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mi 6RINV( •x - T H f II N I V E n I T Y or T [ r u M K 1 or I A w ( n i e n + r F e a + » r e f Or aniza-fionr S i V d e n t F a c B I + y Ha f f Index i f r ( 01 l(, 64 ii 108 114 in n?T Peregrinuf, Valuwe 4T The UiiiverM + y of Texaf School of Law, AoMin, Texaf ' » • i J , « % % in f f» 2 - Features ■r As if making the grades at the UT Law School isn ' t hard enough, the Tarlton Law Library, with its won- derful collection of art and comfort- able living room atmosphere, can make studying fairly difficult. For those who find it difficult to tune out the current library distractions, knowing that Tarlton Law Library has a pornography collection won ' t help matters. For most law students, the library ' s Litigated Literature Collection appeals more to the intellect than any prurient interest. As the name suggests, the collection consists primarily of books and peri- odicals that have been the subject of litigation over the years, including collection of photographs by Robert Maplethorpe and Hustler magazine. The materials have been used by seri- ous researchers over the years, most recently by a professor at U.T. who free speech, with respect to the differ- ent periods in American History. The university obtained much of the collection as gifts, some donated from trial exhibits and personal con- tributions. The library also actively pursues material it feels will con- tribute to understanding the issues surrounding the First Amendment. The Supreme Court has struggled over the obscenity issue since the early 1940s. The first decision, Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire, did not even deal directly with the issue of pornography. The Supreme Court found at this point, that First Amendment protection did not cover obscene or libelous speech. For over thirty years the Supreme Court was bombarded by cases involving cen- sorship and obscenity. Finally, after defining obscenity in 1973, the issue of pornography was considered resolved. LITIGATEP LITERATUHE traced the image of Middle Eastern women in cartoons and photographs over the years. Researching the collection provides hands-on insight into the evolution of No other issue in history has tied up the court for such a lengthy period of time. It is for this reason that the University began collecting the mate- rial. The definition of " obscenity " and subsequently " pornography " , has evolved with societal changes. The library has sought to reflect this through its selection of disputed liter- ature. Contrary to popular belief, the basement in Tarlton Law Library is no den of sin for bored law students and professors. Litigated material makes up the bulk of this collection, and as the Warren Court would attest, in respect to literature, some of these controversial works leave a lot to be desired. -StPii by Jill Robinson (All Photos by John Foxworth) 4 - Litigated Literature ' iie differ, ■tor) ' , 4 of the donated flualcon- ' actively i ' illcoii- lie issues im. ' ' %U iwethe Vision, kdid fc issue nt Court It First INTRAMURAL p. " .;» s .t f Front Row: Creighton Smith, Mike Baum, Mark Murphey, Brad Shields, John Schumacher, Duston McFaul, James Mills, Brandon Lobb; Middle Row: Becky Martin(Manager), Mike Hissey, Wyatt Hogan, James Warnica, Eddie Cantu, Mike King, Jason Bone, Paul Anderson; Back Row: Darren Harrrington, Brian Crum, Chip Stewart, Trey Wilson, Greg McEldowney, CAW, Jeff Edwards, Keith Hopson, Coach McGarity; Not Shown: Brandon Allen, Stephen Burnett, Robert Drinkland, Joel Kuehnert, Roger Melton, Spencer Smith. (Photo courtesy oftJie Legal Eagles) The University of Texas School of Law has the reputation of being one of the toughest in the nation, and its students look forward to any opportunity to release stress. The Law School intra- mural teams are an active part of cam- pus life, a way to relax and have fun while enduring the rigors of law school. Third-year law student Alan Gluth is a Teaching Quizmaster (TQ), a member of an organization that heads up teams of first-year law students and assists them in legal writing. He is also TQ for a co-ed football team and a basketball team. Although some intramural teams compete with UT undergraduates, the TQ division is in its own league at the Law School. Gluth indicated that co-ed football is generally the most popular sport, although some students play vol- leyball as well. Gluth considers his teams to be com- petitive despite the fact that they do not practice much. " My basketball teams got together once or twice and played a few pick-up games at the Rec Center, " he commented. Other teams, however, seem to take their recreation more seriously. The Legal Eagles football team, for example, practices two or three times a week and DEFEATING JTREH competes with University undergradu- ates. " I ' ve heard the tradition of their team has been around since the forties, " said finance senior Hugh Ramsey, whose intramural football team lost to the Eagles 13-7. Gluth explained that aside from being an important tradition, participation in intramural teams provides a way for first-year students to catch the Longhorn competitive spirit, since only about fifteen percent of law students attended the University of Texas as undergraduates. Those interested in watching any of the Law School teams compete should pick up an intramural schedule at the Rec Center. Games take place at the intramural fields. -Story by Peter Bourland Intramural Sports - 5 it J 1 MH JM m- ' i 1 V 6 - Keeton Symposium W. PAGE KEETON HMPOnUM ON TORT LAW The Texas Law Review held the W. Page Keeton Symposium on Tort Law at the School of Law on November 8, 1996. The attendees included law stu- dents, faculty, Texas Supreme Court Justices and interested lawyers. Keeton and his family were also present. After an introduction by Dean Sharlot, the Honorable Robert Keeton delivered a lecture entitled " How We Learned Torts From Page Keeton. " The lun- cheon and symposium were made pos- sible with the generous support of President Robert M. Berdahl, The Will E. Orgain Endowment, the Amercian Bar Association and ten law firms. Keeton Symposium - 7 WEi HME ER IN LONDON Front Row: Melissa Beckworth, Catherine Kurtz, Giria Bono, Lisa Helgoe, Sharia Kruger; Back Row: Anna Evans, Brett Tate, Arthur Nazro, Jennifer Gray, Tobey Blanton, Lifeguard, John B. Connally, Prof. Michael Sturley, Anne Smith. (Plioto by Jolui Foxioorth) LO T IN LONDON (Huden + f no-t pictured) Angela Alexander, Megan Alter, Benjamin Bash, Alan Beck, Meshell Bell, Laura Blood, Chuck Campbell, David Chang, Charles Claunch, Matt Cleaves, Erin Dixon, Richard Ellman, Mariah Garvey, Juan Gonzalez, Jamie Graves, Kristine Huskey, Collie James, Bill Johnson, Ben Kilborn, Kelly Kubasta, Tony Marino, William Meyn, Lyda Ness, Denise Noal, Eric Nowak, Carey O ' Connor, Serena Pelosof, Michael Perez, Phillip Peterson, Scot Pierce, Brooke Quist, Kendra Reinecker, Elizabeth Rose, Karen Robinson, Alexander Ruskell, Tara Sapro, Glen Segrato, Jonathan Sommer, David Stephenson, Jay Stuemke, Mary Thomas. Semester in London In the Fall of 1996, sixty-two University of Texas third year law stu- dents participated in the Semester in London program directed by Professor Michael Sturley. Students attended either University College London (UCL) or Queen Mary Westfield College (QMW), both of which are part of the University of London. At both colleges, the Texas students enrolled in a variety of international, comparative, and English law courses with students from England and around the world. The international student programs at the University of Texas allow students to study at law schools around the world. In recent years, Texas students have studied in Scotland, England, Holland, France, Italy, France, Italy, Russia, Guatemala, Brazil, Argentina, Japan and Australia. Right: Front Row: Catherine Kurtz, Elizabeth Dodge, Ellen Yeager, Christi Thompson, Jeff Andrews, Melissa Beckworth, Kelly Murphree, Alison Helgoe, Lisa Helgoe; Back Row: Gina Bono, John B. Connally, Amy Lee, Tim Ackerman, Ted Gilman. JNAPUOTJ FROM Right: Erin Sudbury, Tobey Blanton, Catherine Kurtz, Amy Lee, Elizabeth Dodge, Laura McBurnett. (Photos ami story courtesy of the Semester in LomioJi (HLU BANQUET The Chicano Hispanic Law Students ' Association (CHLSA) at The University of Texas School of Law held its first biennial reception honoring the mem- bers of the Senate Hispanic Caucus and the Mexican American Legislative Caucus on January 22, 1997 at The Austin Club. The reception was held to recognize the members of both caucus- es and to raise money for the CHLSA Janie Villarreal Endowed Presidential Scholarship. CHLSA estab- lished the endowed presidential schol- arship last year in honor of a former member who died of leukemia. The reception was very well attended. Among the guests were several legisla- tors, Texas Attorney General Dan Morales, UT President Robert Berdahl, UT Law School Dean Michael Sharlot, and Charles Baird of the Court of Criminal Appeals. CHLSA plans to have a similar recep- tion when the Texas Legislature con- venes in 1999. CHLSA Banquet -9 This Page Left: Begging for Beer! Bottom Left: Dan Sanchez and Eddie Cantu got big big chocolate. Bottom: Will Taylor and Christy Tussa say cheese! Opposite Page: Above: Jon Bernard Schwartz, Angela Leon Guerrero, Sylvia Leon Guerrero, and Dan get Star Wars crazy. Below: Clint Bledsoe and Julie express their admiration tor Rachel Bergstrom ' s costume. All Photos by Stephanie Tseii. 10- Fall Ex-Parte Fall E X - P a r + e FallEx-Parte-11 MOCK T n A L . -s 12- Mock Trial MOOT COURT Moot Court- 13 14- Auction TLF HONOn KIR On January 24, 1997, Texas Law Fellowships honored Kirk Watson with he Excellence in Public Interest ward. Currently the Mayor-Elect of Austin, Watson has dedicated his efforts to a wide array of issues and programs. His tenures as the President of the Bryker Woods Neighborhood Association, the Chair of the Travis County Democratic Party and the Chair of the Texas Air Control Board are evi- dence of his service to the community on many levels. These positions reflect only a portion of the work he has done to benefit Texas and the Austin area. He has been recognized by numerous other organizations for his devotion to environmental issues, public health and the legal profession. As part of their dedication to public interest law, Texas Law Fellowships presents this award annually to attorneys who have shown a committment to serving the public. TLF Honors Kirk Watson - 15 The L e n d of the F e r e d r I n V r The Peregrinus - the patron saint of the University of Texas School of Law - had its beginning in the Equity class taught by Judge W.S. Simkins in 1918. Here ' s the way Simkins told the story: " Many years ago I was trying to explain to the class in Equity the origin of the system in Rome and the source of equity in the Roman Empire. At that time, fledglings just from the high school, they were admitted to the law school. Many of them had never heard of the Roman Empire, and not a few spelled cow with a " K. " " Well, I explained to them that when Rome conquered a nation it was incorporated into the Roman Empire - that the Roman citizen was not subject to the laws of these incorporated nations - that in due course commerce sprang up between the citizens of Rome and the barbaric nations, and there was no law to determine and settle their contractual relations. " The Roman Emperor, to settle the troubles arising out of the fact that there was no law applicable to control their contracts, appointed a Praetor (or chancellor) to travel among these nations, and to settle all disputes with- out reference to the Laws of Rome, or the incorporated Nations, but to do jus- tice and decide all disputes, alone by the conscience of the Praetor. Peregrinating from one nation to the other, he was called the Praetor Peregrinus. " The boneheads of the class evi- dently thought that Peregrinus was an internal organ of the body for they con- tinually greeted each other with ' How ' s your Peregrinus today? ' This fact seems to have developed the humorous side of the incident, and Russell Savage developed a concrete expression of it on the blackboard and thus the tradition began. " While various descriptions of the Peregrinus have been given over the years, Julie Elfenbein, editor of the 1918 Cactus, got an original description of the Peregrinus from Simkins himself: " Perry is a creature of Equity. With his enormous tail he brushes aside all tech- nicalities in the favor of justice. " With the long pointed nose, he delves into the intricacies of the rele- vant and irrelevant (looking) for the Truth. " On his left forefoot is the Irish ' s ditcher ' s boot, confessing his member- ship in the rank and file. He puts his right foot foremost and is adorned with an expensive ' Stacy Adam ' shoe (evi- dently a lot of force in 1918). The box- ing gloves (on his hind feet) back up the law and Equity. His eyes are all-see- ing and his fine head is crowned with the white cap of Truth. " Simkins also explained that Perry ' s arched back, ready for spring- ing, indicates that the law is ever ready to protect the right or prevent the wrong. 16- Peregrinus Story The Sunflower Tradition r.v ' iitl«lS ! pl.or ol :v himselt xl ithhis side al lech- ice, ed nose, he lit the rele- ngl for the 5 the Irish ' s ,:,:;i;t:v,:ih ' shoe (evi- i). The box- et|backup ; are all- nvned witk ined thit (orsprinf everreadj tevent the For 15 or 20 years, after the University was established in 1883, none of the graduates wore caps and gowns for graduation ceremonies. At the turn of the century, a sales person offered to rent seniors caps and gowns. At that time, the School of Law was in the basement of the Main Building. No one thought to send a message down- stairs and invite even a few law seniors to the meeting. A committee of faculty and seniors met and because they had not been invited to the original meeting and had not been consulted on the advisability of this step, law students refused to wear caps and gowns. Perhaps fore- shadowing later events, they then for- mulated the reason to uphold their decision. This was, that caps and gowns at such tmie were tradition to, and representative of, academic school and not the professional school. Granted, even judges had worn wigs and gowns for centuries, it was worn for a purpose entirely distinct from the purpose of the proposed. The faculty met with the President, and at the meeting a decision was reached that the law students must con- form to the wishes of the senior class or they must wear a significant insignia at the exercises. It was not in a spirit of conciliation or in appreciation of the dignity of the occasion that the sun- flower was chosen as the " distinctive insignia. " It was agreed, however, that the senior law students would wear white suits. Once more, reasons were advanced to justify the choice of the flower. The sunflower, genus Helianthus, belongs to a family with worldwide distribution. So, also do lawyers. As the sunflower always keeps its face turned to the sun, the lawyer turns to the light of justice. The Sunflower Ceremony used to be held once during the year, on Commencement Day. As the School of Law student population grew, it was decided to have two exercises during the year, one in November for the December graduates and another in May for the May and August gradu- ates. Originally, the sunflower was pimied on each senior by his or her best friend. Today the Associate Dean or Assistant Dean assumes this responsi- bility. The Sunflower Tradition - 17 18 -Alumni Reunion A L U M N I E U N I N Alumni Reunion -19 i 1 20- Alumni Reunion A L U M N I E U N I N Alumni Reunion -21 sl P- ' ' ' 1 " mISh I 22 - Sunflower Ceremony HN-F LOWER (EUMONY ■•■ ' nj All photos by Scott Lawrence and justi Paschall. Sunflower Ceremony - 23 24 - Sunflower Ceremony Sunflower Ceremony - 25 1 w R S Vt- B.O.A. INTER INTUMURAL TEAM vi , fe. ifili : ' Cl - mW Front Row: Elissa Heinrichs, Lauri Hoese, Kathy Partain, Charlene Tsang, Jordana Sternberg, Nicole Fagerberg, Wesley Ward, Patricia Lin, Jay Ray, Amy Sladczyk, Amber Anderson, Davy Woodruff, Paul Fleck, Norma Cantu, Enrique Chavez, Jr., Donna i Blevins, Angela Hunt; Back Row: John Lowrie, Blaine Kimney, Jeff Nicodemus, Layne Grindal, Dennis Donley, Jr., Trent|| Howell, Michael Kimzey, TuU Farley. (Photo by John Foxworth) B.O.A. BAUUTEI AWARDS ■ ■«■ LEFT: Donna Blevins and Barrister Award; RIGHT: Front Row: Tully Farley, Enrique Chavez, Jr., David Woodruff, Jay Ray; Back Row: Donna Blevins, Charlene Tsang, Michael Kimzey, Amber Anderson, Amy Sladczyk. (Photos by Justin Paschall) 28 - Board of Advocates Front Row: t ' d, Ami) Deina Bk The Board ■ Ration School , but site for m " lembashi tion in cc " (iiiiinistr, Wiictedb ' IlieBO.A Front Row: Angela Hunt, Elissa Heinrichs, Wesley Ward, Paul Fleck, Duston McFaul, Patricia Lin, David Woodruff, Brooke Quist, Amber Anderson, Kimberly Frost, Jay Ray; Second Row: Norma Cantu, Kathy Partain, Susan Motley, Tully Farley, Donna Blevins, Marlene Chatman, Charlene Tsang; Back Row: Per Jurkam-Wold, Peggy O ' Der, Amelia Sproul, Katherine Rabe, Joe Barkate, Russel Wheatley, B. Ratliff. (Plwto by John Foxzvorth) BOARD OF ADVOCATED The Board of Advocates (BOA) is the litigation honor society of The University of Texas School of Law. The BOA promotes excellence in trial and appellate advocacy, as well as other forms of dispute resolution. The BOA is open to all students at the Law School, but participation is a prerequi- site for membership. Students earn membership points through participa- tion in competitions and through administrative duties. Officers are inducted by election. The BOA is responsible for coordinat- ing every interscholastic and intramur- al advocacy competition sponsored by the Law School. This year the BOA sponsored over 30 competitions includ- ing mock trial, moot court, negotiation, voir dire, and client counseling. These competitions are held in Austin and in other cities across the nation such as Boston, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, and New York. Simply put, the BOA provides many opportunities for law students to improve their advocacy skills. The BOA also hosts an amtual Spring Banquet. All BOA members are invited to attend this event, which honors out- standing competitors, officers, and attorneys who support the organiza- tion. Advocacy awards, such as mem- bership in The Order of Barristers, are presented at the Banquet. The BOA welcomes all law students with a strong interest in advocacy and a desire to promote advocacy at the Law School. Interested students should come by the BOA office in Townes Hall, Room 3.137, for more information. Board of Advocates - 29 Front Row: Jam Blackmon, Rachel Bergstrom; Second Row: Sam Moak, Mary Walters, Kris Siegert, Kathryn Gunn, Lori Martin, Courtney McQuien, Darrell Davila, Hilary Holman; Third Row: Joel Lambert, Matthew Lapple, Trey Lary, Brooke Leslie, Kathy Partain, Marcia Taylor, Jack Higdon, Melissa Webb; Fourth Row: Mark Pittman, Ray Torgerson, Omar Leal, Chris Lallo, Kurtl Pankratz, Michael Mayes, Alan Motes; Back Row: Frederick Miller, Eric LaFleur, Brandon Satterwhite, Blair Partlow, Mattt Anderson. {PJioto by John Foxzoorth) A6GIE LAW JTUDENTT AHOCUTION tat Re fieUui: te ' Bi: The Aggie Law Students ' Association, the only group of its kind at UT Law, provides a forum for law students to meet fellow Aggies. The networking includes gatherings with Aggie attor- neys in the Austin area as well. We are a social and professional orga- nization and support group dedicated to surviving in a hostile environment. Before the big t.u. game every year, we hold Yell Practice at the law school to demonstrate the fact that, no matter where we are, our blood runs maroon. For Aggie events call the Aggie Hotline at: 47-AGGIE. 