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- CONTENTS events of the Year Organizations ans. Facukv. Siaf The University of Texas School of Law Volume 49 CONTENTS Events of the Year Organizations Students Deans, Faculty, Staff Index ■ ■ I ' llllll 11 1 " ' " ' " ' " ' ■ " ' ■ " I ll ip-m-mr u M JUDGE W.S. SIMKIN ' S OWN STORY OF THE PEREGRINUS " You ask for the origin of Peregrinus. I well remember its birth - in fact, I was pre- sent at the accouchement. " This nondescript sprang fully armed and equipped for its mission not from a mental Jove, but from the disori- ent4ed brain of a Savage. " Many years ago, I was trying to explain to the class in Equity, the origin of the system in Rome and the sources of equity in the Roman Empire. At the time fledglings just from the high schools were admitted to the Law School. Many of them had never heard of the Roman Empire, and not a few spelled cow with a " K. " Well, I explained to them than when Rome conquered a nation it was incorporated into the Roman Empire sub- ject to its own laws and not to the laws of Rome - that the Roman citizen was not subject of the laws of these incorporated nations - that in due course commerce sprang up between the citizens of Rome and barbaric nations, and there was no law to determine and settle their contractual relations. The Roman Emperor, to set- tle the troubles arising out of the fact that there was no law applicable to control their contracts, appointed a Praetor or chancellor to trav- el among these nations and to settle all disputes without reference to the Laws of Rome, or of the incorporated Nations, but to do justice and decide all disputes, alone by the conscience of the Praetor. Peregrinating from one nation to the other, he was called a Praetor Peregrinus. " The boneheads of the class evidently thought that Peregrinus was an internal organ of the body for they continually greeted each other, " ' How is your Peregrinus today? " This fact seems to have developed the humorous side of the inci- dent, and Russell Savage developed a concrete expres- sion of it on the blackboard and thus the tradition began. Russell drew better than he knew, for the nondescript animal symbolizes both in limb and attitude the maxims in equity that guide the administration of the system. For instance, on one of the front feet as originally drawn was an Irish ditcher ' s boot - indicating the law ' s protec- tion of the least of mankind. On the other front foot were naked claws, indicating the greatest of mankind must fear its power. The arched back in the attitude of spring- ing, indicated the law was ever ready to protect right or prevent wrong. The sharp beak indicated the power to penetrate the mysteries of the law which the true student must obtain by study. The bushy tail indicated that Equity brushes away the technicalities of the law and does justice to the merits. " 2 - Legend of the Peregrinus =REGRIMJ S deallip kens its, ice and lek -lenceofttiePraetor u i«8 from one PraetorPeregrinus. The boneheads of the tally thought An Pere ? r » was an inte r the body for they ally greeted each " HOW is y w Peregnuus today 1 " Thi tact «ms to have developed tbe humorous side of the inci- dent, and Russell Savage developed a conaete expres- » of it on the blackboard and tfaos the tradition began. tew better thai he i the nondescript ymbolizes both ia finb and attitude the maxims : that snide the admmistration of the system. For instance, on one of the tat feel as originally drawn was an Irish ditcher ' s boot - indicating the law ' s protec- tion of the least of mankind. On the other front foot were naked claws, indicating the of mankind must fear its power. The back in the attitude of , cited the law was e%er ready to protect right or wrong. The sharp heated the power penetrate the mysteries of the law which the true si ■:jin by study. The ail indicated that , of the la ' and SUNFLOWER CEREMONY: HOW IT CAME TO BE I For 15 or 20 years after The U niversity was estab- lished in 1883, none of the graduates wore caps and gowns for graduation cere- monies. At the turn of the century, a salesperson offered to rent seniors caps and gowns. At that time, the School of Law was in the basement of the Main Building. No one thought to send a message downstairs and invite even a few law seniors to the meeting. A committee of faculty and seniors met and decided that the class would look very good in caps and gowns. An order went out that all seniors were to wear caps and gowns for the com- mencement. The law students then met, and, because they had not been invited to the original meeting and had not been consulted on the advisability of this step, they refused to wear caps and gowns. Perhaps foreshadowing later events, they then formulated the reason to uphold their decision. This was, that caps and gowns at such a time were traditional to, and rep- resentative of. the academic school and not the profes- sional school. Granted even that judges had worn the wig and gown for centuries, it was worn for a purpose entirely distinct from the pur- pose here proposed. The faculty met with the President, and a decision was reached that the law students must conform to the wishes of the senior class or they must wear a significant insignia at the exercises. It was not in a spirit of concili- ation or in appreciation of the dignity of the occasion that the sunflower was cho- sen as the " distinctive insignia. " It was agreed, however, that the senior law students would wear white suits. Once more reasons were advanced to justify the choice of the flower. The sunflower, genus Helianthus, belongs to a family of world- wide distribution. So, also do lawyers. As the sunflower always keeps it face turned to the sun, the lawyer turns to the light of justice. The Sunflower Ceremony used to be held once during the year, on Commencement Day. As the School of Law student population grew, it was decided to have two exercises during the year. one in November for the December graduates and another one in May for the May and August graduates. Originally, a sunflower was pinned on each senior by his or her best friend. This custom changed, however, and now an Associate Dean or Assistant Dean of the School of Law assumes this responsibility. Story of the Sunflower - 3 Sunflower Ceremony Fall Graduates Doctorof Jurisprudence Rita Christine Aguilar Cindy Carol Arwine Chanteau Michelle Ayers Charles Allen Bargfrede Derek Clinton Brasher Tiffany Kristin Tomblin Carnes Lei Chen Stefani Elise Chozick Andrew Weikeen Chu Leslie Beth Curson Matthew Shawn Devlin Kristina Fernandez Joseph Patrick Flynn Stuart Kennedy Ford Dan Wade Foster Elizabeth Anne Gorman Scott Benjamin Hall David Robert Hayes Jennifer Utter Heston Shannon Ryan Holub Tanisa L. Jeffers David Bentley Jones, Jr. Paul Waggoner Jones, Jr. Jennifer Anne Josefson Whitney Brown Kane H Lynn Keith Thomas Nelson Kelly Michael Gabriel Khoury Julia Ann Krute Denise Jane Lastnick Colette Marie Laycock Gina Louise Light Robert Shane McFarland Michael Dane McKaughan, Jr. Andres Silverio Medrano William R. Merrill Kelly Suzanne Modica Stephen Wade Nebgen Ronald Thong Nguyen David Russell Olson Theresa Annete Ortiz Cristiano John Moreno Parras Brenda Eileen Perez Rebecca Nash Petty Donald Kellum Redmond Deron Scott Rein Tracy Alexandra Rostik James Watts Rudnicki Tracye Nicole Shaw Aries Solis Emily J. Stevens Priscilla M. Streightoff Barbara Tatum Marcia Theodora Taylor Samantha Briggs Thayer Alan Dean Tysinger Guyy Leland Watts Lee Barrett Westmoreland Master of Laws Wyndylyn M. Von Zharen Fall Graduates Doctor of Jurisprudence Rebeca Aizpuru Juan Manuel Alcala Julie Ann Alexander Mathew David Anderson Ruth Elizabeth Anderson Kari Lavelle Arnell Robert Harald Arzonetti Thomas Rafa Asturias Eric Kendel Atkerson Julie Michele Balovich Angela Tereza Banks Edward Leonard Banz, Jr. Karen Leslie Barrett Edward Richard Batten Adrienne Lynn Baugh Mindy Michelle Baur Andrea Courtney Baxter Keith Christopher Bayko Brian Augustus Beckcom Brandon Eugene Bennett 4 - Fall Sunflower Ceremony Bradley Jason Benoit Vivian Violeta Benrey Weston McQueen Binford, Jr. John Scott Black Brandon Alexander Blake Clint Gray Bledsoe Jennifer Lynn Boisture Allison Lynn Bowers Courtney Alyssa Bowie Nicholas Aidan Brady Zachary Stone Brady Edward Lorence Bravenec John Joseph Britt Jennifer Karlan Britton Lisa Elaine Brown Sean Ryan Buckley Ann Katherine Greenwood Burns Misty Perry Burns Fraser Duncan Campbell Brandon Cash Carlton Leslie Ann Carrasco Joanne Leah Castella Gerald Edward Castillo Heather Dawn McClellan Castillo Jennifer Lin Cavner Margaret Eugenia Cervin Ariane Alexandra Chan Ashley Brooke Chase Timothy Patrick Chastain Jason Charles Ciarochi Elliot Clark Millicent Marie Clark Tanya Maria Clay Mikeal Montgomery Clayton Margarita Trevino Coale Angela Dawn Cole Gabriel Ciprian Coltea Michael Parsons Cooley Andrew Brian Cooper David Russell Cooper Glenn Francis Cormier Yolanda Cornejo Douglas Grant Cornwell Gregg Jeffrey Costa Christopher Anthony Cotropia Ernest William Cromartie Lowry Alexander Crook Don Wayne Cruse, Jr. Laura Alexandra Cruz Leslie Irene Cummings Kenneth Duncan Currie Christopher Edward Cykowski Hiew Tran Dang Tinush Daniel Ha Kim Dao Kurt Gregory Daum Darrell Dexter Davila Erin Anne Davis Barbara Day Dimple H. Desai Michael C. Diksa Alyssa Anne DiRusso William Joseph Dodge Gregory Stephen Donahue Kathryn Ann Donnelly Richard Stafford Donoghue, Jr. Jeremy Leon Doyle Beth Ann Dranguet Lea-Marise Drechsel Suzanne Renee Dupree Javier T. Duran Christopher Clark Duvall Allison Victoria Eaves Richard Raymond Eckman Raymond Sean Elliott James Alvis Ellis III Paige Anne Ellis Kenneth Thomas Emanuelson Jeffrey Cahn Engerman Brian K. Erickson Julie Ann Ermis Stephen Patrick Fahey Brian Philip Falbo Damien Edward Falgoust Ari Joshua Feinstein Cristen David Feldman Evan Edward Fitzmaurice Alexandra Fairbanks Foster Richard A. Franklin Scott Alan Fredricks Scott Robert Frieling Robert Rene Galvin Yarning Gao Margaret Ann Garana Matias Eduardo Garcia Joanna Paola Gariazzo Bruce P. Garrison Jeremy J. Gaston Ashley Brooke Geller Katherine Jane Gibson Stephanie Ellen Giola Mark Anthony Giugliano Nicole Michele Glanville Frank Rey Gonzales Robin Dee Gooch Andrew Thompson Gorham Tracy Lee Gostyla Stephen Nathaniel Gracey Ralph Abner Graham Tracy Saffren Greenberg Ryan Douglas V. Greene John Fiaxman Greenman Amiel Gross Mathew Weber Grynwald Michael Anthony Guevara Lars Walteralvin Hagen Samantha Elaine Hale Eric Brinn Hall Robert Tremaine Hall Mita Viswanathan Hariharan Stacie Lynn Henderson Robert Kyle Hensley Laurie Michelle Higginbotham Nzinga Hill Sonya Felicia Hill Robert Collins Hilton Laurie Tamar Hines David Miguel Hinkson Jeffrey Jackson Hobbs Nicole Lynn Hoffpauir Stephanie Nicole Hooper Justin Andrew Hoover Ann Marie Horat Edwin Jong-Chai Hu Ellen Beth Huchital Sarah Allison Hughes Melissa Kathryn Huling Blaine Hummel Patrick James Hurley Michael Ames Hutton David Keith Isaak Dana LeDoux Jacobs Kevin Thomas Jacobs Carrie Tamar Jacobsohn Laurie Callaway Jardine Eric Samuel Jarvis John Franklin Jeffers Michael David Jewesson -continued on page 6 Spring Sunflower Ceremony - 5 David Didler Johnson Wesley Eby Johnson Amy Breedlove Jones Cleo Anita Jones Jennifer Jacqueline Jones Mark Joseph Jung Mark Peitier Jungers Kristofar August Kasper James Daniel