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TILL MAKING H, STORY mm B:ejfl firSW m iiPui SIP 195 8 H PTJf University of Texas School of Law THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SCHOOL OF LAW AUSTIN. TEXAS 2000 PEREGRINUS VOLUME 50 r i TILL MAKING HISTORY The Peiegrinus was first published in 1949 by a group of law students and faculty who formed a non-profit Texas corporation, The Society of the Peregrinus, Inc. Every member of the Student Bar Association Board of Governors was automatically a member of the Society of The Peregrinus Board of Directors. In addition, two members of the Law School faculty were appointed by the Dean to membership on the Board. The Editor of each yearly edition was appointed by the preceding Editor with the approval of the Board. The Editor then appointed his own staff. The first Editor of the Peregrinus. James P. Tennet, is pictured to the left. The Society continued to publish the Peregrinus until Texas Student Publications assumed the role in 1971. Through the past forty-nine volumes, the Peregrinus captured the monu- mental events at UT Law. The 2000 edition reflects upon select events while continuing to record the history-making events of 1999-2000. Portia With the birth of the Peregrinus yearbook came Portia, the title bestowed upon a female law student each year by popular election to recognize the gid ' s charm, grace, wit, and beauty, as well as her intelligence. The girl selected reigned for the year as the Portia of the School of Law, representing the school at the various university functions. m P . m ' . WINNING PORTIAS OF PAST YEARS •il f , ' jM Symbolism of the Peregrinus Enormous tail: brushes aside all technicalities in the favor of justice Long pointed nose: searches for the truth Left forefoot: Irish ditcher ' s boot, confesses his membership in the rank and file Boxing gloves on hind feet: back up the law and equity Head: crowned with the white cap of truth Arched back: ready for springing, just as the law is ever ready to protect the right or prevent the wrong • The Year 1949 and the History of the Peregrinus James Danhelm everly Potthoff Faye Lojd Sam Burris - - Tom Hlght Jack Lusconbel Faye Loyd ' FAMOUS WJOTES piea.i. ;%srL° " ir;?re;i i- vard ' a computing machlre Mark though my examination oapera sni to support this allegat o the Texas Dicta " amplv demunstrate of factual basis. This Is su Imagination and enterprise J finger pointed out this task t victims. This paper U because larger strive for a betterachool therris dwells the school. The realization o ' " dependence upon the students makes my ' Law Day Day was first celebrated by the Law School in 1953 when the events ivere held in the Student Union Building on the main campus with the tra- itional noon barbecue luncheon held on the lawn in front of Townes Hail. aw Day was expanded to Law Week in the late 1960 ' s and was dedicated ) Dean Keeton. Although the activities vary from year to year, several iiave endured through the years including Casino Night, Race Judicata, ection Olympics, the Dean Keeton Luncheon, and the Golf Tournament. Townes Hall Dedication Jnited States Attorney General Herbert Brownell. delivered the dedicatior iddress on December 5, 953, when Townes Hall vas formally dedicated. t Dicta Originating in 1950, the Texas Dicta became the ofricial publication of the law school. Texas Dicta was published each Thursday by what is now known as the Student Bar Association, formerly the Board of Governors of the University Bar Association. Publication of the Texas Dicta ended in 1961. Law Wives Although the Law Wives Club originated in December 1947. the organization flourished during the 1950s. The club was formed to provide cultuial development, social life, and mutual understanding and independence among girls who would eventually assume civic leader- ship in their communi- ties. Membership con- sisted of three classes: the active members, composed exclusively of the wives of law students; associate members, composed of the wives of the law school faculty and honorary members, composed of wives of prominent Texas Bar Association members. Pictured above is a 1957 Law Wife, Shiriev Blackham with her two children. Such " family pictures " filled the pages ot the Pf;t.,n ».f during the 1950s. The club disasscmbk ' d in 1976. Law Bachelors Organized in the spring of 1956 for carousing and utter moral depravity, the Bachelors of Law sought a place outside Townes Hall to elevate their spirits. Holding TGIF parties with undergraduate sororities at local water- ing holes. Bachelors discussed topics of cuirent interest bearing no rela- tionship to the law. Law Bachelors held a Christmas Party each year known as " Judicial Jump. " Pictured above is a Law Bachelor subpoenaing undergraduate sorority girls to the Judicial Jump. The Year 1950-1959- Texas Law Forum The 7i ' .v«.s Lciw Forum, the official student-alumni news- paper of the University of Texas School of Law. was first published in 1965. The paper was financed by the Law School Foundation and pub- lished seven times a year. The paper reported on newsworthy activities of students and pro- fessors while also featuring stories about the social and adminisuative problems that arose at UT Law. Publication of the Texas Law Forum ended in May 1987. Slam Jnrum School of Law, The University of Texas Editor in Chief David L. Evans Managing Editor Ronnie Fann Associate Editor. Burrell Johnston Photographer Jim Watters Business Manager Mike H. Casey Circulation ' . Kay Bailey Staff Writers : Ronnie Earle, Herb Green, Tolbert Greenwood, John Hagerman, Jim Hale, Wendy O ' Brien, Ronnie Pruitt, Bill Tipton. Dedication of the Tom Clark Lounge In honor of a great alumnus. Justice Tom C. Clark, the Law School dedicated one of its principal rooms in 1966; the Fireside Lounge became the Tom Clark Lounge and remains as such today. The Justice ' s chair, his writings, and memorabiha were collected and made into a permanent display in the Lounge. Justice Clark, pictured to the right, visited the law school in 1966 to receive the tribute. Legal Research Board The Legal Research Board originated in 1962 to furnish qualified students an opportunity to gain skill in researching legal problems for lawyers over the state and the nation who had inadequate libraries or crowded trial dockets. At that time, the board was only the second established legal research board in the United States; LRB continues to provide valuable legal services today. First year law students are selected for membership in LRB based on out- standing performance in the freshlaw research and writing program. Pictured below are the original members: Lee AKvorth, Les Mendelsohn, John Holstead, John King, Bob Moore, James Kreimeyer, Mario Mailinez, Glenn Jarvis, Wanda Creamer, Bob Andrews, Jim Foutch, Warner Fassnidge, Laurance Fann, John Nelms, and Joe Spudock. 4 — The Years 1960- 1969 lBOVE: Construction of the Tarlton Law Libraiy began in 1977. :IGHT: The students of UT School of Law voted on December 2, 1970, to 5call Darwin McKee (pictured right) from the presidency of the Student lar Association. There were 1014 students voting — 58% of the elec- jrate; final count was 610 - 402, with 2 blank ballots. The recall vote was rompted by McKee ' s attendance at an American Bar Association (ABA) ionvention held October 10-12 in New Orleans. McKee obtained $200 om the SBA and $300 from the Law School Foundation to attend the leeting. He was later severely criticized and asked to resign because: I) e told neither group the other was funding him; 2) he was accompanied y Nathan Johnson (his roommate), when the Foundation and the SBA ' ssumed he would go alone, and, 3) the two flew first class, which was gainst both Law School and University policy. At the Fall Drunk in 1970, Dean Keeton crowned the final Portia, Bettie Willerson Driver, but prefaced his announcement with the donning of a women ' s lib button. Fourteen females did not participate in the 1970 Portia Competition because they believed a contest singling out females was not conducive to the promotion of equality between the sexes. Thus, they created a student organization known as Law Students for Equality of the Sexes, com- mencing the women ' s lib movement at the law and ending the twenty-two year old Portia competition. 4 QjCmiiU TiXa UA. UJ nTAM i a 91 -44uai( , l dLMjUK. tix. u Ross, Bertha Schles Cheryl Stone, Eugenia Icia Anne Heissner, Shirley D Stu4ents -for £au.o.l ' t j erf- tV ft exes l r. of -BOTH bEXE.. m rneei- ' ' " " } Otloiot -firxl- yhtrt.- PvooMWi. J- «V »{ The Years 1970-1979- More Construction The northeast wing of the law school, which houses Keeion ' s Casino, organization offices, and classrooms today, developed in the early 1980s via a transformation of the old library. T.Q.s - Limited Purpose Faculty? In 1981, controversy over the content of the packet memo raised the issue of what status Teaching Quizmasters had in their own program. A new packet problem prepared by T.Q. supervisor. Prof. Bamdt, was used overT.Q. protests that the problem was too complicated and inappropriate. Grade Delays After almost five months of waiting for spring grades in 1981, some students grew upset about the lack of a grade deadline. The Student Bar Association approved a resolution calling for Dean Sutton to require professors to complete and post grades within 90 days after finals. Tarlton Law Library In June 1980, after three and half years of planning and construction, the Tarlton Law Library opened its doors. The Library cost over $9.6 million and became the fifth largest academic library in the country. A few years later, in 1987, cutbacks by the Texas Legislature forced Tarlton Library to close at 10 p.m. on weeknights. This measure led law students to rally, reach deep into their pockets and dole out money to pay for two Library staff members that would keep the Library open from 10p.m. to midnight. -The Years 1980-1989 Hopwood decision dominates LIT news coverage In March of 1996, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that affir- mative action policies were illegal because they constituted reverse dis- crimination. The deci- sion barred Texas public universities from using race as a criteria for the granting of admissions or financial aid and sparked the expression of many opinions by students, fac- ulty, and staff. The End of an Era The death of Dean Page Keeton on January 10. 1999, was an occasion for reflection on what this extraordinary man had contributed during his long and productive life. Connally Center With shovel in hand, Nellie Connally and Dean Sharlot broke ground for the John B. Connally Center in the spring of 1996; the new addition is scheduled to open in the fall of 2000. The Years 1990- 1999 Still Making History ... From constructing a Habitat house to broken pipes and soggy walls, monumental events shaped the lives of the UT Law community throughout the year 2000, culminating in some students taking spring exams on laptop computers and the announcement of a new dean. The entire law school worked together with Habitat tor Humanity to build the first Habitat house ever constructed entirely b UT Law students, faculty, and staff. Law students from various student organizations and journals spent their Fridays and Saturdays working at the project site off of East 1 3th Street for about three months. Pictured to the right are Janiece Attal Wendy King, and Michael Mithoff of The Texas Joiirnol of Business Law and Ramon Molina of the Student Bar Association 8 — The Year 2000 Ihe Year 2000 — 9 ExamSoft For the S|iiin_i: looo sc-niL-sk-r. iIk- Law Sclii ' i.l p,innipjk l m a piloi program F. amSoli, solluaic thai allows studeius to take essay exalll on laptop computers. Students in four first year classes and three upper level courses were permitted to use ExamSoft for the Spiing 2000 semester. Beginning Fall 2000, all students will be allowed to use E.xamSoft for all in-school essay exams. A $30 annual fee will be charged for each student who downloads the software. Krislie Diemer listens as an Esum , ; demonstration takes place in the luu mIwiI courtroom. The Flood On Sunday, Feb. 6, a high-pressure chilled water valve failed in the penthouse of the Law School and water poured through the ceiling onto the desks and computers in offices on the third floor. The water then came through the second floor ceiling, raining on administid tive equipment, desks, files and other impor tant materi als. The flooding caused varying damage throughout the sec ond, third and fourth floors. Left unchecked, the results could have been catastrophic, destroying research woik notes and other valuable information stored on sensitive computers in the building. UT student John Owen, associate editor of the Texas Law Review, was working in the building the morning ot Feb. 6 and noticed water running under hallway doors He quickly reported the incident, and UT administrators and staff responded to the problem immediately. For the following days and months, a disaster recovery effort was enacted until everything was back to normal. 