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■ms Ue S|S " r ' r- " ” — !fl ' », -■ jV -• ' u ■ ' Cv 4|%U . K nas r KBlj • JllyW j 1 mIhIIHuSe ■QEr ■ S3 R ' % m irr nir iBi irf Mgi r Tfr—r ' ' KvVw ' JfliB ' ' joRVJk mm B v ffjE. bm JUk3 I MIC JrlR«i l ip Ao| r4j7w K0t jp sn A ' ' ' 1H UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING STKFF: SHELDON BORNSTEIN HEIDI BRESLAUER ROBERT CONDIE ANNA DUNETS JOHN NAJBERT INES POPIG JURIJ STOROSHCHUK PHOTOGR 1PHY: DAVE ANDERSON ROBERT CONDIE JOSEPH HABIB ERIC HARTWELL ©VER PHOTOGR 1PHY BY: OREST IWASZKO 1-L Graduates of engineering in 1975 are moving out into a sellers’ job market. The demand for Engineers to work in major technological programs in Canada and abroad is strong, and so far as we can judge will remain so for the next few years. In this favourable climate, I hope each of you will find just the spot he wants. For those of you who are going on to graduate school further education is assured. For those who are now leaving school to take a job, do give some thought to your own continuing education. Aside from learning on the job, there is much more you can and ought to do for yourself - reading and studying, attending evening classes and or short courses, etc. If you stay in the Toronto area, our own continuing education program, including the part-time M.Eng. program may be of interest. Dean BtkiR The best wishes of all the Faculty go with you as you start on the next stage of your career. PpesideRt O’Neill Well, as the 74-75 Skule Year draws to an end, the Engineering Society presents to you, your yearbook, a collage of people and events. Another successful year for the under- graduate student as Alumni, Faculty, Engin- eering Athletic Association produced, out of their rapport, the environs that make Skule. Time has passed all too quickly for some of us and our memories grow faint. However, here on these pages, you have a record of the events, people, places and sounds, that you were or were not part of. Perhaps, not all ‘happenings’ are covered but those of us who. graduate now, will be able to use this book as a guide to our past and the joys of being a ‘Skuleman’ on the prowl. we teach you to lead. Get involved with the Canadian Forces. Graduates: Graduate engineers may serve as commissioned officers in an Engineering occu- pation such as Maritime Engineering, Communications-Electronics Engineering, Land Ord- nance Engineering, Aerospace Engineering or Military Engineering. Or, a graduate can select any classification including Pilot, Air Traffic Controller, Artillery, Infantry, Logistics, Mari- time Surface and Sub-Surface, and others. Our salary range is competitive and our benefits are varied and excellent. In addition you will be doing your country and the world a favour, working for peace instead of profit. You are not committed to serve any specified length of time. Consider the Forces; consider being a leader. Undergraduates: If you are interested in receiving financial assistance and a career, contact us. Canadian Forces Recruiting and Selection Unit 25 St. Clair Avenue East, Toronto Telephone: 966-6564 IIM CANADA SINCE 1S50 DESIGN CONSTRUCTION SERVICES FOR POWER PROCESS BREWING DISTILLING GENERAL INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS A STONE WEBSTER CANADA LIMITED YONGE, - EGLINGTON CENTRE 230 0 YONGE STREET. TORONTO (416) 482 -8500 COMPLIMENTS OF: Association of Professional Engineers of the Province of Ontario 1027 Yonge Street TORONTO, Ontario 961-1100 HART HOUSE F! FROSH FARM FROSH ORIENTATION FROSH DANCE HOMECIIMIVIINC 1 ; i; ‘•-it. V «. ' l .»%- ' SIave AuctIon I. SKtLE NITE 7T5 At 8:30 P.M. on February 12, 1975, the house lights dimmed, a hush fell over the theatre, the Hart House curtains opened revealing the stage basked in a blue glow from the cyclorama and twenty-four bubbling thespians burst from the wings to introduce themselves to the audience. Thus, as its symbol suggested, SKULE NITE 7T5 went off with a cannonating bang. Skule Nite has been regaining recognition and popularity since its revival for the centennial in 1973. This year ' s show was acclaimed by many to be the best in recent years. " Skule Nite 7T5 is what is expected, but then it ' s what is wanted. It is really very enjoyable There are some very witty skits in the production this year " . The Varsity, (yes. The Varsity). " If you missed it, you missed the best show of this University, this year " The Toike (an impartial viewpoint). The scintillating success (thanks Danny) was the product of the enthusiasm and esprit de corps of the 50 people who made up the Skule Nite team. When the cast first congregated in early January, it became evident that anything the male members may have lacked in urbanity would be hidden by the overabundance of gorgeous girls. While the cast rehearsed in Cody Hall, the stage crew spent many days and sleepless nights in Room 32 building props and making submarine runs when everyone was hungry. And before we leave the topic of stage crew, we should congratulate Don Buchan and the folks back- stage. The Hart House Theatre staff proclaimed them the most efficient, well organized stage crew they ' d ever seen. The greatest thanks should go to Mike Cox, the Producer, and Steve Cress, the Director. They worked on the show steadily for the whole year, from organizing the writing meetings in the summer to tying up loose ends at the last minute. Steve got the best out of his cast with his sincere, relatively quiet (foraa director) approach and his philosophy of ' Sell it ' . Mike ' s spirit and enthusiasm throughout the year was contagious. Skule Nite ' s first SELL OUT in recent history is a direct result of Mike ' s leg work in the publicity department. And yes, it ' s true that when he ordered the programs he talked the printer into taking two tickets to the show as partial payment. A classic!! As usual, when the curtains closed and the applause finally died down on closing night, planning began for Skule Nite 7T6. Happy trails to you until we meet again - next year. ii I CANNON BALL MCGILL WEEKEND f ...ANd tIien tIiere WERE ThEWOMEN PARTING GLIMPSES coming . hustling mmi‘ dance h " - tHeiNEERS rt l v«r v(yrh: sue ElECTIONS SKULE Ml 1 IMI» -T- HOVE n . hart huuM • c »« := } } 1 t VjT ' ■CUZTTI SM caisimO m t- it- UHiKI 5 •‘,’1 f r ' 2 S ?jS i|f UM TI 0 j- it»r. TOIKE IVUUMU riTzrsj.ix- E; " r-! ESSEEISSn !l?C K? PE EPS vr E mP .....r,, 2P2P ss§ hhisnia! fjyiiuvni;,! S S J • (B iimmufti ■■ ' ■■■■ ' .