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University of Texas School of Law - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Cover

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I (li.U. 1981 Peregrinus The University of Texas School of Law Austin, Texas Volume XXXI Texas Student Publications, 1981 Jane Owen Editor Jerry Thompson Peregrinus Supervisor Ron Hicks Assistant Peregrinus Supervisor Larry Kolvoord Photography Supervisor Steven Pumphrey Assistant Photography Supervisor Table of Contents 1 Austin 61 Faculty 5 The Year 83 Classes 31 Organizations 122 Index T TfiMCAlr The Year •--CV rr— ' ... 1 G. Gwimli 6 .................................................... J.O-M). ihmtm The New Library After three and a half years of planning and construction, the Tarleron Law Library opened its doors in June. The Library cost over $9.6 million and is the fifth largest academic library in the country. 11 Intramural Football Law Grad Division First Place Criminal Element Runner-Up Leon s Peons Semi Finalists Something Clever Legal Eagles Quarter Finalists Land Sharks Great Society Jeddi Knights The Force 12»»M. M I'H. WOwm “MlAlthough understaffed due to the loss of Dean Mun-neke, the Placement Office still managed to schedule interviews with over 500 legal employers who visited the campus this year. A 1979 survey found 97% of UT Law graduates employed six months after graduation. 17 Intramural Basketball 21I Issues COPIERS Inadequate copiers from the old library were merely relocated in the new one. causing students continued frustration over broken machines and poor reproductions. The possibility of a duplicating center appeared remote, however, vending services did try to improve. It hired students to make hourly rounds and log repairs. Yes Sir. This is Jesse Oliver of the S.B A. We've just received another comol. . about the copiers." MORE CONSTRUCTION Increased hall congestion, noise during classes and lack of classroom space were side effects of efforts to remodel the old library. Once completed it will contain a new cafeteria, organization offices and classrooms. Meanwhile, students were fenced out of the courtyard which was used to store construction equipment. Eventually the courtyard will return — this time as a cement plaza. 22ELECTED... 146 With 51% of the popular vote. Ronald Reagan defeated President Jimmy Carter and became the 10th president of the United States. I AND OUSTED. Blocked access to the largest women's restroom caused long lines and a head count. Results: Twice as many fixtures for every man. so a men's restroom was sacrificed. ! ■ ) N T.Q.s - LIMITED PURPOSE FACULTY? Controversy over the content of the packet memo raised the issue of what status Teaching Quizmasters had in their own program. A new packet problem prepared by T.Q. supervisor. Prof. Barndt. was used over T.Q. protests that the problem was too complicated and inappropriate. GRADE DELAYS After almost five months of waiting for spring grades some students were upset about the lack of a deadline. The S.B A. approved a resolution calling for Dean Sutton to require professors to complete and post grades within 90 days after finals. t KoJmiwJ 24 ”•« |Ow« LKo| wg Special Programs n1980 Law Week Assault and Flattery "All That Justice" K. H— Organizations Organizations — J1American Front Row: Left to Right: Linda Webster Dana Timaeus |im Ragan Donny Williams Sally Trigg Second Row: lohn Hill Becky Payne Steve Balman Ashton Cumberbatch Back Row: lanet Phelps Randy Manasco Journal of Criminal Law Not Pictured: Dorothy McKinsie lohn Baldwin Kathy Medina Craig Ball Cora Meyer Ed Carstarphen Chris Monical David Castano Ann Strkrkler Pittman Ruth Claussen Paula Quillon David Coody Bruce Roberts Brad Elbein Susan Rocha lacqueline Ellisor Karl Rosette Leslie Poynter Cray Randall Sampson Thomas Creenwell Thomas Swinnea Carmen Kelsey Arleas Upton Brenda Kennedy Denise Vowell Terry Kirk lames Young Ray Langenburg William ZapalacCriminal Law Association •op Row: Lefl lo Right: Leslie Poynier Director, Adult Probation Brenda Kennedy retary-T reasurer Manny SupervieUe Police Action Director Toni Green well Inmate Assistance I )irec tor Rory Adler President Kathleen Morrison Vice PresidentOFFICERS: Left to Right: Darien McWhirter National Secretary Tracy Kee Appellate Advocacy Director Mary Kelly Judging Director David Bryant Trial Advocacy Director Linda Webster Financial-Administrative Director Sharon Mattox Chairman Randy Manasco Interscholastic Competitions Director MOOT COURT WINNERS Spring Hldebrand Roy Bartlett and Jim Renard defeated Tracy Kee and Sharon Mattox Fal Hildebrand MefcxJa McNeety and Cheryl Douglas defeated lade Meeker-Mentz and Paul Curl State Moot Court Team Elnita Hutchins Reagan Brown lohn Osborne National Moot Court Team Kim Bnghtweil Joe Parker Rachel Tretchler International Moot Court Team Rebecca Galvan Joe Piyzant Alan Shenot Mock T nal Winners Johnson, Swanson and Barbee Mock Trial Rudy Gonzales and Iris Aguiar defeated Elnita Hutchns and lames Canon Locke Mock Trial and National Mock Trial Team Mike Veitenheimer and Reagan Brown defeated Brock Akers and Wade CooperFirst Row: David Bryant lames A Hudman Left to Right: Fred Gibson Karen Jones Michael Garatoni Brock Akers William Keitel Randall frben Back Row: Michael McClellan Reagan Brown Darien McWhirier Kenny Marks Tim Read Randy Manasco Elena Maslia Second Row: Denise Vowell Dennis Moss Brent Somers Richard Taylor Mark Murr Barlwra 1 lathaway Joe Parker Lilly Plummer Charles Frost Not Pictured: Jim Ragan Inda Webster Guadalupe Aguilar Rivera Randy Roach Flneita 1 kitchins James Baker Steve Story Ron ()t erdier AlanCastetter David Stotts Sharon Mattox David Cooper Mark Strachan Mary Kelly Wade Cooper Manuel Supervielle Vanty Christopher Elizabeth Cottingham Thomas Taylor lohnOsIxirne Susan Cross Michael Veitenheimer Third Row: Philip Durst Richard Walden Michael Mosher Rudy Gonzales Bert Smith R(xhey lawson Mitch Green Chicano Law Students Association Front Row: Left to Right: Jose Martinez Director Jesus Ramirez Gloria Leal Margarito Rodriguez Executive Director Second Row: Daniel Acosta Susan Rocha Director Jaime Gandara Director Randolph Gonzalez Abdon Ibarra Director Third Row: Carmen Morales Richard Schell Viviana Patino Juan Chavira Martha Martinez Pedro Cruz Alfredo Montelongo Fourth Row: Herlinda Rodriguez Adela Santos Dilma Quezada Russell Williams Fifth Row: Fernando Gutierrez Ed Sierra Sylvia Arriola Patrick Bernal Josefina Jaramllo Ceasar Jaimes Back Row: Roberto Puente Roberto Marquez David Garcia Vanessa Martinez Rodrigo Martinez Roberto Serna Not Pictured: ImekJa Escobar Guadalupe Garza logelio Garcia }avid Gonzalez Roberto Guadiana Dulce Madrigal Rodolfo Orta Blanca Uzeta Darlene Vale Paula Salinas Jose Sanchez Jose Juarez Director Richard Aguirre Director Baltazar Coronado Eleazar Tovar Homero Mora Byron Calderon Pablo Rodriguez Iris Aguilar Ruby Gonzalez Olivia Ruiz Carlos Carrera Enrique Cuellar Evelyn Huerta Ana Cavazos Linda Rodriguez Antonio Leal Alma Gonzalez Francisco Macias Eugenia Navarro Antonio Oliveira Richard Ramirez Elisa Vasquez Joaquin Rodriguez Leo Montalvo Leticia Hinojosa Walt Wilder Ruben Barrera Nazario Saldana J6Delta Theta Pi Upper Row: Left to Right: Kevin McGillicudy Tad Fowler Brent Spivey David Montague Cameron Harris Second Row: Sonya Letson Debbie Herman Lee Rogers John Beckworth Kurt Chacon Greg Lehrman Eric Tucker Front Row: Al Caldwell Steve Vidaurri Rene Bell Mike Wren Not Pictured: Gerry Martin Dede Guzman Ann Fiedler )ohn Friderichs Dean Wilkerson Aileen Hooks Ray Donley Grant St John Carol Bavousett Hugh Hood Paul Curl OFFICERS: Greg Lehrmann Debbie Herman Vice Dean 'ril)l,no Kurt Chacon Dean Honor Council Left to Right: lohn Denson Brian Cole Toni I ou Baggett Iris Aguilar Kandy C.on alc Chairman Not Pictured: (.hanira Turner Illegal Eagles Front Row: Left to Right: Melanie Facial Terri Motl Jesse Oliver Coach Tracy Kee Cheryl Zaremba Brian Cole Coach Third Row: Amy Flinn Cindy Fairbanks Stu Phillips Debbie Tanner Vicky SnyderInternational Law Society Top Row: Left lo Right: Ricks Frazier Savannah Robinson Conference Coordnator Zac arias Chacon OneStorie Cary Sullivan Herlnda Rodriguez Vice President lames Hart Lois White Steve Davis Bottom Row: lay Westbrook Faculty Advisor Joy Dobbins Cary Smith Christopher Gould Language Coordinator Foreign Studies lohn Osborne President Martha Williams Secretary Treasurer Linda Cansler Michaela Murphy Edeen Rapke Not Pictured: Iris Aguilar David Aronofsky Margaret Burkhart Delia Guzman Philip Heatley Joy Hester Michael Hutson Linda Sue lannelli Caesar laime CarolynMachalec Lori Denise Peniche Ron Qualls Martha Sue Spence Gail Sterzinger Sharon Sund Joe Tucker Sara Walsh John Watson Russell WilliamsFront Row: Al Unger Left to Right: Becky Payne lohn Osborne lane Woods Laura Peterson julene Franki Marie Dempsey Diane 1 lebner Prof. Barbara Aldave Eileen Miggins Faculty Advisor josh Kutchin Teal Fdinger Terri Warren Martha Williams Mike Nowlin Mike McCoy Third Row: Mona Butler David Lloyd Audrey Rohan Rodrigo Martinez Tom Hunter Mary Tacher Elizabeth Miller Dick Fischer Mark Platt Carmen Flores Second Row: Will Keitel Larry Lyles Not Pictured: Robert 1 lowell Larry Boyd Dorothy McKenzie Kathi Child Arthur Rossi Elizabeth Hagan Mark Strachan Bruce Jones Jacquie Clanz Penny Nicholson Scott Howard Bert Smith Brian Hurst Brenda Winslett Keith Kebodeaux Bill Zapalac David Lochbiler Hollis Horton Jayne Palu David Roberts Jim West Pam Arnold Lynn Knaupp Louisa Barnes Bill Kerr Susan Byrd Don Noble Brent Caldwell Cathy Maynard OFFICERS: left to Right: Diane I lebner Director Laura Peterson Director Audrey Rohan Director Mona Butler Director Larry Lyles Chairman Not Pictured: David Roberts Director I lollis 1 lorton Director Bill Zapalac DirectorMighty Amjurks Wt I® Right: leaganfTrn going to Dallas) Brown TOC Weknow who's really coach") Frben »Y I I'm a married man") Windeler tdWiyne("Settle down, Mike") Barton "jJtefYou know what you can do with that flag") Garatom ourvsC'You mean I'm late?") Sonsino «. « T. ("The Big Boy") Thornh.ll MVe Vettenheimer (Davis;) Not Pictured: Jaw'd E. Hodcaday. II (He was drafted by the pros) Coach ("Dream Weaver") Akers • 6 vFront Row: Left to Right: Lupe Rivera Marianne Campbell lames ArtHudman Molly Hedrick Laurie Boor as Evette Correa Second Row: James Furman Fred Schuck Cheryl Zaremba R. Kent Phillips Jesse Oliver Third Row: Ricks Fraser Zacarias Chacon Amy Flinn Cindy Cooke David Powell Marlee Joseph Dennis Weitzel Jose Luis Sanchez Phi Alpha Delta Front Row: Left to Right: Ed Sierra Cynthia Class Lanelle Montgomery Second Row: Leticia Hinojosa Dilma Maria Quezada Richard Aguirre Linda Reese Robert Van Amburgh Third Row: Barbara Goolsby John Merli Rebecca Payne Mark Matula Liza Ossenfort Michael Caratoni Bill ShearerOFFICERS: Jose Luis Sanchez Marshall Yveite Correa Treasurer Alice Geddie Secretary Dennis Weitzel Justice Not Pictured: Jessie Oliver Vice Justice 4 Phi Delta Phi Front Row: Linda Sheldon Steven Goldston Left to Right: Paul Nipper Glenn Hall Scott Stahr Not Pictured: Wesley Harris Terri Motl Mike McCoy Kathleen Hovious Deborah Morgan Tim Smith Brian Hurst Stephen Alton Gary Spencer Everette Jobe Joanne Hopkins Bryan Jamison Richard Joosten Gregory Cairnes Paul Stewart Katharine Kalinke Roxanne McKee Rodney Lee Brown James McMichael Mark McWatters Patricia Barnes Jeff Mandell Back Row: David Pittman Allan Markolf Walt Steimel Larry Lyles Jayne Palu Gary Davis Susan Henricks Janice Pardue en Miles Tim Read Janet Praver be Crawford Steve Balman Tom Redding ob Carter James Wallace Bruce Roberts Don Noble Hollis Horton Kevin Sullivan Bob Howell Edward Carstarphen Michael Swan David Gross Mona Butler Betsy Tobias Mark Beatty Student Bar Association Below: FRESHLAW REPS.: Dean Wilkerson Deborah Stanton Brian Smith Bottom Left: THIRD YEAR REPS.: Mike Sutherland John Merli Kent Phillips Below Right: SECOND YEAR REPS Aileen Hooks Gloria Leal Bottom Right: OFFICERS: Randy Gonzales Honor Council Herlinda Rodriguez Secretary Jesse Oliver President Jose Luis Sanchez Vice President Pease ParkFd Drunk Pease Park Front Row: Left to Right: Kent Phillips Jesse Oliver Gloria Leal Aileen Hooks Second Row: Randy Gonzalez Deborah Stanton Jose Luis Sanchez Michael Sutherland Herlinda Rodriguez Third Row: Dean Wilkerson John Merli Brian Smith Front Row: Left to Right: David Stotts Karen Jones Nancy Ferguson Linda Reese Tracy Kee Teal Edinger Marie Dempsey Lisa Gholston Middle Row: Joe Hoffman Janis Homer Melanie Fadal Gary Davis Don Carnes Back Row: Joe Gagen Gray Muzzy Kenny Marks Brian Cole Larry Lyles Not Pictured: Jack Drews Pinckney Whitfield Eileen Miggins Texas Law Forum Front Row: left to Right: Gary Tidwell Editor Rose Marie Rose Gabriel Guardiola |im Bailey Entertainment Editor Oan Biumberg Top Row: Sim Israeloff Photography Steve Davis Layout Editor Teresa Salamone Sports Editor Kathryn Tullos Managing Editor David Kern News Feature Editor Mike Tunnels Gerry Martin Copy Editor Not Pictured: Tom Allen luan Alvarez Kim Brown Fall Editor Lynn Berot Business Manager Bob Manifen Sam Hurt Don Peavy Tony Petrocchi Phil Pillar Larry Nettles Thomas Sullivan Melissa Wigginton Sarah Woelk siTexas International Law Journal Left to Right: Joe Tucker Managing Editor Bruce Barenblat Administrative Editor Paul Stewart Editor-in-Chief Front Row: Art Nicholson Adrienne Rivers Zac Chacon Preston Wong Damy Romano J. E. Sauseda Stuart Johnston Allen Unger Lilliana Torres-Bayouth Greg Cairns Michael Chisum Susan Cross Back Row: Paula Cochran George Weeth Steve Adler Scott Horton Jim West Lisa Clark Jeff Mandell Middle Row: Rachel Treichler Mark McWatters Jim Keller B.). McCord Barry MacNaughton Joanne Hopkins Mark Womack Ward Thomas Sue Tuatay Not Pictured: Steve Van Hooser Amy Lemley Jamie Baker Jim Butler Loretta Lieber Ricks Frazier David ParnellFront Row: Walt Steimel Notes and Comments Editor Bruno Sonsino Associate Editor David Ware Research Editor Back Row: Cynthia Hill Senior Notes and Comments Editor Janis Homer Associate Editor Bottom Photo: Art Ross Associate Editor Camille Bathurst Articles Editor Susan Stone Senior Articles Editor Greg Morris Articles Editor Karl Johnson Book Review Editor Texas Law Review EDITORIAL BOARD: Front Row: Left to Right: Michael House Managing Editor Tom Mengler Research and Note Editor Jeanmarie Brock TLRA Secretary Jewel Arrington Note Editor David Rodriguez Note Editor Ellen Smith Editor-in-Chief Virginia Hamilton Articles Editor Kim Snell Tom Lykos Article Editor Book Review Editor Rod Brown Back Row: Article Editor loe Snoe Ken Miles Note Editor Note Editor Pat Maher Bruce lones Research and Note Editor Note Editor THIRD YEAR MEMBERS: Left to Right: Bob Limbacher Howard Stovall Ken Leggett Bob Gardner Randy Roach Richard Hunt Stephanie Elbers Bill Pargaman Catherine McCartney Thomas Redding David Bernard Mike Tankersley Harvey Brown Wilson Neely Howard Marek Terry Guy Not Pictured: Carl Baker Phil Bruns lack Drews Kim Heilbrun Paula Hutchinson leff Lefkowitz Mick Long Grant Martin Krista Mondy Mark Murr Penny Nicholson Nancy Price Gil Reavis lamie Wallace Paul Waller lames WitherspoonSECOND YEAR MEMBERS: Right Photo: Mark Cot ham Eric Katz Bob Sacks Dick Fischer lohn McArthur Susan Conway lack Englert Below Right Photo: Steve Harrison Danny Romano Brian Shannon Kim Brightwell Mark Kroloff Mickey Davis Below Right Photo: TamiGant Robin Melvin Charles Frost Rick Lacher D. C. Toedt Mark Platt Geni Hargrave Susan Byrd Bottom Photo: lohn Chapman Kit LeVoy Wilson Calhoun Carrin Patman Bill Rogers Cherie Rodgers George Kelly Not Pictured: Sabrina Arellano Bonnie Black lock Bob Brailas lack Carnegie Britt Davis Thomas Dixon Christopher Gould Mitch Green Aileen Hooks Charles Lewis Mick Long JimMcMichael Trey Nicoud Jayne Palu Denise Parga Lisa Powell Phil Slinkard Sandy Summers Mac Sweeney Debra Witter Jane WoodsThurgood Marshall Legal Society First Row: Carl Meadows Charlotte Wallace Left to Right: Marla Knowling Karl Rosette Mary Howard Steve Holliman Beverly Landers Johanna McCully-Bonner Third Row: Hatti Pace Karen Webber Ashton Cumberbatch Ricky Watson JoAnnlee Chester Beattie Lanis Williams, III Elneita Hutchins Joe Tucker Cheryl Douglas Gwen Watts Dwight Jefferson Calvin Hall Wonderland Douglas James Hill Grant St. Julian Second Row: Elaine Davis Barbara Matthews Michael Edwards Frank Williams Rowland Martin Demetrius Bivins Joni Murray Hubert Bell Hyattye Simmons Kenneth Kilgore Paul Gandy Arleas Upton Jimmie Benton Janiki Darity Pam Eudaric Joseph C. Parker, Jr. Ida Stewart Sonya Lucas William Taylor, III Kevin Howard Vicki Lewis Not Pictured: Darryl Richards Faith Stovall-James Sheila Bailey Edward Moore Donny Williams Deborah Stanton Jesse Oliver Cynthia Class J6Review of Back Row: Left to Right: George Slover Steve Story Mike Jergins Mike Rowe Steve Beckelman Brent Somers Stu Phillips Fourth Row: Mark David Paul Pryzant Will Keitel Eileen Scherlen Third Row: Kent Anschutz Randy Rothschild Tracy Kee Vicki Gardner Marilyn Maxwell Andrea Nation lanelle Morris Second Row: John Ostx rne Ginny Agnew RickTubb Ian Holzinger Front Row: Mike Gibbens Bruce Roberts Alex Coy Diana Robinson Not Pictured: Jay Adkins Brock Akers Jeff Armstrong Wade Cooper Mike Cummins Barbara Hathaway Karen Jones Ruth Lown Denise Martinez Mark Matula Roxanne McKee Litigation Dorothy McKensie Arch Montgomery Janice Pardue Joe Pevsner Lilly Plummer Janet Praver Charmame Rhodes Tom Scott Bert Smith Jeff Sone Charles Spradley Doug Stevens Don Stevenson Vickie Tatum Bill Taylor Sharon Warner Pinckney Whitfield Linda Wiegman Laru Woody EDITORS Front Row: Paul Pryzant Steve Story Mike Jergins Jan Holzinger George Slover Back Row: Mark David Randy Rothschild Stu Phillips Ginny Agnew Eileen Scherlen Mike lerginsRed River Social Club Jeff lefkowitz Tom Clement Cinny Agnew Paul Pryzant David Stotts Third Row: Greg Morris Art Hudman Paul Stewart Jesse Oliver Melanie Fadal "Bear" Belisle Larry Nettles Joe McDermott Marianne Campbell Laura Peterson Fred Schuck Larry Lyles Mark Nichols Lupe Rivera Brent Somers Front Row: lefl to Right: Mark Haynie Brian Cole Vance Christopher Grace Alcala Richard Hunt Sharon Mattox Jack Drews lerry Hatch Duane King Vickie Tatum Amy Flinn Richard Edelman Second Row: Stu Phillips Josh Kutchin Tracy Kee Harold Fretheim Joe Hoffman Paul Watler Bert SmithCO — FacultyFaculty — 1Law School Foundation FOUNDATION STAFF Left to Right: Brooke F. Dudley Executive Director Rob Minor Accounting Office Assistant Judith M. Amis Director of Alumni Relations Dennis McClendon Publications Director Barbara lohnson Secretary to the Director S. rwptmr Charles W Duke Tom Sealy John L. Estes BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Left to Right: Mark Martin f 2 — FacultyBOARD OF TRUSTEES: Left to Right: The Honorable W. St. John Garwood Ced L. Redford Gov. ABan Shivers Preston Shirley ). Mark McLaughlin BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Left to Right: Thomas M. Phillips Ambassador Edward Clark J. Chrys Dougherty J Burleson Smith BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Left to Right: Wales H. Madden, Jr. Morris Atlas Dean John Sutton Harry M. Reasoner Faculty — 6) T. J. Gibson Associate Dean Associate Professor of Law J.D., Texas a (A — FacultyByron Fullerton Associate Dean Director of Continuing Legal Education Associate Professor Law LL.B., Texas W. W. Gibson Associate Sidney Burleson Professor of Law LL.B., Texas Mark G. Yudof Associate Dean Marrs McLean Professor of Law LL.B., Pennsy vani, Faculty — 6}Support Personnel ADMISSION'S: lillen Murtaugh, Vivian Brown FINANCIAL AID: Gabriel Guardiula. Anna Saldana. SKCRKTARIKS: Front Row. Left to Right: IV. Ponkoney. Carole Steh'.ing. Mel Hoggins. Marie Azure. Dena Bruce Hack Rt «: Hanna Stan berry, Marie Hocpkcn. Donna Milian. Mike Leone. Connie Spinn. Debbie Craig. Theresa l.aidley. Karen Sacratmi. Sfirlr1 Green MAIN OFFK K: Beverley Williams.Judy Dominguez. Renee Bi rcII. Marion Harris. U LIBRARY ADMINISTRATION Carole KnoM. C.w n Andenon. Sue C«o. I)»n«l Manat UHKAKY Front Row: Jul Sharroun. Sranlet Fefjjuton. FJmheth Lloyd Paul Mtfrheil Back Row: Daa Martin. Shnle S)ke». Martha llickt. Ctdlii Biakowtki. Mn Button. Manuela Segura. Kat ScMurter. Anne Rimrntf. Pat Thonui jolm Prtrwh i PI ACFMf.NT OFFK F Deborah Crronl . Adnenne IheFr PIKIK siRVKI S STAH Front Row Haalmli SuKttb. Shawaa CmJbw. Jmw MAabt. Jeanette Vat Mr Rcfcma Spam Nath Loren’ Pierrette Moreno Hack Row: Jar - Murrav. Sharon Umet. Mk it Viyrv Bern f nptwrl! Gutiio IKncta Not Pictured: Hrlwta Rndicojim llanihkton. Barbara B. Aldave, Professor of Law.J.D., California at Berkley. Richard V. Barndt, Professor of Law, LL.B., Utah. David A. Anderson, Professor of Law, J.D., Texas. Faculty 3 M — FtcukyFaculty — 69 Edward R. Cohen, Professor of Law, LL.B., Yale. Michael J. Churgin, Associate Professor, J.D., Yale. Patricia A. Cain, Professor of Law, J.D., Georgia.David B. Filvaroff, Professor of Law, Rober‘Q DDaw,son £ LL.B., Harvard. amln Pre "w °f l 'PO. Wisconsin. Joseph M. Dodge, Professor of Law, LL.M., New Y r University. 70 — Faculty George E. Dix, Charles T. McCormick Professor of Law,J.D., Wisconsin. Parker C. Fielder, William H. Francis, Jr. Professor of Law, LL.B., Texas.Faculty THECHNESE EXHIBITION The Extialbn of Arcrtecfcxjcd F rtfs C The Fteocfes FtepXfc d Dina »AiiMMjs( 5mtanounar»2BAAiM rn m Steven Goode, Assistant Professor, J.D., Yale. Lino A. Graglia, Rex C. Baker and Edna Heflin Baker Professor of Constitutional Law, LL.B., Columbia. i Lawrence J. Goffney, Assistant Professor, LL.M., Columbia. FKulty —71B V.Ik Robert W. Hamilton, Vinson and Elkins Professor of Law,J.D., Chicago. William O. Huie, Sylvan Lang Pro- , tI , A j- nr rri r femr of Law, S.J.D., Harvard. Pamck Hazel' Adlunc‘ W' JO- T‘™ ■ ■I .i Faculty 72 — FicullyCorwin W. Johnson, William C. Liedtke, Sr. Professor of W. Page Keeton, Keeton Chair in LawJ.D., Iowa. Tort Law, S.J.D., Harvard. Stanley M. Johanson, Judge Benjamin H. Powell Professor of Law, LL.M., Harvard. J. Leon Lebowitz, Fulbright Jaworski Professor of Law, LL.M., New York. Faculty — 7}IX vu Sanford Levinson, Professor of Law. Isabel Marcus, Asst. Professor, J.D., California at Berkley. Thomas O. McGarity, Professor of Law.J.D., Inga Markovits, Professor of Law, LL.M., Yale. Texas. T-t — laCuhy Richard Markovits, Professor of Law, LL.B., Yale. Faculty — 7) Faculty Robert C. Means, Air. and Mrs. Hines H. Baker Professor of Law, LL.B., Harvard.L. A. Scot Powe, Jr., Professor of Roy M. Mersky, Professor of Law, Director of Research and Librarian, J.D., Law.J.D., Washington at Seattle. Wisconsin, M.A.L.S. William Charles Powers, Jr., Professor of Law, J.D., Harvard. Grover Rees, III, Assistant Professor,J.D., L.S.U. Faculty « 76 — FacultyJohn A. Robertson, Visiting Professor, J.D., Harvard. Alan Scott Rau, Professor of Law, LL.B., Harvard. Michael Philip Rosenthal, Baker Bolts Professor ofLawJ.D., Columbia. F»culcy — 77James M. Treece, Charles Francis Professor of Law,J.D., Illinois. M. Michael Sharlot, Wright C. Morrow Professor of Criminal Law, LL.B., Pennsylvania. 78 — FacultyFaculty j John J. Sampson, Professor of Law, LL.B., Minnesota. Faculty — 79 Ernest E. Smith, Joseph C. Hutcheson Professor of Law, LL.B., Harvard. Stanley M. Walker, Associate Professor, J.D., LL.B., Yale.G. lUrrrra Olio Guy Wellborn, III, Professor ofLaw,J.D., Harvard. Russell J. Weintraub, Bryant Smith Chair in Law, J.D., Harvard. 1 Charles Alan Wright, William B. Bates Chair for the Administration of Justice, LL.B., Yale. Bernard J. Ward, Thomas Watt Gregory Professor of l aw-LL.M., Yale. Faculty HU — facultyLarry W. Yackle, Visiting Professor LL.M., Harvard. Jay Westbrook. Assistant Professor, J.D., Texas. Louise Weinberg, Professor of Law, LL.M., Harvard. F oilty —81  I 14 1 'I i I, I » I Students 1TW -T ui I | W'.- " A;,. r |J-W- _ ' Jet'; 0 Kjh it • -' . 'uAn' 1r 'J: I vAxvtie' UA, W. cr r «.«-. - 7 ' ....