Kassahn Evward Frank Kaye Erinn Layne Kelley Kevin Todd Kennedy Ahmad Keshavarz Sarah Lowry Kihnemahn Jenifer Anne King Jennifer Gayle Klein Richard Warren Knight Bradley Scott Knippa Reka Susan Koerner Allison Greer Kort Jennifer Kraber Katharine Fraser Kucharski Julia Ann Kuglen Adina Kuper Eric Stephen Lafleur Christopher Joseph Lallo Ryan Jay Lambracht Benjamin Marcus Lane Dean Russell Lanter Erika Maria Laremont Jonathan Ethan Lass Steven Joel Lauff Robert Neil Lawrence Jerry Michael Lawson Omar Javier Leal Lynn Marie LeCropane Tracia Yu-Hsing Lee Michael Charles Leitch Alison Suzanne Leonard Lance Joseph Lewis Chandra Melissa Lewnau James Brandon Linscomb Karen Ann Lister Jennifer Anne Lloyd James Eric Lockridge Brady Kenneth Long Isla Mao Luciano Rachel Luna Kirk Ronald Lyda Mary Elizabeth Maldonado Robert Alan Manware Marquette Marie Maresh Peter Dermot Marketos Sean N. Markowitz Lori Jeannine Martin Jason Michael Martinson Morgan Matthew Matson Jennifer Lynn Maund Todd Edward Maxwell Michael Brandon Mayes Erin Nicole Mayton Jesse Foster McClure III Robert Chad McCracken Allison Leigh Sell McDade 6 - Spring Sunflower Ceremony Denis Christopher McElroy Preston James McGlory Amy Alaunda McLean Sarah Elizabeth McLean Josh Michael McMorrow Kieran Cullen McMorrow Matthew Allen McMurphy Courtney June McQuien Robert Michael Melendez Todd William Mensing Rudene Tuiaine Mercer Fredrick Miller Chandra Christine Mitchell Michael Maclaren Monroe Jeremy Todd Monthy Sean Anthony Monticello Christopher Edward Moore Theresa Ann Moorman Alicia Bradford Morris James Leslie Morrone Alan Kendall Motes Vadim Mozyrsky Inga Lee Munsinger Selina Lamar Nana Aisha K. Nawaz Ba Mau Nguyen Hoangmai Nhu Nguyen Kristen Tran Nguyen Henri Eugene Nicolas Phillip E. Niemeyer, Jr. Richard Niemeyer Jamie E. Nordhaus Sinead Mary O ' Carroll Chinwe Obianwu Gary Brian Odom Erin Elizabeth Ogburn Roswell Wayne Osborne Whitney Allison Osters Judith Lorraine Pace Shoshana Lee Paige Enrique Palomares Anna Louise Pankey Kurt Max Pankratz David Jung-Go Park Andrew Lewis Parks Blair Marshall Partlow Michael Gregory Pattillo, Jr. Christopher Leigh Peele Stephanie Lynn Perm Heather Lee Perttula James Stephen Peterson Kathryn Elaine Peterson Thao Ann Pham Meredith Anne Pierce Mark Timothy Pittman Rachel Janece Poinsett Lee Eric Potts Jason Young Pratt Lisa Ann Primosic Gordie Donald Puckett Rabia Qayyum Charles Christopher Ragland Marisela Rangel Shawn Lawrence Raymond Jason Harrington Reddien Sammi Lynnette Renken Robert Lawrence Rickman D ' Ann Naylor Rifai Hilary Lynn Riley Mari Elizabeth Robinson Martin Robles Avila Anne Elizabeth Rodgers Angela Christina Rodriguez Luis Rene Rodriguez Rachael McDonell Rolon Heather Pendleton Ross Steven Scott Runner Jay Mac Rust Christie Lynn Ryan Ramirez Morgan Anne Ryder Liisa Renee Salmi Katherine Shelby Sanford Kenneth Daniel Sansom Leila Carolyn Sarmecanic Brandon Neil Satterwhite Alexandra Schatzow Suzanne Miriam Scheuing Geoffrey Lynn Schuitz Joelle Claudine Schulze Thomas Henry Longland Selby Jennifer Patrice Selling David Jarrod Sewell Matthew Scott Shelton Stephen Scott Shepherd William Stephen Shires Kristi Deanne Siegert Kathrine Marie Silver Scott Dale Simmons Alaina Rebecca Simon Michelle L. Simpkins Thomas Matthew Sims Ranjeev Kumar Singh Jeramy Mitchell Skaggs Christopher Todd Skinner Matthew Thomas Slimp Robert Thomas Slovak Donald Alexander Smith Prescott Ward Smith Rebecca Sharon Smith Stefan Prentiss Smith Sarah Ann Sommer Stephanie Koo Song Jessica Barron Spangler Paul Harrison Speaker Brian David Spross Sarah E. Starnes Karolyn Knaack Steves Juliet Katherine Stipeche Susan Mara Stith Mark Douglas Stoecker David Jacob Stoll William Matthew Strock Raymond Szu Grace Henrietta Inez Tate Christopher Harris Taylor Jennifer Ann Taylor Julie Hardin Tellepsen Peter William Teller Christopher C. Thiele Marcel Terrell Thomas Michael Ashley Thomas Stephanie Elaine Thompson Jennifer Young Timmons Jeffrey Morgan Tippens Albert Escobedo Tovar Katherine J. Traverse Christopher Scott Tuthill Anna B. Underwood Mathew Jon Urbina .lil Man Jansa Van Rensburg Hien Ngoc Vo Robert Allen Voigt, Jr. Jason Alex Volpe Davor Steve Vukadin Trenton Daniel Walsh Wendy Wang Leslie Ann Watkins Jacqueline Lee Watson Melissa Margaret Webb John Holman Weigel Amy Catherine Welborn Horowitz Bradley Ward Welsh Neal Kelso Westin Bradley K. Westmoreland Scott Alan Wheatley Harry Eugene White Kevin James White William Dean Wiese Karen Sue Wilkinson Doyne Wade Williams Leslie :Legree Williams Amy Lynn Wilson Marjorie Martin Winters Ellen Lipscomb Witt Dianna Dawn Wojcik Allison Lanthe Wong Joanne Lynn Woodruff Eric Wade Wooley David Arthur Wyrick Phillip Anthony Yeager Jeremi Kaleb Young Samer Michael Zabaneh Julie Grace Zelman Thomas Said-Tomash Zia Gregory Alan Zimmerman Stephanie Lynn Zucker Mark Thomas Zuniga Master of Laws Ingo Marco Dietz Ralf Muller-Feldhammer Julian Javiar Garza Walter Rudolf Haberling Daniele Harriehausen Martina Kraus Ruben Minutti Zanatta Daniel Fabio Jacob Noguaira Elisa Papillon Kyla Lynn Sharma Jose Eduardo Tapia Zuckermann Li Teng Kavita Gill Thapar Spring Sunflower Ceremony - 7 The death of Dean Page Keeton on January 10, 1999, was not a shock given that he had reached the age of eighty-nine, but it was an occasion for reflection on what this extraordinary man had contributed dur- ing his long and productive life. We cannot do justice to these contributions in the time available before this issue of Townes Hall Notes goes to press. We will provide furthur reflections on his career and its impact on this school and the law in future issues and at future events. What follows are several pieces previous- ly written in his honor. First are two items previously published in 75 Texas Law Review, No. 7 (1997) as part of the W. Page Keeton Symposium on Tort Law. One is the Foreword to the Symposium written by Guido Calabresi, the former Dean of Yale Law School and now a judge of the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. The other is the first two paragraphs of the Introduction to that Symposium by Chief Justice Phillips of the Supreme Court of Texas. Finally, we reprint the piece I wrote on the occasion of Dean Keeton ' s retire- ment from teaching in 1995. He had retired as Dean in 1974 but continued to teach full- time until he reached the then-mandatory retirement age of seventy in 1979, and on a half-time basis thereafter, offering a popular torts seminar each semester, until the Fall of 1995. His leadership, scholarship and good works had been acknowledged by all and recognized in many forms and on many occasions. This continued even after his retirement. When his failing health permit- ted, he would attend the annual banquets of the Keeton Fellows held at the Chancellor ' s home and receive the applause and plaudits of these many admirers. In 1998, the City Council of Austin unanimously voted to change East 26th Street to Dean Keeton Street. We celebrated this event at the Law School with Page and his wife, Madge, in attendance in wheelchairs, to listen to praise from Mayor Kirk Watson, Judge Thomas Reavley, and others. Shortly thereafter, the 8 - W. Page Keeton engineering students, con- tinuing a long- standing rival- ry, changed the street sign back to 26th Street on the grounds that numbering streets was more rational. Yet even these unpoetic souls acknowledged in their manifesto that Dean Keeton was other- wise worthy of the honor. Prior to Page Keeton ' s death, UT President Larry Faulkner approved our rec- ommendation that the northeast por- tion of Townes Hall — the area containing our four large classrooms — be named the Dean Keeton Wing. Page knew of this honor and also of our commissioning of a bronze bust for display in that area. Among Page ' s many wonderful qualities were his charisma and a joie de vivre that allowed him to enjoy the apprecia- tion of so many for the progress of what he often and properly described as, " man law school. " We are all happy that he knew of these final honors that will keep his memory and visage before unending generations of law students as an inspiration to the greatest level of achievement and service. practitioners look into, they will find a major contribution by him. And the contri- butions that he has made have a quality all their own because one can always recognize Page Keeton ' s touch. His work combines in the best way the theoretical and the intensely practical. Good sense, sound judgement, and real insights, always written in a way that guides the judge, the practi- tioner, and the scholar — we take these so much for granted in Page ' s work that we Foreword to Symposium 75 Texas Law Review, No. 7 (1997) by Guido Calabresi When the history of tort law in the last half of the twentieth century is written, no person will loom larger than W. Page Keeton. Whatever area of torts scholars of almost forget how rare such scholarship is. Introduction to the Symposium 75 Texas Law Review No. 7 (1997) by Thomas R. Phillips By devoting this year ' s Symposium to the law of torts and dedicating it to Dean W. Page Keeton, the editors of the Texas Law Review devised a uniquely fitting celebra- tion for their publication ' s seventy-fifth anniversary. Under Page Keeton ' s leader- ship as Dean, The University of Texas School of Law blossomed from a regional leader in ' p. Th the JyiW¥»»J »■ editors of frl " 1 editorial a 1 " 1 pendeace. B ■ £ centuiy.nooKte ' F ' r sheer numbers of «-»• " " ft . From his rte ■ j, 1930 to his tnb » " " ■ " fielder fifty-five years laiff J owaraclesaKlrewwdf " " publication. His further «««• and influence upon other «P ' dent editor, faculty athisor. ad a are incalculable. The University of Tnii to • many honors to this liriiflfffl served on the faculty fori » s fom 1932 until 1995. Tie e w tern dedicated thffl Aa IW him upon his redreoieaB ftoa i " ti vears as Dean, with tritontal Lewis Powell. Texas S rkCh Justice Joe Greenhill. money | Reasoner. and Professors Man Shapo, John W. Wide. Curk Wright. George Scbittki, ad C Morris. These reminiscetcn Keeton ' s successful bodes for no ance and academic freedoa Univeristy of Texas, his poth-h I scholarship in diverse area of ut | luspubhc cutanea tapjgfc I w Texas draft a proposed » a I tution to heading the Aonica An I of Law Schools. His coQeapes » remarkable leadership sJulL «Ue dents marvel at his pedagogical a and all emphasize his tmshakabie Townes Hall Notes, FjI 1995 TIk decisicm of W. Page Keeai West Dean The Uwaa, . fLawhasncy , ■kfeendofanca fey areertna, «. Coming nouslyde , »Hhep utb atiltinlQIi n . Be ha aa »s to have the ' •Hisdn J Si.? ™ . -Pineal. Good sense, sound ■d «War_ wetaketheseso " —«i m Page ' s work that we ii ft ! tcrws how rare such scholarship is. B Ln Review No. 7(1? -o-toyear ' sSymposiumtote edautuquelyfittrngceleto- leader into a nationally recognized institu- tion. Thanks to Dean Keeton ' s foresight, the student editors of the Law Review gained lasting editorial and financial inde- pendence. Finally, in three-quarters of a century, no one has approached the Dean in sheer numbers of contributions to the Review. From his three student comments in 1930 to his tribute to Professor Parker Fielder fifty-five years later, he wrote thirty- one articles and reviewed five books for this publication. His further contributions to and influence upon other