10 — The Year 2000 On October 4. 1999. Dean Michael Sharlot announced that he had delivered a letter of resig- nation from the deanship to President Lany Faulkner and Provost Sheldon Ekland-Olson. , Sharlot. who has been dean of the law school for more than jfive years, announced that he had grown weary of trying to I overcome the effects of Hopwood but would remain with the school as a teacher. i Sharlot said he considers his greatest accomplishment at the law school to be the improvement of the cuiriculum and being able to implement a small class experience for every first-year student. " The small class experience creates a closer bond between student and faculty, requires students to participate more than in traditional classes of 120 students and allows us to require them to do some writing which is then critiqued by the faculty member. " Shalot said. -I " m fr ore than 100 candidates were considered for the I 1% ■ deanship, and the list was narrowed to a trio of ; I % I finalists in April 2000. On May 23. 2000, j ▼ .A. William C. Powers. Jr. was named the 12th dean ■ I in the UT Law School ' s 1 17-yeai- history. An expert on per- N I sonal injury law. Powers advises legislators on lawsuit reform. J lectures around the world and consults for a Houston law firm. J At UT, he ' s among the university ' s elite Academy of Distinguished Teachers, who are recognized for teaching j excellence. I Powers says his highest priority is to make both the student body and faculty more diverse. He ' s viewed as a visionary iikI a leader who can unify students, faculty, staff and alumni. Powers will take over Sept. 1, 2000 when Shariot steps down. The Year 2()()0 — 11 law we 20 Race Judicata Members of the law school community as well as the Austin Community par- ticipated in Race Judicata 2000. the 5K race beginning at Littlefield Fountain. Members of the Student Bar Association and Texas Law Fellowships assisted with registration of runners, working the water stations throughout the race, and setting up the food and drink tables for runners to enjoy after the race. All race proceeds went to TLF to fund fellows to work in public interest during Summer 2000. RIGHT: First-year law student and winner ol the women ' s division. Nicole Thorpe crosses the fin- ish line. BELOW: SBA members Amanda Ellis. Van Pham. and Jeff Kitner assist in race day registration. Initially begun to " create a deeper understanding and respect for the legal profession as a whole, " Law Day was expanded in the late 1960 ' s to Law Week and was dedicated to Dean Keeton. Although the activities vary from year to year, several have endured through the years including Casino Night, Race Judicata, Section Olympics, the Dean Keeton Luncheon, and the Golf Tournament. 12 — Law Week 2000 Casino Night! ,ci (il)O law students converged llic Hyatt on Town Lake on biliary 25, 2000, for a night of iiihling, dancing, and drinking. -uliing in the most expensive. I bcsi party in SBA histoi7. inibling was provided by I Ml Knights ind pii7es were II ikd bv Austin biisniessLS .h IS dinnci toi two at the iskill movie passes and a jsht at the Hyatt law week 2000 The first-year sections ithered at IM Fields on W dnesday, February 29, I I an afternoon of fun I games. Pictured to I left are Section 1 nbers who received III award for the section ih the most participa- Dressing the Part... LEFT: Dee Miller. Dean Munyon. Chris Watt, and Eric Knustrom won the award for " Best Dressed " golfers! Golf Tournament BELOW: Mark Levy, looks away as Jeff Kitner prepares for a shot during the Law Week Golf Tournament held at Forest Creek Country Club on Friday, March 2, 2000 Law Week 2000— 13 Dean Keeton Awards Luncheon Koburl H. ' Bulth " Sparks, guest speaker at the Dean Keeton Awards Luneheon. told 50 students, faculty and staff of his adventures and misadventures of law school. After graduating from UT Law in 1969 with an LLB. Sparks became the Assistant Prosecutor in Amarillo. Texas. He left that position in 1971 to become a Hearings Officer for the Te.xas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. From 1973 to the pres- ent. Sparks has ser ed as Executive Director of the Licensed Beverage Distributors. In addition. Sparks serves as a Board Member of the Austin Symphony, Member of the Dean ' s Roundtable, a Law School Mentor, and an Executive Committee Member of the Austin Club. Prof. Smith Honored j , as TETA Recipient A ii-hingAwaid a (KY) iward provided inuilK h the E Cluhl 111 oIhi.r Law Week I - Law Week Faculty k Adminislration Honoree — La« Week Slall Honoree. Il.l RtLipiLiils aiL selei-ted b studtnl eommitlees organized h ihc arious student touneih and coordi n ited through the Cabinet ot College Councils Professor Smith widely loved and universally respected by all his students, teaches first-year Property and specializes in oil and gas. He served a brief term as Dean of the law school, but reportedly retired from ilic piisiiioii because he missed teach- ii ' j SCI iiuilIi Smith ' s method of ih.illen ' jiiii! .iiul probing, is also ■jfiiik ' .11.1111) 111 the law school set- iiiiij , .111 iii.liMdual. he comes aeiDss as cMicmcly intelligent, distin- guished, and sensitive. This year he truly went above and beyond the call of duty, as he was the only professor who nlunk-ercd lo administer a mock cvjiii Ini Ills lirst-ycai ' class at mid- sciiK ' sici so the students would li.ixe .111 iiikliii;j of what a law school L- .iiii like C.r.tding law school ex.iiiis IS ,1 iioioiiously tedious task that often lakes some professors months to complete, particularly in a class of 120; Smith did so gladly, quickly, and thoroughly, even including comments on each individ- ual test. Because of his demonstrated dedication to his students that has gone so long unrecognized, the committee felt that he should be this year ' s recipient of the Texas Excellence Teaching Award. JOVE: SBA President Clint Harbour welcomes studenti :ulty and staff to the Dean Keeton Awards Luncheon. GHT: SBA Vice President and Luncheon Chair, Wendy ng, and attorney Morgan Matson (UT ' 99) representint Ibright Jaworski, LLP, enjoy the BBQ lunch. Law Week— 15 The Law School ' s first reunion of the new century, April 14-15, featured class parties, CLE programs, and a gala dinner honoring the Law Alumni Association ' s award winners. Reu " TON wif Q Weekend April 14-15, 2000 16 — Reunion Weekend Keeton Dedication Wing LEPT: Brad McClellan, grandson of Dean Keeton, speaks about the importance of U.T. ' s law school to his late grandfather. McClellan, a lawyer in Austin, was the key speak- er at the dedication of the Dean W. Page Keeton wing on Friday. April 14. BELOW: Professor Bill Powers jokes with Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson at the dedication of the Dean Keeton Wing. Hutchinson and Powers were among several Austin citizens and UT alumni that turned out for the ceremony. The weekend formally opened with the Welcome Reception beginning at 5 p.m. Friday at the Law School Atrium. Early arrivals participated in one of two CLE programs: " Using the Internet in Your Practice " or a round table discussion on ethics and professional responsibility. Both sessions began at 3 p.m. on Friday afternoon. Reunion participants had a choice of three professional programs to attend on Saturday. 1 . Discussion of the revival of states ' rights, including three important cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, led by Professor Lynn A. Baker, Thomas Watt Gregory Professor of Law. 2. " " Privacy and the Media, " exploring the liability of news organizations for aggressive reporting methods (such as clandes- tine videotaping), presented by Professor David Anderson, Thoinpson Knight Centennial Professor in Law. 3. Panel discussion on the history and status of the Hopwood litigation. The panel included members of the litigation team, Greg Coleinan, Solicitor General: Betty Owens. 1988, Vinson Elkins; and Harry Reasoner, 1962, Managing Partner of Vinson Elkins and President of the Board of Trustees of the Law School Foundation. The panel also featured three faculty. Professor Douglas Laycock, Alice McKean Young Regents Chair in Law; Professor Stanley Johanson, Fannie Coplin Regents Chair; and Gerald Torres, H.O. Head Centennial Professor in Real Property Law and University Vice Provost; as well as Asst. Dean Shelli Soto, 1994. Reunion Weekend — 1 7 Alumni Asso At noon Saturday, the Law Alumni Association hosted the Dean ' s Barbecue on the hiw n of the Law School beginning at 1 1 :30 a.m. Dean Michael Sharlot and members of the Association ' s Executive Committee were on hand to introduce the recipients of this yeai- ' s distinguished alu mni awards. arhecu BELOW: Leading the Law Alumni A; immediate past President James I. Perkii 1982; Presidcnl-Elect James V. Awards Dinner Honors Alumni The weekend culminated in Reunion Gala, a din- ner honoring three distin- guished alumni: Scott J. Atlas, 1975; David J. Beck, 1965; and Eduardt; Rodriguiez. 