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THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SCHOOL OF LAW VOLUME 361986 PEREGRINUS STAFF J. CHRIS LUNA JERRY R. THOMPSON Editor-in-Chief Assistant General Manager ANDREW C. FRIEDMANN C. DEWAYNE BEVIL Associate Editor Peregrinus Supervisor MICHELLE ROBBERSON MARY K. OTTING Assistant Editor Yearbook Assistant CASEY DOBSON STEVEN PUMPHREY BARRY OSBORNE Photography Supervisor ELAINE ROMBERG DOUG LAYTON Contributors PERCY MACLEAN TSP Photographers Legend of Peregrinus The Peregrinus, the patron saint of the law school, was born from a class room antic in 1900. Judge W. S. Simkins. having lectured in his Equity class on the Roman system of traveling judges called “Praetors Peregrinus." asked a hapless student to explain the previous discussion. When the student could only respond, "Judge. I don't know, unless it was some kind of animal." a fellow classmate furthered his misery with a blackboard caricature of a "peregrinus." This hybrid beast of Equity evolved with traditional meanings given to its physical features. The sharp beak penetrates the mysteries of the law. the arched back can spring forward to protect justice, and the hindquarters are those of a dog as a man's best friend. The feet are clad in boxing gloves to show the power of the law and worker's boots with a lone star to symbolize legal protection accorded the common man. The bushy tail is poised to clear away technicalities so that equity prevails. After 86 years of guiding law students, the peregrinus remains our traditional symbol To return the favor, this publication has earned his name since 1949. A — PeregrinusCONTENTS Dedication Introduction Activities Organizations Faculty Staff Joe Jamail Speaks Out 138 Whatever Happened to 140 Our Comic Past 142 Editor's Page 143 Salute to W. W. Gibson 144 Seniors 86 Midlaws 100 Freshlaws 112 Index 127 Advertising 132 Special Thanks The 1986 Peregnnus thanks Laura Luna. Laura designed the cover and the headline graphics used in this year s book. Thanks. Coments— 5The 1986 Peregrmus Is Dedicated To JOSEPH D. JAMAIL BA.. 1950. J.D.. 1953; The University of Texas at Austin 6 — DedicationThe largest jury verdict in the history of law: that is how Joseph D. Jamail. lead counsel for Pennzoil. made international headlines when a jury in Houston announced a $10.53 billion damage judgement against Texaco. Inc. in November Jamail. partner in the Houston firm of Jamail and Kolius. is also famous in tort aw circles for representing a client who received the largest cash award in the history of tort aw. Coa s v. Remington Arms. He has been lead counsel in more than 60 personal injury cases where the recovery exceeded $1 million by either verdict or settlement. Jamail received both his bachelors degree and his aw degree from the University of Texas. He was born in Houston in 1925. and he returned there upon his graduation from the UT School of Law in 1953 In addition to belonging to the usual trial and bar associations. Jamail belongs to several selective and prestigious groups. His memberships include: Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers Fellow of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers Inner Circle of Advocates Advocate. American Board of Trial Advocates Fellow of the International Society of Barristers Fellow of the International Academy of Law and Science Fellow of the Council of Law and Science It is a pleasure and an honor to dedicate the 1986 Peregrmus to a person who embodies the spirit that al attorneys should have: Mr Joseph D. Jamail. HowToLoseThe BETAOUR- COMPANY CASE BY STEPHEN J. ADLER m «..« » V M a c.alrmow Ikt »R«1 «C « Nothing went right for Texaco in its -'A $10.53 billion loss to Pennzoil: Texaco witnesses and lawyers made mistakes. the judge wmte a jury chaigc plainly sympathetic to Pcnn .oil-and the jurors misunderstood a crucial concept. •J h Mlk •kala.ixll I,. p. . ulk k. I K.s .I—... . ll'l In nTi .J Hie lm. iihW ( J|" Ikrfcai OougL rKn abov Pcnn,Z0‘' ludgmcnl. Jamaii has been fealured in the Wa»' Slrccl Journal. Time. Texas Monthly. Busncss Week. Forlune. and U.S News and World Reports photo highlights articles lhai appeared in ihc fhc Amcrcan Lawyer Indication — 7 I remember sneaking into the law school when I was an undergraduate. Everyone was so mature and so serious and so important. I didn't know what the Texas Law Review was. I didn't know if an 80 average was good or bad. I had never heard of Vinson Elkins All I knew was that I wanted to be a member of that elite group of priests up on the hill more than anything. And my turn came. I learned what the Texas Lav Review was ... and wasn't I learned what an 80 average meant. And I heard the names of Vinson Elkins and Fulbright Jaworski echo through the crowded halls. TEXAS LAW REVIEW Oouglayion 8 — Introduction  And I learned about the law They told me that I was being taught to think like a lawyer as they harassed me and belittled me in front of my classmates. I think they were teaching me to think like a professor. Professors aren’t real lawyers, are they9 But I learned much more than the law I learned that real success isn't easy. The victories that used to come so effortlessly when I was younger eluded me. And the little paper stars that those people chased were so important. Excellence was difficult And the painful defeats that always seemed to befall those nameless, faceless others that I had sped by on my fast track to a career began catching up with me. This couldn't be what life is like. Introduction — 9But now it’s all over And I'm not bright-eyed and naive anymore. I’ve been humiliated. I've been stepped on and overlooked. I've been made angry and confused and sometimes bitter. But I've developed more self-confidence and more determination than I've ever had in my life. I've given three of what are supposed to be the best years of my life to the law school. It hasn't made me happy ... but it’s made me an adult. •A Law Student Doug Leyton 10 — IniroducitonACTIVITIESThe Faiita Fest is (he main fundraiser (or the C I S A and a popular and success! ul event each year 12 — Fajita FcstSHEFFIELD B E Q U E S T Dean Mark G Yudol pays tribute to the late Mrs. Sheffield in a ceremony honoring her memory. Alice Jean Sheffield ('18) generous patron of higher education, bequeathed $3.5 million to the Law School. A substantial portion of this gift will assist professors in taking research leaves. On November 1, 1985. the Law School held a ceremony in honor of Mrs. Sheffield, formally accepting the bequest and dedicating the Sheffield Room (formerly the Deans Reception Room) to her memory. Mrs. Sheffield had already established the Earl E. Sheffield Professorship and many scholarships at the Law School, as well as several scholarships at the Lon Morris Junior College. An honorary member of the Order of the Coif, Mrs. Sheffield worked as lawyer for the Gulf Corporation until her retirement. She was born December 8, 1896, in Palestine. Texas, and resided in Houston for more than seventy years before dying there on December 10. 1984. Following the dedication ceremony, a translomed lobby provided the locate lor a delightful bullet reception Renamed m her honor, the Sheffield Room now includes th«s portrait ol Mrs. Shelfieid next to a picture ol her late husband. Sheffield Request — 13SPEAKER S Pour Hon Patrick rtggenbotham. Circuit Judge for the U S Court of Appeals tor the Hon Sandra Day O'Connor. Associate Justice of the U S. Supreme Court Fifth Circuit 14 — SpeakersOougL ytonPr o»» An important part of interviewing is dong research on the firm us ng the law firm resume libraryMOOT COURT K n SoV photo Moot Court Winners T. J. Gibson Moot Court, Fall 1985 Winners: Charles Stanfield. Roger Mandel Finalists: Leslie Clark. T. J. Spring Best Brief. Robert George. Mike Shutt National Moot Court Team, 1985-86 Mark Kolitz John Cracken Larry Wilson International Moot Court Team, 1985-86 Greg Pavlick Lisa Bounds Harwell Saundna Chase Bill Mange Alan Waldrop Patent Moot Court Team, 1985-86 Leslie Clark Russ Stolle Benton Moot Court Team, 1985-86 Paul Browder James Snell Jeff Bragalone A.B.A. Moot Court Team, 1985-86 John Cracken Leslie Clark Beth Collum Jeff Bragalone Charles Stanfield Alan Waldrop 16 — Moot CourtM O C Mock Trial Winners W. Page Keeton Senior Mock Trial, Fall 1985 Winners. Mark Mai, Tom Hayes Finalists Rob Dollars, Don Schauer Albert P. Jones Novice Mock Trial, Fall 1985 Winners: Vicki Rowan, Larry Wilson Finalists: Robert Levy, Steve Rudner National Mock Trial Team, 1985-86 Tracy Walters Russ Horton Rob Dollars Mark Mai Don Schauer Tom Hayes A.T.L.A. Mock Trial Team, 1985-86 Larry Wilson Gavin Mclnnis John Cracken Vicki Rowan A.B.A. Negotiation Team, 1985-86 Mynde Fisen Clark Lyda Counseling Winners Grambling Mounce Client Counseling Competition, Spring 1986 Winners: All Gallagher. Carole Riggs Finalists. James Dyer, Ana Marsland Finalists: Luther Rollins. Jr.. Laura Lyle KfoSotacAotM Mock Trial — 17F A L On Friday. October 25. the S B A. sponsored "Fall Drunk" 1985 This annual costume party has been for many years the highlight of the Fall Semester at the Lav School The music of the "Austin AH Stars" accompanied the revelry which took p’ace in the Texas Union Ballroom. Julie Alger. The S B.A. coordinator for the "Drunk", and other members of the S B.A put a lot of time and consideration into its planning The "Fall Drunk" t-shirts were a big success; over 250 were sold before and after the party Alger at tributed their popularity to the logo, patterned after that of the well-known ' Hard Rock Cafe " The S.8.A. was especially busy the night before the party, when they deposited 1000 "Fall Drunk" balloons in the halls and classrooms of the Law School This not-so subtle form of advertising paid off: the S B.A estimated that more than 700 peop'e attended the event. The S.B.A. offered law students added incentive to set aside their books This year there were two grand prizes: a Bar Bri and a Fmklestein bar review course, worth over $500 each These prizes went L DR to the best individual male and female costumes. The female grand prize winner dressed as "Elvira " The male grand prize winner dressed as the Egyptian airliner which carried the Achile Lauro terrorists He was accompanied by two American fighter jets, who won free t-shirts as best group costume S.B.A. president, Mark Mai awarded the prizes as master of ceremonies Other notabie costumes were: Jolly Green Giant and Little Sprout. Gumby. a trio of monks and a partially unwrapped mummy Of course, there was the traditional appearance of Janet Stockard and Don Johnson in various forms. According to Alger. "Fall Drunk" 1985 was a success, especially as compared to years past. A final note: the S.B.A. used some of its own funds to provide a taxi to transport students who were "legally unfit" to drive home Students kept the driver busy for more than three hours! The photos on the following pages show the variety of costumes that were worn to the "Fall Drunk". •Elaine Romberg U N K 1 1 IX Photo IV'. V ’. 18 —Fall DrunkFall Drunk — 19E E K The 18th Annual W Page Keeton Law Week was March 12-20. Law Week is a week of activities that include the now famous Race Judicata. Hildebrand Moot Court Competition Finals, distinguished speakers, student receptions, numerous athletic and intellectual competitions, and of course. Assault and Flattery. Law Week was originally a one-day event, but in 1969 was expanded to a one-week affair and named in honor of Dean W Page Keeton Each year the event is dedicated to someone who has served the Law School or the legal community at large. This year Law Week was dedicated to Dean W. W. Gibson, who is resigning as Associate Dean This year's activities are quite interesting and certain to provoke widespread student participation. Race AxLcata is one ol the most popular Law Week events Both faculty and students participate in the 2.6 Law Week awa'ds is another important aspect of mile fun run. Law Week The awards recognizes marry deserv- ing students for their academe and extract-ncular contributions to the law school Schedule of Law Week Events Address by Ralph Nader — Wednesday. March 12. Assault Flattery — Thursday-Saturday. March 13-15 Race Judicata — Thursday. March 13,3:30 p.m Bar-B-Que honoring Dean Keeton Golf Tournament— Friday. March 14. Student Reception honoring Dean W. W. Gibson — Monday. March 17. 3:30 p.m. Student Organizations’ Open House — Tuesday. March 18.1-4 p.m. Keynote Address by Joe Jamail — Wednesday, March 19. Hildebrand Moot Court Competition Finals — Thursday. March 20. T. J. Gibson Law Week Awards Ceremony, Athletic and Intellectual Competitions. Law Week — 21V A L E N TINE DANCE 1 The S.B.A sponsored a "Putting on the Rilz" dance on February 15, 1986 The semi-formal event was held at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel in downtown Austin. The ballroom was turned into a festive location as many party-goers celebrated Valentine's Day. The S.B.A had a cash bar and hired a D J who provided an incentive for party guests to come to the party when it began by providing an open bar from 9 CO to 10:00. S.B.A coordinator. Deece Eickstein, estimates that over 200 people attended and said that "a good time was had by all." These photos indicate that Deece was right. Let's hope that this dance becomes an annual event Photos by Carlos Moreno. — Elaine Romberg 22 — Valentine DanceValentine Dance — 23Tod Lawrence Adamson Kenneth Lee Babcock Kathleen E Bagwell Russell Freeman Baker Walter Andrew Baker Margaret Mary Baldwin Vicki Ann Ballou Robert Charles Beasley Kay Stephan e Behrens Robert Michael Bellomy Ann Louise Benolken Jo Anne Bernal Melanie Virginia Best Robert Forrest Biard David Ernest Boelzner Karen Patton Bogle John Randall Boomer Kenneth John Bower Christopher John Brelje Gaye Lynn Brewer Margot Veronica Bnto Karen Anne Brock Paul Kenton Browder MAY AND AUGUST 1986 Anthony Wayne Brown Thomas Elzie Brown Frank Wingfield Bryan Janet Elizabeth Burnett Thomas E Burttschell John Stephen Carow Robert Todd Carpenter Virginia Ann Chaffee Douglas B. Chappell Elizabeth Ty Chmg Mary Catherine Clayton Gary Allan Cobb Derrell Anthony Coleman James Dale Cooke Paul Matthew Crane Lamar Cravens Carol D ane Crawford Joe Wayne Crawford Thad Thano Dameris Pedro Antonio Diaz Douglas Deloss Dodds Barbara Wade Dody Lee Ann Donley James Franklin Donnell Fernando Ambal Dubove Michele Ann Dunkerley Elizabeth Ellen Dunn Patrick Will am Duval Anglea Michelle Eaves David Loren Ellerbe Stephen Gil Ellison Pablo Escamilla Jr. Marcia Newlands Fero Arley Dewitt Finley II Timothy Francis Foarde Darrell Glenn Ford Julia P. Forrester Gray Gibson Fullerton Joe Garcia Jr. Dennis Ray Garza Graciela G. Garza Dav.d Reginald Gavia Timothy Eugene Gehl Chad Taylor Goetz Anna Nellie Gonzalez Lydia Gonzalez Pamela Sue Gourley Joy Sharon Gray Esther Lidia Hajdar Charles Rex Han Jr. Ronald Earl Handy Amy Elizabeth Harren Carol Ruth Helliker Michael Richard Hemer David Barton Hendricks Carlos G. Hermosillo Myron Joesph Hess Alison Ann Helger Roberto Reyes Hopkins Joseph Horn William H. Hornberger Gregory Lee Housew rth Jayne Abbye Jerkins Sherri Anne Jones Reba Bennett Kennedy Allan Geoffry King William Brand Kingman Ann Elizabeth Kitchen Mark Henry Klemman 24 Sunflower CeremonyGRADUATES NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Mark Richard Kolitz Timothy Robert Labadie Timothy Lee L.afrey Susan Elizabeth Lane Stephen Edgar Langsdorf James Wheeler Larue Roberts. M. Lawrence Royal Baird Lea Larry Alan Levick Becky Joy Liken Constance Belle l.inbeck Elaine Am Makris Douglas Edward Martin Adan Martinez Karen Kay Maston Nancy Ellen McCluskey ftchard Kelly McGee Mary McKay Melanie McKittnck Joseph Victor McWherter Thomas M. Melsheimer Robert Alan Merrill ftatricia Michels Kimberley Mickelson ' Robert Marshall Miller William Darrell Miller Michael Menze Miner Cynthia Ann Moore Michael Dean Moore Alia Moses Thomas Joseph Murphy Beth Elaine Nanninga James Edward Nichols Thomas Chandle Nielson Sam Steven Nieto Guillermo Ochoa Cronfel David Lyle Parker Karen Harder Pennington Arthur Lee Pertiie Alan Peter Petrov Marissa Flores Polanco Maria Anita Powell Donald Lewis Powers Patricia Ann Presley David Lacy Pybus Hilda Elena Quesada Mano Ramirez Stephen C. Rasch James Alan Reed Rayford Eugene Reed Darla David Reid Ruth Louise Rickard Elizabeth V. Rodd Jr. James Armin Rodman James Alan Rosen Hollis Anne Rowley David Grayson Runnels Jaime Arturo Saenz Larry Norman Sanders Jr. Royce Scott David Brian Shoemaker Rebecca Anne Siegel Regan Wayne Silber Tim Norton Sims Jeffrey Scott Slack Barbara Smith Larry Boyd Smith Jr. Leonard Smith Scott Courtney Smith Steven Martell Smith Youel Curtis Smith III James M Spellings Jr. Barbara JeanSpezia Jeffrey Edward Spiers Jay Dale Squiers Mark Alexander Srere Jeffrey Albert St. Clair Derrick Anthony Strahom Thea Lynn Stuck Arvmd Jewett Sudarshan Robyn Lynn Sutton Robert Adren Swearmggen John Edward Tarbox Mark Allen Thielman Casey Richard Triggs Otto Hans Van Maerssen Rodolfo Max Vasquez Carlos A. Villarreal Colette Denise Walker Kenneth Steven Wall Nathan Allan Wesely Darryl Mark Wexler Marshall Reed Wilkerson Stephen Allen Wood David Farrington Yates Sunflower (.'crcmony— 25Assault Flattery was the law school's annual comedy review. The show featured student actors, singers, dancers, and musicians, all of whom performed material written and choreographed by the students. Assault Flattery took its theme each year from a musical production in legitimate theater or in motion pictures; this year the show's theme was "Rocky Lawyer Picture Show". The show was held March 13,14, and 15 in the law school auditorium. 1986 PLAY LIST He Can Pass The Bar Law School Days Respect Battle Scene Cheers Gunners Anonymous Soul'd Out The Freshlaw Take Me Supernerd Shuffle Medley Letterman .We Know The Law Fashion Show Chnstia Cooke, Director. and Andy Black, Music Director, discuss the musical aspect of the show Toad Wong and Jult Alger look on. One ot tast year’s most popular stars was Professor David Robertson sng«g "The Ballad of Jim Mattox". 26 — Assault FlatteryORGANIZATIONS Organizations — 27First Row, Sheila Sievin. Beth Dunn, Traci Bransford. Elizabeth Horan Jayne Waldrop, Michael Olvera Third Row: Anthony Brown. Remta D King Peter Jerkins Second Row, Forrest Lumpkin. Jerome Y. Roache. Lisa Dorneli, Alan D'Apice. Stephon E. Johnson. Vincent L. Dulweber. Mark A. Smith. The American Journal of Criminal Law published three times a year and had the second largest circulation of all UT Law School periodicals Within the United States, the AJCL had a national reputation among lawyers, jurists and scholars. It had been cited by courts on both the state and federal levels. The journal received substantial support from faculty submissions as well as a number of submissions from practitioners and pro fessors across the country Student members were encouraged to develop their writing and research skills through composition of notes and comments of legal significance. 