarren Road Downsview 638-5500 COUNSELOR CUSTOMS BROKERS 1608 THE QUEENSWAY • TORONTO 252-5861 ONTARIO’S LARGEST SOFT DRINK HOME DELIVERY SERVICE TEL. 742-8760 Look for MIO in your supermarket BREGMAN HAMANN Architects Engineers and Planners 50 Gervais Drive Don Mills, Ontario M3C 1W2 Telephone- 416 449-7500 an efo THE ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS OF THE PROVINCE OF ONTARIO 1027 Yonge Street Toronto, Canada M4W 3E5 Telephone 416-961-1100 Telephone 751-6272 Of » % • G The n pst c Beautiful f (J y Wornes of therr All... 210 Midwest Road - Scarborough - Ontario PRIORITY TRAVEL LIMITED 68 YONGE STREET, TORONTO CANADA M5E1L1 366-3519 EXCLUSIVELY CONCERNED WITH VISCOSITY MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL FOR OVER 40 YEARS, Available from: CAN-AM INSTRUMENTS LTD. 1938 Mattawa Avenue, Mississauga, Ontario. Tel.: (416) 277-4541 - (514) 484-4029 Industrial Technologies .... Ontario Research works hand-in-hand with scientists and engineers from industry and government provid- ing multidisciplinary scientific research, development and testing services on a contract basis. Ontario Research Sheridan Park Research Community . Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5K 1 B3 Foundation Phone (41 6) 822-41 1 1 or 279-9771 Omega BERKEY PHOTO (CANADA) LIMITED 70 Floral Parkway, Toronto, Ontario M6L 2C1 Telephone (416) 247-6294 HARBOURFRONT COMMUNICATIONS 235 Queen ' s Quay West Students: The Harbourfront Information Centre And Archives Are Here To Assist You Phone 369-4951 IRVINGS PLUMBING SUPPLIES 967 College Street 534-2338 KIMBALL SYSTEMS 85 Advence Road 233-1135 TIROLER RESTAURANT TAVERN 1115 Bay Street 923-7021 PIZZA PATIO CANTERBURY FOODS 26 Le Page Court Downsview 638-011 1 3391 Yonge St. 210 Bloor St. W. 486-931 1 923-2479 TRADE WINDS TRAVEL LIMITED 1 87 College Street 979-2731 1 1 1 TOMEIMSON ALEXANDER LIMITED ACTUARIES AND EMPLOYEE BENEFIT CONSULTANTS We are proud of our association with the University of Toronto and wish to extend our congratulations to the Engineering Society on the University ' s Sesquicentennial. THE ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT OF Best Wishes from THE DE HAVILLAND AIRCRAFT OF CANADA, LIMITED Rio Algom Limited CONGRATULATES THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO ENGINEERING SOCIETY ON THE OCCASION OF THE UNIVERSITY SESQUICENTENNIAL As pioneers in Canadian Aviation we owe much to engineering graduates of the University of Toronto. We take this opportunity to recognize their contribution to the progress of aviation since the historic day in February, 1909, when John McCurdy lifted the Silver Dart from the ice of Bras d ' Or Lake for the first flight in Canada. The de Havilland Aircraft of Canada, Downsview 120 Adelaide Street, W., Suite 2600, Toronto, Ontario Compliments of P.R. EQUIPMENT LTD. Sole Canadian Manufacturers of BIRDSBORO BUCHANAN JAW CRUSHERS. Specialists in the primary crusher industry for over 20 years PAUL GRIECO P. Eng 3T5 JOE GRIECO P. Eng 7T0 FRANK G R I ECO I 54 CUMMER AVE. (416)226-1 1 14 Wl LLOWDALE, ONTARIO M2M 2E4 112 John Ingdis Co. Limited " Congratulations and best wishes to our many friends and associates with the University of Toronto Engineering Society on the University ' s 150th anniversary. " John Inglis invites the interest of the university students in an outstanding manufacturing company. University of Toronto Engineering Society TheDrawing Centre 80 Royalcrest Road, Rexdale, Ontario M9V 4C1 a complete line of drafting supplies, equipment and reproduction services... • Photo Reproduction Services • Offset Printing and Bindery Facilities • Creative Art Services • Drafting Tables, Machines and Equipment Weans We are We are We are • Office Furniture and Supplies • Perma Line DIAZO Reproduction Material ' • Drafting Supplies and Sundries • DIAZO White Printing and Auto Positives • Drafting Films and Papers £ The Printing House” Phone: 749-3970 Engineer your next success with us. 23 locations serving Canadian industry. 