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  1988 PEREGRINES The University of Texas School of Law Volume 38CONTENTS Features .......... 6 Organizations .... 18 Faculty............56 Students...........86 2 — Table of Coniinitmmm 1988 Peregrinus Staff Editor-in-Chief TRACI COTTON Associate Editor MEG BROOKS TSP Photographer JOHN FOXWORTH Supervisor of Yearbooks JERRY R. THOMPSON Yearbook Assistant MARY FELPS Photography Supervisor STEVEN PUMPHREY Contributing Photographers JEFF HOLT MICHAEL STRAVATO DANIEL BYRAM 19XX tYrcjcruuH — 'Improvement It was yet another year of improvement at the law school. A much-needed stairway was built on the weedy side of campus on 26th Street. Television sets were set up at various locations around the school and were used to display a daily calendar of events happening around Townes Hall. Painters gave the in terior of the school a fresher look w ith a new coat of paint. Such improvement did not happen nationally. The stock market suffered a record drop, a violent confrontation with Iran seemed inevitable and presidential hopefuls as well as TV evangelists were defeated by controversies surrounding their immoral behavior. Within the isolated confines of the law school, it was not surprising that most students were not too concerned with any of this. Exams were approaching, papers had to be written and interviews were a constant source of anxiety. Who had time to worry about national affairs.- 4 — OpeningOpening — 5 ;om yc..«ns jon. fytw ,______________________________ f r».»v«hThe UT Cork Debate President Reagan’s nomination of conservative Judge Robert Bork to replace Justice William Powell on the U.S. Supreme Court initiated controversy over not only the nomination but also over the role of presidential nominations. Senate approval and the Supreme Court. The nomination hearings of the Senate Judiciary Committee were aired several days on television and the public was invited into the inner workings of the government and was asked to think about such constitutional issues as the separation of powers, the right to privacy, the extent of the equal protection clause and the right of free speech. The Committee sent Bork's nomination to the Senate floor with a recommendation that he not be confirmed. The Senate agreed and voted 58 to 42 to strike down the nomination. The law school was very active in trying to influence the Senate Judiciary Committee. Student groups solicited signatures for petitions. organized letter writing campaigns and sold pro and anti-Bork buttons. Two groups raised money to buy ads in local newspapers that opposed the nomination. Barbara Jordan, former congresswoman and professor at the l.BJ School of Public Affairs, testified before the Committee against the Bork nomination. The culmination of the activities at the law school was a debate between Professor Michael Tigar, arguing against Bork, and Professor Lino Graglia, arguing lor Bork. Tigar attacked Bork's views on the right to privacy, free speech and the power of the president. Graglia criticized judicial activism and lauded Bork as a very qualified jurist who would exercise judicial restraint. 6 — Fe iumThe Constitution and Academic Freedom The United States celebrated the 200th birthday of the Constitution in 1987 as did the law school. The glass case outside the mail room displayed “Konstuutional Kitsch." which included popular items com memorating the birthday. The school also invited speakers during the year to discuss different views of the Constitution, and at noon on Sept. 17, the date of the signing of the Constitution, birthday cake was served in the law school lobby. Also in the fall, the school co-sponsored the Symposium on Academic Freedom along with the American Association of University Professors and the Texas Law Review. Faculty from all over the country gathered to t discuss current threats to academic freedom I and the First Amendment protection of f c-{ ulty criticism of their colleges and universities Papers presented were published in the SMU Prof Matthew Fmkrn speaks at the Symposium as Paul Brest. (Van of Stanford La School and Julius i . r Get man. Associate Dean at the Law School, look on W ev,cw- Shown above are items expressing U S pride in the Constitution Or. Andreas Auer. prol. of Const it ui uxal law and Jurisprudence at the University of Geneva law School, gives a "F.uropean view" of the Constitution. Features —■ 7Fall Drunk Law students danced the night away at the annual Fall Drunk, sponsored by the Student Bar Association. The Drunk was held at the Austin Opry House the night before Halloween. Prizes for the best costumes ranged from bar review courses to Southwest Airlines flights to dinners at Green Pastures restaurant. Audience applause was the key factor in determining who won these prizes. Some of the best costumes included Baby Jessica, the Red Herrings and a battered wife. There were also quite a few Judge Horks wandering around. The SB A printed and sold two different T-shirts commemorating this law school tradition. Music was provided by Hot Cakes, a popular Sixth Street band. Because of the new awareness surrounding drinking while driving, the SBA was pressured to change the name of the Fall Drunk next year. Perhaps they coukl call it the Fall Sober. — ftatwmPRIZE WINNERS HIST MAI Y. I'irti Plat «• Setuml llj«r Hah)' Je ita Mother Stm HI ST I I MAI I 1'iru Plate Seeutltl Hat i- IVatteretl Wile Vultjn Woman hist Hii'i r Firu Plate Set vntl Plate N J (latlup Har je ()l!ie Nurih ti l awn Hall HFST (i KOI IP I'tfM Plate Soun.1 Hate Ketl Herrin}; (taiinr Feature — 9Ex-Students ■ Itncred The law school honored A. W. (Jess) Walker Jr. by dedicating room 3.142 as the Walker Room. Walker was the first hditor-in-Chief of the Texas Law Renew and cofounded the Dallas law firm of Jackson. Walker. Winstead. Cantwell Miller. The largest endowment in the history of the law school was named after him. William Harvm, another law school graduate. received the fcx-Students' Association Distinguished Alumnus Award He was honored during a faculty brunch Oct. 4 at the law school Mrs A W Walker unveilt ihe plaque plated in front of the room dedKJted io her late luntund )etie Luton tcxallt me moon of A W. Walker »ith Mcs Walker. Pruf. Emeu Smith and Dean Mark Yudof. Bill Marvin, a divtmjcu idled law fehool alumnut __ ___ . ____________________________ _____ ___ . . --------------------------------------------------------------------------- — 10 — FeaturesSpeakers The law school sponsored several lectures during the year, two of which were the M. Harvey Weil Centennial Lectureship and the second annual Terrell Lecture. Aharon Barak. Justice of the Supreme Court of Israel, was the guest speaker for the Weil lecture Sept. 50. He spoke on "Constitutional Law without a Constitution: The Role of the Judiciary." Comparison of the differing tort theories of Leon Green and Charles McCormick was the aim of Professor David Robertson's talk at the Terrell Lecture. Many student organizations also invited speakers and lawyers to give their views on issues of current interest. | At the request of the Student liar As-j social ion and others. Former Governor Mark | White addressed the Texas business climate and the importance of education. Aharon Barai. awarded the coveted ''Israel Price,'' is a professor ar the Hebrew University Law School. Ptof William Mine listens to Justice Barak at ihe Weil lecture Mari White sprats Ott 16 at the Graduate School of Business. Features — 11— Feature! Fajita Fiesta ChLSA member prepare ddiriOM • ■ Good weather and good attendance made the 12th annual Fajita Fiesta a success. Sponsored by the Chkano Law Students Association. the Fiesta raised money for the Janie Villareal Emergency Loan Fund. Loans from the fund were available to dues-paying ChLSA members. Approximately five hundred tickets were sold for the Friday afternoon gathering on the East Patio. The event was attended not only by law students and professors but also by Texas Attorney General Jim Mattox. ChLSA members also sold Fajita Fiesta T-shirts and aprons. Lj» nudenu fttt an opportunity (o v.i.r ».th Attorney General Jim Mattox dur.n the Ftewa Ort. 4. Tender lapta meat is slowly rooked to perfection.- Visitors from ‘town Under Approximately thirty-five law students from the University of Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico visited Austin and the law school Oct. 29-31. They had a busy day of sight-seeing around the city which included tours of the Capitol, the Texas Supreme Court and the Tarleton Law Library. The students did not escape lectures altogether, however, as Professor Michael Tigar compared the American and Mexican Constitutions for them. The day was topped off with a happy hour at Scholz s Bier Garten where law school professors and members of the International Law Society served as hosts. Students from both schools exchanged information about their respective law schools and ideas as to what the "law school experience" was like in the two countries. Discussion et a bale heated as UT student and visitor hash out the issues Students rn|oy comparing different lifestyles. Features — Uxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Preparation for Trial Practice For students interested m litigation, the law school offered a number of classes and activities to help them prepare tor their future practice. For credit, students could take Professor Pat I la el's Trial Advocacy-Skills class. This class gave students supervised instruction on how to prepare a case for trial. Practice trials allowed students to gain experience in questioning witnesses, presenting opening and closing arguments and in other facets of trial work. The Board ol Advocates sponsored moot court and mock trial competitions that also helped prepare future litigators. Moot court participants argued a case- at the appellate level and mock trial participants did the same at the trial court level. In the fall, the BOA sponsored the T J. Gibson moot court competition and the Albert P. Jones-Novice and the VP. Page Keeton-Senior mock trial competitions. Local attorneys and judges volunteered to critique the participants. N'ovur moil, trial partKipjnu Walter Taylor and RuvcMary Sullivan ('rejure rrbuiial arjcoincrm Trial Aiivucacy student Randy Doubraca prevenu opening argil mows to the lory during a practKC trial Alms KubimLy | m iu«is j uiiihm it trial II — l.ainrrt- Ayv XXXXXXXX The Interview Season The process of interviewing for clerkships and permanent employment was updated by the Placement Office this year. In the past, students turned their firm choices in to the office staff who then entered them into the computer which randomly awarded interviews. This staff function was eliminated when the students themselves were allowed to enter their choices via a computer. Students paid a $25 user fee in order to in- terview on campus and were also given a directory of employers in exchange for this fee. The interview season lasted approximately eight weeks in the fall and three weeks in the spring. Schedules became hectic for everyone involved, as students learned to juggle classes, interviews and part-time jobs. It was all quite frustrating but worth it when one landed a job at the firm of his choice. Kevin IiJimm.ii make note ofikiinblc employer Cxjmpoicr cntrie are nude by Trieu KuhrrneiMer ami John IVniet Ute of ihe computer wav coy to tnavtcr. Student Muff employer envelope with their reunite and ujc" up lor interview tuflr After two month . the mkiiw wall ee% lijthi Fejiui - 15 yYyyyyyvyyyyyyyvyyyyyfreshlaws Torture, anxiety, excitement, poverty, fatigue, fun, stimulation — all were words that might describe the first year of law school. Every student had a unique overall experience but some first year experiences were universal. There was the agony of writing the memos and the brief while trying to keep up with the reading for class, the irritation of TQ homework, the fear of getting called on in class and the anxiety of the whole grade for a class being based on one test. At the same time, there was the excitement of being at a prestigious law school, of getting to know the professors, of discussing legal issues in the hall after class and of making new friends. Much of the first year was more like 6th grade than graduate school: staying in the same building and room with the same classmates, teachers and classes for a whole year and sitting in assigned seats. All that was missing was nap time and detention hall. However, most students survived and it got easier, or so they said. Frequent section parties give students a chance 10 relax and talk about life with friends. Volleyball helps frethhws veni frustrations Thomas concentraies on his studies. Such studying takes up a large part of every freshlaws life. 16 — FeaturesI Van Guy Wellborn "pins" a nrw graduate December Graduates The Charles I. Francis Auditorium was the scene of excitement and relief as the December law school graduates took the long-awaited walk to accept their diplomas and sunflowers, presented and pinned by Deans Michael Sharlot and Guy Wellborn. harry Temple, a University law graduate and practicing attorney, was the featured speaker at the Dec. 6 ceremony. He served as chairman of both the Select Committee on Higher Education and the Coordinating Board of Texas Colleges. Due in part to these contributions. Temple received the Faculty Award presented by the law school faculty in recognition of distinguished service to the legal education. A new Law school alumnae receives sincere congratulations from University officials and guests A :r iuatr makes the switch from student to l rol. Mark Gergcti and Prof. Michael Rosenthal rake a moment to fill their plates at the graduation buffet. pt'jfrssi.nul f Graduation■ "' ‘■'1 -r rCEGANIZATICNS ■ I mmmmmmmmt m O(g«niz4tiooi — 19Assault Flattery CAST — FRONT ROW: Deborah Kay Ninunora, Carol Anne Gibbs, Jeffry Dan Ma CXon Wee mi. Kathryn Mary Blackbird. David Dwayne DuBoie. J anna Jo Swinncy, Sfcflj Lewue Feemirer. Annette Chairct, Gregory Dale Morrison, Mattye Ann Gouldiby. Paul David Carmona, Jodi Ruth Lazar, Michelle J. Burke. David Seott Shukan, Gaye Lynn McKi SECOND ROW: Stephen Gerard Wilcox, Mark Mayfield Stetler, Marilyn Anne Rucker, Dora I tela Soria, laurie Sutan Manioc ii. Penny Sue Packard. Melina Berh Barlow, Gwyneth AH CampbtU, Laila Catherine Feme , I,er Rondyl Johnson THIRD ROW: Thomas Rice McBarh, Edward Mark Barcui, Linda Jean Sinclair, Jonathan Stuart Loach. Shannon Gilbert, htf Gregory Gr«enr, Jackie M. Kenyon. Holy Ruth Sherman. Jodi Lynn Pruion. FOURTH ROW: Glen A Ion Gtunberget, John Daniel Christian, Carolyn Hurt. Edward L Wilkinson J1 Kay Cargill Jenkins. Sara Ruth Spector, Loretta Jo Finger, Frederick Michael Locber Jr.. Margaret Ann Yowdl. Btuce Alexander Ritren BACK ROW: David Andrew Cantu. Rouault Buvu, Bruce Terrill Wiedcr, James Earl Friedhofer, Gary Alien Wiener, Btuce Joteph Barron. Robetr Wayne Schmidt, John Gevan Russell. Law School Follies Assault and Flattery, the annual law school musical, gave students a chance to laugh at the law school, classmates and themselves. Students wrote, directed, choreographed and performed in skits, musical numbers and videos. Approximately 150 students were involved in this year's production. The theme of the 1987-88 show was "Heir", a take-off on the musical "Hair”. The story revolved around Gaudc, whose Aunt Herricttc had died and left him ten million dollars. However, the only way he could get the money was to graduate from a top eleven law school and get a job offer from his first interview; if he failed to meet these conditions, the money would go to Boris and Natasha, his aunt's butler and maid. Naturally, when Gaudc decided to attend The University of Texas School of Law, these two wait also to try and foil Gaudc's plans to get the inheritance. PRODUCTION CREW: Associate Producer John Christian. Administrative Assistant Carolyn Hurt. Technical C ordinaloc Michelle Burke, Stage Manager Bruce Wicdcf, Associate Producer Glen Gtunbctgcr. Director Jodi Lazar. Asu-. i Director Sharon Fccmstcr, Assistant Director David Shukan, Business Manager Btuce Rarrun. Producer Paul Carmona. iO — Assault A FlatteryAssault A flattery Bruce Wirdrr and Jodi Lazar anxiously watch a dress rehearsal. Law school critics Syskel and Eibert reviewed video clips of such movies as "Top Gunner", "Law Bamba", "RoboQerk” and "Bluebook Velvet.” l rofessor Stanley Johanson, and Deans Mark Yudof and Susana Aleman were among the faculty participants. Cast parties were a time where the cast met off stage to have a little fun. It was not unusual to hear reports that kegs had been stolen or that the Austin police had paid the cast a visit. The can damn u dir filming of a video. The Assault Flattery hand entertains the crowd at the "Law Bamba" filming. Assault Flattery — 21Ccard cf Advocates Their Goal — Excellence in Advocacy In 1987-88, University budget cuts threat ened the Board of Advocates (BOA) level of activity. As a result, BOA secured its future by establishing a one million dollar advocacy endowment with donations from law firms and individual attorneys. BOA was an honorary organization that encouraged oral advocacy anti brief writing through moot court, mock trial and dient counseling competitions. To gain BOA membership, a law student had to accumulate a required number of competition and administrative points. Competition points were earned by par- ticipation in the advocacy com|K-titions and administrative points were earned by being a witness or a baliff for the competitions. BOA held one moot court and two mock trial competitions in the fall and dient counseling, two moot court and two mock trial competitions in the spring. BOA also selected members for five interscholastic teams who represented the law school in national competitions in these areas. In April, BOA held its annual banquet to recognize the competition winners and to award Order of the Barristers to the top ten third-year students. Mux court participants Jim Reeder and Ruud! Reid formulate argument! to refute the team' content 10m BOA member Karen Seuch rrnm the phone in the BOA ■' John Strathurger review hi moot court note . OFFICERS — FRONT ROW: Jodi Ruth Luar. Sharon EEabcth Sewed. Beverly Gayle Reeve BACK ROW: Karm I Seuth, Margaret Freda Uhltg, Russell Park Wilton, Kely Ann McDonald J . 