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the eyes of Texas... eyes on justice It In 1899, University President William Prather began admonishing students that " the eyes of Texas are upon you. " The catchphrase inspired two students to create a campus song. The satirical song struck a chord, and its chorus soon became a campus anthem. 2003 marked the centennial of the alma mater, which began as a joke on Prather. But Prather had a point. The eyes of Texas, the nation, and the world are on UT Law graduates — expectant, hopeful eyes, watching that we " may truly and impartially administer justice " as written on the south tee of Townes Hall. Calendar — 2 Features — 6 Alumni Weekend — 16 Sponsors — 19 Sunflower Ceremony — 20 Consuls — 24 Opening 0 1 Timeline fj icttitttei I U.S. Supreme Court grants a mentally retarded Lufkin man a stay of execution, pending a ruling on the constitutionality of executing the mentally ill UT baseball wins College World Series Federal circuit court rules Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional because of the words " under God, " added by Congress in 1954 David Robertson named to the UT Academy of Distinguished Teachers I } Ay ' Texan Lance Armstrong wins fourth Tour de France ' Pennsylvania miners rescued after three days in shaft Texas quarter design chosen « Attorney General John Cornyn rules against new UT infrastructure fee August • Amber Alert Network created • Legal Aid program receives federal grant to open toll-free help center in Austin to provide legal advice to state ' s poor •Justice Department investigates accounting practices at AOL- Time Warner, raising the possibility of a criminal case againsi the world ' s largest corporation ■ Center for Disease Control grants Texas Department of Health $1. million to combat West Nile virus September Texan Kelly Clarkson becomes first American Idol Former UT President Mark Yudof returns as UT system Chancellor Law students staff Legal Advice Hot Line Professor Laycock and Free Speech Task Force revamp campus policy o • Snipers terrorize Washington, D.C. area • UT Law sees increased minority enrollment • Univeristy-wide Parents ' Day • Gerald Torres named president-elect of the Association of American Law Scheiols • Ex Parte held at Austm Music Hall Professor Thomas Crandall receives SBA Teaching Excellence Award U.N. weapons inspectors return to Iraq ' Board of Advocates hosts Tournament of Champions Rick Perry wins governor ' s race ' Barbara Jordan statue unveiled at . ' ustin- Bergstrom International Airport ' Federal judge orders removal of a Ten Commandments display from Alabama ' s state capitol No ' uember Calendar a 3 Timeline ' Vi ' i A rJ i ' iiJir « Texas Defender Service releases a study concluding that the state Court of Criminal Appeals appoints inadequate attorneys to those facing the death penalty • Archbishop of Canterbury discusses Professor Philip Bobbitt ' s Market State Theory in first major address » Turkey grants U.S. access for military bases • Settlement reached in Farmers Insurance case December • Graduates of UT Law top Texas Lawyer magazine ' s list of " most marketable graduates " of Texas law schools for the second year • Tower Garden design awarded to UT alumna Eleanor McKinney • Austin first U.S. city to be honored with the title of American Capital of Culture • Texas House elects Tom Craddick first GOP speaker since Reconstruction • UT Law hosts Texas Court of Criminal Appeals February « Shuttle Columbia disintegrates durmg re-entry ' UT Law team wins regional Mock Trial competition • Ice storm closes campus for a day during Law Week • Clara Harris convicted of killing her cheating hus- band by running him over with her car • Assault Flattery stages " The Profes.sors " • Professors Laycock and Graglia debate affirmative action • Three BOA Mediation Advocacy and Negotiation teams are named Regional Finalists or Regional Champions 4 S Calendar UT M(H)t C ' ourt Team wins regional competition and Best Brief award President of Germany Htmors Professor Markesinis with Knis:;ht Commander of the Order of Merit with Star Professors Laycock and Rahhan prepare briefs for the Supreme Court in Qruttcr v. Bollinger, the University of Michigan affirmative action case U.S. declares war on Iraq UT mock trial team places fifth in nationals March SARS epidemic hits Asia ' Barton Springs re-opens after a 90-day closure to investigate pollution ' Texas Men ' s and Wonaen ' s basketball teams make it to the NCAA Final Four Tournament . Willie Nelson turns 70 ■ UT acquires Watergate reporters ' papers ■ POWs rescued after three weeks in captivity May Will Wynn elected mayor of Austin Te.xas Exes celebrate the " Eyes of Texas " centennial 459 graduates participate in the Sunflower Ceremony 51 Texas House Democrats walk out to protest a congressional redistricting plan Calendar ® 5 2L Paige Pattillo juggles law school and one, two, three batons Paige Pattillo, a second-year law student who grew up in Nacogdoches, said she had been twirling as long as she can remember. Her mom was a feature twirler and drum major in high school and taught her daughter the twirling basics at a very young age. " We always had a couple of batons in the hall closet, " Pattillo, the Longhorn Band feature twirler, said. She started taking dance classes at age 2 and quickly began learning how to incorporate baton work into dancing. Patillo signed up to play the flute in mid- dle school, but it didn ' t take. " The directors all knew my love was the baton, not the flute, " she said. But when PiUtillo got to high sch..ol, the band didn ' t include ,i twirler n its show. " 1 talked to the high school director, and he asked, ' Which do you like better, baton or flute? ' " Pattillo said. " Of course, I chose baton. " The director allowed Pattillo to perform baton on the field. She began creating her own routines, many with multiple batons, and won awards for her twirling abilities. " There are a few tricks I always do, " Pattillo said. " But there ' s not a limit on the different harder. " Pattillo earned her undergraduate degree at Stephen F Austin State University and performed with the SFA band. Her dream, though, was to become a member of the Longhorn Band. Pattillo said she lived her dream during every football game. " It ' s an adrenaline rush, " Pattillo said. " I know nothing that can describe how I feel when 1 see all people hanging over the tunnel doing ' hook ' em horns. ' It takes my breath away. This place is awesome. " In the past, the U)nghorn Band had multiple feature twirlcrs performing at the same time, but positions had been filled since the students graduated. Longhorn Band director Rob Carnochan said that unless more than one outstanding perfomer tried out, the band would probably keep only one feature twirler in the future. Like other band members, Pattillo would also ha ' e to try out again to keep her p.isition. Though not part iif a particular section, Pattillo said she felt right at home and was proud to con- sider herself a part of the Longhorn Band. " I love them, " she said. " There ' s nothing like having 50 band members around you on the field. There aren ' t many places where they ' re as supportive as they are in LHB. " — adapted from t )c Ocin vr 4, 2002 Daily Texan story icks Th always ways to make - . i fi 3L Patrick Oegerle volunteers as a ballroom dancing teaching assistant Q: Hou ' did you get started with ballroom dancing! A: 1 learned how to two-step in middle school; growing up in southwest Texas, going country danc- ing was fairly common. When I was an undergradu- ate, I took more country and ballroom lessons in order to impress a certain lady. Once 1 got the hang ot It, 1 just continued. Q: You ' ve been a teaching assistant in the ballroom danc- ing class for five years. What ' s kept you at it this long? A: I love being a teaching assistant. Not only do I get to be helpful, but it ' s a good opportunity to learn about people and how to effectively communi- cate. Also, being a TA has enabled me to meet many great people and to stay connected with the university as a whole. Q: How do you balance the dance classes and outi7 gs with law school? A: My first year, I didn ' t do a very good job of man- aging my time. These last two years I ' ve been better at scheduling everything. However, since I ' ve been m law school, I haven ' t had the time to take lessons or practice as much as I used to. Thus, I haven ' t learned anything new in awhile, and I ' xe completely forgotten a few things. Q: Have you seen any other law students take the class or teach while you ' ve been here? A: A friend of mine and his wife took the class the first year. They seemed to enjoy it, and it was some- thing they both could do together. Q: Do you see any similarities between dancing and law, or is this something you do as an escape? A: 1 suppose they both require a certain amount of practice and talent. But dancing is a lot more fun than doin ' . legal research. CJ: I ' ll i)i( have a favorite dance? A: I wiuild have to say your typical two-step. I love the music, especially if it ' s in the 85-100 beats per muiute range. Austin has many venues at which to go two-stepping as well. Q: An ) funny dancing stories? A: None that I want immortalized in print. • The man behind all those Daily Texan quotes shares his passion for civil liberty law and his commitment to students The sigtxatures of presidents and senators adorn Douglas Laycock ' s office walls. Too much sunlight from a window facing south has dark- ened his reproduction of the Bill of Rights to a chocolate brown almost as dark as its frame. Considered one of the nation ' s two leading scholars on religious liberty law, he testifies regularly before Congress about issues of religious liberty, and has argued many cases in the courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court. Laycock, a soft-spoken constitutional law professor, went to Michigan State University in the late 1960s, an era known for its social activism, and was inspired to study law as a way to work toward the greater good of the nation. Here in Texas, he chaired the Task Force on Assembly and Expression organized in 2002 to revise the campus speech policy. He also served on the legal team representing the university in Hopwood V. Texas, in which the U.S. Court of Appeals prohibited the School of Law from using race as one of many admissions criteria. He continues to speak about the case, decided in 1996, and his name appears almost daily in tbe campus newspaper as a source of legal com- mentary on issues in the news. This Q A offers a snapshot of the man many students read about but few know. Professor Laycock joined the UT Law staff in 1982. He earned his J.D. in 1973 from the University of Chicago, where he taught before coming to Texas. Q: How did you get mtu studying bw? A: I guess I was always interested. I went to college back in the ' 60s, when it looked like lawyers could do a lot of good in the country. That ' s kind of opposite of now, but that was the mood, generally. Q; What do you think is the current reason is, if not that? A: I ' m sure it ' s partly that, but the kinds of good that motivated a lot of people to go to law schools in the ' 60s - the courts have gotten out of that business. There ' s not nearly as much sense of ... thinking we can make the country work better racially, politically, the civil liberties, poor people. There ' s some of that. Some of tis are still chipping away. The naive view that lawyers go out and save the world, 1 don ' t think has survived 40 years of politics and 40 years of experience. Q: Vbur specialty is religious liberty. Can you tell me a little more about that? A: Well, we have an enormously diverse population, religiously, and we have - compared to the rest of the world, an enor- mous degree of religious tolerance but still a fair amount of intolerance between both ends of the spectrum. The vast middle of the American population are low-intensity theists. They ' re suspicious of people whose religion is too intense, and they ' re suspicious of people who don ' t believe. The goal of the religious liberty clause [in the U.S. Constitution] is to enable all these folks to live together in relative peace in the same society. I ' m sort of a swing guy in the middle. 1 come at it as a lib- erty issue rather than as a religion issue. Q; Youve testified before Congress. What does that entail? A: It ' s a strange process. It ' s kind of a game. Occasionally you can make a difference if you ' re persistent and if you ' re work- ing in tandem with groups that can follow up and see people in their offices and such. The hearings themselves are often kind of for show. The senators and congressmen wander in and out - plenty don ' t shov ' up at all. You fly to Washington, and during the hearing they give you 10 minutes to tell them what ' s going on, and send yuLi 25 follow-up questions you ' re supposed to answer in writing. It ' s not a good activity to engage in if you ' re concerned about your dignity. If you ' re willing to be used and abused a bit in the hopes of trying to explain all this good stuff, sometimes it matters. 8 0 Douglas Laycock Q. Would iiii Sen ' i( I)l ' is i(( he an optimist! A: Yeah, [laughs] Maybe even a ccickeyed optimist. Q: Do you consider yourself one! A: Not a cockeyed one, but yeah. I guess if 1 weren ' t somewhat of an optimist, I wouldn ' t keep doing this. Q: What drew you to that particular field! You said that you got into law for the purpose of helping. Is that why you chose this particular specialty! A: Yeah, I suppose. It ' s probably a matter of drifting into it, but obviously it ' s got a lot of interest for me or 1 wouldn ' t have stayed with it. Q; Do you teach a lot of classes on it! A: Sometimes. I do more religious liberty work in my Con Law survey than most sections do. Occasionally 1 teach a separate religious liberty course. 1 ha ' en ' t done that all that often. Q; Why did you choose to start teaching! A: It ' s a great job! I get to choose my own issues and work on what I want to work on. As long as I ' m produc- tive, the dean doesn ' t much care what I ' m producti e about. Q: B ' " productive, " do you mean research or teaching ! A: Well, both. 1 pull my weight in the classroom and steadily produce articles or books or whatever, and the articles and the books can be whatever I want to write. That ' s a luxury you don ' t have in many jobs. Q: What ' s your favorite thing to teach! A: I don ' t know. I ' ve mostly been teaching Remedies and Con Law for several years now, and I really like both of them. Not sure I have a favorite. Q; What brought you to Texas! A: It ' s far and away the best university where my wife and I both got jobs. We both had jobs in Chicago, but we ' re a lot better off here. Q: What about this place is better! A: It ' s a lot better on her side. On my side, this is just a bigger, more diverse, intellectually richer faculty. The size of the school is a bit of a disadvantage in terms of the serving the students ... but for the faculty, among them- selves, it ' s all upside and no downside to be so big. Q; You ' re quoted very often in the Texan. How did you get to be the go-to guy! A: Well, it ' s partly the coincidence that affirmative action and the free speech committee were news at the same time. I was chairman of the free speech committee, and I was active in the team that represented the Uni ' ersity in Hopwood. The attorney general didn ' t want publicity ... so I wound up being the one who would talk to the press. But then the rest sort of illegitimately followed from that. Texan reporters knew my name, so they ' d call me about stuff. We ' ve got the public affairs team now in the law school. They ' re trying to make us be more press-friendly, and when they can ' t figure out who should take a ques- tion, they send it to me, whether it makes any sense or Q: How often do you get calls from the Texan. ' A: Too often, [laughs] It differs. Some days a little, some days a lot. Sometimes for days at a time, not at all. One once called me and said, " What do you teach? I can ' t remember why I called you. " They write about all sorts of things inside and outside of the University, so they ' ll call and ask for explanations of court cases and legal develop- ments. I feel like they ' re our students, there ' s a teaching obligation to help them out, and you ' ve got to take their calls. Some faculty just won ' t talk to them because they