28 — American Journal of Criminal LawThe Cast and Crew ot the 1986 Show Prediction staff: First Row: James Stockard. Nancy Shaw. Sheila Slevin, Marc Taubenfeld Second Row: Wilson. Don Schauer. Chnstia Cooke. One of the most popular events of the spring semester each year is Assault Flattery, a satiric comedy about the law school and the legal profession, produced and directed through the collective creative genius of students and professors. Scripts and music are solicited from the student body to be linked — sometimes tenuously — with a chosen theme. This year's theme was "Rocky Lawyer Picture Show.' The 1985-86 production staff was: Christia Cooke, Sheila Slevin, Don Schauer, Nancy Shaw. William Osborn. Kathy Wilson, Marc Taubenfeld, Fred Garrett, and Jaime Stockard. Assault Flattery — 29First Row: Todd T. Wong. Tracy L Waters. A»an Waldrop. Ross Horton, Tom Gary Halbert. Rruce Poddy. Third Row: Belh CoUum Rob Dollars. Hays. Melody Cooper, Dan Hu. Sauodda R. Chase Second Row: Jeff Conner Randy Pulrran. Scott MacLaren. David Kap an. Bruce S. Feaster. Don Schauer. Charles Stanfield, Roger Wandef. Richard Alpert. Paul Heard. The Board of Advocates was an honorary organization whose purpose was the encouragement of oral advocacy and brief writing skills through moot court, mock trial, and other programs involving advocacy. As early as 1949, the Board of Managers administered the Hildebrand Competition. By 1962, the group was known as the Moot Court Board, and in the early 1970s, the name was changed to the Board of Advocates, when activities of the organization extended beyond Moot Court. Membership was offered to students who accumulated the required number of competition points, earned by participation in advocacy programs, and administrative points, earned by performance of duties for the organization. Most competitions are open to all law students. The B O A administered competitions, sponsored teams and recognized outstanding performances. Additionally, the Board was responsible for handling duties of the Permanent Secretary to the Order of the Barristers, a national organization comprised of the outstanding students of advocacy selected by over 100 member law schools. 30 — Board of AdvocatesOfficers: First Row: Saundria Chase, Tracy Walters. Gil Reav s. Tom Hayes. Randy Pulman. Second Row: Sandra Helms. Bruce Feaster. Richard Alpert, Jay heteon GCAottcers uti zo their temvnal to update records, write the competition packets and edit briefs, and for ansspondence All competition winners receive plaques to recognize their achievement. The above photo is of the dent counseling competition winners. Board of Advocates — 31C H A The Chancellors established in 1912, was the highest honorary society at the Law School The purpose of the Chancellors was to honor and reward those students who through outstanding and consistent scholarship and achievement. have shown themselves most likely to succeed and become a credit to their profession and their alma mater Eligible for membership in each spring and fall semester were students who were not already members possessing the highest scholastic grade point averages and who have completed 42 semester hours of law school work Officers were selected strictly on the basis of their grades at the time of selection The spring 1985 officers were: Grand Chancellor John Leggett, Vice Chancellor Julia Forrester, Clerk David Shoemaker, Keeper of the Peregrinus Charles Sweet, and Chancellors at Large Jennifer Lipin-ski. Jeff Alexander. Don Steele, and Russell Manning. The fall 1985 officers were: Grand Chancellor Jamie Spellings. Vice Chancellor Edward Molter, Clerk Jim Boeckman, Keeper of the Peregrinus John Williams, and Chancellors at Large Jeff Bromme. Tom Melsheimer Allan King, Michael Diel. John Lewis and Karen Patton. NCELLORS Fall 1985: First Row: Michael Diehl, A an G. King. Karen Patton Bogle. Second Row: Edward K Molter. Thomas M Melsheimer. Jeff Bromme Spring 1985: First Row: John W. Leggett. Jeff Aexander. Jennifer Knauth Lipinski Second RowiOooad W Stcete, Russell Manning. Charles A Sweet, David B Shoemaker 32 — ChancellorsC H I C A N O L A W STUDENTS ASSOCIATION First Row: Charlie Akins. Albert Navarro. Dennis Garza. Alia Moses. Abcia Viltar Acosta. Ruben v Casleneda. Roger A Perez. Veronica Carmona. Pascuai real Second Row: John Scarpmo. Jo Anne Bernal. Joseph Barrientos. Sylvia F. Madrigal. Brian Qumtero The Chicano Law Students Association (ChLSA). organized in 1973. is committed to assisting Chicano law students in ob-tamng a first-class legal education The goals of ChLSA focus on the recruitment and retention of minority law students. In addition to working with Project Info to recruit applicants to the law school. ChLSA members also take an assertive role in assisting Chicano law students in adjusting to law school. Financial aid information, peer tutoring services and a support network are a few means used to achieve thrs goal Membership is open to currently enrolled law students. This year. ChLSA conducted the tenth annual fajita fest fundraiser, conducted freshlaw mock exams, and held its annual spring banquet. In addition, the ChLSA assisted in opening the East End Legal Clinic. Students volunteer and work with Austin hispanic lawyers that also volunteer ChLSA also sponsored the Minority Law Student Conference, which was held in the spring. Feasting on Fajitas The tenth annual fajita fest was held on September 20. 1985. This photo is from the first fajita fest that was sponsored by ChLSA. The first fajita fest was held in Eastwoods Park This year, the fest was held on the East Patio of the Law School. Over 800 pounds of meat were cooked to serve over 1000 hungry people. All of the proceeds went to the Janie Villarreal Scholarship fund. Chicano Law Students Association — 33DELTA THETA PHI First Row: Jim Run. John Stern. Am Goodiet. Jett Drummond. Kaiiy Kruger. Elizabeth Horan. Jerry Wurst. Catherine Bernhard. J n Masek, Carolyn Ahrens. Karen Pennington, Marsha Houston Second Row: Steve Simmons. James Snell. John Symington. Karen Hackler, Randy Reed, Mark Alvarado. Bill Juvrud Ted Applewhite Third Row: Barbara StanstiekJ. Craig Rogers Not Pictured: Lori Bndseil, Carla Charlton. Maggie Giitner. Mike Watts. Kay Knowles. Jacob Chemer, Drew Cloutier Delta Theta Phi was an internationa professional fraternity comprised of over 80,000 alumni and students, from Iceland to Hawaii. Members were eligible for consideration for student loans from the Delta Theta Phi Foundation, Inc., and the Sam Houston Senate Program. The organization also offered placement assistance in cooperation with alumni contacts and the Regional Placement Coordinator. Delta Theta Phi was a socially oriented fraternity, providing several social and academic functions throughout the school year and creating many opportunities for social and academic interaction between law students. In 1985-86, Delta Theta Phi continued its tradition of hosting several great parties In addition, the local senate participates in the national activities, including the bi-annual convention. 34 — Delta Theta PhiFirst Row: Bruco Barron, Joanne Kildulf. Joe Goto. David Giles. Second Row: James R. Snell, Jonathan W Needto. Mary Fcjfar Peg Donahue. Burgess Roger Borgclt, Steve Strcklin. Freddie Hernandez. Pat Pcarlman Third Row: Jackson.D Ann Johnson The Environmental and Natural Resources Law Society (ENRLS) was organized in the fall of 1982. and grew to over 50 members The club's purpose was to increase awareness about environmental and natural resources issues and to provide beneficial experiences for students interested in pursuing careers in the area of environmental and natural resources lav . Membership is open to all law students. In 1985-86, the club continued its successful aluminum can and paper recycling programs. The club also sponsored several campus speakers and conducted numerous social events. Environmental and Natural Resources Law Society — 35F D O R CLUB The Fedora Club, a national society which first appeared on the UT legal scene in 1946. was once again an active part of UT law. It seemed the club had successfully rebounded from the scandal which surrounded its 1969 crowning of Miss Pillbox during the halftime of the East-West Shrine game "We've been through a heck of a lot." said A. W.. president of the rebuilt club, when asked about his club's resurgence "I mean, considering what happened in 1969,1 didn't think the national foundation would ever give us another chance I just hope we can make them proud " A.W. does not have to worry Thomas Landry, founder and national president recently praised the Texas chapter "I have a good feeling about those guys down in Austin They wear their hats well I like their style " Whether the club could ever achieve the power and prestige it once had was unclear However, the success of its recent trip to Mexico City to meet with the Sombrero Club was encouraging. "I wouldn't have joined the club if I didn't think it was going places,” said J.R., the club's member. "I just want everyone to know that we're back and we re ready to serve Move over Law Review we're comm' at cha!" "Just remember the old saying," added A W., "the defeated ones become the rebels." A W . President. J R. Member Casey DCOS 36 — Fedora Club The Fedora Club symbolFirst Row: Jay Westbrook Second Row: Joyce-Mane Garay. Andy Black. Bfi Buchsbaum. Lauri J. Schnedau. Third Row: Marc Tauberfeld, Davd Giles. Nancy Adamson. Dana Emmert Fourth Row: Jennifer Wimpey, Guillermo Alarcon. Jon Hall. Michael Tucker. Patrc-a Alvarez Fifth Row: Ed Riquelmy, Geoflrey Officers: Frst Row: Lauri J Schneidau. Dana Emmert. Patricia Alvarez. Jennifer Wimpey Second Row: Ed Riquelmy. Mark Friedman, Marc Taubenfeld Not Pictured: James Masek. Mary Wasiak. Connor. Susan Strawn. Sixth Row: James Masek. Johnny Sutton. Ho y Barnett Seventh Row: Kurt Gruber. Mark Friedman. .James Von Atzngen. Bruce Barron. Eighth Row: Lance Price. Karyn Lee. Loye Young. Freddie Hernandez. • Pat Pearlman The International Law Society (ILS) sought to provide a place for students who wish to expand their knowledge of the international aspects of legal practice. Activities aimed at augmenting both the education of students by sponsoring speakers, round table, and language groups, and the direct involvement of students with professionals through active participation in a variety of events. In addition, ILS played host to the MCL students, who came from various countries. to study at the law school each year. ILS numbered over 80 students, and all students were encouraged to join. Professor Jay Westbrook was the faculty sponsor International Law Society — 37LEGAL RESEARCH BOARD First Row: Bill Bingham, Willwr Hornberger. Paul GimtKZ. Cicely Nedd. Rebec- Wagner. James Masek ca Fox. Gary Halbert. Second Row: Cyndi Moore. Melody Cooper. Hulse The L.R.B. was founded in 1961 and was one of the oldest student-run legal research organizations in the United States. Members of the L.R.B. researched and wrote memoranda of law for practicing attorneys throughout the country. While the L.R.B. provided a valuable service to the bar, its primary purpose was to refine the research and writing skills of its members by affording them an opportunity to address legal problems and to consult with practicing attorneys. L.R B members enjoyed the added in- centive of being paid for their efforts. Invitations to membership were extended on two bases: outstanding performance in the first year Legal Research and Writing class, as evidenced by receipt of the highest grade in that class, or submission of a superior memorandum of law during the L.R.B candidacy program. Each semester, a member was required to write one memorandum and check the substantive accuracy and cite form of another. 38 — Legal Research BoardOfficers: First Row: Hulse Wagner. Cicely Ncdd. Jim Larue. Ann Kitchen. Second Row: Bill Bingham, Willie Hornberger. D XJQ la ’ioo Legal Research Board members often research arxl dscuss lhe r projects in the L R.B. offices. Legal Research Board — 39 LAW AND TECHNOLOGY SOCIETY First Row. Steve Simmons. Tim Fussetman. John Shepperd Second Row. Mark Batchelder. Melinda Patterson. Karen Pennington. James R. Snell. Robert Don Lohbeck. In the fall of 1984, several interested students banned together to form an organization recognizing the interaction of law and technology. During that semester the Society concentrated on orchestrating activities for the spring. Plans included hosting speakers, recruiting new members, raising funds and making arrangements to sponsor a conference. Professor McGarity served as faculty advisor. 40 — and Technology SocietyFirst Row: D'Ann Johnson, Tom Reed®'. Roger Williams, Kathleen Engel. Michael Wyatt, Rick Word Second Row: Norma Comdreau. Tom Stanton. Stephen S Willis, J. R. Barrett, Ch'tstopher Daniels. Scott Clearmon. The National Lawyers Guild worked for social justice across the economic and political spectrum. As might be expected from such a broad undertaking, the Guild was involved in myriad different fields, yet the projects in each are bound by the common goal of helping those groups and individuals who found themselves excluded from legal assistance by social or economic barriers. The Guild consisted of lawyers, law students, legal workers and jailhouse lawyers. In addition to corresponding with prisoners, giving them assistance in drafting writs of habeas corpus and referring them to attorneys in town for help, the Guild sponsored seminars on topics as varied as immigration, mental health and alternative practices of law. Speakers at these seminars included Professor Soto of the Law School and Jim Harrington of the Texas ACLU. Over the past 40 years, the Guild's numerous committees have worked to provide legal assistance to movements for civil rights, racial and sexual equality, worker s rights, economic security, peace and disarmament. During the last ten years, the Summer Projects Committee has sent over 300 interns to work on projects from Florida to Washington. These projects helped progressive community and legal organizations meet the needs, legal and otherwise, of the people they served. National Lawyers Guild — 41First Row: KeMn Barnes. Vicky Garda. Judy Qadim'as i. Jem fer Gehrt. Carole Mdnnis. Oscar Maldonado. Dwayne Hitt. Jean T Janssen. W James Jones Riggs. Letitia Johnson. Laura Laviotette Second Row: Jamie King. Jeff Third Row: Wade Welch. Bragatone. Roger Borgeit. Paul C Beite IV. Usa Neumann. Brian Cassidy, Gavin Phi Alpha Delta is the world's largest international professional law fraternity with 168 chapters throughout the United States. Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico. PAD was the first all-male legal fraternity to admit women and to remove the "Caucasian-only” clauses from its membership requirements. The benefits and prestige of being a PAD member continued long after graduation from law school. Alumni chapters were found throughout the United States and members gathered regularly for social and professional functions. Previous and current members of PAD included Justice Tom C Clark, Justice William Douglas, Chief Justice Warren Burger, Senator Edward Kennedy and ex-Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro. Some of the scheduled projects for the 1985-86 school year were publishing the student directory, assisting with the Fal Sunflower Ceremony, publishing the school calendar, raising funds for the T. J Gibson scholarship program and. last bu not least, sponsoring social events anc parties. 42 — Phi Alpha DellaOfficers: First Row: Laura Laviolette. Carole Riggs. Second Row: Oscar Maldonadodo, W James Jonas. Kelvin Barnes. Raymond judice. Bob Gammage. and James Jonas discuss the P.A D. initiation wt»ch was heid at the Texas Supreme Court. Phi Alpha Delta — 43PHI DELTA PHI First Row: Cheryl Eisen, Sarah P:erce, Ron Ingalls. Second Row: Jorge Warner. W llier Homberger, Mark Mai. Robert Levy. Dan Hu. John O'Herren. BII Freeland. Hulse Wagner. Melody Cooper. M chetle McFaddm. Lillian Flurry. Lin- Buchsbaum. Bnan Woram me Freeman. Forrest Lumpk n. Jack Fraudman. Third Row: Gary Halbert. Craig Phi Delta Phi. established in 1869 to promote a higher standard of legal ethics, is the second oldest North American legal organization in continuous existence and the oldest professional fraternity in the Western Hemisphere. More judges. American residents, governors, senators, representatives, cabinet members, ambassadors. ABA presidents and law school deans have come from the ranks of Phi Delta Phi than from any other legal fraternity. Roberts Inn of the UT Law School was founded in 1910. To be eligible for membership, a law student must have completed two semesters of legal study with an average of 78 or better. This minimum standard made Phi Delta Phi an honor fraternity recognizing high academic standing. The Purpose of Roberts Inn, however, extends to social and intellectual interaction as well. Affiliation with Phi Delta Phi provided the focus for activities that helped develop the service and leadership qualities which a law student was expected to bring to the bar, stressing the importance of adherence to high standards of professional ethics, integrity, character and responsibility. 44 — Phi Della PhiFirst Row: Tom Hayes. Cheryl Eisen. Paul Keeler. Second Row: Sheri Loessberg. Jim Boeckman. John Lynch. Julie Lynch Third Row: Mark Mai. Chuck Keeble. Willie Homberger. Vince Dulweber, Karen Dulweber. Clockwise from lower left: Mark Mai. Tom Hayes. Wil e Horn-berger. Vince Dulweber. Jim Boeckman. John Lynch. Chuck Keeb'e THE RANCH: It wasn’t just a house, it was a tradition. Split 5 ways Smors En banc basketball 3 votes Hairball Ranch Chili Who's RHUMP Snowy paperweights Just go ln two nights he’ll be batting .. . Hyde Park lt doesn’t suck Muscle control lsn't life wonderful Shockless wonder A short leash She's a whore EP White Wed-ding'Hello Karen ls this a great country or what TQAJCLBOAV ESBALRBTLR Judges’ Club And wake up every morning with a .. Cowboy Simple Simon Game Goodnight Johnboy B'man Tommy Ray Lynchmobile Wilster M M Chuhoney Vince Wild Thing Yesterday Write-on Granola Bar Wrappers'Tom s Room’Those little town blues John call Julie Not a barn Rejection Night'Grandma Hays The Whale Be right there'Quick trips to the airport Was I cold, Judge One of the 40 names Snooze you loose'Mexican Surprise The Mirror’John's not here right now Esta Willie Good night Vince. The Ranch — 45First Row; MLou Ben. Matio Yzaguirre. Layne A Deutscher. Sharon Reuter. no», Mark Laskay. Elizabeth Davis. Brian Quintero. Tim Hemnch. Bill Robbins. Jerry Three!. Ron Ingalls Second Row; Stephen Willis, Faye Denson Watson. Kyle Stallones. Miriam Hiser. Lisa Neumann. Forrest Lumpkin. Third Row; Don NeaJ. Steve Mac- Under the motto "Law of the Land." the Real Estate Law Society provided a forum for students interested in the practical application of law to the field of real estate. Founded in late 1983, RELS grew to 75 members, making it one of the school's largest and most active organizations. RELS sponsored monthly programs on topics such as real estate financing, land surveys, closing transactions and commercial development. Presentations were by real estate attorneys and practitioners who were recognized experts in their fields. Ron Ingalls was program director RELS assisted the Continuing Legal Education Program with the annual Mortgage Lending Institute. RELS served on the Institute Planning Committee, authored a topical bibliography for the Institute manual, hosted a reception for the Institute faculty, assembled Institute materials and helped with Institute registration. Ted Applewhite was the Institute coordinator. To increase opportunities for students to meet real estate attorneys. RELS enabled three members to attend month- ly breakfast meetings of the local real estate bar. RELS also published a membership directory and monthly newsletter. By providing a focal point for real estate interests at the law school RELS hoped to encourage more emphasis on real estate law within the academic program. Officers for 1985-86 were Sharon Reuler, President; Mario Yzaguirre. 