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E " w d I I 11 JUSTICE Tl-i l_lrii x r it:v c:l-»c3C3l of l_ y ' t gr !!-!!.! " iFi::i== -f -f f-i. »jl CDli_jnn -1 tflW: Legend ofthe Peregrinus The Latin word " peregrinus " is an adjuctive meaning " traveled from a foreign place. " It is pro- nounced with a short " u " and by accenting the long " i " , that is " Pair-ah-GRINE-us, " rhyming with " minus. " The symbol of the Law School known as the Peregrinus, however, is pro- nounced in an entirely different manner which will be explained later in this narrative. Ancient Rome allowed much of its conquered territories to retain local laws. Roman citi- zens, on the other hand, were subject to the law of Rome, regardless of where they went or with whom they dealt. Commerce sprang up between the Romans and the territories, creating serious legal problems. What body of law would apply to a contract between a Roman and a person of one of the terri- tories? To deal with this diffi- culty, Rome sent traveling judges, " Praetors Peregrinus, " on circuit tours through the ter- ritories. Their iob was not to apply any formal body of law, but was to see that justice was done in each case according to the dictates of conscience. This is one of the important roots of the law of Equity. W. S. Simkins began teaching in the Law Department at the University of Texas in September 1899. He had been a Colonel in the Confederate Army, and had practiced law for several years in Dallas. His main course was Equity, for juniors. In the Autumn of 1900, junior law student Jim L. McCall made a lasting name for himself as one of the all time great centers on the University of Te.xas football team. It is not surprising that, in the process, he was absent from a few of his Equity classes and missed Judge Simkins ' explanation of the Praetors Peregrinus. It was early December in the basement ofthe east v«ng ofthe Old Main Building, where the Law School was then located, and the Equity class was in ses- sion. Jim McCall was present, but probably apprehensive, for Judge Simkins was conducting an oral quiz to review material covered in his fall lectures. In another part of the room, next to a blackboard, sat Russell R. Savage and Scott W. Key, both junior law students. " Mr. McCall, what was the Pregrinus? " asked ludge Simkins. " Judge, I don ' t know, unless it was some kind of animal, " replied McCall. A wave of laughter swept the class. With sudden inspiration, Russell Savage whispered to Scott Key, " I will draw a picture of it! " Savage had a natural tal- ent for drawing. He found a piece of chalk and began deftly sketching on the blackboard a creature in his imagination. Scott Key kept watch on Judge Simkins, who did not notice them. The completed drawing was about three feet long and twenty inches high. It depicted a four- footed animal with a piebald coat of short fur, rather slender legs, and " The Peregrinus " writ- ten beneath it. Over the years, the physical characteristics of the beast have developed tradi- tional meanings. The sharp beak fights injustice and probes for truth. The boxing gloves on the rear feet represent the law ' s power to strike down those who stand against it; the worker ' s boots on the front feet symbol- ize the protection accorded the common man. The bushy tail stands ready to brush aside deception and any legal techni- calities which obstruct equity. The arched back shows a readi- ness to spring forward to do jus- tice, while the hind quarters are those of a dog - man ' s best friend. This work of art remained on the blackboard for several days and was the subject of much joking in which the students used a variety of pronuncia- tions. It was from this banter that the current usage descend- ed. Today, when speaking of this creature, the word is almost universally sounded as " pair-ah- grin-OOS. " This unorthodox pronunciation has mistakenly been attributed to Judge Simkins; in reality, he always spoke the word in the correct Latin. 2 - Legend ofthe Peregrinus The Sunflower Tradition For 15 or 20 years after the University was established in 1883, none of the graduates wore caps and gowns for gradu- ation ceremonies. At the turn of the century, a sales person offered to rent seniors caps and gowns. At that time, the School of Law was in the basement of the Old Main Building. No one thought to send a message downstairs and invite even a few law seniors to the meeting. A committee of faculty and seniors met and because they had not been invited to the orig- inal meeting and had not been consulted on the advisability of this step, law students refused to wear caps and gowns. Perhaps foreshadowing later events, they then formulated the reason to uphold their decision. This was, that caps and gowns at such a time were tradition to, and rep- resentative of, academic school and not the professional school. Granted, even though judges had worn wigs and gowns for centuries, it was worn for a pur- pose entirely distinct from the purpose of the proposed. The faculty met with the President, and at the meeting a decision was reached that the law students must conform to the wishes of the senior class or they must wear a significant insignia at exercises. It was not in a spirit of conciliation or in appreciation of the dignity of the occasion that the sunflower was chosen as the " distinctive insignia. " It was agreed, however, that the senior law students would wear white suits. Once more, reasons were advanced to justify the choice of the flower. The sunflower, genus Heliautbus, belongs to a family with world- wide distribution. So, also do lawyers. As the sunflower always keeps its face turned to the sun, the lawyer turns to the light of justice. The Sunflower Ceremony used to be held once during the year, on Commencement Day. As the School of Law student popula- tion grew, it was decided to have two exercises during the year. one in November for the December graduates and anoth- er in May for the May and August graduates. Originally, the sunflower was pinned on each senior by his or her best friend. Today the Associate Dean or Assistant Dean assumes the responsibility. Fall Ceremony Saul Mar% ' in Meyer Spring Ceremony Alex Barlow lack Willard Burke HI OAa™ Am ' Kav Morris Lisa Lizettle Barrcra Susan Young Burlazzi leimfcBflti Doctor of Jurisprudence i.iit T.n lor Morris Doctor of Jurisprudence Michael Coyle Barrett Stephen Wayne Burnett Mtrdiftk Amy Miclielle Armstrong H..hinrjrolcNava Amy Marie Adams Michael Benjamin Bateman John Christian Burnside lobCyo Kristi Lou Ayala Nelson Henr) ' Nease Andrew Allan Adams MichaellawrenceBaum Erie Thomas Butler J H ,to Steven Drew Baker Sonya Lynn Palmer Virginia Lynn Adams Ronald Everett Ba e Mae Rene Butler M MSb Christina G. Bartholomew Mollie McDade Phelan Liza Marie Aguilar Stephen Andrew Beck Von William Byer ■ IJnaaMm David Edward Burns Darla Regnery Sarah Meredith Akhtar Kimberly Shannon Beckham Jay Gilbert Caballcro 7 taLW Richard Gregg Byrd lulia Dawn Rice Gar) ' Earl Alfred Eddy Ramiro Beltran Ramiro Canales % Lesley Elizabeth Daiglc Kandace W, Richardson Brandon Trent Allen Hector Andre Beltran Eduardo Oscar Cantu r» Thomas Houston Daniel Blaine Andrew Russell Jeffrey Roberts Allen Bryce Fdvvard Benjel Heather Lvnn Capell Bra,J, I« Jennifer Lynne Doerrte Dena Gail Russell Aaron Chadric Allrcd Elisa Karen Herman Perry lonathan Carroll Bn.Di Dennis William Donley, Jr. Tamar.i Helaine Scner Edward Sweeney Ames Lisagave Annmane Biersay Brian Matthew Catalano ty Frederick Ross 1-ischcr ShalmiMi.nnn Paul Matthew Anderson lohn Milton Black lohn Gardner Cavcrlee taKlEdM Arkady Frckhtman Marl. 1 liii.hipl,., S|M,k ' , Alex.uulei Savage Andrade Michael lames Bloeh William Lance Cawthon imfeBtoo Sandy Lynn Godscy l,a.l ,i h sv,,,,r. Aliu.i Kalhlccn Anjrae Nathan E ekiel Bowden Peter James Cazamias ( m. Eugene C. Grace, Jr. MaishallJa.kWcUli Baii ara lean Anionic -anesvi 1 vnn Bovd Sheani D. Chanmugam 1 1 1 Kalherine Alide Havely lohn Edward Williams Susan Jane Arenella Jeiuiiler Rene Hraiinen Jennifer Elixabeth Chapman 1 MwCr Edna Castillo Hernandez Nicole Rebecca Woods Merle Reginald Arnold 111 Lisa Chavarna ■ I«n8r j Valerie Ann Hicks Moiz Aman Zahiruddin Sarah Kingsley Aubrey Robin Anneiie Hiooks I-lung Chiang 1 S2 Tonnyre Thomas (oe Robert Christian Kowert Master of Law Paul Bret Baer Vanessa Patrice Bailey Isaac Brown 111 Kevin William Brown William Gordon Childs -t fniilvS, Choii )oc Russell Langley Maria Del Carmen Ojesto- Skardon Francis Baker Paul lonalhon Brown Sallie AnneChMslian-i:arnal Roy Thomas Loaiza Martinez- Porcayo Doris Balderrama Stuart Bradley Brown Jr lae-Won Chung Florcncio Lopez Shannon Wade Bangle Mary Yvonne Bunn Scott Wayne Clark 4 - Fall Sunflower Ceremony Charles Christopher Claunch Susan Elizabeth Davis Ferdinand Frank Fischer III Mclod Mcrntht ruudos Robert Brian Hood Jennifer Beth Claymon Jose Arturo Dc Los Santon Jr. Albert Arellano Flores DaMdl nil iLLii ( lu Brandon Lee Hudgeons Meredith Leigh Clajton Henri M.De arrondo 11 Richard Anthony Fordyce Karen lu.i i u n Thomas Ruben Hudnall John Charles Cocchiarella Andrea Denny Kirsten VVesten ' elt Foster La nc Dim It in hi Joseph David Hughes Heather Fleniken Cochran Shruti Desai |oe Bart Fowler Brian ( pin ik |uKiit William LaFont Huie 1 Darrell Sloan Cockcroft Melanie Theobald Devoe Elysia B. Hammond Franty Ra n.lli c lliUI Angela Annette Hunt ' Janessa Marie Coffnian Michael James Dierberg Deborah Marlene Franz Jcflicv ( uIlI n 111 I I Andrea L. Hyatt Ann L. Renhard Cole Jason Everett Dizon Camillc Oddcssa Fraser Chiistophci k 11 ill Coby Michael Hyman Ashlyn Alexandra Coleman Maurice Wayne Dobson Neal Berrett Frazier Rente L Hmson Chizomam Ogechi Ihekere 1 Guy Kelly Cooksey Courtney Joy Dresl in KimberlyAnn Frost Sofia Ann H irbtr Monica Kim Ingram ; Brandy Leigh Copley Robert Lee Drinkard Kathryn Melissa Fulton Eric Paul H 11 mon Jennifer Innes Brian David Cororve Georgette Renee Dudly lames ' Barton Fuqua Jcttrt ( il Hull i .nviciK-i IHvem Ivoho Ir. Richard Alfred Cort lafari Scott Dunn Kristi Nicole Gamble Nlnc Ih iUlhlhr i M.ii. sicphcn la.obs 1 Daniel Eduardo C.orlez Angela Marie Dusenbury Robert Bryan Gantt Susan huKi llilju MonK.i Mane lacobs j Jennifer Brooke Coston James Perry L " yer Gloria Garcia KMonMmiclllaMs Robert (harks kihnke 1 Craig Anthony Courville Amv Katheleen Eaton Mark Thomas Garrett Shall Beth Huno Nk.nic.i MkIkIIc k.hnson James Lawrence Cowles Sarah Echkardt Edward Wade Garrison Fhssihuhlkinrichs Giadv Koberl loiics Annalynn Crawford Cox Gabriella Marie Edwards Maik lohiKialschtt iioii Kill Hui IJmm Matthew Dj id Jones Ian Bradford Crosby Matthew Miles Edwards I ' jul , nlhnn (,.i t,in 1 Kii III! 1 11 Ml iin Ricardo Juan loidan Benjamin Spencer Cross Leila Mariam El-Hakam lohnloseplU.iliulv 1 1 IkI I IK 11 mil k Paul Anthonv lorgc Brian Thomas Crum Rahul Dinesh Engineer Alicia Kenyatta Glover Barn Sniki Ikish Rega Rachel loseph Stacey Ellyn Dansky Ron Israel Erlichman Fortson JickWilsunlliudon Gregorv Stephen k.izen Julie Lynn Davies Stephen James Fagcn Alan David Gluth TariLtsMrdllockcl Dxvayne Edward Kennemore Kevin Macdonald Davis Nicole Fagerberg Christina Myrella Gonzalez Timothy Schan Hogan lames Edward Key 111 NeaJ Andrew Davis Daniel Feldman Elizabeth Anne Gonzalez Cher} ' l Diane Holder Richard Carter Killough Spring Sunflower ( ' eremony — 5 ikgl AjL ■r li ' " B ' , W ik , y€i ■HEni ' ' Qfl d0 ' ' J t.3 =»J-y 11 iiiiiiiiTTllr r X. IrJ :T Kvung Tai Kim Debbie Dan Liu Amy Susannah McDowell Mysti Dawn Neai Laynie Beth Pavio Blaine Christopher Kimrev Jeffrey Thomas Chinn Liu lanet Ruth McFadden Nanc7 Marie Nemer Thomas Wendell Paxton Dcanna Emmcrt King Christopher David Livingston Civki Lvmn McFadden Thomas Andrew Nesbitt David Shane Peck Michael Feslus King Kenneth Michael Loio Sonja Jeanette McGill Candace Swan NewelJ JuJia Christina PeraJes Richard Carroll King !r. L " )cnnis Anthony Longoria Ir. Lcticia Dawn McGowan Jennifer Rene NickoJas Sofia Perches David lay Klein Brena Mover Lopez Mark Jonathan McKenzie Jeffrey Ivan Nicodemus Daniel Anthony Petalas Chn fi Ann Fumie Kobatake Oscar H. Lopez Michael Aaron McKey Erik Anthony NieJsen Kristine Donnell Peterson Kenneth Mitchell Kohl Samuel David Loughlin Laura Blanchard Medina Debra Bourn Norris Yen Thanh Pham Adam Miles Kramer M.iiMiU larcnceLundclll Roger Wade MeJton Laurie Ann Novion Ronald Lynn Phillips )oel Michael Kuehnert Inlin I ' .iiil lunn Jeffrey David MiJJer Gregory James O ' Bradovich Amy Kristin Pickett lames Fitzmorris Kull Nus.inlulvon Stuart Farrell Miller Daniel Mark O ' Brien Sean Christian Piatt Thao Lam Richard Maldonado Brian Alan Mills Shannon Leigh O ' Leary Henry Mark Pogor clski Joel Christian Lambert Talinc Manassian lames Mills Lori Rcnee Olenick Vanessa Andrea Poguc Andi Lynn Lane Caria Yael Margolis Angela Miranda-Clark Nathaniel leffreyOlsson Royce Pahst Poinsett Angelina Maria Lapenotiere Carlos Eduardo Marlmc Nelson Harmon Mock Mary 1. Ondreyco lennifer Barrett Poppe M CammCarringtonLarylll Elizabeth Martinez Roger Andrew Montoya Kuruvilla Oomnien Jason Michael Powers 9 Kevin Robert Lashus lames Rutledge Mason 111 Dennis Woodrow Moore Jr. KimberlyAnnOsburn I ' iane Amy J ' rcston S Mark Christopher Lear Leslie Rcnee Mastcrson DukUyan Moore Heather Christine Ottcn Katrina Marie Price 9 Amber Rcnee Lee Jennifer Lean Mathis Francisco Morales lanelleSaundraPadilla Idd Douglas Prince B Krisline Hyun Lee Chad Lon Mavity lirian Moreland Moss lohnHradlcv Parish SicplunDouglasPritchettJr. Lara Janina Lehmann Alycia Celeste May James Burdett Moulton Vicl.iiia Mane Parish Kolxrlo Daniel Puente Brooke Christine Leslie Laura Bastien Mayer Elizabeth Janicke Mower Marv Mar aicl Parker Mcicdilh AshlcvPurdv Patricia Edna Lin Kelly Ann Mayo YvonniJda Garza Muniz KcMn lames Parks MaieicC laireQuciscr David Andrew Linchan James Hamilton Mayor William Jason Murphy Nicholas Arthur Parma Katherine Sue Rabe Robert Byron Little Jennifer Ruby McCain Zakia Amira Mustafa Anna Katherine Partain Heather Lynn Radliff 6 - Spring Sunflower Ceremony ( " " ilrtml i.stI ' niRit l-«lienii(lmi Welmibb, Wy Mine dot to lob M ' ■nDiiidJlo ' V(IS(i5ioR htAielelia, Biiiilta »lobl!o)jj, Cynthia Diane Rendon Icnnifer Casey Reynolds lustin Gazer Rice Carl Ambrose Richardson Christopher Carl Ritter Veronica Rivera Donald Prokop Roark Catherine Lewis Robb Dale Lynn Roberts lody Marie Roberts lustin John Roberts lames David Robinett Miguel Sergio Rodriguez Todd Alan Rogers lamieAdeleRose lason leffrey Rose Adam Brian Ross Gino lohn Rossini Brenda Inman Rowe lessica Eve Runyan Carolyn Ann Russell Kirstcn E. Pankopf Ruzicka Rashid Lee Saber Daniel Antonio Sanchez David Alonzo Sanchez Michael Chenier Sanders Nchal Bharat Sanghavi lohn H. Sartain |r. Richard Alan Schafer Brian Murdock Schmidt Brett Alan Schrader Christopher B.Schuelke Teasa MichcUe Scott Brad Edward Seidel Faisal Akhtar Shah Peter leremy Shakow David Matthew Shinnick Brian David Siegal Harry Graybill Simmons Paul Skeith Court D. Smith lohn Singleton Smith Kelli Burris Smith Spencer Freeman Smith Russell M. Soloway Frederick William Solt George Cole Spainhour lason Richard Steans lordana Rachel Sternberg Daxlon Rinchart Stewart Mark Wilson Stout Justin Brett Strother Clinton Ryan Stuart Awais Sufi Robert T. Aquinas Sullivan Peter Donald Sunukjian Elizabeth West Swain Caren Schmulen Sweedand Paul Frederick Tagg Trevor A. Taylor Daniel Thomas Temple James Yung-Te Tcng Robert Wayne Thoele La Wanda M. Thomas Lluanc Michael Thompson Kristinc Anne Tidgren Laura Elizabeth Toups Nhut Tan Tran Gcralyn leanettc TrujiUo Noha K. Tuma Douglas William Tyrka Elsa Cabello UUoa Claudia Valies Mark lason -ano Gavn, R..l.cit Vilhueal Denise Ana Villarreal Christine M, Vincenti Dagmar Von Diessl Christopher Sean Wade Robin Florence Wallace Li Yeu Wang Christopher Richard Ward Wesley R. Ward Philip Thornton Warman James Milton Warnica IV Slatcy Aliv.n Marnix Dawn MichiJIcWatkins Soil IliolWay Leslie Ann Webb Ayanna Charissc Weber Icnniter Lynn Webster lohn Reynolds Wcikart Kelly Flis.ibcihW. IS ' . KathermcDclonWcIld luirhc Scott Mitchell Wilson Graham Christian Winegeart Matthew Thomas Wirthhn Jenny Lee Womack Lauren Rence Wood Marva LaVon Woods lohn Carlton Wright Michael lames Yoch Mark Bennet Young Hsinyu Yu Catherine Georgette Zilahy Master of Laws R. Gomez-Palacio Del Rio Ryo Minami Christoph (ieorg Papenheim Dagobeilo R.Torres Marc George Van Niekerk Hopwood decision dominates UT news coverage In March of 1996, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that affirmative action policies are illegal because they consti- tute reverse discrimination. The decision bars Texas public uni- versities from using race as a criteria for the granting of admissions or financial aid. The case is named for lead plaintiff Cheryl Hopwood, who ( I.MFiu-d the UT law school ' s admissions policies discrimi- nated against white students. Before the ruling, the law school used a two-tier admis- sions policy that granted minority students with lower grade point averages and LSAT scores admission over white students with higher test scores. The case was originally filed in 1992. Since the decision, UT School of Law admission offi- cialy have worked on plans to keep minority applicants part of the student body. This past year, many opinions were expressed by students, fac- ulty and staff which filled the columns of The Daily Texan. On the following pages are excerpts from news stories which appeared in the Texan from June of 1997 through May m m ■ " •V- - ■ :?-.