1968. In addition. Professor Charles Alan Wright received the Lifetime Achievement Award. • Alumni Association Barbecue The staff of the 2000 Peregrimis Law School Yearbook wish to express sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the attorneys and law firms who have served as sponsors for this publication. Abrams Scott Bickley, L.L.P. 600 Travis, Suite 6601 Houston, Texas 77002 (713)228-6601 Akin. Gump, Strauss, Hauer Feld. L.L.P. 1700 Pacific Avenue, Suite 4100 Dallas, Texas 75201 (214)969-2800 Bracewell Patterson, LL.P 711 Louisi ana, Suite 2900 Houston, Texas 77002 (713)223-2900 Bob Fisher " 57 Houston, Texas Jeff B. Love Mithoff Jacks, LL.P. 500 Dallas, Suite 3450 Houston, Texas 77002 (713)654-1122 J. S. Sellingsloh Vinson Elkins, LL.P 2300 First City Tower, 1001 Fannin Houston, Texas 77002 (713)758-3640 Peregnnus Sponsors ■ udij stack Assault Flattery Skei A mnkouse Teaching Quizmasters Assault Flattery Texas Law Fellowships 1 Student Bar Association American Journal of Criminal Law 22 — Consul Awards Consul Awards — 23 Is ClHlkll 1)1 ilic I ' ublii POSITE: Sabrina Teller, a second-year law student, ing one of PILA ' s bake sales. OCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: 1958 Moot Court Competition; 1982 CHLSA Fajita Fandango; 1982 ault Flattei7; 1982 Student Bar Association Race Judicata. C N ONT R )W: William Dominguez. Min.i C : l:l.iinc Polemenakas, Membership Dii Slant ChaLr 2000; Jay D. Ellwanger. Jiid: :.vls, CluiM ;( Jiilic Slone. Mock Trial Director; Brett Ross, Chief Judging Director; BACK si.ini Mock Trial Director; Georgette Oden. Assistant Moot Court Director; Scry E. Kii FRONT ROW — Judge John R. Brown Admiralty Moot Cinm Willi, iin noiniiiL ' iic (.Sciiii-hiiulisiAThiid Hcsi BulI, lih H. si S|v,ikiii, i hi is s,i|i Finalisi Best Oralist oIKniire Conipelilion), Rick McLeod (.Siiiii I iimIisii. AH l,.,.i Cuiii M,inil Nanm i Iciiii K mlvi Kcji.ikiI s, im I m.ih (Team Member Regional .Semi-Finalist IOth Best Speakcrl. Kcllj Hock iIc.mii .Mciiibci Rcgi.mal Clianip 6th licsi SpL,ikii ,,il Siiiii I i.ihsi i Speaker at Nalionals . ' ird Best Brief at Nationals, BACK ROW. SEATED; Ryan Garcia (Giles Sutherland Rich Intellectual Properly Moot Court; 1 STANDING — Georgetown University National White Collar Mock Trial: Jay Ellwanger (Team Member Semi-Finalist). Elaine Polemenakos ( Georgclle Oden (Team Member). Eric Cassidy (Alternate), I 26 — Board of Advocales Far Left: Plaintiff ' s attorney. Jay Ellwanger, emphasizes his point with graphics. hnmediate Left: Amy Dinn. attorney or Defendant, dehvers closmg emarks. Board of Advocates — 27 BELOW. FRONT ROW: Minii Plauche. Cheryl Rubenstein, Jay Larimore, Cathy Chatawanich. Rebecca Jumper, Lola LaCrosse: SECOND ROW: Chris Williams. Maura Brady. John Owen, Beau Miller, Adam Schramek, Clint Harbour. Ryan| Garcia. Brett Strand; BACK ROW: Tim DeithlolT. Mike Golden. Chris Watt. Bruce Luna. Shelbi Bamhouse. Zandra Collin Amy Clark. Richie Malone. Heather Smith. Michael Reese: NOT PICTURED: Rich Stewart. Garry Davis. Junish Arora. Molly Malone, Georgeann Shepard. Pete Madden. Rich Phillips, David Henderson. K ' HHSil ' ' i m WF - " ■ V " ' j lk :Ti If ' tJ m P HH H Teaching Quizmasters, or " TQs " " . are a group of 32 upper-class law students who are selected to coordinate the first-year Legal Research and Writing Program. TQs teach the legal research component of this course and serve as teaching assistants to the faculty writing lecturers for the legal writing portion. Second- and third-year students are selected to serve as TQs through a competitive process that tests each candidate ' s research, writing, and teaching skills. The TQs " role in the law school community often extends far beyond their official teaching duties, TQs are frequently called upon by their first-year students for advice on such matters as study techniques, career plans, taking exams, personal problems, and how to cope with the stress of law school. Being the primary small group environment in such a large law school, the TQ groups often participate in a variety of social and intramural athletic events. 1999-2000 TQ Program Officers Head Teaching Quizmaster: Chris Williams Section Coordinators: David Henderson, Gany Davis, Richie Malone, Cheryl Rubenstein. General Administrator: Mimi Plauche Computer Systems Administrator: Ryan Garcia TQ Candidacy Directors: Maura Brady, Zandra Collins Intramurals Director: Chris Watt Hutche.son Moot Court Directors: Rich Phillips, Adam Schramek 28 — Teaching Quizmasters Teaching Quizmasters — 29 Texas Law Review is a national law journal published seven times a year. The Review is run entirely by second and third year students at The University of Texas School of Law. This year, the Review will enter its 79th year of publication. Since its inception, the Review has become one of the nation ' s most recognized and frequently cited academic legal journals. Volume 78 Editorial Board Editor-in-Chief: Carol Simpson Managing Editor: Luke Meier Chief Articles Editor: Greg Litt Articles Editors: Paul Dean, David DeGroot, Aron LeAnn Gregg, A. Kj-isan Patterson, Matthew D Powers, Lauren Rosenblatt, Jason Micah Ross, Basil Uniari Chief Notes Editor: Lee Legault Notes Editors: Martha Lacey, Kim M. Munsinger, Chris I Itlt Trickey Administrative Editor: Christopher D. Kratovil Book Review Edi tor: Everett Upshaw Assoicate Editors Ryan Bull. Dwain ClilTord, Bashccr Ghoraycb, KcUin V. Kharod. [X-von Lcppink. Erik Quarfiirdl. Eric Schick. Adrian Slewart. Anne Temple. Jason V ' aniado Business Manager Editorial Assistant ? Members Alexander R. Allcmann, Theodora M. An; Jardin. Susan A. Kidwell. Chrisioplici J U Boyd, Cristina D. Can(y. Vn lon.j I ,i|mi.iii Flowers, Erin J. Friel. Jon I ( n ' lluin I im Michael King, Jimmy 1., Knl . Ji . i.hik Maxwell, Gregg S. McHugh. BciijuniMi L, Richard B. Phillips. Christopher V. Popov, 1. Patrick E. Basinski. Maria E. Bickerlon, Badge S. Humphries. Kcv ' . Mary M. Ryan, Marion Sanl ' ord ill. . . m T Schranick. Koh ii I i IN ( l.iik. Edward C. Dawson. Ci i!.l-i !i I i.iv. . ' 11 ( Im i. rh.: 1: h s iin.liKN. Michael J. Golden. i i i i , II iiiniK, Krenda Lenahan, Rich. 11.1 1 1 1 ii.i.i, i i.m!. ; I , . i.i . lies, llcalher Moser. Dean M. Muin.iii. Jolm A. . lMKl,.ik. I.n i; M : Smiley, Elissa Stwglich, Emily Stephens, Aaron P. Slevens, bnc B. , Adam L. Slroud, . Anne Temple, Lisa S. Tsai, Shannon Turner, Bradley Vi.sosky, Patricia Von Fange. Ryan S. Wagley, Victoria L. Wicken, Shelly O. Yeatts, Thomas Courtney S. York, John T. Zach, Olivia J. Zach ?0 — Texas Law Review BE ) Kalrina Blodgetl (2nd year). Laurie Gillum (not on TLR), Gina Ibana (2nd year). Owen Dawson (2nd year), and Jonalhan Frels (nol on TLRl The Faces of TLR B()VE LEFT, FRONT ROW Mike (mldui (:ikI c,ir), John Owen (2nd year), Carol Simpson (VW. 7S Editor-in-ChieO, Susan Maxwell {Vol. 77 .rticies Editor); BACK ROW: Adam Scliramek (2nd year). Ellen Oberwetler (3id year), Kalhlyn Burton (Editorial Assistant). Aron Gregg {Vol. 7S Articles Editor). OVE CENTER: Vol. 78 Articles Editors: Jason Luong, Basil Umari, Paul Dean. Matt Powers. OVE RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Patrick Basinski (2nd year), Vince Ibarra, Gina Ibarra (2nd year), Rich London (2nd year) and fiance; BACK ROW: :hris Popov (2nd year) and fiance. Robyn Bigelow (2nd year), Christina Canty (2nd year). Texas Law Review — 3 1 1=1 W w H |s if i a s;, M ' . T ;e Americans With Disabilities Act: New Trends in Litigation was presented on Februaiy 4, 2000, by The Review of Litigation and the Labor and Employment Section of the State Bar ot Texas. More than 85 attendees, including attorneys troni both the private and public sectors, ludicial cIlmRs, and professors and students from The University of Texas School of Law, gathered at the University Club inside Memorial Stadium for the symposium. More than 20 members of the Texas Office of the Attorney General participated in the symposium, making that office the most represented employer at the conference. Peggy Mastroianni, associate legal counsel for the EEOC in Washington, D.C., delivered the keynote address. New Directions in ADA Litigation: The Issues of the Future. Mastroianni discussed recent ADA-related decisions handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court and circuit courts and the projected impact those opinions will have on emerging ADA litigation. Other speakers included Linda Headley, Littler Mendelson, Houston, who presented an ADA Update: What Has the Supreme Court Done to Disability Law. and George Mason University School of Law Professor Alex Acosta, who spoke about The ADA and the Internet. Kansas City, Missouri attorney Teresa Clark, a partner with Stinson. Mag Fizzell, offered an overview of 1999-2000 Editorial Board Georgeann Shepard, Editor-in-Chief Rex Zgarba, Managing Editor Cynthia Veidt, Chief Articles Editor Matt Holder, Administrative Editor Amy Dinn, Chief Notes Editor Eric Hansum, Technical Editor Articles Editors: William Ainsworth, Denice Hicks, Peter Madden Notes Editors: Angela Bennett, Brett Ross, Ryan Willett Associate Editors: Aaron de la Garza, Dana Lewis. Jennifer Lin, Margaret Mills. Kelly Rock, Cheryl Rubenstein, Traci Tadwalt of Litigation ADA guideliiits ril.itiiiL ' s|X Dcaliin; Willi Miiinil linptiiii, Liinitatiim on Ahdn nl hiijiiii Piovidin Reusoiiahlc Acc , ii i.M to mental impairments. Her talk, lis in Ihc ADA-Protected Workplace: . Idi nlifying Psychiatric Disaiyilities. •dan, ' II. and Handling Related Job Perfonnance ami Discipline ls uc . LCiiloic ' d around this rapidly develop- ing area of Litigation under llie ADA. One of (he highlights of the day was Laura Rothstein ' s preseiil.ilion, Ihc Impact of Sports and Entertainment Casef on llic Public Perception of the ADA. Professor Rothstein, of the University o Houston School of Law. discussed the media ' s coverage ot ADA claims made by sports and entertainment figures and the impact that coverage has had on the public perception of the Act. UPPER LEFT: Second year law students Humphreys McGee and Douglas Stewail rest after a long day of presentations about the Americans with Disabilities Act. UPPER RIGHT: Assistant Attorney General Michael Shirk of Austin speaks about cunent trends in liti- gation involving the Americans with Disabilities Act. LEFT: Second year law students Melissa Prentice, Scott James and Maura Brady enjoy refreshments in between presentations about cunent trends in Americans with Disabilities Act Litigation. The Review of Liligati ' Student Bar Association Board of Governors FRONT ROW: Ellis Iveison (Texas State Bar Rep), Eiika Fisher (2L Rep). Amanda Ellis (Treasurer). Ryan Willett (ABA Rep), Van Pham (Cabinet Rep); BACK ROW: Ramon Molina (2L Rep), Ryan Downton ( IL Rep), Charles Klein (Writ Editor), Meredith Die ( IL Rep), Clint Harbour (President), James Kurka (IL Rep), Amy Dinn (3L Rep), Jeff Kitner (Secretary). Luke Neslage (. L Rep). NOT PICTURED: Wendy King (Vice President): Amy White (2L Rep), Marly Thompson (ILRep). T he 1999-2000 Student Bar Association Board of Governors were elected to office in April 1999 and immedia ly assumed an active role, overseeing locker renewals and the book exchange program in late spring and throughout the summer months. In late August, the SBA assisted the Student Recruitment and Orientation Committee with first-year orientation and began hosting Friday Fizzes and Thirsty Thursdays to provide a social outlet for the new freshlaws. When the time came for first-years to complete their Intent to Study Law In Texas Forms, the SBA provided fingerprintin, technicians free of charge to assist the first-years as well as notaries to notarize the intent forms. During football season, SBA introduced a new service to students — group seating at football games. Students who purchased the All Spoils Package could register online with the SBA and then pick up football tickets from the SBA office, thereby avoiding the 1( lines at the stadium for ticket draws. The SBA did not neglect its social responsibilities to the student body; the annual fall Ex Parte and spring Casino Night drew record crowds and alcohol consumption. Finally, throughout the year, the SBA kept the student body well-informa publishing The Writ on a bi-monthly basis to notify students of SBA activities as well as activities of other student organi: tions and notices from the administration. 34 — Student Bar Association LEFT: Joannie Licka fingerprints Mike Payne for a background check in the atrium of the Law School. First year students must submit tlngerprints to the state Board of Law Examiners in order to complete their forms expressing their declaration of intent to practice law in Texas. The SBA brought in several fingerprinting tech- nicians free of charge to assist the first-years in completing this require- ment. BELOW: Plexus the Clown entertams children of law students during Parents " Nite Out. This event was sponsored by the SBA one night in November so students with children could enjoy a night out. The students enjoyed the balloon tricks performed by Plexus, coloring, movies, and pizza. ,0W. LEFT AND RIGHT: Ex Parte was a huge success as o ei 61)0 students packed Austin Music Hall for a night ol tiee dunks, dancing inlfun! Student Bar Association — . 