2 — Board of Advocate Ecard of Advocates hmm Ban I’min ami Laar wan for iheir chance lo |h« on MEMBERS — FRONT ROW: Duke Wieder Yee. Harold Alvin Odom III. Sharon B. abeth Sneed. Beverly Gayle Kervev SECOND ROW: Paul David Carmona. Jodi Ruth l-a ar, Carolyn Hurt, James Earl Friedhofer. BACK ROW: l) »»d Knrh Schneider. Marram Frida L'hlig. David Scon Shukan, Maiiye Ann GoukJsby. Karen L Stmh. Michael Louis krm. Rum Wilson peTtuadcs I he fury to tee his »»y Belly Arvin advises hn client during diem coumeiing. Mock inaler Jane Wcbre pretents her case to the pjty. Board of Advocates — 23 Eeard cff Advocates ♦ ♦ ♦ 4' Winners Finalists Fall Moot Court Pam Stewart John Strasburger Jim Reeder Sc Russell Reid Fall Novice Mock Trial Walter Taylor 6c Rosemary Sullivan David Shukan 6c Jane Wcbrc Fall Senior Mock Trial Batt Pruitt Jodi Luar Sharon F Sneed 6c Russ Wilton Spring Novice Mock Trial Rick Rusenhlum 6c Roger Kirstein John Givens tc Kevin Raymond Freshmen Moot Court Myra Chickering 6c Michael Mucchetti Meg Brooks 6c Kim Nugent-Anderson Client Counseling Mary Abbott 6c Betty Arvin David Guillory Michael Barrera Elizabeth Negron 6c Janie Dam National Moot Court Team Russ Wilson, Deecc Eckstein, Carolyn Potter 6c Sharon E. Sneed Benton Moot Court Team Dan Castro, Tom Best. tana Varney Greg Ellis A TLA Mock Trial Team David Corso, Jane Wcbrc, Walter Taylor 6c Lynn Cope ABA Moot Court Team Dirck Van Tassel, Leslie Walker, Decce Eckstein, Sherie ftitts, Russel Reid, Eka Aka la, John Givens Lana Varney NATIONAL MOCK TRIAL TEAM: Harold Alvin Odom III. Jodi Rutli ta»r. Russell Park Wilson. Sharon Elinbe Sneed, David Scott Shukan, Beverly Gayle Reeve . Client counselors Mike Barrera and David Guillory tell their client the pros and coos of here 2 — Board of AdvocatesChancellors ■■I Achievers in the Academic Sense Becoming a Chancellor was one of the greatest and most difficult honors a law student could receive, for invitation into the group was based solely on grade point averages. Each semester, the eight students maintaining the highest grade point were named Chancellors. Only students who had completed 42 semester hours and were not yet members were eligible for consideration. Created to recognize scholars who were most likely to strengthen their profession, the Chancellors remained strong 76 years after its formation. Professor David Anderson served as the advisor and mentor of the group in 1987-88. Each semester's Chancellors were given hon- orary titles that reflected their academic ranking among the group. The Fall 1986 Chancellors, who were named the following semester, were Grand Chancellor Link Newcomb, Vice Chancellor Betty Owens, Clerk Jon Music III, Keeper of the Peregrinus Cynthia Schnedar and Chan-cellors-at-Large Thomas Pelto, Keith Ful-lenwcidcr, Daniel Bitting and Sabra Newell. Spring 1987 Chancellors, named in the fall of 1987, were Grand Chancellor Steven Smit, Vice Chancellor William Swanstrom, Clerk Kyle Doda, Keeper of the Peregrinus Joseph Everson, and Chancellors-at -I-arge Donald Neal, Jr., Diane Helene Mazur, Susan Thompson and John Cohn. SPRING 1987: Stereo DaleSmit. Joseph Minin F.rerson, Harry Wlian Swanstrom, Susan Kay Thompson. John Robert Cohn. Diane Helene Mazur. Kyle Doda Not Pictured: Donald West Neal Jr. ffv ' " w FALL 1986: Jon Izidwig Mode III, Daniel Craig Kitting, Ralph lank Newcomb. Betty Ruth Owens. Cynthia Schnedar, Sabra Camille Newell, Keith Fullenweider. Thomas Craig Pelto. Chancellors — 2}Chicane I aw Students Association Group Helps Bring Law Students, Communities Together Beyond responding to the needs of its membership, the Chicano Law Students Association (ChLSA) worked to extend its ties to the rest of the law school and to the community as a whole. Joining with the Thurgood Marshall Legal Society, ChLSA co-sponsorcd an academic orientation program for frcshlaws. The program was designed to help entering students unravel the mysteries of the Socratic method, note-taking, and outlining courses. ChLSA also helped to build political awareness at the law school by continuing its "Brown Bag" lecture series. Topics included judicial selection and the process of running for a scat on the Texas Supreme Court, from the perspective of a can- didate for office. Additionally, ChLSA aided the law school community by participating in recruiting efforts. Several members returned to their undergraduate schools to spread the word about the law school; ChLSA also contributed to the development of a minority recruiting brochure. Besides serving current and prospective students, ChLSA members helped build bridges between the law school and its alumni — a prominent Central Texas alumnus was invited to speak at each of the organization's business meetings. ChLSA also produced an alumni newsletter, and hosted a breakfast during Law-Alumni weekend. ChLSA by no means ignored the communi) outside Townes Hall. Members once again untccrcd their services to indigent citizen through the East Austin Legal Ginic. Students and Austin residents alike benefited. ChlSA also contributed to the community outside Ta-as by assisting with the Guanajuato Academic Exchange Program, and by helping host indents visiting from Monterrey, Mexico. The law school remembered ChLSA's 1987 Fajita Fiesta as its most successful to date Tht annual event — the fall semester’s first school-wide organized function — was an integral pm of the UT law experience. Javier Martuicz pauses before filling hit plate at the Fajita Fiesta. Rath meeting featured a guest speaker — here, it't Richard Pena. MEMBERS — FRONT ROW: Carlos Garcia, Brian Anthony Quintero, Annabell Alaniz Alcgria.Sutanne VillaJon. Yolanda Gonzales. SECOND ROW: Kathleen Ann Cordova, Micaela Alvarez, David Nal CilviOo, Mary Elizabeth Fuentet. THIRD ROW: Ruben Montemayot. Jose Escobedo. Andre ' M » Segovia. Oscar Xavier Garcia. Hermes Villarreal, Olenina L Contreras FOURTH ROW: Shirddl Ur. Robert Ixc S za Jr.. Joel Perez. BACK ROW: Lcond Alejandro, Miguel Antonio Gomez, Andres F. Gvd Jr., Ruben Gonzalez Moreno. Jose Martin Gonzalez, Armando Falcon Jr., Jose Contreras. 26 — Ontario Law Students AssociationChicane Law Students Association Sr-uc Donia Judge Jiun Gallardo fields |UCStK is from group members. Chl-SA chefs slice skin steak before offering it co rise hungry at the Fapta Fiesta. HiJiMh Fumirs, ( arlcn Garcia Joel F«« awaits his turn to speak Chicano law Smdmts Association — 27Delta Theta Dili Building Tradition Delta Theta Phi was an international professional fraternity that gave law students the opportunity to enjoy themselves outside of the law school. They ke|K in contact with fraternity alumni and invited them back to speak to the group about their careers. In 1987-88, Federal Judge Filcmon B. Vela and Texas Supreme Court Justice Oscar Mauzy were two such speakers. During Law Week, Delta Theta Phi sponsored a chili cook-off, an event they hoped would become a tradition. They also hosted a Mardi Gras party lor freshlaws at Toulouse, a Sixth Street bar, to help them loosen up and sec that there was another side to law school life Ixsides the library. Officers for 1987-88 were: Eddie Trevino, Dean; Sonny Hood, Vice-Dean; Paulo Flores, Treasurer; Diane Smith, Tribune; Byron LcFlorc, Secretary; Duke Yce, Master; and Doug Davis, Baliff. Amy Filvaroff racks 'em up for another round. Rob Cany, Stephanie Greer and Kell) Bruce play "quarters" at a FRONT ROW: Edibetro Jo Trevino Jr , Paul Daniel Soloman. Donald Alan DeCandia. John Paul Flotei. DcogUt AL Davit. Joby Allen Hughe BACK ROW: Duke Wieckt Yce. James Mark Brazil, Sonny Hood, Mark Edmund ' III, Rcbetr Frank Srubbeman, Steve Eugene Raney, Thom at Paul Eagle ton. 28 — Delta Tlteta Phi♦ ♦ ♦ Entertainment Law Committee FRONT ROW: Peter Anus Smits, Sheri Hau. Edward Mark Barcus, Michelle E Hicks. BACK ROW: Oivid Scott Ort. Marilyn Anne Rucker, Barhara Ann Horan, Rente Taylor. John David Nonhcutt. Focus: Sports Law Music, sports, film, television, theatre — five fields of entertainment that formed a major part of the entertainment law profession. The Entertainment Law Committee provided a forum for the discussion of these different fields and the laws affecting them, primarily through guest speakers experienced in the entertainment industry. Two former University football players, Earl Campbell and Alfred Jackson, visited the law school in January to talk at a sports roundtable discussion sponsored by the Committee. They discussed the transition from college to pro ball and gave their views on the NCAA regulations. The Committee also helped support the local arts community, through its on-going relationship with the Austin Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts, a local group that provided pro bono legal and accounting services to struggling artists. Alfred Jackson, formerly of the Atlanta Falcons, answers a from the aud.ence FjH CampbeO gives .nuflht about the mak.n of pro fotxhaB contracts. Entertainment Law Committee — 29ENCLS Recycling Program Keeps Townes Clean The Environmental and Natural Resources law Society (ENRLS) was established in the fall of 1982 with a group of only five students and continued to grow in 1987-88. ENRLS was involved in several campus activities. The most visible effort of the group was its recycling of aluminum cans in the big green receptacles around the law school. They also recycled | aper. The organization actively sought the addition of more environmental law and natural resources law courses to the law school curriculum. ENRLS was involved in a conference on environmental legal careers and sent representatives to the first national environmental law conference. ENRLS sponsored several guest speakers on topics pertaining to environmental law in an attempt to maintain an interest in environmental issues and promote legal careers in environmental and natural resources law. The group maintained an active association with its alumni, many of whom attended its outings and social gatherings. ENRLS member listen to une of wml ipnkm at a day-Ion conference on environmental law held at the bw school. FRONT ROW: Bran Edward Bascorn. Mark Andrew Walker. Mary Alke Frfar. Roger Blaise BorgHt. Patrick William IVarlman. Robert Frank Stubbeman BACK ROW: Jo Iildoil. Susan Jere White. Karen Jay Garnett. Sheri Louise Hull. Eric Emil Owrom. Marcella Butte Dawson JO — ENRLSFresh laws Section One FRONT ROW: Miguel Antonio Gomez, Sara Louise Hudncr, Cindy Ann Milcd.Christine Louise York, Caroline Mills LeGetee. Mary Carolyn Campbell, Norma Maxine Lopez. Gabncllc Honorc Kickitam. Allison Hays Ecdcs. Mary Elizabeth Searcy. Gaye Lynn McNutt. SECOND ROW: Thomas Earl Slieflicld. Maxine Irma Daciislagct, Amy Winsted Arlington. Lowell Krrgg Hukill, Michelle E. Hicks. Kevin Midiaet Feeney, Monique Nanette Gregory. Headset Ann Strinlc. Scott Randefl Sweet, Thomas Mattlicw Mkhd. Kimberly Kaye Phelan. Deborali Kay Nimmons. THIRD ROW: Michael John Gross. Geoffrey P. Pivatcau. Christopher Lynn Asliby, Diane Lynn Drays-HiUe, Michael Scott Held. Lori Elizabeth Davidson. Grant John Harvey. Ilaroo Edmund KJiason. Mark Wa)ne Borgman. Catbleen Lanette Chapman. FOURTH ROW: David Mkhacl Hurst. Steven Joseph McNamara. Maty Catherine Willis, Dana LaRuc Hollingsworth. Shan Alyse Michalka. Susan Elaine Baird. Sliellie Dawn Hoffman. James Mabry Vickery. John Gamer Reed. IJoyd William Willis HACK ROW: Jose Luis Martin, John David Norrhcutt, Wesley Tlwmton Noah, William M. Tuttle, Stuart NeHon Gourd, Jesus M. Villalobos Jr.. Frank Edward Tay4ot. Larry De-Wayne layfield. Bcnard Calvin Hendrick, Steven Garrett Earglc. David Edwatd Kegkivits. Fresh laws — 31fresh laws Section Two FRONT ROW: Sanford Levinson. Bea Ann Smith, William Powers Jr., Michael Sharlor, Quito Silver. SECOND ROW: Nicole Mark Vadnats, Ellen Beth Malow, Jane So Enzmmgrr, Carol TTiompsoo MeDonald, Andrei Gina Ashby, Bvia Garcia, Karhy Elaine Miklos, Erin Kathleen Bowden. Elizabeth Diana Adarm, Michael Gordon Jones, Myra SuO»» Chickering. Allison Loooe Wij im THIRD ROW: Mitchell Dodd Savrick, Jane Ann Nenninger. David MKhael Finn. Deborah Lynne Klein, Marlene Suzanne Donch. Judith A' McElya, Laura Kristen Schneider, Camille Calvert, Catherine Ann Livingston, Norma Soraa Renteria, Ines Lopes-Walker, Ruby Leah Richardson. FOURTH ROW: Amanda Gilbert P " Jan Thompson. Margaret A. MiMcr, Kerry David McLain, Kelly Kristin Reynolds Mark Andrew Tatkcnhotse, Nora Lydia Morgan, Wendy Marie Parker, Vickie Lynn Audette.Shesh I.j» Baldwin. Deborah Sajbel Cold well. Holly Ruth Sherman. Dune Marie Walters FIFTH ROW: SherifGalal El Gha zaw, Dale Albert Kimball Jr.. Steve Eugene Raney. Mark Allred M r John Bernard Dihill, Robert Alan Bragalone, Cynthia Ann Galvan, Marybeth I larkins, Dor me Batagower. AUiton Karen Obermann, Alicia Ann Cummings SIXTH ROW: Patricia A’ Barrera, Thomas Lowry Mighell, MKhael John Muccheta, Jeffrey Mark Becker, Andre Joseph Brunei, Gary Ronald Stanford, Phillip David Sharp. Stephen Loyd Bums. SEVENTH R0 Frank Allen Lazarte. Sacy Elizabeth Jo dan, Gayle Renee Blackford. Cary lane Bovey, David Palmer Oelman. WilUam Word Dibrrll. Kathleen Ann Cordova, Nathan Webster Jo EIGHTH ROW: Tommy Joseph De Paul, Kurt Allen Schwarz, Cyrus Dressier Manet IV, Frank Alexander Amrein. Tracey Adano Kennedy. Paul Adam Manuel, Jane Doe. PneT A’-Smits. Ellen Snow Oocnfon, Patrick Sprain Gerald, Joanna L Sean BACK ROW: Rouault Ray Buvu. John Leo Williams Jr . Alan Raymond Van Scralcn. Kevin Wayne Cde. Dwr'-1 Flake Knight, Ktisema Kay Voorhies, Edmund Alonso Normand. Jacob Daniel Weinberg. Jeffrey Earl Woe. David M. Reichert Jr.. Steven Anthony Elder, David MKhael Seid. (harksH Weinberger. — Fresh lawsSection Three A Freshlaws Z'JMRiaM FRONT ROW: Gregory Don Sherwood, Kenneth Dwayne Minin. Fli alxth Ann l unbrrt, Gregory Fdd Oaks. 1-rndy Ieggctt. Kendall King Burney, Michael Jacob Whrllan, Laurence Kotin Ryan. Robert Tykletl Sharffrr SECOND ROW; Joan Maiiah Crrigh, Craig William Bucket, Iaurir Rayson Fisetluh. Sylvia JoSyduw, Christie lar Gaumer, Carmen Rcnira Ro i. John F. Sutton Jr.. Melinda Lee Needham, Stott Randall Sweet. Stephanie K. Boynton. Paul Vickers Storm. Beth Lynne Fancsali. Gregory Dale Morrison. THIRD ROW: Michad Lynn Atthley II. John Matthew Flannery, Bradley Dean McClellan, Marie Louise Miller, Linda Marie O'Brien, Roxanna Marie Gonzales, Dora Iteh Soria, Laura Ann Heisz, Mark Ramsey Hedbrun. Suzette Lynn Ray, Kevin Mithad Feeney, Julia Bym Jeffrey. Humberto Moima Jr.. Joe Wallace Beverly. BACK ROW: Thomas Blake Shelton, Darryl Cavelle Jones, Taylor French Sncling, Charles Dirk McBnvcy, Robert Clegg Paschal Jr., Patrick Joseph Gormlcy, John Angelo Macoretta, Kevin Reeder Gutzman, Robert Andrew Simon, Robert Glenn Stephens, Scephen Holme Douglas, James Chnstopher Dance. Jon Mark Fleming, James Lloyd Loftis. Dwayne Ketth Goer id, Ralph Meyer Stone. Freshlaws — 33 Fresh laws Section Four FRONT ROW: John Kevin Gram, Avalynl Ykni Castillo, Jody Singleton, Demetra btqhiiu Big by, Kirk Arrnand Peterson. Kari Su anne Moeoney. Joseph Marion Con. SECOND ROW: Aleunder Peter Vaky, Natalie Reteher, Marcella Bocte Dawson. Christina Beth Hoffmann, Jennifer Jo Allen. Richard Alan Weeks, Marcus Rene Tucker, Paul Robert Tobias. THIRD ROW: Gregory Ballard Johnson. Denise Anne Beady. Beverly Walker Stringer. Maryjean Doeis-Geurgiou, Timothy Jefftey Humphrey. Timothy Allen Biggio. FOURTH ROW: Bran Edward Cicniawtki. Carey Steven Leva, Mask Andrew Taken. Jennifer Mary Smith. Margaret M Menicucci, Rubn Elizabeth Wnghe, Harry Lynn Hardin. Scott Jeffrey Thomas. Margaret Helen Lewis. BACK ROW: Demetrius Glenn Me Daniel, Raymond Douglas Rets. Alfred Spencer III. John II. Williamson. Maria The rest Morris, Laurie Jean net e NowlA Kristine Marie Stampen, David Thomas Field. Mao' Margaret Seaton. $4 — Frrshlawsfreshlaws Section Five FRONT ROW; Roberto G. Cantu. Rolvrt Kaufman. Robin Renee Campbell. Kimberly Ann Nicholas. Laura Irene Pence, Anna Margaret Brooks, Kimberly Nugent-Andetson. Amber Lee Hatfield, Howard Benjamin Kras . SECOND ROW: Cecile Jean Foy, laura K Perkins. Virginia Carol llammil. Jose Rolando Olivers, S)lvia Griffith Sanders, Linda Diane Corley, Charles Hugh Emmett, Melissa Ann Stendig, David Scott On, Shirdell Lee. Xiaogang IJ. THIRD ROW: Valeric Scott Bristol, Adam Hall Miller, Steven William Delemos, Roberta Anne Jordan, Margaret Roper, AIbn Robert Conge. FOURTH ROW: Rodolfo David Sanchez, Roliert Andrew Clauson, Andrew Clark Friedman, David Stewart Kohm, Brent Gilbert Stahl, Jesus Armando Miranda. Lcond Alejandro. Thomas Rice McBath, Mary Katherine Dodson. Grace G Glenn. Ellen Mautine House. Elsie Fern Craven, Toni Louise Trevino, Gregory Scott Garmon, David Kirk Kavanaugh. I aura Grace Henderson, Barbara Hannon, Brenda Kay Howard-Koroma. John Rolx-rt Durr BACK ROW: Michael Paul Girtzman, Jeffry Dan Weems, Timothy Mitchell Watson. Charles David Nutt, Orlando Garaa. Douglas Bret Wells, Michael David Kocks, Eric Bryant Meyenons, George Jiaeph Hanko. Donald Gregory Jones, Peter Joseph McNiemey. Jennifer Ewing Keane, Kevin Kurt Zarlmg. Matthew Douglass Goetz. Trent H. Thomas, Wendolin Glenn Opel. David George Williford. Lonn Keith Smith. Fresh laws — 35Harvard Journal cf I an Public Policy mam A National Effort Since its establishment in 1978, the Harvard Journal of l-tiw 6 Publu Policy