—rr i - C KdjpjjM ' Txd JvftX v —— («.i • C'i n WVC dOOt ft) wit inflation —• n fad, v 'v iy Aic ?d it ob 4»l Thj5 sirar . 5Vst wishes r fo '« ) t££‘ (Vv- l]os -oqo itti toysw s :'i • — — w —■ »• -f Wr |,“ — Scir, fc. V- fca_ _J, V.... ,. ■ ■- '. « .„li f,, »_ i' 1 Students —83L. Koliourd AHERN'. PATRICIA JEAN 8. Amuiio Win T« ■ !$ ■« Uu«trWf ALTER. WILLIAM KEVIN. Houkoo Rk« llruwMf ALVAREZ, JUAN JOSE.Sk A« r.o UnncrKf of Tmi u Sn Arioso ANDERSON. ARTHUR JOHN. LobBo k A «mCidf|( ANTHONY. ELAINE CASH.Auwn UorwiMroETcuf u Auion ARONOISKY. DAVIDJUDD. A.ut U»WKfC T(iu u An ion aston. soorr Bedford, d iu The Ur.MfMf of Trial u AuKin BACKUS. MARCIA UU N. A.«w UtlVrfMf ofTtIUM A»«« BAGGETT, TOM LOU. Wk w. filli Milxwn i « Uonnitf BARRAS, LESLIE ELIZABETH.Pert A-ikir T«h» A M UriMiKf BARRERA. RUBEN ROGEUCt MeAlm Pic Amrncin UantMT Tnnfjr UamrMjr BATH. PATRICIA ANN. A.«« Tnu A4M Umntri BAUER. SYDNEY MEADE. Srjc« UiWfiHi Of Tr«u u Ann BEARD. QNDY ANN. Amo KnutilliuiKMf BEATTIE, CHESTER SANFORDJR. Cttnbn4g MA ArttMru Cuttfjt BELL HUBERT JR . C»M«.I Univmujr of HoiKon BIRKEL SUZANNE LORRAINE. HouKen Uerttmi of Tim i Anton 8KX HAM, JONATHAN THOMAS. HewKon Hi ivia! Ur.n l«r 84— FicshlawFRESHLAW BLAKE. USA ANNE MCDANIEL Avir BLA HARD.GARY REYNOLDS. lUlu-Aw it JcAniCofryr BLANKS. JOSEPH CHARLES. Mr, Antcr.o Tf—«ry KL .VM BRIAN ROWRT. Ilov-cn lWm r cE Trt a — Au«n BLUM BERG. OAMU EDWARD. AHnjyon LWivnwrycE Trio « Agvtii BODE, MARTIN TODD, Nr- BrivnlrB LW-rr —f cE Tfiu M Ailrjioft BOND. THOM At J. Auxin Bijkr Un«r'try BONNER. JOHANNA MCCDLLY. Eon Worts Cry CcElrcr oE Nr- Yorl. Trio Or——a LWiny BOWERS. STEVEN MICHAEL Avx« tinirtncy uE Trio ir Anon BOW US.CAROLINE SIIIPR. Itownon R-r IWixtxj W YI R. C AR ME LUA C . Iivmr. CA R«r DiuMncy BRADIORD. ROBIN HE ARTSILL Av-« 1'r.vrrxy oE Trtu « Avion BRAITIIWACf E. BRIDGET ANNE. Auk SovrMrnMrtBcdm Cmvrory BREIIIAN.JOIIN ROBERT. Avon I mvtnityoETnii Av-m BRIM O. ROONEY EMIL Ag i P rxrtcn Untrrrwy f OWN.PATRK IA ANN.Au— Groagrru-n I'nrrrxry BUCK KENNETH ALAN.CapnOixxi Unnntry olQ-rrn'llxl CALDWELL ALAN LEWIS. AbEmr Uni rrrwry oE Nr txoVj CANSUR. UN-DA CHERYL. Br-nAOn Lrui (li-rnly CARNAHAN. MICHAEL STEWART. AimoBo I'arvnMy of Trio - Av-tn CASE. CARL BRYAN. Au-r 1'nnrn-y oE Tr ■ o « Au-in CASSIDY. JOHN EDWARD. Au-m Trio Orman lWvr vry CATHEY. KARENCATON. Ag««i LVivrn-y o( llou-on CHERRY. KAREN ANN. AiSnpcn I cxmiry o( Nrt»iA» CLINE, TROECE G. Eon Worn TouOr-un IWxy ClKOY. IAMES WILLARD. A giro Tr ■ 110-m —n L'nmrwry COOPER. CAROL STEPHANIE MrmpBa. TN I nnninyoETrio « A »n CORBIN. DANIEL AUSTIN. KEIrm I iv-mcy oE llnoo COI RTER. MARY ANN. Au—o llnn-n-y oE 1 Unco COWLING. KENAN DAVIS. Av««. UnnrM-y oETno - Ag—m CRANE KAREN MARGARET.Ro»rnE r Trm AA.ML'oumry CRETSINCER. ANNE MARIE. Artogton LV.wnry oE SovcVm CnIEorna CRlWWHrTE.CHRlSTCTPHLR LEE. L. Err R«r Unr-rory CRU7. PCDROSAUNAS. L. Fro LWm-yoETrio n A. in. CUM MAF.O. ROBERT PALI. Aon Sltr I nrnrury oE Nr— Ycii DANIEL BRICE MILLER. 1 r.vfrvry O( How-on DARITY.JANIKI EVANGEUA Amhrm.MA DAVU)SONCPAUL GENL Ann tlnirm-ycE Trio x Amro DAVIS, ELAINE GAIL MOunen Too Souit—m Llftnrry—y IX LA ROSA. MICHAEL ANTHONY. Mmi. UnorrMy uE Trio «r Ag-m TXLION. DAVIDM Avmn UiwmcyoEToo- Aonn DUBOIS ROBERT ELOYO 01 Agjtn Unrs-my oE Too « Ag— FreshUw — KSDUGGAN KELLY MARIE. AUVnr Ikw.urj of Dilii DUNN. ROGGE, Amm SOKhrrn Mtt'ttdm UlMHinr DZ1ENKOWSKI.JOHN STITHIK. ton Utct'i ft UnrwiKfof Miami EBEl. WAITER M.HeeSfoiyt AR Unm-mat? of Ariaron a: f armrv.Hr ELMS. KEVIN D. Amarillo Kaykr Utmiwi EPSTEIN LEON AR D ALIEN. Dallai Noa .h««iirtn Vtmtnttf EUDARIC. PAMGANDAL. Lo. AngrlriCA Racr Uim(iki EVANS. CHRISTOPHER lAWRANCE. Atlnpoi Trial T«S Unomirr f ALZON’E. PRISC1L1AJEAN. Urfu Umrnatyof DaLai FARMER.GARY STEPHEN. WrvCcfambaa Urwvmujtof Trial a( Amm fEKETY. SUSAN NASH. Amin Auinn Cotlrjt FINKELSTEIN.SUSAN. LaGrmgrlL llnifilwi Ccfcji FlSOf ER. A. ROBERT. Amen UrmriMyof Tram Amin FITT. BETTEANN. Kayn Hr UT Ukmimi of Utah FITZGERALD. STEPHEN MtCHAEL.lajIr-.iIlr PA Lrlunoo ValryCnVcr FOX. PATRICK KENNY, Amlin TiuiA M FR IE OMAN. CLIFTOR D L EE. LNlai Unnrnc| of Trui u A.m FRIJEH. MICHAEL MUEDEKING. Amur, Unnrruty of Tf’m at Auxin GARCIA FEDERKO VINCENT, Undo R« Unaxrwry Garza. Guadalupe anzaldua. Aau« Sooibwru Trial Suit Uannii) GAYLE.JERIKAY.Aonm LWruatj of Trial a: Amin GERUNG. LISA G. Inn Trimy Uanvnaar GONZALEZ. DAVID OMAR. AWr .V Mary'iUnnrnatrcSSin Aihomo GRAHAM.JONATHAN KENT. Amrn Timur l.'nivnixr G UADI AN A. ROBERTO. Uroio Uavnmjrof CWigo GUTIERREZ. EVELYN NORA HOWARD Aom Flagler Cdktc GUTFMAN.ALANJ .Hcolcon Unaverwij of Tr nm Avion HALL.JOHN CALVIN. DfOM GA T1M7 Unhmin HALL. TIMOTHY LEE. Aomn Unim m, of Hoo on HANNA.JLTT LOWELL. E.J«its«g Soolhrm Mrtbodnt Uivrenry 86 — FrcshlawFRESHLAW HARDESTY. BRUCE ROBERT. Auvui Mcym Uni ris r I CARRINGTON. CLARISSA EUGENIA. Biowlk Pm Anorfin VrwWTKT HAWKINSJEFFREY SCOTT. Fnmdi cod TimAtM Uiiwki ItAWLEY. BRADLEY BURNETTJR . S «s sir» I nomitj ol Trui M Auk a HENDERSON SUZANNE. Victor Uniutorj of Tvu» u Auvm KIHREKA. ALFRED R . Aukui Gnxjtr WoHnr on Unfunny UK K MAN. JAN AMY. Biy.ouo Till! A4rM I'Mmi) KIR SC IIMAN, KAREN LEE. Auvin Uniuniry of DrU wr HOGAN.TIMOTHY JOSEPH. S s Ant orio OtmLnCdUrjcr HOI DERJEANMARIE. WkFk. M iusum S in Un urury HOOKER. VAN JACKSON. DiUo SCMVm VtiV-J-v Uruuiynr HOPSON.SI SANBEtUAuiui 1 mowr of Hwkch HOWARD. KEVIN BERNARD. I {outran HuuildlVlnml) HOWARD. MARY ELIZABETH. Houston Houfoin CeOttt HURT, DAVIO JORRUS. Minur llniurvty of Trust! Aiixn HURT. SAMUEL FUQUA. Mrfl.nd I I.UIU) of Trill »r Avm HUTSON, MICHAEL JENKINS El Poo I -.trivry of Trill w El Pun IIYDCN.CARY KENT. lrv«HI IWunitf of Oil Ik INGRAM.SCOTT REES Auirts Unfunny of Too 1! Auuut ISRAElOf F.SI.M DAVID. AuKci U «rM)cfTiui« Aunn JAIME-CaUAR AUGUSTUS.CorpusOunc Cmpus Own Sou Unwistj JANSSEN. YLISE YVONNE. PonUnd Tnnry Llniumy JARAMtLtO.jOSEfTNA Jl IEIETA. B Pun Sonford II "runny JAHEN DARLA KAY. Iloosrcn Graft Wutaytoo Univrmry JEFFERSON. DWIGHT IUCLNL. Sun Arrow Ununnof Toil K Auuui JENKINS RKIlARDGEORGE.Auion I iwruny of AiViaso JONES RANDALL LEE. Houiroft Yilr JOHPIl MARLEt BAKER. AvKui SowKu-nirrn Srtic Umunny KAITCER. MICHAEL DAVID. Bw n KEEGAN. KAREN KAY. Ausus IVimouil'CoUrjr KEEN.CYNTHIA.Wko Uimow) of Trus m Auito KttUR. MICHAEL EDWARD. OnnraN I S Minify Ai idrmy M Wen Pom KERN, DAVIDEUK. El Poo I . finri of Trus si El Poo KILGORE KENNETH LLOYD. Houuon WdryCnlrj KINCAID. MARK EYNUON.Aului Umunny of Trum Auirui KUEMAN. ROBERT JOSEPH. Nr BnunMs L'niumry of Tn o •( Auir A KLEINMAN. WILUAM STEPHEN. DtUt Mos c rtmt Inmu cf TrcNtcdogy KRAKAI ER. SABRINA LYNN. SouiNTuCd. N Unruisnyof Mufcictn IASSETTLR. SCOTT DAVID. DiJUl Trio Ink ViMM| LAT7. JOHN KELLY. Aunw it Edvtidl I mutiny LAVALLO. RICHARD A, Auk I mutiny of Nr Mu no LLDBITTCR. GLORGL HOPL D,«li«llr.GA Umunny of Grorj;u Frcihbw — 87S. Pwmph.ty The Law School Foundation raised almost $1 million for the school during its most recently reported yearly campaign. (1978-79). That money went toward chairs and professorships, scholarships, faculty development and other gifts. LEONARD, BILLY GLENN, Be Unvenayof Tom a A«a« LEWIS. CHRISTINA LYNN. K »ood Stephen F AuX Suit Unvmey LEWIS SMONNIt LA VON. Aux Wn To . Star Uanaj LICHTENSTEIN, LORI IMIm Unnenay of Tom Am.. UESMAN. BRUCE DAVID. Cara) VmnWfdTmiiiAiiffl LINDBECK. MICHAEL CLARK SCOTT. Aox DutTwNCoitge UNOQUBT. PHILIP MARK. Awan Ewiny Niam Cdlor UNDSLEY. HENRY HAYS. IVUt Vavdrrbd. Urnrnay LITTLE RUSSELL GREER. An... Jc. To»»T« LIVELY, SAM. AuX Ten. A M Un m«y LOWE ROBERT .JOSEPH JR. Auan LVavoiay cf Tom a Auan LUCAS. SON YA ELAINE Hooxon Unnenay 4 Howaen MACE OONALD LEE Am Lninvoot Cojcft MACHAUC.CAROLYN SUE Vmm Tom l»l n»C«lfif MADRIGAL DULCE MARIA. Sa. Benro Of Tom • Auk MAHER. MICHAEL T. Tnr'un R«r IVwmay MAILLY.GUY EDWARD. Aua Ul»«M) f MARTIN. ROWLANDJ.Son Arrcrro Princeton lVwi«) MARTINEZ. MARTHA GUADEANA Undo litwm) of MASON JAMES CARLTON. Round Rotk UncmMy of Tom a Am McCann wiliokd dale Am Ur. verity of Tom a A.nn MtCOLLOOGH. WILLIAM SCOTT. Amev I'nwtty of Tom a Am MtCOOL GEORGE WALTER. Am CtAanha Cetkp MtCOWN DAVIS GRAY. Fen Worth Ur.vrr.ry of To , n AAeypon MtCRIMMON. MARK PAXTON.Sai Awomo 1'iwiai of Urhfai Me IAR LIN. REBECCA ANN. Vh Ur vee ty f Tom a Aim MtGEE TRACY ELIZABETH. Onxon Urwrrwy f Tom a Aim MtKINNIS. KELLY KEOKI. Edecutl. Unveory of Tom m Awn MtMULLAN. CHERYL LYNN.Srn Arrow btirntt Wend Color MtRAE MKH ALL CHRISTOPHER. Ann Unnenay of Tom a Auxm 88 — FreshlawSELMAN THOMAS MEYER Tyfcf R r l'ni mc) SIMMONS. HYATT YE OUSYUA. Brumon Laraw Unrmttj SINK IN. LANKY ALAN. Sin Aniono HarvKdCclkjir SLACK. MICHAEL LEWIS, RcfufO Tral A M LmiU) SMAISTRLA. CHARLES JAMES. Aoirm Tnu A M Ummj SMITH BRIAN CONKER. Awn R c L'nMiwy SMITH. CLAYTON CENE. Viciom Tnn A M LWvtmy SMITH. KATHERINE LILIAN. Auitn Tm j Unwove} SMITH. ROY LEE. Drills Tub nr SOLIZ. ALEONSOJR. Nr. Bn jnfrt. L'nmniycITnii •: Auvn SPEARS. CARLE TON BLAISE.AuMin U ancnay ol Tnu m Aon n SPRIDUSO. CRAIG D€ NNIS. Avion Lranmy ot Drove! STANLEY. MARC ROBERT. Dv it Grorjr Withnnon UfMinrj STANTON. DEBORAH ANN.CiNrrion of Tent «A«o STAR BIRD RUSSELL BARRY. Atm Sanford STARK. LESLIE TRACY. Port WitAngron NY Br n Mm STEDMAN. STUART WEST. Houkm L'.wttuy ol Tnu M Am STEPHENSON. NA VO LINE MANNING. A urn R«r Unmnk) •JO— Fie»h!awFRESHLAW STVTZ, THOM AS JAM tV D.1U. St Im U nn j SULLIVAN. COLLEEN. R tuidion SmUtnm Unwmiy SWEARINGEN. SIDNEY HALL S « Amorw Plr««jn Urv«rx TAYLOR. KAY LOOPCR. Ante I ttrtnty oi T««« »l Auxin TAYLOR. ROBERT PIERO, Auxm t.'nvrmr 0f Trxi u Auxin TENNANT. LUOLE BORDEN. Houxon L'nv iwy of T««» M Auxin TERRELL AUSA ELLEN. Sttffemdk Sox Ord ! »»»« T TIIARP.fAROl MRClLTo»ti-..OK CHUAomn Sc«n UmMr THAWLEY. WILLIAM G REGG. A«» (Xir LInMIUJ THOMAS. JAMES ANTHONY JR. Son Anew T«i»i ARM L’nmuy TIOWEU..GARY W. HooXi U(u«m r of Houxon TTX1KER. ERK BRIAN. L rj-r'vo ol T««» M Auxxi TUIAOS. KATHRYN JANE. fkxumoni UmxmXT oI T«t»i A«xm TURLEY. UNDVDullu Gruicaoxn LWwrxrj irZETA. BLANCA AUCIA. EJ P vo l!r« iw» ol Trio Auxin VAOEN.GAYLENE PATRICE. Ilouxon I wfii y ol A uorx VASQCEZ. ROBERT UX IS Aux« Uwni)C MiKwi m RcL« VASSALLO. ROSS Auxxi tlimMj oI Tnu » Aj»n VEMNGA. KAREN HELEN. DUm VICK. LESLIE f ERRELL Auxin I Mvrn r of T«» i Ag«x VIlfORW. MARC FLEMING. IMks SiidoJIlwnii vie la Sana, sol a«x«» ScutHcm M«tkod«« Vt n y WALL MARY K, Cjcno. IL WAUS.JANETTA S. Alnindm. V A L'- wnx»of T«i»» Auxui WAITERS.CARY ALAN. Tru T«S t'ftnwoXT WAITERS WILLIAMS L.CoxtWSe. PA Piraurl’iiv S« Uamo«1 WARE.CAROL LYNN. W ko livwrarr of Ton t A»x« WEBER. OAVIDREIO. Anion l'v «r» Tof Tri»i »A» » WEIMELO. TIMARY SI SAN. Auxui Rxn L'anonr? WHrTE. ICRS EIAINE. MoBKon lAwnijolTnn WJLKERSON.HUGH DEAN. Gupoux I nntncj ol A-tmui WILUAMS. WANDA LOO. Houxon TfuiA MUwrB WOLFE. CHRIS HAN EDWARD. Hu1«ym UMtcmr? of Tft »t A «w WOUI ART. CANOACE A. Auxui Utvwrvrj of T»u» A ' Wl LEE. ELLYN JO. Ho-ton UxMnRf ol Tful« A»x» YANCY. HO WARD Of ARLES B Pu Tft»» ARM L'w MT Ffeshlaw —91AARON.ANN MARIK T.RI A Sin Arrcoo Ilnnfiurc Triiiii Sin Artun.o ADA MS CORN EL LA MADSEN. N'«» Yotk. NY Bryn Miwftflryr ADKINS. JAMES BURNLEY. El Pno I ' . 