-; M if 3 African-Americans enroll in Law School Wednesday, June 4, 1997 By Michael Crissey, Daily Texan Staff Three African-American applicants have indicated they will accept an offer of admis- sion to the UT School of Law, belaying fears that the school would not have a single African-American enrolled this fall, admis- sions officials said Tuesday. As of Monday, three of the 11 African- American students offered admission for next fall had put down their non-refundable $200 tuition deposits, said Shelli Soto, acting assis- tant dean for the UT School of Law ' s Office of Admissions. Soto also reported that 20 of 33 Hispanic students offered admission to the school have also sent in their deposits. Law School officials said the school will like- ly not enroll as many minority students this year as it had prior to the Hopwood court ruling and subsequent changes in admissions standards, but the numbers are not quite as dismal as some had feared. The law school enrolled 31 African- American and 42 Hispanic students last year. SG releases Hopwood board names Monday, July 28, 1997 By Chip Cheek, Daily Texan Staff The UT Student Government revealed on Friday the names of eight of the 10 people who will compose the board of directors for the Post-Hopwood Summit slated for November. Bernard Rapoport, former chairman of the UT System Board of Regents, has been select- ed as chairman of the board. The rest of the 10-member board will include SG President Marlen Whitley; UT System Regents Donald Evans and Lowell Lebermann; Brenda Burl, assistant to the UT dean of students for stu- dent equity and diversity; Terry Wilson, asso- ciate director of the Office of Pubhc Affairs; Hunter Stanco, associate editor of The Dally Texan; and John Doggett, a UT professor of management. The board will be responsible for selecting a venue for the summit, soliciting funding and finding guest speakers. SG officials have approached two other people about filling the two remaining spots on the board, but those names were not released pending confirma- tion of their participation. The Post-Hopwood Summit is designed to examine the effects of the March 1996 ruling by the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in the Hopwood case, which bars Texas univer- sities from using race as a factor in admis- sions and financial aid decisions. Law School fights negative perceptions Thursday, August 21, 1997 By Amy Strahan, DaOy Texan Staff The latest figures from the UT School of Law show that four additional Hispanic students have sent the $200 deposit declaring their intention to attend this fall. The addition was welcome news for UT offi- 8 - Grappling with Hopwood cials, who said Wednesday they were balding the perception that diversity at the University would wither after the Hopwood ruling. Of about 470 applicants who have paid deposits to secure places in the 1997 entering class, four are African-American and 25 are Hispanic students. Thus far, there are 17 fewer Hispanic stu- dents who plan to enroll in the law school this year. The number of Asian-American stu- dents at the law school has not dropped, Michael Sharlot, dean of the law school, said. Search for funds, speakers delays summit Wednesday, September 3, 1997 By Lisa Falkenberg, Daily Texan Staff A national post-Hopwood summit at the University planned for October has been postponed to November pending the resolu- tion of financial and scheduling issues. The summit ' s board of directors met Tuesday to plan the event, which is hoped to open up more discussion about higher educa- tion after Hopwood. Law student group rallies for diversity Friday, September 5, 1997 By Margarita Olivero, Daily Texan Staff Law Students for Diversity will sponsor a rally Friday to provide an open discussion about how to increase cultural diversity under the Hopwood ruling. The rally will begin at noon at the UT School of Law courtyard, and the speakers will include city council members Gus Garcia and Willie Lewis; Gary Bledsoe, president of the Texas chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; and Morris Overstreet, Democratic candidate for Texas attorney general. Law dean promises to consider diversity proposals Monday, September 8, 1997 By Ryan Bauer and Nathan Roth, Daily Texan Staff More than 200 students rallied for better student recruitment efforts and more diversi- ty in faculty hirmgs Friday. The raUy, sponsored by Law Students for Diversity, was the first of a series of rallies by the group this semester addressing post- Hopwood issues at the University. Law School Dean Michael Sharlot said he was unable to attend the rally but added that he is willing to consider the proposals. Professor ' s comments questioned Thursday, September 11, 1997 By lennie Kennedy, Daily Texan Staff Remarks by a UT law professor who said blacks and Hispanics can ' t compete academi- cally with whites might set hack efforts to increase diversity, Michael Sharlot, dean of the UT School of Law, said Wednesday. " Blacks and Mexican-Americans are not aca- demically competitive with whites in selective institutions, " said Lino Graglia, a UT law pro- fessor. Grappling with Hopwood - 9 Graglia made the comments Wednesday at a news conference where students announced formation of a group to support the court ruling that banned affirmative action at the University. Gragha spoke as the honorary co- chairman of Students for Equal Opportunity, a new pro-Hopwood student group at the University. Graglia said it was unfortunate his remarks might be labeled racist, and went on to say that education was not valued in minority cultures. More calls for Graglia ' s head; firing unlikely Monday, September 15, 1997 By Beth Wawerna and Derek H. Martin, Daily Texan Staff Controversial comments will not affect the tenure of Lino Graglia, a UT law professor, even though student groups and state legisla- tors are calling for his resignation. In response to Graglia ' s remarks, UT System officials and UT administrators have received a number of complaints from lawmakers and minority associations urging them to re-eval- uate his merit as a tenured professor. Graglia said Sunday he has no intention of resigning his post. Comments prompt campus visit by Jackson Monday, September 15, 1997 By Lisa Falkenberg, Daily Texan Staff A diversity rally planned for Tuesday will feature Rev. [esse Jackson as its keynote speaker, a student group said Sunday. Students for Access and Opportunity, a UT student group opposing the Hopwood ruling, was contacted by Jackson Friday to arrange the speech, said Oscar de la Torre, a member of the group. The group will rally on the West Mall Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. to denounce the comments of Lino Graglia and call for L ' T officials to be more proactive in efforts to maintain diversity on campus in what has been termed as the post-Hopwood era. Rev. Jackson calls for unity in UT speech Wednesday, September 17, 1997 By Zack McLain, Daily Texan Staff Heated words engulfed 5,000 students Tuesday as the Rev. Jesse Jackson condemned institutional racism in higher education and called for student unity amid controversial comments by UT Law Professor Lino Graglia. " You ' re making a choice today to go forward by hope and inclusion and not backwards by fear and exclusion, " Jackson told the students who packed the South Mall. Jackson criticized Graglia for what many denounced as racist comments about African Americans and I-lispanics. Graglia said last week that Hispanic and African-American students can ' t compete academically with whites and that black and Hispanic cultures don ' t tondciiin failure. Jack.son said Graglia ' s remarks had no place in the academy. J " Hfm, 10 - Grappling with Hopwood State lawmakers, minority organizations and tudents have called for Graglia ' s removal, )ut other faculty and civil liberties groups laid the tenured professor ' s remarks are pro- ected by the First Amendment. Protest demand met Wednesday, September 17 By Lisa Falkenberg, Daily Texan Staff UT System Regent Lowell Lebermann uesday arranged a meeting with system offi- ials and students after about 120 protesters efused to leave the atrium of the UT School f Law. The protest followed the Rev. Jesse ackson ' s speech, when about 1,000 students narched to the law school calling for an end what they described as institutionalized acism at the University. During the six-hour wait for a resolution, tudents sang and debated affirmative action nd how to improve diversity on campus. The agreement made Tuesday will give stu- dent organizations a meeting with the UT System Academic Affairs Committee to plan a discussion with regents. Both meetings are set to take place before the next regent ' s meeting in Brownsville on Nov. 13. The final agreement was made after stu- dents insisted Lebermann and student orga- nizers redraft an initial proposal that the regents would attend a meeting with students in good faith. Among the demands, students asked for a student body, faculty and administration that reflects the population of the state, in addi- tion to a cap on tuition and fees. The also demanded that the UT System challenge Attorney General Dan Morales ' interpretation of the Hopwood ruling, which prevents the use race as a factor in adinissions and financial aid. Law School admissions revamped Monday, November 10, 1997 By Rita Paul, Daily Texan Staff Information about applicants ' personal backgrounds and socio-economic factors will weigh more heavily in admissions to the UT School of Law for next year, said Dean Michael Sharlot. Applicafions for enrollment for the 1998 fall semester, unlike last year ' s forms, require stu- dents to write an additiona l essay about per- sonal challenges or disadvantages faced in their lifetime. Other factors, such as whether the applicant is the first in the family to go to college, whether English is the primaiy language spo- ken at home and if the applicant comes from an area under sei ved by legal services will also be included. The changes, initially approved last spring by the UT System Board of Regents, were more clearly defined by the law school admissions board this month. Hopwood plaintiffs get $1 each Monday, March 23, 1998 By Jennie Kennedy, Daily Texan Staff Grappling with Hopwood - 1 1 Plaintiffs in the affirmative action suit that ended the use of race in admissions and financial aid at the University said Sunday they will appeal a $1 settlement issued by a federal judge last week. A U.S. district ju dge ruled Friday that each of the four plaintiffs in the March 1996 Hopwood vs. Texas case would receive $1, not nearly $5 million they demanded in their lawsuit against the UT System for its affirma- tive action policies. After being rejected for admission by the UT School of Law in 1992, the four white plain- tiffs successfully challenged the University ' s law school admissions policies created to boost minority enrollment. Texas law journals will be debating standardized test Friday, March 27, 1998 By Jarred Dunn, Daily Texan Staff Two Texas law journals will hold a discus- sion at the UT School of Law in April to debate the legitimacy and application of stan- dardized tests in admissions. Claiming that similar talks organized by UT administrators failed to acknowledge alterna- tives to affirmative action in countering declining minority enrollment at the law school, editors of the journals decided to orga nize their own event. The April 7 talks are organized by the Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy and the Texas Forum on Civil Liberties Civil Rights. The discussion will center on the Law School Admissions Test, the standardized test all law school applicants must take. UT wants appeal of Hopwood settlement Thursday, Aprill6, 1998 By lennie Kennedy, Daily Texan Staff UT System officials said Wednesday they hope an appeal of the settlement ruling in the Hopwood case will lead to a re-evaluation of affirmative action policies in Texas higher education. In a letter Tuesday, UT System Chancellor William Cunningham asked Texas State Attorney General Dan Morales to appeal the settlement issued March 20 by U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks, UT System General Counsel Ray Farabee said Wednesday. In Sparks ' settlement ruling, he issued an injunction against the UT School of Law pro- hibiting it under a higher court ruUng from using race as a factor in admissions. 624 students demand review of law school Friday, April 17, 1998 By Krissah Williams, Daily Texan Staff UT law students said they will submit a pefi- tion to UT officials Friday demanding an external review of the law school ' s adminis- trative practices. The pefition has garnered 624 student signa- tures. Contents of the petition were not disclosed because supporters feel it contains informa- tion which could be potentially embarrassing 4 Morale 12 - Grappling with Hopwood the administration. Confidential copies of the petition will be ent to the law school administrators, the UT jystem Board of Regents and UT President : rry Faulkner. Morales delays final decision on appeal Monday, April 20, 1998 By Jennie Kennedy, Daily Texan Staff Texas State Attorney General Dan Morales ielayed making a final decision on whether to ppeal the Hopwood ruling Friday. Morales did file a notice of appeal in the iopwood case, however, at the request of UT ystem officials. Appeal likely for Hopwood decision Monday, April 27, 1998 By Amy Strahan, DaUy Texan Staff The UT System ' s top attorney said Friday he Hopwood ruling will be appealed even if exas Attorney General Dan Morales refuses 3 take the case. While UT students, officials and state groups ask for a reevaluation of the ruling, Morales has said he might not appeal on behalf of the UT System because he doesn ' t think the University ' s case to reinstate affirmative action in higher education can be won. Morales refuses to appeal Hopwood case Wednesday, April 29, 1998 By Jennie Kennedy, Daily Texan Staff Texas Attorney General Dan Morales announced Tuesday he will not appeal the Hopwood ruling on behalf of the UT System, stating that race-neutral policies are more equitable than affirmative action. But Morales said he will consider allowing the University to seek outside pro bono coun- sel. Regents to consider appeal at meeting Tuesday, May 12, 1998 By Jennie Kennedy, Daily Texan Staff The UT System Board of Regents will con- sider the fate of an appeal of the Hopwood ruling at Wednesday ' s meeting in Odessa. After Texas Attorney General Dan Morales decided last month he would not seek an appeal of the 5th Circuit ruling in the anti- affirmative action case, he said he would con- sider allowing the University to seek outside pro bono counsel. UT officials hope an appeal of the Hopwood settlement will lead to a reevaluation of affii ' - mative acfion pohcies in Texas. Regents choose to appeal Hopwood case Wednesday, May 13, 1998 The Board of Regents of the University of Texas System chose Wednesday to appeal the Hopwood case on behalf of the University of Texas and to request Attorney General Dan Morales authorize the University to retain outside counsel to handle the appeal. The Daily Texan Grappling with Hopwood - 13 Professor Charles Alan Wright Retires After 42 Years at the UT School of Law With a career spanning more than a third of the Law School ' s history, Charles Allan Wright is retiring this year after 42 years at The University of Texas School of Law. Professor Wright arrived at the University as a tenured Associate Professor from Minnesota in 1955. He was a northeasterner, a Republican, and an inte- grationist -- all foreign qualities as far as Austinites were con- cerned. Even his speech, dress, and demeanor were somewhat formal compared to Texas local style, but his self confi- dence put him at ease in his new environment. At the age of 28, Wright had already pub- lished as much as anyone at the School of Law. Considered a regional institution when he arrived, the law school was just beginning its third year in Townes Hall. Three years later Wright was elected to the American Law Institute. The Law School Foundation was still in its early stages at that time, and salaries were well below the national average. Wright, howev- er, remained loyal to Texas over the years, accepting only visiting appointments at Harvard, Penn, Yale and Cambridge. Wright ' s distinguished career of over four decades has earned him a reputation that rests on both the quality and quantity of his work. Federal Practice and Procedure is considered by many to be his great- est contribu- tion to the law. It is the essential ret erence work on federal courts, and though It now has almost fifty volumes and he has a team of distin- guished co- authors working with him, Wright is the orga- nizer of the entire project, and the only author common to all volumes. Since the publication deals with procedure, and every liti- gated case potentially raises procedural issues, it is an indispensable ref- erence for lawyers. Charles Wright ' s repu- tation as a Supreme Court advocate also has brought him fame. He won ten out of the twelve Supreme Court cases that he has argued, sever- al considered landmark cases. Though unsuc- cessful in arguing that Congress could not sub- ject the states to the Fair Labor Standards Act in Maryland v. Wirtz, he successfully attacked Congress ' power to lower the voting age to eigh- teen in state elections in Oregon v. Mitchell. Wright unsuccessfully defended the constitu- tionality of the Texas capital punishment statute in Fiirman v. Georgia, but he success- fully defended the power of circuit judicial coun- cils to remove federal judges from active duty in Chandler v. Judicial Council. He also success- fully argued in San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez that local vari- ations in educational funding were beyond the reach of the Equal Protection Clause. Perhaps most spectacularly, Wright suc- c e s s f u 1 1 y argued for reversal of a default judgement against Howard Hughes in excess of $145 million in Hughes Tool Co. V. Trans World Airlines. Though he may be most widely known for his representation of Richard Nixon on con- stitutional issues pertain- ing to Watergate, Wright ' s association with the President may have brought him fame, but seems to have ended his career at the Supreme Court. He has only argued one case since Watergate, successfully defending the free speech rights of a citizen in City of Houston V. Hill. He also has garnered a reputation from his work for the American Law Institute. In 1963 he became one of the reporters for the Institute ' s Study of the Division of Jurisdiction Between State and Federal Courts. He later became an active member of the Council, and he is now the first academic to serve as president of the Institute. Wright has also served for many years on count- less committees, boards and commissions from the national to the local level. He has served on three Presidential Search Committees, and he played a critical role as the chair of the Appointments Committee after the dean ' s search at the law school in 1979. He put his credibility and repu- tation on the line by assuring future candi- dates that the law school and its alumni would work together in the future to make a great law school. Professor Wright will continue to teach half- time, and he wiU contin- ue his scholarship and his American Law Institute work for as long as he is able, but as long as students come to Texas to seek knowledge of the law, his presence and influence will be felt at The University of Texas School of Law. To Professor Wright, the 1998 Peregrinus Law School Yearbook is respectfully dedicated. 