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 VOL. XXXIII AUSTIN, TEXAS 1983 Commemorating the Centennial of the University of Texas THE PEREGRINUS The University of Texas School of Law 1983 Peregrinus — 11983 PEREGRINUS STAFF ERIC BEHRENS EDITOR B.J. TAYLOR ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVE JERRY R. THOMPSON SUPERVISOR BILL KARNOSCAK ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR STEVEN PUMPHREY PHOTOGRAPHY SUPERVISOR BRAD DOHERTY ASSISTANT PHOTOGRAPHY SUPERVISOR NANCY BARBOUR DARKROOM TECHNICIAN STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS USA BAGLEY SCOTT CAMP MARTI GONZAI.EZ CLARISSA HARRINGTON DAVE KINDER EDITH STRICKLAND KATHY TULLOS JONI BARNOFF LYNN BERAT MARK DESCHENES STEVE GOODSON SIM ISRAELOFF BOB MAY SHANNON O'NEILL DIAN OWEN KEN RYALL TRAVIS SPRADLING The Peregrinus. patron saint ot The University ot Texas Law School, was born in 1900 as the result of a humorous incident in Judge W. S. Simkins' Equity class. The Judge — or Colonel, as he was also addressed — had explained to a befuddled student that Praetor Peregrinus was a chancellor who traveled, or peregrinated, among the provinces of the Roman Empire to settle legal disputes. The student thought it was "some kind of animal.” A caricature appeared on the blackboard the following day. The physical characteristics of Peregrinus have gradually developed traditional meanings. The sharp beak fights injustice and probes for truth. The boxing gloves on the rear feet represent the Law's power to strike down those who stand against it; the worker's boots on the front feet symbolize the protection accorded the common man. The bushy tail stands ready to brush aside deception and any legal technicalities which obstruct equity. The arched back shows a readiness to spring forward to do justice, while the hind quarters are those of a dog — man's best friend. The drawing is credited to Russell Savage, in its original form, and has evolved to the creature shown at left. ASSOCIATE DEAN THOMASJ. GIBSON III As the volume number indicates, the Peregrinus has not been in continuous publication throughout the past century. The man who was responsible for re-establishing the yearbook at the law school, and who has been the perennial sponsor and faithful friend over the years, is Dean Gibson. The staff expresses its thanks to him for yet another year of friendship and assistance. 2 — 1983 PeregrinusACTIVITIES FEATURES ... 5 CONTENTS THE SCHOOL ... 29 ORGANIZATIONS ... 39 FACULTY STAFF ... 69 INDEX ADVERTISING ... 124 Table of Contents — 3DEDICATION BERNARD J. WARD It is unlikely that any student who was instructed by Prof. Bernie Ward came away not knowing that the Judiciary Act of 1789 was passed on September 24. or that Prof. Ward had the deepest admiration for "Judges of the Third Article." His reverence for the law and his dedication to teaching students brought him recognition from grateful students, who twice selected him as recipient of the Student Bar Association Teaching Excellence Award; this same dedication brought him to class each day last year, against great pain, until shortly before his death on May 7. 1982. Certainly Prof. Ward's peers respected him. Upon his death, tributes were offered by a United States Supreme Court Justice, the most senior federal circuit judge, and the foremost authority on constitutional law in the nation. Students will mark these honors, but will remember most what was in their experience — that Prof. 8ernie Ward was one of the finest and most effective professors that students ever had at Texas. The Centennial Edition of the Peregrinus is dedicated to Professor Bernard J. Ward. 4 — DedicationActivities Features — 5SUNFLOWER CEREMONY K«nRyaa KonR ai For the first time since the sunflower ceremony tradition was started at the turn of the century (see p. 19). about 80 of the 220 graduates who took part in the spring ceremony at the performing arts center elected to wear caps and gowns. Since the sunflower ceremony tradition of white suits died out around World War II, only one turn of the century tradition remains unchallenged: the crowd of 2,800 looked on as Dean T. J. Gibson bestowed the traditional sunflower on the robed and unrobed alike. December graduates were honored in a November 21 ceremony. Ken Ryad 6 — Sunflower Ceremony KanRyaiBob May JUSTICE WHITE JUDGES HILDEBRAND Bob Way Justice Byron White of the U.S. Supreme Court acted as chief justice in the Spring Hildebrand competition, the premier moot court contest at the law school. Bill Durkin and Tom Taylor, representing the fictitious Brake Systems. Inc., defeated Joe Pryzant and Bob Brailas in the final round before a judging panel that included Justice White. then-Chief Justice Joe Greenhill of the Texas Supreme Court. Judge Gere Williams of the Fifth Circuit. Prof. Barbara Bader Aldave. and Judge John Onion. Jr., of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. The two teams discussed whether contributory negligence should be extended to strict liability situations, creating a comparative fault system. The teams argued before an overflow audience in the new court chambers of the law school. Justice White — 7eocuay The fifth annual Race Judicata drew over 200 competitors. who jogged, walked, and wheeled along a grueling 2M? mile course through the tree-lined streets near the law school. Steve Goodell blazed to his third straight victory in the yearly event, turning in a record time of 13:19. and Pam Archer turned in a time of 17:05 to win the women's division. The race was laid out along the scenic streets near Eastwoods park and was challenging for everyone involved. An EMS ambulance signaled the art with a blast of its horn, and with sirens screaming led the participants from the law school through the main campus on the first leg of the event. For the first two miles, both seasoned runners and occasional weekend joggers were tested by a rugged course of steep hills and plunging inclines, which led to a final stretch at the park. Finishers were greeted by a throng of spectators, who had already taken advantage of the free beer provided by the SBA. who cheered them across the finish line. Winners in their categories: First Dean — W. W. Gibson. 28:52; First Judge — Jim Wallace. 18:23; First Wheelchair — Paul Alexander; First Dog — Tia Jalele, 26:17; Last Place — Bruce Moskow, 47:49. RACE JUDICATA BoO May OrovKtfxk 10 — Race JudicataSieve Goochon BoO May BOO May Race Judicata — 11Bob May Bob May 14 — A Juris Line Bob MaytiHUMit JB-T IBB u Mr While the Assault and Flattery comedy revue has been an extravaganza for 29 years, it actually began a year earlier. The theme of the thirtieth anniversary show was "A Juris Line.” highlighted by a chorus line of judicial robed dancers. “Janet Stockyard" was lampooned, and Joe Pevsner returned to roast three more professors: Guy Wellborn (in “Mr. Wellborn’s Neighborhood"): Jay Westbrook: Dean John Sutton. Musical events included the "Pirates of Pennzoil” and "Supreme Court. Supreme Court.” to the accompaniment of a twelve piece orchestra. The revue played to packed audiences, including several anxious professors, for three nights at Hogg Auditorium. Tf«v» Sp' 3tnj A Juris Line — 15SPORTS Longhorn against longhorn, law student against taw student. Between the Valley Girls, Legal Eagles. Toxic Torts. Cert Denied, Cherry's Cherries. The Force. The Playboys, Albrecht’s Animals, and other teams, the law school was well represented on intramural fields and courts. TrM $piadtog Occasionally, two law school teams would compete against one another, as when 1981 summer freshlaws battled the 1980 summer group (Toxic Torts versos The Playboys). In that match, the tortfeasors fell to defeat in overtime. Other teams have become nearinstitutions: the Legal Eagles, with Coach Charles Alan Wright and coach-receiver Tom McGarity, were undefeated this year as they went into their latest of several playoffs. On a more informal basis, TQ sections organized teams to compete among themselves. 16 — Sports M 0«ch«n »Sports — i;The'©turn ol the Peregrinus Almost four years after Gillespie Stacy and Harris Brush captured the law school mascot on June 13. 1921. the Peregrinus was returned to Dean Hildebrand at a public meeting in the engineering building, on March 22. 1925. Engineering and law students raided one another's buildings during the 1920's, seeking the Peregrinus or. at the engineering end. a scale model oil derrick. The original two professors ol the law school pose with the entire faculty of the University of Texas Former TexasSupreme Court Chef Justice Robert Simonton Gould, seated at far left, and former Governor Oran Milo Roberts, seated second from the right, were hired by the Board ol Regents as the second and l st professors, respectively. Col W. S. S nkm. CSA In 1904. prohibitionist Carrie Nation came to ihe university. Two students misinformed Mrs. Nation, telling her that D. A. Frank of the law school gave poor grades to any student who refused to drink and gamble with him on a regular basis. Frank protested his innocence and challenged Nation to inspect his room. The students, a step ahead, had already planted poker chips and cards all over the room. Nation later descended on Col. Simkins after students tipped her that he. too. was a drunken gambler. Simkins nonchalantly puffed on a cigar, ignoring that she was even there, while she screeched and preached in the manner that made her famous. AN ANECDOTAL HISTORY OF THE LAW SCHOOL 8 — Anecdotal HistoryVillainous engineering students mutilate yet another Peregrinus, left. white tawstudentsdispiay proper reverence tor the animal by incorporating it into an official school banner, right. The west wng of Old Main. Between 1884 and 1908. the law school was housed first in the west wing of Old Main, and then in the basement. School officials forgot about the law students in the basement when a supply house salesman came to take cap and gown orders. Law students answered this slight by refusing to wear traditional gowns at all; the sunflower ceremony tradition of white suits and sunflowers was born, and persists in part to this day. In 1908 the school moved to the new Law Building on the south side of the campus at 21st and Wichita. It was in this building that Col. Simkins. toward the end of his Contracts class, was interrupted by a braying donkey in the adjoining Cavanaugh tract. After the class laughter died down. Simkins told the class that it "was just your brother calling you!" Hence the term "first year J.A.'s.” Simkins gave an annual lecture defending the Ku Klux Klan. which he helped originate in Florida, as the protector of women and children. Simkins is also one of the originators of the Peregrinus. 0 0 Main as if appeared after the law school moved to its new bunding. The Law Ounding. home of the law school from 1908 to 1953 Anecdotal History — 19Exactly thirty years ago, the law school moved to its structure on 26th Street. Townes Hall appears above left, sans current construction buildings and Tarlton Library. Tarlton Law Library was housed in the east Townes Hall, the far right in each picture, until the fifth academic law library in the nation was built in 1980. Prof. Johnson bolts oot a show tunc in 1977 The Assault and Flattery revue began in 1952 in an open-air theater near the Main Building, and became a real spectacle the following year when Oean Page Keeton. Prof. Corwin Johnson. Prof. Gus Hodges. Cornell law dean Gray Thoron. Judge Joe Sneed of the Ninth Circuit, and Fulbrtght Jaworski partner Jack Procter won first place with a cancan line billed as "A Dozen Wicked Legs." Featured over the years have been Dean Ernest Smith performing an elegant soft shoe in tails. Corwin Johnson, above, singing his showstopper "Mr. Wonderful. That's Me." and associate dean T. J. Gibson in one hit after another. Above and left: the Law Building.EX COLL: ELTON M. HYDER, JR. The walnut-framed French Regency mirror which hangs in the lobby of Tanton Law Library is famous. The mirror dates from the mid-nineteenth century, and its Italian walnut frame is adorned with carved chimera, acanthus leaves, flower and fruit garlands, and birds. But perhaps its most famous feature is that it has become the ‘'interview mirror.” qualified by its ine foot high, six foot wide proportions and by its magnificence to be the •uitab e last minute glass for students on their way to interviews. The interview mirror is one of 73 pieces of furniture, rugs, and accessories, which along with 585 historic prints, paintings, and framed Americana comprise the Hyder Collection, on loan to the law school by Elton M. Hyder. Jr., a Ft. Worth attorney. The Hyder Collection is the most extensive collection of legal art and documents in the nation, having recently surpassed a rival collection at Harvard Law School. Since 1981, when Mr. Hyder presented 350 pieces to the university, such documents as a concessional land grant signed by Thomas Jefferson and by then-Secretary of IState James Madison, and two pages from the English Register of Writs (circa 1300). have been added to the collection. Handsome and rare oil paintings, such as a 1790 oil by J. Rising entitled "Portrait of Counselor 'Men.” cover the walls of the law school. The average age of the collection pieces is over 150 years. Mr Hyder is a 1943 graduate of the law school and a life member-trustee of 'he University of Texas Law School Foundation. Before starting his law practice in Ft. Worth. Hyder acted as assistant Attorney General of Texas, and was involved in the prosecution of General Tojo and other Japanese war criminals in Tokyo after World War II. The curator of the collection is M's. Custis Wright. Mrs. Wright sleuthed the identity of the Rising portrait in England, and her research has taken her as far as China. The collection ranslorms the library into a place of beauty and history, and adds an addi-tonai dimension to learning. Ferae naturae are featured on a number of the valuable antiques: above, a detail of an engraved brass lock on a Korean elmwood storage chest; below, a gargoyle on the "interview mirror." Lynn Berat A table leg fashioned into a dragon and elephant, from a mid-nineteenth century Burmese rosewood table Ex Con —21FALL S n ivadoff DRUNK David Wolff was proclaimed the 1982 Fall Drunk by acclamation at the SBA-sponsored Fall Drunk Halloween party. October 29. at the Union 8allroom. As usual, there were a slew of Hawkins v. McGee hairy hands to cheer him on. as well as abortionists, vampires, punkers, and dead animals by the side of the road. Tom Allen won best costume with his version of what the judge had for breakfast, the Flintstones and Hare Krishnas tied for best group costume, a playboy bunny captured best all over honors, the plug and socket and King Kong and the Empire State Building tied for best duo. and Sarah Woelck was named the most surprising for appearing as a sorority girl. Prof. Guy Wellborn made a cameo appearance as Bryan Daly, and posed briefly with Chris Reynolds {Baby Huey.) The judging panel consisted of Joe Pevsner, who was also announcer, and Steve Maislin and Eric Tucker. 