know some people don ' t know what they ' re doing, and this would be misquoted, so avoid it. Q; Do you find you are misquoted often! A: I ' ve learned to be more careful with them. But yeah, sometimes - it ' s a hazard of answering the telephone for any reporter, but certainly a student reporter, that some- times you may be misquoted. Q; What ' s a typical day for you! A: One interruption after another, [laughs] When I was first starting out, I thought one of the advantages of teaching as compared to practice was that teaching, you could do one thing and work on it until you got it right and be fully satisfied with how you ' d handled that prob- lem. That turned out to be because I was brand-new and nobody knew me, and there was no reason for anyone to call me and ask anything. Now, between teaching and committee work and service work and reporters calling and colleagues at other law schools asking you to write a review for their latest book, some of the pro bono legal work I do and the congressional testimony - freeing up time to actually work on my own research has been hard, very hard. The day is spent here at the desk, on the phone, on the computer, reading and writing in lots of short bursts. Short-term deadlines drive the long-term projects. It ' s an occupational hazard. Q: What do ' oi( do for fi(n that has nothing to do with law! A: [laughs] I play chess with my son and go to football games. College football. Real football. We [wife and sons, 15 and 22] try to go on a serious vacation in the summer. The younger son plays chess. Beats me nearly every night. Q: Why do you think it ' s important to participate in debates like the affmnative action debate with Lino Qraglia in February! A: I ' m frankly sick and tired of debating Lino about affir- mative action, but to each cohort of students, it ' s new. I think the debate went well, but I actually forgot that Hopwood came down seven years ago. These students were in high school. I probably started out assuming they knew something about what was going on, and they did- n ' t. So I guess the real reason to do it is it ' s important to the student body and it affects the student body. Each new cohort needs and wants to learn about it. • Q A ' m. TOP LEFT: William Whitehurst, a 1970 graduate of UT Law, speaks to the entering class of freshlaws about public interest law in August. ABOVE LEFT; Students mingle at tfie Mentor Reception sponsored by ttie Career Services Office. BOTTOM CENTER: Students mingle with representatives from law firms at a spring reception. 10 S Around Townes TOP CENTER: A member of Outlaw pins an awareness ribbon on a fellow law student. TOP RIGHT: Runners brave the cold for Race Judicatta. ABOVE CENTER: Two students get to know each other duhng the Mentor Reception. ABOVE RIGHT: Counselor Donna Davis discusses " the J word " with first-year Justin Conner during a walk-in session in the atrium. LEFT: ABC newsman John Stossel addresses a crowd in September. Around Townes Whodunnit? For a century, law and engineering students have traded insults and schemed to capture the other group ' s mascot. After more than a decade of relative harmony, the mascot controversy flared up in the summer of 2 002. " Perry " had been displayed on and off in the law library until the theft. After its return, the statue was tucked away in a safe, secret corner of the law school. The statue was created by a prominent Swiss woodcarver named Peter Mansbendel who did lots of carvings at the University. The Institute of Texan Cultures featured the Peregrinus in an exhibit devoted to Mansbendel in the 1970s. The rivalry between engineering and law .students began at the turn of the 20th century when there were only three classes on campus: the laws, the engineers and the academs. The two groups traded insults and snatched each others ' mascots throughout the century. Things seemed peaceful at the turn of the 21st century, but the rivalry flared up once again with the mysterious disappearance of both statues. Unknown culprits stole Alec late in summer 2002. A few weeks later, the Peregrinus on display in a locked case in the law library reserve room disappeared. " One Monday morning when we opened the library, we discovered that the statue was missing, " law librarian Mike Widener said. He called UTPD and looked for evi- dence. " It appeared that a door might have been propped open - a door to the fire escape - and it wasn ' t clear whether that had been done by a construction crew that was actu.dly working during that period the thief, " Widener said. UTPD conducted an investigation, but nothmg turned up. Then fliers bearing a picture o( the Peregrinus appeared, first at the engineering school, then also at the law school. " Unexpectedly one day I got a call from Dean Powers ' office, who said that they had just received a call from the engineering dean ' s office that they were bringing the statue over, " Widener said. Staff from the engineering dean ' s office and Dean Powers ' office brought it to the library in a large cardboard box full of fliers and covered in an old plastic trash bag. No one ever admitted to the theft, but Dean Powers suspected that the dean of engineering negotiated a safe haven until the statue could be returned to the law school. " We do consider it a crime to come in and steal our Peregrinus, " Powers said. " But 1 think bygones are bygones. " 1900 PereyrinLis horn " from the mind of a savage, " namely RlisscH Savatje, a student in Justice Simkins ' lec- tures. 1901 The hanner hearing a Peregrinus insignia is sei:ed and shredded. 1902 The Cactus yearbook features a humorous song ahout the Peregrinus. 1908 Alexander Frederic Claire unveiled as the " patron saint " of engineering students on April Fools Day. 1910 Law students kidnap Alec from the engineers on his second birthday. 1912 Peregrinus dismembered and shipped to the far comers of the state. 1913 Law students hide Alec on a Ptlugerville Engineering students retrieve the statue and put bank vault. 1916 Law students charge Alec with vagrancy. He is It Go -. Imi " Pa " Ferguson pardons the mascot ma returns hnn to the engineering students. This flyer circulated in the law school after the theft. No culprits were ever named, but the Peregrinus was surrendered to the engineering dean, whose staff returned the mascot to the law library. Tm not sure where it will ultimately reside, but it is safe for now, " law librarian Tobe Liebert said 19 lo Law students seize and shred Alec. Pieces are mailed to engineering alumni around the world. " Perry " is put in a bank vault and law students boast that " Never has the begrimed, uncouth and hairy hand of a flannel- shirted minion of Alec been laid upon his sacred person. " 1921 Engineers capture Peregrinus. He is returned in 1925. 1927 Engineers fail to capture Perry as several law stu- dents carry him from the bank vault to their annual ban- quet. They succeed three years later, and the law banquet is suspended for several years after Perry is dismembered.. 1934 Law students again lose a Peregrinus to the engi- neers at the annual banquet. 1937 Alec and the Peregrinus appear together tor the irst time in a Loyalty Day parade. The Daily Texan calls the event the " first treaty of alliance " for the rivals. 1938 Peace is short-lived as law students steal Alec, dis- member him and hang his torso froin a tree on campus. The torso is later displayed with Perry in the law library. 1939 A fistfight breaks out at the heavily-secured law banquet when eng«eers attfmpt to capture Perr 1943 s nab Ijec wh the ileers ar ftheir annual dance. Two weeks later, engineers dunk a few laws in the Littlefield fountain and shave the heads of a few others. The laws return Alec a week later in exchange for hair. Both groups buy V-Day bonds as restitution. 1950 Perry returns to his bank vault. 1953 The original Peregrinus head is dis covered by Texan reporters in a campus building during renovation. 1 968 A Peregrinus sketch appears in the Hmiston Chronicle. 1978 The Student Bar Association authorizes the casting of 100 bronze Peregrinus sculptures to raise money for a first-year student loan fund. 1987 Two engineers steal Alec ' s torso from the law brary and demand the Peregrinus as ransom. Judge Harley Clark, a UT Law alumnus, orders that the torso be surrendered to the court. Law Dean Mark Yudof and stu- dent Paul Begala represent the law school in court, but the engineers regain custody of the Alec torso. 1998 Engineers fill Townes Hall with fliers claiming that 26th Street, renamed for former law dean Page Keeton, has been renamed for Alexander Frederic Claire. 2002 The Peregrinus goes missing yet again, as does Alec. Perry is returned in early 2003 and sequestered. 9i Ai, r r . ' .i tufnn i • Its bushy tail brushes aside technicalities in favor of justice. •hs ong, pointeA. nose searches out truth. •The boots on its front feet signify sympa- thy with the rank and file of the workin.t; class. •The hoxxng gloves on its hind feet show a preparedness to fight for equity and the law. •Its arched back is ready to spring, just as the law is ever ready to protect rights and defend wrongs. •A white cap of truth crowns its head. Pereerinus William S. Simkins joined the Vxw faculty of the Unn ' crsity of Texas m 1899 and began a 30-year career as the most colorful character ever connected with the law school. Peregrinus, the symbol of the law school, came from a Simkins lecture, and he was often referred to as " Old Peregrinoos. " Simkins ' long white hair, his love of applause, his traditional lecture on the Ku Klux Klan and his encounter with temperance crusader Carrie Nation also became a part of law school lore. This is his own account of the birth of Peregrinus: " Many years ago I was trying to explain to the class in Equity, the origin of the system in Rome and the sources of equity in the Roman Empire. At the time fledglings just from the high schools were admitted to the Law School. Many of them had never heard of the Roman Empire, and not a few spelled cow with a " K. " Well, 1 explained to them that when Rome conquered a nation it was incorporated into the Roman Empire subject to its own law and not to the laws of Rome — that the Roman citizen was not subject of the laws of these incorporated nations — that in due course commerce sprang up between the citizens of Rome and barbaric nations, and there was no law to determine and settle their contractual relations. The Roman Emperor, to settle the troubles arising out of the fact that there was no law applicable to control their contracts, appointed a Praetor or chancellor to travel among these nations and to settle all disputes without reference to the Laws of Rome, or of the incorporated Nations, but to do justice and decide all dis- putes, alone by the conscience o{ the Praetor. Peregrinating [traveling] from one nation to the other, he was called a Praetor Peregrinus. " The boneheads of the class evidently thought that Peregrinus was an internal organ o{ the body tor they contin- ually greeted each other, ' How is your Peregrinus today? " This fact seems to have developed the humorous side ot the incident, and Russell Savage developed a concrete expression of it on the blackboard and thus the tradition began. Russell drew better than he kne«-, for the nondescript animal symbolizes both in limb and attitude the maxims in equi- ty that guide the administration of the system. For instance, on one of the front feet as originally drawn was an Irish ditcher ' s boot — indicating the law ' s protection to the least of mankind. On the other front foot were naked claws, indicating that the greatest of mankind must fear its power. The arched back in the attitude of springing, indicated that the law was ever ready to protect right or prevent wrong. The sharp beak indicated the power to penetrate the myster- ies of the law which the true student must obtain by study. The bushy tail indicated that Equity brushes away the tech- nicalities of the law and does justice to the merits. " History of Peregrinus How a UT law tradition started with a simple error of omission ir yc ■ott etioie ' V Because cultivated sunflowers from florists have thick stems and don ' t lie flat when pinned to a lapel, Assistant Dean Susana Aleman prefers wild sunflowers for the graduates. She gathers them herself when they are in bloom. " I ' ve had this fear that one of these days I ' m going to get arrested for picking sunflow- ers, " she told the Caau% yearbook in 2000, " If I ever get arrest- ed, I hope some of OLir lawyers will come to my defensel " Graduates of the university did not wear caps and gowns for graduation ceremonies until the turn of the 20th century when a salesperson offered to rent seniors caps and gowns. At that time, the School ot Law was in the basement of the Main Bmldmg, and no one thought to send a message downstairs and invite the law seniors to the meeting. A committee of faculty and seniors met and decided that graduates would look sharp in caps and gowns, and it was ordered that all sen- iors were to wear caps and gowns for the com- mencement. Annoyed because they had not been invited to the original meeting, the law seniors refused to wear caps and gowns. They argued that caps and gowns at such a time were tradi- tional to and representative of the academic school and not the professional school. Even though judges had worn the wig and gown for centuries, it was worn for a purpose entirely dis- tinct from the purpose ot the commencement ceremony. The law faculty met with the president of the University, and it was decided that the law students must either conform to the wishes of the senior class or wear a significant insignia at the exercises instead. It was not in a spirit of conciliation or in appreciation of the c ignity of the occasion that the sunflower was chosen as the " distinctive insignia. " It was agreed, howev- er, that the senior law students would wear white suits. After the flower was chosen, stu- ilcnts generated reasons to justify its use. The sunflower, genus Helianthus, belongs to a family with worldwide distribution. So, also do lawyers. As the sunflower always keeps its face turned to the sun, the lawyer turns to the light of justice. The Sunflower Ceremony used to be held once during the year, on Commencement Day. As the School of Law student population grew, it was decided to have two exercises during the year, cine in November for the December gradu- ates and another one in May for the May and August graduates. Originally, a sunflower was pinned on each senior by his or her best friend. This cus- tom changed, however, and an Associate Dean or Assistant Dean of the School of Law assumed the responsibility. Sunflower Story Robert Driegert, 70, Dan Hedges, 74, and his wife The Honorable Adele Hedges visit at the Sunday evening gal Law Alumni from the class of 1953 remi- nisce at the UT Club at Darrell K. Royal- Texas Memorial Stadium during Alumni Weekend. Law Alumni ynfeekend Law alumnus and reunion co-chair Harvin Moore, ' 63, and Dean William Powers dis- cuss the activities planned for Alumni Weekend. The oldest law alumnus, Brad Pickett, ' 36, shares a moment with his granddaughter. Student host Veronica Carjabal, 2L, chats with Nancy Sutton, ' 41, and her husband UT law professor and former dean, John Sutton, ' 41 , at the gala. Dean Powers gives a tour of the UT Club before the Reunion Celebration. Law Alumni Weekei iiMk S ;; fc« r,i. - -m :- - 9Q Joe Long, The Honorable Sam Lindsay, Shannon Ratliff and Bill Barnett — photo courtesy of the Law Alumni Association ( ' ® Joe R. Long 1 Honorary Order of the Coif Joe Long served Austin and the State of Texas in many ways since his graduation from The University of Texas School of Law in 1958. Since 2000. Mr Long supervised his pnvate business affairs, and along with his wife. Dr Theresa Lozano Long, spent much of his time in his philan- thropic interests, including a $20 million gift to the City of Austin for the construction of a new center for the performing arts. The Honorable " 1 ' Sam A. Linsay Distinguished Alumnus Award for Community Service Since receiving his doctor of jurisprudence degree from UT Law in 1977, Judge Linsay became board certified in civil trial law arid licensed by the Texas Supreme Court, United States District Court, United States Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court. He was also a frequent speaker at seminars on various topics relat- ing to municipal legal matters. Shannon H. Ratliff