writings as a stu- dent editor, faculty advisor, and colleague are incalculable. The University of Texas has accorded many honors to this living legend, who served on the faculty for all but six years from 1932 until 1995. The editors of the Review dedicated their August 1974 issue to him up on his retirement from twenty-five years as Dean, with tributes from Justice Lewis Powell, Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Joe Greenhill, attorney Harry Reasoner, and Professors Marshall S. Shapo, John W. Wade, Charles Alan Wright, George Schatzki, and Clarence Morris. These reminiscences tell of Keeton ' s successful battles for racial toler- ance and academic freedom at The Univeristy of Texas, his path-breaking scholarship in diverse areas of tort law, and his public contributions ranging from help- ing Texas draft a proposed new state consti- tution to heading the American Association of Law Schools. His colleagues recount his remarkable leadership skill, while his stu- dents marvel at his pedagogical creativity, and all emphasize his unshakable integrity and unfailing generosity. " The End of an Era: Page Keeton Retires " Townes Hall Notes, Fall 1995 by Dean M. Michael Sharlot The decision of W. Page Keeton — the greatest Dean The University of Texas School of Law has ever had — to retire marks the end of an era. Page had a story- book career that puts Horatio Alger to shame. Coming out of what we would now call " a seriously deprived background " in East Texas, he put himself through the University and then the Law School, gradu- ating in 1931. He then arranged for his brothers to have the advantages of higher education. His devotion to his family is demonstrated by the wonderful children and grandchildren who have been inspired by his example. His personal kindness is leg- endary. Many a graduate can tell of an emergency loan from the Dean that made it possible to pay rent or finish a semester. He received his BA and LLB as combined degrees from the University in 1931. He joined the faculty in 1932, and served the Law School continuously with two excep- tions. During World War II, he was Chief Counsel, Fuel Division, Office of Price Administration, and Assistant Chief Counsel, Petroleum Administration for War from 1942 to 1945. From 1946 thhrough 1949, he was Dean of the University of Oklahoma School of Law. He received an SJD from Harvard in 1936 and his LLD (Honorary) from Southern Methodist University in 1974. Page became Dean of the Law School in 1949, a position he held for twenty-five years. His tenure as our Dean is the longest in the School ' s history but involved much more than longevity. He arrived at a school that was not readily distinguishable from most other state schools, and laid the foun - dation for its transformation into an institu- tion of the first rank in American legal edu- cation. His extraordinary time with us as Dean and Professor should be called, by anal- ogy to Queen Victoria, " The Keetonian Age. " His impact was incomparable. He searched out and hired great talent from other schools and from practice. He initiat- ed our earliest efforts at obtainig significant private subsidies from alumni and others, providing the margin of excellence that now distinguishes Texas. It was during his tenure as Dean that both the Law School Foundation and the Law Alumni Association were created. After stepping down as Dean, he contin- ued to teach for the next twenty-one years. Ernest E. Smith, who succeeded him as Dean in 1974, states that " Page Keeton easi- ly ranks among the greatest Deans that any law school has ever had. Page ' s efforts brought Texas into the top ranks of the law Schools in the country. " John F. Sutton, Jr., 1941, who was Dean from 1979 to 1984, says, " Everyone knows that during a deanship of twenty-five years our affable, hard-hitting, lovable, astute, aggressive Dean Page Keeton was instrumental in changing the status of our good regional law school into that of a leading national law school, and that along the way he willingly skirmished with anyone — politicians, university administrators, or others — who intentional- ly or unintentionally tended to slow his progress. Everyone knows that. " UT Eecutive Vice President and Provost Mark G. Yudof [now the President of the University of Minnesota], who was Dean from 1984 until 1994, says, " Page taught all of us on the faculty that it is possible to achieve excellence while nurturing civility, respect and community. Page Keeton performed all of the duties of a faculty member superlatively. He was an enormously effective and appreciated teacher, a scholar of national reputation, and a person who provided highly esteemed ser- vice to his community, his state, and his nation. We — alumni, students, and faculty — are all so much richer for being a part of an institution on which Page Keeton has placed his indelible stamp. On a numbr of occations Page Keeton stood up against powerful political forces inside and outside the University when he believed academic freedom or civil rights were in jeopardy. The ties he built with alumni and leaders of the judiciary, bar, and legislature served the School well in its process of transformation into a national law school. Every Dean we have had since — and we have been blessed with many tal- ented and devoted ones — has operated with the knowledge that this was Page ' s school. We could only hope to lay another course of bricks on the ambitious and true foundation that Page Keeton has created. A truly great man has been lost, but the memory of his works lives on in his family, his students, his friends and colleagues, and in this institution that will bear his stamp for- ever. W. Page Keeton - 9 10 -Parents ' Night Out . — L . 1 J jgri[ ' ' B ■ Ik __ a tmi ■L 1 hI ► Jj LttM I " ■ - ' 9c M " v fees Parents ' Night Out - 1 1 ALaw Week 1 999 ABOVE: Law Week Banquet Speaker Representative Pete Gallegos. RIGHT: Law Week Honorees: Faculty, Steven Goode; Staff, Susan Robbins; Administration, Dean Juan Zabala. Trickey, Trickey and Associates Golf Team of Britton, Peele, McMorrow and Rickman. Hitting the Links: Cook, Cochran, Smith, Minces and Berger. Law Week Sponsors Chief Justices Baker Bolts, L.L.P. Educational Marketing Group. Inc. Fulbright Jaworski, L.L.P. University Co-Op East Justices Andrews Kurth. L.L.P. Brown, Parker Leahy, L.L.P. Gardere Wynne, L.L.P. Gardere Wynne Sewell Riggs, L.L.P. Locke Lidell Dapp LLP Mayer, Brown Piatt Strasburger Price, L.L.P. Vinson Elkins L.L.P. Chancellors Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer Feld, L.L.P. Braccwell Patterson, L.L.P. Graves, Dougherty. Hearon Moody Porter Hedges, L.L.P. Barrister Weil. Gotshal Manges LLP And Race Contributors Austin Coca-Cola The Bagelry Ozarka Natural Spring Water Company RunTex 12 -Law Week i» Week Sponsors CW Justices Bw 1 Bote, LLP. tunl Marketing Group. Inc. jrrahi Jawor ki. L.L.P. -Op East it LLP. ILeahy.Lli. it, LLP. L.LP. ixieljdeli DappLLP id A Piatt n A Price. LLP. « 4 Elans LLP. Chancellors Hauer Feld.LL.P. pawn LLP Pd .HearoniMoody : .LL.P. Barrister jbUJ Rart Contributors -a-Cola XheB saailSfrtigW LEFT: Dean Alexandra Albright checks in at the registration table before the race begins. RIGHT: Justin Long and Austin Mayor Kirk Watson welcome race participants for the annual W. Page Keeton Law Week Race Judicata. LEFT: Chris Trickey heads for the fin- ish line. MIDDLE: Amy Wilson takes the first place ribbon in the women ' s division. RIGHT: The men ' s division- first place winner crosses the finish line. BELOW: Morgan Sheinberg, Eric Lockridge and Jan Court pause before Race Judicata begins. Race Judicata it Law Week -13 14 -Fall Ex Parte Fall Ex Parte- 15 Melissa Barltrop and Martin Luff Yasmine Lalhoy and Veronica Meana Mark Stoecker and Jason Charles Ciarochi 16 - Around Townes NONTROVb UakCa Around Townes - 17 «t fa Ik U " ' Ltejta. 1 ' ;! t I3T »P iingui) pliW is P (fevement given the drffiofcei rf i ■Ma i :be other great p«Mk b «d are able to chaife raodj ■■ Note also that three emote nation: Dispute Resofanika Tas where »e were to HdCKKR . f team won the ATL Trial Com; iooship over more w ■ 186 school feputokt otttheFebniarjIWTeu This marked i mboi terestcaid " tfos H fc „ Ma) 26. 1999 Dear graduate: The 1998-1999 academic year was an out- standing one for The University of Texas School of Law. A handful of numbers will illustrate the condition of the Law School during this year. IS is our latest overall ranking by U.S. World Report. Without endorsing the flawed system by which the ranking is calculated, we must recognize that such rankings are important to many people, and we were naturally gratified to be placed 15th which is our highest ranking. This can properly be considered an exceptional achievement given the difficulties of com- peting with other national schools; even with the other great public law schools which are able to charge vastly more in tuition. Note also that three curricular areas at Texas were ranked among the top 10 in the nation: Dispute Resolution where we were 9th: Tax where we were 6th; and Intellectual Property where we were tied for 5th. Another is 1st. For the first time in our history a UT team won the ATLA National Mock Trial Competition National Championship over more than 200 teams from 186 schools. Our other Board of Advocates team placed 5th nationally. The University Tower was lit orange in honor of this great victory, suggesting that we finally have a Law School in which the football teatn can take pride. 93.55% represents the pass rate of our graduates on the February 1999 Texas Bar Examination. This marked a substantial improvement over the 87% pass rate on the July 1998 exam. We were second only to Baylor and 15 percentage points ahead of the state ' s overall pass rate. 3% is another number of note. This rep- resents our first increase in the number of applications (3.282) that we have had since 1994. This occurred in the teeth of a steady level of law school applications nationally. After eight years of decline in the number of persons seeking admission to all American law schools, it was thought that the number of candidates would begin to increase, but nationally this does not appear to have hap- pened. We also enjoyed a 17.5% increase in the number of African-American applicants and a 19.2% increase in the number of Mexican-American applicants. We have increased the number of offers made to can- didates from these groups and hope to have an increase in the number enrolled, but the competition is fierce with other elite schools all over the nation. It is well to bear in mind this school ' s exceptional contribution to the effort to diversify the legal profession. During the decade before Hopwood. we graduated more African-Americans and Mexican- Americans than did any other law school not founded to serve minorities. Despite our continued efforts to enroll sig- nificant numbers of minority students, only a victory in our appeal of the Hopwood decision will permit us to resume our lead- ership role in this area. □ 97.47% was the percentage employed of our 1998 graduating class. They also achieved an average starting salary of $61,545. Finall y, and with great gratitude, I want to mention 21%. This is the percentage of alumni who made gifts to the school this year. It is especially gratifying that we have moved to this point after many years in which only 6% to 8% of alumni participat- ed. It is only through the generosity of our alumni that the school has been able to dis- charge, with such distinction, its assigned task of preparing our enormously able stu- dent body to become skilled practitioners and leaders of the state and nation. It has been in many ways a banner year for all parts of the law school community. We bid hasta la vista to our graduating class with the best wishes for their careers and lives. We look forward to their many achievements that will reflect so well on their alma mater, and hope that they will feel a continuing sense of gratitude for how the school transformed their lives, and will provide the support to make that experience and education available to future students. Sincerely. M. Michael Sharlot, Dean John Jeffers Research Chair in Law from the Dean M. Michael Sharlot Dean, School of Law John Jeffers Research Chair in Law A Letter from the Dean - 19 Law Alumni Reunion Weekend Dean Sharlot speaks with Robert Braubach, class of 1977. during lunch for Alumni at the Reunion Weekend. 