113 LEADER STRUCTURES (TORONTO) LIMITED 125 Toryork Drive Weston, Ontario Telephone 741-371 0 ALL BUSINESS MACHINES 85 Queen East 964-1747 GEOCON (1975) LIMITED 14 Haas Road 743-3031 Comstock International Ltd. COmStOCh Constructors C. J. Herbener Group Vice-President - Finance Administration 2 St. Clair Avenue West Toronto, Ontario M4V IL9 Telephone (416) 962-4540 VIKING PUMP OF CANADA LTD. 5 Dennison Street 494-1866 HUNGARIAN CASTLE 471 Bloor Street West 929-3077 ARDEC ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS 1315 Yonge Street 924-6221 H. C. BR E ITHAUPT MANAGEMENT SERVICES LIMITED 3642 Beechollow Cres. Mississauga 625-3632 TRE-STELLE CO. LTD. FEDERAL 595 Oster Ave. MUM PIONEER 669-1163 INSURANCE INSTITUTE OF ONTARIO 220 Bay Street 366-1601 THIRTEEN PLANTS IN CANADA MANUFACTURING PRODUCTS FOR THE TRANSMISSION, DISTRIBUTION AND CONTROL OF ELECTRICAL ENERGY H. H. BUSH AND ASSOCIATES LIMITED Consulting Professionsal Engineers 1 Yonge Street, Suite 1 738 Toronto, Ontario M5E 1 E5 including electric heating products, Stab-lok circuit breakers, and panelboards, safety switches, switchgear, bus duct, transformers and ground protective devices. GALAXY LEATHER GOODS 624 Yonge Street 923-7518 FEDERAL PIONEER LIMITED DOWIE DIAZO SALES LTD. 960 ALNESS ST., UNIT 23, DOWNSVIEW (416) 661 5980 tNew and used whiteprint-blueprint machines tMoist and ammonia sensitized papers tTracing and drafting supplies t Reproduction Services-whiteprints-mylars-sepias INTRODUCING the MODEL A.I.T. ECONOMY ADJUSTABLE DRAFTING TABLE 464 Spadina Avenue- Toronto- Ontario M5T 2G8 ■ (416) 961-8991 The first Canadian economy drawing board available with rock like stability and attractive design at a low cost. SPECIAL FEATURES 30in to 40in height adjustment. 0 to 90 degree angle adjusment. Easy 10 minute assembly. Available in 3 board sizes. Adjustable levelling guides. Various accessories available. 12 NOON - I AM PIZZA BURGERS SUBS FULLY LICENCED UNDER LCBO TWO BANDS - TWO DANCEFLOORS BEST LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL GROUPS developed and marketed by ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT, WESTON, ONTARIO. Palmtronic F-7. It’s really (D € BANQUET PARTY FACILITIES 280 GUESTS 366-5411 457 459 DUIMDAS W (AT SPADINA) AMPLE PARKING three calculators. It ' s a scientific-engineering model designed to replace and improve upon your slide rule It ' s a conversion calculator that will smoothen your transition to the metric system And it ' s handy for your more mundane needs, like balancing your checkbook It ' s the new two-memory Palmtronic F-7, with features like • scientific notation to express results that exceed 8 digits • conversion between Polar- Rectangular coordinates • conversion of squared, cubed dimensions • fraction parentheses keys that facilitate logical entry sequence — ,.IL_ Where quality is the constant factor. W Electronic veil I J 1 1 Calculators CANON OPTICS AND BUSINESS MACHINES CANADA LTD 3245 American Drive Mississauga, Ontario L4V 1N4 Telephone (416) 678-2730 115 Evolution of EdHoribus Toikus: It was previously thought that Editor- ibus Toikus (Ed. T.) was closely related to the African elephant. However ancient cave photos recently found in SF32 cast a new light on the matter. New Evidence It appears that Ed. T. evolved from a variety of fish found only at Hart House Farm. It’s no good having