Outstanding Alumnus Award Lifetime Achievement Award Mr Ratliff received his LL.B. from The University of Texas School of Law in 1964. He was a principal in the Ratliff Law Firm P.L.L.C. in Austin. He served on The University of Texas Board of Regents from 1985-1991, and the Texas Exes named him a Distinguished Alumnus in 1996. Mr Ratliff also served on the Executive Committee of the Chancellors Council and on the President ' s Council Mr Barnett was Senior Counsel of Baker Botts LLP and was managing partner of that firm from 1984 until 1998. He was a member of the American Bar Association and a Fellow of the American College of Tnal Lawyers. He was also very active in Houston civic affairs Mr Barnett received his LL.B with honors in 1958 from UT Law and was a trustee of The University of Texas Law School Foundation. Law Alumni Association Award Winners Law Alumni Association Awards Peregnn r M ipoi sors J Baron Budd, P.C. 3102 Oak Lawn Ave., C Suite 1100 Dallas, Texas 75219 214-521-3605 r- Bracewell Patterson L.L.pV Texas, Northern Virginia, n ' - Washington, D.C., London, 1— . Kazakhstan Andrews Kurth L.L.P. 600 Travis, Suite 4200 n Houston, Texas 77002 L 713-220-4200 r IVIithoff Jacks L.L.P. 500 Dallas, Suite 3450 nu Houston, Texas 77002 L 713-654-1122 Jeff B. Love gi Managing Partner-Houston (t Locke Liddell Sapp L.L.P. --. Houston, Texas -- y Abrams Scott Bickley V_ C 700 Louisiana, Suite 1800 " Houston, Texas 77002 713-228-6601 f Fulbright Jaworski L.L.P. 1301 McKinney, Suite 5100 ;j Houston, Texas 77010 L 713-651-5151 J Bob Fisher r Bellaire, Texas S r J Vinson Elkins L.L.P. V_ 2300 First City Tower C9 100 Fannin 3 Houston, Texas 77002 713-758-2222 J ■ Texas Student Publications 2500 Whites Ave., ( Room 3.200 ' - Austin, Texas 78713 Alumni Association C " The University of Texas School of Law S r Law School Foundation C9 The University of Texas cf School of Law 7 he staff of the 2003 Peregrim sincerest gratitude and appn organizations who have se IS Law Set ciation to -ved as sp lool Yearbook wish to expres the attorneys, law firms and onsors for this publication. s Sponsors ABEDIN, SHAHREEN ARA ADAMS, HOLMES STANFORD ADETAYO, VALERIE A. AFLATOONL LISA LAYLA AGHAMALIAN, BRANDON TODD AGNESE, LOUIS III AGUIRRE LUZI, ROBERTO J. AHN, JUNGRAN ALANIZ, OMAR JESUS ALBRANDT BROOKE NICHOLE ALFARO, ANGELICA GARZA ALI, SHAHPAR MICHELLE ALVERSON, VIRGINIA COIL AMMONS, DAVID H. ANDERSON, ERIN NICOLE ANDREWS, BRANNON FONTAINE ANDRIEUX, GREGOIRE O. ANTOSH, PETER JOSEPH APPLING, JULIE ELIZABETH ARMON, ORION ARMSTRONG, AMBER ADRIAHN ASIATICO, BROOKE ANN AUFDERHEIDE, KRISTI ELYCE AVERITT, JESSICA LOTTIE BAKER, JEFFREY DALE BARBER, PERRY O. Ill BARTLETT, SPENCER E BASELUOS, MICHAEL ADLY BASSFORD, MATTHEW WILLIAM BATES, JEFFREY JARRETT BEAR, RHONDA GAYLE BECEIRO, CRISTINA PAULA BECKER, CASEY HARRIS BEETER, MATTHEW JAMES BELENO, ANDREA BENDER, SOMMER LEE BERRY, BRIAN DAVIS BERRYMAN, NOELLE CELESTE BINGMAN, THOMAS PHILLIP BOATRIGHT JASON EVERETT BOENIG, TOBIN RICHARD BOETTGER, ULRICH BONINE, JAROD DOUGLAS BOOTH, ROBERT EDWARD BORIS, KEVIN GLENN BOYLE, NICOLE MCGLOIN BRADFORD, DANIEL C. BRANTLEY, BRIAN C. BREEN, THOMAS JAMES BRENNAN, JOY MARIE BRENNER, ELIZABETH A. BREWTON, MARK EMMANUEL BREZIK, PATRICK NICHOLAS BROOKS, MARCUS JAMES BROWN, CHRISTOPHER ALAN BROWN, ERIN JONES BROWN, SHANNON MAY BRYAN, NORMAN LANCE BRYANT DEBRA LEIGH BUCHANAN, MONICA DYANN BUCK, KATARI DAWN BULL, BRENT WILSON BURTON, MICHAEL CASSIDY BUSH, GEORGE PRESCOTT BUSTAMANTE, JOHN MARCUS BUTCHER, SARAH JEAN BUTTER, STEPHEN R. JR. CAIN, HILARY MARIE CALDWELL, BRADLEY WAYNE CALNEK, JULIA R. CARTER, BRIAN STEPHEN CARTER, MISTI LEIGH HILL CASH, ELIZABETH ANN CASPARY, TOBIAS CATHCART VICTORIA ANNE CHAPMAN, TY CHEN, JOYCE CHISHOLM, AMANDA JANE CHO, CAROLINE EMILY CHO, SUNG KUK CHRISTIAN, KEVIN MICHAEL CIVINS, CONOR MONROE CLACK, LANCE VERNON CLARK, CECILLY CARLISE CLOUGH, CHRISTOPHER M. COCKE, SARAH CHADWICK COE, JESSICA CHALFANT COHN, EVAN STUART COLANTINO, EMILY ANNE COLLINS, PHILLIP JASON CONATY, KELLEY ANNE CONDE DE FRANKENBERG, MARIANO AXEL COOK, RUSSELL SCOTT CORLEY, ELIZABETH ANN COX, MICHAEL ELLIS CRIMMINS, BRENDAN J. CRUMRINE, ANDREA MICHELLE DAHM, JANA SLIMP DAHMUS, TERESA ANN DAMIANI, DAVID JASON DAVIS, HEATHER ALINE DAVIS, REBECCA LAUREN DEAN, JESSICA M. DECKER, BETTINA DANIELA DENNEY, PAUL WILLIAM DESAI, AMI DINESH DEVORE, CATHERINE ANNE DEVOY, ALICIA DANIELLE DREYER, STEPHANIE GAIL DYM, KEVIN ANDREW ECHOLS, SUSAN MARIE ECKERT OLIVERE, YVONNE M. ECKSTEIN, ELIZABETH D. A. EDDINGTON, HOLLEY E. ELLARS, KIMBERLEY SUZANNE EVANS, KATHERINE MAURINE EWALD, JOHN LEQUEUX FARRELL, SEAN DEVIN FERBER, AMY SHAPIRO FIGUEROA, LUIS ORLANDO FIH, CHRISTOPHER NKEFUNG BONGEIH FISCH, STEPHANIE ROBIN FLICK, ADAM LEO FLYNN, BERRY JOANNA FORTNEY, DAVID C. FREDERICK, MATTHEW H. FREEMAN, HEIDI CHRISTINE FULTON, JASON PAUL GALLEGOS, CELESTINO A. GARCIA, SARAH PATRICIA GARNER, BRYAN DANIEL GEBHARD, CAROLYN MARIE GEHL, CATHRIN HELENE OILMAN, TYLER P GIVENS, SHAVONDALYN ALIA GONZALEZ, ALEJANDRO GOODCHILD, AMBERLEY LYNN GRAHAM, ANDREW DAVID GRANELLO, GERAMI ANTHONY GREENLAW, ROBERT EWAN GRIFFIN, KEIKO KAMILLE GUTIERREZ, ALFREDO ROMAN GYESZLY, STEVEN GREGORY HAllAR, KAREEM TALAL 20 ® Sunflower Ceremony HAJJAR, LARA OlANNE D, llAMLETT, JENNIFER MARIE HARDEN, MARY ANNE I lARRlS, STEPHEN GEORGE HEARN, JAMES ANDREW HEINRICH, MELANIE E. HEjL, JEAN MARIE HENDERSON, GIBBS GALLAHAM HENDRIX, JAMES WESLEY HERRE, ELIZABETH JOY IIIGGINS, MARISA GATHERINE HILLARY, NAKIA M. 1 IIRSX ELIZA MORGAN HO, NESTOR F HOELSCHER, VIRGINIA K. HOFFMAN, MATTHEW RICHARD HORTON, SHANA LYNN HOWE, MICAH JOHN HOXIE, DEE DEE DARLENE HUDIK, DANIKA CHORY HUDMAN, MATTHEW RAY HUDSPETH, MELINDA SUZANNE HUGHES, KAREN ELIZABETH IRARRAGORRI GUTIERREZ, JUAN FRANCISCO JACKSON, REBECCA K. JAFAR, NADIA LEA JAMISON, JENNIFER ANNE lANDA, DAVID LEE JR JEFFRIES, GRETCHEN D. JENKINS, GRAHAM JAMES JENKINS, MATTHEW HORTON JOHNSON, ERONDA NICOLE JOHNSON, MICHAEL WAYNE JOHNSTON, TIMOTHY MATTHEW JONES, BRIAN SCOTT JONES, HEATHER LYNETTE JONES, REBECCA ELIZABETH KACSMARYK, MATTHEW JOSEPH KANG, JOO YUN KASSAM, SHARMILA C. KAUFFOLD, CLAYTON ROSS KAWAHARA, MASAKI KEARNEY, NEIL PATRICK KELLY, ALISON OLIVER KELLY, LISA KYUNG Ml KELTON, THOMAS WILLIAM KENNEY, JOHN GRAHAM KERN, KENN GEORGE KERWIN, JODY WAYNE KETCHUM, ALLISON J. KEVER, ASHLEY THIEMAN KEY, CARRAH JO KHAZEN, RAMZI RAGHEB KILDEBECK, KATHRYN S. KILGORE, KELLY SUE KIM, KYUNG-SUP KIM, SUSAN YOUNG KIMMEL, ROBERT BUTLER KING, TAMARA RENEE KNIGHT FREDERIC DANIEL KNOX, KERRl ELLEN KOLENDO, KEENAN LEE KOMONCHAK, MATTHEW JOSEPH KREIGER, JOHN FORBES KRETZER, SETH HERSCHEL Sunflower Ceremony 21 KRUGER, JEREMY ADAM KRYSTINIK, JAY LLOYD LAMB, PHILIP RODERICK LANG, BRANDI ALLEN LANG. DAVID ANDREW LANGE, JORY LX YLE JR. LANGE, LISETTE CHRISTINE LAROCHELLE, jARETT TODD LATINO, AMBER LOUISE LALISER, RAMON GUADALUPE LAWRENCE, DAVID C. LAWRENCE, TINA LEDER, ADRIENNE PAIGE LEDER, MOLLY BETH LEE, GARY WAYNE JR. LEE, PATRICK WESTON LERNER, ILYSE MARLA LESUEUR, LEO JOHN LEUBITZ, BRIAN CHARLES LEWIN, MARIO JESUS LI, JIAMING LIEN, MlNG-LI LIEPE, ANDREAS LINVILLE, KRISTINE KARLA LOCKETT, JOHN ABNER III LOCKLEAR, RICHARD JAKE LOEWY, ADAM J. LOPEZ, CHRISTOPHER MANUEL LOPEZ, JESSIE LORD, JEREMY MACK, KRISTOPHER NOLLAU MANDELL, JOSHUA HAYNES MANGIS, DANIEL EDWARD MANN, CHRISTINA LOUISE MANNING, LEIGH HART MANNING, MARILEE ROBERTA MAPES, JUSTIN GEARY MARKELL, CHRISTINA SHAWN MARSHALL, EDWARD JAY MARTIN, AMY DIANNE MARTINEZ, BIANCA MARTINEZ, CRISTINA MASSO, JADD FITZGERALD MASTERS, ASHLEY MARIE MATTHEWS, JEFFREY WARREN MAXWELL, KORB WINTER MAYER, JASON ERIC MCDERMOTT, JAMES GERARD MCGAHA, STEPHEN WAYTME MCGAUGHY, KEVIN KYLE MCINNES, JOHN STANLEY MCKENNA, MATTHEW PETER MCLAIN, BRADLEY EUGENE MCLEROY, LUKE FLEMING MCSTAY, POTH ANDREW JR. MENCHER, JOSEPH REYNOLDS MENDRYGAL, KIPRIAN EDWARD MERINO, AMY MELISSA MICHAELS, MICHELLE DENISE MILLER, ANTHONY PATRICK MILLER, DANIEL CARL MINYARD, BRIAN EUGENE MISCOVICH, JENNIFER LYNN MITCHELL, ROBERT KNOX MOKWA, MATTHEW SCOTT MOLINARE, SHANNA E. MOORE, KAREN ELIZABETH MOORE, LAURA VALE MORALES, JAIME M. MORRIS, WILLIAM RICHARD MUGHERINI, MATTHEW E MURRAY, PABLO NADALO, JEFF FRANK NATIONS, CYNTHIA LYNN NEWBY, MILAM FOSTER NGUYEN, LINHDA NICHOLS, BRYAN DAMIEN NORD, RYAN MATTHEW NORRIS, REBECCA JANE ODEN, HOLLY JANETTE OEGERLE, PATRICK JAMES OH, HIJOUNG OH, SCARLET GYMIN O ' HARA. JENNIFER C. OKPARA, CHIKE DENNIS OLIVAREZ, IDA CECILIA OLLA, REBECCA ADLAM OLSON, JOHN KRAIG OMAR, AMIN M. OSBORN, DIN A ANN OSBORNE, RYAN MATTHEW O ' SULLIVAN, JENNIFER D. PAEK, CHI YUN PAGE, KEVIN JOEL PARHAM, SARAH ELIZABETH PARKER, CANDY SUE PARSONS O ' KEEFFE, CARRIE PARTAIN, MARY EMMA M. PATERSON, ANDREA JEAN PEARSON, JOHN PARK PEDRO, STEVEN DOUGLAS JR. PEREZ, DIANA PERRY, NANCY LENA PETERS, ADAM JAMES PINGENOT AIMEE MICHELLE PIZARRO, CLAUDIA ELISA Sunflower Ceremony PLAUCHE, JOHN A. rOLI, KEVIN JOSEPH POLZE, MATTHEW MICHAEL rONlG, CHRISTINA ELISE rORTERFlELD, NAOMI N. POWIS, JENNIFER ANNE PRESTON, HILARY ' LOVETT QUISENBERRY, JACOB TODD RABIN, SHAWN JON.ATHAN RAMOS, DONATO D.WID JR. RANDOLPH, SCOTT ELLIOTT RASHEED, SAKINA RATLIFE MATTHEW KASEY RAUB, MONIQUE MARIE RAUSCHER, THOMAS ALFRED RAY, TONYA LA ' SHUAN REDINGTON, ZACHARY RYAN REISER, ADAM HARRY REISTER, LINDA LUJAN vELLING, LISA MARIE RENEAU, AIMEE GENEIVE RESENDEZ, DANIEL REYNOLDS, JULIE LYN RIKEMAN, STEPHANIE DENISE RIPPLE, KENYON YORK RITCHEY, BRENT DYLAN RIZK, JAMES PATRICK ROBERTS, KERI LYNN RODRIGUEZ, ALBERT LEE 111 RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS RODRIGUEZ, ROBERT ARTHUR RODRIGUEZ, VICTOR JR. ROGOFR PAUL JASON ROSENZWEIG, SHAWN MICHAEL ROUGEUX, NATALIE CONNORS ROY, CHARLES EUGENE RUBLE, ERIN ELIZABETH RUDE, JONATH.AN GEOFFREY RUGGLES, DAL RAY RUNNING, VICKI J. SABERIAN, AMY LEILA SAFAVI, NANCY NASEEM SALASSI, HANNAH RUTH SALINAS, CARLOS GUILLERMO SALZER, KATHRYN ROOTH SANDERS, WAYNE EDWARD SANTORO, DIMITRI J. SCHOBER, ROBIN ALECE SCHOMMER, ERICA BRITT SCOTT, SAMANTHA ANNE SEGRIST JEDD LOUIS SENFIELLl, MATTHEW G. j. SEWELL, REGINALD LEVIAS SHAW, CHAD THOMAS SIEGEL, MATTHEW JEFFERSON SIMON, CHANNING BENNETT SINHA, NABINA JUSTINE SITCHLER, KRISTEN EVE SITOMER, GABRIELLE ANNE SKOWRONSKI, ANN MARIE SLAWSON, SHELBY LAINE SLOAN, CLAIRE VICTORINE M SMITH, GEOFFREY LAWRENCE SMITH, LISA ANN SMITH, MARY E. SNEAD, SHANNON LEE SNYDER, SAMANTHA HOPE SOLIS, ALBERT YZAGUIRRE SPENCE, CHRISTOPHER WAYNE STACK, JENNIFER LEE STANLAND, CHRISTINA LEIGH STAPLER, KELLY ANNE STAPLES, ANGELA NICHOLE STILLINGS, JEREMY THOMAS STRICKLER, TODD DAVID STRITTMATTER, DONNA KAY SUH, HEE SUK SUTHERLAND, JUDSON V SUTTON, KELLE RENEE SWEEN, GRETCHEN SIMS SZETO, ALEXANDER MICHAEL TABOADA, JOHN MARTIN TABOADA, VERA ANNASTINA M TABOR, AMY ELIZABETH TAI, ERIC TEK TAMASHIRO, PATRICIA TATEOSIAN, ROSERA LARKINS THOMPSON, MATHEW A. THORNE, SHANNON CLARK THORNTON STEWART, COURTNEY PAIGE TILLEY, AARON BENJAMIN TORRES, ALBERTO TOTMAN, MOLLY ELIZABETH TRINQUE, ANNE KATHRYN TRIPLETT, ERIC JAY TROYAN, BRENT EDWARD TRUMBO, JUSTIN HARRIS TURNBAUGH, TRAGI JILL UNDERWOOD, JENNIFER E. VALDEZ, MONICA LUZ VALEK, MICHAEL ANTHONY VALENTA, LISA CALYN VALLE, HECTOR MIGUEL VANHOVEN, JOSHUA VOIGHT VARNAN, BEENA MARY VIDALES, ALEJANDRO VILLARREAL, JEFFREY LUCAS VINNAKOTA, RAJKUMAR VLAHAKOS, GEORGE JAMES WAKEFIELD, KATIE MARIE WALKER, JAMES DAVID WALL, CATHERINE LEE WALRAFEN, JULIE FLORENCE WALSH, CHRISTY LEE WATSON, BARBARA JEANNE WATSON, JESSICA SHARON WAY, PHILLIP TODD WEINER, DAVID JONATHAN WEISENFELS, GERRY JOHN WERNICK, EPHRAIM WESTENDORE ERIN LEIGH WHITE, JAMON JEFFREY WHITE, MEREDITH ANN WHITE, ROBERT EMMETT WHITE, ROGER CARL WHITTINGHILL, CHRISTINA LAUREN WIKE, CHRISTOPHER CHAMPION WILENSKY, MARGARET SCOTT WILLIAMS, AMANDA LEIGH WILLIAMS, SIDNEY C. WISEMAN, DANIEL CHARLES WOHLERS, TRAVIS MATHEW WOOLLEY, THOMAS A. Ill WRUBEL, KENNEY JAMES WYLIE, JULIA ELLEN WYLY, BRAD THOMAS YEN, DAVID G. YOUNG, MICHAEL COERY YOUNG, SANDRA LEIGH ZEPEDA, JOHN RICHARD ZEVE, ANDREW WILLIAM ZINGARO, KRISTEN ANN ZYKORIE. LAUREN MICHELLE Ccremun ' ' 2i Omar J. Alaniz Susman Godfrey Moot Court Champion, Teaching Quizmaster, Assault Flattery Business Manager Andrea Beleno Co-Op Public Interest Award, Texas Law Fellowships, Chicano Hispanic Law Student Association e regrmus Carolyn Gebhard Legal Aid Volunteer, Board of Advocates, Texas Law Fellowship Board Eronda Johnson student Bar Association President, Thurgood Marshall Legal Society, Texas Leadership Excellence Scholarship 24 S Consuls Kenn Kern Teaching Quizmaster, Teaching Assistant to Admiral Inman, The International Criminal Tribunal Daniel Mangis The Review of Litigation Editor in Chief, American Bar Association Moot Court Team, 2001 Louis T Pirkey Essay Prize in Intellectual Property F. Daniel Knight Board of Advocates, Assault Flattery, Law Social Society Amy Martin Teaching Quizmaster, Board of Advocates Mock Trial Director, Criminal Defense and Mental Health Clinics Consuls 0 25 iiMllMifMMMMidlil Ashley Masters Teaching Quizmaster, Texas Journal of Business Law, Student Recruitment Orientation Committee Chike Okpara Board of Advocates Public Relations Director, American Inns of Court, Texas Journal of Business Law u Donate David Ramos Jr. Board of Advocates, Teaching Quizmaster, Easter Bunny at the Children ' s Easter Extravaganza Each Year 26 0 Consuls Erin Ruble Texas Law Review, National Lawyers Guild, Willem C. Vis International Arbitration Moot in Vienna, Austria ■ Nancy Safavi Board of Advocates Mock Trial Director, Texas Review of Entertainment and Sports Law Society, Women ' s Law Caucus Shelby Slawson r ie Review of Litigation Editor in Chief, Vinson Ell ins Litigation Researcli Scholarship, Women ' s Law Caucus Brent Troyan Texas Law Fellowships, Teaching Quizmaster, Texas Law Review Julia Wylle Women ' s Roundtable, Phi Delta Phi, Texas International Law Journal Consuls 0 27 Organizations IL. 28 JS Organizations Assault Flattery - 30 International Student Program — 33 Student Bar Association — 34 Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association - 38 Teaching Quizmasters — 42 Women ' s Law Caucus — 44 Texas International Law journal — 46 Texas Law Review — 47 Texas Review of Law and Politics — 48 Texas Environmental Law journal — 49 American journal of Criminal Law — 50 Texas hiispanic journal of Law and Policy — 51 Board of Advocates — 52 Texas Law Fellowships — 55 Texas Intellectual Property Law journal — 56 Texas Intellectual Property Law Society — 57 Phi Delta Phi - 58 Thurgood Marshall Legal Society - 59 Texas ]ournal of Women and the Law — 60 Student Recruitment and Orientation Committee — 61 Texas Review of Entertainment and Sports Law — 62 Legal Research Board — 63 The Review of Litigation — 64 Christian Legal Society Chancellors — 66 Texas journal of Business Law Environmental Law Society — 67 Organizations 2 29 Assault Flatter sst. Produci Rvjn L,.ckci Direct. Catherine Vocal Directo Jennifer Misaivi Music Directo Josh Dehnke Choreographers Virginia Alverson Skitz Directors Daniel Bradford Ahcia Devny Asst. Skit: Director Josh Lounshun ' Shane Mecham Medley Director Amy Sahcrian Asst. Medley Directi Amy Mitchell presents The Professors Direct. Jamie Hall Rob Henneke Sarah Woodrick usiness Manager Omar Ahmi: Asst. Technical Dir No,.h Balch Lighting Design Mike Tyler photos hy Bin Chen 30 a Assault Flattery Skitz Troupe Omar Alani:, Lydia Belzer, Daniel Bradford, Alicia Dcvuy Ha»an Elrakahawy, Anne Gingrich, Nakia Hillary, Jasnn Jones., Josh Lounsliury, Aimee Martin, Ashley Masters, Shane Mecham, Joey NetiKart, Donato Ramos Main Show Cast January Barker, Ramsey Burke, Jauue Lipsey, Amy Frith, Andy Lehman, Tom Adair, Matthew Shaddock, Frances Valde:, Lori Anderson, Jo Sheppard, Josh Dehnke, Amanda Arriago, Dean Susana Aleman, Daniel Knight, Nina Hess, Abe George, Baxter Morgan, Mitchell Kent, Mandy Mitchell, Lauren Ford, Jadd Masso, Kristen Zingaro, Matt Atkinson, Paul Denney, Aisha Moinuddin, Kathy Schwinghammer, Natalie Vorak, Jamie Lipsey, April Bryce, Bridget Ryan, Kristin Celentano, Shareen Abedin, Scott Siekierski, Jamie Hall, Adam Reiser, Lucy Slater, Dustin O ' Quinn, Jennifer Mrscovitch, Molly Mayhall, Brandi Weaver Dancers Omar Alani:, Amanda Arriaga, Mitra Azodi, Sheroo Bhagia, Anna Breloff, Monica Buchanan, Melissa Davis, Celina Diaz, MoUie Duckworth, Twiggy Duong, Kindel Elam, Lorrie Ensley, Erica Escobar, Mary Gravely, Caleb Hagopian, Jennifer Hamlett, Liz Herre, Cindy Lee, Megan Lott, Katherine McAnnally, Amy Merino, Gabriela Moreno, Rich Morris, Elizabeth Mulkey, Cyndi Nahas, Lisa Relling, Aimee Reneau, Patty Rigney, Veronica Roper, George Salinas, Ashley