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mimm :: -- w«.: University of Texas School of Law 1W The University of Texas School of Law 2003-2004 Peregrinus s THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS sc 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual 4 THE STATE OF TEXAS -THE SCHOOL OF LAW We ' re Texas. We ' re sons and daughters and heros. V We ' re students and neighbors and friends. We ' re from small towns and big cities. WE ' RE TEXAS. We provide the people of Texas with a world-class institution to produce, disseminate, and preserve knowledge relating to the law and legal systems. e serve the people of Texas by providing students with a world-class legal education and by preparing men and women for leadership of the bar. We advance the understanding of law, legal systems, and legal institutions. We promote the impartial administration of justice by training lawyers in excellence and professionalism. We ' re a place from which understanding and new knowledge flow. We are the University of Texas SCHOOL OF LAW. 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Leadership Faculty leadership in law UT Public Affairs As AALS Presdi- ent he announced a continuation of the learned society theme, but added the idea of en- gaged scholarship to highlight the ways in which law schools differ from purely academic departments. At the annual meeting of the Ameri- can Association of Law Schools, held this year in Atlanta, Jan. 2-Jan.6, UT Law professor Gerald Torres began his term as the organization ' s president, and nine other law faculty members spoke on scholarly topics or held im- portant leadership positions. The AALS is a non-profit organization of 164 law schools. UT Law is one of a select number of schools to have provided five presidents to the AALS over the past century. UT Law faculty members engaged in numerous scholarly discussions by commenting or presenting papers and organizing panel discussions. Other participants included: Michael Churgin on Bar Admissions and Law- yer Performance. Lee Fennell spoke on State and Local Government. Teri LeClercq spoke on International Legal Exchange. Sanford Levinson discussed Randy Barnett ' s new book Restoring the Lost Constitution. Neil Netanel spoke about copyright and the first amendment at the Consti- tutional Law Section session. Robert Peroni represented Texas in the AALS House of Representatives. Tony Reese was program chair of the section ' s pro- gram. Louise Weinberg was involved in three recent AALS including chairing the AALS Section on Federal Courts. Ernest Young spoke on the influence of foreign law on U.S. courts. 6 THE STATE OF TEXAS -THE SCHOOL OF LAW 5 tr We ' re Leadership. Texas Law faculty are among the most frequently cited in court opinions. Texas Law is also one of the top pro- ducers of articles and books for practitioners and judges. 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Discovery Resources for research The Tarlton Law Library occupies over 167,000 square feet. The staff numbers over 40 individuals, many with both law degrees and graduate degrees in information sci- ence The Tarlton Law Library was award- ed a $15,375 grant from the Knowl- edge Gateway initiative of the Univer- sity. The grant will fund the digitization of a large segment of the papers of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Tom C. Clark which have been housed in the Law li- brary since 1985. Justice Clark, the only native Texan to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court, is a 1922 graduate. His collection of per- sonal papers from these years has been described by legal historians as one of the most complete for a Supreme Court justice of this era. The papers arrived on the UT campus not long after Clark ' s death in 1977, but weren ' t opened to re- searchers until March 19, 1985. The digitized content from the Clark papers will be the basis of an online re- source called " Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Cases of the U.S. Supreme Court: the Papers of Justice Tom C. Clark. " This resource will allow people from around the world to use the Clark files to research seminal cases such as Brown v. Board of Education, Mapp v. Ohio and many others. Tobe Liebert, director of special projects at the library, was responsible for writing the successful grant application. Liebert and Michael Widener, the head of spe- cial collections and curator of the Clark papers at the Library, will supervise the digitization project that is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2004. 8 THE STATE OF TEXAS -THE SCHOOL OF LAW We ' re Discovery. ■ With more than a million volumes, UT ' s Tarlton law library is one of the largest academic law libraries in the country. The large size of the school allows students to explore countless areas of legal practice. 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Responsibility Serving the people of Texas The Law School has an extensive array of clini- cal programs for students, with ten separate clinics covering a wide range of legal is- sues. In December the Juvenile Justice Clinic received a major grant from the Texas Bar Foundation to assist it in its mission to provide high quality legal services to low income children charged with of- fenses in the juvenile justice system and to enhance the ethical and professional practice of law by educating law stu- dents through this representation. " We are thrilled to be awarded this grant which enables our law students to continue providing services to children in Travis County, " said Pam Sigman, di- rector of the Juvenile Justice Clinic. The Juvenile Justice Clinic, founded in 1975, offers litigation experience to students and exposes them to the opera- tions of the juvenile justice system, by placing them as student attorneys with the Travis County Juvenile Public De- fender. Clients are indigent juveniles, aged 10 to 17, who are charged with criminal offenses ranging from Class B misdemeanors to first degree felonies. Student attorneys are assigned a caseload for which they have primary responsibility under the supervision of an attorney in the public defender ' s of- fice. The student attorneys perform all investigation, interview, discovery, plea bargain and litigation functions on their cases. More than 800 law students have participated in the program providing legal representation on more than 5000 cases. 10 THE STATE OF TEXAS -THE SCHOOL OF LAW . % »■ m We ' re Responsibility. Texas Law professors have lead the State of Texas in enhancing professional responsibility. Texas Law stu- dents provide le- gal assistance to the community through various projects through- out the year. « IB I E9 B ™ m ■■ -■ 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Individual Opportunity A place to explore ideas There are around 25 student orga- nizations in the Law school. These groups help stu- dents focus on individual areas of interest while con- necting to other students. The Texas-Mexico Bar Association (TMBA) held its 10th annual con- ference at the Law School. (Picutres on page 11.) The Law School co-sponsored the conference and UT Law professors Patricia Hansen and Jay Westbrook joined a distinguished bi-national facul- ty of academics, judges and practitioners to discuss cross-border legal issues. Dean William Powers welcomed par- ticipants and gave introductory remarks. Conference highlights included a Mexi- can practitioners ' state district court, workshops on NAFTA dispute resolu- tion and cross-border insolvency and a mock mediation of a cross-border prod- ucts liability-personal injury dispute. The conference also gave participants the opportunity to meet informally at several social events, including a cock- tail reception at the Governor ' s Man- sion and a festive barbeque dinner with Western Swing music and dancing on the Law School grounds. In addition to the main conference, the Law School ' s Student TMBA Chapter hosted a half- day event for law students interested in learning more about cross-border prac- tice. The TMBA, now housed at UT, is a bi-national Bar Association made up of attorneys from both Mexico and the United States. The goals are to serve the international law practitioner by provid- ing continuing education and a forum for cross-border understanding. 12 THE STATE OF TEXAS • THE SCHOOL OF LAW .. We ' re Individual Opportunity. Students have a vast array of choices and opportunities to explore unique areas of the law. A vast network of alumni help connect current students to career options across the state and country. 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Learning Theory meets practice Science Watch, a publication of Thomson Institute for Scientific Infor- mation, ranks the UT law faculty 5th in the US based on the impact of its scholarship. Scholarly impact is measured by " average-citations- per-paper " written by Texas faculty during the five- year period from 1997 to 2001. The Texas International Law Journal and Jones Day hosted " Globaliza- tion and the Judiciary: Key Issues of Economic Law, Business Law and Hu- man Rights Law " on September 4 - 5, in the Eidman Courtroom. International judicial dialogue has become more important than ever in re- cent years. Most recently, the United States Supreme Court referenced hold- ings of the European Court of Human Rights in Lawrence v. Texas. Each year, TILJ hosts a symposium dedicated to a topic of international le- gal concern. The purpose of these symposia is to promote awareness of important de- velopments in the formation of interna- tional law and to forge closer ties among scholars, practitioners, students and members of the global legal community. This year ' s symposium had discussions on topics including United States and Europe as major players in economic law, American and Asian trends in com- mercial and judicial integration, foreign law in national courts, and corporate law reform. " International courts play a key role in the globalized world, " Prof. Carl Baudenbacher, said. " The symposium offers us a valuable opportunity to bring together legal practitioners and scholars from across the globe to discuss trends and legal issues molding the global ju- diciary. " 14 THE STATE OF TEXAS • THE SCHOOL OF LAW We ' re Learning. The number of courses and areas of study at the Law School run the gamut of the legal system. The different in- tellectual and phi- lisophical views of the faculty provide students with a well rounded view of the law. 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Freedom Growing through service A special panel discussion, includ- ing scenes from Shakespeare ' s Measure for Mea- sure, was present- ed in September by the Law School and English Dept. The Chicano Hispanic Law Students ' Association (CHLSA) at the Uni- versity of Texas School of Law hosted a volunteer event in conjunction with Habitat For Humanity this past Friday, October 24, 2003. In attendance, were also representatives from Thurgood Marshall Legal Society, Texas Law Democrats, Texas Hispanic Journal of Law Policy, and Phi Alpha Delta. The all day event served as an oppor- tunity for law students to give back to the community and give assistance to underserved areas in East Austin. " When I heard that this unique op- portunity was being organized for a group of law students I was extremely excited. " said Kandace Walters, TMLS Secretary, " I think this program presents a unique opportunity to help people in the community who are less fortunate. I was extremely impressed to learn that the recipients are required to work sweat equity hours and to actually pay for the house. " After the work, there was a dinner for the participants, sponsored by the Stu- dent Bar Association. " A lot of thanks goes to SBA and the participating repre- sentatives for supporting a coordinated effort between law school organiza- tions " said George Salinas, CHLSA Ex- ternal Vice-President and organizer of the event. " We hope this is only a start to us all working with each other in con- tributing to our communities. " 16 THE STATE OF TEXAS • THE SCHOOL OF LAW i?v. rt »as a dinner for sored by the Stu- " A lot of thanks ■ticipatinnepre- ii coordinated school organiza- imCHLSAEx- lid organizer of :• » only a stait ■ 1kAk ' u M ' " " CW 1 .ii Hill pnaHMM t ' .l I. I! rsMH fill k : mi) % i ■ V - ' l v H We ' re Freedom. The common areas of the Law School feature around 300 posters from the first World War. These works remind students of the price that has been paid for freedom; and that, " Lawyers are the administrators of justice, and the harvest of justice is peace. " — r University ov TtMs School of Law 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Dean William Powers, Jr. Above: Dean Powers with Texas Supreme Court Jus- tice Wallace Jefferson, ' 87 (R) and Texas Senator Rod- ney Ellis, ' 79 (D). Photo credit: Rick Patrick. Above Left: Dean Powers in the Eidman Courtroom. The courtroom is a working courtroom that plays host to seminars, conferences, as well as actual trials. Photo Credit: Rick Patrick. ftlW W: the La v I make al (activitk faculty see int. of then stones Weh that fol 18 THE STATE OF TEXAS • THE SCHOOL OF LAW Dean of the Law School From the Dean... Welcome to the 2003-04 Peregrinus. In these pages, you will see a reflection of the rich tapestry of activities here at the Law School. More importantly, you will see the people who make all of this happen. We talk about classes, and programs, and activities, but we really are our people. We are our students, our faculty, our staff, and our alumni. It is these people who you will see in the pages of the Peregrinus. We are extraordinarily proud of them, and we are thankful to the Peregrinus staff who put their stories together. We had a great year. I hope you enjoy reviewing it in the pages that follow. Sincerely, Bill Powers In addition to being a leading and respected authority on torts and products liability, Dean Powers has accomplished a number of goals during his tenure. Working to create new opportunities for people of all backgrounds. Time Magazine recently wrote: " No school has worked harder... than U.T. ' s law school " to create opportunities for students of all back- grounds Encouraging public interest work. The dean has embraced the faculty ' s long tradi- tion of serving the public interest. Working with our alum- ni and with the Texas State Government. The dean has maintained the strong loyalty in the Law School ' s alumni base and a fostered good relationship with the Texas State government. The result of both ef- forts has been a stronger public law school for Texas. .. 20 THE STATE OF TEXAS ■ THE SCHOOL OF LAW . THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AW •°Or Contents... Faculty 22 Students 40 Organizations 58 Administration 86 Index 98 Seniors 2004 List .... 102 I f I PEREGRINUS 2004 y Thomas King Cone, IV President Editor ■ ■ il • John Christopher Wagner Vice President James Fredrick Craig, IV Advertising Manager John Douglas Hulse Comptroller Wales Hendrix Madden, IV Managing Editor Brian Joseph Ferguson Chairman Publisher i 1 •• 4 A J 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual ; i (Top Row, Left to Right) Alexandra W. Albright Associate Dean for Students and Technology and Senior Lecturer JD 1980, Texas BA 1977, University of the South (Bottom Row, Left to Right) Mark L. Ascher The Sylvan Lang Professor in the Law of Trusts BA 1975, Marquette; MA 1977, Kansas State; JD 1978, Harvard; LLM 1981, New York Univer- William P. Allison Clinical Professor of Law Director of the Criminal Defense Clinic J.D. 1971, University of Texas B.A. 1967, University of the South Hans W. Baade Hugh Lamar Stone Chair in Civil Law LLB 1955, LLM 1955, Duke Dr.Jur. 1951, Kiel (Germany) BA 1949, Syracuse David A. Anderson Fred and Emily Marshall Wuljf Centennial Chair of Law JD 1971, Texas AB 1962, Harvard Lynn A. Baker Frederick M. Baron Chair in Law Co-Director, Center on Lawyers, Civil Justice, and the Media JD 1985, Yale; BA 1982, Oxford; BA 1978, Yale 22 THE STATE OF TEXAS ■ THE SCHOOL OF LAW Albright - Buel • Faculty (Top Row, Left to Right) Mitchell N. Berman The Bernard J. Ward Centennial Professor in Law AB, Harvard, 1988; JD, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1993; MA, 1994 Lynn E. Blais Leroy G. Denman Jr. Regents Professor in Real Property Law AB, Wellesley College, 1983; JD, Harvard, 1988 Philip C. Bobbitt A. W. Walker Centennial Chair AB, Princeton, 1971; JD, Yale, 1975; PhD, Ox- ford, 1983; MA, 1984 (Bottom Row, Left to Right) Kamela S. Bridges Lecturer BA and BJ 1988; JD 1991, Texas Bree Buchanan Lecturer BA 1985, Southwestern University JD 1989, Texas Sarah M. Buel Clinical Professor JD 1990, Harvard Special credit thanks to Wyatt McSpadden, Rick Patrick, Grant Guerrero for faculty pbStos. 