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Judge W. S. Sinilcin s Story of the Peregrinus " You ask for the origin of Peregrinus. I well remember ts birth - in fact I was present at the accouchement. " This nondescript sprang fully armed and equipped for ts mission not from a mental Jove, but from the ered brain of a Savage. " Many years ago I was trying to explain to the class in Equity, the origin of the system in Rome and the sources of equity in the Roman Empire. At that time fledglings to do justice and decide all disputes, alone by the science of the Praetor. Peregrinating from one nation to the other, he was called a Praetor Peregrinus. " The boneheads of the class evidently thought that Peregrinus was an internal organ of the body for they continually greeted each other, ' How is your Peregrinus today? ' This fact seems to have developed the humor- . ous side of the incident, and Russell Savage developed a concrete expression of it on the and thus tl the tradition began. Russell; drew better than he knew, for the script animal, symbolizes both in limb and ' attitude th maxims in equii ty that guide the tion of the tern . For instance, on one of the front feet as ly drawn was an Irish ditcher ' s boot - indicating the law ' s protection to the least of mankind. On the other front foot were naked claw s, indicating that the greatest of mankind must fear its power. The arched back in the attitude of springing, indicated that the law was ever ready to protect right or prevent wrong. The sharp beak indicated the power to penetrate the mysteries of the law which the true student must obtain by study. The bushy tail indicated that Equity brushes away the technicalities of the law and does justice to the merits. " :just from the high schools were admitted to the Law School. Many of them had never heard of the Roman Empire, and not a few spelled cow with a ' K ' . Well, explained to them that when Rome quered a nation it was rated into the Roman Empire subject to its own laws and not to the laws of Rome - that the Roman citizen was not subject of the laws of these incorporated nations - that in due course commerce sprang up between the citizens of Rome and barbaric nations, and there was no law to determine and settle their contractual relations. The Roman Emperor, to settle the troubles arising out of the fact that there was no law applicable to control their con- tracts, appointed a Praetor or chancellor to travel among these nations and to settle all disputes without reference to the Laws of Rome, or of the incorporated Nations, but photo by Mark Sims 1995 Peregriaux The University of Texas at Austin School of Law Volume 45 Austin, Texas 1)) {eaALJJ FOS 2 SUM 112 Ovganrvaiiion3 20 radox 116 Siudents 54 Spormors 121 Facu 92 AdverflUng 122 Yeathook Staff The 1995 Peregrinus was prepared by the student and professional staff of Texas Student Publications at The University of Texas at Austin School of Law. Editor-in-Chief Kristin Bodenstedt Contributing Writers John Dela Garza Melanie Gerik Alex De Marban Jill Warren Yearbook Supervisor Jerry Thompson Yearbook Assistant Mary Felps PhotographySupervisor John Foxworth Chief Photographer Mark Sims Contributing Photographers Victor Caivano Andrew Higdon Timothy Lee Jack Plunkett Table of Contents - 1 amed Dean of UT Law School photo by Mark Sims " I ' m delighted and hope to be able to fulfill the trust that President Berdahl has placed in me. " -Michael Sharlot, dean of UT School of Law After a nationwide search that lasted nearly a year, the interim dean of the UT School of Law, Michael Sharlot, was named to the position permanently March 8, 1995 Sharlot had acted as law dean since Mark Yudof was named executive vice president and provost in April of 1994. Sharlot, an expert in criminal proce- dures and former general counsel for the Peace Corps, has been a mem- ber of the UT faculty since 1969. He served as associate dean for acade- mic affairs under three deans at the School of Law. " Oh, of course, I ' m delighted and hope to be able to fulfill the trust that President Berdahl has placed in me, " Sharlot said. Sharlot said he had been making decisions as if he were dean. He had proceeded with new foreign pro- grams and continued development of new joint programs, he added. " I knew that I would be acting dean for a very long period of time, and the school has to go on with its programs and its new initiatives, " he said. Sharlot said that in the face of limit- ed state support of higher education, his goal is to " make a great law school even greater. " He added that his greatest chal- lenge is the same as all administra- tors - meeting demand for great edu- cation in the face of decreasing state appropriations. Yudof, who made the appointment along with Berdahl, said Sharlot will continue to advance the " pluralistic vision " of the law school through his commitment to international and clini- cal programs. " We have students with many different interests, " he said. " We need for the law school to maintain that diverse charac- ter. " Yudof described selecting the new law dean as a balancing process. " We considered the faculty ' s views. We were considerate about the alumni and the curriculum of the law school, " he said. Yudof added that Sharlot excelled in faculty opinion surveys. " I think he ' s the perfect choice, " said Juan Zabala, assistant dean for busi- ness affairs. " He ' s an integral part of the administration. " Zabala added that Sharlot ' s long his- tory with the law school has prepared him for this position. " For purposes of fund raising and alumni relations ... his built-in experi- ence made him better than the other candidates, " Zabala said. Sharlot received his bachelor ' s degree from Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. At the UT School of Law, he developed and directed Texas ' first clinical program for future prosecutors from 1979 to 1983. Yudof said Sharlot " will put a heavy fin- ger on the scale " when considering promotions of deserving professors. " He ' s a good teacher himself and admires it in other people, " he said. A search committee made up of faculty, alumni and students present- ed a list of four finalists last month. One of the finalist, Gene Nichol, dean of the University of Colorado School of Law, withdrew from consideration. Sharlot was chosen over Carole Goldberg-Ambrose, a professor of law at the University of California at Los Angeles, and Thomas Sullivan, dean of the University of Arizona Law School. Jonathan Quander, a second-year law student and member of the search committee, said that even though the final choice was Sharlot, the only internal candidate, the search was not in vain. " The whole purpose was to identify candidates from east to west and in between, " said Quander, who served as president of the Student Bar Association. " The nationwide search served its purpose. The law school was not going to lose out either way. " Elizabeth Colvin, a second-year law student, said that the appointment will allow the law school to return to normal procedures. " I ' m really glad that the decision has been made, " Colvin said. The search " has taken time away from the professors. " She added that Sharlot will bring con- tinuity to the law school. " We know what he stands for and know what he believes, " Colvin said. -Melanie Gerik Ci7:1 " 97111,o 121W Schoo_ AcLaaL)sions Battle by Alex De Marban Although a federal judge in August, 1994 rejected as dis- criminatory a 1992 UT School of Law admissions policy, law students applauded his decision to allow the school to contin- ue using affirmative admission procedures. " Affirmative action, if done correctly, can be very beneficial, " said Brent Golemon, law school representative to the Students ' Association. " Of the students I ' ve come into contact with at the University - blacks, whites, Hispanics, As ians - all are very qualified and highly motivated. " Four white students filed suit against the School of Law in 1992, contesting the school ' s admission policy that separated applications into minority and non-minority groups prior to review. The plaintiffs were denied entrance into the UT School of Law although they had higher grade point averages and LSAT scores than some black or Hispanic applicants. U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks, a graduate of the UT School of Law, ruled that the 1992 policy discriminated against the four plaintiffs, but he upheld affirmative action policies. " It is regrettable that affirmative action programs are still needed in our soci- ety, " Sparks wrote in the Aug. 19, 1994 decision. " However, until society sufficiently overcomes the effects of its lengthy his- tory of pervasive racism, affirmative action is a necessity. " Sparks awarded each plaintiff $1 and said they could apply to the program next year without charge. He said he would not, however, order the plaintiffs into the law school because they did not prove they would have been admitted under a non-discriminatory admissions policy. Michael Greve, executive director of the the Center for Individual rights, a public rights law firm representing the stu- dents, said the plaintiffs would appeal Sparks ' decision. He estimated that the appeal would be heard some time in 1995. " Had any of us been black or Mexican-American we would ' ve gotten in, " said Kenneth Elliot, one of the plaintiffs. " To me, that ' s blatant racism. " The other three plaintiffs are Cheryl Hopwood, Doug Carvell and David Rogers. But Jonathan Quander, president of the Student Bar Association, said his education would be inadequate if his classes did not include students from a broad racial spectrum. " You can learn as much from interaction with other students as you can from professors, " Quander said. Government senior Eric Barden said it is necessary to make up for financial disparities among minority students, but affir- mative action often prolongs traditional stereotypes. " The law school is making an assumption that the standards need to be lowered to increase the accessibility of the law school to minorities, " said Barden, who hoped to enter law school in 1994. " Affirmative action is racist in the sense that it assumes that a minority individual can ' t fulfill the same standards that someone of a majority race might, " Barden added. But third-year law student Debbie Lin said affirmative action helps applicants be fairly assessed because it broadens entry requirements beyond Law School Admissions Test scores and grade point averages. " I think it ' s looking at the applicant as a whole person, " Lin said. The previous policy was in use from 1992 through 1994, said Michael Sharlot, then interim dean of the School of Law. The policy was abandoned before the case was heard in May 1994, said law professor Samuel Issacharoff, who rep- resented the school in the case. Sharlot said the law school continues to take race into account when deciding on admissions, but no longer places the applicants into minority and non-minority groups. Elliot called the law school ' s recent change in policy a minor adjustment to the system. " Not a whole lot was really accom- plished, " Elliot said. photo by Mark Sims lssacharoff said procedural changes in admissions are common, but the overall policy - to increase minority enrollment - will not change. " The court upheld the necessity and propriety of our actions at this institution, " lssacharoff said. UT School of Law admission requirements currently take into account economic and ethnic background, race and work experience. Over the past 10 years, the percentage of black and Hispanic students enrolled in the law school has decreased, according to figures from the Office of Institutional Studies. In the fall 1984, the two minority groups together represent- ed 20 percent of the 404 incoming law students. In fall 1993, they accounted for 16 percent of the 556 incoming law students. Lawsuit - 3 CCIalavco Ochoo_ - ne of the significant changes that affected the lives of UT law students was the open- ing of the University Co-op East in its new location. Students and other customers can now enjoy a greater selection of merchandise as well as more breathing room. With three times the floor space, law stu- dents will no longer have to squeeze by one another in the aisles to pick out their textbooks. The Co-op East had been in its old location on the east side of Medical Arts Street since the early 1970 ' s. It served the textbook and supply needs of the Law School, the LBJ School of Public Affairs, the Nursing School, and the art and music students. Space for merchandise was at a premium, creat- ing an atmosphere inside that was described as " nice and cozy " by assis- tant manager Bennie Garcia. During the book rushes that accompany the first weeks of school, temperatures skyrocketed and tempers flared because of the limited size and cramped quarters of the building. Because the building did not have a true loading dock, supply trucks often blocked the one-way traffic around the rear of the Co-op or simply unloaded through the front door. The University acquired the land on the opposite side of Medical Arts in 1992. A Bevo ' s bookstore and several private homes occupied the site, but the store was razed and the houses removed, refinished, and relocated. Construction of the Co-op East began in September of 1993, following the dismantling of the book-selling tent that the first-year students of that year remember so well. Because of local ordinances none of the trees on the lot could be removed, so the building was designed around them in a unique shape. By June of 1994 the exterior work on the structure was complete and shelves were being installed inside. University Co-op staff closed the doors of the original store the last weekend of that month and moved all the inventory over to the new location in just three days. Already having com- pleted a total transition to a new com- puter inventory and check-out system, the staff of the Co-op East reopened for business in the new building the first da y of July 1994. " The new computer system has helped to greatly reduce inventory and has made the overall operation of the Co-op more efficient, " said Bo Solomon, manager of the Co-op East. " Sales are up, while inventory is down. " Solomon also pointed out that the new location offers a greater selection of merchandise than the old, and he and his staff are open to suggestions, especially regarding service and supply needs of law students after the original book rushes of each semester. The majority of weekend Co-op receipts consists of sales of art supplies, with the customers coming from as far away as Waco. The new building not only offers law students more breathing room, but office space as well. Four law journals including The Review of Litigation and The Environmental Law Journal occupy the second floor on a three-year lease. The Co-op retains an option to expand vertically, but for now it has only uti- lized one room, for employees on breaks. Another feature of the new Co-op East is the expansive wood deck that highlights the north entrance. Shaded 4 - Changes in the Law School by trees, it offers studets a place to relax, have lunch, or just escape from the daily grind. The Co-op staff also encourages university and law school groups to use the deck for meetings and for social events. It costs nothing to use and can be booked throughout the year. " Professors could even hold classes outside on the deck, " com- mented Garcia. " At the moment we are negotiating with a cart vendor who will offer coffee and food during the day. " As for the old Co-op buildi ng, it is still owned by UT. It was rumored that Kinko ' s had planned to expand its copy business by leasing the old location, WI at present the space is vacant and for lease. Though the construction of the new Co-op was financed by a loan, the current Kinko ' s lease helped to defray much of the cost. " Meet you at the orange couches. What orange couches? " Law students can no longer orient themselves by those familiar colored couches in the atrium. Through a pro- ject graciously funded by Joseph Jarnail and coordinated by Mrs. Elton Hyder, Jr., the couches, which evi- denced numerous holes and stains and had begun to come apart at the seams, underwent a transformation. " Mrs. Hyder feels strongly that the law school should not only play the part of a great law school, but look it as well, " said Michael Horn, curator of the art collection in the Library. " Both Mr. and Mrs. Ryder loved the University of Texas Law School and thought it deserved surroundings commensurate with the quality of education provided. " The Hyders donated the collection of paintings, tapestries, furniture, and other works of art that are displayed throughout the School of Law. The atrium project was a cooperative effort that involved not only Mrs. Hyder, but also Dean Mark Yudof and his wife, the school staff, and the Austin com- munity. Randy Race, a local designer, worked with Mrs. Ryder on the design. The goal was to blend good appear- ance with durability and use colors that would complement the existing materi- als, such as the wood, in the atrium. The whole project was done careful- ly. Mrs. Ryder and Ms. Race discussed many colors and fabrics, not wanting the new couches to look institutional. They searched for an orange fabric, but later ruled it out because none of the shades currently produced by mills were distinguished enough. Black was eliminated as well because it was con- sidered too somber. In the end, they chose hunter green velvet. The rich color and fabric resembled the interior of an old law firm. The velvet is a type of mohair and is made in Belgium. A local dealer supplied both the fabric and the rugs that are incorporated into the couches ' design. The rugs were chosen and cut to complement the fab- ric on the sofas. Kilims, the rugs select- ed for the couches, are heavy and diffi- cult to work with, but they were artfully sewn together by Brian Riley, a guild- trained Austin upholsterer with forty years of experience. Since the actual reconstruction was done over the summer, most students probably did not miss the couches. The project, spanning from the first visit in January by the designer to the couch- es ' reinstatement, took seven months. The couches were ready for use in the fall semester, and the fabric has already been tested and proven, sur- viving several Coke stains. New carpet was installed under the couches as well. While the original car- pet was delicate, showing wear early on, the new carpet is hard-wearing and easily cleaned. It also matches the floor in the atrium. " The success of this huge project is due to Mrs. hyder, who worked closely with Randy, " said Horn. " They were a great team, and she [Mrs. Ryder] has an eye for quality. Any project she is involved in will be successful. " by John dela Garza 4 4 photos by Mark Sims Changes in the Law School - 5 74egai Eagieo [AccDA-odo by Kristin Bodenstedt and Valerie Lowrance Tyler Wearing blue t-shirts and black shorts, the team takes the field for their daily rigorous football practice. The men sweat in the hot August sun as Craig Tyler calls a " double cross-trees " with a sideline drag and then throws a long bomb to Ed Nelson who runs thirty yards down the football field. Exhausted, the team breaks for water and statistics provided by Valerie Lowrance Tyler, the team manager, who briefs the offense on their series. While the organiza- tion and sober tone typically denotes summer workouts in Austin for the Dall as Cowboys, this prac- tice is for the Legal Eagles, a men ' s intramural flag foot- ball team comprised of law students who are coached by Professors Charles Alan Wright and Thomas McGarity. Although these men could be working on outlines, editing law review articles, or just relaxing, they choose to devote hours each day to practice while still able to juggle their other activities. Why would anyone put themselves through this for an hour of glory on the field? This question was posed to third year quarterback Craig Tyler who said, " Being a part of the Eagles gave me an opportunity to balance the work and stress of law school with two things I needed: physical exercise and social interaction. Taking an hour everyday to play some football and to hang out with some great guys kept everything in per- spective for me. It worked out the stress and created some special friendships that will last a lifetime. And, nothing beats the feeling of seeing your disci- pline and effort pay off as your team achieves success on the football field. " The Eagles ' goal is to continue a win- ning tradition through strict discipline 6 - Legal Eagles and teamwork. They begin practicing on the first day of the semester. By the sec- ond week of school, the team is select- ed. Early practices are open to anyone who is interested, and the coaches con- sider the first few practices a sort of " try- out. " By the first game, the offensive and defen sive starters have been named. All second team members are encouraged to remain if they wish, but many choose to utilize their talents on a competing team such as Pariah. This year, the Eagles broke the prior record for the longest winning streak in Eagles history with 40 consecutive wins from 1991-1994. The previous record of 39 straight wins was set almost twenty years ago from 1974-1978. In fact, the Eagles have never lost more than one game in a row. The high point of the season was setting the record; the low point of the season was losing the next game which was the All-University Championship. The Eagles lost 6-14 to the Fiji ' s. They had not lost the All-U game since 1990. The Eagles were formed in 1955 as a brain child of Charles Alan Wright, William B. Bates Chair for the Administration of Justice and Vincent Elkins Chair. He served as coach of the team every year possible. In 1991, Wright turned over the coaching duties to Thomas McGarity. McGarity, known for his classes in environmental law, had been an assistant coach since 1989, and had served as acting coach in 1990 in Wright ' s absence. When Wright stepped down as coach, he retained a position as Athletic Director. He continues to finance the team, and sponsors them in the National Flag Football Championship as well. In December, Wright hosted a Christmas party for the team at his Austin home. At the party, Wright announced the most valuable players; Victor Alcorta and Chad Muir. When asked about his accomplishments this season third year offensive MVP Victor Alcorta responded, " It ' s great to be a part of a 40 year tradition. The best part of the award was that it came from the coaches of the team. It shows their appre- ciation of all the hard work that goes into being a member of a team like the Eagles. " The Eagles set many records this year with an outstanding season. Not only an offensive powerhouse scoring 188 points this season, the Eagles ' defense had five games with no scoring by their opponents and only allowed 40 points all season including the playoffs. FRONT ROW: Mike Meece, Scott Schwind, Steve Townley, Chad Muir, Co-Captain, Craig Tyler, Co- Captain, Jeff Hightower, James Stilwell, Jonathan Quander, Valerie Lowrance, Manager. SECOND ROW: Creighton Smith, Scott Dublis, Brent Goleman, Rich Wilson, Oskar Nisimblat, Brad Shields, Brandon Lobb. BACK ROW: David Bearden, Kelly Dwyer, Mike Pichinson, Victor Alcorta, Casey Berger, Ed Nelson, Darren Harrington, Mark Pietrantone, Charles Alan Wright, CAW Athletics Director, Tom McGarity, Coach, Keith Hopson, Assistant Coach, Brad McClellan, Assistant Coach. NOT SHOWN: Jay Dewald, Michael Hissey, Eric Nowak, Philip Russell. 