30 - Aggie Law Students ' Association Gedron, Bnsi irtin, Couitiet Kate Parian ris LaDo, Kuil Front Row: Eric Sherburne, Seth Bailey; Second Row: Leslie Webb, Susan Hatcher, Brenda Rowe, Jennifer Munzel, Andrew Piel, Luis Reyes, Melissa Masat, Kenneth Moursund; Third Row: Jason Dizon, William Finley, James Mills, Michael Dierberg, Prtl wMatt P y ' Tracy; Back Row: Paul Brown, Jason Steans. (Photo In ]o hu Fo.xumih) law school ti lat, no matter rans maroon- AMEMCAN JOURNAL OF CRIMINAL LAW Established in 1972, the Americau ' ournal of Criminal Law is one of the argest and longest-running publica- :ions at the Law School. On a larger icale, the Journal, which publishes three dmes each year, is one of three nation- ally recognized journals dedicated xclusively to providing a forum for scholarly debate on issues in criminal law. The journal has a history of attracting superior submissions from top schol- ars. This year ' s volume included arti- cles on sentencing and separation of powers, mental illness and incarcera- tion, sequestration, and the exclusion- ary rule in juvenile proceedings. The quality of the Journal has attracted subscribers from law firms, courts, libraries, and law enforcement agencies in all fifty states and in fifteen foreign countries. In addition, the publication has been cited by the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Courts of Appeals, and numerous state supreme courts. The Journal is one of the few law school publications with first, second and third-year members. The journal offers membership to those first-year students earning the highest grades in their criminal law courses and sponsors a winter write-on competition for all first- and second-year sb.idents. These members enhance their writing and analytical skills by editing articles and notes for publication; these skills assist them in fulfilling the journal ' s writing requirements of a note or three casenotes and book review. While the demands of meeting publi- cation schedules are onerous, the Amercian journal of Criminal Law strives to maintain a sociable atmosphere. Furthermore, as the only Law School organization focusing on criminal law, the journal provides both a change of pace for civil law-oriented members and a source of valuable information on both course work and career oppor- timities for those pursuing work in the area of criminal law. American Journal of Criminal Law - 31 Front Row: Yen Pham, Roger Hsia, Nhut Tan Tran, Kuruvilla Oommen, Jennifer Cavner, Rabla Qayywm, Andrew Chu, Hsinyu Yu, Jae-Won Chung; Second Row: Edwin Hu, Rega Joseph, Kay-Linh Pham, Eiji Kobayashi, Tiffany Hurst, Rina Wong, Haejung Koh, Charlene Tsang, Jong Kim; Third Row: Monica Jacobs, Lei Chen, Jason Dizon, Stepanie Koo, Alison Wong, Hien Vo, Ha Dao; Fourth Row: Emily Chou, Emily Stevens, Ariane Chan, Richard Martin Canlas, Jeffrey Liu, Kristine Lee, Scott Way, Ranjeev Singh; Back Row: Ronald Phillips, J. Bai, Yarning Gao. (Photo by Richard Smith) AHAN LAW nUPENTJ AHOCIATION Chavarrii Rebecca! Tovor, M ZimijaJ Santos, E( The Asian Law Students Association (ALSA) is a growing student organiza- tion dedicated to addressing the inter- ests and concerns of the Asian American community at the law school. Open to all members of the law school community, ALSA sponsors a variety of activities to meet a law stu- dent ' s social and academic needs. In the past, ALSA has held many social activities, ranging from bake sales to pizza parties, and has partici- pated with the Asian American Bar Association of Austin in their annual Lunar New Year ' s Banquet. The orga- nization has also sponsored workshops on a variety of topics, including tips for studying and outlining for final exams and advice on classes to take. This past Spring, ALSA participated in Habitat for Humanity and other local volunteer programs. Recently, members of ALSA attended the first annual state-wide meeting of Asian American Attorneys of Texas held in Austin in the spring of 1995 and sponsored the Thomas Tang Southwest Regional Moot Court Competition at UT the following fall. In April 1996, ALSA, together with the Asian American Bar Association of Austin, brought Karen Narasaki, the Executive Director of the National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium, to speak on immigration legislation. In addition, ALSA partici- pates with the National Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (NAPALSA) to reach Asian Pacific American law student organizations across the country. Every year the organization strength- ens in number as well as fellowship, providing a strong support network fori Asian American law students and a core group of advocates to address Asian American issues at the School of Law. 32 - Asian Law Students Association CliLSA social an bers.Tli participa Orienlati ingandi Front Row: Senator Gonzalo Barrientos, Florencio Lopez, Elizabeth Gonzalez, Diana Saldana, Hector Beltran, Amber Anderson, Paul Jorge; Second Row: Vanessa Bailey, Veronica Rivera, Gabriella Edwards, Lucie Jones, Laura Castro, Lisa Chavarria, Geralyn Trujillo, Heather Radliff, Sofia Harber; Third Row: Christian Navarro, Frank Gonzales, Claris Ramos, Rebecca Cooper, Jennifer Munzel, Valerie Vigil, Liza Aguilar, Trey Fischer IH, Cristobal Livingston; Fourth Row: Albert Tovor, Michael Guevara, Gina Light, Margaret Garana, John Wright, Trayce Shaw, Julian Treadwell, Tracy Shaw, Mark LiaKnstie Zuniga, Paul Gay tan; Back Row: Roberto Puente, Michael Sharlot, Javier Duran, Roger Montoya, Gilbert Davila, Jose De Los Santos, Eduardo Cantu, Robert Melendez. (Plioto by ]ohn Foxuvrth) ndrew Un HuislRina Kmi, Alisoa le Nalionai can Legal immigration JiApartii Lsian Pacific ssocialion lan Pacific ganizatit " onstiengtli- (eliowship, newriifot ientsanda to address lifSdioolo ' (HICANO AND HUPANK LAW AHOCI ATION ChLSA provides academic, financial, social and career support for its mem- bers. The academic support includes participation in the first year Minority Orientation Program (MOP), exam-tak- ing and outlining sessions, and resume and employment preparation. The pro- gram focuses on the first year law train- ing areas: case briefing, socratic teach- ing method, and legal writing. The career area of assistance includes minority job fairs, career services, clerk- TUPENT ship, and scholarship programs coordi- nated in conjunction with the law school and various corporate sponsors. ChLSA also provides an emergency loan program and has implemented a scholarship fund for its members. Chicano and Hispanic Law Students Association - 33 AHAULT ANO FLATTERY Assault and Flattery continued an almost 50 year tradition with its largest recorded cast and crew to date. Over 100 law students came together to put on this year ' s show. The production this year was " Hire " , based on the 60 ' s musical " Hair. " Written by senior Jon- Bernard Schwartz, the story tracks Claude, (played by midlaw Lance Cawthon), as he leaves his humble home in Oilstink, Texas, to attend UT Law. Claude has dreams of becoming a big-time lawyer (like the kind you see 34 - Assault and Flattery on TV) and the manager of the Texaco in Oilstink. His plans go awry as he meets the " tribe, " a group of upperclass law stu- dents who are down on the system and up on public interest work. In addition, Claude is hampered by a severe drool- ing problem brought on by the pres- ence of his classmate " Little Law Gunnette " , Shelia, played by midlaw Caren Schmulen. The tribe comes to the rescue by staging a terrorist attack on the Texas Review of Footnotes banquet. This allows Claude to save the day with his keen negotiation skills, thus winning the heart of, or at least a date with, Shelia. Summer Clerking finds both Claude and Shelia in large firms, and the tribe flipping burgers, and no one is happy. Recognizing that law has both good and bad aspects, they decide to start the Happier and Healthier Law Firm, LLP after they graduate. As usual. Assault and Flattery was filled with singing and dancing. The e the dav yii Iks ■ail a date ih Claude : :he trite bhapp) othgood ost. «LIP tterv K« AHAULT AND FLATTERY singing, coached by vocal coordinator Kirsta Leeburg, was punctuated with such hits as " Westlaw Queen, " " Buns of a Teacher Man, " " Sodomy, " and " Let the Law Slide. " The songs were adapt- ed by the show ' s writer and band- leader, Jon Schwartz, with dance num- bers choreographed by Camille Fraser, jjtthe Kelly Ma yo, Shayne Hurst, and Lisa Koh. Technical director, Rebecca Cooper, lead the backstage team of stage manager, Angela Miranda-Clark, stage carpenter, T. Schan Hogan, and costume designer, Julie Krute. The tech crew created the outstanding images of the Townes Hall breezeway and the dungeon that was Claude ' s law firm during his summer clerkship that framed the performance. Behind the scenes, Sheri Richie, the show ' s busi- ness manager, and her assistant, Meredyth Purdy, saw to ticket sales, fundraising, program designs and other less glamorous aspects of putting on a play. The show was directed by senior Mariah Garvey, with the assistance of Andrew Piel. In addition, the audience was entertained between scenes by Assault and Flattery ' s famous skits, written by Gino Rossini, and a perfor- mance by Medley, the company, a cap- pella group lead by Kevin Davis and David Browne. The key to the success of Assault and Flattery is that it continues to showcase the broad spectrum of talent in the law school. From building sets to singing a cappella with medley, law students do it all. Assault and Flattery - 35 Front Row: Shoshana Paige, Hsinyu Yu, Grace Renbarger (Chair, Labor and Employment Law Section - State Bar of Texas), Spencer Cross, Brena Lopez; Second Row: Yen Pham, Heather Capell, Joe Barkate, Virginia Adams; Third Row: Debra Norris, Cheryl Mehl, Stephen Shires, David Isaak; Back Row: Daniel O ' Brien. {Photo hy Charles Ltiu) EMPLOYMENT AND LAHOR LAW UCIETY The Employment and Labor Society formed in 1996 with the following char- ter: " The Employment and Labor Law Society advances and encourages the profession and the development of its members through networking and edu- cational programs designed to eiiliance our knowledge of the ever-changing field of labor and employment law. " The Society had several speakers this past year on various topics. Professor Issacharoff spoke on career paths and labor and employment law. Grace Renbarger, the Chair of Texas State Bar in Employment and Labor Law was also a speaker. In spring, professor Rabbah spoke on the special problems of the profession and employers and collective bargaining. Lance Compa, in a joint meeting with the International Law Society, spoke about career prospects and international careers. 36 - Employment and Labor Law Society The officers of the group were: Chair of Planning, Deborah Norris; Speaker Chair, Dan O ' Brien; Treasurer, Spencer Cross; Public Interest Chair, Virginia Adams; Directory Chair, Joe Barkate; Membership Chair, Hsinyu Yu; Activities Chair, Yen Pham. Professor Getman acted as faculty advisor, and Grace Renbarger from the Texas State Bar acted as Chair of the Labor and Employment Law Section. ;re: Cliaii ; Speaker ; Spenca Virginia Barkate; ivu Y«; s faciiltj tiomllK iiroitlie ection. Front Row: Jennifer Coston, Amy Welborn, Tracy Rostik, Brian Zygo; Back Row: Scott Simmons, James Rudnicki, John Williams, Brian Guequierre, Joseph O ' Sullivan. (Photo In Jennifer Foster) ENVIRONMENTAL LAW HCIETY The Environmental Law Society pro- vides a forum for interested students to find out more about the field of envi- ronmental law. It is a great opportuni- ty for members to meet other law stu- dents with an interest in the environ- ment. The society encourages environ- mental awareness through its law school recycling program and field trips. It assists students in learning about the law school environmental curriculum and what courses are important for a career in environmen- tal law. Meetings offer members the chance to meet and speak with poten- tial employers. Students learn first hand from practicing attorneys what it takes to be an environmental lawyer. Environmental Law Society - 37 GUANAJUATO EXCHANGE PROGRAM This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Guanajuato Exchange Program. In celebration of such a notable occa- sion, the University of Guanajuato host- ed a weekend reunion in Guanajuato in early March. Some of the attendees included the original founders of the program. The Guanajuato Exchange program was created after the United States Embassy in Mexico requested that the UT School of Law begin an exchange program with a law school in Mexico. The program facilitates an exchange of academic and cultural information between the two participating groups of students. It also provides the added benefit of creating lasting friendships on both sides of the border. This year, a group of 22 students from the UT School of Law traveled to Guanajuato (18 hours on bus) during the week of Spring Break. While there, the students attended lectures on Mexican law, toured the government buildings and museums, and still had time to do their share of partying! A week after they returned to the U.S., a group of 25 Mexican law students came to Austin for a week where they were hosted by the U.S. law students. We had a fun-filled week of activities including tours of the capitol, San Antonio, NASA Houston, and many late evenings out on the town in Austin. The 1996-97 officers for the Exchange Program were Executive Director Rebecca Cooper and Directors Julian Treadwell and Kendra Reinecker. 38 - Guanajuato Exchange Program Front Row: George Hernandez, Amando Pena, Abel Herrero, Lisa Soto, Lucie Jones, Frances Johnson, Aaron Boyce, Barbara Martinez, Valerie Esparza, Harry Simmons; Back Row: Gilbert Davila, Claudia Valles, Gabriella Edwards, Kyron Hayes, John Wright, Roger Montoya. (Plioto by CJiarks Luu) HISPANIC LAW JOURNAL ng! fcLlS, itudents lerete todenls. ictivities tol, San id manv 1 Austin. i change )irector ;s Julian The purpose of the Hispanic Law journal is to serve as an academic forum devoted to legal issues affecting Hispanics. Through academic discus- sion, the Journal seeks to inform schol- ars, judges, practitioners, and organiza- tions of these issues and, as a result, improve legal representation of Hispanics. As an academic publication with an informational purpose, the journal aspires to be a neutral forum open to all views. Accordingly, the journal does not advocate particular views or agendas. Hispanic legal issues are the focal point of the journal, not a constraining boundary. Thus, the journal is an open forum to and for ideas coming from within and from outside the legal com- munity, as viewed by Hispanic and non-Hispanics. The journal seeks to publish works that analyze novel, sig- nificant, or developing legal issues affecting Hispanics. Hispanic Law Journal - 39 Front Row: J. P. Kumar (Director), David Lumber (Director), Mary Walters (Chairman), Dan Reed (Executive Director), Lisa j Patterson (Director); Back Row: Jason Powers, Leslie Williams, James Cowles, Joelle Schulze, Anne Rodgers, Julie Zelman, Bradley Knipra, Dean Lanter, Chandra Lewnan. {Photo by Charles Luu) LEGAL KEHARCH BOAKD ftonlRow Hobbs,LB ileyesOusI Chartered by the State Bar ot Texas in 1961, the Legal Research Board offers its members the opportunity to bridge the gap between the classroom and practice by researching and writing memoranda on diverse issues for attor- 40 - Legal Research Board neys across the country. By extending invitations to approximately only twen- ty of the more than 500 first-year stu- dents based solely on the quality of their memoranda, the Legal Research Board is one of the most selective stu- dent groups at the University of Texas School of Law. With more than thirty years in legal research and writing, the Board looks forward to providing outstanding research for years to come. IlieTo peat yea; liJditior Front Row: Mindy Baur, Laurie Cook, Ruth Anderson, Diarma Wojick; Second Row: Sam Zabaneh, Michael Sanders, Jeffrey Hobbs, Lisa Barrera; Back Row: Amelia Sproul (Vice-Justice), Andrew Piel (Treasurer), William Hopkins, Jeffrey Bamett, Luis Reyes (Justice), Jennifer Gorn, Lisa Hayes, Bill Nelson. {PJioto by ]oIui Foxumili) PHI ALPHA DELTA The Tom C. Clark Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta, coming off of another great year has continued its successful tradition. Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity is proudly the second largest legal organization in the United States, behind only the American Bar Association. Members accept a commitment to professionalism, dedication and service to the law student, legal field and the community as a whole. Phi Alpha Delta -41 Front Row: Donna Grate, Nicole Fagerberg, Hsinyu Yu, Patricia Lin, Kelley Cash, Robert Lum, Justin Welch, Shan Rutherford, Sesha Kalapatapu, Charlotte Rasche, Jordana Sternberg, Maggie Parker, Kelly Mayo, Karen Gregory, Candace Newell, J. P. Kumar, Leila El-Hakam; Back Row: Craig Courville, Nicholas Parma, Michael Sanders, Thomas Hudnall, Matthew Stern, Paul Baer, Court Smith, Henry Pogorzelski , Blaine Kimrey, Sofia Harber, Lesley Daigle, Heather Fleniken, Kimberly Frost. {Photo by John Foxioorth) REVIEW OF LITIGATION The Revieiv of Litigation is a law review of national scope devoted to issues of current interest to the practicing litiga- tor. As the first journal to provide a forum for topics related to trial and appellate advocacy. The Reviezv publish- es articles and notes on evidentiary, procedural, and substantive issues from recent litigation. The Review publishes three issues a 42 - Review of Litigation year, including special symposium issues dedicated to specific topics. This year The Reviezv focused on nationwide discovery reform efforts. A second symposium issue explored the problem of conflicts of interest that faces litiga- tors. Tlie Review published notes submitted by its law student members, with such diverse topics as litigation surround- P ings, the Church of Scientology and proposed changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Evidence. The members of the Review are a tal- ented and diverse group of students who have demonstrated excellence in legal writing. Review members become fully involved in the publication process from initial editing to final proofreading. Suthertoii welJ,II Steni,Pii ;osl (Pli tology am deral JRiila 1 ' are a at studwfi cellenceii lublicati nglo Front Row: Kenneth Moursund, Virginia Adams, Dan Sanchez, Jennifer Britton, Tanisa Jeffers, Susan Burlazzi, Kelly Mayo, Gabriella Edwards, Brian Mills, Tanya Clay, Kyron Hayes; Back Row: Charles Houston, Rachel Luna, Kelesha Fowler, Stephanie Hooper, Leslie Williams, Jennifer Klein, Jenny Lehmaiin, Kimberly Royal, David Hinkson. {Photo by ]o!m Foxworth) nUPENT nCHITMENT AND OMENTATION COMMITTEE and PROJECT INFO The Student Recruitment and Orientation Committee is open to all students interested in meeting new and potential law students. SROC is involved with various projects during the year designed to introduce potential students and entering freshlaws to the Law School. SROC projects include: Orientation, Phonathon, Prospective Students Day, and weekly tours. Project Info is made up of three to five second-and third-year African- American and Mexican-American stu- dents that are selected by the Assistant Dean for Admissions and the Director of Admissions, to assist in the Law School ' s effort to recruit outstanding minority students. (iw Student Recruitment and Orientation Committee Project Info - 43 Student Bar Association Officers: Treasurer: David Greenstone, President: Nelson Nease, Secretary: Jeffery Hagler, (Not Pictured: Vice President: Trey Fisher). JTUPENT BAR AHOCIATION 44 - Student Bar Association Front Row: Erik Nielson, Dan Foster, Court Smith, J. Eric Lockridge, Edward Bravenec, David Greenstone, Jeffrey Hagler; Back Row: Charles Ragland, Morgan Matson, Josh McMorrow, Jenny Lehmann, Nelson Nease, Alexander Berger, Andrea Sparks, Brian Cwerer. (PJiotos by John Foxzoortli) nUPENT BAR AHOCIATION With automatic membership for every law student, the Law School student body is organized as the Student Bar Association. Contrary to the great majority of stu- dent bar associations throughout the nation ' s law schools, there are no mem- bership dues. The governing body of the SBA is the Board of Governors, which meets bi-weekly and is com- posed of 18 elected members. The SBA endeavors to carry out its objectives and contribute to the educa- tion of the law student by sponsoring programs that are both academic and extracurricular in nature. Through its Board of Governors, the Student Bar Association sponsors and supervises programs that fall into three main categories: services, professional and social. Service programming provides such needed and convenient services for law students as locker rentals, the Annual Blood Drive, professor evaluations and mail services. Professional concessions include various guest speakers, lectur- ers, seminars, student faculty policy- making committees and mixers with various law firms. American Bar Association and State Bar Association services complete the list. Social activities include Fall Ex-Parte, the Spring Fling, happy hours, final study breaks, and the Freshlaw Midterm party. Student Bar Association - 45 TEACHING QUIZMAHEn The Teaching Quizmasters, or " TQs " as they are commonly referred to in the wild, play a vital role in shaping the lives of the first-year law students. Comprised of thirty upper-class students, these iron men and women each roam in packs made up of about sixteen first-year students also called a " TQ " (much to the confusion of the entire faculty as well as the student body). The Quizmasters teach the legal research portion of the Legal Research and Writing Course, provide detailed critiques of the writing assignments, and often act as a social coor- dinator, football coach, and friend to the freshlaws. In fact, some of the more zealous 46 - Teaching Quizmasters TQs have been known to hunt and kill food for their students, but that ' s all in a days work for such hearty stock. To become a TQ, these poor souls compete in a variety of activities designed to demon- strate proficiency in research, writing, and teaching skills. The candidates prepare a mock lecture, draft a sample memorandum, critique a sample student-written assign- ment, and undergo a series of interviews. This helps weed out the " merely dedicated " from the obsessive compulsive so that the Program is sure to get people who will try to do everything all at once. Once they are selected, TQs design and update research homework, lecture on various forms of pri mary and secondary legal authority (often learning more about the subject than they ever wanted to know), and spend much of their free time critiquing research memoran- da drafted by the freshlaws (much to the chagrin of both parties involved in the process). In the spring, the TQs also directly shape their students ' oral advocacy skills by judging the educational rounds of the Thad T. Hutcheson Moot Court Competit which finally gives the TQs a chance to watch their students squirm. While this would be enough responsibility for most people, the TQs (always on the iielpacdiDii roning em Jclinjasai SKiaJcooid fassiorij N like SI tips, and Q Metinsto «B school- ' idiool. M( snal eveni kludinjg SootbaH k Front Row: Cheryl Holder, Oshea Spencer, Michael McKey, Blair Dancy (holding TQ mascot Blakley Dancy), Barbara Miller, Dawn Akers, Mark Burge; Back Row: Catherine Zilahy, David Newell, Shayne Hurst, Robert Hood, Andrea Hyatt, Kirsten Vlast, Peter Sunukjian, Sarah Donch, John Lowrie. (Photo In John Foxioorth) TEACHING QUIZMAJTEn :cniisoipn- ctttoto) ' ind miidi ol JmemotaB- [nuchtollK lived in tlif alsc KtlF .ofthelW onipetitioi fsponsibiliiy lookout to spend time they don ' t have) also elp acclimate students to the often unwel- coming environment of first-year law by acting as an administrative assistant and social coordinator. The TQs arrange panel discussions for the first-year class on sub- jects like study techniques, exam-taking tips, and career plans. They provide daily bulletins to their students about all the vari- ous school-wide social activities sponsored by the different organizations at the law dunKt " school. Moreover, the TQs also schedule social events of their own for the students, including such activities as Intramural Flag Football, bowling, and tube trips down the Guadalupe River. During (and often out- side) their weekly office hours, these eager folks often field questions on registration, explain confusing topics from substantive classes, and just listen on those all-too-com- mon occasions when a student is having trouble adjusting to the stress of law school. The TQs do all of this in addition to inter- viewing, participating in other extracurricu- lar activities (such as Mock Trial or a jour- nal), studying for their own classes, and, of course, eating and sleeping (practices these folks sometimes overlook). The TQs offer accessibility that might otherwise be lost in a large school like the University of Texas, and they ensure that students have the ben- efits of a large campus facilities and faculty with the interactive dialogue and emphasis on feedback found in smaller campuses. E ven though their praises often go unsung, the TQs ' commitment to their students knows no bounds. Even years later, after the herd finally outgrows these caretakers, a few stragglers still return to these dedicated men and women for help and advice. But, that ' s commonplace for these hard-scrabble folks because once they become TQs, they live by a strict code. So, if you ' re a first-year student, you need to know only one phrase: " If you need any help, ask any TQ. " Teaching Quizmasters - 47 Left: Spring President; Adam Ross, I Debate Coordinator: Ben Bateman, Fall , President: Duston McFaul, Prescott i Caballero, Dennis Donley; (Plioto In John Foxworth) Upper Right: Clint Bolick speaks at a Federalist Society function; Lower Right: Speakers Lino Graglia, Gary Bledsoe, and Samuel Issacaroff. (Both photos courtesi of the Texas Federalist Society) lUk FEDERALUT HCIETY FOR LAW AND PUBLIC POLICY Established by a group of law students from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Chicago (including U.S. Senator Spencer Abraham and Congressman David Mcintosh), the Federalist Society is a group of conservative and libertari- an law students, lawyers, and others interested in the current state of the legal order. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the Federalist Society has over 18,000 members, including over 140 law stu- dent chapters throughout the country. In addition, there are over 12,800 active 48 - Texas Federalist Society lawyers in 55 chapters across the nation. The Texas Chapter of the Federalist Society sponsors meetings, programs, forums, and debates with prominent scholars, judges, and practitioners. We seek to promote an awareness of important legal principles. Our goal is quite simple - to foster much needed debate about contemporary legal issues. Each year, the Society also holds a National Law Student Symposium in which members from across the nation convene at a law school to hear dozens of speeches and debates. In 1992, the National Symposium was held at the University of Texas School of Law. " The Federalist Society is changing the culture of our nation ' s law schools. You are returning the values and con- cepts of law as our founders under- stood them to scholarly dialogue and, through that dialogue, to our legal institutions. " -President Ronald Reagan Fron! Koi ' RussWhei The If) kml ii year, in il theUnivj in coope: Texas. H of the St, PrescotI iPlioloM ht; Clint ;t Society kers Lim i Samuel m of ■aidozens lW,the eld at the Law. changing IV schools, i and con- f s under ' ogue and, our legal Front Row: Richard Schafer, Edwin Flores, Haejung Koh, Brooke Quist, Barry Newberger, Siehnai Williamson, Juli Krute, Scott Clark; Back Row: Michael Perez, James Jubinsky, Paul O ' Brien, Nathaniel Olsson, Amy Armstrong, Christi Kobatake, Russ Wheatley. (Photo by Charles Liiii) TE)fA INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY JOURNAL The Texas Intellectual Properti Lazv ]ournal is published three times per year, in the Fall, Winter, and Spring, at the University of Texas School of Law in cooperation with the State Bar of Texas. The Journal is the official journal of the State Bar of Texas Intellectual Property Law Section. The 1996-97 school year is our fifth year of publication. The ' LP ' Journal is one of the smaller law journals in terms of membership, however, through hard work and dedication we have estab- lished a reputation for high quality and on-time publication. Our close-knit group spends many hours in the Tarlton Law Library cite-checking arti- cles on patents, copyrights and trade- marks. We also spend many hours in our cramped office guzzling coffee and swapping stories. Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal - 49 Front Row: Stephanie Doyal, Carla Margolis, Phillip Golden, Kenneth Moursund, G. Schaumburg III, Michelle Michaelson, Amy Eaton, Jong Kim, Vanessa Bailey, Shanda Stephenson; Second Row: Shannon Welch, Leslie Wilkinson, Jennifer Doerrie, Jennifer Josefson, Meredyth Purdy, Rayna Habel, Justin Rice, Wendy Butler; Third Row: Edd Prince, Rick Fordyce, Jae-Won Chung, Chad Mavity, Heather Purcell, Ghafoor Asim, Heather Radliff; Back Row: Sonya Palmer, Eric Butler, David Bills, Stephen Pritchett, Scott Way, M. Williams, Steven Byce. {Plioto by Joii Foxioortli) lltki INTERNATIONAL LAW J U l( N A L Tlic Texas hiternational Law jounial is one of the oldest and most established student-published international law journals in the United States. TIL] is the fourth oldest student-published inter- national law journal. T L ' s long history has allowed it to develop one of the largest circulations of any student-published international law journal in the country. Subscribers to the Jouiiial include law schools, gov- ernmental institutions, law firms, cor- porations, embassies, international organizations, and individuals from virtually every state in the United 50 - Texas International Law Journal States and forty-five foreign countries. Moreover, the Journal has also been cited as academic authority in various opinions by the United States Supreme Court, as well as lower federal and state courts. TIL] has made the most of its estab- lished position and excellent reputation by forging close ties with numerous scholars, authors and experts in the field of international law. The manuscripts TIL] publishes and the yearly symposium on issues con- cerning international law, provide readers with the articles of the highest quality and considerable variety. This year ' s symposium covered the topic of International Bankruptcy. The Texas hiteniational Law Jounial has published works in areas of public and private international law, the law of international organizations, compara- tive and foreign law, as well as works covering domestic laws that have inter- national implications. The 1995-96 volume included pieces from the Sustainable Development Symposium held in February of 1996 as well as a tribute issue to Professor Charles Alan Wright. Fionl Ron (Iristoplii McGowan, Kithov plus m oneoftke Qtionsin fiiding it jrDoenie, front Row: David Wickwire, Alexander Berger, James Cowles, Brandon Hudgeons, Heather McLemore, Susan Ritchie, |ae-KoH avid Bis leh ' This le topic of oiirMlhas juMcaid lie law of compara- as works laveinter- ed pieces .lopment ofl»as ' rofessor Christopher Hanna, Joe Perillo; Back Row: Steve Beck, Coby Hyman, PhilUp Peterson, Evan Stone, McGowan, Adam Fellows, Mark Young, Mark Thomas. (Photo by Richard Smith) 5rian Mills, Leticia TEUJ JOURNAL OF BUHNEH LAW With over 4,000 subscribers, the 40- plus members enjoy the honor of being one of the largest legal scholastic publi- cations in the state, if not the country Priding itself on being a practitioner ' s journal, the mission of the Texas Journal of Business Law is to keep its subscribers on the cutting edge of legal changes that have an impact on the Texas lawyer. In four issues a year, the Journal of Business Law publishes the work of esteemed legal authors and practitioners, student research projects, and recent development updates to keep its subscribers informed. Texas Journal of Business Law - 51 Front Row: Kathr n Fulton, Angelvque Campell, Nelita Neves, Dimple Malhotra, Natalie Reed, Claris Ramos, Suzar ne Schairer, Kelesha Fowler, Ranjan Satija, Second Row: Sheani Chanmugam, Gabnella Edwards, Annalynn Cox, Janessa Coffman, Elissa Heinrichs; Third Row: Sarah Akhtar, Ayanna Weber, Christina Bartholomew, Kelli Burris, Laura Medina, Heather Otten; Fourth Row: Christina Gonzalez, Katherine Weller, Monica Ingram, Virginia Adams, Jamie Rose, Denise Villarreal, Elsa Ulloa; Back Row: Tamara Mosby, Isaac Brown, III, Jennifer Chapman, Dawn Watkins, Georgette Dudly, Susan Arenella, Mea Butler, Lisa Chavarria, Shelly Easter; Not Pictured: LaWanda Thomas. (Photo by ]ohu Foxworth) TEJfA JOURNAL OF WOMEN AND THE LAW The Texas Journal of Women n}ui the Law celebrated its fifth anniversary this year. To commemorate the occasion, the Journal held a reception and a ban- quet at the Omni Hotel, in December, to honor the contributions of women to the legal profession. The theme of the banquet was Sharing the Vision: An Intergenerational Celebration of the Rich Tradition of Women and the Lazo, and it was a tribute to those who have been instrumental in creating opportunities for women in the legal profession and in shaping the law. Sarah Weddington, Myra McDaniel, Martha Smiley, and the Honorable Orlinda Naranjo shared their experiences and offered encour- agement to those in the audience. In February, the Journal co-sponsored the Texas Public Interest Law Conference held here at the University of Texas School of Law. This conference was the first of its kind in the state of Texas. Journal members worked closely with the members of the Public Interests Law Association to put the conference togeth- er, and in particular, sponsored the panel titled " Women ' s Issues in the Public Interest. " In summation, this academic year was a productive one for the Texas Journal