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 f . The University of Texas School of Law Volume 35( nn«o»w TABLE OF CONTENTS Activities______________9 Faculty________________27 Organizations__________45 Students________________75 Index and Advertising___________117 4 Table of ContentsLegend of the Peregrinus The Peregrinus, the patron saint of the law school,, was born from a classroom antic in 1900. Judge W. S. Simkins, having lectured in his Equity class on the Roman system of traveling ludges, called “Praetors Peregrinus,'' asked a hapless student to explain the previous discussion. When the student coukl only respond, “Judge, I don't know, unless it was some kind of animal," a fellow classmate furthered his misery with a blackboard caricature of a “peregrinus." This hybrid beast of Equity evolved with traditional meanings given to its physical features. The sharp beak penetrates the mysteries of the law, the arched back can spring forward to protect justice, and the hindquarters are those of a dog as man's best friend. The feet are clad in boxing gloves to show the power of the law and worker's boots with a lone star to symbolize legal protection accorded the common man. The bushy tail is poised to clear away legal technicalities so that equity prevails. After 85 years of guiding law students, the peregrinus remains our traditional symbol. To return the favor, since 1949 this publication has carried his name. 1985 PEREGRINUS STAFF EDITOR Lynn E. Rossi ASSOCIATE EDITOR Lisa Gaye Holden ASSISTANT EDITOR Ann D. Foster ASSISTANT EDITOR S. Rhett Robinson ASSISTANT TO THE EDITOR Ann Barrier Smith PEREGRINUS PHOTOGRAPHER Steve Schroeter CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Arnold Aguilar Veronica Madrid Scott Ozmun Lynn E. Rossi Ethna Sinisi Bud Worthington SUPERVISOR Jerry Thompson ASST. TO THE SUPERVISOR Dewayne Bevil YEARBOOK ASSISTANT Mary Otting PHOTO SUPERVISOR Steven Pumphrey ADVERTISING Danny Magnus 5Mark G. Yudof Chosen Law School Dean By Lynn f. Rossi Getting an appointment to meet with the new Dean of the UT Law School is not easy. Between meetings, trips, appearances at functions, and planning sessions, Mark G. Yudof's time is now scheduled for him - weeks in advance. "They say its lonely at the top, but I always have company," he says with a smile. Sitting in his new office, chewing on his trademark cigar. Dean Yudof appears to have settled comfortably, and quite happily, into the job he assumed in August. Although he is only 40 years old, relatively young for a dean, he assures those concerned that he is indeed aging rapidly. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, Yudof came to UT as an assistant professor of law in 1971. He came with outstanding credentials - editor of the law review, law clerk for a Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals judge, staff attorney and faculty member of the Harvard Center for Law and Education. And his accomplishments at UT have been equally as impressive. He was named a professor in 1974 and became Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in 1979. He was chosen as a member of the American Law Institute in 198J. Yudof has published one book. When Government Speaks: Politics. Law and Government Expression, one casebook and its supplement. Educational Poky and the Law. and a supplement to a Legal Deskbook for Administrators of Independent Colleges and Universities. In addition, he has wnt-ten four chapters for others' books, three concerning school law and one on propertv taxation. Twenty-eight law review articles carry his by-line, and he has authored numerous briefs amicus curiae for the U.S. Supreme Court and the Fifth Circuit. Yudof is eager to outline his plans for his tenure as Dean. He hired Robert Wiley and Susana Aleman to serve as Assistant Deans, providing more per- sonalized service to students. He appointed Professor Bill Powers to replace him as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Yudof also plans many improvements to the educational package offered by the law school, with the first to be curriculum reform. Yudof wants to stress small classes for second and third year students, more instruction in legal writing, more diversity in teaching and testing techniques, and more feedback to students regarding their academic progress. He also wants to stress more interdisciplinary work for students, like his own class. Educational Policy and Law, or a shopping center development class. There, students would learn about zoning variances, financing, construction, contract negotiation, and taxation. Reforming the curriculum means hiring more professors, he explained, and "convincing the faculty that curriculum development leaves are as important as writing law review articles." The new Dean wants to "make the strong stronger" by improving the library and by making UT more competitive when hiring faculty. Yudof also foresees a revision in the public financing of the law school and wants to improve the national and state-wide visibility of the school. He is also introducing increased use of technology into the law school and plans to computerize records in the 6Main Office and the Placement Office. He plans to improve student support services by setting up advisory programs using faculty members, providing counselors, and monitoring students' progress. Improving the capability of the Placement Office to serve more than the top one-third of the class is also on Yudof's list. "We must improve our students' self-images. They are in the top one-half percent of the nationwide population. Employers should have an appreciation of that quality.'' last, but certainly not least to the average law school student, are the improvements Yudof has already made to Keeton's Casino. Thanks to his efforts, law students now have bagels and cream cheese in abundance! Yudof's personal life is changing significantly as a result of his promotion. He says he is still getting used to the ceremonial aspects of the job, and must be careful about having one of his frequent jokes taken too seriously. He describes the morning mail delivery as a "crisis" and finds that the job is more time-consuming than he expected. He still makes time for his family, however. Yudof's wife, Judy, is currently president of their synagogue so she is equally busy, and the two tend to "rendezvous at the microwave." They have two children, Seth, 13, and Samara, 7. "They were both born on January lb, which shows you how precise a lawyer I am," he adds. With so many plans, Yudof is settling easily into the role. But it has its disadvantages. When a UT regent commented that he wished Yudof were five years older, Yudof said he assured him, "I will be in one year." Dean Yudof 7Aleman, Wiley Assume Duties fyRhett Robinson Susana Aleman and Rob Wiley officially assumed duties as law school administrators at the beginning of the fall semester. Both of the UT law graduates serve as replacements for retired Dean T, |. Obson. Aleman, a May 1%4 graduate, is the new Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, with the responsibility of overseeing the activities of the Main Office. In this position she coordinates the areas of registration, orientation, testing and student counseling. She stresses that her office is always open to provide counseling in both academic and personal matters. As Dean, Aleman also directs the Protect Info program under which the law school will recruit minority students from across the country. As a complement to Aleman's office, Rob Wiley, a December graduate, is the Assistant Coordinator ior Student Development. In this role, his primary task is that of supervising the Placement Office. Wley intends to make periodic adjustments that will result in upgrading employer resources and guidance services for the benefit of all job-seeking students Both Aleman and Wiley bring relevant credentials lo their respective positions Aleman’s educational background establishes her competence in the Md of educational administration. Prior to law school Wiley had worked in high level state administration in both Arkan sas and Texas. Memm AssrsxaniDeaMo Stutett Ml ms. 8Activities 9 Kultrtt CohetIthnj Ww Fajita Fiesta 761 plate of fa |itas were served by ChLSA member The Ninth Annual Fajita Fiesta, sponsored by the Chicano Law Students Association, was again a success this year. After weeks of preparation and days of cooking. ChLSA members sold 761 plates of fajita dinners on Friday, September 14 $750 of the profit the club made was donated to the lanie Villarreal Memorial Loan Fund, to honor a former UT law student stricken with leukemia while still a student. ChLSA has contributed money to the fund since the fund's establishment in 1977. Fajitas and law school antics just seem to go together. 10 ActivitiesTexas Monthly Features Legal Eagles For his 29th season. Professor Charles Alan Wright coached the Legal Eagles football team, a perennial power house in UT intramural competition Called “The Best Footbal Coach in Texas" by Texas Monthly Magazine, with a 126 win - 11 loss - 3 tie record since l%7. Professor Wright and the Legal Eagles were featured in the November 1984 issue of Texas Monthly Coach Charlie Alan Wright and Prof Tom McCarrty cheerfully antic pate yet another victory lefttorwht: TomMcCafrey. Trey Cutler. Prol Wright. Paul Hobby. Dee Kelly. (oho lee. Mk® Tomsu. (ay Velasquez. Prof McGarity. Richard McGee. Reagan Slber and Tom Bres Activates 11l no cnw | ymKmt Care and (Mis)Treatment of Jurors A panel discussion on the "Care and (Mis)Treatment of Mors" was hetd at the service as a |uror Attendng were a Travis County district clerk, a state legslator. law school n response to a local newspaperman's comments regarding his law school professors, a prosecuting attorney, and a plantiff's attorney Interviewing Process Job Search Because "we remember what it looked Ike on the other end of the shotgun.-' professor Elizabeth Warren. UT professor Louise Weinberg, legal Aid Society female attorneys dscussed the job n ter viewing process Pictured are UT Executive Director Regna Rogoff. and Vmson and Ekms Associate Sue Sharlot 12 ActivitiesRELS Reception In September, the Real Estate Law Society actively participated in the Mortgage Lending Institute seminar held by the Continuing Legal Education department. The society held a reception for the seminar speakers. Dean W. W. Gbson, head of the department, presented statues to the speakers honoring their contribution to the annual event, attended by over 850 real estate attorneys from across the nation 1 «» I»vThe Fall Drunk The 1984 Fall Drunk lived up to its reputation as the largest organized law school party of the year. As an annual event, it provides students and faculty akke an opportunity to venture away from Townes Hall and break the usual day-to-day routine. The Student 8ar Association orchestrated the occasion that included generous amounts of Budweiser as well as live music by the local pop group "VVynnd." As usual, the costumes were numerous and ranged from the bizarre to the baroque. Obviously, looks arc no everything The TV-movie. “The 8urnng Bed." provided Sam Hildebrand and Melanie McKmnck with costume ideas 14 ActivitiesDanny Weaver and Ken Cullota indicate the variety of the evening Virtually everyone gets into the spirit of the evening by coming m costume Tony Nelson, as "Prince," checks out the crowd Activities ISBack-To-School Dance The Back-To-School Dance serves as one of the first school-wide functions of the fall semester. Sponsored by the SBA, the dance was held on September 29 in the Texas Union Quadrangle room 16 ActivitiesCareers in Communications Law Paula Fulks Vonderhaar of AT T spoke n October to a group of students interested in Communications law. Vooderhaar described her entry into the field and her career experiences to the law students attending. Meet the Deans Session The UT law School Deans imed up for a fiong-squad-lype question and answer session during a "Meet the Deans” session m October. Pictured are. Associate Dean Michael Sharlot, Assistant Dean Susana Aleman, Assistant Dean Sam Hal. Dean Mark Yudof. and Associate Dean Wiliam Powers. Activities 17 tyml Koiv lymf Kou TMLS Hosts McDaniel Texas Secretary of State Myra McDaniel addressed law school faculty and students at the invitation of the Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. As the guest speaker of the October meeting, she described her career path that led to her current office. Afterwards, she was honored by a reception in the Faculty Reception Room. At the reception. Dean Yudof otters his congratdations to McDaniel on her recent appocitmenr. 18 ActivitiesTales of the Unexpected: Real Estate Deals mm« |. Cary Barton, a local attorney, was a guest lecturer of the Real Estate Law Society. His tak was titled, "Tales of the Unexpected: Real Estate Deals.” J | The Official Lawyer's Handbook D Robert White brought his special brand o» legal humor to the law school An attorney. White describes himself as "a funny guy who made a career mistake." law School student body president Barrel Ffcs introduced D. Robert White, author of “TheOfficial lawyer's Handbook Activities 19 lyrnKoa(» Vl£otv A Case For Arts Advocacy lynda liebman, Assistant Director of the Texas Arts Alkance. spoke on "A Case for Arts Advocacy" m October. 1964. She was the guest of the Art and Entertan-merit law Committee. When Lawyers Should Tell on Their Clients United States District judge Norman Black participated in a panel discussion on “When Lawyers Should Tell on Their Clients." judge Black joined George Bir-rell of Mobil Corporation and University of Texas Professor Michael Tigar in discussing the new ABA Code of Ethics. I 20 Activities1985 Session Property Law Changes Mark Hanna, a local attorney, presented a program to the Real Estate Law Society on the 1985 legislative session. He discussed proposed changes to real estate law dealing with the homestead exemption, landlord and tenant law, and broker agency requirements. Phi Delta Phi Initiation Phi Delta Phi held its annual fat nrtiation at the Texas Supreme Court Chambers. Pictured are. Exchequer Bil Broussard, Clerk Robin O’Day, Magister Andy Taylor, Vice-Magister Ken Culotta, and Histor tan M e Samforo Activities 21Parker Fielder Reception In November, students organized a reception to honor Parker C. Fielder for his contributions to the law school as an outstanding tax professor. Fielder, holder of the endowed William H. Francis, |r. Professorship in Law, was a member of the faculty from 1948 to 1953 and from 1961 to 1984. In addition to his tax courses at UT, Professor Fielder lectured at tax institutes, bar association meetings and continuing legal education seminars. A favorite of law students, he received the Teaching Excellence Award in 1981 from the Student Bar Association. The reception was held at the law school for all faculty and students. David Gerger and Susan Karamaman helped coordinate the event and also collected student contributions to establish a UT Law Library Special Collection fund. 22 ActivitiesENRLS Administrative Law Conference ENRLS president Nathan Wesely welcomed the speakers and participants limmy Matthews, Chief of the Environmental Protection Division of the Attorney General's Office, delivered the Keynote address The Environmental and Natural Resources Law Society presented an Administrative Law conference in November, titled, "Environmental and Natural Resources Law Under the Texas Administrative Procedure Act." Speakers at the conference included the leaders of business, education, government, the legal profession Activities 23December Sunflower Ceremony The University of Texas law Faculty presented awards to Martha and Elton Hyder for their contributions to legal education. 