14 — Charles Alan Wright Faculty Selects Canales to Receive Service Award The University of Texas School of Law Faculty Service Av rard is primarily designed to honor those who have improved the quality of life for law students and facult ' in some special way. This year the law school faculty selected Ramiro Canales, president of the Chicano Hispanic Law Student Association, for his outstanding leadership and profound dedication to the University and the law school community. Canales is the first student to receive this prestigious award. Previous recipients include Harry Reasoner, president of the Law School Foundation, and Morris Atlas, senior and managing partner of Atlas Hall, L.L.P. The award was presented to Canales at the spring Sunflower Ceremony on May 24, 1998, at the Frank C. Erwin, Jr. Special Events Center. Canales is the former chief of staff to Rep. Irma Rangel, D-Kingsville, chairwoman of the House Higher Education Committee. A former migrant farm worker, Canales received a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, in 1991 and a Master of Public Affairs from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin in 1994. Dean Michael bharlot presents the Faculty Service Award to Kamiro Canales at the Sunflower Ceremony. — photos by John Foxworth 16 - Faculty Service Award lEftv K Ramiro Canales gives his acceptance speech at the Frwin c;cntcr. SBA Presents Silver with Award of Merit November 12, 1997: What began as just another day on the job — albeit, a birthday, but still all in all quite normal -- would soon become one of the most memorable days of Professor Charles Silver ' s career. When Prof. Silver began his 8:30 class on Federal Civil Procedure, there was " Happy Birthday " written on the chalkboard and some donuts and orange juice set out — the usual things for the occasion. But the day would soon become. ..a little stranger. " I was just teaching away when, about halfway through the lecture, in march what seemed to me about a hundred people, including former students and colleagues, " Prof. Silver said. " They launched into a birthday skit of " Charlie ' s Angels, " and they ivere trying to find out if I was really Charlie. Three female students were the Angels, and they made provocative poses behind my chair and rubbed my hair in ingratiating ways. " The skit was just the beginning. Afterwards, everyone began giving presents - - and it was then that David Greenstone of the Student Bar Association presented Prof. Silver with the Texas Excellence Teaching Award. " It was just extraordinary, and it took me completely by surprise. There were many colleagues there who were former winners -- it felt like I was being inducted into a hall of fame, " he said. The Texas Excellence Teaching Award is given once a year, and the recipient is cho- sen by student voting. Heather Savoy, first year law student, said she voted for Prof. Silver because of the great value of his teach- ing. " He teaches you how to be a lawyer. He ' s always bringing in real world experi- ences to his lectures, and has a great person- al interest in his students, " she said. Prof. Silver puts a great deal of emphasis on the " practicality " of law, and makes it a focus of his lectures. " I try to bring [the law profession] down to earth, and give it mileage in one ' s life, " he said. Prof. Silver has gained distinction in many areas. He is regarded as one of the country ' s leading authorities on the responsibilities of insurance defense law yers, has testified in Congress, and at both Houses of the Texas Legislature, and has produced between 20 and 30 pubhcations. A graduate of Yale Law Schoo l, Prof. Silver went straight to teach- ing, and has been with the L ' niversity since 1987. " I can still remember my interview for my job here at the University. I ' ve always thought it was the hand of God that plucked me out of New Haven, Connecticut, and placed me in Texas, " he said. His time in Texas has garnered the respect of many of his colleagues. " He brings a rare combination of real con- cern over how the law works with a sophisti- cated theoretical background. That he can make this available is wonderful. That he was chosen for the award is a tribute to our students, " Professor Samuel Issacharoff said. According to Prof. Silver, he has always seen himself as a teacher, and has never regretted his choice of profession, or ever thought of UT as anything less than home. " It ' s been a wonderful ride -- i t ' s hard to think of a better place to be, " he said. " It ' s a perfect job -- I get to teach intelligent stu- dents who want to be there, write what I want to write -- what ' s better? " — Abby Dover Austin Honors Former UT Law Dean W. Page Keeton I When students returned to the Univcrsit) ' after their summer break, there was a new change that confused some and left others with a feehng of great satisfaction. The confusion lay in the renaming of the stretch of 26th St. from IH-35 to the Drag. The street was renamed Dean Keeton Street after the former Dean of the School of Law. The mission to rename the street after Dean Keeton was not easy. Keeton ' s cousin, Trooper Keeton, spear- headed the effort during the spring and summer when members of the Austin Cit ' Council contemplated renaming the street after the late Barbara Jordan. " It is only right that that stretch be named Texas Railroad Commissioner Carol Keeton-Rylander helps her father, former UT Law Dean, W. Page Keeton, accept the official dedication sign from Austin Mayor Kirk Watson. Dean Keeton served as the Dean of the School of Law from 1949 to 1974. —photos bv Charles Luu Dean Keeton, " said Trooper Keeton. " He served the law school for longer than any other adininistrator had or since. " After soliciting the help of several individ- uals including Darrell K. Royal and Austin City Council Member Eric Mitchell, the change was official on July 12, 1997. - Charles Luu DEAH wm MtA f iJ 18-DcanW, Page Keeton i l i. • LAW FLICKS -k Monday, March 2nd Sit back, relax, skip class, and enjoy free popcorn e watching non-stop movies in the Tom Clark Lounge. • CHLSA FAJITA FIES- TA t Tuesday, March 3rd Lunch is served at the Co- Op East! The Fajita Fiesta is CHLSA ' s annual undraiser, and for the first time is now a part of Law Week. LAW WEEK PIZZA LUNCH • GUEST LECTURER SECRETARY OF STATE ALBERTO GOZALES Vv ednesday, March 4th RES IPSA LOQUITOR Wednesday, March 4th Freshlaw teams and second and third year reunion sec- tions will compete in races from egg relays to a tug-of- vvar at the Intramural Fields. DEAN KEETON • AWARDS LUNCHEON This year ' s lunch is in honor of the Justices of The Texas Supreme Court and the Judges of The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. The Honorable Chief Justice Phillips will be speaking, followed by the Awards Ceremony. ■J ii ji mi «-B ■ l« pl H m r? B, ' V % H H f { • GOLF TOURNA- MENT • Friday, March 6th This year ' s tournament is held at Lago Vista Golf Club. • 5K RACE -k JUDICATA RUN WALK Saturday, March 7th This year ' s race is spon- sored by Run-Tex. -k " FIDDLER • WITH THE TRUTH " Assault Flattery March 4th-7th Assault Flattery is The Law School ' s annual musi- cal comedy. The cast and crew perform material that is written, directed and choreographed entirely by law students. This year ' s show is a satire of " Fiddler on the Roof. " Board of Advocates and the Interscholastic Competitions National Semifinalisls John Black and Wesley Ward stand ing in front of the U.S. Supreme Court Building in Washington D.C. Whittier Children ' s Rights Vanderbilt University John Marshall Information To.W ' ' Moot Court First Amendment Moot Court Technology Privacy Moot Court .a-«N.« Thomas Asturias, Sonya Hill National Finalists National Octofwalists David Isaak, Blaine Kimrey, Brad Benoit, Christopher Cotropia, i,.ul -» American Bar Association Patricia Lin Liisa Salmi ,- ' National Moot Court ' l- Regional Chnwpioiis Giles Sutherland Rich Pace University Environmental Michael Cooley, Angelina Intellectual Property Moot Court Law Moot Court r, , LaPcnotiere, Erika Laremont Regional Champions National Quarterfwahsts mUm Best Brief Virginia Adams, Robert Galvin, Regional Seinithuilists Nicole Fagerberg, Zakia Mustafa teoaawofla Don Cruse, Laurie Higginbotham, Christopher Cotropia A encaNatio. Mac Rust Best Advocates Philip C. (essup International NataJSe Nicole Fagerberg, Moot Court lotaS. Black, Bra Robert F. Wagner, Sr. Labor Law Christopher Cotropia Regional Champions KitlienneSta, Moot Court Leah Castella, Blaine Kimrey, ' mM-hm National Quarterfinalists Judge John R. Brown Admiralty Angelina LaPenotiere, I: ••„ -.•31 Tanya Clay, Cris Feldman, Moot Court Quarterfinalists Jeremy Monthy, Chris Livingston Ron Alves, Ralph Graham, Brief Writer: Tracy Gostyla 1 , •eel. Rick McLeod Best Advocate GuylVilb Siegel Medical and Legal Ethics Angelina LaPenotiere Moot Court August Rendigs, Jr. Third Best Advocate TeiasFalllimu National Champions Products Liability Moot Court Jeremy Monthy MockTrial Best Brief Robert Galvin, Kathy Partain, Tenth Best Advocate CkainpioBS Lisa Graybill, Jenifer King Lisa Salmi Blaine Kimrey «oiifc,Gleiii Best Advocate AtaRo Wesl Lisa Graybill Texas Young Lawyers ' Frederick Douglass Moot Court .ttemtfiRotet Best Final Round Advocate Association State Bar Moot Court Regional Semifinalists Fna.v Jenifer King Wesley Ward, Patricia Lin, Monica Ingram, Erika Laremont Alicia Glover-Fortson, 48th Annual National Moot Court Third Best Advocate Best Advocate BestAtae Regional Semifinalists Wesley Ward Alicia Glover-Fortson faHeiifflclis Nicole Fagerberg, Jeff Nicodemus, Fifth Best Advocate Second Best Advocate Shawn Raymond Patricia Lin Monica Ingram National Finalisl.s First Anicndmcnt Moot Court Tcarii niem|iL-rs David Isaak, 1 linguished judges. nd Blaine Kimrev surrounded bv dis- 22 - Moot Court 1 Texas Young Lawyers ' • • 5? Association National t . jf T " " ,JKH H Mock Trial ' % !k-_ i__. Fw Regional Finalists ' ■ ' . ,-.jj .; Jtt dt- ' fm " iiginia Adams, Adam Ross ft ' f fP " - . " Jn fe ' Regional Finalists Mn I %L i ( ;lenn Cormier, Trevor Taylor Alternates: Eric Lockridge, " v - ' K b Bb j f ' « Man Robinson M B R Association of Trial Lawyers of P B l America National Mock Trial H l H IMv Texas liniutionil Moa Trial Iluii N.ilionalSemifinalists y Dv d l l l numlKis ind ihcir hikIi tike a lohn S. Black, Brad Benoit, iw fS 1 brcik l.Mng to Klix between the Katherine Silver, Wesley Ward Alternate: Patricia Lin Regional Semifinalists lennifer Britton, Mark l l eouil competitions Texas Invitalionjl Stale Finalist Team members Guv Watts 11, Erika ■n H IB 1 Giiigliano, Angela Hunt, I hI I H Laremont, lohn Rlack and Elissa Guy Watts PI H l Heinnehs before iheir final round Texas Fall Invitational K F l H oteomixfl.on. Mock Trial H ' -ifll ' H F Fm Champions M Mmi m JA Ron Alves, Glenn Cormier, 1 Adam Ross, Wesley Ward I H k H ! Alternate: Robert Melendez HH B ' 1 H IH : ' lTE) Finalists HH B ' j Hh IH ' ■ p John Black, Elissa Heinrichs, ■ :■ ' K ' J HB | B 1 Erika Laremont, Guy Watts 1 H [Best Advocate ■ H l 1 Elissa Heinrichs II mI HI k Board of Advocates | IPV " | H ■jj H H B mK v 91 l H l and the ■ " ■ ' " 1 Interscholastic l lf ' ' - ' " -- 1 1 Competitions H ■y ww w j H| -- I P - mlMmiMm H MockA Hj Hg " H H H| I Triaiy B I H « ' fl A I I 1 — Cs. ■ 1 Mock Trials - 23 The Unive rsity of Texas School of Law Honors 1997 Chancellors HI I H Order of the Coif Established in 1912, Chancellors is Ihc iP i i The Order of the Coif is a national law most prestigious honorary society ol the ik 1 School honor society. New members of School of Law. The purpose of the soci- HN i ' H the University chapter are chosen each ety is to honor and reward students fall from the top 10 percent of the pre- who, through outstanding and consis- Bftv ' Ifl H vious graduating class. tent scholarship and achievement, have shown themselves most likely to suc- Bwi. r l Dawn Christine Akers ceed and to become a credit to their Hk j l 39BI9 l Laura Elizabeth Bader profession and their alma mater. B MJHHH H Dennis Alan Beck, Jr. Eligible for membership each year arc H T| M David Scott Berlin the sixteen students who have the high- 1 ' I H H Laura Joan Blood est grade point averages among those | |HHPBHHHk. ' : BSH I lason Scott Boulette who are not already members and who lo M ' nkfll B I George Everett Britt have completed forty-two semester Wendell Corrine Butler hours of coursework in the School ot ttn nSrani ' B B " ' »» ' ? , i lenny Elizabeth Carroll Law. HBIHHr I =w 1 Sarah Curtis Casey Eric William Cernvar The offices of Chancellors in order of vifl HD B ' J Kr ' ' iV Derek Chan scholastic standing and rank: wBK H jJ Scarlett E. Collings lohn Bowden Connally IV Grand Chancellor M I DL v H I Mirut P. Dalai Mark Christopher Lear Hbv H Rvan Lee Dennard Vice Chancellor fj BKBm l l Sarah Anne Donch Robert Bvron Little —iJsBSB B m—j B BSM William David Dunn Clerk Madeline Ann V. Dvorocsik David Shane Peck Joseph Edward Eckert Keeper of Peregrinus: Brad Edward Seidel Honorary Order of the Coif Gregory Karl Evans lennifer Kristene Gray ChanceUors-at-Large Michael Johann Gyr Lowry A. Crook lohn B. Bcckworth Dean William Harvey Ian Bradford Crosby Bcckworth Carrigan, L.L.P. Michael Alan Hill Stacey Ellyn Dansky I.D., 1983, The University of Texas William Paul Johnson Jeffrey Cade Harris Nancy Elizabeth Harris Icftrey Shane Johnston Sharla Kav Kruger Robert Christian Kowert leffrey CarletonKubin Adam Miles Kramer Gerald James Landon leffrey Thomas Chinn Liu lared Isaac Levinthal James Hamilton Mayor Mary Michelle Mahony Jason Michael Powers y « Anthony C. Marino Dale Lynn Roberts Michael C.Massengale Peter Donald Sunukjian ( ) Meredith Ann McClure Jeffrey Allan Miller Stephen James Moloney Niemann Cup wK. M Matthew Walter Moran Michael James Muskat Each spring, the Niemann Cup and the Howard Daniel Nirken Stanley P. and Claudie P. Wilson 4SwW Michael W. O ' Donnell Honorarium are awarded to a third year % Michael Steven Perez law student who is the outstanding oral i r Ragan Gerard Reeves advocate of the year. A committee of J fxr Nancv Elizabeth Reynolds faculty and student s selects the winner Clark Willis Richards on much the same criteria as the Order ludith Liana Robin,son of Barristers, but students are evaluated lason Clifford Rodgers in terms of how well they represent the Elizabeth Ann Rose Law, as well. John C. Rozcndaal lonathan Edward Sommcr Neimann Cup Recipients lessica N. Stafford Wesley Ward Matthew Richard Stammel Angelina La Penoticre Ann Sunincr Thcixs.i M.iiir li ,iskniii,i M.U-l 1 JU.IUI ,Kklll Robcrl Kcilh Williams lohn t:hrislophcr Wood 24 - Law School Honors Law School Foundation Founded in 1952, The University of Texas Law School Foundation was established as an educa- tional foundation to sup- port The University of Texas School of Law. As stated in its charter, the mission of the Foundation is " to further legal educa- tion, legal research, finan- cial assistance to deserving students and the progress of the law; to solicit dona- tions for particular objec- tives to accomplish such purpose. " The funda- mental guide of the Foundation is the Board of Trustees which has grown from its original seven members to 22 today, and includes some of the most prominent lawyers in Texas and the nation. The Foundation raises most of the endow- ments and privately spon- sored funds which sup- port the Law School. Law Alumni Association The L ' niversity of Texas Law Alumni Association, founded in 1939, which operates under the non- profit status of the Foundation, seeks to maintain a close bond between The Law School and its alumni. Upon graduation. Law School |Students automatically become members of the Law Alumni Association - - no dues are required. ' The Association hosts receptions throughout the country, including Reunion Weekend at The Law School in the spring, which is highlighted by the announcement of the Law Alumni Association ' s Reunion Weekend Award Recipients. The Law School Foundation and the Law Alumni Association continue to provide support to The University of Texas School of Law through leadership and the generosity of its alumni and friends. Law School Foundation Trustees President Franklin Jones, Jr., Marshall Morris Atlas, McAIlen Dee J. KeUy, Fort Worth Vice President Thomas G. Loeffler, Hany M. Reasoner, Houston San Antonio Linda L. Addison, Houston Gilbert I. Low, Beaumont E. William Barnett, Houston Wales H. Madden, Jr., David J. Beck, Houston