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual £» €3 it fa h r t± $ir 1 1 ' 7J (Top Row, Left to Right) Norma Cantu Professor of Education and Law BA 1973, University of Texas- Pan American; JD 1977, Harvard Loftus C. Carson, II Ronald D. Krist Professor in Law MBA 1980, Pennsylvania; JD 1973, Harvard; M.Pub.Aff.1970, Princeton; BS 1968, Cornell Charles G. Childress Clinical Professor JD 1973, Texas; BA 1967, Texas Tech (Bottom Row, Left to Right) Michael J. Churgin Centennial Professor in Law JD 1973, Yale; AB 1970, Brown Safcih H. Cleveland Marrs McLean Professorship in Law JD 1992, Yale; MS 1989, Oxford; BA 1987, Brown Jane Maslow Cohen Edward Clark Centennial Professor in Law BA 1967, Wellesley College; JD 1971, Yale 24 THE STATE OF TEXAS • THE SCHOOL OF LAW Cantu - Gergen • Faculty (Top Row, Left to Right) Frank B. Cross Herbert D. Kelleher Centennial Professor of Busi- ness Law JD 1980, Harvard; BA 1977, Univerity of Kan- ( Bottom Row, Left to Right) John S. Dzienkowski John S. Redditt Professor in State Local Govern- ment Law JD 1983, Texas; BBA 1980, University of Miami Robert O. Dawson Bryant Smith Chair in Law SJD 1969, Wisconsin; JD 1963, Washington University (St. Louis); BA 1960, University of Missouri George E. Dix A.W. Walker Centennial Chair in Law JD 1966, BS 1964, Wisconsin Lee Anne Fennell Assistant Professor of Law JD 1990, Georgetown University Law ( " enter; MFA 1998, University of Virginia; BBA 1987, Baylor University Mark P. Gergen Joseph C. Hutcheson Professor in Law JD 1982, Chicago; BA 1979, Yale 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual i (Top Row, Left to Right) Julius G. Getman Earl E. Sheffield Rejjents Chair in Law LLM 1963, JD 1958, Harvard; BA 1953, City College of New York Steven J. Goode Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Eulbright Jaworski Professor of Law, and University Distin- guished Teaching Professor JD 1975, Yale; BA 1972, Williams College Lino A. Graglia A. Dalton Cross Professor in Law LLB 1954, Columbia; BA 1952, City College of New York. (Bottom Row, Left to Right) Robert W. Hamilton Minerva House Drysdale Regents Chair in Law JD 1955, Chicago; BA 1952, Swarthmore Patricia I. Hansen . Waddy Bullion Professor in Law AB, Harvard, 1982; JD, Yale, 1987 Eden E. Harrington Lecturer and Director of Clinical Administration JD 1985, Columbia; BA 1982, Rice 26 THE STATE OF TEXAS ■ THE SCHOOL OF LAW Getman - Leclercq • Faculty (Top Row, Left to Right) Barbara C. Hines Clinical Professor J.D. Northeastern University School of Law, 1975; B.A with honors, Latin American Studies, Texas, 1969 Calvin H. Johnson Andrews Kurth Centennial Professor in Law BA, Columbia, 1966; JD, Stanford, 1971 Susan R. Klein Baker and Botts Professor in Law BA, Wellesley College, 1984; JD, California (Berkeley), 1989 (Bottom Row, Left to Right) Kimberlee Kovach Lecturer JD 1979, Capital University; BS 1976, Ohio State Douglas Laycock Alice McKean Young Regents Chair in Law BA, Michigan State, 1970; JD, Chicago, 1973 Teresa R. LeClercq Senior Lecturer BS, Southwest Texas State, 1968; MA, 1970; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1977 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual - 1 1 f T+. 1? (Top Row, Left to Right) Brian Leiter Joseph D. Jamail Centennial Chair in Law AB, Princeton, 1984; JD, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1987; PhD, 1995 Sanford V. Levinson W. St. John Garwood and W. St. John Garwood Jr. Centennial Chair in Law BS, Duke, 1962; PhD, Harvard, 1969; JD, Stan- ford, 1973 Basil Markesinis Jamail Chair in Law I. LB, Etnikon kai Kapodistriakon Panepistimion Attrition, 1965; Doctor Iuris, 1968; MA, PhD, Cambridge, 1970; LLD, 1988; DCL, Oxford, 1995 4 a - ' i r -- (Bottom Row, Left to Right) Inga Markovits " The Friends of Joe Jamail " Regents Chair in Law Drjur, Freie Universitaet Berlin, 1966; LLM, Yale, 1969 Richard S. Markovits The John B. Connally Chair in Law BA, Cornell, 1963; PhD, London, 1966; LLB, Yale, 1968 Thomas O. McGarity W. James Kronzer Chair in Trial and Appellate Advocacy BA, Rice, 1971; JD, Texas (Austin), l974(Bottom Row, Left to Right) 28 THE STATE OF TEXAS -THE SCHOOL OF LAW Leiter - Peroni • Faculty t j • (Top Row, Left to Right) Roy M. Mersky Harry M. Reasoner Regents Chair in Law BS, Wisconsin, 1948; JD, 1952; MALS, 1953 Robin B. Meyer Lecturer BA 1975, Texas; JD 1988, Texas; MS 1981, UT Dallas Linda S. Mullenix Morris and Rita Atlas Chair in Advocacy BA, City College, City University of New York, 1971; MPhil, Columbia, 1974; PhD, 1977; JD, Georgetown, 1980 (Bottom Row, Left to Right) Neil W. Netanel Arnold, White Dnrkee Centennial Professor in Law BA, Yale, 1976; JD, California (Berkeley), 1980; JSD, Stanford, 1995 Christy B . Nisbett Senior Lecturer BA, Missouri (Columbia), 1969; MA, 1971; JD, Texas (Austin), 1979 Robert J. Peroni Parker C. Fielder Regents Professor in Tax Law BSC, DePaul, 1973; JD, Northwestern, 1976; LLM, New York, 1980 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual ( (Top Row, Left to Right) • Hersel W. Perry Associate Professor BA, Texas (Austin), 1976; PhD, Baylor College of Medicine, 1981; JD, Texas (Austin), 1986 Scot Powe Anne Green Regents Chair BA, Yale, 1965; JD, Washington (Seattle), 1968 William C. Powers Jr., Distinguished Teaching Professor, Hines H. Baker and Thelma Kelley Baker Chair in Law, and John Jeffers Research Chair in Law BA, California (Berkeley), 1967; JD, Harvard, 1973 (Bottom Row, Left to Right) David M. Rabban Distinguished Teaching Professor, Dahr Jamail, Randall Hage Jamail, and Robert Lee Jamail Re- gents Chair in Law BA, Wesleyan, 1971; JD, Stanford, 1974 Steven R. Ratner Albert Sidney Burleson Professor in Law AB, Princeton, 1978; JD, Yale, 1986; MA, Institut Universitaire de Hautes Etudes Internationales, 1993 Alan S. Rau Burg Family Professor in Law BA, Harvard, 1963; LLB, 1967 30 THE STATE OF TEXAS ■ THE SCHOOL OF LAW Perry - Schiess • Faculty -V (Top Row, Left to Right) R. Anthony Reese The Thomas W. Gregory Professor BA, Yale, 1986; JD, Stanford, 1995 David W. Robertson Distinguished Teaching Professor, W. Page Keeton Chair in Tort Law BA, Louisiana State, 1960; LLB, 1961; LLM, Yale, 1965; JSD, 1968 John A. Robertson Vinson Elkins Chair in Law BA, Dartmouth College, 1964; JD, Harvard, 1968 (Bottom Row, Left to Right) Lawrence G. Sager Alice Jane Drysdak Sheffield Regents Chair BA, Pomona College, 1963; LLB, Columbia, 1966 John J. Sampson William Benjamin Wynne Professor in Law BBA, Minnesota (Duluth), 1957; LLB, 1966 Wayne C. Schiess Senior Lecturer BA, Brigham Young, 1986; JD, Cornell, 1989 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual (Top Row, Left to Right) M. Michael Sharlot Wright C. Morrow Professor in Law BA, Antioch College, 1958; LLB, Pennsylvania, 1962 Charles M. Silver Cecil D. Rcdford Professor in Law BA, Florida, 1979; MA, Chicago, 1981; JD, Yale, 1987 Ernest E. Smith III The Rex G. Baker Centennial Chair in Natural Resources Law BA, Southern Methodist, 1958; LLB, Harvard, 1962 (Bottom Row, Left to Right) David Simon Sokolow Senior Lecturer BA, Columbia, 1970; MA, 1971; JD, 1979; MBA, Texas (Austin), 1993 Jordan M. Steiker Cooper K. Ragan Regents Professor in Law BA, Wesleyan, 1984; JD, Harvard, 1988 Michael F. Sturley Stanley D. and Sandra Rosenberg Centennial Pro- fessor in Property Law BA, Yale, 1977; " BA, Oxford, 1980; JD, Yale, 1981; MA, Oxford, 1985 32 THE STATE OF TEXAS -THE SCHOOL OF LAW Sharlot - Wellborn • Faculty (Top Row, Left to Right) John F. Sutton, Jr. A. W. Walker Centennial Chair Emeritus JD 1941, Texas Gerald Torres H. O. Head Centennial Professor in Real Property Law AB, Stanford, 1974; JD, Yale, 1977; LLM, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1980 Wendy E. Wagner Joe A. Worsbam Centennial Professor in Law BA, Hanover College, 1982; MEnvironStds, Yale, 1984; JD, 1987 ■ (Bottom Row, Left to Right) Louise Weinberg William B. Bates Chair for the Administration of Justice AB, Cornell, 1954; JD, Harvard, 1969; LLM, 1974 Russell J. Weintraub Ben H. and Kitty King Powell Chair in Business and Commercial Law BA 1950, New York University; JD 1953, Har- vard Olin Guy Wellborn III The William C. Liedtke Sr. Professor in Law AB, Harvard, 1970; JD, 1973 .- 2004 University of Texas Scho ol of Law Annual fc (Top Row, Left to Right) Jay L. Westbrook Benno C. Schmidt Chair of Business Law BA, Texas (Austin), 1965; JD, 1968 (Bottom Row, Left to Right) Ernest A. Young Judge Benjamin Harrison Powell Professor in Law BA, Dartmouth, 1990; JD, Harvard, 1993 Zipporah B. Wiseman Thos. H. Law Centennial Professor in Law BA, McGill, 1950; LLB, Yale, 1954 John J. Sampson, Charles G. Childres, Bree Buchanan Children s Law Clinic Patrick Woolley Beck, Redden Secrest Professor in Law AB, Stanford, 1984; JD, Yale, 1987 Mark G. Yudof Charles Alan Wright Chair in Federal Courts BA, Pennsylvania, 1965; LLB, 1968 34 THE STATE O! i I XAS • THE SCHOOL OF LAW — Westbrook - Yudof • Faculty Professors Emeritus Hans W. Baade Professor Emeritus, The Hugh Lamar Chair Emeritus of Civil Law AB, Syracuse, 1949; Drlur, Christian- Albrechts-Universitat Kiel, 1951; LLB, LLM, Duke, 1955; Diploma, Haagse Academie voor Internationaal Recht, 1956 Richard V. Barndt Professor Emeritus BSL, Utah, 1959; LLB, 1960 William W. Gibson Jr. Professor Emeritus, The Sylvan Lang Professor Emeritus BA, Texas, 1954; LLB, 1956 Corwin W. Johnson Professor Emeritus, Edward, Clark Centennial Professor Emeritus in Law BA, Iowa, 1939; JD, 1941 Leon Lebowitz Professor Emeritus, Joseph C Hutcheson Professor Emeritus in Law JD, Baylor, 1943; AB, 1950; LLM, New York, 1952 Jack Ratliff Professor Emeritus, Ben Gardner Sewell Professor Emeritus in Civil Trial Advocacy BA, Texas, 1956; LLB, 1962 John F. Sutton Jr. Professor Emeritus, A. W. Walker Centennial Chair Emeritus JD, Texas 1941 James M. Treece Professor Emeritus, Charles I. Francis Professor Emeritus in Law BS, Illinois, 1959; JD, 1961; MA, 1962 Russel J. Weintraub Professor Emeritus, The Ben H. and Kitty King Powell Chair Emeritus in Business and Commercial Law BA, New York, 1950; JD, Harvard, 1953 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Extended Faculty Douglas W. Alexander BA, Pomona College, 1975; JD, Houston (University Park), 1980 William R. Allensworth BA, Austin College, 1968; JD, Texas Tech, 1974 James A. Baker BBA, Southern Methodist, 1953; LLB, 1958 John J. Baker BA, Austin College, 1985; JD, Notre Dame, 1990 William G. Barber BSChE, Texas (Austin), 1984; J D, 1987 Jerry A. Bell BA, Texas (Austin), 1974; JD, 1977 Allison H. Benesch BA, George Washington, 1975; MSW, Maryland (Baltimore), 1980; JD, Southern Methodist, 1985 William P. Bowers BBA, Texas A M, 1972; JD, Southern Methodist, 1975; LLM, Georgetown, 1979 J. E. (Buster) Brown BS, Texas A l, 1963; JD, Texas (Austin), 1967 W. Anion Burton Jr. BA, Texas Technological College, 1963; MA, Wichita State, 1964; LLB, Texas (Austin), 1968 Edward A. Cavazos BA, Texas (Austin), 1990; J D, 1993 Joseph A. Cialone II BA, Texas (Austin), 1966; JD, 1972 Jeffrey Civins AB, Brandcis, 1967; MS, Pennsylvania State, 1970; JD, Texas (Austin), 1975 LeifM. Clark BA, Maryland (College Park), 1968; JD, Houston (University Park), 1980 Dana Livingston Cobb BA, Texas (Austin), 1987; JD, 1990 Gregory S. Coleman BS, Texas A M (College Station), 1987; MBA, 1989; JD, Texas (Austin), 1992 Dick DeGuerin BA, Texas, 1963; LLB, 1965 Hector De Leon BSEd, Texas (Austin), 1970; JD, 1973 Philip Durst BA, Houston, 1978; MA, JD, Texas (Austin), 1982 Christopher C. Fennell BA, Maryland (College Park), 1983; MA, Pennsyl- vania, 1986; JD, Georgetown, 1989; MA, Virginia, 2000; PhD, 2003 John C. Fleming BA, Lee College (Tennessee), 1971; JD, Houston, 1975 Fred Fuchs BA, Angelo State University, 1971; JD, Texas (Aus- tin), 1976 Eric R. Galton BA, Duke, 1973; JD, Texas (Austin), 1976 Eden E. Harrington BA, Rice, 1982; JD, Columbia, 1985 James C. Harrington BA, Pontifical College Josephinum, 1968; MA, De- troit, 1970; JD, 1973 P. Michael Hebert AB, Georgetown, 1967; JD, Louisiana State (Baton Rouge), 1970 Max R. Hicks BA, Texas (Austin), 1969; JD, 1976 Ricardo H. Hinojosa BA, Texas (Austin), 1972; JD, Harvard, 1975 David C. Hricik BA, Arizona, 1984; J D, Northwestern, 1988 Sharon F. Keller BA, Rice, 1975; JD, Southern Methodist, 1978 Peter D. Kennedy BA, Southwestern, 1985; JD, Chicago, 1988 Peter N. Kepple BA, Ohio State, 1979; JD, Georgetown, 1982 36 THE STATE OF TEXAS - THE SCHOOL OF LAW ?004 University of Texas School of Law Annual LLM Students Exchange U.M Photo: 1st Row (seated left to right): Axel Kaiser, Clauda De I .eon, Fabiola Bueno, Javier Mori Cockburn, DanielEusterhus; 2nd Row (left to right): Ramon Concha, Luis Rodriguez, Vic- tor Hernandez, In Hyeon Kim, Felipe Alice, Carlos Hernandez- Ojeda, Carlos Rivera, Berm June Park, Anthony Braesch, Dr. Teri LeClercq; Third Row (left to right): HsinT Cheng, Catalina Aguilar Garib, Cecilia Azerrad, Carlos Rodriguez-Domene, Lorena Gonzalez, Kenza Mar- gaoui, Ayse Tumerkan, Honglei Bu, Alina Ramos-Sanchez Pvoman Becerra-Santillan with Ximena Exchange: Front Row (left to right): Sergio Ariel Muro, Ta- mara Biolo Soares, Ana Gerdau de Borja, Marcio Lobato, Philip Carr; Second Row (left to right): Angela Law, Mariana Pargendler, Chitra Nagarajan, Heidi Keville, Thomas Parker, Alison Chin — 1 iw Bfl RRS ,•- ! I up r " ' " w 1 J ' -■ ' -»eB i ■ 1 4 1 lUM ■ Q 4 |p— | ■r ■ M 1- jRj ill i l ft : THE STATE OF TEXAS • THE SCHOOL OF LAW .. LLM Students Exchange - Chancellors Sally Emrick 2003 Chancellors The installation ceremony for new members in Chancellors, the highest honorary organiza- tion at The University of Texas School of Law, was held Feb. 11, at 5:30 p.m. in the R are Books Room of the Tarlton Law Library. Membership to Chancellors is extended to the 16 students with the highest grade point averages after two years at UT Law. This year ' s awards went to Grand Chancellor Lisa E. Ewart; Vice-Chancellor James K. Williamson; Clerks Benjamin W. Putnam; Keepers of the Pereg- rinus Corey Benjamin Blake and Laura Jann Kissel; and Chancellors-at-Large Sundeep K " Rob " Addy, Andrew L. Dahm, Shweta Gera, Adam S. Harbin, Ja- mie L. Naiser, Matthew C. Powers, Brian K. Prewitt, Garrick B. Pursley, Eric M. Solomon, Sarah E. Stasny, and Bryan T Yeates. Ewart, who will clerk for U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Sandra Lynch in Boston next year, is the school ' s 16th female Grand Chancellor. (The Law School has graduated 126 female chancellors, the first being Betty Jo Wiest, Class of 1960, who ranked second in her class. The first female Grand Chancellor was Carol A. Oppenheimer in 1973.) More than 1 ,000 UT Law students have been mem- bers of Chancellors, which was started in 1912. Since then, the names of Chancellors have been enrolled in a roster in the law library ' s Rare Book Room. The names include many who are prominent in legal prac- tice, the judiciary and academia. Among them were W. Page Keeton, who was Dean of UT Law; Charles Meyers, who was Dean of Stanford Law School; Henry Wade, the legendary Dallas district attorney; John Hill, former attorney general of Texas; Nicholas Johnson, former FCC commissioner; Ralph Yarbor- ough, a U.S. Senator; U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggetr, and Judges Joseph Sneed, Thomas Gee, and Di.ine , ' ' ■ o I of the U.S. Courts of Appeal. 