24 ActivitiesS.B.A. Blood Drive law student Robert levy donates blood during a blood drive held in February Assault and Flattery — "My Fair Lawyer" PLAYLIST "I Could've Danced All Night" by Sharon Jaffee and Victoria Benitez "Johanson Show" by John Parsons, Rick Zucker, Fielder Nelms and Theresa Couch "Black and Blues Brothers" by Fielder Nelms and David Deitch "My Fair Law School" by Jit Miller "The Rain in Spain" by Josh Milton, Jennifer Brooke, Eric Shepherd, Kathleen Troy, Charles Siegel "Cradebusters" by Fielder Nelms, Rick Zucker, and Lisa Black "Trivial Lawsuit" by Laura Hlavach, Barbara Hensleigh, John Parsons and Joan Smith "Just You Wait" by Kathy Taylor and the Womens Law Caucus "Rock the Law School" by David Maldonado "The Perfect Line" by Mike Lebman and Rick Zucker "Recruiting Party" by Karen Sherman "Rescue Me" by Karen Sherman "I've Crown Accustomed to This Place" by Lisa Black "Star Trek" by Rick Zucker and Mike Lebman "Mr. Sandman" by Alan Laves, Dia Epstein, Craig Click, and Larry Goldstein "Wouldn't It Be Lawyerly" by Lisa Black and Susan Staricka-Stenz "I'm Graduating in the Morning" by Susan Staricka-Stenz "The Ballad of Jim Mattox" by Professor David Robertson "Sue Me" by Charles Siegel and Josh MiltonIn Memory of T.J. Gibson UT's law student. faaJty. and staff were shocked and saddened ai news of the sudden passing March 7. 198S of former Associate Dean of Student Affairs T.J. Gbson. who retired in August 1984. after serving the law school for almost 30 years A famliar sight around the law school even after his retirement. Gbson was known throughout hts career as "the law student's friend " With his open-door policy for students. Gbson was always ready to help them with problems. both personal and educational Gbson enjoyed a close association with students by sponsoring student dubs, appearing in Assault and Flattery productions, and helping with yearbook photos. Gbson proudy kept alive the traditions of the Sunflower and the Peregnnus. regalng visitors with the histories of the law school symbols Fis presence will be greatly missed Fis influence can never be forgotten 26 Faculty and Staff 27Assistant Dean Susana I. Aleman Prolessor David A Anderson Professor 1 Ians w Baade. IkQh Lamar Sfnnc Chur in Crvtl law Professor Barbara Bader Aklave. oe A Worsham Centennial Professor Professor Richard V BamdtFaculty and Staff 29Professor Joseph M. Dodge Professor David B fth iroff. IV. Sf lohn Garwood Centennial Professor Associate Dean and Professor Wiliam W. Gibson. k , Sylvan lang Professor n law of Trusts Professor David G Epstein, foseph C. Hutcheson Professor Professor Steven I Goode 30 Faculty and StaffProfessor J Patrick Hazel Assistant Dean $jm H Hal Professor Lino A Gragia. Rex C Baker and fdrw Heftn Baker Professor in ComtRuiionJLiw Professor YVdlam Hu }1SlrvrSd Professor Stanley M. Joharvson. Bryjnt Smith Chit Professor CaKrin H. lohnsonProtewx Richard NNarkovis, Marrs Mdean Professor Professor Thomas 0. McCarty Professor Inga Markovits Professor and Librarian Roy M. Mersky, flion M. Hyder, If. and Martha Rowan Hyder Centennial Professor Mfjnc Messot NavvwProfessor Lucas S. (Scot) Powe, Robert F Windfohr and Anne Burnett Windfohr Professor in OH, Cos and Mineral Law Professor David M Rau Assistant Professor lack Ratliff Assistant Professor Gl Reavis Assistant Dean and Professor W am C. Powers, lames R Dougherty Our for Faculty Excelence Assistant Professor David M. Rabban }4 Faculty and StaffFaculty and Staff 35Professor Ernest E Smith. The Rex G Baker Centennial Chair in Natural Resources law Professor Edward F Sherman. Angus G Wynne Professor 36 FacUty and StaffVisiting Professor Guiermo Margadant Professor John F. Sutton. Jr.. Earl Sheffield Centennial Professor and A. W Walker Chair Professor MkhaeJ E. Tigar, Ray bourne Thompson Centennial Professor Associate Professor Stanley M. Walker Professor Elizabeth Warren Professor Louise Weinberg Facuity and Staff 37 Sre»p St front Professor Russel |. Weintraub, the John B Connaty Chair in Law Professor Charles Alan Wright. WOamB Bates Chair lor the Administration of Justice Professor Oln Guy Wefcom I Dean and Professor Mark C. Yudof. James A. Bkins Centennial Chair Professor lay l Westbrook 38 Faculty and Staff WaLecturer Fred Asnes Lecturer Susan Chisolm Lecturer Terry Leclercq Law School Foundation: Front Row: Director of Alumni Relations (udy Amis. Secretary Deborah McCann Back Row: Accountant Rosetla Ross, Director of Development 8rooke Dudley. Administrative Secretary Dawn KaUnosky. Scholarships and Loans Director Anna Saldaha Facidty and Staff 39Placement Office: Front Row: Assistant to the Director Pat Morris. Director Rob Wiley Back row: Receptionist Peggy Berridge. Clerk Elen Murtaugh, Receptionist Lori Cooden. Interview Coordinator Diana Fae Arnold Main Office: Supervisor Marion Harris, Senior Administrative Clerk tody Dominguez. Student Assistant Trade Polnard, Administrative Clerk Renee Bizzetl. Senior Clerk Typist Ada L. Vega. Clerk Typist Susanna Douglas. Research Assistant Coordinator Darron C. Yeldell Continuing legal Education Fred Murphy 40 faculty and StaffAdministration: Coldie Dominque, Cary D. Cott. Brenda Bedsole. Erica Russel. Chip Rogers. Megan Cahll-White. Dane) Martn. Wendy leiter Not pictured: Mickie Voges. Kath Davis Tarlton Library Cataloging and Processing: Front Row: Sunny Mullen. Christine Ta. Pamela Smith. Back Row: Libia Cuauhtli, John Petesch, Brian Qugley. Betty Cogssvetl. Acquisitions, Bookkeeping, Serials: Fita Coronado. Mary Burton. Manuela Segura Back Row: Mary Menke, Susan More. Leticia Carcia. Yu-ning Lin. Public Services: front Row: Barbara Bndgges. Mary Ellen Sweeney. Elizabeth Saucedo Back Row: (oe Delgado, Adrienne de Vergie, Pierrette Moreno. Jm McWifcams. Evan Quenon, Don larrimer Reference: Daniel Dabney, Ewa Slobodow. E lesie Ranter. Eleanor Delashrmtt. Richard leiter Faculty and Staff 41 StnrSthroeterBuvness Office Eleen Glover Criminal Defense Cl.tvc Polly Husled Associate Deans Deans' Secretaries: front Row: Alyce lottman, Carole Stehtng Back Row: Marie Hoepken, Sara Donaldson, |tm Patterson. Dean’s Office Alla Goodwin faculty Support Staff: front Row: Pam Grisham. Marie Hoepken. Second Row: fo Lopez. Alyce lottman, Carole Stehhng. Leona Wyatt, Consuelo Akr, Debbie Crag Third Row: Kelly Larson. Me Oojch. Sally Donaldson. Back Row: Frank Garcia, Mary Jane Cool. Cathy Haggard, Hanna Stanberry. |rm Patterson.Print Sal« Shop: Gabriel O. Guardiola, toe tackson. David Dominguez. Faculty and Staff 43AmoUAttItmUcni ItmKota 44 Faculty and StaffAmerican journal of Criminal Law The American Journal of Criminal Law publishes three rimes a year and has the second largest circulation of all UT Law School periodicals. Within the United States, the AJCL has a national reputation among lawyers, jurists and scholars. It has been cited by courts on both the state and federal levels. The journal receives substantial support from faculty submissions as well as a number of submissions from practioners and professors across the country. Student members are encouraged to develop their writing and research skills through composition of notes and comments of legal significance. AJCl members: From rove: David Healey, Edit Of-in-Chief. Second row: Darryl levy, Sheila Randolph. Articles Editor, Karen Zoellers, Articles Editor; Sheila Slevn Third row: Beth Dunn; Keith lones. Notes and Comments Editor, lohn Wondra, Research Editor Fourth Row: lAan Satterfield; David Menefee; Alfredo Morales Fifth Row: Vince OulMbtr; Jerome Roache; Pedro Wikams Sixth row: Tracy Troend; Assistant Managing Ecitor, lisa Anderson. Managing Editor Seventh row: Tony Brown, Note and Comment Editor. Bryan Farney, Executive Editor; Jayne Jerkins 46 OrganizationsArt Entertainment Law Committee The purpose of the Art and Entertainment Law Committee is to develop a greater knowledge and appreciation of art and entertainment law and the industries peculiar to this legal area. Membership is open to any interested student. A highlight of the 1984-85 year was a speech sponsored by AELC on art advocacy given by Lynda Lieberman, Assistant Director of the Texas Arts Alliance. AELC also coordinates annual functions with the organization of Austin Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts. Art and Entertainment law Committee Members: Front Row: Tony Nelson, lisa A. Smith. Marc Taubenfeld Second Row: Melanie 8est. Cindy 0 Smth Third Row: Margo Michels. Robin Toubm. Charles A. Sweet. Susie Hersh, Chen Witter Not Pictured: Faculty Advisor Professor David S. Sokolow Organizations 47 5n r VlnoenGifTHokk Assault and Flattery Assault and Flattery Cast and Crew: Front Row: Don Schiuec. Marc TaubenfeJd. lit Miller. Lisa Mack. John Parsons. Vicki Behrend. Seth liebman. km Karel. Rick Zucker. Second Row: Rhonda lean Neben. Cindy South. Margo MKheb, Itr Us. Kathy Taylor, Connie Cornel, Nancy Packer. Kathy Bub, Kathleen Troy, Jan Ramsay. Amy Bonner, Susan Stancka-Stenz Back Row: Karen Brown, Roseanne Messrseo. Sandra Hal. Surarwe HasseR Charles SiegH. Wikam Osborn, 8eth Marcheschi. Jenifer Brooke. Carrick Dawdson, Fielder Nekns, Mark Gnege, Fred I Garrett, Gal Paper master, One of the most popular events of the Spring semester each year is Assault and Flattery, a satiric comedy about the law school and the legal profession, produced through the collective creative genius of students and professors Scripts are solicited from the student body and any interested professors to be linked - sometimes tenuously - with a chosen theme. This year, the show, "My Fair Lawyer." was produced with the help of about 75 cast and crew members. FVoducer of the 1985 show is Charles Siegel. Director is Jennifer 8rooke, and Business Manager is Wiliam Osborn. Asuult and Flattery Production Staff Front Row: Assistant Oector Rick Zucker, Pubhcity Charwoman Usa Back. Oector Jennifer Brooke. Buwness .Manager Wiliam Osborn Back Row: Stage Manager Connie Cornel, Producer Charles SiegH, Admmstrator Jun KarH No! Pictured: Technical Oector Kevin Fnto 48 OrgarwationsBoard of Advocates BOA Member front Row: Bobby Lapin, David Bnl, Scott Burdne, Stewart Bass, Earl Drott. Second Row: Michael Lee, Cynthia Hark ness, Paula Fisher, Karen Brown, Dianne Carison, Ethna Sinisi, Susan Desmarais, Cmdy Fox, Heidi 8toch, Norma Kay Scogin. Third Row: Bruce Feaster, David Phftps, Scott Ozmun, Clay Dean Humphries. Back Row: Richard Alpert, Duke Mflard, Don Gavkk, Carrick Davidson, Jerry Gatow, Bryan Horton. Bryan Farney. Stuart Smith, Bi Broussard, Sandra Hal, Doug Vloth, Karen Fry, Rob Wiley, Rob Moran, Paul Morin, Keith Coulter. Mock Trial winners in 1984 were Earl Drott and Jerry Galow. The Board of Advocates is an honorary organization whose purpose is the encouragement of oral advocacy and brief writing skills through moot court, mock trial, and other programs involving advocacy. As early as 1949, the Board of Managers administered the Hildebrand Competition. By 1962, the group was known as the Moot Court Board, and in the early 1970's, the name was changed to the Board of Advocates, when activities of the organization extended beyond moot court. Membership is offered to students who accumulate the required number of competition points, earned by participation in advocacy programs; and administrative points, earned by performance of duties for the organization. Most competitions are open to all law students. The BOA administers competitions, sponsors teams, and recognizes outstanding performances. Additionally, the Board is responsible for handling the duties of Permanent Secretary to the Order of Barristers, a national organization comprised of the most outstanding students of advocacy selected by over 100 member law schools. During the Fall, BOA conducted the Albert P. Jones Novice Mock Trial, the Fall Fidebrand Moot Court, the W. Page Keeton Senior Mock Trial, the National Moot Court Team Tryouts, the In- ternational Moot Court Team Tryouts, the Patent Law Moot Court Team Tryouts, and the National Mock Trial Team Tryouts. In the Spring, BOA held the Spring Novice Mock Trial, the Spring Senior Mock Trial, the Spring Hildebrand Moot Court, the American Trial Lawyers Association Mock Trial Team Tryouts, the Client Counseling Competition and Team Tryouts, and the State Bar of Texas Moot Court Team Tryouts. BOA Officers are Chairman Scott Bur-dine. Financial and Administrative Director Bobby Lapin, Public Relations Director Dianne Carlson, Judging Director Peter De Rose, Secretary of the Order of the Barristers Bill Broussard, Co-Directors of Interscholastic Competitions Cindy Fox and 8ryan Farney, Co-Directors of Trial Advocacy Stewart Bass and Noel Bailey, and Co-Directors of Appellate Advocacy Keith Coulter and Earl Drott. Organizations 49 Srir .vhroKi Chancellors Established in 1912, Chancellors is the highest honorary society of the School of Law. The members are those students who, after completing forty-two hours, have the highest scholastic average. Each Fall and Spring, eight students who are not already members are selected. The number of Chancellors never exceeds five percent of the preceding Senior class. Officers are selected strictly on the basis of their grades at the time of selection. The Fall 1984 officers were Grand Chancellor John Lee, Vice Chancellor Fred Lewis, Clerk Ken Clark, Keeper of the Peregrinus Kathy Armstrong, and Chancellors at Large Chris Berlew, John Cline, Linda Hood, and Andrew Morris. The Spring 1985 officers were Grand Chancellor Craig Haynes, Vice Chancellor Konakl Mann, Clerk Lynne Messina, Keeper of the Peregrinus Connie Courtney, and Chancellors at Large Matthew Paul, Daniel Cohen, John Boehm, and Larry Goldstein. I b Chancellors: Front Row: Ion Cine. Craig Haynes. Ken Clark. Back Row: I ynne .Messina. Connie