has been published three times a year at Cambridge, Massachusetts. Editorial staffs of five law schools across the country contributed to the three editions of the Journal in 1987-88. The work of each school's editorial staff was put into final form by a staff of national editors at Harvard Law School. The Journal was affiliated with the Federalist Society and its articles reflected both conservative anti libertarian viewpoints, but membership in the Federalist Society was not a requirement for staff or editors. Symposia addresses, book reviews and student notes were included in the Journal . Most student editing was done during the spring semester, with each student completing one major assignment which took approximately 25 to 30 hours. Speeches made at the annual Federalist Society Symposium provided the text for these editing assignments. The primary responsibility of a Journal member was to annually submit a note or book review of publishable quality that analyzed areas of the law which involved governmental policy issues. The Journal sponsored the I.H.S. Eberhard writing contest this year, a national competition to encourage writing on national policy issues. A $1000 prize was awarded to the winning student note selected for publication by the Journal. Peg Dunahue and Jeff Dnknvn uimona M). J meeting. Jordan Cowman (center) draws [)onna Zankc't and Polly Thome attentton to one of the statement made in an am submitted to the Jean . STAFF: Margaret Ann IXmahue, Donna Paincsa Ztnke, Jeffrey Steven Dickerson. Polly Thome. David lany Ne Richard t. Rutledge III, Paul Jefferson I Herron. J6 — Harvard Journal of law Public PolicyInternational Law Society Society Increases Foreign Awareness Mexko investments intrigue one listener. Members of the International Law Society (ILS) dedicated themselves during 1987-88 to increasing awareness of developments and opjxxtunities in international law. Specifically, the group sought to address career needs and academic interests of UT law students. Speakers during the year includes! Doug Alexander of Brown, Maroncy, Rose, Barber Dye, who discussed "Foreign Investment in Mexico: The Maquiladora," and Jerome Cohen of the New York Firm Paul, Weiss, Rilkind Garrison, who addressed the negotiation of business contracts in China. ILS held its second annual High Tea in the Sheffield Room. Basil Markesinis, a visiting professor from Queen Mary College of the University of London, spoke on setting acceptable boundaries between contract ami tort. The annual International Pot Luck Supper became a semi-annual event in 1987-88. The Texas International Law Journal co-sponsored the suppers with ILS. ILS sponsored the UT tryouts for the Jessup International Law Moot Court competition. The four team members — Karyn Lee, Brent Farney, Scott Ncwar and Steven Wilensky — traveled to Denver for the regional competition. FRONT ROW: Michael Joseph Tinker, Karyn Mimi Ire, Michelle E. Rubhrrwi. SECOND ROW; Rebexia Jp n Pool. Dunna Patricia Zinke, Jeanne Nicole Covington. Dak Albert Kimball Jr.. Markin Alfum IVik. Gregory Scott Garmon, Wreno Smith Wynne. Juan Albert Garcia. Kelly Knttin ReynoMi. BACK ROW: Lany Bruce Me Kenney. Jon lawun Mall. I.uamr loi» Quait. Yvette Rivas. Two stitalentt peruse a haruiouf given at a Nov. 12 meeting. International law Society — )7Lawyers Christian Fellowship Sharing and Caring Lawyer's Christian Fellowship (J.CF) was a non-ilenominational group of Christian law students who sought to provide a source of fellowship at tlic law school ami minister to the community. Members enjoyed living for Christ at the law school and shared a common theme of "disciplcship" in 1987-88. The Fellowship held several weekly activities, among which were a Friday morning prayer breakfast and a women's Bible study group. In addition, LCF hosted various guest speakers and sponsored teams in intramural s| orts. Retreats were taken in tlie fall and spring to MO-Ranch and T Bar M Ranch. The Austin community benefited as a result of I.CF‘s participation in the Meals — On — Wheels program. The Fellowship also hosted a Thanksgiving party at the Travis State School and assisted PC3, another law school service organization, with other community service projects. LCF was affiliated with the Christian Legal Society, a nation-wide association of Christian attorneys. Through the society, LCF members had access to newsletters ami legal periodicals on religious issues, and attended state and national conferences on the relation of law to religion and Christianity. FRONT ROW; John luring Howard Jr., Paul Vickers Storm. Catherine Anne Crowley. M ry Carolyn Campbell. Curt Willum Ferguson, Sieve Campos. Chnlec Hugh Emmeti Jf. Christine JxKine York, Carmen Bernita FJIt. I aura Rom Robinson, Anne Katherine Perer. George Mallory Bromley, lata Rutledge. Donald West Neil Jr. BACK ROW: Ann Mine Gili Marcus Rene Tucker. HJiraheth Negron. Karyn Mimi Lee. David Keith Hudson, Catherine Tinker, Thomas Blake Shelton. Gen Renee Walker, Darnel Mel Anderson. John Vincef Tempesra. Andrea Gtna Ashby. John Davsd Noctbcutt, Linda Mane O'Brien. Richard C. Rutledge III. Laurence Kotin Ryan JR — lawyer's Christian FellowshipLaw Students fcr Lay Lesbian Concerns SS55SiS5SSSSSSSSB5SS5Bi Keeping the Fight Against Discrimination Law Students for Gay Lesbian Concerns (LSGLC) served the educational, professional and social needs of its members by encouraging participation in various academic, political, professional and social activities, maintaining information on the concerns of the homosexual community and organizing parties hosted by students, faculty and legal professionals. Membership was confidential, and open to law students, graduate students and staff members at the University. Because members could participate discreetly in any of the group’s activities, LSGLC offered interested students and staff the opportunity to become acquainted with their peers. Over the years, hundreds of students associated with the group faced the same problems that were still faced by current gay and lesbian law students. LSGLC members continued to be amazed that some of the students and professors who prided themselves on studying and working at a nationally-ranked law school continued to remain insensitive toward and ignorant about the concerns of their homosexual classmates and colleagues. Applying standard demographics, at least Alive 130 lesbian and gay students studied at the law school in 1987-88. They attended class, took exams, became staff members and editors of the various law journals and officers in student organizations — very typical law school things. Members fought to prompt sluggish lawmakers to react swiftly to protect those with AIDS from discrimination in housing, insurance, education, employment and health care. These legal battles were more urgent for AIDS than for other calamities such as Legionnaire’s Disease. However, the response to the latter crisis was to immediately allocate financial and legal resources to prevent future deaths, look for causes and cures and to protect victims of the disease. Yet, it took six years and 20,000 deaths from AIDS before the federal government would even admit to the existence of the AIDS epidemic. The delay in government allocation of financial and legal resources resulted in prolonged discrimination against AIDS victims. Last year, LSGLC honored Austin attorney and University of Texas alumna Caroline "Scotty” Scott, of the law firm Bitkerstaff, Heath Smiley, for her work on the successful adoption of the Austin AIDS Anti-Discrimination Ordinance, one of five such city ordinances in the country, and for her efforts in motivating legal professionals to confront some of the legal problems encountered by people with AIDS. This latter effort included sponsoring a Continuing Legal Education seminar for Texas attorneys in November 1987 on estate planning for AIDS victims, with noted wills and estates scholar Professor Stanley johanson as the feature lecturer. Ultimately, gay and lesbian individuals knew that their private life was not composed of prescribed and proscribed behavior. Yet they were also aware that the federal government, state penal codes, law firms, bar associations, and much of the public considered an individual's private life subject to government control and discrimination if that individual was gay. This injustice could be resolved only through a thoughtful, informed and even-handed presence in a wider legal and social forum. LSGLC was but a small pan of that presence. law Studenu for Guy I,nbian Concerns — ?9Legal Research Board Attorneys Compensate Board for Legal Research The Jx-gal Research Board (I.RB) celebrated its twenty-sixth year by continuing to provide research services to licensed members of the bar throughout the country. Members produced over seventy memoranda of law on a broad sjxctrum of legal topics ranging from Texas oil and gas matters to more unusual questions of international law concerning rights to discovery against Japanese defendants and treaty rights with Mexico. Numerous changes were made at tlie Board in 1987-88, including tlie creation of a Distinguished Service Award which w-as presented to a deserving I.RB staff member during Ijw Week and the |Xiblication of The I.RB lleinJ-book . An administrative duty program was added to the organizational structure of the Board and members engaged in a general re-evaluation and overhaul of the I.RB's jxdicies and procedures. Tlie membership selection process was also rcvam|x-d. As before, a student could receive an invitation to membership as a result of his or he partKip.ition in one of the semesterly write competitions. However, with tlie discontinu ation of tlie Outstanding Memo Awards in th TQ program (the receipt of which former resulted in an automatic invitation to mein-1 bership), I.RB officers separately evaluated; fteshiaw memos submitted to tlie in by variou TQs and extended invitations to those writen whose work demonstrated sujx-rior research and writing skill. LRB Junior Lrr Juhmui evaluates a memo aulmuitfil l y a prinfmivr iiKinlm Knuiy Ikutlu (Irfl) anil Dun lefivmli ull at an I K II ha|i|iy Irak al BOARD Of DIRECTORS — FRONT ROW: Joanna Davis Tate. James Anhui Pike Jf. HACK ROW: Kenneth Ovum IWmsiu. James Kuheu Wen el. FRONT ROW: James Dinar! leftwich, leslie Bmi Farney, Muruca Anne Shu. James Kohen Wemd MeBxKirne Jack Martin SECOND ROW: Julia Frances Muuee, Ihunvas Krai Trahan, Joanna Davis Tatr. J Martin Scut Taie. THIRD ROW: Ciivela Rosanna Blohm. Rodney Wayne Sipes, Michael Rudy Wyatt, Thomas Peter Moure HACK ROW: James Preston McCollum, Kimlterly Anne Parkinton. Kenneth Chain Hruutlo, James Arthur Price Jr 40 — legal Research BoardNational Lawyers Guild FRONT ROW: David Store On. MkHm-I Kudjr Wyatt. Marianne Cetilc Real, Mcluu Brooke Homme. Nina Fanil. ( vmni Maria Kuinlwui HAt.K ROW: Jeffrey Joe Thorne, Brian Anthony Quintero. Roger Ulant- Burgclf, Riihard Bukin Wor.l, Kaihltt n hmty I'jigel. Margaret I leltre Taylor. Championing Causes The National Lawyers Guild was a nationwide association dedicated to serving people effectively as a social and political force. Members sought to eliminate Fascism, maintain and protect civil rights and viewed the bw as an instrument to protect the people. The UT Guild hdd monthly lectures on a variety of topics, including AIDS and the unrest in Central America. The Guild was instrumental in establishing the Texas law Fellowships, a separate law school organization that helped lineup public interest summer clerkships for interested students. During tlie Bork hearings, Guikl members collected hundreds of postcards and signatures in opposition to his nomination. 1987-88 also marked the beginning of a Guild-sponsored immigration project at the law school, to assist illegal aliens in Piling amnesty applications. Kulvri MtGUsun and Jim Rehholt . supervising journey fix «hc ( apetal Punishment Clink, discuss legal problems luvmitxl with apiul punishment. National Lawyers Guild — 41I lii Alpha Delta Fraternity Keeps Dates Straight The Tom C Clark Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta (PAD), in keeping with its tradition of service to the students, the profession and the community, had a full agenda in 1987-88. The "Day with a Judge" program, sponsored by the group, gave students a chance to meet judges anti attend court with them. Among the judges who participated in the program were Justice Franklin Spears of the Texas Supreme Court and Justice Robert Gammage of the Texas Court of Appeals. PAD also published the law school calendar and compiled the student directory. Donations received from the distri- OFFICERS: Ijmiik Sutan Mamoeti, Julie Anna Bloomfield. Ijumc Alan Price, Mrltvva H«h lUrk w, Patricia F. Hapti. Amber MaafieU njAtim her j«ix to Kim Niypm AnJenc Mayor Frank Cooksey is featured ae an Ocr. 19 mcctm bution of the directory were given to the Austin Blue Santa program. The calendars were available to all students free of charge. During the spring, organization members spoke to local high school students about drugs and the law, informing them of the legal ramifications of drug possession and usage, as well as clarifying questions they had regarding the issue. Officers for 1987-88 were: Laurie Maniotis, Justice; Lance Price, Vice Justice, Patricia Hagen, Treasurer, Melissa Barlow, Marshal; and Julie Bloomfield, Clerk. MEMBERS FRONT ROW: laune Sutan Maniunt. Lance Alan Puce. Jam Sheffield Km . MtliteaHeeh Harlow. Kimberly Nujtent-Amlerton SECOND ROW; Mark Allred Moucr, Jennifer Anne Gehn. Julie Anna Hloumficld. Amber let llaefiekl. Gitda Ruunna Hkihm, Parricia F. Ila e«. I.etlie Hrrm Farney HACK ROW: Richard W Van Frank. Rcyter Hlanr Borjtelr. Jeffrey Heian Kin , I.arry De-Wayne layfiekl •12 — Phi Alpha DeltaReal Estate l aw Scciety ♦ ♦ i FRONT ROW; Sheri Loune Hul, Byron Louii LeFlore Jr.. Rebecca Joan Choi, Shrl Uurm Utront. Anncur Chum. Djnirl Brendan Hiiieti SECOND ROW: Eric BiyiM Meyerton . Phillip Lee Allbnrcm. Elizabeth Anne Davis, Robert Bank Sruhbcman. Katherine Kay Thomson. Junto Sheffield King. Lance AUn Price. BACK ROW: Brian Ruler. Ruben Lozano Rmlrigoez. William W. Gilson. Clayton Lee Smith, Kyle Hedrick Stallones. John H. Williamson. After the Boom Students interested in learning alxjut the different law practices that involved real property were not disappointed thanks to the efforts of the Real Estate Law Society (RELS). Founded only five years ago, RELS had grown to a membership of over 60 this year. The society spread the word about real estate law through monthly meetings at which practicing attorneys spoke about commercial leasing, bankruptcy, foreclosure and other areas related to real estate-law. One of the biggest projects for RELS this year was assisting Continuing Legal Education with the annual Mortgage Lending Institute (ML1). The Institute was held at the Stouffcr Hotel in Austin and approximately 1300 people attended. As Institute Coordinator for RELS, Bev Landis put together an index of all the MLI materials from the past ten years. Officers for 1987-88 were: Becky Choi, President; Dan Hasset, Vice-President; Sheri Hull, Second Vice-President, Gwyn Hamner, Second Vice-President; Annette Chaircs, Treasurer; Byron LcFlore, Secretary; Sheli Barnett, Social Coordinator, and W.W. Gibson, Faculty Sponsor. Kim Hnlbnin, an attorney with Shapiro. F.lcns Cook. jpeak ro RELS. Greg Unborn and CUy Holcomb I rum ro advice m dealing with red estate problem . Real Estate law Society — 43Review cf Liti aticn » ♦ ♦ Litigators’ Guide The Review of Lihgalion provided just what the title implied in 1987-88 — articles on pertinent issues of interest to the litigating lawyer. The content of the journal was a product of time-consuming research by the members of the staff. Included in the publication were articles submitted by lawyers, law professors and judges on such current topics as self-publication in libel law anti toxic tort litigation. The Review also delved into the procedural side of the law, with a focus on sanctions imposed under Federal Rule I I and the evolving role of summary judgments in litigation. Speeches anti book reviews also fount! a place in the body of the publication. The quality of the Review was evidenced by its list of subscribers — various law libraries, courts of law and legal Firms kept abreast of current developments with the Review as a part of their reference collection. The staff was selected from students who took part in the writing candidacy program each semester. The work was hard, but the social agenda eased the pain of the long hours spent cite checking in the library. Happy hours and parties gave the staff a chance to get to know each other and become a tight-knit group that produced a first-rate publication. EDITORIAL BOARD — FRONT ROW: Edward L. Wilkinson Jr.. Tracy Ned Turner. Kyle Dednck Stallone . Verowe Mane Carmona HACK ROW: Robert F. Schneider Jr.. Otarles Buren Qictt Jr., Joieph Bruce Strafford. hristophet M Darnels. Kenneth Ouim Broutlo STAFF FRONT ROW: Scacey Gayc C Jermgan. Christina Louise Ewing. Bryan Lee Walter, Leslie I rath Waller. Belinda Lynn Reagan SECOND ROW: Lauren Carol Ravkind. Sheri Lynn Oeterkng. Diane Helene Major. Susan Lj Schrakamp, Jan Marie Tierney. VKtoru Maria Garcia. THIRD ROW: Russell Park Wilson. Russell Lowel Real } ■ Thomas IVter Muore. Karen Lea Blakely. Margaret Ann Yowell. Duuglas Stuart GnfFith. BACK ROW: John Robert Col David Allen Klmgler. Daniel Ray Castro. Mark George Emfalt. Mark Edward Patrick. Theodore S. Schwemfurth Stacey Jernigan double-cheeks a rule on cite form. — Review of LitigationTeaching Quizmasters hwhlawi in Mark Staler- T.Q. group take an ice cream break u the Thompson Conference Center. Leading the Way The greatest reward for the Teaching Quizmasters (TQs) in 1987-88 was the appreciation and professional