jishingle 1 if you don’t have a roof. HI " With a degree in hand, you re probably anxious to start your professional career But your degree alone won t pay for the things you need to get established That ' s where the Royal Bank can help you With a loan of up to $50,000 at a reasonable interest rate, we can help you get started And because we believe in your earning power in the years to come, we can structure a repayment schedule to fit your needs-even defer the first payment if it will help you To find out more, drop in to your nearest Royal Bank branch and ask for a copy of our new brochure entitled Financial Help for the RWNCWL HELP FOR GWDU4TING 1ND WOOING ►0FESRJ0N4LS rf Graduating and Practicing Professionals Or talk to your Royal Bank manager who would be pleased to give you advice or information on the Professional Business Program ROYAL BANK the helpful bank Eligible professions include Accounting - Chartered Accountant -C A Architecture - B ARCH Chiropractics- Doctor of Chiropractics -DC. Dentistry - D D S Engineering - B ENG . Law — B C L LL B Medicine MD Optometry-O D Pharmacy B Sc PHARM Veterinary Medicine -D VM This strange animal, half fish, half mammal, came to shore somewhere near the beginning of time, last Sept- ember. Ed. T. in fact quickly took up the ways of dry land, for instance eating meat meals, although 3 courses had to be dropped. Most recently Ed.T. has attempted to fly. This early attempt shows him learning skills in the negative z dir- ection. It is not known whether any members of Editoribus Toikus are still surviving at this time. 116 R. V. ALLSOP ASSOCIATES (1971) LIMITED CONSULTING ENGINEERS W. B. Saunders Company Canada Limited MEDICAL AND SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHERS Postal Address: 175 Idema Road, Markham, Ontario Located near Steeles Avenue and Woodbine Avenue, Toronto Postal Code: L3R 1A9 Telephone: (416) 495-6684 833 Oxford Street, Toronto, Ontario 251-3789 FORTUNE HOUSEWARES IMPORTING Mobil Mobil Chemical Canada, Ltd. 388 Spadina Ave. 364-6999 Coatings Division P.O. Box 200 West Hill, Ontario M1E 4R6 PILOT INSURANCE COMPANY Condor Auto Enterprises Specialists in Rolls-Royce and Bentleys Restoration-Coach Repairs Complete Refinishing To Classic Cars 90 Eglinton Ave. West, Toronto 75 Glencameron Rd. 889-4393 Thornhill, Ont. L3T 1N8 CRANE CARRIER CANADA LTD. JOHN SPOTTON COMPANY LIMITED 503 Carlingview Drive - Rexdale, Ontario - M9W 5H2 CABLE: CRANECAR - TELEX 06-968523 Phone: (416) 677-4490 VW J) 3211 Lenworth Drive, Mississauqa, Ont. L4X 2G6 Telex 06-961109 Phone (Code 416) 625-6400 (■]! CARRIERS ■ IB norman wade company _________ — — — — limited TECHNICAL INDUSTRIES LTD. Surveying , Drafting and Reprographic Equipment and Supplies Plant and Offices: 196 Nantucket Blvd. Scarborough, Ontario M1P 2P3 Canada Telephone (416) 757-5103 75 Milner Avenue Scarborough , Ontario MIS 3R7 Phone: 291-4211 Truck Tractor Equipment Limited 2539 Dixie Road Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 2A1 (416) 277-2745 Jc Sf Trf QUALITY SERVICE 31 Airview Road, P.O. Box 95 Rexdale, Toronto, Canada YORK STEEL CONSTRUCTION LTD. IMPORTERS and DISTRIBUTORS INC. 75 Ingram Dr. Toronto 385, Ontario. Phone 241-5283 HANDBAGS - LUGGAGE - LEATHER GOODS t EXPERT REPAIRS t -CARSON -BUXTON -SAMSONITE -DIONITE -RENWICK -SKYWAY -JETLINER -TILLEY -TRUNKS Enjoy Top Quality at LOWEST Prices Throughout the Year 369 SPADINA AVE. 864-1776 (south of College) OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AT DISCOUNT PRICES 117 CANADIAN SPECIALTIES DIVISION DRESSER INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS, LTD. 6688 Kitimat Road, Mississauga, Ontario L5N 1P8 A HURS -JOIMES LIMITED 