of Women and the Law, and they look for- ward to having an equally engaging and enjoyable time next year. 52 - Texas Journal of Women and the Law le, Denise ilv, Susan jselywith wi(s ta ' icetogi sored the les in tie ■,]mH -look fa- engaging The mission of The Law School Foundation is to su The University of Texas School of Law through the development and management of financial and administrative resources and to lw 5 assist the Dean, faculty and students • 4 ' ' in achieving their goals and objec- .V " tives whenever possible and V, appropriate. . The Law School Foundation J was established in 1952, by O Charles 1. Frances, ' 17, Sylvan Lang, ' 14, Angus G. Wynne, ' 03, Hines Baker, ' 17, Dan Moody, ' 18, Robert E. Hardwicke, ' 11, and Hugh Lamar Stone, ' 08, as an edu- cational foundation to sup- port the Law School. The Board of Trustees has grown from 7 originally to 23 today, and still includes among its mem- bers some of the most prominent 1 attorneys in Texas and in the nation. The Foundation raises most of the endowments and privately-sponsored funds which support the Law School. The University of Texas School of Law currently lists its endowment at pport than $85 million, ranking as one of the largest law school endowments in America. The University of •« A IjT Texas Law Alumni Association, founded in W • » S ' ' operates under the non-profit V» w status of the Law School Foundation. Mr The UT Law School ' s goal is to be V i the best public law school in V America. As state funding con- n tinues to decline for all public educational institutions, the role of philanthropy is a crit- ical factor in maintaining V. the Law School ' s stature ] among the top law schools . in the nation. The future will bring increasing social and demographic changes, f and will require the skills of jJ America ' s best and brightest legal minds to meet major chal- O lenges. The Law School Foundation and the Law Alumni « Association will continue to provide J - — • ■ the maximum possible support and •i- Z J assistance to the School of Law through th leadership and the generosity of its alumni and more friends. THE UNIVERHTY OF TEJfA FOUNDATION LAW KHOOL TRUSTEES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS LAW SCHOOL FOUNDATION President Morris Atlas, ' 50 Vice President Harry M. Reasoner, ' 62 Life Member Trustees Morris Atlas, ' 50 (McAllen) E. William Barnett, ' 58 (Houston) David J. Beck, ' 65 (Houston) Joseph D. Jamail, Jr., ' 52 (Houston) Wales H. Madden, Jr., ' 52 (Amarillo) J. Mark McLaughlin, ' 54 (San Angelo) Harry M. Reasoner, ' 62 (Houston) Trustees Linda L. Addison, ' 76 (Houston) Ruben R. Cardenas, ' 58 (McAllen) George C. Chapman, ' 62 (Dallas) J. Chrys Dougherty (Austin) John L. Estes, ' 56 (Dallas) Kay Bailey Hutchinson, ' 67 (Washington, D.C.) Franklin Jones, Jr., ' 54 (Marshall) Dee J. Kelly (Fort Worth) Gilbert I. Low, ' 60 (Beaumont) Tom B. Ramey, Jr., ' 51 (Tyler) C. Kenneth Roberts, ' 51 (Houston) Larry E. Temple, ' 59 (Austin) Senior Trustees B.D. Orgain, ' 33 (Beaumont) J. Burleson Smith, ' 40 (San Antonio) Executive Director Lucille M. Hillman The University of Texas Law School Foundation - 53 THE LA W SCHOOL President Janie L. Frank, ' 84 The Purposes of the University of Texas Law Alumni Association are to advance the cause of legal education; to promote the interests of the University of Texas School of Law; to maintain communication between the alumni and the Law School; to educate alumni as to Law School activities and develop- ment; to report or recommend to the Dean of the Law School or to the Board of Trustees of the Law School Foundation matters of mutual interest deemed worthy of consideration; and to foster a spirit of identity, fellowship and goodwill among the Association ' s members. All former students, as well as all past and present members of the faculty, are members of the Law Alumni Association. Each year during the Reunion Weekend in Austin, the Association honors three of its most distinguished members by presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award, the Outstanding Alumnus Award and the Distinguished Alumnus for Community Service Award. The 1996 honorees were Joseph D. Jamail Jr., ' 52 for Outstanding Alumnus, Elton M. Hyder Jr., ' 43 (1920-1995) for Lifetime Achievement, and Neal Manne, ' 80 for Distinguished Alumnus for Community Service. LAW ALUMNI AHOCIATION President Janie L. Frank, ' 84 (Fort Worth) President Elect Scott G. Burdine, ' 85 (Houston) Past-President John B. Beckworth, ' 83 (Houston) Secretary Juan Zabala (Austin) " Executive Committee Morris Atlas, ' 50 (McAllen) Buddy Banack, ' 65 (San Antonio) Kae L. Brockermeyer, ' 65 (Fort Worth) Michael L. Calhoon, ' 92 (Houston) James V. Derrick, Jr., ' 70 (Houston) John W. Fainter, ' 63 (Austin) Roger B. Greenberg, ' 70 (Houston) Laura J. Hagen, ' 76 (Chicago,Illinois) L. Jane Hamblen, ' 76 (Madison, Wisconsin) Laquita A. Hamilton, ' 86 (Austin) Brad B. Hawley, Jr., ' 82 (Dallas) L. Anthony Joseph, Jr., ' 68 (New York, New York) Jane A. Matheson, ' 74 (Austin) Mike Mills, ' 76 (McAllen) George A. Olson, ' 63 (San Antonio) Daniel F. Perez, ' 87 (Dallas) James I. Perkins, ' 63 (Rusk) Eduardo Rodriguez, ' 68 (Brownsville) William H. Shibley, ' 72 (Long Beach, California) Joseph G. Thompson III, ' 93 (Houston) 54 - The University of Texas Law School Foundation lesentaj ward, tkt d and k 15 foi TheM iaa)r., ' 51 Elton E rLifetim ne 8B(oi IS foi Chancellor Bill Cunnningham with Lee Jamail at the Awards Brunch. THE LAW SCHOOL ■. M Morris Atlas, ' 50, Joe Jamail, ' 52, and Ron Krist, ' 62, Carol Krist and Moris Welcoming Reception at Four Seasons Harry Reasoner, ' 62. Atlas, ' 50 at the Awards Brunch. Hotel - Silent Auction. REUNION in bung; GUDUATEf BACK TO AUSTIN ( All Pliotos Courtesy of the Law School Foundation ) mi ,en) iitonio) usk) (Houston) w: m m- Nellie Connallv and Dean Sharlot break ground for the 39,000 square foot wing. The John B. Connaly Center for the Administration of Justice, at the groundbreaking ceremony. Martha Hyder Receives Lifetime Achievement Award for her late hus- band, Elton M. Hyder, Jr., ' 43, from Dean M. Michael Sharlot. Elton M. Hyder, III, ' 80, President Robert Berdhal, Martha Hyder, and Mathew Hyder at the Awards Brunch. The University of Texas Law School Foundation - 55 TEXA J LAW FELLOWniFf AUCTION Dana Katz, Javier Duran, Justice Greg Abbott, Darrell Davila and Jason Ciarochi. Doug Cornwell and Robert Galvin examine a computer at the auction. (Photos by lohn Foxworth) 56 - Texas Law Fellowships ' Front Row: Juliet Stipeche, Nada Ismail, Jennifer Gray; Second Row: Andrea Sparks, W. Cawthon, Sofia Harber, Alison Wong; Third Row: Michelle Mellon-Werch, Dane McKaughan, Sarah Kihneman, Justin Roberts; Back Row: Nelson Mock, Sesha Kalapatapu, Brian Zygo, Jenny Carroll, Claris Ramos. {Photo by R. Smith) Jltki LAW FELLOWniPJ Texas Law Fellowships (TLF) is a stti- dent-run nonprofit corporation at the UT School of Law dedicated to promot- ing public interest law among UT law students. TLF ' s primary mission is to fund sum- mer fellowships for students to serve in nonprofit legal service organizations. Founded in 1987 by a group of law students who were concerned with the lack of public interest opportvmities at the law school, TLF has made great progress toward its goal of expanding public interest awareness and opportu- nity. Through fundraising activities such as the Annual Auction, the Spring Pledge Drive, and the Excellence in Public Interest Awards Reception, TLF has raised more than $100,000 in the past two years to fund 30 student fel- lows. These fellows provide badly needed legal services through organi- zations ranging from Legal Aid of Central Texas to the Dallas Legal Hospice. Texas Law Fellowships also sponsors, along with the Travis County Bar Association, the People ' s Law School. TLF is also very active in the National Association for Public Interest Law. Texas Law Fellowships - 57 58 - Texas Law Review m Front Row: Madeline D orocsik, Theresa Trzaskoma, Scarlett CoUings, Judith Robinson, Mike Henry, Michael Masswngale, Marc Vockell, J.C. Rozendaal; Back Row: Liza Reynolds, Mike Muskat, Dan Hinde, Meredith McClure, Mike Gyr, Jeff Kubin, Bob Postawko, Fred Solt, Chris Wood. (Photo by John Foxworth) Jltki LAW REVIEW 1 iJ The Texas Law Review, now in its sev- enty-fifth year, publishes seven issues each academic year and is consistently ranked among the top ten law reviews in the nation. The Review contains arti- cles, essays, and book reviews by pro- fessors, judges, and practicing attor- neys, as well as notes written by the Review ' s student members. In addition to the Reviezv itself, the Texas Law Reviezv also publishes and regularly updates two widely-used reference books, the Manual on Sti le and the Texas Rules of Form. Each year, the Editorial Board offers membership to approximately fifty of the top students completing their first year, based on first-year grades and performance in the annual writing com- petition. Members are required to con- tribute 150 hours toward production of the Reviezv during their second year, in addition to one week of " office duty " each semester and fifty hours during vacation. Each member must also write a note of publishable quality. Second- year members who satisfy these requirements have the option to remain members during their third year, become Associate Editors, or run for a position on the Editorial Board. Each spring, the outgoing Editorial Board, made up entirely of third-year stu- dents, interviews and selects 17 staff members to serve as their successors during the next year. This year, the Review proudly celebrat- ed its seventy-fifth anniversary. To mark the occasion, the Reviezv held a birthday party in the spring, and the Tarlton Law Library highlighted the Reviezv ' s many years of exceptional publication. In March, the Texas Laiv Reviezv Association Annual Alumni Banquet was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, and everyone agreed that it was a huge success. Texas Law Review - 59 Front Row: Kyron Hayes, Stephanie Hooper, Delenia Mclver, Ayanna Weber, Tracye Shaw; Back Row: Andrea Powell, Marva Woods, Gary Alfred, Monica Ingram, Leslie Williams. (Plioto by John Foxwortli) THUR600D MAHHAIL LEGAL HCIETY The Thurgood Marshall Legal Society (TMLS) is the Texas affiliate of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA). TMLS is primarily concerned with issues of major importance to the African-American community. Aside from promoting discussion and resolu- tion of these issues, TMLS fosters com- munity awareness among its member- ship through the active participation in various community service projects during the school year. The Thurgood Marshall Legal Society promotes academic excellence among its members through a support system which includes a mentor program. course reviews, and seminars on effec- tive exam taking. TMLS also sponsors social mixers and an annual awards banquet. These activities provide members with an opportunity to meet other law students, practicing attorneys, and the Austin community. 60 - Thurgood Marshall Legal Society , ' ell,Man ' j n rsiineffec- mixers and let. These rs with an u ' students, the Austin LLM AND FOREIGN fTUDENTJ Front Row: Marco Alarcon (Peru), Maria Vila (Panama), Roberto Anaya- Moreno (Mexico), Jose Torres (Mexico), Maria Roos (Germany), Thilo Streit (Germany), Markus Stadler (Germany), Joerg Hartmann (Germany), Michael Mathieson (Australia), Jose SaJiab (Mexico), Gloria Avila (Colombia); Second Row: Daniel Strazzer (Switzerland), Anna-Karin Gidlund (Sweden), Brenda Effron (Coordinator, International Student Programs), E. Oya Cetinkaya (Turkey), Pat Antwi (Ghana), Gudrun Monika Zagel (Austria), Savita Krishnamurthy (India), Maria del Carmen Ojesio (Mexico); Back Row: David Parsons (England), Rosie Keefer (England), Luis Mayorquin (Mexico), Tom Scourfield (England), Julie Grewar (Scotland), Sarah Parker (Scotland), Sophie Fanelli (France), Jane Sebel (Australia), Jillian McKeown (England), Irma Vasquez (Mexico), Cecilia Garcia-Pena (Mexico), Professor Michael Sturley (Director of Graduate Students). {Photo by John Foxu ' ortli) LLM and Foreign Students - 61 IM %£J« students - 63 SENIORS Jibbage, Cheri Antoinette, Adams, Mary Margaret, Austin; Altsuler, Kent, Houston; Duke Austin; The University of Texas Baylor University. University. It Austin, Zeta Phi Beta, 1 hurgood Marshall Legal Society © Anderson, Amber L., Fort Worth; Vanderbilt University, Board of Advocates, Chicano Hispanic Law Shjdents Association, ATLA Mock Trial Science China, InlL ' rnnttonnl Lnw lournnl. , Law Student Association. University Technology Bains, Ruben Singh, Austin; The University of Texas at Austin, Texas InlellectunI Property Law Barkate, Joseph George, Austin; United States Air Force .Academy, Board of Advocates. xander Bennett, Heights, NY; f Virginia, Texas iiiess Laii ' , Student Biffl, Elizabeth Lee, Austin; Duke University, American lotirnal of Criminal Law Managing Editor. Boulv TheUn Clay Houston, Austin; sity of Texas at Austin, Guanajuato Exchange Program, Chicano Hispanic Law Students Spniif, , Board Advocates, Texas Intellectual Property Lazo Journal, Phi Alpha 64 - Seniors m BritI, Everett, Austin: University of North Carolina, American journal of Criminal Laio, Assault Flattery. Entertainmei Society, Won University, I Sports Law Law Caucus, Brown, Shavondelia A., Monroe, LA; Spelman College, Texas journal of Business Law, Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. ark Edwin, Austin, of Houston, Texas Law Associate Editor, Teaching asters. Legal Research Butler, Wendy Corrine, Atlanta GA; Yale University, Texa: International Laze journal Women ' s Round Table. Canlas, Richard Martin Pinter, i Cantu, Norma Jean, Austin; [ Cash, Kelley Elise, Friona; Spring; The University of Texas at i Baylor University, American I Southern Methodist University, Austin, Asian Law Students, ! journal of Crnninal Lazv, Board oi Assault Flattery, T ie RcuiraM ' Board of Advocates, Texas Advocates, Phi Alpha Delta. I Litigation. Environmental Lazv lournal. Assault Flattery. Christian Legal Society, Intellectual Property Law Society, Chancellor-at-Large. Texas Law Reviezi ' Administrative Editor, Assault Flattery. Cooper, Rebecca Anne Richardson; The University o Texas at Austin, American Journal ofCriminal Law, Phi Alpha Delta, Assault Flattery, ChrisI Legal Society. Seniors - 65 SENIORS Cooper, Houston; Pennsylvania, Thurgood Marshall Legal Society, Student Bar Association, Texas lounial of Texas at Austin, The Unive American Bar Association, Student Bar Association, Founder of UT Law Newspaper Stnctlii Daniel, Walter Eugene, Raleigh, NC; Duke University, Texas International Law Journal. ( Davila, Gilbert D. Hohbronville, Rice University, Hispanic Laii ' Journal, Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association, Assault Flattery, Student Recruitment and Dick, Adam Stuart, Austin; The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Environmental Laze Journal, Texas Libertarians. Dodi, Kwesi Addo, Austin; Northeastern University, Thurgood Marshall Legal Society, Voir Dire, Mock Trial. Donch, Sarah Anne, Aushn; The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Law Reviezc, Teaching Quizmasters, Student Bar Doyal, Stephanie Elizabeth, San Antonio; Duke University, Texas International Law Journal Managing Editor, Environmental International Law Journal. El-Hakam, Leila Mariam, Austin; The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Journal of Business Laio, The Rei ' ieu ' of Litigation. 66 - Seniors p Q.Eik Esparza, Valerie R., Richardson; Our Lady of the Lake University, Hispanic Lau ' faurml Managing Editor, Chicane Hispanic Law Evans, Anna Noel, Cypress; The University of Texas at Austin, Chicane Hispanic Law Students ' Association, Texas jourifal of Women ami llie Laiv. Journal of Criminal Laio, Capital Punishment Clinic, Mock Trial, y Michael, Aiisli ersity, Texas La II Aislii, I Teichj I ent Bar I 11 Fisher, Christopher Paul Rock; College of Willi. Mary. Flores, Edwin Stuart, Mexico; The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal, Texas Intellectual Gattinella, Ray Alan, Austin; Southwest Texas State University, Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association. Giles, David Clifton University Fayetteville. Grafe, Donna Kay, llallt University of Houston, Environmental Law Society, The Revieio of Litigation. Gray, Brian Richard, Austi University of Texas at Dallas, Phi Alpha Delta, Mock Trial, Voir Dire. Seniors - 67 SENIORS Gutierre Texas A M Kingsville. Texas httenmtioual Lau ational Law Society Justin Kimbell, RoAwall; of New Mexico, I ' liiveisin ' ( Inljiriol liristopher D , Wichita ersity of Kansas, Texai Business Lau ' Co-Editor Henley, Geoff. Garland: flni University of Texas at Austin, Th Daily Texan. Mock Trial, Voi Dire. Herrero, Abel, Robstown; Texas A MUniyersity, Chicano Hispanic Law Students Hispanic Law Journal. University of South Carol Texas Law Review, UT Sail Club. Hinde, Daniel E., Houston; Texas A M University, Texas Law Review. Aggie Law Students. A Hissey, Michael E.. Spring, Thi University of Texas at Austin Legal Eagles. Hurst, Tiffany Shayne, Missouri City; Vassar College, Teaching Quizmasters, Asian Law Students, SROC, The Review of Litigation. 