1st Vice President; Victor Yang. 2nd Vice President; Dennis McNamara. Treasurer; and Layne Deutshcer, Secretary. 46 — Real Estate Law SocietyFir»l Row: Trisha Pitchford. Pam Beachley. Aimee Bagnclto, Royal Lea. Randy Jonathan W. Needle. William C. Cunningham. Charles Stanfield Third Row: Pulman. Melody Cooper. David Boelzner Second Row: Catherine Aronson. Fred L. Garrett II. M. Scott McDonald. Stephen C. Mahaffey, Marc Taubenfeld. Robert George. LesSe Clark. Theodora Lee. Karen Patton Bogle. Brad Fnedman. Dan Hu. Mark C. Taylor. James D Langner. Editor m-Chef Royal Lea and Managing Editor Aimee Bagnctto discuss up- Review staffers are responsble for blue book ole checks, editing articles, and coming publication deadlnes for the Review The Review is published three writing a publishable note. Members of the editorial board supervise production times a year. of each issue The Review of Litigation responded to the need for a national forum for interchange of academic and practical discussion of various aspects of litigation. The articles, notes, and symposia focused on the interface between theory and practice in trial and appeal of lawsuits, and allowed academician, litigator, and judge to better understand their functions in the litigation process. Now in its seventh year, the Review gained national acclaim in achieving its goals. Student staff positions were filled through candidacy programs conducted in the fall and spring. Additionally, second year law students who won select moot court competitions were invited to join. The Review also considered outside submissions of publication quality student law notes. Through each of the admissions programs, the Review sought qualified students based solely on legal writing and reasoning ability. Advantages of membership included exposure to the issues at the forefront of Texas and national litigation, the opportunity to write and soon thereafter publish a law note, and the chance for the individual to make a significant contribution already having an important impact on the litigation community. Review of Litigation — 47STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION "’ll SSUHHMr First Row: Fred Burns, Jennifer Torbett, Cheryl Eisen, Juli Alger, Todd Wong. Qjan. Third Row: Janet Smith. Deece Eckstein, David Kaplan, Jaime Davilla Second Row: Saundria Chase. Mark Mai. Russ Miller. Lynnelle Loke. David Fourth Row: Laurie Weiss. Jett Conner, Steve Benesh. The Student Bar Association was the student government organization of the law school. All students were automatically members. The organization acted as ombudsman for student problems, channeled imput on law school policies via committees and referenda and maintained a daily office with free notary service, a lost-and-found. stamps, aspirin and advice. The Student Bar Association sponsored numerous student activities throughout the year including keg parties, sandwich seminars. Assault and Flattery, teacher-course evaluations and student recommendations for the Law School's student-faculty committees. The SBA held a Halloween costume party in the fall, the Fall Drunk, and sponsored Law Week, a week of activities in the spring which included guest lectureres, a campus-area race, an auction of faculty-donated items to benefit the Emergency Student Loan Fund, numerous athletic and academic tournaments, and the Spring Fling Dance. 48 — Student Bar Association Third Year: First Row: Mark Mai. Cheryl Eisen. Todd Wong. Second Row: Juli Alger. Fred Burns. Jell Conner. Saundria Chase. Jaime Davila First Year: Jennifer Torbetl. Deece Eckstein. Lynreile Loke. Steve Benesh. Laurie Weiss Second Year: David Quon. Russ Miller. David Kaplan. Janel Smith Student Bar Association — 49SODALITAS tabernae noctis M E R C 11 R P I I Catty (Wnon The Boys. Susan and Dave Sodalitas Tabernae Noctis Mercurrii, which semi-translates into The Wednesday Night Bar Association, was a ... well, it tried to ... uh. our goal is ... let's see, what s the best way to put this...? Established in 1984, STNM (a.k.a. WNBA) was not the highest honorary society of the School of Lav;. It was not an international professional fraternity comprised of over 80,000 alumni and students. It did not sponsor any conferences or speakers nor did it wish to help students expand their knowledge of any aspect of legal practice. It was not a prestigious scholarly publication, student government organization or research board Finally, and perhaps most surprisingly, STNM did not provide valuable service and education to the UT community over pressing ecological concerns. So just what is Sodalitas Tabernae Noctis Mercurrii? Who knows — but if you figure it out. please stop by Mike and Charlie's on a Thursday night and let us know. We'll order you one on the rocks with no salt for your trouble. 50 — Sodalitas Tabernae Noctis MercurriiTEXAS INTERNATIONAL LAW JOURNAL First Row: Paula Speck, Todd Wong, Patnc a Alvarez, Anna Gonzalez. Kristan Peters, Fred Grasso. Holty Barnett, Behrooz Maghaddam Second Row: Rebecca Siegel. Gayc Holden, Ed Burbach. Kim Trotter Lisa Goldberg, Greg Smith. David Casso. Bob Hogue. Third Row: Robert F. Biard. Tim Tuggey. Charles L. Roff. Scott Kinzel, David Stanush, Bill Lee Fourth Row: Rex Mils. Shaun Ingersotl. Carla Charlton. Scott MacLaren. Fifth Row: Wayne Byers. Bill Mange. Therese Painter. Jim Mclncrny. Ruth Rickard. Jxn Hordern, Rob Smith. Sixth Row: George F. Jones. Matt Claman. Jim Cockran. Kevin Buford. Jaime E. Toro. The Texas International Law Journal, the fourth oldest international law journal published by a law school, had subscribers in 37 countries. Scholars, practitioners, and students submitted articles on both public and private international law. The Spring 1985 issue contained "The Bhopal Tragedy: Social and Legal Implications," the first symposium published on that topic. The 1986 symposium addressed East-West economic relations. The approximately 60 members of TILJ were selected from biannual writing competition, outside submissions and participation in the Jessup International Moot Court Competition. Officers: First Row: Gaye Holden, Therese Painter. Todd Wong, Rebecca Siegel, Fred Grasso. Paula Speck, Anna Gonzalez, Scott MacLaren. Second Row: Ruth L. Richard. Bill Mange. Edward Burbach. Gail Papemnaster. George Jones. Rex Mils. Texas International Law Journal — 51TEACHING QUIZMASTERS Dcfcicn First Row: Reagan Silbcr. Brenda Wado. Madalyn Marabcila. Lsa Jonor, Trish Row: Pal Duva‘, Tom Meishemer Arv nd Sudarshan. David E erbe. Rchard Pilchlord. Daniel Hu Second Row: Els»ol Rallkind. David Goldstein. Bob Levy. Don Law ess. Jaime Spelng, Jesse Green. Looney. Jenn.e Marshall. Jim Boeckman. Margaret Bums. Jay Zweig Third The Teaching Quizmasters, modern analogs to the Furies of Greek mythology, pose in a quiet moment of respite from dutifully protecting the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of their first year student charges. TQs, as they were affectionately known, served as mediators between the wide-eyed, bushy-tailed, “brain-full-of-mush" freshlaw and the grizzled, entrenched law school bureaucracy. The TQs taught the first year courses in Legal Research Writing and Brief Writing Oral Advocacy, and also organized the social events that maintain equilibrium during the freshlaw year. In addition to caring for the 25 to 30 student charges, the TQs were involved in the first year writing program and the selection of the succeeding group of Teaching Quizmasters and held de lacto position of ombudsman for first year students. Seen here in front of the Kingsfield Memorial Freshlaw Rest and Rehabilitation Center, the TQs displayed the calm and considered demeanor that won them this honored place in the law school pantheon. During 1985 86, Cheryl Eisen. David Ellerbe, Eliot Raffkmd, Richard Levy, and Brenda Wade served as Section Coordinators. The officers were David Goldsteinn, T.Q. coordinator. Jennie Marshall, Secretary, and Margaret Burns. Candidacy coordinator. 52 — Teaching Quizmaster Third Year First Row: Vtcki B. Wood, Alex Thompson, Jean BlumenfeW Jen- Taylor. Michael Diehl. Jesse Green, Jefl Alexander Third Row: Myron Hess 1, refer Knauth Lipinski Second Row: Charles A Sweet. Shan Loessberg, Greg MarkSrere. Jeff Rromme Jr.. Brian Worom. The Texas Law Review was the oldest scholarly publication at the Law School, entering into its sixty-fourth year. The Review published eight issues each year, with a total of about 1500 pages. Membership was attained by academic ranking in the top 6% of each of the first year sections, outstanding performance in a writing competition held each spring and fall for students finishing their first year, or by submission of a publishable note by students finishing their second year. Each Review member researched and wrote a note — a short article on a legal topic of the member’s choosing — to submit for publication in the Review. The Review also published longer articles and book reviews written by attorneys, judges and professors from across the country. Second Year: First Row: David Greenblatt. Norma Comdrcau. Travis Sales. Robby Alden. Charles Thompson. Jim Cochran. Second Row: Maiy Nell McGarity. Marc Shivers Third Row: Molly Moynihan. David E Milcr. David Jaffe. Jonathan Graham, Lars Gustafsson. Florence Berkley Fourth Row: Enc Redwme. Greg Burch Texas Law Review — 53First Row: Fred L. Garrett II. Bruce Feaster, F. Douglas Lofton. Karen R Calmeisc. Traci Bransford, William J Clay. Paul Gimenez, Brian Newby Second Row. Maitye Gouldsby. Rayford Reed. Eva J. Dantzler, Kofi Amoako, Luther J Rollins Jr.. Flora Ann Fearon, Cicely Nedd. Erleigh Norvlle. Sharon Brown. Katherine A Robinson. Darcell Walker Third Row: Ronnie D Wesley. Theodora Ft Lee. Sylvia F. Hardman. Judy Quadim'asil. Velva L Price. Jeiome Y. Roache Tonya Moten Arthur Pertile. Annette Steppe. Lisa Lord. Carol Rodriguez. Randy Reed. Faye Denson Watson. Anthony Wilson. The Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. TMLS, is an affiliate of the National Black Law Students Association. TMLS works on increasing Black enrollment in the Law School, promoting minority faculty hiring, encouraging members to participate in law school activities, and establishing contacts with alumni, practicing attorneys in the Austin community and prospective employers. This year, TMLS has done a great deal towards achieving these goals by co sponsoring the annual TMLS-Austin Black Lawyers Association picnic, inviting speakers from the State Bar and having many members serve on placement, admissions and faculty hiring committees. Black History Month activities include the Coffee House evening which showcases the many talents of the law students and friends. This spring, TMLS has reinstituted the annual banquet to recognize the achievements of graduating students and to present scholarship awards TMI S has also initiated a drive to endow the Herman M. Sweatt Memorial Scholarship Fund in a massive mail-out to corporations and businesses in Texas and across the country. First Row: K. Satnina Austin, Simone B Capers. Bonnie M Prosser. Arlene McCarthy Second Row: Lee Johnson, Keith J Sparks. Chris Covington. Steve Rudner. Third Row: Gary Cobb. Anthony Brown. 54 — Thurgood Marshall Legal SocietyFirst Row: Norma Sierra. Diane Brown, Holly Taebei, Lisa Bounds Harweil. Shawna L. Reagm. Third Row: Jeannette Garrett. Faye Denson Watson. Jo Catherine Mauzy, Jo Ann Howard. D'Ann Johnson Second Row: Theodora R. Christy Brown. Lynn Carter, Judy Walker. Elizabeth Davis. Cmdy Hill. Norma Lee. Karin Bomooro, Barbara Spezia. Karen Patton Bogie Cicely Nedd, Carmen Caidreau. Laun J. Schncidau. Gary Cobb. Shari Nichols Diener. Victona L. Eastus. Veronica Carmona. Eva J Dantzler. Lynette Philips. The Women's Law Caucus was a support group designed to address issues in today's technological society. Although comprised of law students, both male and female, the group was committed to expanding their membership to include faculty The purpose of the organization was to act on behalf of the needs and issues of women law students, providing services relevant to the professional development of the members, and influencing policies and practices which affect women law students and attorneys. Past activities included conducting a voter registration drive; sponsoring a live debate among political candidates for the Texas Senate; conducting panel discussions on interviewing techniques, establishing an informal grievance procedure through the placement office making monetary contributions to various community groups and publishing a monthly newsletter addressing issues which were of concern to all law students. Commitments for 1985-86 included continuing efforts to recruit women and minority law faculty, sponsoring a casino night, an annual fundraising T-shirt sales, creating a magazine that covered issues of women and the law. looking at the possibilities of child care for parents within the law school free Saturday movies for kids of all ages, sponsoring various speakers to the law school, including Mary Dunlap, one of the founders of the Equal Rights Advocates, and an express commitment to continued involvement in past activities including sending a large group of representatives to the National Conference on Women and the Law which was scheduled to be held in Chicago during the spring semester. Meetings were held bi monthly and were open to anyone interested in attending. WLC officers for 1985-86 were Katren Patton Bogle, President; Cicely Nedd, Vice-President. Lillian-Lynette Phillips, Secretary; Theodora Lee, Treasurer. Women's Law Caucus — 55First Row: Andy Friedmann Second Row: Casey Dobson, Barry Osborne, Michelle Robberson, Elaine Romberg, Chris Luna, First years don't know what it is, no one is certain how to pronounce it. lav students volunteer to make it happen, and it is a law school institution. It’s the Peregrinus, official yearbook of the School of Law. The Peregrinus has survived through renovation of the law school, through cancellation, through sheer lack of interest and various other dramas. Students and faculty brought the once-defunct book back to life in the 1970s. The editor is selected in Student Bar Association elections in the spring, and is officially appointed by the T.S.P. Board of Trustees. The rest of the staff is personally recruited by the editor. Lav students take photos, write copy and plan pages, with help from Texas Student Publications. This year's six-member staff worked closely on the expanded Peregrinus on weekends, nights, during Christmas break, even on Valentine's Day. They still missed their deadline. But the book ... and the institution ... lingers on. 56 — Peregrinus Yearbook Supervisors: C. Dewayne Bevil. Jerry R. Thompson. Mary K. Olting.ADMINISTRATION William Cunningham, President. The University of Texas at Austin. B.A., MBA, Ph.D., Michigan State. Mark G. Yudof, Dean of the Law School, James A. Elkins Centennial Chair in Law B.A., LL.B.. Pennsylvania. William Powers, Jr., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Joseph C. Hutcheson Professor. Torts, products liability, juris prudence BA, University of California, Berkeley; J.D., Harvard Douglas Laycock, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Fulbright and Jaworski Professor of Lav . Remedies, freedom of religion, secured credit. BA, Michigan State; J.D. Chicago. 58 — AdministrationWilliam W. Gibson, Jr., Associate Dean for Administration and Continuing Legal Education, Sylvan Lang Professor of Law. Professional responsibility, property, real estate. B.A., LL.B., Texas. Sam H. Hall, Assistant Dean for Business Affairs. B.B.A., J.D., Texas; M.B.A., Syracuse. Susana I. Aleman, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. B.S., M.Ed., J.D., Texas; M.S., Texas A l. Rob Wiley, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. B.A.. Arkansas — Little Rock; M.A., Memphis State. Ph D., J.D., Texas. r- Administralion — 59FACULTY David A. Anderson, Rosenberg Centennial Professor Torts, mas: communications law, communications torts. A.8., Harvard, JD., Texas. Philip Chase Bobbitt, professor. Constitutional law. national security policy. A.B.. Princeton; J.D , Yale; Ph D., Oxford. Richard V. Barndt, professor. Marital property rights, legislator professional responsibility. B.S.L LL.3., Utah. Hans W. Baade, Hugh Lamar Stone Chair in Law. Comparative law, conflicts B.A . Syracuse; DR.J.R., Kiel (Germany); LL.B., LL.M , Duke 60 — FacultyPatricia Cain, professor. Federal Income Tax, Feminist Legal Theory, Wills and Estates. A.B , Vassar; J.D, Georgia. Loftus Claybourne Carson, II, visiting associate professor. Business associations, securities regulation, international business transactions B.S. Cornell; M Pub. Aff., Princeton; M B A., Pennsylvania; J.D., Harvard. Michael J. Churgin, professor. Criminal prosecution, criminal law. A.B., Brown; J.D.. Yale. Harold H. Bruff, John H. Redditt Professor. Administrative law, Texas government. B.A., Williams College; J.D.. Harvard. Faculty — 61FACULTY George E. Dix, Vinson and Elkins Professor of Law. Criminal investigations, criminal procedure. law and psychology. B.S.. Wisconsin; J D., Wisconsin Philip DeLaTorre, visiting associate professor. Property, oil and gas, wills and estates. B.A., Kansas. J.D., Harvard. Robert O. Dawson, Judge Benjamin Harrison Powell Professor of Law. Criminal law, criminal defense clinic. B.A., Missouri; LL.B., Washington University; S.J.D, Wisconsin. Thomas D. Crandall, visiting professor. Payment systems, secured credit. B.S., Purdue; J.D. Indiana. 