fulfillment they enjoyed knowing that many first years gained from the program the skills necessary to solve the mystery of the law. During the pursuit of this lofty goal, the T.Q.s did a lot of xeroxing and paper shuffling, made a few meager attempts at imparting the fruits of their knowledge and experience, and participated in more than enough socializing to ensure their sanity and that of their students. Officially, the T.Q.s taught the freshlaws Legal Research Writing and Brief Writing and Oral Advocacy. Unofficially, they provided the freshlaws with a safe haven from the first year drudgery and forged a manageable path through the law school bureaucracy. As they stood in front of the T.Q. desk in the law library (below), the T.Q.s wished to leave their students with these parting words: ALWAYS CHECK THE POCKET PART. FRONT ROW: La one Susan Manioti . Carmen Milagros Macossay. Robin Beth Mrya SECOND ROW: LynneUr lokc, Shene Mane Dxts. Mark Mayfield Staler. Carolyn Hurt, Glen Martin Green THIRD ROW: Roy Mmky, Diane Helene Muor, Dean Aaron Schaffer, Charier Edward Meacham, Karen Lea Kelley. Lori Ann Swann. Kevin James Meek BACK ROW; Monica Anne Shia. Thomas Peter Moore. Steven Dale Smit. Paul David Carmona. Chris Alan Choate, George Gregory Rodriguez. Robert Glen Buggess Jordan Cowman and Mark Staler review a brief. t f Teaching Quizmasters — 45Student Ear Association Tuition Increase Irks Students As the 1987-88 academic year approached, Student Bar Association (SBA) members eagerly awaited its beginning. During the summer, they had addressed the most pressing problem then facing students — long locker lines. They had painstakingly evolved a new process of assigning lockers which successfully reduced the long lines of yesteryear to nothing. Unfortunately, their triumph was short-lived. In the second week of school, students discovered that the administration had levied a $25 "Placement Fee" upon all students who wished to use the Placement Office's services. In October, the SBA sponsored its annual Fall Drunk, which was a resounding success. Over 800 people attended the party, including Janet Stockard and Sam Hun who served as judges in the costume contest. Another debacle occurred late in the semester, while students prepared for final exams. The Board of Regents approved a 58% tuition increase to take effect in 1988-89, with an ad- ditional increase the following year. Students overwhelmingly opposed the increase, but had no opportunity to express their viewpoint in the decision process. After spring break, the SBA sponsored the 20th Annual W. Page Keeton Law Week from March 24 to April 10. The event featured a wide variety of educational, athletic and social events. Guest speakers included Whitney North Seymour, Jr., who had successfully prosecuted Michael Deaver for ethics violations and who spoke on "Washington Ethics" and Don Jesus Leguina Villa, a justice of the Spanish Constitutional Court. Student excellence was recognized in the finals of the Susman, Godfrey Hildebrand Moot Court Competition and the Law Week awards ceremony. The highlight of the celebration was the Spring Fling, combining a fund-raising auction for the Jesse Dean Oliver Emergency Student Loan Fund and the Spring Fling dance, held at the Shady Springs Pany Bam. Thinljtar SBA mtmbrrt Jill fully pnpart ftr ibtir hat txamitalltti a J bn fill ft am it tht mill mtanlitf if tarrrri. at bail bttJmtt. THIRD — YEAR MEMBERS: William Srephrc Benesh. Lynnrllr Loke, Bnan Anthony Quintero. Deere Eckstein. Bruce Temll Wicder, Jon Uwton lull Fall Drunk annas all Grrfl Gamson catches up on his studies in the SBA oflic - 46 — Studmt Bar AssociationSntnd-ytar JIM mtmkrn fretfully pay ihnr J.’ flattmtM ftt fur an oatitdt shut a! an itltmnr with a prrihgnui Shttpdip, V'ynmiUf law firm Finl-yrar SO A nprrirnlalnn mk wndom from ihr ounionr lui kindly Wizard of Lanai. who admonilhti ihrm. "Pay no aUrnntn to all thou damn monitor! !" SECOND-YEAR MEMBERS: Sharon Lrwue FeemHer. Walter L. Taylor, Chriuina Louise FIRST-YEAR REPRESENTATIVES: Marcella Bout Dnnon, Kevin Michael Feeney. Barhara Lynn Stroud, Camille Lynn Cuiln. Maxine Irma Dachilager. Grebury Scott Garmon S8A mtmkrr, mount the palling of thr annual "Fall Drunk" in favor of a mtrt innotuouilynamtd fillioal. FRONT ROW; Jon Lawion Mall. Marcella Butte Dawton. SECOND ROW: Gregory Scott Garmon. Chmtma lotaae Ewing, Kevin Michael Feeney. LynneUe Loire, Oeece Etkrtetn. Wiltef L Taylor. Barbara Lynn Strum!. Sharon Lewue Fcenwer. BACK ROW: Maxine Irma Dachilager. WilWam Stephen Bcneih, Brian Anthony Quintero. Bruce Temll Wieder. Camille lynti Cutler. Student Bar Auociation — 47Texas International Law Journal Journal Rankin as (he fourth oldest student-edited international law journal in the United States, the Texas International Law Journal continued its twenty-third year of publishing in 1987-88. The Journal was also the fifth most cited international law journal. It |Hiblished three issues this year and had subscribers from all over the world. The Editorial Advisory Board for TILJ was composed of lawyers and scholars from the Highlights International Scholars, Lawyers U.S. and other countries. Articles written by professionals as well as student notes and comments were published in the issues of the Journal. Members were selected from students who wrote in the spring and fall write-on competitions, made independent submissions, and excelled in the Jessup International Moot Court Competition. Foreign students enrolled in the Masters of Comj arative Jurisprudence peugnr were also offered membership. An endowment was set up for the benefit o the Journal and the contributions received the year were used to upgrade the equipment in th Journal office. The year was topped off with the TILJ Alumni Banquet, held in April, whid honored tite contributors to and staff of Volumes 3 and 13. Philip Snyder proof an ankle fur puMkaiiun EDITORIAL BOARD — FRONT ROW : San Wheeler. Philip Craig Snyder. Michad Joaeph Tucker, lz»dl Adair Keig. Buabeili Emily Duluw, Gregory Juno Hawthorne, Suun Lynn Davenport HACK ROW : Janet Kay Haldeman Karyn Mum l r, James W Von At ingra, Mnhdlr E. Robberson, Paul Qutuian Vdte IV, Sharun Mane Lawretxc Kaihryn Jean Boccdla. Rkhard Bird Copeland. Rosemary R. Williams, Neal Philip Pfeiffer, Robert Frank Greenblum FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Emily Barlow. Karyn Mimi Lee. Sara Wheeler. Paul Christian Veke IV. Rosemary R Williams. SECOND ROW: Janet Kay Haldeman, Sharon Man Lawrence. Kimberly Anne Parkinson. James W. Von Auingen, Miiltar! Ji e|ih Tinker. THIRD ROW: Leon Aryeh Polott. Marsha Lyn Me Dade, Jodi Lynn Pearson, Pamela May Stewart Gregory James Hawthorne, Elizaleth Brophy Jolmvnn, Mark Warren Smith FOURTH ROW: Richard Bird Copeland, Scott Edmund Hayes. David Mark Richards, Luame Lois Quau Mn belle K. Ruhlervin. Michael Juseyih Failuv. Susan l.ynn Davenport, Jeanne Nicole Covington, Helena Kathleen Kolenda. BACK ROW: Kathryn Jean Boccdla, John RicharJ Fahy. Net Philip Pfeiffer. Jennifer I-righ Watkins. Robert Frank Greenhium, Steven Herb Thomas, Martin Tracy Lutz, Guy Irvin Wade III, Gregory David Jordan, Philip Craig Snyder. Juan Albert Garda, Lowell Adams Keig, Marianne Cecile Real, Lynn Ellen Carter. W — Texas International Law JournalTexas Law Tellowships Enabling Students to Texas Law Fellowships (TLF) was established by law students to fund public interest clerkships. Through donations from students and faculty and matching grants from law firms, TLF provided summer fellowships with tax-exempt public interest organizations for selected law students. Work in the Public Every student who contributed to the program was a member of TLF and had the opportunity to select those projects funded. During its inaugural year, TLF funded an internship with the office of the Public Defender in the District of Columbia, a clerkship with Texas I-cgal Services in Austin, and a position with Interest Advocacy, Inc., protecting the rights of the disabled. Officers for 1987-88 were: Roger Williams, President; Marianne Rear, Treasurer, Solace Kirkland, Secretary; Beverly Reeves, Melissa Romine, Kathleen Engel, Rick Word, and Brad Rockwell, Board Members. John IM. Mari.nnr S.. ., ■ « » °c. 21. « « — h“'“ b’ ™ “ —■ Texas Law Fellowship? — 49Texas Law Review ♦ ♦ Review Upholds Tradition, Co-Sponsors Symposiun The $ixcy-$ix year old Texas Law Review published seven issues in 1987-88 containing articles, essays and notes of interest to the legal profession. The Review extended membership to the top six percent of each first-year section, successful participants in the spring and fall write-on competitions and students who completed a publishable note by the first day of their last full year of law school. Second-year students worked closely with the editors in writing notes on intriguing legal issues. They also cite checked and performed numerous tasks essential to the Review's publication. Editors also selected articles for publication from over 700 submissions by professors, judges and practitioners. Editors worked directly with the authors in preparing their pieces for publication and supervised the entire publication process. On Oct. 16-17, the Review , along with the law school and the American Association of University Professors, hosted a Symposium on Academic Freedom. Outstanding scholars from across the country attended the event, and the Review published seven lead papers and several comments prepared by the speakers in its summer issue. The Review also published new editions of both the Texas Rules of Form and the Manual on Style. SMU Prof. Matthew Fmkin and Dean Yudof enjoy lunch Bruce Kusub take a coffee break before resuming hi after the Symposium. duiie as a TLR member. SECOND-YEAR MEMBERS — FRONT ROW: David Lawrence Plaut, Kimberly M. McCormick, Michael Gideon Brown, Lisa Ann Brown, Edward England Robinson. Geoffrt Rudolph Polma, Kirkmichael T Moore. SECOND ROW: Paul Reichert Elliocr. David Scott Shukan, Nancy Laura Hahn, James Scott McClain, Jill Gary, Margaret Elizabeth Bond. Glon Sima Lcpow. Patricia Michelle Hoogendam BACK ROW : Randall Scott Wotfrom, George Gregory Rodriguee, James Mark BraanI, Sandra Lynn P. Monngo. Alisrair Byrne Dawtor John Andrew Bonnet III. — Texas 1 jw ReviewTexas Law Review THIRD-YEAR MEMBERS — FRONT ROW: Joseph Martin Everson. Ralph Link Newcomb, David Anthony Barrett, Susan Kay Thompson. Donald West Neal Jr,. Thomas Craig Prfto. SECOND ROW: Rot sen Benton Loper, Jehn lairing Howard Jr.. Tracy Greer. Julia Louise Armstrong, Etta Mae Davidson. Betty Ruth Owens. Wiliam Kirk Baker. BACK ROW: Steven Dale Smit. Beuee Edward Kosub, Selden Anne Wallace. Loye Wayne Young Jr.. Fred Eric Fryar. Daniel Neel Lane. Theodore William Paris. Jeffrey Brian King William Van Alstyne of Duke University and Walter Metrger from Columbia University discuss what they win say as speakers at the Symposium. Careful research by Scott Wolfram will result in an accurate note. Texas Law Review — 51Thurgccd Marshall Legal Society Opening Doors The Thurgnod Marshall Legal Society (TMLS) was an organization of students interested in | rovidiiig support and opportunities for Black law students. The society was active in its efforts to increase the number of Black students and faculty at the law school. TMLS opposed the law school tuition increase | ro| osed this year because they felt the increase would result in a decrease in the number of Black law students who would Ixr able to attend the law’ school. The organization also co-sponsored a speech by 1988 United States Presidential candidate Jesse Jackson. Jackson addressed topics of national concern and focused oil educational o| -|M rtumtics as he s|x ke to the campus-wide audience. Officers for the 1987-88 year were: Carol Rodriguez, President; Debbie Scott, Vice-President; Al Powell, Treasurer; and Janet Martin, Secretary Andrew Jetlenon question Paul Zavala, recruiter for General Motor , al oot career opportunities at CM FRONT ROW: Kenneth Dwayne Martin, Drhhtr Soxt, Suzette Carole Jones, Abnna Ann Wilkmton, Flora Ann Fraron. Marcu Aihlry Blackwell, Bonnie Matun Praurf, Sylvia Fay Hardman. SF.COND ROW: Track Leigh Wadiingion. Rolvrt Itsac Mayes Jr., Harold Alvin Odum III. Latisha Renee Martin, Jeanne Nicole Covington, Shirdell Lee. Maitye Ann Gouldiity. John F. McCnrmick, Allien St George Powell. BACK ROW: Kevin Wayne Cole. Wendell Pierre Shepherd, Diane Lynn William , Darcell Walker. Frrxlrrkk IVaiglav l-otton, Andrew Ixon Jcllcrvm. Demnnu Glenn McDaniel, Michele M. Bondurant, Erica Ixe Markum. Carol Rodrigue . 52 — Tlitifgood Marthall Legal SocietyUniversity Civil Liberties Lnicn Union Promotes Bork Debate and Civil Rights Talks I Pornography is (he lueua at a Nov. 11 ducuuion with Mark Waver of Citizens Against Pornography as the moderator. The 1987-88 year was an active one for the University Gvil Liberties Union (UCLU) as they worked to protect individuals' rights and attempted to raise the general conscience of the law school. The UCLU opposed the nomination of Judge Robert Bork to the United States Supreme Court. They organised a letter-writing campaign, co-sponsored a debate (see page 6) and to«k out full page ads in both the Austin-American Statesman and The Daily Texan . Programs on such topics as free sjxrcch in the Reagan era and the homeless were a steady jxart of the group's agenda. The UCLU also worked to improve University policy in areas affecting student rights. They were successful in revising the University General Bulletin so that a student's person or belongings could not be searched without probable cause, thus disal lowing mass student searches on campus or in University buildings. FRONT ROW: bund Jrtle CttW. Utisha Hence Martin. A rood Hard Karon i. Mu Karl Rudy Wyatt. SECOND ROW: Gaig Fuster Kulha rk, Juhn Denier Jr.. Michrtr M Bondurant. I:van Scurf Rjlikuv. BACK ROW: David Noyes Smifh, Juhn leu Willuim Jr.. (iturge H. Bradford Jr., Richard Raskin Wurd. Not Pietureel: lid Sherrran. Fj.ulry S|mnujr. Quest navi frurn the audience are fielded by Dean Yuduf at the Bork Debate sponsored by UCLU. Univetsity Gvil b hones Union —Wcmen’s I an Caucus Employers Warned The Women's Law Caucus (WLC), a group of 55 male and female students organized to address the needs of women in the legal profession, dedicated much of its time in 1987-88 to exploring issues dealing with interviewing, the placement office and employment opportunities for women. Members of the WLC sent updated information to employers about whar types of questions were illegal to ask of interviewees. They also conducted workshops for law students to help them avoid such illegal questions while-managing ro salvage the interview. The Caucus continued to press the law school administration to hire more female and minority faculty. WLC held several brown bag lunches at which members were able to talk with judges, professors and women in various types of legal practices. Speakers included Judge William Kilgarlin of the Texas Supreme Court, Regina Rogoff with Texas Legal Aid, and three women litigators: Jan Patterson. Elaine Carlson and Linda Aakcr. WLC participated in the National Conference on Women in the Law held in March and was responsible for bringing it to Austin. FRONT ROW: ELu... Sat, I mhoen. Laurie Rayson Eisetloh. Frances M. KUbome. Natasha Grandval SECOND ROW Danidlc Flake Knight. Angela Fay Williams, Juanita Alicia Vasquez. Liz Andrews. THIRD ROW: Carol An Cappodonna, I no L Walker, ( ynthia Jot«tr Barela. IVhorah Sajlw-1 CuUwdl. BACK ROW': Helena Kathleen Kolervia. Veronica Mane Carmona, IVri Dune Smith. Members of the Caucus gather m the auditorium Feb. 2} to hear Texas Supreme Court Justier William Kilgatlm sjxrak S4 — Women's Law CaucusPerearinus Staff Shown in one of (heir better moments, Meg Brooks and Traci Cotton attempt to crank out another page of the yearbook Production Updated The computer made its debut into the Ptr-egrinuj office in 1987-88, making yearbook production and coverage faster and more accurate. Although the staff was forced into learning a new way of doing things, they found the computer to I an invaluable asset once they became familiarized with it. Traci Cotton, Meg Brooks and David Woodruff worked together as the staff of the Per-egrinuj. Jerry Thompson, supervisor of yearbooks, and his assistant, Mary Felps, provided extra manpower without which the book could not have been completed. John Foxworth's work with photography was tremendous and Jean Pietrobono’s promotional ideas got the word around about the Pertgrinuj. The book demanded much time and effort from all of these people. Their final hope was that it captured the law school as the students wanted to see it. John Fox worth accidentally exposes a roll of Peregntuu pictures. Jerry Thompson, our supervisor and Mary Felps. hu assistant Pcrcgrinus — 55 «v» V — Facultyfaculty pkotot by Jcrbn McCettrticO FACULTY Faculty — 57Administration The staff thought it would be interesting to find out what faculty members did outside of teaching within the past year. We found that our faculty was extremely active as revealed below and in the following faculty pages .. . Dean Guy Wellborn , Dean Michael Sharlot and Prof. Steven Goode finished their treatise on the Texas Rules of Evidence: Civil and Criminal. Dean Joy Segars joined the ranks of the administration after practicing both corporate and commercial real estate law at Johnson Swanson for three years. Olin Guy Wellborn III. Associate Dean tut Academic Affaire. William C. I.icclikc Sr Professor. Evidence. Tons. A B.. J.D.. Harvard W illiam Cunningham, President. The University of Texas at Austin B.A.. M B A . Pli D.. Michigan State. Mark G. Yudof, Dean of the School of Law. James A Elkin Centennial Chair m Law. Contracts. Educational Policy and the Law. Constitutional Law. D.A , J.D., Pennsylvania. M. Michael Sharlot. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Wnght C. Morrow Professor of Criminal Law. Criminal Law. Evidence. B A . Antioch; LI. B.. Pennsylvania •8 — AdministrationJulius German, Associate Dean fur Facuky Research. Earl E. Sheffield Regents Chair in Law. Labor, Employment Discrimination, legal Education. BA, C.C.N.Y.; J.D., LL.M.. Harvard. Joy Segan. Assistant Dean for Admissions and Placement. B.S., M S., Florida State; J.D., Texas Susana I. Aleman, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. B S., M.Ed., J.D , Texas, Mis., Texas A l William Matthew Harriss, Assistant Dean for Business Affairs M P A., B.B.A., Texas Administration — 59faculty Barbara Aldavc, Joe A. Worsham Centennial Professorship. Business Associations. Constitutional Law, Securities Regulation. B.S.. Stanford; J.D., California — Berkeley. Richard V. Bamdr, Professor Marital Property Righes, lagulaion. Professional Responsibility. B.S1. LL.B., Utah. I larva W. Baade. Hugh Lamar Stone Chair m Civil Law. Conflicts, Comparative Law, International Transactions. A.B.. Syracuse; J.D., Kiel (Germany). LLB., LLM., Dike; Diploma, Hague Academy of Inieinational law. David Anderson, Thompson Knight Centennial Professor. Torts, Communications Torts, Mass Communications Law. A.B.. Harvard, J.D.. Texas. f 0 — FacultyRobert O. Dawson, Judge Benjamin Harrison Powell Professor of law. Criminal law. Criminal Defense Clinic. B.A.. Missouri; LL.B.. Washington University; S.J.D., Wisconsin. Barbara Aldave taught at Northeastern University School of Law in Boston last summer and fall. She also served as the Education Leader for a lawyers' tour of the People’s Republic of China in August. David Anderson’s study of media cases in the U.S. Supreme Court was published by the Gannett Center at Columbia University. Michael J. Churgin, Professor Criminal Prosecution. Criminal law. Immigration Philip Bobbitt. Professor Constitutional law. National Security Policy. A.B., Princeton; Naturalization A.B., Brown; J.D., Yale. J.D., Yale; Ph D., Oxford. Faculty — 61Faculty Joseph Dodge wrote a cour-sebook, Wills, Trusts Estate Planning , to be published in May 1988. Mark Gergen wrote articles on deductions for charitable contributions and equality in the conflict of laws. Lino Graglia attended the Annual Judicial Conference at Washington State in Tucoma, Washington and later succeeded in hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Patrick Hazel taught Texas Civil Procedure at Southern Methodist University and Trial Advocacy at NITA in Boulder, Colorado. George E. Dix. Vinson 6c Elkins Professor of Law. Criminal Investigation. Texas Criminal Procedure. Law 6c Psycholag) B.S., J.D., Wisconsin. Joseph M. Dodge. William H. Francis Jr. Professorship. Federal Income Tax. WiUs 6c Estates, Wills. Trusts 6c Estate Planning. B.A., LLB., Harvard, LLM. (Taxation), New York University. Mark P. Gergen, Assistant Professor. Contracts, Federal Income Tax. B.A, Yale, J.D.. Chicago. 62 — FacultyWilliam W. Gibson Jr., Sylvan Lang Professor of Law. Insurance, Real Emte Transactions, Real Estate Finance, B.A., LL.B.. Texas. Steven Goode, Emily Marshall Wulflf Centennial Faculty Fellow. Professor. Evidence, Criminal Law, Wills Estates. B A.. Williams College; J.D.. Yale. Lino A. Graglia, Rex G. Baker and Edna Heflin Baker Professor in Constitutional Law. Advocacy. Texas Civil Procedure. S.T.L., Gregorian University (Italy); M.Ed., Loyola Constitutional Law. Antitrust. B.A., C.C.N.Y.. LL.B . Columbia. University, J.D., Texas. Faculty — 6JFaculty Henry T.C. Hu, Assistant Professor of law. Buxines Associations, Securities Regulation, Legal Problems of High Technology Enterprise . B.S.. M-A.. J.D., Yale. Stanley M Johanson, Fannie Coplin Regents Chair in Law Wills Estates, Estate Planning. B.S., Yak . LL B.. Washington. LI M.. Harvard William Orr Huie, l rofcMor. Marital Property Rights. Oil Gas. Trusts. B.A Henderson State; IX B.. Texas; S.J.D.. Harvard Calvin Johnson, Arnold, White l urLrc Centennial Professorship in Law T B.A.. Columbia; J.D.. Stanford. (A FacultyCorwin W. Johnson, Edward Clark Centennial Professor. Propetty, Water Law, Land Use Planning B A , J O . Iowa State. Henry Hu honeymooned in Taipei and Tokyo during the summer. William Huie worked on a manuscript for a new casebook. Calvin Johnson served as chairman of the planning committee for the 35th Annual Texas Tax Conference. Corwin Johnson worked on new editions of both his casebooks on property. Douglas Laycock coached the birth of a son, John Laycock and also wrote a preliminary report on a Restatement 2d of Restitution. Page Keeton, W Page Keeton Chair of Tort Law. Products Liability, Tort Law Seminar. B.A., LL.B., J.l)., Harvard. Douglas Laycock, A Dakoo Cross Professor at Law. Remedies. Religious Liberty, Constitutional Law. B A . Michigan State; J.D., Chicago. Faculty — 65Sanford I-cvinson. Professor Professional Responsibility, Advanced Constitutional law B.S.. Duke Ph.D.. Harvard J.D., Stanford. Thomas MeGarity was a player and coach for the Legal Eagles who won the University Championship; he also published an article on regulatory analysis. Inga Markovits traveled to West Germany and England in the summer and published an article in a German law review. Richard Markovits continued work on a book about predatory and oligopolistic conduct. Inga Markovits. Morris and Rita Atlas Family Centennial Professorship Socialist Law, Children the law. Marital Relation Divorce. Dr. Jur., Free University (West Germany); LL M.. Yale J. Leon Lebowitr, Thomas H. Law Centennial Professorship in law. Business Associations. Securities Regulation Corporate Finance B A..J D., Baylor. LL.M., New York University. 66 — FacultyRichard S. Markovits. Mam McLean Professor of Law. Law it Economics, Constitutional Christy McCrary, Lecturer. Legal Writing. B.A., M.A.. Missouri; J.D., Texas. Law. B.A., Cornell; Ph.D., London School of Economics; IJ. B., Yale. Roy M. Mersky, Hyder Centennial Professor of law and CXrectoc of Research. B.S., J.D., M.A.L.S. Woconsin. Thomas O. McGarity, William Stamps Parrish Professorship. Administrative law, Environmental Law, Torts. B.A., Rice; J.D., Texas. Faculty — 67Faculty i Keith E. Morrison. William Stamps Fish Fund Professor Emeritus in Law. LL.8.. Yale Jack Ratliff, Gus M. Hodges Research Professor in Law. Texas Civil Procedure, Advanced Gvil Trial. 8.A.. 1X 8., Texas. William Powers Jr.. Professor. Tofts, Products Liability, Jurisprudence. B.A.. California Berkeley. J.D.. Harvard. Alan Scott Rau, Liddell. Sapp. Ziviey and Laboon Professor of Law. Contracts. B A . LL.I Harvard. f 8 — FacultyMichael P. Rosenthal. Thomas Shelton Maxey Professorship Juvenile Justice. Law Aging. Children at the Law. A B.. J.D., Columbia. John Robertson wrote articles on surrogate mothers, maternal duties during pregnancy and abortion. He also received a Rockefeller Foundation Grant to write a book on new reproductive technologies. Michael Rosenthal wrote articles on the minimum drinking age for young people and the use of the protective order statute in preventing domestic violence in Travis County. John A. Robertson, Baker and Bows Professorship. Criminal law. Constitutional law. law Medicine. A B. Dartmouth; J.D.. Harvard Mary K |hfrn Wrjting B A.. J D . Texas Faculty — «•Faculty John Sampson wrote several laws passed by the Texas Legislature in the summer. Ed Sherman worked on an alternative dispute resolution casebook and chaired the Texas State-Bar Pattern Jury Charge Committee. Ernest Smith presented his paper, “Well Abandonment — Legal Issues in the United States”, at the Conference on Decline Revival in Energy Markets at Queen Mary College in London. Michael Sturley conducted preliminary research on an article about the Supreme Court's certiorari jurisdiction. John Sutton planned to retire in August 1988 and teach part-time thereafter. Charles Silver. Assistant Profctfoe. Civil Procedure, Justice in Settlement B A., Florida. M.A., Chicago, JVile. John J. Sampson, Ben Gardner Sewell Professorship. Children's Rights Clinic, Marital Relations Divorce. Lrjpshti ' Process Seminar. B.B.A., IX B. Minnesota. Ernest E Smith, Rex. G. Baker Centennial Chair in Natural Resources law. Property. Oil Gas. B.A., Staithem Methodist University; Ll.B.. Harvard. 70 — FacultyEdward F. Sherman, Angus G. Wynne Professor of law. Gvil Procedure, Complex Litigation. Capital David Simon Sokolow, Adjunct Assistant Professor Contracts. Business Punishment Clinic. A B.. Georgetomn University; LL.B.. S.J.D.. Harvard. Associations, Entertainment Law. B A., M.A., J.D., Columbia. Michael F. Sturlcy, Assistant Professor Property, Admiralty, Payment Systems. B A . J.D.. Yale. B A.. M.A.. Oxford. John F. Sutton Jr., A W. Walker Jr. Centennial Chair in law Evidence. Professional Re sponsibiluy, Toets. J.D.. Texas. Faculty — 71I «14 lllt = Michael E. Tigar. Thomas Wall Ciiegory Professor of law. (aril Procedure. Criminal law. Federal Appeals. B.A , J.D., California — Berkeley. Sranley M. Walker, Associate Professor Property. Real Estate Transactions, Real Fatale Finance. AH. Harvard; J.D., Yale James Trecce, C hades I. Francis Professor of law. Torts. Federal Cavil Procedure, Paients. Trademarks A Copyrights B.S.. M A., J D„ Illinois Iaiuise Weinberg. Raybourne Thompson Professor of Law. Conflict of laws. Federal Comclt J O.. I.I.M.. Harvard. Courts, Admiralty. A.B- 72 — FacultyJodi Wellborn. Writing Instructor. Legal Writing. A.B.. Randolph-Macon Women' College; J.l) . Texas. Michael Tigar wrote and produced the play Haymarket: Whose Name the Few Still Say with Tears . Louise Weinberg was the invited speaker at the 37th International Design Conference in Aspen, Colorado. Russell Weintraub taught Comparative Conflict of Laws at Magdalen College at Oxford. Charles Alan Wright worked on his treatise and went on a walking tour of the Cotswolds. “ 11 J. Weintraub, John B. Connally Chair m Gvil Jurisprudence and James R. Dougherty ' k Faulty Excellence. Contracts. ConllKt of Law . B A.. New York University, J.l).. Harvard. Jay L Westbrook, Andrew and Kunh Professor of Law. Bankruptcy, Secured Gedrt, International Business Transactions. I) A, J.l).. Texas. Facuky — 7)1 -w nHv M. Kenneth Woodward. Robert J. Windfohr Professor of Law B.A.. LL.B. Texas; M.A.. Joseph P. Witherspoon, Professor. Antitrust. Civil «c Political Rights. B.A.. Chicago; West Texas Scale. LIB.. Texas. S.J.D.. Harvard. Charles Alan Wright, William B. Bates Chair for the Administration of Justice. Constitutional Law. Federal Courts. Supreme Court Seminar. A B . Wesleyan; LLB., Yak. 74 — FacultyFaculty cn Leave Pairici Cain, Professor. Federal Income Taxation, Feminist Legal Theory. Wills ti Scot Powe. Bernard J. Ward Centennial Professorship. Constitutional law. First Amendment. Estates. A.B.. Vassar, J.D.. Georgia. Ekctroncc Mass Medu. B.A., Yale; J.D., Washington. Faculty on Leave — 15Faculty cn Leave Scot Powe’s book entitled American Broadcasting the First Amendment was published by the University of California Press. David Rabban received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to write an article on the Free Speech League. He also took part in the Symposium for Academic Freedom held at the law school. David Robertson was a visiting professor at Queen Mary College, University of London. David W. Robert ton, Hi net H. Baker and Thelma Kelley Baker Professor o( Law. Admiralty, Civil Procedure, Tom BA. LL.B., Louisian State; LL.M., J.S.D., Yale. David M. Rabban, Vinson FJkms Professor, labor Law, Gil Reavii, Adjunct Professor Texas Card Procedure. Roberto G. Soto, Aiuiranr Professor Contracts. lx t l History Seminar, Higher Relocation tbe Law. B.A., Products Liability latijcation. B.A., J.D., Texas. Law. Welfare Law Social FVdicy. B A . J.D., Texas. WesJcyan, J.D. Stanlord. 76 — Faculty on Leave—raculty John S. Dzicnkowski, Visiting Assistant Professor of law Professional Re- A.E. Boyle. Visiting Professor. Leroy Jeffers Visiting Chair. law of the Sea. International sponsibility, Property. Taxation of Natural Resources. B.B.A., Miami; J.D., Texas Environmental law B.A., M.A.. B.C.L.. Oxford Guillermo F. Margadant. Visiting Professor. Mexican Law. Japanese law. Doctoral law. Mexico. Jan Powell Patterson, Visiting Professor. Advanced Federal War Crimes Compar.iti law. Criminal Law. B.A.. J.D.. Texas. Visiting Faculty — 77Visiting Faculty Alan Boyle was writing a book on international environmental law. John Dzienkowski wrote a casebook on natural resource taxation dedicated to Prof. Parker Fielder. Guillermo Mar-gadant penned articles on water rights in the Rccopilacion de In-dias. Jan Patterson observed the war crimes trial of Klaus Barbie in Lyons, France. Paul Rasor spent part of the summer in El Salvador and Nicaragua, and traveled to Guatemala during Christmas break. Rebecca S. Rudnick, Visiting Assistant Professor of law. Federal Income Tax. B.A., Willamette; J.D.. Texas; LL M (Taxation). New York Paul B. Rasor, Visiting Professor of Law. Secured Credit. Consumer Credit. Refugee Law. B. Mus .J .D.. Michigan. Zippo rah Bat shew Wiseman, Kraft W. Lid man Cmccnnal Visiting Professor of law Secured Credit. Payment Systems B.A, McGill, LLB., Yale. Bea Ann Smith, Visiting Professor of law. Contracts, Marnl Relations fit Divorce. Family Law Seminar. B.A., J.D., Texas; M.A. Brandos. '.'8 — Visiting Faculty Staff ADMISSIONS: Vivian Brovin, Michael Dobccha, Charlotte Selby. DEANS. ASSOCIATE DEANS- AND ASSISTANT DEANS’ STAFFS — FRONT ROW: Barbara Bellamy, Pamela Gniham, Alyce Ixxtman. BACK ROW: Peggy Callahan, Alla Goodwin, Ademar Chavana. FJiiahnh Ray. Sally Dorati son Brown. CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION — FRONT ROW: Vickie Spillar. Donna Hassons BACK ROW: Sonja Swanson. Tamara I-owe. Tammy Hudson. Kevin Thibodeau. _ SeafT— 7;Staff MAII.ROOM: Mary JanrCool. MAIN OFFICE: Marie M. Hoepken, Judy Dominguez, S H1 H Torrez. Diane Sclkeo. SCHOLARSHIPS AND LOANS: Anna Man Saklana. PLACEMENT OFFICE: Rene BizzeU. Jane Deak. Arietta Tompk.m. Him Murtaugh. Mary Elizabeth Fuentn. 80 — Staff KEETON'S CASINO — FRONT ROW: Clarita Sumner. Loi« DonaWwn, Vioh Gutierrez. BACK ROW: Buddy (Collins, Jim Cuddel»ck, Tonia D. Milliner. $u| crvisof David Dominguez cleant a prim shop copier. SALES STORF. PRINT SHOP — FRONT ROW: Eiken Nason. Phyllis Kadish. BACK ROW: Fred Murphy, David Dominguez. Phyllis Kadish sells Charlie Meacham a packer lor one of his classes Staff — i ITarltcn Library—— ACQUISITIONS SERIAL — FRONT ROW: Leticia (iu(M. Mary A. burton. Fita Coronado BACK ROW: Brian Quigley. Debra Crawford-Black. Jocelyn Drozd Ra-mo ADMINISTRATION — FRONT ROW: Sunny Mullen. Roy M Mmlcy, Suaan Evanpfcu BACK ROW: Said A Tahiri, Gwyn B. Andervon, Gary R. Man man. RARE St SPECIAL COLLECTIONS: Bill Brock. Julia Payne. Not Pictured: Cantu Wright. Bill Marvm ami Elton Mydtr remmitce about timet gone by at a (acuity brunch Oct. 4 82 — Tarlton LibraryCIRCULATION — FRONT ROW: John Remington, Stephen Young, lisa K. Stafford. Piercttc Moreno, (JinMophw Simoru. BACK ROW: Duncan Webb, Joe Dowell f CATALOGUING — FRONT ROW: Ginger Raw. BACK ROW: John Peteuh, Libia C.uauhdi, Barium Waihecka, Adrienne deVergie, Robert E«ep, Betty Cogswell Not Pictured: Andy Barnet. The Hyder Collection The Tarlton Library displayed a diverse array of artwork and furniture, known as the Hyder Collection, that entertained and enlightened all who researched, studied and worked in the library. The collection was on loan to the library as a result of the generosity of its owners, Elton and Martha Hyder. The Hyders hoped that students, by learning about the history of the law through an, gained a unique perspective of their profession and became better lawyers because of their exposure to the arts and cultures of different countries and different times. REFERENCE SERVICES — FRONT ROW: Marly RoWon, Barbara Bridge . Elizabeth R Saucedo. Leslie Kanter-Pokxt, Margaret Sylvia. Kachy Till-Wam. BACK ROW: Jonathan Pricier, David Butch, David Gunn. Not Pictured: Evan Quenon. Tarlton Library----13Law School Foundation A research project in oil and gas law market! the beginning of the Law School Foundation, established for the primary purpose of raising funds for areas of faculty and student support that did not receive state funds. The Foundation grew to manage an endowment of more than Fifteen million dollars in 1987-88. The Foundation had a close working relationship with both the law school and the University, advising the Dean as to where the income from the fund was to be allocated and setting policies governing how the corpus of the fund was to be invested. These policies were developed by the Board of Trustees, composed of distinguished Texas attorneys. The Board managed Foundation affairs through six committees that reported to the Board during its semi-annual meetings. Daily management of the Foundation was performed by a staff of Five who were located in the law school. The Foundation also provided clerical and administrative support to the Law School Alumni Association during its annual fund drive, and published Townes Hall Notes . IW John Sutton (right) spcilo with law School Fourulauon trustee Tom Ramey at a faculty reception Oa OFFICERS President Preston Shirley Galveston Vice President Mark Martin Dallas Director of Development School of Law Donald L. Mau Austin TRUSTEES Tom Scaly, Chairman Midland Edward (dark Austin I3tun M. Hyder, Jr. Fort Worth J. Mark McLaughlin Wales H. Madden. Jr. San Angelo Amarillo Thomas M. Phillips B. D. Orgain 11 oust on Beaumont Morris Atlas Tom B. Ramey, Jr. McAllen Tyler David J. Beck Harry M. Reasoner Houston Houston George C. Chapman J. Burleson Smith Dallas San Antonio J. Chrys Dougherty Austin John L. Estes TRUSTEES EMERITUS Dallas Dec J. Kelly Charles W. Duke San Antonio Fort Worth Cecil D. Redford