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Ahlgren. Patricia Chavez | Stephen F Austin Stale University Allen. Matthew Wade Mississippi State University Arnaga. Amanda Anna Texas ASM University, Student Bai Association, Board of Advocates. Assault Flattery A Belzer. Lydla M. Hartford. University of Maryland, Texas Journal of Women the Law, Women ' s Law Caucus, Jewish aw Students Association, Assault | Flattery, Mediation Clinic I Texas Tech University, Moot Court. I _- Chen. Alan Ming-Yu Austin; antord University, Texas Rev en of Law Politics I I Chilton. Jenny Michelle Arlington. The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Law Fellowships, Student Bar Associatin. Survivor Support Network D Alessio. Amber Marie Cedar Hill, University of North Texas, 7exas Journal of Business Law Co- Editor-in-Chief, Westlaw Student Representitive De Leon, Benjamin S. Austin. The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Law Fellowship, Assault Flattery. SROC, Student Alumni Relations Committee, The Review of Litigation Do. Llnh-Thu Quy Houston ; | Rice University, Assault Flattery, | Texas International Law Journal, Moot Court 40 THE STATE OF TEXAS ■ THE SCHOOL OF LAW Seniors Espinosa Jason Robert San Antonio; University of Rochester, Criminal Law Society, | American Journal of Criminal Lav. Texas Law Tutors Faulkner, Amy Louise Sugar Land, Texas A M University, Christian Legal Society, Texas Review of Law and Politics I Fletcher, Robynn L. Austin, The University of Texas at Austin Thurgood Marshall Legal Society Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal, Board of Advocates Hill. Lisa L. Austin Texas A M University. Texas International Law Journal, Phi Delta Phi. Christian Legal Society I Holand, Anna Lisa Austin; J The University of Texas at Austin. I Student Recruitment Orientation Committee, Student Bar Association Hristov, Meglena llieva Cedar Park, I The University of Texas at Austin, Texas International Law Journal, Intellectual Property Law Society, Federalist Society, Delta Theta Phi Lamb, Alexis Carla Glastonbury, CT, I University of Southern California, Texas Review of Law Politics, Delta Theta Phi Lawson, Marlssa Dawn Garland. I The University of Texas at Austin, The Review of Litigation Editor-in-Chief. Women ' s Law Caucus Mathis, Kendall D. San Marcos, Southwest Texas State University. Legal Research Board, Texas Journal of Women the Law Messer, Dion Dee Austin; Legal Research Board, Intellectual I Property Law Society, Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal I L 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Pattillo. Paige Nacogdoches I Stephen F. Austin State University. UT Feature Twiner, University ot Texas Legal Services for Students Head Law Clerk Pursley Amber L. Burkson; | The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Journal of Business Law | Co- Editor-in-Chief. Phi Delta Phi, Legal Research Board Reisch. Nicholus Jay Austin, University of Nebraska- Lincoln, Board of Advocates. Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association, Environmental Law Journal Necessary, Kristin Nicole Austin; s University, Environmental w Journal, Judicial Intern Picardi, Lisa Michelle Austin. James Madsion University Prewitt, Brian Kenneth Austin. University of Cincinnati, Legal Research Board Chairperson, Asian Law Student Association Roberts, Marcus AH Fort Worth; Morehouse College, Thurgood Marshall Legal Society, Criminal Defense Clinic. Mock Trials 42 THE STATE OF TEXAS -THE SCHOOL OF LAW Seniors Tolilon, Patrick Philip Austin: I The University of Texas at Austin, Texas International Law Journal Managing Editor. ALSA Vaculik, Jennifer Renee Austin, Texas A M University. I Texas Law Review Research Editor Walter, Kandace D. Hewitt, Florida A M University, Thurgood Marshall Legal Society, CHLSA, ACCS. Student Recruitment Orientation Committee, Assault Flattery, Intellectual Property Law Society, Mentor Wilkie, Catrlona Frances Austin. nversity of Notre Dame. 7exas International Law Journal, St. Thomas More Legal Society, Public Interest Law Association Mission of the University. •• The mission of the University is to achieve excellence in the interrelated areas of undergraduate education, graduate education, re- search, and public service. The Uni- versity provides superior and com- prehensive educational opportunities at the baccalaureate through doctoral and special professional educational levels. The University contributes to the advancement of Texas and soci- ety at large through research, creative Mission of the Law School... activity, scholarly inquiry, and the de- velopment of new knowledge. The University preserves and pro- motes the arts, benefits the state econ- omy, serves the citizens throu gh pub- lic prosrams, and public service. r T " , he primary function of a law JL school is to educate students for the learned profession of law. equently, it is the first aim of the administration to provide full-time legal educators as inspir- ing classroom teachers who are capable of training students in the process of legal analysis, clear and persuasive oral and written advo- cacy, and thoughtful participation in law reform and the formation of public policy. The School of Law is also con- cerned with two other functions: the advancement of knowledge bout the law as a social institution and about the way the rule of law may most effectively serve social ends— a research function; and keeping the busy judge and practitioner abreast of ■ " new Idevelopments-a continuing le- gal education function. The research and continuing legal education func- tions, in turn, enrich the training and education of current students. With an enrollment of about fifteen hundred students, the School of Law at the University of Texas is one of the nation ' s largest law schools with day students only. The students are predominantly Texas residents; nonresident admis- sion has been limited by the state Legislature to 20 percent of each en- tering class. The academic credentials of enrolled nonresidents are about the same as those of residents, but non- resident tuition is higher. The school is a national school in that the training received and the courses offered provide the neces- sary legal education for practice in any part of the United States where the legal heritage is the common law system of England. Hundreds of out- of-state law firms, corporations, and agencies actively recruit the school ' s graduates each year. There are more than nineteen thousand living alumni of the School of Law. J 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Adair. Thomas J. Austin; Dartmouth College. Teaching Quizmasters. Texas international j Law Journal. Assault Flattery Anderson. Lorianna Howard Payne University. Phi Alpha Delta. Assault Flattery Beck. Regan Eugene Texas Journal of Business La Symposium Chair Blackburn. Benjamin Walter Austin, Trinity University Duncan, Mark Avery Austin: The University of Texas at Austin, American Journal of Criminal Lav, Fisher. Amanda Holten Dallas. Rhodes College, Women ' s Law Caucus, Survivor Support Network I Fundraising Co-Chair Gaines. Allegra M. Waco. The University of Texas at Arlington. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. Chtcano Hispanic Law Student Association Texas ASM University, Texas | Intellectual Property Law Journal. Intellectual Property Law Society Jones, Andrew Donohue Houston; Trinity University, Texas International Law Journal, Texas Review of Entertainment and Sports Law, Environmental Law Society Judkins. Teshla N. Austin, Rice University, Texas Journal of I Business Law, Thurgood Marshall | Legal Society 44 THE STATE OF TEXAS • THE SCHOOL OF LAW Second Year Macdonald, Cory Daniel Austin; The University of Texas at Austi American Constitution Society Vice President Milner. Jevon Scott Austin; Texas ASM University, Revi Litigation Moore, William J. Monroe. LA; urmingham-Southern College, Texas Law Review, Legal Research Board Nelson, Shane Alan Austin; Texas ASM University, Student Recruitment and Orientatin Committee Neugart, Joseph John Shreveport, LA, Texas A M University. Student Bar Association. SROC, Assault Flattery. Board of Advocates. Texas Mexico Bar Association Shaddock. Matthew N. Austin, Yale University, Guanajuato Exchange, Legal Eagles, SROC. Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association Stokes, Brandi K. Tallahassee. FL. The University of Texas at Austin Strain, Tamara Renee Schertz. The Review of Litigation 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Worbington, Jonathan Christopher Austin. The University of Texas at Austin Yeti. Brian T. Austin; Cornell University. American Journal of Cnminal Law. Asian Law Students Association in I ian J Law School The School of Law, then the De- partment of Law, opened along with the Department of Literature, Science, and Arts in 1883. The two departments occupied one build- ing until the session of 1908-1909, when the Law Building was com- pleted. This building served the needs of the School of Law until the completion in 1953 of Townes • •• Hall, named for Judge John Charles Townes, dean of the school from 1907 through 1923. The enrollment, about six hundred in 1953, increased each year thereafter, necessitating ad- ditions to Townes Hall in 1964 and 1980. The 1980 addition is named Jesse H. Jones Hall in honor of the Houston philanthropist. These two connected buildings house the Joseph D. Jamail Center for Legal Research and classrooms, offices, and support facilities for the faculty, staff, and students of the School of Law. The John B. Connally Center for the Ad- ministration of Justice, completed in 2000, houses a working courtroom and some of the finest facilities in the country for clinical education and ad- vocacy skills training. The Joseph D. Jamail Center for Legal Research... The Joseph D. Jamail Center for Legal Research houses the Tarlton Law Library and other re- search facilities at the School of Law. The center supports the re- search and academic needs of the faculty and students, as well as the research needs of the University community and the public. Mem- bers of the public, including at- torneys, may purchase a courtesy borrower card that allows them to use circulating materials outside the library. Students, faculty mem- bers, and staff members at participat- ing university libraries in Texas have access to the law library ' s resources through the TexShare library resource sharing program. With more than a 950,000 volumes, the Tarlton library is one of the largest academic law libraries in the country. In addition to a comprehensive col- lection of primary and secondary le- gal materials, the library has a broad interdisciplinary collection in the so- cial sciences and humanities. Special collections include extensive foreign and international legal resources, more than 915,000 microform items in the media collection, the papers of former Supreme Court Justice Tom C. Clark of Texas, and a collection of recent winners of the American Bar Association ' s Silver Gavel Award. The library has been a selective de- pository for United States govern- ment documents since 1965 and a full depository for the European Union since 1963, and a selective dep ository for Canadian government publica- tions since 2000. Continued on the following page. 46 THE STATE OF TEXAS ■ THE SCHOOL OF LAW Second Year Center for Legal Research, cont. .... Reracfa ..■ .-: (pit nkv. staff, and col of Law. The okt for the Ad- 1 cc completed in I (ba oomtroom I a kites in the I lepl resources. ■ ' tm ■ .« Tom Ik fetarf t American Bar Gavel Award. i a sdective de- ■■0 to L ' nion a w In addition to printed matter, the library offers law students access to LEXIS and WESTLAW, the major on-line legal research services, and a variety of other legal and nonlegal electronic databases and informa- tion services. The library ' s Com- puter Learning Center provides a network of about eighty-two IBM- compatible personal computers for word processing and research. The library also maintains a Web site at http: . Through this site, students, faculty members, the University commu- nity, the public, and alumni are linked to a wide range of Internet legal resources. As a member of the Research Libraries Group, the library par- ticipates in the ShaRes Program, a consortium facilitating resource shar- ing among member libraries, and contributes cataloging data to the Re- search Libraries Information Network (RLIN), a national computer system for shared cataloging. Through this network, the library has immediate access to the collections of other ma- jor research libraries throughout the country. The library also contributes infor- mation on its holdings to the Online Computer Library Center ' s World- Cat, the world ' s largest bibliographic database. The library ' s on-line cata- log, TALLONS, provides immediate access to much of the library ' s own collection. Off-site access to the cata- log is available on-line. TALLONS can be used in conjunction with U I Library Online, which provides enti to the physical and on-line collection of the University ' s General Libraric Contributing to the Tarlton library ambiance is the Elton M. Hyder Jr and Martha Rowan Hyder Collec- tion, consisting of nearly four thou sand prints, paintings, manuscript documents, pieces of furniture, quilts, rugs, and other materials. It illus trates the history of law and creates a unique and culturally enriching stud and work environment for library us- ers and staff members. Because legal research can be tech- nically demanding, members of the library ' s public services staff provide individual and classroom instruction in the use of the library ' s materials. JOSEPH D. JAM AIL PAVILION . 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Abraham, Reba Anne Anderson. Stephen John Austin: The University of Texas at Austin, Teaching Quizmasters Football — Bowen. Brian Scott Austin; I Kansas State University, Bar Review, Gunner Football Yale University, intellectual Property Law Society Vanderbtit University, Thurgoo d Marshall Legal Society. Student Recruitment and Orientation Committee. Student Alumni Relations Committee Ford. Mamie Gonzalez Austin, Southwest Texas State University. Women ' s Law Caucus, Teaching Quizmasters Football Gaubert, Ryan C. Austin, Emory University, American Constitution Society. Student Bar | Association Gonzalez, Hipolito III Del Rio; The University of Texas at Austin. Chicano Hispanic Law Student Association, Student Recruitment | and Orientation Committee 48 THE STATE OF TEXAS • THE SCHOOL OF LAW Frist Year I Gonzalez. Roslyn Cornell Universrty. Chicano I Hispanic Law Student Association, I ALSA. CLS Gutierrez, Michelle Jacqueline University of St. Thomas, American Constitutional Society. CHLSA. TQ Football , Hammer, Jonathan Ryan Vinelannd, N.J ; Rutgers College Johnston. David Milton Austin; Davidson College, Intellectual Property Law Society Kimberley, Catherine E. Austin, University ot North Carolina- Chapel Hill, Women ' s Law Caucus. American Constitution Society Treasurer 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Lopez. Patricia Austin; University ol Texas at El Paso, Chtcano Hispanic Law Student Association. Public Interest Law Association McCormick, Ryan Patrick Austin; Georgetown University. Student Bar Association. Student- Pfeiffer. Justin Carl Austin, University ot Virginia, Student Alumni Relations Committee Marshall. Schuyler Bailey V. Austin: Washington Lee University i I Mayberry. Laura Deanne Truman State University McGuire, Stephen Harris Waxahachie. Texas A M University Moore. Jesse T. Austin The University ol Texas at Austin Pinckard. Kelty Laine Troy. AL; University ol Alabama Price, David Wray Austin; Rice University 50 THE STATE OF TEXAS • THE SCHOOL OF LAW First Year Richardson, Blair Allen Houston; The University of Texas at Austin Phi Beta Kappa, Golden Key National Honor Society Ripperda, Katrina Ann Austin; Texas A M University. Health Law Society Rogers, Amber Michelle Beaumont; Trinity University, Thurgood Marshall Legal Society, American Constitutution Society. Women ' s Round Table Royer, Dale Elbert Austin; The University or Texas at Austin, Board