62 — FacultyJoel W. Friedman, visiting professor of law. Employment discrimination, labor law, civil procedure. B.S.. Cornell; J.D., Yale. Joseph M. Dodge, W. H. Francis, Jr. Professor of law. Federal income taxation, wills and trusts, estate planning. B.A.; LL.B., Harvard; LL.M.; New York University. David B. Filvaroff, W St. John Garwood Centennial Professor. Torts, civil rights, international law. B.S., Wisconsin. I.L.B., Harvard. Mark P. Gergen, assistant professor. Contracts, partnership tax. B.A., Yale; J.D., Chicago. Faculty — 63FACULTY Steven Goode, professor Evidence, criminal law BA. Wi liams College: J D. Yale Lino A. Graglia, Rex G. Baker and Edna Heflin Baker Professor of Constitutional Law Constitutional law. antitrust BA, City College of New York; LL.B . Columbia. J. Patrick Hazel, professor. Trial advocacy. Texas civil procedure. S.T.L., Gregorian University (Rome. Italy): M Ed.. Loyola: J.D., Texas Robert W. Hamilton, Benno C. Schmidt Chair in Business Law Contracts, business associations, corporate finance. BA, Swarthmore. J.D., Chicago 64 — FacultyStanley Johanson, Bryant Smith Chair in Law Wilts and estates, estate planning B S., Yale;LL B., Washington. LL.M., Harvard William O. Huie, Sylvan Lang Professor of Law Marital property rights, oil and gas. trusts. B.A.. Henderson State; LL.B., Texas; S.J.D., Harvard. Ingrid M. Hillinger, visiting associate professor. Bankruptcy, payment systems. B A., Barnard University; J.D., Marshall-Wythe University. Calvin Johnson, professor. Federal income taxation. B A., Columbia; J.D. Stanford. Faculty —65FACULTY Corwin W. Johnson, Edward Clark Centennial Professor of Law. Property, water law, land use planning. B A.. J.D.. State University of Iowa David Keyser, assistant professor Property, federal income taxation, oil and gas B A., Harvard; M.A., Yale; JD.. Cornell W. Page Keeton, W Page Keeton Chair in Tort Law Products liability, seminar in defamation and the right to privacy B A . LL B , Texas; S.J.D.. Harvard. LL.D.. Southern Methodist J. Leon Lebowitz, John S Redditt Professor of law. Civil procedure, business associations, securities regulation B A., J D.. Baylor; LL M , New York University. 66 — FacultyThomas O. McGarity, Cooper K. Ragan Professor in law. Torts, environmental law, administrative law. B A., Rice: J.D., Texas. Sanford Levinson, professor. Professional responsibility, advanced constitutional law. B.S., Duke; Ph.D., Harvard; J.D., Stanford. Jay Nelson, adjunct professor and Interscholastic Moot Court Advisor. Appellate advocacy. B.A , Williams College; J.D., Texas. Roy M. Mersky, Hyder Centennial Professor of law and director of research. Tarleton Law Library. B.S., J.D., M.A.L.S., Wisconsin. Faculty — 67FACULTY David M. Rabban, assistant professor. Labor law, labor in the public sector, American legal history. B.A., Wesleyan University; J.D., Stanford. Scot Powe, Bernard J. Ward Centennial professor of law. Constitutional law, federal courts, broadcasting. B.A., Yale; J.D., Washington. Jack Ratliff, Assistant professor and co-director — Trial Advocacy Programs. Texas procedure I, Texas procedure II, advanced trial techniques. BA.. L.L.B., Texas. Raymond T. Nimmor, visiting professor. Computers and the law, secured credit, bankruptcy. B A. J.D., Valparaiso. 68 — FacultyDavid W. Robertson, Hines H. Baker and Thelma Kelley Baker Professor of Law Admiralty, torts, civil procedure. BA, LL.B., Louisiana State. LL.M., J.S.D., Yale Alan Scott Rau, Liddell, Sapp, Zivley, and Laboon Professor of Law. Contracts. B.A., LL.B., Harvard. John A. Robertson, professor. Criminal law, constitutional law, law and medicine. A.B., Dartmouth; J D.. Harvard. Gil Reavis, adjunct professor. Texas civil procedure. B A.. J D . Texas. Lacuhy — 69FACULTY Edward Sherman, Angus Wynne Professor of Law. Civil procedure, complex litigation, civil rights A B., Georgetown; M.A.. Texas; LL.B.. J.D., Harvard. John J. Sampson, Ben Gardner Sewell Professor of Law. Children's rights clinic, marital relations and divorce, legislative process. LL.B., Minnesota. Michael P. Rosenthal, Thomas Shelton Mazey Professor of Law. Criminal law, juvenile justice clinic, juvenile justice administration A B..J.D., Columbia. M. Michael Sharlot, Wright C Morrow Professor of Criminal Law, and James R. Dougherty Chair for Faculty Excellence. Criminal law, evidence. B.A.. Antioch College: LL.B., Pennsylvania. 70— FacultyDavid S. Sokolow, assistant professor Contracts, business associations, entertainment law. B.A.. M.A., J.D., Columbia. Michael F. Sturley, assistant - navment Roberto G. Soto, assistant professor. Contracts. B.A., J.D., Texas. Ernest E. Smith, Rex G. Baker Centennial Chair in Natural Resources Law Oil and gas, property, immigration law. B.A.. Southern Methodist; LL.B., Harvard. i Faculty— ?|FACULTY John F. Sutton, Jr., A W. Walker, Jr, Centennial Chair in Law Evidence, professional responsibility, torts. J.D., Texas Michael E. Tigar, Thomas Wait Gregory Professor of law Civil procedure, advanced criminal law. federal appellate seminar B A , J D., University of California. Berkeley William J. Tumier, visiting professor Federal income tax, advanced corporate tax B S . Fordham; M A., Pennsylvania State; J.D . Virginia James M. Trtece, Charles I Francis Professor of law. Torts, patents B.S , J D.. M A , Illinois. 72 — FacullyOlin Guy Wellborn ill, William C. Liedtke, Sr. Professor of law Torts, evidence. A B..J.D., Harvard. Louise Weinberg, Raybourne Thompson Professor of law. Conflict of laws, federal courts, admiralty. A.B , Cornell; J.D., LL M , Harvard. Russell J. Weintraub, John B. Connally Chair in Civil Jurisprudence. Conflict of laws, contracts. B.A., New York University; JO. Harvard. Stanley M. Walker, associate professor. Property, real estate transactions, real estate finance. A.B., Harvard; J.D., Yale. Faculty— 73FACULTY Joseph P. Witherspoon, Jr., Thomas Shelton Maxey Professor of law. Antitrust, civil and political rights B A . Chicago; LL.B.. Texas; S.J.D., Harvard Jay L. Westbrook, Strasburger and Price Centennial Faculty Fellowship. Bankruptcy, international business transactions, secured credit. B A . LL.B.. Texas M. Kenneth Woodward, Robert J. Wmdfohr Professor of Lav . BA. LL.B., Texas; M.A., West Texas State. Charles Alan Wright, Wiliam B Bates Chair for the Administration of Justice. Federal courts, constitutional law. supreme court seminar. BA. Wesleyan; LL.B.. Yale 74 — FacullyPROFESSORS ON LEAVE Elizabeth A. Warren, professor. B.S.. Houston; JO.. Rutgers Barbara B. Aldave, Joe A. Worsham Centennial Professor. 8.S., Stanford: J.D.. University of California Berkeley. Richard Markovitz, Mars McLean Professor. B.A.. Cornell; PhD., London School of Economics. LL.B.. Yale. Inga Markovitz, professor. J.D.. Free University (Berlin); LL.M., Yale. Faculty — 75WRITING PROGRAM Christopher J. Knight. Lecturer PhD. New York University. Susan Hemzelman, Legal Writing Programs Director and Lecturer PhD. University of Western Ontario. George J. Wilkerson. Lecturer PhD, Texas. Terri LeClerq. Lecturer PhD. Texas. Fred Asnes, Lecturer. PhD. Texas. 76 — FacultyCRIMINAL DEFENSE CLINIC Robert Dawson, Criminal Defense Clinic Director. Kenneth Houp, lecturer in lav , B.A, Florida: J.D . Texas William Allison, lecturer in lav BA. University of the South; J.D., Texas. Ray Waddell, lecturer in law. B A., M.A.J.D., Texas. Kenneth Schubb, lecturer in law. B.A., Tulane; J.D.. Texas. Hugh Lowe, lecturer in law. BA. J.D.. Texas. Polly Husted, administrative assistant. Criminal Defense Clinic — 77TARLTON LIBRARY Administration: First Row: Brenda Bedsole, Gwyn Anderson, Susan Evangelist. Second Row: Steven Barkau. Mary Menke, Daniel Martin, Chip Rogers. Cataloguing: First Row: Nancy Sullivan, Pam Smith, Ginger Jaso, John Petesch. Second Row: Mary Ellen Sweeney. Lidia Cuauhtli, Betty Cogswell. Andy Barners. Acquisitions Serials: Leticia Garcia. Manuela Secura, Susan More, Mary A. Burton. Fita Coronado. i 78 — Tarllon LibraryResearch and Information Services: First Row: Leslie Kanter. Barbara Bridges. Elizabeth Saucedo. Second Row: Gary Hartman. Gary Gott, Rich Leiter, Dan Dabney, Joseph Delgado Collection Management: First Row, Jon Pratter, Sunny Mullen, Debbie Arens. Second Row, Don Larrimen, John Ramington. Pierrette Moreno. Evan Quenon. Professor Roy Mersky, director of research. Special Projects: Julia Ashworth. Bill Brands, Custis Wright. Tarlton Library — 79I FOUNDATION Trustees Emeritus Charles W Duke San Antonio W. St John Garwood Austin J. A. Gooch Fort Worth Cecil D. Redford Corpus Christi Lite Member-Trustees Trustees Tom Sealy Midland Morris Atlas McAllen Edward Clark Austin J Chrys Dougherty Austin Kraft W. Eidman Houston John L Estes Dallas Elton M. Hyder, Jr Fort Worth Hayden Head Corpus Christi Thomas M. Phillips Houston Dee J Kelly Fort Worth Preston Shirley Galveston Wales H. Madden, Jr. Amarillo Mark Martin Dallas J Mark McLaughlin San Angelo B D. Orgain Beaumont Harry M Reasoner Houston J. Burleson Smith San Antonio 80 — FoundationFoundation: Dawn Kaimosky. Donald L Wau. Te'esa Watts Alumni Association: Dada Helms. Ed Baugh. Judith Amis Alumni Association Directors Andrew Barr R. Gordon Gooch Kerry L. Neves JohnB. Beckworth Carl H. Green John G. Niles S. I.Betzer, Jr. Laura J. Hagen Rene 0. Oliveira JohnG. Brant T. Richard Handler Martha Priddy Patterson Brook B. Brown Mark L. Hart Elizabeth C. Petit William B. Burford Howard 1. Hatoff Debora D. Ratliff Raymond C. Caballero Tom Henson R. J. Reser Robert D. Campbell R. Ken Hines Pieter M. Schenkkan William F. Connell Jerry R. Hoodenpyle Robert C. Scott Rogers L. Crain Kay Bailey Hutchison Joel 1. Shannon Harold F. Curtis, Jr. Steven C. James James B. Smith, Jr. Kenneth L. Cutler Sandy Kress W. KirkSnouffer, Jr. W. Drew Darby David B. Kultgen Alfred H. Summers Platt W. Davis. Ill Jeff B. Love Clark G. Thompson, Jr. Sylvia A. de Leon Jane H. Macon Paul J. Van Osselaer Harold R. DeMoss, Jr. Michael L. Malone Jane A. Varner Ben A. Donnell Robert M. Martin, Jr. Carl W. Vogt WinfordL. Dunn, Jr. Samuel D. Milsap, Jr. JohnS. Watson Mark W. Eidman John T. Montford Richard D. Watt 0. E. Elmore Stephen L. Morris Peter Winstead Terry Gardner R. Kinnan Goleman Mark L. Murdock F. Bart Wulff Alumni Association — 81STAFF Associate and Assistant Deans’ Secretaries: Pam Grisham, Jim Patterson, Peggy Callahan. Bernice Wootton. Main Office: Judy Dominguez, Renee Bizzell, Ada Vega. Dean’s Staff: Sally Donaldson, Alla Goddwm, Eileen Glover. Main Office: Marion B. "Micke" Harris. 82 — StaffPlacement Office: Ellen Mur-taugh. Deborah J. Marron, Lori Gooden. Arietta Tompkins, Diana Fae Arnold. Support Staff: Mary Jane Cool. Leona Wyatt. Alyce Lottman, Gretchen Woellner. Sales Office: Fred Murphy. T. Yvonne Cardenas. Juan A. Ramirez. 83 Admissions Office: Vivian Brown. Phyllis Kadish.STAFF Scholarships and Loans Office: Anna Maria Saldana, Anita Galvan, Freddie Hernandez. Continuing Legal Education: First Row: Barbara Bellamy, Nancy Adamson. Second Row: Jim Patterson, Sadie Elena Pack, Judy Mau. Chris Harrigan. Print Shop: David Dominguez, Steve Muncey, Joseph Jackson. Casino Staff: Lois Donaldson, Buddy Collins. Shannon Ellison, Carrie Womack. 84 — SwITSTUDENTS Jeffrey Clark Alexander, Austin, University ot Texas at Austin. Texas Law Review, Phi Delta Phi. Chanceiio'S. Texas Federalist Society Juliana Joy Alger, Glendale, W.s; University of Wisconsin — Madison. Teaching Quizmaster. Student Bar Association. Assault and Flattery Richard Brad Alpert, Austin; University of Texas at Austin, Board ol Advocates Arturo Antonio Alvarez III, Mebbronville. University of Texas a t Austin. Ch cano Law Students Association, Real Estate Law Soccty Nancy Justine Anglin, Austin; University of Dallas Axnee Elizabeth Bagnetto, Marrero, La . Louisiana State University. Review of LitiQat on Managing Editor James Gentry Barden, Austin. Un versity of the South. Pamela Ruth Beachley, Austin. University of Tcxasat Ausl n. Rcv cw of Litigation Note Editor. Women s Law Caucus Debra Lee Becker, Round Rock. Urxvcrs ly of Texas at Austin. Mary Louise Bell, Manchaca, Midwestern State University. Real Estate Law Soccty. Environmental and Natural Resources Soc cty. David Mark Bennett, Weslaco; Un versity ot Texas at Austin David James Beveridge, Austin. Wash ngton and Jefferson Colcgc, Texas Law Rcvcw Note Ed tor Beth Elfen Bierman, Pmehurst. Duke Un versity. Travis County Women Lawyers Association. Women s Law Caucus. Wilkam Morris Bingham Jr., San Angelo. University of Texas at Austin, Lcga1 Research Board, Board of Advocates. Red Ryder Preservat ion Society Frederick Eugene 8tack. Houston; University of Texas at Austin. Research Assistant Robert Andrew Black, Be a«re. Baylor University, Board of Advocates. Ph Alpha Delta. Internationa! Law Soocty. Assault and Flattery Jean Beer Blumenfeld, Round Rock. University of California. Texas Law Review. James Wallace Boeckman, Spnnf eld, Mo.. Westminister Col cgc. Teaching Quizmaster, Texas Law Review. The Ranch Louis Karl Bonham, Austin. Un versity ol Texas at Austin, Texas Law Review Articles Editor. Sandra Neisser Boone, Austm; Stanford Umvers ty. Stephon Dewyane Breedlove, Fort Worth. University of Texas at Austin Thomas Allen Bres, I fouston; Unvcrsity of Texas at Austin. Phi Delta Ph:. Legal Eagcs. Bache'ors of Law. Jeffrey Scott Bromme, Austin. Southwestern Adventist College. Texas Law Review Articles Editor Cheryl Rita Broussard, Austin, University ol Texas at Austin SENIORS $6 — Seniorsil 4% JUaI Sharon Cecelia Brown, Capitol Heights. Md : Georgetown University. Kevin Andrew Buford, Austin. U.S. Coast Guard Academy. International Law Journal Simone Hanh Bui Trang, Austin. Catholic University of Louvain. International Law Society. Edward Donald Burbach, Whitcfrsh Bay. Wis ; University of Texas at Austin. Texas International Law Journal Editor. Judo Club Frederick Wright Bums, Bryan Tulane University; Student Bar Association. Board ol Advocates. Admissions Committee Margaret Ann Burns, Austin; Princeton University. Teaching Quizmaster. Phi Delta Phi. Juan Benito Caballero, Laredo. Texas ASM University. Karen Renee Calmeise, Cincinnati. Ohio, Chatham College. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society President Eddie Cantu, Austin; University of Texas at Austin. Adam N. Cardenas, Austin; Un versity of Texas at Austin. Charles Brian Cassidy, Austin; University of Arizona. Phi Alpha Delta. Bradlce Hale Chandler, Austin; University of Texas at Austin. Tcjas Ciub. Saundria Renee Chase. Houston. Tufts University. Student Bar Association. Board of Advocates. John Bondurant Cherry, Destrehan. La . Texas A M University. Lisa Ellen Chismire, Houston; University of Kansas. Board of Advocates. Hildebrand and Geary-Brice Moot Courts. Mock Trail Gary Wayne Coker, Austin; Lamar University. Phi Delta Phi Vice Magistar. Texas Bar Association. American Bar Association. Jeffrey Harbin Conner, Andrews; Abilene Christian University. Student Bar Association. Board of Advocates. Robert Timmons Cook, Austin; Purdue University. 8oard of Advocates. Giles Rich National Moot Court National Champion Candace Christiana Cooke, Houston; Fmory University. Assault and Flattery Director. James Louis Cowen, Houston; University ol Florida Mollie Susan Crosby, Richardson; University of Texas at Austin. Review of Liiigat on. Cabinet ol College Councds. Michael Shawn Cumberland, San Antcoio. University ot Texas at Austin. David Scott Curcio, Austin; Rice University. Texas Law Forum Editor. William Stephen Dahlstrom, Austin; University of Cincinnati. Real Estate Law Society. Seniors — 8.SENIORS Eva Joan Dantzlcr, Brooklyn. N v . American University. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. Women's Law Caucus. Minority Opportunity Conm ttoc. Admissions Committee. American Bar Association Douglas Harold Darrow, Houston Dartmouth College Darius LcMoyne Davenport, Winntield. La.: Louisiana State University. Lawyers Christian Fellowship. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society Benjamin Herbert Davidson, Littlefield: University of Texas at Austin Jaime Davila, Houston. Harvard University. Student Bar Association Treasurer. Legal Research Board. Real Estate Law Society. Chicano Law Student Association. Intramural Sports. Hildebrand Moot Court Competition Magdalena H. de la Teja; Austin. University ol Texas al Austin Michael Lee Diehl, Austin. Southwest Texas Slate University. Texas Law Review Editor n Chef. Legal Research Board Casey LeGate Dobson, Austin. University of Texas at Austin Law School Senator, Peregrmus Staff Robert Alan Dollars, Austin University of Texas at Austin. Board of Advocates. Phi Delta Phi. Goldie Cecelia Domingue, Austin Rice University. Real Estate Law Society. Environmental and Natural Resources Law Socety. Thurgood Marshall Legal Socety Lisa Dornell, Austin; University ol Vermont. Thurgood Marshall Legal Socety Librarian. American Journal of Criminal Law Research Editor Frank Alan Doyle, Houston University of Texas at Austin. Legal Eagles. Bachelors of Law Virginia Marie Driscoll, Austin; University of Dallas. Harvard Journal of Law and Public Pobcy Senior Editor. International Law Society. Vincent Lee Dulwcbcr, Longview. University of Texas at AusLn. American Journal of Criminal Law. Board of Advocates David Brian Dyer, Dallas; University of Texas at Austin, Phi Delta Phi.Bachoiorsof Law. I egai Eag'es Cheryl Lynn Eisen, Austin University of Texas at Austin. Teaching Quizmaster. Student Bar Association. Ph Delta Phi, Ranch Adiunct Mynde Shaune Eisen, Aust n. Arizona State University, Board of Advocates Judging Director. Delta Theta Phi. Research Assistant Bruce Sullivan Feaster, Flint. Mich,. MichiganState University. Board of Advocates. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. Real Estate Law Society. Minority Opportunities Committee. Phi Alpha Delta Patricia Ellen Finlay, Austin, Duke University Wamen H. Fisher. Houston. Rice Unwersity. Lawyers' Chnst-an Fellowship. Phi Delta Ph. Lillian M. Flurry, Bryn Mawr College. Phi Della Phi Jorge Lockwood Freeland, Austin. University of Michigan. Phi Delta Phi Magister Lmme Alice Freeman, Austin. Louisiana Tech University. Andrew Christopher Friedmann, Austin; University ol Texas at Austin; Peregrmus Assistant Ed tor XX— SeniorsAli Gallagher, Austin; University of Texas at Austin. Travis County Women Lawyers Association. Phi Alpha Delta. Pete Pena Gallego, Alpine Sul Ross State University. Chcano Law Students Association. Admissions Committee. David Jude Gallo, Austin; University of Texas at Austin. Fred L. Garrett, Topeka. Kan.; Grand Vat cy State College. Assault and Flattery John Earl Gartman, Lampasas: Umvcrsily of Texas at Austin. Velma Garza, McAllen: Trinity University. Thomas Louis Gerber, Memphis. Tenn ; University ol Texas at Austin, P»ii Delta Phi Paul Lorenzo Gimenez, Austin, St. John’s University. Legal Research Board. Thurgood Marshal Legal Society. Seniors — 8 SENIORS Dona Glimm, Austin; University ot Texas at Austin Kannath H. Goatzka Jr., San Antonio. Trinity University Lisa Ann Goldbarg, Austin; Washington University. Texas Internationa! Law Journal Garrett K. Golden, Dal as. University of Texas at Austin. Phi Delta Phi David Scott Goldstein, Da as: University of Texas at Austin Teaching Quizmaste' Coordinator, Texas Law Review. Geary-Bncc Moot Court Scmifinahst Mark Edward Golman, Da las; University ot Texas at Austin. Criminal Defense Clirac. Rena Blanchard Gonzalez, Brownsville; University of Texas at Austin. Fred Grasso, Austin; Syracuse University, international Law Journal, Board of Advocates, international Law Society. Jesse Joseph Green, San Antonio Southern Methodist University. Texas Law Review, Teaching Quizmaster. Board of Advocates. Sharon Lynette Gross, Austin University of Texas at Austm. Board of Advocates Ruth-Ellen Gura, Austin; University ot Texas at Austin Cynthia Gay Hairflrove, Austin; University of Texas at Austin Laura Ann Hajovsky, Brenham; University of Texas at Austin Gary Lynn Halberl, Rusk; U.S. Air Force Academy, Legal Research Board, Board of Advocates. Harvard Journal oi Law and Public Policy Laquita Ann Hamilton, M: waukcc. Wis California State University — Long Beach. National Lawyers Guild. Guana,uato Student Visitation. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society John Phillip Hanaan, Houston; University of Texas at Austm; Computer Law Socety Treasurer. Cynthia Lynna Harknaaa, Da las; Uraversity of Texas at Austin. 8oard of Advocates Director ot intcrschoastic Competitions. Geary Brice Moot Court Competition. Fa’i Hildebrand. Senior Mock Trial Anna Katharine Hathaway, Oklahoma City. Okia ; Wetiesley College Thomas Ray Hays, Austin, University of Texas at Austin. Board of Advocates Chairman, The Ranch House Manager. Intramural Sports Paul Douglas Haard, Austm. Trinity University. Board of Advocates. National Mock Trial Team, Phi Delta Phi. Jamas Michael Herndon, Austin; Baylor University. Intramural Sports Eliana Stephanie Harnng, Austin; Sophie Newcomb College. Women's Law Caucus. Phi Delta Phi. Susan Bath Harsh, Austin Pnnceton University. AM and Entertainment Law Comm ttee. Harvard Journal of Public Policy. Jamas Everett Hill, Austin. University of Kansas 90— SeniorsPaul William Hobby, Austin. University of Virginia. Admissions Committee. Board of Advocates. Intramural Sports. Josch Paul Hogsett, Austin; Trinity University Lisa Gaye Holden, Oal as; University of Texas at Austin. Texas International Law Journal. Real Estate Law Society. Kevin Wayne Holt, Austin; East Texas State University. Edgar A. Hommelsheim, West Germany; University of Cologne. Bryan Russell Horton, Edmond. Okla ; Houston Baptist University. Board of Advocates. Review of I itigation. Jessup Moot Court Team. Tracy Janice Horton, Austin; University of Texas at Austin. Daniel David Hu, Houston; Rice University. Teaching Quizmaster. Review of Litigation Phi Ceita Phi. Patrick Lee Hugffstickler, Austin; Trinity University. Roger Paul Ingram, Austin; Alfred University. Sharon Lynn Jaf fee, El Paso; University of Texas at Austin Ylise Yvonne Janssen, Ingleside; Trinity Unversity. Texas Bar Association. Barbara Jane Johanson, Austin; University of Texas at Austin Dorothy Ann Johnson, Austin; University of Washington Stephon Eugene Johnson, Detroit. Mich.; Unrve'Sity of Michigan. Board of Advocates. American Journal of Criminal Law. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. Phi Alpha Ceita. George Fleming Jones III, Miami. Fla.. Trinity University. Texas International Law Journal. Lawyers' Christian Fellowship. Lewis William Jost, Austin, Southern Methodist University. Charles C. Keeble Jr., Houston; University of Texas at Austin; intramural Sports. Paul Bruce Keeler, Austin; University of Colorado. David Joseph Kimmelmon, El Paso: Southern Methodist University Kay Diebel Knowles, Austin. Birmingham — Southern College. Delta Theta Phi. Donald Patrick Lawless, Austin; University of Michigan. Teaching Quizmaster. Paul Alvin Ledbetter, Austin. North Texas State University. Texas Law Review John W. Leggett, Houston; Texas ASM University. Texas Law Review. Chancellors, Phi Delta Phi. Seniors — 91Christoph Adalbert Lehmann, West Germany; Freie Umversit act Berlin. International Law Society. Catholic Students Association William Randal Leighton, Austin; University of Texas at Austin I. Richard Levy. Austin; Vale University. Teach ng Quizmaster. Real Estate Law Society Robert Laurence Levy, El Paso. University of Texas ol Austin. Mock Trial. Phi Delta Phi. State Bar Committee of Liaison with Law Schools. Assault and Flattery Alan Whitworth Lintel, Austin University o! Virginia. Legal Research Board Director. Computer Law Society Vice President Jennifer Knauth Lipinski, Austin Rcc University. Texas Law Rev.ew Managing Editor. Chancellor-at Large Terri Unsell Locfflcr, Austin; Un.versity of Texas at Austin Shari Louise Locssberg, Richardson; Georgetown University. Texas Law Review Note Editor. The Ranch Women s Auxiliary. Robert Joseph Looney, Austin. University of Texas at Austin. Teaching Quizmaster. Student Bar Association John Chris Luna, Houston. University of Iexas at Austin. Peregnnus Editor. Judges Cfc»b. Board of Advocates. Presidential Standing Committee Clark Elliot Lyda, Austin. Southwestern University, Board of Advocates John Edward Lynch, Houston; Baylor University. Student Bar Association. The Ranch Scott William MacLaren, Carrollton. University of Texas at Arlington. Texas International Law Journal Notes and Comments Editor. Board of Advocates. Phi Delta Phi I tonor Counc f. Albert Jones Mock Trial Semi finalist Mark Francis Mai, Houston. University of Notre Dame. Student Bar Assooaton. Board ol Advocates. The Ranch William Bradford Mange, Austin; Universily of Texas at Austin. Texas international l aw Journal, Board ol Advocates Russell Joe Manning, Austin; University ot Texas ol the Permian Basin. Texas Law Revew. Legal Research Board Chancellors Jennie Graham Marshall, Austin; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Teaching Qu zmaster.Phi Delta Phi. Rex William Martin, Houston; University of Texas at Austin. Phi Delta Phi, Assault and Flattery Dena Lynn Mathis, Alp ne. University ot Texas at Austin. Legal Research Board. Novice Mock Trial. Law Week Awards Committee Leslie L. Maurer, Kyte; University ol Houston. Computer Law Society Vice Presdent Secretary. Arlene Theresa McCarthy, New Orleans. La ; Barnard Coi'ege Trade Ann McFadden. Austin. University ol Texas at Austin. Michelle Amizetta McFaddin, Beaumont; University ol Chicago. Phi Delta Phi. Environmental and Natural Resources Law Society. Brian Thomas McLaughlin, San Angeo. University ol Texas at Austin — SeniorsJcntce Lee Meagher, Austin; Texas ASM University Randyl Scott Meiga, Austin; Southern Methodist University, Phi Delta Phi David Marshall Melline, Fort Worth; Texas A M University. Phi Delta Phi. Gregg Michael Miecke, Houston: University of Texasat Austin, Phi Alpha Delta, Real Estate Law Society. Zoo Ann Mielkc, Milwaukee. Wis.. Northwestern University. Teaching Quizmaster Daniel Abram Milewich; Dallas: University of Texas at Austin. Legal Resea ch Board. Rex Clark Mills, San Angelo; University of Texas at Austin. Texas International Law Journal. Preston Lee Mitchell, Auslin; Brigham Young Unverstly. Melinda Ann Mora, El Paso; University of Texas at El Paso. Christine Marie Mullen; Austin; Un-versity of Notre Dame. Phi Delta Phi. Royal Lynn Mullins, Austin; East Texas Slate University. Rhonda Jean Neben, Fort Worth; Texas A M University. Seniors — 93 VaclMnCic ly Brenda Nedd, Brooklyn. N Y ; John Jay College. Women s Law Caucus Vice President. Legal Resea-ch Boa'd. Thurgood Ma'Shall Legal Sooety Anthony Jerome Nelson, Austin. University o! Maryland. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. Art and Entertanment Law Committee Secretary-Treasurer Brian Carol Newby, Fort Worth; Texas Tech University Keith Wayne Newman, Ausl n; Vanderbilt University Amy Ng, Austin; Un versity ol Texas at Aust n. Travis County Women Lawyers Association Colin Barry Osborne, San Anton o. Un versity ot Texas at Austn Therese Eve Painter, Austin. University of Texas at Austin, Texas Inte'natonaJ Law Journal Scholarly Publications Editor Ronald Joseph Palmer, Pampa; Texas Tech University. Gail Elaine Papermaster, Austin, University o( Texas at Austin. Texas Internatcnal Law Journal Articles Editor. Legal Research Board Assault and Flattery. Fortunato G. Paredes, Austn, Un versty ot Texas at Austin. Gina Ann Pastrano, Aust n; University ol Texas at Austin Gregory Erwin Pavlik, Austin, U S Air Fo'ce Academy. John McDaniel Pease, Huntsville University of Texas at Austin. Mock Trial Competitions. Board ol Advocates. Kappa Alpha Kappa. Bruce Philippe Perkine, Austin. Unive'Sity ol Texas at Austin Amy Jo Peterson, San Antonio; Texas A M University Mark Stephen Pfeiffer, San Antonio, University ol Texas at Austin. Hazard Journal ol Law and Pubhc Pobcy. Texas Federalist Society. Lawyers' Christ an Fellowship, intramural Sports, GearyBrice Moot Court. David Lynn Phillips, Spring. University of Texas at Aust n. Legal Research Board. Board ol Advocates. Lawyers' Christian FeUowsh p. Federalist Sooety, Assault and Flattery Lillian Lynette Phillips, Georgetown.Southwestern Un versity. Women's Law Caucus Secretary. American Journal ol Cnminal Law, Thurgood Marshal Legal Society. Stephen Lynn Phillips, Austin; University ol Texas at Aust n Sarah Bess Pierce, Dallas Trinity University. Phi Delta Ptv. Legal Research Board Jerry Dean Porter, Austin. Texas A M Unvers ty. Velva Lasha Price, Denver. Colo.. Colorado College. Honor Council. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society Melissa L. Priest, San Antonio. Southwestern University, Lawyers' Christian FeSowsh p. Juvenile Defense Ome. Randall Alan Pulman, San Antonio. University ol Texas at Austin. Review ol Legation. Board ol Advocates. Honor Council 94 — SeniorsEliot Dean Raffkind, Amarillo. University of Texasat Austin; Teaching Quizmaster Brad Rock Reagan, Austin. University of Texas at Austin. Roy James Rector, Austin; Pace College Ann Luckett Raynaud, Houston. Leu siana State University. Phi Delta Phi Rebecca Jan Rhyne, Fort Worth. Uriversity of Texas at Austin Milton H. Riemer, Austin; Concordia Seminary. Jerome Yoshio Roache, Wash ngton D C ; George Washington Uriversity. American Journal of Criminal Law. Phi Alpha Delta. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. Melinda Allien Roberts, Austin; Vassar College. Review of Litigation. Women's Law Caucus Daniel Glenn Routman, Mountain Brook. Ala.; University of Texas at Austin Charles Anthony Ruesink, San Marcos: Texas ASM University Angela Adrienne Sagers, Dallas. Cathol c University. Mock Trail. Andrea Mara Sargent, Edna; University of Texas at Austin. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society Secretary. Minorities Opportunities Committee. Appointments Committee. Honor Tribunal Stephen Wayne Sathar, Austin; Texas Lutheran College. Lawyers' Christian Fellowship. George Donald Schauer. Corpus Christi. Texas ASM University. Boa'd cf Advocates. Phi Delta Phi. Assault and Flattery. Gina Marie Scherer, Weatherford. University of Texas at Austin Board of Advocates. Phi Delta Phi, Mock Trial. Moot Court. Real Estate Law Society. Travis County Women Attorneys Robert J. Schneck, Austin; Cornell College. Joseph Robert Schneider Jr., George West; University of Texasat Austin. Michael David Schnltxer, San Antonio; Wha-ton School Williams Lance Schuler, Houston; University of Texas ai Austin. Royce George Scott. Perry ton; McMurry College Rush A. Selden, Austin; Rice University. Entertainment Law Committee Nancy Ann Shaw, Austin; Emory University. Women's Law Caucus. Real Estate Law Society William Lawrence Shirer. Austin; Umversityof Texas at Austin. Sheila C. Slevin, Austin; University of Texas at Austn. American Journal of Criminal Law. Assautt and Flattery. Legal Research Board, women's Law Caucus Seniors — 95Peter John Stover, Houston; Southern Method st University. Board ol Advocates Lisa Arnita Smith, Upper Marlboro. Md . I tarvard University. American Journal ol Criminal Law. Note and Comment Editor, Thurgood Marshall Legal Society, International Law Society. Intramural Sports Robert Ray Smith, Jr., Houston. Washington and Lee University. Texas International Law Journal Symposium Editor Stephen Blaine Smith, Dallas. R ce University. Lawyers Christian Fellowship. Texas Federalist Socety. Texas Law Forum. Board ol Advocates Stephen Ray Smith, Austin; Texas ASM University. Real Estate Law Society Tracey Linn Smith, Austin. Kanas State University Jose Luis Soria, San Antonio; University ol Texas at San Antonio. Chcano Law Students Association Paula Keyser Speck, Austin; Harvard University. Texas International Law Journal. Guanajuato Club. William Ross Spence, Houston. University ol Virgin a Donald W. Steele, Austin; University ol Texas at Austin, Texas Law Review Assocate Editor, Chancellorat Large Chris D. Stiff, Austin. Centra Missouri State University. James Alfred Stockard Jr., Dallas. Texas ASM University, Assault and Flattery. Intramural Sports SENIORS 96 — SeniorsSandra Jo Streeter, Palos Verdes Estates. Calif.. Howard University. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. National Lawyers GuW. Novice Mock Trial Charles Addison Sweet, Austin: Yale University. Texas Low Review Associate Editor. Chancellors Keeper ol the John Gregory Taylor, Houston; Texas ASM University. Texas Law Review Associate Editor. Board ot Advocates. Elizabeth Ann Teatom, Dallas; University ol Texas at Austin. Phi Delta Phi Michael Joseph Tomsu, Austn: University of Texas at Aust n. Intramural Sports. Intramural Council. Joint Degree Program. PhiDeltaPhi Geraldine Tucker, Austin. University of Texas at Austin. Board of Advocates. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society Hilda Quesada Valadez, Laredo: University of Texas at Austin. Kim Barbara Vernon, Austin; University of Texas at El Paso Brenda Ann Wade, Austin; Indiana University; Teaching Quizmaster. Travis County Women's Lawyers Association. William Hulse Wagner, San Antonio: Trinity University. Legal Research Board Director. Phi Delta Phi Darren Charles Walker, Houston. University of Texas at Austin, Student Bar Association. I aw Week Chairman. Tenure Committee. Fnar Society Tracy Lynn Walters, Wheeling. W.V.; University of Notre Dame. 803rd of Advocates Publicity Director Seniors — 97Robert Craig Warner, Austin, Texas Tech Unversity. Phi Delta Phi, Real Estate law Society Faye Denson Watson, Marshall, East Texas State University. Real Estate law Soocty. Women's law Caucus. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. Zcta Phi Beta Nancy Evelyn Weynand, Danas. Southern Methodist University. Board o( Advocates. Environmental and Natural Resources Law Soocty. Faculty-Student Committee-Standards Sarah Shelton White, Houston. University ol Texas at Austin. Shirley Dalcnc Whitehurst, Pecos; Baylor University David Jed Williams, Austin. University ol Texas at Austin. John Francis Williams, Austin, University of Texas at El Paso Stephen Juan Willis, Ausitn. University of Chicago. Phi Alpha Della. Thurgood Marshal Legal Society. Real Estate Law Society. David Bruce Wilson, Terrell; University of Texas at Austin. Lawyers' Christian Fellowship Mary Kathryn Wilson, Austin; Rcc Umvers-ty Matthew Clayborn Witt, Austin. Texas AAM Unversity. Review of Litigation. Todd Tracy Wong, San Antonio. Baylor University. Texas International Law Journal Executive Editor. Honor Council Charman, Student Bar Assooat on Vicki Brewster Wood, Austin; University of Texas at Austin. Texas Law Review Admmstrativc Editor. Legal Research Board Allison Massey Woram, Austin, Duke University Brian James Woram, Austin. Texas A M University. Texas Law Review. Phi Delta Phi Daniel Andrew Worsham, Austin; Texas Tech University. Legal Research Board Roger Gilbert Worthington, Austin; Un versity of Texas at Austin. Legal Aids, Environmental and Natural Resources Law Society. Darron Carleton YeldelL East Elmhurst. N Y . 8oston University. Thurgood Marsha Legal Society Mario Max Yzaguirre, Brownsvlle, University of Texas at Austin. Phi Delta Phi. Real Estate Law Socety First Vice President. Appo ntments Advisory Committee. State Bar Activities Planning Committee. Intramural Sports Cheryl Dianne Zompcr, Houston; University of Houston, SENIORS 98 — SeniorsDecember 1985 Graduates Not Photographed James T. Acuff Julia P. Forrester William J. Murray Kenneth Babcock Sarah B. Foster Anthony W. Neal Vicki L. Behrend Saul Gonzalez II Ronald G. Pearson Victoria L. Benitez Janessa Grady Walter W. Pfluger Cynthia A. Blackburn David S. Green Brenda N. Phillips Sandra N. Boone Mark C. Griege Maureen Powers David P. Boyce Margaret P. Griffey Antoinette L. Rahm Jon E. Brightmire Anthony C. Grigsby Virginia M. Raymond William C. Bryant Randy J. Hall Kathy J.Shwiff Donna L. Buell Irma D. Hernandez Robert P. Sindermann Jr. Lee Bukstein Larry E. Hilliard Lanny A. Sinkin John K. Burchett Philip T. Houser Scott C. Smith Guadalupe Canales Leslie M. Howe Jeffrey A. St. Clair Kathleen Capehart JohnR. Hurt Susan A. Stone Rosaelena V. Cardenas John K. Ivey Bonnie Sudderth Hector A. Casas Kenneth N. Jones Julia R. Sullivan Virginia A. Chaffee Mary E. Kelly Jaime E. ToroMonserrate Alfredo Chavez Debbie 1. Kleman Betty B. Torres Sarah C. Colbert Kevin F. Lee Gregory L. Valdespino Camille R Comeau Michael K. Lee Ruth J. Valtair Carlos J. Contreras Adan Martinez Kevin D. VanOort Rodolfo Cortez Jr. Fernando Martinez Patricia M. Vitch Paul M. Crane Francine Y.McNiel Deborah J. Watson Terri K. Eaton Margo E. Michels Bennie B. Williams Angela M. Eaves Kimberley Mickelson Franks. Williams Ignacio P. Estrada Zoe A. Mielke Thomas D. Williams Mark Fierro Cristopher P. Morgan Keith G.L. Wright Seniors —99Juan Francisco Aguilera. Eag'e Pass University ol Texas at Austin Robert Comer Alden, Austin University ot Texas at Austin Tito Hugo Alfaro. Laredo Rice University Patricia O'Connell Alvarez, Austin Un.versity ol Texas at San Antonio Thomas Ted Applewhite. Austin Trinity University Catherine Carlson Aronson. Austin Auburn University Barry Kevin Arrington, Austin University of Texas at Arlington Bonnie Austin, Austin University ot Texas at Austin Kelvin Leigh Barnes, Austin Andrews University Holly Barnett, Richardson Princeton University Gonzalo Joseph Barrientos, Austin University ol Texas at Austin Paige Carroll Beal, San Antonio Baylor University Beniamin Brett Beaty, Houston University of Texas at Austin Catherine Clare Bernhard, Houston University of Massachusetts Amherst Annette Irene Bernier, Austin Trinity University Michael Ray Berry, wtvtehouse University of Texas at Austin Karin Eve Bonicoro, Austin Un.versity of Texas at El Paso Martha Susanne Bonilla, CorpusChnsti Texas ASM University Traci Leigh Bransford, Houston University of Texas at Austin William Buchsbaum, Houston University of Pennsylvania Gregory F. Burch, Austin University of Washington Wayne Carl Byers, Sugar Land Rice Universily Michael Julian Byrd, Houston University of Texas at Austin Terry Marc