Amarillo Ruben R. Cardenas, McAllen J. Mark McLaughlin, John R. Castle, Piano San Angelo George C. Chapman, Dallas Jon P. Newton, Houston J. Chrys Dougherty, Austin Tom B. Ramey, Jr., Tyler John L. Estes, Dallas C. Kenneth Roberts, Houston Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Lan-y E. Temple, Austin Washington, D.C. Senior Trustee Joseph D. Jamail, Houston J. Burleson Smith, San Antonio — 1 Law Alumni Association Officers President L. Anthony Joseph, New York Scott G. Burdine, Houston Ronald Kirk, DaUas President-Elect Jane A. Matheson, Austin James I. Perkins, Tyler Kenneth J. Mighell, Dallas Past-President Mike Mills, McAllen Janie L. Frank, Fort Worth George A. Olson, San Antonio Executive Committee Michael Perrin, Houston Morris Atlas, McAllen Joseph S. Pevsner, Dallas Buddy Banack, San Antonio Spencer C. Relyea, Dallas John Beckworth, Houston Eduardo Rodriguez, Brownsville Lisa A. Brown, Houston William H. Shibley, Long Beach Tonya Brown, Minneapolis Thomas M. Susman, James V. Derrick, Jr., Houston Washington, D.C. J. Wesley Dorman, El Paso Stephen Tatum, Fort Worth John W. Fainter, Jr., Austin Joseph C. Thompson, Houston Roger B. Greenberg, Houston Robert C. Walters, Dallas Laura J. Hagen, Chicago Laquita A. Hamilton, Austin Association Director Brad B. Hawley, Dallas Nancy Brazzil 1 Law Al umni Association Award Recipients Ward R.Burke, 1939 (left) mles H. Madden, Jr., i952 (middle) Harry M. Reasoner, 1962 (right) Law School Found. Charles " Hank " Still, 1968, Gena Still, )anet Hoover, Howard Hoover, 1963, Margaret Perkins David Cain, 1973, Kathryn Cain, Don Cain, 1943, Betty Cain Law Alumni Association Reunion Wed 1 ' X r- 1 1 I W 1 1 % Ir ffl ■ ■v ' 1 Mi i Law School Foundation and Law Alumni Assoc Weekend ' 98 Austin Style LEFT: Associate Dean Cynthia Estlund, Robert Geary, Betty Owens, 1988. RIGHT: )im V. Derrick, 1970, Jim I. Perkins, 1963, Scott Burdine, 1985. Enjoying tine food at the Alumni Association Dean LEFT: Debra Irwin, 1994, Liz Caldcleugh Ginsberg, 199.1, Jake Ginsberg, 199.1. RIGHT: Pamela A. McGraw, 199.1, Dean Michael Sharlot, Professor Sanford Lcvinson. Professionals, Bar None With automatic membership for every law student, the Law School student body is orga- nized as the Student Bar Association. Contrar) ' to the great majorit) ' of student bar associations throughout the nation ' s law schools, there are no member- ship dues. The governing body of SBA is the Board of Governors, which meets bi- weekly and is composed of 18 elected members. The SBA endeavors to carry out its objectives and contribute to the education of the law stu- dent by sponsoring programs that are both academic and extracurricular in nature. Through its Board of Governors, the Student Bar Association sponsors and super- vises programs that fall into three main categories: services, professional and social. Service programming provides such services as locker rentals. the Annual Blood Drive, profes- sor evaluations and mail ser- vices. Professional concessions include guest speakers, lecturers, seminars, student faculty poli- cy-making committees and mix- ers with various law firms. American Bar Association and State Bar Association services complete the list. Social activi- ties include Fall Ex-Parte, the Spring Fling, happy hours, final study breaks, and the Freshlaw Midterm Party. Oltkcrs: David Greenstone, President; Leigh Wilde, Secretary; Jeff Hagler, Vice-President; Grant Hagler, Special Assistant to the President. Not Pictured: David Peck, Treasurer. Students enjoy getting into the spirit of the Fall Ex-Parte at the Law School. When it comes to costumes, some take it very seriously. 30 - Student Bar Association Student Bar Association Student Bar Association 9? FRONT ROW: Eric Lockridge, Morgan Sheinberg, Ian Court, Leigh Wilde, David Greenstone, Luke Neslage, Chinwe Obianwu BACK ROW: Michael Guevara, Ion Egan, leff Hagler, Grant Hagler, Steven Czop, Brian Cororre, NOT PICTURED; Dai SanLhe?, Dave Sanchez, Eddie Cantu. Leslie Watkins, David Peck. Student Bar Association - 31 Fiddler with the Truth ' Assault Flatter) ' is one of the largest student organizations at the School of Law. Each spring members of A F present the school ' s annual musical comedy revue as part of Law W ' cL-k. L ' siiaily based on a pop- ular liliii or Broadway musical, the show embraces and satirizes all aspects of the legal profes- sion -- students, faculty mem- bers, and the law itself. The production was written, direct- ed, designed, and choreo- graphed by law students and featured live performances by student and faculty actors, singers, dancers, and musicians. This year ' s production was entitled " Fiddler with the Truth, " loosely based on the musical " Fiddler on the Roof. " A third-year TQ (Tevye) is frustrated with his inability to find a job and with his three students who take non " tradi- tional " paths as lawyers. 32 - Assault Flattery If I Were a Rich Man... ' A stage hand sets the hghting tor the show, a erucial part of making the show Such a large production also requires a huge crew to design the sets, props, and cos " Fiddler with the Truth " included many musical numbers, which meant a lot of singing and dancing. Long hours ot rehersals were required at the Utopia Theatre to successfully pull oft such a challenging production. Assault Flattery - 33 Mock, Moot and Advocacy The Board of Advocates (BOA) is the litigation honor society of The University of Texas School of Law. The BOA promotes excellence in trial and appellate advocacy, as well as other forms of dispute resolu- tion. The BOA is open to all students at the law school, but participation is a prerequisite for membership. Students earn membership points through participation in competitions and through administrative duties. Officers are inducted by election. The BOA was responsible for coordinating every interscholas- tic and intramural advocacy competition sponsored by the School of Law The BOA spon- sored over 30 competitions including mock trial, moot court, negotiation, voir dire, and client counseling. These competitions were held in Austin and in other cities across the nation. Simply put, the BOA provided many opportuni- ties for law students to improve their advocacy skills. The BOA also hosted an annu- al Spring Banquet. All BOA members were invited to attend this event, which honored out- standing competitors, officers, and attorneys who support the organization. Advocacy awards, such as membership in The Order of Barristers, were pre- sented at the Banquet. The BOA welcomed all law students with an interest in advocacy and a desire to pro- mote advocacy. Angela Hunt, Chair Mathew Grynwald and Elissa Heinrichs, Interscholastic Directors John S. Black and Jennifer Nickolas, Mock Trial Directors Nicole Fagerberg and Doug Tyrka, Moot Court and Voir Dire Directors Jeff Nicodemus, ADR Director Glenn Cormier, Neal Davis, Neremy Doyle, and Layne Grindal, Judging Directors Virginia Adams, Memberdhip Director Patricia Lin and Kathy Partain, Public Relations Director Wesley Ward, Financial Director Angelina LaPenotiere, Admin. Records Officer Ron Alves, National Secretary, The Order of Barristers Shawn Raymond, Assistant Chair Leah CasteiJa, Jeffrey Engerman, Morgan Matson, Rachaei Rolen, and Steve Peterson Assistant Officers Wesley Ward pn Press Room. 34 - Board of Advocates Call to Order The University of Texas School of Law School claims the privi- lege of being the creator of the Order of Barristers. The Order recognizes excellency in appel- late advocacy (moot court) and trial advocacy (mock trial). Eventually the Order was expanded on a nationwide scale, and today there are over 100 law schools across the country which boast Order of Barristers chapters. The UT law Ichool is now the national administrator for the Order. Order of Barristers is one of only four accomplishments approved by the American Bar Association for inclusion in the Martindale- Hubble Directory of Lawyers. In May each year, the law school awards membership in the Order to ten third year stu- dents in recognition of top per- formance in the advocacy pro- gram. A committee of faculty and students selects the award recipients from a pool of candi- dates using two criteria. First, students are evaluated using " success " criteria which are defined in terms of competition wins and championships. Both mock trial and moot court com- petitions are included. The " performance " criteria are sub- jective, measuring students by their attitude, energy, effort, and quality of participation. Once awarded a membership in the Order of Barristers, a student remains a member for life. 1998 Order of Barristers FRONT ROW: Angela Hunt, Patricia Lin, Elissa Heinrichs, Angelina La Penotiere, Wesley Ward, Adam Ross, BACK ROW: Ron Alves, Blaine Kimrey, Jeff Nicodemus, NOT PICTURED: Nicole Fagerberg. JU Keeping the Doors Open The Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association was formed in order to promote and articulate the needs of Hispanic law students and to recruit and retain Hispanics in the School of Law. CHLSA provided academic, financial, social and career sup- port for its members. The acad- emic support included partici- pation in the first year Minority Orientation Program (MOP), exam-taking and outlining ses- sions, and resume and employ- ment preparation. The career area of assistance included minority job fairs, career ser- vices, clerkship, and scholarship programs coordinated in con- junction with the law school and various corporate sponsors. Clinics provided the students with valuable hands-on experi- nence and professional contacts. CHLSA sponsored social mixers, receptions, the annual " Fajita Fiesta, " and an awards banquet. These activities pro- vided members with various networking opportunities. CHLSA is committed to pro- viding a support network that affords each student the oppor- tunity to have an intellectually chanllenging and successful law school experience.. One of the year ' s major accomplishments was the estab- lishment of an endowed presi- dential scholarship. Last year, CHLSA organized a fundraising effort to establish a scholarship in honor of Janie Villarreal, a former CHLSA member who died of leukemia. With the gen- erous help of various donors, CHLSA raised over $5,000 for the scholarship at the first bien- nial reception honoring the Senate Hispanic Caucus and the Mexican American Legislative Caucus. The money raised was matched by the Law School Foundation. This year, the Janie Villarreal Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Law was officially created by the University of Texas. CHLSA ' s membership is young, dynamic and creative. By working with University offi- cials and state policymakers, CHLSA will continue to create solutions to preserve diversity and keep the doors of opportu- nity open for everyone at The University of Texas School of Law. Debra Norris, DaMd Samhcz hrank Gonzales, David Hinojosa Albert To ar Mariscla Rangcl, Eduardo Cantu Margarit Gurana, Dan Sanchez Matt Garcia Hector Beltran, Roger Monto)a Selina Nava Javier Duran, Cynthia Rcndon Veronica Rivera Tracye Shaw, Gabriella Edwards Susanna Lawson, Cristy Garcia Keith Hesteande Andrew Walker, Vanessa Bailey. William Dominguez, Ramiro Canales. Officers: Hccor Beltran, Alumni Relations: Marisela Rangel. Treasurer; Tracy Shaw. Public Relations; Margaret Garana, Secretar) ' ; Matt Garcia. Public Relations; Frank Gonzales, Vice-President; Ramiro Canales, President. Chicano Hispanic Law Student Association kkt} ' 36 - Chicano Hispanic Law Student Association Entertaining the Law Entertainment Sports Law Society Ncmz Gosler, President of Watermelon Records, speaks to the ESLS. He expressed his belief that Austin, being the " Live Music Capitol of the World, " should have more lawyers focusing on entertainment law. — photo by Charles Luu Entertainment Sports Law Society (ESLS) The Entertainment Sports Law Society is an organization dedicated to providing practical information from local enter- tainment and sports law attor- neys to students interested in this area of the law, including insider viewpoints on E S practice in Texas, career oppor- tunities, and general advice on preparing to practice. The Review of Entertainment and Sports Law {TRESL) Founded in 1997, The Review of Entertainment and Sports Law is a yearly publication devoted to topics of practical interest to practitioners of entertainment and sports law in the state of Texas. TRESL is currently pub- lished in conjunction with the State Bar of Texas Entertainment Sports Law Section. FRONT ROW: lamie Nordhaus, Managing Editor; Uavid Sokolow, Eacully Law Advisor; Stephen Ncbgen, l-.diloi in Brandon Blake, Senior Editor; BACK ROW: Rhonda Troulman, Scan Rasberry, Tyler Rudd, Adrian Stewart, lames Cook, Arora, loey Berger, Sinead Clifford, Maggie Mills, Li Wang. Entertainment and Sports Law Society - 37 Far from Home EXCHANGE STUDENTS: IKOM ROW: Candice Galvao, Brazil; Alexandre Jobim, Brazil; Christoph Papenheim, Germany; Ricardo Gamez- Pa;acio, Mexico; Monica Jara, Mexico; Kai Burmeister, Germany; Francisco Montalvo, Mexico; Minhe Zhu, Unknown ; Ryo Minami, Japan; Ova Cetinkaya, Turkey; Ricardo Chacon, Mexico; Nathalie Gutenstein, Luxembourg; Dagoberto Torres, Peru; Marc Van Niekerk, South Africa. Christina French and Matt Holder, both freshlaws, discuss the diversity issue with Law Students for Diversity member, Thomas Sims, midlaw. They later signed their names in support of the efforts for diversity at the Law School during this post-Hopwood era. — photos by Charles Luu Exchange Students hkn 38 - School of Law Exchange Students Guanajuato Exchange Program Spring Break in Mexico For twenty-five years, University law students have participated in a spring break exchange program with law stu- dents at the University of Guanajuato in Mexico. For one week, students visit the city of Guanajuato to learn about the culture and legal system there. In turn, the law school hosts students from Guanajuato on their spring vacation and intro- duces them to US law and Texas tradition. The exchange program also provides the added benefit of creating lasting friendships on both sides of the border. BELOW: The UT Guanajuato E.xchange griiup n)ins its Mexican counterpart for ' m M i ppf -.- ' . i KM _W| .j ' l iiiil mM P k , ■W 4 m r m is flL lf f- L $ ' ' m Z ?S ' fM m ■V " . m% ■■Wtf- w 1 ' A m wm ni ■w S if s 1 . 1 1 cathedr • the UT U .gan SylveMer. Ryan Lainbrccht, Sl CX): IVIatta, Mendy Mays, Uiana Munoz, Jc Whitcomb, BACK ROW: Alan Motes, Andre : haralambides, Amy Borgstedte, Douglas Rozek, lamic W.i ' Sindrew Walker. Ann- Pritchard, I larrv White. Guanajuato Exchange Program - 39 Searching for Answers The Legal Research Board, an organization of UT law stu- dents, was charted by the State Bar of Texas to provide legal research and prepare legal mem- oranda for practicing attorneys. Membership selection is based upon outstanding performance in L ' T ' s freshlaw legal research and writing program. The Legal Research Board pro- vides a unique opportunity for students to develop and refine skills acquired in the basic legal Research and Writing Course. By providing students an oppor- tunity to deal with problems confronting Texas attorneys, the Board cultivates legal reasoning skills and provides valuable feedback to students. With 37 years of excellence in legal research and writing, the Board looks forward to provid- ing outstanding research for years to come. FRONT ROW: Francisco Morales, Ann Cole, Stephanie Hooper, Edd Prince, Kevin Jacobs, David Wickwire, BACK ROW: Henri Nicholas, Sheani Chanmugam, Leslie Williams, Amy McLean, Julie Zelman, Betsy Rodgers, Caren Sweetland. Ellyn Haikein and Bridgette McNiitt both Frcshlaws, began the first day classes by going over their syllabu Most students planned their enli semester around assignments in the s) labus. — photo by Charles Lu 40 - Legal Research Board Masters of their Future The degree of Master of Laws to the degree is designed for stu- (LLM) is awarded to students dents of high ability seeking who have completed a rigorous academic work beyond the program of coursework and Doctor of Jurisprudence degree research. The program leading or its equivalent. .