1 [ Whether your pleasure is the London theatre or lounging in Hyde Park, travelling through the countryside of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland or touring Germany, Austria, Czech, and Hungary, at the end of the day spending a semester living in London is an experience of a lifetime. This fall about forty-five students from the University of Texas School of Law spent the semester studying law at University College-London and Queen Mary and Westfield photos courtesy of the Semester in London Program College in London. While the courses offered were interesting and the student body diverse, the program also provided great opportunities to experience the culture and fine arts of London, as well as, endless travel opportunities throughout Great Britain and the European continent. During the three-month stay in Europe, students studied- comparative tort and contract law, constitutional and institu- tional issues relating to the European Union, criminal and environmental legal principles in the European countries, and many other diverse topics. The students toured Parliament with representatives from the law schools; visited The Inns of Court with Local barristers; and, relished in the theatre, din- ing, and nightlife of London. Weekend excursions covered over seventeen countries, including Norway, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, A ustria, Holland, Belgium, France, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Scotland. In Prague, Mozart ' s Don Giovanni was performed in the original opera house; Portugal in November was neces- sary to improve tans that had faded in foggy ol ' London; and, Ireland and Scotland were al ways free-flowing with spirits. LOOKING OVER THE WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER, ENGLAND: Chris Strong, Courtney Hamilton, Rob Field, Bryan Pechersky. SeitnesIc Londol ' 3 by Jill Warren PROFESSOR MARKESINIS ' GARDEN IN CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND: Bryan Pechersky, Jennifer THE CANALS OF VENICE, ITALY: Jill Warren, Chutick, Estrellita Doolin, Julie Thomas, Jill Warren, Courtney Hamilton, Professor Basil Markesinis, Courtney Hamilton. Michael Newman, Ashley Kissinger, Pamela Celantano, Chris Strong. Semester in London - 7 In 1953, the University of Texas School of Law first observed Law Day, a day to " create a deeper understanding and respect for the legal profes- sion as a whole. What was once a day to remember has now become a memorable week and one of the most symbolic and enduring tradition at the Law School. The Student Bar Association expanded Law Day to Law Week in 1969 and dedicated it to Dean W. Page Keeton. Always active on the teaching staff, Page Keeton applied the same motto to which he adhered as a teacher to his ser- vices as Dean: " Enter Without Knocking. " Still a member of the Law School faculty today, Dean Keeton ' s open door policy per- sists. Whether assisting stu- dents in understanding the law ' s intricacies or simply planning witty Socratic dialogue, Page Keeton continues to be a delight and inspiration to all who would endeavor to meet the chal- lenges of the law. Each year the students of the Law School dedicate Law Week to a respected alumnus or a special friend of the Law School. This year, Law Week honored Professor Douglas Laycock and David Gunn, head reference librarian, for their tire- less dedication to the Law School. The events of Law Week change to some degree every year, but the backbone tradi- tions endure: Assault and Flattery, Race Judicata, Spring Fling, Dean Keeton ' s Barbeque, Race lose. Loquitor, the Jesse Dean Oliver Emergency Student Loan Fund Auction, Moot Court Competitions, Distinguished Lectures and the T.J. Gibson Law Week Awards Ceremony. Never changing, of course, is the ultimate opportunity afford- ed by Law Week: the chance to socialize with professors, pre- sent and future members of the Bar as well as a chance to laugh with and toast fellow stu- dents. The Law Week Committee hopes that the students, faculty, staff, members of the Bar and friends of the Law School enjoyed the events and festivi- ties of Law Week. 271] NALAL LAW WE A NY From 1948-1984, the first person most students encountered on arriving at Townes Hall was the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, T.J. Gibson. Long before he retired from the University of Texas School of Law on August 31, 1984, T.J. Gibson became a well- known ins titution, a hero among the student who sought under- standing in a place that appears at times appears to lack humanity. On March 7, 1985, T.J. Gibson, " the law student ' s friend, " passed away. The Student Bar Association resolved to name the annual Law Week Awards Ceremony in his honor. AWARD WINNERS FACULTY AWARDS Dedicatee Professor Douglas Laycock Honoree David Gunn, Head Reference Librarian Open Door Award Professor Michael Tigar Texas Excellence Teaching Award $1000 Award Professor David Sokolow Kugle. Byrne Alworth Award $1000 Ethics Teaching Award Professor John Robertson STUDENT AWARDS Aggiest Aggie (warm handshake) Wil Liebmann - First Place ABA Award in Land Use and Local Government TBA Baker Botts Award S250 Award Cheri Abbage (Outstanding Freshlaw) Ingrid Warren (Outstanding Midlaw) Michael Bryant (Outstanding Senior) Zhe Zhang (Midlaw making most scholastic progress) Earl A. Brown Award Book on Mineral Law Brett J. Sileo (Mineral Law) Marion Boner Award $1000 Award from the Travis County Women ' s Lawyers Association TBA (based on need and merit) Butler Binion Award $500 Award David E Bill Cristina Infante (Civil Procedure) Jack Currey Awards S100 Award Sonya Palmer (Deserving Freshlaw) Danyele Walton (Working Midlaw) Whitney Fleming (Working Senior) Ft. Worth Real Estate Council Award $250 Award Susan Turley (Advanced Real Estate) Futbright Jaworski Awards $250 Award Heather McLemore (Outstanding IL) Angela Hights (Outstanding Midlaw) Heather Way (Working Midlaw) Nikol Alexander (Outstanding Senior) Graves, Dougherty, Hearon Moody Award in Property (Highes grade in Property) $100 Award Asim Bhansali. Brad Barnes, Diane Pearson, Harry Susman Paul Vigushin Griggs Harrison Award $500 Award Brian Robison (Second-year Products Liability) Wilson Herndon Award $1000 Award Christopher Strong Keith Saunders (Outstanding in Antitrust Law) Hildy ' s Cutback Award $100 Award Kristen Bodenstedt (Captures the imagination, humor, and respect of the law faculty) International Academy of Trial Lawyers Award Certificate Awarded TBA Law School Alumni Award $100 Award Rhonda Sullivan (Strengthened relations with alumni) Liddell, Sapp, Zivley. Hill Laboon 5250 Award Miriam Schuller (Outstanding leadership, character service) National Lawyers Guild Certificate Awarded TBA (Values human rights over property rights) Neel, Hooper Kalmans $500 Award Kristen Silverbertg Lynn Bey-Ronde (Outstanding in Labor Law) Porter Hedges Award $500 Award David Nelson. Glenn Smith Amy Warr (Outstanding in Evidence) Royston, Rayzor. Vickery Williams Award $100 Award Kathryn Holt (Senior who has made most scholastic progress) Student Bar Association $100 Award Sylvia Cedillo (Community Service) Vinson Elkins Awards $1000 Award Elizabeth Owen Robert Ray (Outstanding in Oil and Gas Law) Gene Woodfin Award $500 Award Bill Christian (Great promise of future leadership) photos by Mark Sims 10 – Mock Trial B.O.A. MOCK TRIAL COMPETITIONS Carl W. Wilson Endowed Fall Novice Mock Trial (Endowed by: Gardere Wynne) Michael Shane Wally Owens Best Advocate: Margot Merek Vial, Hamilton, Koch Knox Endowed Fall Senior Mock Trial Gayle Hanz Michael Shane Best Advocate: Gayle Hanz Locke Purnell Rain Harrell Spring Novice Mock Trial Katherine Ginzburg Julie Shermak Best Advocate: Katherine Ginzburg Strasburger Price Endowed Spring Senior Mock Trial Jon P. Harmon Michael Shane Best Advocate: Jon P. Harmon Association of Trial Lawyers of America Jon P. Harmon Gayle Hanz B.O.A. APPELLATE COMPETITIONS Gibbs Bruns Endowed Fall Moot Court Kristen Pauling Lowell Feldman Best Advocate: Kristen Pauling Best Brief: Katherine Ginzburg Julie Shermak Susman Godfrey Endowed Spring Moot Court. Mark Evetts Geoff Harper Best Advocate: Mark Evetts Best Brief: Mark Evetts Geoff Harper Thad T. Hutcheson Endowed Freshlaw Moot Court Competition Section 1: Joel Z Montgomery ' Section 2: J.C. Rozendaal Section 3: Chris Hoffman Section 4: James L. Noles, Jr. Section 5: Donna J. Blevins B.O.A. ADVOCACY COMPETITION Alternative Dispute Resolution James Baker Mark Evetts Client Counseling. Andy Mouer Penn Huston ABA Negotiation Mont McClendon Michael Catt Voir Dire Samantha Hill Ann Perry INTERSCHOLASTIC TEAMS MOCK TRIAL TEAM • ABA National Criminal Justice Mock Trial Team Michael Fontaine Sylvia Escobedo Jackie Wood Marc Rosales Coaches: Lynn Castagna (Wright Greenhill) and Ken Campbell (Thornton, Summers, Biechlin, Dunham Brown) Association of Trial Lawyers of America Mock Trial Team Regional Champions Darcy Ahlberg Brent Benoit Dennis Barrow Christine Elizardo Frank Guerra Regional Semifinalists Jon Harmon William Langford Margot Merek Tom Tomlinson Lori Tullos Coach: Rob May (Law Office of Robert C. May) Cathy E. Bennett National Criminal Mock Trial (Sponsored by Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association State Bar of Texas Criminal Justice Section) Michael Fontaine Julie Ferguson Jason Davis Carla Johnson Coach: Joe Little (Strasburger Price) National Mock Trial Team (Sponsored by Jones, Jones, Curry Roth and Wright Greenhill) Regional Champions Valerie Lowrance Tyler George Murr Sylvia Escobedo Brewster McCracken Mindy Montford ' Jim Clancy Coaches: Walter L. Taylor and Steve Harris (Ewbank Harris) Texas Fall Invitational Trial Team Champions Whitney Fleming William Langford Valerie Lowrance Tyler Tom Tomlinson Jon Harmon Geoff Harper George Murr Melissa Stringer Coach: Rob May (Law Office of Robert C. May) photos by Mark Sims Moot Court — 11 ABA Moot Court Team (Endowed by: Kayser Foundation and Tort Compensation Subsection, Litigation Section, State Bar of Texas) Octofinalists Geoff Harper Oliver Metzger Kristen Pauling Coaches: Alan Waldrop and John Swartz (Liddell, Sapp, Zivley, Hill LaBoon) Frederick Douglas Moot Court Team Endowed by: Joseph D. Jamail, Ill) Regional Semifinalists James Andrus Terry Lee Genae Richardson Buena Vista Watford Ingrid Warren Best Advocate: Christopher B. Shelia Coach: Sandra Carpenter Giles Sutherland Rich Intellectual Property Moot Court Team Endowed by: Motorola, Inc. Regional Finalists and National Finalists Lance Caughfield Andrea Levin Coaches: Craig Morgan and Doug Alexander (Brown McCarroll Oaks Hartline) Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Team Katrida Collier ., Steven Jumes Steven Mines Tara Porterfield Coach: Gregg Lehman (Texas Department of Insurance) John Marshall Moot Court Team Brent Benoit Scott Bursor Erica Worth Coaches: Heidi Bloch (Hilgers Watkins) and Jane Webre (Scott, Douglass, Luton McConnico Judge John R. Brown Admiralty Moot Court Team National Champions Best Brief Best Advocate: James Baker Karen Crook Brief Writer: Pierre Riou Semifinalists Roger Bivans Genae Richardson Locky Bright , Coaches: Heidi Bloch (Hilgers Watkins) and Eric Behrens (Graves, Dougherty, Hearon Moody) National Moot Court Team Endowed by: (Graves, Dougherty, Hearon Moody) Octofinalists Second Best Brief James Baker Bob Lowey Margot Merek Coaches: Dan R. Castro (Vinson Elkins) and Greg Jordan (Taylor, Dunham Jordan) Pace University Environmental Law Moot Court T eam (Endowed by: Fulbright Jaworski) Christopher Bell Lowell Feldman Sharon Sandie Coaches: J. Bruce Bennett (Baskin, Bennett Komkov) and Lin Hughes (McGinnis, Lochridge Kilgore) Robert F. Wagner, Sr. Labor Law Moot Court Team (Endowed by: Matthews Branscomb) National Champions Evangeline Paschal Jeff Wortman Mary Ann Royce Coaches: Sean Breen (Lea Chamberlain) and Laura Upchurch (Brown McCarroll Oaks Hartline) State Bar Moot Court Team Competiton is in May. James Baker Mark Evetts Karen Crook Coaches: Katheryn J. Walters (Kaufman, Reibach Richie, Inc.), Jason Wakefield (Law Office of Randall Erben), and Michelle (Shelli Wakefield (Briefing Attorney, Magistrate Stephen Capella) August A. Rendigs, Jr. National Products Liability Moot Court Team (Endowed by: Perry Haas) National Champiions Best Petitioner ' s Brief Daniella Landers Michael Singley Buena Vista Watford Coaches: Randy Christian and John Williams (Clark, Thomas Winters) ADVOCACY TEAMS ABA Negotiation Team Allyson Carr Michael Catt Mont McClendon Diana McQuillin Coach: Ralph Hasson (Chorda Conflict Management) taw AssOciation„.. PRESIDENT Harris E. Kerr, Midland PRESIDENT-ELECT John B. Beckworth, Houston PAST-PRESIDENT Hector De Leon, Austin EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Susana I. Aleman, Austin Morris Atlas, McAllen Kae L. Brockermeyer, Fort Worth Scott G. Burdine, Houston John W. Fainter, Jr., Austin Janie L. Frank, Fort Worth Laura J. Hagen, Chicago L. Jane Hamblen, New York Brad B. Hawley, Jr., Dallas Ferd C. Meyer, Jr., Dallas Virginia H. Miller, Philadelphia Daniel F. Perez, Dallas James I. Perkins, Rush Eduardo R. Rodriguez, Brownsville Sherwood M. Sullivan, San Jose H. Edward Toles, Ill, Dallas Edward W. Turley, Jr., Houston William H. White, Washington DISTRICT DIRECTORS Allison Dickson Baker, Austin Raymond J. Batla, Jr.,Washington Jane Nenninger Bland, Houston Edwin E. Buckner, Jr., Marshall Edna Ramon Butts, Austin Joe B. Cannon, Groesbeck Jesse R. Castillo, San Antonio Patricia D. Chamblin, Beaumont John W. Croft, Irving J. Alan Davis, Los Angeles James V. Derrick, Jr. Houston Kenneth R. Dickerson, Los Angeles Thomas R. Dixon, Jr., Amarillo Diana C. Dutton, Dallas A. Erin Dwyer, Dallas Thomas P. Erwin, Reno David Fielding, Fort Worth Michael W. Fox, San Antonio D. Gilbert Friedlander, Plano Keith R. Fullenweider, Houston Richard Grainger, Tyler Roger B. Greenberg, Houston James A. Hamilton, Los Angeles Laquita Ann Hamilton, Austin Renee E. Harris, Fort Worth Thomas S. Henderson, Ill, Houston Dia nne Carlson Hoofard, Dallas John T. Kipp, Dallas Rollins M. Koppel, Harlingen Jack De Ladd, Midland J. Furman Lewis, Tulsa Patton G. Lochridge, Austin Neal S. Manne, Houston Jane A. Matheson, Austin Charles E. Meacham, Mexico City Mike Mills, McAllen M. Bradford Moody, Houston J. Sam Moore, Jr., El Paso Steve L. Morris, Las Vegas Joe H. Nagy, Lubbock David Palmer Oelman, Houston Suzanna Sanchez Perez, Dallas Susan Ponce, Houston Daniel V. Pozza, Jr., San Antonio Brent M. Rosenthal, Dallas Morton A. Rudberg, Dallas Frank B. Rynd, Houston Camille F. Sarrouf, Boston Myra C. Schexnayder, Houston Karen Patton Seymour, New York Michael G. Shirley, Austin Marianna S. Smith, Bethesda Stuart Smith, Waco John B. Strasburger, Houston Stephen L. Tatum, Fort Worth R.E. Thompson, Albuquerque Mark E. Watson, Ill, San Antonio H. Philip Whitworth, Jr., Austin Darrell R. Windham, El Paso Carlos M. Zaffirini, Laredo ASSOCIATION DIRECTOR Anne R. Yeakel, CFRE SUE-ID(JL Li. N C)5: s. I 1 II. r()()1 --1)()Ns(n; I lu` photo by John Foxworth Senator Kay Baily Hutchison, University of Texas Law School Foundation Trustee and recipient of the Outstanding Alumnus Award. 12 – Law Alumni Association Law School Foundation Founded in 1952, The University of Texas Law School Foundation was established as an educational founda- tion to support The University of Texas School of Law. As stated in its charter, the mission of the Foundation is " to fur- ther legal educational, legal research, financial assistance to deserving stu- dents and the progress of the law; to solicit donations for particular objectives to accomplish such purpose. " The fundamental guide of the Foundation is the Board of Trustees which has grown from its original seven members to 22 today, and still includes some of the most prominent lawyers in Texas and the nation. The Foundation raises most of the endowments and pri- vately sponsored funds which support the Law School. The UT School of Law currently lists its endowments at more FRONT ROW: Bonny B. Block, Darla J. Helms, Abby L. Hemphill, George Ference Jr., Toni S. Turner, Garine ' sass ' , Benjamin Ruiz. BACK ROW: John M. Ferrick, Anne R. Yeakel, Teresa B. Watts, Chaille B. Ellisor, Loren S. Poulsen, Peter R. Ruiz. than $85 million, ranking as one of the largest law school endowments in America. The University of Texas Law Alumni Association, founded in 1939, which operates under the non-profit status of the Foundation, seeks to maintain a close bond between the Law School and its alumni. Upon graduation, Law School students automatically become members of the Alumni Association—no dues are required. The Association holds alumni receptions throughout the country for its alumni as well as an annual spring Reunion honoring 10 class years. As state funding continues to decline for all public educational institutions, the role of the Foundation will assume even greater significance. Private philan- thropy will be a critical factor in main- taining the Law School ' s remarkable growth in prestige and assets. The Law School Foundation and the Law Alumni Association will continue to provide maximum possible support and assis- tance to the University of Texas School of Law through leadership and the gen- erosity of its alumni and friends. T H L UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS LAW SCHOOL FOUNDATION OFFICERS PRESIDENT Morris Atlas, McAllen VICE-PRESIDENT Harry M. Reasoner, Houston LIFE MEMBER TRUSTEES Morris Atlas, McAllen E. William Barnett, Houston David J. Beck, Houston Elton M. Hyder, Jr., Fort Worth Wales H. Madden, Jr., Amarillo J. Mark McLaughlin, San Angelo Harry M. Reasoner, Houston TRUSTEES Linda L. Addison, Houston Ruben R. Cardenas, McAllen George C. Chapman, Dallas J. Chrys Dougherty, Austin John L. Estes, Dallas Kay Bailey Hutchison, Washington, DC Joseph D. Jamail, Jr., Houston Franklin Jones, Jr., Marshall Dee J. Kelly, Fort Worth Gilbert I. Low, Beaumont Tom B. Ramey, Jr., Tyler C. Kenneth Roberts, Irving Larry E. Temple, Austin SENIOR TRUSTEES B. D. Orgain, Beaumont J. Burleson Smith, San Antonio EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Toni S. Turner, Austin photo by Mark Sims Law School Foundation – 13 1..1 N1( N 11.1()( 1)() Alumni Association President Harris Kerr and Law School Foundation Trustee Wales Madden pre= sent the 1995 Outstanding Alumnus Award to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. Joe B. Cannon, Buddy Low, Walter Williams and Judge Robert A. Gritta celebrate their 35th class reunion. I Alumni Reunion Class of 1945 Leon Leibowitz, Evelyn Johnson. 14 - Alumni Association Reunion Weekend in Austin Keith Liebman, Peter Kraus, Lisa Kraus. ;and Alvis Wallis examine a cedar box Wallis is holding. The box carved by Smith any donated items included in the Reunion Silent Auction. 1r:60A141:iirrik iC1l(01i0C014MIA. photos by John Foxworth Roger Garrett, Bob Dickson President Elect Alin Beckworth presents the Distinguished Alumnus Avva 111- for Community Service to Harry Max Reasoner. Alumni Association Reunion Weekend in Austin — 15 Andik, ft7(l - A U. FALL SUNFLOWER CEREMONY Degrees Certified December 23, 1994 DOCTOR OF JURISPRUDENCE Laura Jane Bryant Daphne Lisette Burton Carrie Elaine Campbell Sally Valaree Cook Lisa Lavelle Cunningham Lars Andreas Danner William Albert Davis Jr. Kyle Thomas Deroy David Barnard Dodson Linda Moore Early Carey E. Fitzmaurice John Andrews Ford Richard John Franchek Christopher Clark Franz Debra Ann Guerrero Gregory Scott Heath Timothy Blair Hummel Debra Irwin George Christian Kraehe Monica Ann Lawson Leo Karen Lee Lorch Michael Paul Marcin Zoe Emily Messinger Elbert Junior Ocanas Christina E. Peterson Michael M. Pichinson Noel Henry Reese Jennifer Lee Richardson John Timothy Ritter Keith Wayne Saunders Paul Garrett Triplett James R. Valentine IV James Darby Walker photos by Timothy Lee 16 — Fall Sunflower Ceremony DOCTOR OF JURISPRUDENCE Remi Ellen Abbott George Rall Ackert Manuel Acosta-Rivera Elizabeth G. Addison Kristin Elizabeth Adler Victor Alcorta III Susan Elizabeth Aldrich Nikol Gertrude Alexander James Arnold Andrus James Patrick Armstrong Kerstin Eichberg Arnold Elizabeth Anne Baier Allison Elizabeth Bailey James Michael Baker Scott Patrick Baker Danese Katrina Banks Anatole Robert Barnstone Jonathan Alan Beldon Timothy Brandon Bell Aaron Jamal Bennett Josh Bernstein Doreen Susan Besonen Brett William Beveridge Lynn Karen Bey-Roode Cory Stuart Birenbaum Julie Elese Black Carri Ann Blodgett John Kevin Boardman Kristin J. Bodenstedt Ivan Bojanic Ryan Andrew Botkin Thomas John Bowes Andrew William Bowman Timothy Monte Bowne J. Marcus Boyter Donna Teresa Bradshaw Ronald Forrest Bradshaw J.D. Brannan Sherrill Carol Anne G. Braswell Crystal Rene Brazzel Henrietta L. Bright Buddy Broussard Amy Marie Brown James Eugene Brown III Michael David Bryant Barry James Bumgardner Christine Eileen Burgess Kimberly Shawn Burley Adolfo Campero Jr. Claudia Mariana Cano Eldarose Cardenas Susan Cristen Casey Michael Nathan Casias Charisse Castagnoli Daniel Manuel Castillo Sylvia C. Cedillo Christopher C. Chaffin Farrel Hargrave Chapman Michael Chibib Keric Blaine On Chin Michael Alan Choyke William Gerow Christian Jennifer Lynn Chutick Wesley M. Cleveland Elita Denise Cobbs Laura Jenine Coe Edward David Coligado James Douglas Connolly Dionne Valenzia Cooper Kelli Lynn Copeland Joseph Peter Corcoran Kathi Anne Cover Claiborne Lamar Cowan Michael Raphael Cowen Gregory Forrest Cox Christi Leigh Craddick Robin Theobald Cravey Kirby William Cronin Scott Alexander Cummings Shreen Kumar Danamraj Douglas Allen Daniels James Howard Dapper Derek Lawrence Davis Jason Murray Davis Jose E. De La Fuente Laura Elizabeth Dedio John Patrick Degeeter Patrick Lee Delaune Adam Robert Dell Debra Leigh Dennett Carla Gay Dickson Patrick Joseph Dolan Renee Marie Domingue Adrienne E. Dominguez Lori Kathleen Duke Michelle Louise Dulany Stuart Shaffer Dupuy Kathryn Elizabeth Durham Desiree Dawn Durst Daniel William Dworin Benjamin Shane Dyer Laura Marie Ekery David Patrick Elder Carla Elaina Eldred Charles Kenneth Eldred Christine Sarah Elizardo Stacy Leigh Emerson John Gregory Escamilla Sylvia Yvonne Escobedo Heath Douglas Esterak Mark Alan Evetts Catherine B. Fant Eric David Farrell Julie Anne Ferguson Robert Stuart Field Scott King Field Eric Ashley Fisher Whitney J. Fleming Maria Consuelo Flores Michael Palmer Fontaine Joseph Holt Foster III Kyle Kenneth Fox Philip D. Fraissinet Donna Yvette Frazier Lori Friedman Catherine Noelie Fuller Gina Beth Gaedke Michael Henry Garbarino Barbara Lynn Garcia Kenneth Victor Garcia Oliver Garcia Rodrigo Garcia Jr. Sergio Ernesto Garcia Jr. Brian Douglas Garner Marc Franklin Gault Aaron Robert Gelb Todd Smith George John Michael Gibson Carl Haralson Ginsberg Roderick Bryant Glass Staci Lynette Glenn Patricia Steele Goddard Anna Cecilia Gonzalez Raul Arturo Gonzalez Vanessa Ann Gonzalez Dana Anne Gordon Frank Brian Graham Megan E. Gray Jaime Robert Grieves Efren Matthew Guedea Marcus Daniel Guerra Javier B. Gutierrez Nancy Magner Hagquist Martin Larry Hale Christopher Hally Hall Courtney Diane Hamilton Michele Lee Hammers Charles Bedford Hampton John Chong-Dae Han Michael Dewitt Hansen Gayle Cerrato Hanz Kelly Leigh Haragan Monique Covette Harden Jonathan Paul Harmon Zachary John Harmon Geoffrey Scott Harper Kenneth Wilson Harper Jeremy Tremayne Hartman Patricia Eileen Haule Heather Mary Heartfield Stephanie Fay Hebert Fred Adlam Helms Rebecca Ruth Henderson Joseph Claude Henry Rennae Kiana Hood Henry Gary Dwayne Herring Christopher Lloyd Hewitt Jeffrey W. Hightower Jr. Samantha Kristyn Hill Tara Beaudoin Hittelman Robert Wayne Holland James Allen Holmes Kathryn Mary Holt Nathaniel Peter Holzer Jungyoun Hong Mark Daniel Hopkins Michael Blair Hopkins Robin Hinton Hopkins William Everitt Hopkins Stephen S. Hornbuckle Michelle Rene Huhn Patrick Joel Hurley Cristina Infante Jeanine Marie Jaynes Stanly Ray Jensen Suewan M. Johnson Christopher C. Jones George Cleveland Jones James Wesley Jones Lynda Viola Jones Tracey Marie Jones Robert Fred Josey Nika Kabiri