•l•. E ' if C. M. PRODUCTS LIMITED 189 Bullock Drive Phone: 297-3000 Markham, Ontario PROCOR LIMITED Largest rail car leasing company in Canada Procor Limited, Third Line, Oakville, Ontario YORK STEEL CONSTRUCTION LTD. 75 Ingram Dr., Toronto 385, Ontario. Phone 241-5283 I The leading supplier of service parts to the automotive, marine and industrial fields B0WMRn_ BOWMAN PRODUCTS (CANADA) LTD. 40 Co v « Rd„ Toronto, Ontario M6M 2YS JOHN H. FACH Telephone; 416-244-5343 Sales Manager Telex; 02-29682 Letraset Quality Graphics Products for the’ll use them all your life! Letraset Canada Limited 24 Progress Avenue, Scarborough. Ontario, M1P2Y4 DRAMEX EXPANDED METAL " MESH” •GRATINGS Steel— Stainless Steel Aluminum Immediate delivery on all sizes from stock from major steel distributors. Call our engineer- ing department for technical advice. Manufactured in Canada by EXPANDED METAL CDMPANY OF CANADA LTD. 20 Fasken Drive, Rexdale, Ont. M9W 1K5 ( 416 ) 677-6311 GORE a STORRIE LIMITED CONSULTING ENGINEERS MILWAUKEE ELECTRICAL TOOL LTD. 383 MIDWEST ROAD, SCARBOROUGH, ONTARIO PHONE 759-5637 FOUNDED 1919 1670 BAYVIEW AVENUE TORONTO 17, ONTARIO theTestofTime Test of rime Iraofrime Engineering products have to be designed to endure the test of time. Metais, giass con- crete and piastics aii have one quality in common — their endurance. Crown Life’s products have to last more than a lifetime. The same care, planning, fu- ture strain and financial development are taken into consideration. After all, you’re putting your life on it. CROWN LiFf iNSURANCi COMF’ANy W RON’O ' Experts in life insurance. Specialists in people. We make g(Hng through University a little easier onyoarfeet. JC llllnira 1 l ii if ' ' ' ' iiiF ' tm iris a step in the ris direction. JAMES F. 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McGREGOR 770 LAWRENCE AVENUE WEST TORONTO, ONTARIO M6A 1C1 TELEPHONE (416) 789-2185 DIVISION OF TOBY INDUSTRIES LTD I Best Wishes and Congratulations from the Employees of A. C. WILD LIMITED Toronto, Stoney Creek, Calgary 80 Signet Road 741-7311 355 Midwest Ave. 755-2116 EDDY MATCH COMPANY, LIMITED DIVISIONS: • EDDY MATCH. 10 WYNFORD HTS., DON MILLS WoodsUck and Hookmatchcs • STEEL EQUIPMENT, 730 YONGE ST.. TORONTO Sled 01 1 ' lcc Eurnitiirc • EDDY INDUSTRIAL PROD., PEMBROKE, ONT. Tools, Dies, Spedally Machinery Compliments of Spruce Falls Pulp Paper Company Limited Mill at Kapuskasing, Ontario 2 Carlton Street, Toronto, Ontario Telephone: 868-0211 TO! CS ALWAYS OPEN 24 hours Continuously COMING! a new concept GENTLEMEN ONLY MASSAGE THERAPY 740 BAY St. near COLLEGE St. 364 4764 364 4733 Heintzman PIANOS ORGANS HeINTZMAJNT «Sr COMPANY LIMITED 25 SCARSDALE ROAD, DON MILLS, ONTARIO M3B-2R2 445-7101. Cadillac Faiiview Compliments of The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited l ' 200 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronio, OiMano 4 FOOTBALL The 1974 Season was a dramatic one for the Engineering Football team as we finally made the Mulock Cup semi-finals. The victories leading up to this event; however, were not directly related to the plysical attributes of the team. Vic neglected to show thus allowing Engineering to gain two victories and proceed to the semi-finals. This year despite the muddling of officials and teams, Engineering has improved considerably. Not one regular season game did we lose by more than a touchdown. More touchdowns were accumulated this year, since the creation of Skule. Next year promises to be full of surprises, as only a few key linemen will be missing. Wayne Maddever, the originator of football, will again return to our ranks. Perhaps this time Rick Favro will find the missing hole, and Rick Klestenic will not have to beg the opposition to stop chasing the quarterback. The defensive unit, lead by the two times Phone Trophy winner, Jim Reininger, will again cause havoc amongst the offence. This time ' Fast Eddie ' will drive his milk truck through Vic, and ten to one Engineering will win next year. HOCKEY It was another good year for Engineering hockey. Both the Senior and Junior hockey teams have equalled or surpassed last year ' s output. The Seniors doubled their total points output but narrowly missed qualify- ing for the play-offs. The Juniors are in first place in their division and we are all hoping for a division championship finish there. In Intramural hockey there were 12 hockey teams. Most of these teams compet- ed in an inter-Engineering hockey tournam- ent held in February. Winners of the tourn- ament were fourth year Geological with honourable mention going to third year Industrial and fourth year Civil. Members of the 74-75 Senior and Junior Engineering Hockey teams: Senior Engineering Hockey Team Junior Engineering Hockey Team Forwards: Mike Kolanko (Capt) Blair Seckington Doug Showers(As.Capt) Andy Olbrycht Rob Ellis (As. Capt) Jim Mourn Scott Gibson Bob Russell Tony Sergautis Forwards: Ray Gilbert (Capt) Ken Raven Tom Halpenny(As.Capt) John Tojcic Pete McDonald( As.Capt) Dan Blocks Pete Large John Kennedy Art Watson Defence: Jim Montgomery Glen MacDonald Dave Mitchelson Andy Kostiuk Defence: Tim Bolton Rex Pegg Bob King Lawry Simon Joe DeMarco Goal : Ed Lowe Goal: Mike Bradley Jay Reidy Mike Bomballa Coach: Mike Kolanko Coach: Gary Welsh Asst. Coach: Blair Seckington I VollEybAll Soccer The Engineering I team once again was denied the Victoria Staff trophy which it had won for twenty consecutive years. This year the interfaculty league attracted many O.V.A. play- ers which raised the calibre of play in the league to top-notch volleyball. The Engineers were among those teams which be- came richer and it took an over-stacked GRADS, team to knock them out. This year ' s team was led by Tom Woods