1.1, of Trus it Auxin ADKINS THOMAS W. Wmbcrly AGUIIAR.IRIS Y.MrAton Pin Amrrxin Unormry ALI EN. WALTER II.Aumm I .Vu •micjr cf Nrbritki ALTENBERN. DAVID THOMAS. Aumn Mxhi£in Silt Urivtrim amos. Jessie allieke. n M on Uonrrvtv ofSe. TVonut ANDERSON. ANITA JAM. Auxn Trill A(ll!iwmn AFVUBAIIM. EVE ANNE. Auxn Ccorjte V'uhyHnlMwrMy BAKER. BE1TE ANN. A«mB Smrw»fol»(f BAH. CRAIG DOUGLAS Auxn RxrUnnmxy BARRERA.CARLOS II. LurJo CoxyROMi llnnrnn bavoosett. Carol ann. Auxin I lyinw of Dm rr BELL. RENE FRANCOIS llouxon AuwinCillt r BEVERSDORFF.I ANCE NILS Lulx Sunli» « Tcin Sutr Unnnxtv BIVINS. DEMETRIUS K . Auvt.n Wm Point BIAIR.C WILLIAM, llouxon IfcrnlrmlCotrjK BIA EK. 1AURIE LYNN. Briuoort l n..tiix« ol Tmi it Auxn BOSUN. BRIAN KEVIN. KuyinxM Tim AIM I’niirnirv BOUCHARD,STEPHEN A . Auun UtMniticLTtiuii Awn hRAIIAS ROBERT N. lloMon FV morion BRKfHTWELL. KIM EDWARD. Auun I'rivrrvtvoC Tmi it Auxin CAIRNS GREGORY BRUCE, EiuOixr. WI Onvrruri (CWiicoibni: Miiinon CALIIOCN. WILSON O.Aum I ifnmri of Tmi it Awn CARNEGIE JACK GARDINER. Aux.n Rxrllnivmkr Cl ILNLY. DENISE V ARGO. Auxn Umxrxtv of Tmi •• Auun CHOZKK. ROBERT HARRIS. W«o Umrrxty of Trill it Auinn Cl ARK. BERNARD IRANCLS Auxn IWxiiLTtm x Auxin CIARK. USA ANNE Auinn YikCoBfft C1AUSSEN. RUTH I DEN. IWii Soixhrrn Mrthoiiiw Unvrrixy CHAR. THOMASJOSEPII IB, AlSj. n ur, NM Umtrno of Nr» Mr ixo COLLINS,BRYAN Pt.TFR.IIuuxon Umr.nvcf Trim: Auvrfi CONWAY. ANA LUISA, Auxin Tmi TrtS I'nvtrvti CONWAY. SUSAN GOOCJI.Auxxi Rxr IWutncy COODY. DAVID WILLIAM. Auvto VilSoxi Sr nr Cotttft COTIIAM. WILLIAM MACK. Houuon Nonkurxrrn Uniurrwry COTTON. MIT IILENE. Al. 1'iwrut.of Toil it Auxn CUMMINS MICHAEL WAYNE. Auxin IXlKhtl Klpliu I MWltr CURE. PAIS THOMAS. Sin Antonio Ummxiof Trmit Auun DAVIS.JOIIN STUART. DiBit Umtrruii of Tmi it Auun DAVK.MICKEY RAY. Aux.n Urumucyof Aiuomi EAVIS.ST EMILS DRAKE. Ilouuon Uiuxwu Siitr Unmrnirr MJANEY.C TIM.turn DENSON.JOHN DAVID. Auxn I of Tttu 11 Auxin DOB BINS. JOY NAVVAB. Ten Worrk Unman.of Trm x Auinn DOBRAY. DEBRA IIxlxn Uniirnitvof Trum Auxin IXJNIEY. RAY NEII. Auxn ASIrrr Ot.'iXiin Unirmty 92 -Midi 'MIDLAW DOUGLAS. WONDERLAND ANN. Howucn Ink UnnTiucy IRVIN. PtfILIP MICHAEL N« Bochei S«jAmE Avun Srxr Unrttmw ESCAMILLA DAVID AL8ERT. CcrjwiOwixi Unimxyof Trmx Auxin IINUY. WALTER THOMAS. Auxn UmvnwycfOilihoxi n«IIER. RICHARDS. kNM . NY C««(|l’nvmj|j KJSTER.MARK EDWARD. WhcrifcoR) TmiTrch Umvcniiy Gayle. Auxin Nrxrcmb CcJLrr IROST.CHARLESEST15JR. Hoixon Wtu ?ojm FULLER. NANCY STEVENS Auxn tYivrnnyof Truix Avan GALVAN.REBECCA LOUISE.Son Antonio I 'nnrrufy o( Ti in n Agrnn GARCIA. DAVID. Rwi Garcia. reGelki. m mu UmriMyofTriux A.xm Garcia roy. M Aii«n Umc wtyof Tem K AuMm Garrison.Constance hay de l. aux« N -«nbCd n» GI8BINS.STEVEN ASHLEY. Amn Urn wlilj of TttuKAuxn GILLUM.OlERYL DENE. Houxon IWw) of Howxcn GLANZ.J QUELINE SUE. Avion GOLDSTON.Sl£vE DENNIS. Romokr Uimtmty of Tnu x Auxn GONZALES. ANTHONY IGNACIO. Auxn Vnxnincf T»i»i xEJPlio GOODMAN.KENNETH D.Auxn lf«MU) f Maiowfi GOOLSBY. BARBARA ANN. Mrfxvl Uawrnxy of Tnu u Auxn COULD. CHRISTOPHER C . Auxn Pmcrion Vanritq GRAY. LESLIE POYNTER. Or or, Smi Ho.non Saw Unirroxy GRAY. RAYMOND . Ccrj i Or . Sorbrrxcm Uarcaxy GUTIERREZ. LINDA Sm Anronxi RmBcffA Micon WomxiT CoOrgr HALE. LAURA MARGAR ET. Avxn UnonvcyofTtiux Aixm HARGRAVE EUGENIA SUE. GlAmd AuMnCoCrjcr h arris. Cameron m .c«.jno « IVivmAy of Anjum HEATLEY.PHIU? OSBORNE. Auxn ftonfc Srxr Unntnxj HEDRICK. MOLLY ANN. WEwitork TciuAkMUmmxy HER EDI A. CLAUDIO. Lift Pm UrivriMj of Ton x Sin Anoruo HESTER.JOY f..Auxn NartNrix Io.wm Utvwwy HIBBS. KEiaE AUGUSTA. RxhiiAon En-or U iitnny HICKSON. EUZABETHJUNE. Auxn Ufwwy of Trill x Auxn HONEYCUTT.JAMES DAVID. TijLo. Rxr Unrumy HOOO. HUGH DARRELL. Au«n Trill A M I'ruvmiry HOOKS. AllEIN MARIE. Auxn Grorjctrown Uvrrruy HOWARD. JAMES SCOTT. Auxn Dike lirnnuj HOWELL.JOHNf RANKUN ID. Auxn Umrrvry of Trm u Auxn HUDDLESTON. BRENDA. Amin UnnmxyofTUu HUNTER.THOMAS I. Houxon llfuwvty of llouxon HUTCHINS. IlNEITAS. llouxon WrlltiJry CcEryr MxJUw —93«c»if A a Faculty members receiving highest ratings in last year’s student teacher evaluations included: Barbara Aldave Robert Dawson Robert Hamilton Lucas Powe William Powers Michael Sharlot Olin Wellborn Charles Allen Wright JOHNSON. LISA KATHLEEN. Awn ObcHmCoLtrc KALINKE KATHARINE ANN. R «! » EWtlo Unvctixy KATZ. ERIC M. Awn Umvtmty d Romylnni — Sc tool K EBODEAUX. CHARLES K ETTH. NccoLnd Umn Unwrtity KELLY.GEORGE WILLIAM. Awn ObrEin Cdkp KENNEDY. MATTHEW JAMES IV. Howcn Umruy F Tom n Awn KORIOTH. SUSAN CLARE. Shnwi Awn Collect Kl.TCHIN. JOSHUA TI MOTHS'. HouKtn RKt UnntiMjr LACHER. RKKIE ALAN.Mbs UmOMtjr of Tti M i] Awn LAflTTE. RAT CHEW. A«in San lord Untvtility LEAL. GLORIA WtiUco Unwtuty oE Tom it Ahmki LEB AS, DA VID LUKE. Awn UnrattMycFToM •( Awn LEE. JUDY CHU. Pturt Uowriity oE Toil m Awn LEH RMANN.GREGORY ALAN. Eon Wonh Unwtttity rfTmin A»«n LEMLEY. AMY SUE. AuKm Too Tech UnrwtMy LEVOY. KIT A. Amt Wrllolty CoCcrt UE8ER. LORETTA FAYE. Howt«) Loiount SlMt Unr tr«y. UZARRAGA. MARCOS A. El PMO UnvctniyofToMit El P«K LYON. FRANK BONNER. Cnnd Pr«r Unitttiny oE Tom m Ann) MACE.C ARL ROBERT. Howtcn UtvvrintycETciii it Attn M» N AUGHTON. BARRY JOHN. Sti) Anww Tanxy Unvnuty MmPHAIL. STEPHEN M. Ann C»!i(otru KEytctEn Sow Unottwy MALZAEIN.JANET LL1ZAUETH. A,«n Tral T«h Unvtnt) MARTI. MICHELLE SUZETTE. OtBomr Tom AAMUmutf 4ARTINEZ. NICK O JR . B Pm© Uovrtlty oEToii it B P»o MARTIN E .RODRiGO.PIurt St Ed-trd)'My MATTHEWS. BAR BARA JEAN. WuR r|;ion DC Unvenny of Mioliid MATTHEWS. MlBS A Awn Aiuixit Sent Uowttfcty MAXWELL MARILYN. Ann Urnwnity E Tom it Atiitm MtCLENDON. DENNIS DUANETnnkn Unt«r»itycETu!« A - MidlawMIDLAW MCNEELY. MWDV, Pid r blind Rice Unman? MCWAmRS.JOHN MARK. Dutlii IduOfiirao Urmrrwy MILltR, ELIZABETH Ntu, Auxm Urevrrlitf f Obi homi MORRIS.JANELLE CONNELEY. Auxin IXkt UnMoinr MORTBERG. BERN ALAN. Auxm UnrmaxyofCilforrm NATION. ANDREA LYNN. DaBu Sowhrm M d dtx U-rmney NEELY. WILSON STUART. Dillu Dvi mouth Cofirjtr NELSON. FRANK RALPH. Ltnnut. WY Unnrtvr? o(tf)Crai7 NEWMAN. MALCOLM RANCE Orark. AL Obrrfm Cobcji NICHOLSON, ARTHUR C III.Eixotpnx, AL Grtt flOm UamerMT njcolas. Sandra rose Coxy-iCW. llmftxj of Ttm x Auxm NJCOUD. GEORGE ARNOLD III. t« » StufW llnnmiy NIT . PAUL R„ KouNCm Srrpbm t. A« m Scirr Umnif NOBLE DONALD PANCOAST. San Arwo o WiihnjFOl ind Ixr UllMtUT NOVOA. ANA MARIE Auxm IW1X7 of San Arxoruo NOWLIN. ROBERT MICHAEL. Auxm UrxmMy of Trialx Auxm OLIVEIRA ANTONJOJR. Broxrarflr UaMIMJof Tr ill at Auxm OWEN.JANE CONNttL futon PCKf . LA loauaimi Scxt IWvrnxy PARDUEJANICE ELAINE llouxon Urewrixy of Trial M Auxm PARGA. DENISE MARIE Auxm Nr» York Unomxy PARKER. JOSEPH C. Auxm MonNouxCaflttr PATINO. VIVIAN SALAZAR. Auxm Rxr UmmMry PAYNE REBECCA LYNN. Auxm Unnmxyof Trill « Auxm PENA. ALFREDO. San Jim Pm Anxncan UnrmtXy PEREZ (RANK EDWARD. Sun D o L'ramxcyof Trial u Auxm PEVSNER.JOSEPH STUART. Dallai Umoqcf Ton 11 Auxm PH ILLEY. STEVEN M. Auxm Uniunxy of Trm x Auxm PILLER. DONALD JULIUS. Houxou Ricr Lrmxxrr PLATNER. MICHAEL I. Auxm OkWmmi Srxr Unrmvnr PLATT. MARK ANDREW. Auxm L'romxy of M N in POTIER.CIIRISTINE ELAINE. Auxm llravmxy of Trial x Auxm POWE1E DAVID WAYNE Aumn SoutVm MrrNodi Unimvry PRAVER.JANET ELLEN. Su tirtmd LWmMyof Trial 11 Auxm PREVOST. MARVIN ESTEBAN. Mr-axor OtrdmrCdlrRr PRYZANT.JOSEPH ROElERT. Auxm LVinmxyof Tnix Amiai PUENTE ROBERT RICHARD.Sin A w . Sr Miry Unrmxry REDMAN. PATRICK DAVID. Ami Rxr I'nnrrvrj RENNER. MICHAEL JOHN. Auxm US. Ax Four Aradrmy RIECKE RANDALL UE.Con am tnnrrxry of Tnu 11 Auxm RtSIIEU ERICC. R-m Falls. W! Trim On in LWumxy ROBINSON. DANA CEIL Airuntfo Ttrury llnnrrxry ROCHA. SUSAN C. Jin Aixonm Unnmxy of 0 uo Midlaw -RODGERS. CM ERIE U Avun Ur.vrivry of Utah RODRIGUEZ. CHRIS. AuMin SoaUwm U .«(W ROORIGUEZ. PABLO. Aumii Uiwrrwry of Ho. non ROGERS, WILUAM A . JR. Auicn Sowhrrrt M«V-l.u Univrovy ROMANO DANIIL. Avrnn Hittn Ceiirfr ROSENBERG. AMY. Aoxn UivvtiMy of Trill M Avion RULA. PAUL DAVID. Aiika VuvdnMi SAGA?I NEJAD, NANCY G. Au n Nonlmnr. '.'n.vrrvo SALU, FEMl G . Aexin GniuNni $CMt Unnfnry SANDS. ROD EUGENE. Houuon Ur»»fi»ry cf TtuiM Avion SOfARFF. SHARON R. San Anono Un.v«My of Ton 11 Auxin SCOTT.JOHN THOMAS. Uum la Tulan SECORD. LINDA B. Avion Duke Un itnuy SHAN NON. BRIAN DAVID. San Ar rto San Awo SIFUENTES. JESUS. Avxn UrvAiup of Tonal ElPno SIMMONS. WILLIAM DA VO), A Mm SOUlhvtWCTR UlWlM) SMITH. CARY STEVEN. Alva OK Nonhmirm Dlaloni Stair Orwrrury SMITH.JAMES L. Amn IkiWiW) of Kanui SMITH. MURl EDWARD. Avatin Uervmiry of Trial at Aunt) SORRENT1NO. ANTHONY VICTOR. Lai Vtjii N V Uwmiy of Okiio SPEARS. BEKRYD. M-J.uxl AvxinCdlrcr SPIVY. BRENT F. Nocona Ab-cM Orman Uravmny SR ALIA. TIMOTHY GERARD. HoittvEIr Uravmaj of Trial at AvMm During the late Sixties and early Seventies, interest in traditional Law School activities declined. Assault and Flattery, the Peregrinus, Miss Portia and Law Wives disappeared. While Assault and Flattery and the yearbook were soon revived, the Law School sweetheart did not survive pressures by the women's movement. Law Wives disbanded when a "law husband" demanded to be a member. I..IU iv« s (.lull Illustration from 106) Peregtinus. The final Miss Poma. Bettie WJ let son (1971). Assault Flattery in 1971. 96— MidlawMIDLAW STEVEN DOUGLAS ROBERT. A.«» InduAa ViiMtMy SWAN. MICHAEL ROBERT. AvK n Move Sue CoUefe SW1NNEA.THOMASC1IARLES Au« UnxiHTCiTniitiAtm TAietrr. pai i william. a.«« Un» tuyof PtnroyUm TAUEY. SJIARON KAY. A. Ur.MUrtyerffNWwnu TAYLOR. LOt IS EDWARD. ’Wnmnut’ Cef-ef TAYLOR. THOMAS WILSON, Ton Worth TnuQ«iiilMLniwM| TII0MP5ON. GREGORY MARL . Port ArtNii Umeaay ol Trui Auinn TIIURMAN.JAN R. Uiwrrwy 0fAAMu TIUA1X. LACY ANDREW. A.«« Ilm-wgcKGWp TOBIAS, BETSY ANN, Rjewe. W1 IVmKiodWonw' TOEDT.DlllCIIARlESIIl. A-i«n I MvmatT of Tmi KAu r TOMPKINS. ROBERT STEPHEN.Eon Worth AnnoColm TREVINO DLSJDERfOJR. Lurdo TtiiiAtMllMmi TUATAY.SUSAN I .ColmUi.OII OEuoStur I'ivwm? TUBS,RifK, Daln VlftrfrtNJr I'fnnMl UNGER. ALLEN L.A««n Liimimt erf NtEnrfi M UncoU UPCHURCH, KAY IIARWARD. Ao«n l n«no of North C«4w u Oaprl llrfl I ETON. ARLEAS, Sdnfcnbuff LWimljcfTriu « Ar»n VANAMBI RGH. ROBERT WllUAM Aort. L'iwovc) of Tnu « A «w VAN HOOSER. STEPHEN WESLEY. Awr I nmtrcfTmiK A.Krt VARGAS.JAMES THOMAS S o Ammo Unnrruryof Tnu k Amr VIDAf RRI. STEVEN MARK. Eefcxferg l'iwm«ro(TrtUK Arnem WALKER. MARK WHEELER. MeAlkn UniffiU) of Tf • ti rt AuKrt WALLACE.GARY CAMERON. UrJd Umvreutyof Tnu rt Atiain WARMAN. ETTA MARIA. A»«i »« Vrjim 1 iwmary WARREN. TERRI G, PL»«o L'ortrmty of Tu it« Avitn WAXMAN. ELLEN J Houaon SrtWhCofcrr WITHERSPOON. VANETIA KARYL. B e Roop. LA Soochrm u Buen Roof WEYLANDT. ROBERT MICHAEL. Odetu L'nnortyefTtui • Aurtm W1GINTON. MEUSSAJ. A««rt Unr«n r of T(ui» Amra WILDER WALTER RUFUS. RototOvr-UN n«|cfTminA»«» WILLIAMS. DON NY ROY. Mei Rougr. LA Louourti Treh L'orwiurr WILLIAMS LAN1S 111. Am Annxw Seae Uw« » T WITTER. DEBRA LUANN. Aoan Une-may of Tetu a A»a» WOtrSON KENNETH ALAN.Oemn.OH U vm»«TO(Cine«v WOODS BRYAN A Svn A«o o Uiweruyof Tn» « A«aw WOODS. JANE EVELYN. MantoB I'wmo of Tetu rt Auan ZAPALAC WIlliAM CHARLES. A« n Livwrucy of Tniin ZARAGOZA. AlOA ANN. Son Anrano TnnayUrvvenay ZIMMERMAN. HARRY L , Ammo Uetntnry of Pimw» v»n« ZLIMMO. PATRICK ANDREW. Bemnor i vc- Midlaw —9?ABDO. DANNY WAYNE. Dallas Southern Methodist University, Honor Council Midlaw Representative. Legal Research Board AGUILAR. GUADALUPE RIVERA. H Paso University of Texas at El Paso. Board of Advocates, Red River Social Club AGUIRRE. RICHARD. Corpus Christi Pr.nceton University, Phi Alpha Delta. Chicane Law Students Association, American Bar Association. Moot Court. Mock Trials. Intramural Sports AHUMADA. CHRISTINA. El Paso University of Texas at El Paso. Phi Alpha Delta AINSA. RICHARD LEE. El Paso University of Texas at El Paso AKERS. BROCK CORDT. Des Plaines. IL TexasChristian University. Board of Advocates. Review of Litigation. Kemp-Smith Mock Trial. Locke Purnell Mock Trial, Hildebrand Moot Court ALCALA.GRACE. Edinburg Yale University ALEMAN. RAYMUNDO, Converse University of Texas at Austin. American Bar Assoc anon Student Division. State Bar of Texas Student D vision ALTER. RORY STEPHEN. Houston University of Texas at Austin, Cnminol Law Association President ANDERSON. LISE ELLEN. Fort Worth University of Texas at Arlington ANSCHUTZ. KENT CLARK. Richardson Southern Methodist University, Review of Litigation ARNOLD. PAMELA KAY. Dallas TexasChristian University. Legal Research Board ARRINGTON. W. JEWEL. Austin Centenary College. Texas Law Review BAILEY.SHEILA ANNETTE. Dallas Southern Methodist University. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. Alpha Kappa Alpha BAKER.CARL FLECK. Austin University of California at Santa Barbara, Texas Law Review AKER.JAMES ADDISON IV. Houston Cornell University. Texas International Law Journal BALDWIN.JOHN TIMOTHY. Austin University of Houston. American Journal of Criminal Law BALMAN. STEVEN KENT. Austin Harvard College. American Journal of Criminal Law. Phi Delta Phi BARNES. P. LOUISA M.. Houston University of Texas at Austin, Legal Research Board, Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Kappa Phi BARTON. ED WAYNE. Austin Lamar University BATEMAN. HOMAS GERALD JR.. Houston Southern Methodist University BATHURST.CAMILLE ANN. Houston University of Virginia. Texas International Law Journal Articles Editor BEATTY. MARK DAVID. Fort Worth University of Texas at Austin, Phi Delta Phi. Intramural Sports BEARDEN. MITCHELL RAY. Austin Colorado College 98 — SeniorsBELISLE. JOSEPH MERRITT. Austin University of Texas at Austin BENOIT. PAUL FREDERICK. Austin U.S. Military Academy at West Point BENTIVEGNA. NICHOLAS. McAllen St. Francis College BERNARD. DAVID KANE. Houston Rice University. Texas Law Review BIRCHER. DOUGLAS EDGAR. Sugarland Ohio Wesleyan University. Urban Law Review BISHOP. BRIAN W.. Austin University of Texas at Austin BLOUNT. SUSAN LOUISE. Austin University of Texas at Austin BOYD. LAURENCE E.. Angelton Texas A«rM University. Legal Research Board, Phi Alpha Delta BROCK.JEANMARIE SUMMERTON. Houston The College of William and Mary. Texas Law Review Associate Editor. Texas Law Review Association Secretary. Geary-Brice Moot Court Competition Semi-Finalist. Christian Legal Society BROCK-SULLIVAN. ELIZABETH. Austin Northeastern University. Women's Law Caucus. Delta Theta Phi BROTHERS.D. DOUGLAS. Austin Amherst College BROWN. HARVEY GRANNISJR.. Austin University of Texas at Austin. Texas Law Review. Intramuri Sports, Assault and Flattery. Christian Legal Society BROWN. KIM D.. Houston Rice University. Texas Law Forum Editor. Delta Theta Phi BROWN. REAGAN MARK. Mmeola Southern Methodist University. National Moot Court Team. State Moot Court Team. Board of Advocates BROWN. RODNEY LEE JR.. Waco Baylor University. Texas Law Review Articles Editor. Phi Delta Phi. International Law Society. Lone Star Lacrosse Club BROWN. WILLIAM A, Houston University of St. Thomas BUTLER.JAMESJACKSON. Austin University of Texas at Austin. Texas International Law Journal. Urban Law Review BUTLER. MONA SHERRELL. Mountain City. T-N University of Tennessee. Legal Research Board Director. Phi Delta Phi CAGLE. MOLLYJ„ Houston Texas Tech University CALDWELL. BRENT RANDOLPH. Austin University of Texas at Austin. Legal Research Board Seniors — 99CALDWELL.JAMES DUDLEY. Austin University of Texas at Austin CALLAHAN.JAMES KIM. Longview University of Texas at Austin CALLAWAY. ROBERT L.. Dallas Southern Methodist University. Delta Theta Phi CALZIA. BRUNO. Rome. Italy University of Rome CAMPBELL. MARIANNE. El Paso University of Texas at El Paso. University of Texas at El Paso. Red River Social Club CARNES.DONALD FAIRCHILD. Austin University of Texas at Austin, Teaching Quizmaster CARTER. ROBERT R.. Pensacola. FL University of Texas at Austin. Phi Delta Phi. Urban Law Review CASTETTER.ALAN LEE. Big Soring University of Texas at Austin. Board of Advocates. Review of Litigation During World War II enrollment dropped to less than 40 students and five regular faculty members. In the fall of I960. IM9 students enrolled in the Law School. 100 — SeniorsCECIL GRAYSON REED. Austin Univernty of Texas at Austin. Student Bar Association Freshlaw Representative. Teaching Quiamaster CHACO. ZACARI AS RODRIGUEZ. Austin University of Texas at Austin. Phi Alpha Delta. International Law Society CHILDS. KIM BRIAN. Austin St.John's College CHILES. JAMES ROBERT. Austin HarvardCollege. Assault and Flattery. Texas Law Forum Peregrinus.Geary-Brice Moot Court. Police Action Proiect CHISUM. MICHAEL DAVID. Austin University of Texas at Austin CHRISTOPHER.CHARLES VANCE. Dallas Davidson College CLARE. SUSAN APRIL. Austin University of Texas at Austin CLEMENT. THOMAS WESLEY. Houston Middlebury College. Student Assistant to l an Byron Fullerton. Intramural Sports. Red River Social Club CLOSE. HOWARD L. Austin Louisiana State University. Hildebrand Moot Court. Assault and Flattery COLE. BRIAN HOWARD. Lubbock Rice University.Teaching Quiimaster. Honor Council. Sandwich Seminar Committee Chairman. Red River Social Club COLLINS. DOl GLAS LAN HAM. Austin University of Texas at Austin COOPER. C WADE. Austin Southern Methodist University. Board of Advocates. Review of Litigation. Criminal Element COOPER. DAVID LEE. Austin Kansas State University. Board of Advocates. Geaty-Boce Moot I Court. Hildebrand Moot Court. Debate Team Coach CORREA. EVETTE MARIA. Austin University of Texas at Austin. Phi Alpha Delta COTriNGH AM. ELIZABETH ANNE. Dallas Texas Christian University COY. ALEX III. San Antonio University of Pennsylvania. Review of Litigation, Cfucano Law Students Association. Community Legal Education Proiect. Assault and Flattery CRAWFORD.JOE WAYNE. Austin Stephen F. Austin University. Phi Delta Phi CUCLIS.JAMES LAWRENCE. Houston University of Texas at Austin CUELLAR. ENRIQUE ROBERTO. Laredo Georgetown University. Chkano Law Student Association. Law Student Community Legal Education Program DAVID. WILLIAM MARK. Sherman University of Texas at Austin. Review of Litigation Seniors — 101DAVIDSON. LISA ANN. DeSoto Brigham Young University DAVIS. BENNIE GEORGE. Austin University of Texas at Austin DAVIS. GARY WARD. Wichita. KS University of Kansas. Teaching Quizmaster. Phi Delta Phi DOUGLAS.CHERYL ANN. Houston R ce University. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. Geaty-Brice Moot Court DOUGLAS. GREGORY CHARLES. Austin U.S Military Academy at West Point DRISCOLL. VICTORIA JEANNE. Houston University of Notre Dame EDELMAN. RICHARD HENRY. Austin University of Texas at Austin EDINGER. CYNTHIA TEAL. Houston Duke University. Teaching Qjiamaser, Legal Research Board. Review of Litigation. Assault and Flattery EDROZO. LAWRENCE RICHARD. Texas City University of Houston EDWARDS.CLARK G. Austin Iowa State University ELBERS. STEPHANIE JOAN. Houston Duke University, Texas Law Review ELIZAI.DE.CHRIS GARZA. Austin University of Texas at Austin ELLISOR.JACQUELINE BURDETTE. Galveston Oberlin College. American Criminal Law Association. Phi Alpha Delta. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society ERBEN. RANDALL HARVEY. San Antonio Princeton University FADAL. MELANIE HARPER. Austin Texas Tech University. Teaching Qj inn aster. Grambling Mounce Client Counseling. Intramural Sports FAIR. LESLEY ANNE. Austin University of Notre Dame FAY.CYNTHIA ANN. Dallas Southern Methodist University. Delta Theta Phi FELLERS. RHONDA G.. Happy University of Texas at Austin FERGUSON. NANCY. Austin Oklahoma State Universxy. Teaching Quizmaster. Delta Theta Phi FINKELSTEIN. MARK STUART. Austin University of Texas at Austin. Urban Law Review. Phi Beta Kappa. Faculty-Student Curriculum Committee. Plan II Honors Program FINN. MICHAEL PATRICK. Austin Mary Hardin-Baylor University. Women's Law Caucus, Military Law Association FITE. KATHIE LYNN. Austin University of Oklahoma FLINN. AMY LOUISE.Sinton St. Mary's University. Women’s Law Caucus, American Journal of Criminal Law. Phi Alpha Delta. Intramural Sports FLORES. DAHLILA. Austin Pam American University. Chicano Law Student Association 102 — SeniorsFONTANA-PUGH. SARAH SHIELDS. Auxin Arkansas Srate University. Legal Research Board. American Journal of Criminal Law FRAUSTRO. LINDA. Laredo University of Texas at Austin FRAZIER. RICKS PARKER. San Antonio Texas A MUnivetsuy.Texas Internanonal Law Journal. Internaiioru! Law Society FURMAN.JAMES HOUSLEY. Auxin Embey RiddSe Aeronautical Univetxry. University of North Florida. Phi Alpha Delta. Research Assixant GALTON. IAN GLENN. Houston Duke Umverxty GARATONI. MICHAEL REX. Fort Dodge. IA Abilene Christian University. Board of Advocates. Phi Alpha Delta GARDNER. ROBERT STEWART. Auxin US. Air Force Academy. Texas Law Review. Military Law Association GARDNER. VICKI WYNNE. Auxin Rice University. Teaching Quirmaxer. Review of Litigation GARZA. DAVID L. Benavides University of Texas at Auxin. Chicano Law Students Association Director.Student Bar Association Budget Advisory Committee GENTRY. MICHAEL H.. Austin Texas A M Umverxry. Phi Alpha Deha. Research Asxstant GERMAN. TERRY JEROME. Montgomery. AL Vanderbilt Umverxty.Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. Alpha Phi Alpha GHOLSTON. USA KAY. Amarillo University of Texas at Auxin. Teaching Quirmaxer GIBBF.NS. MICHAEL JAMES. Auxin Rice University. Review of Litigation GLASS.CYNTHIA RAY. Houxon Tufts Universtfy. Phi Alpha Delta. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. Kemp-Smith Mock Trial. Minorities Opportunities Committee GOLDSTUCKER. MARK F.. Auxin University of Texas at Austin. Criminal Law Association, Criminal Defense dime. Intramural Sports GONZALEZ. RANDOLPH V.. Alice Umverxty of Texas at Auxin. Student Bar Association Treasurer. Honor Council Chairperson. Chicano Law Students Association Special Projects and Parliamentarian. Phi Alpha Delta. Scholarship and Loans Committee. Admissions Committee GOULD.JANET JETER. Auxm Umverxty of Texas at Auxin GREEN.STEVEN KEITH. Auxin TexasChnxtan University. Urban Law Review Executive Editor. Phi Alpha Deha GREEN WELL. THOMAS FREDERICK. King of Prussia. PA George Washington University. American Journal of Criminal Law Assixant Executive Editor. Criminal Law Association. Inmate Asxxance Project Director GRIM.STEPHEN ALFORD. Auxin Pan American Univerxty Seniors — 105GRIMMER. STEPHEN A.. Austin Tens Tech University. Lejtil Eagles Too hill Teim GROSS. DAVID BRYAN. Austin University of Texas it Auwin. Phi Delta Phi HAGAN. ELIZABETH ANN. Austin Duke University, Legal Research Board. Ptii Alpha Delta HALL. HARRELL GLENN. Austin IIS. Military Academy at West Point HALL. SAM H, By Spin University of Texas at Austin HASKINS. MITCHELL DALE. Austin Southwestern University IIATCILGERALDTHOMAS. Round Rock Sam Houston State University. Military Law Association HARTNETT. WILL FORD. I allas I latvard I Iniveruty, I Inivetsity Cooperative Society Board of Directors. Chess Ckib President FALL DRUNK WINNERS Best Individual Costume Rocky Horror David Webber Best Group Costume Doonesbury Cartoon Jewel Airmgton I an Gibb Steve Green Barbara Hathaway Paula Hutchinson Linda Rees David Roberts Mike Sutherland Fall Drunk Sue Korioth IOS - SeniorsHATHAWAY. BARBARA DREXLER. Austin Cornell University. Geary Brice Moor Coon. Hildebrand Moot Court. Grambhng-Mounce Qient Counseling HAYNIE. MARK STEPHEN. Denton TexasTech University HEASLEY.JOHN MARK. El Paw University of Texas at Austin HEBNER. DIANEJOYCE. Corpus Christ. University of Texas at Austin. Legal Research Board. Texas International LawJournal HEILBRUN. KIM LAUREEN. Austin Envory University HENRICKS. SUSAN. Austin University of Texas at Austin. Women's Law Caucus. Phi Delta Phi HILL CYNTHIA JANE. Dallas University of Texas at Austin. Texas International Law Journal Note and Comment Editor HILL.JOHNJOSEPH. Lexington. VA University of Virginia. American Journal of Criminal Law HILLYER. BART. Toledo. OH University of Toledo HINOJOSA. LETICIA. Brownsville University of Texas at Austin. Student Bar Association Rules and Standards Committee. Clue a no Law Students Association. Amencan Bar Association UT Representative HOFFMAN. JOSEPH A . Austin St. Vincent College. Intramural Sports. Teaching Quumasters HOLDER. PHILLIP ALLEN. Austin Southern Methodist University HOLZINGER. IAN KATHERINE. Houston University ofTexas at Austin. Review of Litigation Associate Editor HOMER.JAMS LYNN. Richardson Valparaiso University. Teaching Quiamaster. Texas International Law Journal. Assault and Flattery HOOVER. DWAYNE ALLEN. Austin Abilene Christian University HORTON. HENRY HOLLIS. Austin Duke University. Legal Research Board. Phi Delta Phi HORTON. ROBERT SCOTT. Austin University of Maryland. University of Maine HOUSE. MICHAEL PAUL. Austin Southern Methodist University. Texas Law Review Managing Eduot. Legal Research Board HOWELL. ROBERT I.. Premont Sc. Maty's University. Phi Delta Phi Oerk. Legal Research Board HUDMAN. JAMES ARTHUR. Bishop University of Houston. Urban Law Review. Board of Advocates. Phi Alpha Delta Seniors — I OSHUERTA. EVELYN. Hebbronville Texas A I University. Chicano Law Students Association HUTCHINSON. PAULA A.. Austin Rice University. Texas Law Review. Geary -Brice Moot Court INCERTO. MICHAEL SCOTT. Austin Baylor University JAMES. FAITH STOVALL. Austin Rice University. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society JENKINS. NANCY LAURA. Austin Carthage College JERGINS, MICHAEL PAUL. Austin University of Texas at Austin. Review of Litigation Editor. Hewett Johnson Novice Mock Trial JOHNSON. BRIAN KELLY. Austin University of Texas at Arlington. Student Bar Association. Assault and Flattery, Legal Eagles Captain JOHNSON. DANA K . Round Rock Sam Houston State University JOYCE.JEFFREY LLOYD. Austin Texas A M University JUAREZ. JOSE ROBERTO JR . Laredo Stanford University. Chicano Law Students Association. Minority Opportunities Committee. Project Info. Student Bar Association Election Commission KAISER. MARGO MARIE. Austin University of Southern Colorado KEE.JOHN LESTER III. Dallas Duke University KEE. TRACY ELIZABETH. Dallas University of Notre Dame. Board of Advocates. Teaching Quirmastcr. Review of Litigation KEITEL. WILLIAM E . Austin George Washington University. Review of Litigation. Legal Research Board. Board of Advocates. Police Action Project CELLY. MARY CECILIA. Houston Harvard University. Board of Advocates. Intramural Sports .ELSEY. CARMEN YOUNG. Austin University of Texas at Austin. American Journal of Criminal Law Assistant Managing Editor. Thuigood Marshall Legal Society KENNEDY. BRENDA PICOLA. Temple University of Texas at Austin. American Journal of Criminal Law. Criminal Law Association. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society KILGORE. CELIA WATSON. Austin University of Texas at Austin KING. DUANE CLIFFORD. Dallas Rice University KIRKLAND. THOMAS EDWARD. Austin University of Texas at Austin. Eta Kappa Nu. University Election Commission KNOWLING. MARLA YVETTE. Austin Bishop College, Student Bat Association Secretary. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society Vice-President. Zeta Phi Beta LAWSON. RODNEY HALL, Austin Baylor University. Board of Advocates. Geaiy-Brice Moot Court. Locke-Purnell Mock Trial. Kemp-Smith Mock Trial LEACH. WILLIAM HORTON JR.. Austin Rice University LEFKOWITZ. JEFF D . Houston University of Texas at Austin. Texas Law Review iOfi — SeniorsLEGGETT. KENNETH HUNT. Arlington Austin College. Texas Law Review. Freshman Moot Court LEHECKA. SCOTT ALAN. Austin Pennsylvania State University LITTLE. LAURA MARGARET. Austin Rice University LONG. MARIETTA ANN. Austin University of the Americas. Women's Law Caucus LYKOS. THOMAS JOHN. Houston Harvard College. Texas Law Review Editor. Phi Alpha Delta LYLES. LAWRENCE FRANCE. Austin Washington and Lee University. Legal Research Board Chairman. Teaching Quizmaster. Review of Litigation. Phi Delta Phi Vice-Magister MAHER. PATRICK JOSEPH. Dallas University of Santa Clara. Teias Law Review Editor. Chancellors MAITRE.GARY RICHARD. Austin University of buffalo MANDEL. SYLVIA. Austin University of Texas at Austin. Women's Law Caucus MARQUEZ. ROBERT. Houston Washington University. Chicano Law Students Associatior MARTINEZ LIU DENISE. San Antonio University of Texas at Austin. Review of Litigation MATTOX. SHARON MARIE. Austin Emporia State University MATULA. MARK CHRISTOPHER . Austin University of Texas at Austin. Review of Litigation. Phi Alpha Delta. Criminal Element MCCALEB. CHARLES BENJAMIN. Austin University of Texas at Austin. Legal Research Board. Legal Eagles MCCARTNEY. CATHERINE LOUISE. Houston Princeton University. Texas Law Review MCCLELLAN. MICHAEL BRUCE. Austin Indiana University MCCRARY.JOHN W. Austm Rice University. Legal Research Board. Hildebrand Moot Court. Grambling Moonce Client Counseling MCDERMOTT.JOSEPH A. III. Austin University of Texas at Austin. Red River Social Club. Kappa Sigma MCDONALD. CHARLES BYERS. Austm Southwest Texas State University. Geary-Bnce Moot Court MCDONALD. GREGORY JOSEPH. Austin University of Nebraska I Seniors — Iff’MCGEE. MARK ROYCE.San Antonio University of Texas at Austin MCKEE. KAY ROXANNE. Austin University of Texas at Austin MCPHAUL. GLENN PATRICK. Austin University of Texas at Austin MEDINA.CATHY E.. Austin Baylor University. Women's Law Caucus MENGLER. THOMAS M . Austin Carleton College. Texas Law Review Research and Note Editor MERLI.JOHN EDWARD. Austin Indiana University MEYER.CORA LYNN. Longview North Texas State University. American Journal of Criminal Law MENTZER. VIRGINIA ANN. Houston University of Virginia MIGGINS. EILEEN MARY. Houston Randolph-Macon Woman's College. Teaching Quizmaster. Legal Research Board. Delta Theta Phi MILES.KENNETH GEORGE. Austin Park College. Texas Law Review Note Editor. Phi Delta Phi. Geary-Brice Moot Court. International Law Society. Christian Legal Society MONROE. PAUL LARSSON. Austin Rice University. Assault and Flattery MOORE. EDWARD HAROLD JR.. Houston Morehouse College. Student Bar Association Treasurer. Thurgood Marshall legal Society. International lew Society. AdmissionsCommittee Student Chairman. Phi Alpha Delta Prior to 19% only (VI percent of each entering class graduated from the Law School. 108 — SeniorsMOORE. ROGER DALE. Austin University of Texas at Austin MORALES.CARMEN R. Austin Unrversity of Texas at El Paso MORGAN. DEBORAH COX. Austin University of Texas at Austin. Phi Delta Phi MOSHER. MICHAEL D.. Austin University of Texas at D Paso. Board of Advocates MOTL.TERRI LYNN. Austin University of Texas at Austin. Illegal Eagles. Intramural Sports. Phi Delta Phi Magrster MULLEN. KEITH HOWARD, Austin University of Texas at Austin MUZZY.GRAY HOWARD. Austin Yale University NAVARRO.SAMUEL A . El Paso University of Texas at El Paso. Chicano Law Student Association. International Law Society, Hildebrand Moot Court. GrambJing-Mounce Client Counseling. Society of the Peregrmus NEAL. MARK HARRELL. ANGLETON University of Texas at Austin NETTLES. LARRY WADE. Baytown Rice University. Geary-Brice Moot Court. Intramural Sports. Law School Student-Faculty Committee. University Council NEWBERRY. LEE ANN. Weatherford Texas Christian University NIPPER. PAUL THOMAS. Dallas University of Texas at Austin. Phil Delta Phi OBERDIER. RONALD RAY. Austm Mary Hardin-Baytor College. Board of Advocates. Region IX Client Counseling Winner, Pi Gamma Mu OLIVER.JESSE DEAN. Dallas Dallas Baptist College. Student Bar Association President. Phi Alpha Delta Vice-Justice. Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. Community Legal Education Project. Minorities Oppocturuty Committee. Senior Cabinet OMAN. JOSEPH P.. Austin University of Texas at Austin OSBORN.JUDY ALICE. Austin University of Texas at Austin OSBORNE.JOHN EDWARDS. Austin Stanford University. International Law Society President. Legal Research Board. Review of Litigation, State Moot Court Team. Honor Council OSSENFORT. ELIZABETH. Austin Pnnceton University. Phi Alpha Delta OVER ALL.CATHERINE LEE. Houston University of Texas at Austin PARGAMAN. WILLIAM DAVID. Fort Worth Universityof Texas at Austin. Texas Law Review Seniors — 100PATE. DAWN MILLER. Huntsville Southwestern University. Women's Law Caucus PAUTSCH. R1CHARDJOSEPH. Austin Carieton College. University of Nevada PETERSON. LAURA ELIZABETH. Austin Duke University. Legal Research Board Director PHELPS.JANET LYNN. Covington. TN Lambuth College, American Journal of Criminal Law. Women s Law Caucus. Research Assistant PHILLIPS, EDITH STUART. Fort Smith. AR Hollins College. Review of Litigation Associate Editor. Phi Alpha Delta, Intramural Sports. Discipline Policies Committee PHILLIPS. R. KENT. Austin University of Texas at Austin. Student Bar Association Senior Representative. Phi Alpha Delta P1EDFORT. RACHAEL BARNES. Austin East Central State, University of Texas at Austin PITTMAN.JAMES DAVID. Ponca City. OK Harvard College. Phi Delta Phi PLUMMER. ULLY ARNESE. Richmond University of Texas at Austin. Board of Advocates. Review of Litigation PRESSON. WILLIAM RUSSELL, Austin Millsaps College PRICE. NANCY F.. Austin Indiana University. Texas Law Review PRYZANT. PAUL ELLIOT. Memphis. TN University of Pennsylvania. Review of Litigation Managing Editor QUEZADA. DILMA MARIA. Brownsville University of Texas at Austin. Chicano Law Students Association. Phi Alpha Delta. Student Bar Association RADKE. RICHARD WILLIAM. Austin Michigan State University READ. TIMOTHY T.. Houston Trinity University. Board of Advocates. Hildebrand Moot Court. Kemp Smith Mock Trial. Phi Delta Phi REAVIS. GILLIS EDWARD. Austin University of Texas at Austin, Texas Law Review REDDING. THOMAS E .Austin North Texas State University. Texas Law Review, Phi Delta Phi REESE, LINDA K., Austin University of Denver. Teaching Quirmaster. Hildebrand Moot Court RIDGEWAY. HENRY DORMAN, Pearland University of Texas at Austin RIDOUT.JOHN TOWNES. Austin University of Texas at Austin RIVERS. ADRIENNESTEVENS. Austin Vanderbilt University. Texas International Law Journal ROACH. ROBERT MICHAEL JR.. Austin Georgetown University. Texas Law Review. Board of Advocates. Review of Litigation. Hildebrand Moot Court. University Cooperative Society Director ROBERTS.BRUCEL.. Tyler University of Texas at Tyler, Criminal Law Association ROBERTS. DAVID NORTON. Laredo Laredo State University. Legal Research Board Director 110-SeniorsROBERTS, SARAH MEEKS. Austin Kent Sate University, Urban Law Review ROBINSON, SAVANNAH LINA. Austin RKe University RODRIGUE .. DAVID ROLAND. Austin University of Houston, Texas Law Review Note Editor RODRIGUEZ. HERI.INDA. Bryan Texas A M University. Student Bar Association Secretary. International law Journal Vice President. Chicano Ijw Students Association Finance Director. Foreign Studies Director. Scholarships and Loans Committee RODRIGI EZ.TIIOMAS. Austin Umversityof Texas at Austin. Urban Law Review ROHAN. AUDREY ANN. Dallas University of Pennsylvania. Legal Research Board Director. Review of Litigation. Assault and Flattery ROMERO. RODOLFO. El Paso University of Texas at El Paso. Criminal Law Association ROSSI. ATHRUR JOSEPH JR.. Laredo University of Texas at Austin. Texas International Law Journal Associate Editor. Legal Research Board. Phi Alpha Delta ROTHENBERG. LAWRENCE SCOTT. Austin Umversityof Houston. Review of Litigation ROTHSCHILD. RANDALL SCOT. Huntington Woods. Ml University of Michigan. The Review of Litigation Editor ROWE. MICHAEL DALY. Richmond. VA University of Virginia. Review of Litigation Note Editor. Research Assistant RUNNELS. MICHAEL LOWELL. Hobbs. NM Colorado College. Law Forum SANCHEZ.JOSE LUIS. El Paso Umversityof Texas at Austin. Student Bar Association • President. Phi Alpha Delta. Chicano Law Students Association. Committee on Standards and Rules SCHERLEN. EILEEN ELIZABETH. San Antonio University of Texas at Austin. Review of Litigation Note and Comment Editor. Assault and Flattery SCHERZ. DORR. Austin University of Texas at Austin. Student Attorney's Office. Intramural Sports SCHUCK. FREDERICK JAMES. Pennsauken. NJ Rutgers University. Urban Law Review. Phi Alpha Delta. Red River Social Club. Moot Court and Mock Trial. Intramural Sports SERNA. ROBERTO.Crystal City University of Texas at Austin. Student Bar Association. Constitutional Convention Delegate. Phi Alpha Delta. Chicano Law Students Association. Minority Opportunity Committee Chairman. Criminal Law Association SHANELEC, DANIELJ., Ellsworth, KS Emporia State University. Johnson. Swanson and Barber Mock Trial. American Journal of Criminal Law SHEARER. WILLIAM THOMAS III. Austin Rice University SIERRA. EDMUND MICHAEL. Austin The University of Texas at Austin. Joint Degrees Program. Chicano Law Students Association Seniors — 111SMILEY. CYNTHIA C(X)KE Austin Univetsky of Texas at Austin. Phi Alpha Delta SMITH.JANICE MARIE. Austin University of Texas a( Austin SMITH. KILLAOUGH KENT. Fort Worth University of Texas at Austin SMITH.TIMOTHY BRIAN. Pasadena Univetsky of Texas at Austin. Urban Law Review. Phi Delta Phi SNOE.JOSEPH ANTHONY. Austin University of Texas at Austin. Texas Law Review Editor SOFTER. STEVEN IRWIN. Austin Pennsylvania State University SOMERS. BRENT RAN DA LL. Corpus Christi Texas Aft.M University. Board of Advocates. Assault and Flattery. Review of Legation. Hildebrand Moot Couit. Mock Trial SOTO. ALEJANDRO Austin University of California. Los Angeles, Chicano Law Students Association. Community Legal Education Program SPARKMAN. MARLENE KAY. Austin St. Edward's University SPENCE. MARTHA S„ Austin University of California. Irvine. Texas Tech University. Christian Legal Society. Law Forum. Women s Law Caucus. Delta Theta Phi. Criminal Law Society. Criminal Justice Project. Peregrinus Yearbook Assistant Edkor. Assault and Flattery SPENCER.GARY SUTHERLAND. Idabel.OK Oklahoma State Universky, Review of Lkigatkm Symposia Edkor, Phi Delta Phi, Board of Advocates SPILLANE.JOHN MICHAEL. Houston Creighton University Until the rmd-l9X)'s any student with a university degree or three years of college with a C average was automatically admitted to the Law School. This year, freshlaws had media rade pont average of J.5 and a median LSAT score of 6 0. 