of Advocates Thompson, Tara Marlow El Dorado, AR; University of the South Voges, Mark H. Austin; Bowdoin College. Intellectual Property Law Society Walker, Raymond Leroy Austin; Rice University, Intellectual Property Law Society Weiss. David Harper Houston: The University of Richmond 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Curriculum Areas... Advocacy The School of Law is a nation- ally recognized and award-winning center of training in advocacy. The school ' s physical facilities for the teaching of advocacy and dispute resolution include the John B. Con- nally Center for the Administration of Justice, which houses a large, fully functional courtroom-with ju- dicial chambers, jury deliberation rooms, and attorney conference rooms-and a number of teaching courtrooms. The program focuses on all as- pects of advocacy and helps stu- dents develop a core set of skills that will help them to be persuasive advocates to any audience. A variety of courses are offered that combine basic theory and techniques, client and case management skills, prac- tical interdisciplinary experiences, and the philosophy behind the art of persuasion. Several courses also include sessions for students to practice advocacy skills and try cases before jury and judge. The advocacy program houses a dedicated adjunct faculty made up of talented and experienced attorneys and judges. The classes are designed so that students have the opportunity to work in small groups with these in- structors. The individualized instruc- tion combined with both traditional and innovative advocacy theories provide students with a varied and well-rounded education in advocacy. Constitutional Law Often considered to have the best constitutional law faculty in the Unit- ed States, the School of Law presents unparalleled opportunities for work on the range of issues that fall under constitutional law: the structure of government and the federal system, individual rights and liberties, and constitutional interpretation. Faculty members approach these issues from traditional doctrinal perspectives as well as from the perspectives of po- litical science, philosophy, and his- tory. Even lawyers who do not prac- tice constitutional law will find that a knowledge of constitutional doctrine is valuable, because it is the most vis- ible-and often the most controver- sial-area of the law, one which law- yers are often called upon to explain to their peers outside the profession. Corporate Law People trained in corporate law and securities help to create, finance, op- erate, and regulate the business enter- prises that account for the bulk of the world ' s economic activity. They bring corporations and part- nerships into being, and help struc- ture the stock and bond offerings, swaps and other derivitives, mergers, and other bond and securities transac- tions. Whether they are transactional lawyers, litigators, or regulators, they play central roles in the world of cor- porate and international finance in corporate boardrooms. They do this work within constraints primarily arising from market forces, varying notions of social responsibility, state corporate law, and federal securities regulation. The School of Law offers excellent opportunities for students interested in the transactional, litigation, and regulatory aspects of this field. Few institutions can offer a similar combi- nation of courses, faculty, and extra- curricular activities. Environmental Law The increasing number and com- plexity of international, federal, state, and local environmental laws afford legal practitioners challenging career opportunities. Practice in environ- mental law exposes an attorney to several legal disciplines, including contract, tort, property, constitution- al, and administrative law. In addi- tion, an environmental lawyer can fill an important role in helping to bridge the gap between technological and scientific advancements and complex political considerations. wit) " dcomiv 52 THE STATE OF TEXAS -THE SCHOOL OF LAW First Year The School of Law offers excep- tional opportunities for students interested in environmental law through its courses, journals, and extracurricular activities. Intellectual Property Law The School of Law provides an environment especially suited to the study of intellectual property law. A wide variety of courses in pat- ent, copyright, and trademark law and entertainment and high-tech practice are offered; these core courses are supplemented by ad- vanced offerings taught both by faculty members and by leading intellectual property practitioners from throughout the state. The cur- riculum in intellectual property is enhanced by strong extracurricu- lar programs and by a high level of interest in the field outside the law school, both at the University and in Austin ' s legal, business, and artistic communities. The intellec- tual property law program has been ranked among the best in the nation for several years. International and Comparative Law Today ' s lawyer in the public or the private sector must be prepared for a world in which national bor- ders are becoming less significant and in which knowledge of United States law alone will not suffice. The School of Law offers one of the country ' s broadest ranges of faculty members, courses, and li- brary resources in international and comparative law and has de- veloped an international reputation for excellence in this field. Faculty members conduct research and teach in areas ranging from international trade and investment to human rights and immigration. Students express their interests through participation in an international law journal, sym- posia, exchange programs, and other activities. Graduates have gone on to practice for law firms, corporations, and international organizations. Jurisprudence, Philosophy, and Social Political Theory An integral part of the law school ' s mission is to equip students to think analytically and critically about the intellectual and moral issues that un- derlie the law and the legal system. Debates in the political arena about the proper role of judges in interpret- ing the Constitution typically presup- pose answers to classic jurispruden- tial questions; decisions about the proper scope of regulatory schemes often depend on philosophical views about social justice and equality; ar- guments among judges and legal aca- demics about statutory interpretation often engage theoretical issues about the nature of language and meaning. For students contemplating a career in law teaching, issues in jurispru- dence, philosophy, and social political theory are an increasingly important part of academic preparation. But for all students, law school can provide an opportunity for sustained reflec- tion on perennial ethical and political questions—questions that are vital to the student because of the power law- yers have to answer them in practice. Labor and Employment Law Traditionally, courses in labor law have been concerned with the federal law governing the relationship be- tween labor, represented by a union, and management. Recent decades have seen the rise of the new field of employment law, spurred by the de- velopment of a broad array of statu- tory and common-law constraints on the workplace and the individual em- ployment contract. The combined field of labor and employment law has become an in- creasingly rich and diverse area of legal practice. The field also affords a window on many of the most im- portant legal developments of the late twentieth century: the tension among market forces, individual rights, and legal regulation; the expansion of the antidiscrimination mandate and the challenge of diversity; the explosion of litigation and the development of alternativ e modes of dispute resolu- tion; the decline of unions and collec- tive bargaining and the rise of alterna- tive forms of employee involvement and representation. The law school faculty has one of the strongest labor and employment contingents in the nation. Tax Law A special strength of the law school is the curriculum in tax law, which is consistently ranked among the na- tion ' s top programs. The curriculum is designed to give students a thorough grounding in the policy and theory that underlie tax law, so that they will be prepared to deal with the rapid changes in details that inevitably occur in this field. Tax law affects virtually everyone and will remain an important eco- nomic consideration for most clients for at least the next generation. You can always count on death, taxes, and lawyers. 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Fudan University Becerra-Santillan. Roman Andres. Mexico; Hamm, Jonas Henrik Germany; 54 THE STATE OF TEXAS • THE SCHOOL OF LAW LLM f i Hernandez, Victor Luis The Woodlands; Mori, Javier Austin; Ponticicia Universidad Catolica del Peru Park. Berm June Austin; Seoul National University 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual The Law School Foundation. .. The University of Texas Law School Foundation was established in 1952 by Charles I. Francis, Sylvan Lang, An- gus G. Wynne, Hines Baker, Dan Moody, Robert E. Hardwicke, and Hugh Lamar Stone. They foresaw that private support would be needed to supplement state funding if the law school were to achieve its potential. The founda- tions objective is to establish or assist in establishing chairs, professorships, and scholarships. The scholarship endowment is now approximately $30 million; it provided more than $1.5 million in financial aid for 2002-2003. Over the years, the foundations role and significance have grown as its assets have increased. Today, the founda- tion maintains half of the endowments and privately-sponsored funds that support the law school. The law schools endowment is one of the largest in the nation. Officers and trustees of the foundation are: David J. Beck, President, Life Member C. Kenneth Roberts, Vice President, Life Member Linda L. Addison Morris Atlas, Life Member F. Scott Baldwin, Sr. E. William Barnett, Life M)embe Frederick M. Baron John B. Beckworth Ruben R. Cardenas George C. Chapman Joseph A. Cialone Sylvia A. de Leon Joseph C. Dilg J. Chrys Dougherty, Senior ' Rodney G. Ellis John L. Estes, Senior Trustee Robert C. Grable Kay Bailey Hutchison Joseph D. Jamail Jr., Life Member Franklin Jones Jr., Senior Trustee Dee J. Kelly Sr., Senior Trustee on Kirk ™ike R. Ligon mas G. Loeffler Jo$R. Long s H. Madden Jr., Senior Trustee rk McLaughlin, Life Member T Montford e A. Meyers n P. Newton Tom B. Ramey Jr., Senior Trustee Harry M. Reasoner, Life Member J. Burleson Smith, Senior Trustee Larry E. Temple The University of Texas Law Alumni Association Founded in 1939, The University of Texas Law Alumni Association operates under the nonprofit status of the Law School Foundation. The primary purposes of the association are to raise funds for the law school, to strengthen the relationship between the school and its alumni, and to assist the dean, the faculty, and the staff in their efforts to make the School of Law the best public law school in the nation. Endowments The University and the Law School Foundation have adopted as one of their major objectives the development of endowment funds to be used to attract and retain eminent scholars and teachers for the law school. The income from these funds is used to supplement the salaries of distinguished professors and to provide research assistance and other logistical support. 56 THE STATE OF TEXAS -THE SCHOOL OF LAW We ' re Texas. Student groups meet in the Sheffield Room (above) as well as in lecture halls, and mock courtrooms (left). 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual American Constitution Society Founded in 2001. the UT Chapter of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (ACS) is one of the law school ' s newest student organiza- tions. ACS is a national organization of law students, law professors, judges, and practicing attorneys who seek to re- store the fundamental principles of re- spect for human dignity, protection of individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, and access to justice to their rightful place in American law. ACS hosts debates, panel discus- sions, guest speakers, and a brown bag lunch series A CS Board, (left to right): Ben Siegel, Spring Events Chair; Jamie Richards, Fall Events Chair; Cory Macdonald, Vice President; Katie Kimberley, Treasurer; Amanda Tyler, President. Not pictured: Sergio Moreno, Mem- bership Secretary; David Nowlin, Publicity Chair. — - ■Kfm m i s 58 THE STATE OF TEXAS ■ THE SCHOOL OF LAW American Constitution Society 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual American Journal of Criminal Law The American Journal of Criminal Law is one of the top student-edited scholarly legal journals in the nation devoted to current issues in the area of criminal law. Published three times a year for about a thousand subscribers in the United States and abroad, the Journal includes articles and notes from professors, prac- titioners, and students that cover a wide range of topics in criminal law and ad- dress constitutional, political, and prac- tical concerns. Membership on the journal ' s staff is offered each year to students who dem- onstrate excellent writing ability in the winter and summer write-on competi- tions and to those who earn grades of A+ in Law 323. Top row (left to right): Kathy Schwinghammer, Mike Seay, Seth Topek, Ben McReynolds Middle row: Colleen Burke, Mark Duncan, Brian Yeh Bottom row: Susie Perez, Katherine McAnally, David Gorski Editorial Board Editor-in-Chief: Debra Innocenti Managing Editor: Angie Bentz Executive Editor: George L. Mehren Chief Articles Editors: Katherine McAnally, Kristen Stuckey Manuscript Editors: David Gorski, Eric Heins, Mike Seay, Oleh Sniezko, Brian Yeh Chief Text Technical Editor: Susie Perez Technical Editor: Beth Vinluan Symposia m Coordinator: Colleen Burke Davis Notes Review Editor: Mandi Jackson Special Events Coordinator: Mark Duncan Development Coordinator: Kathy Schwinghammer Staff Stephanie Collett Jennifer Eckroth Erin Eggleston Tiffany Foster John C. Johns Yoon Kim Jessica Maloney Ben McReynolds Mark Mendola Jordan Morris William Nes Aaron Pollack Trevor Rosson Staci Schweizer Justin Sigman John So Cynthia Tom Seth Topek John Laurens Wilkes 60 THE STATE OF TEXAS • THE SCHOOL OF LAW American Journal of Criminal Law Criminal Law Society Criminal Law Society Front row (left to right): Audra Gonzalez, Susan Perez, Laurel Boatright, Jason Espinosa Back row (left to right): Dan Chadwick, Kathy Schwinghammer, Aaron Pollack The Criminal Law Society is an organization for students, faculty, and staff at the Law School and elsewhere on the UT campus who are interested in learning ore about and becom- ing actively involved in the criminal law field. The organization provides learning opportunities and coordinates major program- ming, including speakers, symposiums, conferences, and work- shops, which encompass a variety of topics related to criminal law and careers in criminal law. Officers are: Officers: President, Jason R Espinosa; Vice-Presi- dent, Aaron Douglas Pollack; Programming Coordinator, Laurel R. Boatright; Education Coordination, Katherine L. Schwing- hammer; Treasurer, Alanna J Hale. 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual - Environmental Law Society The Environmental Law Society provides career counsel- ing, networking opportunities, and internships to stu- dents with an interest in environmental law. It also works on improving the environmental curricula at the law school and promoting speakers, symposia, and scholarships. Proj- ects include recycling, attending the National Association of Environmental Law Societies conferences, and hosting the Environmental Moot Court Competition, which chooses the team to represent the law school at the Pace National Envi- ronmental Moot Court Competition Officers are: President, Leigh M Lewis; Vice-President, Su- san M Rainey; Vice-President, John W So las ■eilow lifiou; 62 THE STATE OF TEXAS ■ THE SCHOOL OF LAW Environmental Law Society - Christian Legal Society Ay Christian Legal Society The Christian Legal Society is a nondenominational association students seeking friendship and encour- agement and a refuge from the challenges of law school. Activities include weekly meetings followed by informal fellowships, Bible study, retreats, and special service proj- ects. Meetings involve presentations by area attorneys, re- ligious leaders, and CLS members, as well as other pro- grams designed to meet the needs of members. Members include: Amy Faulkner, Roslyn Gon- zales, David Upham, Keith Smith, Justin Conner, Noel Bouche, Lisa Hill, Russell Parish, Jim Hawkins, Courtney Hawkins and Ben Kelly. Officers are: Co- leaders Amy Faulkner and Russell Parish; Treasurer, Justin Conner. 