who was both coach and captain, and was unanimously voted the most valuable player. Tom will be a loss to the team next year, but the Engineers have considerable talent when it comes to Volleyball. Next year should be a peak year. The Engineering II team finished the season with four straight victories, but a very slow start caused them to finish out of the playoffs. Engineering did have a winner this year in Volleyball and it was Engineering III which had a perfect season of no losses and the division II championship. The team was made up of the fourth year Industrial class and led by former Knox star Bill (pitter-patter) Paterson. The Sr. Engineering soccer team had to settle for third place this year with a 5-4 win-loss record. This year ' s team, although lacking some of the ex- plosive scoring power which gave Engineers the div- isional title for the last four years, put out a solid team effort. However, their hopes for another championship were snuffed out when they lost a few very close games to front running Erindale and Scarborough. Many of this year ' s capable players will be returning. The most valuable players as voted by the team were goalkeeper Sam Manougian and Mike Beal. The Jr. Eng. and Eng. Ill teams were both very successful but as in previous years, they were both forced to play the role of brides-maids. After an excellent regular season, the playoff " Jinxs " seems to hit and they are forced out of the winner ' s circle. Aquatics BAskErbAlL Lacrosse The 1974-1975 season was one of great mprovements for both the interfaculty wat- 5rpolo and swim teams. In the fall Interfac- jlty Swim Meet we placed third, our best ihowing in at least two years. As well we lad one swimmer, Geoff Brown, with three ndividual firsts. While the waterpolo league chedule is not yet completed it seems that ve will place both our teams in the playoffs. Engineering Team Two also has a very good :hance of winning the second division of the nterfaculty league. Last year we set a pre- :edent by choosing the most valuable water- )olo player in Engineering ' s first team. The ecipient was David Mitchell. This year we ollowed suit and Marvin Mandelbaum came )ut as the winner. We again held our annual Engineering ' Vaterpolo Tournament. There were lots of |Ood teams entered but none could beat the ourth year Industrial ' s who, incidently, von last year ' s tournament. The second place team was from second year Electrical. SouAsh Engineering had three teams in the Interfaculty Squash League. The first team, Dan Kelly, Gabor Kunstatter, Angel Liska, and Larry Miller had an excellent season ending up in second place in the first division and was undefeated heading into the final round. The second team, headed by Steve Pomper with Mike Tip- off, Ron Hall, Kevin McLean, and Chris Morgan placed fourth in division II, but were defeated in the preliminary playoffs. The third team, headed by Steve Venere with Rajiv Manucha, Steve Kamper, Ken Noble, Paul Collier, Bob McKellar and Bob Partridge had a good competitive season. Serious and courteous competitors, the favourite expression of the Engineer- ing teams continues to ring through the lower chambers of Hart House, " HOW DID I MISS THE FM BALL, " (as a racquet smashes against the wall.) The Senior Engineering Basketball team has once again had a very successful year. At the end of the regular season the seniors had a record of 12 wins and 2 losses as well as first place in Division ' 1A ' . With any luck they hope to repeat last year ' s performance in the playoffs and achieve the interfaculty champion- ship. The junior engineering team, coached by John George, is also looking forward to a good playoff year. They ended the season with an 8-1 record in Division " 2A " . At the annual engineering basketball first place was awarded to a first year team named the " Cloverleaf Ducks " while the second place event went to Civil II. RuqqER The 2 engineering rugger teams did not do as well this year as last year when the seniors beat the jun- iors in the interfaculty finals. The league altered this year from 7-a- side rugger to 10-a-side. The engin- eering junior team was the only junior team in the league. Despite this, they played well, and should be able to adequately fill the vacan- cies in the senior team. The senior team finished the season with a 5 win, 1 loss record, and locked in a 3 way tie for first place. They were awarded second place. The team could have gone all the way to the championship, but lost out in a close and disappoint- ing 4-0 upset by Phys. Ed., the eventual champs, in the semi-finals. Brian Smith was voted the senior team M.V.P. In the past year the Engineering Lacrosse team did not enjoy one of its successful seasons. Although the team played well in its tough first division, it did not win enough games to ad- vance to the playoffs. With the add- ition of a few more interested players, and the experience of last year ' s team, next year should be a much more suc- cessful one. Lacrosse is played in Hart House starting in early October and ending in late November. Anywhere from 8-10 league games are played with a mini- mum of protective equipment. The most valuable player was Jay Reidy. TRACk ANd FiEld For the first time in many years the Engineers threatened the athlet- es of U of T by entering a track and field team in the interfaculty cham- pionships. As the meet drew to a close it became evident to all that the Engineers meant business. Cheer- ing each other on in every event, the good guys cheered themselves to a respectable second place finish. After the meet was over, we saw that by using all twenty team mem- bers in as many events as possible, enough points had been collected for them to become the main threat in the fall of 1975. The im- portant thing was that a feeling of team unity had been created. YES MA ' AM I ' M COMIN ' TELL ME THE STORIES OF JESUS " . WOME ' S ATLETICS Women in engineering have quickly infiltrated the realm of inter- faculty sports. Basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, speed and synchron- ized swimming, tennis, badminton, skiing, and