22 - Tall ChunkSmiVMfc SmttrMtolt Fall Drunk — ?3National Moot Court Team J. Mark Penley Michael Shelby Cynthia Smith Johnson. Swanson and Darbee Novice Mock Trial Competition Steve Miller Michael Redgate Fall Hildebrand Moot Court Competition Best Team: Mike Denton, Mike Snipes Best Brief: Laura Cale. Diana Van Hooser Locke. Purnell. Doren. Laneyand Neely Mock Trial Competition David Weber Tony Oiivera National Mock Trial Team Steve Miller Michael Redgate David Weber Tony Oiivera International Moot Court Team Robm Sanders Haziewood Margaret Bowman Joshua Turin John Boehm Sally Andrews State Bar Team Greg Seale Craig Ball Tom Taylor Ken Ryan KenR I 24 — Activities and FeaturesK r ftyDl ADVOCACY PROGRAMS Potential litigators and students who wanted a chance to test or improve their skills of speaking and persuasion could choose from a multitude of competitions. In addition to the winners of competitions listed on the facing page, some of the students who captured titles were Bruce Moskow and Dan Freund, and William Wallander and Lori Ryan as the two 1982-83 Patent Moot Court Teams; Dean Pinkert and Joe Neiman as the 1981-82 Grambling Monce Client Counseling winners last spring; Craig Ball as the senior division winner, and the team of Thomas Allen and Alice Oppenheim as the novice division champions in the Kemp. Smith. Duncan and Hammond Mock Trial Competition, last spring Activities ar d Features — 25SPEAKERS 8©0May Byron White, associate justice of the United States Supreme Court, visited several constitutional law sections to discuss the role of the judiciary, and judged the final roun of the Spring Hildebrand competition. Justice White also visited the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Chicago in a sweep of moot court judging engagments. JUSTICE BYRON WHITE, APRIL 9, 1982 ALGER HISS, APRIL 7, 1982 Alger Hiss, a former State Department official, temporary Secretary-General of the United Nations, and United States Supreme Court Clerk to Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., was convicted of perjury in the 1950’s after a former Time editor accused him of passing along State Department documents to the Communist Party. One of the leading prosecuters in his case was then-U.S. Representative Richard Nixon. Mr. Hiss conducted two seminars at the law school, the first on his experiences as Justice Holmes' sole clerk and on Justice Holmes' contributions to the legal system, and the second on whether McCarthyism is possible again in the foreseeable future.Pet Roto won APRIL 7, 1982 Wendell Turley is one of the foremost plaintiff's attorneys in the nation, and is representative of a fairly recent phenonemon of high-tech work reaching the plaintiff's side of a personal injury or products liability suit. His central office is located in Dallas. The subject of Mr. Turley's lecture was the issue whether handgun manufacturers are liable in tort for issuing inherently dangerous products into the market. WENDELL TURLEY, Racehorse" Haynes is perhaps most imous for his successful defense of Ken tv-s he r and multimillionaire Cullen Davis, two separate trials for first degree murder o' Davis' former wife’s daughter and boy '• - od. and for solicitation of the murder of a Mr. Haynes was one of the featured ikers in Trial Lawyers' Conference of the Century, along with the noted cross e immation expert. Prof. Irving Younger. RICHARD "RACEHORSE'' HAYNES JUSTICE HANS LINDE, GERRY SPENCE, MARCH 25, 1982 MARCH 26, 1982 .t ee Hans Linde, current justice of the Oregon Supreme Cc.-t and former law professor at the University of Oregon, drived for a two week visit that terminated in early April. . . -,’ cc Lmde, who is a noted constitutional law scholar, e • " cularly in the areas of due process and First Amendment spoke to each constitutional law class on the need for appellate advocates to be more imaginative when arguing before an appellate-level court; he observed that much appellate debate amounts to a mere recitation of cases and " otdmgs rather than basic interpretation of the state or federal constitutions. Gerry Spence, a self-described attorney for "the damned", famous for his representation of the Karen Silkwood family and of Miss Wyoming in her suit against Penthouse magazine, spoke to a capacity audience at the Music Hall of how he broke away from an unsatisfying insurance defense practice to go to the "right side" of the law. In spite of his famous clients, and his multi-million dollar recoveries. Mr. Spence spends the significant portion of his time representing victims of the market system, often on a pro bono basis. 27SPRING VISITORS B « 3 0or»rty Prof. Benno C. Schmidt, Jr., who holds the Harlan Fiske Stone Chair at Columbia University, delivered the Sealy Lecture on "Juries. Jurisdiction, and Race Discrimination: The Lost Promise of Strauder v. West Virginia" to a capacity crowd in the Auditorium on January 19. 1983. Schmidt, son of former UT law professor Benno C. Schmidt, is a Yale Law School graduate, former law clerk to Chief Justice Earl Warren, and author of several works on the First Amendment. Other speakers during the spring semester included: Derrick A. Bell. Jr., Dean of the University of Oregon Law School and former Professor of Law at Harvard: Arthur R. Miller. Professor of Law at Harvard, co-author of Miller and Wright series on procedure, host of the nationally syndicated television show "Miller's Court." and frequent guest on "Good Morning America"; Vinson and Elkins Lecturer Judge J. Clifford Wallance. who sits on the 9th Circuit and who was considered one of the most likely candidates for the last elevation to the U.S. Supreme Court; Judge William Wayne Justice, district judge in Tyler, who appeared on March 25 for the SBA Sandwich Seminar to discuss his highly publicized decision in the Texas prison case Ruiz v. Estelle. TIME ON THE MARCH In honor of the centennial year of the law school, the Peregnnus reaches into its archives to present the changing styles and changing faces of our faculty. Prol. Wellborn. 1976 Prof. Fielder. 1950 Prof. Aldave. 1975 28 — Activities and Features Prof. Wright. 1959 THE SCHOOL The School — 29Ken IV Ray AityccM. dcci on chairman, grimly examines ihe massive petition that ensured that Hank's student government election votes would be counted and released to the public Hank's campaign manager. Steve Patterson, shows his ght, HANK THE HALLUCINATION WINS PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION Hank T. Hallucination, the creation of law student and "Eyebeam" cartoonist Sam Hurt, was elected president of the Students' Association, the newly formed student government for The University of Texas at Austin campus, in a campus-wide election held on November 10. 1982. Hank garnered 3.013 write-in votes, defeating Paul Begaia (1.327 votes) and Pat Duval (1.486 votes). Law students almost exclusively handled the "Vote Your Mind" campaign. Hank announced his candidacy in Hurt's "Eyebeam" comic strip, which ran everyday in The Daily Texan, and law student Steve Patterson served as campaign manager. A support group of law students banded for the duration of the campaign under the label Society for Hallucination Integration of Texas (S.H.l.T.). Unfortunately, law student Ray Albrecht, election chairman, disallowed Hank's victory, and called a November 17 runoff which Begaia ultimately won; the S.H.l.T.s did not petition for Hank's inclusion in the runoff since they already considered him the student government president. Accordingly. Hank supporters hosted an Inaugural Ball on Friday. December 3. donned formal attire, and toasted the presidential victor. Hank’s term of office was cut short on December 8. when he was gunned down on the West Mail by a chiid'sfinger. after surviving two previous assassination attempts involving real bullets. 30 — The SchoolGuy RoynoV Sam Hurt, second from ihe right, front row. in formal black cutaway. Hank's creator, celebrates Hank's victory with other revelers at John Schwarts's home. A channel 36 reporter interviews two of Hank's campaigners at the inaugural Ball. Hank T. Hallucination. Guy DqmoHi The School — 31Travis Spading DECEMBER GRADUATION At the December graduation ceremony, 59 students received the traditional sunflower from Associate Dean T. J. Gibson, while Dee John Sutton read the names, accomplishments, and plans of the individual graduates. As an added twist, the graduates were mac to recite the names of all their guests in the audience, introducing them from the stage. Sunflower conferees squinted into the audience for desperate moments. At one point, a new graduate finished introducing his guests and began to walk from the stage; suddenly, a plaintive voice called out. "You have a son." The graduate sheepishly strode back to stage and introduced the overlooked child. As he again walked to the side of the stage, another voice asked, "What about your sister?" Fortunately, lightning only struck twice. Tiavs Sprxf ng Trav»Sp« 32 The SchoolFUNDRAISERS Students had a number of opportunities to engage in social activities by attending a host of fundraisers and charities, sponsored by various law school organizations. In the spring of 1982. the Student Bar Association held the annual Spring Fling Featured events included the "State Bar (beque) of Texas", a faculty cookout and an auction of priceless objecls donated by the faculty, with Prof. Stanley Johanson as auctioneer. The faculty cooks wore aprons bearing such legends as "Eat Rehnquist Alive” (Prof. Barbara Atdave) and " ‘Check Out' My Barbeque" (Prof Roy Mersky). Bidders at the auction could choose between an evening dinner by pooteide at Prof. Michael Sharlol's residence, one of the Supreme Court briefs submilted by Prof. Charles Alan Wright on behalf of Pres. Richard Nixon in the Watergate case, and Prof. Corwm Johnson's bowling ball and case, among other items. The Chicano Law Student's Association held the annual Fajita Fundraiser, featuring live band entertainment for the participating diners, in the tall, and held a series of pan dulce sales that did a brisk business against Keeton's Casino. The School — 33Sm ivncotf By the first oi the year, most of the central area on the main level ol Ihe'awschccL and the upper floors of the were completed, alter a semester ol construction The annual tyoed drive was held on the new deck area, lelt: students loiter in one of the new hallways on the mam level, by the new Scholarships and Loans office, right. Lynn B«fM 5 m A new lounge area supplants the Tern Clark Lounge of old. which has since acquired a more formal look. At right, students examine firm resumes on the wan out de the new Placement Office headquarters. 34 - The Schcd Smtyn Lynn B« »1 CONSTRUCTION ENDS All f rsl semester, construction crews labored within and without the law school, completing the Iasi phase ot construction, and ending a seven year, five-phase plan of add lions, renovations, and landscapes. Project planning commenced a few years before construction of the west wing and brary began in 1978. The initial stages were completed while Prof. Ernest Smith was dean of the aw school, and a faculty committee oversaw ihe major phases of construction. The last portion of the plan, involving landscap ng. was finally completed in the early months of second semester, ensuring that May graduates would know a time when thef c’asses were not beseged by the sounds of drilling. Onginaiiy. the taw library was housed in the east wing. Alter the wesi w ng library was comp'eted. the committee began renovation of the newly vacant east w ng. adopting a multi-phase plan in order for classes to continually remain in session. Throughout the various stages, virtually every part of the law school underwent varying degrees of construction or renovation. Lynn Bwnt The School — 35Each Friday, students dropped "pret sheets” into pink boxes outside the placement office, for computer processing. On Monday, starting as early as 7 oi a serpentine line formed to sign up for twenty minute interview slots with visiting firms. ‘w a nv 8r»d Ontarty As Afferent porlonsof the building were finished or renovated, whole offices moved from temporary quarters to their new homes. Visitors frequently sought a familiar office, only to find that it had relocated to another portion of the law school. Stamen O’Nnl Students found the nightly cocktail parties, hosted by interviewing firms, a way to get to know prospective employers beyond the confines of the afternoon interview. 36-The SchoolBfOOOOhWTy In early fall and in the spring, various organizations sponsored keggers in Eastwoods Park, a perennial favorite. S nlVM Otf The lunatic fringe. Even with compioied. indoor hallways, students still seemed to prefer the breezeway. Lynn B«M»! Students frequently pursued points after class with their professors. The School — 37S niwaekyf Srn IwaetoM 38 — The SchoolORGANIZATIONS Organisations — 39BiMOclMrty Editors 1. David Kern, note editor 2. Karen Hirschman. research and note editor 3. Stuart Sutherland, articles editor 4. Dean Wi kerson. TLRA director 5. Tom Alen. managing editor 6. Karen Cathey, note editor 7. Julie Persky. note editor 8. Tracy McGee, note editor 9. Karen Keegan, book review editor 10. Carmeil a 8oyer, articles editor 11. John Diienkowski. editor-in-chiet t2. Ken Buck, research and note editor 13. Rogge Dunn, note editor 14. Tim Halt, articles editor Third Year 1. Ken Hooker 2. Navoline Stephenson 3. Peter Rrntret 4. Andre Hampton 5. Steve Poe 6. Charles Smarstrala not pictured: Chris Crosswhite. Teresa Finer, Barbara Hotter, Chris Reynolds. Pat Scales. Russ Starbird TEXAS LAW REVIEW The Texas Lavv Review is the oldest and perhaps the most prestigious scholarly publication at the School of Law. and $ 1 entering into its sixty-first year. The Review publishes eight issues each year, with a combined total of about fifteen hundred printed pages. Membership is obtained by academic ranking in the top 7% of the first year class, outstanding performance in a writing internship program held each spring and fall for students finishing their first year, or by submission of a publishable-quality lawnote within onemontt after the beginning of the student's next-to-last semester n law school. Each TLR member researches and writes a “lawnote" — essentially an article on a legal topic of the member’s choosing — for publication in the Review. The Review also publishes longer articles and book reviews written by professors from schools across the country. Members perform the countless prepublication tasks required to maintain a national reputation for polished accuracy: checking the substantive accuracy and citation form of lawnotes. articles, and book reviews, stylistic editing of such pieces, proofreading printer's galleys, and so forth. Advantages of membership include the opportunity to have law school work published, to be directly involved in the publication of potentially influential articles by professors from across the country, to improve research and writing skills, and to pursue such options as clerking for a judge upon graduation. 40 — Texas Law Review 8r dDorw Assoc ate Editors 1. Tom Selman 2. Jana Werner 3. Sim israetoM 4. Quen Garza 5. Bruce Moskow 6. Michelle Monse 7 MarcV.lfcrdi 8. Bill Kleinman 9. Grace Fisher 10 Sam Francis 11 Clayton Smith WatV U KCter« First Year 1. Harris Maynord 2. Scott Sinclair 3. David Pendatvis 4. Alan Albright 5. Karl Oral 6. Margaret Lyle 7. Eric Behrens 8. Grant Gurley 9. Jack Hohengarten 10 Kim Lemons 11. Joel Mack 12. Rob Pacholski 13. Janie Frank 14. Donna Isaacks 15. Jay Gresham 16. Ken Klein 17. Jell Brawner 18. Dee McCullough 19. Tom Tuggle 20. Sarah Duncan 21. Steve Thomas 22. Donna Ng 23. Alison Clarke 24 Gary Roberts 25 Tom Duncan 26 Ray Chester 27. Jim Laughead 28. John Peisen 29. Sp kes Kanyerya 30. Syd Falk roipctjreO: n k Ak i; Siacy BinWn. Travs ftewer. Rebecca C»osby;M8tl Dwe; Atan Gic '. Kon Mawan; Kcr HoOtoo. 0o«0 Mctrr s. 8«v lurw; Don McOenr n. SteveH boH. Brett Perlrron. Mkc Pwasky. Pop©: Rnr,. Bob R s; C.nOy Smi : MicMrt S olow. Matty Sotfand. Texas Law Review 41Editorial Board 1. Chester Beattie. Research 2. Prof. Frank Nattier, adviser 3. Cynthia Somervill. Coordinating Articles 4. Ginny Hinrichs. Coordinating Notes and Comments 5. Gary Sullivan. Editor-In-Chief 6. Lynn Berat, Scholarly Publications 7. Linda Cansler. Executive Editor (VrtOcrwy 8. Robin Riowo. Articles 9. Bridget Braithwaite. Notes and Comments 10. John Denson. Articles Development 11. Becky Yee. Managing Editor 12. Susan Hopson. Articles 13. Chuy Ramirez. Articles Mike Gist, nol pictured. Notes and Comments TEXAS INTERNATIONAL LAW JOURNAL The Texas International Law Journal is now completing its eighteenth year of publication. Scholars and practitioners from every continent subscribe to the Journal, which publishes articles and comments on public and private international law. with a focus on application of international law in United States courts. Approximately sixty students are members of the Journal. Membership is based upon a writing competition held twice yearly, outside submissions, and participation in the Jessup International Moot Court competition. In addition to those members who are pictured, the staff includes Dan Butcher. Betteann Fin. Jeff Larsen. Jack Meredith. Kim Mickelson. Lies Sapp. Lloyd Schultz. Sabrina Skeldon. Rob Pacholski. John Boehm. Margaret Bowman. Robin Hazelwood. John Schwartz and Joshua Turin. 42 — Texas International Law Journal23 FiedoeMeaeoa 24 Rc Navarro 25 Mary Bern wwoao 26 K !hNN4M 2? Sumo Wan era 28 WatUcCocr 29. JynKoo 30 OmtWCtfe 31. Jonathan Qeaham 32 BriZera 33 Ooww Laoy Memoeae 1 eaogetBaa.l7wa.te 2 OetterBeen 3 Gm, Hnudts 4 Gary Soiwao $ Becky v«« 6 Rotwi Reave i Sumo Hopaon 8 liooaCaovea 9 Cynthia Someewi 10 LynoBwal II.CKuy Ramie 12 JcraihaoG aham 13 Faooahe Heaena 14 Rc NavanO 15 j.mKoo« 16 B«raiar« n ir B«2ea 18 LeooKoankov 19. Lydia Octet 20 6 0 Bu- 21 Jane PeMcoto 22 m Hogan 23 COvkJ 2mr amaai 24 SaBy Aodaewo 25 MjayBethW.ittoaO 26 Keith Needed 26 8r»Z w 28 lioda Moran 29 Ma.iha 30 Marian Seit 3' PeiayPeioo 32 Oaria Jaoen 33 6e9 B4040n 34 Vn» De La Toaie 35 C4.8Wo»e 36 Dca-ra Lang 37 AodyWNte 38 Qav«J Vance 39 Marca Rodgen 40 SuMnRodgm 41 WaflMcCool 42 NcemEang 43 SyVa Boa as 44 Sarah W( e 4S. Dott Me Gao a Texas International Law Journal — 431. Ke: i Johnson 2. Hollis Hudson 3. Karen Roberts 4. Lois White 5. Lea Browning 6. Dola McGrew 7. Mindel DeLa Torre 8. J»m Hogan 9. Ken Cuiotta BradOonwty 10. 