2004 University o f Texas School of Law Annual attei S U c i Main Shorn Rob Addy Amanda Arriaga Ruben Baeza ]r. Noah Bajch Laurel Boatright Greg Bove Philip Cart Kristi Celentano Dan Chadwick fenny Chilton Lindsay Cowart Mike Cruz Davida Dwyer Blake Ellis Abe George Emily Anne Jackson Andy Lehman Jamie Lipsey Aisha Moinuddin Baxter Morgan Chitra Nmagarajan Dustin O ' Quinn Erin Reed Charlotte Shivers Ed Tulin Ayse Tumerkan Alissa Zacharv Medley £m Sam Colletti Garrett Cornelison Tracy Cox Ben De Leon Mike Laussade Amy Mitcheft Melissa Nihisef John Ramsey Lily Shanks Beth Vinl uan r Dancers w Amanda Arriaga Laurel Boatright Anastasia Breloff Claudia Chahin laphekar CelinaLnS Twiggy Duong Mollie Duckworth Erica Escobar Mary Gravely Caleb Hagopian Brandy Harrington Kelly Jeppesen Cindy Lee Felicia Lee Megan Lott Gabriel a Moreno Karri na Ripperda Veronica Roper Meredith Rowe Tatman Ryder Kristen Stuckey Hugo Teste Tracey Tobin Lauren Williams Janine Yee WB Skitz Michelle Abroms Lydia Belzer Hassan Elrakabawy fhne Gin grijjud jshua I.oLinsbury lartin Shane Mecham Siavash Rahbari Scotjfflkkierski TC Turner Tech Crew Laura Barrie Drew Dornburg Jennifer Eckroth David Fiegelson Kartapurkh Khalsa Chitra Nagarajan Dave Price Jessica Shortz Band Jeremy Brown Josh Dehnke Austin Haller Ron Liu David Natchigall Kevin Pcnnell Chris Wike Board Members Amanda Arriaga Noah Balch Anastasia Breloff Garrett Cornelison Josh Dehnke nnifer Ekroth Kindel Flam Erica Escobar Lauren Ford Jamie Lipsey Ron Liu Mandy Locker Ryan Locker Josh Lounsbury Shane Mecham Amy Mitchell Baxter Morgan Joey Neugart Matthew Shaddock Maggie Sheer Kristen Stuckey Hugo Teste Tiffani Tsumpis pi 64 THE STATE OF TEXAS • THE SCHOOL OF LAW Assault Flattery Group The Board (left) Dancers (below) Assault and Flattery (A F) is one of the largest student organizations at the law school. Each spring A F presents the school ' s annual musical comedy revue as part of Law Week. Usually based on a popular film or Broadway musical, the show embraces and satirizes all aspects of the legal pro- fessions—students, faculty members, and the law it- self. The production is written, directed, designed, and choreographed by law students and features live performances by student and faculty actors, singers, dancers, and musicians. 1 -tW WWRtot. m ' rl " 9Br IH« I W 1 ' ■■4 1 JMMHL mm fc mM m 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Assault Flattery Main Show Skitz 66 TH E STATE OF TEXAS • TH E SCHOOL OF LAW 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Intellectual Property Law Society Intellectual property law. the law of patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets, is currently the area with the greatest market demand. The Intellectual Property Law So- ciety exists to inform and as- sist students interested in the practice of intellectual prop- erty law. The society offers regular guest speakers, op- portunities to visit with local intellectual property lawyers, and broad ranging informa- tion about the area, including the Patent and Trademark Of- fice examination and career options. Officers are: President, Ash- ley Green; VP of Public Re- lations. Holly Vandrovec; Treasurer, Vanessa Geil; VP of Member Relations, Mark Yuan. wt Mem Back row (right to left): Thad Faleski, Matt Carter; Middle row (right to left): Michael Oye, Vanessa Geil, Ashley Green, unidentified; Bottom row (right to left): Mark Voges, Floyd Walker, Mark Yuan, unidentified. 68 THE STATE OF TEXAS ■ THE SCHOOL OF LAW Intellectual Property Law Society - Legal Research Board 1 Members: Front row (left to right): Assoc. Director Kendall Mathis, Director of Communications Ursula Mann, Eun-Hwa Ha, Will Brown, Audrey Cumming. Back row: Jim Sanford, Executive Director Brandon Danford, Seth Bolzle, Chairperson Brian K. Prewitt, Trent Rinebarger, Michael Brown, David Sweeney. Legal Research Board The Legal Research Board ( " The LRB " ) is an organization of Uni- versity of Texas law students chartered by the State Bar of Texas to provide legal research and prepare legal memo- randa for licensed attorneys. Founded in December of 1961, the LRB is one of the oldest student-run legal research organizations of its kind in the country. The primary purpose of the LRB is to refine the research and writing skills of its members by providing them oppor- tunities to work with actual problems in consultation with practicing attorneys. Officers are (from left): Associate Director Kendall D. Mathis, Direc- tor of Communications Ursula F. Mann, Executive Director Brandon B. Danford, and Chairperson Brian K. Prewitt. 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Phi Delta Phi Fraternity Phi Delta Phi International Legal Fraternity is among the oldest legal organizations in North America. To be eligible for active membership, a law student must be of good moral character and in good academic standing. First semester, first year students are allowed to participate in select Inn activities pending second semester ini- tiation. Roberts Inn requires a minimum standard of scholarship, the top third per- centile of each class (by the law school grade cut-off), for eligibility beyond the international constitutional requirement of " in good academic standing. " • On March 5, 2004 Phi Delta Phi hosted its second annual Legal Career Day for high school students. Students and teach- ers from Lanier, Manor, Reagan Tra- vis High Schools and American Youth Works Charter School attended the day- long event, at the law school. Students toured the law school and library, vis- ited with law students and attorneys and watched a mock trial championship round. The event was co-sponsored by Communities in School and was aimed at encouraging students to pursue a col- lege education and a legal career. Front row (left to right): Michelle Gutierrez, Cassandra Quinn, Jonathan Ayre, | Jonathan Harshman, Bill Burns, Daniel Moffett, Terry Roberts, Benjamin Guer- ■ i a. Matthew Carey, Lauren Green, Seth Topek, Heather De La Garza and Dan- iela Grosz. Back row (left to right): Patrick Pacheco, Province Vice President; I Jeff Snyder, Magister; Stanley Johanson, Faculty Advisor; Heather Davis, Vice I .Magister; Jessica Friesenhahn, Historian; and Lisa Hill, Clerk. t 1 . — " ► A " i tL " J First I Caral 70 THE STATE OF TEXAS • THE SCHOOL OF LAW — i . Phi Delta Phi - Survivor Support Network Survivor Support Network SSN brings together students from the University of Texas to provide services to survivors of domestic violence directed toward economic empowerment and lifelong independence. Survivor Support Network was founded in Fall 2003 at the law school. A number of business school students volunteer with SSN as well. SSN provided services to 17 survivors of domestic violence and their families this year. Services ranged from helping survi- vors create resumes and search for em- ployment to emergency debt relief and securing a new front door for a survi- vor whose door did not have a working lock. Survivor Support put on two major fundraisers this year — a Valentine ' s Day fundraiser at the law school where candles, candy, wine bottle covers and " Crushes " were sold. The second fund- raiser was a charity poker pool tourna- ment at Buffalo Billiards. • Officers: Jenny Chilton (President Founder), Mandy Fisher (Vice Presi- dent of Fundraising), Melissa Pipkin (Vice President of Economic Empow- erment), Mary de la Rosa (secretary). • Members not pictured are: Amanda Fisher, Amy White, Brandon Grossman, Chitra Nagarajan, Christina Maple, Claudia Chahin, Corrie Martin, Dwayne Smith, Eddie Lucio III, Elizabeth Lewis, Elizabeth Myers, Emily Jackson, Garry Marshall, Grant Weaver, Jamie Lipsey, Jennifer Barriere, Jenny Lenhard, John Greene, Joseph Cathey, Kaitrin Rob- erts, Katie Ritcheske, Kelly Ruff, Lau- ren Mutti, Leslie Pegram, Mary Beth Cagle, Molly Mayhall, Preetam Shinga- vi, Sashka Koleva, Schuyler Marshall, Shirley Dela Cruz, Steven Teggeman, William DeJong. Special Thanks to: SBA for helping with funding, the students, faculty and staff at UT for giving generously, Sarah Buel and Jeana Lungwitz for inspiration and guidance. _ 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annua Texas Jou The Texas Journal of Business Law ( " TJBL " ) is dedicated to provid- ing Texas attorneys and academics with comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of the ever-changing and rapidly expand- ing field of business law by publishing manuscripts addressing practical issues directly affecting its constituents. With more than 4.000 subscribers, it is among the most widely circulated student-run publications in Texas, as well as one of the largest business law journals in the nation. Additionally, TJBL has the unique distinction of being both a UT publica- tion and the official publication of the Business Law Section of the State Bar of Texas ( " Business Law Section " ). Members of the Business Law Section and professors from the law school fac- ulty advise the TJBL staff and oversee the publication process. Amber D ' Alessio Amber Pursley Co - Editors-in - Chief David Kavanaugh Managing Editor Am} ' Simar Notes Editor Tody Upham Recent Developments Editor Top: TJBL football team takes time-out for a picture. Middle: Editorial Board Pic: 2003-2004 Texas Journal of Business Law Editorial Board (from left to right): Dave Ka- vanaugh, Amber Pursley, Amy Simar, Amber D ' Alessio, and Jody Upham. Bottom Left: Jeff Snyder enjoying a TJBL happy hour. Bottom Right: Co-Editor-in-Chiefs Amber D ' Alessio and Amber Pursley working hard on a final edit. 72 THE STATE OF TEXAS -THE SCHOOL OF LAW raiiiirf ; ir ' hnivr ' Ty ■ I W M Texas Journal of Business Law Thurgood Marshall Legal Society Members are Row 1 (from left): Shawn Collin s, Genesis Draper, Jai Jones, Amber Rogers, Jamila Mensah, Teresa Cagnolatti. Row 2: Keith Smith, Terry Roberts, Joyce Iyamu. Row 3: Kandace Walter, Jennifer Kinney, Brandon Leonard, Teshia Judkins, Ifeoma Odita, Chalon Clark, Andrea Hayes. Row 4: Monet Clarke, Floyd Walker, Kari Orr, Nathelie Daniels, Kene Chinweze, Katie Williams, Amos Olubunmi, Craig Moore, Chasity Wilson, Allison Conerly, Shereka Jefferson, Ra- chel Morris. Row 5: Carnegie Mims, Vickie Johnson, Derrick Parker, Edra Anderson, Demetria Frank, Dustin O ' Quinn. Thur good Marshall Legal Society The Thurgood Marshall Legal Soci- ety (TMLS) is the law school affili- ate of the National Black Law Students Association. The purpose of TMLS is to foster legal, cultural, and social awareness among black law students. To achieve this goal, TMLS maintains a variety of subcommittees that address such areas as academics, public rela- tions, and fundraising. TMLS actively recruits African Americans into the law school community and promotes an atmosphere at the law school that is conducive to their academic and profes- sional success. President - Keith D. Smith Vice President - Demetria Frank Secretary - Kandace D. Walter Treasurer - Monet M Clarke Parliamentarian - Carnegie H. Mims Librarian - Dustin J. O ' Quinn 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Texas International Law Journal From left: Patrick Tofilon, Andrea Thomson, Ed Meier, Ben Singer, Kindel Eiam. Established in 1965, the Texas Inter- national Law Journal is the fourth- oldest student-edited international law journal in the United States and the sec- ond-oldest periodical at the law school. Three times a year the Journal publishes timely articles by international scholars and noted practitioners, as well as se- lected student works. The Journal focus- es on all subjects of international law: public and private international law, the law of international organizations, and comparative and foreign law. Subscrib- ers include law school and government libraries, law firms, corporations, and individuals in the United States and abroad. In addition, the Journal organizes a yearly symposium attended by fac- ulty members, judges, law students, and b lawyers from around the country and the world. Symposium topics have included international bankruptcy; sustainable development; human rights; energy and international law; teaching and practic- ing law in the twenty-first century; and globalization of the judiciary. The Journal staff is selected on a competitive basis. Prospective staff members are asked to submit their first- year grades and to participate in the an- nual write-on competition. 74 TH E STATE OF TEXAS • TH E SCHOOL OF LAW HHHHHH H HHI Texas International Law Journal - Teaching Quizmasters ictfv F tf sdocied i Back Row (left to right): Joseph Chao, Jennifer Edwards, Eric Gardner, Juliet Mitchell. Second Row Down, From Left To Right: Felicia Wilems, Abigail Giraud, Elizabeth Vinluan, Brian Man- gum, Ryan Cosgrove. Third Row Down (left to right): Kelly Jeppesen, Martha Rain, Erika Kane, Jennifer Cafferty, Chelsea Davenport. Bottom Row (left to right): Eric Rodriguez, Thomas Adair, Kennon Peterson, Ron Kozlowsky, Veronica Roper, Catherine Welbes. In the Fall, TQs teach a series of classes designed to help first-years successfully navigate through law school. In the Spring, TQs help teach and develop writ- ing and advocacy skills that are key to success as a law student, law clerk, and practicing lawyer. TQs are second- and third-year students selected on the basis of demonstrated ability in the fields of legal research, writing, and teaching as well as their ability to serve as mentors. TQs also act as mentors and encourage a close working relationship with first-years. TQs also coordinate athletic programs. Back Row (from left to right): Ben DeLeon, Allison Kramer, Bill Whitehurst (Attorney Advisor). Middle Row: Regina Buono, Kate Welbes, John Lawrence, Mark Matthews. Front Row: Leena Chaphekar, Jenny Chilton, Taylor Falls Olson, Cara Garcia, Jamie Rich- ards, Bernadette Segura, Michelle Mays. Texas Law Fellowships sponsors public interest fellowships for students. Every year since 1986, TLF has raised money from the UT Law and Texas Legal Community to fund fellowships for UT Law students who work in public interest internships during the summer, and would normally not receive re- muneration for their valuable work. The fel- lowships are awarded based on a vote from all of the Texas Law Fellowships members, who donate a minimum of $25 dollars in order to vote for six fellowship applicants. The top vote getters receive a $3800 grant to work 400 hours at a public interest internship over the summer. 76 THE STATE OF TEXAS -THE SCHOOL OF LAW . " r.n.i 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual T « " BV . Texas Law Democrats The Texas Law Democrats is an organization of politically active students, alumni and friends of the University of Texas Law School whose common goal is to advocate and espouse the democratic ideals and practices which will most successfully and practi- cally enable the realization of a fair administration of government and a free, secure and capable society. VK 78 THE STATE OF TEXAS • THE SCHOOL OF LAW HHI Hi l Texas Law Democrats Top: A fall meeting. Middle Bottom: The presidential primary debate. 