Michael Louis Kaeske Gregory Howard Kahn Lauren Jennifer Kalisek Cindy Kang SPRING SUNFLOWER CEREMONY Degrees Certified May 20, 1995 Spring Sunflower Ceremony — 17 Steven Todd Mines Melinda Montford David Anthony Montoya Daniel James Moore Jon Derek Moore Marla Ann Moore William Arlyn Moore Amy V. Morales-Knight Rore Eileen Moran Debra Yvonne Moritz Thomas James Morris Timothy Anthony Morris Stephen Wilborne Mosley Lucretia Pilissa Murphy George Bashier Murr Todd Andrew Murray Mark Christopher Nelson Christie Ann Newkirk Michael Harris Newman William Bruce Newsome Philip Albrecht Nickles Connie Catherine Niemann David Wesley O ' Brien William Patrick O ' Byrne Liana Edisa Olivarez Johanna Catherine Oliver Wesley Andrew Oliver Elizabeth Allison Owen Melissa True Owen Kenan Jacob Packman David Allen Palmer Amanda Suzanne Paquet Evangeline C. Paschal Eugene Harley Patten Bryan Joseph Pechersky Michael Lindley Peck Martha Peine Chase Anthony Perry Sharon Ann Perry Becky Elizabeth Pestana William Grayson Phenix Charles Edward Phipps John David Pickering Mark James Pietrantone Alan Wayne Pigg Staci Cazanne Pirnar Jennifer Ruth Poe Ann Rebecca Powers Francisco Javier Prado Sian Elizabeth Provost Mae Catherine Quinn Susan Patricia Raine Elissa Terese Ramirez Rodrigo Vicente Ramos Milbrey Ewing Raney Naureen N. Rashid Shannon H. Ratliff II Karen Burdett Ray Dimitri Victor Karkhu Patrick Dennis Keating Graham Lee Keever Stephen Donald Keith Katherine Nel Kennedy Kristina M. Kennedy Frank Anthony King Sheryl Kappe Kinlaw Margaret Cheryl Kirby Christopher T. Kirchmer Jeffrey David Kirtner Ashley Ivy Kissinger Elizabeth Ann Klaas Abigail Connor Klamert Charles Jared Knight Jennifer Ann Kowalik Kira Kuper Michelle Denise Kwan Gregory Preston Laird Claudia Elizabeth Lanese William Dean Langford Jr. Bryn Kristin Larsen Stephen Calvin Lee Ilan M. Levin Ellen Mary Lewis Wilhelm Esser Liebmann Deborah Lin Todd Catlett Litton Brett Ashley Lochridge Robert Graham Loewy Hector Garcia Longoria John Marcos Longoria Kelly Elizabeth Lowe David Gerald Luettgen Michael John Macari Neera Mahajan Eric Robert Maier Lauren M. Markowitz Terri Lynn Marroquin Jason Clarke Marshall Robert Anthony Martinez Richard S. Mattessich Donald James McCarthy Edward Todd McClusky Jonathan A. McCormick Mar nie Ann McCormick Kevin James McCrea Robert Dennis McCutchan Charles Black McFarland John Hatchett McFarland Anne Marie McGowan Amy Elizabeth McKinney Nikelle Susanne Meade Laurie Joan Meggesin Sylvia Ann Mendoza Margot Ann Merek John Daniel Metzger James Craig Milton 18 — Spring Sunflower Ceremony photos by Timothy Lee Robert Royal Ray Kyle Ari Reed Daniel I. Rey-Bear Janet Lee Reynolds David Keith Richardson Nancy Ann Richardson Catherine E. Riddle Jay Elliott Riggins Pierre Joseph Riou Brian Edward Robison Aaron Peter Roffwarg James David Rowe Mary Ann Royse Sandi Jo Rundle Maria Theresa Ryan Angelica Ines Salinas Marco Antonio Salinas Thomas Edward Sanders James Oliver Sandlin Lisa L. Schmandt Peter Vann Schroeder Carl Brooks Schuelke Mirjam Tamara Schuller Todd Keith Sellars Liane Arabella Shartin Adam David Sheehan Elisabeth W. Sherman Charles William Shipman Brett Jason Sileo Michael C. Singley Douglas Richard Sitter Jerry Ray Smith Kyle Emery Smith Thomas M. Spitaletto James Kenneth Spivey Meredith Steinfeld Brian Marc Stettin James Howard Stilwell Karl Murray Strait Leslie Lenore Strauch Melissa Gale Stringer Christopher Burk Strong Jean Trichel Sudduth Laura Lee Sullenger David Joseph Sullivan Rhonda Kaye Sullivan Elizabeth Joy Surratt Loren Elwood Svor Jerome Alton Swindell Jonathan David Tamez Ivory Tate Holly Eileen Taylor Kristi Lynne Taylor Todd Wayne Taylor Clark Reed Teckenbrock Eric Brad Terry Julie Deanne Terry Julie Lynn Thomas Dianne Theresa Todd Thomas Michael Tomlinson Karin Britt Torgerson Gary Michael Torrent Miguel Angel Torres Andrew Saul Traub Karin Marie Troendle Susan Lynn Welker Turley Marvin Craig Tyler Valerie Lowarance Tyler Harry Shannon Tyson Jr. James Corbin Van Arsdale Timothy James Van Meir Anne Marie Vanbuskirk Kathryn Muriel Veech Alexander R. Veltman Travis Edward Vickery Peter Josef Vogel Gage Amburgey Waggoner Charles Bruce Walker Jr. Lamont Darnell Walker Jill Warren William Lee Warren David Irwin Warwick Stephanie Diane Watjus Hunter Eugene Webb Fred Howard Weber Kimberly Ann Wells Susan Elizabeth Wells Sharmian Lynell White Anna Linae Whorton David Andrew Wight Sara Melinda Wilder Melissa Morgan Williams Rani Chellane Williams Derek Lynn Willis Amy Marlyse Wilson Kathryn Chiles Wilson Richard Gardner Wilson Daniel Paul Winikka Jacqueline Lee Wood Jeffrey Aaron Wortman Nancy Vetsera Wright Kevin Paul Yamaga-Karns David Yarden Yale Han Yee Aimee Rochelle Young Catherine Alice Young Lawrence Ray Youst William Garrett Zachary Lawrence Howard Zahn Gary Jay Zimmerman UM GRAD UATES Kjell Inge Ambjorndalen Ole Johan Aulie Christiane Frank Sivakumaren Mardemootoo Spring Sunflower Ceremony — 19 photos oy VIdTK Organizations — 21 The Aggie Law Students ' Association is a social and profes- sional organization and support group dedicated to surviving in a hostile environment. The Aggie Law Students hold regular meetings and sponsor a variety of social activities. In addition, they publish an annual resume book and provide an oppor- tunity for students to meet with Aggie attorneys working in the Austin area. FRONT ROW: Mary Flowerree Walters, Clay R. Simmons, Oskar I. Nisimblat, Secretary, Lori M. Tullos, President, Wilhelm E. Liebmann, Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Vanessa Ann Gonzalez, Michael Steven Perez, Tammy Michelle Holt, Ingrid Michelle Warren, Daniel E. Hinde, Jamie Spencer, Scott P. Baker, Christine S. Elizardo. THIRD photo by Mark Sims ROW: Jay E. Stuemke, H. Shannon Tyson, Ed Klein, Paul Trahan, Juan F. Alanis, Michael Anthony Blake, Arthur J. Brady, Russell Langley. BACK ROW: Brian Scott Blackman, Staci Lynette Glenn, Stephanie Diane Watjus, Angelica Ines Salinas, Richard Gregg Byrd, Brandon Scot Pierce, Ray Thomas Torgerson, Patrick Keith Gendron. 22 - Aggie Law Students Association American Journal of Criminal Published three times a year, the American Journal of Criminal Law is one of the largest and longest-run- ning UT Law School publications (established 1972). The Journal is a nationally recognized law review ded- icated exclusively to providing a forum for scholarly debate on the criminal law and its related issues. The Journal continues to attract submissions from top scholars. This year ' s volume included a Special Issue on capital punishment jurispru- dence as well as two other issues encompassing a wide variety of top- ics of interest to the criminal law prac- titioner and scholar. Law firms, courts, libraries, and law enforcement agencies in the fifty states and in fifteen foreign countries subscribe to the Journal. The U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Courts of Appeal, U.S. District Courts, and numerous state supreme courts have cited the Journal. The Journal is the only law school publication with active first-, second-, and third-year members. The Journal offers membership to first-year stu- dents earning the highest grades in their criminal law course, and partici- pates in winter and spring write-on competitions for first- and second- year law students. By contributing to the publication of the Journal members enhance their writing and analytical skills. Each member then has the opportunity to apply these skills by writing a note or three casenotes and a book review. While the demands of meeting pub- lication schedules are significant, the Journal is committed to maintaining a congenial atmosphere. Likewise, the Journal is committed to accommodat- ing the wide spectrum of views held by the membership which is racially, ethnically, and politically diverse. FRONT ROW: Anthony W. Geller, Thomas W. Robertson, Tim E. Sorrells, Charlie K. Eldred, Marc E.Vockell, Melissa G. Stringer, Patrick L. DeLaune, Autumn C. Gray, Ashley P. Polk, Ashley E. Bates, Karen J. Tracy, Sara M. Forlano, Chase A. Perry, John N. Schwartz. SECOND ROW: Aimee R. Young, Stefan C. Sciaraffa, Amy E. Lee, Jon E. Sommer, Ken C. Moursund, Katherine E. Wilbourn, Susie D. Rosenthal, Ed A. Klein, Elizabeth A. Klaas, Sylvia Y. Escobedo, James P. photo by Mark Sims Armstrong, J. Chris Wood, Saul Pedregon, Tim M. Bowne, Jon P. Harmon, Juan F. Alanis, Marcus Lopez, Aaron J. Bennett. BACK ROW: Jason C. Rodgers, Dan J. Quinn, Jeff. Carleton Kubin, Chris P.Fisher, Melissa J. Masat, Steven M. Todd, Frederick W. Sultan, Richard G. Wilson, Robert G. Loewy, Paul D. Trahan, F. Jonathan Farren, Chris W. Schrauff, Don W. Minton, Don R. Eller, Bryan D. Pollard. American Journal of Criminal Law — 23 Asian-Amer can Law Students AssocMon photo by Mark Sims The Asian-American Law Students Association provides academic and career support for all interested law students. Every year ALSA sponsors se mi- nars on outlining, exam preparation, and an informal O and A for course selection. Members maintain a course outline bank and information on legal recruiters. Last year ALSA began a minority resume book with Career Services which has been extremely successful. Additionally, mentors and general advice to fresh- laws is provided to ease the transition into law school. ALSA encourages academic and pro bono activities for members. This year two teams were sent to the FRONT ROW: Jeffrey T. Liu, Dan Y.S. Chin, Eiji Kobayshi, Roger Hsia, David R. Joe, Stephen C. Lee, Prakash Balan. BACK ROW: Mirut P. Dalai, Raymond W. Chang, sue M. Lee, Ann U. Nguyen, Charlene H. Tsang, M. Nicole Morrison, Rina S. Wong, Nancy Shen. Thomas Tang Moot Court Southwest Competition and won the tournament. One team advanced to the National Finals in California. The Asian-American Law Students Association has numerous social functions, including formal and infor- mal dinners, happy hours and special activities such as a haunted house tour. The support group also extends beyond the law school. ALSA is very active with the Asian American Bar Association of Austin, so that stu- dents can meet and develop personal and professional contacts with area lawyers. Members maintain contacts with Asian-American student groups at The University and in the Nation at large. ALSA officers and members are always willing to help students vvith any problems or questions they may have. ALSA intends this tradition to continue after graduation to provide a worldwide network of UT alumni. 24 – Asian-American Law Students Association Boar©1 Advo©ates The Board of Advocates is dedicat- ed to the advancement of advocacy skills from trial and appellate litigation to negotiation, mediation and client counseling. The BOA achieves this goal by sponsoring numerous intra- mural and interscholastic advocacy competitions each semester. Membership is an honor earned through a combination of competition experience and administrative sup- port. Although membership has its iwn advantages, competitions are open to all second and third-year stu- dents who wish to participate. Even hose who do not participate as advo- ,;ates, including freshlaws, are encouraged to take part in the vari- ous events, playing crucial roles such as bailiffs and witnesses to earn points towards BOA membership. Each semester, the BOA sponsors ;everal events with the gracious sup- port of many Texas firms. Mock Trial events include the Carl W. Wilson Novice Mock trial endowed by Gardere Wynne, the Vial, Hamilton, Koch Knox Senior Mock Trial, the Locke, Purnell, Rain and Harrel Novice Mock Trial, and the Strasburger Price Senior Honors Mock Trial. Appellate competitions include the Gibbs Bruns Moot Court and the Susman Godfrey Moot Court. The BOA also sponsors the Thad T. Hutcheson Moot Court exclu- sively for first-year students. Additionally, the BOA holds compe- titions each year in voir dire, negotia- tion, mediation and client counseling. This year also saw the return of a very special event, the All-Star Mock Trial, an exhibition featuring Austin District Attorney Ron Woods and Houston defense attorney Dick DeGuerin battling in a courtroom presided over by Judge Sam Sparks of the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas. A very important part of the BOA mission includes participation in twenty interscholastic advocacy events at law schools across the country. Coming off a year of record success, BOA fielded many more tal- ented advocacy teams this year. Of particular interest this year were two interscholastic moot court events. The Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court, one of the nation ' s oldest and largest moot court competitions, which was held this year at the University of Texas School of Law in February and administered by the BOA. Also, the Judge John R. Brown Admiralty Moot Court, a compe tition founded and sponsored by the University of Texas School of Law and now in its second year, was held in San Francisco in the spring. The BOA is particularly proud to share its collective experience and talent with those considering careers in the law. Special efforts were made to reach out into the community to provide guidance and instruction to area high schools. BOA members acted as mentors to teen courts for the City of Georgetown and Westlake and also acted as judges for an undergraduate mock trial sponsored by Beta Alpha Rho, the University of Texas pre-law fraternity. The year was concluded by a ban- quet bringing together competitors, coaches, sponsors, faculty members and local attorneys. At this event suc- cess was recognized, and coaches and sponsors were thanked. FRONT ROW: Christopher T. Carver, Daniella D. Landers, Christopher 0. Bell, Karen M. Crook, Thomas M. Tomlinson, Erica R. Worth, Michael C. Singley, Katrida Collier, William D. Langford Jr., Jonathan P. Harmon, photo by Mark Sims Raul A. Gonzalez, Kyle A. Reed. BACK ROW: Michael P. Fontaine, William E. Hopkins, Rhonda K. Sullivan, Michele L. Hammers, C. Dennis Barrow, Margot A. Merek, Sharon A. Sandle, B. Vista Watford. Board of Advocates — 25 651 _ 63, " AC (r::.-L On Marsh 1, 1995, Assault and Flattery, the law school variety show, opened another hit show--a farcical adaptation of " The Sound of Music. " With all due respect to our esteemed librarian, the show, written by mid-law Paula Smith, was titled " The Sound of Mersky " and featured the singing, dancing, musical, and acting talents of more than sixty law students. " The Sound of Mersky " was the tale of Maria, a new TQ played by senior Anne McGowan, and her seven TQ students struggling to make it through the year. They faced many obstacles along the way, including the over- bearing and militaristic Captain, played by third-year Patrick Keating, the scheming Elsa, played by first- year Scarlett Collings, and a crew of fascist Gunners. One student, the innocent Liesl played my mid-law Julie Dulac, got her heart broken by a nice-guy-turned-gunner, German exchange student Rolf, played by senior Wilhelm Liebmann. In the end, after several rousing dance numbers choreographed by senior Becky Henderson and her assistants Lori Tullos and Farrel Chapman, numerous songs, and a few interesting plot twists, the TQs tri- umphed. Maria and the Captain fell in love, Elsa was humiliated, and every- one lived happily ever after. Too bad it ' s not that easy in the real law school world. While it was the bulk of the produc- tion, the main theme was but one part of Assault and Flattery 1995. There were great skits, written by third-year Brian Graham, including " Pulp Legal Fiction " and " The Simpson Trial " which was really a trial of Homer--not O.J. Simpson. Medley, directed by second-year Amy Metcalf and third- year Joe de la Fuente, was wonderful as always, entertaining the crowd with close harmony renditions of songs adapted to law school life. Vital to everyone on stage was the backstage dedication of Technical Director, mid-law David Rodi, Set Designer, mid-law Holly Kordsmeier, and Assistant Director, third-year Ilan Levin. Musical accompaniment, as well as a rousing set at intermission, was provided under the guidance of Band Director, senior Mike Torres. Continuing its more than forty-year tradition, Assault and Flattery 1995, directed by Paula Smith, provided a great creative outlet for all involved and an exciting and hilarious produc- tion for all who attended. The show proved, as it does every year, that law students have many hidden tal- ents, and, when given a place to showcase them, the result is fun for everyone. 26 — Assault and Flattery C Do (C:s r3) 23M arftDon The Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association was formed in order to promote and articulate the needs of Hispanic law students and to recruit and retain Hispanics in the Law School. The association has been involved in activities of concern to Hispanics and Law School commu- nities for over 11 years. ChLSA provides academic, finan- cial, social and career support for its members. The academic support includes participation in the first year Minority Orientation Program(MOP), exam-taking and outlining sessions, and resume and employment prepa- ration. The program focuses on the first year law training areas: case briefing, socratic teaching method, and legal writing. The career area of assistance includes minority job fairs, career services , clerkship, and schol- arship programs coordinated in con- OFFICERS: Geronimo M. Rodriguez, Alumni Relations; Amanda S. Paquet, Secretary, Mike N. Casillas, Public Relations; David A. Montoya, Treasurer, Miguel A. Torres, President. NOT PICTURED: Angelica I. Salinas, Vice-President. junction with the law school and vari- ous corporate sponsors. ChLSA also provides an emergency loan program and has implemented a scholarship fund for its members. The Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association is firmly com- mitted in utilizing legal training to meet the legal problems encountered within the Hispanic community. Members are dedicated to pro bono legal services in Austin. The students devote a portion of their time to evening clinics, individual firms, and the courts to provide consultation, translation, and referrals to those who cannot afford to pay for legal ser- vices. The clinics provide the stu- dents with valuable hands on experi- ence and professional contacts with attorneys in the Austin area working towards this same cause. ChLSA sponsored social mixers, receptions, the annual " Fajita Fiesta, " and an awards banquet. These activi- ties provide members with an oppor- tunity to meet other law students, pro- fessors, attorneys, and other Austin community leaders. Members also participate in a men- tor program with Austin attorneys who provide rapport, support, and insight to the legal profession and or other outside activities. FRONT ROW: Claudia Elizabeth Lanese, Lino Humberto Ochoa, Enrique Chavez Jr., Gloria Garcia, Brenda Kaye Marmolejo, Michael Nathan Casias. SECOND ROW: John Sabala, Ann a Noel Evans, Staci Lynette Glenn, Raul Arturo Gonzalez, Madeline Vela, Claris Ramos, Carla Margolis. THIRD ROW: David A. Montoya, Cynthia Catalina Llamas, Leslie L. Strauch, Liana E. Olivarez, Mike Torres, Edward J. Garcia, Amanda S. Paquet. BACK ROW: Laura Roxane Hidalgo, Lisa J. Soto, Lucie Lan Jones, Olga Seelig-Sanchez, Manuel Acosta, Stephanie D. Watjus, Geronimo M. Rodriguez. photos by John Foxworth 28 — Chicano Hispanic Law Students Association The Corporate Counsel Society is dedicated to finding alternative career paths for attorneys who wish to com- bine professional business sense and legal practice. Because the traditional law firm practice is not suited to everyone, CCS is committed to edu- cating law students about the alterna- tives available and to educating cor- porate America about the wealth of legal talent available at The Jniversity of Texas at Austin School of Law. CCS gathers and disseminates I iseful information via direct commu- , lication between students and corpo- rate practitioners. CCS accomplishes this through three programs: (1) Guest Speakers, (2) Mentors, and (3) Resume books. Guests include top legal officers from such companies as Conoco and Houston Industries. Corporate counsel practitioners from around the country are available to mentor CCS members. Books con- taining resumes of CCS members are sent to over five hundred American corporations. The Corporate Counsel Society is a successful, young organization that is becoming one of the most popular student societies at the Law School. Corporate Couisel Society Thomas Houston Daniel, Martin Darren Woodward, Michelle Senftleber Miller, Anne Marie Van Buskirk, Chris A Sgarlata. photo by Victor Caivano Corporate Counsel Society — 29 The Environmental Law Society (ELS) is a group of law students with interests ranging from those with a strong desire to practice environmen- tal law to many students who just enjoy learning about new areas of law or those who merely like partici- pating in the group ' s fun activities. ELS meetings typically include guest speakers presenting their views on current issues in environmental law. Speakers represent the public and private sector, plaintiffs and defendants. The 1994-95 gatherings welcomed David Frederick, a plain- tiffs ' attorney; Robert Stewart, a cor- porate environmental lawyer; Professor Pieter Schenkkan; repre- sentatives from the National Wildlife Federation, and a debate on the Endangered Species Act, co-spon- sored with the Federalist Society. Another highlight of the year includ- ed ELS ' s co-sponsorship of an Environmental Careers Day with the Texas State Bar. The membership expanded the law school ' s efforts in recycling, volun- teered with the Sierra Club, Texas Parks Wildlife, and the Environmental Crimes Division of the Texas Attorney General ' s Office. Society members also met with facul- ty and administration to voice con- cerns regarding the law school ' s cur- riculum in environmental law. On a lighter side, ELS members could frequently be found taking day hikes around Town Lake, camping at area state parks and soaking up the sun at the Posse. The Environmental Law Society continued its membership in the National Association of Environmental Law Societies (NAELS) and as always, helped finance a trip to the NAELS Conference in Boston. 6Th f photo by John Foxworth 30 — Environmental Law Society The Guanajuato Exchange Program was founded 28 years ago after the United States Embassy in Mexico requested that the UT School of Law begin an exchange program with a law school in Mexico. The pro- gram was designed to facilitate an exchange of academic and cultural information between the two partici- pating groups of students. However, the program provides the added ben- efit of creating lasting friendships - on both sides of the border. This year, a group of 30 students from the UT School of Law traveled to Guanajuato for the week of Spring Break. While ther e, the students attended lectures on Mexican law, toured government buildings and museums, and attended social activi- ties in the evenings. Three weeks after the trip to Guanajuato, a group of 35 students from the Universidad de Guanajuato traveled to Austin for a week of simi- lar activities. Both weeks of the pro- gram proved to be very successful and included one of the largest groups of participants in the pro- gram ' s 28 year history. The officers for the 1994-95 pro- gram were Executive Director Rhonda Sullivan and Directors Alex Veltman and Marco Salinas. ji° JJ]u " Ift© Exam Program photos courtesy Guanajuato Exchange Program Guanajuato Exchange Program — 31 The Hispanic Law Journal is one of five journals in the United States that is devoted to providing a forum for the discussion of legal issues that affect Hispanics. The purpose of the Journal is to inform scholars, judges, practitioners, and organizations about these issues. As an informative jour- nal, the Hispanic Law Journal aspires to be a neutral forum open to all views, ideas, and opinions. The scope of the Journal focuses on Hispanic legal issues; however, the Journal is also open to ideas coming from outside the legal community and views of non-Hispanics. The Hispanic Law Journal pub- lished in April 1995 and annually thereafter. Membership is open to all second and third-year students who demonstrate excellence in legal writ- ing and a nalysis. 