68 - Seniors B S ' J ' fi Johnston, Jeffrey S., Wichita, KS; University of Colorado,H spfl«.c Creighton University, Texas Lm Law loiinial Co-Editor-in-Chief, r„,,-„,, Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. Kim, Jong Soo, Dallas, ' ass, College, Texas International La Journal. Asian Law Studen Association. lington. Jones, Lucile Lau, wrtBiiiiignjii, DC; Tufts University, Hispanic Law lournaL Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association, f l Khan, Lailah N , Huntingdon Valley, PA; University of Michigan. Kientz, Robert University of Kans Advocates. Arizona State University, Board of Advocates, Employment cSi Labor Law Society, Children ' s Kimzey, Michael Shane, McKinney; Washington and Lee University, The Review of Litigation, Moot Court, Mock Koh, Haejung Lisa, Beaumont; The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal, Assault Flattery, UT Seniors - 69 J SENIORS I Christine, Austin; Th. of Texas at Austin ntional Law loiinwi. Landon, G. OH; East( University, Criminal Li Labor Law S Id James, Utica, New Mexico „cnca„ lournal of Employment iety, Mod Trial Leaders, Scot Henry, Cooper Landing, AK; Hillsdale College, Texas Forum on Ciyil Liberties and Ciyil Rights, Moot Court, f m%MMi Lehmann, Jennifer Lynn, Austm; The University of Texas at Austin, SROC, Student Bar Association, Hispanic Law journal Maxwell, Melissa Elaine, Austin; Middleburv College. Lowrie, John Carl, Franktown, CO; United States Naval Academy, Teaching Quizmasters. P r»; McAdams, Mark James, Austm; Stanford University, Texas Forum on Civil Liberties and Civil Rights McFaul, Duston Kenneth Dallas Duke University The Federalist Society President Board of Advocates Tlw-. Rhiup 0 Liia ' ti Pohtu-iEdUm L I gal Eagles Masat, Melissa Joy, Austm; The University of Texas at Austin, American journal of Criminal Law Associate Editor. U McPhec, Gillian, Scituate, MA, Yale University, Texas Inter- national Laio journal Book Review Editorl Research Board, Book 70 - Seniors -«%. Mehl, Cheryl Tremaine, Pflugerville; North Texas State University, Christian Legal Society, Employment and Labor MendenhaU, Karen Sue, Austin; George Mason University, Women ' s Round Table, American Inns of Court. Michaelsen, Michelle Marie, Denton; The University of Texas at Austin, Terns hiierntiikmal Law loiinuii Guanajuato Exchange 1.1k I Moak, Sam Adolphus, Hunts- ville; Texas A M Universitv, Aggie Law Student Society, Intellectual Property Law Society. Moreland, Edmond S , Friendswood; Texas A M Universitv. Moreno, Louis N., Austin; McNeese State University, Intellectual Property Law Society, Intcllechml Property Linv journal, Z ' Miller, Brian Charles, Austin; Rice University, The Daily Texan, Floor Hockey Club President, Phi Alpha Delta. Morrison, Mary Nicole, Dalla Duke Universitv- f Motley, Susan D., Austi College of Charleston, Board • Advocates, Employment an Labor Law Society. Moursund, Kenneth C, Houston, The University of Texas at Austin, Aaterican Journal of Criminal Lair, Texas International Law journal. Phi Alpha Delta, Assault Flattery. Munzel, Jennifer Alyn, San Antonio; Yale University, American journal of Criminal Lazo, Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association, Nash, Alexia M,, Houston; The University of Texas at Austin, Texas International Law journal. Seniors - 71 SENIORS Neves, Nelita Alberlina, Austin; The University of Texas at AusHn, Texas Jounint of Women and the Law. Thurgood Marshall Legal TriniU FlatlLTN Texas.!., Newberger, Barry Stephen, Austin; Carnegie Mellon University, Intellectual Property Law Societv, Texas Intellectual Pivivrt, Law Unirnal Managing Newell, David Christopher, i teWA " ' Sugar Land; University of tt ilepk " ' Houston, Teaching Quizmasters, I llwM ' i ' ! ' American tmirnal ofCrwiinal Law. tltin ' ' Nirken, Howard D., Austin; The Unrversitv of Texas at Austin, Eiivnonmental Law loiiinal. UT Men ' s Athletics Council Noles, James Lewis, The Woodlands; United States Military Academy, Tcvns Review of Litigation Associate Editor, Board Paul, Angela Marie, Gorrettsville, OH; University of Chicago, Entertainment and Sports Law Society, Intellectual Property Law Society, Phi Alpha Delta, Journal Pena, Amando, Del Kio; 1 he University of Texas at Austin, Hispanic Laio Journal, Phi Alpha Delta, Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association, Blake, Arlingt. ■ of Texas at Aus in; of Criminal L Plumlce, Irina B. Aust Moscow State Pedagogic University. amos, Claris, hpna;,;, 1 he University of Texas at Austin, Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association,r«as Journal of Tex Wsh.l 72 - Seniors Rasche, Charlotte Mae, Austin; Stephen F. Austin State University, The Rcvieii ' of Litigation, Legal Research Board, Ratliff, B. Wayne, York University, Advocates, Amerii Court Reyes, Luis A , Austin; The , Reynolds, N. Elizabeth, Au University of Texas at Austin, Phi Yale University, Texas Lam Re Alpha Delta President and Chief ,. I. Ausia ■ i.tth I Rhoades, R. Scott, Austin; Kansas State University, Criminal Defense Clinic. Robinson, Judith liana, Dall, Stanford University, Texas L, Raneio. Chancellors. Romo, Gina Marie, Walnut, CA; George Washington University, Euviwiimental Law JouinaL Rosette, Christopher Joseph, Austin; The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Journal of Business Law, Thurgood Marshall Legal Rutherford, Shan Scott, Austin Northwestern University, Th Revieiv of Litigation. Sports Law Society, Texas Journal Schoonover, Kristen Leigh, Austin; Texas A M University, Texas journal of Business Law, Phi Alpha Delta, Federalist Society. Schwartz, Jon-Bernard, Austii Columbia University, America journal of Criminal Laio, Assault . Flattery. Seniors - 73 } University of Texas at Austin, Board of Advocates, Student Bar Association, Texas Law Fellowship. Sparks, Andrea Gallic Tu Fellow University, Texas )s, UT ' Student n. Women ' s Roundtable ilmsNi) ' ' Houston; Trinity University, Board of Advocates, Phi Alpha Delta, Corporate Council Society. Stammel, Matthew Richard, Austin; Drake University, Texas Law Review. Legal Research Board. rtzelL Thessaly Ann, ba tonio; George VVashingto versity. Stephenson, Shanda Marie, Amarillo; The University of Texas at Austin, Texas International Law I l .Gi Journal, International Law Society, I Ci Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court, Tan, College, The R, Board of Ad 74 - Seniors Trahan, Paul D Texas A M Unn ' Austij o, John Valdemar Jr., The University of Texas at Austin, Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association, Hispanic Law joiinml. Trzaskoma, Theresa Marie, Austin; University of Michigan, Texas Law Revieto, Chancellors, Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association, Rice Scholar Vinson, Eric Lance, Austin; Bowdoin College, The Review of Liti ation, Gibbs and Bruns Moot ii m ak m. Vockell, Marc Edw Purdue University Rerira- Notes Editor. Watson, Timon Jere Rock, AR; Auburn Unn Welch, Shannon Lois, Friends- wood, Southern Methodist Uni- loiinial, Children ' s Rights Clinic F, i . Whea.ley, Russell Sp jlletfil Austin; The Univer: Wolens, Jonathan Bennet, Austin; Rice University, Texas Intellectual Property Law journal, Jewish Law ' Students ' Association. Rina Sian, Houston; ' rinc " eton University, Texas Invironmental Law journal Editor- n-Chief, Asian Law Students ssociation President. Woodruff, David Scott, Las Cruces, NM; Southern Methodist University, Board of Advocates, Mock Trial, National Tournament of Champions Mock Trial. Seniors - 75 SENIORS Business Economics, International Law Society. LLM Fanelli, Sophie Anne, Salernes, France; University of Aix-En- Provence. Krishnamurthy, Savita, Laredo; National Law School of India University ' . 76 - Seniors and LLM P ' V ' " LLM - 77 I Allred, Aaron Chadric, Austin Abilene Christian University Ames, Edward Sweeney, San Antonio Lewis and Clark College Aquilar, Liza Marie, Corpus Christi The University of Texas at Austin Bailey, Vanessa Patrice, Austin University of Texas at Austin Bartholomew, Christina, Dallas University of Virginia Bateman, Ben, Austin Beckham, Kimberly Shannon, Round Rock Eastern New Mexico University Beltran, Hector Andre, El Paso University of Michigan Bone, Jason Michael, Austin United States Merchant Marine Academy Brown, Isaac IIL Gray, LA Xavier Universitv of Vireinia Butler, Eric Thomas, Aus New Mexico State Unive Caballero, Prescott M , A The Universitv of Texas , Canales, Ramin SouthM lUni Santa Rosa Cantu, Eduardo Oscar, Pharr St. Mary ' s University Chapman, Jennifer E., Sulphur Springs The University of Texas at Austin Chung, Jae-Won, Richardson George Washington University Cocchiarella, John Charles, HoUiston, MA Middlebury College Copley, Brandy Leigh, Austin Lamar University Cox, Annalynn Crawford, Austin Mount Holyoke College Davies, Julie Lynn, Austin The University of Texas at Arlington Davis, Neal Andrew, Houston University of Southern California Dierberg, Michael J., St Louis, MO University of Virginia Dizon, Jason Everett, Baytown Bavlor University Doerrie, Jennifer Lynne, Booker Southwest Texas State University Dusenbury, Angela Marie, Austin University of Massachusetts Amherst Edwards, Gabriella Marie, El Paso Southwest Texas State University Els, Leanne Muirhead, Austin Texas Christian University Fischer, Ferdinand F. IIL San Antonio The University of Texas at San Antonio Fleniken, Heather Kathleen, Austin The College of William and Mary Fordyce, Rick, Austin Brown University Frost, Kimberly Ann, Austin The University of Texas at Austin Fulton, Kathryn Melissa, Austin University of California at Los Angeles Garrett, Mark Thomas, Amarillo Southern Methodist University J cx ' ■ —581 BBCEKS5 t«s»(ii»mBKsssasHavH ST " I II ibmImI M 78 - Midlaw « r» A I pro Gatschet, Mark John, Austin St. Louis University Gilluly, John Joseph, Austin Rhodes College Habel, Rayna Elise, Piano The University- of Texas at Austin Harbor, Sofia Ann, Austin The University of Texas at Auslrin Hatcher, Susan Frances, Houston rhe University of Texas at Austin Hayes, Kyron Migael, New Orleans, Xavier University of Louisiana Hendelman, Aaron David, Austin Stanford University Hersh, Barry Sander, Bloomfield, MI L ' niversity of Michigan Higdon, Jack Wilson, Beeville Texas A M University Hogan, Timothy Schan, Austin Southwest Texas State Universitv Hudnall, Thomas R., Highland Village Texas A M University Hughes, Joseph David, Paoli, PA Rice University Ingram, Monica K., Austin Grambling State University Josefson, Jennifer Anne, Spring Baylor University Key, James E., Austin L S, Air Force Academy Knight, Richard Warren, Austin United States Military Academy Kull, James Fitzmorris, Dallas Washington and Lee University LeDoux, Dana Michelle, DeRidder, LA Louisiana State University Lee, Kristine Hyun, Irving Southern Methodist University Lin, Patricia Edna, Houston Rice Uni ' ersit ' Lojo, Kenneth M., Houston Texas A M University Lopez, Florencio, Austin The University of Texas at Austin Mavity, Chad Lon, Katv Ba ' lor University May Alycia Celeste, Sarita The University of Texas at AusHn Mayo, Kelly A., Grapevine Oklahoma State University McGill, Sonja Jeanette, Dallas Princeton Uni ■erslty Mckey, Michael Aaron, Austin University of Missouri Medina, Laura Blanchard, Austin The University of Texas at San Antonio Mills, James, Randno Cordova, CA Stanford University Mosby, Tamara Theresa, New Orleans, LA Xavier Universitv of Louisiana Murphy, Mark Allan, Austin Tulane University Nava, Robin Carole, Canyon Lake University of Missouri RoUa Navarro, Christian Cuauhtemoc, Houston University of New Mexico Neal, Mysti D., San Antonio Texas Tech University Nease, Nelson Henry, Austin The Universitv of Texas at Austin Midlaw-79 Nemer, Nancy Marie, Houston The University of Texas at Austin Nicademus, Jeff Ivan, Austin University of North Texas Norris, Debra Bourn, Richmond Centenary College Olenick, Lori Renee, Austin Trinity University Parish, J. Bradley, Austin The University of Texas at Austin Parker, Maggie, Sour Lake Lamar University Parma, Nicholds Arthur, New Braunfels The University of Texas at Austin Partain, Anna Katherine, Corsicana Texas A M University Perales, Julia Christina, San Antonio The University of Texas at Austin Perches, Sofia, El Paso Southwestern University Piazza, Jennifer Casey, Austin University of Virgmia Poinsett, Royce Pabst, Terrell John Hopkins University Powers, Jason Michael, Houston The L ' ni ersilv of Texas at Austin Radliff, Heather Lynn, St. Joseph, IL L niversit ot Illinois Urbana Champaign Rice, Justin Gazer, Corpus Christi Rice University Rivera, Veronica, Austin St Mary ' s University Russell, Blaine Andrew, Austin RusseU, Dena Gail, San Antonio Trinity University Sanchez, Dan, Austin St. Mary ' s University Sanchez, David A., Austin St Mary ' s University Sanders, Michael Chenier, Spring Southern Methodist University Schafer, Richard Alan, Houston Rice University Schmulen, Caren Aline, Houston Washington University Schwartz, Suzanne Miriam, Austin Duke University Shakow, Peter Jeremy, Austin Brown University Simmons, Harry Graybill IV, Austin Brigham Young University Soloway, Russell M , Austin Trinity University Sternberg, Jordana Rachel, Lexington Wake Forest University Strother, Justin Brett, Sugar Land The University of Texas at Austin Sunukjian, Peter Donald, Austin Irinity Universtiy Thoele, Robert Wayne, Austin Southern Methodist University Thompson, Duane Michael, Austin United States Air Force Academy Tuma, Noha, Houston The University of Texas at Austin Villaneal, Denise Ana, San Antonio Trinity University Vincenti, Christine Maria, Arlington Tlie University of Texas at Austin mi M 80 - Midlaw Ward, Wesley R., Ausiin I ' as A M University Webb, Leslie Ann, Austin Sul Ross State University Weber, Ayanna Charisse, Austin li)wa State Universtiy Weller, Katherine Delon, Austin Duke University Williams, Michael Todd, Austin Trinity University ck,Je iny L., Dallas The University of Texas at Austin Wood, Lauren Renee, San Antonio rhe University of Texas at Austin Wright, John Carlton, Austin Southern Methodist University Zilahy, Catherine Georgette, Austin Lniversity of Houston Midlaw-81 Alcorla, Joseph M., Galveston Stanford University Alexander, Julie Ann, Austin The University of Texas at Austin Anderson, Ruth Elizabeth, Nash,TN Fisk University Banks, Angela Tereza, Dallas The University of Texas at Austin Baur, Mindy Michelle, Victoria Texas A M University Bergstrom, Rachel R., Corpus Christi Texas A M University Brady, Nicholas Aidan, Houston Boston College Brady, Zachary Stone. Austin Texas Tech Uni ' erstiy Britt, John Joseph, Buda The University of Texas at Austin Brunick, Nicholas Jay, Dixon orth Central College Campbell, Fraser Duncan, Austin The University of Texas at Austin Carlton, Brandon Cash, Orem, UT Brigham " i oung University Cervin, Margaret Eugenia, Dallas Duke University Chan, Ariane Alexandra, Austin The University of Texas at Austin Chase, Ashley, Midland Texas Christian University Chu, Andrew W., St. Louis, MO Rice University Ciarochi, Jason Charles, Duncanville Rice Uni ' ersity Clark, Elliot, Katy Texas A M University Clark, Millicent Marie, San Antonio Trinity University Clay, Tanya Maria, Louisville, KY University of Michigan Cooper, David Russell, Fort Worth Domona College Cornwell, Douglas Grant. Austin Southwest Texas State University Cowan, Molly Blaine. Fort Worth The University of Texas at Austin Cruse, Don W. Jr., Arlington The University of Texas at Austin Daum, Kurt Gregory. .Austin The University of Texas at Austin Davila, Darrell Dexter, Corpus Christi Texas A M University Day, Barbara, Austin Southern Methodist University Dodge, William J., Westmount, Canada Trent University Donnelly, Kathryn Ann, Binghamton, US- Military Academy at West Point Drechsel, Lea-Marise, Clearwater, FL University of Dallas Dupree, Suzanne Renee, Austin The University of Texas at Austin Duvall, Christopher C, Austin Texas A M University Eaves, Allison Victoria, Austin University of Houston Elliott, Raymmond Sean, Dallas Austin College Ellis, James Alvis III, Dallas Harvard University : P P e,i 9 1 ' e f ft f. ' j1 IHI ilBlllliBi i Bi H 82 - Freshlaw Ellis, Paige Anne, San Antonio University of Virginia Engerman, Jeffrey Cahn, Austin I ulanc University Falgoust, Damien Edward, Austin Baylor University Feinstein, Ari Joshua, Dallas Galvin, Robert Rene, Austin The University of Texas At Austii Gao, Yarning, Austin Fudan University Garana, Margaret Ann, Austin The Universitv of Texas at Austin Garcia, Matias Eduardo, Laredo The Universitv of Texas at Austin Gioia, Stephanie Ellen, Dallas Graham, Ralph Abner, Austin The University of Texas at Austin Greene, Ryan Douglas, San Jose, CA University of California at Davis Greenwood, Ann K , Austin Wake Forest Universitv- Guevara, Michael Anthony, Dallas Mid-America Nazarene College Haase, Stephanie Jill, Austin Cornell University Hale, Samantha Elaine, Austin University of Richmond Hall, Eric Brinn, Austin The University of Texas at Austin Harper, Matthew Scott, Austin The University of Texas at Austin Henderson, Stacie L , Houston The University of Texas at Austin Hesteande, Keith Lynn, Decator East Texas State Universtiy Higginbotham, Laurie Michelle, Plan The Universitv of Texas at Austin Hilton, Robert Collins, Greenville The University of Texas at Austin Hines, Laurie Tamar, Austin Lawrence University Hobbs, Jeffrey Jackson, Harlingen I he University of Texas at Austin Hoffpauir, Nicole Lynn, Upper Marlho MD Georgetown University Hu, Edwin J., San Antonio Hudson, Patrick Edward, Austin .Arkansas Tech University Hutton, Michael Ames, Austin Washington and Lee University Jewesson, Michael David, Austin The University of Texas at Austin Johnson, David Didier, Austin Arizona State University Johnson, Wesley Eby, Austin Louisiana Tech University Jones David Bentley Jr., Austin The University of Texas at Austin Kasper, Kristofer August, Georgetown Texas Christian University Kaye, Edward Frank, Houston Kelly, Thomas N., Austin University of Notre Dame Kihneman, Sarah Lowry, Austin The University of Texas at Austin Freshlaw - 83 ip King, Jenifer Anne, Austin Austin College Klein, Jennifer G , Austin Texas Christian University Knight, Ginger Joya, Nederland Lamar University Koo, Stephanie Hyun-Nam, Pasadena Lafleur, Eric Stephen, Lafavette, LA Texas A M University Lallo, Chris Joseph, Spring Texas A M University Lambrecht, Ryan Jay, San Antonio The University of Texas at San Antoni Lane, Benjamin Marcus, San Antonio Texas A M University Laremont, Erika M , San Antonio Lawrence, Robert Neil, Austin University of Oklahoma Laycock, Colette Marie, Austin The University of Texas at Austin Leal, Omar Javier, Kingsville Texas A M University LeCropane, Lynn Marie, Austin Northern Illinois University Lef kowitz, Tamra Beth, Tucson, AZ University of Arizona Leitch, Michael Charles, Lawrence, KS University of Kansas Leonard, Alison Suzanne, Austin The University of Texas at Austin Light, Gina L., Austin Texas Tech University Lister, Karen Ann, Austin Sul Ross State University Lockridge, J. Eric, San Antonio Emorv University Long, Brady Kenneth, Federal Way, WA Brigham Young University Maresh, Marquette Maria, Oakwood The University of Texas at Austin Marketos, Pete, Piano Rice University Markowitz, Sean NathanieL Missouri City University of Pennsylvania Martin, Lori J., Austin Texas A M University Matson, Morgan Matthew, San Antonio frinitv University Maxwell, Todd Edward, Tulsa, OK Texas Christian University Mayes, Michael B , Austin Texas A M University McClellan, Heather Dawn, Austin West Texas A M University McCormick, Marlon Todd, Austin Northwestern University McDonell, Rachael Diane, Austin University of Saint Thomas McFarland, Robert Shane, Leander Rice University McLeod, Richard D , Austin University of Houston McMorrow, Josh Michael Houston Trinity University McMorrow, Kieran Cullen, Austin The University of Texas at Austin f) I 84 - Freshlaw McMurphy, Matthew Allen, Austin Cornell Univprsity McQuien, Coiirtnev |une, San Antor Meli-niKv, Ri.lHTt Michael, El Paso dk f .