Corpus Christi M — law School FoundationAlumni Association STAFF — FRONT ROW: Beverly Scufcxwjgh. Anne Yeakd. Dari Hdm». BACK ROW: Sergio Ewobetio. DoruJd L M»u, Tema Watt . Over 15,000 law school alumni were united by the Law School Alumni Association in 1987-88. Since members were not required to pay dues and state funds were not received, the Association depended on voluntary service and monetary contributions to keep it going. The goal of the Association was to encourage alumni to continue their relationship with the law school. The annual reunion in Austin and several gathenngs across the country kept memlxrrs in touch with one another, as did the Townes Hall Noses publication and various newsletters sent to members. Association members improved the academic atmosphere at the law school when they taught as adjunct professors, served as advisory committee members and participated in the (Continuing Legal Education program. The law school gained from the Annual Giving campaign conducted by the Association. The money raised enhanced the overall operations of the law school, and went to the aid of students and faculty. OFFICERS President David J. Beck President Elect Schuyler B. Marshall IV Immediate Past President Jeff B. love Director of Development Donald L. Mau Associate Director for Alumni Relations Beverly Scarborough DISTRICT DIRECTORS James A. Baker IV Horaeio I.. Barrera Kathleen F. Bay Jane Varner Beard Franti Neely Beck L. Gary Beck worth, Jr. John B. Beckworth James A. Boone Bill E Bowers James R. Breckenridge William A. Broussard Edwin E. Buckner. Jr. Don Busby Robert D. Campbell G. David Carkxk II John H. Cha|XHon Lynn R. Coleman Thomas D. Cordell Robert C. Crouch Kenneth L Cutler Sylvia A. deLeon Hector DeLeon Harold R DeMoss Ben A. Donnell John S. Dzienkowski W. Burrell Ellis. Jr. Walter S. Fortney John (». Fullerton W. Terry Gardner Rudy A. Ciar a I jura J. Hagen J. Malcolm Harris Howard I. HatofT Jack W. Hawkins Bradley R. Hawley. Jr. R. Ken Hines Jerry D. Hoodenpyle Charles M. Hombergcr J. Michael Joplin L, Anthony Joseph, Jr Sue Brooks Lias Robert li. Lapin Michael II. Loftin Mario J. Martinez Thomas O. Matlock Michad R. McFlwrath D. Frederick Micks Stephen L. Morris George J. Nachman John H. Pepcr Michael W. Perrin Elizabeth C. Petit Michad V. Powell Mark S. Pulliam John T. Reynolds Henry H. Rogers Lawrence H. Rubenstcin Pieter M. Schenkkan Joel I. Shannon William H. Shibley Ronald Shur Steven L. Smith Cassic B. Stinson Thomas M. Sgtman John R Sutton David A. Talbot. Jr. Michael W. Tankcrslcy M. Lynn Taylor Robert Lewis Thompson H. Edward Toles William J. Wade Michael J. Wolfram Alumni Association — 8586 — SiudcnnAbbott, Mary Amelia, Kma Emcay Univrrwty. Auxin a»l FUrtery. IWJ M «m Allbrattcn. PH I lip tee. Auxin; Oklahoma State Utvwrruey. Rea'. Exatr law Sonny Almtnrt. Albert Boeme. Amin: Keajuun Bapene Untvrnxy, Admnuom Co-emitter Anna, Betty Ruth. Auu«t, Trial Ou«un Unewmey. Auxin. Kathryn Sabrina. Waifciagxxi DC. Ifoivmay of Virgin . Tbtegt-xl Manbal legtl Socwey. fatuity Appuxr-wntt Commuter. AMwawna Cemmrtee Hair. Mat thaw Koydcn. Notation; Trinity LVivmxy Baker. Richard Guy. Anahtaac; Uaaveniay i Traat at Auxin. Tryai Ciib. Mod Ttaal. Max (oat. Baker. Kirk. Dilat, Bayfer Uruvtnity. Trail law Review. Ourtrlon Bannwoll. Tamothy Herman, San Antexio. Georgetown Uranentey, LBJ Sehrni J Publ Afflirt Jock Ikgxe Program. towyen Cheat an frCcwyh.p. Harbutn. Oand Gregory. Auxin. Unneoey e Tcari at Auxin. Real laaite Law Sextety. Traat lew FeCuwaHfw SENIORS HnHBHHHKaj Baron, Edward Mark. Auttx.. Auuut Callrge. I ramaxmrrr Law Cemmxtrr Prevalent Uamet, Joan Theme, ftutadd na PA. Date Unreeniry. THjrgocd Minbal legal Sonny. Inretnanenal lew Society. Fhi Alyha Odea. Barrett. Daatd Anthony. Chevy Or Ml . P.taer Ccdrgr. Trail law Knn Aatooare Uxor Batartr. Samuel lari. San Antorwo. Unverity J Terat at Auxin. Meet Trail. Croeal Orlmar Cknat Bedmgficld. John Darn. Auxin; Umatriaay U Trial ar DaMu Bene ah. William Stephen. Auxin; L’eaerrury of Teaaa at Auuei. Wire. Bat Atuxutnei Claat Rey-ewerttive, PH Odu PH. Cutnulum Committee. SeanJardt and Rufci Commuter, Oattua Goodfdlow. Boaad f Gerenwon. Betney. Kutt Jene. Auxn. L’nneniy of Aniona It ting. DatarI (.nag, Mato. Trial AAM Unnenaty. Trial law Renew Blohm, Giarla Rcnxnna. HouKorg Rice Umvmxy, Hu Alpha IVki. legal Rneateh Board Moomxon. Michael Lyle. Btirmngkam At. Unntnxy of Trial at Auxin Unite It a. Kaihayo Jean. Hcuxov 1,'e.vrnuy of Teaat at Auton. IH IMa PH. Trial Irxeerueaxul law Jamil Aureate Editor fkxock. Candice Howard. Auxin. LV.vrevry of Vnguua Hoggeitw Robert Glen. Auarm. Urn verity of Puget Sound. TexcHng Quumattti. JO MB.A Program Bex gelt, Roger Rlane. Auarn. Untvmaty of Trial at Auxin, Frmnavrwol and Natural Rimwti law Sotxty. PH A%ha Dtka. Tra» law FetowHpa Bright. Gerald Vancent. ILallii. Uonoiiry jt Trial m Auxin Brooka, Jooctta l.yn. Auxxt. fax Traat State Uraventy Brown. Oiuek Ragan. Keanron; Heave tiny of Teaaa at Auxin. Bond cf Advtxatn. Traat Law Review. Hnnan. Diane Ixe. Feet Worth; t.'-twenty of Trial at AiSngnxv Canuctl. Aexhony B, San Anecexo. Trial AAM Utuveexty. Caperi. Simone Htidgeete. Mount ; GtamHxg State L'r«ve«xy. Thurgx.1 Manhall legal Soowy. 88 — SeniorsHemaeidc . Carlo . Metvo Ilemandei, Freddie . Del Riot Urwvetwty of Team at Awakn. Henkowitr. Sreten Mirk. Auton. Unhrruty cf Ton at Au»a Higgjnt. Kty Alxm, Auann. Toll AfcM Uiw«»y Holland. Mark Hallie. Amain. Umverueyof Teaaa a. Dalai lloran. Barbara Ann. GerenviBe;Souihwcttetn Umveeiity. Howard. John Lor in Jr., Aiar.n. Baylor Ua.vna.iy. Traaa Law Review. Honor Counrd. Hubbarth. William RuaarIL Anaaui; UnmMyd Trtaa at Auie.n. Criminal Law Aaataiaeajn, Bemud Waul Moca Cwan Compet.oon. Seniee Mock Tnal Hugh . Dallaa Craag. tkuaion. Her llmvetwy. Amman JcumaJ of Crir-nsaJ Law Managing Edict . Hull. Shari l-ouite. Bud Ihmu) of floral at Real Dane Law Sodray. Enveecurureal aad Naaueil Rettamra Law Society. Inimanmrw law Committer. » Hurt. Carolyn, OaUi Southern Mcthodne Univctai.y. Trwctang Quumajeer. Board at Advocate . Ph. Drlia Wv. Aiuuli and Ranny Admin nttitoc Hutton, Dallaa Bruce, Aiatm. 8 f i Ur.ven.ty, Ant tame law Soeiny. Jacobton, Robert Scott. New GUtut Wl; Univcttiry at Wuconam a. Madncaa. Real £atace law Society. Legal Eaglet. Janaton. Par Birger, Attain; Uni amity at Koaitcn Jcffcooo. Andrew Leon III, llouaron; Ur.iverwy at Traa at Auatm. Board at Advocaari. Tnal Advocacy Diretior. ThugioJ Martial legal Sot Key. Seudent Bnt Aaaocuacn. Ameenan Tnal lawym Ataocutov Seudene Divnacn Jreuon. Caeol Ann. Auar.n. Univcnay at Tran at Aaann. John ton. John Wayne, Ocean LA, Uumivi State Un.ven.ey. Real Eaeate Law Society. Kacaa, Jrann Anita. A man; Untvetuey of Connecnoae. Ammean Journal at! law Ncee fdace. Kailing. Roy Kemp. Auir.n. Un.veewiy of Teiat at Aow.n. Keig. Lowell Ad amt. Auu.n, Tnmey Utvvemry. Teua Intmunona) Law JcumaJ hceei ae.1 Comment Editor. Keith. Amy. Auarn. Cokodo Ccdkge. Admimicrn Committee. Judicial Com "ratoon. Bond of Advoctrrv Kin . Jamie Sheffield, fort Scon KS; Review of lot gtten. Phi Alpha Dek . Real htvt Law Society King, Jeffrey Brian. Ataein; Unrvrewey of Trtaa at San An too, Trtaa Law Renew. Phi Alpha Och Kirvetn. Roger Drew, Waco; U-tveruey at Teiaa at Auarn. Honor Corned. Law Week TouernmmsOitmun. Jiavenir Jotctee Qawc. Koegel. Suaan. Betheida MD. Miami Umverury. KoauN Bruce Edward, Auatet; Umvmuy cfTeua aa Aiatm. Trut Law Review. Kr Waiter, Meltaa Beth, Auteui, llntnaj atTcca at Auun. Board tf AdtOCKCl Lane Daniel McNcel Jr.. Auatin; CcAtmfct Utwtnuy. Trtaa Law Review. Langmor . John Hroley. Auatm. Utvveewy cf Ttusar Aiwa Leach. Jonathan Stuart, El Pan Yak Uvvemty. legal Reanreh Board. Aataok aad nanny. Kitchener T Army, Seniors — 911J h m mu Jlsilh SENIORS mSMSXWM -h - i i i £ ii III | UfJ III Hf liliflliil i ZI Jt iisf ht jij iHl it!' !ji il II j it i, iiliiti i ■ISENIORS Sj ill A If Iff ill i I i ii » ( .ji ! If ii ii| }I H if U jjs ii iii r ! iii ?! 3? | S Jl ii}|i If fJ£J IllJlIj fioiHinAhou-Samra, Rabcc Faycz. Mesquite Southern Methodist University Adams, Michael George, Springfield VA University of Virginia Alford. Daniel Lee IV, Caldwell Texas A M University Alvarez, Micaela, Lockhart University of Texas at Austin Amoako, Eric, Austin University of Ghana Baird, Brian David, Austin University of Texas at Austin Baird, Rebecca Ann, Austin University of Texas at Austin Bakcman, Bonnie Allen. Lewisburg PA College of William and Mary Barela. Cynthia Joscttc. Duncanville Texas Tech University Barker, Susan Melinda, Itluca NY Cornell University MIDLAW Barlow, Melissa Beth, San Antonio Texas Christian University Barnett. Sheli 1-auren, Dallas University of Pennsylvania Barr, William Ricks, Dallas Southern Methodist University Barrera, Michael Louis, Austin Kansas State University Best, Stephen Andrew, Arlington VA Washington and Ur University Bickham, David Arthur, Houston University of Texas at Austin Blackwell. Marcus Ashley, Shaker OH University of Michigan Blakely, Karen Lea, longvicw Texas Tech University Blansftcld, Ernest James, Austin University of Texas at Austin Bloomfield, Julie Anna, Fort Worth Texas Christian University Bond, Margaret Elizabeth, Dallas University of Texas at Austin Bondurant, Michele Marie, Bronx NY Sprlutan College Braden, Paul Andrew, Q Paso Universicy of ! »llas Bradford, Paul Douglas, Austin University of Texas at Austin Brantley, Phillip Morgan, Benton Harbor Ml Andrews University BrazziL James Mark, Austin Sam Houston State University Brewer, Timothy Patrick, Temple University of Texas at Austin Brown, Gregory Leigh, Houston University of Texas at Austin Brown, Lisa Ann, Austin University of Texas at Austin Brown, Michael Gideon, Dallas University of Texas at Austin ‘X. — MhIUwBuchanan. Brenda Kay, Austin Southwestern University Burke, Michelle, Houston University of Texas at Austin Burton, Michael Ray, Ephraim W1 Trinity University Cabaniss, Kevin Charles. Dallas Princeton University Calvillo, David Neal, Austin Pan American University Campbell, Gwyneth Anne, Houston Baylor University rampos, Esteban Reymundo, Austin Stephen F. Austin State University Cantu, David Andrew. Denton Baylor University Capistran, Adriana, San Antonio Washington University Carter, Lynn Ellen, San Marcos Texas Tech University SHEHHHEHE MIDLAW Cash, Warren Pinckney III, Dallas University of Texas at Austin Castro, Lionel Jesse, Houston University of Texas at Austin Chaires, Annette, Arlington University of Texas at Austin Chanda, Bodhisattva, Lubbock University of Texas at Austin Choi, Madelyn, Houston Rice University Choi, Rebecca Joan, Austin University of Texas at Austin Coffee. William Daniel, Dallas University of Texas at Austin Collins, Carolyn Sue, Waco University of Texas at Austin Contreras, Celestina L., Austin University of Texas at San Antonio Corcoran, Kevin Gerard, Austin University of Texas at Austin Cotton, Traci Lee, Austin University of Texas at Austin Covington, Jeanne Nicole, Austin University of Michigan Cozon, William James, Houston University of Texas at Austin Cruacosa, Mark Sean, Uvalde University of Texas at Austin Cutler, Camille Lynn, San Antonio University of Texas at Austin Davis, Douglas Allen, Houston Texas A M University Dawson, Alistair Byrne, Austin Vanderbilt University DeCandia. Donald Alan, Albuquerque NM University of Notre Dame Dcmianovich, Diane, Austin Vanderbilt University Dcnero, Carolyn Anne, Austin University of Oklahoma Mid law —Denier, John Jr., Austin Southwestern University Deteriing, Sheri Lynn, Dallas Southern Methodist University Dietz, Lucy E. Del Prado, Sui Marcos University of Texas at Austin Doezcl, Margaret Marilynn, Feet Worth Temple University Edwards, Charlotte Kathleen, Austin University of Florida Edwards, Jay Huston, Meridian MS University of Alabama Elliott, Paul Reichert, Houston University of Texas at Austin Evans, Walter Elton, Austin University of Texas at Austin Ewing, Christina Louise, Austin University of Texas at Austai Fahy, John Richard, Fort Worth Yale University MIDLAW Falls, Carmen Bern it a, Plano Rice University Famik, Gregory Scott, Arlingto" University of Texas at Arlington Fecmster, Sharon Lewise, Austin Southwest Texas State University Ferguson, Curt William, Laurel IA Buena Vista College Feme . Lai I a Catherine, Austin Pitzer College Finger, Loretta Jo, Corpus Christi St. Mary's University Flores, John Paul, Houston University of Texas at Austin Forbis, Nancy Jane, Decatur University of Texas at Austin Frazier, Jeff Lanier, Wharton University of Texas at Austin Fricdhofer, James Earl, Austin University of Texas at Austin Fucntcs, Mary Elizabeth, San Antonio St. Maty's Univeisity Garcia, David Eugenio, Laredo Trinity University Garcia, Juan Albert, Austin Sam Houston State University Garcia, Oscar Xavier, Austin University of Texas at Austin Gary, Jill, Austin Rke University Glass, Sharah Coumbe, Tyler University of Texas at Austin Grescnz. Kurt Gregory, Austin Duke University Guerra, John Anthony, Rio Grande Gty University of Texas at Austin Haltom, Jennifer Anne, Texarkana Abilene Christian University Hampton, George Leo IV, Austin I. kc University 98 — MidlawMIDLAK Johnson, Kevin Michael, Austin Gracebntl College Johnston, Cathy Marie, Austin University of Texas at Austin Jones, Suzettc Carole, Southfield Ml University of Michigan Jordan, Gregory David, Katy Tulane University Joumeay, Stephen Dunson, Austin University of Texas at Austin Keel, Patrick O'Connor, Austin University of Texas at Austin Kilbomc, Frances McDonald, Fort Worth Northwestern University Klinglcr, David Allen, Austin Pennsylvania State University Kraft, Sharon Lynne, Austin University of Texas at Austin Krenek, Eddie Michael, Wallis Texas A M University Krcnncrich, Carol Ann, Houston University of Southwestern Louisiana Lane, William Patrick, Austin Texas Tech University LeFlore, Byron Louis Jr., San Antonio University of Texas at Austin Leftwich, James Daniel, Austin University of Texas at Austin Lcpow, Gloria Sima, Shreveport LA University of Texas at Austin Lcvcnon, William Reed, Austin Wake Forest University Levin, Cynthia Reba, Houston Rice University Levy, Katherine Lynn, Austin University of Dallas Locbcr, Frederick Michael Jr., Arlington University of Dallas Luksctich, Thomas Andrew, Austin University of Notre Dame Hanmcr, Gwynn Frances, Lake Jackson University of Texas at Austin Hayes, Scott Edmund, Dallas Baylor University Haynes, Scoet Kendall, Goodlettsville TN Vanderbilt University Herron, Paul Jefferson, Richardson University of Texas at Austin Hicks, Janetta Brcy, Roswell NM New Mexico State University Hill, Laura Geneva, Ardmore OK Vanderbilt University Hood, Lester Loyd HI, Austin Trinity University Hughes, Joby Allen, Austin Mississippi State University Jewell. Michael John. Dallas University of Texas at Austin Johnson, Elizabeth Brophy, Austin University of Texas at Austin Midlaw — 99MacDonald, Scott Thurston. Austin Rite University Malmo. David Lawrence, Austin Stanford University Mantor, Allison Donneil, Austin University of Texas at Austin Markham, Nadine Vveitc, Temple Hills MD University of Pennsylvania Markum, Erica Lee, Austin Stanford University Martin, Daniel William, Austin Ccdarvillc College McAdams, Natalie Ann, Houston University of Texas at Austin Meisgeier, Steven Charles, Houston University of Houston Menchaca, David Daniel, Austin Boston University Meroncy, Millkent Sims, Austin Duke University MIIIAW Moore, Joseph Tatum III, Austin University of Tennessee Moore. Steven Donald, Argyle University of Texas at Austin Morales, Hector Elias, Austin Columbia University Mozingo. Sandra Lynn P-. Austin College of William and Maty Munoz, Daniel Alexander, San Antonio University of Texas at Austin Murphy, Harlan Ewell, Austin Vanderbilt University Murphy, Stacey Lynn. Sprmgfick) II. Miami University Nelson, Nicolle Renee. Houston University of Texas at Austin Noel, Kelly Marie, Houston Stanford University Nunnelee, Elizaboth Faye. Austin Transylvania University Odom. Harold Alvin III, Missouri City University of Texas at Austin Orr, James Michael, Vernon Abilene Christian University Packard, Penny Sue, San Antonio University of Texas at Austin Parkinson, Kimberly Anne, Austin Rice University Polikov, Evan Scott, Austin University of Texas at Austin Powell. Albert St. George. Austin Columbia University Quast, Luaine Lois. Austin University of Wisconsin at Madison Rae, David Bowen, Mexico University of Texas at Austin Read, Daniel Shane, Dallas Yak University Reagan, Belinda Lynn. Houston University of Houston 100 — MiJbwRcat, Marianne Cecilc. Houston Rice University Rccd, Peter Michael, Austin Texas A«tM University Reeder, Christopher Don. Kingwixxl Uoiverstty of Texas at Austin Reeder, James Arthur Jr., Houston Harvard University Reid, Russell Lowcl Jr., Austin Southern Methodist University Rivas, Yveitc, McAllen University of Texas at Austin Robeck, Mark Russell. Austin Texas A«cM University Robinson, Edward England, Wichita Falls Texas A«tM University Rodriguez, George Gregory, San Antonio University of Southwestern Louisiana Rodriguez. Ruben Lozano, Austin University of Texas at Austin Rosenberg, Richard Mark, Austin Tulane University Ruth. Robert Wayne. Austin University of Texas at Austin Schrakamp, Susan Lynn, Houston Rice University Sexton, Micah David, Austin Southern Methodist University Sklcncar, Brad Lee, San Antonio University of Texas at Austin Skloss, Ronald Gilbert, Austin University of Texas at Austin Smith, Clayton Lee, Austin University of Oklahoma Soliz, Lydia Nora, Austin Texas A I University Sopper, Bridgette Joyce, East Syracuse NY Catholic University of America Sparks, Anne Lauren, Seguin Rice University Spcctor, Sara Ruth, Austin University of Texas at Austin Sterling, John Franklin, Dallas Southern Methodist University Stewart, Pamela May, Houston University of Texas at Austin Stone, Thomas Asbury, Austin Williams College Stooksbcrry, Scott Morgan. Fort Worth Texas A M University Stroud, Barbara Lynn, College Station University of Texas at Austin Stubbeman. Robert Frank, Austin Austin College Sullivan, Rosemary E'Lane, Commerce University of Houston Supcrville. Maurice Charles Jr., Bellairc University of Texas at Austin Taylor, David Frank, Houston University of Texas at Austin Mid law — 101Tuck, Donald Allison, Irving Baylor University TetekJ, David William. Dallas University of Texas ai Austin Torc on, Riehard Iarc Jr., Austin Rue University Trahan, Thomas Erwin, Austin University ol Texas at Austin Tucker. Gary Wayne. Dallas University uf Texas at Austin Teeter, Riehard Gregory, I.ublxxk Texas Tech University Tempesta, Jt hn Vincent, Corpus Christi University uf (Jueago Thorne, Jeffrey Joe, Austin New Mexnu State University MASTERS OF COMPARATIVE JURISPRUDENCE STUDENTS — FRONT ROW: Teresa Puentes (Merit.,), Teresa Due bud (Mexito), lots I. Walker ( okimbia). SECOND ROW: Gatxiel Diaz Rivero (Mexuo), fa los Hernandez Aiiigas (Mexieo), Mural Ke-sat Ozsunay (Turkey), l a Martina Waehter (West Germany). BACK ROW: Gerardu Rene Due bud (Mexito). Markus Desk (West (krmany), Tlxxnas Harakl G. Waeheer (West Germany). 