171sparq© Law photo by Mark Sims FRONT ROW: Sylvia Ann Mendoza, Raul Arturo Gonzalez, Brenda Canales, Javier B. Gutierrez, Lori M. Tullos, Edward J. Garcia, Staci L. Glenn, Kerry X. Yanez, Angelica I. Salinas. BACK ROW: Barbara Lynn Garcia, Claudia Cano, Brenda Kaye Marmolejo, Vanessa Ann Gonzalez, Antonio B. Gonzalez, Miguel A. Torres, Stephanie D. Watjus, Leslie L. Strauch, Berna L. Rhodes, Ursula Y. Monroe. FRONT ROW: Miguel A. Torres, Staci L. Glenn, Barbara L. Garcia, Angelica I. Salinas. BACK ROW: Kerry X. Yanez, Javier B. Gutierrez, Vanessa Ann Gonzalez, Stephanie D. Watjus. EDITORIAL BOARD Co-Editors-in-Chief Staci Glenn Stephanie Watjus Chief Articles Editor Miguel A. Torres Chief Notes Editor Angelica Salinas Policy Editor Barbara Garcia Administrative Editors Vanessa Gonzalez Javier B. Gutierrez Operations Editor Kerry Yanez JOURNAL STAFF Conrad Brodden Juan E. Cabrera, Jr. Brenda Canales Claudia Cano Edward J. Garcia Antonio Gonzalez Raul Gonzalez Karen Katz Brenda Marmolejo Sylvia Mendoza Ursula Monroe Felix Ramirez Berna Rhodes Leslie Strauch Lori Tullos 32 – Hispanic Law Journal Intellectua ipproperty The Intellectual Property Law Society focuses on activities relating to patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and entertainment law. The goal is to provide a variety of IP pro- grams for law students and to pro- mote a solid foundation for practice in this area of law. This year the society sponsored talks on IP topics includ- ing GATT and NAFTA, and held its second annual Symposium on in Intellectual Property Law. The symposium gathered attorneys from local firms and corporations to discuss biotechnology, clerking on the federal circuit, copyright law, and entertainment law. The Intellectual Property Law Society also attempted to meet the special needs of first year law stu- dents through special computer train- ing sessions on IP topics and job searches and course selection advis- ing sessions. FRONT ROW: Brooke William Quist, Ana Christina Ward, Angela Marie Paul, Edwin Stuart Flores, Mirut P. Dalai. BACK ROW: Andrew Clark Graham, John Russell Emerson, Elizabeth Ann Rose, Timothy Glenn Ackermann, Scott Taylor Morris, James Alan Jubinsky. OFFICERS: Ana Christina Ward, president, Edwin Stuart Flores, vice-president, Angela Marie Paul, secretary, John Russell Emerson, treasurer. photos by Mark Sims Intellectual Property Law Society — 33 Iterneonal Law Society The International Law Society had a record year during 1994-95, with over 100 dues paying members and expanded programs of speakers, increased participation of LL.M. and international exchange students in activities both at the Law School and beyond, and continuing efforts at enlarging the study abroad opportunities offered to law students. During the fall, thanks to the polyglot talents of the member- ship, conversation groups were formed for Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, German, French and Spanish. ILS host- ed lectures and receptions for many law school visitors. Among those were Fr. Robert Drinan, who spoke on International Human Rights and Judge Zhang Min of the Supreme Court of the People ' s Republic of China. The ILS also focused on legal per- spectives of current issues by spon- soring a debate between Professors Ratner and Francioni on the Haitian crisis and the US UN intervention, and a presentation by Alicia Bercovich, a researcher-demograph- er and official delegate to the United The campus-wide " Symposium on International Intervention for the Cause of Human Rights, " on March 3, was the most ambitious effort this year. The Symposium brought to Austin Professors Louis Henkin and Elizabeth Zoller, as well as lawyers and scholars from the OAS, Pentagon, United Nations and Department of State. During the spring semester the International Law Society also hosted a group of Argentine professionals on an exchange program, held a panel forum on the " European Union: Prospects for Enlargement, " and continued the modest tradition of fine food and great conversation with ILS advisor Professor Steven Ratner, who spoke on the Cambodian Genocide and experience of U.N. Peacebuilding and Professor Azizah Al-Hibri, on Women and Islamic Jurisprudence. el photos by Mark Sims Nations ' Conference on Population and Development, held in Cairo. In November, ILS took the largest contingent of any law school to the Fall Congress of the national ILS Association in New Orleans. FRONT ROW: Christopher Souders, Edward Yeh, Johanna Oliver, Ramos, Kevin Givens. BACK ROW: Timothy Ackermann, Christiane Pallavi Ahluwalia, Talya Bernstein, Steven Mines, Silvia Arias, Ariel Frank, Zhe Zhang, Shanda Stephenson, Sajju George, Aaron Boyce. 34 — International Law Society Students ' or Gay I oncev Law Students for Gay and Lesbian Concerns (LSGLC) welcomed all stu- dents interested in issues affecting gays and lesbians. The group served as a support network for law students by holding social events, setting up a mentor system, and providing an open forum for discussion. LSGLC meetings served as a social function as well as a procedural one, and were held every other Friday. The organization made contribu- tions to charitable causes such as AIDS Services of Austin. LSGLC was also dedicated to raising awareness of gay and lesbian issues in the law school student body. This mission was carried out through sponsoring speakers, and publicizing campus- wide and city-wide events. FRONT ROW: Bruce L. Kleinschmidt, Kristan K. Tucker, Valerie R. Esparza, Holly E. Taylor, Evan James Taylor-Adair, Julie F. Mattes, Roger F. Simon, Angela M. Hights. BACK ROW: Dan Rey-Bear, Jonathan Tamez, Alicia D. Butler, Bob Postawko, Michelle D. Werch. photo by Mark Sims Law Students for Gay and Lesbian Concerns — 35 D FRONT ROW: Lea Anne Garey, Minh-Hien Nguyen, Ann Perry, John Charles Kitchens, Lori Michelle Tullos, Karen Elizabeth Katz, Erica Ruth Worth. BACK ROW: Diana Lynn McQuillin, Kevin Michael Givens, Heath Douglas Esterak, William Everitt Hopkins, Kolin Elgin Kothmann, Holly Lynn Phillips. The Tom C. Clark Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta, coming off of a great year has continued it ' s successful tra- dition. Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International (PAD) is proudly the second largest legal organization in the United States, second only to the American Bar Association. As members of PAD, members accept a commitment to professionalism, dedication and ser- vice to the law student, legal field and the community as a whole. As law students, PAD illustrated this commit- ment by initiating and participating in various activities. Law school activi- ties included hosting speakers from the legal community, Professor Sokolow ' s " world famous " review of the U.C.C., and offering outline assis- tance to PAD members. Community activities included blood drives, the Annual Crop-Walk- A-Thon and continuing the award- winning Adopt-A-School program. As an added bonus this year, Phi Alpha Delta entered a new arena for the Chapter by re-establishing direct contact with the Austin Area Alumni Chapter. Plans will be to meet with Alumni Chapter members frequently and maintain an " ear " in the Austin legal community and in return, PAD will host continuing legal education programs and help keep alumni cur- rent on cutting-edge legal issues. LI L 3 t, A Phi Alpha Delta Officers 1994-1995 Justice Bill Hopkins Vice Justice Erica Worth Vice Justice Camille Fraser Treasurer Karl Shackelford Clerk Holly Phillips Marshall John Kitchens photos by Mark Sims 36 — Phi Alpha Delta A ,,VV1 hvolkwA --3-Azzamv.3, photo by Mark Sims PHI DELTA PHI OFFICERS Magister Berna Lejoyce Rhodes Vice Magister Joseph Holt Foster Ill Clerk Jamie McCoy Patterson Exchequer Danyele Marie Walton Historian Daniel James Moore Social Chair Aaron Jeffries Suder Advisor Professor Stanley M. Johanson Phi Delta Phi is the oldest legal fra- ternity in the United States. It was founded in 1869, ten years before the formation of the American Bar Association. The purpose of the organization is to foster the highest standards of professional excellence and ethics and to encourage social relations among lawyers dedicated to these principles. Membership in the fraternity is limited to students who have a cumulative grade point aver- age of 3.30 or above. The Roberts Inn currently has nearly 70 members. This year ' s activities included holding a raffle for Dean Sharlot ' s parking space. The proceeds of the raffle were used to create a scholarship. FRONT ROW: Aaron Jeffries Suder, Danyele Marie Walton, Berna Lejoyce Rhodes, Daniel Jam es Moore. SECOND ROW: George Cleveland Jones, Marcus Lopez, Janie Ann Shannon, Rodrigo Garcia Jr., Chester Wayne Phi L))olta 1-11 Dingier HI, Prakash Balan. BACK ROW: Laura Lee Sullenger, Mark James Pietrantone, Jason Earl Weeden, Edwin Allen Klein, Jeremy Tremayne Hartman, Susan Elizabeth Aldrich, Duffy Doyle Crane. Phi Delta Phi — 37 tud With automatic membership for every law student, the Law School student body is organized as the Student Bar Association. Contrary to the great majority of student bar associations throughout the nation ' s law schools, there are no member- ship dues. The governing body of the SBA is the Board of Governors, which meets bi-weekly and is com- posed of 18 elected members. The SBA endeavors to carry out its objectives and contribute to the edu- cation of the law student by sponsor- ing programs that are both academic and extracurricular in nature. Through its Board of Governors, the Student Bar Association sponsors and supervises programs that fall into ❑ g three main categories; service, pro- fessional and social. Service pro- gramming provides such needed and convenient services for law students as locker rentals, the Annual Blood Drive, professor evaluations and mail services. Professional concessions include various guest speakers, lecturers, seminars, student faculty policy-mak- ing committees and mixers with vari- ous law firms. American Bar Association and State Bar Association services complete the list. Social activities include Fall Ex- Parte, the Spring Fling, happy hours, finals study breaks, and the Freshlaw Midterm party. photo by Mark Sims Sarah Anne Donch, Matthew Jeffrey Cleaves. O-3 6-s BOARD OF GOVERNORS OFFICERS: Joby Fortson IV, Treasurer, Jonathan Daniel Quander, President, Christopher J. Respass, Vice President. 38 - Student Bar Association Jonathan Daniel Quander, SBA President. FRONT ROW: Joby B. Fortson, Trey Martinez, Matt J. Cleaves, Christopher J. Respass, Michael D. Bryant, Brian G. Yarbrough, Terence M. Cooper. BACK ROW: D. Brent Golemon, Cecily C. Small, Jonathan D. Quander, Karin B. Torgerson, Mark W. Sims, Sarah A. Donch. NOT PICTURED: Heather C. McLemore, E vangeline C. Paschall, Nikelle S. Meade, Lamont D. Walker, Lisa L. Traylor, Hiawatha Northington, Daniella D. Landers. photos by John Foxworth Student Bar Association — 39 ]-11. L1,1-1, ❑ 65-` 0 T The Review of Litigation emerged during the 1994-95 academic year as one of the most respected voices in the country on litigation-related issues. In addition to publishing the largest volume in The Review ' s histo- ry, the journal hosted a symposium entitled " Mass Media ' s Impact on Litigation, Lawyers, and Judges, " which attracted participants from across the country with more than 200 attendees. The symposium brought together litigators, judges, journalists, and aca- demicians to debate one of the hottest issues facing the bar. The Review hosted the program on Feb. 24, in the Law School ' s Charles I. Francis Auditorium. The Honorable John F. Onion, Jr., the former presiding judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, began the symposium with an open- ing address. Following Judge Onion ' s speech, Law School Professor Michael E. Tigar moderated a panel discussion entitled " What To Do When your Case Is Front Page News. " The Honorable Hans A. Linde, a former justice on the Oregon 1994-95 EDITORIAL BOARD Editor-in-Chief Greg Kahn Managing Editor Todd McClusky Technical Editor Administrative Editor William A. Davis Jr. Oliver Sandlin Chief Articles Editor Chief Notes Editor William A. Moore C. Jared Knight Articles Editors Notes Editors George B. Murr Rocky Holland Meredith Stein fold Michael B. Hopkins James H. Stilwell Robin H. Hopkins Associate Editors J. Marcus Boyter Jennifer Chutick Adrienne Dominguez Courtney Hamilton Gayle Hanz Amy McKinney Marla Moore Todd Sellars Kristi Taylor Lawrence Youst Supreme Court and a visiting faculty member at the Law School, joined the second panel, which was entitled " The Constitutional Implications of Mass Media In The Courtroom " and was moderated by Law School Professor David A. Anderson. The Review began its year by pub- lishing a symposium issue entitled " Turbulence in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: The 1993 Amendments and Beyond. " Professor Charles Alan Wright, one of the world ' s most prominent legal schol- ars, wrote the foreword to the issue, which featured articles from Professors Tigar and Linda S. Mullenix. The symposium also includ- ed contributions from seven other dis- tinguished commentators from across the country. Following a second issue that fea- tured articles about the scope of the attorney-client privilege and the man- ner in which courts face punitive damage concerns, The Review con- FRONT ROW: Julie Plowman, Cindy Walker, Talya Bernstein, Katherine Wilbourn, Wendy Harvel, Stephen Edmundson. SECOND ROW: Steven Jumes, Pierre Riou, Christopher Peterson, Claire Swift, Todd McClusky. THIRD ROW: James cluded its year with a companion issue to the on-campus symposium. The companion issue contained tran- scripts from Judge Onion ' s opening address and the spirited panel dis- cussions. The Review of Litigation is an autonomous, student-run legal peri- odical published three times a year. The Review serves as a national forum for the discussions of issues of current interest to lawyers involved in trial and appellate advocacy. The journal aims to provide information and analysis that is academically rig- orous as well as useful to the practic- ing litigator. Approximately 50 students receive invitations to join The Review each year. the Journal selects its new members from students who finish in the top ten percent of their first-year class, winners of an annual brief-writ- ing competition, and students who have demonstrated excellence in a competitive writing program. photo by Andrew Higdon Clancy, Shelley Gatlin, James Stilwell, Eric Kugler, Jason Villalba. FOURTH ROW: Jason Fagelman, William Moore, Frederick Sultan, Tracy Davis, Greg Kahn. BACK ROW: Todd Sellars, Robert Holland, Jared Knight, George Murr. 40 – The Review of Litigation photos by Mark Sims ID) Project Info made of three to five second and third-year African American and Mexican American students are selected by the Assistant Dean for Admissions and the Director of Admissions, to assist in the Law School ' s effort to recruit outstanding minority students. Jerome Alton Swindell, Tracy Lachon Davis, Christopher J. Respass, Brenda Kaye Marmolejo. The Student Recruitment and Orientation Committee is open to all students interested in meeting new and potential law students. SROC is involved with various projects during the fall and spring designed to intro- duce potential students and entering freshlaws to the Law School. SROC projects include: Orientation, Phonathon, Prospective Students Day, and weekly tours. FRONT ROW: Theresa MarieTrzaskoma, Andrew Blake Piel, Kenneth C. Moursund, Tiffany Shayne Hurst, Angelica Ines Salinas, Brenda Kaye Marmolejo. SECOND ROW: Thomas Alan Biediger, Sabrina Ruth Karels, Jerome Alton Swindell, Kathryn Elizabeth Durham, Leslie Lenore Strauch, Nikelle Susanne Meade. THIRD ROW: Jeffrey Martin Harris, Tracy Lachon Davis, Frederick William Sultan, Charles Jared Knight, Kelesha Ann Fowler, Justin Brad Humphries. BACK ROW: Christopher Jeremy Respass, Michael David Bryant, Robbie Earl Hill, Thessaly Ann Startzell, Danesa Katrina Banks, Allison Ann Levin. SROC and Project Info — 41 Teach 0) r umiers Teaching Quizmasters, or " TOs " , are a group of thirty upper-class law students who teach in the first year Legal Research and Writing course. TQs teach the legal research por- tion of this course and serve as teaching assistants to the writing lec- turers for the legal writing portion of the course. Teaching Quizmasters are selected through a competition based on demonstrations of research, writing, and teaching skills. The TQs role in the law school community often extends beyond their official teaching duties. TQs are frequently called upon by their stu- dents to advise them on such matters as study techniques, career plans, exam taking, and personal problems. Because the TO group is the one small group environment for first-year students, these groups often partici- pate in a variety of social and athletic events. FRONT ROW: Kathryn E. Durham, Nikol G. Alexander, Farrel H. Chapman, Robert A.Martinez, Laura L. Sullenger, Julie A. Ferguson, Kyle A. Reed, Jules E. Black. SECOND ROW: F. Parnell McGlinchey, Whitney J. Fleming, Christopher C. Jones, Lori Friedman, Jerome A. photo by Mark Sims Swindell, Elizabeth A. Baier, W. Bruce Newsome, Timothy M. Bowne. BACK ROW: Mirjam T. Schuller, Anne M. McGowan, Sheryl L. Kinlaw, Cristina Infante, Susan P. Raine, Deborah Lin, Kimberly A. Pack, Karin B. Torgerson, Joe E. delaFuente, William G. Zachary. 42 — Teaching Quizmasters ireas --7nvironmenta riai The State Bar of Texas Environmental Law Journal is pro- duced for publication by members of the Texas Environmental Law Journal, in association with the Environmental and Natural Resources Section of the State Bar of Texas. The student team is responsible for soliciting publication material, editing, checking citation, and typesetting the Journal under the direction of the attorney editors. The Journal is published quarterly and boasts over 2,000 subscribers, the majority of whom are environ- mental law practitioners. The three primary sections of the Journal, lead articles, student notes, and recent developments, offer publication opportunities to both practitioners and students alike. Recent articles have involved analyzes of CERCLA joint and several liability, landowners ' rights in relation to pipelines, and the enforcement provisions of the Clean Air Act. The 1994-95 law school team con- sists of seven senior editors, eight associate editors, and twenty-eight staff members. Together with the attorney editors, students focus their efforts on achieving the Journal ' s pur- pose of providing subscribers with timely and practical information about developments in the field of environ- mental law. 1994-95 SENIOR EDITORIAL BOARD Editor-in-Chief Brett Ashley Lochridge Managing Editor Margaret Marie Vandenbrook Lead Articles Editor Sharmaian Lynell White Recent Developments Editor (Fall) Noel Henry Reese Recent Developments Editor (Spring) Scott Alan DuBois Student Notes Editors Lauren Jennifer Kalisek Carla Elaina Johnson FRONT ROW: Margaret Marie Vandenbrook, Lauren Jennifer Kalisek, Charles William Shipman. BACK ROW: Sharmian Lynell White, Noel Henry Reese, Brett Ashley Lochridge. NOT PICTURED: Carla Elaina Johnson. FRONT ROW: Sarah Katherine Ettredge, Sharon Ann Sandle, Lauren Jennifer Kalisek, Andrew Patrick Parma, Noel Henry Reese, Marc Franklin Gault, John Eric Ansbach. SEC- OND ROW: Margaret Marie Vandenbrook, JoAnne Wallace, Carla Elaina Johnson, Paul Lee Kelley, D ' Ann Nichols, Olivia Sargon- Glasgow, Robin Theobald Cravey. BACK ROW: Karl Andrew Shackelford, Brett Ashley Lochridge, Dustin Mark Ammons, Charles William Shipman, Sharmian Lynell White, Scott Alan DuBois, Kelly James Dwyer. photos by Mark Sims Texas Environmental Law Journal — 43 44— Texas Forum on Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Texas Forum and Civil The Texas Forum on Civil Liberties Civil Rights, now in its second year of publication, is designed to bridge the gap between the theoretical and the practical in the field of civil rights law. Published in conjunction with the Individual Rights and Responsibilities Section of the State Bar of Texas, the Texas Forum synthesizes current thinking on relevant issues for practicing lawyers and concerned observers and citizens. Articles are solicited from legal scholars, practicing attorneys, state and federal judges, and students. The publication mirrors the cur- rent trend toward state constitutionalism by focusing on the rights of the individual under the Texas constitution. The Texas Forum on Civil Liberties Civil Rights is administered by a Board of Editors at the Law School and counseled Michael Edward Hassett, George Washington Jordon, Ryan Jay Maierson, Kelly Lynn Gatewood. by a Board of Advisors consisting of prominent Texas faculty, practitioners, legislators, and members of the judiciary. The Texas Forum is published twice a year (spring and fall) and participates in the summer write-on competition. Interested students are encouraged to speak with editors about opportunities to participate on Texas Forum throughout the academic year. photo by Mark Sims The Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal publishes articles deal- ing with patents, trademarks, copy- rights and related areas of the law. The Journal is published in coopera- tion with the Intellectual Property Section of the State Bar of Texas and provides a forum for practitioners and legal scholars to discuss current legal issues of Texas. The Journal solicits articles from practitioners, acade- mics, and students, which are subject to peer review and thorough verifica- tion in order to provide useful, reliable material. With a subscription base of over 1,000 subscribers per issue, the Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal is one of the largest intellec- tual property law journals in the coun- try. With the addition of two new pro- fessors in the intellectual property area, the School of Law ' s intellectual property curriculum continues to grow. The Journal compliments the growing fac ulty and curriculum, and together they create a synergism that is beneficial to all involved. Texas Intel ectua Prperty FRONT ROW: Neish Allen Carrol, David Gerald Luettgen, Maria Consuelo Flores, Michael John Ivan, Diana Jean Diasparra, Keith Andrew Robb, Jonathan Norman Geld, David George Dolezal. BACK ROW: Brett Jason Sileo, Michael Paul Marcin, Stanly Ray Jensen, Lance Eric Caughfield, Robert Martin Gray, Holly Lynn Phillips, Michael Anthony Blake, Shreen Kumar Danamraj, Barbara Anne Parvis. photo by Mark Sims Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal - 45 Texas Law Fellowships (TLF) is a registered nonprofit organization which promotes public interest law at The University of Texas School of Law. TLF ' s mission is to promote a lifetime commitment to public service among UT law students by dedicating their legal careers to public interest law. The primary function of TLF is to fund summer fellowships for students to serve non-profit legal services organizations. TLF was founded in 1987 by a group of law students who were con- cerned with the lack of public interest opportunities at the law school. The organization is fully operated by a volunteer student board. TLF has made great progress since its incep- tion. The number of fellowships FRONT ROW: Laurie Meggesin, President, Angelyque Campbell, Claris Ramos, Sylvia Cedillo, Vice-President for Internal