Street, Brent Troyan, Chelsea Wausson, Lauren Williams Assault Flattery iS 31 Assault Flattery Medley Sam Colletti, John Ramsey, Ben IV Leon. Garrett Comelison, Adam Amy Saherian, Allison Ketchum, Tracy Cox, Beth Vmlunn Amy Mitchell Orchestra : Kempf, Brad Olesen, Ronald John Pearson, Adam Peters, wn, Ryan Locker James McDcrmott, Noah Balcl Jared Harrell. Adrienne Lipom Clare McRoberts, Elizabeth Re Jennifer Walker, Jared Harrell, Chelsea Davenport. Ad; Lipoma. Brian Nguyen. MagK " ' - " Sheer, Bemie Segura. Mark Yu. Mike Tyler. Rob Safi, Jenny Eckroth. Amanda Arriago. Clai Erica Escobar, Na Smith 32 0 Assault Flattery Exchange LLM Students Exchange Students FRONT ROW: Stephanie Robertson. Rebecca Robinson, April Bryce, Clare McRoberts, Naveen Ahluwalia, Rhiannon Griffithis, Johanna Sheppard; BACK ROW: Amy Frith, Matthew Atkinson, Lucy Slater, John Williams, Eva Haas. Tim Lim LLM Students FRONT ROW: Cathlin Gehl, Ming-Li Lien, Claudia Pizarro, Pablo Murray, Hee Suk Suh, Patricia Tamashiro, Ayse Babkaya. Sung Kuk Cho; SECOND ROW: Program Coordinator Mary Mikeska, MiJbeyyet Olgen, Bettina Decker, Silvia Arispe Bazan, Tobias Caspary, Julie Walrafen, Masaki Kaw ahara, Christohper Fih; BACK ROW: Dimitri Santoro, Grego ire Andrieux, Andreas Liepe, Ulrich Boettger, Roberto Aguirre Luzi, Tom Rauscher, Stephen Ehksson, Juan Irarragorh Exchange LLM Students 0 33 Student Bar Association The Student Bar Association served all law students by organizing intellectual, cultural, social and cominu nity service activities for the student body. SBA-sponsored events included Ex ' Parte, Law Week and Casino Nii ht, as well as a Parents ' Night Out students with children. The group also helped other organizations with publicity and encour- aged student input on issues facing the law school. SBA also worked to educate fellow students about local and nationa bar assoications and facilitated bar review services and a textbook exchanm SBA Officers President • Eumd;! Johnson Vice President • Annie HolanJ Secretary • Lii-y Eckstein Treasurer • Rusty Wooley Writ Editor . CeciUy Clark State Bar Rep. • Ben Conna llv Ir. State Bar Rep. • Tanner Neidha CCC Rep. • Marcus Ryan Texas State Bar Association president Guy Harrison greets students after an address in the Eidman Courtroom in September. He told students thiey were an inte- gral part of thie State Bar of Texas. Student Bar Association Parents ' Night Out CHLSA FRONT ROW; Bernadette Segura, Manny Arambula. Liz Molina. Norma Borrego, Patricia Rigney, Frances Valdez, Gabriela Moreno, Magda Herrera, SECOND ROW Eric Hems, Marcos Guerra. Lisa Picardi, Angelica Alfaro, John Sapien, Marlon Valladares, Enca Escobar. Celina Diaz; THIRD ROW Carlos Rodnguez, Aimee Martin. Ashley Masters, Donalo Ramos, Diana Perez. Hector Valle. Michael Tnstan. Renee Rodnguez. Celma Leal. John Taboada. Sergio Moreno. Chako Perez; BACK ROW. Chnstopher Ybarra. Julia Wylie. Cecilia Olivarez. Ryan Nayar. Manuel Escobar, Dustin O ' Quinn. Richard Garcia. George Salinas. Daniel Ortiz. Jesse Zambrano. Yusuf Bajwa, The Chicano Hispanic Law Studen Association was dedicated to addressing the needs of Hispanic law students, but welcomed all of the UT Law community. CHLSA sponsored social events such as Fajita Fest and a banquet in the spring. The group also fielded an intra- mural football team. Other programs included academic services, resume and career planning ses- sions, bar review scholarships and a men- toring program with the Hispanic Bar Association of Austin. Members also recruited and encouraged Hispanics to attend UT Law. CHLSA Officers President • Diana Perei Internal Vice President • Elizabeth Molu External Vice President • Annie Holaii Secretary • Marlon Valladares Treasurer • Christopher Ybarra Fundraising • Chako Perez Alumni Relations • Rochelle Aceved. 38 iS Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association TOP LEFT: A CHLSA member prepares a plate of fajitas to go. TOP RIGHT A ttiirsty law student fishes a cold Dr Pepper out of a cooler, BOTTOM RIGHT A CHLSA member trades a fellow student fajitas for cashi at an impromptu " walk-up " window. BOTTOM LEFT CHLSA president Diana Perez leads the way as members pre- pare fajita plates assembly-line style. —photos by Yen-Yi Liu -ii. Chlcano Hispanic Law Students Association a 39 ABOVE: CHLSA members sup- port their team, FRONT ROW: Diana Perez, Erica Escobar, Lisa Picardi: BACK ROW: Rochelle Acevedo, Liz IVIolina. ABOVE RIGHT: The CHLSA Coyotes flag football team hud- dles before a game. Frances Valdez, Diana Perez, Julia Wylie, Gaby Morales, Cecilia Olivarez, Bernie Segura, Liz Molina and Erica Escobar gather at Tamboleo. CHLSA Frances Valdez, Hector Valle, Christian Clarke Casarez, Carlos Rodriguez, Donate Ramos, Diana Perez and George P. Bush mingle at a din- ner at the home of Dean William Powers. 40 Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association TOP CENTER : Carlos Gonzales and Donato Ramos share a laugh as they introduce outgoing CHLSA president Diana Perez at the spring banquet. BOTTOM CENTER : CHLSA members peruse silent auc- tion items at the banquet, held at the Red Oak ballroom. TOP: CHLSA attends the National Latino Law Students Conference. FRONT ROW: Chnstian Clarke Casarez, Hector Valle, Chako Perez, Chris Ybarra; SECOND ROW: Diana Perez, Renee Rodriguez, Susana Carbajal, Stephen Perez; THIRD ROW: Liz Molina, Rochelle Acevedo, Marlon Valladares. ABOVE: Rochelle Acevedo, Diana Perez, Chako Perez, Chns Ybarra, Stephen Perez, Hector Valle and Renee Rodriguez listen to two music ians during their San Francisco trip. Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association ® 41 tTeaching Quizmasters FRONT ROW; Omar Alaniz, Ashley Masters, Becca Jackson, Jenny Chilton, Amy Martin, Lauren Held, Jess Averitt, Jeremy Hawpe; Chad Ennis, Amy Mitchell, Katari Buck, Shannon Thorne, Derek Sugimura, Kelle Sutton: THIRD ROW: Pam Bolton, Kennon Peterson, Donate Ramos, Eric Rodriguez, Clay Kauffold; BACK ROW: Rob Addy, Jennifer Miscovich, Josh Dehnke, Shane Mecham, Yvonne Eckert- Olivere, Jessie Kempt. NOT PIC- TURED: Milam Newby, Melissa Davis, Jason Schumacher, David Weiner, Eric Anderson, Lizzy Eckstein, Scott Craig. Second- and third-year students selected on the basis of demonstrated ability in the fields of legal research, writing and teaching served as mentors known as Teaching Quizmasters. TQs taught a fall series of class- es designed to help first-year stu- dents succesfully navigate law school. In the Spring, TQs helped teach and develop writing and advocacy skills key to success as a law student, law clerk and practicing lawyer. TQs also acted as mentors and encour- aged close working relationship, with first-year students. Bf ] M fl P ■ I H Il B ' i , ' ' f ■ H m H wKK L. ' T ' k LJ w ' i: i fl l HHl Hi ' t iM H Ppi ' ' 1 1 t ' Sj " ..„-, 3 T T 1 " v..-= L- _ jgmc. _ Jeremy Haw pe, Becca Jackson, Jessie Kempf and Derek Sugimura enjoy Casino Night. TQs BELOW: Jason Schumacher, Milam Newby, Amy Mitchell, Melissa Davis, Ashley Masters, Jenny Chilton and Shannon Thorne talk shop during TQ training. BOTTOM: Derek Sugimura gives a fellow TQ a lift. TOP LEFT: The TQs cut loose during a group tnp to Las Vegas over the winter break. MIDDLE LEFT: TOs gather at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. FRONT ROW: Jess Aventt, OmarAlaniz, Kennon Peterson, Lizzy Eckstein; SECOND ROW: Amy Martin, Katari Buck, Becca Jackson, Derek Sugimura, Pam Bolton, Jessie Kempf, Chad Ennis, Scott Craig, Kelle Sutton; BACK ROW: Donate Ramos, Josh Dehnke, Jeremy Hawpe, Eric Rodriguez, Clay Kauffold, David Weiner. BOTTOM LEFT: Kennon Peterson, Lizzy Eckstein, Becca Jackson and Jess Averitt gather on the Las Vegas Strip for a picture with the Paris Casino ' s Eiffel Tower. TQs Women s Law Caucus FRONT ROW; Anna Raimer, Manssa Lawson, Amy Mitchell, Merissa Garza, Robynn Fletcher; SECOND ROW: Mary Wood, Michelle Abroms, Mollie Duckworth, Katherine McAnally, Jamie Smith, Hilary Frisbie, Ursala Mann. Donna loffredo; THIRD ROW: Mary Conner, Tina Dalton, Celina Diaz, Stephanie Mattes, Erin Morrow, Nikki Pielop, Jill Troxel, Katherine Powers, Kelly Caperton, Ami Patel; BACK ROW: Shannon Greenan, Nancy Patel, Elizabeth Vinluan, Casandra Cascos, Anastasia Breloff, Valarie Williams, Nina Hess. Founded in 1972, the Womens Law Caucus reflected both the great diversity and the growing presence of women at the Law School Members enjoyed a num ber of social events in addition to profes- sional networking and development academic support. The Good OV Girls Network brought successful women in the legal profession together with women law stii dents to share stories and provide the benefit of their experience. Caucus members also participated philanthropic events, such as the Angel Tree program which adopted 200 angels for the Salvation Army. Other events inckided a " Wine About the Law School " wine tasting, the Hometown Harvest Canned Food Drive, golf lessons, Ritas on the Ranch, the SafePlace Walk for Safe Families and Sati Streets and numerous activities with the Travis County Women Lawyers Association. Women ' s Law Caucus TOP LEFT: The Salvation Army Angel Tree was a nationwide program to provide under- privileged children with gifts of food, clothing and toys for the holidays. The WLC sponsored the adoption of 200 angels In the Austin area in 2002. ABOVE: WLC officers Ursula Mann, vice pres- ident; Robynn Fletcher, finance director; Anna Ralmer, secretary; Amy E. Mitchell, president, gather for a photo. LEFT: Revelers at Ritas on the Ranch watch the UT basketball team win a tournament The March event was the largest WLC social event of the year. BOTTOM RIGHT AND LEFT Law students and guests dance at Ritas on the Ranch. Partygoers took buses from the law school to the Salt Lick for hours of barbecue, margaritas and dancing. Texas International Law Journal The Texas International Law Journal was one of the oldest and most established student-published inter national law journals in the United States. Of the more than 45 student-published international law jour- nals across the country, only three schools boasted an older international heritage: Harvard, Columbia and the University of Virginia. Courts at all levels, including the Supreme Court of the United States, sometimes cited TILJ publications as judicial authority. Westlaw and Lexis both carried the most current volumes as well as a majority of TIL] back issues. Editorial Staff Editor in Chief • Christina Ponig Executive Editors • Elizabeth Herre, Jadd Masso Managing Editors • Karen Hughes, Christina Whittinghill Submissions Editor • Brannon Andrews Articles Notes Editors • Catherine Devore, B. Xarga Ellison, Amberley Goodchild, Kevin Jowers, Kenn Kern, Jay Krystinik, Philip Roskamp, Anne Subourne, Christy Walsh, Lauren Zykorie Book Review Editor • Nabina Sinha Research Editor • Kristen Zingaro Resource Editor • Jarett LaRochelle Symposium Coordinator • Shahreen Abedin Author Liaison • Fabio Morosini Volume 38 Staff Virginia Alverson, .Amy Gremminger, Cristina Nelson, Dav[J Ammons, Steven Gyesrly, Linhda Nguyen, Amber L. Barnes, Lara I ' Hajjar, Pat O ' Brien, Morgan Barsi, Ana Hernandez, Doug Ostertai;, Brad Bedwell, Lisa Hill, Mami Otjen, Kara Belew, Meg Hristo -. Meridith Patterson, Tom Breen, Tobias Huniiker, Dan Pettit, Regini Buono, David Lee Janda Jr., John Arthur Plauche, Chris Callicott, Timothy M. Johnston, Dan Range, Angela Caras, Tanya Karimi, Monique M. Raub, Cara Castenson, Neil Kearney, Amy Saberian, Lane Gates, Robert J. Kimmel Jr., Robin A. Schoher, Darryl Cleveland, Molly B. Leder, Yonit Sharaby, Scot Clinton, Christophci M. Lopez, Stephen Sides, Sarah Cocke, Jessie Lope:, Tonya Shotwell James Cogan, Lisa Leiman, Jodie Slater, Ben Connally, D. Ryan Locker, Samantha Snyder, Elizabeth Corley, Heather Lunow, Rosera Larkins Tateosian, Garrett Comelison, Cristina Martinez, Andrea Thomson, Patrick Cowherd, Michael Mayans, Patrick Tofilon, Scoti Craig, Kevin McCary, Justin H. Trumbo, Davee Datta, Matthew McKenna, Mike Tyler, Tracy Davis, George Mehren, Lisa Valenta, Paul W. Denney, Ed Meier, Rajkumar Vinnakota, Linh-Thu Do, Mitchell J. Mills, Jennifer Virgil, Tuyet Duong, Wes Miller, Catrion.i Wilkie. Doug Epperson, Shanna Molinare, Ray Witt, Michael Erfe, Aaron Moore, Sarah Woodrick, Melissa Freed, Kerrie Nanni, Julia E Wylie, Loretta Gieske, Scott Young TOP: Dave Ammons, Karen Hughes and Felicity Smullen celebrate at the Hard Rock Cafe at the TILJ spring banquet. MIDDLE: Shareen Abedin, Jeremy Newton, Adam Pollock and Amy Saberian share stories at the spring banquet. BOTTOM: Christina Ponig laughs with Professor Ernest A. Young. — photos by Mary Burge 46 ® Texas International Law lournal Texas Law Review Editorial Board Editor in Chief • MLitthew Frederick Managing Editor • Stephanie Dreyer Chief Articles Editor • John Olson Chief Notes Editor • Heidi Frahm Administrative Editor • Lisa Evvart Book Review Editor • Margaret Wilensky Research Editor • Stephen Butter Jr. Articles Editors • David Fortney, Mary Harden, Micah Howe, Adam Peters Notes Editors • Erin Brown, Heather lones, Brent Trovan Symposium September 20 at UT Law —photos by Gin Kai Texas Law Review TROLP STAFF: David Damiani, Jana Slimp Dahm, Brantley Starr, Johin Broussard, Alexis Lamb, John Le Sueur, Jason Lloyd, Marian Stoehr, Robert Booth, Christopher Blanton, Diane Boudalis, Alan Chen, Kate Conley, Kindel Elam, Joshua Estes, Amy Faulkner, Lauren Held, John Hicks, Matthew Hoffman, J. Pat Ivey, Matthew Kacsmaryk, Keenan Kolendo, Mark McCluan, Bhan Minyard, Cyndi Nahas, Eric Opiela, Russell Parish, Adam Pugh, Jason Schumacher, Leah Taylor, Lucy Trainer, Philip Vickers, Bart Wheeler, Lauren Young. — photo by Pictures Perfect Sandy Allen The Texas Review of Law Polities staff published conservative articles that traditional law reviews often failed to pub- lish. The journal aimed to serve as the prime forum for the discussion and debate of contemporary social issues, such as con- stitutional history, affirmative action, crime, federalism and religious issues. Each spring, the review bestowed its Jurist of the Year award to an individual judged to have made valuable contribu- tions both to the journal and to conserva- tive causes of national importance. The Honorable Jerry E. Smith, Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals justice, received the 2003 award. TOP RIGHT: Chief Manuscripts Editor Kenn Christian, Editor in Chief David Damiani, Senior Editor John Le Sueur, Book Review Editor Robert Booth, and Senior Editor Jason Lloyd pose with U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson. RIGHT: Steering Committee member James Ho addresses the staff and other attendees at the journal ' s annual banquet, — photos by Pictures Perfect Sandy Allen Texas Review of Law and Politics TELJ . Tlie Texas Eiu ' iiimi7iL ' nial Law Journal was MislieJ hy students working in association 1 the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Section of the State Bar ot Texas. Puhlished quarterly since 1990, the journal ' ;i c timely and practical information about developments in environmental law. Issues included articles by practitioners and academi- cians; information about recent developments ing cases, statutes and rules relevant to environmental law; and notes submitted by students throLighout Texas. LEFT Journal staff members enjoy food, drinks and conversation during the annual ban- quet at ttie Iron Cactus in April. STAFF: Editor in Chief Mary Smith, Managing Editor Ashley Kever, Khsti Ramming, Marisa Higgins, Michelle Maddox, Patnck Lee, Shannon Clark, Stanford Adams, Angelica Alfaro, Linley Boone, Ben Bosell, Amanda Chisholm, Eric Dean, Loretta Gieske, Jo Beth Gilleland, Mike Munson, Kristin Necessary, Wendy Park, Ginger Phillips, Jennifer Powis, Jorge Ramirez, Nick Reisch, Trent Rinebarger, Chns Shuley, Stefanie Skogen, Chhs Smith, Maureen Spiwak, Amanda Wilkins, Hope Williams, Cassie Williford. Texas Environmental Law journal ® 49 AJCL FRONT ROW: Susan Perez, Brian Yeh, Sarah Jennings, Chris Pern K itlu-niv M, An il! Andrew Leuchtmann, Katharine Schwinghammer, Yoon Kim, BACK ROW. IVIatthew Deainian, Eric Opiela, Candy Parl er, Jessica l laloney, Eric Heins, John So, George IVIehren Jr. The staff of the AjTiericati juurnal of Criminal Law worked to promote and encourage improvement in the administra- tion of criminal justice. The journal, one of the top student-edited legal journals in the nation Je oted to exploring current issues in criminal law, was published three times a year arid