• BO ' E: FRONT ROW: Prof. Michael Sturley, lonathan Proctor, Dan Mathe-son, Laura Kitson, Gareth Camp, Daniel Lloyd, BACK ROW: Jennifer Maclean, Ashley Campbell, lacqueline Cawood, Lynne Storey, Creg Denton- Cox, Brenda Effron, Coordi International Student Programb Charles Daly. LEFT: Students line up a Graduation in order to be " pinned " a the Sunflower Ceremony on May 24th. Masters of Law - 4 1 Searching for Diversity The Student Recruitment and Orientation Committee is open to all studnets interested in meeting new and potential law students. SROC is involved with various projects during the year designed to introduce potential students and entering freshlaws to the Law School SROC projects include: Orientation, Phonathon, Prospective Students Day, and weekly tours. Project Info is composed of three to five second- and third- year African-American and Mexican-American students who are selected by the Assistant Dean for Admissions and the Director of Admissions to assist in the effort to recruit outstand- ing minority students interested in pursuing a legal education. Project Info students travel throughout Texas and the United States to talk to students about the study of law at the University. They also attempt to contact all minority students who have been admitted to answer their questions and encourage them to enroll in the law school. l-KUNT ROW: Robert Strauss, Gabriella Edwards, Leslie Williams, Kyron Hayes, MIDDLE ROW: Tanya Clay, Stephanie Hooper, Kimberly Frost, BACK ROW: Shelbi Barnhouse, Tina Campos. Melissa Huling, LSD member and mid- law, is interviewed by television news reporter Robbie Owens. The opening day of the Law School saw a media fren- zy as reporters clammcred to get stu- dent responses to the diversity of the 1998 student body, —photo by Charles Luu Student Recruitment Orientation Committee hail journal 42 - Student Recruitment Orientation Committee Staff Explores Hispanic Issues The Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy and the Texas Forum on Civil Liberties Civil Righ ts co-sponsored a discus- sion at the School of Law in April debating the legitimacy and application of standardized tests in law school admissions Claiming that similar talks organized by UT administrators failed to acknowledge alterna- tives to affirmative action in countering declining minority enrollment at the law school, editors ot the lournals decided to orsani e then own e ent " This will be a wake-up call to the administration to see that there are other avenues that they can pursue in response to Hopwood, " Roger Montoya, news editor for the Journal, said. " This forum can help keep the issue in the public eye. " Texas Hispanic Journal of Law Policy ABO E: FRON r ROW : Pnitessor Elvia Arnola, Paul lorge, )ohn Wright, Claudia Valles, Veronica River. Veronica Briseno, Leslie Carrasco, Marisela Rangel. BACK ROW: Chinwe Obianwu, Albert Tovar, Victor Saenz, Hector Beltran, Roberto Puente, Gerald Torres, Roger Montoya Students converse with Secretary of Stale Gonzales during a pizza lunch which was held at the !,.iw School in Texas Hispanic lournal of Law and Policy - 43 Overtime for TQ ' s Teaching Quizmasters, or " TQ ' s " as they are better known within the UT Law School, is a group of thirt) ' upper-class law students who teach in the first year Legal Research and Writing Course. Teaching Quizmasters teach the legal research portion of this course and serve as teaching assistants to the writing portion Looking over your shoulder is about the only responsibility that the Teaching Quizmasters don ' t worr ' about when it comes to helping Freshlaws. The job ol the TQ ranges from teaching them study techniques to helping them cope with the stress of law school. of the course. TQs are selected through a competition based on demonstrations of research, writing and teaching skills. The TQs ' role in the Law School community often extends beyond their official teaching duties. Teaching Quizmasters are frequently called upon by their students to advise them on such matters as study techniques, career plans, exam taking and personal prob- lems. They often act as a social coordinator for the Freshlaw students, as well. They also field questions on reg- istration, explain confusing top- ics, and just listen on those all- too-common occasions when a student is having trouble adjust- ing to the stress of law school. FRONT ROW: Alicia Fortson, Elisa Berman, Lynn LeCropane, Jenny Womack, Carrie Jocobsohn, Kelly Mayo, Kelli Smith, MID- DLE ROW: Catherine Zilahy, Alicia Andrae Lethen, Marquette Marcsh, Sarah Starnes, Jennifer Lloyd, Erik Nielsen, Court Smith, Meredyth Purdy, Kevin Brown, BACK ROW: Michael I.eitch, Sanimi Whitmirc. Rudcnc Mercer, Francisco Morales, David Scwell, Scott Simmons, Stephen Fahey 44 - Teaching Quizmasters i. Teaching Quizmasters ; of the Teaching Quizmasters take a break during their tour of the Texas Capitol Teaching Quizmasters - 45 Abstractions of the Law The Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal is dedicated to publishing articles on all aspects of intellectual property law of both national and state interest. Topics included in the Journal are patents, copyrights, trade- marks, entertainment law, and unfair competition. The articles and notes featured in the Journal are written by scholars, practitioners, and students. The Journal participates in the Law School ' s write-on competi- tion for selection of its mem- bers. Selection criteria is based upon writing and analytical skills demonstrated in the com- petition Once on the staff, students participate in editing articles and managing all aspects of the Journal ' s creation. The Journal is pu blished in three issues per year. Members will perfect legal research and writing skills while writing their student note dur- ing the second year. The Journal also invites members of the practicing intellectual prop- erty community to come and speak with members. Appointment to the Journal ' s editorial board permits further contacts with practitioners and enhances the managing skills of the board member. The Journal also has several social activities each semester, giving members the opportunity to know one another outside of the law school environment. FRONT ROW: Ritk McLeod, Carrie Jacobsohn, Charles Claunch, Biu Wiesc, Chris Thiele, BACK ROW: Neal Frazier, Scott Clark, Richard Schafer, Jonathan Lass, Lei Chen. Dean Sharlol converses with Joe Janiail, j , one of the scheduled speakers at lh Law School. — photo by Chris Casey 46 - Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal has Intifu From Litigation to Limbo Texas International Law Journal The Texas International Law Journal {TIL]}, now in its 33rd year of publication, is the fourth oldest student-published inter- national law journal in the country and the second oldest student journal at the UT School of Law. Both in Texas and abroad, TIL] delivers acad- emic and practioner-oriented articles, student notes, book reviews, and symposia exploring ground-breaking developments in international law and legal practice. TIL] received over two hun- dred unsolicited manuscripts this year from scholars, authors, and experts in the field of inter- national law from around the world. The U. S. Supreme Court and lower federal and state courts have cited TILJ arti- TIL] stayed quite busy this year with the pursuit of several lofty goals. Our first of three issues focused on last year ' s Internatio nal Bankruptcy Symposium, and the last issue explored the recently released Transnational Rules of Civil Procedure, a novel A.L.I. Project headed by Geoffrey Hazard. Additionally, the staff continued the symposium tradition with " Products Liability: Comp- arative Approaches and Transnational Litigation, " held on February 19th and 20th and organized with the help of Prof Bill Powers. Outside of academia, TIL] board and staff members man- aged to have some fun beyond Townes Hall. In the celebrated Battle of the Bluebook, the TIL] year ' s defeat and trounced Texas Law Review by leading in " pene- trations. " Scott Way, Editor-in- Chief, hosted a bluegrass picnic in January in Wimberley, and in the spring, group sporting prowess continued with a 15-4 Softball victory over TLR. The Spring Banquet, held in April at Miguel ' s La Bodega, provided a festive occasion to bid farewell to the out-going board and welcome the new board. Scott Way and Jeremy Monthy garnered the Best Editor Awards, Nikki Hoffpauir won the Best Staffer Award, and Will Dodge received the Best Note Award. TIL] presented the Fulda Award to Antonio Benjamin, UT Professor of Law and Assistant Attorney General of Sao Paulo, for his contribu- tions to international law. FRONT ROW: Donnic Roark, Mavit MelanieDevoe Heather CapJI Meredvth Purd Vanessa Bailev Dann i LeDoux Heather Radhtt Debbie Liii Ravna Mabel BACK ROW Eric Butkr Pete Cazamias Justin Rice Jeremy Monthy Scott Way Todd Williams FRt)NriOU Si, ih s , ,m , ( M,|i Ngmcn Kristen Ni,u n 111 11 i iiitno McQuun Nikki H Hi i in [ i ml i [ ,i Patricia OaKan bam Zabanch Jcltrc) Engerman Melissa Hall Tracy tu)st la Marty Roblcs MorL,an Rvdcr M mdi Matlock Juii Egan Karen Barrett and daughter Juliana Nicole Mosiman Michael Coolev Danna LeDoux Dimple Desai Mark Jungers Chris Lallo Allison Eayes LuiricHines BACK ROW Kathcrine Gibson Ben Lane VamingGao Kun Daum Riehird Nienicycr John Sliine Steph inic Thompson KiiiArncil Riniccy Sinj.h Jessie i Sp in lcr WillDod c Tom ii Alicia Morris Texas International Law Journal - 47 Accolades for new Review The Texas Review of Law Politics is the nation ' s newest conservative law review. Founded in the spring of 1996, the Review ' s mission is to serve as the prime forum for the dis- cussion and debate of contem- porary social issues, including: crime, federalism, racial prefer- ences, religious liberties, and constitutional history. In its short existence, the Review has already garnered support from some of the nation ' s most prominent acade- mics, jurists, and policymakers, including: Judge Robert Bork, former Attorney General Edwin Meese III, Judge Edith Jones, Professor Richard Espstein, ludge David Sentelle, and for- mer White House Counsel C. Boyden Gray. Published twice yearly, the Review has already received acclaim in the Washingnton Post, the National Law Journal, Texas Review of Law Politics ojUtip FRONT ROW: John Martin, J.R. Donley, lamy Skaggs, Stuart Miller, Bart Fowler, Mark Pittman, Houston Mount, MIIJDI P ROW: Karen Monsen, Alan Tysinger, Mark Campbell, Lannhi Tran, Julie Davies, Jenny McCain, Laynic l ' a io David I inehan Adam Ross, Susan Stith; BACK ROW: Bryan Gantt, Shannon Bangle, Andrew Adams, Prcscott Caballcro Scott Frtdricks Ken limanuclson, Eric Lockridge, Glenn Cormier, Everett Upshaw, Gary Thompson, Sean Cunningham. 50 - Texas Review of Law Politii Review of Justice The Review of Litigation The Review at Litigation is a student-edited legal periodical devoted to issues of current interest to practicing litigators. The first journal serving as a forum for topics related to trial and appellate advocacy, The Review provides academically rigorous analysis of evidentiary, procedural, and substantive issues from recent litigation. The Review of Litigation pub- lishes three issues a year, includ- ing a special symposium issue dedicated to specific topics. During the 1997-98 academic year. The Review ' s symposium issue focused on ethical issues arising in mass tort litigation. The Review hosted a highly suc- cessful physical symposium in conjunction with the issue. The Ethics Mass Torts Symposium, held in early February in the lohn leffers Courtroom, brought together more than sixty academicians and litigators to discuss this topic, which is an issue of ever growing importance in this age of the class action. The Symposium was sponsored by the Julius Glickman Research Chair in Business and Professional Ethics, and The Review was honored to have Mr. Glickman begin the Symposium with an opening address. The Symposium concluded with lunch and the keynote address, " Mass Torts and Individual Justice: An Unresolvale Tension? " given by Kenneth R. Feinberg, Sr., founder of the Washington, D.C. firm of Kenneth R. Feinberg Associates and one of the nation ' s leading experts in mediation and alternative dis- pute resolution. The Review also published notes written by members focusing on a diverse array of topics. These topics included evidentiary issues in the areas of both children ' s statements and same sex partners; tax incre- ment financing; tort liability for Internet viruses; and the Independent Counsel Act. Approximately fifty students receive invitations to join The Review every year. The mem- bers are a diverse group selected from students demonstrating excellence in both academics and a competitive writing pro- gram and winners of an annual brief-writing competion. FRONT ROW: Blaine Kimrey, Patricia Lin, Maggie Parker, Kuruvilla Oommen, Sofia Harber, Thomas Hudnall , Craig Courvillc Nicholas Parma, Richard Knight, Kathy Partain Lett, BACK ROW: Shoshana Paige, Roswell Osborne, Ann Greenwood, )ami Nordhaiis, Scan Monticcllo, Ryan Lambrecht. Karen Lister, loellc Schu!7c, Robert Lawrence. Paul Speaker, Scott Simmons, Blaim Hummel, Lnsa Salmi, lulie Alexander, Stephanie Perin, The Review of Litigation - 51 Accolades for new Review The Texas Review of Law Politics is the nation ' s newest conservative law review. Founded in the spring of 1996, the Review ' s; mission is to serve as the prime forum for the dis- cussion and debate of contem- porary social issues, including: crime, federalism, racial prefer- ences, religious liberties, and constitutional history. In its short existence, the Review has already garnered support from some of the nation ' s most prominent acade- mics, jurists, and policymakers, including: Judge Robert Bork, former Attorney General Edwin Meese III, Judge Edith Jones, Professor Richard Espstcin, Judge David Sentelle, and for- mer White House Counsel C. Boyden Gray. Published twice yearly, the Review has already received acclaim in the Washingnton Post, the National Law lournal. Editor-in-Chief Adam Ross Busmess Manager Adam B. Ross Managing Editor Patrick E. Hudson Dennis W. Donley, Jr. Andrew A. Adams Faculty Advisor Chief Manuscripts Editor Lino A. Graglia David A. Linehan FRONT ROW: John Martin, J.R. Donley, Jani Skaggs, Stuart MilU ROW: Karen Monscn, Alan Tysingcr, Mark CampKll, Lannhi Tran, Adam Ross, Susan Stilh; BACK ROW: Bryan Gantt, Shannon Bangle, And Emanuelson, Eric Lockridgc, Glenn Cormier, Everett Upshaw, Gary Thomps t Fowler, Mark Pittman, Houston Mount; MIDDLE Davies, Jenny McCain, Laynie Pavio, David Linehan, tf Adams, PrestotI Caballero, Scotl Fredricks, Ken , Sean Cunningh.ini. T Texas Review of Law Politics » 50 - Texas Review of Law Politics Review of Justice The Review of Litigation The Review of Litigation is a student-edited legal periodical devoted to issues of current interest to practicing litigators. The first journal serving as a forum for topics related to trial and appellate advocacy, The Review provides academically rigorous analysis of evidentiary, procedural, and substantive issues from recent litigation. The Review of Litigation pub- lishes three issues a year, includ- ing a special symposium issue dedicated to specific topics. During the 1997-98 academic year, The Review ' s symposium issue focused on ethical issues arising in mass tort litigation. The Review hosted a highly suc- cessful physical symposium in conjunction with the issue. The Ethics Mass Torts Symposium, held in early February in the John Jeffers Courtroom, brought together more than sixty academicians and litigators to discuss this topic, which is an issue of ever growing importance in this age of the class action. The Symposium was sponsored by the lulius Glickman Research Chair in Business and Professional Ethics, and The Review was honored to have Mr. Glickman begin the Symposium with an opening address. The Symposium concluded with lunch and the keynote address, " Mass Torts and Individual Justice: An Unresolvale Tension? " given by Kenneth R. Feinberg, Sr., founder of the Washington, D.C. firm of Kenneth R. Feinberg Associates and one of the nation ' s leading experts in mediation and alternative dis- pute resolution. The Review also published notes written by members focusing on a diverse array of topics. These topics included evidentiary issues in the areas of both children ' s statements and same sex partners; tax incre- ment financing; tort liability for Internet viruses; and the Independent Counsel Act. Approximately fifty students receive invitations to join The Review every year. The mem- bers are a diverse group selected from students demonstrating excellence in both academics and a competitive writing pro- gram and winners of an annual brief-writing competion. % FRONT ROW: Blaine Kimrey, Patricia Lin, Maggie Parker, Kuruvilla Oommen, Sofia Harber, Thomas Hudnall. Nicholas Parma, Richard Knight, Kathy Partain Lett, BACK ROW: Shoshana Paige. Roswcll Oshornc, Ann Gr Nordhaus, Sean Monticello, Ryan Lanibrecht, Karen Lister, loclle Schulze. Robert Lawrence, Paul Speaker, Scott ; Hummel, Liisa Salmi, lulie Alexander. Stephanie Perin. The Review of Litigation - 51 TLR Honors Prof. Wright The Texas Law Review, now in its seventy-sixth year, publishes seven issues each year and is consistantly ranked among the top ten law reviews in the nation. The Review publishes articles, essays, and book reviews by professors, judges, and practicing attorneys, as well as notes written by the Review ' s student members. The Texas Law Review also publishes and regularly updates two widely- used reference books, the Manual on Usage and Style and the Texas Rules of Form. This year, the Review ' s Symposium was devoted to issues of federal practice and procedure, in honor of the retirement of Professor Charles Alan Wright. The Symposium, was held at the School of Law in October. Offers of membership are made each year to 50 of the top students completing their first year. Members are selected based on first-year grades and performance in the annual write-on competition. During their second year of law school, members are required to per- form 150 hours of administra- tive duty, to devote one week each semester and one week of vacation time to office duty, and to write an original research note that is of publishable quali- ty. Third year members may either satistfy basic hour requirements to remain mem- bers in good standing, or may choose to become Associate Editors or to run for the Editorial Board. After working long hours working on an issue. Review members relax at post-issue par- ties and monthly lunches that feature speakers such as ludge John Cornyn, Republican nomi- nee for Texas Attorney General. In March the Association ' s Annual Alumni Banquet was held at the Four Seasons Hotel. The Review fields intramural teams and publishes a weekly newsletter to keep members abreast of happenings. FRONT ROW: Stacey Dansky, Caren Sweetland, Daniel Petalas, Gino Rossini, James Mayor, Christopher Hall, BACK ROW: William Childs, Thomas Paxton, Brandon Allen, Ian Crosby, Scott Wilson, Robert Little, Andrea Hyatt, NOT PICTURED; Lowry Crook, Katherine Chiarello, Aaron I Icndclman. 