Courtney, tarry Goldstein. Chns Berlew. Kathy Armstrong. I nda Hood Not Pictured: Ronakl Mann. Matthew Paul Darnel Cohen, lohn Boehm. k hn l ee. Fred lewis. Andrew Morris 50 OrganizationsChicano Law Students Association ChLSA Executive Board: Front Row: Executive Director Kathleen Dona. Protect info Coord. Esther Haidar. Friancial Director Veronica Madrid, Special Projects Director Carlos Contreras Back Row: Faculty Recruitment Secretary Alia Moses. Protect Info Coordinator Guadalupe Canales. Community Relations Director bta Gonzalez, and Secretary Rafael Salas The Chicano Law Students' Association, organized in 1973. is committed to assisting Chicano law students in obtaining a first-class legal education. The goals of ChLSA focus on recruitment and retention of minority law students. In addition to working with Project Info to recruit applicants to the law school. ChLSA members also take an assertive role in assisting Chicano law students in adjusting to school. Financial aid information, peer tutoring services and a support network are a few means used to achieve this goal. Membership is open to currently enrolled UT law students. This year, ChLSA conducted the ninth annual fajita fiesta fundraiser, conducted freshlaw mock exams, and held its annual spring banquet. ChLSA Member : Front Row: love Soria. Norma Sierra. Veronica Madrid. Gonzak) Barrientos. Jr. Kathleen Dona Second Row Steve Arragon. Priscilla Garcia. Pasqual Madrigal. Ilia Gonzalez. Carlos Contreras. Aka Moses. Esther Ha»dar Thrd Row: Rafael Salas. Gloria Moreno. Mario Ramirez. Norma Montalvo, lupe Canales. Roger Perez Back Row: Saul Gonzalez. Dennis Garza. George Garcia. R Navarro. Pete Gallago Organizations 51 Cjftot Cofi rMiDelta Theta Phi Delta Theta Phi Member : Front Row Ken Ovett. Mark Partin, William Romo, Carolyn Ahrens. Second Row: |ohn David Franz, Amy Shaw, Greg Valdaspino, Carta Olivarez, leAnn Verhoef. George Garcia. Grady long 8ack Row: Reggie lames. Bill lurrud, Karen Pennington, Ted Applewhite, lohn Symington. Delta Theta Phi is an international professional fraternity comprised of over 80,000 alumni and students from Iceland to Hawaii. Members are eligible for consideration for student loans from the Delta Theta Phi Foundation, Inc., and the Sam Houston Senate Scholarship Program. The organization also offers placement assistance in cooperation with alumni contacts and the Regional Placement Coordinator. Delta Theta Phi is a socialy oriented fraternity, providing several social and academic functions throughout the school year and creating many opportunities for social and academic interaction between law student members. Delta Theta Phi hosted the 1984 Delta Theta Phi Regional conference and plans to participate in the 1985 Delta Theta Phi Bi-annual convention in San Diego, California. Additionally, Delta Theta Phi plans to present a Professional Development Program in 1985 and to continue its tradition of hosting great parties Officers: Dean, William Romo; Vice Dean, Mark Partin; Treasurer, Ken Cavett; Tribune, Carolyn Aherns; and Master of the Ritual, Kay Knowles. 52 OrganizationsEnvironmental and Natural Resources Law Society ENRIS Members: Front Row: Ann Hartley, Nancy Weytiand, Trish Carls, Ion Mary Sahs Back Row: km Truslow. Alkson Hfeer, David Braun, Carnck David- Needle, Carolyn Ahrens, |oe Gote. Second Row: Nathan Wesely, Karen son, Randy Hall, Fd Swanson, |oe Riddell Cheyney. Rosemary Class, Sarah Dougharty, Ann Kitchen, Burgess lackson. The Environmental and Natural Resources Law Society (ENRLS) was organized in the Fall of 1982, and has grown to include 50 members. The club's purpose is to increase awareness about environmental and natural resources issues and to provide beneficial experiences for students interested in pursuing careers in the area of environmental and natural resources law. Membership is open to all law students. ENRLS has been working with the ENRLS Section of the State Bar of Texas on a $ 10,000 grant to produce a video documentary entitled "Environmental Law in Texas." The club also cosponsored the conference on "Environmental and Natural Resources Law Under the Texas Administrative Procedure Act." The club continues its aluminum can recycling program, sponsors campus speakers, and conducts social events. Officers of the ENRLS are: President Nathan Wesely, Vice-President Nancy Weynand, Secretary Allison Hilger, and Treasurer lit Miller. Organizations 53 tfhroctniirsrSf Guanajuato Club The Guanajuato Visitation Program is a reciprocal exchange between the University of Texas Law School and the law school at the Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico. Essentially, it involves an exchange of information, students, and faculty. The information is exchanged throughout the school year, while the visits by students and faculty last for one week during the spring. UT law students and faculty travel to Guanajuato over spring break, and the Guanajuato students visit UT shortly thereafter. Activities during the trips include conferences on law topics of the host country, and social functions which afford participants the opportunity to establish personal and professional relationships with their hosts. Participants are housed in the homes of students, thus providing an inexpensive view of student life and culture that is seldom experienced by tourists. All law students are eligible to participate in the program, despite linguistic ability. The Guanajuato program was initiated in 1966 pursuant to a request from the United States Department of State. The United States Embassy in Mexico requested that the University of Texas Law School establish an exchange-type program with a leading Mexican law school for the purposes of sharing information on the respective legal systems, cultivating within the students a knowledge of both distinct forms of jurisprudence, and encouraging participation in international relations. While the Guanajuato Program is an official activity of the UT Law School, it is administered totally by law students and its success depends on the enthusiasm of its participants and the generosity of the civic, professional and academic community. The officers for 1984-85 were Director lanessa Grady, Local Coordinator Bennie Barnes, and Treasurer Lauri Schneidau. Guanajuato Club Member front Row: Marc Taubenfeld. Bennie Barnes. Karen Penrngion. Masamitsu Sakamoto, and Darryl M Wexler Back Row: Jonathan Gc dberg. lanessa Grady. Gregory Chamfer. Daniel Vera. Raymond Espersen. Joseph Dodge, and Jose A Lujan. 54 OrganizationsInternational Law Society Mmutioml Uv» So i ty OirWtrv From Korn. ftMr a O AWc . Piti (y Chiimui. K iy WmMgrr. FYmlM. Thrfpic Pjrnpf, Ijn jtgr OoipCoonJfMtor BkIcRow Ourln I Rod, Summer Program Coc d uior. Km OJotU. V t PrewJem; Sieve Oirrn. Treasurer; Prolewor Uv WeMbroofc. FaoJty A N vx _ The International Law Society (IIS) seeks to provide a locus for students who wish to expand their knowledge of the international aspects of legal practice. US also promotes activities which aid those students who wish to pursue careers in international practice. Activities aim at augmenting both the education of students through the sponsorship of speakers, round table and language groups, and the direct involvement of students with professionals, through active participation in events such as this year's International Corporate Practice Seminar, which was cosponsored with the Law School. In addition, ILS hosts the MCI students, who come from various countries to the Law School each year. ILS currently numbers about SO students and encourages all to join. International law Society Members: Front Row: Barbara S. Alarcon. James Masok. Jean McLemore. Traci I. Bransford. laun J Schneidau. FredCrasso. Masamrtsu Sakamoto. Joyce-Marie Garay. Dana fmmert Second Row Trisha Pitchford. Richard Hunn. Tito Alfaro, Jennifer VVmpey, Dianne Zomper. Kimberly VVnck, Evan V, Nave. Ed Riqudmy. Jay Westbrook Third Row. Ann Hartley. Guilermo Alarcbn. Alan Davis. Gregory Chandler. Kelvin 6arnes. Marc Taubenfdd Back Row: Gregory Burch. Jeff Conner, Mark Friedman. Behrooz Moghaddam. Organizations 55 fJne •nhroetnKappa Alpha Kappa Kappa Alpha Kappa emerged as the only law school fraternity with the singular objective of promoting a better relationship between its members and certain undergrad co-eds who frequent Tarlton Library. At the same time, the Men of KAK perform an appreciated service for those serious law library users. Their snappy blue blazers are a familiar and reassuring sight to library patrons as the Men of KAK tirelessly patrol each floor in an effort to keep the library safe from coeds who surreptitiously sneak food and Diet Pepsis onto the premises. (This offense is more prevalent during the warmer months between the evening hours of six and nine). Once discovered, these nubile miscreants are courteously, yet firmly escorted by the Men of KAK to the young women's sorority homes. After arrival, discussions of proper library etiquette often extend until the early morning hours. Additional counseling sessions, which are virtually always necessary, complete the long and hard process of rehabilitation. With luck, the former offender is able to return to the library enlightened, fulfilled, and most importantly, snack-free. During the Spring, members hosted mixers and excursions to the local BMW dealership. They also published their newsletter: BMWs and Blue Blazers. The only two requirements for membership are a dedication to public service and a substantial cash flow. Kappa Alpha Kappa Members: Vice-President Rob A Dollars, Co-Ed Coor- and Social Director S Rhett Rofomon The members are shown relaxing before drator Ion Pease. Keeper of the KAK R Scott Smith, President Mike Samford, an evening of patrolling Tarlton library Sfe OrganizationsLaw and Technology Society In the Fall of 1984, several interested students banded together to form an organization recognizing the interaction of law and technology. During that semester the Society concentrated on orchestrating activities for the Spring. The plans included: hosting speakers; recruiting new members; raising funds; and making arrangements to sponsor a conference. Professor McGarity served as faculty advisor. law and Technology Society Members: Secretary John R. Sheppard. Treasurer VV Batchelder. President Stephen R S mmons. Vice-President Rotwrt Don Timothy |. Fussellman. lames R. Snell, Computer Consultant Mark lohbeck Organizations 57 V.I.- V hrortf Legal Research Board IRB Officers: Front row: Chairperson Melanie Best. Director Mark Partin. Oirector Adam Hauser. Second row: Director Ann Btythe. Director Dirk Eshleman, Orector Heidi Bloch, Director Kay Harlan S8 OrganizationsThe LRB was founded in 1961 and is one of the oldest student-run legal research organizations in the United States. Members of the LRB research and write memoranda of law for practicing attorneys throughout the country. While the LRB provides a valuable service to the Bar, its primary purpose is to refine the research and writing skills of its members by affording them an opportunity to address actual legal problems and to consult with praticing attorneys. LRB members enjoy the added incentive of being paid for their efforts. Invitations to membership are extended on two bases: outstanding per formance in the first year Legal Research and Writing class, as evidenced by receipt of the highest grade in that class, or; submission of a superior memorandum of law during the LRB candidacy program. Each semester, a member must write one memorandum and check the substantive accuracy and cite form of another. Activities during the 1984-85 year included, but were not confined to: production of stellar memoranda, intensive and scholarly research; massive coffee addiction; and the building of a support system of expertise and friendship. LRB Members: Front row: Cicely Nedd, Drk Eshefcnan, Sarah Foster. Karon Zoollers. Brenda Heinhokt, Adam Hauser, Melanie Best. Mark Partin. Second row: Mark Screre, Marian Richardson, Hulse Wagner. Ann Hythe, David rn-iut oham, vj ib Blumenteld. Rkk Zucker (on sax). Organizations 59Peregrinus Yearbook One of the few records of those three long years in law school is the Peregrinus, the law school's yearbook. The book itself is an institution - it has survived through dramatic changes in the law school, through years of student unrest, to today. The law students who donate their time to comprise the yearbook staff face many arduous tasks - the staff is small, one deadline falls right in the middle of final exams, you still have to be an expert in Wills when it's your turn, everyone has his own idea of how to pronounce the name of the book, and someone has to identify all the people in those photos! This year, the editorial staff was excellent. The staff photographer, Steve Schroeter, is a true artist and a true professional. Yearbook supervisor De-wayne Bevif spent many nights and weekends doing the jobs that no one else could handle. Assistant Editor Ann Foster had the benefit of last year's experience on the yearbook to guide her. Assistant Editor Rhett Robinson, with his sharp wit and artistic abilities, could whip out a great-looking layout and funny cutlines in no time flat. Associate Editor Gaye Holden, who seems to know everyone in the law school, provided countless insights. And as for Editor Lynn Rossi? She was lucky. She survived blank rolls of film, photographer no-shows, cancelled events, and long hours on the telephone. The staff's long hours of hard work paid off - the book is done! And it looks pretty good, don't you think? (They may not be able to spelt "Peregrinus." but they sure can pronounce it!) Peregrinus Yearbook staff: front Row: Assistant Editor Rhett Robnson, Yearbook Supervisor Dewayne BevJ, Photographer Steve Schroeter Back Row: Editor lyrm E Rossi, Associate Editor Gaye Holden 60 OrganizationsPhi Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Delta is an international professional law fraternity whose purpose is to serve the law student, the law school, and the legal profession. PAD is the largest fraternity in the world, with chapters throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico. It was also the first all-male law fraternity to admit women. Students interested in joining PAD must be in good academic standhg and must pledge into the fraternity. During the 1984-85 school year, the organization provided school calendars to the law school student body, sponsored a "Meef the Profs" for freshlaws to meet their professors in a casual and personal setting, and held potluck dinners for members and guests. Officers of PAD are justice lita Gonzalez, Vice-justice Bruce Feaster, Clerk Brian Cassidy, and Treasurer Jan daSilva. »hi Alpha Delta Member : Kelvin Barnes. lita Conzalez. Bruce Feaster. Not Pictured: Brian Cassidy. Mrchaei Lee. lerome iaSitva, Peter Zavaletta. Organizations 61 tymftoMiPhi Delta Phi Phi Delta Phi, established in 1869 to promote a higher standard of legal ethics, is the second oldest North American legal organization in continuous existence and the oldest professional fraternity in the Western Hemisphere. More judges, American residents, governors, senators, representatives, cabinet members, ambassadors, ABA presidents and law school Deans have come from the ranks of Phi Delta Phi than from any other legal fraternity. Roberts Inn of the UT Law School was founded in 1910. To be eligible tor membership, a law student must have completed two semesters of legal study with an average of 78 or better. This minimum standard makes Phi Delta Phi an honor fraternity recognizing high academic standing. The purpose of Roberts Inn, however, extends to social and intellectual interaction as well Affiliation with Phi Delta Phi provides the focus for activities that help develop the service and leadership qualities which a law student is expected to bring to the bar, stressing the importance of adherence to high standards of professional ethics, integrity, character and responsibility. Although Phi Delta Phi is primanly an honor organization, several social events are held each year During the 198-1-85 school year, prospective members were entertained at Eastwoods Park in September In October, members, prospective members, and Phi Delta Phi alumni from Central Texas met informally at Scholz's Garden. On November 8, 1984 the fraternity's annual Fall Initiation was held at the Texas Supreme Court, followed by a banquet at the Pecan Street Cafe Due principally to the membership drive held in October, the fraternity was able to nearly double in size after the vitiation Spring activities included a spring membership drive and initiation, a lake party, and recogmzation of graduating Phi Delta Phi members. The 1984-85 school year was one of the most active and successful years in the history of the fraternity. Phi Delta Phi Officers: Bill 8roussard. Robin O'Day. Andy Taylor. Ken Culotta. Mfce Samford Phi Delta Phi Members: Front row: Warren Fisher. Cheryl Eisen, Mark Mai. Mary lee Pieper. David Mellma. Karen Zuercher. Robin O'Day. David Brill. Tim Taylor, Karen Fry, Dirk Fshelman. Roben Valadez. Karen Brown, and Cora Hughes Second row: Andy Taylor, jan Ramsay. Karen Stevens, and Stan Mayo Third row: Eliane Herring, jenny Marshall, Ann Reunard, Dan Hu. Stuarl Smith. Linda Hood. Sarxka Han. Connie Courtney. Teresa Couch. Barry Copeland, Rex •Martin, .Melinda McFadden. lohn F t 8?idger. loe Blanton, and Fielder NeWis Back row: Vic McWherter. lock Freeland, Mario Yzaguirre. Brian Woram. Mike Samford, Ken Cullotta. and Bill Broussard 62 OrganizationsReal Estate Law Society RFIS Club Members: Fronl Row: Gndy Smith. M'lou Bell. Mary lee Pieper. Gaye Holden Second Row: Ann Foster. Pamela Briggs. Richard Martne . Ethna Sinisi. lene Kramer. Ron Ingalls. George Garcia Back Row: J. W. Dyer, Gregg M Hke. Wiliam Dahbtrom. Adam Hauser. Mano Yzagu re. lame Davia. Sharon Reiier. Deems McNamara. Presley Reed. Bruce Feaster. David Kaplan. Michael Bndweli. k e Babb The Real Estate Law Society, founded in the fall of 1983, provides a forum for students interested in the practical application of law to the field of real estate. RELS sponsors presentations by real estate practitioners on topics such as commercial and residential development. real estate legislation, lease and mortgage negotiation, and construction litigation. RELS assists the Continuing Legal Education Program with real estate related seminars, specifically the annual Mortgage Lending Institute. The society also plans events for the members to meet informaly with practicing real estate attorneys. By providing a focal point for real estate interests at the law school, RELS hopes to encourage more emphasis on real estate law within the academic program. Officers for the 1984-85 year are Gaye Holden, President, Cindy Smith, Speaker's Director, Mary Lee Pieper, Treasurer, M'Lou Bell, Vice-President, and Sharon Reuler, Publicity Director. Organizations 63 lymRmuReview of Litigation Review of litigation Members: Front Row Car rick Davidson, Chester Skorupu. Second Row David Boet ner. Bruce Campbell. David Margrave. Randy Pulrnan, Cora Hughes. Amoe Bagnetlo, Tom Hays. Deborah Watson, Bert Viguet. Michael Samford Third Row Suzanne Kassel. Chris Brancart, Stan Mayo. Russ Horton, Royal lea. Rosemary Class, Stuart Smith. Cheryl McManus. Molle Crosby Back Row. Matt Witt. Cole Young, Vicki Lynne Behrend, Ken Cutotta. Karen Fry Not Pictured Oara Meek. Pam Beachley, fnc Bradford, Keith Coutter. Sammy Okhyk, Charles Siegal. Rick Strarge. Pia Walker Epstein. Drk Eshleman Editorial Board Members: front Row Stan Mayo, Associate Editor - Circulation Manager, Cora Hughes, Articles Editor, Deborah Watson. Associate Edtor. Vela Behrend, Chief Articles Ed tor, Bert Viguet. Managing Editor Back Row Stuart Smith. Associate Editor, Rosemary Class, Note Edtor, Carnck Davidson, Editor mChief. Mke Samford. Note Editor. Chester Skortpu. Note Editor Not Pictured: Clara Meek, Articles Editor, Drk EsWeman, Chief Note Editor M OrganizationsThird Year Staff Members: David Margrave, Bruce Campbell, Karen Fry, Cole Young, Ken Cutotta, Chris Brancart, Susanne Kassel, Cheryl McManus. Second Year Staff Members: Front Row: David Boelzner, Randy Putman. A«mee Bagnetto, Tom Hays. Back Row Malt Witt, Russ Horton, Royal lea, MolSe Crosby. The Review of Litigation responds lo the need for a national forum for interchange of academic and practical discussion of various aspects of litigation. The articles, notes, and symposia focus on the interface between theory and practice in trial and appeal of lawsuits, and allow academician, litigator, and judge to better understand their functions in the litigation process. Now in its sixth year, the Review has gained national acclaim in achieving its goals. Student staff positions are filled through candidacy programs conducted in the fall and spring. Additionally, second year law students who win select moot court competitions are invited to join. The Review also considers outside submissions of publication-quality student law notes. Through each of the admissions programs, the Review seeks qualified students based solely on legal writing and reasoning ability. Advantages of membership include exposure to the issues at the forefront of Texas and national litigation, the opportunity to write and soon thereafter publish a law note, and the chance for the individual to make a significant contribution to a relatively young organization already having an important impact on the litigation community. Orgarwaiions 65 Student Bar Association Student Bar Allocation Members (unmaiked): front Row: Dyira Hemadez. S8A Assistant. (nc Ohon. Treasurer. k n O Morgan. S8A Assistant. M Alger. Secretary. Burrell Efts. President, Diana Howard. Vice-President. Todd T Wong, Second Year Representative. Russ Milter. First Year Representative Second Row; Rosanne Messineo. Art and PutAcrty Chairperson. David Quan, f st Year Representative. Saundna Chase, SBA Newsletter Edtor. Trrotfty C Taylor. Thrd Year Representative. EEzabeth Marcheschi, Third Year Representative Not Pictured: Enc Shepperd. Third Year Representative. Bob Looney. Second Year Repcesentatrre. Darren Walker. Second Year Representative, Alan Oasts. First Year Representative. Lars Custafsson. First Year Representative. Mark Mitchell. Frst Year Representative 66 OrganizationsThe Student Bar Association is the student government organization of the law school. All students are automatically members. The organization acts as ombudsman for student problems, channels student input on law school pokies via committees and referenda, and maintains a daily office with free notary service, a lost-and-found, stamps, aspirin and advice. The Student Bar Association sponsors numerous student activities throughout the year including keg parties, sandwich seminars. Assault and Flattery, teacher-course evaluations, and student recommendations for the Law School’s student faculty committees. The SBA holds a Halloween costume party in the fall, the Fall Drunk, and sponsors Law Week, a week of activities in the spring which includes guest lecturers, a campus-area race named Res Judicata, an auction of faculty-donated items to benefit the Emergency Student Loan Fund, numerous athletic and academic tournaments, and the Spring Fling dance. Officers of the SBA for the 1984-85 year are Burrell Ellis, President, Diana Howard, Vice-President, Eric Olson, Treasurer, and Juli Alger, Secretary. Scopng out the asbestos particles. Bob looney. Second Year Representative, Mark Mitchel. Freshlaw Representative, and lars Gustafsson. Freshlaw Representative. strive to protect the health of all law students. Asbestos remains in law classrooms By USA BAKER Datty Texan Staff The possible health nil involved in four Townes Hal) lecture rooms with asbestos-laden ceilings is causing debate as to whether the mater. • d should be removed lately 30 percent to 40 I the reihne material is of chrysotir, accordmg Department of Health ile is an extremely fibrous bestos and poses a senous I to the students, said el. asbestos contractor •ant for Environment exas oms in question are 137. 2.138. 2.139 and environmental ‘ - in’ Safety Townes Hafl. H will not work. It a an extremely Gbnxis material "If they encapsulated that material according to (proper) guidelines, it would not support the wetghi of that encapsulation." Ranuel said. ;lt would (a off the ceiling ... It cannot withstand the weight of the encapsulant Thai glue deteriorates after a while. Those fibers start releasing." Ramie! sax). That's a very high concentration of asbestos “ Spokesmen for the Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration said some sealants work with some materials They said it is »n possible to determine the effectiveness of the sealant without an actual inspection. John Willard, chief of the occupa botval health program with the state health department, sax) the department would not make an inspection -r rw.'-nf material without a re-"T Safety Office •hat asbes-. Law Week Committee members Mark Mai. 8elh Narwinga. Tim Taylor. |eff Conner, Camille Comeau. and Carfeie Tndel Not Pictured: Gaye Holden Organizations 67ItmKcnv Teaching Quizmasters T.Q. Member : Front Row John Parsons Second Row. lenniter Bruch, laura HLavach. Karen Brown. Mark Partin. Trkh Vitch Keith lone . Th»d Row:Uvb Aubachon, Brenda Hc-noid. Scott Ozmun, Dane Carlson. Mary Sahs. Mark Sophir. Karen loeCers Back Row Chris Berlew. Rot n O’Day. Sarah foster. Tim Taylor. Zoe Meike. Steve Voelker, Bran Farrvey. Karen fry, Julie Alger No freshlaw escapes UT without getting his very own "Teaching Quizmaster" - even if he doesn't want one. T.Q. is a bizarre name for a bizarre job performed by 23 second and third year students of questionable sanity. The official job description is deceptively simple: T.Q.s work with the library staff, law professors, and the English faculty to teach first year law students legal research, memo and brief writing, and oral advocacy. That's no easy task. The actual job description is much lengthier — caterer, coach, boredom buster, coffee-maker, candy-supplier, party taxi service, den mother and father, patrol leader, spiritual advisor, parental surrogate, general hand-holder, and concerned person. Why would anyone want to be a T.Q? A recent study reveals T.Q.s have a Freudian need to explain “quizmaster" to law firm interviewers. The officers are Karen Brown, TQ Coordinator, Brenda Heinold, Candidacy Chairperson, and John Parsons. Secretary. 68 OrganizationsTexas International Law Journal nil Outo Membm Iron Row: M»n Miury, IMb lean itodgry Iitd C eio. fdftxtiKh. T « 1 Wong Vru Corvultt Sciond Row: Tnsn C.jfK, Tifrurj Te nl Ruin R.kjrd Hire Htnrg In WoR. Ciyr Mokjrn Th d Row: Rick l nl. S-no" K-irjnvinun. Scoil MjcUfeo. Wn Truvlow, Am Icwec. C l pjoecnvmr . |ell Ifc-imH fourth Row: Andrrj IWrrunv. ArnoM ArjIi . Becky S«-R»l. Ud SVknec. TnwrwPjrirr.Suvi'iDwmriiv Retort MUrr. bJrt Been Sieve Puly, Inc OcRen Kick Row. Vk Nk ir. Oofgr Jorwv Rob Vrym. Wvi RnRrfv Urre Tcxo-Mcyiwcrif e Mol Pic Merc): Am, Hcmec. Sneer I jPi-idr. Si«n»Uclr!ej'vl Meline McKrtlr • Rene.- Perec, le AWner. Robed Bird Vr e C. ux Miry Ketty, ft MiORe. Re. MR-. lorn Peiru O. PiJi VKk. Bob looney HI Editorial 8oard: |im Truslow. Articles Editor; Andrew Lee. Associate Edrtor. Elizabeth Wolf. Executive Edtor. Renee Perez. Scholarly Publications Editor; loan Hodges. Coordnatng Articles Editor; Ann Foster. Articles Editor. Hoflts Hudson. Drector TUI Association; Brad Begn. Edtor-mOvef; Susan Karamarxan. Motes and Comments Editor; Rick Dent. Notes and Comments EcJtor; Carol Mekher. Notes and Comments Edtor; Trish Cads. Coordnatng Notes and Comments Editor. Eric Croten. Articles Edtor; lelf Horowitz. Managng Editor; Arnold Aguiar. Research Editor The Texas International Law lournal (TILI) is now completing its twentieth year of publication. Scholars and practitioners from every continent subscribe to TUI, which publishes articles and comments on public and private international law, with a focus on international law in United States courts. Approximately sixty students are members of TILJ. Membership is based upon a writing competition held twice yearly, outside submissions, and participation in the lessup International Moot Court Competition Organizations 69 AnrVInxMTexas Law Review Texas Law Review Editorial Board Members: front Row: Ken Clark. David Messina, Susan Nkklaus. Connie Courtney Back Row: Don Branson. David Cerger, Cathy Noven, Stacy Obenhaus. Second Row: Linda Hood, Lynne Deitch, John One. Ronald Mann, John McKmght, Peter Mims TIR Associate Editors: Geoff Os bom, Ann Engles, Kathy Armstrong, Steve Cohen, Jeff Zlotky, Chns Euler, Bonme Von Roeder Mount Not Pictured: 8ilty Dyer, Jane Nobles, Pat Schofield, Bill Emmons, Darnel 70 OrganizationsThe Texas Law Review is the oldest and one of the most prestigious scholarly publications at the law school and is entering its sixty-third year. The Review publshes eight issues annually, each issue containing approximately fifteen hundred pages. Membership is obtained by academic ranking in the top 5% of the first-year class, outstanding performance in a writing internship program held each spring and fall for students finishing their first year, or by submission of a publishable law note by students finishing their second year. Each member researches and writes a law note, - a short article on a legal topic of the member's choosing - to submit for publication in the Review. The Review also