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Texas Law Review He I Above: From left to right: Amanda Tyler, Administrative Editor; Martha Newton, Notes Editor, Alex Kaplan, Editor in Chief; Tara Tune, Managing Editor; Tom O ' Brien, Chief Notes Editor; Corey Blake, Articles Editor; Shane Mecham, Book Review Editor; Gentry Crook McLean, Chief Articles Editor; Ben- jie Putnam, Articles Editor; Jennifer Vaculik, Research Editor; Richard Berberian, Articles Editor. Not pictured: Rob Addy, Notes Editor; Kimberly Carter, Articles Editor; Alice McAfee, Articles Editor; Garrick Pursley, Articles Editor; Sarah Stasny, Articles Editor; Sean Whyte, Articles Editor. The Texas Law Review, established in 1922, is devoted to scholarly writings on general legal subjects of national and local interest. The student editorial board prepares for publication articles by outstanding legal authori- ties and law notes written by the student staff. Students become eligible to join the staff of the Review on the basis of high academic achievement and demon- strated writing proficiency. The edito- rial board annually selects its successors from the members of the staff. 80 THE STATE OF TEXAS -THE SCHOOL OF LAW Texas Law Review - Texas Law Conservatives Texas Law Conservatives Top Left: Current members, Alumni Advisory Council Members, and friends meet with liberal and conser- vative alumni at the Hitchin Post for a regular lunch discussion. Chicken Fried Steak and Texas Toast are served with Iced Tea or Dr. Pepper. Middle Left: Fall Awards Ceremony. Below Right: Basketball aficionado and sports law guru Drew. Bottom Right: Members after a group hunting trip to Buffalo Gap, Albany, Stamford, and Potosi. 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Student Groups Because of one-time changes in the publishing of this book not all organizations were able to meet the pho- tography deadline. However, a summary of each registered organization is included below. Student Bar Association The student body of the law school is organized as a Student Bar Association, the membership of which includes all students in the school. The officers of the association are president, vice presi- dent, secretary, and treasurer. There are also elected class representatives and representatives of the Texas State Bar, the ABA, and the Senate of College Councils. The Board of Governors consists of the officers and the repre- sentatives. The Student Bar Association coordi- nates the intellectual, cultural, social, and community service activities of the student body. Its goals are to unify the students and direct them toward worthy ends; to enhance cooperation and understanding among students, the faculty, and practitioners; and to foster respect for the legal profession and pride in the School of Law. Asian Law Students Assoc. The Asian Law Students Association (ALSA) is dedicated to addressing the interests and concerns of the Asian American community at the law school. Open to all members of the law school community. ALSA sponsors a variety of activities to meet students ' social and academic needs. In addition to social activities, the organization has sponsored workshops on a variety of topics, including tips for studying and outlining for final exams and registra- tion advice. ALSA participates in the National Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (NAPALSA). Assault and Flattery Assault and Flattery (A F) is one of the largest student organizations at the law school. Each spring A F presents the school ' s annual musical comedy revue as part of Law Week. Usually based on a popular film or Broadway musical, the show embraces and sati- rizes all aspects of the legal profession- -students, faculty members, and the law itself. The production is written, di- rected, designed, and choreographed by law students and features live perfor- mances by student and faculty actors, singers, dancers, and musicians. Board of Advocates The Board of Advocates promotes development of practical skills in oral and written legal advocacy and spon- sors a wide range of activities designed to give participants realistic experience in trial and appellate advocacy, nego- tiation, and client contact. The top ten advocates in each graduating class are inducted into the Order of Barristers. In addition, the Niemann Cup, established by Stanley P. and Claudie P. Wilson in 1984, is awarded to the top advocate in each graduating class. Teams compete in a wide range of interscholastic and intramural competi- tions, including mock trial, client coun- seling, alternative dispute resolution, and negotiation competitions. These competitions, with critiques and coach- ing provided by the legal community, promote the development of advocacy skills and provide important experi- ences for prospective practitioners. Each year, students enter the American Bar Association National Appellate Advocacy Competition, Phillip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, American Trial Lawyers Association Student Trial Advocacy Competition, Texas Young Lawyers ' Association ' s Annual National Mock Trial Competition, as well as others. Since 2000, the Board of Advocates ' teams have won three national champi- onships and several regional champion- ships and have been national finalists in numerous competitions. Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association The Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association (CHLSA) is dedicated to addressing the needs of Hispanic law students. The organization is open to all members of the law school community. CHLSA provides various social and academic services, including an exten- sive outline library, academic sessions to discuss test-taking and studying strategies, resume and career planning sessions, bar review scholarships, and a mentoring program with second- and third-year law students and the Hispan- ic Bar Association of Austin. CHLSA is committed to providing a support network that will help each student have an intellectually challenging and successful law school experience. Christian Legal Society The Christian Legal Society (CLS) is a nondenominational association of law students seeking friendship and encour- agement and a refuge from the chal- lenges of law school. Activities include weekly meetings followed by infor- mal fellowships, Bible study groups, retreats, and special service projects. Meetings involve presentations by area students wit «»iii 82 THE STATE OF TEXAS ■ THE SCHOOL OF LAW Student Groups attorneys, religious leaders, and CLS members, as well as other programs de- signed to meet the needs of members. Entertainment and Sports Law Society The focus of the Entertainment and Sports Law Society (ESLS) is on educating students about the fields of entertainment law and sports law. Meetings include guest speakers from around the country who provide current and practical information about these growing fields. Guest speakers have included sports agents, members of the film and music industries, and enter- tainment attorneys. Environmental Law Society The Environmental Law Society provides career counseling, network- ing opportunities, and internships to students with an interest in environ- mental law. It also works on improving the environmental curricula at the law school and promoting speakers, sympo- sia, and scholarships. Projects include recycling, attending the National Asso- ciation of Environmental Law Societies conferences, and hosting the Environ- mental Moot Court Competition, which chooses the team to represent the law school at the Pace National Environ- mental Moot Court Competition. Guanajuato Exchange Program For thirty years, University law stu- dents have participated in a spring break exchange program with law stu- dents at the University of Guanajuato in Mexico. For one week, students visit the city of Guanajuato to learn about the culture and legal system there. In turn, the law school hosts students from Guanajuato on their spring vacation and introduces them to US law and Texas tradition. Intellectual Property Law Society Intellectual property law, the law of patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets, is currently the area with the greatest market demand. The Intel- lectual Property Law Society exists to inform and assist students interested in the practice of intellectual property law. The society offers regular guest speak- ers, opportunities to visit with local intellectual property lawyers, and broad ranging information about the area, including the Patent and Trademark Of- fice examination and career options. International Law Society The International Law Society (ILS) has remained one of the largest and most active student organizations since its establishment in 1963. Its main pur- pose is to host speakers from the aca- demic and legal community to discuss public and private international law themes. In addition, ILS organizes so- cial events, including language practice groups in Spanish, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, and other languages. ILS provides inter- ested students with career and summer employment resources, information on study abroad, and internship exchanges. Finally, ILS plays a key role in the Texas International Law Journal ' s fall symposium. Jewish Law Students Assoc. The Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA) strives to create a Jewish com- munity within the law school. Engag- ing students and faculty members, the JLSA plans a variety of events, includ- ing student faculty dinners, happy hours, and holiday celebrations. In addition, the JLSA cosponsors events with other Jewish graduate student groups on campus and Jewish young professional groups in Austin. Legal Research Board The Legal Research Board is an or- ganization of University law students chartered by the State Bar of Texas to provide legal research and prepare legal memoranda for licensed attorneys. Founded in 1962, the LRB is one of the oldest student-run legal research organizations of its kind in the country. While providing a valuable service to lawyers nationwide, the LRB ' s primary purpose is to refine the research and writing skills of its members by giving them opportunities to work with actual problems in consultation with practic- ing attorneys. The LRB, a self-funded organization, compensates members for the memoranda they write. Twenty first-year law students are selected for membership in the LRB based on outstanding performance in the fresh- law research and writing program. Scholarships for the best memo in each section are sponsored by Bracewell Patterson. National Lawyers Guild The National Lawyers Guild is a national network of more than five thousand lawyers, legal workers, law students, and jailhouse lawyers that has provided legal support to virtually ev- ery campaign for economic, social, and political justice in this country since 1937. The programs of the University chapter of the guild reflect the diverse interests of progressive students at the law school and provide a forum for action on a variety of issues. Activities include guest speakers, meetings with alumni, symposia, workshops, and vol- unteer legal aid projects. Students may take part in guild activities beginning in their first semester. OUTLaw (Gay, Lesbian, Bi- sexual Law School Alliance) OUTLaw seeks to promote the in- terests of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered students at the School 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Student Groups continued... of Law. Membership is open to all law school students, faculty members, and staff members, regardless of sexual orientation. OUTLaw organizes social activities and works to raise awareness of gay and lesbian issues by hosting panel discussions and guest lectures on campus. Informally, OUTLaw acts as an academic and professional sup- port network for law students who are interested in matters that affect the gay community. Phi Delta Phi Phi Delta Phi International Legal Fra- ternity, established in 1869 to promote a higher standard of professional ethics, is one of the oldest legal organizations in North America. During the past two decades, Phi Delta Phi ' s reputa- tion as an organization devoted to legal excellence has begun to spread to Mexico and Europe. Roberts Inn was established at the University of Texas School of Law in 1910. To be eligible for active membership, a law student must be of good moral character and in good academic stand- ing at a law school in which a student inn is located. First-semester students may participate in select inn activities pending second-semester initiation. To be admitted to Roberts Inn, the student must have the required grade point average. Public Interest Law Associa- tion Since 1995, the Public Interest Law As- sociation (PILA) has sought to create a student forum for education, discus- sion, and involvement with public interest law and ideas. Through its an- nual Public Interest Law Conference, a brown bag lecture series, a mentorship program, and other social and aca- demic activities, PILA aims to provide information to students on opportuni- ties in public interest law careers, to allow students to meet other students interested in public interest issues, and to work with the law school adminis- tration to create and improve existing public interest programs. All students are welcome to join. Student Recruitment and Orientation Committee The Student Recruitment and Orienta- tion Committee (SROC) is open to students interested in meeting new and potential law students. SROC intro- duces potential students and entering freshlaw students to the law school through a number of projects; these include freshlaw orientation, fall open house, UT Undergraduate Day, spring phonathon, Prospective Students Day, law school tours, and new student con- tact buddies. Texas Law Conservatives Texas Law Conservatives is an orga- nization dedicated to promoting the study and discussion of the Texas and American system of law. In addition the group focuses on legal principals designed to strengthen capitalism, freedom, self-reliance, free-markets and independence. The group also host various events. These include outdoor activities such as its annual golf tourna- ment, skeet shooting, wakeboarding, snow and water skiing, and rapel- ling trips. Social events are held each month. Texas Law Fellowships Texas Law Fellowships (TLF), founded in 1986 and run by students, is a non- profit corporation dedicated to funding summer fellowships in public interest law for students of the School of Law. In 2002-2003, TLF raised more than $100,000 and awarded funding to twenty-six law students. The Spring Pledge Drive, which receives contri- butions primarily from students, is augmented with matching contributions from faculty members and employers. The Fall Auction Fund-Raiser offers students and members of the legal com- munity a chance to celebrate a shared commitment to public interest law. TLF also honors attorneys, faculty members, and students who have demonstrated a commitment to serving the public with the annual Excellence in Public Interest Awards. The members of Texas Law Fellow- ships believe that legal education is not complete unless it instills in students an obligation to contribute to the public good in exchange for the privilege of practicing law. The group strives to create an environment at the School of Law in which students can fully, effectively, and easily serve the public interest. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society The Thurgood Marshall Legal Soci- ety (TMLS) is the law school affiliate of the National Black Law Students Association. The purpose of TMLS is to foster legal, cultural, and social awareness among black law students. To achieve this goal, TMLS maintains a variety of subcommittees that ad- dress such areas as academics, public relations, community service, career placement, alumni relations, and fund- raising. TMLS actively recruits African Americans into the law school com- munity and promotes an atmosphere at the law school that is conducive to their academic and professional success. nity. The pur P develop kwlehdPK, 84 THE STATE OF TEXAS -THE SCHOOL OF LAW ■ Student Groups Women ' s Law Caucus The Women ' s Law Caucus (WLC) is a supportive group designed to foster discussion and to address issues facing women studying law at the University. The WLC also gives students an op- portunity to meet and to foster valuable friendships with each other. Because membership is open to all law students, WLC is a diverse group with equally diverse concerns and project sugges- tions. WLC provides many activities for first-year students, such as a mixer to discuss first-year professors, an out- line bank, exam-taking tips, practice exams, and a big-sister mentoring program. WLC also coordinates activi- ties with other University organizations and sponsors a lecture series, brown bag luncheons, and social functions. WLC works with the Travis County Women ' s Lawyer ' s Association on projects like a mentoring program that pairs local attorneys with law students. WLC is active in raising money for charities and in volunteering with local social service organizations. Finally, WLC has an annual banquet and award ceremony in the spring. Women ' s Roundtable Women ' s Roundtable creates a forum for learning and interaction between a select group of female law students and leaders in the Texas legal com- munity. The purpose of the program is to help develop the potential of future female leaders and to contribute to their empowerment. The casual dinner format of the roundtable meetings is an opportunity for students to meet and talk with judges, lawyers, and commu- nity leaders from both the public and the private sectors. 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Associate Assistant Deans [j Susana I. Aleman Asst. Dean for Student Affairs Kimberly Biar Asst. Dean for Financial Affah Nancy Brazzil Asst. Dean for Alumni Relations Michael Esposito Asst. Dean fur Continuing Legal Education Monica Ingram Assistant Dean for Admissions Kathryn Holt Richardson Asst. Dean for Career Services Other administrators are Dean William C. Powers, Jr., and Director of Legal Research Roy M. Mersky. They are pictured on pages 18 and 91, respectively. andowski. financial An ■financial An " strati 86 THE STATE OF TEXAS ■ THE SCHOOL OF LAW Administration •If P .... ■■wM m. - J 1 H ■ Dean ' s Office Admissions From the back, left to right: Kathy B artsch, Sr. Admin- istrative Associate; Alyce Saenz Lottman, Executive As- sistant to the Dean; Colleen D. Kieke, Personnel Direc- tor; Sylvia R. Medrano, Administrative Associate; Ellen Jockusch, Assistant to the Dean. From the back, left to right: David Morris, Aid to the Dean of Students; Rey Ramos, Director of Admissions Programs; Jacquelin Courtney, Admissions Coordina- tor; Monica Ingram, Dean of Admissions; Terrie Barry, Associate Director of Admissions. ■mil ■«; mfffr . Accounting Center From the back, left to right: Jeff Treichel, Financial Analyst; Ken Le- wandowski, Accountant 3; Kimberly Biar, Assistant Dean; Glenn Woelfel, Financial Analyst; Melissa Campos, Accounting Clerk; Corina Elizondo, Sr. Financial Analyst; Cindy Roberts, Sr. Procurement Officer; Peggy Jennings, Administrative Associate; Wanda Kitts, Administrative Assistant. University of Texas Officers of Administration Larry R. Faulkner, President Sheldon Ekland- Olson Executive Vice President and Provost William S. Livingston Senior Vice President Patrieia L. Clubb Employee Campus Services Don Hale Public Affairs Kevin P. Hegarty Chief Financial Officer James L. Hill Community School Relations Patricia C. Ohlendorf Institutional Relations • Legal Affairs Johnnie D. Ray Resource Development Juan Sanchez Research Daniel A. Updegrove Information Technology James W. Vick Student Affairs 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Career Services Office The School of Law ' s Career Services Office (CSO) provides career counseling for students and alumni. The office maintains con- tact with a wide range of employ- ers, including law firms of all sizes, judges, federal and state agencies, corporations, and public interest and legal service organizations around the nation. The CSO disseminates informa- tion on current job openings, offers individual career counseling, schedules on-campus interviews, and coordinates a variety of nation- wide job fairs, recruitment pro- grams, and career workshops. The office also refers students to employers who do not interview Communications From left: Laura Castro Trognitz, J.D., Communications Strategy Manager Allegra Young, Director of Communications. on campus and posts notices of available positions, both part-time and permanent. The Career Services Library houses computers for student use and provides information about em- ployers around the nation, interview techniques, and the development of general job-hunting skills. The Career Services Office makes every effort to assist students and alumni in their job search and career development. The law school typically achieves a placement rate for its graduates of better than 95 percent, but the school makes no promise to secure employment for each graduate. From left to rigl Manager; Pat K Hollis Lev , As - trative Asststam i " tr u im «M f 9bBi mjm. j 88 THE STATE OF TEXAS • THE SCHOOL OF LAW i Continuing Education From left to right: Daniel Gonzalez, Web Developer; Jessica Cook, Marketing Communications Manager; Pat Kinghorn, Conference Coordinator; Jennifer Andre, Administrative Associate; Hollis Levy, Associate Director; Lisa Albracht, Conference Coordinator; Jerry Larson, Adminis- trative Assistant. International Programs From left to right : Mary Mikeska, LL.M. Program Coordinator Sherry Clark, Inter- national Program Coordinator. ■!i ■,« RIB S U B ■ ' E3 i ' ■ 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Student Affairs Students man an organization table in the atrium of the Law School. Internet Initiatives From left to right: John Croslin - Systems Analyst; June Liebert - Direc- tor of CIO; Sally Emrick - Webmaster; Jodi Bart - Office Assistant; Brian Borowicz - Systems Analyst; Mark Gum - Sr. Systems Analyst. proband m 90 THE STATE OF TEXAS • THE SCHOOL OF LAW Administration - Tarlton Law Library i i II i 4 I LAW m H Bj R a H} ' v - TARLTON LAW LIBBARY STAFF Services Left (from left to right): John Ramington, Holly Lakatos, Abigail Schultz, Joe Dowell. Acquisitions 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Library Administration From left to right: Rick Garza, Gwyn Anderson, Vince Cowan, Rhonda Hankins. Serials Collections From left to right: Brian Strauss, Cathy Mantor- Ramirez, Stephanie Patterson, Kelly Booker, Laura Young. Cataloging Front row (left to right): Jenny Rogue- more, John Murry; Back row (left to right): Debra Crawford-Black, Kathy Till, Barbara Washecka. |:::: " :. : ::|:|j!:!: ............ BCCC i n ; i (til nc $ iT € r i 1 P m Mr i x til [ ! r ■Ml m I fl 1 Jit it ra 1 JrHr m ' at 3 i ■ 1 — cs 92 THE STATE OF TEXAS ■ THE SCHOOL OF LAW ,..■,-.,. WM I. H HHB Tarlton Law Library Library Directors From left to right: Brian Quigley, Director of Com- puting and Technical Services; Jeanne Price, Direc- tor of Public Services; Tobe Liebert, Director of Special Projects. Public Services From left to right: Mark Holman, Barbara Bridg- es, Adrienne DeVergie, Beth Youngdale, Kumar Percy, Jon Pratter, Mike Widener. best wishes from the partners of Akin, Gump, Straus, Hauer Feld, LLP y sne, Brun, Sykes Guinta, DearUgetfe tuu-tfeot T itcwJ-lcJcc (tie wohWuj) and HtCKikKle (|Ci»u£ii and jv ' iiewi - u;d (ueEped uoa ofcnatlte uW ! D I I §: V M . been an honor servin the Class of 2004. ■ Congratulations and best wishes UNIVERSITY CO-OP 2902 Medical Arts, Austin, TX Proudly Serving the UT Law Community Since 1994 Mehaffy Weber Congratulates the University of Texas School of Law Class of 2004. Best wishes for the future. JBHM€ Jqa dh,, ouAm, tuS ' HMm, ammcMkee, Cw. CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Thanks to the following loyal supporters: McKool Smith Piper Rudnick Bracewell Patterson LLP Locke Liddell Sapp LLP Smithy Teed, Punchy Wilson Justice Elaine Ferguson, Attorney at Law Winstead Andrews Kurth, LLP Whitehurst, Haekness, Ozmun Brees, PC Graves, Dougherty, Hear on Moody Murman Associates Stedham, Ferguson, Buchek, Yates, PC Schmid, Schmid Brockage Skarke, Lovel, Flint Casio, LLP Ahl, Oshman, Madden 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual INDEX Abraham, Reba 48 Abroms, Michelle 64 Adair, Thomas 44, 75 Addy, Sundeep K. " Rob " ' 39,64,80 Ahlgren, Patricia 40 Albracht, Lisa 89 Albright, Alexandra W. 22,86 Aleman, Susana I. 86, 90 Alice, Felipe 38, 54 Alina, Ramos-Sanchez 55 Allen, Matthew 40 Allison, William P. 22 Anderson, David A. 22 Anderson, Edra 73 Anderson, Gwyn 92 Anderson, Lorianna 44 Anderson, Stephen 48 Andre, Jennifer 89 Aquilar, Maria 54 Aranda, Cynthia 90 Arriaga, Amanda 40, 64 Ascher, Mark L. 22 Avery, Clay 48 Ayre, Jonathan 70 Azerrad, Cecilia 38, 54 B Baade, Hans W. 22 Baeza, Ruben 64 Baker, Lynn A. 22 Balch, Noah 64 Barndt, Richard V. 35 Barrie, Laura 64 Barriere, Jennifer 71 Barry, Terrie 87 Bart, Jodi 90 Bartsch, Kathy 87 Baudenbacher, Carl 14 Becerra-Santillan, Roman 54 Beck, Regan 44 Bell, Jerry A. 36 Bellah, Catherine 71 Belzer, Lydia 40, 64 Benesch, Allison H. 36 Bentz, Angie 60 Berberian, Richard 80 Berman, Mitchell N. 23 Biar, Kimberly 86,87 Blackburn, Benjamin 44 Blais, Lynn E. 23 Blake, Corey Benjamin 39,80 Boatright, Laurel 61, 64 Bobbin, Philip C. 23 Bolzle, Seth 69 Booker, Kelly 92 Borowicz, Brian 90 Bouche, Noel 63 Bove, Greg 64 Bowen, Brian 48 Bowers, William P. 36 Braesch, Anthony 38 Brazzil, Nancy 86 Breloff, Anastasia 64 Bridges, Barbara 93 Bridges, Kamela S. 23 Brown, J. E. (Buster) 36 Brown, Jeremy 64 Brown, Michael 69 Brown, Will 69 Bu, Honglei 54 Buchanan, Bree 23, 34 Buel, Sarah M. 23 Bueno, Fabiola 38, 54 Buono, Regina 76 Burke, Colleen 60 Burns, Andrew 48 Burns, Bill 70 Burton, W. Anion 36 Cafferty, Jennifer 75 Cagle, Mary Beth 71 Cagnolatti, Teresa 73 Calvert, Nathan 40 Campos, Melissa 87 Cantu, Norma 24 Cardenas, Norberto 44 Carey, Matthew 70 Carr, Philip 38,64 Carson, II; Loftus C. 24 Carter, Kimberly 80 Carter, Matt 68 Castro-Trognitz, Laura 88 Cathey, Joseph 71 Cavazos, Edward A. 36 Celentano, Kristi 64 Chadwick, Dan 61,64 Chahin, Claudia 64, 71 Chao, Joseph 75 Chaphekar, Leena 64, 71, 76 Chen, Alan 40 Chen, Evelyn 71 Cheng, Hsin-I 38,54 Childress, Charles G. 24, 34 Chilton, Jenny 40,64,71, 76 Chin, Alison 38, 54 Chinweze, Kene 73 Churgin, Michael 6, 24 Cialone, Joseph A. 36 Civins, Jeffrey 36 Clark, Chalon 73 Clark, LeifM. 36 Clark, Sherry 89 Clark, Tom C. 8 Clarke, Monet 73 Clein, Catherine 40 Cleveland, Sarah H. 24 Cobb, Dana Livingston 36 Cockburn, Javier Mori 38 Cohen, Jane Maslow 24 Coleman, Gregory S. 36 Collett, Stephanie 60 Colletti, Sam 64 Collins, Shawn 73 Concha, Ramon 38, 54 Conerly, Allison 48, 73 Conner, Justin 63 Conrad, Chris 48 Cook, Jessica 89 Cornelison, Garrett 64 Cosgrove, Ryan 75 Courtney, Jacquelin 87 Cowan, Vince 92 Cowart, Lindsay 64 Cox, Tracy 64 Crawford- Black, Debra 92 Croslin, John 90 Cross, Frank B. 25 Cruz, Mike 64 Cruz, Shirley Dela 71 Cumming, Audrey 69 Cunningham, Christopher 48 D D ' Alessio, Amber 40, 72 Dahm, Andrew 39,40 Daily, John 44 Danford, Brandon 69 Daniels, Nathelie 73 Davenport, Chelsea 75 Davis, Colleen Burke 60 Davis, Heather 70 Dawson, Robert O. 25 Dean, Lauren 48 DeGuerin, Dick 36 Dehnke, Josh 64 De Jong, William 71 DeLeon, Ben 76 DeVergie, Adrienne 93 De Borja, Ana Gerdau 38 De La Garza, Heather 70 De La Rosa, Mary 71 De Leon, Benjamin 40 De Leon, Claudia 38, 54 De Leon, Hector 36 Diaz, Celina 64 Dix, George E. 25 Do, Linh-Thu 40 Dornburg, Drew 64 Dowell, Joe 91 Draper, Genesis 73 Duckworth, Mollie 64 Duncan, Mark 44, 60 Duong, Twiggy 64 Durst, Philip 36 Dwyer, Davida 64 Dzienkowski, John S. 25 Eckroth, Jennifer 60, 64 Edwards, Jennifer 75 Eggleston, Erin 60 Ekroth, Jennifer 64 Elam, Kindel 64,74 Elizondo, Corina 87 Ellis, Blake 64 Ellis, Rodney 18 Elrakabawy, Hassan 64 Emrick, Sally 90 Escobar, Erica 64 Espinosa, Jason 61 98 THE STATE OF TEXAS • THE SCHOOL OF LAW D Ww 40,72 44 9 48 Ml 36 i64 bm 71 n 76 drome 93 uGcrdiu 38 LHathcr 70 . Man 71 .- : 40 budu 38,54 cot 36 1 64 E. 25 iu40 3rw64 91 «s73 Moilk 64 it 44,60 )36 ida 64 i. Iota i 25 E uuter 60,64 Hifer ' 3 jin 60 Mkr 64 164J4 rtnu 87 64 t 18 . .._• d4 1 j 64 s t!dl Esposito, Michael 86 Eustcrhus, Daniel 38 Ewart, Lisa E. 39 Faleski, Thad 68 Faulkner, Amy 41,63 Fennell, Christopher C. 36 Fennell, Lee 6, 25 Fiegelson, David 64 Fisher, Amanda 44, 71 Fisher, Mandy 71 Fleming, John C. 36 Fletcher, Robynn 41 Fogel, Larry 71 Ford, Lauren 64 Ford, Mamie 48 Foster, Tiffany 60 Frank, Demetria 73 Friesenhahn, Jessica 70 Fuchs, Fred 36 Gaines, Allegra 44 Galton, Eric R. 36 Garcia, Cara 71,76 Garcia, Leticia 91 Gardner, Eric 75 Garib, Catalina Aguilar 38 Garza, Rick 92 Gaubert, Ryan 48 Geil, Vanessa 44, 68 George, Abe 64 Gera, Shweta 39 Gergen, Mark P. 25 Getman, Julius G. 26 Gibson, William W. 35 Giloy, Amanda 71 Gingrich, Anne 64 Giraud, Abigail 75 Glueck, Laura 71 Gonzales, Roslyn 63 Gonzalez, Audra 61 Gonzalez, Daniel 89 Gonzalez, Hipolito 48 Gonzalez, Kathy 90 Gonzalez, Lorena 38, 54 Gonzalez, Roslyn 49 Goode, Steven J. 26, 86 Gorski, David 60 Graglia, Lino A. 26 Gravely, Mary 64 Green, Ashley 68 Green, Lauren 70 Greene, John 71 Griggs, Gloria 91 Grossman, Brandon 71 Grosz, Daniela 70 Guerra, Benjamin 70 Guerrero, Grant 2 1 Gum, Mark 90 Gutierrez, Michelle 49, 70,71 H Ha, Eun-Hwa 69 Hagopian, Caleb 64 Hale, Alanna J 61 Haller, Austin 64 Hamilton, Robert W. 26 Hamm, Jonas 54 Hammer, Jonathan 49 Hankins, Rhonda 92 Hanks, Bryan 49 Hansen, Patricia 12, 26 Harbin, Adam S. 39 Harrington, Brandy 64 Harrington, Eden E. 26, 36 Harrington, James C. 36 Harshman, Jonathan 49, 70 Hawkins, Courtney 63 Hawkins, Jim 63 Hayes, Andrea 73 Hebert, P. Michael 36 Heins, Eric 60 Henry, Jennifer 49 Hernandez, Victor 38, 55 Hernandez-Ojeda, Carlos 38,55 Hicks, Max R. 36 Hildenbrand, Elizabeth 71 Hill, Lisa 41,63,70 Hines, Barbara C. 27 Hinojosa, Ricardo H. 36 Holand, Anna 41 Holman, Mark 93 Hostetlek, James 49 Hricik, David C. 36 Hristov, Meglena 41 I Ingram, Monica 86, 87 Innocenti, Debra 60 Iyamu, Joyce 73 Jackson, Emily 49, 64, 71 Jackson, Mandi 60 Jefferson, Shereka 73 Jefferson, Wallace 18 Jennings, Peggy 87 Jeppesen, Kelly 64, 75 Jockusch, Ellen 87 Johanson, Stanley 70 Johns, John C. 60 Johnson, Calvin H. 27 Johnson, Corwin W. 35 Johnson, Vickie 73 Johnston, David 49 Jone, Jai 73 Jones, Andrew 44 Judkins, Teshia 44, 73 K Kaiser, Axel 38,55 Kane, Erika 75 Kaplan, Alex 80 Kavanaugh, David 72 Keller, Sharon F. 36 Kelly, Ben 63 Kelso, Shelley 90 Kennedy, Peter D. 36 Kepple, Peter N. 36 Keville, Heidi 38,55 Khalsa, Kartapurkh 64 Kieke, Colleen D. 87 Kim, In 38,55 Kim, Yoon 60 Kimberley, Catherine 49, 58 Kincaid, Mark L. 37 King, Katherine 49 Kinghorn, Pat 89 Kinney, Jennifer 73 Kissel, Laura Jann 39 Kitts, Wanda 87 Klein, Susan R. 27 Koleva, Sashka 71 Kovach, Kimberlee 27 Kozlowsky, Ron 75 Kramer, Allison 76 Index Kramer, James 45 L Lakatos, Holly 91 Lamb, Alexis 41 Larson, Jerry 89 Laussade, Mike 64 Law, Angela 38 Lawrence, John 76 Lawson, Marissa 41 Laycock, Douglas 27, 86 Le, Willy 41 Lebowitz, Leon 35 LeClercq, Teresa R. 6, 27, 38 Lee, Cindy 64 Lee, Felicia 64 Lehman, Andy 64 Leiter, Brian 28 Lenhard, Jenny 71 Leon, Ben De 64 Leonard, Brandon 73 Levinson, Sanford 6, 28 Levy, Hollis 89 Lewandowski, Ken 87 Lewis, Elizabeth 71 Lewis, Leigh M 62 Liebert, June 90 Liebert, Tobe 8, 93 Lipsey, Jamie 64, 71 Liu, Leslie 49 Liu, Ron 64 Lobato, Marcio 38 Locker, Mandy 64 Locker, Ryan 64 Longley, Joe K. 37 Lopez, Patricia 50 Lott, Megan 64 Lottman, Alyce Saenz 87 Lounsbury, Josh 64 Lounsbury, Joshua 64 Lucio, Eddie 71 M Macdonald, Cory 45, 58 Maloney, Jessica 60 Mangum, Brian 75 Mann, Ursula 69 Mantor-Ramirez, Cathy 92 Maple, Christina 71 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Margaoui, Kenza 38, 55 Morgan, Baxter 64 Patrick, Rick 21 Ramos-Sanchez, Alina 3£ 1 Marion-Faul, Laura 71 Mori, Javier 55 Patterson, Stephanie 92 Ramsey, John 64 Markesinis, Basil 28 Morisset, Evelyne 90 Pattillo, Paige 42 Ratliffjack 35 Markovits, Inga 28 Morris, David 87 Paz, Cristina 71 Ratner, Steven R. 30 Markovits, Richard S. 28 Morris, Jordan 60 Pedamon, Catherine J. 37 Rau,AlanS. 