225 STERLING ROAD TORONTO ONTARIO M6R 2B2 l | »1 TEL: (416) 832-2241 Gk UW TELEX: 06-964549 IJgj JOACHIM WULFERS VICE-PRESIDENT, SALES EIRICH MACHINES LTD. P.O. BOX 550, MAPLE, ONTARIO LOJ 1 EO EIRICH MACHINES INC. 663 5TH AVENUE, NEW YORK, N.Y. 10022 H.H. ANGUS ASSOCIATES LTD. Consulting Professional Engineers 1127 Leslie Street Don Mills Ontario M3C 2J6 Tel: 449-5050 FENCO planning • engineering design project management R, V. ANDERSON ASSOCIATES LIMITED CONSULTING ENGINEERS AND PLANNERS TORONTO WELLAND THUNDER BAY FENCO CONSULTANTS LTD. Vancouver Calgary Edmonton Hamilton Toronto Ottawa- Mont real Fredericton Hal if ax St. John ' s The leading supplier of service parts to the automotive , marine and industrial Helds David Durant Controller Res: 416-487-5640 Office: 416-244-5343 S. HUNTER, R.I.A. Secretary -Treasurer MILNE NICH0LLS LIMITED 275 Lesmill Road Don Mills, Ontario • 445-5670 WESTDALE SHIPPING LIMITED 1 PORT STREET EAST MISSISSAUGA ONTARIO L5G 4 N 1 t FOOD SERVICES LTD Head Office: 438-681 i 882 Progress Ave. Scarborough, Ontario CADILLAC (CANADA) PLASTIC LIMITED 91 KELFIELD ST., REXDALE, ONT. M9W 5A4 Jk IAN HARDCASTLE LTD. 250 Bloor St. E., Toronto, Ontario Phone: 924-5787 Ross Williams General Manager ALBANY PLUMBING SALES LIMITED H 77 Airnco Boulevard, Mississauga, Ontario, C anada 14W 1H7 4 IB) t.2S-72HU Order Desk (416) 625-7285 Telex 06-961245 118 ' acoustex of Canada ltd the anti-noise peopte. GRAHAM B. HIGGCJTT [416] 751 -23BD A Subsidiary df ARMSTRONG JONES LTD. TORONTO OFFICE: B3 SUNRISE AVE., TORONTO M-4A 1B1 HI Duron Ontario Ltd. William J. Mackay Telephone (416) 248-0111 Vice-President Duron Ontario Ltd. 1 80 Belfield Road Rexdale, Ontario B R A M P T O N ■Hb rick i oCimited 514 MAIN ST. NORTH BRAMPTON. ONTARIO L6V 1 P 9 CORROSION SERVICE COMPANY LIMITED Corrosion Engineering Specialists Toronto 1 0 Price Street M4W1Z6 416-964-2230 MONCTON MONTREAL - SARNIA STRAND CENTURY LTD. 6334 Viscount Rd. Malton 677-7130 ASHLEY CRIPPEN 200 Davenport Rd. 925-2222 BENSON SCHOOL OF DRIVING 2166 Danforth Ave. 694-0388 THE DICKENSON CROUP OF COMPANIES 390 Bay Street 361-0402 1 E 169 Eastern Ave., 363-8801 COMPLIMENTS CANRON LIMITED PIPE DIVISION KENNEDY SPECIALTY FILLER, INC. Suppliers of fine filler for Engineering Yearbooks for over half an hour. We also do weddings, parties, and Chem labs. 119 m " P Y) oRsenMD pLastTcs Ltro 39 WESTMORE DR., REXDALE, ONTARIO M9V 3Y8 • 745-6980 CHARLES A. KENCH AND ASSOCIATES LIMITED P.0. Box 279, Royal Trust Tower Toronto-Dominion Centre, Toronto, Ontario M5K 1 J5 ARCHITECTURAL SCHOOL PRODUCTS LTD. 2200 Bromgroves Rd., Mississauga, Ontario. Phone: 822-4287 LAKESHORE INDUSTRIAL HELP LTD. 3234 LAKESHORE BLVD. W TORONTO, ONTARIO M8V 1 M 1 ERIC ROUTH iENERAL MANAGER telephone (416) 252-5959 POWERS REGULATOR KAISER THE POWERS REGULATOR COMPANY OF CANADA LIMITED 15 TORBARRIE RD TELEX 06-965843 DOWNSVIEW. ONT. M 3 L 1G6 ALUMINUM 191 ASHTONBEE ROAD, SCARBOROUGH, ONTARIO MIL 2P2 ( 416 ) 249-3321 PRC CHEMICAL CORPORATION OF CANADA LTD. 95 RIVALDA ROAD, WESTON, ONT., CANADA M9M 2M6 J. C. HASTINGS, P.Eng. Consulting Engineer SUITE 201 - 801 YORK MILLS RD. DON MILLS, ONT., CANADA M3B 1X7 COMPLIMENTS of Bovis Corporation Limited Including The McNamara, Bohna, and Federal Equipment Companies a member of the BOVIS GROUP ( LONDON U.K ) RIVERW00D ENTERPRISES 37 CHAUNCEY AVE„ TORONTO M8Z 2Z2 GLOBAL TELEPHONE SYSTEMS 3440 Pharmacy Ave„ Unit 17 Agincourt, Ont. MIW 2P8 T ELEPHONE: (416) 497-7552 Murray’s RESTAURANTS LTD. HEAD OFFICE 774 ST. PAUL STREET WEST MONTREAL, QUE. H3C 1M5 P.0. Box 132 TORONTO A.M.F. WESTWOOD AIR FREIGHT LIMITED 677- 8888 676-3663 678- 3664 Westwood ... .Where Specials Are Special And Regulars Get Special Attention Radio Equipped Cars Express Freight Delivery Service TORONTO: 239-3105 MONTREAL: 721-5956 |jejmiKn THE CANADIAN HELMITIN COMPANY LTD. MANUFACTURER OF QUALITY ADHESIVES 95 - 99 SHORNCLIFFE ROAD TORONTO. ONTARIO M8Z 5K7 F-H WELDING MACHINES LIMITED in association with THE TAYLOR WI NFIELD C ORPORAT ION 6701 REXWOOD ROAD, MISSISSAUGA, ONT. L4V 1M7 416-233-3265 416-678-7884 MACHINERY FOR WELDING, METAL FORMING, AND INDUCTION HEATING. HOLDEN AND HUNT SPOT AND BUTT WELDERS. 