publishes longer articles and book reviews written by professors from schools across the country. In January, the Review, in conjunction with the LBJ School of Public Affairs, the Texas Law Review Association, and the University of Texas School of Law, sponsored a symposium on state constitutional law. Also, the Review held a series of informal gatherings at which faculty members discussed current legal issues. On a lighter note, the Social Committee of Jennifer Ashmos, Kathy Armstrong, and Craig Click threw various keggers and parties during the year. TIR Members: Front Row: tube Forrester, Lynne Messna. Jennifer Ipnski, Craig Gkk. Connie Courtney, Larry Goldstein. Second Row: Pat Schofield, Jennifer Ashmos. Susan Nkklaus, Shari loessberg, Earl Droit. Cathy Neuren. Mark Sr ere Third Row: Jeff Alexander, Ken Clark, David Shoemaker, Geoff Osborn, Bnan Woram, Jesse Green, Charfce Sweet Fourth Row: Michael Diehl. Beer, Chris Fuler. Chns Bedew, Jeff Bromme. David Beveridge. Peter Mms. BAy Dyer, Steve Mount Back Row: Kathy Armstrong. John McKnght, Ronald Mann, John Cine, Stacy Obenhaus. Don 8ranson Not Pictured: David Deiich, Unda Hood, David Gerger. Bil Emmons, Ann Engles, Jane Noble, Bonnie Von Roeder, Jeff Zlotky. Scott Baker, Darvel Cohen, Bran Croaer. Bret Van Earp. Scott Fraley. Cndy Gmstead. Craig Haynes, Jeff Hubenak, Cad Johnston. BA Rapp, Susie Stoler, Gentry Barden. Jean BJumenfeld. James Boeckman, Louis Bonham, David Boyce. David Golds!en, Myron Hess, Mark Klenman. Paul Ledbetter, John Leggett, Fred Lewis, Russel Manning, Tom Mebheimer. Donald Powers. Steve Rasch, Eizabeth Rodd. Jarrue Spettngs, Jay S f»ers. Donald Steele, Cynthia Stewart, Arvmd Sudarshan, Greg Taylor, Alex Thompson, John WJums, Vicki Wood Organizations 71 SrrvrSdThe Texas Law Forum The Texas Law Forum is published three times a semester with the support of the Law School and the Student Bar Association. It is published for the benefit of the students, faculty, alumni, and friends of the law school. Contents of the Forum include humorous articles, informational stories, law sports reviews, as well as student cartoons. Texas Law Forum Members: Front Row: Associate Editor Greg Chandler. Editor-in-chief Matthew MuHer, Associate Editor Sarah Pierce Back Row: Associate Editor Lisa Black, Associate Editor David Curdo, Business Manager Kevin Fin- to. Associate Editor Sandra Hall Not Pictured loan South. Rupert .Murdoch. Clarisa Cuajardo. Peter Slover. Joy Cray. Suzanne Hassell, Danny Weaver. Carlos Moreno, and lisa Martin 72 OrganizationsThurgood Marshall Legal Society TMIS Members: Front Row: lames "Tmk" Hill, Stephon lohnson, Ian daSilva, Karen Calmeise, Arthur Pertfe. Second Row: Greg Chandler, Mattye Gouldsby, Kelvin Barnes, Pedro W ams, Anthony Wilson Third Row: Tony Nelson, Eva Dantzler, |udy Qadim'asi. Cary Cobb Back Row Evelyn Pulliam, Velva Price, Sharon Brown, Renita King, Bill day, Randy Reed The Thurgood Marshall Legal Society, TMLS, is an affiliate of the Black American Law Students Association. TMLS works increasing Black enrollment in the law school, encouraging members to participate in law school activities, and establishing contacts with prospective employers. This year, TMLS co-sponsored the speech of Secretary of State Myra McDaniel, co-sponsored the TMLS-Austin Black Lawyers Association picnic, participated in the Austin Big Brother -Big Sister picnic, developed Black History Month activities, sponsored Wilhelmina Delco's speech, and organized a freshlaw orientation. Through these activities, TMLS has provided academic, social, and emotional support to black law students at UT, and has formed a network between Black law students and Black attorneys throughout Texas. TMLS officers are: President Stephon lohnson, Vice-President Arthur Pertile, Treasurer Jan daSilva, Secretary Karen Calmeise, Parliamentarian James "Tink” Hill, and First-Year Representative Lisa Turner. Organizations 73Women's Law Caucus Women's law Caucus Members: Front Row: Sheila Slevn. D'Ann Johnson Me Murrey. Norma Sierra. Suzy Sanchez. Victoria fast us, Pamela Briggs, fnca Krerrench Second Row. Cicely Nedd. Joan C Smith, Vicki 8. Rowan, lauri | Schneidau, Suzanne Hassell. Kathy Taylor. Jeannette Garrett. Ken Thomas Back Row. Barbara Hensleigh, Anna Gonzalez. Karen Patton Bogle, Ion fmkelston, Nancy Shaw. Theodora R lee. Sandra Hall Not Pictured Joe Garcia. David Grassbaugh, Pat Schofield. Jay DeFuna. letitia Johnson. Fred lewis, Gma Pastrano, Amy Peterson, Mein da Roberts. Susan Stenz. Nor ma Santamana Brisco. Carleen Tmdell, and Faculty Sponsor, Elizabeth Warren. The Women's law Caucus (WIC) is comprised of students interested in women's issues and dedicated to the following purposes: educating law students about issues involving women and the law; working with the law school to recognize and combat problems which women face in the law school and job placement; working with other women's groups in the community; and serving as a general support for its members. 1984-1985 activities included: sponsoring several speakers and programs, including Elizabeth Holzman and job placement panels; working with the Placement Office to establish an infor- mal grievance procedure; working to recruit women law faculty; conducting a law school voter registration drive; establishing a scholarship; researching day care options for those students with children; compiling a day care center reference list; publishing a monthly newsletter; and raising money to help students attend the National Conference on Women and the Law in New York City. WLC Officers: President, Kathy Taylor; Vice President, Barbara Hensleigh; Treasurer. Suzanne Hassell; and Secretary, Karen Patton Bogle. 74 OrganizationsStudents 75|oet Arnold Aguilar, Corpus Chrisli; Stanford University, Texas International Law kxrnal. Carlos Aguinaga, Austin, University ol Texas at £1 Paso Carolyn Ahrens, Austin, Southwest Texas Slate University, Environmental and Natural Resources law Society, Delta Theta Phi Lisa Carol Anderson, San Antonio. Texas A M University. American lournal of Criminal Law Managing Edrtor. lose Luis Arce, Laredo, UniversAyof Texas at San Antonio lennifer Ann Ashmos, Austin, University of Texas at Austin, Texas law Review Linda Kay Aubuchon, Houston; University of Dallas. Teaching (Junmastec Joseph Scruggs Babb, Austin, University of Texas at Austin, Real Estate Law Society. Allen Jeffrey Baden, San Antonio, Umvers4y of Texas at Austin. James Stewart Bass, Amarillo, Trinity University. Board of Atlvocates, Trial Advocacy Co-Director Scoll Neil Bauer, Austin, Sam I fouston Slate University. lanel Elizabeth Bauerte, Austin, University of Texas at Austrs. Phi Beta Kappa. President’sConsultativeCommitlee for the Selection of I he Dean of t he Law School Brad 8egin, Austin, Texas Christian University, Texas International Law lournal Editor n Chief. Phi Delta Phi Grelchen Amy Benolken, SaVm, Ore. University of Texas at Austin Christopher David Berlew, Austin; University of Texas at Austn. Texas law Review. Teaching Qutfmasters Melanie Virginia Besl, Houston; University of Texas at Austin. Legal Research Board Chairperson, AM and Entertainment Law Committee, Lasvyers Christian Mlowshp Elizabeth Ann Black, Houston; University of Texas at Austin, Joseph Cullen Blanton |r., Scoll County, Mo . University of Virginia Hoard of Advocates, Phi Delta Phi, Bachelors of law. Regal Beagles. Elizabeth Bloch, Austin; University of Texas at Austin, Legal Research Board Director, Board of Advocates. Anne Marie Blythe, Austin; Texas Tech University, Legal Research Board Director. Anita Elizabeth Bolton, Austin, Unrversity of Texas at Austin. Amy Elizabeth Bonner, Austin; University of Texas at Austin, Te International Law Journal Raymond flint Bourgeois, San Antonio, University of Texas at Auslo. Keliy N. Bowman, Freeport, N Y , Amherst College. Tburgtxxl Marshal legal Society. Board of Advocates 76 SeniorsMargaret Frazier Bowman, Carrollton; Oho State University, Board of Advocates, Texas International Law lournal Eric Kempton Bradford, Dallas; Colgate University. Texas Review of litigation, Dell Suggs law Facuity Foundation Donald Elliot Branson, Austin; University of Texas at Austin, Texas law Review At tides Edtor. John Wesley Bridgcr, Houston; Baylor University. Phi Delta Phi Michael Thomas Bridwell, Austin; Michigan State University Pamela E. 8. Briggs, Austin; University of Texas at Austin, Real Estate law Society. Women's law Caucus. David Smith Brill, Austn; University of North Carolina, Board of Advocates, LawyersChristian Fellowship Dianne S. Brode, Austin; University of Texasat Austin John Joseph Broderick, Austin; Yale University William Arren Broussard, Austin. University of Texas at Austin. Ph Della Phi Exchequer, Order of Barristers. Section T President. Board of Advocates Director. Research Assistant Jeannette Louise Brown, Glastonbury. Conn, Mount Holyoke College Karen J. Brown, Fort Worth; University of Texas at Arington. lawyers Christian Fellowshp. Board of Advocates, Teaching Quizmasters Coordinator Jennifer Lynn Bruch, Spnng. Harvard University. Bryant W. Burke, Austin; Colgate University Don Cameron Bums, Austei; University of Texas at Austin Brian D. Caldwell, Austin; University of Kansas. Bruce Stuart Campbell, Fort Worth; University of Texas at Aikngton, Review of litigation, Ph Delta Pin Kathleen Cary Campbell, Portland, Texas Tech University, Bar AJumni Relations Committee. Novice Mock Trial, Women's law Caucus Guadalupe Canales, Laredo; University of Texasat Austin. Proiect Info Director, Chicano law Students Association Board Member Dianne E. Carlson, Dallas; Duke University. Teaching Qv» masters. Board of Advocates. Vincent Dean Carson, Austin; Texas Tech University Angel Castro, San Benito; Pan American University, Chicago law Students Association. Virginia Ann Chaffee, Austin. St lawrence University. Environmental and Natural Resources law Society Priscilla Ann Champion, Austin; Yale University. Karen Cheyney, San Antonio; Wellesley College. Women's law Caucus, Environmental and Natural Resources law Society Kelley I. Chick, Galax, Va . Wake Forest University. George Scott Christian, Austin; University of Texas at Austin Paul William Chung, Houston; University of Texas at Austin Seniors 77Mark Christopher Clemer, Austin; University of Texas at Austn. Sandra laVem Coaxum, Fort Worth; University of Texas at Austn, Thurgood Marshai legal Society. Faculty-Student Minority Opportunities Committee, Omicron Delta Kappa Barry lee Copeland, Webster Croves. Mo.; Miami University. Harvard [ournal of law and Public Policy. Federalist Society, Phi Delta Phi. Theresa Ann Couch, Tyler; Texas Tech University. Phi Delta Phi, Research Assistant Constance Elaine Courtney, Plainview; University of Texas at Austn, Texas law Review. ChanceBors. Phi Delta Phi. Mason I. Crocker, Austin; University of Texas at Austen. Kenneth S. Culotta, Austen, University of Texas at Austen. International law Society. Phi Delta Phi, Review of litigation. Peter Dameris, Houston. Southern Methodist University. Delta Theta Phi Charles Carrick Davidson, Austen. Massachuset(s Institute of Technology. Review of litigation. Environmental and Natural Resources law Society. Board of Advocates W. RusseH Davis, Tyler. University of Texas at Austen. Board of Advocates loanatys Smith Defuria, Austin; University of Vrgenia, Travis County Women lawyers Association. Women's law Caucus. Transfer Students Association. C. Richard Dent, Baltimore. Md; University of Virginia, Texas International law lournal. legal Research Board Peter I. De Rose, Austen; Fordham University. Indiana University. Board of Advocates lodging Deector. American [ournal of Qimenal law Editor, Texas law Forum. Susan D. Desmarais, Wenbertey; University of Dallas. Board of Advocates. International law [ournal. International Moot Court Team. Kathleen Doria, San Antonio; Wellesley College, Gmcano law Students Association Alan Dale Drake, Austen. University of Texas at Austen Earl Allen Drott, Austen; Oral Roberts University. Texas law Review. Board of Advocates. Student Trial lawyers Association. O. Paul Dunagan, Austn; University of Texas at Austn. Angela Michelle Eaves, Copperas Cove; Ureversity of Texas at Austn, Thurgood Marshall legal Society. Cary Wayne Elkins, lake fackson; University of Texas at Austn. legal Brotherhood of Athletes. David Michael Ellis, Corpus Christi; Rice University. W. Burrell Ellis (r„ Silver Spring, Md.. University of Pennsylvania, Student Bar Association President. Thurgood Marshall legal Society. William Bradford Emmons, Austn; Dartmouth College. Texas law Review Associate Editor, law School Honor Counci Dirk Edward Eshleman, Austn; llnois State University, legal Research Board. Review of litigation. Del Suggs Memorial Foundation Committee. 78 SeniorsEdward Zane Fair, Austin; University of Texas at Austin. Art and Entertanmeot law Committee. Student Activities Commitee. Senior Cabinet David Barton Fannin, Austin; Universityof Texas at Austin William Bryan Famey, Austin; Southwestern University. University of Texas at Austin. Teaching(}urcmasters. Board of Advocates, American Journal of Criminal law. Patent Moot Court Lori B. Finkelston, Austin. Urwersity of Texas at Austin; Women's law Caucus Kevin J. Finto, San Antoc«o; Northwestern University. Texas law Forum, fnvvonmental aryl Natiral Resources law Society. Assaiit aryl flattery. Association for law and Business Integration Paula K. Fisher, Houston. University of Wisconsin, Johnson and Swanson Novice Mock Trial. Board of Advocates. Delta Theta Phi Hector Javier Flores, Austin. Southwest Texas State Urwersity James Minyard Floyd, Houston; University of Texas at Austin Ann Davis Foster, Austin; Srmth College. Texas International Law lour rial. Peregrinus Etitor. Real Estate law Society. Cynthia Susan Fox, Waco; University of Texas at Austin. Boa'd of Advocates, International Moot Court Team. Texas International law Journal, legal Research Board Karen lee Fry, Austin; Texas Christian University. Review of litigation. Teachng(}v« masters. Environmental Law Society Abbey Benjamin Garber, Dallas; Urwersity of Texas at Austin, legal Research Board, Intramural Sports George Victor Garda, laredo; Rice Urwersity. Tax law Society. Real Estate law Society. Delta Theta Phi. Chic no law Students Association. Board of Advocates. Priscilla Garcia,San Antonio; University of Pennsylvania. Chicarvo law Students Association, Stephen Howard Garrin, Austin; SUNY Stonybrook. Hazard lournal of law and Pubic Policy, International law Society Albert Leonard Gavaldon, El Paso. University of Texas at Airstn Phi Alpha Detta Senors 7V ttfr KowDon Dale Gavlick, San Anionio; Rice Urtversity. David Benjamin Gerger, Houston; Yale University, Texas law Review. Travis Cortez Gibbs, Austin. University of Florida. Thurgood Marshal Society. University Housing Council. Timothy Randall Gideon, Austin; Texas Tech University. Phi Delta Phi David Hitchcock Gilliland, Park Ridge. N.J.; Boston University. National lawyers Guild Lawrence B. Goldstein, Austm; University of Texas at Austin, Texas law Review. Chancellors lila Inez Gonzalez, Falfurrias; University of Texas at Austin. Phi Alpha Delta, Chicano law Students Association. Thomas Waller Gorman, Austin; University of Delaware; Texas International law lournal. Environmental and Natural Resources law Society. Mark Charles Griege, Austin; Southern Methodist University. Tax law Association President. Association for law and Business integration.Christian legal Society. Regal Beagles Victoria Guerra, McAllen, University of Texas at Austin Ruth-Elen Cura, Austin. University of Texas at Austin Dahlia Marie Gutierrez, Austin; University of Texas at Austin. Women's law Caucus. Chcano law Students Association. Real Estate law Society Wanda lane Harkness, Austm; University of Texas at Austin, Board of Advocates. Student Tnal lawyers. 