8enny Barnes 11. Jack Musgrove 12. Eileen Rapke t3. Keith Needles 14. Gary SuMrvan 15. Chester Beattie 16. Jesse Murga 17. Michaela Murphy 18. Lynn Berat INTERNATIONAL LAW SOCIETY The International Law Society has approximately thirty members and is open to any student interested in the field of international law. The International Law Society sponsors speakers, conferences and foreign exchange study programs. The group also participates in social activities and sponsors language groups for students to practice and polish their foreign language skills. 44 — International Law SocietybiacCohtxt 1. Gabe Quintanilla 2. Maggie Montelongo 3. Dan Blumberg 4. Donna Lang 5. Gary Tidwell 6. Suzanna Alamone 7. Peter Zaveietta 8 Russell Williams 9. Marilyn Mayse-Lundy 10. Shandra Fr.pp 11. Keith Needles 12. Elaine Davis 13. Deborah Slanlon 14. Bruce Liosman 15. Pat Bath 18. Rhonda Sherrod 17. TroiCC Klein 18. Clara Brown 19. Mario Barrera PHI ALPHA DELTA The Tom Clark Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta is a legal fraternity involved in social activities and services to the Law School. Phi Alpha Delta sponsors a "Meet the Profs" night and sandwich seminars as well as providing the Annual Law School Calendar. There are approximately 50 members in PAD who participate in these activities and PAD conducts a membership drive each semester. Olficcrs 1. Bruce Liesman. Justice 2. Russell Williams 3. Marilyn Mayse-Lundy 4. Troice Klein Phi Alpha Delta — 45AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CRIMINAL LAW Publishing three times a year, the Journal has the second largest circulation of all UT Law School publications. Student works are encouraged, affording students an opportunity to develop writing and research skills, to enhance their knowledge ol the criminal law. and at the same time, to publish notes and comments of legal significance. The Journal has received substantial support from faculty submissions, but also receives a number of submissions from practitioners and from professors across the country. 46 — American Journal ot Criminal LawBofcCusumaoo William Rentfro Linda Stanley Articles Editors John Pierce Dori Reid Sandra Sterba Kay Shafer Note and Comment Eds. Lisa Laky Spedal Projects Lea Browning Book Review Editor George Dix Faculty Advisor Gabriel G. Quintanilla Editor-in-Chiel At So!iz. Jr. Executive Editor Mike Denton Asst. Executive Ed. Carla Smith Managing Editor Robert Gonzalez Asst. Managing Ed. Francisco Macias Rudy Orta Research Editors Membership 11. Carlos Carrasco 22. Adolf Ruiz 1. Brett Lambert 12. Al Soliz 23. Jesse Murga 2. Tony Bradley 13. Gabriel Quintanilla 24 Dave Hayden 3. Sergio Coronado 14. Karen Roberts 2S. Keith Needles 4, Ray Esporsen IS. Linda Stanley 26 Bob Gonzalez 5. Pam Eudaric 16. Chris Evans 27. Drew Edwards 6. Dennis Buckley 17 Fernando Dobove 28. Kay Shafer 7. Chuck Andrews 18. Tony Benedict 29 David Heaiy 8. Jolt MHlstone 19. Brian Miller 30. Glenn Lewis 9. Alex Gonzalez 20. BobCusumano 31. Peter Zavaicita 10. Lea Browning 21. Clay Hoblit 32. Frank Wathen Criminal Law Journal After ten years of publication, the Journal received the highest honor that a secondary authority could hope for: it was cited by the United States Supreme Court in Enmund v. Florida, 102 S.Ct. 3368 (1982). The Journal marked its tenth anniversary with other advancements as well, including a doubling of membership over the previous year even before the spring semester write-on candidacy, and the formation of an official alumni association. On March 30, Texas Attorney General Jim Mattox helped mark the anniversary by appearing as featured speaker at the annual banquet. Criminal Law Journal — 47Or d 1. Richard Frankel 2. Susan Keahey 3. Linda Turley 4. Roberta Hcgiand 5. Karen Cherry 6. Card Cooper 7. Sabrina Krakauer 8. 8rad Echols 9. Jodi Boston 10. David Mattax 11. Ray Albrecht 12. Rob Hill 13. Day Melendez 14. Jett Hanna 15. Davis McCown 16. Alice Oppenheim 17. Marcia Backus 18. AnnCretsinger 19. Bob Hanifen 20. L sa Gerlmg 21. Steven Davis 22. Brad Moody TEACHING QUIZMASTERS Twenty-two third year students teach the Law School’s "Legal Research and Writing” course in the fall and "Brief Writing and Oral Advocacy" course in the spring. The entire freshlaw class is divided into 22 groups and assigned to a single "TO.” The TQ’s are selected by graduating T.Q.’sand by law school faculty on the basis of demonstrated ability in the fields of research, writing, and oral advocacy. In addition to teaching chores, the T. Q. 's act as accessible counselors for the host of problems that confront most freshlaws during their first year. T.Q.'s organize social activities, sports events, run the Geary and Brice moot court competition, and present awards to the top students in each teaching section. 48 — Teaching QuizmastersKenyan 1. LynnBerat 2. JuneAilin 3. Linda Cansief 4. Shirley Rowe 5. Sarah Wolfe 6. Cindy Keen 7. Alan Schoenbaum 8. Brill Harris 9. Bin Cobb 10 Bryan Collins 11 Stove Kuntz 12. Prof. Stanley Johanson 13. Lisa Bagtey 14 Carol Cogdell 15. Ooug Bacon 16. Eric Behrens 17. Rogge Ounn 18. Russell Gully 19. Sieve Fitzgerald 20. Hal Ray 21. Lori JaneOomel PHI DELTA PHI Phi Delia Phi is the ddosl and largest legal fraternity in the Uniied Slatos it was founded in 1869. ten years before the formation of the American Bar Association. The purpose of the organization is to foster the highest standards of professional excellence and ethics and to encourage social relations among lawyers dedicated to those principals Membership in the fraternity is limiled to students who have completed 28 hours of study and who currently rank in the top third of the class. In addition to the pictured members, members include: G»eg Chanon; Zack Oean Mason: Betteann Fill; Jeffrey Fink; Bridget Braithwaile; Laura Inman; Caroline Bowles; Kelly Latz; Kathryn Tultos; Rosemarie Roso; Karen Crane; Cynthia Somer-viii; James Thomas: Sabrina Krakauer; Juho Persky; Joanmario Holder; Mike Kaitcer; Kelly Ouggan; Karen Cherry; George Royndds; Gaytene Vaden; Oonakl Owens: Russell Little; OeeAnn Van Burketo: Linda Turley: Chris Wolfe: Rob Taylor; Kay Taylor; Scott Aston; Lori Lichtenstein; Craig Averch; Walter Ebei; Ci«nt Shouse; Joel Mack; Forest Nelson; Teal Car-roll; Glenn Box; Mehssa Tyson; Terrance Noyes: Thomas Duncan; Don McDermett; Chris Schaeper; Ken Babcock; Jennie Szeto; Ken Hodson; John Spurgin; Scott Lassetter; Ken Hawari; Scott Bertzyk; Clay Hoblit; Christa Brown; Meade Bauer; Jimmie Lucas: Brenda Gatlin; Cynthia Leigh; Reginald Rice; Sandra Smith; Mark Borg; Robert flies; Laura Vmant; Donna Christopherson; 8i» Bryanl; Margaret Athay: Vicki Moorman; Marcia Rodgers; Lea 8rowning; Tracey Whitley; Gary Block; Sill Zeis; Judi Weaver; Raymond Bonilla; Mark WakJman; John Fox KtoRyM Officers 1. Prof. Stanley Johanson. adviser. 2. Carol Cogdell. Magister 3. Linda Cansler. Excequer 4 Cindy Keen. Vice Magister 5. Lynn Berat. Historian Betteann Fill. Clerk, not pictured PhiOetlaPhi — 49Btac Doherty 1. Tony Petrocchi 2. Jeff Hawkins 3. Toni Lou Baggett 4. Billy Leonard 5. Kathleen Dcria 6 Pam Smith 7. Beryl Ellis 8 David Kinder 9 David Maldonado 10. John Beckworth 11. Eric Tucker 12. Daniel Munoz 13. Dec Dixon STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION The SBA is the student government of the law school. All students are automatically members. The organization acts as ombudsman for student problems, channels student input on law school policies via committees and referenda, and maintains an office daily with free notary service, a lost-and-found. aspirin and advice. SBA sponsored activities include the fall drunk, spring fling, numerous keggers, sandwich seminars. Assault and Flattery. Res Judicata, teacher-course evaluations, and student recommendations for the Law School's student faculty committees. Members of the SBA Board of Governors are elected yearly. Positions include: president (John Beckworth); vice-president (Eric Tucker); treasurer (Billy Leonard); secretary (Toni Lou Baggett); Honor Council chairperson (Bruce Moskow); third year representatives (David Wolff, Tony Petrocchi. Jeff Hawkins); second year reps (David Kinder. Dee Dixon. Alex Gonzalez); first year reps (Beryl Ellis. Kathleen Doria. David Maldonado). 50 — Student Bar AssociationOfficers 1. Eric Tucker, vice president 2. Billy Leonard, treasurer 3. Toni Lou Baggett, secretary 4. John Beckworth. president 0‘9'i OC rTy Freshlaw 1. Beryl ElfcS 2. Kathleen Ooria 3. David Maldonado BmdOoWy Third Year Second Year 1. Tony Pelrocchi 2. Dee Dixon 3. Jeff Hawkins Student Bar Association — 518( JDcf«fTy 1. Rd Rc K 2. Rene Bell 3. Eric TucKOf 4. Vicki Brown 5. Ron Eudy 6 LcAnnVcrHoel 7. Mmeiva R«ojas 8. Toni Baggelt 9. Roy Mo»r«s 10. Doug Samson 11. B4l ?ukaucka$ 12. Jay Bo Brown 13. Day Melendez 14. Paul Talbot 15. Al Caldwell 16. B y Leonard 17. Jorry McLaughlin DELTA THETA PHI Delta Theta Phi is a social fraternity for law students with approximately forty members Membership is open to all students, married or single, and dues are charged. The dues are spent on a number of activities, such as lake parties, country and western dancing, and tubing on the Guadalupe 52 — Oella Thela PhiMOonny 1. Michael Shelby 2. Cfidy Smith 3. J. Mark Penley NATIONAL MOOT COURT TEAM The three representatives of the Law School in the national moot court advocacy program swept to victory at a regional competition held in Fayetteville. Arkansas. The UT team was one of two finalists at the regional competition. out of thirteen participating schools, and won a berth to the national finals in New York City in the spring semester. The advocates alternately argue for and against extending the Stone v. Powell ruling on habeas corpus to the right of confrontation. The team received preparatory assistance from Prof. Lino Graglia. Prof. Edward Sherman. and a local attorney. Larry Neiman. who served as team coach. National Moot Court Team — 531. Glen Lewis 2. Kevin Howard 3. Richard Smith 4. Andre Hampton 5. Eric Shepard 6. John Caldwell 7. David Durden 8. Hyatte Simmons 9. Reynaldo Stowers 10. Pat Stafford 11. Benny Barnes 12. Tyrone Powell 13. KelDy Bowman 14. Anthony Neal 15. Roland Martin 16. John Briscoe 17. Joan Smith 18. Nova Washington 19. Dee Dixon 20. Kelly Fritz 21. Angela Eaves 22. Mane Claire Oon rty THURGOOD MARSHALL LEGAL SOCIETY The Society, also known as TMLS. is an affiliate of Black American Law Students Association (BALSA) and is primarily concerned with assisting minority students m their adjustment to law school. TMLS is also involved in the recruitment of minority students and faculty to the law school. TMLS also has a social side. Members get together for parties, informal seminars, and arrange for specialty speakers to visit the Law School. 54 — Thurgood Marshall Legal Society1. Pally Yznaga 2 Janciia Wails 3. Barbara Friedman 4. Lots While 5. Clarissa Harrington 6. Carol Birch 7. Susan Hopson 8. Prof. David Sokolow 9. Shirley Rowe 10. Bea Cilron 11. Portia Bolls tkadDorwny WOMEN’S LAW CAUCUS WLC invites "law students particularly concerned with ... status of women in our legal system..Its aims include promotion of research and educational programs addressing aspects of the law of concern to women, discussion of creative responses to these issues, recruitment of women interested in the law. and creation of a social and political support group for women students. Current projects include a manual on women's rights in Texas, development of a day care center and bringing speakers on women's issues to the School. Women s Law Caucus — 551. Linda Turley 2. Greg Ncve«s 3. Ro n Haz'ewood 4. Lisa Pennington 5. Dan Freund 6 Kathy Connosy 7. Alice Oppenhdm 8. Theresa Archmega 9. June Aiin 10. David Weber 11. Diana Van Mooser 12. Michael Shelby 13. Bill Durkin 14. LisaGeriing 15. Lesie Stark 16. Bruce Moskow 17. Mario Barrera 18. Mark Hartwell 19. Cheryl McMullan 20. Linda Cansler 21. Rogge Dunn 22. Chris Evans 23. Gary Tidwell 24. Dean Pinker 25. Paul Ridley 26 At So'-7 27. David Furlow 28. Jonathan Bckham 29. Davis McCown 30. Manue Newburger 31. Arthur Anderson 32. Michael Redgate 33 Gary Sullivan 34. Mark Etv.g 35. Hal Ray 36. Martin Bode BOARD OF ADVOCATES The Board of Advocates sponsors and promotes study and practice of trial and appellate advocacy. It administers all moot court, mock trial, and client counseling competitions. The Board sponsors a variety of advocacy related lectures. Members are given opportunities to administer and participate in Board events, achieve recognition for outstanding oral advocacy, and enjoy substantial contact with local attorneys. Members are elected to the Board based on a combination of competition points and office duty. Current officers are: Lisa Gerling. chairperson; Bill Durkin. Financial and Administrative Director; Cindy Smith. Judging Director; Alice Oppenheim and Jett Hanna. Directors of Appellate Advocacy; Dan Freund and Greg Nevers. Directors of Trial Advocacy; Leslie Stark and Dean Pinkert, Directors of Interscholastic Competitions; Darryl Carter. Secretary to the Order of the Barristers. In addition to the pictured members, other advocates include: Tom Allen; Reuven Bisk; Mike Denton; Pam Eudaric; Richard Frankel; Bryan Garner; Tim Hall; Stephen Harris; Richard Heard; Tom Hogan; David Kinder; Jade Meeker; Camille Milner; Phil Pillar; Joe Pevsner; Karl Rabago; Darrell Richardson; Greg Seale; John Selman; Chris Shields. S6 — Board of AdvocatesMarti 0 nct n 1. Scoit Camp 2. Lynn Beral 3. £nc Behrens 4. Lisa Bag:cy PEREGRINUS The Peregrinus is the official yearbook of the law school, and works closely with the Texas Student Publications offices. The staff is composed of student volunteers who schedule photographs, write copy, and draw layouts for publication; the editor is elected each year during the Student Bar Association elections. The Peregrinus published its centennial edition this year to commemorate the centennial of the University of Texas. Various histone peregrin . ‘V Peregrinus — 57THE HANS BAADE SOCIETY HISTORY OF THE HANS BAADE SOCIETY His coo! dry wit. unassuming demeanor, and awesome intellectual prowess made Hans W. Baade an instant cult hero at U.T. Law School. From informing students of the first law of sociology to describing how porcupines make love. Professor Baade has thrilled throngs of ardent followers. Consequently, in the fall of 1982 a fervent mob requested, nay demanded, formation of the Hans Baade Society to preach and revel in the teachings of his Eminence. When Hans announced plans to leave U.T. for a semester tour of European universities, shocked fans took to the streets. Chanting “Hell Nein. He Ain't Flyin'. ’ hundreds sacrificed themselves on the airport tarmac in a futile effort to prevent his departure. During his absence. Baadist purists were shocked to observe the crass commercialism of fast buck artists who exploited students longing for Hans. The law school became inundated with unofficial Friend-o-Hans posters, bogus decoder rings, and bootleg video tapes of “In Hans Way." The demonstrations culminated with Hans-fest '82 at Scholz Beer Garten. Not since Gandhi's death has Austin witnessed such a groundswell of emotion. Hours before Hans-fest. authorities closed 1-35 and the Governor called out the National Guard to maintain order in the city. Despite these measures, troopers had to use teargas to disperse thousands of angry string tie wielding fans who could not gam admission to the standing room only affair. A LITTLE BIT ABOUT OUR HERO Professor Baade holds the oldest endowed chair at the law school. His teaching subjects include: conflicts, comparative law. international OH and mineral law. public land titles, and southwest legal history. A recognized expert in numerous areas of the law. Professor Baade is published extensively in finer journals and has served as an expert witness in many significant cases including Day and Zimmerman v. Challoner. WHAT FAMOUS AMERICANS SAY ABOUT HANS BAADE I did it Han’s way — Frank Sinatra C’mon baby light my Hans — Jim Morrison Ask not what Hans can do for you Ask what you can do for Hans — John Kennedy That’s one small step for Hans One giant leap for Hanskind — Neil Armstrong 58 -- Hans Baade Society ■• Doherty Hans-Fest '82 1. Doug Samson 2. Carol Cogdeli 3. Cindy Kean 4. Micneiie Monse 5. Lynn Berat 6. Rogge Dunn 7. Joe Pevsner 8. Van Hooker 9. Linda Cansler 10. Robin Riewe 11. Karen Cherry 12. AnnCretsinger 13. Charlie Musslewhite 14. Mark Waldman 15. Joe Dodge 16. Marty Sos'and 17. Rocky Rees 18 Davd Gluck 19. Jeff Hawkins 20. Steve Maisiin 21. Ca'y Hydcn 22. Ray Albrecht 23. Eric Behrens 24. Gene Storie 25. Andre Hampton Not Pictured: Steve Poe Chris Reynolds Leon Lebowiiz Henry Kissinger Yuri Andropov withheld by request). Charter Members and Officers 1. Eric Behrens. The High Hans 2. Marty Sosland. Baadist Extraordnare 3. Joe Dodge. HBS tax adviser 4. Rcgge Chjnn. HBS founder 5. Joe Pevsner Pontifus Minimus 6. Gene Stono. private Not Pictured: Steve Poe. Sargeant-ai-Hans Chris Reynolds. Nerf-Loser Brad DcTiocty B ad Oorwty Sludents with Papers Outstanding to Professor Baado: (Names and social security numbers withheld by request). Hans Baade Society — 591. Carla Nelson 2. Roberta Hegland 3. Cheryl McMullen 4. Gary Block 5. Gaylene Vaden 6. Erich Morales 7. John Cassidy 8. Paul Ridley 9. Tony PetrOCChi 10. Rosemarie Rose 11. Mano Barrera 12. Steve Lemmons n JOor « ty 13. Dan Biumberg 14. Dawd Furlow 15. l $a Pennington 16. B 'i Cobb 17. Jay Brown 18. Karl Rabago 19. Tom Stutz 20. Mai Ridley 21. Jamce Robinson 22. Joan Sanger 23. Nancy Wyman 24. Cullen Hallmark REVIEW OF LITIGATION The Review of Litigation was the first publication in the nation organized to publish suggestions derived from substantive scholarly legal analysis for practical application in litigation, and is in its fourth year of publication. Issues are published triannually. and each contains articles by scholars, practicing attorneys, and student-authored lawnotes. Student staff positions on the Review are filled through candidacy programs conducted in the early fall and late spring of each year. All students who have completed at least one year of law school and are interested in working on a unique national legal publication focusing on litigation-oriented topics are invited to participate in one of these programs. Students who win certain select moot court and advocacy competitions are also eligible to join. 60 — Review ol LitigationEV d Oofwty Editors V John Cassidy. 