enjoyed one of the high- est circulations of any journal at UT Law. Each issue contained articles by law school faculty, members of the judiciary and practicing attorneys, as well as a sig- nificant amount of student work written by journal staffers. To celebrate 30 years of publication, the journal began work on a practice manual in a developing area of criminal law, scheduled as an annual publication beginning in the spring. TOP RIGHT Jonathan Miles, Eric Opiela, Shana Norton and Debra Innocenti enjoy the AJCL Spnng Dinner at Truluck ' s. RIGHT Kelsey McKay, Sarah Jennings, Shane Nelson, Jessica Dean, and Mandi Jackson gather at the Spring Dinner Amt ' iicjn loumal ot O " Ii THJLP Tlie Texas Hispanic Journal of Law r(}licy focused on discussions of Latino legal and public policy issues. The journal pub- lished material from within and outside the legal community as viewed by Latinos and non-Latinos, including scholarly articles, book reviews and student notes. Any stu- dent who demonstrated excellence in legal writing and analysis could work with THJLP. The journal was established to serve as an academic and neutral forum open to all views for the analysis of novel, signifi- cant, or developing legal issues affecting Hispanics. The journal also published isNLies of public policy relevant to the Hispanic community, as well as biographi- cal pieces and art work. UPPER LEFT Hector Valle and Merillat Frost work on a journal deadline. LEFT Manny Arambula, Daniel Ortiz, Chako Perez and Marlon Valladares enjoy a ride on a Capital Cruises boat during the THJLP banquet. THJLP STAFF; Cecilia Olivarez. editor in chiief; John Zepeda, managing editor; Menllat Frost, chief articles and notes editor; Laura Garcia, LBJ senior policy editor; Gilbert Castro, Courtney Key and Marlon Valladares, associate editors; Luis Figueroa, public relations and solicitations director; Liz Molina, operations editor Texas Hispanic journal of Law and Policy Board of Advocates FRONT ROW: Brian Carter, Hilary Frisbie, Donato Ramos Jr., Chil e OI para, Erin Anderson; SECOND ROW: Amy Martin, Ginger Philips, Craig Moore, Aimee Martin; BACK ROW: Naomi Porterfield, Kara Belew, Nancy Safavi, Laura Hill. The Board of Advocates was an honorary advo- cacy organization composed of the best student advo- cates at UT Law. BOA promoted development of practical skills in oral and written advocacy and orga- nized all intramural advocacy competitions at the UT Law, including mock trial, moot court, voir dire, mediation, negotiation and client counseling competi- tions. BOA also sponsored more than a dozen inter- scholastic moot court and mock trial teams that com- peted with other law schools throughout the country. Each year, BOA honored students who excelled in trial and appellate advocacy with a number of awards and scholarships. A committee of faculty and students selected recipients, and winners were announced at the BOA banquet in April. The Niemann Cup was awarded to Gretchen Sween, the top ad -ocate in the graduating class. The Scott, Douglass, Luton . McConnico Litigation Award was awarded to Constance Pfeiffer for academ- ic excellenge and success with a mock trial team. Debbie Bryant received the Outstanding Senior Appellate Advocacy Award. Naomi Porterfield and Sommer Bender received the International Academy of Trial Lawyers Award. The Dirck Van Tassell Jr. Memorial Outstanding Officer Award was presented to Naomi Porterfield. The Cindy Olson Bourland Outstanding Assistant Officer Award was presented to Ginger Phillips. The Outstanding Member Award was presented to Daniel Knight. The Judge Quentin Keith Endowed Presidential Scholarship was awarded to Carol Funk for excellency in trial and appellate advocacy. The Stanley P. Claudie P. Wilson Endowed Presidential Scholarship was awarded to Weiting Hsu for excellency in trial and appellate advocacy. The National Order of Barristers Awards were pre- sented to the top 10 advocates in the graduating class: Gretchen Sween, Brian Carter, Naomi Porterfield, Sommer Bender, Nakia Hillary, Erin Anderson, Jessica Dean, Debbie Bryant, Amin Omar and Rebecca Jackson. Broadus Spivey was named Honorary Barrister. 52 ® Board of Advocates I Judge John R. Brown Admiralty Moot Court Competition First Place: Becca Jackson, Adam Harhin: Best Advocate Quarter Finalists (Fifth Place): Daniel Knight and Jory Lange Coach: Chris Sapstead Phillip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Regional Winners and Best Brief Award, placed third among American reams, 13th overall standing, Second Place in the Dillard Competition: Pehra Bryant, Benjamin Ellison, Tanya Karimi, Loretta Gieske Shane Mecham: Third Best Speaker Award C oach Chris Monson TYLA Association National Trials Regional Winners: Erin Anderson, Sommer Bender, Elizabeth Green, Li lit; Moore, Naomi Porterfield; Coach: jerry Galow ABA Negotiation Nationals Regional Winners: Emily Puder, Leah Gillum; Coach: John Fleming ABA Mediation Regionals Regional Finalists: Amanda Arriaga, Jenny Chilton; Coach: John Fleming ABA NAAC Regionals Finalists: Connie Pfeifter, Gretchen Sween, Laura Pelanek; Coach: Kendyl Hanks Darby ABA NAAC Regionals Second Place Top Speaker Award: Connie Pfeiffer, Gretchen Sween, Laura Pelanek; Coach: Kendyl Hanks Darby TOP LEFT Craig IVloore competes in the Tournament of Champions in November " The team experience gave me substance to put behind the theory that we learned about in class, " Moore said. TOP RIGHT Naomi Porterfield argues for UT Law in the Tournament of ChampionsThe team advanced to the final round. LEFT: A Texas Supreme Court Justice presides over the tournamenL — photos by Jessica Miller Board of Advocates 53 Board of Advocates Luncheon October 30 at UT Law -photos by Eira Roth 54 Board of Advocates Texas Law Fellowships LEFT; 2002-2003 Board of Directors: Kathenne Saunders, Haverly Rauen, Heidi Freeman, Andrea Beleno, Regina Buono, Jenny Chilton, Devon V. Bijansky, Amanda Arriaga, Ajay Mago, Brent Troyan, Jorge Ramirez, Ben DeLeon, Sonali Mehta, Abe George, Jessica Shortz, Rob Safi, Kate Welbes, Bernadette Segura, Nick Morrow, Allison Kramer, Doug Martin. ABOVE: Students sign up for a chance to throw pies at Dean William Powers during the annual pledge drive. The Texas Law Fellowships mission state- ment held that no legal education was complete unless It instilled in students an obligation to contribute to the public good in exchange for the rivilege of practicing law. The group ' s goals included the promotion of public interest through fundraising and providing fellowships ,uid working in conjunction with other public interest law groups within the law school com- munity and in the legal community at large. Fundraising events included the Fall .Auction and the Spring Pledge Drive in March. TLF also received funding from private benefac- tors. Pledge Drive events included a faculty breakfast, a party at the Red Fe: downtown and a pie throw with the dean. Fellowships were awarded to six students by a vote from all Texas Law Fellowships members, who each donated $25 dollars or more. Top N ' ote-getters received a $3,800 grant to work 400 hours at a summer public interest internship. CENTER LEFT: Students discuss auction items during the TLF auction at the Coppertank. FAR LEFT: Joseph Muckleroy and Tatman Ryder look over items in the silent auction. LEFT: The auctioneer confirms a student ' s bid. Texas Law Fellowships S 55 TIPLS By the turn of the 21st century, intellectual property law- the law of patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets-was the area with the greatest market demand. The Intellectual Property Law Society worked to inform and assist students interested in the practice of intellectual property law. The society offered guest speak- ers, opportunities to visit with local intellectual property lawyers, and information about the specialty, including the Patent and Trademark Office examination and career options. Steven Lawrence, Nathan Calvert, Amy Mitchell, Allison Fulton, Ashley Green, John Meline, Vanessa Geil. LEFT and TOP: Journal staff and society members enjoy a luncheon at the intellectu- al property law symposium in February. Texas Intellectual Property Law Society 2 57 Phi Delta Phi Kelly Heide. Phi Delta Phi International Vice President; Stanley M. Johanson, UT Law Faculty; Jeremy Dorsett, Magister; Patrick Dennis, Vice Magister; Amber Pursley, Exchequer; Lisa Hill, Clerk Phi Delta Phi hiK rnational Lethal Fraternity was among the oldest legal organizations in North America. Good moral character and high academic acheivement were required to he eligihle for memhership. Roherts Inn required a minimum standard of scholarship, the top third per- centile of each class (by the law school grade cut-off), for eligibility beyond the international constitutional requirement o " in good academic standing. " First-year students were allowed to participate in select Inn activities pending second semester initiation. Phi Delta Phi Officers Magister • Jeremy Dorsett Vice Magister • Patrick Denni: Clerk . Lisa Hill TOP RIGHT: Professor Stanley M. Johanson presides over the Phi Delta Phi initiation in the Eidman Courtroom. BOTTOM: 1L Meredith Vera is sworn in as a new Phi Delta Phi member. i. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society The Thurgood Marshall Legal Society was the UT Law affiliate of the National Black Law Students Association. TMLS members sought to foster legal, cultur- ;il and social awareness among black law students. The t roup worked toward those goals in a variety of subcom- mittees that addressed such areas as academics, public relations and fundraising. TMLS actively recruited .African-American students into the UT Law community and worked to promote an atmosphere conducive to their iicademic and professional success. TOP: Justice Wallace Jefferson, the first African-American Texas Supreme Court Justice, receives a TMLS shirt from organization president Craig Moore; ABOVE: TMLS members gather with Dean Powers and Justice Jefferson at a reception dunng Black History Month; TOP RIGHT UT President Larry Faulkner talks with SBA President and TMLS member Eronda Johnson; BOTTOM RIGHT Justice Jefferson addresses TMLS members at the February reception. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society S 59 TJWL Journal Editors: Kristen E. Sitchler Christina i larl ell Laura Vale Moore Lauren Zykorie Dee Dee Hoxie Jessie Watson Stacy Hays Kelly Stapler Jessica Biddle Enn Westendorf Merissa J. Garza Smita Patel Lisa Nobles Afreen Ahmed Zheila Bazleh September Rea The statt " ot Texas jownal of Women and the Law worked to inspire dialogue about gender-related issues and create- greater awareness of the ways the law affected women and the population at large. The journal included a broad spec- trum of social equality issues, including race, ethnicity, class, religion, sexual ori- entation and basic human and civil rights. The journal sponsored an annual symposium, and professor and Roe v. Wade attorney Sarah Weddington spoke at the conference dinner in November. The interdisciplinary conference focused on " subversive " moments in the history of the struggle for gender equality and the continuing question faced by advocates for women and other traditionally disadvan- taged groups over whether to embrace or reject various mainstream and subversive models of equality, rights, culture and citi- zen.ship. TOP: TJWL staffers chat and peruse menus before the spring banquet at Matt ' s El Rancho restaurant. BOTTOM: Dean William Powers and pro- fessor Susan Heinzelman watch as sympo- sium speaker and former UT Law professor Sarah Weddington greets TJWL editor Kristen Sitchler. 60 0 Texas Journal of Women and the Law SROC FRONT ROW: Celina Leal, Brooke Albrandt, Valerie Williams, Kandace Walter, Terry Roberts, Jamie Smith, Monet Clarke, Erika Kane, Mary Emma Partain, Laura Ford, Kate Welbes, George Salinas: BACK ROW: Rafael Morales, Steven Lawrence, Josepti Chao, Jennifer Eckroth, Chelsea Davenport, Donato Ramos, Matthew Shaddock, Carlos Rodriguez, Pathck Ngwolo, Abe George, Michael Tnstan, Nick Dominguez, Dave Kavanaugh. FRONT ROW: Hector Valle, Viki Martino, Diana Perez, Lara Najjar, Shane Nelson, Benjamin De Leon, Milam Newby; BACK ROW: Joseph Neugart, Hilary Frisbie, Jamie Lipsey, Eddie Lucio III. The Student Recruitment and Onentation Committee welcomed students interested in meeting new and potential law students. SROC introduced potential students and entering freshlaws to UT Law through a number of projects including freshlaw orientation, a fall open house, UT Undergraduate Day, a spnng phonathon. Prospective Students Day, law school tours and new student contact buddies. Student Recruitment and Orientation Committee TRESL f FRONT ROW: Lisa Godwin, Linh- Thu Do, Katie Kildebeck, Hal Lucas, Elisabetli Ret, Eric Rodriguez; BACK ROW: Kris Mack, Kevin Poli, Preston Findlay, Alexander Szeto. The TexM Review i,j Lnlenauuiica and Slnni, Lau staff worked to chronicle, explain and influence the law that shaped the entertainment and sports industries, both in Texas and throughout the United States. The journal also explored the fields of entertainment and sports related to the intersection of law and society. Articles written by judges, lawyers, professors and stu- dent ' appeared in the the journal. J LEFT: Elisabeth Ret and Eric Rodriguez chat after class. RIGHT: Kevin Poli and Kns Mack discuss plans with another TRESL staff member. FAR RIGHT: Preston Findlay and Katie Kildebeck relax in the atrium. TRESL Editorial Board Eduur n Chief • Kristopher Mack C.hie t Article s and Notes Editor • Lisa Gl dwin Assoc ate Arti cles and Notes Editor • Alex Szeto Man lying Editor • Kevin Poli PR and Sol citations Editor • Rusty Wooley PR ind Soli ;itations Editor • Preston Findlay 62 S Texas Review of Enterttiinment and Sports Law Legal Research Board The- Lc.ual Research Board provided licensed attorneys with qLiality Icual research and legal memos at highly affordable rates. The student writers ot the LRB located focused, relevant and accurate case law on a number of legal issues; summarized case law; applied the law to the facts; and produced clear, accurate, and well-written legal memoranda for clients. A primary writer researched each memo using the latest and most relevant case law and statutes. A backup writer then edited the memo and double-checked citations. Finally, a third-year student critiqued the memo, suggested revisions and approveed the final version before delivering it. This process ensured the highest possible quality of legal research and writing. ABOVE: Incoming Legal Research Board president Brian Prewitt introduces John Halstead, founder of the LRB. RIGHT The LRB discusses incoming work. Officers Chairman • Lauren Zvkorie | Executive Director • Tyler Oilman Associate Director • Justin Trumbo c iMiimunica ions r irec or • Brian Jones LRB MEMBERS: Cathenne Wall, James Bischoff, Jennifer O ' Hara, John Spnng, Marie Hejl, Mathew Thompson, Matt Frederick, Matthew Siegel, Milam Newby, Rae Lynn Morris, Alice McAfee, Amber Pursley, Brandon Danford, Brian Prewitt, Caleb Hagopian, Caria Weaver, Dave Kavanaugh, Dion Messer, Garrick Pursley, Jennifer Kasten, Joshua Dehnke, Kendall Mathis, Ryan Chargois, Tanya Karimi, Tom O ' Brien, Trent Rinebarger, Ursula Mann Legal Research Board ® 63 The Review of Litigation STAFF: Matthew Allen, Troy Allen, Jon Apgar, Orion Armon, Margaret Boren, Beth Cheeseman, William Cruse, Brandon Danford, Heather Davis, Ben De Leon, R. Carson Fisk, Jordan Garrison, Amanda Graeber, Hunter Hammill, Kristin Kirl , Marissa Lawson, Holly Lister, Aimee Martin, Laura Offenbacher Constance Pfelffer, Abraham Pollack, Anna Raimer, Reagan Reaud, Forrest Reynolds, Jennifer Russell, Marc Shelley, Enn Smith, Kelle Sutton, M. David Sydow. The Review of Litigation was published three times a year and included articles by scholars and scholar-practitioners as well as student-authored law notes. The 70-member staff, chosen for excel- lence in writing and legal analysis, worked to syn- thesize substantive scholarly analysis into sugges- tions for practical application in litigation. As the first journal devoted exclusively to topics related to trial and appellate advocacy, the Review addressed the needs of both academia and the practicing attorney with a pragmatic discussion of current litigation. 