Calvert, Houston Houston Baptist University M I D L A W 100— MidlawWalter Seth Campbell. Fort Stockton Texas AAM University Rosalinda E. Campos. Ausltn University ot Texas at Austin Carlos Martin Carrasco, fci Paso University ot Tcxas at El Paso David Casso, McAJen Baylor University St. James Gilpin Chambers, Austin North Carolina Central University Carla Elizabeth Charlton, Houston University ot Texas at Austin Matthew Warren Claman, Austin Colorado Coi ege Leslie Jean Clark, Austin Colorado State University William Jerome Clay. Auslm Universily ot Texas at Austin Merritt Albert Clements, San Antonio University ot Texas at Austin Andrew Joseph Cloutier, Duncanville University ot Dallas Aline Elizabeth Collum, Austin Mi saps College Renee Marie Colwill, Austin University ot Chicago Tom Scott Conrad. Austin University ot Texas at Dallas Melody Hartman Cooper, Corpus Christ) Corpus Chnsti State University Keith Alan Courtney, Texas City University ot Texas at Austin Charles McLay Craig, Beaumont University ot Texas at Austin Louis Farrell Crane Jr., Houston Austin College Susan Rathgcbcr Cuda, Austin University ol Dallas Kathleen Holtcrman Cull, SanAnlonio incarnate Word College William C. Cunningham. Austin University ol Texas at Austin John FitzGerald Curry. Houston University ol Texas at Austin Henry Miles Cutler III, Da as Duke University Peter Carmine D'Apice, Austin lona Coi ege Midlaw — 101John Alan Davis, Austin Southern MelhodSt University Robert Mark Davis. Austin University o! Texas at Austin Rosa Linda De La Cerda, New Braunfels Southern Methodist University Oscar De La Fuente Jr., San Benito University of Texas af Austin Lisa Elaine Des Rosiers, Austin Texas A M University Layne Adair Deutscher, Dallas University of Pennsylvania Darin Norris Digby, Austin University of Texas at Austin Claudia Louise Dorgan, El Paso University of Texas at El Paso Lisa Carol Dotin, San Anfomo Southern Methodist University Genevieve Elizabeth Doty. San Marcos Baylor University Sarah Elizabeth Dougharty, 8eaumont University of Texas at Austin William Denis Dugat III, Ezzell Texas A M University Deanne Ruth Durtee, Midland Austin College James William Dyer, Pharr Texas A M University Victoria Lea Eastus, Dallas Harvard University Deborah Ann Edmonds, Port Neches Lamar University Stephanie Emmons, Austin Austin Coiege Elaine Denise Engstrom, Dallas Texas A M University Sara Saltmarsh Evers, Austin Florida State University Laura Francis Faibish, Austin University of Texas at Austin Thomas Giles Farrier, Oklahoma City. Okla. Harvard University Thomas Joseph Forestier, San Antonio University of Texas at Austin Susan Elizabeth Foxworlh, Beaumont University of Texas at Austin Bradley Alan Friedman, Dallas University of Texas at Austin 102 —MidlawJohn Wilbur Galloway Jr., Beeville Texas A M University Anita Galvan, Edcouch Pan American University Joyce-Marie Garay, Dallas Yale University Richard Benjamin Geiger, Austin University of Texas at Austin Roberl Henry George, Austin University of Texas at Austin Floyd Thomas Getz, Austin Grove City College Jennifer J. Gilchrist, Austn Johns Hopkins University Cheryl Ann Godfrey, Amanlo University of Colorado Lisa Gonzales, Corpus Chnsti Yale University Deborah Kay Goodell, Austin Texas ASM University Lanalta Ann Goodlet, Austin Texas Tech University Susan Irene Goodman, Austin Southern Oregon Stale College Midlaw — 103M I D L A W Joseph Vincent Gote, Austin University ot Delaware Mattye Ann Gouldsby, Hooks University ot Texas at Austin Jonathan Park Graham, Austin Pitzcr Co»cgc David Alan Greenblatt, Dallas University of Pennsylvania Gary M. Grossenbacher, San Antonio University of Texas at Austin Linda Guadarrama, Seguin Un.versity of Texas at Austin Rosalinda Guerrero. San Antonio Texas Lutheran College Lars Gunnar Gustafsson, Austin University of Alabama Anne Lenoir Hamman, Houston Un.vers ly of Virginia Susan Jo Haney. Austin Un.versity of Texas at Austin Laura Eline Hannusch, Friendswood University of Texas at Austin Robert Lawrence Hargett. Plano University of Texas at Austin Ann Hartley, Austin Rice University Lisa Bounds Harwell, Austin University of Texas at Austin Sharia Sue Hays, Sherman University of Texas at Austin Timothy John Heinrich, Houston Washington University Sandra Kay Helm, Waco University of Texas at Austin Louis Edward Herrera, Albuquerque. N M. University ol Notre Dame Nelly Rosaura Herrera, Austin St Mary’s University Jack Bremer Hicks, Austin University of Virginia Cynthia Lynn Hill, Austin University ol Texas at Austin Mmam Eliza Hiser, Daias Wesleyan University Joan Dee Holland. Del Valle University ol Texas at Austin John Gregory Holloway, Dallas Roe University 104 —MidlawJames Louis Hordern Jr., Marshall Massachusetts institute o( Technology Marsha Ann Houston, Dallas University ol Texas at Arlington Jo Ann Howard, Texarkana Abilene Christian University James Gregory Hudson, Odessa University ol Texas at Austin Richard Lee Hunn, Round Rock University ol Texas at Austin Ronald Edward Ingalls. Austin Stephen F. Austin State University James Milford Itin, Austin University ol Texas at Austin Don Roger Janssen, Syracuse. Neb. University ol Nebraska Jean Thcrcse Janssen, Victoria Southwestern University David Bret Jeffus, Austin University ol Texas at Austin Benjamin David Joffee, Austin Tnmty University Cynthia Rosalie Johnson, Austin Southern Methodist University Dorothy Ann Johnson, Austin Texas A M University Letitia Claire Johnson, Beaumont Lamar University William James Jonas III, San Antonio Wash gion and Lee University William Owen Juvrud, El Paso University ol Texas at Austin David Joseph Kaplan, Austin University ol Texas at Austin Karen Lynn Kellctt, Menrietto Texas ASM University Charles Scott Kinzel, Austin Texas A M University at Galveston Mitchell Reed Kreindler, Dallas University ol Texas at Austin Erica Lee Krennerich, Austin Texas A M University Katly Karlenc Kruger, Cuero Texas A M University Bonner Anderson Kyle, Houston Dartmouth College Trann L. Lackey, Portland Texas A M UniversityGeorge Terry Lee, Dallas Carieton College Theodora Rochelle Lee, Dates Speiman College Kent Mason Leediker, Austin Southwestern University Monica Lynn Letter, Plano Brigham Young University Robert Don Lohbeck, Houston New Mexico State University Lucinda Marie Lopez, Corpus Christi University ol Texas at Aust« Lisa Katheryn Lord, Austin Fisk University Sarah Crittenden Lord, Fort Worth University ol Texas at Austm Jose Angel Lujan, Aushn University of Buenos Aires Forrest Dean Lumpkin, Aust University ol Texas at San Antonio Pascual Madrigal Jr., Austin University ot Texas at Austin Stephen Claiborne Mah8fley, Spring University ol Texas at Austin Russell Wayne Malm, Lylord University ol Texas at Austin Roger L. Mandel, Austin University ot Texas at Austin Jorge Ariel Mariscal, Austin Southern Methodist University James Edward Masek, Arlington University of Texas at Arhngton Timothy Jon Mattson, Austn Iowa State University Jeffrey Lang Maurice, Fort Worth University ol Texas at Austin Catherine Anne Mauzy, Austin University of Texas at Austin Jane Elizabeth McDonald, La Porte Rice University Michael Scott McDonald, Austin University ol Texas at El Paso Mary McGarity, Gonzales Trinity University Gavin Hugh Mclnnis, Austin University ol Houston Linda Ruth Meltzer, Dallas BrandeiS University 106 — MidlawDavid Elliott Miller, Des Moines. Iowa University of Texas at Austin Behrooz Moghaddam, Ausln University of Wisconsm Madison Michael Anthony Morell, McAllen University of Texas at Austin Gloria Elisa Moreno, Houston University of Texas at Austin Tonya Lynn Moten, Las Vegas. Nev University of Pennsylvania John Todd Muir, Wichita Fals Texas Christian University Susan Renee Musel, El Paso Miami University Diana Navarro, Austin Laredo State University Cheryl Nelson, Grover Texas Tech University Lisa Jean Neumann, Aransas Pass University of Texas at Austin Judith Ellen Northcutt, McAllen University of Texas at Austin John HaleO'Herren, Friendswood Sam Houston State University James Joseph Ormiston, Austin St. Mary's University Paul David Palmer, Kingsville Harvard University Clay David Peebles, Austin Texas Christian University Karen Harder Pennington, Pflugervile West Texas State University Richard Dale Penry, Austin Sam Houston State University Roger Anthony Perez, San Antonio University of Texas at Austin Henry August Petri, Austin Rice University Hal Fleming Pickett, San Antonio St Mary's University Kip Underhill Poe, Sweetwater University of Texas at Austin John Kenneth Popham, Georgetown Texas Christian University Jeffrey Brent Pownell, Houston Baylor University Bruce Everett Priddy, Plano University of Texas at Austin Midlaw 107David Colwell Pritchett, Austin Oral Roberts University Evelyn Jean Pulliam, Houston Southern Methodist University Judy Ponder Qadim'asil, Austin Speiman Coege David Jim-Mun Quan, Houston University ol Texas at Austin Elsa Yvette Ransom, Houston Indiana University Eric John Frederick Rcdwinc. Burleson Dartmouth College William Thomas Reeder Jr„ Austin Univer ly ol Texas at Austin Stephen Conrad Reid III, Friendswood Texas A M Un versity Sharon Diane Reuler, Danas University ol Texas at Austin Carole Louise Riggs. Austin Texas A M University Robert Louis Riley, El Paso University ol Texas at El Paso Edward Steven Riquelmy, Houston Rice University Sherry Lynn Roberts. Midland Texas Tech University Hector Robert Rodriguez, Austin Urwersity ol Texas at Austin Ramon Serafin Rodriguez Jr., McAllen University ol Texas at Austin Xavier Rodriguez, San Antonio Harvard University Charles Leonard Rolf, Houston Wesleyan University Vicki Brown Rowan, Austin East Carolina University James Patrick Ruiz, San Antonio University ol Texas at San Antonio Patrick Russell. Austin Pan American University Jaime Arturo Saenz, Roma University ol Texas at Austin Rafael Salas. El Paso University of Texas at EiPaso Travis James Sales, Houston University ol Texas at Austin Gloria Magdalena Salinas. Mesquite Howard Payne University ms — MidlawSuzanna Odette Sanchez, Dallas University ot Texas at Arlington Felicia Morrine Sanov, Gladewaler University ol Da las James Edwin Saunders, Lockhart Hardin Simmons University Thomas Gardner Savage, Austin Southern Methodist University Lisa Deann Schatruth, Austin University of Texas at Austin Lauri Janet Schneidau, Austin University of Texas at Austin John Ray Shepperd, Austin University of Texas at Austin Marc Tiller Shivers, Austin Brown University Larry Leigh Shosid, Dallas University of Texas at Austin David Alton Sibley, Houston Rice University Norma Angelica Sierra, El Paso University of Texas at Cl Paso Stephen Russell Simmons, Austin North Carolina State University Mary Esther Slay, Duncanv lic University of Texas al Austin Doris Virginia Smith, Austin University of Chicago Gregory Duane Smith, Austin Baylor University Keith Marlow Sorge, Austin University of Northern Colorado Emily Ann Stacy, Richardson University of Texas at Austin Charles Frank Stanfield, Plano University of Texas at Austin Barbara Diane Stansfield, Austin Rice University David Paul Stanush, Austin University of Texas at Austin John Marfc Stern, Hutto University of Texas at Austin Rita Jean Stevens, Wichita Falls Midwestern Slate University Patrick Francis Sullivan, Austin Miami University Johnny Keane Sutton, Houston University of Texas at Austin Midlaw 109Edward Waller Swanson, Austin Clarkson College Marc Whitman Taubenfeld, Dallas Duke University Stewart Hyer Thomas. Dallas University of the South James Connor Thompson, Austin University of Dallas Jerry Dale Threet, Austin University of Texas at Austin Carleen Celeste Tindell, Austin Rice University Martin Glenn Torres, El Paso University of Texas at Austin Robin Beth Toubin, Brenham University of Texas at Austin Matthew Lindsay Trevena, Austin Ancona State University Alex Stephen Trevino, Austin University of Texas at Austin Elizabeth Bosworth Ulmer, Houston Williams College Helen Oonely Valkavich, Austin Trinity University Michael Wayne Vanderburg, Powderty Texas ASM University Emery Lawrence Vincent, Port Arthur Baylor University Greg Alan Waldrop, Lamesa University of Texas at Austin Michael Jerry Watts, Port Arthur University of Texas at Austin David Weinberg, Austin University of Texas at Austin Michael Owen Weinberg, Seabrook University of Texas at Austin Jefferson William Wigley, Houston University of Texas at Austin Anthony Wilson, Austin Temple University Lawrence Paul Wilson, Austin Lubbock Christian College Jennifer Lynn Wimpey Austin University of Iowa Harlin Clyde Womble Jr., Austin Texas A l University John Futrell Wombwell, Lexington, Ky University of Kentucky MO —MidlawMidlaw—111FRESHLAW Mary Amelia Abbott, Houston Emory University Gustavo L. Acevedo, Laredo Rice Universily Charles Vincent Akins, El Paso University of San Diego Phillip Lee Allbritten, Dallas Oklahoma Slate University A. Boone Almanza, Austin Houston Baptist University Eric Amoako, West Africa University of Ghana Daniel Mel Anderson, Austn St. Olaf College Lisa Denise Anouilh, Houston University of Texas at Austin Paul Issac Aronowrtz, Austin University o( Texas at Austin Betty Ruth Arvin, Fort Worth Texas Christian University Kathryn Sabrina Austin. Austin University of Virginia Thomas Mitchell Bacon, Arlington Northeast Louisiana University Matthew Royden Bair, Houston Trinity University Richard Guy Baker, Anahuac University of Texas at Austin Timothy Herman Bannwolf, San Antonio Georgetown University David Gregory Barbutti, San Angelo Universily of Texas at Austin Edward Mark Barcus, Austin Austin College Elizabeth Emily Barlow, Austin University ol Delaware Joan Theresa Barnes, Austm Duke University James Rex Barnett, Austin Austin College Bruce Joseph Barron, Austin University of Texas at Austin Samuel Earl Bassett, San Antonio University of Texas at Austin John Davis Bedingfield, Garland University of Texas at Dallas Paul Edward Begala, Austin University of Texas at Austin 12 — Fresh lawJean Bell, Beaumont University of Texas at Austin William Stephen Benesh, Austin University of Texas at Austin Kurt Jesse Berney, Austin University of Arizona Gisela Rosanna Blohm, Houston Rice University Michael Lyle Bloomston, Birmingham. Ala University of Texas at Austin Kathryn Jean Boccella, Houston University of Texas at Austin Candice Elaine Bocock, Austin University ot Virgne Roger Blane Borgelt, Austin University ot Texas at Austin Gerald Vincent Bright, Dallas University ot Texas at Austin Kenneth Chaim Broodo, Dallas Universiiy of Texas at Austin Jonetta Lyn Brooks, Garland East Texas Slate University Chuck Ragan Brown, Pasadena University ol Texas at Austin Diane Lee Brown, Austin University of Texas at Arlington Jo-Christy Brown, Austin Texas Tech University Daniel Matthew Burns, Austin Oklahoma State University Gerry Mitchell Caffey, Austin Abilene Christian University Simone Bridgette Capers, Houston Gramblmg State University Glenn George Capps, Austin University of Texas at Austin Paul David Carmona, Dallas Princeton University Veronica Marie Carmona, Dallas Pnnccfon University Albert Acuna Carrion, Austin Univeisity of Texas at Austin Jeffrey Lynn Carter, Austin University of Texas at Austin Lynn Ellen Carter, San Marcos Texas Tech University James Henry Cheatham, Killeen Northeast Missouri State University Frcshlaw— 113Chris Alan Choate, Austin Baytor University John Daniel Christian, Austin University of Texas at Austin Peter Ian Clarke, Austin Liverpool Polytechnic Robert Kent Clay, Searcy. Ark. Harding University Scott Monroe Clearman, Austin Southwestern University Charles Buren Cliett Jr., Austin Miss ssippi State University John Robert Cohn, Fort Worth University of Texas at Austin Daniel Kevin Connolly, Houston Trinity University Geoffrey Scott Connor, Winters Southwest Texas State University Celestina Lopez Contreras, Austin University of Texas at San Anton o Mary Jean Cowherd, Aust n Un vers ty of Southern California Jordan Wade Cowman, Austin University of Texas at Austin Bias Jimenez Coy Jr., Auslm University of Texas at Austin Robert Randall Crane, McAllen University of Texas at Austin Joel Norris Crouch, Denton Southern Methodist University Catherine Anne Crowley, San Antonio Southern Methodist University Sarajane Cuthbertson, Austin Oklahoma State University Christopher Michael Daniels, Miwaukee. Wis. University of Wisconsm Mad son Micky N. Das, Houston University of Texas at Austin Susan Lynn Davenport, Richardson University of Texas at Austin Etta Mae Davidson, Galveston University of St Thomas Elizabeth Anne Davis, Austin Capital University Joanna Kay Davis, Cleburne Texas Christian University Veronica De La Garza, El Paso Texas Tech University 114 — KreshlawMargaret Ann Donahue, Austr University of Wisconsin Randall Craig Doubrava, Austin University of Texas at Austin Michael B. Doyle, Houston University of Texas at Austin David Erwin Dunham, Fort Wort’; Vanderbilt University Scott Anthony Durtee, Lewisville University of Texas at Austin Mark Neil Earle. Austin Southwest Texas State University Deece Eckstein, San Antonio St Mary's University Mark George Einfalt. Round Rock University of California. Santa Barbara Martha Ellen Eisenlohr, Dallas Duke University Kathy Lynn Eltett, Austin University o! Texas at Austin Kathleen Chrisly Engel, Northampton. Mass. Smith College Michael Joseph Fadus, Austin Boston University Armando Falcon Jr.. Austin Harvard University L. Brent Famey, Pflugerville Southwestern University John Stewart Fason, Houston University ot Texas at Austin Flora Ann Fearon, 8ay Shore. N.Y Queens College Rachel Ann Fefer, Houston North Texas State University Mary Alice Fejfar, Austir Washington University James Warren Fields, Port Arthur Lamar University Luis Enrique Fierros. Austin University of Texas at San Antono Kari Elizabeth Findley. .akeCharles. La. Rice University Jaime Luis Flores, Laredo University of Texas at Austin Adrienne Melanie Friedman, Austin University of Texas at Austin Fred Eric Fryar, Midland University of Arizona Frcshlaw 115FRESHLAW Joseph Ernest Fults, Nacogdoches Stephen F Austin State Unvers ty Patrick Eugene Gaas, Rosenberg Texas A M University Irene Navin Gajjar, Plano University of Americas Raymond Edward Gallaway, Somerset Texas ASM University Elena Martinez Gallegos, Austin University of Northern Colorado William Bernell Gammon, Austin University of Texas at Austin Jennifer Anne Gehrt, Austin Austin College Shannon Gilbert, Fort Worth Vanderbilt University David Lynn Giles, Missouri City Southwestern University Ann Marie Gill, Houston University of Texas at Austin Stephen Matthew Gilmore. Segum Arkansas PolytecnnicafUniversity Amelia Louise Gocial, Austin University of Texas at Arlington Glen Martin Green, Amarillo Southern Utah State College Tracy Greer, Houston Brown University John Graham Greytok, Houston University ol Texas at Austin Carl Daniel Gustafson, Austin University of Texas at Austin Patricia Funderburke Hagen, Houston North Texas State