2. Tom Stutz. 3. Tony Petrocchi. 4. Karl Rabago. 5. Carta Nelson. 6. Nancy Wyman. 7. Gayiene Vaden. 8. Janice Robinson. 9. Joan Sanger. 10. Rosemarie Rose. 0 « J Oolwty Editors 1. Tony Petrocchi 2. Janice Robinson 3. Nancy Wyman 4. Joan Sanger 5. Gayiene Vaden 6. Rosemarie Rose 7. Tom Stutz 1. Steve Lemmon 2. Jay Brown 3. Roberta Hegland 4. Bill Cobb Review of Litigation — 61i y f I Vi I T • i r S CTHel Fall ChanceXxs 1 CiiM Friedman 2 Sarah Woelk 3 Kathryn Tullos 4. Ken Hooker 5. JulC Ford Persky 6 Walter EOel Not Pictured Brian Bloom CHANCELLORS Established in 1912. Chancellors is the highest honorary society of the School. The members are the students who after completing forty-two hours have the highest scholastic average. Each fall and spring, eight students who are not already members are selected. The number of Chancellors may never exceed five percent of the preceding senior class. i i Officers are selected strictly on the basis of their grades at the time of selection. The Spring 1982 officers were: Sarah Woelk. Grand Chancellor; Cliff Friedman, Vice Chancellor; Walter Ebel. Clerk; Julie Ford Persky, Keeper of the Peregrinus; The Fall 1982 officers were: Michael McClendon, Grand Chancellor; Scott Wulfe, Vice Chancellor; John Dzienkowski, Clerk; Terrance Noyes, Keeper of the Peregrinus. Other members of the society were Chancellors at Large. i 62 — ChancellorsKAMIKAZES Larry. Mary. Harry; Cary. Sue; Loo; Hank. Tank. Barry. Te»ry; Telly. Kelly. Dag; Crag. Shane; Lorraine; Blame KAMIKAZE LAW STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Kamikaze membership. June Ailin; Pat Bath; Clara 8!ain; Beth Crabb; David Crist; Sarah Duncan; Ed Einstein; Jay Gresham; David Gilliland; Grant Gurley; Sam Hurt; Marlee Joseph; David Kern; Don Larson; Scott McCulloch (alumnus); Tracy McGee; Jade Meeker; Matthew Muller; Tony Oliviera; GeneStorie; Bob Basquez (alumnus): Ross Vassallo; Bill Walker (alumnus); David Weber; Susan Butterick; Steve Patterson; Lori Ryan; Hank T. Hallucination; Guy Wellborn and A'an Rau (faculty sponsors). Kamkaze Law Students Ass-cabon — 63Thei H iaMTorum THE TEXAS LAW FORUM The Texas Law Forum is published three times a semester with the support of the Law School and the Student Bar Association. It is published for the benefit of the students, faculty, alumni, and friends of the law school. Contents of the Forum include humorous articles, informational stories, stones about law sports, as well as student cartoons. The editors for the past year were Paul Crane and Teresa Salamone. Sam Hurt was a frequent contributor with his cartoon series "Fishlaw.’’ Other officers and editors were Paul Crane, first semester managing editor; Tony Petrocchi. art; Bob May. photography; Ed Hiller, sports editor; Michael Lee and Paul Crane, layout; Mark McCrimmon. Brad Echols. Cindy Smith. John Boehm. Tom Allen. John Dzienkowski. Laura Hobby, all as contributes; Lynn Berat. business manager. Although the Forum received financial support from the SBA and from the Law School, it owed its success to the high quality of the work submitted by regular contributors; Tom Allen was a three year staffer and editor and perhaps the most prolific contributor to the Forum. 64 — The Texas Law ForumBr»d Doherty 1. Elaine Daws 2. Steve Patterson 3. David Deitch 4. Keith Lutsch 5. Donna Lang, chairman 6. Phillip Pillar 7. Margo Michels, secretary-treasurer 8. Michael Krival 9. Lon Ryan 10. David Sokolow 11. Sherry Priest 12. Ed Fair 13. Fielder Nelms 14. Ursula Weigold ART ENTERTAINMENT LAW COMMITTEE The Art and Entertainment Law Committee was established to promote the following purposes: To expand the knowledge and awareness of art and entertainment law among interested students, lawyers, and members of the community; To promote the study of the law as it relates to artists, arts organizations, and the entertainment industry; and To foster the development of practical skills and their application in the various fields of art and entertainment law through the sponsorship of speakers and conferences through service to the legal community and the public. In addition to those members pictured above, the Committee is also composed of the following persons: Jan Hacke; David Healy; Misty Hernandez; Hollis Hudson; Ann Lockwood; Rosanne Messinea; John Stuart. Art and Entertainment Law Committee — 65Curl Wfcott Members 1. Ros e Guerra 2. Josie Jaramilo 3. Carlos Carrasco 4 Martha Martinez 5. Joe Pena 6 Vivian Patino-Goltney 7. Prol Larry Goflney 8. Aie.andro Gonzalez 9. Ricardo Navarro 10 Javier Martinez 11. Bob Estrada 12. Javier Alarms 13. Angela Castro 14 Rick Schell 15. Jesse Casino 16 Mario Barerra 17. Renee Perez 18 C dy Muniz 19 Saul Gonzalez 20 Roge'o Garza 21. Mary Lou CasWe 22. Billy Romo 23. John David Franz 24 Dame! Vera 25. Mario Garcia CHICANO LAW STUDENTS ASSOCIATION The Chicano Law Students Association (ChlSA) is composed of. but not limited to. Mexican-Amencan law students. One of the primary purposes of the Association is to facilitate, aid. and encourage the study of law by Chicanos. Other significant activities which the ChLSA has embarked upon in furtherance of this purpose include the development of a loan fund; recruitment of minority students and faculty; expansion of the law school curriculum; involvement in community legal education programs, provision of a forum for legal, educational, and political seminars; and participation in professional associations with practicing attorneys and state legislators. 66 — Chicano Law Students AssociationDrectcrs 1. Charles Smaistrla 2. David Conley 3. Katherine Smith 4. Susan Finketstem 5. Terry Noyes, chairman 6. O.ego Pena LEGAL RESEARCH BOARD The LRB was founded in 1961 and is one of the oldest student-run legal research organizations in the United States. Members of the LRB research and write memoranda of law for practicing attorneys throughout the country. While the LRB provides a valuable service to the Bar. its primary purpose is to refine the research and writing skills of its members by affording them an opportunity to work with actual problems and consult with practicing attorneys. LRB members enjoy the added incentive of being paid for their efforts. Invitations to membership are extended on two bases: outstanding performance in the first year Legal Research and Writing class, as evidenced by receipt of the highest grade in that class; submission of a superior memorandum of law during the LRB candidacy program. Each semester, a member must write one memorandum and check the substantive accuracy and cite form of another memorandum. In addition to those who are pictured, members include: Kurt Andreason; Cindy Beard; Jeff Bohm; Tony Bradley; Travis Brewer; Pat Brown; Raul Calderon (a director); Ray Chester; Mona Clee; Bill Cobb. Ira Davis; Ann Dicker-son; Leonard Epstein; Therold Farmer; Jeff Fink; Bryan Garner; Sandra Glanz; Linda Blansit; Robert Godlewski; Nick Goodman; Eloise Guzman; Robm Hazlewood; Stacy Hollick; Van Hooker; John House; Blake Keating; Carol King; Margaret Lyle; Davis McCown; Mike McRae; Paul Miller; Charles Musslewhite; Lydia Ochoa; Alan Schoen-baum; Lloyd Schultz; Joy Segars; Tom Selman; Clint Shouse; Clayton Smith; Roy Smith; Mike Snipes; Jim Thomas; Cynthia Whilow; Doug Wise; John Worley; Rebecca Yee. 1. Oulce Madrigal 2. Wall McCool 3. Jesus Ramirez 4. Oav d Conley 5. Charles Sma stria 6. Thomas Sma stria 7. Emmy Moptey 8. Susan FinketSte n 9. Suzanne Henderson OradOcftwtr 10. Matt Dore 11. Brett Lambert 12. Grace Fisher 13. Andy While 14. Gary Walters 15. Diego Pena 16. Katherine Smith 17. Terry Noyes Legal Research Board — 67iv aw«rt» Council Mem c»s 1. Susan Hunter 2 Dean Pinkert 3 Bruce Moskow. Chairman 4. Erich Morales 5. Bill Emmons Not Pictured Diego Pena Jeffrey St. Clair HONOR COUNCIL The Honor Council is responsible for the investigation of and prosecution of Honor Code violations. Members are elected annually. The Council is composed of a chairman-at-large, three senior representatives, two midlaw representatives, and one freshlaw representative The Honor Code is the system of regulations and standards with which students must always conform; the Council relies upon students and faculty to report violations, and therefore is an instrument of self governance which necessarily requires student cooperation 68 — Honor CouncilJohn F. Sutton. Jr. Dean. Wii .am Stamps Fahsh Professor of Law. LL.B.. Texas. Subjects: Torts. Evidence. Legal Profession. Thomas J. Gibson, ill. Associate Dean. Associate Professor of Law LL.B.. Texas. Subjects Legal Bibliography. Legal Research and Writing. Wi am W. Gibson. Jr.. Associate Dean. Albert Sidney Burleson Professor of Law. LL.B.. Texas. Subjects: Whs and Estates. Legal Profession. Real Estate Transactions. Real Property. 70 — Faculty Faculty Photos by Brad DohertySam H. Hall. Assistant Dean for Placement and Business Affairs. J.D.. Texas M Michael Sharlot. Acting Associate Dean. Wright C. Morrow Professor of Criminal Law. LL.B.. Pennsylvania Subjects: Criminal Law. Evidence. Criminal Procedure. ProsecutorialCimic. Mark G. Yudof. Associate Dean. Marrs McLean Professor of Law LL.B.. Pennsylvania Subjects: Children and the Law. Constitutional Law. Contracts. First Amendment. Law and Education. Faculty — 714 Barbara Bader Aidave. Prolessor ol Law. James R. Dougherty Chair. J.D.. California. Berkeley. Subjects: Business Associations. Constitutional Law. Securities Regulation. Civ Procedure. Richard V. Barndt. Professor of Law. J.D.. Yale. Subjects: Contracts. Legislation. Jurisprudence. Local Government. Marital Property. David A. Anderson. Professor of Law. J.D.. Texas Subjects: Mass Communications. Real Property. Land Use Planning. Communications Torts. Law and I Journalism. Hans W. Baade. Professor of Law. Hugh Lamar Stone Chair in Law. LL.B,. LL.M.. Duke. Subjects: Commonwealth and Canadian Law. Comparative Law. Conflict of Laws. Domestic Relations. International Law. International Law. Southwest Legal History. 72 — Faculty Philip C. Bobbitt. Assistant Professor. J.D.. Yale. Subjects: Civil Procedure. Constitutional Law. Energy Law. Law and Economics.Patricia Ann Cain. Lidde». Sapp. Zivfey and Brown Professor o( Law. J.O.. Georgia. Subiects: Accounting. Estates. Real Estate Transactions. Federal income Tax. Michael J. Churgin. Professor of Law. J.D.. Yale. Subiects: Clinical Mental Health Program. Clinical Prison Program. Criminal Procedure. Immigration. Legal History. Susan Chisholm. Lecturer in Law. B.A.. M. A,. PhD. Edward R. Cohen. William B. Wynne Professor of Law. LL.B.. Yale. Subjects: Civil Procedure. Real Property. Decedents' Estates. Labor Law. Legal History. Faculty — 73 4 Lanetta M. Cooper. Adiunct Professor of Law.0 Dawson. Judge Benjamin H. Powell Professor ol Law. LL B. Re-at 9’00, St Louis Subjects: Criminal Law. Cr n«ai Procedure. Domestic David 6. Epstem, James R. Dougherty Chair and Fulbnght and Jaworski Professor of Law. J.D.. Texas. L.L.M.. Harvard. Subjects: Basic Commercial Law. Consumer Law. Contracts. Creditors' Rights. I George E. Dix. James R. Dougherty Chair and Vinson and Elkins Professor of Law. J.D.. Wisconsin. Subjects: Psychiatry and the Law. Criminal Procedure. Criminal Law. Joseph M. Dodge. Professor of Law. LL.B.. Harvard. LL.M. New York University. Subjects Estate and G ft Taxation. Estate Planning. Family Law. income Tax. Tax Po6cy and Legislation. Parker C. Folder. William H. Francis. Jr Professor of Law. LL B.. Texas. Subjects: Corporation Finance. Federal income Taxation. Securitas Regulation. 74 — FacultyDavid B. Filvarolf. Professor of Law. LL.B.. Harvard. Subjects: Civi Rights. Constitutional Law. International Law. Torts. Steven j. Goode. Associate Professor of Law. J.D.. Yale. Subjects: Civi Procedure. Clinical Teaching. Evidence. Federal Jurisdiction. Lino A. Graglia. Rex G. Baker and Edna Heflin Baker Professor of Law. LL.B.. Columbia. Subjects: Antitrust. Constitutional Law Lawrence J. Goffney. Assistant Professor of Law. LL.M Columbia. Subjects: Antitrust. Creditors’ Rights. Legal History. Patents and Copyrights. Remedies. Robert W Hamilton. Benno C. Schmidt Chair in Law. J.D.. Chicago. Subjects: Contracts. Corporations. Real Property. Securities Regulation. Faculty — 75J. Patrick Hazel. Assistant Protessor ot Law. J.D.. Texas. Subjects: Civil Procedure. Trial and Appellate Advocacy. Texas Procedure. Wiliam O. Hu«. Sylvan Lang Professor of Law. LL.B.. Texas. S.J.O.. Harvard. Subjects Marital Property Rights. Oil and Gas. Trusts Stanley M. Johanson. Bryant Smith Chair in Law. LL.M. Harvard. Subjects: Real Property. Decedents' Estates. Estate Planning. Wills and Estates. Calvin H. Johnson. Professor of Law, J.O.. Stanford Subjects: Federal Income Tax. Federal Tax Pokey. Corwin W. Johnson. Baker Botts Professor of Law. J.D.. Iowa. Subjects: Real Property. Water Law. Environmental Law. Land Use Planning. 76 — FacultyW. Page Keeton. W. Page Keeton Chair in Tort Law. LL.B.. Texas. S.J.D.. Harvard. Subjects: Products Liability. David Kramer. Lecturer in Law. J.D.. Subjects: Administrative Law. Oil and Gas. International Law. J. Leon Lebowitz. Protessor of Law. J.D.. Baylor. LL.M.. New York University. Subjects: Agency. Business Associations. Corporate Finance. Securities Regulation. Dougtas Laycock. Protessor ot Law. J.O.. Chicago. Subjects: Employment Discrimination. Remedies, Secured Transactions. Sanford Levinson. Protessor of Law. J.D.. Stanford. Subjects: Constitutional Law. Contracts. Legal Profession. Faculty — 778ruce H. Mann, Visiting Associate Professor of Law. J.D., Ph.D. Phil., Yale. Subjects: Willsand Estates. Trusts. Legal History. Water Law. F. Scott McCown, Lecturer in Law. J.D.. Texas. Subjects: Texas Procedure. Civil Procedure. Richard S. Markovits. Professor of Law. LL.B.. Yale. Subjects: Antitrust. Jurisprudence and Constitutional Law. Legal Profession. Robert C. Means. Professor of Law. LL.B.. S.J.D.. Harvard. Subjects: Energy Law. Law and Society. Latin American Law. Regulated Industries.Roy M. Mersky. Professor of Law, Director of Research. Law Librarian. J.D., M.A.L.S.. Wisconsin. Subjects: Legal Research and Writing. Computer Law. Legal Bibliography. David M. Rabban. Assistant Professor. J.D.. Stanford. Subjects: Labor Law. Legal History. Frank E. Nattier. Adjunct Professor of Law. LL.B.. Georgetown. LL.M.. New York. Subjects: International Investment. International Law. W. W. Patterson. Adjunct Professor of Law. LL.B.. Texas. Subject: Office Practice. I- A. Scot Powe. Jr.. Hines H. Baker and Thelma Kelley Baker Professor of Law. J D.. Washington. Seattle. Subjects: Constitutional Law. Broadcasting. Federal Energy Law. First Amendment. Faculty — 79Grover J. Rees. III. Assistant Professor. J.D.. Louisiana State. Subjects: Constitutional Law. Legal Profession. Separation of Powers. Alan Scott Rau. Liddell. Sapp. Zivley Brown Professor of Law. LL.B.. Harvard. Subjects: Contracts. Contract Negotiations. Remedies. John A. Robertson. Charles T. McCormick Professor of Law. J.O.. Harvard. Subjects Constitutional Law. Criminal Law. Criminal Procedure. Law and Medicine. Millard H, Ruud. John S. Redditt Professor of Law. LL.B.. Minnesota. Subjects: Consumer Credit. Basic Commercial Law. Legislation. Michael P. Rosenthal. WJSam C Liedtke. Sr. Professor of Law. J.D.. Columbia. Subjects: Juvenile Justice. Criminal Law. Children and the Law. Domestic Relations 80 — FacultyJohn J. Sampson. Ben Gardner Sewell Prolessor of Law ll.B.. Minnesota. Subjects: Fam y Law. Administrative Law. Legislative Process. Legal Aid. Ernest E. Smith. III. Joseph C. Hutcheson Professor of Law. LL.B.. Harvard. Subjects: Oil and Gas. Real Property. Sander W. Shapiro. Lecturer in Law. J.D.. Texas. Subjects: Corporate Finance Edward F. Sherman. Angus G. Wynne. Sr. Professor of Law. J.D.. Harvard. Subjects: Civil Procedure. Complex Litigation. Civil Rights. Constitutional Law. James M. Treece. Charles I. Francis Professor of Law. J.D.. llhnois. Subjects: Civil Procedure. Patents and Copyrights. Torts. Faculty — 81Stanley M. Walker. Associate Professor of Law. LL.B.. Yale. Sub-lects: Real Property. Real Estate Finance. Ofin Guy Wellborn III. Professor of Law. J.D.. Harvard. Subjects: ' V Russell J. Weintraub. John B. Connally Chair in Law LL.B . Harvard. Subjects: Commercial Law. Conflict of Laws. Contracts. Evidence. Torts. Texas Rules. Jay L. Westbrook. Liddell. Sapp, Zively and Brown Professor of Law. J.D.. Texas. Subjects: Basic Commercial Law. Creditor's Rights. International Business Transactions. 