Fundraising, Melanie Kane, Michelle Werch, Andrea LaRue, Vice-President for Internal Fundraising. BACK ROW: Paul Trahan, Sarah Eckhardt, Jenny awarded by TLF has more than quadrupled during the past eight years, with sixteen fellowships awarded for the summer of 1995. During TLF ' s annual Spring Pledge Drive, close to 650 students and fac- ulty contributed over $35,000 to help fund this year ' s fellowships. TLF also conducts an annual Alumni Pledge Drive, an Excellence in Public Interest Awards Reception, and this year held its first Live and Silent Auction. TLF also co-sponsored Public Interest Law Week at the Law School and The People ' s Law School. Many successful efforts earned the award this year for " Public Interest Organization with the Most Growth " from National Association of Public Interest Law. ownhips Carroll, Sesha Kalapatapu, Heather Way, Dan Rey-Bear, Treasurer, Elizabeth Colvin, Raul Gonzalez, Tammy Cooper, Secretary, Angela Flights, Vice-President for Public Relations. NOT PICTURED: Nikol Alexander, Michael Bryant, Kerstin Arnold, Kathryn Holt. 1995 FELLOWS Angelyque Campbell Legal Aid Society of Central Texas Jenny Carroll Texas Rural Legal Aid Angelyn Edwards San Antonio Community Law Center Howard Hacker The Center for Human Rights Advocacy Lisa Helgoe Gulf Coast Legal Foundation Jennifer Katz Capital Area AIDS Legal Project Karen Mendenhall Texas Rural Legal Aid Melissa Miles Dallas Legal Hospice Don Minton Federal Public Defender Brett Norbraten Advocacy, Inc. Claris Ramos Migrant Legal Action Program Natalie Reed Home Base: Center on Homelessness Jon-Bernard Schwartz Travis County Juvenile Public Defender Paul Smith Texas State Conference of the NAACP Ray Torgerson Alabama-Coushatta Indian Tribe Brian Zygo National Wildlife Federation am Fe photos courtesy Texas Law Fellowships 46 - Texas Law Fellowships ir uKa fierfiaticria FRONT ROW: Jeffrey Aaron Wortman, Kevin Paul Yamaga-Karns, Nathaniel Peter Holzer, Johanna Catherine Oliver, Heath Douglas Esterak, Kathryn Chiles Wilson, Tara Beaudoin Hittelman, Josh Bernstein. SECOND ROW: David Eugene Bills, Timothy James Van Meir, Connie Catherine Niemann, Eloise Henderson Bouzari, Jungyoun Traci Hong, Lisa L. Schmandt, Maria Theresa Ryan. THIRD ROW: Cary photos by John Foxworth Alan Slobin, Blake A. Hawthorne, Geoffrey Robert Unger, James Paul Baetzhold, Finlay Parnell McGlinchey. FOURTH ROW: Nathan Aldrich Adams, Martin D.H. Woodward, Jeffrey Gimpel, Bryan Douglas Pollard, Leigh Anne Atkinson, T.J. Martinez, Matthew John Oprendek. BACK ROW: Gregory Wayne LePage, Hong Liu Irwin, Scott J. Arrington, Navineet Singh Sethi, Dilip Babubhai Patel. The Texas International Law Journal is now in its 30th year of pro- viding the academic and practicing legal community with quality articles on topics related to international law. TILJ is the fourth oldest student-edit- ed international law journal in the country, and has subscribers on every continent. Each issue contains articles, student works, and book reviews covering a wide range of top- ics on international law. This year, TILJ was proud to have published a symposium issue on the rapidly developing area of international arbi- tration. Texas International Law Journal had an editorial board of twenty-six, and sixty-seven staff members. In addition to publication of the journal, the members of TILJ engaged in social events ranging from post-publi- cation parties to the annual Alumni Banquet in the spring. In conjunction with the Alumni Banquet, TILJ celebrated its 30th anniversary by hosting a re-union party for alumni. EDITORIAL BOARD, FRONT ROW: Tara Beaudoin Hittelman, Kathryn Chiles Wilson, Johanna Catherine Oliver, Heath Douglas Esterak. SECOND ROW: Connie Catherine Niemann, Jungyoun Traci Hong, Lisa L. Schmandt, Josh Bernstein. THIRD ROW: Timothy James Van Meir, Nathaniel Peter Holzer, Jeffrey Aaron Wortman. BACK ROW: Eloise Henderson Bouzari, Maria Theresa Ryan, Kevin Paul Yamaga-Karns. Texas International Law Journal — 47 L !..IKAirnol ofi ' Business The Texas Journal of Business Law, a student-edited periodical pub- lished quarterly, is one of the newest, yet most widely circulated journals at the School of Law. The September 1994 issue represented the first cooperative effort between the Texas Bar ' s Business Law Section and the Business Journal ' s staff. The Journal assumed full responsibility for the publication during 1995. The Business Journal regularly fea- tured student-written works along with articles written by leading acade- mics and practicing attorneys. FRONT ROW: Erin Michelle Meyer, John Daniel Metzger, David Scott Schwartz, Lea Anne Garey, John Samuel Flint, Lisa Lavelle Cunningham, Derek Vincent Roth. BACK Students gained editorial and writing experience, while providing Texas attorneys and academics with com- prehensive, up-to-date coverage of the ever-changing and rapidly expanding field of business law. The Texas Journal of Business Journal selected its staff on the basis of a writing competition administered in the spring of each year and acade- mic performance. Membership was kept low during the transition phase of the Journal, but growth is expected in the future, providing greater oppor- tunities for participation. ROW: Michael Angelo Minieri, Christopher James Arntzen, James Gerard Gaspard II, James McCoy Patterson Ill, John Russell Patton, Sharon Bliss Burdett. EDITORIAL BOARD John Metzger Editor-in-Chief Lisa Cunningham Managing Editor James Gaspard Articles Editor Nancy Richardson Notes Editor Lamont Walker Recent Developments Editor photo by Mark Sims 48 — Texas Journal of Business Law photo by Andrew Higdon Texas Journal of Women and the Law The vision of the Texas Journal of Women and the Law is to establish a journal that will inspire dialogue about legal, social and political issues affecting women -- their rights, their bodies, their careers, their families. The Journal is a testament to the belief that an independent inquiry into feminist issues will heighten aware- ness in our communities and acceler- ate reform in our lives. The goal of [he Journal is to expand feminist legal [hought as it defines the lives of women. Texas ' rich history and cultural diversity provide a fertile ground for producing innovative approaches to persistent questions of social equali- ty. The Journal identifies with the tra- dition of progressive women in Texas -- Barbara Jordan, Ann Richards, and Sarah Weddington -- as well as the generations of unheralded individuals who have fought for women ' s rights in their own time. While celebrating the legal, social, and political advances that have been made by women and for women, the Texas Journal of Women and the Law strives to promote women ' s per- spectives on gender and the law and seek to cultivate interdisciplinary dis- cussions of gender relations by encouraging the affirmation of differ- ence and enriching the dialogue among women and between the sexes. The Journal is committed to the challenge of presenting an autonomous perspective: one that will empower all women. FRONT ROW: Mae C. Quinn, Crystal R. Brazzel, Milbrey E. Raney, Kimberly Shawn Burley, Carla Joyce Gay. SECOND ROW: Laura E. DeDio, Christopher J. Respass, Holly Boyd Wardell, Mary Marshall Terry, Nikol Gertrude Alexander, Patricia Eileen Haule. THIRD ROW: Kristen N. Garvey, Neera Mahajan, Tammy A. Cooper, Andrea H. LaRue, Lori K. Duke, Allison E. Bailey. BACK ROW: Stacey A. Sprung, Kelli M. Hesse, Desiree D. Durst, Ellen M. Lewis. Texas Journal or Women and the Law — 49 Now in its seventy-third year and recently ranked by a survey of law professors as the eighth-best law review in the nation, the Texas Law Review annually publishes seven scholarly issues containing articles, essays, book reviews, and student notes on current leading topics and developments in the law. The pieces are written by professors, judges, practicing attorneys, and students. The Texas Law Review is an entire- ly student-managed and student- staffed nonprofit publication dedicat- ed to legal scholarship. Members of the Review are selected from the stu- dents who demonstrate the highest academic performance and writing ability at the end of the first year of law school. As second-year stud ents, members are required to perform 150 hours of editorial duty, in addition to two full weeks of general office duty, one during the school year and one during a vacation period. Students are also required to write a note of publishable quality on some unre- solved issue or development in a specific area of the law. At the end of the second year, members have the opportunity to apply for the Review ' s Editorial Board. The new Board mem- bers are selected by the outgoing Board following an application and interview process. In addition to the Review itself, the organization also publishes two wide- ly used reference books; the Manual on Style and the Texas Rules of Form. In an effort to foster esprit de corps, the Review hosts several parties and social events for its members, often through the generous sponsorship of many law firms from around the country. This academic year culmi- nated in the annual Texas Law Review Association Banquet, held at the Four Seasons Hotel on March 25, 1995, at which the outgoing Board members were recognized and the incoming Board members were offi- cially ushered into office. The current volume of the Texas Law Review, Volume 73, features articles by notable professors such as Douglas Laycock, and topics such as the protection of religious liberties, the federalization of legal ethics, and the economics of lendi ng discrimina- tion. It also features a symposium on mass tort litigation. OFFICERS, FRONT ROW: Susan Elizabeth Aldrich, Stephen Spence Hornbuckle, Laura Lee Sullenger, Jennifer Ruth Poe, Sian Elizabeth Provost, Geoffrey S. Harper, J. David Rowe. BACK ROW: James Craig Milton, Mark Alan Evetts, George Rall Ackert, Tom Michael Tomlinson, Daniel Paul Winikka, Bill G. Christian, James A. Holmes, Brian E. Robison, Patrick D. Keating. 50 — Texas Law Review le at 5, rd le fi- 3S )s s, ld th ra an ig rt, a, E. EI,ONT ROW: Scott William Dibbs, Brett D. Kutnick, Katherine Michelle Ginzburg, Julie I. Shermak, J. David Rowe, George Rall Ackert, Patrick Dennis Keating, Scott A. Bursor, George B. Dresser, Scott E. Williams, L. Kym Davis, Sian E. Provost, Dianne Reeder, Amy M. Brown, Kristen Lee Silverberg, Kristie M. Tice, Michelle A. Senftleber, Lauren E. Laux, Oliver Peter Metzer. SECOND ROW: David N. Brooks, Whitney L. Swift, Michael K. Oldham, Johnny W. Carter, Dan P. Winikka, Elizabeth A. Baler, Brett J. Swanson, Erica R. Worth, Susan E. Aldrich, Heather K. photos by Mark Sims Way, Stephen Spence Hornbuckle, Eric G. Reis, Kristin E. Adler, William D. Langford, Shanna L. Dinwiddie, Tara Porterfield, Karen E. Rhodes, Matt P. Nugent, Glenn Philip Smith. BACK ROW: Brent Alan Benoit, William Stanley Moss, Steve Paul Meleen, Jay Elliott Riggins, Brian Edward Robison, Mirjam Tamara Schuller, Douglas Allen Daniels, J. Wesley Jones, Cristina Infante, Tom Michael Tomlinson, Kyle A. Reed, Harry P. Susman, Andrew D. Mendez, Mark Alan Evetts, Paul Vigushin, Michael A. Choyke, David M. Rodi, Jason E. Weeden, Bill G. Christian. Texas Law Review — 51 The Thurgood Marshall Legal Society (TMLS) is the Texas affiliate of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA). TMLS is primari- ly concerned with issues of major importance to the African American community. Aside from promoting discussion and resolution of these issues, TMLS fosters community awareness among its membership through active participation in various community service projects during the school year. The Thurgood Marshall Legal Society promotes academic excel- lence among its members through a support system which includes a mentor program, course reviews, and seminars on effective exam taking. TMLS also sponsors social mixers and an annual awards banquet. These activities provide members with an opportunity to meet other law students, practicing attorneys, and the Austin community. FRONT ROW: Berna Lejoyce Rhodes, Rore Moran Middleton, Charlene Margaret McClain, Jerome A. Swindell. SECOND ROW: Ingrid M. Warren, Dionne Hinds Cooper, James A. Andrus, Timothy A. Morris, Angelyque P. Campbell, Frances R. Johnson, Christopher D. Bell. THIRD ROW: Lolita Demetris Smith, Kimberly Shawn Burley, Roderick Bryant Glass, Lucie Lan Jones, Julian Van Treadwell, Michael David Bryant. BACK ROW: Angela Marie Hights, Tracy Lachon Davis, Robert Stephen Notzon, Paul T. Garvey, Delenia Honna McIver, Andrea Powell, Kelesha Ann Fowler, Kwasi Addo Dodi, Stephanie G. McDonald. L um-nod uroha photo by Jack Plunkett 52 — Thurgood Marshall Legal Society The Women ' s Law Caucus func- tions largely as a support group. In 1994-95, the Caucus offered pro- grams designed to ease some of the rigors of school. Some of the events sponsored or co-sponsored included a presentation on study tactics and outlining, an informational session on clinics, and a panel discussion on public-interest opportunities. The Caucus also served to raise awareness about issues important to women. This year, scheduled pro- grams addressed sexual harassment, Womer ' s women in politics, and the role of advocacy groups. Members also helped with a journal symposium on Women in the Workplace and planned law-school tours to interest- ed middle-school students. Finally, the Caucus sponsored social activities to allow students a chance to interact outside the class- room environment. Activities included happy hours and a pre-finals party. Members also organized a get- together with women faculty at a pro- fessor ' s home. CaucLs FRONT ROW: Debbie D ' Shea English, Melanie Lynn Kane, Liza Reynolds, Charlotte Mae Rasche, Kathryn Melissa Fulton, Elizabeth Lee Biffl, Theresa Marie Trzaskoma, Wendy Kay L. Harvel. BACK ROW: Renee Marie Domingue, Michelle Marie Michaelsen, Gillian McPhee, Janie Ann Shannon, KaLyn Davis, Diane Marie Pearson, Laura Elizabeth Bader, Karen Emily Rhodes, Melinda Maldonado. NOT PICTURED: Rani Chellane Williams, Abbey Phyllis Gans, Kristine Anne Huskey. photo by John Foxworth Women ' s Law Caucus — 53 54 — Students photos by Mark Sims Students — 55 ACKERT, GEORGE RALL. Plano; ACOSTA, MANUEL. Austin; University ALDRICH, SUSAN ELIZABETH. ALEXANDER, NIKOL GERTRUDE. University of Texas at Austin, Texas of Texas at El Paso. Hispanic National Bar Austin: Rice University. Texas Law Austin; Southern Methodist University and Law Review. Association-Law Student Division. Chicano Hispanic Law Student Review. A M College. Texas Journal of Women and the Law Articles Editor. Texas Law Association. Fellowship. Teaching Quizmaster. TMLS. C HLSA. ANCIRA, JESSE JR.. Taylor: Southwest ANDRUS, JAMES ARNOLD. Selma: ARNOLD, KERSTIN EICHBERG, BALER, ELIZABETH ANNE. Austin: Texas State University. Chicano Hispanic West Point, American Journal of Criminal Austin; University of Texas at San Antonio. Southern Methodist University. Texas Law Law Student Association. Law. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society Texas Law Fellowships. Legal Research Review. Teaching Quizmaster. Student Bar President. Board; Texas Journal of Women and the Association. Lawyers Christian Fellowship. Law, Austin Inns of Court. BAILEY, ALLISON ELIZABETH. BAKER, JAMES MICHAEL. Austin: BAKER, SCOTT PATRICK. Austin; BANKS, DANESE KATRINA. Memphis Austin: Texas A M University. Texas University of Tulsa. University of Arizona. Texas A M University. TN: Xavier University. Thurgood Marshall Journal of Women and the Law. Board of Order of Barristers National Secretary. Legal Society. Alpha Kappa Alpha. Student Advocates. Student Recruitment and Board of Advocates Executive Committee. Recruitment and Orientation Committee. Orientation Committee. Corporate Counsel Society. Zavala Mentor. 56 — Seniors BARNSTONE, ANATOLE ROBERT. BELDON, JONATHAN ALAN. San BENNETT, AARON JAMAL. Houston; BLACK, JULES ELESE, Austin; Austin; University of California - Berkeley. Antonio: University of Pennsylvania, Board University of Texas at Austin. University of Texas at Austin, Teaching Mock Trial Competition. of Advocates. Quizmaster Training Director and Section Coordinator. Delta Theta Phi Officer. BLODGETT, CARRI A.. San Antonio: BOARDMAN, JOHN KEVIN. Austin: BODENSTEDT, KRISTIN JENNIFER. BOWNE, TIMOTHY MONTE, Austin; Rice University. Texas Journal of Women University of Texas at Austin. Houston: University of Texas at Austin. Rice University. American Journal of and the Law. ABA LSD Student Liaison, Student Bar Criminal Law. Teaching Quizmaster. Association Board of Governors. Criminal Defense Clinic. Peregrines Editor. Golf Tournament Chairperson. BRANNAN, JENNIFER D.. Austin: BRIGHT, HENRIETTA LAUGHLIN. BROWN, AMY MARIE. Friendswood: BROWN, JEB, Austin: University of University of Texas at Austin. American Austin; University of Wisconsin. Women ' s Texas A M University. Texas Law Texas at Austin. Board of Advocates. Journal of Criminal Law. Board of Caucus. Board of Advocates. Review, Phi Delta Phi. Advocates. Phi Delta Phi. Seniors — 57 4i I • • h I • Mill • • • S E N I 0 R BRYANT, MICHAEL DAVID. Austin; BURLEY, KIMBERLY SHAWN. CAMPBELL, CARRIE ELAINE, Austin; CASEY, SUSAN CHRISTEN, Austin; Morehouse College, Student Bar Hillsboro. University of Texas at Austin, University of Houston. Women ' s Law Emory University. National Lawyers Guild. Association, Texas Law Fellowships. Texas Journal of Women and the Law Co- Caucus. International Law Society. Women ' s Law NBLSA, Minority Opportunities Editor in Chief. Thurgood Marshall Legal Caucus. Legal Research Board. Texas Committee. Admissions Committee, Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. Society, Student Facult) Library Committee, Voir Dire Competition. International Law Journal. CASTILLO, DANIEL M., Kingsville; CHIBIB, MICHAEL, Austin; University CHILDS, ALLYSON. Dallas: Johns CHIN, KERIC BLAINE. Unite, al CitN. University of Texas at Austin. of Texas at Austin, PPPPA. Intellectual Hopkins University. Phi Delta Phi, Texas U.S. Air Force Academy. Property Law Society. Women ' s Roundtable. CHOYKE, MICHAEL ALAN. Austin; COBBS, ELITA DENISE. Lithonia GA: COE, LAURA JENINE. Austin; CONNOLLY, JAMES DOUGLAS. St. Duke University ' . Texas Law Review. Wake Forest University. Thurgood University of Texas at Austin. Texas Lotus: U.S. Air Force .Academy. Texas Chancellors. Rice Scholar. Marshall Legal Society. Journal of Women and the Law Notes Law Review. Editor. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. 58 — Seniors COPELAND, KELLI LYNN. CRADDICK, CHRISTI LEIGH. CRAVEY, ROBIN THEOBALD. Austin; DANIELS, DOUGLAS A., Houston; Montgomery; University of Texas at Midland; Lois ersity of Texas at Austin. University of Texas at Austin. Texas Duke University, Texas Law Review. Austin. The Review of Litigation. Assault and Flattery. Lawyers Christian Environmental Law Journal, Environmental Law Society. National Lawyers Guild. Fellowships, The Federalist Society. DANNER, LARS A., Austin, U.S. Military DAVIS, JASON MURRAY. Austin; DAVIS, WILLIAM A. JR., Austin; Rice DE GEETER, JOHN PATRICK, Austin; .Academy. Trinity UlliVersity, Legal Research Board, The Review of Litigation. Mock Trial. University, Corporate Counsel Society President, The Review of Litigation Texas A M University, The Review of Litigation. Moot Court Competition. Technical Editor. DE LA FUENTE, JOSE EDUARDO. DE LAUNE, PATRICK LEE. Austin: DODSON, DAVID BARNARD. Corpus DUKE, LORI KATHLEEN, Austin: Houston; University of Texas at Austin. University of Texas at Austin. American Christi; Texas A M University. Lawyers Cornell University. Texas Journal of Delta Theta Phi President. Assault and Journal of Criminal Law Editor. Christian Fellowship. Women and the Law Co-Director of Flattery. Teaching Quizmaster. Novice Development. Mock Trial Competition. Negotiations. Seniors — 59 S E N I 0 R S DUPUY, STUART SHAFFER, Austin, DURHAM, KATHRYN ELIZABETH. DYER, BENJAMEN SHANE, Grapevine: EARLY, LINDA MOORE, Austin; Duke University. Lawyer ' s Christian Houston; University of Texas at Austin; University of Texas at Austin. University of the Americas. Children ' s Fellowship. Townes-Rice Scholar, Teaching Rights Clinic, Juvenile Justice Clinic. Quizmaster. Student Recruitment and Orientation Committee Chair. Law Week Committee. Texas Law Review. ELDRED, CHARLES KENNETH, EMERSON, STACY LEIGH. Fort ESCOBEDO, SYLVIA YVONNE, Sugar ESTERAK, HEATH DOUGLAS. Austin; Austin; University of Texas at Austin. Worth; Texas Christian University. Texas Land; Southern Methodist University, University of Texas at Austin. International American Journal of Criminal Law Chief Forum on Civil Rights and Liberties American Journal of Criminal Law. Board Law Journal, Phi Alpha Delta. Reviews Editor. Executive Board. of Advocates Public Relations Director. Hispanic Law Student Association. FARRELL, ERIC DAVID. Walworth FERGUSON, JULIE ANNE. Austin. FIELD, SCOTT KING. Pflugerville; FLEMING, WHITNEY JADE. Mason; NY; U.S. Naval Academy. University of Texas at Austin. Teaching Texas A M University. Lawyers Angelo State University. Teaching Quizmaster. Board of Advocates. Christian Fellowship. Quizmaster Coordinator. Board of Advocates Membership Director. 60 — Seniors FLORES, MARIA CONSUELO, Laredo: FONTAINE, MICHAEL CATER. FOX, KYLE KENNETH, Stevens Poink FRAISSINET, PHILIP DELBERT. Texas A M University, Texas Intellectual Dorchester MA; Phi Alpha Delta. Board of University of Wisconsin-Madison. Socorro NM: Harvard College. Chicano Property Law Journal Chief Articles Editor Advocates. Law Student Association, Board of Advocates, Assault and Flattery. FRIEDMAN, LORI, Texarkana; Emory FULLER, CATHERINE NOELIE, Sugar GAEDKE, GINA BETH. Austin; Trinity GARCIA, BARBARA LYNN, University. Teaching Quizmaster, Texas Land; Southwestern University, Health University, Austin Accountants and Martindale; St. Edward ' s University, International Law Journal. Law Society. Phi Alpha Delta, Intramural Sports. Lawyers for the Arts. VITA Program, Corporate Counsel Society. Chicano Last ' Students Association, Hispanic Law Journal. Mock Trial Competition. Children ' s Rights Clinic. GAY, CARLA JOYCE. Austin: Sam GELB, AARON ROBERT. Pomona NY; GEORGE, TODD SMITH. Austin; GLASS, ROI)ERICK BRYANT. Houston State University. Texas Journal of University of Chicago, PPPPA. Phi Alpha Southern Methodist University. Houston: Tufts University. Thurgood Women and the Law Executive Editor. Delta. Marshall Legal Society. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. Austin Inns of Court. Seniors — 61 S E N I 0 R S GLENN, STACI LYNETTE. Arlington: GODDARD, PATRICIA STEELE. GONZALEZ, ANNA CECILIA. Austin; GONZALEZ, RAUL ARTURO. Austin; Texas A M University. Hispanic Law Austin; Carnegie-Mellon University. Texas A M University. University of Texas at Austin, Texas Law Journal Co-Editor in Chief. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. Chicano Law Strident Association. Women ' s Law Fellowship Board, Board of Advocates, Chicano Law Student Association, Assault and Flattery, Hispanic Law Journal. Caucus. GONZALEZ, VANESSA ANN, GRAY, MEGAN E., Austin; University of GUEDEA, EFREN MATTHEW. Austin; GUTIERREZ, JAVIER B., Hebbronville, Brownsville; Texas A M University, Texas at Austin, Texas International Law Southern Methodist University, Chicano Hispanic Law Journal, Chicano Law Hispanic Law Journal, Aggie Student Journal, Board of Advocates. Law Student Association. Student Association. Association, Chicano Law Student Association, Mock Trial and Moot Court Competitions. HALE, MARTIN L., Wylie: Miami HANSEN, MICHAEL D., Houston: HANZ, GAYLE CERRATO. Austin: HARGRAVE, FARREL LEA. Dallas; University. Lawyers Christian Fellowship. Georgetown University, Texas Longhorn University of Texas at Austin, The Review Texas A M University. Teaching Business Scholarship. Presidential of Litigation Associate Editor. Board of Quizmaster. Texas International Lass ' Scholarship. LBW Board of Directors. Advocates Judging Director. ATLA Journal. Aggie Law Students Association. Interscholastic Mock Trial National SciM- Barbri Representative. Assault and Flattery. Finalist. Austin Inns of Cotirt. 