112 — SeniorsSPRADLEY.CHARLES DONELSON. Dalits University of Texas a( Austin. Review of Litigation STAHR. SCOTT MICHAEL. Barrington. IL University of Virginia. Urban Law Review Artidesand Ntxe Editor. Phi Delta Phi STANTON. LOIS ANN. Silsbee University of Texas at Austin STEIMEL. WALTER EARL JR.. Fort Worth Texas Christian University. Texas International LawJournal. Phi Delta Phi STEVENSON. JAMES DONALD JR.. Dallas Vanderbilt University. Board of Advocates STEWART. WILLIAM PAUL. Dallas Stanford University. Phi Delta Phi. Texas International Law Journal. Legal Eagles STOKES.JAMES H JR.. Houston University of Texas at Austin. Council of Graduate Students Representative. Student Bat Association. Kemp-Smith Mock Trial. Election Commission STONE. NINA SUSAN. Webster Texas A M University. Texas International Law Journal Senior Articles Editor STORY.STEPHEN EVANS. Austin University of Texas at Austin. Review of Litigation Ed Board of Advocates STOVALL. HOWARD LEE. Grand Rapids. Ml Albion College. Texas Law Review. International Law Society STRATTON.CYNTHIA DAY. Houston Massachusetts Institute of Technology STRICKLER. ANN. Austin Texas Afltl University SUTHERLAND.J. MICHAEL. Austin Abilene Christian University. Student Bar Assoc at ion. Texas Law Association TACHER. MARY GIBBS. Austin Southern Methodist University. Legal Research Board TANKERSLEY. MICHAEL W.. Austin Rice University. Texas Law Review TAYLOR. RICHARD MARLOW. Texas City Texas A M University, Board of Advocates THORNHILL. WILLIAM ROUTT. Houston Texas A M University THORNTON. YVONNE DENISE. Houston Wellesley College. Student Bar Association Executive Board. Phi Alpha Delta, Thurgood Marshall Legal Society TIMAEUS. DANA LEE. Pott Neches Lamar Umverstty. American Journal of Criminal Law TOVAR. ELF.AZAR. Pharr Western Michigan University. Chicano Law Students Association Seniors — 11JL. Kohood TREICHLER. RACHEL. Austin Harvard University. National Moot Court Team, Texas International La w Journal TRIGG.SALLY DAY. Las Vegas NM University of Texas at Austin. American Journal of Criminal La . Criminal Justice Intern TUCKER. JOE ALLEN. Victoria University of Houston. Texas International La Journal Managing Editor. International La Society, Thurgood Marshall Legal Society TURNER. ANITA C. Corpus Oiristi Corpus Chnsti State University, Phi Alpha Delta TURNER.CHANDRA L . Houston University of Houston. Honor Council. Delta Theta Phi URSUA-COCKE. EUGENIO. Mexico El Colegio de Mexico VAN FLEET. WILLIAM L. Lubbock Texas Tech University VAN GILDER. DEREK ROBERT. Austin University of Texas at Austin. University of Houston. American Bar Association-La School Division Representative, Assault and Flattery.Texas La Forum. Intramural Sporrs VE1TENHEIMER. MICHAELJOSEPH. Burkbumett Texas Christian University. Board of Advocates. Moot Court. Mock Trial. Intramural Sports V1EHMAN. ERIC. Austin University of Virginia, Criminal Element VOWELL. DENISE KATHRYN. Austin Illinois Sate University, Board of Advocates. American Journal of Criminal La Note Editor. Women's La Caucus WALLACE. JAMES MURRAY JR.. Gideon MO Vanderbilt University. Texas Law Review, Phi Delta Phi. Geary-Brice Moot Court u survey (197' students going to larger firms was 11.3%. 27.6% of UT graduates were hired by firms with 25 or more'attorneys. According to the Placement Office's most recent survey (1979), 58.8% of UT graduates went into private practice. While the national average fin ,114—SeniorsWALTON. NANCY JANE. Dallas Southern Methodisr University WALTER. PAULCHRISTOPHER. Austin Universxyof Texts ar Austin. Texts Law Review. Intrmamural Sports. Red River Social Club WATTS.GWENDOLYN VERONICA. Dallas Princeton University. Thutgood .Marshall Legal Society WEBSTER. LINDA KRISTOF. Copperas Cove University of Oklahoma. Board of Advocates Financial-Administrative Director. American Journal of Criminal Law Note and Comment Eifcor. Geary Brice Moor Court. Hemtt-Johnson Mock Trial. Locke-Purnefl Mock Trial WEET1I.GEORGE WRIGHT. Abilene University of Texas at Austin. Texas International Law Journal WEINBREN. DON BRUCE. Austin University of Cincinnati. Delta Theta Fhi WEITZEL.JOHN DENNIS. Longview University of Texas at Austin. Phi Alpha Delta WESTER FIELD. WILLIAM W.. Houston University of North Carolina WHITE. DAVID RANDALL. Austin University of Georgia WHITE.J SAGE. Austin University of Texas at Austin. Law Students for Human Rights Co-Chair. Women s Law Caucus WHITFIELD. PINCKNEY N.. Austin University of Texas at Austin.TeachingQuirmastet. Review of Litigation. Hildebrand Moot Court WIEGMAN. LINDA SUSAN. Austin Southwestern University. Review of Litigation. Women's Law Caucus WILLIAMS. MARTHA ROSE. Austin De Paul University. Legal Research Board. International Law Society Secretary-Treasurer. Texas Law Forum Business Manager I WILLIAMS. REBECCA RIVERS. Austin University of Arkansas WINSLETT. BRENDA JOY. Austin University of Texas at Austin. Legal Research Board WISCH. DAVID SCOTT. Austin Southwestern University. Police Action Project. Criminal Justice Summer Internship. Prosecutorial Clinical Program WITHERSPOON.JAMES STUART. Ausrm University of Texas at Austin. Texas Law Review. Research Assistant WOODY. LARU A. K.. Austin University of Missouri WREN.MICHAEL ALAN. Lexington University of Texas at Austin. Delta Theta Phi. Kemp-Smrth Mock Trial ZAREMBA.CHERYL ANN. Austin University of Texas at Austin. Phi Alpha Delta. Women's Law Caucus. Student Bat Association Committees. Student-Faculty Committees Seniors — IDions V l completion o'f aiiothcr year m upur auesffor knowledge erf the j vo. eruice to upu 'is our reason for beino,. TUe want to be unhateuer help we canto upu; not onl as 6a stu9ent, but when u ou be ojn upui'jiractice as vuell, crvino, the yjrojesMou Since 1690 our, S 4t 116 A JvTflitmgBROWN DISTRIBUTING COMPANY • BUDWEISER • MICHELOB • NATURAL LIGHT • MICHELOB LIGHT 411 Chicon Austin, Texas 78702 Phone: 478-9353 lexas Bank REPUBLIC OF TEXAS Ninth at Congress Austin, Texas (512) 476-6711 Member FDIC A Ktnbmg — It'We’re your financial resource. AMERIGO BANK Need a quick 5' copy? 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Moll) Ann 44.04 lleilbrun, Kim Lauren 44.104 llmderson. Su mnc 87 Iknrxks. Sown Vs 104 Heredia. Claudio 04 1 lif nun. IXhtwe 47 1 Iff Ufa, Allied R 87 Hexee.Joy L. 41.04 llihhs. Kekie Auyusta 04 Hickman Jin Amy 87 links" mi hh aberh June 04 lick Militia 67 IM.. Cynthia Jane 44. 104 Bill. James V. Mill. John Joseph li. 104 lUlytr. Hate 104 lliroiow. I.eucia 46. 4k 104 Hoc kadi). Dtesald h.lll 4.4 Hirschmarv Karen lee 87 lloepken. Marie 66 Hoffman. Joseph A 40. 40. 104 lloyan, Timolhy Jowj 87 HoWet.Jcinmatx 87 Holder. Hhillip Allen 104 llol liman. Sieve 46 Ikil inyet Jan Ka;htf:ne 48.104 Homer. Jams l.ynn 40. 44. 104 Honeycutt. James Daud 04 Hood. Ilujch IJarfei 47.04 llOOhfl. Van Jack ton 87 1 lookt. Ailren Mane 47. SR JO. 44. 04 lloosrt.Dwaynr Allen 104 Hopkins Joanne 47 Hopson. Susan Bell 87 Horton. Henry Ho Hit 47. Vi 104 lion on. Roheit Sc oil 47. 104 1 louse. Mat hael Raul VI 104 IIoxmv Kathleen 46 llowarj. Jatnet Scott 04 Howard Kevin Bernard 46 $7 Ikiward. Mai) IJvjhrth Vl 87 Howard Stoet 47 lluwiB. John lianklm III 04 Howell. Robert 1 4?. 46 47. 104 Huddleston. Brenda 04 Hodman James Arthur 44. 44. 40. 104 Huerta, l.vetjo Vi 106 Miami) ti Hunt. Richard VI. 40 Hunter. Ihumat t. 47.04 Ikirtt. Brian 47. V. lion. I)at«d SucreH 87 lion. Samuel 1 uqua 41.87 llulchint l ineMa 41. 44. 4A 04 Ilia;(Innton. Haula A V4. ICY. Hutton. Michael Jenkint 41.87 Ilydcn.Caty Ken; 87 u lantyfi. I mda Sue 41 Ihana Ahdon V. Incteto. Mxhael Scut: tor. I'VC'am.Scoei Reet 87 biemational law Journal 47 Ivaekril.Sim | atid 41.87 Jahen.Dada Ka 87 ja r» . aesaf Auyuttus v.. 41. W Jinrs I aul. Sun all Vs l ' J "I H«. Bryan 46 jnvwti. Yvonne 7 Jarairaho. Jutefma Julieta Vs 7 Jefferson. ITw.yht hoyeiM Vi 87 Jenkint Nancy Uura 106 Jenkien. Kxhatd Ototyt 87 Jeryms. Michael Raul 48. ICY. Jolie. I.teretce Vl Johanson. Stanley M. 74 Johnson. Barbara 67 John ton. Itnan Kelly 106. Johnton. Corwin 4X'. 74 Johnton.Dina K ICY. Johnton. Kart 44 Johnton. I.tta Kathleen CM Johntton. Sroat t 47 Jones. llruce 47. VI Jonet. Katen 44. 40. 48 Jonet. Randall Ire 87 Jooiten. Richard V Juvtfh. Matlee Baker 41.87 Joyce. Jeffrey l.loyd ICY. Juatej. JoseKohettoJr 46 IOC. K Kaiter Maryo Marie ICY. Kaitcer.Michael l avij 87 Kalinke. Kalharcte Ann 46.91 Kat .hric M 44.91 KebosJeaui Charles Kelli 47.‘ 4 Kee.Jchn letter III 106 Kee. Tracy Einbeth 41. 40.40. 48. Keeyan.Karen Kay- 40. ICY. 87 Keen. Cynthia ,87 Keeton. W. Kaye 74 Keitel. WJ liam 1, 44.47. 4k 106 Keller. Jnn 47 Keller. Michael hdward 87 Kell). Georye William 44.91 Kelly. Mary Cecilia 44. 44. ICY. Kelsey. Carmen Youny 47. ICY. Kenetedy. Hernda Riccia 47. 4 4. ICY. Kennedy. Matthew J IV 91 Ketn. Dud l-oi) 41.87 Kett. Ikll 47 KJfyore. Celia Walton ICY. K iljcofe. Kenneth l.loyd 46.87 Kincaid,Mark l.yndon 87 Kmy. Duane Clifford 40. ICY. Kirk. Terry 47 Kirkland. 1 ho mat hdward ICY. Kleenmarv Robert Joseph 87 Klemmart Wdliam Step , 1 87 Knauppi l.ynn 47 Knohil. Carole 67 Know liny. Marla Yvette YsKY. Konoth. Sown Clare 91 Krakauer Sabrina l.ynn 87 Kroloff Mark Wade 44 Kutchm. Joshua Timothy 4 49.91 L lachte. Rickie Alan 44.91 Lafitte. Hat Chew 91 Lanlley. Theresa 66 landers. Beterly V. Unyenhory. Ray »7 Latteiter. Scots David 87 . John Kelly 87 Lavallv Richard A 87 law School foundation 67 Lawton. Rodney Hall 44. ICY. leach William llorcon Jr. ICY. leal. Antonio 46 leal. Gloria Vl 48. 4). Of hehav David Luke 91 lehowit .J leon 74 Ledbetter. Georye Hope 87 lee.Joann V. lee. Jody fh« 91 lefltowe .Jeff 1). VI. V). ItA leyyeet Kenneth Hone 44.107 l.rhrcka Scott Alan ter leb'manei. Greyoey Alan 47.91 lent try. Amy Sue 47.91 leonatd. Billy Gleetn W leone. Mike 66 leevot. Sonya 47 levinton. Sanlord 74 Letoy. Km A. 44.94 lewit. Cbarlct 44 Lewis. Chnvma l.ynn 88 lewit. Shonnx Lavon 88 lewit. Vick. V. LtCharnMein. I.oei 88 lather. I.oretta 1 aye 47.01 Ltrsman. Bruce Daud l.imbacher. Boh 4| landbeck. Mxhael Clark Scott K8 Lindquist. 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Grant VI Mart.n Mark 67 Martin RowlandJ Vs sot Mann. Sherry 47.41 Mamner. Drnile 48 Mattmra. I.di IVmte 107 Mart me . Jote V. Maltinc . Martha Guadiana V. sot Marnne . NVk ( .Jr. • l Man me . Rodnyo 16.47. VI Martinez. Vanctta V Matla. liena 44 Mason. Jainet Carlton sot Mairhewt. Barbara Jean Vs 91 Matrhewv A. ■ l Mattoe. Sharon Mane 44. 44. 40. 107 Mattie. Mark Christopher 44. 48. 107 Maawrll. Marilyn 48.91 Maynard. Cathy 47 McAnhur. John 44 SkCalrh. CBarlo benjamin 107 McCann. Wdfotd Dale SOI McCartney. Catherine louiv r 44.107 McClellan. Michael Bruce 44. 107 McClendon. Demis Dome 67.91 McCullouyh. Wd jam Scott SOI McCoJ. Georye Walter sot McCord. B J 47 McCow®. Detvd Gray sot McCoy. Mike 17. V. McC aey.John W. 107 McC iimnon. Marl Haiton S0 McC uRylkinnee. Johanna V MdXermott, Joteph A III 49. UI7 Me Donald. Char let Byers 107 McDonald. Greyory Joseph 107 Mchartin. Rebecca Ann 88 McGaeity. Ihoenat O 71 McGee. Mark Rtnte lf»t McCiee. Iran IBraheth sot McGilhtuds. Kesoi 47 McKee Kay Rtuannr Vs 17. 48 108 McKcfitae. IXittiih) 47. 17. 