innertube waterpolo have known and feared the skills of the mighty gold and blue teams. A playoff position in basketball was won with an undefeated record. But that ailment athletes, the old choke, ended the attemtp for the But that ailment of athletes, the old choke, ended the attempt for the championship. Heidi Breslauer, a rookie " arts and science refugee " centre, led the team ' s scoring and was voted most valuable player. Two teams entered volleyball competition this year. One, a former championship team, was defeated and elminated only by P.H.E.D. in the ' A ' league. The other team easily trounced their opponents to win the ' B ' league competition. Volleyball ' s most valuable player was Edita Boni. Ice hockey suffered from unfortunate fluctuations in strength- losing to the weak teams, defeating the strong teams. Moral victories, but .... Our lightning swift defence, Susan Salari, was elected most valuable player. The surface tension of the Benson pool was broken by the swim- ming sector of engineering in speed competition and a synchronized meet in a variety of successful onslaughts again this year. 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FIELD TRIP 1974 ELECTRICAL PIZZA PUB NIGHT ENGINEERING 1975 I I Every man has his price It ' ll cost you a nickel ENGINEERING SQENCE This page is devoted to third year out of fairness since last year ' s was devoted to second year. Miss Impurity I - runs on unleaded blood When I started this course I was normal Getting it up is only half the fun Finger-lick ' n good from the Dean his boys Do I look worried ? Deep Throat quadra phonic I i This year proved to be one of the must successful in ' the history of Mechanical Engineering. Not only did; Mechanical win the Intercourse Competition, the 3rd year | in a row, but now the Chariot Race as well. I believe this is ' the first time this has occurred. In addition, we had many : successful NICKELODEON NITES. j The Mechanical Grads have enjoyed the best employ- i ment prospect in six years. A tough record to beat. ) MECH 1NIC 1L CLUB ’The Besf’ PETER SHEFFIELD AND ASSOCIATES Consulting Structural Engineers 198 Davenport Rd., Toronto 5, Ontario 922-3155 f COMPLIMENTS OF SOMAR RESEARCH INSTITUTE 70 Belfield Rd., Rexdale, Ontario Phone: 244-5395 COMPLIMENTS OF 5 SHEFFIELD STREET 244 - 6760 TORONTO 15, ONT. ! I ARCHITECTURAL SCHOOL PRODUCTS LTD. 4 P.O. Box 427, Clarkson Post Office, MISSISSAUGA, Ontario Phone: 822-4287 A y W 1 1 CONSTRUCTION ANVIL LIMITED 1 Morrison, Hershfield, Burgess Huggins, Limited Morrison, Hershfield. Theakston Rowan Limited Consulting Engineers DOBDO CIVIL, STRUCTURAL, AGRICULTURAL SNOW CONTROL STUDIES EDMONTON GUELPH TORONTO LANGRIDGE LIMITED 105 Church St. TORONTO, Ontario 366-1168 Field and office supplies for the Engineer, Draftsman, Prospector DAN FORTH TYPEWRITER 2940 Danforth Ave., Toronto, Ontario Telephone: 698-2589 ic a Our Service includes:— • WICKALOY Carbide Tooling • Wide range of Machine Tools • Inspection Equipment • After-sales-service 1425 THE QUEENSWAY. TORONTO. ONTARIO M82 1T4 Offices Montreal. Hamilton. Windsor, Edmonton. Vancouver tcr-nricir-cx limited 1310 Fewster Drive Geophysics for Civil Engineering New Address: Mississauga, Ontario L4W 1A2 Telephone: 625-4400 Land and Marine Seismic Surveys Bathymetric Surveys Offshore Positioning CONSOLIDATED ENGINES 8t MACHINERY CO. LTD. 255 Yorkland Blvd., Willowdale, Ontario M2J 1S3 491-5352 rx7 RESTAURANT 1. HOTEL SUPPLIES LTD. BRUKER SPECTROSPIN (Canada) ltd. ( 5200 dixie road, suite 1 16, mississauga, Ontario, Canada 602 Kino St. w.. Toronto til. business 363-S761 I4w 1 e4 363-4161 MICRO METALLURGICAL COMPLIMENTS OF LIMITED C. A. PITTS « ENGINEERING 41 MAPLE AVENUE, THORNHI LL, ONTARIO PHONE: 889-6231 CONSTRUCTION LIMITED Best Wishes From COMPLIMENTS OF ONTARIO BESTPIPE IMTED ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION Kitchener and Ajax 494 King Street East, Toronto, Ontario Phone: 363-5741 ONTARIO AUTOMOBILE LIMITED 1001 BAY ST., TORONTO 5. ONTARIO, 922-6161 CANADA’S LARGEST CHRYSLER DEALER DEALER OF COMPLETE LINE OF CHRYSLER CANADA LTD.’S CARS AND TRUCKS SERVING MOTORISTS SINCE 1910 For a choice of career opportunities. b keith bagg personnel limited 25 Adelaide Street E., Suite 2111, Toronto, Ontario M5C 1 H2 Telephone 863-0154 ! Philip A. Lapp Limited BUSinESS EDUIPmERT Division 45 Jutland Road Toronto 550, Ontario (416)259-4641 Suite 302 Toronto, Ontario 14A Hazelton Avenue Canada M5R 2E1 BellgHoluell CAHADA, LTD. H l BROADLOOM LTD. 78 SIGNET DRIVE WESTON 485. ONTARIO TELEPHONE 749-1360 JOHN MARYDN AND PARTNERS LIMITED 931 YON GE STREET TORONTO. ONTARIO M4W 2H3 TELEPHONE 924-6263 CONSULTING STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS T.j. ©csGDi + associaTes ltd. Consulting engineers 1181 Finch Avenue West, Downsview, Ontario. M3J 2E8 Telephone (416) 636-7700 P.C.V. Lie. CLASS A METRO Lie. CLASS A J Cartage Storage 125 Oakdale Road Weston Phone 741-1535-9 NOW SERVING COOKSVILLE, PORT CREDIT, CLARKSON, STREETSVILLE, MALTON, BRAMALEA, CONCORD, MARKHAM METRO TORONTO DAILY Get 45 years’ experience in sealants For information and name of your n applicator call Thiokol Canada Limited 3 - 3-758 Toronto (416) 259-1141 . Montreal (514) 866-5906 . Vancouver (604) 684-0510 CONSTRUCTION LIMITED CotU acia ■ mdustiui - coumhiciu 417 KING STREET EAST. TORONTO 241. ONTARIO Telephone 363-7229 Evenings 223-5919 PHONE: 531-3593 GLOBE TOURS 1066 BLOOR STREET WEST TORONTO ONTARIO CANADA Branches in Vancouver. Edmonton. Winnipeo. Montrkai. I- ' Tomenson-Alexander Limited Actuaries and Employee Benefit Consultants 401 Bay Street, Toronto 103, Ontario Telephone (416) 362-1493 A CANADIAN BLOWER FORGE CO. LTD. CANADA PUMPS LIMITED secrett 14 AVENUE ROAD TORONTO, ONT. Compliments of Leonard Hynes CANADIAN INDUSTRIES LTD. 130 Bloor St. West, Toronto 5, Ontario. V. K. Mason Construction Ltd. General Contractors OTTAWA TORONTO WINNIPEG 236-0795 485-8621 786-4767 COMPLIMENTS OF Y Bovis Corporation Limited Including the McNamara, Bohna, and General Supply companies. 