1983 Representative to State Bar Texas Mary Katherine Harlan, Bishop; University of Texas at Austin, legal Research Board Shawn Mclemore Harrison, Austin, Duke University. Suzanne Hassell, Fort Worth. Harvard Uiiversity, Women's law Caucus. Review of I itiganon Robert A. Hasty, Austin; North Texas State University. Adam Ira Hauser, Dallas. Washington University, legal Research Board. Real Estate law Society. Craig Alan Haynes, Texas Tech University, Texas law Review. Chancefcxs. Anne Louise Hazelwood, Dallas. University of Texas at Austm David Healey, Houston; Brown University. American lournal of Cnmmal law Editor. Board of Advocates Brenda lanice Heinold, Victoria; University of Houston, legal Research Board. Teaching Quizmasters. Randall Wayne Heinrich, Houston; Baylor University, linda Henry, Houston; State University of New York. 80 SeniorsCraig Hoffman, Austin; College of Wiliam and Mary Linda Marie Hood, Austin; Texas A M University, Texas law Review, Phi Delta Phi Diana Kay Howard, Austin. Rice University, Student 8ar Association, lad Jeffrey Hubenak, Kerrvfle; Umversuy of Texas at Austin, Texas Law Review, Phi Delta Phi Cora S. Hughes, fort Worth; North Texas State University, Review of litigation. Clay Dean Humphries, Fort Worth; University of Texas at Austm, Board of Advocates. Phi Delta Phi Margaret Ingram, Austin. Mount Holyoke College. Travis County Women lawyers Association Lynn Fair Jackson, Atlanta. Ga. Bowdoin College Stewart Allen Jacobson, Chicago, II.; University of llbois. Delta Theta Phi Bruce Amon James, Maywood. Ill; Georgetown University, Thurgood Marshal legal Society, Judicial Commission Selection Committee. Amanda Jane Jensen, Arlington; University of Texas at Arimgton Carl Robert Johnston, Austin; University of Texas at Austin. Texas law Review Mark Leonard Jones, Houston; University of Texas at Austin. Baker and Bolts Award. Intramural Sports. Paul M. Juarez, Corpus Christi; Corpus Christi State University James William Karel, Alpine; Marquette University. Intramural Sports. University Wine Club. Del Suggs Alumni Foundation Committee. Dee J. Kelly, Fort Worth; University of Texas at Austin, legal Eagles, Bachelors of law. Margaret D. Kennedy, Bertram; Texas Women's University, University of Texas at Austin, Annette Therese Kolod ie, Austm; University of Texas at Austin llene Belinsky Kramer, Austm. Texas A M University. Real Estate law Society. Wiiiam Jeffrey Kuhn, Austin; University of Virginia Robert f. lapin, Houston; Stanford University. National Moot Court Team. Board of Advocates. Mock Trial Fmafcst Michael Glynn Lee, Grand Prairie; University of Dalas, Board of Advocates. Catherine Ann Lenox, Austin; University of Texas at Austm Darryl Herbert levy, Galveston; University of Texas at Austm. Seth Lawrence liebman, Austin; University of Georgia. Assault and Flattery. Rodney Orr lohman, Austin; Wake Forest University Grady Covington long, Alen; University of Texas at Arlington. Veronica Madrid, Austin; Wellesley College. Chicanolaw Students Association. Seniors 81lyrrltoMi David). Maldonado, Dallas; Princeton University, Student Bar Association Vice-President. Board of Advocates Food Drive. Summary Judgment Lisa Caye Mann, Houston; Weiesley Co ege Suzanne Louise Mann, Austn; Baylor University, Phi Delta Phi Elizabeth Alta Marcheschi, Austn; University of lllnois. Student Bar Association, Assault and Flattery David Russell Margrave, Houston; Stanford University, Review of litigation. Pin Delta Phi Flixabeth Partgbum Martin, Houston; Di e University. Fernando Martinex, Brownwood; University of Texas at El Paso, Chicano law Students Association (avier Sanchex Martinex, Austin; University of Houston; Oucano law Students Association. Senior Mock Trial Leticia Laura Martinex, laredo; University of Texas at Austin Maria Guadalupe .Martinex, El Paso; University of Texas at El Paso. Chicano law Students Association Richard Philip Martinex, Austin; Texas Tech University, Urwersity of Texas at Austin, Energy and Natural Resource law Society, American Planrxng Association Stanley Owen Mayo, Grand Prairie; University of Texas at Arlington, Review of litigation. Phi Delta Phi |ohn Banton McKnight, Austin; Vanderbilt University, Texas law Review. Cheryl A. McManus, Austin; University of Texas at Austin. Review of litigation. Moot Court, Harry S. Truman Scholar. LeRoy Melcher, Houston; Colorado College, Texas International law Journal David Kent Menefee,Fort Worth. University of Texas at Austin, American journal of Criminal Law John Weston Menke, Be ville; University of Texas at Austev Lynne Ann Messina, Austin, University of Texas at Austn; Texas law Review, Chancelocs, Teaching Quizmasters Rosanne Marie Messineo, Dallas; Texas Christian University, Student Bar Association, Art and Entertainment law Committee, Summary Judgment David Ralph Millard III, Miami, Fla ; Harvard University, legal Eagles. Board of Advocates, Bar Alumni Student Faculty Committee, Research Assistant lames Harrison Miller, Houston. Texas A M University. Environmental and Natural Resources law Society. Robert Daniel Miller, Austin; Rice Universiy, Phi Delta Phi. Real Estate law Society. Outlaws Norma Linda Montalvo, Weslaco; University of Texas at Austin. Chicano law Students Association, Delta Theta Phi Alfredo Morales, McAllen; St Mary's University. American lournal of Criminal law, Chicano law Students Association Rob Kent Moran, Fort Worth; University of Texas at Arlngton, Board of Advocates. Paul T. Morin, Killeen. Southwest Texas State University, legal Research Board. Stephen Clark Mount, Austin. University of Texas at Austin, Texas law Review Matthew Stephen Muller, Bandera; Rice University, Texas law Forum, Kamkaze law Students Association. Semors 83Boyd W. Naylor, Austin; University of Texas at Austin. Fielder Franklin Nelms, Austn; Southern Methods! University. Peter George Nemeth, Houston; University of Texas at Austin. Catherine Sue Neuren, Washngton. D.C.; We esley Colege. Texas law Review. Catherine Baker Nicholson, Austin; Rice University, Research Assistant. National Science Foundation Research on Consumer Bankruptcy. Susan Carol Nicklaus, Amanlo; Yale University, Texas law Review Executive Editor. Phi Delta Ptx lane Gardner Noble, Austin; University of Texas at Austin, Texas Law Review Associate Editor. I. Martin Nussbaum, Austin; University of Notre Dame. Harvard Journal of law and Public Pokey, Texas Fedecalst Society President |im Kevin O'Connell, Houston; University of Texas at Austin. Robin Kay O'Day, Fort Worth; Texas A M University. Teaching Quizmasters. Phi Delta Phi Clerk Samuel Olchyk, Dallas; University of Texas at Austin, Review of Litigation, Tax law Association, Real Estate law Society. Cada |. Olivarez, El Paso; Universityof Texasat ElPaso, Phi Delta Ptx Eric Max Olson, Austn; Oliversity of llnois. Real Estate law Society. Student Bar Association. Assault and flattery. Curriculum Committee Anne G. O'Malley, Sarasota. Fla.; St. lohn's College. Geoffrey Devin Osborn, Dallas; University of Texas at Austin, Texas law Review Associate Edtor. Scott Alan Ozmun, Austin; Georgetown University, Teacbng Quizmasters. Student Bar Association. Board of Advocates. John Mark Parsons, Tyler; University of Texasat Tyler. Teaching Quizmasters. Phi Delta Phi. Mark S. Partin, Austn; University of Texasat Arlngton. Teaching Quizmasters, legal Research Board Director, Delta Theta Phi. David Stanley Peterman, Austn; Unversity of Texas at Austin Thomas Frank Petrizzo, Houston; Georgetown University. Texas Internationallaw lournal Stephen lynn Phillips, Austin; University of Texas at Austin. Mary lee Pieper, Houston; University of Texas at Austin, Real Estate law Society Elizabeth Ann Piland, Austin; Bayfor University. Phi Delta Phi, Tax law Association Phyllis Ann Pollard, Austin; University of Texas at Austin. 84 SeniorsRada I. Potts, Rocky Rrver, Ohio; Brown University Maria Anita Powell, Portland. Ore.; Stanford University. Thurgood Marshal Legal Society Elizabeth Charlene Priester, Austin. Boston University. Real Estate law Society. Thurgood Marshall legal Society. Peregrnus Assistant Editor. Steven John Pully, Austn; Georgetown University. International law journal. Board of Advocates Barbara Rae-Venter, Austin; University of California at San Diego, law and Merione Society. Robert Aron Raich, Pueblo. Cota; Harvard Colege. Roberto luis Ramirez, Roma; University of Texas at Austin lose Esequiel Ramos Corpus Chnsti, University of Texas at Austin. Environmental Law and Natural Resources Society, Chicano law Students Association, lawyers Christian Fellowship I ana M. Ramsay, Austin; Southwestern University Sheila Ruth Randolph, Brenham; Emerson College, American Journal of Crimnal law. Thurgood Marshall legal Society Carol Louise Rast, Austin; University of Texas at Austn. Real Estate law Society. Tax law Association. Grtbert Resendez, Alice; University of Texas at Austin, Phi Delta Phi, Tax law Asooation Joan E. Reumonf, Dickinson; University of Texas at Austin Marian Glynn Richardson, Beaumont; University of Texas at Austin, Environment and Natural Resources law Society, legal Research Board. Christine Ann Roes, Austin, University of Texas at Austn John Nathan Rogers, Austn; University of Colorado. Seniors BSLynn lllen Rossi, Alvin, Texas A M University, University of Houston at Clear lake, Peregrnus Editor, TSP Board of Trustees lulia Ann Ryan, Austin. University of Texas at Austin Sharon Ann Schroeder, Brenham; Texas A M University, Travis County Women lawyers Association Tyrus Schroeder, Brenham; Texas A M University, law and Medicine Society President lewis Dane Schwartz, Austin; University of Texas at Austin, Honor Counci Representative Norma Kay Scogin, Austin. Baylor University, Travis County Women lawyers Association, Young Democrats. Eric Montgomery Shepperd, Keene. Andrews University, Thurgood ■Marshal legal Society, Student Bar Association. Charles Stein Siegel, Houston; University of Texas at Austin. Review of litigation. Environmental and Natural Resources law Society, Research Assistant. Assault and flattery Producer. William Thomas Simmons, Austin; Texas Tech University. University of Texas at Austin, Delta Phi Alpha. Ethna M. Sinisi, Austin; University of Houston at Clear Lake. Real Estate law Society. Student Bar Association, American Bar Association Representative, Kemp Smith Novice .Stock Trial Semi-Finalist Chester f. Skorupa, Austin. University of Scranton. Review of litigation Ann Barrier Smith, Mansfield. Texas A M University Cynthia Dodd Smith, Austin; Augustana College, Real Estate Law Society, Travis County Women lawyers Association, Assault and Flattery. loan Carol Smith, New York, N.Y.; Colgate University. Robert Scott Smith, Austin. University of Texas at Austin. Stuart Gregory Smith, Waco; Baylor University. Phi Delta Phi. Review of litigation Editor Co«v UA dl ore-re - C5'CXV CJ Oci. 2 86 SeniorsMary Nell Smitherman, Houston; University of Virginia. Sharon A. Spurr, Dallas; Baylor University Susan Kay Slaricka-Stenz, Austin; University of Wisconsin at Madison, Phi Delta Phi. Women's law Caucus. lames ChristopherStatton, Dallas; Universityof Texas at Austin. Jessica (ranees Sleltler, Richardson; University of Texas at Austin, Delta Theta Phi, Travis County Women lawyers Association. Karen Janette Stevens, Kiowa. Kan; University of Kansas, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa. Norton Bankruptcy law Adviser Susan Joanne Stoler, Dallas; University of Texas at Austin. Texas Law Review. Research Assistant Rick Gene Strange, Austin; Hardm-Simmons University. Review of litigation. Phi Delta Phi. John Robert Strawn, Austin; Dartmouth Colege. Robert Adrcn Sweringen, Austin; Stephen f. Austin State University. Andrew Mcleod Taylor, Austin; University of Texas at Austin. Phi Delta Phi, TransfecStudents Association. Tamara R. Tejml, 8ay City; Texas A M University, Texas International law journal. Nora Jane Toohy, Houston; VarvderWt University. Mock Trial. Travis County Women lawyers Association. Tracy Shannon Treend, Austin; University of Texas at Austin, American lournal of Criminal law Assistant Managing Edtor. Kathleen Marie Troy, Richardson; Baylor University. James Linklater Truslow, Austin; University of Texas at Austin; Texas International law Journal, Environmental and Natural Resources law Society. Andrea Joyce Uhiman, Austin; University of Texas at Austin. Texas International law lournal. Women's law Caucus, Austin Women's Poktical Caucus. James D. Utoth, Dallas; University of Virginia. 