20 - Law Alumni Reunion Weekend LEFT: Travis Shelton. class of [949, reflects during the Alumni Barbecue, BELOW: Glen LeBlanc piles on the beans at the Reunion Barbecue. BOTTOM: Alumni chal while enjoying the barbecue during the Alumni Weekend. Law Alumni Reunion Weekend - 21 Law Alumni Reunion Weekend Larry E. Temple, 1959 Outstanding Alumnus Award Charles A. Saunders, 1945 Distinguished Alumnus Award for Community Service Barefoot Sanders, 1950 Lifetime Achievement Award Larry E. Temple, 1959 David J. Beck, 1965. Vice President Law School Foundation Board of Trustees John W. Fainter, 1963 Law Alumni Association Executive Committee Larry E. Temple, 1959 Mikejoplin, 1963 Law Alumni Association Executive Committee 22 - Law Alumni Association fyxtitC k «s ss Eg J Barefoot Sanders. 1950 Lifetime Achievement Award BradB. Hawley.mi Law Alumni Association President Charles A. Saunders, 1945 Distinquished Alumnus Award for Community Service David J. Beck, 1965 Vice President Law School Foundation Board of Trustees Charles A. Saunders. 1945 Larry E. Temple. 1959 Law Alumni Association - 23 24 - Organizations V, r Organizations - 25 m. Assault Flattery, one of the largest student organizations on campus, continued its tradition of showcasing the hidden tal- ents of the students and profes- sors at The University of Texas School of Law. Each spring A F presents its musical come- dy review, satiring every aspect of the legal profession. This year ' s production was entitled " Damn Lawyers. " Each show is completely written, designed, directed, choreographed and performed by the students. They enjoyed the chance to have fun, get away from the classroom and books for awhile, and for once, perform for an audience outside of a jury box. Assault Flattery LEFT: Law Firm Paranoia Dancers. FRONT ROW: Anne Temple. BACK ROW: Kari Arneil, Jennifer Goebler. Jayne Benson, and Calhy Chatewanich. Hg : 199 Assault Flattery " Damn Attorneys! " Saturday, March 6, 1999 7:00 PM $10.00 Tax Included Admit One No Refund o. O o Is it o s c © 3?S 73 a c 3 C HC •1QQ RIGHT: The Assault Flattery Band led by Will Dodge. 26 - Assault and Flattery LEH: U Firm Paranoia Damn FRONT ROW: Aunt Temple. BACI W: Kan And. Jennifer fane Bason, and Cafc TOP LEFT: Mandy Naron and Ray Azu as agents Mulder and Scully in the X- Files. BOTTOM LEFT: Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets at the. Posse East. BELOW: FRONT ROW: Scott Simmons. Morgan Matson. Rudene Mercer. BACK ROW: Bert Rifvo, Mandy Naron, Jeffrey Engerman. Lisa Bowlin, Laird Doran, Kevin Jacobs, David Holmes. Ray Szu. Amy Dinn. BOTTOM: Chelsea Spuck plays the part of Lola in the production. Assault and Flattery - 27 The Board of Advocacy is the litigation honor society of The University of Texas School of Law. The BOA promotes excellence in trial and appellate advocacy, as well as other forms of dispute resolution. The BOA is open to all students at the law school, but participa- tion is a prerequisite for mem- bership. Students earn member- ship points through participa- tion in competitions and through administrative duties. Officers are elected. The Board of Advocacy is responsible for coordinating every interscholastic and intra- mural advocacy competition held at UT. BOA sponsors com- petitions including mock trial, moot court, negotiation, voir dire, and client counseling. These competitions are held in cities across the country. A spring banquet honors out- standing competitors, officers, and attorneys who support the organization. Advocacy awards, such as membership in T he Order of the Barristers, are pre- sented at this banquet. 1999 National Champion Admiralty Moot Court Team William Dominguez, Charles Ragland, Coach Bruce Bennett, Ralph Graham, Robert Galvin. Board of Advocates The University of Texas School of Law claims the priviledge of being the creator of the Order of the Barristers. The Order recog- nizes excellency in appellate advocacy (moot court) and trial advocacy (mock trial). Eventually the Order was expended on a nationwide scale, and today there are over 100 law schools across the country which boast Order of Barristers chapters. The UT law school is now the national administrator for the Order. •k Order of the it Barristers Brad Benoit John Scott Black Jennifer Britton Leah Castella Glenn Cormier Don Cruse Robert Galvin Laurie Higginbotham Jeremy Monthy MacRust -k Niemann Cup k Best Litigator of the Graduating Class John Scott Black Establishe d in 1912, Chancellors is the most prestigious honorary society of the School of Law. The purpose of the society is to honor and reward students who, through outstanding and consistent scholarship and achievement, have shown themselves most likely to succeed and to become a credit to their pro- fession and their alma mater. - Chancellors ■ Grand Chancellor: David Keith Isaak Vice-Chancellor: Gregg Jeffrey Costa Clerks: Bradley Jason Benoit, William R. Merrill Keepers of the Peregrinus: Leslie Irene Cummings, Jeremy J. Gaston Chancellors-at-Large: Brandon Eugene Bennett Misty Petry Burns Timothy Patrick Chastain John Flaxman Greenman Eric Brinn Hall Jeffrey Jackson Hobbs Ann Marie Horat Dean Russell Lanter Michael Maclaren Monroe Allison Leigh Sell Rebecca Sharon Smith UT Law m wins cham n i 28 - Board of Advocates Defeating 1 86 other universi- ties, the UT School of Law won its first national mock trial championship at a tournament last weekend. The first UT team swept the ballots at the Kansas City regional competition and then advanced to the National Student Trial Advocacy compe- tition in New Orleans, bringing home the trophy. The second team finished fifth. Robert C. May, coach of the team and a professional trial lawyer, said his team had a tremendous amount of experi- ence and they were willing to work hard. " This team was just awesome and I ' m so proud of these guys, May said. " I cried when they announced we won. It was uncontrollable. " May said he felt anxious dur- ing the final round because it was a tough competition that could ' ve gone in any direction. He said the teams ' success was due to the mutually supportive family atmosphere. " These students set their lives aside to do this, " May said. The championship team con- sisted of law students Jennifer Britton, John Scott Black, Rex Zgarba and Kathy Silver. Britton said an unknown mis- take in the registration proce- dure prevented the team from receiving their preparation packet until February — several months late and just a month before the competition. " It was intense practive for about 20 hours a week, " Britton said. " But we knew if we could get ready in two weeks for rew- gionals, we could get ready for nationals. " Britton said the competing teams were given a case topic and had to act out each part of the trial from cross examina- tions to closing statements. She said the mock trials are a tremendous benefit to studnets studying to be a tral lawyer because they become familiar with courtroom settings and more comfortable in front of a jury- May added that the practice students receive from the mock trials is invaluable. " The trials can h elp you beyond measure by going through the actual trial phase, " May said. Black said the short prepara- tion time helped the team devel- op the focus they needed. " Our focus was at a level I ' d never seen, " Black said. " We saw each round as a battle and, after every round, we felt like we could go on and win the whole thing. " He added that the talented team, tremendous amount of work, and one of the finest trial coaches in the country con- tributed to their championship. Black said, because their team won first place in this champi- onship, they have a chance to be invited to another mock trial competition — The Tournament of Champions — where only championship schools compete. Glenn Cormier, chairman of the UT Board of Advocates, who manages logistics for the team, said, though the University is known for acade- mics, the students have proven that the University has a good advocacy program. " We go to all the heavy-hit- ting competitions and we do well, " Cormier said. " This championshiop certainly helps our reputation by bringing us up another notch. " by Kimberly Gentile Daily Texan Staff Board of Advocates - 29 The Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association promotes and articulates the needs of Hispanic law students and recruits and retains Hispanics in the UT School of Law. CHLSA provided academic, financial, social, and career sup- port for its members. The acad- emic support included participa- tion in the first year Minority Orientation Program (MOP), exam-taking and outlining ses- sions, and resume and employ- ment preparation. The career area of assistance included minority job fairs, career ser- vices, clerkship, and scholarship programs coordinated in con- junction with the law school and various corporate sponsors. Clinics provided the students with valuable hands-on experi- ence and professional contacts. CHLSA also sponsored sever- al social mixers and receptions, along with its annual " Fajita Fiesta " and awards banquet, to provide its members with vari- ous networking opportunities. The organization is committed to providing a support network that affords each student the opportunity to have an intellec- tually challenging and success- ful law school experience. By working with University officials and state policy mak- ers, CHLSA continues to pre- serve and promote diversity at The University of Texas School of Law. FRONT ROW: Albert Tovar, David Hinojosa. Margo Garana. Marisela Rangel, Tina Campos. Andrew Walker. SECOND ROW: Bear David Montez. Brie Liberty Franco. Virginia Ramirez. Leslie Carrasco. Amaveli Lerma, David Ebert. BACK ROW: Rico Reyes. Bryan Lopez. Kassandra McLaughlin. Elsa Manzanares, Jesus Payan, Edgar Holguin. Benjamin Lane. V J - Chicano Hispanic Law Student Association iatertainment Sports Law Society . ? ' js ■■:-. P: 30 - Chicano Hispanic Law Student Association Sf pjS . II 1 H ii i fcr M % lie Law Student Association Entertainment Sports Law Society The Entertainment Sports Law Society is an organization dedicated to providing practical information from local enter- tainment and sports law attor- neys to students interested in this area of the law, including insider viewpoints on entertain- ment and sports practice in Texas, career opportunities, and general advice on preparing to practice. The Review of Entertainment and Sports Law, founded in . 