£. I he Ur 1 Randolph, Austin ot Texas at Austin Miller, Brian Lawrence, Princeton University of North Texas Miller, Rick Nathan, Houston I i; . ; lU of Pennsylvania Milhiill Michael Karl, Austin 1. ni ' . 1 I it of Virginia Monticello, Sean Anthony, Austin McNeese State Universtiy Morrone, James Leslie, Dallas Texas A M University Motes, Alan Kendall, Fort Worth Texas A M University Munsinger, Inga Lee, San Antonio Nash, Rebecca E , Austin The University of Texas at Austin Nava, Selina L., Austin The University of Texas at Austin Nicolas, Henri Eugene, Killeen St John ' s College Niemeyer, Richard, Houston Nordhaus, Jamie Elizabeth, Houston Wake l-ore-l Unnersity Obianwu, Chinwe, Austin Boston College Ogbum, Erin Elizabeth, Houston The University of Texas at Austin Osters, Whitney Allison, College Statio Texas A M University Padilla, Patrick, Austin eu Mexico State University Paige, Shoshana Lee, Austin .Ambassador University Pankey,Anna L., Austin .Arkansas State University Pankratz, Kurt M , Piano Texas A M University Paredes, Mark Christopher, Austin Brigham Young University Partlow, Blair Marshall, Richardson Texas A M University Perin, Stephanie L , Austin IheUr :Aus Peterson, Kathryn Elaine, Bryan Texa- A MLnuersitv Pierce, Meredith Anne, Oklahoma City, ' Louisiana State University Pittman, Mark Timothy, Cooper Texas A M University Pratt, Jason Young, Dallas American University Primosic, Lisa Ann, Houston The University of Texas at Austin Ragland, Charles Christopher, Vista, CA California State University Reddien, Jason Harrington, Dallas Southern Methodist University Rein, Deron Scott, Richardson Midlaw - 85 x Rifai, D ' Ann Naylor, Arlington Oklahoma State University Rodgers, Anne Elizabeth, Dallas Royal, Kimberly Nichole, Dallas I loward University Rucker, Hugh A , Dallas Middle Tennessee State Uni ers Runner, Steven Scott, Aurora, IL Northwestern University Ryder, Morgan Anne, Austin Bucknell University Saffren, Tracy Lynne, Piano University of Florida Salmi, Liisa Renee, Austin Satt, e, Brandon Neil, Colleyville Schuize, Joelle C . Austin Sell, Allison Leigh, Coppell University of North Texas Sewell, David Jarrod, Austin Silva, Eugene Joseph, Houston University of Notre Dame Silver, Kathrine Marie, Houston University of Houston Simmons, Scott Dale, Denison Trinity University Skinner, Andrew C, Georgetown College of William and Mary Smith! Donald Alexander, Rolling Hil Middk-burv College Smith, Stefan Prentiss, Austin Southern Methodist Uni ersity Spangler, Jessica Barron, San Antonio Trinilv University Speaker, Paul Harrison, Austin Uiii ersitv of Dallas Spross, Brian David. Kemah Stevens, Emily J , Austin L ' ntre College of Kentucky Stith, Susan Mara Gabriella, Austin Saint Louis University Stone, John Henry, Austin The University of Texas at Austin Streightoff, Priscilla Medved, Austin Geneva College Strock, William Matthew, Dallas Washington Lee University Szu, Ray, Austin University of California at Los Angeles Tate, Grace Henrietta-Inez, Austin lackson State University Tetteh, Michaelene A., Duncanville Arizona State University Thomas, Michael A., Austin The University of Texas at Austin Thompson, Stephanie Elaine, Austin Traverse, Katherine, Austin University of Houston Tuthill, C. Scott, Richardson Texas A M University Van Rensburg, Jillian J , Austin The University of Texas at Austin Vo, Hien Ngoc, Arlington Bavlor Universitv ■HHHiKHii!- 4 i 86 - Freshlaw r Freshlaw - 87 ' JM I -4 «J5 88 - Faculty and Staff D e a n r of -The School of Law M. Michael Sharlot, Dean and John Jeffers Research Chair in Law and Wright C. Morrow Professor in Law. BA 1958, Antioch; LLB 1962, Peitnsylvania. 90 - Deans of the Law School Deans of the Law School - 91 92 - Faculty Faculty - 93 ' V ■■ ' Elizabeth Chambliss, Assistant Professor. BS 1983, College of Charleston; MS 1984, JD 1988 and PhD 1992, Wisconsin. Teaching Interests: Equal Employment Law, Professional Responsibility, Property, and Sociology of Law. Michael J. Churgin, Raybourne Thompson Centennial Professor in Law. AB 1970, Brown; JD 1973, Yale. Teaching Interests; American Legal History, Criminal Procedure, Immigration, and Mental Health Clinic. lOberl O. Dawson, Bryant Smith Chair in Law. BA 1960, University of Missouri; JD 1963, Washington University (St. Louis); SJD 1969, Wisconsin. Teaching Interests: Criminal Defense Clinic, Criminal Law and Texas Criminal Procedur ? 1- . George E. Dix, A.W. Walker Centennial Chair. BS 1964 and JD 1966, Wisconsin. Teaching Interests: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Psychology and the Law, and Texas Criminal Procedure. Joseph M. Dodge, Wiliam H. Francis, Jr. Professor in law. BA 1963 and LLB 1967, Harvard; LLM 1973, New York University. Teaching Interests: Federal Income Tax, International Tax, Tax Policy, Pension Law and Policy, Wills and Estates, and Wills, Trusts, and Estate Plamning. 94 - Faculty Faculty - 95 96 - Faculty Faculty - 97 » ■ Calvin H. Johnson, Andrews Kruth 1 Centennial Professor in Law. BA 1966, 1 Columbia; JD 1971, Stanford. H Teaching Interests: Accounting and 1 Federal Income Tax. Corwin W. Johnson, Edward Clark Centennial Professor Emeritus. AB 1939 and JD 1941, Iowa. Teaching Interests: Property, Land Use Regulation and Water Law. Susan R. Klein, Assistant Professor. BA 1984, Welesley; JD 1989, University of California (Berkeley). Teaching Interests: Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure. Mark A ■ ' ) J. Leon Lebowitz, Joseph C. Hutcheson Professor in Law Emeritus. LLB 1943 and AB 1950, Baylor; LLM 1952, New York University. Teaching Interests: Business Associations, Corporate Finance, and Securities Regulation. Teresa R. LeClercq, Senior Lecturer. BS 1968 and MA 1970, Southwest Texas State University; PhD 1977, Texas. Teaching Interests: Legal Writing. 98 - Faculty D 1985, ierkeley). Law and Mark A. Lemley, Assistant Professor. BA 1988, Stanford; JD 1991, University of California (Berkeley). Teaching Interests: Intellectual Property and Computer Law. Sanford V. Levinson, W. St. Garwood and W. St. John Garwood, Jr. Centennial Chair in Law. BS 1962, Duke; PhD 1969 Harvard; JD 1973, Stanford. Teaching Interests: Constitutional Law, Constitutional Theory, and Professional esponsibility. Inga Markovils, Alice Jane Drysdale Sheffield Regents Chair in Law. Dr.Jur. 1966, Free University (Berlin); LLM 1969, Yale. Teaching Interests: Children and the Law, Comparative Family Law, Marital Relations and Divorce, Socialist and Capitalist Law, Socialist Legal Theory, and Soviet Law. Richard S. Markovits, Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. Centennial Professor in Law. BA 1963, Cornell; PhD 1966, London School of Economics (England); LLB 1968, Yale. Teaching Interests: Constitutional Law, Economics Analysis and Antitrust, and Jurisprudence. Faculty 100 -Faculty Faculty -101 [ y Steven R. Ratner, Assistant Professor. AB 1982, Princeton; JD 1986, Yale; MA 1993, Institut Universitaire de Hautes Etudes Internationales (Geneva). Teaching Interests: International Law, Human Rights, International Organizations, Foreign Investment. Alan S. Rau, Robert F. Windfohr Professor in Oil, Gas and Mineral Law. BA 1963 and LLB 1967, Harvard. Teaching Interests: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Contract Negotiations and Drafting, Contracts, and Copyright and Unfair Competition. f David W. Robertson, A.W. Walker Centennial Chair. BA 1960 and LLB 1961, Lousiana State University; LLM 1965 and JSD 1968, Yale. Teaching Interests: Admiralty, Federal Civil Procedure, Maritime Injuries Litigation, and Torts. I : John A. Robertson, Thomas Watt Gregorv Professor in Law BA 1964, Dartmouth; JD 1968, Harvard. Teaching Interests Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Medicine and the Law Bioethics, Regulation of the Health Care System. Thomas D. Russell, Assistant Professor. BA 1983, Northwestern; MA 1986, JD 1989, and PhD 1993, Stanford. Teaching Interests: Contracts, History of American Law, Legal History of the 19th-century South. 102 -Faculty Faculty - 1 03 I 104 -Faculty ■ Faculty - 1 05 J " " V jf Jay L. Weslbrook, Benno C. Schmidt Chair in Business Law. BA 1965 and ID 1968, Texas. Teaching Interests: Bankruptcy, International Business Transactions, International Business Litigation, and Secured Credit. Zipporah B. Wiseman, Thos. H. Law Centennial Professor in Law. BA 1950, McGill University; LLB 1954, Yale. Teaching Interests: Bankruptcy, Feminist Legal Theory, Gender Discrimination, Payment Systems, and Secured Credit. Patrick Wooley, Assistant Professor. AB 1984, Stanford; ]D 1987, Yale. Teaching Interests: Civil Procedure, Conflict of Laws, Federal Courts, Race and the Law. .w- y : mm ■ Charles Alan Wright, William B. Bates Chair for the Mark G. Yudof, Executive Vice-President and Provost and 1 Admmistration of Jushce. BA 1947, Wesleyan; LLB 1949, Yale. lames A. Elkins Centennial Chair in Law. BA 1965 and LLB H Teaching Interests: Constitutional Law, Federal Courts, 1968, Pennsylvania. Teaching Interests: Constituional Law, Contracts, Educational Policy and the Law. hers: Us 106 -Faculty Procedure, ourts.liace PROFEHOR J EMEMTI W. Page Keeton W. Page Keeton Chair Emeritus in Tort Law Keith E. Morrison William Stamps Parish Professor Emeritus J. Henry Wilkinson, Jr. Professor Emeritus VIHTING FACULTY Antonio H. Benjamin, Visiting Professor. LLB 1980, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; LLM 1987, University of Illinois. Comparative Environmental Law; Biodiversity, Agenda 21 the Protection of the Rain Forest. illiam E. Forbath, Visiting Professor. 1974, Harvard; BA 1976, mbridge; M.Phil. 1983, JD 1983, and hD 1992, Yale. Constitutional Law, Constitutional History, Seminar on Populism. Francesco Francioni, Thelma Hall Visiting Professor. Dr. Jur. 1966, University of Florence; LLM 1968, Harvard. Public International Law, International Human Rights. I Anne B. Goldstein, Visiting Professor. |bA 1972, Simon Frazer University; JD 1976, Northeastern. Criminal Law, I Marital Relations and Divorces. Anne M. Griffiths, Visiting Professor. I LLB 1978, Edinburgh University; PhD Law 1988, University of London. IComparative Family Law, Legal j Anthropology. Richard Hyland, Visiting Professor. AB 1970, Harvard; JD 1980, University of California (Berkley); DEA 1982, University of Paris. Contracts and Secured Credit. Hans A. Linde, Visiting Professor. BA 1947, Reed College; JD 1950, University of California (Boalt Hall). State Constitutional Law. Guillermo Margandant, Florence Thelma Hall Visiting Professor. Gymnasium Hafanum 1941; N. Economics 1974, School of Economics, Rotterdam; M.Law 1954 and D.Law 1960, UNAM (Mexico) Law School. Introduction to Japanese Law, Mexican Legal System, Latin American Legal Systems. Basil S. Markesinis, Florence Thelma Hall Visiting Professor in Law. LLB 1965 and Dr. Jur. 1968, University of Athens; MA and PhD 1970, University of Cambridge. American Torts from a European Perspective, Emergence of Modern European Law. Ewell Murphy, Visiting Professor. BA 1946 and LLB 1948, Texas; D.Phil. 1951, Oxford. Transnational Business Transac tions. Antonio La Pergola,Visiting Professor. JD 1952, University of Catania; LLM 1955, Harvard. Comparative Judicial Review. Michael S. Quinn, Visiting Professor. BJ 1956 and JD 1981, Texas. Media Law and Ethics. Pieter M. Schenkkan, Visiting Professor. BA 1969, Virginia; BA 1972 and MA 1989, Oxford; JD 1975, Texas. Administrative Law, Endangered Species Act, Professional Responsibility. ADJUNCT LAW FACULTY William P. Allison Steve Bickerstaff J. E. " Buster " Brown W. Amon Burton, Jr. Elaine Carpenter Joseph A. Cialone, II Jeffrey Civins Michael Curry, Jr. Dick DeGuerin Hector DeLeon James B. Ewbank, II W. Bryan Famey Fred Fuchs Michael Gagarin Eric M. Galton Charles O. Galvin Herman Gotcher James C. Herrington P. Michael Herbert Matthew Hoffman Kenneth E. Houp, Jr. Kameron D. Johnson Mark L. Kincaid Jay Koehler Kimberlee K. Kovach James M. McCormack Tracy McCormack Michael McCormack Angela Melina-Raab Thomas M. Melsheimer Franklin Meyers Floyd R. Nation Francesca Ortiz Robert C. Owen Elizabeth C. Ozmun David L. Parker Daniel Perez Louis T. Pirkey Kenneth R. Ramirez Thomas M. Reavley Jennifer S. Riggs George Robertson Betty E. Rodriguez Kenneth Schubb Kelly J. Shackleford David Sheppard Pamela J. Sigman Lee Simpson B.A. Smith Susan B. Snyder Rose Spector Eva Janice Summer Kaaran E. Thomas Terry O. Tottenham B. Beecher Threatt Jennifer L. Tull Robert W. Turner John Tuttle Lana K. Varney Jim A. Watson Clark Watts Robert A. Webb Susan R. Whitman James W. Wilson Paul Womack Faculty- 107 LIBRARY 5TAFF UPPER RIGHT: CATALOGING DEPARTMENT: Front Row: John Murray; Back Row: Adrienne deVergie, Barbara Washecka, Debra Crawford-Black, Kathy Till-Watts. MIDDLE RIGHT: SERIALS, ACQUI- SITIONS, AND PROCESSING DEPARTMENT: Front Row: Catty Mantor-Ramirez, Mary Burton, Leticia Garcia; Back Row: Vince Cowan, Pierrette Moreno, Kathryn Kenefick. RIGHT: ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE: Front Row: Venita Vasquez, Fita Coronado;Back Row: Adrienne Diehr, Gwyn Anderson, Rick Garza. 108 -Library Staff LIBURY AFF ABOVE: LIBRARIAN: Roy Mersky. UPPER LEFT: REFERENCE, FOR- EIGN LAW, RARE BOOKS: Front Row: Ralph Weston, Corinne Gee, Jon Pratter, Mike Widener; Second Row: Holly Lakatos, Monika Szakatits, Liz Saucedo; Back Row: Sharon Rubin, Suzanne Young, Barbara Bridges, David Gunn. MIDDLE LEFT: CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT: Steve Young, Joe Dowell, Jay Kleine, John Remington. FAR LEFT: BIBLIOGRAPHICAL SER- ICES: Brian Quigley, Libia Cuauhtli. LEFT: ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR: Kieth Ann Stiverson. (All photos by John Foxu ' orth) Library Staff - 1 09 School OF Law T A F F UPPER RIGHT: FACULTY SECRETARIES:Charlotte Richards, Dottie Lee, Debbie Steed, Juli Martin-David, Sheri Thomas, Sylvia Sextorr, Suzanne Hassler, Kim Simpson, Trenell S. Johnson; Sitting: Edie Baugh. BELOW RIGHT: KEETON ' S CAFETERIA STAFF: Front: Theresa King; Back Row: Diane Satterfield, Viola Gutierrez, Emma Brown. (Pliotos by John Foxivorfh) 110 -School of Law Staff School of Law Haf f UPPER LEFT: CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION: Front Row: Bill Watson, Maria Spitter, Michael Esposito, Steven Frantz; Back Row: Cathy Crane, Karey Tiano, Holly Hale, Molly Maynard. MIDDLE LEFT: CAREER SERVICES: Front Row: Kathy Kimmel, Stephanie Schotz, Staci Pope, Annete Jones, Catherine Cameaux; Back Row: Renee Bizzell, Skip Home, Donna Daugherty, Chris Jennings. BELOW LEFT: MAIN OFFICE: From left to right: Jessica Hedrick, Theresa Kahlke, Stella Torrez, Lisa Howe. (Photos by ]ohn Foxworih) School of Law Staff - 111 School or Law n A F F ABOVE: COMMUNICATIONS STAFF: Susan Robbins, Charlotte Richards. BELOW: CHILDREN ' S RIGHTS CLINIC: Cynthia Bryant, Andy Hathcock, Jack Sampson. (Photo by John FoxzvoiilO 11 2 - School of Law Staff PKTUn YOUHELF Picture Yourself - 113 Abbage. Cheri Antoinette, 64 Abbott. Gregg. 14, 56 Ackerman, Tim. 8 Adams, Mary Margaret, 64 Adams. Virginia. 13, 36. 43, 52 Addison. Linda L.. 53 Aggie Law Students ' Association. 30 Aguilar. Liza. 33 Akers. Dawn. 47 Akhtar. Sarah. 52 Alarcon, Marco Antonio. 61. 76 Albright. Alexandra Wilson. 92 Alcorta. Joseph M. 82 Aleman. Susana L. 91 Alexander, Angela, 8 Alexander. Julie Ann. 82 Alfred. Gary. 60 Allen. Brandon. 4 Allison. William P.. 107 Allred. Aaron Chadric, 13, 78 Alter. Megan. 8 Altsuler. Kent, 64 Alumni Reunion, 18-21 Alves, Ron, 12 American Journal of Criminal Law, 31 Ames, Edward Sweeney, 78 Ammerman, Matt, 12 Anaya-Moreno, Roberto, 61, 76 Anderson, Amber L., 12, 28-29, 33,64 Anderson. David A.. 7. 92 Anderson. Gwyn. 108 Anderson. Matt. 30 Anderson. Paul, 4. 12. 33 Anderson, Ruth Elizabeth., 41, 82 Andrews, Jeff, 8 Antwi, Patience, 61, 76 Aquilar, Liza Marie, 78 Arenella, Susan, 52 Armstrong. Amy, 49 Arriola, Elvia R., 92 Asian Law Students Association, 32 Asim. Ghafoor, 50 Assault and Flattery, 34-35 Atlas, Morris, 53-55 Avila, Gloria, 61 B Baade, Hans W., 92 Baer. Paul. 42 Bai. J. Benjamin. 32, 64 Bailey. Seth, 31 Bailey, Vanessa Patrice, 33. 50, 78 Bains, Ruben Singh. 64 Baker. James. 15 Baker. James A.. 13, 21 Baker, James M., 13 Banack, Buddy, 54 Banks, Angela Tereza, 82 Baikate, Joseph George. 29. 36. 64 Barlow. Alex. 12 Barndt. Richard V.. 93 Barnett. E. William. 53 Bamett, Jeffrey. 41 Barrera. Lisa. 41 Barrientos. Gonzalo. 33 Bono, Gina. 8 Boulware, Clay Houston, 64 Bourland, Cindy Olson, 13 Boyce, Aaron, 39 Brady, Arthur J.. 64 Brady, Nicholas Aidan, 82 Brady, Zachary Stone, 82 Bravenec, Edward, 45 Bridges, Barbara, 109 Britt, Everett, 65 Britt, John Joseph, 82 Britton, Jennifer, 43 Brockermeyer. Kae L., 54 Brooks. Kelly Ann. 65 1997 Peregrinus Index Bartholomew, Christina, 52, 78 Bash. Benjamin. 8 Bateman. Ben. 48. 78 Baugh. Edie. 110 Baum, Mike, 4 Baur, Mindy Michelle, 30, 41. 