30 Marshall, Garry 71 Morris, Rachel 42, 73 Pegram, Leslie 71 Reass, Jennifer 5 1 Marshall, Schuyler 50, 71 Mullenix, Linda S. 29 Pemberton, Robert H. 37 Reed, Erin 51,64 Martin, Aimee 64 Muro, Sergio Ariel 38 Pennell, Kevin 64 Reese, Anthony 6, 31 Martin, Corrie 71 Murry, John 92 Percy, Kumar 93 Reisch, Nicholus 42 Mathis, Kendall 41,69 Mutti, Lauren 71 Perez, Daniel F. 37 Richards, Jamie 58,71,76 Matthews, Mark 76 Myers, Elizabeth 71 Perez, Susan 42, 60, 61 Richardson, Blair 51 Maxwell, Philip K. 37 Myers, Franklin 37 Peroni, Robert 6, 29 Richardson, Kathryn Holt May, Henry S. 37 N Perry, Hersel W. 30 86 Mavberry, Laura 50 Peterson, Kennon 75 Riddlespurger, Angela 71 Mayhall, Molly 71 Nagarajan, Chitra 38, 50, Petri, Henry A. 37 Rider, Brian C. 37 Mays, Michelle 50, 76 64,71 Pfeiffer, Justin 50 Riggs, Jennifer S. 37 McAfee, Alice 80 Nahas, Cynthia 42 Picardi, Lisa 42 Rinebarger, Trent 69 McAnally, Katherine 60 Naiser, Jamie L. 39 Pinckard, Kelly 50 Ripperda, Katrina 51,64 McCormick, Ryan 50 Natchigall, David 64 Pipkin, Melissa 71 Ritcheske, Katie 71 McCracken, Melinda Necessary, Kristin 42 Pirkey, Louis T. 37 Rivera, Carlos 38, 55 Montford 37 Nelson, Shane 45 Plyler, Jackie 71 Rives, Sarah 71 McGarity, Thomas O. 28 Nes, William 60 Pollack, Aaron 60, 61 Roach, Robert M. 37 McGuire, Stephen 50 Netanel, Neil 6, 29 Pomeroy, Cory 50 Roberts, Cindy 87 McLean, Gentry Crook Neugart, Joseph 45, 64 Powe, Scot 30 Roberts, Kaitrin 71 80 Newburger, Manuel H. 37 Powers, Matthew C. 39 Roberts, Marcus 42 McNabb, Wynne 71 Newton, Martha 80 Powers, William 12, 18, Roberts, Terry 42, 70, 73 McReynolds, Ben 60 Nihiser, Melissa 64 19, 30, 86 Robertson, David W. 3 1 McSpadden, Wyatt 21 Nisbett, Christy B. 29 Pratter, Jon 93 Robertson, George 37 Mecham, Shane 64, 80 Nowlin, David 58 Prewitt, Brian 39,42,69 Robertson, John A. 3 1 Medrano, Sylvia R. 87 Price, David 50,64 Rodriguez, Eric 75 Mehren, George L. 60 O Price, Jeanne 93 Rodriguez, Luis 38 Meier, Ed 74 O ' Brien, Tom 80 Prisner, John 45 Rodriguez-Domene, Car- Meline, John 41 O ' Daniel, Patrick L. 37 Pursley, Amber 42, 72 los 38 Mendola, Mark 60 O ' Quinn, Dustin 64, 73 Pursley, Garrick B. 39, 80 Rogers, Amber 51, 73 Mensah, Jamila 73 Odita, Ifeoma 73 Putnam, Benjamin W. 39, Roguemore, Jenny 92 Mersky, Roy 29,86,91 Olson, Taylor Falls 76 80 Roper, Veronica 64, 75 Messer, Dion 41 Olubunmi, Amos 73 Q Rosson, Trevor 60 Meyer, Robin B. 29 Orr, Kari 73 Rowe, Meredith 64 Mikeska, Mary 89 Owen, Robert C. 37 Quigley, Brian 93 Royer, Dale 51 Milner, Jevon 45 Oye, Michael 68 Quinn, Cass andra 70 Ruff, Kelly 71 Mims, Carnegie 42, 73 Russell, Amber 71 Mitchell, Amy 64 P R Ryder, Tatman 64 Mitchell, Juliet 75 Pacheco, Patrick 70 Raab, Angela Melina 37 s Moffett, Daniel 70 Pargendler, Mariana 38 Rabban, David M. 30 Moinuddin, Aisha 64 Parish, Russell 63 Rafael, Rodriguez- Domene Sager, Lawrence G. 31 Moore, Craig 73 Park, Berm 38, 55 Carlos 55 Salinas, George 16 Moore, Jesse 50 Park, Heybin 45 Rahbari, Siavash 64 Sampson, John J. 31,34 Moore, William 45 Parker, David L 73 Rain, Martha 75 Sanford, Jim 69 Moreno, Gabriela 64 Parker, David L. 37 Rainey, Susan M 62 Schiess, Wayne C. 31 Moreno, Pierrette 91 Parker, Thomas 38 Ramington, John 91 Schultz, Abigail 91 Moreno, Sergio 58 Parsley, E. Lee 37 Ramos, Rey 87 Schwartz, Marcus 45 100 THE STATE OF TEXAS • THE SCHOOL OF LAW Index Schweizer, Staci 60 Schwinghammer, Kather- incL. 60,61 Scay, Mike 60 Scgura, Bcrnadette 76 Shackelford, Kelly J. 37 Shaddock, Matthew 45, 64 Shanks, Lily 64 Sharlot, Michael 32 Sheer, Maggie 64 Shingavi, Preetam 71 Shivers, Charlotte 64 Shortz, Jessica 64 Siegel, Ben 58 Siekierski, Scott 64 Sigman, Justin 60 Sigman, Pam 10 Signet, William D. 37 Silver, Charles M. 32 Simar, Amy 72 Singer, Ben 74 Smith, Bea Ann 37 Smith, Dwayne 71 Smith, Ernest E. 32 Smith, Keith 63, 73 Sniezko, Oleh 60 Snyder, Jeff 70, 72 So, John 60, 62 Soares, Tamara Biolo 38 Sokolovv, David Simon 32 Solomon, Eric M. 39 Spector, Rose B. 37 Stasny, Sarah 39, 80 Steiker, Jordan M. 32 Stokes, Brandi 45 Strain, Tamara 45 Strauss, Brian 92 Stuckey, Kristen 60, 64 Sturley, Michael F. 32 Stutts, William F. 37 Summer, Eva Janice 37 Sutton, John F. 33, 35 Sweeney, David 69 Teggeman, Steven 71 Teste, Hugo 64 Thompson, Tara 51 Thomson, Andrea 74 Till, Kathy 92 Tobin, Tracey 64 Tofilon, Patrick 43, 74 Tom, Cynthia 60 Topek, Seth 60,70 Torres, Gerald 6, 33 Tottenham, Terry O. 37 Treece, James M. 35 Treichel, Jeff 87 Tsumpis, Tiffani 64 Tulin, Ed 64 Tumerkan, Ayse 55, 64 Tune, Tara 80 Turner, Robert W. 37 Turner, TC. 51,64 Tustin, John 51 Tyler, Amanda 58,80 U Upham, David 63 Upham, Jody 72 V Vaculik, Jennifer 43, 80 Vandrovec, Holly 68 Varney, Lana K. 37 Vinluan, Elizabeth 60, 64, 75 Voges, Mark 51,68 W Wadhwani, Neelum 71 Wagner, Wendy E. 33 Walker, Floyd 68,73 Walker, Raymond 51 Walter, Kandace 16, 43, 73 Washecka, Barbara 92 Watts, Clark 37 Weaver, Grant 71 Weinberg, Louise 6, 33 Wein traub, Russell 33, 35 Weiss, David 5 1 Welbes, Catherine 75 Welbes, Kate 76 Wellborn, Olin Guy 33 Westbrook, Jay 12, 34 White, Amy 71 Whitehurst, Bill 76 Whyte, Sean 80 Widener, Michael 8 Widener, Mike 93 Wike, Chris 64 Wilems, Felicia 75 Wilkes, John Laurens 60 Wilkie, Catriona 43 Wille, David G. 37 Williams, Becky 90 Williams, Katherine 52, 73 Williams, Lauren 64 Williamson, James K. 39 Wilson, Chasity 73 Wiseman, Zipporah B. 34 Woelfel, Glenn 87 Womack, Paul 37 Woolley, Patrick 34 Worbington, Jonathan 46 Yeates, Bryan T. 39 Yee, Janine 64 Yeh, Brian 46, 60 Yeh, Jennifer 71 Young, Allegra 88 Young, Ernest 6, 34 Young, Laura 92 Youngdale, Beth 93 Yuan, Mark 68 Yudof, Mark 34 Zachary, Alissa 52,64 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Texa ls Law Senio rs • Spring 2004 Matthew Todd Acock Eric Jonathan Christ Darrick Wayne Eugene Daniel Tekstar Hodge Sundeep K. Addy Joellen Marie Clark Lisa Elizabeth Ewart David Michael Hoffman Ann ' AgDCW Christine Deanne Clarke Amy Louise Faulkner Anna Lisa Holand Patricia Chavez Ahlgren Darryl Ryan Cleveland Renae Marie Feilmeier Anthony Alexius Holm Sved Mahmood Ahmad Scot Clinton Bradley Ryan Fellman Jai Nitai Dasa Holzman Afreen Rehana Ahmed James A. Cogan Brian Joseph Ferguson Meglena I. Hristov Anne Elizabeth Airaudi Jeff Reuben Cole Rodrigo Javier Figueroa Weiring Hsu Amy Elizabeth Alexander Leslie Marie Conant Emily Katherine T. Finn Tobias David Hunziker Jamie Lynn Allen Kate Erin Conley Ian Patrick Fitzgerald Jon Bentley Hyland Matthew Wade Allen Benjamin Cullen Connally Thomas Champe Fitzhugh Julie Anne Hyland Troy Steven Allen Mary Ellen Conroy Robynn L. Fletcher Debra L. Innocenti Edra Clarice Anderson Amanda Copcland Jerod Brant Fiippen James Patrick Ivey Jonathan Michael Apgar Rosemary E. Corbett Melissa Lynn Freed Mandi Rebeccah Jackson Manuel Arambula Joseph G. Cornelison Hilary Erin A. Frisbie Melissa Anne Jacobs Amanda Anna Arriaga Charles Benton Costello William Warren Fry Anthony Keith James Sahar Fathi Aziz Jessica Danforth Cottey Carol Ann Funk Dennis Peter Jamouneau Elizabeth Eve Baker Patrick Brendan Cowherd Anthony John Fusco David Janson January Jene ' Barker William Bradley Cox Adolph Richard Garcia John Frank Jeske Paul Morgan Barsi Michael Alan Crabtree FJma Esther Garcia Cy Clark Jobe s Jessica Kathryn Bayne Scott Collier Craig Sara Xochitl Garcia Gregory Raman Johnson Zheila Bazleh Frances Needham Crowe Jordan Kelly Garrison Karen Yvonne Johnson Susan Moseley Beckage William Richard Cruse Lucille Lorene Gassiot Andrew Donohue Jones Brad Christopher Bedwell Alec Ladislau Czitrom Shweta Gera Jason Douglas Jones Kara Lynn Belew Marian Nella Daggett Brooke Ashley Geren Jeffrey Ronald Joseph Lydia Maxine Belzer Andrew Lawrence Dahm Loretta Bridget Gieske Alexander Lyle Kaplan Jason Edwin Bennett Fred Dahr Adam Joseph Gilbert Tanya Anahita Karimi Angela Marie Bentz Amber Marie D ' Alessio Elisa Gilbert Sameena Karmally Richard N. Berberian Brandon Blake Danford Eren Dina Giles Jennifer Rebecca Kasten Jared David Berent Davee Laurent Datta Jo Beth Gilleland David Michael Kavanaugh Lance Hunter Beshara Rebecca Davalos Anne Elizabeth Gingrich Jean Ann Kelly Jessica Biddle Katharine T Davenport Melissa Ann Glaze Jessica Emily Kempf Mathis Beckham Bishop Kerri Lynne Davidson Lisa Yvette Godwin Courtney Dachelle Key Corey Benjamin Blake Joseph Clarke Davis Laura Jeanne Goodson Ebrahim Michael Khaleghi Patrick Daniel Bogart Melissa Michelle Davis Amanda Cater Graeber Yoon Kim Pamela Jean Bolton Tracy Cathleen Davis Gilbert Andrew Greene Laura Jann Kissel Linley Rebecca Boone Benjamin Stoune De Leon Grace Hanna Greig Christopher E. Klawinski Margaret Therese Boren Eric Austin Dean Alice M. Griffing Mcafee Heather Joy Kliebenstein Eric Kent Bowers Joshua Peter Dehnke Meghan Elaine Griffiths Gregory Joseph Koehler Laura Elizabeth Breech Patrick Mason Dennis Caleb Charles Hagopian Sashka Todorova Koleva Anastasia Breloff Sanjiv Sudheer Desai Haylie Ann Halpin Ron Kozlowsky William Corbett Brooks Linhthu Quy Do Christopher S. Hamilton Mandie Lynn Kreimborg John Koetting Broussard Monica Sharon Dobie Darron Ashley Hamilton Brian Patrick Kruppa Regina Maria Buono Nicholas B. Dominguez Elizabeth B. Hamilton Stanley Abraham Kuczaj Erica Ann De Burkhart Jeremy Robert Dorsett Melissa Ruth Hamilton Chantal Valerie Kuhn Christopher A. Callicott Carolyn Lisa Douglas Hunter Anwei Hammill Shanna Rae Kuzdzal Angela Katherine Caras H. Michael Drumm Adam Scott Harbin Alexis Carla Lamb Susana Carbajal Tuyet Giang Duong Cori Allison Hash Anne Madeline Langdon Veronica Carbajal Nicholas William Earles Jeremy Wayne Hawpe Rene Robert Lara Kimberly Jean Carter Kindel Leigh Elam Stacy Elaine Hays Steven Ross Lawrence Cara Mitchell Castenson Marc Daniel Ellenbogen Amy Pharr Hefley Marissa Dawn Lawson Gilbert Michael Castro Benjamin A. Ellison Rebecca E. Heinemann Willy Mong Le Elizabeth Lane Cates Chad Phillip Ennis Lauren Nicole Held Chunghsing C. Lee Leena Vasant Chaphekar Lorraine Marie Ensley Aaron Charles Hendricson Cynthia Carol Lee Tiffany Marie Chapman Charles Douglas Epperson Robert Earl Henneke Lisa Nicole Leiman Ryan Cleve Chargois Michael Paul Erfe Ana Elizabeth Hernandez Andrew Leuchtmann Sharon Beth Cheeseman Erica Escobar Jorge A. Herrera Michael Paul Lewis Julie Yuxiu Chen Jason Robert Espinosa Laura Francis Hill Alexine Lee Lindio Jessie Chiang Joshua Edward Estes Lisa Louise Hill Jamie Lynn Lipsey Jennifer M. Chilton Lester Lee Eubanks, IV Angela Joy Hindman Holly Joy Lister 102 THE STATE OF TEXAS THE SCHOOL OF LAW PRINTED WITH PRIDE IN THE LONE START STATE Seniors 2004 Catherine Y. Livingston Thomas Edward O ' Brien Robert Ryan Rollans Joshua Layton Tucker Dan Ryan Locker Laura Ann Offenbacher Trevor Joseph Rosson Tara Lynn Tune Mandy Elizabeth Locker Kari Jamil Orr Jennifer E. Russell Susan Grace Turner Joshua Reese Lounsbury Daniel Ortiz Jonathan D. Ryan Amanda Rae Tyler Tiffany Janette Lowe Douglas Howe Ostertag Kelly Diane Sadler Michael C. Tyler April Elizabeth Lucas Marni Magowan Otjen Angelica Astrid Saenz Jody Katherine Upham Hal Michael Lucas Michael Frank Panayotou William Hunter Sage Jennifer Renee Vaculik Heather Diane Lunow Heybin Park Micheal Aaron Sanchez Marlon Odir Valladares Ajay Kumar Mago Wendy Sangbee Park Shaun S. Schottmiller Adelbert Jonathan Vance Rebekah Ann Maley Callie Ann Parker Jason Andrew Schumacher Jose Vela, III Ursula Forhan Mann Charles Anderson Parker Marcus Frank Schwartz, Jr. Eleanor Kathryn Vernon Steven Aaron Marshall Christopher Jon Parks Jason Stewart Scott Jennifer Lauren Virgil Aimee Marie Martin Seema Nagin Patel Casey Lynn Seitz Natalie Lynn Vorak Jack Worsham Massey Smita Sanmukhbhai Patel James Michael Sellers Katherine Ann Wade Kendall Dee Mathis Meridith Leigh Patterson Mitul Mahendra Shah Kandace Dekeshia Walter Michael Joseph Mayans Jana Paige Pattillo Yonit Sharaby George Baxter Ward Kevin Paul Mccary William Robert Peeler Brandon Scott Shelby Chelsea Marissa Wauson Frank Ardoin Mceachern Laura Elizabeth Pelanek Marc Edward Shelley Carla Markette Weaver Chad Edward Mcguffin Kevin R. Pennell Tonya Lanell Shotwell Ross Quentin Wells Kelsey Palmer Mckay Chako Tomas Perez Christopher Allen Shuley Jason Thomas Whitcomb Reese Patrick Mcknight Stephen Michael Perez Jesse Keith Shumway Amy Lynn G. White Gentry Crook Mclean Susan Anita Perez Stephen Whit Sides Sean Michael Whyte Christopher B. Meadors Kennon Lathem Peterson Amy Lucille Simar Catriona Frances Wilkie Shane Christopher Mecham Denise Meals Petronio Anna Mae Marie Sinclair Amanda Michele Wilkins George Louis Mehren Daniel John Pettit Benjamin Charles Singer Edward Joseph Willey, III Sonali Mehta Sean Edward Pevsner Stefanie June Skogen Virginia Hope Williams Edward Franklin Meier Constance H. Pfeiffer Jodie Annette Slater James K. Williamson Kristin Marie Meiser Lori Leigh Pinkley Christine Jeanette Smith Cassie Lynn Williford Dion Dee Messer Jonathan Michael Pitcher Christopher David Smith Tanesha Mitria Wilson Steven Douglas Metzger Timothy Robert Pitrelli Erin Geiger Smith Dennis J. Windscheffel Banks Prescott Miller Peter Simon Poland Felicity S. Smullen Raymond Ramsey Witt Emily Marie Miller Abraham Max Pollack Jeffrey Ira Snyder Jason W. Wolff Howard Weston Miller Adam Daniel Pollock Kristin Michelle Snyder Mary Elizabeth Wood Thomas N. Millikan Matthew C. Powers Eric Meyer Solomon Sarah Elizabeth Woodrick Mitchell James Mills Brian Kenneth Prewitt Michael Chinsuk Song Jason Thaddeus Wright Carnegie Harvard Mims Emily Allison Puder • Susanna Love Southworth David Edwards Wynne Amy Elizabeth Mitchell Robyn Nicole Pullio Maureen Elizabeth Spiwak Yasmin Yavar Jennifer Brown Modgling Amber Liane Pursley David Frederick Staas Christopher M. Ybarra Aaron Alexander Moore Garrick B. Pursley Crystal Kay Stahl Bryan Travis Yeates Craig Jahaun Moore Benjamin William Putnam Brantley David Starr Lauren Michelle Young Linda Louise Morgan Chikeersha Puwada Sarah Elizabeth Stasny Scott Anthony Young Rachel Michelle Morris Steve A. Radom Elizabeth A. Stephens Shannon Melissa Zmud Adam Thomas Muery Siavash Rahbari Anna Elizabeth Raimer Ian Michael Steusloff Tamara Renee Strain Michael Steven Munson Elizabeth Ann Murfee Jorge Alberto Ramirez Jennifer Lynn Strickland Henry Carl Myers Julia Suzanne Raney Jason Lee Stuart Cynthia Marie Nahas Daniel Anthony Range Derek Yoshio Sugimura Kerrie Ann Nanni Ilian Iliev Rashtanov Claire Estelle Swann Angelica Ellien Navarro Kristin Nicole Necessary Haverly Anne Rauen Tamla Shanelle Ray Michael David Sydow Jennifer Ann Tatum Jeffrey Collin Neill September Rea Leah Rose Taylor Maria Cristina E. Nelson Reagan Allison Reaud Raymond R. Telles Rory Daniel Nerenberg James Patrick Reidy Hugo Adolfo Teste Rifian Shanu Newaz Nicholas Jay Reisch Casey Zach Thomas Martha Garrison Newton William Todd Resnik Cheri Christine Thomas Brian Tran Nguyen Elisabeth Cathleen Ret Zachary Roman Thomas Claire Loan Nguyen Robert- Paul F. Reynolds John Bradford Thompson Matthew C. Nichols Emily Serena Rickers Andrea Lynn Thomson Melissa Sue Nihiser Trent Everett Rinebarger Steven David Tibbets Lisa Noelle Nobles Mark Edward Nogalski Marcus A. Roberts Terry David Roberts Patrick Philip Tofilon Michael Brent Tristan Patrick Gregory O ' Brien Ramona O ' Brien Eric Gilbert Rodriguez Susan Gile Rogers Leslie Loraine Tsai Tiffany Nicole Tsumpis ii £ _ 2004 University of Texas School of Law Annual Dedicai t b the brave Texans who have given their i ' es in defense of our freedom. 104 THE STATE OF TEXAS -THE SCHOOL OF LAW - wmmmmmmmmmmmmmfammamBBmwBmmmmmmmmmnmmBmmBBmtnmmmm

Suggestions in the University of Texas School of Law - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) collection:

University of Texas School of Law - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1998 Edition, Page 1


University of Texas School of Law - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1999 Edition, Page 1


University of Texas School of Law - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 2000 Edition, Page 1


University of Texas School of Law - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 2001 Edition, Page 1


University of Texas School of Law - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 2002 Edition, Page 1


University of Texas School of Law - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 2003 Edition, Page 1


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