1997, is published yearly by The Entertainment Sports Law Society, and is devoted to topics of practical interest to practitioners in Texas. FRONT ROW: Maggie Mills, Joey Berger, Brandon Blake, Stephen Wade Nebgen, Sean Rasberry, Mickey Minces, Raegan Lambert. BACK ROW: Kenneth Ashton, Scott Page, Cris Cook, Professor David Sokolow, Martin Szumanski, Adrian Stewart, Tyler Rudd. J[ A sT V JN Entertainment and Sports Law Society - 31 - The International Law Society is an organization designed to serve students interested in international law and interna- tional relationships, and to coordinate activities relating to these subjects. The ILS is the campus chapter of The Association of Student International Law Societies. The Society sponsors speakers on current international law topics throughout the year, coordinates and distributes information on foreign exchange and study abroad pro- grams, plus provides informa- tion on career opportunities in international law. % International Law Society Officers: Sunny Lin, Vice President; Laura Pendleton, President; William Papadopoulos, Program Director. rj SHWDWr-fclfc E f JaaB. ft fcMncillffihfcjT 1 32 - International Law Society J LLM STUDENTS ■RONT ROW: Macarena Velasco, Li Teng. Daniele Harriehausen, Kavita Thapar, •lsa Pinheibo. SECOND ROW: Ralf Mueller-Feldhammer, Daniel Nogueira, sfevgeniy Tregubenko, Jorge Jimenez. Third Row: Professor Michael Sturley, Salter Haberling, Ingo Marco Dietz, Julio R. Martinez. BACK ROW: Jose Eduardo apia. NOT PICTURED: Kyla Sharma, Elise Papillon, Martine Kraus, Julian avier Garza, Ruben Minutti. EXCHANGE STUDENTS FRONT ROW: Lynsey Buckland. Stuart O ' Brien, Yasmine Lahlou. SECOND ROW: Catherine Foley, Laura Gray, Francisco Vitali, Kathleen Rowley. BACK ROW: Michael Sturley, Vincent Anoriessen, Ross Annable. Daniel Jose. NOT PIC- TURED: Melissa Barltrop, Martin Luff, Andrew Calder, Adair Gordon-Orr. Exchange Students and LLM Students - 33 The Student Bar Association sponsores the Ex-Parte each Halloween, and the law students show just how creative they can be by designing some outstanding costumes. •a . . ' " " .■.. ' ' . .Vi ' ' .,4 %. J - - r • 9!a v. • ' jp i ■ 4 fe. Sfc a M , V 1 J 5 S i J Hi UN 5» r t S « . •■ f • m ,f- ; ln IM I " r 4kW . -Iri. " »B " ■SataM r - M ' Ef II 1 kn il ■ ' LdT A - : fflSE F w ' i 111 » W J A V . . % ' W ML. Ik - a l ■Si f r ifi J A ff ' IB H sp flUli. i Tjff f s ifcr = Hi Student Bar Association STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION BOARD OF GOVERNORS FRONT ROW: Rico Reyes. SECOND ROW: Christine Ruffner. Peter Madden, Morgan Sheinberg. Morgan Matson, Jeffrey Kitner, Amanda Ellis, Clint Harbour. THIRD ROW: Sean Rasberry, Ryan Willett, Jan Court, Michael Guevara, Heather Smith. BACK ROW: Erika Fisher, Wendy King, Luke Neslage. 34 - Student Bar Association With automatic membership for every law student, the Law School student body is orga- nized as the Student Bar Association. The governing body of the SBA is the Board of Governors, which meets bi- weekly and is composed of 18 elected members. SBA endeavors to carry out its objectives and contribute to the education of the law stu- dent by sponsoring programs that are both academic and extracurricular in nature. Through its Board of Governors, the Student Bar Association sponsors and supervises programs that fall into three main categories: ser- vices, professional, and social. Service programming pro- vides such needed and conve- nient services for law students as locker rentals, the Annual Blood Drive, professor evalua- tions and mail services. Professional concessions include various guest speakers, lecturers, seminars, student and faculty policy making commit- tees and mixers with various law firms. American Bar Association and State Bar Association services complete the list. Social activities include Fall Ex-Parte, the Spring Fling, happy hours, final study breaks, and the Freshlaw Midterm Party. ABOVE: Executive Officers Jan Court, Secretary: Luke Neslage, Vice President; Morgan Sheinberg, President; Christine Ruffner, Treasurer. BELOW: Rico Reyes tells stories to children at the Parents Night Out, an activity sponsored by the Student Bar Association. I Student Bar Association - 35 Teaching Quizmasters, or " TQs " , are a group of thirty upper-class law students who teach in the first year Legal Research and Writing course. TQs teach the legal research portion of this course and serve as teaching assistants to the writing lecturers for the legal writing portion of the course. Students selected to serve as Teaching Quizmasters must successfully complete a compe- tition based on demonstration of research, writing, and teaching skills. The TQs ' role in the law school community often extends beyond their official teaching duties. TQs are frequently called upon by their students to advise them on such matters as study techniques, career plans, taking examinations, personal problems, and how to adjust to the stress of law school. Being the one small group environ- ment in such a large law school, the TQ groups often participate in a variety of social and athlet- ic events, as well. BELOW RIGHT: Executive TQ Committee members Scott Simmons, Section 4 Coordinator; Sammi Whitmire Renk. Head T.Q.; Jennifer Britton, Section 3 Coordinator; Marquette Maresh, General Administrator: Steve Fahey, Section 2 Coordinator; and Ryan Levy, Section 1 Coordinator. BELOW LEFT: Scott Simmons, Kamina Pinders, Chris Williams. Nikki Hoffpauir. Amy Dinn. JBOVE: Section melJ 9 HP Teaching Quizmasters ( Teaching Quizmasters Karen Lister. Nikki Hoffpauir. Marquette Maresh. Amy Dinn. Sammi Whitmire, Sarah Starncs. 36 - Teaching Quizmasters Teaching Quizmasters Andrew Skinner, Lisa Bowlin. Steve Fahey. Rory Ferester, " U feu, Samantha Hale. David Sewell. •fclim uia..,, ' $■»» " " " ■itaC; . t l»l „Fjhey.R(«)f |tnish Arora, Jennifer Britton, Amy Dinn, Stephen Fahey, Scott Frieling. Nikki Hoffpauir, Jason Hyde. Lynn Le Cropane, Ryan Levy. Molly Malone. Marquette Maresh, |hris Peele, Rob Rickman, Scott Simmons. Sarah Staines. Katherine Traverse , Lisa Bowlin. Garry Davis, Sean Elliott. Rory Ferester. Samantha Hale. Blaine Hummel, pnifer King. Michael Leitch, Karen Lister. Richie Malone, Rudene Mercer. Sammi Renken. David Sewell. Andrew Skinner, Rich Stewart. Chris Williams. Teaching Quizmasters - 37 UT law student Hannah Freed mingles at the Review of Litigation banquet. Greg Zimmerman introduces the guest speaker at the Review of Litigation ban- quet held at the Hyatt hotel. Linda Eads spoke to UT law students about her experiences as a woman lawyer during the Review of Litigation banquet. Review of Litigation has Hispanic journal of hm ani Fokj The Review of Litigation is a law review of national scope devoted to issues of current interest to the practicing litiga- tor. Now in its 20th year, this publication was the first journal to provide a forum for topics related to trial and appellate advocacy. The Review pub- lishes articles and notes on evi- dentiary, procedural, and sub- stantive issues from recent liti- gation. The Review is run entirely by students who are responsible for the quality of each issue. Review members become fully involved in the publication process from initial editing to final proofreading. In addition, members must research and write a student note on a litiga- tion topic of their choice. The Law School ' s Review of Litigation held its banquet at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Austin. —Photos by Kristen Austin 38 - Review of Litigation fomofUfyatki Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy Journal Staff Editor-in-Chief Articles Editor Leslie Carrasco Yolanda Carnejo Policy Editor Managing Veronica Briseno and Administrative Editor Associate Policy Editor Marisela Rangel Victor Saenz Chief Articles and Notes Editor Symposium and Chris Moore Fund Raising Chair Notes Editor Chinwe Obianwu Albert Tovar Operations Technical Editor Javier Duran TEXAS HISPANIC JOURNAL OF LAW POLICY ONT ROW: Andrew Walker, Veronica Briseno, Leslie Carrasco, Marisela Rangel. BACK ROW: Albert Tovar, Chinwe Obianwu, Sergio Muniz, David Hinojosa. Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Public Policy - 39 ■ RIGHT: Staff Editors Sonali Kulkami, Elizabeth Weathers Nguyen, Amy Borgstedte, Angela Bishop, Jennifer Davidow. NOT PICTURED: Pam Geiger, Gitanjali Yadav. BELOW LEFT: Pam Geiger, Amy Borgstedte, Mary Maldonado, Jennifer Davidow, Jennifer Maund, Lisa Brown, Julia Massimino. BELOW RIGHT:Mary Maldonado, Symposium Director. Julia Massimino Editor-in-Chief Lisa Brown Chief Articles Editor Tanya Clay Executive Editor Jennifer Maund Articles Editor Alison Wong Articles Editor Leslie Williams Articles Editor Nzinga Hill Manuscript Editor Melissa Huling Manuscript Editor Marquette Maresh Director of Development Mary Maldonado Director of Symposium Ernest Cromartie Technical Editor Jennifer Kraber Community Service Coordinator 2H0| 1 f § 3, " Our Place in History: A Reception Celebrating Women in the Law " FRONT ROW: Reception Speakers Elyse Rosenblum, Beverly Tarplay, Wilminor Carl, Chris Elizalde. SECOND ROW: Eri Ogburn, Marquette Maresh, reception speaker Colonel Denise Vowell, Julia Massimino, Leslie Williams, Elizabeth Weathers Nguyen, Pam Geiger. THIRD ROW: Sonali Kulkarni, reception speakers Surrenden Angly, Barbara Davenport, Myra McDanie Judge Geraldine Tennant, Melissa Huling, Mary Maldonado. BACK ROW: Jennifer Davidow, Jennifer Kraber, amy Borgstcdli Lisa Brown, Gitanjali Yadav, Nzinga Hill. 40 - Texas Journal of Women and the Law Texas Law Fellowships (TLF) is a student-run nonprofit cor- poration at The University of Texas School of Law dedicated to promoting public interest law among University law students. TLF ' s primary mission is to fund summer fellowships for students to serve in nonprofit legal service organizations. Founded in 1987 by a group of law students who were con- cerned with the lack of public interest opportunities at the law school, Texas Law Fellowships has made great progress toward its goal of expanding public interest awareness and opportu- nity by funding 30 student fel- lows. FRONT ROW: Susan Kolar, Chris Trickey, Andrea Chilton Greer, Allison Wong, Shoshona Paige. Heather Kramer, Jeff Hearne. BACK ROW: Jim Keating, Christian Capitaine, Victoria Capitaine, Sunny Lin, Amy Horowitz, Andrew Keller, Dana Matthews, Ben Hartman, Jon Self. NOT PICTURED: Cheryl Rubenstein. Elissa Steglich, Krisan Patterson, Eric Myers, Kristin Gruener.. — photos by AaronWiethoof Texas Law Fellowships - 4 1 The Texas Law Review publishes seven issues each year and is consis- tently ranked among the top ten law reviews in the nation. The Review pub- lishes articles, essays, and book reviews by profes- sors, judges, and practic- ing attorneys, as well as notes written by the Review ' s student members. The Texas Law Review also publishes and regular- ly updates two widely- used reference books, the Texas Law Review Editorial Board Manual on Usage and Style and the Texas Rules of Form. After long hours of work on an issue, Review mem- bers relax at post-issue parties and monthly lunch- es featuring speakers on current topics. An annual Alumni Banquet is held each spring, and the Review fields intramural Texas Law Review . teams and publishes a; JHI: Suit itUugn tfit t I Women ' s U« Cans ?