64 S The Review of Litigation and Editorial Board Shelby Slawson • Editor in Chief John Bustamante • Managing Editor Matthew Bassford • Chief Articles Editor Michael Johnson • Chief Notes Editor Mandi Williams • Administrative Editor Jennifer Hamlett • Technical Editor Yvonne Eckert-Olivere, Michael Pratt, Daniel Miller • Articles Edil |ov Brennan, Andrea Irey Paterson, Brent Ritchey • Notes Edit fer Stack • Special Events Editor kc E McLerov, Holly J. Oden, Jeftrev L. Vilkirreal • Associate Edil The Review of Litigation 2 65 r k istian Legal Society- The Christian Legal Society was a nondenominational group of law students seeking friendship, encouragement and a refuge from the challenges of law school. Activities included weekly meetings, informal fellowship, Bible study groups, retreats and special service projects. FRONT ROW: Mary Birdlebough, Leigh Lewis, Justin Conner, Dee Dee Hoxie, Holly Oden, Scarlet Oh, Allison Fulton; BACK ROW: Darren Brown, Matthew Hoffman, Mario Lewin, Christy Walsh, Russell Parish, Karen Lewis, Jared Harrell, Philip Vickers Chancellors- The Chancellors, UT Law ' s highest honorary organization, started in 1914. The group recognized 16 students with the highest GPAs after two years at UT Law. More than 1,000 UT Law students have been Chancellors. 2003 Chancellors: Grand Chancellor, Brendan J. Crimmins; Vice-Chancellor, Marcus James Brooks; Clerks, Kimberley Suzanne Ellars and Adrienne Paige Leder; Keeper of the Peregrinus, Poth Andrew McStay; and Chancellors-at Large Noelle Celeste Berryman, John Lequeux Ewald, Matthew H. Frederick, Tyler P. Oilman, James Wesley Hendrix, Micah John Howe, Jennifer C. O ' Hara, Hilary Lovett Preston, Shawn Jonathan Rabin, Michael Anthony Vaiek and Brad Thomas Wyly Group Photos 1 Texas Journal of Business Law The Texas Journal of Business Law was the largest business law journal in Texas and one of the largest in the nation with approximately 4. 1 00 subscribers. Staffed by JD and joint JD MBA students, the journal was the official publication of the Business Law Section of the State Bar of Texas. FRONT ROW: Zachary Thomas, Kevin Dym, Louis Agnese, Danika Hudik, Kelly Kilgore: SECOND ROW: Shana Morton, Tiffany Tsumpis, Seema Patel, Jody Upham, Amber D ' Alessio: THIRD ROW: Amy Simar, Mark Nogalski, H. Michael Drumm, Patrick Brezik, Nick Dominguez, David Kavanaugh, Jason Bennett, Matthew Mugherini. Group Photos O 67 Senior Law — 70 LLM - 76 Midlaw - 78 Freshlaw — 82 Students Students S 69 Booth. Robert Edward Federalist SociGly. Texas Review of Law Board of Advocales, Federalist Socie 70 Senior Law n ttHiu Bradford. Daniel Corbet Brezik, Patrick Bull, Brent Wilson Butter, Stephen Robert Longview: The University of Texas al Tyler. Austin, The University of Texas at Austin. Christian Legal Sociely, Regional Champion - Texas law Review Hesearch Editor, Phi Delta H Baton Rouge. La : Mofehous College, TMLS. BOA, SROC. VbI Hamiltc n Mock Trial ■ ' .. 1 i ' 1 Damiani, David J Rockville, Md , Washington 8 Texas Review of Law Senior Law iS 71 Board of Advocates Buenos Aires Bar Association Senior Law 73 Ramos, Donato David Jr. Laredo; Vanderbill Universily. Teaching Quizmaster, SROC, Texas (■ Journal of Law Policy. CHLSA, - Flanery, Student Bar Associa Rodriquez, Carlos San Angelo, Angelo State University. SROC. Law Social Society, Chjcano Hispamc Law Students Association. Texas 74 s Senior Law il I V ArispB Bazan, Silula Patricia Babakaya, Ayse Una. Peru, Ponlilioa Universidad Calohca Islanbul, Turkey, Uniuersily ol Marmara Del Peru Decker, Oaniela Berlirr. Germar y Univsrsrtal Bonn Eriksson, Stephen John Austin; Uniuersity of Calltornia - Berkeley t Mexico Cily. Mexico, UnluersiiJad Hiroshima, Japan; Kyoto University n r Ozgen, Mubeyyet Austin; Universilat Hamburg, Chicano Hispanjc Law Students Women ' s Roundtable A r» p Pizarro, Claudfa Elisa Rauscher. Thomas Alfred Santoro. DImltrl Josef d Catolica Munich, Germany; Lud wig -Maximilian- Baiterswii, Switzerland; Universilat Zurich, University Swiss Bar Association, Zurich Bar Associatioi i a m Berberlan, Richard Nathaniel Dallas, Univefsity of Michigan n u p ( Southern Auslin: Texas Tech University Austin; Emory University i;The University o( Texas Cletn. Catherine l_as Vegas, Nev , University Nevada-L as Vegas t I iiveraly ol North Te as Coipus Chnslr Austin College Auslin; The University ol Texas Charnelvievv. University ol i Gafland The University of Texas P i: University of California - Southern California ,A r n Oo. LInh-Thu Quy Erfe. Michael Paul Auslin. Rice University Coppell, Rice University San Antonio University ol Rochester Frisbie. Hilary Austin, Duke University f ii Ak t Hagopian, Caleb Charles Austin Baylor Univeisily Hall. Jamie Thomas Hall. Mary E. Hill. Lisa L. Key. Courtney Dachclle San Angelo. The University of Texas Austin: Rutgers University Auslin; Texas A IVI University - Burleson. The University ol Texas ■ Micllaw a 79 m ii NeweH, Emily Marie vr D r I f 1 University Nacogdoches, Stephen F State University 80 0 Midlaw Mm Shelby, Brandon Scott Texas at Detroit; Austin College Skogen. Stefanie Stahl, Crystal Kay Allen; Washington University - St. Bulvefde; The University ol Texas Louis at San Antonio ? ■? 1 rum v k I ri I K Ev.Ti 1, Texas ASM Urovs I ftlUtJ 1 1 M If S n 1 1 K lkt.TJ J a aL La 82 S Midlavv Freshlaw l ffl p $m Capitetli Chnstopher Michael Freshlaw S! 83 mmmm V. V, Arlington, The University of Texas I KfH tt tti f h tl n ug Everstine, Eric Waller Garthersburg. Md ; University of Maryland Cincinnati, Ohio, Miami University- Fres hlaw S 85 «PP Grant. Katharyn Albright Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas A M University J L LI y University Edinburg: The University of Texas Lubbock; Aif Force Academy Austin: The University ot Texas 86 S Freshlaw ngsville; Texas A M - Kingsville n jffi iM. m Dallas: The University of Texas Brownsville; The University of Texas Grand Prairie, The L i;The University of Texas McGlinchey. Patrick Fort Worth. Texas Chnstian University Fresh law S 87 OJ Moreno. Michelle Candice r 1 1 1 1 f U ' J 1 1 M Nayar.Dlnesh.Ryan El Paso, Claremonl McKenna College Ausun, Rhodes College n Parish. Russell G. Parker. Eric Scot Auslin; Texas Tech University Houston, Baylor University 88 ® Freshlaw Perri, Christopher The University of Texas Edenburg: McKinney; Sianlond Univetsity Houston: ! % 5 ;; ' ;Lf mm P ■ ■ i Freshlaw 3 89 I Catolica- Brazil 90 S Freshlaw Freshlciw 0 91 ▼aTJ Law school opened first-year students ' eyes to a whole new world. To ease their transition, beginning students were assigned to one of four groups. With the exception of the small class, the students in each group attended all classes together throughout the first year. Students depend- ed on each other for support in many ways. 92 0 Freshlaw Sections Some students formed study groups. Others spent time together during breaks. Sometimes classmates rescued a fellow student struggling with the Socratic method of instruction by volunteering to answer a question. Constant association with classmates often facilitated friendships that continued long after graduation. ■ ■«!■ Freshlaw Sections 0 93 Faculty Staff 94 S Faculty Staff Deans - 96 Faculty - 98 Library Staff- 102 Staff - 1 04 Faculty Staff S 95 I s I I William C. Powers Jr. B.A., J.D. Dean and John Jeffers Research Chair in Law, Hines H. Thelma K. Bal er Chair in Law and Distinguished Teaching Professor Susana I. Aleman B.S. MEd., M.S., JD. Assistant Dean tor Student Affairs Alexandra W. Albright Senior Lecturer and Associate Dean of Students and Technology Nancy A. Brazzil B.S in English and Education Assistant Dean for Development and Alumni Relations Steven J. Goode B.A., J.D. Associate Dean tor Academic Affairs, Fulbright Jaworsi i Professor in Law, Distinguisfied Teacfiing Professor H. Douglas Laycock B.A., J.D. Associate Dean for Researcfi, Alice McKean Young Regents Cfiair in Law iiiir ■■J S- " Kathryn Holt Richardson Dean for Career Services Monica K. Ingram B.A., J.D. Assistant Dean for Admissions Michael J. Esposito B.A, J.D. M.B.A. Assistant Dean for Continuing Legal Kimberiy Biar B.B.A. Assistant Dean for Financial Affairs, Certified Public Accountant David A. Anderson Thompson Knight Centennial Pfofesst Stuart M. Benjamin Philip Chiase Bobbin A.B., J.a. Ph.D. IVIark L. Ascher Sylvan Lang Protessor Mitchell N. Bertnan Bernard J, Ward Centennial Professor Loftus C. Carson, BS.M Pub AH. JO. MB Ronald D, Krist Professor in I Lynn E. Blais A.B.. J.D. Lefoy G Denman, Jr. Regents F In Real Property Law Michael J. Churgin AB. J.D. Raybourne Thompson Centennial Professor in Law Sarah H. Cleveland, flairs McLean Professor in Law Thomas D. Crandall BS JD Visiting Professor Robert O. Dawson BA.JD.S.JD. Bryant Smith Chair in Law 98 0 Faculty George E. Dix BS.J.D Lino A. Graglia B.A . LL8. . Dallon Cross Professor in ( a Patricia I. Hansen I. Waddy Bullion Professor in L Lee Anne Fennel! HenryT. C. Hu BS.MA.JD in Shivers Chair in the L L ■ " ' ' Calvin H. Johnson BA. JD Andrews Kunh Centennial Professo Corwin W. Johnson A8..JD Edward Claris Centennial Professor Stanley M. Johanson Faculty ® 99 Susan R. Klein Baker Botts Professor in L Sanford V, Levinson BS.. Ph.D.. JO. ' . St. John Garwood and W. St. John Garwood, Jr. Cenlennia! Chair in Law and Professor in Government Teresa R. LeClercq M .i nlHISH I K Tj . , Bi H 9 y W - if yi l Richard S. BA. PhC LL.B. John 8. Connally Chair in Law Roy M. Mersky as., j.a. M.A.LS. Harty M, Reasoner Regents Choir in La id Etton M. Hyder. Jr. and Martha Rowan h Centennial Faculty Fellow in Law and Director of Heseafcti Steven R. Ratner Albert Sidney Burleson Prolessor ir Professor in Oil. Gas a David W. Robertson f Page Keelon Chair in Tort Law and Distrnguished John A. Robertson B.A.J a Vinson Eikins Chair in Law 100 ® Faculty I John J. Sampson BBA.. LLB. yilliani Benjamin Wynne Professor in L Ernest E. Smith I m John F Sutton J.O- falker Centennial Chair £ Russell J. Weintraub M. Michael Sharlot B.A. LLB right C lylorrow Professor in La Jordan M. Steil er a -, j.D. Cooper K. Ragan Regents Professor ii Gerald Torres A.B., J.D.. LLM. I. O. Head Centennial Professor Charles M. Silver Michael l=. Sturley Jay L. Westbrook BA. J.D Benno C Schmidt Chair of Business Law Faculty « 101 Access Services Matthew Pomeroy, Eric Glass, John Ramington, Holly Lakatos, Joe Dowell Administrative Services FRONT ROW: Kathy Bartsch, Gwyn Anderson, Fita Coronado; BACK ROW: Rhonda Hankins, Cody Cox, Rick Garza Director Roy Mersky Deputy Director Marcia Koslov 102 S Library Staff Reference and Research Services Tobe Liebert, Mike Widener, Barbara Bridges, Jon Pratter, Adrienne DeVergie Instructional Services I Jeanne Price, Kumar • " Percy, Beth Youngdale r m % Technical Services FRONT ROW: Cathy IVlantor-Ramirez, Laura Young, Debra Crawford-Black, Pierrette Moreno, Barbara Washecha, Brian Quigley; SECOND ROW; Stephanie Patterson, Carolina Hardigree, Leticia Garcia, Jenny Roquemore, Kathy Till, Brian Strauss; BACK ROW: Vince Cowan, John Murray Library Staff «2 103 s p i Admissions Terrie Pinkerton, Jaquelin Courtney, Jennifer Buck, Monica Ingram, Rey Ramos - - - ; ' . .j. f !S J gfc -li. K 1 " ' ' " W w k s jA ti . ' K L TjftiZK i ll ta 1 Career Services FRONT ROW; Donna Davis, Nicole Dubuque, Kathryn Holt Richardson, Andrea Schlafer, Deb Freeman; BACK ROW: Erin Sweeney, Belen Rodriguez, Diane Stimets Personnel Colleen Kieke Communication Desk Melanie Tasby Associate Director of Development Ellen Read i ' % s-»-sea H V. ' 1l L_ 1 m b " M .: Children ' s Rights Clinic Bree Buchanan, John Sampson, Charles Childress Civil Justice and Media Clinic Charles Silver, Sylvia Sexton, Lynn Baker 3 Accounting FRONT ROW; Wanda Kitts, Cindy Roberts, Min Johnson, Peggy Jennings BACK ROW: Glenn Woelfel, Melissa Campos, Jeff Vernon 1 pj --mm 1 -«» Continuing Legal Education FRONT ROW: Michael Esposito, Mollis Levy, Jerry Larson, Gay Dotin; BACK ROW: Jennifer Andre, Eva Ramberg, Shelley Kelso, Ann Hoang, Brenda Garner, Johnny Holmes, Bill Conley m Faculty Assistants FRONT ROW: Katrin Flechsig, Susan Robbins, Dee Welborn, Anthony Nichols, Pat Floyd; SECOND ROW: Suzanne Hassler, Consuelo Akin, Debbie Steed, Edie Shugart, Peggy Brundage; BACK ROW: Colleen Kieke, Dottie Lee, Gale Hathcock B Dean ' s Office Michael Saldania, Jim Patterson, Alyce Lottman, Marie Hoepken I Communication Office Allegra Young Laura Castro Financial Aid Samuel Riley, Linda Alba, Shirley Cannon Media Services SEATED: Stella Torrez, Donald Dodson STANDING: Christopher Blessitt, William Reynolds 106 a Staff student Affairs Kathy Gonzalez, Denise Bustamante, Evelyne Morisset, Cynthia Aranda, Brad Converse, Becky Williams, Susana Aleman ■j HH HHi vfj Center for Public Policy and Dispute Resolution FRONT ROW: Susan Schultz, Margaret Menicucci, Jan Summer; BACK ROW: Vicki Read, Tracy Tarver, Natalie Gray i Subway Sandwich Shop FRONT ROW: Keven Khanh, Daniela Mares, Crissi Perkins, Yenni Mare BACK ROW: Betty Duong Internet Initiatives Mark Gunn, Sally Emrick, Cindy Ramos, June Liebert, James DeRossitt, Brian Borowicz The Law Alumni Association welcomes you and looks forward to your participation in your association. - ' --- -i t- Congratulations Class of 2003 The University of Texas Law Alumni Association President Mr. Michael W. Perrin Houston, Texas Presidenl-Elect Mr. Stephen L. Tatum Fort Worth, Texas Fast-President Mr. Eduardo R. Rodriguez Brozmisville, Texas Executive Committee Mr. John B. Beckworth Houston, Texas Ms. Leslie A. Beiutez Austin, Texas Mr. Alfred H. Bermett Houston, Texas Mr. Gerald L. Bracht Houston, Texas Ms, Linda J. Broocks Houston, Texas Mr. Scott G. Burdine Houston, Texas Mr. Stephen L. Bums New York, Nmu York The Honorable Kent Caperton Austin, Texas Mr. John W. Fainter, Jr. Austin, Texas Ms. Janie L. Frank Fort Worth, Texas Mr. Roger B. Greenberg Houston, Texas Mr. Daruel G. Gurwitz McAUen, Texas Ms. Laura J. Hagen Chicago, Illinois Mr. Brad B. Hawley Austiit, Texas The Honorable Vonciel J. Hill Dallas, Texas Mr. Murray L. Johnston, Jr. San Antonio, Texas The Honorable Ron Kirk Dallas, Texas Mr. Edward S. Knight Washington, DC Mrs. Jane A. Matheson Austin, Texas Mr. Brian T. McLaughlin Midland, Texas Mr. Kenneth J. Mighell Dallas, Texas Mr. Milam F. Newby Austin, Texas Ms. Evelina Ortega El Paso, Texas Ms. Canin F. Patman Houston, Texas Mr. James L Perkins, Jr. Tyler, Texas Mr. Joseph S. Pevsner Dallas, Texas Mr. Eduardo R. Rodriguez Broumsville, Texas Mr. Daniel G. Routman Dallas, Texas Ms. DeMetris A. Sampson Dallas, Texas Mr. Robert C. Scott San Antonio, Texas Mr. WilUam H. Shibley Long Beach, California Mr. Thomas M. Susman Washington, DC Mr. Terry O. Tottenham Austin, Texas Mr. John D. White The Woodlands, Texas Mr. Del Williams Dallas, Texas Assistant Dean for Development Nancy Brazzil Austin, Texas Director, Law Alumni Association Tom Henninger Austin, Texas AND BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE TO THE CLASS OF 2003 Mi AN DREWS KUBJH L.L.1? Austin Dallas Houston London Los Angeles New York The Woodlands Washington, D.C. Congratulations e COX SMITH INCORPORATED ATTORNEYS • COUNSELORS 112 East Pecan, Suite 1800 San Antonio, Texas 78205 210.554.5600 • 210.226.8395 FAX 1 1 1 Congress, Suite 2800 Austin, Texas 78701 512.703.6300 • 210.703.6399 Fax to the Class of 2003! Intellectual Property Technology Contracting Bankruptcy Creditors ' Right )r Employment Energy Natural Resources Strong Pipkin Bissell Ledyard, l.l.p. ATTORNEYS AT LAW HOUSTON OFFICE 1111 BAGBY SUITE 2300 HOUSTON, TEXAS 77002-2545 TELEPHONE (713) 651-1900 FACSIMILE (713) 651-1920 Con atulatiom to the Q a$s 0 20031 BEAUMONT OFFICE 1400 SAN JACINTO BUILDING 595 ORLEANS BEAUMONT, TEXAS 77701-3255 TELEPHONE (409) 98 1-1000 FACSIMILE (409) 98 1 - 1 1 O Congratulations to the University of Texas Law School Class of 2003 Locke Liddell Sapp llp Attorneys Counselors AisTEv • D. LL. s • Houston • New Orleans The Law Office of WHITEHURST. HARKNESS. OZMUN BREES. PC 1122 Colorado, 24 " ' Floor Austin, Texas 78701 Telephone (512) 476-4346 Fax (512) 476-4400 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 2003 MEMBERS William Whitehurst, Jr. - UT Law ' 71 Thomas R. Harkness - UT Law ' 71 Eugene W. Drees, II - UT Law Ve Sylvia Imhoff - UT B.S.N. 79 Scott Ozmun - UT Law ' 85 Cynthia K. Stewart - UT Law ' 86 Sally S. Metcalfe - UT Law ' 93 Michelle M. Cheng - UT Law -96 Laurie M. Higginbotham - UT Law " 99 Jeff Edwards - UT Law ' 99 P 1 ' Congratulations to the Class of 2003 oOracewell 0 J| ' ATTERSONu, » kJ_ ATTORNEYS AT LAW ' ' Tfiat they may truly and impartially administer justice. Congratulations to the University of Texas School of Law Class of 2003. 