62 — Seniors HARMON, JONATHAN PAUL. Austin; HARPER, GEOFFREY SCOTT. Plano; HARTMAN, JEREMY TREMAYNE. HELMS, FRED ADLAM, Austin; West Point, Lawyers Christian Fellowship. Board of Advocates. Emory University. Texas Law Review Managing Editor. Chancellors. Board of Santa Anna; Texas Tech University, Children ' s Rights Clinic, Vial Hamilton University of Texas at Austin. A dvocates, Teaching Quizmaster. ATLA Senior Mock Trial. Board of Advocates. Mock Trial Team, Texas Invitational Mock Phi Delta Phi. Trial. HENDERSON, REBECCA R., Tyler; HERRING, G. DWAYNE. Austin; HIGH ' I ' OWER, JEFFREY W. JR.. HILL, ROB EARL. Austin; University al ' University of Texas at Tyler. Southern Methodist University, Moot Court, International Law Society, The Austin; University of Texas at Austin, Legal Eagles, Intramural Sports. Texas at Austin, Student Recruitment and Orientation Committee. Federalist Society. HILL, SAMANTHA KRISTYN. HOLLAND, ROBERT WAYNE. Austin; HOLMES, JAMES ALLEN. Austin: HOLZER, NATHANIEL PETER. Arlington; Smith College. Phi Alpha Delta. Legal Research Board. Guanajuato U.S. Air Force Academy. Trinity University. Texas Law Review. Austin; University of Texas at Arlington, Texas International Law Journal. Exchange Program. Assault and Flattery. Seniors — 63 HONG, JUNGYOUN TRACI, Houston; HOPKINS, WILLIAM EVERITT, HUHN, MICHELLE RENE. Lake HURLEY, PATRICK JOEL. Dallas; University of Texas at Austin. Texas Columbia MD: High Point University, Charles LA; Our Lady of Holy Cross. Texas Christian University. Lawyers International Law Journal. Asian Law Health Law Society. Board of Advocates, Mock Trial Competition. Research Christian Fellowship. Moot Court Student Association. Phi Alpha Delta. Assistant. Intramural Sports. Competition. S E N I 0 R S JALUFKA, SHEILA ILENE. San JENSEN, STAN R.. San Antonio; JOHNSON, CARLA ELAINA. Austin; JOHNSON, SUEWAN M.. Fordoche LA; Marcos; Southwest Texas State University, Brigham Young University, Intellectual University of Texas at San Antonio. Texas Louisiana State University, Thurgood Phi Delta Phi. Property Law Journal, Corporate Counsel Environmental Law Journal Student Note Marshall Legal Society. Society. Editor. JONES CHRISTOPHER CLAYTON. JONES, JAMES WESLEY. Austin: JONES, TRACEY MARIE. Houston: KALISEK, LAUREN JENNIFER. Fort Worth; Centenary College of University of Texas at Austin. Texas Law Princeton University. Student Bar Austin: University of Texas at Austin. Louisiana. Teaching Quizmaster, Delta Review. Chancellors. Association. Thurgood Marshall Legal Texas Environmental Law Journal Student Theta Phi. Corporate Counsel Society. Society. Student Recruitment and Notes Editor. Orientation Committee. 64 — Seniors KANG, CINDY. Irving; Boston College. KEATING, PATRICK DENNIS, KENNEDY, KATHERINE NEL, Summit KENNEDY, KRISTINA MARIE. Austin; Teaching Quizmaster, Texas International Houston; University of Texas at Austin. NJ; Tufts University. American Journal of University of Texas at Austin. Law Journal. Texas Law Review, Gibbs-Ratliff Moot Criminal Law. Court. Novice Mock Trial, Assault and Flattery. KING, FRANK ANTHONY. Austin; KING, LE ' NORA EVETTE. Austin; KINLAW, SHERYL LYNN, Austin; KLAAS, ELIZABETH ANN, Austin; University of Texas at Austin, Corporate Texas A M University. University of California-Los Angeles. Midwestern State University, American Counsel Society. Intellectual Property Law Teaching Quizmaster. Texas International Journal of Criminal Law Chief Notes Society. Law Journal. Editor, Criminal Defense Clinic. KLAMERT, ABIGAIL CONNOR. KNIGHT, CHARLES JARED. Austin; KOWALIK, JENNIFER ANN. San KWAN, MICHELLE DENISE. Sall Austin; Incarnate Word College. Women ' s West Texas State University. The Review Antonio; University of Texas at Austin. Antonio; University of Pennsylvania. Asian Law Caucus. of Litigation Chief Notes Editor. Student Law Strident Association. Assault and Recruitment and Orientation Committee. Flattery. tIklumm atilt LANESE, CLAUDIA ELIZABETH. LANGFORD, WILLIAM DEAN JR.. LEE, STEPHEN CALVIN. Houston: LEVIN, ILAN M., Austin; University of Laredo: University of Texas at Austin. Hastings NE: Hastings College. Lass University of Texas at Austin. Texas at Austin. Review. Board of Advocates. LEWIS, ELLEN MARY, Dallas; Notre LIEBMANN, WILHELM ESSER, LIN, DEBBIE, Austin; University of LOCHRIDGE, BRETT ASHLEY, Dame. Texas Journal of Women and the Boerne; Texas A M University. Student Texas at Austin. Teaching Quizmaster. Dallas: Texas A M University. Texas Law. Recruitment and Orientation Committee. Environmental Law Journal Editor in Chief. Austin Inns of Court, Aggie Law Student Association. LOEWY, ROBERT GRAHAM, Chapel LORCH, KAREN L.. Austin: Southwest LOWE, KELLY ELIZABETH. Dallas: LOWRANCE, VALERIE DAWN. Hill NC: University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill. American Journal of Criminal Texas State University. Phi Alpha Delta Marshall. International Law Society Southern Methodist University. Seguin; University of Texas at Austin, Legal Eagles Manager. Tournament of Law. Legal Research Board. Criminal Treasurer and Secretary. Champions Mock Trial Team. Texas Defense Clinic. National Moot Court Invitational Tournament Mock Trial Team. Competition. 66 — Seniors MARCIN, MICHAEL P., Austin: Sul MARTINEZ, ROBERT ANTHONY. MCCARTHY, DONALD. Austin; San McCLUSKY, TODD. Flint; Southern Ross State University. Texas Intellectual Austin; Harvard College. American Journal Jose State University. Mock Trial Methodist University. International Law Property Law Journal Articles Editor. of Criminal Law. Teaching Quizmaster. Competition, Voir Dire Competition. Public Society. Health Law Society. The Review Corporate Counsel Society. Interest Law Society. of Litigation Managing Editor. McCORMICK, MARNIE ANN, Austin; McGOWAN, ANNE MARIE, APO, AE; McKINNEY, AMY ELIZABETH, Fort MEGGESIN, LAURIE, Austin; Columbia University of Texas at Austin, Assault and University of Pennsylvania, Teaching Worth; University of Texas at Austin, The College, Texas Law Fellowship President, Flattery. Quizmaster, Texas International Law Review of Litigation Associate Editor, Phi Texas International Law Journal Associate Journal, Assault and Flattery. Delta Phi. Editor, Board of Advocates, Coalition for a Diversified Law School. MEREK, MARGOT ANN. Austin; Rice MESSINGER, ZOE EMILY. Austin: METZGER, JOHN DANIEL. Houston; MILTON, JAMES CRAIG. Austin: University. Board of Advocates. Legal Trinity University ' . Environmental Law University of Texas at Austin. Texas Oklahoma State University. Texas Law Research Board. Journal. Journal of Business Law Editor in Chief. Review. Products Liability National Moot Board of Advocates, PPPPA. Court Champion. Seniors — 67 MINES, STEVEN TODD. Austin: MONTOYA, DAVID A.. Austin; Notre MOORE, DANIEL JAMES. Omaha NE; MOORS, JON DEREK. College Station; Dartmouth College. International Law Dame University. Chicano Hispanic Law University of Houston. Mock Trial Texas A M University. Society President. Environmental Law Student Association. Phi Delta Phi. 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KATHERINE E., Austin Texas Christian University WILIAMS. SCOTT E., Oklahoma City OK Brown University WRAY, JOHN C.. Waxahachie Texas A NI University YIU, DOJO H., Austin Texas A b1 University ' YOUNG, FELISHIA ROCHELL, Austin University of Texas at Austin ZACHARY, JOHN JOSEPH, Austin Louisiana Tech University ZAFFIRINI, ANTHONY DAVID, Laredo Vanderbilt University ABARCA, ROBBY PATRICK, Austin University of Texas at Austin ACKERMANN, TIMOTHY G., DeSoto University of Texas at Austin ADAMS, MARY MARGARET, Austin Baylor University ALTER, MEGAN JEAN, Austin Texas Christian University ALTSULER, KENT, Houston Duke University ANDERSON, AMBER LYNN, Fort Worth Vanderbilt University ANGELLEY, WILLIAM O ' NEIL, Lubbock Texas Tech University BANIUKIEWICZ, JOHN NI.. 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Bryan Texas A NI University GOLDEN, PHILLIP T., Austin Vanderbilt University GONZALEZ, ERIC A., Fort Worth Cornell University GRAFE, DONNA KAY, Hallettsville University of Houston GRANBERRY, MELANIE D., San Antonio University of Texas at Austin GRAVES, JAMES ALDEN, Gulfport MS Tulane University GRAY, BRIAN RICHARD, Dallas University of Texas at Dallas GRAY, JENNIFER K., Rochester NY Cornell University GROSZ, DAPHNE, San Antonio University of Texas at Austin GUERRERO, ANNABELLE, Austin University of Houston - Clear Lake GUTIERREZ, JORGE M., Hebbronville Texas A I University HACKER, HOWARD BENJAMIN, Austin Washington University HALL, JUSTIN KIMBELL, Rockwall University of New Mexico HATCH, BETTIE ANNE, Marble Falls University of Texas at Austin HAVELY, KATHERINE A., Austin University of Texas at Austin HEATH, WILLIAM PATRICK, Laredo Texas A NI International University HEFFNER, MATTHEW THOMAS, Austin Indiana University HELGOE, LISA RAE, Houston University of Texas at Austin HELMS, MIRA LONDON, Austin University of Texas at Austin HENLEY, GEOFF J., Garland Columbia University HERNANDEZ, SUSAN DENARA, Austin College of Charleston HERRERO, ABEL, Robstown Texas A NI University HIDALGO, LAURA R., Grand Prairie University of Texas at Arlington HILL, MICHAEL ALAN, Austin University of South Carolina HISSEY. MICHAEL E., Spring University of Texas at Austin HOGAN, WYATT LECLERCQ, Houston Duke University HOLMES, MICHAEL CONRAD, Dallas University of Texas at Austin HOUSTON, CHARLES H., Duncanville Loyola University HOWELL. TRENT ATKINS, Austin University of Texas at Austin F R E S H L A Freshlaw — 85 86 — Freshlaw HSIA, ROGER, Scarsdale NY University of Michigan HUDGEONS, BRANDON LEE, Midland Dartmouth College HUMPHRIES, JUSTIN BRAD, Hearne University of Texas at Austin HUSKEY, KRISTINE ANNE, Austin Columbia University JACKSON, JOSEPH DALE, Round Rock Henderson State University JAMES, COLLIE FITCH, Dallas Dartmouth College JOHNSON, FRANCES R., Colorado Springs CO University of Colorado - Colorado Springs JOHNSON, WILLIAM PAUL, Garland Southern Methodist University JOHNSTON, JEFFREY S., Austin Creighton University JONES, LUCILE LAN, Washington D.C. Tufts University JONES, MATTHEW SCOTT, Austin Texas Lutheran College JUVKAM-WOLD, PER ERIK, College Station Massachusetts Institute of Technology KANE, MELANIE LYNN, Rockwall University of Texas at Austin KELLEY, DAVID EMORY, Bandera Southwest Texas State University KIENTZ, ROBERT E., Austin Kansas University KIMM, SANDRA JEAN, Phoenix AZ Arizona State University KIMZEY, SHANE, McKinney Washington and Lee University KLECK, MONIQUE MARCELLA, Austin Trinity University KOH, HAEJUNG LISA, Beaumont University of Texas at Austin KRUGER, SHARLA KAY, San Antonio Baylor University KUMAR, JAI-PRAKASH PHILIP, Austin Dartmouth College KURTZ, CATHERINE TAYLOR, Austin Vanderbilt University LACY, JANA CHRIATINE, Austin University of Texas at Austin LANDON, GERALD JAMES, Utica OH Eastern New Mexico University LANGLEY, JOE RUSSELL, Centerville Texas A M University LAPPLE, MATTHEW C., Kennett Square PA Texas A M University LEADERS, SCOT H., Copper Landing AK Hillsdale College LEE, AMY ELIZABETH, Garland University of Texas at Austin LEHMANN, JENNIFER LYNN, Weslaco University of Texas at Austin LEVIN, ALLISON ANN, Dallas University of Texas at Austin LLAMAS, CYNTHIA CATALINA, El Paso Williams College LOAIZA, ROY THOMAS, Killeen University of Texas at Austin LOWRY, CHRISTINE MARGARET, Pampa Vanderbilt University MARGOLIS, CARLA YAEL, El Paso ' Texas Tech University MARTIN, REBECCA ANN, Lake Jackson Texas Christian University NIARTINEZ, BARBARA ANN. Austin University of Texas at Austin MASAT, MELISSA JOY. Austin University of Texas at Austin MAST, KIRSTEN, Austin Idaho State University McADAMS, MARK JAMES, Austin Stanford University McCLAIN, CHARLENE M., Austin Loyola Marymount University McIVER, DELENIA M.. East Orange NJ Rutgers University McLEMORE, HEATHER C., Houston University of Texas at Austin MEHL, CHERYL T., Pflugerville University of North Texas MICHAELSEN, MICHELLE M., Denton University of Texas at Austin MILES. MELISSA ANN, Arlington University of Texas at Arlington MILLER, BRY, Fox Borough MA Rice University MILLER, STEVEN LOUIS JR., Houston Southern Methodist University MINTON, DON W., Austin U.S. Military Academy MOGIL, LISA CARRIE, Spring University of Texas at Austin MORRIS, SCOTT TAYLOR, Austin Arizona State University MORRISON, MARY NICOLE, Dallas Duke University MOURSUND, KENNETH C., Houston University of Texas at Austin MUNDEN, ROBERT L.R., Austin U.S. Military Academy MURPHY. WILLIAM JASON, Beaumont University of Texas at Austin NASH, ALEXIA M., Houston University of Texas at Austin NAZRO, ARTHUR PHILLIP, Austin University of Virginia NESS, LYDA ANASTASIA, Austin University of Michigan NEUSCHAEFER, WALTER W., Austin University of Texas at Austin NEWELL, DAVID C., Sugar Land University of Houston NIRKEN, HOWARD D., Austin University of Texas at Austin O ' CONNOR, CAREY ANNE, Austin Trinity University PARISH, J. BRAD, Dallas University of Texas at Austin PATEL, DAHESH DILIP, Westfield NJ Pennsylvania State University PATRICK, DONALD WOOD, Austin Texas A NI University - Kingsville PATTERSON. LEE-ANNE RITA, Houston Millsaps College PAUL, ANGELA MARIE. Austin University of Chicago PENA, AMANDO. Del Rio University of Texas at Austin PEREZ, MICHAEL STEVEN. Houston Texas A Ni University PETERSON, PHILLIP DANIEL, Austin Trinity University PIEL, ANDREW BLAKE, Austin University of Texas at Austin Freshlaw — 87 88 — Freshlaw F R E S H L A PRAMUDJI, ARI ONDANG. Austin Georgia Institute of Technology PRICE, ANDREW PAUL, Houston University of Virginia PRICE, LARA MARIE, Missouri City Southwestern University QUIST, BROOKE W., Redmond WA University of Southern California RAMIREZ, MARIO, Austin St. Mary ' s University RAMOS, CLARIS, Spring University of Texas at Austin RANGEL, JENNIFER ALANE, Austin University of Texas at Austin RASCHE, CHARLOTTE MAE, Austin Stephen F. Austin State University RATLIFF, BALLARD WAYNE, Austin University of the State of New York REEVES, RAGAN GERARD. Dallas University of Texas at Austin REINECKER, KENDRA LEA, Bedford Baylor University REYES, LUIS A., Austin University of Texas at Austin RHOADES, RONALD S., Ellenwood KS Kansas State University RICE, JULIA, Laguna Beach CA University of California - Los Angeles RICHIE, SHERI MICHELLE, Houston Washington University ROBINETT, JAMES DAVID, Round Rock Tulane University ROBINSON, JUDITH ILANA, Dallas Stanford University ROBINSON, KAREN MICHELLE, Austin Georgetown University RUTHERFORD, SHANNON S., Austin Northwestern University. RYAN, MATTHEW C., Camillus NY University of Vermont SCHAIRER, SUZANNE L., Madison WI University of Chicago SCHOONOVER, KRISTEN LEIGH, Austin Texas A NI University SCHWARTZ, JON-BERNARD, San Antonio Columbia University SCIARAFFY, STEFAN CARLO, Austin Ohio State University SCOTT, CHERYL AMBER, Sugar Land Rice University SEELIG-SANCHEZ, OLGA, Austin University of Texas at El Paso SERWER, TAMARA H., San Antonio Princeton University SIMMONS, BRIAN ERIC, Austin University of Houston SIMPSON, ROBERT ANDRICK, Austin University of Texas at Austin SIMPSON, STEFANIE GLASGOW, Austin Texas A NI University. SLADCZYK, AMY, Austin University of Texas at Austin SLOAN. ANDREA L., Austin University of Texas at Austin SMITH, ANNE ALLISON, Houston University of Texas at Austin SMITH, PAUL ANDREW, Austin University of Texas at Austin SMITH, ROBIN RENEE, Waco Baylor University it SMITH, WILLIAM CREIGHTON, Arlington Princeton University SORRELLS, TIM EDWARD. Uhland Southwest Texas State University SOTO, LISA J., El Paso Stanford University SPEER, ANDREW JAMES, Austin University of Texas at Austin SPENCER, JAMES RI. Austin Texas A M University SPENCER, ()SHEA DENISE, Baytown University of Texas at Austin SPIRITAS, STEFANI A., Austin University of Texas at Austin SPROUL, AMELIA REBECCA, Houston Trinity University STAFFORD, J. NICOLE WHITE, Austin Texas A NI University STARTZELL, THESSALY A., San Antonio George Washington University STEPHENSON, SHANDA NI., Amarillo University of Texas at Austin STONE, ELIZABETH ANNE, Austin University of Texas at Austin STUEMKE, JAY ERIC, Austin Texas A NI University SUMNER, AMY ALANE, Englewood CO University of Colorado TAN, JERRY, Flushing NY Hunter College TASLER, MARGARET GEOKE, Lamarque University of Texas at Austin TATE, BRET, Temple Texas Christian University THOMAS, TOMMY FREDERIC, Austin University of Texas at Austin THOMPSON, CHRISTINA, Dallas University of Texas at Austin TICE, LAURIE, Austin University of Texas at El Paso TODD, STEVEN NI., San Antonio Texas Lutheran College TRACY, KAREN JYLLANE, Austin Baylor University TRAHAN, PAUL DENTON, Austin Texas A M University TREADWELL, JULIAN VAN, Houston University of Houston TRZASKOMA, THERESA, Austin University of Michigan VIGIL, VALERIE V., Los Alamos NM Rice University VIGORITO, STEPHEN THOMAS, Austin Louisiana State University VINSON, ERIC LANCE, The Woodlands Bowdon, College VOCKELL, MARC E., Austin Purdue University WASHINGTON, SIEHNAL Irving University of Texas at Arlington WELCH, JUSTIN MICHAEL, Austin Baylor University WELCH, SHANNON LOIS, Eriendswood Southern Methodist University WHEATLEY, RUSSELL S., Chicago IL University of Texas at Austin WHITE, MARK WELLS III, Houston University of Virginia WILLIAMS, PAUL FOSTER, Austin City University of New York H L A Freshlaw — 89 F R E S H L A WITTLIFF, SALLY VIRGINIA, Austin University of Texas at Austin WOLENS, JONATHAN BENNET. Austin Rice University WONG, RINA SIAN, Houston Princeton University WOODRUFF, DAVID S.. Las Cruces NM Southern Methodist University YARBROUGH, BRIAN GARRETT, Austin University of Texas at Austin YEAGER, ELLEN AUGUSTA, Austin University of Kansas YEH, MAW-LIN, Taiwan Soochow University ZABOROSKI, JESSICA W., El Paso University of Texas at Austin ZAMORA, PETER ANDREW, Austin University of Texas at Austin ZAREMBA, JOHN MICHAEL, Austin University of Notre Dante ZYGO, BRIAN HENRY, Houston Baylor University. 90 —Freshlaw Deans of the School oi7 Law M. Michael Sharlot. Dean and John Jeffers Research Chair in Law and Wright C. Morrow Professor in Law. BA 1958, Antioch; LLB 1962, Pennsylvania. John J. Sampson, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs William C. Powers, Jr., Associate Dean for Academic and William Benjamin Wynne Professor of Law. BBA Affairs and Hines Baker Thelma Kelley Baker Chair of 1957 and LLB 1966, Minnesota, Law. BA 1967, Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley); JD 1973, Harvard. 94 — Deans of the School of Law Annette S. Jones, Assistant Dean for Career Services. BA 1981, Duke; JD 1985. Texas. Tonya Moten Brown, Assistant Dean for Admissions. BS 1983. Pennsylvania; JD 1987, Texas. Juan J. Zabala, Assistant Dean for Business Affairs. BBA 1982, Sul Ross State University. photos by John Foxworth and Mark Sims Susana I. Aleman, Assistant Dean for Student Douglas Laycock, Associate Dean for Research and William R. Watson, Assistant Dean for Affairs. BS 1974 and MEd 1978, Texas; MS Alice McKean Young Regents Chair. BA 1970, Continuing Legal Education. BGS 1976, 1983, Texas A I: JD 1984, Texas. Michigan State; JD 1973, Chicago. Louisiana State; JD 1979, Texas. Deans of the School of Law — 95 96 — Faculty of the School of Law Faculty of the Schoo! of Law Alexandra Wilson Albright, Senior Lecturer. BA 1977. University of the South; JD 1980. Texas. Teaching Interests: Texas Civil Procedure. David A. Anderson, Thompson Knight Centennial Professor in Law. AB 1962, Harvard; JD 1971, Texas. Teaching Interests: Communications Torts, Mass Communications Law, and Torts. L H P Elvia R. Arriola, Assistant Professor. BA 1980, Calfifornia State at Los Angeles: JD 1983, University of California (Berkeley); MA 1991, New York University. Teaching Interests: Civil Rights and Employment Discrimination. Hans W. Beetle, Hugh Lamar Stone Chair in Civil Law. BA 1949, Syracuse: Dr.Jr. 1951, Kiel; LLB 1955 and LLM 1955, Duke. Teaching Interests: Comparative Law, Conflict of Laws, Federal and Texas Public Land and Resources. Richard V. Barndt, Professor. BSL 1959 and LLB 1960, Utah. Teaching Interests: Legislation, Local Government Law, and Marital Property Rights. photos by John Foxworth and Mark Sims Lynn E. Blais, Assistant Professor. AB 1983, Wellesley: JD 1988, Harvard. Teaching Interests: Environmental Law, Property, and Capital Punishment Clinic. Philip Chase Bobbitt, Baker Botts Professor in Law. AB 1971, Princeton; JD 1975, Yale; PhD 1983. Oxford. Teaching Interests: Constitutional Law, National Security Law. Faculty of the School of Law - 97 B ir p Alan E. Boyle, Visiting Professor. BA 1975, BCL 1976. Oxford. Teaching Interests: International Environmental Law. Law of the Sea. Loftus C. Carson, II, Professor and Strasburger Price Centennial Faculty in Law. BS 1968, Cornell; MPA 1979, Princeton; JD 1973, Harvard. Teaching Interests: Banking Law, Bankruptcy. Business Associations. Elizabeth Chambliss, Assistant Professor. BS 1983, College of Charleston; MS 1984, JD 1988 and PhD 1992, Wisconsin. Teaching Interests: Equal Employment Law, Professional Responsibility, Property. Michael J. Churgin, Raybourne Thompson Centennial Professor in Law. AB 1970. Brown; JD 1973, Yale. Teaching Interests: American Legal History, Criminal Procedure, Immigration, and Mental Health Clinic. Robert 0. Dawson, Bryant Smith Chair in Law. BA 1960, University of Missouri: JD 1963, Washington University (St. Louis); SJD 1969. Wisconsin: Teaching Interests: Criminal Defense Clinic, Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure. 98 — Faculty of the School of Law George E. Dix, A. W. Walker Centennial Chair. BS 1964 and JD 1966. Wisconsin. Teaching Interests: Criminal Law. Criminal Procedure, Psychology and the Law, and Texas Criminal Procedure. Joseph M. Dodge, William H. Francis, Jr. Professor. BA 1963 and LLB 1967, Harvard; LLM 1973, New York University. Teaching Interests: Federal Income Tax, International Tax, Tax Policy, Wills and Estates. John S. Dzienkowski, John S. Redditt Professor in State and Local Government and Roy and Grace Whittenburg Faculty Fellow in Law. BBA 1980, Miami: JD 1983, Texas. Teaching Interests: Energy Transactions, Oil and Gas.. photos by John Foxworth and Mark Sims Cynthia L. Estlund, Leroy G. Denman. Jr. Regents Professor in Real Property Law. BA 1978, Lawrence University; Jd 1983, Yale. Teaching interests: Labor Law and Property. Thomas Evans, Judge Benjamin Harrison Powell Professor in Law. BS 1976, Illinois (Urbana): JD 1983, Chicago. Teaching Interests: Accounting for Lawyers. Federal Income Tax, International Taxation. r _=fc!