52 - Texas Law Review Texas Law Review Jmil Texas Law Review Editoi -in-Chief Associate Editors Garrison, Jeremy Gaston, Mark Brandon Allen Skardon Baker, Ann Cole, Giugliano, Ryan Greene, Managing Editor Deanna Emmert, Elysia Franty, Mathew Grynwald, Jeffrey Daniel Petalas Brendan Henry, Adam Kramer, Harris. Ann Herat, David Isaak, Chief Articles Editor Joel Kuehnert, Joel Lambert, Kevin Jacobs, Monica Jacobs, William Childs Steve Lauff, Mark Lear, Nelson Richard King, Robert Kowert, Chief Notes Editor Mock, Dennis Moore Jr., Jason Dean Lanter, Jeffrey Liu, Brady Stacey Dansky Powers, Awais Sufi, Peter Long, Chad McCracken, Allison Book Review Editor Sunukjian, Duane Thompson, McDade, Sarah McLean, Susan James Mayor Gavin Villareal, Philip Warman, Maxwell, Michael Mayes, Inga Administrative Editor Jennifer Webster Munsinger, Ba Nguyen, Henri Caren Sweetland Members Nicolas, Kimberly Osburn, Joel Notes Editors Thomas Asturias, Eric Atkerson, Oudaw, BradJey Parish, Andrew Lowry Crook, Christopher Hall, Brian Beckcom, Brandon Parks, Michael Pattillo, David Thomas Paxton Bennett, Bradley Benoit, Vivian Peck, Royce Poinsett, Donald Articles Editors Benrey, Allison Bowers, Nicholas Puckett, Marcie Queiser, Shawn Katherine Chiarello, Ian Crosby, Brady, Misty Burns, Timothy Ravmond, Dale Roberts, Anne Aaron Hendelman, Andrea Chastain, Mikeal Clayton, John Rodger. ■,, Kenneth Sansom, Bo Hyatt Cocchiarella, Gregg Costa, Don Sartaiii, Brad Seidel, Thomas Articles Editors Cruse, Leslie Cummings, Kevin Selby, David Sewell, Alexander Robert Little, Gino Rossini, Scott Davis, Beth Dranguet, Brian Smith, Prescott Smith, Rebecca Wilson Erickson, Julie Ermis, Brian Smith, Frederick Solt, Bradley Falbo, Stuart Ford, Bruce Welsh. Texas Law Review - 53 Getting Good Support The Thurgood Marshall Legal Society (TMLS) is the Texas affiliate of the Black Law Students Association. TMLS is primarily concerned with issues of major importance to the African-American community. Aside from promoting discus- sion and resolution of these issues, TMLS fosters community awareness among its member- ship through active participa- tion in community service pro- jects during the year. The Thurgood Marshall Legal Society actively recruits African- Americans into the law school community and promotes an atmosphere at the law school that is conducive to their suc- cess. TMLS promotes academic excellence among its members Wmti RONT ROW: Leslie Watkins, Ruth E. Anderson, Vice-President, Gary Alfred, Leticia McGowan, Alicia Fortson, Kyron Hayes, President, BACK ROW: Rudene Mercer, Stephanie Hooper, Maurice Dobson, Mea Butler, Aja Henderson, Latosha Lewis, K Lmroth. Cynthia Eastlund, Associate Dean fo: Academic Affairs, answers some of the questions that students have at lh( beginning of the — photo by Chris Casey 54 - Thurgood Marshall Legal Society Women ' s Law Caucus Making a House a Home The Women ' s Law Caucus serves to raise awareness about issues important to women. Its aims include promotion of research and educational pro- grams addressing aspects of the women students pursing a legal law of concern to women, dis- education at the University. cussion ot creative responses to these issues, recruitment of women interested in the law, and creation of a social and political support group for Bl LOW LLP I Andrea Grctr V uc PrcMdent Uigh Wildt i(.e President; binimi Whitmire PrcMdent Chris R an Secret uv Historian NOT Pl( TURED Kristina Fernandez Viee President Treisurer BELOW Workini, with Habitat t ir Humanlt wis one I " the pnie 1 thit ua t n led b the FRONT ROW leigh W ' llde, Viee President, An Seeretar Hlstorlan , kristina Fernandez Viee Pres Lewis, Hilar) Holman, Katherinc Traverse, Lynn I u kathrinc Silver, A Patterson, Allison Eaves, Jehanne Sehulze, Deborah Blanchard, lulie Stone, Laeine Hnu SFCONI ) Rl ) vsi.n, Megan Sviv Women ' s Law Caucus - 55 Students -57 Seniors Aguilar, Lisa Marie, Corpus Christ The University of Texas at Austin, Chicino Hispanic Law Students Bailey, Vanessa Patrice. Anahuac: y of Texas at Austin, Texas hUerruitional Law Journal Ediior, Texas hiteHectiMl Property Law Journal Editor. CHLSA. International Law Societv, Alphj Kdppa Alpha. Bangle, Shannon Wade, Colleyville; Southern Methodist University, The Texas Review of Law Politics. vicxico University. f Michigan, CHLSA Vice President, It and Orientation Brown, Stuart Bradley. Riclurdson; The University of Texas at Austin, Phi Alpha Deha Clerk, Assault Flattery Technical Director. Tcxiii Review of Law and Pohttcs E Editor, The Federalist Society Ex. Bodrd. Texjs Union Board of Di cs, Ramiro. Sjiila Rosa. Southwt niversity, Chicano HispanK La % Sludents ' Association President, apeli. Heather Lynn, D. Students Associatic FIcniken, Austin; Colltg. ry, Board of Advocates, Flattery. The Rc -icw of LitigtUioii. 1 Rcnhard, Austin; Tlic riii LiMii , Texas Liw Rcvu- y Associate Editor, Legal Research Board. Seniors Cowles. fames Lawrence. Spokane, WA; Yale University, Legal Research Board. Graduate I Davies, Julie Lynn, Ausi of Texas at Arlington. Texas ReviewofLa and Polilici Chief Notes E Dusenbury, Angela Marie. E c River University of Massachusetts- Amherst, Texas Environmental Uiw Journal, Legal Research Board. Assault Flattery, , Ausim; South ' Tcxai StJle University, Student I Orientation Commit LHakam, Leila Mariam, Sugar Uir The University of Texas at Austin, ■: Revtew of Litigation, Graduate Bus Women ' s Network. Fagerberg, Nicole, San Antonio; Princeton University, National Moot Court Team, Intellectual Property Moot Court, Board Of Advocates Director of Moot Court and 60 - Seniors Texas al Austin. Texas Quizmaster Thurgood Marshall Legal Society, Children ' s Rts Clinic. Moot Court Frost, Kimberly Ann. Austin; The University of Texas at Austin. Women ' s Roundtable, Board of Advoc; Brasilia. Brazi The R ' tcw of Ulisalii- nternatwnal Law jountaL Assault Bar Association Vice President yimnial Law Chief Reviews Editor, Chicano Hispanic Law Students ' Association. Kramer. Ada: The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Law Review, Chancellors. LeDoux, Dana M Louisiana Slate University, Assault Flattery. Texas Inlenitittonnl Law Join Editor, Inlem tionat Law Society. The Revtew of Litigation, Board of ocates, Asian Law Students Associati Semester in London Program. )ieD., Plano ' ni lia, Texas Interna an Law Student fl . Texas Review of Law and McDowell. Amy Susannah. Sugat Methodist University, Thurgood -cgal Society, 7 jc(JS Journal ofBusu AHANA. r Seniors Miller, Steven Louis Jr.. Austin; Methodist University, Texas International Law Journal, Texas Bachelors of Law. Mills, Brian Alan, Beaumont: Baylor University, Student Recruitment ; rientation Committee, Tcxcts Journal of Ui iimi low. Gibbs Bruns Moot Court (luj[lcrfin.ilist .ind Best Brief. Seniors - 65 } Seniors Preston, Dianne Amy. Austin; University of University of Texas at Austin, Chancellors, I Washington, Semester in London Program, j Texas Law Review, Legal Research Board. Intramural Sports. 66 - Seniors Rivera. Veronica. Austin; St. Marys VnncTsiXy.Texas Hispanic lournal of L and Policy, Assault Flattery. Chicano Mlfipiinii, " Liu Students sscll, Blaine y University, Christian Legal Society, ntellectual Property Law Society. inders, Mithael Chenier, Spring: rn Methodist University. The Rev fitttgatwn, Phi Alpha Delta. -riminal Law, Criminal Defense Cli University, Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. Chicano Hispanic Law Students Orientation Committee. s, Harry Graybiil IV, Aiisiin; Young University, Phi Alpha Delta. Hispamc Journal of law ami I ' oIil Thompson. Duane Michael. Austin; United • Air Force Academy. Texas L iw Revtcn- Associate Editor. Tuma, Noha, Austin; The University of Texas at Austin; Texas International Law lournaU Assault Flattery. il University of Missouri at Columbi Webb, Leslie Ann. Austin; Sul Ross State University, American Journal of Criminal ,(m ' Editor-in-Chief 1 properly Law Jntinuil Chief Articles Editor. Weller. Kathenne DeLon. Austin; Duke Wilde, Leigh Els. Austin; Texas I hns University. Women ' s Law Caucus, Sti Bar Association, Phi Alpha Delta Womack, lenny L., Dallas; The I niversil t Texas at Austin, Assault Flattery. Tex Inivrruiiwndl Law lounuil. Teaching Young, Mark Bennet, Washington L ' niversity ot lountnl of Buiim- Employment I Society. The Review of Litigation Zilahv. Catherine Georgette, LLM Midlaw andcr. Julie Ann, ; The University of Texas at Austin Bdur, Mindy Michelle, Victoria; Texas A M Univeristy Bergstrom, Rachel Rebecca, Corpus Christi; Texas A M University Carlton. Brandon Cash, Orcm, UT; Brigham Youi Cowan, Molly Blaine, Fort W orth; The Unixersit)- of Texas at Austin Garcia, Malias Eduardo, Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Gracey, Stephen Nathaniel, .Austin; Houston B.iptist ;vara, Michael Anthoi Dallas; Mid America Nazarene University umm ande. Keith l nn, Hi ginbotham, Laurie ir; East Texas State Michelle, Austin; The University University of Texas at Au t,in, Robcrl t ollins ,villc;TheL!niversity. Hobbs, leffrey lacks in, Austin; The University ol Texas at Austin Hoffpauir, N,co! Upper Marlhor Georgclown Un Midlaw , M. Ames. Washington Lee Jacobs, Kevin 1., Metairc. LA; The University of Texa: Johnson, Wesley Eby, Austin; Louisiana Tech University Lambrecht. Ryan )ay, San Lane, Benjamin iVlarcus, Antonio; The Universit) ' of Antonio; Texas A M Texas at San Antonio University Lawrence, Robert Neil. Austin; University of Oklahoma Laycock, Colette Marie. Austin; The University of Texas at Austin Leal. Omar Javier, Kingsville; Texas A M University LcCropanc, Lynn M Austin: Northern Illi University POOQ hoff. Michael Karl. Midlaw - 73 iiK " H Midi aw t 1 Scott. 1. IL; Northwestern University Ryan. Christie Lynn. I y Southern Methodist University Satterwhite, Brandon Austin; Texas A M University Schulze, Joelle C. Austin; Ydle University Smith. Stephan Prentiss. Spross, Brian David, Austin; Austin; Southern Methodist I The University of Texas at University ' oiglit, Robert Alien Jr.. icoln Park. Ml; University of Michigan Wcigcl, John llolman, esldco; The University of Texas at Austin Midlaw - 75 ilK Freshlaw Mjrshjll; Southern Methodist University Alexander, Eric Lee. Lubbocl;; The University- of Alexander, Susan G.. ii tin. Shelbi Lee, El Pdso: The University of Texas at Austin Bass, Richard Wayne, Bennett, Angela Thn College Station; Texas A M Austni; Texas M University I ' niversity I ' moiti LIniversityot Tulsa 76 - Freshlaw 11 1 K l ■ IkJ w ■Kfl n Carlson, lohn Wallac -111, AuMin;Thcl ' nncr ' ,i (ii at Austin uth, Andrew Reed, i; Okian BSP Daly. Charles Richard, Liverpool. England; Edinburgh University Davidow. lennifer Heather. Davila. Ven Houston; Riee Liniversitv Laredo; St, M RIQilQ Dinn. Amy Catherine. Corpus Chnsti; The iiiversityofTexasat Au; Farlc, Edward (, i Freshlaw - 77 iw- m— " ' - r Freshlaw English, Anna Lisa, Dallas; Epley, Michael Lee, .Austin; Eversden, Michael Thomas, Fecel, Cara Ambre, Southwestern University Virginia Tech Austin; Augustana College Houston; Texas A M T in;.,»r.;r„ Feld, Brian Franklin, Ferester. Rorv Elizabeth, Flowers, Michelle Elizabeth, Foster, Stephen Ralph Arlington; The University of Spring; The University of Thibodaux, LA; Louisiana Austin; Texas A M Texas at Austin Texas at Austin State University University A M University Gobel,Enk|, Stephen F Austin Sta Green, Christy Lynn, Spring; University of Mississippi fciiitiofMi Guide, Matthew John, Amarillo; University of Notre Dante Henderson, Aja D., Austin;Texas A M University 78 - Freshlaw , David Gabriel, 1 Antonio; New Mexico State Ut Hise, Erikka Leyla, Austin; I Holder, Chris Weir, Ai The University of Texas at Dj idson College bbard. Rhett lacksoil, Huffaker, Stephen Lloyd. udc; The Lniversity of Henderson. NV; Yale Texas at Austin University lones, Meredith Ann. Kan, Samuel W., Austin; The Kerr, Michael Scott. Austin; American lniversity United States Militarv Houston; The Universitv ol Kimmel. Rebecca Lyni Austin; Louisiana Stat University W:- Freshlaw Lewis, Latosha Terrell, Austin; Tulane University Lin, Jennifer Hi Sugar Land; Rite U Linroth, Kiele Lokahi. in; The University of Texas at Austin Lippincott, Christopher Ronald, Richardson; The L ' niversiry of Texas at Madden, Peter Michael, Austin; University of Notr. Malone, Molly Dione, Houston; University of Nevada at Reno ine, Chris L., Shaw University of Kan; Matheson, Dan. Biighl Australia; University Melbourne Freshlav Douglas Luic, KS; Kansas State University- Merrill, ieiiniler Alice, Houston; Texas A M LIniversily POIDI B Monsen, Karen Ann, Round Montejano. Jackie Ellise, Munsingcr, Kii Texas at Austin Minnesota Noslagc, l-uke loseph, Norman. Michael Turner, Palchik. Diana, [lallas. The Papadopoulos. VVilllani C. Paulos. anessa Marie. I I.Hislon; andcrbilt Euda; Austin College L ' nivcrsilv of Texas at .Austin Austin; Georgetown Carlsbad. NM; The L ' nlvc sll L niversilv University of Texas at Austin Polcmenakos. Elaine. Lake Pritchard. Amy E.. Houston; Proctor, lonathan Mark. Raford. Kent Aaron. Auslin: Rathbun. Douglas B lackson; Texas A M The Universitv of Texas at ShclTield. L ' K; Nottingham West Texas State Llniversitv Austin Loxola L nnersil FVCShJclW Savoy, Heather D., S.iydah, l.ilbcrl Kithard Ir,, Schiele, Erick Lee, Schwartz, Nicole Ellen, Hreauxbridge, LA; University I Austin; Princeton Lhiivctsity Westerville, OH; Ohio I Houston; The University of of Southwestern Louisiana I Wesleyan University I Texas at Austin OPPBP Self, Ion Tate, Austin; Shalian icTiL n nsnn Short, Shayne Xavier, i Slack, lennifer Cariy, Smith, Chad Stephen, Ouachita Baptist University The Universin ot le as at Austin; Texas A M : Texarkana; University of i Austin; The University of North Texas Texas at Austii nup p Smith, Heather Maree, Smith, James Bradley, Austin; Rice University Mabank; The University of one, lulie Ann, Austin; Sylvester, Megan )oy, 1 adwalt, I raci Lyn, Austin. Thompson, Gary L., Thompson, John Randolph, .-University of New York Sherman; Austin College University of Wisconsin at ■ Spicewood; Northwestern , Fort Worth; Vanderbilt at Albany Madison i University 1 University 82 - Freshlaw Tran. Lannhi, Austi WeMcslcy College Vix, lennifer Anne. Austin; Wade. Karen Lee University of Minnesota at Murrav State Vn VVarfford, Rodney Van. Buliard; The Univeristy of Texas at Austin Whitfill, Ryan Chrislophe Mesquite; Texas A M University Williamson, Jarrell Eugene, Winandy, Erec Rene, Austin; The University of Southern Method Texas at Austin University ght, Thomas Copeland Austin; The University ol Texas at Austin Wyll , Adam Brandon, ustin; The University of Texas at Austin Xu, Yang, Austin; Peking Zgarba, Rex lasor University Loyol.i Univc iw 84 -Faculty and Sl.ill M. Michael Sharlot BA, LLB Dean John Jeffers Research t Chair in Law and Wright C. Morrow Professor in Criminal Law EDoiif teocHtel Cynthia L. Estlund, BA, JD Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Leroy G. Denman Jr. Regents Professor in Real Property Law Ml ' ,,;y pn ill( ' i 0 g|. w, 1 WMKK: ::,m , ' „ m Gerald Torres, AB, }D, LLM Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and H.O. Head Centennial Professor in Real Property Law :A Assistint[ H i- Deans 86 - Deans of the School of Law I H. Douglas Laycock, BA, }D Associate Dean for Research and Alice McKean Young Regents Chair in Law Shelli D. Soto BA,JD Assistant Dean for Admissions it ' fh i i • r o k r J Susana I. Aleman BS, M.Ed, MS, JD Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Annette S. Jones BA,JD Assistant Dean for Career Services William Robert Watson Bachelor oj General Studies, JD Assistant Dean for Continuing Legal Education Juan J. Zabala, BBA Assistant Dean for Business Affairs and Acting Executive Director of the Law School Foundation Deans ( Deans of the School of Law - 87 ffl Alexandra W. Albright BAJD Senior Lecturer David A. Anderson ABJD Thompson Knight Centennial Professor in Law Elvia R. Arriola BA, JD. MA Senior Lecturer ■ . Hans W. Baade BA, JD, Dr. )ur., LLB Hugh Lamar Stone Chair in Civil Law i EonaldD y Faculty 88 - Faculty (Vta HTY Phillip Chase Bobbitt AB, ID, PhD A. W. Walker Centennial Chair in Law I Loftus C. Carson II BS, M. Public Affairs, JD, MBA Ronald D. Krist Professor M TT ' % BBI I I H ■- Cynthia L. Bryant BA,JD Lecturer Elizabeth Chambliss BS, MS, JD, PhD Assistant Professor Michael J. Churgin AB,JD Raybourne Thompson Centennial Professor in Law Faculty q Faculty - 89 .Ix Robert O. Dawson BA, JD, SJD Br) ' ant Smith Chair iti Law George E. Dix BS,JD A. W. Walker Centennial Chair in Law Joseph M. Dodge BA, LLB, LLM W. H. Francis Jr. Professor in Law .ill .IHiisG.Wjiii iipnidenal John S. Dzienkowski BBA. JD John S. Redditt Professor in State Local Government Thomas L. Evans BSJD Judge Benjamin H. Powell Professor in Law J Faculty 90 - Faculty William E. Forbath AB, BA, JD, PhD Angus G. Wynne Sr. Professor in Civil Jurisprudence Professor in History Mark P. Gergen BAJD Joseph C. Hutcheson Professor in Law Julius G. Getman BA, JD, LLM Earl E. Sheffield Regents Chair William V. Gibson Jr. BA, LLB Sylvan Lang Professor in Law of Trusts Steven J. Goode BA, JD Fulbright Jaworski Professor in Law 1 " Faculty q Faculty -91 iw Lino A. Graglia BA. LIB A. Dalton Cross Professor in Law Robert W. Hamilton ABJD Minerva House Drysdale Regents Chair Patricia L Hansen AB, MP A, }D Assistant Professor J. Patrick Hazel STL, MEii ]D Tiny Gooch Centennial Professor in Trial Practice Samuel Issacharoff BAJD Charles Tilford McCormick Professor in Law j Faculty Com iidClarl El 92 - Faculty r Stanley M. Johanson BS, LLB, LLM Fannie Coplin Regents Chair Corwin W. Johnson ABJD Edward Clark Centennial Professor Emeritus in Law Calvin H. Johnson BAJD Andrews Kurth Centennial Professor in Law Leon Lebowitz AB, LLB, LLM Joseph C. Hutcheson Professor Emeritus in Law Faculty ( Faculty - 93 ilf. Brian R. Leiter AB, }D, PhD Joe A. Worsham Centennial Professor in Law Philosophy Professor ' ' Wf9f Mark A. Leniley BA,JD Assistant Professor Sanford V. Levinson, BS, PhD, }D W. St. John Garwood W. St. John Garwood Jr. Centennial Chair in Law Government Professor Inga Markovits Dr. Jur., LLM " The Friends of Jamail " Regents Chair in Law Faculty Richard S. Markovits