3102 Oak Lawn Avenue • Suite llOO • Dallas, TX 75219 ia tft 2S d tft- CONLEY , R0SE Tayon, RC. 8£u ¥ s fes TX Ukf 600 Travis, Suite 1800 Houston, TX 77002 713.238.8000 71 3.238.8008 FAX Akin Gump Strauss Hauer Feld LLP Congratulates the students, faculty and staff of The University of Texas School of Law on another great year Thompson Knight Best Wishes to the University of Texas School of Law Class of 2003! 1200 Pacific Ave., Suite 3300 Dallas, TX 7520 214-969-1700 WA nst ead " Best Wishes To the Graduating class of 2003! Austin • Dallas • Fort Worth • Houston Mexico City • Tke Woodlands • Washington D.C T OF TEXAS Texas is deep in our hearts. Hiring graduates from The University of Texas School of Law has been a V E tradition for almost 90 years. With over 250 UT Law School graduates roaming the halls of V E, you ' re going to feel right at home. UoUL Closi of 2003 1 UNIVERSITY CO-OP CE OKSTOREJ 114 0 It ' s a wrap! Editor ' s Closing Comments What a year tor the University ot Texas! We ' ve seen a national championship in baseball and come so close in football, basketball and swimming — and UT Law students showed their mettle in plenty of arenas, not least in the national moot cotirt competitions, won by defending UT Law champions! In between was a war, a walkout in the Texas House and a number of landmark rulings. Jack and I take one " Last Tango in Peregnnus ' — is the last book, as far as we know, though Dean Powers hinted to me that it might only be a hiatus. John, Mary and Gin stand at the ready to do all those last-minute " pleeeease, I need this one little photo! " assignments. Thanks a million, y ' all! A special thanks to Dean Susana Aleman for her support and enthusiasm and to Mike Widener and Tobe Leibert for letting me root through the Alec vs. Peregrinus files in the rare book room. Looks like UT Law has gotten the best of the engineers for close to a century. Thanks also to the student groups who participated in this book. Hope you all enjoy it and remember fondly your years here. A huge thanks to John Foxworth, our erstwhile magician — 1 mean photo chief — tor a gorgeous cover image and finding all those photos I thought would never make it intti ink. Thanks a ton to our photo edi- tors, Yen, Gin and Mary, for their beautiful work. Thanks also to all our staff photographers: Mary Burge, Bin Chen, Elliot Chow, Jason Domel, Gin Kai, Yen-Yi Liu, Kendra Mack, Jessica Miller, Eira Roth and Zarina Saidova. Special thanks to Sandy Allen at Pictures Perfect for the use of her photos. And, saving the best for last, a pile of thank you!s to Jack Simons, who has been in the yearbook office about as long as I have, and has been made at least as crazy by it on several occasions. Who knew there could he so much drama in a quiet little yearbook office? (said with tongue firmly in cheek) I ' ve enjoyed our chats over the years, and I ' m sure you have many more trips to Vegas, New Orleans and a ton of other fabulous places ahead of you. I only wish 1 could get my plants as green as yours! Best of luck to everyone who reads this. Hook ' em! Rachel E. Zoch 2003 Peregrinus editor PS. — To Sam, whoever and wherever ou are, thank you! Editor ' s Closing Comments ® L Peregrinus Index AheJin. Shahreen 20, il, 46, 70 Abrams Scott Bickley L.L.P19 Abroms, Michelle 44 Acevedo, Rochelle 38, 40, 41 Acock. Matthew Todd 78 Adait, Thomas Jatneson 31, 82 Adams, Stanford 20, 49 Addy, Rob 42 Adetayo, Valerie A. 20 Aflatooni, Lisa Layla 20 Aghamalian, Brandon Ttxld 20 Agnese, Louis 20, 67 Aguirre Lu:t. Roberto J. 20 Ahlgren, Patncta Chave: 78 Ahluwalia, Naveen 33 Ahmed, Afreen 60 Ahn, Jungnrn 20, 70 Akin, Consuelo 106 Alaniz, Omar 20, 24, 30, 31, 32, 42, 43, 70 Alba, Linda 106 Albrandt, Brooke 20, 61, 70 Albright, Alexandra W. 96 Alcantar, Esteban 82 Aleman, Susana 15.31,96, 107.114 Alfaro. Angelica 20. 38. 49, 70 All, Shahpar Michelle 20 Allen, Matthew 64 Allen, Sandy 48, 114 Allen, Troy 64, 78 Alverson. Virginia 20. 30. 46 Amber Alert Network 2 American Journal of Criminal Uw 50 Ammons. David 20. 46 Anderson. David A. 98 Anderson, Eric 42 Anderson, Erm 20,52,53 Anderson, Gwyn 102 Anderson. Lorianna 31. 82 Andre. Jennifer 105 Andrews. Brannon 20. 46 Andrews Kurth L.L.P. 19 Andneux, Gregoire 20.33 Angadicheril. Zeena Theresa 82 Anstett, Christian Anthony 82 Antosh, Peter Joseph 20 Apgar, Jon 64 Appling. Julie Elizabeth 20 Arambula. Manny 38, 51 Aranda, Cynthia 107 Archeart. Bradley Allan 82 Armon, Orion 20.64 Armstrong, Amber A. 20, 70 Armstrong. Lance 2 Arriaga. Amanda 30. 31. 32. 53. 55.78 Aschcr. Mark L. 98 Asiatico. Brooke Ann 20 Assault Flattery 4, 30. 31. 32 Atkinson, Matt 31,33 Aufderheidc, Knsti Elyce 20, 70 Averitt, Jessica 20, 42, 43, 70 A:odi, Mitra 31 B Babkaya. Ayse 33 Bailey. Brandy Michelle 82 Bajwa. Yusuf 38 Baker. Jeffrey Dale 20 Baker. Lynn 98. 105 Balch. Noah 30, 32, 34, 82 Baldwin, Geoffrey Wmfield 82 Balhoff. Michael James 82 Barber, Penv O. Ill 20 Barker. January 31 Barker. John 82 Barnes. Amber L. 46 Barnes. Douglas Allan 82 Baron Budd. PC. 19 Barst. Morgan 46 Bartlett, Spencer E 20 Bartsch. Kathy 102 Baseluos, Michael Adly 20, 70 Bassford. Matthew 20. 65 Bates, Jeffrey Jarretl 20 Bayne, Jessica Kalhryn 83 Baian. Silvia Arispe 33 Bazleh. Zheila 60 Bear. Rhonda G. 20, 70 Beceiro, Cristina Paula 20 Beck, Regan Eugene 83 Becker, Casey Harris 20 Bednarz. Michael H. 70 Bedwell. Brad 46 Beeter. Matthew James 20 Begala. Paul 13 Beleno, Andrea 20, 24, 55 Belew, Kara 46, 52 Beher, Lydia 31.78 Bender. Sommer 20.52.53 Benjamin. Stuart M. 98 Bennett, Jason 67 Berbenan, Richard Nathaniel 71 Bemian, Mitchell N. 98 Berry. Brian Davis 20 Beiryman. Noelle Celeste 20. 61 Beshara. Luke H. 78 Bhagia, Sheroo 31, 83 Biar. Kimberly 97 Biddle. Jessica 60 Bijansky. Devon V. 55 Bingman, Thomas Phillip 20 Birdlebough, Mary 66, 83 Blschoff, James 63 Blackburn, Benjamin 83 Blais. Lynn E. 98 Blake, Bronwyn 34 Blake. Corey Benjamin 78 Board of Advocates 3. 4. 52. 53, 54 Boatnght, Jason Everett 20 Bobbitt, PhiUp Chase 4, 17, 98 Bob Fisher 19 Boeck, Christopher Michael 83 Boenig, Tobin Richard 20 Boettger, Ulnch 20. 33 Bolton. Pam 42. 43 Bohle. Seth Robert 83 Bonine. Jarod Douglas 20 Boone. Linley 49 Booth. Robert 20. 48, 70 Boren, Margaret 64 Boris. Kevin G. 20.70 Borowicz, Brian 107 Borrego, Norma 38, 83 Bosell, Ben 49 Boudalis. Diane 4.8,83 Bowles, Kathleen Mane 34, 70 Boyle, Nicole McGloin 20, 70 Bracewell . Patterson L.L.R 19 Bradford. Daniel 20.30,31.71 Brantley. Brian C. 20 Brailil. Nancy A. 96 Breeden, Tim 83 Breen. Tom 20. 46 Breloff. Anna 31. 44 Brennan.Joy 20.65 Brenner. Elizabeth A. 20 Brewton, Mark Emmanuel 20 Brezik. Patrick 20, 67, 71 Bridges, Barbara 103 Brooks, Marcus James 20, 66 Broussard, John 48 Brown. Christopher Alan 20 Brown, Darren 66, 83 Brown, Erin 20, 47 Brown. Jeremy 32 Brown. Shannon May 20 Brundage. Peggy 106 20 Bryant, Dehra 20. 52, 53 Bryce, April 31, 33 Buchanan, Bree 105 Buchanan, Monica 20, 31 Buck, Jennifer 104 Buck, Katari 20, 42, 43, 7 Bull, Brent Wilson 20.71 Buono. Regina 46, 55 Burge, Mary 46. 115 Burke. Ramsey 31 83 Bustamante. John 20, 65 Butcher, Sarah Jean 20 Butter, Stephen Jr. 20, 47, 71 Byrom, Celeste E 83 Caldwell. Bradley Wayne 20 Callicott. Chris 46 Calnek. Julia 20,71 Calvert, Nathan 57 Calvert, Nathan Hunter 78 Campos. Melissa 105 83 Caras. Angela 46 Carbajal. Susana 41 Cardenas. Norbeno 111 83 Carjabal. Veronica 16 Camochan, Rob 6 Carr, Snapper Lee 20.71 Catson, Loftus C. II 98 Carter, Brian Stephen 20. 52, 71 Casarez. Christian Clarke 40. 41 Cascos. Casandta 44 Cash. Elizabeth Ann 20. 71 Casino Night 34.36.42 Caspary, Tobias 20, 33 Castenson, Cara 46 Castro. Gilbert 51 Castro. Uura 106 Gates, Lane 46 Celei , Krisi 31 Chancellois 66 Chao. Joseph 61 Chapman. Ty 20 Chargois. Ryan 63 Cheeseman. Beth 64 Chen. Alan 48 Chen. Bm 30. 54, 114 Chen, Joyce 20 Chiang, Jessie 78 CHLSA 38, 39, 40. 41 Childress. Charles 105 Chilton. Jenny 42, 43, ' 78 Chtsholm, Amanda 20, CHLSA Coyotes 40 Cho, Caroline Emily 20 Cho, StingKuk 20.33 Christian. Kevin Michael 20. 71 Christian Legal Society 66 Churgin. Michael J. 98 Civms. Conor Monroe 20 Clack. Unce Vernon 20 Claire. Alexander Frederic 13 Clark. Cecilly 20. 34 Clark, Judge Harley 13 Clark. Shannon 49 Clarke. Monet 61. 83 Clarkson, Kelly 3 Clein, Catherine Frances 78 Cleveland, Danvl 46 Cleveland. Sarah H. 98 Clinton, Scot 46. 78 Clough. Christopher M. 20 Cobin, Andrew J. 83 Cocke. Sarah 20. 46 Coe. Jessica Chalfant 20 Cogan. James 46,78 Cohen, Jason 83 Cohn. Evan 20.71 Colantino. Emily Anne 20 Collelt. Stephanie Lynn 84 Colletti, Sam 32, 84 Collins, Phillip Jason 20 Conaty, Kelley 20,56 Conde De Frankenberg. Mariano Axel 20 Conley, Bill 105 Conley. Kate 48 Connally. Ben 34.46 Connelly. Kathleen R 84 Conner, Justin 11.66,84 Conner, Mary 44, 84 Consuls 24.25,26,27 Converse, Brad 107 Cook, Russell Scott 20 Corley, Elizabeth 20.46 Comelison. Ganett 32. 46 Comyn. John 2 Coronado. Fita 102 Cosgrove. Ryan Thomas 84 Costello. Charles B. 84 Courtney, Jaquelin 104 Coutant, Jason Barthel 84 Couvillon. Kristi Marie 84 Cowherd, Patrick 46 Cox. Cody 102 Cox. Michael Ellis 20 Cox, Tracy 32 Craddick, Tom 4 Craig, Scott 42, 43, 46 Crandall, Thomas 3, 98 Crane, Aaron Robert 84 Crawford-Black, Debra 103 Crimmins, Brendan J. 20. 66 Cristler, Nathan Howard 84 Crook, Gentry E. 78 Cnimbrinc, Andrea Michelle 20 D D ' Alessui, Amber 67, 78 Dahm, Andrew Lawrence 78 LTa hm, Jana Slimp 20,48, 71 Dahmus, Teresa Ann 20 Daily, John Berchmans 84 Dalton. Christina Marie 84 Dalton. Tina 44 D.iminni. Rwid 20, 48. 71 Escobar, Manuel 38, 85 Gergen, Mark R 95 Hess, Nina 31,44 -WT- l .inforJ, Brandon 63, 64 E p„„,s,,, |,,s,,„ H.ilxrt 7 ' ) German, Julius G. 95 Hicks, John 48 K ftinifls Kamna . ' Knn 71 1 ,,,. ,1.. i„ 1, 1. : ■ ;, 105 Gieske, Loretta 46, 49, 53 Higgins. Marisa2l,49 AX. l .irhy, KcnJyl Hanks 53 GiUeland, Jo Beth 49 Hill, Laura 52 D.iu.i, Davoe 46 1 . i ..,,1 S5 Gillum, Uah 53 Hill, Lisa 46. 58. 79 Davenport, ClieWa 32, 61 | ,:, I ,r., ,.|„ 1,M„,U ' :0 Gilman, Tyler 20,63,66 Hill. Taylor 86 Davis. Donna 11. 104 EvelMinc. trie Waller S5 Gingrich. Anne 31 Hillary. Nakia2 1,3 1,52 Kacsmaryk. Matthew 21.48 Ewald, John Lequeux 20. 66 Giraud, Charles William 86 Hirst. Ehza Morgan 21 Kai. Gin 35,47, 115 Davis, MelLssa 31,42.43 Ewart. Lisa 47 Givens, Shavondalyn Alia 20 Ho. James 48 Kane, Erika 61 Davis, Rebecca Lauren 20 Exchange Students 33 Glass, Eric 102 Ho. Nestor F 21 Kanelzky, Elizabeth Page 86 Davis, Tracy 46 Es Parte 3. 37 Glaze, Melissa Ann 79 Hoang. Ann 105 Kang,JooYun21 Dawson, Roben O. 98 Eyes of Texas Centennial 5 Godwin, Lisa 62 Hoelscher, Virginia K. 21 Karimi, Tanya 46. 53. 63 Dean, Eric 49,78 Gonzales, Carlos 41 Hoepken, Marie 106 Kassam. Sharmila 21.56 Dean, Jessica 20, 50. 52 Dcarman. Brandie Nicole 84 Gonzalez, Alejandro 20 Hofftnan, Matthew 21,48,66, Kasten, Jennifer 63 Gonzalez. Kathy 107 72 Kauffold, Clay 21.42.43 Dearman. Matthew 50 K Goodchild, Amberley 20, 46 Holand, Annie 34,38 Kavanaugh, David 61. 63. 67 Decker, Bettina 20.33 F Good, Steven J. 97 Holmes, Johnny 105 Kawahara. Masaki 21.33 Dehnke.Josh 30.31,42.43 GiKxi or Girls Network 44 Horton, Shana 21, 30, 50, 67, Kearney. Neil 21,46 Dehnke, Joshua 63 Gorski, David 86 72 Keeton, Page 13 Denney, Paul 20.31.46 Graeber. Amanda 64 Howe,Micah 21,47,66 Kelly, Alison Oliver 21,72 Dennis, Patrick 58,78 Faculty Staff 94-107 Graglia. Lino A. 4. 94 Hox,e,DeeDee 21,60.66 Kelly. Lisa 21. 56. 72 DeRossitt, James 107 Farrell, Sean Devin 20 Graham. Andrew David 20 Hristov. Meg 46 Kelso. Shelley 105 Desai, Ami Dinesh 20 Paul. Matthew L. 85 Granello. Gerami Anthony 20 Hsu. Weiting 52 Kellon. Thomas William 21 DcVergie, Adrienne 103 Faulkner, Amy 48 Grant. Katharyn Albright 86 Hu. Henry TC. 95 Kempf. Jessie 32,42,43 Devore, Catherine 20. 46 Faulkner. Larry 59 Gravely. Mary 31 Hudik. Danika 21.67 Ken, Mitchell 31 Devoy. Alicia 20. 30, 31 Fellman, Marcus Asher 85 Gray. Natalie 107 Hudman. Matthew Ray 21 Kenney. John Graham 21 De Arman. Matthew York 84 Fennell. Lee Anne 95 Green. Ashley 57 Hudspeth. Melmda Suzanne 21 Kent. Mitchell 31.86 De Graw. Rebecca 84 Ferber, Amy Shapiro 20 Green, Elizabeth 53 Hughes, Karen 21.46 Kem.Kenn de Launay, Andre Charles 84 Ferguson, Brett Edward 85 Hunziker. Tobias 46 Kerw,n.Jody Wayne 21 De Leon, Benjamin 32, 55. 61, Fergu-son, Gov. Jim " Pa " 13 Greenlaw, Robert Ewan 20 Ketchum. Allison 21. 32 78 Figueroa, Luis 20, 51 Gremminger, Amy 46 Kever. Ashley 21.49 De Leon. Thelma Trevino 84 Fih. Christopher 20, 33 Griffin, Keiko Kamille 20 Key. CarrahJo21 Dia:. Celina 31, 38, 44 Findlay. Preston 62 Griffiths, Rhiannon 33 -f Key. Courtney 34. 51, 79 Dix. George E. 95 Fisch. Stephanie Robin 20 Guerra, Marcos 38 1 Khanh, Keven 107 Do. Linh-Thu Fisher. Amanda Holten 85 Gunn, Mark 107 1. Khazen, Ram:. Ragheb 21 Dodson, Christopher Lee 84 Fisk, R. Carson 64 Gutierrez, Aftedo Roman 20 Kieke. Colleen 104. 106 Dodson, Donald 106 Flanagan, Jeffery R 85 Gyeszly. Steven 20. 46 Kildebeck. Kathwn Suzanne 2 DomeL Jason 114 Flechsig, Katrin 106 62.72 Dominguei, Nick 61,67 Ingram. Jennifer Beth 72 Kilgore. Kelly 21.67 Donsett, Jeremy 58 Fletcher, Robynn 44.45.56 X T Ingram. Monica 97. 104 Kim. Kyung-Sup 21 Dotin, Gay 105 Flores, Jorge Rafael 85 H Innocenti. Debra 50 Kim, Susan Young 21 DowelLJoe 102 Floyd. Pat 106 X L Intellectual Property Law Society Kim,Yoon 50 Dreyer, Stephanie 20,47 Hynn, Berry Joanna 20 57 Kimmel, Robert Butler Jr. 21, Driegert, Robert 16 Folk, Kasey Michelle 85 loffredo. Donna 44 72 Dmmm. H. Michael 67 Forbath, William E. 95 Irarragon-i, Juan 21,33 Kimmel, Robert J. 46 Dubuque, Nicole 104 FonJ. Laura 61 Haas. Eva 33 Ivey, J. Pat 48 King. Tamara Rene 21.72 Duckworth, Mollie 31, 44. 85 Ford. Lauren 31.85 Hagopian. Caleb 31. 63. 79 King. Tiffany Lynn 86 Duncan, Mark Avery 85 Fortney. David 20.47 Hajjar. Kareem Talal 20 Kirk. Kristin 64 Dunn, Timothy .Mien 85 Foxworth. John 115 Hajjar. Lara 20. 46. 61 T Kitts, Wanda 105 Duong, Betty 107 Frahm, Heidi 47 HaU, Jamie 30, 31, 79 1 Klein, Susan R, 100 Duong, Tuyet 46 Frederick. Matthew 20. 47. 63, Hall, Mar, E. 79 J Knight, Daniel 21,25,31,52 Duong. Twiggy 31 66 Halstead. John 63 53,73 Du Bose. Michael Christopher Freed. Melissa 46 Hamlett. Jennifer 20. 31,65 Knox, Kerri Ellen 21 85 Freeman, Deb 104 Hammill, Hunter 64 Koehler. Gregory Joseph O ' Bn Dym, Kevin 20,67.71 Freeman, Heidi 20, 55 Hankins. Rhonda 102 Jackson. Jeffrey Paul 86 79 Dzienkowski, John S. 95 Frtesenhahn, Jessica 86 Hansen, Patricia 1. 95 Jackson. Mandi 50 Kolendo. Keenan 21.48 Frisbie, Hilary 44. 52. 61. 79 Harbin, Adam 53 Jackson. Rebecca 21. 42. 43. 52, Komonchak. Matthew Joseph Frith. Amy 31.33 Harden. Mary 20, 47 53,72 Koslov. Marcia 102 Frost. Merillat 51 Jafar,Nad,aLea21 Kozlowsky. Ron 79 1h Fulbrighl Jaworski LLP 19 Harrell. Jared 32. 66 Jamison, Jennifer . " inne 21 Kramer. Allison 55 £j Fulton. Allison 57. 66. 86 Hams. Clara 4 Janda, David Lee Jr. 21,46,72 Kramer. James 87 Fulton. Jason Paul 20 Harris, Stephen George 20 Jefferson, Justice Wallace 59 Kreiger. John Forbes 21 Funk. Carol 52 Harrison, Guy 34 JeffVies, Gretchen D. 21 Kretzer. Seth Herschel 73 Hassler. Suzanne 106 Jenkins, Graham James 21 Kruger. Jeremy Adam 21 Echols, Susan Mane 20 Hathcock, Gale 106 Jenkins, Matthew Horton 21, 72 Krystinik, Jay 21,46 Eckert-Olivere, Yvonne 20, 42, y Hawpe. Jeremy 42, 43 Jennings, Peggy 105 Kuhn, Chantal 56, 79 65 (Z Hayes, Andrea Renee 86 Jennings. Sarah 50 Kunofsky. .An David 87 Eckroth. Jennifer 32,61.85 VJ Hays, Stacy 60 Jeppesen. Kelly Nicole 86 Kutac. Matthew Bryan 87 Eckstein, Li:iy 20, 34, 42. 43 Hearn, James Andrew 20 Jer. Ronald Liu Eddington. Holley E. 20 Hedges, Adele 16 Johanson, Stanley M. 58, 95 Eggleston. Erin E. 85 Hedges. Dan 16 Johnson, Calvin H. 95 T Elam.Kindel 31.48 Gallegos. Celestino A. 20 Heide, Kelly 58 Johnson, Corwin W. 95 L Ellars. Kimberly Suzanne 20, 66 Galow. Jerry 53 Heinemann. Rebecca 56 Johnson, Eronda 21,24, 34,59 X_ Ellison. B. Xarga 46 Garcia. Uura 51 Johnson, Michael 21.65 Ellison. Beniamin 53 Garcia. Leticia 103 Heins, Eric 38, 50, 86 Johnson, Min 105 Elrakahawy, 31 Garcia. Richard 38 Heinzelman, Susan 60 Johnston, Timothy M. 21.46 Elwcll. Stephen Mark 85 Garcia. Sarah Patricia 20. 72 Hejl, Jean Mane 21, 63 Johnston. Todd Jeffrey 86 Lackey. Holt Major 87 Emrick. Sallv 107 Gamer. Brenda 105 Held, Lauren 42. 48 Jones. Amanda Uuren 86 Lakatos. Holly 102 Ennis, Chad 42.43 Gamer. Bryan Daniel 20 Henderson, GibbsC. 21,72 Jones. Brian 21.63,72 Lamb. Alexis 48. 79 Ensley. Lorrie 31 Garrison. Jordan 64 Hendrix, James Wesley 21, 66 Jones, Heather 21,47 Lamb. PhUip Roderick 21 Epperson. Doug 46 Gana. Merissa 44.60 Henneke. Rob 30 Jones, Jason 31 Ung. Brandi Allen 21. 