= usiv; [ All.111M11 p4444 Faculty of the School of Law — 99 100 — Faculty of the School of Law Francisco Francioni, Visiting Professor. Juris Dr. 1966. University of Florence; LLM 1968, Harvard. Teaching Interests: Public International Law, International Hum an Rights. Mark P. Gergen, Joseph C. Hutcheson Professor in Law. BA 1979, Yale; JD 1982, Chicago. Teaching Interests: Contracts, Federal Income Tax, Partnership Tax. Economics, and Tax Policy. Li TE Steven J. Goode, Fulbright and Jaworski Julius G. Getman, Earl E. Sheffield Regents Chair. BA 1953, City College of New York: JD William W. Gibson, Jr., Sylvan Lang Professor. BA 1954 and LLB 1956, Texas. Teaching 1958 and LLM 1963, Harvard. Teaching Professor of Law. BA 1972, Williams College; JD 1976, Yale. Teaching Interests: Criminal of Interests: Insurance, Real Estate Finance, Real Interests: Employment Discrimination and Estate Transactions, Real Estate Law, and Title Insurance. Law, Evidence, and Wills and Estates. Labor Law. Lino A. Graglia, A. Dalton Cross Professor. BA 1952. City College; LLB 1954, Columbia. Teaching Interests: Antitrust and Constitutional Law. Robert W. Hamilton, Minerva House Drysdale Regents Chair. BA 1952, Swarthmore; JD 1955, Chicago. Teaching Interests: Basic Business and Financial Concepts, Business Associations, Contracts, and Corporate Finance. Patricia I. Hansen, Assistant Professor. AB 1982. Harvard; MPA 1987. Princeton: JD 1987. Yale. Teaching Interests: Civil Procedure, Administrative Law, Comparative Law, International Trade. photos by John Foxworth and Mark Sims Henry T.C. Hu, Harris McLean Professor in Law. BS 1975. MS 1976, and JO 1979, Yale. Teaching Interests: Business Associations, Legal Problems o High Technology Enterprises, Secured Credit and Securities Regulation.. William 0. Huie, Sylvan Lang Professor Emeritus. BA 1932, Henderson State; LLB 1935, Texas; SJD 1953, Harvard. Teaching Interests: Marital Property Rights and Oil and Gas. Faculty of the School of Law — 101 Samuel lssacharoff, Charles Tilford McCormick Professor in Law. BA 1974, State University of New York at Binghamton: JD 1983, Yale. Teaching Interests: Civil Procedure, Employment Law. Stanley M. Johanson, Fannie Coplin Regents Chair. BA 1955, Yale; LLB 1958. University of Washington (Seattle). Teaching Interests: Estate Planning and Wills and Estates. Calvin H. Johnson, Andrews Kurth Centennial Professor in Law. BA 1966. Columbia; JD 1971. Stanford. Teaching Interests: Accounting and Federal Income Tax. Corwin W. Johnson, Edward Clark Centennial Professor Emeritus. AB 1939 and JD 1941. Iowa. Teaching Interests: Property, Land Use Planning and Water Law. W. Page Keeton, W. Page Keeton Chair Emeritus in Tort Law. BA and LLB, Texas; SJD 1936, Harvard. Teaching Interests: Defamation and the Right to Privacy and Products Liability. 102 — Faqculty of the School of Law —79111111111Mass= Susan R. Kline, Assistant Professor. BA 1984, Wellesley; JD 1989. University of California (Berkeley). Teaching Interests: Torts, Criminal Law. Teresa R. LeClerq, Senior Lecturer. BS 1968 and MA 1970, Southwest Texas State University; PhD 1977. Texas. Teaching Interests: Legal Writing. Mark A. Lemley, Assistant Professor. BA 1988, Stanford; JD 1991, University of California (Berkeley). Teaching Interests: Intellectual Property. photos by John Foxworth and Mark Sims S tnford V. Levinson, W.St. John Garwood and W. St. John Garwood. Jr. Centennial Chair in Law. BS 1962, Duke: PhD 1969, Harvard; JD 1973, Stanford. Teaching Interests: Contitutional Law, Constitutional Theory. Basil Markesinis, Florence Thelma Hall Visiting Professor in Law. LLB 1965 and Dr. Jur. 1968. University of Athens; MA and PhD 1970, University of Cambridge. Teaching Interests: American Torts from a European Perspective. Faculty of the School of Law — 103 Inga Markovits, Rex G. Baker and Edna Heflin Baker Professor in Law. Dr. Jur 1966, Free University (Berlin): LLM 1969, Yale. Teaching Interests: Children and the Law, Comparative Family Law, Soviet Law. Roy M. Mersky, Elton M. Hyder. Jr. and Martha Rowan Hyder Centennial Professor in Law; Law Librarian and Director of Legal Research. BS 1948, JD 1952 MALS 1953, Wisconsin. Teaching Interests: Legal Research. Richard S. Markovits, Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. Centennial Professor in Law. BA 1963. Cornell: PhD 1966, London School of Economics (England); LLB 1968, Yale. Teaching Interests: Constitutional Law and Jurisprudence. Christy B. McCrary, Senior Lecturer. BA 1969 and MA 1971, University of Missouri at Columbia; JD 1979, Texas. Teaching Interests: Legal Research and Writing. Thomas 0. McGarity, W. James Kronzer Chair in Trial and Appellate Advocacy. BA 1971, Rice; JD 1974. Texas. Teaching Interests: Torts; Administrative Law: Environmental Law: and Science, Technology, and Law. 104 — Faculty of the School of Law Neil W. Netanel, Assistant Professor. BA 1976, Yale; JD 1980. University of California (Berkeley); JSD 1994, Stanford. Teaching Interests: Intellectual Property, Commercial Law. David M. Rabban, Thomas Shelton Maxey Professor. BA 1971, Wesleyan University; JD 1974. Stanford. Teaching Interests: American Legal History, Higher Education and the Law, and Labor Law. Jack Ratliff, Ben Gardner Sewell Professor in Civil Trial Advocacy. BA 1956 and LLB 1962, Texas. Teaching Interests: Texas Civil Procedure and Torts. photos by John Foxworth and Mark Sims Robin Meyer, Lecturer. BA 1975, Texas; MS 1981, UT Dallas; JD 1988, Texas. Teaching Interests: Legal Research and Writing. L.A. (Scot) Powe, Jr., Anne Green Regents Chair, Professor of Law and Professor of Government. BA 1965. Yale; JD 1968, University of Washington (Seattle). Teaching Interests: Constitutional Law. Faculty of the School of Law — 105 David W. Robertson, A. W. Walker Centennial Chair. BA 1960 and LLB 1961, Louisiana State University; LLM 1965 and JSD 1968. Yale. Teaching Interests: Federal Civil Procedure, Maritime Injuries Litigation. John A. Robertson, Thomas Watt Gregory Professor. BA 1964, Dartmouth: JD 1968, Harvard. Teaching Interests: Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Medicine and the Law. Ec C( M Int Steven R. Ratner, Assistant Professor. AB Pieter M. Schenkkan, Visiting Professor. BA Alan S. Rau, Robert F. Windfohr and Anne 1978, Princeton University; JD 1986, Yale: MA. 1969, Virginia: BA 1972 and MA Oxford; JD Burnett Windfohr Professor in Oil. Gas and 1993, Institut Universitaire de Hautes Etudes 1975, Texas. Teaching Interests: Administrative Mineral Law. BA 1963 and LLB 1967, Harvard. DE Internationales (Geneva). Teaching Interests: Law, Endangered Species Act. Professional Teaching Interests: Alternative Dispute Cc International Law and Human Rights. Responsibility. Resolution. As 106 — Faculty of the School of Law Faculty of the School of Law — 107 Edward F. Sherman, Edward Clark Centennial Professor in Law. AB 1959, Georgetown; JD 1962 and SJD 1981, Harvard; MA 1962 and MA 1967, Texas. Teaching Interests: Civil Procedure, Complex Litigation. Charles Silver, Cecil D. Redford Professor in Law and Joseph Paschal Dreibelbis Faculty Fellow in Law. BA 1979, University of Florida; MA 1981, University of Chicago; JD 1987. Yale. Teaching Interests: Civil Procedure and Insurance. Ernest E. Smith, Rex G. Baker Centennial Chair in Natural Resources Law. BA 1958, Southern Methodist University: LLB 1962, Harvard. Teaching Interests: International Energy Transactions, Oil and Gas, Property. photos by John Foxworth and Mark Sims David Simon Sokolow, Lecturer. BA 1970, MA 1971. and JD 1979, Columbia: MBA 1993, Texas. Teaching Interests: Contracts, Business Associations. Entertainment and Art Law. Michael F. Sturley, Stanley D. and Sandra J. Rosenberg Centennial Professor in Property Law. BA 1977 and JD 1981. Yale: BA 1980 and MA 1985. Oxford. Teaching Interests: Commercial Topics in Admiralty. Michael E. Tigar, Joseph D. Jamail Centennial Chair in Law. BA 1962 and JD 1966, University of California (Berkeley). Teaching Interests: Civil Procedure, Criminal Law I, and Criminal Law II. Russell Weintraub, John B. Connally Chair in Law. BA 1950, New York University; JD 1953, Harvard. Teaching Interests: Conflict of Laws, Contracts. and International Litigation. John F. Sutton, A.W. Walker Centennial Chair Emeritus. JD 1941, Texas. Teaching Interests: Professional Responsibility, Evidence. Olin Guy Wellborn Ill, William C. Liedtke, Sr. Professor in Law. AB 1970 and JD 1973, Harvard. Teaching Interests: Evidence and Torts. Louise Weinburg, Angus G. Wynne, Sr. Professor in Civil Jurisprudence. AB 1964, Cornell; JD 1969 and LLM 1974, Harvard. Teaching Interests: Federal Courts, Conflict of Laws, Constitutional Law. 108 - Faculty of the School of Law Faculty of the School of Law — 109 Jay L. Westbrook, Benno C. Schmidt Chair in Business Law. BA 196 5 and JD 1968, Texas. Teaching Interests: Bankruptcy, International Business Transactions, International Business Litigation and Secured Credit. Patrick Woolley, Assistant Professor. BA 1984, Stanford; JD 1987, Yale. Teaching Interests: Civil Procedure. Class Actions in Complex Litigation. Zipporah B. Wiseman, Thos. H. Law Centennial Professor in Law. BA 1950, McGill University; LLB 1954, Yale. Teaching Interests: Bankruptcy. Feminist Legal Theory, Gender Discrimination, Payment Systems. photos by John Foxworth and Mark Sims Charles Alan Wright, William B. Bates Chair for the Administration of Justice. BA 1947, Wesleyan; LLB 1949, Yale. Teaching Interests: Constitutional Law, Federal Courts, and Supreme Court. REMEABER 110 — Faculty of the School of Law Faculty Emeritus, Visiting Faculty and Adjunct Professors — 111 PROFESSORS EMERITI Keith E. Morrison William Stamps Farish Professor Emeritus Millard H. Ruud John S. Redditt Professor Emeritus J. Henry Wilkinson, Jr. Joseph P. Witherspoon, Jr. Thomas Shelton Maxey Professor Emeritus M. K. Woodward Robert F. Windfohr Professor Emeritus VISITING FACULTY Alan E. Boyle, Visiting Professor. BA 1975. BCL 1976. Oxford. International Environmental Law, Law of the Sea. Francesco Francioni, Visiting Professor. Juris Dr. 1966, University of Florence; LLM 1968, Harvard. Public International Law, International Human Rights. James Lindgren, Visiting Professor. BA 1974, Yale; JD 1977, Chicago. Wills and Estates. Advanced Criminal Law. Guillermo Margadant, Visiting Professor. Gymnasium Hafanum 1941; N.Economics 1974, School of Economics, Rotterdam; M.Law 1954 and D.Law 1960. UNAM (Mexico) Law School. Introduction to Japanese Law, Mexican Legal System, Latin American Legal Systems. Basil S. Markesinis, Florence Thelma Hall Visiting Professor in Law. LLB 1965 and Dr. Jur. 1968, University of Athens; MA and PhD 1970, University of Cambridge. American Torts from a European Perspective, Emergence of Modern European Law. Antonio La Pergola, Visiting Professor. JD 1952, University of Catania; LLM 1955. Harvard. Comparative Judicial Review. Pieter M. Schenkkan, Visiting Professor. BA 1969, Virginia: BA 1972 and MA 1989. Oxford; JD 1975. Texas. Administrative Law, Endangered Species Act, Professional Responsibility. Jim A. Watson Adjunct Professor Robert A. Webb Adjunct Professor Susan R. Whitman Lecturer Paul Womack Adjunct Professor Jan P. Patterson Adjunct Professor Daniel Perez Adjunct Professor Louis T. Pirkey Adjunct Professor Thomas Reavley Adjunct Professor Jennifer S. Riggs Adjunct Professor ADJUNCT LAW FACULTY John C. Ale Adjunct Professor William P. Allison Lecturer Robert F. Barrett Adjunct Professor James C. Harrington Adjunct Professor P. Michael Hebert Adjunct Professor Kenneth E. Houp, Jr. Lecturer Jay Koehler Assistant Professor Peter C. Kretzschmar Adjunct Professo Michael L. Lynch Adjunct Professor James F. Martens Adjunct Professor Tracy McCormack Lecturer Michael McCormick Adjunct Professor Ewell Murphy Adjunct Professor Franklin Myers Adjunct Professor Adrian M. Overstreet Adjunct Professor Robert C. Owen Adjunct Assistant Professor Elizabeth C. Ozmun Adjunct Professor George Robertson Adjunct Professor Betty E. Rodriguez Lecturer Kenneth Schubb Lecturer Kelly J. Shackelford Adjunct Professor Joel I. Shannon Adjunct Professor David Sheppard Adjunct Professor Pamela J. Sigman Lecturer Lee Simpson Adjunct Professor Alison L. Smith Adjunct Professor B.A. Smith Adjunct Professor Richard Smith Adjunct Professor Kaaran E. Thomas Adjunct Professor Terry 0. Tottenham Adjunct Professor B. Beecher Threatt Adjunct Professor Robert W. Turner Adjunct Professor John Tuttle Adjunct Professor Lana K. Varney Adjunct Professor TaritoA Law ibvairy Staff, ADMINISTRATION STAFF: Charles E. Devany. Gwyn B. Anderson, Roy M. Mersky. Fita Cornada. CIRCULATION DESK: Stephen E. Young, Carla M. Henderson, John R. Ramington. SERIALS ACQUISITIONS: Pierrette Moreno, Monika L. Szakasits, Manuela Sanchez, Leticia L. Garcia, Mary A. Burton. 112— Tarlton Law Library Staff PUBLIC SERVICES, FRONT ROW: Michael Widener. Barbara S. Bridges. BACK ROW: David L. Gunn, Jonathan Pratte ' ' , Bruce L. Kleinschmidt. CATALOGING STAFF, FRONT ROW: Andrew J. Escude, Adrienne C. deVergie. Barbara J. Washecka, John R. Murray. BACK ROW: Betty D. Cogswell, Kathy J. Till-Watts, Debra K. Crawford-Black. photos by Mark Sims ASSISTANT DIRECTORS: Brian J. Quigley, Mar yAnn Nelson. COMPUTER SERVICES: Tom K. Newell, Scott G. Prater. Tarlton Law Library Staff – 113 of Law Staff FACULTY SECRECTARIES, FRONT ROW: Jim Patterson, Susan LaRoux, Pamela Grisham, Debbie Steed, Becky Drake, Trenell Johnson. BACK ROW: Patricia K. Floyd. Teresa Turner. Judy Dodson, Edie Baugh, Margaret Francis, Valli Salvo. KEETON CASINO CAFETERIA STAFF: Patricia A. Bell, Keitchra L. Brooks, Anglea J. McRae, Rena B. Askry, Rose B. Conde, Ken R. Morra. ACCOUNTING AND DATA PROCESSING. FRONT ROW: Sherry Helton, Denny Peters, Nga To Trinh. BACK ROW: Mark Andrew Gunn, Zoe Brook, Donna A. Leverett. 114— School of Law Staff photos by Mark Sims CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCA- TION, FRONT ROW: James William Hagarty, Paul Allen Tyler, Bill Watson. BACK ROW: Michael J. Esposito. Sylvia R. Sexton, Brenda R. Garner, Maria T. Spitler, Catherine C. Crane, Bill Conley. CAREER SERVICES: Kathy Diane Limmel. Annette Susan Jones, Tracy Leigh Epstein, Bonnie Virginia Hicks, Michele Morrison. Renee Yvonne Bizzell. MAIN OFFICE: Stella Torrez, Kalyami Suri. Theresa Kahlke, Diane Selken. School of Law Staff – 115 photos by John Foxworth School off Law COMMUNICATIONS CENTER: Susan Robbins. CHILDREN ' S RIGHTS CLINIC: Rae Lake, Cynthia Bryant, Andy Hathcock, Jack Sampson. ADMINISTRATION: Hollis Levy, Marie Hoepken, Rose Cumpian. 116 — Staff of the School of Law, EREGRINUS YEARBOOK NDEX A Abarca, Robby Patrick 82 Abbott, Remi Ellen 17 Abeyta, Sean Patrick 76 Acevedo, Sonia Iris 76 Ackermann, Timothy Glenn 33, 34, 82 Ackert, George Rall 17, 50, 51, 56 Acosta, Man uel 28, 56 Acosta-Rivera, Manuel 17 Adams, Mary Margaret 82 Adams, Nathan Aldrich IV 47, 76 Addison, Elizabeth G 17 Adler, Kristin Elizabeth 17, 51 Aggie Law Students Association 22 Ahluwalla, Pallavi 34 Alanis, Juan Felipe 22, 23, 76 Albright, Alexandra Wilson 96 Alcorta, Victor III 17 Aldrich, Susan Elizabeth ... 17, 37, 50, 51, 56 Ale, John C 111 Aleer, Megan Jean 82 Aleman, Susana I 95 Alexander, Nikol Gertrude .. 17, 42, 46, 49, 56 Allison, William P 111 Altsuler, Kent 82 Ambjorndalen, Kjell Inge 19, 74 American Journal of Criminal Law 23 Ammons, Dustin Mark 43, 76 Ancira, Jesse Jr 56 Anderson, Amber Lynn 82 Anderson, David A 96 Anderson, Gwyn B 112 Andrus, James Arnold 17, 52, 56 Angelley, William O ' Neil 82 Ansbach, John Eric 43, 76 Arias, Silvia Rossana 34, 74 Armstrong, James Patrick 17, 23 Arnold, Kerstin Eichberg 17, 46, 56 Arntzen, Christopher James 48 Arrington, Scott J 47 Arriola, Elvis R 97 Asian American Law Students Association 24 Askry, Rena B 114 Assault and Flattery 26 Atkinson, Leigh Anne 47, 76 Aulie, Ole Johan 19, 74 B Baade, Hans W 97 Bader, Laura Elizabeth 53 Baetzhold, James Paul 47, 76 Baier, Elizabeth Anne 17, 42, 51, 56 Bailey, Allison Elizabeth 17, 49, 56 Baker, James Michael 17, 56 Baker, Scott Patrick 17, 22, 56 Balan, Prakash 24, 37, 76 Baniukiewicz, John Michael 82 Banks, Danese Katrina 17, 41, 56 Barkate, Joseph G 82 Barndt, Richard V 97 Barnstone, Anatole Robert 17, 57 Barrett, Robert F 111 Barrow, Dennis 25 Bash, Benjamin Howard 82 Bastien, James Armand 76 Bates, Ashley E 23 Battle, Kelly Michelle 76 Baugh, Edie 114 Bearden, David Marshall Jr 76 Beil, Patricia A 114 Beldon, Jonathan Alan 17, 57 Beliveau, John Thomas 82 Bell, Christopher D 25, 52 Bell, Timothy Brandon 17 Bennett, Aaron Jamal 17, 23, 57 Bennett, S. Jacqueline 76 Benoit, Brent Alan 51 Berger, Alex Bennett 82 Berger, Walter M 76 Bernstein, Josh 17, 47 Bernstein, Talya 34, 40, 76 Berryman, Emmett W 76 Besonen, Doreen Susan 17 Betsill, Jerry Logan 76 Beveridge, Brett William 17 Bey-Roode, Lynn Karen 17 Biediger, Thomas Alan 41 Biffl, Elizabeth Lee 53, 63 Biles, Michael John 76 Bills, David Eugene 47, 76 Birenbaum, Cory Stuart 17 Bivans, Roger Wayne 76 Bizzell, Renee Yvonne 115 Black, Julie Elese 17, 42, 57 Blackman, Brian Scott 22, 82 Blais, Lynn E 97 Blake, Michael Anthony 22, 45, 76 Blanton, Tobey Dawn 82 Blevins, Donna Jean 82 Blodgett, Carri Ann 17, 57 Blood, Laura Joan 82 Board of Advocates 25 Boardman, John Kevin 17, 57 Bobbitt, Philip Chase 97 Bodenstedt, Kristin Jennifer 17, 57 Bojanic, Ivan 17 Bono, Gina Ann 82 Botkin, Ryanm Andrew 17 Bottorff, Brittny Lee 76 Boulware, Clay Houston 82 Bouzari, Eloise Henderson 47, 76 Bowes, Thomas John 17 Bowman, Andrew William 17 Bowne, Timothy Monte 17, 23, 42, 57 Boyce, Aaron Michael 34, 82 Boyle, Alan E 98 Boyle, Alen E 111 Boyle, Jennifer Ellen 83 Boyle, Matthew Christopher G. 83 Boyter, J. Marcus 17 Bradshaw, Donna Teresa 17 Bradshaw, Ronald Forrest 17 Brady, Arthur John 22, 83 Brannan, Jenniifer D 57 Braswell, Carol Anne G 17 Bray, Julie Ann 76 Brazzel, Crystal Rene 17, 49 Bredeson, Sean Anthony 76 Bridges, Barbara S 113 Bright, Henrietta L 17 Bright, Henrietta Laughlin 17, 57 Brook, Zoe 114 Brooks, David N 51 Brooks, Keitchra L 114 Broussard, Buddy 17 Brown, Amy Marie 17, 51, 57 Brown, James Eugene III 17 Brown, Jay Patrick 76 Brown, Jeb 57 Brown, Shavondelia 83 Brown, Tonya M. 95 Bryant, Cynthia 116 Bryant, Laura Jane 16 Bryant, Michael David .. 17, 39, 41, 46, 52, 58 Buchanan, Walter Arturo 76 Bullock, Roddy M 83 Bumgardner, Barry James 17 Burdett, Sharon Bliss 48 Burge, Mark Edwin 83 Burgess, Christine Eileen 17 Burke, Nathan Daniel 83 Burkhart, Charles A 76 Burley, Kimberly Shawn 17, 49, 52, 58 Burnham, Esther Lee 83 Burnham, Shawn Elizabeth 76 Burnside, John Douglas 83 Bursor, Scott A 51, 76 Burton, Daphne Lisette 16 Burton, Mary A 112 Burton, Thomas Warnock 83 Bush, Jonathan Bowers 76 Butler, Alicia D 35 Byrd, Richard Gregg 22 C Cabrera, Juan E. 76 Campbell, Angelyque Patrice 46, 52, 83 Campbell, Carrie Elaine 16, 58 Campero, Adolfo Jr 17 Canale, Anthony Peter 83 Canales, Brenda 32, 76 Canlas, Richard Martin Pintor 83 Cano, Claudia Mariana 17, 32 Cantu, Norma Jean 83 Cardenas, Eldarose 17 Cargo, Patrick Michael 76 Carrol, Neish Allen 45 Carroll, Jenny 46 Carson, Loftis C. 98 Carter, Johnny William 51, 76 Carter, Kayla Diane 77 Carver, Christopher Todd 25, 77 Casey, Susan Cristen 17 Cash, Kelley Elise 83 Casias, Michael Nathan 17, 28 Casillas, Mike N 28 Castagnoli, Charisse 17 Castillo, Daniel Manuel 17, 58 Castro, Laura Louise 83 Caswey, Susan Christen 58 Caughfield, Lance Eric 45 Cedillo, Sylvia C 17, 46 Cernyar, Eric William 83 Cezeaux, Andrea 77 Chaffin, Christopher C 17 Chambliss, Elizabeth 98 Chang, David Teng Kai 83 Chang, Raymond Wei-Yao 24, 77 Chapman, Farrel Hargrave 17, 42 Chatman, Marlene Ivory 83 Chavez, Enrique Jr 28 Chibib, Michael 17, 58 Chicano Hispanic Law Student Association . 32 Childs, Allyson 58 Chin, Dan Y. 24 Chin, Keric Blaine On 17, 58 Chopik, Phillip B 77 Choyyke, Michael Alan 17, 51, 58 Christian, William Gerow 17, 50, 51 Churgin, Michael J 98 Chutick, Jennifer Lynn 17 Clancy, James T 40, 77 Claunch, Charles Christopher 83 Cleaves, Matthew Jeffrey 38, 39, 84 Cleveland, Wesley M 17 Cobbs, Elita Denise 17, 58 Coe, Laura Jenine 17, 58 Cogswell, Betty D 113 Coligado, Edward David 17 Collier, Katrida 25, 77 Collings, Scarlett Elizabeth 84 Colvin, Elizabeth 46 Conde, Rose B 114 Cone, Jason R 84 Conley, Bill 115 Connolly, James Douglas 17, 58 Conrad, Clay S 77 Cook, Sally Valaree 16 Cooley, Aaron Vincent 84 Cooper, Dionne Valenzia 17, 52 Cooper, Lisa A 77 Cooper, Rebecca Anne 84 Cooper, Tammy Austiff 46, 49, 77 Cooper, Terence Maurice 39, 84 Copeland, Kelli Lynn 17, 59 Corcoran, Joseph Peter 17 Coronado, Fita 112 Corporate Council Society 29 Cover, Kathi Anne 17 Cowan, Claibourne Lamar 17 Cowen, Michael Raphael 17 Cowles, James Lawrence 84 Cox, Gregory Forrest 17 Craddick, Christi Leigh 17, 59 Crane, Catherine C 115 Crane, Duffy Doyle 37 Cravey, Robin Theobald 17, 43, 59 Crawford-Black, Debra K 113 Cronin, Kirby William 17 Crook, Karen Michelle 25, 77 Crowell, David John 84 Crum, J. Stephen II 77 Culpepper, Elizabeth Claire 77 Cummings, Scott Alexander 17 Cumpain, Rose 115 Cunningham, Lisa Lavelle 16, 48 Cweren, Brian Pascal 84 D D ' Ascenzo, David Samuel 77 Dalai, Mirut P 24, 33 Dalton, Karen Lynn 84 Danamraj, Shreen Kumar 17, 45 Daniel, Thomas Houston 29 Daniel, Walter Eugene 84 Daniels, Douglas Allen 17, 51, 59 Danner, Lars Andreas 16, 59 Dapper, James Howard 17 Davila, Gilbert D 84 Davis, Derek Lawrence 17 Davis, Jason Murray 17, 59 Davis, KaLyn 53, 77 Davis, L. Kym 51 Davis, Tracy Lachon 40, 41, 52 Davis, William Albert Jr 16, 59 Dawson, Robert 0 98 Dean, Lyn E. 77 Deans 94 Dedio, Laura Elizabeth 17, 49 Degeeter, John Patrick 17, 59 De La Fuente, Jose Eduardo 17, 42, 59 DeLaune, Patrick Lee 17, 23, 59 Dell, Adam Robert 17 Dennett, Debra Leigh 17 Dennis-Bailey, Rebecca L 84 Densman, Marcella Marie 84 Deroy, Kyle Thomas 16 Devaney, Charles E 112 De Vergie, Adrienne C 113 Dewald, James J 84 Diasparra, Diana Jean 45, 77 Dibbs, Scott William 51 Dick, Adam Stuart 84 Dickson, Carla Gay 17 Dingier, Chester Wayne III 37 Dinwiddie, Shanna Lyn 51, 77 Dix, George E 99 Dixon, Erin Kelly 84 Dodge, Joseph M 99 Dodi, Kwasi Addo 52, 84 Dodson, David Barnard 16, 59 Dodson, Judy 114 Dolan, Patrick Joseph 17 Dolezal, David George 45, 77 Domingue, Renee Marie 17, 53 Dominguez, Adrienne E 17 Donch, Sarah Anne 38, 39, 84 Doyal, Stephanie Elizabeth 84 Drake, Becky 114 Dresser, George B 51 DuBois, Scott Alan 43 Duke, Lance Garrick 84 Duke, Lori Kathleen 17, 49, 59 Dulac, Julie Marie 77 Dulany, Michelle Louise 17 Dunkel, Stacy Lee 84 Dupuy, Stuart Shaffer 17, 60 Durham, Kathryn Elizabeth .... 17, 41, 42, 60 Durst, Desiree Dawn 17, 49 Dworin, Daniel William 17 Dwyer, Kelly James 43 Dyer, Benjamen Shane 17, 60 Dzienkowski, John S 99 E Early, Linda Moore 16, 60 Eaton, Amy Kathleen 84 Eckhardt, Sarah 46, 84 Edmundson, Stephen 40 Ekery, Laura Marie 17 El-Hakam, Leila Mariam 84 Elder, David Patrick 17 Eldred, Charles Kenneth 17, 23, 60 Elizardo, Christine Sarah 17, 22 Eller, Don Fl 23 Ellman, Richard M 84 Emerson, John Russell 33 Emerson, Stacy Leigh 17, 60 Peregrinus Index - 117 English, Debbie D ' Shea 53, 84 Environmental Law Journal 30 Epstein, Tracy Lei gh 115 Escamilla, John Gregory 17 Escobedo, Sylvia Yvonne 17, 23, 60 Escude, Andrew J 113 Esparza, Valerie R 35 Esposito, Michael J 115 Esterak, Heath Douglas 17, 36, 47, 60 Estlund, Cynthia L 99 Ettredge, Sarah Katherine 43 Evans, Anna Noel 28, 84 Evans, Karla Ann 84 Evans, Thomas 99 Evetts, Mark Alan 17, 50, 51 F Faculty and Staff 96 Fagelman, Jason 40 Fall Sunflower Ceremony 16 Fallek, Michael A 77 Fant, Catherine B 17 Farley, Tull 84 Farrell, Eric Davis 17, 60 Farren, F. Jonathan 23, 84 Fedorko, John Martin 77 Feldcamp, Michael Neal 77 Feldman, Lowell P 77 Ferguson, Julie Anne 17, 42, 60 Field, Robert Stuart 17 Field, Scott King 17, 60 Fisher, Christopher Paul 23, 84 Fisher, Eric Ashley 17 Fitzmaurice, Carey E 16 Fleck, Paul Andrew 84 Fleming, Whitney Jade 17, 42, 60 Flint, John Samuel 48, 77 Flores, Edwin Stuart 33 Flores, Marria Consuelo 17, 45, 61 Floyd, Daniel Scott 84 Floyd, Patricia K 114 Fontaine, Michael Cater 61 Fontaine, Michael Palmer 17, 25 Forbes, Melissa Ann 84 Ford, John Andrews 16 Forlano, Sara M 23 Fortson, Joby IV 38, 39 Foster, Joseph Holt III 17, 37 Fowler, Kelesha Ann 41, 52, 85 Fox, Kyle Kenneth 17, 61 Fraissinet, Philip Delbert 17, 61 Franchek, Richard John 16 Francioni, Francisco 100, 111 Francis, Margaret 114 Frank, Christiane 19, 34, 74 Franz, Christopher Clark 16 Fraser, Camille 36 Frazier, Dofnna Yvette 17 Friedman, Lori 17, 42, 61 Fugua, James B 85 Fuller, Catherine Noelie 17, 61 Fulton, Kathryn Melissa 85 Fulton, Melissa 53 G Gaedke, Gina Beth 17, 61 Gallitano, Andrea Lynne 85 Gans, Abbey Phyllis 53 Garbarino, Michael Harry 17 Garcia, Barbara Lynn 17, 32, 61 Garcia, Edward John 28, 32, 77 Garcia, Floria 28 Garcia, Gloria 85 Garcia, Kenneth Victor 17 Garcia, Leticia L 112 Garcia, Oliver 17 Garcia, Rodrigo Jr 17, 37 Garcia, Sergio Ernesto Jr 17 Garey, Lea Anne 36, 48 Garner, Brenda R 115 Garner, Brian Douglas 17 Garvey, Kristen N 49 Garvey, Mariah E 85 Garvey, Paul T 52 Garza, David A 77 Gaspard, James Gerard II 48, 77 Gatewood, Kelly Lynn 44 Gatlin, Shelley Deanne 40, 77 Gault, Marc Franklin 43 Gay, Carla Joyce 49, 61 Gelb, Aaron Robert 17, 61 Geld, Jonathan Norman 45, 77 Geller, Anthony W 23 Gendron, Patrick Keith 22, 85 George, Sajju 34, 77 George, Todd Smith 17, 61 Gergen, Mark P 100 Getman, Julius G 100 Gibbons, Gretchen Michelle 77 Gibson, John Michael 17 Gibson, William W. 100 Gimpel, Jeffrey 47 Ginsberg, Carl Haralson 17 Ginzburg, Katherine Michelle 51, 77 Givens, Kevin Michael 34, 36, 77 Glass, Roderick Bryant 17, 52, 61 Glenn, Sled Lynette 17, 22, 28, 32, 62 Goddard, Patricia Steele 17 Goddard, Patricia Steele 662 Golden, Philip T 85 Golomon, D. Brent 39, 78 Gomez, Dave Miguel 78 Gonzalez, Anna Cecilia 17, 62 Gonzalez, Antonio B 32 Gonzalez, Eric Alejandro 85 Gonzalez, Raul Arturo . 