82 Beck. Alan. 8 Beck. David J., 53 Beck, Steve. 51 Beckcom. " Rock. " 30 Beckham. Kimberly Shannon. 78 Beckw orth. John B.. 54 Beckworth, Melissa, 8 Bell, Meshell, 8 Beltran. Eddy. 13 Beltran. Hector Andre. 33. 78 Benjamin. Antonio H.. 107 Bennett. J. Bruce, 13 Berdahl, Robert M., 7, 55 Berger, Alexander Bennett. 45. 51,64 Bergstrom, Rachel R., 10, 30, 82 Bickerstaff, Steve, 107 Biffl,Ehzabeth Lee, 31,64 Bills, David, 50 Bizzell, Renee, 1 1 1 Black. John, 12 Blackmon. Brian. 30 Blais, Lynn E.. 93 Blanton. Tobey. 8 Bledsoe. Clint, 10 Bledsoe, Gary, 48 Blevins, DonnaJ.. 12-13.28-29 Bloch. Heidi, 13 Blood, Laura. 8 Board of Advocates, 28-29 Bobbitt, Philip Chase, 93 Bolick, Clint, 48 Bone. Jason Michael. 4. 78 Brown. Emma. 1 10 Brown. Isaac III. 52. 78 Brown, J. E. Brown. Paul, 31 Brown. Shavondelia A.. 65 Brown. Stuart B. 78 Brown, Tonya Moten, 91 Browne. David. 35 Brunick. Nicholas Jay, 82 Bryant, Cynthia L. 93, 112 Bullock, Bob. 20-21 Burdine, Scott G., 54 Burge. Mark Edwin. 47, 65 Burlazzi, Susan, 43 Burnett, Stephen, 4 Bums, Kelh Lynn. 52. 78 Burton. Mary. 108 Burton. W. Anion Jr.. 107 Butler, Enc Thomas, 50, 78 Bmler. Mea. 13.52 Butler. Wendy Comne. 50, 65 Byce, Steven, 50 Caballero, Prescott M., 48, 78 Calhoon, Michael L., 54 Cameaux, Catherine, 1 1 1 Campbell, Angelyque, 13 Campbell, Chuck, 8 Campbell, Eraser Duncan, 82 Campell, Angelyque, 52 Canales, Ramiro, 9, 78 Canlas, Richard Martin, 12, 32. 65 Camu. Eddie, 4. 10 Cantu. Eduardo Oscar. 33. 78 Cantu. Norma Jean, 13, 28-29, 65 Capell, Heather, 36 Cardenas. Ruben R.. 53 Carlton. Brandon Cash. 82 Carpenter. Elaine. 107 Carpenter. Sandra. 13 Carroll, Jenny. 57 Carson , Loftus C. n, 93 Cash, Kelley Elise, 42, 65 Castro, Laura, 33 Cavner, Jennifer. 32 Cawthon. W.. 57 Cemyar, Eric William. 65 Cervin, Margaret Eugenia. 82 Cetinkaya. E. Oya. 61 Chambliss. Elizabeth, 94 Chan, Ariane Alexandra, 32, 82 Chang. David. 8 Chanmugam. Sheani, 52 Chapman, George C, 53 Chapman, Jennifer E., 52, 78 Chase, Ashley. 82 Chatman, Marlene, 29 Chavarria, Lisa, 33. 52 Chavez. Enrique Jr.. 12. 28 Chen. Lei. 32 Chicano and Hispanic Law Students Association, 33 CHLSA Banquet, 9 Chou, Emily, 32 Chnstian, Randall L.. 13 Chu. Andrew W.. 32. 82 Chung. Jae-Won. 32. 50. 78 Churgin. Michael J.. 94 107 Ciarochi. Jason Charles. 14. 56. 82 Civins. Jeffrey. 107 Clark. Elliot. 82 Clark. Millicent Marie. 82 Clark. Scott. 49 Claunch. Charles. 8 Clay. Tanya Maria, 43, 82 Cleaves, Matt, 8 Cocchiarella, John Charles, 78 Coffman. Janessa. 52 Collings. Scarlett Elizabeth. 59, 65 Cone, Jason R., 65 Connally. John B., 8. 105 Connally, Nellie. 55 Cook. Laurie, 41 Cook.sey, Guy, 12 Cooper, David Russell. 82 Cooper. Rebecca, 33. 35, 38. 65 Cooper. Rebecca Anne, 65 Cooper. Terence Maurice, 66 Copley. Brandy Leigh, 78 Cornwell, Douglas Grant. 14. 56, 82 Coronado, Fita, 108 Costa, Gregg, 12 Coston, Jennifer. 37 Mollj C(iwaVii« c»..wi) ' CBne.Caili! ' Ciosi.Speii« toe, Dob ' (Billltli,tt Om ' .Midii CkbiBm JhislcWe Cfflcy.Bte. Dmcv.Blikl jtoel, Willi Il!0,Ha.32 HAy.Danii Wj.leff. telieiivi IhmKiiiii te.Me [bviliDsir 302 toikGito tois,Kevii fcis,Neal, Um,U hMS: MosSaiit Dnofilie IliCiieM,C Wioii,He. iltiiittk tVerjitA. SblkMiB fcAdffl ,. Wat Dm BiioiEnn, bilisoi H ' e.Btt Hate ita?t,Wii HKwk feUet fcickSan ' " " •In. Dei hA.l 114- 1997 Peregrinus Index Courville. Craig, 42 Cowan. Molly Blaine. 82 Cowan. Vince. 108 Cowles. James. 40. 5 1 Cox. Annalynn Crawford. 52. 78 Crane. Cathy, 1 1 1 Crawford-Black. Debra. 108 Cross. Spencer. 36 Crum. Brian. 4 Cruse. Don W. Jr. 82 Cuauhtli. Libia. 109 Cunningham. William. 20, 55 Curry, Michael Jr.. 107 Cweren, Brian Pascal. 45. 66 D Daigle. Lesley. 42 Dancy. Blair. 47 Dancy. Blakley, 47 Daniel. Walter Eugene. 66 Dao. Ha, 32 Darby, Darin. 13 Darby, Jeff, 13 Daugherty, Donna, 1 1 1 Daum, Kurt Gregory, 82 Davies, Juhe Lynn, 78 Davila, Darrell Dexter, 14, 30, 56,82 Davila, Gilbert D., 33, 39, 66 Davis, Kevin, 35 Davis, Neal Andrew, 12, 78 Dawson, Robert O., 94 Day, Barbara, 82 De Los Santos, Jose, 33 Deans of the Law School, 90-91 DeGuenn, Dick, 107 DeLeon, Hector, 107 Derrick, James V. Jr., 54 deVergie, Adrienne, 108 Devlin, Matthew B., 12 Dick, Adam Stuart, 66 Diehr, Adnenne, 108 Dierberg, Michael J, 31,78 Dikson, Donald W., 13 Dix, George E.. 94 Dixon. Erin. 8 Dizon. Jason Everett. 31-32. 78 Dodge. Elizabeth. 8 Dodge. Joseph M.. 94 Dodge. William J, 82 Dodi. Kwesi Addo. 66 Doeme. Jennifer Lynne. 50, 78 Donch, Sarah Anne, 47, 66 Donley, Dennis, 28, 48 Donnelly, Kathryn Ann, 82 Dougherty, J. Chrys, 53 Dowell,Joe, 109 Doyal, Stephanie Elizabeth, 50, 66 Drechsel, Lea-Marise, 82 Drinkland, Robert, 4 Dudly, Georgette, 52 Duke, Lance Garrick, 66 Dupree, Suzanne Renee, 82 Duran. Javier, 14, 33, 56 Dusenbury, Angela Marie, 78 Duvall, Christopher C, 82 D orocsik, Madeline, 59 Dzienkowski. John S., 95 Easter, Shelly, 52 Eaton, Amy Katheleen, 50, 66 Eaves, Allison Victoria, 82 Edwards, Gabnella Marie, 33. 39. 43.52.78 Edwards. Jeff. 4 Effron. Brenda. 61 El-Hakam. Leila Mariam, 42. 66 Elliott, Raymmond Sean, 82 Ellis, James Alvis III, 82 Ellis, Paige Anne, 83 Ellman. Richard, 8 Els, Leanne Muirhead,, 78 Employment and Labor Law Society, 36 Engerman, Jeffrey Cahn, 83 Enoch, Craig, 7 Environmental Law Society, 37 Esparza, Valerie R, 39, 67 Esposito, Michael, 1 1 1 Estes,JohnL.,53 Estlund, Cynthia L., 90 Evans, Anna Noel, 8, 67 Evans, Karla Ann, 67 Evans, Thomas, 95, 107 Faculty, 92-107 Fagerberg, Nicole, 13, 28, 42 Fainter, John W., 54 Falgoust, Damien Edward, 83 Fall Ex-Parte, 10-11 Fanelli, Sophie Anne, 76 Farley, Tull, 12-13,28-29 Famey, W. Bryan. 107 Feinstein. Ari Joshua. 83 Fellows. Adam. 51 Finley. William. 31 Fischer. Ferdinand F. III. 78 Fischer. Jeffrey Michael. 67 Fischer. Trey III. 33. 44 Fisher. Christopher Paul. 67 Fleck. Paul. 12.28-29 Fleniken. Heather Kathleen. 42. 78 Flores. Edwin Stuart. 49. 67 Forbath. William E.. 107 Ford. Teresa I.. 12 Fordyce. Rick. 50. 78 Foster. Dan. 45 Fowler, Kelesha. 43. 52 Foxworth, John. 126 Francioni. Francesco. 107 Frank. Janie L.. 54 Frantz. Steven. 1 1 1 Eraser. CamiUe. 35 Frekhtman. Arkady, 13 Frost. Kimberiy Ann. 29. 42. 78 Fuchs. Fred, 107 Fuhon. Kathrvn Melissa. 52. 78 Gagarin. Michael. 107 Galton. Enc M.. 107 Galvm. Charles O.. 107 Galvin. Robert Rene. 14. 56. 83 Gao. Yaming. 32. 83 Garana. Margaret Ann. 33. 83 Garcia. Leticia. 108 Garcia. Matias Eduardo. 83 Garcia-Pena. Cecilia. 61. 76 Garrett. Mark Thomas, 78 Garvey, Manah, 8, 35 Garwood, Judge Will, 89 Garza, Rick, 108 Gatschet. Mark John, 79 Gattinella, Ray Alan, 67 Gaytan, Paul, 13,33 Gedron, Patrick, 30 Gee, Corinne, 109 Gergen, Mark P., 95 Getman, Julius G., 95 Gibson, William W. Jr., 6, 95 Gidlund, Anna-Kann, 61 Giles, David Clifton, 67 Gilluly, John Joseph, 79 Gilman, Ted, 8 Gioia, Stephanie Ellen, 83 Golden, Phillip, 50 Goldstein. Anne B., 107 Gonzales. Frank. 33 Gonzales. Raul. 6 Gonzalez. Andres Humberto, 67 Gonzalez. Christina. 52 Gonzalez. Elizabeth. 33 Gonzalez. Juan. 8 Goode. Steven J. 96 Gom, Jennifer, 41 Gotcher, Herman, 107 Grafe, Donna Kay, 42, 67 Graglia, Lino A., 48, 96 Graham, Ralph Abner, 83 Granberry, Melanie Diane, 67 Graves, Jamie, 8 Gray, Brian Richard, 67 Gray, Jennifer, 8, 57 Greenberg, Roger B., 54 Greene, Ryan Douglas, 83 Greenstone, David, 44-45 Greenwood, Ann K, 83 Gregory. Karen. 42 Grewar. Julie. 61 Griffiths. Anne M.. 107 Grindal. Layne. 12, 28 Guequierre, Brian, 37 Guerrero, Angela Leon, 10 Guerrero, Sylvia Leon, 10 Guevara, Michael Anthony, 33, 83 Gunckel, Colin, 126 Gunn, David, 109 Gunn. Kathryn. 30 Gutierrez. Jorge M. 68 Gutierrez. Viola. 1 10 Gyr. Mike. 59 H Haase. Stephanie Jill. 83 Habel. Rayna Elise. 50. 79 Hacker. Howard Benjamin. 68 Hagen. Laura J., 54 Hagler. Jeffrey. 44. 45 HaFe, Holly. 1 1 1 Hale. Samantha Elaine. 83 Hall. Enc Brinn. 83 Hall. Justin Kimbell. 68 Hamblen. L. Jane. 54 Hamilton. Laquita A.. 54 Hamilton. Robert W.. 96 Hanna. Chnstopher D. 51. 68 Hansen. Patricia I.. 96 Harber. Sofia Ann. 33. 42. 57, 79 Harper, Matthew Scott, 83 Harrrington, Darren, 4, 13 Hartmann, Joerg, 61, 76 Hassler, Suzanne, 110 Hatcher, Susan Frances, 31, 79 Hatfield. Amber L., 13 Hathcock. J. Andrew. 13. 112 Hawley. Brad B. Jr.. 18,54 Hayes. Kyron M.. 39. 43. 60, 79 Hayes. Lisa. 41 Hazel, Patrick. 13.97 Hedrick. Jessica, 1 1 1 1 997 Peregrinus Index - 11 5 Heinrichs, Elissa, 12. 28-29. 52 Helgoe. Alison, 8 Helgoe, Lisa. 8 Hendelman. Aaron David. 79 Henderson, Stacie L. 83 Henley, Geoff, 68 Henry, Mike. 59 Herbert. P. Michael. 107 Hernandez. George, 39 Herrero, Abel. 39. 68 Herrington, James C. 107 Hersh. Barry Sander, 79 Hesteande, Keith Lynn, 83 Higdon, Jack Wilson. 30. 79 Higginbotham, Laurie M ichelle. 83 Hill, Bitsy, 21 Hill. John L.. 18 Hill, Michael Alan, 68 Hill, Sonya, 12 Hillman, Lucille M., 53 Hilton, Robert Collins. 83 Hinde, Daniel E. 30, 68 Hines, Laurie Tamar. 83 Hinkson, David. 43 Hispanic Law Journal. 39 Hissey. Michael E., 4. 68 Hobbs, Jeffrey Jackson, 41, 83 Hoese, Lauri. 13,28 Hoffman. Matthew, 107 Hoffpauir. Nicole Lynn. 83 Hogan, Timothy Schan, 35. 79 Hogan, Wyatt. 4 Holder, Cheryl, 47 Holman. Hilary, 30 Holub. Shannon. 113 Hood. Robert, 47 Hooper, Stephanie, 43, 60 Hopkins, William, 41 Hopson, Keith, 4 Home, Skip, 1 1 1 Houp, Kenneth E. Jr., 107 Houston, Charles, 43 Howe, Lisa, 1 1 1 Howell. Trent Atkins. 13. 28, 68 Hsia, Roger, 32 Hu, Edwin J., 32, 83 Hu. Henry T.C., 97 Hudgeons. Brandon. 51 Hudnall, Thomas R, 42, 79 Hudson, Patrick Edward, 83 Hughes, Joseph David. 79 Huie. William O.. 97 Hunt. Angela. 12-13.28-29 Hurst, Shayne. 35. 47 Hurst. Tiffany Shayne. 32. 68 Huskey, Kristine. 8 Hutchinson. Kay Bailey, 53 Hutton, Michael Ames, 83 Hyatt. Andrea. 47 Hyder. Elton M. III. 55 Hyder. Martha. 55 Hyder. Mathew. 55 Hy land. Richard, 107 Hyman. Coby. 51 hJ Ingram. Monica K.. 52. 60, 79 Isaak, David, 36 Ismail. Nada. 57 Issacharoff. Samuel. 48. 97 Jacobs, Monica, 32, 127 Jamail, Joseph D. Jr.. 53-54, 55 Jamail, Lee, 55 James, Collie, 8 Jeffers, Tanisa, 43 Jennings. Chris. 11 1 Jewesson. Michael David. 83 Johanson. Stanley M.. 97 Johnson, Bill, 8 Johnson, Calvin H., 98 Johnson. Corwin W.. 98 Johnson, David Didier. 83 Johnson, Frances R., 39, 69 Johnson, Kameron D., 12, 107 Johnson, Trenell S.. 1 10 Johnson. Wesley Eby, 83 Johnston. Jeffrey S.. 69 Jones. Annettes., 91, 111 Jones. Franklin Jr., 53 Jones, Lucile Lan, 33, 69 Jones, Matthew. 13 Jones Da id Bentley Jr. 83 Jordan, Greg, 1 3 Jorge, Paul, 33 Josefson, Jennifer Anne, 50, 79 Joseph, L. Anthony Jr., 54 Joseph, Rega, 32 Jubinsky, James A. 49, 69 Juvkam-Wold, Per E, 29, 69 K Kahlke, Theresa, 1 1 1 Kalapatapu, Sesha. 42, 57 Kasper, Kristofer August, 83 Katz, Dana. 14, 56 Kaye, Edward Frank, 83 Keefer, Rosie, 61 Keeton, Judge Robert. 7, 89 Keeton. Robert, 7. 89 Keeton, W. Page, 6-7, 107 Kelly. Dee J.. 53 Kelly. Thomas N. 83 Kenefick. Kathryn. 108 Key. James E. 79 Khan. Lailah N. 69 Kientz. Robert E. 69 Kihneman. Sarah Lowry, 57, 83 Kilborn. Ben, 8 Kim. Jong Soo. 32. 50. 69 Kimm. Sandra Jean. 69 Kimmel. Kathy, 1 1 1 Kimrey. Blaine. 13. 28.42 Kimzey, Michael Shane. 12-13. 28,69 Kincaid, Mark L., 107 King, Jenifer Anne. 84 King, Mike, 4 King, Theresa, 110 Klein.JenmferG..43. 84 Klein. Susan R.. 98 Kleine, Jay, 109 Knight, Ginger Joya. 84 Knight. Richard Warren. 79 Knipra. Bradley, 40 Kobatake, Christi, 49 Kobayash, Fiji, 32 Koehler,Jay. 107 Koh. Haejung Lisa, 32. 35. 49. 69 Koo. Stephanie Hyun-Nam. 32, 84 Kovach. Kimberlee K.. 107 Krishnamurthy. Savita. 61, 76 Krist, Carol, 55 Krist, Ron. 55 Kruger. Sharla. 8 Krute. Julie. 35, 49 Kubasta, Kelly, 8 Kubin, Jeff, 6, 59 Kuehnert. Joel. 4 Kuglen. Julia Ann. 84 KuU. James Fitzmorris, 79 Kumar. J. P.. 40. 42 Kurtz. Catherine. 8 Lacy. Jana Christine. 70 Lafleur, Eric Stephen, 30, 84 Lakatos, Holly, 109 Lallo, Chris Joseph, 30, 84 Lambert, Joel, 30 Lambrecht. Ryan Jay. 84 Landon. Gerald James. 70 Lane. Benjamin Marcus. 84 Lanter. Dean. 40 LaPenotiere. Angelina, 13 Lapple, Matthew. 1 2. 30 Laremont. Erika M.. 84 Lary. Trey, 30 Law School Foundation, 53-55 Lawrence, Robert Neil, 84 Laycock. Colette Marie. 84 Laycock, Douglas. 91 Leaders. Scot Henry. 70 Leaes. Beatriz Lara. 77 Leal. Omar Javier, 30, 84 Lebowitz, J. Leon. 98 LeClercq. Teresa R.. 98 LeCropane, Lynn Marie. 84 LeDou.x. Dana Michelle. 79 Lee, Amy. 8 Lee, Dottie, 1 10 Lee. Kristine Hyun. 32. 79 Leeburg. Kirsta, 35 Lefkowitz, Tamra Beth, 84 Legal Research Board, 40 Lehmann, Jennifer Lynn, 43, 45, 70 Leitch, Michael Charles. 84 Lemley, Mark A., 13.99 Leonard. Alison Suzanne, 84 Leslie, Brooke, 30 Levinson. Sanford V.. 99 Lewnan. Chandra. 40 Library Staff, 108-109 Light, Gina L., 33, 84 Lin, Patricia Edna. 28-29. 42, 79 Linde. Hans A.. 107 Linn. Patricia. 1 3 Lister. Karen Ann, 84 Liu, Jeffrey, 32 Livingston, Cristobal, 33 LLM and Foreign Students. 61 Lobb, Brandon, 4 Lockndge, J. Eric, 45, 84 Lofye, David, 70 Lojo. Kenneth M, 79 Long, Brady Kenneth, 84 Lopez, Brena, 36 Lopez, Florencio. 33. 79 Lopez, Oscar, 13 Loughlin. Sam, 12 Low, Gilbert I., 53 Lowrie, John Carl, 12, 28. 47. 70 Lum. Robert. 42 Lumber, David, 40 Luna. Greg. 9 Luna. Rachel. 43 M Madden. Wales H. Jr.. 53 Malhotra. Dimple. 12. 52 Manassian. Taline. 13 Mantor-Ramirez. Catty. 108 Maresh. Marquette Maria. 84 Margandant, Guillermo, 107 Margolis. Carla. 50 116 - 1997 Peregrinus Index Hiiteios-f ' Hiilonis.R )|jM-Dlvii jlntieiBa iMiMelis IbLfeB jjilieioiJa )6iliieson,N lisoB.Mot )bni ' .Cta toellJo IbiAljcia ' te,Micb »)!«IM( Hijo. Kelly Kivoqiiiii.l lltA(tai, ' Mmiel.L itCao.Clir iaellaii,H mw. t UmA. U.mA. UcConiack, ItaelH llcEldo»Ky IkEbv.Dei MiilaiKtR ItFaiiLDw ft 10 HftiityJ KcClSoaji HtGowaL fc,Deta iKiBjIm, WemiJi %Micti HtLaiiehlffi. ttnow.J 1 e.Gi LS-t 4fJ Marino, Tony. 8 Markesinis, Basil S.. 107 Marketos. Pete. 84 Markovits. Inga. 99 Markoxits, Richard S.. 99 Markowitz. Sean Nathaniel. 84 Martin. Becky. 4 Martin, Lori J.. 30, 84 Martin-David. Juli. 110 Martinez. Barbara, 39 Masat, Melissa Joy, 3 1 . 70 Masswngale. Michael. 59 Mast. Kirsten. 47 Matheson. Jane A.. 54 Mathieson. Michael. 61 Matson. Morgan Matthew. 45. 84 Mavity. Chad Lon. 50. 79 Maxwell. Melissa Elaine. 70 Maxwell. Todd Edward. 84 May. Alycia Celeste. 79 Mayes. Michael B.. 30. 84 Maynard. Molly. 1 1 1 Mayo. Kelly A.. 35, 42-43. 79 Mayorquin. Luis Felipe, 77 McAdanis. Mark James, 70 McBumet. Laura, 8 McCary, Christy B.. 100 McClellan. Heather Dawn. 84 McClure. Meredith, 59 McCormack, James M., 107 McCormack, Michael, 107 McCormack. Tracy. 107 McCormick. Marlon Todd. 84 McDonell. Rachael Diane. 84 McEldowney. Greg, 4 McElroy, Denis, 1 13 McFarland, Robert Shane, 84 McFaul, Duston Kenneth, 4, 29, 48,70 McGarity. Thomas O., 100 McGill, Sonja Jeanette. 13. 79 McGowan. Leticia. 51 Mclver. Delenia. 60 McKaughan, Dane. 57 McKeown. Jillian. 61 Mckey. Michael Aaron. 47. 79 McLaughlin. J. Mark. 53 McLemore, Heather, 5! McLeod. Richard D.. 84 McMorrow. Josh Michael. 45. 84 McMorrow. Kieran Cullen. 84 McMurphy. Matthew Allen. 85 McPhee, Gillian. 70 McQuien. Courtney June, 30, 85 McSpadden, Rainey, 12 Medina, Laura Blanchard, 52, 79 Mehl, Cheryl Tremaine, 36, 71 Melendez, Robert Michael, 33. 85 Melina-Raab. Angela, 107 Mellon-Werch. Michelle. 57 Melsheimer. Thomas M.. 107 Melton. Roger. 4 Mendenhall. Karen Sue. 71 Mercer. Rudene Tulaine, 85 Merrill, William Randolph, 85, 127 Mersky. Roy M.. 100. 109 Meyer. Robin. 100 Meyers. Franklin, 107 Meyn. William. 8 Michaelsen. Michelle Marie. 50. 71 Miller. Brian Charles. 47, 71 Miller, Brian Lawrence, 85 Miller, Frederick, 30 Miller. Rick Nathan. 85 Mills. Brian. 12,43,51 Mills,James, 4, 31.79 Mills. Mike. 54 Miranda-Clark, Angela. 35 Mithuff, Michael Kari, 85 Moak, Sam Adolphus, 30. 71 Mock, Nelson, 57. 127 Mock Trial-Moot Court. 12-13 Montgomery. Joel. 127 Monthy, Jeremy. 13 Monticello. Sean Anthony. 85 Montoya. Roger. 33, 39 Morales, Dan, 9 Moreland, Edmond S. 71 Moreno. Louis N, 71 Moreno. Pierrette, 108 Momson, Keith E.. 107 Morrison. Mary Nicole. 71 Morrone. James Leslie. 85 Mosby. Tamara Theresa. 13. 52, 79 Motes, Alan Kendall. 30. 85 Motley. Susan D.. 29. 71 Moursund, Kenneth C, 31. 43. 50,71 Munsinger. Inga Lee. 85 Munzel. Jennifer Alyn. 31.33.71 Murphey, Mark. 4 Murphree. Kelly. 8 Murphy. Ewell. 107 Murphy. Mark Allan. 79 Murray. John. 108 Muskat, Mike, 59 N Nash. Alexia M.. 71 Nash, Rebecca E., 85 Nation, Floyd R., 107 Nava, Robin Carole, 79 Nava, Selina L.. 85 Navarro. Christian. 33. 79 Nazro. Arthur, 8 Neal. Mysti D, 79 Nease. Nelson Henry. 44-45, 79 Nelson. Bill. 41 Nemer. Nancy Marie. 80 Ness. Lyda. 8 Netanel. Neil W., 101 Neves. Nelita Albertina. 52. 72 Newberger, Barry Stephen, 49, 72 Newell, Candace, 42 Newell, David Chnstopher, 47. 72 Nicademus. Jeff Ivan. 12-13. 28. 80 Nicolas. Henri Eugene. 85 Nielson, Erik. 45 Niemeyer. Richard. 85 Nirken, Howard D., 13. 72, 127 Noal, Denise, 8 Noles, James Lewis, 72 Nordhaus, Jamie Elizabeth, 85 Norris, Debra Bourn. 36. 80 Nowak. Eric, 8 o O ' Brien. Daniel. 36 O ' Brien. Paul. 49 O ' Connor. Carey. 8 O ' Der. Peggy. 29 O ' Sullivan. Joseph. 37 Obianwu. Chinwe. 85 Ogbum. Erin Elizabeth, 85 Ojesio. Mana del Carmen, 61 Olenick, Lon Renee, 80 Olson, George A., 54 Olsson. Nathaniel, 49 Oommen. Kuruvilla, 32 Orgain, B.D.. 53 Ortiz. Francesca. 107 Osters, Whitney Allison. 30, 85 Otten, Heather, 52 Owen, Pnscilla, 7 Owen. Robert C. 107 Ozmun. Elizabeth C. 107 PadiUa. Patrick. 85 Paige. Shoshana Lee. 36. 85. 1 1 Palmer. Sonya. 50 Pankey. Anna L., 85 Pankratz. Kurt M.. 30. 85 Paredes, Mark Chnstopher, 85 Parish, J. Bradley, 80 Parker, David L., 107 Parker, Maggie, 42, 80 Parker, Sarah. 61 Parma. Nicholds Arthur. 42, 80 Parsley, Julie Caruthers, 13 Parsons, David, 61 Partain, Anna Katherine, 13, 28-30, 80 Partlow. Blair Marshall, 30. 85 Patterson. Lisa, 40 Paul, Angela Marie, 72 Pelosof, Serena, 8 Pena, Amando, 39, 72 Perales, Julia Christina, 80 Perches, Sofia. 80 Percy. Melinda Hill. 20 Perez. Daniel F.. 54, 107 Perez, Michael, 8. 49 Pergola. Antonio La. 107 Perillo, Joe, 51 Perin, Stephanie L.. 85 Perkins. James I., 18-19.54 Peter. James Thomas. 77 Peterson. Kathryn Elaine. 12, 85 Peterson, Phillip Daniel, 8, 51, 72 Pham. Kay-Linh, 32 Pham. Yen, 32, 36 Phi Alpha Delta. 41 Phillips. Ronald. 32 Phillips. Tom. 21 Piazza, Jennifer Casey, 80 Piel, Andrew Blake. 