5 w H H nJ Hn b Every spring the 120 Assault Flattery members present a musical comedy revue in conjunction with Law Week. Usually based on a popular film or Broadway musical, the show embraces and satirizes all aspects of life at law school. The entire show is written, produced directed, and choreographed by students and showcases the many tal- ents of student musicians, singers, actors, dancers, and skit perform- ers. A F members also collaborated on a CD which featured the songs, music, and skits from this year ' s show, " The Law of the Jungle. " 36 — Assault Flattery LEFT: Gib Saydah, Chelsea Spuck. David Bain, and Jennifer Trumpler. BOTTOM LEFT: 2000 A F Medley: Liz Reeder, Lauralyn Chrisley, Devon Leppink, Kris Monson. Julie Stone, Tom Chamberlain, Kate Hayman, Gib Saydah, Nathan Bigbee, Laird Doran. BOTTOM RIGHT: Who will be the new dean? A F skits proposes Professor Linda Mulenix (Chan Kelly), Dr. Evil (Oliver Dunlap), Matthew McConaughey (Shane Brooks), and Governor George W, Bush (John Kirchmer). Assault Flatterv — 37 Section 3-2000 A F had a record-setting involvement in A F tliroughout law school. Students included Cathy Chatawanich. Kate McPaillin. Lisa Davis, David Holmes. April Evans, Jennifer Trumpler, Brooke Grona. Maggie Mills, John Kirchmer. Kate Hayman, Kelly Trisch, Julie Stone, Gib Saydah, Scott Petry, Deb Blanchard, Amy Dinn, and Ryan Garcia. Make-up artist Darlene Aquino prepares JetV Kilner tor his skil. I 38 — Assault Flattery TEXAS TECH takes over the law school. Carolyn Bennett. Producer Carly Slack, and Brad Young as Lino Graglia plot to over- throw Dean Musafa. Chris Watt and Rick McLeod discuss Tarlton Law Library ' s most recent acquisitions now available in the Popular Reading Room. Assault Flattery — . 9 X FRONT ROW: Molly Malone, Kiistiiia Murray. Shalyn Johnson; SECOND ROW: Sonali Kulkami, Amy Borgstedte. Lcann Guzman. Greichen Hoffmann, Jennifer Davidow. Karin Mallari. Virginia Ramirez. Molly Wettstein, Chelsea Spuck. Michelle Chuans;. re.xas Journal of Women and the Law is a forum for broad issues of gender and law. Started just ten years ago. the Journal is one of the leaders in its field. TJWL is devoted to publish- ing quality pieces from diverse writers; authors include judges, practicing lawyers, professors of lav and other disciplines, and stu- dents. In 1999-2000. Texas Journal of Women and the Law published an unprecedented four issues. One of these issues. 8.2. looks back upon the place of women within the LIT Law School community and notes the profound changes that the last century has seen for women in the law. Another issue, y.2. contains and empirical study of women ' s performance in the law school dur- uigthe 1980 ' sand 1990 ' s. TJWL IS proud to have contributed such aluable works to the field of sen- 40 — Texas Journal of Women and the Law : ■ IT) .- ' Oii ' Ak4 (;ONT ROW: Daniel RamiiLV.CehaBalli, Brie hi.iiR. I Moima XUait SECOND ROW Gil Saenz Jesse Baiha S Shine Mora, Annaveli Leima, Fehsa Sanchez CaiolvnOuliLiKv B C K ROW Eiie Baihosa Da id De nda Mlxih Jestu Jr., Isaac Hamn " ton. IPP - ' SI . TP « L ' Ohicano Hispanic Law Students ' Association is a diversified organiza- iri d edicated to addressing the needs of Hispanic students. CHLSA is dinmilted to providing a supponive network which affords each student opportunity to have an intellectually challenging and successful law s lool experience. I addition to articulating and promoting the interests of Hispanic law slu- c Its, CHLSA also actively recruits and encourages Hispanics to attend the 5 lool of Law. H NH H Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association — 41 Lannhi Tran, Dean Patrick Smitherman, Vice Dean Jessie Campbell. Tribune Anthony Spaeth, Cleric of the Rolls Douglas Rathbun, Clerk of the Rolls Maverick Fisher. Master of the Ritual Michelle Chuang, Clerk of the Exchequer Jimmy Kirby, Bailiff Professor Wellborn, Faculty Advisor BELOW LEFT: Rock Navrkal. Shane Brooks. Professor Wellborn (DTP ' s faculty advisor) and Russell Whitmire at the annual get together BELOW RIGHT: At the DTP Biennial Convention in Washington, DC. Lannhi received the Outstanding Student of the Fraternity in the Nation Award, and Victoria Fitzjerrells (Past Dean - South Texas) received an award for the region. FRONT ROW: Jason Sears. Michelle Chuang. Douglas Rathbun, DaiTen Greenberg, Lannhi Tran, Justin Hodge, Laura Maldonado. Michelle Crowson. Daci Jett; BACK ROW: Sarah Henry, Tina Gallegos. David Armendariz. Mark Keplinger. Darea Brown. Tommy Gregory, Erick Knockaert, Russell Whitmire. Established at UT Law School in 1916, Delta Theta Phi has remained one of the leading professional law fraternities in the world. In addition to holding events that allow law students to build supportive relation- ships with one another, DTP also intro- duces its members to local DTP alumni to further professional development and job opportunities. 42 — Delta Theta Phi ABOVE. FRONT ROW: Marque Moore. Douglas Rathbun. Lannhi Tran. Laura Maldonado, Michelle Crowson. DaiTen Greenberg. Daren Brown. Davy . ' rmendan7,; MIDDLE ROW: Alu Broadus Spivey. Judge Lee Tcakel. State Chancellor Ken Bums. Master Alumnus Bob Leone, and Edsam Ingram; BACK ROW: Austin Amos. Justin Pilling, Michael Duran. Elizabeth Pollard, Steve Foster and Erik Knockaert. LIPPER LEFT Induction Reception; SEATED SherlvnWiggs. Margaret Hoi ton Darren Greenberg; STANDING: J imit Ticvmo Tmo Gallegos and guest, ind Stale Chancellor Ken Bums. UPPER RIGHT Induction Reception at the Austin Club Jelt Knstic Diemer liistin Hodge and Kent Pearson FFT Dells UP iliiiii R ?lebrate at the 1 ikehouse of idiis Spi the newlv 111 I ih SI Ik Barot 1 I li Dl I ' IS the Most Delta Theta Phi FRONT ROW:Christopher Lund, Susan Kolar, Jeff Heame, Maur a Brady, Kristin Gruener, Siobhan Stiglitz, Jennifer Lin. Jessica Mangrum, Nicole Thorpe; BACK ROW: Chins Trickey, Heather Kianier, Victoria Matthews. Erica Schommer, Andrew Keller, Ketan Kharod, David Pagan, Chris Sapstead. Texas Law Fellowships, a student-run non-profit corporation, funds suniniei clearkships in the public interest for UT Law students. Since 1987, TLF ha funded 155 fellowships, including a record-high 29 fellowships in 2000. TLF believes that a legal education is not complete unless it instills in stu- dents an obligation to contribute to the public good in exchange for the privi- lege of practicing law. TLF strives to create an environment at UT Law School in which students can fully, effectively, and easily sei-ve in the public interest. On February 18, 2000, TLF recognized two attorneys, Elizabeth Crabb and Susan Karamanian, for their committment to public interest work at the Excellence in Public Interest Awards Reception. Ms. Crabb (UT ' 84), an attorney for the 4th Court of Appeals in San Antonio, began her legal career with Graves, Dougherty, Hearon Moody in Austin, where she was actively involved with Austin Lawyers Care and Legal Aid. For eight years, she was at Texas Rural Legal Aid, primarily representing indigent clients in employ- ment and civil litigation. Ms. Karamania (UT " 85), a partner at Locke Liddell Sapp, LLP in Dallas, has a distinguished reputation for her willingness and skill in difficult pro bono litigation, most notably federal habeas appeals and the protection of the civil rights of inmates. RIGHT. TOP: Stephanie WhilelwrM. ihc luish-w nj ilw h-xas Unv Icllimshiii Diniitr. nuiU ' . aiiiversalion with Andrea Sparks. RIGHT. BOTTOM: Susan L Karamanian receives the Texas Law Fellowships Exccltentf in I ' uhln Interest Award from Eric Meyers at the TLF dinner hosted by Bill Stephanie Whiteliursi. 44 — Texas Law Fellowships ONT ROW: Mark Levy, Jesus H. Payan. Ann Simons, Patrick Caballer jpril Martin, Brandy Manning, Lewis Hutchison. The Student Recruitment and Oiientation Committee is open to students interested m meeting new and potential law stu- dents. SROC is involved with various piojects during the fall and spring designed to introduce potential students and entering Freshlaws to the law School. These projects include Orientation, some Phonathons to contact prospective stu- dents. Law Day, Prospective Students Day, and daily tours. Membership on the SROC is an excellent way to get involved ui the law school and interact with stu- dents, faculty and administration while recruiting for UT. H Student Recruitment and Orientation Committee ■ ABOVE: LLM. Masters of Law FRONT ROW: Steven Ratner (Director), Alejandra Lopez Mestre, Diego Polanco, Debbie Chastity. Marisol Govela, Isabel Andrade. Daniele Favalli. Jane Kelly; SECOND ROW: Taketo Nasu, Jin Jiang, Nils Kuhnert, Rainer Schmitz, Maria Schuster, Lixin Chen, Mary Mikeska (Program Coordinator); BACK ROW: Professor Michael Sturley (Program Director), Oscar Lipchak, Ammar Al-Fouzan, Lianzhong Pan, Victor Yanar, Luis Navarro. BELOW: International E, ehange Students FRONT ROW: Lorna McGregor, Tanya Spisbah, Ruth Armstrong, Abbie Grace; SECOND ROW: Susan Thompson, Juanita Isaza, Katie Russell, Juha Ardalina, Mary Mikeska (Program Coordinator); THIRD ROW: Carole Sanchez, Martin Petrin, Tun- Jen Chiang. Iliana Boubekeur; BACK ROW: Professor Michael Sturley (Program Director). Gary Tiu. Colin Purdie. Brenda Cordova. Ben Clanchy. 46 — LLM and Exchange Students 1999-2000 International Law Society Board and Section Representatives I 1 ()NT ROW: Oliver Dunlap (Section Rep), Professor Patricia Hansen (Faculty Advisor). Amie Ahanclnian (Language Group Coordinator), Michelle Schuiz (Social Chair), Lisa Tsai (Social Chair); BACK ROW: David Wells (Section Rep), Erica Stein (Section Rep), Caryn Shenewerk (Section Rep), David Holmes (Vice-President), William Papadopoulos i (President), Noah Hagey (LLM and Study Abroad Coordinator), Savine Mora (Section Rep), Jill Williamson (Treasurer); I NOT PICTURED: Badge Humphries (Public International Law Philanthropy Coordinator), and Bmce Luna Study Abroad ' and Foreien L.L.M. Coordinator). Noah ' .s Ark Fall Party The Caspian Sea: International Law the New Silk Roati Fall Boat Paily on Lake Travis International Public Interest Meeting Preventing Ethnic Conflict: Emerging Answers from Kosovo Careers in Public International Law Challenges to Fragile Democracies in the Americas Lunar New Year Ball Mexico Today: Politics, Law International Business Comparative Law in American Courts in International Litigation Career in Private International Law Spring Party with the 1001 Nights Orchestra European Court of Justice Roun(itable Discussion H o H H z International Law Society — 47 CHANCELLORS 1999 Chancellors Grand Chancellor Basheer Youssef Ghorayeb Vice-Chancellor Erin Jeanne Friel Keeper of the Peregrinus Marcie Allred McFarland Clerk Aron LeAnn Gregg Sponsor Professor David Anderson Chancellors-at-Large: Nicholas Jay Brunick, Brenda Kay Lenahan, Luke Meier, Heather Alyson Moser, Ellen E. Oberwetter, Laura Piazza Irani, Douglas Martin Rozek, Martha Lacey Russo, Eric Lee Schiele, Anne Alexandra Shirley, Anne Catherine Temple, Rachel E. Vanlandingham, Heather Duplantis Savoy PUBLIC INTEREST LAW ASSOCIATION Executive Board Members Christian Capilaine Victoria Capitaine Mark Levy Tara Pclicnberg Elissa Sleglich Sabrina Teller FRONT ROW: Katy Gallagher, Shannon James, Andrea Knight, Teresa Neet, Tara Pellenberg. Dixie Shivc, Elsa Manzanares, Victoria Matthews, David Hinojosa; BACK ROW: John Murdock, Sabrina Teller, Kathryn Hazelctl, Kclli Dunn. Mark Levy, Tracy Andrews. David Hatch. ■ Chancellors Public Inie ENVIRONMENTAL LAW SOCIETY lie Environmental Law Society, recently ought back to life by a dedicated and pas- onale group of officers, serves the law hool community and the community as a hole in a variety of roles. Committed to olunteerism in the spirit of conservation, lembers work regularly with the Nature onservancy to help maintain pristine habi- it for native and endangered species. The ociety strives to bring in speakers with ;al worid experience and expertise so stu- ents inay better appreciate and take advan- ige of opportunities for further study and ireer development. And finally, ELS jcks to provide opportunities to get out id enjoy the beauty and serenity of our atural environment through picnics and ips to places such as Hamilton Pool and |Ost Maples. FRONT ROW: Amber Cline, Maijone Cohen, Kimberly Watts; SECOND ROW: Lis A. Zintsniaster- Hemandez, Randall