102 — MidbwVarney. Lana Kay. Auxin University of Texas at Auxin Vasque , Juaniia Alicia. San Antonio University of Texas at San Aikoiiio Villarreal, Alicia, Austin University of Texas at Austin Vogel, John David, Seahfuuk Stephen I Auxin State University Wachtcl. David Martin, Buffalo Grove II. Washington University at St. Louis Wagncr-Rosenblatt. Elizabeth Jean. Auxin Umversuy uf Texas at Austin Waid. Gerald Dither, Gadsden Al. Auburn University Walker, Mark Andrew, Austin Baylor University MIELAH Walker, Tami Lcane, Shamrock Southwestern Oklahoma State University Wall. Verscl Diane, Auxin Umvtrxty of Texas at Austin Walravcn, I-arry Andrew, Mjnslield Texas Tctli University Walters, Hradleigh Kristen. Plano Texas A M University Washington, Tracic Leigh. Austin Cadet on College Webber, Mary Kay Root, Austin New Mexico State University Weinberg, Michael David, Dallas University of Texas at Auxin Whitaker, Charlotte Bridget. Auxin San Francisco State University White, Susan Jere. Austin Tatkcoo State University Wicker, Thomas George, Auxin Austin College Wilensky. Steven Lee, Dallas University of Chicago Williams, Andrew Montgomery, Austin Texas A M University Wolf, Elizabeth Wagner. Austin University of Texas at Austin Wolfrom, Randall Scott, Austin University uf Texas at Austin Wootton, Richard Earl. Austin Sim I louxon Scats- University Wynne. Wreno Smith, Austin Unisersiry of Texas at Auxin Yee, Duke Wiedcr. Dallas University of Texas at Auxin Zimmerman. Sandra Marian, Auxin University of Houston Zinkc, Donna Patricia, Concur University of Texas at Austin Zissa, Jeffrey John. Shiner Univerxty of Texas at Austin Midlaw — 105Adams, Elizabeth Diana. Houston Texas A M University Albert, Craig Andrew, Austin University of Texas at Austin Alejandro, Leonel, Austin University of Texas at Arlington Allen, Jennifer Jo, Sand Springs OK Oklahoma State University Arcus, Carlos Anthony, San Antonio Baylor University Ashby, Andrea Gina. Austin Comefl University Ashby, Christopher Lynn, Houston Vanderbilt University Atchley, Michael Lynn, Arlington University of Texas at Arlington Atkerson, William Thomas, Austin University of Texas at Austin Audette, Vickie Lynn, Georgetown University of Houston PCCSHUH Bagby. Dcmetra Estephana, Stgom Mi Murry College Bailey. Althea Michele, Houston Rue Universny Baird, Susan Elaine, Austin University o( Texas at Arlington Barrera, Patricia Ann. Corpus Christi University ol Texas at Austin Bartlett. Jeanne Carrell, Austin University of Texas at Austin Bascom, Brian Edward, Fuel Worth Trinity University Batagowcr. Dorenc, I louston University ol Texas at Austin Beatty, Jay Ronald, lalvetty Hill John Brown University Becker, Jeffrey Mark. Tarti|»a FI, University of Texas at Austin Beverly, Joe Wallace, Austin University ol Texas at Austin Biggin, Timothy Allen, Austin Texas htisiun University Bowling. Alan Lee. Austin University ol Texas at Arlington Boynton, Stephanie Kathleen, Norman OK Southern Methodist University Bradford. George Edward Jr., Austin University of Texas at Austin Brady, Denise Anne, Austin An una State University Bragalonc, Robert Alan, Abilene University of Texas at Austin Bnckncr, John Scott, Austin Rite University Brooks, Anna Margaret, Austin University of Texas at Austin Brunei, Andre Joseph, Austin Georgetown University Bulger. Faith Anne, Houston Primcrun University Iff! — FtcshlawBurgdorf, Barry Daniels, Austin University of Texas at Austin Burnett, Michael Lance, Austin Texas A M University Burney, Kcnitall King, Dallas Dariinutiih ( olkgc Buvia. Rouault Ray. Austin University of Texas at Austin Campbell, Mary Carolyn, Austin University o! Mississippi Campbell, Robin Renee, San Angelo Angelo State University Cappaslonru, Carol Ann. Austin Newcomb College Carroll. Terry Malone Jr., Austin U S Air Force Academy Castillo, Avalyn Ylona. Houston Harvard University Chapman, Cathlccn Lanctte, FHtncanvilIc Texas ( Isrtsiian University MammmxmmEi fccshuh Chickcring, Myra Suzanne, Houston Texas A M University Chumney, Elizabeth Howell, San Antonio University of Texas at Austin Cieniawski, Brian Edward, Clumplign IL University of Illinois Cilfonc, Patricia Lucia, San Antonio Texas Tech University Clauson, Robert Andrew, Houston University of Texas at Austin Coldwell. Dehorah Sajbcl, Austin Cdorado State University Cole, Kevin Wayne, Houston University of Texas at Austin Copeland, Christopher James, Austin Southwest Texas Sate University Cordova, Kathleen Ann, San Antonio George Washington University Cox, Joseph Marion, Dallas University of Notre Dame Crain, Stephen Burton, Houston Dike University Cunningham, Julie Beth, Austin Oklahoma Sate University Dahill, John Bernard, El Paso Trinity University Dance, James Christopher, Dillai Texas A M University David, Jonathan, Houston University of Texas at Austin Davidson, Lori Elizabeth, Dallas Texas A M University Davis, Madeleine Colette, Temple Texas A M University Del Castillo. Catherine Marie, Houston University of Texas at Austin dcLemos, Steven William, Austin University of Texas at Austin De Paul, Tom Joseph, Freeport Sanford University Fieshlaw — 105Dodson, Mary Katherine, Hamilton University of Texas at Austin Dortch, Marlene Suzanne, Dallas Texas A M University Douglas, Stephen Holme, Oklahoma City OK Trinity University Duke, David Jeffrey. San Angelo University of Texas at Austin Earglc, Steven Garrett, Tyler University of Texas at Austin Eiserloh, Laurie Rayson, San Antonio University of Texas at Austin Eliason, Baron Edmund, Dallas Southern Methodist University Enzmtnger. Jane Stone, Austin Central Sate University Fancsali, Beth Lynne, Rockford IL Mums University of Oh«a Feeney, Kevin Michael, Houston University of Texas at Austin ------ - 4 Flannery, John Matthew, Silver Spring MD University of Maryland Fleming Jon Mark, Dallas Duke University Fletcher, Natalie, Austin Baylor University Foote, Amanda Gilbert, Dallas Smith Cdlegc Friedman, Michael Lawrence, Houston University of Texas at Austin Galindo, Alex Alonzo, Austin St. Maty's University Galvan. Cynthia Ann. San Antonio University of Texas at Austin Garcia, Carol Marie V.. Austin University of Texas at Austin Garcia, Elvia, Brownsville University of Texas at Austin Garrison, Gregory Scott, Houston University of Texas at Austin Garza, Andres Francisco, Austin Pan American University Garza, Guillermo Edmundo, larcdo Texas AAM University Gaumer, Christie Lee, Dallas University of Texas at Austin Gerald, Patrick Sprain, Sweetwater Texas Tech University Gomez, Miguel Antonio, Albuquerque NM University of Notre Dame Gonzales, Roxanna Marie, Corpus Chr.sei University of Texas at Austin Gonzalez. Maria Yvonne, San Antonio Pnnccton University Gonzalez, Mario Alberto, El Paso University of Texas at Austin Gormley, Patrick Joseph, Austin U S. Military Academy t Greer, Stephanie Jane, San Antonio Trinity University 106 — FttshlawHail, Brian Neal, Amlin Southern Methodist University Hainan, Douglas Alan, Austin University of Nebraska Hamill, Virginia Carol, Carrollton Texas A M University Hanko, George Joseph III, Austin University of Texas at Austin Hannon, Barhara, Dallas Southern Methodist University Hardin, Barry Lynn, Malvern AR Ouachita Baptist University Harr, Kevin Michael, Missouri City University of Texas at Austin Harrison, Lisa Kay, Barksdile Stephen F. Austin State University Hatfield, Amber Lee, Austin University of Texas at Austin Heilbrun, Mark Ramsey, Austin Emory University FEESliLAK Heisz, Laura Ann, Austin Rice University Heitmann, Bennie Gary Jr., Spring University of Houston Henderson, Laura Grace, Houston Rice University Hendrick, Benard Calvin, Houston Angelo State University Hicks, Michelle Eileen, Austin Rice University Higdon, Gerald Doran, Austin Texas Tech University Hinchman, Carolyn Lamont, Spring University of Texas at Austin Hoffmann, Christina Beth, Austin Trinity University Hollingsworth, Dana La Rue, Austin Baylor University Hord, Mark Eugene, Austin Texas A M University Hubble. Craig Steven. Angleton Southwest Texas State University Humphrey, Timothy Jeffrey, Pasadena CA Ohio State University Hygh, Michael Frederick, Austin University of Texas at Austin Jianxun, Shu. Austin Harvard University Jones, Darryl Cavcllc, Austin American University Jones, Donald Gregory, Austin Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Jones, Michael Gordon, Wichita KS Wichita State University Jones, Tammy Jo, Austin University of Texas at Austin Jordan, Tammy Jeannine, Marshall Abilene Christ an University Keglovits, David Edward, Arlington University of Notre Dame Fresh law — 107Kcllow, Vcromque Elizabeth, Richardson Texas A M University Kenyon. Jackie Marie, Lampasas University of Texas at Austin Kimball, Dale Albert Jr.. Austin Brigham Young University Kimler. Rife Scott, Nederland University of Texas at Austin Kocks, Michael David, Austin University of Texas at Austin Kulhavy. Joseph Bannister, Austin Southern Methodist University Lay field. Larry De-Wayne. Vidor Lamar University latarte, Frank Allen, Corpus Chnsn University of Texas at Austin LeGette, Caroline Mills. Austin George Washington University Leva, Carey Steven, Fort Worth University of Texas at Austin Lewis, Margaret Helen. Odessa Trinity University Livingston. Dana Crystal, Houston University of Texas at Austin Loftis, James Lloyd, Dallas University of Texas at Austin Lopez. Norma Maxine, Austin Southern Methodist University Lovelace, James Ronald, Dallas Duke University Martens, James Fredrick, Austin University of Texas at Austin Marter, Cyrus Dressier IV, Austin Texas A M University Martin, Kenneth Dwayne, Da las Austin College Macula. Timothy Paul, Longview University of Texas at Austin Mayfield, Albert Edward, Austin Yale University McBath, Thomas Rice. Corpus Christi University of Texas at Austin McClellan, Bradley Dean, Austin University of Texas at Austin McCormick, John Fitzgerald, Lubbock University of Texas at Austin McElravey, Charles Dirk, Ballwin MO Indiana University at Bloomington McClain. Patrick John, Austin University of Dallas McLean. Michael Gemon, Houston Texas AAM University McNamara, Steven Joseph. Friendswood University of Texas at Austin McNiemey, Peter Joseph, Austin University of Texas at Austin McNutt, Gaye Lynn, Austin Rice University Michalka, Shara Alyse. Lubbock Texas Tech University 108 — Fresh lawMiller, Adam Hall, Houston University of Texas at Austin Miller, Marie Louise, Austin City College of New York Miller, Margaret Ann. Austin State University of New York Molina, Humberto Jr„ Houston University of Houston Moore, Mark Allred, Austin University of Texas at Austin Moroney, Kari Suzanne, Natehez MS Auburn University Moss, Jacqueline Aleoe, Lindale University of lexasat Austin Mucchctti, Michael John, Kingsville University of Texas at Austin Mueller, Melissa Ann, San Antonio University of Texas at Austin Neel, Alan David, Keller University cf Texas at Arlington rCESHLiW Nicholas, Kimberly Ann, Abilene University of Texas at Austin Northcutt, John David, Austin University of Texas at Austin Norwood, Mary Elizabeth, Porter University of Texas at Austin Nowlin, Laurie Jeannette, Austin Texas Lutheran College Nugent-Andcrson. Kimberly Ann, Austin University of Texas at Austin Nutt, Charles David, Austin Texas A M University Obcrmann, Allison Karen, Salt lake City UT Dartmouth College O'Brien, Linda Marie, Houston Texas A M University Olvera, Jose Rolando Jr., Brownsville Harvard University Ort, David Scott, Austin Stephen F. Austin State University Owen fort, Ellen Snow, Austin Rice University Palmer, Margaret Ruth, Independence KS University of Kansas Paschal, Robert Clegg Jr., Corpus Christi Texas A M University Pence, Laura Irene, Dallas University of Texas at Austin Peterson. Kirk Armand, Chillicothe MO Central Missouri State University Petr, Mark Joseph, Amarillo University of Texas at Austin Pham, Lu, Arlington University of Texas at Arlington Phelan, Kimberly Kaye, Lubbock Texas lech University Pivatcau, Geoffrey Patrick, Alexandria LA McNcese State University Poche, Charles Albert Jr., Rowlett University of Texas at Austin Fresh law — 109Ragland, Karen Marie, Houston University of Texas at Austin Raney, Steve Eugene, Lrveiland University of Texas at Austin Ray. Surette Lynn, Austin University of Texas at Austin Rcasoner. Barrett Hodges, Houston Duke University Rees, Raymond Douglas. Dallas Southern Methodist University Reichert, David Maurice Jr., Dallas Baylor University Reynolds, Kelly Kristin. Sugar land Vassar College Rojo, Carmen Rosna. Austin Uiv.vers-.ty of Texas at Austin Ryan, Dawn Veronica, Houston University of Texas at Austin Ryan. Laurence Kosin, Houston Washington and lee University fPCSHLAK Saalwacchtcr. Jennifer Ann, labonun IN Indiana University Sanchez, Cynthia IL, San Antonio University of Texas an Austin Sanov, Phillip Norris, Cladrwater Centenary College Schaeffer. Kathryn Bea. Fun Wotth Trias Christian University Schneider, Laura Kristen. Austin University of Texas at Austin Schwarz, Kurt Allen, Austin Amherst College Sears-Flanagan, Joanna L.. Austin University of Chicago Segovia, Andrew-, San Antonio University of Notre Dame Settle. Mary Jennifer, Anunllo Texas ARM University Shaeffcr, Robert Tyldcn, San Antunro Brown University Shepherd, Wendell Pierre, Austin University of Texas at Austin Sherman, Holly Ruth. Austin Vanderbilt University Sherwood, Gregory Don, Texas City University of Texas at Austin Shoss, Ronald Michael, Houston Tulane University Simon, Robert Andrew, Fi t Wotth Yale University Smith, David Noyes, Austin University of Texas m Austin Smith. Loran Keith Jr.. Warmisburg MO Central Missouri Stair University Sncfling, Taylor French III, Austin University of Texas at Austin Soria, Dora Isc-la, Austin University of Texas at Dallas Stahl. Brent Gilbert. Austin University of Texas at Austin I 10 — Fresh lawStamped, Kristine Marie, Middleton Wl University of Wisconsin at Madison Stanford, Gary Ronald, Austin University of Texas at Austin Steinlc, Heather Ann, Overland Park KS Texas Christian University Stephens. David Ray. Denton Trinity University Storm, Paul Vickers, Austin University of Texas at Austin Stringer, Beverly Walker, Austin University of Texas at Austin Strub, Michael Henry Jr., Austin Georgetown University Sweet. Scott Randall, Dallas University of Texas at Austin Swmney, Janna Jo. Tyk-r Baylor University Sydow, Sylvia Jo, Austin Southwestern University FEESHLA.K S alay, Barbara Jean, Dallas University of Texas at Austin Taken, Mark Andrew, Shreveport LA Northeast louisuna University Tatkenhorst, Mark Andrew, Lubbock Texas Tech University Taylor, Prank Edward, Grapcland Stephen F. Austin State University Thomas, Trent Hodges, Hertford University of Texas at Austin Thompson, Jan E., Austin Sierra Nevada College Tucker, Marcus Rene, llano Baylor University Vadnais, Nicole Marie, Papillion NE University of Nebraska at Lincoln Vaky, Alexander Peter, Austin University of the South Valadez, Mary Nclela G., San Antonio University of Texas at Austin Van Frank, Richard William, Banning CA California Polytechnic State University Van Stralen, Alan Raymond. Austin University of Wisconsin at Madison Venecia, Roxana, Alice Princeton University Villareal, Andres, El Paso University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Weems, Jeffry Dan, Austin University of Texas at Austin Weinberger, Charles Herbert, Dallas University of Texas at Austin Wells, Douglas Bret, lake Jackson Southwestern University Wickstrom, Lisa Margaret, 1-alayctieCA University of Texas at Austin Wiener, Gary Allen, Austin University of Texas at Austin Wicsen, Fred Wayne II, Spring Baylor University Feeshlaw 1Wiggins, Allison Louise. Austin University of Tens it Ausnn Wilkinson, Alanna Ann. Bladcnshurg MD Franklin and Marshall College Williams. Diane Lynn. Austin S am Houston State University Williams. John Leo Jr.. El Paso University of Texas at El Paso Williamson. John H., Austin Prinieton University Willis. Lloyd William. Edinburg Pan American University Willis, Mary Catherine. Son Antonio Southwestern University Wise. Jeffrey Earl. Austin Stanford University Wortham. Gregory Lewis, Sweetwater Rice University Wright, Robin Elizabeth. Canyon West Texas State University I? FrrshlawFrcshUw — 11} 114 — Index AdvcmungINDEX ADVERTISING Iivlfx ft Advtrtiiinjt — 115 1TO 51988 A AUxn. Muj 96 AJ-nv. liaiala.MXan. ». 104 Adam . M.hartGawgr 96 Agmt.Craa Aav ym 104 24 60.61. 126 26.27 Alaamdat. IVufJav 7 A18.rtra. 14.8 . laa 88 A Ins Jaandar Jo 104 Abn4n j.Att n Hw 96 Anw. fori Akmvkf . .... 2 Aaahnon. 1 Wl Mrt W. 60 Anlrrvn. Gmpy B 2 Aaaltrms la 44 A a». f aaV» Anahrny 104 AnrMIUl|, J ulu Ujik .... 