255 Consumers Road Willowdale, Ontario SKENE CARTAGE CO. LTD. 955 WILSON AVE. DOWNSVIEW, ONT. PHONE 636-9572 N n O rthway SURVEY CORPORATION LIMITED Aerial Photography, Photogrammetry, Airborne Geophysics, Forest, Agricultural Land Use, Mineral and Water Resource Survey and Appraisal TELEPHONE: (416) 755-1141 CABLES: AQUARIUS TELEX: 02-21571 1450 O’CONNOR DRIVE, TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA M4B 2V2 Compliments you on a successful year Our Yogurt is in all U of T Cafeterias 5285 Maingate Dr. 625-0733 w First Row ; Peter Modes, Paul Baker Second Row : Doug Duncan, Jeff Bird, Andy Schwabe, Marta Ecsedi, Liz Wood Third Row ; Paul McLean, Holger Hartmaier, Martin Webster, Luther Holton, Orvin Zendel, Ed Streich, Adrian Wijeyewickrema k e e t t e p H a I Notably Jan and June, the two bright lights mid- bottom The band this year disappointed many of its critics by playing well (believe it or not). For the non-believers, just ask the Star, the Globe, the Varsity or Mrs. Burpee. The band members were full of spirits (hie, hie) as well as enthusiasm. In trying to pick out the highlights of the year, I realized that the year was one big high (oh woww, that ' s some baaad weeedl). The L.G.M.B. got back into the half time show business (De La Salle, eat your heart out!) and performed seven spectacul- ar shows, one of them being at McGill, at which time the McGill band joined the L.G.M.B. (at least some people have taste). Seriously though, the band did surprise a lot of people and showed that with a little talent, you can do a lot. We enjoyed ourselves all year (however I do prefer to keep my clothes on at football games) and it was nice to hear people complimenting the band, which was a shock at first. The most gratifying incident happened when Gord Davies, skating around Varsity Arena with the Queen ' s Cup, stopped in front of the Band, and held the cup up towards the band. Absent: Ines and Heidi crVcol StaJJ Left to right: Jurij, Anna Bob, Sheldon Guess What! Same people except Jurij is now John E SId iKS 1st Row - JIM BURPEE, R.G. WEST, RICHARD M. PEARSE 2nd Row - DOUG HOOTON, JOHN PARKER, DAVE JAMIESON, ROSE ENG, JIM BEATON, ERICA HARTWELL, JERRY FRENCH D.R. CRAWFORD CONSTRUCTION LTD. 105 HEART LAKE ROAD SOUTH, BRAMPTON, ONTARIO Phone: 677-1620 GENERAL CONTRACTORS COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL, INSTITUTIONAL I ugau: W. Of KHUN UMITB Accel - Eliminator Ignition The name Accel is synonymous with increased engine performance and reliability ! Weber- A new dimension in clutches and fly wheels - a " must " for optimum life. Accel and Weber are divisions of Echlin Limited 500 CARLINGV1EW DRIVE REXDALE, ONT. M9W 5H1 ' ' V- V; ' Whiteprints V without ammonia. Our new PD whilepnnt- ers require no ammonia So there are no fumes or odours No vents or pipes No user complaints Do not require any mixing of chemicals or daily clean- up They are as convenient as your office copier The PD series of whiteprinters fit on a tabletop, yet they make prints up to 50 " wide Which makes them perfect for architec- tural prints, engineering satellite prints and check prints For full information, write to the Bruning Division. Addressograph Multiaraoh of Canada Limited, ADDRESSOGRAPH MULTIGRAPH (M ( ' ANADAUMITED BRUNING DIVISION ,1 f- d i . I F A STF R Nl CANADA ' S I LARGEST BUILDERS generals contractors I OF SHOPPING CENTRES One of the Odette Group of Companies M SPACEMAKER PRODUCTS LTD. Sends the Engineering Society best wishes. Manufacturers of consumer shelving and garden storage buildings. Mississauga, Ontario. 3069 WOLFEDALE RD. - MISSISSAUGA. ONT. Telephone 279-2632 • LIGHTING PRODUCTS • PHOTOFLASH • ELECTRONICS • TELEVISION STEREO 8750 COTE DE LIESSE ROAD, MONTREAL 376, QUE. SVLVANIA CANADA LIMITED URBAN ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS McCORMICK, RANKIN ASSOCIATES LIMITED CONSULTING ENGINEERS (IVANOV GANDER ASSOCIATES LTD.) 1092 ISLINGTON AVENUE, TORONTO, ONTARIO M8Z 4R9 8 STAVEBANK ROAD PORT CREDIT, ONTARIO TELEPHONE: (416) 239-3051 TELEPHONE 274-3477 G H STEEL INDUSTRIES LIMITED 315 Nantucket Blvd., P.O. Box 277 Scarborough, Ontario M1K5C1 LORLEA STEELS LIMITED INDUSTRIAL DECK AND CLADDING 225 DRENDA RD., BRAMALEA, ONT. i AND COMPANY LIMITED R. R. HI GGINS ASSOCIATES LTD. 2040 ELLESMERE RD. SCARBOROUGH. ONT. TOWN PLANNERS AND CONSULTING ENGINEERS 751-6361 Clarkson Machinery Limited NEW, USED SPECIAL PURPOSE MACHINERY MACHINERY REBUILT 2461 DIXIE ROAD MISSISSAUGA, ONT. GENERAL MACHINE ft PRODUCTION WORK Engineering and Machine COMPANY LIMITED FOREST HILL GULF HATCH ASSOCIATES LTD. Jf ENGINEERS • INGENIEURS METALLURGICAL PROCESSING, FEASIBILITY STUDIES PROJECT management 453 SPADINA ROAD 4B3-7B71 Head Office: 21 Sf. Clair Ave. E., Toronto (416) 962-6350 HATCH OUELLETTE ASSOCIES HATCH ASSOCIATES, 1224 Quest rue Ste Catherine, Montreal Ste 1630, 107 Delaware Ave, (514) 86i-0583 (716) 853-1414 Best Nishes from E. G. M. Cape Compa ny Ltd. ROHM and HAAS CANADA LIMITED Genera! Contractors TELEPHONE: 491-8200 2 Manse Road, West Hill, Ontario Phone: 284-4711 21 75 SHEPPARD AVE. EAST • WILLOWDALE, ONT. Color Your World A DIVISION OF: TONE CRAFT LIMITED Home Decorating Centres NO. 1 FOR PAINT WALLPAPER 13 STORES IN TORONTO AND DISTRICT TO SERVE YOU Neish Owen Rowland Roy Architects Engineers Planners Toronto Canada 40 University Avenue Toronto MSG 2G3 (416)364-1266 formerly Searle Wilbee Rowland SWR Engineering Limited 40 University Avenue Toronto MSG 2G3 (416)364-1266 Medley E.H.Roy, B.A.Sc.’SS, Ph.D.,P.Eng. MONTREAL TORONTO — CANADA 2155 Pieix Blvd., Montreal " The Nick " Where everyone comes to I LUNCHEON unwind, to psrty, to dance NEWS to enjoy! from under l A favourite drop In place for $1 00 celebrity visitors. You never Unique quick know who you ' ll meet at The I sell-service Nick Could be Gordon Llghtfoot, snack bar Kris Kristofferson. Rita Coolldge. hot and cold lan Sylvia, Frank ppa. even specialties the great Bob Dylan. ‘ Always exciting enter- tainment: Biggest Club Dance Floor in Toronto; • No Cover Charge. NICKELODEON 27M .»t Omul. IS St|i RELIABLE BOOKBINDERS LTD. 20 Rolark Dr. 291-5571 CHESSWOOD HOUSE PUBLISHING LTD. 542 Mt. Pleasant