Wiibum, David Wells, Sabrina Teller; BACK ROW: Bairy McBee, John Murdock, Brad Castleberry, Paul Rogoff. NOT PICTURED: Eric Allmon, Tracy Andrews, Matt Baab, Mollie Bell, Jennifer Berry, Sumit Bhattaeharya, Kristin Brooks, Patnck Caballero, Debbie Chastity, Jackie Childress, Tiffany Dawson, Laird Doran, Mai7 Duncan, Brook Easterly, Allison Eberhan, Christy Frames, James Guy, Matt Handley, Kathryn Hazelett, John Heffner, Denice Hicks, Katie Howard, Jim Keating, Sherri Langley, Melanie Obedin, Ashley Russell, Zia Sayed, Worthy Walker AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CRIMINAL LAW Editors Vikas Bajaj, Cheif Articles Kristi Baldwin, Special Events Eric Cassidy, Notes and Reviews Patty Esquivel, Manuscript Brooke Grona. Editor-in-Chief Eric Little, Social Chair Jeff Palmer, Executive Editor Doran Peters, Managing Editor Elaine Polemenakos, Manuscript Paul Quinzi, Technical and Text Will Rogers, Manuscript Rhonda Troutman, Manuscnpt FRONT ROW: Paige Harbison. Knsli Baldwin. Ahson Holland, Will Rogei , Jennilci Diaz. M. Emily Johnson-Liu Chns Knight. Marta McLaughlin, Doran Peters; MIDDLE ROW: Jason Michael Ryan, Emily Heath Fry, Erin Man McGrath, Vikas, Bajaj. Elizabeth Colby Reeder, Jeffrey David Palmer, Robert M. Chiappetta, Brooke B. Grona. Paul Quinzi, Amber Taylor Welock; NOT PICTURED: Eric Cassidy, Patty Esquivel, Eric Liule, Elaine Polemenakos, Rhonda Troutman, Stacy Dineen, Wendy Ferrell, Came Chapman, Jessica Dart. David Ebert, Bob Griffin, Angela Kelly, Kim Penneman, John Perry. Kenneth Pitzner, Geoidie Shimmel. Environmental Law Society Amencan Journal of Criminal Law PPO, uiier .OC Fall ( POSITE: Sampson Gardner, Bryan Looke, and Zandra Collins enjoy the 5 udent Bar Association ' s first Friday Fizz of the 1999-2000 year. THIS PAGE, (|.OCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Keg Parties, late nights in the library, the annu- Fall Drunk (now known as Ex Parte) and Townes Hall occupied many law didents ' calendars twenty years ago just as they do today. Photos are courtesy the 1975, 1980, 1971, and 916 Peregrinus. SENIORS 50th fDITIOl Acock. Marsha L.. Corpus Chrisli; The PEREGRIrS US Unive ily of Texas at Austin. Women ' s Round Tabic. Phi Alpha Delta, Texas Environmenral Lu ' Agrawal, Amitash Kishor. Midland: The University of Texas at Austin, Asian Law Students Association. Tt Imw Journal. of Houston. Review qfLilisalion Article- Editor. Board of ; Austin; The Bakhutashiili, Le an Washington D(. University of Texas at Austin, Texas State University of Tbilisi nternation il Journal of Business Law Managing Editor. Law Society. Bass. Richard Wayne. College S Texas A M Univcrsi SouthwcMcrn University Texas Inieniaiunial hiw Journal Research Editor Women ' s Law Caucus Advocate. Vial Hamillion Koch Knox Advanced Mock Trial Champion, Best Advocate. A.B.A. Ncgolialion Team, DTP. Recruitnienl and Orientation C ;er. Kdgar J. III. Houston. Texas riairiTncnl and Spons Law Society. Deborah Grant Scott. Corpus Chnsli. Tht ' University of Texas al Austin. TfMis Inieniaiionol Unv Journal. Jewish Law Students Associalion K.rKsttdiL-. m Kli abt ' th Hu 01 i ( rulh. Andrew Reed Wcalhertord. Carter, James Sumter. Ausun; Tclumhia Chremos, Nicholas E.. Houslon. r,.lumbu Chuns..lin Yong. Richardson; The ( Oklahoma Stale University. Ph, Alpha University. Board of Advocates. «,■,•..„■ ,. University. Terns Revun „f U« wul t .mciMly ol Texas at Austin. Public I a. Vice Justice. Ungaltnn Pnhncs- bletcM l.m As s«,at™. Chnstian Legal Seniors - 53 SENIORS i-laitery. Board of Student Bar Aisocialion. Legal Research Board. iminnuw. Willijm Mfrt-d, AuMin. TV «,nb ii crMl ol lc as:il Auslin, H.Kird of |v. , „ Moot Luun Moot Court Team Voir t Coun Team. I , Board ot Advocates. The Eversden, Michael Thti Augustana Callege. Fcdi Texas Review of Ld v■ Si Legal Society , Keheitj .enee. Pllugenille: (iregg, SENIORS 50th vEDITIOl PEREGRINUS Pnipi-ny Im« Journal Aniclcs hdicor Hansum. Kril Jan. Auslin; Trinily rniversily. Tvxas Revw«- a Lmealim Technical Kdicor. Board of Advocates Unmcial Director. Hayman, Kalheriiu- l.aura, Ausim, I Iil Fellowships. Public Interest l.uu , Director, Entertainment and Spoils 1 ,,« Society. • Hegarty. MichatI Tim.ilh . I )cnv cr. K 1. Colorado CoUecc. icxas l-jirir.mmcnlai ■1 Ht-nn . Jehanne Evelyn. Austin, rolumb.a IJnivcrMiv. Puhlic Inierfst La» Ass.Kiation. T,u,s Inlermilioual Law Joumai Hershkovitz. Stephanie ael Austin. 2 Hinojosa, David Gabriel. San Antonio New Mexico State University. Chicano : Hispanic Law Students Association President, Public Imei st Law Association, Texas Law Fellowships. Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities. ! ulnu-s. David Wadsworth. Fair Oaks Iniemaiional Law Society Vice P I. Nada Leza. San Antonio. Ilic University of Texas a( Austin. Inicmaiion.i Law Society. Texas Law Fellowships. Women ' s Roundtablc. Board of Advocate? Austin Inns of Court. Women ' s Law Khynid, Ketan Ldendra. Plluiiervillc, Fellowships. Texas Law ReneH ' . Puhlic Interest Law Association. Teaching Quizmasters Softball Champion, Lewis. Dana R,. Austin; Northwesiem Slate University. The Review oj Liliiiatnn SENIORS Mcl-eod. Richard David. Houston. Assault Flattery. Board of Advocates. Texas Invitational and Admiralty Teams, Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal. McParllin. Katliteen Marie. Au- Jmirmil. Circcr Ser ' iccs Commiti Karl. Austin; University of Virginia. Texas Journal of Business Law Hdilor-in-Chicf. University of Texas MBA Monsen, Karen Ann. Round 1 University of Texas at Austin. Advocates, Intellectual Propci Court Southern Region Champic Review of Law Politics. SENIORS ' . Lake Jackson; Texas A M Unive American Journal of Criminsal Law. A-ssauli Flattery, Georgetown While Collar Crime Mock Trial Team. Aggie Law Students Association. Rathbun. Douglas Barlram. Loyola University, Graduate Assembly, Property Law Society. Law Society. Delta Thcta P Review ofUiigaiion. Seniors — 61 SENIORS PEREGRINUS StDckberger, Kristopher M.. Austin; The y of Texas al Auslin. Tlie Review ofLiliffalion, Board of Advocates Public Relations Director. Sirasburger Price Mock Trial Seniifinalist. Stone. Julie Ann. Austin; State University of New York at Albany. Mock Trial Director. International Law Society. Public li Law Association, Assault Flattery. Women ' s Law Caucus. Taylor, Amber Linn. Mesquite; The University of Texas at Austin. American of Criminal Law. Carl Wilson I. Dallas; Weilesley College. Delta Thela Phi Dean. Texas Review of Law s Executive Editor. Govemmenl, Texas Federalist Society Vice President. Certified Mediator. Trickey. Christopher Hardy. Austir Texas A M Univcp.ily, Texas Law Review. Texas Law Fellowships. Ullian. Alisa M College. Texas Uiw Review Arlit Vamado, Jason Scolt. Austin; Clemson University. Texas Uw Review . Legal Eagles. eidl. C ynlhia Lynn. Round Rock; Si hd« ard s I niversity. The Review of Unguium Chief Articles Editor. Women ' Law Caucus. Wahl. 1 Georgetown University TJit Re ie of Lintalion Cnminal Defense Clinic , Ryan Christopher. MesquiK Texas ASM University. Amencan Bai Wright, Thomas C. Austin; The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Intelleetual Property Law Journal Mr P H( )VE: Carlos Rainer, President of the riiurgood Marshall Legal Society listens to remarks at the Student Leadership Luncheon. LEFT: David Hinojosa, President of Chicane Hispanic Law Student Association, responds to Professor Graglia ' s comments during the lun- cheon. LLM 50th .EDITIOl OT O T T) JKJJ JC Al-Fouzan,AmmarQ..Kuwajl. Kuwait J IIIxIILjjKI I V ' UiJ Univ ersity School of Law. AusUn L.L.M, International Student Association. Chastity, Debbie Maya. Ausim, University of Indonesia, Intemalionai Law Society. Austin LL.M. and International Student MIDLAW 50th DITIO] PEREGRINUS Ahanchian, Amie Jasmine. Austin: Trinity University Aleshire, Bill V., Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Allan. Matthew Wesley, jjj Set Austin; Carleton College f,.! Avalos, Peggy Susan. Georgetown; The University of Texas at Austin Bickerton, Maria Elena. Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Bloemendal, Katherine. Fort Worth; Southern Methodist University Brady, Maura Ilene. p Covington, LA; Louisiana i State University ij Burnett, Angela Michelle, Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Cabaniss, Misty Ann San Antonio; Rice U niversity Caton, Sarah Anne, Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Cohen, Majorie Leigh. Houston; The Unix ersii of Texas at Austin 66 — Midlaw 4U . (iiiu, Serena S.. Austin; le University of Texas at Austin hislKi.M.iNcnik liirchild San Antonio. |ie University oi Texas at Austin Chrisley, Larualyn Ruth. Caracas. Venezuela; Texas A M University at Corpus Christi Dawson, Gwendolyn, Tomball; Rice University Denhani. William E. IV. Beaumont; The University of Alabama Dunn. Kelli Danielle. Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Frels, Jonathan Kelly. Houston; Trinity University Gerstein. Ephraini Russell. Great Neck. NY; University of Michigan Hacker, Erin Brooke. Bedford; Texas Tech University MIDLAW 50th DITIOl PEREGRINUS Hagey, Jonas Noah, Austin; Trinity University Harrington. Henjamin Ryan, Richaison; The University of Texas at Austin HofTmann, Gretchen McCord, Austin; Rice University U J Huffman, M. Nicole, Houston; The University of Texas at Austin HP B M Ibarra, Regina Kye, Austin; Oklahoma Baptist University Irvin, Jason James, Houston; The University of Texas at Austin 68 — Midiaw Jordan, Myriah LeAnn Ardmore, OK; John Brown University Kirkwood. Anthony I Ward. Round Rock; West Texas A M University Kitner. Jeffrey Paul. Dallas: Emory University Klein, Charles Allen. Dallas; Rice University Knight. Andrea Marie. Austin; Georgia Tech e y, Mar k Aaron. Jj.las; The University of Texas at Austin London. Richard Howard. Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Margo. Denise Yvette. Rio Grande City; The University of Texas at Austin Martin. April L.. Austin; Kansas State University McLaughlin. Marta ew. Fort Worth; Austin College Melton, Julie Katherine. Henderson; The University of Texas at Austin Melton, Scott E., Dallas; The University of Texas at Arlington Navrkal, Harvey Joseph. Austin; Creighton University MIDLAW 50th TDITIOl PEREGRINUS Pellciiberg, Tara M.. Houston; The University of Texas at Austin Reyes, Rico, Austin: Harvard Universitv Roseman, Allison Beth, Whii Dallas; The University of ; Texas at Austin jIlKla Ryan, .Jason Michael, Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Sanoner, Michelle P., Austin; Miami University Sapstead, Chris H., Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Simons, Ann Elizabeth, Edna; The University of Texas at Austin Spilidlis. Nikolas George, C arroillon Tulane University Wagley, Ryan Scott. Austin; Brigham Young Universitv Walter, Michel Caryn, Houston; University of Pennsylvania Wan, Michelle Wyniae. Denton; Rice Universitv Vhite, Amy Eli .abtth. Houston: " he University of Texas at Austin |W aiiiiKi ' ll, Aii(lion l;:ul, Austin. Louisiana State Universit (I econd year law stu- i Karen Jones bids for ;m at the Texas Law bwships ' Fall Auction. s offered included diall tickets and dinner t a professor. VV ' hitniire, Russell Thomas. Austin; Texas A M University Whltten, AlUson E.. Sinton; Trinity University Wilburn, Randall Bryan. Austin; Texas A M University FRESHLAW Arneson, Jessica C, Austin; George Washington University Badinelli, Caroline, Austin; Vassar Arnold, Kurt B., Austin The University of Texas at Austin Aurbach, Wilson, Ayres, Leslie Ellen, Dallas; Baylor University ! Baton Rouge, LA; University of Mississippi Balab(»n, uriva V.. Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Barba, Jesus, Austin; Baylor University Bearden, Melissa Lynn, Richardson; Baylor University 72 — Freshlaw Bennett, Carolyn J.. iCd Oak; The University of Texas at Arlington Bharucha, Cyrus, India; Rice University. Bigbee, Nathan Myrick. Bishop; Texas A M University Bluestein, Denise . Austin; University of Florida Brown, Melissa Rae, Montgomery; [he U niversity of Texas at Austin Bruner, Sarah Elizabeth, Southlake; Rice University Burke, Cassandra. Austin; University of Washington Cardon, Christie L.. Austin; Sweet Briar College Carlucci. Cristina iviaria. Ridgefield, CT; Vake Forest University Cash, Elizabeth Ann. Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Cave, Nicole D., Ptlugerville; Cornell University Cesaro, Peter Joseph, Austin; University of Notre Dame Freshlaw — 73 FRESHLAW PEREGRINUS Cho, Jocelyn H.. Denton; Cornell University Coonier, Karen Denise. Weatherford; Texas Tech University Coburn, Bradley, Nashville. TN; Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania Cole, David Carter, Austin; The University of Texas at Austin iimiMi L0E2 liiversi C; Cooper, Keith Lane, Clint; Texas A M University Creasy, Angie Danielle, Garland; The University of Texas at Austin Crowson, Michelle Christine, El Paso; The University of Texas at El Paso Die. Meredith, Conway, AR; Yale University Dillard, CIreg, Austin; Georgetown University Downton, Ryan H., Suffem. NY; Vanderbilt University Doyle, Patricia J., Austin; University of Georgia 74 — Frcshlaw Diinimond, Rob Stuart. Long Beach, CA; niversity of Southern CaUfomia Dunlap, Oliver Quinn. Walnut Creek, CA; Georgetown University Duran, Michael A . Pueblo, CO; United States Air Force Academy Kct-ards, Jordan B . Inction City, KS; liversity of Kansas Eisen, L. B . Austin; Princeton University Emerson. Jonathan, Austin; Northwestern University Eberhart, Allison Virginia, Houston; The University of Texas at Austin Krickscn. Erik Sun, CarroUton; Brigham Young University Bans, Walter Raymond Jr., Austin; Trinity University Fastenau, Hettie Karen, San Antonio; Texas Lutheran University Fisher. Floyd William. Tulsa, OK; Baylor University Fitzgerald. Patrick John, Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Freshlaw — 75 FRESHLAW „ „ „ „ Fitzpatrick. John David. PEREGRIN US Lst Lansmg, MI; Michigan State University Flippen, Jerod Brant. Paris; Texas A M University Foox, Lisa Y.. Tyler; Texas A M University Fritz, Michael P.. Frost, Emily Susannah, Austin; The University of Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Texas at Austin Gao, Chuan. Austin; Fudan University of Shanghai Gaumond, Benjamin Christian. Ludlow. MA; University of Massachusetts (iergen, Jared Lewis. Austin; Franklin and Marshall College Golden, Linda Lorraine. Austin; University of Florida Graul, Kathrvn Kelly, Houston; Texas A M University Graves, Annette Beynon. Austin; The University of Texas at Austin 76 — Freshiaw u , Brcndon Wjatt, cmple. Texas A S. 1 University Hall. Da id lliii. Austin, OklalKinij State University Hamilton, Brian Conway, Mesquite; Texas A M University Hill, Misti Leigh, Austin; Texas A M University Hittner, George J., ustin: Texas A M University i n jl Hopens, Jeiinik ' i ni) Temple. The I iiixlimI) ot Texas at Austin llsiuh. I on Sugar Land Rkl I Miveisitv Hughes, Katherine .lean. Piano; Texas A M University iwang, Christina J , ;• College Station; " iie University of Texas at Austin James. Shannon Shae. Georgewest; Texas A M University Jeanfreau, Mark W., Austin; Dulce University Jenkins, Matthew, Houston; The University of Texas at Austin Fieshlaw — 77 FRESHLAW 50th ;ditio] PEREGRINUS f ' x n ' ' ' " " ' " !! ' - , Austin: The University of Texas at Austin we n ' Kelly. Charl L., Port Orange, FL: University of Florida Keplinger. Mark W., Austin; University of Kansas Kern, Suzan, Austin; The University of Texas at El Paso Khan, Kassim A., Austin; University of Missouri Klawinski, Brian Peter, Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Kurka, James Lawrence, Houston; Texas A M University Langley, Sherri R., Pflugerville; Boston University Maughan, Vidor; Brigham Young University 78 — Freshlaw Li son. Melanie Elaine. llll. Duke Uni crsit Lawrence. Dylan Barnes. Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Leahy. Corey Elizabeth. Houston; The University of Texas at Austin Loh. Peter Lawrence, Austin; Georgetown University Mgee, Amy Elizabeth. Iiardson; Texas A M University Maldonado, Laura Ann. Harlingen; Texas A M University Mangis. Daniel Edward. Austin; University of Alabama Mangrum, Jessica Lauren. Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Mirtinez, Louis David. iai Antonio; Texas A M University McCarthy. Michael B. Houston; Baylor University McKinney. Michelle Andrea. Austin; Trinity University McNamara, Mary Evelyn. Austin; Duke University Freshlaw — 79 FRESHLAW PFREGRINUS Nelson, Randy Ray. Watauga; Baylor University Norton, Suzan Motaghedi, Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Meisel, Seth Emmanuel. Austm; University of Oklahoma Monson, Kristofer Steven, Alexandria, VA; Wabush College MuUer, Mary Michelle, o la Austin; Trinity University Umie, Newton, Elisabeth. San Antonio; The University of Texas at Austin Nguyen, Lisa Thoa. Houston; The University of Texas at Austin Niles Arguello Natalie, i to Austin; Trinity University ejy Norvell, Holly Berry. Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Oberlin, Melanie Marie. Austin; The University of Texas at Austin O ' Brien, Shelby Leigh.} Austin; University of Maryland O ' Malley, Shannon Marie, Flower Mound St. Louis University Onstott, Christopher, The Dalles, OR; Brigham Young University Pan. Lianzhong. Austin; Chinese University of Political Science and Law Perkins, Ashley Lauren. Dallas; Rhodes College Peterson, Amy Diann. " ! ledford; The University of Texas at Austin Philip, Elizabeth. College Station; Texas A M University Price, Daniel Nikon. Austin; The University of Texas at San Antonio Ramirez, Daniel Nicholas, El Paso; The University of Texas at El Paso lymer, Jen, McKinney; Tulane University Regoli, Natalie Louise, Austin; University of Washington Reynolds, Julie Lyu, Garland; University of Rochester Romano, Paul Albert. Sugar Land; The University of Texas at Austin FRESHLAW PmEGRINUS Rowan, Barbara Jeanette. Austin; St. Edward ' s University Ryan. Christopher V.. Austin; Rice University Schaffer, Josh Barrett Houston; Duke Universii Schenewerk, Caryn Schniidlkofer, Monica Schreiber, Joseph Schroeder, Joshua Button. New Boston; De La Paz, Austin; Michael, Oak Park. IL; Aaron, Taylor; Austin College Tulane University MacAlester College The University of Texas at Austin Senfleld, Matthew Graham John, Austin; Duke University Shankle, Feletia Shalynne. Longv lew University of Michigan Siberry, EH abeth Karol. San Antonio. Brown Unnersity .Siddiqui. Owais hmed Houston, ' I he Uni ersit of Texas at Austin 82 — Freshlaw rtti Simpson, Kristin t| Elizabeth, Houston: Tie University of Texas at Austin Sklerov, Matthew Jared. Austin: Binghamton University Smith. .Kssica Chamberlain. Austin: University of Virginia Sparks, Lauren Leigh, Austin: Vanderbilt University [amper, Andrew Kohl, Stiglitz, Siobman Stollenwerck, Kate L., ustin: Baylor University Frederica. Washington, Dallas: Northwestern DC: Columbia University University Strode, Mandy Jean, Austin: The University of Texas at Austin ni(i|ibolsky, Marc Samuel, Austin; Rice University Talerico. Derrick M., Hamngton Park, NJ: University of Richmond Tandon, Maneera, Hemdon, VA: University of Virginia Tarpy, Karon E., McComb, MS: Louisiana State University Freshlaw — S3 FRESHLAW 50th TDITIO] PEREGRINUS Thompson, Marty Estelle, Austin; University of St. Thomas Tilley, Lisa Kay. Universal City; The University of Texas at Austin Wells, David C. Austi Rice University Wilk, Adam Stephen, Williams, Jennifer Ann. Williams, Katherine Wilson, Douglas Ron, Houston; The University Overland Park, KS; Ann, Frederick, MD; Orangefield; Lamar of Texas at Austin University of Kansas William and Mary University Wood, Chris Bussa, Houston; University of Virginia Yamalova, Ludmila O.. Austin; Reed College Zarin, Marni Dee, Austin; MIT 2000 PEREGRINUS 84 — Freshlaw JVelcome Party t Hiesdays lig. 22, 1999 PM C 5 PM OPPOSITE: Dean Aleman, Professor Mersky and Chris Williams converse at one of the Student Leadership Luncheons, monthly luncheons which allowed the administration and student leaders to discuss various issues and share ideas. ABOVE, CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Alan Rau (1972), Scot Powe (1972), George Dix (1972), Russell Weintraub (1969). M. Michael Sharlot, BA, LLB, Dean John Jeffers Research Chair in Law and Wright C. Monow Professor in Criminal Law Susana L Aleman B.S., M.Ed., M.S.. J.D., Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Steven J. Goode, B.A., J.D., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Fulbright Jaworski Professor in Law, and Distinguished Teaching Professor Lynn E. Blais, A.B., J.D., Professor Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Alexandra W. Albright. B.A., J.D., Senior Lecturer and Associate Dean for Student Services Deans Deans of the School of Law H. Douglas Laycock, B.A.. J.D. Associate Dean for Research and Alice McKean Young Regents Chair in Law Kathryn Holt Richardson. B.A., J.D. Assistant Dean for Career Services Nancy Brazzil B.S. in EngUsh and Education Assistant Dean for Alumni Relations SheUi D. Soto B.A.. J.D. Assistant Dean for Admissions ' ■ Li, WiUiam Robert Watson Bachelor of General Studies, J.D. Assistant Dean for Continuing Legal Education Juan J. Zabala, B.B A Assistant Dean for Administration and E, ecutive Director of the Law School Foundation Deans Deans of the School of Law — 89 wi m ' ' ' ' " " SSSSSM |jK ■■ p - i ' ■ David A. Anderson, A.B., J.D., Thompson Knight Centennial Professor in Law Hans W. Baade BA, JD, Dr. Jur., LLB Hugh Lamar Stone Chair in Civil Law Lynn A. Baker, B.A., Honours B.A., J.D. Thomas Watt Gregory Professor in Law Michael J. Cliurgin. A.B.. J.D., Rayboume Thompson Centennial Professor in Law Faculty 90 — Faculty Sarah H. Cleveland, A.B., M.St., J.D., Assistant Professor Joseph M. Dodge BA, LLB, LLM W. H. Francis Jr. Professor in Law Robert O. Dawson BA, JD, SJD Bryant Smith Chair in Law i ' iifeiU ' ifjaaig raB John S. Dzienkowski, B.B.A., J.D., John S. Redditt Professor in State and Local Government George E. Dix BS, JD A. W. Walker Centennial Chair in Law ■ ? - 1 ' «.,| r ¥ fi - Mi - — . 