17, 25, 28, 32, 46, 62 Gonzalez, Vanessa Ann 17, 22, 32, 62 Gonzalez, Yvonne 78 Goode, Steven J 100 Gordon, Dana Anne 17 Gorel, Kim Joi 78 Grafe, Donna Kay 85 Graglia, Lino A 101 Graham, Andrew Clark 33, 78 Graham, Frank Brian 17 Granberry, Melanie Diane 85 Graves, James Alden 85 Gray, Autumn C 23 Gray, Brian Richard 85 Gray, Cameron Davis 78 Gray, Jennifer Kristene 85 Gray, Megan E 17, 62 Gray, Robert Martin 45 Grieves, Jaime Robert 17 Grisham, Pamela 114 Grosz, Daphne 85 Guanajuato Exchange Program 31 Guedea, Efren Matthew 17, 62 Guer ra, Marcus Daniel 17 Guerrero, Annabelle 85 Guerrero, Debra Ann 16 Guiterrez, Javier B 32 Gunn, David L 113 Gunn, Mark Andrew 114 Gutierrez, Javier B 17, 32, 62 Gutierrez, Jorge M 85 J ll Hacker, Howard Benjamin 46, 85 Hagarty, James William 115 Hagquist, Nancy Magner 17 Hale, Martin Larry 17, 62 Hall, Christopher Nally 17 Hall, Justin Kimbell 85 Hamilton, Courtney Diane 17 Hamilton, Robert W 101 Hammers, Michele Lee 17, 25 Hampton, Charles Bedford 17 Han, John Chong-Dae 17 Hansen, Michael Dewitt 17, 62 Hansen, Patricia I 101 Hanz, Gayle Cerrato 17, 62 Haragan, Kelly Leigh 17 Harden, Monique Covette 17 Hargrave, Farrel Lea 62 Harmon, Jonathan Paul 17, 23, 25, 63 Harmon, Zachary John 17 Harper, Geoffrey Scott 17, 50, 63 Harper, Kenneth Wilson 17 Harrington, James C 111 Harris, Jeffrey Martin 41, 78 Hartman, Jeremy Tremayne 17, 37, 63 Harvel, Wendy Kay L 40, 53 Hassett, Michael Edward 44, 78 Hatch, Bettie Anne 85 Hathcock, Andy 116 Haule, Patricia Eileen 17, 49 Havely, Katherine A 85 Hawthornne, Blake A 47 Heartfield, Heather Mary 17 Heath, Gregory Scott 16 Heath, William Patrick 85 Hebert, P. Michjael 111 Hebert, Stephanie Fay 17 Heffner, Matthew Thomas 85 Helgoe, Lisa Rae 46, 85 Helms, Fred Adlam 17, 63 Helms, Mira London 85 Helton, Sherry 114 Henderson, Carla M 112 Henderson, Rebecca Ruth 17, 63 Henley, Geoff J 85 Henry, Joseph Claude 17 Henry, Rennae Kiana Hood 17 Hernandez, Susan Denara 85 Herrero, Abel 85 Herring, F. Dwayne 63 Herring, Gary Dwayne 17 Hesse, Kelli M 49, 78 Hewitt, Christopher Lloyd 17 Hicks, Bonnie Virginia 115 Hidalgo, Laura Roxane 28, 85 Hiduke, Eric Andrew 78 Hightower, Jeffrey W. 17, 63 Flights, Angela Marie 35, 46, 52 Hill, Michael Alan 85 Hill, Robbie Earl 41, 63 Hill, Samantha Kristyn 17, 63 Hinde, Daniel E 22 Hispanic Law Journal 32 Hittelman, Tara Beaudoin 17, 47 Hodges, Sara 75 Hoepken, Marie 115 Hogan, Wyatt LeClercq 85 Holland, Robert Wayne 17, 40, 63 Holley, John Austin 78 Holmes, James Allen 17, 50, 63 Holmes, Michael Conrad 85 Holt, Kathryn 46 Holt, Kathryn Mary 17, 46 Holt, Tammy Michelle 22 Holzer, Nathaniel Peter 17, 47, 63 Hong, Jungyoun Traci 17, 47, 64 Hopkins, Bill 36 Hopkins, Mark Daniel 17 Hopkins, Michael Blair 17 Hopkins, Robin Hinton 17 Hopkins, William Everitt 17, 25, 36, 64 Hornbuckle, Stephen Spence 17, 50, 51 Houp, Kenneth E. 111 Houston, Charles Hamilton 85 Howell, Trent Atkins 85 Hsia, Roger 24, 86 Hu, Henry T. 101 Hudgeons, Brandon Lee 86 Hughes, Jennifer Elizabeth 78 Huhn, Michelle Rene 17, 64 Huie, William 0 101 Hummel, Timothy Blair 16 Humphries, Justin Brad 41, 86 Hurley, Patrick Joel 17, 64 Hurst, Tiffany Shayne 41 Huskey, Kristine Anne 53, 86 Infante, Cristina 17, 42, 51 Intellectual Property Law Society 33 International Law Society 34 Irwin, Debra 16 Irwin, Hope Liu 47 Issacharoff, Samuel 102 Ivan, Michael John 45 J Jackson, Joseph Dale 86 Jalufka, Sheila Ilene 64 James, Collie Fitch 86 Jaynes, Jeanine Marie 17 Jensen, Stanly Ray 17, 45, 64 Joe, David R 24 Johanson, Stanley M 37, 102 Johnson, Calvin H 102 Johnson, Carla Elaine 43, 64 Johnson, Corwin W 102 Johnson, Frances Renae 52, 86 Johnson, Suewan M 17, 64 Johnson, Trenell 114 Johnson, William Paul 86 Johnston, Jeffrey S 86 Jones, Annette Susan 95, 115 Jones, Christopher Clayton 17, 42, 64 Jones, George Cleveland 17, 37 Jones, James Wesley 17, 51, 64 Jones, Lucile Lan 28, 52, 86 Jones, Lynda Viola 17 Jones, Matthew Scott 86 Jones, Tracey Marie 17, 64 Jordon, George Washington 44, 78 Josey, Robert Fred 17 Jubinsky, James Alan 33 Jumes, Steven 40 Juncker, Jill Allison 78 Juvkam-Wold, Per Erik 86 Kabiri, Nika 17 Kaeske, Michael Louis 17 Kahlke, Theresa 115 Kahn, Gregory Howard 17, 40 Kalapatapu, Sesha 46 Kalisek, Lauren Jennifer 17, 43, 64 Kane, Melanie Lynn 46, 53, 86 Kang, Cindy 17, 55 Karels, Sabrina Ruth 41, 78 Karkhu, Dimitri Victor 18 Katz, Jennifer 46 Katz, Karen Elizabeth 35, 78 Keating, Patrick Dennis 18, 50, 51, 65 Keeton, W. Page 102 Keever, Graham Lee 18 Keith, Stephen Donald 18 Kelley, David Emory 86 Kelley, Paul Lee 43, 78 Kennedy, Katherine Nel 18, 65 Kennedy, Kristina Marie 18, 65 Kientz, Robert E 86 Kimm, Sandra Jean 86 Kimzey, Michael Shane 86 King, Frank Anthony 18, 65 King, Le ' Nora Evette 65 Kinlaw, Sheryl Lynn 18, 42, 65 Kinney, Robert Emmett 78 Kirby, Margaret Cheryl 18 Kirchmer, Christopher T 18 Kirtner, Jeffrey David 18 Kissinger, Ashley Ivy 18 Kitchens, John Charles 36, 78 Klaas, Elizabeth Ann 18, 23, 65 Klamert, Abigail Connor 18, 65 Kleck, Monique Marcella 86 Klein, Edwin Allen 22, 23, 37, 78 Kleinschmidt, Bruce L 35, 113 Kline, Susan R 103 Knight, Charles Jared 18, 40, 41, 65 Kobayshi, Eiji 24 Koehler, Jay 111 Koh, Haejung Lisa 86 Kothmann, Kolin Elgin 36, 78 Kowalik, Jennifer Ann 18, 65 Kozoil, Kris Michael 78 Kraehe, George Christian 16 Kretzschmar, Peter C 111 Kruger, Sharla Kay 86 Krumins, Juris T. 78 Kugler, Eric 40 Kumar, Jai-Prakash Philip 86 Kuper, Kira 18 Kurtz, Catherine Taylor 86 Kutnick, Brett David 51, 78 Kwan, Michelle Denise 18, 65 L Lacy, Jana Christine 86 Laird, Gregory Preston 18 Lake, Rae 116 Landers, Danielle Denise 25, 39, 78 Landon, Gerald James 86 Lanese, Claudia Elizabeth 18, 28, 66 Langford, William Dean Jr 18, 25, 51, 66 Langley, Joe Russell 86 Langley, Russell 22 La Pergola, Antonio 111 Lapple, Matthew Charles 86 LaRoux, Susan 114 Larsen, Bryn Kristin 18 LaRue, Andrea H 46, 49 Laux, Lauren E 51 Law Students for Gay and Lesbian Concerns 35 Laycock, Douglas 95 Leaders, Scot Henry 86 Lebowitz, Karen Melissa 78 LeClerq, Teresa R 103 118 - Peregrinus Index Lee, Amy Elizabeth 23, 86 Lee, Stephen Calvin 18, 24, 66 Lee, Sue Melissa 24, 78 Lehmann, Jennifer Lynn 86 Lemley, Mark A 103 Leo, Monica Ann Lawson 16 LePage, Gregory Wayne 47, 78 Lessie, Robin 78 Leverett, Donna A 114 Levin, Allison Ann 41, 86 Levin, Ilan M 18, 66 Levinson, Sanford V 103 Levy, Hollis 115 Lewis, Ellen Mary 18, 49, 66 Liebmann, Wilhelm Esser 18, 22 Limmel, Kathy Diane 115 Lin, Deborah 18, 42, 66 Lindgren, James 111 Litton, Todd Catlett 18 Liu, Jeffrey T 24 Llamas, Cynthia Catalina 28, 86 Loaiza, Roy Thomas 86 Lochridge, Brett Ashley 18, 43, 66 Loewy, Robert Graham 18, 23, 66 Longoria, Hector Garcia 18 Longoria, John Marcos 18 Lopez, Marcus 23, 37 Lorch, Karen Lee 16, 66 Lowe, Kelly Elizabeth 18, 66 Lowrance, Valerie Dawn 66 Lowry, Christine Margaret 86 Lucinda, Laura Elizabeth 78 Luettgen, David Gerald 18, 45 Lynch, Michael L 111 M Macari, Michael John 18 Mahajan, Neera 18, 49 Maier, Eric Robert 18 Maierson, Ryan Jay 44 Maldonado, Melinda 53 Mann, J. Kevin 78 Marcin, Michael Paul 16, 45, 67 Margadant, Guillermo 111 Margolis, Carla 28, 86 Marin, Eric T 78 Marjolejo, Brenda Kaye 78 Markesinis, Basil S 103, 111 Markovits, Inge 104 Markovits, Richard S 104 Markowitz, Lauren M 18 Marmolejo, Brenda Kaye 28, 32, 41 Marroquin, Terri Lynn 18 Marshall, Jason Clarke 18 Martens, Allison Marie 78 Martens, James F 111 Martin, Rebecca Ann 86 Martinez, Barbara Ann 87 Martinez, Robert Anthony 18, 42, 67 Martinez, T. J 47, 78 Martinez, Trey 39 Masat, Melissa Joy 23, 87 Mast, Kirsten 87 Mattes, Julie F 35 Mattessich, Richard S 18 Maxwell, Melissa Elaine 79 McAdams, Mark James 87 McCarthy, Donald James 18, 67 McClain, Charlene Margaret 52, 87 McClusky, Edward Todd 18, 67 McClusky, Todd 40 McCormack, Tracy 111 McCormick, Jonathan A 18 McCormick, Marnie Ann 18, 67 McCormick, Michael 111 McCray, Christy B 104 McCrea, Kevin James 18 McCulloch, Clint S 79 McCutchan, Robert Dennis 18 McDonald, Stephanie Gilberta 52, 79 McFarland, Charles Black 18 McFarland, John Hatchett 18 McGarity, Thomas 0 104 McGlinchey, Finlay Parnell 42, 47, 79 McGoldrick, James Jonathan 79 McGowan, Anne Marie 18, 42, 67 McIver, Delenia Monna 52, 87 McKinney, Amy Elizabeth 18, 67 McLemore, Heather Christine 39, 87 McManus, Amanda Lee 79 McPhee, Gillian 53 McQuillin, Diana Lynn 36 McRae, Angela L 114 Meade, Mikelle S 39 Meade, Nikelle Susanne 18, 41 Meece, Michael Edward 79 Meekins, Christopher Martin 79 Meggesin, Lauri Joan 18, 46, 67 Mehl, Cheryl T 87 Meleen, Steve Paul 51 Mendenhall, Karen 46 Mendez, Andrew David 51, 79 Mendoza, Sylvia Ann 18, 32 Merek, Margot Ann 18, 25, 67 Mersky, Roy M 104, 112 Messinger, Zoe Emily 16, 67 Metzer, Oliver Peter 51 Metzger, John Daniel 18, 47, 67 Meyer, Erin Michelle 48, 79 Meyer, Robin 105 Michaelsen, Michelle Marie 53, 87 Middleton, Rore Moran 52 Miles, Melissa Ann 46, 87 Miller, Bry 87 Miller, Michelle S 29 Miller, Steven Louis Jr 87 Milton, James Craig 50, 67 Mines, Steven Todd 18, 34, 68 Minieri, Michael Angelo 48 Minton, Don W 23, 46, 87 Minton, James Craig 18 Misra, Amit Kumar 79 Mogil, Lisa Carrie 87 Moholt, M Cassandra 79 Monroe, Ursula Y 32, 79 Montford, Melinda 18 Montoya, David Anthony 18, 28, 68 Moore, Daniel James 18, 37, 68 Moore, Hilton Kennedy 79 Moore, Jon Derek 18, 68 Moore, Marla Ann 18 Moore, William Arlyn 18, 40, 68 Morales-Knight, Amy V 18 Moran, Rore Eileen 18 Moreno, Pierrette 112 Moritz, Debra Yvonne 18, 68 Morra, Ken R 114 Morris, Rae Lynn 79 Morris, Scott Taylor 33, 87 Morris, Thomas James 18 Morris, Timothy Anthony 18, 52 Morrison, Keith E 111 Morrison, Mary Nicole 24, 87 Morrison, Michele 115 Mosley, Stephen Wilborne 18 Moss, William Stanely 51 Moursund, Kenneth C 23, 41, 87 Muir, George 40 Munden, Robert Linton Reeves 87 Munoz, Manuel Ned 79 Murphy, Ewell 111 Murphy, Lucretia Pilissa 18 Murphy, William Jason 87 Murr, George Brashier 18, 68 Murray, Brendan Michael 79 Murray, Todd Andrew 18 Myers, Franklin 111 N Nash, Alexia M 87 Nazro, Arthur Phillips 87 Nelson, Mark Christopher 18 Nelson, MaryAnn 113 Ness, Lyda Anastasia 87 Netanel, Neil W 105 Neuschaefer, Walter Warren 87 Newell, David Christopher 87 Newell, Tom K 113 Newkirk, Christie Ann 18 Newman, Michael Harris 18 Newsome, W. Bruce 42 Newsome, William Bruce 18 Newsome, William Bruce 18, 68 Nguyen, Ann U 24 Nguyen, Minh Hien X 36, 79 Nichols, D ' Ann 43 Nicholson, Gail D 79 Nickles, Philip Albrecht 18 Niemann, Connie Catherine 18, 47, 68 Nirken, Howard D 87 Nisimblat, Oskar Ivan 22, 79 Norbraten, Brett 46 Northington, Hiawatha 39 Notzon, Robert Stephen 52, 79 Nugent, Matt P 51 Nurre, C Camille 79 0 O ' Brien, David Wesley 18, 68 O ' Byrne, William Patrick 18 O ' Connor, Carey Anne 87 Ocanas, Elbert Junior 16 Ochoa, Lino Humberto 28, 79 Oldham, Michael Kenan 51, 79 Olivarez, Liana Edisa 18, 28, 68 Oliver, David Scott 79 Oliver, Johanna Catherine 18, 34, 47, 68 Oliver, Wesley Andrew 18 Oprendek, Matthew John 47 Ortman, Daniel W 79 Osborne, Jonathan M 79 Overstreet, Adrian M 111 Owen, Elizabeth Allison 18, 69 Owen, Robert C 111 Ozmun, Elizabeth C 111 P Pack, Kimberly A 42 Packman, Kenan Jacob 18 Pacquet, Amanda Suzanne 18 Palmer, Christine L 79 Palmer, David Allen 18, 69 Panzer, Jason M 79 Paquet, Amanda S 28 Parish, J. Brad 87 Parker, Amy Matocha 79 Parma, Andrew Patrick 43, 79 Parvis, Barbara Anne 45 Paschal, Evangeline Claire 18, 39, 69 Patel, Dahesh Dilip 87 Patel, Dilip Babubhai 47, 79 Patrick, Donald Wood 87 Patten, Eugene Harley 18 Patten, Gene Harley 69 Patterson, James McCoy III 37, 48, 79 Patterson, Jan P 111 Patterson, Jim 114 Patterson, Lee-Ann Rita 87 Patton, John Russell 48, 79 Paul, Angela Marie 33, 87 Pauling, Kristen Lynn 79 Pearson, Diane Marie 53 Pechersky, Bryan Joseph 18 Peck, Michael Lindley 18, 69 Pedregon, Saul 23 Paine, Martha 18, 69 Pena, Amando 87 Perez, Daniel 111 Perez, Michael Steven 22, 87 Perry, Ann 36 Perry, Chase Anthony 18, 23, 69 Perry, Sharon Ann 18, 69 Pestana, Becky Elizabeth 18 Peters, Denny 114 Peterson, Christina Bebb 69 Peterson, Christina E 16 Peterson, Christopher William 40, 80 Peterson, Phillip Daniel 87 Phenix, William Grayson 18 Phi Alpha Delta 36 Phi Delta Phi 37 Phillips, Holly Lynn 36, 45, 80 Phipps, Charles Edward 18 Pichinson, Michael M 16 Pickering, John David 18 Piel, Andrew Blake 41, 87 Pierce, Brandon Scot 22 Pierce, Tanya Jean 80 Pietrantone, Mark James 18, 37, 69 Pigg, Alan Wayne 18, 69 Pirkey, Louis T 111 Pirnar, Staci Cazanne 18 Plowman, Julie 40 Poe, Jennifer Ruth 18, 50, 69 Polk, Ashley P 23 Pollard, Bryan Douglas 23, 47 Porterfield, Tara 51 Postawko, Bob 35 Powe, L. 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Beedier 111 Thurgood Marshall Legal Society 52 Tice, Kristie M 51 Tice, Laurie 89 Tigar, Michael E 108 Till-Watts, Kathy J 113 Todd, Dianne Theresa 19 Todd, Steven M 23, 89 Tomlinson, Thomas Michael . 19, 25, 50, 72 Torgerson, Karin Britt 19, 39, 42, 72 Torgerson, Ray Thomas 22, 46 Torrent, Gary Michael 19 Torres, Miguel A 19, 28, 32, 73 Torres, Mike 28 Torrez, Stella H 115 Tottenham, Terry 0 111 Tracy, Karen Jyllane 23, 89 Trahan, Paul Denton 22, 23, 46, 89 Traub, Andrew Saul 19 Traylor, Lisa LaRee 39, 81 Treadwell, Julian Van 52, 89 Trinh, Nga To 114 Triplett, Paul Garrett 16, 73 Troendle, Karin Marie 19, 73 Tropoli, Kristen Paula 81 Trzaskoma, Theresa Marie 41, 53, 89 Tsang, Charlene H 24 Tucker, Kristan Kay 35, 81 Tullos, Lori Michelle 22, 32, 36, 81 Turley, Susan Lynn Welker 19, 73 Turner, Robert W 111 Turner, Teresa 114 Tuttle, John 111 Tyler, Marvin Craig 19, 73 Tyler, Paul Allen 115 Tyler, Valerie Lowarance 19 Tyson, H. Shannon 22 Tyson, Harry Shannon Jr 19, 73 U Unger, Deoffrey Robert 47 V Valentine, James R. 16 Van Arsdale, James Corbin 19 Van Buskirk, Anne Marie 19, 29, 73 Vandenbrook, Margaret Marie 43, 73 Van Meir, Timothy James 19, 47, 73 Varney, Lana K 111 Veech, Kathryn Muriel 19 Vela, Madeline 28 Veltman, Alexander Richard 19, 31, 73 Vickell, Marc E 89 Vickery, Travis Edward 19, 73 Vigil, Valerie Victoria 89 Vigorito, Stephen Thomas 89 Vigushin, Paul 51 Villalba, Jason 40, 81 Vinson, Eric Lance 89 Vockell, Marc E 23 Vogel, Peter Josef 19 w Waggoner, Gage Amburgey 19, 73 Waldrop, Elizabeth Seebode 81 Walker, Charles Bruce Jr 19, 74 Walker, Cindy Michelle 40, 81 Walker, James Darby 16 Walker, Lamont Darnell 19, 39, 48 Wallace, JoAnne 43, 81 Walters, Mary F 22 Walton, Danyele Marie 37, 81 Ward, Ana Christina 33, 81 Wardell, Holly Boyd 49, 81 Warr, Amy 74 Warren, Ingrid Michelle 22, 52 Warren, Jill 19 Warren, William Lee 19 Warwick, David Irwin 19 Washecka, Barbara J 113 Washington, Siehnai 89 Watford, Buena Vista 25, 81 Watjus, Stephanie Diane ... 19, 22, 28, 32, 74 Watson, Bill 115 Watson, Jim A 111 Watson, William Ft 95 Way, Heather Katharine 46, 51, 81 Webb, Hunter Eugene 19, 74 Webb, Robert A 111 Weber, Fred Howard 19 Weeden, Jason Earl 37, 51, 81 Weinburg, Louise 108 Weintraub, Russell 108 Welch, Justin Michael 89 Welch, Shannon Lois 89 Wellborn, Olin Guy III 108 Wells, Alicia Renee 82 Wells, Hope Elizabeth 82 Wells, Kimberly Ann 19, 74 Wells, Susan Elizabeth 19 Werch, Michelle D 35, 46 Westbrook, Jay L 109 Wheatley, Russell Spencer 89 White, Mark Wells III 89 White, Sharmian Lynell 19, 43, 74 Whitman, Susan R 111 Whorton, Anna Linae 19, 74 Widener, Michael 113 Wight, David Andrew 19 Wilbourn, Katherine E 23, 40, 82 Wilder, Sara Melinda 19 Wilkinson, J. Henry Jr 111 William, Paul Foster 89 Williams, Melissa Morgan 19, 74 Williams, Rani Chellane 19, 53 Williams, Scott Edward 51, 82 Willis, Derek Lynn 19 Wilson, Amy Marlyse 19 Wilson, Kathryn Chiles 19, 47 Wilson, Richard Gardner 19, 23 Winikka, Daniel Paul 1 9, 50, 51 Wiseman, Zipporah B 109 Witherspoon, Joseph P. 111 Wittliff, Sally Virginia 90 Wolens, Jonathan Bennet 90 Womack, Paul 111 Women ' s Law Caucus 53 Wong, Rira Sian 24, 90 Wood, J. Chris 23 Wood, Jacqueline Lee 19, 75 Woodruff, David Scott 90 Woodward, Martin D. 29, 47 Woodward, M. K 111 Woolley, Patrick 109 Worth, Erica Ruth 25, 36, 51 Wortman, Jeffrey Aaron 19, 47, 75 Wray, John Christian 82 Wright, Charles Alan 109 Wright, Nancy Vetsera 19, 75 Y Yamaga-Karns, Kevin Paul 19, 47 Yanez, Kerry X 32 Yarbrough, Brian Garrett 39, 90 Yarden, David 19 Yeager, Ellen Augusta 90 Yee, Yale Han 19 Yeh, Edward 34 Yeh, Maw-Zin 90 Yiu, JoJo H 82 Young, Aimee Rochelle 19, 23, 75 Young, Catherine Alice 19 Young, Felishia Rochelle 82 Young, Stephen E 112 Youst, Lawrence Ray 19, 75 z Zabala, Juan J 95 Zaboroski, Jessica Walpole 90 Zachary, John Joseph 82 Zachary, William Garrett 19, 42, 75 Zaffirini, Anthony David 82 Zahn, Lawrence Howard 19 Zamora, Peter Andrew 90 Zaremba, John Michael 90 Zhang, Zhe 34 Zygo, Brian Henry 46, 90 120 - Peregrinus Index 1995 Peregrinus Sponsors The staff of the 1995 Peregrinus Law School Yearbook and Texas Student Publications wish to express their sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the attorneys and law firms who served as sponsors for this publication. 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Post Office Box 2878 Harlingen, Texas 78551 (210) 425-2000 PAT MALONEY, SR., P.C. 239 East Commerce San Antonio, Texas ELTON M. MONTGOMERY P.O. Drawer 1300 Graham, Texas 76450 MURRAY CURL, INC. 112 E. Pecan, Suite 2325 San Antonio, Texas 78205 RODRIGUEZ MUNIZ-BERAIN P.C. 680 Quarry Street Eagle Pass, Texas 78852 ROB TANNER Gillespie, Rozen, Tanner Watsky, P.C. Fort Worth, Texas GIBBINS, WINCKLER HARVEY Bob Gibbins, Jay Winckler Jay Harvey 500 W. 13th, Austin, TX 78701 GEORGE E. GILKERSON, ATTORNEY Attorney at Law, P.C. P.O. Drawer 151 - Lubbock, Texas 79408 LAW OFFICES OF WILLIAM J. 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Slack Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1995 Best Wishes on your future endeavors. 8911 Capitol of Texas Highway, Building Two, Suite 2110, Austin, TX 78759 Tel 512-795-8686 Fox • 1.800-455-8686 Advertising Specialists and Consultants Providing professional sales and service support for University and College Yearbooks 800-964-0776 SCHOLASTIC ADVERTISING, INC. Ausfir Young Lawyers Association 21 472-0279 Travis County Bar Association The Graduating Class of 1995 is inv ' ted to attend its First Annual Reur ion Itt4 Sunday, November 12, 1995 The Law School Atrium Keep up with Law School activities! Send new addresses tO: The University of Texas Law Alumni Association Post Office Box 149090 Austin, Texas 78714-9090 (512) 471-0204 Fax (512) 471-5660 Fall Ex-Parte 126 - Fall Ex-Parte photos by Mark Sims Fall Ex-Parte — 127 Colophon The 1995 Peregrinus Yearbook, volume 45, was pre- pared by the student yearbook staff of Texas Student Publications at The University of Texas at Austin School of Law. There are 128 pages in the publica- tion. PRINTING: The Peregrinus Yearbook was printed by Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, Texas on sin- gle-color presses. Content pages were printed on 70 matte paper. TYPE: Body copy for the Peregrinus Yearbook was set in ten point Helvetica. Headlines and subhead- lines were set in Helvetica, Helvetica Bold, Garamond and Garamond Bold in a variety of point sizes ranging from 18 to 30 point. Cutlines and group picture identification blocks were set in Helvetica, Helvetica Bold and Helvetica Italic in six and eight point type. Folio lines were set in eight point Times. PRODUCTION: Text editing and page design for the 1995 Peregrinus Yearbook were accomplished on Macintosh computers using QuarkExpress software. Page negatives were generated at Texas Student Publications with all halftones created by Taylor Publishing Company. The index was compiled using Taylor Publishing Company ' s IndexVision software program. COVER: The cover was mounted on 20 point binders board, covered in 18 sturdite material. Base color for the material was green 037 with design work 919 on each front lid and the spine. STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY: Individual student por- traits found in the student section, pages 56-91, were taken by Thornton Studio of New York, New York. Sittings were conducted the week of October 3-7, 1994. The portrait studio was located at The University of Texas at Austin School of Law. ADVERTISING: Scholastic Advertising, inc. served as the national advertising representative for the 1995 Peregrinus Yearbook. Offices are located in Incline Village, Nevada, and Snellville, Georgia. OPERATING BUDGET: The Peregrinus Yearbook was produced on a total operating budget of $26,380.00 which included a printing budget of $9,816.00. Individual copies of the yearbook were sold for $25. The press run for the Peregrinus Yearbook was 600 copies. The yearbook staff would like to express appreciation to Sue Jones and Trebor Carpenter in the Texas Student Publications Composing Room for their assistance in the production of the 1995 Peregrinus Yearbook. photo by Mark Sin 128 — Colophon The Sunflower Ceremony: How It Came to Be For 15 or 20 years after The University was established in 1883, none of the graduates wore caps and gowns for uation ceremonies. At the turn of the tury, a salesperson offered to rent seniors caps and gowns. At that time, the School of Law was in the basement of the Main Building. No one thought to send a sage downstairs and invite even a few law seniors to the meeting. A committee of ty and seniors met and decided that the class would look very well in caps and gowns. An order went out that all seniors were to wear caps and gowns for the commencement. The law students th en met and because they had not been ed to the original ing and had not been consulted on the ability of this step, they refused to wear caps and gowns. Perhaps foreshadowing later events, they then formulated the reason to uphold their decision. This was, that caps and gowns at such a time were traditional to, and representative of, the academic school and not the professional school. Granted even that judges had worn the wig and gown for centuries, it was worn for a purpose entirely distinct from the purpose here proposed . The faculty met with the President, and at the meeting, a decision was reached that the law students must conform to the wishes of the senior class or they must wear a significant insignia at the es. It was not in a spirit of conciliation or in appreciation of the dignity of the sion that the sunflower was chosen as the " distinctive insignia. " It was agreed, however, that the senior law students would wear white suits. Once more reasons we re advanced to justify the choice of the flower. The flower, genus Helianthus, belongs to a family with worldwide tion. So, also do lawyers. As the flower always keeps it face turned to the sun, the lawyer turns to the light of justice. The Sunflower Ceremony used to be. held once during the year, on Commencement Day. As the School of Law student population grew, it was decided to have two exercises during the year, one in November for the December graduates and another one in May for the May and August graduates. Originally, the sunflower was pinned on each senior by his or her best friend. Today an Associate Dean or Assistant Dean assumes this responsibility.

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