120 ONTARIO PANTS SHOP 818 College Street Toronto Ontario M6H 1A4 Tel. 536-5606 Mike Stanley CONSULTANTS IN ' POWER PLANT D. GORDON CHAMPION, p.Eng. D. G. CHAMPION ENGINEERING LIMITED (416) 869-0883 SUITE 1000 11 ADELAIDE ST., WEST TORONTO M5H 1L9 DAVIS SKILLGAMES PINBALL MACHINES are well kr.own for their enter- tainment and amusement value. In addition, PINBALL MACHINES can prove to be a significant source of funding for Student Association. The revenue sharing arrangement is based on the Stu- dent Association providing a suitable location for the equipment and Davis Skillgames supplying a wide selection of amusement games backed up by a com- plete service program. For further information, phone 532-4055 — or write to: DAVIS SKILLGAMES Box 6708 Terminal A Toronto, Ontario M5W 1 AO Theatrical, Architectural, Television Lighting Equipment and Controls Telephone: (416) 677-7130 AM AMP of Canada Ltd. S9 STRAND CENTURY LIMITED A COMPANY WITHIN THE RANK ORGANIZATION 6334 VISCOUNT ROAD • M ALTON. ONTARIO 20 ESNA PARK DRIVE MARKHAM, ONTARIO L3R 1 El. l A •«c W Canadian SociOtO Broadcasting Radio- Corporation Canada Engineering Headquarters 7925 Cote St. Luc Road Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4W1R5 (514) 488-2551 Le Sidge de I ' ingdnlerie 7925, chemln de la C6te St-Luc Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4W1R5 (514) 488-2551 CHOL HO CHANG RESTAURANT KOREAN CUISINE K0RCH HOUSE 666 Bloor St. West Toronto, Ontario, M6G 1L2 Canada TEL. 536-8666 Authentic Italian Food LICENSED — WINE BEER OPEN: TUES. TO SAT. 5-11 580 College St, Sunday 5-10 Tel. LE. 5-2229 AIR CONDITIONED CLOSED MONDAY Kingsley R. Owen. B Arch.. MRAIC Chief Architect Sweet ' s Catalogue Services McGraw-Hill Information Systems Company of Canada Limited 330 Progress Avenue Scarborough, Ontario M1P2Z5 Area Code 41 6 Telephone 293-1931 marshall macklin monaghan Consulting Engineers - Surveyors - Planners Head office 275 Duncan Mill Rd. Don Mills, Ont. Branch offices Cambridge Guelph Hamilton Kitchener Morrison, Hershtield, Burgess 8t Huggins, Limited Morrison, Hershfield. Theakston 8t Rowan Limited Consulting Engineers TORONTO CIVIL, STRUCTURAL, AGRICULTURAL EDMONTON SNOW CONTRO L STU D I ES GUELPH EDDOBDO 00 fflji Roberts Company Canada Limited Subsidiary of Champion International 2070 Steeles Avenue Bramalea, Ontario. L6T 1A7 Tel. 791-4444 Telex 069 7556 Open I I a.m. to 10 p.m. 961-1824 Corona c aurant Hungarian- Europeaft-dclicious food Up O coffee OWNERS 493 " LO ° K ST - " r ' tvtrt t v. CTfVF (3t Bl UI1SW1CK I FESUS TORONTO, ONTARIO 121 122 A. C. WILD LIMITED Toronto, Stoney Creek, Calgary 80 Signet Road 741-731 I Tel. 921-1933 MEN ' S " HAIR STYLIST e CHAIRS HAIR COLOURING MANICURE PE RMANENTS 131 SLOOR ST. W. At i ' ENGINEERED SEALING ' CRANE PACKING COMPANY, LIMITED 423 Green Road, Stoney Creek Box 3248, Postal Station " G " Hamilton, Ontario L8H 7L3 GOLD ' S LUGGAGE SHOP 1 86 Queen St. W. , Toronto (just west of University) Phone 366-6469 MAIN ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 680 St. Clair West 653-4120 SAI WOO RESTAURANT 1 23A Dundas St. W. Toronto, Ontario Phone: 363-7646 Finest Chinese Foods ROBERT HALSALL AND ASSOCIATES LTD. CONSULTING