Ltd. 483-9666 NORANDA MINES LTD. P. O. Box 45 876-71 1 1 Commerce Court West NORMAN WADE AND CO. LTD. 939 Warden Avenue 751-6310 In 1974 a group of students and professors from the Dep- artment of Civil Engineering won top awards in two races with their concrete canoe design. After winning in the Can- adian competition held in Toronto, the team went on to the United States race competition hosted by Notre Dame. There they defeated 26 other universities from the States, with Michigan running a close second. Mario Kani supervised the construction of the canoe. Its shape was patterned after that of a North American swift- water voyageur canoe. The intended weight of the canoe was 30 lb; the final weight was an improvement even on this at 781b. Next year we hope to see contributions fromtthe other departments in engineering in reference to student organized projects. Winning team in the women’s division team a«v 7T5 GRAD BALL Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of ' 75 Canadian Specialty Publishing WHEN IT COMES TO SPORTS WE’RE No.1 THE TRIPLE ! CROWN ! 1 4S S00TTISH _» |r FACUP XFINALS EXPOS Am [m BIG LEAGUE ACTION ON ® ! brk Business Machines 286 Eglinton Ave. West Sales - Service - Rentals 481-5673 East of Avenue Road Victor temporary office help have done their basic training somewhere else. They ' re ready to work for you. 962-7 077 or 491-7575 1 ICTOR TEMPOR4RIES Division of Victor (Canada) Limited INDUCQN Best Wishes to u of T ENGINEERING STUDENTS INDUCON CONSULTANTS OF CANADA LIMITED 111 RAILSIDE RD„ DON MILLS 445-6600 Benson Hedges Tobacco Co. Since 1895 Depiiis 1895 T i i E. Boni D. J. Brostow B. Cashin R. K. H. Chan T. C. Chen M. Diakun D. Dwarika G. Egberts E. R. Ellard J. Grossi L. J. M. Haas D.R. Havercroft R. R. Jefferd E. Y. Lee R. T. Kerkusz T. K. Kieffer L. C. Lee D. E. Lewis A. E. Mand L. Massi R. G. Mountjoy H. E. Muntz S. D. Oikawa p. W. Olynyk J. Ostrowski L. I. Korson A. P. C. Kirk N. Ramasra B. Scenna A. B. Sergautis R. F. Tranquada G. A. Todd M. D. Shapiro U. Siksna L. S. Simon A. C. Stachurski P. K. Wong .1. P. Turner A. K. Anand M. Ayow ' P. Balakrishnan D. C. Bandy R. I. Benson R. D. Bumelis S. A. Chin Y. Cohen M. J. Dejak M. Doomernik H. W. Ecker G. R. Garber M. T. Goosen S. Grossman V. Guarrasi J. Hadeed 1. Harper R. E. Holimann E. Jong P. A. Kalson S. K. Kawai P. n. Mol ean T A W Milnp.r P I lUittlpr A 1 o h m i Q J. W. Pelechaty K. L. Quan B. S. Smith J. A. Waque A.J.Simonavicius D. A. Vishnu J.W.C. Wong K. H. Wong K. W. Ryan T. Sutandar A. P. Watson M.W.Wyganowski M. L. L. Tan A. S. Toth A.C. Nielsen Canada Ltd, 39 Wynford Drive, Don Mills 429-2222 PEERLESS EHTERPRISES 1 520 The Queensway 251-3131 INDUSTRIAL OVERLOAD 151 Bloor Street West, 924-6844 HEAD OFFICE 526 Yonge Street 962-1800 NORTH 3199 DuHerin St 783-1191 EAST 3034 Danforth Ave 690-1802 CENTRAL WEST 1376 St. Clair Ave W 654-8923 HAMILTON 696 King St. E. 526-1861 " FOR THAT FORMAL FUNCTION SEE TUXEDO JUNCTION” Congratulations to " Class of 1974 " Great West Steel Industries Ltd. Design, Manufacture and Installation of Steel Products VANCOUVER • EDMONTON • CALGARY • SASKATOON TORONTO • MONTREAL OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS Also Canadian representative for: FOR BOOKS ON: Thames Hudson Social Sciences Applied Sciences Pure Sciences Arts Faber Faber Grid Publishing Literature Philosophy Geography History Reference All available through the University of Toronto Bookstore r LIMITED 55 Fenmar Drive Weston Ontario 741-1600 741 9000 A COMPLETE REFUSE REMOVAL SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS FROM WE MAKE ALL KINDS OF LEATHER ARTICLES 368 YONGE ST. 362-4375 716 YONGE ST. 922-5290 G.T. WOOD CO. LTD TRANSFORMER, SWITCHGEAR MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR SPECIALISTS 3210 Wharton Way - Mississauga Ontario Phone 625-1067 or 625-4528 Congratulations to U of T Graduating Engineers from ail the people at Technologies for Industry ORF works hand-in-hand with scientists and engineers from industry and govern- ment providing multidisciplinary scien- tific research, development and testing services on a contract basis. Ontario Research Foundation Sheridan Park Research Community Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5K 1 B3 Phone (4161 822-4111 or 279-9771 103 Milvan Dr. Weston, Ont. 749-3018 ROBERT HALSALL B.Sc., F.I.C.E., F.I.STRUCT.E.. P.ENG. ROBERT HAISALL ASSOCIATES LTD. CONSULTING ENGINEERS 20 HOLLY STREET, TORONTO 7. CANADA ( 41 6) 487-5256 COMPUMENTS OF CANEFCO LIMITED 50 Milne Ave., Phone: 691-2117 BAYSHORE HOBBIES SUITE 1202 145 KING STREET W. TORONTO. ONTARIO M5H ue TELEPHONE 868-0733 I -iiMin fllill limited •‘YOUR PARTY SUPPLY CENTRE” 43 Hollinger Road, Toronto, 751-5500 465 Hensall Circle, Mississauga, 270-4400 G Granek Associates Consulting Engineers 205 Lesmill Road Don Mills Ontario telephone (416)4491030 MIDCONTIIMEIMTAL TRUCK TERMINAL Toronto Queensway Customs Clearance Warehouse 1608 The Queensway Toronto M8Z 1V6 Telephone: (416) 259-7891 (III A. H. Banani Associates Limited • Consulting Electrical Engineers 505 Eglinton Avenue West Toronto 305, Ontario Tel. 487-8151 SANDRIN PRECAST LIMITED 401 BOWES ROAD, CONCORD, ONTARIO TELEPHONE; 669-9680 Compliments of MITSUI CO. (CANADA) LTD. TORONTO DOMINION CENTRE ROYAL TRUST TOWER SUITE 3304 366-0733 S. MINZ ENGINEERING LIMITED 6069 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario Telephone: (416)225-1111 455 COLLEGE ST. (AT BATHURST) TORONTO. ONTARIO PHONE 962-4186 oCic e SAeCC Sero ccc Statiopc repairs to all makes of automobiles TOWING SERVICE licenced mechanics BENTO SAO JOSE There is a Canadian company in Toronto, the Colborne Card Company, who have, for over 40 years, very quietly helped organizations of various kinds raise funds for their special charities. It has been Colborne ' s pleasure to assist organizations in the efficient raising of funds for worthwhile projects. As you well know, the success of a venture often depends on the quality and acceptance of the fund-raising idea. Our program is tailored to suit the various projects. If you feel that your organization wishes to raise