BA, PhD, LLB Lloyd M. Bentsen Jr. Centennial Professor in Law fl 94 - Faculty 1 c Faculty q Faculty - 95 L. A. (Scot) Powe Jr. BA.JD Anne Green Regents Chair in Law Government Professor David M. Rabban BAJD Thomas Shelton Maxey Professor j Faculty William C. Pov fers Jr. BAJD Hines H. Thelma K. Baker Chair in Law 1 h-- ' " ■ «. a - " •■, , ' - i - " JackT.Ratliff BA, LIB Ben Gardner Sewell Professor in Civil Trial Advocacy 96 - Faculty 1 1 Faculty q Faculty - 97 ilh Faculty I 98 - Faculty hi Michael F. Sturley BA, MA, }D Stanley Sandra Rosenberg Centennial Professor in Property Law John F. Sutton JD A. W. Walker Centennial Chair Emeritus in Law D r i in m - Michael E. Tigar BAJD Joseph D. Jamail Centennial Chair in Law James M. Treece BA, }D, MA Charles I. Francis Professor in Law Louise Weinberg AB, JD, LLM W. B. Bates Chair for the Administration of Justice 1 Faculty ( Faculty - 99 Russell J. Weintraub BA,}D John B. Connally Chair in Law Olin Guy Wellborn III AB.JD William C. Liedtke Sr. Professor in Law Jay L. Westbrook BA.JD Benno C. Schmidt Chair in Business Law Zipporah B. Wiseman BA, LLB Thos. H. Law Centennial Professor in Law i- Faculty Charles Alan Wright BA, LLB Charles Wright Chair in Federal Courts 1 00 -Faculty ADJUNCT PROFESSORS Lana K. Varney, BI, ID Clinics , Judical Internhips, AND OTHER LECTURERS James W. Wilson, BA, LLB Paul L. Womack, BS, JD Trial Advocacy Skills Fall Stephen E. Young, BA, MLS Capital Pumshmcut Gregory W. Abbott, BBA, D Raoul Schonemann, BA, ID, LLM Allison H. Benesch, MSW, ID Senior Lecturers and Lecturers Rita Radostitz, BA, ID I. E. " Buster " Brown, BS, LLB J. Andrew Hathcock, BA, JD W. Anion Burton, BA, MA, LLB Kimberlee K. Kovach, BS, ID Children ' s Rights Dick DeGuerin, BA, LLB Teresa R. LeClercq, BS, MA, PhD Cynthia L. Bryant, BA, ID James B. Ewbank U, BS, ID James Andrew Hathcock, BA, JD Eric R. Galton, BA, JD Visiting Professors Jolin H. Knox, BA, )D Antonio H. Benjamin, LLB, LLM Criminal Defense Tracy W. McCormack, BA, ID Francesco Francioni, ID, LLM William P. AllLson, BA, ID Floyd R. Nation, BME, ID D. Neil MacCormick, BA, MA, ID, Kenneth E. Houp, BA, ID Elizabeth C. Ozniun, BA, ID LED, FBA, ERSE Kenneth D. Schubb, BA, ID lonathan Pratter, BA, ID, MLS Basil S. Markesinis, LLB, ID, David A. Sheppard, BA, ID Brian C. Rider, BA, ID MA, PhD, LLD lenniter S. Riggs, BA, ID Richard A. Nagareda, AB, ID Domestic Violence Geo. L. Robertson, BBA, LLB Robert I, Peroni, BSC, ID, LLM Sarah M. Buel, BA, ID Keith A. Stiverson, BS, MSLS, ID Michael S. Quinn, BS, MA, PhD leana L. Lungwitz, BA, ID Monika L. Szakasits, BA, ID lose Maria Serna de la Garza, BA, R. B. Weston, BS, ID, MLIS MA, PhD Stephen A. Smith, BA, LLB, PhD Elder Law Susan R. Whitman, BA, ID Spring J. Hoult Verkerke, BA, M Philosophy, Gilbert I. Bernal Ir., BA, ID I.D. Housing Robert Stephen Bickerstaff, BA, ID Fred Fuchs, BA, JD W. Amon Burton, BA, MA, LLB Interdisciplinary Dr. Norman H. Chenven, BA, MD KhaledAbouElFadl Juvenile Justice Joseph A. Cialone II, BA, ID (Dept. of Middle Eastern Languages Elaine Carpenter, BA, ID leff Civins, AB, MS, ID Cultures) BA, JD, MA Michael A. Coffey, BA BBA, MEd, ID Leif M. Clark, BA, MDiv, ID lames S. Fishkin Kameron D. lohnson, AAS, BBA, ID P. Michael Curry, BA, |D (Government Philosophy) Betty E. Rodriguez, BSW, ID Hector de Leon, BS, ID BA, PhD, Darrell K. Royal Chair Pamela I. Sigman, BA, ID P. Michael Hebert, AB, ID in Ethics American Society Nora Soliz, BBA, ID David C. Hricik, BA, ID Dagmar S. Hamilton Mary F. Keller, BA, ID (LBI School of Public Affairs) AB, ID Mediation Mark L. Kincaid, BBA, ID Jonathan Koehler Kimberlee K. Kovach, BS, ID Thomas S. Lucksinger, BBA, ID (MSIS) BA, MA, PhD Francis J. Maloney Jr., BA, LLB H. W. Perry Mental Health lames F. Martens, BBA, ID (Government) PhD Michael I. Churgin Tracy W, McCormack. BA, ID Angela Melina Raab, BFA, ID PROFESSORS EMERITI Trial Advocacy Skills Fred Misko Ir., BA, LLB RichardV. Barndt,BSL, LLB Herman C. Gotcher, BA, LLB RoyW.Mouer,BA,LLB William O.Huie.BA, LLB, S.J.D, William M. Hines, BBA, ID Franklin Myers, BS, ID Sylvan Lang Professor Emeritus Brian L, Kingston, BA, ID David L. Parker, BA, PhD, ID in Law of Trusts William B. Mange, BA, ID Daniel F. Perez, BSChE, ID W. Page Keeton, BA, LLB, SID Jo Ann Merica, BA, JD Louis T.Pirkey,BSChE, ID W. Page Keeton Chair Emeritus Joseph C. Parker Jr., BA, MPA, ID lonathan Pratter, BA, ID, MLS in Tort Law Bridget R. Robinson, BA, ID David R. Richards, BA, LLB Keith E. Morrison, AB, MS, LLB Eric M. Shepperd, BA, ID Kelly I. Shackelford, BBA, ID William Stamps Parish Fund Jan Soifer, BA, JD MonikaL. Szakasits, BA, ID Professor Emeritus G. Alan W aldrop, BA, JD Keith A. Stiverson, BS, MSLS, ID I. Henry Wilkinson Ir., BSC, LLB Karon Y. Wright, BS, ID William F. Stutts Ir., BA, ID Ian Summer, BA, MA, ID Judicial Internships Kaaran E. Thomas, BA, ID Bea Ann Smith, BA, MA, JD Terry O. Tottenham, BS, ID, LLM Michael J. McCormick, BA, JD Robert W. Turner, BA, LLB Rose Spector, BA, ID ■■n ' - sr j . .• yii-- mi» ' " ;.■-; " ■. ' . r,f ' .. i Faculty q Faculty - 1 01 CATALOGING DEPARTMENT FRONT ROW: Barbara Washecka, John Murray. BACK ROW: Adrienne de Vergie, Andrew Escude, Kathy Till-Watts, Betty Cogswell, Debra Crawford-Black... SERIALS, ACQUISITIONS, AND PROCESSING DEPARTMENT FRONT ROW: Catty- Mantor-Ramirez, Mary Burton. BACK ROW: Vince Cowan, Kathryn Kenefick, Pierrette Moreno, Leticia Garcia. ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE FRONT ROW: Libia Cauahtii, Venita Vasquez, Gwynella Anderson. BACK ROW: Brian Quigley, Adrienne Diehr, Fita Coronado, Richard Garza. i Tarlton Law Library Staff 102 — Tarlton Law Libra ry Staff C« J-JA ' A Ot L ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR Kieth Ann Stiverson REFERENCE, FOREIGN LAW, RARE BOOKS DEPARTMENT FRONT ROW: Phillip Baird, Elizabeth Saucedo, Monika Szakasits. MIDDLE ROW: Holly Lakatos, Barbara Bridges, Michael Widener. BACK ROW: Jonathan Pratter, Sharon Rubin, David Gunn, Ralph Weston, Mark Lambert. CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT Steve Young, Joe Dowell, Jay Kleine, John Remington. Tarlton Law Library Staff Tarlton Law Library Staff- 103 FACULTY SECRETARIES FRONT ROW: Libbey Aly, Dottie Lee, Suzanne Hassler; BACK ROW: Anthony Nichols, Patricia Floyd. STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICE Diane Selken, Kelli Baxter, Lisa Howe y School of Law Staff 104 - School of Law Staff CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION FRONT ROW: Bill Watson, Maria Spitter, Michael Esposito, Steven Frantz. BACK ROW: Cathy Crane, Karey Tiano, Holly Hale, MoUy Maynard. CAREER SERVICES FRONT ROW: Amy Sladczyk, Kathy Kimmel, Donna Baugherty, Anastasia Budziszewski, Lisa Sparks. BACK ROW: Annette Jones, Thomas Henninger, Chris Jennings, Daryl Grisgraber, Renee Bizzell, Staci Pope, Mayhew Home III. School of Law Staff rY School ofLaw Staff- 105 COMUNICATIONS STAFF Susan Robbins, Charlotte Richards. CHILDREN ' S RIGHTS CLINIC Cynthia Bryant, Andy Hathcock, Jack Sampson. p School of Law Staff 106 -School of Law Staff iiillMfliiiiji .i MJ ,1 . B 1 B 9 • » fer ::: ' " :- " : .- ».is -;.. f 1998 Peregrinus Law School Yearbook - 107 ilr Index Abbott, Gregory W. 101 Abney, William Knight 76 Abou, Khaled El Fadl 101 Abrams Scott Bickley L.L.P. 116 Acock, Marsha 76 Adams, Andrew 50, 5 1 Adams, Virginia 22, 23, 34 Addison, Linda L. 25 Aguilar, Lisa Marie 58 Ahuja, Ranika Anne 76 Akers, Dawn Christine 24 Akhtar, Sarah Meredith 58 Albright, Alexandra W. 88 Aleman, Susana 1. 87 Alexander, Eric Lee 76 Alexander, Julie Ann 70 Alexander, Susan G. 76 Alfred, Gary 54, 58 Allan, Kristen Cleo 76 Allen, Brandon 52 Allison, William P. 101 Alves,Ron 22, 34, 35,58 A)y,Libbey 104 Anderson, David A. 88 Anderson, Gwynella 102 Anderson, Matthew David 70 Anderson, Ruth E. 54 Andrae, Alicia Kathleen 4 Anson, Chad Rick 58 Antonio, Barbara Jean 4 Arenella, Susan 4, 48 Arneil, Kari 47,70 Arnold, Merle Reginald 111 4 Arora, Junish 37, 76 Arriola, Elvia R. 88 Assault 8t Flatter) ' 32, 33 Asturias, Thomas 22, 52 Atkerson, Eric 52 Atlas, Morris 16, 25, 26 Atlas, Rita 26 Attal, Janice Christine 76 Baade.HansW. 88 Bader, Laura Elizabeth 24 Baer, Paul Bret 4 Bailey, Vanessa 4,36, 47,58 Baird, Phillip 103 Baker, Skardon 4,52 Baldcrrama, Doris 4 Balovich, Julie 49 Banack, Buddy 25 Bangle, Shannon 4, 50, 58 Bargfrede, Allen 37 Barlow, Alex 4 Barndt, Richard V. 101 Barnett, E. William 25 Barnhouse, Shelbi 42,76 Barrera, Lisa Lizettte 4 Barren, Karen 47 Barrett, Michael Coyle 4 Bass, Richard Wayne 76 Bastien, Laura Mayer 7 Bateman, Michael Benjamin 4 Baugherty, Donna 105 Baum, Michael Lawrence 4 Baur, Mindy Michelle 70 Baxter, Kelli 104 Baze, Ronald Everett 4 Beck, David L 25 Beck, Dennis Alan |r. 24 Beck, Stephen Andrew 4 Beckcom, Brian 52 Beckham, Kimberly Shannon 4, 58 Beckworth, John 24,25 Beltran, Eddy Ramiro 4 Beltran, Hector 4, 36, 58 Benesch, Allison H. 101 Benjamin, Antonio H. 101 Benjet, Bryce Edward 4 Bennett, Angela Thompson 76 Bennett, Brandon 52 Benoit,Brad 22, 23,52 Benrey, Vivian 52 Berent, Jason Michael 76 Berger, Joey 37, 76 Bergstrom, Rachel Rebecca 70 Berlin, David Scott 24 Berman, Elisa Karen 4 Bemal, Gilbert L Jr. 101 Bickerstaff, Robert Stephen 101 Biersay, Lisagaye Annmarie Bishop, Angela Gaye 76 BizzeU,Renee 105 Black, John 4,22, 23,34 Blais,LynnE. 88 Blake, Brandon 37 Blanchard, Deborah 55, 76 Bledsoe, Gary 8 Bloch, Michael James 4 Blood, Laura Joan 24 Board of Advocates 22, 23, 34 Bobbitt, Phillip Chase 89 Borden, Jena Leigh 76 Borgstedte, Amy 39, 76 Boulette, Jason Scott 24 Bowden, Nathan Ezckiel 4 Bowers, Allison 52 Bowlin, Lisa Erin 76 Boyd, Vanessa Lynn 4 Brady, Nicholas 52, 70 Brannen, Jennifer Rene 4 Branton, Victoria La Voy 4 Bravenec, Edward Lorence 70 Bridges, Barbara 103 Britt, George Everett 24 Britton, Jennifer 23, 70 Brooks, Robin Annette 4 Brown, Isaac 11 1 4,58 Brown, J. E. " Buster " 101 Brown, Kevin William 4 Brown, Lisa 25, 48, 55, 70 Brown, Parker 8c Leahy L.L.R 116 Brown, Paul 4,49 Brown, Stuart Bradley 4, 58 Brown, Tonya 25 Bryant, Cynthia 89,101,106 Budziszewski, Anastasia 105 Buel, Sarah M. 101 Bunn, Mary Yvonne 4 Burdine, Scott 25, 27 Burke, lack Willard 111 4 Burke, Ward R. 25 Burlazzi, Susan Young 4 Burmeister, Kai 38 Burnett, Stephen Wayne 5 Burns, Misty 52 Burris, Kelli Lynn 59 Burt.Brenda 9 Burton, Mary 102 Burton, W. Amon 101 Bush, Hurlbut St Morrison P.C. 116 Butler, Eric 47 Butler, Mea 54 Butler, Wendell Corrine 24 Byrne, Justin Paul 76 Caballero, Prescott 50, 59 Cain, Beny 26 Cain, Charles Williams 77 Cain, David 26 Cain, Don 26 Cain, Kathryn 26 Camp,Gareth 41,77 Campbell, Ashley 41 Campbell, Mark 50 Campbell, Mark Forrest 77 Canales, Ramiro 16, 36,59 Cantu, Eddie 31 Cantu, Eduardo 36 Capell, Heather 47,59 Cardenas, Ruben R. 25 Carlock, G. David 116 Carlson,John Wallace 111 77 Carlton, Brandon Cash 70 Carpenter, Elaine 101 Carrington Coleman, Sloman 8( Blumenthal L.L.R 116 Carroll, Jenny Elizabeth 24 Carruth, Andrew Reed 77 Carson, LoftusC. Ill 89 Carter, Amy Morris 59 Carter, James Sumter 77 Casey, Sarah Curtis 24 Castle, John R. 25 CasteJIa, Leah 22 Catalano, Brian Matthew 59 Cauahtli, Libia 102 Cawood, Jacqueline 41 Cazamias, Pete 47 Cernyar, Eric William 24 Cetinkaya, Oya 38 Chacon, Ricardo 38 Chan,ArianeA. 70 Chan, Derek 24 Chancellors 24 Chanmugam, Sheani 40 Chapman, George C. 25 Chapman, Jennifer 48 Charalambides, Andreas 39 Chastain, Timothy 52 Chenven, Norman H. 101 Chiarello, Katherine 52 Childs, William 52 Chung, Jae 59 Chung, Jin Yong 77 Churgin, Michael J. 89, 101 Cialone, JosephA. II 101 Ciavochi, Jason Charles 70 Civins,Jeff 101 Clark, LeifM. 101 Clark, Milhcent Marie 70 Clark, Scott 46 Claunch, Charles 5, 59 Clay, Tanya 22, 42, 48 Claymon, Jennifer Beth 5, 59 Clayton, Meredith Leigh 5 Clayton, Mikeal 52 Clemm, Julie 55 Clifford, Sinead 37 Cocchiarella, John 5, 52, 59 Cochran, Heather Fleniken 5, 59 Cockcroft, Darrell Sloan 5 Coffey, Michael A. 101 Coflrnan, Janessa Marie 4 Cogswell, Betty 102 Cole, Ann 5, 40, 52. 59 Coleman, Ashlyn Alexandra 5 Collings , Scarlett E. 24 Connally, John Bowden IV 24 Cook,Cris 37 Cook, James 37, 77 Cooksev, Guy Kellv 5 Cooley, Michael 22, 47 Copley, Brandy Leigh 5, 60 Cormier, Glenn 23, 34, 50 Cornwell, Doug 37 Coronado, Fita 102 Cor. ,Bria Cororve, Brian David 5 Cort, Richard Alfred 5 Cortez, Daniel Eduardo 5 Costa, Gregg 52 Coston, Jennifer Brooke 5 Cotropia, Christopher 22 Court, Jan 31, 77 Courville, Craig 5,51 Cowan, Molly Blaine 70 Cowan, Vince 102 Cowles James Lawrence 5, 60 Cox, Annalynn Crawford 5 Crawford-Black, Debra 102 Cromartie, Ernest 48 Crook, Lowry 24, 52 Crosby, Ian 5,24,52 Cross, Benjamin Spencer 5 Crum, Brian Thomas 5 Cruse, Don 22, 52 Cullings, Casey William 77 Cummings, Leslie 52, 70 Cunningham, William 12 Curry, R Michael 101 Czop, Steven 31,77 Dalai, Mirut R 24 Daly, Charles 41,77 Dansky, Stacey 5,52,24 Daum, Kurt 47 Davidow, Jennifer Heather 77 Davies, Julie Lynn 5, 50, 60 Davila, Darrell Dexter 70 Davila, Veronica Beatrizy 77 Davis, Kevin 5, 52 Davis, Lisa E. 77 Davis, Neal 34,60 Davis, Skip 37 Davis, Susan Elizabeth 5 Dawson, Robert O. 90 Day, Barbara 70 DeGuerin, Dick 101 DeGuerin 8! Dickson 1 17 de la Garza, Jose Maria Serna de la Torre, Oscar 10 de Leon, Hector 101 De Los Santon, lose Arturo Jr. 5 Dennard, Ryan Lee 24 Denny, Andrea 5 Demon-Cox, Creg 41 Derrick, James V Jr. 25, 27 Desai, Dimple 47 Desai,Shruti 5 deVergif. Adrienne 102 Escude, Andrew 102 G Gregory, Karen Jane 5, 61 Higginbotham, Laurie 22, Devoc, Meldnie 5,47 Estes, lohn L. 25 GrindaLLayne 5,34 HilL Michael Alan 24 LVVharrondo. Henri M. II 5 Estlund, Cynthia L 27,54,86 Gallon, Eric R, 101 Grisgraber, Daryl 105 Hill.Nzinga 48 ikhiAdriennc 102 Evans, Donald 9 Galvan, Patricia 47 Grynwald, Mathew 34, 52,71 Hill.Sonya 22 JKilxrt;, Michael James 5,60 Evans, Gregory Karl 24 Galvao, Candice 38,61 Guanajuato Exchange Program Hilton, Robert Collins 71 ),nn. Amy Catherine 77 Evans, Thomas L. 90 Calvin, Robert 22, 37 39 Hines, Laurie 47 .,x (.corgeE. 90 Eversden, Michael Thomas 78 Gamble, Kristi Nicole 5 Guequierre, Brian Cooper 5,61 Hines, William M. 101 Di on. lason Everett 5,60 Ewbank, lames B. II 101 Gamez-Pa, Ricardo 38 Guevara, Michael 31,71 Hinojosa, David 36, 79 Dobson, Maurice 5, 54 Exchange Students 38 Gantt, Bryan 50 Guide, Matthew lohn 78 Hise, Erikka Leyla 79 Dodge, loseph M. 90 Gantt, Robert Bryan 5 Gunn, David 103 Hobbs, Jeffrey Jackson 71 Dodge, Will 47 F Gao,Yaming 47 Garana, Margaret 36 Gurana, Margaret 36 HoekelTariLessard 5 Doerrte, lennifer Lynne 5 Gutenstein, Nathalie 38 Hoffpauir, Nicole Lynn 71 Doggctt, John 9 Fagen, Stephen James 5 Garcia, Cristy 36 Gyr, Michael lohann 24 Hoffi auir, Nikki 47 Dol.n.Scot 31 Fagerberg, Nicole Garcia, Gloria 5 Hogan, Timothy Schan 5 Doniinguez, William 36, 77 5, 22, 34, 35, 60 Garcia, Gus 8 H Holder, Cheryl Diane 5 loiiJi, Sarah Anne 24 Fainter, John W. Jr. 25 Holder, Chris Weir 79 oiilcv, Dennis William Ir. 4,51 Falbo, Brian 52 Garcia, Matuis Eduardo 71 Habel.Rayna 5,47,61 Holder, Matt 38 i.inkv. l.R. 50 FaUEx-Parte 30 Garcia, Matt 36 Hagler, Grant 30. 31 Holman, Hilary 55,71 .., man, I. Wesley 25 Farabee,Ray 12 Garrett, Mark Thomas 5 Hagler, Jeff 5, 30, 31,61,62 Hoist, Christopher D. 79 ).i„;.herty,|.Chrys 25 Fecel, Cara Ambre 78 Garrison, Edward Wade 5 Haikein, Ellyn 40 Hood, Robert Brian 5 ),nk ' ,leremy 34 Feld, Brian Franklin 78 Garrison, Bruce 52 Hale, Samantha E. 70 Hooper, Stephanie linle.PaulH. 77 Feldman,Cris 22 Garza, Richard 102 Hall, Christopher 5,52,61,62 40, 42, 54 lranguet,Bcth 52 Feldman, Daniel 4 Gaston, leremy 52 Hall, Melissa 47 Hoover. Howard 26 Drcshn, Courtney loy 5 Ferester, Rory Elizabeth 78 Gatschet, Mark lohn 5 Hamilton, Dagmar S. 101 Hoover. Janet 26 Jrinkard, Robert ' Lee 5 Fernandez, Kristina 55 Gavtan, Paul Anthony 5 Hamilton, Robert W. 92 Hopwood, Cheryl 9 Dudly, Georgette Renee 5 Fischer, Ferdinand Frank III 60, Geary, Robert 27 Geiger, Pam F. 78 Gergen, Mark P. 91 Cetman, Julius G. 91 Hansen, Patricia I. 92 Horat,Ann 52 3ukc,LisaDianne 77 5 Hanson, Renee L. 5 Home, Mayhew III 105 luiin, latari Scott 5 Fischer, Frederick Ross 4 Hansum, Eric Ian 78 Houp, Kenneth E. 101 luiin, William David 24 Fisher, Robert H. 116 Harber, Sofia 5,51 Howe, Lisa 104, kivier 36 Fishkin, James S. 101 Ghorayeb.BasheerYoussef 78 Harmon, Eric Paul 5 Howland, Mark Christophc 3uscnbury, Angela Mane 5, 60 Flores, Albert Arellano 5 Gibson, Katherine 47 Harris, leffrey 5, 24, 52 79 3uvj11, Christopher 70 Flowers, Michelle Elizabeth 78 Gibson, WiJIiamW.Jr, 91 Harris, Nancy Elizabeth 5, 24 Hricik, David C. 101 3vorocsik, Madeline Ann V. 24 Floyd, Patricia 104 Gilluly, John Joseph 5 Harvey, Dean William 24 Hsu, Annie Yung- Yee 79 3yer, lames Perry 5 Flynn, Joseph 37 Giola, Stephanie 55 Hassler, Suzanne 104 Hu, Edwin L 71 3zienkowski, lohn S. 90 Forbath,WiUiamE. 91 Giugliano, Mark 23, 52 Gluth, Alan David 5 Hatcher, Susan K 61, 62 Hubbard, Rhett lackson 79 Ford, Stuart 52 Hathcock,Andy 106 Hudgeons, Brandon Lee 5 E Fordyce, Richard Anthony 5 Gobel, Erik Jan 78 Hathcock, James Andrew 101 Hudnall, Thomas 51 Fortson, AJicia 54 Godsev, Sandy Lynn 4 Hatcher, Susan Frances 5 Hudson, Patrick E. 51,71 ,nk , Edward Chipman 77 Fortson, AJicia K. Grover 5,61 Gonzales, Alberto 20 Hayes, Kyron 5,42, 54,62 Hudspeth, CM. 116 Jton, Amy Katheleen 5 Foster, Kirsten Westervelt 5 Gonzales, Frank 36 Hazard, Geoffrey 46 Huffaker, Stephen Lloyd 7 axes, Allison 47,55,70 Foster, Stephen Ralph 78 Gonzalez, Christina M. 5,61 Hazel, J. Patrick 92 Huie, William O. 101 ;chk.irdt, Sarah 5 Fowler, Bart 50 Gonzalez, Elizabeth Anne 5 Hebert, R Michael 101 Huling, Melissa 48 ;ckcrt, loseph Edward 24 Fowler, Joe Bart 61 Gooch, Robin Dee 71 Hegarty, Michael Timothy 78 Hummel, Blaine 51 dwards, Gabriella Francioni, Francesco 101 Goode, Steven 1. 91 Heining,John 37 Hunt, Angela 23, 34, 35 5,36, 42, 48,60 Frank, lanie L. 25 Gopalakrishnan, Lekha 78 Heining, Jon Roane 78 Hutton, M. Ames 72 dwards, Matthew Miles 5 Franty, Elysia 5, 52,61 Gosler,Neinz 37 Heino, Shari Beth 5 Hyatt, Andrea 52 :ffron,Brenda 41 Franz, Deborah Marlene 5 Gostyla, Tracy 22, 47 Heinrichs,Elissa 5, Hvde, lason 79 :gan. Ion 31. 