8oard of Advocates. Robert Allen Valadez, McAllen; University of Texas at Austin, Phi Delta Phi.Kemp-Srmth Mock Trials. James Bradley Vaughn, Richardson; University of Texas at Austin. R. Jay Velasquez, Austin; University of Texas at Austin, legal Eagles. LeAnn Lynn VerHoef, Austin. Drake University. Delta Theta Phi loma Ruth Viehweg, Austin. R e University Robert Joel Viguet Jr., Austin, Georgia Institute of Technology. Review of litigation Managing Editor. Brian E. Vodicka, Austin;University of Texas at Austin. Stephen Robert Voelker,Eort Worth; University of Chicago. Teaching Quizmasters Victoria J. Waddy, Austin; Texas Woman's University. Mark Callis Walker, Austin; University of Texas at Austin; Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Alpha Theta. Seniors 87Kenneth Steven Wall, San Antonio; Lamar Urrversity. Estabar Memorial Society Vice President Deborah Jean Watson, Austin; SINY at Buffalo. Review of litigation Associate Editor Mith lee Weaver, Austin; Miami University, University of Texas at Austin, Phi Delta Phi Gerald Scott Webberman, Austin; University of Texas at Austin. Kathleen Ann Weidinger, Dalas; Southern Method ! University, Internationallaw Society President. Phi Delta Phi, Myers-Briggs Project Director Carter Capps White, Austin; Oberkn College, Texas International law Journal Deborah E. Wilder, Austin; Southwestern University. Marjorie I. Williams, Austin; University of Texas at Austin, Travis County Women lawyers Association, Women's law Caucus. Tax law Association. Pedro Kefsha Williams, St Thomas, VI; Tufts University. American lournal of Criminal law, Thurgood Marshall legal Society. •Mark Rush Williamson, Dalas; Baylor University. Kimbedy Sabrina Winick, Austin; Middlebury College. International law Society. Kamkaze law Students Association Cheri lea Witter, Austin; University of Texas at Austin, legal Research Board. Art and Entertainment law Committee President Elizabeth Anene Wolf, Austin; University of Texas at Austin. Texas International law lournal. Steven Christopher Wrappe, Austin; University of Notre Dame. Gina Rae Wyatt, Austin; University of Texas at Austin. Phi Delta Phi. Travis County Women lawyers Association. Charles Coleman Young, Austin; Uraveryty of Texas at Austin. Review of litigation. Board of Advocate Karen Elaine Young, Plano; Austin College. Thurgood Marshal legal Society, Scholarship and financial Ad Committee, legal Careers Proiect Co-Director Alan Victor Ytleiherg, Austin; Baylor University, lawyers Christian feiowship. Karen M. Zoellers, Centraka. Mo.; Central Missouri State University. Teaching Quizmasters. American Journal of Criminal law. legal Research Board Rick Edward Zucker, Austin; Washington University, legal Research Board. Assault and flattery. Tax law Association Treasurer, Summary kidgment B8 SeniorsSeniors 89 nnftokvJeffrey Clark Alexander, Austin University of Texas at Austin Juliana Joy Alger, Glendale. Wis. University of Wisconsn-Madison Arturo Antonio Alvarez III, Hebbronville University of Texas Nancy Justine Anglin, Austin University of Dallas Gail Allison Archer, Austin Texas A M University Aimee Elizabeth Bagnetto, Marrero, la. Louisiana State University Vicki A. Ballou, Austin Walla Wala College Pamela R. Beachley, Austn University of Texas at Austin Vkki Lynne Behrend, Austin University of Texas at Austin Mary Louise Bell, Manchaca Midwestern State University Robert Michael BeUomy, KJeen Texas A M Urxversity David Mark Bennett, Weslaco University of Texas at Austin Beth Ellen 8ierman, Austin Duke University William Morris 8ingham, San Angelo University of Texas at Austin Frederick Eugene Black, Houston University of Texas at Austin James W. 8oeckman, Springfield. Mo Westminster College Louis K. Bonham, Austn University of Texas at Austin John Randall Boomer, Arlington Rice University David Paul Boyce, Austin Dartmouth College Thomas Allen Bres, Houston University of Texas at Austin Karen Brock-Norris, San Antonio University of Texas at Austin Anthony Wayne 8rown, Austn Umvers y of Kentucky Thomas E. Brown, Austin Baylor University Frederick Wright Bums, Bryan Tutane University 90 MidawJuan Benito Caballero, Austn Texas A M University Karen Renee Calmcise, Austin Chatham Colege Cinny Eaton Campj, Bastrop Umversay of Texas at Austin Eddie Cantu, Austn University of Texas at Austn C. Brian Cassidy, Austn University of Arizona John Stephen Carow, Austn Kalamazoo Colege John B. Cherry, Katy Texas A M University Jeffrey Harbin Conner, Andrews AMene Christian University Christia Cooke, Austn Emory University Mollie Susan Crosby, Richardson University of Texas at Austin Michael Shawn Cumberland, San Antonio University of Texas at Austn David Scott Curdo, Austn Rice Urwersity William Stephen Dahlstrom, Austn University of Cncnnati Eva Joan Dantzler, Brooklyn. N Y. American University Douglas H. Darrow, Houston Dartmouth College Janine Victoria da Siva, Brooklyn. N Y. Princeton University Darius lemoyne Davenport, Wnnfield, la Louisiana State LWversaty Jaime Davila, Houston Harvard University Tony Diaz, El Paso University of Texas at El Paso Casey leCate Dobson, Boerne University of Texas at Austin Robert A. Dollars, Austn University of Texas at Austn Goldie C. Domingue, Austin Rice University frank Alan Doyle, Houston University of Texas at Austn Vincent lee Dutweber, Longview University of Texas at Austn David Brian Dyer, Dallas University of Texas at Austn Cheryl lynn Osen, Houston University of Texas at Austn Mynde Shaune Eisen, Austn Arizona State University Thomas Giles Farrier, Electra Harvard University Midbw 91Bruce Sullivan Feaster, Flmt, Mich. Michigan State University Patricia Ellen Finlay, Houston Duke University Warren H. Fisher, Houston Rice University lulia Patterson Forrester, Houston University ot Texas at Austin Sarah Burrell Foster, Austin University of Texas at Austn Andrew Christopher Friedmann, Austin University of Texas at Austin Pete Pena Gallego, Alpne Sul Ross State University David |ude Gallo, Austin University of Texas at Austin Fred I. Garrett II, Flint, Mich Grand Valley State College John Earl Gartman, Lampasas University of Texas at Austn Velma Gar a, McAlen Trnity University David Reginald Gavia, Austin Trinity University Kenneth H. Goetzke, San Antonio Trinity University lisa Ann Goldberg, Austn Washington University David Scot I Goldstein, Austin University of Texas at Austn Mark Edward Go I man, Dallas University of Texas at Austn Jesse Joseph Green, San Antonio Southern Methodist University Sharon Lynette Gross, Austn University of Texas at Austn Laura Ann Haiovsky, Brenham University of Texas at Austn LaQuita Ann Hamilton, Milwaukee. Wis. California State University-long Beach |ohn Phillip Hansen, Houston University of Texas at Austin |ohn Daniel Harkey Jr., Brownwood University of Texas at Austin Cynthia lynne Harkness, Dallas University of Texas at Austn Anna Katherine Hathaway, Oklahoma City. Okla Wellesley College 92 MidlawCarol Ruth HeHiker, Houston University of Texas at Austin Elaine Stephanie Herring Austin Sophie Newcomb College Susan B. Hersh, Austin Princeton University Myron Joseph Hess, Austin Texas ASM University William Heuermann Homberger, lareclo University ol Texas at Austin Tracy Janice Horton, Friona University of Texas at Austin Philip Thomas Houser, Austin University of Texas at Austin Daniel D. Hu, Houston Rice University Patrick lee HuHstickler, Austin Trinity University Roger Paul Ingram, Austin Allred University Sharon Lynn Jatlee, El Paso University of Texas at Austin Ylise Yvonne Janssen-Oewindt, Ingleside Trinity University Midlaw 9}Baihara Jane Johnason, Austin University of Texas at Austin Stephon Eugene Johnson, Detroit, Mich. University of Michigan Annette Susan Jones, Austin Duke University George Fleming Jones, Miami, Fla. Trinity University Paul Bruce Keeler, Austin University of Colorado Reba B. Kennedy, San Antonio University of Texas at San Antonio Kay Deibet Knowles, Austin RrironghamSouthern Cofege Robert L. levy, El Paso University of Texas at Austin 94 M awBecky Joy liken, Dallas University of Texas at Austin Jennifer Knauth lipinski, Austin R«ce University Terri Unsell loeffler, Austin University of Texas at Austin Robert Joseph looney, Austin Unrversity of Texas at Austin John Chris luna, Houston University of Texas at Austin Scotl William Maclaren, CarroWton University of Texas at Arlington Mark F. Mai, Houston Unrversity of Notre Dame Wiliam B. Mange, Houston University of Texas at Austin Russell Joe Manning, Austin Unrversity of Texas-Permian Basin Douglas Edward Martin, Burftngton. N.J. Howard University Rex William Martin, Houston University of Texas at Austin Alison Elizabeth Massey, Houston CXke University Karen Kay Maston, Austin Unrversity of Missouri-Columbia lesSe I. Maurer, Kyle Unrversity of Houston Tracie A. McFadden, Austin University of Texas at Austin Michele Ami etta McFaddin, Beaumont University of Chicago Richard Kelly McGee,Houston Rice Unrversity Brian Thomas Mclaughiin, San Angelo University of Texas at Austin J. Vk McWherter, Austin University of Texas at Austin Jenice lee Meagher, Irving Texas A M University David Marshall Medina, Fort Worth Texas A M UnrversAy Gregg M. Mielke, Houston University of Texas at Austin Zoe Ann Mielke, Austin Northwestern University Cynthia An. Moore, Austin Alma College Melinda Ann Mora, El Paso Umversrty of Texas at El Paso Kathleen Doris Mueier, Houston University of Texas at Austin Christine Marie Mullen, Austin University of Notre Dame Royal lynn Mullins, Austin East Texas State University Midlaw 95William lames Murray, Kilgore Rice University Rhonda lean Neben,Fort Worth Texas A AM University Anthony lerome Nelson, Sdver Spring, Md University of Maryland Keith Wayne Newman, Austin VanderMt University Amy Ng, Austn University of Texas at Austin Therese Eve Painter, Austin University of Texas at Austin Ronald (oseph Palmer, Pampa Texas Tech University Gail Elaine Papermasler, Austn SUNY-Buffalo David Lyle Parker,Houston University of Texas at Austin Gina Ann Pastrano, Kileen University of Texas at Austin Gregory Erwin Pavlik, Austin U S Air Force Academy Amy Jo Peterson, San Antonio Texas A M University Mark Stephen Pfeiffer, Austin University of Texas at Austn David Lynn Phillips, Spring University of Texas at Austn Sarah Bess Pierce, Dallas Trinity University lerry Dean Porter, Austin Texas AAM University Melissa L. Priest, San Antonio Southwestern University Randy Alan Pulman, San Antonio University of Texas at Austin Hilda Elena Quesada, Laredo University of Texas at Austin Eliot Dean Raffkind, Amarilo University of Texas at Austn Antoinette lee Rahm, Temple Trnily University Mario Ramirez, Austin Uhrversity of Texas at Austn Roy James Rector, Austn Park College Ann luckell Reynaud, I louston Louisiana State University % MidawRebecca Jan Rhyne, Fort Worth University of Texas at Austn Ruth Lousie Rickard, Austin Iowa State University Daniel Glenn Routmnan, Mountain Brook, Ala. University of Texas at Austn Charles Anthony Ruesink, College Station Texas A M University David Grayson Runnels, fort Worth University of Texas at Austin Lillian Lynette Satorficld, Austin Southwestern University Stephen W. Sather, Austin Texas Lutheran College Don Schauer, Corpus Chnsti Texas A M University Gina M. Scherer, Weatherford University of Texas at Austin Robert J. Schnack, Austin Cornell College Joseph Robert Schneider, George West University of Texas at Austin Michael David Schnitzer, San Antonio University of Pennsylvania Williams Lance Schuler, Houston Universityof Texas at Austin Nancy Ann Shaw, Austin Emory University Bill Shirer, Austin University of Texas at Austin Reagan Wayne Silber,San Antonio University of Texas at Austin Peter John Stover, Houston Southern Methodist University Lisa Amita Smith, Upper Marlboro. Md Harvard University Robert Ray Smith,Houston Washington and Lee University Stephen Ray Smith, Austin Texas A M University James M. Spellings Jr., Dallas University of Pennsylvania William Ross Spence, Houston University of Vrginia Jeffrey Edward Spiers, Austin Rice University Donald W. Steele, Austin University of Texas at Austin James A. Stockard Jr., Dallas Texas A M University Robyn Lynn Sutton, Garland Rice University Charles Addison Sweet, Dallas Yale University John Gregory Taylor, Houston Texas A M University Mitlaw 97Elizabeth Ann Teatom, Dallas University of Texas at Austin Alexandra D. Thompson, Austin University of Texas at Austin Michael J. Tomsu, Austin University of Texas at Austin Jacqueline Valtair, Austin University of Texas at Austin Kevin Dale Van Oort, Omaha. Neb University of Nebraska KimB. Vernon, Tombal University of Texas at El Paso Brenda Ann Wade, Austin frxiana University William Hulse Wagner, San Antonio Trinity Us iversity Robert Craig Warner, Austin Texas Tech University Nathan Wesely, Austin University of Nebraska at Lincoln Darryl Mark Wexler, Sugar land University of Texas at Austin Nancy Evelyn Weynand, Austin Southern Methodist University David Jed Williams, Austn University of Texas at Austin David Bruce Wilson, Terrell University of Texas at Austin Todd Tracy Wong, San Antonio Baylor University Vicki B. Wood, Austin University of Texas at Austin 8rian James Woram, Corpus Chrrsti Texas A M University Daniel Andrew Worsham, Austin Texas Tech University Mario Max Yzaguirre,Brownsville University of Texas at Austin Dianne Zorn per, Houston University of Houston 8 MklawMidaw 99 I innfuwSylvia Franco Acosta, Austin University of Texas at Austin Nancy Elizabeth Adamson, San Antonio Texas Tech University Juan Francisco Aguilera, Austin University of Texas at Austin lito Hugo Alfaro, Laredo Rice University Patricia O'Connell Alvarez, San Antonio University of Texas at San Antonio Thomas Ted Applewhite, Austin Trinity University Catherine Carlson Aronson, Tallahassee, Fla. Auburn University Lisa Baird, Irving University of Texas at Austin Bill Barber, Austin University of Texas at Austin Kelvin Leigh Barnes, Berrien Springs, Mkh Andrews University Holly Beth Barnett, Richardson Pnnceton University Gonzalo Joseph Barrientos, Austin University of Texas at Austin Margaret Ann Barth, Corpus Christi Baylor University Paige C. Beal, San Antoruo Baylor University Benjamin Brett Beaty, Houston University of Texas at Austin Catherine Clare Bernhard, Houston University of Massachusetts Michael Ray Berry, Whilehouse University of Texas at Austin William Clifford Blount, Dallas Texas A M University Martha Susanne Bonilla, Corpus Chnsti Texas A M University David William 8onser, Austin Duke University Jeffrey Ray Bragalone, AMene Univers y of Kansas Traci Leigh 8ransford, Austin University of Texas at Austin llene Robin Breitbarth, Dallas University of Texas at Austin Mary Jane Broussard, Groves University of Texas at Austin 100 FreshlawsDouglas lay Brown, Austin University of Texas at Austin Lisa Ann Bruner, Dallas Southern Methodist University William Buchsbaum, Houston University of Pennsylvania Kevin Andrew Buford, Austin U.S. Coast Guard Academy Gregory Francis Burch, Austin University of Washington Wayne Carl Byers, Sugar Land Rice University Michael Julian Byrd, Houston University of Texas at Austin Ciorgio Caflisch, Houston Princeton University lli abeth Collum Campbell, Austin MillsapsCoIege Walter Seth Campbell, Fort Stockton Texas A M University Rosalinda Esquivel Campos, Austin University of Texas at Austin Paula B. Carton, Austin University of Pennsylvania David Casso, McAllen Baylor University LaDonna Castanuela, Dallas Princeton University Gregory Chandler, Atlanta, Ga. Harvard University Dena Alexandra Chasnoff-Gustafsson, Austin Cambridge University lee F. Christie, Fort Worth Southwestern University Matthew Warren Claman, Austin Colorado College Bruce Howard Clark, Austri University of Texas at Arlington Leslie Jean Clark, Austin Colorado State University William Jerome Clay, Copperas Cove University of Texas at Austin Andrew Joseph