University Janet Kay Haldeman, Dallas Georgetown University Jon Lawson Hall, Friendswood University ol Texas at Austin Sylvia Fay Hardman, Mt Clemens. Mich. University of Michigan Bryan Keith Harris, Corpus Christi Baylor University Milton Scott Heath, Austin New Mexico State University James Todd Hedgepeth, Austin Texas A M University Charles Minor Helm, Waco University of Texas at Austin 6 — FrcshlawFreddie Hernandez, QolRio University of Texas at Austin Robert Hernandez, San Antonio University of Texas at Austin Bruce Conrad Herzog, Austin Yate University Erik Gustaaf Heymann, Houston Rice University Kay Allison Higgins, Austin Texas A M University Mark Hallie Holland, Austin University of Texas at Dallas Mary Lise Hooks, Kfngwood Harvard College Barbara Ann Horan, Greenville Southwestern University Richard Alexander Houston, Austin Unvorsity of Texas at Austin Frederick George Howard Jr., Austin Stanford University John Loring Howard Jr., Houston Baylor University William Russell Hubbarth, Aust n University of Texas at Austin D. Craig Hughes, Houston Rice University Sheri Louise Hull, Austin University of Florida Carolyn Hurt. Dallas Southern Methodist University Dallas Bruce Hutton, Houston Houston Baptist Un versity Par Birger Jansson, Austin University of Houston Andrew Leon Jefferson, Houston University of Texas at Austin Carol Ann Jenson, Pearland University of Texas at Austin John Wayne Johnson, Austin Lou isiana State Un versity Richard J. Joseph, Dallas Oxford University Jeannie Anita Kaess, Austin University of Connecticut Lowell Adams Keig, Plano Tnnily University Amy Keith, Austin Colorado College Fresh law — 117Ruth Moore Kclleher, San Antonio Vanderbilt University Alison Diane Kennamer, Nacogdoches Rice University Resa Jo Kerns, Austin Kanasa State University Jamie Sheffield King, Fort Scott. Kan University ol Kansas Steven George King, Austin University ol Notre Dame Solace Huntington Kirkland, Houston Smith Colege Lisa De Long Klapp, Austin University ol Texas at Austin Susan N. Koegel, Belhesda. Md Miami University Jerry Van Kyle Jr.. Houston Colorado College Mary Miles Landrum, McAllen Southern Methodist University Daniel McNeel Lane Jr.. Austin Columbia College John Henley Langmore, San An Ion o University o Texas at Austin Christopher Mark Laskay, Georgetown Baylor University Sharon Marie Lawrence. El Paso University ol Denver Jill Anne Lawrie, San Angelo University ol Texas at Austin Karyn Mimi Lee, Richardson University o' Texas at Austin Tamara Liane LeFevre, Houston Southern Methodist University Susan Ellen Leonard, Downers Grove. Ill University of Illinois Robert Charles Lindley, Dallas University ol Texas at Austin Frederick Douglas Lofton, El Cerrito. Calf. University ol Caiilorma, Berkeley Jeffrey Kayne Logan, Austin University ol Texas at Austin Lynnellc Loke. Austin University ol Houston — Clear Lake Thomas Fredrick Loose, Da as Rice University Leticia Lopez, Edinburg 3an American University FRESHLAW IX — Fresh lawGretchyn Ernst Lubkeman, Georgetown Harvard University Stephen Walter Macnoll, Dallas University of Texas at Austin Kathleen Derks Mahoney, Austin University of Kansas Irene Manautou, Brownsville University of lexas at Austin Sharon Lynn Mansfield, New Braunfels Louisiana Tech University Donald Hudgins McClure, Sugar Land Texas ASM University James P. McCollom Jr., Beeville Duke University John Bruce McDonald, College Station University of Texas at Austin Cary Lee McDougal, Sherman Baylor University Charles Edward Meacham, McAllen University of Texas at Austin Kevin James Meek, Dallas Texas ASM University Robin Beth Meyer, Aust n University of Texas at Dallas Melvin E. Mills, Austin St. Edward's University Debra Ann Molock, Mabank East Texas State University Julia Frances Moore, Austin University of Texas at Austin Thomas Peter Moore, Kingwood Stanford University Gregory J. Morris, Austin University of Nevada — Las Vegas Brenda Sue Moseley. Harlmger University of Texas at Austin Kirsten Julie Murphy, Austin Texas ASM University Claudia Nadig, San Antonio Smith College M. Steve Nagle, Austin University of Flonda Martin John Navarro, San Antonio University of Texas at San Antonio Donald West Neal Jr., Austin U S. Air Force Academy Elizabeth Negron, Ausfm University of Texas at Austin — 119 FrcshlawPaul Kenneth Nesbitt, Dallas Rice University Sabra Camille Newell, San Antonio Umvcfsity of Texas at Austin Robert Hiroshi Nichols, Aust ) Oho State University Shari Lynn Nichols, Austin University of Texas at Austin Erieigh Norville, Kaufman Texas Tech University Thomas Clark O'Bannon, Austin University of Oklahoma Robert Daniel O'Conor, Laredo University of Texas at Austin Peter Graham Olson, Newtown. Conn. Rice University Randall Carroll Owens, Austin University of Texas at Austin Theodore William Paris, Austin Corpus Chnsti State University John Christopher Partridge, Houston University of Texas at Austin Maury Isaac Passman, Austin University of Texas at Austin George Howard Pazdral, Austin University of Texas at Austin Michael Anthony Pearle, Richardson University of Texas at Austin Stanley Hopkins Peavy III, Graham St Mary's University Thomas Craig Pelto, Austin University of Michigan Joel Perez, Laredo University of Texas at Austin Michael Ray Perkins, Austin Abilene Christian University Neal Philip Pfeiffer, Austin University of Texas at Austin Robert Lee Pitman, Fort Worth Abilene Christian University Leon Aryeh Polott, Houston Oberlm College Susan Margaret Ponce, Arlington University of Texas at Arlington Karra Jean Porter, Scranton. Kan Kansas State University Sherie Marie Potts, Houston University of Texas at Austin FRESHLAW 120 — Frcshlaw Mary Catherine Powell, Austin University ol Texas at Austin James Arthur Price Jr., Austin University ot Texas at Austin Lance Alan Price, Dallas University of Texas at Austin Matthew Brian Probus, Plano University of Texas at Austin Michael Maurice Probus Jr., Austin University of Dallas Bonnie Marion Prosser, San Anton© University of Texas at Austin Mark Charles Prugh, Austin U.S Mlitary Academy Bart Norval Pruitt, Lubbock Lubbock Christian College Brian Anthony Quintero, Houston Rice Un.versity Kathleen Quiroz, San Antonio Yale University Beverly Gayle Reeves, Austin University of Texas at Austn Michael David Reyna, San Antonio Trinity University Michelle Elaine Robberson, Austin University of Texas at Austin William Edward Robbins, Austin East Texas State University Deborah Lynne Robertson, Aust© University of Texas at Arlington Katherine Alice Robinson, Kingston. N Y SUMY at Buffalo Laur8 Rose Robinson, Danas Wheaton Coliege Carol Rodriguez, Austin Yale University Luther James Rollins, St Lou s. Mo. University of Chcago Marica Elaine Romberg, Austin University of Texas at Austin Susan Romo, Austin St Mary 's University Martha Mary Rose, Austin Texas ASM University Esther Rose Rosenblum. Austin University ol Texas at Austin Robert Jay Rosemblum, Austin Universily of Blinois Frcshlaw— 121Abraham Isaac Rubinsky, Brownsville University of Texas at Austin John Gevan Russell, Austin University of Delaware Jay Kevin Rutherford, Knox City Texas Tech University Gina Lee Schaar, Dallas University of Virginia Dean Aaron Schaffer, Austin Baylor University Cynthia Ann Schnedar, Austin University of New Mexico Robert F. Schneider Jr., Austin University of Texas at Austin Holty Joy Schreier, Fort Worth Duke University Debbie Michelle Scott, Memphis. Tenn Princeton University Joseph Bruce Scrafford, Austin Montana Stale University Jeffery Janar Shaver, Lmdale Baylor University Jonathan Alan Siegel, San Antonio University o? Texas at Austin Deri Diane Smith, Austin University of Texas at Austn Joshua Alexander Smith, Grand Prairie Southern Methodist University Kent Royce Smith, Austin Abilene Christian University Robert Ted Smith Jr.. Houston University of Texas at Austin Todd Alan Smith, Bedford Southern Methodist University Sharon Elizabeth Sneed. Coleman Texas ASM University Lauren Kay Specht, Marion Texas ASM University Kyle Dedrick Stallones, Tombell Texas ASM University Frank Rodrick Stamey, Abilene McMurry College Faith Sheila Steinberg, Austin Radcliife College Mark Mayfeild Stetler, San Antonio Baylor University Susan Leslie Strawn, Houston P inceton University FRESHLAW 122 — FrcshlawSteven Mark Stricklin, Pasadena University o' Texas at Austin Russell Whitfield SuHivan. Austin Baylor University Ronald Lawrence Sussman. Dallas Universityof Texas at Austin Enn Elizabeth Sweeney, Austin University of Texas at Austin Holly Suzanne Taebel, Arlington University of Texas at Austin Marlin Scott Tate, Tampa. Ha Furman University Micheal Terry Tatum, Odessa University of Texas at Austin Laurie Maniotis Taylor, Siephenville Tarleton State University Raymond Lawrence Thomas, Presidio St Mary's University Susan Kay Thompson, Austin Texas Christian University Katherine Kay Thomson, Austin Texas ASM University Polly Thorne, Austin Austin College Catherine Tinker, Houston Universityof Texas at Austin Mark Blair Toubin, Austin Emory University Gary Allen Touchstone, Houston Texas ASM University Gisela Danette Triana, Helotes University of Texas at San Antonio Mark Thomas Troutman, Austin Abilene Christian University Michael Joseph Tucker, Austin University of Texas at Austin Tracy Neil Turner, Great Bend, Kan Kansas State University Margaret Freda Uhlig, Austin Benedictine College David Dirck Van Tassel Jr., Austin University of Texas at Austin Paul Christian Velte IV, Fort Worth North Texas State University John Edward Vick Jr., Austin Tarleton State University Hermes Villarreal, McAllen Pan American University Fresh law 123Gregory Lee Vint, Houston Rice University Guy Irvin Wade III, Houston University ot Texas at Austin Jeffrey Louis Wade, Austin University of Texas at Austin Darcel Walker, Dallas Prame View A M University Geri Renee Walker, Temple University ol Texas at Austin Mary Judith Walker, Austin Western Maryland Co”ege Laurie Ann Weiss, Austin University ot Kansas Ronnie Dewayne Wesley, KiBeen Baylor University Bruce Terrill Wieder, Austin Cornett University Stephen Gerard Wilcox, Amar.llo Texas Tech University Edward LaPorte Wilkinson Jr., Austin Georgetown University Angela Fay Williams, Virgma Beach Va. University ol Virginia Rosemary R. Williams, Austin Texas Tech University Nelda Louise Wilson, Alice University of Texas at Austin Russell Park Wilson, Dallas Rice University Renee Wittlif, Richmond Houston Baptist University Lawrence Leonard Woodman III, Robstown Corpus Christ! State University Richard Baskin Word, Aust n University ot Texas at Austin Roslyn Rhunette Wright, Austin Lincoln Unversity Janice Suzanne Young, Spring Texas Tech University FRESHLAW Loye Wayne Young Jr., Austin University ol Texas at Austin Donna Patricia Zinke, Conroe University ol Texas at Austin 124 — h'rcshlawAh, to be a freshlaw again. As these pictures show, the freshlaw year is the best year of your life. Who could forget the parties, first year exams, the memos and briefs, the late hours, and most importantly. the friends that you make. This page is dedicated to the freshlaw experience. 126 — FreshlawINDEX ADS Index Ads— 127A 1986 Peregrinus Yearbook Index Abbott Mar, Ameta 112 Board o' Artrecetr 30 Coter . Buddy 84 Acevedo. Octavo looped Oobbrtt Phap Chase 60 CoMn AlnrFUabath ». 101 Acosta Sytasaf 33 Boctela. Kathryn Jean 113 Cota Renee Marc 101 Acltates Boccck,C ndceFtarr 113 Conner Jeffrey Martin 30.37. 48.87 Adamson Money 37.84 Boechman Jimrs Watece 5.52.86 Centro ,. Dante Keen 114 Ag uteri Jam F rarvcnco flotire . Draws Connor Grey re. Seen 114 Af cm. Carahyn florae. Karen Pallcn 32.47.56 Conrad. Tens Scott 101 AkfiA Chart: Veecnl 33.112 Bctesam. Lour Kart 86 Contreras Cteattma Lopej 114 AUtcon. Gjbermc 37 Boncoro. Karts Fvc . 55.100 Coo T rvwrt 87 AlJavc Barbara A Bcnha Martha S.Aarre 100 Cocke. Candace Orattete 29. 87 AW . Robed Comet S3 100 Borne. Sardra ha-wser . 86 CooL Mar, Jare 83 Ataman. 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Davd A 60 Breves Dane Lee 55.113 CuauMl.Lda 78 Arderscn. Gwyn 78 Blown JoChnsty 55,113 Cuda. Susan Ralhgrtar 101 Argln. Money Jjslre 86 Brown. Sharon Cerate 54.87 Cul Kalhtaen McLleiman 101 AnonVt.Liu Demse Brown. Vrvsan Ojrrb»rlin.) U« luel Shawn 87 Them Tod 34.100 BrJI. IteddM. 61 Cunrsngham Wdam 58 Aten . Debts 79 Rjchstajrs. 'Warn Cunrsngham. Wteam C Anted. Dana fac 83 Bu ord. Kevin Ardrew Cur cay. Davd Scott 87 AtomwK, F'oJ hay 112 Bur S-rrctie M 87 Cuny. John F ilhgrvaW Aromcn. Calhetne Carlton 47.100 Bortach. Fdward Donald ..... 51.87 114 A nrgtoo. Batty Kevn 100 Botch Gregory Franc«. 53,103 101 Arwn, Belt, ftjlh AaftMxr. MaA A n .fred Assaon red Flattery Airttn. Bonnie Ajslrn Kathryn Sabrna B Baade. Man W. 112 79 76 .. 26.29 100 54 112 CO Bum Dane!Matthew Boma.FredenchWrsghl Bum . Margaret Ann Budcn MaryA Byers Waytw Carl Byrd. Mchtael J Jsan c Cabalteo. Ja n Bee. no 8.87 5187 78 51,100 100 87 D Cabney.Dan Dahls trem. W4tem Stephen Dante . Chrnlophte Michael Danlhler.Eva Jean. 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Fliary. Lbnn W, li ....... Fore la . TTsomas Jooeph ro . Rebecca ............. foitworth. Susan EuK r Fraodman. Jack........ .... F reetesd. Jcage Lockwood_ f woman. Urn Mo .. Freahtew . F redman. Adrcnne Uctanc Fredmwrv Bi» r, Ate) Frte»ri is,JoelW Fradman. Math Ftodnarav Andrew OmVophet Fryoi.FredErc.......... F Jt Joseph Ernes I F utMtmvs. Tais ...... G Gaav Palrck Eiugene 116 Gas car. Irene Mavw 116 Gaiaghrr.A 88 (tetaway. Raymond F dward J te lego Pelc Pen 89 Galegos.ElenaMadreh 116 Galo.CavdJuV » Gatowo, John Wtojr Jr ICO Gahan. An.u 04 ICO Gamrrcn W om B»r-e4 116 Garay Joyce Mir 37. ICO Gate . Letcu .78 Gate a. Vo , 42 Garten. Tred L 29. 47. iA 89 Garrett. Joanne He 55 Garimran. John Fad 88 Gar . Dcrsnn ...... 3J Gatta. VcOsva eti Octet jeeevler Anm 42. H6 ( »je»Rchard Beeyamn 1(» Courge Robed Monty 47.103 Gorber. 1 femes Loswl Get gen, Mars P 61 Gel . Floyd Tfcrras 103 Gtescn WOam W Gterl.Shamcn il« G-teval. Jeemtor J Gie . OawdLynn 36 37.116 .... 62 84 .. .115 ... 102 2 115 15HI .... 115 ....10? 115 5 .115 30,54 W 36 115 3M15 115 .....115 63 115 66 .86 115 . .44 « .....102 .....36 10? 44 44.86 44. 66 .. 112124 .... 115 47.102 63 37 56.86 115 .116 40 128 —IndexG . Arm Mar 3 116 Hardman, Sylvia Fay. 54.116 G more. Stephen lAstthcw . 116 Ha'gelt. Robert Lawronco 104 Grftner.Magge 34 Darkness, Cyntho Lynno 90 G menoz. Paul Lorenzo 38 54.89 Harr« uu Chris. 84 Gimm.Oona . S» Hams. Bryan Keth .116 Ge.wEiwi 8? Kirns. Manon 62 Cooal AmeTo Lojco 116 Hartley. Arm 104 Godfrey Cheryl Ann 103 Hartman. Gary 79 Gaeizke Kenneth H Jr 90 Harwell Leo Jo Boerds 56. 104 Goldberg. L sa Ann . 51,90 Hathaway. Anna Kathehne 90 GoWen Garrett Koppe 90 Mays, Sharia Sue 1« GoWsten. Dav«) Snotl .52.90 Hoyo. ThcmaoRay .. .. 30.45.90 Golrnar. Mark Edward. 90 Hazel. J. Patrick 64 Gonzaios Anna Else bet .103 Heard, Pad Ocwgias 30.90 Gonzalez, Anna 51 Heath. M.ltonScolt ... 116 Gonzalez, Rene Wane faro 90 Hedgepeth James Todd . 116 Goode. Steven. 64 H enrich. Tmattiy John .. 46.10 Grxxtnfi, r !tx».»h Kiry. 103 Honzeiman, Susan , ..76 Gooden. Loti 83 He n. Charles Mmor . 116 Goodie!, Lanalte Ann ...34.103 Helm, Sandra Kay . 104 Goodman. Susan kene . ..100 Hernandez. Frcddio 35.37. 117 Goodwin. AJa 82 Hernandez. Robert 117 Gole. Joseph Vincent 35.104 Herndon. JamesMchaet SC Gott. Gary 79 Herrera. Lou»s Edward Jr ... KM Gojidsby. Matty Ann ..104 Herrora. Nc y Rooouro 104 Graglia. Jonathan Pork 53.104 Herring Bane Sfophano SO Grasso. Ferdnande 51,90 Hersh. Susan Bdh 90 G-oen. GJon Martn ... 116 Herzog. Bruon Conrad .117 Green. Jesse Joseph 52 53.90 Hess. Myron II 53 GrnenUatt, Davrt AJan .. .53.104 Hermann ErkGusloof 117 Greer, Tracy ..116 Hicks, Uack8remcf. 104 Greytok, John Graham . 118 Higgins, Kay Alison . 117 G-isham. Pam B2 Hil Cyntho Lynn 55.104 Gross. Sharon Lynetle 90 H4, James Everett ...CO Grooeonbacher. Gary M 101 Hit nger. Wgnd .65 Guber. Kurt .37 Hiacr, Mniom Eliza 46. 101 Goadarrama.Linda 104 Hill. Dwayne 42 Guerrero, Rosalinda 104 HobO1 . Paul Witlam 91 Gura. RuthOlen 90 Hocpkcn. Mark) 82 Gustafson. Cart Oamri . ... 116 Hogsett. Joseph Pad . 91 Gusta’sson Lars Gurwar 53.104 Hogue. Boh 51 Holden. US3 Gayo 51.91 i-:oiand. Joan Dee ...104 H Hoiand. Maik Halie 117 Holoway,John Gregory Ho . Kevin Wayne 104 91 Hon ,n 4sh«sn. Edgar A 91 Hac'Jor, Karen 34 Hooks MaiyLise. ..117 Hagen. Patricks Fundecberko 116 Horon. Barbara Ann .117 Ha ryrove. Cynthe Gay GO Horan. EkzaScn .... 28.34 Hapvsky. Lai»a Ann 90 Hoidem. Jarms Louts J 51.106 Habcrt, Gary Lynn. .. Haideman. Janet Kay. 30,38 44.90 116 Hornborger. Wd» Horton. Bryan Russel 38.44.45 91 Hal. Jon Lawson 37 116 Horton. Riks 30 Hal.SomH 59 Horton. Tracy Jarace . 91 90 Houp. Kcrmoth 77 64 Houston. Marsha Ann 34.106 104 Houstoun. Richard AJeiandnr .117 104 Howard. 1 redenck Goorgo Jr 117 Hannusch. Laura Elne . 104 Howard. Jo Am 56.105 Hansen. John Philip 90 Howard. John Luing J ... 117 Hu OametOasM 30. 44 47.52.91 JtMUd. WSlism Owen 34.105 Hubbarlh. Wttam Rues . 117 Hudson. James Gregory 136 Kulistener. Patrek Leo 91 K Hughes. Da las Craig ... Huke. W amO 117 65 Hull. Sheri Louise 117 Hum. Richard Loo 105 Kadch.Phyie 83 Hurt.Carolyn 117 Kaess. JMftni Anita. 117 Hinted Pulty 77 Kanter. Led 79 Hutton. Dalas Bruce 117 Kaplan. David Joseph. 30. 48.106 Kecbe. Charles Cecil J . 45.91 Keoler. Pad Bruce 45.91 Keoton, w. Pago 66 Keig, Lowell Adams .117 | Ketth. Am y 117 Kcl.oher.Ruih Moore 118 Ingalls. Ronald Edward 44,46.105 KcEclI. Karon Lym 106 Inqcrsoll. Shaun. 51 Kcmamcr. Alson Oune 118 Ingram. Roger Pad 91 Kerns. Resa Jo. 118 n ter national Law Socanly 37 K oy soi. Oavd 66 Mtaverwing 15 KrkJuU. Joanne 35 Itin. James Mhord .. . 106 Kmirv'tii.ui. David Joseph 91 Kmg.AlanG... 3? Krvg. Jsrmc Sheffield ... 42.H8 Kng. Reorta D 28 King. Steven George 118 Kinzd. Choriee Scott 51.106 J K«k:land. Solace Huntington. 118 Ki'chen Ann 39 Jackson Burgess ....36 Klapp. Lisa ueLong 116 Jackson, Jocoph 84 Knight Chnstophcr 76 Jade. David .53 Knowlm. Kay DHiei 34.91 Ja flee. Sharcn Lynn 91 Kooget. Susan N 118 Jamal. Joseph .6.138 Krcmdlcr. Mitchell Rood 106 Janssen. Don Roger 105 Krtnnench,Erica Loc 106 42.1G6 Kruger Roberts, Ka» Kartem 34.105 Janssen, vise Yvonne 91 Kylo Bonner Anderson 105 Janssen Par Brgcr 117 Kyle JorryVonJr 118 Jnso. Groge 78 Jotter son Anorow Leon 117 Jctfus. OovidBrot 105 Jenson. Card Am . 117 vCrtuns, Jayne .28 L Jofle Ber,amm Davd 106 Johans on Barbara Jane . ... 91 Lockcy. Tram L . 105 Johanson Stanley 65 Landrum Mary Macs 118 Johnson, Catvn Cft Lane. Dan l McMeel J 118 Johnson, Corwn 66 Langmoro John Henley 118 Johnson Cynthia Rosa'ic 105 Langner, JsmeeD 47 Johnson Dorothy Ann Larrmen. Den 79 Johnson. Dorothy Am. 91 Larue, gm 39 Johnson. John Wayne.. 117 Loskoy. Christopher Mark. .... 46118 Johnson. loo .... 54 LanoWte. Laura 42 Johnson. Lctito Ctaro 42.105 Law and Techno .■ Society 40 Jjhr.jon. Stephen Eugene 23.91 Law wool. 21 Jamer.Lisa 52 Lawless. Donald Patrek. 52.91 Jonas. WSlkimjarrw 11 42 t awienca 3haronMar« 118 Jones. George Ftemnq I 51.91 Lawn . J Arne 118 Joseph. Rchard Joe . . ... 