47 Eraser, Camille Oddessa 5 Gotcher, Herman C. 101 23, 34, 35, 48,62 d-Hakam, Leila Mariani 5,60 Frazier.Neal 5,46 Grace, Eugene C. Jr. 4 Hendelman, Aaron 5, 52 I 1liv lames Alvis III 71 Fredricks, Scott 50 Gracey, Stephen Nathaniel 71 Graglia,Lino 11,51,92 Henderson, Aja 54,78 nunuclson.Ken 50 Frekhtman, Arkady 4 Henderson, Stacie Lynn 71 lhekere,Chizoma 48 mnKTt,Deanna 52 French, Christina 38 Graham, Ralph 22, 71 Henninger, Thomas 105 Ingram, Monica 22,62 nga-man, Jeffrey 47,71 FriekErinl. 78 Granados, Melody Merrith 5 Henry, Brendan 5,52,62 Irani, Laura Piazza 79 mgineer, Rahul Dinesh 5 Frost, Kimberly 5,42,61 Gray, lennifer Kristene 24 Henry, lehanne 55,79 Isaak, David 22, 52 mglish, Anna Lisa 78 Fowler, Joe Bart 5 Graybill, Lisa 22 Hernandez, Edna Castillo 4 Issacharoff, Samuel 16, 92 ■.nterlainment Sports Law Fuchs.Fred 101 Green, Christy Lynn 78 Hernandez, Rachel Rene 5 J Society 37 Fulton, Kathryn Melissa 5 Greenberg, Roger B. 25 Hersh, Barry Sander 5 ;pley, Michael Lee 78 Fuqua, lames Barton 5 Greene, Ryan 52,71 Hershkovitz, Stephanie Yael 79 •rickson, Brian 52 Greenstone, David 5,16, 30, 31 Hesteande, Keith 36,71 Jackson, Jesse 10 ■rlichman, Ron Israel 5 Greenwood, Ann 51,71 Hicks, Valerie . nn 5 Jacobs, Kevin 40, 52,72 :rmis, lulie 52 Greer, Andrea 49, 55 Higdon, lack Wilson 5 Jacobs, Monica 52 lacobsohn, Carrie 46 lamail, loc 46 lara, Monica 38 Icnnings, Chris 105 lobim, Alexandre 38,62 |oe, Tonnyre Thomas 4 lohanson, Stanley M. 93 lohnson, Calvin H. 93 lohnson, Corwin W. 93 Johnston. Jeffrey Shane 24 Johnson, Kameron D. 101 Johnson, Monica Michelle 62 Johnson, Wesley Eby 72 Johnson, William Paul 24 Jones, Annette 87, 105 Jones, Franklin Jr. 25 Jones, Jennifer 47 Jones, Meredith Ann 79 Jordan, Barbara 19 Joseph, L. Anthony 25 Io)Tier, Dan Elliott 72 Jungers, Mark 47 Kan. Samuel W. 79 Kasa, Thomas ). 62 Kasper, Kris 37 Keeton, W.Page 101 Keeton-Rylander. Carol 18 Keller, Mary F. 101 KeUy.DeeJ. 25 Kelly, Thomas Nelson 72 Kcnefick. Kathryn 102 Kerr, Michael Scott 79 Key. Scott W. 2 Kim. Kyung Tai 6 Kimmel. Kathy 105 Kimmel. Rebecca Lynn 79 Kimrey, Blaine Christopher 6, 22, 35, 51 Kincaid, Mark L. 101 King, Deanna Emmert 6 King, Duane Elton 62 King, Jenifer 22, 72 King, Michael Festus 6 King, Richard Carroll Jr. 6,52 Kingsley, Sarah Aubrey 5 Kingston. Brian L. 101 Kirk, Ronald 25 Kitson, Laura 41 Klein. David Jay 7 Klein. Jennifer G. 72 Klein, Susan R. 93 Knight, Richard 51 Knox, John H. 101 Kobatake. Christi Ann Fumie 6 Kochlcr. Jonathan 101 Kohl. Kenneth Mitchell 6 Kolski. Andrea Marie 79 Koo. Stephanie H. 72 Kovach. Kiniberlce K. 101 Kowert. Robert Christian 4, 24, 52 Kramer, Adam Miles 6, 24. 52. 63 Kramer, Heather 49 Kruger, Sharla Kay 24 Kubin, Jeffrey Carleton 24 Kuehnerl, Joel Michael 6, 52 Kulkarni, Sonali Sudhir 79 Kull, James Fitzmorris 6 Lakatos. Holly 103 Lallo. Chris 47.72 Lam, Thao 6 Lambert, loel Christian 6, 52 Lambert, Mark 103 Lambrecht, Ryan 39. 51,72 Landon, Gerald James 24 Lane. Andi Lynn 6 Lane. Benjamin Marcus 47. 72 Langley. |oe Russell 4 Lanter. Dean 52 Lapenotiere. Angelina Maria 6. 22.34,35 Laremont, Erika 22, 23 Lary, Camm Carrington 111 6 Lashus. Kevin Robert 6 Lass. Jonathan 46 Lauff. Steve 52 Law Alumini Association 24 Lawrence. Robert 51,72 Law School Foundation 24 Lawson, Susanna 36, 39. 55. 79 Laycock, Colette Marie 72 Laycock, H. Douglas 87 Leal. Omar Javier 72 Lear . Mark C. 6. 24. 52 Lebermann. Lowell 9 Lebowitz, J. Leon 93 Le Cropane. Lynn Marie 55. 72 LeDoux. Dana Michelle 47. 63 Lee. Amber Renee 6 Lee.Dottie 104 Lee. Kristine Hyun 6 Legal Research Board 41 Legault. Lee Taylor 79 Lehmann. Lara Janina 6 Leitch. Michael Charles 72 Leiter. Brian R. 94 Lemley. Mark A. 94 Leslie. Brooke Christine 6 Lcvinson. Sanford V. 94 Levinthal , Jared Isaac 24 Lewis. Dana 55 Lewis, Latosha 54, 80 Lewis, Willie 8 Light, GinaL. 72 Lin, Jennifer 80 Lin, Patricia Edna 6, 22, 23, 34. 35, 51,63 Lin, Sunny 80 Linehan, David Andrew 7,50,51 Linroth, Kiele 80 Lippincott, Christopher 80 Lister, Karen 51 Litt, Gregory 80 Little, Eric 80 Little. Robert Byron 6. 24. 52 Liu, Debbie 6. 47. 63 Liu. Jeffrey Thomas Chinn 7. 24. 52 Livingston. Christopher David 6. 22 Lloyd. Daniel 41 Loaiza. Roy Thomas 4 Lockridge, Eric 23. 31. 50.72 Loeffler, Thomas G. 25. 117 Lojo. Kenneth Michael 6 Long. Brady 52 Longoria, Dennis Anthony Jr. 6 Lopez, Brena Moyer 6. 63 Lopez. Florencio 4 Lopez, lohn 80 Lopez. Oscar H. 6 Loughton. Samuel David 6 Love, Jeff B. 116 Low. Gilbert I. 25 Lucksinger, Thomas S. 101 Lunde, Marvin Clarence III 6 Lungwitz, Jeana L. 101 Lunn. John Paul 6 Luong. Jason 80 Lutz. Mary 80 Lyon, Susan Lu 6 M Maclean, Jennifer 41 MacCormick, D. Neil 101 Madden, Peter 80 Madden, Wales H. Jr. 25 Mahony, Mary Michelle 24 Maldonado, Mary 48, 49 Maldonado, Richard 6 Malone, Molly 80 Maloney, Francis J. Jr. 101 Manassian,Taline 6. 37 Mange. William B. 101 Mantor-Ramirez, Catty 102 Maresh. Marquette 48. 55. 7, Margolis. Carla Yael 6 Marino. Anthony C. 24 Markesinis, Basil S. 101 Markovits, Inga 94 Markovits , Richard S. 94 Markowitz, Sean N. 73 Marnix.Stacey Alison 6 Martens. James R 101 Martin. John 50 Martinez, Carlos Eduardo 6, 63 Martinez, Elizabeth 7 Marvine. Chris 80 Mason. James Rutledge III 6 Massengale, Michael C. 24 Massimino. Julia 48 Masters of Law 41 Masterson, Leslie Renee 6 Matheson.Dan 41. 80 Matheson.Jane A. 25 Mathis. Jennifer Lean 6 Matinsky, Eric 81 Matlock. Mandi 47 Matta, Lamia 39. 80 Matthews. Dana 49 Maund, Jennifer 48 Mavity, Chad Lon 6. 47 Maxwell, Susan 52 Maxwell, Todd Edward 73 May, Alycia Celeste 6 Mayer, Brown 8( Piatt 117 Mayes, Michael 52 Mayo, Kelly Ann 6, 63 Mayor, James Hamilton 6, 24. 52 Mays, Mendy 39 McCain. lennifer Ruby 6. 50, 63 McCalkJim 3 McCartney, Jim 117 McCary, Christy B. 95 McClure. Meredith Ann 24 McCormack. Tracy W. 101 McCracken. Chad 52 McCudden. Kimberly 80 McDade, Allison 52.73 McDowell. Amy Susannah 6,63 McFadden. Civki Lynn 6 McFadden. lanet Ruth 6 McGarity, Thomas O. 95 McGill, Sonja Jeanette 6,63 McGowan, Leticia Dawn 6, 54. 63 McKenzie. Mark Jonathan 6 McKey. Michael Aaron 6 McLaughlin. J. Mark 25 McLean. Amy 40 McLean. Sarah 52 McLeod. Richard D. 22. 46. 73 McMorrow. Josh M. 73 McNutty. Bridgette 40 McPartlin, Kathleen 80 McQuien, Courtney 47 Medina. Laura Blanchard 6, 48 Meier. Douglas 80 Melton. Roger Wade d Mercer, Rudene 54 Merica. JoAnn 101 Merrill. Jennifer 39. 80 Merrill. William R. 73 Mersky. Roy M. 95 Meyer. Robin B. 95 Meyer. Saul Marvin 4 Mighell. Kenneth L 25 Miller. Jeffrey Allan 24 Miller, Jeffrey David 6 Miller, Stephen Louis Jr. 54 Miller, Stuart Farrell 6. 50 Mills. Brian Alan 6.64 Mills. James 7 Mills. Margaret 37.81 MiUs. Mike 25 Minami.Ryo 38 Miranda-Clark. Angela 6 Misko. Fred |r. 101 Mitchell, Eric 19 Mithoff, Michael Karl 73 Mock, Nelson Harmon 6, 52, 64 Moloney, Stephen lames 24 Monsen. Karen 50, 81 Montalvo. Francisco 38 Montejano. lackie 81 Montgomery. Elton M. 116 Monthy. Jeremy 22. 47 Monticello. Scan 51.73 Montoya. Roger Andrew 6. 36, 64 Moore. Dennis Woodrow Jr. 6. 52 Moore. Dirk Ryan 6 Moot Court 22 Morales. Dan 12, 13 Morales, Francisco 6, 40 Moran, Matthew Walter 24 Moreno. Pierrene 102 Morris, Alicia 47 Morris, Amy Kay 5 Morris. Scott Taylor 4 Morrison, Keith E. 101 Mosiman, Nicole 47 Moss, Brian Moreland 6 Mouer.RoyW. 101 Moulton. James Burdett 6 Mount. Houston 31. 50 Mower. Elizabeth Janicke 6 Muniz.Yvonnilda Garza 6 Munoz, Iliana 39 Munsinger, Inga 52, 73 Munsinger. Kim 81 Murphy, Mark Alan 64 Murphy, William Jason 6,64 Murray, John 102 Muskat, Michael James 24 Mustafa. Zakia Amira 6. 22, 24 Myers. Franklin 101 N Nagareda, Richard A. 101 Naranjo, Dan A. 1 16 Nation, Floyd R. 10 Nava,Selina 36 Neal, Mysti Dawn 6, 64 Jitl.Ilo " ' ' - ( ,,Liikt3 dtateS " ikr l,b,liillio» IM ibl kn " bilejmlifeyfc ' M, !S,S5 ilK)!I,(6cbl( i)ii,HowJ»ito Mini Del On Ctoijei 5 ■oaUnidki IftofBiiiistti! 3 ■of lit Coif li 1i,KiiiiJi SoipLynn i iBiiL;j l H»s,Wi, ' m,Qrisop| AviJLii!; Wy21H Nease, Nelson Henry 4 Patterson, Kristin 39 Raymond, Shawn 34 Russell, Blaine Andrew 4,67 Simmons, Scott 51,74 Nebgen, Stephen 37 Paulos, Vanessa 81 Reasoner. Harry M. 16,25 Russell, Carolyn Ann 7 Sims. Thomas 38 Neel, lames M.I 16 Pavio, Laynie 50 Reeves, Ragan Gerard 24 Russell, Dena Gail 4,67 Singh, Ranjeev 47 Nemer, Nancy Marie 6. 64 Paxton, Thomas 52 Regncry, Darla 4 Ru5.sell, Thomas D. 97 Skaggs, lamy 50 Nesbitt, Thomas Andrew 6, 64 Peck, David Shane 24,31 Rchling, Run 81 Rust, Mac 22 Skeith, Paul 7 Neslage.Luke 31, 81 Perales, Julia Christina 65 Relyea, Spencer C. 25 Ruzicka, Kirsten E. Pankopf 7 Slack, Icnnifer 82 Netanel, Neil W. 95 Perches, Sofia 65 Rendon, Cynthia Diane 7, 36 Ryan, Chris 55 Sladc yk.Amy 105 Newell, Candace Swan 6,65 Perez, DanieJ F. 101 Review of Entertainment and Ryan, Christie Lynn 74 Smith, Chad 82 Newton, Jon P. 25 Perez, Michael Steven 24 Sports Law 37 Rvdcr, Morgan 47 Smith, Court D. 7 Nguyen, BaMau 52,73 Perin, Stephanie Lynn 73 Review of Litigation 50, 51 Smith, Ernest S. 98 Nguyen, Cyndi 47 Perkins, James I. 25,27 Reynolds, Jennifer Casey 7 s Smith, Heather 82 Nguyen, Kristen 47 Peroni, Robert J. 101 Reynolds, Nancy Ehzabeth 24 Smith, James 82 Nicholas, Henri 40,52 Perrin, Michael 25 Kite, lulu Dawn 4 Saber, Rashid Lee 7 Smith, lohn Singleton 7 Nichols, Anthony 104 Petalas, Daniel 52 Rice. luMin Gazer 7,47 Salmi, Liisa 22, 51 Smith, Kelli Burris 7 Nickolas, Jennifer Rene 6, 36 Pevsner, Joseph S. 25 Richards, Charlotte 106 Sampson, Jack 106 Smith, Spencer Freeman 7 Nicodemus, leffrcy Iv.ui 6, Pham,ThaoAnn 73 Richards, Clark Willis 24 Sampson, John ]. 97 Smith, Stephan Prenti-ss 74 .34, 35,65 PheJan, MoUie McDadc 4 Richards, David R. 101 Sanchez, Daniel A. 7,31,36,67 Smith, Stephen A. 101 Nielsen, Erik Anthony 6 Piazza, Jennifer Casey 63 Richardson, Carl Ambrose 7, 66 Sanchez, David 7,31,36,67 Sokolanski, Sheila 82 Miemeyer, Richard 47 Pirkey, Louis T. 101 Richardson, KandaceW. 5 Sanders, Michael Chenier 7, 67 Sokolow, David S. 37,98 irken, Howard Daniel 24 Pittman,Mark 50,73 Rider, Brian C. 101 Sanghavi , Nehal Bharat 7 Soliz.Nora 101 -Jordhaus, lamie 37, 51,73 Pogorzelski, Henry M 63 Rifai, D ' Ann Naylor 73 Sartain, John B. Jr. 7 Soloway, Russell M. 7,67 vjorman, Michael 81 Poinsett, Royce R 65 Riggs, Jennifer S. 101 Satterwhite, Brandon Neii 74 Solt, Frederick William 7 korris, Debra Bourn 6, 36, 65 Polemenakos, Elaine 81 Ringold, Daniel 81 Saucedo, Ehzabeth 103 Sommer, Jonathan Edward 24 |Movion, Laurie Ann 6 Pope, Staci 105 Ritter, Christopher Carl 7 Savage, Russell R. 3 Sommer, Sarah 47 Potts, Lee Eric 73 Rivera, Veronica 7, .36, 66 Savoy, Heather 16, 82 Soto, Shelli D. 87 |o Powe.L. A. (Scot)Jr. 96 Roark, Donald Prokop 7,47 Saydah, Gilbert 82 Spaeth, Anthony 82 Powers, Jason Michael 24,52.6 6 Robb, Catherine Lewis 7,66 Schafer, Richard Alan 7, 46, 67 Spainhour, George Cole 7 pbianwu.Chinwe 31 Powers,WilliamC. Jr. 46,96 Robbins, Susan 106 Schiele.Eric 82 Spangler, lessica 47 .D ' Bradovich, Greg lames 65 Pratt, Jason Young 73 Roberts, C. Kenneth 25 Schiess, Wayne C. 98 Sparks, Lisa 105 jD ' Donnell, Michael W. 24 Pratter, Jonathan 101, 103 Roberts, Dale Lynn 7, 24 Schmidt, Brian Murdock 7. 101 Sparks, Mark Christopher 5 iDjesto-Martinez-Porcayo, Preston, Dianne Amy 66 Roberts, Jody Marie 7, 66 Schonemann, Raoul 101 Sparks, Sam 12 Maria Del Carmen 4 Price, Katrina 48,66 Roberts, Justin John 7 Schrader, Brett Alan 7 Speaker, Paul 51 TLeary, Shannon 48 Primosic, Lisa Ann 73 Robertson, David W. 97 Schubb, Kenneth D. 101 Spross, Brian David 74 iJison, George A. 25 Prince, Edd 40 Robertson, Geo. L. 101 Schuelke, Christopher B. 7 SROC 43 plsson, Nathaniel leffrey 65 Pritchard, Amy 81 Robertson, John A. 97 Schuize, loelle C. 51,55,74 Stafford, lessica N. 24 pommen, Kuruvilla 51 Proctor, lonathan 41, 81 Robinett, James David 7 Schwartz, Nicole 82 Stanco, Hunter 9 JDrder of Barristers 34 Purdy, Meredyth 47,66 Robinson, Judith Liana 24 Scott, Teasa Michelle 7, 67 Steans, lason Richard 7 prderoftheCoif 24 Robinson, Mari 23, 48 Seidel , Brad Edward 7, 24 Sternberg, Jordana Rachel 7 Jsbome, Roswell 51 Robles, Marty 47 Self, Jon 82 Steves, Karolyn Knaack 74 Jsburn, Kimberly 52 Q Rodgers, Betsy 40 Selken, Diane 104 Stewart, Adrian 37, 82 Dtter, Heather 48 Rodgers, Jason CJifford 24 SelLAIhson 37 Stewart, Daxton Rinehart 7 Outlaw, loel 52 Queiser,Marcie Claire 66 Rodriguez, Betty E. 101 Server, Tamara Helaine 4 Still, Charles " Hank " 26 Jverstreet, Morris, 8 Quigley, Brian 102 Rodriguez, Eduardo 25 Sewell, David J. 74 StiU,Gena 26 5wens, Betty 27 Qumn, Michaels. 101 Rodriguez, Miguel Sergio 7 Shackelford, Kelly |. 101 Stith, Susan 50,74 3zmun, Elizabeth C. 101 Rogers, Todd Alan 7 Shah, Faisal Akhtar 7,67 Stiverson, Keith A. 101 R Rose, Elizabeth Ann 24 Shahan.Teri 82 Stoll, David Jacob 74 P Rose, Jamie Adele 7 Shakow, Peter leremy 7, 67 Stone, lohn 47 Raab, Angela Melina 101 Rose, Jason Jeffrey 7 Sharlot, Michael 8, 16, 46, 86 Stone, lulie 82 Paige, Shoshana 51 Rabban, David M. 96 Ross. Adam Brian 7, Sharma.Shalini 4 Storey, l.ynnc 41 Palchik, Diana 81 Radford, Kent 81 23, 35, 50, 51 Shaw.Tracve . 6,67 Stout, Mark Wilson 7 Palmer, Sonya Lynn 4 Radliff, Heather 47, 66 Rossini, Gino John 7,52 Sheinberg, M.irgan 31 Strauss, Robert 42 Pankey, Anna L. 73 Radostitz, Rita 101 Rowe, Brenda Inman 7, 66 Sheppard,l)avidA. 1(11 Streightoff, Priscilla M. 74 fapadopoulos, William 81 Ramey,TomJr. 25 Royal, Darrell K. 19 Shibley,WillMni H. 25 Si reikcr. Jordan M. 98 Papenheim, Christoph 38 Rangel, Irma 16 Ro ek, Douglas 39, 81 Shinnick, David Matthew 7 Strother, Iu,stin Brett 7 Parish, Bradley 52 Rangel, Marisela 36 Rozendaal, John C. 24 Short, Shayne 82 Stuart, Clinton Rvan 7 ' arker, David L. 101 Rapoport, Bernard. 9 Rubenstein, Cheryl 49 Siegal, Brian David 7 Student Bar Association 31 Parker, Joseph C. Ir. 101 Rasberry,Sean 37 Rubin, Sharon 103 Sigman, Pamela J. 101 Sturlev, Michael F 41,99 Parker, Maggie 51 Rathbun, Douglas 81 Riidd. Tyler 37, 81 Silver, Charles M. 16,98 Stutts, William Kir. 101 ' arma, Nicholas Arthur 51,65 Ratliff, lack T 96 Kiindell, Alison Si Silver, Katherine 23.55,74 Sutl,. wais 7, 52 I ' artam.Kathy 22. 34,51 Rat ner, Steven R. 96 Runner, Steven Scott 74 Simmons. llarrvGrayhill IV 7. Sullivan. Robert 1. Ai|uinas 7 : ' attcrs„n,A. 55 Rau. Alan S. 97 Runyan, lessica Eve 7 Inde.v - 1 Sumner, Amy Alane 24 Sunflower Ceremony 2 Sunukjian, Peter Donald 7, 24, 52 Susman, Thomas M. 25 Sutton, John F. 99 Swain, Elizabeth West 7 Sweeris, Larry Wade 4 Sweetland, Caren 7,52,68 Sylvester, Megan 39, 55, 82 Szakasits, Monika L. 101, 103 Tadwalt,Traci 55, 82 Tagg, Paul Frederick 7 latum, Stephen 25 Taylor, Trevor A. 7,23 Temple, Daniel Thomas 7 Teng, lames Yung-Te 7 Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal 46 Texas InternationalLaw Journal 47 Texas Journal of Women the Law 49 Texas Law Fellowships 48 Texas Law Review 52, 53 Texas Review of Law 8( Politics 51 Thiele, Chris 46 Thoele, Robert Wayne 7,68 Thomas, Kaaran E. 101 Thomas, LaWanda M. 7, 68 Thompson, Duane Michael 7, 52,68 Thompson, Gary 82 Thompson, John 82 Thompson, Joseph C. 25 Thompson, Stephanie 47 Thurgood Marshall Legal Society 55 Tidgren, Kristine Anne 7 Tigar, Michael E. 99 Till-Watts, Kathy 102 Torres, Gerald 86 Tottenha m, Terry O. 101 Toups, Laura Elizabeth 7 Tovar, Albert 36 Tran, Lannhi 50, 83 Tran, NhutTan 7 Traverse, Katherine 55 Treece, James M. 99 Trickey, Christopher 83 Troutman, Rhonda 37 Trujillo, Geralyn Jeanette 7 Trzaskoma, Theresa Marie 24 Tuma, Noha K. 7, 68 Turner, Robert W. 101 Tyrka, Douglas William 7, 34 Tysinger, Alan 50 Ulloa, Elsa Cabello 7, 68 V Valles. Claudia 7 Vane, Mark Jason 7 Van Fleet, James 83 Van Niekerk, Marc G. Varney, Lana K. 101 Vasquez, Vcnita 102 Veidt, Cynthia 55, 83 Verkerke, I. Hoult 101 Villarreal, Denise Ana 7, 68 Villareal, Gavin Robert 7, 52 Vincenti, Christine M. 7 Vix, Jennifer 83 Vo, Hien 47, 74 Vockeil, Marc Edward 24 Voight, Robert Allen Jr. 74 Von DiessI, Dagmar 7 w Wade, Christopher Sean 7 Wade, Karen 83 Walker, Andrew 36, 39 Wall, Jamie 39 Wallace, Robin Florence 7 Wang.LiYeu 7,37 Ward, Christopher Richard 7 Ward, Wesley R. 7, 22, 23, 34, 35,68 Warfford, Rodney 83 Warman, Philip Thornton 7, 52 Warnica, James Milton IV 7 Washecka, Barbara 102 Watkins, Dawn Michelle 7, 68 Watkins, Leslie 31, 54 Watson, Kirk 18 Watson, William Robert 87 Watts, Guy II 23 Way, Scott Eliot 7, 46, 47 Webb, Leslie Ann 7,68 Weber, Ayanna Charisse 7, 68 Webster, Jennifer Lynn 7, 52 Weigel, John 49,74 Weikart, John Reynolds 7 Weinberg. Louise 99 Wcintraub, Russell J. 100 Weiss, Kelly Elisabeth 7 Welbom.Amy 49 Welch, Marshall Jack 4, 69 Wellborn, Olin Guy III 100 Weller, Katherine DeLon 7, 69 Wcstbrook, Jay L. 100 Westin, Ned Kelso 7 Weston, R.B. 101 Weston, Ralph 103 Whitcomb, John 39 White, Harry Eugene 74 WhitfilJ, Ryan 83 Whitley, Marlen 9 Whitman, Susan R. 101 Whitmire, Sammi 55,74 Wickwire, David Frederick 7, 4( Widener, Michael 103 Wiese, Biu 46 Wilde, Leanne Muirhead Els 7, 30,31,55,69 WiUdnson, L Henry Jr. 101 Wilkinson, Leslie Joan 7 Williams, Jennifer Lee 7 Williams, John Edward 4 Williams, Leslie 40, 42, 48 Wilhams, Marie Kim 7 Williams, Robert Keith 24 WiUiams.Todd 47 Williamson, Jarrell 83 Wilson, James W. 101 Wilson, Scott Mitchell 7, 52 Wilson, Terry 9 Winandy,Erec 83 Winegeart, Graham Christian : Winters, Maiorie M. 75 Wiseman, Zipporah B. 100 iDav 75 Womack, Icnny L. 69 Womack, Paul L. 101 Women ' s Law Caucus 55 Wong, Alison 48, 49 Wood, John Christopher 24 Woodruff, Joanne Lynn 75 Woods, Nicole Rebecca 4 Woolley, Patrick 100 Wren, Jason 93 Wright, Charles Alan 15, 53, 100 Wright, John Carlton 69 Wright, Thomas 83 Wvll.Adam 83 Xu.Yang 83 Y Yeager, Phillip Anthony 75 Young, Mark Bennet 69 Young, Stephen E. 101 Yu, Hsinya 69 Zabala , Juan ]. 87 Zabaneh, Sam 47 Zahiruddin, Moiz Aman 4 Zelman, Julie 40 Zgarba, Rex 83 Zhu.Minhc 38 Zia, Tom 47 Zilahy, Catherine Georgette ♦A ♦ D Pie. 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