82 FacultyChristopher J. Whelan. Vsitng Professor of Law. Oxford. LL.B., Ph.D.. London School of Economics. Subjects: Legal Profess on. Labor Law. Joseph P. Witherspoon. Thomas Shelton Maxey Professor of Law. LL.B., Texas; S.J.D.. Harvard; LL.D. St. Edward's. Subjects: Administrative Law. Civil Rights. Antitrust. FACULTY NOT PICTURED Wi'iam P. Ali son. Lecturer; Cyntha Bryant. Lecturer; James E. Dear. Adjunct Professor; Andrew J. Forsythe. Lecturer; Herman C. Gotcher. Jr.. Adjunct Professor; Helen Hargrave. Professor Emeritus; Paul M Hebert. Adjunct Professor; Gus M. Hodges. Jr.. Professor Emeritus; Kenneth E. Houp. Jr.. Lecturer; Albert P. Jones. Professor Emeritus; William D. K ng. Lecturer; Hugh S. Lowe. Lecturer. Francs J. Maloney. Jr.. Ad-junct Professor. James P. Mockford. Jr.. Adjunct Professor. Kenneth R. Oden. Lecturer; Kathryn A Reed. Lecturer; Kenneth D. Schubb. Adjunct Professor; Bea Ann Smith. Adjunct Prolessor; W iiiam 0. wntehurst. Jr.. Lecturer; Joseph H. Wilkinson. Jr.. Professor Emeritus; Jerre S. Wiliams. Professor Emeritus. M. Kenneth Woodward. Robert R. Windfohr Professor of Law. LL.B.. Texas. Subjects: Oil and Gas. Credit Transactions. Property. Charles Alan Wright. Professor of Law, w iiiam B. Bates Chair for the Administration ol Justce. LL.8.. Yale. Subjects: Supreme Court. Constitutional Law. Federal Courts. Faculty — 83Staff Photos by Brad Doherty Public Services Stall. First row. Nash Lozano; Gary HiU. Mary Belt. Michael Wilson; Elizabeth Saucedo Second row. Pierrette Moreno; Georgia Chadwick; Eleanor Detashmitt; Betty Cogswell; Randall Snyder; Tim Prather; Gloria Richard; Barbara Bridges. Not pictured. Bob Ntssenbaum. 84 - Start Administration, t to r. Custts Wright, curator, art corrections; Gwyn Anderson, administrative assistant; Susan Coto. senior secretary; Mickie Voges. information services; Daniel Martm. management and physical operations. Technical Services Siatt. First row. seated. Maria Escalante. Manwela Segura; Mary Menke; Susan More. Second tow. Sunny Mullen; Peter Dutz. Beth-Sheva Greenberg. John Ram-ington; Brenda Bedsote. John Pelesch; Andrew Barnes. Karen Locher; Stanley Ferguson; Mary Alice Burton.TEXAS LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATION Pmidcnt IXAe K. Ligon Wuhingtim. 11. C Prf idcnt-EI«t John R. C tc. |r. CUlu Secretary W. W. Gihjon. )r. Atiwin Immediate P M President John N. McCinmii. Ji. San Antonio Director of Alumni Relation Judith M Amu Director Taffy Diane Baglcr Motton K Baud. II Raymond |. Bills. Jr. [livid C. Reel with Marc I’. Bcrnat R. Michael IVuun Bany F. Gann.idiy JamoV. Cut, 11, III T. I ew Caiithntn Bariy A. Chmnoff Jamie M. Clement John H. Coates Rohert C. Crunch John W. Fainter. Jr. W Ferguson. Ill Ihiil W. Kix L Kelly Frel Dxukl Gatlncy IminKr R. OlM R. Kinnan GoVltwn R. Gordon Gooch G. Richard Ctningct Muc u Cin»hctg Gan R. Gurwitr Harold D. Hammett Loren Q. Haruon Daniel W. Herd Thad T. Hntchemn. Jr. Kay Bailey Hutchison Hiilip R lane O. Fred Lohmeyet Jeffrey R. I ovc Schuyler B. Marshall, IV C. I). Matnn Elton M. Montgomery Rtchard G. Morgan Gary A. Munneke IVnnis R. Neill Kerty I. Neves OMiles T. Newton. Jr. JohnG. Niles lames A. Pulei Charles R. IWtor, Jr. John |). Roady Hal L. Sander . Jr. Liny L. Schocithfun Thomas H. Sharp, Jr. J. TndJ Shiehls Ronald Sl-m Martha t. Smiley Adrian C Smith Jay I. Sokmutt Alfred H Summers Cynthia Tnytor-Knet H. Howard Waldrop Jack D. Watson James I Wehet W. Gaston WelForn. Jt. IVttchcl C Winn Brooke F. Duciey. Executive Director. Foundation Office Foundation Office staff. I tor: Barbara Johnson, Rosie Ross. Judy Amis. University of Toxas Law School Foundation Kraft W. Eidman. President Houston. Texas Preston Shirley. Vice President Galveston LIFE MEMBER-TRUSTEES Allan Shivers. Chairman Austin Edward Clark Austin Kraft W. Eidman Houston Elton M. Hyder. Jr. Fort Worth Thomas M. Phillips Houston Tom Sealy Midland Preston Shirley Galveston TRUSTEES EMERITIS Charles W. Duke San Antonio W. St. John Garwood Austin J. A. Gooch Fort Worth Ceci D. Redford Corpus Christi Continuing Legal Education staff. Seated: Donna Milan. Stand ng: Judy Mau Dcla McGrew. Eric Tucker. Staff — 85Placement Office staff. Seated: Oiana Arnold. Ed Baugh. Standing: Ellen Mur-taugh. Adrienne Oieftr. Peggy Berridge. Not pictured: Sharon Brown. Business Office staff. Seated: Eileen Glover. Standing: Barkety Alford. Donna Leverett. Gabriel Guardiolo. Admissions Office staff. I to r: Beverly Rector. Vivian Brown. Ruth Couller. Not pictured: Karen Sullivan. Main Office sfaff. Seated: Marion Harris. Standing: Ada Vega. Judy Dominguez. Renee Bizzeti. Dean's Office support staff. I to r: Carole Stehiing. Alla Goodwin 86 - Staff Faculty Support staff. Seated: Oiane Grandstrom. Debbie Craig Quartet: Missy Baker. ASce Lottman. Connie Spinn. Ann Roberts. Third row Hanna Stanberry. Dena Bruce. Cindy Lawrence. Cathy Haggard. Karen Sacratini, Lynn Brown. Julie Johnson. Not pictured: Shirley Green. Chris Muller. Marie Hoepken. Pat Matthews. Ootlie Lee.MUSCLE FLEXING “Several graduate programs are already formidable. The schools of education, business, and law rank in the top ten.” — "Best Faculty Money Can Buy?". TIME magazine. April 26. 1982 RANK Texas Law School ranked 11th in academic quality and 11th in employment value (the only two categories examined) in a 1976 poll of 58 deans of American law schools conducted by Juris Doctor magazine. In the Cartter Report, a 1977 study of law schools conducted for the California Board of Regents. Texas ranked 10th for faculty quality. 13th for educational attractiveness, and 12th in its combined score. Among public schools. Texas ranked 5th. FINANCIAL AID Last year 300 law students received $158,000 in scholarships. 103 students received $30.119 in loans. THE QUOTABLE FACULTY "The best thing about the Law School is the faculty. As a packaged product, the students are getting the best buy of their lives." "I believe that most of us could be making about three times our present (professors') salaries in the private sector, but then there's the give and take. I prefer my life style, and writing, and I get a lot out of my students and peers." "Our student body definitely has its own personality. At Yale, one of the most popular courses is Jurisprudence. Here. I think, it would be Making Money, if it were offered." "We could easily be in the top ten in just one year if we would implement some basic changes. Admissions standards — we need to loosen our out-of-state limitation and go to twenty percent if we are to compete at all with the so-called top ten schools. There are other things that are just as obvious." ADMISSION The Admissions Office received just over 5,000 applications for 500 spots in the entering class. More than half of the applicants were from out of state. The office received 15.000 requests for application forms. The median LSAT score for in state applicants is 680. and 710 for out of staters. 680 represents the 90th percentile, or 41 out of 50 on the new LSAT scale. Median GPAs for the two groups are 3.52 and 3.55 respectively. PLACEMENT Only Harvard and Michigan law schools have more graduates in the active practice of law. In a study conducted in 25 U.S. cities by George Fee and Associates of Chicago, examining the number of partners in law firms with at least forty attorneys. Texas ranked 7th. ALUMNI FACILITIES Texas has 14,081 current alumni. The Foundation Office reported $193,706 in contributions last year from 1.250 donors. Since 1979, contributions have increased by at least $30,000 a year. Texas has the sixth largest academic law library in the United States, with 516.000 volumes and an annual growth rate of 30.000 volumes. Tarlton Law Library is the largest academic law library under a single roof — and still has capacity to expand. 88 STUDENTS Freshlaw AGUILAR. J ARNOLD. Corpus Chnsti Stanford University AHRENS. CAROLYN. Karnes City Southwest Texas State University AMOS. LISA MARIE. Datas Southwestern University ANDERSON. LISA CAROL. San Antono Texas A M University AGUtNAGA. CARLOS. Paso University ol Texas at El Paso ARAGON. STEVE. Ei Paso University of Texas at El Paso ARRENOONDO. RENE. Ei Paso University of Texas at El Paso University of Texas Medical Branch ASHMOS. JENNIFER ANN. Austin University of Texas at Austin AUBUGHON. LINOA KAY. Houston University of Dallas AUSTIN. ANDREW WILLIAM. Austin Uruveraty of Virginia BABB. JOSEPH S.. Austm University of Texasat Austin BADEN. ALLEN JEFFREY. San Antono UnverS'ty of Texasat Austin BAILEY. SUSAN E.. Houston University of Texasat Austin BAILEY. WINIFREO LOUISE. Danas University of Texasat Austin BAKER. AMY LOUISE. Houston University of Texas at Austin BAKER. STEVEN SCOTT. Dal as University of Texas at Austin BARRETT. MICHAEL ANTHONY. Hempstead. NY Northeastern University BARRIER. ANN MARTHA. Arlington Texas A M University BASKIN. CAROL ROSENBERG. Austin University of Texasat Aust n BASS. J. STEWART. Amanlo Trinity University BAUER. SCOTT NEIL. Austin Sam Houston State University BAYS. RICHARD VAN. Victoria University ol Texasat Austin BEGIN. BRAD M . Austin Texas Christian University BEHREND. VICKI LYNNE. Austin Univeraty of Texasat Austin BELINSKY. ILENE RUTH. San Antonio Texas A M Univeraty BENOLKEN. GRETCHEN AMY. Salem. OR University of Texasat Austin BERLEW. CHRISTOPHER DAVID. Austin Univeraty of Texasat Austin BEST. MELANIE VIRGINIA. Houston Unversityot Texasat Austin 90 — FreshlawFreshlaw BINGHAM. CHARLOTTE 0. San Anton.0 University of Virginia BLACK. ELIZABETH ANN. Houston Unversity of Texas al Austin BLACK. LISA MICHELLE. San Antonio University of Texas at Austin BLANTON. JOSEPH CULLEN. Sikeston. MO University of Virginia BLYTHE. ANNE MARIE. Lindsay Texas Tech University BONNER. AMY ELISABETH. Dallas University of Texas at Austin BONNEY. BRIAN EDWARD. R chardson University of Texas at Austin BOWMAN. KELBY NORMAN. Freeport. NY Amherst Cof'ege BOWMAN. MARGARET FRAZIER. Carrollton Ohio State University BOYER. VICTOR MYRMAN. Wich-ta Falls Midwestern State University BRACKEN. CATHERINE EARLE. Houston Rice University BRADFORD. ERIC KEMPTON. Oallas Colgate University BRANCART. CHRISTOPHER ARNOLO. Houston Connecticut College BRANDT. TOM. Da-’ias University of Texas at Austin BRIDGER. JOHN WESLEY. Houston Baylor University BRiDWELL. MICHAEL THOMAS. Austin Michigan State University BRILL. DAVID SMITH. Houston University of North Carolina BRODE. OIANES . Austin University of Texas at Austin University of South Florida BROOKE. JENNIFER. Corpus Christ. Yale University BROWN. OAVIO ROSS. Austin University of Texas at Arlington BROWN. JEANNETTE LOUISE. Austin Mount Holyoke College BROWN. KAREN JEAN. Fort Worth University of Texas at Arlington BROWN. ZAN COLSON. Austin Sam Houston State University BRUCH. JENNIFER LYNN. Spring Harvard University BUROINE. SCOTT GRIFFITH. Houston University of Texas at Austin BUTLER. MICHAEL JAMES. Memphis TN University of Notre Dame BYE. HOWARD OUANE. Austin WartburgCoHege CAMPBELL. BRUCE S.. Fort Worth University of Texas at Arlington Freshlaw — 91Freshlaw CAMPBELL. KATHLEEN GARY. Austin Texas Tech University CANALES. GUADALUPE. Laredo University of Texas at Austin CANTU. MARK ALBERT. Rio Grande University of Texas at Austin CARLSON. DIANNE ELIZABETH. Dallas Duke University CARSON. VINCENT DEAN. Mineral Wells Texas Tech University CASTILLO. JESSE R.. San Antono St. Mary’s University University of New Mexico CASTRO. ANGEL. San Benito Pan American University CHAFFE. VIRGINIA ANN. Austin St. Lawrence University CHRISTIAN. GEORGE SCOTT. Austin University of Texas at Austin CHUNG. PAUL WILLIAM. Houston University of Texas at Austin CLARK. KENNETH ANDREW. Marietta GA Vanderbilt University CLEMER. MARK CHRISTOPHER. Robstown University of Texas at Austin COLEMAN. RUSSELL FORESTER. El Paso Rice University COLLINS. MARY LOUISE. Dallas Texas A M University CORNELL. CONNIE LEE. AuSt.n Southwestern University CORONADO. SERGIO. El Paso University of Texas at El Paso COUCH. THERESA ANN. Tyler Texas Tech University COURTNEY. CONSTANCE ELAINE. Plainview University of Texas at Austin CROCKER. MASON LEE. Austin Umversityof Texas at Austin CROZIER. BRIAN WALLACE. Corpus Chnsti University of Oklahoma CRUZ. JAVIER. Laredo St. Edward's University DAVEE. ROBERT ALLAN. Houston Texas Tech University DAVIDSON. CHARLES CARRiCK. Aoslm Massachusetts institute of Technology DAVIS. JEFFREY STEVEN. Round Rock Texas A M University DAVIS. WALTER RUSSELL. Tyler University of Texas at Austin DELGADO. DEBORAH HARVEY. Austm Rice University DESMARAiS. SUSAN DAWN. Wimberley University of Danas OtCKENS. GRADY POWERS. Duncanvrie Stephen F Austin State University 92 — FreshlawFreshlaw DORIA. KATHLEEN. Austin We'lesley Co'ege DROTT. EARL ALLEN. Broken Arrow OK Oral Roberts University DUN AG AN. O. PAUL. Cors cana University of Texas at Austin DYER. BILLY COE. La Marque Trinity University EAVES. ANGELA MICHELLE. Copperas Cove University of Texas at Austin EODINS. LINDA S . Dallas ELKINS. GARY WAYNE. Lake Jackson University of Texas at Austin ELLIS. DAVIDMICHAEL. Corpus Chnsti R«ce University ELLIS. W. BURRELL. S-lver Springs MD University of Pennsylvania EMMONS. WILLIAM BRADFORD. Austin Dartmouth College ERLINGER. PATRICIA. Austin Loyola University ESHLEMAN. DIRK EOWARD. Fisher IL Illinois State University FINKELSTON. LORI B . Austin University of Texas at Austin FISHER. PAULAK.. Houston University of Wisconsin FOSTER. ANN DAVIS. Austm Smith College FOX. CYNTHIA SUSAN. Waco University of Texas at Austin FRANZ. JOHN DAVID. Austin Pan American University FREIT AG. OOY LEE. Austm University of Texas at Austm FRIPP. CHANDRA V.. Dallas College of Charleston Universily of South Carolina FRITZ. KELLY KATHRYN. Chevy Chase MD Syracuse University FRY. KAREN LEE. Austm Texas Christian University GALOW. GERALD JOHN. Austm University of Texas at Austm GARBER. ABBEY BENJAMIN. Dallas University of Texas at Austm GARCIA. ERNEST CARLOS. Corpus Chnsti University of Texas at Austm GARCIA. GEORGE VICTOR It. Laredo R e University GARCIA. PRISCILLA. San Antonio University of Pennsylvania GAVALOON. ALBERT LEONARD. El Paso Univers-ty of Texas at El Paso GAVLICK. OONALD DALE. San Antono Rice Univers-ty Freshlaw — 93Freshlaw GERGER. OAVIO BENJAMIN. Houston Yale University GIBBS. TRAVIS CORTEZ. Palm Bay FL University of Florida GIDEON. TIMOTHY RANDALL. Lubbock Texas Tech University GILFORD. EILEEN CHERYL. Da as Washington University GLICK. CRAIG SCHUYLER. Houston Tulane University GOLDBERG. JONATHAN RAY. Houston University of Texas at Austin GOLDSTEIN. LAWRENCE B . Dallas University of Texas at Austin GONZALEZ. LITA INEZ. Austin Universityof Texas at Austin GONZALEZ. SAUL. El Paso University of Texas at El Paso GRADY. JANESSA LYNNE. Silver Spring MD Sperman Co-lege GRIEGE. MARK CHARLES. Austin Southern Methodist University GRINSTEAD. CINDY G . Houston University of Texas at Austin GROTEN. ERIC ALAN. Houston Baylor University GUERRA. ANITA MARIE. San Antomo Indiana University GUGENHEIM. LYNNE. Houston Northwestern University GUTIERREZ. DAHLIA MARIE. Segun University of Texas at Austin HALPERN. ANDREW GERALD. Chesterfield MO Duke University HARKNESS. WANDA J.. Austin University of Texas at Austin HARLAN. BRUCE LOVELL. Littlefield Texas ASM University HARLAN. MARY KATHERINE. Bishop University of Texas at Austin HARRISON. SHAWN MCLEMORE. Austin Duke University HASSELL. SUZANNE. Fort Worth Harvard and RadcMffe HAZELWOOD. ANNE LOUISE. Dai'as Universityof Texas at Austin HEINRICH. RANDELL WAYNE. Houston Baylor University HERR. MARIA TERESA. San Antono University of Texas at San Antono HENRY. LINOA. Houston State University of New York HILDEBRAND. SAMUEL KELLY. Kerrville Universityof Texas at Austin HODGES. JOAN ELIZABETH. Dai'as Emory University 94 — FreshlawFreshlaw HOFFMAN. CRAIG WARD. Austin College ol Wiliam and Mary HOLLINGSWORTH. LONNIE F.. JR.. Lubbock University of Texas at Austin HOOD. LINDA MARIE. Houston Texas A M University HORNSBY. CHARLTON. PRINCE. Killeen University ol Texas at Austin HOWARD. DIANA KAY. Houston Rice University HOWARD. JEFFREY ALLAN. Austin University of Texas at Austin HUBENAK. LAD JEFFREY. Kerrville University of Texas at Austin HUDSON. HOLLIS. Dumas. AR Southern Methodist University HUETE. ELIZABETH 8EATRICE. Austin Unrversity of Texas at Austin HUGHES. CORA SUZANNE. Fort Worth North Texas State University HUMPHRIES. CLAY DEAN. Fort Worth University ol Texas at Austin HUNTER. RONALD DEAN. Houston University of Houston INGRAM. MARGARET. Austin Mount Holyoke College Cambridge University JACOBSON. STEWART ALLEN. Austin University of Illinois JAMES. BRUCE AMAN. Austin Georgetown University JENSEN. AMANDA JANE. Arlington University of Texas at Arlington JONES. KEITH PATRICK. Austin United States Military Academy JONES. MARK LEONARD. Houston University of Texas at Austin JUAREZ. PAUL M.. Corpus Christi Corpus Christi University JUNKIN. SUSAN MCDOWELL. Kerrville University ol Texas at Austin KANTOR. CURTIS JOSEPH. Houston University of Texas at Austin KARAMANIAN. SUSAN L . San Antonio Auburn University Oxlord University KAREL. JAMES WILLIAM. Austin Marquette University KELLY. DEE J.. Austin University of Texas at Austin KERNIGAN. MAUREEN PATRICE. Omaha NE University Ol Nebraska KLEMAN. 