ENGINEERS 20 HOLLY STREET, TORONTO 7, ONT. (416) 487-5256 $ Beaver Lumber Co. Ltd. has 13 stores to serve you in and around Metro Toronto, plus hundreds more across Canada. Your local Beaver store has " Everything you need to make it on your own”. Beaver stores stock lumber, building supplies. ..every thing for the do-it-yourselfer. The helpful staff at Beaver are waiting to assist you. Compliments of Spruce Falls Pulp Paper Company Limited Mill at Kapuskasing, Ontario 2 Carlton Street, Toronto, Ontario Telephone: 868-0211 123 Lh L_3 m Hi ENGINEERING LIMITED 23 Westmore Drive, Suite 400, Rexdale, Ontario, Canada M9V 3Y7 Manufacturers of Air Moving Equipment and Pollution Control Systems Phone: (416) 745-0311 - Telex: 06-965569 INDUCON CONSULTANTS OF CANADA LIMITED 111 Railside Road Don Mills 445-6600 DILWORTH SECORD MEAGHER ASOCIATES LTD Consultin g Engineers Studies Design Management Nuclear Environmental Aerospace Test Facilities Industrial 4195 Dundas Street West Toronto M8X 1 Y4 416-239-3011 NATE’S SCRAP METALS CASH PAID FOR Iron, Steel, Copper, Brass Metals Prompt and Clean Pick ups 33 Vinci Crescent Downsview, Ont. Phone 633 6026 (ID ABSO BLUE PRINTS LIMITED Drafting Supplies Oce White Print Equipment 525 Logan Ave. Toronto, Ont. M4K 3B3 461-0364 □ □□□□□□□□ CREATIVE Photographic Studios SkSIISI Horn h« l)l ()N Kl) . KF-XDAl I SSmDHdiaED 9D to on installed cost of steam supply and condensate return lines. by using pre-insulated and jacketed Dekatrace 2100 Dekatrace offers personnel protection, lower installation costs, uniformity, better weather and corrosion resistance. Ready to install in coils up to 1000 ft long Send for complete Information GD SHAW FLEXIBLE TUBES LIMITED A DIVISION OF SHAW PIPE INDUSTRIES LTD. 25 Bethndge Road, Rexdale, Ontario M9W 1M7 (416) 743-7111 2E CO we build every type of building BRENMAC CHEMICALS INC. ellis-don limited 1220 ELLESMERE RD. SCARBOROUGH, ONT. SPECIALISTS WITH 130 bloor street w, toronto, Ontario m5s1n5 CLARKE FLOOR MACHINES BRENMAC FOR SALES BRENMAC FOR SERVICE WE PICK UP AND DELIVER FOR A COMPLETE LINE OF JANITORIAL SUPPLIES CALL (416) 291-6224 : 124 FIRST TO BE ENGINEERED ENGINEERED TO BE FIRST WHETHER IT IS A ROOM, A HOME, AN OFFICE OR SHOPPING COMPLEX, AN AIRPORT OR THE LARGEST COMMUNICATION TOWER IN THE WORLD- CARRIER HAS THE EQUIPMENT AND THE KNOWHOW TO AIR CONDITION IT BETTER, MORE ECONOMICALLY, FOR LONGER CALL YOUR CARRIER MAN HE IS IN THE YELLOW PAGES Carrier THE NO. 1 AIR CONDITIONING MAKER CARRIER EASTERN DISTRIBUTORS CARRIER ONTARIO DISTRIBUTORS CARRIER WESTERN DISTRIBUTORS MONTREAL, QUEBEC CITY, HALIFAX, MONCTON, OTTAWA TORONTO, HAMILTON, LONDON, SUDBURY CALGARY, WINNIPEG, REGINA, EDMONTON, VANCOUVER HERE ' S THE LAST WORD IN QUARTZ WATCHES. THE SEIKO DIGITAL QUARTZ LC CHRONOGRAPH. Continuous readout of the time and the date. Turns into a stopwatch at a touch of the crown. KOHLER Lennox-Saunders Inc. Canadian Distributors for Kohler Plumbing Products. 1875 Leslie Street, Don Mills, Ontario Telephone (416) 449-3171 CARAVELLE BIDET . . . ROCHELLE TOILET: Companion fixtures for the sophisticated bathroom. Exciting contemporary styling, bold sweeping lines, the best in ad- vanced design. Caravelle complements designs of Kohler ' s newest toilets and is available in all of Kohler ' s deeptone and pastel colors, including new Black Black. Its design features include faucet handles located on a recessed shelf at the rear of the fixture, and hidden supply lines and working parts. User sits astride the bowl facing hot and cold water controls to wash the perineal region. 