1 .1 Thomas Evans, B.S., J.D., Judge Benjamin Haiiison Powell Professor in Law Faculty QZJ Faculty — 91 WUUam E. Forbath. A.B., B.A.J.D.. Ph.D., Angus G. Wynne, Sr., Professor in Civil Jurisprudence and Professor in History Francesco Francioni, J.D., LL.M. Visiting Professor Mark P. Gergen, B.A., J.D., Joseph C. Hutcheson Professor in Law Julius G. Getman, B.A., J.D.LL.M., Earl E. Sheffield Regents Chair Mi 1 t 1 ft -cut m Ts 1 Lino A. Graglia, B.A., LL.B., A. Daiton Cross Professor in Law a r " " ■■1 9| a M W — 1- s Anne Griffiths, LL.B., Ph.D. Visiting Professor Faculty 92 — Faculty Robert W. Hamilton, A.B., J.D., Minerva House Drysdale Regents Chair J. Patrick Hazel, S.T.L., M.Ed., J.D., Tiny Gooch Centennial Professor in Trial Practice Stanley M. Johanson, B S , LL B . LL M. Fannie Coplin Regents Chair and Distinguished Teaching Professor r.H Calvin H. Johnson, B.A..J.D., Andrews Kurth Centennial Professor in Law ' . jy te. u- «g ' -| Corwin W. Johnson. A.B., J.D., Edward Clark Centennial Professor Emeritus in Law Susan R. Klein, B.A., J.D. Baker Botts Professor in Law Faculty Faculty — 93 Russell B. Korobkin, B.A., J.D. Visiting Professor J. Leon Lebowitz, A.B„ LL.B, LL.M Joseph C. Hutcheson Professor Emeritus in Law Brian R. Letter, A.B.,J.D.,Ph.D., Joe A. Worsham Centennial Professor in Law and Professor in Philosophy ■icni ' ' ' ■ - ' t fe; 2|2; Robin B. Meyer, B.A.. M.S.. J.D., Lecturer Rachel F. Moran, A.B., J.D., Visiting Professor Faculty 94 — Faculty m:: L. A. Powe, Jr.. B.A., J.D.. Anne Green Regents Chair in Law and Professor in Government William C. Powers. Jr., B A , J D Hines H. Thelnia K. Baker Chair in Law David M. Rabban, B.A., J D , Dahr Janiail, Randall Hage Jamail and Randall Lee Jamail Regents Chair in Law Steven R. Ratner. A.B.. J.D., M.A., Albert Sidney Burleson Professor in Law Alan S. Rau, B.A . LL B . Robert F. Windfohr and Anne Burnett Windfohr Professor in Oil, Gas and Mineral Law R. Anthony Reese, B.A..J.D., Assistant Professor Faculty Faculty — 95 David W. Robertson, B.A., LL.B., LL.M.. J.S.D., W. Page Keeton Chair in Tort Law John A. Robertson, B.A., J.D., Vinson Elkins Chair in Law John J. Sampson, B.B.A., LL.B., William Benjamin Wynne Professor in Law Wayne C. Schiess, B.A.. J.D.. Lecturer Charles M. Silver, B.A., M.A., J.D., Cecil D. Redford Professor in Law and Professor in Government Jordan L Steiker. B.A., J.D., Cooper K. Ragan Regents Professor in Law Faculty 96 — Faculty Michael F. Shirley, B A . MA. J D.. Stanley D. and Sandra J. Rosenberg Centennial Professor in Property Law John F. Sutton, J.D., A. W. Walker Centennial Chair Ementus in Law Gerald Torres. A.B., J.D.. LL.M., H. O. Head Centennial Professor in Real Property Law and Vice Provost Louise Weinberg. A.B.. J.D. LL.M.. William B. Bates Chair for the Administration of Justice Russell J. Weuitraub, B A J D Ben H. Kitty King Powell Chau ' m Business and Commercial Law Olin Guy WeUborn, HI. A.B.. J.D.. William C. Liedtke. Sr. Professor in Law Faculty Faculty — 97 Jay L. Westbrook. B.A., J D.. Benno C. Schmidt Chair in Business Law Zipporah B. Wiseman, B.A.. LL.B., Thos H. Law Centennial Professor Patrick WooUey, A.B., J.D. Professor Charles Alan Wright, B.A., LL.B.. Charles Alan Wright Chair in Federal Courts, Professor Emeriti Adjunct Professors and Other Lecturers Fall David D. Bahler. B.S.E.E., M.S.E.E. Allison H. Benesch. M.S.W., J.D. J. E. " Buster " Brown, B.S., LL.B. Christine E. Burgess, B.A., J.D., M.RA. W. Amon Burton, B.A., M.A., LL.B. Leif M. Clark. B.A., M.Div., J.D. David Cohen, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., J.D. Dick DeGuerin, B.A., LL.B. Philip Durst, B.A., J.D. James B. Ewbank, 11., B.A.. J.D. John C. Fleming, B.A., J.D. Eric R. Galton, B.A., J.D. Frank E. Goodrich, B.A., J.D. James C. Harrington, B.A., M.A., J.D. Max Renea Hicks, B.A., J.D. Mark L. Kincaid, B.B.A., J.D. June H. Liebert, B.S., J.D., M.L.S. Tracy W. McCormack, B.A., J.D. Angela Melina Raab, B.FA.. J.D. Floyd R. Nation. B.M.E., J.D. Ehzabeth C. Ozmun, B.A., J.D. E. Lee Parsley Catherine J. Pedamon, B.A., J.D., LL.M., DEA Daniel F Perez, B.S.Ch.E., J.D. Jonathan Pratter, B.A., J.D., M.L.S. Brian C. Rider, B.A., J.D. Jennifer S. Riggs, B.A., J.D. George L. Robertson, B.B.A., LL.B. William D. Signet, B.S., Diplome d ' Etudes PoUtiques, J.D. Reagan W. Silber, B.A.. J.D. Rose B. Spector, B.A., J.D. Keith A. Stiverson, B.S.. M.S.L.S., J.D. Therese L. Surprenant, B.S., J.D. Guillermo Teutli-Otero, Licenciatura en Derecho Joel A. Turkewitz, B.A.. J.D. Robert W. Turner, B.A., LL.B. Clark C. Watts, B.A., M.D., J.D. E. Jo Wil.son, B.S., M.A.. J.D. Elizabeth M. Youngdale. B.A., J.D., M.L.I.S. Spring William R. Allensworth, B.A., J.D. William G. Barber, B.S.Ch.E., J.D. W. Amon Burton, B.A., M.A., LL.B. Christian L. Castle, B.A.. J.D.. M.B.A. Joseph A. Cialone II, B.A., J.D. JeffCivins.A.B., M.S., J.D. Hector de Leon, B.S., J.D. Casey Dobson, B.A., J.D. James B. Gambrell 111, B.S.M.E., M.A., Eden E. Harrington, B.A., J.D. P Michael Hebert, A.B., J.D. Matthew Hoffman, B.A., J.D. David C. Hricik, B.A., J.D. Peter D. Kennedy, B.A., J.D. Tracy W. McCormack, B.A., J.D. Franklin Myers, B.S., J.D. Manuel H. Newburger, B.A., J.D. David L. Parker, B.A.. Ph.D.. J.D. Catherine J. Pedamon. B.A.. J.D.. LL.M., DEA Louis T Pirkey, B.S.Ch.E., J.D. Jonathan Pratter, B.A., J.D., M.L.S. Brian C. Rider, B.A., J.D. George L. Robertson, B.B.A., LL.B. Kelly J. Shackelford, B.B.A., J.D. William F. Stutts, Jr., B.A., J.D. Keith A. Stiverson, B.S., M.S.L.S., J.D. Jan Summer, B.A., M.A., J.D. Monika L. Szakasits, B.A., J.D. Mark A. Thurmon, B.S.E.E., J.D. Terry O. Tottenham, B.S., J.D., LL.M. Lana K. Vamey, B.J., J.D. Paul L. Womack, B.S., J.D. Stephen E. Young, B.A., M.L.S. Faculty Faculty Library Administration FRONT ROW: Fita Coronado, Jill Duf¥y; BACK ROW: Gwyn Anderson, Rick Garza, Lourenda Blocl:, Vince Cowan. Tarlton Library Staff Aquisitions and Serials Oona Baker, Pierrette Moreno, Cathy Mantor- Ramirez, Lisa Harris, Leticia Garcia. Mary Burton. Cataloging FRONT ROW: Andrew Escude. Barbara Washecka. John Munay; BACK ROW: Kathy Till. Debra Crawford- Black. Betty Cogswell. Circulation Steve Young. Joe Dowell. Cheryl Peters. John Ramington. Tarlton Library Staff Public Services Adrienne deVergie, Jon Flatter. Liz Saucedo. Tobe Liebert, June Liebert, Barbara Bridges, Mike Widener, and (Not Pictured) Stephanie Towery. Reference Monika Szakasits, Beth Youngdale. Kumar Percy. Reserves Eric Glass. Kumar Percy. Tarlton Library Staff Law School Foundation FRONT ROW: Ten Raeke. Irma Saniana, Teresa Watts, John Femck; BACK ROW: Scott Grinisley, Mollis Levy. Marian Baker, Jeff Vernon. Career Services FRONT ROW: Scott French. Daryl Grisgraber. Robin Havens, Andrea Slaughter, Erin Sweeney; BACK ROW: Tom Henninger, Renee Bizzell. Kalhryn Holt-Richardson. Lisa Sparks, Rob Hill. Faculty Secretaries FRONT ROW: Charlotte Richards. Suzanne Hassler. Trenell Johnson, Pat Floyd; BACK ROW: Consuelo Akin. Melonie Alspaugh. Dottie Lee, Colleen Kieke, Edie Baugh. Virginia Lyons, Melanie Webb, Anthony Nichols. Continuing Legal Education FRONT ROW: Jerry Larson. Bill Conley, Brenda Gamer, Sandy Bunevick. Henry Macias, Daniel Lam, Branden Lopez; BACK ROW: Michael Esposito, Gay Dotin, Jessica Hediick, Julianne Forcier, Bill Watson, Pik Cheung. Financial Aid .Samuel Riley. Linda Alba. Shirley Cannon. Student Affairs Ajanta Ghosh. Becky Williams, Cynthia Aranda. Diane Selken. Purchasing Judy Dominguez Accounting Zoe Brook Otis Smith Donna Leverett (Not Pictured) Keeton ' s Casino Emma Brown Olga Liscano Gary Battles Marcia Brown Staff Communication Center Susan Robbins Mechelle Lee Media Services Donald Dodson Peter Hancock K . II -5:98 1 % ' ■ „ Print Shop Fred Murphy Richard Bolden David Doniinguez Alfonso Tamez Staff Dean ' s Office Jim Patters (g) Staff 106 Staff Semester in London ' - jfi i j: m. unflower Ceremonj L Z fl 1 I H I ' i i HP H K l 1 IB T-J U %te n ' N i l xm I BJ Fall JD Graduates Spring JD Graduates Amy Lvnnc Boyd BrennaAlana Block Jennifer Erin Brown Marsha Kay Law Acock William Knight Abney Nicholas Jay Brunick Manin Lee Banow. Jr. WilUani Reagan Ainsworth WiUiam Steven Biyant Rjchard Wayne Bass Joseph Manuel Alcorta Kelly Lee Buechler John Wallace Carlson IE Eric Lee Alexander Ryan Edward Bull Molly Blaine Cowan Susan Irene Grafton Alexander Justin Paul Byrne Jeffrey Ray Crawford KristenCleo Allan Christie Landreaux Cahoon Zarghun Karim Dean Edwin Takeshi Aradi Charles Williams Cain Steven Patrick Doyle Uslie Michelle Arnold Mark Forrest Campbell Jeffrey Scott Edwards Junish Augustus Arora Tina Deanne Campos Toby Matthew Eisenbcrg Jennifer Ann Ashley David Caracciolo Caroline Denise Gipson David Matthew Ashton Andrew Reed Carruth l.ina Shawn Graybill Janiece Christine Attal James Sumter Carter Andica Chilton Greer Dana Rae Avant-Lewis Maria Melinda Castillo Christopher C.Gunter Matthew W.Baab Mjik l-ranklin Hansbaucr John Robert Barlow h.r 1,! ' ' •„ I.J w, ! I ' .i-Kt 1 Hudson Sheibi Lee Bamhouse , „•, ,. , 1 ,„i,,«.,nicl ' ., ,;r. Massimino Matthew Harris Baskind Amanda Katiileen Baumle ■ . 1 riMcm .....U.sardMcCaiy Harry Reigle Beaudry Amv Kathnnl ijik .1 A. McUughlan Angela Thompson Bennett Dwain Maik Clifford Ji. !• ma-,Ollllaw Jayne Caroline Benson Sinead Louise Clifford ElsaCI.. ' . R.imos Jason Michael Bcrent Stuail Lee Cochran JuanCai: . ) " Buej Edgar J. Berger III Anne Laura Cohl ShayneXas. Kimberly Ann Billings Jena Patrice Cohoon Andrew Co :hri Angela Gayc Bishop Jason Woodard Cook Jason Eric Trample William Graham Blake Ana Eli7abeth Cowan EvenaiMcClydtUpsi.. Deborah Grant Blanchard Andrew Julius Walker Trey Joseph Bkvker , ' 1 ,1 ' ' liiui, 1 (ilhnizs TTiomiiiPrralonWingate Sigmund McClay Bloom 1 ■ ' Rita Marie Wiser Jonathan Scott Blum YangXu Virginia Leigh Borden Amy Elizabeth Borgstedtc Jenniler Healhei Davidow Jennifer S, Bowles Veronica Beatriz Davila Lisa Erin Bowlin Elbert Alan Davis 08 — Sunnower Ceremony Aaron D. Day Paul Benjamin Dean David Arie DeGrool Aaron Charles Delagarza Tina J. Detlnier Douglas Dean Devlin Justin Michael Dillon Amy Catherine Dinn Scott Matthew Dolin William Alfred Domingues Paul Harty Doyle Scott Paul Drake Mich Hple Jonathan Garret Erwin Apnl Anne Evans Michael Thomas Eversden Steven Shih-Ming Fang Tamarah Renae Feigl Brian Franklin Feld Rory Elizabeth Ferester William McMillan Fisher Siobhan Enda Fiizpairick Jean Yuet-Bing Fonseca Stephen Neil Foster Stephen Ralph Foster Kevin James FranU 1 Kiuger Garcia heer Voussel Ghorayeb ]or Kathleen Gilford nnife Monday Goldman la Gopalaknshnan ;cca Zenec Graham sty Lynn Green 1 LeAnn Gregg my Eugene Gregoo ' jn Matthew Griffm irooke BurgesGrona lalthew John Guide imes Ellioii Guy tephanie Jill Haase imes Scott Hacker jigela Mane Hahn " .llyn Lee Haikin llelissa Renee Hersh Hall lavid Peter Hansen nika Grady Hansen ; Jan Hansum 1 Harbour jlathan Josiah Hard ne Laura Hayman 1 Jason Healy I Timothy Hegarty 1 Dyani Henderson iphanieYaelHershkovitz ndoiyn Denice Hicks 1 Gabriel Hinojosa I L. Hise vid Wad-sworth Holmes I ' hrisiopher David Hoisi iiathryn Joanne Howard i Chnstopher Huwland le Yung-Yee Hsu hen Lloyd Hutlaker a Pia7 a Irani ladal Freeman Leppink r Rebecca Levison add Levy atosha Terrell Lewis ew Howland Leys :er Hsiah-May Lin Ying-Yue Lin Luis Felipe Medina Douglas Luke Meier Jennifer Alice Memll Jutianne Merten Susan Mary Loving Meyercord Margaret Mary Mills Michael S. Minces Jesus Armando Miranda Michael Karl Mithoff Steve Franklin Moninger Karen Ann Monsen Jacqueline Morell Monlejano Vincent Eugene Morgan Heather Alyson Moser Jennifer Leigh Mott Houston F Mount H Martin James O ' Neill Ellen Elizabeth Oberweller Salomon Orozco Diana Palchik Jeffrey David Palmer William Constanlin Papadopoulo: Margaret Elizabeth Parks Emiiie Kuntz Paierson Andrea Krisan Patterson Vanessa Mane Pauios Laura Jane Pendleton Jamie Annette Penton John Delniar Perry II Doran Donald Peters Scoit Chnstopher Pelry Anthony Richard Pfluni Kenneth Robert Pilzner Michelle Flowers Plauche Jeffrey Brian Plies Etair Robyn IX-nisc I ' lv .i Amy Eh abuih FniLli.irJ Erik GuMa Qudilurdl Kent Aaron Radford Carlos Ray Rainer Melissa Edina Ramirez Sean Pnce Rasberry William Bnan Rasmussen Douglas Bartram Ralhbun Mark Andrew Ray Ronald WiMiam Rehling. Jr. Janine Bemasek Reinljes Kevan Patnck Richards Daniel Stuart Ringold Enck Scott Robinson Kelly Jeanne Rock Lauren Elizabeth Rosenblatt Brett TTiomas Ross Jason Micah Ross Soumit Roy Douglas Martin Rozek Cheryl Anne Rubenstein Tyler James Rudd Chnstine Mane Ruffner Benjamin Thomas Ruiz Ryan Christopher Runkle Martha Lacey Russo Patnck Spaulding Ryan Margaret J, Sampson Amy Estelle Sanders Theresa Anne Sandoval Marion Sanford in Heather Duplantis Savoy Gilbert R. Saydah. Jr Eric Lee Schiele Nicole Ellen Schwanz Jeffrey Paul Schwingendorf Ralph William Scoggins Jessica Scott Robert Patnck Scott Wendie Leigh Seale Leigh Hamilton Sebastian Jill Susanne Seeber Teresa Lyn Shahan Penny Alane Shamblin Todd Donald Shapiro Morgan Suzanne Sheinberg Georgeann Snuksy Shepard Holly Elizabeth Sherman Anne Alexandra Shirley Kii tin Ingeborg Silberschlag Christopher Donald Sileo Eugene Joseph Silva 11 Carol Elizabeth Simpson Jennifer Carly Slack Chad Stephen Smith James Bradley Smith Kevin Daryl Smith Lauren Elizabeth Smith David Patnck Smitherman Anthony E. Spaeth Christopher Stephen Stacy Chnstopher Michael Stebbins Emily Monique Stephens Adrian Raiford Stewart Richard Abram Stewart Kristopher Michael Slockberger John Henry Stone Jutie Ann Stone Robyn Louise Slreliiz Adam Lee Stroud Traci Lyn Tadwall Marcello Eugenio Tamez Joe Ruben Tanguma 11 Jeffrey Lai Taylor Anne Catherine Temple Michaeiene A. K, Tetteh