Cloutier, Duncanville University of Dallas Renee Marie Colwill, Chicago, Bl University of Chicago Melody Harlman Cooper, Corpus Christi Corpus Christi State University Todd GilCoronado, Wichita Falls University of Notre Dame Keith Alan Courtney, Texas City University of Texas at Austin John Robert Cracken, Austin University of Texas at Austin Charles Mclay Craig, Austin University of Texas at Austin Freshlaws 10Louis Farrell Crane, Houston Austin College Elizabeth Natalie Croman, San Ant onto Austin College Susan R. Cuda, Austn University of Dallas Kathleen H. Cull, San Antonio Incarnate Word College John FitzGerald Curry, Houston Henry Mies Cutler HI, Dallas Duke University Peter Carmine D'Apice, Austin Iona College John Alan Davis, Austin Southern Methodist University Robert Mark Davis, Austin University of Texas at Austin Ricky DeHoyos, Austin Angelo State University Rosa Linda De la Cerda, New Braunfels Southern Methodist University Lisa Elaine Des Rosiers, Austin Texas A M University layne Adair Deutscher, Austin University of Pennsylvania Deborah Virginia DeVane, Boca Raton. Fla University of Florida Gaudia Louise Dorgan, El Paso University of Texas at El Paso Rob H. Dorsey, Austin Howard University lisa Carol Dotin, San Antonio Southern .Methodist University Genevieve E. Doty, New Braunfels Baylor University Sarah Elizabeth Dougharty, Beaumont University of Texas at Austin Jeffery Paul Drummond, Deer Park University of Dallas William Denis Dugat III, Austin University of Missouri Douglas Alan Duke, San Angelo University of Texas at Austn Dearwie Ruth Durfee, Midland Austin College James William Dyer, Elgin Texas A M University 102 FreshlawsDeborah Ann Edmonds, Port Neches Lamar University Dana Leigh Emmert, Belton University of Texas at Austin Stephanie Emmons, San Antonio Austin College Elaine Denise Engstrom, Dallas Texas A M University Sara SaHmarsh Evers, Austin Florida State University Laura F. Faibkh, Houston University of Texas at Austin Mario A. Fernando , El Paso University of Houston Timothy Craig Flash, Austin Ohio State University Thomas Joseph Forestier, San Antonio University of Texas at Austin Susan Elizabeth Foxworth, Beaumont University of Texas at Austin Bradley A. Friedman, Dallas University of Texas at Austin Tim |. Fusselman, Moberly, Mo University of Missoun-Rolla Freshlaws 103 t «• Hi II John W. Calloway Jr., Beevtie Texas A M University Anita Galvan, Edcouch Pan American University Joyce-Marie Garay, Dallas Yale University Robert H. George, Austin University of Texas at Austin Floyd Thomas Getz, Austin Grove City College David Arthur Gibson, Bartlesville. Okla University of Oklahoma Jennifer J. Gilchrist, Austin Johns Hopkins University Cheryl Ann Godfrey, Amarillo University of Colorado Melissa M. Golden, Baytown Rice University lisa Gonzales, Corpus Christi Yale University Guillermo Jose Gonzalez, Laredo University of Texas at Austin lanalta Ann Goodtel, Austin Texas Tech University Susan L Goodman, Austin Southern Oregon State College Joseph Vincent Cote, Austin University of Delaware Maltye Ann Gouldsby, Austin University of Texas at Austin Hans Peter Graff, I Houston University of Texas at Austin Jonathan Park Graham, Austin Pitzer College Gary Mitchel Grossenbacher, San Antonio University of Texas at Austin Linda Guadarrama, Seguin University of Texas at Austin Jesse Patrick Guerra, Austin University of Texas at Austin Rosalinda Guerrero, San Antonio Texas Lutheran College Stella Hatch Guerrero, San Antonio Lars Gunnar Gustafsson, Austin University of Alabama Gary Lynn Halbert, Austin U S Air Force Academy 104 FreshlawsKate O. Hall, Austin Randolph-Macon Women's College Anne Lenoir Hamman, Houston University of Virginia Susan Jo Haney, Austin University of Texas at Austin Laura (line Harmusch, Friendswood University of Texas at Austin Paul John Harding, Austin University of Texas at Austin Robert Lawrence Hargett, Plano Universityof Texas at Austin lisa B. Harwell, Austin Florida State University Timothy John Heinrich, Houston Washington University Sandra Kay Helm, Waco University of Texas at Austin James Corley Henderson, Pottsboro Bailor University Louis Edward Herrera Jr., Albuquerque, N M University of Notre Dame Nelly R. Herrera, San Antonio St. Mary's University Miriam Eliza Hiser.Dalas Wesleyan University Dwayne David Hitt, Beaumont Texas Christian University Robert Glenn Hogue, Azle University of Texas at Arlington Joan Dee Holland, Del Valle University of Texas at Austin Greg Holloway, Dallas Rice Urwersity Marcia Ellen Holloway, Austin University of Texas at Austin Sandy K. Honath, Amanlo Texas A M University Elizabeth Horan, Fort Worth Northwestern University James Louis Hordern Jr., Marshall Massachusettslnshtuteof Technology Marsha Ann Houston, Dallas Universityof Texas at Arlington Jo Ann Howard, Texarkana Abdene Christian University Karl David Huber, Austin Wheaton College James Gregory Hudson, Odessa University of Texas at Austin Richard lee Hunn, Round Rock University of Texas at Austin Ronald E. Ingalls, Austin Stephen F Austin University Shaun AJan Ingersoll, Austin Bob Jones University Freshlaws 10SIstnKowi 106 FreshlawsBurgess Jackson, Austin Louisiana State Universily Jennifer Gray Jackson, Dallas Texas A M University Don Roger Janssen, Syracuse. Neb University of Nebraska Jean Therese Janssen, Victoria Southwestern University David Bret Jeffus, Austin University of Texas at Austin Benjamin David Joffe, San Antonio Trimly University Letitia Claire Johnson, 8eaumont Lamar University Sam J. Johnson, Austin 8ay!oc University Lisa Ann Joiner, MicJand University of Texas at Austin Daniel William Jordan, Baton Rouge. La Louisiana State University William Owen Juvrud, El Paso University of Texas at Austin David Joseph Kaplan, Plantation. Fla University of Texas at Austin Karen Lynn Kellett, Henrietta Texas A M University Robert Rendall Kincaid, Corpus Christi Trinity University Renita Denise King, Houston Rice University Charles Scott Kinzel, Austin Texas A M University at Galveston Kenny Ray Kirby, Austin Austin CoTege Erica Lee Krennerich, Houston Texas A M University Bonner Anderson Kyle, Houston Dartmouth College Trann lee Lackey, Portland Texas A M University James David langner, Austin University of Kansas Lynda lee Lankford, Arlington University of Texas at Austn George Terry Lee, Dallas CarietonCotege Theodora Rochelle lee, Dallas SpetmanCollege Kent M. Leediker, Pa'estine Southwestern University James Bradley lewis, Austin University of North Dakota Troy Blain Lewis, Irving Southern Methodist University Leslie Jon Lindsay, Spring Texas A M University Freshlaws 107Lisa Ann Linhart, Austin Simmons College Carl Sanders lobitz, Austin University of Texasat San Antonio Robert Don Lohbeck, Houston New Mexico State University Lucinda Marie Lopez, Corpus Christi University of Texasat Austin lisa Katheryn lord, Houston Fisk University Forrest Dean Lumpkin, San Antonio University of Texasat San Antonio Pascual Madrigal, Austin University of Texas at Austin Stephen C. Mahaffey, Spring Universityof Texasat Austin Roger I. Mandel, Austin University of Texas at Austin Jorge Ariel Mariscal, Austin Southern Methodist University James Edward Masek, Arlington University of Texas at Arlington Timothy Jon Mattson, Alta. Iowa Iowa Slate University Jeffrey Lang Maurice, Fort Worth University of Texas at Austin Catherine A. Mauzy, Dalas University of Texasat Austin Deena J. McConnell, Dwight, . University of Illinois Jane Elizabeth McDonald, La Porte Rice University Mary Nell Me Garity, Gonzales Trinity University James Patrick Mclnemy, Austin University of Texas at Austin Gavin Hugh Mdnnis, Austin University of Houston Jean Marie McLemore, Austin University of Texas at Austin Dennis Patrick McNamara, Austin Cornell University Linda R. Meltzer, Dallas Brandeis University David Elliott Miller, Des Moines, Iowa University of Texas at Austin Russell Williams Miller, Dallas University of Texas at Austin 108 FreshlawsMolly Jean Mitchell, McAlen University of Texas at Austin Janet I. Monteros, Austin University of Texas at El Paso Michael Anthony Morell, McAllen University of Texas at Austin Tonya lynn Moten, las Vegas, Nev University of Pennsylvania Mary Cordelia Moynhan, Austin Wesleyan University John T. Muir, Wichita Falls Texas Ovistian University Susan Renee Musel, El Paso Miami University Albert Navano, Waco Baylor University Cheryl Nelson, Gruver Texas Tech University Lisa Jean Neumann, Aransas Pass University of Texas at Austin Judith Ellen Northcutt, McAlen University of Texas at Austin John Hale O'Henen, Friendswood Sam Houston State University Freshlaws 109Michael Henry Olvera, San Antonio Stanford University lames J. Ormiston, San Antonio St Mary's University Shari Lynn Oualline, Dallas Vanderbilt University Jerry Dean Palmer, Austin University of Texas at Austin Melinda lou Patterson, Austin University of Texas at Austin Gay David Peebles, Fort Worth Texas Christian University Diana Pennington, Austin University of Texas at Austin Richard Dale Penry, Cleveland Sam Houston State University Roger Anthony Perea, San Antonio William Bryan Peterson, Austin Texas Tech University Henry August Petri Jr., Houston Rice University Shane Peter Phelps, Austin Rice University Hal Fleming Pickett, San Antonio St Mary's University Anne Louise Pilati, Houston University of Texas at Austin Kip Poe, Sweetwater University of Texas at Austin Jeffrey Brent Pownel, Houston David Colwell Pritchett, Austin Oral Roberts University Evetyn Jean Pulliam, Houston Southern Methodist University Judy Ponder Qadim'asil, Austin Spefman College David Jin-Mun Quan, Houston University of Texas at Austin Iwana Marceen Rademaekers, Roscoe McMurrayCoiege Eric John Frederick Redwine, Burleson Dartmouth Coiege William Thomas Reeder Jr., Austin University of Texas at Austin Tom Scott Reid, Austin University of Texas at Dallas 110 Freshlaws Sharon Reuler, Amlin University of Texas at Amt»i Michael lyn Rice, Nevada. Mo University of Missoun-Columbia Kimberly Ann Ridley, Dallas Baylor University Carole I. Riggs, Houston Texas A M University Edward Steven Riquelmy, Houston Rice University Rally Kariene Roberts, Giddmgs Texas A M University Sherry lynn Roberts, Midland Texas Tech University Xavier Rodrigue , San Antonio Harvard University Fresh laws 111 lymKoiuVicki Brown Rowan, Austin Tennessee Technological University Steven Mitchell Rudner, El Paso Uraver s«y of Texas at Austin James Patrick Ruiz, San Antorao University of Texas at San Antonio Patrick Russell, Austin Pan American Uraversity Jaime Arturo Saenz, Roma University of Texas at Austin Angela Adrienne Sagers, Dallas CathoAc University of America Rafael Salas, Aushn University of Texas at El Paso Travis James Sales, Houston University of Texas at Austin Suzanna Odette Sanchez, Dallas University of Texas at Arkngton Richard Neal Sanders, Kyle University of Texas at Austin Oscar San Miguel, Austin Corpus Chnsti State University f elicia Monine Sanov, Gadewater University of Dallas James I. Saunders, Del Vale Abilene Christian University Thomas Gardner Savage, Bay Gty Southern Methodist University lisa DeAnn Schafroth, Austin Uravcrsity of Texas at Austin lauri Janet Schneidau, Houston Unrversity of Texas at Austin George William Shepherd III, New Orleans, La. University of Virgin John Ray Shepperd, Marble Falls University of Texas at Austin Cynthia lee Shine, Dallas University of Texas at Austin .Marc Tiller Shivers, Austin Brown Uravcrsity larry Leigh Shosid, Dallas University of Texas at Austin Norma A. Sierra, El Paso University of Texas at El Paso David F. S la die, Houston Texas A M University D. Virginia Smith, Austin Umversay of Chicago 112 FreshlawsGregory Duane Smith, Austin Baylor University Mark Albert Smith, Austin Culver-Stocklon College James Russell Snell, Austin West Texas State University Deborah Kay Sonnier, Austin Texas A M University Keith Marlowe Sorge, Austin Unrversity o(Northern Colorado Truman Spring, PIFjgerville Athene Christian University Emily Ann Stacy, Richardson University of Texas at Austin Charles Frank Stanfield, Plano University of Texas at Austin David Paul Stanush, Austin University of Texas at Austin Rita J. Stevens, Wictaa Falls Midwestern State University Russell Robert Stolle, Teague Valparaiso University Johnny Keane Sutton, Houston University of Texas at Austin Edward W. Swanson, Austin SUNY-Albany Marc Whitman Taubenfeld, Dallas Duke University Mark Taylor, Austin Rice University Kenneth C. Thomas, Houston Prairie View A M University Philip Clyde Thomas, Austin Rice University Stewart Hyer Thomas, Dallas University of the South Charles Louis Thompson IV, Me Alen Yale University Martin Joseph Thompson, Austin Columbia College Jerry Dale Three!, Austin University of Texas at Austin Norma Tones, Corpus Christi Rice University Robin 8eth Toubin, Brenham University of Texas at Austin Matthew Lindsay Trevena, Austin Arizona State University Steve Trevino, Austin Diversity of Texas at Austin Kimberly A. Trotter, Lewisville Trinity University Timothy Nolan Tuggey, Austin University of Virginia Lisa Patrice Turner, Marion, S C Spelman Coiege FresNaws 113Ralph Adonijah Tyrell, Trenton. N.J Andrews University Lmesto Uribe, Laredo Yale University Helen Donley Valkavkh, San Antonio Trinity University Michael Wayne Vanderburg, Powderly Texas A M University Su anne Villalon, Weslaco Princeton University tmery Lawrence Vincent, Port Arthur baylor University Greg Alan Waldrop, lamesa University of Texas at Austin David Weinberg, Austin l ;iversity of Texas at Austin Michael Owen Weinberg, Seabrook Stuart Norman Whitlow, Round Rock Southwestern University Gary Whittington, Austin Southern Methodist University Andrea Ruth Widburg, San Franosco. CaSf University of Califomia-Berkeley Jefferson William Wigley, Houston University of Texas at Austin Anthony Wilson, Austin Temple University John futrell WombwcH, lewngton. Ky University of Kentucky Slayton I. Worthington, Austin Texas A M University Kenneth Patrick Wright, ArgyJe Uriversity of Texas at Austin Victor Yang, Austin University of Texas at Austin 114 freshlawsfreshFaws 115Muapnis 911 Gttrlkikirtt Vr r S(tvonn ic r S frocfrr Vr»i itlvortr Index and Advertising 117‘i • -s‘5? 3 ' : i I •£ f 2 u ?? I 2f ?; R ?K? ?£? 8rg |5« . = 833SK95? ? ? ?5R3Sis« 2 JJjfi ? 3 5 w I A 5" C . 5 S : ! . 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VERNON- DOES, IT SEEM LIKE U EVF BEEN HAVING TO UORK EXTRA HARD LATELV?, YES, SIR, U£ U£RE UNOER BOYS THE IMPRESSION THAT THIS PROfESSION PROVIDED A COMFORTABLE .LIVING U ITH A MINIMUM OF EFFORT... Reprinted with pemvsyon from EcnvMeenivMinie • Tweed [ycdcjm jnd the RcjI World and I'm Pretty Sure tve Col My Dc.ith Rjy in Hero Somewhere' by 128 Eyebeam

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