0E8BIE IRENE. San Antonio Southwest Texas State University KOLODZIE. ANNETTE THERESE. Houston University of Texas at Austin Freshlaw — 95Freshlaw KRAUS. PETER ANDREW. Dallas Duke University LANDA. JOHN CARL JR,. Houston Duke University LAPIN, ROBERT E . Houston Stanford University LAVES. ALAN LEONARO. Austin Massachusetts Institute of Technology LEAL. MERCEDES. Houston Universily of Houston LEBMAN. MICHAEL B.. San Antonio LEE. JOHN ANSON. Houston University Of Texas at Austin LEE. MICHAEL GLYNN. Grand Universityof Dallas LENOX. CATHERINE ANN. Austin University of Texas at Austin LEVY. OARRYL HERBERT. Galveston Universityof Texas at Austin LONG. GRADY. COVINGTON. Al'en University of Texas at Austin MALDONADO. DAVID JAIME. Dallas Princeton University MANN. LISAGAYE. Houston Wellesley CoIIgqc MARCHESCHI. ELIZABETH ALTA. Austin University of Illinois MARGRAVE. OAVlD RUSSELL. Houston Stanford University MARTIN. MARALENE. Canton University of Texas at Austin MARTINEZ. FERNANDO. Brownwood University of Texas at El Paso MARTINEZ. JAVIER SANCHEZ. Austin University of Houston MCCAFFREY. PATRICK JR.. Avonmore PA Washington and Jefferson University MCKAY. MARY ELIZABETH. Houston Universityof Texas at Austin MCKNIGHT. JOHN BANTON. Dallas Vanderbilt University MCMANUS. CHERYL ANN. Austin University of Texas at Austin MELCHER. LEROY. Houston Colorado University MENEFEE. DAVID KENT. Fort Worth University of Texas at Austin MENKE. JOHN WESTON. Betfville University of Texas at Austin MESSINEO. ROSANNE MARIE. Dallas Texas Christian University MICHELS. MARGO E.. Austin Texas Christian University MILLARD. DAVID RALPH. Dallas Harvard University % — FreshlawFreshlaw MIMS. PETER ELTON. Austm Rice University MITCHELL. MONTE J.. Dallas Baylor University MOLINA. ARLETTE MARTHA. Houston Rice University MONTALVO. NORMA LINDA. Weslaco University ot Texas at Austin MONTGOMERY. STEPHEN NELSON. Austin Mankato State University MORALES. ALFREDO JR.. McAllen St Mary's University MORAN. ROB KENT. Fort Worth University ot Texas at Arlington MORIN. PAUL TONY. K..;een MOUNT. STEPHEN CLARK. Tyler University of Texas at Austin MULLER. MATTHEW STEPHEN. Austm Rce University NAYLOR. BOYD WRAY. Waco University of Texas at Austin NEAL. ANTHONY WAYNE. Columbus OH Brown University NELMS. FIELDER FRANKLIN. Austin Southern Methodist University NEMETH. PETER GEORGE. Houston University of Texas at Austin NEUREN. CATHERINE S.. Austin Wellesley College NEWSOM. VIKA. Austin University of Denver NICHOLSON. CATHERINE BAKER. Dallas Rice University NICKLAUS. SUSAN CAROL. Amarillo Yale Universily NOBLE. JANE GARDNER. Austin University of Texas at Austm NUSSBAUM. L MARTIN. Austm University of Notre Dame O'CONNELL. JIM KEVIN. Houston University of Texas at Austin O'DAY. ROBIN KAY. Fort Worth Texas ASM University OLCHYK. SAMUEL. Dallas University of Texas at Austin OLIVAREZ. CARLA J.. El Paso University of Texas at El Paso OLSON. ERIC MAX. Austin University of Illinois OSBORN. GEOFFREY DEVIN. Dallas University of Texas at Austin OSTENDORFF. WILLIAM CHARLES. Austin United States Naval Academy OZMUN. SCOTT ALAN. Houston Georgetown University Freshlaw — 97I Freshlaw PARSONS. JOHN MARK. Tyler University ol Texas at Tyler PARTIN. MARK S.. Austin University ol Texas at Artngton PENN. ANTHONY CRAIG. Wall's Prairie View ASM University PEREZ. RENEE MICHELE. Wchita FaHs North Texas State University PETERMAN. DAVID STANLEY. Austin University of Texas at Austin PETRIZZO. THOMAS FRANK. Houston Georgetown University PHILLIPS. STEPHEN LYNN. Houston University ot Texas al Austin PICKERING. LAURA BYRGEN. El Paso University ol Texas at Austin PIEPER. MARY LEE. Houston University of Texas at Austin POLANCO.MarissaF., Austin St. Mary's University POLLARD. PHYLLIS ANN. Austin University ol Texas at Austin POWELL. MARIA ANITA. Portland OR Stanford University PRESLEY. PATRICIA ANN. Austin University of Texas at Austin PRIESTER. ELIZABETH CHARLENE. Austin Boston University PRIESTER. MELVIN VINCENT. Houston Boston University PULLY. STEVEN J . Dallas Georgetown University RAICH. ROBERT A . New York NY Harvard University RAMIREZ. ROBERTO LUIS. Roma University of Texas at Austin RAMOS. JOSE ESOUIEL JR.. Corpus Chnsti University of Texas at Austin RAMSAY. JAN. San Marcos Southwestern University RAST. CAROL L.. Austin RAUCH. BRADLEY EDWARD. Houston Dartmouth College RESENDEZ. GILBERT. Daias University of Texas at Austin REUMONT. JOAN ELIZABETH. Dickinson University of Texas at Austin RICHARDSON. MARIAN GLYNN. Beaumont Un.versity of Texas at Austin RIOJAS. MINERVA. Austin Southwest Texas Stale University ROBINSON. STEPHEN RHETT. Athens University ol Texas at Austin RO£. KAREN JANE. Southwestern University 98 — FreshlawFreshlaw ROES. CHRISINE ANN. Oallas University of Texas at Austin ROGERS. JOHN NATHAN, Fort Worth University of Co'orado ROMO. WILLIAM C.. San Antono University of Texas at San Antonio RORK. WILLIAM MICHAEL. San Angelo Southern Method'S! University ROSSI. LYNNELLEN, Alvin Texas A M University RYAN, JULIA ANN. Fort Worth University of Texas at Austin SALINAS. ELI A . CorpusChrtSli SAMFORO. MICHAEL LEE. Houston University of Texas at Austin SCHOFIELO. PATRICIA JEAN. Austin State University of New York SCHINDLER. ERtC JOSEPH. Austin Louisiana State University SCHWARTZ. DAVIDEOWARD. Shreveport, LA University of Texasat Austin SCHWARTZ. LEWIS DANE. Austin University of Texas at Austin SCOGIN. NORMA KAY. Oallas Baylor University SCOTT. BEVERLY SUSAN, Corpus Chr.sli Boston University SHEPPERO. ERtC MONTGOMERY. Keene Andrews University SHIRLEY. SHARON PATRICE. San Antonio University of Texas at Austin SIMMONS. WILLIAM THOMAS. Austin Texas Tech university University of Texasat Austin SINISI. ETHAN MARIE. Seabrook University of Houston SKORUPA. CHESTER F.. Austin University of Scranton SLAOEK. WILLIAM L.. Dallas University of Notre Dame SMITH. CYNTHIA OOOD. Austin Auaustana College SMITH. ROBERT SCOTT. Athens University of Texasat Austin SMITH. STUART GREGORY. Waco Baylor University SMITHERMAN. MARY NELL. Houston University of Virginia SOPHIR. MARK DEAN. Austin University of Texasat Austin STAFFORD, PATRICK HOWARD. Praine View Southwestern University STARICKA-STERZ. SUSAN KAY. Austin University of Wisconsin STATTON, JAMES CHRISTOPHER. Dallas Un.versity of Texasat Austin Fresh’aw — 99Freshlaw STETTER. JESSICA FRANCES. Richardson University of Texas at Austin STOIAR. LINDA ELAINE. Fort Worth Universityof Texas at Austin STOLER. SUSAN JOANNE. Austin University of Texas at Austin STRANGE. RICKEY GENE. Austin Hardn Simmons University STRAWN. JOHN ROBERT JR.. Houston Dartmouth College SULLIVAN. KERRY DANIEL. Dallas Texas Tech University TAUTFEST. STEPHEN CRAIG. Hobbs. NM Texas A M University TAYLOR. KATHERINE ANNE. Austin University of Texas at Austin TAYLOR. TIMOTHY CHARLES. Tyler Washington and Lee University TEJML. TAMARA ROSSON. Bay City Texas ASM University TILDEN. MARIE M.. Austin University of Oregon TIMCO. ERIC JOHN. Austin University of Texas at Austin TREENOL. TRACY SHANNON. Austin Universityof Texas at Austin TROY. KATHLEEN MARIE. Richardson Baylor University TRUSLOW. JAMES LINKLATER. Austin University of Texas at Austin TYSON. JOHN NELSON JR.. Hurst Abilene Christian University UHLMAN. ANDREA J.. Austin University of Texas at Austin ULOTH. JAMES DOUGLAS. Dallas University of Virginia VELASQUEZ. R. JAY. Austin University of Texas at Austin VIEHWEG. LORNA RUTH. Oallas Rice University VIGUET. ROBERT JOEL JR.. Austin Georgia Tech University VOOICKA. BRIAN E.. Austin Universityof Texas at Austin VOELKER. STEPHEN ROBERT. Fort Worth University of Chicago WADDY. VICTORIA JANE. Austin Texas Woman's University WALKER. MARK CALLIS. Austin Universityof Texas at Austin WALL. KENNETH STEVEN. San Antonio WALLS. ROBERT HAMILTON JR.. Houston University of Texas at Austin WASHINGTON. NOVA LOIS. Austin Clark College 100 — FreshlawFreshlaw WATSON. DEBORAH JEAN. Austin State University ot New York WHITE. SARAH SHELTON. Austin University of Texas at Austin WILDER. DEBORAH E. 8ERKEY. Austin Southwestern University WILEY. ROB. Austin University ol Arkansas Memphis State University WILLIAMS. PEDRO KELSHA. St. Thomas V.l. Tufts University WINICK. KIMBERLY SABRINA. Austin M-cfdlebury College WITTER. CHERI LEA. Austm University of Texas at Austin WITTSTRUCK. CLARKE K.. Austin Austm College WOLF. ELIZABETH ANENE. Austm University of Texas at Austin WOLKOW. DIA BETH. Austin University of Texas at Austin WONDRA. JOHN ROBERT. San Antono University of Texas at San Antono WRAPPE. STEVEN CHRISTOPHER. Austin University of Notre Dame YOUNG. CHARLES COLEMAN. Austm University of Texas at Austin YTTERBERG. ALAN V.. Austin Baylor University ZAVALETTA. PETER MICHAEL. Lubbock University of Texas at Austm ZOELLERS. KAREN MARIE. Centralia. MO Central Missouri State University ZUCKER. RICK EDWARD. St. Louis. MO Washington University in St. Louis ZUERCHER. KAREN LYNN. San Antono St. Mary s University ZUKAUCKAS. BILL. Austin Texas Tech University Midlaw ACEVEDO. LINDA ANN. McAllen University of Texas at Austm AKIN. RICKY DALE. Austin University of Oklahoma ALEMAN. SUSANA IMELDA. Austin University of Texas at Austin ALEXANDER. GAIL ELIZABETH. Laredo University of Pennsylvania Freshlaw Midlaw — 101Midlaw ALEXANDER. PAUL RICHARD. Austin University ol Texas at Austin ALLEN. KATHRYN EVE. ElCampo University ot Texas at Austin ALVAREZ. ADOLFO. Austin University ot Texas at Austin AMPARO. ERNESTO GOT ARDO. Austin University ot The Philippines ANDERSON. PAUL ELLIS. Austin Abilene Christian University ANDREWS. SALLY s.. Houston CXike University ARCINIEGA. THERESA MARIE. Dallas University ol Dallas BAGLEY. LISA LYNNE. DeBerry University ol Texas at Austin BAKER. STEVEN R.. Baytown Baylor University BARRERA. MARIO ALBERTO. McAllen Pan American University BEHRENS. ERICG.. Oklahoma City. OK University ol Kansas BELBER. STEPHANIE ANNE. Harlingen University Ol Pennsylvania BENEDICT. ANTHONY WAYNE. Rawlins. WY Sul Ross Slate University BENJAMIN. LOUISE. Houston Brown University BENSON. D'METRlAVON. Austin Texas Ch istian University BERKE. KENT RUSSELL. Austin University ol Michigan BERTZYK. SCOTT D . Austin Unversity ol Wisconsm BETZEN. MARK EDWARD. Herelord Texas Tech Unversity BICKHAM. WILLIAM KENT. Longview North Texas State University BIDDISON. ELIZABETH MARIE. Houston Trimly University BISK. REUVEN MARK. El Paso University ol Illinois BLANStT. LINDA L.. Austin Baylor University BLAUGRUND. STUART EDMUND. El Paso University ol Texas at Austin BLOCK. GARY ELLIOTT. Dallas Vanderbilt Unversity BLUMROSEN. ERIC ALBERTS. Lubbock University ol Texas at Austin BORUNDA. SYLVIA ANN. El Paso St Mary's University BOTT. PORTIA JEANNE. Corpus Chnsti Corpus Chnsti State University BOX. GLENN ECKLEY. Dallas Southern Methodist University 102 — MidlawMidlaw BRAININ. STACY LEE. Dallas University of Texas al Austin BRAWNER, JEFF BEAUCHAMP. Sequin University ol Texas at Austin BREELAND, PATRICK KERRY. Dallas University of Texas at Austin BROWN. JAYW. Austin University ot Texas at Austin BROWN. MARIE-CLAIRE. Silver Springs. MD Boston University BROWN. VICKI ELAINE. Gonzales University of Texas a I Austin BROWNING. DEBORAH LEA. Austin University of Alabama BRYANT. WILLIAM CHARLES. Austin University of Texas at Austin BURKS. SYLVIA K.. Dallas Dal'as Baptist College BUTCHER. DANIEL LEE. Austin University of Denver CAMP. SCOTT GLENN. Austin University of Texas at Austin CANO. RUDY. Austin University of Texas at Austin CARRASCO. CARLOS. Austin University of Texas at El Paso CASTILLO. ERRLINDA MORENO. Sinton Texas A I University CASTILLO. MARY LOU. Laredo University of Texas at Austin CHRlSTOPHERSON. DONNA M.. Austin University of Texas at El Paso CITRON. BEATRICE SALLY. Austin Unvcrsity of Pennsylvania CLARK. DENISE RHEA. Lubbock Southern Methodist University COBB. WILLIAM D JR.. Arlington University of Denver COLLINS. BRUCE L ill. Corpus Chnsli Southern Methodist University COLLINS. BRYAN CYRIL. Dallas Stanford University CONOVER. JOHN RONALO. Grand Pra rie University of Texas at Arlington COX. RUTH ELAINE. Houston ' University ot Texas at Austin CRAIN, KENNETH ALAN. Austin United States Naval Academy CROSBY. REBECCA LEA. Austin University of Texas at Austin CRUZ. DIANA MARIE. San Antonio University of Texas at Austin DANZE. PHILIP IGNATIUS. Austin University of Texas at Austin DE LA ROSA. MICHAEL ANTHONY. Mmeota University of Texas at Austin Midlaw — 103Midlaw DENTON. MICHAEL EDWARD. Austin United States Military Academy DIAL. KARL GLENN, Dallas University ot Texas at Austin DICKERSON. ELLEN ANN. Longview Baylor University DIXON. PRISCILLA R. DEE. Chicago. IL Southern Methodist University DOMEL. LORI JANE. Austin Austin College DORE. MATTHEW GERARD. Port Arthur Rice University DUARTE. DEMETRIO. JR.. McAllen St Marys University DUBAN. KAREN CARLISLE. Austin University ot Texas at Austin DUNCAN. SARAH BAKER. Austin University of Texas at Austin DUNCAN. THOMAS ANDREW. Austin Trinity University DUPREE. ELLEN ELIZABETH. Austin University ot Virginia DUSHKIN. JAY HARRIS. Conroe University of Texas at Austin DYCHE. SCOTT A , Dallas Duke University EGGER. WILLIAM CLAYTON JR.. Mullm University ot Texas at Austin ELFENBEIN. VICTOR SAMUEL. Dallas University ot Texas at Austin ELLIS. STEVEN WEBSTER. Portland Texas A M University ELMGREN. KENNETH NILS. Austin University of Texas at Austin ELVX3. MARK FRITHJOF. Houston University of Texas at Austin ESTRADA. ROBERT ALFONSO. Austin University of Texas at Austin EUDY. RONNIE KYLE. Turkey University ot Texas at Austin FELSEN. BERNARD DAVID. Longview Rice University FERGUSON. MARY BETH. Beaumont University of Texas at Austin FINTO. KEVEIN JOYN. San Antonio Northwestern University FIRTH. VICTOR MICHAEL. Oklahoma City. OK University of Texas at El Paso FOX. JOHN NIXON. Arington Southern Methodist University GAMEL. KEITH EDWARD. Austin 8ay!or University GARCIA. DAVID DANIEL. El Paso Texas Tech University GARCIA. MOISES MARIO. Mission University of Texas at Austin 104 — MidawMidlaw GARCIA. STEVE. San Antonio University ol Pennsylvania GATLIN. BRENDA SUE RICE. Houston University ol Texas at Austin GATLIN. DUKE WHITNEY. Austin Unversity ol Texas at Austin GLASS. JEFFREY CHARLES. Danas Abilene Christian University GLASS. ROBERT SAMUEL. Tulsa. OK University ol Texas at Austin GLEN. ALAN MARSHALL. Austin Stanford University GONZALES. CLAIRE ELIZABETH. Houston University ol Dallas GONZALEZ. ALEJANDRO BENJAMIN. El Paso University ol Texas at Ei Paso GONZALEZ. JOSE L . San Antono Unversity ol Notre Dame GODDELL. STEVEN P . Lubbock Bucknel Unversity GOODMAN. SALLY GLENN. Dallas Stephens Co ego GREEN. ERIC NEAL. Houston Texas A M Unversity GROOS. RICHARD JOHN. La Porte University ol Texas at Austin GRUBBS. SUSAN JANE. Garland Universily ol Texas at Austin GUAJARDO. CLARISSA RENEE. San Anlomo Texas A M University GULLY. RUSSELL GEORGE. Austin University ol Texas at Austin GUZMAN. ELOISE A . Humble University ol Houston