41 Ai »a. |Vir KuiN .2). 24. 88 Aihly.CIvraaaphra lyna 2. 104 Arkrtvn. W.'.'aam Thoanai 104 A-lfiie. VkIk 2. 104 Aanrm. Kaahtyn Sa2».na . . 88 ba.r.1. RHa.,. Am .96 Bud. Warn llmna 2. 104 Bair man. Bo(Hair A 96 Bala . Rahaad Guy Bnlry, WUum Kak 41.88 Kw vi'. IVlfTUA 88 Bua. d Mak 20. 21. 29.88 tw v Cymahaa Jcanaa 44. 96 (Wtrr.lmia Mrtmla 96 IWVm. Bnh 20.42.96 Hanaa.Joaa Orma 88 Barr. Wvhaaa Ruka 96 W m. HoaariB 1 84 IWmra. M.laarl bo m . . 24.24.96 Barms Band As.Sony 41.88 Oaryrn. Brwta J«a(4a 20 Banlryt. Joanr Carreil 104 IXnw 2. 104 Brard. Jana Vaayyar 84 link. Fraasi Nraly 84 Ba km nV. L Ga.y Jr 84 Btdmghrii. John Daml. . 88 Btiirry. . .. . ...... 79 Hc r h. Wilkun 46.47.88 IW w . Kgn Ji« ... 88 ttew. Srphr A r» 96 »- . To ..................................... 24 EEEEGRINLS INDEX Bavrriy.Joe WVMrr M. 104 bUw. Orad AaiWr 96 Big . Timothy Alin 104 B«d. Paul. E............................... 126 Baum . Daaaal Crmg ........................ ».W Baud. Roma................................... ® BWkbaad. K ihiy v Mary .............. 20. 21 BWkfcad. Cmylt K w .................... 2 Blair!,. Km In ..............................96 BtamCarld. famv Jaaaaa...................... 96 Bkrhas Goaia (ouni.................... 40.42.88 BkxrnMd. JaJaa Asa. ................. 42. 96 Blxanaaon. M«VH ty4a ...... 88 U A6uui 22 24 Ikttwi PSI ................................. 61 Boct«.. K«hiyn J«n ........... • 8 Burak. Card a 7i .rr Hom rd 88 Bo ™. Rrbrii Gfan . 88 Bom n.Jo»n.............................. 126 Bond. Margin fiixjfccth 40.96 Bordu-au. Mm 42. 44. 96 Bjnnel.JrAnAsdaamlll ....................... 40 Buna, jaanr A 84 H X . Rogr- I'm....................... 0.42.88 Bag . Mm Waysa ....................... ... 2 Bxk Mam.................................... 6 8 4, C «y Lane |l B»n Jrn. tm lUfliVm . W Tljmm. h.B f. 84 Bodirg Man In............................. 104 B»4r. Ain t 77. 78 Boyi.on, Scaphan KacNro . . .104 Bodtr. Pul AoAam......... . . .. .96 Kd»W.C..rH.«,!Ji 41. 104 BavJfead. Pul Dough ....................... 96 Brnly. Dnsaw Arnr ......................... 104 Bragtiavr. Roban Alan................ 2. 104 Brnrlry. PWlap Morgan 96 BaaatL Jams Mark 2K. 40.96 Brnkaaodge. J nm R 84 Btrmer.Tamtahy Paaraak .................... .96 Buhner, John Ceori .104 Bulge . 7WW. ................................8 High.. Cnil V«« .......................... m Bnad. Valrna Voa............................ 4 Buck. B.I ................................ 82 Breaalu.Cnay Ma8o«4 Bn.Jo. Ijimh Oman........ 40 Banana . Anna Morgan. ... . 24. 44. 44. 104. 126 BauAv Jam If .............................. 88 Bnvamaed. WA m A 4 Buma.Uwk Rag ................................88 Baums. Dona l r .88 Bunn. Gregory I rgh ... 96 Buna. ! a Ann ........................... 40.96 Bnn .. M.Wri Cade . .................... 40.96 liwa.S8l,»»U n ..............................79 Baum., Va a n ............................. 79 Bmmnu . Jolvy C emi . .. ..126 Bum. Ka y 2 BauH Haiti! H ... 74 Brunet. Arairt Joarph ............... 2. KM IM,W. Hrrmil K»y............................ 97 Balm, tdm f. Jr............................ 84 Balan.OagVAan ............................... » OMr . Praia Anna . 104 BonX I4u d................................... B jp8 4, Barry IMsreh ......................104 Burhr. M.taCr Jar.parhnr............... 20. 97 6aa n, MvrHarl liana ...................... 104 Baanay. Kami Km .................... ». 104 6am. baryhrs loyal. 2 Bourn. Mary A ... 82 Brawn. Ma. Karl Ray ........................ 97 Bmby.Do. ....................................84 B u Rwult Ray __________ _________ .. . 20. 2. K» c Cabana . Kaaan Oadn Cam. Bom........... (•nvuPm ........... Cagahan. fVny...... C kni,Cirob........ CahdW. Davnl Need. CaaagAt . Earl .... GaaaggvrR, Gmyserh Aana (aajM. Mary Canlja . C nvpA 8. Robot O Caaapba . Rohm Rrnra Caapa. turban Krymndo 97 n -ging faj CaararX. Anahoay B 88 Caayaa. Rotaro G 4 «i afauran. Adruaay. 97 2y fBi» V. C Mtl At . a . a H 104. 126 Carmoru. Vravama Mara 44. 89. 126 Catnon. Atari Arvana Jr » i jjtxA, T«r M V« Jr... 104 Canrt. JrAlty lyrai 89 Cano, lym 78m 97 Cany. R h 28 Cash, Watian Pbakncylll Cauao, Dan 24 Cawai. laaial Jaw .. 44.97, Anner .... 20.97 link Bodhaaataa .97 Chaymas CarKhan ... 2. 104 Oaplian Gnagr C .84 Chapaon. Jr av F. Oyarvaa. Adaanaa 79 0®«cVa, Jimci llflwy IV ...89 89 Qyasjnolam Vsadnui AOMUtaO 26 27 Owkew . 24. 2. 104 O 08. M«u Jo r . 44.97 O-rsm J Aas NHsn J«ha Danarl 20.89 104 61 • »«a2 u', Ikon 104 GITwa. Parratsa Isacaa 304 Clark. Id-ad 84 laumas. Rrbar. And«m .... 4.104 Cad far. W_laaaa Dmrl 97 OypmrJ, Barry , 24. 81 GAlmrll. DAadugat . 2. 44. 104 Coir, Km Wayaa 2. 42. 104 . 81 GAna. Carvdyn Vaa 97 Commas ' aV«.-J t 26.97 C«8. Mary Jana CcpAaa.1, Oamghrr Jama 104 Gf«W»l. Rnhanl Bad U. «s Km Garasd -H TWia D 84 26. 2. 104 Cariry, laai. Dyana 4 G«h.l«a Cm, Davyd AVaandn . 44. 97 .. 7.42.97 (man. Jordan Walt 6.89 Coa. Jeaayh Manon f fcft. IVarXJrt . 104 Gna. Hsaa 7am Oamfaad 6ai (W.a iWtff4. Jr»B Mtfufl a • OttB C CaMo. Cichnw Af« f 8.89 8 81 2 Gaanasgham. WdLam H 48 r M py Na nf Crain, lanilr Lym 47.97 Cudrr. Krnanl t .. 84 D Dachalaga . km ...... 2.47 Ghal. J hs Brmsrd ............. M. • » Dmhal . km ...................... 2.47 Ghal. J hs Brmsrd ........................ M. • » ............97 ............74 ...........126 ............79 ............ 2 26.27.97. 126 ............29 ....... 20.97 ... 2. 8. 104 ............84 . 4. 104 fi-Jarm Dan. Jr 6y 24 Chora, Jama lOanroyhrr H.W4 Danarh. Oranuphat M.haH n Da . Marly N r. l nc p0it. Sum 1)1W» r Dandarai, In M a 41.84 Davas Dough. ABrn 28.97 Da.«. Ma.Vlrt.m Uia„a 164 Damon. AW Byrma 40 97 Damaon. MarsrUa Buna 46, C D uCTon, Joarph U.I64 Onaraha. GasaM Alan 28.97 II Dark. Markval At'ran 7. M2 Drl CaaivBa. Csrhrtmt Marar 164 IM Pad.,Dvr.,. Lucy 7 DrVrTv . Vrvr wtum 4.464 Orfm, M«cor 84 iJrVos, i)l u A 84 Orfang Klapp. Lu. CArtJy . •9 lVmurtC7»xK, Duw ...9» Drvtau. Harold R OMIOa Awv Oran, |rAi Jr 14.44.48 Dmavlvr . Mvaav Lyvan 18 IXu Ri»mi, Ciicirt 6 DAarK. WvMaaav Word Dvr Irrvrrv. JrOary Vr na Dva. Gnoagr 1 tXtavSa. Mu Karl ....If IkoX. Kyfa . . ! .! .. Jmryhrnr CX Sa»av May Karhrrmr OBJ®- ..41 Ds-wvgyarr. Judy OrrjKor. Margarn Arm (IraUvn lorn Ihnmrlk Mr a A (K t(K.M»rtov V e« Ooaart. Maryyana Mar.lynn Daigbmy. J Qvry, 14.1 4 Dvaaglm SaapAvavv M 4mr Do»r«.Jor. Oaya Hdkr. Daam lyrai Dvaboaa. Daavd Dmjyra Dva Wad. Grrardn Rrnr Dvxlaod. Tima 16! Doka. (koto V m Duka. Da ml Jrlfary Dunham. Ond Trtm ...Hi Dvapaa, DrKaah A Dva-fca. SvWl AraKoaay . . !!!. 77.78.84 Dranvajamalv. Jrgn h bglraon. TN-nss PM....... lar V. barren Caaarn .... Er.Vv A na May ......... Erkarrm. IVaaa........... 78mania. Oaarhetr Kaaklaan Mmania. Jay Horn......... Tiros. Laram ............ f.Aan. IMna Sara......... faanvkh,. Mania Ur a---- lank , taanr Riyaa .... . » Ghuaam. SKrr.f (,.la ... Pklav.4 aa«a AuSravy ..... limam.IWva.Wn.avl-------- Urn. Kathy lymy p. ...... Bhon. Pacl Indan ........ Bln. Gregory Mar Bln. W Bvaraall Jr ...... fnyaanr, OvarVr Hugh Jr. Engri. KathlmnOamry .... tanranam lam Co warn _____2 ;;....... 2 24.46. 47.89.- ........... .. . 4.44.104.- 2 "■.! » .p .. 24.- . .r 41.49.90.— mi Natural Raaoaarray I am 6 0 24. — 116 — IndexiiiiiMiiisiliiiiiiiiiSii lilHfflilsiiiilMiiiili ’ ■'' ’ - - ' . W 4 - . : 2 2 ■- ■ 9J MkMnt. w«W. II Jr M kv. OavaJ |j fw KO Miaait, Lwm Suun .... Mumw. A1W.. Dwwll MmuH. Prul Aiim Maitfc. Vm« l r 92 Kugniwt. Guilkmo F 71. Tit MvUuro. IGul MtTfl,((IUI !V ■ ... JJ.IOR Kwwih IHijv .. JJ. JJ. KM Mum. M faum J»lt M.Otlio, Berdlry Dean JJ. ico I. ji v% ft qi«nU . 12.92 Kiuboly M . . 50. I0M MdM IVirmnui Giro. 12.92 MitVru--.. Cm! t un(W JJ MtOnvtp. Ou«Wi Drlt JJ. 10 MflMRhUJ M..V t Milw. Muhut Gutw 10 B v r .... IAS MiMm. S.OT1. JotjA 17. 10 MfNu . trio JJ Mttk, ko. |1W1 92. 126 M hu.. [).. J IMurl 100 Mmly. Roy M . 67. J M»r. w«fcr. ...Jl M'r" x . lr« V,un 19 Mu«u0a. SA»r. AJ, V. 108 M.M,TWMwV. JJ MifMl.TVnai l« 7 92 MAd.CrcdyAMi 92 MAI . Ktdly JJ MJ-er. AJ..n MM 99. 109 . M oti An. 92. 109 M.Rrr. Mirr Irunr JJ. 109 M»m. Hurri irojt 109 100 to Mw.. K-t M«»jH 1 XI '. 900 MOTT. Tl.rr.»! fctet tow Maew. Rotm Girvalrt Mo«o. umbfih l IJ« Mot y. K«« SotJra. 109 Mtrr.t.S«t A »L Motmot. Girpsr IHV JO. JJ 0 118 — Index Mot. Alrne Mar.r e . Su jrs tym P JO. 100 Mucehoo. Mutuefc ..................... Jt. JJ. 109 MoJr .Wy Muwf, D»nr) AlrurA. . ..« 100 MurjAy, Sway Lynn 100 Mo.o K Efc" 90 N Ntrhmur. GevtjxJ Xi y. Muthje Srrwn W N«iiuul li « CviU tl Nete Nrtfc »OT ...ICO NKhofcs K«l rly An. 91. 109 Nmrrrrw. OrtcriA K.y JO. 92 NtaA. Wcilry TW.ll JJ Neuron). EdrrwnJ Aker .. . JJ NcrVmi. JfJ D...J J9.12. 9 . 109 . 109 Niytmf.Ar.VTWu, Krmhetiy A«« Jt. 99.«. 109 Not, OhiVi Drrrd 99. 109 € O'turn. U U Kmk..JJ. J . 109 mn»n. Allan K»mr 12. 109 Ote, HmU AW III JJ. 21. W. 100 C%a . fttet GiAm . . 9J Ohru J« ) 109 Oprt, Wnt. Cion JJ ... . JJ. 109 Om, Bctiy Ruth JJ.JI.9J Ow.. olMrjnX.,. Mu l« I0J P JO. 100 JJ FWirr . )t» ftourt! 77 Plyv.Ju'.t JO Prfio. IW "■ IVkf. I c« IfTW JJ.JI.9J IVper. JtAn H 26.21 PnkOT. M«hm Riy 9J Fnn », K ii 109 IVimK Jofc J 109 t J At Pin reborn. j«« JJ. 100 f . GnAcy liJ M, t ou J'» . • • Po»«r. Cwdyn Mmi h«. J»«n« Anhui J» .... • 2.99 . - „ 29.2 t ,rr(+s y. $tnn P c J 1 un Anthony J6. t6. tJ R ) .......«J Uku. Jocdyn Droxi .. w y.S err Eu,or tw.Cecn 2S.92. no Riy.Surarl M DeW Ja l| i ■ 16 tl JJ. Jt. 101 22.21. 21. 9 " o. 0»»») Mwr. J . JO Riww, GiJriH IXu I0J RotM.Ma uur€ KeJnacn. OGotA Lymr . 9J 8-Jnn.r. UfciiJ tr w.l Ketmm. U» Kmc J8.9J WamMrVi .. t» Gtoqt Outcry HI IjiJWrtr -. JJ.J9.I0 itttnnKin, Anm S M. Mr, Kathryn « Nn,hrr. Ki otte Dnd JJ J Sum. W»Up .... 119 IJ VWlIn. Kxtr,« Be. ... no JfturaA. IsArr Wtynr JO S m Vr. f m F. Jr »t 101 S,h r.d-r»s TWvJere S r..i .. 9» Scon. Orth. M.«r V.94 ■A Srvf,. Mr, BuAob . 9 Vfmi, AikJir M HIM Sod. U.—J M hM) 0 Sflik. Muyjurr.fcr 110 Snita. MrA INnd 101. ne »art»tr. RfAu. TyifJm JJ IS N-A., Mrr« M«K rl i . s» Shtte- tJnneu BhV» JJ- J SNyArrd. WeaMt Purr JJ. i» Slrmr. EJwt 7 •. JJ. JO. 71 SAornm. Meky Ruth JO. JJ. MO »J Ste. Re M Mrt-d no Vvulin. P.r.1 VOT 20. JJ. Jt. JJ. JO SAu . Rf—U U IJ SMsrt.JeMteAlM 9t Vnrrar.Ii. Kmrrrh IJ Wkon. tlot n JJ.IIO Vnun. (hMKTtm « Wiur. 1.1.1. Jan » -Vfo. Rnkry W«JM to Sa«. Siran I9.W JJ.JI Sroh. Cbyron Ire Sauth. INaJ Niy« S««A. Drr Dam jt Snath. Im » Smrh. J. H-rVujn « South. Jtrlm Aleurdrr . »tSaneh. Ke» Royer 94 Jmeh. Kierdvdy Key 94 SaoacK Uaan Kmh Jr }». no Saada, Todd Ahn. 94 Sean. Peeet A«ut 79.17 Snetd. Huron Urkrth 77. 7}. 74, 7! VrW yc Teyta Fremk III 11.110 Sdntov. David Sarrtai .71 Jctir. Lydv Nora ... .. 101 Sctorua. Paul Daniel 74 Super, ftmiyrrte Joyce 101 yre. Dee Irla 70. }}. 110 Soax Rrbeno G 76 Son. Men Ur. Ji 76 Spake. Arn Liuern 101 SpecM. Inarer. Key .94 Specto . Sere RurK 70. 101 Splr.Vd .79 Se R 79-81 SaaSealL tie K 81 SraM, Berm Gtlrra .... 11. 110 Mawcw, Kyle D 94 Searpm. Kenner Mene Soaked. Gary RmteM 17. HI Srvuc. Heuhrr Arm 17.111 Semdiy. Melitte Ann .. .1! Serykrnv Davtd Ray Saerkem. Re rre Urn 11 Sard Jut. DaakLe 101 SereW. Marl MeylrlJ Scrtin. Pamela May 74. 101 Soraon. Came B 81 Same. Rekh Meyr. 11 Vine. TWanet Atlury . Saockrbctty. «v Maryan Sawn. Paal Vaikert . ........ 11. M. m 77.74 Srreaec 5«a»t Samkhn. See— Mari SeApr. Bctrdy W ALrt . Sntud, Bartnn Lytt SnuU M.dvei lleney Jr Wtemn, Rdm free 28. ». 101 Sudan Bar Mlocerm. 46-17 Scurlcy. Madud r 70. 71. 176 Sneh. Keren L Satevrr. Larnury Mane 14. 74. 101 Sattren. RuurJ Wharf,e4J Jaanaei. CJirira 81 Meuanr LherV Jr Snamar . Ha-trULt M W.jcbnk 84.8! Sarw . J«dii F.Jl Wu. Vmya Savant, Many Worn 71. VI Svrenrv. bin Flttehnh ...94 Sum. Stoer R aavitk .. 12. 11. I" Svmnry. Jerra Jo 70. 111 Sptov.SytauJo 11. 1" Sylvia. Margaret ... SUey.barWaJcan T T W. Uy Suom.................................. 94 r«u . kiA ...................................... n T l». Mari Arahrw.............. TA». rv™l A Jr 8! ..........................a Taaatk Owl Van ................................1 T-r. Jaw . [U, ...........................40l 94 Taar. Mervn Seen............................40.94 T«W«, tW Andrew.......................... 12. Ill Ttjfc.. Darn! Irani . .101 Teyfcr. »•» Id ward .................... )2. Ill T»ylor. M Lr». ................................8! TeyV . Mie vrrt (Mm . .. .......................41 !» («. R«k TeyVe. Ranald Cmm W . Sun Frfward II Teykje. Wekcr L............. Tew hang Quarateum.......... T«in,iKkiidC«iw ............ Tempetei. Je Vincent .... Temple. I j i, . Teu Imenvanoeul Law Journal Tenet Lev l'ile» p Tceea l» Iwo................ llebodreu. Kevin TV «rvt . Semi Jrfity ...... He , T«ne H (jn .. TKmpaev. Jemet Ccnw IKanptcn. Jen E .......... • 1 ««p«».Je«yR. ............. TKeipai. RjCrn Leva......... TVenpcco. Swain Key ........ 7W x». Ketkramr Key TV»w, JetfKy J«e ........... TW-ne. FU r................ IWnguod Menken legal Society Tiger. Mached I ............ Till Went. Kicky .......... Tinker. Cnl« t« ............ T«4». UorteU Alltion........ TwJJ. Cbm) VJ »............. Tedee. 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Arnold, White and Durkee Offices in Houston. Austin, Chicago arul Washington Barnhart, Mallia and Cochran 'MO Louisiana. 16th Floor 1 f oust on, Texas 77052 Brown, Sims, Wise and White 23rd Floor. 2000 Post Oak Blvd. Houston. Texas 77057 DeGuerin and Dickson 1018 Preston. 7th Floor I louston. Texas 77002 Sylvia M. Demarest IXmarest and Smith Dallas. Texas Will G. Dickey 580 Westlake Park Blvd. 820 Houston, Texas 77079 John O. Kain Kain and Reedy, 602 Sawyer Houston, Texas 77 X)7 (713) 880-0513 Matthews and Branscomb San Antonio ami Corpus Christi W. Richard Ellis III 6671 Southwest Freeway 800 Houston. Texas 7707'! Porter and Clements 3500 KcpuhlicBank Center I louston. Texas 77002 Tom Scaly Stubheman, McRae, Scaly, I.aughlin and Browder, Inc. Midland — Houston — Austin Susman, Godfrey and McGowan 24(H) Allied Bank Plaza Houston. Texas 77002-5096 William E. Rcmy 1321 NI1C Building San Antonio. Texas 78205 Spomoo— 125mStmSBSEaBSBSSSSESSBSBaBli Law Week Award Winners The following students, faculty and organizations comprise a partial listing of those honored during Law Week for outstanding scholarship and contribution to the law school: Paula I:. Bird Anna Margaret Brooks John Garrett Browning David Neal (jlvillo Carol Ann Cappadonna Veronica Marie Carmona Deece Eckstein Laurie Rayson Eiscrloh Gregory Mac Ellis Kathleen Christy Engel Jose Escobedo Milton Scott Heath Steven George King Kevin James Meek EricJ.R. Nichols Melissa Brook Romine Ricky Howard Roscnblum Abraham Isaac Rubinsky Jan Thompson Darcell Walker Geri Renee Walker Max David Weisman Angela Fay Williams Russell Park Wilson Barbara Aldave Paul Rasor Zipporah Wiseman Texas Law Fellowships Study in London For several years chc School of Law and the Faculty of Laws of Queen Mary College (one of the colleges of the University of London) had an exchange program for professors. The fall term of 1987 saw that relationship extended to students; the pilot program of UT's "Semester in London" sent 19 Texas law students to Queen Mary College (QMC). Once settled in flats throughout London, accomodations ranging from the trendy, to the romantic, to the historical, the Texans were introduced to QMC. The school gave students a choice of a variety of courses on both LL.M. and LL.B. levels. The Semester in London program owed a great debt to Professors Jay Westbrook, Michael Sturley, Robert Hamilton, to third-year law student Andy Siegel, and, in London, to Professors Basil Markesinis, Kenneth Sirn-monds and Mrs. Pam Cekrntano. The program proved its academic and cultural value on both sides of the Atlantic and promised to be a great success in the future as well. STUDF.NT5 IN LONDON - FRONT ROW: Cynihia Ann Schnedar. J Bruce McDonald. Susan Minute Ponce. Hmn Joseph McNamara. HACK ROW; Ijune A WCM. Lna D. Anoo.fh. Irene Manautou. Susan Strain. Cynthia Jordan. John H. Scatpmo Not Pictured: Joan Human. Udey Cottey. Deborah A Dupre. Bruce C Herat . Maty A Melton. H.zaheih L Morgan. Keith R. Fulknweider. John t. Graham. James A Hughes U6— ClosingI It’s Finally Finished This is the hardest pari of the book to write — for I must put into words my feelings during the past year as editor of the Ptrt rinui and just me. At many times, it seemed an impossible task to put this book out, for there were only so many hours in the day. Only through the work and support of the following people arc you reading this note and the 1987-88 Pertfirinuj : First, as always, thanks and admiration to Jerry — an ama ing person with so much patience and talent; thanks to Mary, who was always there to hear me complain or help me with typing, indexing of whatever 1 asked; thanks to John Foxworth, who always came through in the pinch and gave so much extra time to Pcre, and John McConnico, the new kid who took all those professor pictures with hardly any guidance from me. Much appreciation to Meg, who always had a smile and a laugh and did anything she was asked for the sake of Pere; and to David, who heard of our deadline plight and came in to give his best. Love to Mom and Dad, and old friends who listened when times got tough; and most of all, love and thanks to my husband John, with his great attitude and optimism that got me through this year. A final thought: My wish for the future is that we don't become so satisfied with our own lives that we forget those who need our compassion and aid. We all have within us the ability to make important, needed changes in our world — to solve national and world-wide hunger and homelessness, to halt unwarranted aggression in other countries, to instill in young adults a desire to provide freedom and justice for all peoples. When in the year 2000, I hope we re able to look back to the late 80's with a sense of pride, in that we took a stand for what was right and made things — life — a bit better for everyone. dating — 12712M — Cluing

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