125 4 WETMORE WELDING SUPPLIES LIMITED J 3500 WOLFEDALE ROAD MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO L5C 2V6 si If Roof deck a v UI :V METAL CLADDING DIVISION UNIVERSAL SECTIONS LIMITED 60 ESNA PARK DRIVE, MARKHAM, ONTARIO PHONE (416) 495-6433 TELEX 610-492-4373 WALTER SZUKALO PVPI ONF 3229 Wolfedale Rd„ Mississauga, Ont. mfg L |nc L L5C 1V8 (416) 270-4641 TOOLING FOR THE TUBING INDUSTRY DIECO COMPANY 111 ORENDA ROA D. BRAMPTON, ONT. 459-8712 DIETER SCHMITT PRESIDENT —i r-J W 1 Consulting Engineers 7 1 59 Mobile Drive 1 7 1 ' 1 1 1 Toronto. Ontario Tamblyn, Mitchell M4A1H8 and Partners Limited (4i 6) 751 -3733 ?4thc ti4 t tycwdCK DINING LOUNGE 29 19 Derry Rd. E. Malton, Ont. Phone:67 1-1774 j fflftfjflil Carlo Bryce 1 1 1 General Manager LAUNDRY LIMITED 66 Newcastle Street, Toronto M8Y 1 A4 Telephone 416-251-1381 Compliments of PITFIELD CONSTRUCTION LIMITED Nathan Godfrey Jack Singer Arcalr OF CANADA eric Macdonald GENERAL MANAGER 208 DOLOMITE DRIVE TEL. BUS. (416) 661-8536 DOWNSVIEW, ONTARIO HOME (416) 485-0176 I M3J 2N2 APEX PROCESS SYSTEMS LTD. 1599 SEDLESCOMB DR., MISSISSAUGA, ONT. L4X 1M4 J, G. Hoppen Bus. 625-3600 j ✓npv Ogilvie Consultants Limited f f Alan F Ogilvie ( ) B.A.Sc. REng. y J J 23 Croydon Road Vy Toronto 10, Ontario J JL Canada (416)7817820 ANDREW ANDREW ANTENNA COMPANY LTD. 606 Beech Street Whitby, Ontario, Canada, LIN 5S2 HAWKER SIDDELEY CANADA LTD. 7 KINO STREET EAST, TORONTO, ONTARIO M5C 1 A3 362-2941 magna] C5 495-9900 design 600 Denison Street lay-out Markham, Ontario L3R 1B9 advertising-art packaging printing etc SYSTEMS INC. 92 Carrier Drive, Rexdale, Ont. M9W 5R1 Telephone (416)675-1335 126 t.j. ecseDi + associaies ltd. Consulting engineers 1 181 Finch Avenue West, Downsview, Ontario. M3J 2E8 Telephone (416) 636-7700 Dqvis Controls Ltd 4251 Dundas St West Toronto. Ontario Max 1Y3 Tel. 416 233-3211 Telex 06-967684 W. T. (WOODY) WOODYATT WOODYATT 459-6112-3 53 STAFFORD DR. Power traIJI SERVICES LIMITED. BRAMPTON. ONT. L6W 1 L3 THE MUG TEL. 531-8888 Bunting Wardman Limited Municipal Engineers, Development Consultants Suite 1 08, 200 Consumers Rd., Willowdale Ontario M2J 4R4 Telephone (416) 494-1307 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIAL PARTS FASTENERS KEYS KEY MACHINES HARDWARE SPECIALTIES CURTIS INDUSTRIES OF CANADA LTD. 31 CONSTELLATION COURT. (Toronto) REXDALE. ONTARIO PHONE (416) 678-1457 TELEX 06-968566 TARLING MAP MOUNTING COMPANY DIVISION OF LANGRIDGE LIMITED MAPS FOR ALL PURPOSES MAP AND PLAN MOUNTING 83 RIVER ST., TORONTO, CANADA M5A 3P4 TELEPHONE (416) 366-1168 Telephone (416) 782-9445 Rife News Co. Ltd. importers and distributors of FOREIGN LANGUAGE GREETING CARDS ITALIAN MAGAZINES AND SUNDRIES JOE GABAY 124 CARTWRIGHT AVE, TORONTO. ONTARIO M6 A 1V2 KENNETH CLARKE GENERAL SALES MANAGER BRAUKMANN CONTROLS COMPANY LTD. 5601 STEELES AVE. WEST WESTON, ONT. M9L 2T1 TELEPHONE (416) 749-8491 Allan D. Grant Director Confectionery Sales William Neilson Co. Limited 277 Gladstone Avenue Toronto, Canada M6J 3L9 (41d) 534-6592 Kritoon 78 1-4469 1796 EGL1NTON AVE. W TORONTO, ONTARIO M6E 2H7 CHAS NOBLE CLOTHES SUITS BLAZERS SHIRTS w TEL 783-3323 al wright’s BICYCLE and SPORTS BERNARD GRAHAM FORMAL RENTALS 1708 Avenue Road Toronto e. w. petzetd limited PROFESSIONAL SURVEYORS B7 IRONDALE DRIVE, WESTON, □ NT. M9L 2S6 BRANCH DFFICES - BRAMPTON RENFREW E. W. Petzold, B.Sc., CJ.L.S., P.Eng. PRESIDENT EDUARD PHILIPPS LIMITED MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS 745-471 1 678-1618 Ed. Philipps 2857 Derry Ro. E. Malton, Ontario L4T 1A6 COMPANY LIMITED WYCO PRODUCTS 2040 ELLESMERE RD., SCARBOROUGH, ONT. M1H 3A8 GORE a STORRIE LIMITED CONSULTING ENGINEERS 1670 BAYVIEW AVENUE TORONTO, ONTARIO M4G 3 C 2 127 The Proctor Redfern Group 75Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto M4P 1H3 