HABBESHAW. PENNY KAY. Aust.n University ol Texas at Austin HALLMARK. BRUCE CULLEN. Ei Paso St. John s Coiiego HAMILTON. JANE ELLEN. Austin University ol Texas at Austin HANKS. DALE KENT. Austin Lamar University HANSEN. J MARK. Austin Johns Hopkins University HARDWICK. MARTHA J.. Austin Emory University HARRIS. BRITTON BYRON. Houston Texas ASM University HARRIS. RENEE E.. Fort Worth Howard University HARRIS. STEPHEN WEBSTER. Parkv.lle. MO Tnnly University HARTMANN. RONALD ALLEN. Austin Unversity ol Alabama HAWARl. KENNETH GAYLE. Cisco University ol Texas at Austin M.d aw — 105Midlaw HAYDEN. DAVID LAWRENCE. Austin United States Military Academy HAZELWOOD. ROBIN SANDERS. Austin Stepren F Austin State University HERNANDEZ. MISTY DESIREE. San Antonio Southwest Texas State University HERRING. WALTER ANDREW. Danas Stanlord University hobliT. robin Clay. Odessa Unrversity ol Texas at Austin HOGAN. JAMES EDWARD. Houston University ot Michigan HOLMES. DAVID CHARLES. Dallas Rice University HOWARD. WILLIAM CLARKE. Austin Austin College HULL. JONATHAN HANCOCK. Canyon University ot Texas at Austin ISAACKS. DONNA LYNN. Houston University ot Texas at Austin JACOBSON. KIMBERLY ANN. Geneva. Switzerland Iowa State Un.versily JEFFERSON. LAMONT ALAN, Austin Rce University KARLOCK. KENDRA. Austin Southern Methods! University KAUFMAN. WILLIAM MICHAEL. Houston Texas ASM University KEFFER. WILLIAM R.. Midland Southern Methods! University KEISTER. STEPHEN RONALD. Texarkana University ot Texas at Austin KENNEDY. JOSEPH BOYD. Lulk.n Stephen F Austin Slate University KING. CAROL E.. Austin Austin College KINNE. CHARLES COBEY. Panama. NY University ot Rochester KLEIN. KENNETH SIMON. Dallas Rice University KOENECKE. MICHAEL ANTHONY. Dallas Haverlord College KOMKOV. LEON V . Austin Texas Tech University KOTTIS. NICK C.. Austin Purdue University KRAMER. KENNETH JAMES. Bosser City. LA United States Air Force Academy KRASOFF. RIKKI RUTCHIK. Aust n University ot Texas at Austin KRIVAL. MICHAEL P. Austin University ol Wisconsin KUNTZ. STEPHEN ALLEN. Fort Worth North Texas State University LACY. DAVID WELDON. Fort Worth AbilcneChnstian University 106 - MidlawMidlaw LAKY. LISA OTT. Aust n Texas ASM University LAMBERT. BRETT J. Austin University ot Denver LEDERER. JAN PERRY. Austin Unverstyof Pennsylvana LEIGH. CYNTHIA F.. Aust n Louisiana State Unversity LEMMON. STEPHEN WAYNE. Spnng University of Texas at Austin LEMONS. KIMBERLY L.. AuSt n Texas Tech University LERNER. RANDAL JAY. La Marque University of Texas at Austin LEWIS. GLENN OLIVER. Fort Worth Texas Wesleyan College LINDSEY. H HAYS. Dalas Vanderblt Unversity LIPSMAN. STEVEN MARK. Bettendorf. IA University of Iowa LOVE. WILLIAM CURTIS. Austin Texas Tech University University of Alabama LUCAS. JAMES MANINGER. Lyford Unversity of Texas at Austin LUCAS. LINDA GALE. Galveston University of Texas at Austin LUTSCH. KEITH EOWARD. Austin Un versity of Cincinnati LYLE. MARGARET ISABEL. Marshall Southern Methodst University MACK. JOEL H.. Austin Unversity of Minnesota MARTENS. STEVEN RAY. Austin Universty of Texas at Austin MARTIN. JOHN WILEMON. Waxahach© Baylor University MARTINEZ. CYNTHIA IRENE. El Paso Rce Unversity MARTINEZ. FRANCISCO JAVIER. Austin Rice Unversty MARTINEZ. JOSUE M . Austin Hard n Simmons University MARTINEZ. JUAN CARLOS. San Anton© St. Mary’s University MASON. JAMES CARLTON. Round Rock Un versity of Texas at Austin MAYNORO. HARRIS ALLEN. Austin Baylor University MCCAIN. TARYN. San Anton© Smith Co'ege MCCLENDON. MICHAEL ELLIOTT. Austin Texas A I University MCCOY. KATHY RUTH. St. Martinville. LA McNeese State University MCCULLOUGH. DEBRA DENISE. Austin North Texas State University Mid aw — 107Midlaw MCDERMETT. DON J.. Austin University ol Texas at Austin MER1CA. JOANN. Austin University ot Texas at Austin MEYERSON. ALFRED MICHAEL. Austin University of Texas at Austin MIDK1FF. RALPH ALAN. Houston Rce University MILLER. BRIAN DAVlO. Austin Temple University MILLER. MICHAEL F.. Galveston University of Texas at Austin MONTELONGO. MAGDALENA H.. Austin Harvard University MONTEROS. AL. Ei Paso University of Notre Dame MONTGOMERY. KENDALL CHARLES. Houston Univers ty ol Houston MOON. RICHARD BRUCE. Lake Jackson Southern Methodist University MORALES. ERICH ANDREW. El Paso Universityol Texas at Austin MORAN. DAVID TIMOTHY. Wichita Falls University of Texas at Austin MOTLEY. MITCH. Austin North Texas State University MOYA. OLGA LYDIA. McAren Unversity of Texas at Austin MURRAY. JONI RENEE. Dallas Brandes Unversity MUSGROVE. JACK VINCENT. Austin Unversity of Texas at Austin NAVARRO. RICARDO JIMENEZ. Austin Universityol Texas at Austin NEEOLES. KEITH ANDREW. San Antonio St. Mary's University NICHOLS. STEVEN P.. Aust n Un versity of Texas at Austin OCHOA. NORA LEE. San Anton-o University of Texas at Austin PANTOS. ANDREW JAMES. Mt. Prospect. IL Rce Univers ty PATTERSON. STEPHEN WALKER. Sugariand University of Texas at Austin PAXSON. KURT GEYER. B Paso University of Texas at Austin PEISEN. JOHN GEORGE. Knoxville. IA Universityol Iowa PENLEY. J. MARK. Oenton United States Miltary Academy PERLMAN. BRETT A . Austin Northwestern University PIERCE. JOHN P . Austin Purdue University 108 — MidiawMidlaw V PINA. JOE A. San Antonio Si Mary's University PIN EDO. JAMES AUSTIN. Houston University ol Texas at Austin PINSKY. MICHAEL D.. Austm Coffege ot Charleston POLANCO. ARNOLD G . Austin St. Mary's University PORTER. MERRILY SANDERS, eowie University ol Texas at Austin POTEET. TIMOTHY BRIAN. Tyler University of Texas at Austin PRESSLER. TERRY ELIZABETH. Houston University ol Texas at Austin PRICKETT. MARGARET SIMPSON. Austin Auburn University PRIDEAUX. EDWARD BARTON. Austm University ol Texas at Austm PRUITT. JOHN MICHAEL. Dnltwood University of Texas at Austin RAMIREZ. ANTHONY MICHAEL. Joppa. MD Loyola Coege RAMIREZ. RICHARDEDWARD. El Paso University ol Texas at Austin RAY, HAL ROBERTS JR . Wichita Fa»s University of Texas at Austin REDGATE. STEVEN PATRICK. Austin Texas ASM University RICE. REGINALD G . Universal City University ol Texas at Austm RIDLEY. PAUL. Austm University ol Michigan RIES. ROBERT RANDALL. Austin University ol Texas at Austm ROBERTS. GARY DOYLE. San Angelo Texas Christian University ROCKWOOO. LINDA LEE. Austin University ol Denver ROSE. SUSAN OLIVIA. Austin University of Texas at Austin ROWE. SHIRLEY VAUGHN. Austin University ol Texas at Austm RUIZ. ADOLFO. El Paso University ol Texas at Austm RUSSELL. RICHARD KEVIN. Houston University of Texas at Austm RUSSELL. SUSAN LOUISE. San Antonm University ol Texas at Austm SALDANA. MARISELA. Austm Mary Hardm-Bayior College SAMSON. DOUGLAS CRAIG. Fort Worth University ol Texas at Austin SCAPERLANDA. MICHAEL ANTHONY. Austm University ol Texas at Austin SCHAEFER. JANE H.. San Antonio University ol Texas at Austin Mdaw — 109Midlaw SCHAEPEn. CHRIS. Austrfi University of Texas at Arlington SCHOL2. CHARLES WILLIAM. San Antony Michigan State University SEALE. GREGORY PIERCE. Austin Emory University SEITZ. MARIAN. Austin University of Texas at Austin SHAPIRO. JULIE ANN. Austin Brown University SHAW. AMY ANN. Austin University of Texas at Austin SHELBY. MICHAEL TAYLOR. Victoria Texas A M University SHELTON. RICK D . Hughes Springs University of Texas at Austin SHOOK. JIMMY NIXON. San Saba Texas Tech University SHOUSE. CLINTON BRADLEY. Dallas Emory University SHWIFF. KATHY JOYCE. Dallas University of Texas at Austin SlEFFERT. FELICE. Austin St. Edward's University SMITH. AMAL YN GARRETT. Austin University of Texas at Austin SMITH. DEBORAH ANN. Austin University of Southern California SMITH. ROBERT PAGE JR . Amarillo University of Texas at Austin SMITH. SANDRA K . San Antonio Southern Method«t University SOKOLOW. H MICHAEL. Austin University of Massachusetts Oh o State University SOLIZ. DEBRA. Corpus Chnsti Stanford University SOSLAND. MARTIN ALLEN. Austin Rice University SPENCER. SUZANNE MARIE. Benavides Our Lady of the Lake University SPURGIN. JOHN HOWARD. Austin University of Denver STANLEY. LINDA JOAN. Austin Rutgers University STERBA. SANDRA LEIGH. Austin Swarthmore College STERLING. DAVID DYKEMAN. Austin Williams College STRICKLAND. EDITH ANNE. Austin Southwest Texas State University SUMMER. BARRY HERSCHEL. Omaha. NE University of Nebraska TAYLOR. BETTYE JEWEL. Austin Univers'ty of Texas at Austin TAYLOR. KERRI JO. Austin Rice University 110 - MidlawMidlaw TETtRXX DEAN ALAN. Austin Texas Tech University TORRES. ELSA. Austin University ot Texas TOWNSLEY. ERIN KATHLEEN. Beaumont University ot Texas at Austin TSCHlRHART. JEFFREY WAYNE. San Anton,o Texas A M University TUDOR, GEOFFREY GRAHAM. Austin Massachusetts institute ot Technology TUGGLE. THOMAS MATTHEW. San Antonio Columbia College VANCE. DAVID ZUE. Austin Stanford University VICKERY. EARL LANDERS. Austin Dartmouth College VlRANT. LAURA ANN. Dallas University ot Texas at Austin WALDMAN. MARK BRUCE. Austin Southern Methodist University WALLANOER. WILLIAM LOUIS. Austin University ot Pittsburgh WALLER. THERESA HORTON. Austin University of Florida WALTERS. SUSAN MARIE. Austin Rice Un.verS'ty WARREN. J WRAY. Bg Spnng Unversity ot Texas at Austin WASHBURN. THOMAS PATRICK. Houston Unversity ot Texas at Austin WATHEN, FRANK JACKSON II. Dallas Southern Method's! University WEIGOLD. URSULA HELEN. Houston University o Texas at Austin WlECHMANN. OAVIO WESLEY. Austin Tnmty University WILLIAMS. WANDA LOU. Houston Texas A M University WISE. KAREN RAMPY. Carro'iton Rce Unversity WOLFE. CHRISTIAN EDWARD. Austin University ot Texas at Austin WOLFE. SARAH BING. Austin University of Texas at Austin ZEIS. WILLIAM ANDREW. Austin University of Houston ZIMMERMAN. OAVID WAOE. Austin University ot Texas at Austin Midlaw mSeniors AILIN, JUNE SUSAN, Austin; University of Maryland. Geary-Brice Moot Court, Hildebrand Moot Court. Kemp-Smith Moot Court. Board of Advocates. Kamikazi Law Students Association ALBRECHT. RAYMOND PAUL. Austin; Texas Tech University. Teaching Quizmaster. ALLEN. TOM P.. Austin; Texas Tech University. Texas Law Review Managing Editor. Board of Advocates. ALTER. WILLIAM KEVIN. Houston; Rice University. ALVAREZ. JUAN JOSE. Austin; University of Texas at San Antonio. ANDERSON. ARTHUR JOHN. Lubbock; Austin College. Board of Advocates. Law Week Tennis Champion. Trivia Bowl Champion. ANDREASON. KURT MORRIS. Beaumont; University of Texas at Austin. Legal Research Board Director. ASTON. SCOTT BEDFORD. Dallas; University of Texas at Austin. 4 A4'. BACKUS. MARCIA ELLEN. Austin; University of Texas at Austin. Georgetown University. Teaching Quizmaster. BAGGETT. TONI LOU. Wichita Falls; Midwestern State University. Student Bar Association Secretary. Freshlaw Honor Council. Faculty Appointments Committee. BAILEY. CHUCK. Denton; North Texas State University. BARNES. PATRICIA THOMAS. Austin; University of Texas at Austin. BARRERA. CARLOS H.. Laredo; Georgetown University. BARRERA. RUBEN ROGELIO. Austin; Trinity University. BATH. PATRICIA ANN. Austin; Texas A M University. 4 AA. BEARD. C'.NDY ANN. Austin; Kansas University. Legal Research Board BEATTIE. 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Texas International Law Journal Managing Editor. Legal Research Board. YOUNG. SCOTT. A.. Sugarland; Southern Methodist University. YOUNGBLOOO. TERRY G.. Brookesmith. Baylor University. Seniors — 121YZNAGA, PATRICIA H .. Austin. University ol Texas at San Antonio; Women's Law Caucus. Mmotities Opportunities Committee. Placement Advisory Committee. ZARROW. HILARY IRIS. Austin; Ouke University ZARROW. SCOTT F.. Tutsa. OK. Stanford University LynoBtr ! 122 — Seniorszz — Siuapnis V 21983 Peregrinus Yearbook Index A Acovedo.Irtda Ann -101 Advertrur 124 Aguiar. J Arnold .............90 Ahron . Car«lyn............. 90 Ain. j»Suun 49. 56. 1i? Akn. Rcky Dae...........41. 101 Atar»s. Joner................66 AtrecNt. Raymond Paul 30. 48. 59. 11? Adave. Barbara Bader ...7.33.72 Aleman, Susana kmekda.......101 Alexander. Gal Fl abeth 101 touwi. Paul Rehata 10. 102 Afcrd. Barkley . 86 Allen. KaSvy-nFv . 102 Alen. Tom P 11? AUson. Wiiam P ...83 Alter. Wflam Kens . ..11? AVar . AOOrtO 102 Ahare . Juar Jose 112 Amercin Journal or Crenrai law ............................. 46.47 Am« ..Ai04hAm------ .85.86 Amos. Ina Mar . .. 90 Arrparo. F mesto Golardo 102 Anderson. Arthur John .56.112 Anderson. Dlv-d A ... 72 Anderson. Gwyn...............84 Andersen. Ina Card...........90 Andersen. Paul Fils.........102 Andreason Kurt Morns ... 67. 11? Andrews. Saty.............?4.43 Agonaga. Ca-bi .. 90 Andrew . SalyS. .... .102 Ataoon. Siam . 90 Aronwgi. lrwesa Maria . 56. 102 Arnold. Dia-ia...............66 ArrendcndO. Ben ... 90 Art 8 Entertainment lew Commiwe..................... 65 Ashmos. Jennifer Aw...........90 Alton. Scott Oedtord .. 49. 11? Alhoy. Margaret...............49 Aubujbon Inda K«y.............90 Auvm. Andrew W4iam...........90 Avrwcti. Crag 49 B Oaaoe. nans w ..7? Babb. Joseph S. .90 Babcock. Kan...............49 Backus. Marc a fnen 48. 112 Bacon Doug ................49 Babeu Alien Je«-oy . 90 Baggetl. tonilou Bogey. I no Lynn ... 2.49. 57. 102 Bogey. tatty Don ..........86 Baley.ChjCk...............112 Ba ley. Susan F ... 90 Balay. Wnfred loune........ 90 B fd. MortonW ■ ... 86 Baker. Amy louse.............90 Baker. Ussy ...87 Baker. Ve.en R IC2 Biker. StmenScoll ... 90 Bit. Crag 24.25 Barbouv Nancy 2 Oarndl. Rchard V . .72 Barnes. ArO-ew 84 Barnes Benny 44 45 Barnes.Paltca Ihcmas 112 Barncn. Jon 2 Barrera. Ca os K ..... .112 Barrara U1-0 Alberto 45. 56. 60. 66. 102 Barrera. Riten Roger 0 ...112 Barrett. Mchaei Anthon, SO BaskA Carck Rosenbe-g . 90 Bass J Stewart 90 Balia. Raymond J. Jr 86 Ba tr. Meade 49 B».er Scott Ne 90 Baugh. Fde 86 Bays. Rchard Van 90 Bhird . Cindy Ann ... 67. 112 Beetle. Chester Sanlord Jr 42. 43. 44. 11? Beavers. Bonne Ann 112 Beck w. Oavd C 86 Beckworffi. John Barney . 50.51. 11? BedtOe. Brenda ...84 Bogaka. PaJ..................30 Begin. Gad m 90 Befvend. Vcki Lynne .. 90 Behrens. Ere G . 59. 10? Baber. Stephana Anna........102 Bemsky. lane Ruth........... 90 B«H Mir, ..07 li i. Renefranco-s . 52. 112 Borodai. Anthony Wayna 102 Omimn. Louse................102 OanoAen. Gralchan Amy ... 90 Benson. O' Met-a Von .10? Baral. Lynn ... 2.42.43. 44, 49. 57. 59.64 Berg. Uark...................49 Berk . Kent Russea . 102 Oeriew. Christopher Davd.....90 Oarnat.Marc P..............— 86 Bemdge. Paggy . 86 Oan yfc. Scott 0 49.10? Bast, Mease Vrgna............90 Batten. Mark Edward..........102 Ockham. Jonalhan 1 homes . . 56. ll? Bek Narr, W1 am Kent 102 Odd-son. Fii ate'h 43. 102 Gngham. Char or le O 91 55. 112 On . Reumn Mark $6. 10? 86 Black FUabeth Ann 91 Olack. I sa Ucheie .91 Gar. On .43 OUke. l«sa McDonei 112 Banvt.lindal 67. 102 Bunion. Joseph Cuten .91 BUugrund. Stuart Fdmuvj 10? B«k.Gary Fi«yt 49.60.10? Boom, Or an Robert ....112 Olimberg. DaneJ f dward 45. 60. Bumrosen. Ft c AberIS ... 102 B-ylhe. An-eUar .91 Gcord o' Ad.ccales . 56 Bobbrtt. PhlpC. 72 Bo . U.»rtr Iodd 56. 11? Bcwfvn. JMVS 24. 42. 04 OotvnJe- 67 Oonner. Amyfr«abolh . 91 Benner. Johansa McCu«y .112 Oonney.Oranfdward 91 Ocrdm. Dam Ki-rbai 112 Oorursda. Syhni Ann . . . .10? Boston. Jodil 48 113 Boil.Porta Jeam 55. 102 Bowes. Ca-oine Shpp 49.113 Bowman. Keiby Merman Oowman. Ua'oaret Fra er . 54.91 24.42. 91 49. 102 Bo Glenn Fckley Boyer. Car me', a C 40. 113 Ooyrr Vclor Myrman 91 G'ac‘»n Calhenne Farle . ...91 B'ldtord. FrcKempIcr 91 B-adtord. Rjbn Hearts . 113 O'adiey. tony 67 O'arsn. Stacy lee 41. 103 (Va fiware. Ondgel Anne 42.43. 49. 113 G-anea-I. Chrslopher Arnold 91 O-and-. tcm .91 B-awner. fl Beauchamp. 41.103 .103 O-ewer. trav 41.67 B-iSger. JohnWesley 91 G-iSges Barbara 84 G dwr-i Mchaei Ihcmas . 91 G-«.Oav.dSm,!h 91 O-ncrie John . .. 54 Orode.DarvseS 91 O-ook e Jenrs'er 91 49 Brown. Cara 45 6-Own. Dovd Ross 9! B-own. Jay W 52. 60. 61. 103 G-own Jeannetlelouse ...91 Gown. Karen Jean 91 Gown. Uj'wCUre 103 G-own. Penny 1 113 Gown R UcNiel 86 Orown. Sharon 86 Gown. VckiFU-ne 52.103 Oyywn. an Conon 91 Gowneg. CeCo-aMea 46. 49. 103 Brownukg.Wi'amFtkns......113 Brownui. Jamas O ........tl3 Oruca. Oana.................87 OriXh. Jannear l nn .. .91 Bryant. Cynina 83 Bryam.W.iamChertes ... 49. 103 Ouce. Komarn Alan......40. 113 Butane. Scotl Griffith......91 Butka.OborahSiamon ... 45.113 BurkvSyVaK ____________ 43.103 Button. Mary Akca 84 Butcher. Deia lea . 42. 103 Butler.u hae Jamas . ... 91 Bye. Howard Duane...........9t c Can Patroa Am Calderon. Raul Ca dwwi . Alan lews Ca d we:. John 73 .67 52. 113 ..54 Carp. Scon Gem ?. 57. 103 Ca-cbel Guce Stuart 91 Cam pbea. KatMeen Gary 92 Carnes. 92 Cimaday. Bo-ry f 66 Cannet. IrsJa Cheryl 42. 43. 49. 56.59. 113 CarCu. Mark .Vberl 9? Carson. Dame Flvibe-h 9? Car-asco. Carlos 66. 103 Carroll. James V. in 86 Carson. Vincent Dean .92 Cassdy. John fdward .60.61.113 Cas-Mo. Frrlnda Ucveno 103 C«« lo. R 66.9? Cast do. Mary ICO 60. 