«! »• weekly newsletter to keep , members informed. Women ' s Law Caucus l H Cbuans. 1 ■■•-■•.-,- " 42 - Texas Law Review W the teams and publishes | weekly newsletter to keq members informed. RIGHT: Sarah Weddington spoke at (the Women ' s Law Caucus spring ban- Iquet about her experiences being a [woman praticing law. The Women ' s Law Caucus serves to raise awareness about issues important to women. Its aims include promotion of research and educational pro- grams addressing aspects of the law of concern to women, dicussion of creative responses to these issues, recruitment of women interested in the law, and creation of a social and political support group for women students pursing a legal education at The University of Texas School of Law. TtONT ROW: Dana Lewis. Mari Robinson, Maria Bickerton, Marsha Acock, Kirstine Rogers, Andrea Greer. Cynthia Veidt. Frances Yturri, Gretchen Hoffmann, Katrina ilodgett. Beverly Bond, Kristen Huff, Andrea Knight, Marta McLaughlin, Jessie Campbell, Melissa Prentice. SECOND ROW: Sammi Whitmire, Rudene Mercer, Sherry Ialton. Kendyl Hanks. Erin McGrath, Marjorie Cohen. Traci Tadwalt, Christie Ryan, Megan Sylvester, Susanna Lawson, A. Krisan Patterson, Shoshana Paige, Elissa Steglich. BACK ROW: Jehanne Henry, Joelle Schulze, Allison Bowers, Gwendolyn Dawson, Amy Hsu, Meredith Jones. Susan Alexander. Carrie Chapman, Roberta Ritvo, Michelle Chuang. Women ' s Law Caucus - 43 44 - Classes I .-.- » ' i 2V s I I 1 i TOWNES k S2AILL 3 ' V! W E ][ ll]:];::[]in — -r lUtf 7- ' = MHIMLAW, AMD) IFMESMILAW Classes - 45 Brigham Young University, Texas Journal of Business Law Editor-in-Chief. ftSSS " 46 - Seniors _ rui on A- I Cornwell. Douglas Grant. Round Rock I Southwest Texas State University. ( ' iiinmincs. Leslie Irene. Austin; Washington and Lee University, Texas Law Review. Curson, Leslie Beth. Houston; The University of Texas at Austin. Davila, Darrell Dexter. Corpus Christi; Texas A M University. Board of Advocates. Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association. Aggie Law Students Association. Student Recruitment and Orientation Committee. Seniors - 47 Davis, Edmund M. " Skip " , Austin; University of Denver. Board of Advocates, Thurgood Marshall Legal Society, Entertainment and Sports Law Journal Associate Editor, Intramural Sports Council. Duvall, ChristopherC. Austin; Texas A M University, Assault Flattery. Eaves, Allison Victoria. Houston; University of Houston. Texas International Law Journal, Assault Flattery. Engerman, Jeffrey Cahn, Highland Park 1L; Tulane University, Board of Advocates, Texas International Law Journal. Austin Inns of Court, Assault Flattery. International Law Journal.. Feldman, Cristen David, Austin; Tulane University. Foster, Dan Wade, Austin; The University of Texas at Austin. Giuglianno, Mark Anthony, Austin; Yale University, Texas Law Review Chief Articles Editor, Board of Advocates. ■ " P» I» k». j»: (•racey, Stephen Nathaniel, Houston; Houston Baptist University, International Law Society. Environmental Imw Journal. Assault Flattery. Greenberg, Tracy Saffren, Austin University of Florida. Assault Flattery. Greene, Ryan Douglas, San Jose CA; University of California at Davis, Texas Law Review. Greenwood, Ann Katherine. Austin; Wake Forest University. The Review of Litigation Notes Editor. Intellectual Property Law Society. Entertainment and Sports Law Society. fc tail i , 48 - Seniors LWOM, Of HOKBO Tow MtffWWBf Guevara, Michael Anthony. Dallas; Mid America Nazarene University, Student Bar Association. Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association. Cabinet of College Councils. Legal Eagles. Hagen, Lars Walteralvin. St. Charles MO; University of Missouri - Columbia. Higginbotham, Laurie Michelle. Round Rock; The University of Texas at Austin. Board of Advocates. Inns of Court. Assault Flattery. Texas Law Fellowships Board and Recipient, Women ' s Roundtable. Texas Journal of Women and the Law. Hill, Nzinga, Gretna LA: Saint Louis University. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society, Texas Journal of Women and the Law, Women ' s Roundtable. uMirtAHhw L ' liKTiiij. Urn U i Hilton, Robert Collins. Greenville; The I niMTsity of Texas at Austin, Phi Alpha Delta. Intellectual Property Law Society. Nov it c Mock Trial Quarterfinalist. Hines, Laurie Tamar. Austin; Lawrence University, Texas International Law Journal, Texas Law Fellowships. Women ' s Law Caucus, Assault Flattery. Hoffpauir, Nicole Lynn. Upper Marlboro MD; Georgetown University, Teaching Quizmasters, Texas International Law Journal Director of Development, Assault Flattery Producer. Women ' s Law Caucus Mentor. Holub, Shannon Ryan. Austin; University of Notre Dame, Public Interest Law Association. ml can -™ . (w Hu, F.dwin J.. 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Eric Michael, Midland; The University of Texas at Austin Ash, Christopher L., Austin; Brigham Young University lijiae Mink. Aim. Sracisl ' iiwBi) 8mi. Jennifer EUaac. Austar. Nonheast Louisiana L ' njvcrarj ;, Avalos, Peggy Susan, Georgetown; The University of Texas at Austin Bajaj, Vikas, Austin; University of California at San Diego Baldwin, Kristi Dawn. Sherman; Texas A M University Barrow, Wade Austin. Austin; Baylor University Km •win 66 - Freshlaw km ABboo. Eric Michael. Mutate,,.,,,, Texas at Austin Bell, Jaime Nicole. Austin: Syracuse University Bell. Mollie Bene. Cedar Park; Lamar University Ask, Christopher 1_ Atisia. j Berry, Jennifer Kllaine. Austin; j ot 8nftaVt«tlJii(n W Northeast Louisiana University Bhakta, Leena 15.. Alvin; University of California - Irvine Benson, Carter Bryce. Sherman; Vanderbilt University Biren, Sarah E„ Austin; Lafayette College Berry, David Andrew. Abilene; Texas Tech University Blodgett, Katrina Ane. 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Cedar Creek; Texas A M University - Corpus Christi Ciupitu, Theo Alex, Austin; Florida State University 68 - Freshlaw in: The University of Texs l Anson Cohen, Marjorie Leigh, Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Cat Sink Anne. Tyler ft University of Tea Dawson, Gwendolyn, Tomball; Rice University Connatser, Adam Stephen, Piano; Baylor University deFerranti, Matthew David. Austin; Duke University Cook, James Cris, Mission Viejo CA; University of California - Berkeley de Give, Henry Robert, Olympia WA; University of Washington Damre, Sameer A.. Arlington; University of California - Los Angeles DeithlofT, Timothy John. Austin; Texas A M University •» List ™ 1 ' ' ■0 Denhami, William Ernest IV, Beaumont; University of Alabama Diaz, Aileen Cruz, Dallas: Southern Methodist University Diaz, Jennifer Ellen, Austin; University of Oklahoma Dixon, Sarah Lynn, Austin; University of North Carolina Freshlaw - 69 Freshlaw Ellwanger, Jay David. 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Austin; Texas Tech University Godfrey, Lindsey Napier, Austin; Yale University Hart, Karen Lynn. El Paso; The University of Texas at El Paso Hearne, Jeffrey Martin. Dallas; The University of Texas at Austin Hoffmann, Gretchen McCord. Houston: Rice University aw -71 Freshlaw Holland, Eric Jonathan. Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Huff, Kristen D., Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Ibarra, Regina Kye, Austin: Oklahoma Baptist University Humphries, Badge Shields. Austin; Tulane University Irvin, Jason James, Houston: The University of Texas at Austin James, Scott Alan, Austin; Louisiana State University Jett, Daci L„ Austin; Illinois State University KkSmEluabetMa liKranofNontTra Skin. Chifa Ala. W Mniwatt Jordan, Myriah LeAnn, Austin; John Brown University Keller, Andrew Nathan. Austin; Swarthmore College Kidwell, Susan A., Austin; Wesleyan University Kim, Mi Hyon, Austin; The University of Texas at Austin KfcMiHjon-W Austin Freshlaw - 73 Massumkhani, Kamron, Houston; University of Pennsylvania McConn, Timothy Scott, Houston; University of Notre Dame Meachum Aubrey Michelle Dallas; The University of Texas at Austin Melton, Scott Eugene, Austion; The University of Texas at Arlington Mesches, Benjamin Lee, Austin; Trinity University Miller, Beau Alan, Austin; Louisiana State University Miller, Donald D„ Amarillo The University of Texas at Austin Moore, Jonathan Marrque, Austin; Murray State University Ml Scott. San Ammo; TV Universirj ofTexisat A«a» Te »AiSi, ' 74 - Freshlaw SuieUnivtrsii, Murdock, John Andrew, Atlanta; Texas A M University Naron, Mandy Kay, Odessa; Hardin-Simmons University Navrkal, Harvey, Austin; Creighton University Noack, Craig Allen, San Antonio; The University of Texas at Austin rick Mehon, Scod Eugene. Aisoa The University of Teiasa fta Ailinfton State UniversP :ru An : Mii» Ortiz, Scott. San Antonio; The University of Texas at Austin Parsons, Michael Chad. Albany; Texas Christian University Pate, Robert Matthew. El Paso; Georgetown University Patterson, Ann Marie. Dallas; Southern Methodist University Pellenberg, Tara Michelle. Houston; The University of Texas at Austin Pollard. Elizabeth Ann, Austin; University of Mississippi Pritchard, Gordon Evan. Salado; The University of Texas at Austin Quddos, Samina Al, Austin; University of Houston Freshlaw - 75 Freshlaw Sr Oiiin i. Paul Anthony, Las Cruces NM; New Mexico State University Reposa, Adam, San Antonio; The University of Texas at Austin Reyes, Rico.Bastrop; Harvard University Stop, Daid» Aia» UtlpoaytfTaM An Rogers, William J., Austin; University of St. Thomas Ryan, Mary Madeleine, Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Sanoner, Michelle Patricia, Houston; Miami University Sapstead, Chris H., Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Bavtal ' ijtnsn Schmid, Kimberly Marie. Amarillo; The University of Texas at Austin Schulz, Andy, Duncanville; The University of Texas at Austin Schulz, Michelle, Dallas; Tulane University Self, Scott William. Austin; Rhodes College 76 - Freshlaw »» R Tes. Rico.B; tafhqj Wvasih •ma SipsWdChreH-AMir! Man LuvastjofTeiasaiAiiH Sharp, Daniel Wade, Austin: The University of Texas at Austin Snhrt. Kaci Re ' lyn, Alvin; Baylor University Szumanski, Martin T. J.. Copenhagen Denmark: The University of Texas at Austin Sherwood, Andrew George, Austin; Trinity University Spiliotis, Nickolas George, Carrollton; Tulane University Talton, Sherry Lynn, Piano; Northwestern State University Shippee, Christian Park, El Paso; Texas Tech University Stewart, Douglas E., Conroe; Trinity University Taylor, Bryan McDaniel. Amarillo; University of Alabama Simons, Ann Elizabeth, Edna; The University of Texas at Austin Storm, Eric Brian. Austin; Brigham Young University Thomasson, Russell Hutchings, Lubbock; Texas Tech University Freshlaw - 77 Tirandaz, Maryam. League City; Cornell University Tsai, Lisa S., Houston; Princeton University Wagley, Ryan Scott. Port Neches; Brigham Young University K ' MdLKeiiiSLAMK ' Walker, Worthy Waring. Garland; Southern Methodist University Walter, Michel Caryn. Houston; University of Pennsylvania Wan, Michelle Wymae. Denton; Rice University Wettstein, Mollie E.. Austin; Texas Lutheran University White, Amy Elizabeth. Houston; The University of Texas at Austin Whitmire, Russell Thomas. Corpus Christi; Texas A M University Whitten, Allison Elizabeth. Sinton; Trinity University