funds without any initial outlay whatsoever through the sale of Canadian-made greeting cards, stationery and gift items, th( ' firm is Colborne Card Company, located at 2065 Midland Avenue in Scarborough, Ontario. The man to contact is J. P. Lombard, and the phone, ' number is 291-3717. You are assured of prompt and personal attention at all times. BEMAC PROTECTIVE COATINGS LTD. BOX 247 DOWNSVIEW (416) 669-1970 - 1 - 2 ONTARIO M3M 3A6 ACID RESISTING FLCX5RING bridge deck protection INDUSTRIAL FLOORING PARKING GARAGES FLOORS WATERPROOF MEMBRANE TANK LININGS ROLL-GRIP UNDERLAYMENTS CONTROL JOINTS we build i svery type of building eiiis-don J limlted 1 I30 bloor street w. toronto, Ontario m5s1n5 Golder Associates CONSULTING GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERS H.Q.GOLDERSiASSOCIATESLTD. Toronto LondoneOttaw »Windsor COLDER. BRAWNER ASSOCIATES LTD. Vancouver Calgary GOLDER, GASS ASSOCIATES INC. Boston • Atlant a Seattle COLDER MOSS P TY. LTD Melbourne • Sydney GOLDER, HOEK AND PARTNERSi London, England ALLWARD GOUINLOCK ARCHITECTS • PLANNING CONSULTANTS 1127 LESLIE STREET, DON MILLS, ONTARIO, CANADA • TELEPHONE (416) 44S-7420 PHER A. ALLWARD, B.ARCH., M.R.A.I.C. ALFRED T. WEST, JR., B.ARCH., M.R.A.I.C. R. MURRAY LEGGE, B.ARCH., M.R.A.I.C. ARTHUR G. BARNES, B.ARCH., M.R.A.I.C ASSOCIATES ERIKS BEBRIS, B.ARCH., M R.A.I.C. DOUGLAS M. FREEL, D A. (DUN) M.R.A.I.C. WILLIAM S. MILNER, A.R.I.B.A., M.R.A.I.C. EDWARD P. BODDAERT, M.l. Struct. E., P.Eng. JEAN M. LEGGATT, A.R.I.B.A., M.R.A.I.C. For more than years For more than 50 years In 1973 the value of Canadian mineral production topped $8 billion - - most of which entered the Canadian economy for salaries, wages, supp- lies, services, dividends and taxes. Hollinger has been contributing to the growth of the Canadian mineral industry for more than half a century. HOLLINGER MINES LIMITED Labrador Mining and Exploration Company Limited Hollinger North Shore Exploration Company Limited I K. D. Brown S. K. M. Cheung J. P. Chong Y. F. J. Coderre L. Cohen C. Cvetkovski R. E. Debicki H. Franklin S. L. Cress G. A. Bisogno B. J. A. Chambers H. F. J. Fung E. D. Ali S. Cabello E. M. Conway E. Franzese W. Ho I I D. Gabay D. Hong H. F. Lange M. V. Lat P. J. B. Lopes C. Maccarone R. W. Mock A. C. Model 1. Singh G. O. Scott J. S. Taylor N. M. Wang P. Kapodistrias C. H. Lau R. M. Mansell S. Moneta E. M. Streich R. L. M. Wong R. Kathuria J. Kinio C. Law L. T. F. Lau D. Poon M. J. Masyk T. G. Quan J. R. Sylvester D. H. Tang G.D.B. Kryzanowski M. Loo J. M. Minchella C. N. Roach J. L. J. Arseneault F. B. Baker P. R. Beirne J.W. Bird J. S. Anderson P. Bonanomi W. C. Bowman D. M. Cameron F. W. Cheng K. D. Chik S. Chong G. E. Cohen A. Colangelo W. A. Galloway W. A. Doherty J. W. Mall M. P. Joe G. C. Fedorkow J. D. Hanson S. P. Hart J. A. Kaminski W. I ' . S. Kaukler P. J. Connolly L. J. Cross R. S. Gilbert D. K. S. Gill L. J. Holton P. K. Hodes G. Klein R. W. S. Kortright C. Boikovitis I K. K. C. Chiu P. W. W. Gruttke | M. Joannou G. Kunstatter K. K. Li E. H. Martin K. W. Martin T. T. Kwee J. H. K. Lau W. Ngaserir P. A. P. O’Neil A. H. Oslinger A. Petrie S. Raimondo S. J. Rushton G. B. Russel D. P. G. Schenkel W. Schneider P. C. J. Schnorr H. Shindman R. C. Simmonds R. J. Self A. P. Vanderwel A.Wijeyewickrema H. M. Wodlinger K. L. Yeung C. H. Zarek J. S. Ziuraitis D. T. McCormick K. B. Repetowicz U. A. Schwabe K. C. H. Wu G. Genge J. K. Balins W. Collins N. L. Harris S. E. Heller R. Barnes H.H. Hartmaier A. W. Brown D. G. Hancock A. Gubins r I i 1 i I i i 1 f i I I I 1 MSP VITRIFIED CLAY SEWER PIPE for permanent, trouble-free service Plain End PIPE FITTINGS AND COUPLINGS 4 " TO 24 ” Flex-Lox PIPE AND FITTINGS 4 " TO 12 " NATIONAL SEWER PIPE LIMITED SALES OFFICE; P.O. Box 1800, Oakville, Ontario. PLANTS: Clarkson, Hamilton, St. Thomas TELEPHONE: 416-822-3211- 1 S. R. Aiken K. C. Chan D. A. Allen G. C. Bell J.N. Clark L. E. Collins S. S. F. Borgh R. W. Condie B. W. Borich W. R. Dawson J. C. Calderone V. Dementavicius I I I ) } i ! I D. G. Doel R. E. llaberman R. P. Harris D. E. Hatch G. G. Hendra A. Hernandez R. J. Ilindley L. B. llowcrot ' t P. C. Hung S. Kampers D. Kelly C. E. Knight E. J . Kruk L. Lai C. P. Lo W. Y. Man R. Manucha T. Marley K. Mehisto D. W. Paterson L. S. Miller J. G. Morris S. D. Pomper G. I. Pop D. E. Sparks M. H. Vasilkovs J. E. Willis P. A. Steadman S. M. Venere T. D. Woods J. M. Storoshchuk J. A. Vidri S. W. B. Yip D. R. Nabieszko M. Pun J. T. Najbert D. G. Raynor R. Oree A.P. Rockingham R. I. Saldan W. Thomasos H. S. Waterman G. A. Young C. D. Scott A.R.C. Thomson D. K. Watson S. L. Young P. D. Singer P.M. Tsuruoka H. G. Westergard J. Zidner I S. R. Alison S. G. Angus A. Chan N. N. Chakrabarti J. D. Demarco P. R. Day G. R. Berzins D. N. Boudin P. A. Boyd G. C. J. Brunka E. J. Candido H. C. Chan M. Chau F. S. J. Cheng W. L. Cleghorn R. Culham A. O. Elwedini H. G. Frick D. R. Garriock K. Goldman P. Grigoriou 1 I ! Hill I W. K. Matthies W. P. Rudge W. K. A. Lo W. P. Mercer J. M. Orian B. R. Seckington R. A. Seminsky N. Mastrobuono W. C. Ng D. A. Shtun F. J. Zechner 1 marshall macklin monaghan Consulting Engineers - Surveyors - Planners Head office 275 Duncan Mill Rd. Don Mills, Ont. Branch offices Cambridge Guelph Hamilton Kitchener Mississauga Oakville CRANE PACKING 423 Green Road, Stoney Creek, Ont. 961-8211 The Printing House Ltd. 1 B 1 Yonge Street Suite 809 GENERAL ENGINEERING Toronto, Ontario M5E 1E5 (416) 364-2195 CO. INC. BRANCHES ; TORONTO - HAMILTON 100 Adelaide Street West OTTAWA - VANCOUVER Toronto, Ont. 362-391 1 PHONE: (416)-291-3778 Compliments MULDER of BOX 292, AGINCOURT, ONTARIO Mombor of tho custom machinery manufacturers PLATE a STRUCTURAL FABRICATORS PLAYTEX Blackwood Hodge Group 6363 Northam Drive, Mississauga, Ont. 677-6211 Compliments of Best wishes from COMMERCE CLEANERS RIO ALGOM MINES LIMITED Throughout Metro 120 Adelaide Street W., Suite 2600, 105 Parkway Forrest Plaza Toronto, Ont. 367-4153 CANADIAN 1 ■ GROWTH lAC UM.TE. Industrial - Commercial Sales Financing Leasing GRANT NAYLOR 247-8691 1941 Weston Rd. Manager Weston, Ont. H. H. ANGUS