117 Lsycock. Douj as 58 Jost Lewis Wiliam . ..... 91 Lee. Royal 47 Index — 129Labour! . J Leon 66 LeCtercq. Tern TC Lecbetler.PaiA Atm .91 Lee. HA 51 Loe. George Terry . t© Lee. KarynMera 37.118 Lee. Theodora RocbeAe© Leediker. Kent Mason t© Lefevre. TamaU Umo 118 Legs'Research Heard 36 Leggett. John Wido 91 Lehmann. Christoph Adabort 92 lerghton. W4aam Rrmdel 92 L« or. Morrca Lyrm i« Ln.ter.Rch 79 Leonard. Susan E »en 118 Levinson. SaiYord 67 Levy. 1 Richard 52.92 Levy. Robert Laurence 44.92 Ledkry. Robert Charles 118 Lmlol. Alan Whilworlh 92 Lpmski, Janrvter Krauth 32.53.92 Loettler. Torn Unset 92 Loessberg, Shan Lou iso 45.5392 LcAlon. f icdenck Doug'as 54.118 Logan. JeKrey Ktyne 118 Lohbecfc. Ftoben Oon 40.1© Loke.Lynneao 48.118 Looney. Robert Joseph 52.92 Loose. Thomas 18 Lope , Le'cra 118 Lope . Lucmda Mare 1© Lord. Uaa Kaiheryn 1© Lord. Sarah Crittenden 1© Lotlman. A yce 83 Lowe.Muspi 77 Lutaeman. Gretchyn Ernst 119 Lujan. Jose Anget I© Ltanpfcn. Eeriest Oaan 28.44. 46.1© luma. John Christophnr ©.92 Lyda. C»ark E tot 92 Lynch. John Edward 45.92 Lynch.Juke 45 M Meet erem. Scott Wttom Me nca. Siochon Waiter Mating . Paocuel Jr Mahafloy. Stephen CMtnw Mahoney, Kuhlten D«iSt Mar, Mark Franca Maldonado. Oscar Ua n. RuivH Wayne Manautou. Irene Mandet Roger lecm wango. W4em Bradford Marmmg. Rusaea Joe Mi ns held. Sharon Lynn Marabeha. Madtfyn Manscai. Jcrgo Mnrt Markont . mg Mnvo « . Retard Menem, Deborah J Mustek. Janno Graham M»nm. Dane4 Merer. Her w tarn Masek . James EOward Maihrs. Oe«e lyrm Maltscn. TarpthyJon Meu. Judr Mauise.lesSol Maumee. JeNtey Lang Mju y.Ceth nme Anne McCarthy. Arlene Theresa McCkjr c. Donald Mudgns McCetom. James P Jr UcOoneW. J ne 8 i abem McDonald. John Bruce McDonald. Mchaet Soon MWJH Cary 101 McFaOSon Traoe Am McE addm.Mcheao Arruene McGenty. Mery McCanty. Thomas UOwy.Jm Mcfonn. Gann Hugh Ucxeughan. Brier Thomas uu-Na rwa. Derm.» Meeeham. O'M Edward uw e. Janet lee MmAKtflnJtTOJ Megs Randyl Soon MeMiiDtrO Marshal M« »homer. Thomas M IMUM. ImOe Ruth Ment . Mary Mer$ y. Roy M Meyer. Robm Bam MrW Wear Gregg keebeet 6.119 .33. 106 47. 106 119 44.45,49,97 42 106 119 106 51.92 32.92 119 52 106 75 75 83 52.92 78 92 . 92 106 84 92 106 56.106 54.92 119 119 106 119 47.106 119 92 44.92 53.106 67 .. 51 42. 106 92 46 119 93 119 93 93 32.52 106 78 67.79 119 lOOm 93 120 44.107 120 28 27-56 107 29 5694 56 •20 84 51.94 107 94 51.94 94 120 120 120 94 82.84 40 94 120 120 35.37 94 120 107 120 X 40.107 107 56 120 33. 107 94 120 54 Si 94 78 107 94 120 42 44 94 56.94 94 107 44.94 47.52 120 107 120 120 107 94 120 120 68 121 58 107 EYalter. Jon ... Prce. James ArthM Jr Prce. Urce A'er Prce. VHvi laths Pr«5ay. Brixe Eweieti Pnesl. Meuse Lenore Pnfohett.OavxJCotwe Probut Mat riew Brian Probus Merer m Jr Prosser. Bern Miron Prugn. Mark Cures Ptutl. Bar! Norva . Pul am, Evelyn Jean. Putman. Randal Alan Q Quadrnaul. Jody Ponder Quan. OevxJ Jn Mjn Ouencn. Erin Oumloro. Bran Anthony Oueor.KaiMecn R Rabban.OandM Reltkird. Fast Oeen Ramngion. John Rtrrrre . Joan A Ranch. Hie Ransom. Elsa Yvette Rann. Jack Rau. Alan Scon Reagan. Brad Rock Rtogm. Shawnal Real Estate Law Soc y Reams. G4 Rrrcror.Rcry.U-ras Redwme. Ere John E redrrek Reed. Randy Reed. Raylord Reeder. Wdkam Iro-as .» Reeves. Beverly Gayle Red. St ophen Conrad Reuter. Sharon Cane Remew CA U gat cm Reyna. Mcnae Oavd Raynaud. Ann luekett Rhyme. Rebecca Jan Rchard. Rulh L Rmw. Mtion Money Riggs. Caroie Loude Rley.Robert Loud Rnyuetnry. Edward Staten Roache. Jcrcme Yoshao Robberson. MmhrKW Fare Rotors. w m E dwar d Rcberls. Meknda Aten Rcberls, Shorty Lyrm Robot Ison. Da nd Ffobortscn. Deborah Lyrme Robertson. Joan Robmscn. Kathemne ASce 79 I2l 37. 121 54.94 30.107 94 toe 121 121 54.121 121 121 108 30.47.94 42.54. 108 48. ice 79 33.46.121 121 68 52.95 79 83 45 108 68 © .95 46 © 95 53. i© 34.54 54 41.108 121 1© 46.1© 47 121 ..96 96 5i 95 42.1© 1© 37.1© 28.54.95 56.121 46.121 © l« © 121 © 54.121 OCcnor. Robot! Dartei CMenen. John Male Clsem. Peter Graham Olvera. Michael Orgen atcns Cm sion. James Joseph Osborn. Vhttam Osborne Cotn Barry Cttmg. Maiy K Owens Randal Carrol Pallet son. Jm Patterson Mr .tea PavSk. Gregory Erwn Patdr at. George Moward Peadj. Mchaei Anthony Pear man. Pat Pease, John Me Owner Peavy. Stantey H ■ PceeMs.OayCtmd Petto, rhemes Crag Penn nglon. Karen Harder Perry. Fhchard Date Peregrmos Yrarbeck Per . Jed Peret. Roar Anthony Petkms, Bruce Engpe Perkms. Mrchee Ray PeMe. Arthur Peters. Krrstin Petertom. Amy Jo Petesch. John Pent. Henry August Plotter. Mark Stephen Plartter. Neal Pnap Phi Alpha Oe a PhiOeruFTr Phtips. Oavd Lynn Ph44ps. Lion Lynelte Phttps. Stephan Lynn Pickett. 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Moly Mur. John Todd...... MMkm.Chrstmektarie MrSon. Sumy Mo Ins. Roy at Lynn Mrneey. Sieve Mwphy. Fred •Ajrphy. Krtlen Ju e Mur laugh. E Ion MuseT. Susan Fienoo N SadgCHuda Nagle. Msrshaa Steve Natonat Lawyers Guld Navarro. Alban Navarro. Ctana Navarro. Mart nJWm Neal. Dcmad West Jr. Nebem. Ftrumda Jean Nedd. Ocely Brenda Neerflc. Jonathan W. Negron. Etaatoelh Ndson. Anthony Jerorm. NH ton. Chary I Ne sor .jay Nesbtl. Paul Kenneth. Neumann. Loa Joan Newby. Elrian Cad Newell. Sabra Cam . Newman. K«th Wayne 130— IndexRobnsen. lama Rose 121 RodnguoY C ol 54. 121 Rodrguei. Hector Robert toe RotktQuaz, Ramon Seraln Jr. toe Rottoguei. Xavier . 106 Rot! Chart Leonard si.ioe Ftogors.Chp 76 Rogers,Crag 34 Rrttovs. I ether James M.121 Rorrtoarg. M arcoEtama 56.121 Romo. Susan 121 Rose. M arlhsW ary 121 Hcear-cam Fsiher Rose 121 RceanBVan. Roden Jay 121 RoeeetMt M chart . .... 70 Routnun. Oan Glenn 95 Rowan Veto Brown ioe Rubmsfcy. Abraham Isaac 122 ftodnar. Steve 54 Rues . Charles Anthony 96 Rut. James Patrick 3 . ioe Russo John Ocean 122 Russo Patrick ioe Ruttertord. Jay Kewn 122 s Sacrvt Jam Arturo toe Sagers Angela AOner-c 96 SaUs. Ra'art toe Saldana. AnnaM ana 84 Sales. Irava Jamas 53.toe Sakias. Ovi.i M agdatens. toe Sampson. John J 70 Sarrefer. S-jtanna Odelle 1C® Saner . F« ca Mornno 109 Sorgem. Anooa M ara 96 Sather. Stephen Wayn 96 Saucedo. Ekiabclh 79 Saunders. Junes Cdwn ICS Savage I hom iG rOner 1C® Sc arpnculohn 33 Sc havGma Loo 122 Sc hatterOean Aaron ... 122 Sc halroiMajDaem 1C® Sc hauorGecrge Oonato 29.30.96 Schocter. Larry 47 Scherer Georg ruM ana 96 Sc hnackRobert Jerry 95 Sc hnodaiCynltkoAnn 122 Sc hnarJauiaun Janet 37.56. 1C® Sc hneOrtBoderiF. 122 Sc hneejerjoseph Robert Jr as Sc hnuerM ichar-Oawd 96 Sc hrpeosotyJoy 122 Sc huMJCeoneth 77 Sc hutorWtkams lance 96 Sc otCabbeM he4e 122 Sc O RoyceGeorge 96 Sc raltordjoseph Bruce 122 Sacura.M anura 78 Sekjsn. Rush Alton 96 Sentor 8699 Shat to I. W M chart 70 Shaver. JeVcry Janar 122 Shawr. 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M ark Stacy EmCy Ann 109 SlaSones Kyks Ctod'ick 46.122 Surrey Fiat Roderick 122 Star Yield Charles Frank 30 47 109 Stanslrtd Barbara Done 34.109 Stanton. Tom 41 Slarxrsh Dawd Part 51 109 Start Donald W 32 95 Ste«ib g Fans Shr4j 122 Stepoo. Annette 54 Stern. JOhnW ark. 34 109 Sterlet M aylrto 122 Stevena. Rta Jeon 109 Strti ChraDarwn 96 Stockard James Afrcdj 29.96 SR arm. Susan Leskc 37.122 Streeter Sandra Jo 97 Strckln Steven M ark 35.123 Student Bar Assoco’cn 8 Sturtey M chart 71 Sudarshan Amnd 52 Sutivan. Nancy 78 Sulrvan. Patrck Franco 109 SuJkvarv Russe vrMIrtl 123 Sunttower Ceremonies 24 Sussman Ronald Lawrence 123 Sutton. John F J 72 Sutlon. Johnny Keane 37.109 Swanson. Edward Water 110 Sweeney, ErnEtuabeth ... 123 Sweeney. M aryEien 78 Sweet. Charles Addison .32.53,97 Symington John . 34 T TacOdHoitySuTAnne.. 55.123 Tate. M artcGcott .. 123 Tatum. M reheat err y 123 Taubenteld M arCWTvtmen Taylor. 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Law Library Copy Center Open 10:00 10:00 M-F 1:00-5:00 Sat. 3:00-7:00 Sun. 5C per copy plus tax Full Service New Copy Cards Copies While You Wait, or Return Later 835-4100 1.14— AdvertisingSome things are better the second time around The bar exam isn’t one of them. bgjtfbri BAR REVIEW Outside Houston call 1 (800) 392-5441 6620 Harwin Suite 240 Houston, Texas 77036 Also offering services in: 1st Year Examsmanship Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam Multistate HBJ Exam Workshop Part II Exam Workshop Conviser-Miller CPA Review LSAT GMAIMCAT SAT Review Advertising — 135Congratulations from your friend Bevo’s The Posse East Good Food and Cold Beer Thank you for your Patronage and Good Luck to All of You in the Future. San Jacinto at Duval Est. 1971 . When your work’s over, '£' head for the mountains. Don's Pharmacy Brown Distributing DONALD R. 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Whenever their personal liberty's at stake or their property's at stake7 The ones that cry the loudest head for the finest lawyers they can get " FEES: "I think I'm worth a lot more than [my fee] because I'm good ... I believe that whether it's a five dollar fee or an x million dollar fee. you get what you earn. Nobody gives you something as a lawyer I don't think lawyers should ever be timid or ashamed of their fees.'' JURIES: " . The ones that decry and belittle the jury system, those are the very bastards when it's their oxen in the d tch that come straight to the lawyer and ask Get me a jury!' " UNDERGRADUATE DEGREES: "I [studied] English, history, [and] literature ... How the hell can you tell a story if you can't read and understand one7 I'm serious. They can take all that engineering shit and bundle it up and make a suppository and that mathematics crap doesn't go over in a courtroom ... you have to have a feeling of history, of presence, and you have to be able to read and write it And I'm talking about English, and I'm talking about English literature and history of all kinds " WHY HE WENT TO LAW SCHOOL: "I went to law school just because my mother wanted me to. and I had another couple of semesters on my Gl bill, and I got married and my wife didn't want to leave Austin and I didn't either, so I just walked over and went to law school." THE BAR EXAM: "I took [the bar] on a dare. My buddies bet me a hundred doBarS that I couldn't pass it on the Thursday before the bar ... I took it and passed it ." LAW SCHOOL GRADES: "You don't learn how to be a lawyer in law school, never ... I think [grades are] the worst thing that ever happened, not to law students, but [to] people that are trying to employ young lawyers by looking only at grades . .. that is a bunch of bull shit You can take a great brain and he may not be able to communicate at all He can read that book and vomit back what the professor wants But when you're looking for a trial lawyer, you're looking for someone that has empathy, somebody that can commun cate. somebody that explains complicated fact situations in a manner that's understandable to the jury and the judge And grades don't give you that " 138 — Joe Jamail Speaks ()utFAILING TORTS: "I've got to tell you about this: I did fail torts. I flunked it Clarence Moms was my torts professor ... He's the one that after I failed torts told me I should quit law school .. He said I was taking up space." TRIAL SUCCESS: ... The lawyer's got to be careful. Especially with someone who has tried a lot of lawsuits and been successful... you don't let your ego make you the star of the show while you're in that courtroom. That is a terrible mistake I have hopefully never let my ego run away with me because it's not me [the jury's) going to have to believe . . they've got to believe the witness. You take that light, figuratively speaking, and you shine it where it needs to be shone at that moment in that trial. If it's your client, you shine it real bright on him ... if it's a key witness with credentials that make him a believable, credible witness in that instance, then turn that light up hotter." WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH: "I (go) to the bathroom, where I go probably in every moment of crisis." SUPERSTITIONS: "I don't have any superstitions. I do certain things before I go that will be pertinent to the case that I'm going to try by way of preparation. I don't wear a certain kind of shorts or socks." HOW TO BEAT JOE JAMAIL IN COURT: "Shoot him." DOCTORS: "When (their) professional ancestors were putting leeches on George Washington, mine were writing the Declaration of Independence." MEDICAL MALPRACTICE SUITS: "Doctors obviously perform a high calling and are necessary people, but they don't deserve to be a special class in our society. And why should they be singled out not to be responsible for their actions. Lawyers are responsible, plumbers are responsible; teachers and everybody ... I'm against all kinds of caste systems " GOOD-OLD-BOYS: ".. Whippings I've seen lawyers get it (from) underestimating a jury and underestimating their intelligence and putting that good-old boy-country-boy bullshit on them. It's not going to work. Even the good old country boys don't want you doing that. Ihey don't want you being a phony. They know that this lawyer .. trying to be one of the boys wouldn't ... stop and have a beer with him or pick him up on the side of the road. They know that. They're not dumb." ADVERTISING: "I'm opposed to advertising of all forms. I think it's demeaning, it's degrading; it's misleading .. I get criticized for [my views) because they say 'you get more advertising than WWII;' but that's legitimate. I think if you accomplish and achieve the press will pick up on it and your peers will pick up on it. They'll send you cases. Some of my best cases come from lawyers that went to law school with me and [from lawyers) on the other side ... that's mutual trust and respect for each other and you earn that. You can't buy that in a newspaper or in a goddamned television ad." CONTRIBUTING TO JUDGES’ CAMPAIGNS: "How are they going to run? How are you going to keep good judges? The laymen are not going to make judicial campaign (contributions) ordinarily; they don't have any interest... I think one evil is that they have to run as a Democrat or Republican, not non-partisan. The judicial branch ought to be a separate department... they don't rule as a republican or democrat "WHATEVER HAPPENED TO... '60s fashions love beads'7 Long hau being m style"7 The Law and Flannel Society-7 Urban Law Review"? (published by the U.T Law School) 140 — Whatever Happened ToNOON BUFFET TEXAS MEN'S The Men s Law Caucus’ (Or more importantly. The Ernie Smith Fan Club’) The bearded duo’ Those neat black glasses’ ---------------------------------I THIS COPIER IS TEMPORARILY OUT OF ORDER SERVICE CALL HAS BEEN TURNED IN LAW LIBRARY COPURS ARf LOCATID IN: TNH 4.202 TNH 4.210 - TWO COPIIRS TNH 5.219 TNH 6.225 Copiers m the library that work’ Whatever Happened To — 141We digged into our archives to find these "precious jewels". We hope that you enjoy these old photos with our modern commentary. And who said that people don't change? "Don't make me ugly!" "You put rtwl m my pur ch?" "And then ono day. the bees just left" Graglia. Weiborn, Treece. Attorneys at-Law Fashion never takes a backseat at the law school 142 — Our Comic PastEDITOR S PAG E It is hard to believe that my year as Peregrmus Editor has ended. All in all, I have enjoyed the past year. However, the Peregrinus needs your help if it is to grow and prosper. First, we need you to purchase the book. Usually, only 62% of the students buy the book. We would have a higher quality book, at better prices, if 74% of the students bought the book. When you pre-register, please buy the book. Second, we need administration sup port and commitment. At present we receive no funding from the Law School We must have financial support from the school if the Peregrinus is to survive. And last, we need your input If you like the book, tell your friends and the ad ministration. Tell your fellow classmates to buy the book and tell the admmistra tion that you do not want the book to die. If for some reason you do not like the book, volunteer to work on next year s book. There are many positions that are important yet require a minimal amount of time. Remember, you get out of law school what you put into it. Yours in the struggle. JuOy W lgr«n Here I am on the phone in the Peregrinus Control Center, located on the top floor of the Tower. The Control Center, which cost the University 2.1. million dollars, was the nerve center of the 1986 Peregrinus. MUCHO GRACIAS Many people are responsible for producing the 1986 Peregrinus First, are the folks at Texas Student Publications. our publisher. Jerry Thompson has years and years of yearbook experience. His guidance was invaluable. Dewayne Bevil spent several weekends helping us meet our deadlines. Mary Ottmg was the glue that held us together. She and Dewayne were always there when we needed them. Dick Lytle and his staff were very supportive of our goals and plans. And of course we need to thank our T.S.P. photographers and the rest of the T.S.P. family. Next are the people in law school who assisted this year. Andy Friedmann was the perfect number 2 per son. He did everything that I could not or would not do. He and Michelle Rob-berson were quick to volunteer their time for the book. Michelle and Casey Dobson were great photographers. I could always count on them to show up and to take great photos. Barry Osborne and Elaine Romberg wrote copy and articles for the book, cover mg my writing flaws perfectly. And last, I need to thank people that did not work on the book but aided me greatly during the past three years. My parents Salvador and Viola Luna were extremely supportive during my law school career. My sister Barbara and friend Jackie could always be counted on no matter what I asked. And then there are the groups of people that we meet in law school that make our three year stay here more bearable. My particular support groups were "The Committee." "The Poker Group," and “The Judges Club." To all of these people the jefe says "muchogracias.” Editor’s Pajtc — M3WILLI Associate Dean William W. Gibson will be returning to the classroom full-time next spring Gibson is resigning his post as Associate Dean for C IE and Administration. effective at the end of this school year Gibson has been an associate dean for the past seven years, five of those directing the University's continuing legal A M W G education program Gibson was also previously the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The University of Texas granted Gibson both of his degrees — a B.A in Plan II and a J D with honors. Gibson joined the UT faculty in 1965. He was the Sidney Burleson Professor of Law from 1976 to 1983 and is currently I B S O N the Sylvan Lang Professor of Law After one semester off. Gibscn wrt teach courses in Property and Prcfes sionai Responsibility He also plans U conduct research in real estate law The Peregrinus thanks Dean Gibson fo his seven years of service to the School o Law administration and welcomes hn back to full-time teaching. 144 — W. W. Gibson

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