Telephone (416)486 5225 FRSHION GRILLES DIVISION of Ram Partitions Limited TELEPHONE (416) 661-9281 o co SUB-MARINERS DIVING EQUIPMENT • RENTALS • SEARCH SALVAGE • AIR STATION • PROFESSIONAL TRAINING • BOAT CHARTERS 451-5210 763-3531 TRANSPORT LTD. mCDflTrH BRAMPTON TORONTO SERVING TORONTO - BRAMPTON - BRAMALEA AJAX - ACTON - CONCORD GEORGETOWN - INGLEWOOD MISSISSAUGA - PICKERING LICENSED METROPOLITAN TORONTO CARTAGE AGENTS 962 Wilson Ave. Downsview, Ontario 630-2590 111, AVENUE RD., TORONTO, ONTARIO ( 416 ) 924-7401 ENGINEERS OF UNIVERSITIES ENGINEERING Ltd. 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West Hill 284-9247 ANGIE ' S COFFEE SHOP 161 Harbord St. 923-2052 CENTENNIAL COLLEGE APPLIED ARTS TECHNOLOGY 651 Warden Avenue 694-3241 CAFE GABRIELLA 607 Yonge St. 967-5662 MASTER ' S BUFFETERIA 310 Bloor West 924- 7651 FIRST EDITION 2 Bloor East 961-7564 THE DONUT SHOP 689 Yonge St. 925- 5221 KENLEA ENTERPRISES 289 Horner Rd. 251-7635 PAPAL MISSION SOCIETY 2661 Kingston Rd. 266-7904 DR. R. 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Miss. 270-9600 STE-ALCO LTD. 1756 Matawa Miss. 277-2761 A. CALABRESSE SONS LTD. 6435 Kingston Rd. West Hill 282-2054 2001 RECORDS STEREO CENTRE 753 Dovercourt Rd. 536-7130 MESAM SUPPLY CO. LTD. 85 Glen Cameron Rd. 889-9540 CROWNFAB OF CANADA LTD. 2380 Royal Windsor Drive 822-3417 HAMILTON GEAR MACHINE CO. 950 Dupont St. 534-8401 ENGINEERED STRUCTURES P. O. Box 40 Unionville 297-3440 J. CHEFERO SAND GRAVEL Maple, Ont. 889-2897 FRED SCHAEFFER ASSOCIATES 465 Wilson Ave. Downsview 635-5424 ERNEST MARMUREK CONTRACTING LTD 64 Maxwell Street Downsview 633-0489 DINO ' S GARAGE 1 250 Dupont St. 533-9433 NATIONAL LOOSE LEAF DEVICES 45 Bertal St. 763-5221 YORKVILLE PRESS 1 792 Birchmount Scarborough 291-7951 HAZEL ' S BOUTIQUE HAIRSTYLIST 1067 Bathurst St. 533-0574 A S E A LTD. 3350 American Drive 677-0630 YKK ZIPPER CANADA LTD. 240 Supertest Road 661-3181 BUTCHER ENGINEERING LTD. 1 20 Orenda Rd. 459-3030 LEO AWIN JEWELLER 229 Yonge St. 366-5919 ONTARIO HARDWOOD PRODUCTS LTD. 45 Ernest Ave. 535-3191 CLEAN-A-CAR SERVICES 2813 A Dundas West 762-2833 FREEMAN SIGNS 4699 Keele St. 661-9200 HOTEL WAVERLEY 484 Spadina Ave. 921-2141 INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS 5233 Dundas West 236-1077 HOWARD CHAPMAN ARCHITECT 416 Moore Ave. 425-1234 RAPID CIRCUITS LTD. 26 Torlake Cres. 252-6276 CHEMAGRO LTD 1355 Aerowood Miss 625-5280 MACEDO SUPERMARKET 1 032 Bloor West 535-6567 ST. GEORGE MEAT MARKET 1 203 St. Clair West 652-0084 INGEBORG ' S ART CRAFT SHOP 2171 Danforth Ave. 691-6953 NORTON STEEL CO. LTD. 1 1 Vanley Cres. 638-3735 . E. YOUNG RESEARCH LABORATORIES 250 Adelaide West 362-5286 CENTENNIAL MACHINE 1 Golden Gate Court 291-3066 KROLL ' S AUTO SERVICE 6098 Kingston Rd. West Hill 282-5689 COSC PLUMBING HEATING LTD. 1645 Sismet St. Unit 14 625-3741 THE BAGEL 285 College St. 923-0171 135 Goodnight Helen Many thanks to all those who helped out, and to the friends and parents who had to put up with Yearbookism. One Hundred Thirty Six (Phew) Published by Josten ' s National School Services Ltd. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Many of us came from finding things Easier than people to understand Some of us leave resolved not to forget That Engineering by itself is nothing But for those same people. You ' ll be building some of the things I ' ll have to use. Please remember that, And when you ' re plugging numbers Into your design equations Plug some people in too. I ' ll try to do the same for you.

Suggestions in the University of Toronto Engineering Society - Skule Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) collection:

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