70 Erfe. Michael 46. 79 Garza. Rick 102 Hermann, Une E. 86 Jones, Rebecca Elizabeth 21 Lang. David Andrew 21 Eriksson, Stephen 33 Gebhard. Carolyn 20.24 Hemandez, Ana 46 Jordan, Barbara 3 Lange.Jory 21.53 Ennel. Mary Christine 85 Gehl. Cathrin 20.33 Hernandez, Hector 86 Joseph, Jeff 56 Lange. Lisette C. 21.73 Ernst. Edwin C. 85 Geil, Vanessa 57 Herre, Elizabeth 21, 31, 46 Jowers, Kevin 46, 72 LaRochelle. Jarett 21.46.73 Escobar, Erica 31,32,38,40 George, Abe 31, 55, 61, 86 Herrera, Magda 38 Judkins, Teshia Nicole 86 Larson. Jerry 105 Litmo, Amber Louise 2 1 Maloney, Jessica 50 Moore, Craig 52, 53, 59 Oegerle, Patrick 22.74 Porterfield, Naomi 22, 52, 53 Uuser. Ramon Guadnlupe 22 Mandell, Joshua Haynes 22 Moore, Marvin 16 Offenbacher. Uura 64.80 Powers, Katherine 44 Lawrence, David C. 22 Mangis, Daniel 22,25 Moore, Karen Elizabeth 22 Oh. Hijoung 22 Powers, William 16. 17, 40, 55, Uwrence. Sleven 57. 61. 79 Mann. Christina Louise 22 Moore. Uura Vale 22.60 Oh. Scarlet 22.66 59, 60, 96 Lawrence. Trna 22 Mann. Ursula 44.45,63 Moore, William Jarrell 88 Okpara, Chike 22, 26, 52. 74 Lawson. Marissa 44.64.79 Manning. Leigh Hart 22.73 Morales, Gaby 40 Olesen.Btad 32 Praetor 14 Uw Alumni Weekend 16-18 Manning. Manlee Roberta 22 Morales, Jaime M. 22,73 Olgen. Mubeyyet 33 Prather, William 1 Uw School Foundation 19. 114 Mansbendel. Peter 12 Morales, Rafael 61 Olivarez, Cecilia 22. 38. 40. 51 Pratt. Michael 65 UwWeek 34 Mamor-Ramirei. Cathy 103 Moreno, Gabriela 31,38,88 Olla. Rebecca Adlam 22.74 Pratter.Jon 103 Laycock, Douglas X 4. 5. 8. 97 Mapes. Justin Geary 22 Moreno, Michelle Candice 88 Olson. John 22.47.74 Preston, Hilary 22.66 Lc, Willy Mong 79 Mare. Yenni 107 Moreno, Pierrette 103 Olson. Kristen E. 88 Prewitt, Brian 63 Leal, Celina 38,61,87 Mares. Daniela 107 Moreno, Sergio 38 Olson. Lydia 56.80 Price, Jeanne 103 LeClercq, Teresa R. 100 Markell. Christina 22. 60 Morgan, Baxter 31 Olson. Ted 48 Prince, Daniel Leon 88 Leder, Adrienne Paige 22, 66 Markesinis, Basil 5 Morisset, Evelyne 107 Omar. Amin 22. 52 Prisner, John Andrew 88 Leder. Molly B, 22.46 Markovits, Richard S. 100 Morosini, Fabio 46 Opiela. Enc 48. 50. 74 Pritchatd, William Judson 89 Lee, Cindy 31 Marshall. Edward J. 22. 73 Moms, Rae Lynn 63 Organizations 28-67 Pudet, Emily 53 Lee, Dottie 106 Martin. Aimee 31. 34. 38. 52, Moms, Rich 31 Ortiz, Daniel 38, 51 Pugh, Adam 48 Lee, Gary W. Jr. 22,73 64,80 Moms, William Richard 22 Osbom, Dina Ann 22 Pullio, Robyn Nicole 81 Lee, Patrick 22, 49 Martin, Amy 22, 25, 42, 43, 52 Moms Sloan, 73 Osborne, Ryan Matthew 22 Pursley. Amber 58,63.81 Legal Research Board 65 Martin. Doug 55.87 Morrow, Enn 44.88 Ostertag, Doug 46 Pursley. Gamck 63,81 Lehman, Andy 31 Martinez. Bianca 22 Morrow. Nick 55 Otjen, Mami 46 Leiberl, Tobe 114 Martinei, Cristina 22. 46, 73 Muckleroy, Joseph 55 Leiman. Lisa 46 Martino, Viki 61, 87 Mueller. Kourtney Mane 88 Leitet. Brian R. 100 Masso,Jadd 22.31,46 Muery. Adam Thomas 80 y Lemer. Ilyse Maria 22 Masters, Ashley 22.26.31, 34. Mughenni, Matthew 22, 67 TT II Lesueur. Leo John 22 38, 42, 43 Mulkey, Elizabeth 31 P Vc Leubiu. Brian Charles 22, 73 Mathis, Kendall 63,80 Munson, Mike 49 L Leuchtmann, Andrew 50 Mattes, Stephanie 44, 87 Murray, John 103 Leventon, Isaac Daniel 87 Matthews, Jeffrey Warren 22 Murray, Pablo 22, 33, 73 Levinson. San ord V. 100 Maxwell, Korb Winter 22 Quiglev, Brian 103 Levy, Mollis 105 Pack, Chi Yun 22,74 Quisenberrv, Jacob Todd 22, 74 Lewin, Mario 22,66,73 Mayer, Jason Eric 22 Page, Kevin Joel 22 Lewis, Karen 66,87 MayhaU. Molly 31,87 X.T Palmer, Michael Douglas 80 Lewis. Uigh 66.87 McAfee, Alice 63 N Pandey Ramanugrah A. 74 Li, Jiaming 22 McAnally, Katherine 31, 44, 50 1 Parents ' Night Out 34.35 T Liaison. Author 46 McCary. Kevin 46 Parham, Sarah Elizabeth 22 Iv Liebert.June 107 McCluan, Mark 48 Pansh, Russell 48. 66. 88 XV Liebert. Tobe 13, 103 McDermott, James 22, 30, 32 Park. Wendy 49 Lien. Ming-Li 22. 33 McDonald, Kelly 87 Nadalo. Jeff Frank 22 Parker. Candy 22. 50 Liepe. Andreas 22. 33 McGaha. Stephen Wayne 22 Nahas. Cyndi 30.31.48 Parker. Charles Anderson 80 Lim. Tim 33 McGaughy, Kevin Kyle 22 Nanni, Kerne 46 Parker. Eric Scot 88 Rabin, Shawn Jonathan 22, 66 Lin. Cindy Y. 87 McGlinchey, Patrick 87 Nash. Brian C 88 Partain. Mary Emma 22,61 Rabban, David 5 Linville, Kristine Karla 22 Mclnnes, John Stanley 22 Nations. Cindy Lynn 22. 73 Patel, Ami 44 Racejudicatta 11 Lipoma. Adrienne 32.87 McKay, Kelsey 50 Nayar, Dinesh, Ryan 88 Palel, Nancy 44 Rahbari, Siavash 89 Lipp, Dana Elise 87 McKenna, Matthew 22,46 Nayar, Ryan 30, 58 Patel, Seema 67 Raimer, Anna 44.45,64 Lipseyjamie 31.61 McKinney. Eleanor 4 Nccessarv, Kristin 49, 80 Patel, Smita 60 Ramberg, Eva 105 Lister. Holly 64 McKowen. Henry Canon 88 Neidhardt, Tanner McGill 34, Pateison, Andrea Irey 65 Ramington, John 102 Lm. Ronald 32 McLain, Bradley Eugene 22 88 Paterson, Andrea Jean 22 Ramirez, Jorge 49, 55 Liu. Yen-Yi 37.39, 114 McLarty. Stacy Leigh 88 Nelson, Cristina 46 Patteison, Jim 106 Ramming, Kristi 49 LLM Students 33 McLetoy. Luke E 22, 65 Nelson, Shane 50,61,88 Patterson, Meridith 34,46 Ramos, Cindy 107 LK.vd, J.ison 48 McRoberts. Clare 32, 3 3 Nelson, Willie 5 Pattetson, Stephanie 103 Ramos. Donato 22. 26, 31, 38, U.ader. Kevin 56, 79 McStay. Poth Andrew 22. 66 Netanel, Neil W 100 Pattillo, Paige 6,80 40,,61,74 Locker, Ryan 46, 79 Mecham. Shane Neugart, Joseph 51.54,61,88 Peanion.John 22,32,74 Ramos. Key 104 LiKker, Ryan 30, 32 Mehren, George 46, 50 Newby, Milam 22,42,43,61, Pedamon, Catherine J. 100 Ramsey, John 32,89 Locketl, John Abner 111 22 Mchta, Sonali 55 63 Pedro, Steven Douglas 22 Randolph, Scott Elliott 22 Locklear, Richard Jake 22 Meier, Ed 46 NewelL Emily Marie 80 Pelanek, Laura 53 Range, Dan 46 Loewy, Adam J, 22 Meline. John 56, 57, 80 Newton, Jeremy 46 Percy, Kumar 103 Rasheed, Sakina 22 LonghomBand 6 Mencher, Joseph Reynolds 22 Nguyen, Brian 32,80 Peregrinus 12, 13, 14 Ratliff, Matthew Kasey 22 Upei, Christopher M. 22, 46 Mendrygal, Kip 22, 56 Nguyen. Claire 80 Perez, Chako 38,41,51 Ratner, Steven R. 100 Lopez, Jessie 22,46,73 Menicucci, Margaret 107 Nguyen. Linhda 22. 46 Perez, Diana 22, 38, 59, 40, 41. Rau. AlanS. 100 Uid, Jeremy 22 Merino. Amy 22.31.73 Ngwolo. Patrick 61 61.74 Raub, Monique M. 23,46 Lott, Megan 31 Mersky, Roy 100. 102 Ni, Hao 80 Perez. Stephen 41.80 Rauen, Haverly 55 Lottroan, Alyce 106 Messer. Dion 56.63.80 Nichols, Anthony 106 Perez. Susan 50.80 Rauhut.Stan 17 Lounsbury, Josh 30.31 Michaels. Michelle Denise 22 Nichols, Bryan Damien 22 Perkins. Crissi 107 Rauscher. Tom 23.33 Love. Jeff B, 19 Mikeska. Mary 33 Nichols, Matthew Carter 80 Pern, Chris 50.88 Ray. Tonya La ' Shuan 23 Lucas. April E. 79 Miles. Jonathan 50 Nobles. Lisa 60 Perry. Nancy Lena 22.74 Lucas. Hal 62 Miller. Anthony Patrick 22 Nogalski. Mark 67 Perry. Rick 3 Read. Ellen 104 Luc lo. Eddie Andres 87 Miller, Daniel 22. 65 Nord. Ryan Matthew 22 Petets. Adam 22. 52. 47 Read, Vicki 107 Lucio. Eddie III 61 Miller, Jessica 53, 114 Norris. Rebecca Jane 22 Petetson, Kennnn 42, 43 Reaud, Reagan 64 Luckett. Jack Matthew 87 Miller, Wes 46 Pettil, Dan 46 Redington, Zachary Ryan 23 Lunow. Heather 46 Mills, Mitchell J. 46 Pfeiffer, Constance 52, 55, 64 Reisch, Nick 49 Lu:i. Roberto Aguirre 33 Minyard, Brian 22,48 Phillips. Ginger 49. 52 Reiser, Adam 23.50,31.32 Miscovich, Jennifer 22,30,31, o Phi Delta Phi 58 Picardi.Lisa 38.40.80 Reister. Linda Luian 25 Relling. Lisa 25.51 -« r M, .1„!1. Amy VJ Pickett. Brad 16 Pielop, Nikki 44 Reneau. Aimee 23. 31 Resendez. Daniel 23 A l,i,luil, M.inJy 30, !1 Pingenot. Aimee Michelle 22 Ret, Elisabeth 32.62,81 iVl MiiIkII, K,,benKnox22 Pinkerton, Terrie 104 Review of Litigation 64, 65 Miih,.H 6i lacks L.L.R 19 O ' Brien. Pat 46 Pizarro, Claudia 22, 33 Reynolds, Forrest 64 Mnffett, Daniel 88 O ' Brien. Tom 63 Plauche, John Arthur 22. 46 Reynolds, Julie Lyn 23 MuinuJdm, Aisha 31, 88 O ' Hara. Jennifer 63 Poll. Kevin 22,62 Reynolds, William 106 Mack, Kendra 17,36, 114 Mokwa, Matthew Scott 22 O ' Hara. Jennifer C, 22.66 Pollack, Abraham 64 Richatdson, Kathryn Holt 97, Mack, Knslopher 22, 62 Molina, Liz 38,40,41,51 O ' Keeffe. Came Parsons 22 Pollock, Adam 46 104 M.iddox, Michelle 49 Molinare, Shanna 22,46 O ' Quinn. Dustin 31, 38 Poize, Matthew Michael 22 Rigney, Patricia 31, 89 Magee, Ryan Michael 87 Monson, Chris 53 O ' Sullivan, Jennifer D. 22 Poraeroy, Matthew 102 Rikeman, Stephanie Denise 23 Mago.Ajay 55 Moore, Aaron 46 Odcn, Molly 22,65,66 Ponig, Christina 22. 46, 74 Riley, Samuel 106 Rincbiirger. Trent 4 , 63 Sellers, Mike 56 Sun, Xiaoxu 90 T -r White. Jamon Jeffrey 25,75 Ripple. Kcnyon York 23 Senfield, Matthew G. J. 23 Sunflower Ceremony 5, 15.20. I 1 White, Meredith Ann 23 Ritas on the Ranch 44,45 Sereny, Caria E. 89 21, 22, 23 White, RobenEmmett 2 3 Ritcheske, Kathryn A. 89 Sewell. Reginald Levias 23 Sutherland, Judson V 23 White, Roger Carl 23, 75 Ritchey, Brent 23.65 Sexton, Sylvia 105 Sutton, John 16, 101 Whitchurst, William 10 Ri!k. James Patrick 23 Shaddock, Matthew 31, 61, 89 Sutton, Kelle 23, 42, 43, 64 Whittinghill. Christina 23. 46 Roark. ftmiel Joseph 89 Shah, MitulM. 81 Sutton, Nancy 16 Underwood, Jennifer E. 23 Widener. Mike 12. 103. 114 Rohhins, Susan 106 Sharaby, Yonit 46 Swann, Claire 30, 32 Upham. Jody 67. 81 Wike, Chris 23, 30 Rokrts, t.:inJv 105 Sharlot, M. Michael 101 Sween. Gretchen 52. 53 UT Uw Mock Trial Champions Wilensky. Margaret 23. 47 Roberts. Ken Lynn 23 Shaw, Chad Thomas 23 Sween. Gretchen Sims 23 120 Wilkerson. Amanda Kay 91 Roberts. Terry 61 Sheer, Maggie 32 Sweeney, Erin 104 Wilkie. Catnona 46 Robertson. David 2 Shelby, Brandon Scott 81 Sydow, M. David 64 Wilkins, Amanda 49 Robertson. David W. 100 Shelley. Marc 64 Sykora. Matthew Aaron 90 Williams, Amanda Leigh 23 Robertson. John A. 100 Sheppard.Jo 31 Szeto. Alexander 23. 62 ■w 7 Williams. Becky 107 Robertson. Stephanie 33 Sheppard. Johanna 33 v Williams. Hope 49 Robinson, Rebecca 33 Shortz. Jessica 55.90 V Williams, John 33 R. lngue:. Albert Lee III 23 Shotwell. Tonya 46 Wdhams, Uuren 31,91 Rodnguez. Belen 104 Shugart.Edie 106 1 ■ Williams, Mandi 65 Rodrigue:, Carlos 23, 38, 40. 61 Shuley, Chris 49 I Williams, Sidney C, 23 Rodriguez, Eric 42, 43, 62, 81 Sides, Stephen 46 ±. Vaculik. Jennifer Renee 81 Williams, Valiine 44.61.91 Rodriguez, Renee 38, 41, 89 Siegel, Matthew 23,63 Valdez. Frances 31, 38, 40, 90 Wllliford. Cassie 49 Rodriguez, Robert Arthur 23. 74 Siekierski, Scott 31,90 Valdez, Monica L. 23,75 Wilson. Uura Abigail 91 Rodriguez, Victor Jr. 23 Silver, Charles 101, 105 Valek, Michael Anthony 23, 66 Wilson. Steve 91 Rodriquez. Carlos 74 Simar, Amy 67 Taboada.John 23,38,75 Valenta, Lisa 23, 46 Wiseman. Daniel Charles 23 Roemer. Stara Lynn 89 Simkins, William S. 13, 14 Toboada, Vera Annastina 23 Valladares, Marlon 38, 41, 51 Witt. Ray 46.81 Rogoff. Paul Jason 23 Simon. Channing Bennett 23. Tabor. Amy Elizabeth 23 Valle, Hector 23, 38, 40, 41, 51, Woelfcl. Glenn 105 Roper, Veronica 31,89 75 Tai, Eric Tek 23 61,75 Wohlers. Travis Mathew 23 Roquemore, Jenny 103 Simons. Jack 114 Vanhoven, Joshua Voight 23 Wolff, Jason William 81 Roseniweig, Shawn Michael 23 Sinha,Nabina 23,46 Tarver. Tracy 107 Vaman, Beena Mary 23 Women ' s Law Caucus 44,45 Roskamp. Philip 46 Sitchler, Kristen 23,60 Tasby, Melanie 104 Vela, Jose III 90 Wood. Mary 44 Roth. Eira 54. 114 Sitomer. Gabrielle Anne 23 Tateosian, Rosera Larkins 23. 46 Venza, Darby 34,90 Woodrick, Sarah 30.46 Rothey. Kenneth Adam 89 Skogen. Stefanie 49. 81 Taylor. Leah 48,81 Vera, Meredith 58,90 Wooley. Rusty 34.62 Rougeux. Natalie Connonrs 23 Skowronski. Ann Mane 23 Teaching Quizmasters 42, 43 Vernon, Eleanor Kathryn 81 Woolley. Thomas A. Ill 23 Rowe, Meredith Leanne 89 Slater, Jod ie 46 Tepera. Steven Paul 90 Vernon, Jeff 105 Worbington. Jonathan Roy. Charles Eugene 23 Slater, Lucy 31, 33 Teste. Hugo 30 Vickeis, Phihp 48.66.90 Christopher 91 Rozzell, Kimberly 89 Slawson, Shelby 23, 27, 65, 75 Texas Environmental Uw Victorine. Claire 73 Wray, Angela K. 91 Ruble, Enn 23,26,74 Sloan, Claire Victorine 23 Journal 49 Vidales.Alex 23.75 Wmbel, Kenney James 23 Rude, Jonathan Geoffrey 23 Smith. Chris 49 Texas Hispanic Journal of Law Villarreal, Jeffrey L. 23. 65. 75 Wylie, Julia 23. 27, 38, 40, 46 Ruggles, Dal R. 23. 75 Smith, Erin 64 Policy 51 Vince Cowan 103 Wyly, Brad Thomas 23, 66, 75 Running. Vicki J 23 Smith, Ernest E. 101 Texas Intellectual Pnjperty Uw Vinluan, Elizabeth 32.44 Wynn. Will 5 Russell. Jennifer 64 Smith, Geoffrey Lawrence 23 Journal 56 Vinnakota. Rajkumar 23. 46. 75 Wynne. David Edwards 82 Ryan. Bridget 31 Smith, Jamie 32,44,61,90 Texas International Law Journal Vinson Elkms L.L.R 19 Ryan, Marcus 34.89 Smith, Lisa Ann 23 46 Virgil. Jennifer 46 Ryder. Tatman 55 Smith, Mary 23,49 Texas Journal of Business Law Vlahakos. George James 23 Smith, Jerry E. 48 67 Vorak. Naralie 31 ■ J Smullen, Felicity 46 Texas Journal of Women and die Y Snead, Shannon Lee 23 Law 60 ±. r Snyder. Jeffrey 90 Texas Uw Fellowships 55 SJ Texas Law Review 47 117 O So, John 50.90 Texas Review of Entertainment w Sobs. Albert Yzaguirre 23 and Sports Law 62 vv Ybarra, Christopher 38.41 Spence. Chris 23,56 Texas Review of Uw Politics Yeh, Brian 50,91 Spivev, Broadus 52 48 Yeh, Maw-Lin " Edward " 82 Sabenan, Amy 23. 30, 32, 46 Spiwak. Maureen 49 Texas Student Publications 19 Yen, David G. 23 Saenz. Angehca 81 Thomas. Zachary 67 Wagner. Luemara Silva 90 Young, Allegra 106 Safavi. Nancy 23, 27, 32, 52 Spring. John 63 Thompson. Mathew 23.63 Wakefield. Katie Mane 23 Young. Ernest A. 45 SafePlace Walk for Safe Families Stack, Jennifer 23, 65. 75 Thompson. Patrick 90 Walker. Chad 91 Young. Uura 103 and Safe Streets 44 Stahl. Crystal Kay 81 Thomson, Andrea 46 Walker. Erin Elizabeth 91 Young. Uuren 48.82 Safi. Rob 30.32,55,89 Stanland. Christina Leigh 23 Thome, Shannon 23,42.43 Walker. James David 23 Young. Michael Coery 23 Salassi, Hannah Ruth 23 Stapler. Kelly 23.60 Thurgood Marshall Legal Society Walker. Jennifer 32.91 Young, Sandra Leigh 23 Saldania, Michael 106 Staples. Angela Nichole 23 59 Wall, Catherine 23, 30, 63 Young, Scott 46 Salinas, Carlos GuiUeraio 23 Starr. Brantley 48 Till. Kathy 103 Walrafen, Julie 23.33 Youngdale, Beth 103 Salinas, George 31, 38, 61, 89 Steed, Debbie 106 Tllley. Aaron Benjamin 23 Walsh. Christy 23,46.66 Yuan, Mark 32 Salvation Anny Angel Tree 44, Steiker, Jordan M. 101 Tofilon, Patrick 46,81 Walter. Kandace 61. 81 Yudof. Mark 3, 13 45 Stewart, Thornton 23 Tom. Cynthia Julia 90 Ware. Andrew Herring 91 Salzer. Kathryn Rooth 23 Stillings. Jeremy Thomas 23 Topek. Seth Philip 90 Washecha. Barbara 103 Sampson. John 101. 105 Stimets. Diane 104 Torres. Alberto 23 Watson. Barbara Jeanne 23 Sanders, Wayne Edward 23 Stoehr. Marian 48. 81 Torres. Gerald 3. 101 Watson. Jessica 23. 60 ry Sanloro, Dimitri 23, 33 Stossel. John 1 1 Torrez, Stella 106 Wausson. Chelsea 31 Sapien,]ohn 38 Strain. Tamara Renee 90 Totman, Molly Elizabeth 23 Way. Phillip Todd 23 Z- Sapstead. Chris 53 Strauss. Brian 103 Townsend Allala, Stephanie 75 Weaver, CarIa 63 SARS5 Street. Ashley 31,90 Trainor, Lucy 48 Weaver, Brandi 31,91 Saunders. Kalhenne 55 Strickler, Todd David 23 Trinque, Anne Kathryn 23 Weaver, Bryn 91 Savage, Russell 13 Strittmatter. Donna Kay 23 Triplett, Eric Jay 23 Weddington, Sarah 60 Zambrano. Jesse 38,91 Schlafer, Andrea 104 Students 68-93 Tristan. Michael 38,61 Weinberg. Louise 101 Zang. Guangsheng 91 Schober, Robin A. 23,46 Student Bar Association 13. 34. TroxeLJill 44 Werner. David 23. 42. 43 Zepeda.John 23.51 35. 36. 37 Troyan, Brent 23, 27. 31. 47. Weintraub. Russell J. 101 Zerdecki. Andrew Wells 91 Schultz, Susan 107 Student Recniitment and 55,75 Weisenfels. Gerry John 23 Zeve. Andrew William 23 Schumacher. Jason 42, 43. 48 Orientation Committee 61 Tnimbo,]ustm 23.46.63 Welbes. Catherine Williams 91 Zingaro. Kristen 23. 31. 46 Schwartz. Marcus Frank 89 Sturley. Michael F 101 Tsumpis. Tiffany 67 Welhes. Kate 55.61 Zoch. Rachel E, 115 Schwinghammer. Kathennc 31. Suboume. Anne 46 Tucker, Josh Layton 90 Welbom. Dee 106 Zykorie. Uuren 23. 46. 60, 63 50.89 Sueur. John Le 48 Wellborn. OUn Guy 111 101 Scott, Samantha Anne 23 Sugimura. Derek 42.43 Tyler. Mike 30.32.46 Wemick. Ephraim 23 Segrist, Jedd Louis 23 Sugimura. Derek Y 81 Westbrook. Jay L. 101 Segura, Bemadette 38,55,89 Suh, Hee Suk 23, 33 Segura, Bemie 32, 40 Summer, Jan 107 Wheeler, Bart 48 Cl Oa ' t f l€i .14 1 E n « Am! A 4L 1 1 1 J B k Kn ■ H ii. J- J hh K UT Law Mock Trial Champions

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University of Texas Law School - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 2004 Edition, Page 1


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