ASSOC. LTD. T 127 Leslie St., Don Mills, Ont. 449-5050 A.R. CLARKE D. G. Smith H. K. Locke 633 Eastern Avenue Telephone Toronto 252, Canada (416) 465-3545 Compliments of GORDON FRASER GREETING CARDS 19 Duncan Street, Toronto, Ont. 368-1688 (1 f 759-8920 759-8773 VESUVKD’S 214 NANTUCKET BOULEVARD. SCARBOROUGH. ONTARIO Pizzeria - Spaghetti House LABORATORY i HOSPITAL FURNITURE - MECHANICAL INSTALLATIONS GLASS DRAIN PROCESS LINES SPECIALISTS CROSS-CANADA COVERAGE 2 Locations to Serve You 3010 Dundas St. West, - 763-4191 ste - aleo ltd. 1756 MATTAWA AVE. - MISSISSAUGA, ONT, ah icato $ of: 0 STEEL 0 STAINLESS STEEL PHONE: Q ALUMINUM 277-3761 Q BRONZE Clarkson ENGINEERING CANADA LIMITED 777 WARDEN AVENUE SCARBOROUaH, ONT. TELEPHONE 787.S20I David Fowler Vice President Compliments of CHEFERO SAND AND GRAVEL Phone 889-4897 Maple, Ontario. CONCRETE SYSTEMS LTD, ROBERT J. PANES VICE-PRESIDENT 3356 Elmbonk Rd., Malton, Ont. Area Code 416-677-8915 CDMPAIR CANADA LTD. ST. MICHAEL ' S HOSPITAL 30 BOND STREET TORONTO ONTARIO MSB 1W8 2185 North Sheridan Way Clarkson, Ontario. BUn WOOD HODGE BLACKWOOD HODGE • to suntract road, weston 244-2531 RES: ERIN MILLS, 416-828-5705 Factory: 769-9122 Office: 537-6522 MFe, CO. PICTURE FRAMES AND MOULDINGS BASSWOOD STRETCHERS STRETCHED CANVAS 77 Pelham Ave. LESLIE KOZMA Toronto, Ont. M6N 1A5 EARL S. GARDNER Colonnade Camera Centre Ltd. 131 Bloor St. West [O Toronto 5, Ontario, Canada (416) 962-2400 Certified Photographic Counselor Master Photo Dealers ' and Finishers ' Association BUHLER-MIAB CCANADA3 LTD. 1925 LESLIE STREET DON MILLS, ONTARIO M3S 2M3 TEL C4.16] 445-6910 J. C. HASTINGS. P. Eng. CONSULTING ENGINEER 801 YORK MILLS ROAD BUS. 447 9119 DON MILLS. ONTARIO. CANADA RES. 444-3496 REDWING INSTALLATION SERVICES LTD. 1 1 A Glenwatford Drive Suite 6 Agincourt 291-8659 GALLERY MOOS 1 38 Yorkville Ave. Toronto 5 922-0627 MERTON COLLEGE 1 539 Bloor St. W@ Dundas St. 534-8843 E. N. OWEN AND ASSOCIATES 1 425 Bayview Avenue 489-2755 CARR DONALD ASSOCIATES LTD. 55 Yonge Street 363-7294 Suite 305 NOTIVAL FOODS LTD. SIPPIN CHICKEN DRINK MIX — SOUP TRY SOME — IT ' S DELICIOUS! 2 0 Millwick Drive, Weston 749-0970 HERZIG - SOMMERVILLE 253 Niagara St. 368-4507 COLLINS RADIO 1 50 Bartley Drive 757-1101 CANADIAN CHROMALOX CO. LTD. 2 10 Rexdale Blvd. 743-8000 Vulcan Waterproofing (Toronto) Ltd. THE WATERPROOFING PEOPLE SINCE 1954 132 Cartwright Avenue, Toronto 19, Ontario Telephone: (416) 789 4357 CANADIAN DREDGE DOCK CO. LTD. 60 Harbour Street Tor. 363-2096 DO-RAY LAMP COMPANY 8 1 Millwick, Weston 745-5000 WEST SHORE HOMES 21 71 Avenue Road @ Wilson 486-8366 ROOT WIRE LTD. 380 ORENDA ROAD BRAMALEA. ONTARIO DOUGLAS R. TAYLOR VICE-PRESIDENT AND GENERAL MANAGER PHONE: AREA CODE 677-1611 416 COLES AND ORLAND POOL CONSTRUCTION 9 86 Roselawn Avenue 781-6700 FOR PROFESSIONAL CAREER PLACEMENT TECHNICAL OPPORTUNITIES SUITE 2eiO • 330 BAY STREET TORONTO. ONTARIO • M5H 2Y2 • TELEPHONE 860-1355 Bassett Associates Ltd. Consulting Electrical Engineers 21 St. Clair Ave. E., 5th Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M4T 1 L9, R.P.A. CONSULTANTS LIMITED Dsi SIR TELEVISION LTD. 1 30 Merton Street 2540 WESTON ROAD WESTON, ONTARIO Toronto M4S 1A4 487-1164 Term Rentals Color or Stereo @ 15.00 per Month CANADIAN COLLEGE OF MASSAGE 415 Bloor St. W., 2nd Floor, Toronto, Ont. 923-6342 H. M. HARPER CO. LTD. 27 Chauncy Ave., Etobicoke, Ont. 231-7295 SAI WOO RESTAURANT 123A Dundas St., Toronto, Ont. 363-7646 TRIAD PHOTO ENGRAVERS 318 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Ont. 863-0644 RAINBOW ALUMINUM PRODUCTS LTD. 9 Vanley Crescent 653-5052 INDUSTRIAL SAFETY EOUIPMENT 9 Metsor Drive, Rexdale, Ont. 677-8781 LILLIE TRANSLATION 14 Secord Avenue, Toronto, Ont. 690-7767 I STREIGHTS JEWELLERS 1530 Albion Rd., Rexdale, Ont. 741-2402 EATON ' S TRAVEL SERVICE 190 Yonge St., Toronto, Ont. 861-3111 DOT PERSONNEL 36 Bloor St. W., Toronto, Ont. 923-9801 CROUSE HINDS CO. LTD. 1160 Birchmount Rd. 757-8781 BUCKLEY TRIMMING MFG. CO. 3741 Britain St. 368-5925 ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF CERTIFIED ENGINEERING TECHNICIANS AND TECHNOLOGISTS 50 Holly Street 488-1175 J.H.W. BRADFIELD 3765 Kingston Road, Scar. 266-1075 EUROPEAN STAR KNITWEAR 147 Portland Street 368-4266 ARA CONSULTANTS LIMITED 1955 Yonge Street VICEROY MANUFACTURING 1655 Dupont St., Toronto 762-1111 V.S.PLUMMER REAL ESTATE LTD. 494 Kingston Rd. Pickering 839-5114 PETER SCHOFIELD THE CANADIANS 48 Hurlingham Cr, Don Mills 445-7038 NEW CITY HEATING AIR CONDITIONING 2284 Gerrard St. 694-2605 BOLL CRAFT AUTO TRIM 974 College Street 534-9742 STANDARD CHEMICAL LIMITED 60 Titan Road, Toronto 239-1201 PROCESS CONSULTANTS CANADA LTD. Box 500, Bolton, Ont. 893-1748 L ' EUROPE DINING ROOM TAVERN 469 Bloor St., W., Toronto, Ont. 921-6269 HUDSON BAY WHOLESALE 747 Warden Ave. Scar. 757-6221 CANVAS SPECIALTY 255 Macpherson Avenue 921-4171 ACROPOLE RESTAURANT ' 18 Dundas St. W., Toronto ROSS TOOL COMPANY 257 Owen St. W. 368-7143 L. V. ROUTLEDGE R. R. 1 , Miliken 291-9587 HUMBER NURSERIES LTD. Highway 50 [Albion Rd.] , % Mile South of 7 851-2041 or 677-971 1 GULF SERVICE ST. 1245 Davenport Rd., Toronto 532-5912 CARRIERE TECH INDUSTRIES LTD. 195 Nantucket Blvd. 757-5103 McANISH AND COMPANY LIMITED 1 835 Yonge Street 487-8138 JACK CHISUIN ASSOCIATES LTD. 205 Lesmill 449-1030 Autographs If L ( m -i jpUL i i

Suggestions in the University of Toronto Engineering Society - Skule Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) collection:

University of Toronto Engineering Society - Skule Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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University of Toronto Engineering Society - Skule Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


University of Toronto Engineering Society - Skule Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


University of Toronto Engineering Society - Skule Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


University of Toronto Engineering Society - Skule Yearbook (Toronto, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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