48 Ms-Kinnn. Kelly KrtAt sot Mark 64 McMishael. Jainet •6.44 McMullen,Chrryl l.ynn 88 McNeeli.Mehnda 41.94 itat McKee Michael SOt Ms Vtatrers.Jshn Mail. Vs 47.94 McWh.ner. Diner. 41.44 Meadows. Carl v. Meant. Koheri C 74 Medina, Kaih) A 17. ICet Meeker-Men . Jade 41 Meltm Ktihm 44 Mcnylri. Thomas M 4L I0K Menr rt. Viryma Ana IIK Mtr L. John hdward II , h » . :ik Merak). Rut M V. Metis John Ma-k sas 1 mn 47. Itw Miyy.nv laken Mary 17. 40. B t Mlksdav Jane 67 Mile . Kenneth Gesuyt Vs 41. Itat Milian. IVnna U. MJIet. Addfh Haul t Mfeer. liuahteb Nell 17.94 Miner. S Camife 89 Mmoi. R. h 67 Mitchell. Sent i Ann to Mitchell. Haul 67 Mink Trails 41 MihsJi. Knsaa 41 MtNUtal.Chm 47 Mtsnrtw. Haul larvwm Hat Mimte. MtsheTe l ce S») Mi.naayue. Dasad 47 Mtsraalso. leo V. Monteltmyts Ahredo V. MotKyutaety Arch 4 Mtmcyomert. J.anrlle II MtSOCe. Id«a dllai.hl Jr V. |iat MtH-e. R.yce' Hale liaa Mt« ( um tanperanm it Mora. Ilinntr.. V Mtuales. ( armen R V. 1(77 Mixers l.indejoen S»7 Moreno. hVrreete 67 Muryan. IVKaal. (■ . Vs Its Mw.Mhl.Gan Duanes »J Murm. Jane lie .umeiet 48.94 Mturiv C-rey 4 MorrO. I.tnda l.ssuxe s») Morns. Haula IXmte • Muerittm. Karldten 44 Murthery. Ikn AU 74 Momui.f .Minx J SOS Mother. Mac hael l 44s 117 MotVow.J Brute W Mint. Drams 44 MoeL Tern Dnn Ms. i Vs |7. H7S Mullen. Ke.ih Howard 109 Munyuu. Mtchel SO) Mu ya. Jews Santxvitbar. •) Murphy Jshn Kt xi SO) Morph. M sharia ii. m Mart. Merit 44. 41 Murray .James 67 Murray.Jorw Renee Vs S7) Murtauyh. Llien u, Mu n.Gla Howard 40. 117) N Nardxat. hllxet )») Naixsn. Artjrea Lsran Vl 74 Nauyhlsxi. Kathrtn Ann SO) Nat arm. 1 uytfUa Mat V..W7 Navarro. Sins ! A B77 Neal. Mark Harrell Its) Nerlt. M 4vxi Stuart 4194 Nelson 1 rank Ralph 94 Nettles, l ain WaJe 41. Vs. Its) Netert.Greyixs ll W ew4xtii. lee Ann 109 Newman. Vale tin- Ranee 94 Nxhdv Mat! 49 ScWiw AtthutC III 47.74 Nx hol ton Hen ) 17.41 Nicolai Sandra Rote 74 N’aCoud. (rforyr Arnold III 44.94 Nipper. Haul D.oenis Vs Its; Nil . Haul H 74 Noble. INnald Hancoavr 17. Vs 94 Noerit. Grey Y7 No-roa. Ana Marx 94 Now-im. Robetr M.chiel •7. 74 Nt.yet Terrartte Alien X7 N’unes. IredT 77 o,p Oherdxt. Ronald Ray 14. 1177 (Hmyer. Nancy f:. aheth S77 (Hi.eire. AntumoJr Vs 74 (Xnera. Guxlo 67 Nisei. Jesse 1 Nan nil.«i«7.Vs V). IIS) I Jinan. Joseph H 1177 Oita. RutMloO Jr Vs 89 OtbiMne.John Id wards 44. 44. II. 17. 48. |I7) Othom.Judt Ahte 1177 (Ktenftxt. 1 la ahelh IL Its (Kerall. ath.erxx 1 et 1177 Owen. Jane Connell ‘74 Hace. Hair. Heatrxe Vs 777 Halu. Jayne 17. V. 44 Harikie.Jinxe Haase Vs . 74 Harya. Marx 44. 74 Ha'yaman. William Hand 41.1177 Harler.James Aye.t 89 Harker.Joxph C U. 44. V..')) Hate. Dawn Millet lit! Hat.nts. v.iun Sala ar Vs 74 Hitman Catnn 44 Hauttch. KxharJ Joseph IIO Hiiumi. Heyrcn Jihn 7 Hayne. Rebecca 1 inn 7. 17.81. 74 Heasy. Don 41 hYna. Alfredo 74 hVnXhe. lot. Drmta II Here , l ank IJ---J •74 Hererttm. lauea IJvaheth 17. 49. 1 It) Hrtrtch.John 67 Hrtroctlu. Tony 41 Heitner. Jt.teph Stuan 48,94 Hhelpsi Janet Ly nn 47. IIO hh. Delta Hu V. HhJiet. Stesen N 94 Hh.llps. K Kent tl I »i W. 110 Su 4 . 49 H «ps. Thomas M 64 hVJRsn. Rachael Ba ms lit) Hilar. Dorsaltl JJ-as 94 HiBar. Hill p AnthtMty 41. X) linfcrrt. Dean II 87 Hwiman. Aral Mixkler 47 H.irman James DasxJ Vs Ill) Hatner. VxSixl 1. 74 Hilt. Ma'k Andrew 17. 44. V4 Hummer. L.I. Amese 44. 48. I |i Hoe. Srephen lewis X) Kxtkonee. Ha? M Hotter. Oirivne hJa-ne 94 Howe. 1 A S«s«t Jt 76 Howe 1. Dasad Wayne •1.94 hkjwelL L.t 44 Howetv W.II am Charles Jr 76 Hoynter. Leslx 44 Hriser.Janet hllen V-. 48.94 Hrettnell. Ihanxl luyene X7 Hretson. Wilum Ro.scll 110 Hiesost. Marvin h.vehan 94 Hrxe, Nancy 1 VI. 1 lo Hry ant Joseph Robert 41. 49. 74 Hry jnt. Haul III«»t Vt. IIO Huente, Rohen Rcha-J Vs 74 Hullixd. 1 inn llariKk 9 Q, R yuallt. Ron II (Xx ada.l .lmeMini v.. ll ills yullon. Haola 47 Jo manlla. Gahrxl Gerald 77 Kldke. R Chjid SX lutn 11(1 Rayan.J.m »7. 44 Ramirez.Jews Mina 46 X) Ram.rea, Richard Vt Rap e. h.ieen II Indca 174Rau. Alan Scott 77 Sahnat. Paula 6 Sprsdley.OuHetDonelton 58.ll Rrad.Timothy R 5.46110 Saku. FrmaG. 96 Spnduto. Oaig Dmrut 90 Rea toner. Harry M 6) Sampton.JohnJ 79 SraBa. Tunothy Gerard W. Reavn. GJkt Edward 54.110 Summon. Randall 2 Stale. Scot M 46H) Reddng. Ttumn E. 46 4.110 Sanchei. Jote Luit 6 44.48.4). 111 Stanbetry. Hanna 66 Redlord. Cecil L. 65 Sandt. Rod Eugene 96 Stanlry. Marc Robm 90 Redman. Paine k David 95 Sancot. Adrla 6 Stanton, Deborah Ann 48.49.5690 Reet. Grover III 76 SauCrdo. Ektabeth 67 Stanton. Lcat Arm It) Rrete. Linda K 44.56 110 Sauceda.J E 52 Starbed. Ruttell Barry 90 R retard. Jim M ScharFf. Sharon R 96 Stark. Letle Tracy 90 Rentier. Me tael John 95 Schell. Richard Da.xJ 2.89 Sredmarv. Stuart Weu 90 Rentfro. Darnel Lmdtay Jr 89 Scherlrn. Edten Eluabrth 58.111 Srrhhrg. Carole 66 Rrvev oi Litigation 58 Sebetr. Dorr III St rowel. Walter Earl Jr 465). ID Reyncidt. Jcbm Cbrntopher W Scbdueter. Kay 67 Stephenton. Navoime Mann.tyg 90 Rhodrt, Cbormamr 58 Scbwck. Frederick Jamet 44.59.111 Stetratger. Gail 4! Rachardt. Darryl 56 Scott. Jc m Thomat 58.96 Sr event, Doug', at Robert 5897 Ridgeway. Henry Dorman no Sealy.Tom 62 Srrvemod bmrt EXiruldJr Vi, 113 RidOut. John Tow ret 110 Secord. Linda B. 96 Scewirt. Ida y. Riecke. Randall Lee 95 Segura. Manuela 67 Stewart. WAum Paul 46 52.59.11 RnMtrr. Anne 67 Selman,Thomat Meyer 90 St Juhan. Gram 7.56 Ruhel. Enc C 95 Serna. Robert0 6 III Srokevjamrt II Jr ID Rivera. GuadaVipe Aguilar » Sbumoun, Juke 67 Stone. Gene 41 Rivera. Lupe 44,59 Shanelek. Dane) J III Stone. Nma Sutan 5LII) R ivert. Adnrnnr Sr event 52.110 Shannoa Brian David 55.96 Story. Stephen F. 5.5811) Roach. Randy 6M Sbapiro. Sander 78 Scottt. David 5.56 59 Roach. Robert Michael Jr 110 Shallot. M Michael 78 Stoval, Howard Lee 54.11) Roberta. Bruce I 14658.110 Shearer. WJIam Thomat 111 4L 111 Srrachan. Mark 5.42 Robert. David Marin 42.110 Sheldon. Linda 46 Stmt on. Cycehia Day II) Robert. Sarah Meekt III Sbenot. Allan 4 Stickler. Arm 11) Rohm ton. John A. 77 Shirley. Pretton 6) Scudmr Bar Attocunon 48 Kobmon Dtaru Ced 58.95 Sbwerv Allan 65 Stutr. Thomat Jamet 91 RoCvnsorv Savannah Lma 41. Ill Sarrra. Edmund Mkbael 6 44.111 Sullivan. CoDcen 91 Rocha. Sutan C 2.5695 Sdaenret. Jetut 96 Sullivan. Gary 41 Ro gect. Overie L 55.96 Smmiom. HyaryeOietyva 56 90 SuEivan. Kevin 46 Rodngur J. Chnt 96 Sunmonv Wdlum Dwk) 96 Sulrran. Thomat 51 Rodrigues. Dawd 54 Satkia. Lunny Alan 90 Summer t, Sandy 55 Rodrigurj. Herknda 641.48.49. Slack. Michael Lrwn 90 Sund. Sharon 41 III SSnkard. Phil 55 Supervielk. Manuel ) . 5 Rodrigue . Joa un 6 SI over, George 58 Sutherland.J Moluel 4849. II) Rodngurr. Linda 6 Smincrla. Char let Jamet 90 Sutton. John 6). 64 Rodrigutl. Margarieo 2 Smilei.Ctnrhu Cooke 112 Swan. Mcboel Rober 46.97 Rodrigurr. Pablo 696 Smrbv. Brian Conner 48. ♦ . 90 Swearogen. Sadnry Hall 91 Rodngurr. Thomat III Smeh Herr 42.58.59 Sweeney. Mu 55 Rogrrt, Lee McDonald Jr 7.» Smith. Carey Steven 41.96 Swmnea. Thomat Charier )2 Rogerv W'Olam A Jr 55.96 Smith. Clayton Gene 90 Sykev Sholey 67 Rohan. Audrey Ann 42.111 Smith. EBen 54 Romanoi Damel 52.55.96 Small. Lrrett E 79 Romero. RodoXo III Smith J. Burletoo 65 T Rote. Rotemare l «.ne 51.89 Smah Jamet E. 96 X Rotenbrtg. Amy 96 SmahJan e Mare 112 RotertbuL Mchael Phi 77 Smith. Karheraie Ldan 90 Tachtr. Mary Gibbt 42.11) Rotene. Karl 2. 56 South. Kklcugh Kent 112 Talbot. Paul William 97 Roil. An » Snath Murl Edward 96 Talley. Sharon Kay 97 Rotw. Arthur Joseph Jr 42. Ill Smith Roy lee 90 Tanker tie,. Michael W. 54.11) Rcxh nhcf U»rrrxf Xo«t III Smeh. Timothy Bran 46HJ Tanner. Dtbbe 40 RorhschiU Randall Scot 58.111 Snell. Kan 54 Tatum. Vicki 58 59 Rowe. Micliarl Da)y 58.111 Snoe.Joteph Anthony 54. 112 Tailor. Kay Looper 91 Run. Oliva 6 Snyder. Vicky 40 Taylor. Richard Marlow 5.11) Rula. Paul David 96 Sorter. Steven Iran 112 Taylor. Robert Pierce 91 Rusaelt. M luel LoweD III Scha. Air onto If. 90 Taylor. Thomat Wilton 55.97 RutlurFord. John CoUrfit 89 Somert. Brera Randal 5.58. 59. 112 Taylor. WOVam III 56 58 Ruud. W .Bum H. IS Sone. Jett 58 Teaching Qunmatrert 50 Sonuno. Bruno 4 .5 Tennant. Luc dr Borden 91 Sorrentmo, Anthony Veror 96 Tertei. Alita FJlen 91 s Soto. Aktandro 112 Thurpc Carol Boch 9! sZ Spann. Rebecca 67 Ttuwley. W Jam Gregg 91 Sparkman. Marlene Kay 112 Thomat. Jamet Anthony J: 91 Sac ks Bob 55 Spearv Betty D. 96 Thomav Pal 67 Sacratim. Karen 66 Spearv Carter on Kane 90 Thomat. Ward 52 Sagah Neyad. Nancy G 96 Spence. Minha S. 41.112 Thomptoo. Gregory Marc 97 Salamone.Tereta 51 Spencer. Gary Sutherland 4611} Thomh.Il, Wdham Routt 4). II) Salat. Marcot Gerardo 89 Sptllane.Jchm Mubael 11} Thornton. Yvonne Denue 11) Saldana. Ann. 66 Spinn. Coryrae 66 M rch a U|;al$oo« V Saldana. Naano 6 Spray. Btenr F. 7.96 TKufRunJftQ R. 97 TidwrS. Guy W «.’• Tklack. fj , Ardrr. 97 TflutnDMLn » .•» Tobut. Betty Ann 4697 Totdt. Dell Chat let III 55-9 Tompkmv Robert Stephen 97 Torn Bayouth. Lillian. « Tovw.Ertw AH) Trtece. Jamet M 78 Ttekhet. Rachel 4.52.11 T-fyw.Dndno;. 97 Tr g. Sally Day 2.11 Tuaray. Sutan L. 5i97 Tubb, Rick 58.97 Tucker. Enc Bran 7.91 Tucket. Joe Alen 41.56 56! 14 Tulkn. Katbeyn Jane 51.91 Tunneh, Mie 51 Tutley. Linda 9 Twnef.Am.aC «'« Turner. Chandra 114 u,v Ureter. Allen I 42.52.97 Upton. Arleat 52.56 97 UwiCccae. Eupmo U4 Uieta. Blanca A! .a 6.91 Vaden. Gay lent Patrice 91 Vale. Darlene 6 Van Amburgh. Robert William 44. 97 Van fleet. Win L 114 Van Gilder. Derek Robert 114 Van Mooter. Stephen Wetley 52,97 Vargat. Jamet Thomat 97 Vavquet. Dita J6, Robert Lou it 91 Vaiulki. Row 91 Veirenheuner. Michael Joiepbi H. 5.45.114 Vtnmga. Karen Helen 9! Vick. Lethe Ferrell 91 Vidaorri. Steven Mark 7.97 Viehman. Etc 114 Vilfotdu Marc Fleming 91 Villa tana. ScJ 91 Vogev M «. t 67 Vowell Den.te Kathr n 2. 5.114 w Walden. Richard 5 Walker. Mark Wheeler 97 Walker. Stanley M 79 Wall. Mark K 9! WaJace, Qiarlorte 56 Wallace. Gary Cameron 97 Wallace. Jamet Murray Jr 46.54.114 WaBv Janerta S. 91 WaHh Sara 41 Wahert. Gary Alan 91 Waken. Wiliam S. L 91 Walton. Nancy Jane 115 Ward. Bernard J SO Ware. Carol Lynn 91 Ware. David 5) Warman. Ena Maria 97 Warner Sharon 5 Warren. Tern G 42.97 Warier. Paul Oirmopker 54.59. 115 War on. John 41 W'alton. Ricky 56 Want.Gwendolyn Vetoruca Vs 11 Waiman. Ellen J 97 Webber. Karen Vi Weber. Da«d Rnd 91 Webtcer. Linda Kntrof 2. 4. 5. 115 WettK George Wright 52.115 Weinberg, louite SI Wr nbtm. Don Brocr 115 WenVeld. Taawry Sutan 91 Wr.ncnub, Ruttefi J SO Wenerl.John Dennn 44.115 Welborn. (X Guy SO Wear. Jen 42.52 Wear brook. Jay 41. SI Wevetfield, William W. 115 Wnhenpoon. Vanetia Karyl 97 Weylandr. Robert Michael 97 Wher. David Randall 115 Sage 115 Wlvte. Lon Elaine 41.91 Whrfirld. Pinckney N 50.58 115 W legman Lmda Sutan 58 115 Wtgmroa. Melitta J 51.97 Wilder. Waller Rufwt 697 Wdkerton Hugh Dean 7.46 49.91 Wiluns Beverley 6 Williams. Donny Roy 2.5697 Willumt, Frank y, Willamt. Laevt III 5697 Willums. Manba Rote 41.42.115 WVUmt. Rebecca Riven 115 WM'.iamt, Rutaell 641 Wilhamt. W'anda Lou 91 Windelee.Jay 4 Winer. Sharon 67 Wmtlett. Benda Joy 42.115 Witch. David Scott 115 W’khettpoon. Jamet Scuan M 115 Witter. Debra Lua rm 55.97 W’oefc. Sarah 51 WoSe. Ou trun Edward 9! W'oMton Kenneeh Alan 97 Woihatt.Candace A 91 Wonwwack. Mark 52 Woryg. Ptevon 52 Woodv Bcyin A. 97 Woods Jane Evelyn 42.55.97 Woody, laru A K 58.115 Ween. Michael Alan 7.115 Wright, Outlet Alan SO WuWe. Ellyn Jo 91 X, Y, Z Yackle.Jeanette 67 Vackle. Larry W Vancy. Howard Outlet 91 Yee. RebeccaS. 91 Yeung. Michael Km-Wah 91 Young. Jamet 2 Youngblood. Terry G 91 Yudof. Mark G. 65 Ytruga. Patricu II. 91 Zapalac. William Outlet 2.42.97 Zaragotm. Arda Ann V Zaremba. Cheryl Ann 46 44.115 Zmmerman Harry L 97 Zummo. PatriCi Andrew V 124 — Indei SPECIAL THANKS CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Frank Armstrong Gil Barrera Ralph Barrera Susan Camp Jim Childes Gabriel Guardiola Sim Israeloff David Johnson Rocky Kneten Robert Mihovil Harry Soltes Tony Troncale Kevin Vandivier Brian Wilson Kim Brown, Texas Law Forum Dean T.J- Gibson Dennis McClendon, Townes Hall Notes Helen Tackett, U.T. News Information Services U.T. Law School Foundation 127IW — — — — 

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