103 Castle John R Jr 86 Castro. Angel .66. 92 Calhey. KarenCalon 40. 113 Caulhorn. t Gew 86 Celai. Susan F ...113 Chattel . Vrgna Am .92 C ha non, Greg 49 Chasncrt Barry A 86 Cherry. Ka-en A l«. 49. 59. 113 Cheirer. Ray 41.67 Chcuno law SHdent Avuxaron 66 Chisholm. Susan 73 Chr,v an. George Scon 92 ChrisTophe-son, Donna M 49. 103 Chung. Paul W .am . 92 Churgn McNael J 73 Ctfon.BeatfceSaty 55. 103 Clark. Dense Rhea 103 Clark. Fdwa-d 85 Oark.KenrWhAnc-ew » Clarke. Arson 41 C ee Mona 67 cements Jame M. .. 86 C'emer. Mark Chrntccher 9? Csne. Iroce George 113 Coates. Jomu . .. 86 Cobb. WaUmO J-. . 103 Cogdrn. Caro" . 49. 59 Cogswwi. Oetty 84 Cchwn.FdwardR 73 Cckeman. Russel Forester 9? Co ns. Bruce I n ...103 Coarvs. Bryan Cyrl 49. 103 Coins Mary louse 92 Coniey.Oavd 67 Co-vcty, Kathy 56 Conoier. John Ronad .103 Cooper. Carol Slephane 48.62. 113 Cooper, lanem m 73 Corbn. Dane A 113 Comet. Come lee 9? Coromdo. Sergo 92 Coto. Susan 84 Couch. Theresa Ann 9? Coulter. Ruth 86 Courter. Mary Ann ... 113 Ccurtney. Cook! ance F ane 92 Cowing. KenahO .113 Co . Ruth FUne Craig Cetbe ...67 Cran. Kenneth Alan '03 Crane Karen 49 Crane. Paul ... 64 Cretsoger, Am Mara .. 48. 59. 113 Crocker. Mason lea —92 Crosby. Rebecca laa ... 4t. 103 CrotswTvte. Chris 40 Crouch. Robert C 86 Cr tt«r. 6-on Walaco............92 Crvtt. Oana Mar a ICG Crvt Jawar 92 Cusumano. Robert Paul..........113 D Day Bryan 22 Darsei. B'uca lunar . 113 Damoi. Swu laws ............113 Dime. PMo Ignatius..........103 Davee. Robert Alan ... 92 Oav.dson. Charles Canck .92 Davdson. Paul Gene . .113 Dans.PaneGae ... 45.65.113 Oars.ira . 67 Oovs. Jeffrey Stevon ... 48.92 D4vis. Slechan James.......113 Da-nv waller Ruwei...........92 Dawson. Robert 0.............74 Dear. James F................83 Da la Rosa. Mcharr Anthony 103 Oe la terra. Undo 43.44 Oeiashmll. Flea nor..........84 Delgado. Deborah Harvay . 92 OeUatnafaPi. ..........52 Oenson. John Oa d 42.114 Oemon. Michael Edward 24.46.56. 104 Oeschenes. Mar. .. 2 Oesma-ai . Susan o» n .......92 Dal. Karl Glenn.............41. 104 Ockms. Grady Powers..........92 Dcketso-v FUen Ann......67. 104 Dotson. David 65 Oehr. Adnenne ... 86 CWon.OavdM .114 Di«. George F 74 0«on. Phtota R One . 50. S1.54. 104 Dodge. Joseph u 59. 74 Doherty. Brad . 2 Oomai. ion Jana 49. 104 Domnguai Judy 86 Dora. Mai Shew Ger d .41.67. 104 Dona. Kathleen 50.51.93 Dtotl.FariAien ............. 93 Duarte. Oemetno Jr ...104 Ouben. Karen Carksla .......104 Dudley. Brooke F.............85 Duggan. KeayUi-e . 49. 114 Duke. Chases W. . . ....85 Dunagan. O Paul..... ........93 Ouncan. Sarah Baker 41.104 Duncan. I homes Andrew 41. 49. 104 Ounn. Rchard Rogge .. . 40. 49. 56. 59. 114 Dupree. FnenFk abeth........104 Durden. David .... ... 54 Outkn.woemJoseph ..7.56. 114 Oushkn. Jay Mam ............104 Out . Peter..................84 Ouvai Pai 30 Oyche. Sccrt A..............104 t fn. Bay Coe................93 Onenkowski. John Stephen 40.62. 64. 114 E Fi.ns AngelaMcle’e 54.93 f bei.WaiterM 49.62. 114 Fchcas. Bf4d ... 48.64 Fddns.lndaS 93 Fgger. WnamCkiyton Jr. 104 F«3man. K all W 85 f llenben. Vclor Sarrxei....104 Fwg. Noens Gavn 43.114 Fans. Gary Wayne ...93 Ffcoit, Rebecca McFaiWs .. 1 u Fiks. Mchaw 93 FUs, Slavon Webster........104 EUs. W Buirea ......50. 51.93 FI-gran. Kenneth Ms.........104 Flog. Min (r 1 ho .. 56. 104 Emmons. Wbam Oradlord .. .66.93 Epslem.OawdG 74 Epsian. Leonard A .67.114 Frtnger. Patrcia.............93 Escalante. Mar 84 fstreman. Oak E dward ... 93 Estrada. Robert Alfonso €6.104 Fudarc. Pam Eudy. RonneKyle ..........52.104 Evans. Chns..... 5 F Facuty and Stall Fainter. John w. Jr. far. Fd . .. Fa . Syd Fattone. P' c.«e Jean farmer. 1 her old fekety. Susan Mash feisen. Oerrwd Devd fer rson. lijgh W II f erguson. Mary Been Ferguson. Stanley .. Felder. Parker C f hrerotl, Devd 0 ....89 ....86 ...65 41 .114 .67 .... 43.104 . 86 .... 104 W ....74 .....75 fner. Ie 1 BrOmen .40.62. H fr . Jeffrey Feskehton. ion 0 F ri'i eistea Susan Frsn. Kevm John frth. Vclor Ucheel Fischer. A Robert fisher. Grace F»en Fisher. P«Ja K Fill. Betteenn ,49.67 .... 93 67. 114 .....104 104 .114 .. 67. 114 .......93 42.49. 114 F.l geri’d. Stephen Mchaei Forsythe. Andrew J. FosSer. Ann Dans few. Cynth Susan fO«. John hi.on 49. 114 . ...83 .93 93 49. 104 foe. Palrck K................114 for. P4uiW ...-86 francs. Sanxei Oaie . . .41.114 Frank. Jane....... 41 Frankai. Rchard M .... 46. 56. 114 Fram. JohnOavd -.66.93 Frailag. Coy lee.... . 93 f revw. Da-ryi f van .114 Frees. IK V....................86 Fraund.OeneiR ...2S.S6.114 F rad man. Barbaa I lords 55. 114 Fnedman, O«ord lee........62. 114 Frpp. Chandra V.................93 fr»i K 4y Kathryn ..........54. 93 f rueh. McNael U.ede nj.....114 Fray. Karen lee 93 Furtow. Oand 56.60 G Gailney. Donald............. .86 Galow. Gartad John 93 Gamel Kmlh Edwa-d ...104 Ga-ber. Abbey Oeryamn........93 G»-ce. Oav j Canei .104 Oarce. Ernest Canos 93 Garc«. Fred Vncent . .114 Garoe. George vclor 1........93 Gerca M110 66 Garca. Monos Mato ......... 104 Garca. PnscAa 93 Garca. Sle e................105 Garner. Bryan ....56.67 Garwood. W. Si John..........85 Gar a. OuanseUGritfas 41. 114 Gar re. Regno ...............66 GaiWi. Brenda Sue Rce 49. 105 Geikn. Ouke Wheney ..........105 GevakJon. Abert Leonard .....93 Gavsck. Donad Oa e...........93 Gerger. David 0er orsn . 94 Gert«v -■«..............48.56 Gbbs. Lawrence B ............86 Goes, iraw Cone ... 94 Gbson thomas J 1 .. 6.32.70 Obsos. W« am W. Jr. ... 10. 70.86 Gideon, Imothy Randan .......94 Gisord. Fiieen Cheryl........94 Gdt. Mchaei Alan............42. 115 Gtam. Sandra.................67 Gass. Jettrey Charles.......105 Glass. Robert Samuel........105 Gm Alan Marshal............105 ck. CragSchuyiar ... .94 Gk wer. FUen 86 124 — index 2D X 6 IOppenhem. Avcn C 25. 8 56. 118 Ogacianons ....39 Osborn. Ceofrey Oerti 97 Osierdori Wa m Chanes 97 Oil loa 46 Owen. Own . 2 Owens. Oorau 49 Ojmun. Scott Alan 97 P,Q Pacnooki Bob «1. 2 Pantos. Andrew James 108 Parker. James A 86 Parker. James A yds 118 Parsons John Mark 98 Panel. UarkS 98 Pamo-GcYVey. Vman 66 Patterson Stephen Watka. 30. 65 108 Panarson. W A 79 Paason. Kun Gayer ioe Peavy. Don I S US Pecccord Jam 3 Perien John George 41. 108 Pena. Joe 66 Pena. Oego Jesus 67 68. 118 Pnndaiwv Oawj 41 Penley.J Mark 24.53. 08 Pern. Anthony Crag 98 FVnnegrorv lisa 56.60 Peregnrvs Yearbook Stan 57 Pere7. Renew MchM 66 98 Perlman. Brati A 41. 108 Persky Jute Fad 0 9. 62. 118 Peterman. Oend Stanley 98 Peterson. Mai 0 rrci "8 Petesch. John 84 Pe n7 0. Thomas Frark 98 Peuocch. Anihony Alan 50.51. 60. 61.6 . 118 Pmsmr. Joe ... '5.22. 56.59 Phi Alpha Dana 5 PMOeaaPN 49 PN ps Stephan lym 98 PMpl Thomas M 85 Pcleing. Laura Byrgan 98 Paper Mary lee 98 Parca John P 108 pair, PbrOp Anthony 56.65. 118 Pna. JO» A 109 Pr-adO. Jarras Ausin 109 Pttm Dean Arthur 25. 56 68 118 Pnon. Parry 43 Pnsky. Mchaat O 41. 109 Poe. Stephen I 0. 59 118 Polanco. Amotd G 109 Polanco. Manssa F 98 POM'd. Phybs Am 98 Pope. Buis 41 Paier Charles R Jr 86 Paler. Men j, Sander s 109 Poieet. Tnxxhy Bnin 109 Powe I A Soot Jr 79 Powell, Mai Anta 98 Po«e«. Tyrora 5 Powers, WiKim C 00 Prathet. Tim 8 Presley. Palrcw Am 98 Pressier. TerryEwabeth 109 Prckell. Margaiai Smpson 109 Pndeaur. Edward Barton 109 Pnast. Sherry 65 Pnester. EuabelhChanane 98 Pnester. Metm Vncent 98 Pru.ll. John Mchaei 109 Pry74rt.J0 7 Puhord. lym Mamck 6. 118 Puty. Steven J .. 98 Pumphray. Sraven . . 2 Ourui J Stephen 118 OurtaoM. Gatral Gerard 5. 46 118 R Batban Grand M 79 Ratwgo. Karl 56.60 61 Bach Robert a 98 «» . Jm 41 Ramngton. Jem 84 Ramrej. Anthony Mchaei 109 Ramrej.Chuy 42. 43 Bamrej. Jesus Ma 67 118 Ramrej. Be hard Edward 109 Bamrej. Rote'lo luis 98 Ramos. Joie Cs« ei Jr 98 Ramsay Jan . . 98 Race EaeenR 44. 1 19 Basi. Carol I 98 Bau. Alan Scoti 80 Bauch BradrayEd-ward 98 Ray Mai Bobens Jr 49. 56 109 Recta Oeverty 86 Bediord. Cec 0 85 Bedgata Mchaei 24 56 Bedgata Steven Palrck 109 Bees Grover M 80 Bachman Orta ah R 119 Rad Dorothy A 46. 119 fVvmdrt Green 98 Beumoni. JoanEMabetn 98 Bavvewoilegaton 60.61 Be,es Haney Kimnon 119 Reyrodv Georg 49 Reynolds, jomChrrstocewr 22 40 59. no Bce.BegmatdG 49 10? BCNird GOna 84 BchanMon Oarea Andre 56. 119 BchardSOn MananQhm 98 RkPey. Paul 56.60 109 Rws Boben FUnaal. 41. 49 109 Rwwe Boon 42 43 59 FVitret. P er 40 R a Mherva 52.98 •Vxady JOhnO 86 Roberts Am 87 Rubens GaryOoyie 41. 109 Rcbeits. Karen 44 Bobeitson, John A 80 Bobnson Janca 60 61 Boer son Stephan Wvatl 9e Bobuck Jo 119 Bockwood Imda lee 109 Rodgers Marc a 3.49 Boa M-anJana 98 Boas Chrsme Am 99 Rogers. John Nathan 99 Rogers leeM 119 Bomo waamC 66.99 Bak Wisam Mchaei 52 99 Bose ftjsema Dane 9 60. 61. 119 Bose. Susan Omi ... 109 Rover h»r Mchaei P 80 Rosette Mnw 119 Ross. R e 85 Boss Lynn Eken 99 Rowan waam James . 119 Rowe Sh-ieyVaughn 49. 55. 109 BUd. Ado»o 109 Russel Refund Kavn 109 Russel Susan 109 Bui her lad J0hnC0 ns 119 Ruud Mcatd M 80 Ryal Ken 2 Ryan JuU Am 99 Ryan. Ion. 25. 65 S Sacrairt. Finn 07 Sakorchek. Steptars 119 Saws Marcos G 119 Saiamona. Teresa 64 Saldana. Anna 87 Saviana. Ms-sea 109 Salmas. Ek A 99 Samtad. Mchaei lee 99 Sampson. John J 81 Samson. Douglas Crag 52 59 109 Sanders Mail . ... 86 Sanger. Joan 60.61 119 Sapp, l-es .. 2 Saucedo. EUabeth . .8 Scales. Paircw 40 119 Scapenanda. Mchaei Amhonoy Schaatar. Jana M 109 Schaapar.Chns 49 110 Schryanbrun. larryl 86 Scnormo. Paired Jean 99 Schell Be hard Da wd ...68. 119 SchrsSdr Ere Joseph 99 Schyenbdum Alan 9.67. 119 Schou. Chan s waam 110 Schubb KemeihO 83 SchukMkyyd 2.67 Schwanr. Oard Edwa-d 99 Schwanj Jom . 31.42 Schwarli. lewis Dane 99 Scogn. llama My 99 Scoil. Beverly Susan 99 Seale G’egory Parce . 24.56 no Seary, Tom 85 Segirs. Joy 67 Segjra. Manueia 84 Seoen. Chanes a ii .. 119 SeiU. Manan 3. 110 Selman John Ayes 56 119 Sum an lorn 41 67 ShaNn- My 6 Shapiro. Jul Ann ... .. 110 Shapro Sander W 81 SM'B W W Ml« 33 7| Shag Pave Am 1 Sha-p Thom H j. Shaw Amy Ann 1 jg Sh by Mch i Tayla 24 S3 S6 110 Shwaon. Rck D 110 Sheppe d ErC Montgomery S4 99 Sherman Edward F........ S3. 81 Sherrod. »goda 4S Sneeds. Chn 58 ShwkJs. J Toco 86 Sheiey Pi«W 85 Shriey Sn»on Pa tree 99 Shwees Alan ...... 85 Snook JmmyMion |||f Shouse Cwon Bradwy 49 67 Shu Bona id 86 Shw . M v Joyce 110 SiiwFnt no Smwora Hy !!) O-esyna 54 119 Sermons W »"1 Thomas 99 Smcra 1 Scon 41 Smm. Etn-a W r 99 Srkev lanny Alan 119 Skeoon Sabrma 42 Skdmae. Jonathan Brant 119 Skompa Chester F 99 Slack. Meha« l............ 119 Skadek waml 99 Smarstrta.Cnenes James 0.67 119 Smaistm Thomas ............ 67 Sm y MannaE ... .......... 86 Smrth Adrian C 86 Smeh. Arnayn Garten no Smrih. Baa Ann . 83 Smith Ceylon 1.67 Smrth. Cyntha OoCd 2 1 S3 6 99 Smah Otoih Ann 110 Smith Ernest Em.............81 Smah Joan s« SmahMihemelaan 119 Sman. Pam SO Sm.lh Rent'd S Smah. Robed Page J 110 Sman Robed Scott 99 Smah Boy 67 Sman Sanaa K 110 Sman Stuad Gregory 99 Smaherman Mary Net 99 Srges Mk» 24 67 Snyder Randan 8 SokOow 0.1 0 S SS 65 81 Sokotow. H. Mchaei 41.110 S0»i. AllpnsOJr 46 S6 I19 Son. Ortwa 110 SOomon. J yl 86 Scmerv Cyrth 0a n 2 43 49. 120 Sophc Mark Dean 99 Sguard Mann akw 41. S9. 110 Spears. Camion Buna 120 Sparse Carry 27 Spencer. Sutanrv Mai 110 Spesn. Conn 87 Spradwg Travn 2 Spurges, John Reward 49. HO S'aHa. TrromyGarard 120 Siaiiorc Pairck Howard $4 99 Slanbatry. Mama 87 Stanley imda Joan 11O SiartMd. AMa Tarter) 120 Sl ibcd.RwSSe«B riy 0 120 Slancka-Sienh Susan My 99 Stark. lotto Tracy 56. 120 Station JamesCni'Slopner 99 Sl.Ctl . J l cy 68 Siehsrsg Cvc « 86 Stephenson. Navotoe M . 40. 120 Start Sandra legh 46.110 Sietlesg DowdOykaman 41 110 Siam laonacd Ann 11 .120 Sletner. jevsea Franc 100 SKXa'.lrvttEiar- 100 Slolot. Susan Joarr-n 100 Sion . Gon . S9 Slower BnyralCO $4 Strange. RckeyCeoe i00 Strawn. Jonn Bocae 1 Jr 100 Strckmnd. Eom Anno 2 110 SluCani Be- As ocvaion ... SO. SI Students................... 89 Stutj. Thomas James . 6a 61. 120 Su»yan. Coneon.............120 Sutoan. Gary Bernard 42.43 44 56. 120 Sutoan Kerry Dan ........ 100 Summer, Bar.y Herschef ....110 Summary Attred M 86 Sumorianc. Smart .. 0 Sunon. Jonn F Jr 15.32 70 Swearingen. Sdnwy M 120 Smo.Jama 49 T, U Tabor PaAWaam 52 120 TauHetl StephenCrag 100 Tay»o Baity Jewel 10 Ta or Kamarna Area 100 Taylor My I 9 120 Taylor. Mm j» 110 Tayioe Bo6 49 Tayior Timothy Chan 100 Taylor Tom 7 24 Tay Knew Cytsiha 86 Taacnng Oujmasier 48 Teeoe. jamosM 81 Toyni Tama la Bosson 00 Tnnnanl. lucaa Baden 120 Tntreck OnanAJan . in Taaaswarnatcma'la Journal .42, 43 Taeas I a« Forum b Taras la Bono 40 41 Thawtey, W »m Gregg 120 tnoScnooi 29 Tnomay James An-mony 49 67 120 Tnomas S n 41 Thompson. Jerry R ) T tv-good Mashaa legal Socety 54 T-dwell Gary Ware 45. 56 120 ?,lean. Mam M 1O0 Timco flic Jonn 100 To» s EM 111 Townsloy. EnnMtNeen ill Treae-d Tracy Shannon 100 Troy KaNMn Mane 100 Truslow. James Irtelaler 100 Tkmm’I jeiirey Wayne 111 Tucker Ek Brian 22 50 51. 52 85 120 TiaJOr. CeonreyGraham 111 Tuggm Tnoemas Malinem 41. 111 Tunes Mlrtynjane 2 9 64.120 Ti « Joshua 2 42 Turley. Linda 8 9 56. 120 Turley. Wendal 27 Tyson Jdm Mahon J' 100 Tyson Me-svs Am 9. 120 UNman. Andrea J 100 • noth jamdOo ya» 100 lljda OiancaAicia 120 V Vaden GayienePalrce 49. 60 61 120 vam. Ot'iwa 120 Van Borneo One Ann 49 120 Vance David 2oe .43 111 Van Oavai. l-nda (Vie 120 Van Merger, Artoneite Johanna 120 Van Mooser Dana . 24 6 Vanevi Joe W. 121 Boss 121 vewsguer, fl Jay 100 Venmga Karen Meun 121 Vera (Xrnieri 66 Ver Mo r I Am 52 Vckary. Ear! landers . Ill Vwhweg. 1 ana Bulh 100 Vguei Robert JOH 100 Visa di. Marc Flemng 1 121 Vrant Laura Ann 9 ill vodeka BrenE . IOO Voeke' Stephen Boben lOO voges. Mckie A 84 w svaddy Vesordjane 100 wawman Mark Bruce . 49 59. it 1 Watdrop. H Hoeraid 86 Wakei Mark CMS .. 100 Wafcer. Slanlay M 82 Wal Kenneth 100 Wakaoa Jan .. 10 WatanCnr. We m loun 25. 111 Wa«er. Theresa Morion 111 waas janeliaS 55 i2i WaK Robert Manvtoi Jr 100 waiters, Gary Aian 67 121 Wafers. Susan Mar 43 111 ward Bernard J 4 Ware. Cara lyrn 121 warren J Wray 111 Washburn. Thomas Palrck ill Washington Nova las 54 100 Wathen, Fra'k Jackson 11 ...111 Watson Oebaah jean . 101 Watson. Geage mo 121 warson. jack O 86 Weaver. Juo 9 Webber Cure 121 Weber Deed Fled 24 56 121 Weber Jvmes I 86 Weber. Wayne 41 wegod Orsaa neen 65 111 wemberg loose 82 Wemttaub. Rusaea J . 82 WOban w Gaston jr . 85 Wettcrn Ofet Guy II 15 82 WeKh Ami 121 Werner. Jana C. 41 121 Westbrook. Jay I 15 82 Whelan. Crtrslopher J S3 WTvtOw Cyntha 67 Whte Andrew Steven 3 67 121 WhAe. Byron 7.26 Whte I on Elan 4 55 121 Whut. Sarah Shelton .. 101 WMahursl. WAam O. Jr 83 Whitley. T i acey 49 ivnio. Cyrthd Me Bode 121 weehmam Oand wesk y 111 wade- Oebaah Ekjabeth BoUy lAl wader. Wafer Rut us i2i W4 y Rob 101 W ker son m Dean 121 Wakmscn Joseph M Jr ...83 Wakams. Gere 7 waiams. jeneS 83 waamv P »o Karsna 101 Wakams Buss fi n 5 121 wmams. ward lew 111 W Had Mary Beth 43 W-s-sen, Mchaei 84 Wauek. Kimberly Sabma 101 wrn MerschaC ....85 w« Doug 67 Wise Karen Rangy 111 Wire-spoon. Joseph P 83 water Cher, lea 101 WilsaruCk Clark K 101 Wo ck. Sarah 77 62 WoS Ekjabern Aren ..101 WoV Conran Edward 43. 49. Ill Wov Sarah Bng 43 9 111 Wot Dawd Alan 23 50. 121 Woesad. Candace Anne . 121 wooo . Da Oath 101 Women's law Caucus 55 Woodta John Robert 101 Woodward M Kenneth 83 WOr Wry John .67 W appe. Sleven Cmstopher 101 Wight Charles Alan 16 33.83 Wrghl.CuWS 84 Wiotm.beiy, Jimmy Preston l2l WuV Scon 62 Wyte. Sara lym 121 Wyman MancyEnen 60.61 121 X, Y, Z Vancy. Moeaid C .. ’? Vastishock OavdSlephan 12’ Yen Rebecca S .42 43 67. 121 Young. Chains Coreman . 101 Young. SOOII A 12' Youngtrood Tarry G Yiiarterg. Awn V ’0 YuCOt. MarkG 7 Y njga. Palrcw M 55 1» 2airoe M a yi s 2airo . 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IRA Accounts Regular Savings Accounts Checking Accounts Money Market Certificates Share Certificates Money Market PLUS Auto Loans Home Improvement Loans Personal Loans Student Loans ANYTIME - 24 Hour Teller ------------ UNIVERSITY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION 476-4676 Campus Branch Co-Op Branch Co-Op Bookstore 9--t.Mon.-Pri. Ttxas Union 9-s.Mon.-lri. Main Office 30th and Cedar 9-4.Mou.-Prl. 9-7. Thors. Serving CT faculty. staff aiul lull-lime graduate siudvnls. • NCUA Professional Personalized Service Student Kates 1 era 7ee Service 454-1532 18 Years Legal Experience Specializing in Legal Work Term Papers Professional Reports Thesis and Dissertations Petroleum Reports Letters Charts 24 Hour Service 7 Days Week 128 — AdvertisingBest Wester BEST WESTERN VILLA CAPRI MOTOR HOTEL 2400 NORTH IH 35 AUSTIN, TEXAS 78705 Phone (512) 476-6171 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE • Luxurious room with King, Queen «. 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Suggestions in the University of Texas School of Law - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) collection:

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