Wilburn. Randall Bryan. Austin; Texas A M University 78 - Freshlaw fatNtdKBrifhamYroni I ' nraitv Wood, Kevin M.. Austin: Hardin-Simmons University Yannitell, Anthony Paul. Austin; Louisiana State University York, Courtney Susanne, Lubbock; The University of Texas at Austin Young, Nolan Sutphin, Austin: Southwestern University Freshlaw - 79 80 - Deans, Faculty, and Staff s I I il llll ll l ll l l l 1 11 I ii ii mi " " m i i I Hi ll 11 1 1 11 1 11 1 33 I u r - MEANS, FACULTY, AMD) STAFIF Deans, Faculty, and Staff - 81 M. Michael Sharlot, B.A., LL.B., Dean John Jeffers Research Chair in Law and Wright C. Morrow Professor in Criminal Law Steven J. Goode, B.A., J.D., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Fulbright Jaworski Professor in Law Distinguished Teaching Professor Gerald Torres, A.B., J.D., LL.M., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs H. O. Head Centennial Professor in Real Property Law B-A..J.D 82 - Deans nl ll 1 Wl 1 J % . rf Alexandra W. Albright, B.A., J.D., Assistant Dean for Career Services Associate Dean for Student Services Senior Lecturer Susana I. Aleman, B.S., M.Ed., M.S., J.D. Assistant Dean for Student Affairs JT A.B..J.D..LL William Robert Watson Bachelor of General Studies, J.D., Assistant Dean for Continuing Legal Education Juan J. Zabala, B.B.A., Assistant Dean for Administration Executive Director, Law School Foundation Deans - 83 ' David A. Anderson, A.B., J.D., Thompson Knight Centennial Professor in Law Elvia R. Arriola, B.A., J.D., M.A., Senior Lecturer Hans W. Baade, B.A., Dr. Jur., LL.B., Hugh Lamar Stone Chair in Civil Law fc IcMN.BenBanJAJJU u Lynn A. Baker, B.A., Honours B.A., J.D., Thomas Watt Gregory Professor in Law Lynn El UD..P 84 - Faculty 1 1 Ifci U00M I]) " Lynn E. Blais, A.B., J.D., Professor Philip Chase Bobbin, A.B., J.D., Ph.D., A. W. Walker Centennial Chair in Law Faculty - 85 ..;.. ' !: s : . Cynthia L. Bryant, B.A., J.D., Lecturer Loftus C. Carson, II, B.S., M. Pub. Aff., J.D., M.B.A., Ronald D. Krist Professor ♦ RoberiO.DawsoB.flA Jj 5 MWOR Michael J. Churgin, A.B., J.D., Raybourne Thompson Centennial Professor in Law Sarah H. Cleveland, A.B., M.St., J.D.. Assistant Professor 86 - Faculty JfA fc Joseph M. Dodge, B.A., LL.B., LL.M., W. H. Francis, Jr. Professor in Law John S. Dzienkowski, B.B.A., J.D., John S. Redditt Professor in State and Local Government Faculty - 87 ' n ' JwftSl Jk Cynthia L. Estlund, B.A. J.D., Leroy G. Denman, Jr. Regents Professor in Real Property Law William E. Forbath, A.B., B.A., J.D., Ph.D., Angus G. Wynne, Sr. Professor in Civil Jurisprudence and Professor in History Thomas L. Evans, B.S., J.D., Judge Benjamin Harrison Powell Professor in Law Mark P. Gergen, B.A., J.D., Joseph C. Hutcheson Professor in Law MosG.Ganaa.AJJ WE. Sheffield Rep hi - 1 88 - Faculty Robert W. Hamilton, A.B., J.D., Minerva House Drysdale Regents Chair Patricia I. Hansen, A.B., M.P.A., J.D., Assistant Professor Faculty - 89 .■■■ ' l ' -sw ® % [ J. Patrick Hazel, S.T.L., M.Ed., J.D., Tiny Gooch Centennial Professor in Trial Practice Henry T. C. Hu, B.S., M.A., J.D., Allan Shivers Chair in the Law of Banking and Finance Uotom!LUD..A CUatfMHri Samuel Issacharoff, B.A., J.D., Joseph D. Jamail Centennial Chair in Law Stanley M. Johanson, B.S., LL.B., LL.M.. Fannie Coplin Regents Chair and Distinguished Teaching Professor ■■H Wessorinpy 90 - Faculty iflLlM ' HI Brian R. Leiter, A.B., 7.D., Ph.D., Joe A. Worsham Centennial Professor in Law and Professor in Philosophy Mark A. Lemley, B.A., J.D., Professor Faculty - 91 m ■ ■ $ « Sanford V. Levinson, B.S., Ph.D., J.D., W. St. John Garwood and W. St. John Garwood, Jr. Centennial Chair in Law and Professor in Government Inga Markovits, Dr. Jur., LLM., " The Friends of Jamail " Regents Chair in Law h M Mersky. 8.1. ID, UAL Stamps Parish Professor a Ln a and Martha RwanH) do Ca Fellow in Law and Dseaar ( Richard S. Markovits, B.A., Ph.D., LL.B., Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. Centennial Professor in Law Thomas O. McGarity, B.A., J.D., W. James Kronzer Chair in Trial and Appellate Advocacy 92 - Faculty Roy M. Mersky, B.S., J.D., M.A.L.S., The William iwB. Dr. k.,lLM., " Tie Friends of I Stamps Farish Professor in Law and Elton M. Hyder, in Law Jr. and Martha Rowan Hyder Centennial Faculty Fellow in Law and Director of Research Neil W. Netanel, B.A., J.D., Professor Christy B. Nisbett, B.A., M.A., J.D., Senior Lecturer Faculty - 93 .■;.■ " . i ... .-- David M. Rabban, B.A., J.D., Dahr Jamail, Randall Hage Jamail and Randall Lee Jamail Regents Chair in Law Jack T. Ratliff, B.A., LL.B., Ben Gardner Sewell Professor in Civil Trial Advocacy ■Tar ' ■h«B.Jt.8A,J.D,HiMsH. Baker AaMcy Baker Chairin iessor Steven R. Ratner, A.B., J.D., M.A., Professor Alan S. Rau, B.A., LL.B., Robert F. Windfohr and Anne Burnett Windfohr Professor in Oil, Gas and Mineral Law ♦ ..BeaGarterS JJ TnalAM David W. Robertson, B.A., LL.B., LLM., J.S.D. W. Page Keeton Chair in Tort Law John A. Robertson, B.A., J.D., Vinson Elkins Chair in Law Faculty - 95 w .ianfci Wayne C. Schiess, B.A., J.D., Lecturer ' dS l Uu tartly i. tU,U, William Benj; tbc Professor in Law Charles M. Silver, B.A., M.A., J.D., Cecil D. Redford Professor in Law and Professor in Government ♦ i CMteM " jD„ Lecturer David S. Sokolow, B.A., M.A., J.D., M.B.A., Senior Lecturer Ernest E. Smith, B.A., LL.B., Rex G. Baker Centennial Chair in Natural Resources Law Jordan M. Steiker, B.A., J.D., Cooper K. Ragan Regents Professor in Law Faculty - 97 ■ 98 - Faculty - Jay L. Westbrook, B.A., J.D., Benno C. Schmidt Chair in Business Law dCtar Zipporah B. Wiseman, B.A., LL.B., Thos. H. Law m Business and Commercial U«| Centennial Professor in Law Faculty - 99 ' • PROFESSORS EMERITI Richard V. Bamdt, B.S.L., LL.B. William W. Gibson, Jr.. B.A.. LL.B. William O. Huie, B.A., LL.B., S.J.D. W. Page Keeton, B.A., LL.B., S.J.D. J. Henry Wilkinson, Jr., B.S.C., LL.B. Emerili on Modified Service Corwin W. Johnson. A.B., J.D. J. Leon Lebowitz, A.B., LL.B. John F. Sutton, J.D. Charles Alan Wright, B.A., LL.B. CLINICS, JUDICIAL INTERNSHIPS TRIAL ADVOCACY SKILLS Capital Punishment Raoul Schonemann, B.A., J.D., LL.M., Adjunct Rita Radostitz, B.A., J.D., Adjunct Robert C. Owen, A.B., M.A., J.D., Adjunct Children ' s Rights Cynthia L. Bryant, B.A., J.D., Lecturer James Andrew Hathcock, B.A., J.D., Lecturer Criminal Defense William P. Allison, B.A., J.D., Lecturer Kenneth E. Houp, B.A. J.D., Lecturer Kenneth D. Schubb, B.A., J.D., Lecturer David A. Sheppard, B.A., J.D., Adjunct Domestic Violence Sarah M. Buel, B.A., J.D., Lecturer Jeana L. Lungwitz, B.A., J.D., Lecturer Laura A. Martinez, B.A., J.D., Lecturer Elder Law Susan R. Whitman, B.A., J.D.. Lecturer Housing (Spring only) Fred Fuchs, B.A., J.D., Adjunct Immigration (will start Spring 1999) Barbara Hines, B.A., J.D., Lecturer Juvenile Justice Pamela J. Sigman, B.A., J.D., Supervisor . Elaine Carpenter, B.A., J.D., Lecturer David Grassbaugh, B.A., J.D., Lecturer L. Nora Soliz, B.B.A., J.D., Lecturer Elaine Carpenter, Lecturer Ruben Castaneda, B.A., J.D., Lecturer L. Nora Soliz, Lecturer Frances Johnson, Lecturer Mediation Kimberlee K. Kovach, B.S., J.D., Lecturer Mental Health Michael J. Churgin, Professor Trail Advocacy Skills Civil Litigation (Advanced) Alan D. Albright, B.A., J.D., Lectuti ' . . ycCooiw - BA.J-D Joseph C. Parker, Jr., B.A.. M.P.A. J.D., Lecturer Jan Soifer, B.A., J.D Skills (Basic) Amy E. Casner, B.S., J.D., Lecturers „ Dexter E. Gilford, A.S., B.S., J.D., Lecturer Guillermo Gonzalez, B.A., J.D., Lecturer Herman C. Gotcher, B.A., LL.B., Adjunct William B. Mange, B.A., J.D., Lectli ' Jo Ann Merica, B.A., J.D., Lecturer Joseph C. Parker, Jr., B.A., M.P.A., J.D., Lecturer Brian J. Roark, B.A., J.D.. Lecturer Eric M. Shepperd, B.A., J.D.. Lectin BAlD-W (ill 1 .. W 8 - |Spw.BA.H - pA.Bitn.B.BA CTPROrBSOBA pWAWB.BA.IJ ,R. tfDBifeB.S.Ei-Hitt LG,Birto.BiQ£.IJ fcuKBeKtMSWJD- Bora BAlB. " teW.BteiBilB [HisietlwuBiU-B jjta, Bitot. BA. MA. Ui A.C1U20S.BAJB ACteB-BAlB |fc tl » «! MIA bl 1U IB r x fwtC 1 1- 100 -Faculty T -ID. liJJJ, «5SS SET Jan Soifer. BA IJ). lamtr , Alan Waldrop, B.A.. J.D., Lecturer ludicial Internships Is, tea Ann Smith. B.A., M.A.. J.D rfichael J. McCormick. B.A.. J.D. lose Spector, B.A.. J.D. ames A. Baker, B.B.A. -JA.IH, uctiffcr HtraaiC. Adjnna William B. Mange. B-A J J . )oAmMeridBA,J.D, fe«ph C. Parkef. Jr, B JL MJ-J ID. tan Bna ' Ro»UA.lj),_ EncM.SheppenlBA.J.D, Lo, iDJUNCT PROFESSORS AND )THER LECTURERS Jrcgory W. Abbott. B.B.A., J.D. Villiam R. Allensworth. B.A.. J.D. Jivid D. Bahler, B.S.E.E.. M.S.E.E. Villiam G. Barber, B.S.Ch.E., J.D. Ulison H. Benesch, M.S.W., J.D. Vndrew Bowman, B.A., J.D., M. iugene W. Brees. II, B.S.. J.D. ,E. " Buster " Brown. B.S., LL.B. V. Amon Burton. B.A., M.A.. LL.B. IttJlidward A. Cavazos, B.A., J.D. oseph A. Cialone, II., B.A., J.D. JeffCivins.A.B..M.S.,J.D. Leif M. Clark. B.A., M.Div., J.D. David Cohen, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.. J.D. Dick DeGuerin. B.A.. LL.B. Hector de Leon, B.S., J.D. Casey Dobson. B.A., J.D. Philip Durst, B.A., J.D. Anver M. Emon. B.A.. J.D. Paul H. Fleming. B.A., M.Ed., Ed.D. Eric R. Galton, B.A.. J.D. Thomas W. George, B.S., M.S., J.D., LL.M. Frank E. Goodrich, B.A., J.D. James C. Harrington. B.A., M.A., J.D. P. Michael Hebert, A.B., J.D. Patrick C Higginbotham, B.A.. LL.B. Jeffrey L. Hobart, A.B., J.D. Matthew Hoffman, B.A., J.D. Mark L. Kincaid, B.B.A.. J.D. Tracy W. McCormack, B.A., J.D. Thomas M. Melshcimer, B.A., J.D. Kazel Y. Morgan, B.A., M.A. Harry L. Munsinger, B.A.. Ph.D., J.D. Floyd R. Nation, B.M.E., J.D. Manuel H. Ncwburgcr, B.A., J.D. Elizabeth C. Ozmun, B.A., J.D. David L. Parker, B.A., Ph.D., J.D. Jan Patterson, B.A., J.D. Daniel F. Perez, B.S.Ch.E., J.D. Louis T. Pirkey, B.S.Ch.E., J.D. Jonathan Pratter, B.A., J.D., M.L.S. Brian C. Rider, B.A., J.D. Jennifer S. Riggs, B.A., J.D. George L. Robertson, B.B.A., LL.B. Leonard J. Schwartz, B.B.A., J.D. Kelly J. Shackelford, B.B.A., J.D. William D. Signet. B.S., Diplome d ' Etudes Politiques, J.D. Reagan W. Silber, B.A., J.D. Keith A. Stiverson. B.S.. M.S.L.S., J.D. William F. Stutts. Jr.. B.A., J.D. Jan Summer, B.A., M.A., J.D. Monika L. Szakasits, B.A., J.D. Mark A. Thurmon. B.S.E.E., J.D. Terry O. Tottenham. B.S., J.D., LL.M. Robert W.. Turner, B.A., LL.B. Lana K. Varney, B.J.. J.D. Clark C. Watts, B.A., M.D., J.D. Paul L. Womack, B.S.. J.D. E. Jo Wilson, B.S., M.A., J.D. Stephen E. Young. B.A., M.L.S. Elizabeth M. Youngdale, B.A., J.D., M.L.I.S. Faculty - 101 LIBRARY ADMINISTRATION FRONT ROW Fita Coronado Andrea Drake-Stephan Adrienne Diehr BACK ROW: Jill Duffy Gwyn Anderson Vince Cowan Lisa Brenner Rick Garza HEAD LIBRARIAN Roy Mersky DEPUTY DIRECTOR Keith Ann Stiverson ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Brian Quigley CATALOGING Andrew Escude Betty Cogswell Kathy Till-Watts Debra Crawford-Black Barbara Washecka John Murray 102 - Library Staff CIRCULATION Joe H. Dowell Steve E. Young John R. Ramington RESERVES Kumar Percy W. Jay Kleine Bust of Charles Abbott REFERENCE Beth Youngdale Kumar Percy Monika Szakasits Library Staff- 103 ACQUISITIONS SERIALS FRONT ROW: Cathy Mantor-Ramirez Monica Moore Lisa Harris BACK ROW Leticia Garcia Pierrette Moreno Kenneth McCoy PUBLIC SERVICES FRONT ROW: Mike Widener Stephanie Towery Barbara Bridges Adrienne de Vergie Liz Saucedo BACK ROW: June Liebert Tobe Liebert Jon Pratter 104 -Staff LAW