Susan Lynn Theune Jennifer Anne Thomas John Randolph Tliompson III Samanthj Kay BouHe Trahan Chnstopher Hardy Tnckey Kelly DawnTnsh Rhonda Suzanne Troutman Jennifer Sarah Trumpler Shannon Leigh Turner Manum Sultana I ' ddm abeth VanLandingham Came Lee Wade Karen Lee Wade Bnan Alexander Wahi Jamie Travis Wall Kelly Marie Walla Scott Trevor Wallace Bridgette McNulty Wart " Samuel Justin Warf Rodney Van Warfford Susan Leigh Watson Clay Alan Wealherford Karla Elizabeth Weathers-Nguyen Amber Taylor Welock Virginia Gaye White Ryan Christopher WhilTill Jacquelyn Fisher Wilcox Ryan Thomas WiUett Chnstopher Michae! Wilhams Alan Edward Wnght Thomas Copeland Wnght Adam Brandon Wyll Gitanjali Yadav Majid Yazdi Bradley Bruce Young Bnan Nathaniel Young Shaarik Humayon Zafar Rex Jason Zgarba Master of Law Graduates ; Kelly Veronica Meana Taketo Nasu Luis Ernesto Navarro Hemande; Lian Zheng Pan Rainer Schmilz Maria Schuster Lisa Alice Zinlsmastei Sunflower Ceremony — 109 The staff of the Career Services Office was busy planning for the fall interview season before students ever returned to UT Law in the Fall 1999. Their efforts resulted in a successful four-week interview period. Even the two weeks of interviews held at the Ford Career Center ran smoothly despite the shuffling of students via buses to the Ford Center in the blazing September sun. The enthusiasm and dedication of the CSO staff thrived even after interview season, well into the remainder of the Fall semester, as the CSO held numerous events for all students — Corporate Counsel Day, Alternative Career Day, Mentor Receptions, etc. — and even assisted student organizations such as the Entertainment Sports Law Society and the Public Interest Law Association with pro- grams. Furthermore, the CSO, in conjunction with other ABA- approved law schools in the Southwest and Southeast Career Services Office Regions, hosted a number of Job Fairs and Recruitment Programs in Atlanta, Washington D.C., and throughout Texas. Whether students wanted to work on the east coast, west coast, or in Texas, the CSO facilitated interviews with law firms, government agencies, and public service organi- zations in major markets around the country. The CSO sponsored twelve job fairs for 2Ls, 3Ls, LLMs, and recent graduates during the 1999-2000 academic year. Finally, the CSO staff reached out to students during the last week of the spring semester as they set up a table in the Atrium April 27-28 and May 1-2. Students stopped by to visit with the staff, inquire about summer and fall programs, and pick up a copy of Your Guide to Summer Fall Inteniewing 2000. By completing a brief survey about the CSO, students were registered for drawings for Southwest Airlines vouchers, phone cards, massage therapy gift certifi- cates, Starbuck ' s coffee gift certificates, or one of three gift baskets which included all of the above plus food and more. il- I 1 — Career Services Office ABOVE: Professor William C. Powers, Jr. moderated Corporate Counsel Day November 17. The panalists discussed their law careers and offered career advice to the law students in attendance. FAR LEFT; Ann Meuleman, General Counsel for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company in Austin, TX, responds to a student ' s ques- tion. LEFT: First-year students prepare nametags before meeting practicing attorneys at the Mentor Reception. Tne Law Alumni Association welcomes you and looks rorward to your participation in your Association S Congratulations CiaAsof2X)Q0 J93l Tne Law Alumni Association Executive Committee James ' . Derrick, Jr., 70, President BraJ B. Hawley, ' 82, Immeaiate Past President Jolin B. Beckwortk, ' 83 Lisa A. Brown, ' 89 Tonya M. Brown, ' 87 Scott G. Burdine 85 Stephen L. Burns, ' 90 Kent Caperton, ' 75 JoKn T. Fainter, Jr., ' 63 janie L. Frank, ' 84 RoKin C. Gilik, ' 71 Roger B. Greenterg, ' 70 Laura J. Hagen, ' 76 Murray L. Jonnston Annette Jones, ' 85 Mike Joplin, ' 63 Ron Kirk, ' 79 Edward S. Knigkt, ' 76 Jane A. Matkeson, ' 74 Kennetk J. Migkell, ' 57 Mike Mills, ' 76 Carrin F Patman, ' 82 James L Perkins, Jr., ' 63 Mickaol T. Perrin, ' 71 Joseph S. Pevsner, ' 82 Spencer C. Relyea, ' 59 RoLert E. Riojas, ' 94 Eduardo R. Rodriguez, ' 68 William H. Skikley, ' 72 Tom M. Susman, ' 6 Steve L. Tatum, ' 79 Josepn G. Thompson III Rokert C. Walters, ' 83 Dan G. Wekster IH, ' 64 Del Williams, ' 85 Nancy Brazzil, Assistant of Alumni Relations 93 De.i, No matter what financial puzzles come your way. EBBBBBBB BBBB BBBB BBBB h ■ 1 B B B B B B a T L " o A BB 1 " B 1 1 1 M 1 1 1 1 M H BQBH B B . F H T TT|TTn " nvTFIT BT wm Mf N E N H 3 1 1 C T £ £ P o_ s 8 H B S m BB B B Q B B BBB !■ I BBBBBBBB i NV aU E o ht bt B B B B — . 1 , r E .u e t Ac c o u n W A C B B _ B B B B A V l N (b S U B BBBBB BBBBB B , B EZ m HzJ H BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB SQB BBBB ecu investnn: UT mascot. Cash machine Penny. . Metal bolt oi ). Hairstyle. i. CCUbalanci available rot . With 2 7 acre December vi 1. CCUaccoun i. CCUaccoun nsthis access is this, also. Service offered by CCU See 21 across. Precious metal (Sp.). " For Pete ' s ! " CCU account access IS also this. At CCU, your funds are . Cleanser. Service offered by CCU. Investment options at CCU. Account option at CCU. Vase. They become laws. CCU account for attorneys. Provided by CCU. State _ of Texas. Roosevelt com. )VVN tither, or. neither, . Play part. Bankcard offered by CCU. Build your egg at CCU! Washington bill. . Earned on accounts labbr.). . Fireproof service offered by CCU, . CCU service commonly used for CCU option for your new Lexus. This CCU service is CRWD CCU service - Tax Deposits. Finance what you want with these CCU services. Great CCU account! CCU account access is also this. CCU option for your new yacht. Save for the future with these CCU services. Mythological creature. Not old. _ for success! CCU services for financing. Capitol Credit Union. Tom Selleck film " Her _. " CCU account access is this, too! Convent dweller. ...Capitol Credit Union has the answers! Capitol Credit Union is the official credit union for Texas Legal Professionals and serves attorneys licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas to practice law in the state of Texas, their employees including law clerks, paralegals, legal assistants, legal secretaries and additional staff, law students, and family members of any eligible member. CAPITOL CREDIT UNION Downtown Austin Full Si ' n ' ko lobby 1 71 (S Lavaca Street Northwest Austin Full Scnicc Lobby rincf Drive Fhni 1 I9()2A Burnet Road Downtown Austin Drive Fhru 1101 N. IH-33 South Austin Full Service ' Lobbv ,111(1 Drive Fhru 13? East Ben White Blvd. Capitol Credit Union RO. Box 12946 Austin, Te.xas 78711 -2f»4() www.t (■ulx.(»rg 312-477-9465 nOO-486-4228 Fax 512-477-5560 HUNTON r WILUAMS Congratulations to the Class of 2000 Atlanta Bangkok Brussels Charlotte Hong Kong Knoxville London McLean Miami New York Norfolk Raleigh Richmond Warsaw Washington Congratulations to the Class of 20001 Locke Liddell Sapp llp ArroRNEYS Counselors AvsTiy • DiLiAs • HoisTtm • New Orleans UN VERS TY CO-OP :M« HpiJmrVilKMvIm! We are pleased to support the Peregrinus Yearbook Congratulations Graduates iced, entrepreneurial world ot higr i entions are wor vith expf jividuals must have solid , C «- - ' ' " y Plains, NY Washington, D f P ? 1 t!C ( COHGRAWLAmHS.n i GOOD WISHCS to the CLASS Of 2000 - .wT 515 Congress Avenue GRAVES Su,.e23m DOUGHERTY ' " " ' " ■ " " ' ' ' " HEARON 512480.5600 Km APiofessiomlCorpmatim tufe home of i Chris Tn ' eke i W Fulbright Jaworski L.L.P. - r Congratulates the i r Class of 2000 A Registered Limited Liability Partnership Austin • Dallas • Hong Kong • Houston • London • Los Angeles New York • Minneapolis • San Antonio • Washington, D.C. www FULBRIGHT. cor Woohoo! Davin Chris McGinnis Sileo Scott, Douglass McCoNNico, L.L.R for LAW. Hi-Tech Legal Solutions. eCommerce Outsourcing Software Licensing Intellectual Property Telecommunications Venture Capital Financing PALLAS 4000 Fountain Place DalJas, 75202-2790 Tel: 214-855-7500 Fax: 214-855-7584 Fa.: 512 391 6 It Certified by ttie Texas Board ot Legal Speaaitza specific factual and legal c Congratulations to the students, faculty and staff of The University of Texas School of Law on another great year from Akin, Gump, Stauss, Hauer Feld, L.L.R Strong, Pipkin, Nelson, BISSELL LEDYARD, L.L.R. ATTORNEYS AT LAW 1400 SAN JACINTO BUILDING 595 ORLEANS BEAUMONT, TEXAS 77701-3255 TELEPHONE l409i 98 1-1000 FACSIMILE i409i 981-1010 HOUSTON OFFICE 1111 BAGBY SUITE 2300 -40UST0N, TEXAS 77002-2546 TELEPHONE i7I3i 651-1900 FACSIMILE i713i 651-1920 Congratulations to the University of Texas Law School Class of 2000 EDUCATIONAL SERVICES INC, Specialists in University Publications Advertising for the Peregrinus Yearbook was produced by Educational Services, Inc. All inquiries by Faculty Advisors, Editors and Publisher ' s Representatives are welcomed. Our staff of professionals will work closely with you and your publisher. Please call (800) 419-4986. s I prepare the anal pages of the 2000 VrefrtrtMs for pttblication, 1 can only hope you will get as much out of this yearbook as I did in compiling this historical publication. Upon learning that the 2000 i«L i .tti iiiili i i: review of the decades on the first few pages and the rebirth of the Consul Award. My wish is that you take away some history of our great law school .. - J deeper appreciation of our Peregrinus Law School Yearbook (we ily law school in Texas with a yearbook)! lication of the 2000 Peregrinus would not have been possible without the help of the following individuals: Jack Simons, Yearbook Assistant at Texas Student PublicaUons — Thank you for all of your computer assistance and everything else you did for the Peregrinus. Moreover, thank you for being so paHent with me! Kathy Lawrence, General Manager of Texas Student Publications — Thank VOU for havine faith in mn tn -nmn t ■tf »KJc » K»»u «„J f. 11 !.• J words to the TSP Board regarding my work on the book. Jolin Foxwortli, TSP Photography Advisor - Thank you for scanning all of the pictures for the book. Holiis Levy, UT Law Foundation Office - Thank you for your assistance in reserving the student lounge for photo sessions, for the pictures from Reunion Weekend, and all that you do! Mike Widener, Tarlton Law Library — A huge thanks for allowing me to f n rl ills. Editor " 1 assistance with the Consul Display. Dean Zabala — Thank you for the list of potential sponsors. The Student Bar Association — Thank you for your support throughout the year! A special thanks to: the IL Reps (Meredith Die, James Kurka, Marty Thompson, and Ryan Downton) for making endless announcements regarding the Peregrinus to your sections; Amy Dinn for selling the most yearbooks; anc Wendy King. Jeff Kitner. and Clint Harbour for all of your encouragement! Law School Organizations Journals — Thank you for submitting informa- Uon for copy, information for photo requests, and even submitting photos if we didn ' t have any. The Consul Selection Committee — Dean Aleman, Dean Albright, Jeff Kitner, and Ryan Downton — thank you for serving on this committee! OFFICIAL 9r mmmBmsassMm BUILDING L - special thanks to Dean Aleman! It was Dean Aleman who convinced me t( . take this position, and she has been nothing but an inspiration throughout the publi- cation of the book. She is the reason UT Law School still has a yearbook. I cannot even begin to list all that she has done for me in my OBn» i»v oc 13 i:»». «.,J ?«- n.« n. -•„.. book. From complying with my endless requests for names of professors and graduates to assisting in the selection of the Consuls, she has always been there eager to help. Dean Aleman, I cannot thank you enough, and " you I dedicate the 2000 Peregrinus. W .I». ' -4»L ' M i, From student counselor to lead counsel... Many thanks to Michael Sharlot! i

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