31, 35, 41, 72 Pierce. Meredith Anne. 85 Pierce. Scot. 8 Pirkey, Louis T.. 107 Pittman. Mark Timothy, 30, 85 Plumlee. Irina B. 72 Pogorzelski. Henry. 42 Poinsett, Royce Pabst, 80 Pope, Staci, 1 1 1 Postawko, Bob, 59 Poursepanj, Bahareh. 126 Powe. L. A. (Scot) Jr.. 101 Powell. Andrea. 60 Powers. Jason Michael. 40. 80 Powers, Wilham C, 89, 101 Pratt, Jason Young, 85 Pratter, Jon. 109 Primosic. Lisa Ann. 85 Prince. Edd. 50 Pntchett. Stephen. 50 Project Info. 43 Puente. Roberto. 33 Purcell. Heather. 50 Purdy. Meredyth. 35. 50 Q,R Qayywm. Rabla, 32 Quigley. Brian. 109 1 997 Peregrinus Index - 11 7 w Quinn, Michael S.. 107 Quist. Brooke. 8, 29. 49 Rabban. David M.. 101 Rabe. Katherine, 13, 29 Radliff. Heather Lynn, 13. 33. 50.80 Ragland. Charles Christopher, 45. 85 Ramey. Tom B. Jr.. 53 Ramirez. Kenneth R.. 107 Ramos, Claris. 33, 52, 57. 72 Rancy.Tom, 18 Rangel, Irma. 9 Rasche, Charlotte Mae, 42, 73 Ratliff, B. Wayne. 29. 73 Ratliff, Jack. 101 Ratner. Steven R., 102 Rau, Alan S., 102 Ray. Jay. 13.28-29 Raymond. Shawn, 12 Reasoner, Harry M.. 53. 55. 124 Reavley. Thomas M.. 107 Reddien, Jason Harrington, 85 Reed, Dan, 40 Reed, Greg, 1 2 Reed. Natalie, 52 Rein, Deron Scott, 85 Reinecker. Kendra. 8. 38 Remington. John. 109 Renbarger. Grace. 36 Review of Litigation, 42 Reyes. LuisA.. 31.41.73 Reynolds. Liza. 59 Reynolds, N. Elizabeth. 73 Rhoades. R. Scott. 73 Rhodes. Chris L., 13 Rice. Justin Gazer. 50. 80 Richards, Charlotte, 110, 112 Richie, Sheri. 35 Rifai. D ' AnnNaylor. 86 Riggs. Jennifer S.. 107 Ritchie. Susan. 51 Rivera, Veronica. 33. 80 Robbins. Susan, 112 Roberts. C. Kenneth. 53 Roberts. Justin. 57 Robertson. David W.. 102 Robertson. George. 107 Robertson. John A., 12, 102 Robinson, Judith liana. 59. 73 Robinson, Karen, 8 Rodgers, Anne Elizabeth. 40. 86 Rodriguez, Betty E., 107 Rodriguez. Eduardo. 54 Rodnguez. Geronimo. 9 Rolon. Rachael, 113 Romo. Gina Marie,. 73 Roos. Maria. 61 Elizabeth. 8 Rose. Jamie, 52 Rosette, Christopher Joseph. 73 Ross, Adam. 48 Rossini. Gino. 35 Rostik. Tracy, 37 Rountree. Kelly W.. 15 Rowe. Brenda. 31 Royal. Kimberly Nichole. 43. 8 Rozendaal. J.C. 59 Rubin. Sharon. 109 Rucker. Hugh A., 86 Rudnicki, James. 37 Runner. Steven Scott. 86 Ruskell. Alexander. 8 Russell. Blaine Andrew, 80 Russell. Dena Gail. 80 Russell, Thomas D.. 102 Rutherford. Shan Scott, 42, 73 Ruud, Millard H., 128 Ryder. Morgan Anne. 86 Rylander. Carol, 6 Saffren. Tracy Lynne. 86 Sahab, Jose Elias. 61,77 Saldana. Diana. 9. 33 Salmi. Liisa Renee. 86 Sampson, Jack. 1 12 Sampson. John J.. 103 Samson, Ken. 12 Sanchez. Dan. 10,43,80 Sanchez, David A. 80 Sanders. Michael Chenier. 41-42, 80 Sapro, Tara, 8 Satija, Ranjan, 52 Satterfield, Diane. 110 Satterwhite. Brandon Neil. 30, 86 Saucedo. Liz. 109 Schafer. Richard Alan. 49. 80 Schairer, Suzanne Lynn. 52. 73 Schaumburg. G. IH. 50 Schenkkan. PieterM., 107 Schiess. Wayne C. 103 Schmulen. Caren Aline. 34, 80 Schoonover, Kristen Leigh, 73 Schotz, Stephanie, 1 1 1 Schubb, Kenneth. 107 Schulze. Joelle C. 40. 86 Schumacher, John. 4 Schwartz. Bernard. 10 Schwartz. Jon-Bernard. 34. 35, 73 Schwartz. Suzanne Minam. 80 Scourfield. Tom. 61 Sebel, Jane, 61 Segrato. Glen. 8 Sell, Allison Leigh, 86 Semester in London, 8 Sexton, Sylvia. 110 Shackleford. Kelly J.. 107 Shakow, Peter Jeremy, 80 Sharlot, M. Michael, 7, 9. 14-15, 33,55, 89-90. 124, 128 Shariot, Sue. 14 Shaw. Tracye, 33, 60 Sheppard. David. 107 Sherburne. Eric Jon. 31, 74 Shibley. William H., 54 Shields. Brad, 4 Shires. Stephen. 36 Siegert. Kris. 30 Sigman, Pamela J., 13, 107 Silva, Eugene Joseph, 86 Silver, Charles, 103 Silver. Kathrine Marie, 86 Simmons. Harry Graybill IV, 39, Simmons. Scott Dale. 37. 86 Simons. Jack. 126 Simpson. Kim. 110 Simpson. Lee. 107 Singh. Ranjeev. 32 Singley. Mike, 13 Skinner, Andrew C, 86 Sladczyk, Amy. 12,28.74 Smith. Anne. 8 Smith. B.A.. 107 Smith, Court, 42, 45 Smith, Creighton, 4 Smith, Donald Alexander, 86 Smith. Ernest E., 103 Smith. J. Burleson. 53 Smith, Spencer. 4 Smith. Stefan Prentiss. 86 Snyder. Susan B., 107 Sokolow, David Simon, 103 Soloway, Russell M. 80 Solt. Fred. 59 Sommer. Jonathan, 8 Soto, Lisa. 39 Spainhour. Cole. 13 Spangler, Jessica Barron, 86 Sparks, AndreaGalliano, 13, 45, 57. 74 Speaker. Paul Harrison, 86 Spector, Rose, 14-15. 107 Spencer. Jamie, 30 Spencer, Oshea, 13,47 Spitter, Maria, 1 1 1 Spross. Brian David. 86 Sproul. Amelia Rebecca. 12. 29. 41,74 Stadler. Markus Christian. 61, 77 Stammel, Matthew Richard, 74 Startzell, Thessaly Ann. 74 Sleans. Jason, 31 Steed, Debbie, 110 Steiker, Jordan, 104 Stephenson, David. 8 Stephenson. Shanda, 50. 74 Stephenson, Shanda Marie, 74 Stem, Matthew, 42 Sternberg, Jordana Rachel, 28. 42.80 Stevens. Emily J.. 32. 86 Stewart. Chip. 4 Stipeche. Juliet, 57 Stith, Susan Mara Gabriella, 86 Stiverson, Kieth Ann, 109 Stone. Evan D, 51,74 Stone, John Henry, 86 Strazzer. Daniel, 61,77 Streightoff. Priscilla Medved. 86 Streit.Thilo, 61,77 Strock. William Matthew, 86 Strother, Justin Brett. 80 Student Bar Association. 44-45 Student Recruitment and Orientation Committee. 43 Stuemke. Jay. 8 Sturley, Michael F.. 8, 61. 104 Sudbury. Erin, 8 Sullivan, Teresa A., 104 Summer, Eva Janice, 107 Sunflower Ceremony, 3, 17, 22-25, 127 Sunflower Tradition, 17 Sunukjian, Peter Donald, 47. 80 Sutton. John F. Jr.. 104 Szakatits, Monika, 109 Szu. Ray. 86 Tan. Jerry. 74 Tasler. Margaret Goeke. 74 Tate. Brett. 8 Tate. Grace Hennetta-Inez. 86 Taylor, Marcia. 30 Taylor. Walter L., 12 Taylor. Will. 10 Teaching Quizmasters. 46-47 Telleria. Mana Eugenia. 77 Temple. Larry E., 53 Tetteh. Michaelene A.. 86 Texas Federalist Society, 48 Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal. 49 Texas International Law Journal, 5C 118 - 1997 Peregrinus Index iDilfel ' t(iisU«fi llionias.G.S tonus, Msi nomas. Maf |onias,Micl nomas. Sto nomas. Tom llom|)si)B.C tompsoiD TliompsoD.)( |oBipsoB.I( tompsoalt nompsoiN tapsoiSi teati,B,B( iRoodMa kUmie! ig.Michai 1-WalU.K; [oigemRj [ones. Jose V tai, Stella. ToltenlittTi " ovor, Albert ' nty.Kaien. Tnliai,Paiill klulTa ' nverse.y ' readwelLiiil ke.laiiies B ' ino.Joiii ■rajikCenl Texas Journal of Business Law, 5 1 Texas Journal of Women and the Law. 52 Texas Law Fellowships, 56-57 Texas Law Review, 58-59 Thoele, Robert Wayne.. 80 Thomas. G. Scott, 1 3 Thomas, Kaaran E.. 107 Thomas, Mark. 51.78 Thomas. Mary. 8 Thomas. Michael A.. 86 Thomas, Sheri. 110 Thomas, Tommy Frederic. 74 I Thompson. Christi. 8 Thompson. Duane Michael. 80 Thompson, Jeffrey B.. 12 Thompson. Jerry R.. 126 Thompson. Joseph G. IIL 54 Thompson. Nancy L., 12 Thompson. Stephanie Elaine. 86 Threatt. B. Beecher. 107 Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. 60 Tiano. Karey, 1 1 1 Tice. Laurie B. 75 Tigar, Michael E,. 104 Till-Watts. Kathy. 108 Torgerson. Ray. 30 Torres. Jose Victor, 61. 77 Torrez. Stella. 1 1 1 Tottenham. Terry O.. 107 Tovor. Albert. 33 Tracy. Karen, 31 Trahan. Paul Denton. 30. 75 Tran. Nhut Tan. 32 Traverse. Katherine. 86 Treadwell. Julian. 33. 38 Treece. James M.. 105 Trevino. John Valdemar Jr. 75 Trujillo. Geralyn. 33 ftJOUDSl- ' Trzaskoma, Theresa Marie. 59. 75 Tsang. Charlene. 13, 28-29, 32 Tull, Jennifer L.. 107 Tuma. Noha. 80 Turner. Robert W.. 107 Tussa. Christy. 10 Tiilhill. C. Scot. 86 Tuttle.John. 107 U,V UUoa. Elsa. 52 Valles. Claudia. 39 Van Rensburg. Jillian J.. 86 Vamey. Lana K.. 107 Vasquez. Irma G. 61. 77 Vasquez. Venita. 108 Vigil. Valerie. 33 Vila. Maria C..6 1.77 Villarreal. Denise Ana. 52. 80 Vincenti. Chnstine Maria. 80 Vinson. Eric Lance. 12. 75 Vo. Hien Ngoc. 32. 86 Vockell. Marc Edward. 59. 75 Voigt. Robert Allen Jr.. 87 Volpe. Jason Alex. 87 w Wakefield. Shelli. 13 Walters, Mary, 30. 40 Ward. Wesley R., 12.28-29.81 Wamica. James, 4 Washecka, Barbara, 108 Watkins, Dawn, 52 Watkins. Leslie Ann. 87 Watson. Bill. 1 1 1 Watson. Jeremy, 12 Watson, Jim A., 107 Watson. Kirk. 15. 127 Watson. Liz McDaniel. 15 Watson, Timon Jeremy. 75 Watson. William R.. 91 Watts. Clark, 107 Way, Scolt, 32, 50 Webb. Leslie Ann. 31,81 Webb, Melissa, 30 Webb. Robert A.. 107 Weber. AyannaC..52. 60. 81 Weigel. John Holman. 87 Weinburg. Louise. 105 Weintraub, Russell. 105 Welboin. Amy Catherine. 37. 87 Welch. Justin. 42 Welch. Shannon Lois. 50. 75 Wellborn, Olin Guy IH. 105 Weller. Katherine. 52. 81 Weller. Katherine Delon. 81 Westbrook. Jay L.. 106 Weston. Ralph. 109 Wheatley. Russel Spencer. 29. 49. 75 Whisenant, Cindy. 113 White. Kevin James. 87 Whitehurst. Bill. 15 Whitman. Susan R.. 107 WTiitmire, Sammi Lynnette. 87 Wickwire, David, 5 1 Widener. Mike. 109 Wilkinson. J. Henry Jr.. 107 Wilkinson. Leslie, 50 Williams. John. 37 Williams. Leslie Legree. 40. 43, 60, 87 Williams, Michael Todd. 81 Williamson. Siehnai. 49 Wilson. Amy Lynn. 87 Wilson. James W.. 107 Wilson. Trey. 4 Winters, Majorie Mastin. 87 Wiseman. Zipporah B.. 106 Wojcik. Dianna Dawn. 87 Wojick. Dianna. 41 Wolens. Jonathan Bennet. 75 Womack. Jenny L. 8 1 Womack. Paul. 107 Wong. Alison. 32. 57 Wong. Rina Sian, 32, 75 Wood, Chris. 59 Wood. Lauren Renee. 8 1 Woodruff. David Scott. 12-13. 28-29. 75 Woodruff. Davy. 28 Woods, Marva, 60 Wooley, Patrick, 106 Wright. Charles Alan. 50. 106 Wright. John Carlton. 33. 39. 81 X,Y,Z Yeager. Ellen. 8 Young. Mark, 51 Young. Steve. 109 Young. Suzanne. 109 Yu, Hsinyu, 32, 36, 42 Yudof, Mark G., 20. 106 Zabala.JuanJ.. 54. 91 Zabaneh, Sam Michael, 41. 87 Zagel, Gudrun Monika, 61. 77 Zaremba. John Michael, 76 Zelman, Julie. 40 Zhang. Libin. 76 Zia. Thomas Said-Tomash. 87 Zilahy. Catherine Georgette. 47, Zuniga, Mark, 33 Zygo, Bnan. 37, 57 1997 Peregrinus Index - 119 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1997 THE LAW SCHOOL come into the Law Alumni Association! THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS LAW ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Post Office Box 149090 Austin, Texas 787 14-9090 (512)471-7202 FAX (512) 471-5660 1 20 - Advertising FREE Erent Space 2200 sq. rt. Cedar Deck Availame FREE of Ckaree to Any UT Student Organization, Facuny or Alumni. Now Booking ior Spring, Summer Fall ♦ Art PWoExliiliits ♦ Discussions ♦ Meetings Classes ♦ Parties Performance Art Musical Perrormances Please C0 TACT: University Coop East ♦ Bo Solomon 476-72 1 1 ext. 7620 2902 Medical Arts, Austin, TX 78705 ♦ Fax: (512) 472-1 247 Advertising - 121 The Official Credit Union for Texas Legal Professionals Capitol Credit Union serves attorneys licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas to practice law in the state of Texas, their employees Including law clerks, para-legals, legal assistants, legal secretaries and additional staff, law students, and family members of any eligible member. Capitol Credit Union offers a complete range of financial services. DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS Savings Checking Money Market Account Certificates of Deposit IRAs lOLTA LOANS New and Used Vehicle Loans Signature Loans Computer and Office Equipment Loans Line of Credit Loans MasterCard Many other convenient services are available including: Direct Deposit. ATM access, safe deposit boxes. Audio Response telephone transaction system, bill payer system. 800 access and fax machine Capitol Credit Union strives to exceed the expectations of its members by providing competitive rates on all financial products and personalized services for members nationwide. We welcome any inquiries for additional information on how we can help you meet all of your financial needs. CAPITOL CREDIT UNION Main Office 1718 Lavaca Street Austin. TX 78701 North Office I I 902A Burnet Road Austin, TX 78758 Drive-Through Facilities I 101 N lH-35 North Office (512)477-9465 (800)486-4228 Davis Davis A PROFESSIONAL C O R P O ( A T I O N POST OFFICE BOX 1588 9TH FLOOR • ARBORETUM PLAZA • SUITE 950 9442 CAPITAL OF TEXAS HIGHWAY • AUSTIN, TEXAS 78767 PHONE 512-343-6248 • FAX 512-343-0121 SHAREHOLDERS C. Dean Davis Fred E. Davis Alexis J. Fuller, Jr. ,SSOCIATES Bnan G. .lackson Monte F. James Marian C. Jeu Mark A, Kcenc DeLeon, BOGGINS a ICENOGLE A Professional Corporation ATTORNEYS AT LAW Congratulations, Graduates of ' 97 221 West 6th Street Bank One Tower • Suite 1050 Austin. Texas 78701 (512) 478-5308 • Fax ( 5 1 2) 482-86 MITHOFF JACKS, L.L.P LAW OFFICES Congratulations to the UT Law ScfwoC graduates of 1997 Officed At: 1 1 1 Congress Avenue Suite 1010 Austin, Texas 78701 (512)478-4422 Houston Office 3450 One Allen Center Houston, Texas 77002 (713)654-1122 122- Advertising 1997 Peregrinus Sponsors The staff of the 1997 Peregrinus Law School Yearbook wish to express sincerest appreciation and gratitude to the attorneys and law firms who have served as sponsors for this publication. Julia H. Black Arnold, White Durkee 750 Bering. Suite 400 Houston. Texas 77057 (713)787-1545 Brown, Parker Leahy, L.L.P. 1200 Smith. Suite 3600 Houston. Texas 77002 (713)654-8111 Robert L. Russell Bush Bush. Fulton. Hurlbut Monison. PC. 4025 Woodland Park Blvd.. Suite 190 Arlington. Texas 76013 (817) 274-5992 Mark Calhoun Calhoun Stacy. PLLC 5700 NationsBank Plaza, 901 Main Street Dallas. Texas 75202 (214)748-5000 David Carlock David Cariock. PC. 8117 Preston Road. Suite 600 Dallas, Texas 75225 (214)373-9100 Terry W. Conner Haynes Boone 3100 NationsBank Plaza Dallas. Texas 75202 R.B. Cousins 200 Crescent Court. 1 1th Floor Dallas. Texas 75201 Bryan L. Goolsby Liddell. Sapp. Zivley, Hill LaBoon, L.L.P 2200 Ross Avenue. Suite 900 Dallas, Texas 75201-2774 (214)220-4800 William N. Hamilton Vial. Hamilton. Koch Knox 1717 Main. Suite 4400 Dallas, Texas 75201 (214)712-4400 Elton M. Montgomery PO. Drawer 1300 Graham, Texas 76450 Nick C. Nichols Abraham Watkins Nichols Friend 800 Commerce Houston. Texas 77002 (713)222-7211 Locke Purnell Rain Harrell 2200 Ross Avenue. Suite 2200 Dallas, Texas 75201-6776 (214)740-8822 515 Congress Avenue. Suite 2500 Austin. Texas 78701 601 Poydras Street, Suite 2400 New Orleans, LA 70130-6036 Michelle E. Robberson Cooper. Aldous Scully. PC. 900 Jackson Street, Suite 100 Dallas, Texas 75202 Robert Scott Abrams Scott Bickley, L.L.P 600 Travis, Suite 6601 Houston. Texas 77002-3007 (713)228-6601 Fax:713-228-6605 Marvin S. Sloman Carrington. Coleman, Sloman, Blumenthal, L.L.P 200 Crescent Court, Suite 1500 Dallas. Texas 75201 (214)855-3000 Marvin S. Smith, Jr., Leonard A. Stern. H, and Clifford L. Friedman, P.C. 8144 Walnut Hill Hane, Suite 1100, L.B. 103 Dallas. Texas 75231-4337 (214)739-0606 Harlowe Sprouse Sprouse, Mozola. Smith Rowley, PC. 801 S. Fillmore, Suite 600 Amarillo, Texas 79101 (806)373-3343 Milton H. West, Jr. 4200 Texas Commerce Tower Houston. Texas 77002 Sponsorships- 123 Top: Dean Sharlot relaxes in the shade with a group ot Alumni; Above: Tom McGahren, Keith Rowley and Patrick O ' Daniel converse during the barbecue; Upper Right: Truman Spring and Tom Ramey serve themselves from the appetizing spread; Lower Right: Harry Reasoner and George Chapman talk over lunch. {All photos by Justin Pasdinll) 124 -Alumni BBQ ALUMNI BBQ Top: Otis Shearer, Jerald A. Valentine and William Shabley at the barbecue; Middle Left: Bob Driegert enjoys lunch; Middle Right: John Hill, Ramey, Patsey Johnson and Orrin Johnson unch together; Left: Cornelia Adams Foster, len Waxman and Laurel Thompson eat and talk in the shade as Elvis croons behind them. (All photos by Justin Paschall) Alumni BBQ-125 ,- m-s, ' rntlt ' ' IpEREGRINUS STAFF: From left to right: PHOTOGRAPHY SUPERVISOR: John Foxworth, SUPERVISOR: Jerry Thompson, EDITOR: Bahareh Poursepanj, ASSISTANT EDITOR: Colin| iGunckel; Not pictured: Assistant to the Supervisor: Jack Simons. (Photo by John Foxworih) •4« ' « 126 - Peregrinus Staff lAn audience member yawns during the Sunflower I Ceremony. {Plioto In Scott Lawicncc) Dennis Moore, Chad Allen and Brandon Bennett take a lunch break outside. (Photo by John Foxworth) rNApnoT Nelson Mock and Monica Jacobs socialize at the award cere- mony for Kirk Watson. (Photo by John Foxworth) Billy Merrill studies on the lawn outside of the School of Joel Montgomery and Howard Nirken during Mock Trial Law. (Photo by ]ohn Foxworth) competitions. (Photo by Ryan Brown) Candids - 1 27 P Millard M. Kuud 1 17- 997 A pioneer in advocating minority teaching at the University in 1948, " The access to the UT School of Law, Millard [UT Law] school was still segregated, Ruud, a professor emeritus in govern- and he went through some difficult ment at the law school, passed away on times, but he was committed to the civil February tenth of brain cancer at age 80. rights of minorities. " Ruud was remembered by colleagues Law professor Corwin Johnson said as a caring teacher, a skilled lawyer and Ruud " really elevated the status of law a pioneer in encouraging minority school education. " applications and minority admissions Ruud was born in Minnesota in 1917 to the UT School of Law. and graduated from the University of Leon Lebowitz, also a professor emeri- Minnesota School of Law. hic in fbp rVirml of . T„ 1Q IC 1 „..A lUS 111 Lilt: JCllUUl Jl Law and a neighbor came to the UT of Ruud ' s, called l fl j Slj Law School and Ruud " a pioneer in [Hjl taught commercial the admission of hT law and legislative minorities to the K courses. Ruud law schools. " Hk-__ m served as executive " He helped form SB KjflBM director of the legal education, " V Association of said Michael B w X. American Law Sharlot, dean of the J School in School of Law. " He ML m M Washington D.C. had an unusual Hjl Former Texas Gov. impact on the thou- Am Ws. John Connally sands of students % appointed Ruud as that passed through k m life member his hands. " mlHH| Uniform As of Commissioner on the Law School M M l State Laws for Admissions | A H Texas in 1966, _ 1 1- • _ _ J Council, a nation- wneie ne reiiiaiiieu wide association, Ruud was a the fore- active until shortly before his death. front of encouraging minority applica- District Court Judge David Peeples of tions and admissions to the school in San Antonio who served with Ruud as the 1960s, said Stanely Johanson, a law a commissioner, called him " a real gen- professor who sits on the admissions tleman - a first-rate statutory draft committee. lawyer. I admired him a lot. " Sharlot recalled when Ruud began - hxj Minii Bi iiii 2i 3 - In Memory

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