SCHOOL FOUNDATION FRONT ROW: Hollis Levy Kathy Reed John Ferrick BACK ROW: Liz Aston Abby Hemphill Irma Santana CONTINUING EDUCATION FRONT ROW: Sandy G. Bunevick Bill Conley Gay A. Dotin Jerry Larson Jamie Woods BACK ROW: Karey M. Gonzalez Julianne M. Forcier Otis Smith Jr. Bill Watson Staff- 105 ADMISSIONS Amy Sladczyk Black Katherine Marie Rosas Shelli D. Soto Barbara Murphy Gabriella Edwards Terrie Pinkerton CAREER SERVICES Donna Daugherty Kathryn Holt Richardson Erin Elizabeth Sweeney Tom Henninger Renee Bizzell Staci Pope Chris Jennings Skip Home Anastasia Budziszewski Daryl Grisgrabber 106 -Staff COMMUNICATIONS STAFF Charlotte Richards Eben Laurie Susan Robbins La Keyshia Ulright Stacey Anderson KEETON ' S CASINO Emma J. Brown Dedric L. Crenshaw Olga M. Liscano Staff- 107 FINANCIAL AID Shirley Cannon Linda Alba Anna Maria Saldana MEDIA SERVICES Donald J. Dodson, Jr. Peter Hancock 108 -Staff FACULTY SECRETARIES FRONT ROW: Suzanne Hassler Kim Simpson Dottie Lee Scott Vdoviak Trenell Johnson Philip Anthony Nichols Patricia Kay Floyd BACK ROW: Edie Lou Baugh Debbie Steed Diane Thompson Dee Welborn Melanie Webb PRINT SHOP Fredo Murphy Viet Nguyen David Dominguez Richard Bolden Eliseo Reyna Staff- 109 fjB0 The Legal Research Board was charted by the State Bar of Texas to provide legal research and prepare legal memoranda for practicing attorneys. Membership selection is based upon outstanding performance in UT ' s freshlaw legal research and writing program. The Legal Research Board Legal Research Boar provides a unique opportunil for students to develop an refine skills acquired in th basic legal Research an Writing Course. By providin students an opportunity to de; with problems confrontin Texas attorneys, the Board cu: tivates legal reasoning skills an provides valuable feedback 110 -Closing Texas International Law Journal Baseball Team. Legal Research Bo; ' ■ Povidesauniqueoppottu J f « students to develop rt «fine skills acquired in n " basic kpl Research ! Writing Course. Bypm, s«udents an opportunity to , ■ " K with problems confront ■ Tea attorneys. He Board, tivates legal reasoning skills wd provides ' ■ • The Texas Intellectual |roperty Law Journal is dedi- ted to publishing articles on aspects of intellectual prop- ty law of both national and ate interest. Topics included i the Journal are patents, copy- [ghts. trademarks, entertain- ment law, and unfair competi- |on. The articles and notes fea- red in the Journal are written ly scholars, practitioners, and ludents. The Journal participates in |rite-on competition for selec- lon of its members. Selection riteria is based upon writing ltd analytical skills demonstrat- ll in the competition, n Once on the staff, students lirticipate in editing articles and managing all aspects of the Journal ' s cration. The Journal is published in three issues per year. Members will perfect legal research and writing skills while writing their student note during the second year. The Journal also invites members of the practicing intellectual prop- erty community to come and speak with members. Appointment to the Journal ' s editorial board permits further contacts with practitioners and enhances the managing skills of the board member. The Journal also has several social activities each semester, giving members the opportunity to know one another outside of the law school environment. Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal Closing - 1 1 1 1999 Peregrinus Sponsors The staff of the 1999 Peregrinus Law School Yearbook wish to express sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the attorneys and law firms who have served as sponsors for this publication. Abrams Scott Bickley, L.L.P. 600 Travis, 6601 Chase Tower Houston, Texas 77002 713-228-6601 Brown, Parker Leahy, L.L.P. 1200 Smith, Suite 3600 Houston, Texas 77005 713-654-8111 Clements, O ' Neill, Pierce Nickens, L.L.P. 1000 Louisiana, Suite 1800 Houston, Tex as 77002-5009 713-654-7600 Bob Fisher ' 57 Houston Jeff B. Love 3744 In wood Houston, Texas 77019 Mithoff Jacks, L.L.P. 500 Dallas St., Suite 3450 Houston, Texas 77002 713-654-1122 Elton M. Montgomery J. Burleson Smith Cox Smith Incorporated 112 East Pecan Street, Suite 1800 San Antonio, Texas 78205 112 -Sponsors RTwfl Ills ll. ' l Texas 78205 ±£ Wi£ -Jo -JrLZ €L all o jiggg UNIVERSITY CO-OP hW» KSTORE DeLeon, Boggins icenogle A Professional Corporation ATTORNEYS AT LAW Congratulations, Graduates of 99 221 West 6th Street Bank One Tower • Suite 1050 Austin, Texas 78701 (512) 478-5308 • Fax (512) 482-8628 .- AUSTIN SOUTH Congratulations to the Class of ' 99 3401 South IH-35 Austin, Texas 78741 tel: (512) 448-2444 • fax:(512)448-4999 " Austin ' s Premier Convention Hotel " Advertising- 113 B The Law Alumni Association welcomes you and looks forward to your participation in your ALSSociation, S LA 1931 The Law Alumni Association Executive Committee Buddy Banack, ' 65 John Beckwortn, ' 83 Liaa A. Brown, ' 89 Tonya Brown, ' 87 Scott G. Buraine, ' 85 Jamet V. Derrick, Jr., ' 70 Jokn W. Fainter, ' 63 Janie L. Frank, ' 84 Roger B. Greenberg, ' 70 Laura J. Hagen, ' 76 Laquita A. Hamilton, ' 86 Brad B. Hawley, ' 82 Annette Jonea, ' 85 Mikejoplin, ' 63 L. Anthony Joseph, ' 68 Hon. Ron Kirk, 79 Jane A. Matkeson, ' 74 Kenneth Migkell, ' 57 Mike Mill., ' 76 James I. Perkins, ' 63 Michael Rsrrin, ' 71 Josepn FfevBner, ' 82 Harry Reason er, ' 62 Spencer C. Relyea, ' 59 Eauardo Rodriguez, ' 68 Rohert Riojas, ' 94 William H. Shihley, 72 Thomas M. Susman, ' 67 Stephen latum, ' 79 Joseph C. Thompson III, ' 93 Rohert C. Walters, 83 Daniel G. Wehster III, ' 64 Nancy Brazzil, Director or Alumni Relations The Official Cn for S CcurcrfTeoj " studats, rd fac T ■ ,n OfSCiCndi offers a canptefWp 1 DEPOSTKI LOU New onl (Ml Computer a lO|n lueofOe Maty other cmm an Direct DepoK. AT « Audio RofwoK Kk»hi MlpqwsfflMiaW; (jpu Kki exceed the expeaamo coiipatwritswj P«oriad stmce k We«Mra»ei •toorarfa we aiWp»«ime8i 1 14 - Advertising 311 rdto Nation. IS rn.fl Ut-DLtt The Official Credit Union for Texas Legal Professionals Capitol Credit Union serves attorneys licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas to practice law in the state of Texas, their employees including law clerks, para-legals, legal assistants, legal secretaries and additional staff, law students, and family members of any eligible member. Capitol Credit Union offers a complete range of financial services. DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS Savings Checking Money Market Account Certificates of Deposit IRAs IOLTA LOANS New and Used Vehicle Loans Signature Loans Computer and Office Equipment Loans Line of Credit Loans MasterCard Many other convenient services are available including: Direct Deposit, ATM access, safe deposit boxes, Audio Response telephone transaction system, bill payer system. 800 access and fax machine. Capitol Credit Union strives to exceed the expectations of its members by providing competitive rates on all financial products and personalized services for members nationwide. We welcome any inquiries for additional information on how we can help you meet all of your financial needs. CAPITOL CREDIT UNION Main Office 1718 Lavaca Street Austin, TX 78701 North Office I I902A Burnet Road Austin. TX 78758 Drive-Through 1 101 NIH-35 (512)477-9465 (800)486-4228 m SCHOLASTIC ADVERTISING,! . Advertising Specialists and Consultants providing professional sales and service support for University and College Yearbooks. 800-964-0776 Advertising - 1 15 A long, long time ago ... in a galaxy 15 blocks away ... Five hundred neophyte law students took shelter from the August heat in Bates Recital Hal 1... just across the street from the most imposing battle station in the uni- verse, Townes Hall. Gathered together for the first time, these aspiring Jedi Lawyers looked for familiar faces from college or high school, and sized up the other new recruits who had been accepted for training. We pledged away three years of our lives, and thosands of dollars, in exchange for a Jedi education at one of the most presti- gious law schools in the universe. Together, we would learn ... of ...The Law. During tha t orientation, we heard from two speakers, Dean Michael Sharlot and Professor Bill Powers, both Jedi Masters. With Sharlot in his white suit and Powers dressed as ... well, Powers ... a cloud of trepidation settled over the once eager audi- ence ... To become a Jedi Master, must I first lose all fashion sense? We ' ve learned quite a bit since that day. BPL, UCC, UPC, TXCRPC, TLR, BBCC, MDL, ... and, of course, the synoptic gospels of aspirig lawyers, The Law accord- ing to Gilbert, Glannon, and Emmanuel. But we also learned some things that you can ' t find in a commercial outline. We learned that The Law, like The Force, is all around us. It ' s in the quality of the food we eat for breakfast; the first stoplight we come to on the way to work or school; every contract, lease, waiver, and license that we ' ve ever signed. We have been invited to join that select group of Jedi Knights that guide and protect The Law, the Law that guides and protects society at large. We have also learned a lot about ourselves at this Jedi training ground. Each of us learned how well, or how poorly, we handle adversity, stress, and competition. We also learned how other people in our class respond to those same challenges. Long after we forget who did well on bluebook exams, we will still remember who did well at being a good person. I have been told when we leave this place and venture out into the real world, we will face many temptations from The Dark Side of the Law: ethical compromises that promise shortcuts to wealth, power, and prestige. But we must remember the teach- ings of those sages long on wisdom but short in stature ... Yoda ... and Ddizenkowski, because unless we resist that seduction, The Law will lose its power. Our graduation marks the close of the first stage in our training to become Jedi Masters. We still have much to learn. To our Clients and Supervisors, be patient — we ' ll get there. To the other members of the graduating class ... May The Force Be With You. -J. Eric Lockridge 1 16- Sponsorships blocks away Editor discovers ' Rule Against Perpetuities ' and other mysteries of the law Dear Fellow UT Graduates, Well, we survived another year. We may never have figured out what the Rule Against Perpetuities really meant, and we may have caused great emo- tional stress to our friends and loved ones (remember, no neg- ligent infliction of emotional distress in Texas), but we final- ly made it. I hope that the pictures and events in this yearbook allow you to look back fondly on your law school experience— at least in a few years, after we ' re all a lot more successful, and have caught up on all the sleep we missed. Whether you ' re a first year, and are really not sure whether or not a nuclear war broke out, or a third-year, and you really don ' t care whether a nuclear war broke out, I hope that there ' s something in this year- book for you. I hope that our paths will cross in the future. Best Regards, Edward L. " Eddie " Bravenec Law School Yearbook Editor Sponsorships- 117 L ; G life i £ wV ■■■■■■■M «. w 1 1 1 8 - Closing Comments Monday March 8 " 7:30 fa 01 c c o E IS s s B it ■M 1 ■■■■■■■■■■■1 Closing -119 120 -In Closing 1

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